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S$!!? f? ?T,.: ' - ilj llis l iiilJ is : :i ' :;:. • ' ■= ' ■1 TVEE 1968 Published by the Associated Students University of Washington Seattle, Washington Volume 69 Listen to the wind and tiie voices coming in. They tell of times you spend and times you feel. Roaring up like waves ' spray, intruding on your consciousness, your senses make you listen to yourself and you know what is real. • .x .v 777 5 time — your time — at ttie university is not a sudden tiling. While parental hands once mechanically changed diapers, proud minds raced years ahead, imagining you here. You are fighting time, in a race to be- come. That which has been planned is Now; that which you will become is decided here. You ' re a long time in the action before, slow and stooped and reminiscent, you return to aimless afternoons. Now within four years, you face ttie preparation for a lifetime — at tfie university of a tfiousand years. An unfair ratio. Wtiat does ttiis university of a thousand years care about you — a migratory four-year experiment. You who are young while the university is old; you who are transient while the university endures. A university must not be narcissistic. The crystal-sharp, incisive intellects which cut through the blanketing unreason are the cause and purpose of the university ' s existence. These same minds must dissipate the fog of self-adulation to foster this school ' s constant improvement. You hear their voices: " Why is the only statue on campus functional — functional and unaesthetic? The question is not whether this university could produce a future Cellini. The point is, if the art department did house a gifted sculptor would the university benefit the campus with a piece of his current work? " " The view from here is a jumble of buildings. If evolution prevails we ' ll all have concrete skins. " ' W iy wait for graduation to put impatient minds to use? To bend in futile fiope or rise as leaders by virtue of talent and training .. .which will it be? If you choose activism, there must be reasoned commitment. Some causes have succeeded — women ' s hours, lights on the campus, bricks in the quad. Why not UDM or the new auditorium issue? " " The older generation ' s enemies, the older generation ' s war cast a military shadow over the campus. We have to make a decision — how to serve the country? How to answer those dissensions within ourselves? " I h. w i " I «M.,L 4 •9 r It. • ' ■ ' n«(r-» ' »««»« ' im f-tt ?ffk ..i 8 5 fejt -» fmwmm mm t -y--— - Sfl- Time is ttie enemy. Hands revolve relentlessly yet the clock won ' t be satisfied. Time coerces you to move no matter your mental marching tempo. Make your choice if you think you have one. I «.« .% €4 To ttie directionless man, sunrise and sunset lool ttie same. Sophistication is not a sopfiomoric cloal draped around yourself. You liave four fleeting years to cope with the dawning of your maturity. 10 i 1 t ' r ■ 1 wm m mr mp j m - m 1 Play all the parts in Learning 5 play. Or bill yourself as oddman-out (also known as the individual). Yet in spite of yourself you spend time . . . waste time. 11 Or must you seem busy because laziness and introspection lool ttie same? Time grapples with life, life grinds against ttie barriers, tiope burns tiie mind wiiile Ego swells ambition ' s sails. all go unto one place and it makes no difference, the craving to become is ironic. 13 As the university transcends individual lives, you w lll transcend the university-rela ted frustrations. Even four full-fived years can mirror the thousand. $ ni f.: ' The rare wine left uncorked will grow stale. For you, now is the time for savouring. essay by Penny M. Ginther and Wayne Kosbau photos by Wayne Kosbau 14 . iS •f- mm 16 Listen To The Wind, 2 Student Life, 19 Culture, 69 Academics, 105 Seniors, 124 Sports, 205 Organizations, 271 Living Groups, 329 Acl nowledgements, 496 Senior Index, 499 General Index, 506 Queens, 507 Time Goes So Slowly, 537 17 Tyee Staff Editor, Elizabeth Lauzen Managing Editor, Lynn Rainier Copy Editor, Carol Ann Pete Layout Editor, Karen Kubin Academics Editor, Joan Applegate Activity and Culture Editor, Elizabeth Gabel Living Groups Editor, Ken Levinson Organizations Editor, Marilyn Byers Sports Editors, Lynn Rainier, Bruce Skinner Office Managers, Judy Marth, Robin Acker lund ' u. Publisher, William F. Johnston Photographer, Richard W. Conrad Secretary, Ame Berg u r % 18 The University: An End and A Beginning Just as the sunset marks the end of a day and the sunrise the beginning of another, college is the putting aside of younger days — those of loving God and Mother first, of living under Daddy ' s roof — and the taking on of new — loving country first, and questioning, then believing and making one ' s own way. And these, the student ' s days, betoken the predawn stirrings. Student Life 19 Contents The Year: 1967, 21 Garb Day, 2b Homecoming, 28 Christmas Party, 30 Winter Elections, 32 Las Vegas Nite, 34 ASUW Officers, 38 Board of Control, 40 AMS, 42 A WS, 43 HUB, Finance Committees, 44 HUB Advisors, 45 Program Panel, 46 Political Union, 48 People- To-People, 50 Open Forum, 52 Publications Board, 54 DAIL Y, 56 TYEE Yearbook, 58 TYEE Magazine, 61 Photographers, 62 Advertising Staff, 64 Business Staff, 65 KCTS, KUOW. 66 20 1967: A year of unrest for the United States — and for the campus where the restlessness became a search for both questions and answers. ' «i ' sjffi " .w ' - ' ft TjrwfcT-jmpaRowwna r- T,- » -- •«« Always there was the charged disquiet and frustrating apathy until the students of the Sixties found a cause, and their cause was activism and protest. One index of the new surge of involvement was the number of tables set up in the HUB for peddling New Points of View. Too few tables for too many people — they needed more, they argued. 21 But the Issue was not ttie tables or the number sitting behind them; It was the philosophies they advocated: Get Out of Vietnam. McCarthy for President. Escalate Bombing. Burn, Baby, Burn. GENERAL nEETINO A second Index was the birth of DAILY opinion columns and a verbalization of reactions to the bomb, the pill and politics — and a new flux of letters- to-the-edltor. The thin skin of the academic hide was pierced by the activation of reserve troops, the removal of most post-graduate and occupational deferments and sharply rising induction calls. Voices quieted and faces grew serious as the University ' s heart skipped a beat. . ' ■•--.-. ' y-- lit ! ' » » v ' 3n An opinion poll appeared on the winter election ballot and asked for student feeling regarding U.S. policy in Vietnam. The result was anything but a consensus. 23 But the trend was indicated: students wanted meatier subjects — enough, in fact, to sponsor a Vietnam teacli-in and to fill three auditoriums to listen to Professors George Taylor and Giovanni Costigan debate the hawk-dove controversy. i ' -Vi- A. ' r J Mil m 1 f • If 1 : 1 11) - m 1 db. students listened to the national leaders. In one of his major speeches of the year, the ' 64 presidential candidate Barry Goldwater warned a campus audience that this is a time of ultimate trial for the United States. 24 The issues of 1967 were perhaps fewer in number and more limited in scope, but their impact was furtlier-reaching and their content more sophisticated. In all, it was a year colored by activism and pervaded by the War. mi4, 5e Soggy Garb Day Doesn ' t Both loggers and spectators were reduced to a state of sogginess and mirth by the rain and pond water at this year ' s Garb Day, October 27. Bystanders fought with wind-blown umbrellas while forestry students and Timber Queen candidates participated in tree-climbing, bucking and log roll- ing events. Winners of individual events included Mike Welling, high climbing; Gary Hirschberg, single bucking; Stan Madena and Jeff Rauch, double bucking; Mike Blum, chopping; and Keith Ahtz, log rolling. Best representing the joyful spirit of the day were the queen candidates who smiled valiantly, whether tugging at the end of a saw in the double bucking contest or clinging to a log floating in Frosh Pond. All the day ' s fun culminated at the Loggers ' Brawl where Peggy Bushnell, Timber Queen, reigned with Mike Blum, point winner of the day ' s events, who was crowned King Die. 26 Dismay Queen Candidates Or Foresters ' ' ' ■ 2 ' 27 Homecoming ' 67 Homecoming was purely an alumni affair this fall as students boycotted it in an attempt to remind all those concerned that the University needed an auditorium. Missing were the Greek Row signs, stu- dent rally and Homecoming dance. The only student participation was that of Homecoming Queen Mary Anne Carter, who reigned over the traditional alumni Homecoming activities. The mixed emotions over the boycott slipped into the past as student Homecoming was quietly rein- stated for Fall, 1968. v 29 ASUW Enjoys Old-Fashioned 7 Christmas i ■.4| . " Christmas In an Old-Fashioned Way " was cele- brated by students who attended the annual ASUW Christmas party. No Christmas is complete without the mistletoe. This party ' s greenery came in the form of an old-fashioned pot-bellied stove, alias Miss Mistletoe, Kris Gaeth. Santa Claus, later re- vealed as football player Cliff Coker, was quick to remember the mistletoe tradition and added to the festivities by giving Miss Mistletoe a kiss. In addition to the frivolities were Christmas welcom- ing speeches by President Charles Odegaard and ASUW President Rich Kirkpatrick. Perhaps most important were the cans of food and money col- lected for the needy by those who attended the party — showing the best old-fashioned way of giv- ing to others at Christmas. 31 Winter elections are winter elections. But at last — an election with a differ- ence. This time elections meant more than rain-drenched fraternity men wav- ing a sea of signs, peddling watered- down issues. The rain was there, the fraternity men still straddled the quad, but most of the signs were gone. And at last the issues rose above the apple- machine-in-Balmer-Hall circuit to mat- ters more relevant; matters of life and death. In this, the year of the war and Winter Election Offers War Foil the draft, winter elections meant taking a stand on the undeclared battle miles distant but close to every student. A few more hawks than doves flew into the voting machines, and more preferred President Johnson ' s policies to de-esca- lation. But for once, many voted. Next to the war poll, the traditional stuff of which elections are made seemed strangely small, insignificant. A foreign student on the BOC and take away the faculty vote on the board. Okay. Choose between an SDS candidate and an established student. That ' s easy — a straight student has the shortest dis- tance to run in ASUW-land. 32 " s ?!, Rattling dice, spinning roulette wheels, and exciting jazz beckoned students to " come to the cabaret " for the biggest Uni- versity function of the year — Las Vegas Night. French, Persian and Hawaiian decor created a casino atmosphere in the HUB-turned-nightclub, where the enter- tainment ranged from gambling to jazz. Many took a chance at the casino games, roulette, baccarat and craps. Others en- joyed the colorful jazz of South African trumpeter-vocalist, Hugh Masekela, whose sound featured the tribal and urban rhythms of his country. Softer jazz was provided by the Mudflat Diggers, and every hour belly dancer Atesh performed. For dancing there was the rock band music of the Brave New World and the Consolidated Roq. And deep in Husky Hollow people enjoyed the Ragtime Banjo Band. Reign- ing over the evening ' s activities was Las Vegas Night Queen, Usha Ayuda. 34 35 r» IILUIUU ■11 I ' I ' Hi 37 .j S V Rich Kirkpatrick, AS[J N president. Chuck Lesnick, first vice president. 38 Key To Active Playing politics is just not worth it — thus ASUW president Rich Kirk- patrick summed up his leadership of the student government this past year. Unlike recent predecessors, he believed in giving each officer the freedom to pursue his own specific sphere of interest. In doing so, more was accomplished. The ASUW officers in some ways sac- rificed the virtues of working closely together as each went his separate way. Rich got things done by doing them himself. His do-it-yourself government worked for a better ASUW image and more student involvement in campus and community affairs. First Vice President Chuck Les- nick ' s major concern was student Joan Boddy, ASUW secretary. student Government: ' ' Catalyst For Involvement ' ' reserve seating. Talkative, out-go- ing, ttie politician of the group, he had a special interest in the stu- dent lobby in the legislature. Joan Boddy made an excellent hostess for the officers in addition to her involvement in student dis- counts and conferences. The " responsible protester, " Mike Mandeville, proved to be a com- petent businessman as well as representative of the new left on campus. He revamped the budget, making changes which streamlined the business interests of the ASUW. " Catalyst for Involvement " was the key to active student government. Mike Mandeville, second vice president. Cathy Baylon, John Mosier, Doug Guyman and Joan Boddy. Steve Nord, activities advisor; Kim Knierim, Paul Schaake and Barb Durkin. BOC Re-evaluates Representation: Joan Duffy, Bruce Edmonson, Daily reporter; Bob Hall, Janet Smith and Prof. John Jarolimek. 3S4 40 Jeanne Holm, Rich Kirkpatrick, Chuck Lesnick, Mike Mande- ville, Phil Boshaw and Prof. Thomas Macartney. Alvin Ulbrickson, assistant Dean of Men; Bruce Matlock, Lynn Hogan, Gary Gower and Tom Malone, Program Panel chairman. imp ASUW Growth Demands It This was a productive year for the Board of Control. Under the leadership of an ASUW president who didn ' t believe in political manipulation and string pulling, the BOC func- tioned as the active, informed student committee it had been created to be. Emphasis was placed on reorganization of the Board to provide better academic representation. Many favored a two-house system, which would provide for a lower house in addition to the existing 21-member BOC. The lower house, created to study strictly academic problems, would consist of student representatives from each academic department. This would give the student greater voice in his curriculum. Controversy developed in another segment of student representation as the Board once again vetoed admittance of a foreign student member. A student petition placed the issue on the winter election ballot. The controversy indicated that the BOC was still failing to represent a large number of the student body. 41 This year ' s Associated Men Students ad- ministration kicked off its programming season with a televised show featuring Playboy ' s 1965 " Playmate of the Year, " Jo Collins. Other popular features were TGIF, Fri- day afternoons in the HUB and Sport Spe- cial replays of Husky sports throughout fall and winter quarters. AMS also sponsored the UW faculty vs. the KJR All-Americans basketball game for charity, Central Area Service Projects and Super Sonics night. TGIF turned out the same sounds as last year, but the Every man ' s Playmate Jo Collins spoke to an overflow crowds changed and grew smaller. crowd in the HUB auditorium. AMS Spotlights Playmate, TGIF, Sports AMS officers Jim Rogers, Jerry Jamison, Gary Martin and Bert Harris, and office secretary Patsi Patrick. 42 i ' ■% AWS officers Anita Deasy, Jennifer Biehn, advisor Mrs. Nadine Peterson; Lynn Miller, president; Ginny Gunderson, Robin Kettenring and Lisa Dyson discuss agenda for a coming meeting. AWS Adds Spec a interest Program It was a year of change for the Associated Women Students. Although the AWS continued to co-spon- sor Husky Guides and the Scholarship and Elections Banquets with the AMS, more emphasis was placed on developing programs of special interest to women. Among new programs initiated by AWS was " Choice: Challenge for Modern Woman, " a quarter- long weekly discussion series directed toward differ- ent aspects of a woman ' s life. The series was based on a KCTS-TV series of the same name. A variety of age groups were represented through Faculty Wom- en ' s Club and Sororia as well as the " traditional " college-age woman. AWS Services area initiated a campus effort to cooperate with CAMP, Central Area Motivation Pro- gram. This program, hopefully, will grow to include a campus-wide participation. A " Choice " seminar group discusses " The Unloneiy Woman. " Representatives from living groups vote to support Campus Appeal. 43 Bob Beck, Jim Flint, Brad Cattle and Doug Peterson, chairman. Mark Snyder, Chuck Aim, Steve Nord, Prof. Pat Cranston and Bonnie Senters. The Finance and Budget Committee controls the purse strings for the ASUW through rec- ommendations and appropriations. This year it revamped the budget and laid groundwork for future policies in five areas: funds, ac- tivities, publications and student and general administrations. What to do with (or at least where to put) a few more campus activ- ists than the average student union building needs was one of the questions discussed (more than once) this year by the HUB advisory committee. This group, along with its five appointed stu- dent members, answered or at- tempted to answer questions such as this, as well as advising on HUB policy decisions and making recommendations for improving service for the student body. Es- sentially a liaison committee, it helped coordinate discussion be- tween the Board of Control and the manager of the building. HUB Advisory, Finance Committees Hold Reins On Student Facilities Mike Mandeville, chairman, with Prof. Spencer Ross, Paul Schaake, Bruce Farnsworth, Jim Ryan, Al Ulbrickson, Fritz Geibel, Steve Nord and Jeanne Holm. 44 Dottie Carlson Denny Freeburn Nadene Peterson ASUW Advisers Bring Benefit Of Experience To Student Programs Steve Nord, acting director, ASUW activities i The ASUW advisers, the majority of whom were new this year, brought the benefits of their own collegiate experiences, enthusiasm and a note of youthfulness to further their attempts at " lending maturity, not direction, " to student programs. Their personalities and talents functioned as a link between the students and the faculty, the administration and the public. Don DuShane 45 Program Panel members were Nadene Peterson, Ralph Palumbo, Alicia Hokanson, Brian Zimmer, Kathy Adam, Chris O ' Grady, Tom Malone (chairman), Anita Deasy, Eric Johnson, Duane McCabe, Fritz Geibel, Nick Richards, Phil Albohn, Barb Schlag, Gail Toraason and Barry Bostwick. Program Panel Books Top-Notch Entertainment, The pulse beat of campus life Is measured by the activities of Program Panel. Campus activities — their instigating, seeing through and evaluating — are the heart of Program Panel. As the central planning and coordinating agency of the ASUW, it encompasses seven areas: Public Relations, Stu- dent Relations, Fine Arts, Academic Affairs areas I and II, Social and Orientation. In addition to the chairman from each area. Political Union, People-to-People, an ASUW officer and an adviser have voting power. The flow of ideas to and from these areas put life into student participation. Each chairman was directly responsible to the Panel for the functioning of his committee. The end result showed participation in activities means experience, and learning and understanding. Coirwvii ' iiriK spol lo c!oi, 5 ., ,, Pro, all (jua ' t.r. W ani aut Robert Ardrey, author of " African Genesis, " visited the University spring quarter. Educational Speakers A four-man panel selected by Program Panel competed in the nationally-televised " College Bowl " in December. rofessor in Er am Panel assM bi ion is a philosBher i of " The Outier. " Political Union Instigates Class On Vietnam Albert Rosellini, former Washington Governor. Vice president Robert Beck, Roy Hedrickson, Program Director Al Swanson, Tom Schoppert and Secretary Sylvia Johnson. Bob Hall, Ron Mickelson and Vice President Bob Sidney Lens, writer and lecturer. Castleberry. 