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' li ■■■- ' vt h -tA ' -J-A ' r P -v tib.r K ' - - ' 5: ■• 1 ' A- B : ; V _ 7. . " v y ' ' v - r: z ' • ■ V ■ _ ' 1 . o- ::: i )i 4 y t .z- " -- r Vff " 5 0- ■r o Lr? t V- x . 1. 1 ' : V u f A. ' 1 :- ■I x ' -5r -• t -, s o i: ' 5 ,4 % .:ni A : y; te li rVv - V - jii H t J Uf ; 14 r. -i .( - ' - V ■ " ti— ' . 1 :-K V- -Wi 1 ■ . i-% i 5ii - i . kS m I - A? 1 i: ■ IPWPPWBPWWWPP r «; ' ' . zt? ' ♦ ' i 4. ;j ■p m ' % - «ai(P €- i y--i ,«•, ' ' ::« ISI -jig . c .-- Chieftai ¥4 ' , ' ..Tk ' 1 5 " I ■ ' .♦rs :-. ■ ' 1 Hi ' -% ' w rfi , West Georgia College Carrollton, Georgia Volume XXX in Editor Don Cadora Contents Dedication 4-5 In Memoriam .... 6-7 Foreword 8-9 Features 29-60 Activities 11-28 I Organizations 61-92 Sports 93-126 Faculty and Administration 127-144 Classes 145-186 Ads and Index 187-214 Dr. Jesse Hendricks Dedication In respect for his fifty years of dedication to the teaching pro- fession . . . In admiration of the higher ideals of Hfe which he exempHfies . , . In gratitude for the inspiration that he provides . . . We dedicate, this, the 1964 Chieftain in honor of Dr. Jesse W. Hendricks. H - j -. ■vi ■ • ■ ■ v,:. V .: !s»H« -.. © FABIAN BACHRACH In Memoriam . . . John F. Kennedy On November 22, 1963, the course of history was suddenly changed in the midst of bright sunshine in Dallas, Texas. A bullet from the gun of Lee Oswald struck and killed the leader of our nation. The grief and unbelief of that day and the days that followed is clearly remembered. John Fitzgerald Kennedy is dead. Death cannot de- stroy the respect and admiration of a nation. May we in the years to come, reflect upon this event with re- newed respect for this man and for the office of Presi- dent of the United States. President Kennedy speaking at Warm Springs, Georgia, in I960. A W:. y :. S),.- 1 ?. ' ? n} . : . ' i r43t si;V -1 ' » 52 ' j ' f ii ' V l ' Sv. . ■ : 3i?:.r iV f r , 1 l .v asis ' - ' I ¥-%m. ■M, .,» -.••a-ti iiafti ' Isfc ; ' --i W ' - ' : IgSVlgfrSr:? mm ' ■.-■ I Fore Each personal experience of our college year, from that first excitement upon arrival in September to the last exam in June, cannot be adequately revealed in any one volume. For each individual the story is different, but some things will always be familiar to each of us . . . the noisy lou nge, dances, bridge games, exciting base- i - . % ,i ' - ' i ' ' ' -4m. t». T- r ' -■s - •- ' r= !3 -- ' : ' ■■■•-; • . . - ' 4 - t ' 5- ' m-m fc « ord )all games, long hours of studying, and new friends. All )f these and many more comprise this year at West jeorgia College. The 1964 CHIEFTAIN has tried to :apture a few of these familiar moments, hoping that ve have been able to show a part of the spirit which ibides here. ■SfS J A ' ' ,4 t f 7T ' is-. r. t, % ' v: ' ■- ' ' ' ' , West Georgia College 1963-64 • • ■mJ%A , A : r-i %flr } : ' ■ - • » ' m : 7«.- »•, " -r ' • " " Mr m UA..:m!r ' im : For Memory, all that remains is the good and the pleasant . . . the heart of West Georgia College . . . .■■• W WS k.:t-- l£-6. «- :i-i- ., . the heart which gathers its being from students. The student body becomes the student mob when registration and administration take over . . . . . . but perseverance triumphs and once again a new routine is found 19 20 . . . soon the inevitable college goal presents itself and the real work begins. r y % i ' ♦ Things, People, Places . . . The Atlanta Civic Ballet n The Four Freshmen f Y i V ' 23 The Norman Luboff Choir ■ " -i rii ' ill Jimim ( %Jku:fJi M (M: zf We vie for attention and a place in the sun. 25 we each choose our way . . . alone or with others. 2S;ifcl m.. I 27 The great and the small all come too soon and pass quickly leaving for memory ' ' ' ' t ' i« MiiM • • • . . . the heart of We st Georgia College 28 M ss Chief tain 1964 ane Waxier Jane is a sophomore majoring in Sociology. She is sponsored by Alpha Theta. Tirst Kumer Up Id in da jKoseietJ Linda is a junior majoring in Elementary Educa tion. She is sponsored by Men ' s Athletic Asso ciation. Second KuHHer Up Tata TarL Patti is a senior majoring in Elementary Educa- tion. She is sponsored by the Senior Class. JiucAabee Sharon is a sophomore majoring in Biology She is sponsored by Circle K. mte Sa CBuice 3i£Sy Melba is a junior majoring in Elementary Edu- cation. She is sponsored by Inter-faith Council. Fayron is a freshman majoring in Elementary Education. She is sponsored by Wesley Founda- tion. If ' ■ " „. i. Qjarol miin Carol is a sophomore majoring in Sociology. She is sponsored by Mandeville Dormitory. CHIEFTAIN COURT: Carol Smith, Melba Libby, Linda Moseley, Jane Baxter, Patti Parkman, Fayron Savelle, Sharon Huckabee. Before the highlights of the Pageant a tea was held for the contestants. The theme for the 1964 Chieftain Beauty Review was " She Walks in Beauty. " i, ' - Miss Ann Brown 1964 Homecoming Queen 45 Homecoming, 1964, featured as its theme " County Fair. " The return of alumni was highlighted by the crowning of the 1964 Homecoming Queen, Miss Ann Brown. First Row: Martha Brown, Laura Holloman, Sue Jarman. Second Row: MaryEm Robinson, Queen Ann Brown, Carol Ann Mowell. Sweetheart King and Queen - . " Carol Ann Mowell Mike Neal 1 tm Sweetheart Dance 1964 The Sweetheart Dance was highlighted by the crowning of Sweet- heart King and Queen, Carol Ann Mowell and Mike Neal. The theme was " P.S. I Love You. " Parachutes hung from the ceiling and mail- boxes were placed around the dance floor with carnations and letters in them. Of course, " P.S. I Love You " was on the letters. I i Queen of Spring Festival ' .-,-if: I Sue Jarman 50 IT Mai " f- t ' ' onor -TL wfc " ' . tf m " : THE SPRING FESTIVAL is a celebration of the beginning of spring at West Georgia College. The highlight of the festivities was the crowning of the Spring Festival Queen of 1964, Miss Sue Jarnaan. The theme was " World Wide Festival. " Each girl represented a foreign country. Authentic costum ed dancers entertained. , .t.- ■i. -I « ¥ -4.. ■ ■ v , 1 i• ' - 1 . ■»• t ' .,,fffc ' . • i " • ' " v» ,♦1 ■ M ■■ ' J - r t - • ' " " ' . ' .. I ll ■ Spring Festival Court Sharon Huckeba Joyce Morgan 52 Carole Eberhardt Dixie Waldrop Linda Mosley Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities The students recognized by Who ' s Who Among Students in American Colleges and Universities are nominated from approximately 750 colleges and universities. -Campus nominating committees consider in making their selections the student ' s scholarship, his participation and leadership in academic and extracurricular activities; his citizen- ship and service to the school; his promise of future usefulness. The Chieftain Staff takes pride in pre- senting the following students. David Brookins Leslie Brown Pat Edwards 54 Carol Ann Mowell (not pictured, Lexie McDonald) Jim Neville 55 iiipiroiit ' ! at) o alit iii mi 4 ) MiMi an ol .sfiidi i)f Bob Town ley 57 Jim Arp 58 Chris Medcalf Sue Powell Chieftain Salutes Each year the Chieftain recognizes outstand- ing students in each class. These students are elected by the student body. We, the Chieftain staff, salute the following students. Dan Lee David Brookins Carol Ann Mowell Ann Brown Wayne Seabolt Bill Rhodes Lee Smith 60 Student Government Publications Drama: Choir Service: Interest Religious Athletic Student Government Association Forming campus policies, acting as mediator between the student body and administration, and coordinating student activities are the main purposes of the Student Government Association. SGA officers are elected during winter quarter by the student body from all qualified students. Additional mem- bers are the presidents of the four classes, two elected representatives from the Senior class, two elected represen- tatives from the Junior class, three elected representatives from the Sophomore class, and three elected representa- tives from the Freshman class. In addition, the president of the Inter-faith council and the editor of the West Geor- gian are members in a non-voting capacity. AI Cohen Vice-President, President Winter Quarter Jim Arp President, Spring and Fall Quarters Carol Ann Mowell Secretary SGA Members include: First Row: Carol Ann Mowell, Barbara DeLoach, Pat Fulton, Marianne Chance, Pat Edwards. Second Row: Mike Neal, Chuck Miller, Rock Daniel, George Masak, Al Cohen, Dr. Holland (Advisor). President Jim Arp talks with Mr. Roy Harris during a visit jy the Board of Regents. Dr. Boyd discusses topics of campus interest with SGA members. SOC Officers are Al Cohen, President, and Sandy Williamson, Secretary. Student Organizations Council Dr. Covington is SOC advisor. Members of SOC include: First Row: Al Cohen, Dr. Covfngton, Sandy Williamson. Second Row: Jan Hitchcock, Sonny Burt, Ann Champion, Donna Swofford. Third Row: Libby Holden, Mike Higgins, June Green, Mary Brewer, Betty Jean Keene. Fourth Row: Joe Carpenter, Bob Townley, Lewis Manning, Jim Arp, Preston Johnson, Jim Neville, Dick Gammon. 64 SOC Members discuss future plans. The Student Organizations Council provides well-planned campus activities and promotes closer harmony among West Georgia students by acting as a clearing-house in scheduling meetings and campus activities. SOC is composed of the president of the clubs, organizations, and classes, and is presided over by the vice-president of the SGA. Providing for weekend entertainment, and arranging the Fall Festival are other activities at SOC. President Al Cohen visits the Four Freshmen backstage after their performance during the Fall Festival. 65 ■- • » s V Business Manager Wayne Seabolt Faculty Editor Philip Greer Activities Editor Linda Mosley Features Editor Rancine Pelt Sports Editor Sonny Pruitt Photographic Editors Harvey Darden, John Hook Organizations Editor Becky Landers Index Editor Pat Edwards Sophomore Class Editor Pat Fulton Junior Class Editor Sandi Folds Senior Class Editor Charles Todd Photographers Mike Higgins and Leroy Jack. 68 West Georgia College South ' s Most Progressive Small College Paper Volume XXX CarroUton, Ga. Serving to enlighten and inform the student body as well as give previews of coming events, The West Georgian provides interested students with opportunities for editing and writing. This bi-monthly publication is one of the South ' s foremost small college newspapers. Selection of the editor is made by a special committee after personal interviews with each of the candidates. Other staff members are chosen by tryouts which test their journalistic aptitude. Noel Brown . . . Editor Celeta Estes Managing Editor Deadline tomorrow! 69 The West Georgian Russell Curry Business Manager Elizabeth Smith Feature Editor Butch Van Duke and Jerry Griffin Sports Editors Miss Edwards and Mr. Kennedy Faculty Advisors Reporters for the West Georgian are Jan Hitchcock, Mary Brewer, Marilyn Payne, Herman Teel, and Charlie Shafe. The Eclectic The Eclectic is the literary magazine of West Georgia College. It provides students with an opportunity to discuss, edit, and publish work of general literary interest. It appears twice yearly, in the fall and spring quarters, and con- tains poems, short stories, literary essays, and some art work. STAFF: First Row: Nancy Jones, Lynn Varner, Gail Whitehurst, Judith Hines. Second Rou. Walter Jones, Elizabeth Smith, Jim Treadwell, Mr. Napier. Editor . . . Walter Jones Advisor . . . Mr. Napier 71 Alpha Theta Stimulating interest and skill in acting, directing, and stage management. Alpha Theta, the student organization of the speech and drama department of West Georgia College, is open to all students interested in drama. Alpha Theta attempts to give each member an over-all concept of the ideals and practices of the theater, and introduces audience, crev , and actors to many styles of drama and production. The program over a period of several seasons embraces as much as possible of the scope of theater history. The club presents one three-act play at the end of each quarter during the year. Other activities include theater parties, the Beaux Arts Ball, and the awards banquet, at which time recognition is given to the best actor, actress, supporting actor, sup- porting actress, and outstanding technical assistant. Alpha Theta ' s Beaux Arts Ball PRODUCTIONS The Crucible .- Spring, ' 63 The Voice of the Turtle Summer, ' 63 The Rainmaker Fall, ' 64 A Streetcar Named Desire " Winter, ' 64 72 Members of Alpha Theta include: First Row: Robert Puckett, George Sargent, Dick Gammon, George Hart, Jim Parks, Bob Barnett, Sonny Burt, Gary Whatts, Jim Boyd. Second Row: Rossell Adams, Barbara DeLoach, Linda Loving, Carole Eberhardt, Becky Landers, Theresa Land, Mary Brewer, Pat West, Marshall Chambers. Third Row: Mr. Carpenter (sponsor), Jane Baxter, June Green, Peggy Henderson, Gail Whitehurst, Gerilla Wright, Ann Edge, Dixie Waldrop, Sandy Wil- liamson, Mr. Buice (sponsor). Fourth Row: Abe Gallman, Robert Wallace, Jim Neville, Vernon Caine, Raymon Rogers, Nick Cox, Gerald Whitt, Gerald Wade. " Tk ■AMtrm . „ . WIMf Ol£ STKttt- 1963 Acting Awards — Abe Gallman, Leona Bolch, Sonny Burt, Linda Patrick. I ' ' %t ' ' A ' .M ' «■« 3KjiIO!23r „ K ' nt KtK OFFICERS President Sonny Burt Vice-President __.. Linda Loving Secretary-Treasurer Dixie Waldrop Hosts and Hostesses George Sargent Jim Neville, Becky Landers, Gail White- burst, Gerilla Wright, June Green, Abe Gallman. The young accusers pretend to see an imaginary yel- low bird. CAST Betty Paris Carole Eberhardt Rev. Samuel Paris Jim Parks Tituba June Green Abigail Williams Rosalie Seymore Susanna Wallcott -.. — Pat Edwards Mrs. Ann Putnam Barbara DeLoach Mercy Lewis Dixie Waldrop Mary Warren Rossell Adams ]ohn Proctor Sonny Burt Rebecca Nurse Linda Patrick Giles Corey Robert Loftin Rev. ]ohn Hale Abe Gallman Elizabeth Proctor Leona Bolch Francis Nurse Russell Curry Ezekiel Cheever Doug Daniel ]ohn Willard Barry Flood ]udge Hawthorne John Harden Gov. Danforth Jim Neville Sarah Good Joyce McKeen Thomas Putnam Raymon Rogers Proctor denounces the court as fake. Curtain call for " The Crucible. ' r f T The Voice of the J. UniC JOHN VAN DRUTEN Directed by Nelson M. Carpenter Summer Production 1963 Sally Middleton Rosalie Seymour Olive Lashbrooke Linda Patrick Bill Page John Harden Bill solves the problem of a stuck zipper. Olive introduces her boy- friend. Bill, to Sally. The sheriff and his deputy call on the Curry family. N. RICHARD NASH Directed by Wallace Buice Fall Production 1963 CAST H. C. Curry Gerald Wade Noah Curry Raymon Rogers ]ini Curry Bob Barnett Lizzie Curry ---. Theresa Land File - - - Marshall Chambers Sheriff Thomas -.- - - Jim Boyd Bill Starbuck Nick Cox • 76 Starbuck arrives and promises rain ! Action becomes violent Stanley and Blanche. Mitch embraces Blanche after hear- ing her sad recollection of a lost love. J ES RE TENNESSEE WILLIAMS Directed by Nelson M. Carpenter Winter Production 1963 Neighbor Woman Carole Eberhardt Eunice Hubbell Rossell Adams Stanley Kowahki Sonny Burt Stella Koivalski Theresa Land Steve Hubbell Dean Luallen Harold Mitchell (Mitch) Raymon Rogers Mexican Woman Mary Brewer Blanche DuBois Judy Poteet Pablo Gonzales Joe Carpenter Bill Collector - David Flint Nurse - Ja-ne Baxter Doctor — John Callaway Supernumeraries Barbara Deloach, June Green, Lee Smith, Dixie Waldrop, Spike Bolen Blanche is restrained by the doctor and nurse. Stanley begs Stella not to leave him. I wsiTmrns Members of the Choir are: Firsl Row: Mary Ann Chance, Judy Walker, Joan Hensley, Betty Guthrie, Carolyn Bigham, Melanie Bedenbaugh, Sarah Grubs, Diane John- son, Sylvia Bailey, Dora Walls, Ruth Reid, Ketura Colquitt, Sarah Edwards. Second Row: Martha Brown, Carol Higgins, Brenda Petty, Carol Petty, Marvin Parker, Brady James, Ray Shurbett, Gary Walker, Judith Walker, Gerilla Wright, Diane Kirk, Trina Wade, June Rosselle. T jinl Row: Ben Hobbs, Tommy Camp, Mike Fuller. Douglas Danial, Spike Bolen, Marion Jordan, John Hook, Dick Gammon, Ronnie Rowe, Harvey Darden, Barney Walker, Jim Maxwell, Danny Hagen (pianist). College Choir Providing opportunities for developing leadership in group singing and church choir activities, the College Choir, under the direction of Mr. Hugh Gordon Deen, develops individual voices to their fullest capacity. The Choir was invited to sing at the Rotary convention at Jekyll Island during the spring, and has given several other concerts this year. In addition, the Choir presented their annual productions, Handel ' s " Messiah " and Gian- Carlo Menotti ' s Christmas opera, " Amahl and the Night Visitors. " Choir officers are: Dick Gammon, President; Melanie Bedenbaugh, Treasurer; Gerilla Wright, Vice-President; and Ketura Colquitt, Secretary. 78 Amahl and the Night Visitors The three Kings appear at the door. The Mother - --.. Gerilla Wright, Carole Higgins Amahl Martha Faye Porter, Martha Brown The Three Kings Marion Jordan, Ray Shurbutt, John Hopk Page - Spike Bolen Dancers - - Jan Hitchcock and Dick Gammon Chorus of Shepherds - - College Choir 1 Amahl ' s mother refuses to believe his story of the three Kings. Jekyll Island " ; Alpha Phi Omega Promoting leadership, friendship, and service on the college campus. Alpha Phi Omega, a national service fraternity, affords its members a chance to serve the students and faculty, the com- munity, and the nation as participating citizens. Membership re- quirements are based on scholarship and present or past affiliation with the Boy Scouts of America. Major projects of APO include care of the school ' s flag and the lounge clean-up campaign. The club was also co-sponsor of memorial services for President Kennedy. Members of APO include: First Rou: Larry King, Jim Parks. Second Rou - Gary Rhinehart, Dr. Holland, Jim Neville, Charles Todd. Third Row: Leroy Jack, Dr. Covington, Dr. Lampton. Background: Earl Carr, Mike McDonald, George Masak, Grank Forrest, Jimmy Knight, Gary Lester. APO officers are Jim Parks, Jimmy Knight, Emory Holland (advisor), Jim Neville, Dr. Lampton, (advisor), and Charles Todd (not pictured). ' 1 JV V, r ' v Members of Circle K are: First Row: Jerry Mays, Bob Townley, Dr. Wirsing (Advisor), Ai Cohen. Second Row: Jimmy Fuss, Wayne Seabolt, Jackie Grogan, Mike Neal, Micky Owen, Terry Walls, Leslie Brown, Phillip Greer. Third Row: Herman Teel, David Brookins, Chuck Miller, Preston Johnson, Joe Carpenter. ' 51 V Circle K Established by the Kiwanis Club of Carrollton, the Circle K de- sires to promote the civic welfare of the college and to develop in its members a high degree of citizenship and social service. Mem- bership is based on scholarship, civic interest, and leadership. Circle K gives helpful information to Freshmen. Officers of Circle K are: Terry Walls -..- - Secretary Phillip Greer Treasurer Bob Townley President Leslie Brown — Vice-President 81 Debate Club open to all students interested in standard debate, the Debate Club promotes and improves individual speaking, thinking, and expression. Using the national collegiate debate topic, the team enters novice and varsity competition on a regional basis; a trophy and two certificates of merit were won this year. The club also acts jointly with the col- lege in sponsoring the West Georgia Inter-Collegiate Tournament each year. Members of the Debate Club include: First Row: David Flint, Mary Ann Chance, Martha MacBrayer, Lee Smith. Second Row: Herman Teel, Edward Cleary, Dean Luallen, Tony Moore, Terry Walls, Nelson Carpenter, sponsor. Trophy winners are Edward Cleary and David Flint. Certificate winners are Tony Moore and Lee Smith. 