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Copyright By Madge Parnell ....... Editor Sara Colquitt .... Business Manager 4] Cilffli Volume Ten Published by the Students of WEST GEORGIA COLLEGE Carrollton, Ga. F O R E W O R D » » Our purpose is to present in attractive and enduring form a record of our college activ- ities during the war-time " fall quarter " of the past summer and the three regular terms of the school year 1942-1943. « « « C O N T E N T S CAMPUS FACULTY SOPHOMORES FRESHMEN THIRD YEAR ACTIVITIES SNAPSHOTS 1 We dedicate the 1943 CHIEFTAIN to the students, alumni, and faculty of WEST GEORGIA COLLEGE who have entered the service of their country. in THE CAMPUS ADMINISTRATION On the shoulders of our president and ul ' our dean.s has fallen the hurden of adjustin ; ' the opei ' ation ot the college to the emergency situation created by the war. They have been quick to see and understand the necessity for changing the cur- riculum to meet the urgent demands of the gov- ernment for physically tit students trained in mathematics and in other subjects vitally relate! to the war effort. They have been largely respon- sible for effecting the economies necessary to steer the school through these uncertain and troubled times. Their task has not been an easy one, yet they have courageously carried on their eilforts to make the institution a center of learning that will be invaluable to the people it serves in the innne- diate future and after the war. To these, our leaders, we express our sincere appreciation. I. S. INGRAM, M.A. President W. F. GUNN, M.S. Dean of Administration D. F. FOLGER, Ph.D. Dean of Instruction FACULTY ( . 1 ' . ( I A icj . M.8. liiinil l il Ilea I ion Mrs. Martha Wilson, A.B. Mrs. Janet Carpenter, B.S. Lab. School Si(j)eriisorfi Katie Downs, M.A. Supervisor of Teacher Education. Jane F. AA ' oodruff 31. Mus.. .Music ■ I. (ii.iVEK ( ' arson, M.A. W. K. Alexander, A.B., Lamar Baifoot Jjub. Hchool Frivcijialu William Vitarelli, M.S. Indu. ' itrial Arts H. H. ( ILES. M.A. Director of Third Year Edith Caudill Jane Clonts Mary F. Pennington, M.A. (not in picture) Supervising Teachers in Lab. Schools Edward Yeomans, A. 11 Community Wortc FACULTY Sarah M. Ward. B.S. Dean of Womoi, and Adamson Hall Hostess ] Iarie Campbell, M.A. Mary H. Eliasox, Ph.D. George Kerry Smith. Pli.D. English Ruby Jenkins. M.S. H.E. Home Economics S. Horace Acklex Business Manager M. E. How ELL, ]M.A., Cluniislri Clifford M. Witcher, Pli.n., James A. Doubles, Ph.D., Hiolugij Fhijsics ai d Malhcinalics George C. S. Ad.vms. M.A. French and Spanisli Ruth Sturgis, M.S. John L. Carpenter. B.S. Physical Education Lut ' lEX E. lloiiiuiis, I ' h.D. J. C. Bonner, M.A. Social Sciences FACULTY A.NMi ' , IlLi.i.i ' . W ' k.w I ' .u., l.ihniiKiii Geraldine I ' thdy., Assisliml l,ilii(tii i n l K. Mp i I i:xi)i:i!S()x. A.B.J. t ecrcliuii Id till I ' rcHuJeiit Leila. Ri ' tif ( ' hawfokd. B.S. Dirl iliini Virginia FRTnDEix l ecrclari Mrs. Maude E. AisiiOTT Mavdei illc Hull JJokUkx Gladys Weaver tSecrelari Mrs. Ila Williams Mrlsoii TJnll Hostess NYA RESIDENT PROJECT 1 " « Ma JMJ-AM The National Youth Administra- tion Eesident Project is operated in connection with the college. The Project is now exclusively concerned with training youth for vital war work such as Aveld- ing. forge, sheet metal work, and machine shoj) work. After three months training tlie youth are prepared to get johs in defense plants. The Project is under the direction of W. Parker Bedding- field. Among other members of the staff are: Ellen B. Eoberts, Project Youth Personnel Officer ; T. 0. Delay. Project Finance Of- ficer ; Dorothy Doster, Girls ' Work Foreman General: Mary E. Towlei ' . Giiis ' Work Foreman in Sewing; Leona " Si. h ' idley. Assistant Girls ' Work Foreman in Sewing; Homer Lee Neely, J. Donald Slieffield. Ernest Smith, Machine Sliop Foremen ; Thomas L. Boyd, James M. King, Eobert B. King, E. S. McWilliams, Welding Foremen : Virginia L. Greenway, Eesident Nurse ; John W. Fountain, Project Operations Officer ; Prank C. Her- rell, Sheet Metal Foreman : J. B. Stallings, Maintenance Foreman ; Frances C. Balksom. Forrest Cham- pion, Jr.. E. Paul Hodges. Frank H. Murray. Youth Personnel Eepresentatives : Alarie 0. Grice. Proj- ect Secretary: Mary F. Stephens. Myrtle Hogan. Hazel Eedding, Secretaries. Barracks and Project Entrance Left to right: Greenway, Roberts, Beddlngfield, Hogan, Grice. Lett to right: Stephens, Redding, Doster, Ridley. 11 -[ D y V [ MMis HiaaMBa Some of the members of our class after completing their freshman 5rear immediately became sophomores and worked on through the summer. The majority of the class joined them again in September. It was a great reunion, but we missed many of our former classmates who didn ' t return to us. Then we had to become accustomed to l eing upperclassmen — sophomores — instead of " lowly " freshmen. Natu- rally we had to help the freshmen become part of our school, so we supervised their initiation. Eealizing that during this critical period in history we had a task to do, we became more serious minded than ever. Many of our boys left to serve in the armed forces; other members of our class grad- luited at the end of the spring quarter and went on to other institutions of higher learning, and some started third year work. The rest of us carried on. During these two years together we ' ve had our ups and downs. ])ut