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2mm m: .zmesmmiw . 7 w w; .. I 77777 ' 77 77777 M , 4 ' gWWQgQ7W77WgWW777 m 7777 'W W WWW7 7 4777777777 7 7 1,77 W77 W 7777 7 WWWij W? WW7 W1 WI 7 77 '7 7 W7W 7 7 WW ,, 7 , 7 J 77 7 WI; 47 77 777 WW .' -, A IW W7 W77777WW? 7 W7 777? 7777 7477777 U 77777777777777 M77 777 7 7 W 777 M7150 677 XW 7 me 7777777777771; W777 7 M W W 7 W 7777 WWWWWWW 777, 75M WXXW77 W 7 7 7747 7 7; , $7! . 77777 W 777 W W77 W77 7 W W77 WWWWWW77 WWWWWW V W 777 WW 7IWKW7M WW7 ," WWWWWW77 , W 7777 , WlIlllllllIgljlflllImjjl; 4:7,A7 W Ii IIJI lwWW W 77777 W WW I 77777, 77 , , ., 7WWWWWWW Illmum ,, 7 , ,, , 777777777 WWW W 7477' ' " 7" 7 iW Am 7 :mummlfmumyul ' 7" f7 'W'IW' 'Im! '7 V ' 777 7 7 "R K v M ,- 7 "Wm "" M ' 2H 3mm WW" '7 ' ' 7 W " ' U W "171,1,"75: -. ' 77765;?4772? CWQXN N MWW ' VW'G'EEK$""H$1 V 1 , - . I u 3' ,. L .4 x. W " .. mmuumm - : ., u ' WA'AWWIIIZZGZWII , M W W l "WWW7 yummy mm a , -:mmmwwm$ "illulllllllllulll .7 ' 4 7' g ,2 . '. xumxxx7xxxxxm3xm g mum y -u- ,7 m M . M: w. W mm mm .m ' 7 5 2111mm 7 . w.mkk7tkkaatwmm mmmmmmm ' WNWmxmmw. a mmmmm , W . 7 MWKMMMNNWMWWW mx7xx7x7xmxx7 .7 z. 3 W WWWWVW WW mmmmw Xm x .7 - wawmmx x mxxxxm NWWWW xv mm .. A g- Mmmxxx :k mm ; a -, xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxv $ WXV .7 W XWRXV MN x x 7 7 W W 1 . WV? jk X Mr ! PARAGON 1970 - 7 ; Livingston University " Livingston, Alabama Volume 60 ' Editor . J ames Hood Livingston University has come a long way in its attempt to provide its stu- dents with a better education and a better understanding of the realities which they must face in the future. This ycart 1970, has been a turning point in student attitude characterized by a Change from student apathy to an at- titude 0f tiwc must Change to survive? Students seem to care much more about what is happening to them and to their fellow students. There are indications that we can look forward to many good things to come. So many things make us into what we are-the sights and sounds of the world around us, the varied personalities and opinions of the people we meet. Study is, therefore, not the only path of learn- ing offered in college life. Many times opportunity and whether we take ad- vantage of it has a great influence on our lives, now and in the future. Liv- ingston is full of opportunityebut there are only a few who take advan- tage of it. There is no question about whether the students need to be chal- lenged. The question is will they ac- cept the challenge. Through experience. . . Ask anyone on the football team or anyone in the music department or anybody anywhere and they will tell you that experience is the key to true success. It takes experience to be an expert and thutis what many of Living- stonis students want to be-experts. They want to know everything they can about everything and they want to experience anything and everything. But there are those who dont care about anything. They dont care what happens just as long as they arent affected. Until this year the majority of students had this attitude but as the old song says "Thereis been some changes made? Reactions always accompany experi- ences. As a whole the Livingston stu- dents are slow to react to the various circumstances w h i c h they encounter here at the University. Itts hard to say what the trouble is, but it seems to be a combination of many things. A bad system of communication is quite evi- dent. Frequently one can hear this fa- miliar phrase, bl didnt know anything about it? And therehs always that seemingly-large group that just couldn"t care less. They are quick to criticize those who participate and are even quicker in avoiding questions about their lack of participation. Through friendship . . . Livingston has life and what would life be without friendship? A smiling face is no stranger at LU where the students accept one another for what they really are. - u-; xnnK-o -u-u- 1-...6arny'u ......L.. w. -.-A- .. ;,...-A .u- Through the mirrors of our minds- 7?? We see our own reflections. These opportunities, experiences, and friendships are significant in that they aid in producing the at- titudes and characters of the Liv- ingston students. They produce reflections that tell the students what they want and need out of the future but only a few take the time to look at and evaluate these reflections. t y, 4 4 44 44 4 4! 4 444 044' , 444 44 9 ? 4,4'7 4 4 7,4 4 4444 4 44 Kay; 4424, dwy 44 4444 4 MW 4. ' H4 , 4. , 4444 4 , V h r , , .4 W 4 , 444 , ; , 4 4 , ' 4w4g405jMf-w 4 W , y ff'w 444 ZWWW ,y WM 4 , Iro 444,444.. 4 M44444, 4 m, 7, WW wm WWW So look with us . . . . . for a brief An institution is only as great as its students. This year. 1970. many of Livingstonis stu- dents realized this and the result was one of the best years that the university has ever seen. This book is it i'cticction of that year. So look with us for a moment . . . . Through the looking glass. Table of Contents Introduction..........2 StudentLife...........18 Sports............... ..58 Buildings............. ...98 Greeks.......... ...112 Organizations....... . ...126 Administration ........ .158 Classes ...... .........186 ...232 x Q? Ma ! 54 m ;h W; am at", .In. .!.slu I,in 1V1ty 1V1ng. Students involved he act mt ofl 411.5715. .364. 7 4? L 2, 3.3 41.2,?! . Panama"; 7 n, . grind? Homecoming 1969: parades and pageants L 1r ,. ,9 x m w M w, $353, 5a.? K 1551.32.53? Homecoming Queen J ane Phillips Livingston Universityis 1969 Homecoming Queen is Jane Phillips. Jane is a member of Phi Mu sorority and is a Pi Kappa Phi sweetheart. 1M;r gnu 4-.an4 1 mm": .vm . L :71?"er y L; .qu- Beauty eresa Upton cco mng Hom .1",- mmvu biirif;!;z59 25:12.1! X, D Beauty ewana Rutledge ing Homecom a -7 . Q.;;:1l"1 '.:t1 ure- ,1 Z 5 1gn war .mn yup? ,y-I-w W , m Mr. L y .H S r. C V u .m m U m n w +0.. " s H g A, .m W. .w m a .L M S m a M m d u n m a r. W 32 h n 2.57 . . :11 '14 ,tm C w Bonnie Beech Miss Livingston University Ted Mashburn Mr. Livingston University Sara h4 x dy anciISHl :an1pbcll JocPcUI Favornes N, ;t3: F Nb :gg w A ; N, , W , , A .e Y , , .v 9, V Lg , 4n " "mk?- m b 14kg: V 34 Favorites X 0 F. C t t C u a P. d n a y rl r 6 P. C 0 J Bub ww ISSCy L 1nd Larry M 1 y Thompson 11 rthu K 11 M vorites Ll F , ,, 4 ,,9 9 9999 912i 99999992,,99941 927979 91121, 4 9219641799, 94999 W9 ?Krfi ,,,,,,9 ,,9,W ,, , 999, 99,999,999! 999,999, ,,99 9,9 , , , $39.99., ?ingx2iigizzysi, .. ,. gigg$94172 999 . 9 My! .39.? 1,. $31.39... 39.949113921611? ,LJL? 0!.5-M5.Snv..rdux. fiifyfiiiirgiiii orites l L 21 m uncy H c and N I- M 00 1 $1.31 9 t .73; .auuggua x!!! x. 4.1 t, .. .. . i tennis... .itiiif :zft..:;0uua suiixlin?! Rah? wit .4! . w k . . $99.1 . 13:114.! 10 9 Elisixz 3 u 10 1970 Beauty 16W Rev G d n a c. irls. Grace Ll n m b a A S S W F. k w 0 F e n n A awwaMerw m , n 0 g a r a P P 0 T y t u a e B Diane Anderson Mme M way W ii . m- Teresa Upton Beauty Kay Smelley Beauty iHips Ph Beauty Jane Wanda Bailey Susan Becker Gloria Boyd Charlotte Drinkard Brenda Griffin June Oliver Debbie Robinson Dewana Rutledge V W ,, ' WW , , y , j, Z4 ; ,7, , QZSWHMD HWA ,, , 7 , , , a 77HNVZM ,7 z ww 6 ties IVCISI c 1 1 e Z E H e h., C S r m American Colleges and U11 1n - , Wmm MWM 9 Who gigliggi? , , V , .. V ,? 2,651?,; a7? . 127g4ggg24a? QM, 474 9g, g; . ? 4f 3;; w i2; w, ,u w m; 2 914 ; , W S e .U .$ r C V .1 n U d n a S pow m .m a l 0 H C m. m n C N e m A .m V O m ,S O m . .. . . m , mumw y. Z 4; V ; Linda Warbington ths Who in American Colleges and Universities .111 a 111' Alli, I. i, Alli. . w z, 27 5M , ?MM , X g z 7 , , ,, ;, M 5i 9, 74? H 77, , d: Universnles , wmfm, zwiw , lgggsman A WW C0 i4, 1 , 0 1 Amer ,, 2A; ; , 79 Z ZZZ V . I. 9 . , 21$. , 21,, . , X: y: t . 22?? 3,??? J?.xrxliy O in ,1; .7511. 371v o? z . . V f Aw 07M 2 7x ,,77N , ii: 4v 2., Barry Roberts ths Who in American Colleges and Universities 7 77777 7 777,74 , nt-nc-u Henry Hayes 1633 .W t IVCISI Ux Uh ths Who in American Colleges and Ital, 411777057 , 7 7?. 77. , 77.., 777 . 7 1 Z7, ,. 9474; 53.3772??? 11511111641111; 5!; . . II. .1 .3175... ,2,., i. ........ 5.21... .. . ., . ,. , :15; ........ 1.261.... x w. x 7; $$wa x V X MWNwXW , . v Wg waVXXMWWw N ' ', W XX X W WXXXXW X XW WM 7 5X4; X WW WW ,AW 7 VZW, X wwan v x www x my??? , r 7,2wa S a dm dm 00 GC km wm rB G 1969 Livingston University Football 1969 Tiger Team 62 Return MagOL Tuckel Homex Returning Lettermen include: Front Row: Jay Jefcoat, Robbie James, Larry Massey, Ted Mashburn, George Miles, David 9 Magouryk, Howard Busby, Nels Strickland. Second Row: Randy Childers, Craig Wicke, Hal Douville, Phillip Puccio, Walden Tucker, Vito Paparella, James Massey, Clemit Spruiell, Leo Wright. Third Row: Duane Johnson, Charles Bowman, Don Page, Homer Faulkner, Wayland Blake, Charles Abernathy, Benny Burtram. 1969 F ootball Scores 27 14 13 30 67 49 34 37 Southern State Troy State Florence State Samford LSU of New Orleans Gordon Military Delta State Mississippi College Jacksonville State Morris Higginbotham Head Football Coach .s' 3'?" ow. -M Graduate Assistants: Byron Bailey and Roland Atkins. Trainers: Dan Gibert and Jackie Carr. Final Ten Game Team Statistics LU 37.8 24 15 43 378 298 753 OPP. First Down Rush .................. 58 First Down Pass ................... 53 First Down Penal ................... 6 Total First Downs ................. 117 Yds. Rushing ................... 1215 Yds. Lost Rush ................... 305 Total Yds. Rush .................. 910 Yds. Passing ................... 1234 Total Off. Yds .................. 2144 Passes Att ....................... 249 Passes Inter. By .................. l6 Passes Compt ................... 108 Punts ........................... 72 Punting Ave ...................... 37 Fumbles ........................ 12 Fumbles Lost ..................... 3 Number Penal .................... 39 Yds. Penal ...................... 307 Total Pts. Sc ..................... 132 Total Plays ..................... 687 Interior Offensive Linemen Charles Bowman Defensive Back ?grghgx; 1' '1: q : ': . , mm . i, ., am - jg Wide Receivers: Andy Coats. Leo Wright, Tommy Cartwright. Walden Tucker. and Joe Nettles. 'er gww, "?"W'rv n a unn 11'! j. r "V- fw ; W. T'VW'W av Co-Captain Phil Puccio Randy Childers Middle Linebacker Fullback x;x mm wxx x JV -w Don Page Quzlrtcrback All Conference Gary Borden Fullback I I L - , - ,wmhv, A, h A . , , ,; Defensive Ends and Tackles: Mike Corry. Willie Kirkland. Duane Johnson. Hal Douville. Charles Abernathy. and Horace Minor. 1 68 .- . 2' NM! :12. 