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, w . H4 , a ; . , , PARA CON Livingston University ivingston, Alabama 968-69 ettye Stone-Editor etty Elliott-Assistant Editor Table of Contents Introduction...IIIOOCOIIIOOICOOOOOIIOO Administration....................... Buildings kunpusLUk.u.".n.n.n.u.u.u.n l;reeks..u..u..u..u..u..u..u..u. Organizations........................ lionorsn.n.n..n.n.u.u.n.u.u.u Sports Classes Advertisements....................... Index "He has made known to us His hidden purpose- " I would like to rise very high above my city, above time, to purify my thinking, to see through understanding eyes. I would see a place called Livingston University, and myself, alone, yet in a crowd, fighting to grasp it all and to be a part of this place in my own way. My quest was to be more than just a number. Lives that are effective are not always those that attract attention, but I want to be more than just a number. I need some reaction or some type of human re- sponse to the things I do and say. Sometimes I'm filled with great joy and tons of energy. Othertimes Fm ready to pack up and leave. A' W! .93, f w w '43 4 w a M Q? Sometimes I am filled with greatjoy and tons of energy, and othertimes I am ready to pack rny bags and just leave. What do I gain? It takes a firm, bright dream to give life worth, the dignity, the meaning we desire. One steady dream-in- spired goal makes us challenge the soul and all of life. Can it be that I am just caught up in doing what everyone else does? Has my golden idol turned to tin? What does it all amount to? A coating of tin can reflect the sunts rays as brightly as one of gold. I came to Livingston for the free- dom it offered, for the chance to make my own world and to devel- op myself as I desire. So what if the going gets rough or if I'm lost in the crowd; I call my own plays now. l4 I may be only a face, but I can be an individual if I wish. As I work I find within myself the satisfaction of accomplishment, the im- portance of being in that game called life, and I know why I am here. LIVINGSTON COLLEGIATE INSTITUTE TO LIVINGSTON UNIVERSITY When this educational institution became Livingston University in April of 1968, it had bestowed upon it at least the seventh name it had borne through the years. Chances are that this one will stick. 1 When it was incorporated in 1840, the school was named Livingston Collegiate Insti- tute. A group of citizens had started a fund to establish a school here in 1835, but nothing is known of its operation before 1840, if indeed it did go into operation before that time. If the school did actually exist before 1840, chances are that it had still another name. At any rate, the Livingston Collegiate Institute, a female academy, swung into action in 1840. In 1883, when the State Legislature authorized the school to begin giving normal instruction to girls desiring to become teachers, the name was Livingston Female Academy. At some point in the first 43 years, the name apparently was changed. Some old diplomas, however, show it as bearing both names: Livingston Collegiate Institute and Livingston Female Academy. When the Legislature authorized normal instruction for future teachers here, it also appropriated $2,500 to finance the venture, a history making act. In 1910, the State assumed active control of the school, which somewhere along the way became Alabama Normal College. In 1919, the State Board of Education was given supervision of all the normal schools in the state. In 1929, the school became State Teachers College, Livingston, and in 1957 the Legislature changed the name to Livingston State College. Finally, in April of 1968, the name in one day went from Livingston State College to Livingston State University to Livingston University. The two-step change was necessary so that the Board of Trustees could first comply with State Legislature action authorizing the State Board of Education to grant the first change at Livingston's request. Following that action, the Livingston trustees, now in full control of the school, were free to name it what they chose. The "State" was dropped so as to avoid confusion with other institutions with the same set of initials. ADMINISTRATION W , W WWMMMW A This edition of the Paragon records the life and times of our school during the first school year after which its name under- went perhaps the last of many changes that have occurred through the years. Livingston State College became Livingston University. This historic occurrence will achieve its full potential of significance only if all of us continue to strive mightily to make the institution more nearly fulfill the name as each quarter and each year go by. It is no easy task to build a university. It is no easy task to make your university better tomorrow than it is today. Just as the challenge of living your individual life to its fullest and best potential is a thing which is renewed each and every day, so too is the challenge of making a university ever more true to what it should be: The ideal of adventurous learning, of growth, of ser- vice to mankind. Use your Paragon as a colorful record of this significant year in your life and in the life of your institution. Let it also remind you that Livingston University will continue to need your best-as student, faculty or staff member, or alumnus-to meet the challenge of continually becoming a greater institution for greater service. John E. Deloney President DEAN OF BUSINESS AND COMMERCE, CHAIRMAN OF THE COUNCIL OF DEANS DR. OWEN LOVE The chairman of the Council of Deans is heat! of the aca- demic program of Livingston University. He has overall responsiv bility for advising and maintaining the teaching staff and for the development of the curriculum. DEAN OF ARTS AND SCIENCES DR. RALPH M. LYON DEAN 0F GRADUA T E SCHOOL DR. ROBERT B. GILBERT DEAN OF S TUDEN T PERSONAL SERVICES DR. JAMES RA YBURN 24 DEAN 0F TEACHER ED UCA T ION DR. HOWARD FORTNEY WWWWW S T UDEN TS JAMES P. HOMER F 0 N A E D VIRGINIA IRWIN DEAN OF WOMEN DIREC T 0R 0F UNIVERSITY RELA TIONS JOHN NEEL BUSINESS MANAGER HOLLAND FLOYD Charlotte Billingsly Director of Infirmary Emogene Dial Administrative Assistant to the Education Department Arthur Eidman Director of Computer Center Una Mae Harmon Director of Spieth Hall Robert Holycross Director of Buildings and Grounds Don Johnson Director of Athletics Bill Lunsford Director of Auxiliary Services Georgia C. Mellown Registrar Sarah Newell Director of Seldon Hall Lloyd Parnell Director of Laboratory School Billy Stuart Director of Financial Aids ADMINISTRA TORS 3. Elizabeth Bagby Secretary to the Director of the Laboratory School Faye Bedwell Secretary to the Treasurer Lyda Black Divisional Secretary Ruby Nell Boyd Nurse Frances Bridges Divisional Secretary Robbin Briggs Accounts Payable Clerk Frances Brown Secretary to the Librarian Margie Dial Secretary to the Dean of Students Personnel Services Linda Faggard Secretary to the Director of the Computer Center Martha M. Fluker Assistant Librarian Mary Lou Griffin Assistant Librarian Elite Haynie Assistant Librarian Earlene Lindsey Students Accou nts Clerk Nell Markham Secretary to the President Mildred H. Mellown Divisional Secretary CaroWn Moody Divisional Secretary Jeanne Mosley . Secretary to Building and Grounds Flora S. Ormond File Clerk Pat Robbins Divisional Secretary Johnnye Scott Housemother Thelma Simpkins Housemother Rosiland Todd Secretary to the Director of Public Relations Gayle Wardlow News Writer Wynona Hester White Records Clerk 29 SCHOOL OF ARTS DIVISION OF BIOLOGICAL AND Zeno Bailey Ph.D., Ohio St. U.; Professor of Biology. Carol Card 3.8., Livingston University; Instructor- Part-time. CeciIConley Ph.D.N.C., St. U.; Professor of Chemistry. Richard Holland M.Ed., Livingston University; Assistant Professor of Biology. A.J. Killebrew M.S., Auburn Univ.; Assistant Professor of Mathematics. Cecil Murphy M.Ed., Livingston Univ.; Assistant Pro- fe$or of Biology. AND SCIENCES PHYSICAL SCIENCES AND MA THEMA TICS Aileen Nixon M.Ed., Livingston University; Assistant Professor of Nat. Science. John Phillips M.A.T., Alabama College; Assistant Pro- fessor of Physical Science. Beulah Pinson M.S., Alabama College; A$istant Pro- fe$or of Nat. Science. Harold Servey M.Ed., University Pitts.; Assistant Profes- sor of Nat. Science. Wendell Sowell Ph.D., Oklahoma University; Associate Professor of Biology. Charles E. Tucker Ph.D., Univ. Ala.; Assistant Professor of Biology. One of the seven administrative divisions of the College, the Division of Biological and Physical Sci- ences and Mathematics consists of four Depart- ments; namely, Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics, and Physics. Within the Division majors are offered in Biology, Mathematics, Natural Sciences, and Physical Sciences. DIVISION OF LANGUAGES AND LITERATURE Alice Brandenburge Ph.D., Radcliff; Professor of English. Jerry E. Brown M.A., Hollins College, Va.; Instructor of English. John C. Craiger M.A., Tulane; Associate Professor of Romance Languages. Robert B. Gilbert Ph.D., Vanderbilt; Dean of School of Graduate Studies and Professor of English. Virginia Huey M.S., Auburn University; Assistant Pro- fessor of English. Kelly Land M.Ed., Livingston; Assistant Professor of English. The Division of Languages and Literature of-i fers both a major and a minor in English. In addition, the English Department offers a num- ber of graduate-level courses that may fulfill the requirements for an English concentration in the M.Ed. program. The division offers candie dates for the AB. degree a two-year program in either French or Spanish. In the division is also the Department of Speech and Dramatics. Division organizations are Theatron and its affiliate, Alpha Psi Omega, national collegiate dramatics fraternity. The Division of Languages and Literature is noted for its fine staff and its production of high quality teachers for secondary schools in this area. James Love B.D., Emory; Assistant Professor of Religion. Margaret Murphy M.Ed., Livingston University; Instructor of English. Nathaniel Reed M.A., Columbia; Associate Professor of English. Beverley E. Smith M.A., Univ. Miss; Assistant Professor English. Lynn A. Smith M.A., Univ. Miss.; Associate Professor of English. Betty Jean Tucker M.Ed., Livingston; Assistant Professor of English. Harold N. White Ph.D., Univ. Texas; Professor of English. William E. Wilson M.A., Murray St. U.; Associate Professor of Speech 8: Drama. DIVISION OF FINE AND PRACTICAL ARTS Thomas K. Brown James D. Crawford Jerry EngIen Janice Fuller Ph.D., Fla. State University; M.Ed., S.E. La. College; As M.S.,Univ. lll-;ASSistant Pro- 3-3.. University Of Ala.; ln- Assistant Professor of Music. sistant Professor of Music. fESSOT 0f MuSic. structor-Part-time. James Patrenos Ed.D., Auburn University; Professor of Music. Felix Conrad Schwarz Ph.D., Columbia; Professor of Fine Arts. Gordon Wiltfang M.A., Columbia University; Assistant Professor of Music. The Fine Arts Division is made up of Art St Music concentrations. The Art Department offers a minor in art as well as contributing courses for Elementary teachers. Paint- ing is a popular elective for students who enjoy art as a hobby. The music department offers the A.B., B.S., and B.M.E. degrees in music. Many music organizations and en- sembles are available to music students and non-music stu- dents. Applied music iprivate instructioni is offered campus wide to interested students. Phi Mu Alpha, National Music Fraternity for Men, and Delta Omicron, National Music Fraternity for Women, is very active in the department. A student chapter of MENC, Music Educators National Con- ference, has been organized for the students interested in Music Education. 35 36 DIVISION OF SOCIAL SCIENCE "mm... Elizabeth Hoover M.A., Columbia; Professor of M .A., History. Aubrey Keller George Monks M ississippi State; Ph.D., University Mich; Pro- Assistant Professor of fessor of History. Sociology. Alice M. Ousley M.A., University of AIa.; Assistant Professor of Political Science. James P. Pate M.A., Miss. State; Assistant Professor of- History. Joseph Peterson Ed.D., Columbia University; Professor of Social Sciences. Warren l. Smith Margaret B. Wilson Ph.D., Univ. Ala.; Professor M.A., Duke Univ.; Assistant of H istory. Professor of Social Sciences. The Division of Social Sciences is composed of four departments: the Department of Geography, the Depart- ment of Political Science, the Department of Sociology, and the Department of Social Science. A major is offered in history and social science and there is a minor available in history and political science. SCHOOL OF TEACHER EDUCATION DIVISION OF HEALTH AND PHYSICAL EDUCA TION Michael D. Andrews B.S., University of Alabama; Instructor. Billy Billingsley 33., Jacksonville; Instructor-Part-time. Hortense Hester M.A., University of Alabama; Associate Professor of Physical Education. Morris Higginbotham M.A., University of Alabama; Associate Professor of Physical Education. Don Johnson M.A., Peabody; Associate Professor of Physical Education. Jack Powell M.Ed., University of Auburn; Assistant Professor of Physical Education. Livingston University of- fers a diversified program of health and physical educa- tion. Courses available in the program range from team sports, individual and dual sports, and rhythmical ac- tivities. The University sup- ports a fine program of both intramural and intercollegiate sports. Livingston University is a member of the National Collegiate Association and the Alabama Collegiate Conference. Robert Riesener M.S., Barry College; Assistant Professor of Physical Education. Jerry Smith M.Ed., Livingston University; Assistant Professor of Physical Education. Charlie Stephens M.A., University of Alabama; Assistant Professor of Physical Education. Rex Todd 85., Mississippi State; Instructor-Part- time. Milford Young 35., Livingston University; lnstructor- Part-time. Virginia Young M.Ed., Boston University; Associate Pro- fessor of Physical Education. DIVISION OF TEACHER EDUCATION Jackie Ashworth M.S., University of Southern Missis- sippi; Assistant Professor of