it ' s been fun. Upon graduation we will separate, never to meet as one gi ' oup again. Some of us will immediately enter our life ' s work; others will serve their country in this crisis : a few will continue their education. In short, this is our be- ginning. To you freshmen, the future sophomores, we leave our place on the campus — and wish you luck. Left to risht: Frances Collins, President; Martha Bullock, Vice-President; Marjorie Bullock, Secretary- Treasuier. SOPHOMORES Sar Baker Summerville, Ga. Vice-President. Alpha Psi ; President Maiideville Hall ; Glee Club ; Dramatic Club : Officers ' Club. Marjorie Bullock Dallas, Ga. Press Forum. President; Al- pha Psi; West Georgian; Social Science Club ; Glee Club; Dramatic Club; Offi- cers ' Club ; ClIIEFTAIX ; Dean ' s List. MARGAEirr BURXETTE Lizella, Ga. 4-H Club; Dean ' s List. Larry Cauthen Buchanan, Ga. Vice-President, Mu Zeta Al- pha; W Club; Radio Club; Secretary-Treasurer, Dra- matic Club. Frances Chestnut Moreland, Ga. Alpha Psi. 1943 Dorothy Bexley IMoreland. Ga. Alpha Psi. Martha Bullock Dallas, Ga. President, W.A.A. ; Vice- President, Social Science Club; Press Forum, Gllee Club, Secretary ; Alpha Psi ; Officers ' Club; West Geor- gian; Vice-President Sopho- more Class; Chieftain; Dean ' s List. Christine Campbell Eastman, Ga. V.R.A. Council; Dean ' s List. Geverna Chapman Cave Spring, Ga. Alpha Psi, Secretary. Frances Collins Smyrna. Ga. Spanish Club ; President Sophomore Class: Officers " Club; Chieftain. SOPHOMORES Rnii Coi.i.i.NS Smyrna, {.la. iSpaiiisli (hi!i: riilKFT.MN. ISIlLDREn C ' OWAKT Daiiielsvillo. (Ja. Secretary. Adainsdii Hall: ' .R.A. ( ' (iiincil: Dean ' s List. JOHX Ev.vxs Gay, (in. Mu Zeta Ali)lia : ' ( liili Sue Folsom Carrollton, Ga. June Hart Temple, Ga. V.R.A. Council. President : Alpha Psi ; Social Science Club, Secretary; Dramatic Club; Vice-President; Offi- cers Club; Secretar} ' , Man- deville Hall; Glee Club. 1943 Sara Colquitt Cedartown, Ga. Seci ' etai-y - Treiisiirer. Stu- dent Hody; Social Science Clul), President; Mu Zeta .Klplia; Chieftain, Business .Maiiaf,a ' r; Officers ' Club; De- bating Team; Dean ' s List. Bob Dun woody La Fayette, Ga. Pauline Fitzpatrick La Fayette, Ga. Lanell Grainger Carrollton, Ga. E. H. Hearn Burwell, Ga. West Georgian. SOPHOMORES Virginia Hemphill Ramhurst, Ga. Alpha Psi; French Club; V.R.A. Council; Glee Club; Dramatic Club; Dean ' s List. Jerry Hill Ranger. Ga. Mandeville Hall (secretary. Fred Hyatt Roopville. Ga. V.R.A. Council. Elizabeth Johxston Summerville. Ga. Ruth Leake Cartersville, Ga. Social Science Club. 1943 Sarah He sley Smyrna, Ga. Adainsim Hall, Ti-casnrcr; W.A.A. Recorder. Josephine Hurst La Grange, Ga. Alpha Psi, Treasurer. Anne Lngram Carrollton, Ga. Social Science Club; Chief- tain ; Dean ' s List. CH.4RLES Lang Calhoun. Ga. Glee Club: Dramatic Club: Officers ' Clul): " Mclson Hall President: W. Club. Dudley Little Homer. Ga. Alpha Psi. SOPHOMORES Nell Harmon- T oftin Carrollton, Ga. Roy Malcolm Social Circle, Ga. W Club; I ' less Fonim. Betty Ji e OwiiXgs Siininiervillo, Ga. President, Alpha Tsi ; OHi- cers " Club ; Dean ' s List. Annie Mae Phillips Palmetto, Ga. Glee Club. QuiNTON Prince Newnan, Ga. Mu Zeta Alpha, President; Officers ' Club President ; V.R.A. Council, Program Chairman; Dramatic Club, Vice-President: French Club, Vice-President; Dean ' s List. 1943 Betty McWilliams Trion, Ga. 4-H Clulj; West Georf ian; Social Science Club ; Press Forum; Dean ' s List. Edna Nix Lawrenceville, Ga. W.A.A. Secretary; Press Forum ; West Georgian. Madge Pabnell Smyrna, Ga. Ciiieftain, Editor ; Social Science Club, Treasurer ; Spanish Club, Vice-Presi- dent; Officers ' Club, Secre- tary-Treasurer; Dean ' s List. Jack Phillips Albany, Ga. Glee Club ; Dramatic Club ; Spanish Club; W. Club. Alene Ray ' Atlanta, Ga. Glee Club SOPHOMORES Frances Ray Calhoun, Ga. West Georgian Editor; Press F o r II m , Vice - President ; Spanish C ' hib, Secretary- Treasurer; Otiieers ' Club; Mandeville Hall Vice-Presi- dent. Frances Richards Chatsworth, Ga. Dan Robinson Bremen, Ga. Reba Taylor Whitesbury, Ga. Dean ' s List. Terrell V ' ai)e Kennesaw, Ga. West Georfjian ; W. Club, Secretary-Treasurer ; ' .R.A. Council ; Mu Zeta Alpha ; Radio Club President; Press Forum. 1943 Clyde Richards Chat.sworth, Ga. Glee Club. ' era Richardson La Fayette, C4a. 4-H Club, Secretary-Treas- urer; Alpha Psi; Mu Zeta Alpha; V.R.A. Council; Stu- dent Body Vice-President; Ollieers ' Club Vice-Presi- dent; Adamson Hall Presi- dent. Genev.v Smith Macon, Ga. i ' ress Forum, West Gear- f iaii. Ralph Tyson Rome, (ia. ' . Clul); Student Body President; Press Forum; Editor, Gen Pin; Mu Zeta Alpha; Radio Club; Officers ' C 1 u b ; Parliamentarian ; Dramatic Club ; West Geor- gian. Elaine White Summerville, Ga. SOPHOMORES Wallace AViiitley Fort Valley, Ga. Mu Zeta Alpha; Radio Club. 1943 Edith Williams Vidalia, Ga. Social Science Club ; Dean ' s List. No Pictures Hugh Brock Carrollton, Ga. Dan Bukk Rome, Ga. LoxNiE Pearl Daniel Cadwell, Ga. Virginia McGinnis Tallapoosa, Ga. Vice-President, Adamson Hall. Walter Perkins . Carrollton, Ga. Robert Rainer McDonougli, Ga. William Wiggins Carrollton, Ga. Mary Brown Carrollton, Ga West Georgian; Clioir, 1; Debating Team; Dean ' s List. Ruth Clarkson Menlo, Ga. CtBiffin Harris Carrollton, Ga. Bob Padgett Ringgold, Ga. French Club; V.E.A. ; Dean ' s List. CHAiMEBS Pritchard Bremen, Ga. Margaret Yates Ringgold, C4a. West Georgian. 