University of West Georgia - Chieftain Yearbook (Carrollton, GA)

 - Class of 1938

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University of West Georgia - Chieftain Yearbook (Carrollton, GA) online yearbook collection, 1938 Edition, Cover

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r " it ■ ' ' r» ! WKMOtJ I m I m i J-ltc 1 38 liLeidaLi VOLUME 5 Published by the Students of l Ued y eotaia oiieae CARROLLTON, GA. L oyiitLcilit yJ)0 ARLENE PHILLIPS Editor-in-Chief DICK GRACE Business Manager :=::A-cknawleA.ai4tent The theme of this book Is College Activity. The pictures to represent this theme were taken of students on West Georgia Campus. J-ke :=iyotewa ' z.Ji The foremost thought of the editors publish- ing this book was to portray typical life on West Georgia Campus during the past year and to endeavor to present an interesting pictorial record of it. Qn lchI THE COLLEGE THE CLASSES ACTIVITIES ATHLETICS FEATURES MISS SARAH WARD .==JjeiiLcati The 1938 CHIEFTAIN is dedicated to Miss Ward, who has been the Dean of Women since the beginning of the college. The strength of her personality mingles with her keen interest and perseverance, hier kind, sympathetic and helpful attitude will always be remembered. VcVti A, c naniliatA or tlie L anipi 1 A Beckoning Challenge — Jue C oiUge Lfute J- lie K Meae THE CHIEFTAIN The Heart of the Campus — 19$8 1 rHE CHIEFTAIN West Georgians Point With Pride- = antotd J-ihtatij 19$8 THE CHIEFTAIN " J L i liinini itt the (J-iite c rtetnoon 19$8 10 THE CHIEFTJIIN IRVINE S. INGRAM A.B., M.A. President West Georgia College Is in its fifth year of advancement with Mr. Ingram as president. 19»8 THE CHIEFTAIN W. FRED GUNN, B.S., M.S. Dean Professor of Education FACULTY J. C. BONNER, A.BJ., M.A. Instructor of Social Science WENDELL H. BROWN, M.A. Professor of English LUCY E. BURKHALTER, B.S.H.E. Dietitian RUTH CUSTER, A.B.J. Secretary of President KATIE DOWNS, B.S., M.A. Supervisor Training School T. A. HART, B.S., M.A., M.S. Instructor of Biology M. E. HOWELL, B.S.A., B.A., M.A. Supervisor of N. Y. A. RUBY JENKINS, B.S.H.E., M.A. Instructor of Home Economics GAINES B. LANG, B.A., M.A., Ph.D. Professor of Science and Mathematics O. C. MULKEY, JR., B.A., M.A. Supervising Principal Tallapoosa School 19S8 THE CHIEFTAIH FACULTY MIRIAM W. PRESTON, A.B., M.A. Assistant Professor of English L E. ROBERTS, A.B., M.A. Professor of Social Science DOROTHY ST. CLAIR, B.M., B.S.A. Instructor of Music and Art ROBERT M. STROZIER, B.Ph., M.A. Professor of Romance Languages; Dean of Men RHEA TAYLOR, A.B., M.A. Director of Physical Education C. P. TEBEAU, B.S., M.S. Instructor of Chemistry W. A. VAUGHN, B.S.Ag. Registrar FRANCES WILLIAMS Assistant Registrar SARAH WARD, B.S. Dean of Women ANNIE BELL WEAVER, B.A., B.A.L.S. Librarian 19S8 Restriction Regiment Analysis and Athletics Speedy Quail and Quizzes Dr. L + Me H.= 111 Nourishnnent Korea Domestic Mrs. F. D. R. Birds of a Feather Ma Saint Practice Makes Perfect Talladega? Shifting Around ' ! ■ ' L CLASSES THE CHIEFTAIN STUDENT BODY OFFICERS DICK GRACE President ROBERT LYNN BELL Vice-President MYRIC NUTT Secretary-Treasurer 19$8 17 THE CHIEFTAIN SOPHOMORES JEFF SLADE THOMASTON, GA. President of Sophomore Class; West Georgian Staff; V. R, A.: CHIEFTAIN Staff; Glee Club; Dramatic Club; Officers ' Club. MILDRED DUNWOODY LA FAYETTE, GA. Vice-President of Sophomore Class; President Women ' s Council; Secretary-Treasurer " W " Club; CHIEFTAIN Staff; V. R. A.; Glee Club; Ciceronian Literary Society; Zeta Sigma Pi; Of- ficers ' Club; Tennis (37-38); Most Athletic Girl; Dean ' s List. SARAH SEWELL VILLA RICA, GA. Secretary of Sophomore Class; West Georgian Staff; CHIEFTAIN Staff; Dramatic Club; V. R. A.; Alpha Psi; Debating Club; Dean ' s List. MINNIE ALLGOOD DALLAS, GA. 4-H Club; Ciceronian Literary Society; Dean ' s List. C. D. BAILEY CARROLLTON, GA. Debating Club; Phi Rho Pi; Glee Club; Cicero- nian Literary Society; West Georgian Staff (37). EMMIE BAKER GORE, GA. Alpha Psi, President; 4-H Club, Vice-Presi- dent; Women ' s Council, Treasurer; CHIEFTAIN Staff (37-38); V. R. A.; Officers ' Club. DOROTHY BANDY RINGGOLD, GA. Alpha Psi; 4-H Club. RUTH BARR CARROLLTON, GA. " W " Club. ROBERT LYNN BELL TRION, GA. Vice-President Student Body; Glee Club (37- 38), Secretary; " W " Club; West Georgian Staff (37-38); CHIEFTAIN Staff; Zeta Sigma Pi; V. R. A.; Officers ' Club; Basketball (37-38); Tennis (37) ; Most Athletic Boy. PAULINE BERRY AUSTELL, GA. Mu Zeta Alpha, Secretary; V. R. A,, Secre- tary; Zeta Sigma Pi; Dramatic Club; Officers ' Club; CHIEFTAIN Staff (37); Dean ' s List. 1918 THE CHIEFTAIN SOPHOMORES WILLIAM LEWIS BERRY VILLA RICA, GA. West Georsian Staff; CHIEFTAIN Staff (37). REATHA BLACKWELDER CARROLLTON, GA. WILBURN BOGGS ATLANTA, GA. Dramatic Club; Zeta Sigma Pi; Mu Zeta Alpha; Ciceronian Literary Society; CHIEFTAIN Staff; 4-H Club; Dean ' s List. ALICE HILL BOLDING CALHOUN, GA. Glee Club; 4-H Club. MILLICENT BOOKOUT COHUTTA, GA. Women ' s Council; 4-H Club. MARGARET BOWEN ATLANTA, GA. Dramatic Club, Secretary-Treasurer; West Geor- gian Staff (37-38); CHIEFTAIN Staff (37-38); Alpha Psi; V. R. A. MILDRED LEE BOWEN BOWMAN, GA. G. S. C. W. (I). MILDRED BOWMAN RINGGOLD, GA. Bessie Tift (I); 4-H Club. DAN BREWSTER CARROLLTON, GA. Associate Editor CHIEFTAIN; Debating Club President; Phi Rho Pi; Glee Club; Dramatic Club; Ciceronian Literary Society; Officers ' Club. MARJORIE BROACH ROME, GA. Debating Club; Mu Zeta Alpha; Alpha Psi; CHIEFTAIN Staff; Officers ' Club. 19S8 19 THE CHIEFTAIN SOPHOMORES JOHN BROOKS CARROLLTON, GA. Debatins Club; Ciceronian Literary Society; CHIEFTAIN Staff. VIRGINIA BROWN BOWDON, GA. 4-H Club, Secretary; Alpha Psi; Zeta Sigma Pi; Mu Zeta Alpha; Ciceronian Literary Society; Women ' s Council; Officers ' Club; Dean ' s List. DOROTHY CAUSEY BOWDON, GA. Ciceronian Literary Society, Secretary; Glee Club, Secretary; V. R. A.; West Georgian ' Staff; CHIEFTAIN Staff; Officers ' Club. EVA CAUTHEN BUCHANAN, GA. Alpha Psi; Dean ' s List. NELLE CLEGG VILLA RICA, GA. Dramatic Club, Vice President; Women ' s Coun- cil, Vice-President; Ciceronian Literary Society; CHIEFTAIN Staff; West Georgian Staff; Zeta Sigma Pi; Officers ' Club. FRANCES COCHRAN LYERLY, GA. Glee Club. WOODFIN COLE TRION, GA. Business Manager West Georgian; CHIEFTAIN Staff; Basketball, Manager; Zeta Sigma Pi; " W " Club; Officers ' Club. INESTELLE COLEMAN FAIRBURN, GA. Zeta Sigma Pi; Dramatic Club; Debating Club; 4-H Club. PAULINE DAVENPORT ROCKMART, GA. CHRISTINE EVELYN DENNY ROOPVILLE, GA. (20) THE CHIEFTAIN SOPHOMORES BROWN DICKSON CARROLLTON, GA. Ciceronian Literary Society, Vice-President; Dra- matic Club; CHIEFTAIN Staff; Officers ' Club, LILLIE VEE DOYAL VILLA RICA, GA. V. R. A.; Alpha Psi; Ciceronian Literary Society. MADGE DOYAL VILLA RICA, GA. Ciceronian Literary Society, 4-|-| Club. FRANK DYSART CARTERSVILLE, GA. ■ V. R. A.; Glee Club; Speedball (37). INELLE ELLINGTON FAIRBURN, GA. SARA NELL FLOYD LYERLY, GA. ARTHUR FOSTER FRANKLIN, GA. Glee Club; V. R. A,; Speedball. WILTON GABRIELS GREENVILLE, S. C. Georgia Evening School (I). MARTHA GLAD ROME, GA. Zeta Sigma Pi, President; Mu Zeta Alpha; Glee Club (37); Dean ' s List; Officers ' Club. MARY LOUISE GLADDEN TALLAPOOSA, GA. Ciceronian Literary Society; Glee Club. 1918 21 THE CHIEFTAIN SOPHOMORES SARA GLADNEY CARROLLTON, GA. French Club, President; Mu Zeta Alpha; Zeta Sigma Pi; Ciceronian Literary Society; West Georgian Staff; 4-hl Club; Officers ' Club; Dean ' s List,- . CHARLES GOSS CALHOUN, GA. West Georgian Staff; CHIEFTAIN Staff; 4-H Club, Vice-President. DICK GRACE DECATUR, GA. President of Freshman Class; President of Stu- dent Body; Business Manager CHIEFTAIN; West Georgian Staff; Zeta Sigma Pi, Vice- President; " W " Club President; Ciceronian Liter- ary Society; Dramatic Club; Officers ' Club; Ten- nis (37-38); Glee Club; Basketball (37-38); Most Popular Boy; Best Ail-Round Boy; Dean ' s List. NORTON GREENE CALHOUN, GA. Editor West Georgian; Managing Editor CHIEF- TAIN; Mu Zeta Alpha, President; Debating Club, Vice-President; V. R. A., Vice-President; " W " Club; Zeta Sigma Pi; French Club; Cicero- nian Literary Society; Dramatic Club; Phi Rho Pi; Wrestling (37-38); Officers ' Club; Speed- ball (37); Most Versatile Boy; Dean ' s List. LLEWELLYN HAMM BOWDON, GA. West Georgian Staff; Glee Club; Ciceronian Literary Society. NOVELLE HAM FRANKLIN, GA. Women ' s Council, Secretary; CHIEFTAIN Staff; Alpha Psi; Glee Club. FRANCES HAM LETT FAIRBURN, GA. Ciceronian Literary Society; 4-H Club; Dean ' s List. ETHEL HARMON CARROLLTON, GA. BILLY HARRIS DALLAS, GA. Mu Zeta Alpha; 4-H Club; Glee Club; Speed- ball; Wrestling; Dean ' s List. KERMIT HARRIS DALLAS, GA. Mu Zeta Alpha; 4-H Club; Ciceronian Literary Society; Speedball; Wrestling; Dean ' s List; Glee Club. 19$8 22 THE CHIEFTAIN SOPHOMORES AUBREY HAWKINS ROSWELL, GA. Zeta Sigma Pi, Treasurer; Mu Zeta Alpha; 4-H Club; Ciceronian Literary Society; Debating Club; Officers ' Club; Dean ' s List. FRANCES HEARN CARROLLTON, GA. Mu Zeta Alpha; Alpha Psi. BETTY JUNE HEWITT CARROLLTON, GA. French Club, Secretary-Treasurer; " W " Club; Zeta Sigma Pi; Officers ' Club. LOWELL HIX SUMMERVILLE, GA. Glee Club, Vice-President; Dramatic Club; " W " Club; Officers ' Club. ESTHERA HUDSON RALEIGH, GA. CHIEFTAIN Staff (37-38); West Georgian Staff; Women ' s Council. RACHEL HUNT CEDARTOWN, GA. Ciceronian Literary Society, President; V. R. A., President; Glee Club (37-38); Alpha Psi; 4-H Club; CHIEFTAIN Staff; West Georgian Staff; Officers ' Club. AVIS JACKSON DALTON, GA. Alpha Psi; 4-H Club; Women ' s Council; " W " Club; Dean ' s List. OLIVIA KELLER GREENVILLE, GA. University of Georgia (I). HETTIE B. HUBBLE TRENTON, GA. Dean ' s List. BEULAH KENT LILBURN, GA. " W " Club; Dramatic Club; CHIEFTAIN Staff. 19)8 (23) THE CHIEFTAIN SOPHOMORES ELIZABETH KINNAMON DALTON, GA. Alpha Psi. NELL LANE JACKSON, GA. Alpha Psi; Treasurer; V. R. A.; 4-H Club; CHIEF- TAIN Staff; Officers ' Club. MARY CLYDE LANGFORD CEDARTOWN, GA. Glee Club, President; " W " Club, Vice-President V. R. A.; Alpha Psi; Ciceronian Literary Society CHIEFTAIN Staff (37); West Georgian Staff Officers ' Club; Tennis (37-38). MARION LANIER ROOPVILLE, GA. Alpha Psi; 4-H Club; Glee Club (37-38); CHIEF- TAIN Staff; West Georgian Staff; Dramatic Club. JEANELLE LEATHERS SMYRNA, GA. Mu Zeta Alpha; Zeta Sigma Pi; Debating Club; Dean ' s List; CHIEFTAIN Staff. NORITA LINARES HAVANA, CUBA . Glee Club (37-38). GRACE LITTLE NEWNAN, GA. MARY WILL LITTLE NEWNAN, GA. Ciceronian Literary Society. GERALDINE McBRAYER ROME, GA. Zeta Sigma Pi, Secretary; Mu Zeta Alpha; Alpha Psi; CHIEFTAIN Staff; West Georgian Staff; 4-H Club; Glee Club; Women ' s Council; Officers ' Club; Dean ' s List. SARA McBRAYER TEMPLE, GA. 19)8 24 THE CHIEFTAIN SOPHOMORES SARA FRANCES McGUKIN BREMEN, GA. Glee Club; Ciceronian Literary Society. A. B. McLEAN MILLEN, GA. Basketball; Youns Harris (I). ROBERT LEE McNEW LA FAYETTE, GA. Glee Club, President; CHIEFTAIN Staff; West Georgian Staff; Ciceronian Literary Society; Of- ficers ' Club. EVERETT McWHORTER CARROLLTON, GA. Mu Zeta Alpha; Zeta Sigma Pi; CHIEFTAIN Staff. FRANCES McWILLIAMS TRION, GA. Ciceronian Literary Society; French Club; De- bating Club; CHIEFTAIN Staff. MARY ELIZABETH MEADOWS CEDARTOWN, GA. Ciceronian Literary Society; 4-H Club; CHIEF- TAIN Staff (37). RALPH MOBLEY DALLAS, GA. Mu Zeta Alpha, Treasurer; 4-H Club; Officers ' Club; Speedball (37). CATHRYN MOZLEY DOUGLASVILLE, GA. Ciceronian Literary Society. ELIZABETH NEWSOM UNION POINT, GA. Mu Zeta Alpha; Ciceronian Literary Society; V. R. A. MYRIC NUTT BOWDON, GA. Secretary-Treasurer of Freshman Class; Secre- tary of Student Body; Glee Club, (37-38); V. R. A.; Alpha Psi CHIEFTAIN Staff; West Georgian Staff; Officers ' Club (37-38). 19$8 25 THE CHIEFTAIN SOPHOMORES GILBERTO ORAMAS HAVANA, CUBA Glee Club; " W " Club; Wrestling. DORIS OWINGS CHICKAMAUGA, GA. Alpha Psi, Secretary; 4-H Club; Dramatic Club; CHIEFTAIN Staff; Officers ' Club. ARLENE PHILLIPS CEDARTOWN, GA. Editor-in-Chief CHIEFTAIN; Assistant Editor West Georgian; Alpha Psi, Vice-President; De- bating Club, Secretary-Treasurer; Phi Rho Pi; Dramatic Club; Zeta Sigma Pi; Officers ' Club; Most Versatile Girl; Dean ' s List. FRANCES PHILLIPS FAIRBURN, GA. Alpha Psi; Women ' s Council; 4-H Club. LENA PRICE CEDARTOWN, GA. Alpha Psi; 4-H Club. PAULINE PRITCHARD STONE MOUNTAIN, GA. 4-H Club, President; Ciceronian Literary Society; Officers ' Club; V. R. A. PAULINE PULLEN ATLANTA, GA. Debating Club. ALAN A. RICHSTONE POUGHKEEPSIE, N. Y. Associate Editor of West Georgian; Mu Zeta Alpha, Vice-President; Glee Club; Debating Club; Officers ' Club; Dean ' s List. HENRIETTA ROBERTS CALHOUN, GA. Zeta Sigma Pi; Debating Club; 4-H Club; Dean ' s List. JULIAN ROBINSON TEMPLE, GA. Glee Club. 19)8 26 THE CHIEriAIN SOPHOMORES JOSEPHINE ROGERS ASHBURN, GA. Zeta Sigma Pi; Debatins Club; 4-H Club; V. R. A.; Dean ' s List. ALINE ROOKS CARROLLTON, GA. BETTY RUCKER GRIFFIN, GA. Dramatic Club, President; Glee Club, Vice-Presi- dent; Women ' s Council, Vice-President; French Club; V. R. A.; CHIEFTAIN Staff; West Geor- gian Staff; Alpha Psi; Officers ' Club; Most Popu- lar Girl. SHIRLEY SHERRILL BOWDON, GA. Debating Club; 4-H Club. HAZEL SMITH CARROLLTON. GA. Mu Zeta Alpha. SUE SMITH KENSINGTON, GA. Young Harris (I); Women ' s Council; Alpha Psi. VIVIAN SMITH