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I VEST GEORGIA COLLECT m , THROUGH T H o E Y E T H CAM R A %;« " y :: i .... p I ' isii » .. AND PRINTED N THE 19 5 1 n m n i CONTENTS F U T C S E S ORGANIZATIONS T H E T I S F E U R E S ADVERTISEMENTS Do m» For her conscientious work with the students, For her invaluable help with our activities, For her ability to create interest in great literature, And for her friendliness which we so treasure, We dedicate the 1951 Chieftain. DEDICATION I ' M U " ;, ' ,.. ■ •Vn! xV E ■,■■;«; Sift •• jS »3t 3 ifl ■§j, IemI Pa ' «■ ;,: ■i ra il ! JU1 9q % S 1 -| M? iisy %» t r I : 1l I 1 T ' ,j» . • V . ' ' 1 1 ■ - ' ■■■■■ " ' 1 u , • ' ;. ' .■■ ■- ' ■ ' ■■ " ■ ■ ' " ■ r wljl ;..::.;_ — «=S!5 Wm- t -r Z T H E P P L B o Q LP ■4 ...» ' " " ' " v THE ADMINISTRATION At West Georgia College you will find a group of people whom the students look to for guidance and understanding. These people are known, respected, and genuinely liked and admired because they are teachers of individuals rather than teachers of just subject matter. With their sympathetic understanding and wise counsel, they have guided us through this year. It is with great respect and pleasure that we present THE FACULTY of West Georgia College. Horace Acklin Mrs. Mable Radcliff Dorothy Williamson Miss Charlcie Holmes Miss Elizabeth Black Mrs. William Copeland THE FACULTY ! " EDUCATION KATIE DOWNS, M.A. MARY WHITE, B.S. HUMANITIES MISS EVELYN RABEN, M.A. GEORGE C. S. ADAMS, Ph.D. MARIE CAMPBELL, M.A. ?;.; ! Jt JANE WOODRUFF, M. MUS. HUGH WALLACE, B.F.A. SCIENCE AND MATHEMATICS LEVEN HAZLEGROVE, M.S. MARION CRIDER, M.A. PAUL PETERSEN, M.S. SOCIAL STUDIES RICHARD MICHAEL, Ph.D. C. K. BURROUGHS, M.A. J. CARSON PRITCHARD, A.B., B.D. SCIENCE ORA LEE HOWARD, M.S. BROOKS PITTMAN, A.B. HENRY WELCH, M.A. Director of Physical Education for Men and Coach RUTH STURGIS, M.S. Assistant Professor of Physical Education and Director of Physical Education for Women ANN HINELY, M.S., H.E. Dietitian HELEN COX, Assistant Dietitian EDWIN GARNER, Assistant Dietitian - CHARLOTTE BROOKS Assistant Librarian ANNIE BELLE WEAVER, A.B.L.S Librarian MRS. GUY SHANNON Assistant Dean of Women in charge of housing AMMON YATES Superintendent of Buildings and Grounds ' :•• ■-? . JIMMY LANKFORD, ANN TRAYLOR, MARTHA SUE O ' KELLY GLENN ANDERSON DONALD ARRINGTON HUGH AYERS Talking Rock Carrollton Bowden ILA BERRY JOHN CAUTHEN EDWIN GARNER Covington Buchanan Buchanan FAY GILBERT Carroll ton JACK HICKS LaGrange ' V JIMMY LANKFORD Dalton WEEMS McINTOSH Carrollton JUNIOR CLASS ROBERT NIX Breman JETTY ANN WASHBURN Cedartown MARTHA SUE O ' KELLY Atlanta CAROLYN WHITE Canton MAX PRINCE Pelham ANN TRAYLOR Carrollton SOPHOMORE CLASS ADAMS— F.T.A. . . . ALEXANDER— Editor West Georgian, Press Forum, V.R.A. Council, Alpha Psi, Chieftain . . . ALFORD— V. Pres. F.B.L.A., Mu Zeta Alpha, W. Club . . . ALLISON— Pies. Student Body, Mr. West ' Georgia, W. Club, Choir, Men ' s Student Gov ' t, A.P.O. . . . AMOS— V.R.A., French Club, West Georgian . . . ARRINGTON— Day Student ' s Club . . . ASHWORTH— French Club, Science Club, West Georgian, W. Club . . . BATES— Choir . . . BERRIER— V.R.A. Council . . . BOLING— F.T.A. . . . BROOKS— Alpha Psi, Chieftain Staff . . . BROWN B.— Sec, Tres. French Club, V. Pres. V.R.A., Chief- tain, Sec. of F.T.A., Sec. Mandeville, Soph Superlative . . . BROWN R.— Choir, Day Student ' s Club, Mu Zeta Alpha, A.P.O. . . . BUFORD— Pres. of Soph Class, Pres. of F.T.A., Choir, Chieftain, West Geor- gian, V.R.A. Council, Soph Superlative . . . BURSON— Chieftain . . . CALLIER— Men ' s Student Gov ' t, Spanish Club, Sec, Tres, Rogers Hall . . . CARTER— F.B.L.A. . . . CARTER W.— Day Student ' s Club . . . CARWILE— West Georgian, Asso. Editor Chieftain, V. R. A. Council, F.T.A., Press Forum . . . CAUTHEN— F.T.A., Alpha Psi . . . COLQUITT— A ' pha Psi, VR.A., Pres. Forum . . . COOK— V.R.A., Chieftain, Alpha Psi . . . COUGHLIN— West Georgian, Chieftain, V.R.A., F.T.A. . . . COX— Sec, Tres. F.B.L.A. Adams, June Decatur Alexander, Doris Rome Alford, Harry Gay Allison, Bill Atlanta Amos, Julian Warner Robbins Arrington, Edwin Bowdon Ashworth, Bobby Tucker Astin, Dan Villa Rica Atkinson, Robert Madison Bailey, G. W. Bowdon Bates, Leon Griffin Berrier, Bobby Waco Boling, Martha Canton Boyd, Sue Bremen Brooks, Margaret A. Rome Brown, Barba j Rutledge Brown, Kalpl Carrollton Bryan, Rebecc Franklin Buford, Joe Ann Dallas Burch, Minnie Lee Dalton Burson, Barbara Carrollton Bussey, Ann LaGrange Callier, R. H., Jr. Carter, Webster Talbotton Waco Carter, Joan Washington Carwile, Julia Rome Cauthen, Sara Buchanan lquitt, Catherine Cedartown Cook, Betty Cedartown Coughlin, Dorothy Barnesville Cox, Charles Bowdon Cox, Helen Cedartown PRFSIDFNT— JOE ANN BUFORD VICE PRESIDENT— FAYE PEACOCK PRESIDENT JOL A r tREASURER-JOAN HUTCHENS SOPHOMORE CLASS CRAIG— French Club, A.P.O. . . . DANIEL— Science Club . . . DAVIS— F.B.L.A., Chieftain . . . EARNEST— Day Student ' s Club . . . EMERSON— Pies. V.R.A., F.T.A., Choir, Chieftain . . . FIELD ■ — Zeta Sig, Debaters, Men ' s Student Gov ' t . . . FLORANCE— West Georgian, Zeta