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WK8T eieonoiA colleo uiHAii 7Le 1939 CHIEFTAIN HELEN MITCHELL Editor-in-Chief TOM LUCK Business Manager Xei entii ia 1 ' ' M L 1939 CHIEFTAIN VOLUME 6 Published by the Students of l lye t L eataui L oLlea eae CARROLLTON, GEORGIA WfeST GEORGIA COLLEGE LIBRA " CARROLLTON CFOwr;.. J-L FOREWORD The purpose of the editors is to present in this an- nual a characteristic picture of student life at West Georgia College. In years to come if this book enables you to recall pleasant memories of this year our purpose will have been realized. =JS)eJLLcat LUCIEN E. ROBERTS Professor of Social Science West Georgia College L. E. ROBERTS " A true social scientist who uses the South for his laboratory and youth as his assistant. " anient THE COLLEGE THE CLASSES ACTIVITIES ATHLETICS FEATURES ' Jl college Jasmin Irvine S. Ingram, A.B., M.A. President Always gallantly striving to be of assistance to youth, President Irvine S. Ingram has again guided West Georgia College in a noble man- ner. This year, and all other years since the college was established. President Ingram has demonstrated a courageous zeal toward his ideals. His abilities, supported by his agile mind, have truly been appreciated bv all who have felt his influence. THE The Homes of Our President and Dean CHIEF T A N 9 3 9 Lyut =Jj eai With a burden of apparently in- tolerable duties, Dean W. Fred Gunn has filled his position with admirable patience and persever- ance. After all is said and done, the students of West Georgia Col- lege admire his keen intelligence and regard with reverence the things for which he stands — in- tellectual and moral righteousness. W. Fred Gunn, B.S., M.S. Dean Professor of Education THE New Gymnasium-Dining Hall C H E F T A N J-ke =: yaciyLitu Department of Language and Literature Mary Eliason, A.B., M.A., Ph.D. English Rachel Johnson, A.B., M.A. French Gordon Watson, A.B., M.A. English Depart nnent of Mathematics and Sciences John I. Hopkins, B.S., M.A., Ph.D. Science and Mathematics Morris S. McKeehan, A.B., M.S. Biology C. P. Tebeau, A.B., M.S. Chemistry THE C H I E F T A 10 N 9 3 9 J-ke zyacitit, Ruby Jenkins, B.S., M.S. Home Economics O. C. MuLKEY, A.B., M.A. Nettie Brogdon, B.S., M.A. Helen Burch, A.B., M.A. Rural Arts Building Department of Teacher Training C. P. Claxton, B.S., M.A. Director of Rural Education T HE C H I E F T A I N 11 J-ke =:J aciA.iti f Mrs. Florine E. Fuller Hostess of Neiv Dormitory for Women Mrs. Anne Fordham Hostess of Dormitory for Boys Rhea A. Taylor, A.B., M.A. Dean of Men Director of Physical Education THE C H Sarah Ward, B.S. Dean of Women E F T A IN 19 3 9 ]2 J-ke : acvLiLu Department of Social Sciences J. C. Bonner, A.BJ., M.A. L. E. Roberts, A.B., M.A. Annie Belle Weaver, B.A., B.A.L.S. Librarian THE C H I E F T A Dorothy St. Clair, B.M., B.F.A. Music and Art N 13 19 3 9 J ke z=iyaciiltL f W. A. Vaughan, B.S. Bookkeeper Mable C. Watson, B.S. Secretai-y to the President Frances Williams Secretary to the Dean Department of Vocational Guidance M. E. Howell, B.S.A., B.A., M.A. A. T. Simmons, B.S.A. THE ili C H I E F T Doris Grossman, B.S.H.E. Dietitian N I 14 Ite li ad e BBaa Student Body Officers Tommy Herndon . . . President Henry Hardman . Vice-President Eva Daniel . . Secretary-Treasurer Struggling continuously to surpass the standard pace, the 1938-39 Sophomore Class of West Georgia College has come through with significant triumph. The accomplishments of this class should be a glowing inspiration for the classes to come. Sophomore Class Officers Edna Dally .... President Hubert Aultman . rice-President Virginia Mott ,. Secretary-Treasurer THE C H I E F T A 16 N 9 3 9 SOPHOMORES Sfe-, «« ' ' ji ' rti 1 f ■ " • ,1 i ii ' fe Lyone C. Abney Dallas, Ga. 4-H Club. George T. Bagby Dallas, Ga. Debating Club, Jl ' est Georgian Staff (38). Roy Agree Calhoun, Ga. Ciceronian Literary Society. Elizabeth Adams Cedartown, Ga. Women ' s Council, President ; Alpha Psi, Secre- tary; Glee Club, Vice-President; Zeta Sigma Pi, Corresponding Secretary ; Mu Zeta Alpha ; Officers ' Club ; V. R. A. Council ; Chieftain Staff ; Dean ' s List. V. M. Almon Carrollton, Ga. " W " Club; Basketball (38). Hubert Aultman Byron, Ga. Vice-President of Sophomore Class ; V. R. A. Council, Vice-President; Officers ' Club; Debating Club; Glee Club (38). H H I Jack Barnwell Donglasz ' ille, Ga. Associate Editor of U csf Georgian; Zeta Sigma Pi, Treasurer ; Officers ' Club ; Le Cercle Francais ; Ciceronian Literary Society ; Chieftain Staff (38) ; Dramatic Club; Most Original Boy; Dean ' s List. Estelle Barron Rome. Ga. Alpha Psi ; 4-H 0 ' u x Mary Baxter Carrollton, Ga. Ciceronian Literary Society ; JJ ' est Georgian Staff ; 4-H Club. Geraldine Blissitt Cedartozvn, Ga. Glee Club ; 4-H Club. N 17 19 3 9 SOPHOMORES i jai J . -—» 1 liC; W M mk John P. Bohannon Morcland, Ga. " W " Club: Wrestling. Mrs. J. E. Boone Neivuan, Ga. James Borders Carrolitoii, Ga. Zeta Sigma Pi ; Mu Zeta Alpha ; Debating Club ; Le Cercle Francais ; Dean ' s List. Martha Jeanne Brooks Chatsivorth, Ga. Alpha Psi ; Chieftain Staff ; JJ ' cst Georgian Staff ; Women ' s Council ; 4-H Club. WiLLELLEN BrOOKS Chatsivorth, Ga. Alpha Psi ; Glee Club ; 4-H Club. WiLLETTE Brown FayettcvUle, Ga. 4-H Club; ■■W " Club. Aaron Buckalew Trion, Ga. Glee Club, President; " W " Club, Secretary; Of- ficers ' Club ; V. R. A. Council ; Chieftain Stafif ; Most Popular Boy ; Composer of Alma Mater ; Basketball (38); Collegiate Swingsters ; Dramatic Club. QuiNTON Burgess Bowdou, Ga. " W " Club; Speedball (39); Dean ' s List. IvANELLE Burke Rome, Ga. Shorter (i) ; Debating Club; VJ ' est Georgian Staff; Dean ' s List. RUDENE BURNHAM Carrollton, Ga. THE C H I E F T A IN 18 SOPHOMORES Frances Campbell CarroUton. Ga. Alpha Psi, Vice-President ; " W " Clnb, Vice-Presi- dent ; Glee Club ; H ' cst Georgian Staff ; Officers ' Clnb ; Tennis Team. Gladys Dailey Ringgold, Ga. Ciceronian Literary Society, President : Glee Club ; Officers ' Club ; 4-H Club ; " W " Club ; Dean ' s List. Carolyn Collins Cornelia, Ga. 4-H Club. Edna Dally Soeial Circle, Ga. President of Sophomore Class ; Officers ' Club ; Mu Zeta Alpha : Zeta Sigma Pi ; Ciceronian Literary Society; " W " Club; Dean ' s List. AvA Jean Cornelison Sonoraville, Ga. Women ' s Council, Vice-President; Mu Zeta Alpha; Le Cercle Francais ; Debating Club ; 4-H Club. Eva Daniel LaGrange, Ga. Secretary-Treasurer of Student Body ; Women ' s Council, Treasurer ; Chieftain Staff, Managing Editor ; Zeta Sigma Pi ; Mu Zeta Alpha ; Officers ' Club ; V. R. A. Council ; Le Cercle Francais ; Glee Club; Debating Club: IVcst Georgian Staff; 4-H Club ; Dean ' s List. Henry Crowder JVarni Springs, Ga. Mu Zeta Alpha; Chieftain Staff; " W " Club; Basketball Manager (39) ; Speedball (38) ; Base- ball (38). Horace Davis Stonewall, Ga. Ciceronian Literary Society ; Dramatic Club ; Mu Zeta Alpha ; 4-H Club. Wayne Crumpton Siloani, Ga. Dean ' s List. Wilene Davis Hardzvick, Ga. Women ' s Council, President; V. R. A. Council, Secretary ; Alpha Psi ; Officers ' Club ; 4-H Club. THE C H I E F T A I N 19 SOPHOMORES Virginia Douglas Alpharetta, Ga. Ciceronian Literary Society, Vice-President; 4-H Club, Vice-President ; Phi Rho Pi, Parliamenta- rian ; Debating Club, Parliamentarian ; Officers ' Club ; V. R. A. Council ; State Intercollegiate 4-H Club, President; JVest Georgian Staff (38). Ned Dozier CarroUton, Ga. Merle English Fayetteville, Ga. Ciceronian Literary Society ; Women ' s Council ; 4-H Club; Dean ' s List. •W " Club; Arthur Foster Franklin, Ga. Basketball (39) ; Glee Club V. R. A. Council (38). (38) Watson Fuller Dallas, Ga. Zeta Sigma Pi; Debating Club; 4-H Club. M ' Nelle Gibson GriMn, Ga. Le Cercle Francais ; Chieftain Staff; JVest Georgian Staff, Feature Editor; Glee Club; Phi Rho Pi, Treasurer: Debating Club, Treasurer; Officers ' Club; V. R. A. Council; Most Original Girl; Cheer Eeader; Collegiate Swingsters. Tom Gordon Bowdon. Ga. " W " Club. Merlin Goss Byron, Ga. Glee Club; Debating Club; V. R. A. Council; West Georgian Staff; " W " Club; Basketball. Maga Lynn Goswick Chatsworth, Ga. Alpha Psi ; 4-H Club ; Ciceronian Literary So- ciety. Mary Graham Neivnan, Ga. Ciceronian Literary Society, Secretary-Treasurer ; Women ' s Council ; Officers ' Club ; 4-H Club. E F T