University of West Georgia - Chieftain Yearbook (Carrollton, GA)

 - Class of 1937

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Text from Pages 1 - 110 of the 1937 volume:

• ' i ' -O ' -i I. " ' - ' i. Scarlett O ' Hara IRVINE SUltlVAN INGRAM Lt ARY wfeisT GEORGIA coaiai wMm STATE UNIVERSITY OF WESTjEORGIA CARROkLTON, GEOf=felA GARIIOULTON. 0PO»» k mm Frank S. Kelly Edit or-in-C h ief Robert Malone Richardson James G. Robertson, Jr. Business Managers o - Va «t V ' The theme of this book is " Gone With the Wind. " The drawings for this theme are by Warner Morgan, West Georgia student, who has con- tributed graciously of his talents. The editors have tried to represent within this book the most interesting and most representative features of student life at West Georgia College during 1936-37. In keeping with this aim, they have chosen as the theme of the book, " Gone With the Wind, " which is an example of typical Southern life. If, in future years this hook causes one to re- live his cherished experiences at W. G. C, our work will not have been in vain. MARGARET MITCHELL EAST SEVENTEENTH STREET N, ATLANTA, GEORGIA NovemTaer 18, 1936 Dear Mr. Kelly: I cannot tell you how much I appreciate the fact that the staff of The Chieftain is dedicating this year ' s annual to me and using " Gone With the Wind " as the theme of the volume. Honors are always sweet, of course, " but never sv;eeter than when bestowed by those closest to us, those of our own State and section. You and the annual staff have made me very happy and I thank you . Cordially, MLZ. • C : ; ' er t ' ea i ' M To Margaret Mitchell, who so graciously consented to our use of her magnificent book ; who, when even at the pinnacle of success and fame, had time to be interested in the Chieftain ; who has willingly co- operated with us at all times; wbo has taken great interest and pleasure in our work, we dedicate this, the fourth volume of the Chieftain. g gi i w» ■ w : x: - M - i S . ' € M€eft e St i e mddei eimtm The Barbecue 0 m e e --»«=. -. SE i» " iS S tlMl a m: l i ' c eeimiMa 4L« «.. ■ ms ? " " w " af A y Irvine S. Ingram A.B., M.A. President W. Fred Gunn B.S., M.S. Dean Professor of Education - 12- y ' €i me f J. C. Bonner, A.BJ., M.A. Director of Physical Education; Instructor of Social Science Lucy E. Burkhalter, B.S.H.E. Dietitian ZoE Cowan, B.S., M.A. Assistant Professor of Education Katie Downs, B.S., M.A. Supervisor Training School T. A. Hart, B.S., M.A. Instructor of Biology M. E. Howell, B.S.A., B.A., M.A. Instructor of Chemistry Ruby Jenkins, B.S.H.E., M.A. Instructor of Home Economics Gaines B. Lang, B.A., M.A., Ph.D. Professor of Science and Mathematics -13- =5=-«cJ«J y ' aea y L. E. Roberts, A.B., M.A. Professor of Social Science Philip J. Shuttleworth, B.S.C. Registrar Dorothy St. Clair, B.M., B.S.A. Instructor of Music and Art Robert M. Strozier, B.Ph., M.A. Professor of Romance Languages ; Dean of Men Sarah Ward, B.S. Dean of Women Gordon Watson, B.A., M.A. Professor of English Mrs. Gordon Watson, B.S.C. Secretary Annie Belle Weaver, B.A., B.A.L.S. Librarian ■ 14- Scarlett ' s Arrival in Atlanta ma4Je Q uf € i S e€ 0 eeM John J. Rivers President Grady C. Cook Vice-F resident Esther Rose Zill Secretary-Treasurer • 17- Stephens Ncwnaii, Georgia President Sophomore Class ; Vice-President Fresh- man Class ; Glee Club ; Dramatic Club ; Officers ' Club (36-37) ; Basketball (36). Weems Boyd CarroUtoii, Georgia Vice-President Sophomore Class ; Mu Zeta Alpha ; Ciceronian Literary Society ; West Georgian Staff (36-37) ; Chieftain Staff (36-37) ; Chemistry Laboratory Assistant ; Archery Team ; Dean ' s List. Kathryn Gaines Cave, Georgia Secretary Sophomore Class ; Mu Zeta Alpha ; French Club ; Archery Team ; Dean ' s List. Elbert C. Hendrix Havana, Cuba Treasurer Sophomore Class ; Mu Zeta Alpha ; Phi Sigma Alpha ; Chieftain Staff ; Sports Editor, West Georgian; Dean ' s List. Walter W. Ashworth Ranger, Georgia Glee Club i; ) ; Chieftain Staff (37). Evelyn Ballard Carrollfon, Georgia Phi Sigma Alpha ; Alpha Psi ; Ciceronian Literary Society: Glee Club (36-37). Zed Maxwell Beck LaGrange, Georgia West Georgian Staff (36-37) ; Chieftain Staff (36-37). Mildred Brown Tallapoosa, Georgia Bowdon College (i). Georgia Castle berry Lumpkin, Georgia Glee Club; 4-H Club; Student Council, Vice- President ; Ciceronian Literary Society ; Voluntary Religious Association. Hettie Chandler Social Circle, Georgia IVest Georgian Staff {37); Phi Sigma Alpha; Ciceronian Literary Society ; Woman ' s Riflery. 18 Randolph Chandler Social Circle, Georgia Wrestling Team (37). Ruth Chapman Shiloh, Georgia Women ' s Riflery. Grady C. Cook Woodla nd, Georgia Vice-President Student Body; Glee Club; " W Club, President ; Voluntary Religious Association Board of Managers ; Varsity Basketball (36-37) Staff West Georgian iz?)- Frances Coppedge Griffin, Georgia Alpha Psi; West Georgian Staff; Chieftain Staff. Opal Cowart CarroUton, Georgia Phi Sigma Alpha ; Ciceronian Literary Society Mu Zeta Alpha; Glee Club (37) ; Dean ' s List. R. L. Crawford Locust Grove, Georgia Wrestling Team (37) ; Archery Team {T,y) Elizabeth Crew Dallas, Georgia 4-H Club. Mary Nell Crew Dallas, Georgia University of Georgia ; 4-H Club Pauline Davenport Rockmart, Georgia Alpha Psi. Dorsey Denney Roopville, Georgia 19- Brown Dickson CarroUton, Georgia Ciceronian Literary Society; Dramatic CUib. William M. Donehoo RosiveU, Georgia Mu Zeta Alpha ; Deba ting Club ; Rifle Team. Dorothy Doster Gore, Georgia Alpha Psi, President ; Dramatic Club ; Glee Club ; Student Council ; 4-H Club, Secretary ; Chieftain Staff. Mable Duncan Netvnan, Georgia Phi Sigma Alpha; Mu Zeta Alpha; 4-H Club; Archery Team. Lois Estes Gay, Georgia 4-H Club. Ruth Estes Gay, Georgia 4-H Club. Jamie Fitzpatrick LaFayette, Georgia 4-H Club. Jack C. Fleming Hartzvell, Georgia Glee Club ; " W " Club ; Student Council, President. Andrew Schaull Floyd Atlanta, Georgia Voluntary Religious Association, President ; Glee Club; " W " Club; Wrestling Team, Coach; Of- ficers ' Club; JVest Georgian Staff (37); Chief- tain Staff (37) ; Board of Managers (36) ; Var- sity Baseball. J. A. Fowler, Jr. Roanoke, Alabama Glee Club ; Varsity Speedball. • 20- i iA n - d Kathryn George Oxford, Georgia Glee Club ; Student Council ; 4-H Club. Henry Howard Handley Tyrone, Georgia Phi Sigma Alpha, President ; Debating Club, Secretary {37); Intercol ' egiate Debater; Dean ' s List. Helen Hanes Madison, Georgia Mu Zeta Alpha ; Student Council, President ; Phi Sigma Alpha ; Dean ' s List. Fred Hansard Carrollton, Georgia French Club : Ciceronian Literary Society ; Glee Club (37); " W " Club; Varsity Basketball. Rosalind Hays Doiiglasville, Georgia Glee Club, Vice-President ; Mu Zeta Alpha, Secre- tary ; French Club ; Voluntary Religious Associa- tion, Treasurer ; Student Council, Secretary ; Ciceronian Literary Society ; West Georgian Staff ; Chieftain Staff ; Dean ' s List. Gwendolyn Hines Newnaii, Georgia Alpha Psi ; Voluntary Religious Association. Glenn M. Hogan Carrollton, Georgia Mu Zeta Alpha, President : Ciceronian Literary Society, Vice-President ; Debating Club ; Inter- collegiate Debater ; French Club ; Dramatic Club ; JVcst Georgian Staff ; Most Versatile Boy ; Dean ' s List. James Marion Huddleston Fayetteville, Georgia Debating Club, President (36) ; Interco ' legiate Debater ; Phi Sigma Alpha ; Ciceronian Literary Society ; 4-H Club. William Forrest Ingram Roekmart, Georgia Debating Club; " W " Club; Wrestling Team (36). Robert Jackson McDonough, Georgia Debating Club ; Intercollegiate Debater ; Most Popular Boy; Glee Club (36); West Georgian Staff (36). 21- ja= -. . iiiu % e n fi4i€4 Travis Jackson CarroUton, Georgia " W " Club ; Tennis Team. Barnie Philip Jones Brooks, Georgia Mu Zeta Alpha; Phi Sigma Alpha; Glee Club; Dean ' s List. James I. Jones Social Circle, Georgia Dramatic Club ; " W " Club ; Ciceronian Literary Society. Naomi Jones Lumber City, Georgia Alpha Psi : 4-H Club. Barbara Justice Trion, Georgia Secretary-Treasurer Freshman Class ; Dramatic Club; West Georgian Statif; Officers ' Club (36); Chieftain Staff (37); Best All-Round Girl; Dean ' s List. Frank S. Kelly Blakely, Georgia Editor-in-Chief Chieftain ; Managing Editor West Georgian ; French Club, President ; Debat- ing Club, President ; Intercollegiate Debater ; Vol- untary Religious Association, Vice-President ; " W " Club, Secretary; Phi Sigma Alpha; Varsity Base- ball ; Officers ' Club (36-37) ; Board of Managers (36-37) ' Best All-Round Boy; Dean ' s List. Jessie Keith Alvaton, Georgia G. S. C. W. (i). Lillian King Molena, Georgia Alpha Psi, Vice-President; 4-H Club. Morris A. King Dalton, Georgia Chieftain Staff; " W " Club; Archery, Manager Varsity Basketball; Wrestling Team (36). i 22 i Robert Knox Thoniaston, Georgia Editor-in-Chief West Georgian; Managing Editor Chieftain ; Dramatic Club ; French Club ; Volun- tary Religious Association; Officers ' Club (36-37)- Byron Lambert Temple, Georgia Speedball ; Volleyball. Frank Lovvorn Carrollton, Georgia Magdalene McBrayer Temple, Georgia Alpha Psi. Frances McCary Kingston, Georgia Ciceronian Literary Society ; 4-H Club ; Volley- ball. Milton Stewart McKibben Social Circle, Georgia Glee Club ; West Georgian Staff. Ethel Lee McLarin Fairburn, Georgia Ciceronian Literary Society, Treasurer ; 4-H Club ; Voluntary Religious Association. Claire McLarty Douglasville, Georgia Associate Editor Chieftain; Alpha Psi, Treas- urer; Glee Club; West Georgian Staff; Hiking Club. Owen H. Malcolm Social Circle, Georgia Phi Sigma Alpha, Vice-President; Mu Zeta Alpha ; Ciceronian Literary Society ; Dramatic Club ; Glee Club, Secretary-Treasurer ; West Geor- gian Staff; Chieftain Staff. 23- sa s juasauii Nina Martin Carrollton, Georgia Alpha Psi ; 4-H Club ; Dean ' s List. Grace Massengale Gail, Georgia 4-H Club. Annie Ruth Marchmont Dallas, Georgia Mu Zeta Alpha; Glee Club; Voluntary Religious Association. Ruth Mitchell Hampton, Georgia West Georgian Staff; Chieftain Staff (36); Archery Team. Vivian Mize Caz ' e Spring, Georgia Warner Morgan LaGrange, Georgia Artist, Chieftain; Glee Club {37); West Geor- gian Staff; Voluntary Religions Association; Wrest ing Team ; Dean ' s List. Jane Osterhout Sharpsburg, Georgia Alpha Psi, Vice-President (36) ; Ciceronian Liter- ary Society ; Archery Team ; Hiking Club. Orel Payne Rome, Georgia Dramatic Club; Chieftain Staff; Student Coini- cil, Treasurer; Voluntary Religious Association; French Club ; Tennis Team. Henrietta Peacock Fairburn, Georgia Dramatic Club ; Ciceronian Literary Society. 24. Virginia Poindexter Cartcrsville, Georgia G. S. C. W. (i); Alpha Psi ; Dramatic Club Glee Club; Student Council; Tennis Team. Robbie Nell Ponder LaFayette, Georgia Alpha Psi; 4-H Club. Alvada Pope Tallapoosa, Georgia Alpha Psi. Alford Prince Cenfralliafchee, Georgia Glee Club : Debating Club ; Intercollegiate De bater ; Chieftain Staff ; Phi Sigma Alpha. R. L. Putnam Cohutta, Georgia Basketball, Manager; Speedball ; Voluntary Re ligious Association. Mrs. R. L. Putnam Cohutta, Georgia Ciceronian Literary Society ; Voluntary Religious Association ; Dean ' s List. Virginia Rainey Elherton, Georgia Mu Zeta Alpha, Vice-President ; Phi Sigma Alpha ; Ciceronian Literary Society, Secretary ; French Club ; Voluntary Religious Association, Secretary ; IV est Georgian Staff; Chieftain Staff; Archery Team ; Dean ' s List. Rushia Ray Cave Spring, Georgia Student Council ; Ciceronian Literary Society. Earl Reaves Carrollton, Georgia Mu Zeta Alpha ; French Club ; Glee Club ; Dra matic Club. • 25. " " SE SB " HBBIIB « " WaB Lewis B. Reese Carrollton, Georgia Debating Club ; Phi Sigma Alpha : Dramatic Club ; West Georgian Stafif ; Dean ' s List. Robert Malone Richardson Villa Riea, Georgia President Freshman Class ; Business Manager Chieftain; Associate Editor West Georgian; Mu Zeta Alpha ; Voluntary Religious Association ; Officers ' Club; Boxing Team (36). John J. Rivers Fayetteville, Georgia President Student Body; Wrestling Team {z7)- James G. Robertson Carrollt on, Georgia Mu Zeta Alpha ; Business Manager Chieftain ; West Georgian Staff ; Glee Club, Vice-President ; Dramatic Club ; Debating Club. Betty Ann Sewell Temple, Georgia Dramatic Club ; Glee Club ; West Georgian Staff ; Voluntary Religious Association ; Ciceronian Liter- ary Society ; Rifle Team. ViRGINI.A ShOFFEITT Carrollton, Georgia Ciceronian Literary Society, President ; French Club, Secretary-Treasurer; Glee Club; West Georgian Staff; Tennis Team; Most Popular Girl. Glynn Shumake Franklin, Georgia Glee Club; " W " Club; Varsity Basketball, Cap- tain (i7) Varsity Baseball; Most Athletic Boy; Rifle Team. Mildred Sims Villa Rica, Georgia Mu Zeta Alpha; Phi Sigma Alpha; Alpha Psi Chieftain Staff; Dean ' s List. Willis A. Sims Laivrenceville, Georgia Glee Club; " W " Club; Wrestling Team. 26- y ' jiiejieS Laura Smith Carrolhon, Georgia Mu Zeta Alpha ; Phi Sigma Alpha ; Alpha Psi ; Glee Club, Secretary-Treasurer ; Tennis Team : Dean ' s List. Frances Spradlin Ncivnan, Georgia Alpha Psi ; Ciceronian Literary Society. Thomas Arnold Spradlin Franklin, Georgia Glee Club ; Rifle Team. Pelham Staples Roopvillc, Georgia Wrestlino- Team ; Rifle Team ; Boxing Team. Kathryn Stephens Fairburn, Georgia