82 STUDENT Providing contact with leaders in the teaching profession, the Student Edu- cation Association is open to all stu- dents interested in teaching. The SEA, which attempts to encourage all those interested in a teaching career, is affili- ated with the state and national chapters. SEA Members include: First Row: Carol Keller, Pat Edwards, Linda Kastner, Carole Eberhardt, Peggy Haslett. Second Row: Sandy Williamson, Theresa Land, Dodie Moore, Lyn Klower, Gloria Edmundson, Betty Guthrie, Jo Ann Henslee. Third Row: Marion Fowler, Shelia Hobgood, Tricia Morgan, Martha Brown, Jean Watkins, Pat West, Paula Mackie. Fo»r A Row Mr. Ross Miller (sponsor), Cathy Chadwick, Cecile Hill, Betty Ware, Nancy Maynard, Carol Petty, Mrs. Mary Davison (sponsor). SEA Officers are Peggy Haslett, Secretary; Mr. Ross Miller, sponsor; Linda Kaster, President; Carole Eberhart, Treasurer; Pat Edwards, Vice- President; Carol Keller, Program Chairman. 83 El Circulo Espanol Promoting interest in the Spanish language and in the cultures of Spain, South America, and Central America, the Spanish Club is open to all interested stu- dents. Members of the Spanish Club made a trip to Mexico during the past summer and plan to return this summer. Spanish Club members leave for Mexico. Members of the Spanish Club include: First Row: Fred White, Nita Keheley, Louis Hammond, Ray Shurbut, Charlotte Channel, Jerry Hartwig, Dr. Veitia (sponsor). Second Row: Don Edwards, Lucy Stukes, June Green, Linda Lee, Barbara Deloach, Robert Puckett, Jan Turner, Mary Reid, Philip Greer, Brady James, Tina Keheley, Judy Bennett, Carolyn Barber, Rylan Fuller. Le Cercle Francais All students interested in the French language and culture are eligible for membership in the French Club. The club attempts to instill in its members a sound general kno wledge of French culture and customs. Members of the French Club include: First Row: Joy Bursen, Jan Hitchcock. Second Row: Dr. Moore (sponsor), Mrs. Napier, Frances Redding. 84 Phi Beta Lambda For students interested in the field of business. Its purposes are to create more understanding and interest in business-education; to de- velop character and to train for useful citizenship. First Row: Ann Champion (President), Nancy Harrell (Vice-Pres.), Patrica Wade (Recorder), Marsha Vickery (His- torian). Second Row: Julia Wilder, Emily Summers, Charlotte McGee, Lester Pruitt, Ewell Hitchcock, Joe Hams, Ginger Jones. History Club ' V Students interested in promoting the study of history and the creation of better citizenship are eligible for membership. Members of the Histor - Club include; First Row: Donna Svvofford, Cher}-1 Hammond. Jean Watson. Linda Baggett. StcoiiJ Roiv: Dr. Huck (sponsor), Dr. Griffin (sponsor), James Brown, Corky Lunt. Terry Walls. Fhiid Ron: ' ' ob Townley. Bruce Travis. Dr. Moore (sponsor). Herman Teel (president). Young Republican Club members include: Firsi Row: Linda Mosley, Rancine Pelt, Peggy Henderson, Steve Hughes. Second Row: Carl- ton Wilson, Loui Meadows, Herry Holland, Mike Benson, Mickey Owens, Lee Smith, Larry Jackson, Doug Danials, Herman Teel, Ralph Parkman. Young Republicans The Young Republicans seek to provide practical political experience in campus politics as well as in state and national mock conventions. On the college scene, the Young Republicans function to enable members and other students to understand the principles and goals of a conservative party. t Young Republican officers are: Wayne Noles Treasurer Ralph Parkman President Herman Teel Chairman 86 Inter-faith Council Directing all religious activities on the campus is the responsibility of the Inter- faith Council. The Council attempts to en- courage church attendance and to instill in the students a deeper understanding of their faith. The Inter-faith Council was co-sponsor of services for President Kennedy and had a major part in directing Religious Emphasis Week. Members of the Inter-faith Council include: First Row: Sandy Williams, Ann Edge, Donna Swofford. Second Row: Charlotte Tye, June Green, Betty Jean Keen, Jimmy Knight, Mr. Crowell, sponsor. Officers of the Inter-faith Council are June Green, president; Donna Swofford, secretary; and Jimmy Knight, vice-presi- dent. 87 Baptist Student Union The Baptist Student Union strives to encourage continuous individual growth within the framework of the Christian faith by promoting student development in all branches of learning, believing that God is the author of all truth. First Row: Linda Baggett, Donna Swafford, Dr. Griffin (sponsor), Norman Martin, June Green. Second Row: Melba Buice, Ann Bell, Marion Fowler, Rita Gordy, Doris Chester, Betty Ware, Carol Keller, Charlotte Shipp. Third Row: Gail Ship, Paul McCook, GeriUa Wright, Joy Jordan, Sarah Ware, Linda Kastner. ■mmmmm i«» ». ' J E x 1 ' ■ HSrf 88 Newman Club Organized uy the Catholic students on campus, the Newman Ckib encourages growth of the in- dividual students in all areas of campus activity. Speakers, discussion periods, and various social activities are a part of the njeetings of the Newman Club. Officers of the Newman Club are Cathy Wolfe, recording sec- retary; Father Richard B. Morrow, chaplain; Theresa ThornhiU, corresponding secretary; Mike Higgins, president; Don Thibeault, treasurer; and Joe Carpenter, vice-president. Members of the Wesley Foundation include: First Row: Gerilla Wright, Vivian Carel, Cecile Hill, Jan Selph, Charlotte Tye, Cheryl Haintin, Joy Tucker, Joy Miller. Second Row: Greg Williamson, Pete Pric- kett, Judy Bennett, Ron Sharpley, Betty Jean Keene, Clarence Whatley, Ketura Colquitt, Tony Cobb, Mrs. Phyllis Fountain, Tommy Johnson, Mr. Ross Miller, Rev. Bill Holt. Wesley Foundation The Wesley Foundation was or- ganized this year by the Methodist stu- dents of West Georgia College. The club promotes the academic, intellectual. and social growth of its members, with- in the framework of Christian beliefs. jMeetings include group discussions and speakers on topics of interest. The club also sponsors various social activi- ties and outings. 89 Westminster Fellowship Organized by the Presbyterian stu- dents on campus, the Westminster Fellowship encourages expansion of the student ' s educational, intellectual, and social life within a Christian framework. The club has weekly meetings which include speakers on relevant subjects. Socials, discussions, and parties are held periodically to which all potential and regular members are invited. Members of the Westminster Fellowship include: FirU Row: Cathy Chadwick. Sandy Williamson, Mrs. Radcliff, Lucy Stukes. Second Row: Charles Shafe, Jim Neville, Gary Rhinehart. Campus Chapel The Inter-faith chapel will soon be moved to the campus. 90 Joe Carpenter, president of the MAA talks with Mr. D ' Armi. Officers of the MAA are Preston Johnson — Vice-Pres., Joe Carpenter — Pres., Howard Cleveland- Sec, Ronnie Birchfield — Sergeant at Arms, Jimmy Pope— Treas. MAA Promoting athletic and recreational activities in cooperation with the Physical Education Department, the Men ' s Athletic Association offers to its members opportunities to build their bodies and character, and to develop team spirit. Members of the MAA Council are: First Ron: Ronald Carter. Doug Simms, Gar ' Turner. Second Ron-: Louis Bender, Arnold Moore. Allen Edwards. Third Row: Richard Harts- field, Darrj ' l Pipin, Spike Bolen, Billy Upton. Officers of the WAA are Dixie Waldrop, vice- president; Lucy Stukes, publicity director; Ann Brown, secretary, Linda Kastner, publicity direc- tor; Brenda White, recorder; Carolyn Wilson, intramural manager; Libby Holden, president. WAA All women students at West Georgia College are members of the WAA. Recognition is given to participating members according to a point system. Points are awarded for each activity, and letters and pins are given for a certain number of points. The WAA promotes sportsmanship and skill in sports, and sponsors various games and tournaments. The WAA council helps to form the policies of the WAA. These girls are members of the WAA. • ' %m ,w ' ' ▼ h. ' M ' . . J . m Basketball Cheerleaders Baseball Tennis Golf Track Intramurals Basketball 1963-64 + J ' ' n 3-4 West Georgia Invitational Tournament 93 Bryan 77 57 Shorter 50 Jan 6 72 Berry 73 + Jan 9 72 Belmont Abbey 60 Jan 11 85 Tenn. Temple 60 Jan 14 76 JackViUe St. 99 + Jan 15 73 Georgia St. 54 + Jan 17 67 Valdosta St. 6- + Jan 21 82 LaGrange 79 + Jan 24 85 Piedmont 72 Jan 27 78 Georgia St. 51 + Jan 29 78 Berry 71 Feb 5 72 LaGrange 75 Feb 8 7 1 Valdosta St. 116 + Feb 11 95 Shorter 82 Feb 13 82 Piedmont 76 + Feb 14 96 Tenn. Temple 89 + Feb 15 103 Jack ' ville St. 74 Feb 18 66 ' " Shorter 70 Feb 19-20 Huntingdon Invitational Tournament 91 MiUsaps 72 68 Huntingdon 8 + Home Game Conference Game 1 In its best season since becoming a senior college, the West Georgia basketball team had a year of many firsts. It was the first winning season, the first undefeated home schedule, the first team with a six game winning streak, the first team to score 44 field goals, the first team to break the school scoring record by chalking up 103 points, the first with three all-conference players, and the first to host and win the annual West Georgia Invitational Tournament. The Braves were strong contenders for the GIAC championship title until their last game. In the strongly competitive conference, the Braves were out front in the conference twice, but failed to overcome Shorter College in the final game. Under the direction of Coach Howard Corder, the Braves finished the season with a 15-6 won-lost record. In the GIAC, the Braves placed third. The team was led in scoring by guard Ron Undereiner with a 19.3 average. David Brookins, the only junior in the starting line-up, led the team in rebounding with a 13-3 average. Bill Shotwell was second with a 12.2 average rebounding and a 16.2 average. Defensive specialist Jerry Hammond led the aggressive Braves on defense. The other mem- ber of the starting five is Dan Lee. Dan ' s position of third in scoring, rebounding, field goal and free throw percentage is an indication of his steady play. West Georgia College placed three men on the all-conference team. Ron Undereiner, Bill Shotwell, and David Brookins were selected by the coaches and officials to receive this honor. Ron Undereiner was also named Most Valuable Player in the GIAC and named captain of the all-conference team. Howard Corder Basketball Coach Jerry Hammond . . . Zebulon, Ga. Senior . . . 5 ' 10 " Guard Ronald Undereiner . . . Brunswick, Ga. Senior . . . 6 ' 1 " Guard Captain, All-Conference Bill Shotwell shoots in an exciting game with La- Grange. The Braves won 82-79. 95 Ron Undereiner jumps as all eyes follow the ball. Bill Shotwell . . . Corbin, Ky. Senior . . . 6 ' 5 " Center All-Conference David Brookins . . . Atlanta, Ga. Junior . . . 6 ' 3 " Forward 96 Dan Lee . . . Wing, Ala. Senior . . . 6 ' 2 " Forward A Piedmont Lion moves in to block Jerry | Hammond as he drives for the basket. WGC has just " swished " two as Bill Shotwell looks for a landing area below. Ray Poag . . . Chatstvorth, Ga. Senior . . . 6 ' 3 " Center Dan Lee goes high for a one hand jump shot. 97 Chuck Miller . . . Decatur, Ga. Junior . . . 6 ' 3 " Center Ray Poag lays up two! Ken Mclnnis . . . Cedartown, Ga Junior . . . 6 ' 0 " Guard 98 KIZ David Head . . . East Point, Ga. Junior . . . 6 ' 0 " Guard In the early part of the season, getting in " shape " is the main objective. Gerald Whitt . . . Atlanta Sophomore . . . 6 ' 2 " Forward Gar} ' Fairley . . . Atlanta, Ga. Freshman . . . 5 ' 8 " Guard Dan Lee lays it up as Bill Shotwell is ready to assist. « 100 Jerry Lambert . . . Carrollton, Ga. Freshman . . . 6 ' 2 " Forward Managers: Jerry Griffin Chris Greer David Gamadanis . . . Atlanta, Ga. Sophomore . . . 6 ' 0 " Forward Cheerleaders .i! Front Row: Sue Powell Diane Bryan Nancy Parker Second Rotv: Laura Holloman Carolyn Wright MaryEm Robinson Susan Stovall V ' tHRHMMiWi I, Laura Holloman — Captain 102 " Fight Braves . . . FIGHT!! " Sue Powell MaryEm Robinson Susan Stovall Nancy Parker Diane Bryan Carolyn Wright 103 The West Georgia Braves, winners of nine out of twelve outings in the 1963 baseball season and owners of a second consecutive Georgia Intercollegiate Athletic Conference crown, face generally the same problems in preparing for the 1964 docket as they did a year ago. Coach Thomas R. D ' Armi, perhaps the most successful diamond tutor in the small college ranks, reviews the ' 63 sea- son with the same degree of disbelief that he confronts in terms of the ' 64 season. Last year ' s Braves opened the season with V.M.I., who had, the season before, been ranked in the number 11 position in national standings. The Braves defeated V.M.I, in claiming their first of nine ' 63 victories. In the course of the ' 63 diamond docket, the Braves continued where they had left off in ' 62 — winning conference games — and boosted their string to 14 before the Berry Vikings ended the two season reign. Regardless of the outcome in that upsetting experience with Berry, the Braves went on to claim their second consecu- tive conference title and were invited to the NAIA District 25 National Playoffs: Here, the Braves defeated Georgia Southern, defending National Champions, in the first game and theri lost the following two to be dropped from fur- 104 ja«MLLi „ ■ ' " t . 2 « !?fc a . « : yl ther action. V The 1963 Braves had seven representatives on the All-Conference team v hich is selected by Conference coaches and officials. The seven were Ronnie Burchfield, Wyatt Webb, Gary Holmes, Steve Norris, Johnny DeVore, Don Thibeault, and Oliver " Rocks " Hudgins. Coach D ' Armi, for the second consecutive year, was named the " Coach of the Year " in the GIAC. In March, after his team had defeated nationally ranked V.M.I., Coach D ' Armi was named the " National Coach of the Month " in the Collegiate Baseball magazine. Coach D ' Armi mirrored his feelings of last year when he stated that the 1964 season will be the roughest in the history of the school. They open the season with Yale University, another nationally respected team, and follow them up with such opponents as Oglethorpe and North Carolina Wesley an. With five of the seven All-Conference selections of last year back for another tour of duty the Braves will once again be the team to beat in the 1964 baseball season. 105 WEST GEORGIA COLLEGE BRAVES 1964 Baseball Schedule Wednesday March 18 —Bethel College McKenzie, Tenn ' Saturday Friday ♦Monday ♦Friday Tuesday March 21 March 27 March 30 April 3 April 7 — North Carolina Wesleyan College — Yale University — Piedmont College — Piedmont College • — Bryan College Rocky Mount, N.C Carrollton, Ga Carrollton, Ga Demorest, Ga Carrollton, Ga. Thursday April 9 — Tennessee Temple College Carrollton, Ga. ♦Monday April 13 — Shorter College Rome, Ga. ♦Thursday April 16 — Shorter College Carrollton, Ga. ♦Tuesday April 21 — Berry College Rome, Ga. Friday April 24 — Bryan College Dayton, Tenn. Tuesday April 28 ■ — Oglethorpe University Carrollton, Ga. ♦Monday May 4 — Berry College Carrollton, Ga. ♦Friday May 8 — Valdosta State College Carrollton, Ga. ♦Saturday May 9 — Valdosta State College Carrollton, Ga. Tuesday May 12 — Oglethorpe University Atlanta, Ga. Friday May 15 —Tennessee Temple Chattanooga, Tenn. College ♦♦— Doub e Header — Conference games (GIAC) Coach Tom D ' Armi Veteran Braves proudly point to results of the past two seasons. .J up0rp ' g " i. i-A a ' jJK ' Steve Norris, All-Conjerence Third Baseman Ronnie Burchfield, Captain and Catcher All-Conference Team Don Thiebeault, All-Conference Pitcher Wyatt Webb, All-Conference First Base 107 Johnny DeVore, All-Confereuce Pitcher Coach Tom D ' Armi and Ralph Parkman Baseball Publicity Director mi Braves hit the road for early spring games in North Carolina and Virginia. ' 1 gi fM- ?4. ■ 1 V v :i = c k I « ,:3i. ' , T I 1 ' Ip .m- w , Brave rookies show great promise for tlie 1964 season. Pat Cain, Ass sfant Coach " Wyatt Webb in crucial game with North Georgia; Braves win 8-2. IJZ i Mi w Wendall " Skeeter " Robinson Oul-field Tommy Fields Pitcher Jimmy Blackwell Pitcher Max Grogan In -field Lewis Bender In-field Gerald Thompson Out-field Bobby Norton Out-field Jimmy Setzer Pitcher Paul Snyder Out-field Gary York Out-field Jimmy Mayfield Out-field Johnny Daniell ht-field " Red " Ivey, Marshall Chambers, and Jim Boyd Mdfiagers Tennis Team — 1963 G.I.A.C. Champs Coach Charles Scuddcr ' s defending GIAC -«nis champions return only two of seven from last yea. s powerful squad which posted an impressive 8-1-1 record. A highly rated Oglethorpe team proved to be the only opponent who the Braves could not defeat. Lost from the 1963 team are: Nolan Robinson (all- conference) , Richard Kennerly (all-conference), Arnold Moore, and Don Daniels. Returning from the 1963 team are Leslie Brown and Walter Carr. Walter was also an all-conference selectee. 1964 SCHEDULE March 31 Berry April 3 LaGrange April 8 Berry April 14 Oglethorpe April 17 - - Shorter April 25 -.- Shorter April 28 Oglethorpe May 1-2 GIAC Tournament May 7 LaGrange Conference match Students enjoy exciting match against Oglethorpe. . . . . ■% ' i I ' . p.f .s » m » , ' H % ■ 1963 TEAM: Front Row: Leslie Brown, Nolan Robinson, Mike Hartsfield. Back Row: Arnold Moore, Don Daniel, Walter Carr, Richard Kennerly. 112 Golf Team— 1963 G.I.A.C.Champs i • ?» ■ ' ; ' V ' , " , " " „Mi| lP ' 1963 TEAM: Marvin Harden, Warren Upchurch, Bill Pierce, Bill Grubs, J. C. Husley, Ronnie Straughan. • y 1964 SCHEDULE fA, March 27 - Gustavus Adolphus March 31 Appalachian State ' 4A«n " P " ...Shorter ' _ April 9 Georgia State ' " yi April 13 - Piedmont April 16 Shorter ; | ' - 1 April 28 Piedmont May 1-2 GIAC Tournament .. . ---. - g mm May 7..- - Georgia State I SBM Conference match After capturing two consecutive GIAC Cham- , -. »_ P BWMMMBMPJg pionships, the 1964 Brave team will face a X JBLi B H jflH BI tough road as four of seven return from last • " L..J vlMflK I IHHb B year ' s team. All-conference Ronnie Stranghn will lead the returning iettermen which includes. Jimmy Helton, Mike Dorsch, and Billy Pierce. WGC prepares to tee off in a match against Piedmont College. Track Team 1964 1964 TRACK HOPEFULS First Row: Larry Carter, Walter Jones, Joe Thrash, Bill Johnson. Second Row: Tom Neal, Sam Dean, DeWight Hay, Jimmy Hughes, David Gamandanis. Tk rd Row: Arthur Dees, Bill Burks, Ben Flury, Sam Couch. 1964 SCHEDULE April 2 ..-- - Quadrangular Meet Taylor, Berry, Shorter, West Georgia April 20 Quadrangular Meet Bryan, Berry, Shorter. West Georgia April 23 Quadrangular Meet Cumberland, Berry, Shorter, West Georgia May 2 GIAC Meet The 1964 season is a big questionmark as only five members of last year ' s team re- turn. The Braves finished third in the Con- ference last year. The returning members of the squad includes: Dennis McBrayer, Jimmy Highes, Joe Thrash, and Walter Jones. ■ te ( I Members of the 440 relay team that won first place in the GIAC Meet are: Walter Jones, Joe Thrash, Larry Carter. 