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■ ■ , :rt === ; = =r 1 i | ■■ ' ■ - ■ ■ n u i — j . ■Zt-j rr -- afeH k ' iW " " M!MU«fi x;ittSSMM»L«» ' " .;t- !..!., ;. ■. ' .;.■:. :.■ ' .;„., .L .liiuw ..„.:■ - : qtjtyi--. " - - rr:-- ' ' --■• ? j ■; ■■ ' ■•■ — • niM|l • the annual publicathn ctf WEST GEORGIA COLLEGE CARROLLTON, GEORGIA r x »«■■ ' I " ' «1 -™— i(iG i 6Jkwpmui mm ' oj-- UHoQy T ll, ,4fe l W ... flrttft LlM-lAy lurfs Us ZxdnOi l JUs NELSON HALL THE AUDITORIUM ' — ir- — " — — : — 1 ' " - ' i.i ADMI BU NISTRATION k UILDING .. rJ»i $ ' V ffrlf... £VS €4itor . . . CAROLYN MILNER RuMneAA tflanafe? . SHIRLEY MINTZ THE LIBRARY 1 ' •■ ' ; ' ' •; ' •; : : ADAMSON HALL rjn= „ , „ ... . . , ,. MANDEVILLE HALL RURAL ARTS BUILDING Hi " • u . j -...-,t. mfMli Caught between classes . . . lounging m ..,.. " ,»U ' .. ' ! ' ! )J. ..LiMWtuW ' ' ..■■... ■ ' m- 1. " M ' -.-.W ■ ' MT Xl , " . . ' ■ - ' A — " — " ' t J fattfwZM s m V hot? Freshman Rats " of course nil i ii utmm me tomiuafi This must be a pose — the scraping table ' s clean! j- 1 " ' ii . " . ' . . " ! ■ ■ ' n ' s. ' j.. 1 mi ' s,. 1 . ■ ' ,m ! ! »■ . ' ■! ' ■ M h, ' )■ ' ?■ " : ■ ...J f f.-. ' ■. ' ' . " - ' umuM The library — a place for study and . . . Tuesday morning chapel ■ _■ ■ i i . r.; ■ liiim . . ifoi Aii nr folk gomes con be fun n, i ■■ f i . , M i » .i. .1 . , ,. ,. i- ii i h i y ■ •— — — — : ■ " !■■ ' W.t : ■! " ' • ' ■ ;..- ' . , ' ' ■ ' ' !■ ' ! ■ Z A )weuw4 . . . As we proudly present our 1954 yearbook, we the " Chieftain " staff, sincerely hope that it will serve many purposes: To picture our faculty, students, and activities. To enable newcomers to learn the names of their classmates. To show relatives and friends something of the life at West Georgia College. But most of all, to recall for our graduating sophomores the memories of by-gone years. • • . CehtehU A year of Joy and Happiness on our campus . . . the thrilling new freshness of fall . . . the familiar routine of winter . . . the sweet relief of spring Cherished memories of the people A full year of activity in organizations Exciting events in Athletics and Features 14 ' " ' l It-. ' ff " ■ ' ■ . ' ■■■ J. l ' H ! ,, J F J ■. ' . ' ' I- -. Wf " ' . ' . ' ii .. i i | iium " ■ 8. , We, the 1954 Chieftain staff, dedicate this 20th edition of our annual to one who has been untiring in her efforts to make West Georgia College a wonderful place in which to live and go to school; one who has led us in our religious activities, taught us mathe- matics, and has served as public relations chairman of West Georgia College for several years. Yes, we dedicate this 1954 Chieftain to MISS MARION CRIDER. faedicatfcn 15 My, Joe, what long orms you nave ii,i II p. 1 TIF-HTTW.ll . ' . V. • " ' F ' Uv ' I ' H ' ! ' • ,..,. J$ " ' . ' ) ! ' , ' ' l . T-T memoae4- Me. . . Mr. Wroten ' s Economics Class!! •« Student faculty are -i _ I I. S. INGRAM, ED.D. President One big happy family is the re- lationship of the students and fac- ulty here at West Georgia Col- lege. The absence of our regis- trar. Miss Katie Downs, who at- tended Ohio State University dur- ing the winter quarter, left a very noticeable vacancy for many of the students. As in other years, we have had some additions to the faculty which are: Mrs. Marie Grice, cashier and secretary to the pres- ident; Mr. James Overton, In- structor in Commerce and library assistant; Mr. Richard Howeii, choir director; Miss Dorothy Mc- Nabb, Woman ' s P.E. teacher; and Mr. William Sessions, English teacher. We were very fortunate in hav- ing a number of foreign students with us this year. Chhaya Rudra came to us from India, Boonsom Araworop from Thailand, and Tri- antafyllos Triantafyllou from Greece. IJISTR1TI0I MISS KATIE DOWNS Registrar; Chairman, Department of Education W. H. ROW, ED. D. Dean of Administration; Professor of English 18 r-.-=™. • rr- ' i 1 i ■HBHBOV lf i I w — m Acklen Boroughs Copcland Crider Grice Hazelgrove Howell Johnson 1 -— - " " " Sib,, THE FACULTY S. HORACE ACKLEN Comptroller MRS. MAUDE ABBOTT Hostess, Mandeville Hall C. K. BOROUGHS, M.A. Assistant Professor Social Science MRS. MARY COPELAND Assistant to Registrar Secretary to Dean MARION CRIDER, M.A. Assistant Professor of Mathematics MRS. MARIE GRICE Cashier; Secretary to President LEVEN S. HAZELGROVE, M.S. Assistant Professor Chemistry Director Intercollegiate Athletics RICHARD E. HOWELL, M.M. Assistant Professor of Music COLLUS JOHNSON, M.A. Assistant Professor Education Assistant Director Teacher Education Dean Row samples punch at Homecoming Dance Chhaya and Boonsom discuss the latest novel with Mr. Overton while Jimmy looks on. This is a familiar scene. Miss Katie is working as ever for West Georgia College. MRS. ANN BLACK KINARD, M.S.H.E. Assistant Professor of Home Economics MRS. EDITH LEAKE Dietitian EVERETT McKIBBEN, B.F.A. Assistant Professor of Art DOROTHY McNABB, M.A. Assistant Professor of Women ' s Physical Education JAMES OVERTON, B.C.S. Instructor in Commerce DORA PEETE, M.A. Assistant Professor Commerce QUINTON PRINCE, M.A. Instructor in Education Principal of Sand Hill School i. CARSON PRITCHARD, A.B., B.D. College Chaplain Assistant Professor Social Science MRS. MABEL RADCLIFF Bookkeeper WILLIAM SESSIONS, M.A. Assistant Professor of English MRS. GLADYS SHANNON Acting Dean of Women College Hostess and Hostess of Adamson Hall Supervisor of Housing and Housekeeping MRS. GWENDOLYN STANFORD, M.A. Assistant Professor of Romance Languages WILLIAM E. WARD, M.A. Dean of Men Assistant Professor of Biology Basketball Coach ANNIE BELLE WEAVER, A.B.L.S. Librarian FLOYD H. WIRSING, M.S. Assistant Professor of Physics WILLIAM H. WROTEN, M.A. Assistant Professor of Social Science Kinard Leake McKibben McNabb Overton 20 ■ " F 1 . II i.., I ' JJL_ ' ■! ■■ ' ' . » ' " « ! " " TWPfW«F-« — I - ni i ii " M " W»™— ■!■ •, li i, .11,. i JUlli pilBif iidM|| HHM| THE FACULTY Mrs. Shannon and Miss Peete return from that big fishing trip. Wroten P _ I ■H Here stand our leaders three who have guided us throughout the year, BETTY, H. L, and BARBARA. OFFICERS H. L. McCRIGHT President 5ETTY STUBBS Vice-President BARBARA STUBBS Secretary-Treasurer SOPHOMORE CLASS 22 jssiwwS rTSnra w " m ii-jhi ' . " ' !