48 Dlitical Union President Eric Johnson and Publicity Chairman Vic Svacek. Martin J. Durkan, state senator. -¥ Members of the Mock Political Convention Steering Com- mittee were Joan Heimbigner, Bob Castleberry, Craig Bar- rick, chairman Terry Kelly and Nancy Gibbs. The Political Union presented a varied program on political and social issues and gave students an opportunity to express opinions through lectures, discussions and debates. Winter quarter, through Political Union efforts, a class on Vietnam taught by UW professors provided students with a basic history leading to the Vietnam conflict and presented two contrasting lectures on the present situation. During winter elections the BOC authorized the placement of a Vietnam questionnaire on the ballot. The questionnaire and the administration of the poll were responsibilities of the Political Union. A three-day Mock Political Convention was staged in late April and early May. Students took the part of the Republicans, the political party currently out of the White House to gain experience in politics and an awareness of the issues and candidates in coming elections. ' i Eric Johnson, Vic Svacek, Terry Kelly, Al Swanson, Bob Hall and Dale Alberta. 49 People-To-People Spans Ninety-Six Nations People-to-People is a unique and stimulating expe- rience which stresses personal contact between Americans and foreign students at the University. The main activity is the Brother-Sister program in which each new foreign student is assigned an American brother or sister to help orient him to the new environment and customs. This year there were more than 1,200 foreign stu- dents at the University representing 96 countries. Those interested in furthering friendships and un- derstanding were given opportunities to meet many of these students at the informal activities offered weekly by the People-to-People organization. Activities varied from formal educational lectures on international topics to dancing and coffee hours personal level. where education was on an informal 50 52 i-n -v? I Faculty, Students And Staff Active In Open Forum " Most of the faculty and students of the University and the population of the world are incapable of saying what they believe in because they don ' t know what they believe in. " . . . " Students should get the benefit of informal interplay. " . . . " We are against Dow because it makes napalm for the bombs in Vietnam. " . . . " Catalyst for Involvement. " . . . Every Tuesday afternoon Open Forum provided stu- dents, faculty and staff members opportunities to air their views on current issues of social, cultural and intellectual concern. Topics ranged from the University District Movement to reserved football seating; from University policies to the war in Viet- nam. . . . " My aim is to have a society that makes people happy. " 53 Steve Nord, ex-officio member. Louis L. Quigley, Jr., voting member. HHM|tt m William F. Johnston, ASUW publisher. Richard Conrad, ASUW staff photographer. William C. Erskine, ex-officio member, and Professor Donald Emery, voting member. 54 i II Oldenburg, member-at-large. Sharon Maeda, chairman. Bruce Matlock, Board of Control and Rich Kirkpatrick, ASUW president. Norris Adams, ASUW Business Manager. Professor Willard Shadel, voting member. Faculty-Student Committee Reviews Publications Board It was a year of evaluation for the Publi- cations Board. Three years ago when the Board was formed provisions were made for a president ' s committee of faculty and student members to review the Board and decide if it functioned effec- tively as the coordinating committee for the Daily, Tyee Yearbook, Magazine and Student Directory. This year the evaluators evaluated. Pub Board was approved as a successful fac- ulty-student committee for making organ- izational decisions for the publications. A major topic for this year ' s Board was the Daily ' s financial and operational problems due to rapid enrollment and circulation growth. The Board discussed the pros and cons of going to offset print- ing which would print a better paper, with more page capacity, much faster. The Tyee Yearbook used computers to aid in more efficient production. And now the University has professional ad- visors in all three areas of publication: editorial journalism, advertising and pho- tography. 55 DAILY: A Second Home For Learning Journalists At first, DAILY means occasionally; before long, DAILY means constantly. That big messy news room grows on people. New staffers drop in to write a story, come back to do another. They begin to like the people, the conversation, the coffee — and faster than you can say " press run " they ' re stuck on it. The DAILY is a second home. Friendly faces, easy atmosphere, free phones are just part of the con- vincer kit that keeps staffers coming back. The pica typewriters turn out term papers as well as news stories. And the editor ' s brown couch is a comfort- able corner for up-until-dawn book-ins. But the DAILY that happens four times a week gives the of- 56 fice its name, its reason for existence, its particular magic. Making a newspaper happen depends on many people managing to do their own thing — in unison. It means ad majors filling the classified columns, volunteer writers squeezing in interviews and stories between meals and midterms; an un- obtrusive publisher only an oak door away, always able to answer even the most impossible question. The DAILY is an introduction to meeting deadlines — and people. Here the student can learn to be a journalist, to make decisions, to sometimes make mistakes, to crusade when he must, to care what shape the world is in. Mike Steward took over editorship in April. Greg Heberlein, first term news editor. Sue Lockett, second term news editor. Bob Merry, first term editor. Patrick IVlacDonald, editor February and March. Ik Managing Editor Lynn Rai nier Editor Liz Lauzen A Year In The Life Of The Tyee Layout Editor Karen Kubin and Layout Assistant Sue Galloway Copy Editor Carol Ann Pete 58 Academics Editor Joan Applegate 1 Organizations Editor Marilyn Byers We finished the Tyee oh boy It ' s finally done and we can breathe And though it ' s really rather sad Well we just had to laugh We saw the photographs We racked our minds some days to think of heads We noticed deadlines quickly passing by Although we worked all night Nobody was really sure If the end would ever come in sight We wrote a book this year oh boy Great innovations drained our brains The crowd of typists drifted far But we worked harder still Having courage and will. Woke up, saw it was late Knew that deadlines didn ' t wait Found a few more pages and rushed them to Chuck And what luck, the color essay finally came. Found more layouts and more copy Though some was rather choppy But nonetheless the editor was right It was out of sight and we were near the end. We finished the Tyee oh boy Nine thousand copies sent out today And with the copies go memories We hope you all will look And contemplate the message of the 1968 yearbook. Activities and Culture Editor Liz Gabel Living Groups Editor Ken Levinson 59 A Finished Yearbool Oti Boy! Writer Anne Todd 60 After the performance the audience was quiet, almost silent. No one could deny that the production was superb, the play- wrights witty, the director perfectionistic. But the audience remained voiceless. For the first time in its three-year existence Tyee Mag attempted to saturate its format with a single issue; the subject was Viet- nam. Result: a highly provocative presen- tation of student opinion and politics on the complex situation. Winter quarter ' s issue probed the Black Revolution on campus, as well as the impact of new liquor legislation in the District and the living conditions at the Magic Mountain. The spring issue took a penetrating look at today ' s collegiate male and female. Perhaps there was reason for the audience to remain silent after the performance. Per- haps it was still absorbed. Tyee Magazine: Its Audience Is Silent Editor Bob Hinz Publisher William Johnston and staff members Maurine Smith, Harold Sund, Tom Stamm, Cathleen Curtis, Dan league, Editor Bob Hinz and Don Whitson. Photographers Capture University Expressions ASU N Photographer Richard Conrad and staff: Back row: Nat Kingsley, Mead Powers, Tom Stamm, Brian Payne, Randy Greenfield. Middle row: Stephanie Ross, Judy Steele, Tom Dramer, Jeanette Franks, Frida Nord. Front row: Jan Shaw, Alan Sprague. Richard Conrad, in his first year as Photographer of ASUW Publications, served as a nucleus for stu- dent photographers to come to for help. Stressing the combination of the written word with the pic- ture, IVIr. Conrad brought with him 20 years of ex- perience as a Navy photographer. Campusing night and day, the photographers have the demanding job of covering assignments for all ASUW publications. The photography staff is a group of volunteers from all academic departments who provide their time and talent to single pictures and photo essays. Each photographer, after having clicked his 35mm camera 20 to 30 times, processes his roll, prints up contact sheets and rushes them to the editor for final selection. Next he runs bac[ to make up the finished prints in order to make deadlines. Some photograph for the by-line, some for the ex- perience and some just for the joy of it. 62 Jim Cheever Frank Edge Tim McKee laureen iVIattiniesen Wayne Kosbau 63 Jim Carpenter, Business IVIanager second term This year Ad Staff sales exceeded all previous sta- tistics. Composed of the Advertising 342 class, the staff provided the foundation on which the ASUW publications operated. The high sales proved that they were not only enthusiastic salesmen, but knew how to design an image or slogan so that their crea- tion was appealing to the masses. Staff members Linda Danner, Business IVIanager first term • » 1 • » % » ■ " " " • ' kW i«U «MW ' Ad Staff Benefits From On-The-Job Training Carol Hauck, Advertising IVIanager second term found it was wonderful on-the-job training, where trial-and-error was emphasized along with constant attention to personal mechanics such as ear, eye and motion contacts. This experience prepared them for future ad work, giving them practice in the planning and execution of national and local cam- paigns, copywriting, layout and production. John Malay, Advertising Manager first term -r:zi... ' " It ' s always service with a sincere smile . . . whether you are asking politely for a paper clip or complain- ing bitterly because someone took your brand new pencil with the pearly pink eraser. The ASUW Pub- lications Business Office staff handles it all with professionalism. This is the place for things like picking up your monthly check, getting a fresh supply of newsprint, grease pencils (to be hoarded selfishly) or encour- agement when everything has gone wrong — like Friday when there ' s still a deadline to meet and you ' re not ready. Norris Adams, business manager Ame Berg, secretary and editorial assistant Service — Whether Asking For Paper Clip Or Pencil Martha Pritchard, classified advertising manager Emily Stadelman, accountant 65 KCTS-KUOW: University Sights And Sounds 67 Liberal Programs, No Commercials KCTS-KUOW ... the sights and sounds of the growing University. Each imparts to the audience the academic opportu- nities present in the educational atmos- phere of the campus. KCTS educational television has grown rapidly in its thirteen years of operation. People are discovering that the program- ming, which isn ' t dependent on com- mercial sponsors, is not stuffy, but in- formative and interesting. This year ' s programming included a series of spon- taneous in-depth dialogues exploring sexuality. The hour-long, weekly pro- grams were among three unusual efforts in the United States to open discussion on sex. The University also boasts the second largest FM station in Washington and one of the most powerful on the Pacific Coast. Financed by the Continuing Edu- cation Department, KUOW is able to pre- sent controversial material without being bound by commercial restraint. And greater freedom of programming pro- duces more artistic and informative en- tertainment for the audience. KCTS-KUOW also provide radio-TV stu- dents with facilities and program time for necessary media experien ce. 68 Now culture, man ' s unique invention, awaits ttie rising sun ttiat brings yet another day for casting tfie incurable hopes, likewise unique, in clay, in music and in words. And at day ' s end, when the sun sets, man rests and dreams and, in his reverie, pushes into perpetual motion the wheels of creativity. Culture 69 Contents Death of the Hippie, 71 Speal ers, 76 Glenn Hughes Playhouse, 78 " Ondine, " 80 " Ernest In Love, " 82 " Brother To Dragons, " 84 " Playboy Of The Western World, " 85 Theatre One, 86 Readers ' Theatre, 87 Visiting Musicians, 88 Music Department, 89 Ethnomusicology, 92 Festival Opera, 94 International Show, 96 Campus Art, 98 Burke Museum, 102 70 was a moment ess inception of essence — existence beyond the limits of definition. And for an instant there was a dream alive, touchable, offered. wwmt The hollowness of every man v as filled in a few who believed there was an answer to the unspoken questions. 71 p ■ 4 The others — the curious and the envious- came to see and their rude feet trampled It. Those few reached out to touch but even In the tenderest grip a butterfly ' s wings will crumble. And In its acceptance the dream — if you would call it thus — met Its death. ( 72 1, V, ' This movement, for in its postconception days some mocked it and called it thus, found its being in an ideal beyond the steps of nature or beauty, or of religiousness, of sexuality, of universality, or of anti -war, -poverty, -commercialism. 73 They said a prayer for love. But the blind cannot lead the blind, and their perfect love, though complete for them, fell short of full encompassment for those who sought to learn it, for those who would feign it, and the vision was milked of its perfection- dishonored. At last inexpensive enough for them all. Cultural popularization made this dream a marketable commodity — - on SALE, price is cheap, easily purchased for long hair and bare feet. 74 777 5 it died, and lo! betiold ttie tattered remains. essa " by Lynn Rainier photos by John Bisbee and Maureen Matthiesen 75 Myriad Of Speakers Mark Lane: best-selling author asked, " Who really killed JFK? " Barry Goldwater: Pueblo incident was a test of U.S. " brink- manship. " Senator Warren Magnuson: heated attack on war pro- testors who wore black armbands. Fred Halstead: Social Workers Party presidential candidate attacked " American imperialism. " 76 Talk To Attentive But Sparse Student Crowds Governor Dan Evans: Rapid state growth is a major issue in search for new approach to government. Edward Keating: " The most significant and transcend- ent lie of the day is Vietnam. " Colin Wilson: Youthful writer, philosopher, discussed his best- seller on the new existentialism. Dr. J. Allen Hynek: UFO ' s need serious study, said this scientific advisor to the Air Force. 77 Hughes Playhouse: The Big Tree Remains The one big tree still stands in the brick courtyard at the Glenn Hughes Playhouse. The tree has grown bigger, the courtyard shrunk. But both remain, seeming to frame the dichotomy between art and nature, beau- ty and truth. At ' ' I The Glenn Hughes Playhouse is a monument to the man who spent thirty-one years building a school of drama at the University. Inside this memorial, drama students today strive for per- fection in living upon the stage a thousand other lives. A $200,000 face-lift has replaced the cavernous expanses of the old playhouse with warm intimacy. The cold angles have been smoothed to soft curves — the seats ring the walls, creeping up to the stage. The new three-quarters thrust stage juts across the floor to meet the seats. It all brings a closer contact between the actor and the audience. The Bacchae chorus almost dances In your lap, even if you sit in the back row. 78 This is a tfieatre. It exists to bring fantasies to life. But like Glenn Hughes, its designers didn ' t lose sight of life itself. There is still a tree in the courtyard. 79 80 In the dark forest by the magic lake lived Ondine, the water ' s child. The frailties of human love were no match for the perfection of her supernatural love, and therein lay her tragedy — she loved too much. Starring in this fantasy by Jean Giraudoux were Judy An- derson as the lovely, impetuous Ondine, and Steve Narland as Rit- ter Hans, the handsome nobleman who was killed by Ondine ' s love. Adding intrigue and comedy were Emalyn Hawkins as the treacher- ous Bertha and James Thomkins as the wart-nosed King Hercules. The haunting voices of the On- dines will be well remembered by all who saw the fine production of " Ondine. " Ondine K % . I ij. ' t ' ». Ernest In Love Every young girl has the secret desire to meet a wicked man, and Cecily Cardew, character in the delightful musical comedy " Ernest In Love " ex- pressed it in the song " A Wicked Man. " Marcia Cooke, the most accomplished singer in the cast showed a rich, exciting voice in her portrayal of Cecily. The comedy mocks the incongruities of the upper class. There is Joan Shippy as the stuffy Lady Bracknell, who is the object of the satirical " A Handbag Is Not A Proper Mother. " Praise also goes to Maureen O ' Rielly as the sex-starved spin- ster. Miss Prism, and the gluttonous Algernon Mon- crief, Scott McDade. Adding to the entertainment of this popular drama department production were Sue Revzan ' s black and white costumes, and David Butler ' s use of a revolving stage. .