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V X.Xg' U V', V ,' ' 1- V v. "VV ' '-'- X ,4,X:3Vg--V 1: X , V V V .1 X ,, A . X ,O V J VV L -V ' Agar. 1.1 V' 'V,'vV Q 'V I' "ff i 1 x Xyd"Vf'l:,' " JVV V V .." V ' V . X1,', 4 ., X. I y V ,.X ' X . V' JXP, 1.V.JQ.,.. - ,Xa X X, ,, V-- .gm V -VV V . f V X Ln V.. .5 4,-4, ,.VVXXfil:1X XXVX5, .Am 'V -4 I ir- P'y f'U 'XV'-eff, f, .'XXV'f V V IV ,V 1 r . X. l 'V- V' . V VXV- I 4",.'vnX J-'V' , ' ,.V .. ' "JV-"V V . V . Vg. V., -3. . V ,JV V .?'. .y . X - r V- M Hg... . T' V. V ' V . . 'VA' ,,,."X f ,Vw 'o. V: V X V - V -31:4-'A .-lf' ' VX ' , V V , 4. V A V vnrh' Vlifuu l' f ' ' M My" 11.4 -3, f,"' ' V V V V ' FA ' 4 ' ' .ft .' ' ' ' .. Vifwff 4 ' , J' 1 ,- . .' VV IXIX, - V VV V ,V' . " Q15 V , X .V V..,. , V.ff5XXJ.,,. . , . V I' ' Q'X.'X -24-3dZ.nH'gLn.XX--M-Nb J X LIBRIS 1 The Times Publishing Company Carrollton, Georgia '--'L tgairsvi Y 'Ar""1 'THE AGGIES, 1928 mm VOLUME I c U PUBLISHED BY THE SENIOR CLASS FOURTH DISTRICT A. SL M SCHOOL CARROLLTON, GEUROI X 1 D ' All . C 5 ,bl t o Na 45 '.1Cbq: lv O2 OW' .' ri l is 0, c sl u CTN QWJTCQ' -QD" f-o--- Arm-'Q um fo- ' Oro .- --e-If .'.'f 'H -, ' g fl 1"o O o'Q Of6a - f a ::. . ,, l . ' . :. ll Wx gg 6. ' Q0 0 inf FQREWORD My , b wo OCQZB G This, the combination of Lg l , I I the March and April num, ' . '3 hers of "The Aggies," is "V-fl ? Q published with the hope that in the years to come it may bring for you fond memories and pleasant thoughts of happy school days lt is with this View in mind that we, the staff have edited this volume for the class of 1928 it F to ww Q '23, V ' R :" ' o. l Vw J ty C9 3,1 O4 Q54 O O if Ol, o 1 9 + ' in x fl O l ll l 9, Q . iw nv ' ' fMy fy O3 .U - a-up f. so ..t a i .Q 3 L.: 6,1 O 119 -5: vi .1-I O, 3221.1 at X , fksgv gag. -. 'sv ' . ,V ,OVHY jQv LJ 'O A 5 . i X X x I. S. TNGRAM, Pl'il1Cl.PClI RQ -9 iw C23 The Aggies, Nineteen Twentyfliiglqt C23 Faculty I. S. INGRAM ............................................. ..... 5 History University of Georgia: Peabody College 1 LUTHER PIARMON . . . ....................... . . . . .Agkiculture University of Georgia. D. 13. JOHNSON. . . ............................ Manager Poultry Plant University of Georgia. CLARA NO'LEN ...... .................................... . . iE71kQ'llSI1 Athens Collegeg University of Alabama. y SARA PETTY .... ....................................... D 0ll'l6'SflC'iSt'lc"l1l'c' University of Georgia. ' J. C. Lucky .... .................. ll laflzenzafirs, Dircrtor of .elllzlrtirs University of Georgia. J. C. BONNER. . ............................. Srirnre, Slmp and Disfiplinarian University of Georgia: University of Texas. jUL1.x BR1sco12 .......................................... Commerrial Course Atlanta Business Collegeg Peabody College. MRs. jon A. Aycocx ............. ............ . ...llusif LaGrange College ZELMA BARR .... .................... . . Srrrctary Bowdon College VVAWENA HUGHES .... .......................... .... . ll latron Dining Hall Fourth District A, 81 M. MRS. REBECCA CLARK .... . . .Matron F23 The Aggies, Nineteen Twentyfliight '33 . 4 A . f Alma Mater ' Loudly. praise our Alma Mater. Best school in the land. Through the years We're friends forever, ' l- Loyally wevstand. ' CHORUS Forward ever be our watchword, . Conquer and prevailg Had to tll9?r..-OUP' A1973 .MalCf. A581 M., 'All Hail! Memories shall always linger, Of our school so dear, May the friendships formed at A. S: M. Live throughout the years. 'Yi The Aggies, Nineteen TWentyfEight '23 in CAMPUS SCENES SG . I 2. .-.f----- .. YYYY .- -W - - po A...g-"H-f -W-if-W-V - - Hn -r - --W - -Y The Aggies, Nineteen Twenty-Eight History of A. SL M. The Fourth District .Xgricultural and Mechanical School is situated west of Carrollton on the main llankhead hig'hway. It was established for the purpose of giving' boys and girls an opportunity of getting an education best suited to their induvidual needs, capacities, and interests. So naturally one expects to lind the curriulum liberal and nity per cent vocational, .Xs stated above, the school is co-educational and it is a secondary School of excellent facilities. The school easily accomodates sixty girls and sixty boys making' a total of one hundred and twenty pupils. The plant is well equipped and has a valuation ot two hundred thousand dollars. The school has had three Principals, Professor H. Nelson, who se1'ved conf tinuouslv for thirteen years, I. S. lngram, the present Principal, and Mrs. Ingram. the wiieiot the present llrincipal who se1'ved in the absence of Mr. Ingram, during the year 1925-26, The school succeeded from its initial opening' date. It has amply justilied the purpose of its establishment, and the dream of its founders has been more than fulfilled. lt is interesting to note that tour hundred have graduated from the school and they are foundiin the various walks of life as follows. Lawyers 3, Teachers 85. Merchants 5, Editors 2, Home Makers 32, lllinister I, lVlachinist I, in Col- lege .to, Farmers 6o, Business l42, Salesman Bo, County Agents 3, Doctors I, Chemist 1, Nurse 3, Home Demonstration Agent I. l"rofessor Nelson makes the interesting statement that the combined salaries of each g'1'aduation class following the lirst vear ot their graduation has been mo1'e than the yearly app1'opriation from the State. The school 1'emains open p1'actically the entire year. More than two hund1'ed teachers enroll in the Summer School. Summer camps for Girls' Clubs :md XVomen's Clubs are always held and they are all well attended. The institution ranks as an .HX-grade accredited high school. The school offers courses in Agricul- ture, Domestic Science, Shop