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K CHIEFTAIN nineteen hundred and sixty-five BHH I CHIEFTAIN 1965 West Georgia College Carrollton, Georgia Volume XXXI Editor: Linda Moseley Assoc. Editor: Ranscine Pelt TABLE OB CONTENTS ACTIVITIES FEATURES ORGANIZATIONS SPORTS FACULTY and ADMINISTRATION CLASSES ADS and INDEX Jf . ' P ' " m V Sj: -» J i: UXj FOREWORD The many facets of the life of a West Georgia student are reflected in the pages of this book — the mad rush in the dining hall, weekend dances, endless lines, club meetings, basket- ball, baseball, football and soccer games, registration, room inspections, buying books, and playing bridge — Yet somehow the student still manages to go to classes, take exams, and study. The 1965 CHIEFTAIN has endeavored to depict each of the many phases of the life of a West Georgia student . In Memoriam A man of many dimensions and capacities, J. Car- son Pritchard was beloved by people in all walks of life. He was a teacher who inspired countless students to the search for truth, a minister who exemplified the finest qualities of compassion for his fellow man, and a nationally recognized authority and pioneer in the field of adult education. For these reasons and for others, we honor the memory of the late Mr. Pritchard, Director of Adult Education and Associ- ate Professor of Sociology, with this volume, the Chief- tain of 1965. Mr. Pritchard stands by as participants in the adult education program register. Strozier Hall, newest of the men ' s dormitories, is one more example of the changes that are evident at West Georgia this year. This mod- ern structure houses 120 men. Mu»vi m,„,jmB - ' «i«a i iwiiM|.« i u ' . i m ji i ii iiif i " ' ►J There have been many changes at West Georgia College. This year, 1964-65, has seen unprecedented growth and prog- ress. As we look about us we see much that is new — freshman students, faculty additions, two dormitories and a chapel. These changes are only part of still bigger plans for the future. But mixed with all the newness, there still remain familiar sights — friends from last year, old classrooms, and favorite spots on campus. To this combination of change and tradition — to West Georgia College— we dedicate the 1965 CHIEFTAIN. i - 4 UPKW • ' V - . - N ..% f f-T» ' :r-vli-ii __L Stand in line . . . pnll a time card . . Stand in line . . . see your advisor . . Stand in line . . . rush for class cards . Stand in line . . . pay your fees . . . RELAX, YOU ' RE IN! Ronnie Burchfield. catcher, and Johnnv DeVore. pitch- er, were named on the Honorable-Mention list of the NAIA All-American 1961 team. After weeks of planning, the 1965 CHIEFTAIN Beauty Revue presented " Some En- chanted Evening, " where Miss Chieftain of 1965 was chosen. 13 » . ' . ' J- ■ f , ,. ' - ' • ' ' ' ff,. ACTIVITIES . . . 15 16 y tm (xj bttej ' $u M ie« test, bttngs Oj usf oj ' W3feattij. jie tqu) We qou 6od , o d tdcilc (mjij (diimJt i onJQOlJl l )il04 J. !, m it ' _ 20 i L ' 4 I « « N ' 1| 5 T classes OAfi O 21 CjyxJ yet, ' Down with Goldwater 23 Mmma. jfiMm ' ' ■v s ' rr? 268 1 ., i_. 27 28 C ullEN A 1 -- iin6 CCMitnxS iS ft 4 its sWeafe . " rn A. i . » ' t l ••■• ' " ' « ' « »- 30 But Ht6 cuch co ttt iufiS ottct 31 i i Wlit ' w ! They ' re " one. 32 FEATURES . . . ' ' t» 33 » ' ▼ " - Jt V-_ ■ ' .- - JlLiss yjnienain 1965 mCiss J aura Jio Ioman if Laura is a junior from Bremen, Georgia. She was sponsored by Stu- dent Government Association and is majoring in English. ' J ' ' - ira-v 35 JJCiss JJiartJ Cjm Uvooinson % % Mary Em is a junior from Atlanta, Georgia. She was sponsored by Circle K and is majoring in Sociology, 37 i Q econa J i nit econa unner uip Miiss tj aine jKayCi Iop Elaine is a freshman from Roswell, Georgia. She was sponsored by Pres- byterian Dormitory and is majoring in Elementary Education. 39 Jliiss Q ara JucAJes ' , Sara is a sophomore from Warner Robins, Georgia. She was sponsored by Cobli Dormitory and is majoring in Business Education. 41 JlLjiss JjecAu nn (HJni e Becky is a freshman from Thomas- ton, Georgia. She was sponsored by Phi Beta Lambda and is majoring in Business Education. 43 45 1 Six in iJ unner- ' Mp jKhs iJKarnun J ussen Marilyn is a freshman from Mc- Donough, Georgia. She was sponsored by Aycock Dormitory and is majoring in Business Education. 47 On the afternoon before the Pageant, a tea was held for the contestants. Each contestant was presented to the judges for an informal inter- view. Last minute preparations were essential. And finally the big moment came . . . 1965 Jlfomecomin Queen %. „«,.-» - , ; M f 4 The theme for Homecoming 1965 was " Har- vest Moon. " The day was high- lighted by the crowning of the queen 1965 HOMECOMING COURT: Jan Prater (Queen), Martha Brown, Sara Buckles, Carol Ann Mowell, Laura Holloman, Mary Em Robinson, Kathy Wolfe, Carol Smith. Senior-Alumni Banquet Decorations for this important event were displayed throughout the campus. 1965 Sweetheart King and Queen Chuck Miller Martha Brown Hanv Green and Cheryl McCurdy Bobby Norton and Sonja Holtzclaw David Flint and Sandra Love m Gary Lester and Jenny Griffin Cupid ' s Court Gary Fairley and Tina Andrews Howard Cleveland and Carol Smith 52 Sweetheart Dance " Here ' s My Heart " was the theme of this year ' s Sweetheart Dance. Tradi- tional red and white hearts emphasized the theme while couples dreamed and danced to the music. The crowning of the King and Queen, Chuck Miller and Martha Brown, highlighted this night to remem])er. i ifcjEr 1 , m k ' jmt MtMltltlk ' " Ai. v» » nsyii v « ' " L_ i 1 I r K Bt ' ' i KB WHO ' S WHO IN AMERICAN COLLEGES AND UNIVERSITIES The students recognized by Who ' s Who Among Students in American Colleges and Universities are nominated from approximately 750 colleges and universities. Campus nominating committees consider in making their selections the student ' s scholarship, his participation and leadership in academic and extracurricular activities; his citi- zenship and service to the school; his promise of future usefulness. The Chieftain Staff takes pride in presenting the following students. I Brad Almon James Baggett Pat Fulton 54 Sue Jarman James Pope Chuck Miller Libby Holden Kenneth Nance Martha Brown A 0 Elizabeth Smith David Cagle 56 Cheryl Hammond Marion Jordan Ray Shurbutt Barbara DeLoach Mike Neal June Green Linda Kastner 58 Bill Whitworth Charles Shafe James Blackwell Wayne Seabolt Chieftain Salutes Each year the Chieftain recognizes outstand- ing students in each class. These students are elected by the student body. We, the Chieftain staff, salute the following students. Ranscine Pelt Ronnie Burchfield Brenda White Dixie Waldrop Henry Gossett Ken Mclnnis 60 Joan Prater Peggy Sewell Carole Smith Howard Cleveland Walter Jones Jim Jones ( }• ' . ' .!». » ' ■. I.-; „ ' Mary Em Robinson Joyce Morgan c Harris Holmes David Flint Kathy Wolfe Pete Soutlierland Gwenda Wi " " in« Ron Puckett Rick Buckalew Not Pictured Gary Fairley 62 Afi Ovemll Review of features for the year Keveals . . . Hard Work . on the Beaut Revue ... on decorations at the dance ' 1 ' ' -. ■ R i 1 1 Hi d H H " « M F " 1 at the tea af a Kemembmnce of Special S vents at the Homecoming Dance HByi 1 " 1 9 H iJmL HlJ| H| H ll K I .. R ««« — y» -f ji j pwvp Ml K ' W Bf 9m M3 Vi H. 9 m i P " T l 1 ' . . . posing for Cupid ' s Court speaking at Senior-Alumni Banquet 64 ORGANIZATIONS . . . 65 STUDENT GOVERNMENT ASSOCIATION PRESIDENT Wayne Seabolt The primary purpose and responsibility of the Student Government Association is to educate students on effectively carrying out their individual responsibilities as citizens. This education results from the every-day activities of Student Government; the quality of this education de- pends on the type of activities available and the number of students inspired to participate in the activities. The West Georgia Student Government Association is a member of Southern Universities Stu- dent Government Association. SUSGA exists as a link of communication between the colleges and universities in the Southeast, enabling the student leaders to exchange ideas and experience in order to benefit one another in their role of service and leadership to their respective student bodies. It provides a means of cooperation among the various institutions for the benefit of all. It does not in any way assume the role of a supervisory organization nor a representative or- ganization that can speak for the students it serves. It is a non-policy making and a non-legis- lating organization that exists solely to serve the students of the Southeast and to assist student leaders of its member institutions to serve their own student bodies. VICE PRESIDENT Ken Mclnnis SECRETARY-TREASURER Pat Fulton Dr. Covington advises Student Government mem- bers. SPECIAL REPRESENTATIVES Seated: Chuck Miller. Standing, LR: Billy Whitworth, Larry Bowie, Jim Neville, Bill Rhodes. 66 SOPHOMORE REPRESENTATIVES L-R: John Hook, Penny Bradley, Joe Chipman SENIOR REPRESENTATIVES L-R: Barbara DeLoach, Mike Neal bi 1 - ' ■Iib ' ' ' » ' «:sstJ--MS«; ssfa4te. i 1 JUNIOR REPRESENTATIVES L-R: Larry Jackson, Mike Higgins FRESHMAN REPRESENTATIVES L-R: Rick Buckalew, Gwenda Wiggins, Larry Perryman 67 STUDENT ORGANIZATIONS COUNCIL The Student Organizations Council provides well-planned campus activities and promotes closer harmony among West Georgia students by acting as a coordinator of cluh meeting dates and scheduling campus activities. SOC is composed of the president of the clubs, organizations, and class vice-presidents. The Vice President of the Student Govemment presides over this council. One of the most enjoyable duties of SOC is that of hiring big name entertainment for each quarter. S.O.C. PRESIDENT Ken Mclnnis FACULTY ADVISOR Mr. Jerry Purser Ken Mclnnis presides over the Student Organizations Counci 68 The 1964-65 members of SOC are: Front, L-R: Jane Croley, Patricia Morgan, Marie Cross, Linda Moseley, Sandy Williamson, Penny Bradley, Pat Fulton. Row 2: Wayne Seabolt, Gary Lester, Marion Jordon, Doug Dailey, Chuck Miller, Ron Puckett, Jim Jones, and Mike Higgins. Seabolt Ken Mclnnis with the " Four Preps " during intermission at the Winter Quarter concert. 69 PJJJJ JT ' P JPSJ ... a pictorial review v --i Linda Moseley EDITOR-IN-CHIEF Ranscine Pelt ASSOCIATE EDITOR David S. Parkman, III ADVISOR 70 Carol Robinson and Becky Landers ASSISTANT EDITORS June Shaw WOMEN ' S SPORT EDITOR Pam Hale and Mary Posey FEATURE EDITORS Charles Applebee PHOTOGRAPHER Bruce Jones FACULTY EDITOR Larry Naylor ORGANIZATIONS EDITOR 71 Pat Peacock ACTIVITIES EDITOR Carolyn Bigham ACTIVITIES EDITOR Sandy Huggins BUSINESS MANAGER Tommy Kight BUSINESS MANAGER there is no limit to creativity . Margaret Black and Betty Guthrie JUNIOR CLASS EDITORS Martha Brown SENIOR CLASS EDITOR Patsy Loyd INDEX EDITOR It 1 ' d 1 ' ___ J J _ Jane Paris and Linda Lambeth FRESHMAN CLASS EDITORS Chris Harris SOPHOMORE CLASS EDITOR 72 WEST GEORGIAN Celeta Estes EDITOR-IN-CHIEF The WEST GEORGIAN has a responsibility to the student body to inform by objective news coverage, to criticize or praise by editorial com- mentary, and to project the image of West Geor- gia College to its students, faculty, and the gen- eral public. The newspaper provides an oppor- tunity for its staff members to develop journalis- tic talent in writing, editing, and photography. The bi-weekly publication received a wards for general excellence, feature writing, and news coverage in the Georgia Collegiate Press Asso- ciation and is recognized as one of the finer sen- ior college newspapers in the South. Staff members are selected from interested students who show promise in journalism, many of whom later become a credit to the " fourth estate " after their college days come to a close. Dr. James Mathews, Miss Edna Earl Edwards FACULTY ADVISORS Francisca Jordan FEATURE EDITOR David H. Flint ASSISTANT EDITOR Charles . hale SPORTS EDITOR " I think I ' ll write on the diabolical situation in the slums of Lower Slobovia. " 73 Carol Ann Mowell NEWS EDITOR GENERAL STAFF Front Row, L-R: Barbara Ezelle, Sarah Lee, Martha Brown, Judy Hughes. Row 2: Bentley C. Fallis, Lee Smith. I if ,w ' -■■— -,■, - " .»»» f W5B- GENERAL STAFF Front Row, L-R: Brenda Lloyd, Joyce Morgan, Kathy Thomas, Cynthia Brown, Judy Copeland. Back: Lester Pope. Roy Templeman BUSINESS MANAGER 74 ECLECTIC The ECLECTIC is the literary magazine of West Georgia College. It pro- vides students with an opportunity to discuss, edit, and publish work of gen- eral literary interest. It appeared once this year. It contained poems, short stories, literary essays, and art work. Judith Hines EDITOR-IN-CHIEF Harry Knight FACULTY ADVISOR Walter Jones ASSOCIATE EDITOR Is it roses are red, or is it pan- sies are purple? Elizabeth Smith STAFF MEMBER Lvnn ' arner STAFF MEMBER 75 ir-kiricirir if ir if ir if ir WES T GEORGIA PLAYERS ALPHA THETA PRODUCTIONS ALPHA THETA OFFICERS PRESIDENT Nick Cox VICE-PRESIDENT Lee Smith SECRETARY-TREASURER Sandy Williamson HOSTS AND HOSTESSES .. Lucie Stukcs Robert Wallace Mike Eberhardt Gail Scott Plays produced and directed by WALLACE BUICE AND NELSON CARPENTER i if. if. if if, if i if i if. i if if. if i if i if i if. i i ALPHA THETA is the student organization of the speech and drama department of West Georgia College. Its puipose is to stimulate interest and promote skill in acting, directing, and stage managfement, as well as to further the knowledge of the individual in drama. It also gives each member an over-all concept of the ideals and practices in all aspects of theatre. The club presents one three-act play at the end of each quar- ter during the regular school year. Major emphasis is placed on the development of the student as a well-adjusted individual who can express himself easily and effectively. Membership is open to any student interested in drama, who participates in a play production, either by acting or working on stage crews. The drama program of West Georgia College is designed so that audience, crews, and actors may be introduced to many styles of drama and production. The program attempts to embrace as much of the scope of theatre history as possible over a period of several seasons. The year ' s activities will be culminated with the annual awards banquet. At this time, recognition will be given to the year ' s best play, actor, actress, supporting actor, supporting actress, and outstanding technical assistant. 76 No Business Like Show Business RAYMON ROG- ERS as James Ty- rone JUDY POTEET as Mary Tyrone DAVID CAGLE as. James Tyrone, Jr. NICK COX as Ed- mund Tyrone MARIAN WAR- NOCK as Cathleen Long Day ' s Journey Into Night The Pulitzer Prize Play By EUGENE O ' NEILL Directed By NELSON M. CARPENTER What is the Long Day ' s Journey but a man ' s life? — • David Cagle, Raymon Rodgers and Nick Cox drama- tize it in all its pity and terror. Cathleen, the Irish maid, accuses Edmund of sneak- ing a drink. Winners of three of the Best Acting Awards of the year reach a tense moment of conflict. David Cagle, Nick Cox, Judy Poteet. 78 A father who would send his son to his death to save a few pennies, a mother who is a drug addict and a brother wracked by alcoholism; these are the tragic figures seen as the curtain closes on another day of their tragic lives. x ' r- 1 ' NOEL, COWARD Noel Coward ' s wittiest farce and zaniest hit with ghosts to make you die laughing. During a seance, the first wife returns to tease the second wife and the husband. LINDA PATRICK having a ball LINDA PATRICK as Madam Arcati ■■ V . . Cathy Logan . Theresa Land Nick Cox Norman Martin Marlise Pettway . Linda Patrick . . . Nancy Munn I One rap for Yes . . . two raps for No! This is intolerable! . -. ' • .1. " Direclor WALLACE BUICE M iUhi v vl ' ' M ! li iiiwM UI, it ih iliii il( AMl, , vl, ,M, il, ,u „. ■n ' lV ' r " ■ ' ' ' yir ' { - ' - " ' l lj y!if ' vrp f-- ' i ]iiiyin . 7 ' .|h. - iv ' iw " ' T,ir ;if iirn y . Directed by WALLACE BUICE i| pii T , ' ll i|7 ' P " Tl ' T . WEST GEORGIA PLAYERS (in order of appearance) KATRIN Carole Higgins MAMA Linda Patrick PAPA Mike Eberhardt DAGMAR Roi Buice CHRISTINE Sandra Neill MR. HYDE Doug Dailey NELS Gary Watts AUNT TRINA Leellen Brigman AUNT SIGRID Olivia Hunnicutt AUNT JENNY June Green UNCLE CHRIS James Burt, Jr. JESSIE Gail Scott MR. THORKELSON Clarence Blalock DR. JOHNSON Richard Teets ARNE Kevin Buice A NURSE Frankie Neighbors SODA CLERK and BELL-BOY David Reagan MADELINE Carroll Parkman DOROTHY SCHILLER Barbara Ford FLORENCE DANA MOOREHEAD Gerilla Wright GIRLS Jan Roush Robin Reeve The Superb Comedy by WILLIAM INGE WEST GEORGIA COLLEGE Presents An ALPHA THETA PRODUCTION Directed by Nelson M. Carpenter February 22, 23, 24, 1965 The Cast HELEN POTTS Carole Raburn : « HAL CARTER David Cagle MILLIE OWENS Joe Brazell BOMBER Vernon Cain MADGE OWENS Anne Jowers FLO OWENS Gail Scott ROSEMARY SIDNEY Gwenda Wiggins ALAN SEYMOUR Lee Smith IRMA KRONKITE Cheryl Goodwin CHRISTINE SCHOENWALDER Donna Draughon HOWARD BEVANS Ken Mclnnis Rosemary pleads with How- ard to marrv her. Hal makes his bid for Madge. Nelson M. Carpenter DIRECTOR Hal Carter forces his college buddy, Alan Seymour, to the ground. The Cast of " Picnic " takes the final curtain call. L-R: Ken Mclnnis, Gwenda Wiggins, Cheryl Goodwin, Donna Draughon, David Cagle, Anne Jowers, Gail Scott, Lee Smith, Jo Brazell, Carole Raburn, Vernon Cain. 81 1 COLLEGE CHOIR OFFICERS, Front, LR: Gerilla Wright, Treasurer; Cynthia Brown, Secretary. Roiv 2: Jerry Shelley, Vice President; Jim Jones, President. The 1964-65 West Georgia College Choir The many activities of the West Georgia College Choir are designed to provide an opportunity for cultural en- richment at the college. To this end, a variety of music is presented, ranging from Handel ' s " Messiah " , to folk tunes, to spirituals, and to melodies from Broadway, The choir gives an opportunity for its members to par- ticipate actively in this aspect of our culture. Much of the choir ' s work is on the road. In addition to the annual spring tour, the choir gives performances on occasions throughout the year for civic groups, high schools, youth meetings, churches, and other colleges. Often the total annual audience numbers in ex- cess of ten thousand. On campus, the choir makes a sig- nificant contribution to convocations and to graduation exercises. The opera " Amahl and the Night Visitors " and other musicals have been a part of choir activity. The college choir is the core of the mixed chorus of 185 voices for the annual production of Handel ' s " Messiah. " Often within the choir, the men sing male choruses and the ladies in turn form a treble ensemble. Variety is the Keynote. Mr. Hugh Deen Di- rects. Choir soloists, some of whom were fea- tured in the Choir ' s presentation of the " Messiah " . 82 The Choir frolics by the water on their Spring Tour. This is the highlight of the Choir season for members. They spent a day at Jacksonville, Florida, and were the guests of several towns in the Southeast. Dr. Robert Coe accompanied Sandra Neill and Walter Plant in the N.A.S.T. Southeastern Vocal Competition, Walter was given the award for Best Male Freshman Vocalist, and Sandra was awarded third place among the Female Freshmen Vocalists. Mr. Hugh Gordon Deen, presenting the awards, was voted " Teacher of the Year " by this association. The Towne House Trio, the College Choir ' s Folk Singing group, features Spike Bolen, Martha Brown, and Marion Jordan. The Three Kings of " Amahl and the Night Visitors " , Jim Yeary, Walter Plant, and Jerry Shelly. The story of the three kings on their journey to find the baby Jesus, and the events occuring when they stop to rest at the humble home of the shepherd-boy, Amahl, and his mother. The boy, crippled from birth, is the focal point of the musical drama. The high moment occurs when — through a miracle of love — the little lad walks for the first time. The miracle occurs when the boy offers his one most prized possession, his self-made crutch, to the Kings as his gift to the new-bom King they seek. The Mother Gerilla Wright Amahl Martha Brown Kings, Kaspar Walter Plant Melchior Jerry Shelley Balthazar Jim Yeary The Page Gary Walker Dancers Jan Hitchcock and Sharon Hammond Chorus of Shepherds The College Choir Director Hugh Gordon Deen Martha Brown portrays Amahl and Gerilla Wright plays The Mother in the operatic drama. 83 PHI BETA LAMBDA Front Row, L-R: Duncan St. Clair, Carole Pancoast, Carol Craven, Marsha Vickery, Judy Walker, Josephine Higgins, Elaine Sims, Rosemary Griffin, Sharon Philpot. Row 2: Richard Kcnnerly, Larry Watts, Jimmy Hall, Jerry Richardson, John Cloud, John Burnette, Larry Jackson, Ben Fleury. Front Row, L-R: Jach Sirota, Billy Whitworth, Vickey Tatum, Larie Jones, Sylvia Broome, Ben Armistead, Diane Johnson. Row 2, L-R: Frank Joiner, Lester Pruilt, Josie Gayton, Ernie Cain, Charlotte Starr, Bette Sears, Sandra Colquitt, Jody Lane, Jerry Hartwig, Tommy Griffin. Row 3, L-R: Joe Harris, Bob Stiles, Mike Barnes, Larry King, Charlenc Bailey, Vickey Tatum, Don Pendergrast, John Villa, Ted Fahn. Phi Beta Lairihda is for students interested in the field of business. Its purposes are to create more understanding and interest in l usiness-education ; to develop character, and to train for useful citizenship. Officers, L-R: Jim Jones, Chaplain; Sylvia Hembree, Vice-President; Ewell Hitchcock, President; Donna Martin, Secretary; Sandra Hughes, Treasurer; Becky White, Reporter. Advisors, L-R: Dora Peete, Naomi Satterfield, James Overton. 84 i STUDENT EDUCATION ASSOCIATION Front Row, L-R: Judy Kerr, Martha Brown, Patricia Morgan, Carol Petty. Row 2: Jo Anne Hensley, Ann Howard, Myrtle Robinson, Ann Green, Mallory Johnson. Row 3: Betty Ware, Sarah Ware, Janie Brown, Brenda White, Dr. Thomas Sills, Donna Farrell, Sarah Hollis, Bobby Phillips, and Kay Butler. Any student preparing for a career in the teaching profes- sion may hecome a member of the Student Education Associ- ation. A member of SEA is a student member of both the Georgia and National Educa- tion Associations, with the rights, privileges, and respon- sibilities of associate member- ship in these professional asso- ciations. The Responsibility of the SEA program to its individual members is to provide oppor- tunities for personal and pro- fessional growth, development of leadership skills, under- standing of the history, ethics, and programs at state and na- tional levels, and participation in professional activities at local, state, and national levels. Officers, L-R: Martha Brown, Secretary; Patricia Morgan, President; Judy Kerr, Vice-President; (not pictured) Patsy Loyd, Publicity Chairman. Patricia Morgan serves punch at fall meeting. 85 SPANISH CLUB The Spanish Club is composed of students and facuhy members who are interested in the history, culture, and language of Spanish-speaking countries. Club meetings are devoted to films, reports, and discussions by club members, foreign students, or guest speakers. One of the goals of the club is a trip to a Spanish-speaking country in the near fu- ture. Membership is open to any interested student, and visitors are always welcome. L-R: Leroy Jack, Jim Neville, Lucy Stukes, Nita Keheley, George Sargent. Officers, L-R: Tina Keheley, President; Cevie Meadows, Vice-President; Penny Bradley, Secretary; Mr. Taylor, Advisor; Brady James, Treasurer. FRENCH CLUB The French Club is composed of students interested in French life and culture. The purpose of the club is to help students become better acquainted with the lan- guage, people, and customs of French life. Seated, L-R: Mrs. Lipham, Peter Prickett, Lynn Varner, Ann Howard, Mr. J. Owen Moore. Row 2, L-R: Roger Wilson, Marian Carothers, Kathy Thomas, Carl Faulk, Joyce Morgan, Gail Loworn, Jane Paris, Tom McGee. 86 HISTORY-POLITICAL SCIENCE CLUB The History-Political Science Club is composed of students interested in the promotion of the study of history and government theory. The club strives to create better, more responsible citizens and works to instill in its members the highest degree of leadership ability. Mr. King; Terry Walls, Treasurer; Martha Redmer, President, History; Ed Col- lier, President, Political Science; Carole Mumford, Secretary; Dr. Huck, Advisor. Not pictured are Mr. Mel Steely and Mr. Charles Scudder, Advisors. The History-Political Science Qub listens attentively to a special program. 87 STUDENT ART LEAGUE g • -jJU .|P Mit w WM 9lH wIF ' H BP., J mm wm ' wBtl r mir ■if Officers of the Student Art League Front, l-r: Linda Po- tate, vice-president; Judy Kelly, secretary-treasurer. Back Row, l-r: Larry W. Watts, president and Richard Hill, repwrter. Student Art League members clockwise are: Mr. Robert Job- son, advisor; Richard Hill, Mrs. Dorthy Roush, advisor; Larry W. Watts, Dwight Hay, Linda Jordan, Judy Kelly, Becky White, June Shaw, Miko Oda, and Linda Potate. INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS ORGANIZATION Members of the International Student Organization are front row, l-r: Rudolfo Orlich; Xiomara Leiva, sec; John Villa, Pres.; and Miko Oda. Back Row, l-r: Dr. Eugene Huck, advisor; Vit- torio Cho, Sal Konig, and Al Cudemus. 88 Bottom-Top: Gary Lester, David Reagan, Tony Cobb, Frank Forrester, Jimmy Knight, Leroy Jack, Dwight Hay, Jim Neville, Tommy Skelton, Waymon Humphries, Mr. Robert England, Advisor. ALPHA PHI OMEGA Promoting leadership, friendship, and service on the college campus. Alpha Phi Omega, a national service fraternity, affords its members a chance to serve the student body and faculty, the youth and community, and the nation as participating citizens. Membership is based on scholarship, present or past affiliation with the Boy Scouts of America, and an earnest desire to render service to others. Officers, front-back: Mr. Robert England, Advisor; Jimmy Knight; Tony G)bb, Secretary; Gary Lester, President; David Reagan, Vice-President; Frank Forrester, Treasurer. LETTERMAN ' S CLUB Front Row, L-R: Ken Mclnnis, David Brookins, Chuck Miller, Bill Pierce, Joe Thrash, Sam Couch. Row 2: John Christopher, Bob Haney, Dwight Hay, Jimmy Norris, Charles Shafe, Walter Jones. Row 3: Ray Teems, John Niemeyer, John Darnell, Spike Bolen. 89 INTERFAITH COUNCIL The Interfaith Council has the responsibility of coordinating the religious activities on campus. The Council endeavors to in- still in the students a deeper understanding of their faith, and fosters a program of religious emphasis through the use of the John F. Kennedy Interfaith Chapel and the local churches. f : ' - ' ¥ ii.. PRESIDENT Jim Neville Front, L-R: Joy Tucker, Wesley Foundation; Patsy Kubala, Baptist Student Union; Johnnie Crider, Newman Qub; Row 2: Tommy McAbee, Baptist Student Union; Mike Higgins, Newman Club; Jim Neville, President; David Reagan, Westminster Fellowship. 90 BAPTIST STUDENT UNION The Bapti st Student Union represents the opportunity for Christian growth for Baptist students on campus. As the student learns in the class- room, he experiences the joys of Christian fellowship and sei-vice through BSU. He adds an important dimension to his education by knowing what it means to give of his time and talent in Christian service. The BSU of West Georgia College is an active, growing organization whose enthu- siasm encompasses the entire campus. Officers, L-R: Anne Bell, Vice President; Tommy Mc- Abee, President; Brenda Murphy, Treasurer; Charlene Bailey, Secretary. Front Row, L-R: Betty Ware, Linda Cauthen, Diana Irvin, Patsy Cabolla, Martha Johnson, Brenda Bailey, Aleitha McCord, Jane Ware. Row 2: Marjo Shepherd, Lester Pope, June Green, Tommy Loyd, Jim Beckham, Denver Poole, Ken Williams, Tom Askew, and Bill Jones. Front Row, L-R: Gerilla Wright, Bette Spears, Martha Felida, Marion Fowler, Charlene Bailey, Waline Jones, Jean Stephens, Lena Prusner, Charle s Walls. Row 2: David Cross, Doug Bonds, Elaine Abercrombie, Ruthetta Blood, Dianne Stillwell, Judy Hughes, Danny Hayes, Annette Merritt, Joyce Spivey, and Charlie Butts. 