BREMEN, GA. Alpha Psi; Diamatic Club; Glee Club (37); De- bating Club; West Georgian Staff; 4-H Club. ELOISE SPENCE HOGANSVILLE, GA. Alpha Psi; Zeta Sigma Pi; 4-H Club; Dean ' s List. RUTH STEINHEIMER BROOKS, GA. Debating Club; 4-H Club; Dean ' s List. GERTRUDE STEWART LAGRANGE, GA. Abraham-Baldwin (I); 4-H Club; Dean ' s List. 19)8 27 THE CHIEFTAIN SOPHOMORES FEODOR STRICKLAND LUTHERSVILLE, GA. Speedball (37-38). GRACE THOMPSON FRANKLIN, GA. Ciceronian Literary Society; Glee Club; V. R. A. VERNELLE THOMPSON LAWRENCEVILLE, GA. Mu Zeta Alpha; Zeta Sigma Pi; Ciceronian Literary Society; Glee Club (37-38); Dean ' s List. ORALLA TOMPKINS COLUMBUS, GA. Dean ' s List. IRVIN VANSANT ROOPVILLE, GA. Zeta Sigma Pi; Speedball; Wrestling (37) FRANCES WALLIS CARROLLTON, GA. French Club, Vice-President; Zeta Sigma Pi; West Georgian Staff; Officers ' Club; Dean ' s List. DOROTHY WATSON ATLANTA, GA. Managing Editor CHIEFTAIN; Women ' s Coun- cil, President; Glee Club; Alpha Psi; West Georgian Staff; Officers ' Club; Dean ' s List; Best Ail-Round Girl. TOMMIEWEBB . DOUGLASVILLE, GA. Women ' s Council, Secretary; Mu Zeta Alpha; Zeta Sigma Pi; V. R. A.; CHIEFTAIN Staff (37); Dean ' s List. ELIZABETH WHITELY CEDARTOWN, GA. V. R. A.; Women ' s Council, Treasurer; 4-H Club. GENEVIEVE WRIGHT KNOXVILLE, GA. Abraham-Baldwin (I); Alpha Psi; 4-H Club: Debating Club. 19S8 28 THE CHIEFTAIN FRESHMEN ALTON SPARKS Carrollton President TOM HERNDON Carrollton Vice-President MINELLE GIBSON Gnffm Secretary-Treasurer LYONE C. ABNEY . ' Dallas ELIZABETH ADAMS Cedartown VERNER ALMON Carrollton SARAH FRANCES ARCHER .... Jefferson WALTER ARNOLD Hosansville HUBERT AULTMAN Byron GEORGE T. BAGBY Dallas JACK BARNWELL Douslasvilk ESTELLE BARRON Rome MARY BAXTER Carrollton GERALDINE BLISSITT Cedartown JOHN P. BOHANNON .... Moreland JAMES BORDERS Carrollton MARTHA JEANNE BROOKS . . . Chatsworth 1918 29 THE CHIEFTAIN FRESHMEN WILLELLEN BROOKS Chatsworth WILLETTE BROWN . . , Fayetteville HOWARD BRYAN Atlanta AARON BUCKALEW Trion RUDENE BURNHAM Carrollton FRANCES CAMPBELL Carrollton LEONARD CAMPBELL Atlanta RITSIE CHAMBERS Athens AVA JEAN CORNELISON .... Rydal HENRY S. CROWDER . , . Warm Springs WAYNE CRUMPTON Carrollton JANET CURETON Cedartown GLADYS DAILY Rmgsold EDNA DEAN DALLY .... Social Circle EVA DANIEL LaGrange HORACE DAVIS Stonewall WILENE DAVIS Hardwick 1918 4 30 THE CHIEFTAIN FRESHMEN VIRGINIA DOUGLAS .... Alpharetta NED DOZIER Carrollton CONNIE ELEY Hosansville MERLE ENGLISH Fayetteville RUBY FORBUS Hosansville REBA FORRESTER .... Powder Springs KATHERINE FULLER Bowdon FULLER GORDON ...... Newnan MERLIN GOSS Byron MAGA LYNN GOSWICK . . . Chatsworth MARY GRAHAM Newnan EARL GRIFFIN Baxley JIM GRIFFIN Carrollton LAMAR HAMMOND Madison VIRGINIA HAMRICK Cedartown MARY HARROD Bowdon VIRGINIA HAYES Mansfield 1938 THE CHIEFTAIN FRESHMEN SUE HERRING Thomaston CAROLYN HOBBS Luthersville BOBBY HOLMES ... ' ... Carrollton lONE HUFF ....... Lawrenceville OLLIE PEGGY HUFF Bowman WILLIS HURST Carrollton A. O. INGRAM Fayetteville ESTHER MARIE JAILLET . . . Tallapoosa MARGARET JENKINS .... Danielsville MARIE JONES Lumber City WARREN JONES Gnffin JAMES KEY Durand ELOISE KILGORE Carrollton HARBIN KING Curryville NANCY KNIGHT Decatur CEYLENE LAWLER , . Carrollton MILDRED LEE Covinston 11 19$8 32 THE CHIEFTAIN FRESHMEN WILLIAM LEE Grantville MARGARET LITTLE La Fayette ALLEN LONGING Woodbury DORIS LOUGHRIDGE La Fayette TOM LUCK Carrollton J. P. McGUIRE Newnan DORIS MARCHMAN Villa Rica RUTH MEEKS Carrollton HELEN MITCHELL Vatesville KEITH MOORE Powder Sprmss PAUL MORRIS Douglasville LEWIS MORRIS Newnan VIRGINIA MOTT Decatur NICK O ' NEAL Greenville FRANCES PATE Whitesburg SARA PERKINS Stonewall IRA MYRTLE PERRY .... Summerville 19S8 33 I THE CHIEFTAIN FRESHMEN OLIVE ELIZABETH PHILLIPS . . Cartersville MARGARET POWELL Carrollton LOUISE PRICKETT Grantville VIRGINIA RAMSEY Carrollton HAROLD REAVES Carrollton SAMUEL REED La Fayette BETTY REYNOLDS Cave Spring ALICE ROBERTS Carrollton SARA ELIZABETH ROBERTS .... Dallas MARY ROBINSON Greenville PATRIA ROBINSON Greenville GAY ROWE Carrollton DORIS SATTERFIELD Carrollton LAURA SHEFFIELD ..... La Fayette FRANCES SHEPHERD .... Good Hope LUCILLE SIMMONS DOROTHY SMITH , Kensington . Atlanta II 11 19$8 34 THE CHIEfTAIN FRESHMEN JEANNE SMITH Carrollton MILDRED SMITH Bremen O. E. SMITH, JR . Tallapoosa ROBERT STEPHENS Cedartown SARA JOYCE STEPHENS .... Bowdon EDWARD STOUT Warm Springs MAIDA ROSE THOMASSON . . Carrollton LOU ELLEN TOMME LaGranse LASCA TORBERT Indian Springs BESSIE TOWNSEND Cartersville ELOISE WADDELL Bremen GLEN WALDROP Villa Rica MARY WEST Carrollton THOMAS WIGGINS Carrollton NELIE WILL WILEY Jersey City THELMA WILHOITE Rossville ELIZABETH WISE Grantville CATHERINE WOOD Commerce 19$8 35 WHO ' S WHO ARLENE PHILLIPS Most Versatile BETTY RUCKER Most Popular DOROTHY WATSON Best All-Roiind DICK GRACE Best All-Kound HORTON GREENE Most Versatile t WEST GEORGIA MILDRED DUNWOODY Most Athletic BOBBY BELL Most Athletic DICK GRACE Most Popular THE CHIEFTJIIN ._ „__ " ' ;jii WOMEN ' S COUNCILS OLD DORMITORY OFFICERS DOROTHY WATSON President BETTY RUCKER . . . .■ Vice-President TOMMIEWEBB Secretary ELIZABETH WHITELY Treasurer MEMBERS MILLICENT BOOKOUT AVIS JACKSON VIRGINIA BROWN FRANCES PHILLI PS ESTHERA HUDSON SUE SMITH NEW DORMITORY OFFICERS MILDRED DUNWOODY President NELLECLEGG Vice-President NOVELLE HAM Secretary EMMIE BAKER Treasurer MEMBERS EVA DANIEL GERALDINE McBRAYER 19$8 38 ACTI VITI ES THE CHIEFTAIN LE CERCLE FRANCAIS " Vouloir C ' est Pouvoir " Etabli Novembre, 1934 OFFICERS SARA GLADNEY President FRANCES WALLIS Vice-President BETTY JUNE HEWITT Secretary-Treasurer ROBERT M. STROZIER Faculty Advisor LES MEMBRES JACK BARNWELL FRANCES McWILLIAMS HORTON GREENE IRA MYRTLE PERRY TOM HERNDON MARGARET POWELL CEYLENE LAWLER BETTY RUCKER 19$8 41 THE CHIEFTAIN DAN BREWSTER . . NORTON GREENE ( DOROTHY WATSON JACK BARNWELL ( JEANELLE LEATHERS GERALDINE McBRAYER BETTY RUCKER DOROTHY CAUSEY ESTHERA HUDSON ' ARLENE PHILLIPS Editor-in-Chief THE CHIEFTAIN Associate Editor Managing Editors .... Artists . . Club Editors . . . . Typists WILBURN BOGGS | NELLE LANE ■ ' MINELLE GIBSON [ EDWARD STOUT j ' ' ' NOVELLE HAM ( JEFF SLADE i ' ' ' NELLE CLEGG ( RACHEL HUNT j • • ■ • JAMES KEY 1 FRANCES McWILLIAMS [ EMMIE BAKER f SARAH SEWELL J Sophomore Editors Freshmen Editors Athletic Editors Art Editors Feature Editors 19)8 42 THE CHIEFTAIN ROBERT LYNN BELL MARGARET BOWEN JOHN BROOKS WOODFIN COLE EVA DANIEL BROWN DICKSON MARJORIE BROACH BEULAH KENT DORIS OWINGS DICK GRACE Business Manager THE CHIEFTAIN BUSINESS STAFF MILDRED DUNWOODY KATHERINE FULLER CHARLES GOSS WILLIS HURST A. O. INGRAM MARION LANIER TOM LUCK ROBERT LEE McNEW