■! . II I t . til i- — M— -■ DAN J. CHILDERS SHIRLEY ANN COLE BILL COPELAND " Dan " " Shirley " " Bill " Covington, Ga. Grantville, Ga. Bowdon, Ga. SOPHOMORE CLASS As we look back through these two years at West Georgia, we cherish the good times which we have had together. We hope we have proved ourselves to be real campus lead- ers and may our experience be the stepping stones for the Freshman Class. Through the eagerness, enthusiasm, and winning personal- ities of our classmates we have paved the way toward winning higher honors and great rec- ognition for West Georgia College. To you, the graduating class of 1954, we dedicate this section of our annual. Good luck, Sophomores, may you have much success in the future. JAMES RHODES COOK " Jimmy " Griffin, Ga. GLORIA ANN DAVIS " Ann " Grantville, Ga. BOBBIE JEAN DEFOOR " Bobbie " Calhoun, Ga. PATRICIA DICKENS " Irish " Thomaston, Ga. 23 JAMES E. DUFFEY " Duffey " Carrollton, Ga. ZELDA DUKE " Zelda " Franklin, Ga. PHYLLIS JANE DUNCAN " Phyllis " Clem, Ga. WANDA NELL ELGIN " Wanda " Summerville, Ga. JON HUGH EVANS " Jon " Dalton, Ga. ROBERT OLIN FUQUA " Fuqua " Jackson, Ga. DOROTHY GIBSON " Dot " Red Oak, Ga. BOBBY D. GODBEE " Bobby " Carrollton, Ga. These sophomores, Shirley, Barbara, Betty Ann, and Betty can be seen cheering the Braves to victory, be it in football or basketball. SHIRLEY JANE GREGG " lane " Concord, Ga. " What ' s this, Anita driving a jeep? ' . BARBARA JEAN HALL " Barbara " Smyrna, Ga. s p HOMO R E (J L A s s JOE HARDISON " Joe " Smyrna, Ga. NELL ANN HEMMINGER " Nell Ann " Decatur, Ga. ELLIOTT HILL " Elliott " Griffin, Ga. ARLIE M. HITT, JR. " Arlie " Stone Mountain, Ga 25 GERALD HORNE " Jerry " Columbus, Go.. RUSSELL KENT " Russell " Fayetteville, Ga. BETTY ANN JACKSON " Betty Ann " Marietta, Ga. CLAUD E. LANDRAM " Claud " College Park, Ga. JOHN C. JOHNSTON BUDDY JONES " J. C. " " Bud " Alpharetta, Ga. Atlanta, Ga. REBECCA JANE LEE JOAN LEWIS " Rebecca " " Joan " College Park, Ga. Resaca, Ga. Just a shot from the Homecoming Dance — a long to be remembered event at West Ga. mmmmm mmmm Come off it, Mintz — we knov you ' re no " ballet dancer " !! Wednesday night vespers is a quiet, restful, and inspiring service for many students. TOMMYE LEWIS " Tommye " Calhoun, Ga. ™ HENRY LEE McCRIGHT " H. L " Newnan, Ga. s p HOMO JANICE GLENDA MARSHALL " Janice " Franklin, Ga. MARY CAROLYN MILNER " Carolyn " Monticello, Ga. ORE CLASS SHIRLEY LEE MINTZ " Mintz " Rockmart, Ga. ANITA DELL MORRIS " Nita " Atlanta. Ga. 27 . OSCAR W. NORTON " Oscar " Carrollton, Ga. MARY RUTH PULLIUM " Mary Ruth " Decatur, Ga. IRENE LEE PARKER " Irene " Decatur, Ga. JOY PATRICIA PUTNAM " Joy " Curryville, Ga. PAUL PHILLIPS, JR. " Paul " Atlanta, Ga. JERRY G. REEVES " Jerry " Villa Rica, Ga. BILL POTTS " Bill " Avondale, Ga. JAMES PAUL ROWE " Paul " Franklin, Ga. Our " Exchange Students, " Gloria, Barbara and Carolyn, strike up a mighty snappy pose. ! ; PATSY RUTH SHERWOOD " Patsy " Oxford, Ga. ROBERT DARNELL SINYARD " Bob " Lithia Springs, Ga. Memories of the Sopho- more ' s production, " You Can ' t Take It With You " SOPHOMORE CLASS PHYLLIS DAWN SPEIR " Phyllis " Thomasville, Ga. BARBARA NELL STUBBS " Barbara " Atlanta, Ga. BETTY ANNE STUBBS " Betty " Atlanta, Ga. DARLENE RUTH VAUGHN " Darlene " Atlanta, Ga. 1 " ,;_ ' 11 ' " - ' iZjT ELDRIDGE V. VAUGHN " John " College Park, Ga. PAULA WHATLEY " Paula " Zebulon, Ga. c ROBERT WALKER " Bob " Bremen, Ga. Bradley, Billy Camp, Asa Carroll, Jimmy Carroll, Johnny Cook, Jeanette Crowder, Al Donovits, Bill Harris, Marion Harrison, Melvin ELAINE WALLACE " Elaine " Rome, Ga. TINTYPE SHUNNERS Harwell, Bobby Helton, Buddy Holcombe, Harold Holland, Emory Hudson, Gene Ingram, Jack Johnson, Horry Payne, Bobby Rogers, Thomas RAY WEAVER " Ray " Madras, Ga. Spotts, Dave Stallings, Elton Teal, Eddie Tisinger, Hugh Warren, Wyley Waters, Virginia Watson, Harold Wheeler, Houston Womack, Bobby There they sit like birds in a wilderness — under the Christmas tree. Mo ' j Who Till: S (IP II II M II I! I CLASS ' BRADLEY, BILLY 477 C iestnut S(., Carrollton, Ga. ' CARROLL, JIMMY 50 Tanner St., Carrollton, Ga. Veterans Club, Spanish Club. Ambition: To see Charlie Griffin get drafted. CARROLL, JOHNNY Route 4, Rome, Ga. Football (2 years), W Club (2 years). Ambition: Sheila Black and June 6. CHILDERS, DAN 825 Wheat St., Covington, Ga. A. P.O. President; Aycock Hall Secretary (2 years); Circle K, Vice President (2 years); Student Council (2 years); postmaster (2 years); West Georgia, Dramatics. Ambition: To become a REAL postmaster. COLE, SHIRLEY Grantville, Ga. Sweetheart Court (52-53); Cheerleader (Co-Captain); Tennis Manager (2 years); W.A.A. Ambition: To pull the fire alarm in Adamson. COOK, JIMMY 730 Experiment St., Griffin, Ga. Spanish Club, Pres.; West Georgian, Associate Editor (2 years); Chieftain, Club Editor; Choir (2 years); Ay- cock Hail Proctor; Student Council; Dramatics. Am- bition: To come back to West Georgia and take Mr. Sessions ' place. COOK, JEANETTE Route B, Griffin, Ga. Debate Club Officer; W.A.A. Dining Hall Staff (2 years). Ambition: To stick to my major this time. ' COPELAND, BILL Bowdon, Ga. West Georgian; Circle K; Dramatics. Ambition: To set up my dental office in Bowdon and pull Sue Moon ' s teeth. CROWDER, AL Route C, Griffin, Ga. Aycock House Council; Student Council. Ambition: To own a pink Cadillac convertible. DAVIS, ANN Grantville, Ga. West Georgian; F.T.A. Ambition: To be a success- ful first grade teacher. DICKENS, TRISH West Lee St., Thomaston, Ga. Choir; Homecoming Court; F.B.L.A.; W.A.A. Presi- dent; V.R.A. Council; West Georgian (Typist); Student Helper; Superlative May Queen. Ambition: To leave West Georgia and marry Joe. DONOVITS, BILL Route 3, Summerville, Ga. Ambition: To get into the Last Chance Club. DUFFEY, JAMES Route 2, Bowdon, Ga. Circle K (Secretary-Treasurer); Veterans Club (Secre- tary); West Georgian; F.B.L.A.; Sweetheart Court Superlative. Ambition: To marry Irene and raise ten little Irenes. DUKE, ZELDA Route 2, Franklin, Ga. V.R.A. Council; F.B.L.A.; West Georgian; Library Staff. Ambition: To be a successful secretary and a good wife to Dewey. DUNCAN, PHYLLIS Route 1, Clem, Ga. Spanish Club; Choir. Ambition: To be a famous writer. ELGIN, WANDA Summers Me, Ga. Alpha Psi; F.T.A. (Historian); Choir; West Georgian (Typist); V.R.A. Council; Mandeville House Council; Student Council; May Court. Ambition: To roll tin cans down the steps of Mandeville at 2 a.m. in the morning. EVANS, JON 607 Woodland Dr., Dalton, Ga. Ambition: To go into the taxi-cab business with my car. FUQUA, OLIN Route 2, Jackson, Ga. Dramatics; Aycock Hall vice president; C52- ' 53); Stu- dent Council. Ambition: To be a pharmacist. GIBSON, DOT Route 3, College Park, Ga. Choir; W.A.A.; Archery Manager; May Court. Ambi- tion: To get one letter in the mail before I leave West Georgia. ' GODBEE, BOBBY 720 Alabama St., Carrollton, Ga. Choir; Male Quartet; V.R.A. Council. Ambition: To be a choir director. GREGG, JANE Concord, Ga. W.A.A.; F.B.L.A.; V.R.A.; West Georgian (Typist); Sweetheart Court; May Court. Ambition: To finish school and marry Jack. HALL, BARBARA 547 Lee St., Smyrna, Ga. F.T.A.; Chieftain, Women ' s Sports Editor and Typist; W.A.A. (Executive Board, Publicity Chairman, Bad- minton Manager); V.R.A. Council; Dramatics; West Georgian, Women ' s Sports Editor. Ambition: To some- day go back to California and follow in the footsteps of " Teacher " McNabb. HARDISON, JOE Route I, Smyrna, Ga. Choir; Spanish Club; Physics lab assisstant. Ambition: To tell jokes better than Mr. Wirsing does. ' HARRIS, MARION 207 Maple St., Carrollton, Ga. Ambition: To always improve in my knowledge. ' HARRiSON, MELVIN Box 341, Bremen, Ga. ' HARWELL, BOBBY Route 4, Carrollton, Ga. Ambition: Live to love, love to live. Amen. HELTON, BUDDY Adairsville, Ga. Ambition: To keep my beautiful complexion. HEMMINGER, NELL ANN .... 