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. , ww- ' n f r, w.;;.;;. '1' - " 'f .' I; . Ff;.o:'uo'fy- ,: . . . 3.". I ,h 1' - if! .L 4',- ,N' I ' r it x"'-".' M I ,w- , ,- . "I ,1 ' 'l jtF .qur M. 59" 4510f '5 --;.',' 'vr 'ry'w w nah: .y;,.,.,.o..;. .9 x3: I. ' .itliin'! leingston State College Editor: Linda Bailey Llwngston, Alabama Assistant Editor: Marthae Fundren Vol. 58 DEDICATION '2 A ..- ;L..--; A 1 lIr- gr- pl'nt'mwr llllhl 1w mum Illinp. Hr mlhl ilhpil1'.diq'i- plinv. umpulllm: uml gllitir'. Our annual F timlirutwl In a man Mm F nut jlhl 41 pruhxwr lull a qu-t-iul h'it'llll ulm giuw gvnvrulhh n1 IIF Iimv umi uiulum. HF PIIIIHhiLhIH fur litr- uml lvumin; h midwnl in ewwnlllin; Ilw JUN. Hut mm! mt. all 1w F wn-l-iul lu-umw hr nut nnl-x Amrith lull Hmlt-Ixtumh IIlH' gt-m-mlinn. V mullvr nhal IlLlIllH'lh l1:- qill lwlio-uw in lb and th-n Ll IH-Ipin; lmnd 1w nur lrnulllw: t-nrnm: klgvmt-nt in mm :linlmndntmvnlx antl Jlurw in mm xivlurit'x Fur Ilu-w Iw'dwnx m- chlirutr- Illt' 1008 PH: ULU In lAnn Smith. 40-, -.. -,......wl A .. -8 ... 1 V; 4 77 ' . V "V; - , '- , .1. . up; "u ; - " v5: ,. . -.., 3';-m, 1.;g":,g x. ' v , .2 ..::: -xr'. - :- ....-...A ; "'1': v- . - . . -' ;- rr J. $., .3; -w- .. 4.. - - I vti. 'r f 0F movuzm xmuxlsm BL'ILDNE: , , cmprs m ems . . , . 0mm. HONORS.... spoms.., cussm EPILOGL'E,,. ADVERTISENIBK mm ....... JTS INTRODUCTION ...................... 6 ADMINISTRATION .................... 19 BUILDINGS .......................... 41 CAMPUS LIFE ........................ 49 GREEKS ............................. 59 ORGANIZATIONS ..................... HONORS ............................. SPORTS .............................. 125 CLASSES ............................. 161 EPILOGUE ........................... 208 ADVERTISEMENTS ................... 209 INDEX ............................... 232 1 5 W Va n wkigmmw, 27::va 19.1wa 9' 5E1; 2. JL.J 5... -, 7......" -umu- s .. . . . x -, .vx N y - u . ' l; 1 .v I D x . 7:, V " I K 4 ' J n my 26f L. 7 i x; 77? ??zlg In t W O r G .B n O t lVlIlgS .- .- : 3 V Wyn ;' 'J: a u , szltt u, . i -.D .aLAvaf' . i . l 1 it me Da-i . I " -u, K we .1: wa- o mwclu Livingston Is Routine I XQN." ' "' f " 5 5-K6 X?" $511.1; I, iiI ,. . m: 53 , :9 5 J , l i m 1w u H. g' t W" t '11 -.V Livingston Is Friendship ,Qm and the New g mm mm? 5.. w:55: 4 w ,ww .. am: ADMINISTRATION AND F ACULTY ? i 2,. L N m T A R T E m. M D A As you look through this edition ol the Paragon, you will see highlights of a historie period at Livingston State College. Although every year spins out history as it goes. and though eaeh day is significant as we live our time on this earth. your school is now in the midst of one of its most exciting and challenging era. This annual reflects the tempo of the times at Livingston State-the growth, the develop- ment. the willingness to forge ahead to new endeavors and greater service. I invite you as you look through these pages to observe the evidenees of things done during,r this year of 1967-68 and to resolve-he you student. parent. alumnus. friend or faculty member eto do your part to help Livingston State College accomplish even more next year and the years after. May this Paragon be not only a cherished reminder of the things that have been, but a stirring call to things that are yet to happen-if we make them happen. John E. Deloney President DEAN OF STUDENTS JAMES P. HOMER DEAN OF WOMEN VIRGINIA IRWIN N W DENTS ms P. HOMER DEAN'OF GRADUATE SCHOOL DR. ROBERT B. GILBERT .7.......K...n...-nw .w,. , . DEAN OF STUDENT PERSONNEL SERVICES IHiJAMEscuRAYBURN 23 DEAN OF ARTS AND SCIENCES DR. RALPH M. LYON DEAN OF BUSINESS AND COMMERCE; CHAIRMAN OF THE COUNCIL OF DEANS DR. OWEN LOVE DEAN OF . TEACHER EDUCATION DR. HOWARD FORTNEY ,wrWW MM' . JWV a mxxx mxk W 25 DIRECTOR OF COLLEGE RELATIONS JOHN NEEL BUSINESS MANAGER W. W. BROWN I ..-.......-rvH .- - John G. Blackwell Treasurer $ Assistant Business Manager Frank Brown Director 01. Computer Center Holland Floyd Director of Buildings and Grounds Una Mae Harmon Director Of Webb Hall Robert Holycross Assistant Director of Buildings and Grounds Don Johnson Director of Athletics Georgia C. Mellown Registrar Beverly Moore Director of Infirmary Janie Morgan Director of Library Lloyd Parnell Director of Laboratnry School Jerry Smith Director of Auxiliary Services William B. Stuart Director of Financial Aids 27 - 3-7...." MM..- .. STAFF Elizabeth Bagby Secretary to the Director of the Lalmratun School t Faye Bedwell secretary to the Treasurer Lyda Black Divisional Secretary Ruby Nell Boyd Nurse Frances Bridges D1v1510nal Secretary Frances Brown Secretary to the Librarian Emogene Dial Secretary to the Dean of Students Margie Dial t Secretary to the Registrar and the Dean nl Student Personnel Services Martha M. Fluker Assistant Librarian Sandra Uarretl Secretary to tho Dirt-t-tnr nth Cnllvgt' RPLI' tiuns Han Lou Griffin Rssislant Librarian 28 hie Hatnir' Lsiztant Librarian Dr, Hume C. Hun! Physician Nell Markham Secretary to the President Uinred H, Hellrm'n u M In the Business Manager And Din . 5h Man Camlyn Moody Divisional Secretary M Dances Murrav DIHSIUMJ Secretarvt Hum S. 01111 WEClerkond lthnnye Soon Hmmother V? 111! r'h HJJA h" Inf, Mr HI W L 'Hw H"'Jm-H ' -v 7 1H h, 'hr lhbmr , 7 . 1 via Hlmk lIm-wnal V4 Man Hutu VII Bub! 11-3- hm: r- BHIL'r- le-xunal M rrun him" Hymn Vv Hun lu 1hr lvaramn leuF'" Um ,, Urdu H .erH- r'"u,, Int? 11141" 1th KrJ-UH m V mun " . : . .'.,., .!...-: W , 11 WV Ur. vhf xl W" ,m: !! Il-Hmb L. HWYI .yl LII" , nu!" M ' I'W' LHVH Urv " Hym .'I ' l: . Eltie Haynie Assistant Librarian Dr. Horace C. Hunt Physician Nell Markham Secretary to the President Mildred H. Mellnwn Secretary to the Business Manager and Divi- sional Secretary Carolyn Moody Divisional Secretary Mary Frances Murray Divisional Secretary Flora S. Ormond File Clerk Jnhnnye Scott Housemother Thelma Simpkins Housemnther Wynuna Hester White Records Clerk Pat Wood Nurse SCHOOL OF ARTS AND SCIENCES w DIVISION OF BIOLOGICAL iND PHYS ' fthe W" m" WI themallcs con gyChemistry amel'f Bwogy n ivision ma 1 Within the D it. Ma thematics Natural ences. Zeno Bailey Carol Card Cecil Conley Sammy CUIPCPPCT Ph. D. Ohio St. U.: Professor of B S Livingston State; Instruc PhD. N.C. St. U.; Professor 0f 3-5. Livingston Stale; Instruc- Biology tor-Part Time Chemistry tor-Part Time James Gray Richard Holland A. J. Killebrew Jerry McGriff MS. Univ. Miss.; Assistant M. Ed. Livingston State; Assist- MS. Auburn Univ.; Assistant B. S. Livingston State; Instruc- meessor of Biology ant Professor of Biology Professor 0f Mathematics tor-Part Time I iii 1 Anh ?JIC'S' Univ :ryhlmer mi stmuf 055 K35 M Ed Liiamldp gen,Cy rofessmo Df'NatS Pm: mug?! One Of the seven administrative divisions of the College, the Division of Biological and Physical Sci- ences and Mathematics consists of four Departments; namely, Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics, and Phys- ics. Within the Division majors are offered in Biology, Mathematics, Natural Sciences, and Physical Sci- ences. l! Lt! V SMIHIIW a-Pm l. ;. unw- -""" MJMHZ-c Arthur Marler Cecil Murphy .Aileen Nixon . Beulah Pinson . M.C.S. Univ. Miss.; Assistant M1Ed. Livingston State; Assist- M-Ed- lemgston Statei ASSISI' M-S- Ala. Collegeg ASSISIant Professor of Biology ant Professor of Biology ant Professor of Nat. Scnence Professor of Nat. Selence Harold Serve Alda May Spieth Charles E. Tugker M. Ed. Univ. Pitts; yAssistant Ph.D. Univ. Chicago; Professor Ph.D. Umv: Ala.; Asswtant Pro. Professor of Nat. Science Of Bi010gy fCSSOF 0f BlOlOgY 31 John C- Craiger Margaret Gilbert Robert B. Gilbert Virginia Huey M.A.Tulane;Associate Profes- A. B. Livingston; Instructor- Ph. D. Vanderbilt; Dean of M. 5. Auburn University: AS- sor 0f Romance Languages Part Time School of Graduate Studies and sistant Professor of EngliSh Professor of English M Ed Eeuy Land . Alice B. Larkin James Luve Margaret Murphy P.f . ?vmgsgon; ASSIStant Ph. .D. Radcliff; Professor of B. D. Emory: Assistant Profes- 35' Auburn University: In- r0 essor 0 Enghsh Engllsh sor of Religion structor-Part Time Z1 Nathaniel Reed Beverley E Smith L i V 1 . , , . ynn A. Sm1th MA. Columbia: Assuc1ate Pru- M.A. Univ. Miss.; Assistant M.A. Univ. Miss.: Associate fessor 0f English meessor of English Professor of English Betty Jean Tucker Harold N. White Will'am E W'l M. Ed. Livingston: Assistant PhD. Univ. Texasf Professor of M.A. Murriiy St: U.l'51:i:soeiate Prufessor of English English Professor of Speech 81 Drama The Division of Languages and Literature Offers both a major and a minor in English. In addition the English Department Offers a number of graduate- level courses that may fulfill the requirements for an English con- centration in the M. Ed program The division offers candidates for the A. B. degree a two- year program in either French or Spanish In the division is also the Department of Speech and Dramatics. Division organizations are Theatron and its affiliate. Alpha Psi Omega. national collegiate dramatics fraternity. The Division of Lanuuages and Literature is noted for its fine staff and its production of high quality teachers for secondary schools In this area DIVISION OF FINE AND PRACTICAL ARTS ' Fuller JhHPaIL: Jerry Englen . Janlce 0 Na M.EdJQIEFSLE. EzigggidAssist- M.S. Univ. 111.: Assistant Pro- 35. Umv. Ala.: Instructor Part ?S-L'Vmwnnilnmpr ' ant Professor of Music fessor of Music Tlme me I ' .lliam C. Tidwell e . , P t Fehz Conrad Schwarz W1 . . . . Mmm Ed.D. A532: Uanirf.r;mlsar0fessor Ph,D, Columbia; Professor of M.A. Columbla, Assomate Pro Ph. Mk . ell l'niv. Ma; m of Music Fine Arts fessor 0f Flne Arts HEW n... ' l The Fine Arts Division is made up Of Art 8K Music concentrations. The Art Department offers a minor 1n art as well as contributing courses for Elementary teachers. Painting is a popular elective for students who enjoy an 35 a hobby. The music department offers the A.B.. 8.5.. and Thnmus K. Brown B.M.E. degrees in music. Many music organizations and Tr, l:h.1y Fla. 51mg ll: Assistant ensembles are available to music students and non-musm 4,... INHWWUHIUW students. Applied music hprivate instructiom is offered mg. L. 1,1,er HTiAli"?liwdfgsmm campus wide to interested students. Phi Mu Alpha. Na- mu I'mh-wwnHlmio H I . . tional Music Fraternity for Men. and Delta Omicron. Na- 1., MW" Wiht'unw tional Music Fraternity for Women. is very actlve 1n the ' . W V W'Ilml'id l Hiwrxihz department. A student chapter of MENC. Musw Educaturb heeleldlll Prnlmmr J Finr his National Conference. has been organized for the studenIb interested in Music Education. J1, , y , ,. ?Jth Parks Dukes Elizabeth Hoover George Monks James P. Pate e , . K : 1.- ' ' Jf Brs. lemgston; INSIFUCWT Part M.A. Columbia: Professor of Ph.D. Univ. Mich.; Professor of M.A. Miss. State; Assistant 'f Tlme History History Professor of History XL 1 ' l w W'arren 1. Smith James I. Snowden Margaret B. Wilson , , X--- M" Ph-D Umv. Ala.; Professor of B. S. Livingston; Instructor MA. Duke Univ.; Assistant V h ' r , 7K . H'SWFY Part Time Professor of Sue. Sciences . KN .x xhd ..',u 1 Huh N W ., . h' Th ' gr? " The Division of Social Sciences is composed of four ' H' I'D M departments: the Department Of Geography, the Depart- " IN". w ment of Political Science. the Department Of Sociology. "1 l, u and the Department of Social Science. A major is Offered 'v " W h ,, h in history and social science and there is a minor available ' m M in history and political science. x V l y. H. V a. " "H v ., h l 35 SCHOOL OF TEACHER EDUCATION DIVISION OF HEALTH AND PHYSICAL EDUCATION Phillip Agricola BS. Alabama College; Instruc- lnr- Part Time Hortense Hester HA. University of Alabama; Associate Prnfessur of Physical Edm'atinn Michael D. Andrews BS. University of Alabama; Instructor Morris Higginbotham MA. University of Alabama; Associate Professor of Physical Education Mitchell Caldwell B.S. Jacksonville; Instructor- Part Time Don Johnson M.A. Peabody; Associate Pro- fessor of Physical Education James E. Carroll BS. University of Alabama: Instructor Allen Jones BS. Auburn University: In- structnrePart Time Livingston State College offers a diversified program of health and physical education. Courses available in the program range from team sports. individual ahd dual sports. and rhythmical activities. The college supports a fine program of both intramural and intercollegiate sports. Livingston State is a member 0f the National Collegiate Association and the Alabama Collegiate Conference. JackPoweH VIN L'niversily of Aubum: jnwnl Professor of Physical tmlinn Virginia Young V H anlon L'niversily: kw gr Professor of Physical m aliun Robert Riesener Jerry Smith M- K. Turk MS. Barry College: Assis- M.Ed, Livingston State Cnl- 85- Livingston Slate C01- tam Professor of Physical lege: Assistant Professor of lege;Instructor-'Par1 Time Education Physical Education Jack Powell M.Ed. University of Auburn; Assistant Professor of Physical Education Virginia Young M.Ed. Boston University; Asso- ciate Professor of Physical Education Sim i 'H'nru . I m l'nnmml- , . uulr h 37 38 .1." kn- hhxwrlh H5 lllHl'lHH ul Vuullu-rn lehxnppl; hqqanl Prnllenr nl lmhhlrml Uh .lmx-ph I'Llrlx FJil' llmrhm n! Ualnmm; Ludanl Pluhwxnr n! Hlmw Hun l l.lllv 1w Ilmxkuh Win! Innudnn N.Ht'1ullvuv; lethl l'lnllwuur ..t Hlllml llnll , -,-v ".4. - -vv..a. w... mey C. Bain HA, lniu-rmy of Mahatma: 'hshlunl Prufrsmr of Hduva- tiun Erln Fisrhvr HID. lniu-hily uf Xlalmma: Nvixlunl Prnhwwr u! Edmu- linn .Lmuw Hill W.I-Z:i. lnin-nily nl' Uulmmu: hqqmll Prnhwmr of P11111111- Hun Guy Duncan EdD. Auburn University; Pm- Iessur of Education Lawrence Garrett 8.5. Livingston Stat? Cullege: Instrut-tur - Part Time Lottie Htmd HA. Appulm-hian Stair Tech- niral Cnllogr-z Assistant Profes- wr M, Education , g, :wwm Elizabeth Dyson- MEd. Auburn Univermtyi As- sistant Professor of Education DE. Harris PhD. Peabody: Professor of Psychology A.M. Jackson MS. Pealmdy: ASSN'iau' PW' fessur uf Industrial :th kalherine Juhnslon w meessm nf Edna : WI: xismm Prlbfbwf nmrsily of Alabama- PhU D , .n - Mu... PA UM Parnell Wrsiu M 5""th 41 v, 2 m EH5 W alum PHyN , hubil ' "1th l h I mwmh 1 'J hm": 41.1!th . . ,,,., .-. 4"" l' u, "1'". ml rrvt'w', r, .bl.' ual' H! , . .u n5"; mu ...1- " Dr A V. "IL" , I l . U" u: Katherine Johnston M.A. University of Alabama; Associate Professor of Educa- tion Lloyd Parnell MS. University of Southern Mississippi; Assistant Professor of EducaKiun Margaret Steinwinder M.Ed. Livingston State Cnllege; Assistant Professor Margaret Lyon Susan McCain Ph.D. Columbia University; B.S. Livingston State College; Professor of Education and Instructor-PartTime Psychology Juseph Peterson Aver Rumley Ed.D. Columbia University: M.Ed. Livingston State College: Professor of Education and Assistant Professor of Educa- Social Sciences lion Virginia Taylor Katrina Turk M.Ed. Livingston State College; 3.5. Livingston State College: Assistant Professor of Educa- Instructor Part Time lion Kenneth Orso Ed.D. University of Alabama; Assistant Professor of Educa- tlon Roger Stafford B.S. Livingston State College; Instructor Part Time The School of Education offers undergraduate programs designed for the preparation of elemen- tary and secondary teachers. Other services provided by the school include the Laboratory School, a curriculum laboratory, a reading clinic and the Learning Resources Center. The faculty also provides field services fer public schools by providing consultants for curriculum studies and educational work- shops. The schoul nffers a fifth year program of graduate studies in elementary education. in secon- dary education and in administration and supervision. 39 SCHOOL OF BUSINESS AND COMMERCE DIVISION OF BUSINESS EDUCATION AND ADMINISTRATION Linda Alexander Richard Booker Glen W. Bridges Naomi Conley . M-A. University of Alabama: M.B.A. Lai Tech; Assistant MA. University Of Alabama; Ed. D: Umversny of Tennessee. Assistant Professor of Business Professor of Business Associate Professor of Business Assoc1ate Professor of Busmess Owen Love Estelle Scales Ed.D. Cnlumbia: Dean of M.S.C. University of Alabama; Schml of Business and Com- Assistant Professorof Business menu and Prnfessor of Busi- nvss The Business Department at Livingston State College offers majors in buSiness administratinn. and business education. It offers minors in accounting and economics. A two year commercial program is also offered. The department is growing with proportionate rapidity. Increased student interest is making posmble a better program, a better program will further increase student Interest. 1 hus a favorable "business cycle" is in the making. BUILDINGS BIBB GRAVES HALL is the largest building: on the campus. It contains the College administrative offices. as well URN Ni V'- as Clasmmms. laburamries. faculty offices. and the auditorium. Mpr'. HRUt'k H H I ' , . I . . n . x . I ' I , I .l mu 1H 1' . "IN 1.t Hlt lhru um 11 ,x dormitories. In addmon to durmilorx' fat'ililivx Brm'k V'mm'm MW XHN Ju: xlunum nxml tnr nn-Mings. prugramx and wciql vwnh I . 