University of West Georgia - Chieftain Yearbook (Carrollton, GA)

 - Class of 1947

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University of West Georgia - Chieftain Yearbook (Carrollton, GA) online yearbook collection, 1947 Edition, Cover

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Xv- " :» tft I _ ::mimiB!mmf ' m ' ' !siimi( ' v •- ' rM flf illli lL,,; ;iikiaiSm i m£ MMMi !iu lv 1 -••• ' V ' -r -li ' it- iiii • limiminii Vir ' fr - ' • • — -- sMk t ijl % • ' - : ■ Ell THE CHIEFTAIIV 1947 VOLUME FOURTEEN Published by the Students of WEST GEORGIA COLLEGE. CARROLLTON. GEORGIA Barbara Bishop, Editor Pauline McNally. Associate Editor Dorothy Owen, Business Manager I.: " . ■, ' . , ' ' ■■ ' ■ l h IN MEMDRIAM TD THE WEST GEORGIA BOYS WHO GAVE THEIR LIVES IN THE SERVICE OF THEIR COUNTRY ■nl DEDICATIDIV To Miss Katie Downs, our new registrar, for her helpfulness and hospitality to new students, for her friendliness and cooperation with old students, and for her interest in our varied acti- vities, we appreciatively dedicate the 1947 Chieftain. To our advisor, Mr. George C. S. Adams, whose untiring work in his many and varied positions in student organizations has proved his real interest in the student body, and without whose help this issue would have been quite impossible, we wish to express our deepest appreciation and sincerest thanks for his splendid counsel and cooperation. FDREWDHD It has been our intention in compiling this yearbook to include between its covers scenic memories of collegiate life, typically West Georgian. It is our gen- uine wish that in future years it may vividly recall these happy memories of West Georgia. The Editors proudly present the 1947 Chieftain. CDIVTEIVTS ADMINISTRATION CLASSES ACTIVITIES ATHLETICS FEATURES MEMORIES ADVERTISEMENTS •■ We present our Campus Beautiful , . . Gymnasium, Administration Building, Sanford Library, Melson Hall, Adamson Hall, The Log Cabin, and a view of the Semi-Circle taken from the side of Mandeville Hall . . . IS mmtkm t- ' ' - ' ■■■■■■■■ ' ■■ i 2£U f God of Utilvefse ADMINISTRATION I PRESIDENT. DEAN, and REGISTRAR I. S. Ingram President L. E. Roberts, Ph.D. Dean KAlli- Downs, A.M., Registrar Mary Copeland, Assistant 14 11? PHYSICAL EDUCATION Ruth Sturgis, M.S. Earl Wheby, B.A. HOSTESSES Mrs. Marie Webb, Boys ' Barracks Mrs. Maude E. Abbott, Mandeville Mrs. Guy Shannon, Adamson Mrs. Ruby Smith, Melson acultif ADMINISTRATION OFFICE KathRYN Brock, Secretary Horace Acklin, Business Manager Virginia Borders, Secretary Mary Copeland, Secretary SOCIAL SCIENCES L. E. Roberts, Ph.D. John Oliver, M.A. I W. H. Row, M.A. English George C. S. Adams, A.M. Romance Languages LANGUAGE AND LITERATURE Hugh Wallace, B.A. Art C. K. Boroughs, M.A. English Jane Woodruff, M.Mus. Humanities Marie Campbell, M.A. Humanities Marion Crider, B.S., M.A Mathematics James A. Doubles, Ph.D. Biology SCIENCES J. W. Fountain, B.S. Physics Not in Picture: Brooks Pittman, A.B., Physics, Chemistry. SUSANNE Artingstall, M.A. Biology M. E. Howell, A.M. Chemistry B HOME ECONOMICS Ruby Jenkins, M.S.H.E. STUDENT TEACHING SUSANNE ARTINGSTALL, M.A. Grace Tietje, M.A. Katie Downs, A.M. LIBRARIANS Ann Weaver, A.B.L.S. C. K. Boroughs, M.A. DIETITIANS Kathrine Harrington, B.S.H.E. Louise Hughie COMMERCIAL DEPARTMENT Dora Peete, M.A. Marvina Wallingford, B.S. iife ow the Cat npu w I ! wms BM MLLAS- ATHENE Goddess of Wisdom CLASSES STUDENT BODY OFFICERS Lewis Adams President Marion Moon Vice-President Herbert Dobson Secretary-Treasurer SDPHDMDRE CLASS OFFICERS Lamar Knight President Lois Cooper Vice-President Catherine Todd Secretary-Treasurer THE SOPHOMORES -w ' Agnes Abercrombie Newnan, Ga. Alpha Psi; French Club; Dean ' s List. LEWIS Adams Carrollton, Ga. President. Student Body; Choir; Veterans ' Club; Varsity Club. Betty Jean Anderson Rockmart, Ga. Zeta Sigma Pi. NADINE Ashmore Mt. Zion, Ga. Choir: Alpha Psi; Dean ' s List. Ethleyn Banks Thomaston. Ga. Choir; Dean ' s List. Lantie Barrett Social Circle, Ga. Choir; Secretary, WAA. MARY Bates Dalton, Ga. William Beck Griffin, Ga. Virginia Ballew Marietta. Ga. Choir-; Alpha Psi; Commer- cial Club. SARA BERRYMAN Bowman, Ga. Choir; B.S.U. Council; V.R.A. Council; Alpha Psi. 21 THE SDPHDMDRES BARBARA Bishop East Point, Ga. Editor, CHIEFTAIN; Pres., V.R.A.: Choir: Vice-Prcs., French Club; West Geor- gian: Dean ' s List. CAROLYN Bryant Bowden. Ga. Secretary, Spanish Club; Zeta Sigma Pi. Nancy Bryant Chipley. Ga, Treasurer, Spanish Club; VRA Council; CHIEFTAIN; Dean ' s List. CAROLYN CAMP Rome, Ga. Zeta Sigma Pi; Commercial Club. JOYCE Camp Pel ton, Ga. Keys and Cues. Doris Cannon Clayton, Ga. President, Mu Zeta Alpha; Spanish Club. BETTY CASEY Cedavtown, Ga. Alpha Psi, Dean ' s List BETTY Zane Caswell Roopville, Ga. VRA Council: Choir. Eugene Chambers Bowdon, Ga. Mu Zeta Alpha; Spanish Club. Walter Chandli-.k Carrollton, Ga. M iM THE SDPHDMOHES BiLLiE S. Cheney Atlanta, Ga. Choir; West Georgian; CHIEFTAIN; Vice-Pres., Press Forum; Treas., Adamson Hall; French Club. Virginia Christian Chattanooga, Tenn. VRA Council; Alpha Psi; Mu Zeta Alpha; 4-H Club. GENE Cook Bremen, Ga. ' Choir; Capt. Football Team; Treas.. Commercial Club; ,y Pres., Borders Barracks; " W " ' 4 Club. Lois Cooper Palmetto, Ga. Choir; Vice-Pres., Spanish Club; Vice-Pres., Sophomore Class. Betty Crawford Martin, Ga. VRA Council; Alpha Psi Mu Zeta Alpha; Vice-Pres. Melson Hall; Dean ' s List. JACQUELIN Croker Dallas, Ga. BETTY Crook Carrollton, Ga, Commercial Club. SARAH Frances Cunningham Eastman, Ga. Alpha Psi; French Club. George B. Daniel, Jr. Franklin, Ga. Zeta Sigma Pi; Treas., French Club; Pres., 4-H Club; CHIEFTAIN; West Georgian: VRA Council. Doris Davis Rome, Ga. Commercial Club. . ' Jmdenaaxiiat 23 THE SDPHDMDHES k ELINOR Davis Rome. Ga. Choir: Secretary. Melson Hall: Commercial Club. HELEN DOBBS Summerville. Ca. West Georgian: CHIEFTAIN: Dean ' s List. HERBERT DOBSON Rockmart, Ga. Pres., Press Forum: Treas., Zeta Sigma Pi: French Club: Mu Zeta Alpha: Secretary, Student Body: CHIEFTAIN: Dean ' s List. Lillian Douglas Dalton, Ga. Alpha Psi: Zeta Sigma Pi; Dean ' s List. Lucy Dukes Carrollton. Ga. Pres., W.A.A.: " 500 " Club. JAMES DUNAWAY Ca-.collton, Ga. Marilyn Edgeworth Whitesburg, Ga. Choir; Commercial Club: " 500 " Club. Doris Ellis Rome, Ga. MAX Ellis Villa Rica. Ca. Evelyn Entrekin Temple, Ga. Choir; VRA Council; CHIEFTAIN; Recorder, W. A, A.; " 500 " Club; Com- mercial Club; Dean ' s List. 24 THE SOPHDMDHES mipr ' Dorothy Forbes Cave Springs, Ga. Vice-Pres., Mandeville Hall; CHIEFTAIN; Dean ' s List. Roy E. Fossett Zebulon, Ga. Veterans ' Club: West Geor- gian: Dean ' s List. SARA Fossett Zebulon. Ga. Alpha Psi; B.S.U. Council: Democratic Youth Society: Dean ' s List. Terry Franks Martin, Ga. Alpha Psi: 4-H Club: Mu Zeta Alpha. JACQUELYN FREEMAN Bradley, Ga. Alpha Psi: Choir. Riley Frost Thomaston, Ga. " WAYNE Gammon Cedartown, Ga. Spanish Club; Mu Zeta Alpha: Zeta Sigma Pi; Choir; Varsity Club. Frank " W. Griffith Buchanan, Ga. Varsity Club; French Club; J. Mac Griffith Buchanan, Ga. Varsity Club: 4-H Club; VRA Council. HELEN GURLEY Suches, Ga. 25 THE SDPHDMDRES fa Wayne Hall Dalton. Ga. Sec, Veterans ' Club. MARGUERITE HARPER Good Hope. Ga. VRA Council; Zeta Sigma Alpha: Secretary, French Club : Dean ' s List. Martha Sue Harrls Winder, Ga. Dorothy Harrison Hampton, Ga. Pres. , Mandcville Hall: Vice- Pres., Zeta Sigma Pi. Edith Harrod Bowdon, Ga. Alpha Psi: CHIEFTAIN; Wesf Georgian; Dean ' s List. PATSY HEARN Carrollton. Ga. Commercial Club; Choir: Orchestra. CLAUDE H. HERRING, jR. Hiram, Ga. Choir: Dean ' s List. ANN HOLCOMBE Temple, Ga. VRA Council; Zeta Sigma Pi: Secretary, Alpha Psi, LOETTA HUDGINS Meansville, Ga. 4-H Club; Zeta Sigma Pi; Treas., Alpha Psi. MARY ELIZABETH HUNT Adairsville, Ga. Commercial Club; Dean ' s List. 26 THE SDFHDMDHES Bonnie Bruce Hutcheson Carrollton, Ga. Choir; Orchestra; West Georgian: Dean ' s List. Len Hutcheson Carrollton. Ga. Editor, West Georgian; Veterans ' Club. BETTY JEAN JOHNSON Bowman, Ga. West Georgian : VRA Coun- cil; CHIEFTAIN: Dean ' s List. Geraldine Jones Forest Park, Ga. Commercial Club; Zeta Sigma Pi; CHIEFTAIN. MiLBREY Jones Jeffersonville, Ga. Spanish Club; Zeta Sigma Pi; Dean ' s List. Myra Jones Ca ' irollton. Ga. Dean ' s List. FLOELLA KEE Grantville, Ga. Zeta Sigma Pi: Alpha Psi ; CHIEFTAIN; Dean ' s List. CLYDE Keith Dalton. Ga. Treas., Veterans ' Club. EDITH KESLER Lavonia, Ga. Alpha Psi: Treas.. Melson Hall. HELEN Key Tallapoosa. Ga. 27 J THE SDPHDMDRES Ralph Key Tallapoosa, Ga. LAMAR KNIGHT Roopville, Ga. Pres., Sophomore Class: Vet- erans ' Club; Dean ' s List. BURNESE LAMBERT Tallapoosa, Ga. Commercial Club. HELEN LEACH Congers, Ga. Choir; Spanish Club. SHERMAN Lindsay LaFayette. Ga. Choir; Orchestra; West Geor- gian: Varsity Club. BETTY LONGINO Palmetto. Ga. Alpha Psi; 4-H Club. CAROLYN MCCURDY LaFayette. Ga. Choir; Treas.. Mandeville Hall. DAVID MCGRAW Carrollton, Ga. PAULINE MCNALLY Chickamauga. Ga. Choir; Spanish Club; Assoc. Editor, CHIEFTAIN; Pres., Melson Hall; Dean ' s List. MARGARET MCWHORTER Menlo. Ga. Vice-Pres., French Club; Zeta Sigma Pi. I 28 III THE SDPHDMDRES Donald F. Madden Rome, Ga. Veterans ' Club. MARION Moon Comer. Ga. Vice-Pres., Student Body; Zeta Sigma Pi; West Georgian. Evelyn Malcom Monroe, Ga. Vice-Pres., VRA Council; Vice-Pres., Adamson Hall; Alpha Psi; Choir; Dean ' s List. Thomas R, Morgan Woodbury, Ga. Pres., Zeta Sigma Pi; " W Club; Choir; Sec.-Treas. Log Cabin; Dean ' s List. " William Marion Rome, Ga. JOYCE Morris Temple, Ga. Bill Mitchell Ellenwood, Ga. Mu Zeta Alpha. WARREN Moses Waco, Ga. " W " Club. Raymond Melear Vtlla Rica, Ga. LEE MUNDY Jonesboro, Ga. Pres., Adamson Hall; Sec.- Treas., VRA Council; Zeta Sigma Pi; Dean ' s List. 29 THE SDPHDMDRES -- % irir ' J- Fred Nesbitt Calhoun, Ga. JAMES Overton Griffin, Ga. French Club; Choir: Vet- erans ' Club; CHIEFTAIN; Dean ' s List. Dorothy Owen Temple. Ga. Pres.. Spanish Club; CHIEF TAIN; Dean ' s List. C. C. Perkins Mt. Zion. Ga. Sammie Ray Pledger LaFayette, Ga. Alpha Psi; Sec, Mandeville Hall; Dean ' s List. Lila Jean Prater Rome, Ga. Joy Prince Roopville. Ga. Commercial Club; Dean ' s List. CAROLYN PULLIAM Bowman. Ga. Alpha Psi; Dean ' s List. Betty Gene Putnam Cohutta, Ga. Alpha Psi; Zeta Sigma Pi. Sue Quinton Dalton, Ga. Pres., Alpha Psi; VRA Council; Choir; Orches- tra; West Georgian; Dean ' s List. THE SDPHDMDRES y SUELL SEATON Cohutta. Ga. Alpha Psi. MARY SEYMOUR Bowman, Ga. Alpha Psi; B.S.U. Council. Ruby Shelton East Point. Ga. Zeta Sigma Pi; VRA Coun- cil: B.S.U. Council; Vice- Pres.. Alpha Psi; Dean ' s List. Betty G. Smith Bethlehem, Ga. Choir; 4-H Club; Alpha Charles H. Smith LaGrange, Ga. Choir. Howard Smith Smyrna, Ga. Choir. " ftv f N Marion Sherrill Bowdon. Ga. Veterans ' Club. MERLIN SIMONTON Franklin. Ga. Pres.. Veterans ' Club. Peggy Steele Griffin, Ga. Spanish Club; CHIEFTAIN. Charles H. Stewart Carrollton, Ga. THE SOPHOMORES Cynthia Stipe CarroUton. Ga. Dean ' s List. IRIS SWANSON Chipley. Ga. Spanish Club: VRA Coun- cil; CHIEFTAIN; Dean ' s List. John W. Teel Adairsville, Ga. BOB THRASH Gay, Ga. Sec. and Treas., Storms Bar- racks; Pres.. Choir; Vet- erans ' Club. HAZEL THURMON Atlanta, Ga. Dean ' s List. CATHERINE TODD Senoia, Ga. Sec. and Treas., Sophomore Class; CHIEFTAIN; VRA Council. HELEN Tucker Manchester, Ga. Pres., French Club; Sec, Press Forum; Sec, Adamson Hall; CHIEFTAIN; Dean ' s List. HARRIETTS Wallace Bowdon Junction, Ga, SARA Waters Buchanan, Ga, Choir. Mary Watts Ringgold, Ga, 4-H Club; Dean ' s List. 32 !• THE SDPHDMDRES Lucy Weaver Ft. Gaines. Ga. Zeta Sigma Pi; Spanish Club. PAUL J. Williams West Point. Ga. Varsity Club; " W " Club; Democratic Youth Society. Robbie Westbrook CedartoLVn, Ga. Commercial Club. Virginia Woodruff Loganoille, Ga. Alpha Psi. Bernice White Roopville. Ga. Alpha Psi. RuTHiE M. Word Carrolllon. Ga. Dean ' s List. SOPHOMORES NOT PICTURED Martha N. Arrington . Carrollton, Ga. Henry Boyd Carrollton, Ga. Hayward Boyette , . . Columbus. Ga. Robert F. Braden Rome, Ga. Edwin R. Casey Cedartown, Ga. Alvin Chambers Bowdon, Ga. W. F. Chastain Calhoun. Ga. Otis W. Cohran Dallas, Ga. A. D. Davis, Jr Chipley, Ga. Thomas Ned Davis. . Carrollton. Ga. John T. Donehoo Roswell, Ga. Beverly Ann Gibson Waco, Ga. George Gilbert Lyerly, Ga. Joseph A. Griffies. . . Carrollton. Ga. Mildred Hearn Burwell. Ga. Thomas Hearn LaGrange, Ga. James Hollingsworth Carrollton, Ga. Robert Irvin Carrollton. Ga. Martin L. Johnson. Jr. Bowdon. Ga. W. J. Jones Bremen. Ga. Neveda Kenyon Lindale. Ga. Laura Marlowe Carrollton. Ga. Howard Martin Carrollton, Ga. James Martin Mt. Zion, Ga. Bailey Murphy Felton, Ga. Joseph Murphy Greenville, Ga. Curtis E. Paris. ..... Greenville, Ga. D. C. Paris Greenville, Ga. Louise Pennington . Rome, Ga. Mrs. Annice Reagin Carrollton, Ga. Douglas W. Rice. . . Winston, Ga. Paul Roberts Tallapoosa, Ga. Thomas Rowland . . Bowdon, Ga. Clarence Salmon Cedartown, Ga. Corbin Sanders Buchanan, Ga. Lewis Sherrill ....... Bowdon, Ga. Frank M. Smith. . . . Carrollton, Ga. Robert L. Stewart . . Carrollton, Ga. Newsom Summerlin . Sandersville. Ga. Howard Turner . Carrollton, Ga. Bobby O. Walters Lavonia, Ga. Wayne Westring Carrollton, Ga. Denson Yates Franklin. Ga. ■W " Club: Dean ' s List. 33 FHESHMEIV David Jackson President Harold Coleman Vice-President Polly Griffin Secretary and Treasurer FRESHMAN OFFICERS John Acicc Calhoun, Ga. Hazel Adcock Monroe, Ga. Billy