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. liil mmm ■ ••i I ' ;» ' ! ' l| ' ' ' ' T ff ' ;ji)]i ' ijiJilli| jii), | ' i|jl ' " ii iii;iM mminni ' ' " I fflili ' l! ij ' If ' , h ' tlll,V,1(i -I I.» ' I li " " I III ' I 1 ' li ' , ' 1(1 11 ' I I ( ' -it- -— J ■ 1 {.; ' .t. k ■ ' ■ wm j«a 1 9 5 8 t h e t i WEST GEORGIA COLLEGE CARROLLTON, GEORGIA cd I v W. »J dennis connally business manager fe ® ' .y 7, " - f :ri •7- . fl Kr. ' ' w Wf. fsit .3 i ' ?■¥■, » ' 1958 Forty-three years, almost a half-century of studying and teaching, guiding and helping, have endeared Mr. C. K. Boroughs to young people in all parts of Georgia, Mr. Boroughs ' past twelve years have been well-spent at West Georgia College. He has served as an assistant professor of social sciences and English, performing a job that would require the abilities and talents of several people. Mr. Boroughs has served well, too, in those additional duties that bring him closer to the students he loves. He coaches the debate team and was faculty advisor to the Press Forum. A Bachelor of Arts degree from Mercer University, a Master of Arts degree from the University of Georgia, and additional graduate studies at the University of North Carolina qualify Mr. Boroughs to execute well any task placed before him, and that is just what he has done, from serving our country in time of war to instill- ing within all students who know and love him the desire to do their very best. To you, Claude Kivett Boroughs, we dedicate our first senior college Chieftain. 1958 chieftain DEDICATION CLAUDE KIVETT BOROUGHS _ • rT ' — TPM ■sirr FEATURES ACTIVITIES SPORTS COLLEGE On Arrival, 18; The Professor, 20; The Stu- dent, 21; A Coke and a Candy Bar, 22; And an 8:00 Class, 23; Rat Court, 24; Welcome Home, 26; Student Religion, 28; Ondine, 30; Sweetheart Dance, 32; May Court, 33; Elections, 34; Labs, Labs, Labs, 35; Who ' s Who, 36; Finals Everywhere, 40; Gradua- tion, 41. Student Council, 44; Chieftain, 46; West Georgian, 48; Organization, 50. Football, 70; Basketball, 78; Golf Team, 82; Cheerleaders, 83; Girls ' Intramurals, 84. Dr. Ingram, President, 88; Administration, 90; Faculty and Staff, 91; Seniors, 96; Juniors, 98; Sophomores, 102; Freshmen, 118. ADVERTISEMENTS Advertisements, 132; Editor ' s Epitaph, 150. CAMPUS Reflected on the pages of this book are the hves of the students at West Georgia College as they eat, sleep, learn by listening and by reading; as they worshi p and play in prepar- ing for a richer life. ' 0 " students eat... sleep.. ff I ! 1 ' ??:; - J ' li III I i ! " ' - learn by listening... 1 SI " to « M. M S L B H Y 5i ' : f and by reading... wm lA •■ " ■ they worship... and play... •J ' : c% - on arrival A new student or a veteran of last year arrives with the expectancy of learning and developing into a well- rounded individual. Each looks for happiness and the ability to adapt to college life. The first big job is unpacking things and fixing up the room where the student will spend a large part of his college life. Next comes the information desk to find out where to go and when. Finally comes the long registration line where the student finds out what courses he is to take. The first big job was to get unpacked. Then to the information desk for where to go. Came Monday morning, the lines began. The longest wait — and then the money angle. Perhaps an illustration would make things clearer. the professor When a new school year begins, professors as well as students have to accustom themselves to the new surroundings in which they have entered. Like the typical faculty member, Dr. Hendricks has already endeared himself to the college and its activities. Students in his advanced algebra and physics classes are well acquainted with his immense capa- bility and willingness. Characteristic of a good pro- fessor. Dr. Hendricks keeps his lectures colorful, interesting and to the point. Part of a professor ' s duty is to prepare quizzes. yom. 20 A student often learns more by asking questions? the sl-udent Entering upon a life like nothing ever experienced before, the freshman arrives with eagerness, fear and anxious anticipation. Watching with silent and heartfelt amusement, the sophomores see the fresh- man wander around utterly lost and confused; rush- ing madly only to have to stand in line for hours. As we follow a typical freshman, Janice Gosdin, around, we see how she eagerly tries to act like a sophisticated college student when she really feels like giving up and going home; the nervousness she feels upon entering her first college class at the un- earthly hour of eight o ' clock — and the experience she has yet to face — staying up all night studying for the exams for which she has not prepared. Concentration such as this will usually be rewarded with better grades and less study time outside of class. 21 The student lounge provides a place for students to relax, drink a coke, and check the mail. the 9:50 break And some continue to study There ' s hot coffee for cold winter days. 22 This is an example of West Georgia ' s evening classes, being offered for the first time this year. Dr. Martin can keep his economics class as interesting in the evening as he can at eight o ' clock in the morning. and perhaps an evening class These are just a few of the one hundred fifty students who attend the interesting classes now offered at night. rat GT YEAR One of the highlights of the year in Carroll- ton, as well as on the campus, is the initiation of freshmen, better known as Rat Week. This initiation takes place in the fall quarter and is climaxed by the annual march to the square. The " rats " , portraying comic-strip characters, are quite a colorful sight as they parade down Maple street led by a police escort, with sophomores serving as armed guards. The march ends at court which is composed of upper-classmen who represent the judge and jury. There is a penalty for any " lowly rat " who fails to carry out his work assignments or shows disrespect to the authority of his superiors. At the complete mercy of this court, the disobedient rats are tried in front of a crowd which gathers to watch the proceedings. A typical freshman rat. week A special assembly program featuring rats and upperclassmen was staged with a theme of " Russian Invasion by Sputnik " filled with " red rats " to get the week ' s activities underway. Upperclassmen supervisors were assigned to the rats along with work and dress assignments. The jobs included painting of parking signs on campus, brass polishing, window and desk cleaning, leaf raking, and other campus chores. One of the largest tasks undertaken was the reworking of the park- ing lot around Aycock Hall. Rat Week at West Georgia College, as well as being loaded with fun by all, is a beneficial activity and an event that will be remembered by all students. as he stands before his sophomore judge. And the death blow comes to the " lowliest " rat. 25 welcome A Brave fights his challenger. The Braves played with their usual spirit. Homecoming Queen and sponsor, Joe Shue. A portion of the homecoming attendance. home Homecoming festivities were climaxed with a dance that night. A ' t " ■ THE QUEEN AND HER COURT Left to Right — J. Greene, J. Dempsey, L. Bonner, B. Parker, J. Peeples, M. Elliot, L. Watson. r j I Students attend chapel regularly. Student religion Personal devotion plays a large part in every student ' s life. He is aided by vesper services held in the Student Lounge as well as in the dormitory. During the fall quarter Religious Em- phasis Week, sponsored by the Voluntary Religious Association, was observed. The Reverend Forrest Lanier of Rome was the guest speaker during this period of instruc- tion and inspiration. A student ' s personal devotion plays a large part in his college life. Dr. Henry King Stanford addresses the student body at Convocation Services. ■rn n Round-table discussions were emphasized by the Rev. Lanier with the boys in Aycock Hall. The Rev. Forrest Lanier, pas- tor of the First Baptist Church of Rome, was the guest speaker during Reli- gious Emphasis Week. Each assembly message was based on the theme, " Christ For Me ' - ' ■Mmf Students discuss their problems with Mr. Lanier freely, who gives guidance and helpful advice. A buffet supper opened the series of lessons and instruction. est georgia players George Moorman and Betty Nichols co-star as Hans and Ondine. Lighting was used to produce special effects. " Ondine " was one of the most elaborate productions of the West Georgia Players. It was the story of a water nymph falling in love with a knight in shining armor, Hans. All sets and costumes were designed and made by the drama department memibers. " Outward Bound " , a suspense story of the souls of dead people travelling to their destiny, was presented winter quarter and was the second play of the season. Local talent, the choir