114 M.A.A. The Men ' s Athletic Association strives to encourage participation in an organized program of intramural sports. Each male student is given an op- portunity to engage in a wide variety of events during the year which include: football, tug-o-war, basketball, bowling, volleyball, ping pong, horseshoes, tennis, track, swimming, and Softball. The West Georgia College intramural program under the direction of Coach Tom D ' Armi is one of the best organized in the southeast. Its high rate of student participation is well above the national average for schools of com- parative size. Football Final Standings Apache First Place Shawnee Second Place Seminole Third Place rF ' M ' f APACHES: The Apaches again dominated the intramural football action for tlie second consecutive year losing only one game in the 1964 season. Billy Whitworth receives medical attention for a cut eye after a hard fought game. LizJ --- Ih j A hard charging Navaho line put pressure on the quarterback in a game against the Sioux. SHAWNEES: A small, fast, and aggressive team which captured second place from the Seminoles in the final game of the season. Mercer Wilson scores two points for the Mohawks c P ' f SEMINOLES: A well-balanced team on offense and defense, the Seminoles proved to be the only team capable of beating the Apaches. CHEROKEES: A team that proved to be tough to beat, particularly in the latter part of the season Ronnie Blake of the Shawnee moves after a Mohawk about to turn the cor- JL .i ni ' " » Tug-of-War The Second Annual MAA Tug-of-War was a tremendous success this year with increased participation. Teams composed of 20 girls and 20 boys pulled against each other in a grueling con test of strength and stamina. A strong Mohawk team cap- tured first place honors follow- ed in second and third place by the Sioux and the Cherokees. Coach D ' Armi gives the " go " sign and the action begins. ' Pull! . . .Pull! . . .Full! . . .Pull!! " Horseshoe Tournament A hundred and fourteen participants engaged in competition for Horseshoe Champion of West Georgia College. Gerald Turner of the Mohawks placed first, Wilbur Sikes of the Shawnee second, and Steve Norris of the Apaches third. Gerald Turner . . . Wilbur Sikes . . . Steve Norris Basketball: Final Standings 1. Navaho 2. Mohawk 3. Sioux Most Valuable Player. Barry Vaughn (Navaho) Foul Shooting Contest Kenny Nance (Mohawk) Ronnie Birchfield (Apache) Charlie Shafe (Cherokee) " B owling: Final Standings 1. Shawnee 2. Seminole 3. Sioux 120 WAA Sponsors Tribes and Tourneys Action speaks louder than words. Action, sportsmanship, and competition opened the 1964 W.A.A. athletic season with as much enthusiasm packed into each tribe bout as is felt in in- tercollegiate competition. The Women ' s Athletic Association maintains a program wide in scope and reaching far into the many phases of campus life. The basic goal is to promote phys- ical, social, emotional, and mental development through a com- prehensive program in soccer, basketball, volleyball, bowling, tennis, badminton, table tennis, horseshoes, darts, bridge, and hopscotch. matk ULgjSm lm JL hf44- a-I 123 Cheryl Hammond Carolyn Wilson First Row: Cheryl Hammond, Carolyn Wilson. Second Row: Sandra Ray, Emily Sommers, Jan Self, Carol Robinson, Linda Langley, Judy Cooper, Francis Atkins. Third Row: Anita Walker, Linda Newsome, Sandra Bourne, Doris Chester. Fourth Row: Glenda Lewis, Cathy Wolfe, Cecile Hill, Royce Avery, Marie Wiley. Fifth Roiv: Verdie Walker, Joy Jordon, Rita Gordy, Loretta McDowell. Vicki Tate Dixie Waldrop First Row: Charlotte McGee, Sandra Robinson, Vicki Tate, Dixie Waldrop, Nancy Maynard, Rosemary Mayfield. Second Row: Patricia Peacock, Diane Phillips, Martha Fowler, Rancine Pelt, Jane Parish. Dottie Newberry Pat Wyche First Row: Gloria Edmundson, Mary Young, Dottie Newberry, Pat Wyche, Susan Stovall, Lexie Moore. Second Row: Francie Neighbors, Ann Champion, Judy Wilder, Libby Holden. Third Row: Gail Grosnover, Ann Sisson, Dody Moore, Joan Monnarat, Gloria Thomas, Carol Smith, Peggy Henderson. Fourth Row: Ruth Etta Blood, Beverly McDonald, Marjo Shepherd. n Judy Brock Suzanne Jamerson First Row: Sue Hampton, Linda Edwards, Judy Brock, Pat Edwards, Lucy Stakes. Second Row; Janice Cagle, Ann Brown, Jane Mize, Jo Braswell. Pat Fulton Mary Em Robinson Firsi Row: Sandy Williams, Ellen Johnson, Pat Fulton, Mary Em Robinson, Collene Caswell, Helen Camp. Second Row: Sue Jar- man, Martha McBrayer, Lyn Field, Joyce Campbell, Sandra Wild, Brenda Wainright, Dee Robinson, Kathy Harper. Carolyn Overton F rst Row: Carol Keller, Jane Nixon, Linda Kastner, Carol Ann Engle, Carolyn Baxter, Joy Burson. Second Roiv: Jo Sullivan, Shiela Hobgood. Thresa Land, Pat West, Elaine Atkins. 125 •v;,i i« n o. All-Star Soccer Team Captjin: Sue Jarman First Rotr: Rose Mary Mayfield, Pat Wyche, Libby Holden, Lexie Moore, Dody Moore, Susan Stovall, Vicki Tate. Second Row: Sue Jarman, Linda Morgan, Emily Summers, Jane Nixon, Peggy Sewell, Carolyn Wilson, Joe Brasweil, Joan Prater. r ft ij j I Varsity Soccer Team Captaim: Suzanne Jamerson, Vicki Tate Piift Row: Charlotte McGee, Sandra Robinson, Jan Prater, Vicki Tate, Sue Jarman, Rose Mary Mayfield. Second Row: Jane Nixon, Joan Prater, Joe Brasweil, Cheryl Hammond. Third Row: Joy Spink, Judy Brock, Suzanne Jamerson, Emily Summers. Varsity Basketball Team Captain: Sandra Ray First Row: Brenda Wainright, Judy Cooper, Kathy Harper, Lyn Field, Racheal Akin. Second Row: Cheryl Hammond, Ann Sisson, Sandra Wild, Joyce Campbell, Coleen Caswell, Emily Summers. Third Row: Gail Shipp, Marjo Shephard, Ruth Ann Long, Jan Self, Joy Spivey, Carolyn Wilson. 126 wm President of College Administration - -J? Divisions: Departments Faculty ■if ' :- ' iH President of the College Dr. James Emory Boyd A.B. Umvershy of Georgia, M.A. Duke University, Ph.D. Yale University 128 OFFICE OF PRESIDENT West Georgia College A Unit of the University System of Georgia Carrollton, Ga. November 29, 1963 To the Student Body West Georgia College Carrollton, Georgia Dear Students: It is a great pleasure " to extend my cordial greetings to you in this Thirtieth Anniversary of West Georgia Col- lege. After twenty-four years of operation as an excellent junior college, and six years of rapid expansion and develop- ment in a period of transition from junior to senior college status, we are now coming of age as a senior institution of higher learning. The quality of our faculty and students has increased to the point where we are one of the best senior colleges in the State of Georgia. And, we are confident that we will soon become one of the outstanding col- leges in the South. West Georgia College will continue to move forward as the " College of the Present and the Future. " As West Georgia College becomes an excellent place for higher learning, I hope that you will take full advantage of her offerings and develop your capabilities to the maximum. But don ' t expect the faculty to do the whole job of developing your intellectual powers. As Alfred North Whitehead says " We have to remember that the valuable in- tellectual development of self-development and that it mostly takes place between the ages of sixteen and thirty. " I urge you not to waste any of these precious years. I wish that it were possible for me to know each of you well enough to greet you by name whenever we pass on the campus. Unfortunately, this is not possible, but I want you to know that my interest in your welfare is just as great as if it were. Don ' t let this keep you from coming to see me, though. You have a standing invitation. In any case, I hope that you will drop by before you graduate and talk with me about your plans for the future. Best wishes for success in your chosen vocation and for a life of happiness, enriched by service to your fellow man. ,.»■ ' Sincerely, O (J James E. Boyd President PRESIDENT EMERITUS Dr. Irvine S. Ingram A.B., Ufj iversity of Georgia; M.A., Emory University; Ed.D., Oglethorpe University DIRECTOR OF ADMISSIONS Miss Helen Womack A.B., Lambuth College; M.A., Peabody College DEAN OF THE COLLEGE Dr. George W. Walker A.B., Alma College; M.A., Wayne University Ph.D., University of North Carolina DEAN OF STUDENTS ' f ' WSf Hi ' tmimmi ' Dr. Emory Holland B.S., M.Ed., Ed.D., Auburn University 130 REGISTRAR Miss Elizabeth Parker A.B., M.A., University of Georgia DEAN OF MEN COMPTROLLER Mr. J. Everett McWhorter B.S.C., University of Georgia DEAN OF WOMEN Dr. James D. Covington B.S., Auburn University; M.A., Vanderbilt University; Ed.D., Auburn University Mrs. Faith D. Harris A.B., Howard College; M.Ed., Auburn University 131 DIRECTOR OF THE PHYSICAL PLANT DIRECTOR OF PUBLIC RELATIONS Mr. Herman Scott Tolbert B.S., Georgia Institute of Technology Mr. Tracy Putnam Stallings A.B., University of Georgia Faculty CHAIRMAN, DIVISION OF EDUCATION Dr. Richard O. Coffeen B.S.. University of Florida M.A., N w York University Ed.D., Auburn University ir-i DIRECTOR OF ADULT EDUCATION Mr. J. Carson Pritchard A.B., Bou ' don State College B.D., Andot ' er Newton Theological School ASSISTANT DIRECTOR OF ADULT EDUCATION Mr. Collus O. Johnson B.S., M.S., University of Tennessee Ed.S., George Peabody College HEAD OF DEPARTMENT OF PSYCHOLOGY Dr. Alice Pearl Nix A.B., Piedmont College M.Ed., Ed.D.. University of Georgia 133 CHAIRMAN, DIVISION OF HUMANITIES Dr. James W. Mathews A.B., Da vid Lipscomb College; M.A., Emory University; Ph.D.. Uuiversity of Tennessee HEAD OF DEPARTMENT OF FINE ARTS Dr. Robert Milton Coe B.S., Appalachian State College; M.A., Eastern Kentucky State; Ed.D., Colorado State College CHAIRMAN, DIVISION OF SOCIAL SCIENCES Dr. John M. Martin B.S., A.B., Jacksonville State Teachers College; M.A., University of Alabama; Ph.D., University of North Carolina HEAD OF DEPARTMENT OF SOCIOLOGY Dr. James C. Wittman B.S., M.S., Ph.D., Cortiell University 134 DIVISION OF MATHEMATICS AND SCIENCES CHAIRMAN VICE-CHAIRMAN Dr. Jesse Cody Hendricks B.S., Franklin College; M.A., Ph.D., University of Indiana Dr. Leonard Rupert Daniel B.Ch.E., Ph.D., Georgia Institute of Technology HEAD OF DEPARTMENT OF BIOLOGY Dr. Robert K. Lampton B.S., University of Toledo; M.A., Ph.D., University of Michigan HEAD OF DEPARTMENT OF CHEMISTRY Dr. Hughlan W. Pope B.S., Carson Neivnian College: M.S., University of Georgia: Ph.D.. Vanderbilt University 135 Dice R. Anderson Associate Professor of English A.B., Randolph Macon College M.A., University of Chicago Terrell G. Bailey Instructor in Mathematics A.B., West Georgia College Latha Mimbs Barnes Assistant Professor of Chemistry A.B., Berry College M.S., University of Mississippi Thomas J. Bellows Assistant Professor of Political Science A.B., Augustana College M.A., University of Florida M.A., Yale University Paul H. Bowdre Associate Professor of English B.S., United States Naval Academy M.A., University of Mississippi Herman W. Boyd Associate Professor of Physics A.B., Middle Tennessee State College M.A., V anderhilt University Ph.D., Vanderhilt University M. Wallace Buice Assistant Professor of Speech A.B., Asbury College M.A., University of Kentucky Kenneth E. Bunting Assistant Professor of Languages A.B., Washington College M.A., University of North Carolina 136 B—i Dexter Byrd Assistaut Professor of Biology A.B., Berea College M.A., Eds., George Peabody College Nelson M. Carpenter Instructor i 2 Speech A.B., Morehead State College M.A., Ufiiversity of Mississippi James Robert Carter Instructor in History A.B., University of the South Howard L. Corder Instructor in Physical Education A.B., M.A., University of Kentucky Marion Crider Associate Professor of Mathematics B.S., Woman ' s College of Georgia M.A., University of Georgia James Britton Crowell Assistant Professor of Mathematics B.S., United States Naval Academy M.A., University of South Carolina James C. Dahl Assistant Professor of English A.B., University of Minnesota M.A., University of Iowa Thomas R. D ' Armi Assistant Professor of Physical Education B.S., Appalachian State College M.A., University of North Carolina 137 Jane D ' Armi Teaching Assistant in Physical Education B.S., M.A., Appalachian State Teachers College Mary White Davidson Instructor in Education and Principal of Sand Hill Laboratory School B.S.. Ohio State University M.A., University of Georgia Hugh Gordon Deen Assistant Professor of Music B.S., M.S., University of Georgia Edmund Dale Dixon Associate Professor of Mathetnatics B.S., Memphis State University M.S., Auburn University Edna Earl Edwards Assistant Professor of English A.B., Mississippi Southern College M.A., University of Mississippi Robert B. England Assistant Professor of Biology B.S., Oklahoma State University M.S., University of Oklahoma Theodore B. Fitz-Simons Assistant Professor of History A.B., M.A., University of Georgia John Walter Fountain Assistant Professor of Engine ering Drawing B.S., Georgia Institute of Technology 138 James David Griffin Associate Professor of History A.B., Howard College M.A., Emory University Ph.D., University of Georgia Muriel Shipp Holland Assistant Professor of History A.B., Woman ' s College of Georgia M.A., University of Georgia Eugene Roger Huck Associate Professor of History A.B., Temple University M.A., Ph.D., University of Alabama Helen Jeanette Jackson Instructor in History A.B., Coker College M.A., Emory University Robert D. Jobson Assistant Professor of Art B.F.A., University of Georgia M.A., Highlands University W. Benjamin Kennedy Instructor in History A.B., Georgetown College M.A., University of North Carolina Mr. Robert England shows that faculty members are " human " by joining some student in a game of bridge. Eli Nix McEntyre Assistant Professor of Mathematics A.B., M.EcL, Mercer University Dorothy McNabb Assistant Professor of Physical Ed. A.B., Carson Neivman College M.A., George Peabody College Hulon M. Madeley Instructor in Science B.S., Texas A M University M. Geol. Eng., University of Oklahoma Ross W. Miller Assistant Professor of Education B.S., University of Georgia M.S., Auburn University J. Owen Moore Associate Professor of Languages A.B., M.A., University of Alabam-a W. Glenn Moore Associate Professor of Economics A.B., M.A., Ph.D., University of Alabama James Kinzer Murphy Instructor in English A.B., University of Chattanooga M.A., University of Kentucky Augustus Y. Napier Instructor in English A.B., Wesleyan University 140 Margaret Mashburn Napier Instructor in Languages B.A., Mount Holy ok e College Dora Peete Associate Professor of Business Education B.S., M.A., George Peabody College Dorothy Alexander Roush Instructor in Art B.F.A., M.F.A., University of Georgia Naomi Lee Satterfield Assistant Professor of Business Education B.B.A., M.B.E., Georgia State College Charles Alexander Scudder Instructor in Political Science A.B., Rollins College M.A., University of Georgia Virgil P. Snow Instructor in Biology A.B., M.S., Birmingham Southern College Mrs. Margaret Napier counsels Wayne Noles on the basic fundamentals of French. Janice R. Teal hutructor in Phychology B.S., Al.i ' ., University of Georgia James Deward Thomas Associate Professor of Psychology B.C.S., Atlanta Division, University of Georgia M.A., University of Texas Ph.D., Indiana University Willie Maude Thompson Assistant Professor of English A.B., Lam but h College M.A., George Peabody College Robert A. Veitia Assistant Professor of Languages A.B., Santa Clara Institute J.D., University of Havana Warren Allen Walker Assistant Professor of Business Administration B.C.S., Atlanta Division, University of Georgia M.B.A., Georgia State College Ph.D., University of North Carolina Floyd H. Wirsing Associate Professor of Chemistry B.S., University of Maryland M.S., University of Virginia Roy Eugene Worth Assistant Professor of Mathematics B.S., M.A., University of Georgia 142 Library Staff Annie Belle Weaver Librarian Kathleen S. Hunt Assistant Librarian Ruth Elizabeth Miller Assistant Librarian Virginia B. Parks Assistant Librarian Infirmary Staff DIRECTOR OF HEALTH SERVICE Mrs. Robert Townley NIGHT NURSE Mrs. Kirby Starr Cafeteria Staff DIETITIAN Mrs. Doris Carel Assistant Dietitians Mrs. Williamson Mrs. Chrisman Bookstore Mrs. Helen Copeland Manager of College Bookstore " Mama " Kate Aianager of College Snack Bar Mrs. Avis Evans College Post Office Secretaries Front: Mrs. Smith, Mrs. King, Mrs. Lee. Back: Mrs. White, Mrs. Walker, Mrs. Williamson, Mrs. Martin. Front: Mrs. Milam, Mrs. Radcliff, Mrs. Merrell. Back: Mrs. Butler, Mrs. Truitt, Mrs. Grice. 144 m «ff Bobbie Whaley . . . Sec. Charles Todd ... V. Pres. Pat Edwards . . . Pres. Seniors — Class of ?64 ' Knowledge, leadership, and determination are essentials for true greatness. Knowledge to give us uiiderstanding of the challenge which confronts mankind. Leadership to move forward and to move others forward without hesitation or doubt. Determi- nation which is slowed only by defeat and drives each onward until the final victory. The road of greatness and of mediocrity lies before. The road of greatness beckons those with the courage to tread its upward climb. The satisfaction that comes only with hard work and accomplishment is the reward. As college graduates, the world with its many op- portunities calls those with the initiative and fore- sight to perceive. The day of decision is here! May there be the firmness that dedication gives as we move forward. — a Senior 146 JIMMY JACKSON AKIN Bowdon Junction A.B. Math CAROL ANN BERNHARD Senoia B.S. Ed. WAA, Alpha Theta LENORE ANN BLACK Kennesaw B.S. Ed. CLARENCE ALBERT BLALOCK Carrollton B.S. Ed. SOLON RICHARD BORDERS Newnan B.S. Ed. JAMES MONGIN BURT Miami, Fla. A.B. EngUsh Choir, Alpha Theta Pres., MAA, Music Club, History Club, Dorm Council, Span- ish Club, Canterbury Club, VRA, Westmini- ster Fellowship DON FRANK CADORA College Park A.B. Chem. Pres. Junior Class, SGA, SOC, MAA and VRA Council, SNEA, Circle K, Baseball, Letterman Club, Resident Counselor, Who ' s Who, Chieftain Salutes, Chieftain Ed., In- tramural Manager ELLIS JOEL CAMP Newnan A.B. History ROBERT WALTER CARR LaGrange A.B. Math MAA, Mu Zeta Alpha, Circle K, Tennis Team, All-Conf. 63 CATHEY G. CHADWICK Austell B.S. Ed. WAA, Alpha Theta, Sec. Psy. Club, Music Club, Choir, Westminister Sec. MARIANNE BYRAN CHANCE Douglasville B.S. Ed. Choir, SGA, Psy. Club, SNEA, Debate Team, Chieftain Staff, Booster Club, Dorm Council, Sec.-Treas. Fresh. Class, WAA, Alpha Theta, VP of VRA, Wesley Foundation CHARLOTTE SUSAN CHANNELL Carrollton B.S. Ed. Spanish Club, WAA, BSU, Canterbury Club, Young Rep. 147 " Now, it is like this . . . " ENRIQUE CALIXTO CHIA Cienfuegos, Cuba A.B. Chem. SAM JULIAN COFFEY Chatsworth B.S. Ed. Basketball, Letterman Club AL MORTON COHEN Atlanta B.S. Ed. Vp SGA, Pres. SOC Ed. of West Georgian, State Sec. of Circle K, Who ' s Who, Musk Club, Publicity Director of Adult Education Dept. CAROLYN HALL COOPER Cedartown B.S. Ed. WAA, SNEA ROBERT MONROE COSPER Carrollton A.B. Math Mu Zeta Alpha ERNEST DONALD DANIEL Dawson B.S. Ed. Tennis Team, All-Confer. ' 63, MAA 148 RUBY ANN DERISO Newnan B.S. Ed. JEAN LOVVORN DEWHERRY Mableton B.S. Ed. ELIZABETH ANN EDGE Newnan A.B. Biology Publicity Chair, of BSU, Music Club, Alpha Theta, Mu Zeta Alpha PATRICIA JOYE EDWARDS Atlanta B.S. Ed. WAA, Chieftain, Vp of Booster Club, SNEA —Pub. Chair, and Vice-P., Sec.