Phi Sigma Alpha, Secretary-Treasurer ; Mu Zeta Alpha ; Ciceronian Literary Society ; 4-H Club ; Dean ' s List. Elizabeth Strange Rome, Georgia Phi Sigma Alpha ; Mu Zeta Alpha ; Voluntary Religious Association ; Dean ' s List. J. W. Sutton Cedartown, Georgia Dramatic Club; Glee Club; Wrestling Team; Boxing Team (36). Norman Tant Mt. Zion, Georgia Phi Sigma Alpha ; Debating Club ; Glee C ub ; West Georgian Staffs. Moselle Taylor Carrolhon, Georgia Managing Editor Chieftain ; West Georgian Staff ; Dramatic Club, Vice-President ; French Club, Vice-President ; Mu Zeta Alpha ; Phi Sigma Alpha ; Glee Club ; Debating Club ; Intercollegiate Debater ; Ciceronian Literary Society ; Officers ' Club ; Archery Team ; Dean ' s List. 27 • ■H! ff- H Billy Thomas Temple, Georgia Varsity Speedball ; Ping-Pong ; Dean ' s List. Margie Thompson Alpharetta, Georgia Club; 4-H Club; West Georgian Staff (36). O. N. Todd, Jr. Tallapoosa, Georgia Dramatic Club, President; Glee Club, President; Business Manager West Georgian; French Club, President (36); Chieftain Staff; Tennis Team; Dean ' s List. O ' Rear Treadaway Rome, Georgia Glee Club ; Ciceronian Literary Society ; " W " Club; West Georgian Staff; Tennis Team. George H. Vincent Fairmount, Georgia Phi Sigma Alpha ; Dramatic Club ; Debating Club. Doris Webb Chickamauga, Georgia Alpha Psi ; Student Council. Bob Webb CarroUton, Georgia French Club ; Ciceronian Literary Society ; " W " Club; Varsity Basketball; Varsity Baseball; Var- sity Speedball. James L. Webb CarroUton, Georgia French Club; " W " Club; Varsity Baseball. James Westbrook Bremen, Georgia • 28- Rai.i ' h C. Westbrook Dalton, Georgia Debating Club; West Georgian Staff; Voluntary Religious Association ; " W " Club ; Wrestling Team; Boxing Team (36). Dorothy White Lithonia. Georgia Glee Club; 4-H Club; Hiking Club. WiNNETTE White Lithonia, Georgia 4-H Club, President; Alpha Psi ; Chieftain Staff. Jean Winn Douglasvitle, Georgia University of Georgia (i); Mu Zeta Alpha; Chieftain Staff ; Most Athletic Girl ; Tennis Team. RuFus Wood Cedartozvn. Georgia Edith Woodward Cedartozvn, Georgia Alpha Psi, Vice-President (36) ; Board of Man- agers (36) ; Voluntary Religious Association (36). Lynnette Word Carrollton, Georgia Tennis Team. Cornelia Wright Chaniblee, Georgia 4-H Club. Esther Rose Zill Salina, Kansas Secretary-Treasurer Student Body ; Mu Zeta Alpha, Treasurer ; Phi Sigma Alpha ; Glee Cub, President; Chieftain Staff; JVest Georgian Staff ; Officers ' Club ; Alpha Psi ; Dramatic Club ; Most Versatile Girl ; Dean ' s List. 29 SBIBSa c f mA jn M Dick Grace Decatur President Raymond Hill .... Warm Springs Vice-President Myric Nutt Bowdon Secretary-Treasurer Drennie Aiken LaFayette William F. Allen . . . Social Circle Claire Andrew . . . Avondale Estates Emmie L. Baker Gore Nat Harris Bedgood . . . Fairburn Robert Lynn Bell Trion Pauline Berry Austell William L. Berry .... Villa Rica Reatha Martha Blackwelder, Carrollton WiLBURN A. BoGGS . . . Villa Rica Alice Hill Bolding .... Calhoun Margaret Bowen Atlanta Marjorie Broach Rome Virginia Brown Bowdon Franklynn M. Burden . . . Bremen 30. y edn neM Dorothy Causey Bowdon Eva Cauthen Tallapoosa Warren C. Childs . . . Locust Grove Nelle Clegg Villa Rica Frances Cochran Lyerly WooDFiN Cole Trion Inestelle Coleman . Christine Evelyn Denney Mary Carolyn Doss . Madge Doyal . LiLLiE Vee Doyal . Mildred Dunwoody Fairburn Roopville Grayson Villa Rica Villa Rica LaFayette Inelle Ellington .... Fairburn Joe Felker Atlanta Mary Catherine Fitts . . . Nelson Sara Nell Floyd Lyerly Martha Gladd Rome Sara Gladney CarroUton 31 izr f-ed t jner ' . Elizabeth Glass . . . Chickamauga Floy Jean Grant Shiloh Ora Bell Grant Dallas HoRTON Julian Greene . . . Calhoun John W. Griffies .... Barnesville Allyn Gunn Genola Llewellyn Hamm .... Bowdon Novelle Ham Franklin Joe a. Hamil, Jr Columbus Frances Hamlett .... Fairburn Mary Frances Haney . . . Calhoun Hugh Harris Rockmart Martha Jane Harrison . . Chatsworth Frances Hearn Carrollton Render J. Heard Franklin Mary Hennen Dallas Betty June Hewitt . . . Carrollton Jack Huckaby Griffin 32- ' dA ' nen EsTHERA Hudson Raleigh Rachel Hunt Cedartown Paul W. Hurt, Jr Bowdon Maurice Ingle Carrollton FoY Ingram Jenkinsburg Avis Jackson Dalton Beulah Kent Lilburn Nell Lane Jackson Mary Clyde Langford . . Cedartown Marion Lanier Roopville Jeanelle Leathers . . . . Smyrna Norita Linares . . . Havana, Cuba Geraldine McBrayer Sara Bell McBrayer Ruth McBride Marcus H. McGarity Robert Lee McNew Everett McWhorter Rome . Temple Fayetteville Orlando, Fla. LaFayette . Carrollton .33. j € }Ai yyjne Frances McWilliams .... Trion A ' Iary Elizabeth Meadows . Cedartown Robbie Louise Merrill . . . Franklin Frances Moore Carrollton Lorraine Morris .... Whitesburg Cathryn Mozley . . . Douglasville Roy E. Neely Manchester Elizabeth Newson . . . Union Point Gilberto V. Oramas . Ciego de Avila, Cuba Doris Hall Owings . . . Chickamauga Arlene Phillips . . . Syracuse, N. Y. Sara Pauline Pritchard . Stone Mountain Pauline Pullen Atlanta Veva Richards Atlanta Alan Abraham Richstone, Poughkeepsie, N. Y. Polly Henrietta Roberts . . Calhoun Josephine Rogers Ashburn Betty Rucker Griffin Betty Seagraves Griffin Sara Sewell Villa Rica Jeff Slade, Jr Thomaston .34- fie4MneM Hazel Smith Carrollton Vivian A. Smith Bremen Eloise Spence Hogansville Ruth Steinheimer Brooks Feodor L. Strickland . . Luthersville Bruce Taylor Franklin Oralla Tompkins . Grace Thompson Vernelle Thompson Irvin Van Vansant . Louise Wainwright . Edward Webb . Tommie Webb Billie West . Betty Lois Whitener Elizabeth Whiteley TuRMAN Wilson . LouNEAL Williams . Columbus Franklin Lawrenceville . Roopville . Atlanta Centralhatchee Douglasville . Orlando, Fla. Chatsworth . Cedartown Woodland, Ala. . Glenn Carolyn Woodall Milner Marian Maxine Yarborough . Commerce 35. Wim- M i G ' eez eM me nee OFFICERS Helen Hanes President Georgia Castleberry Vice-President Rosalind Hays •. Secretary Orel Payne . . . . . . . . . . . Treasurer MEMBERS Dorothy Doster Kathryn George Virginia Poindexter RusHiA Ray Louise Wainwright Doris Webb 36- Aunt Pittypat and Uncle Peter ' ff " Vouloir, C ' est Pouvoir " Etabli Novembre, 1934 OFFICERS M. Frank Kelly President Mlle. Moselle Taylor Vice-President Mlle. Virginia Shoffeitt Secretaire-Tresorier Professeur Robert M. Strozier Directeiir LES MEMBRES Mlle. Kathryn Gaines Mlle. Virginia Rainey M. Fred Hansard M. Earl Reaves Mlle. Rosalind Hays M. O. N. Todd, Jr. M. Glenn Hogan Mlle. Margie Thompson M. Robert Knox M. Bob Webb Mlle. Orel Payne M. J. L. Webb 39. Frank S. Kelly Editor-in-Chief Claire McLarty . Associate