Drawing, Literary work, liusiness Courses, Music and Expression, ln the academic work, Mathematics, Science and English are the principal subjects stressed. The faculty is well selected and each member is chosen for his particular work in a chosen iield. Care is taken by the administration to get away from mass instruction. Effort is made to develop the individual. Such a policy has brought success to the school. lfurther evidence of the spi1'it ol the school is seen in the present plans and actions of the Alumni who are building' a gymnasium at a cost of three thousand dollars. They hope to have this completed by December Ist 1928. This is in line with other expansive programs which will assure the school greater usefulness and inliuence. Thus at the close ol the Zlllfl year, the enrollment 1'eaches 210. More than sixty seniors will graduate this yea1'. Carroll and the adjoining counties have nuniber of the graduates who are bringing honor and blessings to these counties through their service. DC ix i '23 The Aggies, Nineteen Twenty-Eight '23 '9 o. Seniors OLIVER HAMMOND-Carrollton, Ga. CYNTHIA HAMMOND-Carrollton,Ga' "Happy am Ig from care I'm free, "Her eyes were deeper than the depth Why aren't they all content like me?" of stilled water at even. VERDIE LONG-Bowdon Junction, Ga. HARVEY DYER-Grantville, Ga. "The Heavens such grace did lend her, "Always be true to the best that is That she might admired be." in you." 6 Yi The Aggies, Nineteen Twenty-Eight '23 Seniors BILL NIXON-Carrollton, Ga. "It's better to be little and shine, than to be big and cast a shadow." FARRIS TATUM-Palmetto, Ga. "Why should I worry? I'1l get there anyway." LORENE NICHOLSON-Whitesburg. "Be good sweet maid, let those who will be clever." HERMAN MARSHALL-Roopville, Ga. "Don't be what you aint." CLARABEL COLE-Roopville, Ga. "By her past accomplishments, one may expect much of her in the future." JOE HANNAH-Carrollton, Ga. "He never had but one thought, and forgot that." RUTH DYER-Carrollton, Ga. 'Might be quality-certainly not quantity." IRENE COOK-LaGrange, Ga. "Her armor is her honest thought and simple truth, her utmost skillf' NEWMAN ROGERS-Roopville, Ga. Keep ever striving, onward and up- ward." EULA JACKSON-Clem, Ga. If we always facethe sunshine, the shadows will fall behind." W9 Ek 'Ya' The Aggies, Nineteen Twenty-Eight '23 Seniors MAX LIGGEN-Decatur, Ga. "Whatever is worth doing at all, is worth doing well? INEZ COPELAND-Carrollton, Ga. "Who gets me will get as much as he deserves." HARVEY HEATH-Carrollton, Ga. "He that never gives up iinally succeeds." CECIL JACKSON-Franklin, Ga. "Not merely exist, but amount to something in life." MARY JORDAN-Carrollton, Ga. "E ind my greatest desire, is to be called 'wife' by mme noble sire." as 1: T. S. MCLENDON-Carrollton, Ga. "His quiet Ways and faithful work, are sermons strong to those who 'shirk'.'l LUCILE JACKSON-Carrollton, Ga. Good nature combined with person- ality makes her a friend to all." IMA LEE ALMON-Carrollton, Ga. Of manner gentle, of affection mild, in Wit fully grown, in sim- plicity a child." .TAFT SWYGART-Haralson, Ga. Never do today what you can put off until tomorrow." CLARA HARMON-Carrollton. GEL. 'Tlhc Heaven such gioce did lend her. Tlmiix she might admired be." K wc ' - - ac 023 The Aggies, Nineteen Twentyfliight '33 RO " SL Seniors RAY STALLINGS-Roopville, Ga. Some crave fame, but for my part let me deliver the goods." GENEVA GLADNEY-Clem, Ga. And when she played my soul stopped to listen." FRANK DENNIS--Franklin, Ga. Life is yours-make of it what you will." LEONARD DRIVER-Carrollton, Ga. Never do for yourself what you can get someone else to do for you." ANNIS BARNES-BOWd0r1, Ga. Give me a good time-or give me death." ROY 1 SPRUELL-Temple, Ga. Kings destroy, but physicians preserve the human racef' MARY PATTERSON-Franklin, Ga. "Eat, drink, and be merry, for tomor- row you may die." RENDER CASWELL-Roopville, Ga. "Though he had a waggish tongue, he was a good man withal." ZONA MCLENDON-Bowdon, Ga. "I'11 find a Way or make one." JOE BROWN-Roopville, Ga. A day for toil, an hour for sport, but for a friend is life too short?" 'O - ok Y The Aggies, Nineteen Twenty-Eight F23 'Q - es. Seniors CHRISTINE MARTIN-Carrollton, Ga. "For a better friend, one must travel many leagues." PAUL DENNY-Roopville, Ga. "The might of the world's good wishes goes with him." LANERE THOMPSON-Chipley, Ga. "As merry as the day is long." DORA COOK-LaGrange, Ga. "Aichly the maiden smiled, her eyes running over with laughter." EDMOND WORTHY-Carrotllton, Ga. "Discourse has many tools, but oratory is the handle that fits them all." CECIL BUFFINGTON-Union City, Ga "Make every minute count." SYBIL WILSON -Whitesburg, Ga. "She is lovable, staunch and true. Pretty, sweet and lots of fun too." JANIE MADDOX-West Point, Ga. "Love'em where you nnd'em, and leave- 'em where you love'em." CARL PRINCE-Franklin, Ga. "'Tis wise to think what you spell: rather than at all times to speak what you think." MINNIE WILLIAMSON -Texas, Ga. "She posesses a peculiar talent produc- ing effects in whatever she says or does." '25 The Aggies, Nineteen Twenty-Eight 033 Senior Class mms: Pink and Grrmze. FLOWIQR: Pink R050 Bud. 1X'T0'l"I'lJ1 "CIi111Iv ilmzfglz H10 l'0ffCS In' l'llfjfff'l1,.H OFFICERS ll xlevl-:Y IDYICR ........... ............. . ...... P resident Xl xxm-:x'11-I.1a H lixleulzlcscm. . . . . ...... Vice-Prcsidf'nf 9 XY N IS Iiexlaxlis .......... .Sfrrrfary-Trmx1n'f'r ZX " "TX The Aggies, Nineteen Twenty-Eight IMA LEE FXLMUN LTOKIE BANKS JTVVELI, BARNES ANNIS BARNES CDLLIE BIRD CARTER JOE BROWN CECIL BUFFINGTON RENDER CASWELI. SOLLIE COLE. CLARAREE COLE. FLORINE CHANDLER DORA COOK IRENE