A N I 9 3 20 SOPHOMORES Jim Griffin CarroUton, Ga. " W " Club ; Tennis. Lamar Hammond Good Hope, Ga. Mu Zeta Alpha, Treasurer ; Phi Rho Pi, tary; Debating Club, Secretary; Officers ' Dramatic Club ; Glee Club ; 4-H Club ; Secre- Club ; West Georgian Staff ; Le Cercle Francais ; Dean ' s List. Virginia Hayes Mansfield, Ga. Ciceronian Literary Society ; Chieftain Staff ; 4-H Club. Winnie Sue Headrick Dalton, Ga. Maryville College (i) ; Alpha Psi. Virginia Hamrick Cedartozvn, Ga. West Georgian Staff, Circulation Manager; Chief- tain Staff; Mu Zeta Alpha; V. R. A. Council; Le Cercle Francais ; Debating Club ; Women ' s Council; Wittiest Girl. Maribel Hendrix CarroUton, Ga. V. R. A. Council ; Ciceronian Literary Society 4-H Club. Henry Hardman RoopviJle, Ga. Vice-President of Student Body; Mu Zeta Alpha, President; Zeta Sigma Pi; Debating Club; Chief- tain Staff; West Georgian Staff; Officers ' Club; 4-H Club; " W " Club; F. F. A., Vice-President; Dean ' s List. Hubert Hayes Blakely, Ga. Glee Club ; Debating Club ; " W " Club ; 4-H Club ; Ciceronian Literary Society; West Georgian Staff; Dean ' s List. H Thomas Hendrix CarroUton, Ga. Tommy Herndon CarroUton, Ga. President of Student Body; Vice-President of Freshman Class ; Zeta Sigma Pi, President ; V. R. A. Council, President; Dramatic Club; Mu Zeta Alpha ; Le Cercle Francais ; Phi Rho Pi ; Debating Club ; Officers ' Club, Parliamentarian ; Most Ver- satile Boy; Glee Club (38); Dean ' s Li C H I E F T A N 21 19 3 9 SOPHOMORES Carolyn Hobbs Luthersville, Ga. Women ' s Council, Secretary ; " W " Clnb ; 4-H Clul3. Mary Hogan CIcin. Ga. Le Cercle Francais, Vice-President ; Zeta Sigma Pi : Officers ' Club. Bobby Holmes Carrollton, Ga. Glee Club. Peggy Huff Boivmaii, Ga. Ciceronian Literary Society. Willis Hurst Carrollton, Ga. Dramatic Club, Secretary-Treasurer; " W " Club; Glee Club ; Ciceronian Literary Society ; Mu Zeta Alpha ; JVcst Georgian Staff ; Chieftain Staff ; Officers ' Club ; Tennis Team. Doris Hutcheson Buchanan, Ga. Brewton-Parker (i) ; 4-H Club. A. O. Ingram Faycttcz ' illc, Ga. Glee Club ; Chieftain Staff ; JVest Georgian Staff (38). Esther Marie Jaillet Tallapoosa, Ga. Le Cercle Francais ; Zeta Sigma Pi ; Debating Club ; Glee Club ; Women ' s Council ; 4-H Club ; Dean ' s List. Margaret Jenkins Danielsvillc, Ga. Dramatic Club ; Alpha Psi ; Glee Club ; 4-H Club. Marie Jones Lumber City, Ga. 4-H Club. THE CHIEFTAIN 22 % SOPHOMORES Warren Jones GriMn, Ga. Zeta Sigma Pi, Vice-President ; Debating Club, Vice-President; Phi Rho Pi, Vice-President; 4-H Club, Vice-President ; Le Cercle Francais, Treas- urer; Mu Zeta Alpha; Chieftain Staff; West Georgian Staff; V. R. A. Council; Dramatic Club; Officers ' Club ; Ciceronian Literary Society ; Glee Club ; Cheer Leader. James Key Durand, Ga. Associate Editor of Chieftain; Zeta Sigma Pi; Officers ' Club ; V. R. A. Council ; 4-H Club ; West Georgian Staff ; Ciceronian Literary Society ; Dean ' s List. Harbin King Ciirryville, Ga. Glee Club, Secretary-Treasurer ; Officers ' Club ; Dramatic Club ; Zeta Sigma Pi ; Debating Club ; Dean ' s List. Nancy Knight Decatur, Ga. Chieftain Staff; Alpha Psi (38). Clarence Lambert Tallapoosa, Ga. Ceylene Lawler Carrollton, Ga. Le Cercle Francais, Secretary; Zeta Sigma Pi; Mu Zeta Alpha ; Officers ' Club ; Ciceronian Liter- ary Society ; Dean ' s List. Mildred Lee Covington, Ga. Dramatic Club, Vice-President ; Officers ' Club ; Zeta Sigma Pi. William Lee Graiitz ' ille, Ga. Baseball (38). Allen Longing Woodbury, Ga. basketball; Glee Club (38). Doris Loughridge LaFaycttc, Ga. Ciceroniaui Literary Society ; 4-H Club. 1 , m H H I I N 23 SOPHOMORES gA itii Tom Luck Carrollton, Ga. Officers ' Club, Chairman ; Business Manager of Chieftain; Phi Rho Pi, President; Debating Club, President; Dramatic Club, President; " W " Club, President ; Glee Club, Vice-President ; West Georgian Staff, Sports Editor ; V. R. A. Council ; Best Ail-Round Boy; Most Athletic Boy; Tennis Team ; Basketball, Co-Captain ; Baseball, Captain ; Speedball (38). Doris Marchman Villa Rica, Ga. Zeta Sigma Pi ; Ciceronian Literary Society. Reba Matthews Temple, Ga. " W " Club ; Ciceronian Literary Society. Frances Mattox Newnan, Ga. Glee Club. Ruth Meeks Carrollton, Ga. Glee Club, President ; Zeta Sigma Pi ; Mu Zeta Alpha ; Dramatic Club ; West Georgian Staff ; y Ciceronian Literary Society ; Officers ' Club ; Dean ' s List. Leona Michael Ringgold, Ga. Mu Zeta Alpha ; Phi Rho Pi ; West Georgian Staff; Debating Clul) ; 4-H Club; Dean ' s List. Ernest Milburn Bozi ' don Junction, Ga. Glee Club; Mu Zeta Alpha; 4-H Club; List. Dean ' s Helen Mitchell Yafesville, Ga. Editor-in-Chief of Chieftain ; Officers ' Club, Vice-Chairman ; Mu Zeta Alpha, Vice-President ; Zeta Sigma Pi, Secretary; Le Cercle Francais ; Phi Rho Pi ; Deljating Club ; West Georgian Staff ; Women ' s Council ; Most Versatile Girl ; Best All- Round Girl ; Dean ' s List. Keith Moore Poivder Springs, Ga. Glee Club ; Le Cercle Francais ; 4-H Club. Paul Morris Douglasvillc, Ga. Glee Club ; Dramatic Club, THE C H I E F T A N 24 SOPHOMORES 1 _- _„1J Ms- - t i ,. Virginia Mott Decatur, Ga. Secretary-Treasurer of Sophomore Class ; Women ' s Council, Vice-President; Alpha Psi, Secretary; V. R. A. Council ; Chieftain Staff ; JVest Geor- gian StaiT ; Officers ' Club ; Zeta Sigma Pi ; Ciceronian Literary Society ; Most Popular Girl ; 4-H Club. W. L. Nix Lawrencez ' illc, Ga. J ' Vesf Georgian Staff, Assistant Editor ; Chieftain Staff ; Le Cercle Francais ; Debating Club ; Wit- tiest Boy. Sara Perkins Sfone-cvall, Ga. Ciceronian Literary Society ; 4-H Club. Ira Myrtle Perry Gore, Ga. Le Cercle Francais, President ; Officers ' Club ; Zeta Sigma Pi ; Mu Zeta Alpha ; 4-H Club ; West Georgian Staff; V. R. A. Council; Dean ' s List. Frances Phillips Fairhurn, Ga. Alpha Psi (38). H H |) |M Olive Phillips Cartersvillc, Ga. West Georgian Staff. Lucille Portwood Carroll ton, Ga. Margaret Powell Carrollton, Ga. Le Cercle Francais. Clinton Prewett Dallas. Ga. Mu Zeta Alpha; U ' est Georgian Staff; Debating Club ; F. F. A., President ; Dean ' s List. Louise Prickett Grantville, Ga. Alpha Psi; Mu Zeta Alpha; " W " Cln Club; Women ' s Council; V. R. A. C A I N 2,5 19 3 9 SOPHOMORES Alford Prince Ccntralhatchee, Ga. Glee Club; Debating Club (37); IVcst Georgian Staff {2,7) ; Chieftain Staff {37). Virginia Ramsey CarroUton, Ga. Glee Club, Secretary-Treasurer ; Mu Zeta Alpha ; Zeta Sigma Pi ; Officers ' Club ; West Georgian Staff; Alpha Psi ; Dean ' s List. Harold Reaves CarroUton, Ga. " W Club; Baseball (38). Betty Reynolds Cave Spring, Ga. Mu Zeta Alpha, Secretary; Zeta Sigma Pi; Of- ficers ' Club ; Dramatic Club ; Chieftain Staff ; Dean ' s List. Alice Roberts CarroUton, Ga. West Georgian Staff ; Ciceronian Literary Society. Elizabeth Roberts Dallas, Ga. Glee Club. Mary Robinson Greenville, Ga. West Georgian Staff (38). Patria Robinson Greenville, Ga. Gay Rowe CarroUton, Ga. " W " Club; Glee Club; Baseball (38). DoRRis Satterfield CarroUton, Ga. Alpha Psi. THE C H I E F T A IN 26 I 9 SOPHOMORES Laura Sheffield LaFayettc, Ga. Alpha Psi: 4-H Club. O. E. Smith Tallapoosa, Ga. " W Club; Basketball. LuciLE Simmons Kensington, Ga. Women ' s Council; 4-H Club; " W " Club. Dorothy Smith Atlanta, Ga. Alpha Psi, President ; V. R, A. Council ; Mu Zeta Alpha ; Zeta Sigma Pi ; JVcst Georgian Staff, So- ciety Editor ; Chieftain Staff ; 4-H Club ; Glee Club ; Officers ' Club ; Women ' s Council ; Dean ' s List. Lestina Stanley East Point, Ga. S. G. T. C. ( I ) ; U ' est Georgian Staff ; Ciceronian Literary Society. Robert Stephens Cedartoivn, Ga. " W " Club; JVest Georgian Staff; Tennis Team. Gordon Smith Douglasville, Ga. Glee Club ; " W " Club ; Debating Club ; Chieftain Staff ; JVest Georgian Staff. Sara Joyce Stephens Boivdon, Ga. H Mildred Smith Bremen, Ga. Alpha Psi; 4-H Club. C H I Edward Stout Warm Springs. Ga. Editor of West Georgian; Chieftain Staff, Managing Editor ; Officers ' Club. F T A ! N 27 19 3 9 SOPHOMORES f : -1 m ii Bonnie Sue Sullivan Homer, Ga. Maryville College ( i ) ; 4-H Club ; Ciceronian Literary Society. Spencer Teal Bozvdoii, Ga. Lou Ellen Tomme LaGrange, Ga. 4-H Club, President ; Officers ' Club. Thomas Wiggins Carrolltou, Ga. Chieftain Staff, Assistant Business Manager. Nelie Wiley Jersey, Ga. Women ' s Council, Secretary ; Alpha