Edito Moselle Taylor) n ■ r ,• r, Tr c ■ Manapinp- hditor Robert Knox ) Warner Morgan Mildred Sims Esther Rose Zill Max Beck 1 Frances Coppedge EsTHERA Hudson J Chief Artist Club Editors . Typists Walter Ashworth Rosalind Hays Joe Hamil ToMMiE Webb Owen H. Malcolm L. E. Witt Robert M. Strozier, Faculty Advisor . Soph. Editors Freshman Editors . Art Editors Not in picture. ■40- Robert Malone Richardson James G. Robertson, Jr. Business Managers BU SINESS STAFF Weems Boyd HoRTON Greene J. G. Robertson Lois Whitener Emmie Baker Pauline Berry William L. Berry Margaret Bowen Dorothy Doster Andy Floyd STAFF MEMBERS Elbert Hendrix Paul Hurt Barbara Justice Morris King Mary Clyde Langford Orel Payne Alford Prince Virginia Rainey O. N. Todd, Jr. Jean Winn Winnette White Mary Elizabeth Meadows Not in picture. .41 - ™ Bii " l ed Robert Knox Editor-in-Chief The West Georgian joined the Georgia Collegiate Press Association in September, 1936. STAFF RoBT. M. Richardson, Associate Editor Max Beck Frank S. Kelly ' . Managing Editor Owen H. Malcolm . Assistant Editor Elbert Hendrix . . Sports Editor Exchange Editor Lois Whitener . . Society Editor Betty Ann Sewell . Feature Editor Robert M. Strozier, Faculty Advisor Pledger Carmichael . Neivs Editor Not in picture. • 42- eerman Weems Boyd HoRTON Greene C. D. Bailey Bobby Bell Margaret Bowen Hettie Chandler Grady Cook Andrew S. Floyd Rosalind Hays Raymond Hill Not in picture. O. N. Todd, Jr. Business Manager BUSINESS STAFF Glenn Hogan Lewis B. Reese REPORTERS Paul Hurt Barbara Justice Stewart McKibben Claire McLarty Ruth Mitchell Warner Morgan Virginia Rainey J. G. Robertson Virginia Shoffeitt Al Richstone O ' Rear Treadaway Norman Tant Moselle Taylor Florine Watson Ralph Westbrook L. E. Witt Esther Rose Zill . i bb. .i BliSkB. . Bi . Hi I law A|[ -43. ■ ■■ 1 " Ps l Purpose: To promote interest and skill in debating at West Georgia College The Debating Club sponsored the first Intercollegiate Junior College Debating Tourna- ment ever held in Georgia. L. E. Roberts Director FIRST QUARl ER Marion Huddleston President Robert Jackson Vice-President Frank S. Kelly Secretary-Treasurer Pledger Carmichael Parliamentarian SECOND QUARTER Frank S. Kelly President Pledger Carmichael Vice-President Howard Handley Secretary-Treasurer Marion Huddleston Parliamentarian MEMBERS Dan Brewster Lewis Reese Marjorie Broach J. G. Robertson William Donehoo Josephine Rogers HoRTON Greene Shirley Sherrill Glenn Hogan Norman Tant Forrest Ingram Moselle Taylor Alford Prince George Vincent Pauline Pullen Ralph Westbrook Veva Richards Lois Whitener " i- ' Not in picture. Ik % k 44- Georgia Southwestern at Americus October 30, 1936 HoRTON Greene, Frank Kelly Georgia Southwestern at Genola October 30, 1936 Glenn Hogan, Marion Huddleston University of Georgia at Genola November 20, 1936 Howard Handley, Alford Prince Emory University at Genola February 5, 1937 Moselle Taylor, Pledger Carmichael G. S. C. W. at Milledgeville February 10, 1937 Dan Brewster , Marion Huddleston G. S. C. W. at Genola February 10, 1937 HoRTON Greene, Howard Handley Emory Junior at Oxford March 6, 1937 Glenn Hogan, Frank Kelly Emory Junior at Genola March 6, 1937 Robert Jackson, J. G. Robertson . Not in picture. pH w m ggg ? .mi 1111 ' 11 " 1 1 ' iM_ fc. • 45- Honorary Scientific Society XT :a?: tz: " What may he taught ive learn, What may he found ive seek. " Glenn Hogan Virginia Rainey Rosalind Hays Esther Rose Zill Thomas A. Hart FACULTY ADVISORS M. E. Howell President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer G. B. Lang .46 ' HONORARY MEMBERS Mrs. T. a. Hart Mrs. L. E. Roberts Mrs. M. E. Howell Mrs. G. B. Lang Pauline Berry Weems Boyd Pledger Carmichael ' Pee Wee Carter Opal Cowart William Donehoo Mable Duncan Kathryn Gaines Martha Gladd Sara Gladney PERSONNEL HoRTON Greene Helen Hanes Kermitt Harris Elbert Hendrix Philip Jones Owen Malcolm Annie Ruth Marchmont Marcus McGarity Ralph Mobley Edwin Potts Earl Reaves Robert M. Richardson Alan A. Richstone J. G. Robertson Elizabeth Strange Kathryn Stephens Mildred Sims Laura Smith Moselle Taylor Jean Winn Shepard Griffith Not in picture. -47 " Lovers of the knowledge of truth. " Founded at West Georgia College in November, 1933. Charter of membership in Phi Sigma Alpha, granted on June 5, 1935. OFFICERS Howard Handley President Owen H. Malcolm Vice-President Kathryn Stephens Secretary-Treasurer FACULTY ADVISORS L. E. Roberts J. C. Bonner ZoE Cowan .48- KEY MEMBERS Evelyn Ballard Pledger Carmichael Opal Cowart Mable Duncan Howard Handley Elbert Hendrix Marion Huddleston Esther Rose Zill Philip Jones Lewis B. Reese Elizabeth Strange Kathryn Stephens Norman Tant Moselle Taylor George Vincent REGULAR MEMBERS Hettie Chandler Helen Hanes Frank S. Kelly Owen H. Malcolm Not in picture. Alford Prince Virginia Rainey Mildred Sims Laura Smith 49. i Alpha Psi was organized in 1933 with twenty-three charter members, hence the name meaning the first twenty-three. All home economics majors or those especially inter- ested in home economics are eligible for membership. Only those taking home economics as majors are eligible as officers. OFFICERS Dorothy Doster President Lillian King Vice-President WiNNETTE White Secretary Claire McLarty Treasurer Ruby Jenkins Faculty Advisor MEMBERS Emmie Baker Pauline Davenport Evelyn Ballard Mary Carolyn Doss Dorothy Bandy Mary Kathryn Fitts HiLDRED Bell Novelle Ham Margaret Bowen Rachel Hunt Marjorie Broach Avis Jackson Virginia Brown Naomi Jones Eva Cauthen Elizabeth Kinnamon Frances Coppedge Nell Lane Not in picture. h -50- MEMBERS Mary Clyde Langford Marion Lanier Geraldine McBrayer Magdalene McBrayer Nina Martin Louise Merrill Doris Owings Arlene Phillips Virginia Poindexter Robbie Nelle Ponder Alvada Pope Mildred Sims Laura Smith Vivian Smith Eloise Spence Frances Spradlin Doris Webb LouNEAL Williams Edith Woodward Maxine Yarborough Esther Rose Zill Jane Osterhout Not in picture. -51 - OFFICERS Robert IVI. Strozier Faculty Advisor Virginia Shoffeitt President Glenn M. Hogan Vice-President Virginia Rainey Secretary Ethel Lee McLarin . . . . . . Treasurer PERSONNEL Evelyn Ballard Weems Boyd Georgia Castleberry Dorothy Causey Hettie Chandler Opal Cowart Brown Dickson Mable Duncan Kathryn George Fred Hansard «f ' «• 52- PERSONNEL Rosalind Hays Marion Huddleston " Frances McCary Owen Malcolm Ruth Mitchell Jane Osterhout Henrietta Peacock Mrs. R. L. Putnam Rushia Ray Betty Ann Sewell Kathryn Stephens Frances Spradlin Moselle Taylor O ' Rear Treadaavay Doris Webb Bob Webb ' • ' Not in picture. -53 OFFICERS O. N. Todd, Jr President Moselle Taylor Vice-President Betty