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Hoj»=f»s«!«s sBs«s»sjssssaaB Wat ' Georgia Goileg® _ -::: 1 5s«? . , . " " " ' ' " F Cf UEFTAiN WEST GEORGIA COLLEGE 1968 CARROLLTON, GEORGIA f — west georgia college !i»! Ends Before It Begins — To Begin Again. New — Good — Better. Faces Melt — Are Sorted Out. — Shaped — Rennelted. Hands Reach — Feel — Grasp Hold. The Fitting — Trying on — Adjusting — And Refitting. Maybe Never The Right One. Maybe Never The Wrong One. acceptance . . . rejection student . . . teacher boy . . . girl roommate love sex experience And The New Becomes The Old — Routine. The Days Melt — Not The Faces — Now Cast — And Set — And Ready. going home . . . ? how about frlday night? another test eight o ' clock class maybe Saturday? god i ' m tired The Questions Are Answered — And Asked Again. The Old Changes — The New Fades — But Becomes New Again. Or At Least It Should. mid-term, final mid-term, final mid-term, . . . 10 And The Questions Are Asked Again And The Answers Are New — Old— The Same. Harder To Give — And Give — And Give. To Be Tried — Retried — Forged — Judged. ' fif % M . ' j» »»i.« jj ' - And We Know What It Was Like- Now— In Time— A Part Of It —A Part Of US- Reshaped — Recast. And We Know It Fits . . . Or Does It? iS 16 1 TABLE OF CONTENTS Opening Section 1-16 1967-68 .. 18 Sports 36 Organizations 70 Faculty . . .112 Classes 146 Features 246 Ads and Index . 264 I 17 Homecoming, concerts, drama, dances, ac+ivitlesi The Columns Came Tumbling Down West Georgia lost one of its oldest landmarks last summer when the Ionian columns which had graced the front of the administration building for 50-odd years had to be removed because they posed a threat to the lives and limbs of all who passed through them. Future plans, however, call for their replacement, an undertaking that cannot be begun too soon. «::? - _ j Befor 20 m f ii n l ki ■i- K.- V (H - II ' I ' mi kW . fti fe " j mw " " ™ ' " ' ' 1 ■WH Student Center? Student Union? Finally Open Amid a bit of controversy, the round building designed to serve as a gather- ing place for students, faculty, and alumni opened in August. Its circular con- fines were put to good use immediately by the college community, and one thing on which everyone agreed was that it was a most attractive and welcome addition to the campus. 21 First West Georgia Freshman Retreat a Splashing Success For three days prior to the Fall quarter, forty- eight incoming West Georgia freshmen partici- pated in a camping retreat. Its purpose was to familiarize the freshmen with the policies and philosophy of the school. Faculty members and outstanding upperclassmen spoke to the fresh- men. A highlight of the retreat was a demon- stration by Mr. Don Gehring on how to fall from a canoe. A good time was had by almost everyone. 22 Raf Week antics. Bewitched, Bothered and Bewildered A greatly spirited crew of freshmen entered West Georgia Fall quarter. They had the benefit of being welcomed by a very nice Col- lege Union building, unlike previous freshman classes, but they v ere probably heckled more than any other group. Saying farewells to parents and having their minds scanned by placement tests v ere soon followed by the real torments of Rat Week. Degraded by mudflghts. Jeered at by all, they emerged triumphant at the week ' s end as full- fledged students who had just begun to fight. Placement tests Gene 23 " Baby The Rain Must Fall . . . " . . . Glenn Yarbrough; Oct., 1967, Glenn Yarbrough, top folk singer, head- ed the list of Fall quarter entertainment. Yarbrough captivated his audience with such numbers as the hit " Baby, the Rain Must Fall. " Appearing with Yarbrough were the Fred Ramirez Trio and instrumentalists Maffitt and Davies. Yarbrough and Fred Ramirez Trio. Maffitt and Davies. 24 Construction Never Stops at West Georgia. Construction of new facilities progressed at a rapid pace, as has been the case for the past fev years. Nearing completion was the beautiful nev Academic Complex, with its library, Science and Mathematics building, and Social Science building. Also reaching final stages was a new 300-capacity women ' s dormitory, and work has begun on a new Classroom Arts Building. And the work will go on. Authorized for construction is a 400 capacity men ' s dorm, while two 300 capacity dorms, one for men and one for women, have reached the stage of de- sign completion. Also at this stage is a new Educa- tion building. 25 Sue Gantt Captures 1 968 Miss Chieftain Crown. The night is for beauty. The girls on this night were beauties, and the outcome was a night of beau- ty and enjoyment for witnesses to the selecting and crowning of Miss Chieftain. Sue Gantt, the chosen queen, is a very popular and interesting person. Among her other activities on campus, she especial- ly enjoyed playing on t he women ' s volleyball team, and she was a versatile team member, too. Paul Shields, emcee, presents Sue Gantt the traditional win- ner ' s roses at the 1968 Beauty Revue. 26 Homecoming, 1967 Shirells and Action Homecoming 1967 featured the crov ning of Miss Palsy Bray as Homecoming queen. The dance brought the Shirells and a band called the Cavaliers. The theme of Hom.e- coming was " West Georgia College: Past, Present, and Future, " and the award for the best decorated dormitory was taken by Rov . The Braves basketball game produced the defeat of Tennessee Temple 84-58. It v as quite a successful event. Dorms had their decorations out forgrads. The Pep Band and Bravettes cheered the Braves on to victory over Tenn. Temple. 27 Mutual Concert Association — 1967-68 Season Orleans Symphony New York Pro Musica gave its first Southeastern workshop at West Georgia. They were in res- idence for three days. 28 Atlanta Civic Ballet The Atlanta Civic Ballet brought a fine eve- ning in February to a large audience of stu- dents, faculty, and townspeople. The program included light romancy waltzes and a movingly handled interpretation of the Jason-Medea leg- end. 29 Atlanta Tarns Shook! W.G.C. Shook With Them! The students of West Georgia got Involved! In a riot of happiness, as the West Georgian reported the event to be, the singing group was joined on stage by a large group of audience. The Tarns caused the student energies to rise to a high point. It was all In fun, of course, but the result was the use of curative measures at the following concerts, especially the Little Anthony visit. 30 " Well I Think I ' m Going Out of tAy Head " . . . " It Hurts So Bod. " Little Anthony and the Innperials came to the campus, and en- thusiastic fans here paid a dollar or a pint of blood to the Red Cross to see this exciting group. After a performance by Larry Bowie ' s " Rock Garden, " the Imperials blasted and or crooned their many hit songs including " I Think I ' m Going Out of My Head " and " It hlurts So Bad. " 31 " Hansel and Gretel " Summer 1 967 A stage adaptation of Hans Christian Anderson ' s Hansel and Gretel was the Summer production of Alpha Theta. The play was directed by Mr. Nelson Carpenter and starred David Norrell and Mavis Crowe in the title roles and featured Colleen Scheen as the wicked witch. Other members of the cast were Boyd Edgerton, Jane McRae, Terri Tay- lor, Jenny Crowell, Lynne Scudder, Marie Veitia, Jim Warren, and Steve Norrell. 32 " A Man For All Seasons " By Robert Bolt A Man for All Seasons, written by Robert Bolt, v as pro- duced by Mr. Carpenter and Alpha Theta Fall quarter. The play tells the story of a man, Sir Thonnas More, and his strug- gles " between his conscience and his duty to a king. The por- trayals were convincing, and especially outstanding v ere Larry Bowie as the common man and John Adams as Sir Thomas More. Lee Howell, Susan Wroble, Don Huskin John Adams, as Sir Thomas More and Larry Bowie as King Henry VIII. 33 " Any Wednesday " By Murial Musnik Directed By: Nelson M. Carpenter " Any Wednesday " was presented in the winter quarter in repertory with " The Women " , both directed by Nelson Carpenter. " Any Wednesday " is a light conn- dy about a man, his mistress, his wife, and a business associate who is in from another city. Through chance they all become entangled in " The Executive Suite. " ' I ' ll be back on ' " ednesday. " Jane MacRea and Don Huskins. The wife returns to the Scene of the act. 34 9n " The Women " — A Comedy by Clare Booth Luce Crystal (Susan Wroble) begins making plans to wreck another marri age. Sylvia (Linda Beall) thinks of how and who she can hurt next. Directed By: Nelson M. Carpenter " The Women " carried the audience through tv o year s in the lives of a group of women who are members of the decadent " Aristocracy. " It presents a slightly unflattering picture of the fairer sex. This story of marriage, divorce, and pregnancy is told com- pletely without men; it is an all female cast. Mary (Sharyl Allen) is presented with her husband ' s ideas for her future, after divorce. 36 ATHLETICS Basketball, cheerleaders, bravettes, swimming, M.I.A., W.A.R.A. 37 The Braves, under first year coach Jan Bennett, finished the season with a 12-10 record — the second best in WSC history. The young tean-i, with five members on the new athletic scholar- ship program, shows great promise for future seasons. 67-68 Schedule Tennessee Temple 84-58 Augusta 58-77 Georgia State 69-50 Bryan 97-52 Morris Brown 70-88 LaGrange 62-71 Berry forfeit Armstrong 65-5 I Augusta 51 -44 Valdosta 64-9 1 Georgia Southwest 55-5 I LaGrange 49-68 Valdosta 59-64 Georgia State 72-7 1 Berry 82-59 Georgia Southwest 75-5 I Piedmont 64-76 Shorter 69-73 Armstrong 73-87 Shorter 74-59 Piedmont 91-81 iT Asst. Coach John West, Captain Fred Jones, Coach Jan Bennett Derry Farris, Ron Butler, Don Turner, Fred Jones, Dan Parrish, Rob- by Carr, Steve Zoromsky, Jimmy Fowler, Jimmy Tingle, Mike Pur- vis, John Christopher. 38 RON BUTLER Right Wing, Sophomore ROBBIE CARR Post, Sophomore Basketball ' 68: A New Story! ' Moose " Parrish jumps against Augusta as Braves win 51-49 thriller 39 JOHN CHRISTOPHER Left Wing, Senior Farris goes up for two in 65-51 win over Armstrong. 40 Bennett Boosts Young Team to New Heights Huge Homecoming crowd shows W.G.C. spirit as they watch our Braves topple Tennessee Temple. JIMMY FOWLER Pest, Junior FRED JONES Point, Junior Jones Is skillfully blocked by a fierce defender In win over Armstrong. Jones, Parrish, and Bu+ler watch as Zoromsky Jumps against Augusta. MIKE PURVIS Right Wing, Sophomore Jimmy Tingle breaks through the Armstrong defense for a lay up. 42 Braves Take Second Place in W.G.I.T. Fred Jones shoots the ball past turbaned Perry Simmons as W.G.C. falls to Morris rown. DON TURNER Right Wing, Sophomore STEVE ZOROMSKY Wing Post, Freshman JIMMY TINGLE Left Wing, Junior Ron Butler [umps against 6 ' 8 " Stanley Harris of Morris Brown as W.G.C. falls, 88-70, to take 2nd place in the W.G.I.T. 43 Cheerleaders Win Awards The Braves ' spirited team of cheerleaders proved their talent by winning first, second, and third place awards at the National Cheerleaders Association Clinic at the University of Mississippi last summer. Vicki Payne, Bonnie Nowlan, Nancy Bagby, Phyliss Jackson, Paula Ross, Carole Allen, Jan McBride, Janie Lane, Diane Beauchamp. Center: Lynn Duke, Captain. Bonnie Nowlan mirrors the excitement of Homecoming at WGC. " Chief " Clyde Moore boosts Braves ' morale. Lynn Duke Vicki Payne Phyliss Jackson Janie Lane Diane Beauchamp Paula Ross Carole Allen Nancy Bagby BRAVETTES: Back: Susan Boswell, Susan Colby Dee Hereford, Maxine Chopin, Cheryl Buffington, Becky Andrews, Karen Coffman, Sandy Howard, Janice Crershaw Barbara Brock. Front: Lana McDaniel, Joanne Chaffin, Frankie Reagin, Sandra Sims, Linda Wilson. 41 Swimming Charles Beine, Phil McGee, Don Futral, John Adanns, Allen Thonnas, Jerry Nacht, Greg Bowers, Bill Keppler, Tom Rees, Coach Ed Lambert. The Dolphins suffered from lack of team members but still showed high spirits because of excellent individual performances. Dolphins co-captains, John Adams, Freshman, and Don Futral, Junior. Diving specialist Don Futral shows his winning form in the meet against Clemson. 46 Back: Sam Dunson, John Brown, Dan Colwell, Phil Gassoway, Eddie Barnes Byron Hill Front: Ponzie Pennington, Ronnie Smith, Wayne Glass, Danny Kelly, Coach Tom Learning. Volleyball The WGC varsify volleyball team hosted the third annual West Georgia Invitational Tournament in Febru- ary. The meet, matching ten teams from three South- eastern states, is considered one of the South ' s best. Kelly and Dunson play net in pre-game practice. Coach Wilson, Eddie Crumbley, David Parmer, Kenny Duke, Paul Whitley, Dennis Fifield, Tom Crofton. Cross Country West Georgia ' s Cross Country team captured the..GIAC title for 1967-68. Under second-year coach Wilson, the team ran against such power- houses as Emory, Georgia State, Furman, Berry, and Morehouse. With one junior, one sophomore, and tive freshmen, the future of the team looks bright. Schedule. 1967-68 September 30 Emory University Atlanta October 7 Ga. Southwestern Americus October 14 Ga. Southwestern, Emory, Morehouse Home October 21 Callaway Inv. Pine Mountain October 24 Berry, DeKalb Rome November 4 Ga. State College Championships Atlanta November 1 1 Conference meet Home November 18 South Alabama Championships Mobile 48 standing: Coach Wilson, Chuck Evans, Ned Barbre, Mickey Spinks Steve Worth, Rob Ginn, Terry Piotrowski, David Parmer, Hank Westbrook Tom Harry Hendrix " " ' ' KneeUng: Ronnie Bryant, Bill Miney, Reed Frosolono, Dennis Beatty, David Johnson, Bill Swift, Danny EdvTa Crofton, Sonny v ards, Jim Agan, VARSITY TRACK David Johnson, holder of WGC records In 7 track events, shov s his winning form. WGC ' s Indoor and outdoor track teams continued to break school records In 1968. The team, under Coach Gary Wilson, captured the GIAC title In 1967 and their record points to tuture victories. fl ' r WG C " tt m ' T Worthy David Johnson, Kenny Duke, and Dennis Fifield won fourth place tor WC C at the Montgomery Coliseum Championships in February. Braves Place 9th in the Nation, and Capture GIAC Crown in 67. The Braves of West Georgia College, who were ranked ninth In the nation last year as well as tops In the GIAC Conference, were the top fielding team In the United States for the second straight year in 1967. With eleven players returning from last year ' s squad, the 1968 squad Is considered one of the most talented to be assembled at West Georgia. ' M ' twf Coach John West confers with captains Bill Brown, outfielder. Buddy Murphy, All-Conference pitcher, and JInnmy Porter, All-Conference shortstop. y J Ml r 1 I K ' i % % Cr i v p ft Bp , ' . • r •%% p;- ' ' » ;- - Pitcher Buddy Murphy, All-American honorable mention for the past two years. 1 A ' X . »- fe. Front: Bob Bowen, Mike Murphy, Ronald Pace, Derrell Posey, Joe Novak, Jimmy Porter, Mike Arthur, Verlin Best. Back: Rick Meyer, Coach John West, Bill Brown, Bob Stoltz, Billy Merritt, Danny LaParr, Joe Freeman, Richard Marshall, Jim Collins, Danny Sellers, Jim Fowler, Buddy Murphy, Milton Tarpley, Doug Chandler, Brad Sanderson, Johnny hiarper, Gerald Lewis, Ronald Royale. 50 « m m if Kr m bIh Si " J ' t ;V T ' p " ' u ' p ' -7 ' ,d Sanderson, Joe Freeman, Jim Collins, Milton Tarpley, billy Merritt, Bob Sfol+z, Ronald Royale. Kneeling: Buddy Murphy. BOB BOWEN Inflelder JIM COLLINS Pitcher BILL BROWN Outfielder DOUG CHANDLER Outfielder .iTx-J m tti f a OUTFIELDERS: Ronald Pace. Johnny Harper. Rick Meyer, Richard Marshal!. Derrell Posey. Doug Chandler. Kneeling: Bill Brown. I . M • i «iW !i iriw I IIUITIIlUMi!|UiltM I w i» It " ■ (- -nii-«.- in- tt j»fc »i .. -liiaiBi GERALD LEWIS Pitcher BILLY MERRITT Pitcher ..iia«i .- 1- DANNY SELLERS »_-.m» - ' ._ Infielder RONALD ROYALE Pitcher ' •r ' , ' „ ' ' .i ' ' 52 RICHARD MARSHALL Third Base BRAD SANDERSON Pitcher DANNY LaPARR Infielder Tho lOAB R I J r . r DERRELL POSEY I he 1 768 braves played on campus for the first time In three years when Outfielder the new baseball field was completed in spring of 1968. INFIELDERS: Mike Murphy, Mike Arthur, Bob Bowen, Danny Sellers, Jim Fowler Bob Moltz, Danny LaParr, Verlln Best, Joe Novak. Kneeling: Jimmy Porter. J -» f « m € m ' k »Tfi£trJS,. ' - ■«-4 53 r JOE FREEMAN Pitcher JOHNNY HARPER Outfielder JIM FOWLER Infielder JOE NOVAK Infielder The 1968 Braves season began March 19 against St. Leo Col- lege. The first home game was against Hillsdale College, March 28. JIMMY PORTER Second Base ,-, • Xy . ' V •u.;- -■ ' . ' . :t ' - ' ? . -J6 " ' ■ " : v•f ■I- 54 - - f » . ' . ' iri -■ ' ' - t. r. ' - " BUDDY MURPHY Pitcher MILTON TARPLEY Pitcher RONALD PACE Outfielder The Braves suffered a bad break be- fore the season began with the injury and loss of All-Conference transfer Bob Stoltz. ._ MIKE ARTHUR First Base RICK MEYER Pitcher 55 4 Mallory Jones, Van Burgin, Walton Halski, Gary Wood. Back: Jim Manget, Al Robertson, Tommy Dadisman, Ken Dixon, Coach Lambert. Burgin steps out for a backhand shot. ' I VARSITY TENNIS The tennis team, coached by Ed Lambert, brought the conference title to WGC in 1967. With the loss of most of its veterans, however, the team faced 1968 with many new faces. Dixon and Dadisman duo in a doubles match. 56 57 Men ' s Intramural Association Revamped The new MIA program, under Coach Watson, replaced the tribe system with teams from residence halls and off-campus. Events included flag football, basketball, table tennis, and softball. Strozier puts the rush on off-campus in fhe MIA championship game. Butch Murdoch loses his flag to Butch Adams In elimination game between Prltchard 2 and Strozier I. Bill Brown races for a TD in Stro- zier I ' s drive for the MIA football championship. 58 Bobby Greer smashes through the defense as off-campus marks up another score. The football championship was won by a strong Strozier I team. Runners-up were off-campus, Jackson courts, and Pritchard 2. fj Blocking passes is a part of training as players practice for MIA gc Up and away gees the ball as Prll-chard defenders move in. 59 MIA Action After football, basketball proved to be the most popular sport in MIA. Jimmy Porter (24) jumps for off-campus in game versus PrI+chard I. Terry Marshall goes up for two to spark league-leading Pritchard 2 to an- other win. Gene Gobel passes over the head of an off-campus defender. There ' s a loose ball in a match between two teams from Row. 60 MIA scorekeeper watches action intently. Dr. Thomas pitches, Massey umpires, Norton swings in summer softball game. MIA also featured softball in the summer as the first sport to be played under the dorm system. The softball championship was won by a powerful off-campus team. .it J ifi»nm •9 I t m ; -.r; -=V-V ' — -- v Dr. Sills races for second in facult ' - off-campus softball game. 61 Diane Bowers, Lynda Dell, Barbara Darby, Matilda Carel, Su san Windom, Susan Belville j ( Women ' s A+hle+Ic and Recreation Association is the largest women ' s organization on campus. It is open to all women who enjoy sports, athletic activ- ities, and having a good time. This year was full of changes for WARA — even its name Is new. The participation Is now on a dor- mitory basis, with each dorm having the name of a tribe. This was done to enable more women to par- ticipate and also to help foster greater " dorm spir- it " on campus. The activities are varied and they range from soccer to gymnastics to badminton. There are even bridge tournaments for those who like a little less active recreation. Sportsmanship Is the basis of WARA, and all of the activities are aimed at this end so that participa- tion will be enjoyable for all. Competition gets fierce on the soccer field. 62 W.A.R.A. Emphasizes Individual Interests Left: Martha Stith. Below: Martha Stith, Miss Brown, Jan Rowland. Safe at home, with a per- fect slide. Softball is a summer sport enjoyed by 63 Women Release Academic Pressure Through Recreation Peggy Stubbs prepares to shooh 64 Basketball is one of the mosf popular sports in WARA. Male invades WARA badnninton. 1 1 1 Wk K " i m 3 Bi B BIBS B Miss Dorothy McNabb, affectionately called " Miss Mac " by everyone who knows her, is a fanniliar face at all WARA ac- tivities. 65 First row: Melinda Overton, Mary Popham, Gloria McClaIn, Linda Graham, Mary Wrighf, Linda Sanders. Second row: Susan Win ' dom, Brenda Wood, Susan Belville, Diane Bowers, Linda Dell, Vicki Foster, Beverly Turner. SCORES Women ' s Basketball 43 Georgia Baptist ..48 41 Albany State 63 29 Gainesville 20 34 Georgia Baptist 49 39 Berry 59 39 Berry 54 48.. Albany State 78 51 Gainesville 38 Vicki Foster (co-captain), Miss Brown (manager), Brenda Wood (co-captain) 66 Women ' s Varsity Basketball A7 Women ' s Volleyball Team Places Second VOLLEYBALL SCHEDULE November 17 Mid South Intercollegiate Volleyball Tournament January 27 Smoky Mountain Invitational February 17 Florida Invitational March 9 West Georgi a College Volleyball Sports Day April 5-6 V est Georgia College Invitational Volleyball Tournament Gwen Murphy (center) won the Amateur Afhietic Award for the Out- standing Women ' s Volleyball Player of 1967. The volleyball team placed second in the Mid-South Tournament. Cherry Smith, Margaret Hughes, April Fields, Gwen Murphy, Peggy Stubbs, Jane Booz, Debbie Pender, Susie Martin, Char- lotte Brown. 68 ' I 1 ■! 1 • •! vV r x V Spring Fever Revitalizes Tennis Team TENNIS SCHEDULE April 9 Columbus College (home) April 12 Agnes Scott (home) April 16 DeKalb College (av ay) April 27 Columbus College (av ay) May I Univ. of Georgia (away) May 3 Berry (home) May 8 Univ. of Georgia (home) May 14 DeKalb College (home) ' May 16 Berry (away) Ji Nanci Burton, Tindal Raney, Jan Johnson, Vickl Foster, Barbara Martin Left: Barbara Martin practices her serve. Right: Nanci Burton and Tin- dal Raney practice for the upcoming match with Columbus College. 69 .Illiill 11 » ' ' IIS «,, ' . ■ «»-( ' %«MW, Student Government 1 1 Student Publications 1 1 Religious Groups 1 1 Language Clubs 1 [ Interest Areas 1 fti J 70 g ., ORGANIZATIONS Student Government Association Leads and Serves Student Government Association Is the body of communi- cation between the administration, Faculty, and students. President Ri ck Buckalew actively led this year ' s group in sponsoring such programs as a Peace Corps representative and a program on hallucinatory drugs. These representatives, elected from each class, along with the five officers, Rick Buckalew, Bob White, Melodle Hutch- ison, Marie Shafe, and Kenny Gollghtly, put forth time and effort to serve and represent the students. Rick Buckalew, President 72 SGA Officers Marie Shafe, Secreta Bob White, Vice President Kenny Gollghtly, Judiciary Chairman Class representatives talk it out. Melody Hutchison, Treasurer Union Program Council Gives Entertainment, Fine Arts, Enjoyment of Building Through Student Committees The Union Program Council co-ordinated the ac- tivities and programs of the Union committees. The members are the Superintendent of Union Activ- ities and chairmen of the several committees. Mr. Parkman, Union Director, is the advisor. The com- mittees are the Entertainment, Fine Arts, hlouse. Publicity, Recreation, Secretarial, and Social. The chairman of each committee works to carry out the full program of the Union Building and connected activities. The Program Council does a big and re- sponsible job. Aimee Slaughter was superintendent from January through May, and Gwenda Wiggins served from last September through December. Aimee Slaughter, Superintendent of Union from January through May, 1968. UNION BOARD PROGRAM CHAIRMEN: Burgess Thomas (Entertainment); Doris Remeta (Social); Mr. Parkman (Director of Student Activities); Aimee Slaughter (Superintendent of Union— January-May, 1968); Jerry Mathis (Fine Arts); Cynthia Brown (House); Gwenda Wiggins (Superintendent, May-December, ' 67); Mary Jo Mus (Publicity); Frank Gibson (Recreation). 74 Freshmen Men and Women Honored in Societies DELTA PHI BETA: Sandra Neill, Mary Jo Muse (Secretary), Freda Davidson. Gay Davis (President), Lorrie Paulk (Chaplain), Melody Hadaway (Reporter) Gail Hardin, Beverly Smith. Phi Sigma Mu members visit at Delta Phi Beta tea and reception. The Delta Phi Beta had around 60 members this year. Under Dean Martin ' s leadership the club sponsored a school datebook. Phi Sigma Mu had 15 members during Fall quarter. New inductions were held each quarter. PSI SISMAMU: Dr. Martin (Advisor), Dan Tingle (Historian), Ken Johnson (President). Dean Price, Greg W,+cher( Vice-President), David Henning (Secretary), Richard Porter, Rick Cook (Treasurer). Dean Walker (Advisor). 7i; 1 968 Chieftain Staff Works for a Good Book 4 Fresh air and scenery inspire Chieftain editors for [ournalis+ic work. The Chieftain staff produced the college year- book. The various section editors worked under the guidance of Larry Naylor, Editor-in-Chief, and Cyn- thia Brown, Associate Editor. In addition, Mr. Mc- Michael, faculty advisor, worked closely with the staff in bringing the book together. A general staff of about 15 students did much of the endless infor- mation-gathering and provided assistance to the section editors. The Chieftain worked especially this year to picture the unity of divergent activity that is a college. 76 Larry Naylor, Editor Chieftain Section Editors Cynthia Brown, Associate Editor Margo Yates, Classes Editor Mrs. Jackson, Advisor Kay Cau+horn, Organization Editor kt m i iM mliM. ' dk , 1.0 Mr. McMIchael, Faculty Advisor Chieftain General Staff Joe Baggett, Men ' s Sports Editor Bonnie Reynolds, Women ' s Sports Editor GENERAL STAFF: Janice Gamel, Donna Fowler, Wanda Patterson, Sharon Johnson, Dee Hereford, Cheryl Dufflngton, Mike Atchley, Scott McRae, Michael Hitch- cock, Ollift Weldon, Charlene Bowen, Paula Ross. Not shown: Joan Lange, Susan Kelso. 78 Eclectic Literary Magazine Edited Quarterly e ' «-• . s ■yr The Eclectic gained a new faculty advisor this year. Mr. Bryg worked with editor Robert Wllllngham to bring out a magazine of student literary work each quarter. Poetry, short stories, and art work were selected from student work submitted. Fall quar- ter brought memorable short stories and poetry while winter ' s magazine was all poetry. Among the students whose work was used were artists Alice Carroll, Joan Lange, William Porter, Criss Mills, and Ed Collier, and writers Alan Whitman, Reggie Cof- feen, Bruce Wingo, Dorothy Worth, Warren Brewer, Mary Jo Muse, Robert Sullivan, John, Adams, Frank Osburn, Susan Beck- ham, Robert Barr, Roger S. King, and Kent Walton. The Eclectic has been and continues to be an important part of the publica- tions of the college. if ««::i::. si aS West Georgian Bombasts Campus With News, Events The West Georgian staff puf out a paper every Friday to give readers the important events and an- nouncements. Ed Collier effectively edited the paper fall quarter and part of winter quarter. Carole Mumford, long a member of the staff, became edi- tor during winter quarter. Dr. Matthews and Mr. Mulkey were active leaders and very often co-work- ers In the Wednesday night deadline rush. Popular features included columns of movie and book re- views, campus choice, and editorial comment. The newspaper was recognized by an award from the Georgia Scholastic Press Association for excellence in editorial writings. Carole Mumford, Editor-in-C hief, Winter and Spring The staff groups in midst of nature behind the College Union. 80 And . . . Opinion and Imagination , j Linda Terrell, Managing Editor Ed Collier, Editor-in-Chief, Fall columnist Editors nof pictured are Glenn Mitchell, sports: Rick Buckalew, business: Jerry hiarper, photogra- phy; and Jim Darby, cir- culation. Glynda Gardner, Typist Malcolm Fordham and Judy Long, News Editors Ed Tant and Sandy Rucker, Features Editors College Band Performs for Concert and Sports Event The West Georgia College Band is one of Wesf Georgia ' s faster growing organizations. It presents concerts on campus as well as surrounding areas. In- cluded are performances for West Georgia College convocations, the Winter Concert, the Parents Day Concert Under the Trees, the Formal Spring Con- cert with a nationally known guest soloist, and June commencement. Even during the Spring Holidays, off-campus concerts are presented in the Carroll- ton and Atlanta areas. Some of the members of the College Band com- bine to form the Pep Band — furnishing spirit for all home basketball games and pep rallies. 82 1 ' mlMkLy Alpha Theta Produces Drama for College Alpha Theta is an especially active club. It is the group which is involved in helping to produce plays. Those staged this year were A Man for All Seasons, The Women, Any Wednesday. At the awards banquet last spring, Dott Cofer and Gary Watts were chosen best actress and best actor and Diane Green and Don hlus- kins were best supporting actress and actor. The officers of the club were Alvin Owens, president; Daneise Hubert, vice-president; Jo Jutchens, secretary; Clare Verdell, treasurer; Jerry Mathis and Barry Bilbro, hosts; and Sharon Grimes and Phyllis Jackson, hostesses. The faculty sponsor was Wallace Bulce. Mr. Buice was very active and interested in making the club a real pleasure to its members. fl-} " Tf Choir Under Mr. A " It ' s Cheap if Practice means bringing out meaning in the song, over and over and over. The Chorale sings in Atlanta. The Symphonic Choir sings at Christmas. 84 You ' re Not Involved in the Song " .-,i In the past three years, the West Georgia Choir has traveled over 20,000 miles in singing for 50,000 people. This year they performed for schools, churches, and civic groups In the state. During the Spring, the choir took Its first exten- sive out-of-state trip. The Eastern Tour included performances In North Carolina, Pennsylvania, New York, and New Jersey. Programs presented by the choir included the finest choral music of all styles, both sacred and secular, traditional and avant garde. In addition to the Concert Choir, there Is the Chorale, a. smaller group composed of Concert Choir members. 85 The Choir Is . . The Choir is . . . movement, harmony, throat, to- getherness, sound, feel, diversity unity. Mr. DeJong conducts choir and band in unison in February concert. 86 Debate Team: Just for Sake of Argument FRESHMAN DEBATERS: Glenn Bartlett, Ed Gorden, Tony Greer, Marshall SInbacIc, Linda Smith, Pete Stewart, Kent Walton. VARSITY DEBATERS: Larry Bowie, Hamilton Cutts Richard Glanton Van Porter, Lee Howell, Dana Rhodes. The Debate Club serves as a sfudent outlet to those In- terested in debate and individual forensic activities — locally and on a regional level. As an organization, it supports de- bates for both Varsity and Junior Varsity levels, also spon- soring the Annual Invitational Debate Tournament, this.year the 17th Annual Event. The Club is affiliated with the American Forensic Associ- ation as well as the National Georgia Speech Association. Awards for the Year: First Place Negative Team — Trophy Alabama College Invitational Superior Certificate — Best Negative Team Alabama College Invitational Excellent Certificate — Negative Team Gulf Coast Invitational, Alabama College First Place Trophy — Interpretive Contest West Georgia Invitational Individual Awards: 4th Place Marshall Sinback — Interpretlse Linda Smith — Oratory Mint Julep, Memphis State Invitational fi7 Student Education Association Groups in Teaching Interest SEA: Wanda Patterson, Bill Powers, Cynthia Brown, Dan Tingle, James Parmer, Judy Kelley, Pat Phillips, LaDell Spence, Laura Jean Bentley, Ruth Evans, Nancy Floyd, Marie Thompson, Dorene Martin, Sheri Pannell, Sandi Spencer, Diane Saylors, Anita Royal, Annette Jackson, Sue Staton, Enid Helms, Laura Helton, Herb Garrett, Janice Burns, Lauren Carroll, Freda Davidson, Tom Miller. 4 ? ji Present student Is future teacher. 88 Council for Exceptional Children Elects " Big Chief " Mr. Colyer; Laura Jean Bentley; Gail Mitchell: Lynn Hutson; Jeane Slephens; Phyllis Caylor. Sitting: Barbara Mollis; Mary Ann Hamil; Boyd Kittle (Treasurer); Lynn Massey (Vice-President); Linda Bacon (President); Patsy latum (Secretary); Carolyn Payne; Sail Robison; Nancy Barber. Standing: Alice Saunders; Emma Jeane Kitchens; Jan DuBois; Lynne Duke. Student Council for Exceptional Children pro- motes the education of exceptional children through strengthening students ' interest in this teahcing area. It also serves the handicapped people of the sur- rounding Carroll County area. The club is associated with the Council for Exceptional Children. Mr. Lightsey made Big Chief. International Students Lend Spice to West Georgia Marianne Hesse discovers American cosmetics at a Deseret club ■fund raising project. Mr. Sapp, the club advisor talks with counselor, Miss Baker. llHf !!f« INTERNATIONAL CLUB: Richard Glanton; Antenor Bogea, Marianne Hesse (Secretary), Reginald Coffeen, Martin Pruner, Hiro- shisa Saito, Manos Tsitsilianos (President), Rudolfo Orlish, Mr. Sapp (Advisor). 90 Language Clubs Gather in Interest for the Word LE CERCLE FRANCAIS: Nancy Floyd (Secretary), Cynthia Brown (President), Melba Haines, Linda Waters (Vice-President), Carol Witt, Barbara Maddox (Treasurer), Marcia Smith (Progrann Chairman), Mr. Moore, Mrs. Lipham (Advisors). Faces glow at French club picnic. DER DEUTSCH VEREIN: Mr. Sapp, Marianne Hesse, Janice Burns, Max Klmbell, Leonard McEwen, Tommy Dadlsman, Glenn Jones, Ed Smith, David Jordon. 91 History-Political Science Asks ' 1s Violence As American A A , , 1 Dij-vO ' ' During the year the History-Political Science Club, under the leadership of George r AIJIJI " I Iv? • Edwards and faculty members, Mr. Krebs and Mr. Wise, made possible several panel speaker-discussion sessions on some very timely topics. One panel which included the Carrollton Chief of Police, the circuit judge and local lawyer, led a discussion on law enforcement in this county. Another panel, led by Dr. Moore of Psychology, Mr. Myk- ketvedt of political science, Dr. Finnie of History, and Mr . Iseley of Sociology, dis- cussed the question of the violence in American life today. . -f ' m 92 Young Marrieds Formed This Year Mr. Sanders, Advisor; Steve Burdett, Mr. and Mrs. Burgess Thomas, Mr. and Mrs. Howard Perkins, Mr. and ' Mrs. Wayne Miller, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Dar- den, Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Harrell, Mr. and Mrs. David Carroll, Mr. and Mrs. Chris Poole, Mr. and Mrs. Frank hiines, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Miller. The Young Marrieds ' Club was formed this year for West Georgia students with this common inter- est. The advisor was Placement Director Sanders, and the President was Burgess Thomas. Rob Darden was Vice-President, and Linda Pool was secretary- treasurer. The group met twice a month with activ- ities such as dances, picnics and just plain talk. tmtt jtt» Junior Women Honored The Junior Women ' s Honor Society was formed this year as a sort of out- growth of the Freshman Women ' s Hon- or Society, formed the year before. It recognized outstanding students scho- lastically and overall. The advisor was Dean Martin, who also sponsored the Freshman Women. The members pictured are: First row: L to R., Joan Newkirk, Sue Gantt. Barbara Ha ' e, Joy Fields, April Fields. Second row: Melody Hutchison, Martha Todd, Gwenda Wiggins, Judv Lona, Linda Terrell. Math Club Becomes Delta Psi Omega Larry Moore, Larry Bell, Debbie Elsberry, Cony Mason, Peggy Mobley, Susan Dunaway, Connie Bailey, Peggy Nesbit, Dr. Edifh Hand, Brenda Craven, Linda Mc- Kinley, Wllene Jones, Bill Ha+taway, Mr. Duquette, Mr. Hahn. The newly named mathematics organization. Delta Psi Omega, was led by Dr. Edith Hand and president Larry Bell. Connie Bailey, Susan Dunaway, and Brenda Craven are the other officers. Brenda edits Omega, the journal of the club. Delta Psi Omega is active mostly in the form of lecture series on math and has established an awards pro- gram for students of math to be given by a faculty committee In the spring of the year. 94 Geology Club Explores Cambodia Via Film And Copperhill in the Field Fearlessly led by Dr. Morehead, Mr. Austen, and Mr. Crawford, the Geology Club is a group of stu- dents with special interests in this rather nev sub- ject of West Georgia College. Meetings featured such topics as Cambodian geology. Of course, field trips and parties were also club activities. The club went to Copperhill, Tennessee to collect specimens for the use of geology classes. Another interesting meeting featured the State Geologist of Alabama, Mr. Lambrose, an expert on ground water projects. Davld Baskin, Ralph Willoughby, Tom Farebee, Martha Coggins, Tommy Scarborough, Harold Dalley, Doyce Lee, Larry Arriegton, Alan Gaines, Dr. Morehead. 91: Phi Beta Lambda Meets for Business PHI BETA LAMBDA: Robert Crawford, Jim Hood, Bill Barge, Ray Carter, Sid Holderness, Richard Ross, Greg Martin, Debbie Thrasher, Elaine Thompson, Vicky Vance, Bob Moore, Helen Muntner, Brenda Duncan, Sue Huker, Aubrey Duke, DIanne McLarty, Jerry Cleaveland, Joel Prendergast, Bill Beckemeyer, Charles Downey, Susan GolsenskI, Miss Roberta Gibson (Advisor), Not Pictured: Charles Griffin, Waverly Golson. Sign of our times 96 Alpha Phi Omega Celebrates Birthday ALPHA PHI OMEGA: Fred Tunmer, James Self, Dwain Beard, James Morns, Denzer Poole, Bruce Thomas, Robert Crawford. Mr. England, Jim Jameson, Johr Weskey, Wayne Kirk, Joe Souther, Mike Jones, Jerry Keith, David McGinnIs, Carleton Crawford, Wesley Bellany, Jonathan Moss. Frank Gibson, Dr. Boyd, and James Morris at Alpha Phi Omega 20th anniversary. CIRCLE K: Buddy Murphy (President), Larry Moore, Terry Andrew, Steve Shaw [Secretary, Van Askew George Archibald, Clem Patrick (Treasurer), Kenny Golightly, Bob White, Mack Anderson, Eddie Gabriel. 97 Clubs Are Moved by Athletic Interests .. ' . ■% LETTERMEN ' S CLUB: Coach Wilson, Bo Ballard, Buddy Murphy, John Morrow, Ronnie Smith, Ronnie Bryant, Gary Wood, Byron Nix, Bill Brown, Mike Arthur, Joe Freeman, Randall Bell, Neil Shepperd, Phil Herring, Whitley, Jerry Jacbon, John Brown, Dave Johnson, Jim Collins, (Not Shown) Panzi Pennington, Philip Gasaway, Byron Hill, Al Robertson, Milce Brown, Don Futral, Steve Jennings, Robert Lynes, John Christopher, Dan Parrish. .•2««feEi-. j .W PHYSICAL EDUCATION MAJORS CLUB: Peggy Stubbs, Mike Brown, Charley Brown, Linda Dell, Vicki Foster, Jan Rowland, Diane Bowers, Ned Barbary, Susan Belville, David Maske, Joyce Robertson, Susan Robertson, Bill Minsey, Miline Walls, Gloria McLain, Bob Norton, Barbara Martin. !.ml J. Mi iv t ' Mh ' i Tag football evolves Into a new spontaneous sport Fall quarter. 98 WARA Chieftains Lead Dorms The W.A.R.A. became organized this year on a dormitory basis. The dorms compete against each other in basketball, volleyball, badminton, and in- dividual games. There are two Chieftains in each dorm who plan and publicize the activities. The club is affiliated with the Georgia Women ' s Ath- letic and Recreation Association. The Chieftains lead the 150 girls in the club. - ■ ,A L t: ' m£. Ma°cNaT(A]v so ' .! ' L- A ' ' CHIEFTAINS: Charlotte Brown, Sal[y SmHh (President), Jane Boo.e, Ka v Caufhorn, M ' . MacNabb (Adv.sor), L,z Anderson, Nanc, Burton, Laura Helton, Matilda Carel, Kay Baker, Carol Shaw, Carol Witt, April Fields. (Not Shown) Charlene Bowen. 99 Baptist Student Union The Baptist Student Union, with presi- dent Askew, pursues a wide program in an effort to serve and involve Christians. " Con- frontation " is the Tuesday night activity. Monday and Thursday nights offer " Medi- tations, " and Friday night is the occasion for missions to the Carrollton area. With 43 other Georgia colleges, the local Union forms the Georgia Baptist Student Union. There is no set membership roll, but the group reports participation from around 200 different students. In the summer of 1967 West Georgia was represented by summer missionaries Gay Davis, Indiana; Carol Sappe, Indiana; Charles Pope, South Dakota; Patsy Kubala, Kansas; and Lynda Lambeth, Oregon. The future BSU includes the building of a Baptist Stud ent Center. SmS 100 Activity and Projects President Tommy Askew talks to the group on a Tuesday night confrontation. The BSD choir groups for rehearsal. lai Wesley Foundation .»v- f ■ f y-«p ff „ j « y Rev. William Holt Pastor-Director of Wesley Foundation The Wesley F6undation set up a get-together spot called the Speakeasy at the Wesley House. Local and out-of-town entertainment was featured on Sat- urday nights. Programs included topics on race rela- tions and the Christian faith. ■ ' ' LP P ' Fronf row: Shirley Ann West, Publicity Chairman; June Robinson, Vice President; Jane Gar- rett, Secretary. Back row: Rev. Don Harp, Associate Director; Clay Springfield, President; Gene Johnson, Student Representative to Board of Directors; Danhy Roddenberry, Represen- tative to Inter-Faith Council. 102 Religion on Campus The Deseret Club, affiliated with the Church of Jesus Christ of the Latter Day Saints started this year. The club promises to be a growing one. The Canterbury Club met in their common interests in the Episcopal Church Program on campus. ita Grotto Actively Explores in Area Coves WEST GEORGIA GROHO OF THE N.S.S.: Sam Couch, Diane Cousineau (Secretary). Dan Dougherty, Ronnie Aycock (President), Jean Scroggins (Treasurer), Ralph Willoughby, Greg Bowers, Don Going (Vice-president), Dan Wilcox, (Not Shown) Mike Hitchcock, Al- lan Padgett, Randy Alexander, Richard Newell, Susan Newell, June Prosser, Steve Richard. The KARATE CLUB started In the Summer of 1967 and has grown tremendously since. Teacher Dan Whithrow worked out with the group two nights per week. The club is affiliated with the Korean Tae Kwon Do Association. Johnny hlorton, Nick Souris, Lee Tolleson, and John Morrow are committee heads. KARATE: Bill Brown, Alex Lee, Johnny Morton, Rusty Anderson, John Rousselle, Dana Rhodes, Greg Maliak, Steve Roberts, James Kent, Galen Tritt, Glenn Parks, Bobby Rooker, Ralph, Dan Thomason, Neil Taylor, James Bailey, J. Philis, Mike Skypeck, Terry Drew, Robert Wise, Phil Hardy, Ronnie Cook, Prentice Stinson, Frank Willar, Dick Gammans, Larry Arrington, Tony Wilson, Lee Tolleson Dan Withrow (Leader). 104 Pistol and Rifle Club Led by Dr. Veitia The Pistol and Rifle Club is a fairly new club at West Georgia College and is affiliated with the National Rifle As- sociation. There are about 65 members who enjoy pistol and rifle matches, the annual Turkey Shoot, and the Rifle Site. The club serves to promote pistol and rifle marksmanship and a spirit of competition and sportsmanship. rnc Bridge Group Matches Minds on Tuesday Nights The Bridge Club members participate in tournament play every Tuesday night. Prizes, which are donated by Carrollton merchants, are awarded to winners of each game. The pur- pose of the club is to provide a chance to play for people who enjoy duplicate bridge. 106 Modern Dance Club The group teacher and advisor, Miss Spell, experiments in outside setting. A choreography is created for " Sing You Sinners. " A rest In activity allows the use of mirrors for primping. Executive Dorm Council Tries to Enrich Dorm Life The Executive Dorm Council is com- posed of representatives from each dormitory on campus, usually the pres- idents of the individual dormitories. Its purpose is to enrich dormitory living through better communication between dormitories. Much activity has come about through this effort. Boykin and Row have become " brother-sister " dorms, publishing a newspaper, spon- soring dances, and sharing study ma- terials and ideas. Gunn and Pritchard have made similar moves. The Council is also concerned with stimulating ac- tivity for oncampus students and, in general, promoting a more interesting life for the dormitory students at West Georgia College. Ed Gambrell, Sonny Martin, Kay Bass, Day Byrom, Mila Brown, Eddie Gabriel, Malcolm Stover, Judy McElhannon, Nan- cy Riccardi, Linda Hulsey, Susan Doug- las, Kay Tyson, Kay Weaver, Jane Nunn, Bonnie Stevens, Cathy Ware, Lauren Car- roll, Becky Buchanon, Susan Wertz. 