'Hthl rm ' 1'. "r W I'd m m . 4? ELISHA ASHE YOUNG HALL is the college cafeteria. In addition to the main dining room and the kitchens, there is a private dining room for special events. JULIA TUTWILER LIBRARY is located across the street from Bibb Graves Hall. The air-conditioned building houses the Colleges collection of books and periodicals. It contains reading moms. offlces, a workroom. conference rooms. rooms for special materials, and other iacililles. 43 KILBY HALL houses the campus elementary school. usually known as the hLah School." In addition to the classv mums. it contains a modern cafeteria. offices. a large recreation room known as the hOld Gym? and other facili- ties. WW mum "-- -- ,1 owi . e v r : V? e r e I I I I h l .lhf-ihON APAR FHLN r5 mmsnts of three buildings. It provides attractive and comfortable housing; f0r lh'm hm lgumluw. Hw apartments are vnmpletvly furnished. W MIN W m'y'F' THE PRESIDENTS HOME is a modern residence for the President of the College and his family. It has facilities for entertaining official guests of the College, and is sometimes used for special social events. PRUITT HALL houses the Music Department and the Physical Education Department. dios. and practice mumst as well as the College gymnasium are located 1n thls bulldmg. Classrooms. offices. stu- , zyKesz , 45 SISK HALL is a dormitory for men. 11 is linked to Stickney Hall by a comfortable lounge which serves both dormi- tories. STHIKNl-ZY 11 - . - . ; X11 h 11" 111ml durmltury 10F mvn. 11 also vontains an apartment 1'011111' 1111-11113 nu-mlwr MW WWN 1h unwrxiwr 111. 11111 dunnilnn. m'mmrymym THE STUDENT CENTER is the oldest building on campus. The facilities for the Industrial Arts Department are housed in this building. It also contains classrooms, rooms for student activities, the college duplicating facilities, and the faculty mail boxes. WEBB HALL is the dormitory for women. It serves as the social center of the campus. It contains lounges. parlors. a social hall. and the office of the Director of Womenhs Housing. 47 , . m br 1150 by Ilw Fall Hf 10h: Thl h x x HIP IIIWH' I r .Il .lllt'lIlIl' lbllil I ' r! lilllF umivr Flbll U'llt'linll It I iViH I 7' t A " UH; 1310 '4!'19'9 h 3 S A . WIH lN' run! rwu'vrn MWumyx W . - - . .v This darn physical educatlon IS geltmg harder every day. Whal! We've been huff Mama. said college would make ladies out of us. x . vs xxilh nur mumW x" 1 v I V , M ' m xx Hi Hall. 50 Ihatls what 1w dn 11911171 , ... 111.111.. Co for i!!! How did you ever guess? Wigwa .. .7111. fiXZiii .. ,1 711.110.. 1.1g . 1.9.? 171714511 11:1 4114 14 $ 111.111 .2131. A 1.1.171an mm. ZZZZ?1 161?? . 111.1,. .1115 121111 1211 , ., ., 111531.22 -1. a t v.11? ? ve been freed. What! We What do you mean ifs dogs life! dry mold mkr ladies oulofus. HI give you 5.00 to make me queen. Now Fll tell you like it is. 1- 1 lll Ivl mu un Illv t .mmm :mnu-YY'J v , I l mudv an N m Hlulngx. For the fiftieth time . . . ; 2 i z 2 t Does this go on all the time? , t WVMt M it was a nice party! Would you let a tree come between us? ,.. .0 7. . --.- .. vaur Whal'd you mean? False eyelashes! Sure. my name is Mr. C001". l u m1 imq S , v .- . x . H roL . . Hwy sald n was coffee! It was that long! Has anybody seen the girl with the skinny legs? . at nunr 1- W, leff Then a feint to the right. like this. IVs really nothing to lose your head over. 55 ' ' . 99 Are you diagramming more now. but enjoymg 11 less.. I don,t have a handbook. How about my apple? Of course. I know I have bad breath!!! 1'mrx..m-wu wn'llm h1'10Fulllllilillerrulllhy Ny- w m ' -vvm Sure ll 9 I I e V 0 p6 W go he 1011 b 0n I l M c ' I Wink Hub 1M1! an 1;: Ma ' rllyn d , onH yo u km yw freshmen d0 n t car . ry pur sesm' m bvrl'hnj l0" . I m" Ev en M' ' dnlyn M onme I Iad It D start somewhere!" Th at wag L, some " ' trlp" we ttmk" ..!I' 57 Oh. Ethel. you are so funny!!!!!! Of course. you know Pm on a cheerleader scholarship. , a th'lWM Wm N 0915'wa a new blade. She forgot to tell me that it was I hid that cooler somewhere. GREEKS OFFICERS-Slanding: Charlotte Harris. President: Marty Roberts. Mason. Chaplain; Sue Nessmith, I.S.C. Representative; Mary Ellen Ray. Samoan! at Arms: Jada Williams. Reporter; Marlene Lee. Secretary. Corresponding Secretary; Jane Jackson. Treasurer; Barbara Harris. 81711011: Brenda Brewer. Vivv-President: Louise Mason. Historian; Mary Pledge Captain; Margaret Lucky. Parliamentarian. PLEDGES Standing: Judy Hannah. Btwkl Estes. Sally Smith, Betty Tims. Dyna Rexmde. Doris Jenkins. Billie J0 UM Sheila Hood. Seated: Luis Sellers. Dlanr Ballard. Kay Strung. Barbara Free. 5 Is! Ifyf'vhwi". th D h h 5: 1-4 Trumrt. Karyn .. . Puwzuu SORORITY BEAU-Gene Brewer Organized in the fall of 1960, Delta Chi Omega is the youngest sorority on campus. Delta Chi Omega strives for high scholarship, encourages becoming char- acter, and establishes high ideals and standards for its members. The sorority sponsors many worthwhile pro- jects. Among these projects are furnishing milk for the laboratory school and clothing two needy children dur- ing Easter. Each fall the pledges sponsor a Harvest HOP. The Rose Ball, the sororitth formal dance, is held each winter. A traditional hobo party is held during summer quarter. Row 1: Mary Ashley. Brenda Brewer, Diane Doggett, Billie J0 Ford. Row 2: Barbara Harris, Charlotte Harris, Marion Housel, Jane Jackson. Row 3: Marlene Lee, Margaret Luckey. Louise Mason, Mary Mason. Row 4: Maricay Melcher, Sue Nessmith, Mary Ellen Ray. Mary Renaud. Row 5: Drena Rexrode, Marty Roberts, Lois Sellers, Gloria Shepherd. Row 6: Sally Smith, Betty Stone, Kitty Swaim. Betty Tims. Row 7: Pat Wheat, Jada Williams. PLEDGES-Rmr 1: Cheryl Barrow, Vurlhu Duvidwn. Rulu-rta Thompson. Mlclh Luxu'h. Minna Lurrumnrv. Row 2: .Ium- ICILmL Sandy Vublos. Jamie 011mm. Bvlh Rnlwrls. Row 3: Duris Thumpxnn. Curmlx n Ll'Crm. unda W NP. Bi-u-rlx Brmulhvud. Linda W iso- nmn. Dmnv thvndgv. Uvnrimu Bun .I;:1'.Hdrllxn Rhmh-IL OFFICERS-Nenie Fretwell. President: Janm Walker. Vice-President: Sandra Champion, 8w. retary: Nancy Ham. Treasurer: Candy Partm. Pledge Captain; Frankie Dozier. Historian; Charla Brantley. Publicity Chairman: Kay Liv ingston. Parliamentarian; Joyce Hardesty. 15.0 Representative. x - x CE :9: r 3 E : a.?.m Ma,m.ww,.,.t t ew$nuiu.w.t V wvw.-..t PLEDGE BEAU-Crady Jones SORORITY BEAU-Gary Wadkins Phi Delta Mu is a local sorority which provides for the social and scholastic growth of its members and encourages participation in civic functions, as well as in College activities. Phi Delta Mu was organized in 194-0. The sorority plans to go national within the next year. The sorority sponsors sorority-fraternity socials, the Christmas Ball, the Turkey Hop, and many other func- tions. It is closely affiliated with the Livingston Lions Club. Row 1: Betty Averette, Glenda Bogle, Cathy Boshers. Charla Brantley. Row 2: Pam Breedlove, Karen Broadhead, Mar- garet Bynum, Sandra Champion. Row 3: Cherry Chaney. Frankie Dozier. Glenda Deloach, Nettie Fretwell. Row 4: Carol Gibson, Nancy Ham, Sheila Hamlin. Joyce Hardesty. Row 5: Ann Hill. Sharon Lamberth, Kay Livingston. Andrea Luker. Row 6: Alpha Lyon. Jamie Odum, Mary Anna Parr, Candy Parten. Row 7: Marilyn Robertson. Susan Stacey, Mary .10 Stewart. Janet Walker. Row 8: Mary Beth Warrick. OFFICERS-Seated: Sally Beech, Parliamentarian; Cherry Dueitt, Pres- Bridges, Betty Hicks, and Carol Ruffin, I.S.C. Representauves; and Judv idem; Brenda Hicks, Vice-President; Andrea Jackson, Secretary; Kay Burke,Hist0rian. ' Wiginton, Treasurer; Pal Stuckey. Chaplain. Standing: Kathryn PIAEDUHH-SV Ill ' ' ' 1nd,". FMM- Hz w. R014 1 Wary Pvarsnn. Btwky Ratloy. Gail W'illiams. Martha Ctmlwn Prissy Cray. Run 9' B'lrh' v . ' -. llrd llnklo mutrh - ., ' ' Edit. NIu-q- Grantham. Simulin ,. lg, 'f :Jdmu NHN -Jill1ls ngalr. Barbara Dumas. Glnriu W In- Mmmn Ballard. EHN- lullormn Tin NTFJ I?Utlvdw'. Dlmn'd RCNL Sara Andcrwn Barbara BUHL . , ny umpIrvvs Kax Qmith v ' b A V . - , K .dnd Lamlxn Oswall. 7 z WO 0 712 77 42 WWW , , x X . ;?0 ?413??WW ??;7Z?;?;;??W r?????344W x 9x1 A? W x x x 3x x xxxxw xxxxxxx mxwx w w xx RN $NXK xx x . A m ; K ?x k xxx x xXK N XX x W Sorority Bvau: James Hall Tau Omega Pi was organized in 1939 and is the Oldest sorority on Campus. The purpose of the soror- ity is In develop scholarship. sm-ial life. and sister- hood in its members. Annual projects of Tau Omega Pi are the formal Green and White Ball, Halloween Dance, selling Humevnming mums. and various Char- ity ijWfts. Tau Omega Pi is also interested in pro- moling srhnnl spirit on vampus and has several pmj- H18 in this area. Raw 1: Paula Asaff. Mary Battle. Sally Beech. Kathryn Bridges. Sara Jane Brnnknver. Judy Burke. Gail Cnlee. Sara Crumptnn. Merwin Davis. Cherry Dueitt, Linda Essary. Paulette Fox. Kathie Carnell. Carol Hanson. Betty Hicks. Brenda Hicks. Martha Hold- er. Andrea Jackson. Pam Langham. Vicki Loftish Sherry Mc- Millan. Sarah Moody, Judy Newman. Carol Overstreet. Bobbie Papizan. Theresa Patrick. Catherine Revel. Carol Ruffin. Barbara Sue Smith. Betty Smith. Sharon Smith. Brenda Stune. Kaye Strit-kland. Pan Stuckey. Cora Myrtie Wainwright. and Kay Wig- mlnn. ERS Bill M ' Treasurer Danny Butler Recording Secretary; Mike Thrash, Vice-President; John Torre, President; B111 Joe Lane, Com- OFFIC - anmng. . 7 spunding Secretary; and David Sperandio. Sergeant at Arms. PLEDGES Martin W9 L n. . Ron I: Bub Ambrusv. Hux Culp. Marvin Durkin. Hershell Ezell. Skip Sparks. Chuck Thurmond. Ralph Vogel. Rush Wa Q0 l-ln Runnm Harris. Dmis Huyvs. Ronald Honslee. Tom Kelley. Rou' Singer.III. ." Dunkx Hd'mugh. Larry Hitchvll. Joe Mullaly. Richard Pape. Glenn DELTA CHI The Livingston Chapter of Delta Chi was founded on August 21, 1965. It has grown into a very strong competing fraternal organization. Delta Chi believes in scholarship, sports, and social activities. They tied for first place for the overall scoring in all six sports played in intramural sports. Among their social activities are the White Carna- tion Ball and the Indian Party. Row 1: William AverilL Danny Butler. Jim Cain. Bill Campbell. Row 2: Tom Carlyon. Harold Connell. Ted Copeland. Robert Davis. Row 3: John Floyd. Tom Fox, Lee Handley. Rodney Har- ris. Row 4: Fleetwood Hollinger. Mickey Howell. Billy Joe Lane, Wade Lipscomb. Row 5: Bill Manning. Marty Ott, Don Pugh, Carl Raley. Row 6: David Sperandio, Don Thornton, Mike Thrash, John Torre. Row 7: Jim Whittingtnn and Houston Young. Don Thornton and Carl Haley are diligently working on the remodeling of the Delta Chi house. Mr. Arthur Marler. Faculty Advisor ' ' - ' ' : Skeelf'f Jackmn. - Secretary, John Stuart, Warden, Frank Fuller Hlsmnan ' 1 H111. Treasurer; Harry Shlver. OFFILERS-Joe Alexander. Archnn, Noe Chaplain; Dr. Patrenos. Chapter Advisor. PLEDGES . . V . . S .lhfrmnSplinng Ron I: Rit-lmnl Buu-mnrv. Julm Brislin. Jerry Bundle. Randy Childcrs. RUIISUHLJIIHHD' SgWell; Rou'3. JOthnSthIILFEgUCTK ail. Bill hunk!"- Cm-il Cnlmn. Dulv lfhlridgv. Jimmy Frov. Jamvs Fitzpatrivk. Arnold JimmyStewarLMlke 519W3FL Ham 101""' Hull. Run 2: Durrxl Jalrksnn. Eddie l,iltlv. Darrvll HvBrayerK Gary 11!"1 Charles Zehner. Hmhm. Juhnm Hunlgunu'n irlq Osborn. Jimmy Rinvharl. E. T. Wm The purposes and objectives of our fraternity are meaningful and constitute a challenge to the individual. The importance of scholarship in fraternal life is recog- nized and Pi Kappa Phi is a main source of scholastic guidance and encouragement to its undergraduate mem- bers. The Livingston Chapter actively participates in every field of intramural sports. A well-balanced social program is provided by the chapter and includes our annual hRiver- boatH and hShipwreckedh, dances and the uStar Ballt, as the highlight of the school year. SWEETHEARTS Sweetheart: Merwin Davis; Court: Jane Shute, Frankie Dozier. Martha Kay Thompson, and Carol Hanson. Row 1: Joe Alexander, Sid Atkins, Dale Brigham, Leo Carvalis. Row 2: Van Crigger. Freddie Fishburne. Frank Fuller, Pick Gates. Row 3: Eddie Gentry, Tillman Hall. Noel Hill, Jerry Jack- son. Row 4: Skeeter Jackson, Bob Lankford. Brooks Mosher, Jimmy Padgett. Row 5: Eugene Pettis, Danny Rhodes. Bill Roee buck. Harry Shiver. Row 6: Van Smith, Dennis Stephens. John Stuart1 Fred Terry. Row 7: Danny Wallace. Don Watler, Gary Whidby. W-xxvztxwwmws NV$ UFFHIERS-Smmd: J. WC Carr. Presidem; Cary Wadkins. Vice-Presi- Historian; George Cami. Pledge Trainer; Ralph Ward. Sergeamm donl: Doug Graham. Chaplain; Mr. Glen Bridges. Advisnr. Standing: Rnn- Arms. ul4l Eppvrsnn. Treasurer: Sidney Averette. Secretary; Steve Bndin. PLEDGES Run l Tum lnn V III HI IA x 'nmL Hngm BH-HI. lt'rH ' " . V thn- Hvl Llwn. MM lhmx .IM anan Krilhv li:hrnskoxlllj: Hlkv Hdlruy Tum Hnn-HL WuynvProwitL1mmmx Imxxla Iu kx llnlnv, Wynn Hlluluw Mlmlx Jumw. HJIH Kin" hill Kill: "Hug Smith. "Pun 0113. and Craig xxini- ml. KW ' TAU KAPPA EPSILON SWEETHEARTS Sweetheart: Kay Livingston; Court: Charla Brantley. Jane Ellard. Karen Broadhead, and Brenda Hicks. Nwmx xx Tau Kappa Epsilon was the first national fraternity 0n the Livingston State campus. T.K.E. is a social fraternity which sponsors civic improvement programs, improvement of Livingston State College, and the social development of its students. Our local chapter actively participates in all intramural programs. In past seasons we have attained Row 1: Sid Averette. Steve Bndin. Doug Booth, Doug Brown. Row recogmtnm m football. Shhftballh apd obaSkEtball' TMKE 2: J. W. Carr. Dun Carroll. Dun Chandler. Bob Cleere. Row 3: Ed stands for scholarship as W811 as 500131 llft'. Study 113,115 are Cunlon. Rip Cummings. Bill Curbny. Ronald Eppersnn. Row 4: . - - , . Chip Freemam George Cami. Dwight Catlin, Doug Graham. Row held each mght for those Whn feel that they need help. 5: Mike Hall. Meriwether Henderson. Herbert McCreary. Jim Additional hel is iven b our associate members. Mathvws. Row 6: Tum Norton. George Patrenus. Jerry Pugh, p g 3' Barry ledvs. Row 7: Joe Rogers. Robert Rowland. Mike Schef- fer. Danny Smith. Row 8: Olin Stapp. Joe Trammell. Wayne Tmt- tor. Gary Wadkins, Row 9: Ralph Ward. William Watford, Charles Wclch. . Wm desty.Slum1ing: Doris Jenkins. Mary Dell Pagenhardt. Charlotte Harris. " u' ' e' , k- h - h ' ' . B It H'tks. Carol . , Dean X lrrlma Irmn. Aduor. seated. Cherry Duettt e y K Marlene Lee. Sue Nessmith. Janet Walker. and Netti Fretm-ll. Ruffm. Beth Smith. Kay Livingstnn. Nancy Hamm. and Joyce Har- TY The Inner-Sorority Council. formed in the summer of h t INNER-SORORI 1967, is composed of four representatives from each Soror- ERFR-xTERN ity. It encourages scholarship and sportsmanship among t CO. I QCIL the sororities. The sororities work together on sueh prujv COLx ' ects as Thanksgiving baskets and Christmas parties. It - LIL also serves as the means for the sororities to help each other in accomplishing their own projects. OFFICERS-Betty Smith. Treasurer: Joyce Hardesty. Vice-President; Marlene Lee. President; and Janet Walker. Secretary ' n- 1'th m lbr many w "P'Mlunr- frnm ranfm M In" epvn-mmthgzt; Min Ind t-grthrr un hclrh m! l hn-tnuv p1"- . In: "If mlnnun In hay b! nun prnyn l- a! 1A!" hub" myv'w , W W AWeeW h A5976 A ,z' 1 WW Seated: Eugene PeltisV Joe Alexander. Dun Watler. George Cantt. Dr. lynn. and Jnhn Torre. Standing: Mr. Glen Bridges-Advism'. ,I. W. Carrt Patrenns-Advisnr. Gary Viadkins. Steve Bmlin. Tum Norton. Tum Car- Bill Curboy. and Marty Otvt. INTERFRATERNIT l Toepromote the interests of Livingston State College, its spirit and the several fraternities represented therein, the Interfraternity Council of Livingston State College was CO. I IVCII organized. It serves to insure cooperation among said fra- ternities in order to foster better relations, and insure co- operation between them and the college officials to the end of better relationship. OFFICERS-Bill Curbuy. President; Tom Carlynn. Vice-PrE-sident; Eugene Penis. Treasurer; Don Waller. Secretary. 