Ann Sewell . Secretary-Treasurer Robert Knox Publicity Director Robert M. Strozier Faculty Advisor Mrs. L. E. Roberts Director Fall Presentation " The Art of Being Bored " By Pailleron Spring Presentation " Tom Sawyer " By George Not in picture. -54- Pauline Berry Margaret Bowen Dan Brewster Nelle Clegg Dorothy Doster HoRTON Greene Joe Hamil Glenn Hogan Jack Huckaby Robert Jackson Barbara Justice PERSONNEL Owen Malcolm Orel Payne Henrietta Peacock Virginia Poindexter Earl Reaves Lewis Reese J. G. Robertson Sara Sewell Jack Stephens J. W. Sutton George Vincent Florine Watson Not in picture. -55- e. ' €n i e OFFICERS O. N. Todd, Jr President J. G. Robertson Vice-President Owen H. Malcolm Secretary-Treasurer Gordon Watson Director QUARTET Jack Fleming Owen Malcolm Jack Stephens O. N. Todd 56- MEMBERS William Allen Walter Ashworth Bobby Bell Dan Brewster Grady Cook Joe Felker Andrew S. Floyd J. A. Fowler Joe Hamil Fred Hansard Lowell Hix Jack Huckaby Paul Hurt Philip Jones Stewart McKibben Robert McNew Warner Morgan Alford Prince Edwin Potts Earl Reaves Alan A. Richstone Willis Sims Glynn Shumake Arnold Spradlin J. W. Sutton Norman Tant James Thrash O ' Rear Treadaway Not in picture. 57. I Pi BK IP BH c e een a iy te j mui S Meeta eM Aim : To promote Christian living on the West Georgia campus. OFFICERS Andrew S. Floyd President Frank S. Kelly Fice-President Virginia Rainey Secretary Rosalind Hays Treasurer Katie Downs Faculty Advisor EXECUTIVE BOARD Georgia Castleberry Robert Knox Grady Cook Warner Morgan Joe Hamil Annie Ruth Marchmont Gwendolyn Hines Orel Payne Jack Huckaby Bob Richardson Rachel Hunt Betty Ann Sewell Elizabeth Strange .5G- 1 I [3 i » «■ , i Aim: To promote good sportsmanship oti the ca?npus and in athletics at all times. OFFICERS Grady C. Cook President O ' Rear Treadaway Vice-President Frank S. Kelly Secretary-Treasurer J. C. Bonner Faculty Advisor MEMBERS Jack Fleming Morris King Andrew S. Floyd Warner Morgan Fred Hansard Glynn Shumake Elmer Muggins Willis A. Sims William Forrest Ingram Bob Webb Travis Jackson J. L. Webb James I. Jones Ralph C. Westbrook Not in picture. . .59- Dorothy St. Clair Director Esther Rose Zill . . . . . . President Rosalind Hays Vice-President Laura Smith .... Secretary-Treasurer Georgia Castleberry Dorothy Causey Opal Cow art Dorothy Doster Kathryn George Martha Gladd Floy Grant Llewellyn Hamm Rachel Hunt Mary Clyde Langford -60- ee « Marion Lanier NoRiTA Linares Claire McLarty Annie Ruth Marchmont Frances Moore Myric Nutt Virginia Poindexter Betty Ann Sewell Virginia Shoffeitt Vivian Smith MosELi.E Taylor Vernelle Thompson Louise Wainwright Dorothy White J ean Winn -61 u Front Rozv: Mary Elizabeth Meadows; Dorothy Doster, Secretary; Winnette White, President; Pauline Pritchard, Vice-President; Frances McCary ; Maxine Yarbrough ; Miss Todd; M. E. Howell. Second rozv: Vivian Smith; Robbie Nell Ponder; Novelle Ham ; Myric Nutt ; Louneal Williams ; Avis Jackson ; Lillian King ; Virginia Brown ; Lois Estes. Third Rozv: Georgia Castleberry ; Ruth Steinhiemer; Josephine Rogers; Grace Massengale ; Eloise Spence ; Ethel Lee McLarin ; Mildred Bell ; Mable Duncan ; Rachel Hunt. Foitrth rozv: Dorothy Bandy; Andy Floyd; Margie Thompson; Nelle Lane; Nina Martin; Sara Casey; Ruth Estes; Jami Fitzpatrick. Fifth rozv: Warner Morgan; Emmie Baker; George Gerard; Elizabeth Newsom ; Drennie Aiken; Kathryn Stephens. Back rozv: Bill Berry; Kathryn George; Mary Hennen ; Edna Whitlock; Cornelia Wright ; Naomi Jones. -62- Gerald O ' Hara m i m r.) y Hi « ;■ Z y f y mjm» — f » " = " Tjca •ETT - r rs ; . f J eZ f ' a P eam. ifj ill Front rozu: Bonner, Coach; King, Barnes, Allen, Grace, Webb, Shumake, Captain; Putnam, Manager. Back rozv: Bell, Taylor, Gunn, McGarity, Huggins, Cook, Cole, Manager. SCHEDULE Y. M. B. C ■ • • December 12 Gordon Presbyterian December 16 Alabama State January 9 Reinhardt College January 15 North Georgia College January 16 Y. M. B. C • . • January 20 Georgia Evening College January 23 Southern Union College January 27 Young Harris College January 30 Villa Rica C. C. C February 1 Buchanan A. C February 3 Young Harris College . . . . . . . . February 5 Fort Oglethorpe February 6 Carrollton A. C February 9 Dahlonega February 11 Y. M. B. C February 16 Villa Rica C. C. C. . . . , February 17 Southern Union College ■ . . . February 19 Georgia School for the Deaf February 20 Georgia Evening College February 23 Gordon Military College February 25 Under the very capable leadership of Coach Bonner, the Braves have made a credit- able showing. ii?i 66 J J. C. Bonner Coach Under Coach Braswell West Georgia had a successful baseball season in of 1936. Prospects under Coach Bonner for 1937 look even better. LINE-UP 1936 Bob Webb .... Center Field Andy Floyd .... Damon Webb .... 8hort Stop Elmer Huggins . Frank Kelly . . . Third Base Henry Sappington . William Kelly .... Catcher Billy Johnson . Howard Golden . . Second Base Doyle Breeden . J. L. Webb .... Right Field Glynn Shumake Claude Gilham .... Pitcher SCHEDULE 1937 Oglethorpe April 16 Young Harris . . . . Oglethorpe April 17 Young Harris . . . . Young Harris .... April 23 Oglethorpe Young Harris .... April 24 Oglethorpe Villa Rica C. C. C. . . . April 28 Villa Rica C. C. C. . . North Georgia College . . April 30 Villa Rica C. C. C. . . North Georgia College . . May 1 Gordon Military College Villa Rica C. C. C. . . . May 4 Gordon Military College . Gordon Military College . May 7 North Georgia College . Gordon Military College . May 8 North Georgia College . the Spring Lejt Field First Base First Base Pitcher Pitcher Utility . r 14 15 Mav May May 21 May 22 May May Mav 25 26 28 May 29 June 4 June 5 SxROZiER, Coach; Bell, SiErHENS, Toud, Morgan, Allen, Treadaway, McNew, Jackson, Grace. 67- ■ I gi JW. -, 1 1 - • Front rozv. Back rozv: rjjtf ' jf f tf f ' t rrfjji Hewitt, Chandler, Cook, Manager; Spradlin. Tompkins, C n a p m a n, Lanier, Wlnn, Ham, Robinson, Merrill. eM j MM , rr fjjf First rozv: Robertson, Jones, Shumake. Second rozv: Griffith, Dysart, Staples, Cook, Manager; Cole, Spradlin. W ,,,,j, J . ' y frr ' First rozv : McCary, Berry, Wright, Dun- woody, Roberts. Second rozv: Powell, George, Hanes. 