COOK, GRACE CASWELL, GE,RTL.'X DENNEX' PAUL DENNEX' I EONARD TDRIVER FRANK DENNIS HARVEY DYER RUTH DYER GENEVA GLADNEY TOM GLADNEY OLIVER HAMMOND CYNTIIIA H.XMMC'JND CLARA HARMON HARVEY HEIX1'1I -JIM LLXMRICK Senior Class Roll HUEETT RLTSSELYI JOE HANNAII M, HENDERSON LUCILLE -JACKSON HORACE TQIDD CECIL -JACKSON EULA .JACKSON JAMES JACKSON TXIVARY .JORDAN FAR K ENT BESSIE BLIXLTDIE Tilill XIODTIE LONG MAX LIGGIR TTERM AN MA RSHALI. ILRIIRORII TXIARLDXV ROISIIIRT IJ IVYORN ZONA BICLIENDON T, 9. DTCLENDON Pc I I1 E M CLIEOD CHRISTINE TVIARTI N BILL NIKON JANIE TXKTADDOX LORENE NICIIOESON NTARY PATTERSON 5 CARI, J RINCR NEW MAN ROGERS BOB STEISD' HUGH RICEIIXRIJS RAY STALLINGS LANERE THOMPSON ROY SPRUELI. T AFT SVVYGERTI EARNEST SPRADLIN BOB TISINGER FARRIS TATUM. NTINNIE XVI I.I.IAMSON O RA VV I I, LI A M SO N EDMOND VVORTIAIY SIRYI. NVILSON C. F. WIIIIAMSON' INEZ COIJEIIAND LIAI. CRUWDER JAMES SEWEEL RLSIE STRICKLAND RAIEORD VVATKINS LEON VVRIGIIT HIENIQY LUALLEN RAYMON TXTORGAN IDEUEORD PIIII.I.1PS LEWIS TURNER x . --' --fff as The Aggies, Nineteen Twenty-Eight T - H - - ex Class History lt was four years ago that we, a bunch of unruly boys and girls, with never a thought or a care of what the future had in store for us, entered Fourth Dis- trict A. X Xl. School. We little realized the hardships, and cared little for them. Our chief thought was, "XYe're in high school now--nothing else mattersf' But gradually our unconcern vanished, and little by little the true meaning of what high school really meant manifested itself to us, and we were soon settled into the regular routine of high school existence. Our freshman year was filled with joys and sorrows alike. Wle had our fun with just enough misfortune and disappointment interspersed to make our jovs all the more enjoyable. And so it was that we passed our first year of hiirh school life. .Ns Sophomores. we entered the senior class room, and thinking that we were a much wiser body than we were the year before, we were into everything, and thus led our teachers and the Freshmen a hard life. Toward the end of the vear we enjoyed a weiner roast down on the campus. This ended our year as Sophomores and as a stronger body we took another step toward success. F- lu 1926-27 our class increased. ,Xs juniors we had the school spirit and grlwavs tried to do our best. On April 26, 1927 the juniors entertained the Seniors with a picnic at ltlayes Mill. Hur .lunior year truly seemed a lull before the storm of work to be done in the Senior year, The majority of the class passed their work, with only one or two left behind. ,Xs we have finished our last year of high school it has been the greatest of them all. There was an enrollment of seventy-seven. During this year we have learned manv things that l think should go down in this history for future reference, siich that no other class has learned. We have learned that "Two Told Tales" was written bv llawthorne, and that China was once located in South America. These are two ofthe manv things that we Seniors of '29 have learned. During the past year we have hal our fun as well as our work. Among the enjoyments that we have had, and some that we have enjoyed most are: the theater parties to see "The Covered XYagon," "Old lronsidesf' and "Ben Hur." The celebration of Georgia Day with a banquet is also a very important date in our history. The ,lunior-Senior l'arty will ever bring happy memories of dear old A. 8: Xl. The Senior play. ".Xdventnres of Grandpa" will be remembered as the greatest success of our Senior year. XYC could not have made the year so eventful without help, so to the facultv we owe our heartiest thanks. They have been beacons of light along our roail to knowledge. and we hope that their labors will not have been in vain. ,Xs we enter this new world which serves as a huge melting pot, where the pure gold is separated from the dross, may we the class of '28 shine forth as pure gold, ever holding high the standards of the blue and red. XYIERIJIIC Loma, Hisforuzzz. 7 Oc Y The Aggies, Nineteen Twentyfliight Y? - Oc Last Will and Testament State of Georgia, Carroll County, Fourth District A. St M. School: We the class of 1928, being of sound minds and soon to cease our existence as a unit, having well crammed minds and superhuman understanding, with a memory that was never known to fail, do make and publish this our last will and testament. To our Alma Mater we leave our affection, hope, and loyal support, holding high its ideal of Truth and VVorth. Section I. Item I. To our beloved principal, IXI r. I. S. Ingram, we bequeath our deepest appreciation, our sincere gratitude and our heartfelt thanks for the interest he has taken in our welfare, VVe leave him our promise that we will live up to the high standards that he has set before us. Item II. In gratitude to the teachers for the wonderful induence and training they have given us, we bequeath to them the limitless knowledge and astounding information that we have furnished at various times in our classes, and in our examination papers. We realize that many things we have imparted were en- tirely new to them and all mankind, and since this information, if it can be spread to the utmost parts of the earth, will transform not only the learned but ignorant people as well, we hereby authorize and commission the faculty to spread this information whenever and wherever it will help accomplish that extraordi- nary process called Education. Section II. Item I. To the juniors we do hereby bequeath our feeling of importance, our great responsibilities, and the right to step out as dignified seniors. Item II, To the Sophomores we wish to leave