EVERETT McWHORTER MYRIC NUTT GLEN WALDROP ROBERT M. STROZIER Faculty Advisor Staff Members 19$8 43 THE CHIEFTAIN NORTON GREENE Editor-in-Chief WEST GEORGIAN STAFF ALAN RICHSTONE EDWARD STOUT . ARLENE PHILLIPS . DICK GRACE . . . ESTHERA HUDSON Associate Editor Managing Editor Assistant Editor . Sports Editor Exchange Editor MARGE BOWEN MINELLE GIBSON MARY CLYDE LANGFORD SARAH SEWELL ROBERT M. STROZIER . Feature Editors Faculty Advisor 19)8 44 rHE CHIEFTAIN BILL BERRY CHARLES GOSS ROBERT LYNN BELL DOROTHY CAUSEY NELLE CLEGG VIRGINIA DOUGLAS SARA GLADNEY LLEWELLYN HAMM WOODFIN COLE Business Manager WEST GEORGIAN BUSINESS STAFF MARION LANIER TOM LUCK REPORTERS VIRGINIA HAMRICK RACHEL HUNT WARREN JONES JAMES KEY GERALDINE McBRAYER ROBERT LEE McNEW IRA MYRTLE PERRY MYRIC NUTT JEFF SLADE MARY ROBINSON BETTY RUCKER VIVIAN SMITH ROBERT STEPHENS FRANCES WALLIS DOROTHY WATSON Not in picture. - 19)8 45 THE CHIEFTAIH DEBATING CLUB The Debating Club has for its endeavor the pronnotion of all forensic activities. This past year the club has successfully attained its goal; culminating in three important phases. First, the inter-mural debate tournament; second, some fourteen inter-Collegiate debates presented on this and other college campuses; third, the national Phi Rho Pi Forensic society was formed by the inter-Collegiate debaters. OFFICERS DAN BREWSTER President NORTON GREENE Vice-President ARLENE PHILLIPS Secretary-Treasurer TOM HERNDON Parliamentarian L E. ROBERTS Faculty Advisor MEMBERS C. D. BAILEY ESTHER M. JAILLET ALAN A. RICHSTONE GEORGE T. BAGBV MARIE JONES HENRIETTA ROBERTS MARGE BROACH WARREN JONES JOSEPHINE ROGERS JOHN BROOKS HARBIN KING SARA SEWELL INESTELLE COLEMAN JEANELLE LEATHERS SHIRLEY SHERRILL VIRGINIA DOUGLAS TOM LUCK VIVIAN SMITH MINELLE GIBSON FRANCES McWILLIAMS RUTH STEINHEIMER LAMAR HAMMOND HELEN MITCHELL EDWARD STOUT AUBREY HAWKINS PAULINE PULLEN GENEVIEVE WRIGHT f 19S8 46 fHE CHIEFTAIN PHI RHO PI NATIONAL DEBATE SOCIETY Georgia Southwestern— Dual Debate December 3 University of Georgia at Genola January 20 Georgia Evening School at Atlanta February 25 Emory Junior— Dual Debate March 5 Geo rgia Debate Forum March I I Phi Rho Pi Divisional Tournament at Banner Elk, North Carolina . . March 17, 18, 19 Georgia Evening School at Genola March 29 G. S. C. W.— Dual Debate April 15 Young Harris— Dual Debate April 26 University of Georgia at Genola May 3 Piedmont College at Demorest May I I Spring Forensic Meet in Atlanta March 29 C. D. BAILEY, School Orator LAMAR HAMMOND TOM HERNDON TOM LUCK DAN BREWSTER ARLENE PHILLIPS HELEN MITCHELL HORTON GREENE 1918 47 THE CHIEFTAIN ZETA SIGMA PI (National Social Science Fraternity) " Investigation, Discussion, Action. " Promoted good will among campus organizations; and sponsored programs for the benefit and enjoyment of this Fraternity and the general public. OFFICERS MARTHA GLAD ' President DICK GRACE ' . . . Vice-President GERALDINE McBRAYER Secretary AUBREY HAWKINS Treasurer FACULTY ADVISORS J. C. BONNER L E. ROBERTS 19S8 48 THE CHIEFTAIN KEY MEMBERS WILBURN BOGGS VIRGINIA BROWN SARA GLADNEY MARTHA GLAD HORTON GREENE JEANELLE LEATHERS JOSEPHINE ROGERS FRANCES WALLIS MEMBERS ROBERT LYNN BELL PAULINE BERRY NELLE CLEGG WOODFIN COLE INESTELLE COLEMAN MILDRED DUNWOODY EVERETT McWHORTER JUNE HEWITT ARLENE PHILLIPS HENRIETTA ROBERTS ELOISE SPENCE VERNELLE THOMPSON IRVIN VANSANT TOMMIE WEBB 19$8 49 THE CHIEFTAIN r ... j . t — — 1 k m ir - - -if i ■ ,,■ ' ■ t _ ; ' i 1 I MU ZETA ALPHA OFFICERS NORTON GREENE President ALAN A. RICHSTONE Vice-President PAULINE BERRY Secretary RALPH MOBLEY Treasurer FACULTY ADVISORS THOMAS A. HART M. E. HOWELL G. B. LANG C P. TEBEAU Taking seriously its responsibility as the only college science group in Carroll County, Mu Zeta Alpha has endeavored to promote better medical care in the county by conveying information on the Ellis hiealth Law through speeches and articles to the rural communities and by trying to secure a voting majority for the law. Upwards of fifteen programs have been presented in the county, usually before the Parent-Teachers Association of the community. Besides this outstanding work, interesting monthly programs have been presented before the club, and a monthly bulletin has been issued. 1918 THE CHIEFTAIH PERSONNEL WILBURN BOGGS MARJORIE BROACH VIRGINIA BROWN MARTHA GLAD SARA GLADNEV LAMAR HAMMOND HENRY HARDMAN BILLY HARRIS KERMIT HARRIS AUBREY HAWKINS TOMMIE WEBB FRANCES HEARN ELOISE KILGORE JEANELLE LEATHERS EVERETT McWHORTER GERALDINE McBRAYER ELIZABETH NEWSOME IRA MYRTLE PERRY HAZEL SMITH MADIE ROSE THOMASSON VERNELLE THOMPSON HONORARY MEMBERS MRS. T. A. HART MRS. M. E. HOWELL MRS. C. P. TEBEAU . MRS. G. B. LANG Not in picture. 19)8 51 THE CHIEFTAIN ALPHA PSI The objective for Alpha Psi Club for this year is Development of Personality among the club members as well as on the campus. The club sponsored a Hobby Show February 15 in which all the clubs and different students participated. OFFICERS EMMIE BAKER President ARLENE PHILLIPS Vice-President DORIS OWINGS Secretary NELL LANE Treasurer RUBY JENKINS Faculty Advisor MEMBERS ELIZABETH ADAMS EVA CAUTHEN DOROTHY BANDY FRANCES CAMPBELL ESTELLE BARRON WILENE DAVIS MARGARET BOWEN LILLIE VEE DOYAL MARJORIE BROACH KATHERINE FULLER MARTHA JEANNE BROOKS MAGA LYNN GOSWICK WiLLELLEN BROOKS ■ NOVELLE HAM VIRGINIA BROWN FRANCES HEARN 19)8 ■h THE CHIEFTAIN MEMBERS lONE HUFF RACHEL HUNT AVIS JACKSON MARGARET JENKINS ELIZABETH KINNAMON NANCY KNIGHT MARY CLYDE LANGFORD MARION LANIER MARGARET LITTLE GERALDINE McBRAYER VIRGINIA MOTT MYRIC NUTT FRANC ' PHILLIPS LENA PRICE LOUISE PRICKETT VIRGINIA RAMSEY BETTY RUCKER DORIS SATTERFiELD SARAH SEWELL LAURA SHEFFIELD DOROTHY SMITH MILDRED SMITH SUE SMITH VIVIAN SMITH ELOISE SPENCE DOROTHY WATSON NELIE WILEY ELIZABETH WISE CATHERINE WOOD GENEVIEVE WRIGHT 19$8 53 THE CHIEFTAIH ' ■ ' ■ CICERONIAN LITERARY SOCIETY The Ciceronian Literary Society has for it ' s aims and purposes the creating of Interests, maintaining a desire and extending an appreciation for the literary masterpieces and the fine arts. The members helped in the promotion of student activities and sponsored a unique type of amusement — the Ciceronian Jamboree. OFFICERS RACHEL HUNT President BROWN DICKSON Vice-President DOROTHY CAUSEY Secretary-Treasurer FACULTY ADVISORS WENDELL H. BROWN DOROTHY ST. CLAIR ROBERT M. STROZIER MEMBERS MINNIE ALLGOOD NELLE CLEGG C. D. BAILEY VIRGINIA DOUGLAS WILBURN BOGGS LILLIE VEE DOYAL DAN BREWSTER MADGE DOYAL JOHN BROOKS MILDRED DUNWOODY VIRGINIA BROWN MARY LOUISE GLADDEN 1918 54 Ih THE CHIEFTAIN MEMBERS SARA GLADNEY SARA FRANCES McGUKIN DICK GRACE ROBERT McNEW NORTON GREENE FRANCES McWILLIAMS FRANCES HAMLETT MARY