Indus- trial Arts. W.L. Chatman Ed.D., University of Southern Mis- sissippi; Assistant Professor of Edu- cation. Naomi Conley Ed.D., University of Tennessee; Associate Professor of Education. Joseph Early Ed.D., U n iversity of Alabama; Assistant Professor of Education. Erbv Fischer Ed.D ., University of Alabama; Assistant Professor of Education. Shirley Fischer Ed.D., University of Southern Mis- sissippi; Assistant Professor of Education. Howard Fortney Ed.D., University of Alabama; Pro- fessor of Education. William Giesselmann 35., Spring Hill College; Instructor -Part-time. D.G.Harris Ph.D., Peabody; Professor of Psychology. Frances Hawkins M.Ed., Livingston University; As- sistant Professor of Education. Ann Hill M.Ed., Livingston University; In- structor of Education. James Hill M.Ed., University of Ala.; Assistant Professor of Education. Norma Hill B.S., Livingston University; Instruc- tor-Part-time. Lottie Hood M.A., Appalachian State Technical College; Assistant Professor of Education. John Hussey Ed.D., University of Ala.; Assistant Professor of Education. Katherine Johnston M.A., University of Ala.; Associate Professor of Education. Gwen Lunsford B.S., Livingston University; Instruc- tor-Part-time. Margaret Lyon Ph.D., Columbia University; Profes- sor of Education and Psychology. Kenneth Orso Ed.D., University of Ala.; Assistant Professor of Education. Tom Owings B.S., Livingston University; Instruc- tor-Part-time. Opal Powell B.S., Livingston University; Instruc- tor-Part-time. Aver Rumley M.Ed., Livingston University; As- sistant Professor of Education. Myrtle C. Schwarz M.A., Columbis Univ.; Assistant Professor of Education. Wayne Smith M.A., Auburn University; Assistant Professor of Education. Margaret Steinwinder M.Ed., Livingston University; As- sistant Professor of Education. Virginia Taylor M.Ed., Livingston University; As- sistant Professor of Education. Elizabeth White B.A., University of North Carolina; Instructor of Education. The School of Education offers undergraduate programs designed for the preparation of elementary and secondary teachers. Other services provided by the school include the Laboratory School, a curriculum laboratory, a reading clinic and the Learning Resources Center. The faculty also provides field services for public schools by providing consultants for curriculum studies and educational workshops. The school offers a fifth year program of graduate studies in elementary education, in secondary education and in administration and supervision. SCHOOL OF BUSINESS AND COMMERCE DIVISION OF BUSINESS EDUCATION AND ADMINISTRATION Linda Alexander Richard Booker Glen W. Bridges Johnny Feathers Ed.D., University of Alabama; M.B.A., La. Tech.; Asistant M.A., University of Alabama; M.A., University of Alabama; Associate Professor of Busi- Professor of Business. Associate Professor of Busi- Assistant Professor of Busi- ness. ness. ness. The School of Business and Commerce seeks to provide the necessary and desirable academic work for the student, upon its completion, to make a successful entry into Business. Although innumerable techniques are presented by teachers and considered by students in the course of their studies, the major emphasis is upon providing for the student learning experiences which will be most helpful to him in the business world. Students are encouraged to analyze entire situations in business and to try to make the most of these situations by applying to them tested techniques, fortified by their own ingenuity and desire to succeed. Owen Love Ed.D., Columbia; Dean of School of Business and Com- merce and Professor of Busi- ness. Lawrence Ramsey 35., Livingston University; In- structor43art-time. William Robbins B.S., Livingston University; I nstructor-Part-time. Estelle Scales M.S.C., University of Ala- bama; Assistant Professor of Business. BUILDINGS 48 WEBB HALL is the athletic dormitory. It serves as the social center of the campus. It contains lounges, parlors, and a social hall. BIBB GRAVES HALL is the largest building on the campus. It contains the University administrative offices, as well as clasxrooms, laboratories, faculty offices, and the auditorium. w ,W L "WWWWM, PRUITT HALL houses the Music Department and the Physical Education Department. Classrooms, offices, studios, and practice rooms, as well as the college gymnasium, are located in this building. WALLACE HALL is the newest academic building on campus. It contains the School of Arts and Sciences and the School of Business and Commerce. PATTE RSON APARTMENTS consists of three buildings. It provides attractive and comfortable housing for thirty-two families. The apartments are completely furnished. BROCK HALL is one of the men's dormitories. In addition to dormitory facilities, Brock contains a small auditorium used for meetings, programs, and social events. JULIA TUTWILER LIBRARY is located across the street from Bibb Graves Hall. The air-conditioned build- ing houses the University's collection of books and periodicals. It contains reading rooms, offices, a workroom, conference rooms, rooms for special materials, and other facilities. ELISHA ASHE YOUNG HALL is the college cafeteria. In addition to the main dining room and the kitchens, there is a private dining room for special events. KILBY HALL houses the campus elementary school, usually known as the "Lab School." In addition to the class- rooms, it contains a modern cafeteria, of- fices, a large recreation room known as the "Old Gym," and other facilities. THE STUDENT CENTER is the oldest building on campus. It contains classrooms, the college duplicating facilities, IBM facil- ities, the radio station, and the offices of the Dean of Men, Dean of Women, and Financial Aids. THE PRESIDENT'S HOME isa modern residence for the President of the Uni- versity and his family. It has facilities for entertaining official guests of the Uni- versity, and is sometimes used for special social events. SELDEN HALL, one of two new girls' dormitories, was com- pleted in the fall of 1968 and houses 180 girls. SPIETH HALL, the other new girls'. dormitory, also houses 180 girls. STICKNEY HALL is a dormitt y for men. It 350 contains an apartme It for the faculty member who serves as supervisor of the dormitory. SISK HALL is the third dormitory for men. It is linked to Stickney Hall by a comfortable lounge which serves both dormitories. CAMPUS LIFE tes late. an re twelve m' You You called? Well, John, we finally got a degree. 60 They don't have anything like this in England. Mirror, mirror, on the wall. . . You're sure this is the right test? Pepsi, pIease. Got a light? Scratch that one. Was that my number they calIed? See rabbit run. . .See, see, see. I've always wanted to shoot a president. What did you say her measurements were? I'm gonna' sneeze! I had a bone throat! Only her hairdresser knows for sure! I did it With my little hatchet. Friday afternoon! Roater Rooter! Was I supposed to get the cake? One more push, friend. The best is yet to come. Happy days are here again! I didn t want to be in it anyway! Santa's little helpers Can't you understand?l don't have any pull with the judges. Hey, Zeke. What'd you say the next line is??? It's uphill all the way. "M-I-C-K-E-Y M-O-U-S-E" Overworked-Underpaid. Could it be Mama Cass? Look out for what? Are you sure you can't make it? Those were the days, my friends. Bah-humbug! 70 I wonder which button comes next? Who's missing? Aw. . . . . . .Gee whiz! And after it's all over we'll go to the Barn. This dorm closes at 12:00!!!! Success???????? The game goes better with a ball. We're gonna' do it my way. . .see? He who enters here. . . One last look and a hug for luck. The small, the tall, and the basketball. Where's Bonnie. I know the lunches are bad. . . A strange time for a game of volleyball? You owe me for last night! Pat, it's my camera! Next time I'll learn the Alma Mater. I'm the scum of the earth, I'm the slime of the sea. But I don't like turtle soup? The cool ones. It's howdy doody time. . . The Iine-up. Now what??? If Mr. Bridges calls, I'm gone. ius at work Gen If. a h V. m h t Ing w: I can't seem to do a th ich goal did he say we had? Now wh What hamster? They said college would be different. You look five pounds thinner. . . I swear it happened that way 77 78 Four strong winds. These eight o'clock classes are killing me! E24217 m Coffee, tea, or me? DELTA CHI OMEGA OFFICERS: Maricay Melcher, Pledge Captain; Marty Roberts, Social Chairman; Sue Culp, Recording Secretary; Louise Mason, President; Lois Sellers, Devotional Chairman; Mrs. Holland Floyd, Sponsor; Mrs. Janice Fuller, Faculty Advisor; Mrs. Nathaniel Reed, Sponsor; Jane Jackson, Treasurer; Sheliah Hood, Reporter; Margaret Lucky, Corresponding Secretary; Marion Housel, Sergeant at Arms; Barbara Harris, Vice-President; Betty Smallwood, Historian. Organized in the fall of 1960, Delta Chi Omega is the youngest sorority on campus. Delta Chi Omega strives for high scholar- ship, encourages becoming character, and establishes high ideals and standards for its members. The sorority sponsors many worthwhile projects. Among these projects are furnishing milk for the laboratory school and clothing to needy children dur- ing Easter. Each faII the pledges sponsor a Harvest Hop. The Rose Ball, the sorority's formal dance, is held each winter. A tradi- tional hobo party is held during summer quarter. 80 Row 7: Gail Arcand, Beth Berryhill, Pat Cummings, Sue Culp, Kathy Dale, Dorothy DeGeer, Charlotte Emanuel. Row 2: Becky Estes, Billie Ford, Diane Gilliland, Barbara Harris, Charlotte Harris, Shelia Hood, Marion Housell. Row 3: Jane Jackson, Zan Lewis, Margaret Lucky, Louise Mason, Maricay Melcher, Mary Renaud, Martha Sue Roberts. Row 4: Lois Sellers, Gloria Shepherd, Betty Smallwood, Susan Spann, Betty Tims, Patricia Wheat, Jada Williams. PHI DELTA MU OFFICERS: Charla Brantley, President; Bertha Bridges, Secretary; Doris Thompson, l.S.C. Representative; Betty Averett, Publicity Chairman; Nancy Ham, l.S.C. Representative; Wanda Wise, Pledge Captain. Phi Delta Mu is a local sorority which provides for the social and scholastic growth of its members and encourages par- ticipation in civic functions, as well as in College activities. Phi Delta Mu was organ- ized in 1940. The sorority plans to go national within the next year. The sorority sponsors sorority-fraternity socials, the Christmas Ball, the Turkey Hop, and many other functions. It is closely affiliated with the Livingston Lions Club. Row 1: Betty Averette, Bertha Bridges, Sue Bright, Cathy Boshers, Charla Brantley. Row 2: Margaret Bynum, Pam Breedlove, Sandra Champion, Frankie Dozier, Nancy Ham, Sharon Lamberth. Row 3: Ann Moore, Mary Jo Stewart, Roberta Thompson, Doris Thompson, Wanda Wise. A m ,m w in WV m w m awH. . f .' 4e PHI MU ent; Pat Stuckey, President; Janis Wingate, Recording Secretary; Billie Collier, Treasurer. Standing: Ma rry Altieri, Corresponding Secretary. OFFICERS-Seated: Carol Hanson, Vice-Presid Pearson, I.S.C. Representative; Kaye St rickland, Membership Director; She 1f Row 7: Sara Anderson, Paula Asaff, Bonnie Beech, Sally Beech, Judy Burke, Gail Colee, Martha Cooper. Row2: Sara Crumpton, Merwin Davis, Linda Essary, Peggy Foster, Diane Fultz, Prissy Gray, Carol Hanson. Row 3: Martha Holder, Linda Hoven, Ginny Humphreys, Sara Moody, Janice Neese, Judy Newman, Carolyn Oswalt. Row 4: Carol Overstreet, Sherry Owens, Bobbie Papizan, Elise Patterson, Irene Pearson, Mary Pearson, Catherine Revel. Row 5: Carol Ruffin, Dewana Rutledge, Theresa Scherrer, Sharon Smith, Kaye Strickland, Pat Stuckey, Martha Kay Thompson. Row 6: Barbara Tinklepaugh, Cora Myrtie Wainwright, Linda Warbington, Brenda Whitcomb, Kay Wigginton, Gloria Wingate, Janis Wingate. Founded in 1852 at Wesleyan College in Macon, Georgia, Phi Mu is one of the two oldest women's fraternities in the United States. Phi Mu has grown over the years to become a national organization of major scope. Kappa Xi chapter was established on January 11, 1969, on the campus. The purpose of Phi Mu is to: bring to the serious consideration of its members, through its teachings and precept, the noblest, purest and highest ideals and aspirations of womanhood, and to develop in them a spirit of service, helpfulness, and cooperation, in conjunction with their mental and intellectual development; to foster, develop, and perpetuate the bonds of friendship, with emphasis at ali times upon those spiritual qualities essential to effective living; to cooperate with colleges and universities in the attainment of high scholastic and cultural standards; and to provide a home for its collegiate members in colleges and universities where chapters of the fraternity are established. 