'murcncc MW Vii: :7 t . ', u , X, . , w! , Defensive Backs: David Magouryk, George Miles, Charles Bowman, and Tommy Hoffman. Punting NAME NO. YDS. Faulkner 46 1740 Kickoff Returns NAME NO. YDS. Magouryk 16 425 Coats 2 26 Punts Returns NAME NO. YDS. Busby 20 142 Robbie James Tailback Leading Rusher Total Offense PLAYS PASS 291 1686 Rushing PLAYER . GA- James 441 Page 344 Edwards 381 Borden 377 Pass Recei V1778 PLAYER RECPT- Tucker 36 Busby 30 Cartwright 20 4-V . va; Waldon Tucker Split End km $f 1M - ; Defensive Linebackers: Phillip Puccio, Vito'Papareila. x I .3, ,n A L , x 1 ,k N K . Eight Returning Offensive Starters: Waldon Tucker. Craig Busby. Wayland Blake. Howard Busby Geary Edwards Tight End-Lcd in Punt Returns Tailback 27 ,2, 3 14x32? ., , 4077 74: WAN limariwwww 6w, , szM 2.! 74424;, 741an! , . , A Mvmmywyy 2? , Tim Taylor Kick-off Specialist . Quarterback; Clemit Spruiell. Quarterback; Back Row: RObbie James. Tailback; Gary Borden. .x ix Hal D0uv1116 Defensive Tackle Offensive Backfleld: Front: Don Page Fullback. Randy ChlldEFS. Fullback 72 141x INT Spccullsl Benny Burtram Homer Faulkner Place Kicker Punter Ks E; , WWWWWWWWM Vito Paparella Linebacker mop righU George Miles 7; BM , V 00p 1er David Magouryk Back Gem .. Y. .3; . MED Homer Faulkner. punter um Benny Burtram. field goal kicker Scoring PLAYER FGP Wright Page Edwards James Burtrum Cartwright Tucker Borden Blake Faulkner Green Hoffman Hogan Magouryk Quarlcs Busby Puparcllu OJ-OHh'IJO--H'JILIQIJxILOxv- oooooooooooosooo 4ac:uuooouoooocgoowo glqoosuoog'gsngi'ggog J. IJ lJ , C O OO IQ LU basketball: Tigers 0n the rebound 'v w 66 w6 e667h9 W699 44 MM NW N .. M y , Front Row: Larry Durham, Eddie Bunch, Eugene Stafford, Bob Drake, To my Bowen, Marty Sa ' 37 H ?'WxWW M dler. Second Row: Ed die Mc- Millan, Elton Reece, Charles Payne, Clarence Outland. Mike Hutto, Dave Harvey. Third Row: Coach Pate. Larry Coxwell. Bob Goldsby. Larry Cantrell, Harold Kelley, Coach Powell. The Livingston University Tigers Closed out the 1968-69 campaign on a high note by winning second place in the Alabama Collegiate Conference Tournament and finishing the season with a record of twelve wins and twelve losses, the best Tiger mark in the last thirteen years. Thus. the Tigers entered the 1969-70 season with high hopes and aspirations for Conference honors. The record at the Christ- mas break was five and two but the Tigers then lost not only some key personnel but also some of its momentum which took its toll in the won-lost column. Several victories appeared however near the end of the season and this gave the University quite a new lease on life and a good opportunity to exceed many of Livingstonis past records over the last decade. Modem individual and team records were es- tablished by All-American candidate Dave Harvey leading the way in rebounding and point production while play-maker deluxe Butch Stafford continued to amaze the fans with his ball handling wizardry. Harvey had a record breaking 27.7 offensive mark to his credit which is good for 11th in the NAIA standing. The highlight of the 1970 season was the 160-146 NAIA record breaking win over Mississippi College. Other high points included victories over ACC Champion. Jacksonville State and ACC runner- up, Athens. 76 Couch Jack Powell with Captains. Bob Drake and Dave Harvey. Couch Roger Tzitc. Duylc Powell. and Coach Jack PowclL . .H . ,. . . . L v A 7 Center lOf Sen H C r. I n a C y r r a L MWIM WWWMI Wmm, Eugene Stafford Sophomore Guard Bob Drake Junior Guard 111mm,, Wm, f t,tfiitzzii ll 1k . 1 t v by sw lxr 1w ,k GF H .Hl. 1 BU Sophomore Guard Harold Kellc Sophomore F Elton Reece Sophomore Forward Clarence Outland Larr'y Durham Sophomore Forward Semor Guard 1m, ' W: . me m, Wm Eddie Bunch Larry Coxwell Freshman Guard Junior Forward Charles Payne Tommy Bowen Junior Forward Junior Forward Mike Hutto Senior Tigers Junior Guard LU baseball: ACC Champs again in 369 Survey of 1969 Coach Bob Riesner began his second year at Livingston with his own players for the first time. Unlike the inherited veteran, group of 1968. this team was new and untried. The Alabama jinx continued at Tuscaloosa with a 14-5 set back to start the season. This was quickly followed by an 8-3 loss to Athens. Alabama came to Livingston, March 25 and young Allen Weeden shot them out 1-0 for the first win over Alabama in three years. This turned the team around and they had a 7-3 record before losing consecutively to William Carey and Jacksonville. Forces were regrouped at this time by the coaches and the players responded by running 16 out of 19 games including one winning streak of 10 games in a row. 1n the process, Livingston won the ACC crown for the fifth year in a row by beating Jacksonville 2-0 and 13-0. 84 Allen Weedon Next, came the NAIA district tourney in Hattisburg. The Tigers tripped Jackson State 7-4 in the opening round setting the stage for a showdown with William Carey. Carey beat the Tigers 3-2 in 13 innings in the first game. Livingston bounced back with a 9-2 victory in the second game setting the stage for a sudden death game. The young Tigers led for five innings of the last game but inexperience and lack of pitching depth finally caught up with them. Carey exploded and won 10-4. William Carey then went on to capture the national NAIA championship. Mound stalwart with 9-3 record. Coach Riesener instructing the way to lead. m , , ' WA . , , ,7 'v u , W , , , , 7 . , 1 mwwlzg ' , , KMW . , , 4 v, v ,, -, 1 , WWW . WM . x 47 KL? M Mike Outlaw Don Page Going to the hole for a grounder ' ' : 3:? I ; M4IWMMWme 0 0 V 1, - , A WW w m a ,, ,, W42 Amajr Willie Frazier Bill Elliott 86 Dependability at Short An Able Reserve Duane Johnson Milford Burkhalter ' Reliable veteran hits another Driving in runs h1s specmlty Vuwyywy . VM awww ,; 110?MA , 4 W 4674794,, WW X Benny Burtram Jerry Evgns way to state batting Championship EXCCHCHI Bunting F01 m 'yiw , Mx WWXMMMMwWX wwm vvmwi ' , WW 2 ., W .x University schedule Livingston 8 Spring Hill 2 Livingston 1 Alabama 5 Livingston 2 Alabama 17 Livingston 2 William Carey 1 Livingston 5 Jacksonville 3 Livingston 4 Troy State 2 Livingston 3 Troy State 0 Livingston 3 Florence State 6 Livingston 7 St. Bernard 1 Livingston 8 Huntington 0 Livingston 8 Huntingdon 6 Livingston 4 William Carey 5 Livingston 4 Alabama College 0 , Livingston 9 Alabama College 0 4 Livingston 4 Jacksonville 3 4 Livingston 13 Athens 2 Livingston 16 Athens 5 Livingston 5 Florence State 1 4 Livingston 14 Athens 3 I Livingston 7 Athens 1 4 Livingston 2 Alabama College 1 4 Livingston 3 Alabama College 4 4 Livingston 5 Belhaven 3 Livingston 9 St. Bernard 8 Jim Cain 88 Don Bcndcr Old Reliable A Two-Time All American. REGULAR SEASON 19-5 Livingston 3 Jacksonville 2 OACC Play0ff9 Livingston 11 Jacksonville 5 ACCP1ay0ff9 Livingston 2 William Carey 4 Dist. 27 Playofm OVERALL SEASON 21-6 John Jackson. Jim Cain-Captains. m; LU track: Tigers - v? M claim ACC crown 4 Front Larry Duncan. DilVid Bcdgoud. Buw'x: 10c Pcrr'x. John Monlgmncq . Chm'lic Thompson. Returning lettermcn include: mbovm Back Row: Charlie Thompson. John Montgomery. Craig Jackson. Larry Duncan. Front Row: Bob Balch. Joe Perry. David Bedgood. Charlie Thompson MM Nmo $$de Would you believe. . . more track! 9 92 lem WWW W , $17 NW W MWMW, M W , w ., , ZWZWyW ?Min spark enthusiasm Nancy Hale r e d a e H e e h C d a e H Diane Etheridge spirlt mny Humphreys Morgan Wanda Nancy Phillips G w . m a . ,. m m m . N . O m M . m 6 ... o 1 N M d W a m M m . 1 l i 1tW 1f 27 2? LUSp 4,3f .. M , , 2 7,.qu ,, 2Q MWW w , . M V X WMV , l, 9waxe 7i 77A . ..., .1.:.;5- Wanlm - - .... .....-n-r, " '"'" s v- an," , w rumhna .. Brock Hall Brock Hall is one of the menhs dormi- tories. Brock residents are intensely proud of their hall and are always taking part in various campus activities. Brock contains a small auditorium used by the residents for meetings, programs, and social events. mm lwyxxmmz xmm WWWWW Wymamax? ., Wallace Hall Wallace Hall is a supreme example of the great strides Livingston University has taken to provide its students with the best possible means of education available. It is the newest academic building on campus and it contains the School of Arts and Sciences and the School of Business and Commerce. i'JRLEEti B. VALLACE HALL Ml . the doors to knowledge are opened. wwwswluwwx w, z . Bibb Graves Hall Bibb Graves, the largest building on campus, contains the University ad- ministrative offices, as well as class- rooms, laboratories, faculty offices, and the auditorium. The Business office is here, also. The Varsity Theater operates in the auditorium providing the students with year- round entertainment. a23.thqA1-a . t" ... , t ems w, 5m ? e nu WW w. n . anw W, .wr Pruitt Hall There is always something going on at Pruitt Hall. Here we fmd Livingstonts Music Department and the Physical Education Department. Classrooms, 0f- flces, studios, practice rooms, and the college gymnasium are to be found at Pruitt. The sounds of training athletes with a Brahmts symphony in the back- ground are familiar to all Livingston students. hens, there ltC dthe k for special events. X1747 , 1?, xx , V Z?! Vb?7; t , Vh'r,V1M4, O , , llent meals plus a popular 1n1ng room an 1n1ng room $5.... 2,4? . 1 mg exce t gthert t , Prov d spot for conversation, Elisha Ashe Young Hall is al- ways occupied by a large group of students. In ad- cafeteria. dition to the main d IS a prlvate Elisha Ashe Young Hall One of the favorlte spots on campus is of course the am. e V . iliggavth Reflections of the minds of men . . . T t ??V" c? Avrt'th'iitt 7:35 The Student Center 1 l ' I l T .. ,rf w" , , , 3?? g? 1"" '.5 , gt! , A ' a , " N" " H 1; , The student center is the oldest building on $3? ,4 .4 ,u m a ,. ,1 ; 1,'7"f:;;,,;, e campus and also one of the most popular. k' V. ,, '4 VA, . "V s4 . The Offices of the Dean of Men, Dean of Women, and Financial Aids are located here. The Student Government Association, the LIVINGSTON LIFE office, and the PARAGON office are also found here. Headquarters for the college duplicating machines, IBM facilities, and the radio station are located in the Student Center. rmmWW,WMMH WW Mrwwf 7 m h Wr memwm MM J ulia Tutwiler Library Julia Tutwiler Library is located across the street from Bibb Graves Hall. The air- conditioned building houses the UniversityTs collection of books and periodicals. me Wv xwxmwxww. 105 . . forever discovering new ideas Sisk Hall Sisk Hall is one of the menis dormitories. It is linked to Stick- ney Hall by a comfortable lounge which serves both dormitories. Stickney Hall Stickney Hall is also one of the menis dormitories. It also con- tains an apartment for the fa- culty member who serves as supervisor of the dormitory. 