ELIZABETH MEADOWS LLEWELLYN HAMM CATHRYN MOZLEY KERMIT HARRIS ELIZABETH NEWSOME AUBREY HAWKINS GRACE THOMPSON MARY CLYDE LANGFORD PAULINE PRITCHARD MARY WILL LITTLE VERNELLE THOMPSON 1918 55 THE CHIEFTJUN DRAMATIC CLUB OFFICERS BETTY RUCKER ■ ■ ■ -. President NELLE CLEGG Vice-President MARGARET BOWEN Secretary-Treasurer WENDELL H. BROWN Faculty Advisor MEMBERS WILBURN BOGGS PAULINE BERRY DAN BREWSTER INESTELLE COLEMAN BROWN DICKSON DICK GRACE NORTON GREENE LAMAR HAMMOND FALL PRESENTATION ONE-ACT PLAYS SPRING PRESENTATION ROMANCES Roustrand UNDERTOW Weatherly ANNIVERSARY Chekon j ALICE SIT-BY-THE-FIRE [ Berry 1 ' . .V ' — • - ' . ' , ' - 19S8 56 TT THE CHIEFTAIN MEMBERS LOWELL HIX WILLIS HURST MARGARET JENKINS BEULAH KENT MARION LANIER MILDRED LEE TOM LUCK RUTH MEEKS PAUL MORRIS DORIS OWINGS ARLENE PHILLIPS SARAH SEWELL JEFF SLADE VIVIAN SMITH ALTON SPARKS EDWARD STOUT CATHERINE WOOD 1938 57 THE CHIEFTAIN MEN ' S GLEE CLUB OFFICERS ROBERT LEE McNEW President LOWELL HIX Vice-President ROBERT LYNN BELL Secretary-Treasurer DOROTHY ST. CLAIR Accompanist ROBERT M. STROZIER Director MEMBERS HUBERT AULTMAN ARTHUR FOSTER C. D. BAILEY CHARLES GOSS PRANK BASS MERLIN GOSS DAN BREWSTER DICK GRACE HOWARD BRYAN LAMAR HAMMOND AARON BUCKALEW BILLIE HARRIS FRANK DYSART HUBERT HAYS Not in picture. 19$8 58 THE CHIEFTAIN MEMBERS KERMIT HARRIS TOM HERNDON BOBBY HOLMES WILLIS HURST A. O. INGRAM WARREN JONES HARBIN KING ALLEN LONGINO TOM LUCK JAMES McGRAW J. P. McGUIRE KEITH MOORE PAUL MORRIS GILBERTO ORAMAS GAY ROWE JEFF SLADE ALTON SPARKS FRED SPRADLIN ROBERT STEPHENS Not in picture. MuI iIb 19$8 59 THE CHIEFTAIN THE WOMEN ' S OFFICERS DOROTHY ST. CLAIR Director MARY CLYDE LANGFORD President BETTY RUCKER Vice-President DOROTHY CAUSEY Secretary-Treasurer DOROTHY ST. CLAIR MILDRED DUNWOODY ELIZABETH ADAMS REBA FORRESTER GERALDINE BLISSETT MINELLE GIBSON ALICE HILL BOLDING MARY LOUISE GLADDEN WILLELLEN BROOKS NOVELLE HAM FRANCES CAMPBELL LLEWELLYN HAMM DOROTHY CAUSEY RACHEL HUNT FRANCES COCHRAN ESTHER MARIE JAILLET v: 19S8 60 m THE CHIEFTAIN GLEE CLUB MEMBERS MARGARET JENKINS MARY CLYDE LANGFORD MARION LANIER NORITA LINARES GERALDINE McBRAYER SARA FRANCES McGUKIN RUTH MEEKS MYRIC NUTT VIRGINIA RAMSEY JULIAN ROBINSON BETTY RUCKER DOROTHY SMITH GRACE THOMPSON VERNELLE THOMPSON DOROTHY WATSON 19S8 THE CHIEFTAIN VOLUNTARY RELIGIOUS ASSOCIATION The Voluntary Religious Association conducts a Vesper Service each Sunday afternoon at five o ' clock. Representatives have been sent to Student Religious Conferences at Athens, Georgia, October 29-31; Milledgeville, Georgia, February 4-6; and Tuskegee, Ala- banna, April I 6. The annual Religious Emphasis Week was sponsored May 11-12-13. A day was set aside especially for parents and high school representatives. OFFICERS RACHEL HUNT President HORTON GREENE Vice-President PAULINE BERRY Secretary-Treasurer RHEA TAYLOR Faculty Advisor EXECUTIVE BOARD ELIZABETH ADAMS NELL LANE EMMIE BAKER MARY CLYDE LANGFORD ROBERT LYNN BELL ELIZABETH NEWSOM MARGARET BOWEN MYRIC NUTT AARON BUCKALEW PAULINE PRITCHARD DOROTHY CAUSEY JOSEPHINE ROGERS LILLIE VEE DOYAL BETTY RUCKER MILDRED DUNWOODY SARAH SEWELL FRANK DYSART JEFF SLADE ARTHUR FOSTER GRACE THOMPSON TOM HERNDON TOMMIE WEBB ELIZABETH WHITELY 19S8 62 THE CHIEFTAIH W CLUB OFFICERS DICK GRACE President MARY CLYDE LANGFORD Vice-President MILDRED DUNWOODY : Secretary-Treasurer RHEA TAYLOR Coach MEMBERS VERNON ALMON BETTY JUNE HEWITT ROBERT LYNN BELL LOWELL HIX JOHN BOHANNON AVIS JACKSON HOWARD BRYAN TRAVIS JACKSON AARON BUCKALEW BEULAH KENT FRANCES CAMPBELL CEYLENE LAWLER WOODFIN COLE TOM LUCK EDNA DEAN DALLY RALPH MOBLEY LEON DUMUS TOM MOORE FULLER GORDON GILBERTO ORAMAS TOM GORDON FRANCES PATE MERLIN GOSS LOUISE PRICKETT HORTON GREENE GAY ROWE EARL GRIFFIN O. E. SMITH HENRY HARDMAN IRVIN VANSANT RENDER HEARD NELIE WILEY ELIZABETH WISE Not in picture. T " faJki BJiAi 1918 63 THE CHIEFTAIN 4-H CLUB Motto: " To Make The Best Better. " Aim: To develop leadership and to establish a scholarship loan fund. OFFICERS S. INGRAM Honorary Member PAULINE PRITCHARD . . ' President EMMIE BAKER First Vice-President CHARLES GOSS Second Vice-President VIRGINIA BROWN Secretary-Treasurer C. P. CLAXTON Faculty Advisor O. C. MULKEY ' . . Faculty Advisor MEMBERS ALLGOOD DOYAL BANDY FORRESTER BARRON GLADNEY BOLDING GOSWICK BOGGS GRAHAM BOOKOUT HAMLET BOWMAN HAMMOND CAMPBELL HAMRICK COLEMAN B. HARRIS CORNELISON K. HARRIS CURETON HAWKINS DAILEY HAYES DANIEL HOBBS DAVIS JACKSON DOUGLAS JAILLET JONES KEY LANE LANIER LITTLE McBRAYER MEADOWS MOBLEY OWINGS PATE PERKINS PHILLIPS PRICE PRICKETT M.ROBINSON P. ROBINSON ROGERS ROBERTS SHERRILL SIMMONS D.SMITH M.SMITH V.SMITH SPENCE STEINHEIMER STEWART THOMPSON TOMME WISE WHITELY WRIGHT t .Vy., 19S8 64 THE CHIEFTAIN 19)8 65 THE CHIEFTAIN OFFICERS ' CLUB DICK GRACE, Chairman EMMIE BAKER ROBERT LYNN BELL PAULINE BERRY MARGARET BOWEN DAN BREWSTER MARGE BROACH VIRGINIA BROWN DOROTHY CAUSEY NELLE CLEGG WOODFIN COLE BROWN DICKSON MILDRED DUNWOODY MINELLE GIBSON MARTHA GLAD SARA GLADNEY HORTON GREENE AUBREY HAWKINS TOM HERNDON BETTY JUNE HEWITT LOWELL HIX RACHEL HUNT NELL LANE MARY CLYDE LANGFORD GERALDINE McBRAYER ROBERT McNEW RALPH MOBLEY MYRIC NUTT DORIS OWINGS ARLENE PHILLIPS PAULINE PRITCHARD BETTY RUCKER ALAN RICHSTONE JEFF SLADE SARAH SEWELL ALTON SPARKS FRANCES WALLIS DOROTHY WATSON 1938 66 ATHLETICS ■ ' .■v .--■v .• ' THE CHIEFTAIH COACH TAYLOR In his -first year as head Athletic Director, Mr. Taylor showed that he knew athletics and that he was a regular fellow on the court. CO-CAPTAIN BOBBY BELL Sophomore center from Trion who led the team until an appendectomy forced him from complet- ing the season. He proved to be the school ' s best athlete. CO-CAPTAIN DICK GRACE Sophomore forward from Decatur who. In his second year on the varsity squad, came second in individual scoring. MERLIN GOSS Freshman forward, hailing from Byron, proved to be valuable, being high-point man. Good material for next season. DALTON SCOTT Second quarter entree from Bowdon, proved one of the best guards in the Junior College loop. He was seldom out of the play and had the ability to make points, too. EARL GRIFFIN Freshman from Baxley. Earl was the fastest man on the court. His speed proved invaluable in court covering. TOM LUCK Frosh forward from Carrollton. Tom ' s height made him an excellent man on crip shots and for taking balls off the backboard. BUDDIE BROWN Sophomore guard from Eaton. Buddie came in at the second quarter and after starring in three games suffered a fractured ankle and was lost to the team for the remainder of the season. O. E. SMITH, JR. Freshman forward from Tallapoosa. Smitty was a level-headed player who was an ace with a one hand side-court shot. ALLEN LONGINO Freshman center from Woodbury, to scrap carried him through the always driving hard in the thick of it. Allen ' s ability year. He was FULLER GORDON Freshman forward from Sargent. " Little Tom " proved a valuable reserve. He was a good shot and should play regular next year. GAY ROWE Another Freshman from Carrollton. Gay was ver- satile, playing more than one position. A straight shooter and a clean player. MANAGER COLE In his second year as varsity manager. Cole was a driving force behind the team. He kept the spirit up and was the first to kick at a referee ' s decision. 