675 S. Candler Rd., S.W., Decatur, Ga. Adamson Hall, President; V.R.A. Vice President; W.A.A., Secretary; Student Council; Homecoming Queen; May Court Superlative; Miss West beor- gia. Ambition: To burn up the scraping room in tne dining hall. 31 : ' • " ,J1U ' - Wko ' i Who . . . HILL, ELLIOTT 529 N. 8th St., Griffin, Ga. Debate Club; Spanish Club; Chieftain (Photographer); West Georgian (Photographer); Dining Hall Staff. Am- bition: To be a magazine reporter and photographer. LANDRUM, CLAUD Route 2, Carrollton, Ga. 4-H; A. P.O.; Dining Hall Staff; Tennis; Dramatics. Ambition: To be an expert mechanic for the Silver Bullet. 3 HITT, ARLIE Box 265, Stone Mountain, Ga. Basketball; Veterans Club. Ambition: To woo Nell Ann. ' HOLCOMBE, HAROLD Box 394, Buchanan, Ga. Ambition: To quit getting injured in football. HOLLAND, EMORY Route , Temple, Ga. Veterans Club; Circle K; Aycock Hall, Proctor; Dra- matics. Ambition: To be a doctor and benefit man- kind. HORNE, JERRY .... 1228 Briarwood Ave., Columbus, Ga. Circle K; W Club; Basketball Manager. Ambition: To graduale. HUDSON, GENE Main St., Canton, Ga. Student Government, Vice President; Circle K; W Club; Dramatics; Basketball; Superlative. Ambition: No am- bition except to marry Wanda. INGRAM, " BIRD " Ill Stewart Ave., Marietta, Ga. Basketball (2 years); Baseball (2 years); Circle K; Ay- cock House Council; Student Council; King of Hearts Superlative. Ambition: To live in the wilderness with Becky. JACKSON, BETTY ANN . . 307 Park View Ave., Marietta, Ga. V.R.A. Council; Mandeville, Treasurer; F.B.L.A., Pres- ident; W.A.A., Vice President (52-53); Honor Fresh- man; Cheerleader; Student Council; May Court; West Georgian, Typist; W.A.A. Softball Manager. Ambition: To find more men. JOHNSON, HORRY Route 4, Carrollton, Ga. Ambition: To learn to do " Put Your Little Foot " in May Day Class. JOHNSTON, J. C Route 3, Alpharetta, Ga. Aycock Hall, President; (53-54) Basketball (Captain, 52-53); Circle K (2 years); V.R.A. Council: 4-H, Vice President; Chieftain (Sports Editor 52-53); Student Council; (53-54) W Club; Science Club; Postoffice Worker; Superlative. Ambition: To finish my college education and become the husband of a former Miss West Georgia (52-53). JONES, BUD 20 Collier Rd., Atlanta, Ga. Football; Tennis; F.T.A.; W Club; Chieftain; Debate Club (Sergeant-at-arms); West Georgian (Men ' s Sports Editor). Ambition: To be a wandering bop musician. KENT, RUSSELL Route 1, Fayetteville, Ga. French Club; West Georgian; Dining Hall Staff (Assis- tant Dietitian); Dramatics; V.R.A. Council. Ambition: To be a Sociologist. LEE, REBECCA Route , Cortege Park, Ga. F.T.A.; Choir; W.A.A. ; Sweetheart Court (52-53); Freshman Class, Secretary-Treasurer; West Georgian, Editor (53-54); Dining Hall Staff; Honor Freshman; V.R.A. Council; Superlative, May Court (53-54). Am- bition: To be a friend to others and to always make a certain someone happy. LEWIS, TOMMYE 576 N. Wall St., Calhoun, Ga. V.R.A., Secretary-Treasurer; V.R.A. Council; F.B.L.A., Treasurer; Student Council (2 years); Mandeville, Vice President (52-53); Mandeville, Secretary (53-54); Choir, President; West Georgian; Chieftain, Class Edi- tor; Homecoming Court; May Court. Ambition: To have a successful life with many friends. McCRIGHT, H. L I3Vi Carmichael St., Newnan, Ga. Sophomore Class, President; V.R.A. Council; Student Council; W Club; Circle K; Basketball; Tennis; Super- lative. Ambition: To always have what I have now. MILNER, CAROLYN Box 206, Monticello, Ga. Chieftain, Business Manager and Editor; 4-H, Secre- tary and President; V.R.A. Council; West Georgian, Advertising Manager; Alpha Psi; Dining Hall Staff; W.A.A.; Hockey Manager (2 years); Superlative, May Court (Maid of Honor). Ambition: To always smile and have the whole world smile back. MARSHALL, JANICE Route 3, Franklin, Ga. Choir, Alpha Psi; Debate Club; V.R.A. Council. Am- bition: To be an interior decorator. MINTZ, SHIRLEY . . . . 415 N. Marble St., Rockmart, Ga. Choir; W.A.A.; V.R.A. Council; F.T.A.; Student Coun- cil; Adamson Hall Proctor; Assistant to the Choir Director; West Georgian, Circulation Manager; Chief- tain, Business Manager; Accompanist for Choir; Choir, Vice President; Dramatics; May Court. Ambition: To make a recording of " Make Believe " with Howard Keel. MORRIS, ANITA . . .703 Courfenoy Dr., N.E., Atlanta, Ga. F.B.L.A.; Homecoming Court; May Court. Ambition: To sleep upstairs one time without getting caught. NORTON, OSCAR Austin Circle, Carrollton, Ga. Ambition: To live my life that it may be an inspira- tion to all who know me. PARKER, IRENE 4337 Rainbow Dr., Decatur, Ga. Alpha Psi, Treasurer; V.R.A. Council; Adamson House Council, Treasurer; Student Council; Postoffice Worker; (53-54) Sweetheart Court, May Court. Ambition: To marry Duffey and raise ten little Duffeys. PAYNE, BOBBY 300 Carrollton St., Bremen, Ga. Chemistry Lab Assistant. Ambition: To take Mr. Ha- zelgrove ' s place and blow up W.G.C. 32 Who Who . . . • •.•:■■•■•■;■.. PHILLIPS, PAUL 1029 Tidden Ave., Atlanta, Ga. Football (52-53); Baseball (52-53); W Club; Basket- ball (52-53). Ambition: To be another Christy Mat- thewson in baseball. POTTS, BILL 500 Columbia Dr., Decatur, Ga. Football (2 years); W Club. Ambition: To go to Geor- gia to take care of my " Baby. " PULLIAM, MARY RUTH . . 7886 Clairmont Rd., Decatur, Ga. West Georgian, Feature Editor and Columnist; V.R.A. Council; Freshman Class Vice President; Homecoming Court; Dramatics; Superlative, May Court. Ambition: To do away with chapel slips and class cuts. PUTNAM, JOY Curryville, Ga. V.R.A. President; V.R.A. Council; F.T.A. President; Mandeville House Council, President; Student Council; Chieftain; West Georgian; W.A.A.; Choir; Alpha Psi; Homecoming Court; May Court Superlative; State Treasurer G.H.E.A.; Honor Freshman; First Vice Presi- dent of State F.T.A. Ambition: To always wear a smile. REEVES, JERRY Route 5, Carrollton, Ga. Choir; Male Quartet; V.R.A. Council. Ambition: To be able to play the piano. ROGERS, THOMAS H Route 5, Thomasville, Ga. Ambition: To be a good citizen. l.i ROWE, PAUL Route 2, Franklin, Ga. Male Quartet; Choir; V.R.A. Council; Melson House Council; Student Council. Ambition: To preach Christ to all the world. SHERWOOD, PATSY fmory St., Oxford, Ga. Alpha Psi; W.A.A., Recorder; Choir; Homecoming Court, Maid of Honor; Dramatics; Superlative, May Court. Ambition: To marry Charlie. SINYARD, BOB Box 73, Lithia Springs, Ga. Circle K; French Club; Veterans Club; Student Coun- cil; Aycock House Council, Proctor and Treasurer; Honor Freshman, Marshal; Superlative; Tennis. Am- bition: To stand before a Social Science Class and say, " we gotta make progress, young people. " SPEIR, PHYLLIS . . . . 634 Glenwood Dr., Thomasville, Ga. French Club; W.A.A. Ambition: To buy a car and see the world. SPOTTS, DAVE 3823 Lake Forest Dr., Atlanta, Go. Veterans Club. Ambition: To pass chemistry. STALLINGS, ELTON ... 77 Harmon Ave., Carrollton, Ga. F.T.A. Ambition: To be a famous actor in " The Curious Savage. " STUBBS, BARBARA . . 2468 Clifton Church Rd., Atlanta, Ga. V.R.A. Council; Cheerleader; Adamson House Council, Secretray; Student Council; F.T.A., Secretary; Secre- tary-Treasurer of Sophomore Class; W.A.A.; Basketball Manager; West Georgian; Postoffice Staff; Sweetheart Court, May Court. Ambition: To be a good friend of everyone. STUBBS, BETTY . . . 