91 NEWMAN CLUB Newman Club members are front row, l-r: Donna Farrell, Vicky Tate, Pat McKillop, and Kathy Wolfe, sec.-treas.; Row 2: Carolyn Warenzack, Johnnie Crider, Theresa Land, Bill Sorenson, vice-president. Row 3: Joe Couch, Jim Zerblis, Father Richard B. Morrow, chaplain; Mike Higgins, president. The Newman Club is the campus organization sponsored by the Roman Catholic Church. Mem- bership, however, is open to any student. The Club was organized in T962 for the purpose of helping students develop and broaden their religious, edu- cational, and social interests. The club has bi-weekly meetings which includes speakers on relevant subjects. Mass is held every Wednesday throughout the school year. Socials, discussions and parties are held periodically throughout the year. CANTERBURY CLUB The Canterbury Club, which is spon- sored by St. Margaret ' s Episcopal Church, holds weekly meetings which are usually held at the Canterbury House on Newnan Street. Membership is open to anyone who is interested in the club ' s activities. The club hosts series of speakers on pertinent subjects as well as some social activities. Religious services are held twice-week- ly in the J. F. Kennedy Interfaith Chapel. On Tuesday evening a service of Evening Prayer is held and on Friday mornings a sei-vice of Holy Communion is con- ducted. The Chaplain for the club is the Rev. H. Don Harrison, vicar of St. Margaret ' s Episcopal Church. Canterbury Club members are seated front row, l-r: Rev. H. Don Harrison, chaplain, Stuart Alston, and Mary Blankenship, president fall quarter. Row 2: John Moore, Bentley C. Fallis, Elizabeth Smith, president winter quarter, and Jerry Pickens. 92 WESLEY FOUNDATION The Wesley Foundation is the religious organization for Methodist students of West Georgia College. The Club promotes the academic, in- tellectual, and social growth of its members within the framework of Christian beliefs. Meetings include group discussions and speakers on topics of current interest. The club also sponsors various social activities and outings. Officers, LR: Keturah Colquitt, Publicity Chairman; Joy Tucker, President; Joy Miller, Vice-President; Tommy Johnson, Secretary-Treasurer (not pictured). Front Row, L-R: Judy Walker, Bobbie Butler, Cheryl Hainlin, Linda Lee, Caroline Campbell, Diane James, Jessica Jenkins. Row 2: Tony Cobb, Marion O. Smith, Ron Sharpless, Marilee Ragsdale, Anne Howard, Kay Butler. Sponsors, LR: Rev. Bill Holt, Mrs. Phyllis Fountain, Dr. J. Mark Miller, Rev. Charles Sineath. WESTMINSTER FELLOWSHIP The Westminster Fellowship was organized in the Spring Quar- ter of 1962 by the Presbyterian Students on campus. The club ' s purposes are to encourage expan- sion of the student ' s educational, intellectual and social life within a Christian framework. Front Row, L-R: David Reagan, Secretary-Treasurer; Gary Rinehart, President; Lucy Stukes, Vice-President. Row 2: Marion O. Smith, Mary Jane Reid, Jim Neville, Gail Shipp. 93 CIRCLE K The Kiwanis Club of Carrollton sponsors West Georgia ' s Circle K Clul). Circle K strives to promote the civic welfare of the college, and to serve the college in any capacity which it can. Membership is based on scholarship, civic interest, and leadership. A major aim of the club is to instill in its members a high degree of citizenship and social sei-vice. Left to Right: Larry Futral, Treasurer; Walter Jones, Secretary; Terry Walls, President; Jackie Grogan, Vice-President; Wayne Notes, State Lt. Governor. Left to Right: Ed Collier, Richard T. Hill, Bill Lipski, Dick Gregory, Ron Pucket, Marion Smith, Chuck Miller, John Harlee, Marion Jordon, Wayne Seabolt. Left to Right: Harry Green, Harris Holmes, Charles Shafe, Larry Easterwood, David Brookins, Bobby Johns, Leslie Brown, Jim King, Mr. Floyd Wirsing, Ad- 94 1 ; -y . ■ i ' . . %J1. M l -N 1 -.. ,v:-p - iH ' 1 Blll ' 1 1 1 ' ■Ft ■ m CHEMICAL SOCIETY The West Georgia Chemical Society was organized dur- ing the fall of 1963 and is composed of interested students Tnajoring or minoring in chemistiy. The organization meets monthly and guest speakers are often invited to provide the program with some extra discussion on chemistry. The objectives of the Chemical Society are to promote interest in chemistry, to develop student leadership, to give oppor- tunity for student and faculty expression, and to promote scholarship through the medium of chemistry. L-R: Bobby Hutson, Jack Grogan, Bill Desatta, Carolyn Overton, Dr. Pope, faculty advisor; Jerry Teal, Pat Peacock, Benny Wood, Marion Jordan, Wendell Johns. The Math Club opens its membership to all math ma- jors and minors. The members discuss current topics in the field of mathematics. Guest speakers have added to these discussions with such topics as probabilities, and non-Euclidi- an geometry. The club was formed when Mu Zeta Alpha, the old combination of all of the science and math depart- ment clubs, disbanded. The opportunities in the field of mathematics are in- vestigated and discussed for the benefit of the club members. Officers, L-R: Benny Wood, Vice-President; Corolyn Overton, Secretary; Marion Jordon, President. MATH CLUB Front Row, L-R: Tommy Chambers, Treasurer; Carol Ann Mowell, Vice-President; Celeta Estes, Secretary; Carolyn Wilson Lee, President. Row 2: Ed Dye, Denson E. Todd, Gary Rinehart, Mr. R. E. Worth, Faculty Advisor. Rear: Martin Thompson. 95 DEBATE CLUB The Debate Club is composed of students interested in standard debate and individu- al forensic activity. The national collegiate debate topic is used, and teams enter novice and varsity competition on a regional basis. The Club acts jointly witli the college in sponsoring each year the West Georgia Inter-Collegiate Tournament in which schools throughout the Soutlieast partici- pate. The Debate Clul) is also interested in local high school debating events and in- dividual speaking whenever possible. There is an annual regional 3-B high school debate held at West Georgia in conjunc- tion with the Debate Club. Officers, LR: Martha McBrayer, Secretary-Treasurer; David H. Flint, President; Lee Smith, Vice-President. Debaters, LR: Sally Smith, Dean Luallen, Carol Knuckles, Lee Smith, Deborah Dabney, David H. Flint, Martha McBrayer, Mr. Nelson M. Carpenter, Advisor. 96 LITERARY CLUB The Literary Club, whose membership is open to all students interested in literature, is concerned with promoting an interest in literary matters; foster- ing student writing, both creative and critical; and stimulating the develop- ment of cultural interests through regular programs. The Literary Club meets twice each month. It spon- sors the college literary magazine. The Eclectic, and also, from time to time, sponsors full-length movies of literary and cultural in- terests. Left to Right, first row: Kathy Thomas, Linda Easterwood, President; Elizabeth Smith, Vice-President; Betty Jean Candler, Secretary; Judy McRay, T reasurer; Row 2: Judy Copeland, Barbara Shadrin, Lynn Varner, Martha Mc- Brayer, Lancene Hart, Lucy Stukes; Row 3: Walter Jones, Dr. Paul Bowdre, Advisor, Douglas Dailey, Lester Pope. MUSIC CLUB The Music Club offers students an opportunity to hear many of the most famous recorded works of the great composers of the western world. Eve- nings of recorded folk music are also featured from time to time. Seated, Left to Right: Sandra Machan, Miko Oda, Glenda Strickland. Standing, Left to Right: Dr. Coffeen, Lucy Stukes, Elizabeth Smith. Mr. Dahl and Miko Oda discuss their tastes in music. 97 W.A.A. COUNCIL The Women ' s Athletic Association offers every woman on campus the opportunity to participate in the fun, competition and sportsmanship of its intramural activities. It has a significant influence on those people directly involved in it and in other phases of campus life. The goal of WAA is to promote physical, social, emotional, and mental development through participation in soccer, basketball, volleyball, tennis, bowling, badminton, table tennis, horseshoes, darts, track events, swim- ming, and golf. Back Row, Bottom-Top: Carol Smith, Reporter; Ann Slsson, Publicity; Darlene Foster, Recorder; Gail Shipp, Intramurals Manager; Sue McKone, Treasurer; Mary Young, Secretary. Front, LR: Cheryl Hammond, Presi- dent; Sandra Ray, Vice-President. Front Row, L-R: Sandra Ray, Judy Kerr, Joyce Hensley, Jo Brazell. Elaine Atkin, Ranscine Pelt, Brenda White, Carol Smith. Miss Dorothy McNabb, fac- ulty advisor. Sock her!? 98 M.A.A. COUNCIL The Men ' s Athletic Association is designed to en- courage all male students to participate in at least one of the various activities during the school year. The MAA offers a wide choice of athletic event s. These activities include football, basketball, volleyball, Softball, ping-pong, horseshoes, tug-of-war, free throw contest, track, and bowling. Officers, L-R: Ronnie Strong, Sergeant-at-arms; Joe Thrash, Treasurer; Jim King, Secretary; Doug Sims, Vice-President; Howard Cleveland, Presi- dent. Council Members, L-R: Ronnie Strong, Bill Lipski, David Flint, Jim Jenkins, Doug Sims, Wilson Culbreath, Paul Snyder, Ricky Foote. War-of-tugs 99 YOUNG REPUBLICANS The Young Republicans seek to promote consti- tutional and Conservative principles of government and to provide practical experience in campus poli- tics. On the college scene, the Young Republicans func- tion to enable members and other students to under- stand the principles and goals of a conservative party. Front Row, L-R: Dr. E. Dwain Porter, Faculty Advisor; Joy Ellington, Don Franklin. Roiv 2: Gary Bruce, Publicity Chairman; Charles Todd, Treasurer; Jim Woods, Vice-President; Jimmy Knight, President. GERMAN CLUB The purpose of the German Club is to give its members the opportunity to become better ac- quainted with the customs and civilization of the German people through formal as well as infor- mal meetings or programs. Membership in the or- ganization is open to students who are taking or have taken a course in German or to students who express a speaking or written knowledge of the German language. Front Row, L-R: Mr. Kenneth E. Bunting, Faculty Advisor; Cheryl MCurdy, Secretary; Jimmy Knight, President. Row 2: Curtis Watson, Calvin Roberts, Martin Thompson, Doug Dailey. The black Moppia .on TAP! loo Hangovers play havoc with art work! dot, dot, dot! (ha) SPORTS . . . it, f- BASKETBALL 1964-65 Schedule West Georgia Opponent Nov. 19 76 Alabama College 82 Nov. 21 94 Tennessee Temple 98 Dec. 2 79 Berry 95 Dec. 4 51 Shorter 73 Jan. 13 62 Ga. State 68 Jan. 15 75 Piedmont 86 Jan. 20 65 LaGrange 94 Jan. 23 44 Valdosta State 86 Jan. 29 60 Valdosta State 77 Feb. 3 68 Berry 79 Feb. 8 73 Alabama College 83 Feb. 10 92 Piedmont 73 Feb. 13 82 Ga. State 67 Feb. 17 41 Shorter 60 Feb. 20 76 Jacksonville St. 91 Feb 23 59 LaGrange 64 The varsity basketball team had to face a tough con- ference schedule this season with only David Brookins, senior from Atlanta, returning as a starter off last year ' s fine squad. Brookins set a new school record in rebounds with 14.1 and scoring with a 19.0 average and a four year total of over 1,000 points. Brookins and Chuck Miller were the first Braves to participate in basketball for four years at West Georgia. Both Brookins and Jim Jackson were named to the G.I.A.C. all-conference team this year. This was Brookins ' second year to be named on the team. Several underclassmen showed promise of a brighter future and should form the nucleus of a fine team to represent the college in its new gymnasium next season. Coach Howard Corder gives Spike Bolen, manager, tlie lineup for the 1964-65 season. 102 WGC ' s net cracks as the Braves sink another two. Br - % ijfck „ x V Jim Jackson — Forward Eddie Barnes tries for jump shot. 103 David Brookins — Forward Freshman Members of the Basketball team. 104 I Gary Fairley — Guard John Christopher — Guard m Ray Teems — Forward % The Braves of West Georgia pictured above front row (l-r) : Gary Fairley, Jim Jackson, Gene Ginn, Ken Mclnnis, Ray Teems, John Darnell, Boh Hanev. John Christopher, and Spike Bolen, manager. Second row (l-r): Coach Howard Corder, Scott Butler, Eddie Barnes, Chuck Miller, David Brookins, Kirbv Lamb, Jerr ' Lambert, Don Huskins, and Dan Lee, manager. 105 John Darnell — Forward Scott Butler — Guard Bob Haney — Center 106 Jackson jumps against Tennessee Temple as Christopher, Miller and Brookins look on. Brookins jumps against Berry. Chuck Miller — Center 1 Eddie Barnes — Guard Donald Huskins — Guard 107 Bottom Row (l-r) Leellen Hrigman, Carolyn Wright, MaryEm Robinson, Laura Hollonian. Middle Row (l-r) Sue Powell, Sharon Philpot, Peggy Foster. On top: Sue McKone. Laura Holloman — Captain Carolyn Wright 108 Leellen Brigman MaryEm Robinson Peggy Foster Sharon Philpot Sue Powell Sue McKone Cheerleaders (l-r) Leelen Brigman, Peggy Foster, Carolyn Wright, Sue McKone, MaryEni Robinson, Sue Powell, Laura Holloman, and Sharon Philpot. 109 After breaking every existing record in the G.I.A.C, and winning three Conference Championships, the 1964 Braves ' baseball team came through its greatest season undefeated in conference play with an overall record oi 17-2. Coach Tom D ' Arnii led his Jeam to victory after victory after overcoming tough early season opponents such as Yale Uni- versity and conference title-seekers like Berry and Valdosta, The year was sparked with excitement from beginning to end. Don Thibeault, in the first contest of the year, pitched a perfect game against Bethel College in Tennessee. Later, he hurled his flaming fast ball before 4000 fans to break Yale 3-1. After breaking the Conference strike-out record with 15 in a single game, Thibeault became the fourth ranked pitcher in the nation. In more close contests than the Braves care to remember. Piedmont, Berry, and Shorter were dropped from contentioxi for the crown. Then only Valdosta remained to be conquered. In the first game of two, the " Rebels " were toppled after 12 grueling innings on the consistent pitching of DeVore and a timely hit by Webb. The second game was easier, and the Braves were champs once again. .- . . 1 % ■ ,- ■ " - i%, .. " .» " r « i ' aa. ; In their greatest thrill of the season, the Braves downed Georgia Southern in the first of two contests of the Distiict 25 N.A.I.A. Play-offs with Jackson ruling the mound. The second game was lost to the arch rivals on a chance error as Blackwell pitched a brilliant one-hitter. More honors came to the Braves as D ' Armi was named " Coach of the Year " in the conference and in District 25 of the N.A.I.A. The Braves placed six men on the All-Conference Team . . . DeVore, Burchfield, Thibeault, York, Jackson, and Daniell. Daniell also became conference batting king with a .367 average. The combined efforts of the pitchers took national honors by giving up the fewest number of bases on balls. DeVore, with an 8-0 record, became tlie top pitcher in the nation for 65 innings pitched with an ERA of 0.40. DeVore and Burchfield were rewarded for jobs well done by being named to the N.A.I.A. All-America Team. In a crowning achievement, the Braves became a national figure by being the best defensive team in the nation with an unbelievable .977 fielding average. Truly, 1964 was the year that was! B ASEBALL RECORD— 1964 West Georgia 7 Bethel College West Georgia 7 Bethel College 6 West Georgia 3 Yale University 1 West Georgia 6 Piedmont College West Georgia 16 Piedmont College 4 West Georgia 12 Tennessee Temple West Georgia 8 Bryan College West Georgia 8 Bryan College West Georgia 6 Shorter College 1 West Georgia 3 Berry College 2 West Georgia 4 Oglethorpe West Georgia 4 Shorter College 2 West Georgia 3 Berry College 1 West Georgia 2 Valdosta State 1 West Georgia 5 Valdosta State West Georgia 8 Mercer University West Georgia Georgia Southern 4 West Georgia 1 Georgia Southern West Georgia Georgia Southern 1 Regular Season 15 Wins Losses Over All 17 Wins 2 Losses Coach Tom D ' Armi Coach of the Year 1962, 1963, 1964 N.A.I. A. District 25 Coach oj the Year 1964 Jhonny Daniell, Shortstop All-Conference 1964 Conference Batting King 1964 Gary York, First Base All-Conference 1964 113 Wilson Culbreth — Infielder Paul Snyder — Outfield 114 Gerald Thompson — Outfielder Jimmy Blackwell — Pitcher Bill Gower — Outfielder iiiiii— II I III Tommy Fields — Pitcher Bobby Gibbon — Infielder Bobby Norton— Outfielder 115 Charlie Owens — Pitcher Jim Jackson — Infielder All-Conference 1964 Steve Woodall — Pitcher Braves Beat Yale University Don Thibeauet and Coach Tom D ' Armi get victory ride after West Georgia beats Ivy League Team 3-1. 116 J Braves 1965 Captains and Coaches Kneeling left to right: Ronnie Burchfield, Tommy Fields, Jimmy Blackwell, and Jonny Devore. Standing left to right: Assistant coach Pat Cain and Head Coach Tom D ' Armi. Conference Batting King Johnny Daniell .367 Skeeter Robinson — Outfielder 117 m.n ' ms mm TENNIS TEAM West Georgia ' s tennis team made an excellent showing last season and is expected to equal their record this year even though they have lost several of the top players. All the members of this year ' s team have had a great amount of experience on the tennis courts. John Niemeyer and Jim Norris, two of last season ' s stars, are returning hoping to better their record. Niemeyer displayed his ability in matches against Berry, Shorter, and LaGrange as did Norris. Last year ' s team placed first in the G.I.A.C. conference with a 7-0 record. They then went to the N.A.I.A. National tournament in Kansas City, Missouri where they placed 20th nationally. Members of the tennis team are (l-r) : Jim Hines, Leslie Brown, John Niemeyer, and Jim Norris. 118 GOLF TEAM Coaching the golf team this year is Mr. Thomas Leaming. Last year ' s team ended the season with a good record, and a G.I.A.C. championship. This year ' s team promises to show as good if not a better record than that in the past. Matches were held at the Sunset Hills golf course across from the school. In the past years, participants on West Georgia ' s golf team have placed high ift national ratings. Also, there have been a good many members of the team which have placed in the all-conference category. Players on the golf team are (l-r) : Lynn Fryer, Tracy Smith, Joe Souther. 119 TRACK TEAM This year ' s track team promises to become one of the best in the G.I.A.C. because many of last year ' s members have returned. The team has placed either second or third in the confer- ence, and they hope to place as a first place team this time around. Coach Howard Corder conditions this team for the grueling cross- country meet and has had great suc- cess in the past. The fall quarter cross country team won its first G.I.A.C. conference in a runaway. The Braves had three finishers in the top seven. This year ' s volleyball team also copped the G.I.A.C. championship to start the year off right in athletics. Members of the Track team are (l-r): Dwight Hay, Walter Jones, George Dick, Ben Armistead, Stanley Sherman, Gary D. Smith. Second row (l-r) : Joe Thrash, John Chandler, Louis Higgins, Ben Flury, Jimmy Jenkins, and Buck Dennis. Top row (l-r): Mike Worth, Jim Ballenger, and Mike Benson. BOWLING TEAM The bowling team has had members who have been so outstanding that they were sent to represent West Georgia at the N.A.I.A. National Bowling Tour- nament in Kansas City, Missouri last year. Some of these same players are on the team this year, and also good fresh- man prospects. Members were chosen in try-out games. All who were accepted are excellent bowlers. Howard Corder is coaching this year ' s team. Bowling team members are front row (l-r) : Mike Gevedon, Gary Taylor, John Villa, Wayne Bryant, and Dean Yancey. Second -row (l-r) : Richard Kennerly, Lester Pruitt, BiUy Whitworth, Charlie Morgan, Manager of West Georgia Lanes, Sandy Hall, Gary Bobo, and Walter Plant. 120 M.A.A. This year the Men ' s Athletic Association became more of a competitive organization due to the increased membership and interest shown by the individual tribes. The Apaches again won the football competition after a long, hard struggle. This is the first time in many years that they had to really fight for their title. Coming in a close second place were the Sioux and in an even closer third place slot were the Seminoles. Basketball teams were more evenly matched, and all of the games were hotly contested for the title of champion. Winning the first place spK)t was the Seminole tribe. All of the games played by the MAA were a series of re-schedules, call-offs and interruptions. Next year, this problem will be solved when the " promised land " on the hill will be complete and ready for use. M.A.A. FINAL FOOTBALL STANDINGS Apache Sioux Seminole First Place Second Place Third Place APACHES: An excellent team and hard workers, but had to work for title. Apaches pull in tug-of-war. 122 ItkA SIOUX: A well-balanced team and liad title in their grasp until final game. They came a long way from last year. SEMINOLE: One of the more husky teams that could really hit hard. They should he a great deal better next year. 123 SHAWNEE: A team that proved to be tough to beat, but lost the games by a few points. TRIBES square off as Ref. Bob Norton watches closely. NAVAHO: One of the best running teams in the intramural program. ,t «.«-• 124 CHEROKEE: A small but tough team which put up a good fight. A real Mohawk supporter. MOHAWKS: A good defensive team Init needs stronger offense. 125 Navalio tribe begin their hike to Tanner ' s Beach. Spectators watch Cherokee game. Mohawks practice before football season starts. Referees of Men ' s Athletic Association. 126 Coach Thomas D ' Armi joined the West Georgia College faculty in the fall of 1961. Since that time, he has meant a great deal to this college in other areas as well as in sports. He led the Braves to G.I.A.C. baseball championships in 1962, 1963, and 1964, and was chosen as conference " Coach of the Year " at the conclusion of each of these campaigns. He was also named N.A.I.A. District 25 " Coach of the Year " in 1964. He is an excellent coach, as his team ' s records and his personal honors indicate, and he has become a close friend of many students and faculty members. Coach D ' Armi ' s home was always open to the members of his baseball squad and he never hesitated to spend his time and energy in helping any student who came to him. We are sure that the West Georgia baseball players will miss him as well as many others. We are sorry that he is leaving and we send with him our very best wishes for the future. 127 W.A.A. The Women ' s Athletic Association is open to all those who wish to participate in an intramural sports program. The girls compete against one another on a tribe basis. Sports such as soccer, bas- ketball, volleyball, badminton, darts, tennis, bowling, and softball are en- joyed by all with much enthusiasm and sportsmanship. 128 APACHE TRIBE First Row: Jan Foster, Peggy Stubbs, Beth Toney, Cheryl Hammond, Jessie Ginn, Lillian Kittle. Second Row: Elaine Hightower, Brenda Sockwell, Cher ' l Campbell, Margie Ward, Tina Dixon, Jane King. Third Roiv: Sandra Ray. r29 SEMINOLE TRIBE First Row: Luci Stukes, Jane Mize, Jane Brown, Donna Farrell, Sandy Thames. Second Row: Jody Bishop, Carol Lyon, Judy McConnell, Betty Price, Mary Thornhill. Third Row: Jo Hensley, Jo Brazell. 130 COMANCHE TRIBE First Row: Dot McGar- rity, Susan StovaU, Jenny Griffin, Lexie Moore, Marjo Shephard, Ruthetta Blood, Darlene Foster, Frankie Neighbors, Ann Sisson, Linda Wilkinson. Second Row: Joyce Sok- ol, Regeana Crawford, L i b b y Holden, Sara Buckles, Sue McKone, Peggy Foster, Joan Blake- wood, Marilyn Russell, Bonnie Morgan, Penny Black, Shirley Corley, Mary Young, Pat Collier. Third Row: Janalyce Jones, Sue Lowe, Gail Cookj Brenda White, Carol Smith, Diane Hughy, Jane Womack, Linda Morris. SIOUX TRIBE First Row: Lynn Piixon, Viv- ian Coggin, Sonja Holtzclaw, Willene Smith, Cathy Cathey, Mary Em Robinson, Sylvia Sanders. Second Row: Sharon Hammond, Brenda Wainright, Gail Shipp, Karen McDaniel, Brenda Craver, Judy Henson, Francine Adams. Third Row: Linda West, Carol Hancock, Joyce Campbell, Sandra Wild, Joyce Spivey, Connie Moore- head. , ,. iM 1 ML STAR « ' A. ' - tf 1 ■imm 1 SOCCER . w imf ■ % ► Margie Ward m! 4 i c ! £ ww rr Jane Mize J lk V ' ' ' 1 %i 1 |r ' -x ! •, Lexie Moore dfi ■ . tm B iAMlI : ' ■„, ' mZ Ji Peggy Foster ■ m L W ' «l( - m " 1 m Am HKp ( | B%- ' •. [ Sue McKone Hr m V lPl Bifl 1 m wk m B " lli iJ Ll Jan Prater - 4 ir 1 F tS ■ :Ml ■L Joyce Campbell T y CT !• Hi MH liie. ■. B inffi ' fc i Peggy Sewell 1 idl ! §M % t 1 I H Susan Stovall 1 Wr%m J " tN JA V J K iS H; - Judy Brock Jo Brazell ■B ' ' 1 1 mM HiKEe - ••li|pN.» »» cflMWCir afuniE 1 Vicki Tate 1 ■ Sandra Ray J 1 ( Carol Smith J H Darlene Foster i ife M Hv ■ hi Sandra Wild kj L ffs " 1 %• V Hv .0 L ■ [ i i ' «■■ f ' liill j| 1 j| 1 f w " Pw ' p w . tLlL ' flu f J. .. - W ' - ■ • •• -If::- l ffe ' mss ' •WW " jt L 4xL VARSITY BASKETBALL Margie Ward Lillian Kittle Gail Shipp Jane Mize Juanelle Ramey Miss Smith Ellen Willis Beth Toney Sonja Holtzclaw Vivian Coggin Jane Booz Joyce Spivey Cathy Logan Carol Grizzard Francine Adams Mar jo Shepherd Judy Henson ■ ' ♦r?.!l(i 133 % ' l •T .j4- -,. - 1 W wSL mMk ' I 134 FACULTY . . . 