18 HERE AND THERE All hail! Opening of school. . . best man win! Recess. . . . Swing your girl! Down the field. May the -« S»riri„, Mr. and Mrs. . . . All in the day ' s work. . . . Brushing up. This way out. . . . Help! Going somewhere? FACULTY AND FRIENDS COMMUNICATIONS CENTER The Communications Center is a new addition to tlie campus this year. Since its completion in the fall it has become a place where students come to learn and practice such activities as screen print- ing, lettering, photography, mimeographing, draw- ing, voice recording, and other modes of expres- sion equally interesting. Under the capable guid- ance of Dr. George Smith the center has become a live spot where students eagerly congregate to de- velop natural talent and self-expression. KTi 21 OFF THE 22 EDITOR ' S DESK 23 College — at last — after all those years of anticipation ! ! But alas ! we feel a lump in our throats despite the jo} , that is in store for us — you see — we ' ve just bid fare- well to parents and family for the first time and. now that we are here we don ' t feel any too confident. We are bewildered among all these strangers. Then, just in the nick of time the Sophomores arrive. If we had ever dreamed of being isola- tionists we are now awakened to the fact that the sophomores simply won ' t allow it. The rat Parade — the freshman creed — polishing shoes — a square meal — Study — The Freshman dance. Before we knew it we are full-fledged members of the freshman class and the student body of West Georgia College. How time has flown — it seems that we have been here only a few days and now we are ready to be the next sophomore class. HENNEN RUSSELL ROBERTS F R E S H M A OFFICERS Jack Eobeets Bill IIenxen . vVlLBUEN BUSSELL President Vice-President Secretary-Treasurer 24 FRESHMEN 1943 G. C. Abxey. Jr. Rinooolcl. Ga. Troy Acree C ' alliDun. Ga. ]Myrtle Adaimson Bowdon, Ga. Paul Appel Tallapoosa, Ga. June Bartley West Point. Ga. Margaret Borders Carrollton. Ga. Hakky Brock Carrollton. Ga. Stuart Burnett Winston, Ga. Louise Burnham Carrollton, Ga. Mary Ruth Camp Watkinsville, Ga. Kylus B. Campbell Lucy Cantrell Edwin Casey Evelyn Casey Rising Fawn, Ga. Atlanta, Ga. Cedartown, Ga. Cedartown, Ga. Lester Castlebeeey Bowman, Ga. y 25 FRESHMEN 1943 A-:0 C IIA.MILEK C ' ariollton, Ga. TilllMAS ( ' II A. Mil. Kit ( airollton, Ga. Gi.E.N.N (I.ACIvlM, Tallaiioosa, Ga. JiETTY Ann COMliS ' A1!UEN CoMliS Cariolltoii, Ga. Locaist Grove, Ga. Betty Craven Canollton, Ga. Sara Davenport Acworth, Ga. Erwin J)avi,s Carrollton, Ga. Nell Ruth Davis Spring Place, Ga. ROSALYN DiGBY Carrollton, Ga. Alva Downs Winder, Ga. ] 1eKLE P]ASI1. Bowdon. Ga. Edna Eaton Marietta, Ga. J. E. Edmondson Temple, Ga. Doris English Jonesboro, Ga. FRESHMEN 1943 J. C. Etheidoe Thoinaston, Ga. iMiLDEED EUB NKS Amity, Ga. Anna Faeiss La Favette, Ga. CoRALicE Fears Griflin, Ga. TlIOJtAS FiTTS Carrollton, Ga. Nan Fostek Maude Mae Fuller C. D. Goswick Roswell, Ga. Calhoun, Ga. C ' liatswortli, Ga. Fr. nce.s Harris Fayetteville, Ga. Inez Head Dallas, Ga. Malcolm Henderson Social Circle, Ga. Bill Hennen Atlanta, Ga. Della Houston La Fayette, Ga. W. M. Howe. Jr. Thomas L. Johnston Graham, Ala. Summerville, Ga. FRESHMEN 1943 IjETIY -Io.nks C ' aiTolltou, CJa. Waldo .Toxks La, Fayottc. (Ja. Rei;a Ni :ll Jokdan Caii-dlltoii, (Ja. Wii.iiAM Kiii ' 1,1 ' ; ivinrro-old, (in. A NCI IE Luck Carrolltoii, Ga. Nancy McCluke Epworth, Ga. Jeanette Martin Mount Zion, Ga. Robert Mayne Winder, Ga. Kathleen Mize Bowdon, Ga. Bobby Moore Winder, Ga. Betty Moseley McDonough, Ga. Ney ' sa Moseley Tallapoosa, Ga. William Mull Lindale, Ga. Joyce Pace Trenton, Ga. D. C. Paris Carrollton, Ga. ? ' 28 FRESHMEN 1943 Harry Perry Rome. Ga. JuANiTA Potter Jefferson, Ga. Annette Powell Adairsville, Ga. Clarice Eichards Chatsworth, Ga. Jack Roberts La Fayette, Ga. m. M Charles Rogers Perry Rowe ' ILB RX D. Russell. .Ir. Cjiarles Skinner Martha Stephens Ringgold, Ga. Carrollton, Ga. Cedartown, Ga. Carrollton, Ga. Al})liaretta, Ga. Newsom Summerlin Frances Taff Sandersville, Ga. Taylorsville, Ga. Dorothy Tanner Palmetto, Ga. Frank Tiioma.sson Carrollton, Ga. RoBHY Thrash Gay, Ga. 29 FRESHMEN 1943 Orace Trapp Ilainiltoii, (!a. Bette ' II.f,IA l8 Carrollton. Ga. Err.EEN Woody ( ' cdartdwu, (_ia. Doris Wyatt Meiilo, Ga. Helen Yarbrough Ki ' aiilvliii, Ga. Charles Bjjown Carrollton, Ga. Ruth Browx Etan, Ga. Clarence Brock Bremen, Ga. Carolyn Buedette Calhoun, Ga. Gertrude Eley Hogansville, Ga. Helen Eisher Carrollton, Ga. Donald Gray Bremen, Ga. Henrietta Gribble Dalton, Ga. Martha Hunt Cedartown, Ga. Twy - 30 EuTH Kelley Eome, Ga. Dudley Little Homer, Ga. HiTGH Moss La Grange, Ga. Betty Jo Pateick Winder, Ga. Samie Lou Padgett Atlanta, Ga. Frank Seakcey CarroUton, Ga, Stella Eay Atlanta, Ga. Anne Wynn Speuell CarroUton, Ga. Claek Stapler Garrollton, Ga. Allen Stare Fayetteville, Ga. Sam Stovall Temple, Ga. Lucille STEicavLAND Nahnnta, Ga. S. 0. SwYGEET Brunswick, Ga. EuTH TriuEMOND JeiSersoii, Ga. Claudia Walters Lavonia, Ga. Frank Watkins Douglasville, Ga. Julia Watson CarroUton, Ga. MozELLE Webb Frankin, Ga. Elizabeth Westbrook ■ . . . Griffin, Ga. PICKING COTTON FOR VICTORY 32 CAMPUS LIFE 1 -i 1 r SSmSS i 1 . , ji J E 1 §S -JHj l. ' ' — 03S7£S M M m mM§ ' -4 I P «Hiyr ' ' ' f ! ' " i ■ i 2ft1 THE THIRD YEAR The third year students have or aiii .ed as a work statt and liave spent niaiiv hours a week in communities and seliools, ac- tually learning- hv doino-. Tliey realize that j)( ' ddliiii;- tiinii[is. cutting down trees, scrai)in, i- radiators, ])aintiii i- ceilings, meetim; people, and planivina- have as much art attaclied to the process as paint- ing a picture. Each membei- of the class has exjieri- enced a new lite and discovered that de- mocracy can reign in education and liv- ing. The entire grou] lias had cxpci ' ience of class officership. These future teachers Avill luive much to oiTer to the development of education as thev continue their careers. 