all the good advice which we have gained during our four years of high school. Item III. To the Freshmen, as they have just started climbing the ladder, we wish to leave our deepest sympathy and best wishes for we know the hardships which they must overcome. The path may sometimes seem rugged, but push forward to the end is our advice to you. Section III. Item I. Paul Denney and Sybil Wilson will their love to Julia Nasworthy and Robert Stallings. Item II. Roy Spruell bequeaths his height to Charlie Sillay. Item III. Clara Harmon wills her curling irons to Pollie Perdue, provided she will make as good use of them as Clara did. Item IV. Ollie .llird Carter wills to Dessie Dorough her charming laugh. ItemY. I..ucile jackson beqneaths to 'losephine Cole her chewing gum, which will be found in the corner of her desk in the Senior room. Item YI. Render Caswell wills Christine Crawford to llensen liellev. Item YII. Cynthia Hammond, Inez Copeland, and Christine Martin will to Upal Pullen their History books and wish her the success to get bv as easilv as they did. ' ' Item YIII. Leonard Driver, who cut a figure in being as individual movie, wills his place to Lester jones. Item IX. Edmond VVorthy wishes to leave Charlie Paschal his privilege of hanging his coat in the office. Item X. IVith sorrow Frank Dennis, having heard the cries of the little chicks H, Y gk '23 The Aggies, Nineteen TwentyfEight '23 bequeaths his job lo Sterling Kitchens, in case he will be as fatherly to them as he has been. Item XI, Annis Ilarnes bestows upon Mozell Canslor her ability to laugh at prayer meeting. Item Xll. Hob Tisinger, Taft Swygart, Harvey Dyer, Robert Lovvorn, will To james Young the ability to prevent questions from Mr. Ingram by swift counter attack of leading questions. Item XIII, Mary llatterson wills her ability to wash table cloths to Gwendolyn I 'atterson. Item XIY, jannie Maddox and Minnie XVilliamson leave their ability to cook Sears Roebuck gravy to the future cooks, provided it will please Max Liggen and Tom tiladney. Item XY. Yerdie Long wills her dignified manner 'ao Agnes Burdette. Item XX I. Clarabel Cole and Ruth Dyer will to Ilonnie Teel their boisterous manners. Item XYII. Gerila Denny wills to Nell Ilurns 'her alto voice. Item XYIII. 'Eula jackson and Lorene Nicholson will their desire to be called wile to Mary Helen Land. M' Item XIX. Lanere Thompson leaves to julia 'Nasworthy her place at the table bv Mr, Harmon. I .Item XX, Zona lXlcI-endon, Mary jordan leave to Lucile Owens their sweet and winning ways. q W Item XXI. Mandeville Irlenderson, Oliver' Hammond, and Irene Cook bequeath their popularity to llauline IVlcCrary. Item XXII. Geneva Gladney wills her musical talent to Earline Kitchens. Item XXIII. Carl Prince, Newman Rogers, joe Brown, joe Hannah, Cecil lluffington, Horace Kidd, Pope McLeod, Earnest Spradlin, and james jackson leave to the junior boys the privilege of occupying the seats of honor in the Geometry class. Item XXIY. Sollie Cole wills to Marvin Chambers his old Ford. Item XXV. james Sewell wills his Tenor Voice to Claude Robertson, Item XXYI..jim Hamrick.. T. S. McI.endon, Harvey Heath will to jolmnie Heath their Athletic ability. Item XXYII. Herman Marshall and Farris Tatum will to Troy Chambers the rice pudding with currants that they enjoyed so, while at A. Sz M. Item XXYIII. Cecil jackson, whose dignity seems to be no luggage, wills his place to Paul Andrews. Item XXIX. llill Nixon wills 6 inches of her height to Mary Moore, Item XXX. Ora W'illiamson and Charlie Frank VVilliamson will their stand- ing dates to Avis Ifarr and Curtis Milam. Item XXXI. I7loreLie tfhandler wills to Yirginia Mote her chair by the teacher's desk. Item XXXII, Ewell llarnes wills to Iluford Murphy his mercantile business with the understanding that he will not sell fake gum, Item XXXIII. Hewlett Russell wills to Manor Cansler his antique shop work il' he will not get behind as he did. Item XXXIV. Ray Stallings bequeaths to Amos Chambers the poultry busi- ness if he will make apologies when the chickens begin to shed tears over the loss of their old keeper. Signed and sealed the last day of April in thc year of our I.ord, Une thousand nine hundred and twenty-eight. SICNIUR Class, A - ITAIQ KICNT, Tvstator. The Aggies, Nineteen TwentyfEight 'Q gg' Class Prophecy I was cooking dinner in my home in the Philippines on April, 29, H138 when I received a cablegram from liourth Ilistrict A. X IXI. College, inviting me to attend the great reunion of the old graduates of '28, I immediately started getting really. I left my home that afternoon and ariiyeil at Savannah the next day. I then boarded the train and arrived in Carrollton early the next morning. As I didn't see any one at the station to take me out to the school, I took a street car. I could hardly realize that I was in Carrollton for the town had grown so since I was there IO years before. The street was paved all the way out to A. 8: INI. and many magnificent houses were along the street. I was astonished to find that A. th M. had grown so that it was almost a town within itself. The Gentry home had been turned into a faculty house and two new dormitories, a very large auditorium, and a new dining hall, had been erected, besides an athletic building and several barns. I looked around but could see no one that I knew so I decided to go into the Presidents home and inquire about a place to stay. Edmund Wforthy came to the door and I wondered if he were the butler, but was afraid to ask him, so after talking for a few minutes I asked him where the president was. He didn't seem to understand at first but in an instant there was a big