-Treas. SGA, Chieftain Staff, Chiejlain Salutes, Vice-P. of Soph. Class, May Court, Pres. of Senior Class GEORGE ROGER FIELDS Newnan A.B. Math JAMES LEON FUSS Fairburn A.B. Chem. Mu Zeta Alpha, Circle K, Treas. and Vice- Pres., MAA, Mens Dorm Council WILLIAM RICHARD GAMMON Cedartown A.B. History Choir, V.P. Choir, History Club, Alpha Theta MELVIN GENE GILLESPIE Newnan B.S. Ed. GERALD GLENN GRIFFIES Newnan B.S. Ed. Psychology Club " K ' .- ' J " , JERRY WAYNE HAMMOND Zebulon B.S. Ed. Basketball, Volleyball BARBARA ANN HARRIS CarroUton B.S. Ed. WAA MIKE WAYNE HARTSFIELD Atlanta B.S. Ed. Basketball, Circle K, Tennis Team, Volley- ball 149 " Who has done the homework . . . ? " JIMMY C. HEARN Bowdon A.B. History MARTHA CECILE HILL Dalton B.S. Ed. SNEA, WAA, Sec. Adamson Dormitory SHEILA ANN HOBGOOD Cartersville B.S. Ed. WAA, SNEA CHARLES L. HUFFMAN Griffin A.B. Biology Pres. of Student Gov ' t, and Debate Team, V-Pres. Vet. Club, Resident Counselor Who ' s Who, Circle K, SOC STEVE DEWEY HUGHES Columbus B.S. Ed. Young Rep., Circle K, WAA LYNDA JO HYDE Newnan B.S. Ed. Counselor, Alpha Theta, WAA 150 PEGGY JACKSON Newnan B.S. Ed. Wesi Georgian Staff, WAA, SNEA, Chieftain Staff, Choir Sweetheart Court, Cheerleader RALPH DENNIS JARRELL Whitesburg A.B. History Young Republican, History Club PRESTON JOHNSON Decater A.B. Math Circle K, Baseball, MAA, SOC, Vice-Pres. MAA JOHN PAUL JONES LaGrange A.B. Math Mu Zeta Alpha, Spanish Club, MAA JOE H. KITCHENS CarroUton A.B. History Sec. Circle K, Baseball, Dorm Council, Who ' s Who, SGA, Gordon Watson Award, Chieftain Salutes FRED P. LAM Hong Kong, China A.B. Chem. SYLVIA LANCASTER College Park B.S. Ed. WAA, Counselor, SNEA, House Council BSU, Adamson THERESA GAIL LAND Cartersville B.S. Ed. WAA, Reporter of Chieftain, Pres. son Dorm, SNEA, Alpha Theta JERRY LANIER CarroUton Baseball, MAA Adam- DANIEL H. LEE East Brewton A.B. Math Basketball, Cross Country, MAA Track MARTHA GLENDA LEWIS Rome B.S. Ed. WAA, SNEA SANDRA ALEXANDER LUCKIE Newnan B.S. Ed. WAA, Spanish Club, Alpha Theta, Chieftain Staff 151 ' I prefer younger men. ' NORMAN LEE MARTIN Smyrna A.B. History History Club, Vice-Pres. of BSU GEORGE MERLE MASAK Atlanta A.B. Math Mu Zeta Alpha, iMAA, SGA, Alpha Phi Omega LEXIE ARLEEN McDONALD Pine Mountain A.B. History History Club, WAA, SNEA, Counselor EVA LAVERN McINTOSH Thomaston B.S. Ed. MARTHA McWORTH B.S. Ed. BARBARA S. MITCHAM Bremen A.B. English Student Assistant 152 CLARK D. MONTGOMERY Cave Springs B.S. Ed. DOLORES DIANNE MOORE Thomaston A.B, English WAA, SNEA HELEN MARGARET MOORE Jonesboro A.B. Biology WAA, Sec. Mu Zeta Alpha DONALD E. NEWMAN Tallapoosa B.S. Ed. JOE NEWMAN Newnan A.B. Math LARRY CARTER NIXON Carrollton A.B. Math MICKEY FRANKLIN OWEN Lithonia A.B. History Circle K, French Club, MAA, Young Re- publicans PATTI PARKMAN Carrollton B.S. Ed. Homecoming Court, WAA, May Court, BSU, Miss Chieftain Beauty Review ALMA MARILYN PAYNE Carrollton A.B. English WAA, French Club, Psychology Club, West Georgian Staff DAVID R. P ETERSON Avondale Estates A.B. Biology PATRICIA LUCILLE PHILLIPS College Park B.S. Ed. JAMES RAY POAG Chatsworth B.S. Ed. Basketball, Letterman Club 153 " I PASSED!! ' MARY FAYE PORTER Bremen B.S. Ed. Choir MICKEY ALLEN POSEY Newnan A.B. History WILLIAM DOUGLAS PURYEAR Dalton B.S. Ed. Canterbury Club CAROLE HUNT RACKLEY Dallas B.S. Ed. SARAH FRANCES REDDING Bowden Junction A.B. English WAA, French Club JOY NORMAN REFO Decatur B.S. Ed. SNEA, Alpha Theta, WAA, Sec.-Treas. Jun- ior Class 154 ANNETTE WILLOUGHBY ROBINSON Villa Rica B.S. Ed. CHARLOTTE ELAINE SHIPP Talbolton A.B. History WAA, BSU, History Club, Spanish Club BILL SHOTWELL JR. Corbin, Ky. B.S. Ed. MAA, Basketball, Volleyball, Pres. Row Dorm Council JUNE SMITH Morrow B.S. Ed. SNEA, SGA, WAA, Mandeville Dorm Coun- cil KAYLENE BROCK SMITH Bowden B.S. Ed. Alpha Theta, Canterbury Club ROBERT KENNETH SMITH Palmetto B.S. Ed. HERMAN TEEL JR. College Park A.B. Polit. Science SGA, West Georgian Staff, Pres. History Club, SOC, VP of Debate Team, Circle K, Chair. Young Rep., Spanish Club, Music Club CHARLES LAWRENCE TODD Hogansville A.B. Math Pres. Presbyterian Dorm Council, Vice-Pres. of Alpha Phi Omega, SOC, MAA, Dorm Counselor, Vice-Pres. Senior Class ROBERT GRANT TOWNLEY Carrollton A.B. History MAA, President of Circle K GREGORY G. TRAMMELL Atlanta A.B. English Choir CECILA C UPTON Rockmart B.E. Ed. Homecoming Court, WAA, May Court, Miss Chieftain GERALD W. WADE Cartersville B.S. Ed. Alpha Theta, History Club, SNEA 155 A typical autumn day CHARLOTTE DIANNE WALKER Heard County A.B. Math Mu Zeta Alpha Treas., WAA ROBERT G. WALLACE Atlanta B.S. Ed. Alpha Theta FLORENCE A. WARD LaGrange B.S. Ed. CAROLYN LEE WARREN Tallapoosa B.S. Ed. WAA, SNEA, Dorm Counselor, Vice-Pres. Mandeville Dorm JOHNNY WATSON Franklin A.B. History Choir, Baseball PEGGY RUTH WATSON Franklin A.B. Math 156 WYATT M. WEBB Shannon A.B. English Baseball, All-Conference, Basketball, Track, MAA, Letterman Club JOANNE WELLS Bremen B.S. Ed. LINDA LOUISE WESSINGER Carrollton A.B. Biology Mu Zeta Alpha, WAA SHIRLEY PATRICIA WESSINGER Bowdon B.S. Ed. PATRICIA ANN WEST Cartersville B.S. Ed. Mu Zeta Alpha, WAA, SNEA, Alpha Theta, Fresh. Math Award BARBARA NELL WHALEY Jonesboro B.S. Ed. SNEA, Sec. VRA, Phi Beta Lamba, Sec. Canterbury Club, Chieftain Staff, Sec.-Treas. of Senior Class. CLAYTON JEROME WILLIAMS Carrollton A.B. Chem. Mu Zeta Alpha, Circle K JOYCE SAVERENE WINDOM Carrollton B.S. Ed. CHARLES OLIN WYCHE LaGrange A.B. Chem. Pres. Mu Zeta Alpha, SOC NANCY SUE YARBOUGH Smyrna A.B. Biology WAA, Tennis Team, Mu Zeta Alpha, Pres. of Booster Club 157 Chuck Miller . . . Pres. Peggy Sewell . . . Sec. c ' Lewis Manning . . . V.-Pres. Juniors — Class of ' 65 ' y 4ii James Arp Carrollton Mary Blankenship Shannon James Baggett Douglasville 7JM ' - Charlotte Blanks Franklin ' « ' • • , I Ben Bartlett Woodland M. A Danette Bowman LaFayette Melanie Bedenbaugh Senoia Melba Buice Noirross blA Lewis Bender Atlanta tik Thomas Bullard Decatur 158 Barbara Burgess Dallas Leslie Brown Griffin f ii Tommie Lee Chambers Carrolhoti v Dorothy Cooper Cedartown tiM John Burnette College Park • ••%» Jerry Bryan Franklin Lynn Clower Covington Linnell Crosson Bou ' don Carolyn Brackett LaFayette i 1 ■ ' ' , David Cagle Carters vil I e Selwyn Cochran Calhoun 4iU Harvey Darden Hogansrille Jo Anne Brooks Tallapoosa ifl 1 Mi Duncan Cameron Lithonia Minnie Colquitt Yatesville 4 Barbara DeLoach LaGrange David Brookins Atlanta I k William Carter Cairollton Carl Cooper Hartiiell Mary Denney C.inollton 159 William Desatta Netritjii Henry Dickerson Elbertun Larry Easterwood VilLi Rica Linda Easterwood Villa Rica Tommy Fields College Park Sandra Folds Cairollton Gene Ginn Lithonia Janet Gilreath Trioti Tim Gober Rockmart Barry Gray Rochnart June Green Duluth Philip Greer Thomaston Jack Grogan Griffin Sandy Hall Ringgold Cheryl Hammond Meansville Lancine Hart Carrollton ;-: , m - ). Jerry Hartwig Atlanta f} Z yiZ - " . sffi T CTW T f ' Peggy Haslett Tucker Herbert Hatton Carrollton Joe Henderson Rome 160 " Hi, Mom! ' ' At least he doesn ' t go out with other women! " ' I think it ' s spiked! ' Ann Henry Newnan John Hulsey Forest Park Jan Hitehcock AiLvitd Brock Garrett Whitesburg Ben Hobbs CitrroUton Sybil Holcomb Carrollton Dorothy Giles Griffin WiJ Gerald Gilland Carrollton Elizabeth Holden Smyrtia Anne Irwin Rockmart yv. -m iih Marion Jordan Carrollton Rebecca Jones Dallas Reda Johnson Bou ' don Ann Johnson Sargent Sue Jarman Atlanta Diane James Douglasville Linda Kastner Clarkesrille Betty Keene Griffin Richard Kennerly Carrollton Carol Keller Green rills 162 wrm Donnie Kittle Villa Rica " ' -9 . John Kittle Carrollton Earnest Knight La Grange Patricia Loyd Covington Tommy Loftin Canolllon Robert Loftin Citon Linda Lee Dallas Paula Mackey Carttrsrille Joe Manning Atlanta Martha McBrayer Buchanan Linda McCaghren Bou ' doH Linda McCarby Bou ' don Betty McClure College Park Beverly McDonald Covington Ken Mclnnis Cedartown At A Jerry McKibben Chuck Miller Patricia Morgan Linda Morgan Linda Moselev Temple Decatur Atlanta Jacjsson Augus:j 163 Carol Ann Mowell Decatur James Neville Sanford, Fla. Harvard Prickett Atlanta Jerry Rainwater Fairhurn Barbara Myrick Villa Rica «5»- % mm BJi Mike Neal Decatur Eugene Pruitt Atlanta Peggy Sewell Hartwell Gloria Norton Bowdon Kenneth Nance Griffin " igfe i.; ' M il Robert Puckett Atlanta 0 «-•■«» Ray Shurbutt Atlanta Wayne Noles East Point Chris Payton Newnan Mary Robertson LaFayette Dorothy Newberry Atlanta Ranscine Pelt Augusta Gary Rinehart Carrollton Doug Sims Atlanta Elizabeth Smith Baud on 165 John Smith Neifihiii f Denson Todd Bowdon Jean Watkins Decatur Jackie Stone Cairollloii Joe Thrash Neu ' iian Glynda White Bremen John Wright Koyiton Nancy Wright Rosivell J ■ " J Donna Swofford DougLisiille Thomas Kirkland Newnan Lowell White Douglasrille Patricia Wyche La Grange Wanda Stud Boii ' don Jerry Teal Carrollton May Wilson Boivdon A. Dara Yates Bobbie Turner Dulutb Dixie Waldrop Lauforsville Gerilla Wright Franklin 166 ■I Pill Rock Daniel . . . Pres. Billy Whitworth . . . V.-Pres. Martha Brown . . . Sec. Sophomores — Class of ' 66 k June Adair Bo IV do 71 William Adams Rachel Akin Boivdon Junction Phyllis Allen H.ipeville Al Ashkouti Atlanta James Bailey East Point Sylvia Bailey Atlanta Robert Harnett Marietta Carolyn Baxter Carrollton Jane Baxter Calhoun Carolyn Bigham Atlanta James Blackwell Carrollton Kenneth Blake Fairburn Spike Bolen Crispin Island Jerry Bond Rockmart 167 Joe Bowers KeinisJiv Robert Brewer AtLnitJ Judy Brock Roi)2e Phil Brooks Stone Mountain Ann Brown Pou ' der Springs Archie Brown Trion Janie Brown Trion Martha Brown Decatur Steve Brown Griffin John Bush Cartersville Carohne Campbell Richland Charles Carter Carrollton Darrell Chaisson Tucker Anne Champion Macon Howard Cleveland Elberton ih f hi A d M M ,h ' M Joyce Coleman Atlanta Bill Cooper Lithonia Frank Crawford Arlington, Va. Jennie Crews Bou ' don Al Cudemus Caracas, Venezuela Rodney Dabbs Cartersville Douglas Daniel Carrollton Janice Davis Cedarloivn Jere Davis Atlanta Sam Dean Elberton Mike Dorsch Atlanta Richard Dupree Griffin Ramona Durrence Daisy Wendell Eberhart Hiram Gloria Edmonson Thomaston 168 Linda Edwards Atlanta Ann Entrekin Carrollton Barbara Ezelle East Point Erick Foote Marietta Kenneth Ford Roys ton Frank Forrester Stone Mountain Pat Fulton Mableton Larry Futral Griffin David Gamadanis Atlanta Joyce Feild Breman t f ■■( Ryland Fuller Calhoun Gerald Gannaway Atlanta y Ramon Garcia Mexico City, Mexico Kay Glore Atlanta Barbara Gregory Decatur Jerry Griffin Griffin Max Grogan Cedartown Betty Guthrie Atlanta Glenda Hannah Spring Place George Hanson Madison Wallace Hardy War?n Springs Mike Hathcock Atlanta Mary Ann Heath Buchanan Peggy Henderson Smyrna 169 William Hendrix CurrolltoH Richard Hill West Point Laura Holloman Brema ! Alvin Huddieston Fayetterille Paul Hurt Rockmart Jo Ann Hensley Chjtnvorth Mike Higgins Atliiitu Gail Hill Siimmerville John Hodge Neiviian Robin Hollis Bou ' don ]unctio7i Sarah Hollis Ringgold John Hook Indianapolis, bid Larry Houston College Park Sharon Huckeba Carrollion Jimmy Hughes Decatur Judy Hughes Carrollton George Hunt Cedartou ' u Leroy Jack Canton Larry Jackson College Park Mike Jacobs Carrollton ihA ' ih- r If " ass 419); | S8 " " igSiir tMtih i i cMdiM Charles James Greenville Richard Jernigan Forest Park Wendall Johns Dalton George Johnson Elberton Charley Jones Smyrna 170 s , ' ; lgl ' ■ . m- ■ ' % Nancy Jones Grijjhj Rudine Jones College Park Robert Land College Park Roger Landers Bou ' don Fred Lawerence Dallas Gary Lester Rockmart Eddie Lowe Marietta Judy McCray Boivdon Michael McDonald Elberton Charlotte McGee LaGrange - .» f " But coach . . . puff! — Lm in perfect . . . puff! — shape!! . . . puff! puff! Steve Martin Atlanta Dianne Maxwell Ihomson Don Maxwell East Point Micheal Merck Toccoa Joy Miller Richland Kyle Mishler Franklin Joan Monnerat Atlanta John Montgomery Atlanta Matthew Morrison Dal ton Lexie Ann Moore East Point 171 David Nance AtLvita John Nash Atlanta Jane Nixon Carrollton Lynda Odgen Breman Virginia O ' Neal Carrollton Carolyn Overton Carrollton Nancy Parker East Point James Parks Neu ' ian Brenda Patty Dalton Carole Petty Atlanta titt £ .dv " An extra pair of hands always comes in handy for scratching hair. " Bobbye Phillips Redan Bill Pierce Atlanta Linda Potate Douglasville Bill Powell Villa Rica Jan Prater Calhoun Joan Prater Calhoun Lester Pruitt Mableton Carole Purcell Atlanta Mike Reagin Lithonia Larry Robbins Douglasville 172 Dee Robinson T homasville Mary Em Robinson Atlanta Richard Robinson Bowdon Skeeter Robinson Carrollton Janice Rollins Franklin Phyllis Roper Cumming Duncan St. Clair Ft. Bragg, N.C. Wayne Seabolt Fairburn Charlie Shafe_ Metier Ronald Sharpless Macon Jack Sirota East Point Carol Smith Atlanta Marion Smith Fairburn Ronnie Smith Decatur Joy Spink Calhoun Robert Starling The Rock Susan Stovall Atlanta Ronnie Straughn Decatur Lucie Stukes Atlanta Emily Summers Trion Charles Tamplin M.idiion Bill Tidwell Atlanta Gloria Thomas Atlanta Bill Truby Atlanta Gary Turner McDonoueh Gerald Turner Toccoa Charlotte Tyre Macon Billy Upton Rockmart Trisha Wade Atlanta Bett) ' Ware Ringgold Penny Watson Atlanta Charles Weeks Dalton Darrelle Wellborn Atlanta Larry White Jonesboro Gerald Whitt Atlanta Billy Whitworth Atlanta Brenda White Jacktnn Judy Wilder Bou ' don Ted Wilder Griffin Robert Williamson Carrollton Claude Wills Atlanta Benny Wood Cedartown Mary Young LaFayette Linda Windom Carrollton " . . . and after the movie, he took me out to Lake Carroll and . . . " FRESHMAN CLASS OFFICERS Bill Rhodes . . . Pres. Tony Moore . . . V.-Pres. Jane Croley . . . Sec. Freshmen — Class of ' 67 Elaine Abercrombie Forsyth Sandra Atkins Carrollton Jerry Allmon Butler Barbara Apple Decatur Linda Baggett Douglasville Wanda Bagley Villa Rica L. R. Ariza Atlanta Anthony Armer Atlanta Frances Atkins Greenville Terry Baker LaGranee Carolyn Barber Luthersrille Ruth Anne Bell ir ' Z ;c 175 Mike Benson Dalton Virginia Berry Cedar town Noel Biddy Acworth Joelene Bishop White Ruthetta Blood Decatur Ruth Black Dallas Brenda Blanton Griffin Janis Bonner Atlanta Earl Boston Cartersville Jo Anne Bowers Decatur Sandra Bradford Rydal Rosalind Brimer College Park Vivian Briscoe Atlanta Ronald Britt Stone Mt. Sylvia Broome Whitesburg James Brown Jonesboro Janet Brown Tallapoosa Charles Burden Hogansville i Sharon Burks Jonesboro William Burks Atlanta Joy Burson Carrollton Kay Butler Milner Leverett Butts College Park James Byars Griffin i 1 ti Janice Cagle Atlanta Ernest Cain Atlanta Jerry Caldwell LaGfange Ann Caldwell Zebulon 176 John Callaway College Park Joyce Campbell Rome Jimmy Camp Dallas Vivian Card Carrollton Joseph Carroll Newnan Laura Caswell Decatur Joan Carver East Point ■life k iii mM Charles Case Chickatnauga Hugh Causey East Point Phillip Chandler Marietta Darryl Chaney Hapeville Doris Chester Tr ' ton Joseph Chipman Decatur ••Tft. «-»». W tm ifi tfii i Rebecca Chupp Atlanta Robert Clark Elbert on John Cloud Atlanta Randy Cobb Smyrna Tony Cobb Marietta Dwight Cofer Atlanta Patricia Collier Decatur Sandra Colquitt Decatur Richard Cook Jackson William Cook Decatur Judy Copeland Carrollton Shirley Corley Decatur bl Sam Couch Sandy Springs Jane Croley College Park Georgette Crook Lincolnton Roy Crook Franklin David Cross Forest Park Wilson Culbreth Atlanta 177 I Robert Dalton Elaine Davis William Davis Robert Dees Annette Dewberry Thomas Diamond Ej ! Punit Decatur AtluHia E iV Puii ' it Bremen CedartDwn Andrea Doster AtLiiita Darlene Foster Atlanta Aubrey Duke Chamblee Norma Edwards Hinesvdle Robert Edwards Jackson Betty Erwin Forsyth Donna Farrell Marietta ' fiHk ' M%, A Ann Faucett Carl Faulk Anne Fleeman David Flint Emily Forst Carol Foster Mar etta Atlanta Dallas Decatur Smyrna Carrollton Walter Foster Forest Park Marion Fowler Thomaston Lynn Fryer Atlanta " Due to overcrowded conditions in the lounge — . ' 178 Ann Fuller WiUwood y Susan Godwin Cedartown Harry Greene Tallapossa James Gunn Lithonia Nancy Gattis Newnan John Gavel Marietta 4U John Goin Decatur Jane Goodroe Newnan 4tk ti Chris Greer Thomaston Robert Greer Jackson Angela Hardie Gordon Kathryn Harper Atlanta Patricia Gayton Atlanta Jenny Griffin Cedartown Ronald Griffin Cmollton Rita Gordy Ringgold Henry Gossett Griffin Suzanne Gray Atlanta ii iul Barbara Greeson Chatsworth Robert Gregory Decatur Robert Guilbeau Carrollton Nancy Harrell Atlanta Robin Harris Macon Tommy Harris T.Ttlorsi ille i - m k Hiram Hartly Atlanta John Hartsfield Atlanta Walter Hatchett Bremen Cheryl Hainlin College Park Pam Hale Decatur Francine Hall GcrJoK 179 Don Maxwell shows his technique in dissecting a shark. Dwight Hay Jonesboro Guy Hayes Decalur liiM Mary Hayes Bremen AI Hefner Ronrell Sandra Helms Decatur C. M. Hemperley East Point Elaine Hendricks Atlanta Judith Henslee Douglasville I 3 , Ronald Hick Marietta Josephine Higgins Ellijay Lewis Higgins Dalton Richard H. Hill Gabbettville James Hines Griffin Diane Hisle Decatur [■ Stfe ' «. ■% — • iiii it Danny Hoard Jackson Lewis Holcomb Miami, Fla. 4iM Jimmy Holladay Atlanta Dean Holland Douglasville Ray HoUingsworth Decatur tik Harris Holmes Griffin 180 riA Johnny Hooper Griffin " Anne Howard Riverdale Jerry Howard College Park William Hubbard Cedartown Judy Huckeba Newnan tm Starke Hudson AiLi it.i Jo Ann Hughes, Ringgold Sandra Hughes East Point Jane Hulsey Rockmart Olivia Hunnicutt Atlanta Judith Hutcheson Atlanta Virginia Hyde Atlanta d Carol Ingle Carrollton Linda Jackson Palmetto Lowell Jackson Decatur Dianne Johnson Tallapoosa George Johnson Hogansville Robert Johnston Tiickir M Freddy Jones College Park ' Janice Jones Dalton Ginger Jones Atlanta Walter Jones Dalton Gloria Jordan Atlanta Hi Ray Joyner College Park Babs Kalvelage Atlanta Aaronita Keheley Newnan Julia Ann Kerr Austell Larry King Elberton Susan Lake Sandy Springs ALircia Lance Bremen 181 Becky Landers Atlanta William Lipski Atlanta Juanita Madden Raymond Earl Martin Decatur Judy McConnell Atlanta Linda Langley Newnan Charles Lawton Dalton Sandra Leathers Villa Rica John Ledbetter College Park Marsha Leggett Baxley 4 M Ruth Long Jonesboro David Long Austell Roy Lovell Villa Rica Linda Loving Griffin Mike Mahoney Atlanta Sandra Marlow Carrollton Sterling Marsh Atlanta Verlon Marshall Franklin Nanq ' Maynard Buchanan Charles Mayo Forest Park Ora McAlpin Tallapoosa Betty McClain Gleen , L ■Win James McDaniel Woodland Sherry McDowell Carrollton Steve McElroy Lithonia David McGhee Griffin Dean Luallen Atlanta Donna Martin Carrollton Paul McCook Gordon 182 Mandeville Dormitory decorated for Homecoming— 1963 Sharon Moore Atlanta Stephens Moore Mt. Berry % iiiiil Bonnie Morgan Forest Park Joyce Morgan Jackson Margaret Nforiis Atlanta Sue Ellen Mullins Atlanta George Murray Atlanta Thomas Neal Decatur tuktJk Alice Neighbors Hogansville Alex Newton Thomaston Chalmers Niemeyer Ai ' ondale Kathy O ' Quinn Atlanta Robert Oxford Dallon Marvin Parker Neunan ■ ' 1 iilit -v » Annette Paris Hiram Jason Patrick McDonough Frederick Peacock Atlanta Pat Peacock Canton Jo Ann Perrj ' Atlanta Ai John Phagan Villa Rxa 183 J DIanne Phillips Riferdale Parker Pierce East Point Joyce Pirone Carrulllon Fred Poole Decatur Jean Price Atlanta 4. Emmy PuUiam Covington Carole Raburn ColltQe Pirh Henry Ragsdale Dallas Jerry Rainey Griffin Phocian Ramsey, Atlanta iiiiil Mike Reese Elberton William Rhodes Decatur Johnny Richards Whiter burg Larry Richards College Park Jerry Richardson Rockmart V . R -5v V " 1 . »«! ii George Roberts Atlanta Robert Robinson Carrollton Carol Robinson Newnan Denzil Rogers LaGrange Donald Rogers Franklirt Frank Pritchard Forest Park Cheryl Raykoaski Dallas Sylvia Ricks Carrollton i Luticia Rogers Roopfille 4ti Gloria Rosselle Atlanta Mary Rowe Griffin Barbara Sabo Decatur Carol Self Rocky Face Ann Shepherd Gordon John Shiflett Marietta 184 Elaine Sims Conyers Patricia Sisson Ringgold Magda Siverio Havana, Cuba t,k Thomas Skelton Griffin I Lee Smith Chattanooga, tenn. Carol Smith ]oneihoro Larry Smith Moreland Stephen Smith Decatur Thomas Stanley Buchanan Shirley Stephens Villa Rica " Anything beats sleeping on the ground! " Jeanette Spencer Calhoun Carolyn Stewart Atlanta Sandra Thames Atlanta Joyce Spiney Marietta Drena Spink Calhoun Bobby Standard LaGrange Linda Stillwell LaGrange Jo Sullivan Carrollton Winston Teate Atlanta Carole Threadgill Carrollton John Thrower LaGrange Mar} ' Tibbetts College Park Carole Turner Thomaston Janice Tyler LaGrange Lynn Varner Marietta Marsha Vickery Seiioia 185 Verda Walker Rochelle Barbara Ward Atlanta Dianne Ward Atlanta Jane Ware Ringgold Gayle Warnock Baxley - 4ffilm- ti h Ralph Waters West Point r- Curtis Watson Bowdon Mary Weaver Decatur Clayton Whitelaw Atlanta Robert Wilcher Griffin •ik Ronald Wildberger Atlanta Janice Williams Buchanan Margaret Willis Cartersville Kathleen Wolfe Atlanta Karen Yates Atlanta James Warren Atltanta ' i ' 4 ' ' ' ! ! w yy " ' ' Sandra Wild Monticello tiM James Zerblis Newnan 186 Student Index Abercrombie, Alice Elaine; Route 1, Culloden, Ga 175 Abernathy. Phyllis Grace; Box 32, Blairsville, Ga. Acree, Robert Franklin; 210 Chandler St., Calhoun, Ga. Adair, Charlotte June; Route -i, Bowdon, Ga 167 Adair, Oba Browning; 204 W. Central Ave., Madison, Ga. Adams, Kenneth Ellis " ; 6977 Hwy. 42, Rex, Ga. Adams, Rossell Frances; 800 Palm St., LaGrange, Ga 73, 74, 77 Adams, William Martin; Box 566, Bremen, Ga. ..