1938 69 THE CHIEFTAIN BASEBALL 1938 SCHEDULE W.G.C. vs. Youns Harris College April 8, 9. Here W.G. C. vs. North Georgia College April 14, 15. Here W. G. C. vs. Gordon ' April 22, 23. There W.G. C. vs. Young Harris College April 26, 27. There W. G. C. vs. Gordon May 3,4. Here W.G. C. vs. North Georgia College May II, 12. There 1937 TEAM Doks, Putman, Hix, Strickland, Moore, Allyn, B. Webb, Hill, J. L. Webb, Lambert, Kelly, Hussins, Jones, Gordon. Not in picture: Kirby, McGarity, Coach Bonner. g% ' n «■« ( 19$8 70 THE CHIEFTAIN SPEEDBALL First row: Crowder, Strickland, Neely, Lee, Grace, McLean, TeaL Herndon. Second row: Foste Harris, Stout, Luck, Acree, Longino, Crumpton, Vansant, Coach Taylor. WRESTLING fie aw First row: Strickland, Bohannon, Oramas, Lee, Herndon, Crowder, Neely. Second row: Staples, Stout, Greene, Harris, Stephens, McGuire, Coach Taylor. 19)8 (71 ) THE CHIEFTAIN WOMEN ' S TENNIS TEAM ,, ' -z-i ' " ' . ' ■ - ' ' ' ■ -■i f- Lan3ford, Wise, Campbell, Dunwoody, Coach Taylor. MEN ' S TENNIS TEAM .,,». -A £L Not in picture. Grace, Stephens, Hurst, Griffin, Coach Taylor. 1918 72 T FEATURES i ■ fjf-f ih R. F. D. The morning after Tom marches on! Return from the " Opera " Scavengers Why didn ' t she DODGE? Waiting for the worst THUMB-NAIL PORTRAITS C. D. BAILEY — Ah! Love! preacher. Vote and Ride, hen-pecl ed. Gene Talmadge, expounder of the " Awful Truth. " EMMIE BAKER — Gore Jr., red-head, Slade clan. Bell, Richardson, " hiist yer paw. " DOROThHY BANDY — Screams, hysteria, apologies to hlouse, hitch-hiking, chemist, tee-hee, trunk sitter, tee-hee, tempermental, puddle-buster. RUThI BARR — Goals, mannish bob, Tyus, gigantic, amiable. BOBBY BELL — Marge, Ladies ' Man, athlete, one-a-quarter, star basketball. PAULINE BERRY— School teacher, Mu Zeta Alpha, V. R. A., dental attractions. BILL BERRY— LANIER, sheik, bar ' s grease, soda-jerker. Dean ' s List (Ha! Ha!), Happy- go-lucky. REATHA BLACKWELDER— Quiet, day student, studious. Weaver ' s pupil, it runs in the family. WILBURN BOGGS — Mr. Virginia Brown, bootlicker, radical, Ga. ' s way out, scientist, timid soul. ALICE HILL BOLDING— Piano, Puckett, Calhoun special, truck to the right, Ed. BUDDY BROWN— Basketball Star, B. B., popular, balcony man. MILLICENT BOOKOUT— Ex Putt-Putt fan, meek. Cowan ' s pet. Tubby, sincere, ani- mated. MARGARET BOWEN— Aunt Penelope, Treadaway-Chandler, BELL-DRIVER-Mc-GUIRE, Hail, the gang ' s here, long hair. MILDRED LEE BOWEN— " The woman ' s crazy, " CLOWER, Georgia, hysterics, cousin, skating queen, quart-a-day. MILDRED BOWMAN— Glasses, pink hair, Bessie Tift, cats, poetry. DAN BREWSTER— G. S. C. W., French cutter, parson, hen fruit, oratundic orator, Atlanta Journal, Donald Duck, cheese sandwich. MARJORIE BROACH— Restriction special, Griffith, Georgia, Harry ' s friend. Miss Farley, Hubert coquettish. JOHN BROOKS — Chemistry, Tech, Howell duplex, Blondie, awkward, intelligentsia, man of mystery, A and P. VIRGINIA BROWN— BOGGS, Dean ' s List, baby voice, Tebeau ' s pet, Huck ' s girl, attractive. DOT CAUSEY — Rhythm queen, HENDRIX, Emory complex, school mar ' m, Elbert, vehement. EVA CAUTHEN — Demure, Badminton fan, runt, grit slinger, man hater, quiescent. DOROTHY CHAPPELL— Bill ' s twin, man hater, attractive, potential Flo Nightingale, figger, quiet. Dean ' s List. 76 COMPLIMENTS OF THE CARROLL THEATRE " Include Good Movies in Your Educational Study ' CARROLLTON GEORGIA Compliments of 8 THE TIMES I g PUBLISHING 8 n COMPANY KING - DOBBS COMPANY Commercial Printing ATLANTA GEORGIA ° Publishers of Two West Georgia Leading Weeklies The Carroll County Times CARROLLTON, GA. The Bowdon Bulletin BOWDON, GA. ( r. 11 n Compliments of . . . V. ° n Long and Herndon % n Bonds and Insurance n (] Serving Satisfied Ciislomers for Thirty-nine Years n CARROLLTON :: GEORGIA U Compliments of . . . % 1 ° n Harris Hardware n CARROLLTON :: GEORGIA U o V Compliments of THE FRUIT COMPANY r LADIES ' AND GENTS ' FURNISHINGS o APPREC ATES YOUR COOPERATION j o i VOGUE BEAUTY SALON ° Experienced Operators o I 1-3-5 Maple Street n CARROLLTON :: GEORGIA ° o Compliments of . . . U ° g The Peoples Bank n CARROLLTON, GEORGIA U . 8 ° Member o n n Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation U n Folsom ' s Dress Shoppe y 8 8 n iVe- ); Don Dresses ° Mo]ud and Lachmond Hose n ROME :: o GEORGIA g CARROLLTON GEORGIA 78 Watch Your Step Kentucky Colonel A Sophonnore on the Second Step of Learning Ministerial Spirits Going Our Way Vogue Competition Beauty and the Beast Be Good, Study hiard Love, Mother THUMB-NAIL PORTRAITS BILL CHAPPELL — Dodge, candy, watches, diamonds, etc., Jerry, Blondie, etc., race track alumni. NELLE CLEGG— CRAWFORD, engaged, (marked woman), two-timer, " Wild Nelle, " dramatist, V. R. A., Oramas, Freel. FRANCES COCHRAN— Dodd special, N. Y. A. gentleman, chronic grouch, " Lordee, " Mills. WOODFIN COLE — the man in the three cornered pants, mistreated, Floyd protege, grandma, sleepy, baby. Try-on, hHot Stuff! INESTELLE COLEMAN— Hawkins, affected. Mama ' s darling, lovelorn, Mr. Ross, dupe. PAULINE DAVENPORT— Neat, Dates, Quiet, Town Roomer, Eyes. CHRISTINE DENNY — Roopville RFD, noteworthy, sporty, square dance, men. J. B. DICKSON — Chevrolet, HUNT, esquire, pipe and derby. Junior, dancing lessons, snap shooter. Class of ' 40. HARRY DODD— Touchous, typist. Bob Burns second, Cochran. LILLIE VEE DOYAL— Hoo-ray, U. of Ga., chic. Bill, Horton ' s first, Winston, Villa Rica vamp, whistler. Red. MADGE DOYAL— SHARON, Emory Sigma Chi, Mr. Claxton ' s pet, big sister, true to one, unselfish, meticulous. MILDRED DUNWOODY— O. K., Tallapoosa, all round athlete, advocates drinking, petting and smoking. Oh yeah! energetic. Puritanical, codger. FRANK DYSART— Restriction, probation, Monte Carlo, Wa-hoo, Whitehall St., in- nocent Atlanta. INELLE ELLINGTON — Felker, the " Mrs., " probation, wee mite, Marvin, Harlow mop. JOE FELKER — Eccentric, dudeen, Ellington, Oralla, toe dancer, champion spitter. SARA NELL FLOYD — Hix, atomic, earnest, back porch lounger, clothes, anemic. WILTON GABRELS — Lawyer, one eye, sodajerker, S. C, dark and handsome. MARY LOUISE GLADDEN— Pianist, petite, Tallapoosa, Goss. MARTHA GLAD — Eccentric, apple polisher, speaker, Zeta Sig, N. Y., KEY, library, . brain trust. Key. SARA GLADNEY — Woman about town, O ' Neal, sense, coiffure, Sally, age of inno- cence, flirt de luxe, francais. Married (?). CHARLES GOSS — Preacher, Wake Forest, runt, mortgaged. University man. Griffin ' s, grandpa wanted. DICK GRACE — Clark Jr., savage, beard, miser, outstanding, jew boy. True to Mildred, laugh. Gable, Mortgaged, Finance Committee. HORTON GREENE — Dr. Lang the second, gambling wreck, restrictions plus, regular fellow, B. M. O. C, bootlicker, Hercules. 