■T ' — LT ♦ " ♦■•♦• ' • 4 ♦ 4 4 " ♦■■♦• 84 The time was any time, the action was outside of time. The distant past, re-en- acted by members of Thomas Jefferson ' s family, comes to life in Robert Penn War- ren ' s " Brother To Dragons. " The hideous crime confronted by the living Writer (Ivars Mikelson) and the long-dead Jeffer- son (Kurt C. Beattie) occurs again in the Writer ' s imagination. The cruel Lilburn Lewis, nephew to Jefferson (James S. Martin) comes back to re-enact the hor- ror he committed while he lived. The set design by Alanson Davis and a translu- cent curtain made effective use of the theater. Playboy Of The Western World Wi _■» ' 4k " I ' ve lost the only playboy of the western world, " moaned Pegeen Mike as the lights dimmed on Ann Zimmerman ' s thesis direction of John Mil- lington Synge ' s play. Men were at a premium in peasant Ireland, so the appearance of Christopher Mahon in the village was a great occasion, par- ticularly since he claimed to have murdered his father. Chaos really broke out when the father appeared — very much alive. Action was spirited as Irish tempers flared. Jeffry B. Klund was cast as the hero. Pegeen Mike was played by Janet Cassidy and her rival, the treacherous Widow Quin, was excellently portrayed by Marge Leader. John Ruppeck was the " murdered father. " Theatre One i x -i f?r Contemporary drama on campus received encouragement as Theatre One became an outlet for student playwrights. The theatre group, formed to give non-drama students the oppor- tunity to act, performed three student-written plays this year: " The Passion of Saint Erde, " by Sherman Woo, " Breathless, " by Duane McGinnis, and a series of one-act plays, " 8 to 5, " " God Is Love " and " A Bowl of Rice, " by Julian Riepe. Produc- tion success established Theatre One as a vital part of campus culture. Readers Theatre The stage is bare and the actors in street clothes, but the viewer is soon involved in the fantasy world of the play — the Readers Theatre is performing. Co-sponsored by the speech depart- ment and the ASUW Fine Arts Com- mittee, the readings have become a popular campus event. This year ' s exciting schedule included " Suddenly Last Summer, " by Tennes- see Williams, William Faulkner ' s " As I Lay Dying, " " The American Dream, " by Edward Albee, and Del Kaufman ' s " Up the Down Staircase. " The plays, directed by Mary Strine and Myron Weybright, were also taped for KUOW radio and shown on KING-TV ' s " Telescope. " 87 The audience sat mute, enraptured by the intimate chamber music of IVIozart — the Philadelphia String Quartet was once again performing. A court decision ended union com- plaints which began last year when the group left the Philadelphia or- chestra, enabling them to complete another year as the University ' s quar- tet-in-residence. The internationally famous chamber music group spent a portion of the academic year on a study-concert tour of India. String Quartet, Harpsichordist Entertain Campus Demonic, plaintive, joyous, haunting — the harpsichord breathes beneath the hands of the remarkable woman who plays it. The music is an expres- sion of her own vitality: Sylvia Kind. A visiting music professor from Ber- lin, she was an inspiration for both pupils and audiences. The computer world has rediscovered the pure ound of the harpsichord as a musi- : xpression of today ' s emotions. Ethnomusicology: Blues Guitar To Jazz History Music is a meaningful statement of culture, for it expresses the emotions and beliefs of that civiliza- tion which creates it. To the student who enters the world of ethnomusicology comes a feeling for the people as well as their music. Music Cultures of the World is a class open to anyone who wants to become acquainted with the melodic screeching, clicking and chanting of the Orient. Bewitched by the mysterious sounds, the unwary student may soon find himself joining the barefoot members of the Gagaku (highly stylized music of the Japanese Court), playing a Korean kayagum or hitting a Philip- pine gong. Study includes individual instruments from several countries, the most recent including blues guitar, and a cross-cultural study of the his- tory of jazz, stemming from its African roots. 89 Husky Marching Band Beats Out Drum Cadence It ' s the night before the big game and through the rain patter comes a courageous drum cadence. The Husky Marching Band is putting polishing touches on the next day ' s half-time performance. A volun- teer unit, under the direction of William Cole, the 128-member band practices four hours a week, all year long. During the football season, the group works almost as hard as the team. The concert band, also under Cole ' s direction, includes many Marching Band members. But it specializes in in- door programs, featuring every sound from light classics to big u nd favorites. 90 Stanley Chappie Conducts UW Orchestra This year the quality music of the University Symphony Orchestra became easily accessible to stu- dents as the orchestra ' s concerts were performed in the HUB Ball- room. Under the direction of the dynamic Dr. Stanley Chappie, the orchestra presented programs of music literature from all periods. Dr. Chappie, important influence in the creation of the Festival Op- era Company, directed the orches- tra ' s excellent performance of the score for the opera " The Golden Lion, " a major cultural endeavor of the year. 91 Professor Rodney Eichenberger directs the University Chorale. Director ' s Sweeping Arms, Clencliecl Hands Cue Professor Gerald Kechley conducts the Madrigals. The Madrigals practice, practice and practice. Campus Group Singers The University Chorale, mouths open. " Think, think... feet on the floor, sit up tall. We only have 25 minutes until the weekend. I don ' t care what you do over the weekend, but think NOW and sing! " " Here we go — find yourself in relation to the music. Keep it moving. OK. Sing. " The director ' s arms in sweeping motions move close to his body. The hands in his pockets, the sharpness of their movements as they come out, guide the sing- ers. The lightness and softness of the hands, the clenched, powerful hands invite the singers to put their souls into their formation of words and phrases — crescendoing, diminuendoing. And his face offers a challenge: the grins, the frowns, the gasps, the winks are the singers ' cues, saying not to go sharp, not to go flat. Mouths open: the notes on the sheets are trans- formed into music. Whether singing in Latin, Slavic or English, the presence of the demanding voice and motions of the director is felt from the first sight- reading to the final achievement of the desired ren- dition. 93 94 " Golden Lion " Proves Exciting Opera Opera, the cultural merging of music and drama, is once again becoming a popular art form. Its future is stored in the cam- pus situation, where groups such as the University ' s Festival Opera Company have the financial freedom to pursue it. Here students, faculty and community meet in a near-professional status, bringing with them the skill to attempt a more ambi- tious and exciting repertoire. This season ' s production of " The Golden Lion " impressively proved the company ' s capabilities. The opera, written in 1959 by University faculty composer Gerald Kechley, with libretto by his brother El- wyn, featured the colorful costume and dissonant music of ninth century Byzan- tium. Baritone John Duykers gave an ex- cellent performance of Theophilus, the tormented emperor who had to choose his empress by offering a golden apple to a woman in his court. It was a beautiful blending of soloists and orchestra under the direction of Dr. Stanley Chappie; Uni- versity Chorale directed by Rodney Eich- enberger and costumes and sets by James Crider and John Ashby Conway. 95 Cultures Converge At International Show 96 The family of man gathered in microcosm to entertain its members, as students from thirty-three nations worked months to stage an International Show for the citizens of Seattle. Cultures, colors, cos- tumes — they all changed as quickly as a kaleidoscope, a kaleidoscope of heritage that took three sell-out crowds on a two- hour world tour. Indian dancers welcomed spring, their skirts and veils fluttering as gracefully as loose petals. Chinese bride and groom saw each other ' s faces for the first time in a ritual as rich as their festive kimonos. Country folk from various parts of Europe wove complicated patterns on village- earth flooors. A young Russian maneu- vered with the precision of a machine, the exuberance of a passionate soul. The audience had almost as much fun as the performers. Americans of all ances- tries, foreign visitors from all continents; they felt the beauty of brotherhood, the joy of understanding. They followed the advice of their turbaned master of cere- monies and let music teach them to see with their ears and hear with their hearts. 97 N 0 flfflEv (i 4ff Ki I (3 -k. t ' s Debatable It ' s Original It ' s Art Amidst the collegiate Gothic of the University exists the originality of contemporary campus art. This ex- citing new breath, whether daring to permeate a wall of the great Suz- zallo or thriving in a basement office of the administration building, has proved its versatility by surviving and successfully blending with the traditional. A Henry Gallery original or a dorm room ' s modest print — each is evi- dence of the growing student inter- est in the art on campus. This year students became critics of professors as School of Art fac- ulty members presented their work in the " Solo Six " at the Henry Gal- lery. The trend was bold, bright, imaginative. There was little resem- blance to the old. It was all the future. Controversy rose over a wall relief in the library. Was it art or a metal pile of trash? Flower children painted HUB sidewalks. Was it attractive decoration or defacing litter? But such questions are invalid. There is no such thing as art; there is only the artist. Each work is the expression of the artist ' s desire to create materially that which surges to break with the mind and take form. Student, pro- fessor or professional — all are equal as their work stands at the mercy of a discerning University public. The campus critic will ponder it, hate it, get excited about it. The artist will listen, learn, and continue to produce the art of the future. 99 100 Visual Detour Provided By Boxes Art: ' ' A Gymnasium For Ttie Mind " 101 Thomas Burke Memorial. Presents Diverse Worids Birds call and monkeys chatter through the laby- rinth of dense foliage and pools of silently swimming reptiles. Living and skeletal remnants of the past; each a phase of the natural history of man and his world, line the pathway. And at its end is a secluded shrine from which a carved god smiles down at the wanderers ' awe. Here, in the Thomas Burke Memorial Museum, the student is introduced to diverse worlds. The Pacific Coast and Asian cultures stand together compatibly for all to see. A totem pole legend of an ancestor eaten by a bear and a 125-foot silk Chinese New ' 7 ' U " A Living Museum To University Students Year ' s dragon, fishing nets of the Northwest Indians and a group of Tibetan dancers take the viewer into the customs and colors of entirely different worlds. Live reptiles and amphibians, as well as their dis- sected counterparts, are included in the Darwinian order of skeletons and skulls, plaster casts, drawings and actual specimens which represent the evolution of man from the very beginning. Follow the paths in this living museum where people, customs and natural life exist as an educa- tion for all who enter. Each Pathway Is A Phase In Man ' s History The first day, it was said, is ttie end of fiigfi school and little brothers and the birth of a new adult. Then graduation — so soon? — and suddenly the end of naivete and the beginning of a realization of, perhaps, too much. And there in between, a lifetime alone spent learning and mal ing oneself master of so little. Til now, June 8: a day of heartening, a day of nostalgia. A ca demies 105 Contents Odegaard, 107 Board of Regents, 112 Administrators, 114 The Administration, 120 Architecture, 124 Arts and Sciences, 126 Business Administration, 154 Education, 162 Engineering, 174 Fisheries, 182 Forestry, 184 Nursing, 186 Pharmacy, 190 Graduates, 192 Dentistry, 194 Law, 198 Medicine, 200 ,♦• . ' i ' l ! 106 The President Here, the man is Dr. Charles E. Odegaard — since 1958. For almost a decade Dr. Odegaard has been in the top executive spot at the University of Washington. He holds the reins of the administration and coordinates the multi-complexities of this gargantuan organization. 108 Odegaard Is A Many- Faceted Man who is running a " complex kind of human organization, " which is how he describes a university. Formerly Dean of the University of Michigan ' s College of Literature, Science and the Arts, he is now President of the " University of a Thousand Years. " 777 5 Is The Man To Respect He is the authority figure on campus and possesses a strong hand. 109 " A University Is A Special Kind Of A Community ' Odegaard believes. " It has its own history. It has its own purposes. " It is the president ' s task to combine these diverse goals and origins into a meaningful, working mass. Odegaard has the ability and intelligence to give the University a clear lead. He gets things done efficiently and works on the premise that there is no time for " pussyfooting conversation. " 110 This Man Makes The Decisions. It isn ' t easy. He is continually trying to prove that the University can be both big and human. Its president is. The President Is Dr. Charles £ Odegaard. A Big Man. These men with their policy decisions strive to make the University tops in student education. Board Of Regents: Public Delegates On Policy Robert J. Willis. Joseph Drumheller, president. 112 John L. King James R. Ellis. Harold S. Shefelman and George V. Powell. The seven men currently serving on the Board of Regents represent the public. Each man has been appointed by the Governor to serve a term of six years. The men donate their time and energy to make the University tops in the education of its students, for it is they who decide the fate of the University with their policy making. This year the Board ' s policy decisions included an increase in the size of the faculty and a substantial construction program. They also approved restruc- t uring of the administration. Three new vice presi- dencies were created: for Academic Affairs, for Research and for Student Affairs. The Office of the Dean of Students was incorporated into the office of the Vice President for Student Affairs. 113 Mrs. Helen E. Hoagland is the Executive Assistant to tlie President. Her duties in- clude being President Odegaard ' s secre- tary and the secretary to the Board of Re- gents. When her duties and the weather permit, Mrs. Hoagland enjoys golfing. Administration Sliuffie Creates New Positions This past year Vice President Frederick P. Thieme traveled around the world observing school systems of other nations. He found that the U.S. excels in the education of its citizens, but that a higher pro- portion of revenue is allotted to education by many smaller nations. Thieme serves as the University ' s liaison to Olympia and has responsibility for long- range planning. Dr. Eugene C. Elliott, Special Assistant to the President, enjoys a fascinating over- view of the University. When he is not handling special projects assigned him by Dr. Odegaard, Dr. Elliott likes to take long walks in the country for relaxation. 114 As Provost and newly-appointed Vice Presi- dent of Academic Affairs, Dr. Solomon Katz coordinates curriculums and helps the various faculties in academic administration. Cur- rently president of the Pacific Coast Branch of the American Historical Association, Dr. Katz is a distinguished scholar in his field of an- cient and Byzantine history. Dr. Marion E. Marts, Vice Provost for the Uni- versity, works with Dr. Katz. Among their many concerns are registration, academic counsel- ing, operation of the libraries and innovations in instruction at the University. Aside from these duties, he enjoys mountain hiking, ski- ing and summer trips to Lopez Island in the San Juans. Vice President for Business and Finance Ernest M. Conrad works not only at the state level but also at the national level of government. He takes part in the dis- cussions of policies and regulations which would affect the University. Landscaping of the campus and regard for student welfare are his other major interests. 115 Dr. George W. Farwell, appointed to the new position of Vice President for Re- search, is responsible for contract and grant support to the University. He is especially concerned with research in for- estry, the marine sciences and the sci- ences. He enjoys the challenge of his duties, and the contact with the broad range of the University ' s scholarly and technical activities. Dr. Robert G. Waldo presides over the con- tinuous flow of in formation to the news media about the University. As Vice President for University Relations, he attends sessions of the state legislature and assists and advises the Alumni Association where possible. He finds his position stimulating, even if it is hard to say what constitutes a good or bad day. Students Are Counseled, Advised, Aided By As the new Vice President for Stu- dent Affairs, Donald K. Anderson, for- mer Dean of Students, is concerned with the extra-curricular activities in the University student ' s academic career. With a sound background in public relations, Anderson is well suited to handle student affairs. Vice President Anderson has pushed for improvements in a variety of serv- ices which contribute to the general welfare of students. 116 As the Dean of Men, Reginald D. Root is concerned with the life of the male University student outside the classroom. Through counseling and disciplinary measures he offers the men students sound advice. Dean Root also finds time to read current literature in order to understand students ' new ideas and to keep in touch with their thinking. Dean of Women Dorothy R. Strawn finds that even a seven-day week is limiting. She is a true ambassa- dor for university women, constantly in demand for speeches and consultation about the role of edu- cated women. In October Dean Strawn was called to Washington, D.C., to serve on the presidential committee for the Office of Emergency Planning. Few women executives receive this honor. Concerned And Experienced Administrators mnt John K. Gardner, former Registrar, has assumed the newly created office of Director of Student Aca- demic Services, which includes the Office of Admissions, the Reg- istrar and High School Relations. Mr. Gardner expected to see the pass-fail system in operation by spring quarter in some subjects offered by the University. This new grading system would allow the student to broaden academic in- terests outside his required major courses of study without putting his grade point in jeopardy. 117 r As the newly appointed Registrar, IVIrs. Patsy IVI. Christensen finds that her office is a serv- ice department to help students register, to maintain permanent records and to keep the public informed. Director of Financial Aid William L. Baker dispenses scholarships, federal loans and part-time employ- ment to students in need of assistance. He is ac- tively involved in the community where he encour- ages students from poverty backgrounds to attend college. Admissions, Housing, Financial Aid Pose Problems Housing shortages posed bigger problems than usual this year for Arthur J. Pringle, Director of Student Residences and Campus Food Services. He has hopes that the resi- dence hall to be completed in 1969 will elim- inate this pressure. He supervises, housing for students, faculty and hospital staff. Director of Admissions Harold A. Adams often acts as a counselor in person or by mail. He analyzes and studies the many problems that people encoun- ter and bring to him in the field of education. Mr. Adams finds that counseling people who have had an unfortunate experience with education or the University is extremely challenging and interesting. 