2468 Clifton Church Rd., Atlanta, Ga. V.R.A. Council; F.T.A., Vice President; W.A.A.; Cheer- leader; Vice President of Sophomore Class; West Geor- gian; Superlative, May Court; Ambition: To try to make others happy by being friendly. TEAL, EDDIE 65 4th St., E. Griffin, Ga. Football; W Club. Ambition: To someday be a real " Daddy " Teal. TISINGER, HUGH Route 2, Carrollton, Ga. VAUGHAN, DARLENE . . 556 Second Ave., S.E., Decatur, Ga. V.R.A. Council; F.B.L.A. Ambition: To marry Jimmy, someday. . . VAUGHN, JOHN . . . 7200 N. Adams St., College Park, Ga. Football (Co-Captain); Basketball; Baseball; Student Council, President; President Freshman Class; Circle K, President; F.T.A.; Choir; Dining Hall Staff; V.R.A. Council; Superlative, Mr. West Georgia. Ambition: To take Dr. Ingram ' s place as President of this Institution of Higher Learning. WALLACE, ELAINE 376 Pine St., Rome, Ga. Choir; Cheerleader, Co-Captain; May Court. Ambition: To come back and make life miserable for incoming freshmen. WALKER, ROBERT 730 Atlantic St., Bremen, Ga. Student Council; Day Student Representative; Veterans Club. Ambition: To pass a class under Mr. Wroten. WARREN, WYLEY 67 7 Buchanan St., Bremen, Ga. Alpha Psi, Secretary. Ambition: To marry Woodson. WATERS, VIRGINIA Buchanan, Ga. F.T.A.. Ambition: To be the best teacher W.G.C. has produced. WATSON, HAROLD .... 73 Co ege St., Carrollton, Ga. Debate Club; Veterans Club. Ambition: To remain at West Georgia and debate for the next five years. WEAVER, RAY Madras, Ga. Football; Baseball; W Club; Aycock House Council- Student Council; Superlative. Ambition: To keep on smiling, come what may. WHATLEY, PAULA Zebulon, Ga. Alpha Psi, President; 4-H Club; Chieftain; V.R.A. Council. Ambition: To " make up my mind " . . . ' WHEELER, HOSTON Bremen, Ga. WOMACK, BOBBY Route 4, Cartersville, Ga. Ambition: To quit having nightmares and falling off the bed. Day Student 33 wmmmt ' (h c 1 fid 1 1 ( 1 (U UU 1- ■ OFFICERS COY SHORT, President, LARRY BOGGS, V ' ce President, and MARION SMITH, Secretary, all prove what an excellent freshman class we have this year. BETTY TUGGLE, Treasurer, could not be present for this picture. AIR RAID, RAT COURT! These and many other words were very disgusting during cur first few weeks at W.G.C. But as time has passed we, as freshmen, have come to realize the value of Rat Week. We are proud that we have been able to take these and other hard- ships on the chin, and not let it dim our eager- ness to advance. We feel that we are now worthy to take over the offices and duties of our graduating sophomores, and carry out them to the best of our ability. FRESHMAN CLASS 34 w. ,mimm mmmmmmmmmmm Myra Abney LaFayette Larry Boggs Villa Rica ara Castleman College Park Mary Ann Aikens Rockmart Emory Bowen Covington David Chamblee A4en o Elizabeth Anthony LaGrange Charlotte Bowman Buford Clayton Chance Carrollton Ford Bailey Carrollton Catherine Brock Bremen Jack Chilton Atlanta Jeanette Barker Bowdon Nancy Butler Bowdon Lamar Cole Dalton Lyndy Beers Newnan Ann Cadenhead LaGrange Robert Collins Calhoun Sam Black Decatur Jack Carroll Lindale Betty Cook Felton FRESHMAN CLASS therine Copper Cohutta Martha Corry Greensboro F.i ' z Couch Atlanta Donald Cox Summerville Franklin Cox West Point E ' liot Cramer Summerville Eleanor Crawford Lyerly Ssr f A -t -- ' - " " Jo Ann Crawford Appling Norma Dodd Rome Charles Gomel Dallas Jean Davis Sargent Henry Easterwood Villa Rica Jimmy Garrett Carrollton Peggy Day Covington Jacquelyn Edgeworth Whitesburgh Pinson Garrett Greenville Marsue Dean Carrollton Jimmy Edwards Fayetteville Sara Gates LaGrange Gene Dempsey Atlanta Mrs. Winifred English Bovvdon Elsie Gibson Red Oak Mac Dorris Douglasville Mary Louise Flanagan Summerville Harold Griffin LaGrange FRESHMAN CLASS Anderline Hardin Atlanta Robert Harris College Park Martha Hart Chipley Margaret Heatley Ann Hemphill Chatsworth Bremen lane Hixon Temple " ; 0t8)t SHM J fc J 36 " 2jjr ibi tifrutf Brose Hudson i.ovoi7 n harlotte Jordan Lafayette Ray Knight Atlanta Juanita Jackson Franklin Pat Kelley Kennesaw Barbara Lanthier Winder L °° k ° f the bi ' e-T yping Cl£ " Rats ' M - ih irley Lee Red Oak Charlotte Letson Winder Gloria Lewis Monticello Sara Lovvorn Bowdon Bill McArthur Rocky Face Rachel McConnell Elaine McWhorter Comer Franklin 37 rtha Jane Mapp Carrollton Ed Marschalk Augusta Glenn Masters Rocky Face Harold Miles Carrollton Kell Mitchell, Jr. Martin Marilyn Mobley Lafayette Varnell Moore Lindale Cuye Morrison LaFayette Becky Nolan Smyrna Dean Ogle Douglasville Joe Parris Rome Melba Patterson Waco Phyllis Phillips Villa Rica Mary Plunkett Unadilla Marlene Pope Tallapoosa Jo Potts Ringgold Dorothy Powers Calhoun Robert Rea Lafayette CLASS Jane Shoffeitt Bowdon -» S " Ploy e ' Martha " Marion Smith Carrollton Joe Stallings LaGrange Charles Stewart Summerville W. J. Snow Bowdon Helen Stanford Carrollton Grant Strickland Chipley Ramona Teal Carrollton Martha Terry Armuchee Harold Thomas Doraville Betty Tuggle Elizabeth Underwood Stone Mountain Atlanta " A Herman Walker Roooville Nina Ward Kinggold 39 James L. White Douglasyille Eugene Woodruff Hogansyille Rebo Whitley Winder J. B. Woody Tallapoosa Rebecca Williams Trion Linda Wynn Villa Rica Spencer Willis Rome Taylor Wynne Griffin Elise Wilson Union Point Shirley Yates Bowdon TINTYPE SHUNNERS Ray F. Abercrombie Jimmy Ackerman Lowell D. Anderson Paul Bailey William W. Barlow Ronald Bennett Harold Blakenship Emris E. Brand Eric J. Brown Daniel Bryant Charles Burnette Asa B. Camp Ivy Carroll Richard Carter Wendel Cofer Robert Cofield Charles Cole Kenneth S. Cole Wallace L. Davis James Ellis John S. Eskridge Max Gamel Don Goodermote Paul Harbin Charlie Will Harris Emitt Harrison Marguerite Heath Calvin Hindman Scott Hood Charles Houseworth FRESHMAN CLASS Aren ' t you supposed to be selling ads for the annual? ' , BM The hungry gang headed for the chow line. 40 V-l This is in memory of James B. Bowman, Jimmy was a true friend and buddy to all of us here at West Georgia College. The death of our pal grieves us deeply. tflewriam A- J,- i .;ji»hhj « " Bet Russell Kent is jealous! ■111111 tf - : l iM V fc v: Where ya goin ' , girls? Ofi t £ecw ( . . . Coy, Penny and Ray enjoy another " Big Orange. " Let ' s square dance, folks! Sharing that sugar report? Why not take Peggy a cup of punch too, John? ' ■-W.W.A I OFFICERS BETTY HENDERSON, President, DORIS McKIBBEN, Vice President, and HAROLD HERRIN, Secretary and Treasurer, dis- cuss plans for Sand Hill. Yes, they too were green little freshmen a few years ago. But they survived rat week and two whole years of work and play and returned for their third year. They are an outstanding group of students, receiving a three year certificate for elementary teaching. As you, Juniors, finish your training, West Georgia challenges you to make your experience here your stepping stones to the success you so well deserve. JUNIOR CLASS 44 STUDENT TEACHERS AT SAND HILL Left to Right: Betty Hender- son, LaRuth Bennett, Weni- fred Petterson, Joan Skin- ner, Virginia Waters, Dick Hill, Harold Herrin, James Deese, Doris McKibben, Iris Smith, Mr. Quinton Prince. JUNIOR CLASS MARY LA RUTH BENNETT Carrollton, Ga. Day Student, F.B.L.A. 1, 2; V.R.A. Council 1; Homecoming Court, Maid of Honor ' 52, May Court ' 52; FT. A. BETTY HENDERSON