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University of West Georgia - Chieftain Yearbook (Carrollton, GA) online yearbook collection, 1944 Edition, Cover

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' I 1 ' ?, iii? f, ;». A«?iMe J 1 ' ■St ' p if- f w ' " • ' v «Hi I 19 4 4 Published by the Students of WEST GEORGIA COLLEGE VOLUME XI r ,i.t - F M W R D Our purpose in publishin3 this volume of the CHIEFTAIN is to present a lasting record of our activities during 1943-1944. Copyright by HELEN FISHER Editor-in-Chief BETTY JONES Business Manager 1944 CHIEFTAH J iy the =J cfunJiczi or L Mt i olieac C 1 T E N T S ADMINISTRATION CLASSES ACTIVITIES HKiHLIIillTS Jim ii Li ttati lon • • • BELOVED BY ALL HIS STUDENTS IS MR. I. S. INGRAM, PRESIDENT OF WEST GEORGIA COLLEGE. THROUGH HIS UNTIRING EFFORTS HE HAS MADE WEST GEORGIA A TRULY OUTSTANDING JUNIOR COLLEGE. THE WELFARE OF THE SCHOOL IS CLOSE TO HIS HEART AND ITS PROGRESS IS A PERSONAL MATTER TO HIM. COURTEOUS AND KIND, HONEST AND SINCERE, HE MIGHT VERY APTLY BE CALLED AN ABLE LEADER OF THE NEW SOUTH. The able leadership of Mr. W. Fred Gunn, Dean of Administration, has helped make West Geor3ia Colle3e an outstanding school. Always eager and willing to serve. Dean Gunn has won the respect and ad- miration of students and colleagues alike. Students find him interested and anxious to help in any club or activity program they wish to discuss, hie is indeed a veritable bulwark of strength on which the school may rely. W. FRED GUNN, M.S. Dean of Administration Dr. D. F. Folger, Dean of Instruction, has done much to raise the standards of a school which has seen a phenomenal growth within the past few years. He has dis- charged with real interest and understand- ing the numerous responsibilities of his posi- tion. Taking a personal interest in all the students, Dr. Folger strives to see that they get the most that can be gotten while in school. D. F. FOLGER, Ph.D. Dean of Instruction MRS. MAUDE E. ABBOTT Mandeville Hall Hostess S. HORACE ACKLEN Business Manaser GEORGE C. S. ADAMS, A.M. Romance Languages LAMAR BARFOOT Burwell School Principal MARIE CAMPBELL, A.M. English JOHN L. CARPENTER, B.S. Physical Education MAPy CONNER Secretary MRS. BARNEY DAVIS, B.S. Dietitian JAMES A. DOUBLES, Ph.D. Biclcgy H. H. GILES, A.M. Third Year Director KATIE DOWNS, A.M. Supervisor of Student Teaching TOM HERNDON, A.M. Social Science M. E. HOWELL, A.M. Chennistry RUBY JENKINS, M.S.H.E. hHome Economics LUCIEN E. ROBERTS, Ph.D. Social Science GEORGE K. SMITH, Ph.D. English RUTH STURGIS, M.S. Physical Education MRS. CHARLES THOMAS Secretary WILLIAM V. VITARELLI, M.S. Industrial Arts MRS. ILA WILLIAMS Melson Hali Hostess SARAH M. WARD, B.S. Dean of Women, and Hostess of Adamson Hall . JANE WOODRUFF, M.Mus. Music ANNIE BELLE WEAVER, A.B.L.S. Librarian EDWARD yEOMANS, A.B. Community Work (No Picture) MARY PENNINGTON, M.A. Superintendent of Teachers in Laboratory Schools EDITH CAUDILL ■ JANE CLONTS, M.A, Supervising Teachers in Laboratory Schools (No Picture) GRACE TIETJE, M.A. County Supervisor 10 VOCATIONAL EDUCATION FOR NATIONAL DEFENSE The Vocational Education for National Defense pro- gram at West Georgia College is doing a vital job for the war effort. All the property and equipment owned by the former N. Y. A. project has been leased from the government, and the Georgia State Department of Education is now providing funds through their V. E. N. D. program for operating the war production training program here. For its contribution to war effort, the college program is now producing bomb boxes. College students are allowed to register for part time work in the shops. In addition to this, the project is equipped with a Wood Shop, Aircraft Sheet Metal Shop, Machine Shop, Electric Welding Shop, Power Sewing Shop, and a general sheet metal shop. Such a program as this offers vast possibilities for the post-war world. A voca- tional trade school on a college level with college standards can be established, thus giving adequate and thorough training to instructors and supervisory workers for in- dustry. Plans for such a program are now being considered by the Georgia Board of Regents. W. Parker Bedingfield is supervisor of war production training with John W. Foun- tain as War Production Engineer; Mrs. S. P. Craven, Bookkeeper, J. B. Stallings, Wood Shop Instructor; James W. McNeely, Machine Shop Instructor; and James M. King and Thomas L. Boyd, Welding Instructors. 11 VOtiTIOiU EDUCATION FOR NATIONAL DEFENSE 12 ai ici . • • ' SOPHOMORES Left to risht; CLAUDIA WALTERS, Secretary-Treas- urer; ANNA FARISS, President; CORALICE FEARS, Vice-President. Even though the Fall Quarter began with few sophomores, there is no evidence that the beginning was bad, because the few sophomores seem to have had things pretty well in hand — well, as much as possible anyway. In a time of crisis such as the one we are passing through, the student has a big job to do. He must prepare him- self for this critical period and for the post-war world to follow. As a tired child lays away his toys at the end of a day — toys which have served well but are still unforgotten — we shall soon lay away many happy memories of our two years at West Georgia. Gee! But these have been short, and it seems in- credible that many of us will soon be stationed at points all over the globe. Many of those whose pictures you see here will be serving on foreign fronts, sacrificing much of their comfort and possibly even their lives for those freedoms which we believe to be God-granted and which men must preserve. These will be brave persons who love their country and fellow men; they are the ones to whom we shall owe our sincerest gratitude, but there will still be many others, just as brave, who will carry on here at home in the various essential jobs for which they are fitted, helping to build morale to back up the boys over there. God give them strength to exert themselves for the best. There are those who will carry on in their respective fields of education here and in higher institutions of learning. These deserve the utmost respect and every con- sideration from the rest of us, because they will be the truest foundation for the world we must have in that great tomorrow when the world is free of tyrants who try to dominate all races and bring them to slavery. We must never let such tyrants rule again, and our people who have the opportunity of training in schools to prepare themselves to meet the greater domestic and international problems are working to- ward this necessary objectives. 