118 Lyie E. Goss, Manager of the University Book Store, enjoys working with students or he would never have stayed so long, he says. One of Mr. Goss ' long-standing pastimes is following Husky football and cross-country track meets. His liter- ary interests center around historical books and novels of intrigue. Job Placement Service Helps Weary Seniors Chief Administrator of the Hall Health Center, Dr. Gordon G. Bergy, is responsible for the coor- dination and management of the members of the Health Center staff. Other facets of Dr. Bergy ' s occupation are teaching at the Medical School and helping train Peace Corps units. He also is concerned with public health work and is con- sulted on preventive medicines. James W. Souther, Director of Placement Services, is acutely aware of the student dilemma: " What can I do with my major? " It is hiS duty and that of his staff to counsel third quarter juniors on the possibilities and benefits open to them in their majors. It is then in the student ' s senior year that Mr. Souther ' s office can aid the student in seeking employment. 119 The wise old man said, ' ' Never, my son, Judge a book by its cover or a man by his appearance. " And this lesson Is valid. r ' ' - f SIR AT ION From the outside the Administration Building looks lil e a dreary stone monument to an executive body, a bureaucratic monster conceived in legislative budget meetings and nurtured in red tape. Even as it encounters the student fleetingly during registration, this exterior continues to project its image — the giant consumer of tax funds and tuitions and producer of acceptance notices, draft deferments, class schedules and probation slips. Because of this the Administration Building remains venerated as the Temple Inviolate where destinies are tampered with and fortunes influenced. 121 But the exterior is not the whole, for this building is the power pacl of the University. The turrets on top may be stone, but the decisions made within are made by men, not machines. It is the people that made the Administration the power pack: people who care enough about the student, as well as his brothers of the past and future, to make this concern their life ' s work. 1 122 still, higher education is big business and is necessarily concerned with construction, finance, personnel and Image. The ties between the University and the city are strong. The city partially supports the University, which responds by offering special services — educational television, a hospital, cultural programs and most important, men and women. Ifs labeled The Administration: little noticed in the classroom or over a cup of coffee. It is the power select, the battery, the pace setter of the University. It ' s the men who solicit service club scholarships for needy students, the ladies in sections, a President and his advisors, and people — people like the lady in the Registrar ' s office who corresponded with a soldier in Vietnam about his schedule and promised to go through registration for him if he didn ' t get back in time. Essay by Anne Todd and Lynn Rainier. Photos by Frank Edge. Architecture College Curtails Enrollment Until New Construction " Man shapes his physical environment toward beauty and order ... using the land, buildings and his urban framework to realize his concept of live- able growth. His tools are forms, spaces and tech- nology. " Architecture students learn to deal with the physi- cal context in which they live, particularly the city and its surrounding areas. Within the college there are four main areas of study: architecture, land- scape architecture, urban planning and business technology and administration. Recently, the col- lege has had to curtail its enrollment, though this situation will probably be alleviated by the comple- tion of a new architecture building and retention of the present structure. David L. Ahlberg BIdg. Tech. Adm. Gary M. Anderson BIdg. Tech. Adm. Roger L. Anderson BIdg. Tech. Adm. Kerry L. Boster Architecture H. Richard Bratton BIdg. Tech. Adm. Mark E. Brown Urban Planning Gerald W. Dokken Architecture Raymond E. Ernst Architecture Samuel J. Friendly Urban Planning Jan J. Han Architecture Thomas C. Harman BIdg. Tech. Adm. Luther M. HIntz Architecture Clifford W. Ireland BIdg. Tech. Adm. Jeremy A. Jones Architecture Kenneth Krupski Urban Planning Arthur J. Leonard BIdg. Tech. Adm. Donald L. Lewison BIdg. Tech. Adm. Caro l A. MacDonald Landscape Arch. Rebecca J. Neilson Landscape Arch. Harvey J. Nelson Architecture Laurence M. Netherton Urban Planning Thomas A. Nishimura Landscape Arch. James C. Norman BIdg. Tech. Adm. Michael T. Okada Architecture I i tf W ] 124 I ) £ David H. Olson Architecture Michael D. Olson BIdg. Tech. Adm. James R. Pickens BIdg. Tech. Adm. Warren W. Pollock Architecture John W. Richter, Jr. Architecture Don B. Shaffer Urban Planning William W. Stout BIdg. Tech. Adm. Pierre P. Thiry BIdg. Tech. Adm. William E. Thomlinson BIdg. Tech. Adm. Timothy D. Van Horn Architecture Raymond J. Wagner Architecture Kenneth R. Wohlhuter Architecture Ronald E. Wood Architecture William E. Wrede Landscape Arch. W. Kenneth Wright Architecture Robert I. Wright Urban Planning William L. Wright Architecture Lee A. Wyatt Landscape Arch. 125 Arts And Sciences Revises, Adds To Program: Foreign Language Requirement, Pass-Fail System Today ' s multi-complex world necessitates education more than ever before. With the rapid changes that are taking place even the experts find it hard to keep abreast of everything in their own field. College is the answer for much of this country ' s pop- ulation. The College of Arts and Sciences is the answer for most of this campus ' population. To cul- tivate a progressive program concurrent with today ' s requirements for advanced education, the college perpetually makes revisions and additions. Many program changes came to fruition in 1968 — and still others will be implemented in the near future. Curriculum requirements, especially in the foreign language, saw significant alterations. No longer must a student take several language courses for no credit. Now, after a placement test, the stu- dent may receive credit for the course in which he is placed, as well as for all subsequent courses. The Student Advisory Committee came alive. Made up of one student representative from each depart- ment in the college and members of the advising staff and faculty, the committee discussed such topics as the pass-fail system, distribution require- ments and advisory methods. Designed to counteract student apathy on current affairs, the Issue-Oriented courses which were to be offered in the spring proved an important addition to the curriculum. They offered spontaneous discus- sions of topics and problems in the news today. Dean of the college, Phillip Cartwright, sensing a definite void in this area, headed up an investigating committee himself. Potentially, the broadest and most sweeping revi- sions came in the grading system. The new Pass- Fail Program, scheduled to begin spring quarter, was postponed until fall because of computer difficulties. With the new program students who earned 45 or more credit hours will be allowed to take a maximum of five hours each quarter on a pass-fail basis. Thus students would be able to take classes in a different area of study than their major field of interest — with no effect on their GPA. The anticipated result will be more academically well-rounded graduates ready to face the many facets of today ' s world. ■r. US? ' .£ re IS k ill C6 Grant H. Abbott Philosoptiy Marian E. Abbott Chemistry Mary Acker History Cynthia I. Adams Political Science Charles G. Adelseck Oceanography Stephanie Ager Art Michael P. Aiken Sociology Steven C. Alber Far East Maira Alberts Interior Design Edward A. Alden English Thomas G. Alkire Political Science Terry R. Allen Zoology Phyllis J. Alleyne English Adrienne R. Anderson Political Science Brian F. Anderson Political Science David A. Anderson Mathematics Eric W. Anderson Spanish Nikki L. Anderson Political Science Philip D. Anderson Chemistry Ruth M. Anderson English Margaret E. Appleton English Michael F. Archbold Journalism Jean G. Armstead Drama Thomas E. Arnold History Cheryl J. Arron History Carol A. Asher Political Science Bonnie T. Ashleman Zoology Carol Y. Atherton Sociology David J. Auer English Judith A. Ault Art Karen J. Babich History Conrad N. Bagne History Christopher Bailey Chemistry Johan S. Bakken Zoology Richard D. Baranzini Poll. Sci., Philosophy Sarah A. Barbeck History Richard E. Barber Spanish Nina L. Barde Chemistry Jeannie M. Baretich Drama Rosemary Barker History Dorothea L. Barnes German Craig W. Barrick Political Science 127 Jill M. Barrjngham Economics Tresa A. Bass Political Science David Batchelder Zoology Jefri M. Bateman Journalism Robert W. Bauer Political Science Katherine N. Bean General Studies John C. Beatty Zoology James F. Beaunaux Spanish Jacquelynne Beck Spanish Jean C. Bellour Geography Michael D. Benner Zoology Kay S. Bennett English Margaret G. Bennett Sociology, English Lorena L. Benson English Geraldine A. Berg Art History Linda S. Bergstrom Spanish Hanan S. Berman Psychology Joanne M. Berry Art History Michael E. Bickford Chinese Susan L. Biebesheimer Home Economics Thomas D. Bigsby Economics John C. Black Geography Carolyn A. Blayden Spanish Judith A. Block Sociology 0. Steven Bordner Economics Richard J. Borgford History Marie S. Boynton French Pamela G. Bradburn Comparative Lit. Henry M. Brashen Speech R. James Brawn Zoology Cathy C. Breen Drama Elaine Brighton Russian Gretchen L. Broman English Susan T. Bromley English Jerome R. Brothers Far East David M. Brotman Advertising Judy D. Broughten English Dennis J. Brown Advertising F. Roger Brown Economics George J. Broze Physics Jane K. Brumage French Lynne S. Bryan Political Science 128 Nancy 0. Bryant Home Economics Thomas C. Buckingham Political Science Roscoe C. Buffington Political Science Georgia G. Bunten Sociology Susan J. Burger English Roger W. Burk Geology Eden E. Burnett Spanish Nancy C. Burnett Geology Robert P. Bush Radio-TV Catherine L. Campbel English Susan M. Campbell Political Science Susan M. Campbell Social Relations Gertrude F. Capell Journalism Bernardean Carey Drama Geoffrey M. Carey Speech James 0. Carpenter Journalism Belinda B. Carr Economics Cathleen M. Carr Economics Donald A. Carstens Economics Gail F. Caskey Sociology Graydon G. Causey Psychology John V. Celms Economics Janet S. Claussen General Studies Gregory G. Cobb Sociology John 0. Cohen Physics Robert J. Cohen Political Science Gordon W. Cohrs Physics Douglas J. Colley Political Science Gregory L Colvin Political Science Ted M. Comstock Sociology Charles R. Condon Oceanography Helen A. Congleton Spanish James L. Cook Radio-TV Nancy L. Cook Geography Arthur C. Corbett Geography Sandra G. Cordell Chemistry Laurie Cowan Art Ronald E. Cowles Anthropology di JtM ili Student-Advisory Committee Becomes Active yik t E John M. Coyle Political Science Sharon L. Crockett Sociology Sandra J. Crosby English David N. Crowley Zoology Susan J. Cullor Spanish Gary C. Culpepper Political Science Mareth S. Curtis Art Jeffrey A. Cushman Mathematics Annalee Dahlie Speech Ann L. Dahlin General Studies Gary A. Dahike Economics Larry W. Dam Economics Linda C. Danner Advertising Margaret D. Darby English Timothy B. Davidson Political Science Patricia A. Davis History Scott A. Davis Mathematics James H. Dawson Psychology E. Carolynn Daye English Larry J. Dean English Donald V. Demikis Mathematics Gerald E. Deming Radio-TV H. Joy Dent Botany Julie A. Denton Advertising 131 Mii kkii M Jacqueline E. Desler Home Economics Patricia I. Devine Graphic Design Douglas M. Dewar Mathematics Thomas P. Dhoore Preventive Medicine Jo Anne Dick Geography Sylvia A. Dier Sociology Laurie E. Dierich Geography Florence M. DiJulio Sociology Jane A. Doughty Journalism Theodore Droettboom Sociology Kathleen N. Drury English Emily L. Du Microbiology Susan M. Duckham Germanics Carl R. Dugger Political Science Lois A. Dwoskin Spanish Michael H. Dyal Political Science Arthur R. Eads Political Science Cheryl Easterwood Political Science John C. Ebinger Zoology Patricia J. Eby Political Science Richard M. Ecker Oceanography Charles R. Ekberg Political Science Donald E. Elliott History, English Kenneth C. Elverum History Jana M. Ely Far East, Geography Susan L. Empey Sociology Joseph P. Enbody Political Science Perry Eng Far East Michael L. Enright Advertising Leigh H. Erickson Music Marcia A. Erickson Philosophy Emily A. Ericsen Spanish Bonnie J. Erskine Sociology Lois A. Evers Radio-TV Patricia A. Eager Home Economics Pamela J. Fagnant Sociology Sonia S. Fairleigh Sociology Reidun M. Fammestad Home Economics Larry C. Farmer Psychology Bruce W. Farnsworth Economics Grant Farr Economics Scott Fast Political Science 133 Barry A. Feder Zoology Ann C. Peek English Julie A. Fensl e Economics David R. Ferrera Chemistry Alan D. Ferris Sociology Susan M. Field Far East David R. Fielder Chemistry Henry E. Fields Mathematics Penny R. Finch English James D. Findlay Oceanography Susan M. Finney Political Science Nancy A. Fisher Sociology, Gen. Stud. Robert R. Fitting English Kathleen Fitzgerald English Edwin E. Flagel Mathematics Margaret Flanders Art Thereza C. Flarys English Larry R. Floras Far East David L. Fluharty Swedish, Pol. Sci. Bruce P. Flynn Pre-Law Patricia E. Fogde Mathematics Yvonne L. Ford English Literature Marilyn A. Forsgren Home Economics Melody D. Foutch Political Science Terry J. Fox Economics Carolyn R. Fraker English Russ K. Francisco Psychology Ralph Frank Geography Ronald J. Frederick Political Science Larry A. Freeburn Political Science Nahnie Freemanson Spanish John G. Frost Zoology Marjorie H. Fuji Mathematics Paula R. Fujita History Randolph L. Furman History Elizabeth A. Gabel Journalism Michael L. Gage Zoology Marilyn J. Galbraith Far East Kathleen A. Gallagher Art Edward J. Gallaher Zoology Laurie A. Gallup Home Economics Leone M. Gapen Sociology 134 d mkdtM Charles C. Gazarek Hibtory Carol E. Gehrke Drama Robert Gelb Zoology Britton L. Georges Psychology Jeffrey L. Georges Psychology Nancy P. Gibbs Chemistry Patricia Gilligan Drama H. Chris Gilliian Social Welfare Douglas E. Gilson Political Science Katherine A. Gimness Journalism Robert A. Glen History Marywave V. Godfrey Sociology Elma Y. Gonzales Spanish Susan E. Goold English Literature Carole C. Goudge Political Science Daphne Grabovoi English Literature Elizabeth A. Grace German Barbara A. Graham Sociology Lewis H. Gray Sr. English Stephen W. Gray English Lewis E. Green Physical Education Mary L. Guthrie General Studies Stephen F. Gygax Economics James E. Hadley Economics Students seek to improve their foreign language conversational ability through the use of language laboratories. a M i Issue-Oriented Courses Offer Current Affairs Discussions John D. Hadley Oceanography Margaret A. Hagen Psychology Vicki S. Hahn Psychology Marvin J. Halpern Economics Sharon E. Halvorsen History Charles W. Hammond French Grant E. Hansen Political Science 136 M. Susan Hanson Economics Roald C. Hanson Mathematics Corliss J. Harmer English David J. Harris Art Kristin B. Harris Zoology Jack R. Hart Journalism Richard F. Hart Mathematics Melvyn J. Harvick Zoology Carol A. Hauck Advertising Donald E. Hayen Economics Christine Haynes Sociology Ronald L. Hebron Mathematics Karen C. Hedelund Anthropology Joan E. Heimbigner German Monika Heise German Merrilee K. Helmers Mathematics Barbara J. Henderson Home Economics William P. Hendricks Swedish Diana F. Henry Recreation Education Daniel J. Henshaw Chemistry Karin A. Hill Sociology Robert A. Hoff Zoology Mary E. Hohl Spanish Hiroshi W. Hoida Physics, Math Ann Holman English Janis T. Horike Psychology John M. Horton Philosophy Terry A. Houk English Gwendolyn Howard History James F. Hudson Geography 137 Ronald J. Hudson H l Mathematics B BMH M. Diane Hull W i H|k Spanish f WT Richard A. Hull 9 1 " i- Microbiology W X- L Robert E. Hunt Aih " Jl Oceanography ■fv » Stephen W. Hutchins f . History w k Helen F. Hyde KK . h Mathematics H. H Judith A. Inglis Sociology Amy S. Inokojl English Mary E. Irvine Home Economics Rita M. Iwasyk Russian James H. Jacobsen Economics Katherine Jacobsen Sociology LaVonne Jacobsen Anthropology Jan A. Jacobson Psychology Stephen 0. Jacobson Chemistry Abdulrahman A. Jafary Geology Robert S. Jaffe Political Science Patricia A. James History mUiM 138 Charles M. Jenkins Social Relations Barbara H. Jerry Biology Nicholas V. Jewitt English Ronald R. John Psychology m. Susan Johnsen Speech John E. Johnson Zoology, Psychology Patricia A. Johnson Home Economics Robin M. Johnson English Steven C. Johnson Economics Susan K. Johnson Pol. Sci., Far East Susan L. Johnson History William P. Johnson Sociology Donna L. Johnston Mathematics Elizabeth F. Jones Journalism Robert M. Jordan Mathematics Richard R. Joss Mathematics Randolph W. Juel Chemistry Patricia M. Kabasa Zoology Stephen B. Katz Political Science Albert S. Kawai Far East 139 Peter C. Keck Physics Sandra L. Keeler English Richard D. Kehl Advertising James M. Kelly History Peter C. Kelly Political Science Craig B. Kennedy Sociology Jane E. Kennedy History Virginia E. Kenway Political Science John K. Keppler Economics Diane L. Kero Far East Ronald W. Kero Economics Robin K. Kettenring Mathematics Vickie L. Kiehl Home Economics Arthur J. Kiehn Chemistry Howard W. Kilbride Zoology Cindy L. King Drama Gary D. Kingman Advertising Philip V. KInnaman Oceanography Richard A. Kirkpatrick Chemistry Mitchell I. Kirschner Microbiology William V. Kitchin History Barbara E. Kjellberg Recreation Education Rudolph H. Knaack Zoology Anne R. Koppel General Studies Mary K. Koss German Morley A. Kramer General Studies Violet K. Kratochvil Social Welfare Patricia I. Krier Political Science Donald E. Lacky Chemistry Kathryn A. Lagreid Journalism Susan J. Lagsdin Drama Richard G. Lambert Zoology Vicki L. Lander Advertising Sandra L. Lane Advertising Carol L. Lanham Sociology Rosanne M. Larsen English Diane M. Larson English Literature Linda C. Larson Zoology Elizabeth L. Lauzen Journalism Lorna A. Leal English William T. Lebo Political Science Candace W. Lee Far East 140 Karen F. Lee Home Ec, Dietetics Martha Lee English Literature Susan C. Lee Mathematics Dorothy J. Leffingwell Spanish Anita Legsdin French Bruce K. Leigh History James T. Leigh Mathematics Jane Leimbacher History Susan K. Lemke English Victoria J. Lewis Home Economics " Jeanie M. Lind English Henry E. Lippek Political Science Susan E. Lippik Sociology Richard L. Liranzo History Gregg R. Longmeier Zoology Sharon A. Lorentz Japanese Victoria Lugar History Frank C. Lull III Anthropology Christina Lundberg Sociology Stephen J. Lundin General Studies Mary J. Luther English Carol L. Lybarger Philosophy Pamela A. Lynch General Studies Patricia L. MacKay English Alan A. MacKenzie Zoology Sandra A. MacLean English Literature Diane Maeda Home Economics Sharon Maeda Art Education William W. Maiers Zoology, Pre Med John P. Malay Advertising Thomas W. Malone History James M. Maloof Zoology Robert H. Malstrom Psychology Laurence G. Mammoser Economics Ronald C. Manley Mathematics Douglas W. Margeson Journalism Kathryn L. Marin Zoology Michael F. Marinella Economics James E. Marr Chemistry Douglas C. Marshall Economics Gary F. Martin Mathematics Glen K. Martin Psychology Janice E. Martin Pre Med George T. Masters Chemistry Linda M. Mathis Speech Bruce T. Matlock Political Science Earl Y. Matsul Zoology W. Brian Matsuyama Economics Gail I. Matthiesen Art History Stanley 0. Mayer Zoology M. Timothy Mayhew Russian Gail R. McCandlish Home Economics William T. McCarthy Journalism Donald C. McCollum Chinese Dianne E. McCoy English Linda K. McCoy Home Economics Gary S. McDade Drama John W. McDaniel Sociology Shareen R. McDaniels Sociology Maureen McDonough French Marie B. MacDuff Sociology Patricia A. McEvoy Sociology A Home For Largest Campus Population R. Bruce McFarlane Political Science Bruce W. Mcintosh Political Science C. Edgar McLaughlin, Jr. Psychology Marian M. McLaughlin Social Relations John P. McNamara Political Science James E. McNay Pol. Sci., History Helen E. McWhorter Spanish John C. Meadows Radio-TV Larry M. Meads Sociology Richard L. Mefford Advertising Myrna B. Meisler English Barbara A. Melvin Anthropology Gregory A. Merrill Sociology Margaret L. Messer Home Economics Ralph W. Metcalfe Mathematics Alan D. Meyer Economics Paul F. Michelson English Penelope A. Middleton History Elizabeth S. Miller French Emily H. Miller English John K.Miller Zoology Madelyn L. Miller History Shirley A. Miller Anthropology Annette M. Minard Mathematics Julie F. Miori History Ellen N. Mitchell Russian Margaret A. Moberg Anthropology Sherry L. Moe Spanish Mary Jo Molz English John P. Mooney Radio-TV Carolyn N. Moore Italian Frank 0. Moore, Jr. Chinese Janinne D. Morris Art Nancy R. Mottet Sociology David K. Mousette Economics Roberta L. Mueller German Vincent J. Mullally Political Science Merrily K. Munther Pol. Sci., Swedish Robert H. Murray Political Science Lynita G. Muzzall English David E. Naf Chemistry Sandra S. Naff French 144 t ? v W ' s - • " 4 • « • .:■ fV ' .