Aiken Dallas, Ga. Barbara Albertson Dalton, Ga. Julian Alexander Carrollton. Ga. Ann Allen Summcrville, Ga. Regina Allison Brookhaven, Ga. Bill Anderson Hartwcll, Ga. 34 Bill Anthony LaGrange, Ga. Hildreth Ayers Bremen, Ga. FRESHMEIV Hugh Ayers Bowdon. Ga. Hugh Barrow Bowdon, Ga. Gordon Berry Rome, Ga. Druce Bailey Calhoun, Ga. Dorcas Baker LaFayette, Ga. Vera Ballew Marietta, Ga. ionnie Barrow Bowdon, Ga. Olin Baxter Crandell. Ga. G rover Bcardcn Acworth, Ga. Betty Bettis College Park, Ga. Glenn Boggs Austell. Ga. Ma. ine Bell Villa Rica, Ga Evelyn Booth Comer, Ga. Paul Bcnnelt Tallapoosa. Ga. Lee Borders Carrollton, Ga. Verne Borders Carrollton, Ga. ranees Boroughs Bowdon, Ga. James Boswell Hogansville, Ga. 35 Doris Brannon Cave Springs, Ga. Lillian Braswell Rockmart, Ga. FRESHMEIV J Of Broadwater RoopvUle, Ga. Edwin Brock LaGranee, Ga. Robert Brock Atlanta, Ga. Leon Brooks Cumming, Ga. Lewis Broom Villa Rica, Ga. June Broome Menlo. Ga. Rebecca Burruss Cumming, Ga. Claire Brown Atlanta, Ga. Helen Brown Molena, Ga. Nell Bryant Decatur, Ga. Arthur Cagle Canton, Ga. P ' rank Camp Rome, Ga. Wendell Campbell Rockmart, Ga. Gene BuUard Camilla, Ga. June Canady Atlanta, Ga. 36 Roy Carlton Atlanta, Ga. FflESHMElV Wilma Carrol Temple, Ga. Charles Castellaw Locust Grove, Ga. Mary Cauthen Buchanan, Ga. Sara Cauthen Buchanan, Ga. alph Chamblee Hal Chandler Bob Chapman Margaret Church Nell Clark Menlo, Ga. Palmetto, Ga. Villa Rica, Ga. Bremen, Ga. Menlo, Ga Nan Cliatt Villa Rica, Ga. Linda Cliett Pelham, Ga. Harold Coalson Rome, Ga. Jeanette Cochran Palmetto, Ga. Charles Cole Villa Rica, Ga. Harold Coleman Roopville, Ga. Hilda Cooper Dallas, Ga. Marvin Cotney Thomaston, Ga. Clara Crawford Decatur, Ga. . L Hugh Crawford Martin, Ga. 37 FRESHMEIV Annie Jo Cromer Shannon, Ga. Johnic Daniel Woodland, Ala. Elizabeth Dobbs Covington, Ga. Esma Dorough Roopville, Ga. Sam Doss Atlanta, Ga. Jackie Dozier Jefferson, Ga. Harl Duffey Rome. Ga. A. L. Dumas Rockmart, Ga. Douglas Dye LaGrange, Ga. Betty Eastetwood Villa Rica, Ga. Sara Eckles Waco, Ga. Emmett Edenfield Thomaston, Ga. Shirley Emerson Dallas, Ga. Hilton Estes LaGrange, Ga. Rebecca Evans Carrolllon. Ga. Burton Einch Atlanta, Ga. Thomas Eitts Carrollton, Ga. Helen Elournoy Fort Gaines, Ga. Libby Folsom Carrollton, Ga. Jessie Lee Fox Calhoun, Ga. FHESHMEIV Jean Free Aragon, Ga. Ralph French Calhoun, Ga. Nettie Fuller Columbus. Ga. Mildred Garner Buchanan, Ga. Charles Garrett Woodbury, Ga. Harold Garrett Bowdon, Ga. Betty Gaylor Summerville, Ga. Aubrey Gilbert Clarksdale, Miss. Joe Gill Woodbury. Ga. Louise Green Trion, Ga. Merle Golden LaGrange, Ga. Margaret Goodson Franklin, Ga. C. D. Goswick Chatsworth, Ga. Ann Green Frolona, Ga. Polly Griffin Griffin. Ga. Forrest Hagan Cedartown. Ga. Betty Hardin Eastman, Ga. James Hardy LaGrange. Ga. Anne Hart Woodbury. Ga. Henry Head Buchanan. Ga. FHESHMEIV Harvey Hearn Palmetto, Ga. Andrew Hill LaGrange, Ga. Billy Hogg LaGrange, Ga. Hearn Palmetto. Ga. Durward Herring Hiram, Ga. Melvina Herring Carrollton, Ga. Barbara Hewell Elberton, Ga. Billie Hillman Conyers, Ga. James Hills Bremen, Ga. Virginia Hitchcock Atlanta. Ga. Carolyn Hodgson Hartwell, Ga. Burrell Holder Temple, Ga. Eulyss Holland Bremen, Ga. James Hollingsworth Clem, Ga. Larry Hollingsworth Carrollton, Ga. tf Hildred Hubbard Emerson, Ga. Virginia Huckeba Roopville, Ga. Hugh Hudsputh Temple, Ga. 40 Willis Huff Roopville, Ga. W. R. Hunt Cave Springs, Ga. FRESHMEN J. D. Hurtt Menlo, Ga. Don Hutcheson Tallapoosa, Ga. Joyce Hutcheson Buchanan, Ga. Irma Hyatt Roopville, Ga. Rowena Hyatt Franklin, Ga. Jacqueline Isbell Rockmart, Ga. Inez Jackson Franklin, Ga. David Jackson Chatsworth, Ga. Pat Jackson Monroe, Ga. Robertine Jackson Lyerly, Ga. Shirley Jackson Franklin, Ga. Daphine Johnson Tallapoosa, Ga. Mary Jolly Tunnel Hill, Ga. Joyce Jones Carrollton, Ga. Ken Jones Lula, Ga. Polly Jones Dallas, Ga. Tom Juneman Birmingham, Ala. Enock Key Roopville, Ga. Edwin Kilgore Villa Rica, Ga. William Kilgore Villa Rica, Ga. 41 FRESHMEN Huland King Waco, Ga. John King. Jr. Ciirryviile. Ga. Joyce Kinney Manchester, Ga. John Lambert Temple, Ga. Betty Faye Landrum College Park, Ga. yvonne Langston Carolyn 1 eath Carolyn Lee Richard Lee Don Lewis Dalton. Ga. Trion. Ga. College Park. Ga. Rockmart, Ga. Calhoun, Ga. ' 4., - ' . f?„ j ' ' -: William Lewis Hogansville. Ga. CjLL r e Little Conyers, Ga. Julian Longley Dalton, Ga. Donald Lovell Marietta, Ga. Martha Lovvorn Carrollton, Ga. Lawrence Luther Villa Rica, Ga. Margaret Lyle Elberton, Ga. Roy Malcolm Monroe, Ga. Jim Malsberger Atlanta, Ga. Madolyn Manning Tallapoosa, Ga. HP FHESHMEIV Wendell Maples Varnell, Ga. Stuart Marks Summerville, Ga. Eugenia McCIain Summerville. Ga. Mary McCrary Alvaton, Ga. Minnie Bell McGinnis Buchanan. Ga. Frances McGuire Carrollton, Ga. Roy Mclnvale Manchester, Ga. Everett McKibben Bowdon, Ga. Robert Milam Austell. Ga. Harold McDonald Sharpsburg. Ga. Gerry McRee Atlanta, Ga. Ross Miller Woodland. Ga. Virginia Miller Carrollton. Ga. James Mitche Rome, Ga. ? Wi¥ ' -M Horace Moore Lindale. Ga. John Morris Carrollton. Ga. Jeanette Nixon Carrollton, Ga. Sidney Oglesby Bowdon, Ga. Monroe Ozmcnt Rome, Ga. Hubert Palmer Carrollton. Ga. FHESHMEIV •7 pBkb -.1 Bobbv Parker Villa Rica, Ga. Carolyn Parker Hampton, Ga. Earl Parrish Temple, Ga. Pat Palton East Point, Ga. Sanford Payne. Rome. Ga. Mildred Payton Menlo, Ga. Lemuel Phillips Ellenwood, Ga. Jack Pinson Rome, Ga. Jimmie Pless Cloudland. Ga. Mary Jean Poarch Carters. Ga. Llewellyn Pope Roopville, Ga. Fulton Powell Calhoun, Ga. Percy Payne Bowman, Ga. Harold Pitts CarroUton, Ga. Hosmon Prince Roopville, Ga. George Pritchett Grantville, Ga. Fred Rainwater Bowdon, Ga. Betty Ramsey Covington, Ga. Mack Ratterree Dallas, Ga. Boyce Ray Calhoun, Ga. 44 FRESHMEN James Reeves Carrollton, Ga. Melton Reeves Carrollton. Ga. Marie Reid Carrollton. Ga Lewis Reynolds Trion, Ga. Phil Richardson LaGrange, Ga. ■■■ ' " 4 ( Anderson Roach Canton, Ga. Clyde Robinson Burwell. Ga. Myrtle Robinson Bowdon, Ga. Robert Robinson Carrollton, Ga. J. P. Rowe Carrollton, Ga. Frank Rushton Atlanta, Ga. Lawton Samples Villa Rica, Ga. Orene Sanders Buchanan, Ga. Vella Scoggins Dallas, Ga. Charles Seaton Cohutta, Ga. Huell Sheets Franklin, Ga. Robert Shelnutt Carrollton, Ga. Paul Sherrer Crawford, Ga. John Shipp Hiram. Ga. Leila Simmons Oglethorpe. Ga. 45 FRESHMEIV Dorothy Sledge Roopville, Ga. Benjamin Schley Rockmart. Ga. Ben Smith, Jr. Lindale, Ga. Edith Smith LaGrange, Ga. r% Fred Smith Hogansville, Vja. James Smith Cohutta, (ja. Miriam Stewart Carrollton. Ga. Carolyn Terry Curryville, Ga. Luther Smith Chipley, Ga. Jack S peers Canton. Ga. Mary Helen Stafford Dalton, Ga. ' X Ann Sullivan Carrollton, Ga