85 DELTA CHI Doug Nelson, Sergeant'at Arms; Rush Watson, Treasurer; Glenn Sparks, Vice-President; Rodney Harris, Corresponding Secretary: Paulette Fox,Sweetheart; Wade Lipscomb, President; Herschel Ezell, Recording Secretary; Bob Holycross, Advisor. The Livingston University chapter of Delta Chi was founded on August 21, 1965. It has grown into a very strong, competing fraternal organization. Delta Chi believes in scholar- ship, sports, and social activities. They are always leaders in intra- mural sports activities. Among their social activities are the White Carnation Ball and Indian Party. Row 7: Gary Bonner, Mike Boykin, Bill Campbell, G.T. Cartlige, Herschel Ezell, John Floyd, Skip Fox. Row 2: Mitch Gavin, Rodney Harris, Ronney Harris, Fleet Hollinger, Wade Lipscomb, Gene MeFalI, Danky McGough. Row 3: Larry Mitchell, Doug Nelson, Ralph Parten, Rodney Phillips, Eddie Pope, Doug Prescott, Don Pugh. Row 4: Glenn Sparks, G.F. Sullivan. Mike Thrash, Mike Toole, Frank Turner, Rush Watson, Andy Wilson. Row 5: Marty Wissinger. PLEDGES: John Colee, Jimmy Duncan, Pat Patton, John Powell, Philip Straub. CHI DELPHIA: Geneima Burage, Paulette Fox, president; Jeanne Thorton, secretary-treasurer; Betty Gordy, Margaret Bynum, vice-president; Mrs. Allison, housemother; Dewana Rutledge, Warrine Fox, Mary Renaud. KA PPA PH I OFFICE RS: Paul Smith, Historian; Nicky Osborn, Treasurer; Tom Arant, Archon; Eddie Little, Secretary; Wayne Stewart, Pledge Warden. The purposes and objectives of our fraternity are meaning- ful and constitute a challenge to the individual. The importance of scholarship in fraternal life is recognized and Pi Kappa Phi is a main source of scholastic guidance and encouragement to its undergraduate members. The Livingston Chapter actively partici- pates in every field of intramural sports. A weIl-balanced social program is provided by the chapter and includes our annual "Riverboat" and "Shipwrecked" dances and the "Star Ball" as the highlight of the school year. Row 1: Gary Allen, Gene Booth, Van Crigger, Dale Eldridge, Freddie Fishburne, Frank Fuller, Eddie Gentry. Row 2: Richard Hale, Eddie Little, Bob Moore, Micky Osburn, Jimmy Padgett, Mile Pope, Danny Rhodes. Row 3: Jimmy Rinehart, Bill Roebuck, Paul Smith, Dennis Stephens, Jimmy Stewart, Alvin Williams. PLEDGES: Jim Clem, Eddie Dillard, Hoyt Richards, Lou Wiggins. SWEETHEARTS: Janis Wingate, Kay Strickland, Jane Phillips, Merwin Davis, Sara Moody, Charla Brantley, Doris Thompson. TAU KAPPA EPSILON .Wiiillilmiiiiili OFFICERS: J.W. Carr, President; Doug Brown, Vice-President; Bob LaVigne, Chaplain; Jay Haynes, Historian; Mike Scheffer, Treasurer; Drew Elliott, Pledge Trainer; Rip Cummings, Secretary; Marvin Hughes, Sergeant at Arms; Mr. Glen Bridges, Advisor. Tau Kappa Epsilon was the first national fraternity on the Livingston University campus. T.K.E. is a social fraternity which sponsors civic improvement programs, improvement of Livingston University, and the social development of its students. Our local chapter actively participates in all intramural programs. In past seasons we have attained recognition in football, softball, and basketball. T.K.E. stands for scholarship as well as social iife. Study halls are held each night for those who feel that they need help. Additional help is given by our associate members. SWEETHEARTS-Seated: Shelly Luxich, Sharon Lamberth. Standing: Roberta Thompson, Sandra Champion, Sara Anderson. Row 1: Tom Adams, Randall Scott Alsabrook, Sid Averette, Doug Brown, J.W. Carr, Bob Cleere, Norman Crain. Row 2: Rip Cummings, Tom Darby, Andrew Elliott, Jerry Wayne Evans, Tommy Grace, Doug Graham, Ed Grier. Row 3: Henry Hayes, Jay Haynes, Mike Helms, Willis M. Henderson, Ross Hobbs, Nicky Horne, Marvin Hughes. Row 4: Harry King, Lennie Kusta, Bob LaVigne, Herbert McCreary, Jim Mathews, Bill Matthews, George Miles. Row 5: Tom Moretti, Chuck McGilI, George Patrenos, Jerry Pugh, Barry Rhodes, Tommy Row- land, Frank Rumley. Row 6: Mike Scheffer, Thed Spree, Joe Trammell, Wayne Trotter, Gary Wadkins, Billy Watford, Charles Welch. Row 7: James Wesley, Louis Zimlich. PLEDGES: Carl Barber, Bill Nixon, Larry Norris, Pat Petruny, Nelson Reeves, Rick Swann, Preston Williams, K.J. Zagaglia. PHI MU ALPHA SINFONIA Row 7: Charles Coon, Barry Roberts, Don Watler, Steve Salord, Eddie Page, Skeeter Jackson, Gene Clark. Row 2: Charles Vasser, Bill Cox, Wayne Lazenby, Wayne Waugh, Andy Wilson, Paul Kirklewski, Johnny Brislin, Sammy Smith, Herschel Ezell, Dr. Patrenos, Dr. Brown. Row 3: Mitchell Gavin, John Manchester, John Carder, Buddy Schuff, William Fowler, William Lee Bozeman, Byron Cruthirds, Milton Ezelle, Sonny Bowen, Jerry Scarsbrook, James Crawford, Gordon Wiltfang. Phi Mu Aipha Sinfonia is a national fraternity composed of men active in the field of music. Lambda Omicron Chapter promotes musical events on the campus, encourages active participation in musical groups, and assists in various ways with the presentation of the concert series, student recitals, and other musical programs. OFFICERS: Charles Coon, Recording Secretary; Don Watler, Corresponding Secretary; Eddie Page, Warden; Dr. James Patrenos, Province Governor; Barry Roberts, Treasurer; Skeeter Jackson, Vice-President; Steve Salord, President; Gene Clarke, Historian; Mr. James Crawford, Faculty Advisor. DELTA OMICRON Mrs. Virginia Irwin, Advisor; Sue Culp, Pasty Scrivner, Bernice Wright, Linda Walker, Gloria Shepard, Sandy Berning, Mary Ann Bennings, Rebecca Merriam. Delta Omicron is an international music sorority open to music majors and minors. It encourages excellence of individual performance, appreciation of good music, and high scholastic attainment. It seeks to promote the welfare of women in music. ALPHA PSI OMEGA Gary Black, Robert McCall, Faye McKinley, Jim Hill, Dr. Patrenos, Mr. Nathaniel Reed, Mr. Beverley Smith, Mr. William Wilson. Alpha Psi Omega is a national fraternity for students interested in dramatics. This group is involved in play productions on our campus. PI TAU CHI Seated: Bill Roebuck, Vice-President; Barry Roberts, President; Dr. Harris, Advisor; Judy Tillman, Secretary; Frank Boozer. Standing: Bettye Stone, Maricay Melcher, Betty Elliott, Virginia Strickland, Margaret Bynum. Pi Tau Chi is a National Honor Society for the recognition of outstanding service or achievement In the field of religion among students and faculty on the University campus. Alpha Eta Chapter seeks to encourage the living of an abundant Christian life among its members and to recognize Christian leadership wherever found. Seated: Maricay Melcher, Dean Irwin, Louise Mason. Standing: Doris Thompson, Gail Arcand, Janis Wingate, Pat Stuckey, Sue Culp, Nancy Ham, Charla Brantley, Barbara Harris. The lnner-Sorority Council, formed in the summer of 1967, is composed of four representatives from each sorority. It en- courages scholarship and sportsmanship among the sororities. The sororities work together on such projects as Thanksgiving baskets and Christmas parties. It also serves as a means for the sororities to help each other in accomplishing their own projects. Me Seated: Dean Homer, Advisor; Bill Roebuck, President; Rush Watson, Vice-President; Eddie Little, Secretary; Mike Scheffer, Treasurer; Bob Holycross, Advisor. Standing: Bill Campbell, Jimmy Padgett, Doug Brown, Wade Lipscomb, Jay Jaynes, J.W. Carr. To promote the interests of Livingston University, its spirit, and the several fra- ternities represented therein, the lnterfra- ternity Council of Livingston University was organized. It serves to insure coopera- tion among fraternities in order to foster better relations, and insure cooperation between them and the college officials to the end of better relationships. . . . LOUISE MASON Egzikygizzizziai ,iikgzeiniztktxiiilg i::4 ,,,,,, E 22? iii: S S E D D 0 G K E E R C PARAGON STAF F James Elliott, Betty Elliott, Mr. Glen Bridges, Advisor; Bettye Stone, Kitty Rives, Janie Kynard. The Paragon staff is responsible for the publication of the university yearbook. The staff also produces the beauty revue each year. In this yearbook we have tried to show the true spirit of Livingston University. We have shown a growing university in area, educational opportunities, and student number. We wish to thank the faculty, student body, and staff for their cooperation in preparing the 1969 Paragon. Sara Demetree Rodney Harris Kathy Hughey Garia Manning Sarah Nelle Warren Mr. Glen Bridges Faculty Advisor James R. EHiott-Business Manager Bettye Stone-Editor Betty Elliott-Assistant Editor Kitty Rives-Copy Editor Janie Kynard-Feature Editor STUDENT GOVERNMENT ASSOCIATION OFFICERS: Eddie Gentry, Treasurer; Mitch Gavin, President; Dean Homer, Advisor; Doris Thompson, Secretary. Not Pictured: Judy Burke, Vice-President. The Student Government Association is composed of regularly enrolled students. The purpose of the S.G.A. is to serve the students and promote coop- eration between the students and the faculty and administration. The S.G.A. officers and senators are elected during the spring quarter for one-year terms. The eTections are held in accordance with the rules of the S.G.A. constitution. A special election is held in the fall quarter to select the four freshmen senators. SENATORS: Linda Warbington, Louise Jenkins, Susan Beeker, Mary CABINET: John Floyd, Lydia Ashcraft, Margaret Bynum, Mitch Gavin, Beth Shamblin, Janis Wingate, Janice Neese, Mike Scheffer, Robert Pat Stuckey. Bumpers, J.W. Carr, John Powell, Norman Crain, Hal Bloom. Thomas Adams, Tommy Arant, Lydia Ashcraft, Wanda Bailey, Susan Beeker, Hal Bloom, Gene Boothe, Dale Brigham, Doug Brown, Jean Burks, Andrew Bynum, Margaret Bynum, Van Crigger, Sue Culp, Rip Cummings, Dale Eldridge, Drew Elliott, Jerry Evans, Charlotte Ferrell, Freddy Fishburne, Mitch Gavin, Eddie Gentry, Linda Hall, Milo Harper, Barbara Harris, Rodney Harris, Troy Henderson, Arnold Holt, Marvin Hughes, Milton Jackson, Louise Jenkins,Sid Johnson, Gwynn Lacy, Rebecca Land, Wade Lipscomb, Shelly Luxich, Johnny Lyon, Ted Mashburn, Louise Mason, George Miles, Bob Moore, Darrell McBrayer, Jerry McGriff, Janice Neese, Nicky Osborn, James Padgett, Irene Pearson, Helen Powell, John Powell, Donna Reed, Bill Roebuck, Tommy Rowland, Mike Scheffer, Teresa Scherer, Lois Sellers, Gloria Shepherd, Mary Beth Shamblin, Paul Smith, Glenn Sparks, D. Stephens, Wayne Stewart, Virginia Strickland, Earl Stringfellow, Kay Strong, Doris Thompson, Mike Thrash, Joe Trammel, Billy Watford, Rush Watson, Charles Welch, Preston Williams. DELTA PHI BETA Delta Phi Beta is a campus service organization under the sponsorship of the Dean of Student Personnel Services. Member- ship is by invitation, and only those students with impressive personal, social, and leadership records are considered. Members play important roles in such responsibilities as high school rela- tions and fund raising efforts. OFFICE RS: Margaret Bynum, Co-ordinator; John Powell, Co-ordinator; Doris Thompson, Secretary; Sue Culp, Treasurer; Charles Welch, Vice- President; Dale Brigham, President. Row 1: Bennie Brabner, Daphne Phillips, Gene Dean, Carl Hanna, Royce Massey, Dale Brig . Row 2: James Mathews, Louis Cope, Robert McDowell, Wayne McCrory, Danny Russell, William Lowe, Winston Durant. W. A. P. B. W.A.P.B. is the University radio station. It is operated under the direction of Mr. W.E. Wilson. Students have programs thro out the day. W.A.P.B. offers, along with it musical pro- grams, a medium of communication for all campus functions. Winston Durant, engineer; Rennie Brabner, station manager; Mr. William Wilson, faculty advisor; William Lowe, music director. Robert McCall. Mr. Wilson, Advisor; Gary Black, Gene Dean, Jim Hill, Daphne Phillips, Carl Hanna, Royce Massey, John Sanderson, Fav McKinley, THEATRON Theatron is an organization of students who participate in the dramatic pro- ductions of the University. These students put on one play each quarter. BLUE KEY OFFICE RS-Row 1: Mike Thrash, Vice-President; Mike Scheffer, President. Row 2: Charles Welch, Secretary; Barry Roberts, Corresponding Secretary. Row 3: Dean Homer, Advisor; Mitch Gavin, Treasurer. Blue Key is a national leadership fraternity for outstanding men on campus. It was organized on the Livingston campus in the spring of 1967. Those eligible for election to membership are outstanding juniors, seniors, graduate students, and, under certain conditions, sophomores. 106 Phil Puccio, James Ingram, C.D. Wright, James Hall, Mike Keenan, Larry Norris, Bill Godwin, Hallett Douville, Wayland Blake, Leo Wright, Ronnie Gilliland, Benny Butram, Charlie Parker, Craig Wicke, Robert Bumpers, Ted Mashburn, Don Bender, Steve Kelly, Jerry Evans, Buzz Busby, Larry Massey, Robby James, George Miles, Jay Jefcoat, Charlie Abernathy, Spec McCants, Vito PapareHa, Duane Johnson, Charles Bowman. The "L" Club consists of students who have earned letters in intercollegiate ath- letics. This organization is a social group which promotes college spirit, athletic par ticipation, and high scholastic standards. Seated: Charles Bowman, president; Brenda Whitcomb, sweetheart; Duane Johnson, vice-president. Standing: Robert McCants, secretary; Vito Paparella, sergeant at arms. P. E. MAJORS AND MINORS Row 7: Billie Lewis, Sara Demetree, Pat Cummins, Jane Jackson, Jo Shepherd, Barbara Harris. Row 2: James Pritchett, Evelyn Hamilton, Jo Anne Shepherd, Connie Spiller, Pat Weeks, Billie Collier, Brenda Hill. Row 3: Robert McDonald, Stan Davis, Eddy Moseley, Mike Merriam, John Phillips, Larry Colburn, Robert Bumpers. The Physical Education Majors and Minors Club awakens a wide intelligent interest in health, physical education, and recre- ation and advances the standards of teaching and leadership. The club provides opportunities for professional service and leader- ship. It also sponsors all extracurricular athletic activities. TUMBLINC CLUB Mike Merriam, Evelyn Hamilton, Sara Demetree, Larry Coburn, Stan Davis, Johnny Phillips, Bettye Stone, Billie Lewis, Jane Jackson, Pat Cummings, Barbara Harris. The Tumbling Club is an organization for men and women students who are interested in promoting various forms of gymnastics, acrobatics, and tumbling activ- ities. The group hows weekly meetings and performs at various campus functions from time to time. HO W0MEN9S HOUSING AND A. W. S. The Women's Housing Council and the Associated Women Students Organization are the governing body of women students at Livingston University. The council sets the rules and regulations that govern conduct and appearance of Livingston coeds. It also administers disciplinary measures whenever such action is deemed necessary. AWS OFFICERS-Seatea': Carol Overstreet, Vice-President; Mrs. Virginia Irwin, Sue Culp, President. Standing: Maricay Melcher, Social Chairman: Brenda Whitcomb, Treasurer; Betty Smallwood, Secretary. 