Psi ; Mu Zeta Alpha ; Chieftain Staff ; 4-H Club ; Dean ' s List. Wayne Williams Carrolltou, Ga. Zeta Sigma Pi; Mu Zeta Alpha; Debating Club; Dean ' s List. Elizabeth Wise Grantville, Ga. Officers ' Club, Secretary-Treasurer ; 4-H Club, Secretary-Treasurer ; Alpha Psi ; V. R. A. Council. Catherine Wood Monticello, Ga. Alpha Psi ; " W " Club ; Dramatic Club ; Most Ath- letic Girl; Tennis Team. Warren Yates GrifUn, Ga. Le Cercle Francais. Joe York Luthersville, Ga. Mu Zeta Alpha. THE C H I E F T A IN 28 9 3 9 FRESHMAN CLASS OFFICERS Fred Elder .... ' ...,. President Robert Milam Vice-President Jane Thompson . .... Secretary-Treasurer MILAM THOMPSON ELDER Fredia Abney . " . LaFayctte Catherine Adams . Daiiicls-i ' illc Ann Appleby . . Jefferson Carolyn Arnall . . Rome Rebecca Barker . . Carrollton Eldred Bass . CarroUton Vera Bevil .... . Dalton Mavis Blackwelder . . Carrollton Mary Boggs . . . . . Nczvnan George Bowdoin . . Adairsvillc Henry Bradford . . . Dalton Doris Branch . . Cedartozvii Martha Brewer . . . Buchanan Kathryn Broadwater . . Roopvillc Sam Brock .... . Carrollton Gertrude Brooks . . . Zebulon T H H I FRESHMEN 3 f James Brooks Carrollfon LiLLiE Claire Brooks Rockinart Martha Brown Monroe Doris Buffington JJ ' oodlaiid Virginia Burdette Calhoun Lucy Burgess Good Hope Lawton Burnette Roberta Richard Campbell Rockinart Lucy Carden Ccdarioz ' n Harold Cauthen Buchanan J. L. Chandler Carrollton Lemma Chandler Buchanan Martha Chappell Carrollton Clara Clarke Glciiuu ' ood Billy Cobb Carrollton Reba Cole Ncivnan June Culver Bremen BoNNELL Davenport .... . . Rockinart Hugh Davis Cazr Spring Mary Donahoo . . . _ CartcrsviUc Alvis Downs Claxton Helen Drltmmond Rome Harold Dunaway Carrollton James Duncan Boi ' don Junction 30 E F T A IN FRESHMEN LoLLiE Dunn Chipley Ruth Earnest Carrollton Carrie Echols Hiram Fred Elder Dalton James Elrod . ' . . . Dallas Frankie Eubanks Taic Carolyn Einch Dallas Martha Floyd Lycrlv Virginia Fridell Roo[ viUc Dick Gammon .... ' .... Ccdartoivn ' Mary Gammon Cedartozvn Mary Gardner Senota Mara Helena Garrett Carrollton Mildred Gaston Carrollton Peggy Gates . Chipley Catherine Gibson GriMn Nell Hammond Sumnierville Othello FIammond Rome Clara Hanks Madison Betty Hannah Dalton Serena Hansard Carrollton Mary Ella Hardegree Nezvnan Gallaway Harris Carrollton Foster Harris Carrollton H .C H I 31 F T FRESHMEN dmmm Iris Herring CarroUton Pledger Hicks Dallas Lewis Higgins Dalton Martha Hixon Temple Doris Hollingsvvorth ,..,.. CarroUton Eugene Hubbard Elbcrton Dorothy Jackson Cartcrsville Virginia Jackson Glenn Bill Jenkins Bozvdon Christine Johnson Macon MozELLE Johnson CarroUton Ruth Johnson Gordon Hewlett Jones CarroUton Rosemary Kuhnen Atlanta Elizabeth Leake CartersviUc Doris Lee Rockniart Elizabeth Lee Rockniart Olive Lively Tallapoosa Avis Loughkidge LaFayctte William Lumpkin CarroUton Rebecca Manning Temple L. M. Martin Rocky Face Marvin Mak.tin CarroUton Lovie McBrayer Temple 32 E F T A IN FRESHMEN Mildred McBrayer Temple . M 1 ¥ B f LuDiE McElroy Doraville " M It s ' - " - » J ' ■ P ' — Cecil McGarity Jersey . Weems McIntosh Roflpz ' ille 1 % Ik Elizabeth McKibben Rock mart B P ' i WiLMA Merrill Franklin - L PP%fc - Robert Milam Cartersville §V. Starr Miller PlainviUe JH ' 1 " Virginia Miller Emory University i .. " ' jk, m - ■ " ■ ' ar™, ro« , . ; _- Joseph Morgan ........ Carrollton ■ JiS - ' ' ■ 1I0 L Mildred Morris Whitcsbiirg f ' I m James Morrison r T» o); € - 1 Ir Marian Mote Carrollton " dP H idiiinB S% Mary Ellen MuLLiNS . ..... .D«ra„cf J- l f - P- -A Margaret Pace Ccdartoivn . J k Ll . « Hf ' LuNNiE Parker i?,,,,, ; ., , : |P I - Margaret Parker Cartersville - Mm " % f Nell Parrish Cedartoivn ' ' i " " • JuNiE Mae Phillips Alpharetta , . ■ 33 r HE CHIEFTAIN |M 19 3 9 FRESHMEN Violet Poland Gray Annie Ruth Popham Taylorsville Nada Poole . Oxford Hattie Poor Warm Springs Mary Poor . Warm Springs Katheyn Pope Senoia Olin Prather Hogansvillc Wallace Prescott St. Elmo, Tcnn. Virginia Purks Cedar foivn Margaret Ragsdale Dallas Speer Ramsey Carrollton Susie Ruth Ramsey Covington Helen Roberts Rockniart Lynn Robertson Cartcrsville Mary Gene Robertson Carrollton John Robinson Carrollton Virginia Robison Bremen Milton Rooks f ' ' ' « K ' ' - ' a Mildred Rowe Carrollton Perlita Ryder Rome Maggie Samples ' ' c R ' ' Evelyn Scales Buchanan Emily Shell Turin Grace Shirley ■ • ■ L " ' 0 " ' a THE 34 C H I E F T A N FRESHMEN Elaine Sims Lawrcnccville Milton Slade riwmaston Margaret Ann Smith Bozcdoii Mary Margaret Smith J ' iHa Rica Eleanor Snow Decatur Arnold Stark •. . . Daltoii Kathleen Steed Carrolltoii Doris Steele GrifRu Robbie Stephens Carrolltoii Martha Stewart Carrolltoii Dorothy Strickland ....... Joncshoro Marguerite Strickland . " Buchanan Averil Striplin Roopville James Swint Chipley Bernice Talley Curryville o Glenn Taylor Clem Mary Anne Taylor Carrollfon ToMMiE Teal ■. . Roopville Frances Thigpen Carrolltoii LuLA Thomasson Carrollton Jane Thompson East Point Hilma Traylor Carrollton Irene Traylor Tifton Merrill Traylor Carrollton 35 T H C H N I 9 3 9 i FRESHMEN Annette Turner Rome Charlotte Turner Nezvnaii Dora Turner . Sargent Homer Turner Carrollton Marcus Waits Rockmart Melson Ware . Newnan Valeria Watkins Atlanta Mack Weaver Dalton Aldean West Dalton Clara Mae West Roswell Nina Wiley Carrollton Martha Wilhite Atlanta Dorothy Williams Dalton Evelyn Williams Villa Rica Margaret Williams Glenn Barna Wood , . Buchanan Jessie Woodward Cedartown Lena Worley Tallulah Falls Louisa Worley Tallulah Falls Annie Dean Worthington Aragon Frances Wright Covington Jean Wyatt Menlo Lois Yancey Cedartown Annie Mae Yarbrough Franklin THE 36 C H I -E F T A N ACTIVITIES J kcyi e Jk a OFFICERS ' CLUB Attendant circumstances and a beckoning horizon of possibilities made the long sought Officers ' Club become a reality this term. The concerted action of the officials of the organizations of the campus brought forth this club of clubs. With dauntless de- termination the members hastily drew up a constitution, immediately engaged the recognition of the administration, and set out to be a dominating influence on the campus. The welfare of the entire student body has felt the benefits of its herculean force. OFFICERS Tom Luck Chairman Helen Mitchell Vice-Chairman Elizabeth Wise Secretary-Treasurer Tommy Herndon Parliamentarian MEMBERS Elizabeth Adams Hubert Aultman Jack Barnwell Aaron Buckalew Frances Campbell RicHARn Campbell Gladys Dailey Edna Dally Eva Daniel WiLENE Davis Virginia Douglas Fred Elder M ' Nelle Gibson Irvine S. Ingram, Faculty Advisor jf tV il x H I E F T A I N " W " ze Lde ide wMmA ilL Mary Graham Lamar Hammond Henry Hardman Mary Hogan Willis Hurst Warren Jones James Key Harbin King Ceylene Lawler Mildred Lee Ruth Meeks Robert Milam Virginia Mott Ira Myrtle Perry Virginia Ramsey Betty Reynolds Dorothy Smith Edward Stout Jane Thompson Lou Ellen Tom me Mack Weaver wise LUCK MITCHELL :;- if J ke Ljeatbaok THE CHIEFTAIN Helen Mitchell Editor-in-Chief James Key . Ed Stout | Eva Daniel j ' Virginia Hayes | Virginia Mott j Warren Jones | Dorothy Smith j Jane Thompson | Marcus Waits j . Associate Editor . Managing Editors Sof Iwiiwrc Editors . Club Editors . Fresiiincn Editors Henry Crowder | Henry Hardman j ' M ' Nelle Gibson 1 Virginia Hamrick J- . Betty Reynolds J Elizabeth Adams 1 Martha Jeanne Brooks j William Mitchell W. L. Nix Sf orts Editors Feature Editors . Typists Snapslwt Editors Ji THE C H I E F T A I N •40 z= tt J-ke yi Laklita Tom Luck Business Ma naze r BUSINESS STAFF Thomas Wiggins, Assistant Business Manager George Bowdoin Rebecca Manning Aaron Buckalew Virginia Miller Billy Cobb Gordon Smith Serena Hansard ' Arnold Stark Willis Hurst t lie Wiley A- O- I - - J. C. Bonner, Nancy Knight Faculty Advisor C ' r j f% n T H C H I E F T A N 41 I 9 3 9 J-ke : oiitk J—eadiPi THE WEST GEORGIAN Ed Stout Rd ' itor- ' in-Chiej Jack Barnwell Associate Editor Recording the sequence of events in a record-breaking style, The West Georgian has been unassailed as " The South ' s Best Junior College Newspaper. " The publica- tion was awarded First Honor class rating this year by the Associated Collegiate Press. Superior guidance and acceptance of modern journalistic trends are mainly responsible for the publication ' s progress. Marcus