University of West Georgia - Chieftain Yearbook (Carrollton, GA)

 - Class of 1948

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University of West Georgia - Chieftain Yearbook (Carrollton, GA) online yearbook collection, 1948 Edition, Cover

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" i' C. 1. -La-" -2- K - ,g"'2. Q .., . . Q 29,0 - Q V1 Nga: ., .22:1V'if.-:2s.a1.!Q.KSe- - VVV. V. I. .ay VV we' V. -:V-V-1 .V :V'.2..f '9 V' NV: , 'V- .,-VV,V an V 11 3 ..f 5 Q,.,y,,3.V.V AQ. V:VQ. , ,V V- -2.2. , V . .:f'.:5'2:2- .V ' ": 2- V - ' -.V-1 -1' 'I ff WH, V V' V V -1- K ' L . if me . ' . VV 5 ' 1:5 15" "' ff x 5 we 9 - fe" M Z' ,V f QfjQ:j ai VQIQQ . n g Q7 Q 3555 ..- VQ QQQ -V QQ: V A 32-X., 32 2, 'FA ' 1? .mffg .Af r . . . . V ja QQ., .,Q , f ,gf fw ' VVYM, ' iv Q , QvV.,- Q ig, Q , Lk k. Z1 :H Q if Y WV A "T VV V' .F E Vx. , 1' Q ., Q. 1-my 'te X. . 1 r 0- 95 Q . W... ' .. .wa .,..,.,,,,,w, Q 5 '--V, ,MQQQQQQQ Q QQQQ Q MV Q ,WV Q K.. ,V " . ., Vw . .rw M W VKQQtQi?QQQQQ35F,?iQ.w Q .V,. , , '1 his XFN? 'xi V. 0, . . .. ..-V I fx . Vga1fiV.,,Q .. , V ,Q-VIM. -.j,ww. , .Y A . ' ' if f'5'3w!'av"' 1" ' V 41 l V fmlx: f ' " V . Qapij-'wl .V V ,391-Q . V. V Q I' W Q ,V . . Fx ,L , ' - , x ' A " 4 -' ' .Vw ' ,Vw K . W ' , ' W'4wfV,- . :V ,ff 4 la" 'fix ' .-M,-ya 'A K . ' , fge.-.Q -V ,Q . .-M., 'Wg fm Y. -. 4 V 'V V' 4, 'H --K 5' ' 'V " V -' - - . -V ' '. ' V. X - - 0. - ' w x 'V " 'X Q W . -' i . JV' FX - -f5f?r.VVV 11 fz' Q.. v V .. ,. VV fy 4 - iw , ' ' X., - ' ..., -' - , .Q - V ' - . -V ' QQ QQQVQ QQWQQ fQ .,,.. Q ,im if , Q 5 wffffw Y . .fx wf A V ,,,. My Q 'gg af W F. o V Q 5 in Mn' fn: Q M . ..,..... Q Q AQ .Q .Q ,. Q QQ I Q , 4 V. 1 .. A, ff, QQ Q .- ,,,,,..z. y A 3194- f . S, an x 5 V6 M1 ' ---4. V, 4 ' ff Q V fn W, - -- b, 5, VAWQ, , , ,aaifvl . 5 . -Q, V V .V 6 .Q . QQ V limp, Q, .A,. A..uQ'?5.Q, ., ., N .. f f-,Q 'WMM A 1.1,- ,,Vw X " V A f V -V. A ,' ' ' Q : QQQ:QQQQ2wQQQ,3 ,Qs QQ QQ Q -E' - QQ ' w Q Rx W . .1 .ek " .9 N VQ U ' V V ' , ,QQ .f ,. Q V . .5 N3 - jjqsy Q V ,X . ...AMMMQ .QM QWQQ Nw Q Q Q Q . ., V . . Q ' RV . . V- V Q.. QQ V. .Q QQ QQ Q Q Q Q. .aiw ..f., W xy ., ws .Q Q .Q 3 '--J:-'fl'Q22-1."T-.'2-33215215-EL.:2:,,5'V4M,: wx'-2 Q ,wwwmfm V- V Q, 1 - ""' . V' "" . .V Q 46 5' WSWV " -. .... .. we ' . ....... . ,V 1 15. .:- -V -.,13g,:f-5..Vp. .... . . Q., A V . .. ' A .. A ' ,.,.,, . " ,.' rg ,.,-.g.',,g:gV., 25.5,-,...,.,. 'N' -'-'f 1 -2142:-51 ,. ', -:f:'E- ' . -V1:,s4a:2'VfgSSi'26wf':V.w'i-f. ,. ' ' q.g'K'W. :f '..i.., ,..,.LeV..:. .... - ...-.V. - ...V -1 ...V ,.... ..... . ------ 1 -V.V-VV:-1---...QV - .-.V V V,.- , Q Q Q V.V.V.Vf...V:t:f4V- VV.. - -- - . wmwvv-wQQf9g,,V V- - 2 4-51'9zw . , . , a -:E:1":..:-- ,j-"'VfmVVf..:s5:...?g..:,.:' , V V Q , - J ,. -f'f.V.,. .1 w -'-- . . V , " .... . V . , V ' ? --V- ' VV . -V .,.. . gfe, 3 x -- -t' ff . .v .- . . . .. V, . , - ' ,. , . SMP? V A ,. y. ., -- -V .4 . .-:fQ.,.-VW-us.' .EQ WMWWV wMW...,,.,W,5mf3MQ . .. V V ,. .S V 2 , Y I . T I1 93 TT E E E! S! 1. :Q QI If ga ,Fl .n pr E5 u H H .. ze H Q! ,qi 5: 2.3 21 2 4: ,ee 'EE Iii V? E: ,: ii fs Ei . 5 fl .. E! EE zz 3: 52 gr Ei g. ., Zi il Z! ... A-1 VEC 135 .f ff! c: . 'a E. E . 'e 53 E: n. S3 .I I5 .I . li rn :- 5 5 X I I-.1 i . N C fb f 2 ff 9' IA-qi" Presenting THE CHIEFTAIN of West Georgia College, published in the year of our Lord, nine- teen hundred and forty-eight, by the students, under the direction of Bill Anthony and Betty Bettis, Editors, and Joyce Jones, Business Manager. u"-f..4."f' W 'W' Cm U . ef Lv , C h vxff ' I' rl gr ,dnl f.-Q I F vs F 1 I' , go, Al N f I 1 + 4 W vowmxa xv ,l West georgia College, Garrollton, georgia , if ,, Us if I" hfi f N Y H- f M in ' E ' fd A33 . .fAA 1. .QR 5 Z, ,s f ' I ' X, A , Q lzlll " if f- 'ff' 1 . 1 :?' 's f .ff f,,' ,W f, f Q-Q.. f-,W . ff , .11 , 5 , 23: A ' 'al ,V ,1 14- A 0612, mf 'iv' 'CMS 1 A at lv' V 7 ,if rp 4, QDLKA- if 4, 'K 'I V ! ,qv VQLIM 5. ,R ff JW Q, A 4' , gift? .fly Q ft, , " ,t' FOREWORD Herein--between these covers is presented a rec- ord of a year at West Georgia College, a record of moments of pleasure, moments of work, moments of doubt, and best of all-moments of supreme satisfaction gained through the effort that We as students have put forth. Let this book be like an old friend-one that can in the future tell you of those Wonderful days at West Georgia College. 4 CAMPUS and CAMPUS I.IlfI1 TIIIS IS A RECORD OF: CAMPUS and CAMPUS LIFE PERSONALITIES ADMINISTRATION CLASSES ORGANIZATIONS ATHLETICS CONTRIBUTORS ALL THIS AND MUCI'-I MORE 4 , I. PIZ R SONALITIICS ADMINISTRATION 1' CLASSES ATI II.I TILES S3533 ORGANIZATIONS if 5 - Q A wwf-0-sun-.A p 4 n .,l p , .. ,.,, , QE EDIToIas Bl.'I"l'lS, ANTIIoNx' and HAY at work. Lf? '13 I .lx I Q ' I, ' X is tm A Ia- -Q A I I, Q, ck N? il W Ti-IE J-IIEFTP llx Classes cut, sleep and friends lost, decisions tl make, grades in ll spin, eompulsology missed-thes nrethe things we fought. But on our side was th hope that each of you would be pleased with THI Cllll-lI4"I'AIN for '48, There were so many who contributed to mak this book L1 success-Mr. Adams, our faculty advisor Mr. Gnspnr, our photogrnpherg Mr. Wfnllnee, our ar ndvisorg Johnny Long, publisherg and all those whi contributed snaps and advice-all these and mnnj others helped to mnlie this book possible. Cox I. xxsox filill I IN l5Bl Il XYVNIKI I I Bkoc K llOliULjf,IIS HISIIIQ AIONI-s STP FF BILL ANTHONY . .... Editor ,, Bl-l'I"I'YB1I'l'TIS. . . . . . . . Axmoviutv Editor Cl'IAli1-ES Cox AND CONRAD LARSON . . Editors of Campus ami Caniflzis Lift' POLLY GRII-'1-'IN . . ........ Pvrxozzizlitivx Editor LIACKII-I ISBIELL . . Aziministmtion Editor KIAQKIE HAY . .... Sojzbomon' Claxs Editor En BROCK ..... . Associati' Sopbomori' Cluxx Editor FRANCES BOROUGHS . ..... Frmbniun Claxx Editor Nl'.l.I.k1 HES'I'lilK . . . Asxoriati' F7'L'Sl1JHIdl1 Class Editor POLLY JONI-QS . ..... junior Class Editor Hmmm md VIONLS NAN CLIATT ............ Orgunirzution Editor ELVA BAKER, LIANIE PLEASA NTS . Axxoriatu Orgruzization Editors xx FRANK RUSHTON, BETTY ANN HARDIN .... Sportx Editors .J DAN MCRAIZ, SOLON XVAR1-', AND Qs' MARY ROBIiR'l'S ....... . Plvotogrufnlay Editorx EVURETT MCKIISISEN . .... Art Editor X JOYCE JONES ............. Buxinrxx Managw' xy CITARLCIE HOLMS, LOVELI, ROBERTS . Axxt. Bzisinvxx Muziagvrx -J X Lx' Y! MAliCiARIiT CQOOIJSON ...... ....... T yjwixt T' , ,L N H , Q X Q K X 6 H -1. Q I X fc., 1 ,ft S BART R I'11As.-xNTS RLSHTON HAIRIJIN MCRAT Rom-.RTS MLKTITREN ROBERTS CIOODSON DEDICATED to Cgdor his sincere service to tlze college and to tlze stuclents. 