4g ta, acn- SELDEN HOUSING COUNCILeSeated: Virginia Strickland, Vice- SPIETH HOUSING COUNClL-Seated: Mrs. Una Harmon, Judy Tillman, President; Jane Jackson, President; Mrs. Newell. Standing: Gail Arcand, President; Billie Collier, Vice-President; Priscilla Gray, Secretary; Betty Cultural Chairman; Pat Cummins, Social Chairman; Betty Averett, Secre- Tims, Treasurer; Nancy Hale, Culturat Chairman. Standing: Sara Moody, tary; Nancy Ham, Treasurer. Social Chairman; Laverne Bazemore, Margaret Bynum, Counselors; Brenda Stewart, Freshman Representative. MEN9S HOUSING COUNCIL Row 1: Mike Alexander, Robert Bumpers, Benny Kirkham, Jerry Barlow, Billy Milstead. RowZ: Butch Barnes, Mrs. Simpkins, Eddie Gault, Bill Cleveland, James Gibson, Mrs. Scott. Row 3: Paul Jay Kuhn, Johnny Hollingsworth, Clem Smith, Andy Bynum, Johnny Gunn. The Men's Housing Council is an organization of paid student employees of Living- ston University. These students are charged with the responsibility of planning, organizing, executing, and continously evaluating the student activities program of the men's dormi- tories. The Council is equally responsible for the condition of the physical facilities, appliances, equipment, and supplies of the dormitories. The Council's first responsibility is to promote a positive program of activities for the men residents and to offer positive guidance toward maturity and seriousness of purpose for all men residents. The Council's second major responsibility is to protect, by vigorous enforcement of rules and principles of conduct, the interest of the serious student by removing from the dormitory any student whose conduct proves that he is not yet ready for the freedom and privileges that dormitory life affords. BAPTIST STUDENT UNION Raw 7: Lydia Ashcraft, Wanda Lewis, Bettye Stone, Helen Powell, Gloria Shepherd. Row 2: Sid Johnson, Brenda Whitcomb, Virginia Strickland, Margaret Bynum, Joe Powers. Row 3: John Powell, Mary Ann Billings, Sherrill Cooper, Judy Burke, Danny Hall. Row 4: Randy Morris, Betty Tims, Sue Culp, Pat Stuckey, Bill Smith. Row 5: Frank Boozer, Mike Thrash, Judy Tillman, Barry Roberts, Earl Stringfellow. Row 6': Mr. Ford, Director. OFFICE RS: Frank Boozer, John Powell, Brenda Whitcomb, Barry Roberts, Judy Tillman, Virginia Strick- land, Mr. Ford, Director; Earl Stringfellow, Mike Thrash, Judy Burke. The program of the Baptist Student Union provides the student opportunities for spiritual growth and service. All Livingston Uni- versity students are invited to par- ticipate in all B.S.U. activities. NEWMAN CLUB Seated: Sandra Dickie, Linda Hale, Emily Cooper. Standing: Maricay Melcher, Janie Kynard, Pat Cummings, Gail Arcand. The Newman Club is a Catholic organization on campus aimed at meeting contemporary problems of students in a Christian light. The students also discuss problems of the world. Father McGuire is the moderator. 113 Chubby Locklin, Carolyn Lawlar, Ronnie Strickland, Debbie Strickland, Jerry Olive, Evelyn Olive. 1:. students who are affiliated with the Church of Christ. The "F Is for Fellowship. Open to all students, it offers Christian fellow- ship, counseling, Bible study, church interests, supervised social activities, and recreation. F-Troop is an independent organization comprised of STUDENT NATIONAL EDUCATION ASSOCIATION Row 1: Betty Elliott, Linda Moore, Pat Cummins, Gail Arcand, Jane Jackson, Maricay Melcher, Virginia Strickland. Row 2: John Finkbiner, Barry Smitherman, Raymond Elliott, Earl Stringfellow, Barry Roberts, Frank Boozer. OFFICERS: Jane Jackson, Treasurer; Barry Roberts, Membership Chair- man; Maricay Melcher, President; Frank Boozer, Devotional Chairman; John Finkbiner, Vice-President. The Lucille Foust Chapter of S.N.E.A. is an organization for those students who plan to enter the teaching profession. Many of the programs deal with topics of importance to the teacher and how the teacher can better himself and the class- room. The Livingston University S.N.E.A. was chartered for the second time in March of 1953. The membership has grown to almost sixty. DAMES CLUB Row 1: Judy Hydrick, Leslie Lee, Nina Turner. Row 2: Tippy McConnell, Koky Elliott, Jackie Clabo, Jeanne Houguesen, Bec Tucker. Row 3: Jimmie Anderson, Connie Spiller, Becki Harrison, Brenda Cargile, Janice Huffstetter, Pattie Smith, JoAnne Moseley. Row 1: Rosalind Todd, Harla Brunson, Linda Moon. Row 2: Peggy Wise, Janice Newman, June Nettles, Annie Earle Jackson, Lyda Black. Row 3: Polly Barnes, Drena Weaver, Evelyn Olive, Denise Berry, Jackie Kirksey, Lynn Young, Nancy Nicholas. The Dames Club is composed of wives of students attending Livingston Uni- versity. The Dames Club holds regularly scheduled meetings at which they plan their many worthwhile projects for the col- lege and community. OFFICERS: Nancy Nicholas, Historian; Becki Harrison, Treasurer; Lyda Black, Corresponding Secre- tary; Janice Huffstetter, Recording Secretary: Evelyn Olive, Vice-President; Lynn Young, President. LIVINGSTON UNIVERSITY SYMPHONIC BAND Flute: Dorothy Degeer, Sally Beech, Kay Strong, Patricia Scrivner. Oboe: Lydia Ashcraft. Clarinet: Steve Salord, Eugene Clarke, Kerry Lazenby, Bill Springer, Diane Taylor, June Cartledge. Bass Clarinet: Jerry Scarsbrook. Alta Clarinet: Sally Jackson. Alto Saxophone: Byron Cruthirds, Margaret Rose, Andy Wilson, Charles Vasser, Barney R. Bell. Tenor Saxophone: Linda Watkins, Johnny Rush, John Brislin, Tommy Stuart. Baritone Saxophone: Don Watler. Trumpet: Bill Cox, Bobby Moore, Rodney Dasinger, Judy Reed, John Carder, Ronnie Englen, Royce Masey, Henry Sutton. French Horn: Dorothy Hannah, Sonny Bowen, Donald Kuykendal, Phil Smith. Baritone: Eddie Page, Glynn Johnson. Trombone: Milton Jackson, Wayne Labbe, Robert Maxwell, Milton Ezelle, Charlotte Billingsley, Barry Roberts, Silas Williams, Steve Hicks, Carl Gibbons. Tuba: Curt Wideman, David Crawford, Lynn Tirey, Carl Thornton. String Bass: John Manchester, Herschell Ezell. Tympani: Charles Coon. Bells: Patricia Wheat. Percussion: Lee Bozeman, Henry Knight, Wayne Waugh, Henry Fowler. The Band is an organization for students who have played in high school bands and want to continue to enjoy band partici- pation, with or without academic credit. The Band functions as a marching hand during the fall quarter and as a concert band during the rest of the year. 117 LIVINGSTON UNIVERSITY CHOIR Row 1: Dr. Brown, director; Barbara Tinklepaugh, Kay Strong, Diann Fultz, Sue Culp, Vickie Tarnok, Lydia Ashcraft, Sandi Berning, Gloria Shepherd Patricia Scrivner. Row 2: Gene Clark, Burgess, Sherry Cohen, Marty Rose, Mary Ann Billips, Dee McNeese, Sherrill Cooper, Mrs. Fuller, Charles Coon, Henry Knight, Eddie Page. How 3: Sid Johnson, Ronnie Englen, Jerry Herren, Phillip Johnston, Morgan, Johnny Rush, Lee Bozeman, Milton Ezelle, Johnny Greene, Mr. Phillips, Sammy Smith, John Brislin, Steve Salord. The University Choir gives students an opportunity to develop their singing abilities. Concerts are presented throughout the year in the university community. 118 RIFLE CLUB Mr. Ashworth, Advisor; Jack Cooper, Doc Holt, Janice Neese. The Rifle Club is an organization of students interested in skill in shooting. Members enjoy sportsmanship and activity, as well as learning the skills of riflery. H9 120 WESLEY FOUNDA TION Barney Bell, Bruce Matthews, Christine White, Doris Thompson. The Wesley Foundation is an organization of students as- sociated with the Methodist Church. They strive for high ideals, good character, and recognition of Christian leadership. The Wesley Foundation Center is located adjacent to Stickney Hall. I 2 1 BEA UTY QUEEN 1969 122 PA T GODSE Y Pat is a lovely nineteen'year-old freshman from Fairfield, Ala- bama. She was sponsored by the Tumbling Club. Pat's major is Interior Designing and Marketing. She is enrolled in the School of Business and Commerce. Pat was also chosen as freshman representative for the Homecoming Court this season. She is a member of Phi Delta Mu Sorority. I23 BEA UTY BRENDA WHITCOMB Brenda is a senior from Theodore, Alabama. An elementary educa- tion major, she was sponsored by the Men's Housing Council. Brenda is a cheerleader at Livingston University and a member of Phi Mu. 124 BEA UTY BILLIE COLLIER Billie is a Junior from Milton, Florida. She is a physical education major and a Biology minor. Billie is president of Phi Mu Fraternity and is also a member of the Physical Education Major and Minor Club. Among her hobbies are swimming, skiing, and sports of all types. BEAUTY SA UPTON Bera, Kentucky is the hometown of Teresa who is majoring in History and minoring in math. Teresa is a freshman and a member of Phi Mu Fraternity. Among her hobbies are skiing, sewing, and swimming. UNE CARTLEDGE June's hometown is Birmingham, Alabama. She is a freshman majoring in elementary education, and she is a member of Phi Delta Mu Sorority. FA VORITES BONNIE BEECH Bonnie, a Junior from Chathom, Alabama, is an elementary education major. Bonnie is an active member in Phi Mu Fraternity and Delta Phi Beta. 127 FA VORITES ' CAROL OVERSTREET Carol, a Dean's List student, is from Flatwood, Alabama, and is majoring in physical education. Among her hobbies are sewing and water skiing. Carol's honors include freshman senator, cheerleader I Pi Kappa Phi pledge sweetheart, and 1968 beauty favorite. JANE PHILLIPS Jane is a freshman from Butler, Alabama. She was also selected as freshman Homecoming Maid and is a member of the Pi Kappa Phi Sweetheart Court. I28 JANIS WINCATE Linden is the hometown of Janis, who is majoring in elementary education. Janis is a sophomore Sena- tor, Pi Kappa Phi Pledge Sweetheart, and a member of Phi Mu. Among her hobbies are cooking, swim- ming, and water skiing. FA VORITES MARSHA POPE Marsha is an elementary education major. Demopolis is her hometown. She is a freshman and a member of Delta Phi Beta. Marsha's hobbies are sew- ing, cooking, and sports. 130 MISS CONGENIALITY FRANKIE DOZIER Frankie is a Senior from Thomasville, Alabama and her major is elementary education. Frankie is president of the Inner Sorority Council and a member of Phi Delta Mu Sorority and Delta Phe Beta. HOMECOMING QUEEN PAULETTE FOX Paulette is a junior from York, Alabama, and is majoring in education. Paulette was sponsored by Delta Chi, and she is also the Sweetheart of Delta Chi. ATTENDANTS JANIS WINGA TE Janis is from Linden, Alabama, and she is an ele- mentary education major. Pi Kappa Phi sponsored Janis. SHARON LAMBERTH Sharon Lamberth, a sophomore from Millry, Ala- bama, is affiliated with Phi Delta Mu Sorority. Tau Kappa Epsilon sponsored Sharon. I34 PAT STUCKEY Pat is a senior from Jackson, Alabama. She is an elementary education major and was sponsored by Tau Omega Pi. BARBARA SUE SMITH Barbara Sue's hometown is Brewton, Alabama. She is a senior majoring in history and minoring in physical education. IDS PA T GODSEY Pat Godsey, a freshman from Fairfield, Alabama, was sponsored by Delta Chi Fraternity. JANE PHILLIP Jane Phillips, a freshman from Butler, was sponsored by Pi Kappa Phi Fraternity. She was also selected as a member of the Pi Kappa Phi Sweetheart Court. U MR. AND MISS L 137 MR. L.U. MITCH GAVIN Mitch is a senior from Butler. He is president of the SGA and a member of Delta Chi fraternity, Delta Phi Beta, Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia, and Blue Key. MISS L.U. LINDA WARBINGTON Linda, a junior, is from Butler, Alabama. She is majoring in biology and minoring in history. She is a SGA Senator and was sponsored by TKE fraternity. W$wamwmwm FIRST BRENDA WHHITCOMB Brenda, a junior from Theodore, Alabama, is an elementary education major. She was also seiected first alternate in the beauty revue and is a cheer- leader. WADE LIPSCOMB Wade's hometown is Macon, Mississippi. He is a senior majoring in mathematics, and he is president of Delta Chi. SECOND SARAH MOODY Sara is a junior from Birmingham, Alabama. She is a Business Administration major and a history minor. Sara likes to play golf, go swimming, and do gym- nastic stunts. MIKE SCHEFFER Mike, a senior from Akron, Ohio, is a business administration major and an economics minor. He is a member of Tau Kappa Epsilon Fraternity, Delta Phi Beta, Inter-Fraternity Council, and Blue Key. Mike is also a senator for the Student Government Asso- ciation. THIRD CAROL OVERSTREET Carol's hometown is Flatwood, Alabama. She is a junior majoring in physical education. She is a cheer- leader and a member of Delta Phi Beta. J.W. CARR J.W. Carr is a Senior from Birmingham, Alabama. He is a physical science major and a chemistry minor. J.W. is also president of the Tau Kappa Epsilon Fraternity, a senator for the Student Government As- sociation, and a member of Delta Phi Beta. FOURTH MARGARET BYNUM Margaret is an elementary education major and Fayette, Alabama is her hometown. She is a Senior and a member of Phi Delta Mu Sorority. Among her hobbies are cooking, designing clothes, and collecting rocks. EDDIE GENTR Y Eddie is a Senior from Montevallo, Alabama. He is a business major and an accounting minor. Eddie is a member of Pi Kappa Phi Fraternity and treasurer of the Student Government Association. I40 WHODS WHO IN AMERICAN COLLEGES AND UNIVERSITIES OLIVER E. BARNES Oliver Butch Barnes is a Senior from Marion Junc- tion, Alabama. He is majoring in English and minor- ing in Chemistry. Oliver is a member of the Men's Housing Council and also a member of many other campus organizations. BER THA BRIDGES Dixion Mills is the hometown of Bertha who is majoring in History and minoring in physical educa- tion and English. Bertha is a member of Phi Delta Mu Sorority and Delta Phi Beta. She enjoys sports of all kinds as well as sewing and cooking. BETTY HICKS ELLIOT Betty's hometown is Selma, Alabama. She is a senior majoring in English and minoring in history. I42 JULIA E. BURKE Judy, a senior, is from Wadley, Ala- bama. Her major is history and her minor is physical education. JERRY A. HERREN Jerry is a senior from Pine Hill, Ala- bama. His major is music and he plans to teach in this field. MITCHELL E. GAVIN Mitch is a senior from Butler, Alabama. He is majoring in business and serving as president of the Student Government Association. 143 M. GERALD LA THAN Gerald is a senior from Chatom, Alabama, major- ing in business education and minoring in music. He is a member of Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia National Music Fraternity, the Baptist Student Union, and Pi Tau Chi. Gerald plans to do graduate work in the field of business at the University. KENNETH J. KULP Ken's hometown is Livingston, Alabama. He is a Senior majoring in physical education and he is a member of the L Club and Delta Phi Beta. MARGARET V. LUCKY Margaret is a senior majoring in English. She is from Greensboro, Alabama and is a member of Delta Chi Omega Sorority. GLORIA WINGA TE RAINES Gloria, a senior, is from Linden, Alabama. She is an English major. 