68- ' en- 6 p c iej ' u c e, erfjji Cole, Crawford, Hamil, Griffith, HuGGiNS, Robertson. Caswell, Duncan, Whitlock, Gaines, King, Mitchell, Hays, Casey. H td ' fAfJ O If First rozu: Whitener, Glass, White, Clegg, Broach. Second rozv: Powers, Bandy, Cauthen, Little, Walker, McBrayer. Third rozv: Leathers, Price, M. Doyal, L. DoYAL, Hudson, Merrill, Ingram, Sewell, Spence, Little, Hubble, Yarbrough, Owings. Back rozv: Causey, McLarty, Baker, Jackson, RucKER, Wainwright, Woodall, Robinson, Seagraves. ■ 69. SCHEDULE State Tournament, Atlanta January 29-30 Young Harris College March 5 Tech High School March 12 Witt, not in picture, Gunn and Sims placed second in the State Tournament. Greene, Fleming and Crawford won third places. . JS .Wf fc 1 j «l| a. - JKlMkT ■ ijllMii ir ' • ' •• ! , •■ F»- i roil. ' ; Felkek, Ingram, Geouge, Shumake, King, Staples, Craven. Second rozv: Webb, Arnold, Vansant, Westbrook, Crawford. Back rozv: Shuttleworth, Thrash, Greene, Gunn, Fleming, Sims, Floyd, Coach. OM ' i ' j ten d k €M ' i e ea t Smith, Winn, Dunwoodv, Poinuexter, Shoffeitt, Langfokd. -70- Rhett and Scarlett at the Bazaar eamrM l eS-flUiBJ WJ LL-.L ._ll n Ml I hi ha If if m: i i In Our Educational Work ... | i IF THE ELEMENTS OF CULTURE ARE BE ING | NEGLECTED OUR ADVANCEMENT WILL BE 1 TOWARD LOWER INSTEAD OF HIGHER [ REALMS OF THOUGHT. • ••OLa»« " WE NEVER SLEEP " j • • • • • i i I MAYOR AND CITY COUNCIL ! Carrollton :: :: Georqia ! I I MEET US — ACROSS FROM THE DEPOT - - - I i I I i THE GREENFRONT I SANDWICH SHOP I I J. G. BROCK, Proprietor I I I I Phone 387 j ! Carrollton :: :: Georqia 1 I 73 ■- U -«-J»= -=-? SgH sasSB s FOR THE PAUSE THAT REFRESHES BETWEEN CLASSES Drink I N BOTTLES Carrollton Coca-Cola T ottling Co. A. W. FORD, Manager CARROLLTON :: :: GEORGIA Serving Satisfied Customers for Thirty-eight Years • LADIES ' and GENTS ' FURNISHINGS • Appreciates Your Co-operation VOGUE BEAUTY SALON Experienced Operator Phone 95 For Appointment 1-3-5 Maple Street CARROLLTON :: GEORGIA i i i i I I i i i I i I I i I i SOUTHEASTERN MOTOR LINES Round Trips Daily to Atlanta - Rome - Griffin BOWDON i i i i I i i i j i CARROLLTON i I Vree Service Betiveen Bjis Station and College GEORGIA -76- Jenk insburg ClianGellor and Mrs Sanford- West Georgia from Ihe Air Pull -Pull Broadway at 42 - Sb fixotic Walter Ashworth — Blondie, temperamental, studious, eflScacious (on women). Evelyn Ballard — Little Shifty ' s Auntie, nut, amachewer No. 1, Bob. Max Beck — Impecunious, Apollo, mid-night prowler, wanderlust, woman-agitator. Weems Boyd — Cleburn, Howell Hoodlum No. 1, curls, Betty, factotum. Pledger Carmichael — Hard-worker, trench cap, nose-glasses, Shifty ' s " yes-man. " Pee Wee Carter — Timid, gawky, Howell Hoodlum No. 2, physique. Sara Casey — Quiet, good-natured, letters, obese, nerty. Georgia Castleberry — Dancing saviour, group dancing, complaisant. Hettie Chandler — Tinymite, curls, social circle, Tillman. Grady Cook — Economy Cleaners, Strickland vs. Kent, dead-shot, B. B. star. Sara Cook — Chunky, sweet, gigantic, nice, colossal, amiable. Frances Coppedge — Key-slave, pink hair, amachewer No. 2, Kitty ' s second. Opal Cowart — Fay, studious, sanguine, Blackwelder, sedulous. R. L. Crawford — Bacchante, First Musketeer, Clegg vs. Harrison, pugilist. Elizabeth Crew — Paulding, tee hee, loquacious, tee hee, colossal, tee hee. Mary Nelle Crew — Cuzin, tee hee, ex-Georgia, Paulding too, quiet, tee hee. Pauline Davenport — Rockmart, ex-Ward victim, petite, disposition. Brown Dickson — Esquirish, V-8, Gunn-detour (36), pipe, basketball. William Donehoo — Neophyte, poker, ex-milkman, impious, lactation. Dorothy Doster — Ex-Riverite, grit hall hostess, altruistic. Grandma. Mable Duncan — Brain trust No. 1, Durante, procurator (Gunn), integrity. Lois Estes — Dormitory Nursemaid No. 1, red hair, debonair, acme of niceness. Ruth Estes — Dormitory Nursemaid No. 2, innocuous, inscrutable, stridulous. Jamie Fitzpatrick — Nebulosity, petite, Jenkins-burg, deserving. f j 1 Goin ' Home .... j 1 A loved one is gone — and, in that poignant moment 1 you seek those who will give the tenderest care — X the most thoughtful service. Long years of training 1 and experience in our craft fit us to care adequately [ for those entrusted to us. We are always at your 1 service when emergency calls. J 1 i 1 i 1 MARTIN -ALMON COMPANY 1 i [ j Phone 38 1 CARROLLTON :: :: GEORGIA i 4 1 Compliments of j | LE GRANDE FLOUR j 1 H. T. COFFEE | | for j SHOP j = BETTER BISCUITS i - i i fl fi PASTRIES i i i i 1 1 1 PHONE 11 • 1 1 69 1 1 1 1 i Distributed for fourteen 1 i i • years GOOD FOOD — WELL SERVED | CIGARS and CIGARETTES ( | ! SODAS and CANDIES j j CM. TANNER f i i i 1 • GROCERY CO. ! 1 f CARROLLTON :: GEORGIA j | CARROLLTON :: GEORGIA i i 1 1 i 1 79- m WE INVITE - - - your attention to these five reasons why you should buy your fertilizers from us : (i) Thirty-seven years ' experience. (2) Goods are double mixed and only best and most suitable ma- terials used. (3) State Chemist has never penal- ized our goods ; you get what you buy. (4) You are invited to our plant to see how goods are made. (5) If anything should go wrong, H. O. Lovvorn is the sole owner, and is within easy reach ; his reputation is behind every ton. H. O. LOVVORN FERTILIZER COMPANY Carrollton i i Georgia | J Ky tie- Ay cock FURNITURE DEALERS FUNERAL DIRECTORS Phone 3 2 3 Carrollton Georgia I Compliments of ■ ■ -f MODERN MILLINERY SHOP Newnan Street [ CARROLLTON J GEORGIA j J Cecil Rutherford FANCY GROCERIES DRY GOODS - NOTIONS - MEATS Maple Street Crossing Phone 9112 — ■ We Deliver to the College — • CARROLLTON :: GEORGIA Compliments of - -f -f Dixie Dry Cleaning Co. Cleaning - Pressing - Dyeing Altering Plant; 38 Newnan Street Phone 79 CARROLLTON :: GEORGIA PATRONIZE OUR ADVERTISERS. .80- f,.y V " i i r sBiiHaaes i i ie iip Jack Fleming — Cholly (laundry), Massengale, barber, House Papa. Andy Floyd — Atlanta, adynamia, agnostic, bull, " me and pop, " Winchell ' s second. J. A. Fowler — Green Front, streamlined, Alabama, dandyistic, Bremen. Kathryn Gaines — Postmistress, BARTON, hoola-hoola, BARTON, southpaw. Kathryn George — Palmer Stone, let ' s elope, Mrs. Dull, hitch-hiker, piano-plunker. Howard Handley — Brilliant, bookworm No. 1, locked door, mental potency, okay. Helen Hanes — House Mama, monastery candidate, intelligentsia, Flo Nightingale. Fred Hansard — Hair (peroxide), Monte Carlo, splenetic, high-water. Rosalind Hays — Inamorata, ex-Cuba, Cubby, Mephistophelian, ball and chain. Elbert Hendrix — Havanatic, fallen from grace, tramontane, our man Farley. Gwendolyn Hines — Newnan, ex-soubrette (grit hall), lambent, robust. Glenn Hogan — Gasoline Alley, socialite, Skeezix (hair), wizard, 99.99% O. K. Marion Huddleston — Bookworm No. 2, door still locked, OWINGS, hair. Elmer Huggins — Vivian, Goober Hoodlum No. 1, Hildred, sharpshooter. Forrest Ingram — Green suit, hill-billy harpist, snorty, imago. Robert Jackson — PEACOCK, Second Musketeer, salt water vernacular, regular fellow. Travis Jackson — Trap-shooter, twict-a-mighty, tennis