and band combined to put on the final show of the year, " Carousel " , which was the largest production ever to be undertaken by West Georgia College. Ondine ' s behavior fascinates the " King ' Susan Hayward congratulates the " Ondine " cast An argument occurs between the journeyers. Mrs. Midget and Ann are terrified upon the entrance of the examiner. " Outward Bound " is a suspense story of the soul ' s journey to judgment. backstage for an excellent performance. Close inspection of this red-haired beaut ' reveals a flake of gold in her eye. The Sweetheart Court as selected by the student body was recognized at the sweetheart dance in the winter quarter The couples are Sara Stipe and Hal Kidd, Phyliss Lewis and Kenneth Jones, Dottie Sullivan and Bobby Denman, King and Queen, Elaine Carnes and Dennis Connally, Harriet Harper and David Jackson. svreetheart court The King and Queen of Hearts, Bobby Denman and Dottie Sulli- van, reigned over the Sweetheart Dance. Jo Ann Greene of Doug- lasville was elected May Queen and Barbara Parker of Covington was Maid of Honor. may court The May Court as elected by the student body was presented in conjunction with " Carousel " this year. These girls are selected from the upperclass. Sitting are Linda Furr, Linda Watson, Linda Bonner, and Tommie Rae Duncan. Stand- ing are Peggy Webb, Glenda Steadman, Hope Johnston, Pat Thornton, Phyliss Lewis, Jo Ann Greene, Queen, Barbara Parker, Maid of Honor, Carole Shears, Joan Dempsey, Jane Peeples, and Sonja Cain. ' m ' i Q miiKA a elections ' jifc. j Voting takes place in the student lounge by secret ballot. r ?3k FOR BEHHXS tc mmm Bulletin boards become heavily clattered with campaign slogans. Elections are one of the most outstanding events at West Georgia, for each student has the privilege of running for a class office. Being a candidate gives a nominee a feeling of fair competition, experience in speech preparation and delivery, as well as an op- portunity to really get acquainted with his peer group. Few things are out-of-bounds in cam- paigning and unique posters bearing catchy slogans appear any and everywhere. The election is held and it ' s all over. The victors celebrate and the losers congratulate; the posters disappear and regulations appear. The student government swings into action. Election is over for another year. Freshmen Saleeta Adair and Johnny Suykerbuyke meet their obligations to their class and the college by casting their votes. 34 Home Economics majors make and fit the costumes for the Ondine cast. labs, labs, labs Learning the intricate parts of animals. Don Browning and Professor Wirsing discuss a chemistry experiment. 35 who ' s who among students in american universities and colleges JANE HAMMOCK Senior PAUL JACKSON Senior CAROLYN BREWER Senior d: 36 Since this is our first year as a senior college, these representatives from the junior and senior classes have the honor of being the first students at West Georgia to be nominated for membership in " WHO ' S WHO Among Students in American Universities and Colleges " . These students were se- lected by a committee composed of administrative officers, faculty members and representatives from the student body. They were selected on the basis of character, scholarship and leadership. 1 ANN MOOKJE Senior BARBARA HENDERSON Senior HAROLD McWHORTER Junior underclassmen Each year in schools all across the nation certain students prove themselves excellent representatives of their college. They do this by supporting and participating in activities as well as by maintaining high scholastic averages and good character traits. MAX McCORD DOTTIE SULLIVAN DAVID PARKMAN BARBARA PARKER TERRY WYNNE JO ANN GREENE BOB DENMAN vfho ' s who West Georgia College is proud to bestow recogni tion upon fourteen of its outstanding student leaders chosen from the freshman and sophomore classes. These students were elected by an assembled student body. The ten sophomores and four freshmen named are our candidates for West Georgia ' s Underclass- men Who ' s Who. TERRY HAZELWOOD FRANK FARMER PHYLLIS LEWIS DENNIS CONNALLY IRENE BROCK JOE SHUE JANICE GOSDIN A r finals, finals everywhere A student finds quiet among empty desks for last minute crammings 40 The faculty, complete in academic regalia, leads the graduation processional. After four years of thorough prep aration in the field of elementary education, the big day finally arrives for the first senior class in the history of West Georgia College. There ' s the walk to the auditorium in procession, the usual speeches and finally that big moment when the sheepskins are passed out. Yes, it ' s the most thrilling moment in the life of the graduate and certainly the most thrilling mo- ment in West Georgia ' s 24 years. It ' s... Junior Harold McWhorter models the graduation attire for seniors Toni Brewer, Barbara Henderson, Jane Hammock and Paul Jackson. graduation ROOM 1 DAVID PARKMAN Vice-President BARBARA PARKER Secretary-Treasurer MAX McCORD President DR. MARTIN Advisor The Student Council is the student governing or- ganization and is composed of representatives of house councils, day students, clubs and all elected officers. The purpose of the Student Council is to promote the general welfare of the students in all phases of campus life and to cultivate good citizen- ship based on democratic procedures. Metnbers are: Dr. Martin, advisor; Laura McBroom, Knox Childers, Barbara Barrett, Jim Scott, Phyllis Lewis, Jack Slayton, Jo Ann Greene, Terry Wynne, Barbara Parker. student council Scene at Student Council sponsored " Teepee " . Council members conduct a campus election. David Parkman, Joyce Wooten, Billy Lee, Janice Gosdin, Peddy Parker, Jane Hammock, Norman Gray, Mary Nell Callaway, Max McCord, Dennis Connally. ? •■■• 5 iis«v- fe ' « f .; , •»« St¥%«iS ' " " -: »vrTRr ' . ' »ii ' «te 1958 chieftain TERRY HAZELWOOD Editor The Chieftain is the yearbook of West Georgia Col- lege, and the staff, reahzing that this is a momentous year in the history of the school, has worked zeal- ously and enthusiastically to make this annual one of which West Georgia will be proud in this her first year as a four year college. The staff in working on this book has reached the decision that the old saying which follows is very true. If people only knew how many months of planning, weeks of drawing, hours of selling, days of picture taking, weeks of worrying, hours of talk- ing, cramps from writing, days of typing, hours of correcting, months of coaxing, days of straightening pictures, nights without sleep, days of longing, hours of heartache, and minutes of joy that it took to pro- duce this book, they would gladly accept it with its many flaws and be as proud of it as those who planned it. POLLY KEITH Managing Editor DENNIS CONNALLY Business Manager Tx. Section Editors — Barbara Henderson, Pat Thornton, Laura McBroom, Barbara Parker, Joyce Stroup, and Joe Shue. Staff members include: Miss Parker, Faculty ' Advisor. Nancy Murrah, Barbara Henderson, Joe Shue, David Parkman, Laura McBroom, Suzanne Setser, Saleeta Adair, Mr. Shackleford, Faculty Advisor. Claire Benson, Joyce Pike, Jane Pope, Patsy Whitworth. Dottie Sullivan, Pat Thornton, Elaine Carnes, Barbara Parker. i f 2r„x PHYLLIS LEWIS, Editor-in-Chief the v est georgian Mr. Shackleford advises West Georgian writers. 48 West Georgian staffers are: R. Woodham, R. Glover, P. Lewis, D. Carter, L. Morgan, D. Parkman, R. Jones, G. Phillips, P. Keith. The editors check with the typesetter. The West Georgian is rated among the best small college newspapers in the South. It has received several honors from the Associated Collegiate Press. The paper stresses student expression, student solu- tions to problems and campus relations. David Parkman, Managing Editor- Robert Woodham, News Editor Gene Phillips, Sports Editor 49 Ml nail west georgia college choir Officers are: Jane Hammock, President; Gus Adair, Vice President; Sara Foster, Secretary; Charlie Roberts, Busi- ness Manager; Faye Wiseman, Robe Chairman. Front row: S. Powers, W. Wester, J. Seigler, B. Brown, M. Dominick; Second row: I. Brock, M. Porter, E. Mann, M. Highsmith, S. Foster, B. Spence; Third row: G. Fussell, L Few, M. Mooney, J. Teal, J. Kight, J. Pace; Back row: J. Smith, T. Duncan, L. Walker, F. Barr, B. Plant, G. Adair, C. Willis, R. Vaughn. The West Georgia College Choir has established a fine record of outstand- ing performances. Three concerts are given every year, one each quarter, as well as the spring tours to local high schools, churches, and colleges. The " Messiah " was a special pro- gram put on during the Christmas season in association with community churches. In choir, members gain important experience in leading church, school and community group singing. Mr. Deen instructs Harold McWhorter in voice. Front row: J. Hammock, M. Seward, S. Adair, F. Wise- man, S. Karr, P. Keith; Second