108 Union Board Su ffers Headaches of New Union Building Mr. McDonald Willis, Mr. David Parkman, Eddie Gambrel Mr. Harmon Tolbert, Wayne Miller, Aimee Slaughter. Bill Fordham, Kay Bass, Mr. William DeJong, Ed Gabriel, Dean Pershing, Rick Buckalew. Nof pictured: " " ' ' The Union Board is a group of faculty, students, and administrative officials who are concerned with the programs, practices, and services offered by the College Union. They might be called a group with a constant headache be- cause of their responsibilities in keeping the Union running smoothly. They must deal with everything from keeping the snack bar clean to preventing abuse of the building and offering suitable activities to the student body. 109 We Organized Our Time; Planned; Attended . . . The club called. Some answered; others didn ' t. We planned the hours to go and stay. We made activity fit in. We met and listened to someone talk about something. The meeting is vague now. Talked; Joined if We Liked or Unorganized for Freedom Talking back followed listening, and plans were made for nneetings of more talking. !!Pf.»u We joined. We wanted to join. We wanted to do something. i ;«5 The busy clubs became tiresome. We rested !ggVS ' by being away from them. III 112 FACULTY Dr. James E. Boyd came to West Georgia College as president in August of 196! after a distinguished record as a scientist, scholar, and academic administrator at the Georgia Institute of Technology. During the period he has been at the helm of the college, its rate of growth has exceeded that of all other institutions of higher edu- cation in Georgia. After receiving the Bachelor of Arts degree in math- ematics from the University of Georgia, the Master of Arts in mathematics from Duke University and the Ph.D. degree in physics from Yale University, Dr. Boyd began his professional academic career as a member of the original faculty of West Georgia College. Before con- tinuing his career at Tech, he met and married a native Carrolitonian, Elizabeth Reynolds Cobb. PRESIDENT OF THE COLLEGE Dr. James Emory Boyd A.B., University of Georgia; M.A., Duke University; Ph.D., Yale University PRESIDENT OF THE COLLEGE Dr. Boyd close|,y watches the progress of West Georgia ' s Academic Complex, the college ' s most ambitious project 1o date. While the college has been his first concern, Dr. Boyd has also given leadership in civic, educational, religious, and business activities on the local, state, and larger levels. For example, as vice-chairman of the Georgia Science and Technology Commission and chairman of its Task Force on Oceanography, he has been a moving force in Georgia ' s entry in the oceanography field. A member of St. Margaret ' s Episcopal Church, he serves on the Standing Committee of the Diocese of Atlanta and has twice served as a deputy to the General Convention of the Church. West Georgia College has profited by Dr. Boyd ' s unusual ability to project accurately the pattern of growth of the institution insofar as en- rollment, budgetary requirements, and physical facilities are concerned, and his success in effectively presenting these needs and opportunit ' es to the Board of Regents and to others, hlis vision and leadership in educatio n and in other fields have earned him -a reputation as one of the outstanding college presidents in the country. lis upper right: DEAN OF THE COLLEGE and PROFESSOR OF ENGLISH: Dr. George W. Walker, A.B., Alma College; M.A., Wayne University; Ph.D., University of North Carolina. middle left: ASSOCIATE DEAN OF THE COLLEGE, PROFESSOR OF HISTORY and CHAIRMAN, GRADUATE DIVISION: John M. Martin, B.S., A.B., Jacksonville State College; M.A., University of Ala- bama; Ph.D., University of North Carolina. middle right: DIRECTOR, PLANT AND BUSINESS OPERATIONS AND ASSIST- ANT TO THE PRESIDENT: Harmon S. Tol- bert, B.S., Georgia Institute of Technology. lower right: ASSOCIATE DEAN OF STU- DENT AFFAIRS and ASSOCIATE PRO- FESSOR: Dr. Georgia Martin, A.B., Wom- an ' s College of Georgia; M.S., Syracuse University; Ed.D., University of Georgia. upper left: SPECIAL ASSISTANT FOR DEVELOPMENT: Theodor Hirsch; B.S., School of Textile Engineering, Reutlingen, Gernnany. upper right: DEAN OF STUDENT AFFAIRS and PROFESSOR: Dr. John Pershing, A.B., Wittenberg College; M.Ed., Springfield Col- lege; Ed.D., Indiana University. lower left: REGISTRAR and ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR OF HISTORY: Elizabeth L. Parker, A.B., M.A., University of Georgia. lower right: PRESIDENT EMERITUS: Dr. Irvine S. Ingram, A.B., Uni- versity of Georgia; M.A., Emory University; Ed.D., Oglethorpe Uni- versity. ADMINISTRATION 117 upper right: DIRECTOR OF ADMISSIONS and ASSO- CIATE PROFESSOR: Helen Womack, A.B., Lambuth College; M.A., George Peabody College. middle left: COORDINATOR OF ACADEMIC COUN- SELLING and ASSISTANT PROFESSOR OF ECONOM- ICS: William T. King, A.B., Mercer University; M.A., University of Georgia. middle right: LIBRARIAN and ASSOCIATE PROFES- SOR: Annie Belle Weaver, A .B., Mississippi State Col- lege for Wonnen; A.B.L.S., Emory University. lower left: COMPTROLLER: J. Everett McWhorter, B.S.C., University of Georgia. lower right: DIRECTOR OF PUBLIC RELATIONS: Tracy Putnam Stalllngs, A.B.J. , University of Georgia. i» C ' i%» 18 ADMINISTRATION upper left: DIRECTOR OF STUDENT ACTIVITIES: David S. Parkman III, A.B.J., University of Georgia. upper right: DIRECTOR OF HOUSING: Donald Gehring, B.S., Georgia insfitute of Technology; M.Ed., Emory University lower left: HEAD, ALUMNI AFFAIRS and ASSISTANT FOR PUBLICA- TIONS: McDonald Willis, B.A., Oglethorpe University lower left: ASSOCIATE COMPTROLLER: Jack S. Hetherinqton, B.A M.B.A., University of Oklahoma. ADMINISTRATION upper right: DIRECTOR OF FINANCIAL AID: Paul M. Smith, Jr., B.S., M.S., Georgia Institute of Technology. middle left: ASSISTANT TO THE DIRECTOR OF PLANT OPERATIONS: Robert Townley, B.A., West Georgia College; candidate for M.A., University of Alabanna. middle right: PURCHASING AGENT: Earl R. Reaves, B.S.C., University of Georgia. lower right: ASSISTANT TO THE REGISTRAR: Mrs. Barbara Mitcham, A.B., West Georgia College. 120 upper left: COUNSELOR, STUDENT PERSONNEL: Mary J. Baker, B.S., Jacksonville State University; M.A., University of Alabama. upper right: ASSOCIATE DIRECTOR, PLANT OP- ERATIONS: R. Troy Holcombe, B.S.A., University of Georgia. lower left: DIRECTOR OF PLACEMENT: Arthur L. Sanders, B.S., Troy State College; M.Ed., University ot Georgia. lower right: ADMISSIONS COUNSELOR: Doyle Akins, A.B., West Georgia College. 121 DIVISION OF EDUCATION with nine new staff mem- bers added new equipment, degrees, and research programs during 1967-68. While waiting on the new Education Build- ing, which Is in the planning stage, the department expand- ed Into the old President ' s home. The new center for learn- ing was equipped with closed circuit television, monitors, video tapes and cameras. Graduate programs and special services to public schools and school teachers were an im- portant part of the department ' s work. For the first time the department offered a Masters degree In Psychology, a Mas- ter of Education degree in Special Education, Secondary Education, Junior High Education, and Counseling and Guidance. CHAIRMAN: Thomas WieH Sills, Professor of Education; A.B., East Central State College; M.A., Eastern Kentucky State College; Ed.D., Colorado State College. James K. Baum, Instructor in Education; B.S., M.A., University of Alabama Richard O. Coffeen, Professor of Education; B.S., University of Florida; M.A., New York Univer- sity; Ed.D., Auburn University Jesse S. Burbage, Jr., Assistant Professor of Education; B.S., M.S., Auburn University; Ed.D., University of Alabama Mary White Davidson, Assist- ant Professor of Education; B.S., Ohio State University; M.A., Unive rsity of Georgia Mary E. Burt, insiructor in Ed- ucation; B.S., Ed., M.Ed., Uni- versity of Georgia Waitus Malcolm Flanagan, Assistant Professor of Educa- tion and Psychology; B.A.E., University of Mississippi; M.Ed., University of Missouri; Ed.D., University of Mississippi William R. Cleere, Associate Pro- fessor and Coordinator of Coun- seling Education; B.S., Appalach- ian State College; M.E., Univer- sity of Mississippi; Ed.D., Univer- sity of Georgia Bernice Freeman, Associate Pro- fessor of Education; A.B., Tift College; M.A,, University of North Carolina; Ed.D., Teachers College, Columbia University 122 Dano M. Faires, Professor of Education and Coor- dinator of Elementary Education; B.S., Arizona State; M.A., Colorado State: Ed.D., Wayne State University Prentice L. Gott, Associate Professor of Education and Coordinator of Secondan Education; B.S., M.A., Western Kentucky State University; Ed.S., Ed.D., George Peabody College Tom J. Lightsey, Assistant Professor of Education; B.S.Ed., M.Ed., Georgia Southern; Ed.S., Ed.D., University of Georgia Ross W. Miller, Assistant Professor of Education and Coordinator of School Services; B.S.Ed., Uni- versity of Georgia; M.S.Ed., Auburn University; Candidate for Ed.D., University of Nev Mexico Belen C. Mills, Assistant Professor of Education; B.S.E., Leyte College; M.S., Ed.D., Indiana Univer- sity James A. Wash, Jr., Associate Professor of Educa- tion and Director of Institutional Research; B.S., M.Ed., Ed.D., University of Georgia CONTINUING EDUCATION Collus O. Johnson, Associate Professor of Education and Director of Continuing Edu- cation; B.S., M.S., Uhiversity of Tennessee; Ed.S., George Peabody College Harry E. Frank, Jr., Assistant Professor of Adult Education; B.S., M.S., Oklahoma State University; Ph.D., Florida State University SPECIAL EDUCATION George E. Colyer, Sr., As- sistant Professor of Educa- tion; B.S., M.A., Ed.S., Wes- tern Michigan University Wietse DeHoop, Professor of Education and Coordinator of Special Education; B.A., University of Florida; M.S., Florida State University; M.A., George Peabody Col- lege; Ed.D., University of Georgia r ■■V. ' -.« -?.-,.-v%. s 123 DEPARTMENT OF PHYSICAL EDUCATION has grown a great deal during the past few years. During 1967-68 the department added new video-tape equip- ment and more physical activities of the two-year re- quirement basis. Future plans include a Physical Educa- tion major for women. A new baseball field and organization of intramural sports by dorms for both men and women complete the growing Physical Education Department. DFPARTMENT HEAD: Thomas Wayman Leaminq, A ;istant Pro- fessor of Physical Education and Director of Athletics; A.B., Earl- ham College; M.S., University of Illinois; candidate for P.E.D., Indiana University Jan S. Bennett, Instructor In Physical Education; B S., Univer- sity of Chattanooqa; M.Ed., Uni- versity of Mississippi Barbara E. Brown, Instructor of Phvsical Education; A.B., Judson College Edward Lambert, Instructor in Physical Education; B.S., M.E., Springfield College; P.E. Di- rectorate, Indiana University Dorothy McNabb, Assistant Professor in Physical Educa- tion; A.B., Carson-Newman College; M.A., George Pea- body College Dorothy Spell, Temporary Assist- ant Professor of Physical Educa- tion; B.A., University of North Carolina; M.A., Teachers Col- lege of Columbia University Lloyd R. Watson, Instructor In Physical Education; B.S.Ed., Wes- tern Carolina College; M.S., University of Indiana John B. West, Instructor In Physical Education; B.S., Mary- ville College; M.S., University of Tennessee Gary L. Wilson, Instructor in Physical Education; B.S., Okla- homa Baptist University; M.S., University of Tennessee 124 LIBRARY SCIENCE DEPARTMENT OF PSYCHOLOGY seeks to lead the student to an understanding of himself and his culture, to provide service courses for other progranns, and to provide clinical services for students and for referrals from community agencies including the public schools. This year the department began its graduate program leading to the Master of Arts degree in Psychology. Mary E. Baxter, Assistant Professor of Library Science: B.S.Ed., Univer- sity of Georgia; M.A.L.S., George Peabody College DEPARTMENT HEAD: Alice P. Nix, Professor of Psychology: A.B., Pied- mont College; M.Ed., Ed.D., Uni- versity of Georgia Hugh W. Cheek, Assistant Pro- fessor of Psychology; A.B., Mer- cer University; M.A., University of Kentucky Horace F. Stewart, Jr., Associate Professor of Psychology: B.S., Pennsylvania State University; M.S., Florida State University; Ph.D., University of Florida Janice R. Teal, Instructor in Psy- chology; B.S., M.S., University of Georgia James D. Thomas, Professor of Psychology and Director of Cen- ter for Learning and Behavior Problems; B.C.S., Atlanta Divi- sion, University of Georgia; M.A., University of Texas; Ph.D., Indiana University ' ! I ! ! ! " iLLL_ ' l_ ' " - V • ' ,. 125 DIVISION OF HUMANITIES Includes the fields of English language and literature, languages, fine arts, and philosophy. One of the chief objectives is to help the student become increasingly aware of the great literary and artis- tic foundations of our civilization. Awaiting the completion of the classroom arts building, the Humanities division moved Into the newly completed class- room buildings. English, Philosophy, and Speech moved into the Social Sciences building, and the Languages moved Into the Math and Physics building. DEPARTMENT OF ENGLISH concerns itself with the teaching of English, American and World Literature, composition, and the English language. It also Is concerned with the training of future teachers of English. In each of the areas mentioned an effort is made to present the structure of the subject matter involved In a way that is meaningful and interesting to the student. It is hoped that many of the students will develop a desire to read literary works, to formulate their views in writing, and to understand the structure of the English language. As in other departments, the English Department began a graduate school last summer and will have graduates this summer. CHAIRMAN: James W. Mathews, Professor of English: A.B., David Lipscomb College: M.A., Emory University: Ph.D., Uni- versity of Tennessee 126 HEAD: Paul H. Bowdre, Jr., Pro- fessor of English: B.S., United States Naval Academy: M.A., University of Mississippi: Ph.D., University of Florida Corliss Hines Edwards, Jr., As- sistant Professor of English: A.B., Mercer University; M.A., Uni- versity of Georgia Ernest Lee Boyd, Assistant Pro- fessor of English: A.B., Wa- bashi College; M.A., University of Toronto; Ph.D., Northwes- tern University Gerald Meredlty Garmon, As- sistant Professor of English; B.A., M.A., University of Rich- mond; Ph.D., Auburn University Charles W. Cline, Instructor in English; A.B., George Peabody College; M.A., Vanderbilt Uni- versity Michael Haltresht, Assistant Professor of English; M.A., Stanford University; candidate for Ph.D., Emory University Mary Ann Wilson DeVillier, As- sistant Professor of English; B.A., Southeastern Louisiana College; M.A., Tulane University Sally Ellen Jayne, Instructor in English; B.A., Morehead State University; M.A., University of Virginia Ann Cabell Jordan, Temporary Instructor in English: B.A., Sweet Briar Colleqe; M.A., Uni- versity of Maryland Charles Terry McMichael, In- structor in English; A.B., M.A., Georgia State Colleqe Mary Lovvorn, Instructor in En- glish; A.B., Bessie Tift College; M.A., Duke University Virginia Meehan, Assistant Pro- fessor of English; A.B., M.A., University of Miami; Ph.D., University of Flnrid.--) Anne Choryl Mackey, Instructor In English; B.S., College of Charleston; M.A., University of North Carolina Lucretia Payne Morgan, Asso- ciate Professor of English; B.S., M.A., Ph.D., University of Georgia Lemuel Nathaniel Norrell, Pro- fessor of English; B.A., Furman University; M.A., University of Virginia; Ph.D., Florida State University Robert C. Reynolds, Associate Professor of English; A.B., Van- derbilt University; M.A., Ph.D., University of Florida Barbara Jayne McMichael, In- structor In English; A.B., M.A., Georgia State College Steve W. Mulkey, Assistant Pro- fessor of English; B.S., United States Military Academy; M.A., University of V Isconsin Martha A. Saunders, Instructor in English; A.B., DePauw Univer- sity; M.A., Auburn University Willie Maude Thompson, Assist- tant Professor of English; A.B., Lambuth College; M.A., George Peabody College 127 ACTING HEAD: Kenneth E. Bunt- ing, Associate Professor of Lan- guages; A.B., Washington College; M.A., Ph.D., University of North Carolina THE DEPARTMENT OF FOREIGN LANGUAGE, always seeking new and better methods for teaching languages, completed the plans and purchases for a modern, new language laboratory complex consisting of nine rooms to be housed in the Class- room Arts building now under construction. Added to the language curriculum this year was a complete program of specializa- tion for elementary education majors, extending through the course I05A. The team teaching method was experimented with for two quarters and was aban- doned in favor of new and better methods. Charles Hylbert Hickman, Jr., Instructor in Languages and Lab- oratroy Director; B.A., Florida Presbyterian College; M.AT., University of Florida Janet M. Moriarty, Instructor in Languages; A.B., M.A., Univer- sity of Connecticut Kenneth F. Sapp, Instructor in Languages; A.B., Berea College; M.A., Kent State University Mildred G. Llpham, Assistant Professor of Languages; A.B., Bessie Tift College; M.Ed., Uni- versity of Georgia Lucy Ann Neble+t, Associate Professor of Languages; A.B., University of Texas; M.A., Uni- versity of California; Ph.D., Interamerican University Robert A. Veitia, Assistant Pro- fessor of Languages; A.B., San- ta Clara Institute; J.D., Univer- sity of Havana J. Owen Moore, Associate Pre fessor of Languages; A.B., M.A University of Georgia Carole Jayne Rupe, Instructor i Languages; B.A., Auburn Unive sity; M.A., University of Geo gia Larry E. West, Assistant Profe sor of Languages; A.B., Bere College; Candidate for Ph.C Vanderbilt University 1 28 THE DEPARTMENT OF FINE ARTS accomplished much this year and lik the rest of West Georgia, expanded a great deal. All of the organizations In the department have grown In both size and ability, and several programs have been added or re- instated. This year approval was given for a bachelor of Music degree, with emphasis on mu- sic education and applied music. The W.G.C. Invitational Debate Tourney was rein- stated and held in January. Quarterly plays were presented as usual by Alpha Theta. In the winter quarter two plays were presented In repertory, another first at West Georgia College. Highlights of 1968 for the fine arts department were: The New York Pro Musica In residence, presented in January, hlandel ' s entire Messiah was presented by the college choirs and the Atlanta symphony orchestra in March, and the annual Fine Arts Festi- val was held May I - 1 0, with art exhibits from the Nordness Gallery In New York. DEPARTMENT HEAD: Robert Mil- ton Coe, Professor of Music; B.S., Appalachian State College; M.A., Eastern Kentucky State; Ed.D., Colo- rado State College of Education E. Wayne Abercrombie, Assistant Professor of Music; B.M., M.M., Westminster Choir College William D. DeJong, Assistant Pro- fessor of Music; B.M.E., Morning- side College; M.M., Boston Uni- versity Robert B. Jobson, Assistant Profes- sor of Art; B.F.A., University of Georgia; M.A., Highlands University Derriil M. Maxwell, Assistant Profes- sor of Art; A.B., DePauw University; M.S., Indiana University; M.S., Fort Hays Kansas State College Wallace Buice, Assistant Professor of Speech; A.B., Asbury College; M.A., University of Kentucky Nelson M. Carpenter, Instructor in Speech; A.B., Morehead State Col- lege; M.A., University of Mississippi Blanton O. Croft, Assistant Profes- sor of Speech; B.S., Murray State College; M.A., University ' of Michi- gan 129 THE DIVISION OF SCIENCE AND MATHEMATICS feels the importance of basic knowledge in the areas of science and Mathematics in the modern world cannot be overestimated. It endeavors to Impress this upon the student and at the same time to develop In him an un- derstanding and appreciation of scientific methods and philosophy. In addition it seeks to provide the best pos- sible training to those students who have particular in- terests in these areas. CHAIRMAN: Leonard Rupert Daniel, Professor of Chemistry; B.Ch.E., Ph.D., Georgia Institute of Technology DEPARTMENT HEAD: Evan Dwain Porter, Associate Profes- sor of Biology; B S.. College of Charleston; M.S., Ph.D., Emory University Willie David Gunn, Assistant Pro- fessor of Biology; A.B., Mercer University; M.A., Peabody Col- lege; Ed.S., University of Geor- gia Dexter Byrd, Assistant Profes- sor of Biology; A.B., Berea Col- lege; M.A., Ed.S., George Pea- body College Robert K. Lampton, Professor of Biology; B.S., University of Toledo; M.A., Ph.D., University of Michigan Robert B. England, Assistant Professor of Biology; B.S., Ok- lahoma State University; M.S., University of Oklahoma Virgil P. Snow, Jr., Assistant Professor of Biology; A.B., M.S., Birmingham-Southern Col- lege Arthur Wendell Gardner, Asso- ciate Professor of Biology; B.S., Utah State University; M.S., Ph.D., Kansas State University Robert McClam Welch, Associ- ate Professor of Biology; A.B., College of Charleston; Ph.D., University of Texas 130 CHEMISTRY is a science that shows the interre- lationships of all the sciences. The department wants to show this and to introduce to students the inn- portance of chemistry. The West Georgia Chemical Society wants to promote this interest and to give opportunities for student and faculty expression, and to promote scholarship in chemistry. The depart- ment has recently acquired new equipment such as aton-iic absorption apparatus. With such advances and with the addition of new faculty members, the department hopes for even further expansion, re- search, and excellent teaching. DEPARTMENT HEAD: Hughlan W. Pope, Professor ot Chemistry; B.S., Carson-Newman College; M.S., Uni- versity ot Georgia; Ph.D., Vander- bilt University » ww f ■ Latha Mimbs Barnes, Assistant Pro- fessor of Chemistry; A.B., Berry College; M.S., University ot Missis- sippi James M. Berryman, Assistant Professor of Chemistry; B.S., M.S., candidate for Ph.D., Uni- versity of Georgia William Donald Jacobs, Asso- ciate Professor ot Chemistry; B.S., College of Charleston; M.S., Clemson College; Ph.D., University of Virginia William L. Lockhart, Assistant Floyd H. Wirsing, Associate Pro- Professor of Chemistry; B.S., less or of Chemistry; B.S., Univer- Tennessee Tech University; sity of Maryland; M.S., Univer- M.S., University of Mississippi; sity of Virginia Ph.D., Vanderbilt University GEOLOGY I Thomas J. Crawford, Assistant Marcus Billy Morehead, Assist- Protessor of Earth Science; A.B., ant Professor of Earth Science; M.S., Emory University B.S., University of Georgia; can- didate for Ph.D., University of North Carolina 131 DEPARTMENT OF MATHEMATICS wishes to show to students the importance of mathematics and Its usefulness In their every undertaking. It ini- tiated a program to provide assistance to students who are too poorly prepared in high school for Mathematics 101. The department offered graduate courses looking forward to the authorization of a Master ' s program. The department also sponsors Delta PsI Omega, the math club, open to Interested students. DEPARTMENT HEAD: Alfred L Duquette, Professor of Mathe- matics; B.S., University of Mass- achusetts; A.M., Columbia Uni- versity; Ph.D., University of Col- orado Terrell G. Bailey, Assistant Pro- fessor of Mathematics; A.B., West Georgia College; M.S., Clemson University Roy Bushness Bogue, Assistant Pro- fessor of Mathematics; B.E.E., M.S., Auburn University Marion Crider, Associate Professor of Mathematics; B.S., Woman ' s Col- lege of Georgia; M.A., University of Georgia Hwa Suit Hahn, Associate Professor of Mathematics; B S., Seoul Nation- al University; M.S., University of Oregon; Ph.D., University of Illinois Edith F. Hand, Assistant Professor of Mathematics; A.B., West Georgia College; M.A., Ed.D., University of Georgia Jong-diing Liu, Assistant Professor of Mathematics; B.S., Taiwan Normal University; M.S., Ph.D., Lehigh Uni- versity El! Nix McEntyre, Sr., Assistant Pro- fessor of Mathematics; A.B., M.Ed., Mercer University 132 Chatty Roger Pittman, Assistant Professor of Mathemat- ics; B.S., North Georgia College: M.A., Ph.D., University of Georgia Albert Joseph Turner, Jr., Assistant Professor of Mathe- matics; B.S., M.S., Georgia Institute of Technology Roy Eugene Worth, Assistant Professor of Mathematics; B.S., M.A., University of Georgia; candidate for Ph.D., " University of Georgia DEPARTMENT HEAD: Herman W. Boyd, Associate Professor of Physics; A.B., Middle Tennessee State Col- lege; M.A., Ph.D., Vanderbllt Uni- versity DEPARTMENT OF PHYSICS Is Interest- ed In Introducing to students all areas of physics and the advantages of them. The department Is rapidly expanding v Ith ad- ditional faculty members and larger grants which aid In the securing of newer and bet- ter equipment such as the recently pur- chased nuclear data channel analyzer, and the Phillips X-Ray generator. A newly or- ganized Physics Club has been established which hopes to become a portio n of the student section of the American Institute of Physics. The department looks forward to the future with hope for further expansion and research. Davtd Wilson Bradberry, Assist- ant Professor of Physics: A.B., Berry College; M.S., University of Georgia Bobby Earl Powell, Assistant Pro- fessor of Physics: B.S., Georgia Institute of Technology; M.S.. Ph.D., Clemson University Helon Bradberry, Assistant Profes- sor of Physical Science: B.S.Ed., M.Ed., Ed.D., University of Georgia ' 133 DIVISION OF SOCIAL SCIENCE changed its curriculum and teaching methods this year. To accommodate greater numbers of students, larger sections in hiistory were created, with plans to do the same in the other departments in this Division. An A.B. degree is offered in hiistory. Political Science, and Sociology, and a Master ' s Degree is available in History. Geography, also in this division, does not yet otter a major. Under the direction of Dr. Eugene Huck, chairman of the di- vision of social science, a new major field of concentration was created in Latin American Area studies. Courses for the history and political science graduation requirements were revamped and a refresher course was added for those who elect to take the tests instead. HISTORY 4» - CHAIRMAN: Eugene Roger Huck, Professor of History; A.B., Temple University; M.A., Ph.D., University of Alabanna 134 ACTING HEAD: W. Benjamin Kennedy, Assistant Professor of History; A.B., Georgetown Col- lege; M.A., University of North Carolina; Ph.D., University of Georgia Robert Howard Claxton, Assist- ant Professor of History; B.A., Houghton College; M.A., State University of New York; candi- date for Ph.D., Tulane University Livia Barbero, Visiting Foreign Curriculum Specialist Diploma, National Normal School, Sucre, Bolivia; License, La Paz, Boliv- ia; Doctorate in International Law, Sorbonne, Paris, France Mitt S. Conerly, Jr., Instructor in History; B.S., M.A., Auburn University George W. Clark, Associate Pro- fessor of History; A.B., Baylor University; M.A., Ph.D., Univer- sity of North Carolina Gordon Esley Finnle, Assistant Professor of History; B.A., Lam- buth College; M.A., Ph.D., Duke University Theodore Fi+z-Simmons, Jr., As- sociate Professor of hlls+ory; A.B., M.A., candidate for Ph.D., University of Georgia Francis P. Givhan. Jr., Instruc- tor in History; A.B., M.A., University of Alabama Winslow Cope Goodwin, Jr., As- sistant Professor of History; A.B., M.A., University of Ala- bama James David Griffin, Professor Hellen Jeanette Jackson, In- of History; A.B., Howard Col- structor in History; A.B., Cok- lege; M.A., Emory University; er College; M.A., Emory Uni- Ph.D., University of Georgia versity Edward Skinner Krebs, Instruc- tor in History; B.A., Maryville College; M.A., Indiana Uni- versity Charles David Rice, Instructor in History; A.B., Georgia State College; M.A., Vanderbilt Uni- versity DEPARTMENT OF HISTORY this year In- augurated its first year of graduate work with eight graduate students. In keeping with the growing and changing West Georgia campus, the department re-evaluated and made changes in the World Civilization and American hHistory courses. The Department moved into the new Social Sciences Building. An NDEA summer In- stitute was approved this year and will be head- ed by Dr. hHuck and Dr. Griffin. 135 DEPARTMENT OF POLITICAL SCIENCE headed by Dr. Doyle Mathis, is in the Social Science Division. Although only an A.B. degree is offered at the present time, a large percent- age of Political Science majors go on to gradu- ate or law school. DEPARTMENT HEAD: Luster Doyle Ma+his, Associate Profes- sor of Polifical Science; A.B., Berry College; M.A., Ph.D., Uni- versity of Georgia Elmo Mosteller Roberds, Profes- sor of Political Science; A.B., Emory University; M.A., Univer- sity of North Carolina; Ph.D., University of Chicago Chee Soon Ahn, Assistant Pro- fessor of Political Science; B. of Law, Seoul National Uni- versity; M.S., Ph.D., Florida State University Charles Alexander Scudder, Assistant Professor of Political Science; A.B., Rollins College; M.A., University of Georgia Roald Y. Mylckeltvedt, Assistant Professor of Political Science, B.A., St. Olaf College; M.A., Ph.D., Florida State University Henry Joseph Wise, Instructor in Political Science; B.A,, tHiram College; M.A., Emory University THE DEPARTMENT OF SOCIOLOGY attempts to give to the student a workable and scientific approach to social relationships. It believes that with a scientific atti- tude and approach, a great deal can be learned about the action of people. It is obvious that people must live together, and the study of the principles of Sociology will certainly be of help to the individual in his attempt to relate to his fellow man. DEPARTMENT HEAD: Donald Gene Chandler, Professor of So- ciology; B.S., Georgia Institute of Technology; B.D., Ph.D., Em- ory University Stanley Citron, Instructor in Sociology; B.A., Florida State University; M.A., candidate for Ph.D., Emory University. Henry Els+er Dufour, Jr., As- sistant Professor of Sociology; B.A., M.A., Louisiana State Uni- versity Thomas Ruffin Iseley, Instructor in Sociology; A.B., candidate for M.A., University of North Caro- lina 136 Christopher P. H. Murphy, Instruc- tor in Anthropology; A.B., M.A., University of Georgia John W. Oaltley, In structor in So- ciology; B.S., M.A., Mississippi State University Fred E. Parsons, Assistant Professor of Sociology; B.A., Mississippi Col- lege; M.S.W., Tulane University Jack L Jewell, Assistant Professor of Geography; A.B., Oglethorpe University; M.A., candidate for Ph.D., University of Georgia Richard L. Lane, Assistant Professor of Geography; B.S., M.A., Univer- sity of Georgia LIBRARY Kathleen S. Hunt, Assistant Librarian and Assistant Professor; B.S., University of Georgia; M.A., George Peabody College Virginia Byrd Parks, Assistant Librarian and Assistant Professor; A.B., Randolph- Macon Woman ' s College; A.B.L.S., Em- ory University Robert H. Simmons, Assistant Professor and Assistant Librarian; B.A., David Lip- scomb College; M.A., M.L.S., George Peabody College J. Allen Spivey, Assistant Professor and Assistant Librarian; A.B., Pfeiffer Col- lege; M.L.S., George Peabody College 137 THE DIVISION OF BUSINESS AND ECONOMIC STUDIES, under the direction of Chairman, Dr. J. Mark Miller, was created this year. The three departments in this division are Business Administration, Business Educa- tion, and Economics. The purpose of forming this new division is to give the student a choice of a major field in his area of Interest. The four degrees being offered through the Division of Business and Economic Studies are B.S. Degrees in Business Administration and Business Education and A. B. degrees in Accounting and Eco- nomics. CHAIRMAN: J. Marit Miller, Associate Professor of Business Administration; B.S., M.S., Florida State University; Ph.D., Louisiana State University Willie Carolyn Alien, Instructor in Business Education; B.S., Flor- ida State University; M.S., Uni- versity of Tennessee Richard Michael Haney, Instruc- tor in Business Administration; B.B.A., M.B.A,, University of Georgia John L. DeVillier, Associate Professor of Business Adminis- tration; B.A. Southeastern Lou- isiana State Col leqe; M.B.A., Tulane University; Ph.D., Lou- isiana State University Harry R. Kuniansky, Assistant Professor of Businass Admin- istration; B.B.A., M.B.A., Em- ory University Roberta Gibson, Assistant Pro- fe-isor of Business Ed ' ication; B.A., M.A., George Peabody College Dora Pee+e, Associate Professor of Business Education; B.S., M.A., George Peabody College 138 DEPARTMENT OF ECONOMICS Several new courses were added to the Department of Economics this year to better prepare the Increasing num- ber of Economics majors who go on to graduate school. Dr. Glenn Moore is the head of the Department of Eco- nomics, which Is In the Division of Bus- iness and Economic Studies. DEPARTMENT HEAD: W. Glenn ' Moore, Professor of Economics; A.B., M.A., Ph.D., University of Alabama Naomi L. Satterfield, •csis+ant Pro- fessor of Business Administration; B.B.A., M.B.E., Georgia State Col- lege Horald H. Sorrel!, Instructor in Bus- iness Administration; B.S., M.B.A., Auburn University Warren A. Walker, Assistant Profes- sor of Business Administration; M.B.A., Georgia State College; L.L.B., Woodrow Wilson Law School James W. Adams, Assistant Pro- fessor of Economics; B.B.A., M.B.A., candidate for D.B.A., Georgia State Col Gerri M. Casse, Economics; B.B.A., Georgia; M.A., North Carolina lege Instructor in University of University of Doris C. Cash, Assistant Profes- sor of Economics; B.B.A., M.B ' .A., D.B.A., Georgia State College Willie H. Lankford, Assistant Professor of Ecc-omics; A.B.,- M.A.. University of Georola 139 Al Director of Maintenance and Buildings: Mr. D. W. Jones Warehouseman: Mr. J. E. Brumby SECURITY POLICE: Vach Kidd, Nate Bracknell, Kirk Denmark, Earnest Johnson, Jack Crawford, Dorsey Kidd, Amos Smith, Winford Lee, Richard Davis 140 PROFFESSIONAL STAFF INFIRMARY STAFF: Seated: Miss Eva Galloway. Standing: Mrs. Aladean Brown, Mrs. Paul ine Miller, Mrs. Sue Peaden. HOSTS AND HOSTESSES: Standing: Mr. Whitman, Miss Baker, Mrs. Culver, Mrs. Mauldin, Mrs. Radcliff. Seated: Mr. Krebbs, Mrs. Finkbiner, Mrs. Smith. 141 SECRETARIES: Front: Miss Bohannon, Miss King, Mrs. Adams, Miss Wilder. Back: Mrs. Johnson, Mrs. Windom, Mrs. Wood, Mrs. Brumbelow. SECRETARIES: Front: Mrs. Hughes, Mrs. Beam, Mrs. White. Back: Mrs. Merrell, Mrs. Walker, Mrs. Haney, Mrs. Smith. B9 ' ' ' ' ' " in ' Sii Eilirl COMPUTER CENTER: Mr. Turner, Barbara Hightower, Denson Todd, Mimi Ray, Mrs. Reynolds, Kent Bailey. 142 BOOKSTORE STAFF: Front: Mrs. Copeland, Mrs. McBrayer. Back: Mrs. Chanellor, Mrs. latum. LIBRARIANS: Seated: Mrs. Pritchard, Mrs. Brown, Mrs. Sapp, Mrs. Grlffies. Standing: Mrs. Carter, Mr. Heck, Miss Meeks. 143 Workers in Union Building Keep Operations Running to Feed the Multitudes FOOD SERVICE STAFF: Front: Margaret Almon, Wil- lie Maude Phillips, Ora B. Clark, Elizabeth Hayes, Minnie R. Shackleford, Annie M. Gam- bel, Lois Chandler. Back: Hugh Harrison, Odell Parham, Joyce Winters, Peggy Boykin, Maddie Johnson, Elena Har- rison, Art W. Keller, Josephine Griffith, Virginia Ricks. FOOD SERVICE STAFF: Front: Sonny North, Johnny Dix, Alonzo Thomas, Sara Favors, Ruth Mitchell, Janice Jones, Argle Lee Crowdjr, Hazel McCoy, Carrie Strozier, Gladys Hines, Eva Walton. Baclc: Terrell Brown, James Brown, Teola Tathon, Sally Brown, Louise Ferris, Maddie Jones, Mary Helen Brown. 144 BAKING AND CLEAN-UP STAFF: Middle le t: Mlrtie Holland, Rosa M. Shell, Dora J. Horton, Willie Farmer, Tommy Trammell, Cora Alexander, Mar Ann Poythress, Louis Farmer. Ray- mond Tulse. FOOD SERVICE STAFF! Lower left: Charlie Bell, Floyd Rollir,:, Y. C. Alex- ander, Annie Stegall, Evelyn Boykin, Georqe Jack- son, Mozella Walker, Dorothy Halley, Doris Rush, Katheline Anderson, Irene Boykin, Maroaret Neal. UNION CUSTODIAL STAFF: Lower right: Jesse. Dix, Carl Sims, Willie H. W nn, Jeannie Beavers, Doris Walker, J. T. Brown. 145 Officers, Underclassmen, ' ■ff W tr % r " ir |ir - ' ; iP CE I 146 CLASSES 147 Senior Class SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS President, George Archibald Vice President, Roger Scotf Secretary-Treasurer, Carole Mumford William L. Adams Atlanta, Ga. Genia Akins Atlanta, Ga. Stuart Alston Atlanta, Ga. George J. Archibald Atlanta, Ga. Charlie Askew Griffin, Ga. Tommy Askew Marietta, Ga. Van Askew Stockbridge, Ga. Clara Bailey Bremen, Ga. Janice Ballenger Jackson, Ga. Mike Barber V est Point, Ga. Betty Jo Barge Weston, Ga. Bill Barge Atlanta, Ga. 148 David Barker FranHin, Ga. Harold Barrett Cartersville, Sa. Jane Barron Griffin, Ga. Fred Barton Hapeville, Ga. Hugh Bass Carrollton, Ga. Kenneth Bass Adairsville, Ga. After Four Years Here Do You Remember These . . . James E. Beckham, Jr. Concord, Ga. Linda K. Beall Douglasville, Ga. Clarence L. Bel Rydal, Ga. James Beck Manchester, Ga. Jan Bell Carrollton, Ga. 149 Life in Presbyterian, Oakland, and Aycock Halls . . . Joe Bell, Jr. Carrollton, Ga. Kathryn Bohannon Moreland, Ga. Carol Bradley Bremen, Ga. Vicici Billingsley Carrollton, Ga. Carole Bomar Douglasville, Ga. Larry Bradley Bowdon, Ga. Gary A. Bobo Atlanta, Ga. Jane Booz Rome, Ga. Gary Brock Resaca, Ga. James A. Brooks, Jr. East Point, Ga. Cynthia Brown Decatur, Ga. Dennis Brown Atlanta, Ga. Sarah Brumby Cedartown, Ga. Wayne Bryant Smyrna, Ga. 150 Seniors Richard Buckalew Aflanta, Ga. Janet Camp Decatur, Ga. Wayne Bule Bainbridge, Ga. Sue Campbell Carrollton, Ga. Bobby Bullock Dallas, Ga. Charles B. Carroll, Jr. Carrollton, Ga. Dennis Burnet+e Carrollton, Ga. Phyllis Caylor Marietta, Ga. Janice Burns Fitzgerald, Ga. Linda Chastain Atlanta, Ga. Vivian Coggin College Park, Ga. Ed Collier Smyrna, Ga. Kenneth Collins Griffin, Ga. Bob Connell Carrollton, Ga. William C. Cook Carrollton, Ga. Bill Corcoran Decatur, Ga. Brenda Craven Carrollton, Ga. Geron Crawford Carrollton, Ga. 151 . . . Joe . Robert Crawford Atlanta, Ga. John Cureton Newnan, Ga. Ran Crawley Atlanta, Ga. Cathy Day Carrollton, Ga. Mavis Crowe Carrollton, Ga. Henry Dickerson Carrollton, Ga. Terry Drew Carrollton, Ga. Sheryl Elrod Adairsville, Ga. Glenda Duffey Griffin, Ga. Sue Evans Dalton, Ga. Richard C. Edge Columbus, Ga. Byron Farmer Atlanta, Ga. Wendell Edwards Jackson, Ga. April Fields Atlanta, Ga. Patricia Elliott Atlanta, Ga. Deborah Fields Carrollton, Ga. 152 Don E. Fields Dalton, Ga. Sammy Fields Carroll+on, Ga. Wayne Fique+t Carrollton, Ga. Tricia Floyd Pine Mountain, Ga kl Fred Forsyth mmT Albany, Ga. m W. Jerry D. Garland Wfe „. Ih Falrmount, Ga. Class of 1968 V- " mt it Ripley ' s " Believe It or Not. " November 30, 1967. Herb Garrett Lincolnton, Ga. Mike Gevedon Carrollton, Ga. Ed J. George Newnan, Ga. Frank Gibson Carrollton, Ga. A ' : n. • ••••. St . ' ' v. Connie Gentry Taliapc$sa, Ga. Brenda Gladden Rockmart, Ga. 153 Mama Kate Bill Glidden Sandy Goggins Douglasville, Ga. Carrollton, Ga. Jane Golden Robert G. Golden Carrollton, Ga. Carrol ton, Ga. Janice Griffin Karen Groover Doraville, Ga. Atlanta, Ga. Susan Goiczynski Alma, Ga. Charles D. Griffin Felton, Ga. Melody Hadaway West Point, Ga. Mary Ann Hannil Carrollton, Ga. Glenda Hammond Atlanta, Ga. Rick Manners Carrollton, Ga. Ronald Harrell Carrollton, Ga. Sue Harris Newnan, Ga. 154 Madolyn M. Harrison Villa Rica, Ga. Enid Helms Tucker, Ga. Walter Ha+chett Waco, Ga. Laura Helton Ringgold, Ga. Dan Hayes Fayetteville, Ga. Harriet Henderson Atlanta, Ga. Claude Hammond, Jr. Newnan, Ga. Kenneth Henderson Atlanta, Ga. Seniors With all due respect . . . " We shall gather at the river. ' James Heard Atlanta, Ga. Lynne Herrington Atlanta, Ga. r Dear Friendj ' ■iiii i iimi ' iigelwMiMii g aMi Mi Ji your membership card is attached and the pledge required of members Is on the reverse side. It is my earnest desire jthat you will faithfully keep this pledge. I am hopeful that this Council yill be the force that wi enliet hundreds of thousands of young Georgians into a meut that will greatly reduce the use of tobacco and al not only by young people but bj- adults as well . Active participation by you and ethers thj: make an enormous contribution to t}»» " ' well-being of our people. I am asking each member to enlist one other meffiber until together, have caused this Council to be the largest orgar of its kind ever formed in Georgia. I am depending on you. i Suggestions and caamsnts would be appreciated as you work witS ■otTters iTi-your ' a-pea Please let " me ltno« o -the progress you ' make and of any ideas you may have for the organization. Vfith beat wishes, x am Byron Hill Dalton, Ga. Lyndon Huclcaby Union City, Ga. Frances Hinesley ■ CarrolJton, Ga. John Hufstetler Chatsworth, Ga. Barbara Hollis West Point, Ga. Steve Huggins Dalton, Ga. Sincerely, JUU 55 Seniors Rosemary James Marietta, Sa. Gene Johnson Carrollton, Ga. Randy Jay Douglasvllle, Ga. Martha Jo Johnson Cloudland, Ga. Margaret Hunter Atlanta, Ga. Sylvia Huskins Carrollton, Ga. Jessica Jenkins Carrollton, Ga. Tommy Johnson Carrollton, Ga. Mike Hurst Dalton, Ga. Tommy Hyde Newnan, Ga. Malcolm Jenkins Atlanta, Ga. Barbara Jones Chatsworth, Ga. Don Huskins Carrollton, Ga. Frank Jackson Carrollton, Ga. Joy Johns Dalton, Ga. Laura Jones Plainville, Ga. 156 . . . Riots at Jackson Courts Linda Jones Norcross, Ga. Loyd E. Kittle Ringgold, Ga. Willene Jones Marietta, Ga. Patricia Kubala Manchester, Ga. Lynn Keeney East Point, Ga. Lynda Lambeth College Park, Ga. Judy J. Kelley Marietta, Ga. Betty Jane Landers Bowdon, Ga. Roger D. King Bowdon, Ga. Douglas W. Lavender Atlanta, Ga. Niles J. Lawson Newnan, Ga. Anita Ledbetter Atlanta, Ga. Peggy Leverrett Jackson, Ga. Linda Lewis Union City, Ga. Greg Litaker Atlanta. Ga. David Lovvorn Bowdon, Ga. Dianne Lowery East Point, Ga. Robert Lowman Juno, Ga. 157 Sandra Machan Diana Mandeville Linda Man+he Joy Marlow Cedartown, Ga. Decatur, Ga. Atlanta, Ga. Bowdon, Ga. Dorene Martin Jerry Mathis Margaret W. Matthews Randy Mayfield Summervi le, Ga. Valdosta, Ga. Bowdon, Ga. Dalton, Ga. Brenda Marshall Griffin, Ga. Rick McCanny Chatsworth, Ga. Seniors Julie McClain Linda McKinley Joy Mears Thomas Miller Marietta, Ga. Thomaston, Ga. Rossville, Ga. Carrollton, Ga J. Wayne Miller Louise Miller Russell Mobley Laura Moncus Carrollton, Ga. Carrollton, Ga. Powder Springs, Ga. Atlanta, Ga. 158 . . The Blue Goose . . . Would you believe . . 50,000 quarter hours! Raymond Moody Rockmart, Ga. Michael H. Moore Thomaston, Ga. Joyce Moore Moreland, Ga. Rosalie Moore Carrollton, Ga. Larry Moore Adairsville, Ga. Connie Moorhead Madison, Ga. Paula Morgan Rockmart, Ga. Carole Mumford Decatur, Ga. Raymond L. Naylor Carrollton, Ga. Claudette Neal Marietta, Ga. Sandra Neill Carrollton, Ga. Peggy Nesbitt Carrollton, Ga. Joann Newklrlc LaGranqe, Ga. Donald L. Nixon Carrollton, Ga. 59 Jones Mill Ralph S. North Griffin, Ga. Harry Oman Atlanta, Ga. Ted Parker Carrollton, Ga. Diane Nunnelly Carrollton, Ga. Rodolfo Orlich San Ramon, Costa Rica Keith Parmer Roopvllle, Ga. Kenneth Oglesby Elberton, Ga. Gary Parham Marietta, Ga. Clem C. Patrick, Jr. McDonough, Ga. Seniors Wanda C. Patterson Marietta, Ga. Carolyn Payne Carrollton, Ga. Darryl Pettit Cartersvllle, Ga. Susan Phagan Rockmart, Ga. Phil Pickens Atlanta, Ga. 160 Denver Poole LaSrange, Ga. Larry Prince LaSrange, Ga. James Raughton Franklin, Ga. Barbara RInn Carrollton, Ga. Bill Powers Barnsville, Ga. Phyllis Prince Newnan, Ga. Marilyn Price Marietta, Ga. Ron Puckett Smyrna, Ga. Brooke M. Pridmore Stockbridge, Ga. Elwanda Puett Acworth, Ga. Gloria S. Pridmore Jefferson, Ga. Paul Raney, Jr. Atlanta, Ga. . . Boogie ' s by the Sea Bill Ray ■ Marietta, Ga. Kenneth Roberts Carrollton, Ga. 161 B.S.U. Beacon . . . During a lecture a young man ' s fancy may turn to things other than the THEORIES of " Marriage and the Family. " Tommy Scarborougl- Oxford, Sa. Jerry Shelly Carrollton, Ga. Roger L. Scott Gainesville, Ga. David Sims Decatur, Ga. Linda Rountree Decatur, Ga. Hirohisa Saito Tokyo, Japan Roger Scott Chatsworth, Ga. Charlene Sivell Pine Mountain, Ga. James Royals Carrollton, Ga. Billy Sanders Barnesville, Ga. Marie Shafe Carrollton, Ga. David Smith Mt. Zion, Ga. Larry Rus sell McCaysville, Ga. Diane Saylors Marietta, Ga. Carol Shaw Acworth, Ga. Gary Smith Carrollton, Ga. 162 . . . The " Greasy Spoon " . . . Gary Smith Tunnel Hill, Ga. Sally Smith Franklin, Ga. Jane Smith Columbus AFB, Miss. Sherry Smith Newnan, Ga. Juanita Smith Woodbury, Ga. Brenda Sockwell Atlanta, Ga. Linda Smith Tallapoosa, Ga. Joe Souther Atlanta, Ga. Nancy J. Smith Thonnaston, Ga. Shirley W. Spruill Carrollton, Ga. Jeane Stephens LaGrange, Ga. Nancy Stephenson College Park, Ga. Peggy Stubbs East Point, Ga. Richard Stubbs Carrollton, Ga. CharlesW. Sudlow, III Gwynedd Valley, Pa. Edward L. Tant Fayette ille, Ga. Ken Taylor Carrollton, Ga. Ray Teems Orlando, Fla. Class of 1968 163 Richard Tee+s Carrollton, Ga. Woody Thompson Mableton, Ga. Roy Templeman Carrollton, Ga. Bobby Tibbi+ts Carrollton, Ga. Bruce Thomas Calhoun, Ga. Martha Todd Newnan, Ga. Burgess B. Thomas, Jr. Carrollton, Ga. Jim Traylor Meansvllle, Ga. James E. Thompson Carrollton, Ga. Bill Tyler Atlanta, Ga. Wayne Tyson Vicki Venable Larry Vines Paul Waits Gary Walker Carrollton, Ga. Thomaston, Ga. Carrollton, Ga. Tallapoosa, Ga. Tallapoosa, Ga Kenny Waller Tommy Warren Linda Watters Dinah Wells Bob White Manchester, Ga. Milam, Ga. Carrollton, Ga. Temple, Ga. Atlanta, Ga. 164 Barbara H. Wiggins Carrollton, Ga. Alva S. Wilson, Jr. Carrollton, Ga. Gwenda Wiggins Bowdon, Ga. Claude Wilson Georgetown, Ga. Sandra Wilkerson Hampton, Ga. Lee Winters Atlanta, Ga. Dan Williamson Roopville, Ga. Carol Witt Bowdon, Ga. Robert Willingham Washington, Ga. Gary Woody Dalton, Ga. Mike Worth Atlanta, Ga. Carolyn Yarbrough LaGrange, Ga. Ben Worthy Carrollton, Ga. Margo Yates Barnesville, Ga. Seniors . . . " Pig Alley " . . . 