145 YVES C. SALORD Yves, a senior from Birmingham, is a music major. He hopes to arrange, conduct, and compose for radio or television. PA TRICIA STUCKEY Pat is a senior from Jackson, Alabama. She is majoring in elementary education. MICHAEL J. THRASH Mike's hometown is Butler, Alabama. He is a senior majoring in biology. 147 1968 TIGER FOOTBALL TEAM L.U. MAKES HISTORY GOES 9-2 Livingston University reached a pinnacle of success during 1968-its most successful football season in memory. The Tigers knocked off nine opponents on the way to a bowl bid and ended up with an overall 9-2 mark and a 9-1 regular scheduled season record. The Tigers also finished second in the four member Alabama Collegiate Conference-only a stone's throw away from NAIA national champion, Troy State. Besides the opportunity to play in the Peanut Bowl contest at Dothan, Ala., the Tigers had other honors. These included the selection of coach Morris Higginbotham as "ACC Coach of the Year", and the selection of quarterback Don Page, tailback Richard Abston, and nose-guard Keith Holt to various post season honors on all-conference and all-district teams. Assisting Higginbotham in his second year as head coach of the young Tigers-who had only three starting seniors-Mivkey Andrews and Charlie Stephens. Graduate assistants aiding the three coaches were Milford Young and Billy Billingsley. Livingston opened the season on a hot September night and soundly trounced Southern State Arkansas, 41-6, with Page-operating at the quarterback slot for the first time in his varsity career-throwing for two touchdowns and running two more. Livingston ran head-on into powerful Troy State next in the annual Shriner's Bowl at Montgomery and lost to the Sim Byrd passing attack, 42-23-the Tigers' only regular season loss. Livingston came back home to friendly territory for its third game and downed tough Florence State, 27-23, in the final four minutes with Page throwing to Abston for the winning score-and the Tigers' first ACC win of the season. Two more high scoring contests were the results of the Tigers' third and fourth wins of the season over Centenary College Football Club, 80-O-one of the institution's highest scores in history if not the highest-and a 54-7 win over usually tough Gordon Military Academy of Barnesville, Ga. Livingston won one of its all-time most important games of the season the first week of November at Cleveland, Miss.,-deep in the flatlands of Mississippi's cotton country-with a surprising, 24-13, conquest of perennial tough Delta State. The Tigers won the game with two touchdowns in the third quarter-one a 37 yard pass to Abston and the other a 21 yard page gallop-to overtake a Statesmen's, 13-10, halftime lead. Mississippi College came calling at home for Homecoming on a cool, brisk, autumn night, and the Choctaws lost their scalps to a group of hungry and happy Tigers, 26-7, on their way to their sixth win of the season. Up the highway at Jacksonville following Homecoming win, the Tigers played their lowest scoring game of the season in downing the Gamecocks, 7-0, on Page's eight-yard pass to end Larry Norris in a hard-fought defensive battle. Louisiana College and a plane trip to Pineville popped up next on the Tigers' schedule, and Livingston knocked the wind out of the Wildcats with a 41-16 win plus 171 yards rushing against a team that claimed to have one of the best rushing defenses in small college ball. Samford-the big and strong Baptist school from Birmingham-came calling for the Tigers' last scheduled season game on Thanks- giving Day, and Livingston gave the Bulldogs little to be thankful for-downing the visitors, 22-16, in a hard-hitting football game and winning an invitation to a bowl game. Livingston faced Ouachita Baptist of Arkadelphia, Ark., in the Peanut Bowl at Dothan and wound up on the wrong end of the score, 39-6, after a long night of frustration. 149 GRADUATE ASSISTANTS yiq'xilsfgg mzmu Milford Young, Graduate Assistant. Billy Billingsley, Graduate As- sitant. COACHING STAFF: Charlie Stephens, assistant coach; Morris Higginbotham, head coach; and Mickey Andrews, assistant coach. TIGER SENIORS: Coach Higginbotham; Guard, Keith Holt,- Guard, R.L. Watson; and Tailback, Richard Abston. Livingston Livingston Livingston Livingston Livingston Livingston Livingston Livingston Livingston Livingston Livingston 1968 FOOTBAL L SCORES 41 23 27 80 54 24 26 41 22 Southern State Troy State Univ. Florence St. Univ. Centenary Gordon Military Delta State Mississippi Coll. Jacksonville St. Univ. Louisiana College Samford University Ouachita Baptist Univ. 42 23 SCHEDULED SEASON RECORD CONFERENCE RECORD BOWL RECORD 9-1 2-1 0-1 151 INDIVIDUAL TEN GAME STATISTICS Leading Scorer: Waldon Tucker-10 touchdowns, 60 points. Total Offense: Don Page-1,538, Rushing 478, Passing 1,060. Leading Rusher: Richard Abston-144 attempts, 660 yards. Leading Passer: Don Page-119 attempts, 1,060 yards. Leading Pass Receiver: Waldon Tucker-42 receptions, 735 yards. Leading Kick Off Returner: Charlie Parker-14 returns, 279 yards. Leading Punt Returner: Howard Busby-16 returns, 149 yards. Leading Pas Interceptor: George Miles-9 interceptions. Leading Punter: Homer Faulkner-50 kicks, 2,061 yards. QB-DON PAGE: Total Offense Leader, Leading Passer, All-ACC, All-Alabama Small College, 81 All-District 27-NAIA. a 9. TAILBACK-RICHARD ABSTON: Leading Rusher, AIl-District SPLIT END-WALDON TUCKER: Leading Scorer, Leading Pass 27-NAIA, All-Alabama Small College. Receiver. 152 GEORGE MILES: Leading Pass Interceptor. , 45.9; . "9W CHARLIE PARKER: Leading Kick OFF Returner. HOMER FAULKNER: Leading Punter. I53 FINAL TEN GAME TEAM STATISTICS . . First Downs .. . . . . . Yards Rushing .. . . .. . . Yards Lost Rushing . . . Total Yards Rushing . . Yards Passing .... . . . . Total Offensive Yards . . Passes Attempted By . . Passes lntercepted By . . . . Passes Completed By ..Punts . . . . . . . . Punting Averages . ...... Fumbles..... 6 .. ..... . Fumbles Lost . . . . 38 . . . . . . Number Penalties . . . . . . Yards Penalized . . . Total Points Scored KEITH HOLT-GUARD: All-ACC, All-District 27-NAIA, AIl-Alabama LINEBACKERS: Phil Puccio, AIl-Alabama Small College; Vito Small College. Paparella; and James Massey, AlI-Alabarna Small College. DEFENSIVE LINE: Tackle, Charlie Abernathy; Guard, Keith Holt; and Tackle, Hal Douville. DEFENSIVE BACKS: Charles Bowman, George Miles, and Charlie Parker. DEFENSIVE ENDS: Duane Johnson, and Ronnie Gunter. OFFENSIVE GUARD: R.L. Watson OFFENSIVE LINE: Tackle, Craig Wicke; Tackle, Wayland Blake; Guard, Jay Jeffcoat; and kneeling is Center, Larry Massey. 158 FULLBACK: Randy Childers. KICKER: Benny Burtram; holding is Waldon Tucker. 159 MANAGER: Left TRAINE R. Don Page Clemit Spruiell Chuck McGill Benny Burtram Steve Ducar Richard Abston Charlie Parker Curtis James James Massey Robbie James Leo Wright David Magouyrk Steve Kelly Ronnie Gilliland Tommy Cartwright Vito Paparella is Hamp Gaston and right is Jerry Stearns, ITS OVER, 9-2!! 1968 TIGER ROSTER OB QB OB OB OB TB SB SE LB TB 8 DB TB FB SB LB Howard Busby Waldon Tucker Charles Bowman Mike Doss Randy Childers George Miles Dale Stinnett Ted Mashburn Jim Berryman Larry Massey Jay Jeffcoat Keith Holt Bill Whigham R.L. Watson Craig Wicke SB SE B F3 F8 DS 0 000000000 S Terry Ray Charlie Abernathy Dan Rainwater Barry Bledsoe Wayland Blake James Ingram Don Fawbush Hal Douville Ronnie Gunter Wayne Chewning Duane Johnson Richard Corless Homer Faulkner Phil Puccio Larry Norris U m mU-l-l mmmmm-I-I-l-l-Imm mi 1968-69 T IGER BASKE T BALL TEAM The 1968-69 basketball team at Livingston was in its third year of guidance under head coach Jack Powell. Assisting Powell was coach Robert Reisner. The Tigers played a 21 game schedule and participated in the Alabama Collegiate Conference tournament at Troy. Seniors on the 68-69 squad included: Bobby Espey, Bill Godwin, Mike Keenan, Steve Williams, CD. Wright. Juniors included: Larry Cantrell, Larry Durham, Cisco Escobar, David Harvey, Robert Rogers; and sophomores were: Larry Coxwell, Bob Drake, and Mike Hutto. Two freshmen that saw action with the varsity were Mike Sadler and Harold Kelley. Coach Jack Powell 161 Steve Williams-Senior Guard BObe EspevhSenior Gu d Mike Keenan-Senior Forward C D Wright-Senior Forward Bill Godwin-Senior Forward Larry CantreIl-Junior Center Larry Durham-Junior Guard Dave Harvey-Junior Forward 163 Larry CoxwelI-Sophomore Center Bob Drake-Sophomore Guard Mike Hutto-Sophomore Guard Robert Rogers-Junior Forward FRESHMEN: Marty Sadler, Harol'd Kelley Butch Stafford Manager Eddie McMillan Asst. Manager 166 1968 T IGER BASEBALL 1968 was another banner year for the Livingston University baseball team. Under the direction of a new coach-Robert Reisner-the Tigers picked up their fourth con- secutive Alabama Collegiate Conference title. The team's season record was 22-6, and the Tigers barely missed going to the NAIA district playoffs when they lost a sudden-death game to William Carey of Hattiesburg, Mississippi, 4-2, to determine the district's representative. Twelve players were awarded with selections to various teams and Reisner was selected as the ACC Coach of the Year. Selected to the AH-American Honorable Mention were pitchers Raymond Jennings and Ken Kulp, and 2nd baseman Don Bender. Selected to the AH-ACC team were Bender, Kulp, 3rd baseman Jerry Daniels, and outfielders Jimmy Nettles and Billy Pope. Named to the Honorable Mention conference team were Jennings, outfielder Don Page, catcher Duane Johnson, and shortstop Bobby Fairiey. Ken Kulp turned in an 8-3 record from the pitching mound, Jennings had a 4-1 record. Bender hit .345 to lead the teams in that department and Pope hit .333. Three others-Nettles, Johnson, and Page-also batted .300 or better. 167 1968 TIGER SCORES Livingston Livingston Livingston Livingston Livingston Livingston Livingston Livingston Livingston Livingston Livingston Livingston Livingston Livingston Livingston Livingston Livingston Livingston Livingston Livingston Livingston Livingston Livingston Livingston Livingston 4 8 1 2 2 5 4 3 3 7 8 8 4 4 9 4 2 6 5 4 7 2 2 5 9 ACC PLAYOFFS: Livingston 3 Livingston 11 DISTRICT 27 A NAIA: Livingston 2 Scooba Spring Hill U. Of Alabama U. Of Alabama William Carey Jacksonville Troy Troy Florence St. Bernard Huntingdon Huntingdon William Carey William Carey Alabama College Jacksonville Athens Athens Florence Athens Athens Alabama College Alabama College Belhaven St. Bernard Jacksonville Jacksonville William Carey 0000h-1imeWMOOOOmOJO-ACDOOOW-1NOTMN ACC COACH OF THE YEAR: Robert Reisner. ACC CHAMPIONS 1963 Fourth Straight Year ALL-ACC: Billy Pope, Don Bender, Coach Reisner, Jimmy Nettles, Jerry Danieis, and Ken Kulp. Bill Elliot-Outfield Don Page-Outfield Billly Joe Watford-Outfield 169 BATTING LEADERS AVG. RBIS Don Bender .345 11 Billy Pope .333 18 Duane Johnson .302 9 Jimmy Nettles .302 19 Don Page .300 10 Jerry Daniels .277 10 Bobby Fairley .262 6 Ken Kulp .250 2 Jim Cain .246 5 HOME RUNS Nettles 3 Pope 2 Daniels 1 Bobby Fairley-SS m .m m M kn! Mmmmm: Roger Wynn, left, and Specks McCants-l nfielders Duane Johnson-Catcher 170 PITCHING RECORDS W-L Ken Kulp 8-3 Raymond Jennings 4-1 Ed Renaud Johnny Jackson 3-0 Johnny Jackson-Pitcher Bumpers- 1 968 BASEBALL SQUAD INFIELDERS PITCHERS Don Bender Hal Aikens OUTFIELDERS Jerry Daniels Roy Bruister Bill Elliot Jerry Evans Ronnie Duncan Jimmy Nettles Bobby Fairley Johnny Jackson Don Page Specks McCants '. , Raymonds Jennings Billy Pope FLL. Watson Ken Kulp Billy Joe Watford Roger Wynn Ed Renaud CATCHERS Jim Cain Sam Duke Duane Johnson TIGER TRACK 8c FIELD AND CROSS-COUNTRY TEAMS Craig Jackson 7 e ' Bill Gates Joe Perry t , L t , Gordie Pettis Johnny Montgomery . I t Harry Shiver Charlie Thompson ' T ,L Dan Fowler Bob Balch : Torn Holcomb Coach Jerry Smith Tom Darby Dennis Fields Marvin Durkin RobertSanders Butch Barnes t Stan Davis John Romano Gene Boothe David Magouyrk Gene Brewer Richard Watson Livingston University's track team-under the guidance of Coach Jerry Smith who has built the team from scratch at this institution- fielded a team for the third year last season. The program consisted of three different areas of competition. They Were the track and field, cross country, and indoors. Progress was evident by the team's finish in various meets, and recognition was gained by com- petition against larger known track powers in the South. The track and field team had a dual meet record of 2-1 and finished strongly in several large multi-team meets. It also finished second in the Alabama Collegiate Conference meet. The cross country team had a 2-4 dual meet record and placed several members in larger contests. The other program also consisted of participation in indoor meets during the winter months. Charlie Thompson, Joe Perry, and Craig Jackson. CROSS COUNTRY RESULTS 1967 Livingston 37 Troy Livingston 21 Marion Livingston 39 Troy Livingston 32 Marion Livingston 44 Delta State Livingston 26 John C. Calhoun Callaway Gardens South A1abama 1nvitational ACC RECORD HOLDERS-Top to Battom: Johnny Montgomery, 20 38 18 26 19 29 49, 53, 59, 62, 81 5th-113 points TRACK AND FIELD RESULTS 1968 Livingston 85 Livingston 45 Livingston 94 Southeastern Relays: Univ. of Mississippi Mississippi College Tulane USA Livingston Pensacola Jr. College Mississippi Invitation: Mississippi College Delta State USA Tulane Livingston Southern Collegiate Championships: Mississippi College Tulane South Alabama Livingston Mobile State Pensacoia Jr. College Millsaps Alabama Collegiate Conference Meet: Troy State University Livingston University Jacksonville State Univ. Troy Delta State Marion 60 99 57 95 80 73 54 31 91 63 42Vz 32 30Vz 82 58 44 3672 18 90Vz 72V2 18 173 INDIVIDUAL SCORING Joh nny Montgomery Joe Perry Craig Jackson Gene Brewer Charlie Thompson Stan Davis David Magouyrk Marvin Durkin Tom Darby Robert Balch Butch Barnes Gordie Pettis Gene Boothe Richard Watson Harry Shiver Dan Fowler Tom Holcombe Buddy Sanders John Romano Dennis Fields Bill Gates Marvin Durkin Bob Balch David Magouyrk Tom Darby John Romano a6100 220 1440 1880 Mile 2 Mile 120 H.H. 220 L.H. 1.440 