7' wwwwr' WMWWMW 0 ., WM , Patterson Apartments Patterson Apartments consist of three build- ings. They provide attractive and comfort- able housing for thirty-two families. The apartments are completely furnished. Spieth Hall One of the newest additions to Livings- tonis campus is Spieth Hall. Spieth is one of the girls dormitories and it houses one hundred-eighty girls. Natu- rally, it is one of the favorite spots on campus, especially for the boys. Webb Hall Webb Hall is Livingstonis athletic dormitory and serves as the social center on campus. It contains lounges, parlors. and a social hall. The residents participate in various school activities and are always winning trophies as one of the outstanding halls on campus. Selden Hall Another very popular spot on campus is Seldon Hall. Like Spieth, it is a new addition to our university and it houses over 180 girls. Seldon also houses all sororities on campus. Kilby Hall Kilby Hall houses the campus elementary school, usually known as the ttLab School? In addition to classrooms, it contains a modern cafeteria, offices, a gym- nasium, and other facilities. The Presidentis Home The Presidentis Home is a modern rcsi- dence for the President of the University and his family. It has facilities for cntcr- taining official guests 0f the University. and is sometimes used for special social events. 9 here, 1n these halls ions . find ourselves 18 that we look through our reflect and t I 4VW $9,91me W, r w' WEN, X?Rw y E . ,v . , Delta Chi Omega . - - itls whatls happening! Campus spirit. That is a good defini- tion of Delta Chi Omega. Always there to cheer the team and always coming up with a super spirit program that cant be matched by anyone else. A winning float? Yes, welve got that too. Of course, we also participate in Other things such as campus politics and al- most all social functions. In other words, welve got what it takes! The Delta Chi Omega officers are ttopl: Front Row: Sue Culp, President; Gail Arcand, Vice-President; Betty Small- wood, Secretary; Garia Manning, Trea- surer. Back Row: Jane Hannah, Histo- rian; Pat Cummins, Pledge Captain; Sarah Nelle Warren, Reporter; Dianne Salley, Sergeant at arms; Jane Jackson, Parliamentarian; Shirley Boyd, Chap- lain. We are also proud of our fine pledge Class tbottom rightl. Dierdre Akin Beth Alexander Gail Arcand Shirley Boyd Liz Bridges Thelma Burroughs Chyron Chestnut Rosemary Clements Sue Culp Pat Cummins Kathy Dale Donna Delmarta Jane Hannah Judy Hannah Kathy Henson Marion Housel Jane Jackson Jan Lewis Maricay Melcher Garia Manning Glenda Moody Gladys Mason Barbara Matthews Diane Salley Annette Sealey Lois Sellers Betty Smallwood Betty Times Delta Chi Omega . . . for Spirit and Friendship sarah Wm Cheryl Warrick Patricia Wheat Phi Delta Mu . on the move in 970. Phi Delta Muts are everywhere. You9ll find them in the beauty section, the Stars of Alabama, the Deans List, and on all kinds of committees. Theytre al- ways there to boost the Tigers to vic- tory and always in the running among campus spirit competition. Phi Delta Mu Officers for 1969-1970 are ttopy Front Row: Bibba Gunn, Vice-Presi- dent; Pam Breedlove, President; Mrs. Johnny Scott, Sponsor; Betty Sparks, Corresponding secretary. Back Row.- Debbie Robinson, P l e d g e Captain; Brenda Gliddon, Recording Secretary; Janie Kynard, Parliamentarian; Wanda Bailey, Historian; Louise Jenkins, Pub- licity Chairman. The Phi Delta Muts also boast a large pledge class tright and bottom righU. Sylvia Alford Dianne Anderson Nancy Armstrong Jane Averette Wanda Bailey Jan Biggs Pam Breedlove Susan Byars Denise Burroughs Debi Dahl Dorothy DeGeer Charlotte Drinkard Jeanine Glass Brenda Gliddon Nancy Graves Bibba Gunn Nancy Ham Brenda Hill Anitra Jackson Susan Jackson Louise Jenkins Janis Kynard Dianne Lane Linda Lightfoot Ann Mertel Susan Mitchell Alliece Moody Anne Moore June Oliver Louise Patterson Nancy Phillips Debbie Robinson Betty Singley Kay Smelley Kay Smith Betty Margaret Sparks Marilyn Stough Barbara Thomas Gerry Thomas Wanda Walton Freida Warbington Becky Williams Jane Wilson Wanda Wise Jerri Woods Tricia Wooley MVVNWV xxxxgxxw Q 'M 2 Front Row: Presideanillie Collier: Vice President-DeAnn Floyd; Recording Secretary-Martha Kay Thompson; Assistant Treasurer-Janis sentative-Sara Patrenos; Nancy Hale; Membership Director-Sara Crumpton, Wingate. Second Row. Corresponding Secretary-Susan Beeker: Pledge Director-Mary Hale; ISC Representative-Bonnie Beech; ISC Repre- Phi Mu . . . for smiles . . . and Homecoming Queens It was another great year for Phi Muts. The head Janis Wingate Cheerleader. the homecoming queen, head mujorette, and Greek goddess were Phi Muts and that just goes to show you that wetre in the thick of things. Susan Altieri Bonnie Beech Susan Beeker Wendy Brenk Charlotte Brown Kate Cannon Charlotte Christopher Billy Collier Sara Crumpton Debbie Downey Mary Elliot Marilyn Elmore Lottie Jo Faulk Deann Floyd Wanda Gardener Thelma Jane Gibson Nora Giles Brenda Griffith . r- Treasurer'w ltu t ;t.. I't' . Bach. ISC Rep Mary Hale Nancy Hale Linda Hoven Ginny Humphreys Sara Jane Maxwell Debbie Mouchette Kathy Newman Kathy Oglisby Carolyn Oswalt Debbie Overton Sara Patrenos Jane Phillips Duana Rutledge Peggy Sanders Sara Thomas Martha Kay Thompson Barbara Tinklepaugh Teresa Upton Delta Chi , , . I a V av m, ' a ,x ,2 . I , , .. , L . . JaA I v I ' W32? 4M9; rquafav ' W , Delta Chi Officers are: Bob Holycross-Advisor, Herschell Ezell-Vice-President, Bobby Odum-Treasurer, Dewana Rutledge-Sweetheart, Doug Nelson-Sergeant at Arms, Marty Wessinger-President, Eddie Pope-Recording Secretary, and Duke Sullivan-Corresponding Secretary. Delta Chi Little Sisters: Back Row: Char- lotte Brown, Charlotte Christopher, Brenda Griffin, Dewana Rutledge, Deanne Floyd, Sara Jane Maxwell, Barbara Brislin, Sheryl Thomas. Front: Susan Becker, Faye Mc- Kinley, Elaine Patten, Carolyn Oswalt, Sharon . . , Ray, Sue Culp. . ' - V , ' 120 I Nam. Gary Bonner Michael C. Boykin Ted Copland Randy Copper Herschel Ezell John Floyd John Govan Johnny Gunn Ronnie Harris Steve J. Hicks Randy Howell Norris Leavelle Tom Maness Ronnie Miller M ichael McDonald Douglas Nelson Bobby Odom Michael Patrick Eddie Pope Duke Sullivan Christopher H. Sutton Gregory Utley Rush Watson Martin Wissinger The Livingston University Chapter of Delta Chi Fraterni- ty was founded on August 21, 1965. Since then, Delta Chi has become a leader on the Livingston campus with members in every campus organization. Delta Chi em- phasizes friendship, justice, character development, and the acquistion of a sound education, through the high ideals of brotherhood. The Livingston Delta Chits par- ticipate to the fullest extent in all campus activities, es- pecially in academics, sports, and social events. Among Delta Chits outstanding social activities for 1969-70 were: The White Carnation Ball, the Indian Party, Delta Chi Luau, Old South Party, Spring weekend on the Gulf, Fam- ily-Faculty Tea, Phi Mu-Delta Chi Fall Fashion Show, Delta Chi Horse Show in Mobile, Spring Bar-be-que, and Homecoming Hosts to the Jacksonville State Delta Chits. Delta Chi participated in the SGA Community Chest Drive, Heart Fund Drive, and won the over-all Spirit Award for Outstanding School Spirit. n. 0 h C r A d Z E y o R d n a m. m P a h c d w o P n h o .J m .m r o t .m H. d r m D .w d d E Pi Kappa Phi Officers: J ack Evans-Warden .9??? , ,, . 23,74 , 51,41, Vile? 25711, 2' Sisie Altieri. Louise Eldridge. Ilips. Janis Wingate, Stand ng: Jane Ph Pi Kapp Little Sisters and Wanda Gardner. Seated: Sandy Morgan, Sara Moody. Barbara Thomas. Charlotte Drinkard. Debbie Robinson, and Wand sa Upton. Billie Collier. Sara Thomas, Martha Kay Thompson. Tere a Bailey Pi Kappa Phi Pi Kappa Phi is, in every since 0f the word, a leader at Livingston University. There is no activitiy in which Pi Kappa Phi doesntt play an active part. In student govern- ment, Pi Kappas play an important role since they contain several Senate seats and the SGA vice-Presidency. In Intra- mural sports, Pi Kappa Phi is always among the strongest competitors. One doesntt even have to say that the Pi Kappa Phi Little Sisters are the most beautiful girls on campus. The fact that the Top Paragon Beauty and the Homecoming Queen are both Pi Kapp Little Sisters speaks for itself. First Row: Gary Allen, Sidney Atkins, Ronald Binion, Hal Bloom, Jr., BObby Bush,'Billy Collins, Van Crigger. Sectmd Row: Glen A. Davis, Edward Dillard, William Dale Eldridge, th, Don Faulkner, Freddie Flshburne, Frank Fuller, and Petnck Glass. Third Row: Charles Hall, Jr., Thomas J. Holliman, James Hood, Danny Johnson, Johnny Johnston. Bob Moore, Nlcky Osbern. Fourth Row: James R. Padgett, Cooper Pattonn,Harry Powee, John Taylor Powell, Terry Ray, Danny. Rhodes, and .l'ames- Blen- hart, Jr- Fifth Row: Steve Smith, Dennis Stephens, Jimmy Stewart, Larry R. Stewart, Joe Ulmer, Lou nggms, and Alvm Wllhams. w, mlqn'w'n'wmzm n . Mydmulutual 4h i XRKNNNRVXN 3x Tau Kappa Epsilon Tau Kappa Epsilon was the first national fraternity 0n the Livingston University cam- pus. T.K.E. is a social fraternity which sponsors civic improvement programs, im- provement 0f Livingston University, and the social development of its students. Our local chapter actively participates in all intramural programs. In past seasons we have attained recognition in football, soft- ball, and basketball. T.K.E. stands for scholarship as well as social life. Study halls are held each night for those who feel that they need help. Additional help is given by our associate members. , OFFICERS: tSeatedi Doug Brown, Vice-President; Mr. Glen Bridges, Advisor; Ed Grier, Presj. dent; Drew Elliott, Pledge Trainer. tStandingi Lennie Kusta, Historian; Tom Adams, Secretary- Henry Hayes, Treasurer; Jim Bodden, Sergeant at Arms; Bob LaVigne, Chaplain. , Charlie Abernathy Tom Adams Randall Alsabrook Sidney A. Averette Ercie L. Baker Dale W. Ballard Al Blanton Bob Brown Larry Bryant Larry C. Campbell J . W. Carr Don C. Carroll Barry E. Colburn Larry M. Colburn Thomas A. Darby, Jr. Jerry Davidson Drew Elliott J erry W. Evans Kenneth Gallman Joseph Gibson 124 , tab. TKE Little Sisters: Back Anitra Jackson, June Oliver, Ann Brown, Vicky Pappas, Cathy Renfroe. Second Row: Beth Alexander, Jean- ine Glass, Thelma Jane Gibson, Bonnie Mor- man, Jan Biggs, and Ann Mertel. Wk 9 .I I ' t $ x i V :5: xcnsor. Ed Grier. Fm:- u . ; . ; ' 5 Turn Adams. Seaman ' . . . V Michael Giles , : t mer. , , V William Gotschall ' Tommy Grace Ed Grier Larry Hargraves Willis Henderson Nick Horne Marvin Hughes Tony Hughes Danny Karr Ted G. Key Lennie Kusta Robert LaVigne Jack McClanahan Victor McDonald James Mathews Bill Matthews George Miles Thomas Moretti George Patrenos, Jr. Frank Rumley Rick Swann Joe Trammell John E Wallace Kenneth Zagaglia Yul. 1.7 n .3716? .NW. Student Government probes into old problems and seeks new solutions. The Student Government Association represents every student at Livingston University. The pur- pose of the SGA is to promote the general welfare of the student in every area affecting student life. SGA officers and upper-class senators are elected during the spring