34 THIRD YEAR 1943 Caroline Banks Griffin, Ga. Cheston E. Cline Waleska, Ga. Betty Fears Hampton, Ga. LaVeene Floyd Dallas. Ga. Elizabeth Folsom Leesburg, Fla. Elsfk OosniN Franklin, Ga. Saralyn Griffies Devereux. Ga. Doris Jones Flowery Branch, Ga. Dorothy Jones Flowerv Branch, Ga. 35 THIRD YEAR 1943 Louise Land Canton, tJa. Hrciiiic jMajors !Mi ' nl(), (Ja. Clovis Poi ' e ]!(iii]i ine, Oa. Elea-nor Snow Decatur, Ga. Merrill Teaylor Carrollton, Ga. Annette Maynaed Newton, Ga. No Pictures LOLS W. ] [ILLER Eabuii (jap. Ga. Sue WiLLiAjrs Eastman, Ga. Dorothy Wallis Carrollton. (ia. f . f -- 36 DORMITORY COUNCILS ADAMSON HALL OFFICERS Vera. Richardson . ' lRCi[NIA McGiXNis . Mildred Cow art . . J ' rcNuh ' iit Vice-President Secretary Sarah Hexsley Treasurer NELSON HALL OFFICERS Charles Lang J ' resident QuiNTOX Prince .... Vice-President Fred Hyatt . . . Hecrelnrn-Tvensurer Merrell Wade J)oiii. ( ' oiiii -il Ralph Tyson Dom. toimcil MANDEVILLE HALL OFFICERS Sara Baker J ' resident Frances Ray .... Yice-Presideirt June Hart Treasurer Jerry Hill Secretary The clubs on the West Georgia Campus ])lay a definite part in tlie life of the stiulents. They furnish opportunities for leadershi]) and self expression. The organizations deserve praise and recognition for their nianv wortlnvhile undertakings. STUDENT BODY OFFICERS Ealpii Tyson President Veea Eichabdson B . .A. HMM smHM - 1 " F ' ' WKIth ' H Vice-President f «5k F J Saea Colquitt Secretary-Treasurer f, k ■E -Jb- IP - « ' 1 ' ji I ii ,j£;r3 ?:s " ==p- 1 38 OFFICERS CLUB QuiNTON Prince Vera Eichardson OFFICERS Cliainnan Madge Parnell . Vice-Cliairiiian Ralph Tyson . Mr. Ingram Faculft Adviser . Secretary ParVmtiientarian Membership includes the presidents of each cam- pus organization. Stimuhition of interest and bringing harmony between chibs have been the main activities of this chib. Front row, left to right: Martha Bullock, June Hart, Jack Roberts, Betty Jim Owings, Marjorie Bullock, Mildred Eubanks. . . . Middle row: Frances Pay, Virginia Hemphill, Ralph Tyson, Sara Baker, Frances Collins, Merrell Wade. . . . Back row; Vera Richard- son, Quinton Prince, D. C. Paris, Sara Colquitt, Stuart Burnett. . . . Not in picture: Madge Parnell. 39 Back row, left to right: Quinton Prince, Bob Padget, Elizabeth Folsom, Hughie Majors, Lester Castleberry, Chris- tine Cc mpbe!l, Ruth Kelley, Meireii Wade. . . . Middle row: Mr. Gunn, Troy Acree, Mildred Cowart. . . . Front row: June hiart, Nell Ruth Davis, Vera Richardson. . . . Not in picture; Virginia Hemphill, Fred Hyatt, Myrtle Adannson. " • K t The V. E. A. is open to nil meml)ei-s oi ' the stuilciit ImmIv. The genei ' al ])iir])ose (if tln ' organization is tc give the students a move lively interest in. and a cleai ' er (■oiice})tion ot feligion. OFFICERS June Hart President Quinton Prince .... Program Chairman Christine Campbell . tiecreiwry and Treasurer The Social Science Club is composed of students who ai-e interested in the social problems of the day. The club sponsored forums and presented programs to promote the sale of War Stamps and Bonds. Sara Colquitt . Martha Bullock OFFICERS . Preside n I. June Hart . ' ice-Preside III Madge Parnell Secreiary Treasurer The Del)aters took part in intercollegiate deljates at Emory University, s o c I A L S C I E N C E Back row, left to right: Mr, Roberts, Lester Castleberry, Bob Maync, Mr. Bonner, Bobby Moore, Newscn Summerlln, , , , Middle row: Anne Ingrann, Lucy Cantrell, Ruth Leake, Madge Parnell, Marjorie Bullock, Martha Bullock, Reba Nell Jordan, Kathleen Mize, , , . Front row: June Hart, Betty McWilliams, Sara Colquitt, Angle Luck. Left to right: Sara Colquitt, Charles Skinner, Angle Luck, Mary Brown, D E B A T E R S 40 L E C E R C L E F R A N C A I S The Frencli Club is com- posed of students inter- ested in the way of life and culture of the French. This year the club de- voted cue program to the French in Africa. OFFICERS HuGHiE Majors President QuTNTON- Prince Vice-President Virginia Hemphill Secretary and Treasurer Top row, left to right: Stuart Burnett, Newson Summcrrm, Bob Padgett, Quinton Prince. . . Front row: Mr. Adams, Virginia Hemphill, Hughie Majors. . . . Not in picture: Troy Acre Donald Gray, Waldo Jones. Top row, left to right: Helen Yarbrough, Ruth Collins, Louise Burnham, Frances Collins, Madge Parnell, Martha Stephens, Frances Ray. . . . Second row: Mr. Adams, Jack Phillips, Angie Luck. , . . Bottom row: Stuart Burnett, l-rank Thomasson, Larry Cauthen. A newly organized club for those students intei-- ested in Spanish. It has as its chief ob.jective the study of the life and cul- ture of the Latin Ameri- can Countries, and the development of a friendly attitude toward them. OFFICERS Stuart Burnett President Frances Ray Secretary and Treasurer ] [adge Parnell Program CJiuirnian Mr. Ada]ms Faculty Adviser E L C I R C