135 r PRESIDENT OF THE COLLEGE Dr. James Emory Boyd A.B. University of Georgia, M.A. Duke University, Ph.D. Yale University 136 West Georgia College A Unit of the University System of Georgia Carrollton, Georgia OFFICE OF THE PRESIDENT To the Student Body West Georgia College Carrollton, Georgia March 1, 1965 I wish to extend to all of you my heartiest greetings and best wishes for your success and happiness throughout the years ahead. It gives me great pleasure to work with you — and for you. My three and one-half years as president of West Georgia College have been the most challenging, stimulating, and satisfying years of my life, largely because of you and the many future students who will follow you. I hope that you, too, have been so challenged and stimulated that there have been few dull moments for you on our campus. Futhermore, I hope that you have developed an intense desire to learn and to make good use of your learning. This should enable you to continue to serve effectively in a rapidly changing world and, at the same time, to live happily with yourself, because you find real joy in learning. With this capacity you should never suffer from boredom. I wish that I could know each of you and talk with you individually. My door is always open to you, so please feel free to come by whenever it appears that I might be able to advise or help you. You Seniors, in particular, are cordially invited to drop by for a talk before you graduate. We wish to keep in close touch with you as you continue to move forward in the future. Sincerely, James E. Boyd DEAN OF THE COLLEGE Dr. George W. Walker A.B., Alma College; M.A., Wayne University Ph.D., University of North Carolina DEAN OF WOMEN Mrs. Faith D. Harris A.B., Howard College; M.Ed., Auburn University DEAN OF STUDENTS Dr. James D. Covington B.S., Auburn University; M.A., Vanderbilt University; Ed.D., Auburn University DEAN OF MEN Jerry D. Purser B.S., M.A., Ed.S., University of Georgia 138 DIRECTOR OF ADMISSIONS Miss Helen Womack A.B., Lambuth College; M.A., George Peahody College COMPTROLLER J. Everett McWhorter B.S.C., University of Georgia PRESIDENT EMERITUS Dr. Irvine S. Ingram A.B., University of Georgia; M.A., Emory University; Ed.D., Oglethorpe University REGISTRAR Miss Elizabeth Parker A.B., M.A., University of Georgia 139 DIRECTOR OF PUBLIC RELATIONS Tracy Putnam Stallings A.B., University of Georgia DIRECTOR OF THE PHYSICAL PLANT Herman Scott Tolbert 6.5., Georgia Institute of Technology HEAD OF PLACEMENT AND ALUMNI AFFAIRS David S. Parkman HI A.B.J., University of Georgia DIVISION OF EDUCATION The Division of Education offers work in education, library science, physical education, and psychology. Secondary curricula are organized in the division offering work in the specific subject-matter areas. Courses in education are planned to meet the require- ments for professional certificates for those students interested in teaching careers on the elementary, junior high, and secondary levels. The Department of Physical Education offers the phys- ical education activity courses required of each student enrolled in a degree program. Other activities of the Department include the direction of an intramural program and the intercollegiate sports program. Dr. Thomas W. Sills Chairman of the Division of Education and Professor of Education Dr. Alice Pearl Nix Head of the Department of Psychology and Professor of Psychology Thomas Wayman Learning Head of the Department of Physical Education and Professor of Physical Education Collus 0. Johnson Assistant Director of Adult Education and Associate Professor of Education 141 UlY All. ' . StPT, C Dorothy McNabb Ax iislanl Professor oj Physical Education Wylma Joyce Smith Instructor of Physical Education Dr. Richard 0. Coffeen Professor of Education Dr. Prentice L. Gott Associate Professor of Education Ruth Elizabeth Miller Assistant Professor of Library Education Kathryn Louise Coe Instructor in Education 142 Mary White Davidson Assistant Professor of Education Howard L. Corder Assistant Professor of Physical Education Thomas R. D ' Armi, Jr. Assistant Professor of Physical Education Janice R. Teal Instructor in Psychology Dr. James D. Thomas Associate Professor of Psychology Nancy M. Instructor Dixon in Psychology ■ 5 X flr 1 ' B mmgggjl b J ..L ■ Dr. Leonard R. Daniel Chairman of Division of Science and Mathematics and Professor of Chemistry Dr. Robert K. Lampton Head of Department of Biology and Professor of Biology DIVISION OF SCIENCE AND MATHEMATICS The Division of Science and Mathematics offers work in hiology, chemistry, engineering, geography, geology, math- ematics, physical science, and physics. In addition to the courses offered to meet general • education requirements, majors and minors are offered in the following fields: biology, chemistry, mathematics, and physics. The Division attempts to meet the needs of three groups of students: (1) For students whose career choice is non-scientific: An understanding of the mejthods and philosophy of scien- tific endeavor and a knowledge of the structure of mathe- matics accompanied by the acquisition of necessary computational skills. (2) For the prospective school teacher: to provide the subject-matter competence necessary for the teaching of science and mathematics. (3) For the prospective career scientist or mathe- matician: to provide ready entrance to graduate school or immediate employment. Dr. Hughlan W. Pope Head of Department of Chemistry and Professor of Chemistry Dr. Herman W. Boyd Associate Professor of Physics 144 Edmond Dale Dixon Associate Professor of Mathematics Hulon M. Madeley Instructor in Science Latha Mimbs Barnes Assistant Professor of Chemistry Eli Nix McEntyre, Sr. Assistant Professor of Mathematics Albert J. Turner, Jr. Assistant Professor of Mathematics Floyd H. Wirsing Associate Professor of Chemistry Marion Crider Associate Professor of Mathematics rX W TT I ■ K Frank H. Morgan Assistant Professor of Mathematics Terrell G. Bailey Assistant Professor of Mallwniatics Evan D. Porter Associfii ' ' Professor of Biology T Charles P. Frahm Assistant Professor in Physics 1 Dexter Byrd Assistant Professor of Biology Robert B. Elngland Assistant Professor of Biology Roy E. Worth Assistant Professor of Mathematics DIVISION OF HUMANITIES The Division of Humanities includes the fields of English language and literature, modern languages and fine arts. One of the chief objectives is to help the student become increasingly aware of the great literary and cul- tural heritage of our civilization. The members of the Division are interested in seeing that the student develops independent powers of judgment, inner discipline, and creative expression sufficiently so that he can rely on his own critical faculties and can respect his own creative achievements. The curriculum offers the student many opportunities to become aware of his own creative potentials through the actual production and handling of materials. iJr. James W. Mathews Chairman of the Division of Humanities and Projessor of English Kenneth E. Bunting Assistant Professor of Speech Dr. Paul H. Bowdre, Jr. Head of Department of English and Professor of English Dr. Robert Milton Coe Head of Department of Fine Arts and Associate Professor of Music 147 Mildred G. Lipham Instructor in Lan uapes Mary Munn Instructor in Music Larry 0. Purdy Instructor in English J. Owen Moore Associate Projessor of Laiij uages Robert A. Veitia Assistant Professor of Lant; ua cs H V 1 4 " If if i V J Dorothy Roush Instructor in Art 148 r «h Edna Earl Edwards Assistant Professor of English Hugh Gordon Deen Assistant Professor in Music M. Wallace Buice Assistant Professor of Speech m4t ' k? t ' I HI Dill) ii ' iiii 1 •? ' IISTERBiBirfll III Willie Maude Thompson Assistant Professor of English James K. Murphy Instructor in English Nelson M. Carpenter Instructor of Speech James C. Dahl Assistant Professor of English Harry E. Knight, Jr. Instructor in English Marvin E. Taylor Instructor in Languages Robert D. Jobson Assistant Professor of Art Charles W. Cline Instructor in English Dr. L. N. Norrell Associate Professor of English 150 DIVISION OF SOCIAL SCIENCES To be an effective member of society the individual needs to know how to participate constructively in the changing world. Therefore, the aims of the Social Science Division are to help the student attain a constructive, inquiring attitude toward learning, gain a knowledge of the historical development of contemporary institutions, and develop a responsibility for intelligent participation in the affairs of society. The Division offers liberal arts majors and minors in history, political science and sociology, a major in economics-business administration, and terminal programs for secretaries, medical secretaries and legal secretaries. Dr. John M. Martin Chairman of the Division of Social Sciences and Professor of Social Science ' 1 pie, , .% -xfliJf Dr. James S. Wittman Head of the Department of Sociology and Professor of Sociology Dr. J. Mark Miller Associate Professor of Business Administration Dr. Eugene Roger Huck Head of Department of History and Professor of History 151 Dr. Glenn Moore Professor of Economics and History William T. King Instructor in History Dr. James D. Griffin Associate Professor of History Charles A. Scudder Assistant Professor of Political Science Lila Gail Stanley Instructor in Political Science James L. Overton Assistant Professor of Business Administration 152 Warren Allen Walker Assistant Professoi oj Business Administration Hellen Jeanette Jackson Instructor in History Luster Doyle Mathis Assistant Professor of Political Science Stanley R. Nikkei Instructor of Sociology Carl W. Flemister, Jr. Assistant Professor of Business Administration Melvin T. Steely Assistant Professor in History Winslow Cope Goodwin, Jr. Instructor in History Robert G. Towhley Teaching Assistant in History Naomi Lee Satterfield Assistant Professor of Business Administration Dora Peete Associate Professor of Business Administration Theodore B. Fitz-Simons, Jr. Assistant Professor of History Thomas R. Iseley Instructor in Sociology Secretaries Secretaries Helen Copeland Manager of the Bookstore Ruth Elizabeth Miller Assistant Librarian . Annie Belle Weaver Librarian Kathleen S. Hunt Assistant Librarian Dorris Carel Dietitian H mW - 1 J Sealed, L to R: Linda Markham, Marion Townley. Standing: Clyde Handley. Clinic Mama Kate ' s Kitchen Mary Ellen Chrisman Assistant Dietitian Mildred Williamson Assistant Dietitian 156 Avis Evans and Madian Witt Post Office 7 Denson Todd Computer Center Maintenance Staff Robert Townley Asst. Maintenance Director Maintenance Staff D. W. Jones Maintenance Director 157 158 CLASSES . . . 159 CLASS OFFICERS President . . . Chuck Miller Secretary . . . Peggy Haslett Vice President . . . David Biookins SENIORS Phyllis Abernathy Blairsville, Ga. Claud Bradley Almon Jr. Dawson, Ga. James C. Baggett, Jr. Douglasville, Ga. Sylvia Bailey Atlanta, Ga. Carolyn Baxter CarroUton, Ga. Melanie Bedenbaugh Senoia, Ga. 160 Clarence Blalock Carrollton, Ga. Charlotte Blanks Franklin, Ga. Danette Bowman LaFayette, Ga. Archie Brown Carrollton, Ga. Janie Brown Trion, Ga. Jim Boyd Carrollton, Ga Carolyn Brackett Hiram, Ga. Leslie Brown Experiment, Ga. Martha Brown Decatur, Ga. 161 Looks likf plastic lo me! Ronnie Burchfield Dallon, Ga. Cheryl Butler Thoiiiasville, Ca. David Cagle Carlersville, Co. Duncan Cameron Lilhonia, Ga. Larry Carter CarroUton, Ga. William C. Carter Carroll on, Ga. 162 Connie Chambers Bremen, Ga. Marshall Chambers Avondale Estates, Ga. Tommie Chambers Carrollton, Ga. Nick Cox Experiment, Ga. Richard Daniel The Rock, Ga. Travis Cheek Douglasville, Ga. Lynn Clower Covington, Ga. Barbara DeLoach West Point, Ga. William Desatta Neivnan, Ga. 163 Seniors discuss student teaching with Dr. Gott and Mrs. Coe. Henry Dickerson Carroll ton, Ga. Patricia F. Duke Bremen, Ga. Ed Dye Griffin, Ga. Larry Easterwood Villa Rica, Ga. Linda Easterwood Villa Rica, Ga. Gloria Edmonson Thomaston, Ga. 164 Michael H. Eley Franklin, Ga. Celeta Estes Carrollton, Ga. Dudley Eubanks Carrollton, Ga Pat Fulton Mablelon, Ga. Ann Garrett Mt. lion, Ga. Tommy Fields College Park, Ga Frances N. Freel Roopville, Ga. Frances Giles Doiiplasville, Ga. Janet Gilreath Trion, Ga. 65 Think it bites? Eugene S. Ginn Stone Mountain, Ga. David Gollohon Rome, Ga. June Green Duluth, Ga. Philip A. Greer Thomaston, Ga. Jack L. Grogan Griffin, Ga. Betsy Griffies Villa Rica, Ga. 166 167 RSONNEL In case you have not had enough already John Hulsey Forest Park, Ga. Anne Irwin Rockmart, Ga. Tommy Ivey Atlanta, Ga. Diane James Doiiglasville, Ga. Dorothy James Cedartoivn, Ga. Sue Jarmon Atlanta, Ga. 168 Janet Carole Keller Greenville, Ga. Richard Kennerly CarroUton, Ga. Larry Lambert Winston, Ga. Carolyn Wilson Lee Boivdon, Ga. Reda Johnson Boivdon, Ga. Ellen Johnston Sharpsburg, Ga. Teresa Jones Bremen, Ga. Marion Jordon CarroUton, Gat Rebecca Dale Jones Dallas, Georgia Peace . . . until we meet again. Daniel H. Lee Wing, Alabama Linda A. Lee Atlanta, Ga. Melba Libby Atlanta, Ga. Ray Loftin Carrollton, Ga. Robert Loftin Carrollton, Ga. Patricia Ann Loyd Covington, Georgia 170 Diane K. Lyle Carrolhon, Ga. Emerson Lyle Carrollton, Ga. Martha McBrayer Buchanan, Ga. Linda McCarley Bowdon, Ga. Judy McCray Carrollton, Ga. Ken Mclnnis Cedartoivn, Ga. Paula Mackey Cartersville, Ga. Lewis Leland Manning Atlanta, Ga. r0 Charles Harry Miller. Jr. Decatur, Ga. Robert D. Mims, III Carrollton, Ga. t 171 Ki a ' You know, of course, that if V is u finite (liincubional vector space over the complex numbers and ff is a normal linear transformatiun, then V has an orthonormal basis consisting of eigenvectors of . John C. Moore Carrollton, Ga. Patricia Morgan Atlanta, Ga. Linda Moseley Augusta, Ga. Carol Ann Mowell Decatur, Ga. Barbara Myrick Villa Rica, Ga. Kenneth Nance Griffin, Ga. 172 Michael Marion Neal Decatur, Ca. Jim Neville Sanford, Fla. Ralph Parkman Carrollton, Ga. Terry F. Pate CarrolUon, Ga Ann Pay CarrolUon, Ga Annelle Powell Buena Vista, Ga. Jan Prater Calhoun, Ga. Howard Prickett Atlanta, Ga. Robert Puckett Doraville, Ga. 173 Bombs away! Mary Jane Reid Ellaville, Georgia Gary Rinehart CarroUton, Ga. Mary Robertson La Fayette, Ga. Carole E. Scudder CarroUton, Ga. Peggy Sewell Hartivell, Ga. Ray Shurbutt Atlanta, Ga. 174 175 Jiiiiiny Tollerson Neivnan, Ga. Bobbie Turner Duluth, Ga. Francisa Jordan Vassey Carrollton, Ga. Dixie Waldrop Taylorsville, Ga. Robert Wallace Atlanta, Ga. Terry Walls Snellville, Ga. Betty Lou Ware Ringgold, Ga. Jean Watkins Decatur, Ga. Darrelle Welborn Atlanta, Ga. 176 Brenda White Jackson, Ga. Buddy White Carrollton, Ga Lowell White Carrollton, Ga. Katherine Williams Rockrhart, Ga Jerry Wright Bremen, Ga. Patricia Wyche LaGrange, Ga. Jim Yeary Elbert on, Ga. Phyllis Young Carrollton, Ga. - ' 9%. Glynda White Bremen, Ga 177 JUNIORS Tuffy Johnson Vice-President Billy Whitworth President LeRoy Jack Secretary June Adair Bowdon, Ga. Dan Arnold Avondale Els., Ga. Jim Bailey East Point, Ga. Carolyn Barber Luthersville, Ga. Ben Bartlett Woodland, Ga. James Bennett Bowdon, Ga. Kline Berry Griffin, Ga. Ben Biggers Buchanan, Ga. Carolyn Bigham Atlanta, Ga. Ronnie Blake College Park, Ga. Spike Bolen Eatonton, Ga. 178 Donna Bond Danielsville, Ga. Amanda Boyd Dallas, Ga. Jerry Britt Barnesville, Ga. Janet Brown Tallapoosa, Ga. Bobbie Butler Thomasville, Ga. Caroline Campbell Richland, Ga. Harry Carr Hawkinsville, Ga. Charles Carter Carrollton, Ga. Ann Cauble Duluth, Ga. Darrell Chaisson Savannah, Ga. Bill Chandler Baldwin, Ga. Reginald Coffeen DeLand, Fla. Joyce Coleman Atlanta, Ga. Bill Cooper Stone Mountain, Ga. Doug Daniel Carrollton, Ga. Jim Daniel Carrollton, Ga. Johnny Daniell Carrollton, Ga. Havery Darden Hogansville, Ga. Johnny DeVore Alpharetta, Ga. Billy Dills Ellijay, Ga. Dale Dover Toccoa, Ga. Wendell Eberhart Hir am, Ga. Sara Edwards Buchanan, Ga. Barbara Ezelle East Point, Ga. 179 Ik ' Htley Fallis LaGranse, Ga. Erick Footf Marietta, Ga. Flunk Forrt ' stti Stone Mountain, Ga. Kylaiul Fiill. ' i Calhoun, Ga. Luny Fulral Griffin, Ga. Henry Cossette Griffin, Ga. Leon Gritne Atlanta, Ga. Jolin Greene Barnesville, Ga. Sura Gruljhs Palmetto, Ga. John Hurllee Decatur, Git. Phillip Henderson Smyrna, Ga. JoAnn Hensley Chatsivorth, Ga. Man in the hall! ! 180 Ann Hicks Marietta, Ga. Mike Higgins Atlanta, Ga. Gail Hill Trion, Ga. Richard Hill IF est Point, Ga. Ewell Hitchcock Decatur, Ga. Thomas Hodge Newnan, Ga. Edward Holland Atlanta, Ga. Sarah Hollis Ringgold, Ga Laura Holloman Bremen, Ga. Larry Houston College Park, Ga. Jimmy Hughes Decatur, Ga. Judy Hughes Carrol I ton, Ga. LeRoy Jack Canton, Ga. Larry Jackson College Park, Ga. Jim Jackson Fayetteville, Ga. Mike Jacobs Carrollton, Ga. Brady James Greenville, Ga. Richard Jernigan Decatur, Ga. AJtM jU MitJk Wendell Johns Dal ton, Ga. Larry Johnson Roopville, Ga. Bobby Johnson Carrollton, Ga. Charley Jones Smyrna, Ga. Jim Jones Dalton, Ga. Walter Jones Dalton. Ga. 181 Gibley ' s Punch — uh???? Hellen Jordan Cartersville, Ga. Ann Keller Rockmart, Ga. Donnie Kittle Villa Rica, Ga. Kirby Lamb Fairburn, Ga. Roger Landers Bowdon, Ga. Nathan Lanxton Carrollton, Ga. 182 Freddie Lawrence Dallas, Ga. Ronnie Lawson Decatur, Ga. Linda Lee Atlanta, Ga. Gary Lester Rockmart, Ga. Thomas Leverrett Jackson, Ga. Ed Lowe Marietta, Ga. Dianne Lyle Carrollton, Ga. Nancy McClure Cumming, Ga. Helen McCray Acivorth, Ga. John McDaniel Decalur, Ga. Mike McDonald Elberton, Ga. Steve Martin Atlanta, Ga. [itzi Matthews John Meadows Mike Merck Ken Mikel Joy Miller Mary Mize Franklin, Ga. Calhoun, Ga. Toccoa, Ga. Atlanta, Ga. Richland, Ga. Cleveland, Ga. John Montgomery Atlanta, Ga. Lexie Moore East Point, Ga. Joyce Morgan Jackson, Ga. Matt Morrison Dalton, Ga. Jim Norris Cedartown, Ga. Mitsuko Oda Giju, Japan Carolyn Overton Linda Paul James Parks Joel Parris Brenda Patty Bowdon, Ga. Thomaston, Ga. Newnan, Ga. Atlanta, Ga. Dalton, Ga. Carol Petty Atlanta, Ga. 183 Bobbye Phillips Redan, Ga. Bill Pierce Atlanta, Ga. Sue Pirkle Atlanta, Ga. Linda Potate Douglasville, Ga. Gwen Pritchard Canton, Ga. Lester Pruitt Mableton, Ga. Carole Purecll Atlanta. Ga. David Reagan Macon, Ga. Charles Reitz Roopville, Ga. Larry Robhins Douglasville, Ga. Dee Robinson Thomasville, Ga. Joe Robinson Atlanta, Ga. Your date is here? 184 Mary Em Robinson John Rogers Janice Rollins Kay Rowland Cheryl Russell Wayne .Seabolt Atlanta, Ga. CarroUton, Ga. Roopville, Ga. Boivden, Ga. Lawrenceville, Ga. Fahburn, Ga. DoVi Shadburn Gumming, Ga. Barbara Shadrix CarroUton, Ga. Charlie Shafe Metier, Ga. Ron Sharpless Macon, Ga. Waymon Sheppard Villa Rica, Ga. Jack Sirota East Point, Ga. Carol Smith Marion Smith Mike Smith Ronnie Smith Eddie Stone Susan Stovall Atlanta, Ga. Fairburn, Ga. Smyrna, Ga. Decatur, Ga. Newnan, Ga. Atlanta, Ga Lucie Stukes Ron Sudduth BiO Tidwell Joy Tucker Doug Vassy John ijla Atlanta, Ga. Douglasville, Ga. Atlanta, Ga. Fairburn, Ga. CarroUton, Ga. Rome, hal_ 185 Don Voyles Carrollton, Ga. Larry Watts Thomaslon, Ga. Gerald Whitt Atlanta, Ga. Open this door . . . Larry White JonesboTo, Ga. Billy Whitworth Atlanta, Ga. Ted Wilder Griffin, Ga. Bobby Williamson Bremen, Ga. Ellen Willis Williamson, Ga. Nadine Willis Cartersville, Ga. Carlton Wilson West Point, Ga. Roger Wilson Georgetown, Ga. Ann Wingard Pine Bluff, Ark. Jane Wix Austell, Ga. Benny Wood Pine Mountain, Ga. Shirley Woodard Austell, Ga. Carolyn Wright Carrollton, Ga. Gerilla Wright Hogansville, Ga. Mary Young LaFayette, Ga. 186 A Bill Rhodes . . . Pres. Jane Croley . . . Sec. Arthur Dees . . . Vice-Pres. SOPHOMORES Elaine Abercrombie CuUoden, Ga. Jerry AUmon Butler, Ga. Ronald Almon Carroll ton, Ga. Stuart Alston Atlanta, Ga. Barbara Apple Decatur, Ga. Charles Applebee Decatur, Ga. Ben Armistead Decatur, Ga. Elaine Atkins Carrollton, Ga. Frances Atkins Greeniille, Ga. Royce Aven, ' Newnan, Ga. Linda Awtrey Decatur, Ga. David Bailey LaGrange. Ga. Ronnie Bailey Carrollton. Ga. James D. Ballenger Hapeiille. Ga. Fred A. Barton Hapeiille, Ga. Charles Bass Bremen. Ga. Jerry Bales Atlanta. Ga. Anne Bell ff ' hite, Ga. (87 Only 9,224 more pages to go! Mike Benson Orlando, Fla. Virginia Berry Cedarlown, Ga. Douglas Biddy Acworth, Ga. Jodi Bishop fFhite, Ga. Margaret Black Dallas, Ga. Rutlietta Blood Decatur, Ga. Wiley Bowman Buchanan, Ga. Sandra Bradford Rydal, Ga. Larry Bradley Bowdon, Ga. Penny Bradley Bremen, Ga. Rosalind Brimer College Park, Ga. Charlie Brooks Atlanta, Ga. Sylvia Broome Whitesburg, Ga. James Brown Jonesboro, Ga. Sara Buckels Warner Robins, Ga. 188 Bohby Bullock Dallas, Ga. Donald Bullock Uuluth, Ga. Charles Burden Ho(;an.sii le, Ga. Slieron Burks Forrest Park, Ga. Bill Burks Atlanta, Ga. Joy Burson Carrolllon, Ga. Kay Butler Milner, Ga. Barry Byars Albany, Ga. Ernest Cain Atlanta, Ga. Jimmy Camp Dallas, Ga. Joyce Campbell Rome, Ga. William Campbell Grift in, Ga. Marian Carothers Atlanta, Ga. Louis Carson Tucker, Ga. Charles Case Chickamausa, Ga. Colleen Caswell Decatur, Ga. Phillip Chandler Marietta, Ga. Joseph Chipman Decatur, Ga. Doris Chester Trion, Ga. Robert Clark Elberton, Ga. John Cloud Atlanta, Ga. Randy Cobb Smyrna, Ga. Tony Cobb Marietta, Ga. Patricia Collier Decatur, Ga. Elvena Cohjuitt Decatur, Ga. Richard Cook Jackson, Ga. William G. Cook Decatur, Ga. Judy Copeland Carrollton, Ga. Judy Copeland Carrollton, Ga. Kay Corley . Woodbury, Ga. Shirley Corley Decatur, Ga. 189 Joseph Couch Atlanta, Ga. Jane Croley College Park, Ga. Roy Crook Franklin, Ga. David Cross Forest Park, Ga. Wilson Culbreath Atlanta, Ga. Samuel Dabhs Powder Springs, Ga. James Dalton East Point, Ga. Elaine Davis Decatur, Ga. William Davis Slockbridge, Ga. Arthur Dees College Park, Ga. W ' - ' Three jiggers of Scotch, two of . . M Robert Dees £■05 Point, Ga. Syble Dewb erry Bremen, Ga. Thomas Diamond Cedartown, Ga. George Dick Grijjin, Ga. Janeth Dodys Dunivoody, Ga. John Drummond Marietta, Ga. Marcus Eidson Doiiglasville, Ga. James Elliot Ellenwood, Ga. Alice Ezzell Rockmart, Ga. Gary Fairley Atlanta, Ga. 190 Donna Farrell Mariflta, Ga. Carl p ' aulk Atlanta, Ga. Anne Fleeman Dallas, Ga. Harold Fletcher Grill in, Ga. Ben Fleury Decatur, Ga. David Flint Decatur, Ga. Barbara Ford Atlanta, Ga. Alvin Foster Forest Park, Ga. Carol Foster Carrollton, Ga. Darlene Foster Atlanta, Ga. Donald Foster Forest Park, Ga. Marion Fowler Molena, Ga. Lynn Fryer Atlanta, Ga. Nancy Gattis Newnan, Ga. Patricia Gayton Atlanta, Ga. James Gentry Carrollton, Ga. Charles Gibbs Palmetto, Ga. Susan Godwin Cedartown, Ga. John Goin Decatur, Ga. Bernie Golczynski Alma, Ga. bJ i dflj tJ Robert Golden Acivorth, Ga. Betty Goodroe Netvnan, Ga. Anne Green Chatsworth, Ga. Patricia Green Cedartown, Ga. Harry Greene Tallapoosa. Ga. Barbara Greeson Chatsworth, Ga. Robert Gregory Atlanta, Ga. Jenny Griffin F el ton, Ga. Rosemary Griffin Carrollton, Ga. James Gutlierie Decatur, Ga. 191 A ' . - Cheryl Hainlin College I ' ark, Ga. Pamela Halo Decatur, Gu. Jimmy Hall Thomasloii, Ga. Mai7 Joyce Hand Grijjin, Ga. Fleta Hardie Gordon, Ga. Wallace Hardy W arm Springs, Ga. Chris Harris Macon, Ga. Tommy Harris Taylorsiille, Ga. And in the other hand is the milk chocolate that won ' t melt in your hand . . . Dwight Hay Jonesboro, Ga. Anne Hayes Acworth, Ga. Dennis Haynes Marietta, Ga. Richard Haynes Stone Mountain, Ga. Robbie Helms Decatur, Ga. Sylvia Hembree Carrollton, Ga. Josephine Higgins Ellijay, Ga. Lewis Higgins Dalton, Ga. Danny Hoard Indian Springs, Ga. Arillus Holcomb Calhoun, Ga. Jimmy Holladay Chamlbee, Ga. Dean Holland Douglasville, Ga. Ray Hollingsworth Ellenwood, Ga. Harris Holmes Grijjin, Ga. John Hook Indianapolis, Ind. John Lewis Hooper Grijjln, Ga. Anne Howard Riverdule, Ga. Judy Huckeba Newnan, Ga. Sandra Huggins Avondale Estates, Ga. Jo Ann Hughes Ringgold, Ga. Sandra Hughes East Point, Ga. Diane Hughey Lafayette, Ga. Julia Hunnicutt Carrollton, Ga. Olivia Hunnicut Atlanta, Ga. Judy Hutcheson Dunwoody, Ga. Lowell Jackson Decatur, Ga. Susan Jackson Franklin, Ga. Arthur Jenkins College Park, Ga. Bobby Johns Ft. Myers, Fla. Diane Johnson Waco, Ga. George Johnson Hogansville, Ga. Frank Joiner Atlanta, Ga. Freddy Jones College Park, Ga. Ginger Jones Atlanta, Ga. Harry Jones Temple, Ga. Janice Jones Dalian, Ga. Joy Jordon Atlanta, Ga. Tina Keheley Newnan, Ga. Edward Kennedy Griffin, Ga. Julia Kerr Austell, Ga. Tommy Kight Newnan, Ga. Jim King Pomona, Ga. Larry King Elberton, Ga. Diane Kirk Atlanta, Ga. Susan Lake Atlanta, Ga. Jerry Lambert Carrollton, Ga. Jean Lambeth East Point, Ga. Becky Landers Atlanta, Ga. Linda Langley Newnan, Ga. Carlton Lanier Mableton, Ga. 193 Charles Lawton CarroUton, Ga. Johnny Ledbetter College Park, Ga. Steve Lee Temple, Ga. Marsha Leggett Baxley, Ga. Bill Lipski Decatur, Ga. Paula Loftees M able ton, Ga. David Long Mableton, Ga. Ruth Ann Long Jonesboro, Ga. Roy Lovell Villa Rica, Ga. Gail Lovvorn Bowdon, Ga. Dean Luallen East Point, Ga. Edward Lunn Atlanta, Ga. Carol Lyon Atlanta, Ga. Thomas McAbee Wildwood, Ga. Linda McCaghren Bowdon, Ga. Who told you about the copy of the test????? 194 Judy McConnell Atlanta, Ga. Michael McCord Barnesville, Ga. Cheryl McCurdy Calhoun, Ga. Faye McGarity Rockmart, Ga. Allen McGee Carrollton, Ga. David McGhee Griffin, Ga. Muriel Mcintosh Roopville, Ga. Mike Mahoney Atlanta, Ga. Verlon Marshall Franklin, Ga. Donna Martin Carrollton, Ga. Nancy Maynard Buchanan, Ga. Ray Milam Fairburn, Ga. Sue Mullins Atlanta, Ga. Tom Neal Decatur, Ga. Frankie Neighbors Hogansville, Ga. Jon Niemeyer Avondale Estates, Linda Newsome East Point, Ga. Phyllis Nowlin Bremen, Ga. Annette Paris Hiram, Ga. Janie Parris Cartersville, Ga. Jason Patrick McDonough, Ga. Patricia Peacock Canton, Ga. Marlise Pettway Atlanta, Ga. Sharon Philptot Atlanta, Ga. Mark Phinazee Milner, Ga. Parker Pierce East Point, Ga. Mary Posey Decatur, Ga. Leslie Powell Villa Rica, Ga. Bette Price Atlanta, Ga. Elaine Prince Cedartown, Ga. Ga. 195 We don ' t intend to let studying interfere with our education. Frank Pritchard Morrow, Ga. Lou Pulliam Covington, Ga. Carole Raburn College Park, Ga. Henry Ragsdale Dallas, Ga. Sandra Ray Rockmart, Ga. Andy Reid Stockbridge, Ga. Ruth Reid Luthersville, Ga. William Rhodes Decatur, Ga. Larry Richards College Park, Ga. Jerry Richardson Rockmart, Ga. Calvin Roberts LaGrange, Ga. George Roberts Atlanta, Ga. Robert Robinson Carrollton, Ga. Carol Robinson Sargent, Ga. Donald Rogers Franklin, Ga. 196 June Rosselle Sarasota, Fla. Fayron Savelle Carrol ton, Ga. Larry Scarborough College Park, Ga. Sandra Scarhoro Morrow, Ga. Marjo Shepherd Gordon, Ga. June Shaw Cranjord, New Jersey Wayne Shiflett Cedartown, Ga. Gail Shipp Talbotton, Ga. Elaine Sims Conyers, Ga. Ann Sisson Ringgold, Ga. Tommy Skelton Griffin, Ga. Gary Smith Lithia Springs, Ga. Larry Smith Newnan, Ga. Lee Smith Carrollton, Ga. Sharon Smith Carrollton, Ga. Stephen Smith Decatur, Ga. Tracy Smith Lithia Springs, Ga. Willene Smith Austell, Ga. Paul Snyder Atlanta, Ga. Drena Spink . Calhoun, Ga. Joyce Spivey Marietta, Ga. Patricia Stephens Villa Rica, Ga. Carolyn Stewart Atlanta, Ga. Diane Stillwell LaGrange, Ga. George Strickland Danielsville, Ga. Jo Sullivan Carrollton, Ga. George Taylor Ellenwood, Ga. Sandy Thames Atlanta, Ga. Kathy Thomas Temple, Ga. Therese Thornhill Griffin, Ga. Mary Tibbetts College Park, Ga. Sammy Tibbetts Marietta, Ga. Cheryl Tilley Atlanta, Ga. Ora Truitt Tallapoosa, Ga. Lynn Varner Marietta, Ga. 197 Charles Vaughn Griffin, Ga. Marsha Vickery Senoia, Ga. Brenda Wainwright Marietta, Ga. Anita Walker Griffin, Ga. Gary Walker Carrollton, Ga. Judy Walker Bremen, Ga. I go to college . . . What ' s it to you boy ??? Sarah Jane Ware Ringgold, Ga. Barbara Ward Decatur, Ga. Jimmy Warren Atlanta, Ga. Ralph Waters West Point, Ga. Gary Watts Thomaston, Ga. Elaine Weaver Decatur, Ga. Robert Weaver Buchanan, Ga. Dinah Wells Temple, Ga. Judson Whatley Cedartown, Ga. John White Marietta, Ga. Marie Wiley Summerville, Ga. Sandra Wild Monticello, Ga. Dianne Williams Smyrna, Ga. Dawn Williams Carrollton, Ga. Johnny Wilson Grantville, Ga. Alan Windom Carrollton, Ga. Larry Winters Forsyth, Ga. Kathie Wolfe Avondale Estates, Ga. Steve Wortham Franklin, Ga. Mike Worth Atlanta, Ga. President — Larry Bowie Vice-President — Ronald Puckett Secretary-Treasurer — Carol Huckeba FRESHMEN Starr Abbott George Archibald Rebecca Anderson Genia Akins Charles Adams Brenda Bailey Thomas Askew Robert Amass Carters, Ga. Atlanta, Ga. Carrollton, Ga. Atlanta, Ga. Riverdale, Ga. Carrollton, Ga. Marietta, Ga. Chamblee. Ga Mary Alexander James Adair Pat Atha Terry Anderson Martha Allen Francine Adams Charlene Bailey Van Askew Bowdon, Ga. Marietta, Ga. Logansville, Ga. Atlanta, Ga. Atlanta, Ga. Marietta, Ga. Thomaston, Ga. Atlanta. Ga. Sharon Anderson Betty Alford Bill Adams Alan Bagley Gail Andrews Pinky Allen Sarah Adams Edwin Akin Dallas, Ga. Bowdon, Ga. Bujord, Ga. Chatsworth, Ga. Albany, Ga. Buchanan, Ge. Carrollton, Ga. Bremen. Ga. 199 mMdtM Susan Barnwell Marietta, Ga. Martha Barron Griffin, Ga. James Bailey East Point, Ga. Janice Ballenger Jackson, Ga. Kenneth Bailey, Marietta, Ga. Janice Ballew Marietta, Ga. Linda Bailey fTest Point, Ga. Terry Banks Carrol Iton, Ga. Cheryl Ballard Marietta, Ga. Mike Barber ITest Point, Ga. Nikki Ballard Florida City, Fla. William Barge Atlanta, Ga. . and when you ' re through with that there are five more. Frank Bass Griffin, Ga. Hugh Bass Bremen, Go- Kenneth Bass Adairsvillt, Ga. Faith Baxter Decatur, Ga. Larry Beck Plainville, Ga Jimmy Beckham Concord, Ga. Barbara Bedford Atlanta, Ga. Rod Bedingfield Forest Park, Ga. Carol Arm Bell Eatonton, Ga. Clarence Bell Rydal, Ga. :, " SJ 200 Elwanda Bennett Atlanta, Ga. Joe Bennett Decatur, Ga. Phyllis Bentley Palmetto, Ga. Donna Bias East Point, Ga. Kent Bicknell Atlanta, Ga. Bill Birdsong Carrollton, Ga. Harry Bishop Cartersville, Ga. Glenn Black Smyrna, Ga. Larry Black Carrollton, Ga. Penny Black Marietta, Ga. Joan Blakewood Atlanta, Ga. Brenda Boggs Villa Rica, Ga. John Bahannon Carrollton, Ga. Wayne Bolton College Park, Ga. Carole Bomar Douglasville, Ga. Douglas Bonds Gainesville, Ga. Larry Bowie West Point, Ga. Carole Bradley Bremen, Ga. Peggy Bradley Lawrenceville, Ga. Penny Brazier Palmetto, Ga. Kathy Brewster College Park, Ga. Gary Brock Resaca, Ga. Dennis Brooks Atlanta, Ga. Ronald Brock. Buchanan, Ga. Cynthia Brown Decatur, Ga. David Brown Lithonia, Ga. Gary Bruce Decatur, Ga. Jerry Bryan Franklin, Ga. Wayne Bryant Atlanta, Ga. Buster Buckalew Griffin, Ga. Richard Buckalew Atlanta, Ga. Nancy Burnes Rome, Ga. Danny Burns Dalton, Ga. Janice Bums Fitzgerald, Ga. 201 iSwJ Linda Caulhen Milner, Ga. Danny Cauthorn Chickamauga, Ga. Dennis Burnette Charles Butts Forest Byram Macon, Ga. Warm Springs, Ga. Newnan, Ga. Sheryl Campbell Nancy Carlisle Sonny Carroll Decatur, Ga. Atlanta, Ga. Mableton, Ga. Michael Byrd East Point, Ga. Diane Castleberry Marietta. Ga. Charles Calhoun Buchanan, Ga. Frank Castleberry East Point, Ga. Okay, it ' s safe to get out now . . . Sam. Sylvia Chambers Carroll ton, Ga. John Chandler Atlanta, Ga. Sue Chandler Carrollton, Ga. Don Chappell Carrollton, Ga. Linda Chastain Atlanta, Ga. Mary Anne Childs Forrest Park, Ga. Suzanne Chrisman Carrollton, Ga. Frank Christopher Sharpsburg, Ga. John Christopher Sharpsburg, Ga. Howard Cleveland Elberton Ga. " mtr ' . 