Waits . W. L. Nix . . Harley Bowers Warren Jones . M ' Nelle Gibson . Dorothy Smith . Not in picture. STAFF Managing Editor . Assistant Editor Assistant Editor . Nezvs Editor . Feature Editor . Societv Editor Tom Luck . . . William Mitchell Alvis Downs . Virginia Hamrick J. C. Bonner . . . Sports Editor . Picture Editor Advertising Manager Circulation Manager . Faculty Advisor THE C H I E F T A 42 N Ji Lnlat ( atieae J Mew vxiY) b. iii lii i STAFF Mary Baxter Starr Miller Martha Jeanne Brooks Helen Mitchell IvANELLE Burke Virginia Mott. Frances Campbell Ira Myrtle Perry FoRREST Champion Olive Phillips Eva Daniel Mary Poor Merlin Goss Clinton Prewett Lamar Hammond Virginia Ramsey Henry Hardman Alice Roberts Hubert Hayes Emily Shell Willis Hurst Gordon Smith James Key Lestina Stanley Rebecca Manning Robert Stephens Ruth Meeks Nina Wiley Leona Michael Not in picture. Dick Campbell Business Manager T H C H I E F T A N 43 19 3 9 cr t J-koA e l Vka czA-te ZETA SIGMA PI The nobility of the purpose of Zeta Sigma Pi was fully realized this year. This was demonstrated by the " Little Forums " which dealt with the current social and economic problems of the South. A burning comprehension of the " way out " for the South was always in the minds of the members of this honorary social science organiza- tion. Its versatile influences were felt when " Club Night " was so successfully sponsored. OFFICERS Tom Herndon President Warren Jones Vice-President Helen Mitchell Secretary Jack Barnwell Treasurer Elizabeth Adams Corresponding Secretary THE C H E F T A N 19 3 9 44 nietc teJi =: n J-ke i CLal a aei ce MEMBERS James Borders Mildred Lee Edna Dally Doris Marchman Eva Daniel Ruth Meeks Watson Fuller Virginia Mott Henry Hardman Ira Myrtle Perry Mary Hogan Virginia Ramsey Esther Marie J VILLET Betty Reynolds James Key Dorothy Smith Harbin King Wayne Williams Ceylene Lawler FACULTY ADVISORS J. c. Bonner L. E . Roberts THE C H I E F T A N 45 19 3 9 =:p4- K Ulb c «?t MU ZETA ALPHA The objectives of Mu Zeta Alpha have been: to promote interest in scientific fields, to develop student leadership, to give a medium for student expression, and to promote scholarship through the scientific method. Under invincible leadership this honorary scientific society has functioned in a manner worthy of the Mu Zeta tradition. OFFICERS Henry Hardman President Helen Mitchell Vice-V resident Betty Reynolds Secretary Lamar Hammond Trpntiirer u a una 1 z ciepiiiM-i, Elizabeth Adams James Borders AvA Jean Cornelison Henry Crowder Edna Dally Eva Daniel Horace Davis Helen Drummond Peggy Gates Lamar Hammond Virginia Hamrick Henry Hardman Tommy Herndon Willis Hurst MEMBERS Warren Jones Ceylene Lawler LoviE McBrayer Mildred McBrayer Ruth Meeks Leona Michael Ernest Milburn Helen Mitchell William Mitchell Joe Morgan Mildred Morris Ira Myrtle Perry Mary Poor Clinton Prewett Louise Prickett Virginia Ramsey Betty Reynolds Dorothy Smith Merrill Traylor Nelie Wiley Wayne Williams Joe York Faculty Advisors , John I. Hopkins Morris S. McKeehan C. P. Tebeau H H I 47 N 19 3 9 d ntctcoLicaLate =,J3eoat -Ct PHI RHO PI OFFICERS Tom Luck President Warren Jones Vice-V resident Lamar Hammond Secretary M ' Nelle Gibson Treasurer Virginia Douglas Parliamentarian MEMBERS Tommy Herndon Helen Mitchell Leon A Michael =JjebatLnq K liib The Debating Club with the national af liation of Phi Rho Pi has sponsored general forensic activities. With laudable enthusiasm the club has engaged in intercollegiate debating, public speaking, and the discussion of current problems, surging into the lime- light after the sponsoring of an intramural debating tournament. OFFICERS Tom Luck President Warren Jones Vice-President ■ Lamar Hammond Secretary M ' Nelle Gibson Treasurer Virginia Douglas ParUamentarian MEMBERS Hubert Aultman Hubert Hayes Clinton Prewett James Borders Tommy Herndon Ila Rooks Ivanelle Burke Mather Hyatt Emily Shell AvA Jean Cornelison Esther Marie Jaillet Gordon Smith Billy Denton Harbin King Arnold Stark Eva Daniel Lovie McBkayek Hilma Traylor Fred Elder Otis McClung Glenn Waldrop Watson Fuller Leona Michael Helen Watson Merlin Goss Helen Mitchell Nina Wiley Virginia Hamrick W. L. Nix Wayne Williams Henry Hardman ' Nada Poole L. E. Roberts, Not in picture. Faculty Advisor r , -- « £ -. " ' JUL " ' . ■ s f i ' % T H H N 49 9 3 9 LE CERCLE FRANCAIS " Vouloir, c ' est pouvoir! " Stimulation of interest in the language and customs of the French people was the crowning objective of the French Club. To this end, all of the activities of Le Cercle were directed. Accentuation was given this project by the presentation of French pla ' S. OFFICERS Ira Myrtle Perry President Mary Hogan Vice-Presulent Ceylene Lawler Secretary Warren Jones Treasurer MEMBERS Jack Barnwell James Borders AvA Jean Cornelison Eva Daniel Helen Drummond- Mildred Gaston M ' Nelle Gibson Lamar Hammond Virginia Hamrick Tommy Herndon Eugene Hubbard Esther Marie Jaillet Helen Mitchell Keith Moore Owen Moore W. L. Nix Margaret Powell Warren Yates Rachel Johnson, Faculty Advisor % THE C H I E F T A IN 50 9 3 9 VOLUNTARY RELIGIOUS ASSOCIATION The general purpose of the Voluntary Religious Association has been to construct a more lively interest in and to bring about a clearer conception of religion. Weekly vesper services were conducted under the auspices of V. R. A. The highlight of the year was the Religious Emphasis Week. OFFICERS Tommy Herndon Prcsidetit Hubert Aultman Vice-President WiLENE Davis Secretary-Treasurer EXECUTIVE BOARD EuzABETH Adams James Key Aarokt Buckalew Tom Luck Eva Daniel Ludie McElroy Virginia Douglas Virginia Mott Helen Drummond Ira Myrtle Perry Mary Gardner Louise Prickett M ' Nelle Gibson - Dorothy Smith Merlin Goss Marcus Waits Virginia Hamrick Elizabeth Wise Maribel Hendrix Rhea A. Taylor, Warren Jones Faculty Advi sor ■k1. I U H i„„„„ mmmm . T H H I N 51 19 3 9 zyiti i L ' ce ALPHA PSI A series of programs was presented this year by- Alpha Psi in social, professional, and financial studies in the field of Home Economics. Alpha Psi ' s hobby show, fashion show, and May Day Exercises were hailed as tremendous successes. The club won much regard and esteem for its successful socials; the de- lightful and unique dances. Dorothy Smith OFFICERS Dorothy Smith President Frances Campbell . ' . . . Vice-President Elizabeth Adams Secretary Virginia Mott Treasurer MEMBERS Catherine Adams Ann Appleby Rebecca Barker ESTELLE Barron Vera Bevil Martha Brewer LiLLiE Claire Brooks Martha Jeanne Brooks Willellen Brooks Martha Brown Virginia Burdette Lucy Burgess Bonnell Davenport ■ ' Not in picture. ELrzABETH Davis Wilene Davis Carolyn Finch Catherine Gibson Maga Lynn Goswick Nell Hammond Clara Hanes Betty Hannah Serena Hansard Winnie Sue Headrick Martha Hixon Dorothy Jackson Margaret Jenkins THE C H I E F T A 52 N I 9 ;; -r(yi4d.em.ak MEMBERS Christine Johnson WlLMA KiDD Rosemary Kuhnen Elizabeth Leake Doris Lee Elizabeth Lee Avis Loughridge Rebecca Manning LuDiE McElroy Elizabeth McKibben Mary Ellen Mullins Margaret Pace Margaret Parker Nada Poole Hattie Poor Kathleen Pope Louise Prickett Margaret Ragsdale Virginia Ramsey Not in picture. Perlita Ryder DoRRis Satterfield Laura Sheffield Emily Shell Mildred Smith Doris Steele Robbie Stephens Marguerite Strickland Mary Anne Taylor LuLA Thomasson Martha Tyner Nelie Wiley Martha Wilhite Evelyn Williams Margaret Williams Elizabeth Wise Catherine Wood Frances Wright Annie Mae Yarbrough " Ruby Jenkins Faculty Advisor THE C H I E F T A I N 9 3 9 53 DRAMATIC CLUB CI tL mt Sheridan ' s " The Rivals " was the crowning presentation of the West Georgia College dramatists. The play won wide acclaim for the Dra- matic Club at the college and at other places where it was presented. With its matri- monial mixups, the plot cen- tered about hilarious situa- tions and sparkling char- acters. OFFICERS Tom Luck . Mildred Lee Willis Hurst President Vice-President Secretary-Treasurer HUEST THE C H E F T A IN 9 3 9 54 Si ciqe Not MEMBERS Jack Barnwell Mildred Lee Aaron Buckalew . Tom Luck FoRREST Champion LuDiE McElroy June Culver Ruth Meeks Horace Davis Paul Morris Lamar Hammond Joseph Morgan Tommy Herndon Betty Reynolds Willis Hurst Arnold Stark Margaret Jenkins Catherine Wood Christine Johnson Ruth Johnson Faculty Advisors, Warren Jones Gordon