__ 16 ' Agee, Barbara Ann; 2673 Tupelo St., SE, Atlanta, Ga. Akin, Jimmy Jackson; 2281 2 South St., CarroUton, Ga 147 Akin, June Smith 2281 2 South St., CarroUton, Ga 155 Akin, Rachel Annette; Bowdon Jet., Ga 167 Alexander, Mary E.; Douglasville, Ga. Allen, Bob Toombs; Route 3, Fayette ille, Ga. Allen, Marv Jeanette; 210 Lov orn Rd., CarroUton, Ga. Allen, Phyllis C; 617 Cofield Dr., HapeviUe, Ga 167 Allen, Thomas Peter, Jr.; 214 Collier Dr., Smyrna, Ga. Alley, Ed R.; 2188 Starline Dr., Decatur, Ga. Allmon, Jerry Greysden; Route 1, Butler, Ga. 175 Almon, Claud Bradley, Jr.; Lee St., Dawson, Ga. Altman, John Curtis; Route 1, Gray, Ga. Amrhein, jMike Herbert; E. Club Dr., CarroUton, Ga. Apple, Barbara Lynne; 2551 River Oak Dr., Decatur, Ga 175 Applebee, Charles Francis, Jr.; Montevallo Cir., Decatur, Ga. Ariza, Leopoldo Ricardo; 1221 Anchor Ter., SW, Atlanta, Ga 175 Armer, Anthony Lee; 2211 Allaire Ln., NE, Atlanta, Ga 175 Armistead, Ben Selmor III; 205 Mt. Vernon Dr., Decatur, Ga. Arnold, Mary Ellen; Box 192, Welcome Rd., Newnan, Ga. Arp, James David; 66 Tower Apts., CarroUton, Ga. 59, 62, 64, 158 Ashkouti, Albert Michael; 3036 Slaton Dr., NW. Atlanta, Ga 167 Astm, David Frank; 2024 Montrose Dr., East Pt., Ga. Atkins, Frances Lynn; Box 154, Greenville, Ga 175 Atkins, Sandra Elaine; 224 S. Lakeshore Dr., CarroUton, 125, 175 Atkinson, William Joseph; Route 2, Newnan, Ga. Avery, Susan Royce; 12 Sunset Ln., Newnan, Ga. Awtrey, Linda Ann; 2910 Lynda PL, Decatur, Ga. Ayers, Ronnie Clifford; Box 171, Bowdon, Ga. Baggett, Harold Cleveland; Route 2, Waco. Ga. Baggett, James Camp, Jr.; Rose Ave., Douglasville, Ga 158 Baggett, Linda Ruth; Rt. 1, Box 79, Winston, Ga 85, 88, 175 Bagley, Wanda Joe; Villa Rica, Ga . . 175 Bagwell, Saundra Gayle; 527 N. HiUcrest Dr., Marietta, Ga. Bailey, David Sherman; Route 3, Fling Rd., LaGrange, Ga. Bailey, Diane Faye; 117 Westwood Cir. .Smyrna, Ga Bailey, Helen S.; Route 5, CarroUton, Ga. Bailey, James ferald; 1398 Wadley Ave:,-East Pt.. Ga , 167 Bailey, R. Lance; 101 Greenville St., NeT an, Ga. Bailey, -Ronnie Joe; 609 Newnan St., CarroUton, Ga. Bailey, Steve Douglas; Route 5. CarroUton. Ga. Bailey, Sylvia Anne; 39 Candler .Rd., NE, Atlanta. Ga 78, 167 Baker, Richard Myers; Box 311, Lafayette, Ga. Baker, Terry Eugene; Route 3, LaGrange, Ga 175 Ball, John Luther; Hogansville, Ga. Ballard, Douglas Carroll; Box 188, Fayetteville Rd., Jonesboro, Ga. Ballenger, James Douglas; 3344 Old .Jonesboro Rd., HapeviUe, Ga. Barber, Carolyn Alice; LuthersviUe, Ga. 84, 175 Barnes, Charles Henry ' , Buchanan Rd., Tallapoosa, Ga. Barnes, John Michael; 609 Bankhead Hwy, CarroUton, Ga. Barnett, Robert C; 251 Stewart Cir., Marietta, Ga 73, 76, 167 Barnett, Winston Denham; 20 Elmwood St., Rome, Ga. Barrow, Frankie Ray; 429 Georgia Ave., Bremen, Ga. Bartlett, Ben; P.O. Box 98, Woodland, Ga. 158 Barton, Fred Anthony, Jr., 3944 Wascanna Rd., 2, HapeviUe Bass, Charles Marcus; Route 1, Bremen, Ga. Bass, Joseph Alvia; Route 1, Bremen, Ga. Batchelor, Charles R.; Bremen Rd., CarroUton, Ga. Bates, Jerry Wayne; 1776 Rockland Dr., SE, Atlanta, Ga. Baughman, John Henry; 134 Pecan Ave., Tallapoosa, Ga. Baxter, BUI Walker; 108 Edwards St., Bremen, Ga. Baxter, Carolyn Edyth; 420 Belva St., CarroUton. Ga 125. Baxter, Jane; 206 East Line St., Calhoun, Ga 30, 31, 44, 73, 77, Beckham, James Eugene; 314 South Blvd., CarroUton, Ga. Bedenbaugh, Melanie Grace; Box 85, Senoia, Ga. 78, Bell, Ruth Anne; Route 1, Box 171, White, Ga 88, Bellows, Mellie Joyce; 131 Cunningham Dr., CarroUton, Ga. Bender, Lewis Hugh; 688 Blake Ave., SE, Atlanta, Ga 91, 110, Bennett, James Oscar; Box 119, Bowdon, Ga. Bennett, Judith Karen; 115 E. Broad St., Newnan, Ga 8 : Benson, Michael Arthur; Cohutta, Ga 86, Bentley, Verney E.; 4180 Northside Pkwy., NW, Atlanta, Bernhard, Carol Ann; Box 174, Senoia, Ga Berry, Edwin Kline; Box 349 C, Rt. 4, Griffin, Ga. Berry, Gary Dennis; 4239 Flat Shoals Rd., Decatur, Ga. Berry, Virginia Steed; 305 Prior St., Cedartown, Ga Biddy, Noel Douglas; Route 2, Acworth, Ga Biggers, Benjamin Shirley; Box 453, Depot St., Buchanan, Ga. Bigham, Carolyn Anne; 3176 West Manor Cir., SW, Atlanta 78, Bishop, Freda Joelene; Rt. 1, White, Ga 167 167 158 175 158 , 89 176 147 176 176 167 176 Black, Lenora Ann; 302 Dallas St., Kennesaw, Ga Black, Margaret Ruth; Route 3, Dallas, Ga Blackwell, James Collier; Route 3, CarroUton, Ga 110, Blake, Kenneth Ronald; Route 3, College Park, Ga Blake, Mrs. Martha lone; 4l6 Montgomery St., Villa Rica, Ga. Blalock, Clarence Albert; 122 N. Cliff St., CarroUton, Ga Blankenship, Mary Lena; 445 Fourth St., Shannon, Ga. Blanks, Charlotte Elizabeth; Route 4, Franklin, Ga Blanton, Brenda Ann; Box 127, Rt. 3, Griffin, Ga „.. Blood, Ruthetta Claire; 1268 Blueberry Trl., Decatur, Ga 124, Boggs, Faye Wilder; Route 1, Aragon, Ga. Boggus, Stephen Michael; 2886 Alameda Trl., Decatur, Ga. Bolen, Larry Main; 5 Cottage Dr., Crispen Island, Brunswick, Ga. 79, 91, Bond, Jerry Hoyt; Route 1, Aragon, Ga Bone, Paul Weyman; Route 2, Temple, Ga. Bonner, Janis Elaine; 1384 McPherson Ave., Atlanta, Ga Booker, Van Clifford; 1179 Tuckawanna Dr., SW, Atlanta, Borders, Solon Richard; Route 5, Newnan, Ga. Boston, Earl Wayne; 624 N. Tenn. St., Cartersville, Ga Bostwick, Lanny Ivan; Route 1, CarroUton, Ga. Bourn, Sandra Elaine; 2894 Laurel Lane, East Pt., Ga. Bowen, Kerry W., Route 2, Conyers, Ga. Bowen, Laura Elizabeth; 645 Brook Circle, Griffin, Ga. Bowers, Jo Anne; 23-45 Miriam Ln., Decatur, Ga Bowers, Joseph Stanton Jr.; Route 2, Tyus Rd., CarroUton, Ga Bowman, Nina Danette; 202 Cherokee St., LaFayette, Ga Bowman, Roland Phil; 511 Johnson St., Bremen, Ga. Boyd, James Fortson; West Ga, College, CarroUton, Ga 73, 76, Boyd, Maj-y Amtenda; Route 1, Dallas, Ga. Brackett, Carolyn Loretta; Box 900, Rt. 3, LaFayette, Ga Bradford, Sandra Lou; Rydal, Georgia Bradley, Larry Gene; Rt. 2, Bowdon, Ga. Bradley, Penelope Jane; 224, Gordon St., Bremen, Ga. Bfaswell, ' John Frederic; 1 Central St., Rockmart, Ga. BrazeU, Josephine; 342 Maple St., CarroUton, Ga BtEwer, David Warren; 130 Adamson Ave., CarroUton, Ga. Brewer, Mary Priscella; 39 August Dr., Newnan, Ga. 64, 70, 73; Brewer, Robert Coleman; 2128 Second Ave., Decatur, Ga Bridges, Harry Franklin; Rt. 1, Newnan, Ga. Brigman, Florence C; 12 Tower Apts., CarroUton, Ga. Brimer, Gayne Rosalind; 4553 Hopewell Rd., College Park Briscoe, Vivian Leah; 404 Maynard Ter., SE, Atlanta, Ga Britt, Ronald Willis; 6600 Bermuda Rd., Stone Mt., Ga Brittain, Ella G.; Route 3, Douglasville, Ga. Brock, William Hiram; Sage St., Temple, Ga. Brock, Judy Louise; 19 Benvenue Dr., Rome, Ga 125, Brookins, Marvin David; 1316 Ormewood Ave,, SE, Atlanta, Ga. 60, 81, 96, Brooks, Charles Coleman; 512 Rockspring Rd., NE, Atlanta, Ga. Brooks, Jo Anne; 31 W. Mill St.. " Tallapoosa, Ga. Brooks, Phil Oslin; 745 Sheppard Rd., Stone Mt., Ga Broome, John Murray; Route 1, CarroUton, Ga. Broome, Sylvia Moore; Box 104, Rt. 1, Whitesburg, Ga Brown, Archie Maurice; 601 Dixie St., CarroUton, Ga Brown, Henry Noel; Box 360, Rt. 2, Griffin, Ga 58 Brown, James Harold; Rt. 1, Box 113. Jonesboro, Ga Brown, Janet Ann; Rt. 2, Tallapoosa, Ga. Brown, Janie Irene; 134 Church St., Trion, Ga Brown, Jim Jackson, Jr.; Bremen, Ga. Brown, King Daniel; Rt. 2, Calhoun, Ga. Brown, Leslie George; 37 Bleachery St, Box 181, Experiment, Ga 54, 81, 112, Brown, Martha Ann; 2585 Amelia Ave., Decatur. Ga 46, 48, 51, 59. 79, 83, 167, Brown, Roger James; Rt. 1, Waco, Ga Brown, Sandra Elaine; 34 West Washington, Newnan, Ga. Brown, Stephen Taylor; 1018 Lake Ave., Griffin, Ga Brown, Therol Rufus; Rt. 1, Fayetteville, Ga. Brown, V. Ann; Rt. 1, Due West Road, Powder .Springs, Ga 45, 60, 92, 125, Brumby, John Edgar; 218 Ward St., CarroUton, Ga. Bryan, Jerry Edward; Box 93, Franklin, Ga Bryan, Millie Diane; 5121 Chamblee-Tucker Rd., Tucker 102, Bryant, Shirley Jean; Box 712, Villa Rica, Ga. Bryant, William Lee; Box 191, Summerville, Ga. Buckelew, Claire Griffin; 220 Mt. Vernon Dr., Decatur, Ga. Buckels, Sara Edna; 107 Pearce Dr., Warner Robins, Ga. BuUard, Thomas Edwin; 874 Columbia Dr., Decatur, Ga Burchfield, Ronald Eugene.; Rt. 2, Dalton, Ga 91, Burden, Charles E.; 61 E. Main St., Hogansville, Ga Burdick, Fred William; 901 Pearl Dr., Dalton, Ga. Burgess, Barbara Louise; 145 Memorial Dr., Dallas, Ga Burgess, Melba M.; 427 Sunset Blvd., CarroUton, Ga. Burkes, Delmar Elige; Box 15, Bolingbroke, Ga. Burks, Sheron Kaye; Rt. 1, Dixie Hwy., Forest Pk., Ga Burks, William Lee; 1375 Loch- Lomond Trl., Atlanta, Ga Burson, Georgia Gaffney; 34 Tower Apts., CarroUton, Ga. 147 176 167 167 147 158 158 176 176 78, 167 167 176 147 176 176 168 158 111 159 176 125 77 168 176 176 176 168 54, 159 159 168 176 168 69 176 176 168 48, 159 78, 168 85 168 46, 168 159 103 158 107 176 159 176 176 188 FOLSOM DRESS SHOP " Where Quality and Fashion are Coordinated " Newnan Street Carrollton HOTEL CARROLLTON TR 2-3511 119 Maple Carrollton ROYAL CROWN BOTTLING CO. Carrollton MOORE ' S MEAT CO. " The Best " Carrollton, Georgia Dairit Queen DiBIIBF F CNAR MIOILl» 0UR6ERS SHAKES 189 Student Index Burtnett, William F.; Box 1100, Rt. 9, Birmingham, Ala. Burtnette, John King; 2097 Pinecrest Dr., College Park 159 Butts, Leverett; 4301 York Road, College Park, Ga 176 Burrell, Steve Thomas; 406 Church St., Bremen, Ga. Burson, Lynn White; lYi Watson Dr., Newnan, Ga. Burson, Patricia Joy; 114 Clifton Ter., Carrollton, Ga 84, 125, 176 Burt, James M.; 6925 SW 80th St., S. Miami, Fla 58, 64, 73, 74, 77, 147 Bush, Mary John; 104 Stonewall St., Cartersville -. - 168 Butler, Charlette; Rt. 2, Box 443, Thomasville, Ga. Butler, John David; Rt. 2, Carrollton, Ga. Butler, Mary Kay; Rt. 1, Milner, Ga 176 Byars, James Barry; 418 WhippoorwiU Rd., Albany, Ga --. 176 Byrd, Thomas Lucius; 54 Temple Ave., Newnan, Ga. Cadora, Donald Frank; 2005 Bell St., College Park, Ga 66, 147 Cagle, David Lee; 326 E. Main St., Cartersville, Ga 159 Cagle, Janice Velma; 1063 Bouldercrest Dr., SE, Atlanta 125, 176 Cain, Ernest Walker; 1832 Sylvan Rdige Dr., Atlanta, Ga .. 176 Cain, Merritt Patrick, Jr.; 343 Maple St., Carrollton, Ga 109 Caine, Vernon; 206 West Center St., Carrollton, Ga 73 Caldwell, Gloria Elizabeth; 413 Tenn. Ave., Bremen, Ga. Caldwell, Ann; Zebulon, Ga 176 Caldwell, Jerry Edwin; 201 Mandeville Ave.. Carrollton ...- 176 Callaway, John Appleton, Jr.; 2757 Colonial Dr., College Park 77, 176 Cameron, James Duncan; 7074 Swift St., Lithonia, Ga 159 Gammons, Ray Richard; 101 Ave. B, Carrollton, Ga. Carop, Ellis Joel; Box 72, Sargent, Ga .. -.. 147 Camp, Helen Moore; Church St., Riverdale, Ga 125, 153 Camp, James Edward; Box 13, Sargent, Ga. Camp, Jimmy Dorsey; Rt. 2, Dallas, Ga. Camp, Thomas Henry; 61 Spring St., Newnan, Ga. 78 Campbell, Caroline; Richland, Ga. 168 Campbell, Douglas Lee; 607 Goodyear Ave., Rockmart, Ga 176 Campbell, Joyce Elzme; Rt. 1, Rome, Ga 125, 177 Campbell, Philip Hinton; Buchanan Hwy., Tallapoosa, Ga. Carel, Vivan Dorris; Box 344, Carrollton, Ga. .. 89, 177 Carlisle, Harry Franklin; Route 4, LaGrange, Ga. Carmichael, Jack Alan; 3130 Gay Drive, Decatur, Ga. Carpenter, Joseph Frank; 1837 Westminster Way NE, Atlanta .... 54, 77, 81, 89, 91 Carr, Lucius Harry; Route 1, Hawkinsxille, Ga. Carr, Robert Walter; 802 N. Park St., Carrollton 112, 147 Carr, William Earl; P.O. Box 81, Woodland, Ga 80 Carroll, Charles Barrett, Jr.; 634 Lawson Street, Bremen, Ga. Carroll, Joseph Leonard, Jr.; Box 17, Moreland, Ga 177 Carter, Charles Aquila; Route 4, Carrollton, Ga 168 Carter, David Randolph; North Cliff Ext., Carrollton Carter, Larry Dean; 206 Cedar St., Carrollton, Ga. Carter, Ronald Edward; 508 Echols St., Covington, Ga 91 Carter, Terry Clifford; P.O. Box 312, Stonewall, Ga. Carter, William Cole; Bremen Rd., Carrollton, Ga 159 Cartwright, Danny White; 605 Alabama Ave., Bremen, Ga. Carver, Joan Marie; 1474 Hawthorne Way, East Point 177 Case, Charles Franklin IIP, P. O. Box 217, Chickamauga 177 Cash, Render Malcolm; Route 1, Bremen, Ga. Caswell, Colleen Laura; 2271 Cresta Drive, Decatur, Ga. 125, 177 Gates, Rebecca Francovich; 32 Freeman St., Tallapoosa, Ga. Causey, Joseph Hugh; 2685 Riggs Dr., East Point, Ga 177 Cauthen, Dennis Jerome; Route 2, Tallapoosa, Ga. Chadwick, Cathryn Gladys; P.O. Box 163, Austell, Ga 83, 90, 147 Chaisson, Darrell Joseph; 12436 Largo Dr., Savannah, Ga 168 Chambers, Anthony George; Box 597, Villa Rica, Ga. Chambers, Douglas Michael; 129 Garrett St., Carrollton Chambers, Marshall; 1186 Berkeley Rd., Avondale Estates .... 73, 76, HI Chambers, Tommie Lee; Route 2, Carrollton, Ga 159 Champion, Leila Anne; 3356 Napier Ave., Macon, Ga. ... 6i, 85, 124, 168 Chance, Marianne; Timberland Dr., Douglasville 63, 78, 82, 147 Chance, Patricia Elaine; 136 Cunningham Dr., Carrollton Chandler, Phillip Marlin; 104 Wanda Circle, Marietta 177 Chaney, Darryl Royce; 3741 Atlanta Ave., Hapeville 177 Channell, Charlotte Susan; 339 Kramer Drive, Carrollton 84, 147 Chapman, Mary M.; Douglasville, Ga. Chappell, Claselle; Route 6, Carrollton Chavies, James Otis; 426 College St., Carrollton Cheek, Travis Anthony; 13 Fairview Dr., Douglasville Chester, Doris Earl; 310 Reed Street, Trion, Ga. 88, 177 Chia, Enrique Calixto; RoopviUe Rd., Rt 3, Carrollton 148 Chipman, Joseph Douglas; 947 N. Carter Rd., Decatur 177 Chupp, Meta Rebecca; 6253 Glenridge Dr. NE, Atlanta 177 Clark, Robert W.; 421 Hickory Dr., Elberton, Ga 177 Clary, Edward Watson; 2226 Bollingbrook Dr., Atlanta 82 Clayton, Bill Mac; 622 Atlantic Ave., Bremen Cleveland, Howard Stakley; 177 Lake Forest Dr., Elberton .... 48, 91, 168 Cline, James Ponder; 131 Davis Dr., Cartersville, Ga. Cline, John Dean; 611 N. Gordon Circle, Hapeville Cloud, John Foster; 28 Grove Park PL, NW, Atlanta •. 177 Clower, Marcia Lynn; 903 Floyd St., Covington 83, 159 Cobb, Randy Lee; 1605 Old Concord, Smyrna, Ga 177 Cobb, Tony Konrad; 84 Chambers Dr., Marietta 89, 177 Cochran, Ronald Delmar; 814 W. Crawford, Dalton, Ga. Cochran, Selwyn; Route 4, Calhoun, Ga 159 Cofer, Dwight Douglas; 114 Hutchison, Enterprise, Ala 177 Coffey, Sam Julian; " " Rt. 1, Crandall, Ga 148 Cohen, Albert Morton; 1400 Woodland Hills Dr., NE, Atlanta, Ga 58, 62, 63, 64, 81, 148 Cohran, Barbara Ann; Rt. 2, Villa Rica, Ga. Cole, Bruce Randolph; 105 Forkner Dr., Decatur, Ga. Cole, Lawton David; Rt. 2, Temple, Ga. Coleman, Joyce Irene; 790 Braemar Ave., Atlanta, Ga 168 Collier, Patricia Anne; 3623 Oakvale Rd., Decatur, Ga 177 Colquitt, Elvena Sandra; 2544 Eastwood Dr., Decatur, Ga. .. 177 Colquitt, M. Keturah; Box 17, Yatesville, Ga 78, 89, 159 Combs, Hubert Farris; 2704 Chatsworth Rd., Dalton, Ga. Conner, Dove; 3511 Roxboro Rd., NE, Atlanta, Ga. Cook, George William; 3987 Glenwood Rd. Decatur, Ga 177 Cook, Ralph Richard; 8 Cherokee St., Newnan, Ga 177 Cook, Richard Hulon; Rt. 1, Jackson, Ga. Cook, Roy Allen; 4391 2 Longview St., Carrollton, Ga. Cooper, Carl Bennett; ' Box 174, Hartwell, Ga 159 Cooper, Carolyn Hall; 126 Ellen Hand Cir., Cedartown, Ga 148 Cooper, Dorothy Evelyn; 132 Clyde St., Cedartown, Ga 159 Cooper, Judith Elaine; Box 113, Senoia, .Ga. Cooper, Patricia Carole; Box 177, Temple, Ga. Cooper, William Henry ID; 2322 Young Rd., Stone Mt., Ga 168 Copeland, Donald Wayne; 216 Bass St., Carrollton, Ga. Copeland, Judy Carolyn; Rt. 2, Carrollton, Ga. 177 Corley, Luna Kay; Woodbury, Ga. Corley, Shirley Frances; 3006 Miriam Ct., Decatur, Ga 177 Gosper, Robert; 601 Aycock St., Carrollton, Ga. 148 Ccuch, Samuel Jarboe; 500 Brookfield Dr., NE, Atlanta, Ga. 177 Coulon, Michael James; 4598 Lawrenceville Hwy, Tucker, Ga. Cox, Nicholas Longworth, Jr.; Box 393, Experiment, Ga 73, 76 Cramer, David S.; 135 Cunningham Dr., Carrollton, Ga. Cramer, Gayle Ann; 135 Cunningham Dr., Carrollton, Ga. Crawford, Frank; 874 N. Arlington Mill Dr., Arlington, Va 168 Crews, Jonnie Raye; Box 519, Bowdon, Ga. 168 Croft, Lawrence Eugene; 415 North Cliff St., Carrollton Croley, Norma Jane; 423 W. Walker Ave., College Park 175, 177 Crook, Georgette M.; Box 22, Lincolnton, Ga. 177 Crook, Roy Max; Route 5, Franklin, Ga 177 Cross, David Ralph; 127 Warren Dr., Forest Park, Ga 177 Crosson, Linnell; Route 3, Bowdon, Ga. . 159 Cudemus, Alberto Marquez; No. 21, Av.4a, Altamira, Caracas, Venezuela .... 168 Culbreath, Wilson Webb; 658 Avery Rd., SW, Atlanta, Ga 177 Curry, Joyce McKeen; Box 482, LaGrange, Ga 74 Curry, Russell Allen; Box 482, LaGrange, Ga 70, 74 Dabbs, Norman Henry; Rt. 1, Etov ah Dr., Cartersville 168 Dabbs, Rodney Olyn; 19 Forrest Hill Dr., Cartersville Dalton, James Robert, Jr.; 2416 Dodson Dr., East Point, Ga 178 Daniel, Emily Jean; 703 Hill St., Thomaston, Ga. Daniel, Ernest Donald; 7l4-7th Ave., Dawson, Ga 112, 148 Daniel, James Ralph; Rt 5, Franklin, Ga. Daniel, Richard Calvin; Rt. 1, Box 10, The Rock, Ga 63, 167 Daniel, William Douglas; 119 Lakepoint Dr., Carrollton, Ga. ... 