•..«.. •-••» ••••J ti ' J-1 « Joan I. Nedwicke Home Economics Douglas W. Neil History James F. Nelson Sociology Judith L. Nelson Microbiology William L. Nemerever Mathematics Mary Jane Nemeth General Studies, Soc. Edward Nemetz Sociology George J. Nett Mathematics Sandra L. Newman Sociology Rosemary G. Nichols History Susan L. Nickols Art History Robert A. Nitschke Political Science Charles H. Noble Chemistry Diane P. Norman Home Economics Kathryn M. Nutley History Betty Anne Nye Sociology Douglas M. O ' Connor Chemistry Marcia D. O ' Oay History William R. Oldenburg Advertising Larry M. Olsen Advertising James N. Olson Zoology Robert S. Olson English Operator collects data from Atmospheric Science control center. 146 TT ' i 4n WJ |- Winnifred R. Omodt Sociology Vernon P. O ' Neil II Physics Mason S. Osborn Physics Cathrine A. Otis Home Economics Agnes Ottlyk Sociology Hugo R. Parr Physics Virginia M. Patterson German S. Joan Pauley Art Richard B. Payne Mathematics Henry Pedack Zoology Karen R. Pederson Economics George H. Peircey History Julie A. Pemberton French Philip R. Peters Geography Gerald R. Petersen Geography James W. Phillip Pre-Law Larry J. Pizzalato Sociology Lynn R. Pokela English John P. PollinI Latin Loralee V. Pool English Gregory A. Popich Zoology Clifford A. Porter Speech John S. Porter Microbiology Bess V. Porterfield General Studies Marie J. Porterfield Music Barbara A. Potts English Donald L. Pratt Political Science Jarilen M. Preston English John A. Price Chemistry Douglas W. Purceli Political Science Anne L. Pym Speech Martha J. Rabak Political Science Lynn A. Rainier Journalism Jeanne L. Rankin Political Science Clark E. Rathke Jr. History C. Thomas Ray Chemistry Nancy W. Raynor Spanish Jeffrey P. Reade Political Science Susan Reddington English Penny D. Reddy Social Relations Mark A. Reese Radio-TV Sandra G. Reichert Zoology 147 Robert E. Repp Far East Carolyn M. Rhea Radio-TV Annavon I. Rich Psychology Pamela A. Riches Sociology Marilyn S. Ridenour Home Economics Richard N. Riedel Chemistry Elizabeth K. Rieke Home Economics Carolyn M. Robbins Geography Shirley S. Robertson History Donald D. Robinson Physics Margaret L. Robinson Botany Douglas C. Rodruck Physics James E. Rogers Zoology Michael J. Rogge Chemistry Guy M. Roket Economics Lynn C. Rosellini Journalism Mary L. Rosenberg History Barbara Rosenwald Sociology Betty L. Rothenberg French David E. Rowland Psychology Pamela J. Rutzel History Alyse K. Rydalch Art History Marilyn C. Rygg Art John P. Rynd Physics Dolores I. Saari Sociology Harvey J. Sadis English Janice L. Saether History Linda C. Sagstad Spanish Richard F. Sale Chemistry Jerry W. Salstrom History Richard E. Salwen Far East Robert E. Sands Chemistry Sheri M. Sanford Economics Cynthia J. Savage French, Pol. Sci. John 0. Savo History Mary Ann Sawhill Zoology Carole A. Saxhaug English Lit. Mark J. Schiller Physics John A. Schiltz Chemistry Charles T. Schlegel Mathematics Stephen L. Schmidt Geology Victoria E. Schmidt History ' w : iM t 148 Popular Project: Applied Physics Pendulum MiM Robert D. Schnatterly Economics Joseph L. Schocken History Gladys A. Schrader Far East Thomas F. Schubert Economics Charles A. Sellers Industrial Design Brian 0. Scott Political Science Sheila M. Scott Art Willo J. Scott Home Economics Janet E. Sells General Studies Stephen L. Selter Journalism Patricia A. Seth French Mark W. Sheldon Economics Louis Sherfesee Oceanography William D. Sherman Physics Joan A. Shippy Music Powell F. Shoemaker Political Science Susan Shorts Political Science Jack A. Shoulders Oceanography 149 Dan M. Shovlin Mathematics Susan Siddoway History Nancy E. Sikes Spanish James R. Silva Political Science Jan M. Skilljngstead Art Edward R. Skone Economics Eric W. Skopec Political Science Marls Skuja Radio-TV Charlene D. Smith F Recreation Education Janet H. Smith Journalism Sally J. Smith Art History Juel H. Souers Mathematics Patricia G. Sours Advertising John W. Spezia Mathematics M kM tflfe A k M Joseph C. Stack History Elaine I. Stanton Dietetics Andrea E. Stern Philosophy Clyde D. Stewart Journalism Leiand D. Stoecker Political Science Gail A. Stone Psychology William L. Stone Advertising Harriet M. Stout Anthropology Thomas S. Strathairn English Brent C. Straughan Zoology Diana R. Strickland Drama Margaret M. Stull Social Relations Susan F. Stutsman Art Robert A. Sudderth Advertising Arun Sukvivatn Art Brandel T. Sundt Radio-TV Sandra L. Sutherland English Aase Svendsen Art Cara Lee Swanson French Douglas W. Swanson Political Science Greg L. Swinford Political Science Thomas F. Symonds Political Science Michael B. Taggart Economics Reiko E. Takeyama English Philip W. Talso Philosophy Denis L. Tarpley Anthropology Carolyn D. Tash Social Relations Daniel J. Taylor Mathematics Michael A. Tembreull Economics Jeanne M. Thiel Speech David F. Thiele Economics Frank J. Thomas History Keith W. Thompson History William R. Thompson Economics, Pol. Sci. Michael R. Thorp History Walter K. Timpe Music A. Elaine Tippey French Sara L. Tobin Zoology Anne P. Todd Journalism Pertti T. Toivola Chemistry Wing Tong Mathematics Ronald S. Toonen Anthropology 151 Donald W. Torcaso Economics Roland B. Torstensson History, German John W. Townsend Political Science Marsha L. Turnbull Sociology Kenneth D. Uhrich Psychology Diane I. Usagawa Psychology Lewis A. Van Osdel III Chemistry James F. Vatn Political Science Lesley G. Veltman English Stephen J. Vennema Zoology Karen S. Vierling Home Economics Jose L. Villarreal Sociology John P. Vraspir Psychology Sally A. Vynne Sociology Allan W. Walker Mathematics John S. Walker Advertising John C. Walton History Diane M. Watson General Studies Nancy J. Weber General Studies Robert 0. Weisfield Political Science Richard L. Weitzman Political Science William B.Welch Political Science Marilyn E. Wells General Studies Susan M. Welsh General Studies Mary S. Wenger Far East Drew H. Wesner Economics Jean L. Wessman History Thomas L. Whitaker Zoology Jean B. Whitemarsh Speech Ann K. Whiting Advertising Terence R. Whitten Psychology Lois F. Wierman Mathematics Timothy L. Wiese Political Science William D. Wiggins Oceanography David L. Wight Geography Carver G. Wilcox Pre Medicine Michael L. Wilder Chemistry William R. Wilkerson History Ronald G. Wilkinson History Steve A. Willard Economics Barbara K. Willey English Bonnie J. Williams Home Economics A . giM 152 L.ikik Kathryn A. Williams Sociology Kerry G. Williams Psychology Paul L. Williams English Literature Robert M. Williamson Mathematics Deniel M.Willis Gen. Std., Soc. Rel. Leigh W. Wilson English Robert E. Wintersteen A dvertising Jacqueline M. Wisman Sociology Marilyn J. Wisner French Robert A. Wolff Chinese Donald W. Wolgamott Political Science Roger Y. Wong Chemistry Ronnie G. Worthington Economics Sharon N. Woski History David A. Wright English Karen J. Wuthrich English Steven A. Yearout Far East Roland S. Yoshida Geography Richard G. Young Journalism Terry K. Zach English Norman F. Zachary Political Science Rafat R. Zakhary Zoology Carolyn C. Zeutenhorst Sociology Catherine S. Zissel Spanish 153 i i 1 i;l Dynamic Business Society Emerges As Business Administration Marias Half Century The School of Business Administration passed the half-century mark this year. During these past 50 years many changes have con- tributed to the evolution of the school into the dynamic business society it is today. Meeting the challenges of the present and the fu- ture is the school ' s major concern. Presently, nearly half the undergraduate program is devoted to study in the College of Arts and Sciences. Primarily this enables students to acquire an understanding of the inter-relationship between the business world and the socio-political environment in which they live. The next two years in the students ' curriculum are mainly ones in which students explore and special- ize in the diverse fields of business. This past fall, the number of required courses was reduced and more options were offered in the school ' s program of studies. 154 Ronald L. Adolphi Finance Leon 0. Amorin Personnel Indus. Rel. Connie H. Anderson Personnel Indus. Rel. Robert E. Aura General Business Michael R. Bauer Gen. Business, Trans. David C. Bell Marketing Donald A. Berg Accounting Louis J. Berg Marketing Larry H. Boehringer Accounting James A. Bonuccelli Finance Donna L. Boon General Business Daniel W. Brady Finance I i. M Q. Neil G. Brimacombe Accounting Suzanne M. Britten Accounting Alan G. Brown General Business Gary L. Brown General Business Phillip A. Brown Production Gregory J. Broze Accounting Louis W. Bruneau Operations Management James M. Burden General Business William R. Bynum Marketing Charles D. Cady Finance Duncan F. Campbell Finance, Accounting Gary L. Campbell General Business Dennis A. Carlson Personnel Indus. Rel. Robert A. Catton Operations Management Herbert J. Chapman Marketing Lawrence M. Childs Accounting Jane W. Chou Transportation James D. Churchill Accounting Victor L. Cissell General Business David T. Clark Finance Gerald A. Clark Finance Carmon D. Clem Finance Anne K. Clewett General Business Kirk A. Clothier Accounting Richard B. Cohen Real Estate Donald F. Conklin General Business Dennis A. Conrad Accounting James A. Cooper General Business James H. Correll Accounting William M. Couch Finance Steven I. Counter Marketing Cheryl L. Crawford General Business Alfred W. Croft Jr. Accounting Joey C. Dale Accounting Alfred R. Daniels Marketing Roger W. Day Marketing Thomas C. Dempsey Transportation G. Steve Derby Marketing James R. Dhoore Bus. Stat., Marketing James C. Dobrick Accounting Patrick E. Donahue Finance Susan Edwards Accounting 155 John A. Egan Finance John G. Ejcher General Business Linda G. Eloranta Marketing Steven R. Engel Accounting Robert G. Fairbairn Transportation Howard C. Ferguson General Business John E. Finholm Marketing Larry I. Fleming Marketing Clayton R. Forbes Finance Richard Q. Ford Accounting Ronald A. Franz General Business Robert L. Fredrick Finance James H. Frost Marketing Jefferson H. Fulton Marketing William F. Fundine Operations Management Gary N. Giant International Business Perry J. Gnos Finance Larry D. Goldberg Finance Gregory G. Good Marketing John A. Goodspeed Marketing Thomas W. Gordon Real Estate Harvey Greenberg Finance Stephen W. Greer Risk Insurance Lee R. Griffing Finance Kim P. Gudgel General Business Laurel Gunderson General Business Wayne A. Hall General Business David E. Hayen Finance David L. HeinI General Business Charles E. Heleker Accounting William T. Helman Accounting Rodney W. Hennig International Business James D. Hermann Marketing Richard A. Hoesly General Business Arnold R. Hofmann Finance Diane L. Huson Accounting Ishmael U. Iheme Finance Craig M. Imrie Finance, Real Estate Barbara J. Inouye Marketing James J. Jacobs General Business W. James Jameson Marketing Jerald W. Jamison International Business •W Ikii itn £kdh dAik m n n Kf) 156 Rodney D. Johnson Marketing Steve R. Johnson Accounting Karen L. Jones Marketing Daniel P. Josue Marketing Steven A. Juntwait Marketing Larry Kaye Marketing Robert D. Keating General Business J. Brian Kelly Accounting, Trans. Michael T. Kelly General Business Walter J. Kirkpatrick General Business Bruce W. Kirschner Operations Management Douglas M. Klan Accounting Robert I. Kollack Finance David R. Koopmans Marketing 157 IM. £1 Challenges Of Present, Future Are Daily Concerns Of Business School Joseph A. Kristek Accounting H. Eric Kuboth General Business Donald C. Lane Marketing Judith A. Larson Accounting Christopher C. Leady Finance Norman H. Leatha General Business Edward A. Lee General Business Gar S. Lee General Business Brian D. Leen Transportation William F. Leishman International Business Robert L. Leiand General Business Charles E. Lesnick Personnel Indus. Rei. ifik ik Norman M. Lindjord Marketing John R. Linehan Jr. Gen. Bus. Quant. Meth. Eugene A. Linke Real Estate Albert G. Lirhus Finance William A. Lockwood General Business James I. Lund General Business Victor M. Magruder Finance Janice L. Maloney Marketing Marlin D. Mann Real Estate Steven E. Manning Finance Terry P. McDaniel Marketing John B. McGee Marketing Bruce E. Mennella Accounting Robert C. Meyers Accounting Harley Moberg Marketing Teruji Mochimaru Marketing Marlin S. Moe General Business Diane G. Moore Marketing David R. Morris General Business Daniel E. Murphy Accounting Mary K. Myers Accounting Paul C. Myhre Accounting James F. Nelson Personnel Indus. Pel. Eugene W. Newman General Business 159 Paul T. Nishimura Accounting Dennis M. Nissen Finance Thomas H. Nixon General Business Phillip 0. Noble General Business Harry L. Oestreich Accounting Kenneth H. Olsen Accounting Timothy D. Olson Personnel Indus. Rel. Robin D. Orkney General Business Omar S. Parker Accounting David E. Pence Marketing D. Gail Perdue General Business Ivan E. Perrins Marketing Robert A. Pilling General Business Stanley W. Pollock Marketing Linn D. Posner Marketing Wanda S. Prichett Marketing Susan W. Prince Accounting Terry R. Purdy Marketing Michael S. Quam Accounting David E. Rea Finance Robert A. Reimer Marketing Joseph J. Rentel Jr. Marketing Richard W. Rian Marketing Ruth R. Richards General Business Arthur W. Ries Marketing Larry A. Roberts General Business Frank L. Robinson Marketing Arlene M. Roose Indus. Rel., Market. Rubin Salant Marketing Richard M. Sander General Business Roger A. Sayer Accounting Sandra L. Schaefer Marketing David G. Schuyler Transportation Gary W. Scott Accounting Jay A. Sentz Finance James P. Sharp Accounting Morris W. Shepherd Accounting Constance M. Smith General Business William F. Snider Marketing Judy M. Sober General Business Rick L. Soderberg Accounting Donna L. Solle Finance 160 Terry J. Solomon Accounting Donley E. Sowders Marketing Bruce D. Spooner Quantitative Methods Ralene P. Staehli Marketing Alan C. Stay Finance Russell W. Wing Quantitative Methods 1. Richard E. Winston Marketing Barry E. Wolf Accounting John F. Young Finance Joe P. Surace Personnel Michael A. Swinhoe Marketing Thomas R. Th ompson Accounting W. David Tucker Accounting Lawrence K. Uyeno Operations Management Robert J. Vaughan Finance Donald L. Viles Accounting Gary L. Wangsmo Accounting Mark G. Weick General Business Bruce R. Willett Finance College of Education: Center For Testing, Generating New Ideas Frederic T. Giles, newly appointed Dean of the Col- lege of Education, envisions the college as the center where ideas for improvements in the educa- tion field are generated and tested for use in class- rooms across the nation. The college established a new course, " Occupa- tional Education in Higher Education, " as the first step toward satisfying the need for occupational teachers in the state ' s community colleges. Also new this year was the Multi-State Teacher Educa- tion project — a cooperative effort of the college and the Seattle Public Schools to improve the process of teacher selection, preparation and performance. Dale M. Adams Speech Hear. Therapy Suzanne M. Adams Speech Penny D. Adkins Biology Shirley A. Albertson English Sandra K. Alwine History Frances G. Anderson History Spencer S. Anderson Speech Sandra B. Appelman Anthropology Patrick Ashley Anthropology Shelley J. Bailey Home Economics Billie L. Ball Biology Norma T. Bartiett French Norma J. Beale Art Linda S. Belarde Speech 162 Margaret J. Bennett Journalism Ellen M. Berg English Ton! M. Berselli Mathematics Dennis E. Binkley Business Nancy L. Binslield History Mary E. BIshopp Speech Lynda R. Bloom Home Economics Brenda L. Blumenthal Sociology Joan M. Boddy History Donna L. Bosch Business Mary J. Botting English Jack W. Bradford Art Kandi L. Brady English Grant 0. Braschel Industrial Education Julieann Brixner Speech Hear. Therapy Jack R. Brothers Psychology S. Ward Bushnell Physical Education Dennis S. Caffrey Art Emjl J. Carlson Mathematics Paul M. Cassidy Biology Joyce J. Chabot French Andrea L. Chantlny Art Mary A. Cheung Sociology Marilyn J. Christensen Business Paul M. Christensen History Roberta J. Clark Speech Hear. Therapy Astrid A. Collins History Cheryl D. Cooper Political Science Cheryl M. Counts Psychology Laurie A. Crawford English Sharon L. Criswell English Joanne Oahlgard Sociology Janet L. Dalley History Nancy V. Damm Biology George H. Deitrick Chemistry Margaret A. OeLateur Physical Education Kathleen J. Dennis English Carol A. Dilling Speech Hear. Therapy Virginia M. Dollarhide English John D. Douthitt History Kathleen A. Drake Spanish Martha L. Dray Drama 163 Lorna V. Dyer Biology Marietta G. Edwards Norwegian Carol G. Enfield History Jean S. Eng Business Susan L. Erickson Home Economics Sharon H. Eslick English Elaine J. Fackler History Ronald W. Ferguson History Frances A. FInnlgan Far East Nanette K. Fliger Health Education Allan L. Foucault Sociology Sheryl L. Frost Art Marilyn J. Gall Art Rick M. Gjemso Biology Cheryl A. Graham History Lewis E. Green Physical Education Beverly L. Greenberg Sociology Claude A. Greene Physical Education Michael J. Gregoire History Nancy D. Gunderson History Linda Y. Hagen Business Gary A. Hager History Susan J. Hagist English Judith B. Hale Speech Hear. Therapy Charles E. Hammond History Margaret L. Harvey Sociology Jean M. Haslet Sociology Marilynn A. Hazen