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i -mrr. ' . -irt . ' ' : . vj. SPECIAL GDLLECTlBUl .. .. . re mml SULLIVAN INGRAM LIBRARY WEST GEORGIA COLLEGE CARROLLTON, GEORGIA THE CHIEFTAIN WEST GEORGIA COLLEGE Carrollton, Georgia Its students come from . . . The raw, rich, yet undeveloped mountains of northern Georgia . . . serene, unspoiled ... the red clay hills and the rolling plains of the Piedmont . . . industrialized, still ex- panding ... the sandy flatlands of the Atlantic sea-coast, dotted by quiet resorts . . . sunny, historical . . . the hustle and bustle of large cities ... the proud societies of small towns . . . the rugged life of farms and villages . . . West Georgia College is a Diversified Community of People ' - " siSir Some must work for It . . . Others accept it as another gift from Mom and Dad . . . rich or not-so-rich . . . poor or not-so-poor . . . white col- lar, blue collar, executive . . . they come to college Opportunity For Education is Available To All " They " Merge Together Into A Homologous " We " . We come ... to learn a vocation . . . to avoid the draft ... to please the folks ... to find, perhaps, a truth . . . because everybody ' s doing it, doing it, doing it . . . Honor awaits . . . the prettiest, the smartest, the most courteous, the best-all-around An award In every area . . . dean ' s list, who ' s who, beauty queens, best actress, best actor . . . good. Better, BEST! We Find That Past Successes Are Not Enough . . . We Work Together For Individual Goals . . . Activities for every interest . . . drama, business, band, debate, social science, language, choir, science, re- ligion, education, athletics, publica- tions . . . Our organization Is what we make it ... It is we .. . working with people . . . concord . . . conflict ... LESTER MADDOX 10 Physical Activity Is Brief, Intensive Relief From Mental Stress ... The whistle shrieks, the ball is kicked . . . " get that ball! " " stop them! " " stop them! " action, reaction . . . motion suspend- ed In time . . . future Is lost . . . past is forgotten ... all life is present. Immediate, tangible . . . " Make that goal! " teamwork, cooperation, spirit . . . " Who ' s gonna win, win ... " " We ' re gonna win! " The Faculty Is As Varied As The Student Body Growing As It Grows 14 We meet . . . full-of-life profs . . . good-buddy profs . . . know-it-all profs . . . prove-it-to-me profs . . . and even, don ' t-care profs . . . they provide contact . . . with other times . . . other places . . . other views . . . other attitudes . . . they advise . . . discipline . . . stimu- late . . . and sometimes, bore us . . . Foreword This is West Georgia College . . . diversity, growth . . . diversity, growth . . . it provides a journey Into other centuries . . . other civilizations . . . other minds . . . an exploration of the present . . . state, nation, world, universe . . . an anticipation of the future . . . tomorrow it will be a part of each student ' s past . . . Copy by Miss Linda Terrell 16 Table of Contents 1966-67 18 Sports 32 Organizations 68 i Faculty 106 K Classes 134 Features 220 Ads Index 246 17 1966-67 18 ' ■y . ' - ' .. . . ' ,?ir : ' t ' • n: ' .,i- -■ " ' j r i :i-. ' : . ' - ' ' . ' •» ' ' f ' b| : !49 Registration Confusion, worry, waiting . . . stand in line, pull a card, see your advisor . . . satisfaction, dissatisfac- tion ... a few more weeks and it starts again . . . Confusion, worry, waiting . . . Rat Week Rat-monger, Clem Patrick Fall quarter begins with the traditional week of the freshmen, " Rat Week. " Each year a new crop of " rats " bend to the fancies of upperclassmen. The entire week pits the superior upperclassmen against the Freshmen in shoeshlnes, tug-o-wars, and powder puff football. The auction provides evil upperclassmen with the chance to pool their resources to buy a " Rat " to wash their car or perform any odd lobs. This year ' s auction brought bidding to a high that has never before been approached. Some " rats " were sold into slavery for twenty dollars. This sultry young lady was sold [ust after that certain someone ran out of cash. Upperclassmen were again victorious in the tug-o-war 21 Convocation On October 12, Dr. Lee Hastings Bristol, President of Westminister Choir College, Princeton, New Jersey, addressed the faculty and students at the Fall Convocation. Dr. Bristol spoke on the purpose of colleges; he described a college quite aptly in saying, " A college is a school you go to after high school to learn to walk a bit taller in the world. " The choir and band performed, and the students were welcomed to the college by city, college, and student government officials. L ... vjB._ ' . 22 Parking Parking spaces, probably one of the major gripes of college students since cars replaced bicycles, were more abundant this year than ever. Yet, students avoided spacious lots and ran the risk of having their cars impounded. It seems that the vigorous American youth is determined to avoid extra wear on shoe leather as long as possible. 23 Liberal, moderate, conservative, segregationist, state ' s rightist — words which describe factions with- in political parties and candidates . . . This year these words took special meaning, for 1966 was an election year. If this year ' s gubernatorial election had been as they have been in the past, there would have been no reason to record it for posterity, but the elec- tion became a part of college life at West ' Georgia. ' For not since the famed Talmadge-Thompson battle of the forties has Georgia written such an unusual story into her history. The Democratic primary, for decades Georgia ' s real election, resulted in a run-off. Ellis Arnall, a past governor, and Lester " Pickrick " Maddox were pitted against each other. Maddox became the victor in the surprising results. The Atlanta segre- gationist became the nominee for the governorship from the Democratic Party. In November Maddox was to run again in the general election against Howard " Bo " Callaway, the Republican Party ' s first hope in Georgia since Reconstruction. THIS IS MADDOX COUNTRY Ellis Arnall, former gov- ernor from Newnan, was favored to win the Demo- cratic primary. He polled the most votes but lost In the run-off. Howard " Bo " Callaway re- signed as Congressman from the third congressional district to become the Re- publican party ' s first strong candidate in over one hun- dred years. Elections: 1 966 . . . Jimmy Carter, a state senator from Plains, was a major contender during fhe rorary. A brief movement for a write-in campaign was started at West Georgia, James Gray from Albany was another Democratic hopeful during the primary. Governor Maddox appointed Gray chairman of the state Democratic Party. j« - " -r™ - For The malte-shift write-in ■ move- ment on behalf of Arnall gave Georgia ' s election practices a jolt, and placed her on the lips of every news commentator in the country. Former Governor Carl E. Sanders chose wisely to remain silent during the campaign. He ended his four years of commendable service wondering if it would end. " Write-In Arnall, " a drive to " save " the state, made a last ditch effort for their candidate; the candidate lost, but the movement made history. All television networks predicted a win for Maddox, but, due to a unique Georgia law requiring a majority of votes, the people elected no governor. According to State law, the House of Representa- tives would pick the governor. The write-in faction tested this law in the Supreme Court, and it stood firm. Lester Maddox became governor of Georgia only one day before the inauguration. " He entered office as the choice of politicians, bound to support their political party. He called Himself " the People ' s candidate " during his campaign, yet the people didn ' t elect him. Only the future can tell us if This Is Maddox Country. The West Georgia Concert As- sociation initiated their 1966-67 season with the appearance of popular pianist, Peter Nero on October 28. Richard Leibert, famed Radio City Music Hall organist, appeared on October 29. The personable performer put on an enjoyable concert. He appeared through the Concert Association. 26 Freshmen Elections . clk H , Dttii jn = M : R i ., L ' L - Vitality and freshness mark the spirit of freshmen class elections each fall. Students, eager to make an early entrance to an active college life, campaign actively for their positions. It is truly encouraging and refreshing to see these young adults, yet untouched by appalling apathy, contend for office. The Chieftain urges you to keep up your interest, and spirit, and we congratulate you on an inspiring year. On November 21, Dr. George Simpson, Chancellor of the University System, visited the West Georgia Campus. Dr. Simpson addressed a body of dignitaries in the Martha Monroe Auditorium. ' 27 Roy Orbison headlined the Student Government ' s entertainment for the Fall Quarter. Orbison was accompanied by several current recording stars, Billy Jo Royal, The Candymen, and the Nev beats. Students thoroughly enjoyed the concert and literally v ere dancing in the aisles. Billy Jo Royal Roy Orbison The Newbeats 28 Concert Guitarist, Jorge Morel, was the third performer in the West Georgia Concert Association ' s series. The yearly college blood drive left nnuch to be desired this year, as in years past. The donations were so slight that the Red Cross may be forced to discontinue coming to the college. One of a few. 29 On February 4, the West Georgia Choir and band along with members of the Douglasville Oratorio Society and the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra presented the Brahms " Requiem " and Beethoven ' s Fifth Symphony, under the direction of Mr. E. Wayne Abercromble. The Norman Luboff Choir performed to a capacity crowd on February 10, in the college auditorium. The popular choral group appeared as the fourth production presented by the Concert Association. 30 One of folk music ' s top groups, The New Christy Minstrels, was the Student Government ' s Winter Quarter entertainment. The group presented a lively program which was among the best ever given at West Georgia. 31 SPORTS 32 Basketball 34 Freshman Team Coach John West, Ross Cooper, Rick Myers, David Herring, Jinn Collins, Mike Purvis, Larry Edgar, and ' Harry Lyons. Varsity Coach Howard Corder, John Christopher, Neal Shepard, Ronnie Smith, Dan Parrish, Larry Adams, Byron Nix, Joe Freeman, John Brown, Dan Mc- Brayer, Steve Jennings, Mike Arthur. Managers — Lyndon Huckaby, Bill McClure, Burgess Thomas. 35 Ronnie Smith Neal Shepard John Christopher i !5riS£je-_ ;«S Larry Adams 36 Dan Parrish Byron Nix Joe Freeman John Brown 37 Dan McBrayer Mike Arthur Steve Jennings Statistician, Lyndon Hucl aby; Trainer, Burgess Thomas; Manager, Bill McClure. Coach Howard Corder and Captain John Christopher 38 39 Varsity Cheerleaders I " " kC v i « ■, Alana Smith, Vickie Payne, Dianne Beauchamp, Shelia Smith, Lynne Duke, Barbara Copeland I ._ V Sheila Smith Lynne Duke Vicki Payne Barbara Copeland Alana Smith Dianne Beauchamp 40 i. Freshman Cheerleaders Laura Carroll, Jan DuBois, Bonnie Nowlan, Jane McRee, Angle Brown Angie Brown Jan DuBois Swimming On the deck-Bo Ballard (diver) Otis Bellelsle (manager), Jerry Nacht (co-captaln) , Coach Tom Iseley. On the ladder-Tom Rees (co- captain). On the board— Chip Edgerton, Stan Carnes, John Vincenzi, John Hill, Mike Faires, Chuck Herrmam. Co-captains: Jerry Nacht and Tom Rees. 42 Cross Country EOUEfif ceuEii CBIUF BACK ROW: Coach Gary Wilson, Ronnie Bryant, Jerry Cleveland, David Carroll, Paul Whitley, David Johnson. FRONT ROW: Franklin Council, Randi Bell, Jerry Jackson, Robert Lynes, Leslie hiand. Track -M -. 2 r! v.-, -?!■».« Q. .♦ r. fe » ,; » , !RC ' 4i «!;: te tf. . oyi FRONT ROW: Ronnie Bryant, David Johnson, Jerry Cosper, Mickey Spinks, Randi Bell, John Morrow, Robert Arrington, Jerry Jackson, James Eady, Frank Council. BACK ROW: Richard Milan (manager), David Phillips, Steve Brooks, Richard Dixon, Coach Gary Wilson, Paul Whitley, Mike Purvis, Rick Reeves, Sam Dunson, Donald Kelley, David Stewart, Lyndon Huckaby (manager). 43 Golf STANDING: Coach Howard Corder, Larry Fowler, Phil Herring, Bill Carter, Joe Phillips, Mike Brown, Bill Roberts. Volleyball BACK ROW: Terry Corcoran, Bruce Hildebrand, Phillip Gasaway, Charles Doughtie, Byran Hill, Eddie Barnes, Wayne McKinley. FRONT ROW: David Sims, Alan Foster, Mike Gevedon, Ponzi Pennington, John Davis, Hollis Mcl lanus, Wayne Glass. NOT PICTURED: Gay Thrash. 44 ± Tennis FRONT ROW, KNEELING: Jeff Carstens, Don Futral, David Douglass, Jimmy Lipham, Gary Wood. BACK ROW: Coach Ed Lambert, Al Robertson, Bob White, Jon Niemeyer, John Vickers, Henry Kennedy. 1966 All GIAC Team member — David Douglass. 1966 All GIAC team member — Al Robertson. 45 Varsity Baseball . ' ' •r " . , .-A KNEELING: Guerry Baldwin, Mike Murphy, Robert Lynes, Darrell Posey, Terry Rutiedge, Paul Snyder, Wilson Culbreth, Jimmy Porter, Mike Arthur. SECOND ROW: Mr. Arnold Franklin (trainer), Coach John West, Ronnie Falkner, Charles Davis, Rick Myer, Bill Brown, Bobby York, Buddy Murphy, Bob hlllman. Brent Thomas, Bobby Norton, Bill McClure 46 anager). BACK ROW: Eddie Evans, Bill Carey, Mike Smith, James Raughton, Chris Brown, Milton Tarpley, Jim Collins, hII Archer, Joe Freeman, David Faircloth. NOT PICTURED— Jim Jackson. T .«•■» i-v ii. »L» %. ; . »w . • -• .--f.lvj. 47 . •4 Darnell Posey, Centerfielder J " -- " 1 Buddy Murphy, Pitcher Bill Brown, Leftfie ' der Men on the Mound: Ronnie Falkner, Mike Snnith, Joe Freeman. Milton Tarpley, Jim Collins, Chris Brown, Riok Myer, Buddy Murphy, Guerry Baldwin. NOT PICTURED, Jim Jackson. 48 Returning Lettermen: Terry Rufledge, Bobby Norton, David Falrclofh, Milton Tarpley, Bob Hilman, Wilson Culbreth, Paul Snyder. NOT PICTU RED— Jim Jackson. II Brown, Buddy Murphy, Mike Arthur, Bobby Norton, Catcher David Faircloth, First Base 49 Returning All-GIAC Players: David Faircloth, Buddy Murphy, Paul Snyder. Bobby Norton. NOT PICTURED— Jim Jackson. T . Wilson Culbre+h, Second Base Paul Snyder, Centerfielder i. r. Bob Hillman, Leftfielder 50 Charles Davis, Catcher Jim Collins, Pitcher Joe Freeman, Pitcher Ronnie Falkner, Pitcher »y5 -■ First String: Terry Rutledge, Rlcl: Myer, David Falrcloth, Buddy Murphy, Bill Brown, Paul Snyder, Bobby Norton Wilson Cul- breth, Mike Arthur, ' Bob hllliman, Jimmy Porter. NOT PICTURED— Jim Jackson. 51 ••r- ■ " - " f s " ■ ♦ - j » r ». ' !S e ' - 1 0Sl m ' 4aM 1 — - - Rlclt Myer, Pitcher Guerry Baldwin, Pitcher _- ' fV Mike Arthur, Second Base Robert Lynes, Shortstop Milton Tarpley, Pitcher 52 . . •- r. V. ' ' ' , ' • ■ ' p - - ' ffm (■•ll? »» 4 iT ' -■ ' - . " ' •v— - -, — -.V f 4 -. .- " j J ames R aughton, Catcher " .? David Faircloth, First Base -xi ' . ' 4 ■-■ Terry Rutledge, Third Base Jimmy Porter, Shortstop Chris Brown, Pitcher 53 THE MEN ' S INTRAMURAL ASSOCIATION gives each student the opportunity to participate in athletics with men of similar ability and interests. This year under the leadership of Coach Ed Lam- bert the MIA has enjoyed its best season ever. The Sioux made a grand sweep of flag football, completing the regular National League Season with an 8-0 record. In the American League the Seminoles nailed down the championship by winning eight straight league games. MIA- basketball was revised and instead of the regular season a double elimination tournament was played. Other activities planned by the MIA for this year are badminton, volleyball, track field events, Softball, and tug-o-war. Mohawks FRONT ROW: Mike Duke, Steve Evertte, Bob Daily, Mike Tilwell. SECOND ROW: Don Craiq, Philip Gasaway, Gary Maddox, Jack Jenkins, Jimmy Herbert, Steve Daily. 54 Cherokees FRONT ROW: 0 Warren, Herb Vessels, Ricky Gov er, Bll Rhodes, Aubrey Duke, Corky Lunt (manager), Fred Murphy. SECOND ROW: Mike Voiselle, Chris Poole, Gus, Steve Tolbert, Blaine Duggan. NOT PICTURED: Ray Milan, Al Robertson, Bobby Johns, Allan Enns, Drev Eently, Don Huskins, Kirby Lamb, David Douglass, Al Kofer, Bruce Ken- ny, Dusty Waters, James Raughton, Jay Heard, Bobby Gay, Bensen Wiggs, Randy Jay, Jerry Richardson, Gary Watts, Larry Smith, Georg e Cook. ft S Sff- « S i -rs, v»«sc- ,iSi r Apaches FRONT ROW: F. M. Swanson (manager), Bill Archer (man- ager), James Spaduzzi, Ron- nie Prather. NOT PICTURED: Clem Patrick. 55 Comanches FRONT ROW: Gene Massey imanaqer), Terry Rutledge (manager), Jerry Mobley, Tommy Douglas, Tommy War- ren. SECOND ROW: Clyde King, Clinton Thompson, Gary Wilson, ' Rick Buckalew, Byron Farmer, Bob Hollingsworth. Seminoles FRONT ROW: Ken Collins, Lynn Keeney, Pete Petty, Ed- die Gabriel, Buddy Murphy, TeTry Foster, Wilson Culbreth (manager). SECOND ROW: Larry Mobley, Van Eskew, Dan- ny Lindsey, Bill Brown, Wayne Quinn, Leon Greene, Steve Shaffer. BACK ROW, STAND- ING: Carl Farris, Bob White, John Bosch. Bob Norton, Wayne Glass, John Neimeyer Hugh Ruckles, Tommy LaFon, John Chandler, Ken Adams, David Sims, Walter Leaming, Paul Snyder (manager). 56 Navahos FRONT ROW: Billy Smith, Mike Hendry, Chuck Sandusky, Jim Rad- v ay. SECOND ROV : Willard Moore, Tommy Campbell, Bobby Harman, Jim Stockton, Mike Grang- er. THIRD ROW: Dick Perreault, Ken Spann, Penn Templeman, Ter- ry Baker, Hoyt Merrell, Steve Skel- ton, Larry Fowler. Siouxs FRONT ROW: Johnny Atkin- son, Ronnie Comeaux, Larry Richards (manager), Jim Bal- enger, Mike Moore. SECOND ROW: David Philips, Bill Mat- thews, David Stewart, Jerry Allmon, Walter Carmicheal, Gregg Burge, Gary McMillian. BACK ROW: Richard Milam, Jim Jameson, Bob Richardson, Bill Llpski, Bob Greer, Frank Stevenson, Bob Stewart, Ben Armstead, Gay Thrash. NOT PICTURED: Kenny Golightly, Jim Brooks, Pete Hutchens, Ronnie Walton, Mike Purga- son, Joey McClelland, Jerry McKIe, Ronnie Smith, BIN Ab- bott, Jim Robinson, George Archibald. 57 THE WOMEN ' S ATHLETIC AS- SOCIATION, ably led by Miss Dorothy McNabb, Is the principal means for all women to partici- pate in sports events. The W.A.A. kicked off the fall quarter with powder puff football. The Freshmen were defeated by the upperclassmen 7-0. Bicycle re- lays followed. This time the upper- classmen suffered defeat. Later in the quarter, the members went on a hike and weiner roast. The girls were mainly interested in soccer. Every Monday and Wednesday In- dians clashed. Apache, Shawnee, Comanchee, Cherokee, Seminole, and Sioux battled each other. The top three winners in tournament play were the Apache, Coman- chee, and Sioux. Each Tuesday night teams played badminton. Throughout the year, the W.A.A. continued its program. The activities included volleyball, tennis, basketball, Softball, and swimming. SIOUX: Cathy White, Pattie Abbey, Kathy Wimbish, Laura Carroll. ROW 2: Marinell Henson, Vivian Coggin, Sonja Holtzchaw, Janice Hlowell, Charlotte Brown, Linda Chastain, Nancy Smith. ROW 3: Carol Grizzard, Sandy Ed- wards, Ruth Ann Long, Joyce Campbell, Susan Robertson, Bonnie Nowlen, Jan DuBois. COMANCHES: Mario Baisder, Susan Lunt, Shirley Corley (Capt.), Pat Collier (Capt.), Darlene Foster, Lixie Palfrey. ROW 2: Joan Myers, Kathie McLaughlin, Barbara Wilbanb, Sandra Spencer, Ruthetta Blood, Laura Helton, Frankie Neighbors, Sue McKone. 58 APACHE: Gwen Murphy, Peggy S+ubbs, Starr Abbott, Yvonne Pike, Glynda Gardner, Jessie Ginn ROW 2- MarshaMcSwaIn, Mary Neely, Luann Daniel, Linda Michael, Carolyn Waddell, Carol Shaw, June Robinson Faye Price, Nancy Zentz. CHEROKEE: Kathy Bohanon, Susan farrish, Sally Smith (Capt.), April Fields (Capt ) Kaye Weaver. ROW 2: Pat Turner, Deborah Bryan, Marty Chlpman, Nancy Striblinq ' rhylhs Snnith. 59 W.A.A. SEMINOLE: Grace Walker, Jane Booz, Charlotte Akins, Liz Anderson, Sharon hlallburton, Sue Gantt, Eileen McGowan, Judy Mc- Connell, Carole Campbell. ROW 2: Penny Bubenheinn, Marilyn Trentham, Ida Ann Bowen, Bonnie McKay, Theresa Thornhill, Sheila Snnlth, DIanne Beauchamp, Judy hlutcheson. SHAWNEE: Jan Rowland, Jan Robinson, Carol Witt (Capt)., Frances Hinesley (Capt.), Dawn Williams. ROW 2: Jane Witt, Cora George, Vickie Beard, Terry Lindsay, Dolores Heard. (Not Pictured) Charlene Bowen, Joanne Flourney, Marie Howard. 60 il ' l ' - ' ! - Charlotte Brown, Matilda Carel, Kaye Baker, Darlene Foster, Helen Housch, Sue Gantt. STAND- NG: Diane Bowers, Peggy Stubbs, Deborah Bryant, Gwen Murphy, Jessie Ginn, Jane Booz, April Fields Joyce Uampbell. ' COACH: Dorothy McNabb 61 Women ' s Varsity Basketball KNEELING: Marty Chlpman, Brenda Wood. STANDING: Vicki Foster, Ann Dickens, Diane Bowers, Sharon Smi th, Miss Montgomery, Ruth Ann Long, Peggy Stubbs, Susan Belville, Mary Nan Hobbes, Kay Cauthorn, Charlotte Brown. 62 1 Peggy Stubbs, trainer; Marty Chlpman, defensive captain; Brenda Wood, offens captain; Martha Montgomery, coach 63 Women ' s Varsity Tennis Coach Montgomery, Vlckl Foster, Marty Chipman, Marie Howard, Kay Cauthorn, (NOT PICTURED) Carol Grizzard, Shirley Whit- worth, Sandra Hampton, Helen Housch. 64 Sports, 1 967 . . ■ ,-i ' « ,. 65 MIA Standings Seminole 53 I Sioux 438 Navaho 364 Cherokee 361 Apache 277 Comanche 254 Mohawk 131 Points based on participation and won- loss record In league play W.A.A. Soccer Standings Sioux I st place Comanche 2nd place Apache 3rd place Cherokee 4th place W.A.A. Volleyball Standings Comanche 1st place Seminole 2nd place Apache 3rd place Sioux 4th place Sports 101 98 67 65 89 73 64 88 38 89 78 58 101 72 74 89 52 57 63 79 Men ' s Varsity Basketball .Tennessee Temple 83 . Ga. Southwestern 76 . Mercer 99 . Georgia State 73 . Piedmont 65 .Augusta 89 .Ga. Southwestern 88 .Georgia State 90 .Berry 70 .Bryan 82 . LaGrange 71 .Valdosta State 74 . Maryville 8 1 .Berry 87 .Valdosta State 82 .Bryan 82 . Shorter 77 .Ga. Southwestern 77 .Shorter 82 .Tennessee Temple 86 . LaGrange 90 . Piedmont 87 Men ' s Volleyball Atlanta lost Atlanta lost Orlando Invitational Volleyball Tourn || teams tie for 5th West Georgia Invitational II teams finished 7th Smokey Mt. Open Tourn II teams finished 8th Cecil Field Invitational 12 teams tie for 9th Berry College won Atlanta lost St. Petersburg Invitational II teams tie for 6th Berry College Atlanta ; Biloxl Seward AFB Invitational, Smyrna, Tenn. USVBA Region 6 Championships Berry College Invitational Campbell College, N.C USBVA Region 5 Championships West Georgia Invitational GIAC at West Georgia College 66 Scores Women ' s Basketball 51 . . . .Georgia Baptist 47 46. . . .Woman ' s College 68 58. . . .Tennessee Temple 57 85. . . .Covenant College 34 53 Berry College 60 60. . . . Hivvassee 68 35.... Tift 51 90. . . .Covenant College 27 66. . . .Tennessee Temple 53 46 Tift 61 63. . . .Georgia Baptist 41 57. . . .Georgia Southwestern 48 47. . . . Berry College 55 Women ' s Tennis Agnes Scott Wesleyan University of Georgia Berry Women ' s College Columbus College Women ' s College Invitational Tourney Women ' s Volleyball University of Georgia I st place Rheinhardt College Invitational I st 3rd place Dekalb College 1st 3rd place West Georgia Sportsday Maxwell Air Field International Georgia Southwestern West Georgia Invitational Men ' s Golf March 23 Troy State March 28 Georgia State March 30 LaGrange April 4 Berry April 7 Mercer April 14 Berry Shorter April 18 Georgia Southwestern April 24 LaGrange April 29 Georgia Southwestern May 2 Shorter May 4 Georgia State May 9 Mercer May 12 G.I.A.C. Tournament May 13 Men s baseball bch edule St. Leo College, Fla. March 18 St. Leo College, Fla. March 20 St. Leo College, Fla. March 2! Troy State, Ala. March 23 Hope College, Mich. March 25 Hillsdale College, Mich. March 28 Georgia State April 1 Oglethorpe College April 4 ' ' Georgia Southwestern April 8 ' ' Armstrong College April 14 Georgie Southern April 15 ♦Berry April 18 ' Armstrong April 22 North Georgia April 27 Valdosta State April 29 Oglethorpe College May 3 North Georgia May 6 ♦Berry May 1 1 Georgia Tech May 13 ♦Georgia Southwestern May 16 Confe Men ' s Track January 14 Knoxville All-comer meet February 1 1 Chattanooga Indoor Meet February 18 Montgomery Indoor Meet April 1 Emory University April 7 8 News Piedmont Relays April i 1 Berry Dekalb April 4-5 LaGrange Florida Southern April 22 West Georgia Relays April 29 LaGrange Georgia Southwestern May 6 G.I.A.C. Championships -« C-. 67 ORGANIZATIONS PRESIDENT Bill Lipski VICE-PRESIDENT Rick Buckalew SECRETARY Marie Cross THE STUDENT GOVERNMENT ASSOCIATION of West Georgia College serves as a link of communication between the students, the faculty, and the administration. In the process of their work, they try to involve as many students as possible by offering various types of social, cultural, and intellectual events. ADVISOR Dr. John Pershing 70 JUDICIARY CHAIRMAN Clem Patrick TREASURER Gwenda Wiggins FRESHMEN REPRESENTATIVES Nancy Barber, Steve Brooks, Rob Huguley SOPHOMORE REPRESENTATIVES Joy Fields, Mike Moore, Aimee Slaughter (not pictured) JUNIOR REPRESENTATIVES Roger Scott Burgess Thomas (not pictured) SENIOR REPRESENTATIVE Mike McCord, Sara Buckels (not pictured) NEWSPAPER REPRESENTATIVE Carole Mumford Chieftain ' 67 FRONT ROW: David Ross, Paul McCook, Bonnie Reynolds, Dot+ie Pittman, Doris Reme+a, Larry Naylor, Janice Burns. BACK ROW: Linda Brock, Linda Hearn Joyce Moody, Herbert Garrett, Olliff Weldon, Cynthia Brown, Charles A. Thomas. EDITOR-IN-CHIEF Larry Naylor LITERARY EDITOR Linda Terrell f .. IHI B Itl H 1 im m m BUSINESS MANAGER Herbert Garrett i |S »- ASSOCIATE EDITOR Cynthia Brown ORGANIZATIONS EDITOR Paul McCook ADVISOR Mrs. D. A. Jackson 73 ADVISORS Mr. David Parkman, Mr. Charles McMIchael WOMEN ' S SPORTS EDITOR Kay Cauthorn 74 THE ECLECTIC, published quarterly, is the literary magazine of West Georgia College. Students are given an opportunity to display their literary and artistic abilities through this publication. They discuss, edit, and publish work of general literary interest. The ECLECTIC contains literary essays, art work, short stories, and poems. EDITOR-IN-CHIEF Linda Terrell ART EDITORS Joe Baggett, Terrell Parham, Art Director; Bill Porter. FACULTY ADVISOR Mr. William Swanson GENERAL STAFF Ed Tant, Jim Woodall, Robert Willingham, David Brewer, Reginald Cofteen, Charles A. Thomas, Lucy Bailey, Jan Rowland. 75 West Georgian The subjects were as varied as the State election, the dining hall pe- tition, the rights of seniors, school spirit, and the potentialities of the youth of America. The tones ran from the frenzied, whole-hearted, editorial crusades to the light-hearted, tongue-in- cheek, humor. This year ' s WEST GEORGIAN was greatly respected by the readers, even when there was disagreement. The readers appreciated its complete coverage of important news, announcements, and features on some of the interesting people on campus. The paper is truly a voice for the college. Ed Collier: Managing Editor Dr. James Mathews, Dr. Ben Kennedy: Advisors .JPfSl ' - " ' " , 76 David Douglass: Sports Editor Elaine Gossett: News Editor Diane Couslneau: Circulation Manager SITTING: Gall Robinson, Joe Baggett, STANDING: Charles Allan Thomas, Ed Tant, Frank Whitley — General Staff Kathy Thomas, Doris Remeta, Tommy Campbell, Becky Kerr — General Staff Not Pictured— Bruce Hildebrand, Linda Terrell, Bill Fordhs 77 ' h o ! c% c% f FIRST ROW: Sandra Nelll, Frances Hinesley, Dottie Pittman, Rene Cunningham, Joy Mears, Penny Winchester, Carol Hawes, Daneise Hubert, DeEtte Hagerman, Becky Sapp. SECOND ROW: Leellen Brigman, Cathy Maclnnes, Jan Lambert, Nancy Wooten, Claire Adams, Betty Bailey, Carolyn Thomas, Joan Lange, Vickie Billingsly, Jo Ann Newkirk, Diane Green, Kathy hlolland, Jeanne Lane, Sandra Kaylor, Barbara Anderson, Susan Holmes. THIRD ROW: Mike Sutton, Fred Barton, Susan Kelso, Judy Long, Faye England, Paula Morgan, Melody Hadaway, Diane McKibben, Connie Gentry, Fay Drumheller, Sue Rogers, Susan Golczynski, William Wickham, Jerry Mathis. FOURTH ROW: Jerry Barne+te, Mickey Schuber, Jerry Marshall, Vernon Gray, Jim Carmichael, Mike Holt, Mike Jones, Casey Malone, Bill Powers, Don Wood, Herb Garrett, Larry Gammage, Lloyd Black, Mike SInyard, Wayne Webb, Aubrey Miller, Jim Kirk. THE CONCERT CHOIR expanded its range this year both in variety of music performed and distance traveled. In addition to taping two tele- vision shove ' s in Macon, Georgia, and dedicating a new Sanctuary in Doug- lasville, Georgia, the Choir also performed for churches, schools and civic groups in Atlanta, Bremen, Barnsville, West Point, and Griffin, Georgia. The West Georgians were also invited by the U. S. Army to participate in the " Parade of American Music " at Fort McPherson in Atlanta and Fort Stewart in Savannah. In addition to the Concert Choir, a Chorale and Symphonic Choir were started and have performed several concerts this year. DIRECTOR E. Wayne Abercrombie Jerry Mathis, President; Mickey Schuber, Vice-President; Paula Morgan, Secretary; Fred Barton, Tour Manager; Vernon Gray, Stage Manager; Daneise Hubert, Historian; Melody Hadaway, Librarian; Sandra Nelll, Soprano Section Leader; Susan Golczynski, Alto Section Leader; William Wichkam, Tenor Section Leader; Herb Garrett, Bass Section Leader. 78 d COLLEGE CHORALE FIRST ROW: Sandra Neill, Jo Creel Casey Malone, Leellen Brlgman, Jerry Marms, Narny Holland, Jenny Davidson. SECOND ROW: Susan Golczynski, Wayne Webb, Daneise Hubert, ' Betty Bailey Vickie Jim Kirk, Diane Green. THIRD ROW: Mickey Schuber, Faye Drumheller, Nancv Wooten. Lee Heard Mr. b, Wayne Abercrombie. Carolyn Thomas. Paula Morgan, Linda Beall, Herb Garrett 79 SYMPHONIC CHOIR NEWNAN CENTRAL BAPTIST CHURCH HANDBELL CHOIR AT THE CHRISTMAS PROGRAM, ALPHA THETA is the student organization of the speech and drama department of West Georgia College. Its purpose Is to stimulate in- terest and promote skill in acting, directing, and stage management, as well as to further the knowledge of the Individual in drama. Membership to Alpha Theta is open to any student Interested in drama, who participates in a play production, either by acting or working on stage crews. Major emphasis is placed on the d elopment of the student as a well-adjusted individual who can express himself easily and effectively. SEATED: Gary Watts, President. STANDING: Barbara Ford, Treasurer; Mr. Wallace Buice, Faculty Advisor; Barbara Hale, Secretary; Alvin Owens, Vice-President. 81 7 lauAenc eac ■I! By Clifford Odets direcfed by Wallace buice THimMAOrOOlTlMI mi »Bis !»» mm . cuiKiRi«u mwm Dmwm. mm mm ' WM M»-IM8 ? ' . Noah Wallace Buice Esther Dott Gofer Japheth - Gary Watts Shem __Ross Gooper Ham -i Buell Stark Leah Glare Verdell Rachel Sharon Phillips Goldie Diane Green Tax Gollector__Alvin Owens 0 0 ' ' ) -. ov ' ' v £ .UPH COU SoH aLA bU cb Cast en Gant Don Huskins Mrs. Marie " Fatty " Pert .... Jessica Jenkins Helen Gant Barton Sammye Todd Hugh Barton Alvin Owens Eliza Gant (Mother) Dott Cofer Eugene Gant Gary Watts Jake Clatt Frank Rowell Mrs. Clatt Connie Gentry Florry Mangle Sue Stanton Mr. Parrel Bill Powers Miss Brown Janie Lane Laura James Diane Green W. O. Gant (Father) Wallace Buice Dr. Maguire Chip Webb Tarkinton Casey Malone Madame Elizabeth Linda Beall Luke Gant Don Plummer ITf J J " " The Pulitzer Prize Drama of the life of Thomas Wolfe 83 Directed By MARTIN D. BURKE Music Directed By E. WAYNE ABERCROMBIE Mu.c by RiCttAil RODGliS ,Book and Lyna by OSCAR HAMMEHSTilN 2l« Aunt Eller Sandra Neill Curly Herb Garrett _aurey Mary Em Robinson ike Skidmore Mike McGukin Fred Barry Kilby Slim Jim Carmichael Will Parker Casey Malone Rog Bill Baldowsici Cord Elam Ron Sharpless Jim Mickey Schuber Jess Jim Kirk Mick John Hook Jud Fry . ' Larry Bowie Ado Annie Carnes Jo Ann Bowdoin Ali Hakim Jerry Mathis Gertie Cummings Rene Cunningham Mary Diane Wilson Ellen Daneise Hubert Agnus . Allison Hunt Kate Cynthia Brown Sylvie Janice Burns Armlna Sherry Hess Aggie DeEtte Haggerman Andrew Carnes E. Wayne Abercrombie DANCERS " Laurey " Donna Draughn " Curly " George Smith Can-Can Girls Linda Peneley, Diane King, Songa Holtzclaw, Gwenda Wiggins, Sandra Edwards, Donna Farrell 84 ,1 n.. THE WEST GEORGIA COLLEGE BAND provides music for the Fall and Spring quarter convocations, the June Commencement, a formal concert during Fine Arts Week, an informal concert with the college choir, and music at the home basketball games. Mr. William DeJong is director. DIRECTOR Mr. William DeJong TROMBONE Charles Dillard James Langford Bruce Thomas TUBA George Falrchlld Scott Hershey CLARINET Linda Bradford Kay Eades Mildred Grubbs Charles Harris Carol Hawes Francis Hinesley Sandra Howard Robert Murray Barbara Wilbanks Carol Witt TRUMPET SAXOPHONE FLUTE Curtis Alverson Mary Garrett Sara Forrester Ronald Cagle Vivian Holt Diane Green Lee Heard James Hood Mary Lipham Bill Jones Paula McKinney Phyllis Roberts Mike Moore Stephen Richie Mary Strickland Ponzi Pennington BASSOON Bonnie Wolf PERCUSSION Nita Knauff FRENCH HORN Barry Chambers Tony Jones Robert McKenney BARITONE Thomas Stephens Rex Bell David Hembree 85 ■p THE COUNCIL FOR EX- CEPTIONAL CHILDREN seeks to promote the educa- tion of exceptional children and youth through stimulat- ing, furthering, and strength- ening the interest of young adults in this facet of profes- sional education. FIRST ROW: President, Mary J. Reid; Secretary, Betty J. Bartlett: Treasurer, Jeane Stephens; Marian Phillips. SECOND ROW: Lynne Massey, John Brinkley, Dr. Wietse de Hoop, advisor; Gayle Shelnutt, Boyd Kittle. THE INTERNATIONAL STU- DENTS ORGANIZATION Is open to any student on campus, wheth- er American or foreign, to discuss means of Improving harmony be- tween the nationalities. 86 FIRST ROW: President, Gungor Ozbek, Turkey; Vittorio Cho, Republic of China; Reginald Coffeen, Mexico; Hirohisa Saito, Japan. SECOND ROW: Advisor, Dr. Eugene Huck; Treasurer, Salomon Ko- nig, Venezuela; Rig Can, Turkey. THIRD ROW: Charles Burden, United States; Vice-President, Victor Rhomberg, Austria. -„ P THE STUDENT EDUCATION ASSOCIATION is de- signed for any student preparing for a career in the teaching profession. The responsibility of the SEA pro- gram to its individual nnembers Is to provide opportu- nities for personal and professional growth, development of leadership skills, understanding of the history, ethics, and programs at state and national levels, and participa- tion in professional activities at local, state, and national levels. Bill Campbell, Secretary; Jean Carmichael, Vice-President; Don- ald Slate, President; Marilyn Russell, Treasurer; Sandra Scarboro, Publicity Chairman. FIRST ROW: Diane Smith, Sandra Scarboro, Francis Hinesley, Karen McDaniel, Susan Farmer, Jean Carmichael, Carol Roberts. SECOND ROW: Rose- mary James, Linda Cauthen, Glenda Witcher, Susan Strobhert, Sue Addis, Julie McClain. Margaret Hunter. THIRD ROW: Cindy Gurley, Carolyn Waddell, Johnnie Crider, Wanda Patterson, Rosalie Moore, Donna Bias, Marilyn Russell. FOURTH ROW: Donald Slate, Bill Campbell, Loyd Kit+la. John Brinkley, Boyd Kittle, George Roberts, Jimmy Beckham. 87 THE INTERFAITH COUNCIL seeks to co- ordinate the activities of the religious organ- izations on campus. Projects include sponsor- ship of quarterly religious ennphasis days and an annual Religious Emphasis Week usually held during Winter Quarter. PRESIDENT Jimmy Beckham FIRST ROW: Joe Chlpman, Baptist Student Union; Dottie Pittman, Westminster Fellowship; Janice Burns, Wesley Foundation. SECOND ROW: John Brinkley, Newman Student Federation: Jimmy Bectham. Baptist Student Union. 88 THE BAPTIST STUDENT UNION repre- sents fhe opportunity for Christian grov th for Baptist students on cannpus. As the student learns in the classroom, he experi- ences the joys of Christian fellov ship and service through BSU. He adds an important dimension to his education by knov ing what it means to give of his time and tal- ent In Christian service. He does this through mission projects, vesper services, and through weekly devotional meetings. FIRST ROW: Susan Dobbs, Denise Sullivan, Janis Wilson, Elwanda Puett, Carolyn Payne, Sara Nally, Diane Smith, Diane Garrett. SECOND ROW: Sue Gantt, Phyllis Roberts, Geraldine Manning, Jane Johnson, Betty Sue Sappe, Linda Lambeth, Judy Parkman. THIRD ROW: Claude hiammond, Bobby Boswell, Jetta Marshall, Brenda Marshall, Laurie Paulk, Carol Shaw, Lynanne Mathews, Richard Morris. FOURTH ROW: Anno Dickens, Vickl Payne, Connie Elliot, Barbara Seraki, Marsha McSwain, Kathy Smith, Evelyn Hester, Janet Camp, Martha Jo Johnson, Janice Jones. State BSU Secretary, Rev. Aubrey L. Hawkins; West Georgia BSU Director Rev. John Caylor; and Paul Mc- Cook disc uss plans for future BSU Center. SEATED: President, Joe Chipman; Vice-President, Willene Jones; Devotion- al Chairman, Margaret Hunter. STANDING: Mu- sic- Chairman, Charles Pope; Enlistment Chair- man, Brenda Entrekin; So- cial Chairman, Carol Sappe; Publicity Chair- man, Tommy Askew. I ' f js r r f ,.f s ; " ' ' . FIRST ROW: James Eady, Gary Moore, Bill BargS, Jimmy Beckham, Franklin Council, Ste e Quig ' ey, J. W. Wallis. SECOND ROW: Linda Cauthen, Sara Adams, Rosemary James, Kay Blackstock, Fra ' ncis Massey, Eleanor Johnson, Bonnie Reynolds- THIRD ROW: Ralph Gibbs, Vicki Beck, Joyce Spivey, Teresa Nelson, Wanda Patterson, Grace Walker, Doug Bonds. FOURTH ROW: Mike Surton. ' john Cloud, Hugh Brown, Mike Barber, Aubrey Miller, Denver Poole, Jimmy Madden. 89 THE NEWMAN STU- DENT FEDERATION Is the campus organization sponsored by the Roman Catholic Church. Mem- bership, however, is open to any student. The main objective of the club is to help students develop and broaden their reli- gious, educational, and social interest. In addition to the clubs weekly meet- ings, other activities in- clude socials, discussion groups, various speakers on relevant subjects, a Christmas party at a children ' s home, and the adoption of a family for the Easter season. FRONT ROW: President, John Brinkley; Vice-President, Carolyn Warenzak; Advisor, Miss Janet Moriarity; Chaplain, Father Burke. SECOND ROW: Randy Payton, Mike Higgins, Johnnie Crider. THE WESTMINSTER FELLOWSHIP seeks to coordinate the activities of the Presbyterian students on campus, encouraging the expansion of the student ' s intel- lectual and social life, his educational progress, and his religious life. The club works very close with the First Presbyterian Church in Carrollton. FIRST ROW: Advisor, Mrs. Richard Newell; Secretary- Treasurer, Johnnie LaBoon; Dottie Pittman; President, Ruth Wittman. SECOND ROW: David Parker; Vice- President, Sid Holderness; Rev. Richard O. Flinn, Jr.; Mr. Ted Flirsch. 