Sig, Debaters, V. Pres. French Club, Pres. Press Forum, Choir . . . FREEMAN— Pres. Veteran Club, Men ' s Student Gov ' t . . . GIBBS— V.R.A., Alpha Psi . . . GIBSON— Alpha Psi . . . GILBERT— Day Student ' s, Chieftain . . . GLADIN— Choir, Alpha Psi, Pres. Mandeville, Superlative . . . GROOVER— Choir, F.B.L.A. . . . HALL— W. Club, Superlative . . . HARDEN— Zeta Sig, Choir . . . HOLMES— Choir, Day Student ' s, V.R.A. . . . HOPE— Men ' s Student Gov ' t, Choir . . . Craig, Charles Warner Robbins Crowley, Jo Ann Carrollton Daniel, George Carrollton Davis, Sara Bowdon Duke, Peggy Adel Earnest, Dorothy Day Students Ellis, Mike Bremen Emerson, Carolyn Dallas Farr, Jo Anne Tyrone Fears, Clay Madison Field, Jerre Adairsville Florence, Patricia Douglasville Fountain, Harrell Carrollton Freeman, Wilson Carrollton Gibbs, Nellie R. Bowden Gibson, Sara El College Pari Gilbert, Mary E| Carrollton Gladin, Nanette East Point Gordon, Eugene Senoia Gore, Bobby Joe Aragon Hall, Bill Warrenton Hardy, James Newnan Groover, Billie Ann Harden, Jacquelyn Harris, C. L. Bowdon Zebulon Carrollton Head, Ann Buchanan jHendrix, Betty Carrollton ! Hill, Claxton Warner Robbins Holland, Mary Ann Carrollton Holmes, Jeannette Carrollton Hope, Jim Doraville mm SOPHOMORE CLASS HUCKABA— Day Student ' s . . . HUTCHENS— Choir, W.A.A., V.R.A., Chieftain . . . JAMISON— Men ' s Student Gov ' t., F.T.A., V.R.A., Veterans Club . . . JARRELL— Soph Superlative, V.R.A., Veterans Club, F.B.L.A., Chieftain, Pres. Men ' s Student Gov ' t., West Georgian . . . JOHNSON— Choir . . . JONES P.— Pres. F.B.L.A., Choir, Editor Chieftain, Superlative, Press Forum, West Georgian, Sec. of Melson, V.R.A. . . . JORDAN— F.T.A., Chieftain, V.R.A. , Tres. Mandeville . .. JOYNER— Choir, F.B.L.A. . . . KELLER — Zeta Sig . . . KING— V.R.A., Men ' s Student Gov ' t., Soph Superlative, Choir, Pres. French Club . . . LACEY— F.T.A., V.R.A., Choir . . . LAWHON— Alpha Psi, Choir, Cheer Leader, Miss Homecoming . . . LITTLE— Zeta Sig, F.T.A., V.R.A. . . . LOYD— V.R.A. . . . McCULLOUGH— Alpha Psi, F.T.A. . . . McLAUGHLIN— Hamm Council, Men ' s Student Gov ' t . . . McLENDON— Day Students . . . MALCOLM F.T.A., V.R.A. . . . MALONE— Alpha Psi, F.T.A. MARSHALL— Choir, West Georgian, Press Forum, Day Students . . . MOORE— Choir, F.B.L.A. . . . MOORE V.— Choir, West Georgian, V.R.A., W. Club Tres. F.B.L.A., Men ' s Student Gov ' t, Superlative . . . MORRIS— W. Club, Borders Council, Men ' s Student Gov ' t. Huckaba, Clara Carrollton Hudgins, Glenn Decatur Hutchens, Joan Dallas Jamison, Edgar Cohutta Jarrell, Jake Greenville Johnson, Jack Warrenton Johnson, Lance Waco Johnson, William P. Moreland Jones, Peggy Dallas Jordan, Sarah LaFayette Joyner, La Verne College Park Keller, Lucille Carrollton King, S. C. Curryville Kirk, Farlan Bremen Lacey, Jean White Plains Lawhon, Joyce Junction City Little, Libby Jo! Cedartown Loyd, Joyce Covington v l ; -h McCullough, Yvonne McLendon, Joanne Menlo Carrollton Malone, Jane Kingston Matthews, Jimmy Rome McLaughlin, Bill Greenville Malcolm, Jeannine Bostwick Marshall, Lucrete Moore, Emily Sue Carrollton Bowdon Moore, Vernon Lindale Morris, Jack Calhoun Mullins, Theodore Jasper -5 - Norris, Howard Warrenton Norton, Richard Lithonia Otwell, William Bremen m Sophomore-Faculty Dance m SOPHOMORE CLASS MULLINS— Choir, Zeta Sig, Press Forum . . . NORMS— Men ' s Student Gov ' t . . . NORTON— F.B.L.A. . . . PADGETT— Chieftain, Alpha Psi, V.R.A PARKER— Choir, F.T.A PALMER— Sec. Tres. Log Cabin, Zeta Sig, Choir . . . PAYNE— Veterans Club . . . PEACOCK— Ties. Melson, Alpha Psi, Chieftain, V.R.A. . . . PLANT— Alpha Psi, V.R.A. , Superlative . . . POWELL— W. Club, Borders Council . . . PRYOR— F.T.A. , V.R.A., Cheerleader, Tres. Adamson . . . RALEY— Choir, V.R.A., Men ' s Student Gov ' t, F.B.L.A., Hamm Council . . . RICKETSON— Choir, A.P.O., F.B.L.A., Rogers Hall Council . . . RIDEN— Alpha Psi, F.T.A., V.R.A. . . . ROGERS— Chieftain . . . RUDD— V. Pres. of Adamnson, Cheerleader . . . RUSSELL— Choir, French Club . . . RYMER— F.B.L.A., Choir, V.R.A., Chieftain . . . SANDERS— F.T.A., . . . SHACKELFORD— Chieftain, West Georgian, Men ' s Student Gov ' t, Sec. Tres. Storms, Press Forum, Zeta Sig . . . SHIFLETT— W. Club, Borders Council, Men ' s Student Gov ' t. . . . SHIPP — F.T.A. . . . SHUGART — F.B.L.A., Superlative, Choir, W.A.A. Sec. of Adamson . . . SKINNER —Chieftain . . . SMITH C— Pres. Alpha Psi, Choir, Superlative, Pres. Adamson, V.R.A. . . . SMITH, H.— Press Forum, West Georgian, Men ' s Student Gov ' t . . . SMITH, H.— W. Club, V.R.A. Padgett, Bobbie Summerville Parker, Charlotte Atlanta Parmer, Doris Carrollton Parmer, Hershel Roopville Payne, Tom Douglasville Peacock, Faye Rockmart Philyaw, Tommy Tate Plant, Jean Rockmart Powell, Jack Atlanta Pryor, Joyce Thomaston Raley, Claude Rome Riden, Joyce Bostwick ;;: ' -::;: :: " :: ;: w Smith, Harold Tallapoosa Snell, Ferle Snellville W. Springfield Dalton • Stallings, Alton Newnan Stallings, Wilma Carrollton Steele, Lucy Bob Griffin N. SOPHOMORE CLASS ■ SNELL— Pres. Rogers Hall . . . SPRINGFIELD— W Club, Choir, Border ' s Council . . . STALLINGS, A.