202 Jeannie Cleveland Roswell, Ga. Janet Cochran Fairburn, Ga. Jerry Cody Mt. Airy, Ga. Vivian Coggin College Park, Ga. Lanette Cole Monroe, Ga. Edward Collier Dobbins, Ga. Kennith Collins Griffin, Ga. Mary Collins Decatur, Ga. Roger Cone Calhoun, Ga. Gail Cook Atlanta, Ga. Hazel Cook Jackson, Ga. Tony Cook Hogansville, Ga. Mary Cooper Dallas, Ga. Lynn Craig Newnan, Ga. Brenda Craven Carrollton, Ga. Carol Craven Lithio ' Springs, Ga. Brenda Craver Atlanta, Ga. Cheryl Crawford Fort Benning, Ga. Regeana Crawford Atlanta, Ga. Randolph Crawley Atlanta, Ga. Johnny Criden Fairmont, Ga. Marie Cross Cordele, Ga. Carol Cook Turin, Ga. Connie Crumbley Conyers, Ga. Deborah Dabney Roopville, Ga. John Cureton Newnan, Ga. Douglas Dailey East Selauket, New York Tim Dale Hogansville, Ga. Luanne Daniel Thomaston, Ga. Saralyn Daniel Carrollton, Ga. Retha Dansby Rockmart, Ga. John Darnell Atlanta, Ga. William Davis Hogansville, Ga. Carol Dial Atlanta, Ga. 203 Duvid Douglas Ealonton, Ga. Cliark ' s Downey Tfillopoosa, Ga. Henry Dickerson David Dillard Charles Dillard Tommy Dingier Carrie Dixon Car roll ton, Ga. Calhoun, Ga. Calhoun, Ga. Cedar town, Go. Boivdon, Ga. Curtis Dobbs Ray Donald Jenny Donelioo Johnny Dorton Donald Douglas Villa Rica, Ga. Dallon. Ga. Roswell, Ga. East Point, Ga. Datton, Ga. Tony Drew Thomasville, Ga. Charles Driggers ffaco, Ga. Damon Duenckel Haralson, Ga. Glenda Duffey Experiment, Ga. David Eberhardt Elberton, Ga. Jacqueline Edwards Monroe, Ga. Sandra Edwards Atlanta, Ga. Roger Egan Atlanta, Ga. I said I ' d do anything for him, but this is ridiculous! Oran Eichler Atlanta, Ga. Anita Ellington Atlanta, Ga. 204 Patrica Elliot Atlanta, Ga. Kilcy Elliot Austell, Ga. Steve Ellis Dalton, Ga. Janet El herry Smyrna, Ga. Mona Entrekin Atlanta, Ga. David Erwin Lindale, Ga. Susan Ethridge Jejjerson, Ga. Susan Ewong Rome, Ga. Sue Evans Dalton, Ga. David Fallin Thonuislon, Ga. Susan Farmer Rome, Ga. Tena Faulkner Smyrna, Ga. Don Fields Dalton, Ga. Rodney Fields College Park, Ga. Patricia Floyd Pine Mountain, Ga. Mike Fobbus Warner Robins, Ga. rf Donald Franklin Marietta, Ga. Ron Frank Newnan, Ga. Pat Fransen College Park, Ga. Stephanie Frapart Atlanta, Ga. Paulette Eraser Villa Rica, Ga. Mary Frost Carrol I ton, Ga. Gary Galeriel Atlanta, Ga. Frank Gardner Atlanta, Ga. Jerry Garland Fairmont, Ga. Herbert Garrett Lincolton, Ga. Virginia Garrison Taylorsville, Ga. Richard George Smyrna, Ga. Eleanor Gilbert Bremen, Ga. Jessie Ginn Fairburn, Ga. Cheryl Goodwin Atlanta, Ga. Larry Gore Rockmart, Ga. Kenneth Gosdin College Park, Ga. Mike Gowdy Warner Robins, Ga. 205 Sharon Hammond East Point, Ga. Carole Hancock College Park, Ga. Jane Granger Janice Griffin Carol Grizzard Pam Hale Eddie Haley College Park, Ga. DoravUle, Ga. East Point, Ga. Decatur, Ga. Dal ton, Ga. Don Hallman Donald Hamilton Claude Hammond Dewey Hammond Glenda Hammond Atlanta, Ga. Atlanta, Ga. Neivnan, Ga. Carroll ton, Ga. Atlanta, Ga. Richard Hanners Hogansville, Ga. Tommy Hanson College Park, Ga. Sara Hardy Warm Springs, Ga. Sallie Harris Carrollton, Ga. Grover Harben Gainsville, Ga Greg Harrington Athens, Ga. Dan Hayes Fayetteville, Ga. Laura Hayes Acworth, Ga. I ' ll pay her if she ' ll buy me. Jerry Heath Clem, Ga. Robbie Helms Stone Mountain, Go. 206 Jane Henderson Tucker, Ga. Carol Henry iJallon, Ga. Judy Henson Marietlu, Ga. Mary Herrick Atlanta, Ga. Clay Hester Marietta, Ga. Joyce Hicks Marietta, Ga. Ed Hightower Atlanta, Ga. Elaine Hightower Bowdon, Ga. Byron Hill Da ton, Ga. Lynda Hill Rome, Ga. Helen Hillegas ;•; Avondale Estates, Ga. David Hobbs ■j ' Bremen, Ga. Richard Hodges Griffin, Ga. Marion Hodges College Park, Ga. Barbara Hollis fFest Point, Ga. Carol Home Decatur, Ga. Franklon Home Newnan, Ga. Kay Hopkins Hamilton, Ga. Janice Howell Atlanta, Ga. Nancy Hubbard Hartwell, Ga. Carol Huckeba Atlanta, Ga. Walter Huddleston Fayetteville, Ga. John Hufstetler Chatsworth, Ga. Steve Huggins Dalton, Ga. Waymon Humphries Atlanta, Ga. Garland Humphries Atlanta, Ga. Jacky Hunter Senola, Ga. Nancy Gunter Monroe, Ga. Mike Hurst Dalton, Ga. Donald Huskins Eatonton, Ga. Bobby Hutson Confers, Ga. Tommy Hyde Newnan, Ga. Richard Ingle Carrollton, Ga. Diana Irwin Smyrna, Ga. 207 Greg Ivey Jerry Jaeks Dianne Jackson Faye Jackson Melissa Jackson Atlanta, Ga. Dalton, Ga. Neivnan, Ga. Bowdon, Ga. Neuman, Ga. Rosemary James Linda Jarman Kenneth Jarrett Carolyn Jenkins Jessica Jenkins Marietta, Ga. Allanta, Ga. AdairsiUle, Ga. Waynesbors, Ga. Carrollton, Ga. Tom Jenkins East Point, Ga. Joy Johns Dalton, Ga. Patsy Johns Decatur, Ga. Gale Johnson Griffin, Ga. Martha Johnson Cloudlaitd, Ga. Johnny Joiner River dale, Ga. Bruce Jones Decatur, Ga. Anne Jowers Atlanta, Ga. Janalyce Jones Allanta, Ga. Louise Jordan Lindale, Ga. ' Praise be to The Great Rat Fink! Ricky Jones College Park, Ga. Willene Jones Lebanon, Ga. 208 William Jones Lebanon, Ga. Linda Jones Norcross, Ga. Rosemary Kaylor Carroll ton, Ga. Judy Keever Lilburn, Ga. Judy Keith Carrollton, Ga. Brenda Kelley Marietta, Ga. Jim Kelley Newnan, Ga. Joan Kelley Newnan. Ga. Judy Kelley Talking Rock, Ga. Roger Kelley Newnan, Ga. Brenda Kelly Hartwell, Ga. Henry Kellum Thomaston, Ga. Sandra Kesler Decatur, Ga. Jane King Bowdon, Ga. Rita Kinney Douglasville, Ga. Lillian Kittle Villa Rica, Ga. Florrie Knight Newnan, Ga. Virginia Knowles Eatonton, Ga. SaJomon Konig Caracas, Venezuela Patsy Kubala Manchester, Ga. Peggy Lamb Mableton, Ga. Katie Lambert Newnan, Ga. Lynda Lambeth East Point, Ga. Judy Lane Griffin, Ga. Frank Langdon Colunjbus, Ga. James Larsen Roswell, Ga. Niles Lawson Newnan, Ga. Larry Leatherwood Riverdale, Ga. Willis Ledbetter Palmetto, Ga. Sarah Lee Douglasville, Ga. Stephen Lee Temple, Ga. Catalina Leiva Miami, Fla. Peggy Leverrett Jackson, Ga. Brenda Lloyd Marietta, Ga. 209 Cathy Logan Roopville, Ga. Dianna Lovfery East Point, Ga. Steve Long Atlanta, Ga. Tommy Lloyd Marietta, Ga. Sandra Love Mclntyre, Ga. Chico Lynch LaGrange, Ga. Larry Lowe Marietta, Ga. Bob Maher Atlanta, Ga. Diana Mandeville Decatur, Ga. Linda Manthe Atlan ' a, Ga. Sue Lowe Atlanta, Ga. John Mancin Birmingham, Ala. Well he gave me $.25, and he gave me $.50, but she gave me $1.00 so guess who I ' m voting for! Bill Marett HartweU, Ga. Jimmy Markell Atlanta, Ga. Greg Martin Car roll ton, Ga. Alan Massey Atlanta, Ga. Gene Massey Atlanta, Ga. Jerry Mathjs - Breman, Ga. Brenda Maxwell Bowdon, Ga. Ricky McCamy Chatsworth, Ga. yi k ji Alethia McCord Decatur, Ga. Marilyn McCord Manchester, Ga. e ' A 210 Willis McCarty Moreland, Ga. Beverly McClure Breman, Ga. Larwrence McCrary Elberton, Ga. Karen McDaniel Atlanta, Ga. Charles McDonald Atlanta, Ga. Jerry McGee Myrthe Beach, S. C. Jim McKneely Griffin, Ga. Marilyn Miller Atlanta, Ga. Wayne Miller Franklin, Ga. Donna Mitcham Marie Ha, Ga. Lynn Mixon Decatur, Ga. Jimmy Moat LaGrange, Ga. Lynn Moffett Mableton, Ga. Johnny Moon Atlanta, Ga. Charles Moore Moreland, Ga. Joyce Moore Moreland, Ga. Kenneth Moore Atlanta, Ga. Michael Moore Thomaston, Ga. Connie Moorehead Buckhead, Ga. Diane Morgan College Park, Ga. Kennth Morris East Point, Ga. Linda Morris Dallas, Ga. Kenneth -Moss Cartersville, Ga. Brenda Mowell Decatur, Ga. Carole Mum ford Decatur, Ga. Brenda Murphy Zebulon, Ga. Larry Naylor ' Decatur, Ga. Claudette Neal Marietta, Ga. Susan Neal Pine Mountain, Ga. Randy Neely Sharpsburg, Ga. Sandra Neill Carrollton, Ga. Freida Newman Waco, Ga. Micheal Newman Tallapoosa, Ga. Mike Nolley Atlanta, Ga. 21 o Dianne Norton Carole NuckoDs Rodolfo Orlick Anna Wwen Charles Owens Mihtead, Ga. Bowdon, Ga. Alajuela, Costa Ric East Point, Ga. Atlanta, Ga. Gail Owen Allen Oxford Terrel Parham Jane Paris Tony Parker Conyers, Ga. Atlanta, Ga. Hogansiille, Ga. Hiram, Ga. Atlanta, Ga. According to this you don ' t eveii go to school here! Gordon Parrish Bremen, Ga. Martha Parrott Manchester, Ga. Carroll Parkman Carrollton, Ga. Clem Patrick McDonough, Ga. ' Tommy Patterson Waco, Ga. Wanda Patterson Marietta, Ga. Carolyn Payne Carrollton, Ga. Richard Payne Marietta, Ga. Willard Payne Decatur, Ga. Keith Peeples East Point, Ga.. Ponzie Pennington Atlanta, Ga. Linda Pendley Atlanta, Ga. 212 Jackie Perry Buchanan, Ga. Larry Ferryman Norcross, Ga. Pete Petty Atlanta, Ga. Donna Phillips Bowdon, Ga. Lonnie Piggott Atlanta, Ga. Henry Pinyan East Point, Ga. Walter Plant East Point, Ga. Dianne Poison Tucker, Ga. Larry Pogue East Point, Ga. Denver Poole LaGrange, Ga. Lester Pope Tallapoosa, Ga. Kay Powell Villa Rica, Ga. Marilyn Price Marietta, Ga. Paul Price LaGrange, Ga. Larry Prince LaGrange, Ga. Phyllis Prince Newnan, Ga. Glenn Pritchett Dalton, Ga. Karen Probasco Marietta, Ga. Ron Puckett Smyrna, Ga.. Richard Pullen East Point, Ga. Irene Ray Rome, Ga. Marilee Ragsdale Lithonia, Ga. Brenda Rainwater Bowdon, Ga. Jaunelle Ramey Trion, Ga. Donald Rainey Buchanan, Ga. Vicki Ray Carrollton, Ga. Susan Reeves Buchanan, Ga. Roy Reynolds Atlanta, Ga. Melinda Ridley Buchanan, Ga. Sharon Riel Cedartown, Ga. Glenn Riggins Griffin, Ga. Hilda Robinson Newnan, Ga. Shirley Robinson Carrollton, Ga. George Roland Tifton, Ga. 213 Diane Rooks Cordele, Ga. Judy Reuhle Atlanta, Ga. Linda Rountree Atlanta, Ga. Marilyn Russell McDonough, Ga. Grant Rowe College Park, Ga. Sylvia Sanders Grijjin, Ga. Frank Rowell Grijjin, Ga. Donnda Saunders Adel, Ga. ' Cleve Rowley Atlanta, Ga. Patricia Savage Marietta, Ga. Linda Say Atlanta, Ga. Diane Saylor Marietta,-Ga. Gail Scott Car roll ton, Ga. Roger Scott ISew Holland, Ga. How did they find out? Roger Scott Chatsworth, Ga. Betty Sears Doraville, Ga. Nan Sharp Carrollton, Ga. Robert Shaw Marietta, Ga. William Shaw Fairburn, Ga. Jerry Shelley Douglasville, Ga. Robert Shiflett Cedar town, Ga. Eric Sherman Mablelown, Ga. 214 Ken Simonton Rome, Ga. David Sims Atlanta, Ga. John Sirmons Dalton, Ga. Charlene Sivell Pine Mountain, Ga. Dick Slate Dalton, Ga. Donald Slate Car roll ton, Ga. Gary Smith Lithia Springs, Ga. Gary Smith Tunnel Hill, Ga. Juanita Smith Woodbury, Ga. Mallory Smith Carrollton, Ga. Perry Smith Griffin, Ga. Sally Smith Franklin, Ga. Susan Smith Carrollton, Ga. Jane Smith Thomaston, Ga. Wanda Snow Dalton, Ga. Joyce Sokol Atlanta, Ga. William Sorenson Atlanta, Ga. Joe Souther Atlanta, Ga. Kenneth Spann Dalton, Ga. Judy Speth College Park, Ga. Morris Stanford Jonesboro, Ga. Stanley Sheram Mableton, Ga. Charlotte Starr Conyers, Ga. Elaine Steely Cedartown, Ga. Hunter Stephens Cedartown, Ga. Jeane Stephens LaGrange, Ga. Sally Stephens Carrollton, Ga. Camilla Stevens Whiteburg, Ga. George Stokes Atlanta, Ga. Glenda Strickland Lithia Springs, Ga. Peggy Stubbs East Point, Ga. Robert Talmadge Lovejoy, Ga. Richard Teets Columbus, Ga. Roy Templemen Carrollton, Ga. 215 MiM Burgess Thomas Mike Thompson Larry Timmermon Martha Todd East Point, Ga. Atlanta, Ga. Atlanta, Ga. Neivnan, Ga. Bobby Turner Mike Upton Bill Vied Judy Wade Newnan, Ga. College Park, Ga. East Point, Ga. Atlanta, Ga. Beth Toney Stockbridge, Ga. Gene Wagner Decatur, Ga. Once more and you ' re gonna get a rap in the mouth! Edwin Waldrep Carrollton, Ga. Charles Walls East Point, Ga Karen Walker Atlanta, Ga. Lynda Walker Newnan, Ga. Kenny Waller Mamchester, Ga. Tom Walsh Atlanta, Ga. Carolyn Warenzak Carrollton, Ga. Cheryl Washington Carrollton, Ga. Jerry Weathington Carrollton; Ga. Clarence Weaver Villa Rica, Ga. Jerry Webster Atlanta, Ga. Regina Wells Morrow, Ga. 216 Linda West College Park, Ga. Jacqueline Whaley Joneshoro, Ga. Becky White Thomaston, Ga. Bobby White Atlanta, Ga. Robert Whittle Dalton, Ga. Brenda Whited Carrollton, Ga. Gwenda Wiggins College Park, Ga. Lynda Wilkerson Hogansville, Ga. James Wilkes Hartwell, Ga. Mike Williams Atlanta, Ga. Janice Williamson Tallapoosa, Ga. Bobby Willard McDonough, Ga. Sherry Wilson Barnesville, Ga. Stephen Wilson Morrow, Ga. Kenneth Williams Signal Ml., Tenn Carol Witt Bowdon, Ga. Ruth Wittman Carrollton, Ga. Jane Womack Dallas, Ga. Jim Woods Pine Mountain, Ga. Dean Yancy Atlanta, Ga. Jim Yancy Marietta, Ga. Carolyn Yarbrough LaGrange, Ga. Judy Young Atlanta, Ga. Jerry Zellner College Park, Ga. Michael Dingier Cedartown, Ga. Carolyn Perry Canton, Ga. 217 ADS AND INDEX . . . 219 SENIOR CLASS 1964-65 PHYLLIS GRACE ABERNATHY B.S. Ed. P. 0. Box 32, Blairsville, Georgia SEA 4. OBA BROWNING ADAIR 204 W. Central Ave., Madison, Ga. CLAUD BRADLEY ALMON A.B. History Lee St.. Dawson, Ga. Presbyterian Dorm Council, Pres. 4, Resident Counselor 4; MAA; History Club; Who ' s Who Among Students in American Universities and Colleges 4. JAMES CAMP BAGGETT, JR. A.B. Biology Rose Ave., Douglasville, Ga. Mu Zeta Alpha 1, 2, 3; MAA 1, 2; Chemistry Club 3, 4, Treas. 4; Who ' s Who Among Stu- dents in American Univ. and Colleges 4. BRENDA E. BAILEY Bowen St.. Carrollton, Ga. STEVE D. BAILEY Bowen St., Carrollton, Ga. SYLVIA ANN BAILEY A.B. English 39 Candler Rd.. Atlanta, Ga. Choir 1, 2; SEA 4; WAA 1, 2, 3, 4. BILL W. BAXTER 108 Edwards St., Bremen. Ga. CAROLYN E. BAXTER 420 Belva St.. Carrollton, Ga. SAM M. BEARDEN 28 Douglas St., Cartersville, Ga. MELANIE GRACE BEDENBAUGH Choir Treas. 2; BSU 1; Music Club 1. B.S. Ed. CLARENCE A. BLALOCK B.S. Ed. 122 North Cliff St., Carrollton, Ga. A]phaTheta2, 3, 4; SEA 2,3. MARY L. BLANKENSHIP A.B. English Canterbury Club, Sec. 3, Pres. 4; Interfaith Council, Sec. 4; SOC 4; Dance Club 4; Literary Club 4; Der Deutsche Verein 3, 4; Dorm Counselor 3, 4. CHARLOTTE E. BLANKS Rt. 4, Franklin, Ga. INEZ BOATRIGHT Winston, Ga. NINA DANETTE BOWMAN B.S. Ed. WAA 1,2,3,4; SEA 4. JAMES F. BOYD West Ga. College, Carrollton, Ga. CAROLYN LORETTA BRACKETT Rt. 1, Box 140, Hiram, Ga. WAA 1. MARY P. BREWER 39 Augusta Dr., Newnan, Ga. 220 B.S. Ed. SUE H. BREWER Douglassville, Ga. MARVIN DAVID BROOKINS A.B. History 1361 Ormewood Ave., SE, Atlanta, Ga. Circle K 2, 3, 4; Letterman ' s Club 2, 3, 4, Sec.-Treas. 3; MAA 1, 2, 3, 4; Varsity Basket- ball 1, 2, 3, 4; All-Conf. 3, GIAC leading rebounder 3; Volleyball 1, 2, 3, 4, all-conference 3, 4; Cross Country 2; Resident Counselor 4; Vice Pres. Class 4; Cliieftain Salutes 2, 3; Gordon Watson Award 3; Who ' s Who Among Students in American Univ. and Colleges 3. JOHN M. BROOME R.F.D. 1, Carrollton, Ga. ARCHIE M. BROWN B.S. Ed. 34 Tower Apartments, Carrollton, Ga. JANIE IRENE BROWN B.S. Ed. 134 Church St., Trion, Ga. WAA 1, 2, 3, 4; Wesley Foundation 1; SEA 3,4. JUNE H. BROWN B.S. Ed. 455 Adamson Ave., Carrollton, Ga. LESLIE GEORGE BROWN A.B. History 37 Bleachery St., Experiment, Ga. Circle K 1, 2, 3, 4, Treas. 2, Vice Pres. 3 Men ' s Dorm Council 1; MAA 1, 2, 3, 4 Tennis Team 2, 3, 4; Vice Pres. Class 2 Chieftain Salutes 2; Herndon Award 1; Gordon Watson Award 3; Who ' s Who Among Students in American Univ. and Colleges 3. MARTHA ANN BROWN B.S. Ed. 2585 Amelia Ave., Decatur, Ga. Choir 1, 2, 3, 4, Pres. 1; Band 1, 2, 3; SOC 1 SEA 3, 4, Treas. 4; West Georgian Staff 3, 4 CHIEFTAIN Staff 4, Senior Class Editor Sec.-Treas. Class 2; Chieftain Salutes 1, 2 Sweetheart Court 1, 2, Queen of Hearts 4 Homecoming Court 2, 4; May Court, Maid of Hon. 3; Who ' s Who Among Students in Ameri- can Univ. and Colleges 4. JERRY E. BRYAN B.A. Math Skyview Dr., Franklin, Ga. Letterman ' s Club 1 ; Cross Country 1, 2. THOMAS E. BULLARD 874 Columbia Dr., Decatur, Ga. RONALD EUGENE BURCHFIELD B.S. Ed. Rt. 2, Dalton, Ga. Letterman ' s Club 2, 3, 4, Pres. 3; MAA 1, 2, 3, 4, Sgt.-at-Arms 3; Basketball 1; Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4, Co-Capt. All Conference 2, Capt. All Conf. 3, Honorable Mention Ail-American 3, WGC Co-Capt. 3; Chieftain Salutes 4. MELBA H. BURGESS 427 Sunset Blvd., Carrollton, Ga. LYNN W. BURSON 219 Sunset Blvd., Carrollton, Ga. CHRISTINE P. BURTNETT B.S. Ed. 55 Tower Apts., Carrollton, Ga. CHARLOTTE BUTLER Rt. 2, Box 443, Thomasville, Ga. DAVID LEE CAGLE A.B. English 326 E. Main St., Cartersville, Ga. MAA 1, 2, 3, 4; Alpha Theta 4; Spanish Club 3, 4; Baseball 1, 2; Counselor 2, 3, 4; Who ' s Who Among Students in American Univ. and Colleges 4. MERRITT P. CAIN 343 Maple St., Carrollton, Ga. JANET K. CALDWELL B.S.Ed. 2666 Batavia Apt. 2, East Point, Ga. WAA 1, 2, 3; SEA 2, 3, 4, Pub. Chairman 3, Pres. 4; BSU 3, 4. JAMES D. CAMERON 7074 Swift St., Lithonia, Ga. BETTY K. CANDLER 570 Crescent Rd., Griffin, Ga. DEAN CARPENTER B.S.Ed. Rt. 1, Aragon, Ga. LARRY D. CARTER B.A. Biology 322 N. White St., Carrollton, Ga. Track 1, 2, 3, 4. WILLIAM C. CARTER Bremen Rd., Carrollton, Ga. LEONARD M. CHAMBERS 123 Alabama Ave., Bremen, Ga. TOMMIE LEE CHAMBERS A.B. Mathematics Rt. 2, Carrollton, Ga. Math Club 3, 4, Treas. 4; .SEA 4. CONNIE SUE CHANCE A.B. Sociology 200 Poplar St., Bremen, Ga. West Georgian Staff 1; WAA 1. MARCIA LYNN GLOWER B.S. Ed. 903 Floyd St., Covington, Ga. SEA 3,4; WAA 2,3. JULIAN SAM COFFEY Rt. 1, Crandall, Ga. BARBARA ANN COHRAN B.S. Ed. 541 North Ave., Villa Rica, Ga. MINNIE KETURAH COLQUITT B.S. Ed. Yatesville, Ga. Choir 3, 4, Sec. 3; Wesley Foundation 3, 4; SEA 4. MICHAEL J. COULON 4598 Lawrenceville Hwy., Tucker, Ga. NICHOLAS LONGWORTH COX, JR. A.B. English Alpha Theta Pres. 4; Literary Club 4; Alpha Theta Best Actor 3. DAVID S. CRAMER 135 Cunningham Dr., Carrollton, Ga. RUSSELL A. CURRY Rt. 2, LaGrange, Ga. RICHARD CALVIN DANIEL B.A. Psychology Rt. 1, The Rock, Ga. Pres. Class 2; SGA 1. Compliments of LOWORN JEWELRY COMPANY 832-8546 201 Newman Street Carrollton, Ga. SERVICE SUPPLY COMPANY 832-2426 306 Rome Street Carrollton, Ga. McGEE ' S BAKERY " Freshness Is Our Middle Name " The Square Carrollton, Ga. DRINK CARROLLTON COCA-COLA BOTTLING COMPANY Carrollton, Georgia mi 221 BARBARA ANN DE LOACH A.B. English Rt. 2, Box 231, West Point, Ga. Alpha Theta 2, 3; Class Pres. 1; SGA 3, 4; French Club 4; Literary Club 4; History Club 2; SOC 1; History Club Award 1; Who ' s Who Among Students in American Univ. and Col- leges 4. WILLIAM CHARLES DESATTA A.B. Chemistry 14 Waverly Circle, Nevvnan, Ga. West Ga. Chemical Society, Treas. 2; Presby- terian Dorm Council. JUANITA M. DIXON 127 Maple St., Carrollton, Ga. LYNNP. DUFFEY B.S.Ed. 118 Jefferson St., Newnan, Ga. PATRICIA FARRELL DUKE B.S. Ed. 301 Alabama Ave. Bremen, Ga. Alpha Theta 1; West Georgian Staff, Cir. Manager 1 ; SEA 1. EDWIN J. DYE 825 Hale Ave., Griffin, Ga. CAROLYN P. EARLY 105 Chatillon Road, Rome, Ga. LARRY H. EASTERWOOD Box 62, Villa Rica, Ga. LINDA EASTERWOOD A.B. English SEA 3, 4; Literary Club Pres. 4; SOC 4; Eclectic 4. GLORIA L. EDMONDSON B.S. Ed. 210 Seventh Ave., Thomaston, Ga. WAA; SEA Pub. Chairman 3. MICHAEL H. ELEY A.B. Biology Rt. 2, Franklin, Ga. Mu Zeta Alpha 1, 2; Chemistry Club 3. CELETA FRANCES ESTES A.B. Math 234 Kramer Dr., Carrollton, Ga. Math Club 3, 4, Sec. 4; West Georgia Staff, Assoc. Ed. 3, Editor 4; Psychology Club 3; SOC 4; SGA 4; Gordon Watson Award 3; Who ' s Who Among Students in American Univ. and Colleges 3. JAMES DUDLEY EUBANKS B.S. Ed. 402 Maple St., Carrollton, Ga. Basketball 2; Baseball 3; Letterman ' s Club 3. WALTER THOMAS FIELDS, JR. B.S. Ed. 4127 S. Main, CoUege Park, Ga. Baseball 1,2,3,4; SEA 2, 3. FRANCES NIX FREEL Roopville, Ga. JOY E. FREEMAN P.O. Box 261, Buchanan, Ga. PATRICIA KATE FULTON A.B. English 115 Starling Place, Mableton, Ga. SEA 3; SGA Rep. 2, Sec.-Treas. 3; AA Chieftain 2; CHIEFTAIN Staff, Fresh. Class Editor 1, Soph. Class Editor 2; Chieftain Salutes 2; Who ' s Who Among Students in American Univ. and Colleges. FRANCES ANN GARRETT B.S. Ed. Mount Zion, Georgia JAMES J. GARY Bowdon, Georgia 222 DOROTHY MAE GILES B.S. Ed. 404 North 17th St., Griffin, Ga. JANET MARIE GILREATH A.B. History 358 Walnut St., Trion, Ga. EUGENE STEENCE GINN B.S. Ed. 4092 Creek Court, Rt. 4, Stone Mountain, Ga. Varsity Baskebtall 2; Volleyball 2; All-Conf. Volleyball 3, 4. RITA JUNE GREEN A.B. English 336 Lawrenceville St., Duluth, Ga. Inter-Faith Counci Pres. 3; Apha Theta 1, 2, 3, 4, Hostess 3; BSU 1, 2, 3, 4, Program Chairman 3, 4; Spanish Club 2, 3; SOC 3; SEA 4; Counselor; Who ' s Who Among Students in American Univ. and Colleges. JOHN DAVID GOLLOHON 2130 Southers St., Rome, Ga. PHILIP RONALD GREER A.B. Math SGA Rep. 2; SOC 1; Circle K Treas. 4; Mu Zeta Alpha 2; Counselor 1; Men ' s Dorm Coun- cil 1; Wesley Foundation Vice Pres. 2; SEA 1; CHIEFTAIN Staff 1 ; MAA 4. SARA ELIZABETH GRIFFIES 402 Maple St., Carrollton, Ga. Literary Club 4; SEA 4. A.B. English JACKIE L. GROGAN A.B. Chemistry Men ' s Dorm Council Sec.-Treas.; West Ga. Chemical Society Pres.; Circle K V. Pres.; Spanish Club. BETTY CAROLYN GUTHRIE B.S. Ed. SEA 1, 2, 3; Choir 1, 2; Cafe Committee 4; CHIEFTAIN Staff Jr. Class Editor 4. CHERYL DUNN HAMMOND A.B. History Gen ' l. Delivery, West Ga. College, Carrollton History Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Sec. 3, V. Pres. 4; WAA 1, 2, 3, 4, V. Pres. 1, Chieftain 3, Pres. 4; Tom Herndon Award 1; Women ' s Athlete of the Year 3; Who ' s Who Among Students in American Univ. and Colleges 4. JERRY WAYNE HAMMOND B.S. Ed. Gen ' l. Delivery, West Ga., Carrollton, Ga. Basketball 2, 4; Volleyball 2, 4; All-Conference Volleyball 2, 4; Letterman ' s Club. DUDLEY L. HARPER 403 Hickory, Bremen, Ga. EMILY T. HARRIS Rt. 4, Carrollton, Ga. MARY L. HARRISON 1395 Pasadina Ave., Atlanta, Ga. MAVIS LANCENE HART A.B.English Rt. 4, Carrollton, Ga. West Georgian Staff 1; Mu Zeta Alpha 1, 2; English Club 4; Who ' s Who Among Students in American Univ. and Colleges. PEGGY JUANITA HASLETT B.S. Ed. 2067 Brockett Rd., Tucker, Ga. SEA Sec. 3, 1, 2, 3, 4; WAA; Pres. and Treas. of Adamson 3, 4; Class Sec. 4; Who ' s Who Among Students in American Univ. and Colleges. DAVID E. HEAD 1890 Broad Ave., East Point, Ga. ANN SULLIVAN HENRY A.B. English Rt. 4, Box 245-A, Newnan, Ga. Choir 1, 2; WAA 1, 2; SEA 2; Gunn House Sec. 2. CHARLES L. HERNDON 407 Church St., Elberton, Ga. JAMES V. HERNDON 1120 Atlantic Dr. NW, Atlanta 19, Ga. ALICE WILSON HILL B.S.Ed. P.O. Box 751, Cedartown, Ga. WAA 1, 2, 3; SEA 2, 3, 4, Sec. 4. JUDITH CAROLE HINES B.A. English Box 45, Sargent, Ga. Psychology Club Pres. 3; Literary Club; Eclec- tic, Assoc. Ed. 3, Editor 4; Who ' s Who Among Students in American Univ. and Colleges. MARY JANICE HITCHCOCK A.B. Sociology 1975 Cannon Farm Hill Rd., NE, Atlanta, Ga. Alpha Theta 1; Canterbury Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Pres. 2; French Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Pres. 3; SOC 2, 3; West Georgian Staff 3; Who ' s Who Among Students in American Univ. and Col- leges 3. MARY ELIZABETH HOLDEN A.B. Psychology 106 Linwood Dr., Smyrna, Ga. WAA 1, 2, 3, 4, Pres. 3, Chieftain 2, Editor 4, Member of the Year 3; Psychology Club 4; Melson and Cobb Dorm Council; West Georgian Staff 3; Who ' s Who Among Stud, in American Univ. and Colleges. ROBIN MARCENA HOLLIS B.S. Ed. Box 76, Bowdon Junction, Ga. JOHN L. HULSEY 108 Warren Dr., Forrest Park, Ga. ANNE RUTH IRWIN B.S. Ed. 42 Williamson St., Rockmart, Ga. THOMAS A. IVEY A.B. History 1689 LaVista Rd., NE, Atlanta, Ga. SGA Rep. 2, Circle K 4. DOROTHY EVELYN JAMES B.S. Ed. 140 Clyde St., Cedartown, Ga. WAA 1,2; SEA 3. EVELYN DIANE JAMES B.A. Psychology P.O. Box 6, Douglasville, Ga. Psychology Club Pres. 4; Wesley Foundation 4; SOC 4. CLARA SUSAN JARMAN B.S.Ed. 3551 Mt. Gilead Rd., Atlanta, Ga. WAA 1, 2, 3, 4, Chieftain 2, 4; SEA 3, 4; Booster Club 1; CHIEFTAIN Staff Assoc. Ed. 3, 4; Chieftain Salutes 3; Homecoming Court 3; May Court 2, May Queen 3; Varsity Soccer 3; Who ' s Who Among Students in American Univ. and CoU. RALPH D. JARRELL Rt. 1, Whitesburg, Ga. REDA NELL JOHNSON B.S. Ed. Box 314, Bowdon, Ga. SEA 3, 4. ROBERT WILSON JOHNSON, JR. 601 Dixie St., Carrollton, Ga. B.S. Ed. lestfiTD luto Compliments of WESTERN AUTO The Square Carrollfon, Ga. JITNEY JUNGLE Your Complete Food Center TE 2-2449 Maple Street Carrollton fi 0OO» POO» TASTEE-FREEZ STORE 832-8687 Bankhead Avenue Carrollton, Ga. ROBINSON DRUG COMPANY y. our DEPENDABLE DRUGGIST 832-3523 623 Dixie Street Carrollton, Ga. JANICE E. JOHNSTON Rt. 1, Sharpsburg. Ga. REBECCA DALE JONES B.S. Ed. 412 Hardee St., Dallas. Ga. Choir 3, 4; SEA 3,4. TERESA ANNETTE JONES B.A. Sociology 327 Warren Dr., Bremen, Ga. Booster Club 1; WAA 1; Canterbury Club 1, Frencli Club 3 ; Cheerleader 1. FRANCISCA SARAH JORDAN A.B. English 109 S. White St., Carrollton, Ga. Choir 1, 2, 4, Treas. 2; WAA 1, 2, 4; Literary Club 4; West Georgian Staff 1, 2, 4, Feature Ed. 4. MARION HARVEY JORDAN B.A. Chemistry 231 Brown St., Carrollton, Ga. Choir 1, 2, 3, 4; Mu Zeta Alpha 1; MA A 1, 2, 3, 4; Circle K 3, 4; SOC 4; Wesley Foundation 1, 2, 3, 4; Chemistry Society I, 2, 3, 4, Pres. 4; Who ' s Who Among Stu- dents in American Univ. and Col. LINDA MARTHA KASTNER B.S. Ed. Rt. 1, Qarksville, Ga. SEA 1, 2, 3, 4, Sec. 2, Pres. 3; WAA 1, 2, 3, Chieftain 2, Pub. Chair. 3; BSU 3, 4; SOC 3; Dorm Council Treas. 2, Pres. 3; Women ' s Council 3; Who ' s Who Among Stu- dents in American Univ. and Colleges 4. BETTY JEAN KEENE B.A. English 570 Crescent Rd., Griffin, Ga. Wesley Foundation Pres. 3; SOC 3; SEA 3, 4; Literary Club 4. RICHARD DOUGLAS KENNERLY B.A. Business 518 Longview. Carrollton, Ga. Tennis Team 1, 2, 3, 4, All-Conf., Captain; Bowhng Team 3, 4, All-Conf.; Volleyball Team 4; MAA 1, 2, 3, 4; Phi B«a Lambda 4. ERNEST JAMES KNIGHT, JR. A.B. Sociology Interfaith Council V. Pres. 3; Canterbury Club 2nd V. Pres. 3; Psychology Club Treas. 3; APO Treas. 4; German Club Pres. 4; Young Republicans Vice-Chair. 