Carey Teague Waco, Ga. Jane Teel Adairsville, Ga. 1 oombs 1 homasson LaGrange, Ga. Sidney Thornburg Rome, Ga. Mack Tidwell Gay, Ga. Clark Stevens LaGrange, Ga. John Telford Maysville, Ga. Janie Till Columbus, Ga. FRESHMEN George Tolbert Rome, Ga. Bobby Toles Rome, Ga. L. A, Tclleson Tallapoosa. Ga. Betty Turner Dewey Rose. Ga. Charles Turner Carrollton, Ga. Preston Turner Palmetto, Ga. Yvonne Turner Villa Rica. Ga. Felix Upchurch Covington, Ga. Peggy Vaughan Carrollton, Ga. Jo Ann Wadsworth Rome, Ga. Solon Ware Woodbury, Ga. Douglas Warren Bowdon, Ga. Judith Welch Dallas, Ga. Carolyn White Forest Park, Ga. Wilma White Summerville. Ga. Robert Whitehurst Rome. Ga. Betty Whiteside Dalton, Ga. Sara Whittemore Oakman, Ga. Audrey Williams Dalton, Ga. Nancy Willis Carrollton, Ga. 47 FRESHMEN Horace Wilson CarroUton. Ga. L. J. Woods Calhoun, Ga. Talmadge Woodman Powder Springs, Ga. Jane Wright Rome, Ga. Margaret Yarborough Adairsville, Ga. Sara Frances Yarborough Franklin, Ga. Winford Yates Franklin, Ga. Hilda Young CarroUton, Ga. FRESHMEN NOT PICTURED Bill Clarence Adams Marion Albertson Robert Aldridge Ansel E. Alford Charles E. Alford Ralph Ashmore Joe Baggett Burke Baldwin James E. Barker Charles Bass Max Bentley Charles Blankenship Thaddeus Boggs Eugene Brock Forrest Brumbelow James Burch Joe Burch William Butler William David Carlsy Kenneth Carroll James L. Chapman Ralph Clark David Couch J. K. Crawford Jennie Davis Walter H. Davis James Denney J. Frank Denney Durward Entrekin Othel Entrekin Horace Erwin Weems Foster James Futral James Gamble Thomas Mac Gibbs Robert Gibson Sara F. Gillespie Willie R. Gillespie John C. Gilson Margie Goodson Thomas Goodson James Goolsby Aubrey Graves Winfred Grey Ross Green R. W. Green John R. Griffin Jones Grogan Eva Hammontree Ambers Hanson Clyde Harper Horace Hay Joan Hay Wilson Clarence Heath Charles Henderson Harvey Hendrix Lewis Hewitt James Hutchens John Ingram Julian Jones Kenneth Jordan Max Kaley Steve Kaley Winston Kilgo James L. Knight Frank Lambert John Lane Bill Lewis Alvin Lively Cyril Lovvorn Thomas McCoy Jack McEntire Carl McPherson Daniel McRae Sara Marlow Bruce Masdon Sid Maxwell Jack Minish J. D. Moon Newman Moore Pat Morgan Elmer Moss William Moss Jack Mullins Mabel Neville Richard Nuttall Albert Patterson Emory Peeples Kenneth Perkins James Pollard Carolyn Powell Julius Pye Thomas Rainwater R. H. Roberson Charles Roberts Samuel Roberts Ada Robinson Robby Robison Otis Russell Richard Scudder Gerald Sheats Robert Sherrill Olin Shults Van Simmons B. W. Smith Charles L. Smith Thomas Smith William Smith William Spence Wallace Spier Winton Stallings Betty Staples Gilbert Steadham Carl Stevens Hiram Stevens Ernest Stroud John Terry Charles Thomason A, P. Thornberg Charles Thweatt Horace Traylor William Upshaw Wesley Wilkinson O. L. W ilson Nimrod Wood M. J. Yates 48 JUNIORS drafeM sn Virginia Brooks Lindale, Georgia Grltna Flovu Plainville. Ga. Louise Hughih Carrollton, Ga. Dor is McKiNNhY Bowman, Ga. ANNE Russell Calhoun, Ga. BARBARA Trundle Ringgold, Ga. JUNIORS NOT SHOWN: Thomas E. Johnson Grantville, Ga. W. RAY HUGGINS Carrollton. Ga. Martha Wilson Rome, Ga. A f I HERCULES ift Second Task ACTIVITIES V. R. A. CDUlVCIl Lt ' fi to right: Church, Adcock, Griffin, Isbell, Bjker, Campbell, Goodson, Cliatt, Bettis, Garner, Miller. MEMBERS Hazel Adcock Dorcas. Baker Sara Berryman Betty Bettis Barbara Bishop Nancy Bryant Wendell Campbell Betty Zane Caswell Virginia Christian Margaret Ann Church Nan Cliatt Betty Crawford George Daniel Evelyn Entrekin Mildred Garner Margaret Goodson Polly Griffin Mac Griffith Marguerite Harper Ann Holcombe Hildred Hubbard Jacqueline Isbell Betty Jean Johnson Evelyn Malcom Ross Miller Lee Mundy Sue Quinton Ruby Shelton Iris Swanson Catherine Todd Left to right: Mundy, Bishop, Malcom, Holcombe, Quinton, Crawford, Daniel, Shelton, Griffith, Harper, Swanson, Todd, Bryant, Berryman, Entrekin, Johnson. OFFICERS Barbara Bishop President Evelyn Malcom Vice-President Lee Mundy Secretary -Treasurer MiSS Crider Faculty Advisor All students are considered members of the Voluntary Re- ligious Association which is guided by a selected group of thirty people who are interested in spiritual work. 52 CHIEFTAIIV EDITORS: Left to right: Daniel, Freshmen: Dobbs, Assistant Feature: Dobson, Art: Harrod, Junior: Steele. Sports: Griffin. Assistant Feature: Bryant. Faculty: Kee, Photo: Cheney. Feature: Anthony, Sports: Tucker, Club: Johnson, Sophomore: JVIiller, Lay-out. Sports Photos by Solon Ware I First row. left to right: Jones. Good- son. Swanson, Boroughs. Second row: Forbes. Bettis. Langston. Todd. Ad- ccck, Cliatt: Overton (not pictured). Editor-in-Chief, Barbara Bishop; As- sociate Editor, Pauline McNally: Busi- ness Manager, Dot Owen: Faculty Advisor. Mr. Adams. Owen. Bishop, McNally 53 Left: Hutcheson, Harrod. Whiteside, Fossett, Daniel. Anthony, Dobbs. Bishop. Top: Brown, GrifFin, Garner, Wallingford, Hutcheson, Johnson, Cheney, Rushton. li e t ectfiaH STAFF Len Hutcheson Editor -in-Chief BiLLiE Cheney Associate Editor Clarence Salmon Sports Editor Polly Griffin Feature Editor Helen Brown Circulation Manager Joyce Jones Business Manager iMiss Marvina Wallingford Faculty Advisor Miss Marie Campbell Faculty Advisor I Roy Fossett Mildred Garner George Daniel William Anthony Bonnie Hutcheson REPORTERS james turner Rebecca Burruss FRANK Rushton Betty Whiteside Sue Quinton Marion Moon Edith Harrod Barbara Bishop Betty Jean Johnson Helen Dobbs Sherman Lindsay The West Georgian is the student newspaper issued monthly. The editor is chosen by popular vote and the other members of the staff are chosen through try-outs. The West Georgian has been awarded first class honor ratings five times, placing it among the best junior college newspapers in the nation. 