15 SOPHOMORES MARGARET BORDERS Carrollton, Geors ' ia Colle3e Choir. • . RUTH BROWN Eton, Georgia Student Body Secretary-Treasurer; Dramatic Club, Secretary; College Choir, Business Manager; Mandeville Hall Secretary; W. A. A.; Officers ' Club; WEST GEORGIAN. LOUISE BURNHAM Carrollton, Georgia College Choir; Dean ' s List. LESTER CASTLEBERRY • Bowman, Georgia Student Body President; V. R. A. Council, Vice- President; CHIEFTAIN, Sophomore Editor; Mu Zeta Alpha; College Choir; W. Club; Officers ' Club; Melson Hall Proctor. BETTY ANN COMBS Carrollton, Georgia Dean ' s List. BETTY CRAVEN Carrollton, Georgia SARA DAVENPORT Acworth, Georgia 4-H Club; Officers ' Club; Dramatic Club; WEST GEORGIAN Editor; Social Science Club; V. R. A. Council; Dean ' s List. NELL RUTH DAVIS Spring Place, Georgia Alpha Psi, President; V. R. A. Council, President; Dramatic Club, Vice-President; College Choir, Vice-President; WEST GEORGIAN; W. A. A.; Officers ' Club; Citizenship Committee. ROSALYN DIGBY Carrollton, Georgia College Choir. GERTRUDE ELEY Hogansville, Georgia DORIS ENGLISH Jonesboro, Georgia Alpha Psi; W. A. A. MILDRED EUBANKS Amity, Georgia V. R. A. Council; Dramatic Club; 4-H Club, Vice-President; W. A. A. ANNA FARISS Lafayette, Georgia V. R. A. Council; Officers ' Club, President; Alpha Psi, SecCetary; W. A. A. Secretary; WEST GEOR- GIAN; College Choir, Treasurer. CORALICE FEARS Hampton, Georgia Dramatic Club; CHIEFTAIN, Club Editor; W. A. A.; Mandeville Hall, Vice-President. SOPHOMORES 17 SOPHOMORES HELEN FISHER Carrollton, Geors ' ia CHIEFTAIN, Editor MILDRED FORBES Cave Spring, Ga. Social Science Club; Dean ' s List. HENRIETTA GRIBBLE Dalton, Georgia Alpha Psi; Dramatic Club; West Georgian. TOM JOHNSTON Summerville, Georgia W Club; Mu Zeta Alpha, Vice-President. BETTY JONES Carrollton, Georgia College Choir; Officers ' Club; CHIEFTAIN, Busi- ness Manager; Dean ' s List. GEORGE W. JONES Lafayette, Georgia CHIEFTAIN, Associate Editor; W Club; French Club, Secretary; WEST GEORGIAN; Melson Hall, Vice-President; Dean ' s List. NANCY McCLURE Epworth, Georgia Dramatic Club; Alpha Psi; Social Science Club; 4-H Club; W. A. A. JEANETTE MARTIN Mt. Zion, Georgia KATHLEEN MIZE Bowdon, Georgia V. R. A. Council, Secretary-Treas- urer; Social Science Club, Presi- dent; Alpha Psi, Vice-President; WEST GEORGIAN, Women ' s Sports Editor; Officers ' Club; Citi- zenship Committee; Dean ' s List. NEYSA MOSLEY Tallapoosa, Georgia Dramatic Club; W. A. A.; Alpha Psi. HUGH MOSS LaGrange, Georgia BETTY JO PATRICK Winder, Georgia Dramatic Club; Mu Zeta Alpha. CARLYLE PERKINS Mt. Zion, Georgia W Club. JUANITA POTTER Jefferson, Georgia W. A. A. Recorder. SOPHOMORES 19 SOPHOMORES EDNA E. SINBACK Hampton, Georgia Collese Choir, President; Officers ' Club; CHIEF- TAIN; Citizenship Committee; Mandeville Hall, Treasurer. MARTHA STEPHENS Alpharetta, Georgia College Choir; Citizenship Committee; Adamson Hall, President; W. A. A.; Officers ' Club. FRANCES TAFF Taylorsville, Ga. Alpha Psi; W. A. A. DOROTHY TANNER Palmetto, Georgia College Choir; Aalpha Psi, Treasurer; W. A. A. Adamson Hall, Treasurer. FRANK THOMASSON Carrollton, Georgia W Club. GRACE TRAPP Hamilton, Georgia 4-H Club. CLAUDIA WALTERS Lavonia, Georgia Alpha Psi; 4-H Club; Social Science Club; W. A. A., President; Officers ' Club, Secretary-Treasurer; Sophomore Class, Secretary-Treasurer. BETTY WATSON ' " ' Carrollton, Georgia Spanish Club, Vice-President; Dramatic Cl jb; CHIEFTAIN; Dean ' s List. GLADYS WEAVER Ft. Gaines, Georgia V. R. A. Council; Social Science Club, Vice-Presi- dent; Mu Zeta Alpha; W. A. A. BESSIE WHITE Calhoun, Georgia Mu Zeta Alpha; College Choir; Dean ' s List. DORIS WYATT Menio, Georgia (No pictures) PAUL APPEL Tallapoosa, Georgia College Choir; Mu Zeta Alpha; W Club, Treasure . MARY RUTH CAMP . . . Watkinsville, Ga. LEO CHANDLER Carrollton, Ga. EDNA EATON Marietta, Ga. PERRY ROWE Carrollton, Ga. SOPHOMORES 21 I FRESHMEN Left to risht: JOYCE HENDERSON, Vice-President; CHARLES HENDERSON, President; ELLEN MOR- GAN, Secretary-Treasurer. On September 21st many new faces began to appear on the campus . . . Some of these had that intellectual look which invaribly comes with graduating from high school . . . Some appeared lost in their new surroundings — -shy, timid, puzzled. A few with an unquenchable thirst for knowledge were eager to begin classes . . . The Freshmen Class had arrived. The boys were outnumbered two to one — but not one complaint was heard from them. The first few weeks were tough ones for these new arrivals. The Freshmen — the chlorophyll of the campus — were taught what college life is . . . the hard way. They had to enter buildings and climb stairs backwards, bow down to the Sophs and shine shoes for them, and learn the Freshmen Creed. Then to top all of that came the Rat Parade. " Debs " and " playboys " donned their good looking clothes — all of them at once — and paraded to town where they entertained the Sophs with songs, dances, speeches, races and everything else imaginable. It is a far cry from those timid, green boys and girls who entered West Georgia last year to the confident, intelligent, progessive young men and women who now have behind them a year of outstanding work and progress. The future of the Freshmen looks bright . . . With all the brains and talent pos- sessed by this group, how could they be anything but successful! 