74, 78, 86, 168 Daniell, John Tyre; Box 328, Carrollton, Ga HI Darden, Harvey Madison; 73 East Main St., Hogansville, Ga 78, 67, 159 Davidson, James William; Box 338, LaGrange, Ga. Davis, Nell Elaine; 3936 Rainbow Dr., Decatur, Ga 178 Davis, Janice Grace; 518-7th St., Cedartown, Ga 168 Davis, William Charles; 1215-19th St., Columbus, Ga 178 Davis, William Jere; 1263 Hopkins Ter., NE, Atlanta, Ga 168 Dean, Bobby Samuel; 245 Heard St., Elberton, Ga 48, 168 Dees, Arthur Garland; 4131 Hilltop Dr., College Park Dees, Robert Carl; 1355 Hawthorne Way, East Pt., Ga. 178 DeFoor, Roy Leonard; Mozley St., Douglasville, Ga. DeLoach, Barbara Ann; Rt. 2, Box 2 31, West Point, Ga 63, 73, 74, 84, 159 Denney, Mary Amma; Rt. 3, Carrollton, Ga. 159 Dennis, Clyde Wiley; Box 378, Rt. 4, Douglasville, Georgia Deriso, Ruby Ann; 66 Temple Ave., Newnan, Ga. 149 Desatta, William Charles; 14, Waverly Circle, Newnan, Ga 160 DeVore, John Truman; Rt. 4, Alpharetta, Ga 108 Dewberry, Jean Lovvorn; 144 Ridge Ave., Mabelton, Ga. 149 Dewberry, Syble Annette; 619 McPherson St., Bremen, Ga 178 Diamond, Thomas Dilton; Rt, 3, Cedartown, Ga 178 Dick, George Monfred; Box 70, Rt. 4, Griffin, Ga. Dickerson, William Henry; Rt. 3, Elberton, Ga 160 Dillard, Clyde Donald, Jr.; 735 Alta PL, NW, Atlanta, Ga. Dillard, William David; 610 College St., Calhoun, Ga. Dixon, Juanita M.; 127 Maple St., Carrollton, Ga. Dorsch, Michael Paul; 6880 Sunnybrook Ln., Atlanta, Ga 168 Doster, Andrea Jacquelyn; 2647 Flagstone Dr., SE, Atlanta, Ga 178 Downey, Marilyn G.; Route 1, Tallapoosa, Ga. Draughon, Donna Jeannelle; 2275 Sutton St., SE, Atlanta, Ga. Driver, Vernon Hamilton; Rt. 1, Box 182, Bremen, Ga. 190 Compliments of COMMERCIAL AND EXCHANGE BANK Tallapoosa St. Bremen TRENT TUBE Carrollton Georgia Student Index 168 168 160 160 149 168 169 178 63, 149 . 91 178 - 78 . 84 Duke, Aubrey Bennett, Jr.; 3682 Keswick Dr., Chamblee, Ga 178 Duke, Mrs. Pat Farrell; . 01 Ala. Ave., Bremen, Ga. DuPree, Richard Louie; Rt. 3, Box 5-A, Griffin, Ga Durrence, Ramona Lorene; Daisy, Ga Dye, Edwin John; 212 S. I6th St., Griffin, Ga. Easterwood, Cynthia Susan; Box 147, Villa Rica, Ga. Easterwood, Larry Hoyt; Box 62, Villa Rica, Ga Easterwood, Linda W.; Box 62, Villa Rica, Ga Eaves, Alfred Richard; 732 Granite St., Elberton, Ga, Eberhardt, Carole Elaine; 357 Elm St., Elberton, Ga..... 51, 53, 73, 74, 77, 83 Eberhart, E. Wendell; Rt. 1, Hiram, Ga 168 Edens, Mary Ruth; Sugar Valley, Ga. Edge, Elizabeth Ann; Rt. 3, Box 168-B, Newnan, Ga 73, 87, Edmonds, A. Hildred; 109 Alice Ln., CarroUton, Ga. Edmonson, Gloria Lee; 210 Seventh Ave., Thomaston, Ga 83, 124, Edwards, Linda Sue; 1441 Bouldercrest Rd., SE, Atlanta 125, Edwards, Norma Winifred; Hinesville, Ga Edwards, Patricia Joye; 1441 Bouldercrest Dr., SE, Atlanta .. 54, 58, 67, 74, 83, 125, 146, Edwards, Robert Alan; 3299 Rabun Dr., Atlanta, Ga Edwards, Robert Wendell; Box 223, Jackson, Ga Edwards, Sara Margaret; Box 166, Buchanan, Ga Edwards, William Hughdon; 109 Circle Dr., Calhoun, Ga Eidson, Harold Marcus; R.F.D. 5, Newnan, Ga. Eidson, ' Winnie W.; Route 2, Douglasville, Ga. Eley, Michael Henry; Franklin, Ga. Ellis, Anthony Thomas; Route 1, Tallapoosa, Ga. Ellis, Frank Lee; 37 W. Washington St., Newnan England, Celia M.; 239 Kramer, CarroUton, Ga. Entrekin, Brenda Ann; 349 Stewart Street, CarroUton 169 Ergle, John Douglas; 1456 Childress Dr., S.W. Atlanta Erwin. ' Betty Ruth; R.F.D. 1, Forsyth, Ga. 178 Estes, Celeta Frances; 234 Kramer Dr., CarroUton 5 5, 69 Evans, Nancy Elizabeth; 68 Head Avenue, Tallapoosa Ezelle, Barbara Kay; 1819 Williams Ave., East Point 169 Ezzell, Alice Matthews; 221 Newcomb Ave., Rockmart Ezzell, Anthony Matthews; 221 Newcomb Ave., Rockmart Ezzell, Homer Leroy, Jr.; 221 Newcomb, Rockmart Fairley, Gary Wayne; 1989 Grant Ra., Atlanta, Ga 100 Fairley, Willard LeRoy, Jr.; 1989 Grant Rd., SW, Atlanta Farmer, Charles Eric; Route 2, CarroUton, Ga. Farmer, Ken Earl; 215 Brown Street, CarroUton Farrell, Donna Marie; 217 Lacy Street, Marietta 178 Faucett, Martha Ann; 607 Atlanta Street, Marietta 178 Faulk, Carl Flow; 2487 Sunridge Ave., SE, Atlanta 178 Feild, Joyce Lynn; 505 Poplar Street, Bremen 125, 169 Feltman, Arnold Terry; 331 N. I4th, Griffin, Ga. Fendley, Darryl Cleve; 839 Blossom St., Atlanta Fields, Roger George; 29 College St., Newnan 149 Fields, Thomas Walter, Jr.; 8127 S. E. Main St., College Park .... 110, 160 Fleeman, Lucy Anne; 220 Confederate Ave., Dallas, Ga 178 Fletcher, Harold Baine, Jr.; 514 West Poplar St., Griffin Fleury, Benjamin Augustin; 2167 Tanglewood Rd., Decatur Flint, David Howard; 914 E. Ponce de Leon, Decatur 77, 82, 178 Flowers, Cassandra Leigh; 209 Adamson A ' e., CarroUton Flowers, Larry Raymond; 209 Adamson Ave., CarroUton Folds, Sandra Carol; 720 Bankhead Ave., CarroUton 68, 160 Foote, Erick Ensign; 701 Maple Ave., Marietta, Ga. 169 Ford, Barbara Jean; 3105 Ivan Hill Dr. SW, Atlanta Ford, Jerry Kenneth; 201 Mandeville Ave., CarroUton 169 Forrester, Frank Sidney; 5500 Rockbridge Rd., Stone Mt., Ga 80, 169 Forst, Emily Ann; 128 Paces Lake Dr. NW, Atlanta 178 Foster, Carol Lynn; Route 5, CarroUton 178 Foster, Mary Darlene; 909 Lynhurst Dr., SW, Atlanta 178 Foster, Donald Ray; 122 East St., Forest Park Foster, Richard Bryan; 21 Parks Ave., Newnan, Ga. Foster, Walter Alvin; 197 Woodland Way, Forest Park 178 Fouts, Jerry Warren; 31 Tower Apts., CarroUton Fowler, Marion Lee; Route 2, Molena, Georgia 83, 88, 178 Freel, Frances Nix; Roopville, Georgia Freeman, Dorsey Edward; P. O. Box 214, Bowdon, Ga. Freeman, Joy Elizabeth; Box 261, Buchanan, Ga. Friddell, Thomas Henry; 16 Magnolia Dr., Newnan, Ga. Fryer, Lynn Green; 6651 Castleton Dr., Atlanta, Ga 178 Fuller, Ann; Route 1, Trenton, Ga Fuller, David Michiel; 109 Sims St., CarroUton, Ga Fuller, Ryland Wendal; Rt. 1, Box 325, Calhoun, Ga 84 Fulton, Patricia Kate; 115 Starling Place, Mableton, Ga 58, 63, 68 179 . 78 169 125, 169 149 169 Fuss, James Leon; Rt. 1, Box 243, College Pk., Ga 81, Futral, Larry Thomas; 47 Terracedale, Griffin, Ga Gallman, Thomas Abe; 209 Carroll St., CarroUton, Ga. 73, 74 Gamadanis, David Robert; 2170 Golden Dawn Dr., SW, Atlanta .... 101, 169 Gambrell, Danny Mack; 126 Adamson Ave.. CarroUton, Ga. Gammon, Martha Jane; Box 15, Mt. Zion, Ga. Gammon, William Richard; Rt. 1, Cedartown, Ga. ... 64, 73 , 78, 79, 149 Gannaway, Julian Fitzgerald; 653 Cascade Ave., SW, Atlanta, Ga 169 Garmany, Emmett Lester; Gen. Delivery, Sargent, Ga. Garner, Marion Barge, Jr.; Rt. 1, HogansviUe, Ga. Garrett, Frances Ann; Box 23, Mt. Zion, Ga. Garrett, George Marshall; Rt. 3, Washington, Ga. Garrett, Newton Brock; Whitesburg, Ga. 162 Garrett, Randy; 55 Tower Apts., CarroUton, Ga. Gary, James Joe; Georgetown, Ga. Gary, Loren; Georgetown, Ga. Gaston, Lynda Carol; 3950 Washington Rd., East Pt., Ga. Gattis, Nancy Lou; 38 Jackson St., Newnan, Ga 179 Gavel, John Anthony, Jr.; 503 S. Woodland Dr., Marietta, Ga 179 Gayton, Patricia Joesphine; 25-26th St., NW, Atlanta, Ga 179 Geiger, Ellen Carson; Box 203 Cecielia Cir., Jonesboro Gentry, James Lawrence; 202 Hill Dr., CarroUton, Ga. Gibbon, Hugh Preston; 316 Dixie Rd., Forest Park, Ga. Gilder, Ralph Wayne; 2145 Settle Cir., SE, Atlanta. Ga. Giles, Dorothy Mae; 404 North 17th Griffin, Ga. Giles, Frances Daniell; Rt. 2, Douglasville, Ga. 162 Gilland, Gerald Roy; R t. 3, CarroUton, Ga 162 Gillespie, Gene Melvin; 113 West White St., CarroUton, Ga 149 Gilreath, David Lee; 901 North Main St., LaFayette, Ga. Gilreath, Janet Marie; 358 Walnut St., Trion, Ga 160 Ginn, Eugene Steece; 2585 Reagin St., Lithonia, Ga 99, 160 Glore, Martha Kay; 710 Lynhurst Dr., SW, Atlanta, Ga 169 Gober, Timothy HoU; 234 Piedmont Ave.. Rockmart, Ga 160 Godwin, Susan; 510 N. College St., Cedartown, Ga. 179 Goin, John Richard; 1831 Atherton Dr., Decatur, Ga 179 Golden, Melvin Leon; Rt. 1, Bremen, Ga. GoUohon, John David; 2130 Southern St., Rome, Ga. Gonzalez, Ramon Garcia; Amores 105 5 Col. del Valle, Mexico D.F., Mexico 169 Goodroe, Betty Jane; Box 71, Rt. 3, Newnan, Ga 179 Gordy, Rita Irene; Rt. 3, Ringgold, Ga. . 88, 179 Gossett, Homer Henry III; 328 Crescent Rd., Griffin, Ga 179 Grant, Jerry Felton; 902 Showalter Ave., Dalton, Ga. Gray, Barry; P. O. Box 84, Aragon, Ga 160 Gray, Cathryn Nell; 223 Piedmont Ave., Rockmart, Ga. Gray, Suzanne; 1605 Loch Lomond Trl., Atlanta, Ga 179 Green, Frances Ann; Rt. 3, Chatsworth, Ga. Green, Patricia Ann; 207 Fairmount Ave., Cedartown, Ga. Green, Rita June; Box 175, Duluth, Ga 64, 73, 74, 84, 87, 88, 160 Greene, C. Leon; 1834 Avon Ave., SW, Atlanta, Ga. Greene, Harry Mark; N. Head Ave., Tallapoosa, Ga 179 Greer, Henry Christopher, Jr.; 506 Jackson Ave., Thomaston, Ga 101, 179 Greer, Philip Ronald; 506 Jackson Ave., Thomaston, Ga. ... 67, 81, 84, 160 Greer, Robert Hampton; Rt. 2, Jackson, Ga 179 Greeson, Barbara Jean; Chatsworth, Ga. 179 Gregory, Barbara EUen; 1100 Marlboro Ln., Oklahoma City, Oklahoma .... 169 Gregory, Robert Morgan, Jr.; 1100 Marlboro Ln., Oklahoma City 179 Gnffies, Gerald Glenn; Rt. 4, Box 163, Newn an, Ga 149 Griffin, Benjamin W.; Rt. 5, CarroUton, Ga. Griffin, David Lee; Alamo, Ga. Griffin, Helen Jeanette; Rt. 1, Felton, Ga. . Griffin, Jerry Ralph; Box 306, Rt. 1, Griffin, Ga 70, 101, Griffin, Ronald Lee; 130 Clifton Ter., CarroUton, Ga Grogan, Jack Laverne; 140 Jackson St., Griffin, Ga 81, Grogan, Max Eugene; Rt. 1, Cedartown, Ga. 110, Grosvenor, Gail; 3397 Spring Valley Rd., Decatur Grubbs, Sara Lurene; 218 Locke St., Palmetto, Ga Guilbeau, Robert; Hotel CarroUton, CarroUton, Ga. Gunn, James Bruce; 2112 Panola Rd., Lithonia, Ga. Guthrie, Betty Carolyn; 982 Brunt Hickory Dr., Atlanta, Ga 78, 83, Guthrie, James Mason, Jr.; 225 5 Leaf more Dr., Decatur, Ga. Hagan, John Dan; 419 N. Cliff St., CarroUton, Ga Hainlin, Cheryl Ann; Box 315 E., Rt. 1, College Park 89, Hale, Harold Thomas; 414 Gramling St., Marietta, Ga. Hale, Pamela Jeanne; 1063 Forres t Blvd., Decatur, Ga Hall, Francine; P.O. Box 94. Gordon, Ga. .. Hall, Sandy; Route 2, Ringgold, Ga. Ham, Susan; 109 Clarendon Ave., Avondale Est., Ga Hammond, Barry Lavern; Box 638, Bowdon, Ga. Hammond, Cheryl Ann; Rt. 1, HeansviUe, Ga Hammond, Jerry Wayne; Zebulon, Ga. ... 84, 85, 95, 124, Hammond, Cheryl Ann; Rt. 1, Meansville, Ga. Hammond, Jerry Wayne; Zebulon, Ga 84, 85, 95, 124, Hanna, Mrs. Grace B.; Lake Carroll, CarroUton, Ga. Hannah, Glenda Ruth; Box 16, Spring Place, Ga Hanson, George Washington, Jr.; Box 249, Madison, Ga Hanson, James Ely, Jr.; Rt. 3, LaGrange, Ga Hardie, Fleta Angela; Gordon, Ga Hardy, Wallace Harry; Rt. 1, Warm Springs, Ga Harllee, John Leslie; 1107 Country Ln., NE, Atlanta, Ga. Harman, Edwin Earl; Rt. 6, CarroUton, Ga. Harman, John Ned; Rt. 2, CarroUton, Ga. Harper, Dudly Lee; 403 Hickory St., Bremen, Ga. Harper, Mary Kathryn; 1352 Donnelly Ave.. SW, Atlanta 125, Harper, Stanley Dalton; 104 Franklin Rd., Nawnan, Ga. 179 169 179 160 169 124 . 78 179 169 78 179 179 179 160 180 160 149 160 149 169 169 180 179 169 179 192 DR. PERRY HUFF Compliments of OPTOMETRIST " Contact Lenses A Specialty " Carrollton, Ga. WEST GEORGIA BOWLING LANES ANDERSON FLORIST 706 Dixie 832-2451 Carrollton Georgia :,%1, , - ' -, ' ■• ' .A - " " :-, ' • - " • ... Aw J- " ' ' . ' ••..i;?; " ,.?; ' ' : ' ■■yim i. ;.;:. ' K-;; i; .. ; • «... ♦-i ' o ' .f -, " ' " t . , - ■ •K ' i2 ' n ' 1 . ' ; . . ' • J «£ -, «•» ' ; . ' - Student Index Harrell, Nancy Ellen; 77S Avenida St., SW. Atlanta, Ga 85, 179 Harris, Alfred Tommy; Rt. 1, Taylorsville, Ga 179 Harris, Barbara Ann; Rt, 1, Waco, Ga. 149 Harris, Christopher Robin; Rt. 2, Thomaston Rd., Macon, Ga 179 Harris, John Stephen; 166 Griffin Dr., Carroiiton, Ga. Harris, Joseph Clifford; 2066 Neely Ave., East Point, Ga. 85 Harris, Julian Ray; 208 Madison St., Colle,i;e Park, Ga. Hart, Mavis Lancene; Rt. 4, Carroiiton, Ga. 55, 160 Hartley, Hiram Edwin; 2156 Boulder Crest Rd., SE, Atlanta 179 Hartsfield, John Richard; 806 Bridgewater St., SW. Atlanta 91, 179 Hartsfield, Michael Wayne; 87. Rochelle Dr., Atlanta, Ga 112, 179 Hartwig, Gerald John; 9. 0 Ferncliff Rd., NE, Atlanta, Ga 84, 160 Haslett ' Peggy Juanita; 2067 Brockett Rd., Tucker, Ga 55, 83, 160 Hatchett, Walter Hammon; Box 1-16, Waco, Ga 179 Hathcock Mike; 5??S Boring Rd., Decatur, Georgia 169 Hatton, Herbert Wesley; 720 N. Park St., Carroiiton, Ga - 160 Hay, Dwight Eston; 208 Lee St., Jonesboro, Ga 180 Hay, Ginger Creech; 4. 9 Matthews Ave., Carroiiton, Ga. Hayes, Guy Marion; 1960 Delphme Dr., Decatur, Ga 180 Hayes, Mar ' Anne; Rt. 2, Bremen. Ga. 180 Haynes, Richard Cannon; 572 Rays Rd., Stone Mountain, Ga. Hazen, Cecil Reeder; E. Jackson St., Rockmart, Ga. Head, David Edward; 2801 Cheryl Dr. East Point, Ga, 99 Hearn, Jimmy C; Rt. 2, Carroiiton, Ga. , - 150 Heath, Mary Ann; Rt. 1, Buchanan, Ga. .. 169 Hefner, Albert Brittian; 17 Crossville Rd., Roswell, Ga 180 Helms, Robbie Sandra; 2288 Collier Dr., Decatur, Ga. 180 Helton, (immy Willard; 1402 W. Crawford St., Dalton, Ga. Hemperley, C. M.; 788 Marynard Ter., Atlanta, Ga 180 Henderson, Kenneth Robin; 788 Maynard Ter., Atlanta, Ga. Henderson, Joe David, Jr.; Rt. 2, Rome, Ga 160 Henderson. Peggy Anne; 4.iO Oakdale Dr., Smyrna, Ga. .... 48, 73, 86, 124 169 Hendncks, Mary Elaine; 2729 Flagstone Dr., SE, Atlanta 180 Hendricks, Roy Lee; 39 St. Charles St., Dalton, Ga. Hendrix, William Allen; Box 263. Carroiiton, Ga 170 Hendrix, William Steve; 13 Waverly Cir., Newnan, Ga. Henry, Ann Sullivan; Rt. 4, Box 245-A, Newnan, Ga 162 Henry, Maurice Stephen; Rt. 2, Tallapoosa, Ga. Henry, Virgil Ray; 543 South St., Carroiiton, Ga. Henslee, Carol Anne; Box 695, Villa Rica, Ga. Henslee, Judith Ann; Campbellton St., Douglasville, Ga. 180 Hensley, Jo Ann; Chatsworth, Ga . 78, 83, 170 Hick, Ronald Earl; 1730 Stewart Ave., JMarietta, Ga 180 Hieronymus, Keith; 218 LaGrange St., Newnan, Ga. Higgins, Carole Elaine; Laurel St., Bremen, Ga 7 8, 79 Higgins, John xMichael; 5305 Greenland Rd., NE. Atlanta .... 64, 68, 89, 170 Higgins, Josephine; 11 Oak St., Ellijay, Ga 180 Higgins, Lewis Jasper, Jr.; 1040 E. Lakeshore Dr., Dalton, Ga 180 Hight, Rivington Field, Jr; 62 E. Washington St., Newnan, Ga. Hill, Alice Wilson; Young Sta. Rd., Cedartown, Ga. Hill, Anne Carmichael; 112 Hillcrest Rd., Carroiiton, Ga. Hill, John Warren; 112 Hillcrest Rd., Carroiiton. Ga. Hill, Marsha Gail; 757 Oak Hill Dr., Trion, Ga 170 Hill, Martha Cecile; 622 McFarland Ave Ave., Dalton, Ga. .... 83, 89, 150 Hill, Richard Taylor; 1010 5th Ave., West Point, Ga 170 Hill, Richard H.; Gabbettville, Ga 180 Hines, James Leonard; 755 McLaurin, Griffin, Ga 180 Hines, Judith Carole; Box 45, Sargent, Ga 55, 71 Hisle, Diane; 1222 Carter Rd., Decatur, Ga 180 Hitchcock, Ewell Leo, Jr.; 3250 Convair Ln., Decatur, Ga 85 Hitchcock, Mary Janice; 1975 Cannon Farm Hi ll Rd., NE, Route 13, Atlanta. Ga. 56, 64, 70, 84, 162 Hoard, Dan Newton; Indian Springs, Ga 180 Hobbs, Benjamin Lee; 1141 Rome St., Carroiiton, Ga. 78, 162 Hobgood, Sheila Ann; l45 Davis Dr., Cartersville, Ga 83, 125, 150 Hodge, John Thomas; Rt. 5, Newnan, Ga. 170 Holcomb, Arillus Marlin; Route 1, Calhoun, Ga. Holcomb. Gary Delane; Route 1, Calhoun, Ga. Holcomb, Lewis Milbert; 18910 NW 42nd Ave., Opa Locka, Fla 180 Holcomb, Sybil J.; Rt. 2. Carroiiton, Ga 162 Holcombe, Frances Diane; 131 Alice Ln., Carroiiton, Ga. Holden, Mary Elizabeth; 106 Linwood Dr., Smyrna, Ga. .... 64, 92, 124, 162 Holeman, Harvey Lee; Rt. 1, Temple, Ga. Holland, Harold Dean; 325 Estelle St., Douglasville, Ga 180 Holland, Jerry Pratt; 1110 Brooks St., Cedartown, Ga 86 Hollingsworth, Nancy Cooper; Rt. 2, Bremen, Ga. Hollingsworth, Ray Edward; Rt. 1, Clark Dr., Ellenwood, Ga. 180 Hollis, Barbara Jayne ; 324 Mara St., Carroiiton, Ga. Hollis, Robin M.; Box 76, Bowdon Jet., Ga 170 Hollis, Sarah Elizabeth; Rt. 2. Ringgold, Ga 170 Holladay, Jimmy Kimball; 2001 Young Rd., Chamblee, Ga 180 HoUoman, Laura Jean; Box 125. Rt. 1, Bremen, Ga 46, 51, 52, 58, 102, 170 Holloway, Harold Earl; Box 20 ' ), Carroiiton, Ga. Holmes, Moses Harris; 366 E. College St., Griffin, Ga 180 Hook, John F.; West Georgia College, Carroiiton 67, 78, 79, 170 Hood, Kenneth Eugene; 707 S. Wall St., Calhoun, Ga. Hooper, John Lewis; 626 Bieze St., Griffin, Ga 181 Houser, Thomas Earl; 1359 Byrere Ter., SW, Atlanta, Ga. Houston, Larry Melton; 2495 Godby Rd., College Park, Ga 170 Howard, Gloria Anne; Church St., Riverdale, Ga 181 Howard, Leonard Jerry; 1206 Dogwood St., College Park 181 Howard, Ronald Faber; 1 Crescent St., Dalton, Ga. Howson, John Thomas; 22 3 Bass St., Carroiiton, Ga. Hubbard, William Tommy, Jr.; 105 Jule Peek Ave., Cedartown 181 Huckeba, Judy Dianne; 5 North Side Dr., Newnan, Ga. 181 Huckeba, Sharon Elicia; Rt. 2, Carroiiton, Ga. 36, 37, 44, 51, 52, 170 Huddleson, Alvin, Jr.; Jeff Davis Drive, Fayetteville, Ga. . 170 Hudson, Starke Vivion; 602 Ansley Forest Dr., NE, Atlanta 181 Huffman, Charles Lyndale; I4l Lakeside Dr., Griffin, Ga 150 Hughes, Steve; 4058 Desota Dr.. Columbus, Ga 48, 86, 150 Hughes, Jo Ann; Rt. 4, Box 505, Ringgold, Ga 181 Hughes, Judy Eleanor; Rt. 4, Carroiiton, Ga 170 Hughes, Sandra Kaye; 1226 Spencer Ave., East Pt., Ga 181 Hughes, William James, Jr.; 2084 Mark Trail, Decatur, Ga 170 Huguley, Kenneth James; 24 Johnson, St., Hogansville, Ga. Hulsey, Barbara Jane; Rt. 3, Rockmart, Ga 181 Hulsey, John Lent; 108 Warren Dr., Forest Park, Ga 162 Hunnicutt, Julia Maxine; 138 Tucgle St., Carroiiton, Ga. Hunnicutt, Olivia Louearl; 1941 Brewer Blvd., SW , Atlanta, Ga 181 Hunt, George Edgar; 216 West Ave., Cedartown, Ga 170 Hurt, Paul Watsftn; 714 E. Jackson St., Rockmart, Ga 170 Hutcheson, Judith Lenore; 1497 Mt. Vernon Rd., Dunwoody, Ga. ... . 181 Hyde, Linda Jo; Route 5, Newnan, Ga. 150 Hyde, Mary Virginia; 1511 Montevallo Cir., Decatur, Ga 181 Ingle, Carol Ann; 1156 Rome St., Carroiiton, Ga 181 Irwin, Mrs. Anne Ruth; 42 Williamson St., Rockmart, Ga 162 Ivey, Thomas A.; 1698 B LaVista Rd., NE, Atlanta Ill Jack, Leroy Haskell, Jr.; 740 Marietta St., Canton, Ga 68, 80, 170 Jackson, Benjie Horace; 115 Franklin Rd., Newnan, Ga. Jackson, Larry; Route 2, Box 153, College Park, Ga 86, 170 Jackson, Linda Jean; 151 Turner Ave., Palmetto, Ga. 181 Jackson, Lowell Maze; 4633 Covington Hwy., Decatur, Ga 181 Jackson, Peggy Pelot; 36 Cherokee St., Newnan, Ga 151 Jackson, Robert Michael; 112 W. Second St., Jackson, Ga. Jackson, Samuel Larry; Box 153, Rt. 2. College Park, Ga. Jacobs, Michael Allen; 93 S. Lakeshore Dr., Carroiiton 170 James, Charles Brady, Jr.; Rt. 1, Greenville, Ga 78, 84, 170 James, Evelyn Diane; Box 6, Douglasville, Ga 162 Jameson, Mary Suzanne; 202 5 McAfee Rd., Decatur, Ga 125 Jarman, Clara Susan; 3551 Mt. Gilead Rd., Atlanta .... 46, 50, 59, 66, 125, 162 Jarrell, Ralph Dennis; Rt. 1, Whitesburg, Ga 151 Jeffers, Richard Howard; 313 Poplar St., Bremen, Ga. Jenkins, Arthur I.; 4617 Riverdale Rd., College Park Jernigan, Richard Eugene; 2269 Clifton Springs Manor, Decatur, Georgia 170 Johns, Wendell Gordon; 220 W. Morris, Dalton, Ga 170 Johnson, Edwin Thomas; 203 Griffin Dr., Carroiiton, Ga 89 Johnson, George M,, Jr.; 157 S. Oliver, Elberton, Ga 170 Johnson, George Warren; N. Hwy.. Hogans ille, Ga. Johnson, Larry George; Rt. 1, Roopville, Ga ■ 181 Johnson, Linda Ann; Sargent, Ga 162 Johnson, Linda Arlene; Rt. 5, Carroiiton, Ga. Johnson, Mona Diane; Rt. 1, Waco, Ga. 78, 181 Johnson, Preston Ernest; 414 A Ingram Apts., Carroiiton .... 