L.H. a6High Jump Long Jump 1Triple Jump Shot Discus Wavelin aePole Vault 440 Relay- 1Mile Relay TOP PERFORMANCES - 1968 Craig Jackson Craig Jackson David Magouyrk Gordie Pettis Gene Boothe Gene Boothe Johnny Montgomery Johnny Montgomery Johnny Montgomery Marvin Durkin CharIie Thompson Charlie Thompson Richard Watson Richard Watson Gene Brewer Joe Perry 2INDICATES NEW SCHOOL RECORD 9.8 22.6 50.8 2201.5 4:48 11:22 14.9 25.4 55.6 5,10,, 21'11" 45'8" 45'1Vz" 1233" 1927" 13'1" 43.5 3:259 175 L. U. CHEERLEADERS WEVE GOT THE FEVER! Judy Burke Head Cheerleader TIGERS ARE G-R-E-A-T! Nancy Hale-Co-Head Cheerleader I76 B enda Whitcomb Carol Overstreet Carol Oswalt Linda Nordan TIGER MAJORETTES Marsha Pope, Charlotte Terrell, Sandy Nobles, Donna Reed, Dianne Taylor, Sherry Koen, and Susan Beeker. HEARTS 0F DIXIE FLAG CORPS Shirley Boyd, Sue Culp, Louise Mason, Dee McNeese, Beth Alexander, Jane Walters, Bernice Wright, and Sherry Smith. CLASSES Simon says. . . Stomach in! Chest out! Smitty AbeI-Jr. Charlie Abernathy-Jr. Madelynn ActoniJr. Torn Adams-Soph. Vernon Adkins-Fr. Tony Agee S0ph. Hal Akins-Soph. Mary AIdridge-Fr. Rodney Aldridge-Fr. Beth Alexander Jr. Cliff AIexander-Fr. Gray Allen-Jr. Randall Alsabrook-Jr. Susan AItieri-Soph. Bob Anderson-Fr. David Anderson-Soph. Gary Anderson-Soph. Sara Anderson-Jr. Gail Arcand-Jr. Jim Arrington-Fr. Lydia Ashcraft-Jr. Larry Atchison-Fr. Dennis Averett-Fr. Betty Averett-Soph. 181 182 Jane Averette-Jr. Sid Averette-Jr. Edward Bailey-Fr. Wanda Bailey-Jr. Bill BakerWSOph. Dale Ballard-Jr. Joe Ballard-Fr. Cliff BargeraSOph. Pruitt Barksdale-Fr. Carl Barber-Fr. Leland Barnes-Fr. Bob Balch S0ph. James Bearden-Jr. Leroy BedweII-Fr. Bonnie Beech-Soph. Chris V. Beeker-Jr. Susan Beeker-Fr. David Bedgood-Fr. Barney BeH-Jr. Don Bender-Jr. Susan Benton-Soph. Denise Berry-Soph. Larry Berry Fr. Beth Berryhill-Saph. Walter Berwald-Soph. Mary Anne Billings-Jr. Thomas A. Bingham-Jr. Ronald Binion-Jr. Sheila Binion-Fr. Wayland BIake-Soph. C.A. BIan-Jr. Barry Bledsoe-Fr. Hal Bloom-Fr. Charles Bobenchik-Fr. Gary Bonner-Jr. Frank Boozer-Jr. Pamela Bosarge-Fr. Glenda BoswelI-Soph. Carey BoutwelI-Soph. Sonny Bowen-Jr. Walter Bower-Soph. Garry Bowles Jr. Shirley Boyd-Fr. Edwin Boyette-Fr. Mike Boykin-Fr. William Lee Bozeman-Soph. Horace Brock-Soph. Pam Breedlove-Jr. 183 184 James Brewer-Jr. Suzy Bright-Jr. John W. Brislin-Jr. Doug Brown-Jr. Gordon Lee Brown-Fr. John M. Brown-Fr. Thomas B. Brown-Soph. Harla Bru nson-Soph. Billy Bryant-Jr. Gordon E. Buck-Soph. Dennis Burgess-Fr. Jean Burks-Soph. Vicki Jo Burt-Soph. Benny Burtram-Soph. Thelma Burroughs-Fr. Howard Busby-Jr. Glenn Bush-Fr. Thomas E. Butler-Soph. Brenda Byars-Fr. Andrew Bynu m-Soph. Della Byrd-Jr. Bill CampbeIl-Soph. Kate Cannon-Soph. Peggy Cannon-Soph. Michael Carlisle-Fr. J.W. Carr-Jr. June CartIedge-Fr. Tommy Cartwright-Fr. John Chambers-Fr. Ray Champion-Jr. Sandra Champion-Jr. Ronald ChappeII-Fr. Oliver Chesnut-Soph. Randy Childers-Soph. Sissy Childress-Fr. Jackie CIabo-Jr. Gene CIarke-Jr. Jimbo Clem-Fr. Rosemary CIements-Soph. Wanda Clements-Soph. Bill Cleveland Jr. Ty Cobb-Soph. Wayne Cobb-Fr. Larry Cochran-Jr. Bobby Coker-Fr. Larry Colburn-Fr. Johnny Colee-Fr. Billie Collier-Jr. Gordon Colson-Fr. Mike Compton-Fr. Brenda S. Cooper-Soph. Emily Cooper-Fr. Jack R. Cooper-Fr. Martha Cooper-Soph. Sherrill Cooper-Fr. Terry Cooper'Fr. Lynnell Copeland-Jr. John Cox-Fr. Larry CoxwelI-Soph. Frank Crabtree-Jr. Peggy Crabtree-Jr. Danny Crain-Soph. Dorothy P. Crawford-Jr. Van Crigger-Jr. Albert Crovato-Jr. Larry Crow-Jr. Sandra Crow-Soph. Sara Crumpton-Soph. Pat Cummins -Jr. Larry Cunningham-Fr. Paul Cunningham-Jr. Sue Culp-Jr. 186 Billy Dailey-Jr. Kathy DaIe-Soph. Reggie DanieIs-Fr. Thomas Darbywlr. Jerry Davidson-Fr. James Michael Davis-Jr. Gene Dean-Fr. Dorothy DeGeer-Jr. Sara Demetree-Fr. Annie Delois Dial-Jr. Steven D. DiaI-Fr. Eddie Dillard-Fr. Christopher Dorman-Fr. Ralph Dorman-Jr. Artie Drakos-Fr. Bob Drake-Soph. Jimmy Duncan-Jr. Larry Duncan-Jr. Ronnie Duncan-Jr. Johnnie Dunnam-Fr. Jimmy Dutton-Jr. Larry Durham-Jr. Jeff Eatman-Fr. Faye Earnest-Jr. 187 188 Anne Edwards-Jr. Clarence Egbert-Jr. Dale EIdridge-Soph. Andrew B. Elliott-Jr. Bill EIIiott-Jr. Mary EIIiott-Fr. John Ennis-Soph. Temple A. Ennis-Soph. Joe Ernest-Fr. Robert Ervin-Soph. Narcisco Escobar-Jr. Becki Estes-Fr. Diane Ethridge-Soph. Jerry Wayne Evans-Jr. Ronald EveretPJr. Elizabeth EzeIIe-Soph. Herschel Ezelle-Soph. Milton EzeIIe-Jr. Lottie Faqu-Fr. Homer Faulkner-Soph. Charlotte FerreIl-Fr. Glenda Fields-Saph. Travis F ields-Soph. James Fitzpatrick-Fr. Freddie Fishburne-Jr. John Floyd-Jr. Dana Folsom-Fr. Ralph Ford-Fr. Mike Foster-Soph. Peggy Foster-Jr. Edward Fountaianoph. Carolyn Fowler-Fr. Ralph Fowler-Fr. Paulette Fox Jr. Skip Fox-Soph. Warriene Fox-Jr. Barbara Free-Soph. Edward French-Jr. Barbara Friday-Jr. Frank Fuller-Jr. Larry Galloway-Jr. Ollie Jean Gandy Fr. Kenneth Gardner-Jr. Wanda Gardner-Soph. Dale Gartman-Soph. Dennis Gast-Jr. Carolyn Gedgoudas-Jr. Len Gedgoudas-Jr. David Geer-Fr. Frank Gilbert-Soph. Nara Giles-Fr. Jimmy Gilliam-Jr. Shirley GillilandkSoph. Ronald Earl Gilliland-Fr. Wayne GillilandWSoph. Pete Glaser-Jr. Brenda GIiddon-Fr. Pat Godsey-Fr. Betty Gordy-Soph. Don Grace-Jr. Elaine Grace-Jr. Tommy Grace-Soph. Michael Graham-Fr. Ronald Gramolini-Fr. Prissy Gray-Soph. Paula Green-Fr. Ed Grier-Soph. Jerry Griffin-Jr. Wanda GriffikFr. Gerry Grimes-Jr. Jerry Wayne Grogan-Fr. Johnny G unn-Soph. Rodney Gunter-Soph. Richard HaIe-Jr. Linda Hales-Fr. Linda HaIl-Fr. Nancy Ham-Jr. Larry Hambright-Soph. Joy Hamilton-Soph. Marion Handley-Jr. Milner Hanahan-Jr. Evelyn Haniel-Jr. Jane Hannah-Fr. Judy Hannah-Soph. Jerry Harbin-Fr. Jimmy Harrington-Soph. Raymon Otis Harris-Soph. Ronney Harris Soph. Michael Harrow Jr. David G. Harvey-Soph. Henry J. Hayes Jr. Mike Helms-Soph. Willis M. Henderson-Jr. Barbara HenseI-Fr. Steve Hicks-Fr. James Hildreth-Fr. 191 192 Brenda HiII-Fr. James H. H ilI-Soph. Jim Hill-Jr. Jo HiII-Soph. AI M. Hitt-Jr. Allen R. Hobbs-Jr. Jeannie Hogue-Soph. Bobby L. Holdera90ph. Tom Holcombe-Jr. Tom Holleman-Fr. Bill Holliman-Jr. Johnny Hollingsworth-Jr. Arnold HoIt-Soph. Keith HoIt-Jr. Dan Homan-Jr. James Homan-Soph. Larry Hood-Fr. Wanda Hooks-Fr. Elizabeth Hopson-Soph. Nick Horne-Soph. Terrell Horne-Fr. Leo Houle-Fr. Sharon Howard-Saph. Randy HowelI-Fr. Don Huckabee-Jr. Marvin Hughes-Jr. Mike Hughes-Fr. Kathy Hughey-Fr. Diane Hughston-Jr. Jenny Humphreys-Soph. Tom Hupp-Fr. Kenneth Hutson-Soph. James Ingram-Soph. Annie Earle Jackson-Soph. Craig Jackson-Soph. Jane Jackson-Jr. John Scott Jackson-Soph. Pete Jackson-Fr. Ray Jackson-Fr. Sally Jackson-Jr. Neil Jacobs-Soph. Curtis James-Fr. Jay Jefcoat-Soph. Louise Jenkins-Soph. Carolyn Johnson-Fr. Duane Johnson-Jr. John Johnson-Fr. Robert Johnson-Soph. '9'! ' . M15, 5 193 194 Ronnie Johnson-Soph. Sidney Johnson-Jr. Donnie Jones-Saph. Sara Jones-Soph. Meador Jones-Jr. Larry Jones-Jr. Randy Jones-Fr. Randy Jones-Fr. Ronnie Jones-Fr. James Monroe Joyner-Soph. Danny Karr-Soph. Steve Kelley-Jr. Steve KeIIy-Fr. Tom Kellwar. Jim Key-Jr. Quinton Kilgore-Jr. Lawrence Kirk-Fr. Ben Kirklewski-Fr. Paul J. Kirklewski-Soph. Dennis KIinedinst-Soph. Danny Kling-Jr. Henry Knight-Fr. Kirk Knight-Jr. Caroline Koen-Fr. Steve Kornegay-Soph. Esther Kowarsch-Fr. Paul Jay Kuhn-Jr. Lenix Kusta Fr. Donald KuykendalI-Fr. Kenny KuykendaIl-Fr. Janie Kynard Saph. Wayne Labbe-Fr. Gwynn Lacy-Fr, Janie Ladner-Fr. Sharon Lamberth-Soph. Jerry Lancaster-Fr. Rebecca Dianne Lane-Fr. Bobby LaVigne-Jr. Kerry Lazenby Fr. Lloyd A. Lee-Fr. Donna Lee-Fr. Leslie Lee-Soph. Margaret Lee-Jr. Michael Lee-prh. David Leet-Soph. Mary Lester-Fr. Dan Letson-Soph. Billie Ann Lewis-Jr. Wanda Lewis-Fr. James Lindsey-Fr. Ray Lindsey-Jr. Frank LitchfieId-Fr. Eddie Little-Soph. Gail Littlepage-Jr. Enoch Logan-Jr. Randall Logan-Soph. Jon Long-Fr. Robert Longwitz-Soph. Leland Loper-Jr. Steve Lovin-Fr. William Lowe-Fr. Ted Lowry-Fr. Charles Lunsford-Fr. Shelly Luxich-Soph. George Lupien-Soph. Tommie Maddox-Fr. David Magouyrk-Soph. Elizabeth Mahaffey-Fr. Gary MaI-Fr. Garia Manning-Fr. Don Marler-Fr. Russ Marshal l-Fr. Cecil Martin-Fr. Janis Martin-Soph. Sherry Martin-Soph. Ted Mashbu rn-Soph. Alan Mason-Fr. Larry Massengale-Fr. James Massey-Jr. Larry Massey-Jr. Royce Massey-Fr. June Mathers-Fr. James Mathews-Fr. Bill Matthews-Fr. Bruce Matthews-Jr. Johnny Matlock-Fr. Leon J. Mayberry-Soph. Ricky Mayers-Jr. Eugene Meadows-Jr. Maricay Melcher-Jr. Alex Miccachione-Fr. George W. Miles-Jr. Jeffeory K. Miller-Soph. Ronnie Miller-Jr. Mike Millsap-Soph. Billy Milstead-Jr. Brenda Mitchell-Soph. Larry Mitchelleoph. Susan MitchelI-Soph. Richard Moakley-Fr. Glenda Moody-Fr. Sarah Moody-Jr. Linda Moon-Soph. Anne Moore-Fr. Cliff Moore-Fr. Freddy Moore-Fr. Linda Moore-Jr. Ronnie Moore-Fr. Tom MorettFSoph. Philip MorganwFr, Wanda Morgan-Fr. William Morgan-Soph. Charles Morphis-Fr. Rusty Morrow-Soph. Marvin M. Morrow-Jr. Edward Moseley-Jr. Elmer Motes-Soph. Wayne Moyer-Fr. Joseph MullaIy-Jr. Gordon H. Murrayv-Soph. Mike McAlpine-Soph. Butch McCafferty-Jr. Robert H. McCall-Soph. David McCants-Fr. Jack McCIanahan-Soph. Faye McConneII-Fr. O.K. McConneH-Soph. Randall McCrory-Fr. Dennis McDanieI-Fr. Doris McDanieI-Soph. James I. McDanieI-Jr. Robert McDonaId-Jr. Robert H. McDoweII-Fr. Wayne McElroy-Fr. Pat McGee-Jr. Chuck McGiII-Soph. Dianne McGuire-Soph. Lee McKinney-Fr. Carl McLaughlin-Jr. Margaret McLaughlin-Jr. Edward D. McMillan-Jr. Dee McNees Soph. Gloria Nance-Fr. Janice Neese-Soph. Douglas Ray Nelson-Soph. Ed Nessmith-Fr. James David Newman-Jr. Janice Newman-Soph. Judy Newman-Jr. Gary Nickerson-Jr. Nancy Nicholas-Jr. Bill Nixon-Fr. Billy Noland-Fr. David Noland-Fr. Milton Noland-Fr. Rodney Noland-Fr. Steve Northup-Fr. Larry Norris-Fr. Joe Narmstrong-Fr. Linda Nordan-Soph. Bobby Odom-Soph. Dickie Odom-Fr. Kathy Oglesby-Fr. Jerry OIive-Jr. Larry O'NeaI-Soph. Nicky Osburn-Soph. Carolyn OswaIt-Soph. Michael Outlaw-Fr. Sherry Owens-Soph. Steve Owens-Jr. Don Page-Jr. Edward Page-Jr. Vito PaparelIa-Jr. Vickie Pappas-Fr. Bobbie Papizan-Jr. John Park-Jr. Charles Parker-Jr. Dwight Parker-Jr. Ju ne Parker-Soph. Perry ParneIl-Soph. Howard Parralr. Phil Parrish-Jr. John Lee Parsons-Fr. Ralph Parten-Jr. Jane Pate-Fr. George T. Patrenos-Jr. Dan Patton-Fr. Cooper Patton-Soph. Leon Patton-Soph. Ebine Patton-Soph. Irene Pearson-Soph. John F. Pearson-Fr. 202 Mary Pearson-Soph. April Pennington Fr. Jerry Max Pennington-Jr. James Peoples-Fr. Jimmy Perkins-Fr. Joe Perry-Jr. Pat Petruny-Fr. W. Hayward Phillips-Fr. Nancy Phillips-Fr. Rodney D. Phillips-Fr. Tallitha J. Pipkin-Saph. Wayne Pippen-Fr. Daryle Pledger-Soph. Elliott PooIe-Jr. Frank Poole-Soph. Margaret PooIe-Jr. Troy PooIe-Jr. Eddie Pope-Jr. James Gayle Pope-Soph. Marsha Pope-Fr. Vicki Pope-Fr. Bobby Potts-Fr. Helen PoweH-Fr. John T. PoweII-Jr. Joe Powers-Soph. Morris Prater Fr. Mike Praytor-Jr. Billy Pritchett-Soph. Frank D. Pritchett-Jr. Kathy Pritchett-Fr. Robert Proctor-Fr. Eddie Pruet-Soph. Phil Puccio-Jr. Donald R. Pugh-Jr. Ann Radney-Jr. Roland Ragsdale-Fr. Charlie D. Rainer-Fr. Sandra Ramsey-Fr. Joe L. Rankin-Soph. Rebecca Ratley-Soph. Terry Ray-Soph. Nelson ReavekFr. Judy Reed-Soph. Jerry Reeves-Soph. Christopher Reilly-Soph. Tommy Reynolds-Fr. Danny Rhodes-Soph. Gale Rich-Soph. 204 Hoyt Richards-Saph. Wayne Rickles-Fr. Thomas Rigdon-Fr. James T. Rinehart-Soph. Elaine Roberts-Fr. Deborah C. Robinson-Soph. Mike Robinson-Soph. Marilyn O. Rogers-Fr. Robert M. Rogers-Jr. Jackie Rolison-Fr. Jerry Rolison-Soph. Jimmy Romaine-Fr. John Romano-Soph. Margaret Rose-Soph. Donald Rotch-Fr. Dyrl Rowland-Fr. Tommy Rowland-Soph. Frank Rumley-Soph. Danny RusselI-Fr. Dewana Rutledge-Soph. William M. Sadler-Fr. Onie Salatto-Jr. Dianne Salley-Fr. Billy Bob Sanders-Fr. Buddy Sanders-Jr. Peggy Sanders-Fr. Phillip Reed Savage-Fr. Jerry Scarsbrook-Jr. Sherilyn Scott-Jr. Patricia Marie Scrivner-Fr. Charles Seale-Jr. Wayne SeaIe-Fr. Skip SearcyaSoph. Lois Sellers-Jr. Albert Sessions-Soph. Mary Beth Shamblin-Fr. Robert F. Shamburger-Fr. Anne Sheppard-Jr. Jo Ann Sheppard-Jr. William Alan Shirley-Jr. Marion Singleton-Soph. Joyce Skelton-Fr. Ronald D. Skelton-Fr. Karen Smal lwood-Fr. Benny W. Smith-Soph. Beth Smith-Fr. B.K. Smith Fr. Frederick Smith-Fr. 206 Gary Smith-Soph. Ginger Smith-Fr. Phil Smith-Fr. Kay Smith-Soph. Leonard Smith-Jr. Pattie Smith-Jr. Sammy Smith-Soph. Sandra Smith-Jr. Sherri Smith-Jr. Wayne Smith-Soph. Barry E. Smitherman-Jr. Edward Smithson-Fr. Bill SorreII-Soph. Morris Souders-Fr. Ronnie Southern-Soph. Su san S pan n-Soph. Glenn Sparks-Jr. Margaret Sparks-Fr. Julian Spidle-Fr. Michael Spidle-Fr. Connie Spiller-Jr. George S. Spivey-Fr. William Springer-Fr. Clemit SpruieIl-Soph. Butch StaffordeOph. James StanfieId-Jr. Jerry Stearns-Soph. Annie Lou Stegall-Fr. John C. Stephens-Jr. Patsy Stephens-Soph. Sherryl Stephens-Fr. Bill Stewart-Jr. Brenda Stewart-Fr. Jimmy Stewart-Jr. Larry R. Stewart Soph. Michael V. Stewart-Soph. Fay Sticher-Jr. Philip G. Straub-Soph. Earl Stringfellow-Jr. Severe Strode-Fr. Kay Strong-Soph. Tommy Stuart-Jr. G.F. Sullivan-Fr. Paul N. Sullivam-Soph. John Su Iton Soph. Henry Sutton-Fr. Rick Swann-Fr. Steve W. Tackett-Jr. 208 Earl Taylor-Fr. Sherry Taylor-Soph. Barbara Thomas-Fr. Sara Thomas-Fr. Charles Thompson Jr. Martha Kay Thompson-Jr. Robert Thompson-Jr. W.R. Thompson-Soph. Bert Thornton-Soph. Chuck Thurmond-Jr. Donald E. Tice-Fr. Betty Jean Tims-Soph. Barbara Tinklepaugh-Soph. Lynn Tirey-Jr. Mike TooIe-Jr. John Topolosky-Fr. Joe TrammeII-Jr. Randy Trantham-Fr. Judy Truelove-Soph. Tommy Tucker-Soph. Nina Turner Jr. Walter Turner-Soph. Andrew J. Tutt-Soph. Teresa Upton-Fr. Diane Taylor-Saph. Gregory Utley-Fr. Charles A Vasser-Jr. Paul Vice-Soph. John Walker-Jr. Milford BA Walters-Soph. Ronny Walker-Fr. Marcus Walters-Jr. Linda Warbington-Jr. Bradford Ward-Jr. William T. Ware-Fr. Sarah Nelle Warren-Fr. Patricia Watkiny-Jr. Don Watler-Jr. Peggy Watler-Soph. Rush WatsoanOph. Jerry Watt-Fr. Wayne Waugh-Jr. Billy Ray Webb-Jr. Donald Weeks-Soph. Jimmy L. Weeks-Jr. Pat Weeks-Soph. Jean Welch-Jr. James Wesley-Jr. 209 Clarence West-Jr. Patricia Wheat-Jr. Bill Whigham-Fr. Brenda Whitcomb-Jr. Sue Whitcomb-Soph. Christine White-Soph. Gerald Glenn White-Fr. Tommy