row: Ann Keheley, J. Arrington, C. Holloman, M. Bridges, P. Jackson, A. Hol- land; Third row: Laura McBroom, L. Wester, A. Whatley, A. Martin, R. Woodham, H. McWhorter, C. Robertsr Back row: J. Brannon, J. McClung, B. Giles, C. Wolfe, T. Glover, W. Newton, R. Walker, J. Biggers. Band members are: Second row — Sally Bass, Director Hugh Deen, Jim Biggers, Larry Walker, Charles Smith, Fred Barr, Bobby Bledsoe; First row — Mary Dell Weldoti, Faye Wiseman, Joyce Stroup, Lindsey Few, Billy Adair, Jo Huddleston. band Mr. Deen directs the band. The young and growing West Georgia College band provides students with an opportunity for further- ing their musical education while on campus. Majorettes are Peggy Jackson, Linda Paris, Betty Spence, Barbara Henderson. veteran ' s club Officers: Dale Proctor, President; William Newton, Vice President; Johnny Allen, Historian; Gregory Fussell, Secretary and Treasurer. i Dottie Sullivan, Sweetheart. The Veteran ' s Club, composed of former servicemen at West Georgia, promotes campus improvements and keeps veter- ans informed on topics of special interest to them. Members are: Bob Cook, Gregory Fussell, Bob Tuggle, James Self, Wayne Nixon, Eddie Weeks, Tony Alewine, Hal Pierce, Dale Proctor, Johnny Allen, Tom Glover, William Newton and Mr. Maples, Sponsor. Members are: Mr. Owen Moore, Faculty Advisor, Robert Paschal, Philip Diaz,. Caswell Eidson, Jane Purcell, Mary Nell Callaway, Frank Farmer, Sylvia Kelley, Dennis Connally, Angie Hollingsworth, Jim Moore, Johnny Cosper, Terry Bailey. french club The Romance Language clubs are composed of students interested in the language, life and culture of Spain and France. Caswell Eidson President Gainya Proctor President Spanish club Members are: R. Posado, Arthur Moore, David Parkman, Ken Slaughter, Jerry Studdard, Mr. Moore, Advisor, Jo Huddieston, Robert Woodham, Sandra Dollar, Martha Highsmith, Gainya Proctor, Dale Proctor, Betty Roberts. n W. Bratmon and R. Glover confer with Dr. Walker, faculty advisor of the Literary Seminar. The Literary Seminar is for those students who are interested in hterature. They meet to discuss novels and other Hterary articles they have read. literary seminar debate club The Debate Club is open to those students who are interested in debating issues of local as well as national interest. The club sponsors a debate tournament each spring in which schools throughout the southeast participate. Mr. Boroughs and Dr. Martin act as coaches for Irene Brock and Phyllis Lewis. Mr. Boroughs and Dr. Walker coach Charlie Clarj ' and Marilyn Mooney. Freshmen become acquainted with the faculty at the Voluntary Religious Association reception. voluntary religious association Mr. Lanier, speaker during Religious Emphasis. Week, presents an informal message at vespers. Members of the V. R. A. Council are: J. Butler, S. Cook, M. Housch, H. McWhorter, M. Mooney, J. Peeples, B. Shirah, A. Whatley, G. Wirt, F. Wiseman, J. Greene, S. Reeves, P. Lewis, P. Bowman, T. Wynn, S. Karr, T. Hazel- wood, J. Mayberry, H. Lee, M. Sherard, B. Barrett, S. Owens. OFFICERS Secretary-Treasurer — SARA FOSTER Fresident—]KN HAMMOCK Vice-Fresident—i:OMM RAE DUNCAN Freshmen, as well as upperclassmen, enjoy the reception given by members of the Voluntary Religious Association. The Voluntary Religious Association is a non- denominational organization open to all West Geor- gia students interested in enriching the Christian atmosphere in their own lives and on campus. A council to guide its activities is composed of students who wish to give their time for the furtherance of these activities. E. Carnes, S. Adair, J. Schell, M. Pettett, D. Connally, A. McKeen, P. Jones, B. Brown, J. Pope, C. Collins, C. Sheats, K. Slaughter, J. Avery, L. Few, Nancy Waddell, C. Benson, R. Williams, C. Roberts, D. Sullivan, C. Rob- erts, H. Tapp, G. Fussell, G. Phillips, L. McBroom, P. Guthrie, L. Morgan, J. Zachary, J. Coates and Miss Marion Crider, Sponsor. .. a A m ' 1 alpha psi Home Economic students find great help and plea- sure in membership in Alpha Psi. The club is affili- ated with the State and National Home Economics Clubs and membership in Alpha Psi consists of young women interested in home making and in ways of improving that art. Upper left: Alpha Psi members help contribute to the success of many activities on the campus by " sewing a fine seam. " Officers are: Phyllis Bowman, Treasurer; Ann Bond, Presi- dent; Patsy Whitworth, Vice President; Annice Whatley, Secretary; Ann Phillips, Historian. Members are: P. Johnson, B. Brown, L. Morgan, C. Wil- banks, P. Bowman, A. Bond, R. Jones, S. Karr, P. Echols, i ' V i z M. Porter, J. Peeples, H. Harper, G. Shirley, J. Bagley, J. Stroup, M. Seward, B. Corry, P. Whitworth, J. Baker. " (S X , - ' 4 Mr. Harold Steele, Sponsor, Dr. Hendricks, J. Scott, T. R. Duncan, D. Connally, G. Fussell, L. Lowery, M. Calloway, Mr. Wirsing, Sponsor, S. Owens, P. Thornton, J. Green, H. Johnston, J. Busby, A. Hollingsworth, L. Few, S. Stipe, C. Sheats, S. Reeves, R. Paschal, G. Wirt, J. Cosper, J. King, B. Plant, J. Byars, C. Johnson, J. Atherton, R Sheffield. mu zeta alpha Mu Zeta Alpha is an honorary society open to all students interested in science and what is being done in that field today. The club promotes interest among students in all scientific fields. OFFICERS: H. Johnston, Treas.; R. Moore, Vice-Pres.; Mr. Steele, Sponsor; A. Hollingsworth, Pres.; J. Greene, Sec. Dr. Hendricks congratulates Charles Johnson on being elected to join Mu Zeta Alpha. 59 alpha theta The members of Alpha Theta. The purpose of Alpha Theta is to stimulate interest and promote skill in acting, directing, and stage management, as well as to further the knowledge of the individual in drama. It strives to instill in each member an over-all concept of the ideals and practices in all aspects of theater. Members enjoy painting sets for a play. Officers are: (standing) Dennis Connally, Elaine Carnes; (seated) Linda Watson, Janice Gosdin, Claudia Hicks, Irene Brock, and Margaret Bowman. . ■• . - ■ " IT -. -. " ' ' ■ f , U— " T— -p " ' ' - .. . t= ■ I — F ' " r ii ' HP ' SM i r r— T - .. Ir mr " - ' ■■ - ' ■ ...... j w- — -™™-™ .™— - " , — , — — r - - .. iMfll b . ' s Bl. .. " circle k Circle K, a branch of the Kiwanis Club, pro- motes the development of participation in the social life of the campus, the develop- ment of leadership, initiative, and useful training in living and working together. Terry Wynne, President Back row: Mr. Wirsing, sponsor, J. Talley, C. Roberts, K. Slaughter, D. Parkman, B. Stafford. Front row: E. Dingier, T. Greeson, T. Wynn, F. Farmer, M. McCord. OF AMERICA 1 Officers of F. B. L. A. are: Ann Holland, Secretary; Linda Sue Wester, Treasurer; Mr. James Overton, Sponsor; Patsy - ' ' l||D| Eppinger, President; Miss Dora Peete, Sponsor; Tom Greeson, Vice President; and Sally Bass, Reporter. F. B. L. A. The F.B.L.A. float won first place in the Homecoming Parade. F. Dalton, N. Castleman, A. Holland, H. Tapp, T. Smith, M. Bowman, S. Cain, Miss Peete, B. Brown, M. Magham, A. Powell, G. Walker, J. Pope, B. Millsap, P. Eppinger, S. Spangler, L. Wester, M. Pettett, J. Sims, S. Bass, J. Kay- lor, C. Holloman, A. Smithey, B. Robinson, G. Phillips, F. Farmer, T. Greeson, E. Dingier, and Mr. James Over- ton, Sponsor. S. N. E. A. The purpose of the Student National Educational Association is to interest young men and women in education as a career, give teachers in training prac- tical experience in working together in a democratic way on the problems of the profession and the com- munity, and to seek through the dissemination of information and high standards of preparation to bring teacher supply and demand into a reasonable balance. A. Hollingsworth, C. Hicks, N. Murrah, Miss Katie Downs, Sponsor, J. Horton, L. Reeves, E. Bradley, J. Ham- mock, and S. Foster use card index to gather data show- Officers are: Miss Katie Downs, Sponsor; Edwin Hughie, Vice Pres.; Angie Hollingsworth, Sec- Treas.; Jeanette Horton, Reporter; Josephine Pace, Historian; Sara Foster, President. ing the progress made in Georgia ' s educational system during the past five years. 63 Members are: Back row — George Moorman, Sponsor; T. Wynne, B. Collins, B. Anderson, B. Fuller, R. Griffies; Middle row — J. Slayton, B. Minshew, B. Denman, J. Shue; Front row — P. Forsyth, P. Parker, H. Mason, T. Denney, C. Eidson, D. Waiters, M. McCord, D. Bynum. letterman ' s club Officers: Don Watters, Pres.; Max McCord, Sec; Bob Denman, Treas.; Reg Griffies, V-Pres.; Mr. Moorman, Sponsor. Bobby Anderson teases " initiatees " Bob Fuller and Prescott Forsyth. " The Letterman ' s Club is composed of those men who have earned a varsity letter in one of the intercollegiate sports. The club stresses teamwork and sportsmanship as a means of better living for the student both on the campus and on the athletic field. 