9 U 3 C A M w ? Z i 2 i :Jus E 1 vdfavww-wp-m..,,.,,..w.M,h qmgawwyvw, Q,'.aokW"' avgwvmam fu M, QMMQA f A Q-J.9"".A-f . ...fv9w yn., A 4 ' 'yr ' ,,. sf if 2 Ng,,a.ifZ:f JA? 512 g,g5"'f'fv'z' 757 g as it Q f 'Gif ' g, ww, A ,RA M :wr X F -. Q 4 4 3' 'V vga? H04 'max 9 gf W' .9 P H A as 'K 1 lr, SANFORD LIBRAR Y if ff kj 'W 2.5 al i' f f ix U Q, 5 I :HI W -"-332 Q L A C ' to is , 6 Q fl V t Q ' ' .--ff f-.1 fx-L - X fl AN Z Q N-1 xgxox PYN k Oxx 0141:-G S W 1 1 Q MZ M71-4-nl ' IX 1 JM Wh I -1 .'m 'g xqf ,MX 'B Wu img GN A u -1 Q x""gSEv2:v X' N L N 4 ' Km as Wi J X N 99. 1 fl' fa xx' www V I EAR ff X h x' , . ' X 4 X , K , M 5 Q ft' -LA-.T..-, N M '11 mgwmx 'uk -xy v nl ,'mL?iSwx,.,N:3gfjy ill k , V1 MANDEVILLE HALL 40 Q 6 vX.3M 1 sw 1 F - 1 1 Q21 A ' A f' - N1 QU A ' ll - uma if H X ,,:' I-1311.-i1':'2-if-:sawn ,Vw C A "'zJf2?f7 - fi 'P W1 . If Z 'f"'! .' ' X , ' Z1 fi:'S-3""': ' f T1,lt Q 2 Q SQ QV X f 'IN ,M " fV'l 'I e"'J w, Us QEWEQ M55 ,5 51-- iz-lam Q,?.JL 5 'BV ""' , " J w" 'VNN iw . MMR lf ff -N. . kv . A N 3 K MVNA' x .4 + A K , if . 1 M41 'M NN . , NNN H , H ' N. A K .Navy ,h ff M, A y A -Urs-'-M-,Ituwwqwwwg . v W- A, W' W -..,,..-. ww- A X,,L MELSUN HALL RURAL ARTS -+..N ,, ? -4-'Q--' i L l- lg -Q v Y' qu: A Y 1 9:2 ' 1 " ml-' Tig:-gi, t , l 1 Q Y - T. l ' ,- ' N ," 1' 1 - 5 ' ' ' Y , F ' I- 3' 'D , ...w . I . S ' ' ' ' IF- 1 C Z xx If " y - ' K 1,1 .Ya .!'4!Fi.f' T : . -Fgfi, l"' ff'-Qi wi- ' 23 ,, l , ' 'la ii I -lfgiv E ' , , . 4 ' ' ' ., " I r -4' " . ' , ' ' '-i.-V " x .pa 4 ii ' N . gal ' .K i ADAMSON AN D ADMINISTRATION BORDERS, HAMM, STOR MS BARRACKS NES' GEF 'QQ A BUILDS Here is the architcct's conception of what is coming to our campus. In the future, this building-a boys' dormi tory-is to be erected on the campus below the library. 19 .,.. . qw, fi-IE Ri-X REVIEW! Pick on someone your size. Better smile while you con. V 49th" cout of point. Q Well-dressed. to .te O wwe' 5 YJXYOY YQU i V Wei! coniff wie? Qef ou, of th "Ii s Honor .Q- presides Gqfhering f 2 aww, O 1 'M r Court. ,mini 'QM 'gif E 3 ?i s E i i SLN .,.,,. S . 9,5 P If 2 i f E E s Q 3 ,S X., 5 mtevesk' . ww E is S Q Jw . ' 'lax 1. i s E E s S Qfgflfrh o f else! A dog's llfe. he X105 X Who ,A ff WV Q: an 2 ? -.x. , if A q .5 Gxmxo! 2 gf LIFE VN 'li-IE i-IILL K0 5 Q 5 gm t u'-ed 3 3 i C5 'W Tough Us - X.A. M, , W . The old! Q! 0 Murine. i gsm' ii QS Do you think that will help? 'Q She used to be slick. WWW, if' This IS it. f Home still oin't who t it used to Y my 5 l E X 15 5 1 3 1? ii it E Secret meeting' Sometimes we REST. W' gl S seCI'e lf' X- M so MI w I' how 'ff"'lllK s gg Y X wonde r Whois kissinfi her she 901- here ' That Pepsodent SMI S ' xx We Q, NUQ wnth both "1 ,Another secret meeting. W 4 W - - . A .,e.M..t-Ne....wW,w,.Nv ,..,.,,..,,,,.:, The gm CAMPI S 'L W SCENES POSe 1-hm, r effeshesl 1 Iggy? l Turn to page twenty mne Wh Ut! Again! The Gtell t Snow Ol '03- Mute .lee ..,,u,,x,. Beats mel Love letters Pleasant smile. ,.,...-- Heove Ho the Vmud pf 000- La petite. me KST' AMMNM sp' 7 ui on 0 dy? ee mf' HST' W' xtf Brom vs Brown 4 uibv tEverything stops for tea. Mummcrlus humanus. Who believes in signs? PL EA 35 N0 iwsmnsst PFRM!SSi0Ns mf? CL QESE ts.5 FFlC-ra IGHT W XM X Wx A Life is such u bore. Mother Shunn lfozy, nsn't af? Sometimes we eat. Ar The domestic type. Even the best must rest. "glib Take two--they're small. Legs fog spare, EW' MEM "The New Look--a a QE lfili in as There's a Ford in your fufure V Q 5 Q' Gw2w:MymMf,,,,9,g6g::, Tippin' we if My Carolyn and fnend ,W gust can t stay away. f ' . -88955349 I --as from fo new 3 ., AT 2 "ixQl-Flilii ki They grow 'em big ot Clem. R 4 ef - ee W - - V 5 l : Q 7 Mb- ,. no , . , . . aP"3"w-B12 Hugh on 0 wrndy hull. QT' . ' . , li iw l 8 r . e E5 Q 5 ".'?,'l,, 3 Q I L 5 VJ? """"""' 2 f 5 e "'-fs 5 5 1 , ,,,. , , or Three of u kind. You gotta be o football heros .. V M YN S And there I was! Reflection. J' 'IUQKHQW 4 ? N-as "nf, Ing ws, fo Abbott and Costelles Vofe. MUD ,251 Hs his sister. Twunkle Toes Cram' W' 'Zim Q T um to Page tw BBW ,four I w Q Q ...S . , ,,,AxT , s Q - L Lge , wi-laR:s'ri-112, i I' ' YN rlnf Rl lo A I ggi lr High-tone snobs Oh, Rob, lm so an love wlth you. "l'm going to fight you, Marshall." M f f I-arf? ' A-A l'm not gonna take this! Qh, excuse me! 550509 T5 3 'Nw-., Wright 1 2 3 Hyatt Ci-IE Polly Jones, Capfcnn st-Y 'L 5' ff A ..,. . .. .5 5.1, .1 25. A L Rcdclaff A A, 5 r 5 CP1, els ll EA DERS 5 5 5 2 Q 3 3 Hqfdfn 3 Q 3 ? W . Davis ,, ' - 4 i ? 2 E FX' 1 f .ff X Z! Z , xg Jwv, 136, ,Eff In ,gf A NILL1. CLARK 7721.88 West georgia mz'ss gfomecoming JUNE BROQMIQ lmxnglis Bououcn is eauties rw 'KF' R1-cilxm 1XlllsON Nxx C11 In I 5 JOYCE KINN1aY NDA B eauties ww A NAM. ?i5'xa3?gW,st .. IJRANQIQS Bokouc ns CS3Of9lLO47'lOI'Q HARL Durfniv Nl'.I.l. CLARK uperla tives POLLY GRIl1'FIN SOLQN WARE 10 NE ekoo fl x HIRAM BRAY www . Q , Of9!ZOfl'LOI'Q PAT JACKSON rw" NAN CLIATT uperfa tives BILL ANTHONY MARGARET ANN CHURCH ED BROCK N I C Q 'r Ffa e325 I' :Gi " ff- K ' A we-X , .91 .,.,. w w- num- , 45.1.1 L K , ...x sm. " ' Wifi ,afffwg 1 " ' 5" M W 45 I. S. INGRAM, M.A. L. E. ROBERTS, PH.D. Dean Professor of Social Sciences l'1'r'sia'v11f KATIE DOWNS, M.A. Registrar Assistant Professor of Education 'I' i-I ORA LEE I'iOXY"ARD, M.A. PAUL PETI:RS1fN, 13.5. HORACE ACKLIN Dean of Wonzwi Davin of Mtyll C07lIf7fl'O11l'I' Hostess to Meison Asst. Professor of Biology Asst. Professor of Psychology JOHN OLIVER, M.A. RUBY JI-NKINS, M.S., H.E. GRAQ1-1 TIETNIIZ, M.A. Assistant Professor of Social Assistant Professor and Director Assistant Professor of Sciences of Home Economics Education FF CULT Y W. H. Row, M.A. GEORGE C. S. ADAMS, M.A. MARIE CAMPBELL, M.A. Professor, Chairman, Division of Assistant Professor of Romance Assistant Professor of Languages, Literature and Art Languages English Ti-'F C. K. Bououcsus, M.A. JANE NVQODRUIAF, M.S., Music HLVGH WALLACE, B.A. Assistant Professor of English Assistant Professor of Music Assistant Professor of Art 48 I- MARION CRIDLLR, B.S., M.A. M. E. MAXWI4lLL, M.A. BROOKS PITTMAN, A.B. Assistant Professor of Assistant Professor of Assistant Professor of Physics Mathematics Chemistry and Mathematics FA CULT Y ROBERT TILLMAN, BS.T.E. EARL M. VVHIEBY, B.S. RUTH Srukols, M.S. Engr., Drg. and Math. Physical Education for Men Assistant Professor of Physical Ed and Director of Physical Ed. for Women 49 DORA Pl-.Ii'I'I-, M.A. Ro1si,k'I'A G1iasON, M.A. ANN1i-. BIQLLI- XY"KAVl'li, Mks. EDNA L. Hmuus Assistant Prof. of Commerce Instructor of Commerce A.B.I..S. Assistant Librarian Librarian Trl! MRS. Gui' SHANNON Mus. MAUDI1 Aisiaori Mks. Ni-LL R111-vis Mas. ILA WILLIAN Assistant Dean of XVomen. Hostess to Mgimleville Hostess to Men College Store In Charge of Housing, Hostess to Adamson 50 KATHUUNE HARRINGTON LOUISI-, I-IUGHIIQ Mus. MARY CiOPEI.ANU AMMON YATIQS B.S.H.E. Assistant Dietician Secretary to Dean and Superintendent of Buildings Dietician Assistant Registrar and Grounds CULT! KA'I'ill1IxlN1-1 Bkoeii MRS. NIAISLE RADQLII-1-' Mas. HAROLD Boamgxs MRS. Evl-1l.x'N OZMI4,N'I' Cashier Bookkeeper Secretary to President Sec. to Dean and Registrar 51 3 1 1' eg , . 