64, 81, 91, 151 Johnson, Reda Nelle; Box 314, Bowdon, Ga 162 Johnson, Robert Wilson, Jr.; 2905 Bob White Dr., Atlanta, Ga. Johnston, Janice Ellen; Rt. 1, Sharpsburg, Ga. 125 Johnston, Robert Lonnie; 4005 Grantland Dr., Tucker, Ga 181 Jones, Alice Rudine; 4508 W. Fayetteville Rd., College Park, Ga 171 Jones, Charles Sidney; 819 Maple St., Carroiiton, Ga 170 Jones, Frederick Neal; 4205 David Rd., College Park, Ga 181 Jones, Harry Ray; Rt. 2, Temple, Ga. Jones, James G.; Rt. 1, Dalton, Ga. Jones, Janice Amelia; Rt. 2, Dalton, Ga — 181 Jones, Kenneth Willard; Villa Rica, Ga. Jones, Marie Pinkston; 834 Academy Dr., Louis ille, Ga. Jones, Martin Jack; Rt. 1, Temple. Ga. Jones, Nancy Andrea; 122 Scott Ave., Griffin, Ga 71, 171 Jones, Paul Lawrence; Rt. 1, LaGrange, Ga. Jones, Rebecca Dale; 412 Hardee St., Dallas, Ga 162 Jones, Teresa Annette; 327 Warren Dr., Bremen, Ga. Jones, Virginia Carole; 1771 Timberland Rd., NE, Atlanta 85, 181 Jones, Walter Manly; 600 Miller St., Dalton, Ga 71, 181 Jordan, Gloria Joy; 914 Edwin St., NW, Atlanta, Ga 88, 181 Jordan, Marion Harvey; 231 Brown St., Carroiiton, Ga 78, 79, 162 Jordan, Linda Ferguson; Rt. 1, Triangle Trailor Pk., Carroiiton, Ga. Jordan, Marion Oliver; Rt. 2, Carroiiton, Ga. Jorgensen, Gary Dyer; 1899 Montrose Dr., East Pt., Ga. Joyner, Roy Edwin; 133 S. Myrtle St., College Pk., Ga 181 Kalvelage, Barbara Marie; 1676 Arrowhead TrI., Atlanta, Ga 181, 125 Kastner, Linda Martha; Rt. 1, Clarkesville, Ga 83, 88, 92, 162 Keene, Betty Jean; 570 Crescent Rd.. Griffin, Ga. 64, 87, 89, 162 Keheley, Aaronita; Rt. 2, Box 53, Newnan, Ga 84, 181 194 TIRE SERVICE COMPANY 105 North Park 832-2434 Carroll+on Georgia TASTY-GRILL Curb Service Open 6 AM to 10 PM — Except Monday Phone TE 2-9183 1004 Dixie Street Carrollton Georgia Student Index Keheley, Albertina; Rt. 2, Box 53, Newnan, Ga 84 Keller, Janet Carol; Greenville, Ga 83, 88, 125, 162 Kelley, James Thomas; Rt. 5, Newnan, Ga. Kennerly, Richard Douglas; 518 Longview St., CarroUton, Ga. .-. 112, 162 Keown, J. Benny; 123 S. Coleman St., CarroUton, Ga. Kerr, Julia Ann; Rt. 2. Blair Bridge Rd., Austell 181 Kidd, James Vernon; 5-17 Rhodes Dr., Elberton, Ga. Kilgo, Judith Lee; 71 Broad St., Tallapoosa, Ga. Kilgore, Dorothy Carolyn; Rt. 4, Newnan, Ga. Kimpton, Jean Wittman; 535 Pawnee Trl., Maitland, Fla. King, Larry Stephen; 182 South Oliver, Elberton, Ga 80, 181 King, James Charles; Pomona, Ga. King, Monroe Martin; 11 Chestnut St., Tallapoosa, Ga. King, Ronald Walter; 707 Stokeswood Ave., SE, Atlanta Kinnard, Albert Wilmar; 110 Second Ave., Bremen, Ga. Kirk, Diane Melissa; 3359 Sewell Rd., SE, Atlanta, Ga 78 Kirk, William Hamilton; l6l Greenville St., Newnan, Ga. Kitchens, Joseph; 13 Tower Apts., CarroUton, Ga. Kittle, John Donnie; Rt. 1, Villa Rica. Ga 163 Knight, Ernest James; 112 Spring St., LaGrange, Ga 80, 87, 163 Krauth, Richard ' Nelson; 1965 W. Lyle Ave., College Park Kraus, Janis Eileen; 1349 Christmas Ln., Atlanta, Ga. Kuglar, Larry Thomas; Rt. 3, Cedartown, Ga. Lake, Susan Claire; 303 Colewood Way., NW, Atlanta, Ga 181 Lam, Fred P.; Kramer Dr., CarroUton, Ga 151 Lamb, William Kirby; 139 Orchard St., Fairburn, Ga. Lambert, Jerry Byron; 701 Rome St.., CarroUton, Ga 101 Lambert, Larry Edwin; Winston, Ga. Lancaster, Deward Hanie; 1732 Marcell Ave., SW, Atlanta Lancaster, Jesse Gaines; 509 E. 7th St., West Point, Ga. Lancaster, Sylvia; 4052 S. Conley St., College Park, Ga 151 Lance, Marcia Jean; Lakeview Dr., Bremen, Ga 181 Land, Robert; 111 W. . Walker Ave., College Park. Ga. 171 Land, Theresa Gail; 3321 E. Cherokee, CartersviUe .... 56, 73, 76, 77, 83, 125, 151 Land, Robert; HI W. Walker Ave., College Park, Ga 171 Landers, Rebecca Sue; 3470 Cascade Rd., SW, Atlanta, Ga. ... 67, 73, 182 Landers, Roger Preston, Jr.; Rt. 2, Bowdon, Ga ._. 171 Lane, William H.; 401 Maple St., CarroUton, Ga. Langley, Linda Florene; Rt. 1, Box 278, Newnan, Ga 182 Lanier, Carlton Lee; Box 246, Mableton, Ga. Lanier, James T.; 14 Bowdon St., Tallapoosa, Ga. Lanier, Jerry Edward; Rt. 4, CarroUton, Ga 151 Lankford, Charles Edward; 1649 Derry Ave., SW, Atlanta, Ga. Langley, Robert Glenn; 3146 DeLowe Dr., East Point, Ga. Lash, Kenneth Eugene; Rt. 2, Ringgold, Ga. Lawrence, Fred ' Denton; Box 282, Dallas, Ga 171 Lawson, James Ronald; 2759 Treadway Dr., Decatur, Ga. Lawton, Charles Edwin, Jr.; 927 Hardwick Cir., Dalton, Ga. 182 Leathers, Sandra Lee; Box 525, Villa Rica, Ga 182 Ledbetter, John Leslie; 4037 Hilltop Dr., College Park 182 Lee, Betty Joan; Rt. 1, Bowdon, Ga. Lee, Daniel H.; Rt. 1, Box 15, Wing, Ala. 60, 97, 151 Lee, Donnie Adron; 2751 Riggs Dr., East Point, Ga. Lee, Joseph Albert; Rt. 2 CarroUton, Ga. Lee, Larry Doyce; 226 Maple St., Villa Rica, Ga. Lee, Linda Atcheson; Rt. 3, Dallas. Ga. 84, 163 Lee, Stephen Charles; Box 124, Temple, Ga. Lee, Thomas Burnett, Jr.; 532 Loridans Dr., NE, Atlanta, Ga. Leggett, Marsha Jean; 210 Anthony St., Baxley, Ga. 182 Leggett, Melba Sparks; 319 College St., CarroUton, Ga. Lester, Gary Ronald; 5 54 Lane St., Rockmart, Ga 80, 171 Leverrett, Thomas Wood, Jr.; Rt. 2, Jackson, Ga. Lewis, Martha Glenda; 131 Echota Circle, Rome, Ga 151 Libb.y, Melba Elaine; 215 E. Virginia Ave., College Pk 33, 39, 44, 88, 158 Lipski, William Frariklin; 1153 Shepherd Ln., NE, Atlanta, Ga 182 Loftin, Ray Dale; Rt. 3, GarroUton, Ga. Loftin Robert DuBose; 243 N. Lakeshore Dr., CarroUton 74, 163 Loftin, Tommy B.; ' 215 Carroll St., CarroUton, Ga 163 Logan, James Charles; 26 Dixon St., Newnan, Ga. Long, Ruth Ann; 151 Church St., Jonesboro, Ga 182 Long, Walter David; Rt. 1, Mableton, Ga. 182 Lord, Earl Velpour; Gray, Ga. Lorenzo, John Anthony; 1195 Russell Dr., Decatur, Ga. Lott, Johnny Word; 134 Clifton Terrace, CarroUton Lovell, Roy; Box 102, Villa Rica, Ga _. 182 Loving, Linda Claire; 593 S. Hill St., Gr ' iffin, Ga 73, 182 Lovvorn, Lynda Nell; Rt. 4, Bowdon, Ga. Lowe, John Edward; 708 Bouldercrest Dr., Marietta 171 Loyd, Patricia Anne; 402 Church St., Covington, Ga 163 Luallen, Dean Arthur; 2612 N. Blount St., East Point 77, 82, 182 Luckie, Sandra Alexander; 47 Fourth St., Box 518, Newnan, 151 Lunn, Edward H.; 2737 Blvd. Dr., SE, Atlanta, Ga. Lunt, M. Dixon; 1848 Wintrhop Dr., Atlanta, Ga 85 Lyle, Dianne King; 4l4 B Ingram Homes, CarroUton Lyle, Mary Sherrill; Rt. 1, Bowdon, Ga. Lynch, Robert Wendell; Mill St., Bowdon, Ga. Lyon, Carol Anne; 752 Martina Dr., NE, Atlanta, Ga. McAbee, Thomas; Creek Road, Wildwood, Ga. 182 McAfee, George Spillman, Jr.; 2480 Jefferson Ter,, East Pt., Ga. McAlpin, Ora Amanda; Rt. 2, Tallapoosa, Ga : 182 McBrayer, Dennis Durrett; Rt. 2, Bremen, Ga. McBrayer, Leeann Martha; Rt. 2, Buchanan, Ga 82, 12 5, 163 McCaghren, Linda Lewis; Rt. 4, Bowdon, Ga 163 McCarley, Linda Grace; 9-A Eason St., Bowdon, Ga 163 McClain, Betty Jane; Rt. 1, Glenn, Ga 182 McClure, Betty Louella; Rt. 1, College Park, Ga. 163 McClure, Charles Dennie; Rt. 1, College Park, Ga 182 McConnell, Judy Ann; 1397 McPherson Ave., SE, Atlanta McCook, Paul Franklin; Box 282, Gordon, Ga 88, 182 McCray, Charles Robert; Rt. 2, CarroUton, Ga. McCray, Judy Tabitha; Rt. 2, CarroUton, Ga 171 McCurdy, Cheryl Hale; Rt. 4, Calhoun, Ga. McDaniel, James Charlie, Jr.; Box 184, Woodland, Ga 182 McDonald, Beverly Frances; 320 Adams St., Covington, Ga 124, 163 McDonald, Lexie Arleen; Rt. 3, Box 95, Pine Mt., Ga 152 McDonald, Michael Lea; 504 Ridgecrest Dr., Elberton, Ga. 80, 171 McDowell, Sherry Loretta; Rt. 6, CarroUton, Ga _. 182 McElroy, Steve; Box 7, Lithonia, Ga _ 182 McGarity, Dorothy Faye; 338 So. Piedmont Ave., Rockmart, Ga. McGee, Charlotte Louise; 602 N. Gr eenwood St., LaGrange, Ga. .... 85, 124, 171 McGhee, David Lamar; Rt. 4, Box 267, Griffin, Ga 182 McGill, George William; 201 St. Johns Ct., Marietta, Ga. McGraw, Brenda Sue; Rt. 1, Box 159, Bremen, Ga. Mclnnis, Ken Mason; 126 Vance Ave., Cedartown, Ga 98, 163 Mcintosh, Eva Lavern; 216 Atlantic Ave., Bremen, Ga 152 McKibben, Jerry Clinton; Box 94, Temple, Ga 163 McKillop, Patricia Ann; CrossviUe Rd., Roswell, Ga. McLaughlin, Jay Gary; 2081 Sylvania Dr., Decatur, Ga. McLendon, William Alexander; 2307 Cresta Dr., Decatur, Ga. McLeroy, Beverly Joan; 49 Broad St., Tallapoosa, Ga. McWhorter, Martha Lee; Rt. 2, Box 106, Bremen, Ga 152 McWhorter, Robert Neal; 302 Bryan, Bremen, Ga. Mabry, Hugh Douglas; 2629 Flagstone Dr., Atlanta, Ga. Mackey, Paula Jean; 108 Fite St., CartersviUe, Ga 83, 163 Macris, Kerry Niles; 2468 Plantation Dr., East Pt., Ga. Madden, Juanita H.; Box 242, Raymond, Ga 182 Mahoney, Michael James; 2102 Golden Dawn, Atlanta, Ga 182 Malloy, Martha Fowler; 65 Tower Apts., CarroUton, Ga. Malloy, Michael Owen; 65 Tower Apts., CarroUton, Ga. Malmad, Carol Ann; 8535 Kentland Ct., Cincinnati, Ohio Mannick, Lawrence Harold; 3376 Pamlico Dr., SW, Atlanta, Ga. Manning, Lewis Leiand; 2418 BoUingbrook Dr., Atlanta, Ga 64, 158, 163 Market, Grady Daniel; Rt. 3, Roanoke Rd., LaGrange ,Ga. Marlow, Larry Griffin; Rt. 1, Bowdon, Ga. Marlow, Sandra; Route 2, CarroUton, Ga 182 Marsh, Diana Sterling; 152 Westminster Dr., Atlanta, Ga 182 Marshall, Verlon Shirey; Rt. 3, Franklin, Ga 182 Martin, Benjamin Earl, Jr.; 3229 LaVista Rd., Decatur, Ga 182 Martin, Billy Joe; Box 250, Rt. 1, College Park Martin, Donna Kaye; 901 Dixie St., CarroUton, Ga 182 Martin, George Marvin; 305 N. Cliff St., CarroUton, Ga. Martin, Larry Eugene; 813 N. Main St., I.aFayette, Ga. Martin, Norman Lee; 143 Cooper Lake Dr., Smyrna, Ga — 88, 152 Martin, Steve Arthur; 776 Wilson Rd., NW, Atlanta, Ga 171 Masak, George Merle; 1092 McLynn Ave., NE, Atlanta, Ga 63, 80, 152 Mason, William Walter; 4263 Sun Valley Blvd., East Pt. Mathews, Gaynelle; Rt. 4, Franklin, Ga. Matthews, Timothy Birt; Dallas Rd., Villa Rica, Ga. Maxwell, Donald Ray; 1337 E. Cleveland Ave., East Pt 171 Maxwell, Helen Elizabeth; Rt. 3, CarroUton, Ga. Maxwell, Jimmy H.; Rt. 4, CarroUton, 78 Maxwell, M. Dianne; Box 8, Thomson, Ga 171 Mayes, Gerald Arthur; 850 Sandtown Rd., Marietta, Ga 81 Mayfield, James Douglas; Tyrone, Georgia Ill Mayfield, Rose Mary Fay; 712 Second Ave., Warner Robins, Ga 124 Maynard, Nancy Lavinia; Box 323, Buchanan, Ga 83, 124, 182 Mayo, Charles Donald; 121 North Ave., Forest Park, Ga 182 Meadows, John Dudley III; Buena Vista Rd., Calhoun, Ga. Meadows, Louie Otis; SViiloh, Ga 86 Daniel Clifford Melton; 2804 Maple Rd., Rome, Ga. Merck, Michael Hoyt; 137 Louise St., Toccoa, Ga 171 Metcalf, Christopher John; 205 Northfield Rd., King ' s Norton, Birmingham, England 59, 183 Milam, William Raymond; 287 Senoia Rd., Fairburn, ' Ga. Miller, Charles Harry 2451 Ousley Ct., Decatur, Ga. .... 48, 59, 63, 81, 98, 158, 163 Miller, Linda Joy; Richland, Ga 89, 171 Miller, Lynda Dianne; Lakeshore Dr., CarroUton, Ga. Miller, Melvin Kenney; 510 Laurel St., Bremen, Ga. Miller, Stephen Elbert; 125 Oak Ave., CarroUton Milner, Charles David; 2526 Panola Rd., Lithonia, Ga 183- Mims, Robert Dostor, III; Apt. 408-H, Ingram Apts., CarroUton, Ga. Mishler, Kyle D.; Route 2, Franklin, Ga 171 196 FOUNTAIN OIL COMPANY WHITMAN ' S GLASS SHOP Sinclair Products 418 North Park 832-2337 Dixie Street Carrollton Georgia Carrollton, Georgia X . ■ 1 ' ,f ' i mu. w aM H k m I BiiS rJ|HH9 i H HV HB Student Index Mitcham, Barbara S.; Rt. 2, Box 13 ' i, Bremen, Ga 152 iSIitcham, Harry Lee, Jr.; Rt. 2, Box 135, Bremen, Ga. Mize, Mary Jane; Rt. 2, Tallapoosa. Ga 125 ] [onnerat, Joan Carolyn; 680 Fielding Ln., S.W., Atlanta 124, 171 Montgomery, Clark Delano; 826 Rome St., Carrollton, Ga 153 Montgomery, John Polk; 109 I Worth Ave., N.E., Atlanta 171 Montgomery, Julian Miller, Jr.; Route 3, Rome, Ga. Moore, Albert ' Kidd, Jr.; 2022 Rector Dr., ,S. V., Atlanta Moore, Arnold Griffen; Rt. 1, Russell Field Rd., Rome 48, 91, 112 Moore, Dolores Dianne; 406 South Green St.. Thomaston 83, 124, 153 JNIcore, James Austin; Box 224, Bowdon, Ga. Moore, John Calvin; 216 Dixie St., Carrollton, Ga. Moore, Lexie Ann; 2520 Headland Dr., East Point 124, 171 Moore, Sharon; 2264 LaVista Rd., Atlanta, Ga. 183 Moore, Stephens; Mt. Berry, Georgia 183 Moore, William Anthony; 108 Hendrix Dr., Forest Park, Ga 82, 175 Morgan, Bonnie Sue; 121 Hendrix Dr., Forest Park, Ga 183 Morgan, Joyce Cleo; Rt. 2, Box 114, Jackson, Ga 51, 52, 183 Morgan, Linda Ann; Rt. 2, Box 114, Jackson, Ga. 163 Morgan, Patricia Louise; 1808 Saxon Place, N.E., Atlanta 83, 163 Morgan, William Doyle, Jr.; Rt. 2, Buchanan, Ga. Morris, ALirgaret; 1989 Audubon Dr., N.E., Atlanta 183 Morrison, Matthew Stuart, IIL, DeSota Dr., Dalton, Ga 171 Morrow, Robert Gregory; 306 Bankhead Ave., Carrollton Moslev, Linda Claire; 2601 Ivy Rd., Augusta, Ga 32, 33, 44, 51, 53. 67, 86, 163 Mossinger, S en Guillermo; Rf. 1, Carrollton. Ga. Mote, Bobby; 10 Glenn St., Newnan, Ga. iMowell, Carol Ann; 2245 Doris Dr., Decatur, Ga 46, 47, 56, 60, 63, l65 Mullins, Sue Ellen; 16 Gertrude Place, N.W., Atlanta 183 Murphy, James Arnold; Rt. 1, Luthersville, Ga. Murphy, Louise iSlorgan; 305 Girard Ave., Cedartown, Ga. Murphy, William Joseph; Rt. 3, Carrollton, Ga. Murray, George Phillip; 65 Highland Dr., N.E., Atlanta 183 Myhand, Hiram Adolphus, Jr.; Fran Colvn Terr., West Point Myrick, Barbara Brown; Old Stone Rd., Villa Rica, Ga 165 Nance, David Edwin; 1831 Dyson Dr., Decatur, Ga 172 Nance, Kenneth Harris; 718 N. Hill St., Griffin, Ga 165 Nash, John Turner; 487 Lytic Ave., S.E., Atlanta 172 Neal, Julian Thomas. Jr.; 3217 LaVista Rd., Decatur, Ga 183 Neal, iSrike Marion; 3223 McAfee Rd., Decatur, Ga. 47, 63, 81, 165 Neighbors, Frankie Alice; 6 Dickinson St., Hogansville, Ga 124, 183 Neville, James William; 215 Oakland Ave., Sanford, Fla . .. 56, 64, 73, 74. 80, 90, 165 New, Gardner Palmer; 551 Newnan St., Carrollton, Ga. Newberry, Dorothy Anne; 1226 Pine Ridge Rd., Atlanta, Ga 124 ,165 Newell, Susan Borjes; Club Dr., Carrollton, Ga. Newell, Velma Kidd; Whitesburg, Georgia Newman, Donald E.; Rt. 1, Tallapoosa, Ga 153 Newman, Joe; Rt. 1, Newnan, Ga 153 Newman, Ronald Fred; Box 672, Waco, Ga. Newsome, Linda Lee; 1687 Hamilton Ave., East Pt., Ga. Newton, Alexander; 304 Fourth Ave., Thomaston, Ga 183 Niemeyer, Jon Chalmers; 20 Sussex Rd., Avondale Estates 183 Nixon, Judith Evans; 68 Head Ave., Tallapoosa, Ga. Nixon, Larry Carter; Rt. 4, Carrollton, Ga 153 Nixon, Nancy Jane; Rt. 4, Carrollton, Ga. 125, 172 Noles, Johnny Wayne; 1323 Womack Ave., East Pt., Ga 86, 165 Norris, Jimmy Morgan; 440 Chestnut St., Cedartown, Ga. Norris, Stephen Hopkin; 3308 Boring Rd., Decatur, Ga 107, 119 Norton, Gloria Jean; Rt. 2, Bowdon, Ga. 165 Norton, James Hugh; 431 Georgia Ave., Bremen, Ga. Norton, Robert Louis; 106 Farris Cir., Forest Park, Ga 110 Ogden, Lynda Carole; 403 Alabama Ave., Bremen, Ga 172 O ' Neal, Fred Lee; 108 Cherry Dr., Carrollton, Ga. O ' Neal, Virginia Elizabeth; 406 Cedar St., Carrollton, Ga 172 O ' Quinn, Kathleen Claire; 4020 Worwich St., Brunswick, Ga 183 Overton, Carolyn Ruth; 121 Howell Rd., Carrollton, Ga. 125, 172 Owen, Mickey Franklin; 7271 Covington Hwy., Lithonia, Ga 81, 86, 153 Owens, Joseph L; 512 Lawson St., Bremen, Ga. Oxford, Robert Randel; Rt. 3, Dalton, Ga 183 Palmer, Jimmy Farrell; 628 Pisgah Hwy., Calhoun, Ga. Paris, Annette; Rt. 2, Hiram, Ga. ..... 183 Parker, James Douglas; 400 Peter St., Calhoun, Ga. Parker, James Perry; Rt. 1, Hogansville, Ga. Parker, Lynn; Rt. 5, Bremen Rd., Carrollton, Ga. Parker, Marvin Morgan; Smokey Rd., Newnan, Ga 78, 183 Parker, Nancy Sue; 2665 Westchester Dr., East Pt.,. Ga 102, 103, 172 Parkman, Patti Anne; 1814 Maple St., Carrollton, Ga. .... 34, 35, 44, 153 Parkman, Ralph Melvyn; 214 Bass St.. Carrollton, Ga 86, 108 Parks, James Pickens; 81 LaGrange St., Newnan, Ga. .... 73,. 74, 172, 180 Parris, Lenora Jane; 102 Douglas St., Cartersville, Ga 124 Parrish, Allen Julius; Box 165, Villa Rica, Ga. Parrish, Gordon Raymond; 545 McPherson St., Bremen, Ga. Parrish, Linda Sue; 145 Sims St., Carrollton, Ga. Parrott, Edgar Carlton, Jr.; 107 Woodbine Cir., Newnan, Ga. Pate, Terry Franklin; Rt. 6, Carrollton, Ga. Patty, Brenda Ann; Rt. 6, Cleveland Rd., Dalton, Ga 78, 172 70, Patrick, Jason Jeffares; Rt. 3, Box 200, McDonough, Ga Payne, Alma Marilyn; 122 Patterson St., Carrollton, Ga Payton, Ann; Route 1, Bremen, Ga. Payton, Christine Lois; 31 Clark St., Newnan, Ga Peacock, Ann; Rt. 5, Canton, Ga. Peacock, Frederick Michael; 1881 Langston Ave., SW, Atlanta, Ga Peacock, Pat; Route 5, Canton, Ga . 124, Pelt, Irma Ranscine; 928 Bluebird Rd., Augusta, Ga 67, 86, 124, Perkerson, Angus Millard; 27 Temple Ave., Newnan, Ga. Perry, Jo Ann; 3048 Arden Rd., NW, Atlanta, Ga. ... Peterson, David Richard; 4144 Hawkeye Way, Stone Mt., Ga Pettway, Martha Louise; 985 Los Angeles Ave., NE, Atlanta Petty, Lucy Carole; 2344 Veneitan Dr., SW, Atlanta, Ga 78, 83, Phagan, John Dennis; 225, Maple St., Villa Rica, Ga Philips, Bobbye Jean; 1589 Wellborn Rd., Redan, Ga Phillips, Dianne; 410 Connell Ave., SW, Atlanta, Ga 124, Phillips, Harry Lee; 986 Bouldercrest Dr., SE, Atlanta Phillips, James Richard; Rt. 3, Carrollton, Ga. Phillips, Patricia Lucille; Rt. 2, College Park, Ga Pickens, Jerry W.; 594 Milligan Dr., Clarkston, Ga. Pierce, Parker Bullard, Jr.; 1890 W. Forest Ave., East Pt., Ga Pierce, William Grady; 2398 Alston Dr., SE, Atlanta, Ga Pike, Homer Clyde; Rt. 2, Carrollton, Ga. Pippin, Darrell; N. Lakeshore Dr., Carrollton, Ga. Pippin, Libby Shaw; N. Lakeshore Dr., Carrollton, Ga. Pirone, Andrea Joyce; 201 Dixie St., Carrollton, Ga Poag, James Ray; 806 N. Park St., Carrollton, Ga 97, Poole, Fred North; 552 McKoy St., Decatur, Ga Pope, George Wesley, Jr.; 102 Park St., Acworth, Ga. Pope, James Chandler; 822 N. Park St., Carrollton, Ga Porter, James Freeman; Rt. 2, Franklin, Ga. Porter, Mary Faye; 201 Buchanan St., Bremen, Ga 79, Posey, Mary Elizabeth; 2781 Flagstone Dr., SE, Atlanta, Ga. Posey, Mickey Allen; 33 Hollis Heights, Newnan, Ga. Potate, Linda Jean; James St., Douglasville, Ga Poteet, Julia Elizabeth; 226 Tilney Ave., Griffin, Ga Powell, Annelle; Rt. 1, Buena Vista, Ga. Powell, DeWitt William; Box 253, Villa Rica, Ga Powell, Leslie Elaine; Leslie Dr., Villa Rica, Ga. Powell, Sue Carol; 420 S. Hill St., Griffin, Ga. 48, 59, 102, Prater, Jan; Newtown Rd., Calhoun, Ga. 51, 53, Prater, Joan; Rt. 3, Calhoun, Ga Price, Bette Jean; 338 Greencove Ln., SE, Atlanta, Ga Price, Jacquelin; Box 4, Carrollton, Ga. Prickett, Harvard Pittman, Jr.; 369 S. Bend Ave., SE, Atlanta, Ga Prince, Phyllis Elaine; 719 Girard Ave., Cedartown, Ga. Pritchard, Frank L.; 100 King James Way, Morrow, Ga Pruitt, Eugene Ragan; 1225 Eastridge Rd., Atlanta, Ga 67, Pruitt, Lester Lee; 5480 Kemmie Ln., SW, Mableton, Ga 85, Puckett, Robert; 6279 Edward St., Doraville, Ga 73, 84, Pulliam, Emmy Lougenia; Rt. 1, Covington, Ga. ..-. Purcell, Emily Carole; 563 Brownwood Ave., SE, Atlanta Puryear, Douglas; Rt. 5, Dalton, Ga. . Putnam, Michael Phil; Brickyard Rd., Dalton, Ga. Raburn, Carole Janis; 4429 Herschel Rd., College Park Rackley, Carole Hunt; Rt. 2, Hiram, Ga Ragsdale, Henry Sanders; Rt. 1, Dallas Raine, James E.; Box 22, Lindale, Ga. Rainey, Jerry Lee; 620 Beize, St., Griffin, Ga Rainwater, James Patman; 82 College St., Newnan, Ga Ramsey, Phocian Devere; 1372 Wichita Dr., Atlanta, Ga Rapp, James Arthur; 44 Lakeland Dr., NW, Atlanta, Ga. Ray, Howard Thomas; 22 Carmichael St., Newnan, Ga. Ray, Sandra Nell; 454 Clearwater St., Rockmart, Ga. Ray, Sarah Ann; 518 Seventh St., Cedartown, Ga. Raykowski, Cheryl Lynn; Rt. 1, Dallas, Ga Reagan, David Harper; 1043 Burton Ave., Macon, Ga. Reagin, Michael S.; 7147 Swift St., Lithonia, Ga Redding, Sarah Frances; Bowdon Junction, Ga. 57, Redmer, Martha Augusta; 205 Spring St., Carrollton, Ga. Rainwater, Jerry Houston; Rt. 2, Box 82, Fairburn, Ga. Reese, Michael John; 103-A Auld St., Elberton, Ga Refo, Joy Norman; 2370 McAfee Rd., Decatur, Ga Reid, Mary Jane; Rt. 2, Ellaville, Ga Reid, Ruth Almon; Luthersville. Ga Reitz, Joseph Charles; Box 73, Roopville, Ga. Rhodes, William Lee; 127 Pharr Rd., Decatur, Ga 60, 175, Richards, Johnny Hollis; Rt. 1, Whitesburg, Ga Richards, Larry Dean; 4250 Davis Rd., College Park, Ga Richardson, Jerry Harold; 138 Cherry St., Rockmart, Ga Richie, Robert Hamilton; Box 123, Alabama Dr., Bremen, Ga. Ricks, Sylvia L.; Rt. 1, Carrollton, Ga. Ridley, Jere Rufus; Rt. 3, Franklin, Ga. Rinehart, Gary Lyn; 209 Myrtle St., Carrollton, Ga. 80, 90, Roach, David Simms; Box 489, Bowdon, Ga. Robbins, Larry Earl; 304 Campbellton St., Douglasville Roberts, George Boyce; 1382 Milton Place, SE, Atlanta, Ga 183 153 165 183 183 165 183 153 172 183 172 184 153 184 184 91 184 153 184 91 154 154 172 77 172 103 172 172 184 165 184 165 172 165 184 172 154 184 154 184 184 165 184 184 172 154 184 154 84 78 184 184 184 184 184 165 172 184 198 $ " Compliments of MEN ' S ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION ALPHA PHI OMEGA Service Fraternity 199 aV Student Index Roberts, Har ey Edward; Websttr Dr., Manchester, Ga. Roberts, John Lawton III, Box 214, Gray, Ga. Roberts, Kenneth Michael; Rt. 2, Carrollton, Ga. Robertson, Mary Howard; 204 Villanow St., LaFayette, Ga 165 Robertson, Paul Edward; 436 Benton St., Dalton, Ga. Robinson, Annette Willoughby; Gen. Del., Villa Rica, Ga. ._ 155 Robinson, Carol Elizabeth; 68 Spring St., Newnan , Ga 184 Robinson, Dee; Box 132, Thoma.sville, Ga. 12 5, 173 Robinson, Harvey Duell; Rt. 1, Carrollton, Ga. Robinson, Jimmy; Bowdon, Ga. Robmson, joe Bryan; 1698 Willis Mill Rd., SW, Atlanta Robinson, Katherine P.; Rt. 4, Bowdon, Ga. Robinson, MaryEm G.; 69 Maddox Dr., NE, Atlanta, Ga. ... 