Watson Harbin King Mary Eliason picture. -jf. ti ¥ f% ' • v THE CHIEFTAIN 55 9 3 9 CICERONIAN LITERARY SOCIETY The Ciceronian Literarj ' Society ' is an organization composed of those students par- ticularly interested in literature and the fine arts. Topping the activities of the society has been the adoption of parliamentary procedure within the club, supplemented with the idea of carrying the practice to other organizations. OFFICERS Gladys Dailey President Virginia Douglas J ice-P resident Mary Graham Secretary-Treasurer MEMBERS Roy Agree Rebecca Barker Jack Barnwell Mary Baxter • " " Janet Cureton Edna Dally Horace Davis Merle English Maga Lynn Goswick Othello Hammond Hubert Hayes Virginia Hayes Letha Hendrix Maribel Hendrix Peggy Huff Faculty Adinsors, Dorothy St. Clair Gordon Watson Not in picture. r H E C H I E F T A N 4 I 9 56 CICERONIAN LITERARY SOCIETY MEMBERS Willis Hurst Warren Jones Vada Kent ' ' " ' ViNOLA Kent James Key Ceylene Lavvler Doris Loughridge Doris March man Reba Matthews Ruth Meeks Starr Miller Virginia Mott Sara Perkins Annie Ruth Popham Alice Roberts PIelen Roberts Lestina Stanley Bonnie Sue Sullivan Glenn Waldrop Bernice Talley ' ' Not in picture. T H H I F T A ! N 57 19 3 9 WOMEN ' S GLEE CLUB OFFICERS Ruth Meeks President Elizabeth Adams Vice-President Virginia Ramsey ' . . . Secretary-Treasurer MEMBERS Carolyn Arnall Gf.raldine Blissitt WiLLELLEN BrOOKS Virginia Burdette Frances Campbell Martha Chappell June Culver Gladys Dailey Eva Daniel Frankie Eubanks Mary Gardner Mara Garkett Catherine Gibson M ' Nelle Gibson ' ' Not in picture. r H E f C H I E F T A I N 58 9 3 9 WOMEN ' S GLEE CLUB Dorothy St. Clair Director DoROTHY St. Clair MEMBERS Mary Ella Hardegree ' ' Jean Harrison Esther Marie Jaillet Margaret Jenkins Vada Kent Frances Mattox LoviE McBrayer Mildred McBrayer Katherine Pope Not in picture. Annie Ruth Popham Margaret Ragsdale Mary Gene Robertson Dorothy Smith Nina Wiley Evelyn Williams Jessie Woodward Helen Roberts, Accompanist H E C H E F T A ! N 59 19 3 9 Aaron Buckalew President Mack Weaver Librarian MEN ' S GLEE CLUB Tom Luck J ' icc-Prcsidcnt y;;l» Rachel Johnson Accompanist Harbin King Secretary-Treasurer -Jt Gordon Watson Director T H E C H E F T A IN 60 19 3 9 MEN ' S GLEE CLUB ' - 1 - ■ f ( ' % a j . g,, m . I MEMBERS Richard Campbell Ernest Milburn FoRREST Champion William Mitchell BiLLY Denton Keith Moore Merlin Goss Owen Moore Lamar Hammond Joseph Morgan Hubert Hayes Paul Morris Lewis Higgins Alford Prince Bobby Holmes Gay Rowe Eugene Hubbard Gordon Smith Willis Hurst Arnold Stark A. 0. Ingram Marcus Waits Warren Jones Not in picture. MK H H I 4-H CLUB OFFICERS Lou Ellen Tomme President Virginia Douglas Vice-President Warren Jones Vice-President Elizabeth Wise Secretary-Treasurer C. P. Claxton Faculty Advisor I. S. Ingram Honorary Member H. W. Caldwell Honorary Member MEMBERS Lyone Abney Reba Cole Rebecca Barker Carolyn Collins EsTELLE Barron Ava Jean Cornelison Mary Baxter Gladys Dailey Geraldine Blissitt Eva Daniel Mary Boggs Horace Davis George Bowdoin Wilene Davis Martha Brewer Alvis Downs Martha Jeanne Brooks Lollie Dunn Willellen Brooks Fred Elder Martha Brown ■ Merle English WiLLETTE Brown Frankie Eubanks Lucy Burgess Carolyn Finch Lemma Chandler Watson Fuller ' i9% - i 9 p . j j 0 » • 1 W ' f ■ ' . i m % t—v ' w| — W B -St m -» A A- - - THE C H I E F T A N 62 i Jf-A - - fc J jk Peggy Gates Maga Lynn Goswick Mary Graham Lamar Hammond Nell Hammond Othello Hammond Henry Hardman Hubert Hayes Virginia Hayes Maribel Hendrix Carolyn Hobbs Doris Hutcheson Dorothy Jackson Esther Marie Jaillpit Margaret Jenkins Marie Jones James Key Avis Loughridge 1 ' MEMBERS Doris Loughridge Rebecca Manning Lovie McBrayer Mildred McBrayer Leona Michael Ernest Milburn Virginia Miller Keith Moore Virginia Mott Mary Ellen Mullins Margaret Parker Nell Paerish Lucy Ruth Penfield Sara Perkins Ira Myrtle Perry Martha K. Perry Junie Phillips Nada Poole Hattie Poor Louise Prickett Virginia Purks Helen Roberts Evelyn Scales Laura Sheffield Emily Shell Lucile Simmons Dorothy Smith Mildred Smith Eleanor Snow Arnoll Stark Bonnie Sue Sullivan James Swint Charlotte Turner Margaret Williams Jean Wyatt Annie Mae Yarbrough H H F T N 63 19 3 9 W CLUB Luck, President; Campbell, Vice-President; Buckalevv, Secretary-Treasurer; Alex- ander, Blanks, Bohannon, Brazeal, Brooks, Brown, Bryant, Burgess, Crowder, Dailey, Dally, Denton, Duncan, Evans, Foster, Gordon, Goss, Graham, Hamby, Hampton, Hardman, Hayes, Heard, Hobbs, Hughie, Hurst, Taylor, Faculty Adviser; Jenkins, Lambert, Loughridge, Matthews, Milam, Morrison, Padgett, Prickett, Reaves, Robison, Rowe, Scott, Simmons, G. Smith, O. E. Smith, Stark, Stephens, Stinson, Striplin, G. Whittemore, S. Whittemore, Wiley, Wood. Not in picture. THE C H I E F T A 64 N I 9 WOMEN ' S COUNCILS OLD DORMITORY OFFICERS WiLENE Davis President AvA Jean Corneuson Vice-President Carolyn Hobbs Secretary Janet Cureton Treasurer MEMBERS Martha Jeanne Brooks Esther Marie Jaillet Merle English Helen Mitchell Mary Graham Lucile Simmons NEW DORMITORY OFFICERS Elizabeth Adams President Virginia Mott . Vice-President Nelie Wiley Secretary Eva Daniel Treasurer MEMBERS Frankie Eubanks Louise Prickett Virginia Hamrick Dorothy Smith THE C H I E F T A 65 N 19 3 9 ALMA MATER Alma mater, alma mater, hail, hail to thee. The shrine of our eternal love and youth Will live forever in the ways of truth. West Georgia lifts her head above the beauty Of the coronets that crown the verdant hills; Her throne securely rests amid the ivoodland Where nature ' s sweetest tribute daily spills. Marching feet are guided by her sure light. Shining on the darkness like a star; The candles of her children now are burning To reflect a ?nother ' s spirit from afar. — Aaron Buckalew ATHLETICS ' JL 1 lJcd BASKETBALL First RoK ' : Manager Crowder, McClure, Brooks, Evans, Captain Scott, Smith, Goss, Morri- son, Coach Taylor. Second Rozv: Denton, Hampton, G. Wliittemore, Hamby, Foster, S. VVhittemore, Longino. SCHEDULE C. A. C December 2. Here C. A. C December 9. Here Southern Union ' ■ • December 10. Here Reinhardt January 6 and 7. Tliere Young Harris January 13 and 14. Here C. A. C January 24. Here Young Harris February 2 and 3. There C. A. C February 7. Here Reinhardt February 10 and 11. Here Gordon January 17. There Dahlonega January 20. Here Dahlonega • January 26. There Gordon February 14. Here f THE CHIEF T A IN 68 ecytaiii tcive The West Georgia Braves won ten games and lost a total of eight this season. With a record of ten victories and six losses the team went to the State Junior College Tour- nament at Douglas on February 23, with hopes of winning several games. However, they were defeated in their first game by Norman Park. Then in a post-season game with the Carrollton Redskins for the City Championship the Braves met defeat again. High score man for our team was Merlin Goss with a total of 157 points. Glenn and Seth Whittemore were next with 129 and 126, respectively. Captain Dalton Scott stood out consistently as a good guard and a good team man. O. E. Smith also played good ball at the forward position. A valuable asset to the team in the latter part of the season was Jack Hamby. The Braves had other good men in the strong second team who helped to win several of the games. CHEERLEADERS Jones, Thompson, Stark, Gibson. First Rozc: Lowell Hix, Henry Crowder, Bill Lee, Fuller Gordon, Hoke Barker, Harold Reaves, " Pete " Strickland, O. E ' . Smith. Second Row: Manager Nick O ' Neal, Tom Moore, Tom Luck, Tom Carter, Chandler Barton, Lothur Bartlett, Wallace Pendley, " Droopy " Almon, Coach Taylor. BASEBALL Under the leadership of Coach Taylor the 1938 team in fourteen games broke even with unusually strong opposition. Outstanding on the team ' were Luck, first base; Moore, catcher; Reaves and Almon, infield. Only two veterans have returned for the 1939 team. Left: Tom Carter, Pitcher. Rig,ht : Tom Luck, First Base. ! T H E C H I E F T A IN 70 SPEEDBALL First Roz ' J: Graham, Morrison, Brazeal, Stark, Burgess, Lambert. Second Roiv: G. Whitte- more, Denton, Brooks, Gordon, Luck, S. Whittemore. WOMEN ' S INTRAMURAL BASKETBALL Back Row: Loughridge, Goss, manager; Brown. Second Row: Robison, Blanks, Hobbs, Woodward. First Row: Hughie, Striplin. T H E C H I ! N 71 I 9 3 9 INTERCOLLEGIATE TENNIS ■■- ' ' ■ " ' mm f? , - ' - ' ' Cat Wood ' l 0. i r WiLiJS Hurst THE A ' - ' A r., c ■ %. % , Robert Stephens C H I E F T - A IN 72 9 3 9 FEATU RES SOPHDI Most Versatile HELEN MITCHELL TOMMY HERNDON « • • Most Athletic TOM LUCK CATHERINE WOOD Most Popular VIRGINIA MOTT AARON BUCKALEW J Wittiest W. L. NIX VIRGINIA HAMRICK Most Original M ' NELLE GIBSON JACK BARNWELL Best All-Round TOM LUCK HELEN MITCHE THUMBNAIL PORTRAITS Lyone Abney — Spectacular, church-worker, smoocher, rollin ' -in-dough. Beau Brummell. Roy Agree — Glasses, giant, mail-carrier, flirt. Peroxide Blond. Elizabeth Adams — -LUCK, " hands off, " PHIL, dancer, babyish, dumb, pretty tresses, Jenkins ' pet. V. M. Almon — Pee Wee, Droopy, Serena, undertaker, Gordon alumnus, winker, " Shog. " Sara F. Archer — Silence -]-, candy maker, neat, pretty hands. Sand Hill. Hubert Aultman — BRUNO, P. O., one of JANE ' S, calm, pipe-smoker, Blond. George T. Bagby — Senator George T., little big-shot, " doll, " restrictions ad infinitum. Jack Barnwell — Witty, Stout ' s background, editor, good humor, movie fan. Estelle Barron — Yappy, Stooge 2, Elderish, " Willie, " attractive, angular, contortionist. Frank Bass — Deep voice, Sam ' s pal, glasses, dark and handsome(?). Mary Baxter — ■ Studious, conscientious, Brunette, ping pong. Geraldine Blissitt — Jerry, rushed after dinner leader, teacher in high institution of learning at Tallapoosa, Kenny deah. Jack Bohannan — The Champ, slow but sure, curly hair, line shooter. Mrs. J. E. Boone — Rural Arts, " My son ' s a newspaper man, " flabbergaster. James Borders — High man, Andy Gump profile, intelligentsia. Blue V-8. Martha Jeanne Brooks — Mart, wittiest wit, Antonio, John Watts, kodak collector, artistical, after- supper dancer. Wn.LELLEN Brooks — Bill, Atlanta, my BUDDY, true-to-him, good taste, dancer. WiLLETTE Brown — " Wette, " jokes, independent speaker, dips, night visitor. Aaron Buckalew — Buck, Alma Mater, MARY CLYDE, Jones ' , one punch. Father of lollywog- ging. Real McCoy of Swingsters. QuiNTON Burgess — Clown, rather HUFF-y, prodigal, " A " model. IvANELLE Burke — loud, campus lame-brain. Camels, Shorter transfer, mump epidemicer, " oozie. " RuDENE Burnham — Tight curls, non-boisterous, day-er, clerk, softball. Josephine Burson — Pleasantly plump, whispering conversationalist in chapel, hiker. Frances Campbell — Tennis Queen, chapel knitter, WALTER, good buggy, flighty. Tom Carter — Lanky, town student, Doc ' s son, French maniac, chemist. Vester Caswell — Chauffeur, Bowdon dude, glasses, hand holder. Carolyn Collins — ■ Bur-r-rp, Krazzy, Applepus pal, tetched, autographs, curiosity. AvA Jean Cornelison — Hefty, baby face, member of " honies, " champ snoozer, blunderbuss, moun- taineer. 76 1 j DRINK! i 1 ROYAL CROWN COLA i ! .... and .... 1 1 NEHI BEVERAGES f 1 NEHI BOTTLING 1 COMPANY 1 Carrollton : Georgia 1 , j i i i j i i i i ! ( i 1 1 i 1 1 i j «■ 1 ! j COMPLETE your EDUCATION | j ... with ... 1 1 ai)F Atlanta ilnurnal j i . j ! Every subject you take 7vill require a nezvspaper. 1 1 . ' " 1 j Have it brought to your room. | 1 - - i j The Journal Features | i Wirephoto ■ Sports Editorials 1 Comics j i i i i 1 Take a paper from a fellow student. Just CALL BUS TERMINAL 201 ! and leave your room number. i DAN BREWSTER | Local ' Distributor j T " ' 1 LE GRANDE FLOUR 1 for Better Biscuits and Pastries [ Distributed for Fifteen Years j 1 ....... C. M. TANNER GROCERY j 1 COMPANY j [ Carrollton : Georgia 1 .J. 1 i i ! j j 1 1 J GRIFFIN ' S 1 One Price House j i i i i j Serving satisfied customers for forty years. Ladies ' and Gents ' Furnishings 5 c and 10c Basement j i i i • j Vogue Beauty Salon [ Experienced Operators 1 1-3-5 Maple Street | Carrollton : Georgia [ i 77 THUMBNAIL PORTRAITS— Continued Henry Crowder — One Lung, manager, Buck ' s bodyguard. Coach Jr., bashful(?), Durand. Wayne Crumpton — Human Hercules, Crump, smart, dining hall ogre, Genola ' s pride. Mrs. G. H. Culpepper — Proud mother, day student, seamstress, domestic. Janet Cureton — Gum popper, Sand Hill, " do as I please, thank _vou, " one of the " honies. " Gladys Dailey — D ' ignity, amiable, school marm, music lover, versatile. Edna Dally — Yardstick, executive, question asker, George T. substitute, practice teacher. Eva Daniel — Little Evil, dare-devil, chawing gum, " he-he-he ' er, " True Experiences, Big Bertha, ominous proportions, personality, jitterbug. Cohen Davis — Nice eyes, hubby, grocerian, hitched. Elizabeth Davis — Number 9, Codelle, Blondie, actress, Griffin ' s worker. Horace Davis — Sot, artist, mumbler, sissyish, skater. WiLENE Davis — Mr(s) Harris, Dixie Doodle, sweet. House president, wash woman, another of " honies. " Virginia Douglas — Early riser, 4-H, giggler. Maple Street, Musician, too-too and so very very. . . . Ned Dozier — Nubby-Nub, Green Front Fly, order bringer, HIXON, MULLINS, MANNING. Merle English — Sarah, victim of roommate worship. Miss Burch, moon face, Sarah. Arthur Foster — Appendicitis, cheery, a card, my hero! Katherine Fuller — Bowdon, attractive, Joe Felker, Roadster, cute. Watson Fuller — Fireman, Paulding County Special, sunny disposition, studious. M ' Nelle Gibson — " Butch, " student expressionist, men a specialty, brain wavy, was once Greene, " Eddie Duchin. " James Golden — ■ Dopey, groggy, classroom dormouse, physique. Tom Gordon — ' Hungry face, Goon, almost on time, all ' round sportsman, hands off, girls — he ' s married. Merlin Goss — Maestro, Mary, singster-swingster, man in love, ego. Maga Lynn Goswick — Maggie, Chatsworth, Home Ec, lisp, jolly. Mary Graham — Miss Jenkins ' prizer, Ciceronian, Newnan, meek. Jim Griffin — Tennis, disciple of Esquire, original in swing, " Poochie, " Ruth, Ga. Power. Lamar Hammond — Mathemortician, sot, mirthful, mechanical man of motion, Bo-peepish adorer. Virginia Hamrick — Miss Wit, type-tickler, carrot-top, Squatlow, Travis, bright cracks (1850), Gracie Allen. Henry Hardman — Chemistry wizard, Mu Zeta Alpha, Esquire says PURPLE, girl shy?, Geraldine. Hubert Hayes — Laundry man, flashy, Romeo, " Hoobut, " South Georgia cracker. Virginia Hayes — Beeg brown eyes, imitator, Pete, Freckles, first grade. Winnie Sue Headrick — Little bit, typewriter-renter, ex-Maryville, squatty. I 78 NELLE JO BEAUTY PARLOR WHERE WORK SPEAKS FOR ITSELF [ i I ♦ I I t I Bank Building Carrollton f Georgia [ J Compliments of Harry F. Dobbs, Inc. 287 Peachtree Street ATLANTA GEORGIA Seching-er Brothers Co. Plumbing and Heating Contractors 178-180 Forsyth Street ATLANTA GEORGIA F. B. LEVENS Agent for WOCO - PEP Ozvner Blue and White Service Station CARROLLTON GEORGIA Quality Tin Shop J ' V. Carl Davis, Manager " ANYTHING IN SHEET COMPLIMENTS y y OF [ 1 HOTEL CLIFTON I j i H. H. GRAY, i I Proprietor METAL " CARROLLTON GEORGIA Carrollton i Georgia ( j 79 THUMBNAIL PORTRAITS— Continued Render Heard — -Campus courser, after-supper lingerer, Bonnie Sue-Suer-Suest, big man. Letha H ' endrix — Inanimate, homely, stout, likable, contented. Maribel Hendrix — Orbs, educator, Miss Brogdon ' s standby, kinda quiet, demure ' n ' sweet. Thomas Hendrix — Shorty, Carroll County, Red, obscure, delirious. Tommy Herndon — Perfect Lover, fickle, Lestina, " That ' s bad, " LaGrange frequenter, ex-Watson, campus leader, brainy, forum question-asker. Carolyn Hobbs — " My Cow! " Columbus calling, Newnan, Cal, one of the " honies. " Mary Hogan — Spinster, soft peddler, mousey, Hawkins, " Mais oui Mademousuier. " Bobby Holmes — Mr. Roberts ' white hope, song bird, Plymouth, grotesque, worry wart. Peggy Huff — Quinton Burgess, speedy speaker, practitioner, " brats, " gaunt. Willis Hurst — King of Hearts, NELIE, chuckles, anti-freedom of press, true, red-headed femmes, what hair! Doris Hutcheson — " Dooris, " school teacher, no stooge for " slipper inners. " A. O. Ingram — " Bo, " chemistry wizard (oh, yeah!), BESSIE, yellow sweater, back porch lounger, heart breaker. Esther Marie Jaillet — La belle de Tallapoosa, perpetual grin, one of Wilene ' s bunch. Margaret Jenkins — Wisecracker, hibernation, bye Auntie and Harold, hello Life and Jimmy! Marie Jones — Non boisterous -{- attractive -f- Bach talent — snootiness = Marie. Warren Jones — Youngster, sot, grin, yell, laugh, four eyes, moccasins. Bo Peep advisor. Vada Kent (Vinola ' s sister), Violet Kent (Vada ' s sister) — Products of Centralhatchie ; Siamese twins (practically). James Key — Dude, finicky, MARTHA ' S GLAD that MARTHA K. waited till now to steal the day, gallant. Harbin King — Sir Anthony, Mr. Roberts ' stand-in, seegar, appetite, W. G. C. ' s Shelley. Nancy Knight — Off to a good SPARK (s), but who blew out the flame? Welcome Committee of one, gabby, Bill Lumpkin. Clarence Lambert — Postman, wavy hair, studious, Wilma, school teacher. CuYLHNE Lawler — Smart, cute little red-head, towner, true to Wilton (we hope). Mildred Lee — Little tootsies, ex-A.O., cronie to Betty, dramatist, Oxford, mysterious fraternity pin. William Lee — Baseball, Grantville, Lizzie Pearl ' s nephew, absent. Allen Longino — Bootlicker, Woodbury, BETTY, good housekeeper, songbird, bull shooter, rambler. Doris Loughridge — TNT, T-Buddy to faculty, drummer man, Bowery. Tom Luck — Formerly MEEK, campus superlative, versatile, trips, BIBBA, slouchy, non-trusting, arguer. 