king, Francais. Naomi Jones — Harlow mop, Perryite, Sugar Creek let-down, perceptive. Philip Jones — Bookworm No. 3, door STILL locked, Bible salesman, Fayette County. Barbara Justice — " I love him, but you can have him, " Try-on, sucker (Stephens). Frank Kelly — Picture back guarantee, (Pauline), Third Kelley, South Jawjan. Jessie Keith — G. S. C. W., personality, sexagenarian, sweet. . Morris King — Nub, Washington complex (Cherry Tree), Crepe Myrtle (bell-boy). Coinpliments of . . . QUALITY OIL COMPANY 9 GASOLINE - MOTOR OIL KEROSENE - COAL and ICE i I I i i i i i i i i i i i i I Compliments of . . , Hotel Qlifton F. B. L E V E N S Agent for Woco-Pcp KING of MOTOR FUEL CARROLLTON :: GEORGIA H. H. GRAY, JR. Proprietor i I ! i Carrollton Georqia I Compliments of . . . THE CARROLL THEATRE " IncUide Good Movies in Your Educational Study " Carrollton :: :: :: Georgia BOYNTON SON PHOTOGRAPHERS • Enlarging and Tinting a Specialty • KODAK FINISHING We Photograph School Classes and Family Groups CARROLLTON : : GEORGIA Compliments of IVEY BARBER SHOP I I CARROLLTON GEORGIA 83. - «—«lH-F Ha9S »P Compliments of Sewell Manufacturing Co. BREMEN, GEORGIA -84- Borneo Juliet ■ ' ae West ' ( ruh Tim Firm Foundation ' DiiaeT) UsiJ i rriecl mi ■ W- ' ' - " ' 4ut - l o ely iorig Si SKorl «ii. ■■ Robert Knox — O nox om , Sydney Carton, magniloquent, Campus Menace No. 1. Byron Lambert — Southpaw, lanky, quiescent, former Beck victim, ladies ' man. Frank Lovvorn — Maple Street, Big Bremen, man, monist. Drug Store Cowboy. Magdalene McBrayer — Ex-Ward victim, Ralph, late dates, rubicund. Frances McCary — Midnight oil, Dental attractions, Nepotistic, sweet. Stewart McKibben — Circle hot stuff, mama ' s little man. Wild oats (at 15). Ethel Lee McLarin — Studious, Taylor, nertzy, Manchester, Kathryn ' s second. Claire McLarty — John, Reno, Frank, Christmas gift, Reno, John again. Owen Malcolm — Fred Upstairs, Poinsetter, Social Circle, Sister, Poisonality. Annie Ruth Marchmont — Pete, messenger of love, peduncular, hypnogogia, neat. Nina Martin — Neophyte Weaver, hair, man hater, dean ' s list too. Grace Massengale — Fleming, halter, one step dances. Ideal Laundry. Ruth Mitchell — Plunkett, two timer, Ed Winn the second (she thinks), Buddy. Vivian Mize — Curls, operations, anemic, loyalty. Warner Morgan — Hair (peroxide), SCARLETl Rembrandt II, Andy. Jane Osterhout — Dining Hall Alumna, Trion-triangle, rings, baby. Chester Patterson — Runt, Pat, farmer, basketball, silent. Orel Payne — Well-padded, personality, paradise lost (R. L.), swell kid. Henrietta Peacock — Clothes, restrictions, JACKSON, wine, lips (kissable). Virginia Poindexter — Ex-Chieftain Staff, Olive Ojd, gold-digger, Malcolm. Robbie Nell Ponder — Skater, West Armuchee, Plonder, stogy, naive. Alvada Pope — Hubert, Frank Gibbs, slack-tongue, nightmares, Tallapoosa. Edwin Potts — Ducks long and short, Philpotts, happy-go-lucky, lickspittle. Compliments of ' ' " " WEBB AUTO COMPANY OPERATING STANDARD OIL COMPANY SERVICE STATION ALL KINDS OF STANDARD OIL PRODUCTS • CORNER NEV NAN AND TANNER STREETS Carrollton Georgia • W. G. HAMB ICK, Local Agent THE PEOPLES HARDWARE COMPANY Dealers and Jobbers in HARDWARE, FURNITURE, PAINTS, FLOOR COVERINGS, WAGONS JOHN DEERE IMPLEMENTS Newnan Street CARROLLTON :: GEORGIA Add Thrift to Your Plan of Life and You Help to Eliminate Worry CARROLLTON FEDERAL SAVING AND LOAN ASSOCIATION N. N. JOHNSON Secretary CARROLLTON GEORGIA 87- i S™ 88- Alford Prince— Heard County, Bovvdon College, ryot, Robert ' s yes, YES man. R. L. Putnam — Head of family, trailer dormitory, professor, good sport. Mrs. R. L. Putnam — Neck of family, intelligentsia, wind-blown bob, sweet. Virginia Rainey — Clemson, come-hither opticals, nacre, knock-kneed. Rushia Ray — Martha, lanky, louchettes, enunciation, school teacher (old maid). Lewis Reese — Talmadge, Huey Long, pedantic, orator (he thinks), sky-watch. Earl Reaves — Blonds, Virginia, unsolicitous, proxy, pipe organs, quiet. Bob Richardson— kitty, inamorato, KITTY, peculator No. 1, KITTY. J. J. Rivers— Shortie, Nutt and nutty, lowest form of animal life (politician). J. G. Robertson — Moustache, Third Musketeer, ex-Strozier victim, trucking. Henry Sappington— Baseball, misogynist, Felker, Sappho. Betty Ann Sewell — Absent-mindedness plus, runt, soprano, Maxwell, hair. Virginia Shoffeitt— Personality plus, Mme. Secretaire, Donald Duck, whistles. Glynn Shumake— Hot-shot(less), HEARD COUNTY, nascent (women), Nutt. Mildred Sims — Grace alias Oramas, smiles, balconies (flagrante delicto). Willis Sims— A great big sissy, grappler, reformed (slips sometimes), phj sique. Laura Smith— Peduncular too, tennis mania. Fisher-less (10c), erudite. Arnold Spradlin — Rusticity, cynical plus, square dancer, dining hall. Frances Spradlin— Eyes a la Keeler, gentille, tobaggan, pantheist. Pelham Staples— Roopville, P. P., wrestler, procrastinator, inferiority complex. Jack Stephens— Priggish, Romeo (with 2 girls), ludicrous, insensatious. Kathryn Stephens— BOHANNON, seraph, BOHANNON, wistful, complexion. Compliments of . . . PIKES BOWLING ALLEY " Fascinating - Healthful " Newnan Street CARROLLTON :: GEORGIA Compliments of f f -f DRAKE MOTOR CO. CARROLLTON GEORGIA WE ARE PROUD ... of West Georgia College and appreciate our friends among the students and faculty. CARROLLTON DRUG COMPANY 1 j CARROLLTON I ( GEORGIA j I Compliments of . . . SOUTHLAND ICE COMPANY PURE TASTE FREE ICE IS SUPERIOR Compliments of ■ ■ ■( Carrollton Hardware Company " The Home of Good Hardware " CARROLLTON :: GEO RGIA Compliments of -f ■( f VILLA RICA OIL MILL ave With Ice CARROLLTON GEO ' RGIA I j VILLA RICA I GEORGIA -91 - ECONOMY CLEANERS . . CARL ' S PLACE . . Beautiful Dry Cleaning Phone 432 I I CARROLLTON i i I i 1 i I i i i i j I i f i f MODERN CLEANERS Newnan Street Phone 9 " College Service " GEORGIA j j CARROLLTON i L_ ___ GEORGIA j Compliments of ' " Jones Drug Company Carrollton Georgia Compliments of ' ' ' ' ■ City Supply Company Carrollton ' eorgia Compliments of ■ ■ f THE LEADER CARROLLTON GEORGIA i 1 i f j ! I I i i i 1 j ! i i i ! i t -92- Burns Auto Supply Co. Genuine Replacements Parts Wholesale and Retail Phone 205 33 Newnan St. CARROLLTON : : GEORGIA Htt bsert li One some ?iae S Aem ._Jk S fii ' m i Elizabeth Strange — " Toots, " dean ' s list, library, motherly (to 3 girls). J. W. Sutton — Rucker, numistatist, balcony club, campaign manager. Norman Tant — Communist, Horace Greely, antidisestablishmentarian. Moselle Taylor — Peremptoriness, Chappell in the Moonlight, dean ' s list (boot- licker). Billy Thomas — Abbreviated, Temple, imponderability, facetious, probity. Margie