0' Mt memwwwmvmemms V. W t t El, x. Uh . . K H. x PH Vyf 7W '? AX, A W ORGAN IZATION S Marthae Fondren - Assistant Ldllor Wm xii Linda BaileyeEditur Mr. Glen Bridges-Advisnr The Paragon staff is responsible for the publication of the col- lege yearbook. The staff produces the beauty revue each winter quarter. In this yearbook, we have endeavored to show the true nature of Livingston State College.T0 show that Livingstnn State College is more than just an accumulation of buildings and grounds, we have tried to present the intricate part of college life that only the students can maintain. We wish now to express our gratitude to the faculty. student body, and staff for their cooperation in preparing the 1968 Para- Mike Thrash-Business Manager Larry Robinsone-Pht'tttgwpher y wawww x Hr i.gnu. Bob Cleere-Phntngrapher Andrea Luker-Copy Editor W H w mzm' ' .5" 'y aru- ': I: owlmthi ' 4' ' " ' u, T. .5;- m: 'l H?" - u... '4 NM? i n t" W '4 01,4, ; ivgf ,. a! cum min a V'wu , Wayne Trotter - Photographer Jada W illiams - Feature Editor Not shown: Alpha Lynn and John inelL 77 STUDENT GOVERNMENT ASSOCIATION John anre - President mm, W. W Pm h T- I. b mlwt' r M . - The Student Government Association is composed of regularly enrolled students. The purpose of the S.G.A. is to serve the students and promote cooperation between the students and the faculty and administration. The S.G.A. officers and senators are elected during the Spring quarter for one-year terms. The elections are held in accordance with the rules of the S.G.A. constitution. A special elec- tion is held in the Fall quarter to select the four freshman senators. Dean James Homer- Advisor Dan Davis-VicePresident Judy Burke-Secretary Bill Manning-Treasurer h Tme SENATORS- Seated: Candy Parten. Pat Stuckey. Janis Wingate, Jan- Butch Barnes, Gordie Penis, John Manchester, Skeeter Jackson, Gene ice Neese. Andrea Jackson. Cherry Dueitt. and Sharon Smith Standing: Brewer, and John Powell. W halal. -. 19v; , my a 'y u, x , : mp. Hum '3' .t'mu 5,; ; l Jinn u: wum- 1:"' ' p tr. m- r? "V' 1" g s. "A 14.53: 1-". V b n". .y "-u' yaw; - CABINET-Tom Norton, Mike Thrash, Netti Fretwell, and Bill Curboy. 79 MW-hh an s b vx... Seulml: Don CarrnlL Drenzi Rexrmlfx Gwen Olds. and Dun Chandlvr. Slumling: Doug Farris. Kyle Wrawr. Kevin Smith. Hikv Hull. Rita Umlf'rm- Barri RlWlh Wrriwvlhvr valvrsoni lid stsmilh. Jim Hilli Hii-hurtl Bqu'mUrP.dl11l Sandi Crow. W'APB. is the i'nllegv radiu station. It is npcratwi under the dirwtiun nf Mr. W. E. Wilmn. Stutlmils have programs tlimughnul thv day. WAPB. nf'f'ors. along with its musii-al pmgrums. a mmlium niivnmmunivalinn fur all rumpus funvtiuns. Row 1: Rita Godfrey. Betty Stone. Shirley McNeff, Sue Armstrong. Row 2: Jim Hill. Sandi Berning, Gary Black. Bruce Mathews. James Joyner. and Robert McCall. Theatron is an organization of students who participate in the dramatic: productions of the College. These students put on one play each quarter. Winter quarter they put on iiThe Cruci- ble.H To the right is a scene from their fall CIllal'ter play. HCeorge Washington Slept Here." BETA , . WW? igggga eh IIWW h ' illiams.Joe . . h ' ' Duem. Juanita Taylor. J-ada W , i - . k. D . Row 3 Laml Rumfh Cherry " ' .Brenda Brevere go"; I. gld Qvegrfttite'ffnrlerllliitgc$engfelgilll3rgighlgsfjki;:nSltiicklziheg. Trammel. Betty Hleks. Gary dekigsr;yvCh'$Iil.g;ngii:-S Alexander. and 833cc; Baarrrihs: Sarah Moody. Mhrthae Fondren, Charla Brantley. Mars Danny Wallave. Larnl Lonper. . A lene Lee, Judy Burke, Alpha Lyon, Harry Shiver, and Margaret Bynum. Brenda Stone. 2: $41 ig k W Q15. Delta Phi Beta is a campus service organization under the sponsorship of the Dean of Student Person- nel Services. Membership is by invitation, and only those students with impressive personal, social, and leadership records are considered. Members play important roles in such responsibilities as high school relations and fund-raising efforts. Officers pictured to the right: Tom Norton, Pres- ident; Gary Wadkins, Co-Ordinator; Nancy Hamm, Vice-Presidem; Charlotte Harris, Treasurer; Charla Brantley. CO-Ordinator; and Marlene Lee, Secr etary. Blue Key is a national leadership fraternity for outstanding men on campus. It was organized on the Livingston campus in the spring of 1967. Those eligi- ble for election to membership are outstanding ju- nior , seniors. graduate students, and. under certain conditions. sophom res. OFFICERS-Gene Brewer. Treasurer; Tom Norton. Vice-Presi- dent; John Torre. President; Ed Conlon, Secretary. Kim, M5 D f Harria' Dean 14111105 Homer. Mr. Glen Bridges-Advisurs. Tum Norton. Mitchell Gavin. Eugc-m- Pc-ltis. me Bn-wrr. Ed Cunlnn. John rhwrv. Dr. John Hum-hc-ste-I. .,,;.... .,,t.....- ..M.... .. t Vit'f' - . t t -' man: lem' Mann: Seated: Mrs. Una Harmon. Director Of Womenkz Housing; Charlotte arshtp Chalrman: Marlen? 191 Emilnfrtdlrsue Whilwmb. Freahma" Harris. Treasurer; Vida Agee. Cultural Chairman; Netti Fretwell. Presi- Prestdent; Mary Beth Warrlt . La . . dent; Dean Virginia Irwin. Dean of Women. Standing: Sue Culp, Schol- Representative. The Webb Hall Housing Council is the governing body of women students at Livingston State College. The council sets the rules and regulations that govern the conduct and appear- ance of Livingston coeds. It also administers disciplinary mea- sures whenever such action is deemed necessary. ?.?"nqtl Taid C irns. Culinwloi; liurry Hur'kuhm'. Monitor: BNHU Kirk- ljiiinil'i . tvlnitnr; Bmdl Bul'nvx, Chief tiniinsvlur; Hii-kv Hamsvy. Mmlitnr; A l H' hunlt. Unmlm. .S'Iumllng: Dmm .Iumt-s HUIIH'I. Mixisur: tivnil'w' rhe Menis Housing Cuum'il is an organization of paid student employees of L vingstun State College. 'IVhese stu- dents are vhzirgml with the responsibility fur planning. or- gdllilingi t'xm-uling. 11nd r-nnlinunus evaluating the stu- dent avlivilivs program 01' the nieifs durinitnries. TIW Cnunvil is equally I'PhpnllSilDlP fur the mmditinn Hf the physirul hu-ililivs. uppliunu-s. vquipmenl. materials. and WPPHPN Hi llll' tlnrmiluriva, 'IVIH- Cnum'ilis first rvslmlwihil- "y '5 m lmmmh- :1 pnsilive pmgrum 01' m'livilies for lhe llr-wix. Counselor Mile Altmander Vnunselor' Rube H . Q . H . . . . rl Wheeler. 0H .. Manager: Hike N'ln-Her. Ieh-phnne Operator: Ronnie Oswald. Mnnitiiif. lt-rri Murgunu nnilnr: and Wayne Wilmn. Counselor. . men residents and to offer pusitive guidance toward n atu- rity and seriousness of purpuse for all men residents. The Coum'ilk set-ond major responsibility is to protect. by vig- ornus enfnreement of rules and principles of conduct. the inlerest of the serious student by removing from the dormi- tnry any student whose ennduet proves that he is not yet ready fur the freednm and privileges that dormitory life 21 fft u n i s . SINFONIA John Brislie Charles Coon Jack Cooper John Dyson Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia is a national fraternity composed of men active in the field of music. Lambda Omicron Chapter promotes musical events on the campus. encourages active participatlon 1n Milton E2911 . d assists in various ways with the MitchellGavin musmal groups, an - . d -t l presentation of the concert serles, stu ent reel as. and other musical programs. Skeeter Jackson Gerald Latham John Manchester Barry Roberts kwlh Swwtun. Hr. James Crawford. Advisor: Charles Cmm. Alumni Secretary and Historian; Barry Roht-rlm h iern'sidt-nl: Hirhellt ' , t ., . Skeeter Jdt' Lewis Smith, Warden; Juhn Dysun. Iredsuur. Lavin. President. ALPHA RHO TAU Johnny Bowen. President Alpha Rho Tau. the art fraternity at Livingston State College, is an organization dedicated to the preservation 0f the fine arts. Formed two years agm with the cooperation of the college art department, JOhH Bailey, Vice'PmSidem Alpha Rho Tau has since grown in size. The fratern- ity sponsors an art show each spring as well as sev- eral other projects. Harvey Ramseur, Treasurer "u !v. e ,W- , . L 'W'fk ' ' ,. n .L 33,13, , a Lin. .1" . w u, U ' 1 l ' t Aa': 5. '1'. Seated: Harvey Ramseur. Paul Werking, Gary Bonner, Barry Smitherman. Standing:J0hn Bailey,Claude Dean,and Mike Duke. '3 87 P. E. MAJORS AND MINORS CLUB ngI. The Physical Education Majors and Minors awakens a wide Physit'al Education and Rovrvalinn dership. The Club intelligent interest in Health. and advances the Standards of teaching and lea portunities for professional service and lvadvrship. provides up It also sponsors all extracurricular athletic activities. arris. Treasurer: Shvilu Htmrl. 511-11-- ivturvd 10 Hip right: Sandy Crnss. OFFICERS-Jane Jackson. Publicity Chairman: Charlotte H tary: Netti Fretwell. ViL'e-President: Barbara Harris. President. P State Representative. HHIH-rl H 111111Mx.Jqu . - .- - I . Im .Lu kwn. Mona W Ingmp. mull ll , , meI. I .ll Inn. 5.1m ,Ium' Brnukmvl; Cumlv H L menL Jmlx Hullvw huln'qu-ksnn B anin Durk V ' k In. M v . . m-hvr. Harm Shixor lititllf 14""18 W allm-tu Cllurlnllr Harris. Vvlti Frvlm-ll. km lAmanL ! urlutru Hurrix. Annie Eurlv H.445 Huuwl. JJHP Javksum Sandy Cross. and SIu-llx LIIW'II- QGU9 CLUB Row 1: Clements Sprueill. Robert Bumpers, Jerry Evans, Bob Mc- SOD, Charles Bowman, Dewayne Johnson, Ken Gilliarid, Jerry Cams, Bobby McConnelL Paul Pope, Terry Howell, Ronnie Moore, Stearns, Porter Harris, Coach Reisener. Row 4-' Wayland Blake, Wayne Brunson. Row 2: Don Stewart, Phil Puccio, Roger Wynn. David Hubbard, Buddy Sanders, Eddie Johnson, Jimmy McCailliard, Richard Abston, Jimmy Sewall, Jimmy Nettles, Don Chamberlain, Bill Elliot,Marvin Durkin, Ronnie Duncan. Nels Strickland. Row 3: Ed Strickland, Ted Mashburn, Johnny Jack- The thh Club consists of students who have earned letters in intercollegiate athletics. This organization is a social group which promotes college spirit, athletic participation, and high scholastic standards. OFFICERS-Coach Robert Reisener, Advisor; Phil Puccio. Vice-President; Judy Burke. Sweetheart; Wayne Brunson, President; Charles Bowman, Treasurer; Ronnie Moore, Sergeant at Arms. V X9gyxmf away hlm. . . V . , . 1 1 3; A5 Bevky Ward. Treasurer; Sally Jackson. Pledge Captain; Linda Watkins. President; Sue CulpV Vlve-Premdem; blnrla Ehephard. RHH'Y" L l Sw'rvlary uml Chaplain. Delta Omicron is an international music sorority open In music majors and minors. It encourages excellence of individual perfnrmanve. appreciation of guud musiv. and high scholastic attainment. It sevks to promote the welfare uf women in music. Sealed: d . ' , . Ju y Burkf L'mla SWWM and MIPUY LUXiPh. Standing: John Phillips. Hubert Davis. Carole Fincher, Brenda Hicks. Bill Manning, and Betty Stone, The Tumbling Club is an organization for men and women students who are interested in promoting various forms of gymnastics, acrobat- k , and tumbling activities. The group holds weekly practices and presents exhibitions from time 10 time. ; ' v 4; M k Thrash. John Row 1: Marvin Durkin. Betty Stone. Mrs. Nell Vaugth Student Direc- Luker. G?Tald Latham; Clnrla ngflPard' 16W" Leveriftle. judy Tillman- mr. Virginia Strickland. Brenda Whitcomb. Row 2: Brenda BrewerV Pow-ell. Dledrfe Akm'gMErfi gntn x lFrlggchifger Tom Holcombe. HOW- Drena Rexmde. Jane Jackson. Judy Burke. Ivadean Herndon. Row 3: Lydla Ashcra L leg 5 fl 11 ,a ?md Barr Roberis. Margaret Bynum. Betty Hicks. Pat Stuckey. Juanita Taylor. Andrea ard Aldredge. Ear trmg e ow. an y V . V ,.V V V . . V . . videsthe OHWLPVRS-BIH Laws. Ministries: Prank Bunzvr. VAnmnunlvatmns: Belly Mono. Editor ml The program of BMSU pro - - I BVSVU Spiril: Andrea Lukt-r. Program Servivys: Juanita Taylmz Etiuvulinn Chairman; thty student opportunities for splrltua Hivks. Hissiuns: Tum Lovcrett. Evangelism Chairman; Brenda Whitvnmb. Secretary-Trea- V . ' All I q C SIU' surer: Marvin Durkin. Vice-President; Virginia Strickland. President. growth and SGIVKCK 4.... dents are invited to participate 1n all B.S.U. activities. PI TAU CHI Pi Tau Chi is a National Honor Society for the recognition of leadership, loyalty, service, and scholarship in the work of the Christian Church among students and faculty on college campuses. Chapters exist on the campus for the purpose of Recognition and such projects that meet needs only. Seated' Tom Perunnvich. Andrea Luker. Betty Hicks. Ivadean Herndon. Janeen Tubbs. and Joe Alexander. Standing: Dr. D. G. Harris, Advisor, Juanita Taylor. and Tom Leverett. 5i $ 2 L $ 3 z ; Dr. Joseph L. Peterson, gram Chairman; Maricay Melcher, Secre Ann Estano, Carol Cooper Nessmith, Frank Boozer, G STUDENT NATIONAL EDUCATION ASSOCIATION Advisor; Betty Hicks, Vice-President ahd Pro- tary; Virginia Strickland. Presi- rgaret C. Lyon. Adv rris, Ivadean Herndon, Barbara wen Lunsford, Theresa Patrick, 5 , Charlotte Ha The Lucille Foust Chapter of S.N.E.A. hose students who plan to enter the te Margaret Lucky, Evelyn Olive. Che son, Marthae F0 Brenda Hicks, an Elaine Stafford, Carol Crowley, Howard Aldredge. rry Dueitt, Kathy Walthall. Drena Rexrode. Jane Jack- ndren. Carole Fincher, Ellen Pettie, Pam Langham. d Joyce Hardesty. is an organization aching profession. F-Troup is an independent organization comprised of stu- dents who are affiliated with the Church of Christ. The F" is for Fellowship. Open to all students, it offers Christian fellow- ship. Counseling. Bible study. Church iinterests, supervised so- cial activities. and recreation. - '.', '- vuwmmllW OFFICERS-Jerry Pugh, Athletic Director; John Murrell. Secretary and Treasurer; Ronnie Strick- land. Vice-President; Billy Colburn, President. Row 1: Jerry PughA Jnhn Vurrell. Ronnie Strickland. Billy Cnlburn. Row 2:.Jackie Cooper. Laura Gayle Evans. Don Murrell. Row 3: Evelyn Olive. Phillip Taylor. and 311116 J0 Ford. a I r um thatd WM; . ,, u, .d'. w- A. 5-b- U! .4 UPam LWH if v him Prmr. ,, v. Mzm'mrm; DAMES CLUB KXN$ the . , M s. Seated: Gwen Lunsford, Historian; June Nettles, Vice-President; Linda Evelyn Olive. Lyde Black. Jampe Huffstetfep .Lolritit: Eziirslgi-l'frerb- Moon, Corresponding Secretary; Pattie Smith, Recording Smith; Lynn Virginia Huey. Adwsor. Koky Elliot, Dean Virggng. r e Brooks. Young, President; Sandra Garrett, Treasurer. Standing: Judy Hydrick, ble Ballard, Judith Goneke. Wanda Schultz. an iann Janeen Hougescen, Carol Aikens, Rebecca Harrison, Linda Wallace, The Dames Club is composed of wives of stu- dents attending Livingston State College. The Dames Club holds regularly scheduled meetings at which they plan their many worthwhile projects for the college and community. Row 1: Sue Culp. Sandi Berning, Mary Ashley. Verne Goodbread. John Manchester, Barney Bell. Margaret Bynum. Gloria Shephard. Kay Strong. Row 2: Sally Beech. Juanita Taylore Joan Noland, Kaye Hunter. Bob Ambrose, Steve Salord, Jerry Herrene Ivadean Herndon. Beth BerryhilL Dr. Hamada. Row 3: Betky Ward, Vicki Tarnok, Mary Ann Billings, Carol Cooper, Troy Poole, John Dyson, Mike Pelt, Jack Carter, Sue Armstrong. Judy Tillman, Rita Godfrey, Shirley MeNeff, Sally Jack- son. Row 4: Buddy Shuff, Tom Leverett, Wayne Waugh, Howard Al- dredge. James Crawford, Jim Gibbons, Tommy Stewart, Mary Anna Parr, Patricia Wheat. Lydia Ashcraft, Janice Fuller, Barbara Harris. The College Choir gives students an opportunity to develop their singing abilities. Concerts are presented in the College community, and tours are made to towns and cities in the area. LIVINGSTON szNiivwxw me x wMWM x x x Row 1: Mary Ellen Ray, Candy Parten, Glenda Bogle, Carol Gibson, Hannah, David White, Byron Cruthirds, Charles Coon, wa 30.18.1118", Cherry Dueitt, Becky Ward, Donna Reed, Dianne Taylor, Carolyn Oswalt, Jack Cooper. Gene Clark, Kitty Swaim, Gloria Shepard, Jamce thhame, Mitch Gavin. Row 2: Janeen Tubbs, Marion Housel. Linda Watkins, John Carder, William Cox, Paulette Fox. Row 4: Louise Mason, Le-WlS Dianne Ballard, Sandi Berning, Barney Bell, Margaret Rose, Sherill Smith, Gerald Latham, Eddie Page, Judy Tillman, JOh" Dy.son, Sllas Robertson, Dorothy DeGeer, Lydia Ashcraft, Sally Jackson, Mary Ashley, Williams, Milton Ezell. Barry Roberts, Skeeter Jackson, Mlke Duke. Patricia Wheat, Merwin Davis. Row 3: Sue Culp, Dickie Carter, Dorothy Sharon Smith. The Band is an organization for students who have played in high school bands and want to continue to enjoy band participation, with or without academic credit. The Band functions as a maching hand during the fall quarter and as a concert hand during the rest of the year. HONORS ?zlllnizi II? 1171 gaff '4122511 4 gi .HHWHMNHMU 17!? 