Carrollton, Ga. V.R.A. Council 1, 2, 3; F.T.A. 1, 2; Day Student; Choir 1, 2; Pres. Jr. Class. MARY ANN KING V.R.A. Council; F.T.A. 1, 2, 3; West Georgian Staff. DORIS McKIBBEN Vice Pres. Jr. Class; V.R.A. Council; F.T.A. 1, 2, 3; Gordon Watson Award. CHHAYA RUDRA DARYAGUNJ Delhi, India V.R.A. Council. KATHLEEN JOAN SKINNER Tallapoosa, Ga. 45 It ' s time to serve When do we eat? A yeojtof ac Wvfcu VVL Godbee leads nging -J Wednesday " ' 9 vesp ■■L-_ " : Our exchange student, Chhaya Rudra, has some avid listeners in Bud Jones, Barbara Hall and Marsue Dean as they interview her. Editor Rebecca Lee and her assistants, Marion Smith and Jimmy Cook, are shown looking over the results of the first issue of the West Georgian this year. The behind-the-scene workers are the reporters, Ann Caden- head, J. L. White, Ray Knight, Jack Chilton, Russell Kent, Lyndy Beers, Clayton Chance, Sara Castleman and Zelda Duke. Mr. Sessions gives some helpful advice to fashion editor, Joy Owen; Columnist, Mary Ruth Pulliam; Exchange Editor, Bar- bara Lanthier; and reporter, Libby Anthony. §§ Am who l «S JEST: us JllRSELF WTHE ■RVfCE OF OWBp • m n Cadenhead and Jimmy Edwards take a lesson from Re- :ca as they start to prepare their copy for the next issue. WEST GEORGIA! The West Georgian is rated among the best junior college newspapers in the South. It has received rec- ognition on several occasions from the Associated Col- legiate Press. The paper stresses student expression, student solution to problems, and campus relations. Work on a newspaper such as the West Georgian gives students an opportunity to express themselves in writing and editing as a form of journalistic experi- ence. The paper for this school year was under the faculty guidance of Mr. William Sessions. Rebecca Lee served as editor for the ' 53- ' 54 school year. Associate editors were Marion Smith and Jimmy Cook; Jimmy Edwards served as associate the last two quarters to replace Jimmy Cook, who transferred from W.G.C. Circulation manager Shirley Mintz and business managers James Duffey and Larry Boggs get together with staff photog- rapher Elliott Hill for a gab test. The sports staffs and typists pool their talents together to form one of the best college papers in this region. They are: seated, A. Davis and Barbara Stubbs; standing, Betty Stubbs, B. Hall, J. Edwards, C. Short, B. Jones and F. Bailey. 49 Chieftain editor Carolyn Milner and her assistants, Nina Ward and Marion Smith, take a moment ' s rest from their task of planning the Chieftain to face the photographer. C H I E F T A I K Business staff members Peggy Day, Martha Terry, Charlotte Rogers and Emory Bowen help business manager Shirley Mintz plan the ad pages. The Soda Shop buys an advertisement from business Ray Knight, Charlotte Rogers, Emory Bowen and Gloria Dear Student Body: Each year since the beginning of West Georgia College, twenty years ago, we have had the annual publication of the " Chieftain. " For a number of years it has been awarded an honor rating by the Associated Collegiate Press, and of course, our ambition this year is to live up to these honors. We have worked hard, but we could not have reached our goal without the cooperation of every member of the student body and fac- ulty. It was not easy, but we sincerely hope you will join us in saying, " It was well worth the trouble. " The Staff Top Right: Bud Jones, Coy Short, Barbara Hall and J. C. Johnston give the sports section a critical going over. Center: The Chieftain camera bugs Elliott Hill and Lamar Cole show their hobby to typist Barbara Hall. Lower Right: The Club and Class editors consist of Marsue Dean, Paula Whatley, Tommye Lewis, Gloria Lewis, Elise Wil- son, Nancy Denton and Barbara Lanthier. Below: These three Chieftain members are responsible for the art work. They are Norman Ivy, Reba Whitley and Becky Nolan. President JOHN VAUGHN and Vice President GENE HUDSON leave Council meeting. The West Georgia Student Gov- ernment has been outstanding in the leading and sponsoring of stu- dent activities on campus. The Stu- dent Council is composed of class officers, members of dormitory councils, and representatives from the day students. Under the guidance of Mr. Floyd Wirsing, the council has sponsored the Homecoming Dance and activi- ties, the Sweetheart Dance, and ar- ranged for recreation on Saturday nights. They have tried to improve the meals and general living condi- tions at West Georgia. The Student Government has proved itself a government of the students, by the students, and for the students. S T U D E i T GOVERNMENT Left to Right, First Row: R. Walker, C. Chance, J. Stallings, D. Childers, J. Chapman, L. Boggs. Second Row: B. Jackson, S. Moon, N. Ward, J. Vaughn, J. Morgan, G. Hudson, I. Parker, N. Hemminger. Third Row: W. Elgin, M. Abney, J. Putnam, R. Sinyard, B. Stubbs, S. Mintz, M. Dean. Fcurth Row: Mr. Wirsing, H. L. McWright, E. Holland, J. Ingram, C. Essex, H. Herrin. 52 Left to Right, First Row: Ramona Teal, Helen Stanford, Katherine Brock, Jeannerre Barker, Phyllis Duncan, Virginia Waters, La Ruth Ben- nett, Martha Jane Mapp. Second Row: Emery Flinn, Marguerite Heath, Melba Patterson, Sue Moon, Billy Copeland, Winifred English, Ford Bailev, Robert Marlow. Third Row: Richard Carter, Herman Walker, Oliver Hardigree, Jimmy Garrett, W. J. Snow, Harry Edison. Fourth Row: Harold Herrin, Bobby Godbee, Bobby Harwell, Horrv Johnson, Ray Kent, Wade Turner. Fifth Row: Dick Hill, Charles Reid, Kenneth Smallwood, Don Leachman Kenneth Cole, Hugh Wallace, Larry Boqgs, Charles Housworth. Sixth Row: Verlyn Crawford, Jerry Reeves, Lowell Boyd, J. Eric Brown, Emris Brand, J. L. White. DAY STUDENTS This year the day students make up one-third of the stu- dent body. Although not usual- ly on the campus at night, they are on hand for classes and many extra-curricular activi- ties. They are a very important element at West Georgia. Day Student Representatives to Student Council are: left to right, Harold Herrin, Marsue Dean, Robert Walker, Sue Moon, Larry Boggs, Clayton Chance, James Chapman. 53 IRENE PARKER, Treasurer of Aloha Psi; MRS. KINARD, spon- sor; PAULA WHATLEY, President; MARLENE POPE, Vice President, pack a box to send to an orphanage in India. These girls seem to be enjoying an informal chat in the Home Economics living room. Seated on the floor, left to right: Irene Parker, Jo Anne Crawford, Carolyn Milner. Seated on the couch: Marlenc Pope, Janis Marshall, Joy Putnam, Paula Whatley. ALPHA PSI Alpha Psi is affiliated with the state and national Home Economics Clubs. The mem- berships consist of young women interested in homemaking. Programs are given semi- monthly concerning personal grooming, clothing and clothing design, future materials for the home, foods and cookery. The club sponsors an annual dance, the May Day festival, projects of foreign aid, and acts as host for various other occasions. Getting ready for a feast, girls? Left to right: Juanita Jack- son, Elise Wilson, Patsy Sherwood, and Wanda Elgin. Mrs. Kinard, Elise, and Carolyn are busily making a cornice- board while Paula, Marlenc, and Irene look on. The F.T.A. officers, MARY RUTH PULLIAM, Treasurer; WANDA ELGIN, Historian; JOY PUTNAM, President; BARBARA