90 SEATED: Jane Barton, Leellen Brigman, Social Chairmen; Elaine Smith, Secre- tary; STANDING: Danny Roddenberry, Interfaith Council Representative; Carl Thompson, President; James Wilson, Pub- licity Chairman; Oscar Roberts, Vice- President THE WESLEY FOUNDATION Is the West Georgia College unit of the Methodist Student Movement. Weekly meetings are held in the Methodist Student Center, located across the street from front campus. Rev. William M. Holt, pastor of First Method- ist Church serves as director of the club. The club engages in many activities and projects such as donating a volleyball and net to the Ethel hiarpst Children ' s Home in Cedar- town. PoS P . l sy °P ' " ; C ' 7, Sprmgfield, Carl Thompson, Gene Johnson, Corky Lunt, Richie Holt, James Wilson. Danny Rodenberr - Georce Edwards. SECOND TMIRn Pnw Ma u r West Sheila Rucker Annette Allen, Beverly Wills, Betty Bowman, Anne Howard, Dawn Williams, Janice Burns, Cynthia Brown, Glenda WItcher. Wester ' ' Roberts, Tommy Johnson, Margaret Willis, Oscar Roberts, Patsy Tatum, Danny Flint, Elaine Smith, June Robinson, Suss:-, Wcrtr, Tommy 91 LE CERCLE FRANCAIS seeks to in- terest the students of West Georgia in the life and culture of the French people. The club ' s purpose is to help the students become better acquainted with the lan- guage and customs of French life. Carol Witt, Judy Long, Linda Watters, Clay Hester, Cynthia Brown, Helen Dickman. THE STUDENT CENTER COUNCIL, set up in conjunction with the Student Government Association and the Ad- ministration, worked throughout the year compiling and formulating ideas for activities in the College Union which is under construction. The Council was responsible for the excellent movie series shown each week this past year. SEATED: Pat Elliot; Gwenda Wiggins, Chairman. STANDING: Larry Naylor; David Parkman, Advisor: Lee Smith, Bill Lipski, Clem Patrick. 92 DIE DEUTSCHE GESELL- SCHAFT seeks fo acquaint its members with the customs and civilization of the Ger- man people through various activities throughout the year. The club has been helped In its aim by the cooperative and generous native Germans in this area through close and informal meetings. FIRST ROW: President, Jerry Allen; Judy Kelley, Gail Franzen, Ginger Adams, Laurie Paulk, Leonard Mc- Ewen. SECOND ROW: Advisor, Mr. Kenneth Sapp; Mike Roberts, Joe Souther, Charles Dillard, Janice Burns, Peter Raieclci. EL CIRCULO ESPANOL attempts to introduce interested students to the history, culture, and language of the Spanish-speaking countries. Club meet- ings are devoted to films, reports, and discussions by Club members, foreign students, or guest speakers. One of the activities during the year Is the club ' s assistance with the outdoor cafe dur- ing the Fine Arts Festival. FIRST ROW: Karen McDaniel, President; Jean Carmichael, Judy Parkman. SECOND ROW: Sue Gladney, Sally Smith, Joy Fields, Susan Farmer. 93 THE DEBATE CLUB is composed of students in- terested in standard de- bate and individual foren- sic activity. The club, act- ing jointly with the Col- lege, sponsors the West Georgia Inter-Collegiate Tournament. Schools throughout the Southeast always participate. The national collegiate debate topic is used, and teams enter novice and varsity competition on a regional basis. The Debate Club al- so helps with local high school debating events and takes the opportunity for individual speaking en- gagements whenever pos- sible. FIRST ROW: Pam Williams, Betty Jean Reece, Carol Cashell, Gayle Simmons, Martha Todd, Charlotte Bible, Janice Gamel, Tommy Taylor. SECOND ROW: Dr. Dean Ellis, Advisor; Dana Rhodes, Larry Bowie, Van Porter, Bill Hubbard, Hamilton Cutts, Richard Glanton. J ■ttiMr- Larry Bell Brenda Craven PRESIDENT Carolyn Warenzak VICE-PRESIDENT Dianne Norton ADVISOR Miss Edith Hand Darlene Foster THE MATH CLUB opens its membership to all math majors and minors. The opportunities in the field of mathematics are investigated and discussed for the benefit of club members. 94 Dickie Ingle Linda McKinley Larry Moore Gary Smith Carol Wilder Ben Armistead Jim Ballenqer ■«• « N t X r } tiM diM Spike Bolen Bill Campbell David Douglas Mike Eberharr Rick Holcomb Edward Kennedy Kenny Golightly Clem Patrick Larry Prince Buddy Murphy THE CIRCLE K, sponsored by the Carrollton Kiwanians, strives to promote the civic v elfare of the college, and to serve the college in any capacity which it can. The major aim of the club is to instill in its members a high degree of citizenship and social service. Membership is based on scholarship, civic interest, and leadership. Larry Richards Roger Scott Gay Thrash Bob White Claude Wilson -XJ-V % m mhf iimGEORGi: .i ti.iiii Secretary, John Hooper; President, Jim King; Vice-President, Harris Holmes: icD W: 95 DELTA PHI BETA is an honor organiza- tion for freshmen women who have at- tained a 3.5 quality- point average their first quarter at West Georgia or who have a cumulative average of 3.5 for the year. The main obiective is to promote intelli- gent living and a high standard of learning. We also endeavor to encourage superior scholastic attainment among the women of West Georgia. SEATED: Dean Georgia Martin, Advisor; Gay Davis, President; Sally Snnith, Historian; Melody Hadaway, Reporter; Judy Long, Treasurer. STANDING: Darlene Foster, Phyllis Prince, Gail Harden, Joan Lange, Barbara Copeland, Mary Neely, Jane Barton. PHI SIGMA MU. an honor organization for the men on West Georgia campus, was organized during the Fall Quarter of 1966. Men who have shown high scholastic achievement during their freshman year are asked to join the club. They strive to encourage and stim- ulate scholarship and achievement among the men of West Georgia College. SEATED: Dean George Walker, Advisor; Larry Prince, President; Gene Johnson, Secretary-Treasurer; Stephen Richie, Jerry Allen. STANDING: Tracy Chandler, Dan Chance, Steve Powell, Claude Wilson, Alton Banks, Jimmy Beckham. 96 PHI BETA LAMBDA is designed for students interested in business; it ainns to help develop competent and aggressive business leaders for the future. Several guests have spoken to the dub on job oportunities in banking and other business fields. During the spring quarter a trip v as planned to a state convention, along with sixteen other chapters. Different contests were held dealing with skills necessary for business leaders. Win- ners of these contests are to travel to San Francisco for national competition. President, Ken Taylor; Vice-President, Hugh Bass; Secretary, Marilyn Russell; Treasurer, Linda Melear; Reporter, Pat Savage; Historian, Susan Golczynski; Historian, Gina Akin; Advisor, Miss Roberta Gibson. FIRST ROW: Miss Roberta Gibson, Linda Thomas, Janis Smith, Pat Savage, Patricia Stephens, Linda Hall, Marilyn Russell. SECOND ROW: Barbara Wilson, Linda Melear, George Roberts, Charles Griffin, Joe Couch, John Lasseter, Susan Golczynski, Gina Akin. THIRD ROW: James Timmons, Hugh Bass, Martin Burke, Charles Dov ney, Tom Neal, Ted Choate, Wendell Edwards, Ken Taylor, Jerry Wright. 97 Edward Clary, Secretary-Treasurer; Roger Scott, President; Ed Collier, George Edwards, Vice- Presidents. THE HISTORY-POLITICAL SCIENCE CLUB is composed of students interested in the promotion of the study of history and government theory. The club strives to create better, more responsible citizens and works to instill in its members the highest degree of leadership ability. Congressman John Flynt, guest of honor at a din- ner given by the htistory-Political Science Club THE PSYCHOLOGY CLUB seeks to provide opportunities for those interested in the field of psychology. The club also discusses mutual interest and problems and tries to stimulate and foster in- terest in the professional field of psychology and experiences that contribute to the student ' s under- standing and growth. .. mfitm»ai3smi s»si SEATED: John Drummond, Sresident; Bill Campbell, Vice-President. STANDING: Mike McCord, Shelnut, Gungor Ozbek, Greg Litaker. Gail 98 a THE YOUNG DEMOCRATS pro- pose to stimulate an active interest in governmental affairs in young peo- ple, to increase the efficiency of pop- ular government, to foster and per- petuate the ideals of the Democratic Party, and to acquaint voters with the isssues and candidates. SEATED: Carole Mumford, President; Alvin Owens, Vice-President; Deanie Otwell, Secretary. STAND- ING: Charles Allen Thomas, Brenda Owen, Treasurer. Not Pictured: Roger Scott. THE YOUNG REPUBLICANS seek to promote con- stitutional and conservative principles of government and top rovide practical experience in campus politics. On campus, the Young Republicans function to enable members and other students to understand the principles and goals of a conservative party. Mr. Hulon Madeley, Advisor; Burgess Thomas, President; Frank Gibson, Vice- President; Frank Mines; Kathy Cashen, Secretary; Gary Bruce. 99 THE STUDENTS FOR PRIVATE EN- TERPRISE CLUB was organized to pro- mote interest in the private enterprise system of our economy. Speakers are brought in to give various aspects of different economies in the U. S. and in some foreign countries. SEATED: Joe Couch, President; Corkey Lunt, Vice-President; Pat Savage, Secretary; Jay Heard, Treasurer; Mr. C. W. Flemlster, Advisor. STANDING: Hugh Bass, Chuck Bass, Jane Paris, Ben Worthy, Sam Couch. THE WEST GEORGIA CHEMICAL SOCIETY is com- posed of interested students majoring or minoring in Chem- istry. The organization meets monthly, and guest speakers are invited to provide the program with discussions on different phases of chemistry. 100 FIRST ROW: Jim Wallls, President; Gene Johnson, Vice-President; Pat Peacock, Secretary; Mitzl Mathews, Treasurer; Kay Hopkins, Laura Edwards. SECOND ROW: Roy Crook, Joe Bowers, Clay Hester, Tommy Pat- terson. THIRD ROW: Eddie Barnes, Claude Wilson, Danny Ison, Sammy Ogden, Oscar Roberts, Alton Banks. n THE LETTERMEN ' S CLUB is composed of men students who have re- ceived a letter for su- perior performance on any one of the varsity teams of the college. its H nf »n e» o o hmm SEATED: Wilson Culbreth, President; Jon Niemeyer, Vice-President; Mr. Gary Wilson. Advisor; Gay Thrash, Secretary; Paul Snyder, Treasurer. SECOND ROW: David Douglas, Franklin Council, Terry Rutledge, Jerry Nacht, Mike McDonald, Bill Pierce. THIRD ROW: Chip Edgerton, Bill Brown, Buddy Murphy, Bob White. Al Robertson, Larry Adams, Bobby Norton. THE PHYSICAL EDUCATION MAJORS CLUB seeks to stimulate and promote profes- sional growth and personal relationships through activities, meetings and special programs. SEATED: Bob White, President; Peggy Stubbs, Vice-President; Carol Grizzard, Vice-Presi- dent; Sonja Holtzclaw, Secretary. STANDING: Mr. Edward Lambert, Advisor; Matilda Carel, Marty Chipman, Jane Booz, Gwen Murphy, Wilson Culbreth. Badminton tourneys at PEM social ALPHA PHI OMEGA. a national service frater- nity, was organized to promote leadership, friendship, and service on the college campus. It af- fords its members a chance to serve the stu- dent body and faculty, the youth and community, and the nation as partici- pating citizens. Member- ship to APO is based on scholarship, present or past affiliation with the Boy Scouts of America, and with an earnest desire to render service to oth- ers. FIRST ROW: Gary Bruce; Secretary-Treasurer, James Morris; Vice-President, Roger Scott; Tommy Taylor, Bruce Thomas. SECOND ROW: President, Frank Gibson; Vice-President, Burgess Thomas; Charles Dillard. THE WEST GEOR- GIA GROTTO of the National Speleologi- cal Society is an or- ganization of college students dedicated to the exploration and study of caves. Few weekends pass that there is not a trip to some part of North Georgia or North Al- abama for the pur- pose of exploring, mapping, or locating caves. While enjoying the wonderful world below the earth ' s sur- face, they find under- ground waterfalls, lakes, rivers, huge col- orful formations, fos- sils, and sometimes animals. The motto of the club is, " Take only pictures, and leave only foot- prints. " 102 FIRST ROW: Nick Nocholson, Chairman; Ronnie Aycock, Co-Chairman; David Young, Corresponding Secretary; Diane Couslneau, Recording Secretary; Tommy Scarboro, Treasurer. SECOND ROW: Bill Rhodes, Jean Scroggins, Don Going, Rick Foote, Mr. Hulon Madeley, Advisor. THIRD ROW: Sam Couch, Edward Kennedy, Henry Gossett, Marion Smith, Bill Cooper. 0 9 j ■ ' " ' - FIRST ROW: Judy Keller, Kathy Rutledge, Mary Lee Hardman, Sue Siaton, Sally Smith, Joy Fields, Sheila Santor, Nancy Smith, Sam Home, Mr. Henry Wise. 5ECOND ROW: Steve Strickland, Walter Lyons, Fred Mayfield, Jim Price, Jim Johnson, Fred Forsyth, Gary Howard, Bobby Strozier, Bill Byrd, Mr. Harold Hudson, Dr. Robert Veitia, Advisor. THIRD ROW: John Foster, Terry Baker, Bruce Kenny, Frank Hines, Jim Wallis, Harold McClendon, James D. Timmons. THE PISTOL AND RIFLE CLUB, organized In the Fall of 1966, Is associated with the National Rifle Association, under the auspices of the Army Office of the Director of Civilian Marksnnanshlp. The Army donated a nunnber of firearms to the club. A turkey shoot v as held at Thanksgiving with over forty people participating. The school built a firing range for the club which will accomnnodate twenty rifles and twenty pistols. The club has Invited high school students in the Carrollton area to participate in their activities. The club stresses marksmanship and the care of firearms. It provides an opportunity for the student to compete and enjoy a different and important sport. 103 THE WOMEN ' S ATH- LETIC ASSOCIATION offers every woman on campus the opportunity to participate in an intra- mural program. It strives to promote athletic skil l and group fun by tribe competition. It is a recrea- tional association v hich helps to increase knowl- edge of athletic skills and gives an opportunity for development in actual game situations. The in- tramural program consists of soccer, volleyball, bas- ketball, Softball, tennis, and swimming. Although competition is keen, a high value Is placed on sportsmanship and lady- like conduct. Some of the highlights of the 1966- 1967 year are the State Convention at Georgia Southern, the National Convention at ' University of Wisconsin, and the Awards Banquet for the installation of new officers and recognition of out- standing athletes. CHIEFTAINS: Gwen Murphy, Diane Bowers, April Fields, Sally Smith, Sue Gantt, Vivian Patsy Collier, Francis Hinsley, Shirley Corley. NOT PICTURED: Jesse Ginn, Carol Witt. Coggins, Sonja hlol+zclaw, FIRST ROW: President, Darlene Foster; Treasurer, Chairman, Therese Thornhill; Intra-Mural Manager ROW: Recorders, Dawn Williams and Deborah Long; Intra-Murel Manager, Peggy Stubbs. Andrea Grizzard; Publicity Carol Grizzard. SECOND Iryan; Reporter, Ruth Ann President, Darlene Foster; Advisor, Miss Dorothy Mc- Nabb. I e P ' v ' i?? mmmJ CHIEFTAINS: Jim Radway, Terry Rutledge, Larry Richards, Paul Snyder, Gene Massey, Tye Rakestraw, Gay Thrash, Corky Lunt, Wilson Cul- breth, Bob White, Bobby Greer, Danny Kelley, Kenneth Spann. SEATED: President, Larry Richards; Vice-President, Gay Thrash. STANDING: Sergeant-at-Arms, Wilson Culbreth; Secretary-Treasurer, Danny Kelley; Publicity Manager, Gene Massey. THE M.A.A. COUNCIL Is composed of the Chieftains of each tribe from the Men ' s Athletic Association. Through this program all male students are encouraged to participate in at least one of the various activities during the school year. The M.A.A. offers a wide choice of athletic events, such as football, basketball, volleyball, Softball, ping-pong, horse- shoes, tug-of-war, free throw contest, track and bowling. Larry Richards, President; Mr. Edward Lambert, Ad isc 105 I FACULTY ! « -i -. L-i 106 ' ' ■ ' v ? y. •■« - - ' ' x " ■ i . PRESIDENT OF THE COLLEGE Dr. James Emory Boyd A.B., University of Georgia; M.A., Duke University; Ph.D., Yale University Mesi (Georgia ffloUegf HE UNIVEPSITY SYSTEM OF GE QlarroHion, ®corgia OFFICE OF THE PRESIDENT March 3, 1967 To the Student Body West Georgia College Carrollton, Georgia Dear Students: The world you are preparing to enter is not a simple one. Its problems are complex, yet not insoluble. It is the challenge of this complexity for which we are attempting to prepare you here at West Georgia College. We are doing this with the belief that while much has changed, much remains the same. Reward still follows victory, application still produces success, and the most complex problems still yield to intelligent and persistent attack. We are engaged together in the exciting, demanding and crucial enterprise we call higlfer education. For you this means a great deal of hard work as you strive to acquire knowledge and to develop the capacity for self-realization and the resulting ability to become an effective citizen in our changing society. For us it means doing all within our power to create an atmosphere in which this process can flourish, for you and for the many thousands to follow. This we seek to do by providing the best faculty we can find, the most pleasant and adequate surroundings we can build, and the freedom for individual development. As long as we continue to regard this as a joint venture in which students, faculty and administration share responsibility, we will inevitably progress toward our goal of becoming not just a good college but a great college. It gives me great satisfaction to be in- volved in this venture, and I am sure the same is true with you. cerely and cordially yours. yjames E. Boyd President T DEAN OF THE COLLEGE and PROFESSOR OF ENGLISH Dr. George W. Walker A.B., Alma College: M.A., Wayne University; Ph.D., University of North Carolina. Below: ASSOCIATE DEAN OF STUDENT AFFAIRS and ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR Dr. Georgia Martin A.B., Woman ' s College of Georgia; M.S., Syracuse University; Ed. D., University of Georgia. DIRECTOR, PLANT AND BUSINESS OPERATIONS AND ASSISTANT to the PRESIDENT Harmon S. Tolbert B.S., Georgia Institute of Technology DIRECTOR of PUBLIC RELATIONS Tracy Putnam Stallings A.B.J., University of Georgia COMPTROLLER J. Everett McWhorfer B.S.C., University of Georgia I DEAN of STUDENT AFFAIRS and PROFESSOR Dr. John Pershing A.B., Wittenberg College; M.Ed., Springfield College; Ed.D., Indiana University Below: DIRECTOR of ADMISSIONS and ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR Helen Womack A.B., Lambuth College; M.A., George Peabody College Extreme Below: SPECIAL ASSISTANT FOR DEVELOPf ENT Theodor Hirsch B.S., School of Textile Engineering, Reutlingen, Germany REGISTRAR and ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR of HISTORY Elizabeth L. Parker A.B., M.A., University of Georgia PRESIDENT EMERITUS Dr. Irvine S. Ingram A.B., University of Georgia; M.A., Emory University: Ed.D., Oglethorpe University III Right: COORDINATOR of ACADEMIC COUNSELLING and ASSISTANT PROFESSOR of ECONOMICS William T. King A.B., Mercer University: M.A., University of Georgia Below: LIBRARIAN and ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR Annie Belle Weaver A.B., Mississippi State College for Women; A.B.L.S., Emory University Belov Right: ASSISTANT COMPTROLLER Jack He+hering+on B.A., M.B.A., University of Oklahoma Extreme Below: COLLEGE PHYSICIAN William Perrin Downey B.S., University of Georgia; M.D. Tulane University I 12 -C7Xi2nScC- JtzrCTtlECrj P SUPERINTENDENT OF GROUNDS AND LANDSCAPING Troy Holcombe B.S.A., University of Georgia IDIRECTOR OF HOUSING iDonald Gehring IB.S., Georgia Institute of Technology; M.Ed., Emory University ASSISTANT TO THE DIRECTOR OF PLANT OPERATIONS Robert Townley B.A., West Georgia College; Candidate for M.A., University of Alabama DIRECTOR OF ALUMNI AFFAIRS ar.d ASSISTANT FOR PUBLICATIONS McDonald Willis B.A. Oglethorpe University ' 113 THE DIVISION OF EDUCATION offers work In educafion, library science, physical education, psychology, and special educa- fion. The curricula in elementary and junior high lead to the Bachelor of Science in Education degree. Secondary curricula are organized in the division offering work in the specific subject-matter areas. The Bachelor of Arts degree is granted to those completing the program in psychology. Courses in education ' are planned to meet the requirements for professional certifi- cates for those students Interested in teach- ing careers on the elementary, junior high, and secondary levels. CHAIRMAN: Thomas Wiett Sills, Professor of Education: A.B., East Central State College; M.A., Eastern Kentucky State College; Ed.D., Colorado State College Mary White Davidson, Assistant Professor of Education; B.S., Ohio State University; M.A., University of Georg ia Prentice L. Gott, Associate Professor of Education; B.S., M.A., Western Kentucky State; Ed. S., Ed.D., George Peabody College Collus O. Johnson, Associate Professor of Education and Di- rector of Adult Education; B.S., M.S., University of Tennessee; Ed. S., George Peabody College I Tom Joseph Lightsey, Assistant Professor of Education; B.S.Ed., M.Ed., Georgia Southern; Ed.S., Ed.D., University of Georgia Belen Collantes Mills, Assistant Professor of Education; B.S.E., Leyte College; M.S., Ed.D., Indiana University Ronald Silvers, Assistant Profes- sor of Education; B.S., Florida Southern; M.Litt., University of Pittsburgh LIBRARY SCIENCE SPECIAL EDUCATION Wietse De Hoop, Associate Professor of Education and Coordinator of Special Edu- cation; B.A., University ' of Florida; M.S., Florida State University; M.A.. George Pea- body College; EdD., University of Georgia Mary E. Baxter, Instructor in Library Science; B.S.Ed., Univer- sity of Georgia; M.A.L.S., George Peabody College J. Allen Spivey, Assistant Pro- fessor and Assistant Librarian; M.L.S., George Peabody Col- lege DEPARTMENT HEAD: Thomas Wayman Learning, Assistant Pro- fessor of Physical Education and Director of Athletics; A.B., Earl- ham College; M.S., University of Illinois; candidate for P.E.D., In- diana University THE DEPARTMENT OF PHYSICAL EDUCATION empha- sizes the acquired knowledge and the development of skills in activities v hich are enjoyable in both college and adult years. Howard L. Corder, Assistant Professor of Physical Education; A.B., M.A., University of Ken- tucky Jdward Lambert, Instructor in Physical Education; B.S., M.E., Springfield College ' ; P.E. Directorate, Indiana University Dorothy McNabb, Assistant Professor of Physical Education; A.B., Carson-Newman College; M.A., George Peabody College •a» i i Betty Lee McVeigh, Instructor in Physical Education; B.S.Ed., M.S.Ed., Eastern Illinois Univer- sity Martha E. Montgomery, In- structor in Physical Education; B.S., North Georgia College; M.Ed., University of North Carolina John Burton West, Instructor in Physical Education; B.S., Maryville College; M.S., Uni- versity of Tennessee Gary Lee Wilson, Instructor in Physical Education; B.S., Okla- homa Baptist University; M.S., University of Tennessee DEPARTMENT HEAD: Alice Pearl Nix, Professor of Psychology; A.B., Piedmont College; M.Ed., Ed.D., University of Georgia THE DEPARTMENT OF PSYCHOLOGY contributes to the stu- dent ' s understanding of himself and his general cultural develop- ment, provides clinical services for the students for other programs such as education and sociology. Since psychology deals with the study of behavior it is important in a number of professional fields ranging from medicine, social work, law, journalism, and personnel work in industry. Spurgeon Cole, Assistant Pro- fessor of Psychology; A.B., M.S., Ph.D., University of Georgia Janice R. Teal, Instructor In Psychology; B.S., M.S., Uni- versity of Georgia James Deward Thomas, Asso- ciate Professor of Psychology; B.C.S., Atlanta Division, Uni- versity of Georgia; M.A., Uni- versity of Texas; Ph.D., Indi- ana University Robert Lee Williams, Assistant Professor of Psychology; B.A., David Lipscomb College; M.A., Ph.D., George Peabody College THE DIVISION OF HUMANITIES Is manifestly important because It is about the story of people. This means the English language and literature, languages, fine arts, and philosophy. It wants to concen- trate on seeing mankind ' s expression of himself. He wants to com- municate so he invents language, hie wants to transfer a deep feel- ing which is really Incommunicable to his fellow man. He does this by using words or perhaps by putting his thoughts ' Into music or art. The study of humanities is a look at the probings of mankind Into the very heart of his existence. CHAIRMAN: James W. Mathews, Professor of English; A.B., David Lipscomb College; M.A., Emory University; Ph.D., Uni- versity of Tennessee 16 DEPARTMENT HEAD: Paul H. Bow- dre, Jr., Professor of English; B.S., U.S. Naval Academy; M.A., Uni- versity of Mississippi; Ph.D., Uni- versity of Florida THE DEPARTMENT OF ENGLISH graps and tries to cope with the problems of helping students learn to use effectively our native language. Perhaps even more Important than this, It studies the Important writings In our language. The worlds of Shakespeare, Keats, Chaucer, Joyce, Hawthorne, and Robert Frost seem surprisingly like our own when we study them for understanding. The study of English can broaden our minds and hearts and lift us ab ove the despairs of life. Peter J. Bryg, Instructor in English; A.B., Fairfield University; Cand. for M.A., Dute University V V « • . Charles W. Cline, Instructor in English; A.B., George Peabody College; M.A., Vanderbilt Uni- versity Corliss H. Edwards, Assistant Professor of English; A.B., Mer- cer University; M.A., Univer- sity of Georgia Edna Earl Edwards, Assistant Professor of English; A.B., Mis- sissippi Southern College; M.A., University of Mississippi Linda Horton King, Instructor in English; B.A., Tift College PHILOSOPHY fe . ,V»J Mary Lovvorn, Instructor in English; A.B., Bessie Tift Col- lege; M.A., Duke University Charles T. McMichael, Instruc- tor in English; A.B., M.A., Geor- gia State College David J. Higgins, Assistant Pro- fessor of Philosophy; B.A., St. Mary ' s College; M.A., Philosophy, Notre Dame; M.A., Enalish, Loyola; Cand. Ph.D., University of Mis- souri 117 p Dorothy Martin-Williams, In- structor in English; Honours B.A., Bristol University Steve W. Mulkey, Assistant Pro- fessor of English: B.S., U.S. Mil- itary Academy; M.A., University of Wisconsin James K. Murphy, Instructor in English; A.B., University of Chattanooga; M.A., University of Kentucky Lemuel N. Norrell, Associate Professor of English; B.A., Fur- man University; M.A., Univer- sity of Virginia; Ph.D., Florida State University William J. Swanson, Instructor In English; A.B., San Diego State College; M.A., Florida State University Willie Maude Thompson, As- sistant Professor of English; A.B., Lambuth College; M.A., George Peabody College Robert C. Reynolds, Associate Martha A. Saunders, Instructor Professor of English; A.B., Van- in English; A.B., DePauw Uni- derbilt University; M.A., Ph.D., versity; M.A., Auburn University University af Florida Guy R. Woodall, Associate Pro- fessor of English; A.B., David Lipscomb College; M.A., George Peabody College; Ph.D., University of Tennessee THE DEPARTMENT OF FINE ARTS, through the talents of many dedicated people, presents many of the cultural ac- tivities on the campus. At a concert, the musician endeavors to tell a story through vocal and instrumental music, turn- ing the notes scattered throughout the score into a mean- ingful story with various harmonies and melodies as the main characters. The stage is the actor ' s opportunity to exemplify his talent of communicating the emotions of a certain character to his audience. The story of a painting is seen in each stroke of the brush, sketch of the pencil, and selection of color, and is best told by its author, the painter. DEPARTMENT HEAD: Robert M Coe, Associate Professor of Music B.S., Appalachian State College M.A., Eastern Kentucky State Ed.D., Colorado State College E. Wayne Abercrombie, Instruc- tor in Music; B.M., M.M., West- minster Choir College M. Wallace Buice, Assistant Professor of Speech; A.B., As- bury College; M.A., University of Kentucky Nelson M. Carpenter, Instruc- tor in Speech; A.B., Morehead State College; M.A., Univer- sity of Mississippi William D. DeJong, Assistant Professor of Music; B.M.E., Mornlngside College; M.M,, Bos- ton University Dean S. Ellis, Assistant Profes- sor of Communications; B.S., M.S., University of Utah; Ph.D., ' Purdue University Jarrell E. Hethcox, Assistant Professor of Art; B.A., La- Grange College; M.F.A., Uni- versity of Georgia Robert B. Jobson, Associate Professor of Art; B.F.A., Uni- versity of Georgia; M.A., Highlands University Mary W. Munn, Instructor in Music; B.S., Huntington Col- lege 19 ACTING HEAD: Kenneth E. Bunt- ing, Associate Professor of Lan- guages: A.B., Washington College; M.A., University of North Carolina; candidate for Ph.D., University of North Carolina. Janet M. Moriarty, Instructor in Languages; A.B., M.A., Univer- sity of Connecticut THE DEPARTMENT OF FOREIGN LANGUAGE v orks fo encourage every Indi- vidual +0 widen his world by learning to communicate through another language besides his native one. One can easily imagine the value of this. If no group knew any other group ' s language, the loss in culture would be tremendous. The English could not enjoy the wonder of Moliere, Racine, Goethe, Tolstoy, Kant, hiegel — the list is indefinite. Language is certainly our tool. With it we can communicate and pool the knowledge of our world. Above all, we have a hope that througJn better communication, understanding may come, and perhaps a fruitful peace in our world community. Barbara W. Alsip, Instructor in Languages; B.A., M.A., Texas Christian University r Lucy A-Tin Neblett, Associate Professor of Languages; A.B., University of Texas; M.A., Uni- versity of California; Ph.D., Inter-American University Charles Hylbert Hickman, Jr., Instructor in Languages and Laboratory Director; B.A., Florida Presbyterian College; candidate for M.A.T., Univer- sity of Florida Mildred G. Lipham, Instructor in Languages; A.B., Bessie Tift Col- lege; M.Ed., University of Georgia Kenneth F. Sapp, Instructor in Languages; A.B., Berea Col- lege; M.A., Kent State Uni- versity Robert A. Veitia, Assistant Pro- fessor of Languages; A.B., Santa Clara Institute; J.D., University of Havana LIBRARIANS Kathleen S. Hunt, Assistant Librarian and Assistant Professor; B.S., University of Georgia; M.S., George Peabody College Ruth Elizabeth Miller, As- sistant Librarian and As- sistant Professor; B.A., Carson-Newman College; B.S.L.S., George Peabody College « 120 a CHAIRMAN: Leonard Rupert Daniel, Professor of Chemistry B.Ch.E., Ph.D. Georgia Institute of Technology THE DIVISION OF SCIENCE AND MATHEMATICS is concerned with deve ' oping In the student an interest in and appreciation of the universal laws and phenomena of science and mathematics. They would lll e to impress the student with the tremendous, vital importance of science and mathematics. Besides the pleasure of en- deavoring in these fields, our world is so extremely de- pendent upon progress in math and science that v e cannot afford not to discover all we can about it. THE DEPARTMENT OF BIOLOGY seeks to give every student at least a tiny portion of the wealth of biologi- cal knowledge, much of which has become understood only in recent years. Today the biological world is an enormous adventure, more so than it has ever been. The biological field beckons inquisitive, enthusiastic young people to learn about some of the mysteries of life on our planet. DEPARTMENT HEAD: Evan Dwain Porter, Associate Professor of Bi- ology: B.S., College of Charleston; M.S., Ph.D., Emory University Dexter Byrd, Assistant Professor of Biology; A.B., Berea College; M.A., Ed.S.. George Peabody College Robert B. England, Assistant Professor of Biology; B.S., Ok- lahoma State University; M.S., University of Oklahoma Robert K. Lampton, Professor of Biology; B.S., University of Toledo; M.A., Ph.D., Univer- sity of Michigan Virgil P. Snow, Jr., Instructor in Biology; A.B., M.S., Birmingham Southern Colleae 21 %y DEPARTMENT HEAD: Hughlan W. Pope, Professor of Chemistry; B.S., Carson-Newman College; M.S., Uni- versity of Georgia; Ph.D., Vander- bilt University THE DEPARTMENT OF CHEMISTRY hopes to give the student a knowledge as complete and intricate as it is possible to discern. The progression of man has led him from trying to change other elements to gold to his actually succeeding at changing one element to another. Man has discovered that he is a chemical- biological being, and a seemingly unending progression of biological information has resulted. Man has found chemistry to encompass all. The study of chemistry is an excellent example of the fact that all knowledge is interrelated. Who knows what the future holds as chemistry continues its development throughout history. Lafha Mimbs Barnes, Assistant Professor of Chemistry; A.B., Berry College; M.S., University of Mississippi Theima Howell, Instructor in Chemistry; A.B., University of North Carolina; M.A., Mt. Holyoke College William Donald Jacobs, Ass o- ciate Professor of Chemistry; B.S., College of Charleston; M.S., Clemson College; Ph.D., University of Virginia Floyd H. Wirsing, Associate Pro- fessor of Chemistry; B.S., Uni- versity of Maryland; M.S., Uni- versity of Virginia 122 a THE GEOLOGY DEPARTMENT provides students with an enthusiastic approach to the study of the earth and the processes by which it Is continually changing. Geology Is Important because nnuch of the history of the earth is written in the rocks contained within it. Hulon M. Madeley, Assistant Pro- fessor of Earth Science; B.S., Texas A. and M.; M. Geol. E., University of Oklahoma Marcus B. Morehead, Assistant Professor of Earth Science; B.S., University of Georgia; Candidate for Ph.D., University of North Carolina THE DEPARTMENT OF MATHEMATICS Is totally aware of the need in the student ' s life for a fundamental knowledge of the principles of mathematics. As science progresses toward a better understanding of the physical essence of life, it constantly finds mathematical laws in practice. Perhaps, as Pythagoras thought, math- ematical ratios are part of the ultimate reality. In any event, the importance of mathematics is very real, and the department aspires to communicate this knowledge to the student. DEPARTMENT HEAD: Alfred L Du- quette, Professor of Mathematics; B.S., University of Massachusetts; A.M., Columbia University; Ph.D., University of Colorado Terrell Bailey, Assistant Professor of Mathematics; A.B., West Georgia College; M.S., Clemson University Marion Crider, Associate Pro- fessor of Mathematics; B.S., Woman ' s College of Georgia; M.A., University of Georgia James B. Crowell, Jr., Assistant Professor of Mathematics, B.S., United States Naval Academy; M.S., University of South Carolina Edith F. Hand, Assistant Pro- fessor of Mathematics; A.B., West Georgia College; M.A., Candidate for Ed.D., Univer- sity of Georgia P. Douglas McCullers, Instructor in Mathematics; B.S., Auburn Universit -; M.Ed., Univers ' t - of Florida 123 Eli Nix McEn+yre, Sr., Assistant Bernard Martin-Williams, As- Professor of Mathematics; A.B., sistant Professo_r of Mathematics; M.Ed., Mercer University hlonours B.A., Honours M.A., Sidney Sussex College, Cam- bridge University Chatty Roger Pittman, Assist- ant Professor of Mathematics; B.S., North Georgia College; M.A., Ph.D., University of Geor- gia Karen Rogers Rollins, Instruc- tor In Mathematics; A.B., West Georgia College; M.A., Uni- versity of Georgia Albert Joseph Turner, Jr., As- sistant Professor of Mathemat- ics; B.S., candidate for M.S., Georgia Institute of Technol- ogy Roy Eugene Worth, Assistant Professor of Mathematics; B.S., M.A., University of Georgia; candidate for Ph.D., University of Georgia DEPARTMENT HEAD: Herman W. Boyd, Associate Professor of Phys- ics; A.B., Middle Tennessee State College; M.A., Ph.D., Vanderbllt University THE PHYSICS DEPARTMENT offers sfudenfs a thorough background in all areas of classical physics as well as a strong introduction to principles of atomic and nuclear physics and other areas of current activity. Physics majors are given the opportunity to conduct fundamental research in nuclear and solid state physics. The department has been active in the past few years in securing funds to buy re- search grade instruments for the laboratory, such as the X-ray diffraction unit. The faculty members are interested In teaching undergraduates and In continuing their research Interests, and they are looking forward to Increasing the department with additional faculty members, laboratories, and equipment. David Wilson Bradberry, Assistant Professor of Physics; A.B., Berry College; M.S., University of Geor- gia THE DIVISION OF SOCIAL SCIENCE encompasses, as no field of study does, the science of people plus people. It Includes inevitably the triumphs, the drav - baclcs, the conflicts, and the unity of people. The scope is extremely broad. It ranges from business administra- tion, business education, and economics, to history, po- litical science, and sociology. One of the first things man must do to progress is to attempt to understand himself and his relation to others. CHAIRMAN: John M. Martin, Professor of History and Chairman, B.S., A.B., Jacksonville State College; M.A., University of Alabama; Ph.D., University of North Carolina DEPARTMENT HEAD: J. Mark Mil- ler, Associate Professor of Business Administration; B.S., M.S., Florida State University; Ph.D., Louisiana State University THE DEPARTMENT OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION en- ables students to acquire a broad and liberal education along with adequate courses in business administration. Graduates of this program should be well prepared to meet the increasing demands in business for personnel with a lib- eral background. Willie Carolyn Allen, Instructor in Business Education; B.S., Florida State; M.S., University of Tenr.essee Carl W. Fiemister, Jr., Assistant Professor of Busi- ness Administration; B.S.C., University ' of South Carolina; M.B.A., Harvard UniversIt ' Roberta Gibson, Assistant Professor of Business Education; B.A., M.A., George Peabod ' Co ' ' eae James L Overton, Assistant Professor of Business Administration; B.S.C., Atlanta Division, University ' of Georgia 25 Dora Pee+e, Associate Professor of Business Edu- cation; B.S., M.A., George Peabody College Naomi Lee Satterfield, Assistant Professor of Busi- ness