quarter each year for one-year terms. Election regulations are specified by the SGA constitution. A special election is conducted in the fall quarter to select freshman senators. Hershel Ezell President nkiaswmximmmrw .. u ,; . r, John Powell Vice President N wmmw,. axxstxVV- mew t-e , f?fclvitzt Mike Smith Secretary t t 6 ha .Mm r Pm km mT r F SGA Senate Irene Steve Dean Sara Moody. Not '. . Rick Swarm Janis Wingate Bertram Jenkins McGucken, Susan Becker. Carol Oswalt Hdl Bloom Marty Wissinger Sherry Smith, SGA Cabinet pictured: J W. Carr and Don Faulkner. Homer, Royce Massey, Pearson. Diane Fultz, sy Wa mK Pa h 6... mm mM mm. mm NF k v, n Mm KF k. e 0 m0 5m r em ml nA CH Sa Am Ga SR Thompson. a m 0 Hm pm mA A MG HS w D Paragon in the making Well, we made it. The 60th volume of the Paragon is here s0meh0w-- thanks to a series of timely mira- cles. It was rather hard, you know. with only five people on the staff but somehow we survived. Our grades suffered and there were times when we were ready to give up. But Mr. Bridges was always there to lend a helping hand and with his help and Gods the $70 Paragon was born. J ames Hood Editor www.wt-v-vw-wvow ., , , 132 . Glen Bridges Advisor Classes Editor Mr Gay Burnette , ,, 4,, ?Z?XNXV Feature Editor n o S r e b 0 R a n d E 1 ? .2 134 Livingston Lifcf stirs campus interest 1970 was a big year for the LIFE. Un- der Karen Smith. the paper finally showed some progress and succeeded in arousing some campus interest. All deadlines were met and thats an almost unbelievable accomplishment around these parts. Bravo, Karen! Karen Smith Editor Bill Matthews Managing Editor x .. L Wrmm WM.M4.MW....WW.. w wwmm.....u.--m. ., WV... ,. . ;. . :......... . -,.7 Priming Staff Paul Matthews. Betty Ivy, Bill Barker, Sherry Page Duke Sullivan Bob Ryan Sports Editor Al Grove Susan Bryars Feature Writer Sara Murphe Feature Editor III I"! III IIILH III! III III I . I V l-Z... I I-z-I I aIII-I: :2. .I II; I I I -,.,,;,- I .:ZI I l I.,..-:2 I I I I an .numr n a a IE I. ,4.ra I..-: v .I-ql II... 1" z... I I I I I :2 lngt-I I i I m :2.- IIfC-I I I an;- IZEam I I :2: IZmZa I I I2:- I I Inf: .E-I I I 1...; ....:....I I l I I ..:z IIIIIizz I I I a 5...: n:nmtd I II I I I2- ! JLIIZI?Q I i lquu... , , :II .33 I-zIIK I u Inhiz II. .53 .ummuII a a I I II n.5,? . u I I .....II I I I I...-: . .I I. ,3: 2:3: 5: 555 .3: E, F:r;:L muummummmm a: mu :1, :mwm: d n a B Marching 1ty Livingston Univers .5..- ' -'5-4.--..-.,,.., ,,,..,,.,.,.,,., w-W -.- hmm-u ..n-.u.u.-g Hunv . . Back Row: Phil Savage, Hadden Smith. Phil Parrish, Barney Bell. Sonny Bowen, Curt Wideman. Lynn Tirey, Carl Thornton, Albert Cavato. Wendell Parrish, Steve Smith. Second Row: Gene Clark, Eddie Page, Steve McGucken. Barry Roberts. Wayne Labbey. Milton Ezell, John- ny Larkin, Henry Fulgrum, Linda Hale, Bryan Gault. Silas Williams. Third Row: Brenda Taylor, Valerie Reed, John Harris. Jerry Servy. Michael Lee, Karen Wise, John Strand, Tom Gilder. Liz Bridges. Tommy Holiman. Rod Dassenger, Royce Massey, Judy Reed. Fourth Row: Jerry Scarsbrook, Hershell Ezell, Trudy Powers, Charles Vasser. Mike Patrick. Sally Jackson, Emily Cooper. Diane Anderson. Terry Idrell. Lesley Lee. Teresa Green, Dorothy Williams. Sarah Jane Maxwell, Kay Strong. Sherry Jones. Fifth Row: Nancy McLaughlin. Kathy Hen- son, Ralph Fowler, Terry Nickerson, Henry Knight. Robert Reynolds, Lee Bozeman. Jerry Reeves. Jim Agerton. Patricia Wheat. Larry Atchinson, Band manager. Sixth Raw: Sammy Smith. Color Guard Commander; Susan Becker, Feature Twirler; Vikki Quataway. Jan Biggs. Frances Tucker, Diane Fultz. Gina Bambarger, Carolyn Strickland, Sarah Thomas. Susan Jackson, Jeanie Hogue. Debbie Yelverton, Jane Pate. Janet Foster, Susan Bryars. Gloria Boyd. Don Walter, Field Commander. The Stars of Alabama are: Back Row: Brenda Griffin. Annette Sealey. Susan Brown. Debbie Yelverton. Frances Tucker. Gail May. Susan Jackson Jeanie Hogue. Gina Bambarger. Carolyn Strickland. Sara Thomas. me Row: Vicki Qucdewct. Jan Biggs. Barbara Phillips. Gloria Boyd. Diane FultL Janet Foster.Susan Bryars. w H a b M A f O S r a t S e h T. Delta Phi Beta . . . in student relations Delta Phi Beta is a campus service organization under the sponsorship of the Dean of Student Personnel Ser- vices. Membership is by invitation and only those stu- dents with impressive personal, social, and leadership records are considered. Members are 00p, front row: George Miles, Janice Neese, Jerry Evans, Lydia Ash- craft. Row Two: Ted Mashburn, Irene Pearson, Susan Becker, Andy Bynum. Row Three: Dr. Howard Strong, Hal Bloom, John Powell. Officers are: hRighU: John Powell, President; Irene Pearson, Co-ordinator; Andy Bynum, Vice-President; Dr. Howard Strong, Advisor. W.A.P.B...the Sound of Livingston WW 3 , X Gary Steigler and Winston Durant Certainly one of the most popular func- tions on the LU campus is W.A.P.B., the camPUS radio station. The station provides not only music programs, but also serves as a valuable medium of communication for all campus functions. Host and Hostess Organization The Host and Hostess Organization serves as the official welcoming group to those who visit Livingston University. Members are: aopy Ginny Humphreys, Van Crigger, Wanda Gardener, Billy Milstead, Pam Breedlove, Ed Grier, Martha Kay Thomp- son and John Powell. Officers are: Ed Grier. Treasurer: Ginny Humphreys. Vice Chairman: MaItha Kay Thomp- son. Secretary; John Powell. Chairman. Blue Key opens many doors in 1970 Blue Key is a national leadership fraternity for outstanding mien on campus. It was organized on the Livingston campus in the spring of 1967. Those eligible for election to member- ship are outstanding juniors, seniors, graduate students, and. under certain conditions. sophomores. Members include: Front: Barry Roberts. Second Row: Bill Cleveland, Larry Massey, John Finkbinder. Third Row: Spencer Smith; Mr. Glen Bridges. and Dean Homer, Advisers; Henry Hayes. Blue Key President is Bob LaVigne $ef0. ; Ixrnix "9?. ?eu .hn v -Tmrv First Row. Buddy Sanders. Hallett Dowville. Teresa Upton "Sweet Heart". Jay Jefcoat. Benny Burtram, Second Row: Jerry Wood. Waylagd Blake. Howard Busby. Andy Coats. Jerry Evans. Craig Jackson, Charley Thompson, David Bcdgood Third Row: Randy Childers. Craig Wicke. Larry Massey. Eddie Blake. Gcary Edwards Willie Frazier. Robbie James. Fuurrlz Row: George Miles. Leo Wright. Clemit SpruielL Duane Johnson. Don Page. Nels Strickland. Charles Abernathy. Joe Nettles. TelFair James M ashburn. Ill. Delta Omicron Standing' Sue C . 1 . . u p, Joyce Kennamer, Lmda Hales, Roxanna ngdon, Patsy Scrivner. Sitting: Harriet Hitt, Kathy Keller. DorOthy Williams, , , d Man and Patricia Wheat. . x! Wd' WWW 4 Wm WM, , , WNAWMWWWM fWWWWW W rorVWMfVW W , WWWWWW W W x, W W , WW WWW WW , ?mwaijW i WWW, 7 m I W W W 77W 17W wmw W , , ' ,, ,, W W MWWWWXMWW W W, W, . W , v , , ; WW WW WMWWWWV W ; x , 3 W4 W ?;ng W WWWWWW , W , V ,, W L, W W W , W WWWWWW av mm W W WWW'WW f m7 9 W V HA fml w 'I Jayiyig "i; . V a W W .lw Pi Tau Chi is a national h ' ' ' among gmdems and facunyoggrtsgcgty for.the recogmtlon of outstanding service or achievement in the fleld of religion mversny campus. Members include: Dr. Harris, AdvisorW Luverne Bazemore Lydia Ashcraft, Maricay Melcher, Betty Tims, Radford Locklin, Barry Roberts 146 w x wwwx. $$$th 5; 41 ? ,V gfficers mono are: Johnny Brislin, Vice-President: Hershell Ezell, Wardon; Charles Vassar, Treasurer; Eddie Page, President. Al Piano: Sr. PatrenOS, Province Governor. Back Row: Henry Knight, Ralph Fowler, Carl Thornton. Jerry Scarsbrook. Barry Roberts, Milton Ezell. onny Bowen, Don Walter, Wayne Labbey. Hal Newman, Lee Bozeman. Doug Nelson. Gary Bowles, Albert Cavato. Phil Parrish. Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia is a national fraternity composed of men active in the field of music. Lambda Omicron Chapter promotes musical events on the campus, encourages active participation in musical groups. and assists in various ways with the presentation of concerts, student recitals. and Other musical programs. l r. nu Associated Women Students mgy 148 AWS Members are: UOmBaCk Row: Ann Shepard, Wanda Lewis, Linda Warbington. Jo Ann Shepard, Gail Brownlee, and Joy Rittenberry. First Row: Jane Hannah, Doris Tucker, Irene Pearson, Bonnie Beech, and Betty Smallwood. AWS Officers are: Seated: President Linda War- bington, Irene PearsoHecretary, Bonnie BeecF Vice President, and Betty Smallwood Treasurer. AWS Advisor: Dean Irwin Mews Housing Council zwam M9754 I I ' A I , I " ' B own, Front Row; Billy Milstead Larry Cochran, Micky Smith, Barry Roberts, Mlchael Harrgw. Second R015. Slpengegfarglgmgrggmmy r ML Johnny Scott Lynn Tireyy Hal Bloom. Andy Bynum. Albert Sessions, Mrs. Thelma Slmkms. Johnny H01 mswort . . BSU: Campus Crusaders Fran! Row; Barry Roberts, Danny Hill, Andy B - num, Sue Culp. Ronnie Harris. Gordon Murray. Joe Powers. Scumd Row: Trudy Powers. David Walker. Sid Johnson. Quentin Kilgore. Lydia Ashcraft. Mary Billingsley. Third Rmv: Wanda Lewis. de Reed, Helen Powell. Luverne Bazemora Margaret Wilson, Brennis Lewis. Fourth Row: Rev. Ralph Thomas. Aubrey Keller. Kathy Keller. Irene Pearson. John Shand. Rev. Bob Ford. Officers. Right: Helen Pow- ell. Social Chairman; Mis ion Chairman, Quentin Kilgore: Lydia Ashcraft. Vlce President; Sid John- son. President; Mary Billingsley. Secretary-Treasurer; Wanda Lewis. Publicit'. Danny Hall. Publicity: Campus Min er. Rev. Robert Ford. xx'a:XWVWKVMKWWmmu-nwwwxxmwavn Fran lmi J ani . wa xxxxxw w w XKmew , x a g i m, V, ' ., . ' , v ' I n V v: A mh , 1 J l v' r v from Row: Officers are: Gail Arcand, President; Pam Breedlove, Vice President; Bonnie Beech, Secretary; Kathy Dale, Treasurer; Dean er, Advnsor. Second Raw: Representatives include Pat Cummins Sue Culp, Billie Collier, Sara Patrenog, Nancy Hale, Barbara Thomas. Janie Kynard, Jean Burks. t .' ' ",7 g'i-v'tfigvi Ufa. . I 5i? I !' i: ilk!!! "H l. .V 'i "v "x 1,: . h t MK th K W, ,7 T 1 i w zzywaiutjfy .e ' f ' I 4'17 ; Row One: Linda Owings. Ken Hudson. Penny Carpenter, Hadden Smith. Milton Blanch. Row Two: Rev. B Chaney. Tom Childress. Al Grove. Sissy Childress. Janay Childress. Brenda Byars. Janet FOSIer. Row Three: Margaret Wilson. Laverne Bazemore. Westminster Fellowship . . . campus motivators Westminster Fellowship is a student organization of the Presbyterian Church. The Livingston Presbyteritm Church sponsors the local Westminster Fellowship. The purpose and objective is to foster the Christian witness on the campus and allow for creative dialogue and meaningful fellowship. The projects and special programs of the group contribute to the life ot the University and encourage those with special interests to find friends and opportunities in the setting of W Presbyterian Church. Officers are: 0er: Brenda BylifS- Janet Foster, Tom Childress. and Hadden Smith. In1t I l W '7: '," Inter-Fraternity Council 3 1 3c 4 9.!