U L O E S P A N O L PRESS FORUM Left to right, standing: Ruth Leal c, Nan Foster, Roy Malcolm, Clarice Richards, Nell Ruth Davis, Merrell Wade, Sara Davenport, Betty Specht, Edna Eaton, Ralph Tyson. . . . Sitting: Frances Ray, Ruth Kelley, Betty McWilliams, Geneva Smith, Martha Bullock, Marjorie Bullock, Alene Ray, Edna Nix. . . . Not in picture: Lucy Cantrell, LaVerne Floyd, Angle Luck. The Press Fonnn is a literary societ3 Its cliief function is to liaiidle the various press releases to the county papers and to publish the Gen Pen. G E N P E N Ancjie Luck Editor Nell Euth Davis Assistant Editor Martha Bullock Business Mnnager Dr. Smith Facutty Adinser The Gen Pen, the only literary publi- cation on the campus, was organized in 1940-41 and has been pultlished Ijy the members of the Press Forum each year since. It contains articles, poems, and stories written bv the students. 42 THE FOOTLIGHT FLAMES Left to right, back row: Lang, Pritchard, Phillips, Tyson. . . . Middle row: Hemphill, Gribble, Foster, Yarbrough, Walters, Baker, Prince. . . . Front row: Kelley, Hart, Davenport, M. L. Bullock, M. V. Bul- lock, McClure, Eubanks, Acree, Casey. . . . Not in picture: Cauthen, Casey, Moore, Wade. OFFICERS ViEGiNiA IlEiiPHiLL President June Hart Vice-President Jack Phillips Secretary-Treasurer During the Winter Quarter the Footlight Flames presented two plays. " Curse You, Jack Dalton " a melodrama was acted before the student body at chapel, and " Western ITnion. Please " , a comedy, was played at a night performance in the gym. A performance of the latter also was given at the Sand Hill School. MEMBERS Troy Agree Sara Baker Marjorte Bullock Martha Bullock Edwhst Casey Evelyn Casey Larry Cauthen Sara Davenport ' Mildred Eubanks Nan Foster Henrietta Gribble June Hart Virginia Hemphill EuTH Kelley Charles Lang Nancy McClure Bobby Moore Jack Phillips Chalmers Pritch.ard QuiNTON Prince Ralph Tyson Merrell Wade Claudia Walters Helen Yarbrough Miss Eliason, Faculty Adviser 43 WEST GEORGIA CHOIR Back row, left to right: J. C. Ethridge, Perry Rowe, Bobby Moore, D. C. Paris, Charles Lang, Clyde H. Richards. . . . Second row: Jack Phillips, Stuart Burnett, Ncwsom Summerlin, Annie Mae Phillips, Sara Baker, Alenc Ray, Charles Skinner, Lester Castlcberry, Bob Mayne. . . . Third row: Helen Yarborough, Dorothy Tanner, Margaret Borders, June Hart, Anna Fariss, Lucy Cantrell, Betty Jones, Rcba Nell Jordan, Rosalyn Digby, Marjorie Bullock, Martha Bullock. . . . Fourth row: Inez Head, Edna Nix, Evelyn Casey, Martha Stephens, Miss Woodruff (director), Virginia Hemphill, Nell Ruth Davis, Clarice Richards, Joyce Pace, June Bartley. OFFICERS D. C. Paris President June IIakt Secrefarii Martha Bullock Tren.surer Charles Lang Manager The We. ' t Georgia a cappella, choir is an outstanding oi ' ganization on the campns. Reside the Christmas program and the aiuuial spring concert, the choir lias served to meet the musical needs of the cam])us and surrounding communities. 44 Back row, left to right: Vera Richardson, Frances Chestnut, Eileen Woodv Martin. Frances Taff, Anna Fariss, Josephine Hurst, Geverna Chapman, Sara Baker, Virginia Hemphill, Edna Nix. . . . Middle row: June Bartley, Neysa Moseley, Miss Ruby Jenkins, Marjorie Bullock, Martha Bullock, Mary Ruth Camp, Joyce Pace, June Hart, Betty Moseley. . . . Kneeling: Dudley Little, Dorothy Tanner, Kathleen Mize, Nell Ruth Davis, Nancy McClure, Betty Jim Owings, Reba Nell Jordan, Clarice Rich- ards. . . . Not in picture: Doris English, Claudia Walters. ALPHA PSI This club is comjiosed of girls majoring ia Home Economics and those in- terested in this field. This year the club was awarded the Certificate of Honor. Programs have been centered around the theme " We Live For Vic- tory " . OFFICERS , Betty Jim Oavings President Sara Baker Vice-P reside nt Josephine Hurst Secretary Geverna Chapjian Treasurer 4-H CLUB The 4-H Club has had as its chief objective the promotion of the welfare of the students and the institution. OFFICERS Mildred Eubanks President Sara Davenport Vice-President Vera Eichaedson Secretary and Treasurer Hughie Ma.jors Reporter Back row, left to right: Elizabeth Johnston, Merle Eason, Vera Richardson, Lester Castleberry, Joyce Pace, Margaret Burnette, June Bartley, Paul Appel, Betty McWilliams. . . . Front row: Elaine Vv ' hite, Mildred Eubanks, Dorothy Tanner, Sara Davenport, Mary Ruth Camp, William Mull, Kathleen Mize, Myrtle Adamson, Nancy McClure. 45 W. A. A. OFFICERS OFFICERS Maktha Bullock Preside II I Edna Nix y ice-President Mary Ruth Camp Treasurer Lucy Cantrbll Becreiary Sarah IIensley Recorder Back row: Camp, Hensley. . . . Front row: Cantrell, Bullock, Nix. The Women ' s Athletic Association is an organization which has as its purpose to foster and pro- mote interest in athletic activities, to develop good sportsmanship, and to develop some degree of skill and increase the enjoyment of athletics for women at AVest Georgia College. Every woman on the campus automatically becomes a member. Eecognition is on a point system. Those earning the required number of points are entitled to wear the pin, and those earning a prescribed greater num- ber are awarded letters. All awards must l)e passed on l)y the officers. w CLUB The " ' " Club is composed of tliose who have won letters in one or more sports. This year letters were awarded for excellence in intramural sports. The club has always stood for the highest ideals in sportsmanship and fair play at West Georgia College. OFFICERS Ealph Tyso t President Merrell Wade Secretartf-Treasurer Left to right, back row: Charles Lang, Merrell Wade, Jack Roberts, Jack Phillips, J. C. Ethridge, Frank Searcy. . . . Front row: Bill Hennen, Erwin Davis, Waldo Jones, Larry Cauthen, Ralph Tyson, Charles Skinner, Paul Appel, Troy Acree, Coach J. L. Carpenter. , , , Not in picture: John Evans, Malcolm Henderson, J. E. Edmondson, Edwin Casey, D. C. Paris, Frank Watkins. 