— Choir, A.P.O., Day Students . . . STALLINGS—, W.— Day Students . . . STRINGER— F.T.A. . . . TEAL, DEWEY— F.B.L.A. . . . TERRY— V.R.A., Alpha Psi . . . THOMAS— F.T.A., Cheerleader, V.R.A. . . . THOMASON— Veterans . . . THOMPSON— Pres. Zeta Sig, West Georgian, Chieftain, W.A.A. Re- corder, Choir, F.T.A., French Club, Pres. Melson Hall, Miss West Georgia, Press Forum . . . TIPPETT — V.R.A., Day Students . . . TRAYLOR— F.T.A. . . . TUCK— Choir, Men ' s Student Gov ' t., West Geor- gian, Press Forum, V. Pres. Student Body . . . WALKER— Day Student ' s Club . . . WARREN— F.T.A. . . . WILLIAMS— Day Students, F.B.L.A. . . . WILLIAMSON— F.T.A., V.R.A. . . . WHITFIELD— Choir, Superlative, Men ' s Student Gov ' t, President Storms . . . WILLIS— F.B.L.A. Stringer, Mrs. Betty Thompson, Mary C. Tallapoosa Washington Terry, Betty Armuchee Thomas, June Rome Tippett, Abner Macon Traylor, Joann Gabbettsville, Alabama Tuck, Reuben Corington Walker, Clois Carrollton Warren, Jerry Cedartown Wilbanks, Gaines Atlanta Whitfield, V. W T . Cedartown Williams, Margaret Willingham, T. A. Carrollton Cedartown Williamson Mildred Roopville Willis, Bootsie Carrollton Wilson, Jimmy Bowdon J Hi a ■ 4 mm - : ' ■ Homecoming Dance NOT PICTURED Beckham, Charles House, Jimmy Robinson. Ben Braswell, Roland Huckaba, Leon Robinson, Martin Campbell, Romona (M rs.) Jones, LaVonne Rogers, Henry Lee Crews, Alvin Lunsford, Gerald Rooks. Howard Criswell, Melvin McCullough, Richard Self, Geraldine Cummings, Billy McKelvey, Joe Spruill, Winford Duncan, Bill Malcolm, David Teal, Dewey Duncan, Eric Merrill, Robbie Thoinason, Walter Garrett, Harold Moore, Bobby Wilson, Roderick Greenwood, J. W. Moore, Stipe Winn, Henry Hayes, Billy Nix, Lawrence Woods, Billy Head, John Robert Price, Lanier Wright, Delbert Hise, Lawrence Ralston, Rudolph Wynn, Jane SOPHOMORE CLASS il. STUDENT BODY OFFICERS President BILL ALLISON V. President .... REUBEN TUCK Sec.-Tres FRANKIE SHUGART HOMECOMING QUEEN ' S COURT FIRST ROW: Jeannene Rymer, Jerry Warren, Charlotte Parker, Jeannette Holmes; SECOND ROW: Margaret Williams, Doris Alexander, Cis Thompson, Frankie Shugart, Barbara Brown, Mae Shipp. • : A ' : - AH V Auchmuty President S Sharpe Hart Vice-President Secretary-Treasurer FRESHMAN CLASS Cliffene Acree Alvaton Janelle Anderson Madison Ann Andrews Ringgold Bobby Atcheson Dallas Bobby Auchmuty Aragon Margaret Bates Tunnell Hill Ralph Beasley Chickamauga Lee Ann Bell Madison Ann Bigbie Tallahassee, Fla. Coy Bonner Bowdon Margie Bonner Carrollton James Booker Alvaton James Brackett Rossville Alvin Bradfield West Point Garnett Britt Tucker Dorothy Brogdon Lyerly Helen Brooks Griffin George Brown Dalton Barbara Buchanan Hogansville Charlyn Buckner Junction City Betty Joe Carroll Bremen Geraldine Carroll LaGrange Carolyn Casey Cedartown Jean Cartwright Carrollton Lydia Cartledge Juniper Dillian Causby Dalton Zane Chambers Franklin Mary Ruth Chastain Calhoun Charlotte Christian Covington Sidney Clarkston LaFayette Grady Cook Carrollton Herbert Cook Atlanta David Cooley Carrollton Rose Craton Rome Verlyn Crawford Carrollton Malcolm Crowder Chickamauga FRESHMAN CLASS Wallace Dawson Cedartown Elfrieda Dodd Alto Wilma Douglas Dalton Bonnell Dowdy Roopville Herschel Dowdy Roopville Jean Edge Carrollton Merle Edgeworth Whitesburg Adeline Elliott Conyers Jim Ellis Atlanta Carmen Field Bremen Kirby Ferguson Temple Patricia Flury Atlanta Pat Foster Loganville DeRita Frost Meigs Bob Fowler Columbus Rogers Gallagher Kingston Ruth Garner Buchanan Marvin Garrard Devereux Norris Garrett Carrollton Betty Ann Giles Mableton Martha Sue Gordon Summerville Scott Gray Carrollton Mary Jean Harrison Cedartown Carole Hart Temple Carla Haws Marietta Betty Hayes Marietta Bil ' y Hayes West Point Edith Head Buchanan G. D. Hendrix Newnan Harold Heath Carrollton Bobby Hill Warner Robbins Amelia Hitt Atlanta Arlie Hitt Stone Mountain Joann Hogg Menlo Frances Holsomback Sugar Valley Charlsie Hughes Bremen FRESHMAN CLASS Russell Hughes Carrollton Edwina Hyde Cedartown Norman Ivey Carrollton Dorothy Jacobs Roopville Joyce Jackson Carrollton Ronald Jameson Chamblee Betty Jaynes Carrollton Denny Jeffries Buchanan Billy Johnson Warrenton George Johnson Bremen Guy Johnson Waco Hershel Johnson Graham, Ala. , : - i k 0 Doris Jones Franklin Emily Jones Griffin Libby Jones McBean Lila Anne Jones Dallas Mary Jordan La Fayette Genevieve Knight Macon Faye Lanier LaGrange Chris Lipscomb Cartersville Richard Logan Newnan Ray Mcintosh Carrollton Lanell McKibben Cedartown Dick McCullough Rome Dora Jean Marlow Carrollton Bobby Joe Masdon Franklin Weems Masdon Newnan Richard McHaffey Carrollton Ann Minix Decatur Gailey Mitchell Conyers Gilbert Mitchell Conyers Merritt Moon Loganville Ann Moore Atlanta Richard Morris Whitesburg Vernon Mosteller Chickmonga Ralph Murchison Tucker FRESHMAN CLASS if i i Geraldine Musick Grantville Robert Nix Breman Marvin Newsome Madison Henry Partee Snellville Jane Phillips Redan Janice Phillips Clem Barbara Pierce Decatur Tommy Pike Moreland Dewell Pitts Carrollton Joyce Doole Breman Gene Prince Newnan Patsy Pugh Buford Gene Rachels Camak