7 111747 if: mm 41! , Whiz 751 gfgxyixvy , ;; J IM CAIN A junior from Miami, Florida, Jim is majoring in English and minoring in physical education. He is a member of Delta Chi fraternity. Jim was sponsored by Webb Hall. J UDY BURKE Judy is a junior fromWadley, Alabama. Along with her studies in the field of education, Judy is very active in Tau Omega Pi Sorority. She was sponsored by the iiL,7 Club. SECON D MARGARET BYNUM Majoring in elementary education, Margaret is a junior from Fayette, Alabama. She is a mem- ber of Phi Delta Mu Sorority. The Men,s Hous- ing Council sponsored Margaret in the Mr. and Miss L. S. C. contest. BILLY POPE Billy is a physical education major from Ope- lika, Alabama. He is affiliated with the th Club. 5 i i 5 V 1' , 11th , WIM ; CAROLE F INCHER Carole is a physical education major. She is from Tuscaloosa, Alabama. Delta Chi fraternity sponsored her in the Mr. and Miss L. S. C. con- test. DAN DAVIS Dan, a senior from Birmingham, Alabama, is majoring in business administration with an accounting minor. He was sponsored by Delta Chi Omega Sorority. ,, xWMW 44.le ewxpdadf GLORIA WINGATE Majoring in English with a physical education minor, Gloria is a junior from Linden. Alabama. She is a member of Tau Omega Pi Sorority. The Rifle Club sponsored Gloria. GENE BREWER A senior from Dozier, Alabama, Gene is ma- joring in mathematics and minoring in English. He was sponsored by Blue Key, Of which he is a member. FIFTH PAT STUCKEY Pat is an elementary education major from Jackson, Alabama. She is a member of Tau Omega Pi Sorority. Pat was sponsored by Blue Key. TOM N ORTON Tom is a senior from York, Alabama. He is majoring in biology and minoring in English. Tom was sponsored by Tau Kappa Epsilon, Of which he is a member. , Uabamd. Gene isma- o and minurmg in English Eur KN. Hf hhiih hEiEd oring in elementary aj y was sponsored by Delta m yed blonde from Demo- She is Anna Mar hi fraternity Anna Mary is blue abama educann polis, Al C N A D R O J Y R f A M m N A , nwgawmmm KAREN BROADHEAD Karen is a sophomore majoring in business administration. She is from Selma, Alabama. Karen is a member of Phi Delta Mu Sorority. Tau Kappa Epsilon sponsored her for the Home- coming Court. ATTENDANTS VIDA AGEE Vida is a sophomore from Thomasville. Ala- bama. She is majoring in English and minoring in biology. Vida was sponsored by Webb Hall. SUE MORGAN From Butler. Alabama. Sue is an elementary education major. She is a member of Tau Om- ega Pi Sorority. She was sponsored by the ssL" Club. CAROL RUF F IN Carol, an elementary education major, is a junior from Aliceville, Alabama. She was spon- sored by Tau Omega Pi Sorority. J AMIE ODUM Jamie is an elementary education major from Tuscaloosa. Alabama. She is affiliated with Phi Delta Mu Sorority. Delta Chi sponsored Jamie. i W Li 7 -, ,M; W i W M W HAT: ihmy'j J AN IS WINGATE Janis is from Linden, Alabama. She is an elementary education major. Tau 0 mega Pi sponsored Janis. IDs ODUM tan "JUraIiun m hhr l. 1.41 Mn N i ajflf from Amhated with Pm iponwred Jamie. WHO9S WHO IN AMERICAN COLLEGES AND UNIVERSITIES LINDA BAILEY Linda is a senior from Marion, Alabama. She is majoring in history and minoring in psychol- ogy. She has worked on the Paragon Staff for four years. serving as editor this year. J ULIA BLAKENEY Majoring in mathematics and minoring in English, Julia is a senior from Aliceville, Ala- bama. She is active in the B.S.U., serving as State Vice-President this year. Julia served in Ohio as a home summer missionary this summer. GENE BREWER Gene, a senior, is active in student govern- ment work and Blue Key. He also participates in track activities. ED CONLON Ed is a senior from Orlando, Florida. He is majoring in mathematics and minoring in chem- istry. He is an active member of Tau Kappa Epsilon and Blue Key. BILL CURBOY Bill is a senior from Southbridge, Massachu- setts. His major is English with a minor in polit- ical science. Bill is a member of Tau Kappa Epsilon and Blue Key. M xxx n DAN DAVIS Dan. a senior from Birmingham. Alabama, is majoring in business administration. He is vice- president of the Student Government Associa- tion. CHERRY DUEITT From Citronelle. Alabama, Cherry is an ele- mentary major. She is President of Tau Omega Pi sorority. NETTI F RETWELL Nettie hails from Marion, Alabama. Physical education is her major. She is president of Phi Delta Mu sorority. ANDREA J ACKSON A physical education major, Andrea is from Demopolis, Alabama. She is a member of Tau Omega Pi sorority. ANDREA LUKER Andrea, from Selma, Alabama, is an English major. She is a member of Phi Delta Mu soror- ity. ANDREA LUTHER A Livingston resident, Andrea is an elemen- tary major. $l$?3$ WVVR$Q .' J3, . F HmlfmfIIKkv', "W" , W1 -' "4' M Tum reside?! , I. 4 MM. Tau kiwi W EUGENE ' Emmeilblh MW w it I I a social science major. He is a member of Pi Kappa Phi fraternity is 9 pm I. e n a ...m C a h e D II. 0 r. e b m e m a ., Alabama 7 S gomery is the hometown of Sue a resident of York, Alabama, is a biol . SUE N ESSMITH TOM N ORTON ont ga sorority. EUGEN E PETTIS M mentary major. She i Ome Eugene, a senior from Brewton Tom ogy major. Tau Kappa Epsilon is his fraternity 116 a..-n.-..., GLENDA BOGLE Glenda, a lovely eighteen-year-Old freshman from Millry, Alabama, was sponsored by Phi Mu Alpha Sinphonia. Her major is education and her favorite pastimes are playing the piano and twirling. She is a majorette at Livingston and a member of Phi Delta Mu sorority. n BEAUTY JANIb WINGATE BEA Linden is the homemw tlw LSC. RiHe Club. Jen is Frmhman Homevnming of Janis. who is majoring in 619 is a fires man. i GA. Senator. Maid. Invluded in her hobbies are . i i V , ..d 1W mentarv eduvatmn. 5119 was 517,011wa i 'i . ,' . w N1. am t Phi kappa Phi Pledge bwuthhl' i . . ' v. i i I. if. cooking. swunmmg. and water 5k 1" education major. she was Rponsored Jumu' 1x 11 lrrshmam from 'qust-ahmsu, Alabama. An elvnwnlar . She was Freshman Homecoming Maid. also. Paint- 'hirh 5hr is :1 nwmlwr M l'hi Hvllu Wu xnml'iU M- "W W"! de'lt'hing un- lu'r lmlylyit-s. Sherry is a sophomore from Chamm, Alabama. An educ Pi sorority and was Sponsored by Pi was a fres man Cheerleader. - - . A 1903 ation majnn 5119 IS a membel 0f Tau Q? 2,- .. . . . . - , , 5 wrry Kappa P111 fratermty. Her bubbles are swunmmg and swung. KAYEiHUNTER , 52 12W ,1; d a Q 6 .m S u B .m n O f .m S a h p l A m m P V. ID 10 e r O S n O D. S S. a w C h S m .m S .m n. m n .m Q m .n t S 9 VJ a K mn istration is her major 21 d tennis her favorite pastlme. BEAUTY CAROLE FINCHER Sponsored by Delta Chi fraternity, Carole is a junior from Tuscaloosa, Alabama. She is major- ing in physical education and minoring in his- tory. Carole was second alternate in the Miss L.S.C. contest this year and has been a beauty favorite for three years. FAVORITES CHERYL BARRON Cheryl, a freshman from Demopolis, Ala- bama, is a member of Phi Delta Mu sorority. Tau Kappa Epsilon sponsored her. She is major. ing in education. An L.S.C. cheerleader, her hobbies are skiing and cooking. DRENA REXRODE A senior in elementary education, Drena is from Cottonwood, Alabama. She was sponsored by the Baptist Student Union. She is a member of Delta Chi Omega sorority and Delta Phi Beta. FAVORITES CAROL OVERSTREET From Flatwood, Alabama, Carol, a sopho- more, is a physical education major. She was sponsored by her sorority, Tau Omega Pi. Her hobbies are water skiing and sewing. Included among her honors are freshman senator, Pi Kappa Phi pledge sweetheart, Dearfs List, and cheerleader. GLORIA WINGATE Gloria, an English major from Linden, Ala- bama, was sponsored by the L.S.C. Rifle Club. Among her honors are third alternate for Miss L.S.C., Deank List, and former Flag Girl with L.S.C. Band. She enjoys reading and cooking. FAVORITES DORIS THOMPSON Doris s hometown is Fayette, Alabama. She is a junior majoring in business education. Webb Hall sponsored her in the pageant. She is a member of Phi Delta Mu sorority. , , .-,. -7..... .,.. MISS CONGENIALITY MERWIN DAVIS Merwin, a junior from Tuscaloosa, is an ele- mentary education major. She is a member of Tau Omega Pi. Merwin was sponsored by the Inter-Fraternity Council. hH-m. ,Uabama. Sheik ?ducation. Webb rho pageant. She isa u Worm. 'InP.s r'" "I 31; A141 an: r- -"l 125 x ; LlIM l I I: vlvl H,Ew x , liliyrl 1 SPORTS 3193Iseawnpruvc' :r u . . im'ngslnn Slate Trr- 7w 1 ,lemrd. Tb? 11-6: nun . nflhmmn Kim 37 up: In VTigen. under no: in: r," :md chief assaults jg. wened the 5m. m l m - 2 their my three m mun maimed lo M Sm: m the fm p Cd 1?: F0 31 mid .1 u ' WSW nun... - n W by Enema ha ha WWW, :. ' ' '1an COACHING STAFF-Billy Barker. student assistant; Jimmy Carroll, assistant coach; Morris Higginbothami head coach; Mickey Andrews, assistant coach; and Mitchell Caldwell. student assistant. The 1967 season proved to be one of ups and downs for the Livingston State Tigers. They finished the season with a 4-5-1 record. The four victories came during the middle of the season when the squad was the strongest. The Tigers, under new head coach Morris Higgin- botham and chief assistants Jimmy Carroll and Mickey Andrews, opened the season on a disappointing note. They dropped their first three games. Livingston motored to Magnolia, Arkansas, to battle Southern State in the first game. Coach Higginbothams crew was unable to get untracked and went down 25-7. The lone Livingston touchdown was set up on a pass interception by linebacker Phil Puccio. Quarterback Fer- rell Crimes punched over the score from the two-yard line. Troy State gave the youthful Tigers a licking in the second game to the tune of 33-0. Depth proved the undoing 0f the Tigers as they surrendered 30 points in the second half. Linebacker Nels Strickland and tackles Wayland Blake and Lynn Crocker stood out on defense. Under the direction of quarterback Grimes, Livingston finally struck up an offense in the Florence contest which was to be effective throughout the remainder of the sea- son. Behind 21-0 in the third quarter, the Tigers chalked up one touchdown and threatened twice more before the end of the game. Grimes scored this TD after setting it up With passes to Don Page and Waldon Tucker. Louisiana College was the first of four consecutive victims for Livingston. They fell 26-14. Don Page had a field day by running back a punt 70 yards for one score and taking a pitchout 17 more yards for another tally. Don Chamberlain returned a punt some 55 yards to set up an- other TD, Maryville College was the easiest victory for Livings- ton. The return of injured Richard Abston sparked the of- fense to 42 points while the defense held Maryville score- less until the final play of the game. Ferrell Grimes, Don Page, and James Massey also had big days for the Tigers. A lackluster performance still produced a convincing 20-7 victory over Millsaps in the sixth game of the season. Guard Terry Ray performed admirably in this game by making tackles all over the field and recovering a fumble in the end zone for a score. Punter Homer Faulkner aver- aged 45 yards for 9 punts to keep Millsaps in the hole all day. Livingstonls strongest game of the season came in their next encounter when they defeated previously unde- feated Arkansas A8IM at Monticello, Arkansas. The 17-13 victory was sparked by tailback Richard Abston, who rushed for 165 yards and one touchdown. Fullback Randy Childers also had a big day, running for 64 yards. Line- backers Phil Puccio and R. L. Watson along with half- backs Charles Bowman and Wayne Brunson held the de- fensive forces intact. Jacksonville State University provided the homecom- ing opponent for Coach Higginbothamls squad. Livingston grabbed an early 7-0 lead in the initial half and held it until a fumbled punt late in the third quarter enabled the Jax State men to tie the score. The Tigers threatened in the fourth quarter by driving to the Jax 7-yard line before a wayward pitchout resulted in a fumble, causing the disap- pointing tie. Grimes called an excellent game under center and Charles Bowman, Wayland Blake, R. L. Watson, and Phil Puccio led the stingy defense. A noticeable letdown followed the Jacksonville game and the Tigers lost their final two contests to Mississippi College and Samford University. The scores were 31-13 and 51-27. 129 MANAGERS-Ronnie Harris, Rodney Harris, Bobby Fairley, and Larry Harri- SOD. FULLBACKS Kneeling: Don But ing: Ken Cillilan and Richard Abs! ler, James Massey. Stand- on. . . . ?;?gvngjt' CENTERS-Larry Massey. Ted Mashburm Buddy Beshears, and Don Pledger. " " 'Wiwffim mmrmmn A Randy LaCoste, Craig Wicke, David Hubbard. James Coffee, Doug Smith. d n a l k C .n t S b e N I9 l 0 H h .H e K , GUARDS - GUARDS-Tommy Webb, Paul Pope, Don Stewart . . wwwm g x x ,, .,Mwm.m DEFENSIVE BACKS-Wayne Brunson. Bill Lucky. Waldun Tucken Danny Cox, Charles Bowman, and Homer Faulkner, I33 WW PUNTERS-Vito Paparella. Terry Howell, and Homer Faulkner. X I . , 1114,, i ge. Bill Jones, and Clemit Spruiell. OIIAHTEHHACKS -Ft-rrcll Grimm, Dun Pa TACKLES-Kneeling: Jerry Pugh and George Pruet. Standing: Perry Parnell, Jerry Stearns, Lyn Crocker, Wayland Blake, and Terry Ray. and , Porter Harris, 8 t S 0 C a L y d n a R a Kneeling: Van Crigger and Wayland Blake. Standing: Caldwell Keith Holt Wicke, Crocker, and Tucker. , Sprueill. Beshears Pruet Cassidy, Y. M S S a C Y r a C d n e d n a d r a b b u H ..m v a D d r a u C I Egeeliflgi DUylt: 'inell. R0w 1: Jack M. PuwclL Head Cuach; Bobby Sipengtfve PrIleyi Billy Pope; M. K Turk. A351. Coach. Row 2: eve llllams; Bxll Godwin; C. D. Wright; James Hall; Ken Kulp. Row Javk M. Powell, Head Coach, kw , 3: Mitchell Martin; Mike Keenan; Larry Cantrell; Richard Watson; Oscar Davis; Wayne Long. M. K. Turk. A553. Coach. I39 '. m x. p livingston state college seniors 1967-68 I" Billy Pope, Guard Steve Friday, Guard Ken Kul , Forward Oscar Davis, center D James Hall, F orward 140 Rlchard Watson, Center sophomores and juniors Steve Williams, Guard C. D. Wright, Forward L g - n 13 Rx Larry Cnxwell. Center Norman Craim Guard Jack M. Powell. Head Cnach; Nurm Mike Huttn; Bob Drake: Vreeland; James Blankenship: David Ander M. K. Turk. Ass t. Coach. Kneeling: Duvle ell. Trophy. Second Place Finish in Ehter Invitational Tournament. , an Crain: Larry Coxwell; Roy Son; pnse stars of the future James Blankenship, Forward Bob Drake. Guard UV HW W1 Jim Wh' 1 Iltlngmm Sports Infurmatinn Dirt wtur. Mike McC , C d ray uar Roy Vreeland, Center Oscar Davis; Achievements 1967-68, A.C.C. All Conference, A.C.C. All Tournament, L.S.C. Top scorer-22.5, Top rebounder 11.5 av., Most Valuable Player. VWWW . W4, ,m m ,mer r ' 770 ; iz h OQWWZ ,4 Osz K ,wwkwwwww V owllgm .7? 7404;, z D H VVhWIOA, , 7M? 796 , 7W7 Z Z ,z 7, xMM 47 7 , 72a , w ? x x d lo 7 Row 1: Bllly Duncan, Orrvillc' Ynn, Foley. Spa McCanls V "171.963. Jackson; . 0.11.6; Johnny Jac llllnglon, Fairho Bill Campbell, Pensacola. Fla.; Roger Jackson; Jimmy Nt-ttlvs. Arlington; Robert and Larry Fuller, Pannla. Row 2: Bryant Coker, ksnn. Moundvillo; Kvn Kulp Hullandalt', Fla.; Jim p"; Raymond Jennings. Marianna. Fla.; Ed Renaud, et, R. 1.; Jeff Campbell, Gordo; and Eddie Johnson, Mobile. ch, Jerry Lewter; Jerry Daniels. Bonifay, F121,; Bobby Fairley. Leeds; Ken Corbin, Gordoz Billy Pope. Opelika; Berry Halladay. Mt. Vernon; Willie Elmore, Gordoz Bill Harbuck, Phenix City; Duane Johnson. Tuscaloosa; and Head Coach James Gray. Woonsock Row 3: Assistant Coa In C a O C.m ma 30 MC id Ag H Jerry Lewter - J ames Cray - Pitcher Jeff Campbell- Willie Elmore - Catcher Shortstop ger Wynn- R0 6 S a DD y .H F r I9 lu F y r r A Billy Dum-an-Pitoher MAM. Mm w w her Pitc Raymond Jennings- vam 4,3 XW? W , wmwmmy W? W M w. w w W wwwmm WWW W mm W. a1..wnuuxa. ,. zvzlrlmln. p Right Field Jimmy Nettles- Billy Pope-Left Field I48 Berry Halladay-Center Field x ig i! WW i I :n: hi 1 'I Aw-t-v- Spm' Ht-Cunls - lnfh-M Rnbvrl Bumpers-PiIt-ht-r S . I ,I F! R s gigg: . V W F??? g :1! g g N w w 14 A Vii; 'III M w w. 14, Wameny m ' r nw.mwm M Mmm vmwvmmmz w ,rnnmwww ,mmmva ' wxl ,V I ran, m, an Ina w; my It? may 1111M w .7 4mma J, w 4' x; '1! MAW! 1 mix; 4 w mt vw x Mwawww . am vnmmnygzvxgmw m Wmmmazwm w nwamm ummmrzmm'mtxw mvawaW'WAm' mm 4 m , w; I am w .WWWJI v Bobby Fairley - Shortstop , IM 3 and there w iyyiw r ,, WU a , MN, 1, Duane L hnson - Catcher anmher X H TORY!!! ALABAMA COLLEGIATE CONFERENCE BASEBALL CHAMPS FOR THE THIRD STRAIGHT YEAR 1967 was a banner year for the Tiger haseballers as they captured their third consecutive Alabama Collegiate Conference championship and represented district 27 in the N .A.1.A. playoffs at Statesboro, Georgia. The seasonal record for the squad was 19-7. Head coach James Gray called this team the finest team he had ever been associated with. Ahly assisting Gray was former Auburn pitching star Gerald Lewter. Pitching stars Jeff Campbell and Ken Kulp, catcher Willie Elmore, and centerfielder Berry Halladay were selected as honorable mention All-Americans. Campbell had a 7-3 mark and Kulp won 7 while tasting defeat only once. Elmore and Halladay both. batted over .300 as they have for each of the past three seasons at Livingston. Campbell and Elmore signed professional contracts at the end of the season. Third sacker Jerry Daniels and shortstop Bobby Fairley had great years in the infield as did Billy Pope and Bill Campbell in the outfield. Pitchers Ray Jennings and Johnny Jackson came on late in the season ' and did i'emarkable jobs for Coach Grafs squad. L.S.C. TRACK AND FIELD TEAM AND CROSS-COUNTRY TEAM The track team at Livingston has been in existence for only two years. Head Track Coach Jerry Smith started it from scratch in the fall of 1965. Since its beginning, Coach Smith and his boys have won the A.C.C. title both years. Coach Smith is assisted by Wayne Williams. Last spring the track and field team ended with a 5-2 record. School records were set by Young, Pettis, Stuart, Gates, Thompson, Rondeau, Davis. Montgomery, Watson, Smith, Conner, Durkin, Brewer, Flanagan, Chamberlain, Reed, Sanders, and Page. The cross-country team had a winning season of 7-3. In the first cross-country season, the L.S.C. team moved up from fifth place to third by the time of the last meet. $555z32 RON' 1' J00 Pvrr ' ' - ' x. D . . V. t , Young. Jat'k Sluhrh tililtlplyifli:Jig??? 8;" LL35: 09"" Brewer. HQUSFUII Coat'h. Dan Davis. Charlie Thompsnn. Marvin Durkin. Gene Boothe. ls. . tan dVIs. Row 2: Jerry Smith. Allen Jones. Manager. Wayne Williams. Cuavh. M arvin Durkin Jack Stuart Charlie Thumpsun 70,; WI , wy HUUSIUII YOUng I53 .. - .. ... ,- Charlie Thompson U U Gene Brewer and Houston Youn Head Coach Jerry Smith Buddy Sanders and Gordie Pettis 154 Don Chamberlain Houston Ynung Stan Davis M WM . :WWIWIIWIMym ' 3; wmmmm ' Marvin Durkin Judy Burke. head Cheerleader Pat Stuckey Bill Campbell 157 Carol Overstreet Cheryl Barron b m n m a .u .m h 0 W N a 1M d n m m .L B . . m. '...:J I I . ,1: 'ha '5 'Mrmr Laml Gibson. feature Iwirler Cherry Dueitt, head majorette Glenda Butrle b mm ,M VIIV ,MWW MM Wm Becky Ward Candy Parten 159 - . . ,.,....