4; Choir 3. LARRY E. LAMBERT Winston. Ga. JESSE G. LANCASTER Rt. 3, Carrollton. Ga. WILLIAM H. LANE 401 Maple St., Carrollton. Ga. CAROLYN WILSON LEE B.A. Math Bremen Hwy., Villa Rica, Ga. WAA 1, 2, 3, 4, Intramural Man. 3, Chieftain 3, Reporter 4; Math Club Sec. 3, Pres. 4; SOC 4; - Dorm Council 3; French Club 1. LINDA ATCHESON LEE B.A. English Rt. 3, Dallas, Georgia MELBA E. BUICE LIBBY B.S. Ed. 1960 Alison Ct. SW, Apt D-8, Atlanta, II, Ga. SEA 2, 3, 4; Spanish Club 1, 2, V. Pres. 1; Choir 1; Alpha Theta 1; BSU 1, 2, 3, 4. RAYD. LO FTIN A.B. Math Rt. 3, Carrollton, Ga. 224 ROBERT D. LOFTIN B.A. 243 N. Lakeshore Dr., Carrollton, Ga. PATRICIA ANNE LOYD B.S. Ed. 402 Church St., Covington, Ga. SEA 3, 4; CHIEFTAIN Staff Index Ed. 4; Dining Hall Com. 3, 4; Publicity Chmn. SEA 4; WAA 3. DIANNE KING LYLE A.B. History 408 B Ingram Homes, Carrollton, Ga. JAMES EMERSON LYLE A.B. History 408 B Ingram Homes, Carrollton, Ga. ROBERT W. LYNCH Box 130, Bowdon, Ga. DENNIS D. McBRAYER Rt. 2, Breinen, Ga. MARTHA LEEANN McBRAYER Rt. 2, Buchanan, Ga. LINDA L. McCAGHREN Rt. 4, Bowdon, Ga. LINDA DAVIS McCARLEY B.S. Ed. Box 155, Bowdon, Ga. JUDY TABITHA McCRAY A.B. English Rt. 2, Carrollton, Ga. Literary Club Sec. 4; WAA 3. KENNETH MASON McINNIS A.B. Math 126 Vance Ave., Cedartown, Pa. MAA 3, 4; Letterman ' s Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Circle K 3, 4; SGA V. Pres. 4; SOC Pres. 4; Counselor 2, 3, 4; Track 1, 3; Basketball 1, 2, 3; Best Defen. Player 1; Volleyball 2; Cross Country 2; Chieftain Salutes 4. PATRICIA ANN McKlLLOP B.S. Ed. Crossville Rd., Roswell, Ga. WAA 3; Newman Club; Choir 1. ROBERT N. McWHORTER 302 Bryant St., Bremen, Ga. PAULA JEAN MACKEY A.B. EngHsh 108 Fite St., Cartersville, Ga. Canterbury Club Sec. 1; WAA 1, 2, 3; SEA 3, 4; Literary Qub 4. LEWIS L. MANNING 2418 Bollingbrook Dr., Atlanta, Ga. ROSE MARY FAY MAYFIELD 16 Tower Apt., Carrollton, Ga. LOUIE 0. MEADOWS Shiloh, Ga. CHARLES HARRY MILLER, JR. B.S. Ed. 2451 Ousley Court, Decatur, Ga. Circle K 3, 4; Dorm Council V. Pres. 2; Resident Counselor 4; Class Pres. 3, 4; SOC 3, 4; SGA 3, 4; Letterman ' s Club 1, 2, 3, 4; MAA 1, 2, 3, 4; Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4; Volley- ball 2, 3, 4, All Conf. 4; Track 1, 2, 4, All Conf. 1; History Club; Chieftain Salutes 3; Who ' s Who Among Students in American Univ. and Colleges 4. ROBERT D. MIMS, III B.A. Economics Ingram Apts., 408 A, Carrollton, Ga. MAA 1, 2, 3, 4. JOHN C. MOORE 216 Dixie St., Carrollton, Ga. ESTELLE F. MORGAN 109 Bennett Circle, Carrollton, Ga. PATRICIA LOUISE MORGAN B.S. Ed. 1808 Saxon Place, Atlanta, Ga. Canterbury Club 1; French Club 3; WAA 1, 2, 3; Dorm Council Sec. 3; SEA 3, 4, V. Pres., Pres. 4; Women ' s Council 3; SOC 4. LINDA CLAIRE MOSELEY A.B. History 2601 Ivey Rd., Augusta, Ga. Chieftain Beauty Review, 1st runner-up 3; May Court 3; WAA 3, 4; CHIEFTAIN Fea- ture Ed. 3, CHIEFTAIN Ed.-in-Chief 4; SOC 4; Young Republican Club 3. CAROL ANN MOWELL A.B. Math 2245 Doris Dr., Decatur, Ga. WAA 2, 3; CHIEFTAIN Staff Organ. Ed. 2; West Georgian Staff News Ed. 4; SGA Sec- Treas. 3, Rep. 2, 4; Math Club 3, 4, V. Pres. 4; Women ' s Dorm Council 2, 3; Mu Zeta Alpha 2; May Court 2; Homecoming Court 3, 4; Sweetheart Court 2, Queen of hearts 3; Herndon Award 2; Gordon Watson Award 3; Chieftain Salutes 3; Counselor 2; Dorm Hostess 3; Math Lab Instructor 4; Who ' s Who Among Students in American Univ. and Col. BARBARA B. MURICK Box 233, Villa Rica, Ga. KENNETH HARRIS NANCE B.A. Psychology 718 N. Hill St., Griffin, Ga. Men ' s Dorm Council; MAA; Tennis Team; Volleyball Team; Who ' s Who Among Stu- dents in American Univ. and Colleges. MICHAEL MARION NEAL B.S. Ed. 3223 McAfee Rd., Decatur, Ga. MAA 1, 2, 3, 4; CHIEFTAIN Staff Organ. Ed. 2; SGA Rep. 3, 4; Circle K 2, 3, 4; Counselor 3, 4; Who ' s Who Among Students in American Univ. and Colleges 4. JAMES WILLIAM NEVILLE B.S. Ed. 215 Oakland Ave., Sanford, Fla. Alpha Theta 2, 3, 4; APO 3, 4, Pres. 3; Booster Club 1; Westminster Fellowship 2, 3, 4, Sec. 2, V. Pres. 3; SOC 3, 4; SGA 4; Interfaith Council Pres. 4; Spanish Club 4; MAA 1; Class Pres. 1; Gordon Watson Award 3; Who ' s Who Among Stud, in Ameri- can Univ. and Colleges. JOHNNY WAYNE NOLES 216 Cedar St., Carrollton, Ga. FRED L. O ' NEAL 108 Cherry St., Carrollton, Ga. TERRY FRANKLIN PATE BBA Rt. 6, Carrollton, Ga. Phi Beta Lambda 3, 4. ANN PAYTON Rt. 1, Buchanan, Ga- CHRYSTINE L. PEEPLES Woolsey, Ga. IRMA RANSCINE PELT B.S. Ed. 928 Bluebird Rd., Augusta, Ga. CHIEFTAIN Staff Feature Ed. 3, Assoc. Ed. 4; SEA 4; WAA 3, 4, Chieftain 4; Counselor; Chieftain Salutes 4. GRIFFINS INC. DEPARTMENT STORE West Georgia ' s Leading Department Store SINCE 1899 Carrollton, Ga. SEALS BARBER SHOP Carrollton, Ga. LANKFORD ' S FLORIST 832-7216 1003 Maple Street Carrollton, Ga. PRESCRIPTIONS Accurately Filled. A COMPLETE DRUG STORE SUNDRIES AIR CONDITIONED We TE 2-7076 Deliver 418 — Newnan BOHANON ' S PHARMACY 225 JAMES CHANDLER POPE A.B. Math 822 N. Park St., Carrollton, Ga. SGA 1; SOC 1; MAA 1, 2, 3, 4, Treas. 2; Matli Club 3, 4; Chemical Society 3, 4; Qass Pres. 1; Chieftain Salutes 1; Freshman Math Award; Who ' s Who Among Stud, in Ameri- can Univ. and Colleges 4. ANNELLE POWELL Biicna Vista, Ga. SEA 4. B.S. Ed. JAN PRATER B.S. Ed. New Town Road, Calhoun, Ga. WAA 1, 2, 4; SEA 4; Dorm Council V. Pres. 2, Treas. 3; Sweetheart Court 1; May Court 3; Homecoming Queen 4. JOAN PRATER B.S. Ed. New Town Road, Calhoun, Ga. WAA 3; VRA; Chieftain Salutes 4. HARVARD P. PRICKEIT B.A. History 369 S. Bond Ave., Atlanta, Ga. Wesley Foundation 3, 4; History Club 3; French Qub 3, 4, Treas. 4. MARY JANE REID B.S.Ed. Ellaville, Ga. Canterbury Club 3, 4; Westminster Fellow- ship 3, 4; Spanish Club 3, 4; WAA 3, 4; SEA 4; Young Republicans Rec. Sec. 4. GARY LYN RINEHART A.B. Math 210 N. White St., Carrollton, Ga. APO 3, 4; History Club 2; Math Qub 3, 4; Westminster Fellowship, Pres. 3, 4; German Club 3, 4; Letterman ' s Club 3, 4; Inter- faith Council, V. Pres. 4; MAA 1; SOC 3, 4; Volleyball 1, 3. MARY HOWARD ROBERTSON B.S. Ed. 2ai Villanow St., LaFayette, Ga. WAA 1; SEA 4; Dorm Treas. 2, Pres. 3; Women ' s Council Pres. 3. GEORGE RONALD ROWE 219 Willowbranch Ave., Jacksonville, Fla. CAROLE EBERHARDT SCUDDER B.S. Ed. 1518 Maple St., Carrollton, Ga. WAA 1, 2; Choir 1; SEA 2, 3, Treas. 3; May Court 3. PEGGY MAE SEWELL A.B. English Rt. 1, Hartwell, Ga. WAA 1, 2, 3, 4; SEA 4; History Qub 4; Sec.-Treas. Class 3; Counselor; Chieftain Salutes 4. CLARA S. SHIREY 305 Penn Ave., Carrollton, Ga. THOMAS RAY SHURBUTT A.B. History 2130 Fairburn Rd., SW, Atlanta, Ga. History Qub 4; Spanish Club 2, 3, Pres. 3; MAA 1, 2, 3, 4; Choir 1, 2; Who ' s Who Among Students in Amer. Univ. and Col- leges 4. SYLVIA BOWEN SHURLING B.S. Ed. Rt. 1, Dallas, Ga. WAYNE 0. SINGLETON 6 Atkinson St., Newnan, Ga. ELIZABETH NELLE SMITH A.B. English Bowden, Ga. Canterbury Club 2, 3, 4; Eclectic 2, 3, 4; West Georgian Staff Feature Ed. 3; Inter- faith Council 4; French Club 4; Literary Club V. Pres. 4; Who ' s Who Among Stu- dents in American Univ. and Colleges 4. JOHN C. SMITH Rt. 1, Newnan, Ga. ROBERT K. SMITH Rt. 1, Palmetto, Ga. WANDA CAROL STEED B.S. Ed. Box 75, Bowdon, Ga. SEA 3. HERBERT B. STEPHENS 143 Adamson Ave., Carrollton, Ga. ROBERT DAVID STILES B.A. 305 Culberson Ave., LaFayette, Ga. Letterman ' s Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Canterbury Club 1, 2, Phi Beta Lambda 4; Baseball Mgr. 1, 2, 3; MAA 1, 2, 3,4. JACQUELINE RUTH STONE A.B. 127 Maple St., Carrollton, Ga. SGA Rep. 1; WAA 1, 2; Dorm Council 1; History Club 4. DONNA LEE SWOFFORD B.S. Ed. 223 Grady St., Douglasville, Ga. VRA 1; History Club 1, 2, 3, 4; SOC 3; Interfaith Council Sec. 3; BSU 2, 3 , 4, Sec. 3, Pres. 4; WAA 1; Who ' s Who Among Students in American Univ. and Colleges 3. JERRY EUGENE TEAL B.A. Biology Rt. 1, Carrollton, Ga. Chemistry Club 4; History Club 3, 4. JOLLIE P. TERRELL 117 Geo. West Rd., Cedartown, Ga. JOHN K. THOMAS Rt. 1, Newnan, Ga. DENSON E. TODD Box 471, Bowdon, Ga. TOMMY H. TOLBERT A.B. Math Rt. 5, Newnan, Ga. Mu Zeta Alpha 1, 2, 3; Math Club 4. JIMMIE CHARLES TOLLERSON A.B. Math 167 LaGrange St., Newnan, Ga. German Qub 2. BOBBIE JEAN TURNER B.A. Psychology Buford Hwy., Duluth, Ga. Spanish Club 2; Psychology Qub 3, 4; BSU 2. ROYCE A. TURNER Rt. 5, Newnan, Ga. WAA 1, 2, 3, 4, V. Pres., Chieftain 3; Pres. Dorm 4; Alpha Thcia 2, 3, 4, Sec. 3; Chief- tain Salute 4. ROBERT G. WALLACE 2095 Delano Dr., NE, Atlanta, Ga. TERRY WAYNE WALLS A.B. History 8 Ashworth Lake Rd., Snellville, Ga. Debate Club, V. Pres.; History Club, V. Pres., Sec.-Treas.; Circle K, Sec, Pres. SGA 3; Alpha Theta; W. GA. Outstanding De- bale Award. BETTY LOU WARE B.S. Ed. BSU 1, 2, 3, 4; WAA 1; SEA 2, 3, 4. JEAN K. WATKINS B.S. Ed. 116 Pincciest Ave., Decatur, Ga. SEA 3, 4; History Club 2, 3. WILLIAM E. WEST Box 177, Carrollton, Ga. BRENDA LOU WHITE B.S. Ed. WAA 1, 2, 3, 4, Recorder 3, Chieftain 4; French Club 3, 4; Dorm Council 3, 4; SEA 4; Chieftain .Salutes 4; Counselor 3; Volley- ball. GLYNDA L. WHITE 405 Church St., Bremen, Ga. LOWELL E. WHITE A.B. Sociology Newman-Ellis Rd., Douglasville, Ga. History Club 1; Spanish Club 2, 3; Pub. Dir. West Georgian 1. MILTON T. WIGGINS 101 Longview St., Carrollton, G a. KATHRYN B. WILLIAMS 614 College St., Rockmart, Ga. RONALD W. WILSON BBA 501 Ga. Ave., Bremen, Ga. LINDA CAROL WINDON B.S. Ed. Rt. 5, Carrollton, Ga. JERRY L. WRIGHT A.B. Psychology 511 Oak St., Bremen, Ga. Mu Zeta Alpha 1, 2; Math Club 3, 4. PATRICIA ELAINE WYCHE B.S. Ed. 204 Park Ave., LaGrange, Ga. WAA Chieftain 2; Women ' s Council V. Pres. 1 ; Counselor. DARA JACKSON YATES B.S.Ed. 76 Oak St., Aragon, Ga. JAMES KNOX YEARY B.A. Classical Languages 100 Brookside Dr., Elberton, Ga. Transient Student from U. of South. PHYLLIS DIANE YOUNG B.S. Ed. Rt. 2, Carrollton, Ga. HILDA C. SIMPSON B.S.Ed. Carrollton, Ga. MARY E. VERDELL Box .522. Villa Rica, Ga. RAMONA E. EIMS B.S. Ed. P.O. Box 214, Buchanan, Ga. 226 DIXIE ANN WALDROP B.S. Ed. Rt. 1, Taylorsville, Ga. School Supplies THOMASSON " " ' ' ' ° ' = ' EQUIPMENT CO. INC. ' EVERYTHING FOR THE OFFICE " 214 Alabama Street Carrollton, Ga. Compliments of CARROLLTON HARDWARE " Growing With The Industrial South " On The Square Carrollton, Georgia GRIFFIN-NEW PHARMACY " Headquarters for the Finest in Cosmetics and Magazines. " Dial 832-9138 or 832-3163 RAY ' S PURE OIL STATION 1211 Maple Street College Students! You Can Now Wash Your Car FREE! TE 2-6331 20 Alabama Street Carrollton, Ga. 227 STUDENT INDEX Abbott, Starr C. ; Rt. 1, Carters, Ga 199 Abbott, William J., Jr.; 505 Northside Dr., Acworth, Ca. Abercronibie, Alice E. ; Rt. 1, Culloden, Ca 187, 91 Abernathy, Phyllis C; Boi 32, Blairsville, Ca 160 Abney, Benny F. ; Fruithurst, Ala. Acree, Robert F. ; 210 Chandler St., Calhoun. Ga. Adair, Charlotte J.; Rt. 4, Bowdon, Ca 178 Adair, James E.; Rt. 4, Marietta, Ca 199 Adair, Oba B.; 204 W. Central Ave., Madison, Ca. Adams, Charles H.; 833 Heather Cr., Riverdale, Ga 199 Adams, Emmett L., Jr.; 409 S. Lewis St., I.aGrange, Ga. Adams, Francine C; Rt. 4 Maeland Rd., Marietta, Ca 199, 132, 131 Adams, Kenneth E.; Rex, Ca. Adams, Rosell F. ; 1500 Brownwood Ave., LaCrange, Ga. Adams, Sarah F. ; Rt. 1, Shady Grove Rd., Carrollton, Ca 199 Adams, William L. ; 395 Hill St., Buford, Ca 199 Aiken, Raye C; 804 Lee St., Smyrna, Ca. Akers, Robert L. ; Rt. 2, Carrollton, Ga. Akin, Edwin L. ; 306 Keen Rd., Bremen, Ca 199 Akjns, Eugenia V.; 34Lt Hazelwood Dr., Atlanta 11, Ca 199 Alexander, Mary Jane; Rt. 2, Bowdon, Ca 199 Alford, Betty J.; Rt. 4, Bowdon, Ca 199 Alford, William B. ; Greenville St. Ext., Newnan, Ca. Allen, Brenda P.; Box 35, Buchanan. Ca 199 Allen, John S.; 1677 E. Clifton Rd, N.E., Atlanta 7, Ca. Allen, Martha J.; 1775 Loch Lomond Tr., Atlanta, Ga 199 Allen, Richard D. ; 1 Manning St., Tallapoosa, Ga. Allen, Thomas P.; 204 CoHier Dr.. Smyrna. Ga. Alley, Ed R.; 21188 Starline Dr., Decatur, Ca. Allmon. Jerry C; Rt. 1, Butler, Ca 187 Almon, Claud B.; Lee St., Dawson, Ga 160, 54 Almon, Douglas A.; 415 Cedar St., Carrollton, Ca. Almon, Elizabeth C. ; Roopville, Ga. Almon, Ronald C; 606 Newnan St., Carrollton, Ca 187 Alston, James Spear; 761 Morasgo Dr., Apt. 4, Atlanta, Ca. Alston, Stuart J.; 34 Walker Ter., N.E., Atlanta, Ca 187, 92 Altman, John C; Rt. 1, Cray, Ca. Amrhein, Michael H.; E. Club Dr., Carrollton, Ga. Amass, Robert J.; Henderson Mill Rd., Chamblee, Ga 199 Andersen, Sharon M. ; Dallas, Ca 199 Anderson, Joe T., Jr.; 468 Park Ave., S.E., Atlanta, Ca 199 Anderson, Betty N. ; Rt. 1, Rockmart, Ga. Anderson, Rebecca; 322 Cedar St., Carrollton, Ga 199 Andrews, Gail D. ; 1701 Edgerly Ave.. Albany, Ga 199 Andrews, Jerome D.; 102 Peachtree St., Villa Rica, Ca. Andrews, Tina R. ; 1635 Rogers Ave., S.W., Atlanta, Ga 52 Angle, Vance C, Jr.; 32 Ash St., Rome, Ca. Apple, Barbara; 2551 River Oak Dr., Decatur, Ga 187 Applebee, Charles F. ; 1446 Montevalla Cr., Decatur, Ca 187, 71 Archer, Robert N.; 2313 Clairmont Rd., N.E., Atlanta, Ga. Archibald, George J.; 1137 Cascade Ave., S.W., Atlanta, Ca 199 Arial, Frank R.; 313 Sylvan Dr., Villa Rica, Ga. Armistead, Ben S.; 205 Mt. Vernon Dr., Decatur, Ga 187, 120, 84 Armstrong, James H. ; Rt. 2, Franklin, Ga. Arnold, Walter D. ; 18 Exeter Rd., Avondale Estates, Ca 178 Arp, James D. ; 66 Tower Apts.. Carrollton, Ga. Arrington, George H. ; 509 Jefferson St., LaCrange, Ca. Askew, Thomas M.; 907 Page St., Marietta, Ca 199, 91 Askew, Van O.; 1908 Delowe Place, S.W., Atlanta, Ga 199 Atha, Patricia A.; Rt. 3, Loganville, Ca 199 Atkins, Frances L.; Box 154, Greenville, Ca 187 Atkins, Sandra E.; 244 S. Lakeshore Dr., Carrollton, Ca 187, 98, 129 Avery, Susan R.; 12 Sunset Lane, Newnan, Ga 187 Awtrey, Linda A.; 2910 Lynda Place, Decatur, Ca 187 Ayers, Harold C. ; 210 Atlantic Ave., Bremen, Ca. Ayers, Rhudy R.; Rt. 6, Carrollton. Ga. Ayers, Ronnie C. ; Box 171, Bowdon, Ca. Baggett, Deborah J.; Rt. 4, Box 191, Dallas, Ga. Baggett, Harold C; Rt. 2, Waco, Ca. Baggett, James C. ; Rose Ave., Douglasville, Ga 160, 54 Bagley, Philip A.; Box 295, Chatsworth, Ga 199 Bagley, Wanda J.; Box 633, Villa Rica, Ga. Bailey, Brenda E.; Bowen St., Carrollton, Ca 199, 91 Bailey, Carrie C; 158 S. St., Thomaston, Ga 199, 84, 91 Bailey, David S. ; Rt. 3, Fling Rd., LaCrange, Ga 187 Bailey, Frances B. ; 117 Elizabeth St., Griffin, Ga. Bailey, James C. ; 1398 Wadley Ave., East Point, Ca 178 Bailey, Kenneth E.; 603 Roosevelt Cr., Marietta, Ca 200 Bailey, Linda M., Rt. 2, Box 285, West Point, Ca 200 Bailey, Ronnie J.; 609 Newnan St., Carrollton, Ga 187 Bailey, Steve D. ; Bowen St., Carrollton, Ga. Bailey, Sylvia A.; Candler Rd., Atlanta 17, Ga 160 Baldwin, Michael C. ; 1616 Marray Ave., Dalton, Ga. Ball, Henry O. ; 516 W. Third St., Jackson, Ga. Ball, James A., Jr.; Rt. 1, Dalton, Ca. Ball, John L. ; Rt. 3, Roopeville Rd., Carrollton, Ca. Ballard, Cheryl A.; 107 Appleton Dr., Marietta, Ga 200 Ballard, Douglas C. ; Rt. 1, Box 188, Jonesboro, Ca. Ballard, Nikki E.; Box 61, Florida City, Fla 200 Ballenger, James D. ; 3344 Old Jonesboro Rd., JIapeville, Ga 187, 120 Ballenger, Janice; Rt. 2, Jackson, Ca 200 Ballew, Janice L; 304 Lakewood Dr., Marietta, Ga , 200 Banks, Mrs. Hirsck K.; 55 Berry Ave., Newnan, Ga. Banks, Terry W. ; 142 Temple Rd., Carrollton, Ga 200 Barbce, David L. ; 201 Stewart St., Carrollton, Ga. Barber, Carolyn A.; Luthersville, Ga 178 Barber, Rodrick M. ; Rt. 2, Box 353, West Point, Ca 200 Barge, William T. ; 2242 Ben Hill Rd., S.W., Atlanta, Ga 200 Bargeron, Virginia A.; 227 Williams St., Waynesboro, Ca. Barker, David T. ; Box 21, Franklin, Ga. Barnes, Harold E., Jr.; 1938 Merle Circle, Decntur, Ca 103, 107, 105, 103 Barnes, John M. ; 609 Bankhead Hwy., Carrollton, Ca 119, 84 Barnwell, Susan B. ; 133 Sunny Lane, Marietta, Ca 200 Barron, Genet H.; 8 Featherston Dr., Newnan, Ga. Barron, Martha; 59 Terracedale Ct., Griffin, Ca 200 Barrow, Elmira B. ; 429 Georgia Ave., Bremen, Ca. Barrow, Frankic R.; 429 Georgia Ave., Bremen, Ca. Barton, Fred A.; 3944 Wascanna St., Hapeville, Ga 187 Bartlett, Ben B.; Box 98, Woodland, Ga 178 Bass, Charles M. ; Rt. 1, Bremen, Ga 187 Bass, Frank C. ; 1334 N. 9th St., Griffin, Ga 200 Bass, Hugh B.; Rt. 1, Bremen, Ca 200 Bass, Joseph A.; Rt. 1, Bremen, Ca. Bass, Kenneth W. ; MacKenzie St., Adairsville, Ca 200 Bates, Jerry W. ; 1776 Rockland Dr., S.E., Atlanta, Go 187 Baughtman, Judy A.; 107 Mara St., Carrollton, Ga. Baxter, Bill W. ; 108 Edwards St., Bremen, Ga. Baxter, Carolyn E.; 420 Belva St., Carrollton, Ga 160 Baxter, Evelyn E.; 420 Belva St., Carrollton, Ga. Baxter, Faith E.; 3426 Homera Place, Decatur, Ca 200 Baxter, Richard M. ; 25 West Ave., Carrollton, Ga. Bearden, Sam M. ; 28 Douglas St., Cartersville, Ca. Beck, James Robert; 22 Wilson St., Manchester, Ca. Beck, Larry D. ; Box 263, Plainville, Ca 200 Beckham, James E., Jr.; Box 182, Concord, Ca 200, 91 Bedenbaugh, Melanie G.; Box 85, Senoia, Ca 160 Bedford, Barbara A.; 243 Mellrich Ave., N.E., Atlanta, Ga 200 Bedingfield, Rodney P.; 1220 Ash St., Forest Park, Ca 200 Bell, Carol A.; 205 Sumpter St., Eatonton, Ca 200 Bell, Clarence L. ; Rt. 1, Rydal, Ga 200 Bell, Joseph T. ; 4 Buchanan St., Newnan, Ca. Bell, Anne; Rt. I, Box 171, White, Ca 187, 91 Bell, William F.; 430 Newnan Rd., Carrollton, Ca. Bender, Lewis H.; 688 Blake Ave., S.E., Atlanta, Ga. Bennett, James 0.; Box 160, Bowdon, Ga 178 Bennett, Joseph J.; 2099 Yucca Dr., Decatur, Ga 201 Bennett, Judith K.; 115 East Broad St., Newnan, Ga. Bennett, Mary E.; 691 Oliver St., N.W., Atlanta, Ca 201 Benson, Michael A.; 1815 Glendale Rd., Orlando, Fla 188, 120 Bentlcy, Phyllis L. ; 279 Main St., Palmetto, Ca 201 Bentley, Verney E.; 4180 N. Side Pkwy., N.W., Atlanta, Ga. Berry, Donald J.; 130 Flagler Cir., Smyra, Ga. Berry, Edwin Kline; Box 394 C, Rt. 4, Griffin, Ga 178 Berry, Virginia S.; 305 Prior St., Cedartown, Ga 188 Bias, Donna F. ; 2648 N. Harris St., East Point, Ga 201 Bicknell, Kent; 34 Fairburn Rd., Atlanta, Ga 201 Biddy, Noel D. ; Rt. 2, Ackworth, Ga 188 Biggers, Benjamin S.; Box 453, Depot St., Buchanan, Ca 178 Bigham, Carolyn A.; 503 Peeples St., S.W., Atlanta, Ca 178, 70, 72 Bilbro, Gerald L., Jr.; 688 Brook Circle, Griffin, Ca. Birdsong, William E. ; 401 Bankhead Ave., Carrollton, Ca 201 Bishop, Freda J.; Rt. 1, White, Ca 188, 130 Bishop, Harry O. ; Rt. 4, Cartersville, Ca 201 Black, Glenn E.; Rt. 1, Smyrna, Ga 201 Black, Larry E.; 219 Belva St., Carrollton, Ga 201 Black; Margaret R.; Rt. 3, Dallas, Ga 188, 70, 72 Black, Penny A.; 464 A Pinecrest Cir., Marietta, Ga 201, 131 Blackwelder, Nancy L. ; Rt. 1, Carrollton, Ca. Blackwell, James C; Rt. 3, Carrollton, Ga 59, 115, 117 Blair, Linda F. ; 3858 N. Linden Dr., Columbus, Ca. Blake, Kenneth R.; Rt. 3, College Park, Ga 178 Blakewood, Mary J.; 1965 Cummings Dr., Atlanta, Ga 201, 131 Blalock, Clarence A.; 122 N. Cliff St., Carrollton, Ga 161 Blaloek, Wesley B. ; 1109 Clenwood Ave., Griffin, Ga. Blankenship, Mary L. ; 445 Fourth St., Shannon, Ga 92 Blanks, Charlotte E.; Rt. 4, Franklin, Ga 161 Blihovde, Martin B. ; 95 Amberidge Tr., Atlanta, Ga. Blissett, Jerry P.; 35 Tower Apts., Carrollton, Ga. Blood, Ruthetta C; 1268 Blueberry Trail, Decatur, Ga 188, 91, 131 Blue, Fannie A.; Box 15, Carrollton, Ga. Boatright, Inez; Winston, Ca. Bobo, Gary A.; 960 Lynhurst Dr., S.W., Atlanta, Ca 120 Boggs, Brenda S. ; Rt. 1, Villa Rica, Ga 201 Bohannon, John B. ; 141 Oak Ave., Carrollton, Ca 201 Bolen, Larry M. ; Eaton. Ca " 8, 83, 105. 102. 89 Bolton, Bruce W. ; 3889 Northwest Dr., College Park, Ga 201 Bomar Nancy C; Rt. 2, Box 171, Douglasville, Ga 201 Bond, Donna C. ; Rt. 3, Danielsville, Ca 179 Bond, Jerry H.; Rt. 1, Aragon, Ga. Bonds, Douglas L.; R2 Mike Dr., Gainesville, Ga 201. 91 Bone, Paul W. ; Rt. 2, Temple, Ca. Booz, Betty J.; 213 East Tenth, Rome, Ca 132 228 The Carrollton Newspapers . . . CARROLL COUNTY GEORGIAN AND TIMES-FREE PRESS . . . are proud +o support the student body and faculty of WEST GEORGIA COLLEGE ( ooh ' A J ardi ware DF CARRaLLTDN, INC. " For All Your Sporting Needs " 202 City Hall Ave. Carrollton. Ga. SMITH BROTHERS HOME IMPROVEMENT COMPANY 832-6341 8 City Hall Ave. Carrollton, Ga. For the Finest in Men ' s Clothing — Shop at THE SQUIRE SHOP NEWNAN STREET CARROLLTON, ©A. Bostwick, Lanny I.; 856 Larkin Ln., Mableton, Ca. Bouchillon, Hank L. ; 202 Brown St., Carrolllon. Ca. Bowdoin, Joann; 2863 Blount St., East Point, Ga. Bowen, Gail F. ; 1401 Maple St., Carrollton, Ga. Bowen, Laura E. ; 645 Brook Circle, Griffin, Ga Bowen, Lucy L.; Rt. 4, Box 348, Carrollton, Ca. Bowen, Robert B., Jr., 1975 Alison Ct., Atlanta, Ca. Bowers, Joseph S., 204 Carruth St., Acworth, Ga. Bowie, Larry D. ; Rt. 2, Boi 280, West Point, Ca 201, 199, 66 Bowman, Nina Danette; 202 Cherokee St., LaFayctte, Ga 161, 130 Bowman, Roland P.; 511 Johnson St., Bremen, Ga. Bowman, Wiley J.; Box 224, Rt. 2, Buchanan, Ga 188 Boyd, James F. ; West Ga. College, Carrollton, Ca 161 Boyd, Mary A.; Rt. 1, Dallas, Ca 179 Brackett, Carolyn L. ; Rt. 1, Box 140, Hiram, Ga 161 Bradford, Sandra L.; Rydal, Ga 181 Bradley, Carol F. ; 421 Tennessee Ave., Bremen, Ga 201 Bradley, Larry G.; Rt. 2, Bowdon, Ga 188 Bradley, Patricia J.; 224 Gordon St., Bremen, Ga. Bradley, Peggy R.; Pleasant Hill Rd., Rt. 4, Lawrenceville, Ga 201. 67 Bradley, Penelope J.; 224 Cordon St., Bremen, Ga 188, 69, 86 Brazell, Josephine; 342 Maple St., Carrollton, Ga 81, 130, 132, 98 Brazier, Patrice L. ; Rt. 1, Water Works Rd., Palmetto, Ga 201 Brewer, David W. ; 130 Adamson Ave., Carrollton, Ga. Brewer, Mary P.; 39 Augusta Dr., Newnan, Ca 161 Brewer, Sue H.; Douglasville, Ca. Brewster, Kathryn L. ; 230 East Rugby Ave., College Park, Ga 201 Briant, Milton C; McCaysville, Ga. Bridges, Harry F. ; Rt. 1, Newnan, Ga. Bridges, Terry A.; Washington, Ga. Brigman, Sarah L. ; 116 Jones St., Carrollton, Ca 108, 109 Briraer, Gayne R.; 4553 Hopewell Rd., College Park, Ga 188 Brilt, Jerry M. ; 102 Roger St., Barnesville, Ga 179 Brock, Clarice R.; 442 N. Lakeshore Dr., Carrollton, Ga. Brock, Gary C; Rt. 1, Resaca, Ga 201 Brock, Judy L. ; 442 Lakeshore Dr., Carrollton, Ca 129 Brock, Mildred L. ; Box 655, Bowdon, Ca. Brook, Ronald L. ; Box 226, Buchanan, Ca 201 Brookins, Marvin D. ; 1361 Ormewood Ave., Atlanta, Ga. .. 161, 160, 107, IDS, 104, 89, 94 Brooks, Charles C; 512 Rock Spring Rd., N.E., Atlanta, Ga 188 Brooks, Dennis R.; 1160 Monroe Dr., N.E., Atlanta, Ca 201 Brooks, James D.; Cottage Dr., Brunswick, Ca. Brooks, Phil O. ; 745 Sheppard Rd., Stone Mountain, Ga. Broome, John M. ; Rl. 1, Carrollton, Ca. 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Robert A.; 455 Adamson Ave., Carrollton, Ga. Brown, Ronald B. ; 339 Maple St., Carrollton, Ga. Brown, Sandra E.; 34 West Washington St., Newnan, Ga, Brown, Therol R. ; Rt. 1, Fayetteville, Ga. Bruce, Gary M. ; 656 Parker Ave., Decatur. Ga 100 Brumback, Norma M. ; 131 Coleman St.. Carrollton, Ga. Brumbelow, Jack L., Rt. 1, Rockmart. Ga. Brumby, Sarah M. ; 451 Wissahickon Ave., Cedartown, Ga. Bruner, Samuel R.; 1203 Hickory Dr.. Marietta. Ga. Bryan, Jerry E.; Box 93, Franklin, Ga 201 Bryant, Ned A.; Box 47, Whitesburg, Ga. Bryant. Wayne A.; 477 Lynn Valley Rd., S.W., Atlanta, Ga 201, 20 Bryant, William L.; Box 191, Summerville, Ga. Buckalew, Richard C. ; 2717 Cascade Rd., S.W., Atlanta, Ga 201, 62, 167 Buckelew, Harold L.; 203 Lucky St., Griffin, Ga 201 Buckels, Sara E.; 107 Pearce Dr., Warner Robins, Ga 188. 40, 41, 50, 131 Buford, Leila; 1302 North Park St.. Carrollton. Ga. Bollard, Thomas E.; 874 Columbia Dr., Decatur. Ga. Bullock, Donald H.; 407 North Hill St.. Duluth, Ga 189 Bullock, Robert; 33 Public Sq., Dallas, Ga 189 Burchfield. Ronald E.; Rt. 2, Dalton, Ga 162, 60, 12, 113, 117 Burden, Charles E.; Hogansville, Ga 189 Burgess, Melba H.; 427 Sunset Blvd.. Carrollton, Ga. Burks, Sheron K.; Rt. 1. Dixie Hwy., Forest Park, Ga 189 Burks, William L.; 1375 Loch Lomond Tr., S.W., Atlanta, Ga 189 Humes, Nancy A.; 505 Laporte St., Rome, Ga 201 Bumette, Dennis W. ; 2814 Vineville Ave., Macon, Ga 202 Burnette, John K.; 2097 Pinecrest Dr., College Park, Ca 84 Burns, Danny L.; Box 545. Dalton, Ga 201 Burns. Janice D.; 715 E. Suwannee St., Fitzgerald, Ga 201 Burns, Thomas Lloyd; Rt. 3, Carrollton, Ga. Burrell, Steve T.; 406 Church St., Bremen, Ga. Burson, Georgia G., 122 Perry St., Carrollton, Ga. Burson, Juno S. ; 216 North Ave., Villa Rica, Ga. Burson, Lynn W. ; 219 Sunset Blvd., Carrollton, Ga. Burson. Patricia J.; 114 Clifton Terrace. Carrollton, Ca 189, 129 Burson, Robert M.; 219 Sunset Blvd., Carrollton, Ga. Burson, Sallie C.; Rt. 2, Carrollton, Ca. Burt, Curtis W.; Rt. 3. Chatsworlh, Ca. Burt, James M.; 1123 Placetas Ave., Coral Gables, Fla. Burtnett, Christine P.; 55 Tower Apt., Carrollton, Ga. Busaey, Gordon F. ; 13 Tower Apts., Carrollton, Ga. Butler, Bobbie A.; Rt. 4, Thomasville, Ca 179, 93 Butler, Cheryl; Rt. 2, Box 443, Thomasville, Ga 162 Butler, John D.; Rt. 2, Carrollton, Ga. Butler, Mary F. ; 916 N. Park St., Carrollton, Ga. Butler, Kay; Rt. 1, Milner, Ga 189, 93, 85 Butler, Scott A.; Box 46, Manchester, Ga 106, 105 Butts, Charles D. ; Box 175, Warm Springs, Ga , 202, 91 Byars, James B. ; 918 Whipporwhill Rd., Albany, Ga 189 Byram, Charles F. ; Rt. 5, Newnan, Ca 202 Byrd, Roy M. ; 2224 Pinehurst Dr., East Point, Ca 202 Byrd, Thomas L.; 54 Temple Ave., Newnan, Ca. Cagle, David L. ; 326 E. Main St., Cartersville, Ga 162, 56, 78, 81 Cain, Ernest W. ; 1832 Sylvan Ridge Dr., Atlanta, Ga 189, 84 Cain, Julius F., 203 Bryan St., Bremen, Ca. Cain, Merritt P.; 343 Maple St., Carrollton, Ga 117 Cain, William; 206 Center St., Carrollton, Ga 81 Caldwell, Carol Keller; 2666 Batavia, Apt. 2, East Point, Ga 169 Caldwell, Jerry E.; 3028 Weslock Cr., Decatur, Ga. Calhoun, Charles B. ; Box 344, Buchanan, Ga 202 Callaway, John A.; 2757 Colonial Dr., College Park, Ga. Cameron, James D. ; 7074 Swift St., Lithonia, Ga 162 Camp, Jimmy D.; Rt. 2, Dallas, Ga 189 Camp, Larealia; Box 72, Sargent, Ga. Camp, Thomas H. ; 61 Spring St., Newnan, Ga. Campbell, Carole L. ; 1115 Portland Ave., S.E., Atlanta, Ga. Campbell, Caroline; Richland. Ga 179. 