Ann Ramsy Covington Virginia Rowls Williamston Barbara Reed Carrollton Emily Jane Rice Madison G. W. Roberts Villa Rica Lee Rogers Tunnel Hill Eugene Ruark Bishop Loette Salter Barnesville Bill Sanders Atlanta Billy Sanders Buchanan Charles Sands West Point Winona Saturday Tallapoosa Donald Scoggins Dallas Harold Shackelford Carrollton Phil Sharp West Point Charles Smith Porteidale Harold Spraggins West Point Tracy Stallings Carrollton Jo Ann Stewart Jackson Mary Ellen Strickland Hampton Raymond Stubbs Newnan Jonnie Swinford Atlanta Malry Terry Breman FRESHMAN CLASS Fred Thomason Jasper Robert Trotter Madison Joe Tucker Ringgold Perry Turner Jasper Betty Jean Walker Roopville Joe Walker Carrollton Daniel Watson Forrest Park Bill West LaFayette Billy Wh ' te Summerville Katherine White Calhoun Edwin Williams West Point Robert Williams Thomaston Garfield Wilson Bowdon Jenna Lee Wilson Decatur ' •:. FRESHMAN CLASS Sonny Ackerman Eddie Allgood Betty Austin Charles Bevis Sheila Black David Brown Teddv Brown J. C. Curry Paul Denman Jame Duncan Lawrence Gentry Perry Hannah Roy Howell NOT PICTURED Velvin Harris Bobby Hendrix Bobby Joe Higgins Dick Hill George Holliday Janelle Kesler James Knight Robert Lisle Charles Loggins Patricia Maynard Twinton Miles Robert Miller Gloria Ogletry MEN ' S STUDENT GOVERNMENT Jerry Owen James Perry Mary Powers Sue Price Jack Reeves Ann Robinson Bill Rollins Willie Self Letha Mae Skinner Billy Smith Lloyd Smith Farris Spruill Carl Watts STANDING: Shiflet, Allison, Brown, Jamison, Freeman, McLaughlin, King, Raley, Shackelford. SITTING: Smith, Dr. Michael, Moore, Jarrell, Field, Prince. T H ORCANIZAT ONS SEATED: Lanier, Brooks, Alexander, Thompson, Jones, Carwile, Carroll; STANDING: Nix, R., Brown, Logan, Hutchens, Emerson, McCullough, Shackelford, Lawhon, Prince, Padgett, Buford, Lipscomb, Jor- den, Saturday, Nix, L. We are people who work to give you each year an annual — a book of memories to remind all of us of many good times and swell friends that we wish never to forget. We hope to give you just such a record in picture, words and thoughts so that what you experience at W.G.C. will always be fresh in your minds and hearts. jj 1 THE CHIEFTAIN , 43 . -• ■ «a ASSOCIATE EDITORS JULIA CARWILE CIS THOMPSON MAX PRINCE EDITOR PEGGY JONES BUSINESS MANAGER BETTY JEAN WALKER SEATED- Self Rymer, Jarrell, Coughlin; STANDING: Andrews, Joyner, Davis, Britt, Bates, Pierce, ughlin, Strickland, Elliott; BACK ROW: Shackel- SEATED: Stallings, Alexander, Buford, Knight, Moore, Frost; STANDING: Jaynes, Jones, Lipscomb, Marshall, Thompson, Florence, Carwile, Prince, Canghlin, Strickland, Elliott; BACK ROW: Shackel- ford, Ashworth, Tuck, Amos, Jarrell. The West Georgian staff strives to cover all of the happenings on the campus that are of interest to the students and to print them seven times a year. The staff is made up of those students inter- ested in journalism. - 1 I THE WEST GEORGIAN 1 50 DEVOTED TO THE BEST IN " " " ' .ST OF WEST GEORGIA COLLEGE VOLUME XVII -NO. THREE Pres. Ingram F 1 World Situatii president I. S. Ingram d- i inspiring address to s of West Georgia College in January 9. explaining hen present, national emergency serious world situation woul feet them and exprt ng a b optimism lor the clouded futu Mr. Ingram dealt at length v, the world emergency and in ci nection with that came the opK mism. He stated that in his opinio there would not be a total wail but st there were to be. " the Eel low in the armed forces will be in the safest place in the world. " Further, Mr, Ingram went on to sav that if de do have a war, " we ' ll be fighting for our spiritual and intellectual freedom, and we ' ve got to win. However, we ' ll never win by hand to hand con- flict; it ' ll be by our superior in- tellect and know-how, " The college president said that in these critical times, everyone must do his part. The women might again have to take up a blowtorch and riveter, and as for the men, they have already begun the trek to military service, Mr. Ingram explained that the large number of men entered the service will drain the enrollment of all colleges where men attend; he expects there colleges to de- crease in male enrollment from 50 to 80 percent within the next few- months. This is line with Dr. Guy Snavely ' s statement. However, he expressed satisfac- tion with the present enrollment at W. G. C. True, he said, it is down some, but it is holding up well in comparison with other col- leges in the state, as it has always done. West Georgia College will back the Junior College first. With further reference to West Georgia, Dr. Ingram stated that we are one large family working in harmony together and he hoped we would never become a large in- stitution. " If this should happen. we would lose the fellowship and unity that now exists between the teachers and students, " he assert- ed. WEST TUESDAY. JANUARY 23. 