'S ' ' 'HL .1 ff I ,A ' -I 2 1 - ,?357qiiL5:gmW,, . , 1 E, f-fa vf '- . :. , X 1' -' fr 45 iwrfw -1 . . iii f QQRILQE5 wwf H 5: ,,:iW,5?Ei,iQ5EgxmM . fb-w1QsYf2i Nmzfalbs ' ':. yu ,www fzwwf-1 Q wg l www ' C L I I' rs G!Cl.S'.S' If-XRL DUT'lI-.X', Slzzrlrrzl Rmlg Prm RI1r.1NA AI,I.1soN ANN AILLN Brookhaven. Gu. Summerville, Ga. Choir Doucuxs BAKI-R XYIRA -Io B,1.I.I,1,xx LaFayette, Ga. Marietta. Gu. V. R. A. Choir MINI! BILI. AN'I'HONX' In Grange. Ga. liflitnr, CHlLrfT.uN: Sjmrh lfflifnr, NVEST Glo1u.1.xN NIARIIORIE Bunn 1: Adairsville, Ga. -IOHN ALQIKIQI. Calhoun, Gm. A. P. O., 4-H, V. R. A. FIAZLL Aucock Monroe, Gu. In mlunl Sjmnixlw Club, V. 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B111 15111111 l..lGfLll1gC, Ga. 11111 l'lll'lHII, I71'fmHl1g 'Ilwllll G1 111u.l.1x H1 Nil luv 151111 111111 111111 11 ci.-XRNI lk l'1'l'111ll'l1l Sllflfl0l710V4' 1ff1l.1,1 .Sl'l'1'l'l.1l'1 Suj1f11m1ul'l' fffllll l1IR.KNi lilmx' Hzrgansvlllu, GJ. Pr1',1i1fl'l1f S0j1f1nl1ln1'l' ffl1l.1.1g A. I'. O. I.U'l lll.11 l5111l1c.xl.1x Ci1'ii'H11, G11. 1, l'.O., I'1'l'11 l'vUl'IIHl, Hn Zrfu .xlflfld Hula SMIIH lim I1 ml 111 SUIIIIOIIIUVA' Cluxx Euc1aN1f lixmuc Cednrtown, Gu. JEAN BU1.1.,um Camilla, Ga. 4-H, lf, T. A. R0lil'Il'I' IBKIDGLS Ncwngxn, Ga. L,xxwoN B1ao.xDxx'1Lh llalton, Ga. I.lfoN Buoolis Cumming, Gu. Slmuixlw Club .lon BURCL1 Lindnlc, Ga. liMNlADl4ANl4 BRISON Lycrly, Ga. F. T. A., 4-H, Alpha I jon lSko,x11xxnx'1'LR Roupville, Ga. Vrlwfzrzx' Club, A. P. Vic'f'-Plvxixlvrrf Mull' D, Sfll!,l'Ilf3 JUNI1 lixoomli Menlo, Ga. Clwoir ARTHUR CAGLE Canton, Ga. . wk S Y X Q M E Q: ju N 11 CANADAY Atlgmtgx, Gu. Nl.I,I. 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Choir Marshallvillc, Ga. Mnysvillc, Ga. CLlIfyVlllC G A. P. O. F. T. A. F T A ClmR1,I,S THXX'1..'XAI' Rockmart, Ga. L. A. ToI.I.EsoN ,I4LlllQ'lP00Sfl, Ga. Sjmuixfr Club, Mu Zrlu Aljwfm GEORGE TOLBhR'l' Rome, Ga. A. P. O. HORACE TRAYLOR Carrollton, Ga. GRENGA and Bocas XVYNA W'A'1:,oN Tl1o1nastu11, Ga. SA11 A W111 l"I 1110111- Oakman, Ga. K4jy.1' 111111 Cum f-egg A1 111 RT TUNll,IN Madisun. Ga. .lu AN N XXIAIYSXXXORI ll Rome, Ga. I V. R. A. lxN1 XY111111111111 9111111111 WK1 1 us XVII 1 m 111 W1 1411 0111101 1 N w'lII'lI Rulnc, Cm. ,lqCHlPlC, 42.1. Forest Park, Gu. V. li. A. AUDRI V XVII 1 mms 'l'A1M.x1m1,1 Woo1m1AN 1.11111 s XV11 kms Dalum, CLA, Puwdcr Springs. Ga. fX1.11'ic1l11. CLI. S1'1'1'1'l1l1',1 fUj1f111 Pai, 4-II, A.1'.O. F. T. A. ,...-om.. W BVIIX TURNIR lluwcy Row, Ga. Aljrfur P11 Iiunln XXY11 11,1xx I,.1v11111.1, Cm. XV11x11x XXVIIIII SLll11l11L'FViIlC, Gu. I". 'l', A. l,. nl. Wmulms, -I11. CWIHYULIII, Un. X'l1'1'fl'1'1'1i1l1'11l V1'l1'1'1111x' C AMIQS L. ROIxI'R'Is LaGrange, Gal. P. O., CIIII-:I 'IAIN FRANCIYS YARIIROUGII Franklin, Ga. LEE BORDIZRQ CIIARIIS BLANRENSHIP ROBIQRT BRADIEN RIENE' C. BUDNO EDWIN CZASIQY WARRIgN D. Co-UCH DUDl.liY CROSSliN MFRRII.l Domus R081-.Kl' DUOOAR DOU!,I.Ai IJYF THOMAS j. FITTS GLORIA GRI-,NOA KELLY GRI-:NGA JOSluI'lI CIRIFIAIITS FRANK GRIN-I'I'II FORRI-SI' HACEAN L. B. H.ARRl-'II HARX'I-X' l'iEARN R. I.. FIIAKN HAROI.l. HIERRIN HIQNRY' G. IHIOILOMBF WIas'I'ON HUIDSON WII.l.IS I'IUl'l- HARLlI.lJ INORAM FRIQD jAc:IcsoN jAMIfs -IALKSON, jR. ERIc1 AIOIINSON FRANK 1l0l.l.IiY CHIASTI R T. QIONFS TVIARIAN LIUNIS LIOIIN F. l.AMLs1'R'1' JOHN H. LANIQ WM. N. I.ANIIfR GIaORr.1. LI'I'TI,E ,IAMFS GOOLSHY TOM MLCOY XVI'ill'X' XVILKINSON josrvu NIYCIURI. MMR TIDWLI.I. JANE WRIlill'l' SOION WARI-Q Guy, Ga. Rome, Gu. W'm,dl-,uryw Ga, PVI'-Viflf"'f W- AA A-I Pn'.mfI'I1i VI'fI'rum' Club, M- xl' YATES C1114-vI'lmzIlI':' CZIIIIIITAIN Griffin, Ga. 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Ru llll Rom nc :wx ci.lI'FkJllIUl'I. UA. Q' NIMH ANN P1 NN Roms, Ga. ISI :Ill Pm new Kmuc, Ga. lin li,x11c21.I1-I' Clnrrullton, Ga. LOUIS! RUBYRISUN Ihmpmn. GJ. C111 .1rr1xll11u11, Ga. lu 11 5.111 1111 All4lI1l.l, lm. Ri111gg11ld, GA. 11111111 R1v1.111s f,UIlI Rm,111a Rllklf7X'ilIC, 1111. l..1x111c 511111 Pl11i111'ilIc, 6.1. Ulm Slswm AIISSI SMIIII C11ll1u1111, 13.1. ,xx 51111111 X15 R.11x111x11 Suu! R1rck111.11'1, Ga. Brumcn. C114 Cf!ClSS O il. I., Ruasox R11111c, 0.1. Vnlax S111 II Sncflxillc, 0.1. .IU1 1,1 SMIIH l.1lciI'1ll'lgC. LL1. Ps Axl IH ll I' S'I.XNl ORD Il.1'11ilton. Ga. Q iv fi 49 SU -In AN A S,xNsnx1 LUUISI, S1 1 ll 111 ll 1 11 CQ1'iH111, GA. D.1lt11n, C 1 LlL.111.1 Sllxlb 151111 SIM Sl11ll1.1111, Ga. Piiw IAIIKC. 1 I 5111111 SMYIII XV11,11.x SMIIII lJ.1ll.1s, Ga. D.1n1cls1'ilIc, 15.11111A11.1 SMAL11 ,ILNI S111111x1 Griffin, Ga. Zcb11l1111, C 1 C1085 O MAIHNIIII SI'III'III'Ns ll,KlIl SIlI'lII'NSiJN MAIIIIIA SICIVXII RIclIl.InCl, CLI. Cl.ll'I'UllI0l1, CLI. licn Hill, CLI, .Inn 'l-IICINIXS RIII xxII VIAIIOXIXN XVII I IXX1 'IIQIIICIII lSI'ImkC, CLI. RIIIIIQ, CLI, C'.II'I'ullImIII, CLI. ANNIIII Tswm Mun ,lu UNIIIIIIIIICIII lNll UIIIIIN lCIIIIIc, GII. M.Iywillc, CQII. llIIclIIII.II'I, Ci.I. SARA VI III I Nxxm XYHIIIII .Inns XX'IIwx XYll1llC l'l.xiIIs, CIII. Rlllggllld, Chl. XY.II'IIcI' Robins. CI.I Y H Sl 49 KIIIIIIAI SUMMIICIIN l'IIIw,x 'lfxIIuI: S.IIIduI'svillc. CLI. XY'lIilcilIIII'g, C lluxxx .II xx 'l'I'I,1,II HII:xIII 'I'LfIIvII W llIIfoI'd, CLI. Iim'lCIII.II'I, CI.I NlAlll.,XIlll V.IIu.II,xx -l.xxIIs VIAI liiluggold, CLI. Rnupvillc. CLI lIiXNlxllN wllllll ,ILNI XYVIIIII I7.Ill.Is. CLI. Xl.II'iclt.I. CI.I l Glass 0 11,9 HAKULD vcr!-flITMAN Bowdon, Ga. M um' XY'l1,1.1.'xMs Summerville, Ga. lAlxI,o'l1 I. W'1l.l.IA Calhoun, Ga. l"l.XRUI.IJ Yaris Ringgold, Ga. QZURTIS VVIGLEY Dallas, Ga. A. L. WHNTLR Puolcr, Ga. 82 t SMITH WILKINS Villn Rica, Ga. ANNIA, WlI.l.IAMS Tryon, Ga. Tm mm Wmrux Poulcr, Ga, Crum :Qs H1 NDLRSUN Carmllmn, Ga. CLIIfIf BARNES PAUL BENNETT JOHN BROCK ROBERT ALDRILGH BURKE BALDWIN THOMAS BLACK DOROTHY BURGESS GEORGE CALHOUN NEAL CARLSON RAYMOND CARPENTER D. W. CASH OPAL CIEMONS JACK CLINE EOYD LEE CULP JOSEPHINE DACUS BIOKRIS DALTON XVAl.TER DARISY BERNARD DAVIS YNYILLIAM DOISSON CAESAR FERRALL JOSEPH I'IUNT CHARLES JOHNSON BOB WELCH JONES WALLACE KEY WILMA KUYKENDALL JAMES KILCORE PERCY BACCAIN A. C. MANBY B. F. DUNAWAY G. B. EPPS CHARLES ETHRIDGE JAMES FIELDS LJARVEY FITZGERALD MERLIN FREEMAN BOB GARRETT CHARLES GARRETT MRS. MILDRED GIBBS BOBBY JOE GORE TIFTON GOZA ALLEN GRAY HO-WARD W. GREEN ANGELO GRENGA JOHN R. GRIFIAAIN JONES GROSAN BOBBIE HAMIL AMIIERS HANSON JAMES L. MILLER ROBERT MOORE MACK MOSELEY JAMES R. MOTE MARION C. MULL DONALD MUSE 16183 HORACE NEELY ALVIE NEWBURN JAMES MARCHMAN G. STIPE MOORE JOLYNN PERKINS HENRY PIKE NOAH RIDER LEE ROY ROBERTS