-w WW;..F.... mn:w-MW- N... , S L DID ma G A L F C S L Lomse Mason Janeen Tubbs Paulette Fox Sharon Smith Merwin Davis Mary Ellen Ray Carol Oswalt .w mug. ,m 3.09- m... CLASSES SENIORS Adams, Barbara Elementary Education Aikens, John Major: Physical Education Minor: Biology Alexander, Joe Major: Business Administration Minor: Music and Psychology Alexander, Wayne Major: Social Science Minor: Music Arledge, Charles Major: History Minor: Biology Ayres, James Major: Business Administration Minor: History Bailey, Linda Major: History Minor: Psychology Baker, Norman K. Major: Math Minor: Physical Science Ballard, Larry Major: Social Science Minor: Industrial Arts Ballard, Trebble Major: Elementary Education Barnes, Butch Major: English Minor: Physical Science Barnett. Judy Major: Natural Science Minor: Chemistry w kmlf'bt nth. 5.4.. Barnett. Thnmas H. quur: Biulngy Minor: History Bell. Vernon V. Major: Sncial St'iem'e Minor: English Bennett. Ronnie Major: Business Administration Minor: Economics Benson, Larry Major: Social Science Minor: Physical Education Berning, Sandi Major: Music Minor: Music Blakeney Julia Major: Math Minor: English Blouke, Peter Major: English Minor: History Boothe, Gene Major: History Minor: Political Science Brannen, Faris Major: Physical Education Minor: History Brewer, Brenda Major: English Minor: History Bruister, Carolyn Major: Elementary Education Bruister, Roy H. Major: Business Administration Minor: Physival Education Burke, Betty Sue Major: English Minor: History Butler. Danny Majur: Social Sviente Minor: Industrial Aria Cain. Norman Wujor: Snviul Svivm-e Wilmr: History Campbell. Jimmy .Wujur: Social SCiPm-e- ,Winul': Psyt'hnlogy Carlyon, Tom Jlajor: Physical Education Millnr: Psychology Carter. Richard G. 'Wujar: History Minor: Psychology and Music Cartlidge, Jimmy Major: Physical Education Minor: Biology Carvalis, Leo Major: Social Science Minor: Physical Education Chandler, Don Major: Business Administration Minor: History Coleman, Jerry Major: Social Science Minor: Physical Education Cook, Bill Major: Business Administration Minor: Accounting Cook, Wanda S. Major: English lWinor: History Cooper. Beverly Major: Business Education Minor: History Cooper, Carol Major: Elementary Education Cooper. Jack E. Major: Music JIinor: Music Cooper. Wade .quur: Biology ,lll'lmr: Industrial Arts Lorbin. Paul Wurrvn Hahn: Busim'ss Mhninislmtiun llumr: M-I-nnnlin: Cox. William Hufur: Hum- Umm: Husic Cross. Sandy Hujor: Physical Etlumlliun Ulnar: Biulngy Curboy. Bill llujur: English Uiuur: Pnlilival St-ioncc Curboy. Dianne llujnr: Elementary Edut-atinn Daniels, Jerry llujur: Physival Education Winar: History Davis, Dan llujor: Business Administration Ulnar: Avcnunting Davis. Oscar Jlujor: Physical Education Ulnar: Binlugy Davis. Robert J. Jlujur: Physit'al Education .Uiuur: Biulugy De Loach. Glenda .Wujur: Business Educatiun Uinur: History Dueitt, Cherry quor: Elementary Education Dukes. Janice llujur: Sm-ial St-it-nvc Uinur: History Dysnn, John quw': MUsiv Ulnar: Nlusio Edwards, Larry v Jlupr: Business .thninislraliun Ulnar: ErnnumiVs I65 Elmore. William Wujnr: Physival Educatinn llirlnr: Biulngy Epperson, Ronnie Major: Business Administration Minor: Economics Ervinq Joyce W. Major: English Minor: Biology Estano. Mary Ann Major: Elementary Education Fairley. Bobby Major: Physical Education Minor: History Farmer, Joe Major: Business Administration Minor: Psychology Fretwell, Nettie Major: Physical Education Minor: Biology Friday, Steve Major: Physical Education Minor: History Gann, Joseph Major: Biology Minor: Physical Education Gantt, George Major: Business Administration Minor: Economics Camett, Kathie Major: Elementary Education Gates. Bill Major: Hislory Minor: Economics Gates. John Pickens ,1Iujur: Sm-ial Science Minor: Math Gatlin. Dwight .Hujnr: Business Administration .llinur: Psychnlugy Gattis. Charlotte Major: Business Education Minor: English Gattis, Douglas Major: Natural Sciem'e Minor: History Gault, Roger Major: Biology Minor: Math Gissendanner, James L. Major: Social Science Minor: Psychology I' all Goneke, Judith Major: English Minor: History thin Goneke, Mickey i Major: Math Minor: English Graham, Doug Major: History nn- 1 Minor: Physical Education i Grant, Nita Major: Elementary Education Green, Judith ; Major: Physical Science Minor: History Griffin, Frank W. Major: Social Science Minor: History I11" Tu Hall, James Major: Physical Education Minor: Chemistry Hall, Tillman Major: Social Science Minor: History Harmon, Don T. Major: Biology Minor: Physical Education Harris. Charlotte Major: Physical Education Minor: Biology 167 i Hauser, Vivian Davis Major: Sm-ial Sciem'e Minor: English Herndon. Ivadean Major: Music Minor: Music Hicks, Brenda Major: Elementary Education Hill, Norma Major: Elementary Education Hodges, Bryan T. Major: Social Science Minor: Physical Education Holland, Heyward Major: Business Administration Minor: Accounting Hollingsworth, Marie Major: Elementary Education Hollingsworth, Muriel Major: Elementary Education Howell, Brenson Major: Biology Minor: Physical Education Howell, Mickey Major: Business Administration Minor: History Hydrick, Howard Major: Physical Education Minor: Art Jackson, Jerry Major: Business Administration Minor: History Jaye, William Major: Math Minor: English Jenings. Raymond ,Wujur: Physical Edut'atinn Jll'lmr: Bioingy L"35hr L 5h In '10!!! Ha: Johns. Mike C. Jlujnrs Vuturul Scienu' llinar: Biology Johnson. Johnny nllujnr: Biulngy Minnr: Histnry Jones, Lynn Bunting Major: English .Uilmr: Art Jordan, Anna Mary Major: Elementary Education Kearns, John R. Major: Business Administration Minor: Economics Kirkland, Pat Major: History Minor: Social Science Klein, Bert Major: Business Administration Minor: Political Science Kulp, Ken Major: Physical Education Minor: Biology Lambert, Jimmy Major: Physical Science Minor: Math Lancaster. Charles Major: Social Science Minor: History Lane, Billy Joe Major: Physical Education Minor: Biology Langham, Pam Major: Elementary Education Larkin. Lynn Major: Math Minor: Business Education Lathan. Marvin Gerald Major: Business Eduvatiun Minor: Music 169 I70 Lee. Marlene Major: Business Administratiun Minor: Math Leonard, Jimmy P. Major: Natural Science Minor: Industrial Arts Leverett, Thomas E. Major: History Minor: Psychology Lewis, George P. Major: Biology Minor: Physical Education Livingston, Kay Major: Physical Education Minor: Biology Lloyd, Carolyn B. Major: Elementary Education Luker, Andrea Major: English Minor: History Lunsford, Bill Major: Business Administration Minor: Accounting Lunsford, Gwen Major: Elementary Education Manchester, John Major: Business Administration Minor: Economics and Music Mangina, Jimmy P. Major: Business Administration Minor: Psychology Manning. Bill Major: Physical Education Minor: Biology Mason, Mary Major: Elementary Education May. Dwayne Jlujur: Natural Scivncv Uinur: English Megginson. Mary LaRnche Major: Elementary Eduvatinn Mercer, James Walter quor: Business Administration Ilium: Accounting Moore. Allen Major: Business Administration Minor: Accounting Moore, Ronnie Major: Physical Education Minor: Biology Morgan, Terry Major: Biology Minor: Math Moseley, Marvin Y. Major: Binlogy Minor: Chemistry and English Mosher, Brooks Major: Social Science Minor: Physical Education Murrell, John Major: Business Administration Minor: Accounting McCann, Hugh Major: Business Administration Minor: English McDonald, Andy Major: History Minor: Social Science McDonald, Larry Major: English Minor: History Nelson. Robert L. Major: History Minor: Psychology Nessmith. Sue Major: Elementary Education Noles, David Major: Math Minor: Histury I72 Norton. Tum Utljur: Biology Winur: English Olds, Gwen ,Wujur: Snu'ial Svienve Minor: History Osburn. John Jllujur: Business Administration Uinor: Math Oswald. Ronald ,Uajur: Social Svience Minor: History Ott, Martin Major: Physiral Education Minor: Math Owings. Tom Major: Biulugy Minor: Chemistry Parr, Mary Anna Major: Elementary Education Perkins, Donald E. 11111jur.' Math Minor: History Perunovich, Tom Major: History Minor: Social Science and Psychology Pettie. Ellen Major: Elementary Education Pettis, Eugene J'Wajur: Social Science Minor: Political Science Pettis. Gordie L. Major: Physital Educatinn Minor: Biology Pinkerton. Frank K. .1Iajur: Business AdministruIiMI Uinnr: History Pittman. Bettie Joe llujur: Elmnentury Education Pope. Bill llujw': Physivul Edurutinn llinm': History Powell, John qunr: Histury .Uinnr: Math Ramseur. Harvey .1Iujur: Business Education Minor: History Ray. Mary Ellen Major: Business Education Minor: History Ray, Pat Major: Math Minor: Physical Education Reilly, William Major: Binlngy Minor: Chemistry Renaud. Ed Major: Physical Education Minor: Psychology Rexrode. Drena Major: Elementary Education Reynolds, David Major: Biology Minor: History Riley. Joseph Lee Major: Business Administratinn Minor: Accounting Roberts, Betty .Mljor: History Minor: Physical Education Robertsonq Sherrill Major: Music Minor: Music Robinson, Jim Major: Biology 111 1101 : Economics Robinson, Larry ,llujur: Physical Educaliun ,Uinur: History 174 Robisnn. Phillip Unjur: Sucial Sviem'e Uinur: English Rolison, E. T. Alujor: Biology Minor: English Rowland. Robert Major: Business Administration Minor: Psychology Russell, Thomas Major: Math Minor: Biology Sessions, Walter P. Major: Social Science Minor: History Shand, Judy Major: Elementary Education Shiver, Harry Major: Social Science Minor: Physical Education Shoultz, Roger Major: Business Administration Minor: Physical Education Sloan, Jimmy Major: Business Administration Minor: Psychology Smith, Betty Major: Physical Education Minor: Biology Smith, Judy Major: Business Administration Minor: History Smith, Ted zilujor: Social Science Minor: History Smith, Vann .quur: Social Sviem'e Uinnr: Hislnry Smith. W. C. .qunr: Biulngy Jlinor: Sm-iul Sviem'e WW .7 ,. ,,' , , - :7 7 rw.W-mn,.m.mhpg "u-.7 .. bparks. Frances quur: English Winnr: Musiv Spencer. Samuel qunr: Business Administratiun .Uinor: Auwuming Sperandio. David Major: Physical Educaliun Minor: Biology Squires, Carol Major: Elementary Education Stallings, Buddy Major: Natural Science Minor: Math Stallworth, Robert Major: History Minor: English Stuart, John Major: Business Administration Stoker, Linda Major: Sucial Science Minor: English Stone, Bettye Major: Math Minor: Physical Education and Music Stone. Brenda Major: Sm-ial Science Minor: English and History Stoudenmire. Betty Major: Elementary Education Sullivan, Evelyn Ward Major: Elementary Education Sutton. Johnnie Jlujnr: Physival Education Minor: English Swaim. Kitty Major: Physiral Education .Uilmr: Biulngy Swann. Earl ,qunr: Stwiul Svivnvo Minor: Physical Eduratinn Thompson Pat Wujvr: Business Eduvation Minor: English Thrash. Michael J. Major: Biulngy Minor: Physical Science Torre. John Jl'lujor: Business Administration Minor: Psycholngy Tubbs, Janeen Major: Elementary Education Vaughan, Virginia Major: Social Science Minor: Psychology Walker, Janet Major: Physical Science Minor: Math Wallace, Danny xl'lujor: Business Administration Minor: History Wallace, Linda Major: Physical Education Minor: Biology Wallace. Shirley Ann Major: Biology Illinor: History Walton. Josephine Major: Elementary Education Warrick. Mary Beth Major: Physical Science Minor: Math Washburn, Regina quur: English Uinm': Histnry Watkins. Jerry .quur: Hath Jlilmrs Physical Edutaliun Webb. Sam L. .llujur: English Uinnr: Political Science Whittington. Jimmy Major: History Minor: English Williams. Gary Major: Biology Minor: Physical Science Williams. Jada Major: Business Education Minor: Biology Wilson. Jonathan A. Major: Business Administration Minor: Accounting Wilson, Wayne Major: Physical Education Minur: History Winslow, Andra Mac Major: Business Education Minor: Physical Education Wood, Nixon Major: Sm-ial Science Minor: Psychology Wood. Patricia E. Major: Binlugy Minor: Physival Science Wright, Edward Mujur: Math Minor: History Young,Ja111es H. illujnr: Histnry $111711"? Psyvhnlugy Zimmerman. Merle Charles ,1Iujm': Math ilinur: Physival Sviem-t- UNDERCLASSMEN Abercrombie. Thendure-Soph Abstnn. Richard-Jr. AdamS. Tom-Fr. Agee. Kil-Jr. Agee. Tony-Fr. Agee. Vida-Soph, Akin. Dierdre-Fr. Albright. Tnmmy-Fr. Aldredge. Howard N.-Jr. Alexander. Beth-Soph. Alexander. Mike-Soph Allen. William P., Allman. Myron D.-Jr. Alsabmok. RandalI-Soph. Ambrose. Bob-Soph. Anders. Danny-Fr. Andersml. Lorena-J'l Anderson. Sara-Fr. Armstrong. Sandy-Fr. Armslrnng Tippy -.lI'. mtg. 1! V '..I V ma- h 50.5 ub-lv HHL hut! k"b alth", l - 3AM ."rV .da-t... v, mszvar V.,.-vv-v.......... .... . ...,,.", . .777 .7 ,,. . Aslwraft. Lydia-Soph. Ashley. Mary-Suph Alkins. Sid-Jr. Averelt. Betty - Fr. Averett. Richard -Jr. Averette. Sid-Soph. Averill. William-Jr. Bailey. Jolm-Jr. Bailey. Rnn-Fr. Baker. Bill-Fr. Baker. Clarice-Jr. Balch. Bob - Fr. Ballard. Diane -Fr. Ballard. Sharon -Fr. Bambargeh Juhn-Fr. Burger. Cliff- Fr. Barlow. Jerry-Jr. Barron. tlhvryl-Fr. Bateh. Juhnny-Soph. Bulsun. Robert -.II1 Battle. Mury-Jr. Baummrv. Rivhard-Fr. Bvurdon. Junws-Suph. Bmwh. Bunniv-FL I79 180 - v ...v-n....4m...m...... Beet'h. Sally - lr. BEPkPI'. Chris-Snplz. Bell. Barney-Suph. Bennet l . Martha - Fr. Benton. Susan-Fr. Berryhill. Belh-Fr. Berwald. Walter-Soph. Besant. Carl -Fr. Beshears. Buddy-Soph. Beshears. Dana-Fr. Beverly. Thomas E.-Jr4 Billings. Mary Anne -Soph. Bingham. Thomas Avery-Soph. Black. Cary-Jr. Blair. James E-Jr. Blake. Wayland -Soph. Blan. CAA.-Jr. Blankenship. James-Fr. Bodden. Jim-Suplz. Bodin. Steve -Soplz. Bugle. Glenda - Fr. Bonds. Ceruld-Jr. Bumw. CvneFJr. Bonner. Gary-Suph. Btmth. Dnug-Suph. Btmthe. JPrry - Fr. Boozer. Frank -Saph. anhers. Cathy -Svph. anwelL Clenda-Suph. Bnutwell. Carey-Fr. Buwen. Johnny Suph. Buwer. Walter-Fr. anles. Cary-Soplz. Bowman. Charles-Jr. Boyd. Barbara-Suplz. BoytL Lanny-Jr. Buzeman. William L.-Snph. Bradley. Tnmmy-Fr. Breazeale. James-Fr. Breazeale. Ruben Kenneth -Soplz. Brevd. Rngvr-Frx Brvedluve. Pam-Snph. Brewen Uene-Jr. Bridges. BPrIllLl-JIZ Bridgw. kutllryn-Suph. Briggs. Diunnv-Snph. Brigham. Dulv-Jr. Brislin. .lnIm-Suph. Brittnn. Judy-I'Vr. Bmadhead. Beverly Fr. Brnadhead. Karen-Huph. Bruuknver. Sara Jane -,lr. Brown. Paul Dnuglas-Soph. Brown. Winniealr. Bumpers. Jerry-Jr. Bumpers. Robert -Jr. VF 7' Burage. Geneima-Fr. Burke. Charles-Fr. Burke, Judy-Jr. Burke. Mac Harold-Jr. Camp. Buddy-Soph. Campbell. Bill-Suph. Campbell. Larry - Saph, Cannon. Pegg '- Fr. Curgile. Jimmy-.II . Curgu. Frunk-Suplz. Curr. J. Currull. Donald C.-I"I. Bynum. Andrew-Fr. Bynum. Margaret-Jr. Byrd. Van-Fr. Cain.Jin1-Jr. .i1 Cartvr. Torry -Suph. Carver. .Ierry-Fr. Cassidy. Cary-Fr. Causey. Mary Jane - Fr. Champion. Ray-Soph. Champion. Sandra-Suph, Chancy. Cherry-Jr. Chandler. Bobby - Fr. Channell. Mickey-Soph. Childers. Randy--Fr. Clarke. Gene-Soph. Clevre. Bob-Jr. Clements. Rnsemary-Fr. Cleveland. Bill-Suph. Cm-hran. Larry-Fr. Cuker. Bryanl -Soplz. Culburn. Billy-Jr. Cnlm'. Cail-jr. Coleman. Billy-Jr. Cnlsun. CH'il-Suph. Cunlnn. Ed-jl. CmmvlL Hurold-Suplz. Cmmvr. Hrlrn-Jr. Conn. Churlvs-JI: Own. John-Jr. Cuoper. Matha-Fr. Copeland. Ted-Fr. Cnxwell. Larry -Fr. Crabtree. Frank-Suph. Crigger. Van-Suph. Cronin. Pat-Fr. Crovatu. Albert-Soph, Crow, Larry-Soph. Crow, Sandra-Fr. Crowley. Carol-jr. Crumpton. Sara Eliza-Fr. Cruthirds. Byron-Jr. Culp. Max-Soph. CulpV Sue-Soph. Cummings. Rip-Jr. Cummins. Pat-Suph. Dailey. Billy-Soplz. Davidson Martha-Fr. Davis. Joe Lee-Soph. Davis. Merwin-Jr. Davis. Stan-jr. DvUtwr. Dorothy -Supl1. D1 ,ggt'lt. Tnby Fr. Duwney, RaIph-JII Duyal. Paul -Suplz. Dnzien Frankie-Jr. Duke. Sam-Jr. Dumas Barbara Sopl24 Duncan. Rnnnie-Soph. Durkin. NIarvin-Jr. Egbert. Clarence -Suph. Egbert. Claytnn-Soph. Eldridge. Dale-Fr. Ellard. Jane-Jr. Elliult. Bill-Jr Elliutt. Raynmnd-Jr Elliott. Roger-Jr. Ellis. Larry-Jr. Ervin. William-Jr. Espvy. Bnbhy-jr. Essary. Lindu-JI: Estunu. Stunle-y-FI: Estes. BH'ki -I"r. I'llhridgv. DiilllP-IV'I. Evans. Jvrry-Suph. Em-II. Hvrst'IwI-I'V'. lCzclL .In Mm-Fr. 186 Ezvll. MiIInn-Suph. Farmer. Jan-Fr. Farris; Duuglas-Fr. Farrinr. Wayne - Fr. Faulkner. Homer-Fr. Fekety. Peter-Suph. Fields. Annie Earle-Fr. Fields. Travis - Fr. Fincher. CamIe-Jr. Finkbinder. John-Jr. Fishburne. Freddie-Jr. Fitzpatrick. James M. -Fr. Floyd. John-Soph. Folsom. Don Fondren. Marthae-Jr. Foran. Russell-Jr. Ford. Billie Jn-Jr. Foster. Michacl-Fr. Fuwlen Daniel-Jr. Fox Paulette-Suph. Fox. Skip f'r Ixux; Tnm-jL Fran Burlmru-IH: Frmn Jimnn -I V . Frveman. Churlvs -Soph. Fuller. Frank-JI. Fultz. Diane-Fr. Galluway. Larry-Jll Ganett. Ken-Fr. Gault. Ann-Jr, Gault. Eddy-Jr. Gavin. Mitchell -Jr. Gentry. Eddie -Jr. George. Doris Ann-Soph. Gibsun. Carol-Jr. Gibson. James B. -Jr. Gilliam. Ann-jr. Gillilan. KenneIh-Fr. Clissnn. Mike-Fr. Gurdy. BetIy-Fr. Urucc. Tummy W.