165 Underclassmen FRESHMAN CLASS OFFICERS President, Mike Atchley Vice President, Bill Potter Secretary-Treasurer, Bunny Davis fl, ' " r v- SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS President, Tommy LaFon Secretary-Treasurer, Doris Remeta Vice President, Ronnie Ball JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS President, Eddie Gabriel Vice President, George Edwards Secretary-Treasurer, Cathy Coker 166 Aaron, Joe M. Lindale, Ga. Aberna+hy, Keith Barnesville, Ga. Abies, Tommy Rome, Ga. Acree, Wanda Gumming, Ga. Adair, Buddy College Park, Ga. Adams, Brenda Atlanta, Ga. Adams, Jake Decatur, Ga. Adams, Jane Atlanta, Ga. Adams, John Carrollton, Ga. Adams, Lanier Covington, Ga. iife Adams, Linda College Park, Ga. Adams, Margie Stone Mountain, Ga. Adamson, Vernon Whitesburg, Ga. Addison, Jan Ellen LaGrange, Ga. Akin, Jody Carrollton, Ga. Akridge, Anita Decatur, Ga. Aiken, Harriette Falrburn, Ga. Aldridge, Gary Newnan, Ga. Alexander, Brenda LaGrange, Ga. Alexander, Carrie Carrollton, Ga. Alexander, Randy Carrollton, Ga. Alford, Sandra LaGrange, Ga. 167 Amends, Ronnie Rome, Ga. Anderson, Mack Social Circle, Ga. Andrews, Becky Smyrna, Ga. Anderson, Barbra Minneapolis, Minn. Anderson, Melanie Atlanta, Ga. Angel, Jane Cave Springs, Ga. Anderson, Gwrn Tucker, Ga. Anderson, Michael Dallas, Ga. Anglin, Linda Bowdon, Ga. Anderson, Lii Atlanta, Ga. Anderson, Rusty Decatur, Ga. Armstrong, Ellen Pine Mountain, Allen, Annette East Point, Ga. Allen, Jan Cartersville, Ga Allen, Richard Atlanta, Ga. Allen, Stanley Cornelia, Ga. Allen, Sue Meansville, Ga Allen, Carol Atlanta, Ga. Allen, Jimmy Bremen, Ga. Allen, Sheryj Thomaston, Ga. Allen, Stanley White, Ga. Alverson, Curtis LaGrange, Ga. 68 Armstrong, Gail Bowdon, Ga. Armstrong, June Bowdon, Ga. Arnold, Patsy Griffin, Ga. Arnold, Richard hlogansville, Ga. Arrlngton, Larry LaGrange, Ga. Arrlngton, Robert LaGrang e, Ga. Arthur, Mike Atlanta, Ga. Atchley, Mike Chamblee, Ga. Atkins, Dyane LaGrange, Ga. Underclassmen Avant, Cheryl Monticello, Ga. Avant, Etta Sandersvllle, Ga. Aycock, David Atlanta, Ga. Ayers, Mary Ann College Park, Ga. Ayers, Mary Rome, Ga. Babb, Kathy Rome, Ga. Bachelor, Cynthia Atlanta, Ga. Bacon, Linda Smyrna, Ga. Bagby, Nancy Decatur, Ga. Baggett, Joe Douglasville, Ga. Baggett, Lynn Atlanta, Ga. Baggett, Walter Newnan, Ga. (69 Bailes, Nancy Bailey, Betty Bailey, Connie Bailey, James Hoschton, Ga. Decatur, Ga. Thomaston, Ga. Villa Rica, Ga. Bailey, Jimmy Bailey, Lucy Baker, Kaye Baldowski, Bill Greenville, Ga. Roopville, Ga. Summerville, Ga. East Point, Ga Memoirs of the Court of Augustus, a 1753 edi- tion of a translation from Roman writings of the Empire period was donated in the fall by Mr. Ernie Adamson; he was graduated from the Fourth Dis- trict A M School in 1911. Ballar, Diane Atlanta, Ga. Ballard, Joanne Dublin, Ga. Ballard, Kempfon, Jr. Newnan, Ga. Ballew, JoAnn Tallapoosa, Ga. Banks, Alton Newnan, Ga. Banks, Perry Griffin, Ga. Barber, Charlotte Villa Rica, Ga. Barber, Nancy Newport, R.I. Barbre, Ned Atlanta, Ga. Barclay, Faye Atlanta, Ga. Barnes, Peggy Tallapoosa, Ga. Barnette, Jerry Taylorsville, Ga. Barr, Linda Bowdon, Ga. Barr, Robert Bowdon, Ga. Barrett, Linda Riverdale, Ga. 170 1 Barron, Glenda Mableton, Ga. Barron, Spencer Carrollton, Ga. Barileson, Reid Atlanta, Ga. Bar+lett. Glenn Atlanta, Ga. Bartle+t, Lynda LaFayette, Ga. Baskin, David Carrollton, Ga. Bass, Kay Marietta, Ga. Batchelor, Tony Barnesville, Ga. Bates, Gary Dalton, Ga. Baumgar+en, Susan Atlanta, Ga. Baxley, Elaine Carrollton, Ga. Baxter, Heyward Carrollton, Ga. Beam, Jack Bowdon, Ga. Beam, Mike East Point, Ga. Beard, Vickie LaGrange, Ga. Bearden, Duane Austell, Ga. Beasley, Ray Griffin. Ga. Beatty, Dennis Jefferson, Ga. Underclassmen 171 Underclassmen iittA Beauchamp, DIanne Atlanta, Ga. Beck, Beverly RoGsville, Ga. Beclc, Vicki East Point, Ga. Beckham, Chuck Chamblee, Ga. Beckham, Susan Decatur, Ga. Behling, Betty Shady Dale, Ga. Beine, Charles Atlanta, Ga. Beishline, Bob Atlanta, Ga. Bell, Jan Roopvllle, Ga. Bell, Louise Eatonton, Ga. Bell, Randi Ringgold, Ga. Bell, Rex Villa Rica, Ga. Bellamy, Wesley Luthersville, Ga. Belville, Susan Jonesboro, Ga. Benchina, Barry Carrollton, Ga. Benefield, Duane College Park, Ga. Benefield, Wayne Cedartown, Ga. Bennett, Beverly Gainesville, Ga. Bentley, Jean Carrollton, Ga. Benton, Doris Newnan, Ga. 172 Berry, Jimmy Griffin, Ga. Betsill, Bill hiampton, Ga. Betts, Judy College Park, Ga. Bickers+aff, Frank Columbus, Ga. Biggs, Charles Decatur, Ga. Bilbro, Barry Griffin, Ga. Billingsley, Rose Ann Decatur, Ga. Bingham, Carole Atlanta, Ga. BIssinnar, Patsy Macon, Ga. Bivens, Jim Atlanta, Ga. i iyk Bivens, Rosemary Dallas, Ga. Black, Judy Dallas, Ga. Black, Ruth Taylorsville, Ga. Blake, Betsy Villa Rica, Ga. Boatner, Mark Carrollton, Ga. Boatright, Malinda Bowdon, Ga. Bodiford, Jim Powder Springs, Ga. Bodkin, Howard Atlanta, Ga. Boggs, Betsy Rome, Ga. Boggs, Marynan Aragon. Ga. Bohac, Lynne Macon, Ga. Bohanan, Greg Jonesboro, Ga 173 Bowen, Tommy Bowers, Diane Bowers, Gregory S. Boykin, Bryan Covinqfon, G a. Kennesaw, Ga. Kennesaw, Ga. East Point, Ga Boylen, Debbie Boyt, Jean Bozeman, Bruce Bradford, Linda Atlanta, Ga. Yatesville, Ga. Manchester, Ga. Atlanta, Ga. Brannan, Andy Brannan, Eddie Bray, Patsy Brewer, Johnny Stockbridge, Ga. Cedartown, Ga. Griffin, Ga. Tucker Ga. Bohannon, Robin Moreland, Ga. Bolton, Neal Carrollton, Ga. Boscfi ill, John Atlanta, Ga. Bouchiilon, Hank Carrollton, Ga. Bowen, Charlene LaGrange, Ga. ' Bolin, Tommy Carrollton, Ga. Bonner, Linda Carrollton, Ga. Bosweli, Susan Chamblee, Ga. Bogea, Anfenor Rio de Janeiro, B Bowen, Ida Ann Manchester, Ga. 74 Brewer, Sue Mableton, Ga. Brindle, Joan Fort Valley, Ga. Brigman, Thomas Arlington, Va. Underclassmen Brinlcley, Marylyn East Point, Ga. Brocic, Barbara Decatur, Ga. Brocic, Jimmy Austell, Ga. Brock, Lynne Cedartown, Ga Brock, Marilyn Carrollton, Ga. Brodnax, Bill Decatur, Ga. Brooks, Be+h Monroe, Ga. Brooks, Jr. Bobby Franklin, Ga. Brooks, Brenda Franklin, Ga. Brooks, Catherine Carrollton, Ga. Brooks, Chuck Jacksonville, N.C. Brooks, Mary Ann Acworth, Ga. Brooks, Steve Atlanta, Ga. Brown, Aladean Carrollton, Ga. iiliil Brown, Angle Villa Rica, Ga. Brown, Beverly McDonouah, Ga. Brown, Bill Atlanta, Ga. Brown, Bill Newnan, Ga. 75 Brown, Carole Buchanan, Ga. Brown, Danny Thomaston, Ga. Brown, Cathy Tallapoosa, Ga. Brown, David L. Carroll+on, Ga. Brown, Charlotte Decatur, Ga. Brown, David Austell, Ga. Brown, Daniel Carrollton, Ga. Brown, Debbye Lindale, Ga. Underclassmen Brown, John M. Decatur, Ga. Brown, Joseph Carrollton, Ga. Brown, Lisabeth Decatur, Ga. Brown, Mike Hartwell, Ga. Bruce, Owen Atlanta, Ga. Brumbelow, Jackson L. Carrollton, Ga. Brumbelow, Sylvia Rome, Ga. Bryant, Ronnie West Point, Ga. Bubb, Bonnie Atlanta, Ga. Bubenheim, Penny Atlanta, Ga. Buchanan, Ralph Gay, Ga. Buchanan, Rebecca Lou Gay, Ga. Buffington, Cheryl Atlanta, Ga. Bullard, Trahiyta Fairburn, Ga. Burch, Larry Hogansville, Ga. 176 Burdett, Lee Atlanta, Ga. Burdette, Angela Washington, Ga. Burdet+e, Stephen Carrollton, Ga. Bureau, David Newnan, Ga. Burge, Greg College Park, Ga. Burgin III, Van Atlanta, Ga. Burgess, Jr., Olin E. Thomaston, Ga. Burke, Martin Atlanta, Ga. Burks, Dennis East Point, Ga. Burnett, Linda Atlanta, Ga. Burnett, Melanle Atlanta, Ga. Burnham, Mary Anne Carrollton, Ga. Burnham, Robert Elliott Newnan, Ga. Burns, Barbara Carrollton, Ga. Burns, Dan L. Dalton, Ga. Burns, David Whitesburg Burns, Gary Decatur, Ga. Burton, Ricky Calhoun, Ga. Ga. 77 Bush, Carroll Atlanta, Ga. Burt, Cassy Jonesboro, Ga. Butler, Bobby L Griffin, Ga. Butle r, John D. Carrollton, Ga. Burton, Nanci E. Decatur, Ga. Butler, Rebecca D. Carrollton, Ga. Butler, Ron Jacksonville, Fla. Bynum, Bill Newnan, Ga. Byrd, Robert Thomaston, Ga. Byrom, Kay Cedartown, Ga. Cagle, Ronny Cartersville, Ga. Cain, Betsy Griffin, Ga. Cain, James Decatur, Ga. Caldwell, Judy Bowdon, Ga. Caldwell, Susan Forest Park, Ga. Calhoun, Charles Buchanan, Ga. Callaway, Everette Atlanta, Ga. Callaway, Joan Hogansville, Ga. Cambron, Tricia Cedartown, Ga. Cameron, Ricky College Park, Ga. Underclassmen 178 International student oasis. . . . you ' re almost there. Care), Matilda Carrollton, Ga. Carpenter, Steve Thomaston, Ga. Carroll, Kenneth Rockmart, Ga. Carlisle, Gerald LaGrange, Ga. Carr, Robby Laurel, Miss. Carroll, Lauren Smyrna, Ga. Carmichael, Walter Carpenter, Rita Jackson, Ga. Tunnel Hill, Ga Carruth, Ronnie Carroll, David LaGrange, Ga. Atlanta, Ga. Carruth, Cynthia Carter, Ray Toccoa, Ga. Decatur, Ga. Camp, Phyllis Decatur, Ga. Campbell, Hank Cedartown, Ga. Campbell, Tom Atlanta, Ga. Cappelli, Gina Bremen, Ga. Caraway, Donna Atlanta, Ga. Campbell, Gail Atlanta, Ga. Campbell, Mike Temple, Ga. Cantrell, Rebecca Canton, Ga. Capps, Jimmy Mableton, Ga. Carden, Dennis Bremen, Ga. 79 Chambers, Foster Carrollton, Ga. Chasteen, Danny Griffin, Ga. Ches+ney, Robert Carrollton, Ga. Chambers, Larry Chandler, Lamarr Waco, Ga. Cedartown, Ga. Cheatham, Caroline Cheatham, Robert Hogansville, Ga. Smyrna, Ga. Chick, John Chick, Lynn McDonough, Ga. McDonough, Ga Chandler, Tracy Temple, Ga. Cheek, Amelia Atlanta, Ga. Childers, Brenda Mableton, Ga. Cason, Debbie Cassidy, Janice Marietta, Ga. Atlanta, Ga. Castillo, Yvette Castleberry, Lucy Atlanta, Ga. Marietta, Ga. Cavan, Hendry Lee, Jr. Cauthorn, Kay Decatur, Ga. Chickamauga, Ga. Cawley, Diana J. Chaffin, Joanne Talking Rock, Ga. Decatur, Ga. Chalpan, Earl Kirk Chambers, Barry O. Atlanta, Ga. Powder Springs, Ga 180 Childs, Janef McDonough, Ga. Chopin, Maxine Atlanta, Ga. Christian, Robert Forest Park, Ga. Chronister, Carol College Park, Ga. Clark, Dorothy College Park, Ga. Clark, Jack Dallas, Ga. Clark, Nancy Atlanta, Ga. Clark, Sandy Atlanta, Ga. Clark, Susan East Point, Ga. Underclassmen Clarke, Joan Atlanta, Ga. Coalson, Jerry G. Rome, Ga. Cobb, Judy Columbus, Ga. Cobb, Tommy Atlanta, Ga. Cochran, Danny Hiram, Ga. Cochran, Ronald Lee Carrollton, Ga. Cochran, Roselle Rome, Ga. Cocking, Judy East Point, Ga. Cofer, Al Carrollton, Ga. Coffman, Karen A ondaie Estate Coker, Kathy Monroe, Ga. Colby, Susan Atlanta, Ga. 181 Cole, Bonnie Cole, Cheryl Cole, Connie Cole, Darlene Bowersvllle, Ga. Sharpsburg, Ga. Bowersville, Ga. Austell, Ga. Cole, Jerry Cole, Larry G. Coleman, Jane Coiey, Laura Whitesburg, Ga. Austell, Ga. A+lanfa, Ga. Bowdon, Ga Underclassmen Collier, Randy Decatur, Ga. Collins, Jackie Cedartown, Ga. Collins, Jim Carrollton, Ga. Collins, Jimmie Atlanta, Ga. Colwell, Dan Zebulon, Ga. Combs, Alberta Greenville, Ga. Combs, Brenda College Park, Ga. Conner, Bobby Flowery Branch, Ga. Conner, Veleta Villa Rica, Ga. Cook, Ann Hapeville, Ga. Cook, Bob Atlanta, Ga. Cook, Donald M. Decatur, Ga. Cook, Donovan Griffin, Ga. Cook, Gwennette Glenn, Ga. Cook, Jo Brotherton Chickannauga, Ga. 182 iiiiikM Cook, John C. Columbus, Ga. Coolc, Margaret Bowdon, Ga. Coolc, Rick Thomaston, Ga. Cooper, Jackie Carfersville, Ga. Cooper, Steve Carrollton, Ga. Corbin, Carol Opelika, Ala. Corder, Norman E. Decatur, Ga. Cornelison, Paula Tucker, Ga. Cosby, Kathy Douglasville, Ga. Cosper, Jerry Carrollton, Ga. Cosper, LaGail Manchester, Ga. Cotton, Thomas A. Miami, Fla. Couch, Bill Manchester, Ga. Cowart, Wayne hlapeville, Ga. Cown, Al Loganvllle, Ga. Cox, Cathy Atlanta, Ga. Craft, David Lawrencevllle, Ga, Craig, Don McDonough, Ga. 183 Underclassmen Health and Physical Education Building Craig, Paula Decatur, Ga. Cranford, Larry Atlanta, Ga. Crawford, Anne Carrollton, Ga. Crawford, Kay Whitesburg, Ga. Crenshaw, Janice College Park, Ga. Crockett, David B. Glenn, Ga. Crofton, Tom LaGrange, Ga. Crone, Maxine LIthia Springs, Ga. Crook, Christie Carrollton, Ga. Crook, Danny Mableton, Ga. Crosby, David Atlanta, Ga. Crossiey, Bryan Morrow, Ga. Crouch, Donald Griffin, Ga. Crouch, Ronald Griffin, Ga. Crumbley, Eddy McDonough, Ga. Crutchfield, M. Franclne Decatur, Ga. Crymes, Pat East Point, Ga. Culpepper, Craig Atlanta, Ga. Cumbie, Aubin, Jr. Carrollton, Ga. Cumming, Margaret Griffin, Ga. 184 Cunningham, Rene Clarkesville, Ga. Cunningham, Sharon Marietta, Ga. Cunningham, Tom Columbus, Ga. Cureton, Katie Richland, Ga. Curlee, Linda Atlanta, Ga. Dadisman, Tommy Jefferson, Ga. Daniell, Patrick McDonough, Ga. Daniell, Warren Whitesburg, Ga. Danner, David Manchester, Ga. Darby, Barbara Smyrna, Ga. Darby, Jim Smyrna, Ga. Darvell, Darresa Buchanan, Ga. Darnell, Joyce Marietta, Ga. Davaney, Joanne NE Atlanta, Ga. Davenport, Guy, Jr. Rockmart, Ga. Davenport, Mary Ann Atlanta, Ga. David. Jeff ' Atlanta, Ga. Davidson, Freda Carrollton, Ga. V Davidson, Jenny Carrollton, Ga. :« Davis, Bunny East Point, Ga. Davis, Cathy Chlckamauga, Ga. Davis, Deborah Atlanta, Ga. 185 Davis, Deborah Anniston, Ala. Davis, Duane Griffin, Ga. Davis, Gay Carrollton, Ga. Davis, Grace Buchanan, Ga. Davis, Greg Carrollton, Ga. Davis, Juanifa Carrollton, Ga. Davis, Ken Lawrenceville, Ga. Davis, Patricia Carrollton, Ga. Davis, Slater Griffin, Ga. Dawson, Lynn Cedartown, Ga. Dean, James R. Villa Rica, Ga. Deaver, Michael Jonesboro, Ga. Dees, Dianne East Point, Ga. Dellinger, Sherry Bowdon, Ga. DeLoach, Greg West Point, Ga. Dempsey, Butch Atlanta, Ga. Denney, Sharon Franklin, Ga. Deraney, James Eatonton, Ga. Dickerson, Cathy McDonough, Ga. Dickerson, Donna Carrollton, Ga. Underclassmen 186 ■ f rMf Dougherty, Dan Decatur, Ga. Drennon, Harold Atlanta, Ga. DuBose, Thomasene Buchanan, Ga. Douglas, Susan Alpharetta, Ga. Drumheller, Faye Atlanta, Ga. Duffey, Sherry Newnan, Ga. Dowdy, Jo Anne Temple, Ga. Drumm, Janis Decatur, Ga. Duke, Aubrey Chamblee, Ga. Dowling, Carol Marietta, Ga. DuBois, Jan Atlanta, Ga. Duke, Lynne Hamilton, Ga. Dillard, Charlene Diprima, Paul Decatur, Ga. Rome, Ga. Dobbs, Susan Dodson, Diane Ft. Oglethorpe, Ga. College Park, Ga Dodson, Ka+hy Dombrowski, Mike Villa Rica, Ga. Ellenwood, Ga. Donaldson, Bob Donaldson, Linda Carrollton, Ga. Atlanta, Ga. Dooley, Ronald Doster, Larry Summerville, Ga. Carrollton, Ga. 187 Dyer, Dianne Eades, Kay Edge, David Edge, Joe Dalton, Ga. Atlanta, Ga. Rockmart, Ga. Cedartown, Ga Edgerton, Boyd Edger+on, James Edmondson, Cynthia Edmondson, Larry Carrollton, Ga. Atlanta, Ga. Riverdale, Ga. Temple, Ga. Edwards, Danny Edwards, Elaine Edwards, George Edwards, Susan Decatur, Ga. Cartersville, Ga. Deca+ur, Ga. Atlanta, Ga. Dunaway, Candy Dunaway, Susan Fairburn, Ga. Thomaston, Ga. Duncan, Ronnie Dunn, Al Eatonton, Ga. Stockbridge, Ga Dunn, Derry T. Dunn, Gene Cedartown, Ga. Williamson, Ga. Dunson, Sam Dye, Larry Ringgold, Ga. Newnan, Ga. 188 r . p Eichenberger, Judy 1 " »., .. ■ ' W Manchester, Ga. H J HHH Eiss, Beverly 1 J f ms Venice, Fla. Wi W L Eldridge, Ann " " ' wHlr Macon, Ga. l Underclassmen Eley, Deborah Franklin, Ga. Ellerbee, Steve Thonnaston, Ga. Elliott, Connie Tallapoosa, Ga. Ellis, Bo Rossville, Ga. Ellis, Roger Dalton, Ga. Ellis, Terry Marietta, Ga. Elsberry, Debbie Atlanta, Ga. England, Faye Kennesaw, Ga. England, Leonard East Point, Ga. Entrekin, Brenda LaGrange, Ga. Epps, Mike Marietta, Ga. Eschenfelder, Jarrett Norcross, Ga. Estes, Toria Waycross, Ga. E+hridge, David Smyrna. Ga. Eubanks, Son-Bo Atlanta. Ga. Everett, Steve Atlanta, Ga. Evans, Carolyn Fairmount, Ga. Evans, Ruth Carrollton, Ga. 189 Underclassmen Everett, Elizabeth Statesboro, Ga. Ewing, Viki Monroe, Ga. Fairchild, George W. Warner Robins, Ga. Fannin, Jackie Atlanta, Ga. Farner, Terry Swainsboro, Ga. Farr, Lynn Villa Rica, Ga. Farrar, Tommy Griffin, Ga. Farrell, Judy Griffin, Ga. Faulkner, Jackie Atlanta, Ga. Ferguson, Chipper Atlanta, Ga. Ferguson, Frances Thomaston, Ga. Ferguson, Lane Marietta, Ga. Ferree, Bonnie Decatur, Ga. Ferrell, Tommy Newnan, Ga. Fetner, Deidre LaGrange, Ga. Fields, Joy Atlanta, Ga. Fifield, Dennis Montgomery, Ala. Finley, Eugene Dalton, Ga. Flagler, Thome. Atlanta, Ga. Flanders, Jack Decatur, Ga. 190 Fleeman, Jimmy Waverly Hall, Ga. Fletcher, Tom Carrollton, Ga. Flournoy, Joanne LaGrange, Ga. Flowers, Carol Mableton, Ga. Floyd, Nancy Newnan, Ga. Flurry, Linda Carrollfon, Ga. Fordham, Bill Carrollton, Ga. For+enberry, Jo Clarkston, Ga. Foster, David Carrollton, Ga. Foster, Michael Carrollton, Ga. Foster, Price College Park, Ga. Foster, Renee Smyrna, Ga. Foster, Terry Forest Park, Ga. Foster, Vicky Carrollton, Ga. Fouts, M. Lindsey Mableton, Ga. Fowler, Donna East Point, Ga. Fowler, Jimmy Thomaston, Ga. Fowler, Mike Chamblee, Ga. Fraley, Donald Jacksonville, Fla. Franklin, Chris Mableton. Ga. Franien, Gail Decatur, Ga. Freeman, Joe Atlanta, Ga. 191 Fretwell, Rick Friesmu+h, Robert- Fuller, Cecilia Fuller, Peggy Carrollton, Ga. East Point, Ga. Newnan, Ga. Gainesville, Ga. Fuller, Ronnie Fulmer, Chris Fulton, Robert Funderburk, Drusilla Atlanta, Ga. Atlanta, Ga. Decatur, Ga. LaGrange, Ga. Underclassmen Funderburk, Sarah Roswell, Ga. Fuquea, Ann Calhoun, Ga. Fuquea, Tommy Douglasville, Ga. Gabriftl, Eddie Atlanta, Ga. Gaines, Allen Elberton, Ga. Gallant, Bob Marietta, Ga. Gambrell, Ed Decatur, Ga. Gamel, Janice Smyrna, Ga. Gammans, Dick Atlanta, Ga. Gantt, Sue Allison Greenville, Ga. Gantt, Tommy Atlanta, Ga. Garland, Craig Atlanta, Ga. Garland, Lamar Fairmount, Ga. Garland, William Fairmount, Ga. Garner, James Tallapoosa, Ga. 4ikii 192 Garner, Joe Buchanan, Ga. Garrett, Jane LaSrange, Ga. Garrett, Peggy Decatur, Ga. Gary, Martha Georgetown, Ga. Gasaway, Philip LaGrange, Ga. Gasses, Mike McDonough, Ga. Gay, Bobby Hogansville, Ga. Gay, Helen Hogansville, Ga. Gay, Leon Canton, Ga. George, Rick Atlanta, Ga. Gibbs, Sharon Lithia Springs, Ga. Gibson, Dale Sargent, Ga. Gibson, Deborah Lane Atlanta, Ga. Gibson, Garland Carrollton, Ga. Gibby, Donald L. Decatur, Ga. Gitt, Linda Barnesvllle, Ga. Gilbert, David Carrollton, Ga. Gilbert, Don College Park, Ga. 193 Goldsmil-h, Betty Jean Decatur, Ga, Gordon, Marsha Marietta, Ga. Goss, Eddie Rockmart, Ga. Golightly, Kenny Atlanta, Ga. Gordon, Sharon Roopville, Ga. Graham, Jerry Alpharetta, Ga. Goodwin, Betty Gordon, Kenneth Atlanta, Ga. Hogansvllle, Ga. Gore, Cheryl Gormley, John Franklin, Ga. Atlanta, Ga. Graham, Linda Graham, Randy Perry, Ga. Griffin, Ga. i 1 Gill, Wayne Gilleland, Judy Griffin, Ga. Canton, Ga. Gilmp ' , Lamar Gilreath, Sandra Douglasville, Ga. LaFayette, Ga Ginn, Robert Gladney, Sue Winder, Ga. Rome, Ga. Glass, Peggy Glover, Howard Locust Grove, Ga. LaGrange, Ga Godfrey, David Goggans, Linda Rome, Ga. Jackson, Ga. 194 Gray, Bob Carroll+on, Sa Gray, Jody Atlanta, Ga. Greene, Mike Marietta, Ga. Greene, Patricia Douglasville, Ga. Greene, Stephen D. Alpharetta, Ga. Green, Jordan West Hartford, Conn Green, Steve Villa Rica, Ga. Green, Tommy Roswell, Ga. Greenway, Billy Tucker, Ga. Underclassmen Greer, Robert Jackson, Ga. Greer, Tommy Griffin, Ga. Griffin, Lee Decatur, Ga. Griffin, Norma Carrollton, Ga. Griffin, Robert Griffin, Ga. Griffis, Sidney Blackshear, Ga, Griffeth, Kay Jasper, Ga. Grimes, Cathy Rockmart, Ga. Grimes, Sharon Tucker, Ga. Grooms, Glenda Carrollton, Ga. Groover, Gelane Smyrna, Ga. Guldotti, Robert Jon Atlanta, Ga. 195 Underclassmen Academic Complex Guinn, Ches Decatur, Ga. Gunn, Ronnie Atlanta, Ga. Gunter, Joanne Monroe, Ga. Gurley, Cindy Atlanta, Ga. Guy, Kenneth Douglasville, Ga. Haddad, Janis Atlanta, Ga. Haddad, Valerie Atlanta, Ga. Haislip, Bob East Point, Ga. Halcome, Myra Gainesville, Ga. Haliburton, Richard Atlanta, Ga. Haliburton, Sharon Atlanta, Ga. Haley, Gary Dalton, Ga. Hall, John Newnan, Ga. Hall, Lynn Macon, Ga. Hall, Marcy Cartersville, Ga. Hall, Ronnie Newnan, Ga. Hamic, Linda Samson, Ala. Hamilton, J. Gay Atlanta, Ga. Hamricit, Terry Carrollton, Ga. Haney, Beth Calhoun, Ga. 196 Hansard, Kerry Alpharetta, Ga. Hanson, Larry Hogansvllle, Sa. Harcourt, Phil Carrollton, Ga. Hardegree, Jim Decatur, Ga. Hardegree, Irita College Park, Ga. Harding, Thomas C. Douglasvllle, Ga. Hardy, Anita Griffin, Ga. Hardy, Ann College Park, Ga. Hardy, Janefte Brooks, Ga. Hardy, Phil Atlanta, Ga. Harley, Sue Marietta, Ga. Harper, Glenda Waco, Ga. Harper, Jerry Douglasville, Ga. Harper, Johnny College Park, Ga. Harrington, Jack Carrollton, Ga. Harris, Charles Carrollton, Ga. Harris, John Mt, Pleasant, Iowa Harris, Nancy Carrollton, Ga. Harris, Vicki Marietta, Ga. Harrison, Dale Bremen, Ga. Harrod, Paige R. Roopville, Ga. Harrod, Ruffin Bowdon, Ga. 197 Har+ness, Gilda Harvell, Linda Harward, Larry Hattaway, William F Atlanta, Ga. Bowdon, Ga. Decatur, Ga. Clarkston, Ga. Hawkins, Cara Hawkins, Pam Hawks, Paul E. Hayes, Carolyn Lincolnton, Ga. Carrollton, Ga. Barnesville, Ga. Adairsville, Ga. Underclassmen Hayes, Peggy McDonouqh, Ga. Haynes, Melba Carrollton, Ga. Haynie, Kathy Morrow, Ga. Hazelwood, Howard Carrollton, Ga. Head, Ernest Temple, Ga. Head, Mary Jane Monroe, Ga. Head, Phyllis Adairsville, Ga. Heard, Dolores LaGranqe, Ga. Heard, James Lee Carrollton, Ga. Heflin, Bob Huntsville, Ala. Helton, Angelia Atlanta, Ga. Hembree, David Villa Rica, Ga. Henderson, Ernie Chamblee, Ga. Henderson, Joe D., Jr. Rome, Ga. Hendrix, Judy Whitesburg, Ga. 198 i. Hendrix, Terry Carrollton, Ga. Hendry, Mike College Park, Ga. Henson, Marinell Ellijay, Ga. Hereford, Dee Decatur, Ga. Herndon, Becky Dalton, Ga. Herren, Linda Marietta, Ga. Herring, David Atlanta, Ga. Herring, Gary Carrollton, Ga. Herring, Phil Alpharetta, Ga. Hershey, Scott Smyrna, Ga. Hester, Blanche Atlanta, Ga. Hester, Jeannie Atlanta, Ga. Hester, Mary Carrollton, Ga. Hester, Susan Atlanta, Ga. Hicks, Jody Yatesville, Ga. Higgins, Lewis Dalton, Ga. Hildebrand, Bruce Atlanta, Ga. Hill, Drew East Point, Ga. 199 Smoke rises over West Georgia ' s $3,000,000 Academic Complex, during its final stages of con- struction. The complex is composed of a new library with a capacity of 300,000 volumes, a math- physics building, a social science building, and a fine arts building still under construction. Holbrook, Mary Holbrook, Missy Holcombe, Tomnfiy Holderness, Sid Monroe, Ga. Rome, Ga. Carrollton, Ga. Carrollton, Ga. Holt, Richie Holland, Ka+hy Holland, Linda Holmes, Brenda Elliiay, Ga. Bowdon, Ga. Cedartown, Ga. Carrollton, Ga. Holmes, Deedee Holt, Kenneth Holt, Michael Hol-fon, Susan Bowdon, Ga. Cassville, Ga. Rome, Ga. East Point, Ga. Hill, Katie Atlanta, Ga. Hilley, Sue East Point, Ga. Hinton, Chuck Carrollton, Ga. Hixon, Judy Villa Rica, Ga. Hodges, Charles Eatonton, Ga. Hill, Tom Ellijay, Ga. Hilliard, Jim Knoxville, Tenn. Hitchcock, John Griffin, Ga. Hobgood, Winston Calhoun, Ga. Hodnett, Glen Pine Mountain, Ga. 200 Hood, Harold Marietta, Ga. Hood, James G. Brunswick, Ga. Hood, Larry Decatur, Ga. Hoon, Linda Doravllle, Ga. Hooper, Charles Jefferson, Ga. Hopkins, Alicia Decatur, Ga. Hopkins, Joyce Atlanta, Sa. Home, Marty Decatur, Ga. Hor+on, Johnny Manchester, Ga. Underclassmen Mrs. Gordon Finnie reviews her class notes fronn the N.D.E.A. En- glish Institute, held during the sum- mer of 1967. Horton, Rusty Atlanta, Ga. Housch, Yvonne Rome, Ga. House, Joe Rome, Ga. Houston, Thomas Manchester, Ga. Howard, Ethlyn Atlanta, Ga. Howard, Marie LaGranae, Ga. Howard, Sandy Atlanta, Ga. Howell, Bobbi Griffin, Ga. Howell, Eileen Conley, Ga. Howell, Larry Elberton, Ga. Howell, Lee Atlanta, Ga. Huber, Sue Atlanta, Ga. 201 John Locke, " For though this (Dancing) consists only in outward gracefulness of mo- tion, yet, I know not how, it gives children manly thoughts and carriage, more than any- thing. " Hubert, Daneise Atlanta, Ga. Huckaby, Nancy Brooks, Ga. Huddleston, Elaine Franklin, Ga. Huddleston, Susan Carrollton, Ga. Hudglns, Paula Marietta, Ga. Hudnall, J. B. Decatur, Ga. Huff, Garland Duluth, Ga. Huff, Jill Carrollton, Ga. Huff, Lynda Atlanta, Ga. Huff, Nancy Marietta, Ga. Hufstetler, Debbie Chatsworth, Ga. Huff, Ellen East Point, Ga. Huggins, Ken Avondale Estates, Ga. Huggins, Sandra Carrollton, Ga. Hughes, Debbie Smyrna, Ga. Hughes, Margaret Mableton, Ga. Hughes, Patricia Carrollton, Ga. Hughes, Rosewyn Atlanta, Ga. Hull, Rodney Atlanta, Ga. Hulsey, Carol Norcross, Ga. 202 Hulsey, Linda Smyrna, Ga. Humphries, David West Point, Ga. Humphries, Devra LaGrange, Ga. Humphries, Robert Lawrenceville, Ga. Hunnicutf, Sally Madison, Ga. Hunt, Jo Anne Atlanta, Ga. Hunter, Don Marietta, Ga, Hunter, Jackie Marietta, Ga. Hunter, Vicki Manchester, Ga. Huston, Marie Athens, Ga. Hutson, Lynn Conyers, Ga. Ilift, Peggy Atlanta, Ga. Ingram, Jane Winder, Ga. Irvin, Dennis Elberton, Ga. Irvin, Kay Cornelia, Ga. Ivey, Joyce Temple, Ga. Jack, David Monroe, Ga. Jack, Joan Canton, Ga. Jackson, Annette Newnan, Ga. Jackson, Benita Franklin, Ga. Jackson, Bonnie Atlanta, Ga. Jackson, Eddie Bremen, Ga. Underclassmen 203 flRv 1 Jaclcson, Joy Roopville, Ga. Jackson, Sara Calhoun, Ga. Jackson, Judine Villa Rica, Ga. Jackson, Tommy Carrollton, Ga. Jackson, Pamela Decatur, Ga. Jackson, Wade Newnan, Ga. Jackson, Phyllis Carrollton, Ga. Jameson, Jim Smyrna, Ga. Underclassmen Jameson, Johnny M. Atlanta, Ga. Jarrett, Gloria Dalton, Ga. Jenkins, Ben Forest Park, Ga. Jenkins, Jack Stockbridge, Ga. Jenkins, David Atlanta, Ga. Jenkins, Ruth Macon, Ga. Jennings, Steve Eastman, Ga. Jerry, Doug College Park, Ga. Jerry, Dwight College Park, Ga. Jinks, William Roswell, Ga. Joanson, James McDonough, Ga. Johns, Martha Dalton, Ga. Johnsa, Howard Mableton. Ga. Johnson, Anthony Temple, Ga. Johnson, Colleen Carrollton, Ga. 204 Johnson, David Ringgold, Ga. Johnson, Jan Dalton, Ga. Johnson, Jane Gordon, Ga. Johnson, Joyce Avondale Estates, Ga. Johnson, Ken Covington, Ga. Johnson, Mary Helen Ringgold, Ga. Johnson, Pat Rome, Ga. Johnson, Rebecca Bowdon, Ga. Johnson, Ronnie Griffin, Ga. Johnson, Sandy Fairburn, Ga. Johnson, Sharon Newnan, Ga. Jolley, Patricia Chester, Ga. Jones, Bob Griffin, Ga. Jones, Corky Canton, Ga. Jones, Frankie Atlanta, Ga. Jones, Gary tHogansvIlle, Ga. Jones, Gayle Carrollton, Ga. Jones, Glenda Waco, Ga. 205 Jones, Glenn Marietta, Ga. Jones, Jackie Atlanta, Ga. Jones, Jimmy Moreland, Ga. Jones, Joe Temple, Ga. Jones, Larry Newnan, Ga. Jones, Mallory Marietta, Ga. Jones, A. Mike Mableton, Ga. Jones, Rick Decatur, Ga. Jones, Shirley Murphy, N. C. Jordan, Andy Smyrna, Ga. Jordan, Frankie Carrollton, Ga Jordan, Sue Carrollton, Ga Josey, William Davisboro, Ga. Jowes, Fred, Jr. Tucker, Ga. Joyce, Larry Dalton, Ga. Karr, Ann Douqlasville, Ga Kaylor, Sandra Carrollton, Ga. Kea, Ronnie East Dublin, Ga. Keaton, Nancy Decatur, Ga. Keappler, Bill East Point, Ga. The above does not necessarily express the opinion of the CHIEFTAIN 206 Underclassmen Kelley, Donald McDonough, Ga. Kelley, Ronald McDonough, Ga. Kelley, Donna Lithonia, Ga. Kelly, Jo Evelyn College Park, Ga Kelso, Susan Atlanta, Ga. Kennedy, Henry Rome, Ga. Kenemer, John C. Carrollton, Ga. Kenny, Bruce Atlanta, Ga. Kent, James Bowdon, Ga. Keown, Sheri Carrollton, Ga. Kersey, Brent Key, Jerry Kidd. Vicki Manchester, Ga. LaGrange, Ga. Atlanta, Ga. Kilgore, Bill Kilgore, Judy H. Kilgore, Laverne Douglasvllle, Ga. Bowdon, Ga. Atlanta, Ga. Kimball. Max M. King, Hugh King, Roger Buchanan, Ga. Thomaston, Ga. Atlanta, Ga. Kilgo, Ka+hy Tallapoosa, Ga. Kimball, Lewis Twin City, Ga. Kinney, Phil Rockmart, Ga. iiir=iiiiiA:dRkM «r 207 Krau+h, David Decatur, Ga. Lacy, Blair Atlanta, Ga. Lamb, Janice Carrollton, Ga. Kuhne, Nancy College Park, Ga. LaFon, G. Tommy Atlanta, Ga. Lamb, Susan Avondale Estates, Ga. LaBoon, Johnnie LaCavera, Anthony J. Athens, Ga. Whitesburg, Ga. Lally, Barbara Lamb, Ellen Atlanta, Ga. West Point, Ga. Lambert, Deena Lambert, Jan Carrollton, Ga. Carrollton, Ga. Kirby, Steve Kirit, Jim Marietta, Ga. Carrollton, Ga. Kirk, Marlyn Kirk, Wayne Winston, Ga. Kennesaw, Ga. Kitchens, Emma J. Kittle, Boyd Dawson, Ga. Carrollton, Ga. Klinger, John Klock, Vicky Decatur, Ga. Douqiasville, Ga Knauff, Nita Knighton, Chris Cairo, Ga. Marietta, Ga. 208 Lambeth, Margie East Point, Ga. Land, Kathy Marietta, Ga. Landsberg, Doug Kennesaw, Ga. Lane, Ann Carrollton, Ga. Lane, Jan!e Carrollton, Ga. Lane, Jim Carrollton, Ga. Laney, Ennis East Point, Ga. Lange, Joan Cedartown, Ga Lanham, Eddie Griffin, Ga. Underclassmen Lankford, Malinda E. Dalton, Ga. Lannae, Libbie Washington, Ga. Lan+hier, Joseph M. Windor, Ga. Lawson, Janie Rockmart, Ga. Ledbet+er, Michael Palmetto, Ga. Lee, Burt Douglasville, Ga. Lee, Larry Atlanta, Ga. Lee, Steve Carrollton, Ga. Leverrett, Jennifer Jackson, Ga. Lewis, Angela LaGrange, Ga. Lewis, Gerald Jesup, Ga. Lewis, Janet Eatonton, Ga. 209 Lewis, Jenny Lewis, Ken Lewis, Peggi Smyrna, Ga. Atlanta, Ga. Monroe, Ga. Lindsay, Carol Lindsey, Terry Lipham, Jimmy Columbus, Ga. LaGrange, Ga. LaGrange, G Lindsey, Billy Cedartown, Ga. Lipham, Mary Bowdon, Ga. Lipham, Tommy Carrollton, Ga. Lipham, Wayne Carrollton, Ga. Little, Jimmy East Point, Ga. Little, Joan Carrollton, Ga. Little, Nathan Monroe, Ga. Lively, Michael Alpharetta, Ga. Livingston, Mary Decatur, Ga. Loden, Lycia Smyrna, Ga. Loftin, Joel Newnan, Ga. Loftin, Scott Carrollton, Ga. Long, Dempsey Whitesburg, Ga. Long, Donna Camming, Ga. Long, Judy Atlanta, Ga. Long, Marc College Park, Ga. Longino, Randy McDonough, Ga. 210 Lott, Randy LaGrange, Ga. Lovejoy, Lynne Smyrna, Ga. Lovelady, Robert Griffin, Ga. Lovell, Linda Villa Rica, Ga. Lovvorn, David Carrollton, Ga. Loyd, Elaine Villa Rica, Ga. Lummus, Stanley H. Canton, Ga. Lumpkin, Tom Wedowee, Ala. Lyie, Beverley Anne Smyrna, Ga. Lynes, Robert Atlanta, Ga. MacLean, Patty Braselton, Ga. MacLean, Susan Braselton, Ga. Macieod, Steve Tucker, Ga. Madden, Byron Elberton, Ga. Madden, Jimmy Raymond, Ga. Madden, Kathy Atlanta, Ga. Maddix, Gary Atlanta, Ga. Maddix, Ronnie Atlanta, Ga. Underclassmen Underclassmen Epitome of poise Maddox, Barbara Anne Carrollton, Ga. Maddox, Bill Carroll+on, Ga. Maddox, Gil Carrollton, Ga. Maddox, Mary Jo Atlanta, Ga. Malcolm, Shirley Douglasville, Ga. Malinalc, Greg Marietta, Ga. Malone, Casey Adairsville, Ga. Maloy, Carolyn Porterdale, Ga. Manning, Geraldine Dallas, Ga. Marcinialt, Diane Marie Hogansvllle, Ga. Markham, Jim The Rock, Ga. Marlow, Kenneth Carrollton, Ga. Marshall, Richard Griffin, Ga. Marshall, T. R. Griffin, Ga. Martin, Andy Griffin, Ga. Martin, Barbara Gainesville, Ga. Martin, Connie Carrollton, Ga. Martin, Dan Forest Park, Ga. Martin, Greg Carrollton, Ga. Martin, Mary Ruth Jackson, Ga. ' MMk ik£k 212 Martin, Rick Cornelia, Ga. Martin, Sonny Atlanta, Ga. Martin, Susie Atlanta, Ga. Mask, David Jackson, Ga. Mason, Cony E. McDonough, Ga. Mason, Don Locust Grove, Ga. Massey, Laura Nicholson, Ga. Massey, Lynne Nicholson, Ga. Matthews, Lynanne Lexington, Ga. Matthews, Brenda Buchanan, Ga. Maughon, Linda Atlanta, Ga. Mayfield, Fred Dalton, Ga. Mayfield, Junnifer Douglasville, Ga. McAlpin, Len Carrollton, Ga. McBrayer, Dan Ethan, S. Dakota McBride, Jan Smyrna, Ga. McClelland, Joey Jackson, Ga. McClendon, Betty Temple, Ga. McClung, Lynn Avondale, Ga. McClure, Sandra Chickamauga, Ga. McConnell, Jane LaGrange, Ga. McConnell, Michael Stone Mountain, Ga. 213 McElhannon, Judy Athens, Ga. McEwen, Sharon Bremen, Ga. McGinnis, Judy Tallapoosa, Ga. McElheney, Terrell P. McEwen, Greg Eatonton, Ga. Atlanta, Ga. McGee, Robert McGhee. Phil Hogansville, Ga. Carrollton, Ga. McGowan, Janice McGraw, Ann Hapeville, Ga. Newnan, Ga. McEwen, Leonard Bowdon, Ga. McGinnis, David Rome, Ga. McGraw, Ressa Bremen, Ga. 1 Miii McCraw, Fred McDade, Bert Columbus, Ga. Fairburn, Ga. McDaniel, Bonnie McDaniel, Cynthia River Jale, Ga. Dexter, Ga. McDaniel, Diane McDaniel, Lana Thomaston, Ga. Decatur, Ga. McDaniel, Sammy McDonald, Art Smyrna, Ga. Atlanta, Ga. McDonald, David McDonald, Jimmy Thomaston, Ga. Carrollton, Ga. ■ - t kmii 214 Mcln-fosh, Jane Roopville, Ga. Mclntyre, Leila Atlanta, Ga. McKay, Bonnie Atlanta, Ga. McKenzie, Barbara Carrollton, Ga. McKenzie, Fulton, Marietta, Ga. McKenzie, Sue LaGrange, Ga. McKibben, Byron Bowdon, Ga. McKibben, Diana Cedartown, Ga. McKibben, Emily Jackson, Ga. Underclassmen Dr. George Colyer campaigned for votes in the Council for Exceptional Children ' s " Big Chief Faculty " Contest. McKibben, William P. Griffin, Ga. McKie, Jerry B. East Point, Ga. McKinney, Paula Atlanta, Ga. McLain, Gloria Mt. Zion, Ga. McLar-ty, Dianne Atlanta, Ga. McLendon, Michael Bowdon, Ga. McLendon, Nancy E. Bowdon, Ga. McLeod, Sandy Marietta, Ga. McLeroy, David Carrollton. Ga. McLeroy, Linda Carrollton, Ga. McMahan, S+eve Unadilla, Ga. McMichen, Penny Atlanta, Ga. 215 £Jfc R..3. Jl.A I «. »»« i- ' McMillan, Alphia Morrow, Ga. McRae, Scott Atlanta, Ga. McMillan, Connie Atlanta, Ga. McRee, Jane Madison, Ga. McMillan, Gary East Point, Ga. McWhorter, Cathy Newnan, Ga. McMillan, Jimmy Lawrenceville, Ga. McWhorter, Mike Bowdon, Ga. Underclassmen Medloclt, Andrea Mableton, Ga. Meeks, Glenda Carrollton, Ga. Melander, Cheryl East Point, Ga. Meiear, Linda Palmetto, Ga. Melton, Donna Atlanta, Ga. Melton, Norman Atlanta, Ga. Merritt, Eiiiabeth Griffin, Ga. Meyer, Rick Carrollton, Ga. Middlebrooks, Beautye Meansville, Ga. Milam, R. G. Griffin, Ga. Milledge, John Atlanta, Ga. Miller, Carolyn Carrollton, Ga. Miller, David East Point, Ga. Miller, Don T. Atlanta, Ga. Miller, Iris Cuthbert, Ga. 216 1 iMik Mitchell, Gail East Point, Ga. Mitchell, Glenn Austell, Ga. Mitchell, Hardy Yatesville, Ga. Mizell, Molly Atlanta, Ga. Mobley, Larry Atlanta, Ga. Mobley, Peggy Stone Mountain, Ga. Mock, Beth Atlanta, Ga. Monahan, Georgette Hogansville, Ga. Moneyheffer, Steve Morrow, Ga- Montgomery, Eleanor Rome, Ga. Moody, Bill Marietta, Ga. Moon, Jimmy Stone Mountain, Ga. Moore, Boogie Newnan, Ga. Moore, Clyde B. Ellenwood, Ga. Moore, Elaine Atlanta, Ga. Moore, Jenny Atlanta, Ga. Moore, Joan Jefferson, Ga. Moore, Marcia Marietta, Ga. 217 Underclassmen Moore, Maria Decatur, Ga. Moore, Mickey Griffin, Ga. Moore, Nettie Kingston, Ga. Moore, Robert Atlanta, Ga. Morehead, Margie Sue Cedartown, Ga. Morgan, Larry Jackson, Ga. Morgan, Randall Cornelia, Ga. Morgan, Suzanne Cartersville, Ga. Morris, Glenda LaGrange, Ga. Morris, James E. Calhoun, Ga. Morris, Kenneth Canton, Ga. Morris, Mary Ann Greenville, Ga. Morris, Richard Carrollton, Ga. Morris, Richard Temple, Ga. Morris, William Zebulon, Ga. Morrow, John A. Carrollton, Ga. Morrow, Susan Carrollton, Ga. Morton, Marilynn Atlanta, Ga. Morton, Stephen Cedartown, Ga. Moseley, Bobby Macon, Ga. 218 Moser, Lynn Atlanta, Ga. Moss, Jonathan Calhoun, Ga. Moss, Sally East Point, Ga. Mote, Charles Carrollton, Ga. Motes, Harry Jacksonville, Fla. Moulthrop, Philip Atlanta, Ga. Moye, Tony McDonough, Ga. Moiley, Ronald Decatur, Ga. Mueller, Constance Rossville, Ga. Mullinax, Nancy Cartersville, Ga. Mullinax, Reginald Dalton, Ga. Mullis, Bill Carrollton, Ga. Muntner, Helen Chamblee, Ga. Murdoclt, Butch Dalton, Ga. Murdoch, Kirby Madison, Ga. Murphy, Gwen Thomaston, Ga. Murphy, Kathryn Luthersville, Ga. Murphy, Martha Bremen, Ga. Murphy, Mike Bremen, Ga. Murphy, Ralph Marietta, Ga. Murray, Billy Carrollton, Ga. Murray, Bob Atlanta, Ga. ' ' 1 219 The college " Pep Band " played during all half-time presenfations for the 1967-68 Basketball season. Murray, George Atlanta, Ga. Musick, Diane Carroilton, Ga. Nacht, Jerry Atlanta, Ga. Nalley, Susan Atlanta, Ga. Nation, Sandra Franklin, Ga. Muse, Ronnie Bremen, Ga. Myler, Dennis Decatur, Ga. Nally, Sara Rydal, Ga. Nance, Robin W. Griffin, Ga. Neely, Mary Valerie Atlanta, Ga. Neese, Bobbe LaGranqe, Ga. Nelson, Teresa Griffin, Ga. Niedrach, Bob LaGrange, Ga. Nellans, Guinn Nelms, Barbara Nelson, Jimmy Roswell, Ga. Fayettevllle, Ga. Carroilton, Gc Neuner, Sandra Newberry, Mary Newman, Casey Barnesvllle, Ga. Waverly Hall, Ga. Newnan, Ga. Nix. Dale Nix, Marianne Nixon, George Bremen, Ga. Atlanta, Ga. Atlanta, Ga. 110 Nixon, Jack L. Tallapoosa, Ga. Noles, David Bowdon, Ga. Norman, Phil Austell, Ga. Norred, Windy LaGrange, Ga. Norris, Beverly LaGrange, Ga. Norris, Larry Greenville, Ga. North, Alan Decatur, Ga. Norton, Chris Forest Park, Ga. Norton, Ronald Canton, Ga. Underclassmen Novalt, Steve Newnan, Ga. Nowlen, Bonnie Camden, S.C. Nunn, Jane College Park, Ga. Odom, Patricia Carrollton, Ga. Ogle, Don Carrollton, Ga. Oglesby, Bill McDonough, Ga. Oglesby, Kay Carrollton, Ga. Oliver, Carolyn East Point, Ga. Oliver, Danny Carrollton, Ga. Orr, Jene Douglasville, Ga. Orr, Marforie Decatur, Ga. Ory, Linda Atlanta, Georgia 221 Osburn, Frank Carrollton, Sa. Owens, Alvin Dalton, Ga. Osterhoudt, Pam Smyrna, Ga. Owens, Tommie Smyrna, Ga. Overfon, David Newnan, Ga. PadgeH, Allen Atlanta, Ga. Overton, Melinda East Point, Ga. Pafford, Pat Chamblee, Ga. Underclassmen Palmer, Bill Elberton, Ga. Palmer, Dianne Carrollton, Ga. Pannell, Sherri Atlanta, Ga. Parham, Terrell Hogansville, Ga. Parle, Sally Pat Ideal, Ga. Parker, Anne Rockmart, Ga. Parker, Bobby Tallapoosa, Ga. Parker, Deborah Decatur, Ga. Parker, Lamar Atlanta, Ga. Parker, Larry V. LaGrange, Ga. Parker, Teresa Wrightsvllle, Ga. Parkes, John Mountaintop, Penn. Parkman, Judy Athens, Ga. Parks, Glenn Decatur, Ga. Parmer, David LaGrange, Ga. 222 Parmer, James Carrollton, Ga. Parrish, Dan Temple, Ga. Parrott, Mary Lynn Red Oak, Ga. 1 Parry, David Stone Mountain, Ga. Parsons, Hope Carrollton, Ga. Pass, Jerry Carrollton, Ga. nun Patterson, Delores Carrollton, Ga. Pattillo, Marlanna West Point, Ga. Patrick, Becky Griffin, Ga. Patrick, Judy Franklin, Ga. Patron, Kathi Atlanta, Ga. Paulk, Jake Greensboro, N.C. Paulk, Lorrie Forsyth, Ga. Payne, Ann Smyrna, Ga. Payne, Edna Calhoun, Ga. Payne, Vicki Atlanta, Ga. Peacock, Elaine Eastman, Ga. Peavy, Suian Decatur, Ga. [Mtn -r- 223 Peek, Jayne Peek, Jeanne Pender, Deborah Penn, Johnny Penny, John Perdue, Diane Rockmart, Ga. Atlanta, Ga. Smyrna, Ga. Atlanta, Ga. Morrow, Ga. LaGrange, Ga Perdue, Janice Perdue, Teresa Perkins, Gary Perkins, Cathy Perkins, Howard Perkins, Judy Atlanta, Ga. Thonnaston, Ga. Thomson, Ga. Monroe, Ga. Carrollton, Ga. Carrollton, Ga Flower child on a trip. Underclassmen Perkins, Vance Waverly Hall, Ga. Perry, Bill Atlanta, Ga. Perry, Sandria Stone Mountain, Ga. Perreault, Dick Chamblee, Ga. Perry, Creg Atlanta, Ga. Peters, Pam Manchester, Ga. 224 Phelps, Jack Store Mo ' jrtaln. Ga. PIcltens, Connie Stone Mourtain, Ga. Phillips, Gail Daytora Beach, Fia. Phillips, Joe Atlanta, Ga. Phillips, Patricia Carrollton, Ga. Pierce, Anne Carrollton, Ga. Pinson, Frank Rome, Ga. Piotrowski, Terrell D. Athens, Ga. Pitts, Gail Glenn, Ga. Pitts, Jerry Conley, Ga. Polivka, Sharon Carrollton, Ga. Pope, Charles Carrollton, Ga. Popham, Mary Rome, Ga. Porter, Joan Carrollton, Ga. Posey, Janet Bremen, Ga. Postell, Jimmy Villa Rica, Ga. Poteat, Gary Buchanan, Ga. Potter, Bill Macon, Ga. Powell, Ann Atlanta, Ga. Powell, Cathy Carrollton, Ga. Powell, Elizabeth Macon, Ga. Powell, Steve Resaca, Ga. Pratt, Barbara Douglasville, Ga. Prendergast, Joel Atlanta. Ga. Presley, Jane Smyrna, Ga. Preston, Judy Carrollton, Ga. Price, Dean Ada ' rsville, Ga. Price, Janet Atlanta, Ga. Price, Jim RicMa-d, Ga. Price, Joel Ccllsce Park, Ga. 225 Underclassmen Price, Mary Frances Pridgeon, Herby Pritchett, Sally Prosser, June Pucltett, Donna Puckett, Jan Clarkesville, Ga. Fayettevllle, Ga. Bremen, Ga. Gainesville, Ga. Atlanta, Ga. Smyrna, Ga. Pulliam, Anthony Pulliam, Timothy N. Purdom, Lynn Purgason, William M. Purvis, Mike Putnam, Carol Lawrenceville, Ga. Jackson, Ga. Perry, Ga. Franklin, Ga. Thomaston, Ga. Fairburn, Ga. Quick, Steve Quigley, Lynn Quigley, Steve Quinn, Wayne Rachels, Linda Richardson, Rae Marietta, Ga. Newnan, Ga. Carrollton, Ga. Carrollton, Ga. Atlanta, Ga. Rome, Ga. Ragsdale, Leigh Ragsdale, Richard Rainwater, Jenny Rambo, Jimmy Ramsey, Connie Raney, Tommy Dallas, Ga. McDonough, Ga. Rome, Ga. Cochran, Ga. Decatur, Ga. Jackson, Ga. 226 Ratledge, Patricia Ratliff. Rat Rauschenberg, Bill Raynnond, Peggy Read, Ricit Atlanta, Ga. Carrollton, Ga. East Point, Ga. Athens, Ga. Atlanta, Ga. Reddin, DeLain Reddish, Wayne Redmond, Carole Reece, BeeGee Reed, Pam Bremen, Ga. Tallapoosa, Ga. East Point, Ga. Blue Ridge, Ga. Jonesboro, Gc Reeves, Jane Reeves, Jerry M. Reeves, Marilyn Reid, Sandra Remeta, Doris Buchanan, Ga. Thomaston, Ga. Carrollton, Ga. Griffin, Ga. Marietta, Ga. Reagin, Frankie Ellenwood, Ga. Reeves, Bobby Carrollton, Ga. Resseau, Otis P. Macon, Ga. Reynolds, Bonnie Reynolds, Jim Rhodes, Dana Forest Park, Ga. Atlanta, Ga. Griffin, Ga. Rhodes, John Rhodes, Lyn Rhodes, Ronnie Atlanta, Ga. Atlanta, Ga. Carrollton, Ga 227 Underclassmen Ricke+t, Sally Ricks, Ricky Rider, James P. Riggins, T. Darryl Atlanta, Ga. Villa Rica, Ga. Newnan, Ga. Griffin, Ga. Riley, John Riordan, John Rivers, Harold E. Roberts, David Marietta, Ga. Atlanta, Ga. Bremen, Ga. Villa Rica, Ga. Roberts, Kathy Roberts, Kathy Roberts, Latain Roberts, Oscar, III Atlanta, Ga. Rome, Ga. Eatonton, Ga. Carrollton, Ga. Roberts, Steve Robertson, Dianne Robertson, Joyce Robertson, Susan Thomaston, Ga. Newnan, Ga. LaGrange, Ga. LaGrange, Ga. Robertson, Wayne Robrson, Gail Robinson, Kathy Roddenberry, Danny Covington, Ga. Villa Rica, Ga. Bremen, Ga. Carrollton, Ga. 228 Underclassmen Sullivan, Roderick B. Austell, Ga. Rolan, Cecile Canton, Ga. Rosenbalm, Vale+ta Mt. Zion, Ga. Ross, Shirley Ball Ground, Ga. Rogers, Gary Meansville, Ga. Rollins, Elaine Bremen, Ga. Ross, David Douglasville, Ga. Rousselle, John Thomaston, Ga. Rogers, Jane Rogers, Mickey Rogers, Sally Rogers, Irish Atlanta, Ga. Sharpsburg, Ga. Rome, Ga. Smvrna, Ga. Rollins, Sylvia Rooks, Rhonda Roper, Beth Roguemore, Anne Bremen, Ga. Bowdon, Ga. East Point, Ga. Forss ' th, Ga. Ross, Larry Ross, Lynda Ross, Paula Ross, Richard Meansville, Ga. Decatur, Ga. East Point, Ga. Stone Mt., Ga. Rowan, Fredrica Roweil, Eddie Roweil, Philip Rowland, Jan McDonough, Ga. Bowdon, Ga. Bremen, Ga. Bowdon, Ga. Royal, Anita Newnan, Ga. Royal, Ronald Thomaston, Ga. Royals, Robert Carroliton, Ge Rucker, Sandy Roswell, Ga. 229 Runyan, Gerry Russell, Linda Salley, Sheila Salter, Shirley Samples, Elaine Sanders, Lamar Bowdon, Ga. Newnan, Ga. College Park, Ga. Decatur, Ga. Atlanta, Ga. Carrollton, Ga Sanders, Linda Sanders, Tommy Sapp, Becky Sapp, Tommy Sappe, Carol Jerry Sat+erfieid Marietta, Ga. Thomaston, Ga. West Point, Ga. Rome, Ga. Gordon, Ga. White, Ga. Underclassmen MitM Saunders, Martha Jackson, Ga. Sawyer, Bob Atlanta, Ga. Schloemer, Bob Atlanta, Ga. Savage, Barbara College Park, Ga. Scarborough, Randy College Park, Ga. Schmitt, Tom Atlanta, Ga. 230 Schoofs, Diana •.tianta, Ga. Scott, Donna Ea;t Poi ' t, Ga. Scroggins, Nancy Fa ettev ' lle, Ga. Scruggs, Jennifer Chamblee, Ga. Segars, Joe H., Jr. Eatonton, Ga. Self, James West Point, Ga. Self, Jeanne Hogansville, Ga. Self, Ruby Ann West Point, Ga. Sellmansberger, Joyce Tucker, Ga. Shaefer, Pomp West Point, Ga. Shapard, John Griffin, Ga. Shaw, Elaine Eatonton, Ga. Shaw, Jimmy College Park, Ga. Shaw, Sue Ann Carrollton, Ga. Shealy, Howard Tallapoosa, Ga. Shell, Sandy Atlanta, Ga. Shelly, Betty Douglasville. Ga. Shelly, Elaine Carrollton, Ga. Shelnutt, Edwin Newnan, Ga. Shepard, Neal Newnan, Ga. Sheppard, C ecille Sandersville, Ga. Sheppard, Judy P. Sandersville, Ga. Shields, Douglas Carrollton, Ga. Shoemaker, Frances Atlanta, Ga. Shoemaker, Kay Rome, Ga. Shulti, Mike Marietta. Ga. Simmons, Pam Columbus Ga. Simonton, Lynn Rome, Ga. Simpson, David F3 ette ille, G5 Sims, Henry Hapes ' ille, Ga. 23 Sims, Jeff Sims, Sandra Sinbacit, Marshall Sinyard, Mike Slate, Paulette Slaughter, Aimee Jonesboro, Ga. Fairburn, Ga. Decatur, Ga. Lithla Springs, Ga. Carrollton, Ga. Decatur, Ga. Slover, Kathy Smallwood, Earl Smallwood, Larry Smith, Allen Smith, Beverly Smith, Brenda Marietta, Ga. Hogansville, Ga. Carrollton, Ga. Hapeville, Ga Carrollton, Ga. Dalton, Ga. Smith, Brenda Gayle Smith, Cherry Smith, Cindy Smith, David Smith, Davis Smith, Dawn LaFayette, Ga. Thomaston, Ga. Atlanta, Ga. Decatur, Ga. Hogansville, Ga. Thomaston, Ga Smith, Dianne Carrollton, Ga. Smith, Diane Carrollton, Ga. Smith, Edd M. Cedartown, Ga. Smith, Gail Douglasville, Ga Smith, Gail Moreland, Ga. Smith, Janet Decatur, Ga. Smith, Jean Palmetto, Ga. Smith, Larry Glenn, Ga. Underclassmen 232 Smith, Linda Dalton, Ga. Smith, Linda Re , Ga. Smith, Linda Mario Atlanta, Ga. Smith, Louise R. Newnan, Ga. Smith, Lynn Carrollton, Ga. Smith, Marcia Tallapoosa, Ga. Smith, Mary Lynn Carrollton, Ga. Smith, Mike Atlanta, Ga. Smith, Patricia Carlton, Ga. Smith, Paula Canton, Ga. Smith, Phyllis Huntsville, Ala. Smith, Ronnie Canton, Ga. Smith, Ronnie Atlanta, Ga. Snider, Lane Newnan, Ga. Snyder, Robert L. Cornelia, Ga. Spahos, Richard C. Griffin, Ga. Spears, Angelia West Point, Ga. Spears, Patty Irwinton, Ga. Spence, LaDell Carrollton, Ga. Spence, Sara Bowdon, Ga. Spencer, Sandi J. Smyrna, Ga. Spinks, Mickey Rockmart, Ga. 233 Underclassmen Spradlln, Joyce Springer, Ethel Springfield, Clay Spivey, Keith Spruiil, Carol Stallings, Connie Brooks, Ga. Carrollton, Ga. Atlanta, Ga. Atlanta, Ga. East Point, Ga. Griffin, Ga. Stamps, Mark Stanley, Brenda Stanley, Cooper Stansell, Iris Starr, James Staton, Susan Carrollton, Ga. Newnan, Ga. Griffin, Ga. LaFayette, Ga. Jonesboro, Ga. East Point, Ga Steadham, Jerri Stegall, Brenda Stephens, Bonnie Stephens, Paul Stephens, Nannette Stewart, Ann Temple, Ga. Rydal, Ga. Atlanta, Ga. Cedartown, Ga. Villa Rica, Ga. Cuthbert, Ga. Stewart, Carol Stewart, David Stewart, Frances Stewart, Greg Stewart, Jeff Stewart, Pete Crawfordville, Ga. Avondaie Estates, Ga. Atlanta, Ga. Rockmart, Ga. Woodland, Ala. Atlanta, Ga. 234 Inson, Prentice Stith, Margaret Stith. Martha Stogner, John D. Storey, Malcolm Stovall, Carol West Point, Ga. Carrollton, Ga. Carrollton, Ga. Waco, Ga. Thomaston, Ga. Atlanta, Ga. rawn, Martha Streetman, Joyce Striblin, Joyce Strickland, Ann Strickland, Brenda Strickland, Dennis McDonough, Ga. Villa Rica, Ga. LaGrange, Ga. Newnan, Ga . Bremen, Ga. Douglasville, Ga. riclcland, Elaine Strickland, Laura Strickland, Sue Strobhert, Susan Strong, Lynn Strozier, Bobby Experiment, Ga. Warner Robbins, Ga. Gettysburg, Pa. Atlanta, Ga. Atlanta, Ga. College Park, Ga Suddath, Alicia Sullivan, Bob Sullivan, David Decatur, Ga. Carrollton, Ga. Smyrna, Ga. Sullivan, Denise Susemihl, Susan Sutherland, Jim Powder Springs, Ga. Hampton, Ga. Marietta, Ga S " HH j 1, 1 9 1 ♦T 235 Underclassmen SuHon, Michael Sutton, Phyllis Swanson, Jayne Swanson, Kay Adairsville, Ga. Cedartown, Ga. Cartersville, Ga. Macon, Ga. Swift. Gail Swinson, Jim Swinson, Marie Swint, Bill Smyrna, Ga. Bremen, Ga Bremen, Ga. College Park, Ga Taney, Margo Tanner, Kathy Tarpley, Milton Tate, Cheryl Franklin, Ga. Atlanta, Ga Jonesboro, Ga. Manchester, Ga. latum, Patsy Tatum, Susan Taylor, Debbie Taylor, Edward Carrollton, Ga. Cartersville, Ga. Hapeville, Ga. Griffin, Ga. Taylor, Jarvis Taylor, Jean Taylor, Sylvia Taylor, Neil Carroll+on, Ga. Tucker, Ga. Decatur, Ga. Ellenwood, Ga. 236 Taylor, Thomas Temple, Ben Templeman, Margie Tennihan, Barry Terrell, Linda Tervin, Becky Griffin, Ga. Thomas, Brent Decatur, Ga. Carrollton, Ga. College Park, Ga. Newnan, Ga. Carroll-o-, Ga. Thomas, Carolyn Thomas, James Thomas, Alan Thomason, Ann Thomason, Danny Lawrenceville, Ga. Thompson, Barbara Conyers, Ga. Atlanta, Ga. Marietta, Ga. East Point, Ga.