- VVAVIIW W VWM , f ,WyM 'f MMM' ,2 ' i? i w W W W XNKX ' XV . -"'--. XV EgW B IL I iimiWW ummmm I 11 WWWW, WWW W I W , W W W ; W, WW ,... N : wwWWW, ' W 4 WWWW; J iii iiiEiiii ??fimi W ildMSW Al :- Torn Ch :- W, ' V, A . Vi," ,, , V . , , ' .0 , , ,, f5 .- f 5 W ; ,, ' W , 42 . i? I '5' ' y , . M a W' AW -. o i. , 1' . I y ' JOn L IEHeF-Fratfermty Council members include: Eddie Pope, Delta Chi; Kappa Phl; Dale Ballard, Tau Kappa Epsilon; Ed Grier, Tau Kappa Epsilon; Roy Ezell, Pi Kappa Phi; John Floyd, Delta Chi. , jzai . Romney Harris, Delta Chi; Marty Wissinger, Delta Chi; Frank Fuller, P1 ,nI Organ cm W 51011 CSbyuwlnp leng' zer FCHOVW wtmmsr I chrlsmW 1096 , 'rlOguL 6W did 'ul 10f Cf d spam Dames Club The Dames Club OffTCCFS are: tbeloxw Janie Newman. Vice President: Joanne Mogely. Corresponding Secre- tary: Connie Key.Treasurer: Sara Pond. Historian: Evelyn Olive. President . 14w: LXW . The Dames Club is composed of wives of stu- dents attending Livingston University. The Dames Club holds regularly scheduled meetings at which they plan their many worthwhile proj- ects for the college and community. 1970 was another successful year as once again the Club proved itself a leader among campus organiza- tions. Top right. Front Row: Marsha Blake, Brenda Cooper. Linda Real. Leslie Leet Betty Asshus. Second Row: Angela Bowman. Kay Clark, Vickie Farrish. Ginger Wilson. Kathy Newman. Carolyn Stewart. Ruth Blazer. Middle right, Front Row: Susan Brigdon, Jackie Tom- berlin, Connie Key. Jimmie Anderson, Virginia Strick- land. Set'UHd Row: Joanne Mosely, Janis Irvin, Janis Newman, Evelyn Olive, Mrs; John Deloney. Sara Pond. Mary Thomaskutty, Dean Irwin, Mrs. Huey. .W'Wh-mnwlu.annrvuan-wr V .....,,;.., .n .uwwmu E g: g E E i Livingston University Choir From Row: Hal Newman, Director; Don Walter. Sarah Jane Maxwell. Tommy Hol- liman. Margie Stephens Rod Dassinger. Patsy Scrivner. Kay Strong. David Walker. Sue Culp. Second Row: Sonny Bowen Lydia Ashcraft. John Brislin, Kathy Keller. Mary Billingsley Wanda Morgan. Andy Bynum, Sandy Calhoun. 156 Rifle Club gxmw i 0 MA I ,WMWAWMW i WW $kaxV mm x x X; Front Row: Hershell Ezell, Janice Neese. Second Row: Marty Wissinger, Barney Bell, Mr. Ashworth, Faculty Advisor, Carl Thornton. y, MWW , , Wesley Foundation: On the move The Wesley Foundation is an organization of students associated with the Methodist Church. They strive for high ideals, good char- acter, and recognition of Christian leadership. Franz Row: Chris Mathews, Nancy McLaughlin, Edna Robberson. Second Row: Elvon Ballard, Tommy Anderson. Barney Bell. President of Livingston University Dr. John E. Deloney The theme of the Paragon for this year deals with reflections. We are today in no small measure that which we will be tomorrow. It is my hope that ten years from now as you ltreflect" upon these pages you will find great satisfactions from your progress thus far. May we suggest that you reflect today upon your progress. If. after adequate reflection. you have feelings of need for greater achievement, then resolve now to so liveedonit wait for another ten years to make the decision. You are reminded that a university can be great only when it contains great peo- ple. Let us all resolve now to make this a great university. John E. Deloney President . W2??? 161 Dr. Owen Love Vice President for Academic Affairs I62 4WMM Dr. Howard Strong Vice President for Student Affairs 163 I64 x :wwx x an waafmmmm. WVIMMMM , , y-Mm M! rowzmvxwmwv my ,. . Archie C. Kramer Vlce President for Public Affairs MMHAXA'IIy m , J 44 WW !M MM MMWWWMI 7V ni XmWA a aw A WIMWIVIIIWM .MMWM WWMMM ' i Vvi.74f Mi ?m??? J; 'mMzwdg w n '42, w w ,, T. Raiford Nolan Vice President fOr Business Affairs 165 Dr. Robert Gilbert Dean of Graduate School 166 E i ii uuutmmxrzfm4anhav9iru 5.1.... inf? . y. m. n.2, iln .. x, ;$auk.me3kaukuknwrdwi . , . L .22.. , E l c of Arts and S icnccs t7 8 u Dam. C0110 g Actin Nathaniel E. Rccd qr: W . hwmgww 42,7914 52474641271??? 167 Dr. Owen Love Dean, College of Business and COmmerc e .: mti:Ii. 7pm32935'5wm236.w S: W MMWU WZZWM MW ,7va MW , W 477 W "f inyxM 7 , M 168 llion t Dean. College of Educ mey 'urd F01 Dr. How 169 w u. . W m W w A . m . t u . N . p m w m W h . . W . . W a . W . V W , I r. m m P. S m a J 0 7 I u ,. 2... run Virginia Irwin 32g??? ,, , giggiwwgy , 1.. .l c 1. n 0 V x fl. 0 n HIM m Administration Jerry Brownlee Director of Library imam r-Nnm mn M x'vutzgavvmaxah Lester Ray Clark Director of Data Processing Emogene Dial Administrative Assistant to the Edu partment calm Do Una Mae Harmon Director of Spieth Hall Robert Holycross Director of Physical Plant Don J ohnson Director of Athletics Bill Lunsford Director of Auxiliary Services Paul J. Matthews Director of Printing Georgia C. Mellown Registrar Michael R. Parsons 1 Director of Alumni Affairs , James R. Pouncey Comptroller Thelma W. Simpkins Director of Sisk-Stickney Hall Johnnie S. Scott Director of Brock Hall Vivian Waldrop Director of Spieth Hall Gayle Wardlow Director of Publicity 172 Elizabeth Bagby Secretary of the Division of Administration Research and Services Lyda Black Secretary to the Dean of the College of Edu- cation Marsha S. Blake Purchasing Clerk Ruby Nell Boyd Nurse Frances Bridges CirculationeMedia Center Robbin Briggs Accounts Payable Supervisor Ruth Briggs Divisional Secretary Frances Brown Secretary to the Librarian Linda Cobb Secretary to the Director of Auxiliary Ser- vices Margi Dial Secretary to the Vice President for Public Af- fairs Martha Freeman Secretary to the Vice President for Public Af- fairs Julia Gibson Secretary for the Division of Secondary Edue cation Marguerite Grace Public Relations. Library Mary Lou Griffin Assistant Librarian Margaret Hayes Office Managert Physical Plant '- "'0. t .qux xx: t mama! ruse anmu :4 u 3- . v Staff Betty Sue Ivy Secretary to the Director of Prmting Brenda C Jackson Kcypunch Operator Ellcanor P. Lang Computer Operator Earlene Lindsey Secretary to thc Vicc-Prcsidcnt for Studen Affalrx Nell Markham Secretary to the President Mildred Ht Mellown Secretary to the Vice President for Academit Affairs Caroly Moody Secretary to the Dean of the School of Gradu ate Studies and Divisional Secretary Jeanne Mosley Secretary to the Director of Physical Plant Donna L. Murray Student Accounts Clerk Sherry McElroy Secretary to the Acting Dean of the Colleg of Arts 8; Sciences Gerald W. Shrum Systems Analyst Julia T. Stephens Switchboard Operator Kathy Sullivan Secretary for Admissions and Student Finan cial Aid Maggie Truelove Executive Housekeeper Wynona H. White Records Clerk College of Arts and Sciences The Division of Fine Arts James D. Crawford M.Ed.M., Southeastern Louisiana College; Assistant Pro- fessor of Music Jerry K. Englen MS. University of Illinois; Assistant Professor of Music Rush H111 B.S. Livingston University; Instructor of Musio:Part time Harold Newman B.S. Livingston University; Instructor of Music Part- time James Patrenos Ed.D.. Auburn University; Professor of Music Felix Conrad Schwarz Ph.D., Columbia; Professor of Fine Arts Gordon Wiltfang M.A., Columbia University; Assis- tant Professor of Music The Division of Fine Arts offers :1 major in music and tumors m an and music. The division contributes in many ways to the public Image and the cultural and social life of the Universny. 175 Division of Biological and Physical Sciences and Mathemutlcs m: m u; warn; Cecil Conley Ph.D. NC. St. L. Chairman of the Dnmon of Biological and Phyxicul Sciencm and Huthcmunu and Pro- fcsmr of S hcmlxlry Richard D. Holland M.Ed.. Ln'mgslnn L'nncrxiu; waumt Pro- fessor of Biology meumn zwtwa xmwm 1.! Barbara Huugh BS. l.iVlngxlun L'nn'crslty; lnxtrucmr of BIO- logy. PurI-Ilmc Andrew J. Killcbrcw MS. Auburn L'nnz: Associate Profcsxor of MulhcmuIle Slcrry Morgan BS Livingston University: Instructor of Bio- logy. ParI-timc Cecil L. Murphy M.Ed.. Livingston University: Assistant Pro- fessor of Biology Jerry L. McGriff M.Ed.. Livingston University: Assistant Pro- fcssor of Biology Aileen Nixon M.Ed.. Livingston University: Assistant Pro- fessor of Natural Sciences John Phillips M.A.T.. Alabama College; Assistant Professor of Physical Sciences Beulah Pinson M.S., Alabama College; Assistant Professor of Natural Sciences Harold Scrvey University Pitts.: Associate Professor of Phys- icx and Natural Sciences Wendell Sowcll Ph.D.. Oklahoma University: Associate Pro- fcxsor of Biology Mary Thomaskulty B.S.. University of India. Instructor ParI-Iime Charles E. Tucker Ph.Dq University of Alabama: Associate Pro- fessor of Biology Thu Division of Biological and Physical Sciences and Mathematics offers maiors und minors in Biology. Mathematics. Sand Physical Science. as well as :1 minor in Chcmistn and :1 secondary Icuching major in Natural Sciencc. 5 I76 The Division of Languages and Literature Alice Brandenburge Ph.D., Radcliff College; Professor of English Burnell Chaney Th.M., Princeton Theological Seminary; As- sistant Professor of Religion Wart-tima John C. Craiger M.A., Tulane University; Associate Professor of Romance Languages Robert B. Gilbert Ph.D., Vanderbilt; Dean of the School of Graduate Studies, Chairman of the Division of Languages and Literature and Professor of English Virginia T. Huey M.S., Auburn University; Assistant Professor of English Kelly H. Land M.Ed., Livingston University; Assistant Pro- fessor of English Margaret H. Murphy M.Ed., Livingston University; Instructor of English Verae Pritchett ' B.S., Utah University; Instructor of English Part-time Lynn A.Smith . M.A., University of Mississippi; Assocxate Professor of English Betty Jean Tucker ' M.Ed., Livingston University; Assmant Pro- fessor of English Harold N. White . Ph.D., University Texas; Professor of Englxsh The Division of Languages and Literature offers a major 2111:: a nnnor n1 Enghsh and courses n1 FTench. Spanmh. an Speech. Division of Social Science Ellmhcth Humcr X1A,Kolumh1u L'mvcrnly: mecswr of Hnstory thc Joncs . 8.8.. I w1ngslon L'nlvcmty; Instructor olestory-ParI-I1mc Aubrey Kcllcr M A.. Mississippi State University: Assistant Professor of Social Sciences Ralph M. Lyon Ph D,. Columbia University: Professor of Social Sciences George Monks Ph.DH University of Michigan; Professor of History Alice M. Owsley M.A.. University of Alabama; Assistant Professor of Political Science James P.Pate Ph.D., Mississippi State University; Assistant Professor of History Margaret B, Wilson MAW Duke University; Associate Professor of History The Division of Social Science. consisting of the Depart- ments of Geography History. Political Scicncc and So- ciulogx offers majors in History and Social Science. and minors in History. Political Science. and Sociology. Divi Edll' Georg Mom Ed. cuti RobCr Ed. D. G. Ph. James Ed. cali John Ed. lior Harga Phi chol J. Kem Edi SeCo Division Of Secondary Education George A, Chancellor. Jr. M,A.t Stetson University; Assistant Professor of Education Naomi L. Conley Ed.D., University of Tennessee; Associate Professor of Edu- cation Robert T Grace, Sr. Ed.D.. Colorado State College; Professor of Education D. G. Harris Ph.Dq Peabody College; Professor of Psychology James D. Hill Ed. D, University of Alabama; Assistant Professor of Edu- cation John V Husseyt th Edth University of Alabama; Assistant Professor of Educa- tlon Margaret C. Lyon P t . . thu Columbla Unlvemty; PrOfessor of Education and Psy- Chology J. Kenneth Orso E y I h' h ' . . . 