80 Cottage Hill Farms Herman F. Brown i i i For the smile of health Drink More Milk CAEEOLLTON GEOEGIA Crichton ' s Business College, Inc. Established 1885 Plaza Way and Piyor Street Details Supplied upon Request I i ATLANTA, GA. I WALNUT 9341 Compliments of - People ' s Hardware Paints, Floor Covering and Furniture i i CAEEOLLTON I GEOEGIA The Young Men ' s Bible Class Methodist Church Congratulates the staff and students of West Georgia College on this issue of the CHIEFTAIN This Class always cooperates with the students of the college THE HUB j i Dry Goods, Clothing, Shoes, Hats, j Ladies ' Ready-to-Wear | HARRY GOLDSTEIN Manasev CAEEOLLTON GEOEGIA MONT AG ' S School Supplies and Stationery On sale at the college store Montag Brothers, Inc. ATLANTA v GEORGIA Compliments of - f - Jones Drug Company McGEE ' S BAKERY Complete Line of Baked Goods Dr. Jones - Dr. Carter - Walter New Aaron Buckalew - C. B. Lassiter j 1 CAEEOLLTON I GEOEGIA ON THE SQUARE CAEEOLLTON GEOEGIA 81 THUMBNAIL PORTRAITS— Continued Polly Lupo — Red hair, beautiful finger nails, day student, diminutive. DbRis Marchman — Villa Rica, quiet, woman in love, intellectual, C.C.C, soft voice. Forrest Martin — Effeminate, old maidish, transfer, manly, unknownish. Reba Matthews — Mr. Howl ' s secretary, blonde, neat, tranquil, JOE, MARCUS, BILL. Frances Mattox — Erskine transfer, neat, Betty, attractive. Ruth Meeks Little Beauty, JIM, original coiffure, Weaverish, graceful, discreet, grand dancer. Leona Michael — Smart, independent plus, general sales tax, tactless, hard worker. Ernest Milburn — Radio fiend, music manager, Helen Roberts, tennis, good wave? Helen Mitchell — Quiet dynamite, Chieftess, owlish, composure special, O.K. gal, " Jerry, " spoiled brat, versatile. Keith Moore — ■ Cutie pie, sot, band boxy, Warren, feminine voice, f rancais. Paul Morris — Blue Danube lover, food incinerator, sot, whatta man! Virginia Mott — Eyes, fickle. Little Evil ' s nurse, may I have the next romance with you ?, Charlie McCarthy, angel (?). W. L. Nix " Dubba " L., big ears, camera, real laugh, table yeller, hotel man. Sara Perkins — " Ma, " Tallapoosa, Merle, faithful, Merle. Ira Myrtle Perry — Precise, modest, parlez-vous. Dean ' s Lister, so polite. Frances Phillips — Fleshy, curiosity, pretty hair, library worker. Olive Phillips— Hair, restrictions, generous, food for D. C, where to next?, Mrs. REDDING, JOHN. Lucile Portwood — .Porkwood, solo conversationalist, " short wavester. " Margaret Powell — Canary, knit-wit, mouthy, gents preferred, " I ' m Getting Sentimental Over You. " Clinton Prewett — Chemistry king, cricket, F. F. A., humorous, heart throttle, Christine, DORIS. Louise Prickett — Ferdinand, one woman ' s world, horsey, bully, stingy, athlete. Alford Prince — Heard County, BERNICE, forsaken, " know-it-all. " Virginia Ramsey — Quiet, easy-goer, town studeent, Ruth and Frances ' pal, good-looking, distant. Harold Reaves — One-quarter man, FRANCES HEARN, Bowdonian, Don Ameche. Sam Reed — Dull type, quiet, unimpressionist, lips, glasses, Frank ' s buddy. Walter Reeves — Frances, class cutter, tall, idler, Campbell, carefree. Betty Reynolds — Sarcasm, true to red hair, insinuator, " Mrs. Malaprop, " mocker, fragile, assistant librarian. Alice Roberts— Sandhill, here I come; black hair, Carrolltonian, Mary ' s pal. Elizabeth Roberts — Loud, flirt, chewing gum, the opposite sex. Health Kitchen. 82 FLEETWOOD DINING CAR COFFEE " A superb blend " of the world ' s finest coffee ATLANTA : : GEORGIA Meet Us Across from the Depot At J. G. Brock, Proprietor , " , r . ' ' WE NEVER SLEEP " Phone 387 CARROLLTON GEORGIA 83 THUMBNAIL PORTRAITS— Continued Mary Robinson, Patria Robinson — Cousins, teachers, Inseparable, after-supper cookers. Ila Rooks — Smart one, speaker, talkative, day student. Zelda Rooks — SCOTT ' S one love, sweet, neat, studious. Gay Rowe — Basketball, town student, lanky, good sport, Johnson ' s pet. Doris Satterfield — Town, tall, blonde, dignified, coiffure, sincere. Dalton Scott — Basketball captain, Zelda, deep voice, Casanova. Laura Sheffield — Stooge 3, Patsy Kelly, raven locks, men chaser, perpetual dreamer, " DUBBA " L., FRED, love letters. LuciLE Simmons — Dancer, Kensington, Marie, obliging, lost to Sandhill. Dorothy Smith — " Dot, " " tweet, " coffee-fiend, flatfooted. Dean ' s Lister, parasite, bookworm, friendly. Gordon Smith — Friendly, Model A, coffee, Douglasville, baby boy, witty, good housekeeper. Mildred Smith — ■ Page boy, LIVELY, cordial, Boys High trinketer, week-end hostess, Doyle. O. E. Smith — Basketball guy, loyal, Tallapoosa, good guy all ' round. Lestina Stanley — tommy, 11 rooms, TOMMY, Brother, TOMMY, tap, TOMMY, " debu tantish. " Robert Stephens — " Shogar, " soda jerker, CHRIS, town man, tennis, popular, " nee-nocker, " N. C. Sara Joyce Stephens — Bowdon, dimples, skinny, peppy, clothes, well-dressed. Edward Stout — Genola Sun, ARLENE, DORIS-ANN, journalism, Georgia, dietitian. Bonnie Sue Sullivan — Demure, " You ' ve probably already HEARD, so no need RENDERing further information. " Spencer Teal — Mr. Huey ' s aide, cap, French, hitch-hiker. Lou Ellen Tomme — Old maidish, 4 H ' er, conscientious, constant worrier. Glenn Waldrop — Parson, smile, slow ' n ' easy, handsome, good. Emma Watkins — Petite, dimples, eyes, day student, mild. Frank West — Skyscraper, lean, dry wit, taxi, red hair, freckles. Thomas Wiggins — " Poss, " dorm frequenter, MILLER, fire cracker, class snoozer, one of Mott ' s. Nelie Wiley — WILLIS, Jersey flapper. Queen, HURST, be-oot-ti-ful hair, basketball player. Wayne Williams — ■ Professorish, abundance of gray matter but lacking in gay matter, gal shy, rosy cheeks, " A " student. Elizabeth Wise — " Lizzie Pearl, " hostess, MARCUS, Grossman protege, nominated. Catherine Wood — Devilish, live wire, BUDDY, dietitian ' s pet, athlete. Warren Yates — T-Buddy, cultured, he ' s learning, (Ya— H.O + tes— H.SO.)=YATES. Joe York — Women cry for him, prissy, a trailer of TRAYLOR ' S, dumh, HAMRICK ' S playboy. 84 Compliments of Harris Hardware i i i i i i i t J i i i iiiMi i IIIIII I I I 1 CARROLLTON f GEORGIA j j I .. o— „•„—..,— „—o— „—„—„— „ „—„— „—.,—„— „ .;. i 1 i Goodyear Service I • . i Tires : Tubes : Radios ' i Batteries : Lifeguards ! ( i CARROLLTON GEORGIA j | J. C. Martin H. M. Almon MARTIN-ALMON COMPANY Morticians PHONE 38 Carrollton, Georgia Stewart Martin Chas. H. Almon SOUTHLAND ICE COMPANY PURE TASTE FREE ICE . . .IS . . . SUPERIOR Save With Ice Nelson Gilreath, Manager CARROLLTON GEORGIA j i Compliments of -f f i j f The Peoples Bank I CAEROLLTON, GEORGIA I ! I i 1 i j = Member Federal Deposit Insurance I I Corporation i i ' j |,«.. — _ _ __, ! I I ! I I i I i I [ i I i Compliments of i i i T. H. Merrill Co. CARROLLTON GEORGIA 85 4.H j KYTLE-AYCOCK Furniture Dealers Funeral Directors Phone 323 CARROLLTON GEORGIA Compliments of f -f -f WILEY CREEL I i CARROLLTON I GEORGIA The Great Atlantic Pacific Tea Company Located on the Square CARROLLTON GEORGIA H R T O N ' S GIFTS BOOKS : : JEWELRY Alabama Street TANNER PRODUCE COMPANY CARROLLTON GEORGIA Bledsoe Taxi Service, Inc. Bus Station Building Call Us for Prompt Service 62 — Telephone — 62 t CARROLLTON GEORGIA PHONES 9 17 -9 18 Anniston Alabama 86 SHIREY ' S SERVICE STATION W. W. MAC COMPANY 5c to $1.00 