3 — iliUB M rf-. K , !»-- H af3 r r Intermission Where is the Key? Worrying Rock Can it be so? New Cells " Feats " Goobetnatorial Mansion Good bye, cruel world Editor ' s flunk y Mr. Huey is away o Cofitplimenfs of oc oc= CARROLL LUMBER COMPANY COMPLIMENTS OF CARROLLTON [ GEORGIA o n Compliments of . . . n Ben Franklin Store n C. E. Martin, Owner 8 % 5c TO $1.00 AND UP U where the College Students Always Receive o n a Welcome Western Auto Associate Store y n Hal Beckman, Owner o HARMON ' S n n wholesale and Retail n I GROCERIES AND FEED 5 o ° n n Phones 46-47 — 16 Newnan St. 2 n CARROLLTON :: GEORGL : oci (i f Lovvorn ' s Shoe Shop SERVICE AND COURTESY STAND AHEAD Compliments of . JAMES GRIFFIN District Manager GEORGIA POWER COMPANY Number 1 Newnan Street CARROLLTON :: GEORGIA ocy CARROLLTON GEORGIA 83 THUMB-NAIL PORTRAITS NOVELLE HAM — Eyes, Treadaway, Floyd, grits proof. One of the Almonds girls, first Ham. FRANCES HAMLETT — Adipose, congenial, school teacher, man hater. LLEWELLYN HAMM — Little Gypsy girl, Connie, clothes, hair, piquant, best part of the hog. ETHEL HARMON— Vamp, Rome, hair, eyes, clothes, RA. BILLY HARRIS— C. L. A., Gene Autry, Paulding Peanut, Faithful, Love beckons, Wilene. KERMIT HARRIS — Assistant Chemistry Prof., fickle, apple polisher, good guy, wink, mystery man of love. AUBREY HAWKINS — Papa, Dean ' s list, emphatic bootlicker, campus Dude heart blesser. Wanted: Fems. RENDER HEARD — Naomi Jones, Heard county, sweet dreams, appendectomy. FRANCES HEARN — Gunn ' s pet, little and likeable. Starvation diet, chemistry wizard, Bowdon. BETTY JUNE HEWITT— Francais, athletic, rolled hair, Cuba. LOWELL HIX— Father, Rheinhardt, Sarah Nell, gambler, fat. HETTIE B. HUBBLE — Ouiet and conservative, gritter, brunette, Shuttleworth. ESTHERA HUDSON — Chappell, blondie, hips, stenog.. Dodge, candied, watches, duplicity. RACHEL HUNT — Dickson, whistler, attractive, V. R. A., Runt, prexy, Dickson, snapshots. MAURICE INGLE — Ping-pong, Taylor ' s stooge, runt. Blonde demon. AVIS JACKSON — Grandiloquent, parsimonious, Atalanta, basketball. OLIVIA KELLER— Attractive, Butts, " OIlie, " U. of Ga., Ruby Keeler second, pipe smoker. BEULAH KENT — Telephone, daisy, Fred, probation, freckles, strawberry blond, love. ELIZABETH KINNAMON — Haint, probation, snake-charmer, hysterics, giggles, man- nequin. ROBERT E. KIRBY- Athlete? Mott, Doctor, hair, Romeo. NELL LANE — Miss Jenkins ' flunkey, cow-boy, dental attraction. MARY CLYDE LANGFORD— " My Little Buckaroo, " song-bird, page boy bob, (what, no dirt?). MARION LANIER— Still stringing, pretentious, gushy, BERRY, Beauty. JEANELLE LEATHERS— Alfalfa, Capacious, blondie, lanky. GRACE LITTLE — Big sister, ductile, professor. MARY WILL LITTLE— Baby sister, personality, dynamic. 84 COMPLIMENTS OF . . ' -= aa «saa U BREMEN :: :: GEORGIA J n Compliments of . . . o Compliments of . . . y o 11 ° ll I Tanner Produce Co. ! T.H.MERRILL j U • 8 U n u n On the Square U U 8 U n n ANNISTON :: ALABAMA U n CARROLLTON :: GEORGIA U ° ° J Compliments of .. . ] M N T A G ' S 8 n 8 s • 8 ° The Farmer ' s Store ] ° school supplies and y J y STATIONERY [ y • % On Sale at The Book Store S CARROLLTON :: GEORGIA ] MONT AG BROTHERS INC., ATLANTA U 85 oc WE ARE PROUD of West Georgia College and appreciate our friends among the students and faculty! Compliments of . . . DAN BREWSTER AGENT for THE ATLANTA JOURNAL CARROLLTON DRUG COMPANY CARROLLTON GEORGIA Editorials - Features Sports - Wirephoto CARROLLTON GEORGIA °X) MEET US ACROSS FROM THE DEPOT ... AT The Greenfront Sandwicli J. G. Brock, Proprietor " WE NEVER SLEEP " (J o Phone 387 o CARROLLTON :: :: GEORGIA J o n 86 ' Peaches Snow White Man Mountain Dean Cabinites Campustry Neophytes Tarzan ' s Mate THUMB-NAIL PORTRAITS NORITA LINARES — Dynamite, homesick, spoiled brat, senorita, Leonard, hunsry. FRANK LOVVORN— Song-bird, Bremen, left over, timid soul. Parson. LORINE LYLE — Appendectomy, good natured, school teacher. GERALDINE McBRAYER— Pleasantly plump. Bill Jr., restrictions, proctor (ahemi). SARAH FRANCES McGUKIN— Tiny, Chevy, Dark eyes, vamp. A. B. McLEAN — Cock-of-the-walk, transfer, bluebeard, corn, rye, and tomato juice. ROBERT McNEW — Baldy, dry cleaning, personality, songster. FRANCES McWILLIAMS — Nicknames, " wom, " perpetual conversationalist, a ?8% snap shooter. EVERETT McWHORTER— Squirt, half-pint, A. P. specials, ha ha! MARY MATTESON — Sweet, quiet, temperamental, parson ' s daughter, docile. MARY ELIZABETH MEADOWS— Fallen from Grace, fickle, icicle, another timid soul. RALPH MOBLEY — Genola ' s chink, soup strainer, tall, dark, and handsome, Mysog- onist. TOM MOORE — Mama ' s darling, Floyd, indolent, apathetic, Martha. CATHERYN MOSLEY— " Cat, " peculiar, giggle, giggle. ROY NEELY — Politician, specks, crooner (with apologies to Bing Crosby). ELIZABETH NEWSOME— Contortionist, Ma St. 2nd, expressionist, affected. MYRIC NUTT — String sister, beautiful but dumb, sphinx, Shumake, dancer, warbler. GILBERTO ORAMAS — Exotic, Havana, wrestler, skater de luxe, Neely, " who say so?, " moustache. DORIS OWINGS — C. C. Course, Marion, tranquil, humanitarian, U. of Ga. ARLENE PHILLIPS— Yam danky. Stout, Ward ' s stooge, roly poly, procrastinator, versatile. FRANCES PHILLIPS— Busybody, curiosity, je June. DOROTHY POWELL — Spinsterish, eccentric, studious, pa ' s flunky. MARGIE POWERS— Sweet, smile, " little Orphan Annie, " earnest. LENA PRICE — Vapid, Dot ' s nursemaid, page, quiet. PAULINE PRITCHARD— 4-H, quiet, Oregon, Canine lover, originality. PAULINE PULLEN— Complexion, inanimate, clothes. Buck, dilly dally, dilatory. ALAN RICHSTONE— Snipe hunter, Yankee, bell hop. Smith, Poughkeepsie, Ellis Health Law. JULIAN ROBINSON— Restriction, Red, grit hall hostess. Green Front weakness. HENRIETTA ROBERTS— Coiffeur, Calhoun caper. Mutt, giggle. JOSEPHINE ROGERS — Brown eyes, Jo, intelligentsia, book-browser. r o i Not So Many Years Ago the village blacksmith or community cabinet maker was the local " Undertaker, " so called because he " undertook " to render