8:513" Umvermy Of Alabama; Chalrman of the D1v1510n of L Ondary Education and Assistant Professor of Education College of Education The Division of Secondary Education offers the Bachelor of Arts. Bachelor of Science, and Bachelor of Music Education degrees on the undergraduate level with majors in the following fields: Biology. Business Eductltlon. Enghsh. Health. Physical Education. and Recreation. Mathematicst MUSIC Educatlon. Natural Sciencct Physical Science. and Social Science. 179 mr..m.-mr.v.uuwcmanuals m. arm amus-mmu Mmuomnum-mxmm-m:rmmxmnvmaumurmmwrm KT? 113 I mam; anus uahmwxnim 'T nuiwuswm 44a" Division of Administration. Research. 6; Serx'ices Jackie N. Ashworth MS. L'nivcrsity of Southern Miss; As- sistant Professor of Industrial Education Donald W, Fcndlason Ed.D.. University of Alabama; Assistant Professor of Education Martha M. Fluker M.A.. University of Alabama: Assistant Professor of Education Lloyd G. Parnell Ed.D.. University of Alabama; Chairman 0f the Division of Administration. Re- search and Services and Assistant Pro- fessor of Education Myrtle Schwarz M.A., Columbia; Visiting Professor of Fine Arts ilihc Division of Administration. Research zmd Services is composed of four dcpzirtmcnls: the Department of School Administration. the Depart- mcm of Institutional Research. Ihc Department of Educational Media. and the Department of Industrial Education. Within the division. 21 nm- jor in School Administration on the Graduate lcvcl is offered for students seeking certification as principals and supcrintcndcnts. Minors arc of- ticrcd in Educational Media and Industrial Education. Research for the institution is coordinated through this division. ii. Division Of Elementary Education Walter L. Chatham Ed.D , University of Southern Mississippi; Assistant Professor of Education Joseph F. Early Ed.D., University of Alabama; Chair- man of the Division of Elementary Edu- cation and Assistant Professor of Educa- IlOl'l Katherine Johnston M.A., University of Alabama; Associate Professor of Education Wayne Smith M.Ed.. Auburn University; Assistant Professor of Elementary Education Bernice B. White Ed.D., University of Southern Mississi- ppi; Assistant Professor of Elementary Education The College of Education offers undergraduate programs designed for the preparation of elementary and secondary teachers. Other services pm Vidcd by the college include the Research Center. Ll Curriculum Labour tory. 21 Media Center. a Reading Clinic and an Early Childhood Educa- limil Center. The faculty also provides field services for public schools by providing consultants for curriculum studies and educational xmrk- shops. The college offers a fifth year program of graduate study in clc- mcntury education. in secondary education and in administration and supervision. Certification programs are also offered on the graduate level 181 in library science and counseling and guidance. mumxuniNV-WSMS anwm: ava mnxmwwm min imam: iii. 182 Division of Health. Physical thkcy Andrcux BS. Lnncmty of Alabama, Instructor Of Health, Physical Ed. and Rccrcutmn Axslxlunt Football S 0;th Roland D. Atklns BS. thwppl Stale LHIVCMIU; lnxtrucmr of Phyxrcul EdSPurI-nmc Byron Baily BS Livingston University; Instructor of Physical EdSParI-time Hortense Hester M.A.. University of Alabama: Associate Pro- fessor of Health. Physical Education. and Re- creation Morris Higginbolham MA.. University of Alabama: Assistant Professor of Health. Physical Education and Recreation; Head Football Coach Don Johnson M.A.. Peabody College; Chairman of the Divi- sion of Health. Physical Ed.. and Recreation; Athletic Director; and Associate Professor of Physical Education Roger Pate 88.. Jacksonville State University; In- structor of Physical Ed.-Part-time Livingston University offers a diversi- fied program of health and physical cd- ucution. Courses available in the pro- gram range from team sports. individual and dual sports. and rhythmical activi- ties. The University supports a fine program of both intramural and inter- collegiulc sports; Livingston University is a member of Ihc National Collegiate Association and the Alabama Collegiate Confcrcncc. Education and Recreation Jack M. Powell M.Ed., Auburn University; Assistant Professor of Health. Physical Education, and Recreation; Head Basketball Coach Robert Riesener M.S., Barry College; Assistant Professor of Health. Physical Education and Recreation; Head Base- ball Coach Jerry Smith M.Ed.. Livingston University; Assistant Professor of Health, Physical Education, and Recreation wartvtimex Cross Country Track and Field Coach Harold Stella. Jr. B.S., Samford University; Instructor of Physical Ed. Part-time Thomas M. White B S., University of Alabama; Instructor of Health. Physical Ed. and Recreation: Assistant Football Coach Virginia Young M.Ed.., Boston. Univ.. Associate Professor of Health. Phy. Ed. 8L Recreation College of Business and Commerce Linda Alexander Ed.D.. University of Alabama; Assocmtc Professor Business John Baker BS. Livmgston L'nivcrsily; instructor Purt-Iimc Richard Booker M,B,Ai. La. chh.; Assistant Professor of Business Glen W4 Bridges M.A.. University of Alabama; Associate Professor Business John Feathers M.A.. University of Alabama; Assistant Professor Business Estelle B. Scales M.S.C.. University of Ala.; Assistant Professor of Busi- ness William B. Stuart 33, Livingston University; structor of Business The College of Business and Commerce undertakes to provide general pre- pumtiun for students who expect to enter business with u broad academic background. it provides specialized education in Accounting. Computer Sci- ence. and Economics. - .M . ' .. A a ' Q r r!'J-,. Q . The 1970 PARAGON salmes the Livingston UniversityFaculty and Mmmstrauon for its constant 82mm and unyielding deVotion toward the overall immvement of m institution; V . . www.wn-v-R W , . u pinnnmmu V ; x -A xX ,, .7 " Hag '9 Q. N , '1:- 32 awaiangma I'm Axum nun:- Knee". : 'm I90 Seniors Charlie Abernathy Enterprise. Alabama Mzgor: Physical Education Hudclynn S. Actor W uni Alabama Major: Socml Science Gary jxllcn Dcmopolls. Alabama Xlujnr: Busmcxs Administration Randall Alsubmok delcy. Alabama Xlujor: Business Administration I ydiu Ashcraft 'l usculomu. Alabama Major: Elementary Education Sidney Atkins Ihomaston. Alabama Hajor: Physical Education Bully Avcrcll Greensboro. Alabama Vujor: Elementary Education Jane E. Avcrctte 'I uscalooxa. Alabama Major: Social Science Sidney A Avcrcttc Tuscaloosa. Alabama Major: Business Administration Erncst Avery. Jr. Tuscaloosa. Alabama Major: Business Administration Ercic 1.. Baker Huntsville. Alabama Major: Business Administration Dale W. Ballard Montgomery. Alabama Major: Biology Hmn Ballard Andalusia. Alabama Major: English James Bcardcn Selma. Alabama Major: Business Administratim Bobby Bcdctl Sycamore. Alabama Major: Phyxical Education Seniors Barney R. Bell Northport. Alabama Major: English Don Bender Birmingham, Alabama Major: Business Administration Beth Berryhill Tuscaloosai Alabama Major: Elementary Education Mary Anne Billings Northporti Alabama Major: Business Administration Wayland Blake West Blocktoni Alabama Major: Physical Education Edward J. Bodden, Jr. Mobile. Alabama Major: Bilogy James Bonds Greensboro. Alabama Major: Biology Gary Bonner Tuscaloosa, Alabama Major: Social Science Frank Boozer Demopolis. Alabama Major: English Mike Bostick Vernon. Alabama Major: Business Administration Sonny Bowen Tuscaloosa. Alabama Major: History Charles Bowman Eufaula, Alabama Major: Business Administration Pam Breedlove Montgomery Alabama Major: Social Science Sammy Breitling Dcmopolis. Alabama: Major: Social Science Bonnie Crawford Brown Meridian. Mississippi . Major: Elementary Education A 1 9'4le mushy wgis-VEM 192 Seniors Ihnmus B Bnmn SylacuugL Kluhzxmu HuJur Buwncss delmslmtmn l urn Bryant Scullshuru Uuhdmu Uurwr Sucml Scxcncu Dznld X1 Hurku snrnnch. dehumu Huwr Hung Howard HUshy leynCshoru. Hlsslsslppl Haw!" Physical Iducutmn Dullu Hy rd lnlngstun. Uuhumu Major leslnCss I-duculmn lurry s I umphcll Pcnsucnlu. Honda Vujorz 80cm! Selcncc .l W. s urr Juspcr. Alabama Xlujor: Physlcul Science Ray 0humpion Selma. Alabama Major: Bmincss Administration Jumcs I2. Clark Hlisvillc. Mississippi Hzgor: Physical Education 0ch Clark I homuswllc. Alabama Major: Music Wanda Ucmenls Rcfurms Alabama Major: Business Administration Bill Cleveland Selma. Alabama Major: Business Administration Carol Hcvclund lVlumood. Alabama Major: Physical Education I arry sochrun Hoax; Alabama Major: Math Billy 0o!cm;m Sclmm Alabama Major: Business Administration Seniors Billie Collier Miltoni Alabama Major: Physical Education Billy Collins Vernon. Alabama Major: Physical Education Randy Cooper Livingston, Alabama Major: Business Administration Frank L. Crabtree Reform. Alabama Major: Business Adm. Albert Crovato, Jr. Selma, Alabama Major: Business Administration Larry Crow York. Alabama Major: Business Administration Sara Crumpton Emelle, Alabama Major: Math Sue Culp Chickasaw, Alabama Major: Music Education Pat Cummins Opp, Alabama Major: Physical Education Paul Cunningham Dora. Alabama Major: Physical Education William R Daily Selma. Alabama Major: Business Kathy Dale Butler, Alabama Major: Elementary Education Thomas A. Darby. Jr. Brooksville, Florida Major: Physical Education Michael Darrow Greensboro. Alabama Major: Social Science Elaine Dalton Jasper. Alabama Major: Physical Science Evil - v nah; Seniors Xlurly Dczuun Dcmopnllx. ,Xluhumu quor: BuxInCW xiiom 3 .363? Julw. u A Inna nub; Knmc Dclmx Dial Succmutcr. ,Xlubumu UuJHr' I-ngllxh Jumcx W Duncan I mngxlun. Muhumu Hujnr' Buxlncxx Mimmlxlrutmn lurry Durham I nhnmlngu. lexxlppl Vuwr Phyxwul I-duculmn Jimmy Dutmn .lmpcr. Klubumu H;Unr:80uu18c1cmc Iurchc l-ghcrt lhomustun, Alabama Xlzuur: Bunncxx Admmixtrunon BIH Hlloll lusculnmu. Alabama Hujnr: Buxmcxx Admmixtrulion Jcrry W. Lvans Iusculoosu. Alabama Hujor: Physical Education Elizabeth Excllc Orvillc. Alabama Major: Math Milton l-lzcllc Sclmu. Alabama Hajor: Social Science Dnuglax Ferguson Sclma. Alabama Major: Physical Education Hcddic Fishburnc Izulzm. Alabama Major: Buxincxs Administration John Hoyd lusculoosa. Alabama Major: Buxincss Adminixlration Peggy l-oxtcr Urccnvillc. Alabama Major: linglixh Puulcllc Pox York. Alabama Major: Social Science I94 Seniors Barbara Friday Livingston, Alabama Major: Business Administration Dianne Fuller Quitman. Mississippi Major: Business Administration Frank Fuller Miami, Florida Major: Social Science Ben Gardner Linden, Alabama Major: Business Wanda Gardner Valparaiso, Florida Major: Elementary Education Jimmy Gilliam Hollywood, Alabama Major: Business Education Tommy Grace Ward, Alabama Major: Math James N, Greenwood Livingstone Alabama Major: Business Administration Gary Griffin Verbena. Alabama Major: Math Mary Hale Tuscaloosa. Alabama Major: Business Administration Richard Hale Lake City, Alabama Major: Business Administration Nancy Ham Baton Rouge. Louisiana Major: Elementary Education Evelyn Hamil Moxs Point. Mississippi Major: Physical Education Judy Hannah Gordo. Alabama Major: Elementary Education Rebecca Harrison Carbon Hill. Alabama Major: Physical Education ASEEer .khravnsms.?rEnmmE-iiikmwmmn 'Arl'u' nu --J'.