23 FIRST ROW MARVIN AGREE . , ELIZABETH ALLEN . SARA NELL BARRETT BETTY BARTLETT . . Calhoun, Ga. Tallapoosa, Ga. Jersey, Ga. Bowdon, Ga. SECOND ROW TROY BARTON . . OPAL BECK . . . RUTH BENNETT . . BETTY JO BONNER . HAYWARD BOYETTE FEROL BOZEMAN . LOUISE BROADRICK VIVIAN BROOK . . THIRD ROW Rydal, Ga. Carrollton, Ga. Savannah, Ga. Carrollton, Ga. Colunnbus, Ga. Fair Mount, Ga. Dalton, Ga. Carrollton, Ga. FRESHMEN 24 T FIRST ROW PAUL CADENHEAD Chipley, Ga. CHARLOTTE CANTRELL Carrollton, Ga. JEAN CAUSEY Bowdon, Ga. BETTY JEAN CHANCE Carrollton, Ga. SECOND ROW CAROLYN CHISM Pelham, Ga. BOBBIE COBB Smyrna, Ga. WINFORD COHRAN Dallas, Ga. GLENN CROWDER Warm Springs, Ga. THIRD ROW ANITA DIVINE Summerville, Ga. ELJEIN DUKE Franklin, Ga. JAMES DUNAWAY Carrollton, Ga. BETTY DYER Summerville, Ga. FRESH 25 NEI FIRST ROW HELEN DYER Summerville, Ga. JEANNETTE ECHOLS Summerville, Ga. , ■ PHYLLIS EVANS Tallapoosa, Ga. MARTHA FREE Lindale, Ga. SECOND ROW ARCHIE GALLMAN Dalton, Ga. ELIZABETH GORDON Grayson, Ga. DOFRE GOSDIN ' . . . . Franklin, Ga. FRANK GRIFFITH Buchanan, Ga. THIRD ROW MARGARET GRIFFITH Roswell, Ga. DIXIE GRIMSLEY Colquitt, Ga. BERT HAMMOCK Rome, Ga. GILDA HARDMAN Danielsville, Ga. FRESHMEN 26 FIRST ROW MAXENE HARRIS Dallas, Ga. BYRON HAWKINS Hampton, Ga. GENEVA HEATH Whitesburs, Ga. CHARLES HENDERSON Rome, Ga. SECOND ROW JOYCE HENDERSON Dallas, Ga. SARAH HINESLEY Douslasville, Ga. JEAN HOBBS Luthersville, Ga. CAROLINE HOLLINGSWORTH Carrollton, Ga. THIRD ROW BETTY HOUSTON Colquitt, Ga. JUANITA HULETT Milan, Ga. LERA HULSEY Cleveland, Ga. LOUIS HUNT . . . Lafayette, Ga. FRESHMEN 27 FIRST ROW STANLEY JONES Carrollton, Ga. MILDRED JONES Thomaston, Ga. EVELYN KIDD Hapeville, Ga. RUTH LAND Canton, Ga. SECOND ROW JOYCE LAWLER Carrollton, Ga. MERYL LEE Red Oak, Ga. BETTY JANE LIPHAM Tallapoosa, Ga. BARBARA LOGGINS Lafayette, Ga. THIRD ROW RACHEL McCREA Carrollton, Ga. MARTHA McCURDY Lafayette, Ga. BRYANT McWHORTER Franklin, Ga. LOUIE MALONE . . Social Circle, Ga. FRESHMET 28 FIRST ROW NAN MANLEY Griffin, Ga. CAROLYN MASON Grayson, Ga. LOUISE MILLER Fairburn, Ga. HELEN MITCHELL Rome, Ga. SECOND ROW CARL MOON Losanville, Ga. ELLEN MORGAN Senoia, Ga. GUSSIE JIM MOSELEY McDonough, Ga. MADISON NEW ' . . Thomaston, Ga. THIRD ROW HARRY NIX Lawrenceville, Ga. MARY PADGETTE Oakman, Ga. MARY RUTH RANTER Forest Park, Ga. HARRY PERRY Armuchee, Ga. FRESHMEN 29 FIRST ROW MARTH A PERRY Rome, Ga. EDITH PHILLIPS Atlanta, Ga. HELEN PICKELSIMER Fair Mount, Ga. SARAH PUTNAM Cohutta, Ga. SECOND ROW J. R. REAGIN Carrollton, Ga. SAIDEE SCOTT Senoia, Ga. BETTY SHATTUCK Lafayette, Ga. FLO RENE SHUMAKE Franklin, Ga. THIRD ROW HELEN SMITH Pine Log, Ga. SYLBRA SMITH LaGrange, Ga. VIRGINIA SMITH Chipley, Ga. NANCY STALLWORTH Bremen, Ga. FRESHM EAI so FIRST ROW BOBBIE STEPP Lindale, Ga. JEAN STYLES Waco, Ga. ■ ' RAY TAPE Taylorsville, Ga. MARY ELLIS THOMPSON Franklin, Ga. SECOND ROW VIRGINIA TILLERY Lmdale, Ga. LAURA WALDROP Villa Rica, Ga. BETTY WHITE Carrollton, Ga. FRANCES WILKES Lafayette, Ga. THIRD ROW CARL WOOLF Cedartown, Ga. EARL YATES Bowdon, Ga. NO PICTURE WILLARD BARTLEY, West Point, Ga.; THOMAS CAGLE, Griffin, Ga.; W. T. DAVIS, Buchanan, Ga.; BILL DIGBY, Carrollton, Ga.- MAYNARD FOLDS, LaGrange, Ga.; RICHARD GARRETT, Carrollton, Ga.; TOM HEARN, La- Granse, Ga.- KARL HOWE, Jr., Tallapoosa, Ga.; WALTER C. LONG, Woodbury, Ga.; CLINNELL PARKER, Columbus, Ga.- BETTY PERKINS, Mt. Zion, Ga.; J. D. SHANKLE, JR., Kensington, Ga.; ONEIDA TURNER, La- Grange, Ga.; G. B. WRIGHT, Tallapoosa, Ga. FRESHMEfl[ 31 roun THIRD YEAR The third year students have really accomplished things this year " in a big way. ' Learning to be teachers has proved to be a great experience and fun for all of us. Of course we have had our ups and downs, but now we feel that we are ready to take our places among the already long lists of school teachers. At the beginning of each quarter we set up purposes, not only as t eachers in training, but also as professional assistants. And we feel that to a great extent these purposes have been accomplished, or at least a good beginning made. Among these things we have worked with are: — painting, washing windows, playground equipment, and general beautification of school buildings and grounds; — planning for and assisting in carnivals, festivals, and community fairs; — attending community meetings, helping with recreation, and writing community histories; — home nursing classes, health promotion in schools, making health posters, and as- sisting in health clinics; — making charts, maps, photographs, writing news article and radio skits, and doing dramatizations to tell the story of community education; — attending seminar, where we discussed real problems we face as teachers; — making trips to other schools and state departments of health and education; — " occasionally " we did do a " little " reading in addition to pr actice teaching, nature study, music, art, and interne teaching. As we look back at these things typical of our year, we find many wonderful memories attached to them. So as we give up the third year room to the .next third year students, we wish them a year equally successful. 33 MARY FLORENCE ARTHUR Mobile, Ala. - SUDIE AUTRY Plainville, Ga. GEVERNA CHAPMAN Cave Spring, Ga. MRS. O. W. HART Rockmart, Ga. JOSEPHINE HURST LaGrange, Ga. MYRLE MYERS Cumming, Ga. EDNA PACE Center, Ga. MRS. P. L. PHILLIPS Carrollton, Ga. THIRD 34 MARJORIE BULLOCK Dallas, Ga. MARTHA BULLOCK Dallas, Ga. EVELYN CASEY Cedartown, Ga. DORIS JONES Middleton, Ga. No pictures. • •il ' - BETTY McGARITY Rockmart, Ga. V .m ROBERT MOORE A • , Winder, Ga. ' MRS. FRANCES REEVES Carrollton, Ga. VERA RICHARDSON Lafayette, Ga. ERNEST CAMPBELL Stephens, Ga. DONALD GRAY Bremen, Ga. SUE WILLIAMS Eastr an, Ga. YEAR 35 l4ouj yhoui ctiviiie . . . ii f STIIDE BODY OFFICERS LESTER CASTLEBERRy President ARCHIE GALLMAN .... Vice-President RUTH BROWN .... Secretary-Treasurer Left to right: Castlebetry, Brown, Gallman. OFFICERS ' CLIB OFFICERS ANNA FARISS President HARRY NIX Vice-President EDNA SINBACK Secretary The Officers ' Club is nnade up of officers chosen from all campus organizations, and it has as its objectives the welfare of the students and the effective functioning of their activities. It MEMBERS OPAL BECK RUTH BROWN LESTER CASTLEBERRY SARA DAVENPORT NELL RUTH DAVIS GERTRUDE ELEY HELEN FISHER ARCHIE GALLMAN MAXENE HARRIS BETTY JONES NANCY McCLURE KATHLEEN MIZE ROBERT MOORE ELLEN MORGAN EDNA SINBACK MARTHA STEPHENS Left to right, front row: Walters, Nix, Fariss; on first step: Sinbacl , McClure, Becl , Jones, Davis, Morgan, Brown; back row: Davenport, Gallman, Mize, Eley, Stephens, Harris, Castleberry. 