46 MU ZETA ALPHA OFFICERS QUINTON PeINCE President Larky Cautiien Vice-President Sarah Colquitt Secretary-Treasurer Left to right, back row: Mayne, Downs, Colquitt, Prince, Clacl um, Whitley. . . . Middle row; Wade, Richardson, Cauthen, Castleberry, Tyson, Roberts, Summerlin, Ethridge. . . . First row: Dr. Witcher, Appel, Edmondson, Acree, Mr. Howell, Evans, Mull, Dr. Doubles. Mu Zeta Alpha promotes student discussion and investigation of scientific prob- lems. This yeaz ' ' s work has been centered around malaria and a survey of the disease in Carroll County. MEMBERS Troy Ackee Paul Appel Lester C ' astlebeery Labry Cauthejst Glenn Clackum Sara Colquitt Al a Downs J. E. Edmondson J. C. Ethridge John Evans Robert Mayne AViLLiAji Mull QuiNTON Prince A ' era Richardson Jack Roberts Newsom SUJ[MERLIN Ralph Tyson jMerrell Wade Wallace Whitley k 47 WEST GEORGIAN THE STAFF Left to right, standing: Betty McWilliams, E. H. Hearn, Frances Ray, Mildred Eubanks, Caroline Banks, Roy Malcolm, Ralph Tyson, Nell Ruth Davis, Martha Bullock, Edna Nix, Marjorie Bullock, Clarice Richards, Anna Fariss, Angle Luck, Merrell Wade. . . . Sitting: Neysa Moseiey, Sara Davenport, Geneva Smith, Betty Specht, Ruth Kelley, Alene Ray. Frances Eat EiJildr-in-Cliir ' f Betty McWilliams Assorinlc Eiliior C!laeice Kichaeds Business MaiuKjcr E. H. Hearn Circuliiiioii Mniuigpf Miss Campbell Faculhj Adriser The West (ieorr ifui Avas first pub- lished in 1933. On four occasions the paper received First Class honor rating- awarded by the As- sociated Collegiate Press. This rating places the West Georgian in the top ranks of the best junior college newspapers in the south. The staff putilishes a paper tha is devoted to the best interests of the college and students. The contents of the paper consist of entertaining features, editorials and important news. The llV.s (jeorgian is expressive of the life and enthusiasm that pervade the campus. 48 THE 1943 CHIEFTAIN Left to Right, Top Row: F. Collins, Parnell, Majors, Colquitt, R. Collins, Burnett. Ingram, Skinner. Second Rov Luck, This book, the 1943 Chieftain, typifies life at West Georgia College. The staif presents it to 3 ' on as a reminder of pleasant memories of this school yea] ' . We spent many hours eollectiiig informa- tion, changing page after page of our original plan, walking the streets selling ads, and consider- ing the most effective way to organize our material. But now that it ' s finished, we have forgotten all our trying and uneasy moments and look back only to those times of satisfaction when we felt that we were accomplishing our goal — this annual. We must add our thanks to you, the students and faculty, who have contributed so much to the success of our l)(iok. We now pass our work on to you to judge. Slalf Meeting STAFF Madge Paenell . Akne Ixgkam . Saea Colquitt . Angie Luck . Stuaet Buenett . Feances Collins . EuTH Collins . Maetha Bullock . Mae.joeie Bullock HUGHIE Ma.joes . Chakles Skixxee . Meeeell Wade . Me. Adams . Edifor-iv -Chief . Assist I III I Eililnr . Business Mnnngcr Asst. Business Mminqi ' v . Fresliman Eililnr . . . Clul) Editor Sophomore Editor Sports Ediliir Feature Editor . Third Year Editor . . . Stajf Artist Sports Editor . Faculty Adviser Doiililes at icork. MEN ' S ATHLETICS Atlik ' tics duriiifi ' the cui ' ix ' iit school year liavi ' been dcilicatcd io hiiildiiig a stroiifi ' or AiiKM ' ica for the ])r( ' scnt and rutiirc. Althoii,nh tlic atlilctic. pro ' raui has liccM ciilirrlv iiit raiiiurai. in conti-ast lo the i-amlilinti- teams ol ' the ])ast, the t raiispoi ' talion pi ' oliN ' iii did not keep (loadi Car|)cntci ' troni oi ' f;aiiiziiiij,- S( ' ( ' ral hasl ( ' thall. dllcvhall. and -sottliall teams. New mcmhers received in the W-Cliih were seleeteil fi-oui the team winning the liiial tournament in each spoil, and eaeli new mend)er received an intramural letter. Dui ' in ii- the winter (piai ' tei ' the stu(h ' nts were re(|uii ' ed to meet Victory fJorps classes t ' oui ' hours a week. The ' ictory ( ' oi ' ps proi;ram consisted of an ob- stacle race made up of hurdles, vertical wail, roj)e climbiii ' ' . parallel hars. maze I ' un. l)alanee-heam. crouch ci ' awl. I ' ence- aultini ' , mat woi ' k, walking ' , and run- ning ' . Directed calisthenics and spoi ' ts, iisu;dly touch I ' ootball and basketball occupied the i-emaiiubT ot tliv ' ] eriod. Upper Left, basketball varsity (standing): D. C. Paris, E. Casey, T. Johnston, M. Anderson. . . (Kneeling): J. E. Edmondson, E. Davis, F. Watkins, R. Dunwoody. 