the departed their last tribute of respect . . . Today such outworn customs have been supplanted by modern technique, members of our calling have become profes- sional men in the truest sense of the word. As in every walk of life, keeping abreast of progressive trends neces- sitates consistent improvement Such is our aim. I MARTIN.ALMON n Morticians — Phone 38 n AMBULANCE SERVICE CARROLLTON, GEORGIA COMPLIMENTS OF THE ATLANTA LINEN ATLANTA :: :: GEORGIA (iDC=DOC THUMB-NAIL PORTRAITS ZELDA ROOKS — Scott, meticulous, meek and sweet, studious. BETTY RUCKER — Orbs, rates, most popular, lingo, " yumph, " Griffin guide (back street). SARAH SEWELL — A. B., Henry, procrastinator, two-timer, fastidious, enunciation, debater, striking. SHIRLEY SHERRILL— Atlanta bound, parson, girl hauler, hat vender. Dad. CLAUDE SIMS — N. Ga. brogue, shorty, glasses, pink complexion, blondie. JEFF SLADE — Distant, Thomaston hot stuff!, dainty, smooth struggler, prissy. HAZEL SMITH — Freckles, carrot top, specs, studious, quiet, pleasantly plump. VIVIAN SMITH — Gushy, colossal, flirtatious, flibbertigibbet, " my boy friend, " Abraham. ELOISE SPENCE — The short of it, studious, good Samaritan, martyr, accidents. RUTH STEINHEIMER — Ambulating apparatus, penuriousness, art craze. FEODOR STRICKLAND— " Pete, " Neely ' s r oomie, nose, Atlanta, baseball, Margie. GERTRUDE STUART — Abac, immigrant, baby face, boy friends. SUE SMITH — Equestrian, Mona Lisa, water on the knee??, pipes, tempermental. ORALLA TOMPKINS— Al, Washington, D. C, Brewster, struts, jolly, studious, Stella Dallas, dancer. GRACE THOMPSON — Giglot, hair dresser, arid, Gracie Allen (she ' tinks), dimples, native of Franklin. VERNELLE THOMPSON — Roy, Dahlonega, worry wurra, piano plunker. IRVIN VANSANT— Meek, dishwasher, Reba, calm. FRANCES WALLIS— Tall, AAA list, poet, talented, moods. DOROTHY WATSON— House mama, temperamental (99% temper, 1% mental), cradle robber, inconsistent. Doc. TOMMIE WEBB — Essence of niceness, carrot top, Tallapoosa, quiet, beautician. FRANK WEST — Taxi, 6 footer, reserved, quiet, dreamer. ELIZABETH WHITELY — Edacious, grandma. Excelsior, conscientious, faithful S. S. S. GENEVIEVE WRIGHT— Abac, motherly, grand dancer. Crouch, flowers, unfaithful. vo: iT° u n Compliments of . . . n Compliments of . . . ] n The Men ' s Shop Palmer and Holcombe and Horton ' s n y n 15 Alabama Street n CARROLLTON :: GEORGIA U H CARROLLTON :: GEORGIA Lo_o_o_oc=30 =.o = oc=.o_o =.oJ Lo = o_o_oc=.o_o_oc oc=.o_ n Compliments of . . . On Compliments of . . . WILEY CREEL ! » Carrollton Hardware n y Company y JEWELER n y GEORGIA The Home of Good Hardware CARROLLTON :: GEORGIA n CARROLLTON :: FOR THE PAUSE THAT REFRESHES BETWEEN CLASSES DRINK CARROLLTON COCA-COLA BOTTLING COMPANY A. W. Ford, Manager CARROLLTON GEORGIA o = o i (91) LE GRANDE FLOUR . . . for ... Better Biscuits and Pastries Distributed for Fourteen Years by C. M. TANNER GROCERY CO. CARROLLTON GEORGIA rpO L O J P0 : ' ) ° Compliments of . . . The Hub Company o COMPLIMENTS D OF. . . I o Webb Auto Company | Standard Oil Service Station ° Corner Newnan and Tanner Streets ° CARROLLTON :: GEORGIA Jackson ' s Seed Store I Field and Garden Seed n o A Cordial Welcome to All 8 NEWNAN STREET S CARROLLTON :: GEORGIA ' i o Add thrift to your plan of life and you help to y eliminate worry CARROLLTON GEORGIA =X n Compliments of . . . o 8 Young Men ' s Bible Cla s Methodist Church Carrollton Georgia U Carrollton Federal Savings and Loan Association }. A. VAUGHN Secretary Carrollton Georgia ( c 92 oc =A) COMPLIMENTS OF. . . HOTEL CLIFTON H. H. GRAY, JR. Proprietor COMPLIMENTS OF . . . RICHARDS BROTHERS Carrollton, Georgia Contractors Building Materials Rough and Dressed Lumber n Carrollton : : o Georgia ?. n Hugh Richards Roy Richards ?. O rt o r ° COMPLIMENTS OF CITY SUPPLY COMPANY n Carrollton :: Georgia o - " n ° y n Compliments of . . . n Com-pUments of . . . 5 M. L. Fisher J Real Estate o n First National Bank Building Villa Rica Oil Mill n CARROLLTON :: GEORGIA villa RICA GEORGIA 93 r ° ° ° ° ° ° ° ° ° ° ° ° ° ° ° ° °, ° ° ° ' J IN OUR EDUCATIONAL WORK . . . o D o [] If the elements of culture are being o ° neglected our advancement will be o J toward lower instead of higher o ° realms of thought o. lAayor and City Council CARROLLTON :: GEORGIA - (?■= SOUTHEASTERN MOTOR LINES 6 Daily Round Trips to Atlanta 2 Daily Round Trips to Rome 2 Daily Round Trips to Heflin 1 Daily Round Trip to Griffin Free Service Between Bus Station and College Compliments of . . . H. T. COFFEE SHOP Phone 9104 Good Food :: Well Served Cigars and Cigarettes Sodas and Candies Carrollton Georgia Carrollton Georgia - o ZDOCy V n -i nc o 94 = =;) oc = = n Compliments of . . . Pike ' s Bowling Alley o " Fascinating . . . Healthful " NEWNAN STREET CARROLLTON :: GEORGIA C c oci W. M. Boynton n Photographer n Developing, Films, Enlarging U ° and Tinting f] y COMPLIMENTS D OF. . . o I JONES DRUG COMPANY 8 n 1 Ur. Jones 5 Dr. Carter o y C. B. Lassiter n Julian hreel ADAMSON SQUARE CARROLLTON :: GEORGIA Carrollton Georgia ° COMPLIMENTS y OF. . . J SOUTHLAND ICE n COMPANY ?, Pure Taste Free Ice y 8 is » • • • ' s . . . J n b u p e r 1 o r o o u 8 • I I Save With Ice 5 8 » n Nelson Gilreath, Manager n n Carrollton :: Georgia n r o Kytle-Aycock y W o Furniture Dealers o Funeral Directors g PHONE 323 n CARROLLTON GEORGIA ni o. .n r n n. n n |-| o ■ U °n n C. L. Fain Company y n ■ 8 y Wholesale Fruits, Produce n U and Fancy Groceries n GEORGIA ATLANTA :: o ocy 95 THERE imE MUtt REASONS :WHY SUCCESSFUL AMKTOLS REQUIRE t|iE SER¥IClS OF ' EXPERIENCED ■ A:K : ;f 1pMt c ni f tsu e N: f E BilYIES GO. .HA E: OTESH: SERVICES . 3 : " ■ k; sFEoiAE ANBUAi, ■ 0my: ' $: i m ■SEH: CE.-ORGA10EAl|0 :: ' :A:a .CHEAtIVC DESlGNM:SV!ANi-fi ;ttYOUT .ARTISTS, •:::ABllNfXANt " ; ' EQUIPMENT : . . -MODERN AND; :■; ' d ] :cc MPi.EXE- :p rices, repee: ;:;: " ;; ' -: " sENf iBG-mxiMUM IN • •muff :: i ' ii»j( " . w m iiii in i l ii j ii i m ifii»[i ■AfMWTA ■- . -:. ... ' : ..■■■;: ■ " " 1 ■■■■■■ M m% im mm «i iiiwiiiiiii» i i ji| iii|i i ;; | ' H . ) ii w iiii g it« V i gi i ' ■ ■ ' ■■ ■ ' ■■■■ ' • " ' ■■ ' ... ' . .i. ' .r.... ' - .it. _.i_ !u._. -...■■ -■■ „ ' • - ■ - . I -«s i " ll lf ii H iUwte t ll i- il« ll-»t i l lll|l ii il lllll iH|l« l lj liwiwili 96 « " ■a ' , » l ' ' t-% 1 I .%A SOUTH ' YEAR BOOK k. nm-miiss mmm co. 115 - I I 9 LUC K I E S T R E E T • ATLANTA GEORGIA I i ' I ssr n la A yfpe " - ' ly X X. i I ' 13 ' - ' i :j- ( . ••. - » ij I ' oi-yO rds Q,Hw3rd£ ( . A 3 9 if ' I ' If;: . ' I 1 kO .. n d

Suggestions in the University of West Georgia - Chieftain Yearbook (Carrollton, GA) collection:

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