-Soplz. Grantham. Alice-Jr. Gray. Prist-illu-Fr. Groom: .luhn W.-.ll'- Urm-nv. le-FIL Urmw. Mun-jr. llulL Mikv-IVI'. Hum. Nunry-Nuph. .,. v. WWWM W Hunln. Iluxitl li-Jr. HumHvL Imv-IL Ilmmull. ,Iluh AIVI. HmwuL CuruI-Suph. Hunh-xly. .Inyrv-Jr. Harmon. Kuw-r-lr. Hurpt-r. Kl-ilII-jr. Harris Burburu-Jr. Harris. Kenny -I 'r Harris. Purlvr-Fr. Harris. Ruynmn-Snph, Harris. Hndnvy-JIZ Harris; Rnnney-Fr. Harrisnn. Larry-Snplz. Harrisnn. vactva-Suph. Hank Mike -Fr. Hawkins. Linda 5'npl1. Hawkins. Mary-Fr. Hayes. Davis-Snplz. Haynes. Jay -FI: Headley. Curvy -SupI1. Helms. Mivhael-I'Vr. Holmm Rulwrt 'U.-Nupl1. andel'sun. Utiriu eIhPr-Suph. D lv-J I 9am? D hung. I b.;v Hendrix. Brian D.-Fr. anslee. Runuld-Snph. Herren. Jerry-JIZ Hirks. Betty-Jr. HilL James N.-Suph. Hill. James-Fr. Hm. Al-Fr. Hodges. Barbara Holcnmbe. Tum-Soph. Holder. Matha-jr. Hollinger. Fleetwnnd-Jr. Hullingswnrth. Jnhnny-Soph. HUIL Arnold M.-Fr. Huh. Keith Dwight lIr. Human. Dan-Fr. Human. James - Fr. Hood. .Iessie-Fr. Humi. Shrilu-Jl'. ansun. lilimhc-Ih-Fr. Harm". Nivky -Fr. Hnuw. Ronald R.-Snpl1. lluusvll. Muriun-Suph. Hmw'n. l,imlu-JI. Hmu-II. 'l'vl'l'y Wullvr-Supl: 189 Huhlmnl. Iklyill-l'V. Hurkulwl'. Ummit- H.-,IL Hurkulu'r'. Lurry-Snph. HurkalH-v. Marvin -.S'uplL Huff. SuhruII-IVI'. Hllffsh'tlrr. Larry A.-Suph. Hughes; Murvin-Snplz. Humphreys. Uinny -Fr. Hunt. Barry-.Ir- Huttn. Mikc-Fn Hydrivk. Judith Ann-Snph. Ingram. Bill -Sopl1. Ingram. James-Fr. Jackson. Andrea-Jr. Jackson. Craig-Fr. Jackson. Darryl Fr. Jackson. Jane-Soph. Jackson. Johnny-fr. Jackson. John S.-Soph. Jackson. Sally-Suph. Jackson. SkeetPr-Jr. Jacnbs. Neil-Fr. James. Liza Ann-Suplz. Jenkins. Doris -Fr. E e w a ? V Jenkins. Louise -Fr. Jenkins. Marrell - Fr. ansnn. Joseph David. III-Saph. Jnhnsnn. Bobby-Fr. Johnson, Edwin Caylord-Fr. Johnson. James-Jr. Johnson. John-jr. Jones. Barbara - Fr. Jones. Eddie Ellsworth Soph. Jones. Crady-Fr. Jones. LeRoy King. IV-Soph. Jones. Meador -Jr. Jones. Sara McCurley-Fr, Jones. William L.-Soph. Jones, William O.-Jr. Joyner. Carol -Soph. Joyner. James-Fr. Joyner, Russell-Fr. Karn Jackie D.-Suph. Kelley, Steve -Soph. Kelley. Tum-Suph. Kimbrough. CharlulIe-Jr. King. Harry-Jr. King; Jim -Soplz. ..-.-. . .aa.gv...-. -uuww..." klnww HJIM j! klvklmm, Hrlnn VII kllng. Hall I'I kmullL .Itumm- .Snph. k1illlt';1.H. Hun W.-I'VI. knlm'wn. .Nlrur-I'II. kulm. l'uul ,lulx -Supll. IAN Inxir. N.Imly -.$'u,ll1. unnlwrlh. Shuran-Fr. Allin Umid-ff. .unic'r. KI-nl-Saph ,unkfnrd. Huh-Jr. Aurrumnrv. Norma -I'Vr. Lawrc-m-v. Hivhaol-I'Vr. Laxs rl'm'u Tnmmy-Fr. LN Lrny. June Carol -Suph Lmn David-Snph Lewis. Mary Jane-Jr. Lewis. Zan-jr. Lide- Carnline -Fr. Lip$cumbK Wade-Jr. Little. Eddie-Fr. Lu. Tung Chni-Suph. Lm'klin. Radford M.-Suph. 2 ......, -pW-v. WW m-nn,y-, .-. 7.N..q.x.7.,w.;.rw w ,. m : ...7 , Mn . .,. Luftis. Vicki Kay-Soph. Lngan. Randall-Fr. aner. Leland-Soplz Luckia Bill-Fr. 1 Lucky. Margaret Ir, Lupien. George J.-Jr. Luxich. Shelly-Fr. Lyon. Alpha -Jr. Madison. EarI-Fr Magouyrk. David-Fr. Marr. Whitney S0ph. Martin. Jeff B. -Soph, Martin. Mitchell-Jr. Mashberry. Ted -Fr. Mason. Louise-Soph. Massey. James -Jr. Massey. Larry-Soph. Massingill. Carul-Jr. Mathews. James M.-Jr. Matthews. Bruce -Soph. Maylnn. Gary-Jr. Meek. Joe Nell-Fr. Mehvrg. Dunivl-Fr. Mt-lx-her. Mariray -Jr. 193 HIII1-I,.l4-Il fl, HiHI-I. Hrumlt- Nuph HIngdn. BII'IIH 7W! Hillx Nlmih'uph, Hihlt-ml. Hillx iSVWIhA Win01.Hunnir-l'l. Hinlnn. kvnm-III-III. Hileu-H. Hrvmlu 7 IV. xlilr'llt'll. Larry - I"I Huntgnmvry Frvtl-fV: Hunlgmnvry. .Iuhnn-x -Nuph. Handy. Hax-Snph. Hnmh. Sairah-Suph. Vnnn. Rit'hardw-jr. Mnurv. l,indu-Snph. Horolli. Thumas -I5r. Morgan. Kennelh-Fr. Murgun. William E.-Fr. Mnrgan. W infurd ern-l' r. Murris. Billyc-Suph Morris. Uvurgv-J'l Murrisx Larry - Fr. Morris. Randy-Suph. Moseley. Pith :1le C. -Supl1. , ' Mama nwm-Wm .rv. ., . WemmaxwimwwWMb .-- a-.r,......w .... -. Muslvy. Patrivia -I"r. Mullah; anph-Suph. d Murray. Gurdnn H.-Fr MoBrayt'r. Derrell-Fr. w LN'V McCafferty. Butch - Fr. um. McCall. R: pberI H, - Fr. "V: kww MCCanls. Juhn McConnell. Bnbby-Fr. H Ln-;. V McCrary. Robert E. Jr.-Suph. loom l-..,-;. McCray. Mike-Suph. rm M4," McCreary. Herbert-Jr. F h'w McDaniel. James-Suph. . s... . Mal McGalliard. James-Suplz. Nltl;illllis. Paul H - Ir. hm ', McGuugh Gerald-Jr. .u - w McGuire. Jnhn-Jr. . w i MvKinley. Ollie Nell Fr. ! L'VS'" McMillan. Andy-jr. I I by ' I 'V MvNef'f. Shirley-Jr. Ia: '5 tr." Mvphrrsun. John 0. -.Ir. Ncwv. Junicv-I'Vr. Ne-iglllmrs. Mary-Fr. stsmith. EtL-Fr. Nvm-II. Hrrmlu-Fr, 195 4MWW MW... -m,...-w.m.A.........-....-..............NV .......- .-.-..........V,V.0.WU. .. . V, . ,, . umv . . 4.:$...... WWW ...g,.,c m . 1-ukivk. ILIIH-ll ,, l'I. 1-u man. .an-x Hax Ill 7 SWIM 4mx nmu, .l.mim- 7W1. ms mun. .lmh 574111. t-unmn Hulu-r! Ii-Snph. 41-usnm4- ,lzlmit';5uph. irhnIx lhll1 ,lI irlu-rwn Hun litlwurtl -Supli. 'Mnler-x. Sunth -I 'I'. thund. .Inun-jlx Noland. Hmlnu -l 'I' Mulumlt XXudt- Mn-ml. Juliun-JIZ Nnrdam. Linda-I'V: Odum. Jamio I"r. OdU m. Wary Jn - Fr. Ogle. David Lee-jn Olive. Ewlyn-JII Oliwn Jerry-Snph. Orme. John 5,-5an1. OsburrL Nioky-Fr. Oswalt. CaruIyn-I'Vr. Ousley. Sharnn-Nuph. Overstrevt. Carnl - Suplz. t1: Nun: :3. Mn: tum . . --31 ;." - 4'1 11 run 191.; ' mm a: ' h . u ' , WW"... v..." . - ., ,K . v. -.v:u,-r www.auw... , . .. r$m w-...H.-MW Owens. Sherry - Fr. Padget. Page. Eddie-Suplz. Pagenhardt. Mary - Fr. Pape. Richard-Fr. Papizan. Bubbie-Soph. Park. Jnhn-Suph. Parker. June-Fr. Parnell. Perry E.-Fr. Parr. Howard-Soph. Parrish. Philip-Soph. Parten. George Ralph-Soph. Patrenos. Ceorge-Soph. Panick. Theresa-Jr. PatterSun. Elise Fr. Payne. Rudy -Jr. Pearsun. Irene-Fr. Pearson. Mary-Fr. Pelt. Mike-Fr. Perry. Joe -Suph. Peters. Ken-Suph. Phillips. John-jr. Phillips. Sutter Ann-Snph. Pippcn. Wayne - Fr. 197 lelgrl IMHIV l'l IMgI11-.5.IIIIIIH I' Ir Pulw. lIkl'rgII. l'npr, IKIIII 77 l'l. IHanL John 'I', -l'.I. Plvnill. Lnnv-lv. PrilrhrlL Hillx VI'V. PriII-Ilvll. Frank H -IVI. Prm-l. Umurgv-IVI. Pugh. lhmulri-Snpli. Pugh. .lvrry - ,1, Haley. Karl H. - Fr. RanN-y. Kirky -,lr RulIt-y. Kr-IH'H'u-Fr, Hood. Dunna-Jr. Rmvlt Culhrrinv-lf. Rt-ynnlds JuhImy-Fr. Rhmlvn. Harilyn-Fr. Rhudrs. Barry-Fr. Rhudvx Danny -Snplz. Rinehart. James T.. Jr.-Fr. Riltvnherry. Shawn -I' r. Rina. Billilrx Rives. Kitly-Jl'. , AW , Rnbvrson. Dnnald M.-Jr. Rubens. Burry-Jr. Rubens. Marty-Soph. Robertson Marilyn -Fr. Rubidoux. Ruger-Fr. Robinson. Mike-Fr. Roebuck. Bill-Jr. Rogers. Eve -Soph. Rogers. Harris G. S0ph. Rogers. Jue-Jr. Rnlisun. Clynn-Soph. Rulisun. Jerry-Fr. Ruse. Margaret-Fr. Rotch. Pegg'-801;h. Ruussns. Jimmy-Fr. Rowland. Tommy C.-Fr. Ruffln. Carol-Jr. Russell. BuIn-h-Jr. Rutledge. Dewana-Fr. Salal tn. Onie - Fr. Salurd. Stvvv-Jr. Sanders. Robert -.Ir. Surluin. Joel Wuyne-Fr. Scheffor. John M.-Soph. Stall. Hunnuml. Jr. VSIVIII, N-ull.Willi1uH V rall. Sv-lnggim Mvmgc- iSzmlI. Sulltz Khar'llw 7.1L Stullv. Hnln-l l-l I. St-Ild-h. lAuix hm-IVI. Sonny. Ilindu-Xuph. Sthinnx. 'Ulwrl -l 'I. Svurll. Jim-fV Sirmun. Sundru-Suph Shudtm. Limlu jr Shun. David - Ir. Shvppard. Gloria Jr. Shepherd. Jt'an-Jr. Shurmaken Sandra D. Jr. 5'11qu Clydv-Suph. Sllute. Jarw-Fr. 51mm. Johnny S.-,lr. Smallwmrd. Beny-Suplz. Smith. Barbara Sue -Jr. Smith Danny-Jr. Smith. Dnuglm-Nuph. Smith. .Ide-I'VIZ Smith. Jnamw-JIZ , ws-rua-NMWVR r.v.-......W....,m ,, ,7 Smith. Jue-Jr. Smith. JoyCe-Fr. Smith. Kay-Fr. Smith. Kevin-Soph. Smith. Leonard-Soph. Smith. Pattie-Soph. Smith. Paul Jr. Smith. Sarah Ann Fr. Smith. Sharon-Saph. Smith. Susan-Fr. Smith. Virgil Leruy-Soph. Smith. Wayne-Fr. Smith. William-Soph. Smitherman. Barry E.-Fr. Spann. Susan-Fr. Sparks. Glenn -Jr. Speed. Betty Jane-Soph. Speed. Roger-Jr. Spiller. Michael Jr. Sprayberry. Stan -Fr. Springer. Tnm Fr. Spruivll. CIemit-Fr, Stacey. Susan-Jn SluffnnL Elaine Ir. 201 ,.4".WwW.n -........ H. .. ... . Slullinpx Flulmwx-IVL Slullinux Pillllilll'il'lh Slzlpp. Ulin ll HIt-urnx .Irrry W . -I"I. Slt'phvnx Ut-nnis - Fr. Su-Mu-ns. Lurry-jr. Slr-murt. Unn-Fr. Slt-wurl. Jimmy -Suph. Stt-wurl. Lurry-Soph. Slkurt. Hury .Io-jr. Stkurl. NIivhm-l V.-Soph. St. John. Hario-Suph. Stnnv. Dale -S Iph. Strickland. Kaye-Jr. Strivkland. Ronnie-Jr. Strickland. Virginia-Jr. Stringfelluw. Earl-Soph. Strong. Kay-Fr. Stuckey. Pat-Jr. Sturdivam.01iver-Jr. Sullivan. Art-Jr. Sullivan. Paul-Soplz. Sutley. Larry-Fr. Swanson. Freddy-Jr. 'bJ. int'l W'U mmwr .ma "FM" ye! ."pg... Tarnnk. Anthony -Jr. Tatum. Eddie-Fr. Taylor. Diane -Fr. Taylor. JuaniIa-Jr. Taylor. Phillip-Fr. Taylur. Teresa-Fr. Terry. Fred-Soph. Thompson. Charles -Soph. Thompson. Doris -Jr. Thompson. Roberta -Fr. Thurnton. Bert -Fr. Thornton. Carl-Fr. Thurmum Dun-Jr. Thurman. Harry-Fr. Thurmund. Chuck -Soph. Tillman. Judy-Soph. Tims. Betty Jean Fr. Tinklepaugh. Barbara-Fr. Tulsun. Bobbie Jeun-Fr. 'l'rummell, .lne-jr. Trotter. Wayne-jr. Tru. RmmM-Jr. Trurlmw. Judy -Fr. Thompson. Martha Kay-Soph. 203 Turle "It'lltLliquIlI. 'lVlH'kl'l. .lnllnny -I"I. ,l'llt'kv'l. HHHzHulaHWIIL 'qur'lu-r. Tummy ;l"l. Tully. Phil-Suph. 'qu1 nrr. Wullvr-I"r. Tyvr. Gary l..-,Ir. Hnwr. Uliw-r S. -.$'nph. l'lIt-y. Grt-gury 8. 1'?. Vail. Brur'v-Fr. Vice. Linda-Jr. Vito. Puul-Fr. Vit'kors. Rnger-Fr. Vugel. Ralph-jr. Vreeland. Rny-Fr. Wudkins. Gary -Jr. Wainwright. Cora M. -Soph. Walters. Marcus I. Soph. Walters. Milford-Fr. Walthall. Kathy -jr. Waltun. Joe-Jr. Warbingtun. Jackie-Soph. Warhingmn. Linda-Suph. Ward. Becky -Soph. Ward. Ralph-Jr. Ward. Richard -Jr. Ward. Zeke -Jr. Warren. Malcolm -Fr. Watford. Billy J.-Jr. Watkins. Linda-Jr. Watkins. Ronald-Fr. Waller. Don -Soph. Watson. R. L.-Soph. Watson. Rush-Fr. Waugh. Wayne E.-Fr. Weaver. Kyle -Jr. Webb. Martha-Suph. Wt-IL'h. Charles-Jr. Wells. Henry-Saph. Wheat. Patricia -Soph. Wheeler. Robert W.-Jr. Whidlw Cury-Suph. Whitvnmh. Brenda-Suph. Wllitmmlb. Susan-Fr. While. Christinv-Fr. While. Duvid-Suph. Wirkv. Cruig-Jvr. Wiginlun. KLIy-JI'. W inI. krIIw-lll ah. W illlmnx. 54-le iI'f Williulnx HnnniI-Vl...l1. l I. W illigmlx .Izmis il'f XX iHixlmx. ,Iv-zlm'llv-jl. W'illimnx.,IlId1-411 IVI W iHiuInx Hil 1x-I .I'. Vt HlidlllN. 5h-vr-jr. W illiumx. Tummy -Saph. Williumx. vrnnn Cilln'rI-Fr. inlliamsnn. Uaylv-Snph. W illis. Dvnnis G. -I"r. Wilson. RamlulI-Fr. Wingale. CInria-Jr. Wingate. Junis-Fr. Winlzvll. Nlel-Soph. W'iSe. Peggy -Suph. Wise. Wanda -Fr. W'iselugel. W'illiam-Soph. Wiseman. Linda-Soph Wissenger. Martin-Suph. Wolff. George D.-Fr. Wright. Carl David-jr. Wynn. Ruger-Jr. an"-......r..n.,.....w.up-., . .,... . ,7. . .7, .. . Young. Charles F.-Jr. Yuunkim Bill-Suph. Zohm-r. Charles-Fr. Yurlvruugh. thrgv -Jr. 207 EPILOGUE The 1968 PARAGON is now completed, recording another year in the history of Livingston State College. Many long, tedious hours were spent in the preparation and production of this volume. On the technical side, a heavier paper was used and for the first time the cover features the college seal engraved in metal. Nine full color pages were used in the Intro- duction. More pages were added with special emphasis on the Sports and the Greek sec- tions. Also, more copy was used throughout the book. The task ofeovering four full quarte '. Fall, Winter, Spring and Summer of '1 and i68 has been a difficult but challen'e experienee. For their help in making ti yearbook possible, appreciation is e pressed to Ernie Crates, representative lnter-Collegiate Press; Glen Bridges, v sponsor; Bob Okin and Sid Brimer forq , service in supplying photographs; and , the students and faculty who were will' to help when asked. The editor and s 'k hope our attempt at producinga memora j yearbook was successful. 210 We are happy to serve Livingston State College Faculty and Students YELLOW FRONT STORE Livingston, Alabama 7 Cnmplimvnts of First National Bank of Butler "Banking: is our Business" Membvr 0f F.D.I.C. Butler. Alabama Mews Wear Livingston, Alabama h Axl- THE OWL CAF E Livingston. Alabama m.x - m 7' ' ' ' ' , 4.. ' ' ' ' . . .. mu-Hy-m-hmm,..-wrwmwu.g nvku McMILLAN 81 COMPANY BANKERS Livingston, Alabama 66Oldest Bank in Sumter County,9 Established 1891 Member FDIC IF! xxxxw V mm .x WK x ,9 w ' "u "w ,- .1 3m, Directors J. Bruoo Parduv Chairman of the Board Winlun E. Wise President Hugh G. Sloan Manager Dr. John Deloney President Livingston State College Allen M. Tart. Jr. Cashier Amerivan Southern Sawmill Operations 'ZH You did it, Class of 968! Congratulations! Weare proud to have served you and we all wish you I Bonne chance! Bomw 3'11an! a Bon Voyage gM6e a Lombard and 25th Streets. Philadelphia. Pennsylvania l9l46 . a dlvunon 0' Aummam Rcmlcn ul Amcrna. lm 7 Wma SMITH9S BAKERY, INC. SUMTER DAIRY Distributor of Dairy Fresh Products Livingston, Alabama Phone 652-2156 0nly Sunbeam is batter whippef, Meridian. Mississippi Ky Visit Where Exclusive Styles Meet Popular Prices 2205 Fifth Street Meridian,Miss. Telephone 483-2279 At The Vogue a complete selection of styles and sizes for all Milady,s ready-tO-wear needs await your choice . . . for campus or career . . . sports or dressy occasions. SOUTHERN ELECTRIC SUPPLY CO., INC. C ompl iments 0f LIVINGSTON IGA Largest Display of Crystal Livingston, Alabama Chandeliers in Mississippi Visit our Showroom 2125 2A2 St. Meridian, Miss. RAYFORD9S APPLIANCE CENTER General Electric Major Electrical Appliances Zenith Radios, Television 81 Record Players Complete Line of Small Appliances Motorola Kitchen Aid Phone 652-4221 Livingston, Alabama 213 Compliments of m Compliments of 91 WALKER9S Min, PURE STATION A 8K T STORES '" "" hh'hi de "' P. O. Box 484 Livingston. Alabama h. Livingston, Alabama uw a 0utstanding School Picture? Golden F lake Ma; Q Southern Photo '- For Goodness Sake . . . Eat Golden Flake. Services WM ll I, k"! M?Cgtgghzlsgtgeet 6411 First Ave. N0. e9 Birminghglm L Alabama Birmingham, Alabama 35212 X Bob Okin, Manager Sid Brimer, Asst. Manager E1118 C ompliments of H 15MB Flower Shop When It,s Flowers RObert Po Be Sure Thefre Ours,, Upchurch ' - . . k Dons, Aubrey and Wayne E1115 Phone 182 York. Alabama PRATT CLEANERS Dry Cleaning 8K Pressing Compliments of . gwgecmat, BATTLE HOUSE M W RESTAURANT x3 0 4 c7 Owner Mrs. Felix Larkin Compliments of Pruitt and Pruitt Compliments Sumter Hardware of Company Farm Supply Co. Fishing Tackle, Hunting Supplies and T 9n T Feed Mill and Gifts for Every Occasion,, The Corner of Monroe 81 Washington,, Livingston, Alabama Livingston. Alabama Scruggs Bugs, Inc.- 8 YOUR PRijgsgIONAL PHABMACY PHONE 6527182 LIVINGSTON. ALABAMA 1;; Compliments of MARCUS E. McCONNELL, JR. Little Dixie Courts Air Conditioning, Free Television Highway 11 York, Alabama Compliments of DR. THOMAS C. LOONEY 217 A ,NAMWMAWAV store snack shoP ccThe center of campus activity, M. L. MC LEMORE LONG-WALL COMPANY HARDWARE AND BUILDING MATERIALS ELECTRICAL APPLIANCES-AIR CONDITIONING READY MIX CONCRETE TELEPHONE NO. 1 YORK, ALA. Livingston Insurance Agency YOU a:lndependenf Insurance kGENT send 5 vou rmsr Auto Casualty Life Surety Fire W. Merrill Wise Phone 652-5821 Livingston. Alabama 35470 Livingston Cafeteria Lois 8i Shakey Compliments of Western Auto Associate Store York. Alabama Owner Doug Dortch 220 Compliments of J immie9s Barber Shop Livingston, Alabama Compliments of Brownas J ewelry York. Alabama Bryanas Service Station :The place to buy Standard Oil products" Livingston, Alabama The Fashion Shop American Vintage and Don Kenny Fashions Livingston, Alabama "7e mm 'W Dairy Fresh Bar .. .I I C ompliments 0f Bert H. Grace Tax Collector Livingston, Alabama The Dress Shop Livingston, Alabama Bynumk Garage 604- Columbus St. Fayette, Alabama WV? lwlronu' Lil'ingsrmz State Collvgr stmlwntxu graduating class ' ' - LA COMPANY BY UOHLLU UNULR AUIHORIYY OF THE COCA CO York Coca-Cola Bottling Company York. Mulmmu 222 Teamwork - For A Better Sumter County Building a better future for our town and the entire North Sumter area and its people will require the best efforts of all its citizens. We are blessed with fine educational institutions, vigorous agricul- tural and forest enterprises, and rapidly expanding industries. Each Contributes Greatly T0 The Well-Being Of All Of Us EDUCATION COMMERCE BUSINESS LIVINGSTON-NORTH SUMTER CHAMBER OF COMMERCE JJ rm Livinx-h'" Ballard. Lam. g-lu d Trebblr. l,iHn 3:125. Butch. Srlfm 79- t Bamelte. Judilh- Bmmnuh Bamette. Thnmat Term" 3911. Vemon. Eulah 163 Bennell. Ronnie. Sulllr lb- Benson. Larry. Meridian ll Beming. Sandi. Daphnr Bl Blakeney. Julia. Miff'm' Blouke. Peter. Chalmn I63 Boothe. Gene. Fairhopf l6 Brannen. Fafis. Lake City. Brewer. Brenda. Bcssemct Bmisler. Carolyn. Livinpu Bruister. Roy. Livingston l Burke. Betty Sue. Tondo- Butler. Danny. Vemon fbu Cain. Norman. York 164 Campbell. Jimmy. Tusrdu Cilrlyon. Tom. Jacksonville Caner. Richard. Pensacola Canlidge, Jimmy. Alicevillq Carvalis. Leo. Pensamlg, F Chandler. Don. Biminghln Coleman. Jerry. Mcridim l Cook, Bill. Reform 16; Cook. Wanda, Reform 164 Cooper. Beyerly. Thain..." ESPN. Carol, cannula" 8 C00::: $ng Rob'mdalr l . ade Carrolllnn ll . ne. Ref. HHIQIS. . . Wm lfl Davis. 