grin on his face and he said that he was the president of A .Sz hl. I thought that he was playing a joke on me but decided to take his word for it. He then introduced me to his wife who was formerly IXIiss Ruth Dyer and told her to show me to my room. He said that I would learn about my classmates later. Being tired from my long trip I was pleased to be in a restful room. After resting a while I dressed for dinner. I heard the old waitress bell once again, It seemed more familiar than anything else. In a few minutes the bell rang again and a larffe crowd assembled in the new Dining Hall. I'0'azed around in amazement, 6 'O in for there were many familiar faces but I could not remember their names. Indeed, it seemed as if I were in a dream, After we had eaten a very delicious dinner, lfresident XYorthy announced that he Wanted each one to tell what he was doing and how life had served him since he left A. 81 IXI. These are the things I. learned a.bout each: The first one to rise was a tall, pretty, dignified woman. It was Ilill Nixon then in charge of the English Department at A. 8: AI. She gave a splendid talk about the graduates of '28 -Ioe Brown came next. He too was a handsome, dignified fellow, and was the most efficient mathematics teacher, Inez Copeland looked exactly as she always did. She was matron of the dining hall. Christine lNIartin was matron of the boys dormitory and all the boys liked her. Ilob Tisinger was foot-ball coach and he had developed some splendid teams. Ewell llarnes had the appearance of a wealthy man for he was overseer of the railroads in I-Ieard County. Mary I'at was a senior at A. X M. college. She had paid her way by washing table cloths. james Sewell seemed to be serious for once in his life. Ile had established a hospital for cats and dogs. Janie Maddox was the most efficient head nurse at this hospital. I hardly recognized her for her hair was perfectly straight. e--------L Y Y- ff f - :ac The Aggies, Nineteen Twentyfliight A.....---....., , , ,-1-LY, . -1, , iii:-L 74, - 5,5 Fae Kent was a famous writer of books on home life. Harvey Dyer, the most dignified president of our class, was runnino' for . . 1 . . - . 6 , presidency oi the l mted States, He was sure of getting the office for all his classmates had promised to use their inlluence for his good. Cynthia lrlammond was a woman in business. She was runnino' a hot doo' b 6 stand just ollf the A. N M. campus. 'H Mary 'lordan was a real estate dealer in Los Angeles, California. lfarris Tatum was a great Evangelistic preacher, XYe began to think that he was going to give us a sermon before he sat down, llora kfook was a famous actress. She still had that same sweet smile. tfarl l'rince looked very young for he was head of an old bachelor's apartment in Centralhatchee. Newman Rogers said that he had given up all hopes of winning Dora's love so he was living in this apartment. Sybil XYilson and Paul Denny had decided that they didn't love each other just the day beiore the wedding. So l'aul was overseer of the convicts in Carroll tiounty and Sybil, being a man hater, was touring the county lecturing against men. llarvey Heath had ffotten a divorce from his wife and was thinkino' seriousl ol marrying again. .Rav Stallings, the govenor of tieorgia, made a very interesting address, and his wife, oeiieva tiladney, was very happy as the governess, llal Crowder said that he felt it an honor to be their chauffeur. -Ioe llannah had a small farm near Carrollton on which he grew onions for the A, K al. school. All the pupils would like him better it he would ffriw some things like apples and strawberries. Yerdie Long had reached the height of her ambition, for she had her M. R. S. degree and was living in a pretty little house near A. S P. store. Cecil ,lackson was a professional pill roller and his wife, Clarabel Cole, was peddling them all over the counties of leleard and Carroll. .lust as I had expected, Leonard Driver was in a side show imitating a monkey. We could tell that he was well np on the job and he said that those who wished to please him had only to give him peanuts. Annis liarnes was indeed beautiful. She had gained much wealth and distinction by permitting her picture to l.e pat on a snutli box for advertisement. .lim llamrick had taken up his fathers job as jail keeper. Pope McLeod had discovered a gold mine on his lather's farm and was living in perfect ease. Ollie llird Carter having despaired of ever getting a husband has settled down as a typical old maid. Florine tfhandler, the professional toe dancer, astonished us by giving .is a number. Lorene Nicholson, a trained inirse, had married l3r. Roy Spruerl. 'l'ogei'lier they were doing much for humanity. Tom Liladney had mastered the profession of dish washing and M213 niak.nxg a great deal ol money washing dishes at .X. 8: .Xl. lina fxlmon was rinining a beauty parlor in Carrollton. Render tasneil was still lilililllg and ll.ltl the record ol being the biggest talker in the world. llewlelt liussell was a progressive farmer. Ile had save.l much ll'l.li1C-V by bling thrilty and inanaging vveli. Zona .Xlclcacloii was a gray hairezl, tired looking woman. She arose and said m ' b y mi Q9 , 7, HG . '33 The Aggies, Nineteen TwentyfEight F33 that she was sorry she couldn't give as good a report as some of the others, but she was trying to rear three robust little boys. Every one applauded and some one said that that was a noble occupation. NV. M. Liggin was milking cows in a dairy near Miami, Florida. Ora Williamson was clerk in the toy department in Fishers Sollie Cole was street car conductor in New York. Herman Marshall was professor of science at