Merchandise Ti Nevvnan Street — Phone 50 CARROLLTON y GEORGIA Where your dollar buys mar I CABEOLLTON J GEOEGIA JOHN W. BASKIN Suits Made to Measure ■f -f i 30 Public Square CARROLLTON i D GEORGIA i J J ( Compliments of j I i i i Folds Chevrolet Company i i -f Newnan Street CARROLLTON , GEORGIA COMPLIMENTS ' OF DANIEL CONSTRUCTION COMPANY lll lll Constructors of the new GYMNASIUM- DINING HALL LaGRANGE GEORGIA 87 I . Lestina and Tommy 4. Tom and Bibba 8. Nancy and Bill CAMPUS ROMANCES 2. Stooge 2 and Fred 5. Buck and Chris 7. Mott and Sam 9. Louise and Dewey 3. Martha and Frank 6. Frances and Walter 10. Willis and Nelie (King and Queen of Hearts) Compliments of James H. Griffin District Manager GEORGIA POWER COMPANY i CARROLLTON I i I GEORGIA HOTEL CREPE MYRTLE Olin M. Ivey, Manager A Clean, Comfortable Place to Stay when in Carrollton, Georgia Reasonable Rates H A R M A N ' S Wholesale and Retail GROCERIES and FEED i6 Newnan St. — Phone 46-47 CARROLLTON GEORGIA Free Parking Space Fifty Rooms Excellent Meals I J Carrollton I Georgia Add thrift to your plan of life and you help to eliminate worry !i Compliments of f -f Long and Herndon BONDS AND INSUEANCE Carrollton Federal Saving ' s and Loan Association I i [ Carrollton i ( [ carrollton j GEORGIA i i i i i i i Georgia | j I I H. T. Coffee Shop m Good Food : Well Served Cigars and Cigarettes Sodas and Candies Phone 9104 carrollton GEORGIA 89 I. Careful, dietitian 4. Camera-shy 6. After-lunch 3et-together 7. He must have gotten his salary 8. Dr. Hopkins isn ' t shy OUR FACULTY POSE 2. " Howdy, " Mr. Watson 3. The Dean ' s a-lookin ' 5. Miss Burch isn ' t worried 9. What ' s the joke, Mr. McKeehan? 10. Whatcha got, Mrs. Fordham? 90 . IN OUR EDUCATIONAL WORK . . . If the elements of culture are being neg-lected our advancement will be toward lower instead of higher realms of thought T!A.ayor and City Council Carrollton :: Georgia THE ATLANTA LINEN SUPPLY COMPANY l j ATLANTA : GEORGIA 91 ,( I. Squatlow faces the camera 4. One Lung 8. You tell ' im, M ' N ' L. 2. Don ' t let it getcha down. Freshman 5. Time out lor lunch 7. Smile for the birdie 9. What ' s funny, Mr. Wit? 3. Little Evil 6. Worried, Nubby-Nub? 10. Iron Man Robinson 92 COMPLIMENTS y y OF DONOVAN COFFEE CO. RED DIAMOND Coffee and Tea Birmingham, Alabama Jackson ' s Seed Store FIELD AND GARDEN SEED A Cordial Welcome To All Newnan Street CAREOLLTON y GEORGIA Clyde Cartwright ' s Market CHOICE WESTERN AND NATIVE MEATS Located in Carroll Trading Co. CARROLLTON f GEORGIA Carroll Realty Insurance Co. H. R. Cole, Manager GENERAL INSURANCE CARROLLTON GEORGIA I Terminal Coffee Shop ' Located in Bus Station Building I SANDWICHES i SHORT ORDERS CARROLLTON Y GEORGIA SOUTHEASTERN MOTOR LINES, Inc. 6 Daily Round Trips to Atlanta 2 Daily Round Trips to Rome 2 Daily Round Trips to Heflin 1 Daily Round Trip to Griffin Free Service Between Bus Station and College Carrollton Georgia 93 I. A dose of your own medicine, Mr. Caspar 5. The best masqueraders 2. Halloween Masquerade 3. Green Front Flies vs. Bowe ry 4. Featuring Miss Popularity 6. Knitting craze sweeps the campus 94 THE CARROLL THEATRE R. S. STEWART, Manager ' - )(? " Include Good Movies in Your Educational Study " CARROLLTON GEORGIA We Operate on What ' s Inside the Cotton Boll and Sell Good Coal MANDEVILLE MILLS Carrollton : Georgia COTTON GINNERS YARN SPINNERS OIL MILLERS COAL DEALERS 95 I. Uplift for Tinymites. 2. Class dismissed — wake up! 3. Mrs. Malaprop, are you bein3 facetious? 4. Lizzie Pearl laughs at Ferdinand ' s worries 5. Th e male s " here 7. P.W.A. now and future 8. Yea, Braves, scalp ' em! 6. Hey, dear 9. I love you — got a nickel? 96 ATLANTA GEORGIA Four-Year Course, Leading to the D.D.S. Degree MODERN BUILDINGS AND EQUIPMENT AMPLE CLINICAL FACILITIES Entrance Requirements: Two Years of College Work Session Opens October First For Catalog and Information, Write RALPH R. BYRNES, D.D.S,, F.A.C.D., DEAN For The Pause That Refreshes Between Classes Drink ipm A. W. Ford, Manager CARROLLTON :: GEORGIA 97 I. I2 c meal 3. Indian wrestle? 6. Freshmen initiation 4. Man about the campus 2. Looking down on West Georgia 5. Will you take a letter, please? 7. Awaiting their turn 98 stern Fish Company Complimeuts of i i i " Old in Business Fresh in Products ' f I ATLANTA i GEORGIA W. H. YOUNG Tailor 1 J BUCHANAN J GEORGIA = Compliments of ■ - ■ I Carrollton Hardware Company j Ben Franklin Store C. E. Martin, Ozvner i " The Home of Good Hardware " j CARROLLTON I GEORGIA 5c to $1.00 and Up Where the College Students Alzvays Receive a JVeleome Lovvorn ' s Shoe Shop Service and Courtesy Stand Ahead Kennerly ' s Market Everything in the Line of Meats — Fancy Cuts j i CAEEOLLTON i Number i Newnan Street GEOEGIA = Located in A. P. Store j CAEEOLLTON GEOEGIA City Supply Company WHOLESALE GROCERS I CARROLLTON j GEORGIA 1917 1939 Moore Clein • DEPARTMENT STORE I i CARROLLTON GEORGIA i »% 99 I. Excitement — airplane lands on campus 3. Sunday nisht supper 5. Lookins upward 6. Alpha Psi Barn DancP- 2. The pause that refreshes 4. Student activity 7. Seamstresses in the making 100 We Supply All Out of Print Books . . . PROMPTLY AND AT LOWEST PRICES Current and in print books, standard sets, encyclopedias, etc., al:o furnished at aston- i;hingly low prices. A test Want List will convince you of our superior service. National Bibliophile Service Library Agents 321 Fifth Avenue, N. Y. C. CarroUton Drug Company A Reliable Pharmacy Phone 80 Located Opposite Carroll Theatre CARROLLTON " GEORGIA Everybody agrees it ' s r( r intinm Southern Milk Bread The extra value, certified milk loaf . . . from the bakery that appreciates your patronage. STONE BAKING COMPANY Atlanta Georgia GASPAR-WARE STUDIOS PHOTOGRAPHERS Portrait : Commercial : Pictorial Illustrative : Natural Color Official Photographers for the 1939 CHIEFTAIN 30-32 Fifth Street, N. W. ATLANTA : : GEORGIA Mcelroy cleaners " The Students ' Choice " LYONE ABNEY Agent EOWDON GEORGIA Compliments of . . . Drake Motor Company FORD DEALERS CARROLLTON GEORGIA 101 Compliments of . . . WEBB ' S SERVICE Standard Oil Products Phone 307 CARROLLTON GEORGIA Prospective College Students , . f i should investigate the opportuni- j ties for broad and wholesome I educational development at J WEST GEORGIA COLLEGE I CARROLLTON GEORGIA ( THE CARROLL COUNTY TIMES A Leading West Georgia Weekly Publication Commercial Printing Publisher of West Georgia ' s Local College Newspaper CARROLLTON GEORGIA This space was contributed by the following friends of the college: Carey Maddox W. B. Hansard Norman Stewart L. J. Brock W. K. Davis Thos. W. Brock Selby Cramer W. C. Brock H. H. Milan S. J. Steinbach Stewart Martin J. H. McGiboney Hamp Chappell W. M. Boynton 102 THE HEALTH KITCHEN Sandwiches - Dinner - Short Orders ' Meet your friends here " CARROLLTON GEORGIA " Everything ' s Jake " E AT JAKE ' S POTATO CHIPS Drennon Food Products ATLANTA GEORGIA Compliments of Villa Rica Oil Mills I CARROLL LUMBER COMPANY j e VILLA RICA GEORGIA Contractors Under New Management Knox W. Brown J. B. McGraw Lumber and Building Material CARROLLTON GEORGIA I Compliments of . . . THE FARMER ' S STORE Wholesale Grocers CARROLLTON GEORGIA Compliments of . . . RALPH TURNER ' S Candy Fruit Store " The best fruit and candy in town ' ON THE SOUARE Jackson Service Station Gulf Products 48 Alabama Street CARROLLTON GEORGIA Compliments of . . . ELDRED C. BASS Fancy Groceries Fresh Meats - Poultry - Eggs and Fish WE DELIVER 47 Bradley Street Telephone 341 103 SUCCESSFUL ANNUALS Require the services of experienced and expert craftsmen, trained in every detail of the processes of creating • planning layout and design -typesetting ' printing lithographing and binding . . . Through- out half a century this company has pioneered in the production of the highest type of printing . . . Our services include a special college annual sales and service organization... Abundant equipment-modern and complete... Prices representing maximum in value FOOTE DAVIES COMPANY PRINTING • LITHOIJRAPHING • ENGRAVING ATLANTA r ■ ' $..■ % A S t % 1 1 .k souh ' s YERRBOOK PHOTO-P OCBS fN AVIN (0. 15 -119 LUCK IE STREET ATLANTA GEORGIA I SPKCINS CDLLTCTHH SULLIVAN INGRAM LIBRARY WEST GEORGIA COLLEGE CARROLLTON, GEORGIA

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