1 § ? WOMEN ' S ATHLETICS As more emphasis is being placed on physical fitness, the athletic i)rogram has been planned to incli;de every girl on the campus. Teams chosen I ' l ' oni the physical education classes competed in intramural tournaments i ' rom which freshmen and sophomore teams and finally vai ' sity teams Avere selected. Among the sports participated in were: volleyl)all. soccer. l)asketljall, Softball, and tennis. A number of the varsity teams are presented in the pictures below ; Upper left, volleyball (left to right): McWilliams, Richardson, Harris, Mize, Colquitt, Luck, Hensley, Pace. . . . Upper right, soccer (standing): Colquitt, Parnell, Ingram, Fariss, Richardson, Yarbrough, Fears, Eason, (kneeling) McClure, Walters. . . . Lower Left, basketball (standing): A. Ray, Harris, Davenport, Taff, Hensley, Nix, (sitting) Mize, Colquitt, Walters, Richardson, F. Ray, Walters. . . . Lower Right, tennis, left to right: Hart, Traylor, Majors, Colquitt, Hensley, Cantrell. MAY DAY THE Sara Bakek iieeit AND Evelyn Casey June Hart Virginia HEirpiiiEL Annie Mae Phillips Betty Jim Owings Frances (Jollins Sara Colquitt 52 M A I D O F H O N O R May Day — the queen, a lovely brunette attired in swirling white, reignino ' over her court of attrac- tive maids adorned in pastel shades of many colors — chosen on the merits of appearance, scholar- sliip. and conduct — marching in- tlie open against the green back- ground of spring to sweet music — our stately president crowning the queen — Folk dances — girls clad in bright costumes of Eu- ropean nations — all ushering in the spirit of May and spring. Josephine Hurst HER COURT Margaret Yates Martha Bullock Mary Brown Lucy Cantrell Geverna Chapman SCENES FROM LAST YEAR 53 MORE Future artists. Between classes, structors. More scrap for the Japs. Out 3oes the bad air. " First aid in- SIDELIGHTS Freshman style review O. Cr, His Si,n„ N???? . goal. . . . Lone ranger. Dress right, dress! Grand march. . Third year-osis. On the looltout. On the job. Coming attractions. Tarzan. Typical. Oscar CAMPUS P.ALPtl TYSOl OR pAT l ' i pil VKCT .B ' " - ■- J-OKE 5 HA T .lAllTHABULl OCl CHAT LES LA 56 SUPERLATIVES BETTY JIM OW " U BKmT. BOLLOCK QtllNTOH PSWCE MBBBBLL WAB55 VEBA BICHABDSON ABA COLQUITT Here are those sophomores chosen by chiss vote as outstandino: leaders. Look them over. 57 I H THUMBNAIL PORTRAITS Sara I ai kk Daisy Miio, May (v) u cii. (i(iin|i1ii(y n- ((idrc, fin.), " l ' ' isli " . !M. KY liitiiw.N Town student, (lclial T. (|iiaiiit, lidok wdnri. icliiicd. Maiuouik JiULLOCK I .l ' .. I!( ' l, lil;;it, s|i(iil, class rinj s. (lc ilish, Clyde. Martha Buli.ock other B.B., lied, Slunty, ni ii(iii, anuxdic, W.A.A., Speedy. Larry C ' authen Mr. Howell, dr.. I.a l " ' ayette, da l Daltoii. iilde; niatic. Frances Collins Twin, ])rissy, woiser lialf, innocent, big sister, Olin. EuTii Collins Twin, better lialf, stubborn, movies, little sister. Kittle. Mildred Cowart Symanthia PD, accomniodating, U. of Cm., sensible, Clark. John Evans Little John, (piiet, Kini - of Hearts, army, Hetty Me. Sue Folsom Day student. lo idy. feminine. Maple St., screwy hats. Sara Colcjuitt i ' etunia, andiitions. studious, Social Science ' bi ,, athletic. June Hart Tune Bug, |iiano lickb ' r, nerty, friendly. hi ' :i rt brciikei-. Hill. E. H. Hearn Koineo from IbirwcdI. W ' l. ' it (leoryian, scatter-biain, J ouise. Virginia Hemphili (iinnei-. jolly, corner room, trio, Harold. Sarah Hensley " (ioo! Cloo! " Ziegf(dd giil, tennis, bashful, Siiiyina deb. JoSEa HINE Hurst Jo, Maid of Honor, tee bee. pleasant, sueet. Wdodall. Fred Hy ' ATT Army. King of (otton. hard worker, Christine. Anne Ingram President ' s daughter, graceful, petite. Chapel Hill. Charles J ang .... Pee Wee, apprentice moron. Army Air Corps, seTenader, Coralice. Roy Malcolm Nay, goal shodtcr. Social Circde, Hcdle of tlii ' ball, unsettled. Betty McWilliams .... Betty Mc. t ueen of Hearts, Miss Ward ' s ])et. Little John. Edna Nix Piano pluid ei ' , song plugger, man in service. P ill. Betty Jim Owings Jimmy, Home Ec. girl, P.O., delicate, studious. Madge Parnell Sleepy, tempermental, dignified, Chieitaln, Dan. Annie Mae Phillips Maisie, lavender kleenex, man in service, allable. Jack Phillips Camjius Borneo, transfer, Cochran, marines, Albany, Hughie. Quinton Prince . O.P.f )., Communication Center, studious, unique sense of Inunoi-, Mercer. Frances Ray Beri, naive, nincom]ioo]) (?) newspaper, hard Iieaded, lazy. Vera Richardson Verie Anne, fantastic. ( (dl!) happy-go-lucky, Ben, Jr. Dan Robinson Bremen, ticket grabber, intellectual, jitter bug, Madge. Ralph Tyson T.Y., Bull shooter, politician. Mr. President, " osis ' ' . Banks. Merrell A ' ade He-man. bus driver, initiative, wittv. Ladies nuui { ' ! ) . Anna. To Give Its Students Important Vitamin Values This School Serves . . • ©Mmeim Emkhed Bread Compliments of . THE COLLEGE STORE Folsom ' s Dress Shoppe Exclusive Ladies ' Ready-to-Wear Carlye and Doris Hose Dodson Dresses Carrollton, Georgia The Faritters Store Wholesale Grocers Carrollton, Georgia 59 THE CARROLL THEATER Milt Kress, Mgr. THE ARCARDE THEATER Miss Celeste Long, Mgr. " Include Good Movies In Your Educational Study " CARROLLTON, GEORGIA CITY SUPPLY COMPANY Wholesale Distributors of GROCERIES and HARDWARE Carrollton, Georgia WILEY CREEL JEWELER Carrollton, Georgia CARROLL REALTY I] SLRA] CE CO. H. R. Cole, Mgr. Carrollton, Georgia 60 RALPH TURNER ' S CANDY AND FRUIT STORE " The Best Candy and Fruit in Town " Also Pot Flowers On The Square THE ATLANTA LINEN SERVICE ATLANTA, GEORGIA CHARACTER ... is honor , . . a high sense of personal responsibility and respect for one ' s obligations, and every young man and woman has the right to be trained in the tenets of honesty and fairness . . . otherwise