54 VetcMH CM OFFICERS Mack Ratterree W, H. Smith Robert Sherrill Ben Smith John S. Terry Felix Upchurch Harbey Williams Wayne Westring Talmadge Woodman Robert Woodall J. M. Yates Robert Shelnutt Thomas W. Johnston Thomas Roland Everett iMcKibben Crawford Maxwell Billy Aiken Bruce Bailey Frank Camp Durward Fntrekin Joe Broadwater A. E. Hanson S. M. Maxwell Merlin Simonton . President James Hollingsworth Vice-President Mr. Oliver . Faculty Advisor Wayne Hall Clyde Keith Lewis Adams Roy Fossett James E. Barker Lawton Samples Jessie L. Fox James Pollard Luther W. Smith Howard Turner Hubert Palmer T. E. Boggs Otis Russell Harold Davis Donald F. Madden Don Hutcheson Harold Coleman Hugh Crawford Charles Smith Claude Herring Daniel McRae Lamar Knight Burrell Holder Forrest Hagan Boyce Ray, Jr. Bobby Thrash Paul Williams MEMBERS Charles G. Thomason A. D. Davis. Jr. Kenneth Carroll Edwin C. Brock Frank Griffith Toombs Thomasson Roy Mclnvale Bill Anthony Solon Ware. Jr. L. J. Woods C. D. Goswick Clyde Harper Weems Foster Jim Malsberger R. H. Quinn Charles Turner M. D. Jackson John Teel Olin Baxter Jim Thomason Charles Stewart Huel Sheets Winford Yates Secretary Treasurer Recorder Historian Eugene Cobb Don Lewis George Daniel Sidney Thornberg Murray Boyd Robert Aldridge Charles Alford Marion Albertson Hugh W. Barrow Lewis Broom Grover Bearden Robert Brock James Chandler Robert L. Chapman Marvin Cotney Charles Castellaw Wendell Carroll Walter H. Davis Webster Denny William E. Dewberry Alton Dumas Othel Entrekin Burton Finch J. C. Goolsby Aubrey Gilbert Joe M. Gill Aubrey Graves Durward Herring R. L. Hearn Wilson Heath Lewis Hewitt Ken Jones Pat Jackson Billy M. Jones W. W. Kilgore Enoch Key Roy Malcom James Mitchell David McGraw Stuart Marks John Morris James Overton Monroe Ozment Earl Parrish George Pritchet WeM (jeotpa.,. PICTURE OF ENTIRE CHOIR Left to right. Pauline McNally Sara Berryman Barbara Bishop Louise Pennington Joyce Hutcheson Virginia Hitchcock Virginia Ballew Vera Ballew Regina Allison Betty Zane Caswell Martha Lovvorn Nadine Ashmore Jackie Freeman Sara Waters Betty Smith Percy Payne Frances McGuire Elinor Davis Yvonne Turner Ethlyn Banks Billie Cheney Wyonne Langston Polly Jones Lois Cooper Barbara Albertson Evelyn Entrekin Sherman Lindsay Charles Smith Gerald Shears Durward Herring Claude Herring Gene Cook Hilton Estes Helen Leach Lantie Barrett Judith Welch Carolyn White Luther Smith Joe Burch Howard Smith Bob Thrash Richard Lee Winford Cohran Tom Morgan Linda Cliett Sue Quinton Carolyn McCurdy Patsy Hearn Jack Pinson Lewis Adams Monroe Ozment Earl Parrish Margaret Church Nell Clark Bobby Toles Murray Boyd Bailey Murphy Durward Entrekin Wayne Gammon Max Bentley James Barker Pat Jackson Lodric Wilson James Overton Not Pictured: Hay ward Boyette, John Donehoo, Donald Hutcheson, Lila Jean Prater, Lewis Reynolds, Douglas Rice. 56 L . .. Capfielia Cht J. WOMEN ' S ENSEMBLE Bob Thrash President Margaret Church Vice-President Durward Entrekin Treasurer Virginia Hitchcock Secretary Miss Jane Woodruff Director MEN ' S ENSEMBLE One of the largest and most prominent organizations on the campus, the West Georgia A Cappella Choir has also established a distinguished reputation for itself all over the state. The Christmas Concert, caroling, local appearances, and state tours made up a heavy schedule for this year ' s Choir. 57 PANEL LEADERS Debating Panel . Discussion Panel Book Review . . . Lee Mundy . Ross Miller Carolyn Bryant THE ZETA MEMBERS Dobson, Smith, Rushton, Miller, Adams, McWhorter, Holcombe, Garner, Jones, Crawford, Dobbs, Mundy, Harrison, Morgan, Daniel, Kee, Hyatt, Pope, Bullard, Bras- well, Bryant. OFFICERS Tom Morgan . . . President Dorothy Harrison . Vtce-Pres. Lee Mundy . . . Secretary Herbert Dobson . Treasurer Dr. Roberts . Faculty Advisor The Zeta Sigma Pi sponsors Stunt Night and various other activities. other activities. 58 Informal discussion of members of the Book Panel SIGMA PI Members of the debating panel discuss pro and con. .The Discussion Panel presenting opinions on social, political, and economic conditions of India. 59 COOKING Left to right: Malcom. Harrod. Longino. Cunningham, Casey, Pulliam, Smith SEWING Hardin. Ciiatt. Yarbrough, Brison, Ballew, Abercrombie. A L P H INSPECTING Woodruff, Stafford, Pledger, Fossett, Aibertson, Whiteside, Williams, Ash- more. The Alpha Psi consists of those girls interested in improving the art of home making. The club is affiliated with the State and National Home Economics Clubs. 60 p s I MEMBERS Ballew, Gurlie. White. Berryman. Bryant. Ramsey. Christian. Kesler, Poarch. Baker, Ayers. Brannon. Brown. Cauthen, S.; Cauthen. M. : Cliett. Croker. Crawford, Douglas, Easterwood, Flournoy. Freeman. Golden. Jackson, Landrum, Leath, McClain, Payton. Prater, Seaton. Seymour. Sullivan. MEASURING Clark. Hyatt, Hitchcock. Turner. Pope. OFFICERS Sue QUINTON ' President Ruby SHELTON Vice-President ANN HOLCOMBE Secretary LOETTA HUDGINS Treasurer Miss Jenkins Faculty Advisor Among the objectives named at the first of this year were to have a Christmas party for the underprivileged children, a formal dance, a May Day Festival, and to act as hostess for various occasions. 61 KEYS AND CUES BUSINESS CLUB 7 o the U-ll: C.impbcll. Billow, Whittemorc. To the right: Gaylor. White, Hunt. Tolleson. Seated: Lovvorn, Crook, Fuller. Standing: Jones, Entrckin. Hcarn, Piincc, Edgeworth. Davis. Camp. Keys and Cues is the newest organization on the campus. Its objectives are to better acquaint students with business and to further interest in the commer- cial field. 62 Seated: Moore, J. Davis, Cotney, Goodson. Ratterree. Standing: Baker, Tolleson. Hutcheson D. Davis. Cook, Peete, Faculty Advisors: Miss Peete, Miss Wallingfotd IBS MU ZETA ALPHA Left to right: Cannon. Crawford. Boroughs, Christian, Kesler. Crawford, Hudgins. Left to right: Wadsworth. Miller. Dobson, Green. Harper. Robinson, Miss Artingstall. OFFICERS Doris Cannon . . Frances Boroughs Hugh Crawford Miss Artingstall . President Vice-President Secretary -Treasurer Faculty Advisor The Mu Zeta Alpha is composed of those students interested in the sciences. Its objectives are to promote study in the various fields of science. 63 Kftr EI. CIRCULD ESPANDL First roiL ' . Icfi to nqhi: Owen, C. Bi-yjint, Ad- cock, Jones. Wcivcr, Langston. Bettis, Swanson. Second row: L. Smith. Bray, Cooper, Steele, Leach. N. Bryant, Braswell. Third row: W. Yates, McKibbcn, Kciih. Cos- tcllaw. Parrish. Holder. Left to right: Owen, N. Bryant, C. Bryant, Cooper. OFFICERS Dot Owen President Lois Cooper Vice-President Carolyn Bryant Secretary Nancy Bryant Treasurer Mr. Adams Faculty Advisor The El Circulo Espanol is a club designed to inform students who wish to be- come better acquainted with the manners and customs of the Latin American Countries. The programs are composed of shows, lectures, and general discussions. 64 ll LE CEHCLE FHAIVCAIS First row: Dobson, Bishop, McWhorter Second row: Overton, Harper, Broome, Abercrombie. Third row: Cheney, Daniel, Church. OFFICERS Helen Tucker President Margaret McWhorter Vice-President Marguerite Harper Secretary George Daniel Treasurer Mr. Adams Faculty Advisor Agnes Abercrombie Barbara Bishop June Broome Billie Cheney MEMBERS Margaret Ann Church George Daniel Herbert Dobson Frank Griffith Marguerite Harper Margaret McWhorter James Overton Helen Tucker The purpose of the Le Cercle Francais is to help students interested in French Hfe and culture to become more fully acquainted with the customs of France and to understand the French people better. Entertainments and educational porgrams are given at the meetings. 