46, 102, 103. 125, 173 Robinson, Richard D.; Rt. -4, Bowdon, Ga 173 Robinson, Robert Lacey; Rt. 1. Carrollton, Ga. .... 184 Robmson, Wendell Posey; Rt. 1, Carrollton, Ga. 110, 173 Robison, Sandra Jean; 127 South St., Carrollton, Ga 124 Rogers, Denzil Larry; Rt. 1, I.aGrange, Ga 184 Rogers, James Donald; Franklin. Ga 184 Rogers, Luticia Annice; Rt. 1, Roopville, Ga 184 Rogers, Raymon Edward; 415 Clifton Ter., Carrollton, Ga. ... 73, 74, 76, 77 Rollins, Janice G.; Rt, 1, Roopville, Ga 173 lollins, Jerry Baxter; Rt. 1, Bowdon, Ga. Rooks. Tames Carl, Jr.; Box 35, Bowdon, Ga. Roper. Phyllis Celane; Canton Rd., Cumming, Ga 173 Rosselle, Gloria June; 2838 N. Thompson Rd., Atlanta, Ga 78, 184 Rosser, James Larry; Rt. 5, Marietta, Ga. Rountree, Joe Glenn; 1303 Lorenzo Dr., SW, Atlanta, Ga. Rousey, Cheryl Lynn; 777 Park Lane, Decatur, Ga. Rowe, George Ronald; 219 Willow Branch Ave., Jacksonville, Fla 78 Rowe, Mary Elouise; Box 338, Rt. =., Griffin, Ga 184 Rowell, James Lcvern; Bowdon, Ga. Rowland. Bobby Alonza; Rt. 5, Carrollton, Ga. Rowland, Kay Nell; Box 237, Bowdon, Ga. Sabo, Barbara Lynn; 650 Wendan Dr., Decatur, Ga -- 184 St. Clair, C. Duncan lU; Bldg. 1-D Sychon St., Ft. Bragg, N.C. Samples, Mollie Margaret; Rt. 2, Villa Rica, Ga. Sargent. George Blackburn; 56 Woodbine Dr., Newnan. Ga 73 Savelle, Fayron June; 118 Oak Ave., Carrollton, Ga 40, 41, 44 Scarborough. William Larry; 104 Pine Valley Dr.. College Park Scheffler, Robert Tom; 1522 Dodson Dr., SW, Atlanta, Ga. Schoenberner. Robert Alfred; 569 Loridans Dr., NE. Atlanta. Ga. Schuler. John Hewitt; 2153 Essex Ave.. SW. Atlanta Ga 57 Seabolt, Murray Wayne; Green St., Fairburn, Ga. 60, 67, 81, 173 Sears, Charles Maxwell; 2652 Dellwood Dr.. NW, Atlanta. Ga. Self. Carol Jan; Rt. 1, Rocke Face, Ga 89, 184 Self, Mary Kathrny; 507 Boulevard Heights, Calhoun Setzer, Jimmy Thomas; 427 West Ave., Carrollton, Ga Ill Sewell, Peggy Mae; Rt. 1, Hartwell, Ga. 158. 165 Shadrix. Barbara Leigh; 424 Dixie St.. Carrollton, Ga. Shafe, Charles Chamberlam, Jr.; 445 S. Williams St.. Metter. Ga. ... 70, 90. 173 Sharp, Slyvia Janice; Rt. 2, Rome, Ga. Sharpless, Ronald Carl; 2355 Robin Hood Rd., Macon. Ga 89, 173 Shelnutt, Sara Elizabeth; Rt. 2, Box 135, Bremen, Ga. Shepherd, Marjo Ann; Box 272, Gordon, Ga 124, 184 Shiflett, John; 212 Sherv. ' Ood Dr., Marietta, Ga 184 Shipp, Ann Florence; Rt. 3, DouglasviUe, Ga. Shipp, Charlotte; Route 2, Box 109, Talbotton, Ga. - 88, 155 Shipp, Roxie Gail; Rt. 2, Box 109, Talbotton, Ga 88 Shirey, Clara S.; 305 Penn Ave.. Carrollton, Ga. Shoemake, Garland Gerald; Rt. 5. Newnan. Ga. Shores. Mariorie Zimmermann; Rt. 3, Box 127, Newnan, Ga. Shotwell. William Edward, Jr.; Rt. 2, Box 425 Corbin, Ky 96, 155 Shurbutt, Thomas Ray; 2130 Fairburn Rd., SW, Atlanta, Ga 78, 79, 84, 165 Sikes, Wilbur Newton; 1436 Harvard Rd., NE, Atlanta, Ga. 119 Sims, Floyd Douglas; 675 Woodland Ave., Atlanta, Ga 91, 165 Sims, Martha Elaine; 173 McDonough Rd., Conyers, Ga 185 Sims, Ramona E.; Box 214, Buchanan, Ga. Simpkins, Charles Taft; 127 Cherry St., Carrollton ,Ga. Simpson, Hilda Crews; 524 Tanner St., Carrollton, Ga. Singleton, Stanley Dwight; Rt. 2, Temple, Ga. Singleton, Wayne Otto; 6 Atkinson St., Newnan, Ga. Sirota, Jack S.; 2783 Springdale Rd., East Pt., Ga. 173 Sisson, Frederick Reynolds; 119 Vidal Blvd., Decatur, Ga. Sisscn, Patricia Ann; Box 99, Ringgold, Ga 124, 185 Siverio. Magda P.; 107 Crestview St.. Carrollton, Ga 185 Skelton, Thomaj Asa; 1325 Hillwood Ave., Griffin, Ga 185 Skinner, Judy S ' nangler; Box 383, Mt. Zion Rd., Carrollton Skinner, KennetWHowell; Box 383, Mt. Zion Rd., Carrollton Smith, Carol Le ; 9 Beverly Rd., NE, Atlanta, Ga 42, 43, 44, 48, 124. 173 Smith. Charles John, Jr.; 885 N. Superior Ave., Decatur, Ga. Smith, Claudia Ronnie; 2444 McAfee Rd., Decatur, Ga 173 Smith, David Alton; Mt. Zion. Ga. Smith, Douglas Olin; Rt. 4, Colquitt, Ga. Smith, Elizabeth Nelle; Box 93, Bowdon, Ga. 70, 71, 165 Smith, Gary Edward; 144 Medford Ln., Austell, Gu Smith, Gleamer Lee, Jr.; 106 Adamson Ave., Carrollton, Ga 60, 82, 86, 185 Smith, John Carey; 26-4th St., Newnan, Ga 166 Smith, Judy Carol; 175 Jodeco Dr., Jonesboro, Ga 185 Smith, Kaylene Brock; R t. 2, Carrollton, Ga. 155 Smith, Marion Otis; 297 Fayetteville Rd., Fairburn, Ga 173 Smith, Mrs. Mary G.; Sunset Blvd., Carrollton, Ga. Smith, Robert Brevard; 400 West Main, Thomaston, Ga. Smith, Robert Davis; 880 Oriole Dr., SW, Atlanta, Ga. Smith, Robert Kenneth; Rt. 1, Palmetto, Ga 155 Smith, Robert Larry; Moreland, Ga _ 185 Smith, Sandra Willene; Rt. 1, Austell, Ga. Smith, Sharon Adeline; 221 Groover Dr., Carrollton, Ga. Smith, Stephen Douglas; 2341 Sagamore Hills Dr., Decatur 185 Snyder, Paul Moore; 732 Berne St., SE, Atlanta, Ga ill Spencer, Jeanette; Sequoyah Terrace, Calhoun, Ga 185 Spearman, Pinky Allen; Box 35, Buchanan, Ga. Spearman, Kenneth Palmer; Box 35, Buchanan, Ga. Spink, Drena Elizabeth; 305 College St., Calhoun, Ga 185 Spink, Joy Hamilton; Memorial Dr., Calhoun, Ga. 173 Spivey, Joyce Elaine; 127 Forest Ln., Rt. 3, Marietta, Ga 185 Sproull, Kenneth Eugene; 216 Adamson Ave., Carrollton, Ga. Sproull, Thomas Ray; 403 College St., Rockmart, Ga. Spruill, Gladys Velma; Rt. 4, Bowdon, Ga. Stallings, Martha Hall; 209 Clifton Ter., Carrollton, Ga. Standard, Bobby Eugene; Rt. 1, LaGrange, Ga 185 Stanley, Thomas Smiley; Park Heights St., Buchanan, Ga 185 Starling, Robert Lee; Box 5, The Rock, Ga 173 Steadham, Douglas Willian; Carrollton Rd., Temple, Ga. Steed, Wanda Carol; Box 75, Bowdon, Ga. Stephens, Hubert Quillian; 140 Trammel St., Marietta, Ga. Stephens, Shirley Patricia; Box 338, Villa Rica, Ga 185 Stewart, Alice Louise; 201 Cedar St., Carrollton, Ga. Stewart, Carolyn Lee; 1421 Beecher St., Atlanta, Ga. 185 Stiles, Robert David; 305 Culberson Ave., LaFayette, Ga. Stillwell, Linda Diane; Rt. 3, LaGrange, Ga 185 Stone, Eddie Earl; Rt. 5, Newnan, Ga. Stone, Jacqueline Ruth; 127 Maple St., Carrollton, Ga 166 Stovall, Susan Kay; 1848 Winthrop Dr., SE, Atlanta, Ga 102, 103, 124, 173 Straughan, Ronald Eugene; 3490 Rainbow Dr., Decatur, Ga. 113, 173 Strickland, Robert George; Rt. 1, Danielsville, Ga, Stud, Wanda 155 Stukes, Lucie Allene; 1951 N. Ridgeway Rd., NE, Atlanta .... 84, 90, 92, 125, 173 Sudduth, Ronald Sidney; Rt. 1, Box 117, DouglasviUe, Ga. Suggs, Harry A.; 6700 Powers Ferry Rd., Atlanta Sullivan, Jo Ann; 532 College St.. Carrollton, Ga 125, 185 Summers, Emily Virginia; Box 8, Turin, Ga. 85, 173 Swofford, Donna Lee; 22 3 Grady St., DouglasviUe, Ga. ... 57, 64, 85, 87, 88, 166 Tamplin, Charles Ray; Bostwick Rd., Madison, Ga. 173 Tate, Elizabeth Victoria; 3087 S. Atlanta Rd., Smyrna, Ga 124 Taylor, Jackie Dianne; Cairo, Ga. Teague, Carter Leroy; Rt. 2, Waco, Ga. Teal, Jerry Eugene; Mt. Zion Rd., Rt. 4, Carrollton, Ga. 166 Teal, Ramona Pierce; 223 Carroll St., Carrollton. Ga. Teate, Winston Hoyt; 1241 Greenwich St., SW, Atlanta, Ga 185 Teel, Herman, Jr.; 323 E. Mercer Ave., College Park ... 70, 81, 82, 85, 86, 155 Terry, William Augustus; Box 316, Chatsworth, Ga. Thames, Sandra Dale; 425 Hillside Dr., SW, Atlanta, Ga 185 Thibeault, Donald Phillip; Rt. 3, Hazelhurst, Ga. 89, 107 Thomas, Gloria Jeanne; 1806 Alvarado Ter.. SW, Atlanta, Ga 124, 173 Thomas, John Kirkland; Rt. 1, Newnan, Ga. Thomas, Kathryn Bessie; Box 66, Temple, Ga. Thomas, Roddy Hayward; Rt. 4, Brady Way, Alpharetta, Ga. Thompson, Frank Cecil; 23 Oakview Dr., Forest Park, Ga. Thompson, Gerald Edward; 811 Showalter Dr., Dalton, Ga 110 Thompson, James Henry; 6 Cherokee St., Newnan, Ga. Thompson, Jerrie Lane; 201 Laurel St., Bremen, Ga. Thompson, Martin Buren; Rt. 1, Waco, Ga. Thompson, William Lamar; 2127 Ivydale St., East Point, Ga. Thornhill, Mary Therese; 411 S. 8th St., Griffin, Ga 89 Thornhill, Tony Allen; Rt. 2, Carrollton, Ga. Thrash, Joseph Merriwether; 188 Temple Ave., Newnan, Ga 166 Thrower, John; 107 Willis Circle, LaGrange, Ga 185 ThreadgiU, Joan Carole; Rt. 1, Carrollton, Ga 185 Tibbetts, Mary LaVerne; Rt. 2, Box 13, College Park, Ga 185 Tidwell, William Leslie; 1744 Warren Ct., NW, Atlanta, Ga 173 Todd, Charles Lawrence; Mountville Rd., Hogansville, Ga. ... 68, 80, 146, 155 Todd, Denson Eugene; Rt 1, Bowdon, Ga. 166 Tolbert, Helen Carol; Greenville St., Ext., Newnan, Ga. Tolbert, Tommy Hinton; Rt. 5, Box 192, Newnan, Ga. 200 Compliments of C. M. TANNER Wholesale Grocery 421 Maple St. Carroll+on, Georgia ALMON FUNERAL HOME hlcmL ' embei THE ORDER OF THE GOLDEN RUU 548 Newman Carroll+on, Georgia J. E. DUNCAN THEATRES The Best En+er+ainmen+ in Town THE CARROLL THEATRE THE FAMILY DRIVE-IN Carroll+on, Georgia Compiimen+s of a FRIEND MILDRED ' S GIFT AND SUNDRY SHOP 101 2 Newnan St. Carrollton, Ga. 20! Student Index Tollerson, Jimmie Charles; 167 LaGrange St., Newnan, Ga. Townley, Robert Grant; Box 59, West Ga. College ... 57, 64, 81, 85, 155 Townsend, Gary Edward; Rt.l. Carrollton, Ga. Trammell, Gregory Gordon; 824 Woodley Dr., NW, Atlanta, Ga. 155 Travis, Edward Bruce; Rt. 2, Box 311, Riverdale, Ga 85 Treadwell, James Robert; 1085 Lee St., Atlanta, Ga 71 Trinkner. William H.; 110 Oak Ave., Carrollton, Ga. Truby, William Irvin, Jr.; 2544 Tanglewood Rd., Decatur, Ga. 173 Trussell, Julian Leonard; Talbotton, Ga. Tucker, Melinda Joy; 412 Rivertown Rd., Fairburn, Ga 89 Turner, Bobbie Jean; Buford Hwy., Duluth, Ga 166 Turner, Carole Josephine; 603 E. Main St., Thomaston, Ga 185 Turner, Donald Gary; Flippen, Ga 91, 173 Turner, Grady Wallace; 310 Cook St., Cartersville, Ga. Turner, Gerald ...- 119, 173 Turner, Royce Alfred; Rt. 5, Newnan, Ga. Tyler, Janice; Route 3, LaGrange. Ga. 185 Tyre, Florence Charlotte; Raley Rd., Macon, Ga 87, 89, 173 Undereiner, Ronald E. 339 Maple St., Carrollton, Ga 95 Upton, Billy Calvin; Lake Dorene, Rockmart, Ga 91 ,173 Upton, Cecilia; Route 1, Cedartown, Ga ..- 155 Vandiver, Charles Sterling; 300 College Ave., Hartwell, Ga. Van Dyke, Butch; 1659 S. Indian Creek Dr., Stone Mountain, Ga. 70 Van Houten, Robert Joseph; 1039 S. Candler St., Decatur, Ga. Varner, Lynn Carol; 519 Varner Rd., Marietta, Ga 71, 185 Vassy, Douglas Claude; 343 Kramer St., Carrollton, Ga. Vassy, Millicent S.; 343 Kramer St., Carrollton, Ga. Vaughan, Byron Daniel; 1479 Braeburn Dr., Atlanta, Ga. Vaughan, William Robert; 539 Collingwood Dr., Atlanta, Ga. Veal, Tames Searcy, Jr.; Rt. 2, Hogansville, Ga. Vickery, Marsha Gayle; Rt. 2, Senoia, Ga 85, 185 Villa, John Francis; 1991 W. Paces Ferrv Rd., Atlanta Vinson, Paul Stanford; 1480 Rainier Falls Dr., Atlanta Vogel, Karen Lynn; 2783 Springdale Rd., East Point Voyles, Donald Robert; Rt. 2, Carrollton, Ga. Wade, Gerald Wayne; 912 N. Park St., Carrollton, Ga 73, 76, 155 Wade, Trisha Mildred; 1315 Westridge Rd., SW, Atlanta ... 78, 85, 173 Wainwright, Brenda Joan; 132 Krutz Rd., Marietta, Ga 125, 186 Waits, Paul Martin; 48 Walton St., Tallapoosa, Ga. Waldrop, Dixie Ann; Rt. 1, Taylorsville, Ga. .... 51, 53, 73, 74, 92, 124, 166 Walker, Anita Louise; 708 S. Hill St., Griffin, Ga .-. 186 Walker, Barnes Hardwick; 224 E. Hawthorne Ave., College Pk. .— 78 Walker, Bonnie Carolyn; Rt. 2. Carrollton, Ga. Walker, Charlotte Dianne; Rt. 2, Franklm. Ga. 156 Walker, Donald Sengalton; Rt. 2, Carrollton, Ga. Walker, Jennifer Marie; Rt. 2, Bowdon Rd., Carrollton, Ga. Walker, Judith Anne; Lakeview Cir., Bremen, Ga 78 Walker, Judy Editha; 103 Dixie Ave., Bremen, Ga 78, 186 Walker, Richard Tony; Rt. 1, Bowdon, Ga. Walker, Verdi; Rochelle, Ga. 186 Walker, Wallace Gary; Rt. 2. Tallapoosa, Ga 78, 186 Wallace, Cynthia Jane; 442 Hascall Rd., Atlanta, Ga. Wallace, Robert Glen; 2095 Delano Dr., NE, Atlanta. Ga 73, 156 Wallis, David Stephen; 222 A[andeville Ave., Carrollton Wallis, James Walter; Rt. 1, Carrollton, Ga. Wallis, Thomas Larry; Rt. 2, Carrollton, Ga. Walls, Donald A.; Turin, Ga. Walls, Dora Corinne; 519 Hickory St., Bremen, Ga _ .. 78 Walls, Terry Wayne; S Ashworth Lake Rd., Snellville 81, 82, 85 Walton, Sharon Elizabeth; 108 Selman Dr., Douglasville, Ga. Ward, Barbara Loraine; 1213 McConnell Dr., Decatur, Ga 186 Ward, Dianne Lillian; 1213 McConnell Dr., Decatur, Ga 48, 186 Ward, Mrs. Florence Abigail; 704 Jefferson St., LaGrange, Ga 156 Ware, Betty Lou; Box 137, Rt. 3, Ringgold, Ga 83, 88, 173 Ware, Sarah Jane; Rt. 3, Box 137, Ringgold, Ga 88, 186 Warnock, Marian Gayle; Box 13, Baxley, Ga 186 Warren, Carolyn Lee; Tallapoosa, Ga 156 Warren, Cy Edward; 1671 Council Bluff Dr., Atlanta Warren, James Carr, Jr.; 1270 Lynway Ln., Atlanta, Ga 186 Waters, Ralph Carsten; 1801 Ridgewood Dr., West Point, Ga 186 Waters, Virginia Lou; Buchanan, Ga. Watkins, Kirkland Jean; 116 Pinecrest Ave., Decatur, Ga 83, 85, 166 Watson, Curtis Max; Bowdon, Ga 186 Watson, Johnny; Rt. 1, Franklin, Ga 156 Watson, Peggy Ruth; Rt. 1, Franklin, Ga 156 Watson, Penelope Alice; 2447 Hazelwood Dr., NE, Atlanta, Ga 173 Watts, Gary Evans; 405 Allen St., Thomaston, Ga. 73 Weaver, Janice Flora; Bells Ferry Rd., Rome, Ga. Weaver, Mary Elaine; 220 Maxwell St., Decatur, Ga. 186 Weaver, Richard Ted; College St., Buchanan, Ga. Weaver, Robert Tinsley; Rt. 1, Buchanan, Ga. Webb, M. Wyatt; 150 First St., Shannon, Ga. . 107, 157 Weeks, Charles Wendell; 407 N. Thornton Ave., Dalton, Ga 174 Weinberg, James William; 1180 Springdale Rd., Atlanta, Ga. Weir, Robert Denton; 1510 Maple St., Carrollton, Ga. Welborn, J. Darrelle; 1108 Oakdale Rd., NE, Atlanta 174 Wells, JoAnne; Rt. 2, Bremen, Ga. --. 157 Wessinger, Linda Louise; 439 Longview St., Carrollton, Ga 157 Wessinger, Shirley Patricia; Box 84, Bowdon, Ga. 157 West, John Spurgeon; 1022 Dixie St., Carrollton, Ga. West, Patricia Ann; 120 N. Bartow St., Cartersville ... 73, 83, 125, 157 West, William Emmett; 1022 Dixie St., Carrollton, Ga. Whaley, Barbara Nell; 216 Lee St., Jonesboro, Ga 146, 157 Whatley, Clarence Edward; 12 Edgewood, Thomaston, Ga 89 Whatley, Judson Fields; 120 Herbert St., Cedartown, Ga. 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McGEE ' S BAKERY " Freshness Is Our Middle Name " The Square Carrollton, Ga. 203 1 BENNEH ' S FEMININE APPAREL Alabama St. Carrollton EMPIRE 5-I0-25C STORES Carrollton-Bremen Tallapoosa HUBBARD PANTS COMPANY Manufacturers of Hubbard Slacks for Men and Boys Bremen, Georgia 204 Compliments of MAPLE STREET SODA SHOP Maple St. Carrollton Open ' til 12:00 p.m. GRIFFIN ' S, INC. DEPARTMENT STORE West Georgia ' s Leading Department Store Since 1899 Carrollton, Ga. 205 OUR CARROLL REALTY AND INSURANCE CO., INC ANNIVERSARY wooDFiN COLE „ f f Insurance President Mortgage Loans Leasing — Rentals 306 Newman St. Phone 832-2461 Insurance Policy PLUS Personal Service EQUALS Complete Protection THE PEOPLE ' S BANK Drive-ln Windows for Your Convenience MEMBER F.D.I.C. Adamson Square Carrollton 206 TED ' S AMERICAN STATION North Park Carrollton WEST GEORGIA MOTEL 720 North Parle Carrollton Georgia MILES PHARMACY City-Wide Delivery " Prescriptions Accurately Filled " Across From Tanner Mennorial Phone: 832-7033 Carrollton, Georgia 207 i Compliments of MAPLE STREET SHOPPETTE Maple St. Carrollton, Ga. For the Finest in Men ' s Clothing — Shop at YOUNG ' S MEN SHOP NEWNAN STREET CARROLLTON. GA. For Safe, Comfortable Motor Coach Transportation Travel By SOUTHEASTERN MOTOR LINES Carrollton, Ga. " GULF PRODUCTS " JENNINGS GULF SER. STA. Ph. 832-9135 Home 832-8520 501 Newnan St. ..Carrollton, Ga. EMORY ' S SINCLAIR SERVICE STATION " SERVICE IS OUR BUSINESS " Road Service — Minor Repairs " Corner of Newnan and Bankhead " Bus. Ph. 892-9461 Connpliments of ' O I Carrollton, Georgia — TErrace 2-631 1 208 Compliments of DUFFEY ' S SAUSAGE " HOME OF BETTER MEATS Carroll+on, Ga. 209 Compliments PRINTING AND OFFICE of EQUIPMENT-CO-INC. SMITTY ' S AUTO SER. Tune-ups THOMMASSON Brake Service Ph. No. TE 2-3682 Everything for Carrollton, Ga. the Office Pleasing " you " pleases us . . . The Carrollton Newspapers . . . RAY YORK — Dealer i CARROLL COUNTY GEORGIAN ADAMS AND GULF SER. STA. TIMES-FREE PRESS Phone No. 832-2191 . . . are proud to support the student 212 Alabama Street body and faculty of Carrollton, Ga. WEST GEORGIA COLLEGE 2 1 PRESCRIPTIONS Accurately Filled. A COMPLETE DRUG STORE SUNDRIES AIR CONDITIONED We TE 2-7076 Del iver 418 — Newnan BOHANON ' S PHARMACY " JORDONS " American — Oil WEST GEORGIA NATIONAL BANK OF CARROLLTON Carrollton, Georgia Complete INSURANCE Service AUTO FIRE LIFE BONDS CASUALTY TRI-COUNTY INSURANCE AGC. Dial 832-8997 1 1 2 Dixie 21 Compliments of CAPITAL FOODS 777 Whitehall St.. S. W. Atlanta, Georgia 212 COMPLIMENTS OF . . . WALLIS AUTOMOTIVE REPAIR All college students welcome at any tinne 123 Johtnson St. Carroll+on, Ga. FOREST BATES Groceries Gas and Oil " SHORTY " TODD ' S GULF SER. STA. GULF PRODUCTS Phone TE 2-7843 Carrollton, Ga. Compliments of MORTON ' S BOOK STORE Carrollton, Ga. " IT PAYS TO LOOK WELL " GORDON ' S SER. STA. LITTLE GEM BARBER SHOP 121 2 Newnan St TE 2-9201 Carrollton, Ga. COMPLIMENTS OF TODD-RICHARDS PAINT BODY SHOP Complete Body and Fender Repair Phone 832-7590 Carrollton, Georgia " Sinclair Products " 502 Newnan St Phone 832-2361 Carrollton, Ga. G. M. HOLMES AUTO CO. Phone TE 2-6384 Carrollton, Ga. 213 214 TAYLOR PUBLISHING COMPANY " The World ' s Best Yearbooks Are Taylor-made " Lb «l ' r V ■ " •»f|r J V m? w si ' ' " " -:X i ; I Hjb lM KJl Si E, iBfc- ' 1 7 - .««l | | ,_ ■► H ] • J% - ft, hi: v. A V :t - ti s

Suggestions in the University of West Georgia - Chieftain Yearbook (Carrollton, GA) collection:

University of West Georgia - Chieftain Yearbook (Carrollton, GA) online yearbook collection, 1961 Edition, Page 1


University of West Georgia - Chieftain Yearbook (Carrollton, GA) online yearbook collection, 1962 Edition, Page 1


University of West Georgia - Chieftain Yearbook (Carrollton, GA) online yearbook collection, 1963 Edition, Page 1


University of West Georgia - Chieftain Yearbook (Carrollton, GA) online yearbook collection, 1965 Edition, Page 1


University of West Georgia - Chieftain Yearbook (Carrollton, GA) online yearbook collection, 1966 Edition, Page 1


University of West Georgia - Chieftain Yearbook (Carrollton, GA) online yearbook collection, 1967 Edition, Page 1


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