Administration; B.B.A., M.B.E., Georgia State College Warren Allen Walker, Assistant Professor of Busi- ness Administration; B.C.S., Atlanta Division, Uni- versity of Georgia; M.B.A., Georgia State College; L.L.B., Woodrow Wilson Law School DEPARTMENT HEAD: W. Glenn Moore, Professor of Economics; A.B., M.A., Ph.D., University of Alabama THE DEPARTMENT OF ECONOMICS of- fers a basic group of courses to equip the student for leadership in this important field. Economics as a force in any society can not be overestimated. It rightfully be- longs to the social science grouping be- cause of the great impact it produces on the lives of people. Virtually every impor- tant movement or event in the history of man has had in its roots economic ques- tions. Many of the conflicts today stem from questions of economics. Which sys- tem can help insure a productive and stable nation? Perhaps greater knowledge of this field can help answer these questions. James Adams, Assistant Professor of Economics; B.B.A.; M.B.A., Georgia State College; candidate for D.B.A. at Georgia State College Doris C. Cash, Assistant Pro- fessor of Economics; B.B.A., M.B.A., D.B.A., Georgia State College Ralph Ainslee Mills, Instructor in Economics; B.S., M.A., In- diana University Patricia Anne Murphy, Instructor in Economics; A.B., Georgia State College; candidate for M.A., Georgia State College 126 DEPARTMENT HEAD: Eugene Rog- er Huck, Professor of History; A.B., Temple University; M.A., Ph.D., Uni- versity of Alabama THE DEPARTMENT OF HISTORY concerns Itself with giving the student the basic developments of civilization which will enable him to form his own opinions on the important ideologies and person- alities which have shaped and continue to shape the history of mankind. George W. Clarke, Associate Pro- fessor of History; A.B., Baylor University; M.A., Ph.D., University of North Carolina Mollie Camp Davis, Instructor in History; A.B., Hollins College; M.A.T., Emory University Gordon Esley Finnie, Assistant Professor of History; B.A., Lambuth College; M.A., Ph.D., Duke University Theodore Fiti-Simons, Jr., As- Winslow Cope Goodwin, Jr., As soclate Professor of History; sistant Professor of History; A.B. A.B., M.A., candidate for M.A., University of Alabama Ph.D., University of Georgia James David Griffin, Associate Professor of History; A.B., How- ard College; M.A., Emory Uni- versity; Ph.D., University of Georgia Hellen Jeanette Jackson, .In- structor in History; A.B., Cok- er College; M.A., Emory Uni- versity W. Benjamin Kennedy, Assist- ant Professor of History; A.B., Georgetown College; M.A., University of North Carolina; Ph.D., University of Georgia Edward Skinner Krebs, Instructor In Historv; B.A., Maryville Col- lege; M.A., Indiana University 127 Jack Landon Jewell, Assistant Pro- fessor of Geography; A.B., Ogle- thorpe University; M.A., University of Georgia; Candidate for Ph.D., University of Georgia DEPARTMENT HEAD: Luster Doyle Mathis, Associate Professor of Polit- ical Science, A.B., Berry College; M.A., University of Georgia; Ph.D., University of Georgia THE DEPARTMENT OF POLITICAL SCIENCE seeks to broaden and deepen the student ' s understanding of the various political systems of the world, both past and present. It draws extensively on the contributions of anthropology, economics, geography, history, and so- ciology. In our world of intensively conflicting ideas on how a people should be governed, the study of political science takes its rightful place of extreme importance. Ross L. Clark, Assistant Profes- sor of Political Science; B.A., Tulane University; candidate for Ph.D., Tulane University Jerry Holland, Instructor in Political Science; A.B., West Georgia College; candidate for M.A., University of Ten- nessee Roald Mykkeltvedt, Assistant Professor of Political Science; B.A., St. Olaf College; M.A., Ph.D., Florida State University David A. Pingree, Instructor in Political Science; B.A., Drew University; candidate for M.A., Emory University Henry Wise, Instructor In Political Science; B.A., Hiram College; M.A., Emory University 128 DEPARTMENT HEAD: James S. Wi+tman, Jr., Professor of Sociol- ogy; B.S., M.S.Ed., Ph.D., Cornell University THE DEPARTMENT OF SOCIOLOGY provides both a practical and a scientific analysis of the so- cial relationships to be found in human life. Sociol- ogy tries to explain why people act the way they do. If this difficult undertaking is approached with a scientific attitude, much light can be thrown on it. Sociology has come a long way, and its future seems boundless. We certainly must. live with peo- ple, and the science and art of sociology is a great- ly needed study. Harry S. Byars, Instructor In So- ciology and Anthropolgy; B.A., Shorter College: M.A., University of Georgia Henry Elster Dufour, Jr., Instruc- tor In Sociology; B.A., M.A., Louisiana State University Thomas Ruffin Iseley, Instruc- tor In Sociology; A.B., candi- date for M.A., University of North Carolina John Oakley, Instructor In So clology; B.S., M.A., Mississippi State University Fred E. Parsons, Assistant Pro- fessor of Sociology; B.A., Mis- sissippi College; M.S.W., Tu lane University 129 Counselor Mrs. Marianne Chance Dieticians Mrs. Williamson, Mrs. Carel, Mrs. Chrisman (Not Shown) Librarians SEATED: Mrs. Clark, Miss Meets, Mrs. Brown, Mrs. Jobson, Mrs. Carter. STANDING: Mrs. Griffith, Mrs. Sapp Post Office Staff Mrs. Witt, Mrs. Evans 130 Infirmary Staff SEATED: Mrs. Tison, STANDING: Mrs. Brown, Mrs. Walker, Mrs. Logan, Mrs. Miller Warehouseman Mr. J. E. Brumby A J}miiz:z Computer Center Denson Todd, Jackie Reynolds, Mimi Ray, Barbara Hightower. Director of Maintenance and Buildings Mr. D. W. Jones 131 " Mama Kate ' s " Staff Mrs. Harman, Mrs. Owensby, Mrs. Lee, Mrs. Bonner, Mrs. Foster i J Secretaries SEATED: Miss Wilder, Mrs. Daniel, Miss King. STANDING: Miss Lane, Miss Williamson, Mrs. Skinner, Mrs. Smith Secretaries Mrs. Stovall, Mrs. Walker, Mrs. Adams, Mrs. Bolen, Miss Dickerson Bookstore Staff Mrs. Hethcox, Mrs. Tatum, Mrs. Copeland 1 132 Security Police FRONT ROV : Dorsey KIdd, Win- ford Lee, Jack Crawford SECOND ROW: Vache Kidd, Ernest Johnson, Nath Bracknell THIRD ROW: John Greer, Amos Snnlth Hubert Abercumble (not sho n) Cafeteria Help: James Brown, Tommy Trammell, Junior Thomas, Terrell Brown, Odell Pharam, Doris Pharam, Alvin Hudson, Angie Lee Crider, Margaret Meal, Lois Walker, Betty Echols, Louise Farris, Carrie Lou Strozier Y. C. Alexander, Ruthie Mae Pless, Carrie Alexander, Barnell Walker, Ammie Moten, Mozel Walker, Irene Boykin, Annie Strozier, Freddie Stegall, George Jackson, James Browning, Floyd Rowlins Ora Belle Clarke, L. C. Reid, Peggy Joyce Boykin, Minnie Ruth Shackleford, Hazel Mc- Coy, Mary Ann Poythress, Sarah Javors, Annie Maude Gamble, James Redwine, Johnnie Dukes, Horace Mitchell 133 Seniors- Class Of 1967 OFFICERS: Lee Smith, Vice- President; George Roberts, President; Jane Croley, Sec- retary-treasurer. Elaine Abercrombie Culloden, Ga. Frances Atkins Qreenville, Ga. James Ballenger Hapeville, Ga. Phyllis Abernathy Blairsville, Ga. Susan Avery Newnan, Ga. Betty Bartiett Richland, Ga. Sarah Adams Carrollton, Ga. Cheryl Bailey Carrollton, Ga. Fred Barton Atlanta, Ga. Ed Alley Decatur, Ga. Mario Baisden Gordon, Ga. Charles Bass Breman, Ga. Ben Armistead Carrollton, Ga. John Ball Hogansville, Ga. Wayne Baxter Augusta, Ga. 136 Linda Bea Douglasville, G Jerry Bond Aragon, Ga. Doug Biddy Acworth, Ga. Brenda Bostwick Villa Rica, Ga Bruce Blihovde Atlanta, Ga. Joseph Bowers Acworth, Ga. Ruthetta Blood Decatur, Ga. Betty Bowman Buchanan, Ga. Larry Bolen Carrollton, Ga. Wiley Bowman Breman, Ga. Seniors Leellen Brigma n Carrollton, Ga. John Brinkley Mariet+a, Ga. Rosalind Brimer College Park, Ga. Jerry Britt Barnesville, Ga. 137 Don Brooks Acwor+h, Ga. James Brooks East Point, Ga. Dennis Brown Atlanta, Ga. Hugh Brown Eastman, Ga. Lewis Brown Griffin, Ga. Deborah Bryan Franklin, Ga. Sara Buckels Macon, Ga. Jerry Butler Chatsworth, Ga. Class of 1967 Vernon Cain Loretta Caldwell Bill Campbell Jeane Carmichael Joyce Campbell Carrollton, Ga. Rome, Ga. Griffin, Ga. McDonough, Ga. Rome, Ga. Charles Carter Dennis Cauthen Linda Cauthen Dan Chance Sue Chandler Carrollton, G Tallapoosa, Ga. Meansville, Ga. Douglasville, Ga. Carrollton, Ga 138 Joe Chipman Kenneth Choate Reginald Coffeen Decatur, Ga. Palmetto, Ga. DeLand, Fla. Patricia Collier George Cook Bill Corcoran Decatur, Ga. Decatur, Ga. Decatur, Ga. Shirley Corley Joseph Couch Sam Couch Decatur, Ga. Atlanta, Ga. Atlanta, Ga. Margaret Cox Ellen Cranford Brenda Craven Carrollton, Ga. Macon, Ga. Carrollton, Ga. 139 Jonnle Crews Bowdon, Ga. Roy Crook Franklin, Ga. Linda Crow Newnan, Ga. Jane Croley College Park, Ga. Wilson Culbreth Atlanta, Ga. Luanne Daniel Thomaston, Ga. Helen Dickman Mt. Zion, Ga. Tena Dixson Bowdon, Ga. Patsy Dornnan David Douglass Donna Draughon John Drummond Mike Eberhardt Austell, Ga. Eatonton, Ga. Decatur, Ga. Marietta, Ga. Elberton, Ga. Wendell Edwards David Faircloth Susan Farmer Donna Farrell Lucy Fleeman Jackson, Ga. Vidalia, Ga. Rome, Ga. Marietta, Ga. Dallas, Ga. 140 Barbara Ford Darlene Foster Don Foster Atlanta, Ga. Atlanta, Ga. Forest Park, Ga. Marion Fowler Larry Gammage Marlene Garner Molena, Ga. Colunnbus, Ga. Buchanan, Ga. Sivil Garrison Nancy Gattis Bernis Golczynski Jefferson, Ga. Sharpsburg, Ga. Alma, Ga. Melvin Golden Elaine Gosse+t Ann Green Bremen, Ga. Carrollton, Ga. Chatsworth, Ga. Seniors 141 Class of 1967 Leon Greene Atlanta, Ga. John Harris LaFayette, Ga. Eva Hicks Douglasvllle, Ga. Robert Gregory Decatur, Ga. Robbie Helms Decatur, Ga. Mike Higgins Atlanta, Ga. Pam Hale Decatur, Ga. Ken Henderson Atlanta, Ga. Arillus Holcomb Calhoun, Ga. Carolyn Hardaway Newnan, Ga. Carol Henslee Villa Rica, Ga. John Holland Bowdon, Ga. Christopher Harris Macon, Ga. Brenda Hicks Douglasvllle, Ga. Ray Hollingsworth Ellenv ood, Ga. 142 Harris Holmes Griffin, Ga. Judith Hutcheson Dunwoody, Ga. Malcolm Jenkins Atlanta, Ga. Barbara Ann Jones Chatsworth, Ga. John Hooper Griffin, Ga. Danny Ison Griffin, Ga. Anne Howard Riverdale, Ga. Leroy Jack Canton, Ga. Jimmy Hughes Decatur, Ga. Cheryl Jackson Roopvllle, Ga. Jo Ann Hughes Ringgold, Ga. Linda James Sargent, Ga. Edwin Johnson Carrollton, Ga Harry Jones Temple, Ga. 143 Janice Jones Dalton, Ga. Angleen Jordan Carrollton, Ga. Joy Jordan Atlanta, Ga. Anita Keith Hogansville, Ga. Edward Kennedy Griffin, Ga. Julia Kerr Austell, Ga. Jim King Pomona, Ga. Linda Kiser Carrollton, Ga. Seniors, 1 967 Clayton Knight Carrollton, Ga. Sarah Lee Douglasville, Ga. Joycelynn Knight Carrollton, Ga. Stephen Lee Temple, Ga. Nancy Krauth College Park, Ga. Susan Lester Hiram, Ga. Jean Landrum Canton, Ga. William Lipski Decatur, Ga. Joseph Lee Carrollton, Ga. Ruth Ann Long Jonesboro, Ga. 144 Roy Lovell Carol Lyon Judy McConnell Villa Rica, Ga. Atlanta, Ga. Atlanta, Ga. Michael McCord Michael McDonald Loretta McDowell Barnesville, Sa. Elberton, Ga. Carrollton, Ga. David McGhee Willie McKeen Tereasa McWhor+er Griffin, Ga. LaGrange, Ga. Bowdon, Ga. Paul Madden Juanita Madden Faye Maddox Rome, Ga. Raymond, Ga. Barnesville, Ga. 145 Gaynelle Mathews Franklin, Ga. William Matthews Acworth, Ga. Charles Melton Griffin, Ga. Ray Milam Fairburn, Ga. Sandra Nally Carrollton, Ga. Thomas Neal Decatur, Ga. Frankie Neighbors Hogansville, Ga. James Nesbitt Carrollton, Ga. Margaret Nesbitt Freida Newman Jon Niemeyer Bob Norton Dianne Norton Norcross, Ga. Waco, Ga. Avondale Estates, Forest Park, Ga. Milstead, Ga. Gungor Ozbek Jane Paris Ga. Pat Peacock Dennis Phagan Ankara, Turkey Hiram, Ga. Thomas Parker Carrollton, Ga. Canton, Ga. Villa Rica, Ga 146 Marian Phillips Carrollton, Sa. Sue Powell Griffin, Ga. Robert Richardson Savannah, Ga. James Robinson 3arnesvllle, Ga. William Pierce Atlanta, Ga. Sandy Ragsdale Dallas, Ga. George Roberts Atlanta, Ga. James Rowell Bowdon, Ga. Ken Porter Decatur, Ga. Mary Jane Reid Ellaville, Ga. James Rogers Franklin, Ga. 147 Marilyn Russell McDonough, Ga. Donald Slate Carrollton, Ga. Lee Smith Carrollton, Ga. George Sargent Newnan, Ga. Brenda Smith Lafayette, Ga. Paul Snyder Atlanta, Ga. Sandra Scarboro Morrow, Ga. Donna Smith Bowdon, Ga. Stan Sorrells Perry, Ga. Gayle Shelnutt Austell, Ga. Gary Smith Austell, Ga. Pete Southerland Carrollton, Ga. Gail Shipp Talbotton, Ga. Karen Smith Waleska, Ga. Joyce Spivey Marietta, Ga. 148 Rebecca Sfalllngs Gail Standi Doug Steadham Martha Still Linda Stillwell Carrollton, Ga. Ball Ground, Ga. Temple, Ga. Powder Springs, LaGrange, Ga Glennls Story Ronald Straughn Jo Sullivan Ga. Cherrie Thomas Carrollton, Ga. Decatur, Ga. Carrollton, Ga. George Taylor Ellenwood, Ga. Cotton, Ga. Senior Class, 1 967 Kathy Thomas Temple, Ga. Therese Thornhil Griffin, Ga. Carl Thompson Warner Robins, Ga. Gay Thrash Atlanta, Ga. 149 La Verne Tibbet+s College Park, Ga. Sammy Tibbetts Marletfa, Ga. Cheryl Tilley Atlanta, Ga. James Timmons Carroliton, Ga. Rachel Upshaw Rydal, Ga. Douglas Vassy Carroliton, Ga. Charles Vaughn Griffin, Ga. Lynda Walker Newnan, Ga. James Warren Gary Watts Carolyn Warenzak Elaine Weaver Roderick White Atlanta, Ga. Thomaston, Ga. Carroliton, Ga. Decatur, Ga. Atlanta, Ga. Emma Wiggins Marsha Wilder John Wilkins Dawn Williams Daniel Williamson Kingston, Ga. Thomaston, Ga. Carroliton, Ga. Carroliton, Ga. Roopville, Ga. 150 kit Seniors Nadine Willis John Wilson Alan Windom Larry Winters Stephen Wortham Cartersville, Ga. Grantville, Ga. Carrollton, Ga. Forsyth, Ga. Franklin, Ga. Ruth Wit+man Kathie Wolfe James Woodall Dorothy Worth Carrollton, Ga. Avondale Estates Thomaston, Ga. Carrollton, Ga. X Ga. Q t.m ' - ' v-i Class Officers JUNIOR CLASS: Larry Bowie, President; Ron Pucke+t, Vice-President; Ann Strickland, Secretary. SOPHOMORE CLASS: Kenny Golightly, President; Ed Gabriel, Vice-President; Melody Hadaway, Secretary. FRESHMAN CLASS: Ed Gambrel, President; Marcelene Bell, Vice-President; Doris Remeta, Secretary. 152 Underclassmen Abbey, Patti Atlor.ta, Ga. Abbott, Bill Acv or+h, Ga. Abbott, Starr Carter:, Ga. Ackman, Adair Atlanta, Ga. Adams, Claire Car roll ton, Ga. Adams, Kenneth Atlanta, Ga. Adams, Larry Elbertor, Ga. Adams, Margaret Stone Mountain, Adams, Melinda Atlanta, Ga. Adams, Virginia Atlanta, Ga. Adams, William Buford, Ga. Addis, Sue Clarkesvllle, Ga. Agan, Jim Cartersvllle, Ga. Ailcen, Harriette Fairburn, Ga. Akers, Dennis Whitesburo, Ga. Akins, Charlotte Griffin, Ga. Allen, Elaine Carrollton, Ga. Akins, Genia Atlanta, Ga. Allen, Margaret Carrollton, Ga. Aldridge, Garry Newnan, Ga. Allen, Olynda Atlanta, Ga. Alexander, Randy Carrollton, Ga. Allen, Stan Cornelia, Ga. 153 Underclassmen Almand, Robert Fairburn, Ga. Alston, Stuart Atlanta, Ga. Alverson, Curtis LaGranqe, Ga Anderson, Barbara Bremen, Ga. Anderson, Elizabeth Atlanta, Ga. Anderson, Larry Decatur, Ga. Anderson, Lawrence Buchanan, Ga. Anderson, Linda Doraville, Ga. Anderson, Malcolm Social Circle, Ga. Anderson, Melanle Atlanta, Ga. Anderson, Rosalin CarrolltoTi, Ga. Andrews, Beclty Smyrna, Ga. Angel, Jane Cave Spring, Ga. Archer. Bill East Point, Ga. Archibald, George Atlanta, Ga. Armstrong, Donna Decatur, Ga. Armstrong, Ellen Pine Mountain, Ga. Armstrong, Gail Bowdon, Ga. Armstrong, June Bowdon, Ga. Arnold, Gregory Marietta, Ga. Arrington, Larry LaGranqe, Ga. 154 Arrinqton, Robert LaGranqe, So. Arthur, Mike Atlanta, Ga. Asbury, Stewart Elbertor, Ga. Ash, Martha Carrollton, Ga. Askew, Tommy Marietta, Ga. Askew, Van Stockbridqe, Ga. Atkrns, Alyce Rockmart. Ga. Atkins, Dyane LaGranqe, Ga. Austin, Susan Bremen, Ga. Babb, Kathy Rome, Ga. Bacon, Linda Smyrna, Ga. Baggett, Joe Douqiasvllle, G Baggett, John Dallas, Ga. Baggett, Lynn Atlanta, Ga. Baggett, Walter Newnan, Ga. - i " TIm •a iSf- T ' i x S 1 4 J fl:S ||Wr 9 JRll - ■ ' 4i- m ffi k Bagwell, Diane Bailey, Betty Bailey, Connie Bailey, James Jasper, Ga. Atlanta, Ga. Thomaston, Ga. Villa Rica, Ga. Bailey, Lucy Bailey, Robert Bain, Sybil Baker, Kaye Roopville, Ga. Austell, Ga. Dalton, Ga. Summervllle, Ga 155 Baker, Robert Cedartown, Ga. Baldwin, Thomas Clinton, S.C. Ball, James Dalton, Ga. Ball, Ronald Dalton, Ga. Ball, Stanley Jackson, Ga. Ballar, Diane Atlanta, Ga. Ballard, Joanne Dublin, Ga. Ballard, Kempton Newnan, Ga. Ballenger, Janice Jackson, Ga. Ballew, Larry Chatsworth, Ga. Banks, Dixon East Point, Ga. Banks, Terry Carrollton, Ga. Bankston, Howard Marietta, Ga. Barber, Michael West Point, Ga. Barber, Nancy Newport, R.I. Barfield, Nathan Carrollton, Ga. Barge, Bill Atlanta, Ga. Barnette, Jerry Taylorsville, Ga. I - ' pi V Barnwell, Susan Marietta, Ga. Barret, Harold Cartersville, Ga. Barrett, Linda College Park, Ga. Barron, Glenda Mableton, Ga. Barron, Jane Griffin, Ga. Barron, Nancy Griffin, Ga. 156 Underclassmen Bearden, Duane Austell, Ga. Beauchamp, Dianne Atlanta, Ga. Beclcham, James Concord, Ga. Bearden, Jacqulyn Parrott, Ga. Beavers, Charles Dallas ,Ga. Begner, Adrian Atlanta, Ga. Bearden, Linda Bearden, Ray Temple, Ga. Carrollton, Ga Beck, James Beck, Vicki Manchester, Ga . East Point, Ga Beishline, Bob Bell, Don Atlanta, Ga. Bremen, Ga. Barrow, Greg Bartiett, Anne Jonesboro, Ga. McDonouqh, Ga Bartiett, Charles Bartiett, Lynda Marietta, Ga. LaFayette, Ga. Barton, Jane Bass, Hugh Buchanan, Ga. Temple, Ga. Bass, Kay Bates, Gary Marietta, Ga. Dalton, Ga. Baxter, Heyward Beard, Vickie Carrollton, Ga. LaGranqe, Ga. £t £i 157 Underclassmen Bell, Larry Rydal, Ga. Bell, Lynn Newnan, Ga. Bell, Marceiene LaGranqe, Ga. Bell. Randall RInqqold, Ga. Bell, Rex Villa Rica, Ga. Bell, Susan Bremen, Ga. Bell, Wallace Marietta, Ga. Belle Isle, O+Is Morrow, Ga. Belville, Susan Jonesboro, Ga. Benchina, Barry Carrollton, Ga. Bennett, Betty Gainesville, Ga. Bennett, Roger Royston, Ga. Bentley, James Palmetta, Ga. Bentley, Laura Carrollton, Ga. Berry, Cathy Griffin, Ga. Berry, Penelope Atlanta, Ga. Betsill, Rosanne Decatur, Ga. Betts, Judith College Park, Ga. Bible, Charlotte Kensington, Ga. Biggers, Jetta Greenville, Ga. Bilbro, Barry Griffin, Ga. Bishop, Diane Atlanta, Ga. Bissinnar, Patricia Atlanta, Ga. Black, Larry Carrollton, Ga. Black, Lloyd College Park, Ga. Black, Stephen Marietta, Ga. ■ Jr 158 r Blacks+ock, Kaye Blaisdell, James Blankenship, Dennis Dalton, Ga. East Point, Ga. Cedartown, Ga. Boa+rlght. Pat Bobo, Gary Boggs, Marynan Bremen, Ga. Atlanta, Ga. Araqon, Ga. Bledsoe, Peggy Newnan, Ga. Bohanan, Greg Jonesboro, Ga. Bohannon, Kafhryn Bokey, Yvonne Moreland, Ga. Acv ort.h, Ga Bolin, Tommy Bolton, Neal Richland, Ga. Ea-or,ton, Ga Bomar, Carole Boone, Jim Douqiasville, Ga. tvlarietta, Ga Booz, Jane Borg, Peggy Rome. Ga. Decati.r, Ga. Bosch, John Boswell, Robert Atlanta, Ga. Carrclitcn, G L E I - ' « ' , 159 Bouchillon, Hank Carrollton, Ga. Bowen. Charlene LaGranqe, Sa. Bowen, Ida Ann Manchester, Ga. Bowen, James Atlanta, Ga. Bowen, Teresa Carrollton, Ga. Bowers, Diane Kennesaw, Ga. Bowie Larry West Point, Ga. Bowies, Robert Thomaston, Ga. Bowman, Craig Lawrenceville, Ga. Boyd, Joy Scotdale, Ga. Boyd, Ann Cartersville, Ga. Boyd, Randy Atlanta, Ga. t mh tM Boyer, Diane East Point, Ga. Boyltin, Bryan East Point, Ga. Bozeman, Bruce Manchester, Ga. Bradford, Linda Atlanta, Ga. Bradley, Carol Bremen, Ga. Bradshaw, Diann Elberton, Ga. Brandenburg, Lewis Griffin, Ga. Brannon, Robert Rome, Ga. Bray, Patricia Griffin, Ga. Brigman, Thomas Arlington, Va. 160 Underclassmen Brlndle, Billy Chat ' jv orth, Ga. Brinkley, William East Point, Ga. Brisendine, Mary Ann Atlanta, Ga. Broclt, Gary Dalton, Ga. Broclt, Linda Montgomery, Ala. Brown, Carole Buchanan, Ga. Brown, Charlotte Decatur, Ga. Brown, Cynthia Decatur, Ga. Brown, Dana Atlanta, Ga. Brown, John Decatur, Ga. Brown, Marlys Marietta, Ga. Brown, Michael East Point, Ga Brown, Roger Rossville, Ga. Brown, Rosalyn Doraville, Ga. Brown, Susan Austell, Ga. 161 Underclassmen Bruce, Gary Carrollton, Ga. Bruce, Kenny Atlanta, Ga. Brumby, Sarah Cedartown, Ga. 1kd i Bryant, Ronnie West Point, Ga. Bubb, Bonnie Atlanta, Ga. Bubenheim, Penny Atlanta, Ga. Buchanan, Brock Carrollton, Ga. Buchanan, Ralph Gay, Ga. Buck, Ronnie College Park, Ga. Buckalew, Richard Atlanta, Ga. Buckelew, Barry Carrollton, Ga. Buice, Rene Buford, Ga. Bullard, Trahlyta Fairburn, Ga. Burch, David Rabun Gap, Ga. Burge, Gregory College Park, Ga. Burke, Martin Atlanta, Ga. Burnett, Bruce Milner, Ga. Burnett, Robert Talking Rock, Ga. Burnette, Elaine College Park, Ga. Burnham, Ronald Newnan, Ga. 162 ■ Burnette, Judith Carrollton, Ga. Burns, Danny Dolton, Ga. Burns, David Whitesburg, Ga Burns, Gary Decatur, Ga. Burns, Janice Fitzgerald, Ga. Burton, Joe At!anta, Ga. Burton, Nanci Decatur, Ga. Bush, Carroll Atlanta, Ga. Butler, Bobby Griffin, Ga. Butler, Rebecca Carrollton, Ga Butler, Ty Athens, Ga. Buttolph, Stephen Atlanta, Ga. Byram, Charles Newnan, Ga. Byrd, Brenda Olympic, Ga. Byrd, James LaFayette, Ga. Ji iTidkTi Byrd, Robert Byrd, William Cagle, Ronny Caldwell, Joycie Thomaston, Ga. Marietta, Ga. Cartersville, Ga. Fayetteville, Ga Caldwell, Susan Calhoun, Charles Callaway, Everette Camp, Carolyn Forest Park, Ga. Buchanan, Ga. Atlanta, Ga. Newnan, Ga. 163 Camp, Danna Villa Rica, Ga. Camp, Janet Decatur, Ga. Camp, Theresa Cedartown, Ga. Camp, Rex Villa Rica, Ga. Campbell, Bernard Chatsworth, Ga. Campbell, Carole Atlanta, Ga. Campbell, Gail Atlanta, Ga. Campbell, Jimmy Dallas, Ga. Campbell, Thomas Atlanta, Ga. Cannon, Mary LIthia Springs, Ga. Cantrell, Johnny Bremen, Ga. Capps, Jimmy Mableton, Ga. Caraway, Donna Atlanta, Ga. Carel, Matilda Carroilton, Ga. Carlisle, Gerald LaGrange, Ga. Carnes, Stan Atlanta, Ga. Carney, Cynthia Rome, Ga. Carpenter, Sam Rossville, Ga. Carr, Sherry LaGrange, Ga. Carroll, David Alpharetta, Ga. Carroll, Kenneth Rockmart, Ga. Carroll, Laura Cedartown, Ga. Carruth, Ronald LaGrange, Ga. Carstens, Jeffrey Atlanta, Ga. 164 Underclassmen Caylor, Phyllis Marietta, Ga. Chandler, Charles Cedartown, Ga. Cheney, Chris Dalton, Ga. Chandler, John Atlanta, Ga. Chandler, William Temple, Ga. Chestney, Robert Atlanta, Ga. Chalpan, Earl Atlanta, Ga. Chappell, Ann Carrollton, Ga. Childs, Janef McDonough, Ga. Chambers, Barry Powder Springs, Ga. Chas+ain, Linda Atlanta, Ga. Chipman, Marty College Park, Ga. 4u £M Carter, Terry Cartwrlght, Pat Gritfin, Ga. Jasper, Ga. Carver, Miriam Cashell, Carol Jasper, Ga. Warm Springs, Gc Cashen, Kathryn Castro, Bennet Carrollton, Ga. Atlanta, Ga. Caudle, Ralph Cauthorn, Kay Griffin, Ga. Chlckamauga, Ga Cawley, Diana Caylor, John Talking Rock, Ga. Carrollton, Ga. MM 165 Underclassmen Christian, Robert Forest Park, Ga. Clark, David Marietta, Ga. Clark, Larry Ellijay, Ga. Cloud, John Mableton, Ga. Coalson, Jerry Rome, Ga. Cobb, Gary Carrollton, Ga. Cochran, Danny Hiram, Ga. Coe, Donald Macon, Ga. Cofer, Floyd Lawrenceville, Ga. Co ield, Harriet Newnan, Ga. Coggin, Vivian College Park, Ga. Coker, Kathy Monroe, Ga. Cole, Cheryl Sharpsburg, Ga. Cole, Gary College Park, Ga. Cole, Jerry Whitesburg, Ga. Cole, Larry Austell, Ga. Cole, Nancy Grantville, Ga. Cole, Patsy Marietta, Ga. Cole, Sarah Franklin, Ga. Collier, Ed Marietta, Ga. Collins, Jim Carrollton, Ge Collins, Ken Griffin, Ga. Collins, Lynn Decatur, Ga. Colvin, Linda Atlanta, Ga. Colwell, Joseph Zebulon, Ga. Comeaux, Ronald Atlanta, Ga. 166 Cooper, Brian Cooper, Ross Smyrna, Ga. .tianta, Ga. Copelan, Patsy Copeland, Barbara Atlanta, Sa. R;n ' j ' jold, Ga. Cornish, Ronald Cosper, Glenda Atlanta, Ga. Carrollton, Ga. Cosper, LaSail Couch, Bill Manchester, Ga. Manchester, Ga. Couch, Brenda Council, Franklin Decatur, Ga. Milledgevi ' le, Ga kM t A Cone, Casey Connell, Martha Cook, Donovan Cook, Jimmy Atlanta, Ga. Atlanta, Ga. Griffin, Ga. Dalton, Ga. Cook, Michael Cook, Reggie Cook, Tony Cook, Wilson Dalton, Ga. Bremen, Ga. Hogansville, Ga. Alexandria, Va 167 Cowart, Wayne Hapeville, Ga. Cox, Carol Ann Decatur, Ga. Craig, Donald McDonough, Ga. Crawford, Anne Carrollton, Ga. Crawford, Cheryl Fort Rucker, Ala. Crawford, Geron Cartersville, Ga. Crawford, Robert Atlanta, Ga. Crawford, William Lithonia, Ga. Creel, Jo Anna Lithia Springs, Ga. Crew, Stevan Dallas, Ga. Crider, Johnnie Cartersville, Ga. Crockeft, David Glenn, Ga. Crone, Maxine Lithia Springs, Ga. Crook, Danny Mableton, Ga. Cross, Marie Atlanta, Ga. Cross, Freddie Atlanta, Ga. Crossley, Bryan Jonesboro, Ga. Crowe, Mavis Carrollton, Ga. Crowley, Roy Calhoun, Ga. Cruce, Becky Monroe, Ga. Crutchfield, Francine Decatur, Ga. Cumbie, Aubin Carrollton, Ga. 68 Cumming, Margaret Griffin, Ga. Cunningham, Irene Marietta, Ga. Cunningham, Sharon Marietta, Ga. Dadrsman, Tommy Jefferson, Ga. Dailey, Bob Hapeville, Ga. Dailey, Steve Hapeville, Ga. Dale, James Hogansville, Ga. Darby, James Smyrna, Ga. Darby, Laura Washington, Ga. Underclassmen Davaney, Robert Atlanta, Ga. Davenport, Mary Ann Atlanta, Ga. Davey, Russell Marietta, Ga. Davidson, Freda Carrollton, Ga. Davidson, Jenny Carrollton, Ga. Davis, Ellis Griffin, Ga. Davis, Gay Carrollton, Ga. Davis, John Decatur, Ga. Davis, Juanita Carrollton, Ga. Davis, Linda Acworth, Ga. Davis, Martha Srr ' -a, Ga. Davis, Phil Da:ton, Ga. Davis, Stephen Decatur, Ga. Day, Cathy Carrolko- Ga. Dean, James Villa Rica, Ga. 169 Underclassmen Dell, Lynda Senoia, Ga. Dell, Michael Claremont, Calif. Dellinger, Ray Bowdon, Ga. Denham, Shirley Warner Robins, Ga. Denmark, Gordon Carrollton, Ga. Devereaux, Michele Atlanta, Ga. Dickens, Ann Tifton, Ga. Dixon, Richard Carrollton, Ga. Dobbins, Ronald Marietta, Ga. Dobbs, Susan Ft. Oglethorpe, Ga. Dombrowski, Michael Ellenwood, Ga. Dooley, Ronald Summerville, Ga. Dorriety, Gloria Carrollton, Ga. Dougherty, Dan Decatur. Ga. Doughtie, Charles Griffin, Ga. Douglas, James Atlanta, Ga. Douglas, Susan Alpharetta, Ga. Dowling, Gertrude Marietta, Ga. Downey, Charles Tallapoosa, Ga. DuBose, Thomasene Buchanan, Ga. Dover, Gloria Ellijay, Ga. 170 Drew, Terry Thomasville, Sa Drumheller, Faye Atlanta, Sa. Drumm, Janis Decatur, Sa. DuBois, Jan Atlanta, Sa. Duffey, Chris Carrollton, Sa. Duffey, Sherry Nev nar, Sa. Duggan, Blaine Atlanta, Sa. Duke, Aubrey Chamblee, Sa. Duke, Carol Carrollton, Sa. Duke, Lynne Hamilton, Sa. Dunaway, Susan Thomaston, Sa. Duncan, Brenda Chatsworth, Sa. Duncan, Ronnie Eatonton, Sa. Dunn, Fletcher Williannson, Sa. Dunn, Walter Carrollton, Sa. ? • €« ' t Tf v% Mm f wB Dunson, Samuel DuVall, Charles Fades, Kay Ringgold, Sa. Atlanta, Sa. Atlanta, Sa. Eason, John Echols, Rudy Edgerton, Chip Roswell, Sa. Dallas, Sa. Atlanta, Sa. Fades, Sam Richland, Sa. Edwards, George Decatur, Sa. Underclassmen sa sk 1 -.. ' f 1 " Tir -■ .y i ; ' ir . -v EdWards, Laura Edwards, Sandra Monroe, Ga. Atlanta, Ga. Egan, Roger Ellerbee, Steven Atlanta, Ga. Thomaston, Ga. Ellington, Jere Elliott, Constance Conyers, Ga. Tallapoosa. Ga. Elliott, Pat Elliott, Riley Atlanta, Ga. Austell, Ga. Ellis, Carol Ellis, Marilyn Cartersviile, Ga. Dunwoody, Ga. EIrod, Sheryl Elsberry, Deborah Emfinger, Robert Emrich, Barbara Adairsville, Ga. Atlanta, Ga. Carrollton, Ga. Atlanta, Ga. England, Faye Entrekin, Brenda Ergle, John Etheredge, Jerri Kennesaw, Ga. LaGrange, Ga. Atlanta, Ga. Temple, Ga. Evans, Sue Evans, Lee Evans, Ruth Fairchild, George Dalton, Ga. Carrollton, Ga. Carrollton, Ga. Warner Robins, Ga 172 :l ' O, w - » " ' Faircloth, Vivian Vidalia, Ga. Farmer, Byron Atlanta, Ga. Farr, Lynn Villa Rica, Ga. Faulkner, Jacquelyn Atlanta, Ga, Faux, Debbie Atlanta, Ga. Ferguson, Gene Marietta, Ga. Fields, April Atlanta, Ga. Fields, Joy Atlanta, Ga. Fields, Sammy Lav rencevllle, Ga. Fiquett, Wayne Omaha, Ga. Fleeman, Jimmy V averly Hall, Ga. Fleming, Alice Newnan, Ga. Fletcher, Thomas Carroilton. Ga. Flournoy, Joanne LaGrange, Ga. Floyd, Nancy Newnan, Ga. Floyd, Patricia Pine Mountain, Ga. Ford, Gayle Tucker, Ga. Forsyth, Fred Albany, Ga. Fortenberry, Don Cartersville, Ga. Foster, Alan Dalton, Ga. Foster, Larry Carrollton, Ga. Foster, Price College Park, Ga. Fortson, Kay Elberton, Ga. Fouts, Lindsay Mableton, Ga. 173 Underclassmen Fowler, Larry Marietta, Ga. Fowler, Robert Stone Mountain, Fowler, Mike Atlanta, Ga. Frank, Anna Marietta, Ga. Franklin, Carolyn Cartersville, Ga. Franzen, Gail Decatur, Ga. Frasure, Janice Marietta, Ga. Freeman, Joe Atlanta, Ga. Friesmuth, Robert East Point, Ga. Frisbee, Barbara Austell, Ga. Ga. Fryer, Lynn Atlanta, Ga. Fuller, Cecilia Newnan, Ga Fuller, Steven Bowdon, Ga. Fulmer, Chris Atlanta, Ga. Fulton, Amy Smyrna, Ga. Fulton, Robert Decatur, Ga. Funderbuck, Sarah Roswell, Ga. Fuquea, Tommy Douqiasville, Ga. Futral, Donald Griffin, Ga. Gable, Kenneth Lindale, Ga. Gabriel, Eddie Atlanta, Ga. Gambrell, Ed Decatur, Ga. Gamel. Janice Smyrna, Ga. Gantt, Sue Greenville, Ga. Gardner, Glynda Athens, Ga. Garland, Jerry Fairm-ount, Ga. 174 Garland, Lamar Fairmount, Ga. Garner, Sandra Austell, Ga. Garland, Thomas Ringgold, Ga. Garrett, Diana Greenville, Ga. Garner, Barbara Buchanan, Ga. Garrett, Herb Lincolnton, Ga. Garner, Gaythel Buchanan, Ga. Garrett, Mary LaGrange, Ga. Garrett, Melissa Garrett, Otto Bremen, Ga. Sariford, Fia. Garrison, Carl Garrison, Judith Doraville, Ga. Smyrna, Ga. Garrison, Virginia Gasaway, Philip Taylorsville, Ga. LaGra ' . ' je, Ga. Gas+er, Karen Gay, Helen Gordon, Ga. Hoqansyilie, Ga Gay, William Geer, Barbara hloqansville, Ga. Atlanta, Ga. V 175 Underclassmen George, Ed Newnan, Ga. Georqe, Rick Atlanta, Ga. George, Cora Tallapoosa, Ga. Gevedon, Mike Jonesboro, Ge Gibbon, Hugh Irmo, S.C. Gibbs, Cathy Decatur, Ga. Gibson, Frank LaGrange, Ga. Gibson, Garland Carrollton, Ga. Gilbert, David Carrollton, Ga. Gilbrea+h, Verlon Hazlehurst, Ga. Giles, Mary Roberta, Ga. Gill, Doug Birmingham, Ala. Gilson, Sally Atlanta, Ga. Ginn, Jessie Fairburn, Ga. Gladden, Brenda Rockmart, Ga. Gladney, Nancy Rome, Ga. Gliddcn, Bill Douglasvllle, Ga. Goble, Gene Dallas, Ga. Godard, Fay Griffin, Ga. Godbee, Beverly Waynesboro, Ga. Goggins, Sandy Smyrna, Ga. Going, Don Forest Park, Ga. 1 176 Golczynski, Susan Alma, Ga. Goldsmith, Betty Decatur, Ga. Golightly, Kenny Greenville, S.C. Goodwin, Elizabeth Atlanta, Ga. Gordon, Marsha Marietta, Ga. Gordon, Sharon Roopville, Ga. Gower, Rick Atlanta, Ga. Graham, Jerry Alpharetta, Ga. Granger, Mike College Park, Ga. Grant, Billy Cedartown, Ga. Gray, Dawn Rome, Ga. Gray, Vernon Fairfax, Ala. Green, Clayton Norcross, Ga. Green, Diane Atlanta, Ga. Green, Stephen Villa Rica, Ga. Green, Steve Rome, Ga. Green, Wanda Cedartown, Ga. Greene, Douglas Alpharetta, Ga. Greene, Patricia Douglasville, Ga. Greenway, Bill Tucke-, Ga. Greenway, Nancy Dora ille, Ga. Greer, Robert Jacbo-, Ga. Gresham, Larry Ne snan, Ga. 177 Underclassmen Gresham, Marybeth Aflanta, Ga. Griffe+h, Kay Jasper, Ga. Griffin, Charles Felton, Ga. Griffin, Charles Carrollton, Ga. Griffin, Leonard Atlanta, Ga. Grimes, Sharon Tucker, Ga. Grizzard, Andrea East Point, Ga. Grizzard, Carol East Point, Ga. Groover, Karen Atlanta, Ga. Grose, Karen Whigham, Ga. Grubbs, Louise Atlanta, Ga. Gunfer, Joanne Monroe, Ga. Gunter, Nancy Monroe, Ga. Gurley, Cindy Atlanta, Ga. Guthrie, Charles Decatur, Ga. Guy, Kenneth Douglasville, Ga. Hadaway, Melody West Point. Ga. Hagood, Sarah Tallapoosa, Ga. Halcome, Myra Gainesville, Ga. Hale, Barbara Carrollton, Ga. Haley, Eddie Dalton, Ga. ■ r i u 178 Hdliburton, Sharon Aflar.ta, Go. Hall, Charles Nev ton, Ga. Hall, Jimmy Thomaston, Ga. Hall, Linda Riverdale, Ga. Hamby, Roy Madison, Ga. Hamil, Mary Carrollton, Ga. Hamilton, Gay Atlanta, Ga. Hamm, Harvel Carrollton, Ga. Hammond, Slenda Atlanta, Ga. Hammond, Tommy Atlanta, Ga. Hampton, Sandra Atlanta, Ga. Haney, Jim Decatur, Ga. Hannah, Selby Woodbury, Ga. Hannah, Marie Carrollton, Ga. Hannah, Virginia Carrollton, Ga. Hanners, Richard Carrollton, Ga. Harding, Thomas Douqlasville, Ga. Mkti m V, Hansard, Kerry Harbert, James Alpharetta, Ga. Toccoa, Ga. Hardman, Mary Hardy, Anita Atlanta, Ga. Griffin, Ga. Hardegree, Jim Decatur, Ga. Hardy, Janet+e Brooks, Ga. 179 n Harman, Robert East Point, Ga. Harper, Glenda Waco, Ga. Harper, Johnny College Park, Ga. Harrington, Jack Bowdon, Ga. Harris, Bruce Dallas, Ga. Harris, Ciiarles Carrollton, Ga. Harris, Don Cartersville, Ga. Harris, Fred Smyrna, Ga. Harris, John Mt. Pleasant, Iowa Harris, Sue Newnan, Ga. Harrod, Emmett Hartness, Gilda Hart, Margaret Harward, Larry Bowdon, Ga. Atlanta, Ga " . Decatur, Ga. Portangles, Wash. Hattaway, William Hawkins, Marcia Hayes, Carolyn Hayes, Dan Clarkston, Ga. Atlanta, Ga. Adairsville, Ga. Fayetteville, Ga. 180 4 w Underclassmen Henderson, Barry Villa Rica, Ga. Hendrix, Judy Rockmart, Ga. Herndon, Becky Dalton, Ga. Henderson, Harriot Dallas, Ga. Hendry, Mike College Park, Ga. Herring, David Atlanta, Ga. Henderson, Jane Tucker, Ga. Henry, Carol Dalton, Ga. Herring, Gary Carrollton, Ga. Hendon, Kathy Atlanta, Ga. Henson, Marinel Ellijay, Ga. Herring, Dennis Carrollton, Ga. Hayes, Margaret McDonough, Ga. Heard, Dolores LaGranqe, Ga. Heard, James Atlanta, Ga. Heflin, Bob Huntsville, Ala. Hembree, David Villa Rica, Ga. Hayes, Sue Bremen, Ga. Heard, Lee Carrollton, Ga. Hearn, Linda Smyrna, Ga. Helms, Enid Tucker, Ga. Hembree, Spencer Villa Rica, Ga. k likitfe Herring, Phil Alpharetta, Ga. Herrington, Lynne Atlanta, Ga. Herrmann, Charles Atlanta, Ga. Herschey, Scott Marietta, Ga. Hester, Clay Marietta, Ga. Hester, Susan Atlanta, Ga. Hicks, Beverly Mableton, Ga. Hicks, Kathy Brennen, Ga. Hildebrand, Bruce Atlanta, Ga. Hill, Byron Dalton, Ga. Hinesley, Frances Carrollton, Ga. Hippie, Charles Marietta, Ga. Hinton, Bill Thomson, Ga. Hobbs, Carol Mableton, Ga. Hoch, Linda Atlanta, Ga. Hodges, Charles Eatonton, Ga. Holder, Jerry Cedartown, Ga. Holland, Ka-fhryn Bowdon, Ga. Holland, Linda Cedartown, Ga, Holland, Terry Cartersville, Ga. Hollis, Barbara West Point, Ga. Holmes, Deedee Bowdon, Ga. Holmes, Dottie Bowdon, Ga. Holmes, Susan Carrollton, Ga. Holt, Mike Rome, Ga. Holt, Richie Elliiay, Ga. iu tfA 182 Hopkins, Nancy Horton, Norene Washington, Ga. Carrollton, Ga Horton, Rusty Ray Housch, Yvonne Atlanta, Ga. Rome, Ga. Houston, Thomas Howard, Marie Manchester, Ga. LaGrar ' e, Ga Howard, Sandra Howard, Willie Chatsv orth, Ga. Carrollton, Ga Howell, Eileen Howell, Janice Conley, Ga. Decatur, Ga. 183 Hubert, Daneiso Atlanta, Ga. Huckaby, Lyndon Union City, Ga. Hudgins, Paula Marietta, Ga. . Huff, Jill Carrollton, Ga. Huff, Lynda Atlanta, Ga. Hughes, Mike Smyrna, Ga. 1 m ifc%Jr- ' - " - Hughes, Rosewyn Atlanta, Ga. Hughey, Sue Carrollton, Ga. Huguley, Robert Thonnaston, Ga. 1 H Hull, Rodney Atlanta, Ga. Hulsey, Linda Smyrna, Ga. Humphries, Devra LaGrange, Ga. £l Hunkin, Eddie Atlanta, Ga. Hunt, Dede Murphy, N.C. Hunter, Donald Marietta, Ga. Hunter, John Marietta, Ga. Hunter, Margaret Atlanta, Ga. Hunter, Tony Douqiasville, Ga. Hurst, Mike Dalton, Ga. Hurt, Tim Rockmart, Ga. Huskins, Don Carrollton, Ga. Huskins, Sylvia Carrollton, Ga. rif ) - 184 Hu+chens, Jo Dal+on, Ga. Hutson, Lynn Conyers, Ga. Ingle, Richard Carrollton, Gc Ivey, Bill Carrollton, G Ivey, Linda Jesup, Ga. Jack, Joan Canton, Ga. Jackson, Annette Newnan, Ga. Jackson, Ann Roopville, Ga. Jackson, Howard Hapevllle, Ga. Underclassmen Jackson, Jerry Atlanta, Ga. Jackson, Phyllis Carrollton, Ga. Jackson, Sam Fairburn, Ga. James, Rosemary Marietta, Ga. Jameson, Jim Smyrna, Ga. Jameson, John Atlanta. Ga. Jarrett, Gloria Dalton, Ga. Jenkins, Ben Forest Park, Ga. Jenkins, Jack Stockbridoe, Ga. Jenkins, Jessica Carrollton, Ga. Jenkins, Judy Fairbur- . Ga. Jenkins, Penny Gra " S ' l ' e, Ga. Jennings, Patricia Carro ' ltcn, Ga. Jennings, Steve Eastma-, Ga. Jerry, Doug Collece Pa-k, G: 85 Underclassmen Jiles, Patsy Carrollton, Ga. Johns, Bobby Carroll+on, Ga. Johns, Joy Dalfon, Ga. Johns, Martha Dalton, Ga. Johns, William Decatur, Ga. Johnsa, Sylvia Mable+on, Ga. Johnson, Beverly Deca+ur, Ga. Johnson, David Ringgold, Ga. Johnson, Jane Gordon, Ga. 4s i!B Johnson, James McDonough, Ga. Johnson, Jimmy Sparta, Ga. Johnson, Joyce Avondale Estates, Johnson, Ken Covington, Ga. Johnson, Rebecca Bowdon, Ga. Johnson, Sharon Atlanta, Ga. Johnson, Sharon Newnan, Ga. Johnston, Robert Douglasvllle, Ga. Jones, Bennie Dallas, Ga. Jones, Bill Marietta, Ga. Jones, Connie Williamson, Ge Jones, Glenda Waco, Ga. 186 Jones, Glenn Marierta, Sa. Jones, Jackie •tianta, Ga. Jones, Joe Buchanan, Ga. Jones, Karen Cleveland, Ga. Jones, Laura Plainville, Ga. Jones, Linda Norcross, Ga. Jones, Michael Mableton, Ga. Jones, Richard Decatur, Ga. Jones, Robert Newnan, Ga. Jones, Stanley Mableton, Ga. Jones, Tony Villa Rica, Ga. Jones, Willene Marietta, Ga. Jordan, Kathy Carrollton, Ga. Kaylor, Sandra Carrollton, Ga. Keappler, William East Point, Ga. Keeney, Lynn Keever, Dixie Keller, Judy Keller, Kay East Point, Ga. Cartersville, Ga. Atlanta, Ga. Greenville, Ga Kelley, Danny Kelley, Donald Kelley, Joan Kelley, Judy Decatur, Ga. McDonough, Ga. Newnan, Ga. Marietta, Ga. 187 %; Kirk, Jim Austell, Ga. Kitchens, Gail Jackson, Ga. Kittle, Boyd Ringgold, Ga. Kiltie, Loyd Ringgold, Ga. Klock, Vicky Douglasvlile, Gc Knauff, Nita Cairo, Ga. Kelley, Ronald McDonough, Ga. Kelso, Susan Atlanta, Ga. Kempe, Pam College Park, Ga. Kennedy, Henry Rome, Ga. Kerr, Barbara Cave Spring, Ga. Kerr, Rebecca East Point, Ga. Kidd, Roland Carrollton, Ga. Kidd, Tomnny Carrollton, Ga. Kile, Linda East Point, Ga. Kilgo, Kathryn Tallapoosa, Ga. Kilgore, William Do glasville, Ga. King, Clyde Atlanta, Ga. King, Roger Bowdon, Ga. Kingdon, Carol Atlanta, Ga. Kirbo, Margaret Atlanta, Ga. Knox, Terry Newnan, Ga. Krauth, David Decatur, Ga. Kubala, Patsy Manchester, Ga. Underclassmen Lane, David Lane, Janie Lane, Jeanne Laney, Ennis Decatur, Ga. Carrollton, Sa. Avondale Estates, East Point, Ga Lange, Joan Lanham, Eddie Ga. Laseter, John Cedartown, Ga. Griffin, Ga. Lanham, Richard Atlanta, Ga. Lauderdale, Doug Lawrence, Susan Smyrna, Ga. Lawson, James McDonough, Ga. Dallas, Ga. Lavender, Douglas Atlanta, Ga. Newnan, Ga. Kuglar, Larry Kuhne, Nancy Cedartown, Ga. Colleqe Park, Ga LaBoon, Johnnie Lackey, Wynn Athens, Ga. Decatur, Ga. Lacy, Carolyn LaFon, Thomas Decatur, Ga. Atlanta, Ga. Lally, Barbara Lambeth. Lynda Atlanta, Ga. Colleqe Park, Ga Land, Linda Lane, Ann Lithia Springs, Ga. Carrollton, Ga. 89 Underclassmen Lawson, Janie Roclcmart, Ga. Lawson, Mary Atlanta, Ga. Led better, Anita Atlanta, Ga. Lee, Stephen Atlanta, Ga. Lee, Steve Carrollton, Ga. LeFebre, George Atlanta, Ga. Lemming, Walter Atlanta, Ga. Leverette, Henry Eatonton, Ga. Leverrett, Jennifer Jackson, Ga. Leverrett, Peggy Jackson, Ga. Levinge, Charles Marietta, Ga. Lewis, Angela LaGrange, Ga. Lewis, Janet Eatonton, Ga. Lewis, Jenny Smyrna, Ga. Lewis, Linda Union City, Ga. Lewis, Marsha Smyrna, Ga. Lewis, Peggi Monroe, Ga. Lindsey, Danny Wriqhtsville, Ga. Lindsey, Terry Cartersville, Ga. Line, Walter College Park, Ga. Lipham, Mary Bowdon, Ga. Lipham, James LaGrange, Ga. Litaker, Robert Atlanta, Ga. Little, Paul Franklin, Ga. Litty, Jane Atlanta, Ga. Lively, Michael Alpharetta, Ga. 190 Longino, Olin Love, Robert McDonough, Sa. Jone:boro, Ga Lovell, Linda Lovvorn, David Villa Rica, Ga. Carrollfcn, Ga Lovvorn, Terry Lovvorn, David Graham, Ala. Bov don, Ga. Lowe, Kathy Lov ery, Dianne Rome. Ga. Ea:- Pel ' -, Ga. Loyd, Elaine McCarty, Willis Villa Rica, Ga. Moreland, Ga. A ' Lummus, Stanley Canton, Ga. Lumsden, Sarah Carrollton, Ga. Lumsden, Toye Carrollton, Ga. Lunt, Susan Atlanta, Ga. Lyie, Buddy Douqiasville, Ga. Lynch, William LaGranqe, Ga. Lynes, Robert- Atlanta, Ga. Lyons, Harry Decatur, Ga. McAfee, Maureen Atlanta, Ga. McBrayer, Daniel Ethan, South Dakota McCallum, Bobby Atlanta, Ga. McCamy, Rickey Chatsworth, Ga. McClain, Julie Marietta, Ga. McClellan, Joey Jackson, Ga. McClendon, Linda Flovllla, Ga. McClung, Bedelia Bowdon, Ga. McCollum, Jone Conyers, Ga. McConnell, Tom Atlanta, Ga. McCoolt, Paul Gordon, Ga. McCrary, Jean Cartersville, Ga. McCraw, Fred Columbus, Ga. McCullough, Linda Milstead, Ga. 192 McDanlel, Bonnie Riverdale, Ga. McDaniel, Karen Atlanta, Ga. McDonald, David Thomaston, Ga. McDonald, Jim Rockmart, Ga. McDonald, Ronald Atlanta, Ga. McElroy, Charles Griffin, Ga. McGee, Robert Hoqansville, Ga. McGowan, Eileen Wavcross, Ga. McGukin, Mike Carrollton, Ga. Underclassmen II If uf ' ifmMhu ' iiUfti McKay, Bonnie Atlanta. Ga. McKee, Nancy Tucker, Ga. McKenney, Bobby Austell, Ga. McKibben, Byron Bowdon, Ga. McKibben, Claude Hoqansville, Ga. McKibben, Diana Cedartown, Ga. McKibben, Emily Jackson, Ga. McKibben, William Griffin, Ga. McKie, Jerry East Point, Ga. McKinley, Linda Thomaston, Ga. McKinley, Wayne Griffin, Ga. McKinney, Paula At ' anta Ga. McKoy, Frankie Newna " , Ga. McLain, Elaine Franklin. Ga. McLain, Gloria Mt. Zion, Ga. 193 Underclassmen McLarty, Dianne Atlanta, Ga. McLaughlin, Ka-fhie Decatur, Ga. McLendon, Michael Bowdon, Ga. McLeod, Jimmy Bowdon, Ga. McManus, William Lithonia, Ga. McMichael, Joel Newnan, Ga. McMillan, Gary East Point, Ga. McRee, Jane Madison, Ga. McSwain, Marsha Thomaston, Ga. k Maclnnes, Cathy Atlanta, Ga. Madden, John Elberton, Ga. Madden, Kathy Atlanta, Ga. Maddix, Gary Atlanta, Ga. Maddox, Barbara Anne Carrollton, Ga. Maddox, Mary Jo Atlanta, Ga. Maher, Bob Atlanta, Ga. Malcom, David Monroe, Ga. Malcom, Genie Social Circle, Ge Malcolm, Peggy Atlanta, Ga. Malinalc, Gregory Rome, Ga. Malone, Casey Adairsville, Ga. 194 Malone, John Rock ille. Md. Mangan, Joe Decatur, Ga. Marciniak, Diane Hoqansvilie, Ge Marclnlto, Mary Marietta, Ga. Marlow, Joy Bov don, Ga. Marlow, Kenneth Eov don, Ga. Marlow, Nalda Carroilton, Ga. Marshall, Brenda Griffin, Ga. Marshall. Jeff Eatcnton, Sa. Marshall, Jerry Wadsworth, Ohio Marshall, Terry Griffin, Ga. Martin, Andy Griffin, Ga. Martin, Barbara Gainesville, Ga. Martin, Connie Carroilton, Ga. Martin, Daniel Forest Park, Ga. Martin. Dorene Summerville, Ga Martin, Gregory Carroilton, Ga. Martin, Mary Ruth Jackson, Ga. Martin, Harold Atlanta, Ga. Martin, Ronnie Carroilton, Ga. Mashburn, Larry Cartersville, Ga. Martin, Ruth Carroilton, Ga. Mason, Cony McDonough, Ga. 195 f Underclassmen Monn, Joy koM.villti, Ctn. Molonr, Lindn I ' nlinnll,,, On. Milnm, Ritlifird (■lillill, ( ' .T. Modlorli, Andrea Mnl.lnl,.!,, C,n. Morriill, HoyK) ( IniK " II |n, luilli. Milos, Shorry Allniiln, (. ' tn. Moors, Jimmy Him nlili, C ' n. Moyor, Rick D.u nlin, ( n. Millor, Aiibroy lornsl I ' .Tik, On. Moloflr, Bnrry Air,|..