65 PRESS FDRUM Left to right: Daniel, Anthony, Boroughs, Brown, Ura-n, Quinton, Goodson, Cheney, Dobson. OFFICERS Herbert Dobson President BILLIE Cheney Vice-President Helen Tucker Secretary Mr. Boroughs Faculty Advisor William Anthony Helen Brown Frances Boroughs Billie Cheney MEMBERS George Daniel Herbert Dobson Ann Green Margaret Goodson Sue Quinton Clarence Salmon Helen Tucker The Press Forum sponsors each year the publication of the Gen Pen. a literary magazine written by the students. The objective of the club is to stimulate and promote interest in journalistic activities and to improve the writing ability of each member. 66 4-H CLUB First row: Smith, Clark, Longino, Watts, Ray. Shipp. Eckles. Broom, Hudgins, Second row: Bullard. Golden, Burruss, Nixon, Harris, King, Daniel. OFFICERS George Daniel President June Broome Vice-President Mary Watts Secretary Forrest BRUMBELOW Treasurer Miss Artingstall Faculty Advisor John Acree Emmadeane Brison Rebecca Burruss Gene Bullard Forrest Brumbelow Virginia Christian James H. Chandler Nell Clark Sara Eckles June Broome MEMBERS Terry Franks Merle Golden Martha Sue Harris Richard Hearn Barbara Hewell Loetta Hudgins John King. Jr. Caroline Leath George Little. Jr. Betty Longino Wendell Maples Jeanette Nixon Boyce Ray, Jr. Charles Seaton John Shipp Leila Simmons Betty Smith James F. Smith Mary Watts Wilma White Hazel Thurmon The purpose of the 4-H Club is to keep students informed as to the activities of 4-H Club at local and state levels and to enable the members to continue at college those activities begun in home clubs. 67 " r LOG CABIN Frank Rushton . . . President Lemuel Phillips . . . Vice-Pres. Thomas Morgan . . . Sec.-Treas. ADAMSON HALL Lee MuNDY President Evelyn Malcom . . . Vice-Pres. BiLLIE Cheney .... Treasurer Helen Tucker .... Secretary l f ' fttitc ' if WRIGHT BARRACKS James BuRCH .... President Ben Smith Vice-Pres. William Anthony . . Sec.-Treas MELSON HALL Pauline McNally . . . President Betty Crawford . . . Vice-Pres. Elinor Davis .... Secretary Edith Kesler .... Treasurer STORMS BARRACKS HARL DuffEY .... President Bobby Thrash .... Vice-Pces. R. W. Brock, Merlin Simonton, Don Hutcheson . . . Proctors HAMM BARRACKS President Vice-Pres. Sec.-Treas. CcuHCiij Bill Mitchell . Charles Smith Preston Turner GUNN HOUSE Eugene Cook .... President Sherman Lindsay . . . Vice-Pres. Mac Griffith .... Secretary Clarence Salmon . . Treasurer MANDEVILLE HALL Dorothy Harrison . . President Dorothy Forbes . . . Vice-Pres. SAMMIE R. Pledger . . Secretary Carolyn McCurdy . . Treasurer Lm K m ft ATHLETICS IBI . BRAVES FIRST Robert Braden Confer GEORGE ALBRlGiMl Left Tackle Bill Smith Half Back Dick Held Fullback Gene Cook Captain WAYNE WESTRING Right Tackle E L E V E IV Ray Robinson Right End Hal Pitts Quarterback ANSEL ALFORD Halfback ■■F » » » jf Mac McCoy Left Guard First roiO. left to right: Manager Breed, Manager Marion, Carlton, Alford, Marks, Cook, Anderson, Gilbert, Pitts, Coach Wheby. Second roiv: Albright, Jones, Mallom, Ozment, Bone, Griffith, Braden, Burch. Third roiv : Held, Martin, Walburn, Hill, Smith, Sherrill, Robinson, Russell, Dewberry, Finch. For the first year since the founding of West Georgia College a football team was sent to the gridiron. Although they were unable to secure a victory, they fought hard and made a credit- able showing. The school is just as proud as it can be of the Braves. We feel that football is essential in making a well rounded college life. It is not with regret that we look back to defeats, but with grim determination to win in the future. Captain Cook Coach Wheby CHEERLEADERS: Uft to right: Steele, Salmon, Goodson, Ashmore, Pinson, Bryant, Cheney. 74 B A E B A VARSITY TEAM: Broom, Blankenship, Toles, Wilkinson, Hewitt, Pinson, Burch, Gilson, Thweat, Smith, Brumbelow, With the close of football season stu- dents began to look expectantly to bas- ketball. As we go to press basketball is in full swing. A fighting team, a fine coach and school spirit should bring the victories that everyone enjoys. Captain Gilson Coach Wheby THE TBAVEIIIVG SOUAB im a w 1-p.- Lucy Dukes . June Broome . . Evelyn Entrekin President Vice-Pres. , Secretary Virginia Hitchcock . Treas. LANTIE Barrett . . Recorder Left to right: B.irrctt, Dukes. Broome, EnLickin, Hiuhcock. VARSITY HOCKEY First row. left to right: Wright, Jones, BuUard, Hardin. Second roiu: Entre- kin. Longino. Owens. Barrett. Last row: Ballew. Dukes, Cunningham. ARCHEHY VARSITY Left to right: Steele Camp Booth Johnson Kinney Smith Harrod Evelyn Booth Joyce Kinney ARCHERY VARSITY Archery, a new sport on our campus, was swell, the girls agreed unanimously. Joy Prince Betty J, Johnson Edith smith Edith Harrod Peggy Steele Carolyn Camp im il Lucy Dukes Center Forward GIRLS ' Dot Owens Right Wing Lantie Barrett Right Inner Evelyn Entrekin Left Inner V A H I H D fi Geraldine Jones Vera Jo Ballew Right Halfback Center Halfback Field Hockey has recently become one of the most outstanding sports for girls. Gene Bullard Sara Cunningham Betty Hardin Betty Longino Left Halfback . Right Fullback Left Fullback Goalie r I HERMES (MERCURY) FEATURES Msmm ' ' BiLLiE Cheney Lamar Knight Helen Tucker c h tftof These are our outstanding Sophomores who have been chosen by the student body. Lewis Adams Evelyn Malcom Catherine Todd Len Hutcheson Sue Quinton George Daniel S upetiatiHeA They represent the dependabiHty, leadership, scholastic ability, and cheerfulness to be found at West Georgia College. I V Barbara Bishop Lee Mundy Thomas Morgan These are girls from our Sophomore class who ex- cel in personality, charm, courtesy, appearance and school spirit. They represent West Geor- gia — the social life anci the academic work — and it is with pride that they are presented. JACQUELIN CROKER J)f AJJ WeM ePt ' iA Doris Ellis Marilyn Edgeworth i BiLLiE Cheney Marguerite Harper h4 fittendant LiLA Jean Prater Evelyn Malcom Mh CRONUS 6o j of Time MEMOIRS I HI Ill ■ • " I iHIJiliiliiiW tfKIDBHBi ' , 1. Ye Olde Hangout. 2. Wonder how his boys perform in class? 3. Ohoo! That registration line! 4. Ballet at W. G. C. 5. Summer School wasn ' t so bad, either. 6. Can ' t see what they want to push for. 7. ' We had often heard you could see right through some people! 8. Mrs. Webb is always busy. :t ' J ' ■ j ' lMh ' -i - 1. Recognize ' em, boys? 2. We oughta charge Sears and Coca-Cola for this space! 3. Disaster struck, too. 4. Who is the mysterious dark gentleman? 5. No, they aren ' t wall flowers. 6. " But how can you tell a ' van Kok ' from a ' van Gogh ' ? " 7. Thanksgiving ... 