38 4-H CIO Left to right, back row: Mossley, Houston, Grimsley, Free, Tillery, Wilkes, McClure, Shattuck, Land, Shoemake, Gosdin: front row: Walters, Casey, Parker, Davenport, Gordon, Mason, Stepp, Trapp, Eley. DORMITORY COUNCILS FALL QUARTER OFFICERS ELIZABETH GORDON President CAROLYN MASON Vice-President SARA DAVENPORT Secretary-Treasure r BOBBY STEPP Reporter MR. YEOMANS Faculty Advisor WINTER QUARTER OFFICERS GERTRUDE ELEY President MILDRED EUBANKS Vice-President GUSSIEJIM MOSELEY Secretary DIXIE GRIMSLEY Treasurer FLO RENE SHUMAKE Reporter MEMBERS MARTHA FREE DOFFIE GOSDIN BETTY HOUSTON RUTH LAND BETTY SHATTUCK VIRGINIA TILLERY GRACE TRAPP CLAUDIA WALTERS FRANCES WILKES The West Georgia 4-H Club is composed of out- standing 4-H Club members from all parts of Georgia. MANDEVILLE HALL— left to right: Nancy Mc- Clure, President; Coralice Fears; Edna Sin- back; Ruth Brown. MELSON HALL— left to right: Heywood Boy- ette, Waldo Jones, Robert Moore, President. ADAMSON HALL— left to right: Grace Trapp, Dorothy Tanner, Vera Richardson, Martha Stephens, President. 39 CniEFT Al«l Back rov , left to right: Henderson, New, Jones, Fisher, Phillips; front row: Sinback Fears, Beck, Bennett, Watson, Jones, Cantrcll. STAFF HELEN FISHER Editor-in-Chief WALDO JONES Associate Editor BETTY JONES Business Manaser CHARLOTTE CANTRELL . Asst. Business Manaser BETTY WATSON Feature Editor EDNA SINBACK Assistant Editor EDITH PHILLIPS Art Editor MR. ADAMS . . OPAL BECK Athletic Editor LESTER CASTLEBERRY . . . Sophomore Editor RUTH BENNETT Freshman Editor ROBERT MOORE .... Third Year Editor CORALICE FEARS Club Editor CHARLES HENDERSON Staff MADISON NEW Staff Faculty Advisor The CHIEFTAIN staff has enjoyed collecting and organizing this material, which you have been so kind in helping to gather. We present this volume of the CHIEFTAIN with some pride because we believe it typi- fies the life and enthusiasm that have permeated the campus during the 1943-44 school year. It has been our desire to picture life on the campus fr om all angles. We hope that this book will aid you in remember- ing many happy events. 40 WEST GEORGIAJ[ Left to right, back row: Jones, Cobb, Chism, Scott, Trapp, Gribble, Miie; front row: Grimslcy, Cantrell, Brown, Davenport, Davis, Broadrick, Fariss. STAFF SARA DAVENPORT Editor-in-Chief NELL RUTH DAVIS Associate Ec itor CHARLOTTE CANTRELL Business Manaser ARCHIE GALLMAN Circulation Manaser MISS CAMPBELL Faculty Advisor The WEST GEORGIAN has, since its first publication in 1933, won four First Class honor ratings, thus placing it among the best junior college newspapers in the south. This paper is published by the staff members who are seeking to promote the in- terest and welfare of the student body and faculty. The WEST GEORGIAN ' S monthly publication is made up of the important events and happenings on the campus that are of interest to the students as a whole. 41 J. IKItCLK FROniN Left to right, back row: Mr. Adams, Jones, Harris, Barton, Griffith, Acree; front row: Lipham, Moseley, Echols, Fisher, Stallworth, Bartlett, Bennett. OFFICERS MAXENE HARRIS President TROY BARTON Vice-President WALDO JONES Secretary-Treasurer MR. ADAMS Faculty Advisor MEMBERS MARVIN ACREE BETTY BARTLETT RUTH BENNETT HELEN FISHER FRANK GRIFFITH LOUIS HUNT JANE LIPHAM GUSSIE JIM MOSELEY NANCY STALLWORTH Le Cercle Francais (The French Club) is composed of stu- dents interested in French life and culture. This year the club has played many French games and sung French songs In addition the club has held discussions on great leaders of France and the Fighting French. On one occasion the club presented a French moving picture. EL CIRCILO ESPOOL OFFICERS OPAL BECK President BETTY WATSON Vice-President EARL YATES Secretary-Treasurer MR. ADAMS Faculty Advisor MEMBERS FEROL BOZEMAN PHYLLIS EVANS NAN MANLEY HELEN PICKLESIMER Left to right: Mr. Adams, Fisher, Beci , PIcklcsimer, Evans, Manley; on lower step: Watson. El Circulo Espanol (The Spanish Club) is primarily de- moted to the promotion of interest in our Latin American neighbors and their customs. This year the members have presented programs of Spanish music, games, and dances. 42 WOMErS ATHLETIt ASSOHATIOI OFFICERS CLAUDIA WALTERS President OPAL BECK Vice-President ANNA FARISS Secretary NAN MANLEY Treasurer JUANITA POTTER Recorder MISS STURGIS Faculty Advisor Left to right: Manley, Potter, Beck, Fariss, Walters. One of the most active or3anizations on the campus is the Women ' s Athletic Association. The purpose of this club is to help bring to us a fuller and happier life through recreation of mind and body. It tries to promote interest and skill in athletics, and to develop good sportsmanship. Its motto is: " A girl for every sport and a sport for every girl. " In order to fulll its purpose the W. A. A. sponsors the activities of the sports clubs, various games, and tourna- ments. We hope to bring some degree of enjoyment to every woman at West Georgia College. THE " W " CLUB Left to right: Appel, Nix, Gallman, Boyette. The object of this club is to stimulate interest in athletics for men at West Georgia College and promote the best ideals of sportsmanship on the campus. OFFICERS ARCHIE GALLMAN President HARRY NIX Vice-President HAYWARD BOYETTE Secretary PAUL APPEL Treasurer MR, CARPENTER Faculty Advisor MEMBERS MARVIN ACREE WILLARD BARTLEY TROY BARTON PAUL CADENHEAD LESTER CASTLEBERRY WINFORD COHRAN JAMES DUNAWAY FRANK GRIFFITH MAXENE HARRIS TOM JOHNSTON J. R. REAGIN FRANK THOMASSON EARL YATES 43 II ZUTA ALPHA Left to right, back row: Dr. Doubles, Gallman, Castlebcrry; second row: Cadenhead, Barton, Appel, Nix, Henderson, Johnston, Moon, front row: White, Mason, Weaver, Hulsey, Smith, Trapp, Patriclc. OFFICERS HARRY NIX President TOM JOHNSTON Vice-President PAUL APPEL Secretary-Treasurer DR. DOUBLES Faculty Advisor MEMBERS TROy BARTON PAUL CADENHEAD LESTER CASTLEBERRY CHARLES HENDERSON LERA HULSEY CAROLYN MASON CARL MOON BETTY JO PATRICK VERA RICHARDSON SYLBRA SMITH GLADYS WEAVER BESSIE WHITE Mu Zeta Alpha is an honorary society for those students who are interested in the sciences. 