White-Soph. Bob Whitten-Soph. Craig Wicke-Soph. Curtis L. Wideman-Jr. Lou Wiggins-Soph. D.C. Wilkinson-Soph. Jerry S. Wilkinson Soph. Alva Williams-Fr. Benny Williams-Jr. Bonnie Williams-Jr. B.T. Williams-Soph. Herman G. Williams-Fr. Preston Williams-Fr. Silas Williams-Soph. Dennis Willis-Soph. Frank Williamson-Fr. Andy Wilson-Soph. Jane Wilson-Jr. Linda Wilson-Fr. Randall Wilson-Soph. Dennis WindIe-Soph. Connie Windham-Fr. Janis Wingate-Soph. Martin Wissinger-Jr. Henry A. Wood-Soph. Bernice Wright-Fr. Max Wynn-Fr. Ned Wright-Fr. Tommy Wright-Fr. Lynn Young-Soph. Jimmy You ng-Fr. Kenneth Zagaglia-Fr. Richard Zamanski-Fr. Dickie Zepp-Soph. Eddie Zewen-Jr. Louis Zimlich-Fr. Bobbie Tolson-Jr. SENIORS Richard Abston Major: P.E. Minor: Biology Kit Agee Major: Business Administration Minor: Economics Howard Aldredge Major: Business Education Minor: H istory Michael G. Alexander Major: Social Science Minor: P.E. William Allen Major: Business Administration Minor: Art Myron Allman Major: Business Administration Minor: Accounting Charles Arledge Major: Biology Minor: H istory Paula Asaff Major: E Iementary Education Richard Averett Major: Biology Minor: H istory John Bailey Major: Business Administration Minor: H istory Jerry Barlow Major: Social Science Minor: Psychology Butch Barnes Major: English Minor: Physical Science Robert Batson Major: Business Administration Minor: H istory Laverne Bazemore Major: P.E. Minor: Biology Sally Beech Major: Engl ish Minor: Music Ronald Bennett Major: Business Administration Minor: Economics Thomas E. Beverly Major: Mathematics Minor: Chemistry Gary Black Major: Business Administration Minor: Economics Larry B lack Major: Business Administration Minor: Accounting Gene Boothe Major: H istory Minor: Political Science Cathy Boshers Major: English Minor: H istory Charles Bowman Major: Business Administration Minor: P.E. Charla Brantley Major: Elementary Education Kenneth Breazeale Major: Business Administration Minor: H istory Bertha Bridges Major: H istory Minor: English Dale Brigham Major: Business Administration Minor: Art Sara Jane Brookover Major: P.E. Minor: H istory Winnie Brown Major: Elementary Education Roy Bru ister Major: Business Administration Minor: Economics Wayne Bru nson Major: P.E. Minor: Bioiogy Carole G. Bryan Major: English Minor: Business Education Jerry Bumpers Major: P.E. Minor: Biology Robert Bumpers Major: P.E . Minor: Biology Charies Burke Major: Business Administration Minor: Biology Judy Burke Major: P.E. Minor: H istory Mary Butler Major: E Iementary Education Margaret Ann Bynum Major: Elementary Education Jim Cain Major: P.E. Minor: English James Cargile Major: Business Administration Minor: Accounting G.T. Cartledge, IV Major: Business Administration Minor: Accounting Barbara Clark Major: Business Education Minor: English Bob Cleere Major: Biology Minor: P.E. Gail Colee Major: Elementary Education Billy Coleman Major: Business Administration Minor: Psychology George Connell Major: Biology Minor: Psychology Charles Coon Major: Music John D. Coon Major: Business Administration Minor: Accounting Jack Cooper Major: Music Bill Cox Major: Music Norman Crain Major: Business Administration Minor: Mathematics William B. Crow Major: Business Administration Minor: H istory Byron Cruthirds Major: Biology Minor: Music R i p Cu m mings Major: Business Administration Minor: Psychology Merwin Davis Major: Social Science Minor: H istory Oscar Davis Major: P.E. Minor: Biology Robert J. Davis Major: P.E. Minor: H istory Stan Davis Major: P.E. Minor: Biology Ralph Edward Downey Major: Business Administration Minor: Psychology Frankie Dozier Major: Elementary Education Samuel 8. Duke Major: P.E. Minor: History James Duncan Major: Business Administration Minor: Economics John Dyson Major: Music Betty H. Elliott Major: English Minor: H istory James Raymond Elliott Major: Social Science Minor: English Roger Elliott Major: Social Science Minor: Psychology Koky Elliott Major: Social Science Minor: Psychology Larry Ellis Major: Business Administration Minor: H istory Charlotte Emanuel Major: English Minor: Social Science Joyce Ervin Major: English Minor: Biology William C. Ervin Major: English Minor: Mathematics Bobby Espey Major: H istory Minor: P.E. Linda Inez Essary Major: Elementary Education John A. Finkbiner Major: English Minor: Art Don Wayne Folsom Major: Biology Minor: Social Science Billie J0 Ford Major: Business Education Minor: English Dan Fowler Major: Mathematics Minor: Chemistry Thomas Fox Major: Business Administration Min or: H istory William Milton Garrison Major: Mathematics Minor: H istory Eddy Gault Major: Biology Minor: H istory Mitchell Gavin Major: Business Administration Minor: Music Eddie Gentry Major: Business Administration Minor: Economics Doris Anne George Major: P.E. Minor: Mathematics Carol Ann Gibson Major: Biology Minor: Chemistry James B. Gibson Major: Business Administration Minor: Accounting William L. Godwin Major: P.E. Minor: Biology Joyce Graham Major: Elementary Education Judy Green Major: Physical Science Minor: History John Greene, Jr. Major: History Minor: English Alan Grove Major: English Minor: Psychology James Hall Major: P.E. Minor: Chemistry David Hanby Major: Business Administration Minor: Accounting Lee W. Handley Major: Business Administration Minor: Economics Roger Harmon Major: Social Science Minor: H istory Keith Harper Major: Business Administration Minor: H istory Barbara Harris Major: P.E. Minor: H istory Charlotte Harris Major: P.E. Minor: H istory Rodney Harris Major: P.E. Minor: H istory Larry Harrison Major: P.E. Minor: H istory Rebecca Harrison Major: P.E. Minor: Engl ish Jerry Herren Major: Music Sheila Hillsman Major: Elementary Education Ray Holcombe Major: Business Administration Minor: Accounting Martha Holder Major: Elementary Education Fleet Hollinger Major: Social Science Minor: Industrial Arts Sheila Hood Major: P.E, Minor: H istory Jeanne Hougesen Major: Elementary Education Marion Housel Major: P.E. Minor: H istory Linda Hoven Major: Elementary Education Donnie Huckabee Major: Elementary Education Larry Huckabee Major: Mathematics Minor: Physical Science Larry Huffstetter Major: Business Administration Minor: Economics Barry Hunt Major: Social Science Minor: History Howard B. Hydrick Major: P.E. Minor: Art Judith Ann Hydrick Major: Elementary Education ml Johnny Jackson Major: P.E. Minor: H istory Liza Ann James Maior: Elementary Education Don Johnson Major: Business Administration Minor: Economics Eddie Jones Major: Social Science Minor: H istory Harry A. King Major: Business Administration Minor: H istory Benny Kirkham Major: Natural Science Minor: Chemistry Wallace S. Kirksey Major: B iology Minor: H istory Sherry Gail Koen Major: Music Education Carol Crowley Kryger Major: E Iementary Education Phillip Wayne Lassiter Major: Business Administration Minor: Psychology Gerald Lathan Major: Business Education Minor: Music George P. Lewis Major: Biology Minor: P.E. Mary Jane Lewis Major: Elementary Education Zan Lewis Major: Elementary Education Wade Lipscomb Major: Mathematics Minor: P.E. Jesse Little Major: Biology Minor: Chemistry Tung Choi Lo Major: Mathematics Minor: Natural Science Jean Love Major: Elementary Education Margaret Lucky Major: Engl ish Minor: H istory Alpha Lyon Major: Elementary Education John R. Lyon Major: Business Administration Minor: English John Manchester Major: Music Mitchell Martin Major: P.E. Minor: H istory Louise Mason Major: Mathematics Minor: English Carol Anne Massingill Major: Social Science Minor: History Kenneth Minton Major: P.E. Minor: H istory Johnny M. Montgomery Major: P.E. Minor: Psychology Richard Moon Major: Biology Minor: H istory Bob Moore Major: Business Administration Minor: Economics William M. Morgan Major: Mathematics Minor: History George Morris Major: Business Administration Minor: History Randy Morris Major: Business Administration Minor: industrial Arts Patricia Mosley Major: Elementary Education 222 James McCann Major: Mathematics John R. McCants Major: P.E. Minor: Biology Herbert J. McCreary Major: Social Science Minor: E ngl ish Larry E. McFalI Major: Business Administration Minor: Economics Paul McGinnis Major: Natural Science Minor: Industrial Arts Gerald McGough Major: Social Science Minor: H istory John M. McGuire Major: Biology Minor: Industrial Arts John O. McPherson Major: Business Administration Minor: Psychology Grace Neel Major: Elementary Education John Nelson Major: Social Science Minor: Art Jimmy Nettles Major: P.E. Minor: Mathematics Dale Nicholas Major: Social Science Minor: P.E. Joan Noland Major: Elementary Education Wade Noland Major: Business Administration Minor: H istory Julian Nored Major: Mathematics Minor: Economics David Ogle Major: Biology Minor: H istory Evelyn Olive Major: Elementary Education Carol Overstreet Major: P.E. Minor: Biology James R. Padgett Major: Business Administration Minor: Economics Mary Parr Major: Elementary Education Tom Perunovich Major: H istory Minor: Psychology John Phillips Major: P.E. Minor: History Kathryn Shelby Plott Major: Elementary Education Alfred E. Poole Major: Business Education Minor: Accounting Mike Pope Major: Business Administration Minor: Accounting Doug Prescott Major: Business Education Minor: H istory Wood row Prewitt Major: Business Administration Minor: Accounting Jerry Pugh Major: Social Science Minor: P.E. Harvey Ramseur Major: Business Administration Minor: H istory Donna Reed Major: Biology Minor: English 224 Edmond J. Renaud Major: P.E. Minor: History Catherine Revel Major: Social Science Min or: H istory Ralph Richards Major: Business Administration Minor: Economics Kitty R. Rives Major: Mathematics Minor: English William D. Rives Major: Business Administration Minor: Economics Donald Roberson Major: Mathematics Minor: Art Barry Roberts Major: Social Science Minor: H istory Marty Roberts Major: P.E. Minor: Mathematics James W. Roebuck Major: Business Administration Minor: Psychology Glynn Rolison Major: Mathematics Minor: Psychology Carol Ruffin Major: Elementary Education Yves C. Salord Major: Music Minor: Psychology John Sanderson Major: Business Administration Min or: H istory John M. Scheffer Major: Business Administration Minor: Economics Theresa P. Scherrer Major: Social Science Minor: Political Science Linda D. Servey Major: Social Science Minor: English Barbara Jean Shepherd Major: Elementary Education Gloria Shepherd Major: Business Minor: Music Sandra Shoemaker Major: Elementary Education Lee M. Shook Major: Business Administration Minor: English Anne Simmons Major: Business Education Min or: H istory Sandra Sirmon Major: Elementary Education Johnny Sloan Major: Business Administration Minor: Economics Barbara Sue Smith Major: Social Science Minor: P.E. Danny Smith Major: Business Administration Minor: Economics Elaine Stafford Smith Major: Elementary Education Joanne C. Smith Major: Business Education Minor: P.E. Paul Sm ith Major: Business Administration Minor: Psychology William Smith Major: Biology Minor: Physical Science David Sperandio Major: P.E. Minor: Biology Michael B. Spiller Major: Business Administration Minor: Accounting Thed Spree Major: Social Science Minor: Industrial Arts Jerry Spruiei Major: Business Administration Minor: Economics Dennis Stephens Major: P.E. Minor: H istory Larry Stephens Major: Biology Minor: Chemistry Mary Jo Stewart Major: English Minor: H istory Bettye Stone Major: Mathematics Minor: Music A.L. Strickland Major: Business Administration Minor: Industrial Arts Kaye Strickland Major: Social Science Minor: History Ronald E. Strickland Major: Biology Minor: Political Science Virginia Strickland Major: Elementary Education Pat Stuckey Major: Elementary Education George Arthur Sullivan Major: P.E. Minor: Biology Juanita Taylor Major: Business Education Minor: Music Doris Thompson Major: Business Education Minor: H istory Don Thornton Major: P.E. Minor: Mathematics Michael J. Thrash Major: Biology Minor: Physical Science Judy Tillman Major: Elementary Education Wayne Trotter Major: Social Science Minor: Psychology Janeen Tubbs Major: Elementary Education Frank D. Turner Major: Business Administration Minor: Psychology Frank P. Turner Major: Business Administration Minor: Accounting Ralph Vogel Major: Business Administration Minor: Economics Kay Wad kins Major: P.E. Minor: Biology Garrett Wadkins Major: Business Administration Minor: Economics Cora Wainwright Major: Elementary Education Kathy Walthall Major: Social Science Minor: H istory Andrea Ward Major: P.E. Minor: English Johnny Ray Ward Major: Business Administration Minor: History Ralph 8. Ward Major: Business Administration Minor: Accounting 227 228 Billy Watford Major: Business Administration Minor: Economics Linda Watkins Major: Elementary Education Minor: Music R. L. Watson Major: P.E. Minor: History Kyle Weaver Major: Business Administration Minor: Psychology Robert Charles Welch Major: Mathematics Minor: History Paul Werking Major: Social Science Minor: H isto ry Robert M. Wheeler Major: Business Administration Minor: Economics John Wiesendanger Major: Business Administration Minor: Accounting Virginia Kay Wiginton Major: Elementary Education Bobbie Faye Williams Major: Elementary Education Jeannette Williams Major: English Minor: H isto ry Steve Williams Major: PAE. Minor: H istory Gloria Wingate Major: English Minor: P.E. Peggy Wise Major: P .E . Minor: Biology Carl David Wright Major: P.E. Min or: H istory Roger Wynn Major: Social Science Minor: P.E. George Yarbrough Major: Biology Minor: Industrial Arts Charles Young Major: Mathematics Minor: P.E. Bill Younkin Major: Business Administration Minor: Economics 229 Go! GO! Get 'em, Get 'em, uh! uh! The end of a great season????? Ponds' seven-day beauty plan. 230 232 Livingston U niversity Book Store Supply Store Snack Shop The center of campus activitf7 Compliments of SPARK9S TEXACO SERVICE STA TION 2We Carry Auto Parts and Accessories" Aubrey Sparks, Manager Livingston, Alabama Bland B. Walker RADIO AND APPLIANCE COMPANY Sales and Service Authorized Zenith Dealer P.O. Box 751 Livingston, Alabama Phone 652-7711 652-6761 M ODERN BEA UT Y SHOP 2Most Professional OperatorsH gWelcome Livingston University CoedsH Mrs. Barbara Dew, Owner Livingston, Alabama Phone 652-6271 Compliments of WESTERN A UTO ASSOCIA TE STORE Mr. and Mrs. Cornelius Bomhoff Owners Livingston, Alabama 234 LIFE INSURANCE BENEFITS AVAILABLE ONLY TO COLLEEE SENIORS and Graduate Students The College Special is a unique plan designed only for the college senior or graduate student . . . the preferred policyholder because of your high earn- ing potential. discriminating taste and need for more extensive coverage. 