64 women ' s athletic association Tribe Chieftains are: Glenda Steadman, Janice Sharp7 Phyllis Bowman, Harriet Harper, Carol Shears, Nancy Davis, Glenda Wirt, Sonja Cain. Officers of W. A. A. are Barbara Coombs, President; Ann Bond, Secretary; Martha Housch, Treasurer; Jane Schell, Vice President; Vera Casey, Recorder; Jo Ann Green, Publicity. Meetings of W. A. A. are kept lively by the antics of fellow members. Adamson House Council: Sonja Cain, Sara Foster, Susan Strickland, Vera Casey, Joy Avery, and Nancy Grace Johnson. house Mandeville House Council: Patsy- Whitworth, Jane Hammock, Tommie Rae Duncan. The Men ' s Council: Mr. William Lewis, Charlie Roberts, Dennis Connally, Harold McWhorter, Mr. Harold Steel. council Melson House Council: Laura McBroom, Barbara Barrett, Nancy Davis, Barbara Henderson, Jean Herndon, Jo Huddleston. Patsy Eppinger, Jeanelle Coats, Pat Thornton. Norman Gray, Sam Cook, Bill Lee, Mr. Maples, Max McCord, Dr. Martin, Terry Hazelwood, Jack Slayton, Jim Potterfield. men ' s council 9 ' 4 Uoll football Quarterback Lee Cummings moves for a gain behind expert blocking. 70 Joe Shue ' s face mirrors the fierce action on the field. 71 Although outclassed in every one of their 1957 games, the Braves were never really outfought. No match for most of the teams on their schedule, the West Georgia warriors never let the school down. Coach Kenneth Johnson and his Braves must rate an " A " for effort on every outing. West Georgia College will never forget the " never-say-die " spirit of the 1957 football squad. Captain Bob Denman and Alternate Captain Lee Cummings. First row: J. Adkins, L. Harbeson, B. Eaves, T. Sparks, Neal Harrington, B. Fuller, B. Collins, D. Peters, D. Bynum. Second row : S. Andrews, J. Melear, J. Leach, L. Cum- mings, B. Denman, H. Mason, R. Sparks, B. Edmonds, J. Bridges, B. Mitchell, B. Gross, 72 The results of the 1957 foot- ball season show no wins and eight defeats for the Braves. The losses were to Tennessee Wesleyan 0-45, South Geor- gia 6-2 5, Gordon Military 0- 41, Georgia Military 0-26, Southern Union 0-51, Ten- nessee Martin 6-59, and Mid- dle Georgia twice, 6-41 and 0-19. Manager Peddy Parker Coach Ken Johnson football J. Shue, R. Biddy, P. Forsyth, L. Cole, L. Cabe, D. Jackson, T. Fincher, J. Massey, H. Smith, B. Jackson. 73 Shue lowers his head and drives for that extra yardage. The coach and captains discuss the strategy to be used during the next series of downs. During a tense moment Coach Johnson relays a play to guard Dennis Peters which should strengthen our offense. " Now get out there and move that ball. " Y 74 L-„ 75 4% Fleet halfback Buddy Jackson outmaneuvers his man for good yardage. ' Nerves are tight as the boys dress for the important " Homecoming " game. The captains Bobby Denman and Lee Cummings- call the " toss " . Jimmy Adkins carries the bal l during the heat of the battle for a short gain . ■•£»- ' -.;t£ u ,a. " ii-v. 76 Alt.-captain Lee Cummings leads the team in prayer before they enter into the heat of battle. Buddy Jackson pulls his man down hard after the short return of a punt. m ' A Middle Georgia player takes the ball but is stopped by Buddy Jackson after a short gain. Braves gather around for last moment encouragement before the game. basketball With zeal, enthusiasm, and unbounded determination, our basketball team showed the height of school spirit and good sportsmanship. Though beaten in final points, our team was never beaten in spirit. Through the hours of practice there was a closeness developed which can only be had by a team that is pull- ing together to win for their school. Supported by the entire student body, they showed us precision skill, which never allowed a spectator a mo- ment of relaxation. During the home games not a minute would go by that screams of excitement could not be heard all over the campus. There were thrilling last-second vic- tories accomplished during the season. We all enjoyed the many moments of excitement furnished by our basketball team, who did its part in making the school better for all of us Max McCord is air-borne and gets another— shot good for two points on the Brave score. Harry Anderson checks the de- fense as he brings the ball down court. 78 en " It ' s good ' Max McCord leaps in vain to block this shot. The line is open as Young Smith drives in. 79 The Braves ' basketball squad is from left to right, bottom row: Don Gamel, Jimmy Prater, Jimmy Layton, Coach Johnson, Bill Freeman and Eugene Prosser. Top row: Houston Ward, Harrison Anderson, Bob Denman, Jerry Ingram, Ty Adams, Max McCord, Jack Benson, Young Smith, Jack Slayton, Bill Roberts, Buddy Minshew and Terry Wynne. Basketball managers, Armon Neel and Sammy Evans, check over the uniforms before a game. 80 Buddy Minshew brings the ball down court and sets up the play. A LaGrange player defends unsuccessfully against Young Smith ' s deadly one hand push shot. Ty Adams hits again for the Braves. 81 golf team The golf team of this year carried on the fine traditions it earned for itself in the past. Never in the history of golf at West Georgia College has the golf team not come away from the state tournament without the first three places. To play championship golf you must have nerves of steel, for when the playing gets tight, every stroke can mean the difference. These boys certainly possess this character- istic. Two of the mainstays of the golf Braves this year were Jack Slayton on the left and Russell Franklin on the right. The West Georgia golf team from left to right are Bill Gladney, Jack Slayton, Bobby Denman, Billy Joe Roberts, Terry Wynne, Russell Franklin, and Dr. Walker, faculty sponsor. k ' : ' KJr cr First row: R. Crocker, H. Harper, D. Sullivan, L. Furr. Second row: J. Gosdin, B. Roberts, L. Watson, H. Johnston. cheerleaders Win or lose, the Brave varsity teams get nothing but the best support from the West Geor- gia cheerleaders. These eight lasses were always there lead- ing the roars on that touch- down drive or that crucial last minute basket. 83 ■un IT iffi; somen ' s intramurals West Georgia has one of the most highly developed and complete women ' s athletic programs in the South. A variety of sports are offered: basketball, tennis, badminton, archery, hikes, soccer, softball, golf, tumbling, and volley ball. This list also covers the major sports in the women ' s league. Four tribes, which make up the Wa- men ' s Athletic Association, compete intramurally for top honors, based on the point system. Each tribe is awarded points for winning as well as for participation; and each girl on the winning team is given extra points. Recognition is made to all girls who reach a number of points and pins or letters awarded to them for their outstanding sup- port of the physical education sys- tem. • i -» , r gjjI PSt wtg " ' I r % 1 I :. Ji...; . « ' % - ■ ; ' % f. ; iL Mi the president DR. IRVINE S. INGRAM To the students: It pleases me that you ask me to write for this historic pubhcation. Twenty-four years ago the first annual was published as a junior college edition. The editor was the present mayor of Carrollton, The Honorable Stewart Martin. He said in the foreword: As this, the first year of West Georgia College draws to a close, vivid recollections of past events are recounted. If, as future years come and go, this book causes one to relive his cherished experiences at W.G.C., our work has not been in vain. The edition was small as compared to this edition, but it was prophetic of the future. The pages were full of the pictures of frightened young people destined be- yond our fondest dreams to take their respective places in society and serve that society with credit to themselves and the institution. There were forty-nine graduates. This edition contains some of the fifty-seven four-year people who are expected to graduate at the spring and summer convocations of this institution. This is the first year in the life of the senior college. A quarter of a century hence its pages will tell a story. Master hands have labored to plan, organize, and pub- lish this edition. As your president I congratulate the able editor and his assistants. This issue is a monument to him and a compliment to all of you who cooperated. West Georgia College has great promise. As the first edition was prophetic of the future, this issue one day will reflect the vivid recollections of a once young, am- bitious, and worthy group who faced the future with confidence and courage. My best wishes to you. Irvine Sullivan Ingram 88 DR. WILLIAM H. ROW Dean of Administration Chairman of Division of Education and Vocations KATIE DOWNS Registrar J. E. McWHORTER Comptroller 90 WILLIE MAUDE THOMPSON Dean of W omen Assistant Professor of English HAROLD C. STEELE Dean of Men Assistant Professor of Biology DR. JOHN M. MARTIN Professor of Social Science Chairman of Division of Social Sciences