8. This affair is really serious. Tltaml haii Agnes Abercrombic — " Doc. " Newnan, Genius. North Dakota. Lewis Adams — President, dancing teacher, smooth. Betty Jean Anderson — Cutie, Coiffure, Bobby, Buck, nurse. Martha Arrington — Charles, neat, shy, CarroUton Deb. Nadinc Ashmore — Acrobat, sweet, dancer, broken light bulbs. Virginia Ballcw — Mandevillian, Vera ' s sister, cheerful, hockey. Ethelyn Banks — Peggy, Thomaston, " little one, " Kenneth. Lantie Barrett — " Legs. " Social Circle, athletic. Mary Bates — Bangs, sleepy head, Charles. William Beck — Brains, whistler, brown eyes. " Bill. " Sara Berryman — Sweet. Bowman. Willis, " Me ' n Betty, " May Court. Barbara Bishop — " Bobbie. " V. R. A.. Editor. " Claire de Lune. " Gene. Aunt Myra. Carolyn Bryant — " Candy, " good looking. Bowdon belle. Nancy Bryant — Iris ' roommate. " Nan. " Stardust. Joyce Camp — Felton Yankee. Tom, Chocolate Cake, account- ing, " got any bread? " Carolyn Camp — Sam. slick chick, good looking clothes. Doris Cannon — First lady of Post Office. Bang-Bang, man hater. Betty Zane Caswell — Andrew, Sweet, pretty. May Queen. Eugene Chambers — " Gene. " Bowdon. Dickens. T. W. Chandler — Brain, CarroUton, Specs. Betty Casey — Mrs.. Cooper, Steele, waterfount! Billie Cheney — Red head, blue benches, smiles. Roy, Tuck, Cluny. Virginia Christian — Roy. shy. cute, Chattanooga. Gene Cook — Football captain. Casanova. Lois Cooper — Corn cob pipe, wit, " Pair o ' dice " Room. Betty Crawford — Chapel slips, fingernail polish. Brother Hugh. Jackie Croker — Miss West Georgia, beauty, Dallas, drug stores? Betty Crook Popular, telephone, busted " haid. " timid. Sara Frances Cunningham — Dining Hall. Roommate!, hockey. George Daniel — The Laugh, 4-H, protective clothing, police- man. Doris Davis — " Doopie, " bangs, chit-chat, little, basketball. Elinor Davis — Peroxide, Rome. Socks. Helen Dobbs — Teacher, roommate. Herbert Dobson — Press Forum, artist, intelligent. Lillian Douglas — Laugh. Othel. Room 101, Rosy Cheeks. Lucy Dukes — Sports, overweight??, W.A.A. James Dunaway — Radio announcer, " Boots. " Mr. D. A. Marilyn Edgeworth — Beauty, well dressed. Murray, tall. Doris Ellis — Byron, beauty. Carolyn ' s roommate. Max Ellis — Villa Rica, first they ' re on. then they ' re off. Evelyn Entrekin — " Stinkie, " Monroe, athletic. Queen of Hearts. Terry Franks — " Terrible Jane, " front window. Gum Log, airplanes. Dorothy Forbes — " Dumpy, " Cave Springs. Sara Fossett — " House mom, " Mrs., enjoys life in boys ' dor- mitory. Roy Fossett — " Pop, " wizard, quiet, Sara, the other half. Jacquelyn Freeman — Blondie, Tally, " Jackie. " Riley Frost — Curly, Lanelle, Thomaston, cheerleader. Wayne Gammon — Frances, " Bubbles, " crooner. Frank Griffith — Photographer, Cluny, horses. Mac Griffith — Betty .Jean, horses, Gunn House, swell fellows, Buchanan. Helen Gurley — Bashful, neat, home economics. Wayne Hall — " Judge, " Dalton. Marguerite Harper — Beauty, well dressed, " Cheeseburgers. " Martha Sue Harris — " Jane and Betty, " Walter. Dorothy Harrison — Sweet, cute, quiet. Edith Harrod — Knitter, bangs, chemistry. Patsy Hearn — Pianist, good dancer, sleepy head, Henrietta. Claude Herring — Smooth Dancer, tenor, Durward ' s big brother. Ann Holcombe — " Clem, " Burke, cute, neat. Loetta Hudgins — Ned? Patterson? cute clothes. Len Hutcheson — West Georgian Editor, Lover of French. Bonnie Hutcheson — Mrs., Band, attractive. Mary Elizabeih Hunt — Modest, green snake, Coca-Cola bottles. Betty Jean Johnson — " Cute Red Head, " Sara, Mac, Char- lotte, horses, dogs. Geraldine Jones — Red Head, Ray, Forest Park. Milbrey Jones — Shy, sweet, gracious. Myra Jones — Choir, town student, cheerful. Floella Kee — " Dilly, " Tech, " You could have carried me out in a spoon. " Clyde Keith — Sleepy head, nice personality, friendly. Edith Kesler — Bill, very, very attractive, quiet. Helen Key — Day student. Chemical wizard, blondie. Ralph Key — Tallapoosa, reserved, quiet. Lamar Knight — Heart breaker, " Knight life, " Handsome, Spanish. Helen Leach — Dan, spellbound, attractive, sweet, friendly, cheerful. Sherman Lindsay — Green sheets, Regina, town girls, dreamer. Bernese Lambert — Tallapoosa, sleepy, friendly disposition. Betty Longino — " Longie, " Glamour, Hugh, mice. Carolyn McCurdy — Witty. LaFayette, afraid of the dark. Pauline McNally — Bill. " Tell me about it, " long week-ends. Library. Evelyn Malcom — Home Economics, " My Stars, " Widow, " Little Bill. " pptttait William Mitchell — Bill, Ellenwood, Spanish. Donald Madden — Freddie, Virginia, Monsieur, Sam, Jod- willow. Marion Moon — Assistant house mom, basketball star, sweet. William Marion — Rome, Grid manager. Tom Morgan — Good looking, Woodbury, Post office. Nan. David McGraw — Chemistry, Wonderful disposition. Joyce Morris — " Little. " pretty Harold. Raymond Melear — Preacher. Cop. " Have you your driver ' s license? " Warren Moses — Quiet, reserved, very sincere. Margaret McWhorter — Nice ways, French club, gracious. Lee Mundy — Charm, V. R. A.. " The Voice. " superlative. Bailey Murphy — Casanova, restrictions, bucket of water. Fred Nesbit — Pres. of Varsity Club. Calhoun. Dorothy Owens — Templitc. " Dump, " Joyce ' s side kick, Hoyt. James Overton — Writer, well dressed, straight pins. Louise Pennington — " Penny. " dancing, hard worker, very likable. C. C. Perkins — Republican. Mount Zion. mustache. Sammie Pledger — Neat, gracious, intelligent, sweet. Lila Jean Prater — Eye Brows. Model, attractive, popular. Roy Prince — " Really. " commercial student, archery. Carolyn Pulliam — Proctor. Murlyn, D. H. Hostess. Gene Putnam — Convertible, Charles. Sue Quinton — Suzie. knitting, trombone. Alpha Psi. Clarence Salmon — " Snookie. " Sports Editor, cheerleader, per- sonality, Cunningham. Ccrbin Sanders — Cousin. Math, wizard. B. H. S. clan. Marion Sherrill — Preacher. Betty. Suell Seaton — " Haven ' t you lost weight? " , neat, likeable. Merlin Simonton — Veterans ' Club, grandpa. Mary Seymour — Striking, dancing, Percy ' s roommate, " Myrk, " May Court. Ruby Shelton — Shorty. Alpha Psi. B. S. U. Betty G. Smith — Bethlehem, Harry, " Searcher of Food. " Charles Smith — Eugenia, LaGrange, Jokes. Howard Smith — " Smitty, " LaGrange, Dining Hall, grin. Peggy Steele — Cheerleader, Blondie, Chandler. Cynthia Stipe — CarroUton. Dean ' s list. May Court. Iris Swanson — Nancy ' s roommate, Chipley. Lewis. Mrs. Hutchins, Lefty. Charles Stewart — Miriam, " Mutt and Jeff. " Hazel Thurmon — Sanford. " Sleepy, " Atlanta. John Teel — Friendly, strictly okeh. Catherine Todd — Jerry, Senoia, " Miss Toady, " Superlative, Magda Svenson. Robert Thrash — Camera fiend, Man about the campus, " Trash. " Helen Tucker — ' BUI and Tuck, " Bernard, actress. Sara Waters — Pianist, Suzie. Blue Moon. Earl. Harriette Wallace — Bowden Junction, matron. Mary