STUBBS, Secretary; BETTY STUBBS, Vice President, are shown as they leave a regular meeting of F.T.A. Back Row, Left to Right: Elaine McWhorter, Phyllis Phillips, Joy Owens, Betty Stubbs, Barbara Stubbs, Sue Moon. Standing: Joy Putnam. Seated, Front Row: Wanda Elgin, Peggy Day, Pat Kelly, Miss Katie Downs, Mary Ruth Pulliam, Barbara Hall. F.T.A The Tieje-Downs Chapter of Future Teachers of America is composed of the students majoring in any field of education. Its two aims are to interest students in teaching as a career, and to give them the experience of working together. Its main purp ose is to provide information that will benefit future teachers. Members of the chapter assist the faculty dur- ing freshman orientation week and present a chapel program during American Education Week. Each year delegates are sent to the state meetings. This year the president of the chapter served as Vice-President of the Georgia F.T.A., after being elected at the state meeting in 1953. The F.T.A. is affiliated with the Georgia Edu- cation Association and the National Association of Education. Left to Right: Jeannette Barker, Nancy Shipp, Ann Hemphill, Rebecca Lee. Left to Right: Shirley Mintz, Martha Corry, Beth Howard, Ann Davis. 55 mm F . B . L . A . Future Business Leaders of America, com- posed of students taking commercial courses, offers these students an organiza- tion devoted to helping them in their chosen profession. One of the club ' s projects is to complete a cookbook for families in the Sand Hill community. Open House was also held for F.B.L.A. members of Carrollton High. The members of the club gain experi- ence in office practice by working as sec- retaries for various faculty members. Upper Left: Patricia Dickens, Jane Gregg, Darlene Vaughan. Center: Tommye Lewis, Betty Ann Jackson, Varnell Moore, Nell Ann Hemminger. Lower Left: Marilyn Mobley, Jo Potts, Charlotte Jordan, Ramona Teal, Barbara Rainey. Below: James Duffey, Zelda Duke, Nina Ward. Officers NELL ANN HEMMINGER, Vice President, TOMMYE LEWIS, Secretary, and JOY PUTNAM, President, devote much time to olanning and leading the members in the work of the V.R.A. A vesper service is held each Wednesday night with speakers from all denominations. V.R.A. One of the most important organizations on the campus is the Voluntary Religious Associa- tion, which is a non-denominational organization open to all college students interested in enrich- ing the Christian atmosphere in their own lives and on the campus. A council to guide its ac- tivities is composed of students who wish to give their time for the furtherance of these activities. One of the highlights of the year is the Re- ligious Emphasis Week sponsored by the V.R.A. during fall quarter. This year the speaker was the Rev. S. Wilkes Dendy of Dalton, Georgia. The theme chosen was " You Can Follow In His Steps. " Mr. Dendy stressed the fact that you do not have to be a minister or missionary to serve Christ. The main activity of the council is a vesper service held each Wednesday night. It also spon- sors the Freshman Reception, and this year it helped a needy family at Christmas. The V.R.A. Council is composed of freshman and sophomore boys and girls who volunteer their services to religious activities on the campus. Installation of V.R.A. Council is an inspiring service including both freshman and sophomores held at the beginning of each year. f DEBATE CLUB VETERAN ' S CLUB The Debate Club with Mr. Burroughs as fac- ulty sponsor is for stu- dents who are interest- ed in debating issues of local as well as nation- al interest. This club has a very good record and makes trips to many colleges in the South for inter- collegiate debates. The high point of the sea- son is the annual West Georgia Intercollegiate Debate Tournament, held at West Georgia College. Left to Right: Harold Watson, Jeannette Morgan, Jeannette Cook, Ford Bailey, Buddy Jones, Joy Putnam, Elliott Hill, Cath- erine Cooper, Janice Marshall, Mr. Burroughs, Advisor, Kell Mitchell. The Veteran ' s Club is a very active organiza- tion on the campus be- cause of the increased number of veterans on the campus. The club promotes campus improvements and keeps veterans up- to-date on topics of special interest to them. Front Row, Left to Right: James Parrish, Leslie Mount, James Brown, James Duffey, Jack Chil- ton, David Spotts, Ed Walker, Emory Bowen. Second Row: Kenneth Cole, Don Goodermote, Charles Essex, Scott Hood, Charles Reid, Malcolm Boggs, Harold Herrin, Lowell Ander- son, Arlie Hitt, James Chap- man, Robert Sinyard, Rob-erf Walker, Emory Holland. INSERTS: Robert Sinyard, President; James Duffey, Secretary; Em- ory Bowen, Treasurer. Officers returning from 4-H club meeting are, left to r ight, back row, GLORIA LEWIS, Reporter, CAROLYN MILNER, President. Front Row: J. C. JOHNSTON, Vice President, ELISE WILSON, Secretary and Treasurer. " Swing your partner and promenade the hall " — the 4-H Square dance team in action. Foreground: Elise Wilson, Claude Land- rum, Martha Terry, Robert Harris, Gloria Lewis, Franklin Cox. Background: Pinson Garrett and Marlene Pope. 4-H C L U B " To Make the Best Better " is the motto of the millions of 4-H club members throughout our land. Here at West Georgia the 4-H Club members have proved that statement. During the fall quarter the members spon- sored a float for the Homecoming parade and winter quarter they sponsored an old fashioned square dance. All of the activities are planned to be of service to others. The club is composed of former 4-H club mem- bers and students who are interested in the de- velopment of the head, heart, hands and health — the four-fold purpose of 4-H club work. " We pledge our hearts to greater loyalty . . . " Back Row, Left to Right: Claude Landrum, Marlene Pope, J. C. Johnston. Front Row: Martha Terry, Gloria Lewis, Elise Wilson, Paula Whatley, Carolyn Milner. The 4-H Club assembled for a monthly meeting. Back Row, Left to Right: Mr. Everrett McKibben, Sponsor, J. C. Johnston, Franklin Cox, Pinson Garrett, Robert Harris, Claude Landrum. Front Row. Carolyn Milner, Elise Wilson, Gloria Lewis, Martha Terry, Mar- lene Pope, Paula Whatley. El Circulo Espanol was organized in November, 1942; it has been a very active club since that time. The purpose of the club is to help Spanish stu- dents become more fa- miliar with the culture of Spain and Spanish America. Back Row, Standing: Mrs. Stan- ford, Sponsor, Kell Mitchell, Eleanor Crawford, Glenn Mas- ters. Second Row, Seated: Jimmy Cook, Jimmy Edwards, Jane Hixon, Becky Williams. Third Row, Seated: Oliver Hardigree, Emory Bowen. Le Cercle Francois is composed of French students who wish to learn more about the life and culture of French speaking peo- ple. The club has many interesting projects every year, one of which is sponsoring a float in the annual Homecom- ing parade. One of the purposes of the club is to help stu- dents speak French more fluently in ordin- ary conversation. Left to Right, Standing: Mrs. Stanford, Sponsor, Russell Kent, Phyllis Speir, Bill Powers. Seated: Nancy Denton, Taylor Wynn, Robert Sinyard. EL CIRCULO ESPANOL L E CERCLE F R A II C A I S 60 W C L II nine k Men students qualify as