- Carrollton, Ga. Carrollto-, Ga. Thompson, Benny Thompson, Beverly Thompson, Clifford Thompson, Elaine Thompson, Judy Pine Mountain, Ga. Conyers, Ga. Hoqansville, Ga. Macon, Ga. Atlanta, Ga. Thompson, Ka+hy Thompson, Marie Thompson, Priscilla Thompson, Roy Thompson, Shirley Thrasher, Debbie Avondale Est., Ga. Newnan, Ga. Bremen. Ga. Palmetto, Ga. Decatur, Ga. Macon, Ga. Thurman, Constance Jackson, Ga. Tibbe+fs, Judy College Park, Ga. TIdwell, Joan Cartersville, Ge Tiffin. Bob Atlanta, Ga. 237 Tigh. Mark S. Tigner, Thomas B. Jr. Tilley, Jane Atlanta, Ga. Greenville, Ga. Taylorsvllle, Ga Tinley, Tim Tinnorman, Larry Tippens, Carlene Hampton, Ga. Atlanta, Ga. Canton, Ga. Timmons, Daphne Greenville, S.C. Todd, Sarah Decatur, Ga. Tingle, Dan McDonough, Ga. Tolbert, Judy Villa Rica, Ga. Tingle, Jimmy East Point, Ga. Tsi-fsilianos, Emmanuel Carroliton, Ga. Underclassmen Townsend, James Decatur, Ga. Treadwell, Mike Dalton, Ga. Tri-ff, Galen Atlanta, Ga. Traylor, Tommy Carroliton, Ga. Trentham, Marilyn Decatur, Ga. Truetf, Russell Douglasville, Ga. 238 Tudor, Creig Ros:vllle, Ga. Tunmer, Fred M riettd, Ga. Turk, Harvey Cornelia Ga. Turner, Alton William:or., Ga. Turner, Danny Bremen, Ga. Turner, Don Carrolltor, Ga. Turner, Ginger La Fayette, Ga. Turner, Pat Adalrsvilfe, Ga. Turner, Phillip D. Cartersville, Ga. Turner, Susan Decatur, Ga. Turnipseed, Doug Jonesboro, Ga. Tu+wiler, Diane East Point, Ga. Tyson, Marcella Villa Rica, Ga. Underwood, Larry Griffin, Ga. Upchurch, Jayson McDonough, Ga. Upchurch, Marian Carrolltcn, Ga. Valentine, Ginger Fairburn, Ga. Vance, Vicky Atlanta, Ga. Vanson, ConnI Atlanta, Ga. Varnedoe, Carolyn Rome, Ga. Vaughn, Shirley Villa Rica, Ga. Vaught, Jimmie College Pari;, Ga. Venable, Linda Smyrna, Ga. Verdell, Clare Villa Rica, Ga. Vick, Johnny Rome, Ga. Vickers, Paul Griffin, Ga. Vlckery, William Carrolllc-, Ga. Vines, Brenda Carrolltcn, Ga. Voinche, Vance Cedartov ' . n, Ga. Vollenweider, Rodney LaGranoe, Gj. 239 Wages, Becky Decatur, Ga. Walker, Jimmy Newnan, Ga. Waller, Carfer Thomaston, Ga. Wagner, Alfred, Jr. Atlanta, Ga. Walker, Joseph Roopvllle, Ga. Wallis, Doug Carrollton, Ga. Waits, Laurel Stockbridge, Ga. Walker, Karen Smyrna, Ga. Walls, Charles R. Palmetto, Ga. Walker, Charlie Walker, Grace Walker, Jeannie Decatur, Ga. Atlanta, Ga. Carrollton, Ga. Wallace, Charles S. Wallace, Marilyn Wallace, Monty College Park, Ga. Morrow, Ga. LaGrange, Ga. Walls, Linnie Walls, Myline Walls, Melissa Carrollton, Ga. Roopvllle, Ga. Roopvllle, Ga. Walton, Beverly Stone Mountain, Ga. Walton, Donna East Point, Ga. Walton, Kent Eatonton, Ga. Walton, Mickey Tallapoosa, Ga. Walton, Ronnie Temple, Ga. Ware, Catherine Decatur, Ga. Warren, Petty Thomaston, Ga. Warren, Helen Waco, Ga. Underclassmen 240 Warren, Linda LaGrange, Sa. Warren, Russell Decatur, Sa. Warren, Scott Warner Robins, Ga. Wasltey, John Atlanta, Ga. Waters, Nancy LaFayet+e, Ga. Watltins, Barbara Hannpton, Ga. Watkins, Janice Ringgold, Ga. Watson, Gary Bremen, Ga. Watts, James W., Jr. Bowdon, Ga. Watts, Judy Smyrna, Ga. Wear, Glenn Dalton, Ga. Weaver, Kathy Atlanta, Ga. Weaver, Kaye Buchanan, Ga. Webb, Ken Carrollton, Ga. Webb, Miriam Richland, Ga. Webb, Wayne East Point, Ga. Webster, Johnny Atlanta, Ga. Wehunt, Toni Atlanta, Ga. Weldon, Ollitf Mllner, Ga. Wells, Constance Douglasville, Ga. Werti, Susan G. Johnstown, Pa. Wessinger, Doug Bowdon, Ga. 241 West, Brian West, Sherry Westbrook, Hank Atlanta, Sa. Doraville, Ga. Smyrna, Ga. White, Cathy White, Cathy White, Elaine Cedartown, Sa. Atlanta, Ga. Monticello, Ga. Whitehead, Connie Whitley, Brenda Whitley, Frank Toccoa, Ga. Tignall, Ga. Monroe, Ga. Wiggins, Susan Wilbanks, Barbara Wilburn, Raymond A Carrollton, Ga. Anne Chatsworth, Ga. Buchanan, Ga. Wester, Melinda Wheiess, Angela Whiddon, Sherri Villa Rica, Ga. Thomaston, Ga. Sparks, Ga. White, Florence White, Lamar S. White, Susan Rockmart, Ga. Thomaston, Ga. Jasper, Ga. Whitley, Paul Whitlock, Gail Whitmire, Hayden Lithia Springs, Ga. Villa Rica, Ga. Dalton, Ga. Wilcox. Dan Wilder, Jane Wilkerson, Frank Marietta, Ga. Griffin, Ga. Hogansville, Ga 242 Williams, Allene Williams, Barry Williams, Befh Williams, Glenda Williams, H. D. Williams, Janef Bremen, Ga. Carrollton, Ga. Atlanta, Ga. Bremen, Ga. Mableton, Ga. Ringgold, Ga. Williams, Janice Williams, Larry Williams, Linda Williams, Lynda- Williams, Nanci Williams, Pamela Austell, Ga. Rockmart, Ga. Aragon, Ga. Atlanta, Ga. Atlanta, Ga. Doraville, Ga. Williams, Ray Williams, Sandra Williamson, Barbara Williamson, Don Williamson, Jon Willis, Peggy Monroe, Ga. Clarkston, Ga. Newnan, Ga. Forest Park, Ga. Greenville, Ga. Marietta, Ga. Wills, Beverly Wilson, Ann Wilson, Jimmy Preston, Ga. Bowdon, Ga. Pine Mountain, Ga. Wilson, Judy Wilson, Myra Wilson, Nancy Bowdon, Ga. Hamilton, Ga. Stone Mountain, Ga Underclassmen 243 Underclassmen Wimbish, Kathy Windlsch, Marilyn Windom, Kenneth Windom, Susan Atlanta, Ga. Atlanta, Ga. Carrollton, Ga. Carrollton, Ga. Wingo, Kay Winkles, Jane Winters, Larry Witcher, Greg College Park, Ga. St. Mountain, Ga. Atlanta, Ga. Newnan, Ga. Withrow, Dan Withrow, Joe M. Wofford, Mary L Wofford, Robert Carrollton, Ga. Dalton, Ga. Atlanta, Ga. Ball Ground, Ga Wojcik, Gregory L. Wolf, Bonnie Wood, Anthony Wood, Brenda Conyers, Ga. Dunwoody, Ga. Milstead, Ga. Buchanan, Ga. Wood, Brenda Wood, Debbie Wood, Gary Wood, Harold Smyrna, Ga. Roswell, Ga. Fairburn, Ga. Cedartown, Ga. 244 Wood, Tommy Woodlief, Linda LaGrange, Ga. Norcross, Ga. Worthy, Ann Wright, Bob Tucker, Ga. Roswell, Ga. Yarbrough, Fred Yarbrough, Linda Carrollton, Ga. Newnan, Ga. York, Ray Young, Becky Chickamauga, Ga. East Point, Ga. Woodruff, Danny Woods, Beth Woods, Mary Ann Woods, Nita LaGrange, Ga. Newnan, Ga. Summervllle, Ga, Athens, Ga. Wright, Ginny Wright, Mary Wright, William Wroble, Susan Riverdale, Ga. Cave Spring, Ga. Carrollton, Ga. Cedartown, Ga Yates, Carol Ann Yeager, Gary Yonce, Paula York, Jo Bowdon, Ga. Newnan, Ga. Griffin, Ga. Columbus, Ga. Young, Dennis Young, Kathy B. Young, Laura Young, Steve Carrollton, Ga. Carrollton, Ga. Conyers, Ga. Tucker, Ga. Zimmerman, Reba Marietta, Ga. Zimmerman, Sandy Forest Park, Ga. Zoromsky, Steve Haines City, Fla. 245 CO 0 S u o " I " o o -t- (D (D c ' e o o D E o X U 246 FEATURES 247 248 Picture settings feature Rock City Miss Sue Gantt Miss Chieftain 1968 249 First Runner-Up Miss Patsy Bray 250 _. Second Runner-Up Miss Debbie Hufstetler 251 Third Runner-Up Miss Vicky Vance 252 Miss Kathy Coker 253 Miss June Robinson 254 Miss Susan Hester 255 Homecoming Queen Miss Patsy Bray Miss Jan DuBoIs Homecoming Court Miss Nancy Smith Miss Janet Smith 257 Sweetheart King and Queen Carolyn Oliver and Lee Tollerson 258 Sweetheart Court Miss Mary Ann Davenport and Ron Cornish Miss Andrea Griizard and Bill Archer 259 Larry Bowie Herbert Garrett Who ' s Who Among Students in American Universities and Colleges Cynthia Brown Sonja Holtzclaw Ed Collier Melody Hutchison Carole Mumford Ann Strickland Moore I Benjamin Thomas Miller Eugene Johnson Larry Naylor Sandra Neill Clem Patrick Larry Prince CHIEFTAIN SALUTES: rrri Nineteen Hundred and Sixty-Eight is a leap year. In the United States leap year is synonynnous with ELECTION YEAR. The CHIEFTAIN would like to take this opportunity to salute the men and women of this country who will work for the party of their choice, or better still, the candidate of their choice. The Republicans are running hard for President Johnson ' s job, and Mr. Johnson elected not to run, so Humphrey, Kennedy, and McCarthy are seeking the Democratic nomination. Nixon, Rockefeller, Reagan are after the Republican nomination, and George Wallace, former president of Alabama, is just plain running hard. Why not support a candidate? Who knows, it may be your last chance. 2 3 1 ; 1r • ' -- «.:i - • 264 Senior Index, Ads, General Index, Ed ' s Thing ADS AND INDEX GENIA AKINS N.E.A. 3, 4; Phi Beta Lambda I, 2, 3, 4. GEORGE ARCHIBALD President Senior Class 4; Circle K 4; Varsity Baseball 2; Dorm Council 2; M.I.A. I, 2, 3, 4. TOMMY ASKEW B.S.U. I, 2, 3, 4; President 4; Band I, 2; President 2; Inter- faith Council 2, 4; West Georgian 2. VAN ASKEW M.I.A. I, 2, 3, 4; Circle K 3, 4. JANICE GALLENGER B.S.U. I, 2, 3, 4; S.E.A. 4. MIKE BARBER B.S.U.; Young Democrat Club; hIistory-Political Science Club. B.S.U. I, 2, 3,4. M.I.A. I, 2, 3, 4; B.S.U BETTY JO BARGE BILL BARGE JANE BARRON Le Cercle Francais I, 2; S.E.A. 3, 4. FRED BARTON Counselor I, 2, 3, 4; Vice-President Dorm Council 3; Choir 2, 3, 4; Tour Manager 4; M.I.A. I, 2, 3, 4; Phi Beta Lambda 3; S.E.A. 3, 4. HUGH BASS Phi Beta Lambda 2, 3, 4; Vice-President 3, 4; Students for Private Enterprise 2, 3. KENNETH BASS Phi Beta Lambda I; History-Political Science Club 3, 4; Vice- President 3, 4; M.I.A. 1,2,3,4; Dorm Council 3. LINDA KATE BEALL Wesleyan Foundation; Alpha Theta I, 2, 3, 4; Choir and Con- cert Chorale S.E.A. 3, 4. JAMES E. BECKMAN, JR. Freshman Honor Society; B.S.U. 1, 2, 3, 4; S.E.A. I, 2, 3, 4; S.G.A. 2; Interfaith Council 3, President 3; B.S.U. Public Relations Chairman 2, 4; Alpha Theta 2, 3, 4 CLARENCE L BELL Delta Psi Omega I, 2, 3, 4; President 4; S.E.A. 2, 3, 4. VICKI BILLINGSLEY Choir 2, 3, 4; Secretary. GARYA. BOBO Varsity Bowling 1,2; All-Conference I ; Choir 2. CAROLE BOMAR G.E.A.; S.E.A.; W.A.A. JANEBOOZ W.A.A. I, 2, 3, 4; W.A.A. Chieftain 2, 4; Varsity Volleyball 2, 3, 4; Varsity Tennis 3; Varsity Basketball I . CAROL BRADLEY Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities 3; Business Manager West Georgian 3; Business Manager Chieftain 4; Gor- don Watson 3; Student Assistant 2, 3, 4; Le Cercle Francais 3; Delta Phi Beta 3, 4; Publications Board 4. CYNTHIA BROWN Choir 2; Secretary I; West Georgian I, 2; Exchange Manager I; Wesley Foundation 2, 3, 4; Chieftain Associate Editor 3, 4; Le Cercle Francais 3, 4; President 4; House Committee Chair- man of Student Union 4; S.E.A. 4; Who ' s Who In American Colleges and Universities 4. SARAH BRUMBY W.A.R.A. I, 2, 3, 4; S.E.A. 4. WAYNE BRYANT Bowling Team I, 2; Psychology Club 2, 3, 4. RICHARD BUCKALEW S.G.A. Representative I ; Vice-President Student Body; Presi- dent Student Body 4; Herndon Award 2; Chieftain Salutes; M.I.A. I, 2, 3, 4; Counselor; Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities. BOBBY BULLCOK Psychology Club; M ' .I.A. DENNIS BURNETTE M.I.A.; West Georgian Editor 3; Phi Beta Lambda. JANICE BURNS Chieftain Staff 3, 4; Classes Editor 3; Features Editor 4; Con- cert Choir I, 2, 3, 4; Wesley Foundation I, 2, 3, 4; Interfaith Council 2, 3, 4; Secretary 3; Deutsche Gesellschaft 3, 4; S.E.A. 4; Secretary of Student Union Program Council 4. JANET CAMP B.S.U. 3, 4; S.E.A. 4; W.A.A. 4. SUE CAMPBELL S.E.A. 3, 4; Transfer Young Harris College 3. PHYLLIS CAYLOR S.E.A.; C.E.E.C; G.E.A.; W.A.A. LINDA CHASTAIN S.E.A. 3, 4; W.A.R.A. I, 2, 3, 4; Choir I; Duplicate Bridge Club 3; Publicity Chairman 3; Le Cercle Francais 2. W.A.R.A. I, 2, 3,4. ED COLLIER History Political Science Club I, 2, 3, 4; President I; Circle K; Managing Editor West Georgian 2, 3; Editor West Georgian 3, 4; Herndon Award 2; Literary Club I; Resident Advisor 2, 3; Head Resident 4. KENNETH R. COLLINS M.I.A. 3, 4; Counselor 2, 3,4. M.I.A. I, 2, 3,4. WILLIAM E.COOK BILLCOCORAN President Dorm Council 2, 3; Men ' s Council 2; Chairman Rules Committee 2; Phi Beta Lambda 4, Vice President 4; Band I. BRENDA CRAVEN S.E.A. 2; Delta Psi Omega 2,-3, 4. ROBERT CRAWFORD Alpha Psi Omega; Phi Beta Lambda. Psychology Club 4. MAVIS A. CROWE CATHY DAY W.A.A. I, 2, 3, 4; Le Cercle Francais 2, 3, 4. TERRY DREW Student Assistant I, 2, 3, 4. GLENDADUFFEY Psychology Club; Wesley Foundation. WENDELL EDWARDS Chieftain Salutes 3; B.S.U. 4; Phi Beta Lambda 3, 4; Choir 3; Escort Miss Chieftain Contest 4. PATRICIA ELLIOTT Student Union Council 4; S.E.A. 2, 3, 4; Resident Advisor 2, 3,4. S.E.A.; W.A.A. Basketball I, 2. SUE EVANS BYRON FARMER 266 ' COCA-COLA " AND " COKE " ARE REGISTERED TRADE-MARKS WHICH IDENTIFY ONLY THE PRODUCT OF THE COCA-COLA COMPANY. Cool it. Things could be worse. You could be o ut of ice-cold Coca-Cola. Coke has the refreshing taste you never get tired of. That ' s why things go better with Coke, after Coke, after Coke. M Bottled under the authority of The Coca-Cola Company by: CARROLLTON COCA-COLA BOTTLING CO. Carrollton, Georgia 267 APRIL FIELDS Presidenf Dorm; President Womens Executive Council; Delta Phi Beta; W.A.A. Athlete of the Year; State Secretary GARFCW; Region Representative NARFCW; National Dele- gate NARFCW Officer W.A.A. ; Intramurals Manager; Eclec- tic; Varsity Volleyball; Dean ' s List; V .A.A. Chieftain; All Star W.A.A. Soccer 2; Softball. DEBORAH FIELDS W.A.A. I, 2; Choir 2, 3; Alpha Theta 2; S.E.A. 3; Band 2. S.E.A.; Psychology Club. DON E. FIELDS Band 2. Dean ' s List. SAMMY FIELDS WAYNE FIQUETT TRICIA FLOYD W.A.A. I, 2; B.S.U. I; Psychology Club 2. FREDSORSITH West Georgia Rifle and Pistol Club 3, 4; Counselor 2, 3, 4. HERB GARRETT Tennis Team 1; Lettermen ' s Club 2; Chieftain Business Mana- ger 2, 3; Resident Advisor 3; Head Resident 4; S.E.A. 2, 3, 4; Vice-President 4; Choir 2, 3, 4; Band Section Leader 3, 4. ED GEORGE, JR. History-Political Science Club; Vice-President. CONNIE GENTRY Concert Choir 1, 2, 3, 4; Literary Club I; Alpha Theta 3, 4; M.C.N.C. 3, 4; President 4; S.E.A. 4. Volleyball Letter MIKEGENEDON FRANK GIBSON S.G.A. Representative I; Alpha Phi Omega 2, 3, 4; President 3; Vice-President 2; Young Republicans Club I, 2, 3, 4; Recrea- tion Chairman Student Union 4. BRENDA GLADDEN S.E.A.; The Council for Exceptional Children. BILLGLIDDEN History-Political Science Club I, 2, 3, 4; Officer I, 2, 3, 4; Spanish Club 2. SUSAN GOLCZYNSKI Furman Singers 1; Choir 2, 3, 4; Section Leader 3; Phi Beta Lambda 3, 4; Historian 3; Secretary 4; Who ' s Who in Ameri- can Colleges and Universities 3; Debate Club 2; Students for Private Enterprise 2; Treasurer 2. JANE GOLDEN W.A.A. 3; Wesley Foundation 3; Gunn House Council 2. ROBERT G. GOLDEN P.E.M. Club 3, 4; M.I.A. I, 2, 3, 4; Treasurer 3. Phi Beta Lambda 4. CHARLES D. GRIFFIN MELODY HADAWAY S.G.A. Representative I; Choir; Librarian; Secretary Sophomore Class 2; Delta Phi Beta; Reporter; Alpha Theta; S.G.A. Treas- urer; Chieftain Salutes; Herndon Award. MADOLYN MANNING HARRISON Charter Member West Georgia Chapter of F.T.A. ' 47- ' 48; Vol- untary Religious Association. Bowling Team I , WALTER HATCHETT DAN HAYES Counselor 2, 3, 4; Dorm Council 2; M.A.A. 2, 3; B.S.U. 1, 2; Psychology Club 4. 268 JAMES HEARD Students for Private Enterprise 3, 4; Treasurer 3; M.I.A. 3; Track 2. ENID HELMS S.E.A. I, 4; Wesley Founda tion I, 2, 3, 4; Mandevllle House Council 3, 4. LAURA HELTON B.S.U. 2, 3, 4; W.A.A. 2, 3, 4; W.A.A. Chieftain 4; S.E.A. 4; Dorm Council 3; President 3. BYRON HILL Phi Beta Lambda 4; Volleyball 2, 3, 4; Lettermen ' s Club 3 4; M.I.A. 1,2, 3. FRANCES HINESLEY Alpha Theta I; Choir I, 2, 3; S.E.A. 1; W.A.A. 2, 3; Chief- tain 2, Band I . BARBARA HOLLIS B.S.U. 1,2, 3, 4; S.E.A. 3, 4. LYNDON HUCKABY Basketball Manager 2, 3, 4; Baseball Manager 2, 3, 4; S.E.A. 2, 4; Circle K 1 , 2. M.M.A. JOHN HUFSTETLER MARGARET HUNTER B.S.U. I, 2, 3,4; S.E.A. 3,4. DON HUSKINS Alpha Theta 3, 4; Best Supporting Actor 3; Varsity Basketbal I ; Varsity Track I . Choir 4. FRANK JACKSON ROSEMARY JAMES .S.U. I, 2, 3; Dorm Council 3; S.E.A. 3, 4. M.I.A. I, 2, 3, 4. RANDY JAY JESSICAJENKINS W.A.A. I; Shawnee Trive I, 2; Alpha Theta 3, 4; Wesley Foundallon I, 2; Young Democrats Club 3, 4. GENE JOHNSON Phi Sigma Mu 2, 3, 4; Freshman Math Award I; Chemical Society I, 2, 3, 4; Vice-President 3; President 4. MARTHA JO JOHNSON W.A.A. I; B.S.U. I, 2, 3, 4; S.E.A. 4. Tennis 3. TOMMY JOHNSON BARBARA JONES Music Club I ; Concert Choir 1,2,3; B.S.U. 2. 3. LINDA JONES W.A.A. I, 2; Psychology Club 2; Dorm House Council, 3, 4. WILLENE JONES B.S.U. I, 2, 3, 4; Secretary 2; Vice-President 3; State Area Representative 4; W.A.A. I ; Band I ; Math Club 4. Baseball 3. LYNN KEENEY JUDYJ. KELLEY German Club; Secretary 2; Art League I, 2, 3, 4; Secretary I ; Vice-President 3; President 3; W.A.A. I ; B.S.U. 3. LOYD EDWARD KITTLE Phi Beta Lambda 3, 4; S.E.A. 2, 3, 4; Second Place as Mr. Future Business Teacher of Georgia 3. PATRICIA KUBALA B.S.U. I, 2, 3, 4; S.E.A. 3, 4. MARK ' S CURB MARKET Open 24 Hours a Day GARVIE MARKS, Owner Bankhead Hwy. Carroll+on, Ga. JUDSON SMITH, INC. The Biggest Little Store In Georgia " Newnan Road Carrollton, Ga. 832-2762 Clothing for the Entire Family BURGER We Welcome WGC Students Maple Street Carrollton Georgia FAULKNER RADIO, INC. WLBB Radio Eleven wbtr Stereo 92 Carrollton, Georgia ior Shopping COLONIAL ALTMAN BAY STATION 310 Maple Street 832-9167 Open 6 A.M. to 12 Midnight 7 DAYS A WEEK 269 LYNDA LAMBETH Chieftain Staff I ; B.S.U. 2, 3, 4; Alpha Theta 2. Cross Country S.E.A. 4. DOUGLAS W. LAVENDER PEGGY LEVERRETT GREG LITAKER Psychology Club; West Georgian Staff. DIANNE LOWREY W.A.A. I; Le Cercle Francais I, 2. Music Club 1 , 2. SANDRA MACHAN DIANA MANDEVILLE B.S.U. ; Psychology Club S.E.A. 3, 4. LINDA MANTHE BRENDA MARSHALL Resident Advisor 3, 4; B.S.U. 3, 4. B.S.U.; S.E.A. DORENE MARTIN JERRY MATHIS Choir I, 2, 4; President 3; Chorale 3; Freshman Honor Society 3; Band 2; Alpha Theta 3, 4; Chieftain Salutes 3; M.E.N.C. 3, 4; Chairman of Fine Arts Committee of Student Union 4. JULIE MCCLAIN B.S.U. 3, 4; S.E.A. 4; Dean ' s Lists. LINDA MCKINLEY B.S.U. I, 2; Math Club 3, 4; Robert O. Waters Scholarship. Choir. JOY MEARS B.THOMAS MILLER S.E.A.; President; First Vice-President S.G.E.A.; Assistant Dorm Director A.B.A.C; Dean ' s List. J. WAYNE MILLER Young Marrieds Club 3; Duplicate Bridge Club 3. S.E.A. 3, 4. Karate Club 4. LOUISE MILLER RUSSELL MOBLEY JOANNNEWKIRK Junior Honor Society; Choir S. M.E.N.C. Baseball 2. M.A.A. I, 2, 3, 4. S.E.A. 3, 4; Dean ' s List. DONALD NIXON RAYMOND MOODY JOYCE MOORE LARRY MOORE Math Club; Circle K; M.A.A. MICHAEL H. MOORE Psychology Club 2, 3, 4; Dorm Council 2, 3; M.I.A. i, 2, 3, 4; Judiciary Committee 4; Election Committee 3. S.E.A.; B.S.U. ROSALIE MOORE CONNIE MOORHEAD Le Cercle Francais; S.E.A. 270 PAULA MORGAN Wesley Foundation I; Choir I, 2, 3, 4; Secretary 3, 4; Vice- President 4. CAROLE MUMFORD History-Political Science Club I, 2, 3; President 2; Young Dem- ocrats 2, 3; President 3; West Georgia Assistant News Edi- tor 2; Features Editor 3; S.G.A. 3; Secretary of Senior Class 4; W.A.A. I, 2, 3, 4; Mandeville House Council 3, 4; Presi- dent 4. RAYMOND LAURENCE NAYLOR Chieftain Staff I, 2, 3, 4; Organization Editor I, Associate Edi- tor 2, Editor-in-Chief 3, 4; West Georgian I; Student Union Program Council 3; Young Married ' s Club 3, 4; Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities 4. SANDRA NEIL Concert Choir 4; Chorale 3, 4; Section Leader 2, 3; Symphonic Choir 3, 4; Wesley Foundation I, 2, 3, 4; Alpha Theta I, 2, 3, 4; Secretary 2; Most Valuable Choir Member 3; S.E A 4- ' Delta Phi Beta 3, 4. • . a CLEMC. PATRICK, JR. Resident Advisor 2, 3, 4; S.G.A. Judiciary Chairman 2, 3; Circle " K " 2, 3, 4; Treasurer 4; Dorm Council President |- Men s Council I ; M.I.A. 1,2,3,4. WANDA PETTERSON W.A.A I; B.S.U. I, 2, 3, 4; S.E.A. 3, 4; Treasurer 4; Band I, 2; Pistol and Rifle Club 3; Chieftain Staff 4. CAROLYN PAYNE B.S.U. I, 2, 3,4;C.E.C. 4. SUSAN PHAGAN S.E.A.; The Council for Exceptional Children. PHIL PICKENS History-Political Science Club 2, 3, 4. LAWRENCE DENVER POOLE Alpha Phi Omega 3, 4; Secretary and Treasurer 3, 4; B.S.U. I, 2, 3, 4; Dorm Council Recording Secretary 4. BILL POWERS Concert Choir 3, 4; Office Tour Manager 4; Alpha Theta 3, 4. MARILYN PRICE Choir; Le Cercle Francais. LARRY PRINCE Tom Herndon Award I; Circle " K " 2, 3, 4; Phi Sigma Mu 3, 4; President 4; Summer Government Intern Program. Delta Phi Beta; S.E.A. PHYLLIS PRINCE RON PUCKETT Vice-President Freshman Class; Vice-President Junior Class- Circle " K " Club; Chieftain Salute; S.G.A. I, 3; Student Or- ganization Council I. B.S.U.; S.E.A. ELWANDA PUETT LARRY RICHARDS MJ.A. I, 2, 3, 4; President 4; Manager 2, 3, 4; Circle " K " 4- Dorm Counselor 2, 3; Dorm Council I. BARBARA RINN W.A.A. I, 2, 3, 4; Wesley Foundation 1,4. JUNE ROBINSON W.A.A. I, 2, 3, 4; Wesley Foundation 3, 4; Vice-President 4. LINDA ROUNTREE S.E.A. 2, 3,4; W.A.R.A. I, 3,4. LARRY RUSSELL Wesley Foundation 3, 4; Phi Beta Lambda 4. TOMMY SCARBOROUGH Speleological Society 3, 4; Geology Club 4. CARROLLTON FEDERAL SAVINGS AND LOAN ASSOCIATION ' WHERE YOUR SAVINGS GROW FASTER ' EACH ACCOUNT iVlSURED UP TO $15,000 1; 832-7091 I 10 Dixie Street Carrollton, Ga. GOODE BROTHERS POULTRY CO., INC If It ' s " Good " it ' s " Goode " 822 W. Haward Ave.— College Parle, Ga. 766-9601 271 ROGER L. SCOTT History-Political Science Club 2, 3, 4; Vice-President 3; Alpha Phi Omega 2, 3, 4; Vice-President 3; Circle " K " 3, 4; S.G.A. Representative 3; Vice-President Senior Class; Men ' s Dorm Council 3; Resident Advisor 4; Young Democrats Club 3, 4; West Georgian I ; Herndon Award 2. MARIE SHAPE Gordon Watson Award 3; S.G.A. Secretary 3, 4; Psychology Club Vice-President 2; President 3; Resident Counselor 2, 3; Chieftain Salutes 2; Sophomore Class Secretary-Treasurer; Exe- cutive Dorm Council I; President Dorm Council I; French Stu- dent Experiment Group 3; Chairman Bulletin Board Committee 3, 4; Judicial Committee 2, 3; Finance Committee 2, 3; Calen- dar Committee Chairman 3. CAROL SHAW B.S.U.;W.A.R.A.;S.E.A. JERRY SHELLY Choir 1,2,3; Vice-President I ; M.A.A. I ; Dorm Council I . DAVID SIMS M.I. A.; Circle " K " ; Resident Advisor; Phi Beta Lambda. Coach Boxing Team I. GARY SMITH JANE SMITH House Coun cil 3; B.S.U. I. NANCY J. SMITH W.A.R.A. 3, 4; S.E.A. 3, 4; Pistol and Rifle Club 3, 4; Secre- tary 3, 4. SALLY SMITH Debate Club I; Alpha Theta I, 2; El Circulo Espanol 3; Delta Phi Beta 3, 4; W.A.R.A. Recorder 2; Chieftain 3; President 4; Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities; Gordon Watson Award. BRENDA SOCKWELL Dean ' s List 2, 3, 4; S.E.A. I, 2, 3, 4; W.A.R.A. I, 2, 3, 4; Dupli- cate Bridge Club 3, 4; Secretary 3, 4. JOE SOUTHER Resident Advisor; German Club Biology Club; Varsity Golf; Alpha Phi Omega. JEANE STEPHENS B.S.U. I, 2; S.E.A. 4; Student Council for Exceptional Children 2, 3,4; W.A.R.A. I, 2, 3,4. S.E.A. 2, 3,4. NANCY STEPHENSON PEGGY STUBBS VV.A.R.A. I, 2, 3, 4; Intramurals Manager; Vice-President P.E.M. Club; Vice-President, President Varsity Basketball I 2- Var- sity Volleyball I, 2, 3, 4; House Council 3. EDWARD L TANT West Georgian Reporter. KEN TAYLOR Phi Beta Lambda 3, 4; President 4. RAY TEEMS Varsity Basketball I; " 201 " Club 1 , 2; Varsity Volleyball I. RICHARD TEETS Biology Club; Lab Assistant; M.I.A.; Pistol and Rifle Club. ROYTEMPLEMAN West Georgian Photographer I; Business Manager 2; Le Cercle Francais 1 , 2, 3, 4. BRUCE THOMAS Alpha Phi Omega; Band; Biology Lab Assistant. BURGESS B.THOMAS. JR. College Union Program Council I; Chairman Entertainment Committee I; Alpha Phi Omega Vice-President I, 2, 3, 4; S.G.A. Representative 4. 272 JAMES E.THOMPSON M.A.A. Student Council for Exceptional Children. WOODY THOMPSON Psychology Club 2; Phi Beta Lambda 4. M.I.A. 2. BOBBY TIBBITTS MARTHA TODD Delta Phi Beta; Alpha Theta Literary Club. JIM TRAYLOR West Georgian; Managing Editor; Phi Gamma Delta Fraternity. Psychology Club 3. WAYNE TYSON VICKI VENABLE Resident Advisor 2,3,4; B.S.U. 1,2,3, 4. Choir 2. Choir I, 2. LARRY VINES GARY WALKER KENNY WALLER President Row Hall 3; President Men ' s Inter-Hall Council 3. TOMMY WARREN M.I. A.; Dorm Council President. LINDA WATTERS W.A.A. 1 , 2, 3, 4; Le Cercle Francais 2, 3, 4; S.E.A. 3, 4. B.S.U. 2; Choir 2. DINAH WELLS BOB WHITE M.I.A. I, 2, 3, 4; Tennis Team 3; Vice-President Student Body 4; M.I.A. Council 2; Hall Council I, 2; Inter-Hall Council 2; Circle " K " Treasurer 2, 3. BARBARA WIGGINS Alpha Theta; Delta Phi Beta Vice-President. GWENDA WIGGINS Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities; Chieftain Salutes 2, 3; S.G.A. I, 2, 3, 4; Superintendent of Union Program Council 4; Spanish Club; S.E.A.; Delta Phi Beta. ROBERT WILLINGHAM Dean ' s List; Resident Advisor; Inter-dorm Council Secretary; Eclectic Editor; West Georgian Staff; President Literary Club; History-Political Science Club. M.I.A. 3, 4. ALVAS. WILSON, JR. CLAUDE WILSON Phi Sigma Mu; Circle " K " . CAROL WITT Band I, 2, 3; W.A.R.A. i, 2, 3, 4; Secretary 4; Le Cercle Francais 2, 3, 4. GARY WOODY Track. MIKE WORTH Track I, 2, 3; Basketball 2; Lettermen ' s Club I, 2, 3. JERRY WRIGHT Phi Beta Lambda; Students for Private Enterprise Club. CAROLYN YARBROUGH B.S.U. I ; Counselor 2; W.A.R.A. 4; S.E.A. 4. MARGARET YATES Le Cercle Francais 3; Publicity Chairman 3; Pistol and Rifle Club 3; S.E.A. 3; Delta Phi Beta 3; Classes Editor Chieftain CARROLL PUBLISHING COMPANY Publishers of . . . CARROLL COUNTY GEORGIAN and TIMES-FREE PRESS Newnan St. Carrollton, Ga. 832-2441 We are Proud to Support t he Student Body and Faculty of WEST GEORGIA COLLEGE Coles Jewelry ij, I Fine Quality Jewelry Gifts for All Occasions Newnan St. Carrollton, Ga. Compliments of PesnelTs Grocery Phillip ' s 66 Products 832-8526 Highway 61 Sand Hill, Ga. Smitty ' s Auto Service Tune Up and Brake Service 48 Alabama St. Carrollton, Georgia i - ' i ' .. v-r v Compliments of J. EB DUNCAN United Family Life Insurance Company CARROLL THEATRE BUILDING Newnan St. Carrollton, Ga. AIVDERSDIV DAVIS West Georgia College Classroom Arts Building Albany, Georgia 273 Aaron, Joseph M.; Fr., 411 Blackberry Lane, Llndale Ga IA7 Aaron, Richard L., Jr.; Fr., 1215 Lake Avenue, Griffin ' Ga Aku « ' t ' n " ■ ' -; ? " ' f " C ' " b, Maple St., Carrollton Ga. Abbott, W,ll,am J Jr.; Sr., B and PW Club, Maple St., Carrollton, Ga. Abercrombie, David R.; So., Box 73, Carrollton Ga Abernathy, Robert K.; Fr., 215 Harrell Circle, Barnesville Ga |A7 Abernathy, Rodney E.; So., 208 Etowah Dr., Cartersvville Ga Abies, Thomas A.; Fr., 707 Avenue A, Rome Ga . . ' . IA7 Acree, Susan G.; Sr., 14 Tower Apts, Carrollton Ga. Acree, Wanda L.; Fr.. 417 Dahlonega Road, Cumminq, Ga 1A7 Adair, Emerald J., II; Fr., 3964 Pine Valley Dr., College Park Ga . ' . 67 Adams, Brenda J.: Fr., 2509 Sunridge Avenue, Atlanta Ga. ' |A7 Adams, Clara D.; Fr. 1742 Monroe Drive, Atlanta Ga Adams, David M.; Fr., 524 South Green St., Thomaston Ga. Adams, Grover C; Fr., 1742 Monroe Drive Atlanta Ga Adams, Jacob P.; Jr., 504 Balfour Dr., Decatur ' Ga. . |67 Adams, John H.; Fr.. 871 Gaylemont Circle, Decatur Ga ' . ' . " " . iA7 Adams, Kathie A.; Fr., Box 187, Bowdon Ga Adams, Kenneth O.; Fr., 1427 N Cliff Vly Way, Atlanta Ga Adams, Lamer H.; Fr., Route 3, Covington Ga. . ' i ,; Adams, Linda G.; Fr., Route 2, Box 276 A, College Park Ga . ' . ' . ' . ' 167 Adams, Margaret G.; So., 1399 Sagewood Circle, Stone ' Mtn, Ga. . ' .■. 167 Adams, Melinda J.; So., 1070 Canter Road, Atlanta Ga . |A7 Adams, Robert H.; Fr., 3944 Wascanna Road Hapeville Ga Adams, William L.; Sr., 395 Hill St., Buford Ga. ' 140 Adamson, Dennis L.; Fr., 2294 Tanglewood Decatur Ga Adamson, Vernon L.; Jr., Rt I, Box 131, Whitesburg Ga 147 Addison, Jan E.; Fr., Route I, Temple, Ga . ' .. li; Adkisson, John G.; Fr., 1436 Lanvale Drive Atlanta Ga Agan, J. Leslie; Jr., Route 3. Rockmart, Ga. Agan. Jimmy L.; Jr., 115 Grassdale Rd., Cartersville Ga Aiken, Harriette L.; So., 238 Senoia Rd., Fairburn Ga 167 Akin, Joseph L.; Fr., Route 3, Carrollton Ga. ...... . . ' |67 Akins Eugenia V.; Sr., 3414 Hazelwood Dr. S.W., Atlanta Ga 149 Akridge, Anita L.; So., 4071 Tiffany Drive Decatur Ga ' 167 Albea, Beverly B.; Sr., Box III, Rockmart Ga. ' Albright, Wilburn C; Jr., Route 4, Carrollton, Ga. Aldridge, Gary L.; So., 18 Northside Drive, Newnan, Ga IA7 Alexander, Brenda F.; Fr., Route 2, La Grange, Ga 167 Alexander, Carrie M.; Fr., Route 2, Carrollton, Ga |67 Alexander, James R.; Jr.. 415 Ingram Homes, Carrollton Ga 167 Alexander, Mary Jane; Jr., Route 2, Bowdon, Ga. Alford, Sandra G.; Fr., 122 Popular Circle, la Grange Ga 167 Allen, Darlene S.; Fr., Route I, Box 86, Meansville Ga 168 Allen, Gerald S.; Fr., Box 104 White, Ga 168 Allen, Janice L.; Fr., 124 Davis Drive, Cartersville, Ga ' . ' .. ' . ' . ' . " . ' . 168 Allen, Jimmy L.; Fr., 620 Carrollton St., Bremen Ga ' |68 Allen, Nancy A.; So., 3225 Dogwood Dr., East Point Ga |68 Allen, Norma C; Fr., 1971 Briarmill Road, Atlanta Ga 168 Allen, Richard E.; Fr., 2194 Bollingbrook Dr., Atlanta Ga 168 Allen, Sheryl J.; Fr., 458 North Main, Thomaston Ga 168 Allen, Stanley A.; So., 541 North Main, Cornelia ' Ga. ... I6P Alley, Ed R.; Sr., 2188 Starllne Dr., Decatur, Ga. Allison, Rebecca L.; So., 3152 Wanda Woods Dr., Doraville, Ga. Allmon, Jerry G.; Sr., Route 4, Tanners Bch, Carrollton Ga ' . Almon, Chambers P.; Fr., P. O. Box 56 Roopville Ga ' Alston, Stuart J.; Sr., 34 Walker Terr. N. E. Atla ' nta Ga Mg Alverson, Curtis O.; Jr., 215 Pierce Street, La Grange Ga " |68 Amis, Harvey M.; Fr., Box 339, Route 2, Newnan Ga. Amonds, Ronald E.; Fr., 725 Avenue A, Rome, Ga 168 Anders, Amelia S.; Jr., 513 North Avenue, Villa Rica, Ga. Andersen, Michael B.; Fr., 515 Hardee Street, Dallas, Ga 168 Anderson, Susan C; Fr., Rena Lane, Dalton, Ga. Anderson, Barbara L.; Fr., 3821 Zenith St., ' Minneapolis Minn. . 168 Anderson, Elizabeth A.; So., 1068 Lindridge Dr. N., Atlanta Ga. .. 168 Anderson, Gwin E.; Fr.. Box 285, Tucker, Ga ' " |68 Anderson, Hugh M.; Fr. 1974 Joseph Court, Decatur Ga 168 Anderson, Joe T., Jr.; Jr.. 3619 Radcliffe Blvd., Decatur, Ga. Anderson, Lawrence E.; So., Route 2, Buchanan Ga. Anderson, Malcolm W.; Jr., P. O. Box 327, Social Circle Ga ... 168 Anderson, Melanie S.; So., 314 Hascall Road, Atlanta c ' a . 168 Anderson, Willie M.; Fr., 608 Aycock Street, Carrollto ' n Ga Andrews, Rebecca L.; So., 827 Maner Road, Smyrna O ' a 163 Andrews, Robert S., IV; Fr., 2221 Dorsey Avenue, East Point, Ga. Angel, Nancy J.; Jr., Route I, Cave Spring, Ga ' . 168 Anglin, Linda J.; Fr., Route 3, Bowdon, Ga . ' . ' . ' . ' ... ' . ' . ' . ' . ' .. " " . ' . ' 168 Archer, Frederic L.; So., 1645 Loch Lomond, Atlanta Ga. Archer, William C; So.. 2877 Palm Drive, East Point Ga Archibald, George J.; Sr.. 1137 Cascade Ave., S.W. ' Atlanta Ga 148 Arkasalerks, Vannee; So., Bhayolyothin Road, Bangkok Thailand Armstrong, Ellen F.; So., Box 112, Pine Mountain, Ga ' 168 Armstrong, Glenda G.; So., Route 2, Bowdon, Ga ' ' |69 Armstrong, Linda J.; Jr., Route 2, Bowdon Ga 169 Arnold, Patricia R.; Fr., 827 Hillcrest Avenue, Griffin, Ga . ' . ' ]. ' |69 Arnold, Richard B.; Fr., 76 East Main Street, Hogansville Ga " |69 Arnold, Walter D., Ill; Sr., 18 Exeter Road, Avondale Est, ' Ga. Arrington. James L.; Jr., Roanoke Rd., Rt 3, La Grange Ga 169 Arrington, Robert L.; So., 509 Jefferson Street La Gran ' ge Ga 169 Arthur, Michael J.; So., 3844 Wieuca Rd., Atlanta, Ga. . . ' 169 Askew, Charlie E., Jr.; Sr., Route 3, Box 223, Griffin Ga . " " 148 Askew, Thomas M.; Sr., 683 Stewart Circle, Marietta ' Ga " M8 Askew, Van O.; Sr., Route 2, Stockbridge, Ga 148 Atchley, Jon M.; Fr., 3421 Keswick Court, Chamblee, Ga . ' |69 Atkins. Myra D.; So., 331 Laurel Lane, La Grange, G ' a 169 Austin, Betty J.; So., 212 La Grange Street, Newnan, Ga. Avant, Cheryl E.; Fr., Route 4, Monticello, Ga 169 Avant, Sandra E.; Fr., Route 2, Box 86, Sandersville, Ga . ' . ' . ' .. ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' " . ' . " " 169 Awbrey, Al E.; Fr., Route 4, Franklin, Ga. Axelberg, Stephen S.; Fr.. 5529 Glenr ' idge Drive, Atlanta Ga. Aycock, David M.; Fr., lOII Pchtree Btle Cir., Atlanta, Ga 169 Aycock, Ronald E.; Jr., 2571 Woodhaven Circle, East Point Ga. Ayers, George M.; Jr., 305 Hertford Circle, Decatur Ga. Ayers, John N.; Fr., 206 Walnut Street, Cedartown Ga. Ayers, Mary A.; Fr., 1416 E. Hardin Avenue, College Park, Ga. Ayers, Mary K.; Fr., 2608 Lakeridge dr., Rome, Ga ' . 169 Ayers, Randolph G.; Sr., 601 Rome Street. Carrollton Ga. Babb, Kathy L.; So., 407 North Elm Street, Rome, Ga 169 Bachelor, Cynthia A.; Fr., 1769 Timothy Drive, Atlanta Ga 169 Bacon, Linda I.; Jr., 209 Bank St., Smyrna, Ga 169 Bagby, Nancy C; Fr., 1560 Belva Avenue, Decatur, Ga ' . ' . ' 169 Baggett, Carlton J.; Jr., 319 Rose Ave., Douglasville Ga 169 Baggett, Lynn M.; So., 485 Manford Road, S.W., Atlanta, Ga . ' . ' . " 169 Baggett, Walter A., Jr.; Fr., 17 Salbide Avenue, Newnan, ' Ga 169 Bagley, Bobbie J.; Fr., Route I, Carrollton, Ga. Bailes, Nancy E.; Fr., Box 114, Hoschton, Ga 170 Bailey, Betty S.; So., 3265 Mc Afee Road, Decatur, Ga ......... ' . ' . 170 Bailey, Clara H.; Sr., 517 Johnson Street, Bremen, Ga 148 Bailey, Connie A.; So., Route 1, Box 151, Thomaston, Ga 170 Bailey, James C, Jr.; Fr., Box 293, Greenville, Ga ' ' |70 Bailey, James R.; Jr. Route 2, Box 309, Villa Rica, Ga , ' . ' .. ' . ' |70 Bailey, Lucy A.; So., Roopville, Georgia ' ' |7o Bailey, Robert T.; Jr., 104 View Circle, Austell, Ga. Bain, Sybil S.; Fr., Route 4, Dalton, Ga. Baird, Robert C; So., 3307 Larry Drive, Columbus, Ga. Baker, Donna K.; So., 104 Jones Street, Summerville, Ga 170 Baker, Gaston R., Jr.; Jr., Box 624, Cedartown, Ga. Baker, Terry B.; So., Route I, Rocky Face, Ga. Baldowski, William J.; So., 2729 Headland Drive, East Point, Ga 170 274 Ba , Henry O.; Sr., 516 W. Third Street, Jackson Ga Ba , James A.. Jr.; Jr.. Route I Dalton, Ga. Ba , John L.;Sr., 604 Park St., Apt 7, Carrollton, Ga. Ball, Ronald W.; So., Route I, Dalton Ga Ball, Stanley; So., 5 Curry Street, Jackson Ga Baar, Diane L.; Jr., 2492 Caladium Dr., Atlanta Ga . i7n Ballard, Joanne; Jr., Route I, Dublin Ga ' lyi Ballard, Kempton W.; Jr., Box 668, Route 3, Newnan ' ' Ga ' . ' ! 7n Ba lenger, Janice; Sr., Route 2, Jackson, Ga . . . .ia Ballew, Jo A.; Fr., Route 2, Tallapoosa, Ga ... 7 Banks, Alton J.; Jr., 130 Jackson St., Newnan Ga ' 7n Banks, Walter P.; Fr., 635 East Chappell, Griffin Ga! ' . ' . ' . ' nn Barbee, Jeffery B.; Fr., 201 Stewart Street, Carrollton Ga Barber, Charlotte S.; Jr., 524 North Avenue, Villa Riia Ga I7n Barber. Nancy L.; So., 48 Weaver Avenue, Newport R I -,n Barber, Patricia A ; Jr., 297 Spring Hill Road, Smyrna, Ga. Barber, Rodrick M.; Sr., Route 2, Box 353 West Point Ga Barbre, Ned C, Jr.; So., 2366 A Lindmont Cir., Atlanta Ga. . |7n Barclay Martha F.; Fr., 2572 Lenox Road N.E., Atlanta, Ga 70 Barfield, Nathan H.; So., 305 Sims Street, Carrollton Ga Barge, Betty J.; Sr., Weston, Ga ' .. Barge, William T.; Sr., 2242 Ben Hill R d. S.W., Ati nt;; ' Ga! ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' Ufl Barker, David T.; Sr., Box 21, Franklin Ga 4, Barlow, Brenda J.; So., Route 2 Box 223, Douglasville Ga Barnes, Harold E., Jr.; Sr., 2436 Tiffany Court, Decatur Ga Barnes, Peggy H.; Fr., East Side Drive, Tallapoosa G ' a .. lyn Barnette, Jerry F.; Jr., Route I, Taylorsville Ga. ' . 7n Barnette, Philip A.; Jr., 1442 Greenwillow Dr. Conley Ga Barr, Deborah A.; So., 155 Springdale Drive, Cedarto ' wn Ga Barr, Linda S.; Fr., Route I Bowdon, Ga. Barr, Robert P.; Fr., Wedowee Street Bowdon Ga I7n Barrett, Betty J.; Fr., I 10 Short Street Duluth Ga Barrett, Harold D.; Sr., Route 2, Cartersville Ga . . u, Barrett, Linda D.; So., 339 Pineglen Drive, Rlverdale Ga 70 Barron, Charles S.; Fr., 442 Adamson Avenue Carrollton Ga 171 Barron, Glenda L.; Jr., 3950 Bankhead Hwy.. Mableton Ga 17 Barron, Lavinta Y.; Fr., 15 Parks Avenue, Newnan Ga ' Barron, Martha; Sr., 59 Terracedale Ct. Griffin ' Ca 140 Barron, Nancy E.; So., 59 Terracedale Griffin Ga Barrow, David H.; Sp., Box 643, Bowdon Ga. ' Bartleson, Evan R.; So., 485 Forest Hills Dr., Atlanta Ga. 171 Bartett, Glenn H.; Fr. 924 Glen Areen Way NE.. Atlanta Ga 7 Bartlett, Lynda R.; Jr., Rtl, Box 445, La Fayette Ga 171 Barton, Fred A.; Sr., 3944 Wascanna Road, Hapeville Ga .. 149 Baskin George D.; So., 102 Bankhead Ave., Carrollton Ga 171 Bass, Charles M.; Sr., 1414 Maple Street, Carrollton Ga. Bass, Elizabeth K.; Jr., 413 South Roswell Rd., Marietta Ga . 171 Bass, Hugh B.; Jr., Route I, Bremen, Ga ' 149 Bass Kenneth W.; Sr., Mackenzie Street. Adairsville Ga 149 Batchelor, David A.; Jr., 434 Carletta Street. Barnesville Ga. 171 Bates, Gary J.; So., Rt. I, Box 127, Dalton Ga 7 Baumgarten, Susan P.; Fr., 4455 Harris Trail, Atlanta Ga 171 Baxley, Elaine A.; Fr., Route 3, Carrollton, Ga 171 Baxter, Evelyn T.; Fr., 420 Belva Street, Carrollton Ga Baxter. Heyward M.; So., 420 Belva Street, Carrollton Ga 171 Baxter, Wayne G.; Sr., Box 414, Carrollton, Ga. ' Beachman, Jerry D.; Fr., 688 Kennolia Drive Atlanta Ga Beall, Linda K..; Sr., Box 402, Douglasville Ga ' .... 149 Beam, Jack L.; Fr., Box 271, Bowdon, Ga. ' |7| Beam, Michael J.; Fr., 1043 Jefferson Avenue, East Point Ga 171 Beard, Vickie D.; So., 811 Houston Street, La Grange Ga. . 171 Bearden. Nathan D.; Jr., Rt. 2, Box 48 A, Austell Ga ... 171 Bearden, Sharon E.; So., Route 2, Post Oak Road, Marietta Ga Beasley, John R., Jr.; Fr., 1539 Ridgewood Dr., Atlanta. Ga |7| Beatty, Dennis R.; Fr., Route I Jefferson Ga |7| Beauchamp, Evelyn D.; Jr., 2345 Cloverdale Dr., Atlant ' a " (Ga ' . " . ' . |72 Boavers, William A.. Jr.; So., Greenville Street, Newnan ' Ca. Beck, Beverly L.; Fr., 465 Lawrence Drive, Rossville Ga ' 172 Beck, David H.; Fr., Route 3, Bowdon, Ga. Beck, James Robert; Sr., 22 Wilson St., Manchester Ga 149 Beck, Vicki S.; Jr., 2566 Plantation Dr., East Point Ga |72 Beckemeyer. William H.; Jr. 4371 Tree Haven Dr., ' Atlanta Ga. Beckham, Charles L.; Fr., 3370 Catalina Drive Chamblee Ga 172 Beckham, James E., Jr.; Sr., P. O. Box 182 Concord, Ga 149 Beckham, Susan E.; Fr., 738 Park Lane, Decatur Ga |72 Beddingfield, William; Fr., 237 Robinson Road, ' Marietta, Ga. Bedenbaugh, Melanie G.; Sr.. Box 85, Senoia, Ga. Begner, Adrian S.; So., 4753 Ptree Dunwoody ' R. Atlanta Ga Behling, Pete F.; Fr., 2473 Wood Valley Dr., East Point Ga. Seine, Charles H.; Fr.. 555 Forest Valley Rd., Atlanta Ga |72 Beishline, Clayton R.; So., 1017 Capitol Avenue Atlanta Ga " |72 Bell, Clarence L.; Sr., Route I, Rydal, Ga ' ' 149 ■Bell, Donald H..; So., 408 McPherson Street, Bremen Ga Bell, Hildred L.; So.. Route I. Bremen, Ga. Bell, Jan R.; So., 310 Kramer Drive, Carrollton Ga 149 Bell, John R.; So., Route 3, Box 79, Ringgold, Ga . ' . ' . ' . " . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' 172 Bell, Joseph T.; Sr., 310 Kramer Drive Carroll ' fon Ga .... 150 Bell, Marcia C; Sr., R. 18 Cavender Street, Newnan, Ga. Bell, Mary A.; Fr., 411 Pacific Avenue, Bremen, Ga. ' Bell Mary L.; Fr., 205 Sumoter Street Eatonton Ga |72 Bell, Rex L.; So., Dallas Highway, Villa Rica, ' Ga " " |72 Bell, Vickie J.; So., 9049 Gorge Avenue, Sante ' e, Calif " 172 Bellamy, Wesley M.; Fr.. Luthersville. Georgia . ' .. ' , |72 Belville, Susan J.; So., 2 Emeral d Drive, Jonesboro, Ga ] " 172 Benchina. Barry L.; Jr., 708 Longview Street, Carrollton Ga ' . ' . ' . 172 Benefield, Alvin W.; Fr., 1191 East Avenue, Cedartown ' Ga 172 Benefleld. Duane A.; Fr., Route 3, Box 222A, College Park Ga " 172 Bennett, Beverly A.; Fr., Route 1, Gainsville, Ga ' |72 Bennett Gary B.; Fr., 227 Aus in Avenue, Carrollton Ga. Bentley, James A.; So., 22 Bradley Drive, Palmetto, Ga. Bentley, June W.; Jr., 1018 R ' dqeview Lane, Marietta, Ga. Bentley, Laura J.; So., 206 Mandeville Avenue Carrollton Ga 172 Bentley, Phyllis, L.; Sr., 279 Main Street, Palmetto Ga. Benton, Doris R.; Fr., Route 3, Box 313, Newnan, Ga |72 Berry. Christopher; Sp., 7 Hamilton Lane, Rome, Ga. Berry, James H.; Fr., 719 Maple Drive, Griffin Ga |73 Berry, Kathryn E.; So., 719 Maple Drive, Griffin, Ga. Berry, Penelope A.; Fr., 1718 Barnesdale Way Atlanta Ga. Bess, Charles R.; Fr., 151 Westview Street Canton. Ga. Bess, Linda S.; Fr., 151 Westview Street, Canton, Ga. Best, Verland W.; So., 4609 Northgate Drive, Columbus, Ga. Betsill, Roger W., Jr.; Fr., Box 315 E. Main St., Hampton, Ga 173 Betsill, Rosanne R.; So., 2576 Brentwood Road Decatur Ga Betts, Judith P.; So., Route I, Box 337, College Park, ' Ga |73 Beverly, James E.; Fr., 231 Carroll Street, Carrollton, Ga. Beverly, Janice; So., 5417 Carol Circle, Mableton, Ga. Bickerstaff. Frank J.; Jr., 2927 Carson Dr. Columbus Ga 173 Biddy, Linda D.; Sr., 512 Dallas St., Acworth, Ga. Biggs, Charles R.; Fr., 2739 Riviera Court, Decatur, Ga 173 Bilbro, Barry M.; So., 668 Brook Circle, Griffin, Ga 173 Billingsley, Evelyn V.; Jr., 125 Jefferson St., Newnan, Ga 150 Billingsley, Rose A. E.; Fr., 307 Ponce De Leon PL, Decatur, Ga 173 Bingham. Frances C; Fr., 2085 Clairmont Terr., Altanta, Ga 173 Bird, Frank M.; Fr., 305 Brookwood Drive, Marietta, Ga. Blron, Kathleen A.; Fr., 2622 Lakeridge Cir., Rome, Ga. Blssinnar, Mary P.; So., 4453 S. Beechwood Dr.. Macon, Ga 173 Blvens, James C; So., Ill Tuxedo Terrace, Atlanta. Ga 173 Bivens, Rosemary C; Fr.. 175 Polk Avenue. Dallas, Ga 173 HUBBARD PANTS COMPANY Manufacturers of Hubbard Slacks for Men and Boys Bremen, Georgia 275 Black, Judy M.; Fr., Route 3, Dallas Ga I7q Black, Larry E.; Sr., Ill South Street, Carrollton Ga. Black, Penny A.; Sr. 464A Pinecrest Cir., Marietta, Ga. Black, Sarah R.; Fr.. Route I TaylorsviHe Ga. ... ' ... j- Blackmon. William R.; So., Route 5, Elberton Ga Blake, Elizabeth I.; Fr., Box 184, Villa Rica Ga 173 Blalock, Sara A.; Fr.. Route 2, Adairsville Ga. Bledsoe, Mildred R.; Gr., Box 188, Franklin, Ga.. Boatner, David M.; Fr., 428 Lakeview Street, Griffin, Ga I73 Boatright, Malinda J.; Fr., Route 2, Bowdon, Ga. . . ' I73 Bobo, Gary A.; Sr., 960 Lynhurst Dr. S.W., Atlanta, Ga !. ' . ' !. ' !!. ' . ' . ' . ' !] 150 Bodiford, James G.; Fr., Box 317, Powder Spgs, Ga I73 Bodkin, Howard U.; Jr., 4795 Long Island Dr., Atlanta Ga. .......... ' . 173 Bogea, Antenor A.; So., Salvador De Oliveira San ' Luis Brazil 174 Boggs, Betsy L.; Fr., Route 4, Saddle Mtn Rd., Rome, Ga. ' ' . ' " . ' . ' " 173 Boggs, Marynan S.; Jr., Route I. Aragon, Ga I73 Bohac, Lynne; Fr., 1745 Foster Place, Macon, Ga . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' ] 173 Bohanan, Gregory M.; So., 108 Edqemoor Lane, Jonesboro Ga 173 Bohannon, Jane A.; Jr., 430 North Cliff St.. Carrollton, Ga. ' Bohannon, Kathryn L.; Sr., Box 28. Moreland, Ga. . ' . |50 Bolen, Larry M.; Fr., 201 Carroll Street, Carrollton, Ga. Bolin, Thomas C; So.. Richland. Georgia ' I74 Bolton, W. Neal; So.. 604 N. Jefferson, Eatonton, Ga ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . " . " . ' " 174 Bomar, Nancy C; Sr., Route 2, Box 251, Douglasville, Ga ' . |50 Bond, Jerry H.; Sr., Lakeshore Drive, Carrollton Ga. Bonds, Neil C; Fr., 169 Forest Avenue, Marietta, Ga. Bonner, Linda G.; Fr., 3 Brookside Drive, Newman, Ga 174 Booher, Linda S.; Fr.. 100 Crestview Circle, Carrollton, Ga. Boone, James W.; Jr., 150 E. Calloway Rd., Marietta Ga Booz, Betty J.; Sr., 213 East Tenth, Rome, Ga |50 Boren, John R.; So., Route 3, Fayetteville, Ga. Bosch, John W.; Jr., 1591 Melrose Drive, Atlanta, Ga I74 Boss, Henry T.; Sp., Route 2, Stockbridge, Ga. Boswell, Fred D.; Fr., 55 Sprayberry Road, Newnan, Ga. Boswell, Robert A.; Sr., 66 Towers Apts., Carrolltori, Ga. Boswell, Susan J.; Fr., 1898 Dyer Circle, Chamblee, Ga. Bouchillon, Hank L.; So., 202 Brown Street, Carrollton, Ga 174 Bowen, Charlene A.; So., 117 Clark Street, Carrollton, Ga ' . ' . ' |74 Bowen, Gail F.; Fr., 134 A. Bowen Street, Carrollton, Ga. Bowen, Gerald D.; Fr. Box 803, Cedartown, Ga. Bowen, Ida A.; Jr., 314 5th St., Manchester ' , Ga I74 Bowen, James A.; So., 880 Johnsons Ferry Rd., Atlanta, Ga. Bowen. Joel T., Jr.; Fr., Old Atlanta Highway, Covington, Ga 174 Bowen, Kerry W.; Fr., 134 A Bowen Street, Carrollton, Ga. ' Bowen, Robert L.; So., 2609 Meadowlake Dr., East Point, Ga. Bowen, Ronnie J.; Jr., 1256 Hambrick Rd., Stone Mtn, Ga. Bowers, Diane E.; So., Route I, Old Mtn Rd., Kennesaw, Ga 174 Bowers, Gregory S.; Fr., Route I, O ' d Mt. Road Kennesaw Ga 174 Bowie, Larry D.; Sr., Route 2, Box 280, West Point, Ga. Bowling, Betsy J.; Fr., 25 Brandon Ridge Dr., Atlanta Ga. Bowman, Keyes W.; Fr., 2857 Stone Road, East Point ' Ga. Boyd. George D.; Fr., 532 Pine Place, Riverdale, Ga. Boyd, James F.; Fr., West Georgia College, Carrollton, Ga. Boyd, Laura A.; So., Route 5, Bremen Road, Carrollton, Ga. Boyer, Diane L.; So.. 2337 De Lowe Apts 8, East Point Ga. Boykin, Bryan J.; So., 2515 Semmes St., East Point Ga 174 Boykin, Marion B.; Fr., 213 N. 14th Street, West Point, Ga. Boylen, Debbie L.; Fr., 700 E. Paces Ferry Rd. Atlanta Ga 174 Boyt, Alma J.; Jr., Box 42. Yatesville, Ga . ' I74 Bozeman, Bruce B.; Jr., 505 Webster Dr., Manchester, Ga . ' .... ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . " . ' 174 Bracknell, J. Richard; Fr., Route I, Temple, Ga. Branford, Linda J.; So., 865 Ormewood Terrace, Atlanta, Ga 174 Bradley, Carol F.; Sr., 421 Tennessee Ave., Bremen, Ga. ' 150 Bradley, David R.; Sr., Tower Apartments, Carrollton, Ga. Bradley, Larry G.; Sr., Route 2, Bowdon, Ga ' . 150 Bradley, Nan T.; Fr., 500 Harwell Avenue, La Grange, Ga. Bradley, Stephen R.; Fr., 35 Opal Street, Cartersville, Ga. Brandenburg L. Earl; So., Rr ute 3 Box 225 Griffin, Ga. Brannan. Andrew H.; Fr., Club Drive, Stockbridge, Ga 174 Brannan, Orice E., Jr.; Fr., 250 East Girard Ave., Cedartown, Ga . ' . ' .]. ' . " 174 Brannon, Barbara E.; Jr., 203 Dallas Drive, Thomaston, Ga. Brjnnon, Patricia S.; So., Route 4, Box 156, Alpharett ' a Ga. Brannon, Robert D.; So., 108 Woodcrest Drive, Rome. Ga. Brantley, Hubert L.; Fr., Box 761 La Grange, Ga. Bray, Patricia V.; Jr., Route I, Box 178, Griffin, Ga 174 Brentnall, Edward M.; So., 3680 Peachtree Road, Atlanta, Ga. Brewer, John L.; Fr., 4138 Livsey Road, Tucker, Ga 174 Brewer, Susan; Fr., 5487 Stoneybrook Rd., Mableton, Ga . ' . 175 Brewer, Thomas E.; So., 130 Carter Avenue, Carrollton, Ga. Bridges, Cheryl D.; Fr., Route I, Newnan, Ga. Bridges, Thomas A.; Fr., Route I, Newnan, Ga. Brigman, Florence C.; Gr., 116 Jones Street, Carrollton, Ga. Brigman, Thomas O., So., 1623 S. 26th St., Apt 3, Arlington, Va 175 Brindle, Joan L.; Fr., 505 Westview Drive, Fort Valley, Ga 175 Brinkley, Marilyn F.; Fr., 2885 De Lowe Drive, East Point, Ga 175 Brock, Barbara A.; Fr , 2038 Yucca Drive, Decatur, Ga ' 175 Brock, Gary C; Sr.. Route 2, Carrollton, Ga . ' |50 Brock, Jimmy L.; Fr., Austell Road, Austell, Ga ' . 175 Brock, Linda J.; So., 1924 Worley Lane, Montgomery, Ala. Brock, Lynda S.; Fr., 324 Olive Street, Cedartown, Ga 175 Brock, Marilyn; Fr., 442 North Lakeshore, Carrollton, Ga 175 Brodnax, William D.; So., 186 Lament Drive, Decatur Ga ' 175 Brooks, Allen F.; Fr., 215 E. 44 St., Savannah, Ga. Brooks, Brenda N.; Jr.. Route 5, Bowdon Road, Franklin, Ga 175 Brooks. Catherine E.; Fr., 301 Highland Avenue, Carrollton Ga 175 Brooks, Charles C; Gr., 215 E. 44 St. Savannah Ga. Brooks, Charles P., Ill; Fr., 1200 Clifton Road, Jacksonville, N. C 175 Brooks, James A., Jr.; Sr., 2858 Blossom Lane, East Point, Ga 150 Brooks, James R., Jr.; Fr., Route 5, Bowdon Road, Franklin, Ga 175 Brooks, Linda E.; So., Route 2, Monroe, Ga 175 Brooks, Mary A.; Jr., Route 3, Acworth, Ga 175 Brooks, Steven S.; So., 2321 Armand Road, N.E., Atlanta, Ga 175 Brooks, .Tony R.; Fr., 120 Freeman Street, Newnan, Ga. Broughfon, Perry; Sp., Route 3, Carrollton, Ga. Brown, Angle L.; Fr., Box 605, Villa Rica, Ga 175 Brown, Beverly; So., Route 2, Box 82, Mc Donough, Ga 175 Brown, Bill T., Jr.; Jr., 17 Waverly Circle, Newnan, Ga 175 Brown, Carole Y.; So., Box 83, Buchanan, Ga 176 Brown, Catherine A.; Fr., Berlin Street, Tallapoosa, Ga 176 Brown, Charlie J.; Gr., 210 Cherokee Drive, Tallapoosa, Ga. Brown, Charlotte M.; So., 2585 Amelia Avenue, Decatur, Ga 176 Brown, Cynthia H.; Sr., 2585 Amelia Ave., Decatur, Ga 150 Brown, Daniel W.; Fr. Route 4, Carrollton, Ga 176 Brown, Danny A.; Fr., Route I. Thomaston, Ga 176 Brown, Charlie J.; Gr., 210 Cherokee Drive, Tallapoosa, Ga. Brown, David L.; Jr., 119 Griffin Drive, Carrollton, Ga 176 Brown, David R.; Fr., Box 582, Austell, Ga 176 Brown, Deborah M.; fr., 16 South Second St., Lindale, Ga 176 Brown, Dennis L., Jr.; Sr., 6192 Ferry Drive N. E., Atlanta Ga 150 Brown, Homer F.; So., 1295, Briarcliff Road, Macon, Ga. Brown, Hugh H.; Sr., 415 Page Street, Eastman, Ga. Brown, James C, Jr.; Jr., 2062 Yucca Drive, Decatur, Ga. Brown, Joel D.; So., 131 Alice Lane, Carrollton, Ga. Brown, John D.; Jr., 2543 Layton Dr., Lithonia, Ga. Brown, John M.; Jr., 1334 Oldfield Rd., Decatur, Ga 176 Brown, Joseph D.; So., 9 Clarkesville Street, Cornelia, Ga 176 Brown, Larry J.; Fr., Route 2, Bowdon, Ga. Brown, Lisabeth L.; Fr., 1356 Scott Blvd., Decatur, Ga 176 Brown, M. Aladean; So 119 Gnffm Drive, Carrollton, Ga ,7c Brown, Myra B.; Fr., 178 College Avenue, Elberton Ga ' " Brown, Raymond E.; Fr., Route I, Franklin Ga Brown, Tmothy M.; Fr., 148 Benson Pool Road, Smyrna Ga Brown, W, lam C ; Fr., 2324 Burroughs Avenue, Atlanta, Ga ,7c Brown, W, ham M.- Fr., 213 1 2 Athens Street, Hartwell Ga nl Brown, Wilma D.; Gr., 3390 Honeysuckle Lane Lithia Spgs Ga " Bruce, Owen L ; Fr., 1030 Moreland Drive, Atlanta, Ga ' ,7, Bruce Stella M.; Sr., 2488 Wentworth Drive, Atlanta Ga Brumbelow, Dale W.; Fr., Box 362, Aragon Ga Rrnmh r ' T ' ' " ' i " . ' t P - 23, Tow r Apts, Carrollton, Ga |76 Brumbelow, Sylvia L.; Fr., 15 Vmeland Drive, Rome Ga . . 71 Brumby, Sarah M.;Sr., 451 Wissahickon -Ave., Cedartown, Ga. ::::: ' .::: 50 Bryant, Ph.lhp D ; Gr., 546 Covington Street, Jackson Ga. ° Bryant Wayne A ; Sr., 440 Havilon Way, Smyrna, Ga ,50 Bryant, William R.; So., Route 3, Box 79, West Point Ga . 7 Bryson, John E., Ill; So., Route I, Box 95 Waverly Ga Bubb, Bonnie B.; So., 628 Brennan Lane, ' Atlanta Ga ' .7 Bubenheim Penny A.; Jr., 894 Brownwood Ave., ' Atlanta Ga 7a Buchanan, Carlotta S.; Fr., Box 184, Bowdon Ga Buchanan, Ralph C; Jr., Box 104, Gay Ga ' ,7, Buchanan, Rebecca L.; Fr. Gay Georgia 7? Buck, Ronald W.; Jr., 4698 Greenspring Rd., College ' Pa ' rV ' Ga Buckalew Richard C; Sr., 1675 De Lowe Dr., S.W., Atlanta Ga |5| Buckner, Ted M.; Jr., 3834 Rockdale Drive, Columbus Ga Buffington, Cheryl A,; Fr., 4 ' ' 25 Cascade, Atlanta Ga 17 , Buie, Charles W.; Gr., 731 Rose Circle, Bainbridge Ga c? Bu ard, Trahlyta K.; So., Box 35, Lees Mill Rd., Falrburn Ga. ■. ' .■.■; m Bullock, Robert; Sr., 33 Public Square, Dallas Ga c, Bunn, Charles C, Jr.; Jr., 611 N. College St., ' Cedartown Ga Bunn, Robert Y.; Fr., 611 N. College St., Cedartown Ga ' Burch, Larry E.; Fr., 21 White Street, Hogansville Ga 171 Burdett, Lee B.; Fr., 3115 Rilman Road, N. W., Atlanta Ga 7 Burdette, Judith A.; Fr., Route I, Box 440, Washington ' Ga 177 Burdette, Stephen L.; Jr., 404 B. Park Lane, Carrollton ' Ga 177 Bureau, David L.; Fr., 29 Dixon Street, Newnan Ga ' 77 Burge, Gregory P.; So. 1720 Princeton Ave., College Park ' iSa 77 Burgess, Donnie E.; Fr., Route 5, Franklin Ga ' Burgess, Olin E., Jr; Fr., 104 Oakdale, Thomaston Ga. . 177 Burgess, Sara G.; Gr., 10 East Mill Street, Tallapoosa Ga Burgin, Van H III; Fr., 3131 Habersham Road, Atlanta Ga 177 Burke, John W.; So., 1954 Woodbine Terrace Atlanta Ga Burke, William M.; Jr., 1045 Oxford Rd., Atlanta Ga ' 177 Burks, James D.; Fr., 2766 Palm Drive East Point ' Ga 177 Burnett, Bruce C. So., Route I, Milner, Ga. ' Burnett, Linda C; Fr., 1640 Westwood Avenue Atlanta Ga 177 Burnett, Melanle L.; So., 1843 Skyland Terrace, Atlanta ' l9 Ga 177 Burnett, Robert M.; So., Route I, Talking Rock Ga Burnette, Dennis W.; Sr., 122 Bass Street, Carrollton Ga 151 Burnette, Emily E.; So., 5750 Sherbrook Drive, College Park Ga Burnham, Mary A.; Jr., 230 Griffin Drive, Carrollton Ga . ' ... . 177 Burnham, Robert E.; Fr., Route 5, Box 311, Newnan ' Ga ... 177 Burns, Barbara; Fr., Newnan Road, Carrollton Ga ' 177 Burns, Danny L.; Jr., Box 545, Dalton Ga. .. ' 177 Burns, David H.; So., Route I Whitesburg, Ga . ' . ' . ' . ' . " . ' . ' 177 Burns, Gary C; Jr., 219 Mt. Vernon Dr., Decatur Ga. .. 177 Burns, James F.; Fr., 608 S. Park Apts 4, Carrollton Ga. Burrell, Steve T.; So., 406 Church Street, Bremen ' Ga. Burson, Patricia A.; Fr., Route 2, Carrollton, Ga. ' Burt, Cassandra; Fr., 604 Fayetteville Road, ' Jonesboro Ga . . . . |78 Burton, Nancy E.; So., 2386 Springren Way, Decatur Ga. ... |78 Burton, Wallace E.; Fr., 218 Woodland Drive Calhoun Ga 177 Burtz, Van Lee; Fr., Box 459, East Point Ga Bush, Emily C; Jr., 2484 Black Forest Tr., Atlanta II Ga |78 Butler, Bobby L.; So., 1465 Atlanta Rd., Griffin, Ga |7g Butler, Cheryl C; Gr., 120 Cunningham Drive, Carrollton Ga Butler, Diana L.; Fr., 1714 N. Holly Lane N.E., Atlanta, Ga. Butler, James R.; So., 5903 Lenox Avenue, Jacksonville ' Fla 178 Butler, John D.; Jr., Route 2, Carrollton, Ga ' 173 Butler, Rebecca D.; Jr., K7 Watson St., Carrollton Ga . ' . ' . ' 178 Butterfield, Frank M.; Fr., 3067 Rockingham, Atlanta Ga. Butts, James E.; Fr., Box 148, Co llege St.. Bowdon, Ga. Bynum, William F.; Fr., Route 2, Box 79 C, Newnan, Ga 178 Byram, Charles F.; Sr., Route 5, Newnan, Ga. Byrd, Robert V.; So., 431 E. Street, Thomaston, Ga |78 Byrom, Patricia K.; Fr., Rome Road, Cedartown, Ga 179 Cagle, Ronald D.; So., 21 Alexander Street, Cartersville Ga ... |78 Cagle, Winfred D.; Jr., 2436 Lenora Place, Macon, Ga. Cain, Betsy E.; Fr., 1054 Everee Road, Gfiffin, Ga 178 Cain, Jackie R.; So., Route 2, Carrollton Ga. ' Cain, James C; Fr., 2312 Sanford Road, Decatur, Ga |78 Caldwell, Judy C.;, Fr., Route 2 Bowdon Ga . 178 Caldwell, Robert W.; Fr., Route 2, Senoia, Ga. Caldwell, Susan L.; So., 4693 Ruby Lane, Forest £a1 k, Ga 178 Calhoun, Charles B.; Jr., Box 344, Buchanan, Ga. ' ' " |78 Callaway, Everette L.; Fr., 122 Hillsdale Drive, Atlanta, Ga 178 Callaway, Joan; Fr., Route 2, Hogansville, Ga ' 173 Cambron, Patricia A.; Fr., 204 Virginia Avenue, Cedartown, Ga 178 Cameron, Elbert R.; Fr., 4740 Janice Drive, College Park, Ga. Camp, Janet Y.: Sr., 3949 Covington Hwy., Decatur, Ga |5| Camp, Janice E.; Fr., Route I, Box 170, Douglasville, Ga. Camp, Phyllis A.; Fr., 3949 Covington Hwy., Decatur, Ga 179 Camp, Ronald E.; So., Route I, Douglasville, Ga. Campbell, Candace J.; Fr., 726 Hillpine Drive, Atlanta, Ga. Campbell, Douglas L.; Jr., 607 Goodyear Street, Rockm ' art Ga. Campbell, Dwight C; Jr., 207 South Avenue, Forest Park, Ga. Campbell, Gail M.; So., 2175 Highview Road, Atlanta, Ga 179 Campbell, Hank M.; Sp., 124 College Circle, Cedartown, Ga 179 Campbell, Ronald M.; So., Route 2, Temple, Ga ' 179 Campbell, Sue A.; Sr., 630 Burson Avenue, Carrollton, Ga |5| Campbell, Thomas H.; Jr., 898 Clifton Road, Atlanta, Ga 179 Campbell, William M.; Sr., 630 Burson, Apt. 10 Carrollton Ga. Candler, Betty K.; Gr., Box 398, Villa Rica, Ga. Canedy, Christopher C; Jr., 185 Forrest Lake Dr., Atlanta, Ga. Cantrell, Johnny B.; So., 500 Atlantic Ave., Bremen, Ga. Cantrell, Rebecca A.; Jr., Route 4, Canton, Ga 179 Caperton, James E.; Fr., 2598 Briarcliff Road, Atlanta, Ga. Cappelli, Gina A.; Fr., 512 Knollwood Drive, Bremen, ' Ga 179 Capps, Jimmy M.; Jr., 229 Center Street, Mableton, Ga 179 Caraway, Donna C; So., 1334 Milton PL, Atlanta, Ga 179 Garden, Dennis L.; Fr., Route I, Bremen, Ga 179 Carel, Matilda M.; So., Box 344, Carrollton, Ga 179 Carithers, Kenneth A. ; Jr., 204 Rhodes Street, Union Point, Ga. Carlisle, William G.; Jr., Route 4, La Grange, Ga 179 Carmichael, Maurice W.; Fr., 406 Woodland Way. Jackson, Ga 179 Carney, Cynthia J.; Fr., II E. Lakeshore Drive, Rome, Ga. Carpenter, Rita S.; Fr., Box 5, Tunnel Hill, Ga 179 Carpenter, Samuel G.; So., 1153 Salem Road, Rossville, Ga. Carpenter, Stephen E.; So., 30 Edgewood Avenue, Thomaston, Ga 179 Carr, John R.; So., 820 North Sixth Ave., Laurel, Miss 179 Carroll, Charles B., Jr.; Sr., 634 Lawson Street, Bremen, Ga 151 Carroll, David E.; So., Route 4, Box 47, Alpharefta, Ga. Carroll, David W.; Fr., 981 Ormewood Avenue, Atlanta, Ga 179 Carroll, Kenneth W.; Jr., Peachtree Rd., Rt 3, Rockmart, Ga 179 Carroll, Laura L.; So., 429 Chestnut Street, Cedartown, Ga. Carroll, Lauren D.; Fr., 317 Roswell Street, Smyrna, Ga 179 Carroll, Valeria S.; So., Cedartown Road, Buchanan, Ga. Carruth, Cynthia A.; Fr., 117 Savannah Street, Toccoa, Ga 179 276 THE PEOPLES BANK MAIN OFFICE 401 ADAMSON SQ. BRANCH OFFICE CORNER MAPLE SOUTH Drive-ln Service at Both Offices Bohanon ' s Pharmacy YOUR COMPLETE DRUG STORE i Prescriptions Filled Accurately -i Sundries WE DELIVER Call 832-7076 Newnan Street Carrollton, Ga. 277 Carruth, Ronald L.; So.. 214 Jefferson Street. La Grange, Ga 179 Carstens, Jeffrey C; So., 2394 Lively Trail, Atlanta, Ga. Carter, Charles A.; Sr., Route 4, Bremen Road, Ca ' rrollton, Ga. Carter, D. Rodney; Fr., Route 4, Carrollton Ga. Carter. David R.; Sr., North Cliff St., Carrollton, Ga. Carter, James S.; Gr., 630 Burson, Apt. 5, Carrollton Ga. Carter, Paul L.; So., 619 Central St., Cedartown, Ga. ' Carter, Phil E.; Sr., 7! Tower Apartments. Carrollton, Ga. Carter, Philip T.; So., 114 Pinecrest Road. Carrollton, ' Ga. Carter, Raymond H.; So., 1585 Stanford Way, Decatur Ga 179 Carter, Robert W.; Jr., 2485 Graywall Street East Point Ga Carter, Terry D.; Jr., Route 3, Bo« 367, Griffin, Ga. Carter, Thomas L.; Fr., 2486 Graywall Street East Point Ga. Carter. William P.; Jr., 3150 Boulder Way, East Point, Ga. Casbon, J. Jesse; Gr.. 3559 Chamblee Tucker, Doraville, Ga. Cash, Render M.; So., 204 Gordon Street, Bremen, Ga. ' Cashell. Carol A.; So., Warm Springs Fndtn, Warm Springs, Ga. Cason, Debbie E.; Fr., 425 Lake Dr., Apt, E. 7, Marietta Ga 180 Cason, William C, Jr.; Fr., 428 Dixie Street, Carrollton, Ga. Cassidy, Janice P.; Fr., 2722 Braithwood Road, Atlanta, ' Ga 180 Castillo. Alice Y.; Fr., 2665 Fairburn Road, Atlanta, Ga " |80 Castleberry, Mary L.; Jr., 103 Blue Ridge Dr.. Marietta, Ga . ' . I80 Cafes, Charles H.; So., 112 Hampton Street, Mc Donough, Ga. Causey, Frank A.; Fr., 313 Westview Drive, Villa Rica, Ga! Causey, Kenneth D.; Fr., 104 A Newnan Road. Carrollton, Ga. Cauthen, Dennis J.; Sr., Route 2. Tallapoosa, Ga. Cauthron. Donna K.; So., 701 6th Street, Chickamauga, Ga 180 Cavan, Hendry L., Jr.; So. , 2823 Mount Olive Dr., Decatur. Ga 180 Cawley, Diana J.; So., Route 2, Talking Rock, Ga 180 Caylor, Phyllis F.; Sr., 402 Austin Avenue, Marietta. Ga I5| Chaffin. Joanne L.; Fr., 1679 Shamrock Drive, Decatur, Ga 180 Chaffin, Judy C; Fr., 701 Hillpine Drive, Atlanta, Ga. Chalpan, Earl K., Ill; Jr., 864 Deckner Avenue, Atlanta, Ga 180 Chambers, Barry C; So., 3800 Oglesby Road. Powder Spgs, Ga 180 Chambers, Foster K.; Fr., Route 2, Carrollton, Ga 180 Chambers, James A.; So., 608 E. Anderson St., Orlando, Fla. Chambers, Larry E.; Fr., Route I.Waco, Ga ' . 180 Chambers, Norene H.; So., 1404 Maple Street. Carrollton, Ga. Chamlee, Charles K., Jr.; Fr., Box 283, Adairsville, Ga. Chandler, Charles L.; So., 302 E. Jule Peek Avenue, Cedartown Ga 180 Chandler, Doug F.; So., 114 Frank Lane, Marietta, Ga. Chandler, William T.; Jr., Route I, Temple Ga 180 Chapman, Roberta H.; Gr., 503 Campbellton St ' ., Douglasville. Ga. Chapman, Virgil V., Jr.; Jr.. 628 Campbellton St., Douglasville, Ga. Chastain. Linda A.; Sr., 769 Rosedale Ave, Atlanta. Ga 151 Chasteen, Daniel C; Fr., 41! Lakeview Street, Griffin, Ga 180 Chatman, ' Robert A.; So., Box 273, Bremen, Ga. Cheatham, Robert R.; Fr., 3366 Woodview Drive, Smyrna, Ga 180 Cheatham, Ruby C; Fr., Maple Drive, Hogansville, Ga 180 Cheek, Nancy A.- Fr.. 834 Niskey Lake Cir.. Atlanta, Ga 180 Cheney. Christopner; So., 514 Loveman Lane. Dalton Ga. Cheshire, Randy R.; Fr., 281 Pine Hill Drive, Smyrna, ' Ga. Chester, William E., Jr.; So., 139 Evergreen Drive, Austell, Ga. Chestney, Robert W.; Jr.. 4400 Woodland Brook. Smyrna. Ga 180 Chick, John R.; So., Route 2, Box 420, McDonough, Ga 180 Chick, Martha L.; Fr., Route 2, Box 420, McDonough, Ga 180 Childers, Brenda J.; Fr., 158 Lions Club Drive, Mableton, Ga 180 Childs, Janet M.; So., 84 North Cedar. McDonough, Ga 18! Childs. Janice E.; Jr.. 537 Lee Drive, Gray, Ga. Chipman, Martha E.; So., 1982 W. Walker Ave.. College Park, Ga. Chopin, Maxine M.; Fr.. 3910 Lake Forrest Dr.. Atlanta. Ga. . ' 18! Christian, Robert R.; Jr., 661 Oakdale Drive, Forest Park, Ga 18! Christopher, John R.; Sr., Route I, Sharpsburg, Ga. Chronister, Carol E.; Fr.. 4605 Yates Road, College Park, Ga 18! Cigainero, Stephen R.; So., 109 Forrest Avenue, Cartersville, Ga. Clanton, Charles W.; Fr., 2847 Lancaster Drive, East Point, Ga. Clanton, Michael R.; So.. 3697 Table Rock Road, Charlotte, N.C. Clark, Dorothy E.; Fr., 2064 W. Mercer Avenue, College Park, Ga 181 Clark. Ida S.; Fr., 2163 Oakawana Road, Atlanta, Ga. Clark, L. Jack, Jr.; Fr., 174 Confederate, Dallas. ' Ga 18! Clark, Larry W.; Jr.. Route 3, Ellihay, Ga. Clark. Nancy E.; Fr., 1808 Fisher Trail, Atlanta, Ga 181 Clark, Sandra A.; Fr., 2450 Baxter Road, Atlanta, Ga 181 Clark, Susan L.; So., 3714 Chesapeake Way, East Point, Ga 181 Clarke, Joan E.; Fr., 1950 Ridgewood Drive, Atlanta, Ga 181 Clary, Merry M.; Fr., 2530 Delaware Avenue, Macon. Ga. Claxton, Alver B.; Sr., Box 502, Warner Robins, Ga. Ciayborn, Chester A.; Gr., 165 Demetra Drive, Mableton, Ga. dayman, Michael A.; Fr., 1228 Lenox Circle, Atlanta, Ga. Cleaveland, Jerry P.; Sp., 112 Ridgecrest Road, La Grange, Ga. Cleveland. Jerry N.; So.. Route 2, Locust Grove, Ga. Clifton, James R.; Fr., 23 Clarendon Avenue, Avondale Est., Ga. Cloud, Sarah D.; Gr.. 18 Mansour Circle, Newnan, Ga. Cloud. John F., Ill; Sr., 136 Stroud Drive, Mableton, Ga. Coalson, Jerry G.; Jr., 15 Elizabeth St., Rome, Ga 181 Coan, John A.; Fr., 200 Falrview Drive, McDonough. Ga. Cobb, John T.. Jr.; Fr. 6597 Long Acres Drive, Atlanta, Ga 181 Cobb, Judith D.; Fr., Route I, Box 51, Columbus, Ga 181 Cochran, Danny L.; Jr., Route 2, Hiram, Ga 181 Cochran, Ronnie L.; Jr., 213 Ridgecrest Dr., Dalton, Ga IBI Cochran, Roselle E.; So., 225 Stonewall, Rome, Ga ; 181 Cocking, Judith E.; Fr., 2729 Piney Wood Dr., Eastt Point, Ga 181 Codner. William A.; Sr., Route I, Box 87, Whitesburg, Ga. Cofer, Charles S. " Jr., T24 Sharon Circle, Americus, Ga. Cofer, Floyd A., Jr.; So., 601 Rome Street, Carrollton, Ga 181 Coffeen, Rebecca L.; Gr., 401 Longview, Carrollton, Ga. Coffeen. Reginald M.; Sr., Box 571, Carrollton, Ga. Coffman, Karen L.; Fr., 1251 Berkeley Road, Avondale Ests, Ga 181 Coggin, James S.; Fr., Route 4. Newnan. Ga. Coggin, Vivian E.; Sr.. 507 E. Temple Ave., College Park, Ga 151 Coggins, Martin E.; Fr., 326 S. Mc Intosh St., Elberton, Ga. Coker, Kathy P.; Jr., Route I, Monroe, Ga 181 Colby, Susan B.; Fr., 422 Broadland Road, Atlanta, Ga 181 Cole, Bonnie L.; Fr.. Route I, Bowersville, Ga 182 Cole, Cheryl M.; Jr.. Sharpsburg, Georgia 182 Cole, Connie G.; Fr., Route I, Bowersville Ga 182 Cole. Gary W.; Jr.. 672 E. Walker Ave.. College Park. Ga. Cole, Larry G.; So., Anderson Mill Rd., Austell, Ga 182 Cole, Joseph W.; Jr., 2508 River Oak Drive, Decatur, Ga. Cole, Judy D.; F,-., Anderson Mill Road, Austell, Ga 182 Cole, Larry G.; So., Anderson Mill Rd.. Austell Ga 182 Cole, Lynn W.; So., 22 1 2 Cleveland St.. Tallapoosa, Ga. Cole, Patricia A.; Jr., 196 Addison Dr., Marietta, Ga. Cole, Thomas S.; Fr., 22 1 2 Cleveland St., Tallapoosa Ga. Cole, William C; Jr., Box 482, Villa Rica, Ga. Coleman, Jane S.; Fr., 290 E mlra Place, Atlanta, Ga 182 Coleman, Robert C; So., 2149 Marann Drive, Atlanta, Ga. Coley, Laura J.; Fr., Morris Circle. Bowdon, Ga 182 Collier, Edward L.; Sr., P. O. 523 Dobbins AFB, Marietta Ga 151 Collier, Robert R.; Fr., 3623 Oakvale Road, Decatur, Ga. ' : 182 Collins, Betty F.; Gr., 124 Highland Avenue, La Grange, Ga. Collins, Jackie R.; Fr., 450 Sixth Street, Cedartown, Ga 182 Collins, James E.; Fr., 208 Kinsey Court, Atlanta, Ga 182 Collins, Jim A.; So., 439 Adamson Avenue, Carrollton, Ga 182 Collins, Joy L.; So., 2381 Snapfinger Road, Decatur, Ga. Collins, R. Kenneth; Sr., Route 4, Box 20A, Griffin Ga 182 Collins, Ronald J.; Jr., Jackson Courts, Carrollton, Ga. Colvin, Robert E., Jr.; So., 1201 Maple Street, Carrollton, Ga. Colwell, Joseph D.; Jr., Box 344, Zebulon, Ga |82 Combs, Alberta L.; Fr., Route 2, Box 183 Greenville Ga |82 Combs, Brenda J.; Fr., 1843 Robin Place, College Pa ' rk Ga . ' . ' |82 Cone, Nancy L.; Gr., 3913 Calhoun Avenue, Chattanoo ' ga Tenn Connell, Martha A.; Sr., 2692 Galahad Drive Atlanta Ga Connell, Robert C; Sr., Route 3, Cordele, Ga . ' ' . 151 Conner, Bobby; Jr., Route I, Box, 63, Flowery Brch Ga " . ' 182 Conner, Ronald T.; So., Box 92, Loganville, Ga. ' Conner, Veleta J.; Fr., Route 2, Villa Rica ' Ga roo Cook, Barry D.; Jr., 1411 W. Poplar Griffin Ga « Cook, Bencie M.; Gr., Box 292, Carrollton, Ga. Cook. Donald M.; So., 3987 Glenwood Road Decatur Ga . . |82 Cook, Irma G.; Fr., Route I, Box 154 Glenn Ga. ... ' . ... 182 Cook, James C, Jr.; Fr., 1319 Dug Gap Roa ' d, Dalton, Ga. Cook, Jo B.; So.. 406 Gordon Street, Chickamauga, Ga |82 Cook, John C; Jr., 3643 Calvin Drive Columbus Ga ] ' . ' |83 Cook, Margaret A.; Fr., 3719 Elm Street, Hapevi ' lle, Ga. .1] .. ... ...].. |82 Cook, Margaretha K.; Fr., Box 401, Bowdon Ga ...... |83 Cook, Melvin R.; Fr., 329 East Lee Street, ' Thomaston Ga ' . ' . ' . " . ' . ' |83 Cook, Nancy L.; Fr., 1580 Deer Park Road, Atlanta Ga. Cook, Robert C, Jr.; Fr., 766 Pegg Road, Atlanta, ' Ga |82 Cook, Ronald G.; So., Box 661 Bowdon Ga Cook, William G.; Sr., 3987 Glenwood Rd., Decatur, Ga 151 Cooke. Tommie B.; Gr., 709 King Street, Carrollton, Ga. Cooley, James F.; Fr., 123 Alice Lane, Carrollton, Ga. Cooper, David M.; So., 201 Foster Avenue Dallas ' Ga Cooper, Jackie R.; Fr.. 223 Stonewall Street, Cartersville Ga |83 Cooper, Sidney R.; So., 1191 Houston Mill Rd., Altanta, Ga. Cooper, Stephen C.; Fr., Route 3, Carrollton, Ga. . . . . ' |83 Copely, Patricia A.; Jr., Rte. 4, Bowdon, Ga. ' Copley, Phyllis; So., Route 4, Bowdon, Ga. Corbin, Carol F.; Fr., 1317 Clearmont dr., Opellka, Ala |83 Corbitt, Henry T.; So., 317 W. Cherokee Avenue, Cartersville, Ga. Corcoran, William P.; Sr., 4215 Windsor Castle, Decatur, Ga |5| Corder, Norman E.; Fr., 781 Scott Circle, Decatur, Ga. . ' 183 Cornelison, Paula S.; So., 2822 Goodfello ' ws Rd.. fucker Ga 183 Cornish, Ronald J.; So., 5274 Power Ferry Rd., N., Atlanta, Ga. Cosby, Anna K.; Fr., 408 Rose Avenue, Douglasville, Ga 183 Cosper, Glenda d; Jr., 1 10 East Chandler, Carrollton, Ga. Cosper, Jerry L.; Jr., 601 Aycock, St., Carrollton, Ga. ' 183 Cosper, Mary L.; Jr., 6 Johnson Ave., Manchester, Ga |83 Cottle, Margaret d; Sp., Route 5, Newnan. Ga. Cotton, Thomas A.; Sp., 970 N. W. 203 Street, Miami, Fla |83 Couch, Samuel J.; Sr., 500 Brookfeld Dr., N. E., Atlanta Ga. Couch, William M.; Jr., 417 3rd St., Manchester, Ga. . . ' |83 Counts, Nonie L.; So., 2032 Westminster Way, Atlanta, Ga. Cousineau, Diane; Jr., 16 Beech Road, Apt. 33, Marietta Ga. Cowart Louie W.; So.. 808 Cowan Avenue. Haoeville, Ga 183 Cown Norris A., jr.; Fr., Route I, Loganville, Ga. |83 Cox, Marsha L.; Fr., 114 Dilly Hill, La Grange, Ga. Cox, Robert A.; Fr., 3247 Mangum Lane, S.W., Atlanta Ga. Cox, Shirley d; Fr., 1354 Bramble Road, Atlanta, Ga |83 Cox, William M.; Gr., Girard, Georgia Craft, David W.; Fr., Box 43, Lawrenceville Ga |83 Craft, Phillip S.; Fr., 1109 East 2nd Avenue, Rome, Ga. Craig, Harris D.; Jr., 79 Sims St., McDonough, Ga 183 Craig, Paula J.; Fr., 1396 Knollwood Terr., Decatur, Ga 184 Cranford, Larry W.; Fr., 444 Deering Road, N.W., Atlanta, Ga 184 Craven, Brenda G.; Sr., Route 6, Ca ' rrollton Ga |5| Craver, William R.; Jr., 1944 Childress Dr., S., Atlanta, Ga. Crawford, Annie R.; So., Route 1, Carrollton, Ga 184 Crawford, Berta K.; Fr., Route I, Whitesburg, Ga |84 Crawford, Geron A.; Sr., Route I, Armuchee, Ga 151 Crawford, Randall. S.; Fr., Route 2, Carrollton, Ga. Crawford, Robert J.; Jr., 2897 Diana Dr., S.W., Atlanta, Ga 152 Crawford, Terry M.; Fr., 107 Tillman Drive, Carrollton Ga. Crawford, William d; So., 7601 Pleasant Hill Rd., Lithonia, Ga. Crawley, Randolph L.; Sr., 2470 Cascade Rd., Atlanta, Ga 152 Crenshaw, Janice; Fr., 3653 Herschel Road, College Park, Ga 184 Crider, Johnnie E.; Sr., 151 Etowah Drive, Cartersville, Ga. Crine, Mark J.; Sr., 233 First Street, Cairo, Ga. Crockett, David B., Jr.; Jr., Route I, Glenn, Ga 184 Crofton, Eileen M.; Gr., 303 Gordon Street, La Grange, Ga. Crofton, Thomas D.; Fr., 303 Gordon Street, La Grange, Ga 184 Crone, Janice M.; So., Box 421, LIthIa Spgs, Ga 184 Crook, Christie J.; Jr., Stewart Street, Carrollton, Ga 184 Crook, Danny d; So., 223 Lunie Dr., Mableton, Ga 184 Crosby, David A.. Jr.; Fr., 1668 Mason Mill Road, Atlanta, Ga 184 Cross, Eva M.; Fr., 706 Magnolia Street, Villa Rica, Ga. Crossley, Bryan T.; So., 1359 John Robert Dr., Morrow. Ga 184 Crouch, James D.; Fr., 615 Kincaid Avenue, Griffin, Ga 184 Crouch, William R.; Fr., 615 Kincaid Avenue, Griffin, Ga 184 Crowder, John L., Jr.; So., 550 Greenwood Street, Barnesville, Ga. Crowe, Mary S.; Fr., 131 Glendale Road, Rome, Ga. Crowe, Mavis A.; Sr., 116 Carter Avenue, Carrollton, Ga 152 Crumbley, Edward P.; Fr., Route 2, Box 121, Mc Donough, Ga 184 Crutchfield, Mary F.; So., 3448 Pheasant Court, Decatur. Ga 184 Crymes, Patricia- A.; Fr., 1216 Forrest Avenue, East Point, Ga 184 Culp, Juanita H.; Fr., 145 Jule Peek Avenue. Cedartown, Ga. Culp, Lloyd A.; Gr., 145 Jule Peek Avenue, Cedartown, Ga. Culpepper, Samuel d; Fr., 1651 Geary Drive, Atlanta, Ga 184 Cumbie, Aubln N., Jr.; So., 324 Brown Street, Carrollton, Ga 184 Gumming, Margaret A.; Jr., 1148 Maple Dr., Griffin, Ga 184 Cummings, James E., Jr.; Fr., 1619 17th Avenue, Columbus, Ga. Cunningham, Catherine; Jr., Box 202, Clarkesville, Ga IBS Cunningham, Sharon L.; Jr., 129 Cherrywood Lane, Marietta, Ga 185 Cunningham, Thomas O.; So., 2836 East Wynnton Ln., Columbus, Ga 185 Cureton, John F.; Sr., 20 Fifth St., Newnan, Ga. ■ 152 Cureton, Mary K.; Fr., 305 Phillips Street, Richland, Ga 185 Curlee, Mary L.; Fr., 2780 Fairburn Road, Atlanta, Ga 185 Curry, Russell A.; Gr., 414 N. Cliff Street, Carrollton, Ga. Cuffs, Hamilton, Jr.; Jr., 1409 Oak Grove Dr.. Decatur, Ga. Dadisman, Thomas D.; So., Pine Crest, JeffersoTi, Ga 185 Daher, Gabriel J.; Fr., 521 Drexel Avenue, Decatur, Ga. Dailey, Harold W.; So., Route 2, Box 483, Carrollton, Ga. Dalley, Robert W.; So., 284 Moreland Way, Hapeville, Ga.. Dailey, Stephen D.; Jr., 284 Moreland Way, Hapeville, Ga. Dale, James T.; Jr., Route 1, Hogansville, Ga. Daniel, Larry L.; So., 301 Clifton Terrace, Carrollton, Ga. Daniell. Willis W.; Fr., Route I, Whitesburg, Ga 185 Danner, David d; Jr., Warm Springs Hwy., Manchester, Ga 185 Darby, Barbara A.; Fr., 3341 Lamar Circle, Smyrna, Ga 185 Darby, James L., Jr.; Jr., 3341 Lamar dr., Smyrna, Ga 185 Darden, Robert W.; Jr., Route 3, Cedartown, Ga. Darnell, Darresa H.; Fr., Route 2, Buchanan, Ga 185 Darnell, Joyce M.; Fr., 203 Poplar Street, Marietta, Ga 185 Davaney, James R.; So.. 2481 Kingscliff Drive. Atlanta, Ga. Davaney, Joanne d; Fr., 2481 Kingscliff Dr., Atlanta, Ga 185 Davenport, Guy F.. Jr.; Fr., Morgan Valley Road, Rockmart, Ga 185 Davenport, Mary A.; Fr., 6315 N. Hampton Drive, Atlanta, Ga 185 Davey, Russell A.; So., 213 Robin Lane, Marietta, Ga. David, Geoffrey K.; So., 1891 Ravenwood Way, Atlanta, Ga 185 Davidson, Freda S.; So., Route 1, Carrollton, Ga 165 Davidson, Jenny L.; Jr.. Route I, Carrollton, Ga 185 Davis, Arthur F.; So., Route I, Carnegie, Penn. Davis, Catherine V.; Fr., 107 West 10th Street, Chickamauga, Ga 185 Davis, Charles J.; So., 2649 Vance Drive, East Point, Ga. 278 INSTANT USI Quality Concrete Products HOLLINGSWORTH CONCRETE PRODUCTS, INC. FERTILLA ROAD CAPITAL FOODS, INC. 777 Whitehall St., S.W. Atlanta, Ga. 279 Davis, Davis, Davis, Davis, Davis, Davis, Davis, Davis, La Grange, Ga. Ga Dean, James R.; Dean, Teresa E.; Deaver, Michael Dees, Artlnur G.; Dees, Dianne O. Charles W.; Fr., 2511 Pinetree Street, Atlanta Ga Deborah J.; Fr., 6700 Roswell Road, 7D Atlanta Ga Edward E.: Jr., Route 3, Box 85 A, Newnan Ga ' Elizabeth L.; Fr., 2155 Castewood St., East Point Ga Ellis D.; Jr., Route 3, Box 385, Griffin Ga ' . . Gay R.; So.. 131 Peachtree Street, Ca ' rrollton Ga Grace L.; Fr,, Route 2, Buchanan, Ga . ' ... Gregory F.; Fr., Route 5, Carrollton Ga Davis, Jacquelyn D.; So., Route 3, Box 157, Bremen Ga Davis, Juanita E.; So., Route 5, Carrollton, Ga... ' Davis, Kenneth M.; So.. Route I, Lawrenceville Ga Davis, Mary D.; So., ' t2b Shiloh Road, Kennesaw Ga ' . Davis, Patricia E.; Jr., Route I, Carrollton, Ga Davis, Raymond L., Jr.; So., 257 Rutland Circle Davis. Robert G.; Fr., Route 6, Carrollton, Ga ' Davis, Slater V.; Fr., 437 Mimosa Drive. Griffin Davis, Theresa J.; Fr., Route 5, Dalton Ga Dav son, Elbert L.; Fr., 725 S. College Street, Cedartown Ga .. Day, Cathy L.; Sr., 126 Oak Avenue, Carrollton, Ga . ' Deacon, William C. B.; Fr., 11 Reese Street, Newnan Ga Dean, James B.; Sr., 631 West Avenue, Carrollton Ga So.. P.O. Box 403, Villa Rica. Ga ' So., Route 2, Carrollton, Ga. A.; Fr., 95 River Road. Jonesboro Ga . Jr., 4131 Hilltop Drive, College Park, Ga. . So.. 1355 Hawthorne Way. East Point Ga. De Hoop, Elizabeth M.; Sr., 128 E. Center Street. Carrillton Ga. ' Dell, Lynda L.; So., Route 2, Senoia, Ga. Dell, Michael R.; So., Lockheed Rep AFSEC B 5, APO, New York Dellinger, Sherry F.; Fr., Carrollton Street Bowdon Ga De Loach, Phillip G.; Fr., Route 2, Box 231, West Point Ga Dempsey, Clyde D., Jr.; Fr., 1970 Rena Circle, Atlanta. ' Oa . Denham, Bernard R.; So.. Box 132 Riverdale Ga Denney, Larry E.; Jr., West Club Drive, Carrollton Ga Denney, Sharon M.; Fr., 207 Main Street, Franklin. ' Ga Denney, Wayne T.; So., 306 Boulevard, La Grange, ' Ga. Deraney, James J.; Fr., La Fayette Street, Eatonton, Ga De Simone, Ambrose J.; So., 406 Longview Street. Carrollton Ga Devereaux. Michele M.; So., 3164 Inman Drive, Atlanta, Ga. Dewberry, Glenda A.; Fr., Route I, Box 320 B, Bremen, ' Ga. Diamond, Thomas W.; Jr., Route 3, Cedartow ' n, Ga. Dickens, Wilma A.; Sr., Route 6, Tifton, Ga. Dickerson, Cathy A.; Fr., 321 McGarity Road, McDonough Ga... Dickerson, Glynda S.; So., Old Newnan Road, Carrollton Ga. Dickerson, Henry R.; Jr.. Old Newnan Rd., Carrollton Ga Dickson, Donna B.; Fr., Box 144, Chickamauga, Ga. ' Dillard, Frances C; Fr.. 2971 Pasadena Drive, Decatur, Ga Dillard, Joyce E.; Jr., Route 4, Lake Monroe, Douglasville Ga Dingier, Doak, I; Fr., 20 Kiker Street, Tallapoosa, Ga. Dingier, Michael L.; Sr., Rt. 3, Benedict Rd., Cedartown Ga. Dion, Janet M.; Fr., 413 Lee Circle, Forest Park, Ga. Dlprima, Julius P., Jr.; Fr.. 110 Sycamore Street Rome Ga. Dismukes, Martha R.; So., Route 2, Heflin, Ala Dixon, Richard A.; So., 127 Maple Street, Carrollton, Ga. Dobbs, Susan E.; So., 110 Stephenson Driv e, Ft. Oglethorpe Ga. . Dodson, Brenda K.; Fr.. 315 Candler Street, Villa Rica Ga. ' Dodson, Diane L.; Fr., 4023 Lesley Drive. College Park ' . Ga Dombrowskl. Michael E.; Jr.. 2638 Tolliver Dr., Ellenwood Ga. ... Donaldson, Linda D.; Fr.. 2419 Bollingbrook Dr., Atlanta ' Oa Donaldson. Robert E.; Fr., 2648 Forrest Way, Atlanta, Ga Donehoo, Ralph S.; Fr., 1256 Coleman Street, Roswell ' , Ga. Dooley, J. Ronald; So., Route 3, Summerville, Ga Dorsey, Striblen J.; Gr., Route 4. Carrollton, Ga. Doster, Larry H.; Jr., Box 182 Savage Court Smyrna Ga Dothard. Carrie L.; Gr., 415 High Street. Carrollton ' Ga. Doughtie. Charles T.; Jr., 502 E. College, Griffin, Ga. Dougherty, Daniel O.; So., 144 Avery Street. Decatur. Ga Doua ' as, Susan M.; So., Route I. Box 399 Alpharetta, Ga Dowdy, Joanne; Fr., Route I. Temple, Ga Dowling, Carol D.; Fr., 213 Lower Roswell Rd., Marietta, Ga Downey, Charles P.; Jr., II East Mill St., Tallapoosa, Ga. Downey, Marilyn G.; Sr., Route I, Tallapoosa, Ga. Draughon, Donna J.; Sr., 3975 Covington Hwy. Decatur Ga Drennon, Harold W.; Fr., 3734 Peachtree Rd. A2, Atlanta Ga. ... Drew, Jack T.; Sr., Route 5. Carrollton, Ga Drew, James B.; Fr., Route I, Tallapoosa Ga. Driver. Betty C; Sp.. Route 3, Box 105, Carrollton, Ga. Driver, Stanley D.; Fr., Box 48, Whitesburg, Ga. Drumheller, Martha F.; So.. 5640 Eden Roc Lane, N. Atlanta, Ga. Drumm. Janis E.; So., 2396 Woodridge Drive, Decatur, Ga. . ' Du Bois, Janlne C; So., 495 Elden Drive, N.E. Atlanta, Ga Du Bose, Thomasene; So., Route 2, Buchanan, Ga Dubose, Wilma J.; Gr., Route I, Carrollton Ga. Duffey. Glenda D.; Sr.. P.O. Box 353, Experiment. Ga Duffey, Sherry L.; So.. Route I, Newnan, Ga Duggan, Morton B., Ill; So., 4052 Shawnee Lane Atlanta. Ga. Duke, Aubrey B.. Jr., 3684 Keswick Drive. Chamblee Ga Duke, Carol W.; Jr., 522 Longview Street, Carrollton, Ga. Kenneth N.; Fr., 233 Franklin Street. Jackson, Ga. Michael L.; So., 233 Franklin Avenue, Jackson, Ga. Sara L.; Jr., Box III, Hamilton. Ga. ay. Candace E.; Fr., Elder Street, Fairburn, Ga ay. Kit M.; Sp., I demons Drive, Rockmart, Ga. ay, Susan G.; So.. 808 S. Green Street Thomaston. Ga Duncan, Brenda J.; So., Box 33, Chatsworth, Ga. Duncan. Richard A.; So., W. Club Drive, Carrollton. Ga. Duncan, Ronnie M.; Fr.. 408 Wayne Drive, Eatonton, Ga Dunn, Clayton F;. Fr., Route I, Williamson. Ga. Derry T.; Fr .. 325 College Drive. Cedartown. Ga , 601 A Old Conyers Rd., Stockbridge, Ga. ... : Fr., Box 158, Williamson. Ga Route I, Meansville. Ga. So., Route 3. Ringgold, Ga ; Fr., 3053 Meadowlark Lane, East Point. Ga. 57 Hollis Heights, Newnan, Ga Crawfordville, Georgia 2 Bridlewood Drive, Dalton. Ga Duke, Duke, Duke, Dunaw Dunav Dunaw Dunn. Dunn, James A.; Fr Dunn. Lamar E.. Jr. Dunn, Larry W.; Jr., Dunson, Samuel E.; Durrent, Williams S. Dye, Larry H.; Fr., Dye, Robert J.; Sr., Dyer, Gloria D.; Fr Eades. Kay A.; So., 2468 Susan Lane, Atlanta. Ga. ' Eason, John W.; So., 272 Skyland Drive. Roswell, Ga. Eddleman, Gladys S.; Gr., 119 Alice Lane, Carrollton, Ga. Eddleman, Kay E.; Sr., 218 Carroll Street, Carrollton, Ga. Edge, David R.; Fr., 448 South Marble St., Rockmart, Ga Edge, Joel I.; Fr., 510 Marshal, Cedartown, Ga Edge, Richard C; Jr.. 109 Groover Plaza, Carrollton, Ga Edge. Sharon S.; Fr., 109 Groover Plaza, Carrollton, Ga. Edgerton, Christopher; Fr., 2224 Meadowlane Drive, Atlanta, Ga. . Edgerton, James L., Jr.; Jr., 2224 Meadowlane Drive. Atlanta, Ga. Edmonds, Victor C; So.. 109 Alice Lane. Carrollton, Ga. Ednoondson. Cynthia A.; Fr., 1720 Bethsaida Road, Riverdale. Ga. . Edmondson. Larry H.; Fr., Box 201. Temple. Ga ' Edwards, Daniel R.; Fr.. 3190 Betty Circle, Decatur, Ga Edwards, George W.; Jr., 105 Dogwood Way, Decatur. Ga Edwards, Juanelle R.; Sr., 501 Rome Street, Carrollton, Ga. Edwards, Laura A.; Jr., 211 High School Ave., Monroe, Ga. Edwards, Mary E.; Fr., 220 Luckie Street. Cartersville, Ga Edwards. Robert W.; Sr., P.O. Box 223, Jackson, Ga Edwards, Susan A.; Fr., 1913 Dresden Drive, Atlanta, Ga Egan, Roger P.; Sr.. 45 Sllverwood Rd., N. E., Atlanta, Ga. 280 187 187 187 187 187 187 187 187 187 187 187 187 187 187 187 152 187 187 187 187 152 .187 187 52 f ' h " r! ' RT ' r ' " ' t " " ' " street, Manchester, Ga iPo Eidson, Billy G.; Sp., Route 4, Carrollton Ga " " Eidson, Earl W.; Gr., Route 2, College Park, Ga fcidson, Harold M.; Sr., Route 5, Newnan Ga Eiss, Beverly S.; So., Box 632, Venice Fla ,.„ Edridge Patricia A.; Fr., 4164 South View Drive, " Macon ' , ' G ' . ' i ' ] ll Eey, Deborah J.; Fr., Franklin, Georgia ° ' Eerbee Steven H.; So., 301 Hill Street, Thomaston! ' Ga. " . ' . ' . ' ll E lo , Constance J ; So 36. Bowdon Street, Tallapoosa, Ga. . ' . ' :. ' . " . ' 09 E, oft Patricia F; Sr., Redding Road, Atlanta, Ga. .. ?! E IS, Angela T.; Fr., Pine Circle, Marietta, Ga .. " E IS, Caro L.; Jr., 142 Luckie St., Cartersville, Ga. ' ' E IS. Charlotte A.; Gr., Route I, Tallapoosa, Ga. E IS, David A.; Fr. 1 103 South Crest Rd., Rossville Ga. . .. ,00 E IS, Frank L.; Sr., 37 W. Wash Street, Newnan Ga ' ' fc lis, Roger M.; Fr., Route 6, Dalton Ga . ' ' ,„„ Erod, Sheryl E.; Jr., Cherry Street, Adairsvil ' le, ' Ga! ' . ' : ! r ' F r- ' h ' R k° ' ' i- ' -d° ' S ' " Cir. S.W., Atlanta, ' Ga. " :. ' ::: 89 Emrich Barbara A.; Fr., 3072 Arden Road, N.W, Atlanta Ga Fn l ' i?°i; ' ' c ' ' ■ ' ; F , 2582 Dewey Avenue, East Point, ' Ga ... iflo Eng and, Linda F.; Jr., Route I, Kennesaw, Ga S! English, Winifred B.; Sr., Route 3, Bowdon Ga ' ' c I " ' i, S-i9- ,S,°-r ' ' ° Hilderbrand Avenue. Atlanta Ga. Entrekm, Billy W.; So., 26 Tower Apts, Carrollton Ga. Entrekin, Brenda L.; Jr., 308 Guinn Street, La Grange Ga. ... ,09 Epps, Lindsey M; So. 114 Darrell Drive, Marietta, Ga „p Ergle, John D ; Sr., 1456 Childress Drive, Atlanta Ga ' ' Erwin, Michael B.; Sr., Sunset Dr., Lindale Ga Eschenfelder Jarrett; So., 2010 Hayes Dri e, Norcross, Ga ... ir, Estep, Paul D.; Jr., Route I, Buchanan Ga ' " Estes. Calvin E.; So., Route 2, Bradford Tenn Estes, Lautoria L.; Fr., 416 Dewey. Way ' cross Ga. .. lag Estes, Thomas R.; Fr., 2445 Lake Terrace, East Point Ga Ethendge David T ; Fr 232 Kenwood Road. Smyrna. Ga ,09 Eubanks, Judy R.; Jr., 21 Heery Road, Newnan Ga " Eubanks William D.; So., 1995 Wellbourne Dr., N., Atlanta Ga. ... ,09 Evans, Brenda Y.; Fr., Route 3. Carrollton Ga Evans, Carolyn A. Fr., Route I, Fairmount, Ga ,(, } Evans, Charles B.; Fr., Taliaferro Drive, Hogansville Ga Evans, Douglas E.; Fr., 4961 N. Fourlone Hwy. Acworth Ga Evans, Edna S.; Sr.. 908 Linden Dr., Dalton Ga ' ' |„ Evans, Nina J.; Fr., 68 Head Avenue, Tallapoosa Ga Evans, Roswell L, Jr.; So., 1304 Dile Stret, Carrollton ' Ga Evans, Ruth A ; So., 407 Belva Street, Carrollton, Ga ,09 Evans, Vickie C; Fr. 1318 Dorothy Drive, Decatur Ga Everett, Alma E; So., 116 Park Avenue, Statesboro Ga. . . 19A Everett, Carter S.; So., Route I, Summerville Ga Everett, Ronald S.; Jr., 999 Dill Ave. S.W., Atlanta Ga ... 1=9 Ewing, H. J.; Fr., 1830 Peachtree Road, Atlanta Ga Ewmg, Viki J.; Jr., Route 3, Monroe Ga ' .on Ezzell, Ruth F,; Gr., Ill Donley Drive, Rome Ga ' " Ezzell, William D.; Gr., Knollwood Drive Bremen Ga Fairchild George W; So., 122 Sunset Drive, Warner Robins, Ga rcn Falkner, Ronnie M.; Jr., 1779 Vickers Cir., Decatur Ga Fannin, Jacqueline R.; Fr., 2178 Golden Dawn Dr., Atlanta Ga .. 190 Farmer, Carl B; Jr., 1548 Mason Mill Rd. N.E., Atlanta Ga . o Farme.r, Kenneth E.; Jr.. 97 Tillman Drive. Carrollton, Ga. Earner William T.; Jr.. Box 297 G 5. Swainsboro Ga. .. ion Farr. James T.; Jr., Route I Temple Ga Farr, Margie L.; Jr., 338 Rockmart ' Pd., Villa Rica Ga ,90 Farrar George T., Jr.; Jr., Route I, Box 276, Griffiin, Ga. .... ' . ' : on Farrell, Judith J.; Jr. 136 Airport Road, Griffin, Ga on Farris, William D. Fr.. 1161 Cardinal Way. Atlanta Ga Faulkner Jacquelyn K.; So., 4555 Campbellton Road, Atlanta Ga . 190 Feagle, Margie E.; Fr., 401 South Boulevard, Carrollton Ga Ferebee, Thomas W., Jr.; So., Qts Fo-2, Cliff Road APO NY Ferguson, Frances V.; Fr., Route 3, Thomaston Ga ' ... ' ' ' ion Ferguson, Gene L.; Fr., Ill Castlewood Drive, Marietta Ga 9n Ferguson Lewis H.; Fr., 1800 Mobile Dr., AP 290, Atlanta ' Ga. ... ' . ' . on Ferree Bonnie A.; Fr., 1602 Tamarack Trail, Decatur Ga on Ferrell, James T.; Fr., Route 5, Newnan Ga ,1?, Fetner, Deidre J.; Fr., 1588 Vernon Road, La Grange Ga " ] on Fieds, AprJ J.; Fr., 2003 Westwood Ave., Atlanta 10 Ga q? Fieds, Deborah R.; Sr., 228 South Street, Carrollton Ga c. Fields, Don E.; Sr., Hazel Dr., Dalton Ga c. Fields, Martha J.; Jr., 1755 Harper St. N.W., Atlanta ' , ' Ga ' . ' i! " . " ! on Fields Sammy R.; Jr., 630 Burson Avenue, Carrollton Ga ily Fifield. Dennis J ; Fr., 4207 Sun Valley Blvd, East Poi ' nt Ga. .:.:: ' .: on Fmley, Eugene C; Fr., 600 W. Woodland Drive Dalton Ga 90 Fiquett, Larry Wayne, Sr., Omaha Georgia ' c, Fisher, Sally C; Sp., 536 Newnan Street, Carrollton Ga Flagler, Thomas T.; Fr., 1795 W. Wesley Rd. N.W. , ' Atlanta Ga 190 Fanders, Marvin J., Jr.; Fr., 1796 Briarlake Circle, Decatur Ga . on Feeman, James D., Jr.; So., Box 163, Waverly Hall Ga oj Feming, Dale L.; So., Route I, Roopvllle Ga F etcher. Thomas A.; So., Route 2, Carrollton Ga .. 191 F inn, Richard O.; So., 145 Avery Drive, Atlanta Ga Fournoy, Joanne M.; So., 1323 Washington Street, La Grange Ga. 191 Flournoy, Thomas J.; Fr., Route I, Hogansville Ga ' Flowers, Cassandra W.; Gr., 119 Adamson Avenue, Carrollton Ga Rowers Carol P.; Fr., 115 Brentwood Drive, Mableton Ga .. 191 Foyd, Nancy C; Jr., Route 3, Box 77, Newnan Ga 9 Powers Patricia Ann; Sr., Route 2, Pine Moun ' tain Ga. ... l Flurry. Linda A.; Fr.. 306 West Third. Hohenwald, Tenn .... 91 Foote, Erick E.; Sr., 380 Maple Avenue, Marietta Ga Fordham, Malcolm J.; Jr., Route I Dublin Ga Fordham, William L.; So., 206 South Alma Street, Carrollton Ga 191 Forrester, Sara C; Sp., 4200 Pathersville Rd., Ellenwood Ga Forsyth, Charles F.; Sr., 2905 Newton Rd. Albany Ga ' ' |« Fortenberry, Martha J.; Fr., 356 Market Street, Clarkston Ga ' . Fortson, Kay; So., 198 Tutsen Street, Elberton, Ga. Fossett, Frank S.; So., 311 Florence Avenue Dalton Ga Foster, David L.; Fr., Route 4, Carrollton Ga . ' 191 Foster James M.; Fr., Route 5, Carrollton Ga 9 Foster, Larry A.; Jr., 202 Oak Avenue, Carr ' ollton Ga Foster, S. Renee; Fr., 103 Bent Hickory, Smyrna Ga . 191 Foster. Terry M.; So., 122 East Street, Forest Park Ga. .. 19 Foster, Thomas S.; Fr., Route 4, Franklin Ga. Foster, Vicky L.; So., 631 Bankhead, Carrollton Ga . 191 Foster, Virginia H.; Gr.. 100 Harris Street, La Grange Ga Foster, Walter P.. Jr.; So., 1853 W. Cambridge, College Park Ga . I9I Fountain, Harrell C; Sp., 505 Cedar Street, Carrollton Ga ' Fountain, Phyllis L.; Gr., 505 Cedar Street, Carrollton ' Ga. Fouts, Mark L.; Jr., 169 Old Gordon Rd.. Mableton Ga |9| Fowler, Donna L.; Fr., 2625 Arrowood Drive East Point Ga " " |9| Fowler, James F.; Jr., 102 Denham Street. Thomaston Ga 191 Power. James M.; So.. 1583 Harts Mill Road, Atlanta Ga. . 191 Fowler, Larry L.; Fr., 65 Whitlock Avenue, Marietta Ga. Fowler. Robert E.; Fr., Route 2, Box 242 Douglasville Ga Fraley, Donald F.; Fr., 3830 University Blvd.; Jacksonville Ga -191 Franklin, Calvin C, Jr.; Fr., 4908 Golden Circle Mableton Ga.. |9| Franzen, Gail R.; So., 1130 Walker Drive, Decatur, Ga ' . ' |9| Frederick, Donald B.; Gr., 203 Ivy Street, Rockmart, Ga. Freeman, Ardis A.; Sr., Box 179, Newnan, Ga. Freeman, Beverly A.; So.. Route I, Box 311, Hogansville, Ga. Freeman, Joe H.; So.. 1333 Lockwood Dr.. Atlanta, Ga |9| Freeman, Lewis M.. Jr.; So., 546 Indian Spgs. St., Jackson, Ga. Freeman, Patrica K.; Gr., 106 Waverly Way, La Grange. Ga. WEST GEORGIA NATIONAL BANK Complete Banking Service Two Convenient Locations MAIN OFFICE 218 Alabama St. 832-3557 MOTOR BANK 314 Newnan St. 832-3631 •ERVICX SANK Carrollton Georgia TRI-COUNTY INSURANCE CO. Auto • Fire • Life Bonds • Casualty COMPLETE INSURANCE SERVICE Corner of College and Cedar Streets 832-9676 Carrollton, Georgia AVANTE ' S PIZZA PALACE and PIZZA PATIO Adannson Square 832-9384 1210 Maple Street 834-2732 Dining, Delivery, Take Out Catering . . . Especially For West Georgia Students 281 Freeman, Richard G.; So., Route 5, Carrollton Ga Fretwell Richard C; Fr., 3437 Rolling Green, ' Atlanta Ga. . lo, Fnesmuth, Robert M.; .Jr., 2882 Arrowood Dr., East Point, Ga. " ..;. ' 92 Fu er, Cecilia A.; Jr., Route 3, Box 73, Newnan. Ga. . . q, Fu er, Michael A.; Fr., Northside Drive, Lawrenceville Ga Fu er, Peggy G.; Fr., 1008 Park Street, Gainsville, Ga. ... ' .. 