DR. JESSE C. HENDRICKS Professor of Physics Chairman of Division of Science and Mathematics DR. GEORGE W. WALKER Professor of English Chairman of Division of Languages, Literature and the Arts 91 ROSS SHACKELFORD Director of Public Relations ANNIE BELLE WEAVER Librarian MRS. DAISY GREENE Dietitian ELIZABETH McCLELLAN Nurse OTIS BROOKS Supt. of Buildings and Grounds 92 s CLAUDE KIVETT BOROUGHS Assistant Professor of Social Science MARION CRIDER Assistant Professor of Mathematics HUGH GORDON DEEN Assistant Professor of Music DR. MILDRED E. ENGLISH Consultant to Dept. of Adult Education faculty EDITH LENORE FOSTER Instructor of Library Science JOHN WALTER FOUNTAIN Assistant Professor of Engineering Drawing Bottom Right DR. KENNETH P. JOHNSON Assistant Professor of Physical Education ROBERT B. JOBSON Assistant Professor of Art WILLIAM L. LEWIS, JR. Associate Professor of Psychology i£4 DOROTHY A. McNABB Assistant Professor of Physical Education WILLIAM PAUL MAPLES Assistant Professor of Biology J. OWEN MOORE Assistant Professor of Languages JAMES L. OVERTON Instructor in Business Administration ELIZABETH PARKER Assistant Professor of Social Science and Mathematics faculty Bottom Left DORA O. PEETE Assistant Professor of Business Education QUINTON PRINCE Instructor in Education JAMES CARSON PRITCHARD Associate Professor of Social Science Not Pictured GEORGE MOORMAN Assistant Professor of Speech and Dramatics FLOYD H. WIRSING Assistant Professor of Chemistry l Mi ml HELEN WOMACK Assistant Professor of Home Economics Hostess of Mandeville Dormitory STEWART WOOD Instructor in Social Science HELEN COPELAND Manager of the College Bookstore MARGARET GAY KING College Hostess Hostess of Adamson Dormitory and staff MABEL BROCK RADCLIFF College Bookkeeper Hostess of Melson Dormitory Bottom Right ELIZABETH GAMBLE SMITH Secretary EUGENIA C. JOHNSON Secretary to President REBECCA R. MARTIN Secretary to Dean and Registrar ELOISE MERRELL Secretary to Director of Community Education OFFICERS: Carolyn Harmon, Treasurer; Toni Brewer, President; Lillian Parkman, Vice Presi- dent; Jane Hammock, Secretary. seniors TONI BREWER SNEA; Student Council; Presi- dent Senior Class; Who ' s Who in American Uni- versities and Colleges; Evaluation Committee; Jun- ior Class Secretary; WAA; Honor Roll every quarter; EARLENE CASEY Adamson House Council; Sec. and Pres.; SNEA; WAA; Sec, Chero- kee Chieftain; Senior Class Reporter; Junior Class President; Student Council; Women ' s Council. UAL FINCHER Day Student. JANE HAM- MOCK Senior Class Secretary; VRA, Sec, Pres.; Alpha Theta; WAA; Student Council; Who ' s Who in American Universities and Colleges; Mandeville House Council, Proctor; Gordon Watson Award; Evaluation Committee. CAROLYN HARMON SNEA; Treasurer of Sen- ior Class. BARBARA JEAN HENDERSON Band, Drum Majorette; Alpha Theta; SNEA; WAA, Apache Chieftain; Student Council; Judiciary Council; Basketball; Melson House Council, Proc- tor, President; Evaluation Committee; Women ' s Council; Jr. and Sr. Class Editor of Annual; Who ' s Who in American Universities and Colleges; LIL- LIAN PARKMAN SNEA; Vice President of Senior Class. NOEY WONGUTOOM; Foreign Student. JANE HAMMOCK College Park, Ga. CAROLYN HARMON Carrollton, Ga. BARBARA JEAN HENDERSON Marietta, Ga. ANN MOORE Carrollton, Ga. LILLIAN PARKMAN Carrollton, Ga. NOEY WONGUTOOM Bangkok, Thailand TONI BREWER Mt. Zion, Ga. " A Good Today Makes A Better Tomorrow. " This is the motto selected by the first class of seniors to be graduated from West Georgia College. It denotes the sincerity with which these students are preparing to meet the opportunities of tomorrow. The rose has been chosen the favorite flower. Green and white are the class colors. NOT PICTURED Dennis Hudson Ayers Eulalia H. Blanks Claude Malachi Carnes Mae T. Duncan Gladys Smoot Eddleman Dorthie Rogers Fuller Mildred E. Glover Virginia B. Hay Edna Pace Huey Florie S. Johnson Ella Maye White Jones Cleo Cole Kline Evelyn Liner Bernice Bob McEntyre Lois Estes McWhorter Bernice J. Matthews Emily W. MiUians LuUene Hughes Moore Beulah M. Porter Earnest G. Porter Mary Parks Prince Virginia Brooks Rampiey Virginia Jackson Rowe Francine Smith Lucy Tolbert Ruby M. Talliaferro Suna Mae Vaughn Mildred P. Walker Rata B. Williams Mary G. Wilson Ruthie Word Yates Lois Strain Young EARLINE CASEY Cedartown, Ga. UAL BUNO FINCHER Tallapoosa, Ga. OFFICERS: Left to Right: Joyce Wooten, Secretary and Treasurer; Harold McWhorter, President; Bonnie Shirah, Vice President. luniors JOAN BELL SNEA 2, 3. LINDA BONNER Homecoming Court 3 ; WAA 1, 2, 3 ; Alpha Theta 2, 3; " Ondine " cast 3; SNEA 3; Choir 2; May Court 2; " Outward Bound " cast 4. JEANELLE COATES Choir 1, 2; Alpha Theta 1, 2, 3; West Georgian 1, 2, 3; Mandeville House Council 2, 3; WAA 1, 2, 3; SAM COOK Circle K 1, 2, 3; VRA 1, 2, 3; Choir 1, 2, 3; Men ' s Council. JOAN BELL Roopville, Ga. LINDA BONNER Carrollton, Ga. JEANELLE COATES Griffin, Ga. SAM COOK Hogansville, Ga. luniors TOMMIE RAE DUNCAN Alpha Theta 2, 3; VRA 1, 2, 3, Vice Pres. 3; Mu Zeta Alpha 1, 2, 3, Treas. 1, 2; Mandeville House Council 1, 2, 3, Vice Pres. 1, Proctor and Treas. 2, Pres. 3; Women ' s Council 4; Judiciary Council 2; Student Council 1 ; Student Govt. Comm. 4; Sweetheart Court 1,2; Homecoming Court 2; May Court 2. EDNALEN HAINES " Best Foot Forward " 1; WAA 1, 2, 3; FTA 1, 2, 3. DORIS HALE SNEA 1, 2, 3; WAA 1, 2, 3. MARTHA HOUSCH VRA 1, 2, 3; WAA 1, 2, 3, Treas. 3, Seminole Chieftain 2; Basketball 1, 2; Adamson House Council 2, Proctor 2; Gunn House Treas. 3 ; Judiciary Council 2. VERA JACK- SON FTA 1, 2, 3; VRA; Choir 2, 3. BARBARA JONES Transfer student. HAROLD Mc- WHORTER Choir 1, 2, 3; Award 2; Debate Club 2; Alpha Theta 1, 2, 3, officer; VRA 1, 2, 3; Men ' s Council 3; Combo 1, 2, 3; SNEA 3; Jr. Class Pres. 3; Superlative Most Talented 2; Gordon Watson Award 2; Who ' s Who in American Universities and Colleges 3; Evaluation Comm. 3. HAROLD McWHORTER Tallapoosa, Ga. BARBARA JONES Quitman, Ga. VERA JACKSON Carrollton, Ga. (lower right) MARTHA HOUSCH Summerville, Ga. TOMMIE RAE DUNCAN Royston, Ga. EDNALEN HAINES Sharpsburg, Ga. DORIS HALE LaGrange, Ga. JAMES POTTERFIELD Atlanta, Ga. (upper left) JOSEPHINE PACE Carrollton, Ga. MARY DELL WELDON Chamblee, Ga. UNA ROBINSON Bowdon, Ga. BONNIE SHIRAH Carrollton, Ga. SYLVIA WESSINGER Bowdon, Ga. luniors JOSEPHINE PACE Choir 1, 2, 3; SNEA 2, 3; Historian 3 ; JAMES POTTERFIELD Men ' s Coun- cil. UNA ROBINSON WAA 1, 2, 3; SNEA 1, 2, 3; Choir 1, 2, 3; VRA 3. BONNIE SHIRAH Mu Zeta Alpha 1, 2, 3; Pres. 2; Alpha Theta 1, 2, 3; Choir 1, 2; Band 1, 2; Jr. Class Vice Pres. 3; Cast " Ondine 3; Cast " The Man " 1; MARY DELL WELDON SNEA 3; WAA 3; Band 3; SYLVIA WESSINGER Choir 1,2; SNEA 1, 2, 3; Vice Pres. 2; WAA 1, 2, 3. ROSETTA WILLIAMSWAA 3; VRA Council 3. HORACE WILSON Day Stud- ent; JANE WITCHER Cheerleader 1 ; Alpha Theta 1, 2, 3; SNEA 1, 2; VRA 1, 2, 3; WAA 1, 2, 3; Cast " Ondine " 3. JOYCE WOOTEN Sec. and Treas. Junior Class 3 ; Sec. Gunn House 3 ; Student Council 3. ROSETTA WILLIAMS Conyers, Ga. 100 HORACE WILSON Carrollton, Ga. JANE WITCHER Bowman, Ga. JOYCE WOOTEN Trion, Ga. A CHALLENGE TO TEACH Barbara Henderson and Toni Brewer, elementary education majors, enjoy practice teaching under the supervision of Mrs. W. H. Row. Sand Hill School offers these students ample opportunities to instruct and to gain experience which will be valuable in the futvire. 101 wm IHf ' .- SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS: Left to Right: Joe Shue, Vice President; Carol Collins, Secretary-Treasurer; Terry Wynne, Presi- dent. sophomores BILLY ADAIR Band; Choir. RICHARD HENRY ALEXANDER. BOBBY ANDERSON Football; Base- ball; Letterman ' s Club. JANICE BAGLEY Alpha Theta; Alpha Psi; Choir; WAA. OLEN BAKER. BILLY ADAIR Villa Rica, Ga. Lower Left RICHARD HENRY ALEXANDER Newnan, Ga. BOBBY ANDERSON JANICE BAGLEY OLEN BAKER Rome, Ga. Chatsworth, Ga. Bowdon, Ga. ,■»..,, .. . -o .