93 Campbell. Douglas L.; 607 Goodyear Ave., Rockmart, Ga. Campbell, Dwight C. ; 207 South Ave., Forest Park, Ga. Campbell, Joyce E.; Rt. 1. Rome, Ca 189, 132, 131 Campbell, Patricia S. ; 1227 Forrest Blvd. No. C, Decatur, Ga 202, 129 Campbell, Philip H. ; Buchanan Hwy., Tallapoosa, Ga. Campbell, William M.; 610 E. Mcintosh Rd., Griffin, Ga 189 Candler, Betty K.; 570 Crescent Rd., Griffin, Ca. Candler, Jane E.; 523 Church St., Villa Rica, Ga. Cariisle, Nancy A.; 3513 Lenardo Dr., S.W., Atlanta, Ga 202 Cariisle, William G.; Rt. 4, Waugh Rd., LaCrange, Ca. Carmichael, Anita J.; 310 Conyers Rd., McDonough, Ga. Carmichael, James M. ; 147 Lawrenceville St., McDonough, Ga. Carolhers, Marian L. ; 1614 Fairburn Rd., S.W., Atlanta, Ga 189, 86 Carpenter, Dean W. ; Rt. 1, Aragon, Ca. Carr, Lucius H. ; Rt. 1, Hawkinsville, Ga 179 Carr, William E.; P.O. Box 81, Woodland, Ca. Carroll, Alton F. ; 153 Stariing Dr., Mableton, Ca 202 Carroll, Charles B. ; 634 Lawson St., Bremen, Ca. Carson, Louis B., Jr.; 1540 Coinburch Dr., Tucker, Ga 189 Carter, Charles A.; Rt. 4, Carrollton, Ga 179 Carter, David R.; North Cliff St., Carrollton, Ga. Carter, Larry D.. 322 N. White St.. Carrollton. Ga 162 Carter, Phil E.; 507 Cave Spring St., Cedartown, Ga. Carter, William C; Bremen Rd., Carrollton, Ga. Carter, William M. ; Head Ave., Tallapoosa. Ga. Cartwright, Danny W. ; 605 Alabama Ave., Breman, Ca. Case. Charies F. ; P. O. Box 217. Chickamauga. Ca 189 Cash, Render M.; Route 1, Bremen, Ga. Caswell, Colleen L. ; 2271 Cresta Dr., Decatur. Ga 189 Castleberry. Diane E.; 904 Walnut Drive, Marietta, Ga 202 Castleberry, Franklin T.; 2837 Blount St., East Point, Ga 202 Cathey, Kathryn; 208 Inman Dr., Decatur, Ga 131 Cauble, Margaret A.; 350 Lakeshore Dr.. Duluth. Ga 179 Causey, Kenneth K. ; 104 A Newman Rd., Carrollton, Ga. Cauthen, Dennis J.; Route 2, Tallapoosa, Georgia Cauthen, Mary L. ; Route 1, Box 199, Milner, Ga 202, 91 Cauthen, Stanley L. ; P. O. Box 32, Moreland, Ca. Cauthorn, Danny E.; 701 Sixth Street, Chickamauga. Ga 202 Chaisson. Darrell J.; 12436 Largo Drive, Savannah, Ga 179 Chalpan, Earl K.; 864 Deckner Ave., Atlanta, Ga. Chambers, Leonard M. ; 1186 Berkelley Rd., Avondale Estates, Ga 163 Chambers, Sylvia J.; Route 2, Carrollton, Ga 202 Chambers, Tommie L. ; Route 2, Carrollton, Georgia 163, 95 Chance, Connie S.; 200 Poplar St., Bremen, Ca. Chance, Patricia E.; Route 6, Carrollton, Ga. Chandler, John D.; 1583 Athena Ave., Atlanta, Ga 202, 120 Chandler, Phillip M.; 104 Wanda Circle, Marietta, Ga 189 Chandler, Sue E. ; 130 Tuggle St., Carrollton, Ga 202 Chandler, William P., Jr.; P. O. Box 96, Baldwin, Ga 179 Chapman, John M. ; 3329 Myrtle St., Hapeville, Ga. .Chappell, Donald C. ; Route 6, Carrollton, Ga 202 Chastain, Linda A. ; 769 Rosedale Ave., Atlanta, Ga , 202 Cheek, Travis A.; 13 Fairview Dr., Douglasville, Ga 163 Chester, Doris E.; 310 Reed St., Trim, Ga 189 Childa, Leroy C; 151 Church St., Carrollton, Ga. Childs, Mary A.; 310 Reed St., Forest Park, Ga 202 Childa, Viven W.; 151 Church St., Carrollton, Ga. Chipman, Joseph D.; 974 N. Carter Rd., Decatur, Ga 189, 67 Choate, Ira B. ; Route 4, Carrollton, Ga. Cboate, Kenneth T.; Toombs St., Palmetto, Ga. 230 Compliments of MAPLE STREET SHOPPETTE Maple St. Carrollton, Georgia EMPIRE 5-10-25C STORES Carrollton, Breman, Tallapoosa Compliments of MORTON ' S GIFT STORE Carrollton, Georgia BENNETT ' S FEMININE APPAREL Ala. St. Carrollton, Georgia Compliments of CARROLL FLORIST " For All Your Floral Needs " Maple Street Carrollton, Georgia BURSON FEED AND SEED Rome Street Carrollton, Ga. Compliments of .= ■ YOUNG ' S JEWELRY Carrollton, Georgia 231 Cho, Vittorio C; 600 Ansley Ct., Apt. 1. N.E., Atlanta, Ga 88 Chrisman, Carol S. ; 130 Carter Ave., CarroUton, Ca 202, 129 Christopher, Frank M. ; Route 1 , Sharpsburg, Ga 202 Christopher, John R.; Route 1. Sharpsburg, Ga 202, 105, 106, 89 Chupp, Meta R.; 6253 Clcnridge Dr., N.E., Atlanta, Ga. Clark, Richard J.; Rt. 4, Box 132, Newnan, Ga. Clark, Robert W.; 421 Hickory Drive, Elberton, Ga 189 Clayton, Bill M. ; 622 Atlantic Ave., Bremen, Ga. Clayton. Miller; Rt. 1, Bo% 326, Sparta, Ga. Cleghorn, Fred E.; Villa Rica, Ga. Cleveland, Howard S. ; 177 Lake Forest Dr., Elberton, Ga 202, 52, 61. 99 Cleveland, Jeannie M.; Route 1, Houzo Road, Roswell, Ca 203 Cloud, John F. ; 28 Grove Park PI., N.W., Atlanta, Ga 189, 84 Clower, Marcia L. ; 903 Floyd St., Covington, Ga 163 Cobb, Brenda E.; 29 Monroe St.. Tallapoosa. Ga. Cobb. Randy L.; 1605 Old Concord Rd.. Smyrna. Ga 189 Cobb. Tony K.; 84 Chambers Dr., Marietta, Ga 189, 93. 89 Cochran. Janet K.; 127 Valley View Dr.. Fairburn. Ga 203 Codner, William A.; Rt. 1, Box 81. Whitesburg, Ga. Cody. Jerry B. ; Route 1, Mt. Airy, Ga 203 Cofer, Dwight D.; 306 Camellia Drive, Enterprise, Ala. Coffeen, Reginald M. ; 125 W. Voorhis Ave., Deland, Fla 179 Coffey, Sam J.; Route 1, Crandall, Ga. Coggin, Vivian E.; 507 E. Temple Ave., College Park. Ga 203, 132, 131 Cohran, Barbara; 541 North Ave.. Villa Rica, Ga. Coker, Frank P.; 2508 North Broad, Rome, Ga. Coker, James B. ; Rt. 4. Carlersville, Ga. Cole, Brenda C. ; 11 Woodrow Ave., Douglasville, Ga. Cole. Harold A.; Creslview Circle. Rt. 5, CarroUton. Ga. Cole, Lawton D.; Route 2, Temple, Ga. Cole, Maudora L. ; 410 Walton St., Monroe, Ga 203 Coleman. Ernest B. ; 70 Pinson St.. Newnan. Ga. Coleman, Joyce I.; 790 Braemar Ave.. S.W., Atlanta, Ga 179 Collier, Edward L. ; P.O. 523 Dobbins AFB, Dobbins, Ga 203, 87. 94 Collier, Patricia A.; 3623 Oakdale Road, Decatur. Ga 189, 131 Collins, Mary I.; 2381 Snapfinger Rd., Decatur, Ga 203 Collins, Kennith R.; Route 4, Box 20A, Griffin, Ga 203 Colquitt. Sandra; 2544 Eastwood Drive, Decatur, Ga 84 Colquitt, Keturan; P.O. Box 17. Yatesville. Georgia 163, 93 Combs. Hubert F. ; 2704 Chatsworth Rd., Dalton, Ga 189 Cone, Roger K. ; 208 Peters St., Calhoun, Ga. Cook, Gail A.; 511 Lynnhaven Dr., S.W., Atlanta, Ga 203, 131 Cook, Hazel M.; Route 1, Box 49, Jackson, Ga 203 Cook. Ralph; 10 Chestnut Dr.. Newnan, Ga, Cook, Richard H.; Route 1, Jackson, Ga 189 Cook. Roy A.; 439 Longview Street. CarroUton, Georgia Cook, Wallace A.; Boyd Road, Hogansville, Ga 203 Cook. William G. ; 3987 Clenwood Rd.. Decatur. Ga 189 Cooke. Wyvis M. ; 709 King St., CarroUton, Ga. Cooke, Tommie B.; 709 King St., CarroUton, Ga. Cooper, Judith E.; Box 113, Senoia, Ga. Cooper, Mary A.; 445 Confederate Ave.. Dallas. Ga 203 Cooper. William H.; 2322 Young Rd.. Stone Mt.. Ga 179 Copeland, Donald W. ; 216 Bass Street, CarroUton, Ga. Copeland, Judy C; Route 2, CarroUton, Ga 189, 74, 129, 97 Copeland, Robert L. ; 5 Cherokee St., Newnan, Ga. Corley, Kay; Woodbury Rt. 2, Georgia 189 Corley, Shirley F.; 3006 Miriam Ct., Decatur, Ga 189, 131 Couch, Joseph R. ; 500 Brookfield Dr., Atlanta 5. Ga 190. 92 Couch. Samuel J.j 500 Brookfield Dr.. N.E.. Atlanta, Georgia 89 Coulon, Michael J.; 4598 Lawrenceville Hwy., Tucker. Ga 163 Coursey. Monty L. ; 5335 Roosevelt Hwy.. College Park. Ga. Cox, Nicholas L.; Box 393, Experiment. Georgia 78, 163 Craig, Marcia L.; 112 Greenville St.. Newnan. Ga 203 Craig, William H.; 79 Sims St., McDonough, Ga. Cramer, David S.; 135 Cunningham Dr.. CarroUton. Ga. Craven, Brenda G. ; Rt. 6, CarroUton, Ga 203 Craven, Carol E.; Florence Drive, Lithia Springs, Ga 203, 84 Craver, Brenda J.; 1944 Childress Dr., Atlanta. Ga 203. 131 Crawford. Cheryl J.; 104 Dilbeck St.. Fort Benning. Ga 203 Crawford, Regeana; 3510 Roswell Rd., N.W., Atlanta, Ga 203, 131 Crawford, Geron A.; Box 967, Shannon, Ga. Crawley, Randolph L. ; 2470 Cascade Rd., Atlanta, Ga 203 Crawford, Mike 0., Ill; 105 Oakland Dr., Marietta, Ga. Crews, Jonnie R.; Box 519, Bowdon, Georgia Crider, Johnnie E. ; P.O. Box 111, Fairmont, Ga 90, 92 Croley. Norma J.; 1928 W. Walker Ave.. College Park. Ga 187. 190. 69 Crook, Carol P.; Box 15, Turin, Ga. Crook, Georgette M.; P.O. Box 22, Lincolnton, Ga. Crook, Render F.; Box 182, Villa Rica, Ga. Crook, Roy M.; Route 5, Franklin, Ga 190 Cross, Alice M.; 606-D 5th Ave., Cordele, Ga 203, 69 Cross, David R. ; 127 Warren Dr., Forrest Park, Ga 190, 91 Crumbley, C(jjinie L. ; 1060 Milstead Ave.. Conyera. Ga 203 Cudemus. Alberto M.; Ave. 4A. No. 21 Altamira. Caracas. Venezuela 88 Culbreath. Wilson W. ; 658 Avery Rd.. S.W., Atlanta, Ga 190, 114. 99 Cureton, John F.; 20 Fifth St., Newnan. Ga. Curry, Joyce M. ; Rt. 2, LaGrange. Georgia Curry, Russell R.; Rt. 2, LaGrange, Georgia Cults, Hamilton; 1409 Oak Grove Dr., Decatur, Ga. Dabbs, Samuel H.; Rt. 1, Powder Springs, Ga 190 Dabney, Deborah; Roopville, Ga 203, 96 Dailey, Robert D.; Box 196, East Setauket, N.Y 203, 69, 97, 100 Dale, James T.; Rt. 1, Box 266, Hogansville, Ga 203 Dalton, James R., Jr.; 2416 Dodson Dr., East Point, Ga. ' 190 Daniel, Dixie L.; 703 Hill St., Thomaston, Ga 203 Daniel, Richard C; Rt. 1, The Rock, Ga 163 Daniel, James R.; 139 Howard Dr., CarroUton, Ga 179 Daniel, Onward W. ; Box 28, Bowdon, Ga. Daniel, William D., 110 Lake Point Dr., CarroUton, Ga 179 Daniell, John T. ; Box 328, CarroUton, Ga 179, 113, 117 Daniell, Saralyn D.; Box 328, CarroUton, Ga 179 Dansby, Rctha D. ; Rt. 1, Rockmart, Ga 203 Darden, Harvey M. ; 73 E. Main St., Hogansville, Ga 179 Darnall, John R.; 1410 Wayne Place, S.W., Atlanta, Ga 203, 106, 105, 106, 89 Davenport, Geneva S. ; Whitesburg, Ga. Davidson, Hal M. ; P.O. Box 338, LaGrange, Ga. Davidson, James W. ; Box 338, West Point Rd.. LaGrange, Ga. Davis. Georgia K.; 179 W. Mcintosh, Millcdgcvillc, Ga. Davis, Janice G.; 518 7th St., Cedartown, Ga 163 Davis, Linda J.; 512 Dallas St., Acworth, Ga. Davis, Nell E.; 3936 Rainbow Dr.. Decatur, Ga 190 Davis, William C, Box 301, Rt. 2, Stockbridge, Ca 190 Davis, William M. ; 4300 Roswell Rd., Atlanta. Ga 203 Dees. Arthur G. ; 4131 Hilltop Dr., College Park, Ga 190, 187 Dees. Robert C; 1355 Hawthorne Way. East Point. Ca 190 Deese. James A.; Rt. 2, Temple. Ga. Deloach. Barbara A.; Rt. 2. Box 231, West Point, Ga 163, 57, 67 Denney, Frances E.; Rt. 6. CarroUton, Ga. Denney, John F. ; Rt. 3, CarroUton, Ga. Dennis, Clyde W. ; Box 378, Rt. 4, Douglasville, Ga 120 Denny, Travis R.; Box 39, Clem, Ga. Desatta, William C. ; 14 Waverly Circle. Newman, Ga 163, 95 Devore, John T.; Alpharetta, Ga 179, 12, 113, 117 Dewberry, Syble A.; 623 McPherson St., Breman, Ga 190 Dews, Robert W. ; Eidson, Ga. Dial, Carol L. ; 1069 Virginia Ave. , Atlanta, Ga 203 Diamond, Thomas D. ; Rt. 3, Cedartown, Ga 190 Dick, George M.; Rt. 4, Box 70, Griffin, Ga 120, 190 Dickerson, Henry R.; Old Newnan Rd., CarroUton, Ga 204 Dickerson, William H. ; Rt. 3, Elberton, Ga 164 Dillard. Charles M. ; Rt. 4. Calhoun. Ga 201 Dillard. Clyde D.; 1214 Maple St., CarroUton, Ga. Dillard, William D.; 610 College St., Calhoun, Ca. 204 Dills, Billy P.; Box 221, Ellijay, Ga 179 Dingier, Michael L. ; Rt. 3, Benedict Rd., Cedartown, Ca 217 Dingier, Tommy H.; 150 Olive St., Cedartown, Ca 204 Dixon. Juanita M. ; 127 Maple St., CarroUton, Ga. Dixson, Carrie J.; Box 43, Bowdon, Ga 204, 129 Dobbs, Curtis H. ; Rt. 1, Villa Rica, Ga 204 Dodys, Janelh S. ; 2360 Spalding Dr., Dunwoody, Ga 190 Donald, Ray E.; 115 Fairway Dr.. Dalton. Ga 204 Donehoo. Jenny L. ; 1256 Coleman St., Roswell, Ga 204 Dorsch, Michael P.; 6880 Sunnybrook Lane, Atlanta, Ga 119 Dorton, Johnny M.; 1472 Norman Berry Dr., East Point, Ga 204 Dothard, Carrie L. ; 415 High St., CarroUton, Ca. Douglas, Bobby B.; Franklin Rd., Newnan, Ga. Douglas, Donald C; Rt. 4, Dalton, Ga 204 Douglass, David L. ; 201 Church St.. Eatonton, Ga 204 Dover, Dalek; Rural Box C-1, Toccoa. Ga 179 Downey. Charles P.; 11 East Mill St.. Tallapoosa, Ga 204 Draughon. Donna J.; 3975 Covington Hwy., Decatur, Ga 81 Drew. Jack T. ; 2010 Wimbleton Dr.. Thomasville. Ga 204 Driggers. Charles T.; P.O. Box 147. Waco. Ga 204 Driver. Vernon H. ; Rt. 1. Box 182. Bremen. Ga. Drummond. John M.; 29 Addison Rd.. Marietta. Ga 190 Drummond. Joseph F.; 205 Carroll St.. CarroUton. Ga. Dubose. Charles W. ; Rt. 2, Buchanan, Ga. Duenckel, Damon L. ; Box 42, Haralson, Ga 204 Duffey. Glenda D.; 27 Bleachery St.. Experiment, Ga 204 Duffey, Lynn P.; 118 Jefferson St., Newnan, Ga. Duke, Herbert W. ; 203 Elizabeth St., Covington, Ca. Duke, Pat F. ; 301 Alabama Ave., Bremen, Ga , 164 Duncan, Eugene E.; Box 71, Bowdon Jet., Ga. Dupree, Richard L. ; Rt. 3, Box 5A, Griffin, Ga. Dye. Edwin J.; 825 Hale Ave.. Griffin. Ga 164, 95 Dyess. Charles H. ; 2000 N. Harding St.. Albany, Ca. Early. Carolyn P.; 105 Chatillon Rd.. Rome. Ca. Easterwood, Larry H.; Box 62, Villa Rica, Ca 164, 94 Easterwood, Linda W. ; Box 62, Villa Rica, Ga 97, 164 Eberhardt. David M.; 357 Elm St., Elberton, Ga 204 Eberhardt, Wendell; Rt. 1, Hiram, Ca 179 Edgar, Lewis C; Rt. 2. Box 83. Buchanan. Ga. Edge. Elizabeth A.; Rt. 3. Box 30R, Newnan, Ga. Edmonson, Gloria L.; 210 Seventh Ave., Thomaston, Ga 164 Edwards. Jacqueline F. ; 211 High School Ave.. Monroe, Ca 204 Edwards, Robert A.; 3299 Rabun Dr., Atlanta, Ca. Edwards, Robert WendeU ; P.O. Box 223, Jackson, Ca. Edwards, Sandra G.; 158 Normandy Dr.. Marietta, Ga. Edwards, Sandra R.; 1441 Bouldercrest Drive, Atlanta, Ga 204 Edwards, Sara M. ; Box 166, Buchanan, Ga 179 Egan, Roger P.; 45 Silverwood Rd., N.E., Atlanta, Ga 204 Eichler, Oran H.; 4419 Reid Lane. N.W.. Atlanta, Ga. Eidson, Harold M. ; Rt. 5, Newnan, Ca. Eidson, Jack L.; Box 841, DouglasviUe, Ca 190 Eidson, Lynda H.; Rt. 5, Newnan, Ca. Eidson, Winnie W. ; Box 841, Douglasville, Ca. Eiland, Jimmy D. ; Box 64, B.C., Camellia Dr., Newnan, Ga. Eley, Michael H.; Rt. 2, Franklin, Ga. ., 165 232 Compliments of LITTLE GEM BARBER SHOP for Shopping COLONIAL THE PEOPLE ' S BANK Two Locations to Serve You Drive-ln Windows for Your Convenience Member F.D.LC. ADAMSON SQUARE AND CORNER OF SOUTH AND MAPLE STREET CARROLLTON. GEORGIA 233 Ellington, Anita J.; 1897 Sahara Dr., S.E., Atlanta, Ca 100 Elliot, James C; 687 Rex Morrow Ril., EllinwooJ, Ga 190 Elliott, John O. ; 7 Sherwood Dr., Ncwnan, Ca. Elliott, Owen R.j Rt. 5, Box 236, Austell, Ca 205 Elliott, Patricia F. ; 840 Blue Ridge Ct., Atlanta, Ca 205 Ellis, Anthony T. ; Rt. 1, Tallapoosa, Ca. Ellis, Frank L. ; 37 W. Washington St., Ncwnan, Ga. Eliis. J.inics S.; 416 4lh Ave., Dalton, Ga 205 Elsberry, Janet M. ; 116 Daniell Dr., Smyrna, Ca 205 Elsberry, Larry W. ; 137 Georgia St., Trion, Ca. English, Winifred B.; Ranburne, Alabama E ntrekin, Billy W. ; 114 Merrell St., Carrollton, Ga. Entrekin, Martha W.; 349 Stewart St., Carrollton, Ga. Entrekin, Ramona L. ; 839 Rochelle Dr., Atlanta, Ca 205 Entrekin, Robert L.; R.F.D. 1, Moreland, Ga. Ergle, John D. ; 1456 Childress Dr., S.W., Atlanta, Ga. Erwin, David B. ; Sunset Dr., Lindale, Ga 205 Erwin, Michael B.; Sunset Dr., Lindale, Ga. Estep, Paul D. ; Box 5, Sargent, Ga. Estes, Celcta F. ; 234 Kramer Dr., Carrollton, Ca 165, 73, 95 Ethridge, Susan E.; Rt. 2, Jefferson, Ga 205 Eubanks, James D. ; 402 Maple St., Carrollton, Ca 165 Evans, Edna S. ; 908 Linden Dr., Dalton, Ga 205 Evans, Lucy L. ; 527 Church St., Villa Rica, Ga. Ewing, Susan J.; 208 E. 3rd St., Rome, Ca 205 Ezelle, Barbara K.: I8I9 Williams Ave.. East Point, Ca 179, 74 Ezzell, . ' Mice M.; 221 Newcomb Ave., Rockmart, Ca 190 Ezzell, William D. ; Route 1, Buchanan, Ca. Fairley, Gary W.; 1989 Grant Rd., S.W., Atlanta, Ga 190. 50. 105 Fairley, Willard L.; 1989 Grant Rd., S.W., Atlanta, Ca Fallin, David A.; Rt. 1, Thomaston, Ca 205 Fallis, Bentley C; 5 Hood St., LaCrange, Ca 180, 74, 92 Farmer, Alice A.; 2188 Ponce De Leon Ave., Decatur, Ga. Farmer, Ken E.; 215 Brown St., Carrollton, Ga. Farmer, Susan E.; 209 Cooper St., Rome, Ca 205 Farr, Sammy Carl; 443 Adamson Ave., Carrollton, Ga. Farrell, Donna M. ; 217 Lacy St., Marietta, Ga 191, 130, 92, 85 Faucett, Mortha A.; 607 Atlanta St., Marietta, Ga. Faulk, Carl F. ; 2487 SunbriJge Ave., S.E., Atlanta, Ca 191 Faulkner, Tsna L.; 691 Wooddale Dr., Smyra, Ca 205, 130 Fergurson, Patricia M. ; 365 Rivcrtown Rd., Fairburn, Ca. Fergurson, Thomas H.; 213 Pacific Ave., Bremen, Ga. Fields, Don E.; Hazel Dr., Dalton, Ca 205 Fields, Rodney D.; 168 Shoreham Dr., College Park, Ca 205 Fields, Thomas W.; 4127 S.E. Main St., College Park, Ga 165, 115, 117 Figueit, Larry Wayne; Omaha, Ga. Fleeman, Lucy A.; 220 Confederate Ave., Dallas, Ga 191 Fletcher, Harold B.; 514 W. Poplar St., Griffin, Ga 191 Fleury, Benjamin A.; 2167 Tanglewood Rd., Decatur, Ga 191, 120, 84 Flint, David H.; 914 E. Ponce De Leon Ave., Decatur, Ga 191, 52, 62, 72, 96, 99 Floyd, Patricia Ann; Rt. 2, Pine Mountain, Ga 205 Flowers, Cassandra L. ; 209 Adamson Ave., Carrollton, Ca. Flowers, Larry R.; 209 Adamson Ave., Carrollton, Ca. Flynt, Sidney L. ; 130 Solomon St., Griffin, Ca. Fobbus, Michael L. ; 204 Skyway Dr., Warner Robbins, Ga 205 Foote, Erick E.; 701 Maple St., Marietta, Ga 180. 99 Ford, Barbara J.; 3105 Ivan Hill Dr., Atlanta, Ga 191 Ford, Jerry K. ; Rt. 1, Box 52, Rayston, Ga. Fordham, Malcolm J.; Rt. 1, Dublin, Ga. Forrester, Frank S. ; 5500 Rockbridge Rd., Stone Mountain, Ga 180, 89 Foster, Carol L.; Rt. 5, Carrollton, Ga . 191, 129 Foster, David R.; 104 Lorrine Place, Forest Park, Ga 191 Foster, Jane N. ; 21 Parks Ave., Newnan, Ga. Foster, Larry A.; 202 Oak Ave., Carrollton, Ca. Foster, Mary D. ; 909 Lynhurst Dr., S.W., Atlanta, Ga 191, 98, 131 Foster, Mary F. ; Rt. 2, Bowdon, Ga. Foster, Peggy J.; 1356 Lockhaven Cr., S.W., Atlanta, Ca 108, 109, 132, 129, 131 Foster, Richajd B.; 21 Parks Ave., Newnan, Ga. Foster, Tony L., Jr.; P.O. Box 458. Lithia Springs Foster, Walter A. ; 197 Woodland Way, Forest Park, Ga. Fouts, Jerry W. ; 31 Tower Apis., Carrollton, Ca. Fowler, Marion L. ; Route 2, Molena, Ca •. 191, 91 Frank, Ronald D. ; 1 Casey St., Newnan, Ca 205 Franklin, Donald D. ; Rt, 3, Franklin Rd., Marietta, Ga 205, 100 Fransen, Patricia A.; 204 East Oxford Ave., College Park, Ga 205 Frapart, Stephanie L. ; 2387 Bollingbrook Dr. S., Atlanta, Ga 205 Eraser, Nancy P.; 229 S. Candler St., Villa Rica, Ca 205 Freel, Frances N. ; Roopville, Georgia Freeman, Ardis A.; Box 179, Newnan, Ga. Freeman, Dorsey E.; Box 214, Bowdon, Ga. Freeman, Joy E.; P.O. Box 261, Buchanan, Ga 165 Freeman, Maryetta; 1686 Flat Shoals S.E., Atlanta, Ga. Friddell, Thomas H.; P.O. Box 48, Newnan, Ga 165 Frost, Mary M. ; 123 ' Lyle Way, Carrollton, Ga 205 Fryer, Lynn G. ; 6651 Castleton Dr., Atlanta, Ga 191, 119 Fuller. David M. ; 109 Sims St.. Carrollton, Ga. Fuller, Creela A.; Route 1, Trenton, Ga. Fuller, Ryland W. ; Route 1, Calhoun, Ga 180 Fuller, Stephen K.; 536 Mellview Ave. S.W., Atlanta 10, Ga. Fulton, Patricia K. ; 115 Starling PI., Mableton, Ga 165, 54, 66, 69 Futral, Larry T.; 47 Ter Dale, Griffin, Ga 94. 180 Grable. Dennis L. ; Rt. 2, Carrollton, Ga. Gable, Mable E.; Route 6, Carrollton, Ga. Gabriel, George G.; 832 Delbar Court, S.E., Atlanta, Ga 205 Gaines, Samuel A.; 105 Spring Dr., Marietta, Ga. Gambrell, Danny M.; 126 Adamson Ave., Carrollton, Ca. Gammon, Martha J.; Box 114, Mt. Lion, Ca. Gannaway, Julian F.; 1599 Orlando St., S.W., Atlanta, C«. Gardner, Franklin P.; 1597 Fana Dr., N.E., Atlanta, G« 205 Gardner, Clynda A.; 298 Peabody Street, Athens, Ga. Cnrdnrr, Nell J.; Rt. I, Box 75, Boynton Dr., Ringgold, Ca. Garland, Jerry D.; Route 1, Fairmont, Ca 205 Carmany, Emmett L. ; 15 Newnan St., Sargent, Ga. Carmon, Jay C; Rt. 2, Hiram, Ga. Garner, Marion B., Jr.; Rt. 1, Hogansville, Ga. Garner, Marlene P.; Box 153, Buchanan, Ga. Garner, Phillip L. ; 17 Elm St., Newnan, Ga. Garrett, Frances A.; P.O. Box 23. Mt. Zion, Georgia 165 Garritt, Herbert W.; Box 174, Lincolnton, Ga 205 Garrett, Newton B. ; Whitesburg, Ga. Garrison, Doris V.; Route 1, Taylorsville. Ca 205 Gary. James J.; Bowdon, Ga. Gary, Loren J.; Bowdon, Ga. Gary, Sara J.; Frances St., Bowdon, Ga. Gates, Robert Noel; 1810 Sumpter St., N.W., Atlanta, Ga. Cattis, James L.; Route 1, Douglasville, Ga. Gattis, Nancy L.; 38 Jackson St., Newnan, Ga 191 Gavel, John A.; 503 S. Woodland Dr., Marietta, Ga. Gayton, Patricia J.; 25 26lh St., N.W., Atlanta 9, Georgia 191, 84 Ceiger, Ellen C; 190 Habersham Way, Athens, Ca. Gentry, Constance M. ; Boulevard Ave., Tallapoosa, Ga. Gentry, James L. ; 202 Hill Drive, Carrollton, Ga 191 Gcvedon, Michael R.; 242 Camelot Parkway, Jones Borough, Ga 120 Gibbon, Hugh P.; 316 Dixon Road, Forest Park, Ca 114, 115 Gibba, Cliarles W.; Rt. 1, P.O. Box 99, Palmetto, Ga 191 George, Richard W. ; 147 Benson Pool Rd., Smyrna. Ga 205 Gibson, Robert D.; 3971 Sheldon Dr., N.E., Atlanta, Ga. Gilbert, Eleanor; Rt. 2, Buchanan Rd., Bremen, Ga 205 Gilder, Ralph W.; 2145 Settle Circle, S.E., Atlanta, Ga. Giles, Dorothy M. ; 404 North 17th St.. Griffin, Ga 165 Giles, Frances D.; Route 2, Box 234, Douglasville, Ga 165 Gilland, Judy Smith; 115 South St., Carrollton, Ga. Gillespie, Melvin C.; 426 Cordon Street, Bremen, Ga. Gilley, Janice R.; Route 1, Carrollton, Ga. Gilreath, Janet M. ; 358 Walnut St., Trion. Ca 165 Ginn. Eugene S.; 4092 Creek Ct.. Rt. 4. Stone Mountain. Ga 166 Ginn. Jessie L. ; Rt. 2. Box 4, Fairburn, Ga 205, 129 Coble, Arthur E.; Rt. 1, Dallas, Ga. Godwin, Susan; 510 North College St., Cedartown, Ga 191 Coin, John R.; 1831 Atherton Dr., Decatur, Ga 191 Golden, Melvin L. ; 308 Hamilton Ave., Rt. 3, Bremen, Ga. Golden, Robert G.; 117 Lakewood Dr., Acworth, Ga 191 Gollohon, John D. ; 2130 Southera St., Rome, Ga 166 Colczynski, Bcrnie C. ; 705 Pierce St., Alma, Ga 191 Gollohon, John D. ; 2130 Southers St., Rome, Ga 166 Goodroe, Betty J.; Route 3, Box. 71, Newnan, Ga 191 Goodwin, Cheryl A.; 1404 Fama Dr., N.E., Atlanta, Ga 205, 81 Gore, Larry 0.; 473 Clearwater St., Rockmart, Ca 205 Gore, Jerrcll E.; 505 Buchanan St., Bremen, Ga. Gosdin, Kenneth D. ; 1696 Crestwood Dr., College Park, Ga 205 Coss, James M. ; 114 North 13th St., Griffin, Ga. Gossette, Homer H. ; 328 Crescent Rd., Griffin, Ga 180. 60 Cowdy, Michael J.; 118 Duapen St., Warner Robins, Ga. Cower, William H. ; 2387 Johnson Ferry Rd., Chamblee. Ga 115 Granger, Willa J.; 4107 McElrou Dr., College Park, Ga 206 Grant, Jerry F. ; 902 Showater Dr., Dalton, Ga. Gray, Louis B.; 123 W. Chandler St., Carrollton, Ga. Green, Frances A.; Route 3, Chatsworth, Ca 191, 85 Green, Patricia A.; 207 Fairmount Ave., Cedartown, Ga 191 Green, Richard F. ; Box 205, Rt. 2, Newnan, Ca. Green, Rita J.; P.O. Box 175, Duluth, Ga 166. 58. 91 Greene, John W. ; Rt. 1, Barnesville, Ca 180 Greene, Leon C. ; 1834 Avon Ave., S.W., Atlanta, Ga 180 Greene, Harry M. ; Head Ave., Tallapoosa, Ga 191. 52. 94 Greer. Philip R. ; 506 Jackson Ave., Thomaston, Ga 166 Creer, Robert H.; Rt., Jackson, Ca. Creeson, Barbara J.; Chatsworth, Ga 191 Gregory, Robert M. ; 360 Nelms Ave., N.E., Atlanta, Ga 191 Gregory, Samuel J.; 238 LaCrange St., Newnan, Ga 94 Grider. James W. ; 301 Georgia Ave,. Dalton. Ca. Griffies, Eleanor J.; 102 Jones St.. Villa Rica, Ga 166 Criffies, Gerald G. ; 402 C. Maple St., Carrollton, Ca. Griffies, Jerry L. ; Rt. 4, Box 163, Newnan, Ga. Griffies, Sara S.; 3 Salbide Ave., Newnan, Ga. Griffin, Gloria J.; 3590 Stewart Rd., Doraville. Ga 206 Griffin, Helen J.; Rt. 1, Felton, Ga 129, 191. 52 Griffin, Lucia White; Lake Point Dr., Carrollton, Ga. Griffin, Ronald L. ; 130 Clifton Ter., Carrollton, Ga. Griffin, Rosemary Y. ; 152 Cunningham Dr., Carrollton, Ga 191, 84 Griffin. Ruth M.; Club Dr., Carrollton, Ga. Griffin, Thomas R.; 1502 Maple St., Carrollton, Ga 206, 132, 84 Crizzard, Carrol A. ; 1365 Forrest Ave., East Point, Ga. Grizzard, Gerry O. ; 523 Pacific Ave., Bremen, Ga. Grogan, Jackie L.; 1527 Oakview Dr., Griffin, Ga 95, 166, 94 Grogan, Max E.; Rt. 1, Cedartown, Ga. Grubbs, Sara L.; 218 Lucke St., Palmetto, Ga 180 Gunn, James B.;2112 Panola Rd., Lithonia, Ca. Gunter, Gainer E.; 1114 Pine Valley Rd., Griffin, Ga. Ganter, Nancy C; Rt. 1, Monroe, Ga. Guthrie, Betty C; 982 Burnt Hickory Dr., Atlanta, Ga 167, 70, 72 234 MILES PHARMACY City-Wide Delivery " Prescriptions Accurately Filled " Across From Tanner Memorial PHONE 832-7033 CARROLLTON. GEORGIA Compliments of COLE ' S JEWELRY ANDERSON FLORIST 706 Dixie 832-2451 CARROLLTON. GEORGIA Compliments of WEST GEORGIA BOWLING LANES CarroUton Federal Savings and Loan Association Where Your Savings Grow Faster ' 110 Dixie Street CarroUton, Georgia 235 Guthrie, James M. ; 2255 Leafmore Dr.» Decatur, G« 191 HainliD, Cheryl A.; Box 315 E, Rt. 1, College Park, Ga 192 Hale, Pamela J.; 1063 Forrest Blvd., Decatur, Ca 192, 71 Hales, Dorothy R.; Rt. 2, Raincy Rd., Temple, Ca. Haley, Eddie J.; Rt. 1. Box 169, Dalton, Ga. Haley, Gary L. ; Rt. 4, Box 433, Dalton, Ca. Hall, Harold S. ; Rt. 2, Ringgold, Ca 120 Hall, Jimmy W. ; 304 Hill St.. Thomaston, Ga 192, 84 Hall, Patricia P.; Rt. 2, While Mill Rd., Fairburn, Ga. Hallman, Donald D. ; 1000 Veltro Cir., Atlanta, Ga 206 Hamilton, Donal.l R.; 411 Waters Rd., S.W., Atlanta, Ga 206 Hamilton, Robert P.; 1318 Hanover West Dr., Atlanta, Ga. Hammond, Cheryl A.; General Dcly. W.C.C, Carrollton, Ga 57, 167, 198, 129 Hammond, Claude R.; 178 LaCranpe St., Newnan, Ga 206 Hammond, Dewey; 102 Lakeview Dr., Carrollton, Ga 206 Hammond, Clenda J.; 3867 Stone Rd., S.W., Atlanta, Ga 206 Hammond, Jerry W. ; General Dely., W.G.C., Carrollton, Ca Hammond, Sharon A.; 2668 Briarwood Blvd., East Point, Ga 206 Hammontree, Mary E.; Rt. 3, Lafayette, Ga. Haney, Robert F.; 2229 Springwood Rd., Decatur, Ga 105, 106, 89 Hancock, Alecia C. ; 1683 Liberty St., College Park, Ga 206, 131 Hand, Mary J.; 339 N. 13th St., Griffin, Ga 192 Hand, Kenneth L. ; Route No. 5, Newnan, G«. Hanna, Grace B.; Crescent Ave., Carrollton, Ga. Hanners, Richard E. ; 3 Lawrence St., Hogansville, Ga ,.,. 206 Hanson, Gary F. ; 405 Newnan Rd., Carrollton, Ga, Hanson, George W. ; Crawford St., P.O. Box IJ9, Madison, Ca. Hardman, Anita W. ; Warm Springs, Ca. Hanson, Thomas C; 228 W. Ga. Ave., College Park, Ga 206 Harben, Grover S. ; Rt. 6, Edgewater Dr., Gainesville, Ga 206 Hardaway, Henry K.; 203 Greenville St., Newnan, Ga. Harden, Bobby J.; Rt. 4, Carrollton, Ga. Hardie, Fleta A.; Box 221, Gordon, Ga 192 Hardin, Ellis N. ; 404 West Ave., Carrollton, Ga. Hardy, Sara L. ; Rte. 1, Box HO, Warm Springs, Ca 206 Hardy, Wallace H. ; Warm Springs, Ga 192 Harllee, John L. ; 1571 Coralwood Ct., Decatur, Georgia 180, 94 Harmon, John N. ; Box 101, Bowdon, Ga. Harmon, Karen; Box 101, Bowdon, Ga. Harper, Dudley L. ; 403 Hickory, Bremen, Georgia Harrington, Gregory DA; 555 Riverhill Drive, Athens, Ga 206 Harris, Ada Sue; 8 Carmichael St., Newnan, Ga. Harris, Alfred T.; Route 1, Taylorsville, Ga 192 Harris, Christopher; Route 2, Thomaston Rd., Macon, Ga 192, 70, 72 Harris, Emily T. ; Route 4, Carrollton, Ga 167 Harris, Jackson T. ; 112 Valley Dr., Carrollton, Ga. Harris, John R. ; Box 172, Lafayette, Ga. Harris, Joseph C. ; 2066 Ncely Ave., East Point, Ga 84 Harris, Sallie B. ; 220 Cedar St., Carrollton, Ga 206 Harrison, George H., Jr.; 1324 Briarcliff Rd., Atlanta, Ga. Harrison, Mary L.; 1395 Pasadina Ave., Atlanta, Ga. Harrod, Emmett K.; Route 1, Bowdon, Ga. Hart, Lancene; Route 4, Carrollton, Ga 97, 164 Hart, Bettis; 202 N. Lakeshore Dr., Carrollton, Ga. Hartwig, Gerald J.; 930 Ferncliff Rd., N.E., Atlanta 24, Ga 84 Harwell, David B.; Route 4, Carrollton, Ga. Haslett, Peggy J.; 2067 Brocket! Rd., Tucker, Ga 160, 167 Hatchett, Walter H. ; Box 146, Waco, Ga. Hathcock, James M. ; 333B Boring Rd., Decatur, Ga. Hawley, Carolyn D. ; P.O. Box 121, Newnan, Ga. Hay, Dwight E.; 208 Lee St., Jonesboro, Ga 120, 192, 88, 89 Hayden, Howard H. ; 1109 Forest Blvd., Decatur, Ga. Hayes, Daniel R.; Route 1, Fayetteville, Ga 206, 91 Hayes, Laura A.; 404 Worth St., Acworth, Ga 192 Hayes, Mary A.; Rt. 2, Bremen, Ga. Haynes, Dennis K. ; 1321 Roswell Rd., Marietta, Ga 192 Haynes, Richard C; 572 Rays Rd., Stone Mountain, Ga 192 Hazelton, James K.; Fayetteville, Ga. Head, David E.; 1890 Broad Ave., East Point, Ga. Head, Michael H.; 63 Tower Apis., Carrollton, Ga. Heard, Dora P.; 214 King St., Carrollton, Ga. Heath, Jerry L.; Clem, Ga 206 Heath, Mary A.; Route 1, Buchanan, Ga. Heck, David C. ; 24 Velma Dr., Newnan, Ga. Helms, Enid M. ; 5290 Greencastle Way, Stone Mountain, Ga 206 Helms, Robbie S.; 2288 Collier Dr., Decatur, Ga 192 Helton, Jimmy W. ; Box 585, Bowdon, Ga. Hembrec, Sylvia R. ; Rt. 1, Carrollton, Ga 192. 84 Henderson, Harriet E.; 1878 Sahara Dr., S.E., Atlanta, Ga. Henderson, Jane M. ; 4221 Lavista Rd., Tucker, Ga 207 Henderson, Kenneth R.; 1025 Hilburn Dr., Atlanta, Ga. Henderson, Philip W. ; 431 Oakdale Dr., Smyrna, Ga 180 Henderson, Rex P.; 669 Cascade Dr., Marietta, Ga. Henderson, William B. ; Box 44, Ocilla, Ga. Hendricks, Roy L.; 39 St. Charles, Dalton, Ga. Hendrix, William S. ; 13 Waverly Cir., Newnan, Ga. Henry, Ann S.; Route 4, Box 245 A, Newnan, Ga 167 Henry, Janet C; Route 2, Tallapoosa, Ga. Henry, Virgil R.; 543 South St., Carrollton, Ga. Henry, Virginia C; Route 4, Box 19, Dalton, Ga 207 Henslee, Carol Anne; 120 Montgomery St., Villa Rica, Ga. Hensley, Jo Ann; Route 4, Chatsworth, Ga 130, 180. 