CHARLES ROOKS BARBARA SAXTY PAT SHANNON JUANITA SIMMONS MARION SIMPSON ALBERT D. SMITH MRS. RUTH SMITH ASA STALLIWORTH REGENOLD TATE JAMES D. THOMAS ROBERT TRENT JAMES H. TUCKER BILL UPSHAW RAYMOND WARD RANDALL WILLIAMSON LAURINE WRIGHT WOODROW COSPER RALPH CROUCH BILLY CUMMINGS WALTER G. DAVIS OTIS A. DIXON GUS DOBSON ROBERT DOMINICK ANDREW DORTON WILLIAM DREW C. L. HARRIS DONALD HASKINS MARIE HAWKINS JACK HAYES LEONARD HEADRICK CLEBURN HENDRIX THOMAS L. HENDRIX LEWIS HEWITT JOHN C. HINTON JACK HOBBS ERNEST HUDCINS TOM N. HUNT JAMES A. LIUTCHENS ROY N. JACKSON CHARLES JENNINCS OTTO JOHNSON ROBERT W. JONES WESLEY JONES HORACE LANCASTER HAROLD LANE 83 J. C, LOVETT BILLY MARTIN JACK MASON DONALD MEEKS JULIAN MEDDERS AL PARRIS CHARLES PATTERSON FRED PAYNE LAWRENCE PIPPEN WILLIAM POORE LUTHER POPE LANIER PRICE FRED PRUITT JAMES PRUITT CLYDE RAMPLEY FOSTER RATTEERREE HAROLD RAY DEWEY REEVES ROBBY ROBISOIN RICHARD SCUDDER CHARLES SHUCARD DELMA SHUMAKE AARON SIMPKINS BETTYE ANN SLADE BARBARA SMITH DUARD C. SMITH XVILLIAM SMITH WINTON STALLINCS FILISERT STEADHAM SIDNEY STEVENS T. E. TAYLOR JOHN TERRY JACK THREADCILL CHRISTINE TOMME MARSHALL TOOLE CHARLES TORBETT HARRY VAN TASSELL VIROIL WADE WILLIAM WEST BRUCE WESTBROOK H. E. WESTMORELAND BILLY WILLIAMS JACK WILLIAMS MARCIN WILLIAMSON R. H. WILLIAMSON TILLMAN WILSON VERNON WINDOM EDWARD WISE WILLIAM J. WOOD GARVIE WORD CARL YANCEY CLYDE W. YOUNG CHARLES I. ZACHRY Nu! l'i1'lllr1'zf! Ac.NLs Asnnurmmnllc AISNLR HAYWARU BoY11'1'l1f, 'l'n-:uw FRANKS SIILIQRY CML Dnlum, Ga. WIINI-URI! YA H415 Carrollton, Ga. A. U. Dfxvls, -IR. Jura: Mmuaw AIONES Dalton, Ga. Chiplcy, Ga. Y' Bon rl-IIRASH Guy, Ga. BI 'I"l I G. SMI I II BUIIXIUIICIN, CLI. DoRo'I'III' IIARRISON Humpmn, Ga. RALPH Km' Tal,xpnos.1. CLI. V111 l'iI'lnv'I'Il: Loulsl IiuI.IIII- liDI'I'II KI Sl.l4R NANIA' w'll,l.IS of G 7 f " !-v f .1 i l ! Q! Q Lf, f' , V f ' Cf' Af , ff if jCf!fX?' , ' '12 ' ygiff kg V f Lf 15,7 57 ff 'I gf' ' lk, , f A Lf I, 7, Kg! 5 qx?m!149'.Z4Yw il ' Z'N' U"311rQ?fff 7 6 -MA f g X VK! M, X X W 'X-X Q43 Y 1. ef x f 4 LJ-0 " - S., N .' Y NX ' 'f 'I -x ,P W x . W XXJ Q 4, ,-'ff :A fi.. -2- - D Q 5 .N ss Vg, xx lh w 9 M f kffz, "7.f' - ' x ! ,f -, - v,, f,,,ifg," f"' flung 5 f .A x 'fx 1-N7 ir., 'ff Z 3 A' ' A a.. 3' 1 WX! I' ,.- , ..- 5-4 .F W6 3 gf? ' ,. ? j . Y +5 1 4 f ' f. , N fag gw I ' " ' sr It - Q ' df,- ,. if 4 I - '31 'Q , , s . X2 ., A , llffikffk V M 4 94 23 -1 ,li 45417 72 , ,, . .1 7 3- At-'fy cf! , Zz 5- 1.fffx ' 2,44 'ff ...-Q Kilt ! d .-5515, Y? ,...., ,---I XX 1 Em'roRs GIRIIAIAIN and Fox nt play. FF' Inf POLLY Glill-'I-'IN Jhssn Fox . . BILL ANTI ION Y MARY ROISI-1liTS HIIKAM BRAY . DORIS GRM' . JANE GRI2Iili . STAFF lfJif01'-in-Chief Axsofiufv Editor . Mvnls Sjmrfx WfJl1Il'H,.Y Sjmrfx Sjmfligbf Editor . Fvalurv Ijflifor . . . Cirrzzlufion Manager M. ANN CHURCH . . . Bnsimtxs Munaurr EVERETT MCKIBBEN . . . . Aff Editor R1'jJor1'm's: Mildred Garner, E. Bnllew, Glenn Mc- Cullough, John Acrce, Frances Boroughs, Mnrgi: Mclnlicrson, J. C. Lovett, J. L. Knight, Betty Jo Staples, Mclba Verner, Chnrlcic Holmes, Wglyxme Daniel, Donald Hawk. ANIJIUNY Rum IVIS PJRAX flllAY f:Rl'lIl flIIURClI Mc'KlRlxl'N BAIIIXX clARNlll Afklllf 88 FEV Y- If N The student newspaper is one of the seven junior college newspapers in the United States to be .ic- corded First Honor Rating by the Associated Col-- legiate Press. All students are eligible for positions as editors and reporters. LOVILTT ANU CHURCH lvlfplll Rsox STAPI rs Hoi Ml-9 HAWK --.31 N6 s x., fl a T I an -M LL F ' f A' ,iff V 2 V I' 1' - 474' 'f ' ' ,ff Q Nlt'CUI I our Il KN1r.ll1 DANIILI, ,f .4i'1,f' 'J N' .rg , Q P4 r 89 , is 'Ds Iiirxf Row: Mitchell, lluffey, McCoy, Irwin, Oglesby, Ray, Lewis, Broadwater, Bridgeman, Bray. Swami Rniw: W. Brock, Spence, Singleton, Roberts, liarly, W'oudman, Coleman, Anthony. Tlvirll Rau: l Berry, li. Brock, Brand, Castellaw, lfstes, Hollingsworth, Rushton, Cochran, jackson, Ramos, R. jackson, Iivans, Stephens, Acree, I-'ourilv Ron: Fears, Morgan, Milam, S. Brock, Veal, C. Patterson, Couch, C. Patterson, ilihomas, Hutlgens, Vox. r nl r u xr ,X F l.Pr F Fr ON 554- B LEADERSHIP - FRIENDSHIP - SERVICE A leading organization on the campus is Alpha Phi Omega, National Service Fraternity. Epsilon Eta Chapter, organized April 24, 1947, was installed june 20, 1947, as the first junior college chapter in the nation. Membership in the fraternity is open to any former scout possessing the desire to render service to others . . . to the student body and faculty, to the community and to the nation as participating citizens. -loHN Acruili JAMES Boswifu. HIRAM BRAY LUTHER BR1omiMAN JOE BRoAIJWA'r1fR, JR. Eu BRoicR l'lARL Hulrlx' HORACL IZRWIN Tom FEARS ,IESSE Fox WILLIAM Hoc.o WII.I.IAM Lrwls THUMAS Ii. MrCox' pl-iA1.TwIAl7Cl Woommx ,lxmls NllTCIIl I.l. SIIINIY Oulism' CIIIARLIZS Owl N BoYt'11 RAY l.l'W'IS RrvNo1.ns CLARK STLPIII-NS ROIHRT S11-wAR'1 .Iosl.1'H BAcoi'1'r XVlI.I.IAfy1 BRO-cR XVIIIIANI AN'iiloNi' IIAMIZS Ro1x11R'Is Ifrovo SINt.I 1-'rorv DoUc,LAs Dvl W1l1.I.u1 Sm N41 MEMBERS Bur R l'lOLLINGiXYUR'IIl RmuR'1' MILAM lJoN I-1vANs Ro1.ANn THONTAS T, li. fl1AYLOR FRANK RUSHTQN Cu,iR11.s PAT11RsoN QIAMIS BRocx Hui. Poms G1,oRczi-3 ToLui4.R'r Cl1ARl.11s SHUGAR1 Gionni. HU'ocz1Ns ,lAMis BRAND HARUID COLl5i.'XN ADVISORS GioRc,xa C. S. Amms L. E. RKIIIIIVIY Iloml W,i1.1..xri1 PAUI M. I'1"r1iRs1N XV. II. Row Ii. M. XVHLBY 90 CHAR! i-.s CASTEI Lux' ASIIII-X' MORGAN, JR. JAMIAS VIZAI. SHIRL1-,Y JACKSON Rox' -lAc'RsoN B'1AlKVIN RAMos XYVAKKIN D. COUCH DQNAII: LOVELL Cum' PA'r'rLRsoN M. F. QZOCHRAN Rom1R'r BRIDGES HII.'l'LJN lis'r1-gs llosrvn ISARI Y R. R. QBIARK C. N. IJANIII l,lfDICATION A Uf 9' Aff' U1 .Fi l' 1 iiikfffa? 1 'yy TJL Q 2 QAYS l li iff ' 4 fs? 0 A. P. O. Mumokmi. F1.AcPoI.1s An Outstanding Contribution A Q for the Year 1947-48 Streptomycin Drive All-Campus Wiener Roast Pine Mountain Outing Parents' Day Clean-Up Information Booth and Guicle Service New Student Orientation Student Elections Care Drive A. l P. O. Pko,11-.cTs AND At:T1v1T1Es 1947-48 Christmas Concert Usliering Football Usliering C0-Sponsorship of Homecoming Election of Homecoming Queen Clieering Section Armistice Day Ceremonies Blue Springs Social Vocational Aptitude Testing Program lfirxf Run: l.ewis, Boswell, Brayg SLTHIIAI Row: Acres, lrwin, Brock. Dntfey. 91 BILL L1-iwls. . . 'Ion BRUADWATER ..... Loviau. RQBERTS, KIAMIAQS MITQHELL S!DN12x' Oc1.t2sBx' CLARK S'I'I-.PHENS JAMIHS Bo3Wl3LL TOM MQCOY . ED Bkoczu . . fl .Wa e is N Campus Beautification Scoutmaster Training District Advancement Sectional Conference Ginkgo Tree Flag-Raising and Lowering March of Dimes Campaign Winter Quarter Dinner Dance . . . . Pn'siJ1'nI . Vin'-Prc'sir1c'1lf BILL BROCK, Vir'z'-Prcfsidrnfs . . Corwsjnrnzrfirzg Sl'L'l'f'flll',X' . . . . Alumni Secretary . .... Rvporlvr . .... Historiun . Srrgmlflf-af-Arrrzx . . . . Cbajnluirz HXIKAM Bk A Y, J Joi. BIQQGET1 . lnlflicify C0l7lllIHff'l' Cbmn. BILL ANTHONY . . Social Conlmitfcv Chmn. I-'Loxn SlNc,LI2ToN . . Recording S4'l',3'.