1951 CARROLLTON. GEORGIA Drewry Speaker In Chapel Today Dean John E. Drewry, head of the Henry W. Grady School of Journalism at the University of Georgia and a na- tionally known journalistic figure, addressed West Georgia students in chapel this morning and at noon today he will k to the Carrollton Rotary Club. ■t.Vv . to these speeches I possibly the president of the Uni- ' " ClHtp j-, " members of versify chapter of Sigma Delta " tfjfdi- - staff Chi, George Abney, Jr. Pff i ., Miss Marie Campbell, West ' ) " ,, soon ' or, and Doris Ale- -4 1 i,. ' " -oorgian editor, " f7,V t the seminars ruction on pro- HHtofe.iiscussion of Because of ! drive, Preside the rest f " " - pnomore class m j ss j„n for ct in the spring ceremonies. i in c bapel so | would have ai tribute. The March been proved Georgia chap $250,000 a ye assistance to Tl a news Univer- be asked to proving the ■}• are interested Pe been issued an id these sessions, rias arranged for e secured from 23 neni Is ig Up Well Miss Downs Goes To Mississippi I Miss Down one of nine Geor- v Georgia Educa- Faiih In United N; Peace In Today ' s I By TRACY STALLINGS ( j " The only way to attain peace 1 is through faith in the United j Nations, " concluded Dr. Richard ' Michael when he spoke to West jeorgia students in chapel last I Tuesday about the structure of the United Nations and the pre- sent prospects for peace, Dr Michael began his speech with ;i terse description of the world situation at the present. " To put il mildly, " he said, " the world is in an utter state of confusion. In relation to tin- Korean or flirt, Dr. Michael posed the ques- . lion of whethei intervention ■ necessary when the North Koreans j , ' „,,.,,„, n,,, united N cd with an emphatic yes " We scntmg go „-,t might get pushed into the ea " he , ,„„.,,• st; „„ . h wju WM UN was to oe Carried Z, H !« Dr ' Michae! h " U ' " mai " or " will deal with an I,, Intervene " (Continued on Page Five) | iminity of early JNe ' tment : at the I other r the Thi Psychology. iure, and Introduction " cation — of West Georgia stu- dents have also lasl fall had ob- servation periods. j ft boards operating at W and with many fellows I e armed services of their nrd, enrollment at West I as at all other colleges, reased considerably, ver, according to President ■ i. it. is not alarming. " We are much pleased and surprised ||s ' ' how our enrollment has held ™t ' s well for students to under- d that the draft law has not a changed, so that no one will ely be dismissed, " Whether we have war or not, ir. Ingram has stated that enroll- ment in colleges where men attend I will decrease from 50 to 80 per- cent in the near future. Miss Mary White Receives Two-Week Trip to Observe Cuban School System ir " a Business Manager BETTY JAYNES ™£nglish Jeorgia : ;s, was peaker ,,-Jlub. nted to ' ' " ib she , . :, ading ooks and ' rom ga th- ung her material. Miss Campbell ' s ook " A House W " ' ' , ' i receiving popular 1 ludIng me is another book air most rece ith Stairs " icclaim. The adv underw •Rugby " a England Miss Mary White, Principal of Sand Hill School, was invited to represent the National Education Association in Cuba from Decem- ber 18. 1950 to January 1, 1950. The Minister of Education in Cuba extended an invitation to repre- sentative public elementary and junior high school teachers in the United States to be the guests of the Cuban Government during this time. This year marks the 50th an- niversary of ' the establishment of the public school system in Cuba. Of importance in establishing this system was a trip to the United States in the summer of 1900 by a group of 1450 Cuban public school teacher; to attend a special institute in education .il Hal yard i Uni this ers in this country. During the two week period in Cuba, the United States teachers were taken on excursions through- out the Island and participated in seminars for the discussion of pro- blems related to iritra-Atncrican understanding. Special lectures were arranged for them at the University of Havana to introduce them to the life and culture of Cuba. The teachers who made this trip were a very select group. Only 50 people attended and we were very glad that Miss White went. This was indeed an honor and we are very proud of her. Miss White spoke briefly at a recent F. T. A. meeting ah, ait her trip. She stated that the schools of Cbua are very similai to cans jf lib if Hi Stati ,.f Ei on in Cuba has extended this of the ery kind invitation to the teach- count! ' ed by the gratitude people toward our VETERANS CLUB Veterans Club is made up of the veterans of World War II. It has been a spark-plug of activity, supplying- informa- tion for all veterans on the campus. Wilson Freeman President Jake Jarrell Vice President Edgar Jameson Secretary-Treasurer Wright, Cook, Freeman, Mcintosh, Criswell, Payne, Beckham, Hardy, Jarrell, Dowedy. ALPHA P S I Membership of Alpha Psi consists of young women in- terested in home making and in ways of improving that art. The club is affiliated with the State and National Home Economics Clubs. Carole Smith President Nanette Gladin Vice President Joyce Lawhon Secretary-Treasurer FRONT ROW: Peacock, McCullough, Gladin, Smith, Miss Jenkins; SECOND ROW: Gordon, Padgett, Cook Alexander, Plant Riden, Colquitt, Loyd, Brooks, Malone, White, Cauthen, Buchanan, Hart; THIRD ROW: Carroll, Brogdon, Garner, Jones, Rawls, Brooks, Harrison, Gibson, Strickland, Terry, Pierce, Stewart, Hitt, Douglas; FOURTH ROW: Clarkson, Haws, Moore, Jones. .