19, Fu ler, Ronald M.; Fr., 2028 Shirley Street, Atlanta Ga o, Fulmer, Helen C.; So., 2255 Lenox Road, N. E. Atlanta, G a. " . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' :. ' :. 97 Fulton, Robert L.- So., 3067 Luland Road, Decatur. Ga. ... „ Funderburk, Sara D.; Fr., 612 Brood Street, La Grange Ga. 97 Funderburk, Sarah E.; So., 210 Prospect Street, Roswell Ga 9, Fuquea, Patricia A.; Fr., Route 2, Calhoun Ga. ... „ Fuquea, Tomrriy E.; Fr., Route I, Box 577, DouglasvillerGaV!. ' .■;.■.■.■. ' 97 riu ' ° " ' 1 f • ' c- ' ' - F " - E Pe i " =nt Station, Experiment, Ga. Gable, Kenneth R.; So., Route I, Lindale Ga Gabriel, William E. Jr.; Jr., 2216 Beecher Circle. Atlanta, Ga 192 Gaines, Allen G.; Jr., 356 Heard Street, Elbrton Ga. .... 9, Gabraith Claudia L.; Fr., 101 Turner Chapel Rd., Rome Ga. Gallant, Robert L.; Fr., 283 Blanche Drive, Marietta Ga 19, Gambrell, C. Stanley; Jr., Route 3, Carrollton Ga ' Gambrell, Danny M.; Sr., 126 Adamson Ave., Carrollton Ga faambre , Edwin hi.; So., 697 Densley Drive, Decatur, Ga ... 197 Gambrell, Nancy G.; Sr., 304 Stewart Street, Carrollton Ga Gamel, Sylvia J.; So., 344 Ridgecrest Road, Smyrna, Ga 197 Gammans, Richard E; Fr., 3081 Mangum Lane, S.W., Atlanta, GaV ■. ' . ' .■. 92 Gantt, Sue A.; Jr., Box 206, Stovall Rd., Greenville Ga 97 Gantt, Thornas E., Jr.; Fr., 1411 Lockwood Dr., Atlanta Ga . " .■ 97 Gardner, Glynda A.; Jr., 119 Biscayne Drive Bogart Ga Garand. Clarence C; Fr., Palmetto-Cascade Road, ' Atlanta Ga. . . 192 Garland, Douglas L.; So., Route I, Fairmount Ga 97 Garand, Jerry D.; Sr., Route I, Fairmount, Ga li Garland, Thomas K.; Jr., Route I, Rock Springs Ga Garland, William E.; Fr., Route I, Fairmount Ga 197 Garmany Emmett L., Jr.; So., 507 W. Pine Street, Fitzgerald ' ' Ga Garner, James D.; Jr., Route 2, Tallapoosa Ga . . ' ' 197 Garner. Joseph C; Fr., Route 2, Buchanan, Ga 9 Garrett, Herbert W.; Sr., Box 174, Lincolnton, Ga „ Garrett, Mary J.; So., 404 Lincoln, La Grange Ga 9, Garrett, Stephen A.; Fr., 3470 Charlemagne Dr ' ., Decatur ' Ga " " . ' 93 Garrich. Michael A.; Fr., 2322 Headland Drive, East Point Ga Garrison, Dons V.; Sr., Route I, Taylorsville Ga Garrison, Judith L.; Jr., 206 Parkwood Rd., ' Smyrna Ga Gartrell, Larry R.; Jr., Route I. Talking Rock Ga ' Gary. Martha B.; Fr., Georgetown Georgia ' . 19:, Gary, Tom D.; So., Box 291, Georgetown Ga. Gasaway Philip W.; So., 206 Addie St., La Grange, Ga 193 Gasses, Michael A., Jr.; Fr., 88 College McDonough, Ga 95 Gaster, Karen S.; Sr., Box 335, Gordon Ga Gay, Harold W.; Gr., 3175 N. Fulton Avenue, Hapeville Ga Gay, Helen C; So., North Highway, Hogansville Ga ' . 19:! Gay, Leon B.; Jr., Route 3, Canton, Ga ,, Gay. William R.; So., North Highway, Hogansville Ga ' . ' . 9, Gehnng, Donald D.; Gr., Route 2, Carrollton Ga ' Gentry, Constance M.; Sr., Blvd, Avenue, Tallapoosa Ga ic. Gentry, Lawrence L.; Gr., 202 Hill Drive, Carrollton ' Ca. Gentry, Paul D.; Fr., 202 Hill Drive, Carrollton Ga Gentry, Sarah M.; Fr., Route I, Bowdon Ga George, Ed Thomas, Jr.; Jr., Route 2, ' Box 130, Newnan, Ga ... 153 George, Frederick A.; So., 4880 Carol Lane, N.W., Atlanta, Ga 93 G-vedon, Michael R ; Sr., Jackson Court, Apt. II, Carrollton, Ga . ' . ' . ' I53 Gibbs, Charles W.; Sr., Route 3, Box 261, Douglasville Ga G bbs, Eula S.; Fr., Box 284, Llthia Spgs., Ga ' ' ,9, Gibby, Donald L.; Fr., 2405 Mellville Ave., Decatur Ga. 93 Gibson, Brenda D.; Fr., 7 N. Main Street, Sargent Ga 93 Gibson, Deborah L.; Fr., 2574 Woodwardia Road, Atlanta, Ga. " . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . " . ' . 93 Gibson. Frank M.; Jr., 138 Howell Road, Carrollton, Ga. B3 Gibson, Garland J., Jr.; So., 126 House Circle, Carrollton Ga .... . ' m Gibson, Steven I; Fr., 761 Pasley Avenue S.E., Atlanta Ga Gift, Linda R.; Jr., Fort Valley Road, Barnesville Ga. .. . 193 Gilbert, Aubrey W.; Jr., 118 Ridley Drive, Carrollton, Ga. G. bert, David H.; Jr,. 109 Burson Ave., Carrollton, Ga 193 Gilbert, Donald B;Fr 1814 West Mercer Ave.. College Park. Ga. ] .■. ' .:::: " .i: l! " 93 Gi bert Howard W.; Fr., 118 Ridley Drive, Carrollton Ga. Giles, Mary A.; So., Roberta Ga. Gill Anthony D.; Fr., 846 Sherman Oaks Drive, Birmingham, Ala Gi , Wayne K.; Fr., 433 N. 15th Street, Griffin Ga. ... . .. 194 Gi and, Steven E.; So., Route 3, Carrollton Ga. Gi en, George, W; Fr., 2549 Greenwood Circle, East Point Ga. Gillespie, Melvin G.; Gr.. Box 681, Bremen Ga Gi mer Jack L.; So., Route I, Box 31, Douglasville, Ga 194 G, reath, Deborah D.; Fr., 439 Euclid Terrace, Atlanta Ga Gilreath, Sandra M.; Fr., Route 2, La Fayette Ga 194 Ginn, Jessie L; Sr., Route 2, Box 4, Fairburn ' Ga Ginn Robert M.; So., Route I, Box 18, Winder, Ga 194 Gadden, Brenda D.; Jr., 219 Oak St., Rockmart, Ga 53 Gadney, Nancy S.; Jr., Calhoun Rd., Route 2, Rome Ga .... 94 Ganton, Richard H.; Jr., Route I, Villa Rica Ga. G ass, Clark W.; So., 998 Deckner Ave., Atlanta Ga G ass Peggy L.; Fr., Route 2, Locust Grove, Ga 194 Gidden, Willis R; Sr., Route I, Victoria St., Douglasville Ga " . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' " . 54 Glover, Howard E.; Fr., 110 Hill Street, La Grange, Ga. .. oi Goble, Arthur E.; Jr., 705 Piedmont Ave., 43, Atlanta Ga. Godfrey, David H.; So., 4 Dellvue Place, Rome Ga 194 Goggans, Mary L.; Jr., 648 Kay Street, Jackson, Ga 94 Goggins, Walton S.; Sr., Route 2, Carrollton Ga. ... ,11 Going, Donald E.; Jr., 121 Finley Dr., Forest Park Ga Goczynski, Susan E.; Sr., 607 15th Street, Alma, ' Ga |i;4 Goden, Jane W.; Sr., 931 Maple Street, Carrollton Ga 54 Golden, Mary J.; Gr., 602 Cherry Drive Lanett Ala Golden, Robert G.; Sr., 931 Maple Street, Car ' rollton Ga . . |c;4 Goldin, Jane B.; Jr., Box 521, Bremen Ga Godin, Robert B., Ill; So., 215 Piedmont Avenue, Rockmart, Ga. Go dsrnith, Betty J.; So., 1602 Scott Boulevard, Decatur, Ga 194 Gohghtly, Harry K.; Jr., 5215 Erin Road, Atlanta Ga. 94 Goodroe, Patna R.; Sr., Route 3, Greenville Ga Goodwin Elizabeth A.; Fr., 1404 Fama Drive, Atlanta Ga .... 194 Gordon, Barbara E.; Fr.. Old 78 Highway, Villa Rica Ga. Gordon, Kenneth L.; Fr., 2 Lawrence Street, Hogansville Ga 194 Gordon, Marsha A.; So., 257 Lockheed Ave., Marietta Ga ... . 94 Gordon, Sharon F.; So., Route I, Roopville Ga ' 94 Gore, Cheryl E.; Fr., Route 3, Franklin Ga. . 94 Gore. Micheal G.; Jr., 505 Buchanan Street, Bremen Ga Gormley, John H.; Fr., 1125 Heards Ferry Rd., Atla ' nta, Ga 194 Goss, Michael E.; Fr., Route I, Rockmart Ga 94 Gower, Richard L.; So., 2236 Montrose Avenue, Atlanta Ga Gowin, Kenneth F.; Fr., Route I, Tunnell Hill Ga Graham, Flarold J.; Jr., Route 4, Rucker Rd., Alpharetta, Ga 194 Graham, Linda L.; Fr., 1108 Springdale Drive, Perry Ga .:... 94 Graham, Randolph W.; Fr., Route 3, Box 396 B., Griffin Ga . . 94 Granger John M.; So., 1717 E. Oxford Ave., College Park Ga. Grant, James W.; So., 156 Cave Spring Street, Cedartown Ga. torant, John W.; Fr., 592 Bridge Avenue, Forest Park, Ga. Graves, Edward C, Jr.; Fr., 306 Victoria, Cedartown ' Ga. Graves, Everett W., II; So., 243 Jodeco Drive, Jonesboro Ga Gray, Josephine D.; Fr., 5930 Brookgreen Road, Atlanta Ga. 195 Gray, Robert M., Jr.; Fr., 545 Pinetree Drive, Atlanta Ga Gray, Vernon S.; Jr., 720 Bankhead, Carrollton, Ga. Green, Barbara H.; Gr., 710 Aycock Street, Carrollton, Ga. 282 Green, Jordan J ; So., 1741 Asylum Ave., W. Hartford, Conn . . 19 Green, Richard F.; Sr., 65 Wesley Street, Newnan Ga Green, Stephen D.; So., Route I, Villa Rica Ga ' mq Green, Thomas A.; Fr., Route I, Mabry Road, Roswell Ga 9? Green, VTanda P.; Jr.. 207 Fairmount Avenue, Cedarto ' wn Ga Greene, Charles M ; Fr., Route 6, Morgan Road, Marietta Ga 19c Greene, Leon C; Sr., 1834 Avon Ave., S.W., Atlanta Ga ' Grene, Patricia K.; So., 255 Rose Avenue, Douglasville Ga 191; Greene, Richard E.; Fr., 2380 De Lowe Drive East Point ' Ga Greene, Stephen D.; So., Route I Alpharetta Ga. ' ' 19; Greenway, Harmon L.; So., 4690 Millbrook Drive Atlanta ' Ga Greenway,Wm Clyde; So., 2804 Old Norcross Road, Tu ' cker ' Ga 195 Greer, Robert H.; Jr., Route 2, Jackson Ga ll Greer, Terry C; Fr., 87 W. WIeuca Road N.E., Atlanta, Ga. Greer, Tommy E.; Fr., Box 468, Griffin Ga. . iqc Griffith, Sandra K.; So., 1081 S. Main, ' jasper Ga 9? Griffies, Gerald G.; Gr.. Route 2, Carrollton Ga. Griffies, Larry H.; Fr., Greenville St. Ext., Newnan Ga Gnffin, Charles D.; Sr., Box 19, Felton Ga ' irt Griffin, Charles L.; Fr., 1502 Maple Street, Carrollton Ga Griffin, Gloria J.; Sr., 3590 Stewart Road, Doraville Ga 1C4 Griffin, Lawrence W.; So., Route 3, Box 353, Carrollton Ga. Griffin, Lee B.; So., 2438 Tanglewood Rd., Decatur Ga I9q Griffin, Norma E ; Fr., 119 West Center St., Carrollton ' Ga. " . ' . ' . ' . ' . 9? Griffin, Robert C; Fr., 1307 Atlanta Road, Griffin Ga oq Griffin, Ronald L.; Sr., 130 Clifton Road, Carrollton ' Ga Griffis, Calvin S.; Fr., Route I, 3I6F, Blackshear Ga 19 Grimes, Catherine A.; Fr., 540 N. Marble Street, Rockmart Ga Ill Grimes, Mary S.; So., 2504 Old Norcross Rd., Tucker Ga oc Grizzard, Andrea L.; So., 1365 Forrest Avenue, East p ' oint Ga Grooms, Glenda J.; Fr., Forest Road, Carrollton Ga ' 19c Groover, Anne K.; Jr., 2884 Mabry Lane, N.E., Atlanta Ga 54 Groover, Mary G.; Fr., Route I, Woodland Dr., Smyrna Ga 195 Groover, Susan M.; Fr., 1749 Dorsey Avenue East Point ' Ga Grose, Karen S.; Jr., Route 2, Whigham, Ga . Guerrant, Fred W.; Fr., 8 Hampton Ave ' ., Winchester Ky Guidotfi, Robert J.; Fr., 2218 Allaire Lane, Atlanta ' Ga 191; Gunby. Cecil D.; Fr., 86 College Street, Newnan Ga. Gunn, Rhonda G.; Fr., 3423 Revere Road, Atlanta Ga 19A Gunnin, Brenda A.; So., Box 453, Dallas, Ga. ' Gunter, Norma J.; So., Route I, Monroe Ga. . 191 Gurley, Cynthia D.; So., 2789 Galahad, Dr., N. Atlanta Ga 196 Guy, Kenneth M.; Jr., Route 4, Box 409, Douglasville ' Oa 19 , Gwinn, Chesley F., Jr.; Fr., 3388 Hyland Dr., Decatur ' Ga |9A Hadaway, Melody D.; Sr., 407 E. Nth St. West Point Ga 154 Haddad, Janis M.; Fr., 1182 Houston Mill Rd., Atlanta Ga 194 Haddad, Valerie M.; Fr., 1281 Eastridge Road, Atlanta ' Ga 19A Hagan, DeLores D.; Sr., 26 Levens Hill, Carrollton Ga Hagan, Larry; So., 26 Levens Hill, Carrollton Ga Hagler, Mildred P.; Gr., Route 2, Pine Mountain Ga Haislip, Robert D.; Jr., 2197 Westover Dr., East ' Point, Ga 194 Halcome, Myra L.; So., Route I, Brownsbridge, Gainsville Ga 194 Hale, Herman N.; Fr., Route I, Hogansville Ga. Haley, Douglas, M.; Fr., 304 Olive Springs Rd., Marietta Ga. Haley, Gary L.; Jr., Route 4, Box 433, Dalton Ga 194 Haliburton, Richard D.; Fr., 1971 Pine Oak Drive Atlanta Ga ' . ' |96 Hahburton, Sharon K.; So., 1971 Pine Oak Drive, Atlanta, Ga ' .. ' . ' . ' . |96 Hall, Faye P.; So., 508 Goodrich Avenue, Thomaston Ga ' Hall, Jimmy W.; Sr., 304 Hill St., Thomaston, Ga. ' Hall, John L.; So., Route I, Box 310, Newnan Ga 194 Hall, Marcelyn; So., 215 Cassville Road. Cartersville, Ga 194 Hall, Margaret G.; Gr., 403 N. Greenwood St., La Grange Ga Hall, Ronald S.; Fr., Route I, Box 310, Newnan, Ga . ' 194 Hall, Vivian L.; Fr., 3233 Ridge Avenue, Macon Ga 196 Hamby, Roy R.; So., Greensboro Road, Madison, Ga. Hamic, Linda F.; Fr., Route 3, Ringgold, Ga. . . ' 194 Hamil, Mary A.; Sr. 1020 Rome St., Carrollton Ga ....... ' . 154 Hamilton, John W.; Gr., 1122 George Circle, Griffin Ga. Hamilton, Joyce G.; So., 2969 5th Street, S.W., Atla ' nta, Ga |94 Hammond, Claude R., Jr.; Sr., 178 La Grange St., Newnan Ga .. 155 Hammond, Glenda J.; Sr., 3867 Stone Rd., S. W., Atlanta Ga ' " |54 Hammond, Larry D.; Fr., Box 25, Route 3, Thomaston Ga. ' Hammond, Robert W.; Fr., 2668 Briarwood, East Point, Ga. Hammond, William G.; Jr., 2 Rubin Lane, Newnan Ga. Hammontree, Sandra K.; Fr., 364 Beth Avenue, Jasper, Ga. Hampton, Sandra J.; So., 997 Burns Drive, S.W., Atlanta Ga. Hamrick, Terry H.; Fr., 305 West Chandler, Car ' rollton, Ga 194 Hancock, Howard G.; Fr., 205 Edward Street, Bremen, ' Ga. Hand, Lesley D.; So., 297 Conyers Road, Mc Donough ' , Ga. Hand, Robert G.; So., 3200 Lenox Road, N. E., Atlanta, Ga. Haney, James J.; So., 2229 Springwood Road, Decatur, ' Ga. Haney, Ruby E.; Fr., Hillcrest Drive, Calhoun, Ga. . . . ' 194 Hannah, Bobby L.; Fr., Route 2, Carrollton, Ga. Hanners. Richard E.; Sr., Route I, Carrollton, Ga 154 Hansard, Kerry L.; Jr., 310 Canton Stret, Alpharetta, Ga 197 Hanson, Larry C; Fr., Route I, Hogansville, Ga . ' .. ' . 197 Harben, Grover S.; Sr., Rt. 6 Edgewater Drive, Gainesville, Ga. Harbert, James D.; Sr., Route I, Toccoa, Ga. Harcourt, Phillip B.; So., Route 5, Austell, Ga |97 Hardegree, Irita D.; Fr., 1675 E. Harvard Avenue, College Park, Ga . ' 197 Hardegree, James B.; Jr., 3793 Kensington Rd., Decatur, Ga 197 Harden, Brenda G.; So., Route 4, Carrollton, Ga. Harding, Thomas C; Jr., Box 276, Douglasville, Ga |97 Hardman, Cherry A.; Fr., 145 Factory Shoals Rd., Mableton, Ga. Hardman, Gary C; Fr., 3004 Wanda Circle, Atlanta, Ga. Hardy, Amelia A.; Fr., 1980 English Lane, College Park, Ga 197 Hardy, Anita L.; Jr., 666 Mc Laurin Ave., Griffin, Ga. |97 Hardy Jane C; So., 1071 Normandy Road, Macon, Ga. Hardy, Janette E.; So., Box 115, Brooks, Ga |97 Hardy, Phillip L.; Fr , 665 Darlington Road, Atlanta, Ga ' . ..... 197 Hardy, TonI L.; Fr., 618 Austin Drive, Mableton, Ga. Harkey, Julie E.; Fr., 2256 Dodson Drive East Point, Ga. Harley, Linda S.; Fr., 4300 Bishop Lake Road, Marietta, Ga |97 Harman, Jane S.; Gr., Route 2, Carrollton, Ga. Harman, William S., Jr.; Gr., Route 2, Carrollton, Ga. Harper, Gerald D.; Jr., Douglasville, Georgia 197 Harper, Glenda C; Jr., Route I, Waco, Ga 197 Harper, Johnny A.; So., 3820 Demooney Road, College Park, Ga 197 Harrell, Ronald L.; Sr., 850 Pine Valley Dr., Forest Park, Ga 154 Harrell, William S.; Fr., 1012 Rays Road, Stone Mtn., Ga. Harrington, Frankie J.; So., Route 5, Carrollton, Ga 197 Harris, Ada Sue; Sr., 8. Carmichael St., Newnan, Ga 154 Harris, Bruce W.; Jr., Route 2, Dallas, Ga. Harris, Charles M.; So., 6084 Austell Avenue, Austell, Ga 197 Harris, George R.; Sr., Box 3, Turin, Ga. Harris, John Roscoe; So., 806 Sheaffer Drive, Mt. Pleasant, Iowa 197 Harris, Maryetta F.; Jr., 302 N. Duke Street, La Fayette, Ga. Harris, Nancy R.; Fr., 220 Cedar Street, Carrollton, Ga 197 Harris, Vicki K.; So., Route 6, Allgood Road, Marietta, Ga 197 Harris, Walter L.; Fr., 205 Benson Street, Hartwell, Ga. Harrison, Cheryl D.; So., Route 3, Jackson, Ga. Harrison, Dale E.; Fr., 419 Georgia Avenue, Bremen, Ga 197 Harrison, Janice M.; Sr., Charles Road, Box 321, Chatsworth, Ga. Harrison, Lucy A.; So., East Club Drive, Carrollton, Ga. Harrison, Madolyn M.; Sr., 614 Spring Street, Villa Rica, Ga 155 Harrison, Philip G.; Fr., 2234 Maxwell Drive, Atlanta, Ga. Harrison, Wm R., Jr.; Fr., 419 Judy Drive, McDonough, Ga. Harrod, Emmett K.; Sr., Route I, Roopville, Ga. COMPLIMENTS OF DUFFEY ' S SAUSAGE " HOME Of BEUER MEATS " Carrollton, Georgia 283 Harrod, Ruffin C; Jr., Box 87, Bowdon, Ga 197 Harrod. Vivian R.; So., Route I, Roopvilie, Ga. Hart, Margaret A.; So., 521 Brindlewood Circle, Decatur Ga Hartness, Gilda L.; So., 1625 Fernleaf Cir., N., Atlanta Ga . .. 198 Harvell, Linda P.; Fr. College Street. Bowdon Ga. .. ' .... 190 Harvey, James S.; Fr., 205 Simms Street. Washington Ga. Harward, Lawrence B.; So., 2968 Briarlake Road Decatur Ga 198 Harwell, David B.; So., Route 4, Carrollton, Ga. ' Hasty, Susan E.; Fr., Route 2, Canton Ga Hatchett, Walter H.; Sr., Box 146, Waco, Ga 155 Hathcock, Jayne D.; So., 4929 Stagecoach Road, Ellenwood Ga Hattaway, Wm. F., Jr.; Jr., 631 Northern Ave., Clarkston ' Ga 198 Hawkins, Judith G.; Fr., Route 4, Carrollton, Ga. Hawkins, Lucia C; Fr.. Lincolnton, Georgia 190 Hawkins, Marcia A.; Jr., 3096 Buford Rd., Apt D., Atlanta " Ga ' . Hawkins, Pamela J.; So., Route 4, Carrollton Ga ' 198 Hawks ' Paul E.; So., 812 Thomaston Street, Barnesville Ga I9fi Hay, Ida L.; So.. Route 2, Franklin, Ga. Hayden, Howard H.; Jr.. Route I, Carrollton Ga. Hayden, Nancy M.; Fr.. Route I, Carrollton, iSa. Hayes. Carolyn L.; So.. McKinsey Street, Adairsville Ga . 198 Hayes, Daniel R.; Sr., Route I. Fayetteville. Ga. .. ' .... icc Hayes, James L.; Fr., P. O. Box, Villa Rica, Ga. Hayes, Margaret; So., 62 Macon Street, McDonough Ga 198 Hayes, Mary A.; Sr., Route 2, Bremen, Ga. ' Haynes, Melba J.; Jr., 130 Oak Ave., Carrollton, Ga 198 Haynie, Kathy E.; Fr., 1776 Phillips Drive, Morrow. Ga .. ' . 193 Hazelwood, John H.; So., 34 North Yates Road. Memphis Tenn ... 198 Head, David E.; Gr., 1890 Broad Avenue, East Point, Ga. ' Head, Ernest R.; Fr., Box 54, Temple, Ga ' . 198 Head, Mary J.; Fr., 513 Walton Circle, Monroe, Ga 198 Head, Phyllis S.; Fr., Route 2, Box 97 A, Adairsville, Ga ' .... ' . ' " . ' 198 Heard, Dolores J.; So., 347 Laurel Lane, La Grange Ga 198 Heard, James L.. Jr.; Sr., Jackson Court, 2-12, Carrollton " Ga " . ' . ' I55 Heard. James Lee; Fr., Route 3, Dixie Meadow, Carrollton Ga 198 Heath, Patricia A.; Fr., 330 High Street. Carrollton, Ga. Heflin, James O., Ill; Fr., 193 La Grange Street Newnan Ga Heflm, William R., Jr.; So., 503 Chadwell Circle. Huntsville Ala 198 Helms, Enid M.; Sr., P.O. Box 141, Tucker. Ga I55 Helton, Angelia L.; Fr., 3151 Forest Park Road, Atlanta Ga ... " ' . ' 198 Helton, Laura M.; Sr., 107 West Street, Ringgold Ga. . . 155 Hembree, James D.; So., Route I, Villa Rica Ga ' ... 198 Henderson, Barry M.; So., Route I, Villa Rica ' , Ga. Henderson, Cheryl A.; Fr., 3 Woodland Brook Dr. Tallapoosa Ga Henderson, Ernest W.; Fr., 3072 Jefferson Street, Chamblee Ga ... 198 Henderson. Harriet; Jr., Box 185, Dallas Ga ' Henderson, Harriet E.; Sr.. 1878 Sahara Drive, S.E., Atlanta Ga 155 Henderson. Joe D., Jr.; Jr., 2100 Shorter Avenue Rome Ga ' . 198 Henderson, Kenneth R.; Sr., 1025 Hilburn Dr.. Atlanta Ga I55 Hendon. Betty C; Jr., 116 Pincrest Place, Carrollton Ga. Hendrix, Harry D.; Fr., 1768 Timothy Drive, Atlanta ' Ga Hendrix, Judith A.; Fr., Route I, Whitesburg, Ga. ' 198 Hendrix, Teresa J.; Fr., Route 2, Carrollton, Ga 199 Hendry, Michael C; So.. 2031 Roosevelt Hwy., College Park ' oa 199 Henry, Ann S.; Gr., Route 4, Box 245 A., Newnan Ga Henry, Ca lvin P., Jr.; Fr., Route I, Winston, Ga. ' Henson, James R.; Sp.. 255 Acworth Road, Dallas, Ga. Henson, Marinell; So., Route A, Ellijay, Ga ' I99 Hereford, Isabelle D.; Fr., 1220 Walker ' Drive. Decatur Ga. " . " . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . " . " . ' . 199 Herndon, Rebecca B.; So., 419 Benton Street, Dalton ' Ca . . I99 Herren, Linda p.; Fr., 49 McNeal Drive. Marietta Ga I99 Herring, Gary L.; Jr., 109 MandeviHe Ave., Carrollton Ga ' . " . ' . " . 199 Herring, James D.; So.. 1958 Compton Drive Atlanta Ga 199 Herring Philip M.; Jr., Rt I. Box 127 Alpharetta, Ga ' . " . 199 Hernngton, Lynne E.; Jr., 797 San Antonio Dr., N. ' E. Atlanta Ga 155 Hershey, Scott H.; So., 252 Beuson Pool, Smyrna Ga, . ' I99 Hesse. Marianne; Gr., Lahrweg 28-575 Menden, V estfalia Germany Hester. Barbara J.; Fr.. 2127 Bucher Road Atlanta Ga I99 Hester, Blanche L.; Fr., 4578 Angelo Drive, Atlanta ' Ga ... . I99 Hester. Carolyn W.; So., Route 3, Carrollton, Ga I99 Hester, David C; Sr., 457 Hemlock Drive S.W. Marietta Ga Hester, Mary K.; So., 2931 Flat Shoals Road Decatur Ga Hester, Susan M.; Fr., 4578 Angelo Drive, N. Atlanta Ga I99 Hewett, Thomas C; Fr., I 17 Jewell Drive Mableton Ga. Hicks. Eva M.; Sr., I Thornton Circle, Smyrna Ga. Hicks. Jody B.; Fr., Box 113, Yatesville, Ga I99 Hicks, Kathy J.; Jr., 51! Buchanan St. Bremen Ga. Higgins, Adora L.; Jr., Box 156, West Ga. CoL, Carrollton Ga. Higgins, Lewis J., Jr.; So.. 10-0 E. Lakeshore Dr., Dalton, Ga 199 Hightower, Barbara I.; So.. Box 403, Bowdon Ga. HJildebrand, Joseph B.; So., 3207 Cherry Valley Dr., Atlanta Ga 199 Hill, Byron, D.; Sr.. 622 McFarland Ave., Dalton Ga ' iqq Hill. David P.; Gr., 528 Park Avenue, La Grange ' , Ga. Hill. Joseph A.; Jr., 3561 Potomac Terr., East Point Ga 199 Hill, Mary K.; Fr., 1952 N. Decatur Road. Atlanta, Ga ' . ' . ' . 200 Hill, Thomas E.; Fr., Route I, Ellijay, Ga " 200 Hilley, Linda S.; Fr., 2605 Woodhaven Circle, East Point, Ga. ....... ...... ....... ' . 200 Hilliard, James E.; Jr., 121 Killarney Road, Knoxville Ten ' n . ' 200 Hilton. Nancy C; Jr., 3850 Old Fairburn Rd.. Atlanta, Ga. Hines, Durward F.; So.. Route 4, Carrollton, Ga. Hines, Judy W,; Fr., Route 4, Carrollton, Ga. Hmesley, Clara F.; Sr.. 315 South Boulevard. Carrollton Ga .. 155 Hinton, Andrew J., Jr.; Gr., 201 Ben Hill Street, La Grange Ga. Hmton, Charles V., Jr.; Jr.. 105 B Tillman Drive, Carrollton Ga 200 Hinton. Wilton A.; Sr., Washington Road, Thomson Ga Hippie, Charles W., Jr.; Fr., 140 Kirkpatrick Drive, ' Marietta Ga. Hitchcock, John M.; Jr., 204 Rosedale Drive, Griffin Ga 200 Hixon Judy A.; So.. Box 324. Villa Rica, Ga 200 Hobbs, Carol R.; So.. 149 Wood Valley Road, Mableton Ga. Hobgood, Eleanor A.; So., Route 2, Carrollton Ga. Hobgood, Larry G.; Jr., Route 2. Carrollton, Ga. Fjobgood, Trammell W.; So., 109 Valley Circle, Calhoun Ga 200 Hobson, Hugh A.; So., Box 509, Cartersville Ga. ' Hodge, Richard W.; Fr., Box 161, Franklin, Ga. Hodges, Charles E., Jr.; So., 30i S. Madison Ave.. Eatonton Ga 200 Hodnett, Robert G.; Fr., Route 2, Pine Mt. Ga 200 Holbrook, Mary E.; Fr., 732 East Church St., Monroe. Ga ' . ' . ' . ' " . 200 Holbrook, Sharon E.; Fr., 16 N. Hughes Street, Rome Ga ' " 200 Holbrook, Thomas J.; Sr., Chase Road. Cornelia. Ga. Holcombe, Thomas R.; Fr., 8 Forrest Drive, Carrollton Ga .. 200 Holderness, Sidney. Ill; Jr., 143 Griffin Dr.. Carrollton Ga .. 200 Holland, John V.; Sr.. Box 602, Bowdon, Ga. Holland, Kathryn S.; Jr., Box 423, Bowdon, Ga 200 Holland, Linda G.; So., 149 Jule Peek Averiile, Cedartown " Ga ' " . ' . 200 Hollis, Barbara M.; Sr., Route 2. Box 326, West Point, Ga ]. ' . ' . ' 155 Holloman, David R.; So., Syngamore Rd., Bremen, Ga! Holloway, Joseph S.; Fr., k306 Magnolia Avenue ' Rome Ga Holloway, Mark A.; Fr., Leigh Street, Grantville Ga Holloway, Samuel J.; Fr., Box II, Whitesburg Ga. Holmes. Brenda E.; So.. Apt. 112 Spring Street. Carrollton Ga 200 Ho mes, David E.; So., Apt. 21. Tower Apts, Carrollton Ga. " ' Holmes, Deedee A.; Jr.. Box 279, Bowdon, Ga 200 Holt, Kenneth J.; Fr.. Cassville. Georgia . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . " . ' 200 Holt, Mary M.; Fr., 355! Lake Terrace PL. Macon. Ga. Holt, Michael L.; So., 10 Woodland Drive. Rome, Ga 200 Holt. Richie B.; So.. Route A, Ellijay. Ga ' 200 Holt. Vivian M.; So., Route A.. Ellijay, Ga. Holton, Susan; Fr.. 2539 Woodhill Lane. East Point, Ga 200 Holtzclaw, Sonja J.; Sr., 1685 E. Columbia Ave., College Park Ga ' . 284 Hood, Harold L., Jr.; So.. 56 La Rose Circle, Marietta, Ga 20! Hood, James G.; Jr., 1904 Elm Ave., Brunswick. Ga 20! Hood, Larry J.; Fr.. 115 Oak Lane, Decatur Ga. 201 Hooks, Kathleen M.; Fr., 2283 Bonner Road, East Point, Ga. Hoon, Linda A.; Fr.. 3088 Galangale Way. Doravilla Ga 201 Hooper, Charles H.; So., Route I, Jefferson, Ga . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' 201 Hopkins, Alicia G.; Fr., 1984 Valencia Road, Decatur, Ga 20! Hopkins, Joyce E.; So., 1151 Kimberly Rd., S.W., Atlanta, Ga ' . ' . " . 201 Home, Marshal A.; Fr., 1344 Nalley Circle, Decatur, Ga. ! " 20! Home, Samuel E.; Jr., Route 3, Box 84C, Newnan, Ga. Horton, John C; Fr., 129 Second Street, Manchester, Ga 20! Horton. Rusty R.; So.. 905 Underwood Ave., Atlanta, Ga . ' . ' . " 20! Hosemann, Gerald F.; Fr., 4664 Dunover, Doraville, Ga. Housch, Dorothy Y.; So., 304 Greenwood Avenue, ' Rome Ga 20! House, Beverly L.; Fr., 312 West Davis Street, Decatur, Ga. House. Joe A.; So., 4 Norwood Street, Rome, Ga. . . ' . 20! Houston, Samuel E.; So., Mornington Dr., Atlanta, Ga. Houston, Thomas A., Ill; Fr., 518 Farris Bivd, Maiichester. Ga 201 Housworth, Mary E ■ Gr., 12 Gordon Street. Newnan, Ga. Howard. Ethlyn L.; Fr., 1236 Oakcrest Drive, Atlanta, Ga 20! Howard, Gary L.; Jr., Empire Mfg., Clayton. Ga. Howard. Joseph C; Fr.. Rt. I, Villa Rica Ave., Mableton, Ga. Howard, Raymond R.; Sr., Box 823, Thomaston, Ga. Howard, Rose M.; So.. 1205 Juniper St., La Grange, Ga 201 Howard, Sandra E.; Fr., 2503 Melinda Drive Atlanta Ga 201 Howard, Willie F.; Fr.. Route 3 Carrollton, Ga. Howe, Susan M.; So., Woodland Brook Drive, Tallapoosa Ga. Howell, Frank R., Fr., Route 2, Box MBA, Fairburn, Ga. Howell, Jessie A.; So., 32 Tower Apts. Carrollton Ga. Howell. Larry B.; Fr.. Box 256, Route 2, Elberton. Ga 201 Howell, Lee N.; Jr., 1327 Latham Street, Atlanta Ga ' 201 Howell, Nancy L.; Fr., 904 East College St., Griffin, Ga 201 Howell, Margaret E.; So., 1661 Henrico Rd., Conley, Ga 201 Howington, George K.; Fr., 215 Dalrymple, Atlanta. Ga. Hubbard, William B.; So.. 112 Fairview Avenue, Bremen, Ga. Huber, Susan A.; .Fr. 181 Rumson Rd., N.E., Atlanta Ga 201 Hubert, Paula D.; Jr., 1715 Marietta Rd., N.W.. Atlanta. Ga ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . 202 Huckaby, Lyndon L.; Jr.. 5065 Dixie Lake Road, Union Ci ' ty, Ga 155 Huckaby, Nancy C; Jr., Route I. Brooks, Ga " 202 Huddleston, Brooksie P.; So., Route 4, Box I37A, Griffin. Ga. Huddleston, Elaine R.; Fr., Route 5, Box 164, Franklin, Ga 202 Huddleston, Susan C; Fr., 105 Highland Avenue, Carrollton, Ga 202 Hudgins, Paula J.; So., 303 Keeler Woods Dr., Marietta. Ga 202 Hudnall, James B.; So., 2972 Atterberry Court, Decatur, ' Ga . ' ... ' . ' .. ' . ' . ' 202 Hudson, Karen K.; Jr.. Greenville, Georgia Hudson, William C; Gr., 3047 Golden Drive East Point Ga. Huff, Garland R., Jr.; Fr., Box 221, Duluth Ga 202 Huff, Louis N.; Fr., 4717 Roswell Road, Atlanta, Ga. Huff, Lynda J.; So., 3125 Enon Rd., Atlanta, 31, Ga 202 Huff, Marcia J.; So., Route 3, Carrollton. Ga ' " ' 202 Huff, Nancy C; Fr., 355 Merry Dale Drive. Marietta, Ga 202 Hufsfetler. Deborah I; Fr., Box 5, Chatsworth Ga 202 Hufstetler. John L.; Sr., P.O. Box 5, Chatsworth Ga 155 Huff, Ellen V.; Fr., 1989 Connally Drive, East Point Ga 202 Huggins, Eric S.; Sr., 205 Pine Hill Drive Dalton Ga 155 Huggins. Kenneth R.; Fr., 3232 Wiltshi e Drive, Avondale Est. Ga 202 Huggins, Sandra K.; Fr., Route 5, Carrollton, Ga 202 Hughes, Deborah R.; Fr., 487 Oakview Drive, Smyrna, Ga 202 Hughes, Margaret G.; Fr.. 887 Hicks Road, Mableton, Ga ' . 202 Hughes, Patricia T.; So., Route 6, Carrollton, Ga. . . . ' 202 Hughes, Patricia W.; Jr.. Route 2, Fairlawn Dr., Carrollton. Ga. Hughes, Rosewyn; So.. 620 Peachtree Street, Atlanta, Ga 202 Hughes, Wanda L.; Jr.. 106 Griggs Street, Acworth, Ga. ' Hull. Rodney B.; Jr.. 1389 Fama Drive, Atlanta, Ga 202 Hulsey, Carol J.; Jr., 370 Thrasher Street, Norcross, Ga 202 Hulsey, Linda E.; So.. 110 Sharon Circle, Smyrna. Ga 203 Humphries. David C; So., 407 Avenue C. West Point, Ga 203 Humphries, Devra L.; So., Route I, La Grange, Ga 203 Humphries, Robert H.; Fr.. 249 Hillside Drive. Lawrenceville Ga. .......... ' .. ' . " 203 Hunnicutt, Sally J.; Fr., 206 Plum, Madison, Ga 203 Hunt, Albert L.; Gr., Freeman Street, Tallapoosa Ga Hunt, Bobby L.; Fr., 1105 Collingswood Rd.. Rom ' e, Ga. Hunt, Douglas F.; Jr.. Duluth, Georgia Hunt. Jo Anne; Fr., 4227 Briarcliff Road, Atlanta, Ga 203 Hunter, Donald R.; So., Route 5, Marietta, Ga ' 203 Hunter, Enid V.; Fr., 309 Third Avenue, Manchester, Ga . ' . ' .... ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' 203 Hunter, Jacquelyn P.; Fr., 306 Pine Street, Marietta. Ga 203 Hunter. James B.; Jr., 40! Longview. Carrollton. Ga. Hunter, Linda C; Jr., 401 Longview Street, Corrollton, Ga. Hunter, Margaret A.; Sr., 2110 Meadowlane Dr., Atlanta, Ga 156 Hurst, William M.; Jr., Huntington Rd., Dalton Ga |56 Hurt, Harry H.; Fr., 3596 Dumbarton Road, Atlanta, Ga. Hurt, Timothy W.; Sr., 209 Jones Avenue, Rockmart, Ga. Huskins, Donald W.; Sr.. Tower Apartments 15, Carrollton. Ga 156 Huskins, Sylvia S.; Sr., Tower Apartment 15, Carrollton, Ga ' . 156 Huston, Marie F.; Fr., Route 2, Athens, Ga 203 Hutchens, Joquetta; So., 1804 Elainee Way, Dalton, Ga. Hutcheson, Joan S.; Gr., 23 Fifth Street, Newnan, Ga. Hutchings, Forrest G.; Sr., 206 Cedar Street, Carrollton Ga. Hutson, Linda E.; So., 992 Highland Cir. S.E., Conyers, Ga 203 Hyde, Thomas W.; Jr., Route 5, Newnan Ga |56 Miff, Margaret A.; Fr., 2659 Union Road Ben Hill Ga " 203 Ingle, Ira P., Jr.; So., Box 1229, High Point, N.C. Ingram, Laurie J.; Fr., 409 Candler Street, Winder, Ga 203 Irvin, Brenda K.; Fr., 174 Myrtle Street, Cornelia, Ga 203 Irvin, Joseph D.; Fr., 511 Ridgecrest Drive, Elberton, Ga 203 Ivey, Barbara J.; Fr., Box 202, Temple, Ga . ' ' . 203 Ivey, Thomas A.; Gr., Jackson Court, Apt 2, Carrollton, Ga. Jack, David; Fr., 301 Woodland Drive, Monroe, Ga 203 Jack, Joan M.; So., 870 Marietta St., Canton, Ga 203 Jacks, Myron E.; Fr., Horseleg Creek Road, Atlanta, Ga. Jackson, Bonnie P.; Fr., 1963 Beecher Road. Atlanta. Ga 203 Jackson, Charles E.; Fr., Box 154, Bremen. Ga ' . ' 203 Jackson, Eleanor M.; Sr., Box 401, Fayetteville, Ga. Jackson, Felix M.; Jr., Route 2, Franklin, Ga. Jackson, Francis J.; Fr., Route I, Villa Rica. Ga 204 Jackson, Frank M.; Sr., 110 Frances Place. Carrollton Ga . ' . ' . ' " 156 Jackson, Howard B.; Jr., 3237 La Vista Dr., Hapeville. Ga. Jackson, Jerry M.; So., 1060 Orlando Place, Atlanta. Ga. Jackson, Jewel B.; Fr., Route 2, Franklin, Ga 203 Jackson, Joy W.; So., Route I, Roopvilie, Ga. Jackson, June M.; Fr., Route 2, Franklin, Ga. Jackson, Lowell M.; Gr., 4633 Convington Hwy.. Decatur, Ga. Jackson, Melissa A.; Jr., 107 East Broad St., Newnan, Ga 203 Jackson, Melvin W.; So., Route I, Box 64. Newnan. Ga 204 Jackson, Pamela J.; Fr.. 1127 S. Candler Street, Decatur. Ga 204 Jackson, Phyllis D.; So., Route 2, Carrollton, Ga 204 Jackson, Ruth A.; Gr.. 106 Crestview Street. Carrollton, Ga. Jacksoh, Samuel H., Jr.; So., Hwy 92, Rt. I, Fairburn, Ga. Jackson. Sara K.; Fr.. Ill Victor Drive, Calhoun, Ga 204 Jackson, Tommy S.; Fr.. 119 Sims Street. Carrollton, Ga 204 James, Charles B., Jr.; Gr., Route I, Greenville, Ga. James. Rose M.; Sr., 109 Frasier St., Marietta, ' Ga 156 Jameson, Jimmy W.; Jr., 759 San Fernanco Dr., Smyrna, Ga 204 Jameson, John M.; So., 5680 Lake Forrest Dr., Altlanta, Ga 204 Jarrett, Gloria A.; Jr., Route 4, Box 413 Dalton Ga 204 Jarrett, Kenneth H.; So., Box 538, Adairsville, Ga. Jay, Wm. Randolph; Sr., Route 3, Box 26! A, Douglasville, Ga 156 Jenkins, Benjamin S.; Jr., 1168 Lloyd Drive, Forest Park, Ga 204 Jenkins, David R.; Fr., 400 S. Howard Street, Atlanta, Ga 204 Jenkins, Jack L.; Jr., P.O. Box 132, Stockbridge, Ga 204 JOHNNY ' S ENCO STATION ' Put a Tiger In Your Tank ' 804 Maple St. 834-2201 Carroll+on, Ga. CLEANERS LAUNDRY 144 Bankhead Ave. 832-2405 214 Maple St. 832-2588 Carrollton, Ga. Compliments of Carrollton, Georgia — 832-6311 Serving the West Georgia Area " The Best in Distinctive Men ' s Clothing ' THE SQUIRE SHOP Newnan Street Carrollton, Ga. Compliments of MORTON ' S Books and Gifts Since 1892 Adamson Square Carrollton, Georgia MERRELL ' S TOWNE HOUSE " Every Need in Feminine Apparel " I I I College St. Carrollton, Ga. 285 Jenkins. Jessica J.; Sr., 523 Newnan St., Carrollfon Ga |5A Jenkins, Malcolm D.; Sr., 400 S. Howard St., S.E., Atlanta Ga 156 JeiiM,)i, Ivancy P.; So., I b7 La Grange St., Grantville Ga. Jenkins, Ruth M.; Jr., I5i2 Berkshire Drive, Macon Ga. 204 Jennings, Stephen J.; Jr., Route I, Eastman Ga ' . . 204 Jensen, William H.; So., Route I, Moreland, ' Ga. Jennings, Stephen J.; Jr., Route I, Eastman Ga. .. 204 Jerry, Douglas L.; Jr., 4540 Greenspring Rd., College Park Ga 204 Jerry Dwight G.; Fr., 4540 Greenspring Road, College Park, Ga. ... ' . ' " ' 204 Jewell, Lilhan T.; Sp.. Route 3, Don-Rich Dr., Carrollton Ga. Jiles, Patsy A.; Jr., Greenwood Estates, Carrollton Ga. ' Jinks, William H.; Fr., Box 425, Jones Road, Roswell Ga 204 Johns, Joy J.; Sr., 2612 Dixie Rd., Dalton Ga . . 151 Johns, Martha E.; Jr., 220 W. Morris St., Dalton Ga . 204 Johns, Tommy M., Fr., Route I, Gay, Ga. ' Johnsa, Paul H.; Fr., 727 S. Gordon Road, Mableton Ga 204 Johnsa, Sylvia A.; So., 927 South Gordon, Mableton, Ga. Johnson, Bonny B.; Fr., Bowdon, Georgia Johnson, Colleen S.; Fr., 203 Griffin Drive, Carrollton Ga. 204 Johnson, David F.; So., Box 181, Ringgold, Ga . ' 205 Johnson, Durwood M., Jr.; So., 7il5 Pinecrest Drive, Covington " Ga 205 Johnson, Edgar W.; Jr., 329 N. White Street, Carrollton Ga ' Johnson, Edwin T-; Sr., 203 Griffin Dr. Carrollton Ga 15 , Johnson, Elizabeth J.; Jr., Box 313, Gordon, Ga 205 Johnson, Eugene C; Sr. 203 Griffin Dr., Carrollton Ga 156 Johnson, George M., Jr.; Sr., 157 S. Oliver, Box 653, ' Elberton Ga Johnson, Hannah N.; Sp., 602 South Park Apts Carrollton Ga Johnson, James H.; So., Rte I, Box 200, Mc Donouqh Ga ' 204 Johnson, Joyce J.; So., 12 Exeter Rd., Avondale Est. ' Ga. . 205 Johnson, Marguerite M.; Gr., College Street Bowdon ' Ga Johnson, Martha J.; Sr., Box 58, N. Star Route, Cloudland Ga 156 Johnson, Mary H.; Fr., Route 4, Box 475. Ringgold Ga. . . . ' . 205 Johnson, Mary J.; Fr., 1507 Buron Street, Dalton Ga 205 Johnson, Mary S.; Gr.. 517 Knight Averiue, Roanoke Ala Johnson. Parks L.; Fr., RoiT 649, Bowdon, Ga. Johnson, Patricia L.; Fr., 231 Coosawatter, Rome, Ga 205 Johnson, Rebecca Lou; So., Bevis St., Bowdon Ga .. 205 Johnson, Robert F.; Fr.. 710 Hill Street, Thoma ' ston Ga. Johnson, Ronald W.; Fr.. 1361 Oakdale Drive Griffin Ga 105 Johnson, Sandra L.; So., 592 Fayetteville Road ' Fairburii Ga. ... ' 205 Johnson, Sharon Lynne; So., 3 Waverly Circle Newnan Ga 205 Johnson, William A.; Fr., Old Bremen Road Tempie Ga 204 Johnson, Williaim G.; Fr., 721 Stewart Street, Carrollto ' n Ga. Johnston, Emily L.; Fr., 3784 Elkridge Drive, Decatur Ga ' . Johnston, Joan H.; Fr,, 36 Tower Apartments, Carrollto ' n Ga. Johnston, Morris R.; Jr., Route 4, Bowdon, Ga. Johnston, Robert J.; Jr., 316 Meadowbroo ' k Drive Douglasville Ga Jolley, Patricia S.; Jr., Chester, Georgia . ' . ' 205 Jones, Alfa L.; Sr., Plainville, Georgia ici Jones, Ann H.; So., Route I. Greensboro, Ga. Jones, Barbara A.; Sr., Route 2, Box 62, ' Chatsworth Ga ... . 156 Jones, Bennie S.; So., 201 E. Memorial Drive Dallas Ga Jones, Fred, Jr.; Jr., Box 192, Tucker, Ga. Jones, Gary N.; Fr., Box 235, Hogansville, Ga 205 Jones, Glenda J.; So., Box 6, Waco Ga .. 205 Jones, Jacquelyn R.; So., 1363 Willis Mill Rd., Atlanta " Ga ' . " . ' . 206 Jones, Jimmy O.; Fr., Box 14, Route I, Moreland Ga. . 206 Jones, Joe G.; Jr., Route 2, Temple, Ga . ' ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' " . 206 Jones, Kenneth L.; Jr., 75 First Ave., Newnan, Ga . " ' . ' 206 Jones Kenneth L.; Jr., 75 First Ave., Newnan Ga 206 Jones, Linda L.; Sr., 204 Carlyle St., Norcross, Ga . ' . ' . " . " I57 Jones, Lou G.; Fr., Route 4, Carrollton, Ga 205 Jones, Mallory C, ill; So., 440 Keeler Woods Dr. Marietta " gV 206 Jones, Marvin F., Jr.; Fr. , 5155 Erin Road, Atlanta, Ga. . . ' 205 Jones, Michael A.; So., Box 244, Route 2 Mableton Ga. ... ' 206 Jones, Richard H.; Fr., 2305 Miriam Lane, Decatur Ga 706 Jones, Robert B.; So., Fayetteville, Ga. Jones, Robert G.; So., 613 Ramona Street, Marietta Ga 206 Jones, Robert L.; Fr., Ga Experiment Station, Griffin Ga 205 Jones, Shelby C; So., 21 Lakeview Drive, Canton Ga. ... 205 Jones, Shirley A.; So., Route 4, Murphy N. C . 206 Jones, Stanley A.; So., 200 Lake Circle, Mableton Ga Jones, Tony E.; So., Route I, Villa Rica, Ga. Jones, Willene M.; Sr., 223 Worthington Drive Marietta Ga 157 Jones, William, M.; Sr,. 235 West Avenue, Carrollton Ga Jordan, Frankie P.; So., Route 2, Carrollton Ga. .. ' .... 206 Jordan, Hansel A.; So., 110 Main Street, Srnyrna Ga. .. 206 Jordan, Jimmy E.; Gr., 2536 Shorter Avenue Rom ' e Ga Jordan, Linda C; Gr., Box 323, Douglasville Ga ' Jordan, Mitchell D,; So., 2966 Villa Esta Drive, Chamblee Ga Jordan, Sue; Fr., 120 Frances Place, Carrollton Ga. .. 206 Josey, William G., Jr.; Fr., Route 2, Davisboro Ga 206 Joyce, William L.; So., 201 S. Grimes, Dalton ' Ga. . . 206 Kabine, Edward L.; So., Box 516, Newnan Ga. ' Karr, Florence A.; Fr., Route I, Douglasv ' ille Ga 206 Kaylor, Sandra J.; So., 127 E. Chandler, Carrollton, Ga. ... ' . ' . ' . ' . " . ' . 206 Kea, Ronald W.; Fr., Ill Steward Street. East Dublin Ga 206 Keappler, William E.; So., 1015 Pegg Road, East Point Ga. .. 206 Keaton, Nancy S.; Fr., 1196 Forrest Blvd, Decatur Ga 206 Keeney, Morris L.; Jr., 2238 Plantation Dr., East Point Ga 157 Keever, Dixie L.; So., 38 Arrowhead Dr., Cartersville Ga Ke er, Wilham W.; Gr., 713 Piney Woods Drive, La ' Grange Ga. Ke ey, Danny C; Sr., 146 Bowen St reet, Carrollton Ga Ke ey, Donald O.; So., Rt. 2, Box 116, Mc Donough Ga. ... 207 Ke ey. Donna J.; Fr., 6848 Church Street, Lithonia, Ga . ' . ' .. 207 Ke ey, Judy J.; Sr., 738 6th St., Apt 5, Marietta, Ga I57 Ke ey, Ronald D.; So., Route 2, Mc Donough Ga . 207 Ke y, Daniel A., Jr.; Fr., 13 Northside Drive, Newnan Ga. Ke ly, Jo E.; Fr., 5440 Longmeadow Lane, College Park Ga 207 Kelso, Susan; Jr., 2617 Hawthorne PI, N., Atlanta Ga ... 207 Kenemer, John C; Jr., Charles Road, Chatsworttl Ga . ' . ' 207 Kennedy, Charles E.- Gr., 1121 Skyline Dr., Griffin Ga Kennedy, Daisy K.; Jr., 32 Cochran Street, Camilla Ga Kennedy Joseph H.; So., 301 Raymond Ave., Rome Ga 207 Kenner, Ralph A., Jr.; Jr., Jackson Court Apts, Carrollton, Ga. Kenney Bruce C; So. 687 Kennolia Drive, Atlanta Ga. .. 207 Kent, James W.; Fr., Box 33, Carrollton St., Bowdon Ga . ' 207 Kent, Sandra A.; Jr., Box 646 Bowdon Ga Keown Sheri A ; Fr., 835 Cedar Street, Carrollton Ga 207 Kerr, Julia A.; Sr., Rt. 2, Blair Bridge Rd., Austell ' Ga Kersey, Douglas B.; Jr., Route I, Manchester Ga ' 207 V ' ,?,?[, ' ' , ' -i -Ji " - Cary Street, La Grange, Ga. ..■.■ ' .■.■. ' .■.■. ' .■.; " . 207 Key, Wilhe J.; Gr., Box 26, Tallapoosa Ga Kidd, James A.; So., 2232 Carey Drive, ' Atlanta Ga. 5!55. [° " i[ " y D.; Fr., 123 Cunningham Drive, Carrollton, Ga. Kidd, Vicki D.; Fr., 1425 Bluefield Drive, Atlanta, Ga. ... 207 Kilbride, Jacqueline, M.; Fr., 2481 Brookdale Drive, Atlanta Ga. Ki go, Kathryn V.; Jr., 7! Broad St., Tallapoosa, Ga. . 7(17 Ki gore, Judy H,; Fr., Box 581, Bowdon Ga. . 207 Ki gore, Laverne A ; Fr., 1641 Johnson Road, Atlanta ' Ga ' . ' ! 207 Kilgore, Mane P.; Sr., 602 Campbellton St., Douglasville Ga Kilgore, Marie W.; Gr., P.O. Box 14, Tallapoosa, Ga. Kilgore, Thomas L.; So., 109 Perry Street, Carroliton Ga. Kilgore, William D.; So., Route 4, Douglasville Go ' 207 Kimball, Lewis E.; Fr., Route 2, Twin City, Ga. ' .... 207 Kimball, Max M.; Jr., Route I, Buchanan, Ga 207 Kimbrough, Rita, Fr., 4218 Mc Clatchey Cir., Atlanta, Ga. King, Clyde W Jr.; So., 2305 Melinda Drive, Atlanta Ga King, Hugh T.; Fr., 401 Jackson Avenue, Thomaston Ga ' 207 King, Joyce R.; So., 205 Tuggle Street, Carrollton, Ga. 286 King, Larry K.; Jr., 30 South Broad Street, Porterdale, Ga. King, Mariorie P.; Gr., 46 N. Barnard, La Grange, o ' a. King, Monroe M.; Gr., Box 512 Carrollton, Ga. King, Pamela; Jr., 3363 Flint Drive, Columbus, Ga. King, Roger D.; Jr., Route I, Bowdon, Ga 157 King, Roger S.; So., 4755 MiUbrook Dr., N., Atlanta, Ga. 207 King, Travis P., Jr.; So., 3219 Wynn Drive Avondale Est., Ga. Kinney, Philip D.; Fr., Fairview Road, Rockmart, Ga 207 Kirbo, Margaret F.; So., Lake Jodeco, Jonesboro, Ga. Kirby, Alice W.; So., 103 Woodbine Circle, Newnan, Ga. Kirby, Robert E.; So., Route 3, Roanoke, Ala. Kirby, Robert L.; So., 316 Lynne Circle, Alpharetta, Ga. Kirby, Troy S.; Fr., 151 Addison Road Marietta Ga 208 Kirk, James D.; Jr., 2498 Northview Dr., Austell, Ga 208 Kirk, Marlyn J.; Fr., Box 10559 Station A., Atlanta, Ga . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' 208 Kirk, Wayne B.; Fr., Route I, Hadaway Road, Kennesaw Ga 208 Kiser, Linda D.; Gr., 209 Reese St., Carrollton Ga. Kitchens, Emma J.; Jr., Route 2, Box 256 A, Dawson Ga 208 Kittle, Boyd L.; Jr., Route 3, Box 206, Ringgold Ga 208 Kittle, Loyd E.; Jr., Route 3, Box 206, Ringgold Ga 157 Klinger, John C.; Fr., 110 Melrose Avenue, Decatur, Ga 208 Klock, Vicky L.; So., Route 4, Box III, Douglasville, Ga 208 Knauff, Nita A.; So., 360 Third Ave., S.E., Cairo Ga 208 Knight, Clayton M.; Sr,, III South Street, Carrollton, Ga. Knighton, Chris G.; Fr., 1408 Piedmont Road, Marietta, Ga 208 Knox, Terry J.; So., 207 La Grange Street, Newnan, Ga. Krauth, David A.; So., 23! Clarion Ave., Decatur, Ga 208 Kubala, Patricia A.; Sr., Route I, Manchester, Ga ' . ' . ' 157 Kuhne, Nancy M.; Jr., 4975 Clark Howell Hwy., College Park, Ga . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' 208 La Boon, Johnnie A.; So., Rte 3, Friendship Cir., Athens, Ga " . ' . ' . 208 Lacavera, Anthony J.; So., Route I, Box 93, Whitesburg ' , Ga . ' . ' ... ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' 208 Lacy, Edward B.; Fr., 3776 Powers Ferry Rd., Atlanta Ga ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . " . ' . ' . ' . 208 La Fon, Gilbert T., Jr.; So., 217 Abernathy Road, Atlanta, Ga . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . " . " . ' . ' 208 Lally, Barbara A.; So., 1603 Belmont Avenue, Atlanta Ga 208 Lamb, Ellen P.; Fr., Route I, Box 122, West Point. Ga [[[....[..[[. ' . 208 Lamb, Janice C; So., 304 Cedar Street, Carrollton, Ga 208 Lamb, Susan D.; Fr., 3036 Charebury Place, Avondale Est, Ga 208 Lambert, Edeen D.; Fr., 210 Belva Street, Carrollton, Ga . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' 208 Lambert, Erls A.; Jr., Bankhead Hwy, Carrollton, Ga ' . 208 Lambert, Jo Ann; So., Bankhead Highway, Carrollton, Ga 208 Lambert, Katie H.; So., 114 La Grange St. C, Newnan, Ga. Lambert, Patricia S.; Gr., Route 3, Carrollton, Ga. Lambeth, Lynda Jean; Sr., 3745 Sulene Dr., Rt. 3, College Park, Ga 157 Lambeth, Margie A.; Fr., 2833 Headland Drive East Point, Ga 209 Lancaster, Sylvia D.; Gr., 4052 South Conley St., ' College Park Ga. Land, Thelma K.; Fr., 101 Virginia Place, Marietta Ga 209 Landers, Betty A.; Sr., Box 129, Bowdon, Ga 157 Landsberg, Robert D.; Fr., 107 Castlewood Drive, Marietta, Ga ' . ' . ' . ' . 209 Lane, Janie F.; Jr., Route 6, Carrollton, Ga. ... ' . ' 209 Lane, Jim B.; Fr., Oakcrest Drive, Rockmart, Ga 209 Lane, Sara A.; Jr., Route 6, Carrollton, Ga |09 Lane, William H.; Sp., 401 Maple Street, Carrollfon, Ga. Laney, Ennis G., Ill; So., 2536 Sylvan Road, East Point, Ga 209 Lanford, James H.; Sp., Route 6, Stone Mtn, Ga. Lange, Joan C; Jr., 214 College Circle, Cedartown, Ga 209 Langston, Nancy C; Gr., Route I, Cave Spring, Ga. Lanham, Edward J.; Jr., 615 Terrace St,. Griffin Ga 209 Lanier, Billy R.; Jr., Route 4, Bowdon, Ga. Lanier, Carlton L.; Gr., 440 Bankhead Hwy, S.W., Mableton, Ga. Lanier, Drena S.; Sr., Jackson Courts, Carrollton, Ga. Lankford, Malinda E.; Fr., 514 W. Crawford Street, Dalton Ga 209 Lankford, Wayne E.; Fr., 1425 Woodland Ter., S.W., Atlanta, Ga. Lannae, F. Elizabeth; Fr., 602 E. Robert Toombs, Washington ' , Ga 209 Lanthier, Joseph M.; Jr., Yargo Heights, Winder, Ga 209 Larson, John C.; So., 504 Kincaid Avenue, Griffin, Ga. Lavender, Elizabeth A;. Fr., 873 South Avenue, Forest Park Ga 209 Lavender, Douglas W.; Sr., 3249 Hazelwood Dr., S., Atlanta, Ga 157 Lawson, James N.; Jr., 187 La Grange St., Newnan, Ga 157 Lawson, Janie E.; Fr., 223 Piedmont, Rockmart, Ga 209 Lawson, Mary J.; So., 1307 Christmas Lane, Atlanta, Ga. Ledbetfer, Anita J.; Jr., 1176 Avon Ave., S.W., Atlanta, Ga 157 Ledbetter, Michael N.; Fr., 83 Griffith Drive, Palmetto, Ga 209 Lee, Alexander J.; So., 4633 Northgate Drive, Columbus Ga. Lee, Dwain H.; Fr., 826 Rome Street, Carrollton, Ga. Lee, Janice R.; Sr., Box 202, Bremen, Ga. Lee, Kathleen A.; Sr., 2506 Fair Oaks Road Decatur Ga. Lee, Larry D.; Sr., 222 Maple Street, Villa Rica, Ga. Lee, Larry G.; Jr., 1126 Tamworth Dr., N.E., Atlanta, Ga 209 Lee, Raymond B.; Fr., Route I, Douglasville, Ga 209 Lee, Robert Stephen; Jr., 1401 Merry Lane N.E. Atlanta, Ga. Lee, Steve A.; So., 206 W. Center Street, Carrollton, Ga 209 Lemmings, Robert L., Jr.; Sr., Route 4, Cartersville, Ga. Leonard, Gerald T.; So., Route 4, Box 185 A. Newnan Ga. Lester, Willie B.; Gr., 9 Clay Street, Atlanta, Ga. Levens, Thomas W.; Jr., Route 3, Franklin, Ga. Leverrett, Jennifer; So., Rt., Box 269, Jackson, Ga 209 Leverrett, Peggy E.; Sr., Route 2, Box 269, Jackson, Ga 157 Levinge, Charles A.; So., 213 Rhodes Drive, Marietta, Ga. Lewis, Angela M.; So., 208 Pierce St., La Grange, Ga 209 Lewis, Era J.; Jr., 101, Walnut St., Eatonton, Ga 209 Lewis, George K.; Fr., 605 Linwood Avenue, Atlanta, Ga 210 Lewis, Jennifer L.; So., 331 Highland Avenue, Smyrna, Ga 210 Lewis, Linda W.; Jr., Box 272. Union City, Ga 157 Lewis, Peggi F.; Fr., 152 Pine Crest Dr., Monroe, Ga 210 Lewis, Ronnie G.; Jr., Rayonier Road, Jesup, Ga 209 Lindsey, Carol A.; Fr., 3406 Tomahawk Drive, Columbus, Ga 210 Lindsay, Gary W,; Fr., Route I, Cedartown, Ga, Lindsey, Robert W.; Fr., Route I, Cedartown, Ga 210 Lindsey, Teresa M.; So., Route 3, Roanoke Road, La Grange, Ga 210 Line, Walter W.; So., 1610 E. Mercer Avenue, College Park, Ga. Lipham, James B.; So., 241 Beechwood Cir., La Grange, Ga 210 Lipham, Mary C; Jr., Bennett Blvd., Bowdon, Ga ' . 