English Nanette J. Heffner Art Barbara A. Hernon History Jeanene L. Heroux Art M. Ann Hicks History Patricia A. Hiddleston Sociology Cathy L. Hitchcock Drama Karlene R. Holmes Art 164 I rr- Stephen F. Hooper History Cheryl A. Horn Sociology Sherry R. Howd English Patricia L. Hubert History Dean B. Iverson Speech Roger A. Jacobs History Waynne B. James English Jo M. Jeffrey Speech J. Anita Johnson Psychology David C. Johnson Geography Gayle L. Johnson Speech Martin S. Johnson Physical Education Janice L. Jones English Teresa G. Jones Home Economics Kay V. Kager English L. Steve Keeler English Marie L. Kelley Home Economics Terrance A. Kelly Political Science 166 I M,n Nr,C)o Pf Oc Ur Ss It Uw Vv Ww John P. Kemmerer Economics Catherine P. Kilgore English Carole A. Koura Biology Edith K. Kreft English Kathryn M. LaBelle Business Carolee J. Larson Sociology John W. Lawless Industrial Education Linda Lawseth Drama Karen L. Legg English Geraldine M. LePenske Busmess Cynthia A. Lewis English Sharron L. Lindblom Home Economics C. Kris Lindh Art LaDonna L. Linse Speech Hear. Therapy Ann C. Long Spanish George W. Long Mathematics Barbara E. Maier Speech MJchele M. Malo Art 167 Mary Bess Mann French Judith A. Marth Speech Donald H. Martin Geography Marilyn A. Masin English Karen S. Masuda Sociology Joan A. Matheson Speech Hear. Therapy Gloria A. Mayeda Sociology Patricia M. McAllister Sociology Susan J. McDaniel Home Economics Willeen N. McKay Art Judith V. McLeod Home Economics Melissa L. Meyer History r. ilAf 2 f f ! i Occupational Education Course Will Prepare 168 t M Kathryn J. Milton Art Mark A. Mitrovich Speech Carol F. Morgan Biology Daniel R. Morris Art Mary E. Muente Speech Martha B. Munsch Spanish Wanda S. Nakatani Speech James E. Nelson Art Suzette A. Neville Sociology Gretchen M. Newman Journalism Jona L. Nishimoto Geography Nancy A. Nordquist Home Economics Graduates For Community College Assignments 169 Carol M. Olding Music Janet E. Olson English Richard E. Palm Chemistry Janice M. Parker Home Economics Barbara K. Parkhill Geography Alice S. Patterson English Evelyn F. Perlman Art Carol A. Pete Journalism Donna B. Peters Political Science Norma Mae Peters Sociology Patricia A. Peterson Sociology John P. Plowman Mathematics Mary C. Pugh Physical Education Edward W. Putnam Physical Education Jo A. Quine Speech Sara C. Ralchle Anthropology Dolores E. Rantanen Speech Hear. Therapy Joan M. Rasmussen Art Denise Reilly Art Barbara A. Reine Biology Christina J. Richter Geography Marlene K. Rio Mathematics Craig F. RItzen History Carol L. Rockafield Music Susan G. Rood Speech Hear. Therapy Dennis W. Rossman Physical Education Lois L. Roth Speech Hear. Therapy Suzanne P. Saylor Speech Hear. Therapy Nancy M. Schnurstein History Marilyn J. Scott Spanish Linda Sharnbroich Spanish Sandra L. Shaw Art Victoria R. Shaw Biology Kirke P. Sievers Business Judith M. Skeers Sociology ) 170 r A lar sicn Hughes r .: ' -At iS ueai Lif i, ' " o tf)e Poccs of my peopk- )e stars art htaviiful So tf)e eyes of m pecp e Beautiful, also, is the sun Beautiful, fliso, are tf.esoii: " f " ■•) peop e ■ ' .. Douglas A. Smith Physical Education Janet M. Smith Physical Education Paul L. Smith Political Science Elizabeth M. Somers Speech Hear. Therapy Steven B. Songstad History Leatrice Soriano Sociology David M. Sotka Sociology Olga B. Speer Sociology Loretta L. Speicher English Carol L. Stack Health Education Sandra K. Stenesen Home Economics Marijo A. Stetler Sociology Cassandra C. Stewart Speech Helen L. Stick English Karen P. Stokes Mathematics Maureen C. Strasser English Dona E. Stringham Business Marilyn J. Stuart English 172 Vicki L. Sundsby Speech Denise E. Surber History Karen S. Suzuki Sociology Peggy A. Swan Drama Lisa Tatsumi Mathematics Janet L. Taylor English H. Frances Thatcher History Teresa L. Thompson French Candace L. Tiffany Speech Alyce C. Toda Far East Mary E. Torongo Music Marilyn K. Tracey Sociology Candace M. Turner Business Gray J. Tuttle Drama Gloria H. Walker Home Economics Marianne S. Wall English Kathryn M. Waltz Speech Don L. Warren History Catherine M. Wayne Geography ' ■ Charlotte I. West Sociology Vicki L. Westling English llene J. Wetta Speech Patricia A. Weyerts Home Economics Shirley M. Widerski Drama Trula D. Wilbur Speech Marcia D. Wilde Drama Civillia M. Winslow History Toni L. Wolff Psychology Lilly Woo Speech Marilyn Woo Sociology Edward Yakushijin Geography Susan B. Yano Sociology Nanci E. Yarno Business Rosemary L. Young Sociology Linda A. Zosel Business 173 Engineering Enrollment Up — Despite U.S. Trend Twentieth century technology depends on the coop- erative teamwork of engineers working with scien- tists from all branches. Keeping pace with this trend, the University ' s College of Engineering initi- ated a new graduate program, Bio-Engineering, which involves biological study on medical projects. Engineering enrollment is slowly increasing here, despite the national trend to decline. And next fall the college plans to incorporate the pass-fail system into the curriculum. Benson Hall, a new engineer- ing building dedicated this year, will be used pri- marily by the nuclear and chemical engineers. The college also interacts with the community. Short review courses, which began two years ago, enable working engineers to spend four weekends updating their knov ledge in the field. This year a new course was added: " Probability and Engineer- ing Applications. " Donald B. Ackelson Chemical Engineering Lyie C. Adams Electrical Engineering Sue E. Adams Chemical Engineering Lars Q. Andersen Aero. Astronautics Bruce S. Anderson Mechanical Engineering Louis F. Anderson Electrical Engineering Delbert W. Armstrong Mechanical Engineering Richard N. Arnhold Electrical Engineering Andrew H. Ashmore Chemical Engineering Bruce R. Baker Electrical Engineering Vernon A. Barber Electrical Engineering Robert H. Bathiany Electrical Engineering George M. Battermann Civil Engineering Robert E. Baumgardner Mechanical Engineering Robert M. Bennett Mechanical Engineering William A. Blandin Civil Engineering David R. Boughner Electrical Engineering Paul A. Boys Chemical Engineering Robert W. Bramel Aero. Astronautics Edward D. Bringhurst Mechanical Engineering Neal E. Broadbent Mechanical Engineering Robert K. Butler Civil Engineering H. Wade Byers Jr. Mechanical Engineering Frank Caballero Chemical Engineering Clifford S. Chamberlain Mechanical Engineering Kent C. F. Chen Civil Engineering Gary P. Clausen Mechanical Engineering Thomas F. Coe Electrical Engineering John F. Coltart Electrical Engineering Phillip B. Cramer Aero. Astronautics Donald L. Cramsey Jr. Electrical Engineering John T. Crawford Aero. Astronautics Errett W. Crowther Mechanical Engineering John J. Curtin II Civil Engineering John P. Danell Aero. Astronautics James D. Davidson Civil Engineering Gerrie E. DeGross Civil Engineering William T. Dehn Civil Engineering Kenneth H. Despot Chemical Engineering John D. Dillow Civil Engineering Thomas R. Draeger Civil Engineering Bruce W. Duncan Civil Engineering Jacques W. Duringer Aero. Astronautics Robert A. Eisenbeisz Aero. Astronautics Frederick A. Emerson Chemical Engineering Robert C. Engerman Electrical Engineering Bradley P. Erickson Civil Engineering Stanley E. Erickson Electrical Engineering Richard A. Esslinger Electrical Engineering Harald B. Fallsen Civil Engineering Keith A. Farnum Mechanical Engineering Kerry G. Forschler Electrical Engineering David L. Frafjord Aero. Astronautics James L. Francis Aero. Astronautics 175 Harry N. Gardner Electrical Engineering Douglas H. Gleason Mechanical Engineering Terry L. Glude Electrical Engineering Frederick E. Graeff Mechanical Engineering Gale T. Gray Mechanical Engineering Jeffrey L. Griffiths Aero. Astronautics Darryl E. Gunderson Mechanical Engineering Douglas E. Guyman Electrical Engineering Daniel L. Haggerty Civil Engineering John A. Haglund Mechanical Engineering Marlund E. Hale Mechanical Engineering John D. Hand Chemical Engineering Douglas W. Hanlon Civil Engineering Phillip M. Hargiss Electrical Engineering Wayne D. Harris Electrical Engineering William N. Hedin Civil Engineering Paul L. Hendrlckson Chemical Engineering William G. Hoffman Civil Engineering John S. Holmes Metallurgy Frank L. lacolucci Mechanical Engineering Harvey H. Irby Jr. Mechanical Engineering James Ishihara Mechanical Engineering Allen D. Israel Mechanical Engineering Bjarne Jacobsen Civil Engineering Amos E. Jamison Mechanical Engineering Walter F. Jensen Mechanical Engineering Kirk T. Jones Civil Engineering KXkd mMlkMkk iMtM • «• ri£ ifAiiM M 176 liliw Millard C. Jones Electrical Engineering Roger D. Jones Aero. Astronautics Robert A. Josephson Civil Engineering Terry A. Joyce Civil Engineering Andy Karlsnes Civil Engineering Roy T. Kawasaki Civil Engineering Stephen S. KeiskI Aero. Astronautics James H. Keller Aero. Astronautics Walter L. Kelly Electrical Engineering Edward W. King Civil Engineering Gordon D. Kirk Electrical Engineering Timothy W. Kirkham Mechanical Engineering Dennis E. Klyohara Chemical Engineering Larry E. Knain Electrical Engineering Donald L. Knobbs Aero. Astronautics Roger KouchI Electrical Engineering Donald A. Kretz Electrical Engineering Henry W. Lahore Electrical Engineering 177 178 i idi c3 f ' k isL Richard L. Laing Civil Engineering Daniel L. Larson Aero. Astronautics Donald P. Lentz Aero. Astronautics Roderick B. Lester Mechanical Engineering Thomas E. Lingafelter Chemical Engineering Craig S. Lingle Electrical Engineering Donald E. Links Aero. Astronautics John C. Linn Electrical Engineering James C. Loesch Aero. Astronautics Loren R. Lofgren Electrical Engineering Stephen B. Lovell Civil Engineering Theodore A. Ludgate Mechanical Engineering Fredrick A. Luke Metallurgy Robert J. Mahoney, Jr. Mechanical Engineering Brian P. Mandak Civil Engineering Steven L. Mathews Electrical Engineering Kelly W. McGee Mechanical Engineering LeRoy G. McKee Mechanical Engineering Chris T. McLeod Ceramic Engineering Jackson L. McNees Electrical Engineering Gary G. Mellom Mechanical Engineering Jack B. Miller Electrical Engineering Dennis B. Morden Aero. Astronautics Allen M. Murashlge Aero. Astronautics Asbjorn J. Nysaether Electrical Engineering Joseph P. O ' Keefe Electrical Engineering Katsuo Okubo Chemical Engineering Richard A. Olson Chemical Engineering 179 Leicester W. Palmer Electrical Engineering Ashok Pandit Industrial Engineering Karl B. Parrish Chemical Engineering John R. Parshall Electrical Engineering Harold S. Perantie Chemical Engineering Richard N. Pitman Mechanical Engineering Maris Plavins Mechanical Engineering Joseph S. Powe Aero. Astronautics James R. Pressnall Electrical Engineering Craig D. Puhrmann Aero. Astronautics William E. Rabel Mechanical Engineering Rodger K. Rhinehart Mechanical Engineering Glen W. Rice Mechanical Engineering Scott C. Richmond Electrical Engineering Ronald H. Robinson Aero. Astronautics George R. Rohrback Aero. Astronautics Maurice L. Roller Mechanical Engineering Charles E. Roth Civil Engineering William F. Royce Aero. Astronautics Clifford R. Sanden Mechanical Engineering John Scott Aero. Astronautics John E. Searing Mechanical Engineering Richard I. Sedgley Civil Engineering Edward A. Semsak Chemical Engineering David N. Shannon Chemical Engineering Peter L. Shreve Electrical Engineering William E. Siegele Aero. Astronautics Thomas N. Skarshaug Electrical Engineering Stanley 0. Slete Mechanical Engineering Daniel M. Smith Mechanical Engineering Gary R. Smith Aero. Astronautics Timothy W. Smith Aero. Astronautics Jay W. Spearman Mechanical Engineering Robert M. Spurrell Aero. Astronautics Michael V. Stimac Electrical Engineering iktkkiiM 180 r Arthur L. Storbo Civil Engineering Dennis A. Stranik Ceramic Engineering Larry M. Sullivan Electrical Engineering Raymond E. Temple Aero. Astronautics Dimitry L. Tihomirov Electrical Engineering Paul C. Topness Mechanical Engineering Wilfred S. Tsukamoto Aero. Astronautics Kenneth K. Usui Aero. Astronautics Loyd A. Walker Electrical Engineering Norman D. Walker Aero. Astronautics LloyT. Willis Aero. Astronautics James R. Wilson Electrical Engineering Ted L. Wimer Electrical Engineering Allan G. Wing Electrical Engineering Gary Y. Wong Electrical Engineering Kong K. Wong Aero. Astronautics Hirohisa Yamada Electrical Engineering Theodore F. Yantis Aero. Astronautics Joseph Zenobio Mechanical Engineering Alvin J. Zosel Mechanical Engineering College Of Fisheries Exploring, Expanding To the layman the College of Fish- eries would naturally mean the study of fish. But the rapidly changing program of the college, under the direction of Dr. Richard Van Cleve, amounts to much more. The United States is suddenly awakening to the value of develop- ing marine resources. Exploration is now being concentrated in the areas of food and mineral re- sources. Interests in pollution and Food Science have been growing tremendously. The Atomic Energy Commission has chosen the Univer- sity as one of three sites for cobalt reactors in the experimental radia- tion of food. The College of Fisher- ies is swiftly becoming a prominent authority on marine exploration. Raymond L. Duff Fisheries Don M. Fagot Fisheries Bruce A. Fowler Fisheries Joseph 0. Lasby Food Science Frederick M. Lowell Fisheries 182 Daniel A. Neff Fisheries Robert A. Pierro Fisheries James S. Robertson Food Science James M. Sinclair Fisheries Lawrence R. Visscher Fisheries Biology Allan K. Womac Fisheries 183 1 ' y fw Tropica Forest Studies Ta (e Students Off Campus Keith R. Artz f Forest Management Richard D. Bolm Forest Management Gerald E. Buhre Forest Management Gene L. Chase Logging Engineering Michael S. Hammond Forest Engineering Peter R. Harrison Forest Engineering Bernard I. Itzen Forest Management I Max G. Jarman Forestry Lois M. Kelley Forest Sciences Jon R. Luedecker Forest Engineering Donald L. Miller Logging Engineering George E. Moore Forest Management Randolph C. Niman Forest Management Edward L. Pederson Logging Engineering Ronnie D. Smith Logging Engineering Michael C. Welling Forest Management William A. Zindt Forest Management New fields of research represent changing atmospheres in the College of Forestry, headed by Dr. James Bethel. A new course in outdoor recreation has been added to the department this year. And the UW Forest Recreation Research Department is now working with the U.S. Forest Recrea- tion Research Department, which recently moved to Seattle. The two groups are con- cerned with fire signs, combustion and fuel behavior. New also to the forestry curriculum are off- campus courses for students. Besides study- ing at the traditional camp at Pack Forest, near Mt. Rainier, graduate students can now work in a tropical forest in Costa Rica. 185 Innovations Augment Nursing Sctiool Curricuium; Leaderstiip, Improved Patient Care Are Goals Three innovations in the University ' s School of Nurs- ing have taken place this year, according to Dean Mary Tschudin. The first, further specialization in the area of mental retardation, may now lead to a master ' s degree. The second growing field is reha- bilitative nursing, emphasizing post-master ' s study. A demand for nursing educators is the third facet of expansion. Through the W. K. Kellogg Grant com- munity colleges are now offering a two-year nursing course. Many nursing teachers are necessary and the University will soon be supplying this need. The goals of the Nursing School remain high. And the most outstanding of these are providing leader- ship and improving patient care. Sheryl I. Betts Nursing Ann BIystad Nursing Judith A. Carlson Nursing Barbara A. Castro Nursing Joyce A. Chapman Nursing Charlene L. Claar Nursing 186 f ff Nancy J. Hibbard Nursing Mary E. Hillman Nursing E. Christina Honsowetz Nursing Rebecca L. Hunter Nursing Judith A. Huntington Nursing Kathleen Y. Irwin Nursing Rita K. Johnson Nursing Mary J. Jones Nursing C. Jeanne Clark Nursing Vicki G. Cole Nursing Cheryl M. Cramer Nursing Margaret K. Davis Nursing Kathleen M. Dramer Nursing Vicki L. English Nursing Margaret A. Fiorella Nursing Janice I. Fleming Nursing Gwendolyn L. Funk Nursing Connie J. Funkhouser Nursing Susan M. Garske Nursing Daryljean M. Gray Nursing Jayme L. Gustafson Nursing Karen L. Hahn Nursing Larry A. Hammond Nursing Mariella Harris Nursing Norene R. Harvey Nursing Kathryn A. Heyse Nursing Karen J. Keller Nursing Kathleen E. Kennedy Nursing Dorothea E. Knaggs Nursing Janis A. Knorre Nursing Sandra L. Kores Nursing Paulette A. Kraft Nursing r Kathryn A. Kroll Nursing Loretta Krueger Nursing Joy E. Laughlin Nursing Nola A. Maclean Nursing Barbara M. Maino Nursing Dolores M. Malchow Nursing Sandra L. Mathes Nursing V. Lynn McCollom Nursing Barbara S. Michael Nursing Eileen T. Middleton Nursing M. Sherry Monahan Nursing Patricia Y. Mori Nursing Sandra L. Muller Nursing Kathleen G. Namba Nursing Sheila A. Nault Nursing Vickie M. Nelson Nursing Margery A. Nestegard Nursing Marjorle S. Nickerson Nursing L, , ■f 1 V A Priscilla G. Osborn Nursing Kathleen A. Overly Nursing Katherine V. Paganelli Nursing K. Melody Pass Nursing Kathleen M. Pendras Nursing Sandra G. Relmer Nursing Maries M. Reynolds Nursing Margery A. Robison Nursing Sandra L. Rounds Nursing « t W W.i r-si. » m: « ? -»j I . x ' Robert B. Russell Nursing Janet C. Sage Nursing Mary L. Semenock Nursing Susan K. Sorenson Nursing Marleigh K. Stewart Nursing Annie M. Stokes Nursing Sharon E. Tangen Nursing Sandra L. Thorson Nursing Linda Tuttle Nursing Kirsten L. Unbewust Nursing Barbara A. Underwood Nursing Diana M. Waggoner Nursing Kathleen Wlker Nursing Susan K. Wilson Nursing Arlene R. Winkle Nursing Martha R. Winslow Nursing Catherine R. Woodburne Nursing Frances M. Yuhas Nursing 189 Pharmacy Grads Find Dual Role In Community The College of Pharmacy bears a responsibility to both the medica profession and the public in its preparation of qualified men and women for professional service in the fields of pharmaceutical prac- tice. With today ' s new emphasis on drugs and their effects, stu- dents are being prepared not only to be qualified dispensers of drugs but also to be drug infor- mation specialists in the commu- nity. As a drug expert, he would aid physicians, health teams, law enforcement agencies and the general public. Maria J. Beers Pharmacy William W. Beurskens Pharmacy Peter H. Blake Pharmacy Janet E. Blessing Pharmacy JoAnn Bracken Pharmacy Donna L. Braga Pharmacy Mark G. Caldwell Pharmacy Susan S. Caldwell Pharmacy William R. Carboneau Pharmacy Keith E. Colton Pharmacy Larry A. Corbin Pharmacy Carol Edmiston Pharmacy William A. Edwards Pharmacy Vicky L. English Pharmacy Sue A. Farrington Pharmacy Martha J. Gould Pharmacy Carol L. Green Pharmacy Betty J. Gwynn Pharmacy Janet A. Hatcher Pharmacy Harlan F. HIM Pharmacy Gayle A. Hudgins Pharmacy Barrett R. Johnson Pharmacy William R. Jolly Pharmacy Thomas P. Jones Pharmacy 190 i William D. Keith Pharmacy Nancy L. Lackland Pharmacy Elsie C. Lee Pharmacy Sidney D. Nelson Pharmacy James H. Nye Pharmacy Sharon A. Ormiston Pharmacy Carole A. Parham Pharmacy Michael L. Raymond Pharmacy Douglas J. Reitsch Pharmacy Norman G. Reitz Pharmacy Dolores A. Rolfs Pharmacy Sheryl A. Russell Pharmacy Robert M. Sagen Pharmacy Robert B. Siegfried