||, C.i. Michiiol, Lynda l i)i l(v i o( K, On. Millor, Thomas Onriollloii, On. Mnnon, lindn In ' .l I ' . ' inl, ( ' ■ !. M.i . ' .tiv, l.ynno Mh li, .!■... II, ( .n. M illii%oii, Jorry ( ni Ini •.villi ' , ( ' n. Mnxwi ' ll. Roborl r. ' ii Inl ' ■|i| ilUI ' ., C i . Mnyfioid. Rnndall n.-ilioM, Cn. Mnssoy, David Siiininfivillri, ( ' n. Mnthis, Jorry VnMosIn, On. Mnlllinws, Barbara I nv. ' llMvill. ' , ( ' ' n. Mayfiold, F rod nnlli.n, On. Mii(idow%, Carol Allniiln, ( •,T. khdii lii 196 ' ;t i f!vt m rii:4i ' ili4ifeiik Miller. David East Poirt, Ga. Miller, John Frarlclln, Ga. Miller, Marilyn Atlanta, Ga. Miller, Melvin Bremen, Ga. Miller, Milce Fairburh, Ga. Miller, Steve Temple, Ga. Milton, Robert Atlanta, Ga. Mitchell, Andy Woolsey, Ga. Mitchell, Ernie Rocky Face, Ga. Mitchell, Glenn Austell, Ga. Mizell, Molly Atlanta, Ga. Mobley, Larry Atlanta, Ga. Mobley, Peggy Stone Mountain, Ga. Mobley, Russell Powder Springs, Ga. Moncus, Laura Atlanta, Ga. Moneyheffer, Stephen Morrow, Ga. Montgomery, Carol Atlanta, Ga. Moody, Joyce Marietta, Ga. Moody, Raymond Rockmart, Ga. Moon, Mickey Carrollton, Ga. Moore, Albert Atlanta, Ga. Moore, Clyde Ellenwood, Ga. Moore, Elaine Atlanta, Ga. Moore, Garry Carrollton, Ga. 197 Moore, Harold Griffin, Ga. Moore, Joyce Moreland, Ga. Moore, Larry Adairsville, Ga. Moore, Marie Decatur, Ga. Moore, Michael Norcross, Ga. Moore, Michael Thomaston, Ga. Moore, Mike Carrollton, Ga. Moore, Nancy Atlanta. Ga. Moore, Robert Carrollton, Ga. Moore, Rosalie Atlanta, Ga. Moore, Willard Hapeville, Ga. Morgan, David Buchanan, Ga. Morgan, Debbie East Point, Ga. Morgan, Michal Cumminq, Ga. Morgan, Paula Rockmart, Ga. Morgan, Randall Cornelia, Ga. Morris, Harold Douqiasville, Ga. Morris, James E. Calhoun, Ga. Morris, James R. Carrollton, Ga. Morris, Kenneth Canton, Ga. Morris, Lewis Austell, Ga. Morris, William Zebulon, Ga. Morrow, John Marietta, Ga. Moseley, Bobby Macon, Ga. Moseley, Kathy McDonough, Ga. Moss, Jonathan Calhoun, Ga. Mosteller, Janice Dalton, Ga. Moye, Tony McDonough, Ga. Mozley, Ronnie Decatur, Ga. Mullinax, Reginald Dalton, Ga. 198 Underclassmen Mullis, William Carrollton, Ga. Mumford, Carole Decatur, Ga. Murdoch, Kirby Madison, Ga. Murphy, Clarence Thomasville, Ga. Murphy, Gwendolyn Thomaston, Ga. Murray, Bob Atlanta, Ga. Murray, Larry Atlanta, Ga. Muse, Mary Jo Carrollton, Ga. Muse, Tommy Carrollton, Ga. Musick, Diane Carrollton, Ga. Myers, George Marietta, Ga. Myers, Joan Cartersville, Ge Nacht, Gerald Atlanta, Ga. Nally, Sara Rydal, Ga. Naylor, Larry Carrollton, Ga. Neal, Claudette Marietta, Ga. Neely, Mary Atlanta, Ga. Neely, Randy Sharpsburg, Ga. Neese, Barbara LaGranqe, Ga. Neill, Sandra Carrollton, Ga. Nesbitt, Margaret Carrollton, Ga. Newkirlc, Joann LaGranqe, Ga. Newman, Casey Newnan, Ga. Newsome, Gordon Chickamauga, Ga. Newton, Ann Ocilla, Ga. Newton, Brenda LaGranqe, Ga. Newton, Mary Alpharetta, Ga. Newton, Theresa Adairsville, Ga. Nix, Byron Rockmart, Ga. Nix, Dale Bremen, Ga. i iM 199 h.mM Nix, Marianne Atlanta, Ga. Nix, Mike Bremen, Ga. Norman. Phil Austell, Ga. Norris, Webster Greenville, Ga. North, Ralph Griffin, Ga. Novak, Steve Newnan, Ga. Nowlen, Bonnie Camden, S.C. Nunn, Jane College Park, Ga. Nunan, Russe! Atlanta, Ga. Nunnelly, Diane Carrollton, Ga. Odom, Kenny Hapeville, Ga. Ogden, Sammy Bremen, Ga. O ' Hare, John Hapeville, Ga. O ' Hara, Maureen Marietta, Ga. dinger, Eugene Cedartown, Ga. Oliver, Carolyn East Point, Ga. O ' Ouinn, James Griffin, Ga. Orlich, Rodolfo San Ramon, Costa Rica Orr, Marjorie Decatur, Ga. Otwell, Don Bremen, Ga. Otwell, Mike Bremen, Ga. Otwell, Deanie Cumminq, Ga. Overton, David Newnan, Ga. Owens, Alvin Dalton, Ga. Owen, Brenda Moreland, Ga. Padgett, John Marietta, Ga. Pagel, Mary Roberta, Ga. Pannell, Sheridan Atlanta, Ga. Parham, Gary Newnan, Ga. Parham, Terrell Hoqansville, Ga. 200 Underclassmen Parker, Ann Tallapoosa, Ga. Parker, Bobby Rockmart, Ga. Parker, Charles Hogansvllle, Ga. Parker, David Carrollton, Ga. Parkman, Judy Athens, Ga. Parmer, James Carrollton, Ga. Parmer, Keith Roopville, Ga. Parrish, Dan Temple, Ga. Parrish, Gary Temple, Ga. Parrish, Susan Marietta, Ga. Parrott, Martha Manchester, Ga. Parsons, Hope Carrollton, Ga. Partridge, Vicki Thomaston, Ga. Pass, Jerry Carrollton, Ga. Patrick, Clem McDonough, Ga. Patron, Kathi Atlanta, Ga. Patterson, Charles Waco, Ga. Patterson, Thomas Rome, Ga. Patterson, Wanda Marietta, Ga. Paulk, Dolores Forsyth, Ga. Payne, Vicki Atlanta, Ga. Payton, Sandy Carrollton, Ga. Peacock, Carolyn Canton, Ga. Peek, Jayne Rockmart, Ga. Peek, Jeanne Atlanta, Ga. Pennington, Ponii Atlanta, Ga. Perdue, Janice Atlanta, Ga. Perdue, Teresa Thomaston, Ga. Perkins, Cary Thomson, Ga. Perkins, Howard Amerlcus, Ga. Ai i dth V - ' 4;i ik AMiA V :,. 201 Perreault, Dick Chamblee, Ga. Perritt, Lynn East Point, Sa. Pettit, Darryl Cartersvllle, Ga. Pettit, Kitty Decatur, G " a. Phagan, Susan Rockmart, Ga. Phillips, David Atlanta, Ga. Phillips, Gail Daytona Beach, Fla. Phillips, Joe Atlanta, Ga. Phillips, Patricia Carrollton, Ga. Phillips, Sharon West Point, Ga. Phillips, Thomas Carrollton, Ga. Phinazee, Mark Milner, Ga. Pickens, Connie Stone Mountain, Pierce, Charlotte Cedartown, Ga. Pittman, Dottie Carrollton, Ga. Pitts, Jerry Conley, Ga. Plummer, Don Tucker, Ga. Poff, John Norcross, Ga. Poole, Lawrence LaGrange, Ga. Pope, Charles Carrollton, Ga. Porter, Van Carrollton, Ga. Porter, Jimmy Hinesville, Ga. Porter, Joan Carrollton, Ga. Portwood, Randall Atlanta, Ga. Posey, David Bremen, Ga. Posey, Derrell Bremen, Ga. Posey, Mary Bremen, Ga. Posey, Jerry Newnan, Ga. Postell, Linda Dallas, Ga. Potts, Phyllis Cumming, Ga. 202 Underclassmen Powell, Elizabeth Macon, Ga. Powell, Kay Bowdon, Ga. Powell, Leslie Villa Rica, Ga. Powell, Robert Resaca, Ga. Powers, Clarence Barnesville, Ga. Prater, Steven Bowdon, Ga. Prather, Ronald Columbus, Ga. Pratt, Barbara Douqiasvllle, Ga. Pratt, Bonnie Marietta, Ga. Presley, Jane Smyrna, Ga. Presnal, Terrye Carrollton, Ga. Price, Faye Thomaston, Ga. Price, Janet Atlanta, Ga. Price, Joel College Park, Ga. Price, Jim Richland, Ga. Price, Marilyn Marietta, Ga. Pridgeon, Herbert Fayettevllle, Ga. Pridmore, Brooke Stockbrldqe, Ga. Prince, Larry LaGranqe, Ga. Prince, Phyllis Newnan, Ga. Pritchett, Brenda Atlanta, Ga. Pritchett, Jane Carrollton, Ga. Pruitt, Milton Commerce, Ga. Puckett, Donna Atlanta, Ga. Puckett, Ron Smyrna, Ga. Puett, Elwanda Acworth, Ga. Purcell, James Atlanta, Ga. Purqason, Michael Hoqansvllle, Ga. Purvis, James Thomaston, Ga. ,kM 203 Quigley, Lynn Newnan, Ga. Quigley, Steve Carrollton, Ga. Quinn, Sandy Smyrna, Ga. Race, Patricia Atlanta, Ga. Rachels, Linda Atlanta, Ga. Radway, James Decatur, Ga. Rainwater, Jenny Rome, Ga. Rakestraw, Tyre Hiram, Ga. Ram age, Lynn Atlanta, Ga. Rambo, Judy Mableton, Ga. Ramos, Marvin Atlanta, Ga. Ramsey, Connie Decatur, Ga. Raney, Paul Morrow, Ga. Ransom, David Summerville, Ga. Ra+liff, Milce Perry, Ga. Raughton, James Franklin, Ga. Ray, Bill Marietta, Ga. Ray, Irene Rome, Ga. Ray, Rick Marietta, Ga. Reddish, Wayne Tallapoosa, Ga. Redmer, Pam Carrollton, Ga. Redmond, Carole East Point, Ga. Reece, Betty Blue RIdqe, Ga. Rees, Thomas Atlanta, Ga. Reeves, Patricia Carrollton, Ga. Reid, Sandra Griffin, Ga. Remeta, Doris Marietta, Ga. Reynolds, Bonnie Forest Park, Ga. Reynolds, Roy Atlanta, Ga. Rhodes. Dana Griffin, Ga. 204 Underclassmen Rhodes, John Atlanta, Ga. Rhodes, Lyn Atlanta, Ga. Rhomberg, Victor Dornbirn, Austria Rhowler, Susan Monroe, Ga. Rice, Robert Jackson, Ga. Richards, Guy Decatur, Ga. Richards, Kay Whitesburg, Ga. Richards, Larry Colleqe Park, Ga. Richards, Mike Atlanta, Ga. Richardson, Jerry Rockmart, Ga. Richie, Stephen Bremen, Ga. Ricltett, Sally Atlanta, Ga. Rickles, Michael Sharpsburg, Ga. Rider, Martha Newnan, Ga. Rife, Diane Smyrna, Ga. Riggins, Darryl Griffin, Ga. Riley, John Marietta, Ga. Rinn, Barbara Carrollton, Ga. Ristow, Judy Rome, Ga. Ritch, Lorraine Powder Springs, Ga. Roberts, Camille Rome, Ga. Roberts, Carole Pinehurst, Ga. Roberts, Frank Stockbridqe, Ga. Roberts, Kathleen Rome, Ga. Roberts, Kathy Atlanta, Ga. Roberts, Oscar Carrollton, Ga. Roberts, Phyllis Jonesboro, Ga. Roberts, Richard Decatur, Ga. Roberts, Wayne Atlanta, Ga. Roberts, William Chatsworth, Ga. 4s jy| 205 Robertson, Dianne Newnan, Ga. Robertson, Susan LaGranqe, Ga. Robblns, Gary Oneonta, Ala. Robinson, Deborah Carrollton, Ga. Robinson, Howard Richmond, Va. Robinson, Jan Carrollton, Ga. Robinson, June Carrollton, Ga. Robinson, Pete Atlanta, Ga. Robinson, Sara Waco, Ga. Roblson, Gail Villa Rica, Ga. Roddenberry, Danny Carrollton, Ga. Rodgers, Sue Atlanta, Ga. Rogers, Gary Meansville, Ga. Rogers, Toni Marietta, Ga. Rogers, Vivian Roopvllle, Ga. Rolan, Cecile Canton, Ga. Rooks, Diane Cordele, Ga. Rooks, Dianne Carrollton. Ga. Rooks, Marcia Franklin, Ga. Roper, Beth East Point, Ga. Roseberry, Tricia Atlanta, Ga. Rosenbalm, Valetta Mt. Zion, Ga. Ross, David Douglasville, Ga. Ross, Larry Meansville, Ga. Ross, Paula East Point, Ga. Roulan. James Porterdale, Ga. Rountree, Linda Atlanta, Ga. Routon, Jerry College Park, Ga. Rowan, Fredrica McDonouqh, Ga. Rowe, Ann Tennple, Ga. 206 Underclassmen Rowel I, Frank Griffin, Sa. Rowland, Jan Bowdon, Ga. Rowley, Rebecca Atlanta, Ga. Royals, James Trion, Ga. Rucker, Hugh Aipharetta, Ga. Rucker, Sandra Roswell, Ga. Rucker, Sheila Aipharetta, Ga. Rush, Danny Bremen, Ga. Russell, Larry McCaysville, Ga. Ru+ledge, Arthur Dallas, Ga. Rutledge, Ka+hy Hapeville, Ga. Ryder, William Atlanta, Ga. Saffold, Robert Marietta, Ga. Salley, Sheila East Point, Ga. Salter, Shirley Decatur, Ga. Samples, Elaine Smyrna, Ga. Sanders, Beverly Smyrna, Ga. Sanders, Linda Bremen, Ga. Sanders, Wayne Rockmart, Ga. Sandusky, Chuck College Park, Ga. San+or, Sheila Sarasota, Fla. Sapp, Rebecca West Point, Ga. Sappe, Betty Gordon, Ga. Sappe, Carol Gordon, Ga. Sass, Louis Atlanta, Ga. Satterfield, Jerry White, Ga. Saunders, Kenneth Adel. Ga. Saunders, Martha Jackson. Ga. Savage, Jamie Columbus, Ga. Saylors, Diane Marietta, Ga. i I iiik M v J f Jt K 207 ti4ik Scarborough, Tommy Oxford, Ga. Schuber, Mickey Lifhia Springs, Ga. ScoH, Donna East Point, Ga. Scott, Roger Chatsworth, Ga. Scroggins, Jean East Point, Ga. Self, James West Point, Ga. Selman, Michael Rockmart, Ga. Shadrix, Barry Carrollton, Ga. Shaw, Carol Acworth, Ga. Sheffield, Robert Atlanta, Ga. Shell, Sanford Atlanta, Ga. Shelnutt, Edwin Newnan, Ga. Shelnutt, Judy Bremen, Ga. Shepard, Neal Newnan, Ga. Sheppard, Judy Sandersville, Ga. Sherman, Eric Mableton, Ga. Shi, Linda Atlanta, Ga. Shirah, Dixie Dallas, Ga. Shirley, Nan Calhoun, Ga. Shore, Robert Cornelia, Ga. Shores, Gayie Decatur, Ga. Shortt, Sid Cornelia, Ga. Simmons, Gayle Bremen, Ga. Simmons, Larry East Point, Ga. Simms, Marilynn Atlanta, Ga. Simonton, Lynn Rome, Ga. Simpson, William Hapeville, Ga. Sims, David Atlanta, Ga. Sims, Henry Hapeville, Ga. Sinyard, Mike Lithia Springs, Ga. 208 Underclassmen SIvell, Charlene Pine Mountain, Slaughter, Aimee Decatur, Ga. Sloan, Barry Red Oak, Ga. Sloman, Wayne Roswell, Ga. Smith, Amy Dallas, Ga. Smith, Brenda Dalton, Ga. Smith, Ann Austell, Ga. Smith, Davis Hoqansville Smith, Edd Cedartown, Ga Smith, Elaine Roswell, Ga. Ga. Ga. Smith, Diane Carrollton, Ga. Smith, Gail Moreland, Ga. Smith, Gary Tunnel Hill, Ga. Smith, Jane Albany, Ga. Smith, Janet Decatur, Ga. Smith, Janis East Point, Ga. Smith, Jean Palmetto, Ga. Smith, Judy Dalton, Ga. Smith, Lesker Carrollton, Ga. Smith, Linda Dalton, Ga. Smith, Linda Rex, Ga. Smith, Linda Tallapoosa, Ga. Smith, Louise Newnan, Ga. Smith, Marcia Conyers, Ga. Smith, Marcia Tallapoosa, Ga. Smith, Mike Atlanta, Ga. Smith, Nancy Cleveland, Ga. Smith, Nancy J. Thomaston, Ga. Smith, Polly LaGrange, Ga. Smith, Robbie Carrollton, Ga. i k 209 -.4 ' .JfK dM kgik Smith, Ronald Atlanta, Ga. Smith, Ronnie Canton, Ga. Smith, Roy Atlanta, Ga. Smith, Sally Franklin, Ga. Smith, Sheila Marietta, Ga. Smith, Sherry Newnan. Ga. Smith, Steve Hiram, Ga. Smith, Susan Carrollton, Ga. Smith, Willie Madison, Ga. Snow, Wanda Dalton, Ga. Soclcwell, Brenda Atlanta, Ga. Soper, Jean Atlanta, Ga. Sosebee, Judy Cumminq, Ga. Souther, Joe Atlanta, Ga. Spaduzzi, James Atlanta, Ga. Spann, Larry Dalton, Ga. Spears, Dianne Marietta, Ga. Spence, Gloria Jefferson, Ga. Spence, LaDell Carrollton, Ga. Spence, Sara Bowdon, G . Spencer, Sandra Smyrna, Ga. Spinks, Janice Monroe, Ga. Spinks, Mickey Roclmart, Ga. Springfield, Clay Atlanta, Ga. Springfield, Jane Dalton, Ga. Spruill, Shirley Carrollton, Ga. Stallings, Priscilla Tucker, Ga. Stancil, Jimmie Jasper, Ga. Stanford, Ann Forest Park, Ga. Stanford, Charlotte Bremen, Ga. 210 Stanley, Brenda Newnan, Ga. Stanton, Lynda Decatur, Ga. Staples, Steve Carrollton, Ga. Stark, Buell Atlanta, Ga. Staton, Sue East Point, Ga. Stegall, Gail Rydal, Ga. Stephens, James Trion, Ga. Stephens, Jeane LaGrange, Ga. Stephens, Jimmy Marietta, Ga. Stephens, Nannette Villa Rica, Ga. Stephens, Patricia Decatur, Ga. Stephens, Scooter Cedartown, Ga. Stephens, Stanley McDonouqh, Ga. Stephenson, Nancy Colleqe Park, Ga. Stewart, David Avondale Estates, Ga. Stewart, Darlene Decatur, Ga. Stewart, Sandi Tallapoosa, Ga. Stockton, Jimmy Decatur, Ga. Storey, Malcolm Thomaston, Ga. Stover, Ronnie Austell, Ga. Strawn. Martha McDonouqh, Ga. Streetman, Joyce Villa Rica, Ga. Stribling, Nancy Woodbury, Ga. Strickland, Ann Mableton, Ga. Strickland, Brenda Bremen, Ga. Strickland, Dennis Douqiasville, Ga. Strickland, Elaine Experiment, Ga. Strickland, Mike Atlanta. Ga. Strickland, Peggy Austell, Ga. Strobhert, Susan Atlanta, Ga. Underclassmen ILs Ail 211 S+romberg, Nancy Atlanta, Ga. Stroiier, Bobby College Parle, Ga. Stubbs, Peggy East Point, Ga. Sudlow, Charles Gwynedd Valley, Penn. Sullivan, David Smyrna, Ga. Sullivan, Denise Powder Springs, Ga. Sullivan, Herby Carrollton, Ga. Sullivan, Johnny Lithia Springs, Ga. Summerall, Clifton Villa Rica, Ga. Sumner, Janis Sparks, Ga. Sutherland, James Marietta, Ga. Sutton, Michael Adalrsville, Ga. Swanson, Jayne Cartersvllle, Ga. Swanson, F. M. Rossvllle, Ga. Swanson, Malcolm Sumrnervllle, Ga. Swinson, Marie Bremen, Ga. Talley, James Newnan. Ga. Tally, Peggy Temple, Ga. Tanner, Jackie East Point, Ga. Tant, Ed Fayettevllle, Ga. Tarpley, Henry Jonesboro, Ga. Tatum, Patricia Carrollton, Ga. Taylor, Edward Griffin, Ga. Taylor, Judie Cornelia, Ga. Taylor, Ken Columbus, Ga. Taylor, Linda Forest Pa ' -k, Ga. Taylor, Michael Carrollton, Ga. Taylor, Sylvia De catur, Ga. Taylor, Thomas Griffin, Ga. Teets. Richard Columbus, Ga. 212 Underclassmen Terrell, Linda Carrollton, Ga. Terrell, Margaret Atlanta, Ga. Terry, Dorinda Atlanta, Ga. Thomas, Brent Lawrenceville, Ga. Thomas, Bruce Calhoun, Ga. Thomas, Burgess East Point, Ga. Thomas, Carolyn Atlanta, Ga. Thomas, Charles Temple, Ga. Thomas, Connie Conyers, Ga. Thomas, Linda Bremen, Ga. Thomas, Linda Newnan, Ga. Thompson, Beverly Conyers, Ga. Thompson, Clifford Hogansville, Ga. Thompson, Clinton Lawrenceville, Ga. Thompson, Larry Griffin, Ga. Thompson, Richard East Point, Ga. Thompson, Woody Mableton, Ga. Thurman, Norma Decatur, Ga. Tidweil, Phil Newnan, Ga. Tigner, Thomas Greenville, Ga. Tingle, Travis McDonough, Ga. Tippens, Maxine Canton, Ga. Tison, Ann Carrollton, Ga. Todd, Martha Newnan, Ga. Todd, Sammye Atlanta, Ga. Tolbert, Judy Villa Rica, Ga. Tolbert, Steve Atlanta, Ga. Towler, Pat East Point, Ga. Tracy, Patricia Atlanta, Ga. Trammell, Lou Anne Pine Mountain, Ga. i.h4ik ik TA T iikiik 213 Travis, Don Atlanta, Ga. Traylor, Jimmy Decatur, Ga. Traylor, James Meansville, Ga. Traylor, Thomas Carrollton, Ga. Treadwell, Milce Dalton, Ga. Trentham, Marilyn Decatur, Ga. Trimble, Joe RIverdale, Sa. Truett, Russell Douglasville, Ga. Tuggle, John Carrollton, Ga. Turner, Patricia Adairsville, Ga. Turner, Stephen Carnesville, Ga. Turnipseed, Douglas Jonesboro, Ga. Tye, Kay Atlanta, Ga. Tyler, Bill Atlanta, Ga. Tyson, Wayne College Park, Ga. Underwood, Larry Griffin, Ga. Underwood, Lee Griffin, Ga. Upchurch, Clayton Riverdale, Ga. Upchurch, Monroe McDonough, Ga. Upchurch, Ronald Greensboro, N.C. Vance, Vicky Atlanta, Ga. Varnadoe, Steve Mableton, Ga. Vaughn, Shirley Villa Rica, Ga. Vaught, Jimmie College Park, Ga. Verdell. Clare Villa Rica, Ga. Vessels, Herbert Atlanta, Ga. Viclcers, John Fairburn, Ga. Vickers, Paul Griffin, Ga. Vickery, Dave Thomaston, Ga. Vincent, Greg Fairmount, Ga. 214 : Underclassmen Vines, Larry Carrollton, Ga. Voiselle, Jon Jacksonville Beach, Fla. Waddell, Carolyn Thomaston, Ga. Waits, Laurel Stockbridqe, Ga. Waldrep, Cheryl Carrollton, Ga. Waldrep, Edwin Carrollton, Ga. Waldrop, Ann Chamblee, Ga. Walker, Gary Tallapoosa, Ga. Walker, Grace Atlanta, Ga. Walker, James Newnan, Ga. Walker, Karen Smyrna, Ga. Walker, Richard Bowdon, Ga. Walker, William Roopville, Ga. Wallace, Marilyn Morrow, Ga. Wallace, Nancy Atlanta, Ga. Wallace, Richard Hampton, Ga. Waller, Kenneth Manchester, Ga. Waller, Suzanne LaGrange, Ga. Wallis, Doug Carrollton, Ga. Wallis, James Carrollton, Ga. Wallis, Steve Carrollton, Ga. Walls, Linnie Carrollton, Ga. Walls, Melissa Roopville, Ga. Walls, Myline Roopville, Ga. Walls, Raymond Palmetto, Ga. Walls, Stephen Carrollton, Ga. Walraven, Johnny Griffin, Ga. Walton, Donna East Point. Ga. Walton, Ronnie Dallas, Ga. Ware, Catherine Decatur, Ga. 215 Warhurst, Lynn Villa Rica, Ga. Warren, Cy Atlanta, Ga. Warren, Gary Newnan, Ga. Warren, Linda LaGrange, Ga. Warren, Scott Warner Robins, Warren, Tommy Milan, Ga. Warthen, Nancy Atlanta, Ga. Watltins, Barbara Hampton, Ga. Wa+kins, Jimmy Newnan, Ga. Watson, Ronald Atlanta, Ga. Wa+ters, Linda Carrollton, Ga. Watts, Judy Smyrna, Ga. Watts, Sidney Cedartown, Ga. Weaver, Gary Trlon, Ga. Weaver, Kaye Buchanan, Ga. A ' eaver, Marlon Villa Rica, Ga. Webb, Gail Newnan, Ga. Webb, Tony Thomaston, Ga. Weed, Edwin Tucker, Ga. Weed, Larry Atlanta, Ga. Wehunt, Toni Atlanta, Ga. Weldon, Olliff Milner, Ga. Wer+z, Susan Johnstown, Pa. Wessinger, MIgnon Bowdon, Ga. West, Shirley Bowdon, Ga. Janl Wes+brook, Danny Jasper, Ga. Westmoreland Austell, Ga. White, Alice Griffin, Ga. White, Bob Atlanta, Ga. White, Cathy Cedartown, Gc 216 Underclassmen White, Florence Rockmart, Ga. White, Lamar Thomaston, Ga. White, Susan Jasper, Ga. Whitener, Rita Dalton, Ga. Whitley, Brenda Tlgnall, Ga. Whitley, Frank Monroe, Ga. Whitley, James Monroe, Ga. Whitley, Paul Lithia Springs, Ga. Whitman, Jack Carroliton, Ga. Whittle, Leslie Atlanta, Ga. Whitworth, Shirley Dalton, Ga. Wickham, William Atlanta, Ga. Wiggins, Gwenda Bowdon, Ga. Wiggins, Robert Jonesboro, Ga. Wilbanks, Barbara Chatsworth, Ga. Wilburn, Raymond Buchanan, Ga. Wiley, Dan Cordele, Ga. Wilhelm, Janice Smyrna, Ga. Wilderson, Sandra Hampton, Ga. Wilkie, Betty Jo Atlanta, Ga. Williams, Angela Smyrna, Ga. Williams, Beverly Carroliton, Ga. Williams, Charles Sharpsburg, Ga. Williams, Derinda Hiram, Ga. Williams, Jimmy Hapeville, Ga. Williams, Joe East Point, Ga. Williams, Larry Rockmart, Ga. Williams, Linda Aragon, Ga. Williams, Marty Atlanta, Ga. Williams, Pam Doraville, Ga. 217 I Williams, Patsy Buchanon, Ga. Williams, Richard Carroilton, Ga. Williamson, Charles Acv orth, Ga. Williamson, David Forrest Park, Ga. Williamson, Diane Newnan, Ga. Williamson, Jon Greenville, Ga. Willingham, Robert Washington, Ga Willis, Peggy Marietta, Ga. Wills, Beverly Preston, Ga. Wilson, Barbara Atlanta, Ga. Wilson, Bennett Smyrna, Ga. Wilson, Claude Georgetown, Ga. Wilson, David Bremen, Ga. Wilson, Diane Marietta, Ga. Wilson, Gary Atlanta, Ga. Wilson, James Carroilton, Ga. Wilson, James Grantville, Ga. Wilson, Jimmy Pine Mountain, Ga. Wilson, Lynda Doraville, Ga. Wilson, Mickey Carroilton, Ga. Wilson, Paula Bowdon, Ga. Wilson, Quinton Summerville, Ga. Wilson, Randall Dallas, Ga. Wilson, Robert Glenn, Ga. Wimbish, Kathy Atlanta, Ga. Winchester, Penny Atlanta, Ga. Winkle, Mary Dalton, Ga. Winkles, Jane Decatur, Ga. Winters, Lee Atlanta, Ga. Witcher, Glenda Monroe, Ga. 218 Underclassmen Witcher, Gregory Newnan, Ga. Witcher, Sheila Bremen, Ga. Witt, Carol Bowdon, Ga. Witt, Jane Bowdon, Ga. Womack, Lamar Marietta, Ga. Womack, Samuel Dallas, Ga. Wood, Brenda Buchannan, Ga. Wood, Brenda Smyrna, Ga. Wood, Donald East Point, Ga. Wood, Gary Fairburn, Ga. Wood, Harold Rockmart, Ga. Woodail, Robert Villa Rica, Ga. Woodward, David Jackson, Ga. Woody, Gary Dalton, Ga. Worley, George Atlanta, Ga. Worth, Michael Atlanta, Ga. Wright, Donald Bremen, Ga. Wright, Gloria Roswell, Ga. Wright, Jerry Dalton, Ga. Wright, Lenora Marietta, Ga. Wright, Ronald Bremen, Ga. Yancey, -Jim Marietta, Ga. Yarbrough, Carolyn LaGrange, Ga. Yarbrough, Fred Hogansville, Ga. Yates, Margaret Barnesville, Ga. Yonce, Paula Griffin, Ga. Young, Becky East Point, Ga. Young, David Bainbridge, Ga. Young, Steven Tucker, Ga. Zenti, Nancy Atlanta, Ga. 219 FEATURES . . ' % m. " 7 ' m. ' VA. ' Pam Hale, Elementary Education Paul Synder, Education 1 967 Who ' s Who Bill Lipski, Psychology 222 Jane Paris, Business Administration The students recognized by Who ' s Who Among Students in American Colleges and Universities are nominated from approxi- mately 750 colleges and universities. Cam- pus nominating committees consider In making their selections the student ' s schol- arship, participation and leadership in aca- demic and extracurricular activities, his citizenship and service to the school, and his promise of future usefulness. The Chief- tain Staff takes pride in presenting the fol- lowing students. Jane Croley, Elementary Education Jim King, History . Mike Eberhardt, Political Science 224 Robert Gregory, Political Science ■n David Douglas, Political Science Susan Golczynski, Business Administration Carol Bradley, English Sally Smith, Spanish 225 Chris Harris, Biology Joe Chipman, Business Administration-Economics 226 Harris Holmes, History Elaine Gossett, English and Elementary Education Mike McCord, English Donald Slate, History Ci TV T " " " ■ ' ■ ' - ' X.i V ' fi Gwenda Wiggins, Spanish |- - . v 227 Who ' s Who George Roberts, Business Administraflon Diane S+illwell, Education Not Pictured: Joe Herrod, Business Administration Elaine Prince, English 228 Chieftain Salutes " Chieftain Salutes " honors outstanding students in each class who have distin- guished themselves in extracurricular activi- ties. Nominations are made by division chairmen, department Heads, and the Stu- dent Government and elected by the year- book staff. Harris Holmes Sarah Lee David Douglass Elaine Sossett 230 Jim King Joe Baggett Ed Gambrell 23 The Judges. H. M. Fulbrlght, Margret Dobson, J. B. Warren 232 Miss Chieftain Revue The annual Miss Chieftain Beauty Revue reflects the beauty portion of college life at West Georgia College. It is truly a pleasure for the Chieftain staff to sponsor this, the only beauty contest at West Georgia. Paul Shields of WAGA-TV did an excellent job as master of ceremonies Barbara Ford 233 Miss Sonja Holtzclaw r» rh fc f. %X mi M i ' " a- jk ,y Si -« 5 5. ,, i« ' - ' j - ' -tiY- ' v:- " W L v: Pictures taken through courtesy of the Stone Mountain Park Authority, Stone Mountain, Georgia Miss CHIEFTAIN A ready hello, a warm smile, and a winning per- sonality are all attributes of Miss CHIEFTAIN, 1967. Sonja Is a junior from College Park, Georgia; she was sponsored by Row Dormitory. FIRST RUNNER-UP CAROLYN LACY SECOND RUNNER-UP MISS ELAINE WEAVER . " t F. , i :x,.:»; 0;. " V ; M " -M Lij lr:: f- 1- ' - o % i FINALIST CONNIE LOGAN FINALIST PATSY BRAY HOMECOMING QUEEN MISS SUE GANTT ,. ., x ' fi ' i:-» » « ' z-- tL djTV .- -l . .■■■■ Homecoming Court Carolyn Lacy, Betty Jo Wilkie, Vicky Vance, Nancy Greenway, Barbara Ford Pritchard Hall won the decoration contest The West Georgia Chorale sang at the Senior-Alumni banguet. David Barrow exits as president of the Alumni Association. 242 Homecoming . . . The Wits-End singers added hunnor to the Honnecoming Dance. 243 ■.?: f ' - : " ' :iSMfmmsi :i ■■■ ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' » .J-- i IB . . ' ' Ai x, ' . -c::? Nancy Greenway, John Chandler •t1 Sweetheart King and Queen Clare Verdell, Dan Parish r ;i " m m h-m r J ' M i i £ ■■ ■ i J Marcilene Bell, Chico Lynch Valentine ' s 1967 Son|a Holtzclaw, Bobby Norton Vicki Vance, Jim King ■(• . r ' . -s •:w;. £t ' Ki ' Barbara Ford, Bobby Dews Toni Rodgers, Tommy Warren ADS AND INDEX 246 ELAINE ABERCROMBIE .S.U. 2, 3, 4; Records Chairman 4; S.E.A. 3, 4. BETTY RUTH BOWMAN Wesley Foundation 3, 4. Student Art League 4. PHYLLIS G. ABERNATHY .S.U. 3, 4. S.E.A. 3, 4. W.A.A. 3. SARAH LEELLEN BRIGMAN Wesley Foundation 2, 3, 4; Representative to Board of Trustees 4. Alpha Theta 2, 3, 4. Concert Choir 2, 4; Chorale 4. Psychol- ogy Club 4; Social Chairman 4. Cheerleader 2, 3. W.A.A. 2, 3, 4. SARAH FRANCES ADAMS B.S.U. 4. History and Political Science Club 4. S.E.A. 4. BEN SELMON ARMISTEAD III Circle K 3, 4. Counselor 2; Dorm Council 2. M.l.A. I, 2, 3, 4. Phi Beta Lambda 2. Married Student ' s Club 3, 4. Varsity Track 2. FRANCES LYNN ATKINS S.E.A. 3, 4. W.A.A. I, 2. SUSAN ROYCE AVERY JAMES DONALD BROOKS Basketball I, 2, 3; Lettermen ' s Club 2. P.E.M. Club 3, 4. S.E.A. 3, 4. DEBORAH D. BRYAN Debate Club I. Alpha Theta I. S.E.A. 3. W.A.A. I, 2, 3, 4; Tribe Chieftain 3; Recorder 4. P.E.M. Club 3, 4. SARA E. BUCKELS Miss Chieftain Court 2. hlomecoming Court 2. W.A.A. 2, 3, 4; Secretary 3. Dorm Council I, 2, 3. S.G.A. Representative 4. Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities 3. W.A.A. I, 2. MARJO SHEPHERD BAISDEN ' B.S.U. I, 2, 3, 4; Missions Chairman 2; Devotional Chairman 3. Interfaith Council 2, 3; Vice-President 2; President 3. S.E.A. 4. S.G.A. Representative 3. W.A.A. I, 2, 3, 4. Varsity Basketball i, 2. Varsity Volleyball 2. JAMES DOUGLAS BALLENGER Phi Beta Lambda 2. M.I.T. 3, 4. Lettermen ' s Club 2. Varsity Track 2, 3, 4. Dorm Council 2. VERNON CAIN Alpha Theta I, 2, 3, 4. Canterbury Club 2, 3, 4; President 4. Interfaith Council Vice-President 4. Le Cercle Francais I, 2. JEANE CARMICHAEL S.E.A. 3, 4; Vice-President 4. Westminister Fellowship Publicity Chairma n 3. LINDA CAUTHEN .S.U. I, 2, 3,4. S.E.A. I, 3,4. BETTY JEAN BARTLETT B.S.U. I, 2, 3, 4; Secretary 2. Student Council Exceptional Chi dren 3, 4; Secretary 4. Counselor 4. WILLIAM D. CHANCE Chieftain Salutes I. Debate Club L hHistory and Political Science Club I . Wesley Foundation 4. FRED A. BARTON M.l.A. I, 2, 3, 4. Phi Beta Lambda 3. Concert Choir 3, 4; Tour Manager 4. Counselor I, 2, 3, 4; Dorm Council Vice-President 3. S.E.A. 4. JOSEPH D. CHIPMAN, JR. Phi Beta Lambda Chaplain I. S.G.A. Representative 2. B.S.U. 3, 4; President 4. Counselor 2, 3; Dorm Council President I. In- terfaith Council 3, 4. NOEL DOUGLAS BIDDY Phi Beta Lambda 4. M.l.A. I, 2, 3, 4. PATRICIA COLLIER S.E.A. 3, 4. W.A.A. 1,2,3, 4; Tribe Chieftain 4. RUTHETTA BLOOD .S.U. 2, 3. S.E.A. 3, 4. W.A.A. I, 2, 3,4. WILLIAM P. CORCORAN Band I . M.l.A. I . Dorm Council President 3. Men ' s Council 3. LARRY M. BOLEN Psychology Club, 3, 4. Le Cercle Francais I, 2. Concert Choir i, 2, 3. M.LA. 2. Volleyball 2, 3. SHIRLEY CORLEY W.A.A. 1,2,3, 4; Tribe Chieftain 4. S.E.A. 3, 4. 248 Compliments of Carrollton, Georgia — 832-6311 Serving the West Georgia Area MILES PHARMACY NEW LOCATION 623 Dixie St. Parking In Rear West Georgia Students Welcome 832-7033 CARROLLTON GEORGIA Compliments of WEST GEORGIA NATIONAL BANK Alabama St. Carrollton 249 JOSEPH ROBERT COUCH Newman Club 3, 4. Students for Private Enterprise 3, 4. NANCY LOU GATTIS S.E.A. I, 2, 3,4. W.A.A. I, 3, 4. RUTH ELLEN CRANFORD Psychology Club 3, 4. Deutsche Gesellschaft 3, 4. B.S.U. 3, 4. ELAINE DAVIS GOSSETT West Georgian 3; News Editor 4. West Georgia Grotto Corr. Sec. 3, 4. Lab Assistant 4. NORMA JANE CROLEY W.A.A. I. B.S.U. 2, 3, 4. Secretary-Treasurer Freshman Class I. Secretary-Treasurer Sophomore Class 2. Tom hlerndon Award 2. S.G.A. Secretary-Treasurer 3. Secretary-Treasurer Senior Class 4. Chieftain Salutes 3. Counselor 3, 4. S.E.A. 2, 3, 4. FRANCES ANN GREEN W.A.A. I, 2, 3. B.S.U. 2, 3, 4. S.E.A. 2, 3, 4, Publicity and Mer bership Chairman 3. Student Council Exceptional Children 4. DIXIE LUANNE DANIEL S.E.A. 3, 4. W.A.A. 2, 3, 4. Dorm Council I. PAMELA J. HALE W.A.A. I, 2, 3, 4. S.E.A. 3, 4. Chieftain 2. S.G.A. 3. Chieftain Salutes 3. Women ' s Dorm Council 2, 3, 4. HELEN DICKMAN Band CHRISTOPHER R. HARRIS Alpha Theta 3, 4. B.S.U. 3. Gordon Watson Award 3. Dorm Counselor 2, 3; Sophomore Class Editor of Chieftain 2. DAVID L. DOUGLASS Circle K 2, 3, 4. M.I.A. 2, 3, 4. Dorm Council Treasurer 2. Men ' s Council 2. Varsity Tennis 3, 4; All-Conference 3. Letter- men ' s Club 3, 4. West Georgian 3, 4; Sports Publicity 4. Coun- selor 2, 3, 4. Tom Herndon Award 2. RUSSELL HARRIS baseball I, 2. M.I.A. 1,2, 3, 4. Lettermen ' s Club I, 2. Circle K 1 , 2. Literary Club 3. DENNIS K. HAYNES Dorm Council Vice-President I, 2, 3. MIKE EBERHARDT Alpha Theta I, 2; Best Actor I. Circle K 2, 3. History and Politi- cal Science Club 3. ROBBIE SANDRA HELMS Biology Club 3, 4; Secretary 3. DONNA MARIE FARRELL S.E.A. 2, 3, 4; Secretary 3. W.A.A. I, 2, 3, 4. Newman Club 2, 3, 4. Dorm Council 3. CAROL ANNE HENSLEE S.E.A. 3. LUCY ANNE FLEEMAN S.E.A. I, 2, 3, 4. W.A.A. I, 3,4. J. MICHAEL HIGGINS, JR. Newman Club I, 2, 3, 4; President 2, 3. M.I.A. I. Chieftain 2. Interfaith Council 2, 3; President 3. S.G.A. 3. S.O.C. I, 2, 3. BARBARA JEAN FORD Alpha Theta I, 2, Hostess 3, Secretary 4. Miss Chieftain Finalist 2, 3. Homecoming Court 3. Mandevllle House Secretary 4. Council for Exceptional Children 4. S.E.A. 4. Health Service Committee 4. MARY DARLENE FOSTER W.A.A. Recorder 2; Vice-President 3; President 4. All-Star Soccer Team 2. Varsity Volleyball 2, 3. Mathematics Achievement Award I. Who ' s Who in American Colleges ancl Universities 3 G.A.R.F.C.W. Secretary-Treasurer 3. MOSES HARRIS HOLMES Dorm Council President I. Chieftain Salutes 2. Circle K 2; Vice- President 3, 4. Counselor. JOHN L. HOOPER JR. Dorm Council 2. Circle K. 3; Secretary 4. Spelunking Club 4. G. ANNE HOWARD Le Cercle Francais Club I, 2, 3, 4; Vice-President 2. Wesley Foundation 2, 3, 4; Publicity Chairman 2. S.E.A. 3, 4; President 3. MARION L. FOWLER S.N.E.A. 1,2,3,4. B.S.U. 1,2,3,4. W.A.A. I . Alpha Theta 3. JIMMY HUGHES Lettermen ' s Club I, 2, 3, 4. Track 1, 2, 3, 4. M.I.A. I, 2, 3, 4. WILLIAM LAWRENCE GAMMAGE Concert Choir 3, 4, Tour Manager 4. JO ANN HUGHES W.A.A. I, 2, 3, 4. S.E.A. 3, 4. B.S.U. 2, 3, 4. Chieftain Women ' s Sports Editor 3. 250 HUBBARD PANTS COMPANY Manufacturers of Hubbard Slacks for Men and Boys Bremen, Georgia JUDITH L. HUTCHESON Student Council Exceptional Children 3, 4. S.E.A. 4. W.A.A. 1 , 2. MICHAEL LEA McDONALD A. P.O. 2, 3. Chemistry Club 2, 3. Biology Club 4. Swim Team 3, 4. CHERYL A. JACKSON Varsity Basketball I . W.A.A. I . S.E.A. 4. JUANITA H. MADDEN 3.S.U. I, 2. Spanish Club 3, 4. BARBARA ANN JONES Music Club I . Concert Choir 1,2,3. B.S.U. 2, 3. GAYNELLE MATHEWS W.A.A. I, 2, 3, 4. Chemistry Club 2, 3, 4; Treasurer 3, 4 SEA 4. Pistol and Rifle Club 4. GLORIA JOY JORDAN S.E.A. 4. B.S.U. 3, 4. W.A.A. I, 2, 3, 4. SANDRA LOU NALLY Wesley Foundation 1 , 2. W.A.A. 1 , 4. S.E.A. 4. CHARLES EDWARD KENNEDY Psychology Club 4. THOMAS NEAL Lettermen ' s Club I . M.I.A. 3. Phi Beta Lambda 3, 4. JULIA ANN KERR S.E.A. 2, 3, 4; Secretary 3. W.A.A. I, 2, 3, 4; Council Member 2. Dorm Counselor 2, 3, 4. FRANKIE A. NEIGHBORS 5.S.U. I, 2, 3, 4. S.E.A. 2, 4. Alpha Theta 2. W.A.A. I, 2, 3, 4. JAMES CHARLES KING Circle K I, 2, 3, 4; President 4. M.A.A. I, 2, 3; Secretary 2. Dorm Council 2. Chieftain Men ' s Sports Editor 2. LINDA DUKES KISER JON C. NIEMEYER Le Cercle Francais 3. Circle K 4. Tennis Team I, 2, 3, 4. Vo ' ley- ball Team 3, 4. Lettermen ' s Club I, 2, 3, 4; Treasurer 3. JANE E. PARIS Students for Private Enterprise 3, 4; Secretary 3. Le Cercle Fran- cais I, 2, 3, 4; Treasurer 3, 4. W.A.A. 3. Counselor 2; Resident Counselor 3, 4. Student Council Exceptional Children 4. NANCY PARKER KRAUTH Cheerleader I, 2. W.A.A. 1. West Georgian I. Women ' s hlouse Council 2. PATRICIA PEACOCK Chemistry Club 2, 3, 4; Secretary 3, 4. Counselor 2, 3. Chieftain 2, 3. W.A.A. I, 2, 3, 4; Tribe Chieftain 2. SARAH LEE Le Cercle Francais 2, 3, 4; Vice-President 3. West Georgian 2, 3, 4; Feature Editor 3; Editor-in-Chief 4. Counselor 3. STEVE LEE Le Cercle Francais 2, 3, 4. Phi Beta Lambda 4. WILLIAM FRANKLIN LIPSKI Circle K 2, 3. M.LA. I, 2, 3, 4. S.G.A. Representative 2. Tom Herndon Award 2. President Junior Class 3. President Student Body 4. Chieftain Salutes 3. Resident Counselor 3, 4. MICHAEL T. McCORD B.S.U. 2, 3, 4. Alpha Theta 3. Le Cercle Francais 3. Circle K 3, 4. Literary Club 4. Psychology Club 2, 3, 4; Corresponding Secretary 3. S.G.A. Representative 4. MARIAN L PHILLIPS Student Council Exceptional Children 4. S.E.A. 4. Symphonic Choir 4. WILLIAM G. PIERCE Spanish Club President 3. Golf Team I, 2, 3, 4; All-Conference Team 1,2,3, 4. Lettermen ' s Club 1,2,3, 4. SUE POWELL Cheerleader I, 2. Chieftain Salutes I. Sweetheart Court . W.A.A. I. S.E.A. 3, 4. LARRY D. RICHARDS M.I.A. I, 2, 3, 4; Tribe Manager 3; President 4. Phi Beta Lambda 3, 4. Counselor 3, 4. JERRY HAROLD RICHARDSON Phi Beta Lambda 2. 252 Where Friends Meet and are Always Welcome MAPLE STREET SHOPETTE CARROLLTON. GA. Compliments of MORTON ' S BOOK STORE Since 1892 Carrollton, Georgia GRIFFIN-NEW PHARMACY " Headquarters for the Finest in Cosmetics and Magazines. " TE 2-6331 20 Alabama Street Carrollton, Ga. YOUNG INC. Jewelers Silversmiths 41 I Adamson Square arrollton Georgia 253 GEORGE B. ROBERTS Phi Beta Lambda 3, 4; Vice-President 3. S.E.A. 4. M.I.A. I, 2. Counselor 2. President Senior Class 4. JO SULLIVAN Concert Choir 2. W.A.A. 1 , 2. S.E.A. 4. JAMES FLETCHER ROBINSON S.E.A. 3, 4. Resident Counselor 4. KATHRYN B. THOMAS West Georgian 2, 3, 4; News Editor 3. Concert Choir 4. Le Cercle Francais 2, 3, 4; President 3, 4. W.A.A. I, 2. Tom Hern- don Award 2. Chieftain Salutes 3. Literary Club 2. JAMES DONALD ROGERS Gordon Watson Award 3. History and Political Science Club 3, 4. ABNER CARL THOMPSON, JR. Alpha Theta I, 2. Wesley Foundation I, 2, 3, 4; President 4. GEORGE B. SARGENT Alpha Theta I, 2. Spanish Club 2; Vice-President 2. Wesle Foundation 4. THERESE THORNHILL Newman Club I, 2, 3, 4. W.A.A. I, 2, 3, 4; Tribe Chieftain 3. Psychology Club 4. SANDRA SCARBORO B.S.U. 2. S.E.A. 3, 4; Publicity Chairman 4. SAMMY WOODROW TIBBETTS Counselor 3, 4. SUSAN GAYLE SHELNUTT Wesley Foundation 4. Psychology Club 4. Dorm Council Presi- dent 4. S.G.A. Representative 4. ROXIE GAIL SHIPP B.S.U. I. Biology Club 2. Deutsche Gesellschaft 3. W.A.A. I, 2, 3, 4; Intramural Manager 2; Tribe Chieftain 3. DONALD SLATE B.S.U. 3, 4. S.E.A. 2, 3, 4; Vice-President 3; President 4; Vice- President G.S.E.A. 3, 4; Representative to N.E.A. Conference on Faculty Desegregation 3. History and Political Club 4. Phi Alpha Theta 4. LYNDA CAROL WALKER Concert Choir 4. CAROLYN A. WARENZAK Newman Club I, 2, 3, 4; Secretary-Treasurer 2; Vice-President 4. Math Club 2, 3, 4; President 4. Deutsche Gesellschaft 4. S.E.A. 4. GARY LEWIS WATTS Alpha Theta 1,2,3,4; President 4. ELAINE WEAVER Secretary-Treasurer Junior Class 3. W.A.A. 2, 3, 4. Psychology Club 4. G. LEE SMITH, JR. Chieftain Salutes I. Circle K 2, 3, 4. S.G.A. Representative 3. President Junior Class 3. Vice-President Senior Class 4. Who ' s Who In American Colleges and Universities 3. Debate Club I, 2; Vice-President 2. Debate Team I, 2; Best Novice Debater I; Superior Speaker ' s Award 1; Oral Interpretation Award 2. Alpha Theta 1,2; Vice-President 2. West Georgian 2. Student Center Council 4. EMMA JANE WIGGINS S.E.A. 3, 4. BEVERLY DAWN WILLIAMS W.A.A. 2, 3, 4; Tribe Chieftain 3; Recorder 4. Wesley Founda- tion 2, 3, 4. S.E.A. 4. PAUL M. SNYDER M.I.A. I, 2, 3, 4; Secretary 3. Varsity Baseball I, 2, 3, 4. Letter- men ' s Club 2, 3, 4. NADINE WILLIS B.S.U. I . W.A.A. I . Phi Beta Lambda I . S.E.A. 4. JOYCE SPIVEY B.S.U. 2, 3, 4; Social Chairman 3. W.A.A. 1,2,3, 4. L ALAN WINDOM M.I.A. I, 2. Phi Beta Lambda 3. MARTHA DUPREE STILL Demoesthenian 1 , 2. RUTH ANN WITTMAN Westminister Fellowship I, 2, 3, 4; President 3, 4. Interfalth Council 3. W.A.A. I. DIANE STILLWELL W.A.A. I . B.S..U. 1,2,3,4; Program Chairman 4. S.E.A. 3, 4. STEPHEN C. WORTHAM Deutsche Gesellschaft 3. 