210 Lipham, Steve W., Jr., Route 3, Carrollton, Ga 210 Lipham, Tommy E.; Fr., 121 Carter Avenue, Carrollton, Ga 210 Litaker, Robert G.; Sr., 2874 Greenbush Place, Atlanta, Ga 157 Little, Charles N.; Fr., Route 3, Monroe, Ga 210 Little, George R., Jr.; Fr., 739 Nalley Drive, Jasper, Georgia Little, James M.; Fr., 2877 Blossom Lane, East Point, Ga 210 Little, Joan M.; Fr., Route 3, Carrollton, Ga 210 Lively, Michael E.; Jr., Route I, Francis Rd., Alpharetta, Ga 210 Livingston, Mary A.; Fr., 055 Flat Shoals Road, Decatur, Ga 210 Lockridge, Diane E.; Jr., 708 La Due Ave., Cedartown, Ga. Loden, Ly.ia M.; So., 2660 Evergreen Trail, Smyrna, Ga 210 Loftin, Joel E.; Jr., Bitter Sweet Lane, Newnan Ga 210 Loftin, Ronald S.; Jr., 243 N. Lakeshore Dr., Carrollton, Ga 210 Loftin. Triska H.; Fr., 215 Carroll Street. Carrollton, Ga. Logan, Thomas P.; Fr., Box 37, Roopville, Ga. Long, Dempsey R.; Fr., Route I, Whitesburg, Ga 210 Long, Dennis R.; So., Route I, Bremen, Ga. Long, Donna R.; Fr., Box 735, Cumming, Ga 210 Long, Jerry F.; Gr., Route 3, Box 154 M, Newnan, Ga. Long, Judy A.; Jr., 843 Shadowridge Dr., Atlanta, Ga 210 Long, Linda S.; Fr., 20 Elm Circle, Newnan, Ga. Long, Marcus L., Ill; Fr., 4365 Herschel Road, College Park, Ga 210 Long, Mary F.; Gr., 6 Sixth Street, Newnan, Ga. Longino, Olin P., Jr.; Jr., Route I, Mc Donough, Ga 210 Loparo, Daniel R.; So., 295 Vi N. Pardee St., Wadsworth, Ohio Lott, Phillip R.; Fr., 214 Rutland Circle, La Grange, Ga 211 Love, Caria L.; Fr., 1720 N. Rocksprings Rd., Atlanta, Ga. Love, Lollie T.; Gr., 511 Sylvan Road, La Grange, Ga. C M. TANNER GROCERY COMPANY Wholesale Grocers Since 1893 Maple Street Carrollton, Georgia STUDENT PICTURES in the Classes Section Made by . . . 876 West Peachtree St. Atlanta, Ga. Phone 872-8838 All Negatives of Class Photographs are on File in Our Offices FOLLOW THE FIREBIRD TO ©THE PURE OIL CO. HESTER ' S PURE STATION G. C. HESTER, Owner ROAD SERVICE PICK-UP Cr DELIVERY • MUFFLER EXHAUST SYSTEMS • BRAKES RELINED and ADJUSTED • WHEEL BALANCING TIRES Nf W RICAPS OIL CHANGE WASH WAX BATTERIES ACCESSORIES OPEN 7 A.M. to 10 P.M. 6 DAYS - CLOSED SUNDAY for Fast, Dependable Service Did 832-9169 1211 MAPLE STREET Quality Portraiture Since 1935 " 287 Lovejoy, Lynne; So., 495 Dunn Street Smyrna, Ga 211 Lovelady, Robert P.; Jr., 527 North 9th Street Griffin Ga 211 Lovell, Linda S.; Fr., 232 S. Candler, Villa Rica Ga. .. ' . 211 Lovvorn, David L.; Jr., 323 Sunset Blvd, Carrollton, Ga 211 Lovvorn, Demmervel S.; Gr., Bowdon, Georgia Lovvorn, Kerry S.; Fr., Mill Street, Bowdon, Ga. Lovvorn, Sandra C.; Fr., 104 Tuggle Street, Carrollton, Ga. Lovvorn, Stanley hi.; Sp., Warren Drive, Bremen, Ga. Lovvorn, William D.; Sr., Mill St., Box 27, Bowdon, Ga 157 Lowery, Dianne C; Sr., 3125 Boulder Way, East Point, Ga 157 Lowery, Stephen E.; Fr., 3125 Boulder Way, East Point, Ga. Lowman, Dean K.; Jr., Juno, Georgia 157 Loyd, Elaine L.; Jr., 455 Sunset Dr., Villa Rica, Ga . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' , ' 211 Luke, Dora H.; Sp., Route 2, Temple, Ga. Lummus, Stanley H.; So., Route I, Canton, Ga 21! Lumpkin, Thomas J. ;Fr., Box 335, Wedowee, Ala [ 211 Lunt, M. Dixon; Sr., 13 Tower Apartments, Carrollton, Ga. Lyie, Beverley A.; Fr., 126 Starline, Smyrna, Ga 21 I Lynch, Marcelene B.; Jr., Ashton Street, La Grange, Ga. Lynch, Tereasa M; Sr., 627 Cherokee St., 3, Marietta, Ga. Lynch, William W.; Sr., 402 Ashton Street, La Grange, Ga. Lynes, Robert C, Jr.; So., 811 Woodbourne Drive, Atlanta, Ga 211 Lyons, Harry S.; So., 850 S. Candler Street, Decatur, Ga. Machan, Sandra J.; Sr., 303 Columbia Ave., Cedartown, Ga 158 Mackool, Cynthia A.; Fr., 1760 Timothy Drive, Atlanta, Ga. Mac Lean, Patricia A.; So., Box 66, Braselton. Ga 211 Mac Lean, Susan V.; Fr., Box 66. Braselton, Ga 211 Mac Leod, William S.; Fr., 1685 Zemory Drive, Tucker, Ga 21! Madden, James D.; So., Box 242, Raymond, Ga 211 Madden, John B.; Jr., Route 4, Elberton, Ga 211 Madden, Kathleen P.; Jr.. 1809 Walthall Dr., N.W., Atlanta, Ga 211 Maddix, Gary L.; 1956 Oana Street, Atlanta, Ga 211 Maddix, Ronald W.; Fr., 1956 Oana Street, Atlanta, Ga 211 Maddox, Barbara A.; So., 909 Rome Street, Carrollton, Ga 212 Maddox, David A.; Fr., 539 Newnan Street, Carrollton, Ga 212 Maddox, Hugh G.; Fr., 222 Spring Street. Carrollton, Ga . ' .... ' . ' . ' 212 Maddox, Jane A.; Fr., 522 Mc Donough Road, Jackson, Ga. Maddox, Mary J.; So., 950 Crane Road, Atlanta, Ga 212 Maddox, William C; Jr., 909 Rome Street, Carrollton, Ga. Maher, Robert L., Jr.; Jr., 1103 Bromley Road, Avondale Ests, Ga. Malcolm, Shirley A.; Fr., Forrest Ellis Road, Douglasville, Ga 212 Malinak, Gregory J.; So., Route 5, Wesley Drive, Marietta Ga 212 Malone, William C; Jr., Box 143, Adairsville, Ga . ' . 212 Maloy, Carlyn M.; Jr., 10 South Broad Street, Porterdale, Ga . ' . 212 Mandeville, Diana L.; Sr., 2373 Dawn Drive, Decatur, Ga . ' |58 Mangan, Joseph R.; Jr., 1161 Willivee Dr., Decatur, Ga. Manley, Ruby J.; Jr., Route 2, Carrollton, Ga. Mann, Janet A.; Jr., 1488 Van VIeck Ave., Atlanta, Ga. Manning, Betty G.; Fr., Route I, Dallas, Ga 212 Manning, Nora C; Gr., Route I, Summerville, Ga. Manthe, Linda A.; Sr., 1165 Kingston Drive N, Atlanta 3, Ga 158 Marciniak, Diane M.; So., Lone Oak Road, Hogansville, Ga 212 Marcinko, Mary D.; So., Route 7, Piedmont Rd., Marietta, Ga. Markham, James M.; Fr., Box 58, The Rock, Ga 212 Marlar, Leslie S.; So., 436 Sunset Blvd., Carrollton, Ga. Marlow, Brenda J.; Sr., Route I, Bowdon, Ga 158 Marlow, William K.; So., Route 5, Carrollton, Ga ' " 212 Marshall, Brenda J.; Sr., Route I, Box 257 Griffin Ga 158 Marshall, Gerald C; Jr., 302 N. Church Street, Alma, Ga. Marshall, Richard E.; Jr., 701 E. Mc Intosh, Griffin Ga 212 Marshall, Terry R.; Fr., 701 East Mc intosh. Griffin. Ga 212 Marshall, Willis N.; Sr., 214 Sunset Blvd. Carrollton, Ga. Martin, Andrew G., Jr.; So., 220 Hillandale Drive, Griffin, Ga 212 Martin, Barbara N.; Jr., Atlanta Road, Gainesville Ga 212 Martin, Boyd H., Jr.; So., 2464 Ovidia Circle, Atlanta, Ga ' . ' . ' .. ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . 212 Martin, Connie S.; Fr., 2959 Humphries Drive, Atlanta, Ga 212 Martin, Constance L.; So., 305 North Cliff Street, Carrollton Ga. Martin, G. Marvin; Gr., 305 North Cliff Street, Carrollton, Ga. Martin, Gloria J.; Gr., Route 2, Carrollton Ga Martin, Gregory S.; Jr., 305 N. Cliff St., Carrollton, Ga 212 Mart.n, Harold L.; So., Route I, Lookout Mtn, Tenn. Martin, Harriet D.; Jr., 24 Montgomery St., Summerville Ga 158 Martin, Keith A.; Fr., Route I, Duluth, Ga Martin, Marsha A.; Gr., 408 Waverly Way, La Grange, Ga. Martm, Mary R.; So., Box 135, Jackson Ga 212 Martin, Pamela E.; Fr., Mc Donough Road, Hampton Ga. Martin, Paul D., Jr;. So., 401 -Pineridge Drive, Forest ' Park Ga 212 Martin, Richard E., Jr.; So., 325 Wyly Street, Cornelia, Ga. Martin, Ronnie D.; So., Route 5, Carrollton, Ga. Martin, Sherry L.; Fr., Route 5, Carrollton, Ga. Mashburn, Larry C; Jr., 19 Arrowhead Dr., Cartersville Ga. Mask, David L.; So., Holly Street, Jackson, Ga . ' 213 Mason, Cony E.; Jr., Route I, Box 309, Mc Donough, Ga ' .. ' . ' . ' . 213 Mason, Donald L.; Fr., Locust Grove, Georgia ,[ 213 Mason, Linda L.; So., 2644 Arrowwood Drive, East Point, Ga. Massengale, Jo Ann P.; So., 2 Baugh Avenue, Hogansviile Ga. Massengale, William M.; So., 510 Club Valley Drive, Marietta Ga. Massey, Frances E.; So., Route I, Nicholson, Ga ' . 212 Massey, John D.; So., 2 Woodland Ave., Summerville, Ga. Massey, Laura J.- Fr., Nicholson, Georgia 213 Massey, Melton E.; Sr., 1758 Council Bluff Dr., Atlanta, Ga. Mathews, Lynanne; So., Route I, Lexington Ga 213 Mathis, Jerry L.; Sr., 1707 Clover Drive, Valdosta Ga ] 158 Matthews, Brenda G.; So., Box 253, Buchanan, Ga .......... ' 212 Matthews, Margaret A.; Sr., Route 2, Bowdon Ga 158 Matthews, William P.; Sr., 504 Dallas St., Apt 2, ' Acworth, Ga. Maughon, Linda D.; Fr., 3257 Spreading Oak Dr., Atlanta Ga 213 Maulden, Willie M; Sp., Box 17, WGC, Carrollton Ga. Maxwell, Gerald B.; Sr., Route 2, Carrollton Ga Mayfield, Frederick A.; Jr., 600 S. Ridge St. Dalton, Ga 213 Mayfield, Junnifer D.; So., Rt. I, Timber Rdg ' Dr., Douglasville Ga 213 Mayfield, Randall D.; Sr., Tower Apartments 73, Carrollton Ga ' 158 Mc Adams, Jimmy; Sr., Route I, Buchanan Ga. Mc Alpin, James L.; So.. Route 2, Tallapoosa Ga 213 Mc Brayer, Daniel J.; Jr., 110 Robin Lane, Marietta Ga 213 Mc Brayer, Patrick A.; Fr., 110 Robin Lane, Marietta Ga. Mc Bride, James B.; Fr., 2695 Ben Hill Road, East Point Ga McBride, Jan G.; Fr., 3414 S. Atlanta, Road, Smyrna ' Ga 213 Mc Galium, Robt. E., Ill; So., 6140 Rivercliffe Drive Atlanta Ga. Mccamy, Ricky L.; Jr., Route I, Chatsworth, Ga ' 158 Mc Carfhy, Scotty D.; Fr., 18 Waverly Circle. Newnan Ga. Mc Carty, Willis E.; Jr., Route I, Moreland, Ga. Mc Clam, Julie Y.; Sr., 1121 Taliva Trail, Marietta Ga 158 Mc Clelland, Joseph P.; Jr., Route 3, Jackson Ga. ,. 213 Mc Clendon, Bettv F.; Fr., Tallapoosa, Temple, Ga . " . ' . ' . " " . ' . ' 213 McClendon, Louise; Sr., Route 4, Carrollton, Ga. Mc Clendon, Thomas E.; Fr., 539 McPherson ' , Bermen Ga Mc C ung, Patricia L; Fr., 85 Darmouth Avfe., Avondale Est Ga. .. 213 Mc Clure, Barbara K.; Gr., 305 Lakeside Drive, Cedartown Ga Mc Clure, Cassandra A.; Fr., Box 27, Chickamauga Ga ' 213 Mc Cure, Donald E.; Sp., 305 Lakeside Drive, Cedartown Ga Mc Clure, John T., Jr.; Box 1244, Dalton Ga ' ' Mc Clure, William H.; Jr., 214 King Street, Carrollton, Ga. Mc Collough, Charles J.; So., 55 Waverly Circle, Newnan, Ga. Mc Collum, Jane B.; So., Rte 3, Conyers, Ga. Mc Cornell, Elizabeth; Fr., 602 Jefferson Street, La Grange Ga 213 Mc Connell, Gary D.; Fr., Box 147 Grantvllle, Ga. Mc Connell, Thomas M.; So., 500! West Mountain, Stone Mtn Ga 213 Mc Connell, Thomas S.; So., 2288 Melinda Dr., Atlanta, Ga. Mc Cord, Michael T.; Gr., Five Watson Street, Newnan, Ga. Mc Coy, Willie B.; Fr., 723 Alabama Street, Carrollton, Ga. Mc Crary, Annie J.; So., Old Alabama Road, Cartersville, Ga. Mc Craw, Fred H.; So., 1023 Banning Drive, Columbus, Ga. Mc Cray, Doris A.; Sp., Route 2, Carrollton, Ga. Mc Cullough, Linda L.; So., 188 Green Street, Milstead Ga. Mc Dade, Bert M., Jr.; Fr., Route I, Box 35 B, Fairburn, Ga Mc Daniel, Bonita M.; So., Rte. 2, Ambassador Dr., Rlverdale, Ga Cynthia; Fr., Route I, Dexter, Ga. . . . . ' ' Diane; Fr., 406 Cherry Street, Thomaston, Ga 214 Karen E.; Sr., 1741 Campbellton Rd., Atlanta, Ga. Lana C; Fr., 311 Willow Lane, Decatur, Ga Mc Daniel, Mc Daniel, Mc Daniel, Mc Daniel, Mc Daniel, Mc Donald Mc Donald Mc Donald, Mc Donald Mc Donald, Mc Donald, Mc Dowell, Mc Elhannon, Julia L Mc Elheney, Terrell D Mc EIroy, Charles W.; Mc Ewen, Gregory N. 214 214 214 Sammy B.; Fr., Arthur E.; Fr. David G.; Jr., George M.; Sr. Jimmy L.; Jr., Michael L.; Sr. Ronald A.; Jr., Barry D.; So. B So. Fr., So., Fr., .. 214 398 McLinden Avenue, Smyrna, Ga 214 1940 Queens Way, Chamblee, Ga 214 Route 3, Box 48, Thomaston Ga 214 , 2578 Connally Drive, East Point, Ga. 660 Goodyear St., Rockmart, Ga 214 , Route 2, Carrollton, Ga. 1834 Mount Royal Drive, Atlanta, Ga. ox 216, Buchanan, Ga. Route 3, Lexington Rd., Athens, Ga 214 Crestview, Drive, Ratonton, Ga 214 705 Hate Ave., Griffin, Ga. 1940 Sandringham, Atlanta, Ga 214 Mc Ewen, Leonard C; Jr., Route 2, Bowdon, Ga ' ................. " 214 Mc Ewen, Sharon M.; Fr., Route I, Box 130, Bremen Ga " " . ' . ' 214 Mc Fall, Ray O.; Fr., Route 3, Cedartown, Ga. Mc Gee, Robert A., Jr.; Jr., 5 Green Ave., Hogansville Ga 214 Mc Ghee, David L.; Sr., Route 4, Box 267, Griffin, Ga. Mc Ghee, Phillip L.; Fr., Bankhead Highway, Carrollton, Ga 214 Mc Glnnis, David H.; Fr., 239 Marshall Lane, Rome, Ga 214 Mc Glnnis, Judy A.; Fr., Route 2, Tallapoosa. Ga 214 Mc Gowan, Janice E.; Fr., 3190 Pollard Street, East Point, Ga ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . " 214 Mc Graw, Ann E.; Fr., 4! W. Washington St., Newnan, Ga 214 Mc Graw, Donna R.; Fr., Bush Mill Road, Bremen, Ga ] 214 Mc Guire, Joseph T.; Fr., Route 2, Bowdon, Ga. Mc Gukin, Mike W.; Jr., Chapel Heights, Carrollton, Ga. Mc Innis, George L.; So., 3485 Parkview Drive, College Park, Ga. Mc Intosh, Linda J.; Fr., Route I, Roopvllle, Ga ' 215 Mc Intyre, Martha L.; So., 671 Catherine St., Atlanta, Ga . ' . ' ... ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' !. ' . ' 215 Mc Kay, Bonnie E.; So., 1575 Runnymeade Dr., Atlanta, Ga 215 Mc Kenney, Robert S.; Jr., 115 Love Street, Austell, Ga ' . Mc Kenzie, Alex F., Ill; Fr., 245C Monterey Drive Marietta Ga 215 Mc Kenzie, Barbara S.; Fr., 218 Peggy Street, Carrollton Ga 21b Mc Kenzie, Miram S Mc Kibben, Byron M Mc Kibben, Diana R.; Mc Kibben, Emily E.; Fr i Jr So., So., 604 Ridley Avenue, La Grange, Route 2, Bowdon, Ga. 215 215 308 Walnut Street, Cedartown Ga 215 Rte 3, Box 104, Jackson Ga. ' 215 Mc Kibben, William P.; Jr., 1106 Maple Drive Griffin Ga ... " ' " 2i5 Mc Kle, Jerome B.; Jr., 2828 S. Clark Drive, East Point Ga " 215 Mc Kinley, Linda A.; St., Route 2, Thomaston, Ga. . . . . ' Mc Kinley, William W.; Jr., Route 3, Box 401, Griffin, Ga. Mc Kinney, Mayme E.; Fr., 2376 Heather Drive, Decatur Ga. Mc Kinney, Paula R.; So., 1125 Montreat Ave., S. W. ' Atlanta Ga 215 Mc Kneeley, James E.; Jr., 703 Maple Drive, Griffin, Ga. Mc Lain, Gloria J.; So., Box 94, Mt. Zlon, Ga ' . McLarty, Dianne L.; Jr., 728 Erin Ave., Atlanta, Ga Mc Laughlln, Robert M.; So., 735 Brlsmark Rd., N.E., Atlanta Ga. Mc Lean, Dorothy J.; Fr., 295 Greencrest Drive, Athens, Ga. ' Mc Lendon, Michael G.; Jr., Route I, Bowdon, Ga. . ' Mc Lendon, Nancy E.; So., Route I, Bowdon, Ga Mc Lendon, Patricia A.; So., Villa Rica Georgia Mc Lendon Shirley E.; Fr., Route I, Box 189, Bremen, Ga. Mc Leod, Sandra A.; Fr., 132 Robert Lane, Marietta, Ga Fr., 505 Farris Blvd., Manchester, Ga ; Jr., Route I, Zebulon, Ga So., 2904 Waters Road, Atlanta Ga 215 James E.; Fr., 2637 Arlene Way NE Atlanta Ga William S.; Fr., Box 188, Unadilla, Ga. . . . ' Penelope A.; Fr., 5901 Hilderbrand Dr., Altlanta Ga. .. Alphla N.; Fr., 6512 Peacock, Blvd, Morrow, Ga Frances C; Fr., 2278 Strathmore D ' rive. Atlanta. Ga Gary C; So., 975 Poplar Street, East Point, Ga James A.; Fr., 233 Northdale Road, Lawrencevllle, Ga. Kathleen M.; Fr., Jasper, Georgia Mc Leroy, David K. Mc Leroy, Johnny D Mc Leroy. Linda E.; Mc Mahon, Mc Mahon, Mc Michen, Mc Mlllan. Mc Mlllan, Mc Mlllan, Mc Mlllan. Mc Murrain Meadows. Carol M. Meadows. David E.; Mears. Joy C; Jr., Mears, Paul G.; Fr., Medlock, Andrea L. Meeks, Glenda M.; Meeks. Larry L.; So. Meigs. Brenda L.; So. Meigs. William R.; Fr Meinsen. Janet A.; Jr.. 2929 Surrey Lane. Chamblee ' Ga Melander. Cheryl J.; So., 2347 Delowe Drive. East ' Point Melear. Barry D.; So.. 4551 Hemlock Drive. Austell, Ga. Ga. chael, Harry O.; Fr.. Box 239. Meansvllle. Ga. ddlebrooks. Beautye; Jr.; Box 329, Meansvllle, Ga lam, Richard G.; So.. 806 Pamela Drive, Griffin, Ga. les, Evelyn H.; Gr., Route 4, Carrollton, Ga. les, Paul J.; Fr., 3616 Old Ivy Lane, Atlanta, Ga. les, Sharron A.; Fr., 685 Edgewater Trail, Atlanta Ga. ledge, John L.; So., 2426 Clairmont Rd., N., Atlanta Ga. Ga. ler. tchell, Glenn W., Jr.; So., Route 5, Ewlng Rd., Austell, Ga. tchell, William A.; So., Woolsey, Georgia tchum, Sarah A.; Fr., 63 Prince Place, Athens, Ga. zell, Molly; So., 152 Lakev iew Avenue, Atlanta, Ga 158 215 215 215 215 215 215 215 215 216 216 216 216 Mc Rae, Scott W.; Fr., 1008 Lindbergh Drive, Atlanta G.. Mc Ree, Lois J.; So., Route 4, Madison, Ga . ' Mc Whirter, Barry E.; Fr., 353 Broadland Road, Atlanta G_ Mc Whorter, Cathy J.; Fr., 7 Poplar Street, Newnan, Ga 216 McWhorter, Michael A.; Jr., Route 4 Bowdon Ga ' 216 McWhorter, Stanley A.; Jr., Route 2, Franklin, Ga. Meade, Judy E.; Jr., Ga. Industrial Home Macon Ga So., 1375 Harvard Rd., N.E., ' Atlanta Fr., Route 5, Box 393, Newnan Ga. 13 Valentine Drive, Rossville Ga 1717 Frick St., CAFB, Charleston, S. C, ; So., 815 Hicks Road, Mableton, Ga. Fr., Route 5, Carrollton, Ga 2071 Pinehlll Drive, Macon, Ga. , 131 Newnan Road, Carrollton, Ga. 131 Newnan Road, Carrollton, Ga. 216 216 158 216 216 216 216 216 Melear, Linda E.; Jr., Route I, Palmetto Ga Melton, Donna K.; Fr., 2728 Rockcllff Road, Atlanta, Ga. Melton, Norman R.; Fr., 1705 Rogers Avenue Atlanta Ga 2i6 Merrell, Hoyfe D.; Jr., 7703 Hixson Pike Hixson Tenn ' Merrell, Marie P.; Gr., Box 67, Roopvllle, Ga. Merriman, Jack A.; Fr., 3243 Kingsdale Drive Atlanta Ga. Merrltt, Billy R.; Jr., Route 5, Lyons, Ga. Merritt, Elizabeth E.; Fr., 1241 Greenview, Griffin Ga 216 Meyer, Rick M.; So., 1984 Ethel Lane, Decatur, Ga ' " 216 216 216 216 158 Sr., Rt. 2, Ashmore TrI. Pk., Carrollton. __ So.. Route 2, Carrollton, Ga ' . 216 ' 158 216 216 Her, Benjamin T Her, Carolyn D. Her, Christina G.; Sr.. Ashmore Trailer Court Carrollton Ga Mer. David R.; Fr., 104 Colonial Road. Warner Robins Ga. Her. David. W.; Jr., 2347 Manor Ave., East Point, Ga Her, Donald T.; Fr., 6470 Whispering Lane, Atlanta Ga Frank L.; Fr., 1725 Alderbrook Ct., Atlanta, Ga! Hubert S.; Fr., Route 2, Temple, Ga. Her, Iris M.; Fr., Box 95, Cuthbert, Ga 216 Her, James R.; Fr., Mechanicsville Road, Doraville, Ga. Her, John W.; Sr., Route 2, Carrollton, Ga ' . 158 Her, Michael T.; Jr., Box 171 D, Fairburn, Ga. Ms, Criss B.; Fr., 51 Blackland Road, Atlanta, Ga. Iton, Robert L.; Jr., 3626 Tuxedo Road, Atlanta, Ga. ncey, Talmadge W., II; So., Sharp Drive, Carrollton, Ga. tchell, Gail E.; Fr., 2574 Dewey Avenue, East Point, Ga 217 217 217 288 Miles Pharmacy Parking In Rear 623 Dixie Street 832-7033 Carrollton, Georgia McGEE ' S BAKERY Cakes Pies Cookies Donuts " w We Are Proud to Have Been a Sub-Contractor of the New WEST GEORGIA ACADEMIC CENTER COE PAYNE CO. AND RESILIENT FLOOR COVERINGS • CARPETS ELEVATED COMPUTER FLOORS ' Freshness is Our Middle Name " Adamson Square Carrollton, Georgia Tel.— 351-4782 1504 Carroll Dr., N. W. Atlanta. Ga. 30318 289 Moat, Thomas J.; Jr., Route 4, Newnan, Ga. Mobley, Carol T.; Sr., 451 1 2 Adamson Ave., Carrollton, Ga. Mobley, Ernest J.; Sr., 13 Towers Apts, Carrollton, Ga. Mobley, Larry C; Jr., 717 Bonnie Brae Ave., Atlanta, Ga 217 Mobley, Peggy A.; Jr., 4468 Redan Road, Stone Mtn, Ga 217 Mobley, Taze R., Jr.; Sr., Atlanta Street, Powder Spgs, Ga 158 Mock. Elizabeth L.; Fr., 2548 Sharondale Court, Atlanta, Ga 217 Momon, Clovis K.; Sp., Depot Street, Buchanan, Ga. Monahan, Georgette M.; Fr., Rt. 2, Mountville Road, Hogansville, Ga 217 Moncus, Laura A.; Jr., 6018 Kayron Dr. N.E., Atlanta, Ga 158 Moneyheffer, Robert S.; Fr., 170 Royal Court, Morrow, Ga 217 Montgomery, Eleanor C; Fr., Route 3, Rome, Ga 217 Moody, Raymond B.; Sr., Route 3, Rockmart, Ga 159 Moody, William R.; Fr., 603 Elm Street, Marietta, Ga 217 Moon, James H., II; Fr., 5305 Cloud Street Stone Mtn., Ga 217 Moore, Ann S.; Sr., 123 Francis Circle, Mabieton, Ga. Moore, Clyde B.; So., 3742 Bouldercrest Road, Ellenwood, Ga 217 Moore, Garry M.; So.. 916 Rome Street, Carrollton, Ga. Moore, Harold M.; Jr., 119 Magnolia St., Griffin. Ga 218 Moore, Helen M.; Gr., 7800 Sunset Drive, S. Miami, Fla. Moore, Joan; Fr., 7 Duke Street, Jefferson, Ga 217 Moore, Joyce E.; Sr., Route I. Box 209, Moreland, Ga 159 Moore, Lahman D.; Jr., 54 Spring St., Newnan, Ga 217 Moore, Marcia E.; Fr., 197 Harris Road, Marietta, Ga 217 Moore, Maria V.; So., Ill Leyden Street. Decatur, Ga 218 Moore, Mary E.; So., 679 Dill Avenue, Atlanta, Ga 217 Moore. Michael B.; Jr., 630 Burson Ave., Apt 2, Carrollton, Ga. Moore, Michael H.; Sr., 406 South Green St., Thomaston. Ga 159 Moore, Michael R.; Fr., 1304 Vernon Avenue, Dalton, Ga. Moore, Mike C; Fr., 114 Myrtle Street, Carrollton, Ga. Moore, Nettie F.; Fr., Route 2, Kingston, Ga 218 Moore, Robert L.; Sr., Route 2, Adairsville, Ga 159 Moore. Robert S.; So.. 1165 Lake Hearn PL, N., Atlanta, Ga 218 Moore, Rosalie D.; Sr., 916 Rome St., Carrollton, Ga 159 Moore, Susan J.; Fr.. 292 Oxford Place, N.E., Atlanta. Ga 217 Moorhead, Constance A.; Sr., Route I, Buckhead, Ga 159 Morehead, Margie S.; Fr., 326 Gibson, Cedartown, Ga 218 Morgan, Cathy E.; Fr., Route I, Cedartown, Ga. Morgan, David L.; So., Tower Apts No. 55, Carrollton, Ga. Morgan. Fletcher B.; Gr.. Jackson Court Apts, Carrollton, Ga. Morgan, Pamela B.; So., 55 Tower Apts, Carrollton. Ga. Morgan, George L., Jr.; So., Route I. Box 315, Jackson. Ga 218 Morgan, Paula A.; Sr., Box 344, Rockmart. Ga 159 Morgan, Randall H.; So.. Route I, Cornelia. Ga 218 Morgan, Suzanne K.; Fr., Ill Allison Circle, Cartersville, Ga 218 Morris, Edward P.; Fr., 2 Ellis Way, Newnan, Ga. Morris, Glenda A.; Fr., 126 North Chilton, La Grange. Ga 218 Morris, James E,; Jr., 212 Wilson St., Calhoun, Ga 218 Morris, James R.; So., 104 Stewart Street, Carrollton, Ga. Morris, Kenneth L.; So.. Route 5. Canton, Ga 218 Morris, Lewis W.; So., 584 Clay Rd.. Austell, Ga. Morris, Mary A.; Fr., Greenville, Georgia 218 Morris, Patricia W.; So.. Ill Marchman Street. Bremen, Ga. Morris, Richard C; Fr., Route I, Temple, Ga 218 Morris, William H.; Jr., Box 276, Zebulon, Ga 218 Morrison, Jackfe R.; So., Route 2, Tyus Road, Carrollton, Ga. Morrison, Rodney K.; So.. Route 2, Carrollton, Ga. Morrow, John Anderson; Jr., 251 Brighton Way, Marietta. Ga 218 Morrow, Susan L.; Fr.. 128 S. Lakeshore Dr., Carrollton, Ga 218 Morton, Mari L.; Fr., 2618 Camille Drive, Atlanta. Ga 218 Morton, Stephen L.; Fr., 213 Stubbs Street, Cedartown, Ga 218 Moseley, James R.; So., 2941 Thornwood, Macon, Ga 218 Moseley, Kathy L.; So., Route 2, Box 64, McDonough, Ga. Moser. Mairlyn A.; Fr., 3478 Valley Road, Atlanta, Ga 219 Moss, Andrea G.; Gr., 13 Ridge Drive, Rome, Ga. Moss, Jarnes P.; Gr., 13 Ridge Drive, Rome, Ga. Moss, Jonathan W.; Fr., Route 3, Calhoun. Ga 219 Mess, Sally A.; Fr., 2659 Piney Wood Lane N. E., East Point. Sa 219 Mote, Charles C. Jr.; So., 118 Richards Street, Carrollton Ga 219 Motes. William H.; Jr.. 2536 Holmes Street, Jacksonville, Fla 219 Moulthrop, Philip C; So.. 4260 Carmain Drive. Atlanta, Ga 219 Moye, William A.; Jr., Route 2, Moye Drive, Mc Donough, Ga 219 Mozley. Ronnie E.; So., 2437 Glendale Drive, Decatur. Ga 219 Mueller, Constance G.; Fr.. 2003 North Avenue, Rossville, Ga 219 Mullenix, Herbert M.; Fr., 714 Willivee Drive, Decatur, Ga. Mullinax, Nancy E.; Fr., 206 Moon Street, Cartersville ' , Ga 219 Mullinax, Reginald L.; So., 606 W. Woodland Dr., Dalton. Ga 219 Mullins, Benjamin M.; Jr.. 301 Plum St.. Madison Ga. Mullis, William M.; Jr.. 228 S. Cliff Street. Carrrollton. Ga 219 Mumford, Carole L.; Sr., 1706 Deerfield Circle, Decatur, Ga 159 Munn, Mary L.; Gr., 346 Kramer Street, Carrollton, Ga. Muntner, Helen F.; So.. 3614 Fortingale Road. Chamblee, Ga 219 Murdoch, John K.; Jr., 911 S. Main Street, Madison, Ga. ' 219 Murdock. George B.; Fr.. 9 Rucky Drive. Dalton, Ga 219 Murphey, Frances M.; Gr.. 119 Lagrange Street, Newnan, Ga. Murphy, Clarence C; Jr., 108 Meadow St., Thomasville, Ga. Murphy, Gwendolyn; Jr.. 300 Charles Avenue, Thomaston, Ga 219 Murrphy, Kathryn A.; Fr., Luthersville. Georgia 219 Murphy. Ledell J.; So.. Ill South Street, Carrollton. Ga. Murphy, Martha L.; Fr., Box 163, Bremen, Ga 219 Murphy, Michael L.; Jr., Box 163, Bremen, Ga . ' ] 219 Murphy, Ralph L.; Fr., Box 524, Dobbins AFB, Marietta, Ga 219 Murphy, Sharon A.; Fr., 1007 Columbia Drive, Decatur, Ga. Murphy, Terrence R.; Fr., 3878 Sheldon Drive, Atlanta, Ga. Murray, George P.; Jr. 65 Highland Dr., NE, Atlanta, Ga 220 Murray, Laurence, III; So., 3 Buckingham Place, Deerfield, HI. Murray, Robert G.; Jr., 65 Highland Dr., NE, Atlanta, ' Ga 219 Murray, William B.. Jr.; Fr.. 2528 Sharondale Dr., Atlanta. Ga 219 Muse, Mary J.; So.. Route I, Carrollton, Ga. Muse, Ronnie Franklin; Fr., 317 Laurel, Bremen, Ga 220 Muse, Tommy C; So., Route I, Carrollton, Ga. Musick, Sherry D.; So., Route 3. Carrollton, Ga 220 Myers, George H.; So., 328 Alexander St., Marietta. Ga. Myers, Joan B.; So., 513 Cassville Road, Cartersville, Ga. Myers, Dennis D.; Fr., 3081 Mt. Olive Drive, Decatur. Ga 220 Myrick. William J.; Fr.. 114 Ford Street, Cartersville Ga. Nacht. Gerald L.; So., 1870 Myrtle Dr., Apt G, Atlanta, Ga 220 Nalley, Susan D.; Fr.. 1124 Wyland Drive. Atlanta, Ga 220 Nally, Sarah M.; So.. Route I. Rydal, Ga 220 Nance. Robin W.; Fr.. 905 Morning Side Dr.. Griffin. Ga [...[...[... 220 Nation, Sandra A.; Fr., Route 2. Franklin. Ga ' 220 Naylor. Raymond L.; Sr., 214 Bass Street. Carrollton, Ga . ' . ' . ' . ' . 159 Neal, Claudette V.; Sr., 530 Sandtown Road, Marietta Ga 159 Neely. Mary; Jr.. 139 Church Street, Carrollton, Ga 220 Neely, Randall C; Jr., Sharpesburg, Georgia Neely, Willa V.; Jr.. 478 Techwood Dr., 467-B, Atlanta. Ga. Neese, Barbara L.; So., 712 North Greenwood, La Grange Ga 220 Neill, Sandra R.; Sr., 330 Bankhead Ave., Carrollton, Ga 159 Nellans. Guinn H.; Fr., 150 S. Atlanta Street, Roswell. Ga 220 Nelms. Barbara S.; Fr.. Route I, Fayetteville, Ga 220 Nelms, Joan S.; Fr., 230 Buford Highway, Dul ' uth, Ga. Nelson, Jimmy R.; Jr., Route 4. Carrollton, Ga. ' 220 Nelson. Teresa E.; So., Box 421, Griffin, Ga .• . " 220 Nepper, Bernard J.; Fr., Box 175, Villa Rica. Ga. Nesbitt. Margaret J.; Sr.. 363 S. Peachtree St.. Norcross, Ga. Nesbitt, Margaret T.; Sr., 201 Bass St., Carrollton. Ga. ' 159 Neuner. Sandra S.; Jr.. Ill Honeysuckle Lane, Barnesville, Ga 220 Newberry, Mary W.; So.. Box 116. Waverly Hall, Ga . ' . ' . ' 220 Newell, Susan B.; Sr., West Club Drive, Carrollton. Ga. Newkirk, Cynthia J.; Jr., 181 Pine Circle, La Grange, Ga 159 Newman, Freida M.; Sr.. Box 136, Waco, Ga. Newman, Joseph C; So., 45 Fourth St., ' Newnan Ga. .. 220 Newsome, Gordon A., Ill; So., 6 East lOth Street, Chickamauga ' Ga Newton, Mary C; So., 164 Roswell Street, Alpharetta Ga. Nicholson, Alice C; Gr., Box 836, Douglasville Ga. Niedrach, Robert S.; Fr.. 448 Gordon Circle. La Grange Ga 220 Niemeyer, Jon C; Sr., 20 Sussey Rd., Avondale Est Ga. ' Nix. Dale W.; Jr., Route I, Box 197, Bremen, Ga. ' . 220 Nix, Frances M.; Jr., 654 Moreland Avenue, Atlanta Ga. . 220 Nix, Mike H.; So., 507 Gordon Street, Bremen Ga. Nix, William B.; Jr., Route I, Rockmart, Ga. Nixon, Donald L.; Sr., Route 4, Carrollton, Ga 159 Nixon, George H.; So., 2012 Cascade Road, Atlanta Ga 220 Nixon, Howard C; Jr., 312 Sunset Blvd. Carrollton. Ga. Nixon, Jack L.; Jr., 31 Spring Avenue, Tallapoosa, Ga 221 Nixon, Jo Ann; So., 126 North Avenue, Carrollton Ga. Noggle, Billy R.; So., 625 Chamberlain Cir., Marietta, Ga. Nolan, Patricia E.; Gr., 619 Aycock, Carrollton, Ga. Noles, David L.; So., Graham, Ala 221 Noles, Martha J.; Sr., 115 Cunningham Drive. Carrollto ' n. ' Ga ' . Noles, Rayford; So., 6 Sprayberry Street. Newnan Ga. Norman, Philip J.; Jr.. 6115 Spring St., Austell, Ga 221 Norred, Charles R.; Sp., Route I, Phillips Rd., Palmetto Ga. Norred, William H.; Fr,, Route 3, La Grange, Ga ' 221 Norrell, Mildred G.; Fr., Route 2, Fair Lawn Dr., Carrollton Ga ' . ' Norris, Beverly J.; Fr., 222 Park Hill Drive, La Grange Ga. ' .. . 221 Norris, Webster L.; Jr., Box 67. Greenville Ga 221 North, Alan C; So., 3228 La Vista Road, Decatur Ga 221 North, Ralph S.; Sr., P.O. Box 407, Griffin, Ga ' . |60 Norton, Christopher; So., 115 Yancey Dr., Forest Park. Ga 221 Norton, Cynthia A.; So., 17 Spring Avenue, Tallapoosa ' Ga. Norton, Robert L.; Sr., 106 Farris Circle, Forest Park Ga. Novak, Steven H.; Jr., I Dogwood Rd., Box 532, Ne ' wnan Ga 221 Norton, Ronald D.; Jr., 23 Waleska Street, Canton, Ga 221 Novak, Zigmond J.; So., 198 Ohio Avenue, Wadsworth Ohio Nowlen, Bonnie F.; So., Liberty Hill Road, Camden S.C .. . 221 Nunan, Russell A.; Jr., 1172 Merrill Avenue, S. Atlanta Ga. Nunn, Catharine J.; So., 3853 Northwest Drive College Park Ga Nunnelly, Diane T.; Sr., 114 North Cliff, Carrollton Ga. .. ' . .. . |60 Odom, Danny L.; Fr., 205 Spring Street, Carrollton, Ga. Odom, Patricia L.; Fr., 430 North Cliff Street, Carrollton, Ga. Ogden, Sammy L.; Sr., 509 Oak Street, Bremen, Ga. Og ' e Donald L.; Jr., Route 4, Ringgold Ga. Oglesby, Nancy K.; Fr., 272 Hilltop Drive, Atlanta, Ga 221 Oglesby, William H.; Fr., Route 2, Box 117, Mc Donough Ga 221 Oglesby, William K.; Sr., Route 5, Elberton, Ga ' |60 O Kelley, Robert M.; Jr., 2902 Karen Road, College Park Ga. Oliver, Charles D.; Fr., 2828 Payton Drive NE, Atlanta, Ga. Oliver, Helen C; So., 1850 Thompson Avenue, East Point, Ga 221 Oliber, James D.; Fr., 116 RidleyDrive, Carrollton, Ga . ' . ' . ' 221 Oliver, Sandra J.; Gr., 24 Cherokee, Newnan, Ga. Oman, Harry A.; Sr., 1256 Euclid Avenue, Atlanta, Ga |60 Orlich, Rodolfo J.; Sr., San Ramon, Alajuela, Costa Rica . ' . ' .. ' . ' . ' 160 Orr, Jerre H.; Fr., 122 Bowden Street, Douglasville. Ga ! ........ 221 Orr, Marjorie S.; So., 216 Second Ave. Decatur Ga. . 221 Orr, Robert L.; Sp., Route I. Senioa, Ga. Ory, Linda M.; Fr., 1829 Mt. Royal Drive Atlanta Ga 221 Osborne, Richard L.; Sr,, 1380 Elva Drive, S.W., Atlanta, Ga. Osburn, William F., Jr.; Fr., Route 5, Carrollton, Ga. ' . 222 Osterhoudt. Pamela C; Fr., Hill Street, Smyrna, Ga . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' 222 Otwell, Donald E.; So., Route I, Bremen, Ga, Otwell, Sara D.; Jr., 518 Dahlonega Street. Gumming Ga. Otwell. William T.; Fr., Route I, Box 461. Douglasville, Ga. Overton, David O.; Jr., Route 3, Newnan, Ga 222 Overton, Mary M.; Fr., 41 14 Washington Road, East Point Ga " . 222 Owens, Alvin E.; Jr., Route 3, Dalton, Ga ' 222 Owens, Joseph I; Sr., 512 Lawson St., Bremen. Ga. Owens Tommie L.; Fr.. 432 Long Cabin Drive Smyrna. Ga 222 Pace, Ronald C; So., 2271 Farley Court, East Point, Ga. Padgett, Cecelia; So., Sally Ann Circle, Bowdon, Ga. Padgett, Edgar A., Jr.; Fr., 4720 Tall Pines Drive, Atlanta Ga 222 Pafford, Patricia E.; Fr., 4320 Huntington Cir., Chamblee. Ga 222 Palmer, Jerry W.; Sr., Route 3, Cedartown, Ga. Palmer. Judy D.; Fr.. 510 N. White Street, Carrollton, Ga 222 Palmer, Mark A.; Fr., Rt 6, Blackwell Road, Marietta, Ga. Palmer, Randall M.; Fr., Route 2, Carrollton Ga Palmer. William M.; Fr., 148 Wildwood Drive. Elberton. Ga 222 Pannell, Sheridan E.; Jr., 1930 Clairmont Ter. NE, Atlanta, Ga 222 Pappas. George T.; So.. 1433 North Avenue. Atlanta, Ga. Parham, James G.; Sr., 120 Lewis Dr., Apt 15, Marietta, Ga 160 Parham, Render T., Jr.; Jr., 18 Corinth Rd., Hogansville. Ga 222 Paris, Niki G.; Fr.. 818 Greenwood Avenue, Atlanta, Ga. Park, Sally P.; Fr., Ideal, Georgia 222 Parker, Bobby C; So., Route I, Tallapoosa, Ga 222 Parker, Charles R.; So., Route I, Hogansville. Ga. Parker, David W.; Fr., 535 Newnan Street, Carrollton, Ga. Parker, Deborah J.; Fr., 3224 Wesley Chapel Rd. Decatur Ga 222 Parker, James W.; Jr., 1464 E. 40th Street. Savannah, Ga. Parker, Lamar B., Jr.; Fr., 1636 Rogers Avenue, Atlanta, Ga 222 Parker, Larry E.; Gr., 3102 Sparingdale Road, Hapeville, Ga. Parker, Larry V.; Fr.. 503 Pine View Terrace, La Grange, Ga 222 Parker, Margaret A.; So., 844 College St., Rockmart, Ga 222 Parker. Teresa L.; Fr.. 517 West Elm Street, Wrightsville, Ga 222 Parker, Theodore K.; Jr., 146 Underwood Drive, Atlanta, Ga 160 Parkes, John T.; So., 9 Wheatfield Lane, Mountaintop, Penn 222 Parkman, David S.; Gr., Route 2, Carrollton, Ga Parksman, Judy F.; So., 319 Ashton Drive, Athens Ga 222 Parks, Virgil G.; Fr.. 4395 John Weslev Dr . Decatur, Ga 222 Parmer, David E.; Fr.. 522 Lincoln Street, La Grange, Ga 222 Parmer, James E.; So.. Route I, Carrollton, Ga 223 Parmer, Keith M.; Sr.. Route I, Roopville Ga 160 Parr, David W.; Fr., Route 3, Box 169, Douglasville. Ga. Parrish, Daniel C; Jr., Box 13, Temple. Ga 223 Parrish, Gary H.; Sr.. Box 117, Temple, Ga. Parrish, Gordon R.; Sr., 545 McPherson St.. Bremen. Ga. Parrish, Selvie O.; Fr., 545 Mc Pherson Street, Bremen. Ga. Parrott, Mary L.; Fr., 5126 Buffington Road, Red Oak, Ga 223 Parry, David N.; Jr.. 657 Kenilworth Circle, Stone Mtn, Ga 223 Parsons. A. Hope; Sr.. 109 Valley Dr., Route, Carrollton Ga 223 Paschal, John L., Jr.; Fr., 1720 Doncaster Drive, Atlanta, ' Ga. Paschal, Lynda L.; So., 526 Newnan Road, Carrollton, Ga. Pass, Jerry R.; Jr., 123 Cherry St., Carrollton Ga 223 Patrick, Clement C, Jr.; Sr., Route 3, Box 200 Mc Donough. Ga 160 Patrick, Daniel E.; Jr.. 147 Covington, Mc Donough, Ga. Patrick, Judy L.; Fr.. Main Street, Franklin, Ga 223 Patrick, Nancy R.; Fr., 612 Kincaid Avenue, Griffin, Ga 223 Patron, Kathi M.; Fr,, 1605 Mayflower, Atlanta. Ga 223 Patterson. Charles T.; So.. Route I. Waco, Ga. Patterson, Delores A.; Fr., 619 Longview Street, Carrollton, Ga 223 Patterson, Jerry D.; Sr., Box 193, Chatsworth. Ga. Patterson, Sara E.; Fr.. 207 Sproles Street, Greenwood, S.C. Pattersin, Thomas A.; Sr., 12 Rockwood Place. Rome, Ga. Patterson, Wanda C; Sr., 190 Sandy Plains Rd., Marietta, Ga 160 Pattillo. Marlanna; Fr.. 300 Briarcliff Road, West Point. Ga 223 Patty, Barbara J.; Fr., Route 6. Box 41, Dalton, Ga. Paulk, Delores A.; So., 51 Brooklyn Ave.. Forsyth, Ga 223 Paulk, Samuel J., Jr.; Fr., Senic Heights. Manchester, Ga 223 Payne, Barbara A.; So., 119 Campbell Road, Smyrna, Ga 223 Payne. Carolyn E.; Sr., 201 Oak Ave.. Carrollton. Ga 160 290 OPEN 8 A.M. -9 P.M. 905 Maple S+. Carrollton, Ga. H. 0. JORDAN American Oil Products 833 Maple St. 832-7872 Linen Service Complete Linen Service Student Rental Service Atlanta, Georgia CARROLLTON HARDWARE CO., INC. ACE HARDWARE _ ADAMSON SQUARE 832-6371 Carroll+on, Georgia 0U ' d- INC. McmbeTj Ritail Jewrkrs Association of America ° :iir JEWELERS 411 ADAMSDN SQUARE SILVERSMITHS CARRDLLTON, QA. 30117 291 Payne. Edna M.; Jr., Route 2, Calhoun, Ga 223 Payne, Vicki J.; So., 2910 Tejas Trail, S.W., Atlanta, Ga 223 Payton, Carl H. Jr.; Fr., Route 5, Newnan, Ga. Peacock, Carolyn J.; Jr., Rotrte 5, Canton, Ga. Peacock, Cynthia E., Fr., Box 262, Eastman, Ga 223 Peaden, Rebecca S.; Fr,, 21 Church Street, Hogansville, Ga. Pease, Mark S.; Fr., 1607 Austell Road, Marietta, Ga. Peavy, Suzan F.; Fr., 2572 Dawn Drive, Decatur, Ga 22 Peek, Barbara J.; So., Morgan Valley Rd., Rockmart, Ga 224 Phillips David W.; So., 2908 Greenbush Dr., S., Atlanta, Ga. Peek, Curtiss J.; Fr., 1112 Sunnydale Drive, Macon, Ga. Peek, Jeanne M.; So., 2589 Browns Mill Rd., S., Atlanta, Ga 224 Pender, Deborah L.; Fr., 428 Oakview, Smyrna, Ga 224 Pendley, Berry H.; Gr., 374 East Dixie Avenue, Marietta, Ga. Penn Johnny M.; Fr., 2482 Spring Garden Dr., Atlanta, Ga 224 Pennington, Ponzi E.; Sr., 3522 Meadow Ridge Dr., Atlanta, Ga. Penny, John L.; Fr., 114 Patricia Drive, Morrow, Ga. Perdue, Linda D.; Fr., 102 Nevada, La Grange, Ga 224 Perdue, Martha J.; So., 1047 Oakdale Rd., N.E., Atlanta, Ga 224 Perdue, Teresa D.; So., 410 S. Green Street, Thomaston, Ga 224 Perkerson, James F.; So., 27 Temple Ave., Newnan, Ga. Perkerson, Martha A.; Gr., Box 274, Greenville, Ga. Perkins, Cathy M.; Fr., ICOO East Church St., Monroe, Ga 224 Perkins, Cidney V,; Jr., Waverly Hall, Georgia 224 Perkins, James C; Jr., Paclohez Street, Thomas, Ga 224 Perkins, James M.; Jr., Route 3, Box 391, Griffin, Ga. Perkins, Judy R.; Jr., Route 2, Carrollton, Ga 224 Perkins, Wallace H.; So., 109 Sharon Circle, Americus, Ga 224 Perkins, Walter R., Ill; So., Route 4, Carrollton, Ga. Perreault, Richard M.; So.. 2254 Wallace Dr., Chamblee, Ga 224 Perry, Creighton I; Fr., 235 Elden Drive, Atlanta, Ga 224 Perry, Sandria R.; So., 5271 Hugh Howell Dr., Stone Mtn, Ga 224 Perry, Shirley C, Fr., Route 4, Monticello, Ga Perry, William C; Fr., 887 North Avenue, Atlanta, Ga 224 Peters, Pamela S.; Fr., 105 Fourth Street Manchester, Ga 224 Peterson, David F.; So., 4086 Powers Ferry Rd., Atlanta, Ga. Pettit, Darryl; Jr., Box 428, Cartersville, Ga 160 Phagan, Susan G.; Sr., 107 Morgan St., Rockmart, Ga 160 Pharr, Douglas K.; So., 826 Old Concord Road, Smyrna, Ga. Phelps, Jack D., Jr.; Fr., 3095 Hamilton Road, Decatur, Ga 225 Phillips, Barbara G.; Jr., 1437 Continental Dr., Daytona Bch., Fla 225 Phillips, David W.; So., 2908 Greenbush PL, Atlanta, Ga. Phillips, Joseph R.; Jr., 986 Bouldercrest Dr., S., Atlanta, Ga 225 Phillips, Patricia J.; Jr., Route 3, Carrollton, Ga 225 Phillips, Randy L.; Fr., 2461 Hillcrest Drive, East Point, Ga. Phinazee, Mark L.; Sr., Route I, Milner, Ga. Pickens, Connie L.; So., 594 Milligan Drive, Stone Mtn, Ga 225 Pickens, Phillip H.; Jr., 2172 Bonnavit Court, Atlanta, Ga 160 Pierce, Charlotte L.; Jr., 528 Spruce St., Cedartown, Ga. Pierce, Dorothy A.; Fr., 635 Bankhead Avenue, Carrollton, Ga 225 Pierce, Harvey R.; Gr., Box 135, Mt. Zion, Ga. Pike, Homer C.; Sr., Route 2, Carrollton, Ga. Pinson, John F.; Fr., I Kentucky Avenue, Rome, Ga 225 Piotrowski, Terrell D.; Jr., 138 Habersham Drive, Athens, Ga 225 Pittard, Richard T.; So., 185 Irvindale Road, Duluth. Ga, Pitts, Howard J.; So., 1554 Cedar Grove Road, Conely Ga 225 Pitts, Patricia C; So., 129 Wedgewood Drive, Mableton, Ga. Pitts, Sandra G.; Fr., General Delivery, Glenn, Ga 225 Player, Marcia M.; Gr., 123 N. Page Street, La Grange, Ga. Poff, John W., Jr.; So., 1861 Sherwood Drive, Norcross, Ga. Polivka, Mary S.; Fr., 221 Belva Street, Carrollton, Ga 225 Poole, Christian N.; So., 1369 Springdale Road, Atlanta, Ga. Poole, Lawrence D.; Sr., 119 Poplar Circle, La Grange Ga 16! Pope, Charles M.; Jr., Route 2, Carrollton, Ga 225 Pope, Diane; So., 27 High Street, Tallapoosa, Ga. Pope, Robert D.; Fr., 159 Greenville Street, Newnan, Ga. Popham, Mary L.; Fr., Route 3, Rome, Ga 225 Porter, Bernard J.; Jr., Box 343, Hinesville, Ga. Porter, Jerry W.; Fr., Route 2, Carrollton, Ga Porter, Joan E.; Jr., 935 Rome St., Carrollton, Ga 225 Porter, Richard S.; Fr., 504 Rome, Carrollton. Ga. Porter, William W.; So., 69 Mobile Avenue, N.E., Atlanta, Ga Posey, David C; So., 106 Poplar St., Bremen, Ga. Posey, Derrell T.; Jr., Box 513, Bremen, Ga. Posey, Janet E.; Fr., Route 2, Bremen, Ga 225 Postell, Jimmy D.; Fr., Route I, Box 199, Villa Rica, Ga 225 Postell, Linda M.; Sr., 446 Paulding Lanes, Dallas, Ga. Poteat, Gary E.; Fr., Route 2, Buchanan, ga 225 Potter, William M.; Fr., 1548 Penfield Place, Macon, Ga 225 Potts, Huelette A.; Jr., Box 4, Newnan, Ga. Potts, Nancy W.; So., Route 2, Box 143, Newnan, Ga. Powell, Ann E.; Fr., 99 Sheridan Drive, Atlanta, Ga 225 Powell, Cathy A.; Fr., Route 3, Dallas, Ga 225 Powell, Nancy E.; So., Masonic Home of Ga., Macon, Ga 225 Powell, Robert S.; Jr., Route I, Resaca, Ga 225 Powers, Clarence W., Ill; Sr., Memorial Dr., Barnesville, Ga 161 Prater, Charles S.; So., Route 2, Box 2, Bowdon, Ga . Pratt, Barbara L.; So., 101 Dodd Street, Rome, Ga 225 Preiss, Alan R.; Sp., 101 Dodd Street, Rome, Ga. Pratt, Barbara L.; So., Midway Rd., Route I, Douglasville, Ga 225 Prendergast, Joel E.; Fr., 830 N. Island Drive NW, Atlanta, Ga 225 Preston Julianna; Fr., Route 4, Carrollton, Ga 225 Presley, Sarah J.; Jr., 1672 South Cobb Dr., Smyrna, Ga 225 Price, Charles R.; Fr., 3070 La Rose Street, East Point, Ga 225 Price, James H.; So., Box 87, Richland, Ga 225 Price, Janet R.; Fr., 365 River Valley Road, Atlanta, Ga 225 Price, Joel D.; Jr., 2214 Brown Rd. College Park, Ga 225 Price, Joseph D.; Fr., 6 Park Street, Adairsville, Ga 225 Price, Marilyn S.; Sr., Route 6, Marietta, Ga 161 Price, Mary F.; Fr., Route 2, Clarkesville, Ga 226 Pridgeon, Herbert L.; So., Box 535, Fayetteville, Ga 226 Pridmore. Brooke M.; Sr., Box 658, Stockbridge, Ga 16! Prince, James A.; So., Box 322, Franklin ,Ga. Prince, Larry E.; Sr., 704 Juniper St., La Grange, Ga 16! Prince, Phyllis S.; Sr., 51 Second Ave., Newnan, Ga 161 Pritchett, Sarah M.; Fr., 602 Oakdale Drive, Bremen, Ga 226 Prosser, Marjorie J.; Fr., 1077 Park Hill Drive, Gainesville, Ga 226 Pruner, Martin J.; So., 235 Kramer Drive, Carrollton, Ga. Puckett, Donna L.; So., 1649 N. Druid Hills Rd., Atlanta, Ga 226 Puckett, Janet E.; Fr., 131 Diane Drive, Smyrna, Ga 226 Puckett, Ronald E.; Sr., 131 Diane Drive, Smyrna, Ga 16! Puett, Elwanda; Sr., Box 63, Acworth, Ga 16! Pugmire. Richard H.; So. 551 Paper Mill Road Marietta, Ga. Pullen, Richard A.; Jr., 3443 Dodson Ter., East Point, Ga. Pulliam, Robert A.; Fr., Route 4, Lawrenceville, Ga 226 Pulliam, Timothy N.; So., 3 Seventh Street, Jackson, Ga 226 Purdom, lynn; Fr., 1216 Cater Circle, Perry, Ga 226 Purgason, William M.; So., 46 Taliferro Rd., Hogansville, Ga 226 Purvis, James M.; So., Route I, Delray Road, Thomaston, Ga 226 Putnam, Carol R.; Fr., Bethlehem Road, Fairburn, Ga. Putnam, Douglas S.; So., 803 Indian River Dr., Fort Pierce, Fla. Quick, Steven M.; Fr., 36! Merrydale Drive, Marietta Ga ' 226 Quigley, Mary L.; Jr., Route 3, Box 148, Newnan, Ga 226 Quigley, Wayne S.; Jr., 342 Kramer Dr., Carrollton, Ga 226 Quinn, George W.; So., 30! Hall Dr., Smyrna, Ga. Rachels, Linda S.; So., 833, Cardova Drive, N, Atlanta, Ga 226 Ragsdale, Grace H.; Gr., 206 Ridley Drive, Carrollton, Ga. Ragsdale, Henry A.; Sr., Route I, Dallas, Ga. Ragsdale, Olivia L.; Fr., Route 3, Dallas, Ga 226 Ragsdale, Richard W.; Fr., Route 2, Mc Donough, Ga 226 292 Rainey, Mary T.; Fr., 48 Park Lane N.E., Atlanta, Ga. Rainey, Tommy G.; Fr., Route I, Waco, Ga. Rainwater, Jenny R.; Jr., 2 Luminosa Terrace, Rome, Ga 226 Rakestraw, Tyre L.; jr.. Route 2, Hiram, Ga. Rambo, James O.; Jr., 407 Pine Street, Cochran, Ga 226 Ramos, Marion R.; Gr., 2218 Meadowlane Drive, Atlanta, Ga. Ramsey, Connie L.; So., 684 Tahoe Circle, Stone Mtn Ga 226 Raney, Paul F., Jr.; Sr., 1258 Willis Mill Road, Atlanta Ga |6I Reagin, Frankie R.; Fr Reardon, Frank J., Jr.; Reddin, Carol D.; Fr. Reddish, Hoyt W.- Fr Reece, Betty J.; So. Reed, Pamela L.; Fr Rees, Thomas J.; So Reeves, Betty J.; Fr. Raney, Robert T.; Fr., 826 E. Nelson Street, Jackson Ga. Paper, Donald E.; Jr., 305 Walnut St., Cedartown, Ga. Ratledge, Patricia M.; Fr., 1089 Fayetteville Rd. Atlanta Ga Ratliff, Michael W.; Jr., Route 2, Perry, Ga , Raughton, James; Sr., 109 Newman St., ' Franklin, Ga |6I Raulins, Martin B.; Fr., 3609 Rolling Green Rd. Atlanta, Ga. Rauschenberg, William; Fr., 2624 Arrowwood Drive, East Point, Ga 227 Ray, Johnny D.; So., 601 College Street, Carrollton, Ga. Ray, William C; Sr., 121 Brookwood Drive, Athens, Ga I6I Ray, Ronald N.; Fr., 47 Monroe Street, Tallapoosa, Ga. Ray, William C; Sr., 121 Brookwood Drive, Marietta Ga |6I Raymond, Peggy D.; Fr., 245 Ashton Drive, Athens, Ga Read, Richard G., Jr.; Fr., 550 Coldstream Court, Atlanta Ga, 2204 River Road, Ellenwood, Ga Fr., 3759 Donaldson Drive, Chamblee Ga. 213 Waddell Street, Bremen. Ga . Route 2, Tallapoosa, Ga Redmon, Donna B.; Sr., 2648 N. Harris St., East Point Ga Redmond, Carole E.; So., 2527 Bryan Circle East Point Ga Box 292, Blue Ridge, Ga . ' 602 Fayetteville R., Jonesboro Ga 2511 West Wesley Road, Atlanta, Ga. , Route I, Buchanan, Ga ' , Reeves, Jerry M., Jr., Route 5, Thomaston, Ga 227 Reeves, Marilyn H.; Jr., 210 Bass Street. Carrollton Ga Reeves, Rkhard A.