Pharmacy Frederick F. Simons Pharmacy Linn A. Soderblom Pharmacy Lars H. Strandberg Pharmacy Gordon R. Tambellini Pharmacy " Jacqueline L. Warren Pharmacy James G. Wendlandt Pharmacy Dennis R. Wilson Pharmacy Jan N. Worden Pharmacy 191 The world of the graduate student is unique — one of giving and receiving grades (being a TA), study- ing, discussions, coffee and research. Here at the University programs leading to masters and doc- torate degrees are available in nearly every field rep- resented by a college or school or department on campus. Dissimilarly from undergraduate work, graduate study is characterized by independent re- search, often in close association with a professor in a tutorial type of relationship. New programs now available to the Graduate School ' s nearly 7,000 students include masters and doctoral degrees in computer science, a doctoral program in Scandinavian language and literature and a masters program in physical medicine and rehabil itation. The school is advancing rapidly under the direction of Dean Joseph L. McCarthy, who was recently elected chairman of the Council of Graduate Schools in the United States. Paul T. Abrams Mathematics Anne E. Belcher Nursing Gaylene M. Bouska Nursing Ramona K. Chun Mathematics Dennis L. Derickson Urban Planning Marilyn K. Dubas Mathematics Victor T. Ecklund, Sr. Rec. Forestry Fern E. Elledge Speech Education Ruth I. Falk Nursing Robert S. Gall Education, Psychology p» ' »- " ii« P»»i r 1 rt 192 Graduate School Stresses Independent Research I© ikdA ilUM Robert L. Herschkowitz Mechanical Engineering Warren D. Hicks Nuclear Engineering Sister Doris Marie Houle NursinR Franklyn L. Hruza Urban Planning Bert I. Iwanaka Electrical Engineering Fu-mei Kao Forestry Hyun K. Kim Far East Hyung-mo Kim Civil Engineering Gordon S. Kirkpatrick Mechanical Engineering Laurie E. Koykka Forestry Wladislaw G. Krasnow Russian James R. Larson Accounting Cora J. Lawrence Education John-Huei Lee Forestry Margaret A. Lemone Atmospheric Sciences Bee-Lum Lim Librarianship William E. Mallory English Karol V. Mate Aero. Astronautics Alain R. Morelle Chemistry Milton H. Nakamura Business Admin. Toshio Nishi Communications Benjamin C. Odum History Joel C. Passey Speech Leann K. Peterson Home Economics Pauline E. Portman Librarianship Melvin M. Rosner Civil Engineering Roberta J. Schoolfield Nursing Gayden L. Schorling Philosophy Richard Shubert Electrical Engineering Robert B. Simpson Communications Earl E. Tarble Finance Christopher G. Trabookis Urban Planning Jaime J. Veioz Metallurgical Engin. Wade T. Verges Architecture Kiohsel Yano Mechanical Engineering James K. Zook Electrical Engineering 193 Robert J. Andrew Dentistry Philip M. Aronson Dentistry James K. Bagley Dentistry Bruce L. Barrow Dentistry Orlando Barrowes Dentistry Nancy E. Bell Dental Hygiene Arnold J. Bender Dentistry Barbara A. Blasingame Dental Hygiene William Bloomquist Dentistry Edward L. Bowman Dentistry Dexter B. Brown Dentistry Richard J. Bus Dentistry Edward I. Cardiff Dentistry Alan R. Carr Dentistry Paul Christensen Dentistry Kenneth G. Conn Dentistry John B. Courrier Dentistry Donna M. DeMuynck Dental Hygiene School Of Dentistry Changes Curriculum, Adds Senior Elect Ives This year ' s graduates of the School of Dentis- try are the first to participate in a curriculunn change introducing elective subjects during the senior year. Program modification was ex- tended in other ways, too, with more small group teaching throughout the school. The Department of Dental Hygiene, an inte- gral part of the School of Dentistry, offers stu- dents the benefits of a professional faculty plus research, clinical and educational facili- ties. Opportunities for individual instruction and close rapport between students and in- structors are stressed. Both dental and dental hygiene students are represented on the Dental Student Council. The council meets regularly to keep up a meaningful dialogue between the faculty and the student body. 194 Diane C. Dodds Dental Hygiene Kirk 0. Gardner Dentistry Kay C. Goltz Dental Hygiene William E. Gray Dentistry Terry L. Gustavel Dentistry Kenneth Hamada Dentistry Roger W. Hansen Dentistry Phil B. Hayes Dentistry Leslie L. Heaton Dental Hygiene Raymond L. Hickox Dentistry Douglas E. Hille Dentistry Nelson L. Jones Dentistry Myron E. KawakamI Dentistry George B. Keller Dentistry Constance M. Kerr Dental Hygiene William S. Kidder Dentistry Karen L. Klock Dental Hygiene LeRoy Knapp Dentistry Darlene A. Kutt Dental Hygiene Steven J. Larsen Dentistry Deborah H. Laughlin Dental Hygiene Michael A. Leach Dentistry Betty A. Leetsch Dental Hygiene Gro M. Leier Dental Hygiene Constance Lemmon Dental Hygiene Michael Macchione Dentistry Marvin F. Marston Dentistry Robert E. Martin Dentistry Roger L. Mayfleld Dentistry Kenneth T. Meyer Dentistry Dean L. Molen Dentistry Michael P. Molvar Dentistry Gary K. Morlta Dentistry Arnold N. Morton Dentistry Byron M. Nakagaw a Dentistry Jan B. Norvol d Dentistry Joy J. Olson Dental Hygiene Lilian Y. Omorl Dental Hygiene Clarence L. Osborne Dentistry Richard S. Pauli Dentistry Glen L. Powell Dentistry Ruth A. Raisler Dental Hygiene Fleet C. Ratliff Dentistry James F. Rosenwald Dentistry fM iinlik Aj Idk 196 y . a John B. Ryan Dentistry James R. Seather Dentistry James R. Shoe Dentistry Kathleen B. Smith Dental Hygiene Thane W. Smith Dentistry p P O ' mk Gale A. Stewart Dental Hygiene James C. Wakefield Dentistry Jerry L. Walker Dentistry William I. Walling Dentistry Barbara J. White Dental Hygiene Lloyd W. White Dentistry Thomas G. White Dentistry Alan F. Wilson Dentistry David A. Witzel Dentistry Richard Woodward Dentistry P V. M 197 Law School Introduces New Seminar Program Preparing for the contemporary legal profession is a long, tedious process that often dwells on case histories of the past. Now, however, at the Univer- sity ' s Law School, a new seminar pro- gram will bring into focus the function and problems of today ' s society. Span- ning the law student ' s entire third year, the program will help him gain insight into solving existing problems. Law students have been active participants in civil rights programs to aid Seattle ' s disadvantaged. They assist in the Office of Economic Opportunity ' s lega service center and the Voluntary De fender program, gathering research for appointed attorneys. 198 »T % ..f: -? if ' i :y ♦ 4 - ♦ ♦ .A ' :i 111 ■ » t School Of Medicine For Knowledge And The physician is a peculiarly influential member of his community because of the faith placed in his knowledge by both the sick and the well. They trust the effec- tiveness of his medicine and his deep per- sonal concern for their welfare. To this end the School of Medicine provides preparation for service in many fields — from the practice of medicine to the com- plex problems of public health; from the study of human emotion to research in the chemical processes of life itself. This year the school established a new depart- ment of experimental medicine in coop- eration with the College of Veterinary Medicine at WSU. Marsha J. Anderson Medical Technology Dan A. Andrews Medicine Anne I. Arne Physical Therapy David W. Becker, Jr. Medicine LaDonna J. Bires Occupational Therapy Bonnie J. Campbell Medical Technology Prepares Students A Community Trust Darlene Caproni Occupational Therapy Jane F. Coppock Medical Technology Janice M. Erwin Occupational Therapy Jill A. Floberg Physical Therapy Allison M. Garr Physical Therapy Geffrey A. Graham Medicine Frances A. Haskell Medical Technology Kathryn A. Hera Medical Technology Miche Phys Terrell Med Mary F. Medi Ann M. Medi Betty C Phys Jean E Medi L. Hill ical Therapy D. Kjerulf cine Latnpe cal Technology Larson cal Technology , Martinsen cal Therapy McCusker cal Technology Lynne J. McNurlin Medical Technology May A. Meulemans Medical Technology Vickie L. Morton Medical Technology Carol L. Patterson Occupational Therapy Nancy K. Polis Physical Therapy Sharon L. Rast Medical Technology Carolyn A. Sako Physical Therapy Randi M. Skaland Physical Therapy Lorraine H. Torigoe Physical Therapy Darcy A. Umphred Physical Therapy Diane M. Weston Medical Technology Mary S. Wilbur Physical Therapy 201 University Doctor This is a machine age. Over 75 people in this state depend on a machine for life — the arti- ficial kidney machine, invented by a Univer- sity doctor. The artificial kidney is an advance- ment, but not really a substitute for the real human kidney because of its inconvenience and expense. Its inventor. University Hos- pital ' s H. B. Scribner, MD, viewed it as a method for keeping patients healthy until other kidneys are donated for transplants. 202 Responsible For Life- Saving Kidney Mactiine When the kidneys fail, waste products build up within the body fluids and act as poisons. Without healthy kidneys, some other way of cleansing the blood must be used. The arti- ficial kidney is the answer because it acts as a blood filter, straining the waste products out through a device called a dialyzer. In the rec- tangular-shaped dialyzer, the blood is pumped in a thin stream through cellophane sheets and the poisons are washed away by dialysate fluid, produced in a separate compartment of the kidney machine. A small teflon tube at- tached to an artery and vein in the patient ' s arm is removed and attached to the dialyzer when the kidney treatment is in progress. Most patients must go through this tedious process 16 to 20 hours a week, usually by an overnight trip to the hospital. Future hope is based on the use of home arti- ficial kidney units to make self-administration of the treatment possible. 203 Kidney Machine Process: 20 Hours A Weel 204 Who knows the court felt your pounding feet or that the ball was in your hand? Who knows that you were a cog that made the wheel turn, that made the team compete? Only you are better for having played. And the stands where sat the fickle fans are as empty after the game as they were before. Sports 205 Contents » • , KV raHvjP K8 HHHHH| | B i " iii— — 9 JtidMMl i ■ ' r E l J m Owens, 208 Football, 212 Rugby, 230 Soccer, 234 Basketball, 236 Skiing, 244 Swimming, 246 Gymnastics, 248 Wrestling, 252 Volleyball, 254 Spring Sports ' 67, 256 Intramurals, 260 Women ' s Recreation Council, 264 Sailing, 268 206 Jim Owens In Second Decade Of UW Football With ten years of experience under his belt, Jim Owens began his second dec- ade as Husky head football coach this fall. Now the Dean of the Pacific-8 coaches, " J.O. " has pulled the Hus- kies from a less than mediocre West Coast team ten years ago to a national grid power today. Even his severest critics will have to admit that he ' s made Washington a team to watch out for. He ' s a coach to respect but his 67- 42-4 record has not always pacified the fans. " Sports Illustrated " labeled his first two years here " The Death March " after the Huskies lost all but six of their twenty games. And this year he was hung in effigy twice. But for Owens, honesty and " how you play the game " are all important. " I ' ve tried to get across the idea that hard work in itself can be rewarding. " His players understand this. " Washing- ton ' s is an honest football program, " said one. " You know that no matter who you are, you ' re going to play on merit alone. " This basic honesty has seen even the best players benched for poor performance. 209 Jim Owens, the Legend, supposedly walks across Lake Washington each morning from his home on the other shore. Jim Owens, the Man, has seen fans at Husky games more than double in number. Be- fore he came the Huskies were even on NCAA proba- tion. But football teams are measured all too often by their number of wins even though the scoreboard doesn ' t tell the whole story. " I just hate to see the team play real well and then lose, " Owens says. " But sometimes things just happen that aren ' t ex- plainable. " Like Stanford and USC this year. Owens says the whole Washington team will have to do a little more to overcome what has occurred in the past. Owens will continue to be a man of constraint. Even thi s season after UCLA had scored their sev- enth touchdown, he still didn ' t kick his team while they were down. He clapped his hands as the de- fense came off the field, conveying a message of " keep trying boys. " Huskies Grow Into National Grid Power 211 UW 7. Nebraska 17 The weather was hot — 90 degrees — but the Huskies weren ' t. They were plagued by untimely errors and too little offensive punch. The defense, which spent too much time on the field, did not live up to expectations during the first half but succeeded in holding the Cornhuskers to a scoreless second. Quarterback Tom Sparlin coils back for a pass. One of the bright spots of the afternoon was his 48-yard run for Washington ' s only score. 212 o o o IV Wisconsin quarterback Mike Ryan is leveled here by defensive tackle Steve Thompson, 79, while Mike Maggart, 58 defensive guard, prepares to close in for the finishing touches. Sophomore Tom Verti, 35, powerful runner and strong fullback, prepares to charge through a gaping hole. He later switched to defensive end. Ron Hudson, 56, East-West Shrine player, was over the ball at the beginning of the season after being switched from tackle. 213 o o CO 5 214 —♦ - « Bob Berg, 18, one of Washington ' s top sophomore prospects for the season, brought down a Falcon player, when for the first time after three defeats (7-10, 2-3, 0-10) the Huskies scored a victory over the service academy. Huskies began to taste revenge early in the game after flanker Harrison Wood caught an 80-yard TD pass from Tom Manke on the UW ' s first play from scrimmage. From then on Washington was virtually assured of clipping the Falcon ' s wings. W J Sophomore Tom Manke, 15, here with Dick Zatkovich, 68, and Jim Harris, 60, led in rushing (483 yds.), passing (613 yds. in 32 completions) and total offense (1096 yds.) to become the first player for quite some time to win the triple crown of the UW statistical columns. UW 13, OSU 6 216 Washington snapped Oregon State ' s nine-game win streak, then the longest major college skein in the nation. The Husky defense won the con- test with Rick Sharp and Otis Washington grab- bing key fumbles. Making the going tough for Beaver fullback Bill Enyart, at the far left, is George Jugum, 49, Dean Halverson, 37, Bill Glennon, 99, and Otis Washington, 98. Tom Verti, 35, beat Oregon State ' s defensive end Harry Gunner, 90, to the corner — some- thing neither team did much of that day since defense was the name of the game. 217 Huskies lined up against the Oregon Ducks in better physical condition than for any of the earlier games of the season: fullback Tom Verti, halfback Gerald Wea and quarterback Tom Spariin were all back. The Huskies, though, failed to turn in one of their more dynamic performances even though they thoroughly tromped Oregon. Ojl m t] r- i% fe If I « ' F i x-Si. I-— - ' . fe T ' 2 - F ' K - ' ?» £ 2 J l ;mir vi jj£ [ - - •■ . M Mb: Otis Washington, 98, a new man this season to the Husky squad who was regarded as the defensive end to watch, breaks away to put a stop to an Oregon offensive move. -- _i: Caution rode the winds prior to the game. Predictions made Washington the favorite and, though the Huskies had come out on top in six of the last ten encounters with the Ducks, the point difference had never been greater than seven points. Fears of a possible letdown proved unfounded, however. 219 r»T -:r5« Cliff Coker, 50, ran in as the ball was brought down on the 30-yard line. Coker was back in after missing the Oregon game because of injuries. The use game, a loser in almost every respect — the score, the card section, reserve seating and homecoming — made the statistics worth keeping only because it topped the attendance records with 58,754 fans crowded (again!) into Husky Stadium. 00 CM O CO M 220 0. J. Simpson, 32, USC ' s halfback, was caught off guard twice in the UW game, but the Husky coups were not enough to prevent him from scoring his single-game record of 242 yards gained and two TD ' s, one from the USC 14-yard line. The loss was the beginning of the end for Husky hopes for a Rose Bowl invitation. stout defense blocked California touchdowns twice within five yards of the Husky goal as defensive players Al Worley, halfback, and Steve Thompson, tackle, helped place the Washington team in a position to take their fifth win of the season. CO Id O CO CM The game ' s score was big, but the statistics were small: Huskies ran fewer offensive plays, tallied fewer first downs and rushed less yardage than the Bears. Gary James rushed 102 yards and Jim Cope caught three passes, however, and the game marked the first time in three years that Washington came back to defeat the Bears after losing the USC game the week before. 222 •f UW 7, Stanford 14 Tom Manke, 15, saw a good first-half performance go down the tube with one play. Here, he readies to hand off to Gerry Wea, who had one of his finest games as a Husky. Inside the Stanford five with a first down in the fourth quarter, however, Manke turned the wrong way to hand off to a Husky back, and an almost sure Husky touchdown was stopped short. 224 ( 1 M I ' T f h The Huskies suffered a 48-0 loss to the Bruins, their worst defeat since Jim Owens became head mentor at Washington. And for the second time this year, Owens ' effigy dangled from a lamp post in the Quad. In the Huskies ' first 13 running plays of the afternoon, nine were for losses. 226 It was all Beban, Beban, Beban. The Heisman Trophy Winner broke around left end pursued here by Rick Sharp, 70, Tom Verti, 35, Clyde Werner, 36, and Augie Rios, 64. The Bruin superstar amassed 333 yards that afternoon and if there was a greater superlative than amazing, he was it. 227 o C ) Don Martin, 5, kicks off here with Bob Anderson, 72, and iViike iVlaggart, 58, flanking him. Even the outstanding Husky punter had a bad day, missing a 31-yard field goal that would have won it for the Huskies in the closing seconds of the game. f «n TO O I- 3 O »♦— dj in c - DO C X ( I O) C (D I ) I cti en C 1 1 O 4) T3 E « 00 E -1- in ■ DO £ Ld 5 ,- c Q. 229 230 Ik, ,. ... . W vw aaibi- i ' Rugby: It ' s A Violent Game Sometimes it is said that the hard knocks of Husky football players can be felt from distances far from the practice field. But there ' s at least one sport played at the Uni- versity whose participants will contend that they have it tougher. The sport is rugby, the contact sport that doesn ' t allow for pads, or substitution. A player injured must con- tinue to play, or sit out — his team surging on with one less player. Rugby is a violent game. Ask Randy Juel. Ask Bob Shell- worth. The two Washington backs scored the tying and winning tries in the Huskies ' 6-3 win over the Seattle Rugby Club this year, but neither could remember doing it. Both were knocked unconscious in the first half — but continued to play later in the game. Coach Bob McGavin often finds more grad students on the team than un- dergrads: like former Penn State Coach Charley Smith and Jeff Corkhill, a product of Britain who holds a doctorate degree. 