44 SOCIAL SCIEICE CLIIB Left to right, back row: Stallworth, Cadenhead, Dr. Roberts, Stepp, Barton, Padgett, Manley, Smith; second row: McClure, Pickelsimer, Forbes, Hollingsworth, Bozeman, Barrett, Houston, Grimsiey, Walters; front row: Free, tillery, Putnam, Kidd, Chism, Miie, Cobb, Weaver, Smith, Pantcr, Waldrop. OFFICERS KATHLEEN MIZE President GLADYS WEAVER Vice-President PAUL CADENHEAD Secretary SYLBRA SMITH Treasurer DR. ROBERTS Faculty Advisor MEMBERS SARA NELL BARRETT TROY BARTON FEROL BOZEMAN CAROLYN CHISM BOBBIE COBB SARA DAVENPORT EDNA EATON MILDRED FORBES MARTHA FREE FRANK GRIFFITH DIXIE GRIMSLEY CAROLINE HOLLINGSWORTH CHARLES HENDERSON BETTY HOUSTON EVELYN KIDD NANCY McCLURE NAN MANLEY HARRY NIX MARY PADGETT MARY RUTH PANTER HELEN PICKELSIMER SARA PUTNAM BOBBIE STEPP NANCY STALLWORTH VIRGINIA TILLERY ON I DA TURNER CLAUDIA WALTERS LAURA WALDROP G. B. WRIGHT The Social Science Club meets bi-monthly to discuss current social problems and world news. It also endeavors to keep the student body informed on current events. 45 WKST (iEIIISKIA { ' WfVAAA ( II 1 1! Front row: Perry, Disby, Davis, Waldrop, Broadrick, Divine, Alien, Ranter; Second row: Morgan, Styles, Tanner, Miss Woodruff, Putnam, Lipham; Third row: Cantrell, Fariss, Brown, Jones, McCrea, Bartlett, Bozeman, Dyer, H., Dyer, B., Sinback, Hardnnan; Fourth row: Chance, Borders, Stephens, Stallworth, Padgett, Causey, White, Henderson, Stepp, Eley, Lee; Back row: Miller, Appel, Nix, Boyette, Moon, New, Moore, Jones, Dunaway, Cohran, Castleberry, Phillips. The West Georgia A Cappella Choir, in its third year of this ■form of organization, is building a tradition of fine music. Ideals of diligent work tov ard repertoire and good performance claim the allegiance of every member. Dur- ing the year the choir gives concerts on the campus and in schools and communities throughout this area of the state. OFFICERS EDNA SINBACK President NELL RUTH DAVIS Vice-President HAYWARD BOYETTE Secretary ANNA FARISS Treasurer RUTH BROWN Business Manager MISS WOODRUFF Faculty Advisor MEMBERS ELIZABETH ALLEN PAUL APPEL BETTY BARTLETT WILLARD BARTLEY BETTY JO BONNER MARGARET BORDERS FEROL BOZEMAN LOUISE BROADRICK LOUISE BURNHAM PAUL CADENHEAD CHARLOTTE CANTRELL LESTER CASTLEBERRY JEAN CAUSEY BETTY JEAN CHANCE WINFORD COHRAN ROSALYN DIGBY ANITA DIVINE JAMES DUNAWAY BETTY JEAN DYER HELEN DYER GERTRUDE ELEY GILDA HARDMAN CHARLES HENDERSON JOYCE HENDERSON SARAH ELLEN HINESLEY BETTY JONES STANLEY JONES MERYLE LEE BETTY JANE LIPHAM RACHEL McCREA LOUISE MILLER HELEN MITCHELL CAROL MOON BOBBY MOORE ELLEN MORGAN MADISON NEW HARRY NIX MARY PADGETT MARY RUTH PANTER CLINNELL PARKER HARRY PERRY MARTHA PERRY EDITH PHILLIPS SARA PUTNAM HELEN JO SMITH NANCY STALLWORTH MARTHA STEPHENS BOBBY STEPP JEAN STYLES DOROTHY TANNER LAURA WALDROP EARL YATES Davis, Sinback, Lee. 46 CITIZENSHIP OOMMITTEE Left to right: Richardson, Stephens, Davis, Broadrick, Cohran, Taff, Miss Woodruff, Henderson, Chism, Kidd. The Citizenship Committee, composed of thirteen interested and eager students elected by ballot from each advisory group, is working to establish confidence in democratic procedures and to develop and profit by cooperative thinking. The main purpose of the committee is to study ways of improving the campus and to bring specific proposals before the faculty and student body for consideration and action. MEMBERS Mr. Vitareili, Moss, Forbes. LOUISE BROADRICK CAROLYN CHISM BOBBIE COBB WINFORD COHRAN NELL RUTH DAVIS DORIS ENGLISH JOYCE HENDERSON EVELYN KIDD KATHLEEN MIZE VERA RICHARDSON EDNA SINBACK MARTHA STEPHENS FRANCES TAFF The Communications Center is a valuable asset to the life of the college students at West Georgia College. Those having a desire to try their skill at such activities as draw- ing, painting, lettering, photography, mimeographing, and even recording their voices, feel free to come here at any time. The Center is a wonderful spot for personal expression and developing natural talent and one liked by all the stu- dents. Clay modeling and wood shop are carried on in connection with the Center. 47 DRJMHICS HillR I Left to right, on steps: Stepp, Mitchell, Patrick, Casey, H. Perry, Brown, Davis, Hannmock, Gribble, McClure, Griffith, Watson, Hinesley, Beck, Fisher, New, Panter, Kidd, Wilkes, Broadrick, Cobb, Trapp, Davenport, M. Perry, Chance; standing in front: Boyette, Phillips, Gallman, Dr. Smith, Sc ott, Cadenhcad, Lipham, Fears, Henderson. OFFICERS OPAL BECK President NELL RUTH DAVIS • Vice-President LOUISE BROADRICK Treasurer RUTH BROWN Secretary MR. VITARELLI Faculty Adviser MEMBERS HAYWARD BOYETTE PAUL CADENHEAD EVELYN CASEY BETTY JEAN CHANCE BOBBIE COBB SARA DAVENPORT CORALICE FEARS HELEN FISHER ARCHIE GALLMAN HENRIETTA GRIBBLE FRANK GRIFFITH BERT HAMMOCK CHARLES HENDERSON SARAH ELLEN HINESLEY EVELYN KIDD BETTY JANE LIPHAM NANCY McCLURE HELEN MITCHELL MADISON NEW MARY RUTH PANTER BETTY JO PATRICK EDITH PHILLIPS HARRY PERRY MARTHA PERRY SAIDEE SCOTT BOBBIE STEPP GRACE TRAPP BETTY WATSON FRANCES WILKES The Dramatics Club, recently organized, opened the year by presenting " Two Crooks and a Lady " and " Trifles. " Specific emphasis was placed on costuming, scenery, staging, and directing, which was carried on by student members with help from faculty advisers of the club. 48 VOLllRITilRY RELIGIOUS ASSOHATION Left to right, back row: Cadenhead, Moore, Mr. Gunn, Acrec, Castleberry; center row: Weaver, Scott, Fariss, Barrett, Richardson, Gall- man, Harris; front row: Chism, Putnam, Kidd, Broadrick, Davis, Cobb, Davenport, Cantrell, Mile. OFFICERS NELL RUTH DAVIS President LESTER CASTLEBERRY Vice-President KATHLEEN MIZE Secretary-Treasurer MR. GUNN Faculty Advisor MARVIN ACREE SARA NELL BARRETT LOUISE BROADRICK PAUL CADENHEAD CHARLOTTE CANTRELL CAROLYN CHISM COUNCIL BOBBIE COBB SARA DAVENPORT MILDRED EUBANKS ANNA FARISS ARCHIE GALLMAN MAXENE HARRIS EVELYN KIDD ROBERT MOORE SARA PUTNAM VERA RICHARDSON SAIDEE SCOTT LAURA WALDROP GLADYS WEAVER All members of the student body are members of the Voluntary Relisious Association. The activity of the association is guided by a selected council. The purpose of the interdenominational association is to stimulate the spiritual life on the campus. The religious work on the campus was climaxed by Religious Emphas_is Week ending with the annual Parents Day exercises. 