- -- -aMMMKMB INL W FRANK BARRON Newnan, Ga. CLAIRE BENSON Melbourne, Fla. JIM BIGGERS Madison, Ga. JACK BINION Newnan, Ga. FRANK BARRON. CLAIRE BENSON Chief- tain staff; VRA; Choir; West Georgian Staff; WAA. JIM BIGGERS Alpha Theta; Choir. JACK BINION Intra- mural Basketball. DALLAS BOND WAA Sec; Alpha Psi Pres. DON BONNER Letterman ' s Club; Football; Baseball; Basketball. MAR- GARET BOWMAN Choir; WAA; VRA; Chieftain; FBLA; Alpha Theta Sec; Service Award; Choir. PHYLLIS BOWMAN WAA; VRA; Chieftain; F- BLA; Alpha Theta; WAA; Chieftain of Cherokees. DALLAS ANN BOND Jefferson, Ga. DON BONNER CarroUton, Ga. MARGARET BOWMAN Ringgold, Ga. PHYLLIS BOWMAN Rock Spring, Ga. itxsaa EVELYN BRADLEY Columbus, Ga. GENE BROWN CarroUton, Ga. ANNE BUFFINGTON Atlanta, Ga. SONJA CAIN Ringgold, Ga. MARY NELL CALLAWAY Ringgold, Ga. DAMON CARTER CarroUton, Ga. VERA CASEY Cedartown, Ga. CAROL COLLINS East Point, Ga. EVELYN BRADLEY FTA; WAA. GENE BROWN. ANNE BUFFINGTON Al- pha Theta; Choir; " Ondine " cast. SONJA CAIN FBLA; V-Pres.; Alpha Theta; WAA Sioux Chieftain. MARY NELL CALLAWAY. DA- MON CARTER. VERA CASEY WAA Reporter. CAROL COLLINS Sec. and Treas. Soph. Class; VRA Council; Choir; Chieftain staflf; Alpha Theta; French Club; WAA. 1 ROBERT COOK LaGrange, Ga. BARBARA COOMBS East Point, Ga. ANN COWART Ringgold, Ga. NANCY DAVIS Rockmart, Ga. 1% ROBERT COOK Alpha Theta; Veteran ' s Club; " On- dine " cast. BARBARA COOMBS WAA Pres.; BSU V. Pres.; Student Council; Soccer Team; VRA. ANN COWART. NANCY DAVIS WAA; Seminole Chieftain; Melson House Council Sec; Alpha Theta; West Georgian. JOAN DEMPSEY " Ondine " cast; WAA; Alpha Theta; Home- coming Court. BOBBY DENMAN Football, Cap- tain; Honorable Mention; All-State; Basketball; Letter- man ' s Club, Treas. TED DENNEY Basketball; Let- terman ' s Club. ED DING- LER Circle K; FBLA. JOAN DEMPSEY Cave Spring, Ga. BOBBY DENMAN Rome, Ga. TED DENNEY Newnan, Ga. ED DINGLER Griffin, Ga. nixtaa MARY DOVER Ringgold, Ga. A. D. EASON Carrollton, Ga. ' J- .- : CASWELL EIDSON Newnan, Ga. MILLIE JO ELLIOTT Stockbridge, Ga. PATSY EPPINGER Griffin, Ga. FRANK FARMER Carrollton, Ga. JIM FARMER Commerce, Ga. LINDSEY FEW Apalachee, Ga. MARY DOVER. A. D. EA- SON. CASWELL EIDSON French Club; Baseball; Let- terman ' s Club; Mu Zeta Al- pha. MILLIE JO ELLIOTT Alpha Theta; Homecoming Court; WAA. PATSY EP- PINGER FBLA, Pres.; Man- deville House Council; " Dino " cast. FRANK FARMER Circle K; FBLA; Baseball; Alpha Theta; French Club, V-Pres.; Vice- Pres. of Freshman Class. JIM FARMER. LINDSEY FEW Band; Choir; Alpha Theta; " The Taming of the Shrew " Cast; VRA Council Mu Zeta Alpha. 1 SARA FOSTER Loganville, Ga. RUSSELL FRANKLIN Carrollton, Ga. MYRA JEAN FULLER Carrollton, Ga. LINDA FURR Villa Rica, Ga. SARA FOSTER SNEA Pres. ; VRA Council; Sec; WAA; Choir; Adamson House Council; Tom Herndon Award. RUSSELL FRANK- LIN Golf team. MYRA JUNE FULLER Choir; W- AA; VRA. LINDA FURR Spanish Club, Publicity Chairman; Alpha Theta; WAA; Cheerleader; " Dino " cast; " Ondine " cast. BILL GLADNEY. ROSS GLOV- ER West Georgian; Sports Editor; Literary Seminar. NORMAN GRAY Student Council; Men ' s Council. JO- ANN GREENE Alpha The- ta; Reporter; Mu Zeta Alpha; Sec; WAA; Student Coun- cil; VRA Council; Chieftain staff; Homecoming Court, May Queen. BILL GLADNEY Breman, Ga. ROSS GLOVER Cedartown, Ga. NORMAN GRAY Hogansvilie, Ga. JOANN GREENE Douglasville, Ga. issAMJL TOM GREESON Chatsworth, Ga. ROGER GRIFFIES Newnan, Ga. CHARLES HAYS LaGrange, Ga. TERRY HAZELWOOD Decatur, Ga. CLAUDIA HICKS Atlanta, Ga. ANGIE HOLLINGSWORTH Carrollton, Ga. JEANETTE HORTON Carrollton, Ga. ROBERT HOULE Methven, Mass. TOM GREESON Circle K; FBLA. ROGER GRIFFIES Baseball; Letterman ' s Club. CHARLES HAYS Alpha Theta; FBLA. TERRY HA- ZELWOOD Editor-in-Chief of Chieftain; Student Coun- cil; Men ' s Council; French Club. CLAUDIA HICKS SNEA; Chieftain Staff; West Georgian Staff; Alpha Theta, Pres.; Adamson House Coun- cil, Treas.; WAA; Choir. ANGIE HOLLINGS- WORTH Mu Zeta Alpha; SNEA, Sec. and Treas.; W- AA; French Club. JEAN- ETTE HORTON SNEA; WAA. ROBERT HOULE. JO ANN HUDDLESTON College Park, Ga. ED HUGHIE Villa Rica, Ga. NANCY GRACE JOHNSON Hogansville, Ga. HOPE JOHNSTON Decatur, Ga. ' JO ANN HUDDLESTON Band, Librarian; Alpha The- ta; West Georgian, Bus. Mgr.; Chieftain staflF; Spanish Club, Sec. and Treas.; Melson House Council, Treas.; WAA. ED HUGHIE Mu Zeta Alpha; FTA, V-Pres. NANCY GRACE JOHNSON WAA; Adamson House Council; Treas. HOPE JOHNSTON Mu Zeta Alpha; Alpha The- ta; Cheerleader; WAA; Band, Majorette; West Georgian. PATRICIA JONES VRA Council. SHIRLEY KARR Alpha Psi; Chieftain staff Choir; Spanish Club; WAA BSU. JO KAYLOR WAA FBLA. ROBERT LAW HON. PATRICIA JONES Atlanta, Ga. SHIRLEY KARR Carrollton, Ga. JO KAYLOR Carrollton, Ga. ROBERT LAWHON Woodbury, Ga. fT2« MITsAAA BILLY LEE Roswell, Ga. • Tv NANCY LEE College Park, Ga. PHYLLIS LEWIS Monticello, Ga. MRS. CARLEEN LITTLEFIELD Tallapoosa, Ga. • V LAMAR LIVINGSTON Chipley, Ga. ARTHUR LONG Chamblee, Ga. LEBRON LOWERY LaFayette, Ga. LAURA McBROOM LaGrange, Ga. BILLY LEE Men ' s Council; SNEA; West Georgian; Chieftain staff; Student Council; Veterans ' Club. NANCY LEE Alpha Theta; SNEA; WAA; Girl ' s Basket- ball Manager. PHYLLIS LEWIS West Georgian, Edi- tor; Debate Club; Zeta Sig- ma Pi, Sec; Student Council; VRA Council; Choir; Chief- tain Staff. MRS. CARLEEN LITTLEFIELD SNEA. LA- MAR LIVINGSTON Alpha Theta. ARTHUR LONG. LEBRON LOWERY Mu Ze- ta Alpha; Band; Choir. LAURA McBROOM Choir; WAA; Student Council; Al- pha Theta; VRA; Melson House Council; Chieftain Staff; " Ondine " Cast. E:si U -M MAX McCORD Pres. of Stu- dent body; Letterman ' s Club, sec; Basketball captain; Base- ball; Men ' s Council; Circle K. ALTHEA McKEEN, SNEA; VRA Council; Alpha Theta; WAA; Choir. DONNA MARTIN Alpha Theta. MARILYN MOONEY Al- pha Theta; Debate Club; VRA Council; WAA; " Di- no " " The Glass Menagerie " . ARTHUR DEE MOORE Alpha Theta; Spanish Club. ROBERT MOORE Mu Zeta Alpha. ARMON NEEL Bas- ketball manager. JAMES NIX. MAX McCORD LaGrange, Ga. ALTHEA McKEEN LaGrange, Ga. DONNA MARTIN Atlanta, Ga. MARILYN MOONEY Franklin, Ga. ARTHUR DEE MOORE Mountville, Ga. ROBERT MOORE Whitesburg, Ga. ARMON NEEL Griffin, Ga. JAMES NIX Bremen, Ga. EETTiAA BARBARA PARKER Covington, Ga. ri , »r, » PEDDY PARKER Columbus, Ga. ' » i-, . " DAVID PARKMAN Carrollton, Ga. JANE PEEPLES Chatsworth, Ga. MARY ELLEN PETTETT Marietta, Ga. ANN PHILLIPS Aragon, Ga. ROY PHILPOT Cedartown, Ga. HAL PIERCE Lavonia, Ga. BARBARA PARKER Stu- dent Council, Sec. and Treas.; Chieftain Staff; Alpha Theta; Veterans ' Club Sweetheart, 1957; " Ondine " Cast; WAA; French Club; West Georgian; Homecoming Court. PEDDY PARKER Student Council; Football Manager; Letter- man ' s Club. DAVID PARK- MAN Student Council, V- Pres.; Circle K; West Geor- gian; Chieftain Staff; Span- ish Club. JANE PEEPLES Choir; Alpha Theta; Alpha Psi; VRA Council; WAA; Homecoming Court. MARY ELLEN PETTETT BSU, Treas.; VRA Council; Choir; WAA. ANN PHILLIPS Al- pha Theta; Alpha Psi; WAA. ROY PHILPOT Alpha The- ta. HAL PIERCE Alpha The- ta; Veterans ' Club; BSU. L r3 NANCY POTTS Jefferson, Ga. JANE POPE CarroUton, Ga. NANCY POTTS Alpha Psi; WAA; Spanish Club. JANE POPE FBLA; reporter; VRA Council; Chieftain Staff; WAA. JIMMY PRATER Football; basketball; Alpha Theta; " Dino " . DALE PROCTOR Veterans ' Club, Pres. ; Spanish Club; Alpha Theta. GAINYA PROC- TOR Alpha Theta; Spanish Club; " Taming of the Shrew " . EUGENE PROS- SER Basketball. SMITTY REEVES VRA; BSU; Choir; Band; Mu Zeta Alpha. CHARLIE ROBERTS VRA Council; BSU Pres.; Alpha Theta; Men ' s Council. JIMMY PRATER Calhoun, Ga. DALE PROCTOR CarroUton, Ga. GAINYA PROCTOR CarroUton, Ga. EUGENE PROSSER Jackson, Ga. SMITTY REEVES CarroUton, Ga. CHARLIE ROBERTS Columbus, Ga. CLARENCE ROBERTS Columbus, Ga. BARBARA ROBISON Carrollton, Ga. NETTIE SCHWARTZ Decatur, Ga. SUZANNE SETSER Chamblee, Ga. JANICE SHARP Rome, Ga. JAMIE SHAW Carrollton, Ga. CAROLE SHEATS Carrollton, Ga. GLENDA SHIRLEY Calhoun, Ga. CLARENCE ROBERTS Circle K, V-Pres.; BSU, V- Pres.; BARBARA ROBI- SON FBLA; WAA. NET- TIE SCHWARTZ Alpha Theta; Chieftain Staff; W- AA. SUZANNE SETSER WAA; Spanish Club. JA- NICE SHARP WAA; Apa- che, Chieftain; Girl ' s Basket- ball Team; Soccer Team; Al- pha Theta. JAMIE SHAW. CAROLE SHEATS WAA; Chieftain; Mu Zeta Alpha. GLENDA SHIRLEY VRA Council; WAA; Alpha Psi. JOE SHUE Brookhaven, Ga. KENNETH SLAUGHTER LaGrange, Ga. JACK SLAYTON Columbus, Ga. SALLY SPANGLER Carrollton, Ga. JOE SHUE Chieftain; Foot- ball; Letterman ' s Club; V- Pres. of Sophomore Class. KENNETH SLAUGHTER Circle K; VRA; Alpha Theta. JACK SLAYTON Student Council; Golf Team; Letter- man ' s Club; Basketball; Choir; Men ' s Council; FBLA. SALLY SPANGLER FBLA; Alpha Psi; WAA. HELEN STANFORD. GLENDA STEADMAN Alpha Theta; WAA; Apache Chieftain; Basketball; Soccer; Adamson House Council. MAXIE STRICKLAND Band. SU- SAN STRICKLAND Alpha Theta; Adamson House Council; WA A; SNEA. HELEN STANFORD Carrollton, Ga. GLENDA STEADMAN Rome, Ga. MAXIE STRICKLAND Bowdon, Ga. SUSAN STRICKLAND Atlanta, Ga. i SARA STIPE CarroUton, Ga. JERRY STUDDARD LaGrange, Ga. GERTRUDE SUMMEROUR Duluth, Ga. JOE TALLEY LaGrange, Ga. JOHNNY THOMPSON Loganville, Ga. EUDENE THORNTON Bowdon, Ga. PAT THORNTON Monroe, Ga. CHARLES TIBBETTS Dallas, Ga. SARA STIPE Mu Zeta Al- pha; WAA; Choir. JERRY STUDDARD Spanish Club; Alpha Theta. GERTRUDE SUMMEROUR Alpha Theta. JOE TALLEY Circle K; West Georgian. JOHNNY THOMPSON. EUDENE THORNTON. PAT THORNTON French Club; Mu Zeta Alpha; FBLA; Chieftain Staff; Mandeville House Council. CHARLES TIBBETTS. GAYNELL WALKER FBLA; WAA. HAWLEY WALTER Veter- an ' s Club. HOUSTON WARD Circle K, Sec. and Treas.; Basketball; FBLA; Men ' s Council; Pres. of Ay- cock; Student Council. LIN- DA WATSON Alpha Theta; WAA; Cheerleader; West Georgian; Band; " Ondine " ; Homecoming Queen. DON WATTERS Football; Letter- man ' s Club Pres. ANNICE WHATLEY Choir; Alpha Psi, Sec; West Georgian; Literary Seminar; Mu Zeta Alpha; VRA Council; WAA. HENRY WINDOM. FAYE WISEMAN Choir, Robe Mo- ther; Alpha Psi, reporter; VRA Council; West Geor- gian; WAA; Debate Club; Alpha Theta; Chieftain Staff. CLYDE WOLFE Football; Choir. DORIS WRIGHT Al- pha Psi. TERRY WYNNE Pres. of Sophomore Class; Mu Zeta Alpha; Letterman ' s Club; Golf Team; Basketball; Student Council; Circle K, Pres. ; Men ' s Council. JANET ZACHARY BSU Sec; VRA Council; Alpha Theta; WAA; FBLA; Choir. Ed n GAYNELL WALKER Duluth, Ga. HAWLEY WALTER Rome, Ga. HOUSTON WARD Menlo, Ga. LINDA WATSON Stone Mountain, Ga. DON WATTERS Rome, Ga. ANNICE WHATLEY Cedartown, Ga. HENRY WINDOM CarroUton, Ga. FAYE WISEMAN College Park, Ga. CLYDE WOLFE Dalton, Ga. DORIS WRIGHT Mt. Zion, Ga. TERRY WYNNE Griffin, Ga. JANET ZACHARY Marietta, Ga. iisiAai CLASS OFFICERS DON BROWNING— F Ve President DOTTIE S ]UAY AN—Secretary-Treasurer DENNIS CONNALLY— Pre«We» freshmen SALEETA ADAIR DOT ADAMS WADE ADKISSON TONY ALEWINE JOHNNY ALLEN Thomaston, Ga. Elberton, Ga. Sargent, Ga. Lavonia, Ga. Mableton, Ga. SAMMY LEE ANDREWS JERALDINE ARRINGTON JAMES ATHERTON JOY AVERY BETH BAILEY Decatur, Ga. Franklin, Ga. Columbus, Ga. Ball Ground, Ga. LaGrange, Ga. TERRY GRAY BAILEY Roopville, Ga. SALLY VIRGINIA BASS West Point, Ga. JEANETTE BAKER Menlo, Ga. WILLIAM DAVID BAXTER Carrollton, Ga. CHARLES WAYNE BARNES Bremen, Ga. EUGENE BLALOCK Jonesboro, Ga. FRED BARR Carrollton, Ga. BOBBY BLEDSOE Carrollton, Ga. BARBARA BARRETT College Park, Ga. JERRY DON BRIDGES Summerville, Ga. MARY JANE BRIDGES Macon, Ga. DAVID P. BROWN Newnan, Ga. DEAN BRIGHT Commerce, Ga. FRANKIE LOU BROWN Monroe, Ga. WALTER BROACH Decatur, Ga. WILLIAM BROWN Bremen, Ga. IRENE BROCK Carrollton, Ga. DON BROWNING Lavonia, Ga. BEVERLY BROWN Atlanta, Ga. N. D. BRUMBELOW West Point, Ga. EVERETTE BURNETTE Alpharetta, Ga. ANDY BYRD Newnan, Ga. JANE BUSBY Villa Rica, Ga. LEONARD CABE College Park, Ga. ELLIOTT BUTLER Bowdon, Ga. ELAINE CARNES Douglasville, Ga. JOEL BYARS Griffin, Ga. WILLIAM F. CARROLL Carrollton, Ga. DAVID BYNUM Atlanta, Ga. GALE CASTELLAW Smyrna, Ga. NELLIE CASTLEMAN College Park, Ga. TYRONE COCHRAN Decatur, Ga. KNOX CHILDERS Mableton, Ga. BARRY COLLINS LaGrange, Ga. CAROLE CLEM Manchester, Ga. CAROLYN COLWELL Zebulon, Ga. FRED COCHRAN Lavonia, Ga. DENNIS CONNALLY Douglasville, Ga. GENE NEAL COCHRAN Dallas, Ga. BETTY CORRY Siloam, Ga. JOHNNY COSPER CarroUton, Ga. CAROL COX CarroUton, Ga. GARY COURSEY Red Oak, Ga. CHESTER CRAFT Roanoke, Ala. As Freshmen we ' ll never forget the long drive to the Ad Building! RONELLE CROCKER Griffin, Ga. FELIX RAFAEL DIAZ Cienfuegos, Cuba WARREN CURRIE Thomaston, Ga. SANDRA DOLLAR Silver Creek, Ga. FAYE DALTON Calvary, Ga. MARGARET DOMINICK LaGrange, Ga. ROBERT JOE DARNELL Tallapoosa, Ga. JOHN DRENNEN CarroUton, Ga. JAMES R. DAVIS Bowdon, Ga. ANGELA DUDLEY Danielsville, Ga. ■S fSKM This is one place they don ' t pay you time-and-a-half for overtime! JOHN THOMAS DUNCAN Carrollton, Ga. JOSEPH CLIFTON EASON Bowdon, Ga. -r-fj " ROBERT DUPREE Griffin, Ga. PEGGY J. ECHOLS Mountain View, Ga. REVEN EMBREY Bowdon, Ga. DOROTHY FLYNT Macon, Ga. SAM W. EVANS Rome, Ga. WILLIAM D. FREEMAN Decatur, Ga. ANDRES EXPOSITO Camaguey, Cuba DREXEL FULLER Calhoun, Ga. ROBERT FAUST Atlanta, Ga. GREGORY FUSSELL Columbus, Ga. PHYLLIS FINNELL Villa Rica, Ga. ANGELINA GIANNONI Elberton. Ga. JOYCE ANN GIBBS Bowdon, Ga. PALMA ANN GUTHRIE Smyrna, Ga. ROBERT GILES Atlanta, Ga. STEVENS HAMBRICK Pine Mt. Valley, Ga. NORMA FAYE GORDON Waco, Ga. DOUGLAS HAMRICK Ranger, Ga. JANICE GOSDIN Newnan, Ga. PATSY HAND Bowdon, Ga. VANDA GREENWAY Shannon, Ga. EUGENIA HARKNESS Atlanta, Ga. WENDELL HAYNES Carrollton, Ga. CLAIRE HOLLOMAN Thomaston, Ga. JEAN HERNDON Albany, Ga. JOSEPH WALTER HOOD Carrollton, Ga. WILMA HESTER Bowdon, Ga. WILLIAM HOWARD Atlanta, Ga. MARTHA ANN HIGHSMITH Monroe, Ga. WILLIAM HUTCHINSON Carrollton, Ga. ANN HOLLAND Calhoun, Ga. LINTON JACKSON Bowdon, Ga. MARIE JACKSON CaroUton, Ga. PEGGY JACKSON Bowdon, Ga. MRS. RUTH JACKSON Bowdon, Ga. RONALD JACKSON Newnan, Ga. HAROLD JANNEY Franklin, Ga. CARL JENSEN Elberton, Ga. KENNETH JONES Atlanta, Ga. RACHEL JONES Villa Rica, Ga. CHARLES JOHNSON LaGrange, Ga. PATRICIA JOHNSON Ellenwood, Ga. JIMMIE KAY Lavonia, Ga. ANN KEHELEY Newnan, Ga. .POLLY KEITH Atlanta, Ga. SYLVIA KELLY Franklin, Ga. JACQUELINE KIGHT Franklin, Ga. JUDY LAMBERT CarroUton, Ga. LYNN LAY Norcross, Ga. JAMES LAYTON Cartersville, Ga. JAMES LEACH College Park, Ga. WAYNE LEARD Royston, Ga. JUDY LEE East Point, Ga. CECIL LOWRY Hogansville, Ga. HARRIETT LEE College Park, Ga. JAMES MAHONEY Dalton, Ga. LINDA LOFTIN Manchester, Ga. MARJORIE MANGUM Carrollton, Ga. JOEL LOVVORN Bremen, Ga. ERNESTINE MANN Covington, Ga. MARTHA LOVVORN Bowdon, Ga. CHARLES MARET Lavonia, Ga. ALLEN MARTIN Carrollton, Ga. JUANITA MARTIN Lindale, Ga. LEWIS MARTIN East Point, Ga. EDWARD MASON Carrollton, Ga. " For this we came to college? " MIKE MATTHEWS Bowdon, Ga. MARY SUE McDUFFIE Commerce, Ga. ANNE JEAN MAYBERRY Acworth, Ga. JAMES EDWARD McGLON East Point, Ga. EMILY MAYNARD Chatsworth, Ga. JANICE MEIGS CarroUton, Ga. DAVID MAYO Riverdale, Ga. JERRELL MELEAR Fairburn, Ga. GERALD McCARLEY Bowdon, Ga. MARLEY MILLER Bremen, Ga. BEVERLY MILLSAP Athens, Ga. GAY MORRIS Stone Mountain, Ga. ROBERT MITCHELL College Park, Ga. LUCY MORGAN Fayetteville, Ga. Getting into the swing of college life! .:;■ 1 NANCY MURRAH Carrollton, Ga. WAYNE NIXON Bremen, Ga. WILLIAM NEWTON Dalton, Ga. CHARLES O ' KELLEY Grantville, Ga. BETTY NICHOLS Calhoun, Ga. DAVID O ' QUINN Fernandina Beach, Fla. PEGGY NICKLES Lindale, Ga. FRANK OWENBY Marietta, Ga. LARRY NIX Dallas, Ga. SARAH OWENS Atlanta, Ga. LINDA PARIS Rome, Ga. DENNIS PERRIN Villa Rica, Ga. NANCY PAYNE Rome, Ga. HAROLD PETTY Carrollton, Ga. SUSAN PAYNE Rome, Ga. GENE PHILLIPS Marietta, Ga. ROBERT PASCHAL Carrollton, Ga. EUGENE PICKEL Cartersville, Ga. BOBBIE PEEPLES Atlanta. Ga. PATRICIA PICKERING Dalton, Ga. sh » S%»v BETTY JOYCE PIKE Carrollton, Ga. JANE PURCELL Dewey Rose, Ga. MARTHA PORTER Atlanta, Ga. TED RAGSDALE Carrollton, Ga. FELIPE POSADO Cienfuegos, Cuba THOMAS RAWLINS Douglasville, Ga. SUZANNE FOSTER POWERS Mt. Zion, Ga. LUCY ANN REEVES Monroe, Ga. DOUGLAS PREWETT Acworth, Ga. MARGARET ROAN Atlanta, Ga. BETTY ROBERTS Covington, Ga. JIM SCOTT Cartersville, Ga. SANDRA ROBERTS Carrollton, Ga. JOYCE SEIGLER Loganville, Ga. ' : ELAINE ROBERTSON Social Circle, Ga. JAMES SELF Macon, Ga. KENNETH ROGERS Roopville, Ga. MARY CHARLES SEWARD Atlanta, Ga. MARTHA JANE SCHELL Fayetteville, Ga. JACKIE SHADRIX Villa Rica, Ga. ' t . " i ' t..i RAYFORD SHEFFIELD Carrollton, Ga. CHARLES W. SMITH Carrollton, Ga. MYRA SHERARD Atlanta, Ga. JERRY SMITH Austell, Ga. CLARA SHIREY Carrollton, Ga. NELLIE RUTH SMITH Bremen, Ga. JUDY SIMS Avondale Estates, Ga. TINA SMITH Hogansville, Ga. CHARLES H. SMITH Stone Mountain, Ga. ALICE SMITHEY Dalton, Ga. ALONZO SOWELL Jonesboro, Ga. TERRY SPARKS Clarkston, Ga. ROY SPARKS Clarkston, Ga. BETTE SPENCE Lilburn, Ga. Too many hands spoil the broth! m • BOYD STEPHENS Carrollton, Ga. CLAYTON TEAGUE Bowdon, Ga. JOYCE STROUP Atlanta, Ga. JANICE TEAL Carrollton, Ga. DOTTIE SULLIVAN Carrollton, Ga. NORA LEE TRIMBLE Atlanta, Ga. JOHN SUYKERBUYK Atlanta, Ga. THOMAS UPCHURCH Carrollton, Ga. HARRIET TAPP Atlanta, Ga. ROBERT VAUGHN Carrollton, Ga. WALTER VAUGHAN, JR. Carrollton, Ga. VERNON WEST Atlanta, Ga. RICHARD WALKER Carrollton, Ga. LINDA SUE WESTER Temple, Ga. RHODES WALLER East Point, Ga. SAMMY WHITE Bowdon, Ga. JERE WELCH Cartersville, Ga. PATSY WHITWORTH Lavonia, Ga. SUZANNE WEIGEL Covington, Ga. CAROLE WILBANKS Gainesville, Ga. BOBBY WILLIAMSON Bremen, Ga. JULIA WOOD Buchanan, Ga. CHARLES WILLIS Carrollton, Ga. ROBERT WOODHAM Donaisonville, Ga. JANICE WILLIS Buchanan, Ga. BARBARA WYNN Villa Rica, Ga. in memoriam BILLY EAVES May 4, 1938 November 24, 1957 JACKIE D. JENKINS May 16, 1938 March 8, 19 5 8 ROBERT H. VAUGHN August 1, 1939 March 8, 195 8 131 i jyf -■ i V . ' % «. » ♦4, |»-7 Jix - - f .