254 Compliments of H H FOODS Serving West Georgia College Carrollton Georgia McGEE ' S BAKERY " Freshness Is Our Middle Name " The Square Carrollfon, Ga. Haralson Federal Savings and Loan Association INSURED SAVINGS— HOME LOANS ' Where Hundreds Save Thousands ' 2 1 I Hamilton Avenue Bremen, Georgia PRESCRIPTIONS Accurately Filled. A COMPLETE DRUG STORE SUNDRIES AIR CONDITIONED We TE 2-7076 Deliver 418 — Newnan BOHANON ' S PHARMACY 25S Abbey, Patti L.; Fr., 3459 Revere Rd., S.W., Atlanta, Ga 153 Abbott, Starr C; So., Route 2, Carters, Ga 153 Abbott, William J,, Jr.; Jr., 505 Northside Drive, Acworth, Ga 153 Abercrombie, Alice E.; Sr., Route I, Culloden, Ga 136 Abercrombie, David R.; So., Box 73. Carrollton, Ga. Abernathy, Ptiyllis G.; Jr., P.O. Box 32, Blairsville, Ga 136 Abernathy, Rodney E.; So., 208 Etov ah Dr., CartersviHe, Ga. Ackman, Adair C; So., 3670 Paces Ferry Rd., Atlanta, Ga 153 Acree, Susan G.; Sr., 402 B Maple Street, Carrollton, Ga. Adams, Kathie A.; Fr., Box 187. Bowdon, Ga. Adams, Jacob P.; So.. 504 Balfour Dr., Decatur. Ga. Adams, Kenneth O.; Fr., 1427 N. Cliff Vly Way. Atlanta, Ga 153 Adams, Larry K.; So. ,401 Wilcox Heights. Elberton, Ga 153 Adams, Margaret G.; Fr., 1399 Sagewood Circle, Stone Mtn. Ga 153 Adams. Melinda J.; Fr., 1070 Canter Road, Atlanta, Ga ' 153 Adams, Robert I., Jr.; So., 721 Cathcart Road, Blue Bell, Pa. Adams, Ruth C; Fr., 137 Bankhead Avenue, Carrollton, Ga 153 Adams. Sarah F.; Jr., Route 5, Carrollton ,Ga 136 Adams. Virginia A.; Fr., 532 Burlington Road Atlanta, Ga 153 Adams, William L.; So., 395 Hill St., Buford, Ga 153 Adamson, Vernon L.; So., Rt. I, Box 131, Whitesburg, Ga. Addis, M. Sue; Jr., Route I, Clarkesville, Ga 153 Adkisson, John G.; Fr., 1436 Lanvale Drive, Atlanta. Ga. Agan. Jimmy L.; Fr., 115 Grassdale Rd., CartersviHe, Ga 153 Aiken, Harriette L.; Fr., 238 Senoia Rd., Fairburn, Ga 153 Akers, Dennis N.; So., Route I, Whitesburg. Ga 153 Akin, Alma K.; Jr., 2506 Fair Oaks Road, Decatur, Ga. Akins, Charlotte L.; Fr., 205 Laprade Road, Griffin, Ga 153 Akins, Eugenia V.; Jr., 3414 Hazelwood Dr., S.W. Atlanta, Ga 153 Albright, Wllburn C; So., Route 4, Carrollton, Ga. Aldridge, Gary L.; Fr., 18 Northside Drive, Newnan, Ga 153 Alexander, James R.; So., 415 Ingram Homes, Carrollton, Ga 153 Alexander, Mary Jane; Jr., Route 2, Bowdon, Ga. Allen, Elizabeth J.; So., Bremen, Georgia Allen, Jerry K.; So., Route 6, Box 123, Carrollton, Ga. Allen. Margaret L.; So., Box 213, Carrolton, Ga 153 Allen, Martha O.; So., 5141 Northland Drive, Atlanta, Ga 153 Allen, Nancy A.; Fr., 3225 Dogwood Dr., East Point, Ga. Allen, Stanley A.; Fr., 54! North Main, Cornelia, Ga 153 Allen, Virginia E.; Fr., Route 3, Carrollton, Ga 153 Alley, Ed R.; Jr., 2188 Starline Dr., Decatur, Ga 136 Alm ' and. Robert L.; Fr.. 118 Spring Street, Fairburn, Ga 154 Allmon, Jerry G.; Jr., Route I, Butler, Ga. Almon, Annie G.; Sp.. Box 174, Tallapoosa, Ga. Alston. Stuart J.; Jr., 34 Walker Terr., N.E., Atlanta, Ga 154 Alverson, Curtis O.; Fr., 215 Pierce Street, La Grange, Ga 154 Amis, Donald J., Jr.; Fr., Rt. 2, Box 340, Newnan, Ga. Anders, Amelia S.; So.. 513 North Ave., Villa Rica, Ga. Anderson. Barbara L.; Fr., 3821 Zenith Avenue, S., Minneapolis, Minn 154 Anderson, Elizabeth A.; Fr., 1068 Lindridge Dr., N., Atlanta, Ga 154 Anderson, Lawrence E.; Fr., Route 2, Buchanan, Ga 154 Anderson, Lawrence L.; Fr., 623 Avery Street, Decatur, Ga 154 Anderson, Linda K.; So., 3209 Sidis Court Doravllle, Ga 154 Anderson, Malcolm W.; So., P.O. Box 327, Social Circle, Ga 154 Anderson, Melanie S.; Fr., 314 Hascall Road, Atlanta, Ga 154 Anderson, Rosalin; Fr., 322 Cedar Street, Carrollton, Ga 154 Andrews, Gail D.; Jr.. 1701 Edgerly Ave., Albany, Ga. Andrews, Rebecca L.; Fr.. 827 Maner Road, Smyrna, Ga 154 Angel, Nancy J.; So., Route I. Cave Spring, Ga 154 Archer, Frederic L.; Fr.. 1645 Loch Lomond. Atlanta. Ga. Archer, William C; Fr., 2877 Palm Drive, East Point, Ga 154 Archibald, George J.; Jr., 1137 Cascade Ave., S.W., Atlanta, Ga 154 Arkasalerks, Vannee; Fr., Bhayolyothin Road, Bangkok, Thailand Armistead, Ben S.; Sr., 23 Tower Apts., Carrollton. Ga 136 Armstrong, Donna I.; Fr., 2277 Colleen Court, Decatur, Ga 154 Armstrong, Ellen F.; Fr.. Box 112, Pine Mountain, Ga 154 Armstrong, Glenda G.; Fr.. Route 2. Bowdon. Ga 154 Armstrong. Linda J.; So.. Route 2, Bowdon, Ga 154 Arnold, Gregory C; Fr., 214 Worthington Dr., Marietta. Ga 154 Arnold. Roslyn N.; Sp., Box 192, Newnan, Ga. Arnold, Walter D.; Sr., 1117 St. Charles PL, Atlanta, Ga. Arp, James D.; Jr., Box 426 Glynn Street, Fayetteviile, Ga. Arrington, George H.. Jr.; So., 509 Jefferson St., La Grange, Ga. Arp, James D.; Jr., Box 426, Glynn Street, Fayetteviile, Ga. Arrington. Robert L.; Fr., 509 Jefferson Street. La Grange Ga 155 Arthur. Michael J.; So., 3844 Wieuca fd.. Atlanta, Ga 155 Asbury, James S., Ill, So., 10! College Ave., Elberton, Ga 155 Ash, Martha N.; Jr., Route 2. Carrollton, Ga 155 Ashmore, Jack W.; Fr., Route 2, F.-anklin, Ga. Askew, Gloria N.; Sr., 10 Linden Drive, Newnan, Ga. Askew, Thomas M.; Jr., 259 Stewart Circle, Marietta, Ga 155 Askew, Van O.; Jr., Route 2, Stockbridge, Ga 155 Atkins, Alice S.; So., Route I, Rockmart, Ga 155 Atkins, Frances L.; Sr., Box 154. Greenville, Ga 136 Atkins. Myra .0; Fr., 331 Laurel Lane, La Grange, Ga 155 Austin, Betty J.; Fr.. 212 La Grange Street, Newnan, Ga. Austin, Susan J.; So., Route 2, Box 240, Bremen, Ga 155 Avery, Susan R.; Sr., 12 Sunset Lane, Newnan. Ga 136 Ayers, George M.; So., 305 Hertford Circle, Decatur, Ga. Ayers, Penelope W.; Sr., 60! Rome Street, Carrollton. Ga. Ayers, Randolph G.; Jr., 601 Rome Street, Carrollton, Ga. Ayers, Rhudy R.; So.. Route 6, Carrollton. Ga. Babb. Kathy L.; Fr., 27 John Ross Drive, Rome Ga 155 Bacon, Linda I.; So., 209 Bank St., Smyrna, Ga 155 Baggett, Carlton J.; So., 319 Rose Ave., Douglasville, Ga 155 Baggett, Jimmy D.; So.. Route 2, Waco, Ga. Baggett, John T.; Fr., Route 4, Box 191 Dallas, Ga 155 Baggett, Lynn M.; Fr., 485 Manford Road, S.W., Atlanta, Ga 155 Baggett, Marvine C; Sr., ' Route 4, Box 191, Dallas, Ga. Baggett. Marsha J.; So., Route 4, Box I86C, Dallas, Ga. Baggett, Walter A., Jr.; Fr., 17 Salbide Avenue, Newnan Ga 155 Bagwell, Vivian D.; So., P.O. Box 4, Jasper Ga 155 Bailey, Betty S.; Fr., 39 Candler Road, N.E., Atlanta, Ga 155 Bailey. Cheryl W.; Jr., 114 Adamson Avenue, Carrollton, Ga 136 Bailey, Connie A.; Fr., 158 S. Street, Thomaston. Ga 155 Bailey. James P.; So., Route 2, Box 309, Villa Rica, Ga 155 Bailey, Lucy A.; Fr., Roopville. Georgia 155 Bailey, Robert T.; So., 104 View Circle, Austell. Ga 155 Bailey, Ronnie J.; Sr., 516 Newnan Street, Carrollton, Ga. Bain, Sybil S.; Fr., Route 4, Dalton, Ga 155 Baisden. Marjo A.; Sr.. Box 272, Gordon, Ga 136 Baker, Donna K.; Fr., 104 Jones Street, Summerville, Ga 155 Baker. Gaston R., Jr.; So., Box 624, Cedartown, Ga 156 Baker, Terry R.; So., Route 2, Dallas, Ga. Baker, Terry B.; Fr., Route I, Rocky Face, Ga. Baldwin, Lee G.; Fr., 4145 N. Stratford, Atlanta. Ga. Baldwin, Thomas E., Jr.; Fr., South Broad St. Extn.. Clinton, S.C 156 Balenger, James T.; Fr.. Factory Shoals Road, Mableton, Ga. Ball. James A.. Jr., So., Route I, Dalton, Ga 156 Ball, John L.; Sr., 302 Cedar St.. Apt. B, Carrollton, Ga 136 Ball, Henry C; Jr.. 516 W. Third Street, Jackson, Ga. Ball, Ronald W.; Fr., Route I, Dalton, Ga 156 Ball, Stanley; Fr., 5 Curry Street, Jackson, Ga 156 Ballar, Diane L.; So., 2492 Caladium Dr., Atlanta, Ga 156 Ballard, Douglas C; Jr., Route I, Box 188, Jonesboro, Ga. Ballard, Joanne; So., Route I, Dublin, Ga 156 Ballard, Kempton W.; So.. Box 66B, Route 3, Newnan, Ga 156 Ballenger. James D.; Sr., 3344 Old Jonesboro Rd.,Hapeville, Ga 136 Ballenger, Janice; Jr., Route 2, Jackson, Ga ■ 156 Ballew, Larry M.; Fr., Route 3, Chatsworth ,Ga 156 Banks, Alton J.; So., 130 Jackson St., Newnan, Ga. Banks, Dixon L.; Fr. ,1420 Bryan Avenue, East Point. Ga 156 Banks, Terry W.; Jr., Route 5, Carrollton, Ga 156 Bankston, Howard C; Fr., 143 Kathryn Drive, Marietta, Ga 156 Barber. Nancy L.; Fr., 48 Weaver Avenue, Newport, R.I 156 Barber, Rodrick M.; Jr., Route 2. Box 353. West Point. Ga 156 Barfield, Nathan H.; Fr., 305 Sims Street, Carrollton, Ga 156 Barge, Betty J.; So., Weston, Georgia Barge, William T.; So., 2242 Ben Hill Rd.. S.W., Atlanta, Ga 156 Barker, David T.; jr.. Box 21, Franklin, Ga. Barnes, Harold E., Jr.; Jr., 2436 Tiffany Court, Decatur. Ga. Barnes, John M.; Sr., 609 Bankhead Hwy., Carrollton, Ga. Barnette, Jerry F.; So.. Route I, Taylorsville, Ga 156 Barnwell, Susan B.; So., 2670 Sunny Lane ,S.E., Marietta, Ga 156 Barrett. Harold D.; Jr., Route 2, CartersviHe, Ga 156 Barrett, Linda D.; So., 320 East Oxford Ave., College Park, Ga 156 Barron, Glenda L.; So., 3950 Bankhead Hwy., Mableton. Ga 156 Barron, Martha; Jr., 59 Terracedale Ct., Griffin. Ga 156 Barron. Nancy E.; Fr., 59 Terracedale. Griffin, Ga 156 Barrow, Frankie R.; Sr., 120 Waddell Street, Bremen. Ga. Barrow, Gregory W.; Fr., 70 Emerald Drive, Jonesboro. Ga 157 Bartlett, Anne I.; Fr., 180 Lawrenceville St., McDonough, Ga 157 Bartlett, Betty J.; Sr., Richland, Georgia 136 Bartlett, Charles L.; So., 612 Columbia Dr. Marietta Ga 157 Bartlett, Lynda R.; So., Rt.l, Box 445, La Fayette, Ga 157 Barton, Fred A.; Sr., 3944 Wascanna Road, Hapeville, Ga 136 Barton, Jane E.; So., Route I, Buchanan, Ga 157 Baskin. George D.; So., 102 Bankhead Ave., Carrollton, Ga. Bass, Charles M.; Sr., Route I, Bremen, Ga 136 Bass, Elizabeth K.; So., 413 South Roswell Rd.. Marietta, Ga 157 Bass, Hugh B.; So., Route I, Bremen, Ga 157 Bass, Kenneth W.; Jr., Mackenzie Street, Adairsville, Ga. Bates. Gary J.; Fr., Rt. I, Box 127, Dalton, Ga 157 Baxter, Bill W.; Sr.. 108 Edwards Street, Bremen. Ga. Baxter. Heyward M.; Fr., 420 Belva Street, Carrollton, Ga 157 Baxter, Wayne G.; Sr.. 504 Loyola Dr., Augusta, Ga 136 Beall, Linda K.; Jr.. Box 402, Douglasville, Ga 137 Beaman. Darrell H.; Fr., 3715 Cascade Palmetto, Atlanta, Ga. Beard, Kerry Leon; Fr., 2181 Keaney Court, East Point, Ga. Beard, Vickie D.; Fr., 811 Houston Street, La Grange, Ga 157 Bearden, Kenneth R.; Fr., Route 4, Carrollton. Ga 157 Bearden, Linda J.; Fr., Box 212, Temple, Ga ;.. 157 Bearden, John C; So., 124 West 2nd St., Jackson. Ga. Bearden, Martha J.; Fr., Parrott, Ga 157 Bearden, Nathan D.; So., Rt. 2, Box 448 A, Austell, Ga 157 Bearden, Sharon E.; Fr., Route 2. Post Oak Road, Marietta, Ga. Beauchamp, Evelyn D.; So., 2345 Cloverdale Dr.. Atlanta, Ga 157 Beavers, Charles A.; Fr., Route 2, Dallas, Ga 157 Beavers, William A., Jr.; So., Greenville Street, Newnan, Ga. Beck, James Robert; So., 22 Wilson St., Manchester, Ga 157 Beck. Vicki S.; So.. 2566 Plantation Dr., East Point, Ga 157 Beckham, James E., Jr.; Jr., P.O. Box 182, Concord, Ga 157 Bedenbaugh, Melanie G.; Sr., Box 85, Senoia, Ga. Begner, Adrian S.; Fr., 4753 Ptree Dunwoody R Atlanta, Ga 157 Beishline, Clayton R.; Fr., 1411 Fama Drive, Atlanta, Ga 157 Bell, Clarence L.; Jr., Route I, Rydal, Ga 158 Bell, Donald H.; Fr.. 403 Mc Pherson Street, Bremen. Ga 157 Bell, Hildred L.; Fr.. Route 1. Bremen, Ga. Bell. John R.; Fr., Route 3, Box 79, Ringgold, Ga 158 Bell, Joseph T.; Jr., 4 Buchanan St., Newnan, Ga. Bell. Lynn C; Jr., R 18 Cavender Street, Newnan, Ga 158 Bell, Marcelene; Fr., 912 New Franklin Road, La Grange Ga 158 Bell, Rex L.; Fr., Dallas Highway, Villa Rica, Ga 158 Bell, Susan T.; So., 411 Pacific Ave., Bremen, Ga 158 Bell, Wallace J.; Fr., 114 Hedges Street, Marietta, Ga 158 Bellah, David F.; Fr., 2722 Humphries St., East Point, Ga. Belle Isle, Otis M.; Fr. , Route I, Marrow, Ga 158 Belvllle. Susan J.; Fr., 2 Emerald Drive, Jonesboro, Ga 158 Bement, Billie E.; Fr., 2845 Greenbrook Trail, Atlanta, Ga. Benchina, Barry L.; So., 110 Carter Ave., Carrollton. Ga 158 Bender, Lewis H.; Sr., Route I, Bremen, Ga. Bennett, Betty R.; Jr., Route I. Gainesville, Ga 158 Bennett, Gary B.; Fr., 227 Austin Ave. CarroHton Ga. Bennett, Judith K.; Sr., 115 East Broad St., Newnan, Ga. Bennett, Roger W.; Fr.. 517 Brooks Street, Royston, Ga 158 Benson, Robert F.; Fr., 1673 E. John Wesley Ave., College Park, Ga. Bentley, James A.; Fr., 22 Bradley Drive, Palmetto Ga 158 Bentley. John M.; Sp., Box 234, Villa Rica, Ga. Bentley, Laura J.; Fr., 206 Mandeville Avenue Carrollton Ga 158 Bentley. Phyllis L.; Jr., 279 Main Street, Palmetto Ga. Berry, Carol A.; So., Box 115, Watkinsville, Ga. Berry, Kathryn E.; Fr., 719 Maple Drive, Griffin, Ga 158 Berry, Penelope A.; Fr., 1718 Barnesdale Way, Atlanta, Ga 158 Betsill, Rosanne R.; Fr., 2576 Brentwood Road, Decatur, Ga 158 Betts, Judith P.; Fr., Route I, Box 337, College Park, Ga 158 Bias, Donna F.; Jr., 2648 N. Harris St., East Point, Ga. Bible, Charlotte A.; So., Route I, Kensington, Ga 158 Bickerstaff, Frank J.; So., 2927 Carson Dr., Columbus Ga. Biddy, Noel D.; Sr., Route 2, Acworth, Ga 137 Biggers, Johnetta; Fr., Box 369, Greenville, Ga 158 Bilbro, Barry M.; Fr.. 668 Brook Circle. Griffin, Ga 158 Billingsley, Evelyn V.; So., 125 Jefferson St., Newnan, Ga. Bishop, Diane E.; Fr., 5416 Glenridge Dr., N., Atlanta, Ga 158 Bishop, Marcia A.; So., Box 172, Temple, Ga. Blssinnar, Mary P.; Fr., 2746 Overlook Dr., N.E., Atlanta. Ga 158 Black, Larry E.; Jr., 451 1-2 Adamson Ave., Carrollton Ga 158 Black, Lloyd H.; Fr., Route I, Box 91, College Park Ga 158 Black, Penny A.; Jr., 464A Pincecrest Cir., Marietta, Ga. Black, Stephen H.; Fr., 187! Donald Drive, Marietta, Ga 158 Blackstock, Claudia K.; Fr., Route I, Dalton, Ga 159 Blalsdell, James H.; Fr., 2962 Branchwood Drive, East Point, Ga 159 Blake, Thomas S.; So., Box 184, Villa Rica, Ga. Blankenship, Dennis G.; So.. Route 3, Cedartown. Ga 159 Bledsoe, Peggy G.; Fr., 341 Temple Avenue, Newnan, Ga 159 Blihovde, Martin B.; Sr., 675 Amberidge Tr. Sandy Springs, Ga 137 Blood, Ruthetta C; Sr., 1053 N. Valley Drive, Decatur. Ga 137 Boatright, Patricia I.; So., Route I, Box 45 Bremen Ga 159 Bobo, Gary A.; Jr.. 960 Lynhurst Dr., S.W., Atlanta, Ga 159 Boggs, Marynan S.; So., Route I, Aragon, Ga |59 Bohanan, Gregory M.; Fr., 108 Edgemoor Lane, Jonesboro, Ga 159 Bohannon, Jane; So., 430 North Cliff St., Carrollton, Ga. Bohannon. Kathryn L.; So., Box 28, Moreland. Ga 159 Bokey, Mary Y.; Fr.. 118 Lakewood Drive, Acworth. Ga 159 Bolen. Larry M.; Sr., 201 Carroll Street, Carrollton, Ga 137 Bolin, Thomas C; So.. Richland. Georgia |59 Bolton. W. Neal; Fr., 604 N. Jefferson, Eatonton. Ga 159 256 The Carroll+on Newspapers . . , CARROLL COUNTY GEORGIAN AND TIMES-FREE PRESS 832-2441 1 1-13 Newnan Street Carrollton, Ga. ... are proud to support the student body and faculty of WEST GEORGIA COLLEGE WHITMAN ' S GLASS SHOP 418 North Park 832-2337 Carrollton Georgia Carrollton Federal Savings and Loan Association " Where Your Savings Grow Faster " 1 10 Dixie Street Carrollton, Georgia BURGER We Welcome WGC Students Maple Street Carrollton Georgia 257 Bomar, Nancy C; Jr., Route 2, Box 251, Douglasville, Ga 159 Bond, Jerry H.; Sr., Route I. Aragon, Ga |37 Bonds, Douglas L.; Jr., Route 2, Mike Dr., Gainesville, Ga. Bonner, Terry A.; Fr., 526 N. White, Carrollton, Ga. Boone, James W.; Fr., 150 E. Calloway R.D, Marietta, Ga 159 Booz, Betty J.; Jr., 213 East Tenth, Rome, Ga 1 59 Borg, Peggy A.; Fr.. 1934 Candler Road. Decatur. Ga 159 Bosch. John W.; So.. 1591 Melrose Drive, Atlanta, Ga 159 Bostwick, Brenda B.; Jr., Route I, Villa Rica, Ga ' 137 Boswell, Fred D.; Fr., 55 Sprayberry Rd., Newnan, Ga. Boswell, Robert A.; Jr.. 22 Oak St., Hogansville, Ga 159 Bouchillon, Hank L.; So., 202 Brown Street, Carrollton, Ga 160 Bowdoin, Joann; So., 2863 Blount St., East Point, Ga. Bowen, Charlene A.; Fr., 117 Clark Street, La Grange ,Ga 160 Bowen. Ida A.; So.. 314 5th St., Manchester, Ga ' 160 Bowen, James A.; Fr., 880 Johnsons Ferry Rd., Atlanta, Ga ' 160 Bowen. Ronnie J.; So., 1256 Hambrick Rd., Stone Mtn, Ga. Bowen, Teresa A.; So., 1218 Maple St., Carrollton, Ga 160 Bowers, Diane E.; So., Route 1, Old Mtn. Rd., Kennesaw, Ga 160 Bowers. Joseph S., Jr.; Sr., 217 Grogan Street Acworth, Ga 137 Bowie. Larry D.; ' Jr., Route 2, Bex 280, West Point, Ga 160 Bowles, Robert C. Jr.; So., 209 Willow St., Thomaston, Ga 160 Bowman, Betty R.; Sr., Box 302, Buchanan, Ga 137 Bowman, George C; Fr., 485 Perry Street, S.W., Lawrenceville, Ga 160 Bowman, Wiley J.; Sr.,-203 Poplar Street, Bremen, Ga 137 Boyd, Laura A.; Fr., 31 Ridgeview Drive, Cartersville. Ga 160 Boyd, Margaret J.; Fr., 449 Patterson Avenue, Scottdale Ga . ' 160 Boyd, Randolph L.; Fr., 634 Burke Road, Atlanta Ga. . . ' 160 Boyer, Diane L.; Fr., 2337 De Lowe Apts. 8. East ' Point, Ga 160 Boykin, Bryan J.; So., 2515 Semmes St., East Point. Ga 160 Bozeman, Bruce B.; So., 505 Webster Dr., Manchester. Ga 160 Bradford, Linda J.; Fr., 865 Ormewood Terrace. Atlanta, Ga [ 160 Bradley. Carol F. ; Jr., 421 Tennessee Ave., Bremen, Ga 160 Bradley, Larry G.; Jr., Route 2, Bowdon, Ga. Bradshaw. Diann; Fr., Route 3, Elberton, Ga 140 Brandenburg, Lewis; Fr., Route 3, Box 225, Griffin, Ga 160 Brannon, Robert D.; Fr.. 108 Woodcrest Drive Rome Ga 160 Bray, Patricia V.; So., Route 1, Box 178, Griffin Ga. ' 160 Brazzell, Rodney C; Fr., 2763 Waleska Way, East Point, Ga. Brentnall, Edward M.; Fr., 3680 Peachtree Road. Atlanta. Ga. Brewer, David; Sr., 130 Adamson Ave., Carrollton, Ga. Brewer. Thomas E.; So., 130 Carter Ave., Carrollton, Ga. Brigman. Sarah L.; Sr., 116 Jones Street, Carrollton, Ga 137 Brigman, Thomas O.; Fr., 1623 S. 26th St., Apt. 3. Arlington. Va ] 160 Brimer, Gayne R.; Sr., 4553 Hopewell Rd., College Park Ga. ' 137 Brindle, Billy L.- Fr., Box 156, Chatsworth, Ga ' . 161 Brinkley, John M.; Sr., 213 McDonald St. Marietta Ga 137 Brinkley, William R.; Fr., 2885 De Lowe Dr., East Point, Ga ' . 161 Brisendine, Mary A.; So,, 1013 Bouldercrest Dr., Atlanta Ga 161 Britt, Jerry M.; Sr., 102 Rogers St., Barnesville Ga 137 Brittain, Allen R.; Fr., Route 3, Douglasville, Ga. Brock, Gary C; Jr., Route 1, Resaca, Ga 161 Brock, Linda J.; Fr., 1924 Worley Lane, Montgomery, Ala . ' . ' 161 Brock, Sharon G.; Fr.. Box 336, Bremen, Ga ' . ' . ' . |6| Brodnax, William D.; Fr., 186 Lament Drive, Decatur, Ga 161 Bronk, Sharon A.; So., 3157 Le Conte Ave., N.E., Atlanta Ga 161 Brooks, Bernice B.; Fr.. P.O. Bo x 381 Villa Rica Ga Brooks, Charles C; Jr., 215 E. 44 St., Savannah, Ga. Brooks, James A., Jr.; Jr., 2858 Blossom Lane, East Point, Ga 138 Brooks, James Donald; Jr., 214 Grogan St., Acworth, Ga. ' 138 Brooks, Linda E.; Fr.. Route 2, Monroe. Ga. Brooks, Steven S.; Fr., 2321 Armand Road, N.E., Atlanta, Ga 161 Brotherton, Carolyn J.; Fr., 406 Gordon Street, Chickamauga, Ga 161 Broughton, Mary L.; Sp., Route 3, Carrollton. Ga. Brown, Andrew A.; Jr., Lake Dorene, Rockmart. Ga 161 Brown, Angle L.; Fr.. Box 605, Villa Rica, Ga. Brown, Betty Jane; So., 509 Buchanan, Bremen, Ga 161 Brown, Beverly; Fr.. Route 2, Box 82, Mc Donou ' gh Ga. Brown. Bill T., Jr.; So., 17 Waverly Circle, Newnan, Ga 161 Brown, Bobby L.; Fr., Berlin St., Tallapoosa, Ga. Brown, Carole Y.; Fr., Box 83, Buchanan, Ga 161 Brown, Charlotte M.; Fr., 2585 Amelia Avenue, Decatur, Ga ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' 161 Brown, Cynthia H.; Jr., 2585 Amelia Ave. Decatur Ga 161 Brown, Dana R.; So., 2226 Virginia PI., N.E., Atlanta Ga . ' . " 161 Brown, Dennis L.. Jr.; Sr., 6192 Ferry Drive, N.E., Atlanta, Ga 138 Brown, Hugh H.; Sr., 415 Page Street, Eastman, Ga 138 Brown, John D.; So., 2543 Layton Dr., Lithonia, Ga. Brown, John M.; So., 1334 Oldfield Rd., Decatur. Ga 161 Brown, Larry J.; Fr., Roopville, Georgia Brown, Lewis R.; Sr., 1102 Zebulon Road, Griffin, Ga 138 Brown, Marlys Y.; So., 1046 Windridge Dr., Marietta, Ga 161 Brown, Mary Aladean; Fr., 117 Fairview Road Rockmart Ga 161 Brown. Michael S.; So., 2995 Redwine Rd., East Point Ga ' 161 Brown, Robert Artie; So., 34 West Washington St., Ne ' wnan, Ga. Brown, Roger D.; Fr.. 905 Garden Street, Rossville, Ga. . . ' 161 Brown, Rosalyn; Fr., Irvindale Road, Duluth, Ga . ' .... " " 161 Brown, Sara S.; Sr., 913 S. Gordon Road, Mableton. Ga. Brown. Susan E.; Fr., 6768 Hembree Drive, Austell, Ga 161 Brown. Wanda B. ' ; So., Montgomery Street, Villa Rica, Ga. Bruce, Gary M.; So., 138 Howell Drive, Carrollton. Ga 162 Brumby. Sarah M.; Jr., 451 Wissahickon Ave., Ced ' artown, Ga 162 Bryan, Deborah D.; Sr.. Roopville, Georgia ' 138 Bryant. Wayne A.; Jr., 108 Mercer Rd., Smyrna Ga. Bryant. William R.; Fr., Route 3, Sox 79, West Point, Ga 162 Bubb, Bonnie B.; Fr.. 628 Brennan Lane, Atlanta, Ga 162 Bubenheim, Penny A.; So., 894 Brownwood Ave.. ' Atlanta, Ga ' . ' . 162 Buchanan, Howard B.; Fr., Route 3, Carrollton, Ga 162 Buchanan, Ralph C; So., Box 104, Gay, Ga 162 Buck, Ronald W.; So., 4698 Greenspri ' ng Rd., College Park Ga . ' . ' . " . ' . ' . " . ' . ' . ' . ' 162 Buckalew, Richard C; Jr., 1675 De Lowe Dr., S.W., Atlanta Ga 162 Buckelew, Barry R.; So., Route 4, Carrollton, Ga ' . 162 Buckels, Sara E.; Sr.. 2755 Hillcrest Ave. Macon Ga 138 Buice, Alice I.; Fr., 204 School Drive, Buford, Ga ' ... ' |62 Bullard, Charlotte J.; Jr., 204 Bittings Avenue, Summerville Ga. Bullard, Trahlyta K.; Fr., Box 35, Lees Mill Road. Fairburn ' , Ga 162 Bullock, Robert; Jr., 33 Public Square, Dallas, Ga. Bunn, Charles C, Jr.; So., 61! N. College St., Cedartown. Ga. Burch. James D., Jr.; Fr., Route I, Rabun Gap, Ga ' . 162 Burden, Charles E.; Jr., Ffogansville, Georgia Burge, Gregory P.; Fr.. 1720 Princeton Ave.. College Park Ga 162 Burke, William M.; So., 1045 Oxford Rd.. Atlanta Ga. . . ' 162 Burnett. Bruce C; Fr., Route 1, Milner. Ga . ' |62 Burnett, Melanie L.; Fr., 1843 Skyiand Terrace. Atlanta Ga. Burnett, Robert M.; Fr.. Route I, Talking Rock. Ga 162 Burnette, Dennis W.; Jr., 36 Tower Apartments, Carrollton Ga. Burnette, Emily E.; Fr., 2097 Pinecrest Drive, Colle ge Park Ga 162 Burnette, John K.; Sr., 2097 Pinecrest Dr., College Park. Ga. Burnette, Judith J.; Fr.. 36 Tower Apartments. Carrollton, Ga ' . 163 Burnham, Ronald E.; So., Route 5, Box 313. Newnan. Ga 162 Burns, Danny L.; Jr., Box 545, Dalton, Ga 163 Burns, David H.; Fr., Route I. Whitesburg, Ga 163 Burns, Gary C; So., 219 Mt. Vernon Dr., Decatur, Ga 163 Burns, Janice D.; Jr., 715 E. Suwannee St.. Fitzgerald, Ga 163 Burson, Georgia G.; Sr., 475 Forrest Avenue, Fayetteville Ga Burson, Napier; Fr., 4220 Club Drive. Atlanta, Ga. P - " ■■=.«• Cr. P .i- -) C. ' r ll ' -n Ga Burson, Robert M.; Sr., 923 Maple Street, Carrollton, Ga. Burton, Joseph E.; So., Mil Moores Mill Rd., N., Atlanta, Ga 163 bui. ii, ivoKcy c; rr., 2366 Springren Vy ' ay, Decatur, Ga 163 Bush, Emily C; So., 2484 Black Forest Tr., Atlanta Ga 163 Butler, Bobby L.; Fr., 1465 Atlanta Rd., Griffin, Ga ' .. " " |63 Butler, Jerry E.; Sr., Route 4, Chatsworth Ga |38 Butler. Harry J., Jr.; So., 205 Carroll Street, Carrollton, Ga. Butler, Marion T., Jr.; Fr., 108 Inverness Road, Athens. Ga 163 Butler, Rebecca D.; So., 147 Watson St., Carrollton, Ga 163 Buttolph, Stephen E.; So., 5784 Lake Forrest Dr.. Atlanta, Ga ' " |63 Bynum, William F.; Fr., Route 2, Box 79 C, Newnan, Ga. Byram, Charles F.; Jr., Route 5, Newnan. Ga 143 Byrd, Brenda A.; So., 205 Olympic Place, Decatur, Ga . ' .... ' . " . ' . " " 163 Byrd, James M.; Fr.. 709 Foster Mill Drive, La Fayette Ga ' " |63 Byrd, Robert V.; Fr., 431 E. Street, Thomaston. Ga " 163 Byrd. William L.; Fr., 215 Rhodes Drive, Marietta, Ga . ' |63 Cagle, Ronald D.; Fr., 21 Alexander Street, Cartersville. Ga " 163 Cain, Jackie R.; Fr., Route I, Dallas, Ga. Cain, William V.; Sr.. 206 W. Center St., Carrollton, Ga 138 Caldwell, Joycie D.; Fr., 650 E. Lanier Avenue, Fayetteville Ga ' 163 Caldwell, Loretta; Sr., 2115 Southern St., Rome, Ga |38 Caldwell, Susan L.; Fr., 110 Ruby Lane, Forest Park, Ga ... ' . 163 Calhoun, Charles B.; So., Box 344 Buchanan, Ga |63 Calhoun, Rory D.; Fr., Wheatly Hills Golf CI., E. Williston, N.Y. Callaway, Everette L.; Fr., 122 Hillsdale Drive, Atlanta, Ga 163 Cameron, James .D; Sp., 7047 Smith Street, Lithonia, Ga. Camp, Carolyn F.; Fr., Route 1, Newnan, Ga |63 Camp, Danna L.; Fr., Box 714, Villa Rica. Ga . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' 164 Camp, Janet Y.; So., 3949 Covington Hwy ' ., Decatur, Ga ' . ' ... ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . " . ' . " . ' . ' . ' . " 164 Camp, Theresa M.; Fr., 215 Lakeview Dr., Box Cedartown. Ga " . " . 164 Camp, Thomas H.; Sr., 6! Spring St., Newnan, Ga. Camp, William R.; Fr., 207 Rockmart Rd., Villa Rica, Ga 164 Campbell, Bernard C; So.. Route 2, Chatsworth, Ga |64 Campbell, Carole L.; So.. 1115 Portland Ave., S ' .E., Atlanta Ga. ................ 164 Campbell, Dwight C; So., 207 South Avenue, Forest Park Ga. Campbell, Gail M.; Fr., 2175 Highview Road, Atlanta, Ga 164 Campbell, Jimmy L.; So., 216 Durham St., Dallas. Ga 164 Campbell, Joyce E.; Sr., Route 1, Rome, Ga. ' . ' . ' ... ' . ' . ' . ' 138 Campbell, Larry J.; So., 132 Alabama St., Trion, Ga. Campbell, Ronald M.; Fr., Route 2, Temple, Ga. Campbell, Thomas H.; So., 898 Clifton Road, Atlanta Ga 164 Campbell, William M.; Sr., 610 E. Mcintosh Rd., Griffin, Ga 138 Can, Mehmet R.; So., Ataturk Ilk Okulu, Hasanoglan, Turkey Canedy, Christopher C; So., 185 Forrest Lake Dr., Atlanta, Ga. Cannon, Mary V.; Fr.. Route I. Skyview Drive, Lithia Sprgs, Ga 164 Cantrell, Johnny B.; So., 500 Atlantic Ave., Bremen, Ga .. ' . 164 Cantrell, Joseph E., Jr.; Sp., 732 N. Marshall Street. Cedartown, Ga. Capps, Jimmy M.; So., 229 Center Street, Mableton, Ga ' 164 Caraway, Donna C.; Fr., 1334 Milton PL, Atlanta, Ga 164 Cardin, Arthur E.; Sr., Box 96, Grantville, Ga. Garden, Danny P.; So., Route I, Bremen, Ga. Garden, Linda L.; Fr., 311 Church Street, Bremen, Ga. Carel, Matilda M.; So., Box 344, Carrollton, Ga 164 Carithers, Kenneth A.; So., 204 Rhodes Street, Union Point, Ga. Carlisle, William G.; So., Route 4, La Grange, Ga |64 Carmichael, Anita J.; Sr., 310 Conyers Rd.. Mc Donough, Ga 138 Carmichael, James M.; So., 147 Lawerenceville St., Mc o ' onough. Ga. Carmichael, Maurice W.; Fr., 406 Woodlan Way, Jackson, Ga. Carnes, William S.; Fr., 1766 W. Paces Ferry Rd.. Atlanta, Ga 164 Carney, Cynthia J.; Fr., II Lakeshore Drive, Rome, Ga 164 Carpenter, Joseph F.; Sr., 1837 Westminster Way, Atlanta, Ga. Carpenter, Samuel G.; Fr., 1153 Salem Road, Rossville, Ga 164 Carpenter, Stephen E.; Fr., 30 Edgewood Avenue, Thomaston. Ga. Carr, Sherry D.; So.. Route 4, La Grange, Ga |64 Carroll, Charles B., Jr.; Jr., 634 Lawson Street, Bremen, Ga. Carroll, David E.; Fr., Route 4, Box 47, Alpharetta, Ga 164 Carroll, Kenneth W.; So., Peachtree Rd., Rt. 3, Rockmart, Ga 164 Carroll, Laura L.; Fr., 429 Chestnut Street, Cedartown, Ga . ' . 164 Carruth. Ronald L.; Fr., 214 Jefferson Street La Grange Ga 164 Carstens. Jeffrey C; Fr., 2394 Lively Trail, ' Atlanta, Ga ' . ' ... ' . ' . ' . ' 164 Carter, Charles A.; Sr., Route 4. Carrollton Ga. . . ' 138 Carter, David R.; Jr., North Cliff St., Carrollton Ga. Carter, Paul L.; Fr., 619 Central St.. Cedartown, Ga. Carter, Phil E.; Jr., 71 Tower Apartments, Carrollton, Ga. Carter, Philip T.; Fr., 114 Pinecrest Road, Carrollton, ' Ga. Carter. Terry D.; So., Route 3, Box 367, Griffin Ga 165 Carter, William P.; So., 3150 Boulder Way, East Point, Ga. Cartwright, Danny W.; Jr., Box 123, Bremen, Ga. Cartwright, Patricia A.; Fr., 433 Chamber. Jasper, Ga |65 Carver, Miriam V.; Fr., 591 Church Street, Jasper, Ga . ' . ' . ' 165 Cash, Render M.; So., 204 Gordon Street, Bremen. iSa. Cashell, Carol A.; Fr., Warm Springs Fndtn., Warm Springs, Ga 165 Cashen, Kathryn E.; Fr., 64 Forrest Drive, Carrollton. Ga. . . ' 165 Castleberry, Mary L.; So.. 103 Blue Ridge Dr., Marietta Ga. Castro, Bennet R.; Fr., 208 Elden Drive, N.E., Atlanta Ga 165 Caudle, Ralph M., Jr.; Fr., 712 West Poplar Street, Griffin, Ga 165 Cauthen, Dennis J.; Sr., Route 2, Tallapoosa, Ga 138 Cauthen, Mary L.; Sr.. Route I, Meansville, ' Ga 138 Cauthron, Donna K.; Fr.. 701 6th Street, Chickamauga. Ga ' . ' 165 Cawley, Diana J.; Fr., Route 2, Talking Rock Ga 165 Caylor, John, 111; Fr., 314 North White, Carrollton, Ga 165 Caylor. Phyllis P.; Jr., 402 Austin Avenue, Marietta, Ga 165 Chalpan, Earl K., Ill; So., 864 Deckner Avenue. Atlanta, Ga 165 Chambers, Barry O.; Fr., 3800 Oglesby Road, Powder Spgs., Ga 165 Chambers, James M.; So., 1895 Oak Valley Rd., Decatur, Ga. Chance, William D.; Sr., 401 Longview, Carrollton, Ga 138 Chandler, Charles L.; Fr., 302 E. Jule Peek Avenue, Cedartown, Ga 165 Chandler, John D.; Jr., 1347 Emory Rd., N.E., Atlanta. Ga 165 Chandler, Sue E.; Sr., 130 Tuggle St., Carro ' llton Ga 138 Chandler, William P.; Sr., P.O. Box 96, Baldwin, Ga. Chandler, William T.; So., Route I, Temple, Ga 165 Chastain, Jerry D.; So., Route I, Martin, Ga. Chastain, Linda A.; Jr., 769 Rosedale Ave., Atlanta Ga 165 Chapman, Frank W.; Fr., 3959 Wieuca Rd.. Atlanta, ' Ga. Chappell, Patricia A.; Fr., 301 Carroll Street, Carrollton, Ga 165 Cheney, Christopher; Fr., 514 Loveman Lane, Dalton, Ga 165 Chester, William E., Jr.; Fr., 139 Evergreen Drive, Austell, Ga. Chestney, Robert W.; Fr., 3044 Pine Manor Court, Atlanta Ga 165 Chick, ' John R.; Fr., Route 2, Box 292 ,Mc Donough, Ga. Childs, Janet M.; Fr., 84 North Cedar, Mc Donough, Ga 165 Chlpman, Joseph D.; Sr., 974 N. Carter Rd., Decatur, Ga ' . 139 Chipman, Martha E.; Fr., 1982 W. Walker Ave., College Park Ga 165 Cho, Vlttorio C; So., 1502 Maple Street, Carrollton. Ga. Choate, Kenneth T.; Sr., Box 432, Palmetto, Ga 139 Christian, Robert R.; So., 130 Oakdale Drive, Forest Park, Ga 166 Christopher, John R.; Jr., Route I. Sharpsburg, Ga. Cigainero, Stephen R.; Fr., 109 Forrest Avenue, Cartersville, Ga. Clark, David A.; So., 200 Durham St.. Marietta. Ga 166 Clark, Larry W.; So., Route 3, Ellijay, Ga 166 Clark, Susan L.; Fr., 3714 Chesapeake Way, East Point, Ga. 258 THE PEOPLES BANK Drive-In Window for Your Convenience MEMBER F.D.I.C. Adamson Square Carrollton, Georgia APEX LINEN SERVICE THOMASSON Complete Linen Service Student Rental Service Printing and Office Equipment Company Atlanta — Macon — Albany — Colunnbus Tallahassee — Chattanooga , Alabama Street Carrollton Atlanta— 876-8243 259 Clary, Edward W.; Jr., 3110 Mt. Vernon Ave,, Alexandria, Va. Cleveland, Clark E.; Fr., 177 Lake Forest Dr., Elberton, Ga, Cleveland, Jerry N.; Fr., Route 2, Locust Grove, Ga. Cline, Sandra W.; Sr., 76 Forrest Drive, Carrollton, Ga. Cloud, Jotin F.; Jr., 135 Stroud Drive, Mabelton, Ga 166 Coalson, Jerry G.; So., 15 Elizabeth St., Rome, Ga 166 Cobb, Gary; Fr., Route 3, Chapel Hgts., Carrollton, Ga 166 Cochran, Danny L.; Fr., Route 2, Hiram, Ga 166 Cochran, Mary C; Fr., Route I, Dallas, Ga. Cochran, Ronnie L.; So., 213 Ridgecrest Dr., Dalton, Ga. Cochran. Roselle E.; Fr., 225 Stonev all, Rome, Ga. Codner, William A.; Jr., Route 2, Buchanan, Ga. Coe, Donald D.; So., 3CM5 Ridge Avenue, Macon, Ga 166 Cofer, Dott I.; Jr.-, 410 Highland Ave.. Carrollton, Ga. Cofer, Floyd A., Jr.; Fr., 520 Perry Street, Lawrcnceville, Ga 166 Coffeen, Reginald M.: Sr., Box 571, Carrollton, Ga 139 Cofield, Harriet L.; Fr., Route I, Nev nan, Ga 166 Coggin, Vivian E.; Jr., 507 E. Temple Ave., College Park, Ga 166 Coker, Kathy P.; So., Route 1, Monroe, Ga 166 Cole, Cheryl M.; So., Sharpsburg, Georgia 166 Cole, Gary W.; So., 672 E. Walker Ave., College Park Ga 166 Cole, Jerry E.; Fr., 123 S. White Street, Carrollton, Ga 166 Cole. Larry G.; Fr., Anderson Mill Rd., Rt., Austell, Ga 166 Cole. Nancy J.; Fr., Route I, Grantville, Ga 166 Cole, Patricia A.; Jr., 196 Addison Dr., Marietta, Ga 166 Cole, Sarah D.; Fr., Route 2, Franklin, Ga 166 Coleman, Robert C; Fr., 2149 Marann Drive, Atlanta, Ga. Collier, Edward L.; Jr., P.O. 523 Dobbins AFB, Dobbins, Ga 166 Collier, Patricia A.; Sr., 3623 Oakvale Road, Decatur, Ga 139 Collins, Jim A.; Fr., 439 Adamson Avenue, Carrollton, Ga 166 Collins, Joy L.; Fr., 2381 Snapfinger Road, Decatur, Ga 166 Collins, Kenneth R.; Jr., Route 4, Box 20 A Griffin, Ga 166 Colvin, Linda J.; So., 867 Rochelle Dr., S.W., Atlanta, Ga 166 Colwell, Joseph D.; So., Box 344, Zebulon, Ga 166 Comeaux, Ronald E.; Fr., 1114 Cascade Ave., S.W., Atlanta, Ga 166 Cone, Karen E.; Fr., 1284 Lanier Boulevard, Atlanta, Ga 167 Connell, Martha A.; Jr., 2692 Galahad Drive, Atlanta Ga 167 Cook, Barry D.; So., 1411 W. Poplar, Griffin, Ga 167 Cook, Gail A.; Jr., 611 Lynnhaven Dr., S.W., Atlanta, Ga. Cook, James C., Jr.; Fr., 1319 Dug Gap Road, Dalton, Ga 167 Cook, Michael J.; Fr., Jud Terrace, Dalton, Ga ' 167 Cook, Reginald L.; Fr., Route 2 Bremen Ga 167 Cook, Richard H.; Si " ., Box 311, Bowdon, Ga. Cook, Ronald G.; Fr., Box 661, Bowdon, Ga. Cook, Wallace A.; So., Boyd Road, Hogansville, Ga 167 Cook, William G.; Sr., 3987 Glenwood Rd., Decatur, Ga 139 Cook, Wilson L., Jr.; Fr., 3901 North Stevens, Alexandria, Va 167 Cooper, Brian H.; Fr., 310 Concord Circle, Smyrna, Ga 167 Cooper, Carlos B.; Sp., Ga. State Patrol No. 4, Villa Rica, Ga. Cooper, Sidney R.; Fr., 1191 Houston Mill Rd., Atlanta Ga 167 Cooper, William H.; Sr., 2322 Young Rd., Stone Mtn., Ga. Copelan, Patricia A.; So., 410 Brownlee Rd., Atlanta, Ga 167 Copeland, Barbara J.; So., 303 N. Depot Street, Ringgold, Ga ' 167 Copeland, McNair O.; So., 1806 Maple St., Carrollton, Ga. Copely, Patricia A.; So., Route 4, Bowdon, Ga. Corcoran, William P.; Sr., 4215 Windsor Castle, Decatur. Ga 139 Corley, Luna K.; Sr., Route 2, Woodbury, Ga. Corley, Shirley F.; Sr., 30O6 Miriam Ct., Decatur, Ga 139 Cornish, Ronald J.; Fr., 5274 Power Ferry Rd., n ' ., Atlanta, Ga 167 Cosper, Glenda C; So., 110 East Chandler, Carrollton, Ga 167 Cosper, Jerry L.; So., 601 Aycock St., Carrollton, Ga. Cosper, Mary L.; So., 6 Johnson Ave., Manchester, Ga 167 Couch, Brenda J.; Fr., 239 Jefferson Place, Decatur, Ga . ' . " |67 Couch, Joseph P.; Sr., 500 Brookfield Dr., N., Atlanta, Ga .... ' . |39 Couch, Samuel J.; Sr., 500 Brookfield Dr., N.E., Atlanta Ga 139 Couch, William M.; So., 417 3rd St., Manchester, Ga. . . ' 167 Coulon, Michael J.; Sp., 4598 Lawrenceville Hwy., Tucker, Ga. Council, Julian F.; So., Route I, Milledgevile,, Ga .- 167 Counts Nonie L.; Fr., 2032 Westminster Way, Atlanta. Ga. Cousineau, Diane; So., 491 Dodd Street, Marietta, Ga. Cowart, Louie W.; Fr.,, 808 Cowan Avenue, Hapeville, Ga 168 Cox, Carol A.; So., 607 Densley Drive, Decatur, Ga ' .. ' . ' . ' |68 Cox, Margaret M.; Sr., 117 Jackson St., Carrollton, Ga 139 Craig, Harris D.; So., 79 Sims St., McDonough, Ga 168 Cramer, S. David; Sr., 127 W. Center Street, Carrollton, Ga. Cranford, Ruth E.; Sr., 3086 Rice Circle, Macon, Ga 139 Craven, Brenda G.; Sr., Route 6, Carrollton ' Ga 139 Craver, William R.; So., 1944 Childress Dr., S., Atlanta, Ga. Crawford, Annie R.; Fr., Route 1, Carrollton. Ga 168 Crawford, Cheryl J.; Jr., 62 Diamond Avenue Ft. Rucker, Ala. ' . ' .. ' .. ' . " . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . " " 168 Crawford, Geron A.; Jr., 133 Douglass St., Cartersville Ga 168 Crawford, Robert J.; So., 2897 Diana Dr., S.W., Atlanta Ga 168 Crawford, William C; Fr., 760IPIeasant Hill Rd., Lithorlia Ga " 168 Crawley, Randolph L.; Jr., 2470 Cascade Rd., Atlanta, Ga. ' Crayton, James G.; Sr., P.O. Box 352, Zebulon, G. Creel, Jo A.; Fr., Route I, Jo Anna St., Lithia Spgs Ga 168 Crew, Stevan H.; Fr., Box 63, Dallas, Ga 168 Crews, Janice A.; Fr., Route I, Waco, Ga. Crews, Jonnie R.; Sr., Box 519, Bowdon, Ga 140 Crider, Johnnie E.; Jr.. 151 Etowah Drive, Cartersville, Ga ' .. ' .. ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . " . ' . ' 168 Crockett, David B., Jr.; So., Route I, Glenn Ga 168 Croley, Norma J.; Sr., 1928 W. Walker Ave., College Park Ga ' . ' .. ' . " . ' . 140 Crone, Janice M.; Fr., Box 421, Lithia Spgs, Ga ' ' |68 Crook, Danny C; So., 223 Lunie Dr., Mableton, Ga . ' . ' . ' . ' . " . ' . ' . ' . ' 168 Crook, Roy M.; Sr., Route 5, Franklin, Ga 140 Cross, Alice M.; Jr., 1075 Virginia Ave., N., Atlanta, Ga . ' . ' . " . " . ' " " 168 Cross, Samuel F.; Fr., 1075 Virginia Avenue, Atlanta, Ga ' |68 Crossley, Bryan T.; Fr., 38 King Road, Jonesboro, Ga 168 Crow, Linda L.; Sr., Route I, Box 278, Newnan, Ga. ' " . ' . |40 Crowe, Mavis A.; Jr., 116 Carter Avenue, Carrollton Ga . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' 168 Crowley, Roy E., Jr.; So., P.O. Box 568, Calhoun, Ga. ' " |68 Crowe, Ronald G.; So., 1069 Forrest Boulevard, Decatur, Ga. Cruce, Nancy R.; Fr., Route 2, Monroe, Ga |6g Crutchfield, Mary F.; So., 3448 Pheasant Court Decatur Ga . ' . ' . ' . ' 168 Culbreth, Wilson W.; Sr., 658 Avery Rd., S.W., Atlanta Ga " |40 Cumbie, Aubm N., Jr.; Fr., 510 Cedar Street, Carrollton Ga " " |68 Cummmg, Margaret A.; So., 1148 Maple Dr., Griffin, Ga. ' 169 Cunningham, Catherine; So., 411 Blackwell Road, Marietta Ga 169 Cunningham, Sharon L.; So., 129 Cherrywood Lan ' e, Marietta Ga " ' 169 Cureton, John F.; Jr., 20 Fifth St., Newnan, Ga. Cuffs, Hamilton; So., 1409 Oak Grove Dr., ' Decatur, Ga. Dadisnnan, Thomas D.; Fr., 18 Peachtree Avenue, Atlanta Ga 169 Dailey, Robert W.; Fr., 284 Moreland Way Hapeville Ga . . . ' ' |69 Dailey, Stephen D.; Fr., 284 Moreland Way, Hapeville Ga 169 Dale, James T.; So., Route I, Hogansville Ga ' " |69 Daniel, Charles M., Ill; Fr., 465 McDonough Road, Jackson Ga. Daniel, Dixie L.; Sr., 703 Hill St., Thomaston, Ga 140 Daniel, Larry L.; Fr.,.30l Clifton Terrace, Carrollton, Ga. Danner, David C; So., Warm Springs Hwy., Manchester, Ga. Darby, James L., Jr.; So., 3341 Lamar Cir., Smyrna, Ga ' 169 Darby, Laura A.; Fr., 406 E. Robert Toombs, Washington, Ga 169 Da dsn, Robert W.; So., Route 3, Cedartown, Ga. Da-, ley. James R.; Fr., 248! Kingscliff Drive, Atlanta, Ga 169 Davenport, Mary A.; Fr.. 6315 N. Hampton Drive, Atlanta, Ga 169 Davey, Russell A.; Fr., 213 Robin Lane, Marietta, Ga |69 Davidson, Freda S.: Fr., Route I, Carrollton, Ga |69 Davidson, Jenny L.; So., Route 1, Carrollton, Ga |69 Davis, Charles J.; Fr., 2649 Vance Drive, East Point, Ga. Davis, Edward E.; So., 337 Temple Ave.. Newnan Ga. Davis, Ellis D.; So., Route 3, Box 385, Griffin, Ga |69 Davis, Gay R.; Fr., 131 Peachtree Street, Carrollton, Ga . ' 169 Davis, John J.; Fr., 1197 Valley Brook Road, Decatur, Ga 169 Davis, Juanita E.; Fr., Route 5, Carrollton, Ga |69 Davis, Linda J.; Jr., 512 Dallas St., Acworth. Ga . ' . ' 169 Davis, Martha S.; Fr., 447 Oakdale Drive, Smyrna, Ga 169 Davis, Patricia E.; So., Route I, Carrollton. Ga. Davis, Phil P.; Fr., 2526 Constance Street, East Point, Ga. Davis, Phillip L.; So., Route 4, Box 40, Dalton, Ga |69 Davis, Raymond L., Jr.; Fr., 257 Rutland Circle, La Grange, Ga. Davis, Stephen M.; Fr., 2210 Leafmore Drive, D catur, Ga 169 Day, Cathy L.; Jr., 126 Oak Avenue, Carrollton, Ga |69 Dean, James R.; Fr., P.O. Box 403, Villa Rica, Ga |69 Dean, Teresa E.; Fr., Route 2, Carrollton Ga. Dees, Robert C; Jr., 1355 Hawthorne Way, East Point, Ga. De Hoop, Elizabeth M.; Sp., 128 E. Center Street, Carrollton, Ga. Dell, Lynda L.; Fr., Route 2, Senoia, Ga |70 Dell, Michael R.; Fr., 2285 Peachtree Road, Atlanta, Ga ' . " 180 Dellinger, Ray E.; Fr., Box 176, Bowdon, Gs 170 Dempsey, Sheila J.; So., 221 Victoria Ave., Cedartown, Ga. Denham, Shirley A.; So., 913 Mc Arthur Blvd., Warner Robins, Ga 170 Denmark, Gordon K.; Fr., 106 Clifton Terrace, Carrollton, Ga 170 Dennis, Clyde W.; Sr., Route 4, Pope Rd., Douglasville, Ga. Devereaux, Michele M.; Fr., 5667 Colton Dr., N.E., Atlanta Ga 170 Dews, Robert W.; Sr., Box 36, Edison, Ga. Dial, Carol L.; So., 1069 Virginia Ave., Atlanta, Ga. Dickens, Wilma A.; Jr., Route 6, Tifton, Ga |70 Dickerson, Glynda S.; Fr., Old Newnan Road, Carrollton, Ga. Dickerson, Henry R.; Jr., Old Newnan Rd., Carrollton, Ga. Dickman, Helen M.; Sr., Methodist Parsonage Mt. Zion Ga 140 Dillard, Clyde D., Jr.; Sr., Route 4, Douglasville, Ga. Dingier, Dan J.; Fr., 197 Greenville St., Newnan, Ga. Dingier, Michael L.; So., Rt. 3, Benedict Rd., Cedartown, Ga. Dixon, Richard A.; Fr., 127 Maple Street, Carrollton, Ga 170 Dixson, Carrie J.: Sr., Box 43, Bowdon, Ga 140 Dobbins, Ronald G.; So., 2880 Octavia Cir., N.E., Marietta, Ga 170 Dobbs, Susan E.; Fr., 110 Stephenson D4ive, Ft. Oglethorpe, Ga 170 Dombrowski, Michael E.; So., 2638 Tolliver Dr., Ellenwood, Ga 170 Dooley, J. Ronald; Fr., Route 3, Summerville, Ga 170 Dorman, Patsy A.; Sr., Box 406, Peco Lane, Austell, Ga 140 Dorriety, Gloria F.; Fr., 114 Adamson Avenue, Carrollton, Ga 170 Doster, Larry H.; Fr., Box 182 Savage Court, Smyrna, Ga. Dougherty, Daniel O.; Fr., 144 Avery Street, Decatur, Ga 170 Doughtie, Charles T.; So., 502 E. College, Griffin, Ca 170 Douglas, James T., Ill; Fr., 1862 Timothy Drive, Atlanta, Ga 170 Douglas, Susan M.; Fr., Route 1, Box 399, Alpharetta, Ga 170 Douglass, David L.; Sr., 201 Chup:h St., Eatonton, Ga 140 Dover, Gloria A.; Fr., 21 North Ave., Ellijay, Ga 170 Dowling, Gertrude E.; Fr., 213 S. Roswell Road, Marietta, Ga 170 Downey, Charles P.; So., II East Mill St., Tallapoosa, Ga 170 Doyle, Daniel F.; So., 310 Bernard Drive, Warner Robins, Ga. Draughon, Donna J.; Sr., 3975 Covington Hwy., Decatur, Ga 140 Drew, Jack T.; So., 2010 Wimbelton Dr., Thomasville, Ga 17! Drumheller, Martha F.: Fr., 5640 Eden Roc Lane, N., Atlanta, Ga 171 Drumm, Janis E.; So., 2396 Woodridge Dr., Decatur, Ga I7I Drummond, John M.: Sr., 29 Addison Rd., Marietta, Ga 140 Du Bois, Janine C; Fr., 495 Elden Drive, N.E., Atlanta, Ga 17! Du Bose, Thomasene; Fr., Route 2, Buchanan, Ga |70 Cuffey, Christopher W.; Fr., Route 2, Carrollton, Ga " I7I Duffey, Glenda D.; Jr., P.O. Box 353, Experiment, Ga. Duffey, Sherry L.; Fr., Route I, Newnan, Ga |7| Duggan, Morton B., Ill; Fr., 4052 Shawnee Lane, Atlanta, Ga ' .. ' . |7| Duke, Aubrey B., Jr.; So., 3682 Keswick Drive, Chamblee, Ga 171 Duke, Carol W.; So., 146 Bowen St., Carrollton, Ga |7| Duke, Herbert W.; Sr., 203 Elizabeth St., Covington, Ga. Duke, Michael L.; Fr., 233 Franklin Avenue, Jackson, Ga. Duke, Sara L.; So., Box III, Hamilton Ga . |7| Duke, William P.; Jr., 306 Chestnut St., Cedirtown, Ga. Dunaway, John E.; So., 128 Frances Place, Carrollton, Ga. Dunaway, Susan G.; Fr., 808 S. Green Street, Thoma ' ston, Ga I7I Duncan, Brenda J.; Fr., Box 33, Chatsworth, Ga |7| Duncan, John P., Ill; So., 1303 West Grove Blvd., Alexandria, Va. Duncan, Richard A.; Fr., W. Club Drive, Carrollton, Ga. Duncan, Ronnie M.; Fr., 408 Wayne Drive, Eatonton, Ga 171 Dunn, Clayton F.; Fr., Route I, Williamson, Ga. . . . ' ' . |7| Dunn, Larry W.; So., Route 1, Meansville, Ga ... ' . |7| Dunson, Samuel E.; Fr., Route 3, Ringgold, Ga |71 Dutton, Harvey L., Jr.; Fr., Route I, Newnan, Ga. Du Vail, Charles c; Fr., 1654 S. Alvarado Terr., Atlanta, Ga 171 Dye, Robert J.; So., Crawfordvllle, Georgia Dyess, Charles H.; Jr., 2020 La Fayette Cir., Albany, Ga. Fades, Kay A.; Fr., 2468 Susan Lane, Atlanta, Ga 17! Eades, Samuel R.; So., Richland, Georgia ' |7| Eady, Byron T.; So., Box 91, Lithia Sprgs, Ga. Earwood, Stephen A.; Fr., 2390 Tanglewood Rd., Decatur, Ga. Eason, John W.; Fr., 272 Skyland Drive, Roswell, Ga. . . . ' 171 Eason, James R.; So., Box 209, Bowdon, Ga. Eberhardt, David M.; Sr., 357 Elm Street, Elberton Ga 140 Eberhart, E. Wendell; Sr., Route 2, Hiram, Ga. Echols, Rudy V.; Fr., Route I, Dallas, Ga |7| Eddleman, Kay E.; Jr., 442 College St., Carrollton, Ga. Edge, Richard C; So., 2926 Madden Drive, Columbus, Ga. Edgerton, James L., Jr.; So., 2158 Niskey Lake Trail, Atlanta, Ga 171 Edmonds, Vi ' itor C; Fr., 109 Alice Lane, Carrollton, Ga. Edwards, George W.; So., 105 Dogwood Way, Decatur, Ga 171 Edwards, James C, III; Sp., 202 Orchard Knob Road, Atlanta, Ga. Edwards, Laura A.; So., 211 High School Ave., Monroe Ga 172 Edwards, Robert A.; Sr., 3299 Rabun Dr., Atlanta Ga. Edwards, Robert W.; Sr., P.O. Box 223, Jackson, Ga 140 Edwards, Sandra R.; Jr., 1441 Bouldercrest Dr., Atlanta, Ga 172 Egan, Roger P.; Jr., 45 Silverwood Rd., N.E., Atlanta, Ga 172 Eidson, Harold M.; Jr., Route 5. Newnan, Ga. Ellerbee, Steven H.; Fr., 310 Hill Street, Thomaston, Ga 172 Ellington, Jere D.; So., 873 College Ave., Conyers, Ga 172 Elliott, Constance J.; Fr., 36 Bowdon Street, Tallapoosa, Ga 172 Elliott, Patricia F.; Jr., 840 Blue Ridge Ct., Atlanta Ga 172 Elliott, Owen R.; Jr., Rt. 5, Box 236, Austell, Ga 172 Ellis, Carol L.; So., 142 Luckie St., Cartersville, Ga 172 Ellis, Frank L.; Sr., 37 W. Wash. St., Newnan, Ga. EHis, Marilyn T.; So., 5321 Vernon Way, Dunwoody, Ga 172 Ellison, Franklin L.; Sp., Route 2, Longvlew St., Carrollton, Ga. Elrod, Sheryl E.; So., Cherry Street, Adairsville, Ga 172 Elsberry, Deborah A.; So., 3031 Sarrents Cir., S.W., Atlanta Ga 172 Elsberry, Larry W.; So., 137 Ga. St., Trion, Ga. Emfinger, Robert D.; Fr., 458 Adamson Ave., Carrollton, Ga 172 Emrich, Barbara A.; Fr., 3072 Arden Road, N.W., Atlanta, Ga 172 England, Linda F.; So., Route 1, Kennesaw, Ga |72 260 Compliments of LOWORN JEWELRY COMPANY 832-8546 203 Adamson Square Carroll+on, Ga. for Shopping COLONIAL TRI-COUNTY INSURANCE AGCY. Auto • Fire • Life Bonds • Casualty COMPLETE INSURANCE SERVICE DIAL 832-8997 12 Dixie St. Carrollfon TASTY-GRILL Curb Service Open 6 AM to 10 PM — Except Monday Phone TE 2-9183 1004 Dixie Street Carroll+on Georgia 261 Enns, Alan C; Fr., 430 Hitderbrand Avenue, Atlanta, Ga. Entrekin, Brenda L.; So., 308 Guinn Street, La Grange, Ga 172 Entrekin, Clifford G.; Fr., 1019 Maple Street, Carrollton, Ga. Ergle, John D.; Jr., 1456 Childress Drive, Atlanta, Ga 172 Erwin, Michael B.; Jr., Sunset Dr., Lindale, Ga. Eskew, June K.; Fr., Route 5, Box I2IA, Newnan, Ga. Estep, Paul D.; So., Route I, Buchanan, Ga. Etheredge, Jerri E.; So., Box 635, Villa Rica, Ga 172 Eubanks, William D.; Fr., 1975 Wellbourne Dr., N., Atlanta, Ga. Evans, Bloom hi.; Fr., Box 165, Sylvania, Ga. Evans, Edna S.; Jr., 908 Linden Dr., Dalton, Ga 172 Evans, Lucy L.: Jr., 527 Church St., Villa Rica, Ga. Evans. Roswell L., Jr.; Fr., 814 Dixie Street, Carrollton, Ga 172 Evans, Ruth A.; Fr., 407 Belva Street, Carrollton, Ga 172 Everett. Marvin P.; Fr., 2312 La Vista Rd., N.E., Atlanta, Ga. Everett, Ronald S.; So., 999 Dill Ave., S.W., Atlanta, Ga. Ewing, Vlkl J.; So., Route 3, Monroe, Ga. Ezzell, Anthony M.; Jr., 22! Newcomb Ave., Rockmart, Ga. Fairchild, George W.; Fr., 122 Sunset Drive, Warner Robins, Ga 172 Faircloth, David S.; Sr., 117 Gordon Ave., Lyons, Ga 140 Faircloth, Vivian E.; Fr., Tower Apartment No. 22, Carrollton, Ga 173 Fairley, Willard L.; Sr., 55 Tower Apts., Carrollton, Ga. Falkner, Ronnie M.; So., 1779 Vi.-.kers dr., Decatur, Ga. Fallis, Bentley C; Sr., 5 Hood Street, La Grange, Ga. Farmer, Carl B.; So., 1548 Mason Mill Rd., N.E., Atlanta, Ga 173 Farmer, Kenneth E.; Jr., Tanner S. Beach, Carrollton, Ga. Farmer, Susan E.; Sr., 209 Couper St., Rome, Ga 140 Farr, James T.; So., Route I, Temple, Ga. Farr, Margie L.; So., 338 Rockmart Rd., Villa Rica, Ga 173 Farrell, Donna M.; Sr., 217 Lacy St., Marietta, Ga 140 Farris, Milton C; Fr., 1167 Cardinal Way, S., Atlanta. Ga. Farrow, Dennis A.; Fr., Box 85. Lyerly, Ga. Faulkner, Jacquelyn K.; Fr., 4555 Campbellton Road. Atlanta. Ga 173 Faux, Deborah J.; Fr., 636 Lorell Terrace, Atlanta. Ga 173 Ferguson, Gene L.; Fr., Ill Castlewood Drive, Marietta, Ga 173 Fields. April J.; So., 2003 Westwood Ave., Atlanta, Ga 173 Fields, Don E.; Jr., Hazel Dr., Dalton, Ga. Fields. Martha J.; So., 1755 Harper St., N.W., Atlanta. Ga 173 Fields, Sammy R.; So.. 270 Clayton St., Lawrenceville, Ga 173 Findley, Stevens D.; So., General Delivery, Fairmount, Ga. Finley. Bobbie S.; Fr., 2512 Susan Lane, Atlanta, Ga. Fiquett, Edith C; So., Route 2, Eufaula, Ala. Fiquett. Larry Wayne; So., Omaha, Georgia 173 Fleeman, James D., Jr.; Fr.. Box 163, Waverly Hall, Ga 173 Fleeman, Lucy A.; Sr., 220 Confederate Ave., Dallas, Ga 140 Fleming, Alice E.; So., 68 W. Washington St., Newnan, Ga 173 Fletcher, Thomas A.; Fr., Route 2, Carrollton, Ga 173 Flint, David H.; Sr., 502 College St., Carrollton, Ga. Flippo, Gordon G.; Fr., 207 Kennesaw Ave.. Marietta, Ga. Flowers, Mart C; So., 4561 Northside Dr., N.W., Atlanta, Ga. Flournoy, Joanne M.; Fr., 1323 Washington Street, La Grange. Ga 173 Floyd, Nancy C; So., Route 3, Box 77. Newnan, Ga 173 Floyd, Patricia Ann; Jr., Route 2, Pine Mountain, Ga 173 Fobbus, Michael L.; So., 204 Skyway Drive, Warner Robins. Ga. Foote, Erick E.; Jr.. 701 Maple Ave., Marietta, Ga. Ford, Barbara J.; Sr., 3105 Ivan Hill Dr., S.W., Atlanta, Ga 14! Ford, Gayle D.; Fr., 1122 Adams Street, Decatur. Ga 173 Fordham, Malcolm J.; Jr., Route I, Dublin, Ga. Fordham, William L.; Fr., 206 South Alma Street, Carrollton. Ga. Fortenberry, Donald R.; Fr.. Box 57, Cartersville. Ga 173 Fortson, Kay; Fr., 198 Tusten Street, Elberton, Ga 173 Forsyth, Charles F.; So., 2905 Newton Rd., Albany, Ga 173 Foster. Donald R.; Sr., 122 East Street. Forest Park. Ga 141 Foster, John A.; So., 214 N. Grimes St., Dalton, Ga 173 Foster, Larry A.; So., 202 Oak Avenue, Carrollton, Ga 173 Foster, Mary D.; Sr., 909 Lynhurst Dr., S.W., Atlanta, Ga 141 Foster. Terry M.; Fr.. 122 East Street, Forest Park, Ga. Foster, Walter P., Jr.; Fr., 1853 W. Cambridge. College Park, Ga 173 Fowler, James M.; Fr., 1583 Harts Mill Road, Atlanta. Ga 174 Fowler, Larry L.; Fr., 416 Whitlock Avenue, Marietta, Ga 174 Fowler, Marlon L.; Sr.. Route 2, Molena, Ga 141 Fowler, Robert B.; Fr., 326 Second Avenue, Decatur, Ga 174 Frank, Anna M.; Fr.. 2636 Sunny Lane, Marietta. Ga 174 Franklin, Carolyn L.; Fr., 38 Ridgeview Drive, Cartersville. Ga 174 Franzen, Gall R.; Fr.. 1130 Walker Drive. Decatur. Ga 174 Erasure, Mary J.; Fr. 512 Pamela Street. Marietta, Ga 174 Frazier, Diane K.; Fr., 7401 Mill Run Drive, Derwood, Md. Frazier, Kenneth G.; Sr., Route I, Whitesburg, Ga. Freeman, Ardis A.; Jr.. Box 179, Newnan, Ga. Freeman, Beverly A.; Fr., Route I, Box 311. Hogansville, Ga. Freeman, Joe H.; So.. 1333 Lockwood Dr., Atlanta, Ga 174 Freeman, Maryetta; Jr., 1686 Flat Shoals S.E., Atlanta, Ga. Freeman, Richard G.; Fr., Route 5, Carrollton, Ga. Friesmuth, Robert M.; So., 2882 Arrowood Dr., East Point, Ga 174 Frisbee, Barbara R.; Fr., Box 591, Austell, Ga 174 Fryer. Lynn G.; Jr.. 665! Castleton Dr., Atlanta, Ga 174 Fuller, Cecilia A.; So., Route 3, Box 73. Newnan. Ga 174 Fuller. Steven M.; Fr., Box 518, Bowdon, Ga 174 Fulmer. Helen C; Fr.. 2255 Lenox Road, N.E., Atlanta, Ga 174 Fulton, Marion A.; Fr., 365 Dogwood Circle, Smyrna, Ga 174 Fulton, Robert L.; Fr., 3067 Luland Road. Decatur, Ga 174 Funderburk, Sarah E.; Fr., 210 Prospect Street. Roswell, Ga 174 Fuquea, Tommy E.; Fr., Route I. Box 577, Douglasville, Ga 174 Furgerson, Robert; Fr., 131 Haley Road, Heflin. Ala. Futral. Donald G.; So., Ga. Experiment Station, Experiment. Ga 174 Gable. Kenneth R.; Fr., Route I, Lindale. Ga 174 Gabriel. William E., Jr.; So., 2216 Beecher Circle, Atlanta, Ga 174 Gaddy. Errol G.; So., 1580 Nisky Lake Rd., S., Atlanta, Ga. Gambrell, Danny M.; Sr., 126 Adamson Ave., Carrollton, Ga. Gambrell, Edwin N.; Fr., 697 Densley Drive, Decatur. Ga 174 Gamel, Sylvia J.; Fr., 344 Ridgecrest Road, Smyrna, Ga 174 Gammage, William L.; Sr., 1617 Wells Dr., Columbus, Ga 141 Gantt, Sue A.; So., Box 206, Stovall Rd., Greenville. Ga 174 Gardner. Glynda A.; So., 298 Peabody St., Athens, Ga 174 Garland, Douglas L.; So., Route I, Fairmount, Ga 175 Garland. Jerry D.; Jr., Route I, Fairmount, Ga 174 Garland, John B.; Fr., 426 Indian Springs St.. Jackson, Ga. Garland, Thomas K.; So., Route I, Rock Springs, Ga 175 Garner, Barbara A.; Fr., Route 2, Buchanan. Ga 175 Garner, Gaythel C; Fr., Route 2, Buchanan, Ga 175 Garner, Marlene P.; Sr., Box 153, Buchanan, Ga 141 Garner. Sandra J.; So., Rt. 2, Lower River Rd., Austell, Ga 175 Garrett, Frances A.; Sr.. P.O. Box 73. Mt. Zion. Ga. Garrett, Diana L.; Fr., Route 3, Greenville, Ga 175 Garrett, Herbert W.; Jr.. Box 174. Lincolnton, Ga 175 Garrett, James W., Jr.; Jr., Roopville. Georgia Garrett. Mary J.; Fr., 404 Linroln, La Grange, Ga 175 Garrett, Melissa F.; Fr., Hickory Street, Bremen. Ga ' 175 Garrett, Otto F.; So., Box 638, Sanford, Fla 175 Garrison, Carl T.. Jr.; Fr., 3059 Octavia Place, Doraville. Ga 175 Garrison. Doris V.; Jr., Route I, Taylorsville, Ga 175 Garrison, Judith L.; So., 206 Parkwood Rd., Smyrna, Ga 175 Garrison, Sivil E.; Sr., Box 54, Jefferson, Ga 141 Gary. Tom D.; Fr., Box 291, Georgetown, Ga. Gasaway, Philip W.; So., 206 Addie St.. ' La Grange, Ga 175 Gaster, Karen S.; Jr., Box 335. Gordon. Ga 175 Gates, James E.; Fr., Route I, Box 151, Grantville, Ga. Gattis, Nancy L.; Sr., Rt. I, Clearwater Lk. R., Sharpsburg, Ga |4| Gay, Helen C; Fr., North Highway. Hogansville, Ga . ' ' .. ' . ' . ' . 175 Gay, William R.; So., North Highway. Hogansville, Ga. .... ' . ' . ' . ' . " . " . ' . ' " . ' 175 Geer, Barbara B.; Fr., 2617 Langland Ct., N.E.. Atiantq, Ga. 175 Gentry, Contsance M.; Jr.. Boulevard Ave.. Tallapoosa. Ga. George, Cora E.; Fr.. 41 Connecticut Avenue, Tallapoosa Ga |76 George. Ed Thomas, Jr.; So., Route 2, Box 130, Newnan Ga |76 George. Frederick A.; Fr., 4880 Carol Lane, N.W., Atlanta Ga |7i Gevedon, Michael R.; Jr.. 242 Camelot Parkway, Jonesboro ' Ga |76 Gibbon, Hugh P.; Jr., 408 Tanner Street, Carrollton Ga. . ' |76 Gibbs. Cathy L.; Fr.. 2997 S. Rainbow Drive. Decatur Ga |76 Gibbs, Charles W.; So., Route I, Box 99, Palmetto Ga. Gibbs, John D.; Fr., 542 Gilmer Street. Cartersville. Ga. Gibson, Frank M.; So., 301 Harwell Ave., La Grange, Ga |76 Gibson, Garland J.. Jr.; Fr.. 126 House Circle, Carrollton Ga. .. |76 Gilbert, Aubrey W.; Sp., 50 Stewart BIdg., Carrollton Ga. ' Gilbert, David H.; So., 109 Burson Ave., Carrollton. Ga |76 Gilbert. Howard W.; Fr., 118 Ridley Drive, Carrollton. Ga. Gilbreath, Verlon L.; Fr.. Route 2. Hazlehurst, Ga |76 Giles. Mary A.; Fr., Roberta, Ga ..... ' ... ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . " . ' ... 176 Gill, Anthony D.; Fr., 846 Sherman Oaks Drive, Birmingham, Ala. " . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . 176 Gilson, Sally C; So., 7175 Brandon Mill Rd.. Atlanta, Ga. ' . 176 Ginn, Jessie L.; Jr., Route 2, Box 4, Fairburn. Ga. . . . ' |7(, Gladden. Brenda D.; So.. 219 Oak St., Rock ' mart, Ga . ' . ' ]. ' . ' . ' . ' . ' !. ' . ' . ' !. ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' " 176 Gladney. Nancy S.; So., Calhoun Rd.. Route 2. Rome, Ga , ' |76 Glanton, Richard H.; So., Route I, Villa RicaGa... ' 174, Glass. Clark W.; Fr., 998 Deckner Ave., Atlanta, Ga. Glidden, Willis R.; Jr., Route I. Victoria St.. Douglasville, Ga. Goble, Arthur E.; So., Dallas, Georgia [ 174 Godard, Marion F.; So., Route 3. Box 288. Griffin. Ga 176 Godbee. Beverley E.; Fr., 305 W. 6th Street. Waynesboro. Ga " 176 Godfrey, David H.; Fr., 4 Dellvue Place, Rome, Ga. Godley, Elizabeth A.; Fr., Box 98, Woodbine, Ga. Goggins, Walton S.; Jr., 4250 Kingsprings Road, Smyrna, Ga 176 Going. Donald E.; So., 12! Finley Dr.. Forest Park, Ga. ' 176 Golczynski, Bernie C; Sr.. 607 15th Street, Alma. Ga 141 Golczynski, Susan E.; Jr., 607 15th Street, Alma, Ga 177 Golden, Melvin L.; Sr., 108 Georgia Ave., Bremen, Ga " ' |4| Goldin, Robert B., Ill; Fr., 215 Piedmont Ave., Ro ' ikmart, Ga. Golden, Robert G.; Jr.. 931 Maple Street, Carrollton, Ga. Goldsmith, Betty J.; Fr., 1602 Scott Boulevard, Decatur, Ga 177 Golightly, Harry K.; So., 106 Windemere Dr.. Greenville ' . Sc ' . 177 Goodwin, Elizabeth A.; Fr., 1404 Fama Drive, Atlanta, Ga . ' . ' . ' . ' 177 Gordon, Katharine L.; Sp.. Route 5. Newnan, Ga. Gordon, Marsha A.; So., 257 Lockheed Ave., Marietta, Ga |77 Gordon, Sharon F.; Fr.. Route I, Roopville, Ga _, 177 Gordy, William S.; Fr.. 1514 Hilton Ave., Columbus, Ga. Gossett. Elaine D.; Sr.. Route 2. Carrollton, Ga. . . ' |4| Gossett, Homer H.; Sr.. Route 2, Carrollton, Ga. Gower, Richard L.; Fr., 2236 Montrose Avenue, Atlanta. Ga 177 Graham, Harold J.; So., Route 4, Rucker Rd., Alpharetta, Ga 177 Granger, John M.; Fr., 1717 E. Oxford Ave., College Park. Ga 177 Grant, James James W.; Fr., 156 Cave Spring Street, Cedartown Ga 177 Gray. Elizabeth D.; Fr., 500 East 2nd Street, Rome, Ga 177 Gray, Vernon S.; Jr., 107 Morgan Street, Fairfax, Ala. Green, David E.; Fr., 71 Blackland Road. N.W., Atlanta, Ga. Green, Diane E.; Fr., 1907 Cummlngs Dr., S.W.. Atlanta, Ga 177 Green. Dianne J.; Jr.. Route I, Newnan, Ga. Green, Frances A.; Sr., Route 3, Chatsworth. Ga |4| Green, Hugh C, Jr.; Fr., 66 West Peachtree St., Norcross, Ga 177 Green, Jordan J.; Fr., 1741 Asylum Ave.. W. Hartford. Conn. Greene, Patricia K.; Fr., 255 Rose Avenue, Douglasville Ga 177 Green, Richard F.; Jr., Box 205, Route 3. Newnan, Ga. Green, Stephen D.; Fr., Route I. Villa Rica, Ga! |77 Green, Stephen M.; Fr.. 116 Chief Vann Drive. Rome, Ga 177 Green, Wanda P.; So., 207 Fairmount Avenue, Cedartown. Ga. Greene, Leon C; Sr.. 1834 Avon Ave.. S.W., Atlanta. Ga 142 Greene, Stephen D.; Fr.. Route I, Alpharetta, Ga |77 Greenway. Nancy S.; Fr.. 6224 Jane Rd.. Doraville. Ga 177 Greenway, Wm. Clyde; Fr., 2804 Old Norcross Road, Tucker, Ga 177 Greer. Robert H.; Jr.. Route 2, Jackson, Ga. Gregory, Darrell W., Jr.; So., 335 Wingfoot St., Rockmart, Ga. Gregory, Mary J.; Fr., Route 3, Box 168. Madison, Ga. Gregory, Robert M.; Sr., 360 Nelms Ave., N.E., Atlanta, Ga 142 Gresham, Larry L.; Fr., Box 447. Newnan. Ga 177 Gresham, Mary E.; Fr., 1397 Lockland Rd., S.E., Atlanta, Ga 178 Grider, Barbara G.; Sr., Box 219, Chatsworth, Ga. Griffeth, Sandra K.; Fr., 1081 S. Main, Jasper, Ga 178 Griffin. Charles D.; So., Box 19, Felton, Ga 178 Griffin. Charles H., Jr.; So.. 804 Eloise St. A, Atlanta, Ga 178 Griffin, Elizabeth S.; Fr., 1502 Maple Street, Carrollton, Ga. Griffin, Leonard E.; Fr., 804 A Eloise Court, Atlanta Ga 178 Griffin, Ronald L.; Jr., 130 Clifton Ter. Carrollton Ga. Griffith. Byron E., Ill; Jr., 95 Greenville St., Newnan, Ga. Grimes, Mary S.; Fr., 2504 Old Norrross Road, Tucker, Ga 178 Grizzard, Andrea L.; Fr., 1365 Forrest Avenue, East Point. Ga 178 Grizzard, Carol A.; Jr., 1365 Forrest Ave., East Point, Ga 178 Grizzell , James R.; Fr., 401 Boulevard, La Grange, Ga. Groover, Anne K.; Jr., 2884 Mabry Lane, N.E., Atlanta. Ga 178 Grose, Karen S.; So., Route 2. Whigham. Ga 178 Grubbs, Mildred L.; So., 2885 The Fontaineblea Atlanta Ga 178 Gunnin, Harry M.; Jr., 2965 Pharr Ct., N.W., Atlanta, Ga. Gunter, Nancy C; Jr., Route I, Monroe, Ga 178 Gunter, Norma J.; Fr., Route I, Monroe, Ga 178 Gurley, Cynthia D.; Fr., 2789 Galahad Drive N., Atlanta, Ga 178 Guthrie, Charles I.; So., 2255 Leafmore Drive, Decatur, Ga 178 Guthrie, James M.; Sr., 2265 Leafmore Dr., Decatur, Ga. Guthrie, Meta C; Sr., 6253 Glenridge Drive, Atlanta, Ga. Guy, Kenneth M.; So., Route 4, Box 409, Douglasville Ga 178 Hadaway, Melody D.; So., 407 E. Ilth St., West Point Ga 178 Hadden, Anna S.; Fr., 2914 Clark Drive, East Point, Ga. Hagan, De Lores D.; Sr., 26 Levens Hill. Carrollton, Ga. Hagerman, Jon P.; So., 1848 Monroe Dr., N.E., Atlanta, Ga. Hagerman, Mary D.; So., 1848 Monroe Dr., N.E., Atlanta, Ga. Hagood, Sarah F.; Fr., Box 103, Tallapoosa, Ga ' 178 Halcome, Myra L.; Fr., 664 E. Mercer Avenue, College Park, Ga 178 Hale, Barbara E.; So., Route 4, Carrollton, Ga 178 Hale, Pamela J.; Sr., 1063 Forrest Blvd., ' Decatur, Ga 142 Haley, Eddie J.; So., Route I, Box 169. Dalton, Ga 178 Haley, Gary L.; So., Route 4, Box 433, Dalton, Ga. Hallburton, Sharon K.; Fr., 524 West Ontario Ave., Atlanta, Ga 179 Hall, Charles E., Jr.; Fr., Newton, Georgia |79 Hall, Jere T.; So ., Route I Moreland Ga. Hall, Jimmy W.; Jr., 304 Hill St., Thomaslon, Ga 179 Hall, John L.; Fr., Route I. Box 310. Newnan. Ga. Hall, Linda D.; So., 556 Roxbury Drive, RIverdale, Ga 179 Hamby, Roy R.; Fr., Greensboro Road, Madison, Ga 179 Hamil, Mary A.; Jr., 1020 Rome St., Carrollton, Ga 179 Hamilton, Joyce G.; Fr.. 2969 5th Street, S.W., Atlanta, Ga 179 262 CAPITAL FOODS, INC. 777 Whitehall St. S. W. Atlanta Georgia Institutional Frozen Foods and Groceries Compliments of CAPITOL FISH CO. 777 Whitehall St. Atlanta, Ga. 263 Hamm, Harvel B.; So., Route3, Central Road, Carrollton, Ga. . Hammock, Merrell G.; Fr.. Zebulon, Georgia Hammond, Claude R. ,Jr.; So., 178 La Grange St., Newnan, Ga. Hammond, Glenda J.; So., 3867 Stone Rd., S.W., Atlanta, Ga. Hammond, Thomas E.; Fr., 3867 Stone Road, S.W., Atlanta, Ga. Hammond, William G.; Fr., 38 W. Washington St., ' Newnan, ' Ga. Hampton, Sandra J.; Fr., 997 Burns Drive. S.W., Atlanta, Ga. ... Hand, Lesley D.; Fr., 297 Conyers Road, Mc Donough Ga. Hand, Robert G.; Fr., 3200 Lenox Road, N.E., Atlanta, Ga. Haney, James J.; Fr., 2229 Springwood Road, Decatur, Ga. , Hannah, Hannah, Hannah, Hanners, Hansard, Ga. Lillian v.; Fr., Route 2, Carrollton, Marie E.; Fr., Route 2, Carrollton, Ga. . _ _ Selby E.; So., Woodbury, Georgia 179 179 179 179 Gainesville, Ga Hardy, Anita L.; So. Hardy, Janette E.; Fr., Harkness, Mary K.; Fr. Harkness, Terry D.; Fr. Harris, Harris, Harris, Harris, Macon, Ga. ... Ga. Richard E.; So., Route I, Carrollton, Ga , Kerry L.; So., 310 Canton Street, Alphare ' tta, Ga. Hanson, George W.; Sr., P.O. Box 249, Madison, Ga. Harben, Grover S.; So., Rt. 6, Edgewater Driv Harbert, James D.; Jr., Route I, Toccoa Ga. Harcourt, Phillip B.; Fr., Route 5, Austell, ' Ga. Hardaway, Carolyn W.; Sr., 817 N. Franklin Road, Newnan, Ga. Hardaway, William L.; Fr., Route 4. Box 160-A, Newnan, Ga. Hardegree, James B.; So., 3793 Kensington Rd., Decatur, Ga. .. Harden, Brenda G.; Fr., Route 4, Carrollton, Ga. Harden, John C; Sp., Route 4, Carrollton, Ga. Harding, Thomas C; So., Box 276, Douglasville, Ga. Hardman, Mary L.; Fr., 2799 Andrews Drive, Atlanta Ga 337 Oakdale Drive, Griftin, Ga Box 115, Brooks. Ga 166 Griffin Drive, Carrollton, Ga. 166 Griffin Drive, Carrollton, Ga. Harman, Robert W.; So., 1810 Montrose Dr., East Point, Ga. .. Harper, Glenda C; So., Route I, Waco, Ga . ' Harper, Johnny A.; Fr., 2135 1st Avenue, College Park Ga. .. Harrell, Ronald L.; So., 131 Pine Valley Dr., Forest Park, Ga. Harrell, Sidney E., Jr.; Fr., 3296 Woodview Dr., Smyrna, Ga. ... Harrington, Frankie J.; Fr., Route 5, Carrollton, Ga Harris. Ada Sue; Jr., 8 Carmichael St.. Newnan, Ga Harris. Bruce W.; So., Route 2, Dallas Ga Harris, Charles M.; Fr., 6084 Austell Avenue, Austell, Ga Harris, Christopher; Sr., Route 2, Thomaston Rd. Don P.; Fr.. 531 West Main St.. Cartersville Fred W.; Fr., 618 Roswell Rd. , Smyrna, Ga George R.; Jr., Box 3, Turin, Ga Jackson T.; Sr., Route 5. Carrollton, Ga. Harris, John Roscoe; Fr., 806 Sheaffer Drive Mt. Pleasant Iowa Harris, John R.; Sr., P.O. Box 172, La Fayette. Ga . ' Harris, Joseph C; Sr., 2455 Chapman Spgs. Road, College Park, Ga. Harris, Terry N.; Fr., 4 Crestwood Road, Cartersville, Ga ' Harris, Vicki K.; Fr., Route 6, Allgood Road, Marietta, Ga Harrison, Cheryl D.; Fr., Route 3, Jackson, Ga ' Harrison, Janice M.; Jr., Charles Road, Box 321, Chatsworth, Ga. ... Harrison, Michael T.; Fr., 6! Emerald Drive, Jonesboro, Ga. ' Harrod, Emmett K.; Jr., Route I, Bowdon, Ga Hart, Margaret A.; Fr., 52! Brindlew ' ood Circle, Decatur Ga Hartness, Gilda L.; Fr., 1625 Fernleaf Cir., N., Atlanta, Ga Harward, Lawrence B.; Fr., 2968 Briarlake Road, Decatur Ga Harwell, David B.; Fr., Route 4, Carrollton, Ga. Hassell, William K.; Fr., 100 Jodeco Drive. Jonesboro Ga. Hatchett, Walter H.; Jr., Box 146, Waco, Ga. Hathcock, James M.; Jr., Box 146, Waco, Ga. Hathcock, James M.; Jr., 3338 Boring Rd ' ., Decatur, Ga. Hathcock, Jayne D.; Fr., 4929 Stagecoach Road, Ellenwood, Ga. Hattaway, William F.; So., 631 Northern Ave., Clarkston, Ga Hawkins, Marcia A.; So., 238IB E. Lindmont Ct., Atlanta, Ga Hawkins, Pamela J.; Fr., Route 4, Carrollton, Ga ' . Hawes, Carol I.; Fr., 2624 Lancaster Dr., East Point, Ga. Hay, Ida L.; Fr., Route I, Box 73, Sharpsburg, Ga. Hayden, Howard H.; So., 1109 Forest Blvd., Decatur, Ga. Hayes, Carolyn L.; Fr., Mc Kinsey Street, Adairsville, Ga Hayes, Daniel R.; Jr., Route I, Fayetteville, Ga. . ' . Hayes, Margaret; Fr., 62 Macon Street, Mc Donough, Ga Hayes, Marjorie S.; Fr., Route 2, Bremen, Ga ' . Haynes, Dennis K.; Sr., 1321 Roswell Rd., Marietta, Ga. Haynes, Melba J.; So., 130 Oak Ave., Carrollton, Ga. 90 Broad Ave., East Point, Ga. 347 Laurel Lane, La Grange, Ga So., 1266 Shanter Trail, Atlanta, Ga Route 3, Dixie Meadow Carrollton Ga 1584 Lynwood Drive, College Park, Ga. , 148 Plantation Road, Smyrna Ga Heeth, Julian M., II; So., 2874 N. Hills Dr., N.E., Atlanta Ga. Heflin, Mildred L.; Sp., 193 La Grange Street, Newnan, Ga. William R.. Jr.; Fr., 503 Chadwell Circle, Huntsvile Ala. ... Enid M.; Jr., P.O. Box 141, Tucker, Ga Robbie S.; Sr., 2845 Blue Grass Lane, Decatur, Ga Route 3, Box 349 A, Newnan, Ga. Rte. 5, tslewnan, Ga. , 107 West Street, Ringgold, Ga. Hembree, James D.; Fr., Route I, Villa Rica, Ga Hembree, Samuel S.; Fr., Route I, Villa Rica, Ga Henderson, Barry M.; Fr., Route I, Villa Rica, Ga Harriet E.; Jr., 1878 Sahara Drive, S.E. Atlanta Ga. ... Harriet; Fr., 202 Memorial Drive, Dallas Ga. Jane M.; So., 2255 Cresfcllff Drive, Tucker Ga . Kenneth R.; Sr., 1025 Hilburn Dr., Atlanta, Ga Hendon, Carol A.; So., 116 Pincrest Place, Carrollton, Ga. Hendon, Katherine L.; Fr., 107 Terrace Dr., N.E., Atlanta Ga. ... Hendrix, Judy K.; Fr., Route I, Rockmart Ga ' Hendrix, Norris W., Ill; Fr., 747 Virginia Circle, Atlanta, Ga. Hendry, Michael C; Fr., 2031 Roosevelt Hwy., College Park Ga .. Henry, Ann S.; Sp., Route 4, Box 245 A, Newnan, Ga. Henry, Virginia C; Jr., Route 4, Box 19, Dalton, ' Ga Henslee, Carol A.; Sr., 120. Montgomery St., Villa Rica, Ga Henson, Marinell; Fr., Route A., Ellijay, Ga ' . Herbert, James C; Fr., 1019 Mc Donough Road, Jackson ' Ca ' . Herndon, Rebecca B.; Fr., 419 Benton Street, Dalton Ga Hernck, Mary M.; Jr., 2271 Fairway Circle N., Atlanta Ga. Herring, Gary L.; Fr., 109 Mandeville Ave., Carrollton Ga Herring, James D.; Fr., 1958 Compton Drive, Atlanta ' Ca Herring, Johnny G.; Fr., Rt. 2, Standing Rock R Seno ' ia Ga Herring, Philip M.; So., Rt. I, Box 127, Alpharetta Ga ' Herring, Walter D.; Fr., 109 Mandeville, Carrolltin, Ga Hernngton, Lynne E.; So., 797 San Antonio Dr., N.E., Atlanta Ga . Herrmann, Charles W.; So., 650 Amberidge Trail Atlanta Ga . Herrod, William J.; Sr., 338 West Broad St. Douglasville Ga Hershey, Scott H.; Fr., 2151 Favor Road Marietta Ga Hess, Sherry A.; So., 2082 Twin Falls Road, Decatu ' r Ga Hester, David C; Jr., 106 Hemlock Drive, Marietta Ga Hester, Evelyn S.; Sr., Route I, Canton, Ga. Hester, Susan M.; Fr., 4578 Angelo Drive, N., Atlanta, Ga Hethcox, Elizabeth C; Sp., Sharp Drive, Carrollton cia Hicks, Brenda N.; Sr., Route 3, Douglasville Ga Hicks, Beverly C; So., 30 Cooperlake Rd., ' S.E., Mableton Ga .. ' . Head, David E.; Sr., 18 Heard, Delores J.; Fr., James L., Jr.; James Lee; Fr., Stanley L.; Fr., Linda Sue; Fr., Heard Heard Heard Hearn Heflin, Helms, Helms, Helton Helton Helton Curtis M. James D.; Laura M. Fr., Fr., So., Henderson Henderson Henderson Henderson 179 179 179 142 179 179 179 179 142 142 ISO 142 142 182 181 182 182 182 182 142 182 Hicks, Eva M.; Sr., Rt. I, Patricia Lane, Douglasville Ga Hicks, Kathy J.; So., 51! Buchanan St., Bremen, Ga. ' . ' Hieronymus, James; Sr., 46 Tower Apartments ' Carrollton Ga Higgins, Adora L.; Jr., Box 156, West Ga. Col., Carrollton Ga Higgins, John M.; Sr., 5305 Greenland Rd., N.E., Atlanta Ga. ... Hightower, Barbara I.; Fr., Route I, Graham, Ala. Hightower, James E.; So., 2165 Nelms Dr., S. ' w. Atlanta Ga Hildebrand, Joseph B.; Fr., 3207 Cherry Valley ' Or. Atla ' nta Ga Hill, Byron D.; Jr., 622 McFarland Ave. Dalton Ga Hill, John W.; Sr., 112 Hillcrrest Rd., Carrollton ' , Ga. Hill, Joseph A.; So., 3561 Potomac Terr., East Point Ga. Hines, Durward F.; Fr., 4120 Lesley Drive, College Park, Ga. Hinesley, Clara F.; So., 315 South Boulevard, Carrollton Ga Hinton, Charles V., Jr.; So., I05B Tillman Drive, Carrollton, Ga. Hinton, Wilton A.; Jr., Washington Road, Thomson Ga. ' Hippie, Charles W., Jr.; Fr., 140 Kirkpatrick Drive Marietta Ga Hixon, Judy A.; Fr., Box 324 Villa Rica Ga. ' ' ' Hobbs, Carol R.; Fr., 149 Wood Valle ' y Road, Mableton Ga ..... Hoch, Linda A.; Fr., 2195 Wallace Rd., Atlanta, Ga. . ' Hodges, Charles E., Jr.; So., 301 S. Madison Ave., Eatonton Ga . Hodges, Marion I.; Jr., 2591 Jerome Rd., College Park, Ga. ' Holcomb, Arillus M.; Sr., Route I, Calhoun, Ga ' Holcomb, Susan E.; Jr., 3751 Lake ' Drive, S.E. Smyrna Ga Holcomb, Sybil J.; Sr., Box 134, Waco, Ga. Holder, Jerry W.; Fr., 343 Fairview, Cedartown, Ga Holderness, Sidney; So., 143 Griffin Dr., Carrollton Ga. Holladay, Jimmy K.; Jr., 2001 Young Road, Chamblee Ga. Holland, Kathryn S.; Fr., Box 423, Bowdon Ga ' John v.; Sr., Box 602, Bowdon, ' Ca Linda G.; Fr., 149 Jule Peek Avenue, Cedartown Ga. .. Terry W.; Fr., 7 Grandview Dr., Cartersville, Ga. ' ' orth, Ray E.; Sr., 4100 Weelaunee Road Ellenwood Ga . ' orth, Robert T.; So., 180 Warren Dr., Austell, Ga. ' Hollis, Barbara M.; Jr., Route 2, Box 326, West Point, Ga Holloman, David R.; Fr., Syngamore Rd, Bremen, Ga! ; So., Box 203, Grantville, Ga. So., Box 279, Bowdon, Ga Fr., Box 279, Bowdon, Ga . Fr., MB Sunset Boulevard, Carrollton Ga Holmes, Moses H.; Sr., 402 Meriwether St. Griffin Ga Holt, Michael L.; Fr., 10 Woodland Drive ' Rome Ga Holt, Richie B.; Fr., Route A, Ellijay Ga .. ' . . Holt, Vivian M.; Fr., Route A. Elliiay, Ga ' . ' Holfzclaw .Sonja J.; Jr., 1685 E. Columbia Ave., College Park Ga. Hood, James G.; So., 1904 Elm Ave., Brunswick, Ga ' Hood, Larry J.; Fr.. 115 Oak Lane Decatur Ga Hood, Vicki J.; Jr., 2255 Essex Avenue, S., ' Atlanta, Ga. .... ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' , Hooper, Charles H.; Fr, Route I, Jefferson, Ga Holland, Holland, Holland, Hollingsv Hollingsw Holloway, Donald N Holmes, Deedee A.; Holmes, Dorothy E. Holmes, Katheryn S. Hopkins, Ahcia G.; Fr., 1984 Valencia Road Decatur Ga. Hopkins, Joyce E.; Fr., 1151 Kimberly Rd., S.W. Atlarita Ga Hopkins, Kay; So., Box 305, Hamilton, Ga. Hopkins, Nancy S.; Fr., Route 2, Box 165 Washington Ga .. . Home, Samuel E.; Jr., Route 3, Box 84C, Newnan, Ga. ' Horton, Brenda N.; Fr., Route 2, Carrollton Ga. ' Horton, Rusty R.; Fr., 905 Underwood Ave ' ., Atlanta, Ga. .... ' .. ' , Housch, Dorothy Y.; Fr., 304 Greenwood Avenue Rome Ga Houston, Samuel E.; Fr., 2819 Mornington Dr., Atlanta, Ga. Houston, Thomas A., Ill; Fr., 518 Farris Blvd., Manchester, Ga. .. Howard, Gary L.; So., 128 Highland Ave., Monroe Ga. . . ' Howard, Gloria A.; Sr., 6570 Church St., Rlverdale Ga Howard, Raymond R.; Sp.. Box 823, Thomaston Ga. ' Howard, Rose M.; Fr., 1205 Juniper St., La Grange, Ga. Howard, Sandra J.; Fr., Box 566, Chatsworth Ga. ' Howard, Trudy D.; Fr., 1236 Oakcrest Dr., S.VV. Atlanta Ga Howard, Willie F.; Sp., Route 3, Carrollton, Ga ' Howell, Janice R.; Jr., 3697 Laurie Woods Ln., Decatur Ga ... Howell, Margaret E.; Fr., 1661 Henrico Rd., Conley, Ga Hubbard, Letitia H.; So., 630 Burson Avenue Carrollton Ga Hubbard, William T.; Sr., 105 Jule Peek Ave., Cedartown Ga Hubert, Paula D.; So., 1715 Marietta Rd., N W. Atlanta ' Oa Huckaby, Lyndon L.; Jr., 5065 Dixie Lake Road Union City Ga . Huddleston, Robert H.; Fr., Route 2, Senoia, Ga. Hudgins, Paula J.; Fr., 504 Keeler Woods Drive Marietta Ga Huff, Lynda J.; Fr., 3125 Enon Rd., Atlanta Ga ' Huff, Marcia J.; Fr., 204 Stewart St., Carrollton Ga Hufstetler, John L.; So., P.O. Box 5, Chatsworlth Ga Huggins, Eric S.; Jr., 205 Pine Hill Drive, Dalton ' Ga. Hughes, Dorothy A.; So., 2427 Clifton Spgs. Mnr! Decatur Ga Hughes, Jo A.; Sr., Rt. 4, Box 505, Ringgold, Ga ' . Hughes, Michael M.; Fr., 500 Reed Drive, Smyrna Ga Hughes, Rosewyn; Fr., 620 Peachtree Street Atlanta Ga Hughes, William J.; Sr., 2084 Mark Trail, Decatur, Ga Hughey, Gwyndalyn S.; Fr., 219 West Chandler St. Carrollton Ga Huguley, Robert M.; Fr., 222 Deluxe Circle, Thomaston Ga . ' . . Hull, Rodney B.; So., 1389 Fama Drive, Atlanta, Ga. ' Hulsey, Linda E.; Fr., 110 Sharon Circle, Smyrna, Ga Humphries, Devra L.; Fr., Route i. La ' Grange ' Ga . Hunkin, Albert E.; So., 453 E. Wesley Rd. N.E. ' Atlanta Ga. . ' . . Hunnicutt, Julia M.; Sr., 138 Tuggle Street Car ' rollton Ga Hunt, Edra R.; So., P.O. Box 343, Murphy N.C ... ' Hunter, Donald R; Fr., Route 5, Marietta, ' Ga Hunter, John S.. Jr.; So., 533 North Hillcrest D Marietta Ga. .. Hunter, Margaret A.; Jr., 2110 Meadowlane Dr., ' Atlanta. Ga Hunter, Tony L.; Fr., Route I, Douglasville, Ga Hurst, William M.; So., Huntington Rd., ' Dalton Ga . ' Hurt, Timothy W.; Jr., 714 E. Jackson St., Rockmart Ga Huskins, Donald W.; Jr., Tower Apartments 15 Carrollton Ga. .. Huskins, Sylvia S.; Jr., Tower Apartment 15, Carrollton Ga Hutchens, Joquetta; Fr., 1603 Elainee Way Dalton Ga! Hutcheson, Judith L.; Sr., 1497 Mt. Vernon ' Rd. Du ' nwoody Ga Hutchings, Forrest G.; Jr., 206Cedar Street, Carrollton Ga ' Hutson, Linda E.; Fr., 992 Highland Cir., S.E., Conyers Ga Hyde, Thomas W.; Jr., Route 5, Newnan, Ga. Ingle, Richard M.; Jr., 1156 Rome Street, Carrollton Ga Ingram, Edward R.. Jr.; So., 521 S. Green St., Thomaston Ga Ingram, Ann M.; So., 4224 Cascade Rd., Atlanta, Ga. Ingram, Margaret A.; Sp., Route 2, Senoia, Ga. Irvin, Diana L.; Jr., 23 1 Harold Ave., Smyrna Ga Ison, Danny R.; Sr., 512 N. 9 St., Griffin Ga Ivey, Linda S.; So., Route I, Box 21, Jes ' up, Ga Ivey, William H., Jr.; Fr., Route 2, Carrollton Ga Jack, Joan M.; Fr., 870 Marietta St., Canton Ga Jack, Leroy H.; Sr., Route 5, Canton, Ga. .! Jackson, Cheryl A.; Sr., Route I, Roopville, Ga Jackson, Christie A.; So., Route I, Roopv ' ille Ga. ... ' . ' . ' . " . ' . ' " . ' . " Jackson, Felix M.; Fr., Route 2, Franklin Ga. Jackson, Howard B.; So., 3237 La Vista Dr., Hapeville, Ga Jackson, James L.; Sr., 15 Tower Apts., Carrollton, Ga. ' Jackson, Jerry M.; Fr., 1060 Orlando Place Atlanta Ga-. Jackson, Melissa A.; So., 107 East Broad St.. Newnan Ga. .. . Jackson, Melvin W.; Fr., Route I, Box 64 Newnan Ga Jackson, Phyllis D.; Fr., Route 2, Carrollton ' Ga 142 182 182 182 182 182 182 182 142 18? 182 142 182 182 142 182 182 182 182 143 182 182 183 183 183 183 183 183 Hooper, John L.; Sr.. 626 Bieze St., Griffin, ' Ga ' .. ' . ' . ' ... ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . " . ' . ' . " . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' .. ' . 143 183 183 183 183 183 183 183 143 183 183 183 143 185 143 185 185 143 185 185 185 143 143 185 185 185 185 264 Compliments of CLINIC AVENUE DRUGS 832-2488 Carroliton Federal Savings and Loan Association COLE ' S JEWELRY FINE QUALITY JEWELRY " A Gift for All Occasions " Carroliton, Georgia " Where Your Savings Grow Faster " 1 10 Dixie Street Carroliton, Georgia NU-WAY CLEANERS Approved Sanltone Service Carroll+on Georgia LANKFORD ' S FLORIST 1003 Maple Street Flowers for All Occasions Carroliton, Ga. Phone TE 2-8101 Compliments of CARROLLTON HARDWARE " Growing WIfh The Industrial South " On The Square Carroliton, Georgia Compliments of THE SQUIRE SHOP 265 Jackson, Samuel H., Jr.; Fr., Hwy. 92, Rte. I. Fairburn, Ga. . Jarr es, Linda J.; Sr., Sargent, Georgia James, Rose M.; Jr., 109 Frasier St., Marietta, Ga. ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' Jameson, Jimmy W.; So., 522 San Fernando Dr., Smyrna Ga. Jameson, John M.; So., 5680 Lal e Forrest Dr. Atlanta Ga Jarrell, Libbie E.; Fr., 2141 Fisher Trail, N., Atlanta, Ga. Jarrett, Gloria A.; So., Route 4, Box 413, Dalton Ga Jay, Wm. Randolph; So., Box 516, Douglasville. Ga. Jenkins, Benjamin S.; So., 15! Lloyd Drive Forest Park Ga Jenkins, Jack L.; So., P.O. Box 132, Stockbridge, Ga ' . Jenkins, Jessica J.; Jr., 523 Newnan St., Carrollton Ga Jenkins, Julia F.; Fr., 186 Strickland St., Fairburn ' Ga Jones, Jones, Jones, Jones, Ga. Ga. Janice A Joe G.; Karen L Jones, Kenneth L. Jones, Linda L.; Michael A.; Fr., Box 244, Route 2 Richard H.; Fr., 2305 Miriam Lane Robert B.; Fr., Fayetteville, Georgia Robert G.; Fr., 613 Ramona Street Marietta Jones, Robert P.; So., 75 First Ave., Newnan Ga. Jones, Stanley A.; Fr., 200 Lake Circle, Ma ' bleton Jones, Tony E.; Fr., Route I, Villa Rica Ga Jones, Willene M.; Jr., 223 Worthingto ' n Drive, M-arietVa " Ga " ! Jones, William M.; So., 223 Worthington Drive Marietta Ga Jordan, Alida B.; Sr., 120 Frances PL, Carrollton, Ga. Jordan, Angleen K.; Sr., 109 S. White, Carrollto ' n Ga Jordan, Frankie P.; So., Route 2, Carrollton, Ga. Jordan, Gloria J.; Sr., 745 Yale Place, S.W., Atlanta Ga Jordan, Kathleen A.; So., 109 South White St., Carrollton Ga. Joyce, William L.; Fr., 201 S. Grimes, Dalton Ga. Joyner, Robert Rhea; So., 296 Heaton Park Dr., Decatur, Ga. Kabine, Edward L.; Fr., Box 516, Newnan, Ga. Kaylor, Joyce W.; Fr., Route 4, Carrollton, Ga. Kaylor, Sandra J.; Fr., 127 E. Chandler, Carrollton Ga Keappler, William E.; Fr., 1015 Pegg Road, East Point Ga. ... Keeney, Morris L.; So., 2238 Plantation Dr., East Point ' Ga. ... Keever, Dixie L.; Fr., 38 Arrowhead Dr. Cartersville Ga Keith, Anita M.; Sr., Route I Keller. Judy A.; Fr., 3257 W. Roxboro Rd Keller, Martha K.: So., Greenville, Georgia Kelley, Alicia J.; So., 8 Northside Dr., Newnan, Ga. Kelley, Danny C; Jr., 329! Memorial Drive Decatur Ga. ... Kelley, Donald O.; Fr., Rt. 2, Box 116, Mc Donough, ' Ga. ... Kelley, James T.; Sr., Route 5 , Newnan, Ga. Kelley, Judy J.; Jr., 738 6th St. Apt. 5, Marietta, Ga Kelley, Ronald D.; Fr., Route 2, Mc Donough, Ga Kelso, Susan; So;, 2617 Hawthorne PL, N., Atlanta, Ga Kempe, Pamela; So., 4565 Hopewell Rd., College ' Park Ga. Kennedy, Charles E.; Sr., 112! Skyline Dr., Griffin, Ga. ' Kennedy, Daisy K.; So., 32 Cochran Street, Camilla, Ga. Kennedy, Joseph H.; Fr., 301 Raymond Ave., Rome, Ga. ... Kenner, Ralph A., Jr.; Jr., 1217 Clearview Dr., Ringgold, Ga. Kenny, Bruce C; Fr., 687 Kennolia Drive, Atlanta, Ga. Kent, Sandra A.; So., Route I, Bowdon, Ga. Kerr, Barbara A.; Fr., Route I, Cave Spring, Ga Kerr, Julia A.; Sr., Rt. 2, Blair Bridge Rd., Austell, Ga. .... Kerr, Rebecca A.; Fr., 220! Montrose Drive, East Point Ga. Key, Gerald A.; So., 6 Gary Street, La Grange, Ga. Atlanta, Ga. 185 143 185 185 185 185 185 185 185 85 85 18 Jenkins, Malcolm D.; Sr., 400 S. Howard St., S.E., Atlanta Ga i43 Jenkins, Nancy P.; Fr., 157 La Grange St., Grantville Ga Jenkins, Ronald S.; So., P.O. Box 36, Grantville, Ga. ' Jennings, Patricia D.; Fr., 118 Morning Side Drive, Carrollton Ga Jennings, Stephen J.; So., Route I, Eastman Ga Jensen, William H.; Fr., Route I, Moreland, Ga. Jerry, Douglas L.; Fr., 4540 Greenspring Rd ' ., College Park Ga. ., Jiles, Patsy A.; So., Greenwood Estates. Carrollton Ga . ' . Jobson, Betty S.; Fr., 102 Carter Avenue, Carrollton Ga Johns, Joy J.; Jr., 2612 Dixie Rd., Dalton, Ga Johns, Martha E.; So., 220 W. Morris St. ' , Dalton, Ga . ' . ' . " . ' " Johns, Robert R.; Jr., 435 Longview Street ' , Carrollton Ga " " Johns, William V.; So.,. 1504 Oldfield Rd., Decatur Ga 186 Johnsa, Sylvia A.; Fr., 927 South Gordon, Mableton Ga ' ' |86 Johnson, Beverly I.; Fr., 298! Del Monico Drive, Decatur Ga 186 Johnson, David F.; Fr., Box 181, Ringgold, Ga ' 186 Johnson, Durwood, J., Jr.; Fr. ,527 Pinecrest Drive, Covington Ga " . ' . ' . " . 186 Johnson, Edwin T.; Sr., 203 Griffin Dr., Carrollton Ga 143 Johnson, Elizabeth J.- So., Box 313, Gordon Ga ' ioa Johnson, Eugene C; So., 203 Griffin Dr., Carrollton, Ga. Johnson, George M.; Sr., 157 S. Oliver, Elberton, G ' a. Johnson, James H.; Fr., Rte. I, Box 200, Mc Donough Ga 186 Johnson, James R.; Fr., Route 3, Sparta, Ga ' 186 Johnson, Joyce J.; Fr., 12 Exeter Rd., Avondale Est Ga ' . ' ! ' .!! 186 Johnson, Martha J.; Fr., Box 58, N. Star Route, Clou ' dland, Ga. Johnson, Rebecca Lou; Fr., Bevis St., Bowdon, Ga ' 186 Johnson, Sharon L.; Fr., 189 Sandy Springs Ci ' r., Atlanta, Ga! ' !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 186 Johnson, Sharon Lynne; Fr., 3 Waverly Circlen Newnan, Ga Johnston, Morris R.; So., Route 4, Bowdon Ga 186 Johnston, Robert J.; Fr., 316 Meadowbrook Drive, Douglasville Ga Joiner, Jesse F., Jr.; Jr., 2927 Bob White Drive, Atlanta Ga ' Jones, Alfa L.; Jr., Plainville, Georgia . ' Jones, Barbara A.; Sr., Route 2, Box 62, Chatswort ' h, " Ga!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i43 Jones, Barbara J.; Fr., Route 4, Carrollton Ga. Jones, Bennie S.; Fr., 201 E. Memorial Drive, Dallas Ga Jones, Connie L.; So., Route I, Box 49, Williamson ' Ga Jones, Glenda J.; Fr., Box 6, Waco, Ga . ' Jones, Harry R.; Sr., Route 2, Temple, Ga. ..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Jones, Hoke E.; Sr., Route 4, Carrollton Ga. Jones, Jacquelyn R.; So., 1363 Willis Mill Rd., Atlanta Ga Jones, Janice A.; Sr., Route 2, Box 262 Dalton Ga Jones, Joe G.; So., Route 2, Temple, Ga. ! Jones, Karen L.; Fr., Box 301, Cleveland, Ga " . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' So., 75 First Ave., Newnan Ga. Jr., 204 Carlyle _ St., Norcross, Ga Mableton, Ga Decatur, Ga 187 18 186 143 187 144 187 187, 187 187 187 144 187 187 187 187 187 Hogansville, Ga 144 187 187 187 187 187 144 188 dd, Roland A.; So., 538 North White St., Carrollton, Ga. dd, Tommy D.; Fr., 123 Cunningham Drive, Carrollton Ga. ght, Carol R. E.; Sr., Route I, Box 77A, Newnan, Ga. ght, Thomas H.; Jr., 109 Cunningham Drive, Carrollton Ga le, Linda C; Fr., 4385 Palm Spgs. Dr., East Point, Ga. ' Igo, Kathryn V.; So., 71 Broad St., Tallapoosa, Ga Igore, Marie P.; Jr., 602, Campbellton St., Douglasville Ga Igore, William D.; Fr., Route 4, Douglasville Ga ' . mball, Quenton W.: Jr., Route I, Buchanan, Ga. mball. Max M.; Fr., Route I, Buchanan, Ga. mbrough, Steve P.; So., Richland Georgia ng, Clyde W., Jr.; Fr., 2305 Melinda Drive, Atlanta, Ga. ... ng, James C; Sr., Pomona, Georgia ng, Monroe M.; Sr., 8 Dawson St. Apts., La Grange, Ga. ng, Roger D.; So., Route I Bowdon Ga 188 ng, Roger S.; Fr., 4755 MillbrookDr ., N., Atlanta, Ga. ngdon, Carol A.; So., 2785 Fontainebleau, Atlanta, Ga 188 rbo, Margaret F.; Fr., Lake Jodeco, Jonesboro Ga 188 rby, Robert L.; Fr., 316 Lynne Circle, Alpharetta Ga. rk, Jacky L.; Fr., 232 John Phillips Rd., Cedartown Ga. rk, James D.; Fr., 2498 Northview Dr., Austell, Ga - 188 rk, William H.; So., Route 3, Box 348 C, Newnan, Ga. ser, Linda D.; Sr., 209 Reese St., Carrollton, Ga 144 188 144 88 44 89 89 89 Kitchens, Linda G.; So., Route 2, Jackson Ga Kittle, Boyd L.; So., Route 3, Box 206, Ringgold Ga. .. Kittle, Loyd E.; So.. Route 3, Box 206, Ringgold Ga. Klock, Vicky L.; Fr., Route 4, Box 94, Douglasville Ga. Knauff, Nita A.; Fr., 360 Third Ave., S.E., Cairo Ga Knight, Clayton M.; Sr., Ill South Street, Carrillton Ga ' Knight, Joycelynn A.; Sr., 119 Cunningham Dr., Carrollton Ga Knight, Suzanne W.; Jr., Pinedale, Route 3, Clarkesville Ga Knox, Terry J.; Fr., 143 Boone Dr., Newnan, Ga ' . Konig, Salomon; So., Apartado 3441, Caracas D F Venezuela Krauth, David A.; So., 231 Clarion Ave., Decatur, Ga Krauth, Nancy P.; Sr., 2781 Swansea Court, College Park ' Ga Krienke, John H.; Fr., Apt. 713, 3060 Pharr Ct., Atlanta Ga Kubala, Patricia A.; Jr., Route I, Manchester Ga. ... ' . Kuglar, Larry T.; Sr., Route 3, Cedartown, Ga Kuhne, Nancy M.; So., Route 3, Box 124, College Park ' Ga La Boon, Johnnie A.; Fr., Rte. 3 Friendship Cir., Athens Ga. ' ! ' Lackey, Mary W.; Fr., 3428 Pheasant Court, Decatur Ga. . Lacy, Carolyn M.; So., 2498 Pineview Drive Decatur ' Oa La Fon Gilbert T., Jr.; Fr., 217 Abernathy Road, Atlanta Ga! ' !!!!!! Lally, Barbara A.; Fr., 1603 Belmont Avenue Atlanta Ga Lamb, Mary B.; Fr., 911 Lawton Street, S., Atlanta Ga Lamb, William K.; Sr., 139 Orchard St., Fairburn ' Ga. Lambert, Eileen V.; Sp., 127 Harmon Avenue, Ca ' rrollton, Ga. Lambert, Eris A.; Jr., Bankhead Highway, Carrollton Ga Lambert, Jerry B.; Jr., 135 W. Lakeshore Drive, Carrillton Ga. Lambert, Jo Ann; Fr., Bankhead Highway Carrollton Ga ' Lambert, Katie H.; Fr., 37 Park Avenue, Newnan, Gu! Lambeth, Lynda Jean; Jr., 3745 Sulene Dr., Rte. ' 3 College Park Ga Land, Linda N.; Fr., 3825 Fitzgerald St., Lithia Spgs. Ga Landers, Betty A.; Jr., Box 129, Bowdon, Ga. ' Landrum, Lucille J.; Sr., Route 3, Canton Ga. .. Lane, David A .; Fr., 2128 Spring Creek Rd., Decatur ' , " Ga ' . ' !!!!! Lane, Janie F.; Fr., Route 6, Carrollton, Ga Lane, Mary J.; Fr., 3033 Maiestic Circle, Avondale Est! " Ga Lane, Sara A.; So., Route 6, Carrollton Ga. . ' Lane, William H.; Sp., 432 N. Lakeshore Dr. Carrollton Ga Laney, Ennis G., Ill; Fr., 2636 Sylvan Road, East Point ' Ga Langdon, Frank M. Ill; So., Box 5114, Old Macon R., Columbus Ga Lange, Joan C; So., 214 College Circle, Cedartown Ga Langford, James R.; So., 1112 Hilltop Dr., Griffin Ga. Lanham, Edward J.; So., 615 Terrace St., ' Griffin ' Ga. Lanham, Richard C; Fr., 498 Oakview Drive, Smyrna Ga. Lanham, Robert F.; Fr., 3456 Woods Drive, Decatur Ga. Lanier, Billy R.; So., Route 4, Bowdon, Ga. Lanier, Carlton L.; Jr., 440 Bankhead ' Hwy. S.W., Mableton Ga. Larsen, James B.; So., 8610 Roberts Dr. Dunwoody Ga Laseter, John M.; Jr., 2786 Pasco Lane, S E., Atlanta ' , Ga | Lauderdale. Douglas C; Fr., Route 2, Mc Donough Ga |89 Lavender, Douglas W.; So., 3249 Hazelwood Dr. S. ' Atlanta " iSa 189 Lawrence, Susan M.; Fr., Box 282, Dallas, Ga ' ' |89 Lawson, James N.; So., 187 La Grange St., Newnan Ga ino Lawson, Janie E.; Fr., 223 Piedmont, Rockmart Ga. ' ... v Lawson, Mary J.; Fr., 1307 Christmas Lane, Atlanta Ga. Laxson, Dona C; So., 1761 S. Alvarado Terr. .Atlanta Ga. Leach, James W.; Sp., 2860 Stonewall Tell., College ' Park Ga Ledbetter, Anita J.; So., 1176 Avon Ave., S.W. Atlanta ' Ga Lee, Donnie A.; Sr., Box 295A, Route 2, Bremen Ga. ' Lee, Joseph A.; Sr., Route 2, Carrollton, Ga. . ' 144 Lee, Larry D.; Sr., 222 Maple Street, Villa Rica, Ga. Lee, Larry G.; So., 1126 Tamworth Dr., N.E., Atlanta Ga Lee, Robert Stephen; Jr., 14 01 Merry Lane, N.E.. Atlanta Ga . 190 Lee, Sarah M.; Sr., Route 4, Douglasville Ga. ... ' 144 Lee, Stephen C; Sr., Box 124, Temple Ga 144 Lee, Steve A.; Fr., 206 W. Center Street, Carrollton Ga. .! " ! 190 Le Febre, George B.; Fr., 680 Darlington Road, Atlanta Ga 190 Leggett, Marsha J.; Sr., 210 Anthony St. Baxley Ga ' Leiva, Catalina X.; So., 1444 S.W. 5th Street Miami Ga Lemmings, Robert L, Jr.; Jr., Route 4, Cartersville ' Ca Lemming, Walter J.; Fr., 1912 Sandtown Rd., Atla ' nta Ga. Leonard, Gerald T.; So., Rte. 4, Box 185 A, Newnan Ga Lester, Susan C; Sr., Route I, Hiram Ga ' . Levens, Thomas W.; Jr., Route 3, Franklin! Ga. Leverrett, Jennifer; Fr., Rt. Box 269, Jackson Ga Leverette, Henry G.; Fr., Box 250, Eatonton Ga. . Levprrett, Peggy E.; Jr.. Rout- 2, Box 269, Jackson Ga. ! ! Levinge, Charles A.; Fr., 213 Rhodes Drive, Marietta Ga Lewis, Angela M.; Fr., 208 Pierce St, La Grange Ga. Lewis, Clark L.; Fr., 54 Terracedale, Griffin Ga. ' Lewis, Era J.; So., 101 Walnut St., Eatonton Ga Lewis, Jennifer L.; Fr., 331 Highland Avenue ' Smyrna Ga Lewis, Linda W.; So., Box 272, Union City, Ga ' Lewis, Marsha S.; Fr., 331 Highland Avenue Smyrna Ga Lewis, Peggi F.; Fr., 152 Pine Crest Dr., Monroe Ga. Lewis, Wilham W., Jr.;Jr., 241 Carroll Rd., Villa ' Rica Ga Lindsey, Daniel E.; Fr., 506 West COURT, Wrightsville Ga. Lindsey, Teresa M.; Fr., 102 Georgia Blvd., Cartersville Ga Line, Walter W.; Fr., 1610 E; Mercer Avenue, College Park Ga Lipham, James B.; Fr., 24IBeechwood Cir., LaGrange Ga ' . Lipham, Mary C; So., Bennett Blvd., Bowdon Ga Lipham, Roderic; So., 38 Blvd., Tallapoosa Ga. Lipham, Steve W.; Fr., Route 3, Carrollton ' Ga Little, Paul D.; Fr., Route 2, Franklin Ga. ' .... Lipski, William F.; Sr., 1784 Frazier Rd., Decatur ' Ga. Litaker, Robert G.; Jr., 2874 Greenbush Place Atlanta Ga Litty Mary J.; So., 1692 Laurelwood Dr. S. Atlanta Ga. . . Lively, Michael E.; So., Route I, Francis Rd., Apharetta Ga 190 Lockridge, Diane E.; So., 708 La Due Ave., Cedartown Ga 191 LoHen, Lycia M.; Fr., 2660 Evergreen, Trail, Smyrna Ga Loftin, Joel E.; So., Bitter Sweet Lane, Newnan Ga Loftm, Ronald S.; So., 243 N. Lakeshore Dr., Carrollton Ga. . . 191 Logan, Connie M.; So., 207 Cumberland Drive, Smyrna Ga Long, Dallas L., Jr.; So., 2157 Whites Mill Rd. Decatur ' Ga Long, Dennis R.; Fr., Route I, Bremen, Ga Long, Guy Stephen; So., 725 Maynard Terr., Atlanta ' Ga ' . ' ! 191 Long, Judy A.; So., 843 Shadowridge Dr., Atlanta Ga 191 Long, Larry W.; Fr., Rte. I, Bremen, Ga ' Long, Ruth A.; Sr., 151 Church St., Jonesboro Ga. Longino, Olm E., Jr.; So., Route I, McDonough Ga. .. ioT Love Robert G.; So., 5555 S. Expressway, Jonesboro Ga ! 191 Love ,. Linda S.; Fr., 232 S. Candler, Villa Rica Ga 9 Lovell, Roy; Sr., 232 Candler Street, Villa Rica Ga Ic Lovvorn, David L.; So., 323 Sunset Blvd., Carrollton Ga. .! ' • 91 Lovvorn, .Donnie C; Fr., Route 2, Bowdon Ga. Lovvorn, Terry J,; Jr., Graham, Alabama ' 191 Lovvorn, William D.; Jr., Mill St., Box 27, Bowdon Ga. ' !!!! 191 Lowe, Kathleen M.; Fr., 1804 Gordon Avenue Rome Ga 191 Lowery Dianne C; Jr., 2288 Montrose Dr., East Point Ga. 191 Loyd Elaine L.; So., 455 Sunset Dr., Villa Rica Ga ' 9 Luallen, Dean A.; Sr., Route 4; Carrollton Ga. Luallen, Carolyn P.; So., Route 4, Carrollton, Ga. Lummus, Stanley H.; Fr., Route I, Canton, Ga 192 190 190 90 190 190 190 190 190 190 190 190 190 190 190 190 190 190 190 190 144 190 190 191 191 191 19! 191 191 191 144 266 things go better,! .With Coke Carrollton Coca-Cola Bottling Company CARROLLTON, GEORGIA PALACE 832-9348 Carrollton Georgia PIZZA SPAGHETTI RAVIOLI LASAGNA 267 Lumsden, Marsha T.; So., 108 Janice Place, Carrollton, Ga 192 Lumsden, Sarah J.; Fr., Route I, Carrollton, Ga 192 Lunt, M. Dixon; Jr., 13 Tower Apartments , Carrollton, Ga. Lunt, Susan S.; Jr., 13 Tower Apartments, Carrollton, Ga 192 Lyell, Judith E.; So., Temple, Georgia Lyie, Doyle E.; Fr., Route I, Douglasville, Ga 192 Lynch, William W.; Jr., 808 Houston St., La Grange, Ga 192 Lynes, Robert C, Jr.; Fr., 31! Woodbourne Drive, Atlanta, Ga 192 Lyon, Carol A.; Sr., 752 Martina Drive, N.E,. Atlanta, Ga 145 Lyons, Harry S.; Fr., 850 S. Candler Street, Decatur, Ga 192 Mc Adams, Jimmy; Jr., Route I, Buchanan, Ga. Mc Afee, Alice M.; Fr., 1436 Childress Dr., S., Atlanta, Ga 192 McBrayer, Daniel J.; So., 110 Robin Lane, Marietta, Ga 192 McBrayer, Dennis D.; Sr., Route 2, Bremen, Ga. Mc Cabe, John E.; So., 1328 Council Bluff Dr., Atlanta, Ga. Mc Galium, Robt. E., Ill; Fr., 6140 Rivercliffe Drive, Atlanta, Ga 192 McCalmon, Nancy B.; So., Route 5, Carrollton, Ga. McCamy, Ricky L.; So., Route I, Chatsworth, Ga 192 McCarty, Willis E.; So., Route I, Box 34, Moreland, Ga 19! Mc Clain, Julie Y.; Jr., 1121 Taliva Trail, Marietta, Ga 192 Mc Cleiland, Joseph P.; Fr., Route 3, Jackson, Ga 192 McClendon, Louise; Jr., Route 4, Carrollton, Ga. Mc Clendon, Linda E.; Fr., Route I, Flovllla, Ga 192 McClung, Detrice B.; Fr., Box 387, Bowdon, Ga 192 Mc Clure, Charles D.; Sp., 2860 Stonewall Tell., College Park, Ga. McClure, Helen B.; F., 314 Sunset Blvd., Carrollton, Ga. Mc Clure, William H.; So., 214 King Street, Carrollton, Ga. McCollough, Charles J.; So., 55 Waverly Circle, Newnan, Ga. Mc Colium, Jane B.; Fr., Rte. 3, Conyers, Ga 192 Mc Colium, Robert F.; Fr., 506 Maxwell Avenue, Marietta, Ga. McConnell, Judy A.; Sr., 1397 McPherson Ave. S., Atlanta, Ga 145 Mc Conneli, Thomas S.; Fr., 2288 Melinda Dr., Atlanta, Ga 192 Mc Cook, Paul F.; Jr., 123 West Chandler, Carrollton, Ga 192 McCord, Michael T.; Sr., Route I, Barnesville, Ga 145 Mc Crary, Annie J.; Fr., Old Alabama Road, Cantersville, Ga 192 McCrary, Lawrence H.; So., Route I, Elberton, Ga. Mc Craw, Fred H.; Fr., 1023 Benning Drive, Columbus, Ga 192 Mc Cray, Doris A.; Sp., Route 2, Carrollton, Ga. McCullough, Linda L.; Fr., 188 Green Street, Mllstead, Ga 192 McCurdy, Cheryl H.; Sr., Rt. 4, Sugar Vly Rd., Calhoun, Ga. McCurry, Harold M.; Fr., 209 Bonaventure Drive, La Grange, Ga. Mc Daniel, Bonlta M.; Fr., Rte. 2, Ambassador Dr., Riverdale Ga 193 McDaniel, Karen E.; Jr., 174! Campbellton Rd., Atlanta, Ga 193 Mc Donald David G.; So., Route 3, Box 48, Thomaston, Ga 193 Mc Donald, George M.; Jr., 2578 Connally Drive, East Point, Ga. McDonald, Jimmy L.; So., 660 Goodyear St., Rockmart, Ga 193 McDonald, Michael L.; Sr., 504 Ridgecre-f Dr., Elberton, Ga 145 Mc Donald, Ronald A.; So., 1834 Mount Royal Drive, Atlanta, Ga 193 McDowell, Barry D.; So., Box 216, Buchanan, Ga. McDow.ell, Sherry L.; Sr., Route 6, Carrollton, Ga 145 Mc EIroy, Charles W.; Fr., 705 Hale Ave., Griffin, Ga 193 Mc Entire, Melissa L.; Fr., 757 Densley Drive, Decatur, Ga. McEwen, Leonard C; So., Route 2, Bowdon, Ga. McGee, Robert A., Jr.; So., 5 Green Ave., Hogansville, Ga 193 McGhee, David L.; Sr., Route 4, Box 267, Griffin, Ga 145 Mc Gowan, Marsha E.; Fr., 51! Community Dr., Waycross, Ga 193 McGukIn, Mike W.; So., Chapel Heights, Carrollton, Ga 193 Mc Intyre, Martha L.; Fr., 67! Catherine St., Atlanta, Ga. Mc Kay, Bonnie E.; Fr., 1575 Runnymeade Dr., Atlanta, Ga 193 McKee, Nancy L.; So., 5097 Chamblee-Tucker, Tucker, Ga 193 McKeen, Willie M.; Sr., Route 2, La Grange, Ga 145 Mc Kenney, Robert S.; So., 115 Love Street, Austell, Ga 193 McKibben, Byron M.; So., Route 2, Bowdon, Ga 193 Mc Kibben, Claude A.; Fr., 16 Johnson St., Hogansville, Ga 193 Mc Kibben, Diana R.; Fr., 308 Walnut Street, Cedartown, Ga 193 Mc Kibben, Emily E.; Fr., Rte. 3, Box 104, Jackson, Ga 193 Mc Kibben, William P.; So., 1106 Maple Dr., Griffin, Ga 193 McKie, Jerome B.; So., 2828 S. Clark Drive, East Point, Ga 193 McKlnley, Linda A.; So., Route 2, Thomaston, Ga 193 McKinley, William W.; So., Route 3, Box 401, Griffin. Ga 193 Mc Kinney, Paula R.; Fr., 380 Lawton Street, S., Atlanta, Ga 193 McKneely, James E.; So., 703 Maple Drive, Griffin, Ga. McKone, Sue L.; Jr., 1624 Blvd. Lorraine, Atlanta, Ga. Mc Koy, Frank A.; Fr., Welcome Road, Newnan, Ga 193 Mc Koy, Fred R.; Fr., Route I, Newnan, Ga. Mc Lain, Elaine Mc; Jr., Route 4, Franklin, Ga 193 Mc Lain, Gloria J.; Fr., Box 94, Mt. ZIon, Ga 193 McLarty, Dianne L.; So., 728 Erin Ave., Atlanta, Ga 194 McLaughlin, Kathren L.; So., 1932 Cindy Dr., Decatur, Ga 194 Mc Laughlin, Robert M.; Fr., 735 Brismark Rd., N.E., Atlanta, Ga. McLendon, Michael G.; So., Route I, Bowdon, Ga 194 Mc Lendon, Nancy E.; Fr., Route I, Bowdon, Ga. Mc Lendon, Patricia A.; Fr., Villa Rica, Georgia Mc Leod, Jimmy T.; Fr., Route 3, Bowdon, Ga 194 McManus, Rodney S.; So., 1917 Farrjs Dr., Decatur, Ga 194 Mc Michael, Joel A.; Fr., 194 Greenville Street, Newnan, Ga 194 Mc Manus, William H.; Fr., 1620 Young Rd., Lithonia, Ga. McMillan, Gary C; Fr., 975 Poplar Street, East Point, Ga 194 Mc Ree, Lois J.; Fr., Route 4, Madison, Ga. . . ' 194 Mc Swain, Marsha F.; Fr., Triune Mill Road, Thomaston, Ga 194 McWhorter, Alton E.; Fr., Route 2, Tallapoosa, Ga. McWhorter, Stanley A.; So., Route 2, Franklin, Ga. McWhorter, Teresa D.; Sr., Route 4, Bowdon, Ga 145 Machan, Sandra J.; Jr., 303 Columbia Ave., Cedartown, Ga. Maclnnes, Cathy J.; Fr., 510 Milligan Drive, Stone Mtn., Ga 194 Madden, James D.; Fr., Box 242, Raymond, Ga 194 Madden, John B.; So., Route 4, Elberton, Ga 194 Madden, Juanita H.; Sr., P.O. Box 242, Raymond, Ga 145 Madden, Kathleen P.; So., 1809 Walthall Dr., N.W., Atlanta, Ga . ' . . 194 Madden, Paul H.; Sr., 1208 N. Broad Street, Rome, Ga 145 Maddix, Gary L.; So., 1026 Aster Ave. S.W., Atlanta, Ga 194 Maddox, Barbara A.; Fr., 909 Rome Street, Carrollton, Ga , |94 Maddox, Faye J.; Sr., 421 Atlanta Street, Barnesville, ' Ca 145 Maddox, Mary L.; Fr., 950 Crane Road, Atlanta, Ga 194 Maddox, William C; Fr., 909 Rome Street, Carrollton, Sa. Maher, Robert L., Jr.; So., 2768 Boulevard Dr., N.E., Atlanta, Ga 194 Malcolm, Peggy L.; Fr., 616 Hardendorf Ave., Atlanta, Ga. . ' ' . |94 Malcolm, David G.; Fr., 230 Boulevard, Monroe, Ga |94 Malcom, Martha E.; So., Social Circle, Georgia 194 Malinak, Gregory J.; Fr., 17 Conn Street, Rome Ga 194 Malone, John B.: Fr., III09 Waycroft Way, Rockville, Md ' . " . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . 195 Malone, William C; So., Box 143, Adairsville, Ga 194 Mandeville, Diana L.; Jr., 2373 Dawn Drive, Decatur, Ga. Mangan, Joseph R.; So., 1161 Willivee Dr., Decatur, Ga 195 Manley, Ruby J.; Fr., Route 2, Carrollton, Ga. Mann, Floyd E.; Fr., 6 Walker, Tallapoosa, Ga. Mann, James L., Jr.; So., 83 Hollls Hgts., Newnan, Ga. Manndorff, Nicolo M.; Fr., Box 29, Nassau, Bahamas Mansour, John C; Fr., 85 Clark Street, Newnan, Ga. Mansour, Taft E.; Sr., 83 Clark St., Newnan, Ga. Manthe, Linda A.; Sr., 1165 Kingston Drive N., Atlanta, Ga. Mara, Neal J.; Fr., 136 Pinecrest Avenue, Decatur, Ga. Marciniak, Diane M.; Fr., Lone Oak Road, Hogansville, Ga , Marcinko, Mary D.; Fr., Route 7, Piedmont Rd., Marietta, Ga Marlow, Brenda J.; Jr., Route I, Bowdon 195 Marlow, Janice E.; Fr., 119 Temple Road, Carrollton, Ga. Marlow, Nalda A.; Fr., Route 2, Carrollton, Ga 195 Marlow, William K.; Fr., Route 5, Carrollton, Ga 195 Marshall, Brenda J.; So., Route I, Box 257, Griffin, Ga |95 Marshall, Gerald C; So., 487 West Street, Wadsworth, Ohio |95 195 195 Marshall, Jeff D.; Fr., 205 Church Street, Eatonton, Ga. Marshall, Terry R.; Fr., 701 East Mc Intosh, Griffin, Ga Martin, Andrew G., Jr.; Fr., 220 Hillandale Drive, Griffin, Ga Martin, Barbara N.; So., Atlanta Road, Gainesville, Ga Martin, Boyd H., Jr.; Fr., 2464 Ovidia Circle, Atlanta, Ga. Martin, Constance L.; Fr., 305 North Cliff Street, Carrollton, Ga. .. Martin, Gregory S.; So., 305 N. Cliff St., Carrollton, Ga. .. ' Martin, Harold L.; Fr., Route I, Lookout Mtn, Tenn Martin, Harriet D.; So., 24 Montgomery St., Summerville, Ga Martin, Mary R.; Fr., Box 135, Jackson, Ga ' Martin, Paul D., Jr.; fr., 634 Pineridge Drive, Forest Park, Ga. . Martin, Rebecca R.; Fr., Route I, Carrollton, Ga. Martin, Richard A.; Fr., Box III, Williams St., Baldwin, Ga. Martin, Ronnie D.; Fr., Route 5, Carrollton, Ga Martin, Ruth E.; Fr., Route 3, Carrollton, Ga Martin, Verner H., Jr.; So., 4 Jackson Ct. Apts. Bl 4, Carrollton, Ga. Mashburn, Larry C; So., 19 Arrowhead Dr., Cartersville, Ga Mason, Cony E.; So., Route I, Box 309, Mc Donough, Ga Mason, Linda L.; Fr., 2644 Arrowwod Drive, East Pint, Ga Massengale, Jo Ann P.; Sp., 2 Baugh Avenue, Hogansville, Ga. Massey, Frances E.; Fr., Route I, Nicholson, Ga Massey, John D.; Fr., 2 Woodland Ave., Summerville, Ga Massey, Melton E.; Jr., 1758 Council Bluff Dr., Atlanta, Ga. Matheson, Ruth; So., Route 5, Carrollton, Ga. Mathews, Elizabeth O.; Sp., 27 Lynda Circle, Carrollton, Ga. Mathews, Gaynelle; Sr., Route 4, Franklin, Ga Mathews, Lynanne; Fr., Route 1, Lexington, Ga. Mathis, Jerry L.; Jr., 1707 Clover Drive, Valdosta, Ga Mathison, Jerry L.; Fr., 231 Stonewall, Cartersville, Ga Matthews, Barbara A.; Fr., Route 2, Fayetteville, Ga Matthews, Margaret A.; Fr., Route 2, Bowdon, Ga. Matthews, Walter D.; Sp., Route 3, Dallas, Ga. Matthews, William P.; Jr., Route 2, Acworth, Ga. Maxwell, Gerald B.; Sr., Route 2, Carrollton, Ga. Maxwell, Robert L.; So., Rt. I, Pine Valley Road, Powder Sprgs, Ga. Mayfield, Frederick A.; So., 600 S. Ridge St., Dalton, Ga ' Mayfield, Randall D.; Jr., Tower Apartments 73, Carrollton, Ga. ... Meadows, Carol M.; Fr., 1375 Harvard Rd., N.E., Atlanta, Ga Mealor, Ruth B.; Jr., 9 Buchanan Street, Newnan, Ga. Mears, Joy C; So., 13 Valentine Drive, Rossville, Ga Medlock. Andrea L.; Fr., 815 Hicks Road, Mab ' leton, Ga Meers, James B., Jr.; Fr., 2573 Kelly Lake Road, Decatur, Ga Meigs, Brenda L.; So,, 131 Newnan Rd., Carrollton, Ga. Meinsen, Janet A.; So., 2455-B Morosgo PL, N., Atlanta, Ga. Melear, Barry D.; Fr., 4551 Hemlock Drive, Austell, Ga! Melear, Linda E.; So., Route I, Palmetto, Ga. . ' . Melton, Charles M.; Sr., 26 Chestnut St., ' Experiment, Ga Melton, Harold D.; Sp., Box 382, Carrollton, Ga. Merrell, Hoyte D.; So., 7703 Hixson Pike, Hixson, Tenn Meyer, Rick M.; Fr., 19 chael, Lynda S.; F lam, Bradley O.; Sp lam, Richard G.; Fr lam, William R.; Sr M M M M M M M M M M M M M M M M M M M M M M M M M M Mizell, Molly; Fr., 152 Lakeview Avenue, Atlanta, Go. . . Moat, Thomas J.; Fr., Route 4, Newnan, Ga. Mobley, Ernest J.; Sr., 3235 Beech Dr., Decatur, Ga. Mobley, Larry C; So., 717 Bonnie Brae Ave., Atlanta, Ga. . Mobley, Peggy A.; So., 4468 Redan Road, Stone Mtn ' , Ga. . Mobley, Taze R., Jr.; So., Atlanta Street, Powder Spgs Ga. . Moncus, Laura C; So., 6018 Kayron Dr., N.E., Atlanta, Ga Moneyheffer, Robert S.; Fr., 170 Royal Court, Morrow, Ga. . 195 195 195 195 195 195 195 195 195 195 195 195 195 195 196 196 196 146 196 196 196 196 196 196 196 196 196 196 196 196 146 )4 Ethel Lane, Decatur, Ga Route I, Rocky Face, Ga 141 Sims Street Carrollton, Ga. 806 Pamela Drive, Griffin, Ga 287 Senoia Rd., Fairburn, Ga les, Sharron A.; Fr., 496 Londonberry Rd., N., Atlanta Ga ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . " " Hedge, John L.; Fr., 2426 Clairmont Rd., N., Atlanta, Ga. Her, Aubrey O., Jr.; So., 203 Kennasaw Dr., Forest Park, Ga Her, Benjamin T.; Jr., Rt. 2, Ashmore TrI. Pk., Carrollton Ga . ' . ' . " .. " Her, Carolyn D.; Fr., Route I, Franklin, Ga. Her, Cheryl L.; So., 231 Kramer St., Carrollto,n Ga. Her, Christopher G.; Fr., 430 Forest Hills Drive, Atlanta 5, Ga. Her, David W.; So., 2347 Manor Ave., East Point, Ga. .. ' . Her, Hubert S.; Fr., Route 2, Temple, Ga Her, John W.; Jr., Route 2, Carrollton, Ga Her, Marilyn A.; Jr., 3364 Hazelwood Dr., S.W., Atlanta Ga. " . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . " " ' Her, Melvin K.; Fr., 510 Laurel Street, Bremen, Ga ' ' . . Her, Michael T.; So., Box 171 D., Fairburn ' , Ga Her, Robert J.; Fr., 3540 Woods Dr., Decatur, Ga. Iligan, Michael B.; Jr., I03B Tillman Drive, Carrollton, Ga. Iner, Charles C; Fr., Route I, Whitesburg, Ga. Iton, Robert L.; Fr., 3626 Tuxedo Road, Atlanta, Ga ncey, Talmadge W., II; Fr., Sharp Drive, Carroll ' ton, Ga. tchell, Ernie K.; Fr., Route I, Rocky Face, Ga tchell, Glenn W., Jr.; Fr., Route 5, Ewing Rd., ' Austell, Ga. ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . " " . ' . ' . ' . " . ' . ' . ' . ' tchell, Joan G.; Sr., Blandenburg Road, Carrollton, Ga ' . tchell, William A.; Fr., Woolsey, Georgia ' . 197 196 146 196 196 196 197 197 197 197 197 197 197 197 197 268 COMPLIMENTS Or DUFFEY ' S SAUSAGE " mm Of BEntR MtATS " Carrolllon, Georgia 269 Montgomery, Carol F.; Fr., 4940 Long»lsland Terr., Atlanta, Ga Montgomery, Jotin P.; Sr., 1094 North Ave., N.E., Atlanta, Ga. Moody, Raymond B.; Jr., Route 3, Rockmart, Ga Moody, Joyce R.; Fr., 102 Deer Creek Trail, Marietta, Ga Moon, Jon M.; Fr. 127 North Cliff Street, Carrollton, Ga Moore, Albert K., Jr.; Jr., 2022 Rector Dr., S-W., Atlanta, Ga Moore, Charles W.; Jr., Route I, Moreland, Ga. Moore, Clyde B.; Fr., 3742 Bouldercrest Road, Ellenwood, Ga Moore, Garry M.; Fr., 916 Rome Street, Carrollton, Ga Moore, Harold M.; So., 119 Magnolia St., Griffin, Ga Moore, Joyce E.; Jr., Route I, Box 209, Moreland, Ga Moore, Lahman D.; So., 54 Spring St., Newnan, Ga. Moore, Maria V.; Fr., Ill Leyden Street, Decatur, Ga Moore, Mary E.; Fr., 679 Dill Avenue, Atlanta, Ga Moore, Michael B.; So., 235 Goshen Spgs. Road, Norcross, Ga Moore, Michael H.; Jr., 406 South Green St., Thomas, Ga Moore, Mike C; Fr., 114 Myrtle Street, Carrollton, Ga Moore, Nancy L.; Fr., 2190 Virginia PL, N.E., Atlanta, Ga Moore, Robert L.; Jr., Route 2, Adairsville, Ga Moore, Robert S.; Fr., 1165 Lake Hearn PI. N., Atlanta, Ga Moore, Rosalie D.; So., 916 Rome St., Carrollton, Ga Moore, Willard D.; So., 8261 N. Fulton Ave., Hapeville, Ga. ... Jvloore, William A.; Sr., 108 Hendrix Dr., Forest Park, Ga. Moorhead, Constance A.; Jr., Route I, Buckhead, Ga. Morgan, Bonnie S.; Sr., 121 Hendrix Dr., Forest Park, Ga. Morgan, Deborah M.; Fr., 2508 Wood Hill Lane, East Point, Ga. ... Morgan, George L., Jr.; Fr., Route I, Box 233A, Jackson, Ga. Morgan, John D.; So., Route 2, Buchanan, Ga Morgan, Michael L.; Fr., Route I, Box 33, Gumming, Ga Morgan, Paula A.; So., Box 344, Rockmart, Ga Morgan, Randall H.; Fr., Route I, Cornelia, Ga Morris, David M.; Fr., Route 2, Box 256, Douglasville, Ga. Morris, Harold M.; So., Melrose Drive, Douglasville, Ga Morris, James E.; So., 212 Wilson St., Calhoun, Ga Morris, James R.; Fr., ' 104 Stewart St., Carrollton, Ga Morris, Kenneth L.; Fr., Route 5, Canton, Ga Morris, Lewis W.; F , 584 Clay Rd., Austell, Ga Morris, Rose S.; Jr., 3494 Heritage Vly. Rd., Atlanta, Ga. Morris, William H.; So., Box 276, Zebulon, Ga Morrison, Rodney K.; Fr., Route 2, Carrollton, Ga. Morrow, John Anderson; So., 251 Brighton Way, Marietta, Ga Mortenson, Anders R.; Sp., 145 Ptree Pk. Dr., N.E., Atlanta, Ga. Moseley, James R.; Fr., 2941 Thornwood, Macon, Ga Moseley, Kathy L.; Fr., Route 2, Box 64, Mc Donough, Ga Moss, Henry W.; Sr., 645 Kennolia Dr., S.W., Atlanta, Ga. Moss, Jonathan W.; Fr., Route 3, Calhoun, Ga Moss, Marion Gary; Fr., 309 Marshal, Cedartown, Ga. Mosteller, Janice A.; So., 2904 Dixie Rd., Dalton, Ga Moye, William A.; So., Route 2, Moye Drive, Mc Donough, Ga Mozley, Ronnie E.; Fr., 2437 Glendale Drive, Decatur, Ga Muller, Phillip L.; Fr., 1393 Catherine Street, Decatur, ' Ga. Mullinax, Reginald L.; Fr., 606 W. Woodland Dr., Dalton, Ga Mullinax, Steven E.; Fr., 217 North Ave., Villa Rica, Ga. Mullins, Benjamin M.; So., 301 Plum St., Madison, Ga. Mullis, William M.; Fr., 2009 Lee Avenue, Tifton, Ga Mumford, Carole L.; Jr., 1706 Deerfield Circle, Decatur, Ga Muntner, Helen F.; Fr., 3614 Forfingale Road, Chamblee, Ga. Murdoch, John K.; So., 911 S. Main Street, Madison, Ga Murphy, Clarence C; So., 108 Meadow St. ' , Thomasville, Ga Murphy, Fred M.; So., 404 Allen St., Thomaston, Ga. Murphy, Gwendolyn; So., 300 Charles Avenue, Thomaston, Ga Murphy, Jean; So., Route 2, Tallapoosa, Ga. Murray, George P.; So., 65 Highland Dr., N.E., Atlanta, Ga. Murray, Robert G.; So., 65 Highland Dr., N.E., Atlanta, Ga. ... Murray, Laurence, III; Fr., 3 Buckingham Place, Deerfield, ill Muse, Mary J.; Fr., Route I, Carrollton, Ga ! Muse, Tommy C; Fr., Route I, Carrollton, Ga Musick, Sherry D.; Fr., Route 3, Carrollton, Ga Myers, George H,; Fr., 121 Sunny Lane, Marietta, Ga Myers, Joan B.; Fr., 513 Cassville Road, Cartersville, Ga Myrick, Barbara B.; Jr., Box 233, Villa Rica, Ga. Natch, Gerald L.; So., 1870 Myrtle Dr., Apt. G, Atlanta, Ga Nally, Sandra B.; Sr., Rydal, Georgia Nally, Sarah M.; Fr., Route I, Rydal, Ga . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . " . ' Naylor, Raymond L.; Jr., 2121 Trailmark Drive, Decatur, Ga. " . ' .!!! Neal, Claudette V.; Jr., 530 Sandtown Road, Marietta, Ga Neal, Julian T.; Sr., 3217 Lavlsta Rd., Decatur, Ga. ' Neely, Mary; Fr., 139 Church Street, Carrollton ' , Ga Neely, Randall C; So., Sharpsburg, Georgia ! Neely, Willa V.; So., 478 Techwood Dr., 467-B, Atlanta, Ga. ' Neese, Barbara L.; Fr., 712 North Greenwood, La Grange, Ga Neighbors, Frankie A.; Sr., 6 Dickinson St., Hogansville, Ga. Neill, Sandra R.; Jr., 330 Bankhead Ave., Carrollton, Ga Nelson, Jimmy R.; So., Route 2, Kingston, Ga. Nesbltt, James A.; Sr., 201 Bass Street, Carrollton, Ga Nesbitt, Margaret J.; Sr., 393 S. Peachtree St., Norcross, Ga. " . ' . ' . ' . ' , Nesbltt, Margaret T.; Jr., 201 Bass St., Carrollton, Ga. .. ' Newkirk, Cynthia J.; So., 181 Pine Circle, La Gra ' nge, Ga ! Newland, Joyce N.; Sr., 28 Maple, Newnan, Ga. Newman, Barbara L.; So., Route 3, Douglasville, Ga. Newman, Frelda M.; Sr., Box 136, Waco, Ga. ' . Newman, Joseph C; Fr., 45 Fourth St.! Newnan, Ga. . ' . ' . ' . " . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . " . Newsome, Gordon A., Ill; Fr., 6 East lOth Street, ' Chickamaug ' a, " ' ca. ' Newton, Brenda D.; So., Route 3, Newton Road, La Grange, Ga. . Newton, Mary C; Fr., 164 Roswell Street, Alpharetta Ga. ..! Newton, Paula A.; Fr., 601 West Hrst, Ocilla, Ga. ' . " . ' . ' . ' Newtorf, Theresa J.; So.. Box 32, Adairsville, Ga !!!!!!!!! Nicholson, George R., Jr.; So., Route I, Fayetteville, Ga. Niemeyer, Jon C; Sr., 20 Sussey Rd., Avondale Est, ' Ga Nix, Dale W.; So., Route I, Box 197, Bremen, Ga . ' . ' ... ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' , Nix, Frances M.; So., 654 Moreland Avenue, Atlanta, Ga. .!!!!!! ' " Nix, Mike H.; Fr., 507 Gordon Street, Bremen, Ga. ' Nix, William B.; Jr., Route I, Rockmart, Ga. ' . !!!!!!!!! Nixon, Donald L.; Jr., J oute 4, Carrollton ' , Ga. Nixon, George H.; Fr., 2012 Cascade Road, Atlanta, Ga. Nixon, Howard C; Jr., 908 N. Park Street, Carrollton Ga 197 97 97 97 97 97 97 98 198 198 198 198 198 198 198 198 198 198 199 199 199 199 199 199 199 199 199 199 199 199 199 146 199 199 199 146 199 199 199 199 146 146 199 199 1 6 199 199 199 ' 199 199 199 146 199 200 200 199 Nixon, Jane S.; So., 126 North Ave., Carrollton, Ga. Nixon, Jo Ann; Fr., 126 North Avenue, Carrollton, Ga. Noles, Jerry F.; Fr., 1323 Womack Avenue, East Point, Ga. Noles, Martha J.; So., 115 Cunningham Drive, Carrollton, Ga. Noles, Rayford; So., 6 Sprayberry Street, Newnan, Ga. Norman, Philip J.; So., 6115 Spring St., Austell, Ga 200 Norris, Jimmy M.; Sr., 440 Chestnut St., Cedartown, Ga. Norris, Webster L.; So., Box 67, Greenville, Ga 200 North, Ralph S.; So., North Hill Ext. P.O. 40 Griffin, Ga !!! 200 Norton, Christopher S.; Fr., 115 Yancey D.R, Forest Park, Ga. Norton, Cynthia A.; Fr., 17 Spring Avenue, Tallapoosa, Ga. Norton, Louise M.; Sr., 314 Meadowbrook Dr., Douglasville, Ga. Norton, Patricia D.; Sr., 166 Spring St., Milstead, Ga 146 Norton, Robert L.; Sr., 106 Farris Circle, Forest Park, Ga 146 Novak, Steven H.; So., I Dogwood Rd., Box 532, Newnan, Ga 200 Nowlen, Bonnie F.; Fr., Liberty Hill Road Camden, S.C 200 Nunan, Russell A.; So., 1172 Merrill Avenue S., Atlanta, Ga 200 Nunn, Catharine J.; Fr., 3865 Northwest Drive, College Park, Ga 200 Nunnelly, Diane T.; So., 114 North Cliff St., Carrollton, Ga 200 Odell, James T.; Fr., 231 Peachtree Hills A, Atlanta, Ga. Odom, Kenneth P.; Fr., 3302 Russell Street, Hapeville, Ga 200 Ogden, Sammy L.; Jr., 403 Alabama Avenue, Bremen, Ga 200 Ogle, Doneld L.; So., Route 4, Ringgold, Ga. Oglesby, William K.; Jr., Route 5, Elberton, Ga. O Hare, John H.; Fr., 727 Virginia Place, Hapeville, Ga 200 O Hern, Billie A.; So., 124 Maple Street, Carrollton, Ga. Okelley, Robert M.; So., 2902 Karen Road, College Park, Ga. dinger, James E.; Fr., 120 Ellen Hand Circle, Cedartown, Ga 200 Oliver, Helen C; Fr., 1850 Thompson Ave., East Point, Ga 200 O Quinn, James A., Jr.; So., Route 3 Box 63, Griffin, Ga 200 Orlich, Rodolfo J.; Jr., San Ramon, Alajueia, Costa Rica 200 Orr, John S., Jr.; Fr., 4625 Welcomeall Rd., College Park, Ga. Orr, Mariorie S.; Fr., 216 Second Ave., Decatur, Ga 200 Osborne, Richard L.; Jr., 1380 Elva Drive, S.W., Atlanta, Ga. Otwell, Donald E.; Fr., Route I, Bremen, Ga 200 Otwell, Michael L.; Fr., Route I, Bremen, Ga 200 Otwell, Sara D.; So., 518 Dahlonega Street, Gumming, Ga 200 Overton, David O.; So., Route 3, Newnan, Ga 200 Owen, Brenda J.; So., Route I, Moreland, Ga 200 Owens, Alvin E.; So., Route 3, Dalton, Ga 200 Owens, Joseph I.; Sr., 512 Lawson St., Bremen, Ga. Owens, Paul K.; Fr., Route 3, Cartersville, Ga. Oxford, Clifford A.; Jr., 1095 Ferncliff Rd., N.E., Atlanta, Ga. Ozbek, Gungor; Sr., Yenumahalle, Ankara, Turkey |46 Padgett, John R.; So., 305 Cleburne Ave., Marietta, Ga 200 Pagel, Mary L.; Fr., Box 307, Roberta, Ga 200 Palmer, Mark A.; Fr., Rt. 6, Blackwell Road, Marietta, Ga. Pannell, Sheridan E.; So., 1930 Clairmont Ter., N.E., Atlanta, Ga 200 Parham, James G.; Jr., Route 2, Newnan, Ga 200 Parham, Render T., Jr.; So., 18 Corinth Rd., Hogansville, Ga 200 Paris, Jane E.; Sr., Route 2, Hiram, Ga |46 Parker, Charles R.; Fr., Route I, Hogansville, Ga 201 Parker, Anthony W., Jr.; So., 3122 Latona Dr., S.W., Atlanta, Ga. Parker, Bobby C; Fr., Route I, Tallapoosa, Ga 201 Parker, David W.; Fr., 535 Newnan, Carrollton, Ga !!!!!! 201 Parker, Dennis C; Fr., 207 Durham Street, Marietta, Ga. Parker, Ernestine S.; Sp., 103 Temple Avenue, Newnan, Ga. Parker, George H.; Sp., 103 Temple Avenue, Newnan, Ga. Parker, James R.; Sr., 18 Atlanta St., Mc Donough, Ga. Parker, Margaret A.; Fr., 844 College St., Rockmart, Ga 201 Parker, Marvin M.; Jr., Route I, Newnan, Ga. Parker, Thomas C, Jr.; Fr., 2877 Pine Needle Drive, East Point, Ga. Parker, Thomas L.; Sr., 206 Bankhead Avenue, Carrollton, Ga. ' 146 Parkes, John T.; Fr., 400 North Gates Ave., Kingston, Pa. ' Parkman, Judy F.; Fr., 310 Ashton Drive, Athens, Ga 201 Parmer, James E.; Fr., Route I, Carrollton, Ga 201 Parmer, Keith M.; So., Route I, Roopville, Ga !!!! 201 Parmer, Wendell W.; So., 54 Tower Apts. Carrollton, Ga. Parrish, Daniel C; So., Box 13, Temple, Ga 201 Parrish, Gary H.; Jr., Box 117, Temple, Ga 201 Parrish, Gordon R.; Jr., 545 McPherson St., Bremen, Ga. Parrish, Julia S.; So., 725 Cascade Drive, Marietta, Ga 201 Parrish, Mary J.; So., Route I, Temple, Ga. Parrott, Edgar C, Jr.; Sr., 107 Woodbine Cir., Newnan, Ga. Parrott, Martha E.; Jr., Route I, Manchester, Ga 20! Parry, David N.; So., 657 Kenilworth Circle, Stone Mtn, Ga. Parsons, A. Hope; Jr., 109 Valley Dr., Route Carrollton Ga 201 Partridge, Victoria A.; So., 208 Willow St., Thomaston, Ga ' " 201 Pass, Jerry R.; So., 123 Cherry St., Carrollton, Ga. . . . ' ! !!!! 201 Patrick, Clement C, Jr.; Jr., Route 3, Box 200, Mc Donough, Ga !.! 201 Patron, Kathi M.; Fr., 1605 Mayflower, Atlanta, Ga 201 Patterson, Charles T.; Fr., Route I, Waco, Ga !! 201 Patterson, Thomas A.; Jr., 12 Rockwood Place, Rome, Ga !!..!!!!!!!!! 201 Patterson, Wanda C; Jr., 190 Sandy Plains Rd., Marietta, Ga !!!! 201 Paulk, Delores A.; Fr., 51 Brooklyn Ave., Forsyth, Ga. ... ' ., 201 Payne, Carolyn E.; Jr., 201 Oak Ave., Carrollton, ' Ga. Payne, Vlcki J.; Fr., 2910 Tejas Trail, S.W., Atlanta, Ga 201 Payton, Larry D.; So., Box 17, Sunnyside, Ga. Payton, Wilburn W., Jr.; Fr., 156 Cunningham Drive, Carrollton, Ga 201 Peacock, Ann; Sr., Route 5, Canton, Ga [[ 144 Peacock, Carolyn J.; So., Route 5, Canton, Ga ' .. ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . 201 Peek, Barbara J.; Fr., Morgan Valley Rd., Rockmart, Ga ' .. ' . ' . " ' 201 Peek, Jeanen M.; Fr., 2589 Browns Mill Rd., S., Atlanta, Ga !.! " ' 201 Pelfrey, Lexie M.; Sr., 2520 Headland Dr., East Point, Ga. Pennington, Ponzi E.; So., 3522 Meadow Ridge Dr., Atlanta, Ga 201 Pepper, Rufus D.; So., Route I, Carrollton, Ga. Perdue, Martha J.; Fr., 1047 Oakdale Rd., N.E., Atlanta, Ga 201 Perdue, Teresa D.; Fr., 410 S. Green Street, Thomaston, ' Ca !! ' " 201 Perkerson, Angus M.; Jr., 27 Temple Ave., Newnan, Ga. Perkerson, James F.; Fr., 27 Temple Ave., Newnan, ' Oa. Perkins, Deborah D.; Fr., 1289 Anchor Terrace, Atlanta, Ga. Perkins, James C; So., Paclohez Street, Thomson. Ga ' 201 Perkins, Wallace H.; Fr., 109 Sharon Circle, Americus, Ga !!!!!!!!!! " " 201 Perkins, Walter R., Ill; Fr., Route 4, Carrollton, Ga. Perkins, James M.; So., Route 3, Box 391, Griffin, Ga. Perreault, Richard M.; Fr., 2254 Wallace Dr., Chamblee, Ga 202 270 Compliments of FOUNTAIN OIL COMPANY Sinclair Products Goodyear Tires Superflame Heating Oil 501 Dixie Street Carroliton Georgia GRIFFINS, INC. DEPARTMENT STORE WEST GEORGIA ' S FINEST SINCE 1899 Carroliton Georgia 271 Perritt, Lynn; Fr., 2783 Springdale Road, East Point, Ga 202 Perry, Judy A.; Fr., Box M. Buchanan, Ga. Perry, Sandria R.; Fr., 5271 Hugh Howeil Dr., Stone Mtn., Ga. Pettit, Darryl; So.. Box 428, Cartersville, Ga 202 Pettit, Katherine L.; Fr., 329 S. Mc Donough Street, Decatur, Ga 202 Peterson, David F.; Fr., 4086 Powers Ferry Rd., Atlanta, Ga. Petty, Wylie O., Ill; So., 1230 Eastridge Rd., S., Atlanta, Ga. Phagan, John D.; Sr., Box 202, Villa Rica, Ga 146 Phagan, Susan G.; So., 107 Morgan St., Rockmart, Ga 202 Phillips, Barbara G.; So., 1437 Continental Dr., Daytona Bch, Fla 202 Phillips, David W.; So., 2908 Greenbush PI., Atlanta, Ga 202 Phillips, Everett G.; Sr., 414 Matthews Avenue, Carrollton, Ga. Phillips, Joseph R.; So., 986 Boulder-crest Dr., S., Atlanta, Ga 202 Phillips, Marian L.; Sr., 127 Clifton Terrace, Carrollton, Ga 147 Phillips, Patricia J.; So., Route 3, Carrollton, Ga 202 Phillips, Sharon C; Fr., 100 Briarciiff Road, West Point, Ga 202 Phillips, Thomas A.; Fr., 127 Clifton Terrace, Carrollton, Ga 202 Phinazee, Mark L.; Jr., Route I, Milner, Ga 202 Pickens, Connie L.; Fr., 594 Milligan Drive, Stone Mtn, Ga 202 Pickens, Jerry W.; Sp., 1404 Maple Street, Carrollton, Ga. Pickens, William C; So., 1622 Mimosa Drive, Marietta, Ga. Pierce, Charlotte L.; So., 528 Spruce St., Cedartown, Ga 202 Pierce, William G.; Sr., 2398 Alston Dr., S.E., Atlanta, Ga 147 Pike, Homer C; Jr., Route 2, Carrollton, Ga. Pike, Marsha Y.; So., Route 5, Carrollton, Ga. Pilgrim, Hattie D.; Sr., 722 Sandtown Road, Marietta, Ga. Pilgrim, Paul S.; Jr., Box 517, Trion, Ga. Pingree, Martha P.; Sp., West Georgia College, Carrollton, Ga. Pittman, Dorothy E.; Fr., 302 Dixie Street, Carrollton, Ga 202 Pitts, Barry A.; Fr., Route I, Miller Street, Lithia Spgs, Ga. Pitts, Howard J.; Fr.. 1554 Cedar Grove Road, Conley, Ga 202 Plummer, Donald C; Fr., 4240 N. Park Drive, Tucker, Ga 202 Poe, William B.; Fr., Route 4, Carrollton, Ga. Pott, John W., Jr.; Fr., 1861 Sherwood Drive, Norcross, Ga 202 Ponder, Philip C; Fr., 2486 Graywall St., East Point, Ga. Poole, Christian N.; Fr., 1369 Springdale Road, Atlanta, Ga. Poole, Gregory A.; Fr., 403 Johnson Street, Warrenton, Ga. Poole, Lawrence D.; Jr., 119 Poplar Circle, La Grange. Ga 202 Pope. Charles M.; So., Route 2, Carrollton, Ga 202 Pope, Diane; Fr., 27 High Street, Tallapoosa, Ga. Popham, Judy L.; So., Box 663, Villa Rica, Ga. Porter, Bernard J.; So., Box 343, Hinesville, Ga 202 Porter, Charles K.; Sr., Route I, County Road, Thomeston, Ga 147 Porter, Evan D.; Fr., 504 Rome Street, Carrollton, Ga 202 Porter, Jamie L.; Fr., 1083 Spring Road, Smyrna, Ga. Porter, .Joan E.; So., 935 Rome St., Carrollton, Ga 202 Porter, William W.; Fr., 69 Mobile Avenue, N.E.. Atlanta, Ga. Portwood, Thomas R.; Fr., 490 Glendalough PL, Atlanta, Ga 202 Posey, David C; So., 106 Poplar St., Bremen. Ga 202 Posey, Derrell T.; So.. Box 513, Bremen. Ga 202 Posey, Jerry W.; Fr., Route 2, Box ' 43-J, Newnan, Ga 202 Posey, Mary A.; Sp., Route 2, Bremen, Ga 202 Posey, Mary E.; Sr.. 1464 Kahanna D5ive. Decatur, Ga. Postell, Linda M.; So., 446 Pauling Lanes, Dallas, Ga 202 Potts, Huelett A.; So., Route 4, Box 266, Newnan, Ga. Potts. Phyllis D.; Fr., Route I, Gumming, Ga 202 Powell, Kay P.; Fr., Route I, Bowdon. Ga 202 Powell, Leslie E.; Jr., Villa Rica, Georgia 203 Powell, Nancy E.; Fr., Masonic Home of Ga., Macon, Ga 203 Powell. Robert S.; So., Route I, Resaca, Ga 203 Powell, Sue C; Sr., 778 East College St., Griffin, Ga 147 Powers, Clarence W., Ill; Jr., Memorial Dr., Barnesville, Ga 203 Prater, Charles S.; Fr., Route 2, Bowdon, Ga 203 Prather, Ronald B.;- Fr.. 2934 Nancy Street, Columbus, Ga 203 Pratt, Barbara L.; So., Midway Rd., Route I, Douglasville, Ga 203 Pratt, Bonnie L.; So., 106 Wynona Dr.. Marietta. Ga. ■ 203 Presley. Sarah J.; So., 1672 South Cobb Dr.. Smyrna. Ga 203 Presnal. Terrye E.; Fr., 301 Brown Street, Carrollton, Ga 203 Price, Faye J.; Fr.. 508 Goodrich Avenue, Thomaston, Ga 203 Price, James H.; Fr.. Box 87. Richland, Ga 203 Price, Janet R.; Fr., 365 River Valley Road, Atlanta, Ga 203 Price. Joel D.; So., 2214 Brown Rd.. College Park. Ga ' 203 Price, Marilyn S.; Jr., Route 6, Marietta, Ga 203 Pridgeon, Herbert L.; Fr., Box 535. Fayetteville. Ga 203 Pridmore, Brooke M.; So., Box 658, Stockbridge, Ga 203 Prince, James A.; Fr., Route 3, Franklin, Ga. Prince, Larry E.; Jr.. 704 Juniper St., La Grange. Ga 203 Prince. Phyllis E.; Sr.. 719 Girard Ave., Cedartown, Ga. Prince, Phyllis S.; Jr., 5! Second Ave.. Newnan, Ga 203 Pritchett. Brenda D.; Fr., 2921 Level Rdg. Rd.. S., Atlanta. Ga . ' .. ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . " 203 Pritchett, Jane E.; So., Route 5, Carrollton, Ga 203 Pruitt, Milton O.; So., Route I. Commerce. Ga 203 Pruitt, Robert W.; Fr., 184 God Street. N.E., Gainesville, Ga. Puckett, Donna L.; Fr., 1649 N. Druid Hills Rd., Atlanta, Ga 263 Puckett, Ronald E.; Jr., 131 Diane Drive, Smyrna, Ga 203 Puett, Elwanda; So., Box 63, Acworth, Ga 203 Puffer, Franklin W.; Sr., Box 248 A, Newnan, Ga. Pullen, Richard A.; Jr., 3443 Dodson Ter., East Point. Ga. Purcell. James A.; So.. 563 Brownwood Ave.. S.E., Atlanta, Ga 203 Purgason, William M.; Fr.. 46 Taliferro Rd., Hogansville. Ga 203 Purvis, James M.; Fr.. Route I, Delray Road, Thomaston. Ga 203 Quigley. Mary L.; So.. Route 3, Box 148, Newnan, Ga 204 Quigley, Wayne S.; So., 342 Kramer Dr., Carrollton. Ga 204 Quinn, Sandra L.; Fr., 301 Hall Dr., Smyrna, Ga 204 Quinn. George W.; So., 1302 Winburn Drive. East Point. Ga. Raburn, Carole J.; Jr., 4429 Herschel Rd., College Park. Ga. Race, Patricia I.; Fr., 2164 Essex Avenue, Atlanta, Ga 204 Rachels, Linda S.; Fr., 833 Cardova Drive, N., Atlanta. Ga 204 Radway, James E.; So., 132 E. Hill St., Decatur. Ga 204 Ragsdale, Henry S.; Sr., Route I. Dallas. Ga 147 Rainwater, Jenny R.; So.. 2 Luminosa Terrace. Rome. Ga 204 Rajecki, Wilhelm P.; Fr., 13! Alan Lane. N.E.. Marietta, Ga. Rakestraw. Tyre L.; So.. Route 2, Hiram. Ga. 204 Ramage, Lynn M.; Fr., 983 Stovall Blvd.. Atlanta. Ga 204 Rambo, Judith E.; So., 149 Kenneth Lane. Mableton. Ga 204 Ramey, Juanelle; Jr., 246 Simmons St.. Trion. Ga. Ramos, Marvin R.; Fr., 2218 Meadowlane Drive, Atlanta. Ga 204 Ramsey. Connie L.; Fr.. 3416 Lark Lane, Decatur, Ga 204 Raney, Paul F., Jr.; Jr., 116 Randall Mark Dr., Morrow, Ga 204 Ransom, David W.; Fr., 106 Allen Street, Summerville Ga 204 Paper, Donald E.; So., 305 Walnut St., Cedartown, Ga. Rapp, James A.; Sr., 44 Lakeland Dr., N.W., Atlanta, Ga. Ratliff. Michael W.; So., Route 2. Perry. Ga 204 Raughton, James; Jr.. 109 Newnan St., Franklin. Ga . ' . " . ' 204 Ray, Irene $.; Jr., 23 Black Bluff Rd., Rome. Ga 204 Ray, Johnny D.; Fr., 3519 Lenardo Dr.. S.W., Atlanta. Ga. Ray, Richard L.; Fr., 330 Pat Mell Road, S., Marietta, Ga 204 Ray, William C; Jr., 121 Brookwood Drive, Marietta, Ga 204 Reddish, Hoyt W.; Fr., Route 2, Tallapoosa, Ga 204 Redmond. Carole E.; Fr., 2527 Bryan Circle. East Point, Ga 204 Redmer, Pamela L.; So., 205 Spring St., Carrollton, Ga 204 Reece, Betty J.; Fr.. Box 292, Blue Ridge, Ga. ..; 204 Rees, Thomas J.; Fr., 251! West Wesley Road. Atlanta, Ga 204 Reeves, Mariorie M.; So., S. Lakeshore Dr., Carrollton, Ga. Reeves, Marilyn H.; So., Box 36, Temple, Ga. Reeves, Patricia C; Fr., 119 South St., Carrollton. Ga 204 Reeves, Robert K.; Fr., 424 College Street, Carrollton, Ga. Reid, Mary J.; Sr., Ellaville, Georgia 147 Reid, Sandra M.; Fr., 1423 June Street, Griffin, Ga 204 Reinhardt, Gary L.; Fr., Route I, Cartersville. Ga. Reitz, Joseph C; Sr., Box 73, Roopville, Ga. Remeta, Doris J.; Fr., 338 A Rhomar Circle, Marietta, Ga 204 Reynolds, Betty Y.; Fr., 153 Pine Valley Dr., Forest Park, Ga 204 Reynolds, Roy J.; Jr., 1368 Aniwaka Ave., S.W., Atlanta, Ga 204 Rhodes, Dana S.; Fr., 101 E. Mc Intosh Road, Griffin, Ga 204 Rhodes, Jacquelyn L.; Fr., 3346 Lynfield Drive, Atlanta. Ga 205 Rhodes, John T.; So., 175 Landsdowne Dr., N.W., Atlanta, Ga 205 Rhodes, William L.; Jr., 127 Pharr Road, Decatur, Ga. Rhomberg, Viktor H. A.; Sp., Dornbirn, Vorarlberg, Austria 205 Rice, Robert L.; Fr.. Box 304, Jackson, Ga : 205 Richards, Guy H.; So., 204 Shadowmoor Drive, Decatur, Ga 205 Richards, Kay E.; So., Route I, Whitesburg, Ga 205 Richards, Larry D.; Jr., 4250 Davis Rd., College Park, Ga 205 Richardson, Bobble L.; Jr., Route I, Bowdon, Ga. Richardson, Jerry H.; Sr., 138 Cherry St., Rockmart, Ga 205 Richardson, Robert J.; Sr., 2619 Salledo Ave., Savannah. Ga 147 Richardson, Robert R.; Fr., 4138 Northside Drive, Atlanta, Ga. Richardson, Roy D.; Fr., Route 2, Box 448, Austell, Ga. Richie, Stephen N.; So., 215 Tallapoosa St., Bremen, Ga 205 Rickett, Sally E.; Fr., 2435 Pinetree Rd., Atlanta, Ga 205 Rickles, Roy M.; So., Route I, Sharpsburg, Ga 205 Rider, Martha A.; So., 35 Bailey Dr., Newnan, Ga 205 Ridgely, Ben R.; So., 2296 Ferndale Dr., Decatur, Ga. Rife, Anita D.; Fr., 548 Hurt Road, Smyrna, Ga 205 Riggins, Thomas D.; Fr.. 846 Mc Laurin Ave., Griffin, Ga 205 Riley, John J., Jr.; Fr., 503 Pamela St., Marietta, Ga 205 Rinn, Barbara A.; So., 422 College St., Carrollton, Ga 205 RIstow, Judy E.; Fr., 10 East Valley. Rome, Ga 205 RItch. Lorraine M.; Jr.. Route I, Box 358, Powder Spgs. Ga 205 Rittenhouse, Jeanne W.; So., 3736 Aristldes Lane, Decatur. Ga. Robbins, Donna E.; So., 904 E. Second Avenue, Rome, Ga. Robblns, Gary V.; So., Route 3, Box 6A, Oneonta. Ala 205 Robbins, Larry E.; Sr., 304 Campbellton St., Douglasville, Ga. Roberts, Camille C; Fr., 338 Mount Alto Road, Rome, Ga 205 Roberts, Carole; So., Pinehurst, Georgia 205 Roberts, Charles S.; Fr., Route 2, Carrollton, Ga. Roberts, Franklin C; Fr., Club Drive. Stockbridge, Ga 205 Roberts, George B.; Sr., 1382 Milton Place S.E.. Atlanta, Ga 147 Roberts, Kathleen A.; Fr., 101 Hlllcrest Avenue, Rome, Ga 205 Roberts, Kathy L.; Fr., 1464 Fairbanks St., S.. Atlanta, Ga 205 Roberts, Kenneth M.; Sr., Route 2, Carrollton, Ga. Roberts, Oscar W.; So., Bowdon Rd.. Carrollton. Ga 205 Roberts, Phyllis A.; So., 286 North Main St., Jonesboro, Ga 205 Roberts, Richard M.; So., 3560 Spring Run Dr.. Decatur. Ga 205 Roberts, Wm. Horace, Jr.; Fr., 6th Avenue, Chatsworth, Ga 205 Robertson, Carl A.; Jr., 43 Temple Ave., Newnan, Ga. Robertson, Linda D.; So., 15 Waverly Circle, Newnan, Ga 206 Robertson, Morgan M.; Fr., 450 Wood Valley Drive, Marietta. Ga. Robertson, Susan V.; Fr., Rt. I, Hamilton Rd.. La Grange, Ga 206 Robinson, Andrew C; Fr., 4586 Roswell Rd., U 4. Atlanta. Ga 206 Robinson, Bryan J.; Sr., 1698 Willis Mill Rd., S., Atlanta. Ga. Robinson, Claudia E.; Sr., P.O. Box 132. Thomasville. Ga. Robinson, Deborah J.; Jr., Route 4, Carrollton. Ga 206 Robinson. Howard T.; So., 3986 Briarciiff Rd., N., Atlanta. Ga 206 Robinson, James F.; Sr.. 403 Holmes St.. Barnesville. Ga 147 Robinson, Jan T.; J.r. 128 Belva St., Carrollton. Ga 206 Robinson, Jeffery D.; Fr., 3020 West Potomac Dr., East Point, Ga. Robinson, Jerry F.; Fr., Route 2, Waco, Ga. Robinson. June M.; So., 912 North Park, Carrollton, Ga 206 Robinson. Robert L.; Sr., Route I, Carrollton, Ga. Robinson, Sara R.; So., Route 2, Waco. Ga 206 Robinson, Steven D.; Fr., 500 Westmeath Drive, Atlanta. Ga. Robinson. Wendell P.; Jr., 720 Bankhead Ave.. Carrollton. Ga. Robison, Gail S.; Fr., Box 667, Carroll Road. Villa Rica. Ga 206 Roddenberry, Daniel A.; Fr., North Greenwood Dr., Carrollton. Ga 206 Rodgers, Fay S.; Fr., 2720 Redding Road, N., Atlanta, Ga 206 Rogers, Denzll L.; Jr., Box 20, La Grange, Ga. Rogers, Frank G.; Fr., Box 368. Meansvllle. Ga 206 Rogers, James D.; Sr., Route 3, Franklin, Ga 147 Rogers, John S.; Sr.. 1502 Blue Ridge Dr.. N.. Gainesville. Ga. Rogers, Stephen C; Fr., 2853 Branchwood Drive. East Point, Ga. Rogers, Toni G.; So., 1657 Austell Rd., Rt. 8. Marietta. Ga. 206 Rolan. Laura C; Jr., Ball Ground Hwy.. Canton, Ga 206 Rogers, Vivian P.; Fr., Route I, Roopville, Ga 206 Rollins, Jerry B.; Sr., Route I, Box 566. Bowdon, Ga. Rooks, Beverly D.; Jr., 4I3-I2th Ave. E., Cordele. Ga 206 Rooks, Carol D.; Fr.. Route 4, Carrollton. Ga 206 Rooks. Frank H.; Fr., Hwy. 29. Madras. Ga. Rooks, Marcia A.; Fr., Route 2. Franklin. Ga 206 Rooks, Patricia C; Fr., 413 12th Avenue E., Cordele, Ga. Rooks, Rhonda E.; So., Box 35, Bowdon, Ga. Roper, Nigel B.; Fr., 2871 Randall St.. East Point, Ga 206 Rosenbalm. Valetta L.; So.. Box 113, Mt. ZIon, Ga 206 Roseberry, Patricia A.; Fr.. 4515 Lake Forrest Dr.. Atlanta. Ga 206 272 Compliments of ACME PROVISION CO 700 Edgewood Ave., N. E. ATLANTA, GA. 273 Ross, David L.; Jr., Box 683, Douglasville, Ga 20 ' ) Ross, Larry N.; Fr., Route I, Meansvillen Ga . ' . ' . " . ' . ' . " . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' .. 206 Ross, Paula J.; Fr., 2583 Hogan Road, East Point, Ga . ' . ' . ' !!. ' . ' !. ' !. ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . " " 206 Roulan, James R.; Fr., I Walnut, Porterdale, Ga ' " . ' . 206 Rountree, Linda M.; Jr., 674 Blvd., S.E., Atlanta, Ga 206 Routon, Jerry L.; So., Route I, Box 75A, College Park, Ga ' . ' . ' .. ' . 206 Rowan, Catherine F.; Fr., Route 2, Box 21, Mc Donough, Ga 206 Rowe, Shirley A.; Fr., Box 75, Temple, Ga 206 Rowell, Frank; Jr., 412 Dora St., Griffin, Ga ' ... ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . " . " . " . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' .. ' 207 Rowell, James L.; Sr., Box 446, Bowdon, Ga 147 Rowland, Alice J.; Fr., Box 237, Bowdon, Ga 207 Rowley, Cleveland M.; Jr., 385 Hooper St., S.E., Atlanta, Ga. Rowley, Rebecca A.; Fr., 1399 Christmas Lane, Atlanta, Ga 207 Royer, James D.; Jr., 4380 Garmon Rd., Atlanta, Ga . ' 207 Rucker, Hugh D.; Jr., Route 4, Alpharetta, Ga . ' ] 207 Royals, James D.; Jr., 315 Mc Collum St., Trion, Ga. Rucker, Sandra G.; Fr., 234 Prospect Dr., Roswell, Ga 207 Rucker, Sheila C; So., Route 4, Alpharetta, Ga 207 Rush, Danny L.; Fr., Maple, Bremen, Ga 207 Russell, Larry E.; Jr., Box 364, Mc Caysville, Ga 207 Russell, Marilyn J.; Sr., 82 Cleveland St., Mc Donough, Ga 148 Rutledge, Joseph A.; Fr., Route I, Dallas, Ga 207 Rutledge, Kathy S.; oS., 297 Birch St., Hapeville, Ga 207 Rutledge, Kirby M.; Fr., 125 Cason Road, Cedartown, Ga. Rutledge, Terry D.; Sr., 657 Rebecca St., Covington, Ga. Ruus, Edwin L.; Fr., 204 Hillside Drive, N., Atlanta, ' Ga. Ryckeley, Kathy L.; Fr., 2135 Highview Road, Atlanta, Ga. Ryder, William L., Jr.; Fr., 510 Kenbrook Dr., N.W., Atlanta, Ga 207 Saffold, Robert C; Fr., 107 Hillandale Circle, Mareitta, Ga. ' 207 Salley, Sheila A.; Fr., 2517 Wood Valley Drive, East Point, Ga 207 Salter, Shirley A.; So., 2056 Trailwood Rd., Decatur, Ga 207 Saito, Hirohisa; Sp., No. 3-18-5 Inokashira, Mitaka, Tokyo, Japan Samples, Frances E.; So., 4400 Woodland Brook D, Smyrna, Ga 207 Sanders, Beverly J.; Fr., Ill Marion St., Smyrna, Ga 207 Sanders, Carl W.; Fr., 614 W. Elm St., Rockmart, Ga 207 Sanders, Eddie L.; Jr., 3259 Betty Circle, Decatur, Ga. Sanders, Linda A.; Fr., 512 Mc Pherson St., Bremen, Ga 207 Sandusky, Charles R.; Fr., 3906 N.W. Drive, College Park, Ga .207 Santor, Sheila A.; So., 5102 Sandy Cove, Sarasota, Gla 207 Sapp, Rebecca J.; Fr., 401 Avenue C, West Point, Ga 207 Sappe, Betty S.; Fr., Box 374, Gordon, Ga 207 Sappe, Carol A.; So., Box 374, Gordon, Ga 207 Sargent, George B.; Sr., 56 Woodbine Dr., Newnan, Ga 148 Sass, Louis H.; Fr., 620 E. Cambridge Avenue, College Park, Ga 207 Satterfield, Jerry M.; Fr., Rt. I, White, Ga . ' . ' 207 Saunders, Donna C; Jr., 608 S. Hutchinson Ave., Adel, Ga. Saunders, Wm. Kenneth; Fr., 608 S. Hutchinson Ave., Adel, Ga 207 Saunders, Willie M.; So., Route I, Box 344, Jackson, Ga. .. ' 207 Savage, Jamie D.; Fr., 3206 Junaluska Dr., Columbus, Ga 207 Savage, Marian L.; Sr., 227 Litchfield St., Rockmart, Ga. Savage, Patricia F.; Jr., 1142 Atlanta Rd., Marietta, Ga. Saxon, Neal D.; So., 40 Kiker Street, Tallapoosa, Ga. Saylors, Tena D.; Jr., 1115 Arden Drive, Marietta, Ga. 207 Scarboro, Sandra L.; Sr., 100 Reynolds Rd., Morrow, Ga 148 Scarborough, William T.; So., 325 W. Bonnell St., Oxford, Ga 208 Schaible, Daniel F.; Fr., Box 186, Shelter Isl, N.Y. Schoenberner, Robert A.; Jr., 819 North Park, Carrollton, Ga. Schuber, Herman M.; So., 3571 Glenda Street, Lithia Sprgs, Ga 208 Scott, Donna L.; Fr., 2120 Westover Dr., East Point, Ga 208 Scott, Phillip ' R.; Jr., Route 2, Chatsworth, Ga. Scott, Roger L.; Jr., 33 E. Main St., Gainesville, Ga 208 Scroggins, Anna J.; So., 2639 Vance Dr., East Point, Ga 208 Searcy, Donna S.; So., Chapel Heights, Carrollton, Ga. Seaton, William C; Fr., 331 Kramer Street, Carrollton, Ga. Self, James H.; So., 315 E. Ninth Street, West Point, Ga 208 Self, Mary K.; Sr., 507 Boulevard Heights, Calhoun, Ga. Selman, Michael L.; Fr., Dogwood Lane, Rockmart, Ga 208 Shadinger, Jerry H.; Jr., Route 3, Carrollton, Ga. Shadrix, Alan B.; So., 424 Dixie St., Carrollton, Ga 208 Shaefer, Stephen F.; Jr., 210 Lee Street, West Point, Ga. Shaw, Carol A.; So., 406 Academy Street, Acworth, Ga 208 Shaw, Hugh F.; Sr., 603 College Street, Carrollton, Ga. Shaw, Robert A.; Jr., Route 6, Mozelle Road, Marietta, Ga 208 Shaw, Vaughn S.; Fr., 26 Tulip Street, Cranford, N.J. Sheffield, Robert L; So., 1325 Westboro Dr., S.W. Atlanta, Ga. Shell, Sanford R.; So., 952 Redbud Lane, S.W., Atlanta, Ga 208 Shelly, Jerry L.; So., 505 Church Street, Douglasville, Ga. Shelnutt, Edwin T.; Fr., Rte. 2, Box 77, Newnan, Ga 208 Shelnutt, Judy A.; Fr., Route 2, Bremen, Ga 208 Shelnutt, Susan G.; Sr., Route I, Box 53, Austell, Ga 148 Shepard, Jesse N.; So., Route 2, Box 43-Y, Newnan, Ga 208 Shepherd, Michael A.; Fr., 704 Lakewood Dr., La Grange, Ga. Sheppard, Judy P.; So., Route I, Box 254 B, Sandersville, Ga 208 Sherman, Eric S.; So., 741 Parkdale, Memphis, Tenn 208 Shi, Linda E.; So., 1744 De Lowe Dr., S.W., Atlanta, Ga . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' 208 Shinn, Guy M.; Jr., 108 Valley Drive, Carrollton, Ga. Shipp, Roxie G.; Sr., Route 2, Box 109, Talbotton, Ga 148 Shirah, Dixie A.; So., Route 2, Temple, Ga 208 Shirey, Clara S.; Sr., 32 Forest Drive, Carrollton, Ga. Shirley, Cheryl N.; Fr., Atlanta Hwy., Rte. 2, Calhoun. Ga 208 Shore, Robert J.; Fr., Box 315, Cornelia, Ga 208 Shores, Gayle P.; So., 730 Densley Dr., Decatur, Ga 208 Shortt, Sidney W.; Fr., 139 Skyland Drive, Cornelia, Ga 208 Shumake, Paul D.; Fr., Route 3, Carrollton, Ga. Sibley, Janice A.; Fr., 5421 Coppedge Avenue, Jacksonville, Ga. Sikes, Susan D.; So., 2540 Ben Hill Rd., East Point, Ga. Simmons, Gayle M.; Fr., 321 Dixie Avenue, Bremen, Ga 208 Simmons, Larry L.; Fr., 1443 Wadley Avenue, East Point, Ga 208 Simonton, Norma L.; Fr., 17 Woodland Drive, Rome, Ga 208 Simpkins, Charles T.; Sr., 127 Cherry Street, Carrollton, Ga 208 Simms, Marilynn C; Fr., 3133 Tower View Dr., Atlanta, Ga 208 Simpson, William T.; Fr., 3057 Oakdale Road, Hapeville, Ga. Sims, David F.; Jr., 492 Robinson Ave., Atlanta, Ga. .. ' 208 Sims, Henry W.; Fr., 497 North Ave., Hapeville ' , Ga 208 Singletary, Robert B.; So., Box 1156, Thomasville, Ga. Sinyard, James M.; Fr., Rte. I, Lithia Spgs, Ga 208 S.ivell, Mary C; Jr., Route 2, Box 204, Pine Mountain, Ga .. ' . 209 Skelton, Blake Sr.; Fr., 443 Oakdale Drive, Smyrna, Ga. Skinner, Frank M.; Fr., Mt. Zion Road, Carrollton, Ga. Skypek, Michael C; Jr., 2120 Trailmark Drive, Decatur Ga Slate, David H.; Fr., 201 Tuggle St., Carrollton, Ga. Slate, Donald L.; Jr., 201 Tuggle St., Carrollton, Ga |48 Slaughter, Aimee M.; So., 1320 Clairmont Road, ' Decatur, Ga ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . " 209 Sloan, Barry E.; Fr., Lee Place, Red Oak, Ga 209 Sloman, Wayne R.; Fr., Box 32, Cedartown, Ga 209 Smallwood, Emmett E.; Sp., Route 2, Hogansvllle, Ga. Smith, Alana V.; Jr., Box 133, Blairsville, Ga. Smith, Amy R.; So., Route 2, Dallas, Ga 209 Smith, Athol B.; So., Route 2, Newnan, Ga. Smith, Brenda G.; Sr., Box 547, La Fayette, Ga |48 Smith, Brenda K.; So., 404 Lester Avenue, Dalton, Ga 209 Smith, Charlene C; Fr., 152 Bowdon Street, Tallapoosa, Ga. Smith, Charlette A.; Fr., 144 Medford Lane, Austell Ga 209 Smith, Dale A.; So., 987 Pine St., Conyers, Ga. Smith, David A.; Jr., Mt. Zion, Georgia Smith, Davis A.; Fr., 69 Askew Avenue, Hogansvllle, Ga 209 Smith, Donna P.; Sr., Route 2, Bowdon, Ga . " |48 Smith, Edward M.; Fr., 314 East Jule Peek, Cedartown, Ga 209 Smith, Frances D.; So., 141 South St., Carrollton, Ga 209 Smith, Frederick T.; Fr., 314 E. Jule Peek, Cedartown, Ga. Smith, Gary D.; Jr., Tanners Beach, Carrollton, Ga. Smith, Gary Edward; Sr., 144 Medford Lane, Austell, Ga |48 Smith, Gary H.; Jr., Box 525, Tunnel Hill, Ga 209 Smith, Gleamer L.; Sr., 106 Adamson Ave., Carrollton, Ga 148 Smith, James L.; So., 1125 Rose Circle, Trion, Ga. Smith, Janet F.; Fr., 1864 Cindy Drive, Decatur, Ga 209 Smith, Janis L.; Fr., 4319 Palm Springs Dr., East Point, Ga 209 Smith, Jane E.; Jr., Box 207 Ringgold, Ga. Smith, Juanita; So., Route 2, Woodbury, Ga. Smith, Judy E.; Fr., 103 Jeannette Drive, Dalton, Ga 209 Smith, Lesker D.; Fr., Rte. I, Carrollton, Ga 209 Smith, Linda F.; So., 404 Lester Ave., Dalton, Ga ' 209 Smith, Linda G.; Fr., Moreland, Georgia 209 Smith, Linda J.; Fr., Hwy. 42, Rex, Ga . " . ' . ' . ' 209 Smith, Linda L.; Jr., 16 Spring Ave., Tallapoosa, Ga 209 Smith, Louise R.; Fr., Route 5, Box 494, Newnan, Ga 209 Smith, Mallory G.; Jr., Route 3, Carrollton, Ga. Smith, Marcia Elaine; So., 987 Pine St., N.E., Conyers, Ga 209 Smith, Marion O.; Sr., 297 Fayetteville Road, Fairburn, ' Ga. Smith, Marcia E.; Fr., 18 East Mill Street, Tallapoosa, Ga 209 Smith, Mary G.; Sr., Route 2, Buchanan, Ga. Smith, Mary J.; Fr., Route I, Palmetto, Ga 209 Smith, Michael L.; Fr., 110 College Street, Carrollton, Ga. Smith, Nancy E.; So., 169 Norcross St., Roswell, Ga 209 Smith, Nancy J.; Jr., Route 3, Box 365, Thomaston, Ga 209 Smith, Phyllis G.; So., Route I, Carrollton, Ga. Smith, Polly; Fr., 418 College Avenue, La Grange, Ga 209 Smith, Robbie D.; So., Route I, Carrollton, Ga . ' . ' 209 Smith, Ronald M.; Fr., 238 Miller Rd. Ave., S., Atlanta, Ga ' . " . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . 220 Smith, Ronnie M.; Fr., 16 Spring, Tallapoosa, Ga 209 Smith, Ronnie T.; So., Route I, Canton, Ga 210 Smith, Roy J.; Fr., 1392 Byrene Terrace S., Atlanta, Ga . ' . ' . ' . " . " . ' 210 Smith, Sally L.; Jr., Franklin, Georgia 210 Smith, Sharon L.; Fr., Box 68, Tyrone, Ga. Smith, Sheila L.; So., Route 4, Cox Road, Marietta, Ga 210 Smith, Sherry J.; So., Route 5, Box 226A, Newnan, Ga 210 Smith, Stephen L.; Fr., Route 2, Dallas, Ga .. ' . 210 Smith, Susan E.; Jr., 305 Brown St., Carrollton, Ga ' . 210 Smith, Virginia H.; Fr., 110 College Street, Carrollton, Ga. Smith, Wallace 8.; So., Route 4, Bowdon, Ga. Smith, Walter Jane; So., General Delivery, Albany, Ga 209 Smith, Walter M.; So., 1225 Oakcrest Dr., Atlanta, Ga. Smith, Wilda K.; Sr., Box 102, Waleska Ga. .... ' |48 Smith, Willie G., Jr.; Fr., Route I, Madison, Ga 210 Snider, Gordon L.; Fr., 182 Jefferson St., Newnan, Ga. Snow, Wanda R.; Jr., P.O. Box 591, Dalton, Ga 210 Snyder, Paul M.; Sr., 732 Berne St., S.E., Atlanta, Ga . ' . ' .. ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . " . ' . " . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' |48 Sockwell, Brenda G.; Jr, 953 G ilbert St., S.E., Atlanta, Ga 210 Soper, Carol J.; Fr., 2581 Flair Knoll Dr., Atlanta, Ga! 210 Sorrells, Connie N.; So., 701 Church St., Monroe, Ga. Sorrells, Walter S.; Sr., Route I, Perry, Ga. ... ' . (43 Sosebee, Judy M.; So., Route 2, Gumming, Ga ' . ' 210 Souther, Joseph C; Jr., 687 Stokeswood Ave. S., Atlanta, Ga ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . 210 Southerland, Charles H.; Sr., 218 South Blvd., Carrollton, Ga .. ' . 148 Spaduzzi, James D.; Fr., 201 Copeland Rd., N.E., Atlanta ' , Ga ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . 210 Spann, James K.; Jr., Route 2, Dalton, Ga. Spann, Larry E.; Fr., Route 2, Dalton, Ga 2IO Spearman, Larry B.; Fr., 13 Second St., Newnan, Ga. Spears, Cheryl D.; Fr., 510 Keeler Woods Drive, Marietta, Ga 210 Spence, Gloria J.; So., 218 Washington St., Jefferson, Ga 210 Spence, La Dell; So., Route 6, Carrollton, Ga . ' 210 Spence, Sara V.; Fr., Box 519, Bowdon, Ga ' . ' . ' . ' . " . ' . " . ' . ' .210 Spencer, Sandra J.; Fr., 104 Hickory Acres Dr., Smyrna, Ga ' . ' .. ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' 210 Spink, Drena E.; Sr., 305 College St., Calhoun, Ga. Spinks, George M.; Fr., 427 N. Marble, Rockmart, Ga 210 Spinks, Janice C; So., 302 N. Madison Ave., Moriroe, Ga 210 Spivey, Joyce E.; Sr., 127 Forest Lane, Rt. 3, Marietta, Ga |48 Sprewell, John S.; So., Box 363, Thorsby, Gla. Springfield, Clay B.; Fr., 5610 Woodridge Drive, Huntsville, Ala 210 Springfield, Helen J.; So., 912 Hardwick St., Dalton, Ga . ' . ' . ' . " . " . " . ' 210 Sproull, Kenneth E.; Sr., Tanners Beach, Carrollton, Ga. Spruell Sarah F.; Fr., Route 2, Carrollton, Ga. Spruill, Shirley R.; Fr., Route 2, Carrollton, Ga 2IO Stallings, Rebecca E.; Sr., Route 3, Carrollton, Ga . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . " . ' . ' . ' . " . ' . " 149 Stamps, Jacquelynne M.; Fr., Luthersville, Georgia Standi, Gail A.; Sr., Route 3, Box 50, Ball Ground, Ga 149 Stallings, Priscilla E.; Fr., Janice Place, Carrollton, Ga. Stancil, Jimmie T.; Fr., Box 152, Jasper, Ga 2IO Standard, Bobby E.; Sr., Route I, La Grange, Ga. ' Standridge, Billy D.; Fr., S. Lakeshore Drive, ' Carrollton, Ga. Stanford, Ann C; Fr., 112 North Avenue, Forest Park, Ga 210 Stanford, Brenda C; Fr., Knollwood Drive, Bremen, Ga " . " . ' . ' 210 Stanley, Brenda M.; So., Route 5, Box 522, Newnan, Ga . ' . ' . " .. ' . ' . " . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . " . " . " . ' . ' . " 211 Stanley, Samuel R.; Jr., 5616 Baywood Terrace, Jacksonville Ga. 274 WANT MORE VHalHy? drink Carroll reamery % t » , p ATLANTA DAIRIES Stanton, Lynda R.; Fr., 1652 Oak Grove Rd., Decatur, Ga 211 Staples, Donna C; Fr., Box 67, Franklin, Ga. Staples, Larry S.; So., Route 3, Carrollton, Ga 211 Stark, Arnold B.; Fr., 325 Hammond Drive, N., Atlanta, Ga 211 Starling, Robert L.; Sr., P.O. Box 5, The Rock, Ga. Staton, Susan L.; So., 2489 Headland Dr., East Point. Ga 21! Steadham, Douglas W.; Sr., Box 126, Temple, Ga 149 Steed, Larry N.; So., Box 442, Bov don, Ga. Stegall, Brenda G.; Fr., Route I, Rydal, Ga 211 Stephens, Hunter P.; Jr., 147 N. College St., Cedartown, Ga 211 Stephens, James H.; Fr., 1048 Sandtown Rd., Marietta, Ga 21! Stephens. James R.; Fr., 1216 Cherry Street, Trion, Ga 211 Stephens, Jeane L.; Jr., 103 Mounfville St., La Grange, Ga 21! Stephens, Mary N.; Fr., 556 Leslie Drive, Villa Rica, Ga 21! Stephens, Patricia M.; So., 1298 Willivee Dr., Decatur, Ga 211 Stephens, Thomas S.; Fr.. Route 2, Box 162 A, Mc Donough, Ga 211 Stephenson, Nancy J.; Jr., 4249 Fredericksburg D, College Park, Ga 21! Stevenson, Frank E., Jr.; So., 3309 Andley Road, S.W., Atlanta, Ga. Stewart, David R.; Fr., 1177 Hess Drive, Avondale Est, Ga 211 Stewart, Melinda D.; Fr., 2777 Fair Oaks Road, Decatur, Ga 211 Stewart, Robert A.; So., 2304 Melinda Dr., Atlanta, Ga. ' Stewart, Sandra S.; So., 21 Cleveland St., Tallapoosa, Ga 211 Stiehl, Norman R., Jr.; Fr., 48! Santa Fe Trail S., Atlanta, Ga. Still, Martha D.; Sr., Route I, Powder Spgs, Ga 149 Stillwell, Linda D.; Sr., Route 3, La Grange, Ga |49 Stith, Margaret C; Fr., East Club Drive, Carrollton, Ga. Stith, Martha H.; Fr., East Club Drive, Carrollton, Ga. Stockard, Cecil R., Jr.; So., 5141 Riverview Road, Atlanta, Ga. Stockton, James R.; Fr., 362 Greenwood Ave., Decatur, Ga 211 Stone, James S.; So., Route 5, Newnan, Ga. Stone, Lula T.; So., 209 Mimosa Dr., Rome, Ga. Storey, Malcolm E.; Fr., Route 2, Box 291, Thom,aston, Ga 211 Story, Glennis T.; Sr., 105 Lakeview Dr., Carrollton, Ga 149 Stover, Jerry R.; So., Route I, Box I83A, Austell, Ga 211 Straughan, Ronald E.; Sr., 3490 Rainbow Drive, Decatur, Ga 149 Strawn, Martha H.; Fr., 146 College Street, Mc Donough, Ga 211 Strawn, Ronny E.; Fr., Route I, Winston, Ga. Streetman, Joyce I.; Fr., Route I, Box 233,. Villa Rica, Ga 2li Stribling, Nancy D.; Fr., Route I, V oodbury, Ga. . . . ' 211 Strickland, Ann; Jr., 123 Francis Circle, Mableton, Ga ' ' 21! Strickland, Brenda S.; Fr., Route I, Bremen, Ga 211 Strickland, Dennis R.; Fr., 314 Dorris Road, Douglasville, Ga . ' . ' 21! Strickland, George M.; Fr., 1103 Loring St., Atlanta, Ga 21! Strickland, Mary E.; Fr., Box 42, Experiment, Ga 21! Strickland, Peggy; Fr., Route I, Box 8, Austell, Ga [ 21! Strickland, Phillip A.; Fr., 1423 Sixteenth Avenue, Columbus, Ga. Strickland, Stephen R.; Fr., 1599 Carroll Drive, Atlanta, Ga. Stromberg, Nancy J.; Fr., 1497 Brookvalley Lane, Atlanta, Ga 212 Strobhert, Susan L.; Fr., 1803 Beacon Hill Blvd., Atlanta, Ga 211 Strozier, Bobby W.; Fr., 4112 Lesley Drive, College Park ' Ga ' . ' . 212 Stubbs, Peggy A.; Jr., 1990 Neely Ave. .East Point, Ga. ' 212 Stubbs, Richard; Jr., 2011 Plaza Lane 323, Atlanta, Ga. Stukes, Howard V .; Sr., 1951 N. Ridgeway Rd., N.E., Atlanta, Ga. Styles, June K.; So., Box 52, Bowdon, Ga. Sudlow, Charles W., Ill; So., 9 Forest Drive, Gwynedd Vy, Pa 212 Sullivan, David B.; Fr., 3173 Deer Run Drive, Smyrna, Ga. ' 212 Sullivan, James Herb; Fr., 532 College Street, Carrollton, Ga 212 Sullivan, Jo A.; Sr., 532 College St., Carrollton, Ga ' ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . 149 Sullivan, Johnny E.; Fr., Box 272, Lithia Spgs, Ga ' . ' . ' . ' . . ' . 212 Sullivan, Linda D.; Fr., Route 2, Sullivan Road, Powder Spgs, Ga . ' . ' ... ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . " . " . ' . ' 212 Summerall, Clifton L.; Jr., 415 Bolijeri Blvd., Villa Rica, Ga. ' 212 Sumner, Janis L.; Fr., Route I, Sparks, Ga ' . 212 Sutherland, Jas B., Jr.; Fr., 500 Atwood Drive, Marietta, Ga ............].. 212 Sutton, Michael L.; Fr., Box 186, Adairsville, Ga . ' 212 Swanson, Elizabeth J.; Fr., 159 Etowah Drive, Cartersville, Ga 212 Swanson, Francis M.; Fr., 83 Circle Drive, Rossville, Ga. !!!.2I2 Swanson, Malcolm L.; Fr., 18 Hilltop Drive, Summe ' rville, Ga ' . ' . ' . ' . ' .. ' .. ' . 2 2 Swanson, Richard S.; Fr., Route 2, Carrollton, Ga. Swinson, Jennie M.; Fr., Route I, Bremen, Ga 212 Swinson, Jimmy G.; Fr., Route I, Bremen, Ga. Talley, James B., Jr.; Fr., 10 Sunny South St., Newnan, Ga 212 Tally, Peggy M.; Fr., Box 267, Temple, Ga 212 Talton, Margaret B.; So., 1105 Swift St., Perry, Ga. Tamplin, Harold D.; So., Bostwick Rd., Madison, Ga. Tanner, Jacquelyn; Fr., 2879 De Lowe Drive, East Point, Ga 212 Tant, Edward L., So., 140 Sharon Drive, Fayetteville, ' Ga . ' . " . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . " . " . ' . ' 212 Tarpley, Henry M., Jr.; Fr., Route I ,Box 163, Jonesboro, Ga .. 212 Tatum ,Edna E.; So., 124 Oak Lane, Griffin, Ga. Tatum, Patricia L.; So., 227 Bankhead Ave., Carrollton, Ga 212 Taylor, Edward W.; So., 1323 Oakdale Dr., Griffin, Ga 212 Taylor, George F.; Sr., 3130 V est Side Place, Ellenwood, Ga. ...........[........ ' 149 Taylor, Judie A.; So., 312 Wyly Street, Cornelia, Ga. . . . ' 212 Taylor, Kenneth R.; Jr., 5333 Apache Dr., Columbus, Ga . ' . ' ... ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . " " 212 Taylor, Michael J.; Fr., 309 Bledsoe, Carrollton, Ga. ' ' .. ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . 212 Taylor, Linda J.; Fr., 133 Conley Road, Forest Park, Ga . ' 212 Taylor, Sylvia R.; Fr., 2110 Cherry Lane, Decatur Ga 212 Taylor, Tommy G.; So., 304 South 18th St., Griffin, Ga . ' .... ' . ' . ' . ' . " . ' . ' . ' 212 Teaford, Patricia A.; Sp. ,4 Ozmore Street, Newnan, Gs. Teems, Raymond L.; Jr., 916 Underwood Avenue, Atlanta, Ga. Teets, Richard W.; Jr.. 2609 Blan St., Columbus, Ga. . . . ' 212 Templeman, Harry P., Jr.; Fr., 397 Cochran Drive, N., Atlanta Ga Templeman, Leroy V.; Jr., 405 Tanner St., Carrollton, ' Ga. Templeman, Margie B.; Fr., 405 Tanner Street, Carrollton, Ga. Terrell, Linda S.; So., 5 Hamilton St., Newnan, Ga ' 213 Terrell, Margaret S.; Fr., 733 Greenview Ave., Atlanta, Ga. 213 Terry, Dorlnda D.; Fr., 135 Oak Drive, S.W., Atlanta, Ga 213 Thames, James E., Jr.; Jr., 1620 Nottingham Way, Atlanta, Ga. Thomas, Bruce G.; So., 106 Valley Circle, Calhoun, Ga. . ' . 213 Thomas, Burgess B., Jr.; Jr.. 2654 Arrowood Drive.East Point, Ga . ' . ' . ' 213 Thomas, Carolyn G.; So., 1246 Star Drive, N.E., Atlanta, Ga. ' ...I.... ...... ...... 213 Thomas, Connie C; So., Route 3, Conyers, Ga . ' 213 Thomas, Charles A., Jr.; Fr., Box 66, Temple Ga... . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' ' 213 Thomas, Karen C; Sr., Box 2, Cotton, Ga. ' 149 Thomas, Kathryn B.; Sr., P.O. Box 66, Temple, Ga ' . " . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . I49 Thomas, Linda D.; Fr., 622 Lawson Street, Bremen Ga 213 Thomas, Linda M.; Fr., 43 Berry Ave. Ext., Newnan ' Ga. . 213 Thomas, Richard B.; So., Box 6. Lawrenceville, Ga 213 Thompson, Abner C, Jr.; Sr., 216 Scott Circle, Warner Robins, Ga 149 Thompson, Beverly E.; Fr., 1378 Green Street, S., Conyers, Ga. ' 213 Thompson, Clifford L.; So., South Highway, Hogansville, Ga ' ... ' . ' . 213 Thompson, Clinton E.; So., Route 4, Box 28, Lawrenceville, Ga . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . " . ' . ' 213 Thompson, George W., Jr.; So., 643 Austin Dr., Mableton, Ga ' . 213 Thompson, James E.; Jr., Tower Apts. 52, Carrollton, Ga. Thompson, Larry E.; So., 1534 Spring Valley Ci., Griffin, Ga 213 Thompson, Richard J.; So., 2927 Cloverhurst Dr.,Ea ' stPoint,Ga 213 Thornhill, Mary T.; Sr., 411 S. 8th St., Griffin, Ga ' 149 Thornton, Arthur L.; Fr., 15 Martin Street, Newnan, Ga. Thrash, William G.; Sr., 511 Echota Dr., N.W. Atlanta, Ga 149 Thurman, Norma D.; Fr., 1064 N. Valley Drive, Decatur ' , Ga 213 Tibbetts, Mary L.; Sr., Route 2, Box 9, College Park, Ga |50 Tibbetts .Samuel W.; Sr., 419 E. Waterman St., Marietta, Ga 150 Tibbits, Robert L.; Jr., 655 Catherine St., Atlanta, Ga. Tidwell, Michael R.; So., 212 Ridgewood Dr., Forest Park, Ga. Tidwell, William L.; Sr. ,1744 Warren Court, Atlanta, Ga ' . Tidwell, Harvey P.; So., Route 3, Box 82, Newnan, Ga 213 Tigner, Celeste; Sp., Route 2, Carrollton, Ga. Tigner, Thomas B., Jr.; So., Box 66, Greenville, Ga 213 Tilley, Nancy C; Sr., 2951 Mockingbird L., Atlanta, Ga 150 Timmons, James D.; Sr.. Route 3, Carrollton, Ga |50 Tingle, Travis D.; Sr., Route I, Mc Donough, Ga 213 Tinnermon, Larry G.; Jr., 1021 Sanders Ave., S.E., Atlanta, Ga. Tippens, Daisy M.; Fr., Box 546, Canton, Ga 213 Tison, Ann T.; Fr., Route 2, Carrollton, Ga 213 Todd, Martha E.; Jr., 25 Mansour Circle, Newnan, Ga 213 Todd, Roger M.; Fr., Route 3, Carrollton, Ga. Todd, Sammye L.; Fr., 1809 Shepherd Circle , Atlanta, Ga 213 Tolbert, David R.; Fr., 15 Nimmons Street, Newnan, Ga. Tolbert, Judy A.; So., 401 Sunset Dr., Villa Rica, Ga 213 Tolbert, Stephen E.; Fr., 1466 Lockwood Dr., S.W., Atlanta, Ga 213 Tollerson, Kenneth E.; So., 167 La Grange St., Newnan, Ga. Toney, Carol B.; Jr., Route I, Stockbridge, Ga. Towler, Martha S.; Fr., 332 Selman Drive, Monroe, Ga. Towler, Patricia A.; So., 2846 Dodson Lee Dr., East Point, Ga 213 Townsend, Alan H.; So., 3067 Hudson Court, Decatur, Ga. Tracy, Patricia A.; Fr., 2877 Darrah Drive, S., Atlanta, Ga 213 Trammell, Lou A.; So., Route I, Box 81, Pine Mtn.Ga 213 Travis, Donald W.; So., 110 Abernathy Rd., N.W., Atlanta, Ga 214 Traylor, James H.; Fr., 767 Densley Drive, Decatur, Ga 2i4 Traylor, James L.; So., Route I, Meansville, Ga 214 Traylor, Thomas E.; So., Route 2, Carrollton, Ga 214 Treadaway, Lou P.; Sr., Route I, Covington, Ga. Treadwell, Larry M.; So.. 410 Van Buren Dr., Dalton, Ga 214 Trentham, Marilyn K.; So., 2726 Tilson Rd., Decatur, Ga 214 Trimble, Joe T.; Fr., Walker Road, Riverdale. Ga 214 Truett, James R.; Fr., 411 Bowden Street, Douglasville, Ga 214 Tucker, Thomas E.; So., Route I, Lithia Spgs, Ga. Tuggle, Jerry A.; Fr., 75 Tower Apt., Carrollton, Ga. Tuggle, John C, 111; Fr., 139 Adamson Ave., Carrollton, Ga 214 Turner, Carole J.; Sr., 601 East Main St., Thomaston, Ga. Turner, Donald G.; Sr., 630 Burson Avenue, Carrollton, Ga. Turner, Patricia E.; So., Route 3, Adairsville, Ga 214 Turner, Stephen C; So., Box 321, Carnesvllle, Ga 214 Turnipseed, Douglas F.; Fr., Williamson Mill Road, Jonesboro, Ga 214 Tye, Kay B.; So., 428 Carolwood Lane, N.E., Atlanta, Ga 214 Tyler, William W.; So., 1972 N. Akin Drive, Atlanta, Ga 214 Tyson, Wayne E.; So., 2058 W. Oxford Avenue, College Park, Ga 214 Underwood, Jesse L., Jr.; So., 420 Hammond Dr., Griffin, Ga 214 Underwood, Larry K.; So., 309 Mobley St., Griffin, Ga 214 Upchurch, Carol F.; Fr., Route 5, Carrollton, Ga. Upchurch, Clayton E.; Fr., Route I, Riverdale, Ga 214 Upchurch, Monroe J.; Fr., Route I, Box 372, Mc Donough, Ga 214 Upchurch, Ronald M.; So., Box 8356, Greensboro, N .C 214 Upshaw, Rachel A.; Sr., Rydal, Georgia 150 Upton, Billy C; Sr., 309 N. Cliff Street, Carrollton ,Ga. Valentine, Mark W.; Fr., Route 2, Fairburn, Ga. Vance, Vicky A.; So., 2180 Niskey Lake Trail, Atlanta, Ga 214 Varnadoe, Russel S.; So., 119 Walker Dr., Mableton, Ga 214 Vassy, Douglas C; Sr., 343 Kramer Street, Carrollton, Ga 150 Vaughn, Charles L.; Sr., 704 Woodland Dr., Griffin, Ga 150 Vaughn, Shirley D.; So., Leslie Drive, Box 607, Villa Rica, Ga 214 Vaught, Jlmmie B.; Fr., 1671 Sullivan Road, College Park, Ga 214 Verdell, Emilie C; Fr., 506 North Avenue, Villa Rica ,Ga 214 Vessels, Herbert C; Fr., 953 Braemar Ave., W.W. Atlanta, Ga 214 Vlckers, Jesse P., Jr.; Fr., 201 Lucky St., Griffin, Ga 214 Vickers, John L., Jr.; Fr., 136 West Broad Street, Fairburn, Ga 214 Vickery, William D.; Fr., 305 Belmont Drive, Warner Robins, Ga 214 Villa, John F.; Sr., P.O. Box 12342, Atlanta, Ga. Vincent, James G.; So., Fairmount, Georgia 214 Vincenzi, John A.; So., 22 Ash Street, Rome, Ga. Vines, Larry T.; Jr., Bremen Road, Carrollton, Ga 215 Voiselle. Jon M.; Fr. ,3365 Eunice Road, Jacksonville Beach, Fla 215 Waddell, Carolyn J.; Jr., Matthews Lake Road, Thomaston, Ga 215 Wade, Roger L.; So., 300 Greenwood Ave., Rome, Ga. Waggoner, Julian R.; Sp., 510 Katherine Street, Douglasville, Ga. Waits, Laurel A.; So., Club Drive, Stockbridge, Ga 215 Waits, Paul M.; Jr., 48 Walton St., Tallapoosa ,Ga. Waldrep, Cheryl; Fr., Box 302, Carrollton, Ga 215 Waldrep, Edwin P., Jr.; So.. Box 302, Carrollton, Ga 215 Waldrop, Ann M.; So., 3132 Laventure Dr., Chamblee, Ga 215 Walker, Alice A.; Fr., Route 2, Carrollton, Ga. Walker, Barnes H.; Sr., 224 E. Hawthorne Ave., College Park, Ga. Walker, Charlie R.; Fr., 1763 Parkhill Dr.. Decatur Ga. Walker, Grace A.; Fr., 716 Darlington Cir., N., Atlanta, Ga 215 Walker, James N.; Fr., 175 La Grange St., Newnan, Ga 215 Walker, James R.; Sp., Route 2, Carrollton, Ga. Walker, Karen I.; Fr., 126 Stone Creek Road, Smyrna, Ga 215 Walker, Lynda C; Sr., 175 La Grange St., Newnan, Ga ISO Walker, Richard T.; So., Route I, Bowdon, Ga 215 Walker, Thomas G.; Jr., Route 2, Carrollton, Ga. Walker, Wallace G.; Sr., Route 2, Tallapoosa, Ga 215 Walker, William J.; Fr., Route I, Roopville, Ga 215 Wallace, Marilyn P.; Fr., 139 Rex Rd., Morrow, Ga 215 Wallace, Nancy A.; So., 2807 Winding Lane, Atlanta, Ga 215 276 Compliments of ADDISON SMITH Mechanical Contractor Bremen Road — Carrollton, Ga. ADDISON SMITH Bus. TE 2-9006 Owner Res. TE 2-6431 CARROLLTON GEORGIA SOUTHEASTERN MOTOR LINES CARROLLTON. GEORGIA Buses Chartered To Any Point ' For the Most Fun, Keep the Group Together " Compliments of ROME FRUIT AND PRODUCE COMPANY ROME. GEORGIA 277 1 1 i jUj J

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