31112 n m $p12rial CHECK THESE BENEFITS: V $10,000 of permanent life insurance at low guaranteed premium V Additional $10,000 in case of accidental death V Guaranteed premium payments should you be disabled 6 months or longer V Option to buy up to $70,000 additional life in. surance in the future. regardless of insurability . . . your choice of plans V Guaranteed cash values at any time to meet emergencies V Pre-financed first annual premium . . . paid off automatically by your policy in 4 years W. Merrill Wise7 Agent JEFFERSON STANDARD LIFE INS. CO. Bank Building Phone: 652-5821 Livingston, Alabama efferson Standard HOME OFFICEVGREENSBORO.N.C. J C ompliments of A 8: T STORES Livingston, Alabama F RUGE9 SUBURBAN GAS C0. Propane, Butane and Appliances Livingston, Alabama Box 281 Phone 652-5101 Jimmy Mayes Joe Mayes McMILLAN COMPANY BANKERS Livingston, Alabama 66Oldest Bank in Sumter County, Established 1891 M ember F DIC Directors J. Bruce Pardue Dr. John Deloney Chairman of the Board President Livingston University Winton E. Wise President Allen M. Tartt, Jr. Cashier Hugh G. Sloan Manager American Southern Sawmill Operations PRATT CLEANERS Dry Cleaning 81 Pressing Will Be Greatly A pp! 604'? 49 X6 31$.x11 g Q 1 05 9 Owner Mrs. Felix Larkin Sumter Hardware Company 6Tishing Tackle, Hunting Supplies and Gifts for Every Occasion11 11The Corner of Monroe 81 Washington97 Livingston, Alabama C ampliments 0f Farm Supply Co. and T 9n T Feed Mill Livingston, Alabama 110utstanding School P icturef, Southern Photo Services 6411 First Ave. N0. Birmingham, Alabama 35212 Bob Okin, Manager Sid Brimer, Asst. Manager Compliments of DR. THOMAS C. LOONEY You did it, Class of ,69 Congratulations! WeEe proud to have served you and we all wish you Bonne chance! Bonne sante! et Bon Voyage 5 t g 0 g Lombard and 25th Streets, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19146 - a division of Automatic Retailers of America, Inc Compliments of MARCUS E. McCONNELL, JR. 238 M. L. McLemore C. C. 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PHONE 652-7182 LIVINGSTON, ALABAMA Compliments of CUSTOM SHEETING CORP. Livingston , Alabama VICCO Casolines Home Office Fayette, Alabama Stations Located In West Alabama and East Mississippi BAN K 0F YORK YORK, ALABAMA 2Serving Our Area 58 YearsW Member Federal Reserve System Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. ELLIS F LOWER SHOP 2When Ifs Flowers Be Sure Thefre 0urs2 Phone 392-5056 Highway 11 York, Alabama THE FASHION SHOP 2Fashi0ns for the Well-dressed Coed,, Livingston , Alabama Phone 652-5721 TH E H UB S TALLWORTH FURNITURE COMPANY Livingston, Alabama 2Y0ur Perfection Bedding Dealef, Phone 652-7638 Livingston-York BRYANS SERVICE ST A TION SUMTER DAIRY Distributor of Dairy Fresh Products Livingston, Alabama Phone 652-2156 2The place to buy Standard Oil ProductyW Livingston, Alabama We are happy to serve Livingston University Faculty and Students F OODLAN D Livingston , Alabama LI VINGS T 0N 01L COMPAN Y 2Service is our Businesf, Livingston , Alabama Phone 652-2641 or 652-941 1 Compliments of LIVINGSTON IGA 14Home Owned and Operated,5 Livingston, Alabama Phone 652-2531 LARKIN EQ UIPMENT co. Distributor of International Harvester and New Holland Equipment Livingston , Alabama Phone 652-5441 BOTTLED UNDER AUTHORITY OF THE COCA-COLA COMPANY BY York Coca-Cola Bottling Company York, Alabama JOURNAL PUBLISHING C0. Compliments 0f Publishers of Sumter County Journal" Dr. H. C. Hunt Biggest Booster 0f Livingston University Since 1872 Dick Smith, Publisher Congratulations to Livingston University upon attaining University Status ROBERT P. UPCHURCH DAIRY FRESH BAR We welcome Livingston University Students Livingston, Alabama Phone 652-6011 WEST ALABAMA S UPPLY COMPAN Y Sand, Gravel Ready-Mixed Concrete C. Add Boyd Livingston, Alabama Billy Tinsley B. W. Kimbrell LI VI N GS TON S TOC K YA RD Auction Every Thursday Phones 652-7411 652-4091 Livingston, Alabama The Yard That Works For Yozf, MID-CONTINENT LIFE INSURANCE CO. William A. Robinson College Representative Office Phone 652-7661 P.O. Box 57 Home Phone 652-6261 Livingston, Alabama LIVINGSTON MOTEL AND LIVINGSTON INN Livingston, Alabama C ompl iments 0f Pruitt and Pruitt Compliments of LI VINGS T 0N CAF E TERIA Lois and Shakey Compliments of FARM BUREAU INSURANCE Auto Fire Life Mrs. Joe Reed, Agent PO. Box 581 Livingston, Alabama Phone 652-5031 M I LLSI TE TRAILER PARK C0mmunity for College Couples,, Mobile Homes for Sale or Lease Stuart Mobile Homes P.O. Box 6 Livingston, Alabama Shop at MARKET PLACE Livingston, Alabama HA SSON-POOLE GROCERY C0., INC. Wholesalers Serving 10 West-Alabama Counties For Over 20 Years Eutaw, Alabama THE COTTON PATCH U.S. 11 3 Miles North Eutaw, Alabama CARES LOG CABIN 7176 Specialize in Charcoaled Steaks Eutaw, Alabama Phone 372-4621 Compliments of ODOM CH E VROLE T, I N C. Eutaw, Alabama We Welcome the Opportunity to Serve You" Golden Flake For Goodness Sake . . . Eat Golden Flake. 110 South 6th Street P. O. Box 2192 Birmingham 1, Alabama Compliments of M cGREGOR PR1 N TI N G CO. York, Alabama TANNER BROTHERS WHOLESALE FRUITS AND VEGETABLES Tuscaloosa, Alabama Compliments of McDANIEL GROCERY Livingston , Alabama PURE OIL DISTRIBUTORS T. B. Jarman York, Alabama YORK SA W C0. York, Alabama Teamwork - For A Better Sumter County Building a better future for our town and the entire North Sumter area and its people will require the best efforts of all its citizens. We are blessed with fine educational institutions, vigorous agricul- tural and forest enterprises, and rapidly expanding industries. Each Contributes Greatly T0 The Well-Being Of All Of Us EDUCATION COMMERCE BUSINESS LIVINGSTON-NORTH SUMTER CHAMBER OF COMMERCE COMPLIMENTS 0F Binion Furniture and Appliance Company Eutaw, Alabama Southern Florist and Gifts York, Alabama Thomas F. Seale Livingston, Alabama The Dress Shop Livingston, Alabama W. B. Story Real Estate Broker Livingston, Alabama A Richard Abston, Aliveville Kit Agee, Selma Howard Aldredge, Pensacola, Fla. Michael G. Alexander, Tuscaloosa William Allen, Tuscaloosa Myron Allman, Demopolis Charles Arledge, Demopolis Paula Asaff, Lake Charle, La. Richard Averett, Gainesville B John Bailey, Selma Jerry Barlow, Putman Butch Barnes, Marion Jct. Robert Batson, Forkland Laverne Bazemore, Sylacauga Sally Beech, Chatom Ronald Bennett, Suttle Thomas E. Beverly, Jackson Gary Black, Fort Deposit Larry Black, Fayette Gene Boothe, Fairhope Cathy Boshers, Pennington Charles Bowman, Eufaula Charla Brantley, Livingston Kenneth Breazeale, York Bertha Bridges, Dixon Mills Dale Brigham, Pensacola, Fla. Sara Jane Brookover, Tuscaloosa Winnie Brown, Meridian, Miss. Roy Bruister, Butler Wayne Brunson, Grove Hill CaroIe G. Bryan, Toxey Jerry Bumpers, Coffeeville Robert Bumpers, Jackson Charles Burke, Demopolis Judy Burke, Wadley Mary Butler, Livingston Margaret Ann Bynum, Fayette C Jim Cain, Livingston James Cargile, Livingston G.T. Cartledge, IV, Tuscaloosa Barbara Clark, Meridian, Miss. Bob Cleere, Montgomery Gail Colee, Monroeville Billy Coleman, Selma George Connell, Reform Charles Coon, Selma John D. Coon, Selma Jack Cooper, Robertsdaie Bill Cox, Reform Norman Crain, York William B. Crow, Thomaston Byron Cruthirds, Warner Robbins, Ga. Rip Cummings, Birmingham Merwin Davis, Tuscaloosa Oscar Davis, Livingston Robert J. Davis, Southbridge, Mass. Stan Davis, Sweetwater Ralph Edward Downey, Thomasville Frankie Dozier, Thomasville Samuel B. Duke, Randolph James Duncan, New Hope John Dyson, Livingston E .Betty H. Elliott, Lineville James Raymond Elliott, Lineville Roger Elliott, Moundville Koky Elliott, Moundville Larry Ellis, Evergreen Charlotte Emanuel, Stockton Joyce Ervin, Gainesville William C. Ervin, Gainesville Bobby Espey, Birmingham Linda Inez Essary, Reform F John A. Finkbiner, Tampa, Fla. Don Wayne Folsom, Clanton Billie Jo Ford, Phil Campbell Dan Fowler, Fayette Thomas Fox, York G William Milton Garrison, Bessemer Eddy Gault, Reform Mitchell Gavin, Butler Eddie Gentry, Marvel Dorris Anne George, York Carol Ann Gibson, Fayette James B. Gibson, Brantley William L. Godwin, Dothan Joyce Graham, Arab SENIOR DIRECTORY Judy Green, York John Greene, Jr., Demopolis Alan Grove, Montgomery H James Hall, Atmore David Hanby, Tuscaloosa Lee W. Handley, Trussville Roger Harmon, Theodore Keith Harper, Birmingham Barbara Harris, Chickasaw Charlotte Harris, Chickasaw Rodney Harris, Columbus, Ga. Larry Harrison, Glen Allen Rebecca Harrison, Carbon Hill Jerry Herren, Pine Hill Sheila Hillsman, Meridian, Miss. Ray Holcombe, Livingston Martha Holder, Birmingham Fleet Hollinger, Camden Sheila Hood, Greenville Jeanne Hougesen, Chickasaw Marion Housel, Gordo Linda Hoven, Jackson Donnie Huckabee, Linden Larry Huckabee, Sweetwater Larry Huffstetter, Montgomery Barry Hunt, Boligee Howard B. Hydrick, Livingston Judith Ann Hydrick, Livingston J Johnny Jackson, Moundville Liza Ann James, Livingston Don Johnson, Myrtlewood Eddie Jones, Thomasville K Harry A. King, Andalusia Benny Kirkham, Sweetwater Wallace 8. Kirksey, Fayette Sherry Gail Koen, Silas Carol Crowley Kryger, Birmingham L bhillip Wayne Lassiter, Gerald Lathan, Chatom George P. Lewis, Sweetwater Mary Jane Lewis, Sweetwater Zan Lewis, Sweetwater Wade Lipscomb, Macon Jesse Little, Putman Tung Choi Lo, Birmingham Jean Love, Livingston Margaret Lucky, Greensboro Alpha Lyon, Union, S.C. John R. Lyon, Livingston M John Manchester, Niantic, Conn. Mitchell Martin, Boaz Louise Mason, Camden Carol Anne Massingill, Aliceville Kenneth Minton, Gadsden Johnny M. Montgomery, Tuscaloosa Richard Moon, West Blocton Bob Moore, Marion Junction William M. Morgan, Butler George Morris, Demopolis Randy Morris, Columbiana Patricia Mosley, Toxey James McCann, Cuba John R. McCants, Jackson Herbert J. McCreary, Cleveland, Ohio Larry E. McFall, Bessemer Paul McGinnis, Meridian, Miss. Gerald McGough, Carbon Hill John M. McGuire, Livingston John O. McPherson, Beatrice N Grace Neel, Epes John Nelson, Mobile Jimmy Nettles, Arlington Dale Nicholas, Livingston Joan Noland, Livingston Wade Noland, Livingston Julian Nored, Dixons Mills 0 David Ogle, Albertville Evelyn Olive, Livingston Carol Overstreet, Flatwood P James R. Padgett, Union Springs Mary Parr, Demopolis Tom Perunovich, Warner Robbins, Ga. John Phillips, Livingston Kathryn Shelby Plott, Livingston Alfred E. Poole, Tuscamosa Mike Pope, Linden Doug Prescott, Birmingham Woodrow Prewitt, Northport Jerry Pugh, Ripley, Miss. R Harvey Ramseur, Selma Donna Reed, Coatopa Edmond J. Renaud, Woonsocket, R.l. Catherine Revel, Selma Ralph Richards Kitty R. Rives, Tyler William D. Rives, Sardis Donald Roberson, Birmingham Barry Roberts, Gilbertown Marty Roberts, Livingston James W. Roebuck, Eutaw Glynn Rolison, York Carol Ruffin, Aliceville S Yves C. Salord, Birmingham John Sanderson, Montgomery John M. Scheffer, Akron, Ohio Theresa P. Scherrer, Dear Park Linda D. Servey, Livingston Barbara Jean Shepherd, Birmingham Gloria Shepherd, Birmingham Sandra Shoemaker, Livingston Lee M. Shook, Mt. Brook Anne Simmons, Meridian, Miss. Sandra Sirmon, Fayette Johnny Sloan, Bellamy Barbara Sue Smith, Brewton Danny Smith, Tuscaloosa Elaine Stafford Smith Joanne C. Smith, Livingston Paul Smith, Columbiana William Smith, Atmore David Sperandio, Watertown, Mass. Michael B. Spiller, Tuscaloosa Thed Spree, Epes Jerry Spruiel, Birmingham Dennis Stephens, Forkland Larry Stephens, Milton, Fla. Mary Jo Stewart, Greensboro Bettye Stone, Selma A.L. Strickland, York Kaye Strickland, Aliceville Roanld E. Strickland, Smyrna, Tenn. Virginia Strickland, Butler Pat Stuckey, Jackson George Arthur Sullivan, Livingston T Juanita Taylor, Bladon Springs Doris Thompson, Fayette Don Thornton, Sulligent Michaet J. Thrash, Butler Judy Tillman, Fernandina Beach, Fla. Wayne Trotter, Rawmer Janeen Tubbs, Moundville Frank D. Turner, Fort Lauderdale Frank P. Turner, Tuscaloosa Ralph Vogel, Sylacauga W Kay Wadkins, Tuscaloosa Garrett Wadkins, Century, Fla. Cora Wainwright, Butler Kathy Walthall, Panola Andrea Ward, Demopolis Johnny Ray Ward, Shortleaf Ralph 8. Ward, Brent Billy Watford, Abbeville Linda Watkins, Tuscaloosa R.L. Watson, Livingston Kyle Weaver, Tuscaloosa Robert Charles Welch, Toomsuba, Miss. Paul Werking, Montgomery Robert M. Wheeler, Margarita, Canal Zone John Wiesendanger, Anniston Virginia Kay Wiginton, Gordo Bobbie Faye Williams, Meridian, Miss. Jeannette Williams, Monroeville Steve Williams, Eufaula Gloria Wingate, Linden Peggy Wise, Livingston Carl David Wright, Pisgah Roger Wynn, Foley Y George Yarbrough, York Charles Young, Livingston Bill Younkin, Tuscaloosa IN MEMORIAM MR. A. M. JACKSON In memory of one who devoted his life's work to helping students develop their minds and work with their hands, we pause.

Suggestions in the University of West Alabama - Paragon Yearbook (Livingston, AL) collection:

University of West Alabama - Paragon Yearbook (Livingston, AL) online yearbook collection, 1968 Edition, Page 1


University of West Alabama - Paragon Yearbook (Livingston, AL) online yearbook collection, 1970 Edition, Page 1


University of West Alabama - Paragon Yearbook (Livingston, AL) online yearbook collection, 1969 Edition, Page 19

1969, pg 19

University of West Alabama - Paragon Yearbook (Livingston, AL) online yearbook collection, 1969 Edition, Page 104

1969, pg 104

University of West Alabama - Paragon Yearbook (Livingston, AL) online yearbook collection, 1969 Edition, Page 42

1969, pg 42

University of West Alabama - Paragon Yearbook (Livingston, AL) online yearbook collection, 1969 Edition, Page 180

1969, pg 180

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