-Tfl'd.V. C' PPELL Row 1, Lvf! I0 Rigbl: Church, Marlow, Hearn, Pope, Patrick, E. Ballew, V. Ballew, Adcock, Lyle, Miss Woodruff, Broome, Griffith, Alexander, Copelan, Holladay, Whittemore, Cliett, Lovvorn, jones. Swollzl Row: Vfhite, Williams, B. J. Davis, Mitchell, Payne, Hay, Stanley, McGuire, Hubbard, Clark, Boroughs, Barber, C. Wliite, Dolores Davis, Allison, Darlene Davis, Roberts, Levens, Hodgson, D. jones. Third Row: Sheates, Cook, Burch, Moore, Boyette, Westbrciok, Osgood, Cochran, Pless, King, Jameson, Albertson, Winter, Cox, Mitchell, Summerlin, Thrash, Cole. Fourffa Row: listes, Andrews, Gaines, Hardy, Tolbert, Heath, Borders, Reynolds, Brooks, Little, Tear, Jackson, Gill, Smith, Earle, Meyer, Goswick, Barker. CHOIR TRIO A1,I.isoN, JACKSON, C,llUllCll 92 N 5 . oi-IOIR MIiN'S ICNSIQMBLIL I"ir.xf Row: Andrews, King, Burch, C cmcm k, Shcates, Moore, Rey r1s1 lds, Meyer, jackson, Gill, Thrash. fl r'4' omf Rout Cochran, Tolbert, Heath, Little, Osgood, Tcat, Barker, Earle, Lewis, Cox, Summerlin. Third Row: Westbr rmmm k, Goswick. Hardy, Borders, Smith, listcs, Brooks, Boyette, Cole, Mitchell. 4 E l W'OMEN'S l'iNSlfMBI,l'i I Row: Pope, Patrick, E, Ballew, V. Ballew ock, Lyle, Pless, Broome, Griffith, Alexander elan, Holladay, Wfhittcmore. Svvoml Row: Al- son, jameson, Mitchell, Payne, Hay, Stanley Jbard, Wlmite, D. Davis, Darlene Davis, Roberts ms, llodgson. Tbirll Kuw: Wliite, Williaixis, B Davis, McGuire, Hearn, Marlow, Church, Clark, Dughs, Barber, Allison, jones, Lovvorn, Cliett Amana anna. QQQQQQM, Ba 6368613699 93 ass Firm: Row, lmfl fo Riglvl: Leila Simmons, 'frcnsurcrg Audrey Williiinis, Secretary: Nan Clizitt, Vice- Prcsidcntg Nell Clark, President. SFFUIILI Ron: Stafford. Lovvorn, Kinney, Yarborough, Brison, Client White. Tlvirif Rau: Rogers, Upton. Hardin, Smith, Thomas, Pope. 552. Z .fy pi., L Q ll' 1 The Alpha Psi Consists of those girls inter- pgs lf: ! cstcd in improving thc art of home making. 2 I 7 The club is affiliated with thc State and g National Home Economics Clubs. M1 ':"' -'L' 'Q-..,, v 'A 4 fi :Q E- 2 94 y N WI ass X Ifiml Row, Lrfl fu Rigbf: Harris, Bryant, Lylc Held, Tuggle, Hamby, Cordlc, Hudgins, Green Firtl Ron, Lvff In Right: Kitnlc, Sisson, D. Davis, Dolores Davis, Stanley, Housch, Slade, Roberts. Scrum! Rau: XY'nrd, Cope lan, Albertson. Brown, Moon, Bennett, Iilliot, Bryant, McPherson, Garner. Nui Piz'fm'ml: Carolyn Bowers, Doris Brannon, june Broome, Ann Clark, Merle Golden, Rowena Hyatt, Sara Hinton, Bernice johnson, Lydia McCoy, Betty Ramsey. 95 Turner. Pleasnnts. Svfomz' Rrrzv: Bones, Satter- ' HSS FV RUN A ll sf SN Q. lr v The objective of the Press Forum is to MILDREIJ GARNER, Editor stimulate and promote interest in creative writing and to maintain a high standard of journalism at West Georgia. It also publishes The Press Forum Quill. BILL BRI-.1-.1J, flxmrizlfc' Eififm' 'POTW' V fl . ,- Kgs 'ffi jk., ulnl: Spier, Garner, Holmes, Grithn, Boroughs. Slurzifirigr Mr. Boroughs, Bridgmxm, Gray, Breed. 90 mi. . Cf UNCIL ZW-.Y' Y . Firxt Rozy: W'illiams, jameson, Baker, li., Garner, M.: Hardin, Payne, Hodgson, Handley, Garner, L.g Baskin. Swrzlzrf RIIIFS Polston, Cromer, Hubbard, Manning, Simmons, Hunt, jones, Gray, Grittin, Cliurcli, Cliett, Poole. Tfririf Row: Houscla, Hyatt, Starling, Bryant, NX'ard, Kittie, Clegliorn, Sisson, Isbell, Upton, Ramsey, Adcoek, Hay, Baker, D., Ewing, Hester. Fuurflf Rout Vyilkcns, Miller, W':1ters, Castcllaw, Brock. students of West rgia are members of Voluntary Religious mciation, which is led by a selected group tudents who are inter- l in spiritual work. OFFICERS EDVVIN BROCK P1'cxirfe11f Ross MILLER Viz'U-Presizfcvzi MAIKGARET ANN CHURCH Sf'l'1'l'fllVjl-TV!'llSlH'Ul' Nut Pivflm-J: Betty Bettis, Nan Cliatt, Bobby Corley, M. T. liullfrr. Jr., Margie Coodsoll, 11102 .l11Cl140H, VVilliHm LCWiS, 97 .K EL CVCULV 1'.9'ANfL 1 , The purpose of El Circulo Espanol is to help those students interested in Spanish to become more familiar with customs, Culture and gifts of Spain and Spanish America. OIJIIICERS H. Alxpcgx . . . . 1'r'v.vidv11l B. B1-,Tris . . Vin'-I'v'rxiflc'111 B. Holplak . . . Sf'z'r1'fa1'3 L. SMITH . . Tl'l'dSIll'l'l l I Lvff fr: Riglvf: Smith, Bettis, Adeock, Holder. K fn? eh 'H Q I I Hrs! Kun, Imfl lo Right: Baskin, Ridelili, Booth, Nlcliihhen, I-imerion, Fuller. S Illllfll Row Boroughs, Church, Brooks, Tolleson, Iiwing, Green, Goudson. 98 Ls. CE' CL:-. 'Il-XNC X Sf. Lvfl In Rigfnl: Margaret Church, Vice-President: Hildrcd Hubbard, President: Polly jones, Secretary-Treasurer. Le Cercle Francaise is composed of students interested in French life and culture. The purpose of the club is to become acquainted and understand the French people and their customs. Nu! l'ivl1lrm'1l: JIMMY BEARD: N N1IQI VIN Powrll Lurm-R Bnlncmax Imfl lu Kigbf, Row Our: Knight, Ph-xiao, McDonald, jones. Grifhn, Breed, Hubbard. Run' Tun: Coleman, Tear, I-Qarly, Fox, Curley. 99 -1' rl W U L mf Rong lmff In Kiglwl: Bullard, lirison, Albertson, Golden, XY'illiams, Pless, Stafford, Upton, Hester, lfwing. Sl'L'UlItl Run Acrcc, Kingilordle, Hamby. MERL13 GOLDEN . . . PI't'Sil1K'llf JOHN Acluaie . . Vice-President JIMMIE Puiss . . . Tl'l'6l.Y1ll'f'l' RALPH CHAMBLEE . . . . Ser-rvfary MRS. GUY SHANNON . . FLICIIIIIJ' Advisor All students who have been members of the 4-H Clubs in high school are eligible for the club. The work of the college club follows the same general lines of emphasis as the high school clubs. Nof Pirllfrwf: jimmy Reardon, Ralph Chamblee, Eloise Duke, Sara Hinton, Lyncllc Hudgins, Mack Mosley, Mary Ann Penn, Boyce Ray, john Shipp, Joy Thomas. 100 'r 5 i N Firsf Ron: Gaylor, Hugliie, Pless, Copelan, Herring, Bullard, Statford, Manning, Kesler, Wliite. Swami Rozy: Polston, Davis, Tyson, W'illinms LAnnej, jameson, Parker, Willianis QAutlreyj, Terry, -Inekson. Tbiril Role: Bryant, Emerson, Isbell. Ramsey, Patrick, Albertson, Brison, Taylor, Thomas I"unrlfr Knut Poole, Duke, Penn, Prince, Fuller, Hawk, Hanley, Boyd, Crews. LOUISE HUGHIE . . . Prmiflwzf FRANCES JAMLSON . . Vive-P1'1'xi1fw1l SHERRY COLE . . . . Sm'1'1'fui',y MAIRION JONES . . Tfl'd.91lI'l'V The F. T. A., a newly organized Club on the campus, promotes interest in the teaching profession and gives general information to the Future Teachers of America. Noi l'1l'l1rr'i'J: Lewellyn Alexander, H.iyvv.1rd lloyette, Lewis Bmckett, Sherry Cole, Whzrren Couch, ju Cromer, jennne livnns, Dorothy Harrison, Virginia Hueknbee, Irma Hyatt, Marion jones, Louise Robertson, lietiy Sims, Betty Smith, Betty jo Staples, Martha Ann Stovall, jane Teel, Inez Upton. 