Harvard. Gerila Denny had formulated some kind of pill, that when taken would enable a person to know his lessons without studying. These pills were very popular at A. 81 M. T. S. McLendon was working in a shoe string factory in Chicago. Clara Harman was a well known fortune teller.. Taft Swygert was judge of the Superior Court in XVashington, D, C, NVe have all heard the saying, "Laugh and grow fat." NVell, Lanere Thompson had certainly done this. Mandeville Henderson was making a living as a trapper in Canada. Oliver Hammond was a chicken peddler in Atlanta. Frank Dennis was a great aviator who had broken the world's record by making a non-stop flight around the world. It was impossible for all my class mates to be at A. K M. for some of them were across the ocean and in Mars. I was very anxious to see them, so I suggested to Frank that wetstart early the next morning in his aeroplane and make them a visit. This just suited him, so the next morning we started on our flight. When we had gotten about halfway across the Atlantic, I was so thirsty that I asked Frank to stop on the floating station and get something to drink. VV e had a delicious drink that had been formulated by Ernest Spradlin. Whom do you suppose we saw there? Nobody but Horace Kidd who was in charge of the station. . While we were talking to Horace a very large ship stopped and the captain came up to the little stand to get a drink. You can imagine how surprised I was when I found that it was no other that Robert Lovvorn. We soon continued our Hight to England where we inquired about Charlie Frank Williamson, who was a great bass singer at London. They told us that he had gone to Africa to sing to the heathens, so we turned the aeroplane in that direction. After we had gotten' to Africa and were looking for a place to land, we noticed a large crowd ofvpeople. We landed, thinking perhaps that Charlie Frank might be singing to them, But we found that it was not a man singing but a woman talking. After pushing our way through the crowd, we found that it was Lucile jackson. I-Ier childhood dreams had become real, for she was a missionary. She told us that Charlie lfrank had been there but had just left the day before for Mars. Determined to see him we started iinineliately on our route. When we arrived, we found that he had gone to persuade the great pianist, Irene Cook, and the great alto singer, Eula slackson, to come back with him to London, Their friends hated for them to leave but they linally came with him to plan their concert trip for the following season. As I had seen and talked with all my Classmates, Erank brought me back to my dear home in the Philippines. I started about my work thinking that my class was a very remarkable one. TVTINNIE VV1t.r-1ixMsoN. Oc ---- -ff-f -f WMA'- '23 The Aggies, Nineteen Twentyfliight F33 Qnng THE SENIORS OF TVVENTY- EIGHT Up this hard and toilsome highway, VV e have struggled four long years. iXVe have journeyed long and faithful, Though it sometimes caused us tears. XYe have come the way together, 'Till we've almost reached the place XYhere a few must part forever, 'And forget some classmates face. Do not think that we have finisheclg For we'll never reach the end. XVe are traveling up life's highway, And have only reached the bend. llere the road turns in all directions, Each must take a different turng Each will choose his own profession, Each a different trade will learn, So meet life with all its trials, XVith its joys and with its pains, Let us greet it always smiling, lf it shines or if it rains, Place your goal above the others, ' Turn toward the very topg Though the way be rough and rugged, Keep on climbing-never stop, VVhen you reach your first goal safely, And you stop for a moments restg Think of the A. 81 N. days behind, And they'll stand among the best. -Innes .IAcKsoN. - 29 The Aggies, Nineteen TwentyfEight 0 - 39 7-vu Juniors H1"1"1L'1i1iS '1'Rr1Y .C11.xx1111121cs. . . ............. ...... I '1'v.via'v11l Gc11-s,xN S'l'1iI'1'11CN5. .. ..... -1'ivw-P1-vs1'a'v111 NliI.1. 1111kNs ...... .............. . ..Sl'f'1'1'f111'-1'-'l'1'm1.11111'1'r CLASS 1Q1J1.1. .Xv1s 11.11411 121212512 111cN1:x' 1i1N1: N1fV111f11,S 131-X1.'1'1JN 1111:.xx'1s1:s 1Q1'1:x' 1q1iN1iY 1-1'f"'11f15 111113515 J . 5 - . 1111.1.l1i 111u1wN 11iw1-11.1. 1e1111f1f111fxN !:I1"1i1I1,"R11!1"' ' ax, 1'1.1,-ix , 1 . 5 , F . , 1111.2 11111eNs 1i, -l11v11Na11N MARHAXRH. RIMS 6.1-311141112 11111:Ns 5'1'1z1z1,1Ncs 1x1'1'c'111iNs L'l.11'1,,1.j 1q,,,,,.3R',-SHN X1-11.1, Ilvlcxs .X1 1111 H1-11.1-:N 1,.xN11 li111,w1N S'1'1iI'1'11iNS X1.xN111: L'.xNs1.1-11: .X1.x1ax' X1-11c1.1cx' -l1111xx11-3 K1L'11l1li1N N1.x1:x'1N L'11.x1111111i1:s 1,1f:r1N.x141e1 .X11'1i111:1'1w' 11.X1U31.17NNv11.1.1.XA15 '1'1q11v C111x111:1f:1qs Klum' N1+:1c1.x' 1Q111:1Q11'1' S'1'.X1.1.1N4lS L'111us'r1N1z C1a.xw1f111e11 CU1z'1'1s 1X'1l1..XM 111'1:11 Sx11'1'11 1L'11.x1z1.11'1"1'1z 1f1'rzs1Mx111Ns M1xsr1N 1X1EE1i5 ,1.X1X11iS S'1'11Rx' .111s121f111N1z 011,12 1iU1f111411 1X'1UR1'11Y 1'iR.XNC'1iS '1'1'1aN1c1c A'1.XRfi.XR1i'1"1' 1f111.1.11,11v12 -11'1,I.X N.xswf11c'1'11Y 1i1:111'1i1: NY11.1.1s -:-. SQ, The Aggies, Nineteen Twentyliight 10 -4 -' Y -7--- -T - - -Y gk Iaexlcmxlz Ix1'rc'1l15Ns. .. L 11Ax1u,1cs 5Il,I..XY .... . L'l1,x1u.12s I'.XSL'l1.XI.. ll.xz1f:l. .