98, 85 Henson, Judy A.; Route 4, Marietta, Ga 132, 207, 131 Herndon, Charles L.; 407 Church St., Elberton, Ga. Hemdon, James V.; 1120 Atlantic Dr., N.W., Atlanta, Ga 167 Herrick, Mary M. ; 2271 Fairway Circle, N.E., Atlanta 19, Ga 207 Herrod, William J.; 338 Wist Broad St., Douglasville, Ga. Hester, David C; 106 Hemlock Drive, Marietta, Ga 207 Hester, Martha N. ; Box 15, Bowdon, Ca. Hesterlee, Jerry M. ; Route 1, Carrollton, Ga. Hewitt, James H.; 1916 Dixie Rd., Dnllon, Ga. Hick, Ronald E.; 1730 Stewart Ave., Marietta, Ga. Hicks, Brenda N. ; Route 3, Douglasville, Georgia Hicks, Joyce A.; 136 Birchwood Road, Marietta, Ga 181 Hieronymus, K -ith; 218 LaGrange St., Newnan, Co. Higgins, Carole E. ; Laurel Street, Route 1, Bri ' men, Ca. Higgins, Mike; .SSOS Greenland Rd., N.E., Atlanta, Ga 67, 181, 69, 90, 92 Iliggins, Josephine; Box 246, Ellijay, Ca 192, 84 Higgins, Lewis J.; 1040 East Lakeshore D., Dalton, Georgia 120, 192 Hightower, Elaino R.; Route 2, Bowdon, Ca 207, 192 HiglilowiT, James K.; 2165 N.lms Dr., S.W., Allimln, Ca 207 Hill, Alice W. ; P.O. Box 751, Young Sta., Cedartown, Georgia 167 Hill, Byron D. ; 622 McFarland Ave., Dalton, Ga 207 Hill, John W. ; 112 Hillcrest Road, Carrollton, Georgia Hill, Lynda J.; 2505 Garden Lakes Blvd., Rome, Ga 181 Hill, Marsha G.; 757 Oakhill Drive, Trion, Ga 181 Hill, Rirhard S.; 46 Tower Apts., Carrollton, Ga 181, 88 Hill, Richard T. ; 1010 5th Ave., West Point, Ca 94 Hillrgas, Helen A.; 3270 Wynn Dr., Avondale Estates, Ga 207 Hines, James 1,.; 7,55 Mcl.aurin, Griffin, Ca 118 Hines. Judith C; Box 45, Sargent, Georgia 75, 167 Hinloii, Willon A.; Washington Road, Thomnston, Ga. Hitchcock, Ewell L. ; 3250 Convair Ln., Decatur, Ga 181, 84 Hitchcock, Mary J.; 1975 Cannon Farm Hill, Atlanta, Ga 167 Hoard, Dan N. ; Indian Springs, Ca 192 Hohhs Davi l W.; 324 Fern Ave., Bremen, Ca 207 Hobbs, Benjamin L. ; 1141 Rome St., Carrollton, Ga. Hobbs, David W. ; 324 Fern Ave., Bremen, Ca 207 Hodge, John T. ; Roulo 5, Newnan, Ga 181 Hodges, Ri.hard L. ; 530 Brook Circle, Griffin, Ga. Hodges, Marion L; 2591 Jerome Rd., College Park, Ga 207 Hogan, James A.; 210 Lambert St., Carrollton, Ga. Holbrook, Thomas J.; Cliase Road, Cornelia, Ca. Holcomb, Arillus M. ; Route 1, Calhoun, Ca 192 Holcoml), Susan E. ; 3281 South Atlanta Rd., Smyrna, Ga. Holcomb, Sybil J.; Route 2, Carrollton, Ga. Holden, Mary E.; 106 Linwood Dr., Smyrna, Georgia 55, 167, 131 Holeman, Harvey L.; Rt. 1, Temple, Ga. Holland, Webster E.; 1386 Byrere Ter., Atlanta 11, Georgia S.W 181 Holland, Harold D.; 325 Estelle St., Douglasville, Ga 192 Hollingsworth, Nancy; Rt. 2; Bremen, Ga. Hollingsworth, Roy E.; Route 2, Box 326, Ellenwood, Ca 192 Hollingsworth, Robert; Route 3, Ringer Road, Carrollton, Ga. Hollis, Barbara M. ; Route 2, Box 326, West Point, Ga 207 Hollis, Robin M. ; Box 76, Bowdon Junction 167 Hollis, Sarah E. ; Route 2, Ringgold, Georgia t 181, 85 Holladay, Jimmy K. ; 2001 Young Rood, Chamblee, Ga 192 Holloman, Laura J.; Box 125, Route 1, Bremen, Ga 34, 35, 50, 108, 109, 181 Holloway, Eunice W. ; Bowdon, Ca. Holmes, Moses Harris; 402 Meriwether St., Griffin, Georgia 62, 192, 194 Hollzclow, Sonja J.; 422 E. Columbia Ave., College Park, Ga 52, 132, 131 Hook, John F.; Jamestown Ct., Indianapolis, Ind 67, 192 Hooper, John L. ; 626 Bieze St., Griffin, Ga 193 Hopkins, Kay; Box 305, Hamilton, Ga 207 Home, Carol L. ; 1344 Nalley Circle, Decatur, Ga. Home, Samuel E.; Route 3, Newnan, Ga 207 Hornsby, Ellie; 3 Askew Ave., Hogansville, Ca. House, Jerry W. ; 430 Georgia Ave., Breman, Ga. Houston, Noel O. ; 19 White St., Hogansville, Ca. Houston, Larry M. ; 2495 Codby Road, College Park, Ga. Howard, Gloria Anne; 6570 Church St., Riverdale, Ga 193, 93, 85, 86 Howard, Ronald F. ; 1 Crescent St., Dalton, Ga. Howell, Janice R.; 962 Walker Ave., Atlanta, Ca 207 Howson, John T. ; 223 Bass St., Carrollton, Ca. Hubbard, Nancy A.; 612 Benson St., Hartwell, Ga 207 Hubbard, William T. ; 105 Jule Peek Ave., Cedartown, Georgia Huckeba, Dorothy C. ; 1908 Fort Valley Dr., S.W., Atlanta, Ga 199, 207 Huckeba, Judy D. ; 5 North Side Drive, Newnan, Georgia 193 Huddleston, Waller B. ; Jeff Davis Dr., Fayetteville, Ga 207 Hudson, Marie D. ; 14 Conner Dr., Newnan, Ga. Hufstetler, John L. ; P.O. Box 5, Chatsworth, Ga 207 Huggins, Eric S.; 408 Eleventh Ave., Dalton, Ga 207 Huggins, Sandra J.; 3232 Wiltshire Dr., Avondale Estates, Ga 193, 70, 72 Hughes, Jo A; Rt. 4, Box 505, Ringgold, Ca 193 Hughes, Judy E. ; Rte. 4, Carrollton, Ga 74,. 181, 91 Hughes, Sandra K. ; 1226 Spencer Ave., East Point, Georgia 193, 84 Hughes, William J.; 2084 Mark Trail, Decatur, Ga _ 181 Hughey, Lyndell D.; 209 N. Circle Dr., Lafayette, Ca 193, ' 131 Hulsey, John L.; 108 Warren Dr., Forest Park, Ga 168 Humphries, Garland R. ; 2186 Fisher Trail, N.E., Atlanta, Ga 207 Humphries, Waymon T. ; 2267 Venetinn Dr., Atlanta, Ga 207. 89 Hunnicult, Julia M. ; 138 Tuggle Street, Carrollton, Georgia 193 Hunnicutt, Olivia L. ; 1941 Brewer Blvd., S.W., Atlanta, Ga 193 Hunt, George E. ; 216 West Ave., Cedartown, Ca. Hunter, George J., Jr.; Rt. 1, Senoia, Ga 207 Hurst, William M. ; 1000 Brown St., Dalton, Ga 207 Hurt, Timothy W. ; 714 E. Jackson St., Rockmart, Ga. Huskins, Donald W.; 313 Grove St., Eatonton, Ga 105, 107, 207 Hutcheson, Elizabeth M. ; 609 Campbellton St., Douglasville, Ga. Hutcheson, Joseph F., Jr.; Route 1, Buchanan, Ga. 236 Compliments of CLINIC AVENUE DRUGS Compliments of iir ' Quick Service BANKHEAD CLEANERS 144 Banlchead Ave. Carroll+on Compliments From Your Used Book Agent JOHNSTON MALONE BOOKSTORE AUBURN ALABAMA - - - Ci i X ALMON FUNERAL HOME 548 Newnan hlemL embc% THE ORDER OF THE GOLDEN RULE CARROLLTON. GEORGiA Hutchcson. Judith I..; 1 1 )7 Mt. Wernon Ri!., Dunwooily, Ga 193 Hutson, Willinm R., Jr.; 992 Higliland Circle, Conyors, Ca 207. 95 Hutching3, Forrest C; 10 Persimmon Lane, Cedartown, Ca. Hyde, Thomas W. ; Rt. 5, Newnari, Ca 207 Ingcrsoll, James H. ; 155 Normandy Dr.. Marietta, Ca. Ingle, Richard St., Carrollton, Ca 207 Ingram, Earnest J.; Rt. 4, Cartersville, Ca. Irby, Francis S. ; 1475 Walker Rd., Macon, Ca. Irvin, Diana L. ; 231 Harold Ave., Smyrna, Ca 91 Irwin, Anne R.; 42 Williamson St., Rockmnrt, Ca 168 Ison, Danny R.; 512 N. Ninth St., Criffin, Ca. Ivey, Bohliy J.; 125 Lane Dr., Mahleton, Ca. Key, Elliott C; 2811 Blvd. Dr., S.E., Atlanta, Ca 208 Ivey, Thomas A.; 1689 I.avista Rd.. N.E., Atlanta, Ca 168 Jack, Leroy H; 740 Marietta Street, Canton, Ca 181, 178, 89, 86 Jacks, Jerry W. ; Rt. 1, Dalton, Ca 208 Jackson, Bcnjie H. ; 115 Franklin Rd., Newnan, Ga. Jackson, Cheryl A.; Rt. 1, Roopville, Ga. Jackson, James L. ; Rt. 1, Fairburn, Fayetteville, Ca 103, 181, 116, 103. 106, 84 Jackson, James M. ; 77 First Ave., Newnan, Ca. Jackson, Lowell M. ; 4633 Covington Hwy., Decatur, Ca 193 Jackson, Marie D. ; Rt. 1, Newnan, Ga 208 Jackson, Melissa A.; 107 East Broad St., Newnan, Ga 208 Jackson, Patricia A.; 505 Running Ave., Bcnning, Ca. Jackson, Samuel L. ; R.F.D. 2, Box 153, College Park, Ca 181, 67 Jackson, Sara F. ; Rt. 4, Bowdon, Ca 208 Jackson, Susan E.; Rt. 2, Franklin, Ca 193 Jacobs, Michael A.; 93 S Lakeshorc Dr., Carrollton, Ca 181 Jaillet, Brenda J.; Rt. 1, Tallapoosa, Ca. James, Charles B.; R.F.D. 1, Greenville, Ga 181, 86 James, Dorothy C. ; 140 Clydel St., Cedartown, Ga 168 James, Diane; P.O. Box 6, Douglasville, Ga 168, 93 James, Michael L. ; 511 Chestnut, Bremen, Ca. James, Rose M. ; 109 Frasier St., Marietta, Ca .i08 Jarman, Sue; 3551 Mt. Cilead Rd., Atlanta, Ca 168, 55, 130 Jarrett, Kenneth H.; Route 3, AdairsviUe, Ca 208 Jarman, Linda C. ; 3551 Mt. Cilead Rd., Atlanta, Ga 208 Jarrell, Ralph D. ; Rt. 1, Whitesburg, Ga. Jenkins, Arthur L. ; 4140 Lamar Dr., College Park, Ga 193 Jenkins, Carolyn C; Rt. 3, Waynesboro, Ca 208 Jenkins, James P.; 1414 Vaw Vlfck, S.E., Atlanta, Ca 120, 95 Jenkins, Jessica J.; 523 Newnan St., Carrollton, Ca 208, 93 Jenkins, Ronald S.; LaCrange St., Grantville, Ga. Jenkins, Tom G.; 2630 Piney Woods Terr., East Point, Ca 208 Jernigan, Richard E.; 2269 Clifton Springs, Decatur, Ga 181 Johns, Joy J.; 2612 Dixie Rd., Dalton, Ga 208 Johns, Patricia S. ; 194 Feld Ave., Decatur, Ca 208 Johns, Robert R.; 2657 Michigan Ave., Ft. Myers, Fla 193, 94 Johns, Wendell C. ; 220 West Morris St., Dalton, Ga 181, 95 Johnson, Edgar W. ; 329 N. White St., Carrollton, Ca. Johnson, Edwin T. ; 203 Criffin Dr., Carrollton, Ga. Johnson, George M. ; 157 S. Oliver, Elberton, Ga 178 Johnson, George W. ; North Hwy., HogansviUe, Ga 193 Johnson, Larry G.; Roopville, Ca 181 Johnson, Linda A.; Rt. 5, Carrollton, Ga. Johnson, Martha J.; Box 58, N. Star Rt., Cloudland, Ga 208, 84 Johnson, Patricia C. ; P.O. Box 881. Criffin, Ga 208, 130 Johnson, Mona D. ; Rt. 1, Waco, Ga 193, 81 Johnson, Rebecca L. ; 145 Church St., Carrollton, Ga. Johnson, Penny L.; 1001 Locust Dr., N.E., Conyers, Ca. Johnson, Reda N. ; P.O. Box 314, Bowdon, Ca 169 Johnson, Robert W. ; 601 Dixie St., Carrollton, Ga 181 Johnston, Janice E.; Rt. 1, Sharpsburg, Ga 169 Johnston, Martin W. ; .3360 Grant Valley Rd., Atlanta, Ca. Johnston, Morris R.; Route 4, iBowdon, Ca. Joiner, Jesse F., Jr.; 2927 Bob White Dr., S.W., Atlanta, Ca 193, 84 Joiner, John R. ; Box 140A, Rt. 2, Bethsaida, Riverdale, Ca 208 Jones, Bruce H.,.Jr. ; 1011 Vistavia Cir., Decatur, Ga 208, 71 Jones, Ann W. ; 10 Buchanan St., Newnan, Ca. Jones, Alice R.; 4580 W. Fayetteville Rd., College Park, Ga. Jones, Cliarles S.; Rt. 4, Lakeshore Dr., Smyrna, Ga 181 Jones, Clinton E.; 420 Princeton Way, Atlanta, Ca. Jones, Frederick N. ; 4205 Davis Rd., College Park, Ca 193 Jones, Harry R.; Rt. 2, Temple, Ca 193 Jones, Hoke E.; Rt. 4, Carrollton, Ca. Jones, James C. ; Rt. 1, Dalton, Ga 181, 61, 82, 84, 69 Jones, Janalyce P.; 703 Martina Dr., Atlanta, Ca 208, 131 Jones, Janice A.; Rt. 2, Box 262, Dalton, Ca 193 Jones, Kenneth L. ; 75 First Ave., Newnan, Ca. Jones, Linda L. ; 204 Carlyle St., Norcross, Ca 209, 84 Jones, Martin J.; Rt. 1, Temple, Ca. Jones, Otis F. ; Woodbine Dr., Newnan, Ca. Jones, Rebecca D. ; 412 Hardee St., Dallas, Ga 169 Jones, Richard W. ; 4580 W. Fayetteville Rd., College Park, Ga 208 Jones, Robert B. ; Fayetteville, Ga 91 Jones, Robert V.; Rt. 1, Carrollton, Ga. Jones, Teresa A.; 327 Warren Dr., Bremen, Ca 169 Jones, Virginia C. ; 1771 Timberland Rd., N.E., Atlanta, Ca 193 Jones, Walter M. ; 600 Miller St., Dalton, Ga 97, 89, 181, 61, 75, 120. 94 Jones, Willene M.; Lebanon, Ca 208, 91 Jones, William M. ; Lebanon, Ca 209 Jordan, Alida B. ; 120 Frances PL, Carrollton, Ca. Jordan, Francisca S.; 109 S. White St., Carrollton, Ca 176, 73 Jordan, Gloria J.; 915 Yale Place, Atlanta, Georgia 193 Jordan, Hellen M. ; Jordan Rd., R.F.D. 4, Cartersville, Ga 182 Jnr.lnn. Lila I,.; 16 Central Ave., Lindale, Ga 208, 130 Jordan, Linda F. ; Triange Trailor Park, Cnrrnlllon, Ga 88 Jordan, Marion H.; 231 Brown St., Carrollton, Ca 94, 95, 169, .57, 83, 69 Jorgensen, Gary D. ; 1899 Montrose Dr., East Point, Ca. Jowers, Ann E.; 3,5,36 Dale Lane, S.W., Atlanta, Ca 208, 81 Kaslncr, Linda M. ; Rt. 1, Clarksville, Ga 169, 58 Kaylor, Doris E. ; 23 Mansonr Cir., Newnan, Ca. Kaylor, Rosemary; 212 Cedar St., Carrollton, Ga 209 Kceney, Morris L. ; 2238 Plantation Dr., East Point, Ca. Keene, Betty J.; 570 Crescent Rd., Criffin, Ga 169, 97 Keevcr, Velma J.; Harmony Grove Rd., Lilburn, Ga 209 Keheley, Aaronita; Rt. 2, Box 53, Newnan, Ca. Kehcley, Albertina; Rt. 2, Box 53, Newnan, Ca 193, 86 Keith, Judy E.; 304 Kramer Dr., Carrollton, Ga 209 Keller, Ann S. ; 511 Scyple St., Rorkmart, Ga 182 Keller, Janet C; Greenville, Georgia Keller, Michael A.; 490 Carolwood Lane, Atlanta, Ca. Kelley, Alicia J.; 8 Northside Dr., Newnan, Ca 209 Kelley, Brenda M. ; 1335 Lynn Dr., Marietta, Ca 209 Kelley, Dana O. ; 2063 Yucca Dr., Decatur, Ca. Kelley, James T. ; R.F.D. 5, Newnan, Ca 209 Kelley, Judy J.; Rt. 1, Talking Rock, Ga 209, 88 Kelley, Roger B. ; 26 Powell PL, Newnan, Ca 209 Kelly, Brenda K.; 717 E. Franklin St., Hartwcll, Ca 209 Kellum. Henry M.; 809 Avahm Rd., Thomaston, Ga. Kelly, James F., Jr.; 777 Gresham Ave., S.E., Atlanta, Ca. Kemp, Marelyn L. ; Rt. 1, Powder Springs, Ca. Kendall, David E.; 3390 Spring Lake Dr., Decatur, Ga. Kendall, Ronald P.; 510 Forest Ave., Macon, Ca. Kennedy, Charles E.; 1121 Skyline Dr., Griffin, Ga 193 Kennerly, Richard D. ; 518 Longview St., Carrollton, Ga 169, 120, 84 Keown, Benny J.; 123 Coleman St., Carrollton, Ga. Keown, Mrs. Don H. ; 123 Coleman St., Box 233, Carrollton, Ca. Kerr, Julia A.; Rt. 2, Blair Bridge Rd., Austell, Ca 193, 98, 85 Kesler, Sandra K.; 1635 Montcliff Ct., Decatur, Ca 209 Kidd, Eunice N. ; Rt. 3, Newnan, Ca. Kight, Thomas H.; Rt. 1, Newnan, Ga 193, 70, 72 Kilgo, Judith L.; 71 Broad St., Tallapoosa, Ga. Kilgore, Jack D. ; 307 W. Bryan St., Bremen, Ca. King, Larry S., 182 S. Oliver St., Elberton, Ga 193, 84 King, James C; Pomona, Ca 193, 99, 94, 71 King, Kenny O. 1060 Fcrndale Rd., Stone Mt., Ca. King, Leia J.; Box 148, Bowdon, Ca 209, 129 King, Monroe M. ; 11 Chestnut St., Tallapoosa, Ga. King, Oliva L. ; Rt. 1, Temple, Ga. Kingdon, Carol A.; 2785 Fontainebleau, Atlanta, Ga. Kinney, Rita L. ; 305 Duncan St., Douglasville, Ga 209 Kirby, Carol L. ; Rt. 2, Old Camp Ch. Rd., Carrollton, Ga. Kirk, Diane M.; 3359 Sewell Rd., S.W., Atlanta, Ga 193 Kirk, James F., Jr.; P.O. Box 698, Roswell, Ca. Kirkus, Ronald H; Rt. 1, Conyers, Ga. Kitching, Deaubry; Whitesburg, Ga. Kitching, S. B. ; Box 4, Wliitcsburg, Ga. Knight, Clayton M. ; 7 Reese St., Newnan, Ca. Kittle, John D. ; Rt. 1, Villa Rica, Ga 182 Kittle, Lillian H.; Rt. 1, Villa Rica, Ga 129, 209, 132 Knight, Ernest J.; 112 Spring St., LaCrange, Georgia 100, 169, 89 Knight, Florrie E.; 7 Reese St., Newnan, Ca 209 Knowlcs, Virginia K. ; 409 W. Mariun St., Ealonton, Ca 209 Konig, Salomon; San Bernardino, Caracas, Venezuela 209, 88 Kubala, Patricia A.; Rt. 1, Manchester, Ga 209, 90 Kuglar, Larry T. ; R.F.D. 3, Cedartown, Ga. Kuykendall, Jacob E.; 510 Coventry Rd., Apt. 4B, N.E., Decatur, Ga. Lake, Susan C; 303 Colewood Way, NW, Atlanta 28, Ga 193 Lamb, Peggy A.; 107 Gordon Woods Dr., Mahleton, Ca 209 Lamb, William K.; 139 Orchard St., Fairburn, Ca 182, 105 Lambert, Jerry B.; 701 Rome St., Carrollton, Ga 193, 105 Lambert, Katie H. ; 37 Park Ave., Newman, Ga 209 Lambert, Larry E.; Winston, Ga 169 Lambert, Sidney E.; 14 Parks Ave., Newnan, Ga. Lambeth, Lynda Jean; 2982 Stone Rd., East Point, Ca 193, 70, 72 Lancaster, Jesse C. ; Rt. 3, Carrollton, Ca. Lance, Marcia J.; Lakeview Drive, Bremen Georgia Landers, Rebecca S. ; 3470 Cascade Rd., S.W., Atlanta, Georgia 193, 71 Landers, Roger P. ; Rt. 2, Bowdon, Ca 182 Lane, Henry G. ; 228 Bankhead Ave., Carrollton, Ga. Lane, Mary Julia; 673 McLaurin Ave., Griffin, Ga 209, 84 Lane, William H.; 401 Maple Street, Carrollton, Georgia Langdon, Frank M. ; Box 5114 Old Macon Rd., Columbus, Ga 209 Langford, James R.; 1112 Hilltop Dr., Criffin, Ga. Langley, Linda F. ; Route 1, Box 278, Newnan, Georgia 193, 19 Langley, Robert G. ; 3146 Delowe Drive, East Point, Ga. Lanier, Carlton L. ; Box 246, Mableton, Ga 193 Lanier, James T.; 14 Bowdon St., Tallapoosa, Ga. Lanxton, Nathan P.; 243 Croft St., Carrollton, Ga 182 Larsen HI, James B. ; Rene Court Apt. 2, Roswell, Ga 209 Laughridge, Charles T.; Mozley Rd., Clarkdale, Ga. Lawrence, Fred D.; 301 Hardee St., Dallas, Ga 182 Lawson, James N.; 187 La Grange St., Newnan, Ca 209 Lawson, James R. ; 2759 Treadway Drive, Decatur, Ga 182 Lawton, Charles E.; 1210 Maple St., Carrollton, Ga 194 Leatherwood, Terry W. ; 573 Losseter St., Riverdale, Ca 209 Ledbetter, John L. ; 4037 Hilltop Drive, College Park, Ga 194 Ledbetter, Willis T., Jr.; 83 Griffith Dr., Palmetto, Ga 209 238 HUBBARD PANTS COMPANY Manufacturers of Hubbard Slacks for Men and Boys Bremen, Georgia 239 Leo, Betty J.; Route 1. Bowilon, Ca, Lee, Carolyn W. : Route 2, Bowilon, Ga 95, 169 Lee, Daniel H.; Rt. 1, Boi 15. Wing, Ala 170, 105 Lee, Janice R.; Box 202, Bremen, Ga. Lee, Joseph A.; Route 2, CarroUlon. Georgia Lee, Larry D.; 226 Maple Street, Villa Rica, Georgia Lee, Linda A.; Route 3, Dallas, Georgia 170 Lee. Linda Ann; 1126 Tamworth Dr., N.E., Atlanta 28, Ga 182 Lee, Robert Stephen; 1401 Merry Lane, N.E.. Atlanta, Ga. Lee, Ruth W. ; P.O. Box 281, Douglasville. Ga. Lee, Sarah M. ; Route 4, Douglasville, Ga 74, 209 Lee, Stephen C; Box 124. Temple. Ca 194 Leggett, Marsha J.; 210 Anthony St., Baxley, Georgia 194, 130 Leiva, Catalina X.; 931 S.W. 1st St.. Miami, Fla 209, 88 Leonard, Gerald T. ; 38 Cherokee St., Newnan, Ga. Lester, Gary R.; 554 Lane St.. Rockniart, Ga 89, 52, 182, 69 Levens, Thomas W. ; Route 3, Franklin, Ga. Levcrrelt, Peggy E. ; Route 2, Box 269, Jackson, Ga 209 Leverrett, Thomas W. ; Rt. 2. Jackson, Georgia 182 Lewis, William W., Jr.; 241 Carroll Rd., Villa Rica, Ga. Libby, Meiha E.; 1960 Alison Cr., D. 8, Atlanta, Ga 170 Linch, William E.; 172 Decatur Rd., McDonough, Ga. Lipham, Fronic B.; Buchanan Rd., Tallapoosa. Ga. Lipham, Rodcric; 38 Blvd., Tallapoosa, Ga. Lipski, William F. ; 1784 Frazier Rd., Decatur. Ga 94, 99, 194 Lloy.l. Brenda V.; 1 U7 Austell Rd., Marietta. Ca 209, 74 Loftin, Ray D. ; Rt. 3, CarroUlon, Georgia 170 Lottin, Robert D. ; 243 N. Lakeshore Dr., Carrollton, Georgia 170 Loftin, Triska D. ; 215 Carroll St., CarroUlon, Ga. Loflees, Mary Pauline; 160 Wildeherry Dr.. Mablelon. Ga 194 Logan. Cathy H.; P.O. Box 37, Roopville, Ga 210, 132 Logan, James C. ; 26 Dixon St., Newnan, Ga. Long, Guy Stephen; 728 Maynard Terr., Altanta, Ga 210 Long. Ruth A.; 151 Church St., Jonesboro, Ga 194 Long, Walter D. ; Rt. 1, Mablelon, Ga 194 Lorenzo, John A.; 1195 Russell Dr., Decatur, Ga. Lott, Johnny W. ; 314 Clifton Terrace, CarroUlon, Ga. Love, Rogert G. ; 5555 S. Expressway, Jonesboro, Ga. Love, Sandra Lee.; Route 1, Mclntyre, Ga 210, 44, 45, 52 Lovell, Roy; 232 Candler St., Villa Rica, Ga 194 Loving, Edward L. ; 103 Judith Ann Drive, Morrow, Ga. Lovvorn, Lynda N.; Box 307, Bowdon, Ga. Lovvorn, Nancy Gail; Box 27, Bowdon, Ga 194, 86 Lovvorn, William D.; Mill St., Box 27, Bowdon. Ga. Lowe, John E.; 708 Boldercrest Dr., Marietta Ga 182 Lowe, Larry Milton; 700 Boldercrest Drive, Marietta, Ga 210 Lowe, Sue A.; 1583 May Ave. S.E., Atlanta, Ga 210, 131 Lowery, Dianne Copeland; 2288 Montrose Dr., East Point, Ga 210 Loyd, Patricia A.; 402 Church St., Covington, Ga 170, 85, 70, 72 Loyd, Tommy Lester; Rt. 5. Hurt Rd., Marietta, Ga 210, 191 Luallen, Dean A.; 2612 N. Blount St., East Point, Ga 194. 96 Lunn, Edward H.; 2737 Blvd. Dr. S.E., Atlanta, Ga 194 Lunt, Dixon M. ; 1840 Winlhrop Dr., Atlanta, Ga. Lyie, Dianne K.; 408B Ingram Homes, Carrollton, Ga 171 Lyle, James E.; 408B Ingram Homes, Carrollton, Ga 171 Lyle, Palsy S.; Tanners Beach. Carrollton. Ga 183 Lynch, Robert W. ; Box 130, Bowdon, Ga. Lynch, William W. ; 808 Houston St.. La Grange, Ga 210 Lyon, Carol A.; 752 Martina Drive N.E., Atlanta, Ga 194, 130 McAbee, Verlyn T. ; Creek Road, Wildwood, Ga 194, 91, 90 McAdams, Jimmy; Rt. 1, Buchanan. Ga. McBrayer. Dennis D. ; Route 2, Bremen. Ga. McBrayer, Larry D. ; 115 Reed St., Bremen, Ga. McBrayer, Leeann M. ; Route 2. Buchanan, Ga 171, 96, 97 McCaghren, Linda L. ; Route 4, Bowdon, Ga 194 McCamy, Ricky L. ; Route 1, Chatsworth, Ca 210 McCard, Marylin E.; Box 331, Manchester, Ga. McCarley, Linda G. ; Box 155, Bowdon, Ga 171 McCarty, Richard R.; 60 Lincoln Terrace, Harrington Park, N.J. McCarly, Willis E.; Rt. 1. Box 34, Moreland, Ga 211 McClendon, Louise; Route 4. Carrollton, Ga. MeClure, Beverly J.; 112 Buena St., Bremen, Ga 211 McClure, Charles D.; Route 1, College Park, Ga 183 McClure, Nancy R.; Rt. 2. Gumming. Ga 195, 130 McConnell, Garry 0.; 115 A. College St., Carrollton, Ga. McConnell, Judy A.; 1397 McPherson Ave. S.E., Atlanta 16, Ga. McCord, Alelhia S. ; 117 East Hill St., Decatur, Ga 210, 84 McCord, Michael T. ; Rt. 1, Barnesville, Ga 195 McCrary, Lawrence H. ; Route 1, Elberlon, Ga 211 McCray, Helen M. ; Box 372, Acworth, Ga 183 McCray, Charles R., Rt. 2, Carrollton, Ga. McCray, Judy.T.; Route 2, Carrollton, Ga 171, 97 McCrory, Oscar W. ; 107 Fairview Ave., Frisco City, Alabama McCurdy, Cheryl H. ; Route 4, Sugar Valley, Calhoun, Ga 195, 52, 100 McDaniel, John E.; 304 Fourth Ave., Decatur, Ga 183 McDaniel, Karen E.; 1741 Campbellton Rd., Atlanta, Ga. 211, 131 McDonald, Charles T. ; 1300 Weslboro Dr. S.W., Atlanta, Ga 211 McDonald, Michael L. ; 504 Ridgecrest Dr., Elberton, Ga 183 McDowell, Harrell K. ; Box 216, Buchanan, Ga. McDowell, Sherry L. ; Route 6, Carrollton, Ga. McEnlire, Alice L.; 757 Densley Drive, Decatur, Ga. McGarity, Dorothy F. ; 338 S. Piedmont Ave., Rockmart, Ga 195, 131 McGarity, Robin W. ; Box 215, Bowdon, Ga. McGee, Edward A., Jr.; 410 Longview St., Carrollton, Ga. . . . . ' 195 171 210 195 210 210 171 McGee, Jerry E.; Myrtle Beach AFB, S 211, 186 McGhee, David L. ; Griffin, Ga 195 McGill, George W.; 201 St. Johns Ct., Marietta, Ca. Mclnnis, Ken M. ; T26 Vance Ave., Ccdartown, Ga 171, 60, 66, 81, 68, 69, 89 Mcintosh, Muriel S. ; Rt. 1, Roopv ille Ga 195 McKeen, Willie M. ; Rl. 2, La Grange, Ga. McKihben, Sontha E.; Felton, Ga. McKillop, Mary E.; Crossville Road, Roswell, Ga 38, 39 McKillop, Patricia A.; Crossville Rd., Roswell, Ca 171, 92, 129 McKneely, James E.; 703 Maple Drive, Griffin, Ga 211 McKone, Sue L. ; 1624 Blvd. Lorraine, Atlanta Ga 108, 109, 132, 98, 131 McPheters, Hilton R.; 18 Sunset Ave. No., Atlleboro, Mass. McSwain, Frank Terry; 2683 Ellen Way, Decatur, Ga. McWhinnie, Eleanor A.; ID Sunchon St., Fort Bragg, N.C. McWhorter, Martha L.; Route 2, Bremen, Ga. McWhorter, Opal C; Rt. 2, Franklin, Ga. McWhorter, Robert N. ; 302 Bryant St., Bremen, Ga. McWhorter, Teresa D. ; Route 4, Bowdon, Ga. Machan, Sandra J.; 303 Columbia Ave., Cedartown, Ga. Maekey, Paula J.; 108 File Street, Cartersville, Ga Madden, Juanita H. ; Haygood Place, Raymond, Ga. Maddox, Isaac; 325 Bankhead Hwy., Austell, Ga. Maher, Robert L., Jr.; 2768 Boulevard Dr. N.E., Atlanta 17, Ga Mahoney, Michael J.; 2192 Golden Dawn Drive, Atlanta, Ga Malloy, Michael O. ; 65 Tower Apt., Carrollton, Ga. Mancin, Louis J.; 1320 Panorama Dr., Birmingham, Ala Mandeville, Diana L.; 2373 Dawn Drive, Decatur, Ga Mangan, Joseph R.; 1161 Willivec Dr., Decatur, Ga. Manning, Lewis L. ; 2418 Bollingbrook Dr., Atlanta, Ga Mansour, Tafl E.; 83 Clark St., Newnan, Ga. Markell, James H.; 1458 Vanvleek Ave. S.E., Atlanta, Ca. Manlhe, Linda A.; 589 Martina Dr. N.E., Atlanta, Ga. Mareli, Waller W. ; 200 Athens St., Hartwell, Ga 210 Market, Grady D. ; Rt. 3, La Grange, Ga. Marlow, Larry G; Rt. 1, Bowden, Ga. Marlow, Brenda J.; Rt. 1, Bowdon, Ca. Marshall, Verlon S. ; Route 3, Frankin, Ca 1 ' Martin, Billy J.; Route 1, Box 2501, College Park, Ga 195 Martin, Donna K.; 901 Dixie St., Carrollton, Ca Martin, Gregory S.; 305 N. Cliff St., Carrollton, Ga Martin, Larry E.; Box 585, Bowdon, Ga. Martin, Norman L. ; 143 Cooper Lake Dr. Rt., Smyrna, Ga. Martin, Steve A.; 776 Wilson Rd. N.W., Atlanta, Ga Masak, George M.; 215 Sunset Blvd., Carrollton, Ga. Massey, Alan C; 4441 Cascade Rd., Atlanta 31, Ga Massey, Melton E.; 1758 Council Bluff Dr., Atlanta, Ga Mathews, Eizabeth O.; Lynda Circle, Carrollton, Ga. Mathews, Caynelle; Route 4, Franklin, Ga Mathis, Jerry L.; 108 Lee St., Bi men, Ga Matthews, Eddie J.; 411 Buchannan St., Bremen, Ca. Maxwell, Brenda L.; Box 178, Bowdon, Ga Maxwell, Gerald B.; Route 2, Carrollton, Ga. Maxwell, Robert L.; Rt. 1, Pine Valley Rd., Powder Springs, Ga. Mayfield, James D.; 16 Tower Apt., Carrollton, Ga. Mayfield, Randall D. ; 600 S. Ridge St., Dalton, Georgia Mayfield, Rose F. ; 16 Tower Apt., Carrollton, Ga Maynard, Nancy L. ; Box 323, Buchanan, Ga Mayo, Charles D.; 121 North Ave., Forest Park, Ga. Meadows, John D.; Buena Vista Rd., Calhoun, Ga Meadows, Louie O. ; Shiloh, Georgia Mealor, Ruth B. ; 9 Buchanan St., Newnan, Ga. Meeks, Ted H.; Route B, Box 98, Griffin, Ga. Melton, Walter F. ; Cool Spring Road, Winston, Ga. Merck, Michael H. ; 137 Louise St., Toccoa, Ga Mikel, Kenneth B.; 2338B Adina Dr. N.E., Atlanta, Ga Milam. William R.; 287 Senoia Rd., Fairburn, Ca Miles, Harry D.; Route 2, Bowdon, Ga. Miller, Charles H.; 2451 Ousley Court, Decatur, Ga 171, 160, 51, 53, 55, 66, 106, 107, 105, 104, 69, 89, 94 Miller, Cheryl L.; 231 Kramer St., Carrollton, Ga. Miller, John W. ; Route 4; Franklin, Ga 211 Miller, Jacqueline W. ; 125 Oak Ave., Carrollton, Ca. Miller, Linda J.; Richland, Ga 1 3. " Miller, Lynda D. ; West Lakeshore Drive, Carrollton, Ga 183 Miller, Marilyn A.; 3364 Hazelwood Dr. S.W., Atlanta, Ga 211 Miller, Stephen E.; 125 Oak Ave., Carrollton, Ga. Milligan, Michael B. ; Rt. 1, Sharpsburg, Ga. Milner, Gloria S. ; Rt. 1, Box 204A, Lithia Springs, Ga. Mims, Robert D.; Apt. 408A, Ingram Apts., Carrollton, Georgia 171 Mishler, Kyle D.; Rt, Franklin, Ga. Milcham, Donna G. ; 716 •live Springs Rd., Marietta, Ga 211 Mitchell, Charles R.; 1769 Frazier Rd., Decatur, Ga. Mixon, Martha L. ; 629 Willivee Dr., Decatur, Ga 211 Mize, Mary J.; Route 2, Tallapoosa, Ga 130, 132 Mize, Mary Jo.; Route 4, Cleveland, Ga 183 Mize, Wesley D. ; 138 Pine St., Carrollton, Ga. Moat, Jimmy Dorsey ; 1003 Stonewall St., LeCrange, Ca 211 Mobley, James D. ; 227 College Cir., Cedartown, Ga. Moffett, Mary L. ; 9 Anita PI., Mableton, Ga 211 Montgomery, Clark D.; Route 1, Cave Spring, Ga. Montgomery, John P.; 1094 North Ave. N.E., Atlanta, G« 183 Moody, Raymond B. ; Rt. 3, Rockmart, Ga. Moody, Lucille; Lipham St., Bowdon, Ca. 130, 84 210 183 210 210 183 210 210 171 195 183 183 183 195 240 Office Phone Plant Phone MODERN ARTS TE 2-2371 TE 2-2581 STUDIO HOLLINGSWORTH Concrete Products, Inc. Box 353 PORTRAITS Carrollton, Georgia LARRY HOLLINGSWORTH J. D. WESTER Owner Manager Compliments of Marie Street Carrollton APALSON -CDIT-RAL SAVINGS LOAN ASSOCIATION BREMEN, GEORGIA c A R R L L T N I C E A N D C A L C M P A N Y INSURED SAVINGS • HOME LOANS Complimenl ' S of ' O Carrollton, Georgia — TErrace 2-631 1 241 Moon, John N.; 2589 The Fountninebleu, Atlanta, Ga. Moore. Albert K. ; 2022 Rector Dr. S.W., Atlanta, Co 211 Moore, Charles K. ; Cornelia, Ga. Moore, Charles W. ; Route 1, Moreland, Ga Moore, Dolores D.; 406 South Green St., Thomaston, Georgia Moore, James A.; Box 22 1, Bowdon. Georgia Moore, John C; 216 Dixie St., CarroUton, Georgia 1 2, 92 Moore, Joyce E.; Route 1, Box 209, Moreland, Ga 211 Moore, Lahman D.; 54 Spring St., Newnan, Ga. Moore, Lexie A.; 2520 Headland Dr., East Point, Georgia 132, 183, 131 Moore, Michael H. ; 406 South Green St., Thomaston, Ga 211 Moore, Ro bert L. ; Rt. 2, Adairsville, Ga. Moore, William A.; 108 Hendrix Dr., Forest Park, Ga. Moorhead, Constance A.; RED 1, Buckhead, Ga 211. 131 Morgan, Estelle F.; 109 Bennett Circle, CarroUton, Ga. Morgan, Bonnie S. : 121 Hendrix Dr., Forest Park, Ga 131 Morgan, Diane; 3900 Pitman Rd., Rt. 1, College Park, Ga 211 Morgan, Hubert D.; 41 Meadow St., Tallapoosa, Ga. Morgan, Joyce C. ; Route 2. Box 114. Jackson, Georgia 61, 74, 183, 86 Morgan, Patricia L.; 1808 Saxon Place, Atlanta, Ga 172, 69, 85 Morgan, Robert T. ; Route 2, Buchanan, Georgia Morgan. William D. ; Route 2, Buchanan, Georgia Morris, I.inda L. ; 489 Hark St., Dallas, Ga 131 Morris, Ruth L.; Rt. 1, Powder Springs, Ga. Morrison, Matthew S.; Dcsota Drive, Dalton, Ga 183 Moseley, Linda C; 2601 Ivey Rd., Augusta. Ga 172. 256, 69, 70 Moss, Henry W. ; 645 Kennolia Dr. S.W., Atlanta, Ga. Moss, Kenneth W. ; Rt., Rowland Spring Rd., Carteravillc, Ga 211 Mossinger. Joyce A.; Route 1. CarroUton, Ga. • Mossinger, Sven G. ; Route 1, CarroUton, Ga. Mowell, Brenda K.; 2245 Doris Drive, Decatur, Ga 211 Mowell, Carol A.; 2245 Doris Drive, Decatur, Ga 50. 