members of the W Club by winning a let- ter in one of the major sports offered on the campus. The W Club this year is a very large organization with Coy Short as president. The club sponsors many recreational activities such as hikes, wiener roasts, and week-end recreation on the cam- pus. Third Row, Left to Right: D. Leachman, P. Phillips, J. Ed- wards, J. C. Johnston, J. In- gram, G. Strickland, B. Potts, H. L. McKright. Second Row: J. Parris, I. Carroll, B. Jones, J. Vaughn, R. Knight, L. Boggs, C. Smith. First Row: F. Couch, J. Home, G. Dempsey, E. Teal, Coy Short, S. Black, W. Cofer, H. Holcomb. The Circle K is a branch of the Kiwanis Club. It is a very active organization which has as its purpose the de- velopment of participa- tion in the social life of the campus; the devel- opment of leadership, initiative, and useful training in living and working together. Membership is selected Ml A l - »,v ' m on the basis of scholar- ship, civic interest, and leadership. Standing, Left to Right: Mr. Wirsino, Sponsor, Billy Cope- land, Joe Hardison, Jack In- Mk h gram, H. L. McKright, Emory ■MX ¥ | Holland, Jerry Home. Seated ' . A r ■ Elliott Hill, James Duffey, John II ; Vaughn, Dan Childers, Gene Hudson, Robert Sinyard. ' . ' Mr. Howell gives instructions to section heads. Officers on stoge: SHIRLEY MINTZ, Vice President, TOMMYE LEWIS, President, MYRA ABNEY, Secretary-Treasurer. The West Georgia College Choir is one of the largest organizations on the campus. Its purpose is to create student leadership, and group singing. The choir is one of the largest that West Georgia has ever had and is under the direction of Richard E. Howell. The choir made its first appearance at the Thanksgiving Banquet. It next presented its annual Christmas Concert. Other performances of the year included trips made to the various schools around this area. The Tribesmen The Choir at practice W . 6 . C . CHOIR I MEMBERS First Row, Lett to Right: Shirley Jordan, Pat Kelly, Janice Marshall, Jane Hixon, Rachel Mc- Connell, Joy Putnam, Wanda Elgin, Tommye Lewis, Elaine Wallace, Juanita Jackson, Sara Castleman, Margaret Heatley, Elsie Gibson.. Sec- ond Row: Marian Smith, Martha Hart, Myra Abney, Charlotte Jordan, Peggy Day, Shirley Lee, Elizabeth Underwood, Patsy Sherwood, Jane Shof- feitt, Becky Williams, Marilyn Mobley, Elizabeth Anthony, Beth Howard, Jeanette Barker, Nancy Shipp. Third Row: Taylor Wynn, Grant Strick- land, Varnelle Moore, Charles Gamel, Bobby Godbee. Fourth Row: Ann Cadenhead, Jo Ann Crawford, Phyllis Duncan, Charlotte Bowman, Lyndy Beers, Harold Griffin, Buddy Helton, Jerry Reeves, Bob Collins, Paul Row, Joe Hardison, Joe Parris, Clayton Chance, J. D. Reese, Jack Carroll, Elliott Cramer, Rebecca Lee, Shirley Mintz, Nancy Butler. AYCOCK HALL Left to Right: Don Goodermote, Emory Holland, Dan Childers, Robert Sinyard, Jack Ingram, J. C. Johnston. MELSON HALL Left to Right: Charles Essex, Kell Mitchell. I T R Y COUNCILS ADAMSON HALL Left to Right: Irene Parker, Barbara Stubbs, Nina Ward, Shirley Mintz, Nell Ann Hemminger. MANDEVILLE HALL Left to Right, Seated: Joy Putnam. Standing: Tommye Lewis, Wanda Elgin, Betty Ann Jackson, Myra Abney. The W.A.A. would not be complete without our be- loved " Teacher " to guide us. Officers are, Seated: TRISH DICKENS, President. Standing, Lett to Right: RACHEL McCONNELL, Treasurer; BARBARA HALL, Publicity, BECKY NOLAN, Vice President, N. A. HEM- MINGER, Secretary, and PAT SHERWOOD, Recorder. WOMEN ' S ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION MANAGERS OF INTRAMURAL SPORTS Badminton, Barbara Hall; Volley- ball, Nell Ann Hemminger; Tennis, Shirley Cole; Hockey, Carolyn Mil- ner; Softball, Betty Ann Jackson; Soccer, Patsy Sherwood; Basketball, Barbara Stubbs. 65 " UJ — ■■-■• 1 Two more points for W.G.C. Ray Weaver knocks the ball across in the spring tennis match. xattv IMG ■■Ms. -•fttitf Run with that ball! ! We need a touchdown. ■ ™ " ■ 7 SCORES W.G.C. 6 A.G.D. 6 W.G.C. 6 Marion Institute 20 W.G.C. 14 Tennessee Wesleyan 28 W.G.C. 13 Hiwassee 6 W.G.C. Jacksonville State 40 W.G.C. G.M.C. 28 W.G.C. 6 Middle Georgia 44 W.G.C. 6 North Greenville 111 1 ■ ■ Coach Hazelgrove, Manager Keil Mitchell, Coach Ward. T B A L L First Row, Left to Right: Coy Short, John Vaughn, Charles Essex, Harold Holcomb, Paul Phillips, Ray Knight, Bill Peebles, Sam Black, Malcomb Boggs, Charles Smith. Second Row: James Chapman, Jerry Home, Windy Cofer, Dan Bryant, Eddie Teal, Jimmy Edwards, Buddy Jones, Larry Boggs, Denton Scott.. Joe Paris. Third Row: Emmit Harrison, W. G, McCall, Jerry Turner, Bill Potts, Gene Dempsey, Grant Strickland, Johnny Carroll, Max Gamel, Coach Hazelgrove, Fritz Couch, Dean Ogle, Coach Ward. CO-CAPTAINS John Vaughn, Bill Potts CHEERLEADERS Left to Right: Barbara Lanthier, Charlotte Bowman, Anderline Hardin, Betty Ann Jackson, Shirley Cole, Elaine Wallace, Betty Stubbs, Charlotte Letson, Barbara Stubbs, Betty Tuggle. This past football season was far from be- ing successful, but, the sportsmanship and fortitude exemplified by the West Georgia Braves, made bright the defeats they suffered. The squad was green, being made up mostly of freshmen; but this was not the reason for the defeats. As the season progressed the Braves found that a junior college was no match for the superiority of a senior college. The basic idea of athletics at West Georgia is not the victory, but the valuable experience of how to win and how to lose. No other group of boys could have had more fun on their trips in the " Blue Goose " than the Braves of ' 54. In their minds will long remain the anxious moments they experienced waiting for the bands to stop playing and the thrill of putting on their cleats. Co-Captain Bill Potts plunges through Hiwassee ' s line for extra point. Charles Essex, Gerald Horn and Dan Bryant aid in tally. 69 » mmmm Bill Potts bowls over opponent in Homecoming game. Charlie Smith, Joe Parris, and Eddie Teal clear path for Potts. It takes four A.G.D. men to bring down Charles Essex. FOOTBALL . . . The faces you see on this page, both in group and action pictures, are the faces of the boys who have carried the fight of old W.G.C. to the grid- iron of many schools. Front Row, Left to Right: P. Phillips, J. Carroll, E. Teal, J. Parris. Middle Row: G. Strickland, G. Dempsey, B. Jones, M. Gamel. Back Row: B. Potts, W. Cofer, C. Essex, Coach Ward. Front Row, Left to Right: H. Holcomb, G. Home, C. Short, D. Bryant, L. Boggs, C. Smith. Middle Row: S. Black, M. Boggs, J. Vaughn, J. Edwards, R. Knight, E. Harrison. Back Row: W. C. McCall, J. Turner, F. Couch, D. Ogle, B. Peebles, D. Scott, J. Chafman. 