-XIIIQRIIULD llxlfl, gXNlbRliNYS Rvm' Awzus Lew :XILXMS -Iexunz 131511011 A 1. salem' I IROC K CAl,.XWK'.XY Iixmclq Cox ,XGNIQS l1U1m1f:'r'1'11 S.x1uI1 BURNS ,Xmms CH.xM1:1cRs MIr-l.Ax1m L.Ul'Iil..XNll Cl11us'1'1Nl-3 Com: IDAMUN L'm,lQ L1cuNAx1m IJENNIS C'll1cs'r1c1z lJL'Nc'.xN Sophomores OFFICERS C LA S S RGLL W11.L1.xM EVES Moz1sI,L1s CANSLIQR E21-:L GIUXDNIEY QQUIUJON ISIALIQ A1.'mN Cionlnsla l3Uv11:N,x HEATH L12s'r1iR JONES I2.x1e1.1N1c Ii1'rc11l5N5 IIIQRNARIJ Llirz I..xL'uAx Llcli If1e.xNc1as MUTE lililcslc AICLENDUN I'.Xl'l,INIi NICGRARY I,1coN,x lXl1iR1z151.I, X'11uzlN1.x Mcmi Menu' Momma .......Pl'F.9I.dUllf . . .I 'fCf'-17l'f'SI'd811f . . . . .Svfrvfary Lowlsli IXIURPIIY J. ll. NliII.I, Amos NIXUN R.wMoNn NIARLUXV CIIARLIQS PASCIIAL T1mM.xs MCGOWAN fiWliNDUI.YN I1x'1"r121zsoN RIAXIILIQ SIMPKINS C11.x1z1,11s SILLAY IJJIQIENA SMITH BILL SMITH XVliNIJliI,L VVHITMIRE W'1I.1,1la Hows VVALTON jxmlas YOUNG K.x:,1'I1 T1e1Rl3Am:1L1', rel1cmx1.x N WURTIIY l J 10 -Ek The Aggies, Nineteen TwentyfEight 19 Us I l 4 I I 5 I Freshmen U F IT ICER S QIIIHNIE HE.x'1'1I... .,...... . VIANETTIE I-I E.x'I'1I . . . lII.liN KXRIQ ..... CLASS ROLL JOE IBANIQS AIYRTLE LIANNAH ELSIE HENRY DESSIE DoRRoI'c:I1, -IANETTE HEATH XuI,IxN IERANII RUSSELI, HESTERLY GLENN IQARR C.xRMIxNEI.L LIYDIQ C.x'I'I--IERINE NIOTE LEVELYN HENRY -IIMME lllflf POTTS QIIIIINIE HE.X'FPI .IAMES GRIFFIN . ......P1'P5fCit'llf . . . . . . .I'1'm'-P1'Ps1'dm1f . . .SL'l'1'L'fLIl'-V- Trvaszzrvr IXIIELVIN IQICIIAIQIJSON FLEIIINIQ SMITII RIYIIONIJ SMITII joIIN SPINK5 BONNIE TEEL I QI IISRHERT XVALIQ ER IUIXIIN XYILIJ.-XlXlS The Aggies, Nineteen Twenty-Eight 19 W 1" -' in Commercial Roll I wus AX1.1:zum:1z -IUIINNIIC MoRc:.xN l.l.l.xM tilmx' limlalxxlc CIIIENIEY R1c11.xlm ll.xM1uCK l'r11r,L1P VIEAXRSON Iu1e1:1cs'1' l'I.xMx112'r'1' IKXRNIIE STONIQ L 1 1cIs'rlNl-3 Ifl'Lr,12R MAx1:r.1f: Rlvlilcs Il'l'I.l2Y AIHRRIS I. T. SMITH XIJYS BIHURIC .XNTflINli'l'TI2 TYU5 lmsnx K IVXIJIJUX L1I.ARII'll2I. SNIELLING VIRGINIA SMVIH LUCILIE JACKSON THIQLMA C1LxMnERs Glfzumslz Tum, LUCILLIE XVILLLXMSON JICSSIIE Blau, IFOOTE C. L. Zfxetllzrxv S'rl2x'12 RIQXKQIN '23 The Aggies, Nineteen Twenty-Eight 63? THE 1928 DEBATING TEAM HARVY DYER EDMUND VVORTHY RAY STALLINGS Bm: T1sINc 1 R ""' ' " ' 'Hi' " 96' 2-,I '33 The Aggies, Nineteen TwentyfEight '33 Q iff! nn. ...W Athletic Association O F FICE R S 1'Ax1f'r SWYGIQRT ................ ............ P l'E'SI'df'1lf lbwl, DENNY .........,.. . ......... ,'1-FC-PI'C.YI.d6'l1f Ifw liI.l, IMRN1 s ..... .qt'l'l'f'fC'li"X" Treasurer 'D '33 The Aggies, Nineteen Twenty-Eight '33 BG 3 ' is .. .QaiA...v3y... if . FOOT BALL PRACTICE . Foot Ball Scores IQ27 A. 81 M, 6-l.z1G1'ang'e High O. A A. H M. 6-Rome High 7. A 55 M. 6-llethlehem College 6. A A. Sz M. o-llowclon College 13. .-X. Sz M. 25-7th District A. 81 M. O Sz M, I4-Bli3.1'lSt College 25. 81 M. 7-7th District A. Sz M. 7. 8: Mi. 0-Oglethorpe Fresh. 32. Totals, A. 81 M. 64-Qppouents 90. '23 The Aggies, Nineteen Twenty-Eight '23 GIRLS BASKET BALL GIRLS YOLLICY IIAXLL 633 The Aggies, Nineteen TWentyfEight '33 1 ,. BOYS BASKET BALL TENNIS The Aggies, Nineteen TWentyfEight HQ 1 . A - SK I , , , . , , 1 , M1153 CL.x1z.x NOLIQN. MRS. JOE AYCOCK.. CECIL JACKSON .... GIERILA DIQNNY. . . HUNNIIE Tlclsr, .IANNIIQ Mumnox ,I ULIA Nexswomm' UIAQK Form' Cl1R1s'r1 Nli Cxmwlfunn Mmm' l'lIiI.liN LAND NIINNIIQ W11.L1AxMsoN IRENIQ COOK Dom COOK Glee Club OFFICERS ....Direct0r . .L-Jcf011zj9a1zi5f ...........P7'CS1.df'l1f . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ..S'rr1'c'fa1Qv-Trcaszfwr' MEM UERS Ilxmcma 'l'mmvsoN Timruwn Wmu'rI1v Simi. XYILSUN JAMES SHW1il-L Cim.soN S'l'bfI'HIENS li.x1e1.1N1s KI'l't'III2NS SIAM' -IURILXN 5m,l.11f: QULI-I M.xl:Y l'.x'r'1'l-:lesoN flifll, .IAQKSUN f2xvrcN1mI,YN PAX'l"l'IiRSON RIENIJIQR C.xswl21.L Cilskllmx Dl'INNX' C11.xRLu'1"1'15 Fl'1'zs1MMoNs M1Q1.x'1N RICHARDSON VVYULINE IXIERRELL R1'ss1c1.1, HlfS'l'EliI.X'. Amos C1e1.xM1e:ERs DQ P23 The Aggies, Nineteen Twenty-Eight '33 IQ GEORGE GRAY .... HARVEY DX'ER ..... ANNIS BARNES .... CCJRNETS ERNEST SPRADLIN HUKLPI SMITH BIANDEVILLE I-IENIJERSON JA M IES YOUNG ALTOS J, H. NEILL THO1vIAS NTCGOWAN RIARVIN CHAMBERS BAND M ' DRUMS HEWLETT RUSSELL ROI: TISINOER TROM BONES PIARVIEY DYIEIQ W'I1-I,IE HOPE WAI RAYMOND NIORQLXN BASS SOLLIE COLE -STUN . . .Director .... . . . . . . .President . . Secreffary- Treasurer CLARINETS CLARA NOI.EN CHRISTINE MARTIN IANNIS BARNES. HARITONE NIEWMAN ROGERS SAXOPHONES GOLSON STEPHENS HOB STEED 7---f W- M- Y - C93 The Aggies, Nineteen Twenty-Eight '23 rg 39 4, N ,Ay - Cicemnicm Society Comms: Pllljlll' mm' Gold. 1XI'oT'11o: "'Qz1aIiz'y and not Quantvftyfy OFFICERS H1cw1,m"r RUss1Q1.l.. . . ............ ................ P resident LANIQRIQ 'l'HuM1'suN. .... Svcrc'tary and Treasurer N. wg , The Aggies, Nineteen TWeIItyfEight 'Q MISS BARR MR. BOINNER CECIL BUFFINGTON ,AGNES BURDETTE HAL CROVVDER EARL COX DORA COOK IRENE COOK RENDER CASWELL FRANK DENNIS LEONARD DENNIS HARVEY DYER PAUL DENNY CYNTHIA I4A.XM1XlUNlJS MISS HUGHS CECIL JACKSON JAMES JACKSON EULA JACKSON CILXRABEL COLE Ql',-XL HENRX' LORENE NICHOLSON DIARY JORDAN JOE BROVVN REESE MGLENDON Ciceronicm Society MEMBERS FAE TQENT STERLING KITCIIENS T. S. NTCLENDUN JANIE MADDOX HUIAJSKJN RTADDOX LOUISE NIURPHY PAULINE MGCRARY TOM TX'ILTf3lHN'AN JULIA TQASNVURTHY RTARY PIXTTERSON PHILIP PEARSON -JIMMIE LEE POTTS CARL PRINCE GXVENDOLYN PATTERSON CLAIYDE ROIZERSON HEWLETT RUSSELL CSOLSON S'I'E1"HENS EIXRNICST SPRADLIN HUGH SMITH L,XNERE THOMPSON GEORGE TEEL WILLIE HOPE WIALSON SYIIIL WILSON WENDELL VVHITMIRE JAMES YOUNG ISUEORD MURPHY MANOR CANSELUR ORA NVILLIAMSON LUQILE OWVENS IIZENARD LEE PAUL ANDREWS J. U. RICHARDSON RUSSELL HESTERLY EDMUND WORTHY CHARLOTTE FITZSIIAIMONS XY, QXI, LIGGIN HCJNORIXRY MEMBERS CL'R'I'IS M ILAM f?P.XI. PULLEN TXTAIZLE SIMI-RINS .TUE HANNAII RICHARD LLXMRICK IULIYER IIA M NIOND CHRISTINE KIARTIN ISO!! STEED IMA LEE ALMUN INEZ COPELAND IKILL NIKON V- ,---- - 1 - The Aggies, Nineteen TwentyfEight Q, ng vqr Y - - Hawthorne Society Cfnrmles: fu'If1f'ls cmd Yvlln-rv. lXltcm'1"m: UOIIFK' 0 fJU'ZUlLfIUI'IIP, .'H'ZL'lI-VX U lff1wfl101'110." 