101 V-'l'I'.Rf N? CLUB Lrfl tu Rigid: Smith, XVOOds, I-Dx, WVJFE, Colcnun, Bruek, Barker. N111 Pirilzrvrf: LIAMFS POLLARD j. C. LOVIETT AARON SIMIvRINs CLYDL PAT'rLRsON FIENRY BAILIARY NIARVIN MCCAIN NIMROD WOOD THOMAS FIT1s EDWARD MURl'llX' ll. L. Rossrx C. D. GOSWICK AI. D. HUGIIIAY WINSTON TLAT .IOL BROA'DWfA'l'lLR GORDON BLRRY PAT JACKSON jAMLs PLTIT ROBERT DUGGER ,IOL GRII-l'IN DOUGLAS DYE KIAMLS MlTCkiI4'I.l. HORACF TRAYIOK HARI. DUI IRI-Y ANGLLO GRRNDA GROVER BLARDIN CII..-KRENCE HLATII ANDREW HILI. ROBERT SHFRRIII ,IOP GILI. ,IOHN INORAM WVALTLR DAX'l9 BILL ANTHONY HIRAM BRAY G. B. Emfs ,IOI2 BAGGl1TT ROBERT TILLMAN, Favulfy Advisor HOSMAN PRINCIQ, Sgt. - af - Arms OFFICERS SOLON XVARL ..... . . Prffxidmt I.. AI. WOOIIS . . Xfifl'-Pl't'Sit1,1'l1f BILL BROQK . . . S4'z'refary HAliOI.ll COLEMAN . . Trvusllrm' LU'I'uI41R SMITH . . . Hismrian AlliSSIli FOX . . ......... Rc'f2orfr'r ,IAMIALS BARRER ..... . . Clzairman VI'fK'l'llI1.Y Memorial Row Our: Gilbert. XVOOds, Breed, WVAIYC, Brooks, Barker, Xlfoocl, NVilkins, Cochran, Palmer. Row Tuo: Brock, Alenkins, Boswell, Turner, R. Mclnvale, CuclIr.In, Holder, Hedgewuud, XVoods, Coleman. Ron' Tfmw Riclmrdson, B. NlCll1Y.1lC, Turner, Meliae, Baldwin, Roberts, FOR, Brock, Smith. 2 U li' ' Ui-If XXXQ r AX Q NNX ,N I 5, ,mv 1 l Lvfl fo Riglvl: Mr. Maxwell, Faculty Advisorg Pat jackson, President: Harold Coleman, Secretary and Treasurer: Mildred Garner, Vice-President, Mu Zeta Alpha is the natural science club of the campus. Ir furthers the study of science and sponsors lectures concerning science. iff! In Rigfwl: Glenn Boggs, l'zlt klLlCl'QSllI'l, XV. Cochran, Clarence Hentll, Cfl1nrleQ flLl9lCllL1W, Anil Hnrnlil Coleman. 103 ii-I'S AND CUES BUSINESS CLUB MARGARET GOODSON . . SARA WHITTEMORE . . CLINTON MOORE . . CAROLYN WHITE .... MISS DORA PEETE AND MISS ROBERTA GIBSON . QQ, -r., " J x 123 -Qi' If +32 KN JESSE ABNEY VIRGINIA ADCOICK ELBA BAKER VERA JO BALIEW ELIZABETH BALLLW GROVER BEARDEN SYLVIA BOGGS FRANCES BOROUOHS CAROLYN BOWERS LEON BROOKS ALVIN CHAMBERS ISALPH CIIANIBLEE MARGARET CI EGHORN EI,IzA1aL'I'H DANIEL MIEIKRILL DOBBS ROBERT DOMINICK DOUGLAS IJYE JACK ELDER BIL'l"l'Y JANE ELLIOT 104 President . Vive-Presidevzt . SCC1'L'fd1'y . .T1'c'as1m'1' . . Sponsors MEMBERS BIQTTY ,JEAN ELLISOIN TIIOMAS FI'r'I'S LORENE GARNER BETTY SUE GAYLOR MII.DRED GIBBS MARGARET GOOIJSON JANE GREER JACK HAY RALPH HEbW'OOD JAMIES HOLLINGSWORTII DORANNI: HUNT TOM JONES RALI-H KEY JOYCE KINNEY BARBARA KUGULAR M. ANNE LANIER MAIiV1iL LONGINO B. JO LOVVORN MAR'F11A LOVVORN MINNIIZ B. B1CGINNIS ROY MCINVALI2 LYDIA MCKOY GERRY BSCREE CLINTON MOORli ALVIN NEWBORN MACK RATTIZRE11 DEWEX' REEVES DOT ST.1iDG1i EDITII SMITII JEAN SORRELLS DONNA TUGGI.E ANNETTE TYSON CAROLYN WHITE JUNE WHITE SARA WHITTEMORI2 JAMES XVILRINS ZEV- SIGMA P Lrff lu Rigfrf: Anthony, Garner, McRae, Starling, Hay, Brock, and Pope. Zeta Sigma Pi is the social science club on the campus. From time to time, open forums and lectures are sponsored by this organization. DEH 'PING ' OFFICERS DAN MCRAIE ..... Pl'l'5jl1l'l1f MILDRED GARNLQR . Viva'-l'1'vxif1z'11f MARGIIZ MCPHLRSON . Svr'y.-Trms. EAM 1 ,swf Imff lu Ritqfmf: McPherson, Smith, Garner, Starling, Breed, Van Tassel, McRae. The Debating Team is u new organization on the campus, and in the future will take an active part in inter-collegiate debates. 5 DV KMITOKI NELSON HALL CAROLYN PARR1 R ......... . . . 1'1'mi1lw11t l4oRcAs BARIQR . . . Xfift'-Pl'l'.Yi4lL'IIf WILMA WHI'1'l: . . . Serrvlury GENE BULLARD ................ Trvuxzzwr STORMS LUTHER SMITH . . .... .... P rvxidvnl jAMEs FUTRAL . . . . . Via'-Pwsinlrrll EI,MILR Moss . . . . Swrrtury-Tnmzzrur CHARIFS S1 Alum . D. CRU rc nl ll'I D . LAWSON BROAIIXX IC R C. ST1-11111 NS . HIRANi BRAY . llusl. ABN: Y . RAYPH GHAMlxl.14l- . LIOHN KIM, .... GLoRc,1 I.H'1l.1' . JOYCE -IoN119 . . . FRANCES MCGUIRI-. . NIARTIIA L. MLZKIIIIBITN . RAC! IICL ROIHIRTSON CHRls'x12N11 Com-IAN . . ROGERS IIARI, IJUI-FLY, jolm INGRAM, PATTIQRSUN, B. Gum-', W CHIKK WI-S'IMORELAND WRIGHT NYM' Pi1'llH'r'Af BORDERS HAMM DAYETTIQS PYt'Xilll'Uf . . Vim'-Pn'xi4lur11 Sx'w'vlury- Tnmurur' Pn'xiJ1'nl . . Vin'-l're'.viJrr11 Swrfffury- 7'H'4lXlIN'T Prvximlrrll . . xfifl'-Pl'l'Xilll'Ilf SA'l'H'fKll'j'- Trmuzrrr Prvsialrnf . Vll'A'-IJfl'.Yi1lA'lIf Trvuxurrr Swrvfary' Trrux u wr juN11 lixoomla . . N1aLl.Cn,,xkx . POLLY Chill-I IN . Nui L BMANT . MEN ANDERSON ROACH . . ,IQE BkoAnwA'1'1fk . . . KIAMLS Ho1.1.1Nc.swokTn JAMES BAIQKIR .... Cf UNCIL M ANDEVILLE H ALL DAY STUDENTS . . SH' 0 5 . . PH'Xitil'Ilf . . Vin'-Pl'f'XizfA'lll . . Sn'm'iur5 . T mm Il rrr . . P!'1'.Yi4In'7If Vim'-1'rmi1l1'11I rflu lj'-,I1l'l'tl,Y 14 rm' , . . R1'11m'fur L-K X?'iiill'l K K .1 .qw Y x Qf Q .. -ii? -f ---- :JJ-Q Ex WI ff LUG CABIN ADAMSON HALL Fluin SMITH .... ...... ..... P r vxiflrnl NAN cil.IAl'T ............ Cum mm IWCSXVAIN . . . . Vitk'-PV6'5fLli'?lf Humu n IFIUBBARIJ . . . Vivr- Bolsm' Cokuix' , . . . Sc'1'n'h1r'y-Tn'us11rrr' Rl'lilNA AIHSON - - - - CHRISTI4 Nl, COPLI AN 107 Pl't'Sil1l'!lf I'n,sidw1l Svrrefary 'Ffl'dX1H'f'f U 1 P CffCi-I... A CAPTAIN ... A ' EAM Iilwtlillx I'-l'0Ul Lrfl lo Kiglwf, liilzxl Rout Broadwick, Rattcrcc, Cummings, Robi Stamps. SKTOIIII RIIILY XVcstmorcland, Pickclsimer, Stroud, A. Grcnga, Cospcr, Al Garrett, Maier, Davis, Trriylor, Robinson, K. Grenga, Sawyer, Martin, Harrell. Coach Wheby on the right. mon, Ifthcridgc, Rnrnply, Hinton, jenkins, ones, Gum, Fitzgerald, Ramus. Third Row: Robert Milam Ctrainerj on the left, and Georgia Georgia Georgia Georgia Georgia Georgia Georgia Georgia Georgia Georgia X I' I' Ill- I' .Jin sas Ray reaches high . . . Jenkins at center . . . West Georgia,s second hatching of fightin, Braves opened the ,47 gridiron season with an up-and- coming game against the military men from Georgia Military College that was a preview of things to come. Outstanding were Buck Stamps, Angelo Grenga in the quarterback slot, and Bartow Jenkins as line-backer .... West Georgia's TD was scored by Stamps on an off-tackle slant in the third quarter. Thrill of the game came when Bill Maier blocked a G. M. C. punt and alm st .broke loose for a touchdown. WJ Pl' GEORGIA MILITARY COLLEGE Q71 . . . . . . . Uc,,E3,i,'r'GIE?,GIA f LIQWEEDEJ ' t . 1' ,f If p J . lf if M Angelo holds for Johnny' Sawyer, Ramos . . . "ready", 112 .