18m. 30mm. n; Dam. g. irmingham 78 Dam. LAIman 163 lr1. Stpulhbridgr Duem! Ch enda. BulIo-r M 8 lilrnnf-Hr- 5 mm W P W 1a.; "1.60de l!i I w. Tm. al... SENIOR DIRECTORY Seniors Hams, Barbara, Tuscaloosa 162 Aiken, John, Mobile 162 Alexander, Joe, Livingston 68, 69, 73, 82, 93, 162 Alexandeh Wayne, Birmingham 162 Arledge, Charles, Shelby 162 Ayres, James, Fayette 162 Bailey, Linda Marion 76, 111, 162 Baker, Norman, Tuscaloosa 162 Ballard, Larry, Livingston 162 Ballard, Trebble, Livingston 162 Barnes, Butch, Selma 79, 82, 85, 162 Barnette, Judith, Birmingham 162 Barnette, Thomas, Tarrant 163 Bell, Vernon, Eutaw 163 Bennett, Ronnie, Suttle 163 Benson, Larry, Meridian 163 Berning, Sandi, Daphne 81, 163 Blakeney, Julia, Aliceville 111, 163 Blouke, Peter, Chatom 163 Boothe, Gene, Fairhope 163 Brannen, Fafis, Lake City, Fla. 163 Brewer, Brenda, Bessemer 60, 61, 82, 92, 163 Bruister, Carolyn, Livingston 163 Bruister, Roy, Livingston 163 Burke, Betty Sue, Tuscaloosa 163 Butler, Danny, Vernon 66, 67, 163 Cain, Norman, York 164 Campbell, Jimmy, Tuscaloosa 164 Carlyon, Tom, Jacksonville, Fla. 67, 73, 164 Carter, Richard, Pensacola, Fla. 164 Cartlidge, Jimmy, Aliceville 164 Carvalis, Leo, Pensacola, Fla. 69, 164 Chandler, Don, Birmingham 71, 80, 164 Coleman, Jerry, Meridian 164 Cook, Bill, Reform 164 Cook, Wanda, Reform 164 Cooper, Beverly, Thomaston 164 COOPer, Carol, Carrollton 82, 94, 164 Cooper, Jack, Robertsdale 86, 95, 164 COODCF, Wade Carrollton 164 Corbin, Warren, Gordo 165 Cox, William, Reform 165 Cross, Sandy, Selma 80, 88, 165 Curboy,Bi11,Hardys, Mass. 73, 79,82, 112, 165 Curboy, Dianne, Reform 165 Daniels, Jerry, Bonifay, Fla. 165 Dav15, Dan, Birmingham 78, 103, 113, 165 DaVlS, Oscar, Atmore 165 Davis, Robert, Southbridge, Mass. 67, 91, 165 DELoach, Glenda, Butler 63, 165 Dueitt, Cherry, Citronelle 64, 65, 72, 74', 79, 82, 94v 113, 159 165 DUkeS, Janice, Birmingham 165 DYSOH, John, Livingston 86, 165 Edwards, Larry, Butler 165 Elmore, William, Gordo 166 Epperson, Ronnie, Tuscaloosa 70, 71, 166 Ervin, JOYCE, Cainesville 166 Estano, Mary Ann, Carrollton 94. 166 Fairley, Bobby, Leeds 166 Farmer, .106, York 166 Fretwell, Nettie, Marion 62, 63, 72. 79, 84, 88. 113, 166 Friday, Steve, Mobile 166 Gann, Joseph, Birmingham 166 Gantt, George, Andalusia 70, 71, 73, 166 Carnett, Kathie, Pensacola, Fla. 65, 166 Gates, Bill, Montgomery 92, 166 Gates, Pick, Camden 69, 166 Catlin, Dwight, Warner Robins, Ga. 71, 166 Gattis, Charlotte, Altoona 167 Gattis, Douglas, Attalla 167 Gault, Roger, Pensacola, Fla. 167 Gissendanner, James, Leroy 167 Goneke, Judith, Evergreen 167 Goneke, Mickey, Belleville 167 Graham, Doug, Tuscaloosa 70, 71, 167 Grant, Nita, York 167 Green, Judith, Kimbrough 167 Griffln, Frank, Mobile 167 Hall, James, Atmore 64, 167 Hall, Tillman, Birmingham 69, 167 Harmon, Don, West 31001011 167 Harris, Charlotte, Chickasaw 60, 61, 72, 82, 84, 88, 94, 167 Hauser, Vivian, Livingston 168 Herndon, Ivadean, Eutaw 92, 93, 94, 168 Hicks, Brenda, Northpolrt 64, 65, 71, 82, 91, 94, 168 Hill, Norma, Bellamy 168 Hodges, Bryan, Warner Robins, Ga. 168 Holland, Heyward, Birmingham 168 Hollingsworth, Marie, Guin 168 Hollingsworth, Muriel, Guin 168 Howell, Brenson, Semmes 168 Howell, Mickey, Andalusia 67, 168 Hydrick, Howard, Millport 168 Jackson, Jerry, Demopolis 69, 168 Jaye, William, Monroeville 168 Jenings, Raymond, Marianna, Fla. 168 Johns, Mike, Montgomery 169 Johnson, Johnny, Suttle 169 Jones, Lynn, Pensacola, Fla. 169 Jordan, Anna Mary, Demopolis 106, 107, 169 Kearns, John, Mobile 169 Kirkland, Pat, Montgomery 169 Klein, Bert, Mobile 169 Kulp, Ken, Hallandale, Fla. 169 Lambert, Jimmy, Uriah 169 Lancaster, Charles, Selma 169 Lane, Billy Joe, Langdale 66, 67, 169 Langham, Pam, Mobile 65, 94, 169 Larkin, Lynn, York 169 Lathan, Gerald, Chatom 86, 92, 169 Lee, Marlene, Birmingham 60, 61, 72, 82, 84, 170 Leonard, Jimmy, Pinckard 170 Leverett, Thomas, LaFayette 92, 93, 170 Lewis, Penny, Sweetwater 85, 170 Livingston, Kay, Tuscaloosa 62, 63, 71, 72, 88, 170 Lloyd, Carolyn, York 170 Luker, Andrea, Selma 63, 77, 92, 93, 114, 170 Lunsford, Bill, Berry 170 Lunsford, Gwen, Fayette 94, 170 Manchester, John, Niantic, Conn. 79, 83, 86, 170 Mangina, Jimmy, Birmingham 170 Manning, Bill, Milton, Fla. 66, 67, 78, 91, 170 Mason, Mary, Camden 60, 61, 170 May, Dwayne, Cilbertown 170 Megginson, Mary, Thomasville 171 Mercer, James, Birmingham 171 Moore, Allen, Birmingham 171 Moore, Ronnie, Marietta, Ca. 171 Morgan, Terry, Butler 85, 171 Moseley, Marvin, Leeds 171 Mosher, Brooks, Mobile 69, 171 Murrell, John, Tuscaloosa 95, 171 McCann, Hugh, Rutherford, NJ. 171 McDonald, Andy, East Brewton 171 McDonald, Larry, Meridian, Miss. 171 Nelson, Robert, Athens 171 Nessmith, Sue, Montgomery 60, 61, 72, 94, 115, 171 Noles, David, Opelika 171 Norton, Tom, York 73, 79, 82, 83, 105, 115, 172 Olds, Gwen, Browns 80, 172 Osburn, John, Smith Station 172 Oswald, Ronald, Montgomery 85, 172 Ott, Martin, Miami, Fla. 67, 73, 172 Owings, Tom, Brent 172 Parr, Mary Anna, Demopolis 63, 172 Perkins, Donald, Macon, Miss. 172 Perunovich, Tom, Warner Robins, Ga. 93, 172 Pettie, Ellen, McWilliams 94, 172 Pettis, Eugene, Brewton 69, 73, 83, 172 Pettis, Gordie, Mt. Vernon 79, 172 Pinkerton, Frank, Theodore 172 Pittman, Betty J0, Carrollton 172 Pope, Billy, Opelika 102, 173 Powell, John, Selma 173 Ramseur, Harvey, Selma 87, 173 Ray, Mary Ellen, Tuscaloosa 60, 61, 160, 173 Ray, Pat, Livingston 88, 173 Reilly, William, Peace Dale, R. I. 173 Renaud, Ed, Woonsocket, R. I. 173 Rexrode, Drena, Cottonwood 60, 61, 80, 92, 94, 123, 173 Reynolds, David, Tuscaloosa 173 Riley, Joseph, Aliceville 173 Roberts, Betty, Centre 173 Robertson, Sherrill, Cordo 173 Robinson, Jim, Mobile 173 Robinson, Larry, Birmingham 76, 173 Robison, Phillip, Thomasville 174 Rolison, E. T., Pushmalaha 68, 174 Rowland, Robert, Chickasaw 71, 174 Russell, Thomas, Aliceville 174 Sessions, Walter, Brand Bay 174 Shand, Judy, Browns 174 Shiver, Harry, Bay Minette 68, 69, 82, 88, 174 Shoultz, Roger, Wagerville 174 Sloan, Jimmy, Bellamy 174 Smith, Betty, Livingston 65, 72, 174 Smith, Judy, Millry 174 Smith, Ted, Winfield 174 Smith, Vann, Clanton 69, 174 Smith, W. C., Atmore 174 Sparks, Frances, Flomaton 175 Spencer, Samuel, Carrollton 175 Sperandio, David, Watertown, Mass. 66, 67, 175 Squires, Carol, Demopolis 175 Stallings, Buddy, Livingston 175 Stallworth, Robert, Evergreen 175 Stoker, Linda, Fayette 175 Stone, Bettye, Selma 61, 77, 81, 91, 92, 175 Stone, Brenda, Aliceville 65, 82, 175 Stoudemire, Betty, Demopolis 175 Stuart, John, Geiger 68, 69, 175 Sullivan, Evelyn, Butler 175 Sutton, Johnnie, Marion 175 Swaim, Kitty, Huntsville 61, 84, 88, 175 Swann, Earl, Monticello, Fla. 176 Thompson, Pat, Butler 176 Thrash, Mike, Butler 66, 67, 76, 79, 92, 176 Torre, John, Birmingham 66, 67, 73, 78, 83, 176 Tubbs, Janeen, Moundville 93, 160, 176 Vaughn, Virginia, Cuba 176 Walker, Janet, York 62, 63, 72, 176 Wallace, Danny, Demopolis 69, 82, 176 Wallace, Linda, Birmingham 88, 176 Wallace, Shirley, Parrish 176 Walton, Josephine, Yantley 176 Warrick, Mary Beth, Millry 63, 84, 176 Washburn, Regina, Greensboro 176 Watkins, Jerry Silas 176 Webb, Sam, York 177 Whittington, Jimmy, Fairhope 67, 177 Williams, Cary, Fort Meade, Fla. 177 Williams, Jada, Birmingham 60, 61, 77, 82, 177 Wilson, Joe, Dothan 177 Wilson, Wayne, Talladega 85, 177 Winslow, Andra Mac, Gilbertown 177 Wood, Nixon, Birmingham 177 Wood, Patricia, Bay Minette 177 Wright, Edward, Grant 177 Young, Houston, Selma 67, 177 Zimmerman, Charles, Demopolis 177 Asmuumua Ashlth-dn-l. m Milk... m Amines... nu familial. m WMSUh 1 Avaalmhilhn':: MfikiH-a. m $1MM13 a. . um hug... m hummus Humum Htmm Imam Hum 1 hhiwm uH-W ram 7 ' Ham hungum h.5w1116 $11 Abercrombia T, J., Arlington, Va. 178 Abston. Richard, Aliceville 178 Adams. Tom, Grotom, Conn. 70, 178 Agee. Kit, Selma 178 Agee. Tony, Arlington 178 Agee. Vida. Thomasville 84, 108, 178 Akin. Dierdre, Mobile 92, 178 Albright, Tommy, Tuscaloosa 178 Aldredge, Howard, Pensacola, Fla. 92, 94, 178 Alexander, Beth. Mobile 178 Alexander, Mike, Tuscaloosa 85, 178 Allen, William P., Tuscaloosa 178 Allman, Myron D., Aliceville 178 Alsobrook, Randall, Wadley 178 Ambrose, Bob, Anniston 66, 178 Anders, Danny, Tuscaloosa 178 Anderson, Lorena, Meridian, Miss. 178 Anderson, Sara, York 64, 178 Armstrong, Sandy, Greensburg, Pa. 178 Armstrong, Tippy, Tuscaloosa 178 Asaff, Paula, Livingston 175 Ashcraft, Lydia , Tuscaloosa 92, 179 Ashley, Mary, Tuscaloosa 61, 179 Atkins, Sid, Thomaston 69, 179 Averett, Betty, Greensboro 63, 179 Averett, Richard, Gainsville 179 Averett, Sid, Tuscaloosa 70, 71, 82, 179 Averill, Bill, Pleasantville, Pa. 67, 179 Bailey, John, Selma 87, 179 Bailey, Ron, Tuscaloosa 179 Baker, Bill, Demopolis 179 Baker, Clarice, Tuscaloosa 179 Balch, Bob, Hartselle 179 Ballard, Diane, Dothan 60, 179 Ballard, Sharon, Demopolis 64, 179 Bambarger, John, Livingston 179 Barger, Cliff, Tuscaloosa 179 BaflOW, Jerry, Putnam 179 Barron, Cheryl, Demopolis 62, 122, 158, 179 Batch, Johnny, Bessemer 179 Batson, Robert, Eutaw 179 Battle, Mary, Livingston 65, 179 Bazemore, Richard, Greensboro 80, 179 Bearden, James, Selma 179 Beech, Bonnie, Chatom 179 Beech, Sally, Chatom 64, 65, 180 Beeker, Chris, Eutaw 180 11:611. Barney, Northport 180 Bzzilett, Martha, York 180 Be 0:11., Susan, Opp 180 Beg: 1:11, Beth, Tuscaloosa 180 3633 3t . Walter, New London, Conn. 180 eshn ., Carl, Tuscaloosa 70, 180 ears. Buddy. Montgomery 180 UNDERCLASSMEN DIRECTORY Underclassmen Beshears, Dana. Montgomery 180 Beverly, Thomas E., Jackson 180 BillingS. Mary Anne. Northport 92. 180 Bingham, Thomas Avery, Silas 180 Black, Gary, Fort Deposit 81. 180 Blair, James. E., Pascagoula, Miss. 180 Black, Wayland, West Blocton 180 Blan, C. A., Talladega 180 Blankenship, James, Eclectic 180 Bodden, Jim, Mobile 180 Bodin, Steve, Tuscaloosa 70, 71. 73. 180 Bogle, Glenda, Millry 63, 116, 117, 159, 180 Bonds, Gerald, Albertville 180 Boone, Gene, Columbiana 180 Bonner, Cary, Tuscaloosa 87, 180 Booth, Doug, Tuscaloosa 71, 181 Boothe, Jerry, Moundville 68, 181 Boozer, Frank, Demopolis 92. 94, 181 Boshers, Cathy, Butler 63, 181 Boswell, Glenda, Emelle 181 Boutwell, Carey, Pine Hill 181 Bowen, Johnny, Tuscaloosa 87, 181 Bowen, Walter, Mobile 181 Bowles, Gary, Brand Bay 181 Bowman, Charles, Eufaula 181 Boyd, Barbara, Boyd 64, 181 Boyd, Lanny, Livingston 181 Bozeman, William L., Selma 181 Bradley, Tommy, Hueytown 181 Brantley, Charla, Livingston 62, 63, 71, 82 Breazeale, James, York 181 Breazeale, Robert, York 181 Breed, Roger, Birmingham 70. 181 Breedlove, Pam, Montgomery 63, 181 Brewer, Gene, Dozier 61, 79, 83, 104, 112, 181 Bridges, Bertha, Dixon Mills 181 Bridges, Kathyrn, Arlington 64, 65, 181 Briggs, Dianne, Reform 181 Brigham, Dale, Pensacola, Fla. 69, 181 Brislin, John, Selma 68, 181 Britton, J udy, Geiger 182 Broadhead, Beverly, Aliceville 62, 182 Broadhead, Karen, Selma 63, 71, 82, 108, 182 Brookover, Sara, Tuscaloosa 65, 88, 182 Brown, Doug, Noank, Conn. 71 Brown, Winnie, Meridian, Miss. 182 Bumpers. Jerry, Coffeeville 182 Bumpers, Robert, Jackson 88. 182 Burage, Ceneima, Demopolis 62, 182 Burke, Charles, Birmingham 182 Burke, Judy, Wadley 64, 65, 78. 82. 88. 91, 92. 101. 182 Burke, Mav Harold. Tuscaloosa 182 Bynum, Andy, Fayette 182 Bynum, Margaret. Fayette 63. 82. 92. 102. 182 Byrd. Van, Mobile 182 Cain, Jim, Miami. Fla. 67, 101, 182 Camp, Buddy, Centreville 182 Campbell, Bill, Pensacola, Fla. 67, 157, 182 Campbell, Larry, Pensacola, Fla. 182 Cannon, Peggy, Sweetwater 182 Cargile, Jimmy, Fayette 182 Cargo, Frank, Gardendale 182 Carr, J. W., Gadsden 70, 71, 73, 182 Carroll, Donald, Tuscaloosa 71, 80, 182 Carter, Terry, Billingsley 183 Carver, Jerry, Tuscaloosa 183 Cassidy, Cary, Guntersville 183 Causey, Mary Jane, York 183 Champion, Ray, Selma 183 Champion, Sandy, Selma 62, 63, 183 Chancey, Cherry, Tuscaloosa 63, 183 Chandler, Bobby, Selma 183 Channell, Mickey, Tuscaloosa 183 Childers, Randy, Milton, Fla. 68, 183 Clarke, Gene, Thomasville 183 Cleere, Bob, Montgomery 71, 77, 183 Clements, Rose Mary, Tuscaloosa 183 Cleveland, Bill, Selma 183 Cochran, Larry, 13an 183 Coker, Bryant, Mobile 183 Colburn, Billy, New Orleans, La. 95, 183 Colee, Gail, Monroeville 65, 183 Coleman, Billy, Selma 183 Colson, Cecil, Eutaw 68, 183 Conlon, Ed, Orlando, Fla. 71, 83, 112, 183 Connell, Harld, Gordo 67, 183 Conner, Helen, Butler 183 Coon, Charles, Selma 86, 183 Coon, John, Selma 184 Cooper, Martha, Eutaw 62, 64, 184 Copeland, Ted, Smith1s Station 67, 184 Coxwell, Larry, Andalusia 184 Crabtree, Frank, Reform 184 Crigger, Van, Milton, Fla. 69, 184 Cronin, Pat, Selma 184 Crovato, Albert, Selma 184 Crow, Larry, York 184 Crow, Sandra, York 184 Crowley, Carol, Birmingham 94, 184 Crumpton, Sara, York 65, 184 Cruthirds, Byron, Mobile 184 Culp, Max, Tuscaloosa 66, 184 Culp, Sue, Chickasaw 84, 160, 184 Cummings, Rip, Birmingham 71, 184 Cummins, Pat, Opp 184 Dailey, Billy, Selma 184 Davidson, Martha, Butler 184 Davis, Joe Lee, Gallion 184 Davis, Merwin, Tuscaloosa 65, 69, 125, 160. 184 Davis, Stan, Sweetwater 184 DeCeer, Dorothy, Coden 184 Doggett, Toby, York 184 Downey, Ralph, Thomasville 185 Doyal, Paul, Pensacola, Fla. 185 Dozier, Frankie, Thomasville 62, 63, 69, 82, 185 Duke. Sum, Cvnm-villt- 185 Dumas. Barbara,1111;110:1164, 185 Duncan, Runniv. Bvssonwr 185 Durkin. Marvin, Orrvillv 66. 88, 92, 185 Egbert. CIurvm-o. 'thmnusvillo 185 Egbert. Cluylnn. Thumusvillv 185 Eldridge. Dalv, Butler 68, 185 Ellard, Janv, Tusvaltmsu 62. 71, 185 Elliott, Bill. Tusvaltmsa 185 Elliott, Raymund, Linvville 185 Elliott, Rngvr, Muundville 185 Ellis, Larry, Evvrgrovn 185 Erwin. William. Gainmville 185 Espey, Bobby, Collinsville, Miss. 185 Essary. Linda, Reform 65. 185 Estano. Stanley. Carmlltnn 185 Estes. Beck. Tuscaloosa 60, 185 Ethridge. Diarw. Swoelwater 62, 185 Evans. Jerry. Tuscaloosa 70. 185 Ezell, Herschel. Pensavula, Fla. 66, 185 Ezell. Jo Ann. Tust-alnnsa 185 Ezell. Milton. Selma 86. 186 Farmer. Jan. York 186 Farris. Doug. Tuscaltmsa 80. 186 Farrior. Wayne. Pensacola, Fla. 186 Faulkner. Homer. Evergreen 186 Fekety. Peter. Cuba 186 Fields. Annie E.. Moundville 88, 186 Fields, Travis, York 186 Fincher. Carole. Tuscaloosa 88. 91, 94, 103, 122, 186 Finkbinder. John, Birmingham 186 Fishburne. Freddie. Eutaw 69, 186 Fitzpatrick. James. Mt. Ivey. N. Y. 68. 186 Floyd. John. Tuscaloosa 67. 186 Folsom. Don, Selma 186 Fondren, Marthae. Sprott 76. 82. 94. 186 Foran, Russell. Birmingham 186 Ford, Billie J0. Phil Campbell 60, 61, 95, 186 Foster, Michael. Montgomery 186 Fowler. Daniel, Fayette 186 Fox, Paulette, York 65. 160, 186 Fox, Skip, York 66, 186 Fox, Tom. York 67, 186 Free, Barbara. Gordo 60. 186 Free, Jimmy. Leighton 68, 186 Freeman. Charles, Tuscaloosa 71. 187 Fuller, Frank, Miami, Fla. 68, 69, 187 Fultz, Diane, Mobile 64. 187 Galloway, Larry, Fayette 187 Canett, Ken, Pensacola. Fla. 187 Gault, Ann, Livingston 187 Gault, Eddy, Reform 85, 187 Gavin, Mitchell. Butler 86. 187 Gentry, Eddie, Montevallo 69, 187 George. Doris Ann, York 187 1101137311, , 1 Gibson, Carol, Fayette 63, 159. 187 HOWELL, Gibson, James, Brantley 187 Gilliam, Ann, Aliceville 187 Gillilan, Kenneth, Albertville 187 Glisson, Mike. Birmingham 70. 187 Godfrey, Rita, Birmingham 80. 81 Gordy. Betty. York 187 NW 60. 115 It. Mcclwater 62, 135 MM :0. 115 i PWW- 111.66. 115 dewsa 183 Sch. 11. 111 Ill 18 fume 111. 111 1. P6511011 1111. 186 H. Evngeen 186 Elba 131 .. inlle 88. 186 111 15 . Tutaloosa 88. 91. 94. 103. 112. 116 l. Bimjngham 186 111:. 511111 69. 186 vs. .111. 1m. .11. Y. 68. 186 rims: 61'. 186 1!: 181 9, 5911111 76. 82. 94. 186 . . 1m 11 Campbell 60- 61' 95' 186 "0018011199 186 m"! 1116 1 113. 160- 136 6. I15 111111112'11111111111 11.. 11 111111 187 111111111111111. 1111-1: 111111111111 111. 18." 111111. 111111111111. 111'w111111'11f11. 187 1111111111. 11111111 11.. 1111111111111119 187 11111111112 11111. 11011111111111. 111. 711. 187 11111111. 111111. 111111131111111111 187 111111. 11111111. 1111111111 71. 