49 ■» ALPHA PS I Left to right, standing: Gribble, Loggins, McCurdy, Parker, Shattuck, English, Hobbs, Gordon, Mason, McCiure, Scott, Miss Jenkins, Eley, Land, Wilkes, Hardman, Barrett, Hulsey; kneeling; Allen, Heath, Chism, Crowder, Putnam, Taff, Smith, Kidd, Walters; iront row: Mize, Tanner, Davis, Fanss. OFFICERS NELL RUTH DAVIS President KATHLEEN MIZE Vice-President ANNA FARISS Secretary DOROTHY TANNER Treasurer MISS RUBY JENKINS Faculty Adviser MEMBERS ELIZABETH ALLEN SARA NELL BARRETT CAROLYN CHISM GLENN CROWDER GERTRUDE ELEY DORIS ENGLISH ELIZABETH GORDON HENRIETTA GRIBBLE GILDA HARDMAN JEAN HOBBS LERA HULSEY EVELYN KIDD RUTH LAND BARBARA LOGGINS CAROLYN MASON NANCY McCLURE MARTHA McCURDY NEYSA MOSLEY SARA PUTNAM SAIDEE SCOTT BETTY SHATTUCK FRANCES TAFF CLAUDIA WALTERS FRANCES WILKES GENEVA HEATH Alpha Psi, composed of home economics students, developed as its theme this year " Living for Victory. " Highlights of the year were: the initiation of new members at a candlelight ceremony; the sponsoring of a Christmas tree for a group of underprivileged children; the annual May Day festival and a Spring Dance. The organization is affiliated with the State and National Home Economics Club. 50 n ' takuqltt " " - « i - « ■ - ' ■ r ji mm MErs rniLETifs Left to right standing: BASKETBALL Moon, Shankic, Malone, Cadcnhead, Rowc; Acree, Gallman, Cohran, Nix. In spite of the fact that war conditions made transportation for athletic contests out of the question, a full intramural prosram was planned and carried out for the enjoyment an d benefit of all. Among the sports indulged in were basketball, Softball, tennis, volleyball, soc- cer. Calesthenics were part of the program, and an obstacle course was used. From among com- peting teams varsities were chosen in basket- ball and volleyball. During the season the basketball team played the following teams in the college gymnasium; kneeling: Barton, February 18 — West Georgia College 46 Bowdon hiigh School II February 26 — -West Georgia College 17 Carrollton Athletic Council 38 March 7 — West Georgia College 22 Carrollton Redskins 32 March 8 — West Georgia College 33 Carrollton hIigh School 19 Basketball, Varsity: Marvin Acree, Troy Barton, Wmford Cohran, Archie Gallman, Harry Nix; second team; Paul Cadenhead, Louie Malone, Carl Moon, Perry Rowe, J. D. Shankle. Volleyball, Varsity: Marvin Acree, Troy Barton, Paul Caden- head, Louie Malone, Harry Nix, Perry Rowe, J. D. Shankle, Frank Thomasson. VOLLEYBALL Left to right: Shankle, Barton, Malone, Nix, Acree, Cadenhead, Rowe. 52 WOMErS ATHlETIfS The Physical Education Department has for its goal " A sport for every girl, and a girl for every sport. " In the fall the sports season was inaugu- rated with an inter-class tournament and ended with a colorful Freshman-Sophomore clash in soccer. In the winter there was a volleyball tournament, after which the faculty challenged the students. The quar- ter ended with basketball and dance work. On March 7, West Georgia defeated Car- rollton hiigh School in basketball 15 to 13. In the spring tennis and Softball high- lightened the season. BASKETBALL Left to right, standing: Hobbs, Patrick, McClure, Miie, Davenport, Thompson; kneeling: Bozeman, Taff, Gosdin, Walters, Broadrick, Panter. Varsities were chosen from among the compet- ing teams. Soccer Varsity: Opal Beck, Louise Broadrick, Glenn Crowder, Sara Davenport, Margaret Grif- fith, Joyce Henderson, Carolina hHollingsworth, Nan Manley, Nancy McClure, Claudia Walters, Gladys Weaver. Volleyball Varsity: Louise Broadrick, Betty Craven, Betty Dyer, Margaret Griffith, Jeanette Martin, Martha Perry, Oneida Turner, Claudia Walters; Sec- ond Team: Sara Davenport, Doffi« Gosdin, Kathleen Mize, Betty Jo Patrick, Frances Taff, Laura Waldrop, Gladys weaver, Doris Wyatt. SOCCER Left to right, standing: McClure, Henderson, Beck, Griffith, Davenport; kneeling: Weaver, Manley, Hollingsworth, Crowder, Walters, Broadrick. Basketball Varsity: Ferol Bozeman, Louise Broadrick, Doffie Gosdin, Mary Ruth Panter, Frances Taff, Claudia Walters; Second Team: Cara Davenport, Jean Hobbs, Nancy McClure, Kathleen Mize, Betty Jo Patrick, Mary Thompson. Left to right, standing: Griffith, Gosdin, Wyatt, Waldrop, Weaver, Mize, Davenport, Martin; kneeling: Taff, Perry, Dyer, Turner, Craven, Walters, Broadrick, Panter. 53 im SOPHOMORE SUPERLATIVES NELL RUTH DAVIS ANNA FARISS LESTER CASTLEBERRy MARTHA STEPHENS CORALICE FEARS EDNA SINBACK 54 SOPHOMORE SUPERLATIVES RUTH BROWN KATHLEEN MIZE WALDO JONES GLADYS WEAVER SARA DAVENPORT CLAUDIA WALTERS 55 ill FEATlRliG Each year the coming of Spring is cele- brated on the campus by the May Day Festival. The queen, chosen by popular ote reigns over the day. The crowning of of the queen by the President climaxes the procession of the queen, her attendants, and her court, who wear beautiful pastel dresses. Following the crowning the cele- bration is taken over by the girls ' physical education classes, who, dressed in native costumes, dance folk dances of many dif- ferent countries. French Folk Dancers Dutch Folk Dancers Ciechoslovakian Folk Dancers 56 MAY DAY ' ) Doris English was chosen May Queen for the current year and Louise Burnham, maid of honor. The members of the court were: Corahce Fears, Mildred Forbe, Nell Ruth Davis, Betty Watson, Ruth Brown, Claudia Walters, Nancy McClure, Sara Davenport, Edna Eaton, Martha Stephens, Dorothy Tanner, Neysa Moseley. 