74, 172, 95 Mullen, Katherine; 2009 Stanton Rd., Apt. 6. East Point, Ga. Mullins, Sue E.; 1567 Pinehurst Dr. S.W., Atlanta, Ga 130, 195 Mumford, Carole L. ; 1706 Deerfield Circle, Decatur, Ga 211, 87 Murphy, Andrew S. ; 141 Luther Dr.. Mableton. Ga. Murphy, Brenda E.; Route 1, Zebulon, Ga 211, 84 Murphy, Clarence C. ; 108 Meadow St., Thomasville, Ga 130 Murphy, Donald E.; 2920 N. Fulton Dr. N.E., Atlanta, Ga. Murphy, Michael L.; Moreland, Ga. Murphy, Roger S. ; 441 Mcl.inden Ave., Smyrna, Ga. Musick, Linda S. ; 63 Fourth St. N., Newnan, Ga. Musick, Ted S.; 63 Fourth St., Newnan, Ga. Myers, Robert T. ; 218 Chappell, Griffin. Ga. Myrick, Barbara B.; Box 233, Villa Rica, Georgia 172 Nance, Kenneth H.; 718 North Hill St., Griffin, Ga 172, 56 Naylor. Larry; 2121 Trailmark Drive, Decatur, Ga 211, 71 Neal, Claudette V. ; 530 Sandtown Road, Marietta, Ga 211 Neal, Julian T. ; 3217 Lavista Rd., Decatur, Ga 195 Neal, Mike M. ; 3223 McAfee Rd., Decatur, Ga 173, 58, 67 Neal, Susan B. ; Box 182, Pine Mountain, Ga 211 Neely, Randall C; Sharpsburg, Ga 211 Neighbors, Franke A.; 6 Dickinson St., Hogansville, Ga 195, 131 Neill, Sandra R.; 330 Bankhead Ave., CarroUton, Ga 211, 83 Neville, James W. ; 215 Oakland Ave., Sanford, Fla 89, 173, 66, 86, 90, 93 Newell, Susan B.; Club Drive. CarroUton. Ga. Newman. Barbara L.; Rt. 3. DouglasviUe, Ga. iTewman, Freida M. ; Box 136, Waco, Ga .• 211 Newman, Michael D, ; Route 1. Tallapoosa. Ga 211 Newman. Joe; Route 1. Newnan. Georgia Newman. Joseph R.; 127 Franklin Rd.. Newnan. Ga. Newman. Ronald F. ; Box 672, Waco, Ga. Newsome, Linda L. ; 1687 Hamilton Ave., East Point, Ga 195 Nicholson, Alice C. ; 328 Pinecrest Dr., DouglasviUe, Ga. Nicholson, James C. ; 328 Pinecrest Dr., DouglasviUe, Ga. Nicholson, Thomas R. ; 2341 Blemont Dr., Decatur, Ga. Niemeyer, Jon C. ; 20 Sussey Rd.. Avondale Est.. Ga 193, 118, 89 Nixon, Donald L. ; Rt. 4, CarroUton, Ga. Nixon, Howard C; 908 N. Park St., CarroUton, Ga. Nixon, Jack L.; 31 Spring St., Tallapoosa, Ga. Nixon, Wilson A.; Route 2, CarroUton, Ga. Noles, Johnny W. ; 216 Cedar Street. CarroUton. Georgia 94 Noles. Rayford J.; Route 4, Bowdon, Ga. NoUey, Richard M. ; 1309 Kenilworth Dr. S.W., Atlanta, Ga 211 Noles, Martha J.; 216 Cedar St., CarroUton, Ga. Norris, Jimmy M; 440 Chestnut St., Cedartown, Ga 183, 118, 89 Norlhcutt, Howard M. ; 615 Polk St., Marietta, Ga. Norton, James H.; 431 Ga Ave., Bremen, Ga. Norton, Patricia D. ; 166 Spring St., Milstead, Ga 212 Norton, Robert L. ; 106 Farris. Forest Park. Ga 52, 115, 124 Nowlin, Phyllis R. ; Rt. 2, Bremen, Ga 195 Nuckolls, Sherlyn C. ; Route 4, Bowdon, Ga 212 Oda, Mitsuko; 2-24 Miyaguchi-Cho, Nagara Cri Fu, Japan 183, 88, 97 Ogden, Sammy L. ; 403 Alabama Ave., Bremen, Ga. Oglesby, William K. ; Rt. 5, Elberton, Ga. O ' Neal, Fred L. ; 108 Cherry St., CarroUton, Ga. Orlich, Rodolfo R. ; San Ramon, Alajuela, Costa Rica 88, 212 Overton, Caroly3 R. ; Rt. 3, Bowdon, Ga 183, 95 Owen, Anna F.; 2725 Church St., East Point, Ga 212 Owens, Abigail S. ; 1011 Main St., N.W., Conyers, Ga 212 Owens, Charles J.; 788 Bridgewater St., S.T., Atlanta, Ga 212, 116 Owens, Joseph I.; 512 Lawson St., Bremen, Ga. Oxford, Clifford A.; 1095 Femcliff Rd., N.E., Atlanta, G« 212 I ' ait, Grace H. ; 318 West View Dr., Villa Kiel, (ki. F ' arliani, Juiues G.; Rt. 2, Ncwuuu, Ga. Parlmm, Render T., Jr.; 18 Corinth Rd., Horgansville, Gu 212 Patterson, Wanda C. ; 190 Sandy Plains Rd., Marietta, Ga 212 Paris, Annette; Route 2, Hiram, Georgia " ■ ' Paris, Jane E.; Rt. 2, Hiram, Ga «6. 70, 72, 212, 130 Park, Warren D.; Rt. 3, Box 185, College Park, Ca. Parker. Anthony W. ; 3122 Latona Dr. S.W., Atlanta. Ga 212 Parker, James R.; 18 Atlanta St., McDonough, Ga. Parker, Marvin M; Route 1, Newnan, Georgia v Parker, Thomas L. ; Rt. 5, Bremen Rd., CarroUton, Ga. Parkman, Carroll L.; 1814 Maple St., CarroUton, Ga 212 Parkman, Patti . . ; 1814 Maple St., CarroUton, Ga. Parkman, Ralph M.; 214 Bass St.. CarroUton, Georgia 173 Parks, James P.; 81 LaGrangc St., Newnan, Ga 183 Parris, Joel B. ; 1828 New York Ave. N.E., Atlanta. Ga 183 Parris, Lenora J.; 102 Douglas St., CartersviUe, Ga 195 Parrish, Allen J.; 134 Montgomery St., Vilhi Rica, Ga. Parrish, Gary H.; Box 117, Temple, Ga. Parrish, Gordon R.; 545 McPlierson St.. nrenien, Ga 212 Parrott, Edgar C; 107 Woodbine Cir., Newnan, Ga. Parrntt. James H. ; 107 Woodbine Cir., Newnan, Ga. Parrott, Martha E.; Rt. 6, Box 147, Manchester, Ga 212 Pate. Charles R., Rt. 1, Winston, Ca. Pate. Terry F. ; Route 6. CarroUton. Georgia 173 Patty. Brenda A.; Rt. 6, Rev 41. Dalton. Ga 183 Patrick, Clement C, Jr.; R.iute 3. Box 200, McDonough, Ga 212 Patrick. James L. ; P.O. Rox 32, Franklin, Ga. Patrick, Jason J.; Route 3, Box 200, McDonough, Ga 195 Patrick, Linda L. ; 136 Howell Rd., Carr. llion, Ga. Patrick, Lucy M. ; CarroUton, Ga. Patrick, Nancy J.; E Club Drive, CarroUton, Ga. Patterson, Thomas A.; Route 1, Waco, Ga 212 Paul, Linda E.; 510 Fourth Ave., Thomaston, Ga 183 Paxton. Betty F.; 2 Tallapoosa St.. Buchanan, Ga. Payne, Carolyn E. ; 201 Oak Ave,, CarroUton, Ga 212 Payne. Richard 0.; 115 Moon St., Marietta, Ga 212 Payne, Robert E.; Box 454, Villa Rica, Georgia Payne, Willard E., Jr.; 444 E. Pharr Rd., Decatur, Ga 212 Payton, Ann; Route 1, Buchanan, Georgia 173 Peacock, Ann; Rt. 5, Canton, Ga 195, 130, 195 Peeples, Chrystinc L. ; Woolscy, Ga. Peeples, Keith H. ; 2495 Constance St., East Point, Ga 212, 114 Pelt, Irma R.; 928 Bluebird Rd., Augusta, Ga 173, 60, 130, 98, 70 Pendley, Linda S. ; 1265 E. Rock Springs Rd., Atlanta, Ga 212 Pennington, Ponzi E.; 3522 Meadowridge, Dr., Atlanta, Ga 212 Perkerson, Angus M. ; 27 Temple, Ave., Newnan, Ga. Perry, Jacklyn C; Box 246, Buchanan, Ga 213 Perry, Sarah C; 677 Marietta Hwy., Canton, Ga 217 Perry, Ronald R.; 2478 Semmes St., East Point, Ga. Perryman. Larry W. ; Route 1, Box 13, Norcross, Ga. Pettway, Martha L.; 985 Los Angeles Ave. N., Atlanta 6, Georgia Petty, Lucy C; 2344 Venetian Dr. S.W., Atlanta, Ga 185 Petty, Wylie 0., Ill; 1230 Eastridge Rd., Atlanta, Ga. Phagan, John D. ; 225 Maple St.. Villa Rica. Ga. Philips. Bobbye J.; 1589 Wellborn Rd.. Redan, Ga 85 Phillips, Donna S.; Route 2, Bowdon, Ga. Phillips, James R.; Route 3, CarroUton, Ga. Phillips, Larry P.; 2500 Meadowlark Dr., East Point, Ga. Phillips, Randolph W. ; Shiloh, Ga. Philpot, Sharon E.; 2479 Nancy Lane, Atlanta. Ga 84, 195, 108, 109 Phinazee, Mark L.; Rt. 1, Milncr, Ga 195 Pickens, Jerry W. ; 599 Milligan Dr., Stone Mountain, Ga 92 Pierce, Parker B.; 1890 W. Forest Ave., East Point, Ga 195 Pierce, William G. ; 2398 Alston Dr. S.E., Atlanta, G 89, 184, 119 Piggott, Leon A., Jr.; 1333 Council Bluff Dr., Atlanta, Ga 213 Pike, Homer C. ; Route 2, CarroUton, Ga. Pinyan, Henry S., Ill; 2680 Delowe Drive, East Point, Ga 213 Pippin, Wendell D. ; Box 263, Jackson, Ga. Pirkle, Barbara S.; 1401 De Soto Ave. S.W.. Atlanta, Ga 184 Pirone, Andrea J.; 201 Dixie St., CarroUton, Ga. Plant, Walter J., Jr.; 2782 Hayden Dr., East Point, Ga 213, 83, 120 Poag, James R.; 806 N. Park St., CarroUton, Georgia Pogue, Larry D.; 1855 Thompson Ave., East Point, Ga 213 Pollard, Thomas H. ; 15 Locust St., Rome, Ga. Poison, Delia D.; 4169 Deland Rd., Tucker, Ga 213 Poole, Lawrence D.; 119 Poplar Circle, La Grange, Ga 213, 91 Pope, James C; 822 North Park St., CarroUton, Georgia 173, 55 Pope, Lester N. ; Route 2, Tallapoosa, Ga 97, 213, 74, 91 Porter, Charles K. ; 218 Derrydown Way, Decatur, Ga. Porter, James F.; Box 74, RoopviUe, Ga. Posey, Derrell T. ; Box 513, Bremen, Ga. Posey, Mary E.; 1464 Kahanna Drive. Decatur, Ga 195, 71 Posey, Michael C. ; 2745 Wcstford Ct., College Park, Ga. Rotate, Linda J.; James Street, DouglasviUe, Ga 184, 88 Potts, Huelette A.; RFD 4, Box 266, Newnan, Ga. Powell, Annelle; Route 1, Buena Vista, Ga 173 Powell, Leslie E.; 700 Leslie Dr., Villa Rica, Ga 195 Powell, Lillian K.; P.O. Box 253, Villa Rica, Ga 213 Powell, Sue C; 120 South Hill St., Griffin, Ga. ., 108, 109 Powell, Thomas; 630 South Dogwood St., Villa Rica, Ga. Prater, Jan P.; New Town Road, Calhoun, Ga 173, 49, 50, 130, 132 Prater, Joan; Route 3, Calhoun, Georgia 173, 61, 130 242 GREEN FRONT CAFE TASTY-GRILL 424 BRADLEY STREET MR. BILL BREWER Curb Service Owner Open 6 AM to 10 PM — Except Monday Good Food Well-Prepared Phone TE 2-9183 1004 Dixie Street Carroiiton Georgia Compliments of DUFFEY ' S SAUSAGE HOME OF BE ER MEATS " Carroiiton, Georgia 243 Price, Belle J.; 388 Greencove Lane S.E., Allanla 16, Ga 195, 130 Price, Jacquelin : P.O. Box 4, Carrollton, Ga. Price, Marilyn S. ; Rt. 6, Marietta, Ga. Price, Robert P.; 313 Hill St., I.a Grange, Ga 213 Prickett, Harvard P.; 3695 S. Bend Ave. S.E., Atlanta, Georgia 173, 86 Primo, Margaret E.; 131 Molette Ga St., Carrollton, Ga. Prince, Julia M.; 302 Bankliead Ave., Carrollton, Ga. Prince, Larry E.; 704 Juniper St., La Grange, Ga 213 Prince, Phyllis E.; 719 Girard Ave., Cedartown, Ga 195 Prince, Phyllis S.; 51 Second Ave., Newnan, Ga 213 Pritchard, Frank L. ; 100 King James Way, Morrow, Ga 196 Pritchard, Gwendolyn E. ; Canton, Ga 184 Pritchett, Glenn R.; 110 Hazel St., Dalton, Ga 213 Probasco, Karen S. ; 105 Hicks Dr., Marietta, Ga. Proctor, Gainya W. ; W. Greenwood Dr., Carrollton, Ga. Pruitt, Lester L. ; 5480 Kenimie Lane, S.W., Mableton, Ga 84, 184, 120 Puckett, James L., II; 302 Wood St., Cornelia, Ga. Puckett, Robert; 6279 Edward St., Doraville, Ga 173 Puckett, Ronald E.; 119 Birch St., Smyrna, Ga 69, 213, 199, 62, 94 Pullen, Richard A.; 3443 Dodson Ter., East Point, Ga 213 PuUiam, Emmy L. ; Route 1, Covington, Georgia 196, 130 Purcell, Emily C. ; 563 Brownwood Ave. S.E., Atlanta, Ga 184 Raburn, Carole J.; 4429 Herschel Rd., College Park, Ga 196, 81 Ragsdale, Grace H.; 206 Ridley Dr., Carrollton, Ga. Ragsdale, Henry S. ; Route 1, Dallas, Ga 196 Ragsdale, Marilee; 1639 Stephenson Rd., Lithonia, Ga 213, 93 Raines, Richard A.; 1425 Van Epps Ave. S.E., Atlanta, Ga. Raines, Thomas H. ; 70 N.E. 100th St., Miami 38, Fla. Rainey, Donald C; P.O. Box 315, Buchanan, Ga 213 Rainwater, Brenda N. ; Box 262, Bowdon, Ga 213 Rainwater, James P.; 82 College St., Newnan, Ci. Ramey, Juanelle; 246 Simmons St., Trion, Ga 213, 132 Ramsey, Phocian D. ; 1372 Wichita Dr., Atlanta, Ga. Raper, Donald E.; 305 Walnut St., Cedartown, Ga. Rapp, James A.; 44 Lakeland Dr. N.W., Atlanta, Ga. Ray, Gary L. ; Route 1, Tallapoosa, Ga. Ray, Irene S.; 23 Black Bluff Rd., Rome, Ga 213 Ray, Larry K. ; Route 3, Dallas, Ga. Ray, Sandra N. ; 454 Clearwater, Rockmart, Georgia 196, 132, 129, 98 Ray, Vicki J.; S. Lakeshore Drive, Carrollton, Ga 213, 129 Raykowski, Cheryl L. ; Route 1, Dallas, Ga. Reagan, David H. ; 1043 Barton Ave., Macon, Ga 184, 90. 93, 89 Redmond, Clara P.; 106 Queen St., Cedartown, Ga. Redmer, Martha A.; 205 Spring St., Carrollton, Ga 87 Reeves, Donald A.; 1270 N. Cqleman Rd., Roswell, Ga. Reeves, Robert K. ; Route 1, Carrollton, Ga. Reeves, Susan A.; Route 1, Buchanan, Ga 213 Reid, Carl A.; Route 1, Stockbridge, Ga 196 Raid, Mary J.; Ellaville, Georgia 174, 93 Reid, Ruth A.; Box 114. Luthersville, Ga 196, 129 Reitz, Joseph C; Box 7B, Roopville, Georgia 184 Reynolds, Roy J.; 1368 .Animaka Ave. S.W., Atlanta, Ga 213 Rhodes, William I,.; 127 Pharr Road, Decatur, Georgia 196, 187, 66 Richards, Larry D.; 4250 Davis Rd.. College Park, Ga 196 Richards, Johnny H. ; Rt. 1, Whitesburg. Ga. Richardson, Jerry H.; 138 Cherry St., Rockmart, Ga 196, 84 Ricks, Sylvia L. ; Route 1, Carrollton, Georgia Riddell, Fred W., Jr.; 3786 Harts Mill Court, Chamblee, Georgia Ridley, Jere R. ; Route 3, Franklin, Ga. Ridley, Melinda L.; Box 65, Buchanan, Ga 213 Riel, Sharon L. ; 605 Girard Ave., Cedartown, Ga 213 Riggins, Charles G.; 846 McLaurin Ave., Griffin, Ga 213 Riley, Elaine B,; P.O. Box 393, Douglasville, Ga. Rinehart, Gary L. ; 210 N. White St., Carrollton, Georgia 174, 93, 95 Ritch, Marvin W. ; Route 1, Hiram, Georgia Robbins, Larry E.; 304 Campbellton St., Douglasville, Ga 184 Roberts, Calvin A.; 605 Cherokee Rd., La Grange, Ga 196, 100 Roberts, George B.; 1382 Milton Place S.E., Atlanta, Ga 196 Roberts, Glenn E. ; 110 Lunie Drive, Mableton, Ga. Roberts, James A.; 50 Moss St., Cornelia, Ga. Roberts, Kenneth M. ; Route 2, Carrollton, Georgia Robertson, Carl A.; 43 Temple .Ave., Newnan, Ga. Robertson, Mary H. ; 204 Villanow St., La Fayette, Ga 174, 83 Robinson, Bryan J.; 1698 Willis Mill Rd., S.W., Atlanta, Ga. Robinson, Carol E.; General Delivery, Sargent, Ga 196, 70, 71 Robinson, Claudia E.; P.O. Box 132, ThomasviUe, Ga 184 Robinson, Deborah J.; Route 4, Carrollton, Ga. Robinson, Hilda M. ; Route 1, Newnan, Ga 213 Robinson, Jan T. ; 315 Kramer Dr., Carrollton, Ga. Robinson, Joe B. ; 1698 Willis Mill Rd. S., Atlanta, Ga 184 Robinson, Maryem; Maddox Dr. N.E., Atlanta, Ga 36, 37, 61, 30, 108, 109, 185, 131 Robinson, Richard D.; Route 4; Bowdon, Ga. Robinson, Robert L.; Rt. 1; Carrollton, Ga 196 Robinson, Sara R.; Route 5; Carrollton, Ga. Robinson, Wendell P.; 720 Bankhead Ave., Carrollton, Ga 117 Pobison, Shirley M. ; P.O. Box 122, Carrollton, Ga 213, 129 Rog ers, Denzil L.; Box 20, LaGrange, Ga. Rogers, James D. ; Franklin, Ga » 196 Rogers, John C; 401 N. Cliff St., Carrollton, Ga 185 Roland, George C; Rt. 5, Tifton, Ga 213 Rollins, Janice G.; Route 1, Roopville, Ga 185 Romine, William A.; 84 Oak St., Aragon, Ga. Rooks, Beverly D. ; 307 13th Ave. E., Cordele, Ga 214 197, 129 Rooks, James C. ; Box 35, Bowdon, Ga. Ross, David L. ; Route 4, Box 428, Douglasville, Ga. Rosselle, Gloria J.; 21915 Markridgo Rd., Sarasota, Fla Rosser, James L. ; Route 5, Marietta, Ga. Rosser, Janice S.; 329 Gordon St., Bremen, Ga. Rothchild, Kathcrinc F.; 8,38 Blossom St. S.W., Allanla, Ga 130 Rountrec, Linda M. ; 56 Soiithwind Circle, Atlanta, Ga 214 Rowe, George R.; 219 Willowbrancli Ave., Jacksonville, Fla. Rowe, Mary E.; Rt. 3, Box 338, Griffin, Ga. Rowe, William G.; 4473 Tanner Rd., College Park, Ga 214 Rowell, Frank; 412 Dora St., Griffin, Ga 14 Rowell, James L.; Box 460, Bowdon, Ga. Rowland, Kay N. ; Box 237, Bowdon, Ga. 1 5 Rowley, Cleveland M. ; 385 Hooper St. S.E., Atlanta, Ga 214 Ruehlc, Judith A.; 2442 La Vista Rd. N.E., Atlanta, Ga. Runyan, Franklin K.; 1202 W. Crawford St., Dalton, Ga. Russell, Emily C. ; Box 459, LawrenceviUe, Ga 1 5 Russell, Marilyn J.; 82 Cleveland St., McDonough, Ga 46, 47, 214, 131 St.Clair, Duncan C; 1 D Sunchon St., Ft. Bragg, N.C 84 Samples, Mollie M. ; 815 Cedar St., Carrollton, Ga. Sanders, Eddie L. ; 3259 Betty Circle, Decatur, Ga. Sanders, Kathleen S. ; Rt. 1, Box 2,54, Griffin, Ga 214, 131 Sanders, Phillip L. ; Box 172, Talladega, Ala. Sargent, George B.; 56 Woodbine Dr., Newnan, Ga 86 Saunders, Donna C; 608 S. Hutchinson Ave., Adel, Ga 214 Savage, Patricia F. ; 1142 Atlanta Rd., Marietta, Ga 214 Savellc, Fayron J.; 118 Oak Ave., Carrollton, Ga 197 Saylors, Tena D. ; MacLand Road, Rt. 4, Marietta, Ga 214 Saxon, Neal D. ; Kiker St., Tallapoosa, Ga. Say, Linda D.; .540 Old Ivy Rd., Atlanta, Ga 214 Scarboro, Sandra L. ; 100 Reynolds Rd., Morrow, Ga 197 Scarborough, William L.; 3943 Pine Valley Dr., College Park, Ga 197 Schoenberner, Robert A.; 819 North Park, Carrollton, Ga. Scoggins, Alice E.; Box 602, Bowdon, Ga. Schuler, John H.; 698 Lexington Ave., Atlanta, Ga. Scott, Gail A.; 208 W. Center St., Carrollton, Ga 214, 81 Scott, Glenn, Jr., 312 Frazier Dr., Rocky Face, Ga. Scott, Phillip R.; Route 2, Chatsworth, Ga. Scott, Roger L. ; 33 E. Main St., New Holland, Ga 214 Scudder, Carole E.; 1518 Maple St., Carrollton, Ga 175 Seabolt, Wayne; Green St., Fairburn, Ga 185, .59, 66, 69, 94 Sears, Betty J.; 133 Johnson Dr., Doraville, Ga 214, 84, 91 Sears, Charles M. ; 2652 Dellwood Dr., Atlanta, Ga. Self, Kathy; 507 Boulevard Heights, Calhoun, Ga. Sewell, Peggy M. ; Route 1, Hartwell, Ga 174, 61, 130, 132 Shackelford, Mayme F.; 224 Lane Circle, La Grange, Ga. Shadburn, Don L. ; Box 762, Gumming, Ga 185 Shadrix, Barbara L. ; 424 Dixie St., Carrollton, Ga 185, 97 Shaefer, Stephen F. ; Rt. 1, West Point, Ga. Shafe, Charles C; 445 S. Williams St., Metier, Ga 185, 59, 75, 89, 194 Sharp, Cecilia N. ; 323 Brown St., Carrollton, Ga 214 Sharp, Shirley; Route 5, Carrollton, Ga. Sharpless, Ronald C; 2355 Robinhood Rd., Macon, Ga 185, 93 Shaw, June E.; 26 Tulip St., Cranford, N.J 197, 81, 71 Shaw, Hugh F.; 603 College St., Carrollton, Ga. Shaw, Robert A.; Rt. 6, Mozclle Dr., Marietta, Ga 214 Shaw, William D. ; Box 283, Shaw Dr., Fairburg, Ga 214 Sheffield, Robert L.; 1352 Westboro Dr. S.W., Atlanta, Ga. Shelley, Jerry L. ; 505 Church St., Douglasville, Ga 214, 83, 82 Shelnutt, Swan G. ; Rt. 1, Box 35, Austell, Ga. Shepherd, Marjo A.; Box 272, Gordon, Ga 197, 132, 91, 131 Sheppard, Waymon G.; 313 Westview Dr., Villa Rica, Ga 185 Sheram, Benjamin S. ; Rt. 2, Ringgold, Ga 120 Sherman, Eric S. ; Rt. 2, Box 180, Mableton, Ga 214 Shiflett, Robert W. ; Route 2, Cedartown, Ga 197 Shipp, Roxie G. ; Route 2, Box 109, Talbotton, Ga 197, 132, 93, 98, 131 Shirey, Clara S.; 305 Penn Ave., Carrollton, Ga. Shurbntt, Thomas R.; 2130 Fairburn Rd. S.W., Atlanta, Ga 174, 57 Shurling, Sylvia B. ; Route 1, Dallas, Ga 175 Sikes, Wilbur N. ; 1436 Harvord Rd. N.E., Atlanta, Ga. Si monton, Bobby R.; 114 Lakesho Dr., Carrollton, Ga. Simonton, Kenneth W. ; 17 Woodland Dr., Rome, Ga 215 Sims, David F.; 492 Robinson Ave., Atlanta, Ga 215 Sims, Floyd D. ; 657 Woodland Ave. S.E., Atlanta, Ga 175, 99 Sims, Martha E.; 1213 Green St. S.E., Conyers, Ga 197. 84 Sims, Ramona E; P.O. Box 214, Buchanan, Ga. Simpkins, Charles T.; 127 Cherry Street, Carrollton, Ga. Sirapkins, Mary A.; Route 3, Carrollton, Ga. Simpson, Hilda C; 1205 Maple St., Carrollton, Ga 175 Sinclair, Katie L. ; 120 Raymond St. S.W., Atlanta, Ga. Singleton, Wayne 0.; 6 Atkinson St., Newnan, Ga. Singleton, William L.; 6 Atkinson St., Newnan, Ga. Sirmons, John S.; 508 Williamsburg Dr., Dalton, Ga 215 Sirota, Jack S. ; 2783 Springdalc Rd. Apt., East Point, Ga 185, 84 Sisson, Patricia A.; P.O. Box 99, Ringgold, Ga 197, 98, 131 Sivell, Mary C. ; Route 2, Box 204, Pine Mountain, Ga 215 Skelton, Thomas A.; 1325 Hillwood Ave., Griffin, Ga 197, 89 Slate, Donald L. ; 201 Toggle St., Carrollton, Ga 215 Slate, Richard H. ; 201 Jones St., Dalton, Ga 215 Smith, Carol L. ; 259 Beverly Rd. N.E., Atlanta, Ga 185, 52, 61, 50, 132, 98, 131 Smith, Ronnie; 2444 McAfee Rd., Decatur, Ga 185 Smith, Dale A.; 987 Pine St., Conyers, Ga. Smith, David A.; Ml. Zion, Ga. 244 For Safe, Connfor+able PWLBB Motor Coach Transportation Travel By H l RADIO SOUTHEASTERN MOTOR LINES Carrollton, Georgia CARROLLTON. GEORGIA Buses Chartered To Any Point AM MOO FM 92.1 On Your FM Dial " For the Most Fun, Keep the Group Together " PHONE TE 2-7041 Compliments of FOUNTAIN OIL CARROLL REALTY COMPANY AND INSURANCE CO., INC. WOODFIN COLE President SINCLAIR PRODUCTS All Forms of Insurance Mortgage Loans Leasing — Rentals Dixie Street 306 Newman St. Phone 832-2461 Carrollton Georgia Insurance Policy PLUS Personal Service EQUALS Complete Protection 245 Smilh, Elizabeth N. ; P.O. Box 93, Bowdon, Ga 175, 56, 75, 92, 87, 97 Smith, Franklin E.; 26— 4th St., Newnan, Ca 197 Smith, Gary E.; Box 315, Lilhia Springs, Ga 197 Smith, Gary Edward; 144 Mcdford Lane, Austell, Ga. Smith, Gary D. ; Rt. 1, Tunnel Hill, Ga ' . 215, 120 Smith, GleamerL.; 106 Adamson Ave., CarroUton, Ga 197, 74. 81, 96 Smith, John C; 26— 4th St., Newnan. Ga. Smith, Juanita; Route 2, Woodbury, Ga 215 Gilland, Judy C. Smith; 115 South St., CarroUton, Ga. Smith, Kenneth H. ; 532 Leslie Dr., Villa Riea, Ca. Smith, Linda L.; 16 Spring e., Tallapoosa, Ga. Smith, Marion O.; 297 Fayetteville Rd., Fairburn, Ga 185, 93, 94 Smith. Mallory G.; Route 6. CarroUton. Ca 215 Smith. Mary C. ; Sunset Blvd., CarroUton. Ga. Smith. Mary Gail; Buchanan. Ga. Smith. Nancy J.; Route 3. Box 365. Thomaston, Ga 215 Smith. Perry H. ; 1251 Greenview Dr.. Griffin, Ga 215 Smith. Robert K. ; Route 1. Palmetto, Ca. Route 1, Moreland, Ga Franklin. Ga 215. 96 ; Rt. 1, Anderson Mill Rd., Austell, Ga 197, 131 221 Groover Dr., CarroUton, Ca 197 .; 2341 Sagamore Hills Dr., Decatur, Ga 197 Smith. Robert L, ; Smith. Sally L. ; Smith. Sandra W. ; Smith. Sharon A.; Smith. Stephen D 185 119 Smith, Susan E.; 305 Brown St., CarroUton, Ga 215 Smith, Thomas M. ; 139 Overbrook Dr., Smyrna, Ga Smith. Tracy W. ; P.O. Box 315, Lithia Springs, Ga Smith, Wallace B. ; Route 4, Bowdon, Ga. Smith, Walter Jane; 206 B Cason St.. Albany. Ga. Snced, Ruby H.; 406 Katherine St., Douglasville, Ga. Snow, Wanda R.; P.O. Box 591, Dalton, Ca Snyder, Paul M. ; 732 Berne St. S.E., Atlanta, Ga Sockwell, Brenda G. ; 953 Gilbert St. S.E., Atlanta. Ca. .. Sokol, Joyce L.; 1981 Venetian Dr. S.W., Atlanta. Ga Sorenson, William A.; 1778 McLendon Ave. N.E.. Atlanta. 213 197, 114, 99 129 215, 131 Ga 215, 92 Souther, Joseph C. ; 687 Stokeswood Ave. S.E., Atlanta, Ga 215, 119 Southerland, Charles H., Jr.; 3768 Peachtree Rd. N.E., Atlanta 19, Ga 62 Spann, James K. ; Route 2, Dalton, Ga 215 Speth, Judith; 311 E. Va. Ave., Apt. D, College Park, Ca 215 Spink, Drena E.; 305 College St., Calhoun, Ga 197 Spivey, Joyce E. ; 127 Forest Lane, Rt. 3, Marietta, Ga 197, 132, 91, 131 Spruell, Bernice; 11 Casey St., Newnan, Ga. Sprewell, John S. ; Route 2, CarroUton, Ca.- Sproull, Thomas R.; 403 College St., Rockmart, Ga. Standard, Bobby E.; Route 1, LaCrange, Ga. Stanford, Jerry D. ; Route 1, Bremen, Ga. Stanford, Morris R.; 221 Lee St., Jonesboro, Ca 215 Stanley, Thomas S.; Box 516, Buchanan, Ga. Starling, Robert L. ; P.O. Box 5, The Rock, Ga. Starnes, Rebecca L. ; 52 Wesley St., Newnan, Ga. Starr, Charlotte D. ; 1057 Pine St. N.W., Conyers, Ga 215, 84 Steed, Harriet J.; P.O. Box 85, CarroUton, Ga. Steadham, Douglas W. ; CarroUton Rd., Temple, Ca. Steadman, Horace C, Jr.; 506 Walnut St., HapeviUe, Ga. Steed, Wanda G. ; Box 75, Bowdon, Ga 175 Steely, Gladys E.; 1056 S. Main St., Cedartown, Ca 215 Stephens. Herbert B.; 143 Adamson Ave., CarroUton, Ga 175 Stephens, Hubert Q.; 140 Trammel St., Marietta, Ca. Stephens, Hunter P.; 147 N. CoUege St., Cedartown, Ga. Stephens, Jeane L. ; 103 Mountville St., La Grange, Ca 215, 91 Stephens, Sally C. ; 143 Adamson Ave., CarroUton, Ca 215 Stephens, Shirley P.; Box 338, Villa Rica, Ca 197 Stevens, Camilla E.; Main St.. Whitesburg. Ca 215 Stewart. Carolyn L. ; 1421 Beccher St. S.W.. Atlanta, G 197 Stewart, Hal J.; 902 N. Dooley St., Montezuma, Ca. Stewart, Roberta L. ; 201 Cedar St., CarroUton, Ga. Stiles, Robert D. ; 305 Culberson Ave., La Fayette, Ga 175, 84 Stillwell, Linda D.; Route 3, La Grange, Ga 197. 91 Stokes, George W. ; 837 Center HiU Ave;, Atlanta. Ga 215 Stone. Eddie E.; Route 5, Newnan, Ca 185 Stone. 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Box 359, Barnesville, Ga 217 Wilson, Stephen F. ; 1784 Phillips Dr., Morrow, Ga 217 Windom, James E. ; Rt. 5, Carrollton, Ga. Windom, Linda C. ; Route 5, Carrollton, Georgia 177 Windom, Louis A.; Tyus Rd., Carrollton, Ga 198 Wingard, Elizabeth A.; Rt. 1, Box 86, Lowman Rd., Pine Bluff, Ark 186 Winters, Larry M.; Route 1, Forsyth, Ga 198 Wise, Jacqueline; Carrollton .St., Bowdon, Ga. Witt, Carol L. ; Route 2, Bowdon, Ga 129 Wittman, Ruth A.; 119 Austin Ave., Carrollton, Ga 217 Wix, Jane E. ; Route 5, S. Gordon Rd., Austell, Ga 186 Wolfe, Kathy M. ; 1105 Chalsworth Dr., Avondale Est., Ga 198, 62, 50, 30, 92 Womack, Mary J.; 308 Confederate Ave., Dallas, Ga 217, 131 Wood, Benny R. ; 322 N. White St., Carrollton, Ga 186, 95 Wood, Jerry W. ; Rt. 6, Carrollton, Ga. Wood, Willie L.; 218 King St., Carrollton, Ga. Woodall, Steven L. ; 3399 Hazelwood Dr. S.W., Atlanta, Ca 116 Woods, James R.; Box 166, RR 2, Pine Mountain, Ga 217, 100 Woods, Winford W. ; Route 2, Box 298, Bremen, Ga. Woodard, Shirley A.; 109 Nathan Lane, Austell, Ga 186 Woodruff, Margaret B.; 713 N. Collese St., Cedartown, Ga. Word, Judy C; Rt. 3, Carrollton, Ga. Worth, David M. ; 888 Artwood Rd. N.E., Atlanta, Ga 198, 120 Worthy, William B. ; 227 West Ave., Carrollton, Ga. Wortham, Steve C. ; Rt. 2, Franklin, Ca ]98 Wright, Gerilla M. ; 6 Frederick Ave., Hogansville, Ca ' 186, 83, 82, 91 Wright, Jerry L. ; 511 Oak St., Bremen, Ga ]77 Wright, Kenneth L. ; Glenmar Dr., Newnan, Ga. Wright, Margaret C. ; N. Lakeshore Dr., Carrollton, Ga 186, 108, 109 Wright, Nancy C. : P.O. Box 112, Roswell, Georgia Wright, Richard D. ; Rt. 2, Box 288A, Bremen, Ga. Wyche, Patricia E.; 204 Park Avenue, LaGrange, Georgia 177 Yancey, Cynthia A.; 413 Cannon Ave., Albany, Ga. Yancey, Roy D., 1366 Fairbanks St. S.W., Atlanta, Ga 217 Yancey, James D. ; 409 Grover St., Marietta, Ga 217, 120 Yanno, Alfred T. ; 401 C ' Adima Ave., Coral Gables, Florida Yarbrough, Carolyn E.; Laurel Lane, LaGrange, Ga 217 Yates, Dara J.; 76 Oak St., Aragon, Georgia 177 Yates, Evelyn G. ; Rt. 3, Rockmart, Ga. Yeary, James K.; 100 Brookside Dr., Elberton, Ga 177, 83 York, Lavis G. ; 350 First St., Shannon, Ga 113 Young, Erma W. ; Box 52, Powder Springs, Ga. Young, Judith A.; 226 A Kinsey Ct. N.E., Atlanta, Ga 217 Young, Mary E.; Rt. 3, Box 780, LaFayette, Ga 186, 98, 131 Young, Phyllis D. ; Rt. 2, Carrollton, Ga 177 Young, Robert R.; 530 N. White St., Carrollton, Ga. Young, Ronnie R.; 143 Tuggle St., Carrollton, Ga. Yuhas, Andrew R. ; 2333 Dcsmonn Dr., Decatur, Ga. Zachry, Bill J.; 609 Rome St., Carrollton, Ga. Zellner, Jerty W. ; 4527 Harrison Rd., Colleg e Park, Ga 217 Zerblis, James E. ; 9 Waverly Cir., Newnan, Ga 92 248 ■I i " Compliments of ROME FRUIT AND PRODUCE COMPANY ROME, GEORGIA 249 WEST GEORGIA NATIONAL BANK OF CARROLLTON Carrollton, Georgia Compliments of CAPITAL FOODS 777 Whitehall St., S. W. Atlanta, Georgia 250 MAPLE STREET SODA SHOP Open Til 12:00 P.M. Maple Street Carrollton, Georgia Compliments of MARK ' S LAKESIDE STORE Banlchead Highway Carrollton UU 11 ' A ' J UU ' ' :ui awn II a L ' " ' , Hardware Paints • Sporting Goods TOWN AND COUNTRY HARDWARE, INC. D. A. JACKSON, Owner TE 2-2759 516 Maple Street Carrollton 25! Compliments of COBB DORMITORY M H BS H H ' f St ' ' i H MELSON DORMITORY ADAMSON DORMITORY 252 WANT MORE Vitality 7 drink Carroll Creamery f V TRI-COUNTY INSURANCE AGCY. Auto • Fire • Life Bonds • Casualty COMPLETE INSURANCE SERVICE DIAL 832-8997 112 Dixie St. Carroliton Compliments of TIRE SERVICE COMPANY 234 Maple St. 832-2434 Carroliton Georgia WHITMAN ' S GLASS SHOP 418 North Park 832-2337 Carrollfon Georgia Compliments of A FRIEND € - (fbttxir ' (fjittaph The 1965 CHIEFTAIN has gone to press. The mad rush is over — for this year. I won ' t say that it wasn ' t fun, because at times it was. However, I won ' t say that it was the easiest task I ever undertook, because it certainly wasn ' t that either. Inevitably any editor of anything always says that it couldn ' t have been done without the staff. At the risk of being trite, I, too, am saying it, because I do not think that anyone could have put out an annual without the excellent help that I ' ve had. To Ranscine Pelt, my old stand-by, I offer grateful appreciation. To Charles Applebee who climbed trees, stood in the rain, and missed meals to get pictures — all I can say is thanks. Good ol ' Larry Naylor was invaluable because he not only managed his section very well, but helped with the others. My deepest thanks go to the rest of the staff: Bruce, Mary and Pam, Pat and Carolyn, Martha, Betty and Margaret, Chris, Lynda and Jane, Jim and June, Becky and Carolyn, Sandy and Tommy, and Patsy. To David Parkman, our advisor, goes more than just thanks. He was always there when he was needed. We might never have made it without him. All of these people did a great deal of work. It looks so easy when you see the finished product put together, but any one who was around during the process knows that panic, frustration, and a lot of effort is what got the CHIEFTAIN published. So, people, here it is. We hope you like it. If you want to make it even better next year, help by actually joining the staff and working and most of all, help by giving your help and if you can ' t do that, help by giving your support and cooperation to those who are on the staff. C un jUiJ 256 Editor-in-Chief 1965 Chieftain IRVINE SULLIVAN INGRB " - ' " - - ' ' EST GEORGIA C CARROLLTON, GEOk .. i»n ' TOI -i.ili-o iut . ' tj i liMBriiMatti I 1 !

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