Thompson — Studious, endurance (Jenkins), temperamental, French. O. N. Todd — Peculator No. 2, saxophone, M ' sieur, Piedmont College (better half). O ' Rear Treadaway — Marge, slouch, spuds, tennis king (abdicated). Garner O ' Rear. George Vincent — Gormandizer, Robert ' s man Friday, inarticulate, baldy. Florine Watson — Juliet, Huckaby, Bob Jones College, jewelry, Garbo-complex. Doris Webb Cox — (Bankrupt), frankness, another Webb, jocose, mien. Bob Webb — Evelyn, chauffeur, ball-hawk, Ballard, whimsical, innocuous. J. L. Webb — Carroll Theater, good looks, disposition, tall, dark and handsome. Eunice Wessinger — Glasses, day-student, studious, naive. Jimmy Westbrook — Bremen, Crawford, fourth musketeer, suede shoes, O. K. Ralph Westbrook — No relation, grappler, Nadine, acquiescent, punctilious. Dorothy White — Loose-motion, National Guard, unique, apathetic (with men). Winnette White — Same hailing point, no kin, 4-H Club Queen, Wood, lady-like. Jean Winn — Restrictions, ex-Georgia, deacon, a-gust-o. Edna Whitlock — Duncan, colossal, Kate ' s sister, smiles, un-studious. RuFUS Wood — Still hanging around, general flunky, three-letter man (N. Y. A.) Lynnette Word — Trucking-Knox, boy ' s dormitory chauffeur, craniumless. Cornelia Wright — " Connie, " flirtatious, bashful, dancing, sleepy. Esther Zill — Kansas jane, peregrinator, Shuttleworth ' s Secretary, dental college. Compliments of . . . The Farmer s Store GOOD GROCERIES, MERCHANDISE AND HARDWARE CARROLLTON GEORGIA THE IDEAL LAUNDRY T)ry Cleaning and dressing Depot Street — Phone 9110 CHAS. ' FONG, Proprietor CARROLLTON I GEORGIA Compliments of . . . T. H. MERRILL On the Square I CARROLLTON i GEORGIA Compliments of . . , THE HUB CO. I j CARROLLTON J GEORGIA Compliments of . . . i Seorgia Twine and Cordage j Company I CORDAGE, TWINES, and j BRAIDS I HARMAN ' S Wholesale and Retail GROCERIES and FEED Phones 46 and 47 -:- 16 Newnan St. CARROLLTON :: GEORGIA j The Young Men ' s Bible Class METHODIST CHURCH | j congratulates the staff and students of i West Georgia College on this issue I of the Chieftain. [ I This class always cooperates with the I I students of the college I •95- School Teactier l before Dale Time y ' (Old Maid) f M—Br- , Dean? CoUeg e Ol ' )Vv ' et;tb lo ilie ' )Weelie Hill Compliments of Georgia Power Company " A Citizen Wherever We Serve " Carrollton Georgia T I Compliments of . HARRIS HARDWARE Carrollton 15-17 Alabama Street Georgia i 1 Compliments of . . . THE PEOPLES BANK CARROLLTON, GEORGIA Member FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION $5,000 Maximum Insurance for Each Depositor i ! I f I ! Compliments of . . . CARROLL TEA ROOM i i i f i I i I [ [ CARROLLTON i [ Adjoining the Theatre GEORGIA -i»T« •T !- " Cofttpliments of . . . Folsom ' s Dress Shoppe Neatest, Newest, Nearest Your Budget CARROLLTON I ! f I Compliments of . . . I i i i j f j I j i i i ! ! JOHNSON DRUG CO. J GEORGIA j i CARROLLTON i i GEORGIA I .97- 1 . ! f Cotton when properly fitted into a farm program so as to mamtam | ! and improve our soils, is the greatest blessing to Southern j I Agriculture. j 1 I No crop, except cotton, produces all of the material requirements j i of mankind — clothing, food and feed for live stock. | ! We are proud that we have an important part to perform in a lead- j j ing cotton producing section of our country, being " pioneers " j I here in cotton ginning and processing the seed and lint. 1 MANDEVILLE MILLS I CARROLLTON, GEORGIA | I COTTON GINNERS - MANUFACTURERS - COTTON SEED PRODUCTS AND | COTTON YARN - COAL DEALERS j j I J J Thomasson Pres. :: J. L. Thomasson, Vice-Pres. :: F. T. Thomasson, Bus. Mgr. | i I i THE TIMES PUBLISHING COMPANY j j COMMERCIAL PRINTING | I Publishers of Tv o West Georgia Leading Weeklies: f j THE CARROLL COUNTY TIMES THE BOWDON BULLETIN | I Carrollton, Ga. Bowdon, Ga. j i I T.W. RICHARDS SONS | i CARROLLTON, GEORGIA j j Contractors i I BUILDING MATERIALS | ROUGH and DRESSED LUMBER -98- V ran That Good Gulf Gasoline Gulf No-Nox Ethyl Gasoline Gulfpride Motor Oil Gulflube Motor Oil GREASING WASHING :: POLISHING :: SHIREY SERVICE STATION Newnan and White Sts. Phone 50 W. C. CANTRELL. Distributor CarroUton, Georgia Phone 377 Again PEP makes a winner WAKE UP YOUR MOTOR WITH KING OF MOTORib FUEL i Oiir congratulations to the annual staff and West Georgia College Glenn Hogan Service Station Sudden Tire Service lb MAPLE ST. PHONE NO. 100. Mill Compliments of . . . I j i Western Auto Associate I Store I Hal Beckham, Owner Compliments of . . . LONG AND HERNDON Bonds and Insurance CARROLLTON :: GEORGIA i I CALL I E. S. JOHNSON Painting, Paper Hanging Decorating Phone 236W I i Compliments of . . . J i j Foremost Auto Stores i j Newnan Street CARROLLTON :: GEORGIA I Stop at CITY OAF E Home Cooking 12 Alabama Street I I i i i I i 1 i i i i i i i i i i i i . — . — . . 4 I I i LOVVORN ' S SHOE SHOP I I Service and Courtesy = STAND AHEAD 1 I No. 1 Newnan Street CARROLLTON : : GEORGIA Compliments of CARROLL LUMBER COMPANY CARROLLTON GEORGIA 101- l • : r=«. »h Sii SOUfH ' S YEARBOOK p 0T0-[) o(B5 mmm (O. 115 -119 LUCKIE STREET ATLANTA GEORGIA i«l. ' »« i l II meti i iim " imiiiin - t m . rfc . M»if»m , ft ♦ • xinlina THERE ARE MANY REASONS WHY SUCCESSFUL ANNUALS REQUIRE. THE SERVICES OF EXPERIENCED AND EXPERT CRAFTSMEN FOOTE DAVIES CO. HAVE THESE SERVICES in J. the in i st It cce Aitt If c enip i nett t $ i f ail tealltj ftft.c bo ki ' iHcluAttta A SPECIAL ' ANNUAL .SALES AND SERVICE ORGANIZATION CREATIVE DESIGNERS AND LAYOUT ARTISTS • ' ABUNDANT EQUIPMENT .-.,. MODERN AND. COMPLETE . PRICES REPR SENTING MAXIMUM IN VALUE. ATLANTA GEORGIA ram ' » . -f V ■r lD . too d T -b- nm SPECIAL Irvine SULLIVAN ingram librarv ™ sullivan imgram library STATE university OF WEST GEORGIA I . i - ' " LLEGE CARROLLTON, GEORGIA LLTON, GEORGIA

Suggestions in the University of West Georgia - Chieftain Yearbook (Carrollton, GA) collection:

University of West Georgia - Chieftain Yearbook (Carrollton, GA) online yearbook collection, 1929 Edition, Page 1


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University of West Georgia - Chieftain Yearbook (Carrollton, GA) online yearbook collection, 1936 Edition, Page 1


University of West Georgia - Chieftain Yearbook (Carrollton, GA) online yearbook collection, 1938 Edition, Page 1


University of West Georgia - Chieftain Yearbook (Carrollton, GA) online yearbook collection, 1939 Edition, Page 1


University of West Georgia - Chieftain Yearbook (Carrollton, GA) online yearbook collection, 1940 Edition, Page 1


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