- s s: A mun m' um w I96 Seniors chry J, Huycs T uscaluosus Alabama Major: Busmcss demlstrutmn W'lllls H chdcrsun xlnntgumcry. Xluhumu Xinjur' History hxrulc P chry I uscalunsu. .Xluhumu Hujnr Physlcul lsduculmn Pulrmu Hcrrdun l.Indcn. Alabama Hmor HUsIncss I'duculmn .lcrry Hcrrcn Plnc HIH. Alabama Haunr: XIUsIc .er H. Hm Livingston. Alabama Mujnr: Business 'deinistration lum Holcnmhc Birmingham. Alabama Major: Business Administration I humus J. Hollimun Aliccvillc, Alabama xlujor: Music John Hollingsworth Uylumhiu. Mississippi Major: Physical Education Larry Hollis Dora. Alabama Major: Physical Education Dun Homzm Gordo. Alabama Major: Business Administration Elizabeth Hopson Butler. Alabama Major: Elementary Education Linda Hovcn Jackson. Alabama Major: Elementary Education Don Huckabec Dcmopolis. Alabama Major: Business Administration Lamar Hudson Grove Hill. Alabama Major: Math Seniors Marvin Hughes Birmingham, Alabama Major: Business Jane Jackson Thomasville Alabama Major: Physical Education Kathryn Jenings Arlington. Alabama Major: History Duane Johnson Tuscaloosa, Alabama Major: Physical Education Sidney Johnson Suffolk, Virginia Major: Music LeRoy King Jones, IV Demopolis, Alabama Major: Business Administration Rhoda Jones Union, Missouri Major: Elementary Education Stephen M. Jones Parrish, Alabama Major: Physical Education Albert Joseph Andalusia. Alabama Major: Business Administration James Kane Clanton. Alabama Major: Biology Evon G Kelly Reform. Alabama Major: Elementary Education Tom Kelly Phenix City. Alabama Major: Social Science Danny Kennamer Scottsboro. Alabama Major: Buxiness Randal Kennedy Woodville. Alabama Major: Physical Education James Monroe Key. III Eulavx. Alabama Major: Business e.twmn iv .anN-muiMS awn ea- As 198 Seniors Quinton Kilgore Jasper. Alabama Major: English Paul Ta; Kuhn Foley. Alabama Major: Business Administration Robert A. LuVigne C urmel. New York Major. English Michael Lee il uscaloosa. Alabama Major: Business Administration Billie Ann Lew is Houston Texas Major: Physical Education Leslie Lilienlhal Selma. Alabama Major: Business Administration Ray Lindsey Livingston, Alabama Major: History Radford Locklin Milton. Florida Major: History Emoch Logan Fayette. Alabama Major: Physical Education Leland F. Loper Millery, Alabama Major: History Tom Maness Mobile. Alabama Major: Biology Martha Fondren Manning Sprott, Alabama Major: Business Education James Massey Chalom. Alabama Major: Business Administration Larry Massey Chatom, Alabama Major: Business Administration Carol Massingill Aliceville. Alabama Major: Social Science Seniors Suzanne McCreary Selma, Alabama Major: Elementary Education James L. McDaniel Gordo, Alabama Major: Business Administration William L. McDaniel Birmingham, Alabama Major: Business Administration Jack O. McDougald Geneva, Alabama Major: Physical Education Loretta Kerns McKiernan Meridian, Mississippi Major: Secondary Education Carl McLaughlin Winfield, Alabama Major: History Margaret McLaughlin Bessemer, Alabama Major: Elementary Education Peggy McMain Meridian, Mississippi Major: Business Education Eddie McMillan Stockton, Alabama Major: Biology Curry EV Meadows Andalusia, Alabama Major: History Maricay Melcher Gulf Shores, Alabama Major: Elementary Education Mike Merriam Montgomery. Alabama Major: Physical Education Sherry Mills Panama City, Forida Major: Elementary Education Billy Milstead Sweetwaten Alabama Major: Math Holly W. Minus Epes, Alabama Major: Social Science Seniors Preston C. Minus. Jr. Epes. Alabama Major: Business Administration 1: sassA-mtxnvwmumx. Johnny H. Montgomery Tuscaloosa. Alabama Hajor: Physical Education Dl'mansVsd-EN A . Sarah Woody Birminghums Alabama Majors Busmcss Admlnlstrutmn Bub Monro Marion Junction. Alabama Mzgor: Economies Linda Moore NIillport. Alabama Major: Elementary Education Kenneth Morgan Uilbcmmn. Alabama Major: Socml Scmncc Billie Morris Vernon. Alabama Major: History Edward Moseley Eutaw. Alabama Major: General Business Edward Moseley Moody, Alabama Major: Physical Education Joseph M. Mullaby Woonsocket. Rhode Island Major: Social Science James David Newman Fayette. Alabama Major: Math Janice Esary Newman Fayette, Alabama Major: Math Nancy P. Nicholas Meridian. Mississippi Major: Business Education Gary Nickerson Pensacola, Florida Major: Business Administration David G Nolin Flomalon. Alabama Major: Physical Education 200 Seniors Julian E. Nored Dixon's Mill, Alabama Major: Math Frances A Norwood Lavaca, Alabama Major: Elementary Education Jerry L Oliver Berry, Alabama Major: English Nicky Osborn Tuscaloosa, Alabama Major: Business Administration John Owen Meridian, Mississippi Major: Business Administration Steve Owens Demopolis, Alabama Major: Business Administration James R. Padgett Union Springs, Alabama Major: Economics Eddie Page Bay Minette. Alabama Major: Music Howard Parr Demopolis. Alabama Major: Business Administration Phil Parrish Selmae Alabama Major: Business Administration George Ralph Parten York. Alabama Major: Business Administration George Patrenos. Jr. Apalachicola. Florida Major: Business Administration Leon Patton Birmingham, Alabama Major: History Joe Perry Odenvillee Alabama Major: Physical Education Tallitha J, Pipkin York. Alabama Major: Business WEC!UM:L951UFMM ' U wWNIW$8LVRiM lQN 3K - 9w 202 Seniors Troy Poolc AllCCV'iHc, Alabama Vigor: Hlxmn Eddie Pnpc Sclmu. kluhumu Hujur: Buslncxx demmrutmn Juhn luylnr Poucll llnngsmn, Alabama Higur' Hlxmry Hlkc Pruymr Xloullnn. Alabama xlujnr: Bunncxs Admlmxlrutmn Hunk D. Prilchcu lemgslon. Alabama quor: Buxlncss Admimxlrulion Phil Puccm Birmingham. Alabama Major: Busincxs Administration Donald R. Pugh lusculoosa. Alabama Hajor: Biology Janice Rccsc Mobile. Alabama Major: English Barry Roberts Gilbcrlown. Alabama Major: Social Science Dclorcs MA Roberts Livingston. Alabama Major: Elementary Education Robert M. Rogers UHumbiu. Alabama Major: Education Ronald Rogers Butler. Alabama Major: History Phillipx S, Rully Birmingham. Alabama Major: Social Science Faye Sucks Chicnund. Florida Major: Biology Onie S. Sulatto Lindcn. Alabama Major: Elementary Education Seniors Robert W. Sanders Thomasville, Alabama Major: Natural Science Jerry Scarsbrook Selma, Alabama Major: Music Lois Sellers Eutaw, Alabama Major: Business Education Anne Sheppard Leeds, Alabama Major: Physical Education Jo Ann Sheppard Leeds, Alabama Major: Physical Education Alan Shirley Guin, Alabama Major: Biology Leonard Smith Sweetwater, Alabama Major: Math Sandra Smith Tuscaloosa, Alabama Major: Elementary Education Barry E. Smitherman Reform, Alabama Major: Elementary Education James Stanfield Albertville, Alabama Major: Education Dennis Stephens Forkland, Alabama Major: Physical Education Roy Lee Stewart Scottsboro. Alabama Major: Business Administration Fay Sticker Jackson, Alabama Major: Elementary Education Richard Oren Stoutamire Livingston, Alabama Major: Business Administration Earl Stringfellow Greenstown, Alabama Major: Math mmmmwwmgx Seniors Sherry C. Taylor Gilbertown. Alabama Major: Business Education Herbert Temple Scooha. Mississippi Major: Physical Education Martha Kay Thompson Foley. Alabama Major: Elementary Education s'huck Thurmond ii uscaloosa. Alabama Major: Business Administration Donald Tice Tuscaloosa. Alabama Major: Business Betty Jean 'I'ims New bern. Alabama Major: History Lynn Tirey Jasper. Alabama Major: Business Administration Mike Toole Graceville. Alabama Major: Business Joseph R. Trammell Mobile, Alabama Major: Social Science Frank D. Turner Jacksonville, Florida Major: Business Administration Nina Cruther Turner Tuscaloosa. Alabama Major: Elementary Education Maledru Utsey, Jr. Silas, Alabama Major: Business John Edward Vice Demopolis, Alabama Major: Business Administration Herman T. Walker Monticelloi Florida Major: Business Administration John Clell Walker Tuscaloosa, Alabama Major: Business Administration 204 Seniors James Wallace Centreville, Alabama Major: History John E. Wallace Centreville. Alabama Major: Biology Marcus Walters Sweetwater. Alabama Major: Biology Linda Warbington Butler, Alabama Major: Biology Billy Ray Webb Hollywoodi Alabama Major: Business Jimmy Weeks Phil Campbelli Alabama Major: Business Education Pat Weeks Sulligent, Alabama Major: Physical Education Jean Welch York, Alabama Major: Social Science Patricia Wheat Demopolis, Alabama Major: History Susan Whitcomb Linden, Alabama Major: Business Education Joe White Birmingham, Alabama Major: Business Administration Mirian K4 White Aliceville, Alabama Major: Elementary Education Curtis L. Wideman Monroeville, Alabama Major: Social Science Benny Williams Moullon. Alabama Major: Business Bobbie Faye Williams Meridian. Mississippi Major: Elementary Education awn. - ilk' -J;s - .n mama wu. Seniors Bonnie T. Williamx Jr Fpes. Alabama Major: Businesx Administration Dorothy Williams C oder. Alabama Major: Math Jane Wilson Fulton. Alabama Major Hcmcnlary Education Linda Ann Wilson Reform. Alabama Major: English Marlin Wissmgcr Morris. Alabama Major: Social Science Jerry Wood Mobile. Alabama Major: Business Eddie Zewen Bayou La Batre, Alabama Major: Physical Education 208 r. . n d QIJLLM yr; . f1'x "'7 Anthony Aarhus-Soplzonmrc Joe Abernathy-Freshmun Joyce Abrams-szior Jeanette Adams-Soplmnmrc Ralph Adams-Frvshmmz Tom AdamS-Jlmior David AdCOCk-szior Noah Addison-Soplzomore Jim Agerton-Freshman John Stanley Akers-Freshman Dierdre Akin-Sophomore Rodney Aldridge-Junior Vicki AIIen-Freshman Susy Altieri-Junior Bobette Anderson-Freshman David Anderson-Jum'or Dianne Anderson-Freshman Gary Anderson-Sophomore Mack Anderson-Freslzman Paul Anderson-Sophomore Marc Anthony-Junior Ike Armistead-Sophomore Chyron Ashley Chestnut-Sophomore Larry Atchison-Sophomore Robert Atchison-Freshman Jerry Averett-Jum'or Glenn A. Averette-Freshman Jane Bagley-Freshman Edward Bailey-Sophomore Bill Baker-Junior Edith Baker-Freshman Bob BalCh-Junior Roben W. Baldwin-Freshman Gina Bambarger-Freshman Carl Barber-Sophomore Cliff Bargerdunior Bill Barker-Junior Leland Barnes-Sophomore Randall Barnett-Junior Arthur Batchelor-Freshman Buddy Bates-Freshman Henry Batson-Freshman Harold Baty-Freshman Michael Beard-Freshmun David A. Bedgood-Sophomore Bonnie Beech-szior Susan Beeker-Sophomore Denise Berry-szior Larry Berry-Sophomorc Ronald Binion-Junior 2H Sheila Binon-Sophomorc Patsy Black-Freshman Barbara Blair-Freslznmn Eddie Blake-Frcshman Al Blanton-Junior Howard A. Blazer, Jr.