-.I - ' , lblssss V 'Q es. Q wk if l, X fl Q y yssfwi nf s rgisgggnn ax I: ' K1.i.1.v CiKI.NK.A 5 All-Sfulrr lllllflll' College l:IIlH7lIK'k An anti-climax came the following week when the Braves hit low stride against mighty Tennessee Wesleyan. Things weren,t helped any by an epidemic of food poisoning that ran amuck among the entire squad. TlliNNliSS1iI2 Wl4QSI.l4.X'AN H41 . . Wl'.S'l' GEORGIA COl.l.liGL COD Ol' man weather plus numerous injuries retained from the Wesleyimn fracas spelled the difference against Gordon's tricky "T", in spite of the spirited offensive drives of Kelly Grenga. Soknox C265 .............. . .......... W11s'1' GEORGIA CoLLiioi1 QOJ Things began to look better in the game with Middle Georgia, though McCoy, Patterson, Angelo Grenga and others were still on the injured list. Middle Georgiais "TN edged out the Braves in a battle before stands packed with partisan fans. Minoru Guoiaom Q05 . . WliS'l' GEORGIA Co1.1.1-you C63 S E E , .W X X QS v 'fx-s.ssflJiwf 1 . ff: ' ,. f 5 r wwf - . ..,.: 4,.gdE:- ., - -,es is -NW' so Digg N. M exe f .A f t.-. A -+ X s -2 Q - so Q . 1 X. W A: , .. ANa.l4l.o L,iu4.Nc,A - 'i'i K ii K A lllllflll' Cfrzflrgf' All-Slain l IS i-IITTINC Ti-IE STRIDE. l E E RAY RCYBINSON lzznior College All-Slate 1 End The Braves hit their expected stride against the Darlington Tigers in an event that featured z spectacular 4u-yard TD pass from A. Grenga to Bill Smith. The Tigers' rated running back, -Iakm Rudolph, was stopped cold. WEST GEORGIA COLLEGE Q71 ....... ........ ..... I J ARLINGTON Q71 The West Georgia gang dumped Troy State in what could be conservatively called an Uupsetf' Al of this, even though the squad was down to its lowest level, created a situation expected to be 2 demoralizing factor. Robinson shone as he caught passes thrown by Grenga. The lad was especially outstanding when in one instance he faked a lateral, which completely fooled the defensive halfback and raced 35 yards for a TD, Receipts from the game were for the benfit of the Dothan Lions, Blinc Fund. WEST G1iOliGIA COLLliGE C215 . . . Ticov U35 XXVILLIAM TRIKYI oa 114 Once again a muddy Held was a factor in a W. G. C. game, but this time the situation was different as the Braves romped over the boys from St. Bernard. Buck Stamps received a lateral from Angelo Grenga in the first quarter and scored on a new play especially designed to hit pay dirt. The second touchdown was made by Kelley Grenga on on a 9-yard off-tackle dash. XV1-.s'1' GEORGIA CoLL11t3rg QIZJ . . . . ..............,. ST. Bl-.uN,iiw f6j Though they came out on the short end of the score, the Braves played one of their outstanding games toward the end of the season against jacksonville State Teachers. The first W.G.C. tally was made hy Stamps on a 35'yard dash from inside tackle in the second quarter. Buck hit pay dirt again on a lateral from Grenga in the third. jAc:KS0Nv1LLi-, UIQ . . . . NV1as'1'G1oiu,lfx CO1,LI cgi-, 1127 G QJLQQQQM W' if ,faf,s,, W 'X Blu 2-3, sq W ' XX as Y f Q . QF xx 3 M .ML M CCOY Last game of the regular season was a thrill-packed "Thanksgiving Day Special" against a highly rated South Georgia team, played before what was probably the largest crowd ever to witness a grid- iron event in Carrollton. The Braves put on a bit of Urazzlc-dazzle" reminiscent of the famous Yellow Jackets of Georgia Tech as Angelo Grenga looped the ball to Buck Stamps from the South Gr' GMC! Georgia 15-yard line for a W. G. C. rally in the first period. The same com ' ' e ows did ,effjf Z ff ,.-.A K .-4-4.5 --. ef .1647 Q, 22: ef- ' Ci' YT, fx -e C t. i ll ,xx ZW 1 f' 1 4 ii FX X 'f"' s i - X j.C.H1N1oN llb it again in the final quarter, this time from the ten. South Georgia received the ball deep in the Braves, territory in the fourth period by virtue of a pass ruled complete, though it appeared to many to be a West Georgia interception. After a 15-yard penalty which put the visitors still deeper in the defending teamls territory, South Georgia scored, and the game ended shortly afterwards. TOBACCV TV BP CC' The Braves polished off a fitting close to a great season when th created "Tobacco Bowl" in Tifton, Georgia, after defeating Norm fracas, but, for one reason or another, refused. The first W. G. on a short plunge over left tackle from the two-yard line in yards or more by the same gentleman. Pity the poor Held judge off left tackle. The second touchdown was scored on a pass defensive men on his way over from the ten. Ray kicked the "scored', by Angelo Grenga on a punt return of 80 yards, but Robinson with an intercepted pass. This one was called back be 1 This time the score was called back because of a ruling that Rob Goza. At the time THE Cl'1IIzI1'TAlN went to press word had Tifton were by the Braves' Hne game. In years to come the Tol WEST GEORGIA 1131 1 BOW' .. OV' - came the first team to receive a victory trophy from the newly rk. South Georgia was invited to be the Braves' opponent in the uchdown was made by the team's new bridgegroom, Kelly Grenga, st quarter. This trip into pay dirt was set up by two runs of twenty t in Kelly's way! "Tip" Goza also had a part with a 25-yard gain ngelo Grenga to Ray Robison, who stiff-armed two Norman Park int. West Georgia had three touchdowns called back. One was llified by a Clipping penalty. Another was 'gscoredu by Johnny oifsides. Goza took a lateral from Robinson for number three. Cl not have full possession of the ball at the time that he lateraled to ceived by Coach Wheby of how completely taken the townspeople of wl will continue to pit two fine junior college reams against each other, NORMAN PARK Q05 FASKE' E-if LL . . . "B" Tvftllllf Walters, Chamblcc, Lumpkin, Lirrlw, i Ilglskins, Mclntirc, Davis, Gola. The Tcnm in Action. X 'XQCITY 'li' 'XM' if l Q cl' s 1 4 - Lvff In Riglll: Moore, Mclntirc, Thwcntt, Garrett, Tumlin, Vox, Hewitt, XVilkinson, Hundcrson, Haskins, Blankenship 120 West West West West West West West West West West West NVest West West West Ti-IE SCi-IEDULE... Georgia Georgia Georgia Georgia Georgia Georgia Georgia Georgia Georgia Georgia Georgia Georgia Georgia Georgia Georgia When THE were on top College 34 . . College 69 . . College 58 . . College S3 . . College 40 . . College 38 . . College 48 . . College 46 . . College 40 . . College 61 . . College 49 . . College 61 . . College 48 . . College -- . . College -- . . Middle Georgia College Gordon Baldwin Hiwassee Tennessee Wesleyan Hiwassee Tennessee Wesleyan Georgia Evening College South Georgia College Darlington Darlington Gordon Middle Georgia College Marion South Georgia College CHIPLFTAIN went to press, West Georgia College and Abraham Baldwin of the Georgia Junior College Conference with both rated excellent CllLl1'lCCS K0 win fl1C IOLll'I'lLl1'IlCHf. W x x ILP' 'POT F' iii WAA Cjfjfwrx, l"r'rm1 Lvff io Kigfrl: Broome, Cordlc, W'hirtcmorc, XVrigl1r, Plcasanti On Lhu range . . . Ar the target . 