- " ,:■..•• - .- , K 1 B I r r a l .. ' v. Adams, Anderson, Bates, Boling, Brown, Bryan, Buchanan, Buford, Carwile, Casey, Cauthen, Cauthen, Emerson, Farr, Foster, Garner, Harrison, Jamison, Jordon, Lipscomb, Little, Malcom, Malone, McCul- lough, McKibben, Musick, Parker, Parmer, Pitts, Prince, Pugh, Ramsey, Sanders, Saturday, Strickland, Stringer, Shipp, Thompson, White, Williamson, Brooks, Clarkson, Elliott, Frost, Garner, Jones, Mayn- ard, Andrews, Christian, Caughlin, Hart, Jaynes, Lacy, O ' Kelly, Philips, Pryor, Rider, Washburn. This is an organization composed of students majoring in education. The purposes of the club are to develop among young people who are preparing to be teachers an organization which shall be an integral part of state and national education associations, to interest the best young men and women in education as a career, to give teachers in training practical experience in working together in a democratic way on the problems of the profession and the community, and to seek thru the dissemination of infor- mation and higher standards of preparation to bring teacher supply and demand into a reasonable balance. Jo Ann Buford President Barbara Brown Secretary Jeannene Malcolm Vice President Edgar Jameson Treasurer FUTURE TEACHERS of AMERICA 7MJLM. ZETA SIGMA PI The club made up of students interested in the social, economic and political sciences is responsib! for inter-mural and inter-collegiate debating. The motto for which Zeta Sigma Pi stands— " Investiga- tion, Discussion, Action " — fully explains the purpose of the club. The programs deal with current topics of interest through forums, lectures, debates and pictures. Cis Thompson President Jackie Harden Secretary Jerre Fields Vice President Pat Florence Treasurer SFATED- Gallagher Florence Field, Thompson, Harden, Parmer, Jones; STANDING: Elliott, Lips rtcS SSSii Shackelford, Mullins, Brooks, Rawls, Foster, Haws. EL CIRCULO ESPANOL This year El Circalo Es- danol has been studying the neighboring Latin American countries and their culture. Several programs were de- voted to learning Spanish songs and games. William Potts, David Cooley, Reba Rogers, Barbara Reed, Herschel Palmer, Tracy Stallings, R. H. Stallings, R. H. Callior. SEATED: Russell, Thompson, Brown, Florence, Rice, King; STANDING: Tucker, Amos, Ashworth, Craig, Nix, C. Hill, B. Hill, Causby. LE CERCLE FRANCAIS Composed of students in- terested in French life and culture. The main purpose of the club is to help become oetter acquainted with French literature, music, customs, and facts of genera ' interest about France. OFFICERS S. C. King President Pat Florence Vice President Barbara Brown Secretary-Treasurer ALPHA PH OMEGA Alpha Phi Omega is a na- tional service fraternity open to bovs who have been Boy Scouts. The fraternity stresses leadership, friend- ship, and service. Its active service program has earned it a place of leadership local- ly in keeping with its na- tional reputation. OFFICERS Max Prince President Barry Ricketson Secretary Ralph Murchison Treasurer ALPHA PHI OMEGA FIRST ROW: Prince, Ricketson, Allison; SECOND ROW: Craig, Stallings, Brown. FIRST ROW: Cartwright, Moore, Crowley, Huckaba, Gilbert, Holmes; SEC- OND ROW: Jaymes, Reed, Hendricks, Gibbs, Grover, Williams; THIRD ROW: Daniel, Shackelford, Marshall, Holland, McLendon; FOURTH ROW: Arrington, Stallings, Jarrell, Tippett, Wilson; FIFTH ROW: Bonner, Foun- tain. DAY STUDENTS This group is composed of students who do not live on the campus, but commute from Carrollton and sur- rounding areas. The West Georgia College Choir has established a tradition of fine performance and devotion to the ideals of good music. The choir provides opportunities for developing leader- ship in community singing, group singing, and church choir activities. It gives two major concerts each year, and makes trips to high schools, churches, and civic groups throughout the state. CHOIR MEMBERS Bill Allison Robert Auchmuty Margaret Bates Coy Bonner Margie Bonner James Brackett Garnett Britt Dorothy Brogdon George Brown Ralph Brown Joe Ann Buford Geraldine Carroll Zane Chambers David Cooley Rose Craton Elfrieda Dodd Adeline Elliott Carolyn Emerson Pat Florence Pat Flury Rogers Gallagher Sara Ellen Gibson Nanette Gladdin Martha Sue Gordon Billie Ann Groover Jackie Hardin Carole Hart Carla Haws Edith Head Amelia Hitt Jeanette Holmes Joan Hutchens Ronald Jameson Betty Jaynes Guy Johnson Lance Johnson Peggy Jones LaVerne Joyner S. C. King Faye Lanier Joyce Lawhon Christine Lipscomb Richard Logan Bill McLaughlin Dick McCullough Lucrete Marshall Pat Maynard Merrill Moon Ann Moore Emily Moore Ralph Murchison Charlotte Parker Hershel Palmer Jane Phillips Dewel Pitts Joyce Poole Gene Prince Pete Raley Barbara Reed Barry Ricketson Frances Russell Winona Saturday Donald Scoggins Frankie Shugart Carole Smith Tracy Stallings Malry Terry Cis Thompson Reuben Tuck Daniell Watson V. W. Whitfield Robert Williams Garfield