♦ ' j Ir • • J A_ « I % ' " .. I »• IP » II •I , : ll 1 A| V 4 4 ir ii Si, w 4 i i N i i ' iWf ' 4pfr4f ll f i ' i file; -!! ' s -4 •■ ' " , : . f l " -5i ROBINSON 1 1 1 CHALKLEY DRUG COMPANY MOTOR COMPANY 623 Dixie Street Newnan Street Ph. TE. 2-6343 Carrollton, Georgia Carrollton, Georgia MAPLE STREET SODA SHOP 510 Maple Street Carrollton, Georgia ■1 NEHI BOTTLING COMPANY ' ' Drink Royal Crown Colo And Nehi Beverages " Carrollton, Georgia ■-■- CARROLL THEATER CITY SUPPLY COMPANY and Carrollton, Georgia FAMILY DRIVE-IN :■ " For the best entertainment in town " THOMASSON -i PRINTING and OFFICE EQUIPMENT COMPANY 214 Alabama Street LaMAR MANUFACTURING Cairollton, Georgia COMPANY Congratulations to a fine group of ALMON FUNERAL HOME young men and women 548 Newnan Street Bowdon, Georgia Carrollton Georgia 1 BELK-RHODES COMPANY Home of Better Value i JONES DRUG STORE 418 Newnan Street Carrollton, Georgia Carrollton, Georgia SKINNER POULTRY COMPANY, INC. • Phone 1 TE. 2-7071 TE. 2-70 Carrollton, Georgia STANDARD OIL COMPANY Ph. Te 2-6942 W. G. Hamrick, Agent Carrollton, Georgia STUBBS AND HOGG FURNITURE COMPANY " We service everything we sell " Ph. 2205 Bremen, Georgia HAY AUTOMOTIVE PARTS Ph. Te 2-3532 120 Rome Street Carrollton, Georgia ANDERSON ' S FLORIST Carrollton, Georgia THE HOUSEHOLD SHOP Rome Street Carrollton, Georgia OZIER ' S FEED MILL, INC. Bowdon, Georgia TASTEE FREEZ Carrollton, Georgia J. N. WBLSON and COMPANY " The Thrift Store " Dry goods Hardware Villa Rica, Georgia j 1 TERMINAL CAFE 1 Carrollton, Georgia 1 MODERN ARTS STUDIO 1 2nd Floor Roop Bidg. CITY BARBER SHOP Carrollton, Georgia Newnan, Street Carrollton, Georgia PAYTON ' S PURE OIL SERVICE STATION 1211 Maple Street Carrollton, Georgia CARROLL FLORIST Carrollton, Georgia ROOKS TEXACO SERVICE STATION GREEN FRONT Curb Service " Good Food Well Prepared " Carrollton, Georgia DIXIE CLEANERS " Specialist in Quality and Service " 314 Longview Street Carrollton, Georgia ■ ' ■ I V REEDER and McGAUGHEY, INC. " Specialists in Sports " Broad and Walton Streets Atlanta 3, Georgia GEORGIA BROILER SUPPLY Maple Street Carrollton, Georgia MARTIN and HIGHTOWER Funeral Home 120 West Center Street Carrollton, Georgia 1 LITTLE GEM BARBER SHOP Carrollton, Georgia WESTER ' S SHOE STORE Carrollton, Georgia YOUNG ' S DRIVE-IN Carrollton, Georgia YOUNG ' S MEN ' S SHOP Sports Wear ADAM ' S GULF Service Station Carrollton, Georgia Tailor-made Suits Newnan Street Carrollton, Georgia CARROLLTON LAUNDRY AND DRY CLEANERS, INC. " Special One-day Service " Carrollton, Georgia W. W. MAC 5 and 10 Adomson Square Carrollton, Georgia WARREN SEWELL CLOTHING COMPANY Ph. 2391 Bremen, Georgia CARROLL CREAMERY COOPERATIVE Carrollton, Georgia SOUTHWIRE COMPANY Carrollton, Georgia ::=1 _ The Colonel Says: " I ' D EVEN DR. PEPPER 1 GO NORTH BOTTLING COMPANY FOR Of Atlanta SOUTHERN 271 Boulevard, N. E. BREAD " Atlanta 12, Georgia Quality Bread and " Dr. Pepper the Cakes Since 1928 friendly pepper-upper " Southern Bakeries, Atlanta, Georgia C. M. TANNER GORDON FOODS GROCERY COMPANY 1075 Sylvan Road, S. W. Carrollton, Georgia Atlanta, Georgia TRI-COUNTY CLOTHING CO. AND GRADY E. BROWN, JEWELER Villa Rica, Georgia SOUTHEASTERN MOTOR LINES, INC. Carrollton, Georgia DUFFEY ' S SAUSAGE COMPANY Carrollton, Georgia r SIMONTON HARDWARE SERVICE SUPPLY CO. COMPANY Maple Street Crossing Carroilton, Carrollton, Georgia Bremen, and Douglasville, BERRY ' S PHARMACY 1 Georgia Villa Rica, Georgia CARROLLTON HARDWARE COMPANY On The Square ' Carrollton, Georgia BARNES FRErGHT LINES Carrollton, Georgia BURSON FEED AND SEED STORE Rome Street Carrollton, Georgia CARROLL MATTRESS COMPANY ' ' Best Wishes 222 Newnan Road to the Carrollton, Georgia 1 First Senior Class " COLONIAL STORE Douglas and Lomason Co. 26 Adamson Square Carrollton, Georgia Carrollton, Georgia COPELAND ' S SUPER MARKET GRIFFIN -NEW Newnan Road PHARMACY Carrollton, Georgia Carrollton, Georgia TASTY GRILL Carrollton, Georgia H. C. JONES DAIRY J. R. NEWELL Carrollton, Georgia Manufacturing Co., Inc. Carrollton, Georgia ' , ' SMITTY ' S AUTO SERVICE HEATH MOTORS 234-236 Maple Street Carrollton, Georgia , Carrollton, Georgia PALMER ' S BARBER SHOP Carrollton, Georgia i FISHER ' S W. P. BECK HARDWARE STORE " Your Pontiac Dealer " 21 Newnan Street Carrollton, Georgia ,1 ! Carrollton, Georgia GRIFFIN ' S INC. McCARLEY " We Appreciate Your Business " CHEVROLET Carrollton, Georgia Bowdon, Georgia FOLSOM ' S DRESS SHOPPE, INC. Newnan Street McGEE ' S BAKERY Carrollton, Georgia Carrollton, Georgia H. L. REEVES, JEWELER Carrollton, Georgia PASCHAL ' S BARBER SHOP Carrollton, Georgia MORTON ' S BOOK STORE Books — Gifts R. J. HALL 410 Adamson Square CHIROPRACTOR Carrollton, Georgia Carrollton, Georgia J. B. WARREN, INC. Over 20 Years Your HOTEL CARROLLTON G. E. Dealer Carrollton, Georgia Bremen — Carrollton, Georgia J. R. TRAWICK CLINIC AVENUE DRUGS Upholstery South of 223 Austin Ave. Tanner Memorial Hospital Carrollton, Georgia Carrollton, Georgia CARROLL PUBLISHING COMPANY Maryon Hosiery Mill, Inc. Publishers of Times-Free Press " The Best in Craftmanship " and Carroll County Georgian Carrollton, Georgia Carrollton, Georgia - - TIRE SERVICE CO. N. Park at Alabama Street Firestone Tires JITNEY JUNGLE and Recapping Fuller Brothers Carrollton, Georgia " Your Complete Food Center " Carrollton, Georgia ECONOMY AUTO STORE • 302 Newnan Street Carrollton, Georgia i. H. G. NORTON TEXACO SERVICE STATION Carrollton, Georgia PLYWOOD CASE COMPANY MANSOUR ' S Carrollton, Georgia LaGrange ' s Oldest and Most Modern Department Store LaGrange, Georgia ■ l B H MERRELL and COMPANY CARROLLTON 1 H Specializing in " Teen-Togs " FEDERAL SAVINGS ■ 1 Carrollton, Georgia and LOAN ASSOCIATION » ■ ' »A 1 LAY ' S Carrollton, Georgia Potato Chips Fritos — Cornetts and Go-B-Tweens Guorc jnteed Fresh! BIRDSONG STUDIO 108 Rome Street Carrollton, Georgia Te. 2-3053 Photo Supplies, Costume Jewelry Portraits of Distinction. " Quality Instead of Quantity is our policy " THE CHIEFTAIN STAFF MAPLE STREET SHOPPETTE Carrollton, Georgia IT ' S A GOOD TIME FOR BIRELEY S NON-CARBONATED FRUIT DRINKS BIRELErS BOTTLING CO. 544 North Angier Ave., N. E. Murray 8-1161 Atlanta, Georgia A FRIEND ORKIN " Call " Otto " the Orkin man " Te. 2-867-1 249 Croft Street Atlanta, Georgia MOORE ' S JEWELRY STORE Newnan Street Carrollton, Georgia IB Saluting the graduating class SIGnsr OF GOOD TASTE editor ' s epitaph You hold in your hands the largest yearbook ever produced at West Georgia College. In some respects you might say that this book is my tomb- stone and this page is my epitaph. At times I ' ve wondere d if it ' s worth all the seemingly endless frustrations and upheavals; the all night sessions; and the wasted hours in combat with the faculty kibitzers. Needless to say, few will ever know or realize the amount of time, effort and energy expended on this book. Yet without a second thought, I say that every mo- ment was worthwhile. There are several reasons why I so quickly made up my mind. I have met and worked with some people whom I shall never forget. I owe a debt of gratitude to my professors who were so under- standing of my problems on numerous occasions for without their help this book would have been impossible. For the faculty sponsors who spent their week- ends and week days, too, pouring over plans and budget sheets, I have great respect. Their patience and encouragement were inexhaustible. To Mr. McWhorter who had constant patience with our financial troubles and greeted us each day with his cheerful personality, I extend my heartiest thanks. If our feature photographer had not been as kind and efficient in his assistance to us and not spent his nights and early mornings, too, working with me, printing pictures we had made all day, we would never have met our deadline. These many, many pictures and words can ' t possibly begin to serve as a true history or story of life at West Georgia College. We could only attempt in a small way, a kind of suggestion upon which you could build your own thoughts and memories. It is a great school with a great future with great people making it function. Not everyone could serve on the annual staff but those who did, I feel, did a remarkable job. Without their assistance and encouragement you would never be holding this book now. They are the real " editors " of this book. Polly Keith, Den- nis Connally, David Parkman, Pat Thornton, and Elaine Carnes are the ones who could often be found at a cluttered desk or table in the wee hours of the night. To them and their assistants, my hat is off. Words cannot express how deeply I appreciate the opportunity of " editing " this book. I hope that in some way it will mean as much to you as it does to me. Terry Hazelwood editor 19 58 Chieftain " T;« 7 ' ■ " f»r : ■213 hi m ' ' i ' ' K r SPECfAL IRVIME SULLIVAN INGRA I LIBRARY WEST GEORGIA COLLEGE CARROLLTON. GEORGIA ' I I 1 !l ' ! a M 1 1 11 I ' liV 111 II ij ' ' 1 ii ' lH I ' I ' lri ' t ' iii ' ,! ' , i i I ' " ,i!f 1 ft, 1 , M ' ' 1 ' ' ill Lli ' iVli lln iii: § M i!! i nmmm IW ' lH i ' ' ) II ' 1 ' , 1 ' , V ' V 1 I p ' : I ;ll, J l ' II ' ,111 I illl ' liW! ' ! ' l ' ii i ' " I ' MM " 111 ' I ' M II 1 1 mi w 1, 1 t I ( 1, ,11 I iii si? ' iii i !,l I ' ill? km III i i ' ill I. ' ?! II ,1 l| ' 1 I ' ll I ' . , M ' l|l ' l||,ll i V IfiV II II J h Mr (1 I ' I III ill PS IM liiil !( f I ' ll, 1 ' " ' I II f| ' ' l ' ' ' ll ' ' ' IJ I 1 | Ml ' III 1 1 ' III ! ' V 1, ,i| II III ill r ' l ' ' iili11T,ll II 11 , I I ill ' if 1 11 1 ' ' ill " fmm m III ly I ' II 111 ' M H ' lflfl!.,! h ill ;,, 1 ' 111 „ I ' ' ill 111

Suggestions in the University of West Georgia - Chieftain Yearbook (Carrollton, GA) collection:

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