-Jum'0r Hal Bloom-Sophomore Terry Blount-Freshman Glenda G. Boawell-Jmu'or Garry Bowces-Junior Gloria Boyd-Freshman Shirley E. Boyd-Sophomore Michael C. Boykin-Sophomore Kenny Bozeman-Freshman Lee Bozeman-Jum'or John Bradley-Freshman Marilyn Breed-Jum'or Roger Breed-Junior Elizabeth Bridges-Freshman Wendy Brink-Freshman Horace M. Brooks-Junior Bob Brown-Freshman Bobby Brown-Freshman Charlotte Brown-Sophomore Cheryl A. Brown-Sophomore David Brown-Junior Dow Ann Brown-Junior Gordon L. Brown-Sophomore John Brown-Junior Susan Brown-Freshman Gail Brownlee-Freshman Harla Brunson-Junior Loyal Bryan-Freshman Emily E. Bryant-Jum'or Susan Bryars-Jum'or Milford Burkhalter-Junior Jean Burke'Junior Gay Ann Burnette-Sophomore Dean Burns-Freshmarz Jean Burns-Freshman Denise Burroughs-Freshman Richard Burroughs-Freshman Thelma Burroughs-Sophomore Benny Burtram-Junior Bobby Bush-Freshman John Bush-Freshman Ronnie Button-Freshman Brenda Byars-Sophomorc Andrew Bynum-Jum'or Sandie Calhorn-Freshman Deborah Camp-Freshman Bill CampbeIl-Jum'or Kate Cannon-Junior Marie CannomFrw-hman Carol Carlisle-Freshmcm Penny Carpender-Freshman Don C. Carroll-Junior Michael L. Carroll-Freshman William L. Carter-Junior Tommy Cartwright-Sophomore John Hall Chambers-Sophomore Bobby Chandler-Jtmior Glenda Chandler-Freshman Donald Chappell-Sophomore Oliver P. Chestmut-Sophomorc Sissy ChildressvSophomore Charlotte Christopher-Freshmmz James CIardy-Freshmzm Bob Clark-Freshmun Dewayne Clark-Junior Kay Clark-Freshman Bob Clefton-Freshman Johnnie Clements-Freshmun Ronald G. Clements-Freshman Rosemary Clements-Junior Andy Coat-Freshman Leon Cobb, Jr.-Freshmun Wayne Cobb-Sophumure Patricia Coggins-Freshman Robert J. Coker, Jr.-Sophumure Barry E. Colburn-Sophonmre Brenda Colburn-Suphamore Larry M. Colburn-Sophomore Beth Coleman-Freshmun Cathy Coleman-Sophomore John Colsa-Freshmun Randy Connelius-Freshman Pamela Conner-Freshman Mike Cook-Freshman Brenda S. Cooper-Junior Emily Cooper SUpl10morc Jack R. CooperuSuplzomorc Martha Cooper Jmu'0r Mike Cooper-Jmu'ar Tony Cooper Fr-cshman Ted Copland S0plwmore Steve C0rry-szi0r Mike C0ry-Frc.yhmun Phil CottinghamFr-mhman Larry C0xwelk-szior John R. C0y S0pl10morc Carol Burnell Craig Freshman David Crawford szi0r Kenneth Crenshaw- Freshman Jim Crom Freshman Mike Cross-Freshman Sandra S. Crow-Jum'or Bell Crumpton Fresl1man Max CulkJum'or Debi Dahl Freshman Sandra DanieIHFreshman J erry Davidson Freshmtm Glen A, DaVis-Freshman Jean DaViFFreshman Larry DaviFSOphomore z . K 216 Mumy,.w.wwnw,ww. Larry DaViFJuniOI' Ricky DaviFFreshman Donna Delmarter Freshman Steve D. Dia1 S0ph0m0re Sandra Dickey Sophomore Edward DillarkSophomore Judy DobbFFreshman Jean Dolan Junior Brenda Donald -Freshman Sue Dozin Soph0m0re Charlotte DrinkarkFreshman Samuel B. DrinkarMFreshman Jimmy Duncan Fr-eslzman Johnie Carl Dunnam Sophomorc Judy C. Duren Freshman Marvin Dyen-Freshman Conette Earnest- Juni0r Geary EdwardkFreslzman William Dale Eldridge-Junior Dan EllarkSophomm-e Drew Elliot Jum'0r Marilyn Elmore Freshman Bronson Englebert--Sophomore Ronnie EngleFJLmior Joe English SopIzomore 218 Eddie Epperson Fr-eshman Robert Erin szi0r Dianne Etheridge Juni0r Edward J. EvanFJum'or Herschel G. Ezell-szior Helon Faulk Freshman Lottie Jo Faulk Juni0r Don Faulkner Freshman Homer Faulkner szi0r Elton G. Faust;F2-eshman Lynda FelkinFFreshman James M. Fitpatrick-Juni0r Diane Fleming Jum'0r Horace FlowerHSophomore DeAnn FloyPJunior Brenda FolsomSophomore Dana FolsomgSOphomore Ralph Ford S0ph0m0re Sandy Ford Freshman Janet Foster-Sophomore Michael R. Foster-Junior Dolly Fountain Freshman Kenneth FountaiFFreshman Ralph Fowler S0phom0re Danny L, FrankHJunior Willie FrazierhSophomore Charles Freeman-Jum'or George W. FrencFSophomore Henry Fulgham Freshman Donald Fugua-Freshman Lee Vaughn Gaddy Jum'0r Kenneth R. Gallman Freshman Ollie Jean Gandy Soph0more Betty Jane Gardner Jum'or Bryan GaulI-Freshman William A. Gault-Sophomore James R. Gaut Freshman Lillie Gayle-Freshman David F. Geer Sophomore Sandra Gentry Freshman Joseph D. Gibson Freshman Tom Gilder-Freshman Michael GileFFreshman Dan Gillert-Junior Ronald Gilliland Soph0more Jeanine GlaSFFreshman Patrick D. GlaSFSophomore Wynell F, GlaSFSOphomore Brenda GliddowSophomore William C. 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E. McGary, Jr. Jum'or Steve McGucken-Freshman William McLlrey Freshman June McMilliaFFreshman Glenzel McQuirter Freshmun James Mackil-Freshman Danny Maddox Freshman Tommie Maddox-Junior Bette Jean Madison Freshman David McGouyrk Jum'0r Janet Mancuso Freshman Garia Manning Sophomore Kenneth L. Marbutt Soph0more Donald C. Marler S0phomorc Gena Marsh-Freshman Cecil Martin S0ph0m0re Gerald W. MartiFFreshmmz Janis Martin-Junior Michael E. Martin Jum'0r Ted MashburFJunior Gladys Mason Fre$hman Royce Duaine Massey Soph0m0re Brenda MatherSv--Frethun June MatherFSophomore Barbara Mathews-Sophomore Christine MatheWFJunior James M. 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McLemore Long-Wall Company Hardware, Building Materials and Ready Mix Concrete Electrical Appliance Air Conditioning Telephone No. 392-4611 York, Alabama 36925 Compliments of McGregor Printing Co. York, Alabama 36925 . Livingston Motel and Livingston ? Inn Restaurant Livingston, Alabama 234 X? McMillan 8 Company Compliments of B an k e rs MCGregOr Livingston, Alabama OIdest Bank in Sumter Countw 'rlnting C0. Established 1891 Member FDIC York. Alabama 36925 ; If DIRECTORS Winton E. Wise Dr. John E. Deloney Chairman and President President of Livingston University Allen M. Tartt, Jr. Hugh G. Sloan Vice President and Cashier Manager Southern Sawmills American Can Company Ira D. Pruitt, Jr. Attorney 235 236 Scruggs Drugs, Inc. Your Professional Pharmacy Compliments of WALKEFFS PURE SERVICE Phone 625-9915 Livingston Alabama Phone Livingston 652-7182 Alabama : Compliments of Bank of York Dr. Thomas C. York, Alabama Looney 2Serving Our Area 58 Years2 Member Federal Reserve System Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. W Livingston University Book Store Snack Shop The center of campus activity 238 headquarters at W Square, S. .' $$i$relfggici Pennsylvama WEST ALABAMA SUPPLY COMPANY Sand, Gravel Ready-Mixed Concrete C. Add Boyd Livingston, Alabama KENNYS MOBILE HOME PARK AND LAUNDERETTE Lots and Rental Livingston, Alabama Phone 652-7843 Units Jim Bryanas Service Station VICCO Gasolines Home Office Fayette, Alabama Stations Located In West Alabama and East Mississippi ;The place to buy Standard Oil product? Livingston, Alabama FRUGE, SUBURBAN GAS CO. Propane, Butane and Appliances Livingston, Alabama Box 281 Phone 652-5101 Joe Mayes x THE Compljpments COTTON PA TCH U.S. 11 Dr. H. C. Hunt 3 Miles North Eutaw, Alabama GREEN BROTHERS MOTOR COMPANY CARES LOG CABIN We Specialize in Charcoaled Steakf, Eutaw, Alabama Phone 372-4621 Since 1925 , YORK, ALABAMA Chevrolet and Oldsmobile WK WI! fdrHA Compliments of ODOM CH E VROLE T , INC. Eutaw, Alabama THE TONPATCH 1 11We Welcome the Opportunity to Serve YouH L5. 11 3 Miles North Eutaw. Alabama 1 HASSON-POOLE . GROC E RY CO.9 INC. Compliments of Wholesalers TH E VOG U E Serving 10 West-Alabama Counties For Over 20 Years Meridian . MISSISSlppI Eutaw, Alabama PEPSI-COLA METROPOLITAN BOTTLING CO., INC. 701 HIGHWAY 11 SOUTH MERIDIAN, MISSISSIPPI 39301 I 242 THE FASHION SHOP Fashions for the WeIl-Dressed Coed Where Good Taste and Fashion Meef, Livingston, Alabama Phone 652-5721 Sumter Hardware Company Fishing Tackle, Hunting Supplies and Gifts for Every Occasion,, gThe Corner of Monroe 81 WashingtoM Livingston, Alabama ifsthe real thing Ymde mm- In I Compliments of YORK COCA COLA Bottling Company Compliments of Brown9s Jewelry York, Alabama A 1V l f RAYFORUS APPLIANCE CENTER I General Electric Major Electrical Appliances Zenith Radios, Television 2 Record Players . 2 Tape Players 2 Tapes mter HardWare I 2 Complete Line of Small Appliances C Packard Bell 0 Motorola Kitchen Aid mpany 1 Phone 652-4221 "Fishing Tackle, ' 2 Livingston, Alabama Hunting Supplies Hfts for Every Occasion" and l umer of Monroe 8; Washington" Liyingslon. Alabama Compliments of DAIRY FRESH BAR WESTERN A UTO ? ASSOCIA TE STORE 2Burgers are our Speciality" M 2 Mr. and Mrs. Cornelius Bomhoff LiVingSton, Alabama Owners Phone 652-6011 Livingston , Alabama Compliments of rown Compliments of Western Auto Associate Store York, Alabama Owner Doug Dortch 2 York- Alabama Compliments of 9; Wu; 4...... 9 WWW wmhw m Wyn, mmum W w W91..." 3!??? 74167,; ; ,4; m, , 72,7779 , 772,77 m. - , z; , , 4.;;6?Z?;2;,;7 Z747? , 277,7 1 . . , 7 77777773777 7.7 777777701; 7? . . f . 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Pam Grace Tax Collector Long Oil Company Gulf Oil Distributor York, Alabama Compliments of Binion Furniture and Appliance Co. Eutaw, Alabama The Dress Shop Livingston, Alabama 247 1970 Paragon Business Manager Don Ralner 248 35.8 In Memoriam Dr. Warren 1. Smith 249 V 7.:u 4 ..,..1; :vmg... u .......- m lfs been a long year . . . pa uwm w 'meG I 12:? 250 . ,. - , ,. ., , ..-.-.. ... . . ..v.u..w. - m... 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Suggestions in the University of West Alabama - Paragon Yearbook (Livingston, AL) collection:

University of West Alabama - Paragon Yearbook (Livingston, AL) online yearbook collection, 1968 Edition, Page 1


University of West Alabama - Paragon Yearbook (Livingston, AL) online yearbook collection, 1969 Edition, Page 1


University of West Alabama - Paragon Yearbook (Livingston, AL) online yearbook collection, 1970 Edition, Page 169

1970, pg 169

University of West Alabama - Paragon Yearbook (Livingston, AL) online yearbook collection, 1970 Edition, Page 215

1970, pg 215

University of West Alabama - Paragon Yearbook (Livingston, AL) online yearbook collection, 1970 Edition, Page 79

1970, pg 79

University of West Alabama - Paragon Yearbook (Livingston, AL) online yearbook collection, 1970 Edition, Page 245

1970, pg 245

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