70 :;:■ ■:■■■:■■■ ■•■■,:{ As this annual goes to press, baseball season is not under way. But these boys look as if they are anxious to put on their spikes. Front Row, Left to Right: Bud- dy Jones, Donnie Leachman, Coy Short, Charles Essex, Robie Prince, Ray Weaver, Coach Ha- zelgrove. Second Row: Varnell Moore, Bill Overby, Charles Burnette, David Chamblee, J. B. Woody, John Vaughn, Bud- dy Helton, Paul Phillips, Ford Bailey, Charles Smith. ■ «■ UDITORIUM BASEBALL TENNIS These boys make up West Georgia ' s tennis team. Left to Right: Raymond Fowler, Buddy Jones, Donnie Leachman, Joe Hardison. ■ ' ■ " ' ■ Coaches Ward and Wroten. The West Georgia Braves showed tremendous improve- ment as they went into the clos- ing games of the ' 53- ' 54 bas- ketball season. Getting a late and slow start they managed to beat stronger teams than themselves. Our boys have achieved these victories by working together as a team. Our hats are off to the ' 54 bas- ketball team of West Georgia College. BASKETBALL Front Row, Left to Right: Grant Strickland, John Vaughn, Jack Chilton, Arlie Hitt, Ivy Carrol. Back Row: Jerry Turner, Gene Hudson, Donnie Leachman, Fritz Couch, J. C. Johnston, Jack Ingram, Harold Herrin. qx:: mam m m— B - T E A M Kneeling, Left to Right: Pinson Garrett, Jim Turner, W. C. McCall, Ray Knight, Raymond Fowler. Standing: Kenneth Smallwood, Paul Harbin, Jackie Rush, H. L. McKright, James Dutfey. Harold Herrin jumps and makes another two point talley for W.G.C. SCHEDULE Young Harris — Jan. 8 — Here Abraham Baldwin — Jan. 9 — Here Columbia Seminary — Jan. 11 — Here Gordon Military — Jan. 13 — There Armstrong — Jan. 15 — Here Ga. Southwestern — Jan. 19 — Here Truitt McConnell — Jan. 22 — There Southern Union — Jan. 23 — Here Oglethorpe — Jan. 25 — Here Southern Tech — Jan. 27 — There Columbia Seminary — Jan. 28 — Here Young Harris — Jan. 29 — There Southern Tech — Feb. 1 — Here Gordon Military — Feb. 9 — Here Southern Union College — Feb. 6 — There Truitt McConnell — Feb. 10 — Here Ga. Southwestern — Feb. 12 — There Abraham Baldwin — Feb. 19 — There Chipola — Feb. 20 — There The ball, blocked by Jack Chilton and J. C. Johnston, still goes through the hoop but in the wrong direction. Donnie Leachman jumps high to deflect field goal of opponent. Arlie Hitt and Gene Hudson prepare for rebound. VOLLEYBALL Linda Wynn, Nancy Jackson, Nell Ann Hemminger, Darlene Vaugnn and Martha Terry enjoy playing this lively game. HOCKEY These W.A.A. ' ers say that there is nothing better than hitting a hockey ball. TENNIS Trish Dickens gives an interesting tennis lesson to beginners Sara Castleman, Betty Stubbs and Gloria Lewis. SOCCER These " Rats, " M. L. Flanagan and E. Crawford kick viciously as Sophomore C. Milner tries to beat M. Abney to the scene of battle. BASKETBALL Manager Barbara Stubbs explains a play to ream members Dot Powers, Marilyn Mobley, Tommye Lewis, Barbara Hall, Shirley Mintz, Catherine Cooper, Joy Putnam, Beth Howard, Norma Dodd, Marlene Pope, Betty Stubbs, Barbara Rainey, Nell Ann Hem- minger, Becky Nolan and Marion Smith. W . A . A . ARCHERY Manager Dot Gibson, Mary Ruth Pulliam and Nell Ann Hem- minger demonstrate the proper form for a true archer. BADMINTON Nina Ward and Barbara Hall match their skill of hitting the " birdie " against Nancy Butler and Catherine Cooper. 75 Nell Ann and John Carolyn and " Duffey " " Trish " and Bob S uiperlativeS ipi Joy and J. C. Mary Ruth and " Bird ' _ _ _ H. L. and Pat3y Rebecca and Gene ! Betty and Ray Dean Row crowns the King and Queen of Hearts, Jack Iniram and Becky Nolan, at the annual Sweetheart Dance. The Court includes (front row) Joe Parris, Charlotte Bowman, Barbara Stubbs, Ray Knight, (back row) James Duffey, Irene Parker, Jane Gregg, Jack Chilton. J(lna anJ Queen of Meads . . All COURT • « . JJ, omecom in 9 Q ueen NELL ANN HEMMINGER W au Q ueen DAY rrmr. , » . . . .m- ■■ ■•- - i ihh 1 —™ ' " " " - " ' 1 ' " " ™ ™ 1 —«- — «-•=—»-« — ihohi huh . - -■...■ — THE COURT ' r 1 t£? } ieated: Patsy Sherwood, Mary Ruth Pulliam, Nell nn Hemminger. Standing (left to right) Shirley Vlintz, Irene Parker, Jane Gregg, Betty Ann Jackson, iarbara Stubbs, Joy Putnam, Betty Stubbs, Rebecca .ee, Elaine Wallace, Dorothy Gibson, Tommye Lewis, nita Morris, Carolyn Milner, Wanda Elgin. S Carolyn Milner, Moid of Honor, and Patricia Dickens, Queen. M ' imm • ' JOHN VAUGHN • • NELL ANN HEMMINGER . . . m» W.G.C ■S " T E. G. Akin Time Shop 5 Rome Street Watches - Diamonds - Silver Jewelry - Watch Repair CARROLLTON. GEORGIA Compliments of Colonial Store 0 x) SEE . . . Carrollton Hardware Co. FOR YOUR SPORTING GOODS Rifles - Guns - Tennis Rackets " IF IT ' S HARDWARE, WE HAVE IT " 62 Adamson Square Phone 1174- 1175 CARROLLTON. GEORGIA n ° o U n 0 x) West Georgia Girls are Cordially Invited to Visit our Shop. CARROLLTON ' S OLDEST EXCLUSIVE LADIES READY TO WEAR SHOP. Folsom ' s Almon Funeral Home 102 Newnan Street CARROLLTON. GEORGIA INSURANCE FOR THE ENTIRE FAMILY Ambulance Service Phone 1200 00 CO n n n - X U Southeastern Motor Lines, Inc. SAFE, COMFORTABLE MOTOR COACH TRANSPORTATION CARROLLTON. GEORGIA n ° Q:o k,c — n r w - n n n. ,n n r n n - Fisher ' s Variety Hardware Store M. L. FISHER, JR., Prop. 21 Newnan Street Phone 243 go 8 8 ! n Compliments of J. B. Warren, Inc. " COMPLETE HOME FURNISHINGS " )C v-n n in - 84 ,3 n o y " " " I «- ■ ir ni m r r t r n r w n tn r w r w rw n n n n t rx r w n ri - tn t n rw rti " . II Compliments of BENNETT ' S " Feminine Apparel 12 Alabama Street oc o J) u West Georgia Insurance Company, Inc. RADER STEWART, Manager 9 Alabama Street Phone 1147 CARROLLTON, GEORGIA Cbo u n °S) Compliments of Carrollton Coca-Cola Bottling Company DRINK COCA-COLA IN BOTTLES o " " " n - n n — — n n M il n n . i n. i n. n r m i n n n n « r w » n - 85 " Hi mm U c (Sx 00( u We Invite Your Account ° THE PEOPLES BANK | CARROLLTON. GEORGIA S Established 1909 !! Member U FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION J $10,000.00 Maximum Insurance For Each Depositor j o n i u Compliments of MAPLE STREET SODA SHOP GRIFFIN - NEW PHARMACY WALGREEN AGENCY Drugs With A Reputation — Two Stores — oc=3ody = 0 = Adamson Square Phone 1177 146 Dixie Phone 1477 CARROLLTON, GEORGIA 86 - zn ■.ImMmf V Moore ' s Jewelry Store CARROLLTON. GEORGIA Watches - Jewelry - Eye Glasses Repaired by HERMAN LOVVORN s f 7 Newnan St. Phone 1025 ( ! Hotel Carrollton j WEST GEORGIA ' S FINEST R. S. McCowan, Mgr. I CARROLLTON. GEORGIA J L n u Compliments of Burns Parts Company 45 Maple Street CARROLLTON. GEORGIA Automotive Parts Equipment Phone 1133 Merrell and Company 4 Adamson Square Phone 100 K ( n ooc u Carrollton Drug Co. 36 Newnan Street CARROLLTON. GEORGIA Phone 1180 o U Carrollton Federal Sayings Loan Assn. 34 Newnan Street Phone 510 u Compliments of Carrollton Amusement Company n oc7 e V) Compliments of Jones Drug Company 32 Adamson Square Phone 1151 CARROLLTON. GEORGIA cv Or 87 , r ' MOORE ' S, INC STORE FOR MEN 3 Newnan Street CARROLLTON, GEORGIA Cbc U n ( EMPIRE 5-10-25 CENT STORE | 11 Alabama Street Phone 1108 CARROLLTON. GEORGIA ( o n : ocV 0 Q:o = o Compliments of GRIFFIN DEPARTMENT STORE s w — ■— V ° ) Compliments of OZIER HATCHERY BOWDON, GEORGIA n yocy 0 ) WESTERN SHOE STORE Owned by T. R. WESTERN IOV2 Newnan Street n U Compliments of WARREN SEWELL CLOTHING COMPANY BOWDON AND BREMEN, GEORGIA 89 n ■ ■■,.••■ " iy . •• ' mn a n : u al§ Original layouts, distinctive typography and sparkling reproduction that give your annual the luxurious appearance impossible to obtain by standard layout, mass-production methods. dVUO-V 110 TRINITY C A T U R , Ot4V| , PLACE O R G I SPECIAL COLLSCTION IRVINE SULLIVAN INGRAM LIBRARY WEST GEORGIA COLLEGE CARROLLTON, GEORGIA ' . . " ■ . , . .A ol$ - _ ____ M MiMUl

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