his education is incomplete . . . his chance for success is impaired. MAYOR AND CITY COUNCIL CARROLLTON, GEORGIA 61 WE SALUTE West Georgia College for the enviable record she is making. We are proud that several members of our organi- zation are alumni of one of Carroll County ' s greatest assets. M A R T I ] - A L M O N AMBULANCE SERVICE FUNERAL DIRECTORS Phone 38 14 West Center Street CARROLLTON, GEORGIA Agency 404, Family Fund Life Insurance Co. 62 SEWELL Manufacturing Company MANUFACTURER OF Beweil QlatUe ' i AMERICA ' S GREATEST VALUE BREMEN, GEORGIA 63 ATLAI TA-SOUTHERN DEIVTAL COLLEGE ATLANTA, GEORGIA Four-Year Course, Leading to the D.D.S. Degree Modern Buildings and Equipment Ample Clinical Facilities Entrance Requirements: Two Years of College Work Next Opening Date January 5, 1944 For Catalog and Information, Write RALPH R. BYRNES, D.D.S., F.A.C.D., Dean MERRELL CO. Ladies ' Ready-to-Wear Shoes Carrollton, Georgia LOI [G i Bonds Carrollton, k HER] DO] and Insurance Georgia JAMES H. GRIFFIN v ' District Manager GEORGIA POWER COMPANY A a ' tizen Wherever We Serve 64 WHITE PROVISION COMPANY ATLANTA, GEOPxGIA CORNFIELD BRAND HAMS AND BACON EMPIRE Five Ten-Cent Store J. C. Harris, Owner West Georgia Students Alivays Welcome SOUTHLAND ICE COMPANY Pure, Taste-Free Ice Is Superior Save With Ice High-Grade Coal Meat Curing Nelson Gilreath, Mgr. Carrollton, Georgia C ARROLLTON HARDWARE HARDWARE and PAINTS Carrollton, Georgia THE PEOPLES DANK Member of Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation Carrollton, Georgia CARROLL CAFE A Good Place to Eat Welcome to West Georgia J Students 65 G R I F F I ] - ] E W PHARMACY Your Corner Drug Stors Phone 77 Carrollton, Georgia CARROLL TRADING COMPAIW Contributed to this ANNUAL They hope it is enjoyed by all its readers Carrollton, Georgia We wish to congratulate . ' ■ Students who graduate; You got good knowledge From West Georgia College. And whilst we ' re devising This Chieftain advertising. We ' d not have it forgotten We gin and spin cotton And process the seed, Use it all except the weed. MANDEVILLE MILLS 66 KYTLE-AYCOCK FUNERAL HOME 102 Newnan Street Phone 323 CARROLLTON, GEORGIA JOI ES DRUG CO. C. B. Jones C. D. Carter Prescription Druggists Walter New Sadie »Stallings Carrollton, Helen Hollingsworth D. C. Paris Georgia MOORE CLEIX Ladies ' Ready-to-Wear Shoee es Millinery W. W. MAC COMPANY Where Your Dollar Buys More J. M. Frye, Manager HOTEL CLIFTON H. H. Gray, Proprietor Carrollton, Georgia Serving Satisfied Customers For Forty Years Ladies ' and Gents ' Furnishings Bargain Basement Vogue Beauty Salon Experienced Operators 1-3-5 Maple Street Carrollton, Georgia 67 C. HI. TA] ] ER GROCERY CO. CARROLLTON, GEORGIA THE H L R Dry Goods, Clothing, Shoes, Hats, Ladies ' Ready-to-Wear Harry Goldstein, Mgr. M. E. GRIEEI] ORDINARY Carrollton, Georgia M OI T A G ' S School Supplies and Stationery On Sale at the College S t r e MONTAG BROS., INC. Atlanta, Georgia Carrollton Drug Co. A Reliable Pharmacy Phone 80 Located Opjjosile Carroll Theater Carrollton, Georgia Eolds Motor Company CHEVROLET CARS AND TRUCKS Newnan Street Carrollton, Georgia Jackson ' s Seed Store FIELD and GARDEN SEED Seed That Succeed 7 Newnan St. Carrollton, Ga. 68 " Everything ' ' s 1 Jake " EAT JAKE ' S POTATO CHIPS DREXXON FOOD PRODUCTS Atlanta Georgia BOXXER ' S GROCERY Fancy Groceries MEATS — FLOUR — FEED We Deliver Alabama St. Phone 678 For the PAUSE THAT REFRESHES Between Classes Drink — m TRADE. MARK CARROLLTOX COCA-COLA BOTTLIXG CO. A. W. Ford, Manager CARROLLTON, GEORGIA 69 ■V CARROLLTOI FEDERAL SAVII GS AND LOAN ASSOCIATION Investments Insured up to $5,000 by the Federal Savings and Loan Corporation, Washington, D. C. CARROLLTON, GEORGIA Read . . . THE ATLANTA JOURNAL Have It Brought To Your Room DAN RREWSTER Local Distributor The Peoples Hardware Company FURNITURE, RUGS, PAINTS, FARM IMPLEMENTS Phone 243 Carrollton, Georgia BARNES FREIGHT LINE Freight Transferred To All Points CARROLLTON, GEORGIA HARRIS HARDWARE RADIOS . . SPORTING GOODS . . TOOLS CARROLLTON, GEORGIA 70 p. ] . HUFF OPTICAL COMPANY " Ws All In The Examination " 10 NEWNAN STREET CARROLLTON, GEORGIA T. J. H. ROBERT!$ON Clerk of Superior Court Carrollton, Georgia DRWK . ROYAL CROWN COLA AND NEHI BEVERAGES XEHI BOTTLING CO. Carrollton, Georgia Dry Clean with — " J. CARL " ' ' There Is A Difference " Economy Cleaners Phone 432 MORROW MOTOR CO. " BUICK " Sales and Service General Repair Work — Body and Fender 37 Rome Street Phone 708 Carrollton, Georgia McGEE ' S BAKERY Complete Line of Baked Goods On The Square Our Products are A I mays on Sale at the College Store 71 SUCCESSFUL ANNUALS I e(|iiire the services of experienced ciiid expert cr.iftsnieii, trained in every detail of the processes of creatiiii ' planninif layout and desii n ' typesettins ' printiuif lithiM raphin :; and hindini . . . Throu h- out half a century this company has pioneered in the production of the hi hest type of printin . . . Our services include a special collei«e annual sales and service organization... Ahundant equipment ' modern and complete... Prices representing maximum in value FOOTE DAVIES PRINTING • LITHOGRAPHINfi • ENGRAVING ATLANTA ' ,-J ' RRBOOK ' PPTO-P octs5 imm% co, 115-119 LUCKIE, STREET ATLANTA GEORGIA SPECIAL CQLLKTIBN IfWlME SULLIVAN INGRAM LIBRAR WEST GEORGIA COLLEGE CARROLLTON. GEORGIA •T

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