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Iwo Reb1Qte1ed Tersew Pulls oi the A 'Q TXT Ilexcl The Sehool Has Rcgmstemefl Dmoc ICISCY Herd U Q Q L r 6 V N - I -'wg I 1 Y w F ' n - - 1 fr- . , v J .Q . . L' - , . . .1 ' 1 I . Q", Qs' I iw 1 r ' .Q . 63- ' ' .Q ' 1 N c glib She: "Paul, do you think you could learn to love me Paul: "I might, I passed English." 2:1 :af 34 :K Hewlett Russell: "This book makes me think." Mr. Ingram: "Son, it must be a book of magic." Margaret Fullilove fin Libraryl : "Give me Lamb's Tales." Librarian: "VVhat do vou think this is, a meat market ?" ' Tom Gladney Cin Civics classl: Mr. Ingram, are we going to have Civics today ?" md Mr. Ingram: "Yes, Why P" Tom: "I-et's leave it off, I am not at all sleepy." PK 31 PF PK X X Myrtle Hannah: "It's too bad Columbus wasn't born llonnie Teel: "How come?" Myrtle: "Thats what I put on my exam paper." in Georgia." Mary had a little lamb, Given by a friend to keep It followed her around until It died from want of sleep. fx: fa: sv sv aa "4 ioing around with women a lot keeps you young." "How come ?" I started going around with them four years ago when I was a I'm still a freshman. -, J, .u , . 4. 2- 4- fr- PL 3. an Iidmund XV.: "VVell, how many ads did you get Z" Robt Lovvorn: "I got two orders in one place." Edmund: "That's business. What were they?" Robt. "One was to get out, and the other was to stay out." -1- ,vs X fl- 'L -ls llogs are merely tail bearers-Beanie. Mary Jordon: "Shes nowhere near as big fool as she was." Annis Barnes: "Has she reformed P" Mary: "No, she's dieting." 1l1?k2i42kalCPl4 Banana skins are reminders that the fall is near-Minnie VVinkle. freshman Y 1 r V I f Go Slow Qi A l CC Qur Ads' H + . W jfwhgixlliff Compliments X , I f i f 'f 0 '-n.Ilu-F'- 1-,,s1.-..1,-5.v.- , is ., .' - , 0 1 ' 9 '. + r I., ua., EE , ' - i,n,w'.--:af rural ' ' - f ' ', 9 3, Ju, nlll . J . 0 NE PRI C Er C 1 S H , S T 0 RE l 1 l lVleet Your Friends Compliments at SIVIITI-I'S PLACE from Sandwiches, Cold Drinks, Cigars, Cigarettes I STEINBACI-PS I l w l l A. 6: lVl. Welcome I l ld -v ff1l-Q --A -YV- HERFF-JONES COMPANY High School and College Jewelry INDIANAPOLIS, INDIANA I Official Jeweler for Fourth District A. Sz M. "Standard" Rings and Pins H. S. CANFIELD, Ansley Hotel, Georgia Representative ATLANTA, GA. Come To Carrollton Drug Co. For everything that a good drug store should have. We appreciate your patronage. Jones Drug Company May We serve you? Carrollton Hardware Co. General Hardware, Stoves, Plows, Cement, Plaster, Lime, Shingles, and Roofing. Carrollton, Ga. Phone 74. Pub. Square CONGRATULATIONS AND BEST VVISHES We feel sure that this "Your Store" is equipped to serve you with quality Merchandise at all times, and endeavor to merit the business intrusted to us. A. Baskin Co. "YOUR STORE" Moore Sc Clein Compliments Originators of Low Prices Atlantic and Pacific Tea Visit our new store Company 11 Alabama St. T Carrollton, Ga. Try Our 8 O'clock Coffee Mason or James Staple and Fancy Groceries Native and Western Meats Phone 58 T. H. Merrell Co. ONE PRICE-SPOT CASH Outfitters for the Whole Family East Side Square, Carrollton, Ga. s a eee aeee 6-fa FOURTH DISTRICT Agricultural and Mechanical School A Co-educational School of Excellent lVlerit COURSES OFFERED Domestic Science- Agriculture- Cab Cooking Cab Soils tbl Sewing Cbj Fertilizers Ccl Dress-making ich Horticulture Cdl Millinery Cdl Animal Husbandry fel Home-making, etc. feb Dairying ffl Farm Mechanics Literary- Cal English tbl History ich Mathematics Cdl Science Music Shop Expression School opens Sept. 3rd, 1928. Business Courses One hundred and fifty dollars covers entire expenses including board. For further information write to- IRVINE S. INGRAM, Principal, Genola, Georgia. ra as -e s 1 - ff- V1.3 I' ef' .9wrf. , ' I ' l- iy'A4 dn: Vv,'. Y l' .,f ,V-A -.HTA Iz ,AQ,A:A QA. its V . -. V A A A .A . fm A . , ' ' A 4 .' ' ! , A A '-Aisfz.: :!lia'i4,',i I I ' 1 1 1,-i' L4 'wr . ,rdf 1 V , - N - -1. L.f A A A . ' AA , .AUA,,A. Anlwlf A V Aa AA Hii y A, -,Ai-,A A H L ",.".'4r.., . A 'I-.'. Y x . . I 1 vw , 1' v ' - - - ' ., I a " ."'A A l .LJ - j -' ',..i'v'. , - N A ' . ' .HV J.. v!-,- .1-.. Z AV Arg ..:p'.A,'.AAyf,A0lV.x , 4- g.',.", Lf . n- :X--'-.,V L- nl VY ,.',...AArV lsilsf A '. ' 1 : . ,A AAA As! AH, ..L1AAA.Af-1. A-,AA A.A'. :FII A . .A. AA. QA: AVg.A,..V,1AQA'-A4 .5 - w r' 4. fa 1, V . w., A. .A, V11 A-nA"A t ' V M .. .f ,nw A..AAu ,. .AA-2, ,rw ,AIN 5 .VV 1' 'vrb f V HV-. ,f g-J :nw . A A A Aa A A A A A , AuA ,AAZQA AVA., 1 V .AA-41012 A..AiA-,Q--:A-.AVAQIAA gi '. 'ff v..'1.g,, ' , V 'f ' g'w1,.'f:5!.f4,Qf'g - . . Vffn-:r.wV : ' ' M If ' ' ' Ln" -'. I '.',:',4"5l. . . -1. - ,1 .",VV.-' U.- y 5 ' 1 . 2 '.f'. .. .' 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Suggestions in the University of West Georgia - Chieftain Yearbook (Carrollton, GA) collection:

University of West Georgia - Chieftain Yearbook (Carrollton, GA) online yearbook collection, 1923 Edition, Page 1


University of West Georgia - Chieftain Yearbook (Carrollton, GA) online yearbook collection, 1929 Edition, Page 1


University of West Georgia - Chieftain Yearbook (Carrollton, GA) online yearbook collection, 1934 Edition, Page 1


University of West Georgia - Chieftain Yearbook (Carrollton, GA) online yearbook collection, 1936 Edition, Page 1


University of West Georgia - Chieftain Yearbook (Carrollton, GA) online yearbook collection, 1937 Edition, Page 1


University of West Georgia - Chieftain Yearbook (Carrollton, GA) online yearbook collection, 1938 Edition, Page 1


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