57 TUimitNAIL PORTRillTS MARGARET BORDERS . . . musician, sunrise sere- nader, bookworm, ambitious. OPAL BECK . . . Jive - kid, " pursonality, " dead atrac-a-tive, C. W., Carolina. RUTH BROWN . . . beautiful tresses. Pick, stream- line torso, quote, " good-goat. " LOUISE BURNHAM . . . studious, E. H., love-lee, intelligent, school-marm. MARY RUTH CAMP . . . " Roomie, " EYES, can ' t take it, kecd!!, figger, Joe. BETTY ANN COMBS . . . model-type, day stu- dent, slender, smart kid. BETTY CRAVEN eyes, charm. Burwell deb. Hip, hip, hooray. SARA DAVENPORT . . . Secretary, Acworth belle, CADENHEAD, " cut-up gal! NELL RUTH DAVIS . . . " Apple of my eye, " croon- er, neat, trio, on the beam. ROSAYLN DIGBY demure, singer. EDNA EATON . . telligent, Perkins. . vivacious lady, big brother, sweet, Nicki ' s roommate, in- GERTRUDE ELEY . . . Hogansville, " Gertie from Bizerte, " giggles, Ouote, " I like these poiple sweaters! " DORIS ENGLISH . . .quiet, peaches and cream com- plexion, secretary to dietitian, ravishing brunette. MILDRED EUBANKS . . . ex-hostess. Watch your calories, gal!. Bell Bomber. ANNA FARISS . . . " Red, " Scarlett O ' Hara waist- line, MERRILL, Navy blues. CORALICE FEARS . . . good-looking, soccer, PEE WEE, exotic. Whiz! HELEN FISHER . . . blond-blitz, sophistocate. Cadet nurse, Eric. MILDRED FORBES . . . streamline, Millie, studious, bridge, Montreat, feminine pulchritude. HENRIETTA GRIBBLE . . . Shorthand, tall, allure, serious, aide to Mrs. Williams. BETTY JONES . . . attractive, " on the Double, " naive, BIOLOGY. NANCY McCLURE . . . " Nancee, " Copper Hill, Jolly, MARINES, South Sea Island gal! from Fannin county. KATHLEEN MIZE . . . " My Ideal, " versatile, studious, Bowdon, home economics major. NEYSA MOSELEY . . . Whatta mess, Bessl, cute figure, Winford, campus-cutie. BETTY JOE PATRICK . . . College store, sweet, studious, quaint. JUANITA POTTER . . . ' nuther Nightingale, smiley. King????, Vanderbilt. EDNA SINBACK . . . serenader, G. D., bewitching eyes, dancer! MARTHA STEPHENS . . . Adamson Executive, chatterbox, Ga. Tech, sandwich slinger, wolfess. FRANCES TAFT . . . " Fancy, " slender, feminine, F. M., volleyball whiz. DOT TANNER . . . Peanut, Erwm (?), petite, Adam- son secretary. CLAUDIA WALTERS . . . Casey ' s strawberry blonde, athletic, heap much fun, initiative. GLADYS WEAVER . . . fun, long hair, career-gal, eager-beaver! BESSIE WHITE . . . schoolteacher, Calhoun, studious. BETTY WATSON . . . Initiative, " Atlanta, " good looking, David, " T. L. " Tillie. HUGH MOSS . . . Rat-parade, physique, biology, popular, nit-wit, waltz-king. FRANK THOMASSON . . . " Savoir-faire, " Libby- Joe, journalist, Joe College. LESTER CASTLEBERRY . . . campus-leader, drug- store cowboy, ELLEN, man about town. HARRY PERRY . . . " Pick, " Beau Brummel, built-up, RUTH, versatile. PAUL APPEL . . . " Apple, " gum-beater, Nell Ruth, detective, bug-ology. PERRY ROWE . . . Wolf, smooth-ee, jitterbug, Carrollton romeo (?), frail-quail! TOM JOHNSON . . . Young Harris, attractive, gal- lant, troublemaker??? 58 COMPLIMENTS tAFE COMFORTABLE MOTOR COACH TRANSPORTATION Carrollton Georgia HOTEL CLIFTON H. H. GRAY Proprietor Carrollton Georgia T. J. H. ROBERTSON Clerk of Superior Court Carrollton Georgia CARROLL REALTY INSURANCE CO. H. R. Cole, Manager Carrollton - Georgia MORROW MOTOR CO. " BUICK " Sales and Service General Repair Work Body and Fender 37 Rome Street Phone 7§8 Carrollton Georgia 59 For the PAUSE THAT REFRESHES Betiveen Classes . . . D R INK TRADE. MARK CARROLLTON COCA-COLA BOTTLING CO. • A . W . FORD, M c t 11 a g e r Carrollton :: Georgia CARROLLTON DRUG CO. A Reliable Pharmacy • Phone 80 Located Opposite Carroll Theater Carrollton Georgia THE FARMERS STORE GROCERIES . . . and . . . HARDWARE Carrollton Georgia FOLDS MOTOR COMPANY CHEVROLET Cars and Trucks Newnan Street Carrollton Georgia EMPIRE 5-10-25 STORES Carrollton and Villa Rica • West Georgia Students Always Welcome 60 THRIFT - - - IN THE 18th century - - - " Economy makes happy homies and sound nations . . . " — George Washington. - - - IN THE 19th century - - - " Economy is one of the highest virtues ... it begins with saving money. " — Abraham Lincoln. IN THE 20th century - - - Our intimate experience with the financial problems of individuals has convinced us that thrift - - - careful spending and regular saving - - - is still the key to security and success. THE PEOPLES BANK Carrollton :: Georgia M e m her FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION McGEE ' S BAKERY Complete Line of Baked Goods On The Square Our Products Are Ahvays on Sale at the College Store M. E. GRIFFIN ORDINARY Carrollton Georgia LONG HERNDON • BONDS and INSURANCE • Carrollton Georgia MERRELL CO. • Ladies ' Ready-to-Wear Shoes Carrollton Georgia 61 In 1964: As you turn the pages of this proud Chieftain of 1944 . . . As you hve again in fond memory the scenes so graphically pictured herein . . . As you ponder over names and faces of classmates and faculty . . . As you wonder where a certain friend is today, or, are re- minded by a photograph that you knew a certain brilliantly successful man or woman as a classmate . . . As you reflect upon final examination worries, now en- gulfed by time; or, the activities of campus and dormitory, enriched by the intervening years, come to mind . . . As in 1964 and years to come you relive the happy hours of 1944 . . . . . . May some of the hours spent with a friend or classmate at our theatres be among your happiest retrospections! NOW; To the staff: We offer hearty congratulations for a splendid record of class and college activities and achievements in this noble Chieftain! To the members of the Sophomore Class who may leave Carrollton: We extend our heartfelt wishes for success and happiness in your chosen fields, and the hope that our paths may cross again! To those members who remain in our beautiful county, students and faculty: We say that it is nice to know you so well, and may our present congenial relations continue as time marches on! WILMER C. SURBER, Manager of Carroll Arcade Theatres The CARROLL and ARCADE THEATRES ARE MARTIN THEATRES 62 WE SALUTE--- West Georgia College for the enviable record she is mak- ing. We are proud that several members of our organiza- tion are alumni of one of Carroll County ' s greatest assets. MARTIN FUNERAL HOME AMBULANCE SERVICE FUNERAL DIRECTORS Phone 38 • 14 West Center Street Carrollton, Georgia • AGENCY 404, FAMILY FUND LIFE INSURANCE CO. 63 A Fireside Chat, Without Good Fuel