Wilson Genna Lee Wilson 59 V. R. A Carolyn Emerson President PETE RALEY Secretary Barbara Brown Vice-President CAROLE SMITH Treasurer All members of the student body are members of the Voluntary Religious Association. The activi- ties of the V. R. A. are guided by the V. R. A. Council, whose members are selected from those interested in spiritual activities on the campus. These students of all denominations sponsor all religious activities on the campus and vespers twice a week. FIRST ROW: Caughlin, Carwile, Alexander, Riden, Wilson, Malcolm, Thomas, Pryor, Terry Andrews, Gibbs, Lloyd, Holmes, Flury. SECOND ROW: Harden, Brogdon, Gordon, Jones, Thompson, Rice, Hutchens, Williamson, Jones, Rymes, Buford, Jaynes, Logan, Gallagher. THIRD ROW: Stewart, Col- quitt, Foster, Bates, Lipscomb, Ramsey, Lacey, Smith, Raley, Gladin, Emerson, Jorden, Brown, Florence, Frost Dodd, Hyde, Phillips, Little, Swinford. FOURTH ROW: Watson, Jarrell, Moure, Amos, Ivey, Prince, Tippett, King. " W " CLUB Men who have been awarded letters in the main sports are eli- gible for membership in the " W " Club. The efforts of this group are to increase participation in sports and school spirit. FIRST ROW: Hyde, Ashworth, Mooris, Allison, Shifflett, Moore. SECOND ROW: Powell, House, Springfield, Alford, Hall, Ricketson, Smith. FIRST ROW: Gibdon Ryimer, Carter, Cox, Jones, Lanier, Joyner, Hogg, Hayes Peete. SECOND ROW: Moore, Groover, Davis, Chastain, Anderson, Holsenback, Chastain, Gibson, Williams, Shugart. THIRD ROW: Mehaffey, Walker, Willis, Bigbie, Salter, Ferguson, Moore, Knight Brown. FOURTH ROW: Raley McLaughlin, Alford, Ricketon, Gallagher. F. B. L. A Future Business Leaders of America is open to any student tak- ing one or more commercial sub- jects. The purpose of the club is to give students an opportunity to study the newest development in the business field, and to learn to appreciate good business ethics. ' ■■A . a « fr " f If " 9m JhP ' ll OFFICERS President .... Peggy Jones Vice-President . . Harry Alford Treasurer . . Vernon Moore • s - i " ' ' " : ,- SEATED- Tuck Thompson, Logan, Florence, Shackelford, Elliott, Colquitt. STANDING: Smith, Brack- ets Marshall, Ashworth, Alexander, Carwile, Stallings, Jones, Brown, McCullough, Saturday, Murchison. The objective of the Press Forum is to stimulate and promote interest in creative writing and to maintain a high standard of journalism at the college. All students interested in writing and journalism are eligible for membership. " The Quill ' , published annually by the members, contains original short stories, poems, and essays submitted by students. A Pat Florence President Ross Shackelford Vice President Richard Logan Secretary-Treasurer PRESS F ( 62 FORUM MU ZETA ALPHA ««r ;«» : A Richard Logan President ■ :: ■■ " Carla Haws Secretary-Treasurer Mu Zeta Alpha is an honorary science society open to all students interested in science and what is being done in science today. The chief objective of the club is to promote interest in scientific fields. Cis Thompson Geraldine Carroll Peggy Jones Jeannene Rymer Carole Smith Evelyn Rudd Frankie Shugart Joy Pryor DORMITORY COUNCILS MANDEVILLE HALL Sara Jordan Barbara Brown Betty Hayes Nanette Gladin 64 HAMM Pete Raley Bill McLaughlin Vernon Moore STORMS Ross Shackelford Glenn Anderson V. W. Whitfield iHHHHHHHIiHfiHHEfflHP if iff THE BRAVES THE 1950 SCHEDULE Gordon 19 St. Bernard 6 Middle Georgia 19 Tennessee Weslyn .... 20 Marion Inst 32 Hiawassee 9 St. Bernard 19 St. Bernard 7 West Georgia 7 West Georgia West Georgia 13 West Georgia 21 West Georgia 6 West Georgia West Georgia 6 West Georgia 6 I Jack Powell, Wendell Springfield, Harold Smith, Gaines Wilbanks, Bill Allison, Harold Spraggins, Dan Astin, Billy Haynes, Billy Johnson, Donald Scoggins, Joe Shifflett, Jack Morris, Jim Ellis, Bill, Hall, Phillip Sharpe, Bob Fowler, Gene Ruark, Marvin Newsome, Robert Trotter, Tommy Pike, J. W. Green? wood, Dave Brown, Carl Watts, Roy Harrell, Eddie Allgood, Billy Hayes. CO-CAPTAINS Jack Morris Bill Hall MANAGER Arlic Hitt 68 " OUR BRAVES ' 69 i { FIRST ROW: Barry Ricketson, Joe McKelvey, Norris Garrett, Charles Smith, Willie Self. SECOND ROW: Harry Alford, Charles Loggins, Gene Rachels, Henry Lee Rogers, .Jimmy Matthews, Mgr. BASKETBALL SCHEDULE G. M. A 61 Middle Georgia 65 A. B. A. C 52 Middle Georgia 72 Armstrong 72 G. M. A 46 Gordon 45 Marion 71 A. B. A. C 82 Armstrong 35 Gordon 53 Southern Tech 106 Tennessee Weslyn .... 80 West Georgia 67 West Georgia 46 West Georgia 69 West Georgia 71 West Georgia 42 West Georgia 69 West Georgia ...... 