Watts — Rmggold, " caught in the act. " Nadine. Lucy Weaver — Short, but swell, Gladys. Milbrey. Robbie Jean Westbrook — Leon, pretty, May Court. Paul Williams — West Point, quiet, ' Tauline. " Bernice White — Polished saddles, the bird, school teacher. Virginia Woodruff — Bubbles. Logansville. Bill. Ruthie Word — Winford, quiet, CarroUton. Denson Yates — Mildred, bus driver, Demolisher of Street lights. Henry Boyd — CarroUton. " Hank. " Hayward Boyette — Newsom, Tucker, good dancer, Columbus. Robert Braden — " Papa, " Rome, football. Edwin Casey — " Ed, " Cedartown, Sara. Alvin Chambers — Bowdon. Betty, Gene ' s brother. W. F. Chastain — Hawkins, good looking, Calhoun. Otis W. Cohran — " Wink, " Joyce, convertible. A. D. Davis — Chipley. Ned Davis — CarroUton. good looking, Robbie. John Donehoo — Bass voice, Roswell, smart. Beverly Ann Gibson — Waco. George Gilbert — Lyerly. Joseph Griffies — " Joe, " CarroUton, Nell. Mildred Hearn — Burwell. Thomas Hearn — LaGrange, Joyce, Wink. James Hollingsworth — " Buck, " basketball, CarroUton, Edith. Robert Irvin — - " Bob, " CarroUton. Martin Johnson — Bowdon, reserved, intelligent. W. J. Jones — Bremen, " Billy, " Violet ' s brother. Neveda Kenyon — - " Dippy, " pretty hair. Lindale. Laura Marlowe — Library resident, Sara Nell, CarroUton. Howard Martin — CarroUton. James Martin — Mt. Zion, deep voice, music. Joseph Murphy — " Joe. " Greenville. Curtis Paris — D. C quartette. " Curt. " D. C. Paris — Curtis, quartette. O. L. Patterson — " Pat. " Loetta, LaGrange. Annice Reagin — " Mrs., " " Boydie, " CarroUton. Douglas Rice — Winston, " Doug. " Paul Roberts. Tallapoosa. Thomas Rowland, Bowdon, Tom. Lewis Sherrill — Bus, Dining Hall, Bowdon. brothers. Frank Smith — CarroUton. Robert Stewart — - ' " Bob, " Doctor, CarroUton. specs. Newsom Summerlin — Hayward. dancer, piano. Ned. art. Howard Turner — Louise. Charles. CarroUton. Bobby Walters — Lavonia. Wayne Westring — Football, CarroUton. WESTERS SHOE STORE Best Shoes in Town 10 1 2 Newnan Street Carrollton, Georgia CRAPE MYRTLE HOTEL Phone 127 Carrollton, Georgia KYTLE-AYCOCK FUNERAL HOME 102 ' 2 Newnan Street Phone 323 CARROLLTON GEORGIA Compliments of IVEY ' S BARBER SHOP Newnan Street CARROLLTON GEORGIA DRY CLEAN WITH J. CARL " There ' s a Difference " ECONOMY CLEANERS Phone 43 2 3 8 Newnan Street CARROLLTON GEORGIA TASTY GRILL for TASTY FOOD Dixie Street Carrollton, Georgia FRANK T. THOMASSON PRINTERS and PUBLISHERS All Forms of Commercial Printing Alabama Street Carrollton, Ga. For the Pause that Refreshes . DRINK eca TRADE M4;j, CARROLLTON COCA-COLA BOTTLING CO. CARROLLTON GEORGIA MOORE and CLEIN LADIES ' READY-TO-WEAR CARROLLTON GEORGIA «l tAFE COMFORTABLE MOTOR COACH TRANSPORTATION Carrollton, Georgia WILEY CREEL JEWELER CARROLLTON GEORGIA MERRELL CO. LADIES ' READY-TO-WEAR SHOES Carrollton, Georgia THE LEADER Dry Goods, Clothing and Shoes Hats, Ladies ' Ready-to-Wear Phone 66 5 On the Square Carrollton, Georgia J. B. WARREN COMPLETE HOME FURNISHINGS Carrollton, Georgia — Phone 575 Bremen, Georgia — Phone 37 HOTEL CARROLLTON WEST GEORGIA ' S FINEST R. S. McCowN, Manager CARROLLTON GEORGIA GEORGIA POWER COMPANY James H. Griffin H. L. RiNN CARROLLTON, GEORGIA Belva Cole Virginia Ramsey GWYN TONEY Margaret Bennett A Citizen Wherever We Serve Compliments ...of... CARROLL AND ARCADE CARROLLTON MARBLE WORKS Carrollton Georgia Call 768 or 18 5-W Collect Fine . MONUMENTS - Since 18 9 4 Visit our display at the plant and see the actual monuments you are buying, it ' s better than buying from a picture BELK-RHODES CO. The Home ot Better Values Carrollton, Georgia W. C. CANTREUL Distributor GULF OIL PRODUCTS Gulfpride Motor Oil Gulf No-Nox Gasoline Carrollton, Georgia Compliments of SPRAYBERRY ' S Bremen Highway Carrollton, Georgia DOUGLAS COMPLETE HOME FURNISHINGS PHILCO 28 Rome Street Phone 737 Carrollton, Georgia FOLLOW THE CROWD TO THE VARSITY SHOP CARROLLTON GEORGIA THE PEOPLE S BANK MEMBER FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION Carrollton Georgia FROSTY HAVEN FROSTED MALTED FOUNTAIN SPECIALS Bremen, Georgia Compliments of McGEE ' S BAKERY ON THE SQUARE CARROLLTON GEORGIA BOATWRIGHT THOMPSON shoes for All the Family 12 Alabama Street Carrollton, Georgia BLEDSOE ' S TAXI Phone 62 20 Years Serving the PubUc Compliments of McCONNELL ' s 5c to $1.00 STORE CARROLLTON GEORGIA FARM IMPLEMENT COMPANY N. C. Shackleford, Owner Phone 667 CARROLLTON :-: GEORGIA DEPARTMENT STORE — 5 10c STORE Carrollton, Georgia Established 1899 We Appreciate Your Business ' ' Say If with Flowers " COTTAGE HILL GREENHOUSE Member F.T.D. Telephone 293- W Carroi.lton, Georgia JONES DRUG CO. C. B. Jones C. D. Carter Prescription Druggists Walter New Louise Eley Helen Hollingsworth CARROLLTON GEORGIA Fisher ' s Variety Hd we. Store 21 Newnan St; Phone 243 Sells for If ' hy Pay Less More? MANDEVILLE MILLS GEARED TO MEET YOUR YARN NEEDS OF TODAY AND TOMORROW CARROLLTON GEORGIA GRIFFIN-NEW PHARMACY Your Corner Drug Store Phone 77 CARROLLTON - : - GEORGIA CompUments of DIXIE CLEANERS 95 Maple Street Carrollton, Georgia Latest Styles in Hats DANIEL HAT SHOPPE Next to Carroll Theatre Carrollton, Georgia JEWEL ' S BEAUTY SHOPPE EXPERIENCED OPERATORS 7 Bradley Street Phone 81 Carrollton, Georgia r?f « MARTIN FUNERAL HOME AMBULANCE SERVICE • FUNERAL DIRECTORS Phone 38 14 West Center Street Carrollton, Georgia Agency 404, Family Fund Insurance Co. Compliments of BILL BREWER WESTERN GRILL Phone 9116 CARROLLTON GEORGIA EMPIRE 5-10-25C STORE CARROLLTON and VILLA RICA West Georgia Students Always Welcome We wish to express appreciation to our advertisers who have helped to make our book a success. lutcftaph " " • ; ' :V r.v;:- ,.C.n 1; ' S9 ' .T SPECIAL GEOfiGiA ■ f lTTI •- ::iSfc.5:-2bS3S ' - .■■,iir ff0k- ■ •• - ■- ' i§|fr ' i-i ' -:A jf-: , . ' W- k-u,. iU lkl» ' lt Kt ' - ! ■ ' ( f j MK;(lfiM(yW-?fr:WlW :?K «■l ' lJ»a .■. v HSvir- i : M t- »A . . o. — - f ' i iMfmm

Suggestions in the University of West Georgia - Chieftain Yearbook (Carrollton, GA) collection:

University of West Georgia - Chieftain Yearbook (Carrollton, GA) online yearbook collection, 1944 Edition, Page 1


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University of West Georgia - Chieftain Yearbook (Carrollton, GA) online yearbook collection, 1946 Edition, Page 1


University of West Georgia - Chieftain Yearbook (Carrollton, GA) online yearbook collection, 1948 Edition, Page 1


University of West Georgia - Chieftain Yearbook (Carrollton, GA) online yearbook collection, 1949 Edition, Page 1


University of West Georgia - Chieftain Yearbook (Carrollton, GA) online yearbook collection, 1950 Edition, Page 1


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