May End in a Spat or Even a Duel; Avoid Such a Fate by Calling Forty-Eight . . . MANDEVILLE MILLS COTTON GINNERS AND SPINNERS OF YARN We Crush and Make Feed for the Barn C. M. TANNER GROCERY COMPANY Carrollton Georgia GEORGIA POWER COMPANY Carrollton, Georgia James H. Griffin Belva Cole Melba Morgan Eunice Hightower H. L. Rinn Gwyn Toney Margaret Bennett A CITIZEN WHEREVER WE SERVE 64 COMPLIMENTS OF THE PLAYHOUSE THEATER and VARSITY SHOP COMPLIMENTS OF THE COLLEGE STORE READ THE ATLANTA JOURNAL • Have It Brought to Your Room W. Fred Gunn Local Distributor LITTLE GEM BARBER SHOP FOR SERVICE llYz Newnan Street Carrollton Georgia 65 CONTRACTORS Cabinets, Doors, Windows, Building Materials PLYWOOD CASE COMPANY Phone 648 or 97 Carrollton : : Georgia E. M. Strickland H. J. Copeland C O T T O N BUYERS ROYSTER • FERTILIZERS Carrollton :: Georgia CHARACTER is honor . . . a high sense of personal responsibility and respect for one ' s o Dligations, and every young man and woman has th e right to be trained in the tenets of honesty and fairness . . . otherwise his edu- cation is incomplete . . . his chance for success is impaired. MAYOR AND CITY COUNCIL Carrollton :: Georgia 66 DRINK - - Royal Crown Cola ' ' BEST BY TASTE-TEST ' ' NEHI BOTTLING COMPANY Carrollton :: Georgia W. C. CANTRELL " ' v Distributor m m GULF OIL PRODUCTS ' pft jj Gulfpride Motor Oil Gulf No-Nox Gasoline «S_P«T__ " ai Carrollton, Georgia S AY IT WITH FLOWERS... fro 77 COTTAGE HILL GREENHOUSE FLOWERS FOR ALL OCCASIONS Corsages : Cut Flowers : Special Designs Phone 293 -W ROOPVILLE Rd. FARMERS MUTUAL FERTILIZER PLANT Distributors Old Land Special Fertilizers 5-10-5 Victory Fertilizer Carrollton Georgia 67 HARRIS HARDWARE RADIOS • • SPORTING GOODS • TOOLS Carrollton :: Georgia - COMPLIMENTS CARROLL TRADING COMPANY • FANCY GROCERIES and CHOICE MEATS Carrollton : : Georgia WILEY CREEL JEWELER Carrollton Georgia T H E H U B Dry Goods, Clothing, Shoes Hats, Ladies ' Ready- to-Wear • HARRY GOLSTEIN Mgr. JACKSON SEED STORE • Field and Garden Seed Seed that Succeed 7 Newnan St. Carrollton, Ga. CARROLLTON HARDWARE HARDWARE ... and . . . PAINTS Carrollton Georgia 68 FRANK T, . THOMASSON Printers and Publishers ALL FORMS OF 9 COMMERCIAL PRINTING • Telephone 765 Alabama Street Carrollton, Ga. CARROLLTON FEDERAL SAVINGS AND LOAN ASSOCIATION • Investments Insured up to $5,000 by the Federal Savings and Loan Corporation, Washington, D. C. Carrollton :: Georgia CITY SUPPLY COMPANY • Wholesale Distr Ibiitors of GROCERIES AND HARDWARE Carrollton : : Georgia SERVICE SUPPLY COMPANY • PARTS FOR ALL MAKE CARS AND TRUCKS 40 Newnan Street Carrollton " Georgia 69 BARNES FREIGHT LINE FREIGHT • TRANSFERRED TO . LL POINTS Carrollton w Georgia REEVES JEWELRY Newnan Street Carrollton, Georgia Hamilton, Elgin, Bulova, and Waltham Watches " It ' s Jewelry, See Lester First " HOTEL CREPE MYRTLE Under New Management E. T. STEED Owner and Manager Carroilton Georgia JONES DRUG COMPANY C. B. Jones C. D. Carter Prescription Druggists Walter New Louise Eley Helen Hole INGSWORTH Carrollton Georgia BONNER ' S GROCERY F A N C Y GROCERIES Meats : Flour : Feed • We D e I i V • e r Alabama St. Phone 678 70 SOUTHLAND ICE COMPANY Pzire, Taste - Free Ice h Superior • SAVE WITH ICE High-Grade Coal Meat Curing Carrollton ' - ' Georgia GRIFFIN -NEW PHARMACY YOUR CO • R N E R DRUG S TO R E Phone 77 Carrollton ; Georgia BANKS FRUIT STORE • Fresh Fruits and Vegetables Candies and Cookies • . Carrollton Georgia Dry Clean with . . . . " J. CARL " " There Is a Difference " • ECONOMY CLEANERS Phone 43 2- J New Location : 38 Newnan St. Serving Satisfied Customers for Forty Years Ladies ' and Gents ' Furnishings Bargain Basement VOGUE BEAUTY SALON Experienced Operators 1-3-S Maple Street Carrollton Georgia 71 MOORE CLEIN LADIES ' • READY -TO- -WE AR Carrollton :: Georgia P. N. HUFF OPTICAL COMPANY ' ' It ' s All i 11 the E X a rn i 11 a t i o n 10 Newnan Street Carrollton, Ga. Compliments DR. L. J. BROCK D Ef T 1ST • Peoples ' Bank Building Carrollton Georgia SHIREY CO. STORE AT YOUK DOOR Phone 740-J Carrollton Georgia KYTLE-AYCOCK FUNERAL HOME 102 Newnan Street Phone 323 Carrollton Georgia 72 Fine - MONUMENTS - Since 18 9 4 Visit our display at the plant and see the actual monuments you are buying, it ' s better than buying from a picture Wc Can Help You Select « a Fitting Monument CARROLTON MARBLE WORKS Carrollton :: Georgia Call 768 or 18 5-W Collect CARROLL PURCHASING CO. ■ • John A. Mandeville Manager • Carrollton Georgia J. R. BORDERS SON TRACTOR CO. Allis Chalmers Tractors, Harvesters, and Implements Carrollton Georgia Compliments M. L. FISHER • REAL ESTATE Carrollton Georgia Compliments THE GREEN FRONT • Dinners : Special Plates Sandwiches : Drinks Bradley St. Carrollton, Ga. 73 Com [ill men is of W. W. MAC COMPANY 5c to $1.00 STORE Carrollton Georgia C 111 p ' c n f s of PEOPLES ' HARDWARE Carrollton Georgia F. B. LEVENS Distributor of W O C O - P E P Purol Gasoline Tiolene Motor Oil Carrollton Georgia Compliments of R. A. LANE See d, Feed, Ferti lizers Farm Supplies and Cotton Carrollton Georgia Com pli incuts of the Carrollton Junior Chamber of Commerce Carrollton Georgia Complimeitfs of the Student Body of West Georgia College 74 OTO-p ocBs mmm co. 115 -119 LUCKIE STRE J ATLANTA GEORGIA SUCCESSFUL ANNUALS Require the services of experienced and expert craftsmen, trained in every detail of the processes of creating ' planning layout and d sign« typesetting ' printing lithographing and hinding . . . Thrnugh- out half a century this company has pioneered in the production of the highest type of printing ... Our services include a special college annual sales and service organization... Ahundant equipment ' modern and complete... Prices representing maximum in value . FOOTE DAVIES PRINTING - LITHOGRAPHING • ENGRAVING ATLANTA Hi I Lb SPECIAL CQLLECTiON IRVfME SULLIVAN INGRAM IfpPA ST GEORGIA COLL T o ARROLLTON, GEORGIA

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University of West Georgia - Chieftain Yearbook (Carrollton, GA) online yearbook collection, 1947 Edition, Page 1


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