42 West Georgia 66 West Georgia 71 West Georgia 55 West Georgia 61 West Georgia 64 West Georgia 64 70 CHEERLEADERS The cheerleaders, through their pep and support, have made the football and basketball games complete. Faye Lanier, Dick McCullough, Joyce Lawhon, Evelyn Rudd, Joy Pryor, Geraldine Carroll, Jenna Lee Wilson. WOMEN ' S ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION Composed of all women on the West Georgia Campus, and offers chances to participate in all types of athletics. Each year the associa- tion awards points to girls taking parts in each phase of the campus athletics. PRESIDENT, Frankie Shugart; VICE PRESIDENT, Jane Phillips; SECRETARY, Joan Hutchens; RECORDING SECRETARY, Cis Thompson; (NOT PICTURED) Amelia Hitt. ARCHERY SOFTBALL ;. ■ - VOLLEYBALL GOLF TENNIS r» W ' % l i • ' . ' » MR. and MISS WEST GEORGIA Bill Allison Cis Thompson SUPERLATIVES 78 Joe Ann Buford MISS HOMECOMING Joyce Lawhon SUPERLATIVES 80 I Jack Morris Frankie Shugart L Jake Jarrell A, V. W. Whitfield Peggy Jones S. C. King J ' i JEAN PLANT MAY QUEEN 84 ST n ° s l Compliments of |f TASTY GRILL I THE GREEN FRONT j I S 1 I + 8 | 8 Dixie Street | y Bradley Street Phone 387 ° 8 Carrollton, Georgia ° 5 1 5 V " w n r, : n n Q n n rw - n, Q V V w n n r r n rw n r n w w »QC - 7 « » r o r n o r ft " ' n o r n irw n rw vr w v n s n n — -sn — n ■ — n vr n » . | | | MARTIN FUNERAL HOME | u ° AMBULANCE SERVICE FUNERAL DIRECTORS y PHONE 1121 8 o 14 West Center Street o CARROLLTON, GEORGIA o o Agency 404, Family Fund Insurance Co. jj o I o frO- = c g Compliments of MERRELL and COMPANY M c G I E ' S I H Lad,es ' R - to - Wear jj » i shoes D BAKERY 8 I Carrollton Georgia 8 i ■ J !_=_ __ J 86 0C= 0C 0C:=30CZI30 =O0C 0 =30C=30 ==0C==0 Z 0 =O0C=D0 =30C 0C 0C= 0 0 == 0C= 0C= 0 ==30 =D0C= = u 8 i GRIFFIN ' S 8 DEPARTMENT STORE 5 and 10c BASEMENT l 2 % We Appreciate Your Business y jj 8 1899 — : :— 1951 ! MOORE ' S JEWELRY | | c w, of f Diamonds Watches | | U jj Stor and Gifts jj jj LAf JJR HOSIERY MILLS I 1 Cash or Credit jj I Carrollton, Georgia » Phone 1025 i 8 I = = J [ = = = _____] I MAPLE STREET SODA SHOP | y ° DELICIOUS SANDWICHES and FOUNTAIN SPECIALTIES o 8 jj PHONE 984-M J o n jj 5 n COMPLIMENTS OF | ! WEST GEORGIA COLLEGE f ! BOOK STORE I n 87 r™ EMPIRE 5-10-25C STORES " SHOP OUR STORES OFTEN " Carrollton,, Ga. Villa Rica, Ga. Tallapoosa, Ga. Bremen, Ga. n u tx u When in Carrollton Visit Jones Shoe Shop Always the Best Materials Used And the Best Workmanship n n n 8 s Southland Ice Co. o ° Manufacturers of n PURE CRYSTAL ICE HIGH GRADE COAL Phone 216 n a n oc7 Hotel Carrollton WEST GEORGIA ' S FINEST r oc Q " Q Q Q vw 3QI n. -,, ,r- Carrollton, Georgia n f Mather Furniture Co. " Good and, Bad " FURNITURE— APPLIANCES liberal terms Phone 1411 12 Bradley St. Carrollton, Ga. n (pot u DEPOSIT AND DO BUSINESS WITH THE PEOPLES BANK Carrollton, Georgia We Appreciate Your Business Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (i= o 88 o =do = oc= oc=oc= o o = : c r?o o S o n | Young ' s Drive-ln | j JONES DRUG CO. f ■■Barbecue Our Specialty " jj c - B - I ONES c - D - Carter (j 2 On Prescription Druggists Walter New Walter Thomason Stella Hendrix Nell Riggs o Q: 172 Maple Street Phone 9142 CARROLLTON, GEORGIA CARROLTON, GEORGIA !! FOR THE PAUSE THAT REFRESHES .... " Have " " " a Coke ' (T 0 =30 ' Bottled Under Authority of The Coca-Colo Company b» CARROLLTON, GEORGIA We Appreciate Your Business WEST GEORGIA NATIONAL BANK — Member — FEDERAL RESERVE BANK FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION The Friendly Understanding National Bank oc n) O OCTOO =30C30CrDOC= OC OCZDOCZ OCZ30C=30C=30C=)OCZ)OC30CnOCDO 89 ' " ' n« " ' .r. (p Compliments of NU-IDEAL LAUNDRY AND DRY CLEANING 39 Bradley Street A. W. Ford, Prop. Carrollton, Ga. Phone 1903 Southeastern Motor Lines, Inc. Safe Comfortable Motor Coach Transportation 3 C o u n ocV " " r»— p n IOC — Q " 0 n - x 1 p 2 o Qa U FOLSOM ' S DRESS SHOPPE Exclusive Ladies ' Ready-to-Wear Carlyle, Minx Modes, Doris Dodson Junior Dresses — • " Q Ol " Q " " " " n S) vw - tn n vn n n« rw - - n S) Consistent Savings Courteous Service Complete Satisfaction 26 Adamson Square 1 Carrollton, Georgia ia " " o o o !• " " o " ■ " o o y Compliments of o jj jj CARROLLTON HARDWARE [j I i company i n a On the Square Phone 74 n ° o Mr. W. W. Baskin Mrs. I. C. Loftin 2 cJ B Qi .n. n , , n , n . n n n , n n r - " 7 90 , ??■ — " rrrr " ' ■ " ■ ■ " ' ■ " ■ " " " • " " ■ " ■ " ' ' " ■ " " " »• — o o " ■ " " " n ■ " n n " " ! GRIFFIN-NEW PHARMACY j 5 WMZ.GREEN AGENCY 8 8 5 yo r Corner Drug Store O A 8 Phone 1177 ° 8 CARROLLTON -:- GEORGIA J o Compliments of n 8 5 I DIXIE CLEANERS f 8 8 J 94 Maple Street U Carrolltcn, Georgia y L » =_=— _=___ J n y Compliments of ° W LBS I 1100 KC 250 Watts | o n r J. B. WARREN, INC. Serving West Georgia Ads ' General Electric and Youngstown Dealer for 13 Years i 8 n n n n n n n n n o o o o o ck r» n n r n o n o - o - 91 .p ' S) Compliments of Carroll and Playhouse Theaters BURNS PARTS CO. ' ' Auto Parts and Equipment " Phone 1133- 1134 Maple at South Park Street CARROLLTON, GEORGIA Q: Q: O OQOCZDO OaO OC OC oo D (T Compliments of C. M. TANNER GROCERY CO. WHOLESALE GROCERIES 01 o o " " • (? Almon-Bibb Funeral Home Ambulance Service PHONE 1200 Liberty National Life Insurance " No Age Limit " g D. L. BONNER P. T. REID S (? | Martha-Ann Shop o ! ; Formerly ;• MOORE ' S LADIES ' READY-TO-WEAR ; On the Square U You Are Invited to Come for Style o II and Quality at Reasonable Prices ° Mrs. Ann Mandeville, Prop. 0- 0- 92 1III1ALS of DISTINCTION !OW»Cv| y cF $ it y? $ $+ Decatur, Georgia i " ■, T i nrm

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