122 . Rf' , , -6 fa .A y: , '45 W 'za I Yr l fa 'WY Z 'W 41 f 4. H. ff Q ti, 3 .1 ww, :Z I .. 'V an an 2 15, if , ? i I , Af ,ga GIRLS' HOCKEY-From Lvfl fu Kigbl, Fifi! Row: Slade, Hinton, McPherson, Radcliff. SUFUVIII Row: Williams, Copelnn, Stephens, Clictt, Bennett, Stafford, Golden. Third Row: Wrigllt, Duff, Church, Rogers, Manning, Upton, Yarborough, Clark, Hardin, Brannon. ' l A 1 1 ,Q W , X ,N .tazgig V M.. " f :3 wg l f f 'Y li, if Q 4 ix ww , , , l X s P l I J 5 g7MZW,,j sf i N . ai it -1 7? SY 2' ' ,I i S' - . ' x fx I . 1' ' ' 7 -f 123 1 V A J Z wwf? if? fav' KA N 0 A7 -- - , C , ix? -V. 'Q 4 4 -" V1 BN 5 7 X NJXA A X w x sx N N -X-, 1 P. w', AO N f, X? MW f ff Q NWW7- A ,qw 'f f 1 fx ' V ,lv j:, v g Xb-XMI!!! - .Lf cg 'IILXZ - Q W f 4 V gy m ay N ,- 'Lic Q ,Q l-2 1'f'yifff+Q' if Llnyipzlae , i xfjsj , , A' Ja? Q' f XZ' i ,":,,, sk--4' , ,Z ,V A 53" 2 ,, , .G I X 4? :Si -ki? ' 45,3 Q:-'X' f if ff-7 IZ? ,Z Jf ' ' f X I f s f M' F X. 4 ff! ,, , .K 1 W 'V fffi-5 fff f ,,,..-..-.f"' '-lk? I X 5. KLA I 1 If fam' I Q f f W I'1 5 Q f 9 1 , ' My -1 4 lf: ,Nfl II- 1 ' 1' R " KX Z "J 'I ' l 1 1 ff ! ,Q ' , T, A Q '4 .LV M 'A ji' 5- 'ei f "7 'L 54 ', ,if Q . ff f I , f f 1' ' 1, , 1, "M g I "- 1 'rr-4 f ' 32 "' ,- '. 1 3 , ri 3' , 1 fr ga : M -AAL, .L gn: X I' ' 1 5 I fy. ..... -M, 'f2 My ,MT E-i-L3 SJ. : -I ' ""'x' :- ..L-....L:,. 'W Q f Z7 Qi a lj? Xi R-:QS W'--. .r-' k . .. , .::,1 -Li 'if , .S K LIST OF ADVERTISERS Glenn Neill Service Station . . Thomasson Printing Co .... Coca-Cola Bottling Co. . . Moore's ........ Carrollton Drug Co .---. Folsom's Dress Shoppe .--. WLBB Carroll Broadcasting Co. Rhodes-Perdue Furniture Co. . Belk-Rhodes Co. .... . Southeastern Motor Lines, Inc. . The Green Front . . . . The Leader . . . The Merrell and Co .---- J. B. Warren, Inc. ..... . Carroll and Playhouse Theaters . Carrollton Hardware Co. - - Jones Drug Co .... Launderette . . H. L. Reeves ..... Daniell's Hat Shoppe . . Westeris Shoe Store . Crape Myrtle Hotel . . Moore's Jewelry ...... Kytle-Aycock Funeral Home . Economy Cleaners ..... Tasty Grill . . . The Farmer's Store . Carroll Furniture Co. . Dixie Cleaners . . . Wiley Creel . . . Empire Ten-Cent Store .... Fisher's Variety Sc Hardware Sto The Duchess ........ J. C. Penney . McGee's Bakery ..... Boatwright and Thompson . Western Grill ...... Douglas Furniture Co. . 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Neill, Owner MYHAND 81 HOLTREY SERVICE STATION MAIN STREET Specified Lubrication, Washing and Polishing Tire Recapping n Vulcanizing 24-Hour Wrecker Service Our Motto: "SERVICE" NORWALK BATTERIES STEAM CLEANING WILLARD BATTERIES MOTORS AND NORWALK 5-PLY TIRES CHASSIS Phones 42 and 1235 LAGRANGE, GEORGIA Shell Gasoline Shell Oil 17 THIIMASSUN PRINTING COMPANY PRINTERS 611111 PUBLISHERS All Forms of Cf1lllllIC'I'C'ilI1 Prinfiug Alabama Street Carrollton, Ga. For fbf Pause' fbaf Rcffresfaes... DRINK M CARROLLTON CCCA-COLA BOTTLING CO. CARROLLTON GEORGIA .g.....g..,..g..g.4..g..g..Q..g.....4.4..g..g..g..g..g.....g.... MO0RE'S LADIES7 READY-TU-WEAR if l ll ALA1sAx1A S'I'Rl4lET CARROLLTON. GA. X 128 CARROLLTON DRUG CO. FOLSOM'S DRESS SHOPPE 36 N uw N A N S'l'Rl-IRI' lNear Post Office! Thomas R. Lzurlf, Ourrwr o Complete Drug Sture Servive Reasonable Prices ...4.4..g..g.....,..g..g..g..g.......qu BUS! Wishes From . W L B B EXCLUSIVE LADIES' READY TO WEAR and Crzrlyef, Minx Modes, and Dolls Dozlson Junior Drvssrfs Compliments of Rhodes-Perdue Furniture 2 III ... 1100 on Your Dial Co pany CARROLLTON. GA. if CARROLL Br:oAm:As'r1Nz: Co.. INc.A I,AGnANm:. GA. BELK-RHODES CO. The Home of Better Values CARROLLTON, GEORGIA 129 -0--0--M-0-of-909+-0--0--0--w4-4--0-4--4-4-nat-0--0--M-m-0-4-fo-1-wfwfw-w'wfw-0-44-mwfa-a+-0-4--0-4-A .q -0-0 w--0-4.-0--0--0-4--Q-M -Of-9 -o--o--c-0f4-4f-o- -0--0-Q0 f-0 -0 0--9 -0--Qewfaw-0-1'un0+4-400--0--O--of-Ofwwi -0-0-0 0-4--v COMPLIMENTS OF Southeastern Motor Lines, Inc. 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GEORGIA Q i WESTER'S SHOE STORE CRAPE MYRTLE HOTEL Bvsl' Shoes in Town Phone 127 IOM Newnan Street CARROLLTON, GEORGIA CARROLLTON, GEORGIA . . . Compliments of . . . MOORE'S JEWELRY 4K DIAMUNDSYWATCHES GUARANTEED WATCH REPAIRINC NILWNAN STR!-ll-1'I' PHOYE 1025 KYTLE-AYCOCK FUNERAL DRY CLEAN WITH J. CARL HOME "Therc's a Df,gf'f!'7lCl',, 102 NILWNAN S'I'RI:I-:I 4' ECONOMY CLEANERS AMBULANCE SERVICE Phone432 Phone 323 38 Newnan Street CAIIIIOLLIIW GI1olIclA CARROLLTON GEORGIA TASTY GRILL for TASTY FOOD Dixie Street CARROLLTON, GEORGIA 132 g. .m..g..q..p..g. C U ffl 11 1 i ffl 6 H fs CARROLL FURNITURE CO. of COMPLETE HOME FURNISHINGS TI-IE FARMER's sToRE ' H 0 T P O IN T 4 +- PIIUNE 587 10 Home Street Phone 737 Compliments of DIXIE CLEANERS 0 I 95 MAPLE STREET CARROLLTON, GEORGIA o--o ...o..a............. J WILEY CREEL EMPIRE 5-'IO-25c STORE JEWELER CARROLLTON and VILLA RICA 5 Wfgsf Gl'Ofgia Stlldentj D Always Weltomc 153 Q a Q ........g Fisher's Variety 81 Hdwe. 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SHACKLEFORD, Owner Phone 667 CARROLLTON 2 - I GEORGIA G R I F F I N ' S ONE-PRICE HOUSE DEPARTMENT STORE Q 5 84 l0c STORE CARROLLTON, GEORGIA Established 1899 We Appreciate Your Business if COMPLIMENTS OF WEST GEORGIA COLLEGE BOOK STORE ir WEST GEORGIA NATIONAL BANK 12? FEDERAL RESERVE BANK FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION A The Friendly Unch-rstamling Nati0naI Bank .g.....g.....g.. .g..g..g..g..g..g..g.. g..g..g..g..g..g..g..g..g.....g..g..5.....5..g..Q..g..g..g..g.....g..5.4.4........Q..g..q..g..9..g..g...........g..g..q..g..g.. GRIFFI N-NEW PHARMACY WALGREEN AGENCY Your Corner Drug Store Phone 77 CARRQLLTON - : - GEORGIA Compliments of "Wa ilzvitr' you to Conn' dozwz Co. and look around" 8' I4 ALABAMA Svmzm' 5 ROME STREET CARROLLTON GEORGIA IJIIUIIE 606-R Phone 11 2 : Q P 5 9 -a--0 c--c--0-fo--n--u --0--5 5' 0--0 o..o..n..n- ..u.....g.. 136 FOLLOW THE CROWD TO THE VA R S I T Y S H 0 P CARROLLTQN GEORGIA 574 THE PEOPLE'S BANK MEMBER FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION CARROLLTON GEORGI. CARROLLTON MARBLE WORKS CARROLLTON GEORGIA Call 768 or 185-W Collect Q MRS. I.1cw1s HHARN, Owner 137 MARTIN FUNERAL HOME AMBULANCE SERVICE . FUNERAL nmecfoks Phone 3 8 C 14 West Center Street CARROLLTON, GEORGIA . Agency 404, Family Fund Insurance Co. 138 -0--Of-0 -0-+0-'Of-0' -O--I--v-0--v-0--0--0--0--0--0'-0-0+-of-0--0-vo--0-vo--0-'O-vb-9-0--0-0--0--0-vvtvfo ? 5 5 5- owouo--9-0-fo-w-v-0-o-v-0-v 1 1 W 140 . 1. .V v ., V.-v,r..W.-rv-1'--f-V---vu ,V YW- WW-.,-v,.4-..v.. - --W f..-YY ww-.,...... -,-V . V.-1 ... , .,,. 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Suggestions in the University of West Georgia - Chieftain Yearbook (Carrollton, GA) collection:

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