- So., 2900 Piney Wood Drive East Point Ga Reeves, Robert K.; So., 210 Bass Street, Carrollton, Ga ' Reeves, Waymon M.; Gr.. S. Lakeshore Drive Carrollton Ga. Reid, Sandra M.; So., 1423 June Street, Griffin, Ga.... ' Reinhardt, Gary L.; So., Route I, Cartersville, Ga. Remeta, Doris J.; So., 338 A. Rhomar Circle, Marietta, Ga Resseau, Otis P., Jr.; So., 4405 Napier Avenue, Maconi Ga Reynolds, Betty Y.; So., 153 Pine Valley Dr., Forest Park, Ga Reynolds, James R.; So., 1420 Harvard Rd., N.E., Atlanta, Ga. ... Reynolds, Margie L.; Fr., 1547 Maryland Drive, Macon, Ga ' . Reynolds, Robert C; Fr., 1763 Timberland Rd., Atlanta, Ga. Reynolds, Roy J.; Jr., 1368 Aniwaka Ave. S.W., Atlanta, Ga. Rhodes, Dana S.; So., 105 Summit Drive, Griffin, Ga.... ' Rhodes, Jacquelyn L.; So., 6700 Roswell Rd, 31 A, Atlanta, Ga Rhodes, John T.; Jr., 415 River Valley Road, A tlanta, Ga ' 227 Rhodes, Ronnie; Fr,, 212 Bass Street, Carrollton, Ga 2TJ ccardi, Nancy E.; Fr., 1297 Swims Valley Dr., Atlanta, Ga. chards, Kay E.; Jr., Route I, Whitesburg, Ga. chards, Larry D.; Sr., 4250 Davis Rd., College Park, Ga |6I chardson, Bobbie L.; Sr., Route I. Bowdon, Ga. chardson, William R.; Fr., 19 Franklin Street, Rome, Ga 226 chie, Don K.; Jr., 618 Carrollton, Road, Bremen, Ga. ckett, Sally E.; So., 2 ' ' 35 Pinetree Rd.; Atlanta, Ga 228 cks, Clarence T., Ill; Fr., Route I, Villa Rica, Ga 228 der, James P.; Fr., 35 Bailey Drive, Newnan, Ga 228 dgely, Ben R.; So., 2296 Ferndale Dr., Decatur, Ga. fe, Anita D.; So., 548 Hurt Road, Smyrna, Ga. ggins, Thomas D.; So., 846 Mc Laurin Ave., Griffin, Ga 228 gsby. Jack M.; Jr., 138 Oak Avenue, Carrollton, Ga. ley, John J., Jr.; So., 503 Pamela St., Marietta, G Roberts, Roberts, Roberts, Roberts, Roberts, Roberts, Roberts, Rowe, Helen H.; Gr., Route 2, Carrollton, Ga. Rowe, Shirley; Fr., 1684 Sylvan Road, Atlanta, Rowell, Charles P.; Fr., Box 504, Bremen, Ga. , Rowell, George E,; Fr., Tarpley, Bowdon, Ga. Rowland, Alice J.; So., Box 237, Bowdon, Ga. 226 227 227 227 227 227 227 227 227 227 227 227 227 227 227 227 227 227 227 227 227 227 228 nn, Barbara A.; Sr., 422 College St., Carrollton, Ga 161 ordan, John A.; Fr., 320 Hillside Drive, Atlanta, Ga 228 stow, Judy E.; So., 10 East Valley, Rome, Ga. ttenhouse, Jeanne W.; Jr., 3736 Aristides Lane, Decatur, Ga. vers, Erskine H., Jr.; Fr., 517 Knollwood Drive, Bremen, Ga 228 vers, Josephine K.; So., Bon 340, Ridgeland, S.C. Roach, Karen R.; Fr., 5561 Long Island Dr., Atlanta, Ga. Roberts, Camille C; Fr., 338 Mount Alto Road, Rome, Ga. Roberts, Carole; Jr., Pinehurst, Georgia David P.; Fr., 209 Maple Street, Villa Rica, Ga 228 Kathleen A.; So., 101 Hillcrest Avenue, Rome, Ga 228 Kathy L.; So., 1464 Fairbanks St., S., Atlanta, Ga 228 Kenneth M.; Sr., Route 2, Carrollton, Ga 161 Oscar W.; Jr., Bowdon Rd., Carrollton, Ga 228 Phyllis A.; Fr., 8282 Hilltop Road, Jonesboro, Ga. Prescilla L.; Fr., 104 ' Hudson Road, Eatonton, Ga 228 Roberts, Steven H.; Fr., 411 Fourth Avenue, Thomaston, Ga 228 Roberts, William A.; Fr., 4807 Cascade Rd., S.W., Atlanta, Ga. Robertson, Barbara J.; Fr., Route I, La Grange, Ga 228 Robertson, Carl A.; Sr., 43 Temple Ave., Newnan, Ga. Robertson, John W.; Fr., 516 Legion Drive, Covington, Ga 228 Robertson, Linda D.; Jr., 15 Waverly Circle, Newnan, Ga 228 Robertson, Susan V.; So., Rt. I Hamilton Rd., La Grange, Ga 228 Robinson, Betty S.; Fr., Route 2, Box I73A, Newnan Ga Robinson, Janette G.; So., 112 Robinson, Avenue, Carrollton, Ga. Robinson, June M.; Sr., Route I, Carrollton, Ga 161 Kathy S.; Fr., 3986 Briarcliff Road, Atlanta, Ga. Kathy T.; Fr., 117 Bryan Street, Bremen, Ga 228 Lonnie J.; So., Route I, Stonewall Rd., College Park, Ga. Sara R.; Jr., Route 2, Waco, Ga. Steven D.; So., 500 Westmeath Drive, Atlanta, Ga. Gail S.; So., Box 667, Carroll Road, Villa Rica, Ga 228 228 Robinson , Robinson, Robinson, Robinson, Robinson, Robison, Roddenberry, Daniel A.; So., North Greenwood Dr., Carrollton, Ga Rogers, Claire C; Gr., 216 Cedar Street, Carrollton, Ga. Rogers, Denzil L.; Sr., Box 20, La Grange, Ga Rogers, Frank G.; So., Box 368, Meansville, Ga Rogers, Jane R.; Fr., 1155 Edgefield Drive, Atlanta, Ga Rogers, Mitchell A.; So., Route I, Sharpsburg, Ga Rogers, Patricia A.; Fr., 112 Parkwood Road, Smyrna, Ga Rogers, Stephen C; So., 2853 Branchwood Drive, East Point, Ga Rogers, Toni G.; Jr., 1657 Austell Rd., Rt. 8, Marietta, Ga. Rolan, Laura C; Sr., Ball Ground Hwy, Canton, Ga Rollins, Laura E.; Fr., 404 Hickory Street, Bremen, Ga Rollins, Sylvia D.; Fr., 404 Hickory Street, Breman, Ga Rooks, Beverly D.; Sr., 4I3-I2th Ave. E., Cordele, Ga. Rooks, Frank H.; Fr., Hwy 29, Madras, Ga. Rooks, Rhonda E.; So., Box 35, Bowdon, Ga Roper, Joseph F., Jr.; So., P.O. Box 304, Carrollton, Ga. Roper, Nigel B.; So., 2871 Randall St., East Point, Ga Roquemore, Anne G.; Fr., 84 Hillsdale Road, Forsyth, Ga Rosenbalm, Valetta L.; Jr., Box 113, Mt. Zion, Ga Ross, David L.; Jr., Box 683, Douglasville, Ga Ross, Larry N.; So., Route I, Meansville, Ga Ross, Lynda L.; Fr., 1479 Thompson Place, Decatur, Ga Ross, Paula J.; So., 2583 Hogan Road, East Point, Ga Ross, Richard G.; Fr., 611 N. Hairston Road, Stone Mtn, Ga. .. Ross, Shirley M.; Jr., Route 3, Box 160. Ball Ground, Ga 229 Rountree, Linda M.; Sr., 674 Blvd. S.E., Atlanta, Ga 162 Rousselle, John R.; Fr., 723 S. Center, Thomaston, Ga. .., Routon, Jerry L.; Jr., Route I, Box 75A, College Park, Ga. Rowan, Catherine F.; So., Route 2, Box 33, Mc Donough, Ga 229 229 229 229 229 229 229 229 229 229 229 229 229 229 229 229 229 229 Ga. 229 229 229 229 Compliments of COLONIAL BAKING COMPANY HOLBROOK WATERPROOFING COMPANY We Specialize In Masonory Restoration, Cleaning and Caulking HOLBROOK WATERPROOFING CO. 82! West First St. Charlotte. N.C. 377-2247 HOLBROOK WATERPROOFING CO. OF GA. 3190 Pinehill Drive Decatur, Ga. 289-9166 TASTY GRILL Curb Service — Regular Dinners Open 6 A.M. to 10 P.M. Except Monday DIAL 832-9183 1012 Dixie St. Carrollton, Ga. 293 Rowley, Cleveland, M.; Sr., 385 Hooper St., S.E., Atlanta, Ga. Royal, Anita J.; Jr., 21 Velma Drive, Nev nan, Ga 229 Royal, Ronald; So., 307 5th Avenue, Thomaston, Ga 229 Royals, James D.; Sr., 101 A. Tillman Drive, Carrollton, Ga 162 Royals, Robert L.; So., Lynn Acres Apts, Powder Spgs, Ga 229 Royer, James D.; Sr., 4380 Garmon Rd., Atlanta, Ga. Rucker, Hugh D.; Sr., Route 4, Alpharetta, Ga. Rucker, Sandra G.; So., 234 Prospe ct Dr., Roswell, Ga 229 Runyan, Gerry S.; Jr., Route I, Graham, Ala 230 Russell, Larry E.; Sr., Box 364, Mc Caysville, Ga 162 Russell, Linda J.; Fr., Route 4, Newnan, Ga 230 Russell, Marilyn J.; St., 82 Cleveland St., Mc Donough, Ga. Rutledge, Joseph A.; Fr., Route I, Dallas, Ga Rutledge, Kirby M.; So., 125 Cason Road, Cedartown, Ga. Ruus, Edwin L.; So., 204 Hillside Drive, N. Atlanta, Ga. Ryder, William L., Jr.; So., 510 Kenbrook Dr., N.W., Atlanta, Ga. Saito, Hirohisa; Sp., No. 3-18-5 Inokashira, Mitaka, Tokyo, Jap 162 Salley, Sheila A.; So., 2517 Wood Valley Drive East Point, Ga 230 Salter, Shirley A.; Jr., 2056 Trailwood Rd., Decatur, Ga 230 Samples, Frances E.; Jr., 4400 Woodland Brook D., Smyrna, Ga 230 Sanders, Carl W.; So., 614 W. Elm St., Rockmart, Ga Sanders, Eddie L.; Sr., Route 7, Gainesville, Ga 230 Sanders, James L., Jr.; Fr., 2121 Joyner Avenue, Marietta, Ga. Sanders, JoAnn J.; Gr., 308 South Boulevard, Carrollton, Ga. Sanders, Linda I.; Jr., 2644 Club VaMey Dr., Marietta, Ga 230 Sanders, William F.; Jr., 608 Greenwood Street, Barnesville, Ga 162 Sanders, William T.; Fr., 315 Barnesville St., Thomaston, Ga 230 Sanderson, Brandford C; Fr., Route 3, Redd Road, Alpharetta, Ga. Santor, Shelia A.; Jr., 5102 Sandy Cove, Sarasota, Ga. Sapp, Rebecca J.; So., 401 Avenue C, West Point, Ga 230 Sapp, Thomas D.; Fr., 609 Kingfisher Cir., Rome, Ga 230 Sappe, Betty S.; Fr., Box 374 , Gordon, Ga. Sappe, Carol A.; Jr., Box 374, Gordon, Ga 230 Sasser, Roland E., Jr.; Jr., Box 224, Woodbine, Ga. Satterfield, Jerry M.; So., Rt. I, White, Ga 230 Saunders, Alice L.; Sr., Cuthbert, Georgia Saunders, Amanda L.; Fr., 1050 N. Carter Road, Decatur, Ga. Saunders, Elizabeth F.; So., 608 Parks St., Apt. 3, Carrollton, Ga. Saunders, Gerald B., Jr.; So., 608 S. Hutchinson Ave., Adel, Ga. Saunders, W. Kenneth; So., 608 S. Hutchinson Ave., Adel, Ga. Saunders, Willie M.; Jr., Route I, Box 344, Jackson, Ga 230 Sauter, Doris C; Gr., 636 Lakewood, La Grange, Ga. Savage, Barbara L.; Fr., 1465 Austin Road, S.W., Atlanta, Ga. 230 Savage, Patricia F.; Sr., 1142 Atlanta Rd., Marietta, Ga 162 Sawyer, Robert T.; Fr., 630 Cumberland Rd., N.E., Atlanta, Ga 230 Saylors, Tena D.; Sr., 1115 Arden Drive, Marietta, Ga 162 Scarborough, Randall L.; Fr., 3943 Pine Valley Dr., College Park, Ga 230 Scarborough, Robert L.; So., 932 S. Ponce De Leon, Macon, Ga. Scarborough, William T.; Sr., 325 W. Bonnell St., Oxford, Ga 162 Schoenberner, Robert A.; Sr., 819 North Park, Carrollton, Ga. Schmitt, Thomas J.; Fr., 1178 Cahaba Drive S. W., Atlanta, Ga 230 Schoenberner, Robert A.; Sr., 819 North Park, Carrollton, Ga. Schoofs, Diana B.; Fr., 3064 Hogan Road, Atlanta, Ga 231 Schuber, Herman M.; Jr., 3571 Glenda St., Lithia Sprgs, Ga. Scott, Donna L.; So,. 2120 Westover Dr., East Point, Ga 23! Scott, Phillip R.; Sr., Route 2, Chatsworth, Ga 162 Scott, Roger L.; Sr., 33 E. Main St., Gainesville, Ga 162 Scroggins, Anna J.; Jr., 2639 Vance Drive, East Point, Ga.. Scroggins, Nancy C; So., 2639 Vance Drive, East Point, Ga 231 Scruggs, Jennifer; Fr., 2911 Appling Drive, Chamblee, Ga 231 Searcy, Ludie M.; Gr., Route 2, Macon Road, Butler, Ga. Segars, Joe H., Jr.; Fr., 106 Dogwood Lane, Eatonton, Ga 231 Self, Cecelia J.; Fr., Askew Ave. Ext., Hogansville, Ga 231 Self, James H.; Jj-., 315 E. Ninth Street, West Point, Ga 231 Self, Janette M.; Jr., Route 2 Tallapoosa, Ga. Self, Ruby A.; Fr., 315 East 9th Street, West Point, Ga 231 Sellars, Margaret H.; Fr., 1487 Ponce De Leon, Atlanta, Ga. Sellers, Danny K.; So., Route 1, Upatol, Ga. Selimansberger, Joyce; Fr., 3651 Winbrooke Lane, Tucker, Ga 231 Selman, Michael L.; So., Dogwood Lane, Rockmart, Ga. Shackleford, Nettie S.; Fr., 716 Alabama Street, Carrollton, Ga. Shadrix, Alan B.; So., 424 Dixie St., Carrollton, Ga. Shaefer, Dale S.; Sr., 210 Lee Street, Carrollton, Ga Shaefer, Howard P.; Fr., Route 1, Box 127, West Point, Ga 231 Shaefer, Stephen F.; Sr., 210 Lee Street, Carrollton, Ga. Shafe, Marie C; Sr,. Tanners Beach, Apt, 10, Carrollton, Ga 162 Shanks, Charles W.; Fr., Route 2, Box 252, Temple, Ga. Shapard, John T.; Fr., 765 E. College, Griffin, Ga 231 Shaw, Carol A.; Sr., 406 Academy Street, Acworth, Ga 162 Shaw, Jimmy L.; Fr., 3365 College Street, College Park, Ga 231 Shaw, Kathryn E.; Fr., 100 Mathews Lane, Eatonton, Ga 231 Shaw, Robert A.; Sr., Jackson Courts, Apt 3, Carrollton, Ga. Shaw, Sue A.; Fr., North Lakeshore Dr., Carrollton, Ga 231 Shaw, Vaughn S.; So., 26 Tulip Street, Cranford, N. J. Shealy, Emmitt H., Jr.; Fr., Route 2, Tallapoosa, Ga 231 Shell, Mary J.; Gr., 35 Elm Street, Newnan, Ga. Shell, Sanford R.; Jr., 952 Redbud Lane S. W., Atlanta, Ga 231 Shelly, Betty J.; Fr., 505E Church Street, Douglasville, Ga 231 Shelly, Elaine J.; Fr., 2141 Fisher Trail, N., Atlanta, Ga 231 Shelly, Jerry L.; Sr., 505 Church Street, Douglasville, Ga 162 Shelnutt, Edwin T.; So., Rte 2, Box 77, Newnan, Ga 231 Shelnutt, Homer L.; Gr., Route 1, Knott Road, La Grange, Ga. Shelnutt, Judy A.; So., Route 2, Bremen, Ga. Shepard, Jesse N.; Jr., Route 2, Box 43-Y, Newnan, Ga 231 Shepherd, Murbes S.; Gr., 704 Lakewood Drive, La Grange, Ga. Sheppard, Ann C; Fr., Route 2, Sandersville, Ga 231 Sheppard, Judy P.; Jr., Route 1, Box 254 B, Sandersville, Ga 23! Shi, Linda E.; So., Rt. 1, Turners Marina, Monticello, Ga. Shields, Douglas L.; Fr., 2375 B East Lindmont, Atlanta, Ga 231 Shiflett, Robert A.; So., Route 2, Cave Spring, Cedartown, Ga. Shinn, Carolyn S.; Gr., 6882 W. Fayetteville, Riverdale, Ga. Shirah, Dixie A.; Jr., Route 2, Temple, Ga Shoemake, Garland G.; Gr., Route 5, Box 539, Newnan, Ga. Shoemaker, Frances A.; Fr., 525 Mt. Vernon Hwy., Altanta, Ga. Shoemaker, Kay H.; Fr., 1817 Glenwood Apts, Rome, Ga 231 Shore, Nancy C.; Jr., Box 315, Cornelia, Ga. Shortt, Sidney W.; Fr., 139 Skyland Drive, Cornelia, Ga. Shultz, Michael E.; Fr., 105 Beverly Hills Dr., Marietta, Ga 231 Sibley, Janice A.; So., 5421 Coppedge Avenue, Jacksonville, Fla. Simmons, Larry L.; So., 1443 Wadley Avenue, East Point, Ga. Simmons, Pamela E.; Jr., 2313 Laurel Drive, Columbus, Ga 231 Simmons, William R.; So., 239 Jodeco Drive, Jonesboro, Ga. Slmms, Marilynn C; So., 3133 Towerview Drive, Atlanta, Ga. Simons, Denise V.; Fr., 1090 Balmoral Road, Atlanta, Ga. Simonton, Norma L.; So., 17 Woodland Drive, Rome, Ga 231 Simpson, Michael D.; So., Box 126, Fayetteville, Ga 231 Simpson, Robert C; Gr., 334 Maple Street, Carrollton, Ga. Simpson, Ruth I.; Gr., 334-Maple Street, Carrollton, Ga. Simpson, William T.; Fr., 3057 Oakdale Road, Hapeville, Ga. Sims, David F.; Sr., 2574 Woodtrail Lane, Decatur, Ga .■ 162 Sims, Henry W.; So., 497 North Ave., Hapeville, Ga 231 Sims, Jeffrey W.; Fr., 7177 Sir Galahad Way, Jonesboro, Ga 232 Sims, Sandra; Fr., Route 3, Box 54 B, Fairburn, Ga 232 Sinback, Marshall F.; Fr., 3057 Weslock Circle, Decatur, Ga 232 Singletary, Robert B.; Jr., Box 1156, Thomasville, Ga. Sinyard, James M.; So., Rte 1, Lithia Spgs, Ga 232 Sivell, Mary C; Sr., Route 2, Box 204, Pine Mountain, Ga 162 Skypek, Michael C; Sr., 2120 Trailmark Drive, Decatur, Ga. Slate, Paulette C; Fr., 615 1 2 Rome Street, Carrollton, Ga 232 Slaughter, Aimee M.; Jr., 533 Clairmont Cir., 6, Sloman, Wayne R.; So., Box 32, Cedartown, Ga. Decatur, Ga 232 Slover, Smal Smal Sm Sm Sm Sm Sm Sm Sm Sm Sm Sm Sm Sm Sm Sm Sm Sm Sm Sm Sm Sm Sm Sm Sm Sm Sm Sm Sm Sm Sm Sm Sm Sm Sm Sm Sm Sm Sm Sm Sm Sm Sm Sm Sm Sm Sm Sm Sm Sm Sm Sm Sm Sm Sm Sm Sm Sm Sn Martha K.; Fr,, 1005 Bouldercrest Dr., Marietta, Ga 232 ood, Emmett E.; Fr., Route 2, Hogansville, Ga 232 ood, Larry J.; Fr., Route 1, Carrollton, Ga ' 232 Amy R.; Jr., Route 2, Dallas, Ga. Barbara G.; Fr., 711 Campbellton Road, Douglasville, Ga 232 Beverly L.; Fr., Route I, Carrollton, ga 232 Brenda G.; Jr., Box 547, La Fayette, Ga 232 Brenda K.; Jr., 404 Lester Avenue, Dalton, Ga ' . 232 Celia D.; Fr., 711 Greenwood, Thomaston, Ga. Charlette A.; So., 144 Medford Lane, Austell, Ga. Cherry A.; Fr., 532 Goodrich Avenue, Thomaston, Ga 232 Cynthia A.; Fr., 320 Brentwood Drive, Atlanta, Ga 232 David A.; Jr, Postmaster, Mt. Zion, Ga 162 David Alton; Jr., 2130 Woodmoor Lane, Decatur, Ga . ' . ' 232 Davis A.; So., 69 Askew Avenue, Hogansville, Ga 232 Donna J.; Fr., Route 1, Carrollton, Ga 232 Edward M.; So., 314 East Jule Peek, Cedartown, Ga 232 Frances D.; Jr., 141 South St., Carrollton, Ga 232 Gary D.; Sr., Route 2, Old Camp Rd., Carrollton, Ga 162 Gary H.; Sr., Box 525, Tunnel Hill, Ga 163 ; So., 3448 Louise Street, Hapeville, Ga 232 Route 2, Carrollton, Ga. 1864 Cindy Drive, Decatur, Ga. Route I, Box 150, Glenn Ga 232 r.. Route 2, Woodbury, Ga. 163 So., Rte I, Carrollton, Ga. Jr., 404 Lester Ave., Dalton, Ga 233 So., Moreland, Georgia 232 Harry A., Jr Jane E.; Sr., Janet F.; So. John L.; Fr., Juanita; S Lesker D.; Linda F.; Linda G. Linda J.; Linda L.; Linda M. Louise R. Lynn A.; Mallory G.; Sr Marcia E.; So So., Hwy 42, Rex, Ga 233 Sr., 16 Spring Ave., Tallapoosa, Ga 163 Fr., 450 Grenock Circle, Atlanta, Ga 233 Jr., Route 5, Box 494, Newnan, Ga . ' . 233 Fr., 750 Stewart Street, Carrollton, Ga 233 Route 3, Carrollton, Ga. 18 East Mill Street, Tallapoosa, Ga 233 Marcia Elaine; Jr., 2021 Cascade Road, Atlanta, Ga. Mary J.; So., Route I, Palmetto, Ga 232 Mary L.; Fr., Sunset Blvd, Carrollton, Ga 233 Michael L.; Jr., 110 College Street, Carrollton, Ga 223 163 Ga. Nancy J.; Sr., Route 3, Box 365, Thomaston, Ga Patricia A.; Fr., Route 1, Carlton, Ga Paula J.; Fr., Route I, Canton, Ga Phillip B.; Jr., Route 2, Newnan, Ga Phyllis G.; Jr., Route I, Carrollton, Ga , Polly; So., 418 College Avenue, La Grange, Ga. Robbie D.; Jr., Route 1, Carrollton Ga Ronald M.; So., 238 tyliller Rd., Ave., S., Atlanta Ronnie M.; Fr. 16 Spring, Tallapoosa, Ga. Ronnie T.; Jr., Route I, Canton, Ga Sally L.; Sr., Franklin, Georgia . Sherry J.; Sr., Route 5, Box 226A, Newnan, Ga. . th, Stephen L.; So., Route 2, Dallas, Ga. Stephen Z.; So., 518 Spruce Street, Cedartown, Ga. Susan A.; Jr., Route 2, Box 240 Bremen, Ga. Susan E.; Jr., 305 Brown St., Carrollton, Ga. Wallace B.; Jr., Route 4, Bowdon, Ga. Walter Jane; Sr., 131 Aberdeen Avenue, Walter M.; Jr., 1225 Oakcrest Dr., Atlanta . Willie G., Jr.; So., Route I, Madison, Ga. der, Goj-don L.; So., 182 Jefferson St., Newnan, Snow, Mack E.; Fr., Route 4, Carrollton, Ga. Snow, Wanda R.; Sp., P. O. Box 591, Dalton, Ga. Snyder, Robert L.; Fr., 422 Front Street, Cornelia Ga Sockwell, Brenda G.; Sr., 953 Gilbert St., S. E., ' Atlanta, Ga. Solomon, Diana R.; Fr., 1655 Homestead, Atlanta, Ga. Sorrells, Walter S.; Sr., Route 1, Perry, Ga 687 Stokeswood Ave., S., Atlanta, Ga Sr., 218 South Blvd., Carrollton, Ga. 201 Copeland Rd., N.E.. Atlanta, Ga. Route D, Box 155 C, Griffin, Ga. Route 2, Dalton, Ga. Route 2, Dalton, Ga Columpus, Ga. Miss. Ga. Souther, Joseph C; Sr., Southerland, Charles H.; Spaduzzi, James D.; So., Spahos, Richard C; Fr.. Spann, James K.; Sr Spann, Larry B.; So., Spearman, Larry E.; So., 13 Second St.. Newnan, Ga. Spears, Angelia; Fr., Route I, Box 221, West Point, Ga Spears, Ann S.; Gr., 525 Elliott Drive, Rome, Ga Spears, Patricia L.; Fr., Route I, Box 75, Irwinton, Ga. 233 233 233 233 232 233 233 163 163 163 233 233 163 163 163 233 233 Spence, Gloria J.; Sr., 218 Washington St., Jefferson, Ga H61 Spence, La Dell; Jr., Route 6, Carrollton, Ga 233 Spence, Sara V.; So., Box 519 Bowdon, Ga 233 Spencer, Roger A.; So., 2164 Niskey Lake Tr., Atlanta, Ga. Spencer, Sandra J.; So., 104 Hickory Acres Dr., Smyrna, Ga 233 Splnks, Gere M.; So., 427 N. Marble, Rockmart, Ga 233 Spivev. Keith D.; Fr., 705 Glenforest Road, Atlanta, Ga 234 Spradlin, Connie J.; Fr., Route 1, Brooks, Ga 234 Sprayberry, James S.; Fr., 416 Cedar Street, Carrollton Ga. Springer, Ethel L.; Fr., Route I, Carrollton. Ga 234 Springfield, Clay B.; So.. 346 Carpenter, Drive, Atlanta, Ga 234 Spruill, Mary C; Fr., 3060 Washington Road, East Point, Ga 234 Spruill Shirley R.; So., Route 2. Carrollton, Ga 163 Stallings, Connie E.; Fr., 102 Melton Street, Griffin. Ga 234 Stallings, Martha H.; Gr., 209 Clifton Terrace, Carrollton, Ga. Stallings, Rebecca E.; Sr., Route 3, Carrollton, Ga. Stamps, Mark D.; Fr., Route 2, Carrollton, Ga Stanley, Brenda M.; Jr., Route 5, Box 522, Newnan, Ga 234 Stanley, Samuel R.; Sr., 1201 Maple Street, Carrollton, Ga. Stanley, Slaton C; Fr., 746 McLaurin Avenue, Griffin, Ga 234 Stanley, Thomas S.; Do., Box 516, Buchanan, Ga. Stansell, Iris E.; Fr., 904 North Main St., La Fayette, Ga 234 Stanton, Lynda R.; So., 1652 Oak Grove Rd., Decatur, Ga. Staples, Barry M.; Sr., 215 Dixie Street, Carrollton, Ga. Staples, Donna C; So., Box 67, Franklin, Ga. Staples, Larry S.; Jr., Route 3, Carrollton, Ga. Starcke, Elizabeth E.; Gr., 209 Timberlane Drive, Douglasville, Ga. Starr, James C; Fr., 114 Stewart Avenue, Jonesboro, Ga 234 Staton, Susan L.; Jr., 2489 Headland Dr., East Point, Ga 234 Steadham, Jerri E.; So., Box 126, Temple Ga 234 Steadham, Liza B.; Fr., Route I, Box 146, West Point, Ga. Steed, Larry N.; Jr., Box 442, Bowdon, Ga. Steed, Paula W.; So., Route 1, Bowdon, Ga. Steele, Emily S.; Fr., Route 5, Newnan, Ga. Steele, Milinda L.; Fr., 2599 Henderson Road, Tucker, Ga. Stegall, Brenda G.; Fr., Route 1, Rydal, Ga 234 Stell, Ronnie L.; Fr., 157 Keys Ferry, Mc Donough, Ga. Stephens, Bonnie; Fr., 1990 Shirley Street, Atlanta, Ga 234 Stephens, Hunter P.; Jr., 147 N. College St., Cedartown, Ga 163 Stephens, James R.; So., 1216 Cherry Street, Trion, Ga. Stephens, Jeane L.; Sr., 103 Mountville St., La Grange, Ga 163 Stephens, Mary N.; So., 556 Leslie Drive, Villa Rica, Ga 234 Stephens, Thomas J.; Jr., Route I, Loganville, Ga. Stephens, Thomas S.; So., Route 2, Box 162 A, Mc Donough, Ga. Stephenson, Nancy J.; Sr., 4249 Fredericksburg D., College Park, Ga 163 Stewart, Ann; So., 225 Powell, Street, Cuthbert, Ga 234 Stewart, Carol L.; Fr., Route 2, Crawfordville, Ga 234 Stewart, David R.; Fr., 1177 Hess Drive, Avondale Ests, Ga 234 Edward A.; Fr., 2371 Logan Circle, Atlanta, Ga. Elizabeth J.; Gr., Route 2, Greenwood Est., Carrollton, Ga. Frances N.; Fr., 364 Eighth Street, Atlanta, Ga. Stewart, Stewart, Stewart, Stewart, 234 Jeff L.; Fr., Box 44, Bowdon, Ga 234 294 Compliments of . . . ACME PROVISION CO. 700 Edgewood Ave., N.E. Atlanta, Georgia 295 Stewart, Louie G.; Fr., Morgan Valley Road, Rockmart, Ga 234 Stewart, Peter D.; Fr., 1986 North Akin Drive, Atlanta, Ga 234 Stewart. Robert A.; Jr., 2304 Melinda Dr., Atlanta, Ga 234 Stewart, Sandra S.; Jr., 21 Cleveland St., Tallapoosa, Ga. Stiehl, Norman R., Jr.; So., 481 Santa Fe Trail S., Atlanta, Ga. Stinson, Prentice E.; Fr., Route 2, Box 2349, West Point, Ga 235 Stith, Margaret C; So., East Club Drive, Carrollton, Ga 235 Stith, Martha H.; So., East Club Drive, Carrollton, Ga 235 Stockard, Cecil R., Jr;. Jr., 5141 Riverview Road, Atlanta, Ga. Stockton, James R.; So., 362 Greenwood Ave., Decatur, Ga. Stogner, John D.; Fr., Route I, Waco, Ga 235 Stoltz, Robert D.; So., 250 Franks Avenue, Wadsworth, Ohio Stone, James S.; Sr., Route 5, Newnan, Ga, Storey, Malcolm E.; So., Route 2, Box 291, Thomaston, Ga 235 Stovall, Carol A.; Fr., 1369 Lanvale Drive, Atlanta, Ga 235 Strawn, Martha H.; So., 146 College Street Mc Donough, Ga 235 Streetman, Joyce I.; Fr., Route I, Box 233, Villa Rica, Ga 235 Striblin, Joyce; Fr., Route 2, West Point R., La Grange, Ga 235 Strickland, Brenda S.; So., Route I, Bremen, Ga 235 Strickland, Carl H.; Gr., route. Villa Rica. Ga. Strickland, Deborah H.; Gr., 108 Berkshire Road, Forest Park, Ga. Strickland, Dennis R.; So., 314 Dorris Road, Douglasville, Ga 235 Strickland, Julia A.; So., 22 Salbide Avenue, Newnan, Ga 235 Strickland, Laura A.; Fr., 118 S. Sixth Street, Warner Robins, Ga 235 Strickland, Linda S.; Fr., Box 436, Gettysburg, Pa 235 Strickland, Mary E.; So., Box 42, Experiment, Ga 235 Strobhert, Susan L.; So., 1803 Beacon H II Blvd, Atlanta, Ga 235 Stromberg, Nancy J.; So., 1497 Brookvalley Lane, Atlanta, Ga. Strong, Barbara L.; Fr., 1446 Childress Drive, Atlanta, Ga 235 Strozier, Bobby W.; So., 4112 Lesley DriVe, College Park, Ga 235 Stubbs, Lynda E.; Jr., 2457 Bouldercrest Rd., Atlanta, Ga. Stubbs, Peggy A.; Sr., 1990 Neely Ave., East Point. Ga 163 Stubbs, Richard; Sr., 105 Tillman Drive, Carrollton, Ga 163 Suddath, Alicia E.; So., 1796 Oak Grove Road, Decatur, Ga 235 Sudlow, Charles W., Ill; Jr., 9 Forest Drive, Gwynedd Vy, Pa 163 Suhivan, Udvid B.; So., 31 3 Deer Run Drive, Smyrna. Ga 235 Sullivan, James H.; Jr., 209 Brown Street, Carrollton, Ga. Sullivan, Linda D.; So., Route 2, Sullivan Road, Powder Spgs, Ga 235 Sullivan, Robert H.; Fr., 115 Mandeville Ave., Carrollton, Ga 235 Sullivan, Roderick B.; Fr., 106 View Circle, Austell, Ga. Summerall, Clifton L.; Sr., 415 Bolijeri Blvd., Villa Rica, Ga. Summerour, Noel H., Jr.; So., North Peachtree, Duiuth, Ga. Sumner, Janis L.; So., Route I, Sparks, Ga. Susemihl, Susan M.; Fr., Box 613, Route 2, Hampton, Ga 253 Suter, Bruno; So., 1910 Fairway Circle, Atlanta, Ga. Sutherland, Jas. B.; So., 500 Atwood Drive, Marietta, Ga 235 Sutton, Michael W.; So., Box 186, Adairsville, Ga 236 Sutton, Phyllis E.; Fr., 514 Olive Street, Cedartown, Ga 236 Sutton, Ronald E.; Fr., 214 La Grange Street, Newnan, Ga. Swain, Virginia H.; Sr., Route 4, Box 19, ' Dalton. Ga. Swanson, Elizabeth J.; So., 159 Etowah Drive, Summerville, Ga 236 Swanson, Malcolm L.; So., 18 Hilltop Drive, Summerville, Ga. Swift, Angelia G.; Fr., 408 Madison Street, Smyrna, Ga 236 Swinson, Jennie M.; So., Route I, Bremen, Ga 236 Swinson, Jimmy G.; So., Route I, Bremen, Ga 236 Swint, William L.; Fr., 4400 Pullen Lane, College Park, Ga 236 Szabo, Joseph P.; Fr., 1549 Trentwood Place, Atlanta, Ga. Tamplin, Harold D.; So., Bostwick Rd. Madison, Ga. Tanase, James F.; Fr., 738 Goucher Street, Johnston, Pa. Taney, Margo E.; Fr., Route 2, Franklin, Ga 236 Tanner, Jacquelyn; So., 2879 De Lowe Drive, East Point, Ga. Tanner, Olivia K.; Fr., 1835 Honeysuckle Lane, Atlanta, Ga 236 Tant, Edward L.; Jr., 140 Sharon Drive, Fayetteville, Ga 163 Tarptey Henry M., Jr.; Jr., Route I, Box 163, Jonesboro, Ga 236 Tasker, Bill F.; So., 1991 Delower Drive 4B, Atlanta, Ga. Tate, Cheryl E.; Fr., Box 593, Manchester, Ga 236 Tatum, Edna E.; Jr.. 124 Oak Lane, Griffin, Ga. Tatum, Patricia L.; Jr., 227 Bankhead Ave., Carrollton, Ga 236 Tatum, Susan P.; Fr., Route I, Cartersville, Ga 236 Tatum, Deborah L.; Fr., 3446 Jonesboro Road, Hapeville, Ga 236 Taylor, Edward W.; Jr., 1323 Oakdale Dr., Griffin. Ga 236 Taylor, George F.; Sr., 3130 West Side Place, Ellenwood, Ga. Taylor, Jarvis W.; Fr., Route 6, Carrollton, Ga 236 Taylor, Kenneth R.; Sr., 3068 Apache Drive, Columbus, Ga 163 Taylor, Martha J.; So., 3191 Alberta Lne, Tucker, Ga 236 Taylor, Michael J.; So., 309 Bledsoe, Carrollton, Ga. Taylor, Neil H.; Fr., 73 Ellenwood Road, Ellenwood, Ga 236 Taylor, Robert H.; So., Route 2, Box 43 A, Newnan. Ga. Taylor, Sylvia R.; So., 2110 Cherry Lane, Decatur, Ga 236 Taylor, Tommy G.; So., 304 South 18th St., Griffin, Ga 237 Teal, Dexter D.; Fr., Route 4, Bowdon, Ga. Teal, Dorothy H.; So., 279, Bowdon, Ga. Teel, Mynette S.; Gr., 503 Vernon Street, La Grange, Ga. Teems, Raymond L.; Sr.. 916 Underwood Avenue, Atlanta. Ga 163 Teeter, Walter D.; So., 1901 Colonial Avenue, Greensboro, N.C. Teets, Richard W.; Sr., Route 2, Tyus Road, Carrollton, Ga 164 Temple, Benjamin E.; Fr., 2088 Mark Trail, Decatur. Ga 237 Templeman, Harry P., Jr.; So., 397 Cochran Drive N., Atlanta, Ga. Templeman, Leroy V.; Sr., 405 Tanner St., Carrollton, Ga 164 Templeman, Margie B.; So., 405 Tanner Street, Carrollton, Ga 237 Tennihan, Charles B.; Fr., 606 E. John Wesley Ave., College Park, Ga 237 Terrell, Linda S.; Jr., 5 Hamilton St., Newnan, Ga 237 Tervin, Rebecca L; Fr., 602 South Park Apt 8, Carrollton, Ga 237 Thames, James E., Jr.; Jr., 1620 Nottingham Way, Atlanta, Ga. Thomas, Alan E.; Fr., 2513 Bryan Circle, East Point, Ga 237 Thomas, Bruce G.; Sr., 106 Valley Circle, Calhoun, Ga 164 Thomas, Burgess B., Jr., Sr., 2654 Arrowood Drive, East Point. Ga 164 Thomas, Carolyn G.a; Jr., 1246 Star Drive N. E., Atlanta, Ga 237 Thomas, James M.; So., 234 Concord Road, Marietta, Ga 237 Thomas, Linda D.; So., 622 Lawson Street, Bremen, Ga Thomas, Linda M.; So., 43 Berry Ave., Ext., Newnan, Ga. Thomas, Richard B.; Jr., Box 6, Lawrenceville, Ga 237 Thomason, Ann J.; Fr., 106 Adamson Avenue, Carrollton, Ga 237 Thomason, Carry D.; Fr., Route 3, Box 56, Jackson, Ga 237 Thompson, Alice M.; So., 10 Second Street, Newnan, Ga 237 Thompson, Barbara J.; Fr., 1378 Green Street, SW, Conyers, Ga 237 Thompson, Beverly E.; So., 1378 Green Street, S., Conyers, Ga 237 Thomspon, Clifford L.; Jr., South Highway, Hogansville, Ga 237 Thompson, George W., Jr.; Sr., 643 Austin Dr., Mableton, Ga 164 Thompson, Guy B., Jr.; So., Box 395, Pine Mtn, Ga 237 Thompson, James E.; Sr., 101 B. Tillman Drive, Carrollton, Ga 164 Thompson, Judy L.; Fr., 145 Copeland Road, Atlanta, Ga -. 237 Thompson, Kathryn M.; Fr., 15 Covington Road, Avondale Est, Ga 237 Thompson, Prisciila L.; Fr., 600 Carrollton, Road, Gremen, Ga 237 Thompson, Laura E.; Fr., 3344 Mary Drive, Macon, Ga 237 Thompson, Prisciila L.; Fr., 600 Carrollton, Road, Avondale Est, Ga 237 Thompson, Richard J.; So., 1643 Timberland Road, Avondale Est, Ga 237 Thompson, Roy H., Jr.; Fr., Route I, Wilkerson Rd., Atlanta, Ga 237 Thomspon, Sherri S.; Fr., 743 Yorkshire Road, Atlanta, Ga. Thompson, Shirley F.; Fr., 837 S. Candler Street, Decatur, Ga 237 Thrasher, Deborah E.; Fr., 751 Windsor Road, Macon, Ga " 237 Threadgill, Jane A.; Fr., 320 Fern Avenue, Bermen, Ga. Thrift, Eddie A.; So., 3528 Gilbert Road, Atlanta, Ga. Thurman, Constance; Fr., 150 Hancock Street, Jackson, Ga 237 Tibbetts, Judy A.; Fr., Route 2, Box 9, College Park, Ga 237 Tibblts, Robert L.; Sr., 655 Catherine St., Atlanta, Ga 164 Tidwell, Donald W., Jr.; Fr., 5864 Campbellton-FBN, Fairburn, Ga. Tidwell, Harvey P.; Jr., Route 3, Box 82, Newnan, Ga. Tidwell, Joan E;. Fr., Route 2, Cartersville, Ga 237 Tidwell, Michael R.; So., 4242 Thurmond Road, Forest Park, Ga. 296 Tiffin, Robert C; Fr., 2589 Hawthorne Place Atlanta Ga 237 Tigh, Mark S.; Fr., 2418 Lively Trail, Atlanta, Ga 238 Tigner, Thomas B., Jr.; Jr., Box 66, Greenville, Ga 238 Tilley, Nancy C; Sr., 2510 Stonington Road, Atlanta, Ga. Tilley Sylvia J.; Fr., Route 1, Taylorsville, Ga 238 Timmons, Daphne J.; Fr., 1092 Clarendon Avenue, Avondale Est., Ga 238 Tingle, James E.; Jr., 2524 Riggs Drive, East Point, Ga . ' 238 Tingle, Travis D.; So., Route I, Mc Donough, Ga ' ,. 238 Tinley, Timothy C; Fr., Box 244, Hampton, Ga ,, 238 Tinnermon, Larry G.; Jr., 1021 Sanders Avenue, Atlanta, Ga ' . 238 Tippens, Charlene R.; Box 546, Canton, Ga 238 Tippers, Daisy M.; So., Box 546, Canton, Ga. Todd, Martha E.; Sr., 25 Mansour Circle, Newnan Ga. Todd, Robert L., Ill; Gr., Box 121, Greenville, Ga. Todd, Sarah C; Fr., 731 Derrydown Way, Decatur, Ga 238 Tolbert, Betty S.; Gr., Route 5, Linda Lane, Carrollton, Ga. Tolbert, Judy A.; Jr., 401 Sunset Dr., Villa Rica, Ga 238 Tolleson, Donald L.; Fr., 2550 Pineywoods Lane, East Point, Ga. Townsend, Alan H.; So., 3067 Hudson Court, Decatur, Ga. Townsend, James L.; Fr., 3262 Casa Linda Drive, Decatur, Ga. Teavis, Wilma J.; Gr., 2796 Lakeshore Drive, College Park. Ga. Traylor, James H.; So., 767 Densley Drive, Decatur, Ga. Traylor, James L.- Jr., Route 1, Meansville, Ga. Traylor, Thomas E.; Route 2, Carrollton, Ga • 238 Treadwell, Larry M.; Jr., 410 Van Buren Dr., Dalton, Ga . ' . 238 Trentham, Marilyn K.; Jr., 2726 Tilson Rd., Decatur, Ga 238 Tribble, Penny A.; Fr., Cown Drive, Loganville, Ga. Trimble, Joe T.; So., Walker Road, Riverdale, Ga. Tritt, Galen H.; Fr., 489 Manford Road, Atlanta, Ga 238 Truett, James R.; 411 Bowden Street, Douglasville, Ga 238 Tsitsilianos, Emmanuel; Jr., Lyie Way, Carrollton, Ga 238 Tudor, Creig C; Fr., 105 Mimosa Lane, Rossville, Ga 238 Tuggle, Betty C; Fr., Route I, Bremen, Ga. Tunmer, Frederick L.; Fr., 726 Oriole Lane, Marietta, Ga 239 Turk, William H.; So., 198 Wood Street, Cornelia, Ga 239 Turner, Alton E.; Fr., Williamson, Georgia 239 Turner, Beverly A.; Fr., 203 Manget Street, Marietta, Ga. Turner, Celeste T.; Sp., Route 2, Carrollton, Ga. Turner, Donald G.; Sr., 630 Burson Avenue, Carrollton Ga 239 Turner, Donald R.; So., 1220 Parker Blvd, Weaver, Ala. ' Turner, Donna S.; Fr., 1311 Richard Road, Decatur, Ga 239 Turner, Patricia E.; Jr., Route 3, Adairsville, Ga 239 Turner, Phillip D.; Fr., 325 S. Bartow Street, Cartersville, Ga 239 Turner, Virginia E.; Fr., South Duke St., La Fayette, Ga 239 Turner, William D.; So., Box 125 Bremen, Ga 239 Turnipseed, Douglas F.; So., Williamson Mill Road Jonesboro, Ga 239 Tutwiler, Elizabeth D.; Fr., 2584 Wood Valley Dr., East Point, Ga 239 Tye, Kay B.; Jr., 428 Carolwood Lane, Atlanta, Ga. Tyler, William W.; Sr., 1972 N. Akin Drive, Atlanta, Ga 164 Tyson, Helen M.; So., Route I, Villa Rica, Ga 239 Tyson, Wayne E.; Jr., 2058 W. Oxford Avenue, College Park Ga 164 Underwood, Larry K.; Jr., 309 Mobley St., Griffin, Ga 239 Unger, Eddie E.; Fr., 208 Sourwood Drive, Marietta, Ga. Upchurch. Clayton E.; So., Route I, Riverdale, Ga. Upchurch, Monroe J.; So., Route I, Box 372, Mc Donough, Ga 239 Upchurch, Nellie M.; Fr., 413 Newnan Street, Carrollton, Ga 239 Upchurch, Owen L.; So., 134 Girffin, Carollton, Ga. UpShaw, Rachel A.; Sr., Rydal, Georgia Uzzell, Sandra C; Jr., Route I, Waco, Ga. Valentine, Virginia Y.; Fr., 5990 CPBLTN-FBN Road, Fairburn, Ga 239 Vance, Josef C, Jr.; Fr., 2180 Niskey Lake Trail, Atlanta, Ga. Vance, Vicky A.; Jr., 2180 Niskey Lake Trail, Atlanta 31, Ga 239 Vanover, Barbara H.; Gr., 45 Tower Apartments, Carrollton, Ga. Vanover, John B.; So., 45 Tower Apts, Carrollton, Ga. Vanson, Mary C; So., 6310 Hunting Creek Rd, Atlanta, Ga 239 Varnadoe, Russell S.; So., 119 Walker Dr., Mableton, Ga. Varnedoe, Carolyn A.; Fr., 3205 Garden Lakes Blvd., Rome, Ga 239 Vaughan, Oliver D.; Fr., Route I, White, Ga. Vaughn, Shirley D.; Jr., Leslie Drive, Box 607, Villa Rica, Ga 239 Vaught, Jimmie B.; So., 1671 Sullivan Road, College Park, Ga 239 Veitia, Carmen S.; Gr., 107 Crestview Street, Carrollton, Ga. Venable, Linda N.; Fr., 929 Reed Road, Smyrna, Ga 239 Venable, Victoria P.; Sr., 208 Willow St., Thomaston, Ga 164 Verdell, Emilie C; So. ,506 North Avenue, Villa Rica, Ga 239 Vick, John D.; So., 204 Charlton Road, Rome, Ga 239 Vickers, Jesse P., Jr.; So., 201 Lucky St., Griffin, Ga 239 Vickers, John L., Jr.; So., 136 West Broad Street, Fairburn, Ga. Vickery, Barbara W.; Gr., West Avenue, Carrollton, Ga. Vickery, William D.; So., West Avenue, Carrollton, Ga 239 Vincent, James G.; jr., Fairmount, Georgia Vincenzi, John A.; So., 22 Ash Street, Rome, Ga. Vines, Brenda L.; Fr., Sharp Drive, Carrollton, Ga 239 Vines, Larry T. ' Sr., Bremen Road, Carrollton, Ga 164 Voinche, Jules V., Jr.; Fr., Box 705, Cedartown Ga 239 Voiselle, Jon M.; So., 3365 Eunice Road, Jacksonville, Beach Vollenweider, Philip R.; Fr., 727 N. Greenwood St., La Grange, Ga 239 Waddell, Carolyn J.; Sr., Matthews Lake Road, Thomaston, Ga. Waddell. Gloria J.; Fr., 1650 S. Gordon Street, Atlanta, Ga. Wade, Roger L.; So., 819 N. Park Street, Carrollton, Ga. Wade, Shelia D.; Jr., 221 Victoria Ave., Cedartown, Ga. Wages, Rebecca L.; Fr., 2054 Hollidon Road, Decatur, Ga 240 Waggoner, James E.; Jr., 4679 Riverdale Road, College Park, Ga. Wagner, Alfred P., Jr.; Jr., 660 East Side Avenue, S.E., Atlanta, Ga 240 Waits, Laurel A.; Jr., Club Drive, Stockbridge, Ga 240 Waits, Paul M.; Sr., 48 Walton St., Tallapoosa, Ga 164 Waldrep, Cheryl; So., Route 5, Carrollton, Ga. Waldrep, Edwin P., Jr.; Jr., 122 1 2 Peachtree St., Carrollton, Ga. Waldron, Frances L; Fr., 467 E. Ontario Avenue, Atlanta, Ga. Waldrop, Ann M.; Jr., 3132 Laventure Dr., Chamblee, Ga. Walker, Alice A.; So., Route 2, Carrollton, Ga. Walker, Cathy J.; Fr., 1514 Maple Street, Carrollton, Ga 240 Walker, Charlie R.; So., 1763 Parkhill Dr., Decatur. Ga 240 Walker, Grace A.; Fr., 716 Darlington Cir., N., Atlanta, Ga 240 Walker, James N.; So., 175 La Grange St., Newnan, Ga 240 Walker, Karen I.; So., 630 Concord Road, Smyrna, Ga 240 Walker, Lynda C; Sr., 175 La Grange St., Newnan, Ga. Walker, Thomas G.; Jr., 35 Towers Apts, Carrollton, Ga. Walker, Wallace G.; Sr., Route 2, Tallapoosa, Ga 164 Walker, William J.; Fr., Route 1, Roopville, Ga 240 Wallace, Charles S.; So., 5290 Collingwood Ter., College Rark, Ga 240 Wallace, Curtis L.; Jr., 805 Murphy Avenue, La Grange, Ga 240 Wallace, James R.; Sp., Route 5, Box 292, Newnan, Ga. Wallace, Marilyn P.; So., 139 Rex Rd., Morrow, Ga 240 Wallace, Richard; So., Route 2, Hampton, Ga. Waller, Garland E.; Sp., 209 Hickory Bend, Thomaston, Ga. Waller, Kenneth R.; Sr., Truitt Street, Manchester, Ga 164 Waller, Leon C; Fr., 209 Hickory Bend, Thomaston, Ga. Waller, Suzanne; Sr., 107 Vernon St., La Grange, Ga. Wallis, James Walter; Sr., Route 1, Carrollton, Ga. Wallis, James Willard; Jr., Tanner Beach, Carrollton, Ga. Wallis, Jesse S.; Fr., 345 Stewart Street, Carrollton, Ga. Wallis, Kay H.; Jr., Tanners Beach, Carrollton, Ga. Wallis, Wilmer D.; Jr., 345 Stewart Street, Carrollton, Ga. Walls, Betty M.; So., Route 1, Roopville, Ga. Walls, Candler L., Jr.; So., 119 South Blvd., Carrollton, Ga 240 Walls, Charles R.; Jr., Route 1, Palmetto, Ga 240 Walls, Donald A.; Sr., Turin, Georgia Walls, John C, 111; So., 114 Tenth Street, Arab, Ala. Walls, Melissa A.; So., Route I, Roopville, Ga 240 AAA GULF SERVICE STATION D. A. JACKSON, Dealer Cars Picked up and Delivered 832-219! 212 Alabama St. Carrollton, Sa Compliments of . . . CARROLL THEATRE FAMILY DRIVE-IN Newnan St. Bremen Rd. Carrollton, Ga. ADDISON SMITH Mechanical Contractor Bremen Road ADDISON SMITH Owner Bus. 832-9006 Res. 832-6431 Carrollton, Ga. EMPIRE 5, 10, 25)2 STORE Bremer Tallapoosa Carrollton Compliments of Your Local Dairif Queen 297 Walraven, Johnny T.; Jr., 520 South 6th St., Griffin, Ga. Walton, Beverly J.; Fr., 5284 Hugh Howell Rd., Stone Mtn, Ga 2 ' 10 Walton, Donna L.; So., 2648 Jefferson Terr., East Point, Ga 240 Walton, Millard, K.; Fr., Route 2, Eatonton, Ga 240 Walton, Robert M.; Fr.. Route 2, Tallapoosa, Ga 240 Walton, Ronnie B.; Sr., Route 2, Temple, Ga 240 Ware, Catherine L.; So., 788 Reekie Dr., Decatur, Ga ' " 240 Warhurst. Frances L.; Jr., 727 Spring St., Villa Rica, Ga. Warlick, Charles R.; Fr., 24 Arrowhead Drive, Cartersville, Ga. Warren, Betty A.; Fr., Highway North, Thomaston Ga 240 Warren, Cy E.; Jr., 1671 Council Bluff Dr., Atlanta, Ga. Warren, George R.; Fr., 1624 Columbia Drive, Decatur, Ga 241 Warren, Harold S.; Fr., 41 1 North Avenue, Warner Robins, Ga 24! Warren, Helen E.; Jr., Route I, Waco, Ga 240 Warren, Linda L; So., 402 Park Avenue, La Grange, Ga 241 Warren, Thomas T.; Sr., Box 156, Milan, Ga 164 Warthen, Nancy L.; So., 246 Colonial Homes Dr., Atlanta, Ga. Wash, Lee W.; Jr., 407 Pacific Avenue, Bremen, Ga. Waskey, John H.; Fr., 224? First Avenue, College Park Ga 24! Waters, John H.; Fr., Route 2, Box 411, Chatsworth, Ga. Waters, Nancy J.; Fr., Route 2, La Fayette Ga 24! Waters, Ralph C; Sr., Route 2, Carrollton, Ga. Watkins, Barbara J.; So., Ridge Drive, Hampton. Ga 241 Watkins, James C; Jr., 14 Watson Dr., Newnan, Ga. Watkins, Janice C; So., Route 3, Ringgold, Ga 241 Watson, Gary C; Fr., 408 Laurel, Bremen, Ga 24! Watson, Ronald L.; Fr., 215 Alberta Drive, Atlanta Ga. Watters, Linda F.; Sr., 129 Howell Rd., Carrollton, Ga 164 Watts, James W., Jr.; Fr., Carrollton, Street, Bowdon, Ga 241 Watts, Judith F.; Jr., 120 Cooper Lake Road, Smyrna, Ga 241 Wear, Glenn C; Fr., 703 Virginia Avenue, Dalton, Ga 241 Weaver, Gary S.; Fr., 18 Kirby Street, Summerville Ga. Weaver, Kathy A.; Fr., 3093 Greenbrook Way Atlanta Ga. Weaver, Marion C; Jr., 38 Walnut Dr., Villa Rica, Ga ' . Weaver, Martha K.; Jr., Box 331, Buchanan, Ga. Weaver, Terry Foster; So., Route I, Buchanan, Ga. Webb, Gerald C; Sp., 306 Greenwood Avenue, Rome, Ga. So., Route 2. Carrollton, Ga Webb, Kenneth L Webb, Miriam A. Webb, Wayne O. Webb, William T. Webster, John M. Wehunt, Toni A.; 241 Fr., Route 2, Box 179, Richland. Ga 24! So., 2540 Greenwood Circle, East Point Ga. Jr., 307 East 3rd treet, Jackson, Ga. ; So., 4325 Danforth Rd., S. W., Atlanta, Ga. So., 1795 Lochlomond Trail, Atlanta, 31, Ga.. Whitlock, Whitman, Whitman, Whitman, Whitmlre Marcia G.; Fr., Route I, Villa Rica, Ga Alan D.; Gr., Aucock, W G C, Carrollton, Ga. Catallna X Jack E.; So Hayden T.; Whittle, Leslie A.; So, Whitworth, Shirley G. Whickham, William R 24! 24! 24! Welch, Lana J.; Jr., 1603 Wells Drive, Columbus, Ga. Weldon, Charley O.; Fr., Route I, Mllner, Ga 24! Wells, Constance E.; Fr., Route 3, Douglasville Ga ' " 24! Wells, Dinah F.; Sr., Box 121, Temple, Ga ' ..[ |64 Wertz, Susan G.; So., 144 Fayette Street, Johnstown, Pa .. ' . 24! Wessinger, Douglas E.; Fr., Bowdon, Georgia 241 Wessinger, Kenneth A.; Fr. Route I, Bowdon, Ga. Wessinger, Mary M.; So., Carrollton, Street, Bowdon Ga. West, Elsie W.; Gr., 307 Chestnut Street, Roanoke. Ala. West, James B.; Fr., 1326 Old Johnson Fry, Atlanta Ga 242 West, Sherry L.; Fr., 4639 Tilly Mill Road, Doraville ' Ga 242 West, Shirley A.; So., Route I, Box 297, Bowdon, Ga. Westbrook, Danny J.; Fr., 583 Chambers Street, Jasper, Ga. Westbrook, William H.; Fr., 47! Bank, Smyrna Ga 242 Wester, Melinda A.; Fr., Box 353, Villa Rica, Ga ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' .[ ' . ' . 242 Westmoreland, Brenda J.; Jr., Route 2, Fort Valley, Ga. V estmoreland, Janice R.; So. , 4103 Allegiance Ave., Austell, Ga Whafley, Johnny L.; Fr., Main Street, Woodbury, Ga. Wheeler, Larry H.; Fr., 69 Brevard Avenue, Atlanta, Ga. Wheeles, Ann G.; Gr., 1007 Evernon Road, La Grange, Ga. Wheless, Angela J.; Fr., 200 Graden Terrace, Thomaston, Ga 242 Whiddon, Sherril Y.; Fr., Route I, Sparks, Ga 242 Whitaker, James G.; So., Box 57, Jenklnsburg, Ga. White, Alexis D.; Gr., Route 2, Box 284 A., West Point, Ga. White, Alice E.; Jr., Route 4, Monticelio, Ga White, Catherine A.; Fr., 300 Columbia Avenue, Cedartown, Ga. White, Cathy S.; Fr., 1866 Conrad Avenue, Atlanta, Ga White, Edward R.; So., 105 Camden Street, Windsor, N.C. White, Florence R.; So., Route 2, Rockmart, Ga White, James S.; Jr., 219 Sunset Blvd., Carrollton, Ga. White, Lamar S., Jr.; So., 139 Springdale, Thomaston, Ga 242 White, Martha A.; Jr., 232 Airport Rd.. Griffin, Ga. White, Mary G.; So., 224 Edwards Street, Bremen, Ga. White, Robert E.; Sr., 1866 Conrad Ave S.E., Atlanta, Ga. White, Susan L.; So., 414 S. Main, Jasper, Ga Whitehead, Connie L.; Fr., 209 Le Tourneau, Toccoa, Ga. . Whitley, Brenda C; So., Route I, Tignall, Ga 242 Whitley, Dottie E.; So., 509 Adamson Avenue, Carrollton, Ga Whitley, Jesse P., Jr.; Jr., Route I, Lithia Spgs, Ga Whitley, Lewis F.; Jr., 316 Edwards St., Monroe, Ga 242 242 242 242 164 242 242 242 242 242 Jr., 1444 S. W. 5th Street, Miami, Fla. Route 3, Carrollton, Ga. So., Box 761, Dalton, Ga 2524 Brookcliff Way, Atlanta, Ga. So., 500 West Crawford, Dalton, Ga. So., 85 Laurel Drive, Atlanta, Ga. ggins, Barbara H.; Sr,, 934 Cedar Street, Carrollton, Ga ggins, Gwenda N.; Sr., Route 4, Bowdon, Ga ggins, Nancy S.; Fr., 101 Sims Street, Carrollton, Ga Ibanks, Barbara A.; So., Box 182, Chatsworth, Ga Iburn, Raymond A.; Jr., Route 2, Buchanan, Ga Icox, Dan L.; So., 127 Lucky Drive, Marietta, Ga Ider, Martha J.; Fr., 855 Woodland Drive, Griffin, Ga " . ' ley, Dan O.; Jr., Route I, Cordele, Ga. Ikerson, Robert F.; Fr., 30 Askew Avenue, Hogansville, Ga Ikerson, Sandra J.; Sr., 10 North Ave., Hampton, Ga. ' Hard, Lloyd F., Jr.; Fr., 963 Rupley Drive, Atlanta ' , Ga. ams, Angela, C; So., 130 Memory Lane, Smyrna, Ga. ams, Charles T.; So., Route I, Sharpsburg, Ga. ams, Emily D.; Jr., 190 Concord Circle, Smyrna, Ga. ams, Ernest F.; Fr., 316 Residence Street, Pelham, Ga. ams, Harry L.; So., 2818 Carson Drive, Columbus, Ga. ams, Hugh D., Jr.; Fr., 50 Park Road, Mableton, Ga ams, James E.; So., 3088 Grove Circle, Hapeville, Ga. ams, Janet L.; Fr., Route 2, Ringgold, Ga 243 ams, Janice M.; Fr., 2602 Shannon, Drive, Austell, Ga. ams, Larry C; So., 483 Clearwater St., Rockmart, Ga ams, Larry J.; Fr., 201 Myrtle Street, Carrollton, Ga ■. ams, Linda A.; Fr., 1730 Alderbrook Rd., Atlanta, 29, Ga ams, Linda M.; Jr., Route I, Aragon, Ga ams, Martha A.; So., 46 Mobley Drive S. E., Atlanta, Ga ams, Nancy J.; Fr., 912 Tuckawanna Drive, Atlanta, Ga ams, Pamela J.; So., 5947 Oak Road, Doraville, Ga 243 ' ams, Pearl B.; Fr., 1408 Van Epps Avenue, Atlanta, Ga. ams, Richard B.; So., Route I, Carrollton, Ga. ams, Robert L., Jr.; So., 4206 N. Stratford Rd., Atlanta, Ga. Iliams, Sandra B.; So., Box 142, Haralson, Ga. 242 165 165 242 242 242 242 242 242 165 243 243 243 243 243 243 243 Williams, Sandra L.; Fr., 1059 Joolly Avenue, Clarkston Ga. .. 243 Wilhams, Vera A.; Fr., 208 Chestnut Street, Brenen, ' Ga ' . . ' . 243 Wilhams, William R.; Fr., Social Circle Hwy., Monroe Ga 243 Williams, Wilma; Fr., Route I, Carrollton, Ga. ' Williamson, Barbara A.; Fr., 117 Boone Drive, Newnan Ga. . . 243 Williamson, David D.; Jr., 225 Holly Circle, Forest Park, Ga ' . ' . ' " . ' " 243 Williamson, John D.; Sr., Box 74, Roopville, Ga ' ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . " . ' . " 165 Williamson, Jonathan L.; So., Box 327. Greenville, Ga 165 Williamson, Sylvia D.; Jr., 7 Josephine Street, Newnan, Ga. Willingham, Campbell W.; So., 6260 Peachtree Dunwd ' y, Atlanta, Ga. Willingham, Robert M.; Sr., Lexington Road, Washington, Ga. ' |65 Willis, Margaret F.; Jr., 370 Maple Avenue, Marietta, Ga . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' 243 Willis, Mc Donald; Fr., 110 Cunningham Drive, Carrollton Ga. Willoughby, Ralph H.; Sr., Route 2, Thomaston Ga. Wills, Nina B.; So., Route 2, Preston, Ga, Wilson, Alva S., Jr.; Sr., 123 Cunningham Drive, Carrollton, Ga 165 Wilson, Barbara Ann; Fr., Box 201, Mill Street, Bowdon, Ga . ' . ' 243 Wilson, Bennett K.; So., 584 Woodale Drive, Smyrna Ga. Wilson, Charles G.; So., 1572 Deer Park Rd., Atlanta, Ga. Wilson, Claude W.; Sr., Georgetown, Georgia Wilson, Hugh A.; Fr., Route 4, Bowdon, Ga. Wilson, James G., Jr.; So., Route I, Pine Mountain Ga 243 Wilson, James L.; Sr., P.O. Box 85, Grantville, Ga. Wilson, John S.; Sr., Box 85, Grantville, Ga. 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B 299 Compliments of Ladies and Men ' s Ready-to-Wear Serving West Georgia Since 1899 832-7081 Corner of Maple and Alabama Streets CARROLLTON, GA. THOMASSON Printing and Office Equipment ' EVERYTHING FOR THE OFFICE " 214 Alabama St. Carrollton, Ga. Compliments of FOUNTAIN OIL CO. Sinclair Distributor 501 Dixie Street Carrollton, Ga. 300 ; ' For Get Up And Go . . . " Try A Fresh Outlook on Flavor With These Delicious Dairy Products From ATLANTA DAIRIES ATLANTA DAIRIES Carrollton Division 1005 Nor+h Park St. Carrollton, Georgia 301 HARALSON FEDERAL SAVINGS AND LOAN ASSOCIATION WHERE HUNDREDS SAVE THOUSANDS 2 I I Hamilton Avenue Bremen, Georgia THft-Jil T SAVINGS HOME LOAN SPECIALIST INSURED for quality and variety in all kinds of beauty aids A Complete Choice of Cosmetics, Toiletries GRIFFIN-NEW PHARMACY Alabama Street Carrollton, Ga. We Specialize in Fast Service NU-WAY CLEANERS Approved Sanitone Service City Hall Avenue Carrollton, Ga. Lankford ' s Florist " Flowers for All Occasions " 1003 Maple St. Carrollton, Georgia MEMBER Coast • To • Coast Wire Service 302 Paid Advertisement 1 H,eS m J m ki. ROW: THE ? ESJ DORM ON CAMPUS The residenfs of Row Dorm dedicate fhis page to its host, " Tom " Iseley, without whose inspiration Row would not have been the leading residence hall of West Georgia College. Row initiated projects later imitated by the less imagina- tive halls; Brother-Sister residence halls, residence hall news- papers, and quiz files. It also had its own unique activities: a beard-growing contest, the ugliest man in the dorm contest, and others. No other group of men could duplicate or exce the achievements of Row this year. Recognizing Row ' s merits, the administration is converting Row into a women ' s dorm next year. The men of Row dream fondly of next year ' s residents. Host: Mr. Tom Iseley 303 Paid Advertisement Editor ' s Traditional Thing: Few people find themselves In the position that I now find nny- self in, and that is the position of having to write the " Editor ' s Epi- taph " for a second time. This time last year I was at a loss for words, but I managed to say what I felt. This year I can only say the same thing. Second Time Same As The First: I " We have tried to tell a story, something to spark a long lost moment of reality, something to evoke an air of nostalgia. It will not be known for many years how well we have done our job, but I thank God I ' ve had the chance. " I Larry Nay lor Editor-in-Chief 1968 CHIEFTAIN SPCCiAL COLLECTigil IRVIMF SULLIVAN IMGRAM f IBRARV WEST GEORGIA COLLEGE CARROLLTON, GEORGIA

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