80. 187 1111111. 8111161. 81111111 111111110. 1.11. 62. 63. 72.82. 187 111111111. 11111111. '11115111111111511 188 111111111111. 1.1111. 1111851111067. 188 111111111111.1u111. 0111111160. 188 11111151111. 631111111. 1.1111115111116569. 188 1111r1111511'. 11111111. Ar111162. 63. 72. 94-. 188 Harmon. 11111111. '111111111111ro 188 Harper. Keith. Birmingham 188 Harris. Barbara. Chickasaw 60. 61. 88. 94. 188 Harris. K1111111'. T11s1-a11111s11 188 Harris. Porter. Ozark 188 Harris. 111111111111. Tusvaloosa 188 Harris. Rodney. Columbus. Ca. 67. 188 Harris. Ronnie. Columbus. Ga. 66. 188 Harrison. Larry. Glen Allen 188 Harrison. Rebecca. Carbon Hill 188 Hartis. Mike. Selma 70. 188 Hawkins. Linda. Demopolis 188 Hawkins. Mary. Tuxey 188 Hayes. Davis. Tuscaloosa 66. 188 Haynes. Jay. Meridian. Miss. 70. 188 Headley. Carey. Livingston 188 Helms. Michael. Tuscaloosa 188 Helms. Robert. Tuscaloosa 188 Henderson. Meriwether. Montgomery 71. 80. 188 Hendrix. Brian. Tuscaloosa 189 Henslee. Ronald. Carbon Hill 66. 189 Herren. Jerry. Pine Hill 189 Hicks. Betty. Selma 64. 65. 72. 82. 92. 93. 94. 189 Hill. James N.. Mobile 68. 69. 189 Hill. James. Montgomery 80. 189 H111. Al. Livingston 189 Hodges. Barbara. Mobile 189 Holcombe. Tom. Chelsea 92. 189 Holder. Martha. Birmingham 65. 189 Hollinger. Fleetwood. Camden 67. 189 Hollingsworth. Johnny. Reform 189 H1111. Arnold. Holtville 68. 189 H1111. Keith. Lauderdale. Miss. 70. 189 Human. Dan. Gordo 189 Human. James. Ralph 189 11111111. Jessie. Aliceville 189 Hood. Sheila. Creenville 60. 88. 189 Hopson. Elizabeth. Butler 189 Home. Nicky. Selma 70. 189 House. Runald. G11r1111 189 Housell. Marion. C11rd11 61. 88. 189 Haven. Linda. 11101151111 189 Howell. Terr1'. Alabaster 189 Hubbard. David. Guntersville 190 Huckabee. Donnie. Linden 190 Huckabee. Larry. Sweetwater 85. 190 111101611169. Marvin. Demopulis 190 Huff. Sabrah. Aliceville 190 111111'911'11111. 1.1111.11111113111111-1'1 1911 1111;;11111. 111111111. 1111'111111111111111 711. 190 111111111111'1'11.11111111.'1111111111111'1'6-1. 190 1111111. 1111111. 1111111111 190 11111111.11ik11. 11111111111111 1911 1111111111. 111111111. 131'111111111111' 190 11111111111. 11111. '11111111111511111' 1911 11111111111. 1111111-5. 1111115111111 1911 11111151111. 111111r1111. 11011111111111.1615. 79. 88. 114. 1911 11111151111. Craig. '111151'1111111511 190 Jackson. D11rr1'1. Butler 68. 190 111111151111. 1111111. '1111111111151'1111- 60. 61. 88. 92. 94. 190 11101151111. 1111111111. 11111111111'1111188. 190 1111-1151111. 1111111 8.. 5111111 11111 190 1111-16011. 511111. 11101113511110 1911 11111151111. Skeclvr. Butler 68. 69. 79. 83. 86. 190 111111115. Neil. X111111g11mvry 190 James. 1.1111 A1111. Livingslnn 190 Jenkins. Doris. Gurdn 60. 72. 190 Jenkins. Louise. 311111119 191 Jenkins. Harrell. Enterprise 191 1111191111. 111561111. N11r111p11r1 191 Johnson. Bobby. Selma 191 Johnson. Edwin. 311111119 191 Jones. Grady. Auburn 63. 70. 191 Jones. Leroy. Dem11p11lis 191 Jones. Herman. Auburn 191 Jones. Sara. Marion 191 Jones. William. DeKalb. Miss. 191 Jones. William. Tuscaloosa 191 Joyner. Carol. Tuscaloosa 191 Joyner. James. Prattville 81. 191 Joyner. Russell. Fairhope 191 Karr. Jackie. Prichard 191 Kelley. Steve. Reform 191 Kelley. Tom. Phenix City 66. 191 Kimbrough. Charlotte. Cuba 191 King. Harry. Andalusia 70. 191 King.11m. Centreville 70. 191 Kinsey. Alan. Mobile 192 Kirkham. Penny. Sweetwaler 85. 192 Kling. Harry. Andalusia 192 Knight. Jeanne. Millry 192 Kornegay. Don. Centreville 192 Kornegay. Steve. Tuscaloosa 192 Kuhn. Paul. Foley 192 LaCoste. Randy. Mobile 192 Lamberth. Sharon. Millry 63. 192 Lane. David. Langdale 192 Lanier. Kent. Demopolis 192 Lankford. B1111. Union Springs 69. 192 Larramore. Norma. Marianna. F111. 62. 192 Lawrence. Michael. Tuscaloosa 192 Lawrence. Tommy. Annismn 192 LeCmy. June. Tuscaloosa 62. 192 Lee. David. Tuscaloosa 192 Lewis. Mary Jane. Sw96water 192 Lewis. Zan. Sweetwater 192 Lide. Cardine. Selma 192 Lipscomb. Wade. Macon. Miss. 67. 192 Little. Eddie. Tuscaloosa 68. 192 L11. Tung C1101. Birmingham 192 227 228 Locklin, Radford M., Milton, Fla. 192 Loftis, Vicki, Demopolis 65, 193 Logan, Randall, Millport 193 Loper, Leland, Millry 193 Luckie, Bill, Ft. Walton Beach, Fla. 193 Lucky, Margaret, Greensboro 60, 61, 94, 193 Lupien, George, Woonsocket, R.I. 193 Luxich, Shelly, Tuscaloosa 62, 88, 91, 158, 193 Lyon, Alpha, Union, SC. 63, 82, 193 Madison, Earl, Livingston 193 Magouyrk, David, Sylacauga 193 Marr, Whitney, Niantic, Conn. 193 Martin, Jeff, Prichard 193 Martin, Mitchell, Boaz 193 Mashberry, Ted, Bay Minette 193 Mason, Louise, Camden 60, 61, 160, 193 Massey, James, Chatom 193 Massey, Larry, Chatom 193 Massingill, Carole, Aliceville 193 Mathews, James, Birmingham 71, 193 Matthews, Bruce, Birmingham 81, 193 Mayton, Gary, Demopolis 68, 193 Meek, Joe, Panola 193 Meherg, Daniel, Tuscaloosa 193 Melcher, Maricay, Gulf Shores 61, 94, 193 Miller, Jeff, Pensacola, Fla. 194 Miller, Ronnie, Tuscaloosa 194 Milligan, Glenn, Tuscaloosa 194 Mills, Sam, Tuscaloosa 194 Milstead, Billy, Sweetwater 194 Miner, Ronnie, Tuscaloosa 194 Minton, Kenneth, Gadsden 194 Mitchell, Brenda, Demopolis 194 Mitchell, Larry, York 66, 194 Montgomery, Fred, Tuscaloosa 194 Montgomery, Johnny, Tuscaloosa 68, 194 Moody, Max, Tuscaloosa 194 Moody, Sarah, Birmingham 65, 82, 194 Moon, Richard, West Blockton 194 Moore, Linda, Millport 194 Moretti, Thomas, Norwich, Conn. 70, 194 Morgan, Kenneth, Gilbertown 194 Morgan, William, Myrtlewood 194 Morgan, Winford, Yantly 194 Morris, Billye, Vernon 194 Morris, George, Selma 194 Morris, Larry, Selma 194 Morris, Randy, Columbiana 194 Morris, Russell, Birmingham 194 Moseley, Edward C., Pell City 194 Moseley, Patricia, Toxey 195 Mullalu, Joe, Woonsocket, RI. 66, 195 Murray, Gordon, Wayne, NJ. 195 McBrayer, Derrell, Demopolis 68, 195 McCafferty, Butch, Carrollton 195 McCall, Robert, Elba 81, 195 McCants, John, Jackson 195 McConnell, Bobby, Birmingham 195 McCrary, Robert, Akron 195 McCray, Mike, Tuscaloosa 70, 195 McCreary, Herbert, Cleveland, Ohio 71, 195 McDaniel, James, Curdo 195 MvCalliard, Jumt-s, Billingsley 195 McCinnis, Paul, Mvridian, Miss. 195 McGuugh, Cvrald, Carbon Hill 66, I95 McGuire, John, West Blm'klnn 195 McKinley. Ollie Nell, Demopolis 195 McMillian, Andy. Centreville 195 McMillian, Shorry. Chatum 65. 120 McNeff, Shirley. Tuscaloosa 81, 195 McPherson, John, Demopolis 195 Neese. Janice, Mobile 64. 79, 195 Neighbors, Mary. Selma 195 Nessmith, Ed, Montgomery 80, 195 Newell, Brenda, York 195 Newkirk, Darrell, Taswell, Ind. 196 Newman. James, Fayette 196 Newman, Janice, Fayette 196 Newman, Judy, Epes 65, 196 Newman, Robert, Smiths 196 Newsome, Jamie, Birmingham 196 Nichols, Dale. Meridian. Miss. 196 Nicherson, Cary, Pensacola, Fla. 196 Nobles, Sandy, Jackson 62, 196 Noland, Joan, Livingston 196 Noland, Rodney, Carrollton 196 Noland, Wade, Livingston 196 Nored, Julian, Dixon Mill 196 Nordan, Linda, Mobile 158, 196 Odum, Jamie, Tuscaloosa 110, 119, 196 Odum, Mary JO, Millry 62. 63, 196 Ogle, David, Albertville 196 Olive, Evelyn, Fayette 94, 95, 196 Olive, Jerry, Berry 196 Orme, John, Greenville 196 Osburn, Nicky, Brookwood 68, 196 Oswalt, Carolyn, Tuscaloosa 64, 160, 196 Ousley, Sharon, Enterprise, Miss. 196 Overstreet. Carol, Flatwood 65, 123, 158, 196 Owens, Sherry, Aliceville 197 Padget, Jimmy, Union Springs 69, 197 Page, Eddie, Bay Minette 197 Pagenhardt, Mary, Tuscaloosa 72, 197 Pape, Richard, Pensacola, Fla. 66, 197 Papizar, Bobbie, Selma 65, 197 Park, John, Tuscaloosa 197 Parker, June, Birmingham 197 Parnell, Perry, Tibbie 197 Parr, Howard, Demopolis 197 Parrish, Philip, Selma 197 Parten, Candy, Butler 62, 63, 79, 159 Parten, George, York 197 Patrenos, George, Apalachicola, Fla. 71, 197 Patrick, Theresa, Warren Robins 65, 94, 197 Patterson, Elise, Demopolis 64, 197 Payne, Rudy, Hef1in 197 Pearson, Irene, Pine Hill 197 Pearson, Mary, Tuscaloosa 64, 197 Pelt, Mike, Pensacola, Fla. 197 Perry, Joe, Birmingham 197 Peters, Ken, Pensacola, Fla. 197 Phillips, John, Birmingham 91, 197 Phillips, Sutter, Yantley 197 1 . '"1 1:! PugluL P,y . Puph Hm I r5 WM w'Qs ,, Huh I M 'V C W n Mn. 1 "W .. 1 H r r :41" pm- 18. J Y n" , '! Prmh?" Hllh .Vi 3i. M , '11?" hi" Pn" ' , ,W , QM Rinehm- 1W ' Riltenbfm- M Pi ' Rives. Bil W m . Roberson- M w l Robens. Bam- ohm . ' Roberts. 1439- m 5 N Rnbmm W M1 Robidou Rm 'm ' Robinson. Mlle H H Roebuck Bl Elli O. H Rogers. Eve. 9m M Rogers. Hum. M h 1 Rogers. Jae. M 7L H Rohmn. Gm 0"! II Rolisnn. Jerry. M M Rose. Mum. ll": 1h I Rolch. Peggy. Inn Pm In Roussos. Jimmy u M :owland. Tony Cit... 5 "1111!. CamL Urdu a a 1CIIl-1M -. m 1 110,119,196 M 13.196 9.63.196 15 94,95,196 M . . 64,160,196 .h'ku'l9 ., .1165,1239l581lw 1v W 69, 197 11197 11:. w! 197 1 65, 197 72, 197 Pippt-n. VS aynv. Currnlllnn 197 Plvdgvr. Dunk: lrmis 198 Puguv. Sammy. Mvridiun. Xliss. 198 Pope. Hike. Linden 198 Pulw. Paul. Ft. Walton va-h. Flu. 198 Powell. John. Livingston 79. 92. 198 Prvwilt. Wayne. Tuscaloosa 70. 198 Pritvhvtt. Billy. Nanafalia 198 Pritchett. Frank. Dixon Mills 198 Pruet. George. Birmingham 198 Pugh. Donald. Tuscaltmsa 67, 198 Pugh. Jerry. Ripley. Miss. 71. 95. 198 Raley. Carl. Atmore 67. 198 Ramsey. Ricky. Sweetwater 85. 198 Ratley. Rebecca. Eutaw 64. 198 Reed. Donna, Livingston 64. 159. 198 Revel. Catherine. Selma 65, 198 Reynolds. Johnny, Foley 198 Rhoden, Marilyn, Butler 62, 198 Rhodes, Barry, Butler 71, 80, 198 Rhodes. Danny, Hueytown 69, 198 Rinehart, James, Demopolis 68. 198 Rittenberry, Sharon, Panola 198 Rives, Bill, Pleasant Hill 198 Rives, Kitty, Tyler 198 Roberson, Donald, Birmingham 199 Roberts, Barry, Gilbertown 86, 92, 199 Roberts, Marty, Livingston 60, 61, 199 Robertson, Marilyn, Greensboro 63, 199 Robidoux, Roger, Woonsocket, R.I. 199 Robinson, Mike, Moundville 199 Roebuck, Bill, Eutaw 69, 199 Rogers, Eve, Greensboro 199 Rogers, Harris, Springfield, Va. 199 Rogers, Joe, Birmingham 71, 199 Rolison, Glynn, Geiger 199 Rolison, Jerry, Pushmataha 199 Rose, Margaret, Bayou LaBatre 199 Rotch, Peggy, Lower Peach Tree 61, 199 Roussos, Jimmy, Mobile 199 Rowland, Tommy, Chickasaw 70, 199 Ruffm, Carol, Aliceville 64-, 65, 72, 82, 109, 199 Russell, Butch. Carrollton 199 Rutledge, Dewana, Uniontown 64-, 199 Salatto, Onie, Linden 199 Salord. Steve, Birmingham 199 Sanders. Robert, Thomasville 199 Sartain, Joel. Tuscaloosa 199 Scheffer. Mike. Akron. Ohio 71, 85, 199 Scott. Raymond. St. Petersburg, Fla. 200 Scott. William. Albertville 200 Scroggin. George. Centre 200 563.16. Charles. Akron 200 563.16. Robert. Greensboro 200 Sellers. Lois. Eutaw 60. 200 Servey. Linda. Livingston 91. 200 Sessions. Albert. Grand Bay 200 Sewell. Jim. Marietta. Ga. 68. 200 Sirmon. Sandra. Fayette 200 Shandow. Linda. Meridian. Miss. 200 Shaw. David. Cuba 200 Shepherd. Gloria. Birmingham 61. 92. 200 51111111an Joan. Birmingham 200 Shnmnukvr. Sandra. Chivkasux1 200 5111111. 11131141. Humtmsn 200 Shulv. Junk. '11llSt'Ll11msu 69. 200 Sloan. Jullnm. Bollunn 68. 200 Smulhumd. Betty. Millpnrl 200 Smith. Barbara Sue. Browtnn 65. 200 Smith. Danny. Tusvalmbsu 71. 200 Smith. Douglas. Atlanta. Ga. 70. 200 Smith. Jack. Epvs 200 ' Smit11.JoAmw. Livingston 200 Smith. Joe. Fayette 201 Smith. Joyce. York 201 Smith. Kay. Atmnre 64. 201 Smith. Kevin. Birmingham 80. 201 Smith. Leonard. Sweelwaler 201 Smith. Pattie. Montgomery 201 Smith. Paul. Columbiana 68. 201 Smith, Sarah. Tuscaloosa 60. 201 Smith. Sharon. Epes 65. 79. 160, 201 Smith, Susan. Cuba 201 Smith, Virgil, Birmingham 201 Smith, Wayne, Selma 201 Smith, William, Grand Bay 201 Smitherman, Barry, Reform 87, 201 Spann, Susan, Hueytown 201 Sparks, Glenn, Tuscaloosa 66, 201 Speed, Betty, Fayette 201 Speed, Roger, Fayette 201 Spiller, Mike, Tuscaloosa 201 Sprayberry, Stan, Tuscaloosa 201 Springer, Tom, Tampa, Fla. 68, 201 Spruiell. Clemit, Sulligent 201 Stacey, Susan, Birmingham 63, 201 Stafford, Elaine, Butler 94, 201 Stallings, Frances. Cuba 202 Stallings, Pauline, York 202 Stapp, 01in, Birmingham 71, 202 Stearns, Jerry, Auburn 202 Stephens, Dennis, Forkland 69, 202 Stephens, Larry, Milton, Fla. 202 Stewart, Don, Greensboro 202 Stewart, Jimmy, Butler 68, 202 Stewart, Larry, Union Springs 202 Stewart, Mary Jo, Greensboro 63, 202 Stewart, Michael, Union Springs 68, 202 St. John, Marie, Reform 202 Stone, Dale. Pisgah 202 Strickland, Kaye, Aliceville 65, 202 Strickland, Ronnie, Smyrna, Tenn. 95,202 Strickland. Virginia. Butler 92, 94-, 202 Stringfellow, Earl, Greensboro 92. 202 Strong, Kay, Tuscaloosa 60, 82, 202 Stuckey, Pat, Jackson 64, 65. 79, 92, 105, 157, 202 Sturdivant. Oliver. Toxey 202 Su11ivan. Art. Hayneville 202 Sullivan. Paul. Millbrook 202 Sutley. Larry. Tuscaloosa 202 Swanson. Freddy. Tuscaloosa 202 Tarnok. Anthony. Pensacola, Fla. 203 Tatum. Eddie. Montgomery 203 Taylor. Diane. Silas 159, 203 1 229 Taylor, Juanita, Bladon Springs 82, 92, 93. 203 Taylor, Phillip, Fayette 95, 203 Taylor, Teresa, Gilbertown 203 Terry, Fred, Leighton 69, 203 Thompson, Charles, Birmingham 203 Thompson, Doris, Fayette 62, 124, 203 Thompson, Martha Kay, Foley 69, 203 Thompson, Roberta, Demopolis 62, 203 Thornton, Bert, Gallion 203 Thornton, Carl, Vernon 203 Thornton, Don, Sulligent 67, 203 Thornton, Harry, Siluria' 68, 203 Thurmond, Chuck, Tuscaloosa 66, 203 Tillman, Judy, Fernandina Beach, Fla. 92, 203 Tims, Betty, Newbern 60, 61, 203 Tinklepaugh, Barbara, Northport 64-, 203 Tolson, Bobbie, Phenix City 203 Trammell, Joe, Mobile 71, 82, 203 Trotter, Wayne, Rawmer 71, 77, 203 Tru, Ronald, Akron 203 Truelove, Judy, York 203 Tucker, Brenda, Sweetwater 204 Tucker, Johnny, Linden 204 Tucker, Rolland, Pensacola 204 Tucker, Tommy, Linden 204 Tully, Phil, Birmingham 204 Turner, Walter, Northport 204 Tyer, Gary, Prattville 204 Ulmer, Oliver, Demopolis 204 Utley, Gregory, Tuscaloosa 204 Vail, Bruce, Tuscaloosa 68, 204 Vice, Linda, Thomasville 204 Vickus, Roger, Pennington 204 Vogel, Ralph, Sylacauga 66, 204 Vreeland, Roy, Jonesboro, Ga. 204 Wadkins, Gary, Century, Fla. 63, 70, 71, 73, 74, 82, 204 Wainwright, Cora M., Butler 65, 204 Walters, Marcus, Sweetwater 204 Walters, Milford, Eutaw 204 Walthall, Kathy, Panola 94, 204 Walton, Joe, Orlando, Fla. 204 Warbington, Jackie, Butler 204 Warbington, Linda, Butler 204 Ward, Becky, Cottondale 159, 204 Ward, Ralfh, Brent 70, 71, 205 Ward, Richard, Louisville, Miss. 205 Ward, Zeke, Demopolis 205 Warren, Malvnlm, Mohilo 205 Walford, Billy, Ablwvillv 71, 205 Watkins, Linda, Tusralmrsa 205 Watkins, Rnnald, Pvnsarola, Fla. 205 Waller, Dun. Mobile 69, 73. 205 Watson, H. L., Mobile 205 Watson, Rush, Tusvaluusa 66, 205 Waugh, Wayne, Selma 205 Weaver, Kyle, Tuscaloosa 80, 205 Webb, Martha, Demupolis 205 Welch, Charles, Ttmmsuba, Miss. 71. 205 Wells. Henry, Birmingham 70, 205 Wheat, Patricia, Demopolis 61, 205 Wheeler, Robert, Margarita, Canal Zone 85, Whidby. Gary, Lexington, Ky. 69, 205 Whitcnmb, Brenda, Theodore 92, 158, 205 White, Christine, Salem 205 White, David. Gordu 205 Wicket, Craig, Pensacola, Fla. 70, 205 Wiginmn, Kay, Gordo 64, 65, 94, 205 Wilder, Kenneth. Birmingham 206 Williams, Betty. Bellamy 206 Williams, Bonnie, Epes 206 Williams, Janis, Aliceville 206 Williams, Jean, Monroeville 206 Williams, Judean, Pine Hill 206 Williams, Silas, Tibbie 206 Williams, Steve, Bakerhill 206 Williams, Tommy, Tuscaloosa 206 Williams, Vernon, Epes 206 Williamson, Gayle, Andalusia 64, 206 Willis, Dennis, Demopolis 206 Wilson, Randall, Demopolis 206 Wingate, Gloria, Linden 64. 88, 104, 124, 206 Wingate, Janis, Linden 64, 79, 110, 118, 206 Wintzell, Mel, Bayou LaBatre 206 Wise, Peggy, Livingston 206 Wise, Wanda, Birmingham 62, 206 Wiselogel, William, Panama City, Fla. 206 Wiseman, Linda, Mobile 62, 206 Wissinger, Martin, Morris 66, 206 Wolff, George, Vernon 206 Wright, Carl, Pisgah 206 Wynn, Roger, Foley 206 Yarbrough, George, York 207 Young, Charles, Key West, Fla. 207 Zehner, Charles, Bay Minette 68, 207 '4, 206 I, 206 . n ".- ' r' '7".;w,3.-' It 5-13 4 w-Mnr. v, ..- .,,.,. " .ilywqitw . M5. 7 . N fa L'N w; H's' Mq. $ NM!!! 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Suggestions in the University of West Alabama - Paragon Yearbook (Livingston, AL) collection:

University of West Alabama - Paragon Yearbook (Livingston, AL) online yearbook collection, 1969 Edition, Page 1


University of West Alabama - Paragon Yearbook (Livingston, AL) online yearbook collection, 1970 Edition, Page 1


University of West Alabama - Paragon Yearbook (Livingston, AL) online yearbook collection, 1968 Edition, Page 168

1968, pg 168

University of West Alabama - Paragon Yearbook (Livingston, AL) online yearbook collection, 1968 Edition, Page 12

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University of West Alabama - Paragon Yearbook (Livingston, AL) online yearbook collection, 1968 Edition, Page 89

1968, pg 89

University of West Alabama - Paragon Yearbook (Livingston, AL) online yearbook collection, 1968 Edition, Page 79

1968, pg 79

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