231 232 233 r i " i They never play before large crowds, and it would take the most avid soccer fan to name a player on the squad. But the Washington Husky soccer team had one of its most successful campaigns, compiling a 7-3-2 record — quite good against outstanding competi- tion which included Canadian teams. Fancy dribbling by center fullback Alex Zahajko set the scorers up throughout the season, as Coach Mike Ryan ' s boys also placed second in the Wash- ington State University tournament Oct. 27-28. SEASON SCORES: UW 3 Seattle U 1 Washington State 1 U of Victoria 1 ldaho 4 Washington State Oregon 1 Simon Eraser 4 Skagit Valley 5 Skagit Valley 5 Seattle Pacific Seattle U 2 U of Victoria ll Opponent 4 0(ot) 1 1 1 3 2 WSU tournament ■ r Soccer: A Good Season, But Who Watched? 235 Hoop Team Wins More On Home Court The winter of ' 67- ' 68 was one of disappointment for Husky hoop- sters — a winter which saw them place seventh in PAC-8 play; a winter which saw likeable Coach Mac Duckworth say goodbye to the University. Dominated by sophomores, the player lineup for next season looked brighter than for many a year. But the resignation of Duck- worth at season ' s end cast a shad- ow on future basketball hopes. One explanation for the mediocre 12-14 season record was that the team ' s good performance at home wasn ' t as good as its performance away from home was bad. Playing on the new tartan surface of Hec Edmundson Pavilion, the Huskies compiled a 9-4 record at home, but were only 3-10 away from friendly surroundings. Another explanation for disappoint- ments wasthe team ' s inexperience. Although the Huskies beat some top-rated teams (like Purdue, who came within two points of knock- ing off No. 1 ranked UCLA), their frequent mistakes killed them, and the losing streaks became more prevalent than the win skeins. Despite the harsh winter in Hus- kyville, there were warm highlights for the fans. Highlights like 6-3 forward Dave Carr, who became the second highest scoring Husky under 6-6 of all time — averaging 20 points a game. The Husky cap- tain ' s fadeaway jumper and fine moves underneath made him an All-Coast performer. 236 Games To Remember, Games To Forget Most of the time the Huskies out-rebounded opponents, but it always meant sacrificing inches in height. Here 6-4 Pat Woolcock (center) is surrounded by Oregon ' s 6-7 John Pinkstaff (42) and 6-7 Jim Henry (10). 238 i 3tiiN9| m m l P -- ' 5 VW ' . Husky JajtBond and Miami Hurricane Bill Soens leaped high for this rebound — a department where the Huskies beat the Hurricanes badly in their opening game of the season. The HusKfes won both games: 96-54 and 81-80. IP FQC ,1 The Team Was Moderately Good uw OPPONENT 96 Miami, Fla. 54 81 IVIiami, Fla. 80 98 Purdue 87 77 Purdue 84 65 Oklahoma State 67 82 Mississsippi State 80 74 St. Joseph ' s 79 76 Texas Tech 71 56 use 58 65 UCLA 93 84 Oregon 73 68 Oregon State 56 70 Washington State 75 93 Utah 76 76 Montana 65 98 Montana State 74 75 Montana 78 66 California 79 75 Stanford 97 91 Stanford 80 64 California 52 67 UCLA 84 68 use 76 72 Oregon State 74 83 Oregon 85 53 Washington State 87 Pat Woolcock, a key reserve for the Huskies all year at both guard and forward, shot over a Miami player. Woolcock scored 20 off the bench in Wash- ington ' s first-night win over Purdue. 242 ism- ' - z i w m M. ' 243 Husky Skiers Finish Near Top Jim Crockford embarked on his first season as Head Ski Coach for Wash- ington, replacing Karl StingI, and once again the Huskies had one of the top ski teams in the nation. They faced the nation ' s best in all meets during the regular season. And they finished no worse than seventh in any meet. Captain Norm Zachary, the only sen- ior on the squad, led the team to its fine finish. Einar Bekken made one of the best showings ever in a Husky performance, winning the jumping event at Steamboat Springs, Colo- rado, in an invitational meet, just missing setting a new record. W « ■ 1 The Huskies avoided breaking any prece- dents this year. They didn ' t win the con- ference swim meet — instead, they finished fifth for the second year in a row. But con- sidering that the number one, two and four nationally-ranked swim teams of a year ago were in the Pacific-8 Conference, Washing- ton ' s finest-ever swim team did fairly well. Seven team records fell during the course of the season. But perhaps the biggest event of the year for the Huskies was the hosting of the annual Pacific-8 swim meet, use won the event for the eighth year in a row while Stanford was second. Huskies Host Pacific-8 Swim Meet 247 Gymnasts Meet On Video Tape Coach Eric Hughes ' gymnastics squad compiled a 9-1 season record during the dual meet season — even though the team was plagued with injuries all season long. Yoshi Hayasaki could only compete sparingly in the all-around due to a pulled Achilles ' tendon last summer. However, he did recover enough to take a second big all-around win over use ' s Makoto Sakamoto. Sakamoto was previously considered this na- tion ' s best in the gymnast sport — before Yoshi beat him in the National AAU championships a year ago. Also high on the gymnasts ' list of achievements was competing in the world ' s first video-tape gymnastics meet with the University of Illinois. In that match, the Huskies and lllini each had a match taped, and the screened viewing went before a panel of judges. Although this year was highly succes- ful, next season could well be the gymnast ' s best — with a national championship in sight. Then Yoshi could be healthy and Hughes will welcome Mauno Nis- sinen, a boy that could be just as good or better than Hayasaki, into his lineup. Among others entering or re- turning to the squad will be Hide Umeshita, a sophomore next season, Sho Fukushima and Mark Peterson. 248 250 251 Wrestlers Win First Campaign In Years The Youth Movement took over many sports in the Washington athletic program this year. But Jim Smith started it a year earlier when he came from Western to handle the head Husky grappling coach- ing chore and won four of 15 matches. Two years ago the Husky wrestling team didn ' t win a match. But when Smith took over, the team was mostly composed of sophomores; and this season they were a year older. Add to that JC transfers and a few more experienced wrestlers and the Huskies had their first winning campaign in years. They took big strides. They beat Washington State for the first time in a decade. They downed top small college power Central for the first time ever. But in the biggest match of the year, the Huskies defeated nationally fifth-ranked Portland State Col- lege, while being fifteenth-ranked themselves. Next year looks to be an even better season; Coach Smith ' s proteges of two years ago will have become veterans on the mats. 252 253 Rough, Tumble Is Key To Spiker Game Dick Bock, Al Christiansen, Kirk Clothier, Rich Ford, Al Gilhuly and Bill Johnson are names that most Husky sports fans couldn ' t recognize. They are all starters for the Washington volley- ball team and they play a game that resembles anything but the ordinary PE game. Dr. Norm Kunde started the spiking program over 30 years ago at the University and has suffered only one losing year since then. Needless to say. it has been a successful venture for a man who takes volleyball very seriously. ■ Kunde is one of Washington ' s most educated coaches. He received his Master ' s Degree in Physical Education from Washington in 1932 and his Doctorate in Education from New York University in 1946. In 1956, Dr. Kunde was voted a national honor award for his significant contributions to collegiate volleyball. 254 1 ll Track Spurs Pace; Baseball Nearly Halts It Trackmen Down First-Place Ducks Husky tracksters under Coach Stan Hiserman pepped the ' 67 spring sports lagging pace with their upset victory over the Oregon Ducks. The Ducks went on to take the Pac-8 crown, while the Huskies placed sixth. The UW fared better in the NCAA track meet: Dave Roberts finished sixth in the mile and the 440 relay team of Dave Williams, Tom Temple, Dave Du- pree and Marty Walsh finished fifth. " How to lose by one run in 33 lessons " might have been the theme for Coach Ken Lehman ' s ' 67 baseballers as an 8-25 season record set one of their worst seasons ever. John Celms lost to WSU ' s Gerry Lindgren in this race but still set a Husky two-mile mark and at the time ran the third fastest collegiate two-mile in history. 257 Billy Parker anchored down second base and blasted two homers during the year. " ' weft thV- above e+ass-HDay- race ' went on- to aRf ? Islwd ' seventh in the_ISA.— Spring Sports Rank Low; Individuals Score High No hits meant no runs and Husky batting averages were low: Tom White and Phil Lund were the only regulars hitting over .250. A powerhouse crew locked oars in the International Rowing Association only to find itself out-rowed by half a dozen other teams. After floundering badly at the Western Spring Regatta they managed to bet- ter Oregon State (twice) and California. Stepping down as head mentor at the end of the season, Coach Fil Leanderson passed the mega- phone to Dick Erickson, the frosh coach. Bill Quillian ' s netters broke even with a 5-5 record. Dropping the first three, they rallied behind No. 1 man Steve Finnigan to win the next five and lose only the last two matches. Golfers Tom Tindall, Jim Field, Steve Earnest and Gary Henderson turned in good score cards but the team, under Coach Ray Bennett, only managed a sixth place in the AAWU championships and by- passed the national college tournament. 259 Six Thousand T-Shirted Athletes Compete .r»i- 260 - V Although it doesn ' t get the headlines, Washington ' s intramural system is one of the biggest athletic associations in the United States. Approximately 6,000 male students participated in the intramural program this year. Over 20 forms of com- petition were offered during the three quar- ters: sports range from flag football to horseshoes. Flag football squads in the fall numbered over 80, but the count for hoop season was double that with 190 teams participating out of dormitories, fraternities or inde- pendently. League winners in both foot- ball and basketball played to determine the intramural and all-university champion. The highly successful intramural program was under the direction of Leonard Stev- ens with Pete Steilberg assisting. They ex- pect an added impetus next year with the opening of the new, gigantic intramural building near Hec Edmundson Pavilion. 261 " 262 263 264 Run Down, Tired? Try This - When Jill, a typical coed-type girl, came to the University she really plowed into the books. She spent her mornings in classes, afternoons at Balmerand nights in the library. Soon she gained weight, her back began to hurt and her books became too heavy to carry. And alas, she flunked out. The moral: All work and no play makes Jill a dull girl. The remedy: The Women ' s Recreation Council ' s program. The council offers an all-out athletic program for the " weaker sex " — in reality not always the weaker. The girls show their agility and coordina- tion in activities like basketball, swim- ming, modern dance, bowling and now, judo. 265 Sports Isn ' t Always A Man ' s World 266 -iv 2 jrf 267 { 268 Wind, Water Elements Test Sailing Strength Gusts kicking up spray on a wintry afternoon, a crisp breeze filling the sail on a clear day in autumn, a mild air rippling the water as the summer sunset colors the sky — sailing has many faces, many moods. Yet, it isn ' t just sailing — it ' s a test of skill, strength and luck against the elements and some- times against others. The UW sailing teams ' records are good; the practice on Lakes Washington and Union became a practice in a multiplicity of condi- tions so that they were ready for almost anything. The competition this year was against Seattle Uni- versity, Western Washington State College and the University of British Columbia. 269 And all I ask is a merry yarn from a laughini fellow rover And a quiet sleep and a sweet dream when the long trick ' s over. ' — John Masefield A lesson learned is begun and ended. But its completion only makes for better living. So then these are days for learning — learning to make friends and to do a job; days that may end with graduation but that only begin the later ones for which you were meant. Organizations 271 Contents Activity And Service Clubs, 273 One of tiie Gang, 274 Atliletic Organizations, 285 Departmental Organizations, 294 ROTC, 311 University Honoraries, 320 272 Activity, Service Clubs 273 274 Being one of the gang K belonging, security. Many campus organizations. Husky honeys Husl y winter sports club club club and more, many more. I get by with a little HELP! from my friends. Meetings parties discussions speakers debates Talk, Talk, Talk. Fun, friendship, a ticket to ride- A ticket to ride a merry-go-round. Me, others, organizations. — Carol Ann Pete 275 liglMX W Jii J ik Top Row: Robert Abrams, Richard Acker, Ralph Akin, A! Beck, Kenneth Brown, Robert Butler, Lome Canfield, Richard Cook, Al Croft, Harold Daniels. Second Row: William Dearey, Frank Dos Remedies, Donald Elliott, Scott Flett, Bruce Fowler, Gary Gill, George Grus, Charles Gundersen, William Jeude, Nick Jewitt. Bottom Row: David Johnson, Robert Mahoney, Dwight Malott, Ronald Mifflin, Alan Miller, Richard Moser, John Neff, James O ' Connor, Robert Ogata, William Polk. Christ Dagadakis, John MacDonald. md Independent Males Activate Ad el phi Adelphi, the independent men ' s fraternal organiza- tion on campus, provides a well-rounded social and athletic program to supplement the student ' s aca- demic interests. A pledge class of 53 freshmen, sophomores and juniors enlarged Adelphi ' s act ive membership to over 120 and expanded and improved the year ' s activities and functions. This year social events included exchanges, parties, the annual pledge banquet and initiation banquet, a Roman Orgy, a spring cruise and a fun-filled " Barn Function. " There was the proverbial " Ugly Man, " and active participation in the Mock Political Con- vention. Athletically, Adelphi captured its third con- secutive intramural league titles in football, bowling (second in the University), basketball and baseball. Top Row: Richard Riemland, Richard Roberts, Gordon Sawyer, Stephen Schneider. Second Row: Larry Setchell, Robert Shonka, Du- ane Simpson, Stephen Skeels. Third Row: Michael Smith, Rex Van Beek, Mur- ray Walsh, Donald Webb. Bottom Row: Timothy Weber, Mark Wheeler, Gary Williams, David Zittel. 276 Christian Scientists Relocate Headquarters Big moves characterized the year for the Christian Sci- ence Organization, the biggest being the relocation of their headquarters at the end of summer quarter. Two days later many of the members left for Boston to par- ticipate in an international convention for young Chris- tian Scientists. New and old members gathered at the new headquarters during the school year for individual study of Christian Science, for committee meetings and for weekly testimony meetings to show the application of a practical religion to problems in academics, finances, human relations and physical health. Cosmo Asks More Than Traditional Questions A Japanese girl teaches Cosmo members her native painting. For those students from overseas and fronn America who care to meet and communi- cate beyond the traditional questions (which part of Lichtenstein are you from? " ), the Cosmopolitan Club is a good place to start. Cosmopolitan Club fosters better rela- tions among and between the 1400 stu- dents from overseas and their American counterparts. Cosmo sponsors twice monthly parties, the International Show, a winter snow weekend and the Interna- tional Ball. International flavor by way of conversation, international dancing, ex- otic food, songs and musical instruments are the components of Cosmo Club. The 1968 theme sums it up: " Join Cosmo for International Friendship and Fun! " Fruit Basl ets Are AIESEC Fund Raising Project AIESEC is an international association of students in econom- ics and business administration. The association organizes business-related campus activities and administers an inter- national exchange of training assignments in business for ad- vanced students. A week-long seminar this fall on " The Role of the Pacific Northwest in the World Economy " was composed of participants from Asia, South America and Europe, as well as the United States. Familiar to many University students are the fresh fruit baskets that AIESEC members sell to parents as a fund raising project and then deliver to students on the day before finals begin. 278 Koinonia members work with the Hopi Indians in Arizona digging ditches for sewers. ■i . ■■ ' f JEMb. Koinonia Provides Ctiristian Involvement Koinonia means " fellowship. " Koinonia at the Uni- versity is on the corner of 15th Avenue NE and NE 45th. Sponsored by the Washington-Northern Idaho congregations of the American Baptists, Disciples of Christ and the United Churches of Christ, Koinonia is open to persons of all faiths. Its purpose is to provide Christian involvement and education in the campus community. Two campus pastors serve with the organization which is headed by student officers. Many members work in local churches, with social service agencies or with the Peace Corps. Koinonia offers its facilities, staff and services to the entire University community. ? 5J Rev. Tom McCormick, campus minister. 279 C |,- Top Row: Janet Acarregui, Ann Arneil, Sherrill Bartoy, Karen Benson, Sue Biebesheimer, Robin Buhtz. Second Row: Dottie Burgh, Pam Burink, Jackie Canterbury, Carol Carpen- ter, Kay Cornelius, Mary Jane Cowan. Third Row: Nancy DiDonato, Carol Dilling, Linda Dobbs, Alex Dodds, Wanda Duffey, Joan Duffy. Fourth Row: Lisa Dyson, Betty Emerick, Reidum Fammestad, Gay Flowers, Nancy Gibbs, Christine Hall. Fifth Row: Ginny Hamel, Susan Hammergren, Becky Harlow, Judy Hill, Laurie Hoff, Irish Hogan. Sixth Row: Jane Holder, Marion Hopping, Diane Huson, Darcy Jefferson, Chris Johnson, Sharon Jordan. Seventh Row: Toni Kolar, Mary Koss, Chris Lindstrom, Karen Lee, Kathy Legg, Sharron Luvaas. Bottom Row: Kathy Lyon, Mary McCaffree, Linda McCorki e, Susie McDan- iel, Shareen McDaniels, Marilyn Masin. 280 Husky Honeys met the Stanford football team this fall with an apple and a smile. With Smiling ' Welcome To Washington, Husky Honeys Greet Visitors Greeting Husky football foes with the traditional apple and " Welcome to Washington " is one of the hostessing duties of the 93 Husky Honeys who make up a service and spirit organization devoted to putting the University ' s best foot forward. The organization serves at teas and official Univer- sity receptions and represents Washington at vari- ous functions throughout the year. Another impor- tant duty of Husky Honeys is their organized tour of the campus for visitors. Some of the highlights of the fall quarter were selling student directories, helping with the blood drive and the Trim-a-Limb party with faculty chil- dren. The big activity winter quarter was the For- eign Students ' Banquet. New members are chosen in the spring, through interviews with faculty and Husky Honey members. . 4. kV , 411 i Top Row: Nancy Massey, Linda Mathis, Arlene May, Merry Kay Moos. Jill Morrison. Second Row: JoAnn Morse, Suzanne Munns, Lynita Muzzall, Penny Nelson, Carol Newquist. Third Row: Julie Nunnelly, Sharon Olson, Kathy O ' Rourke, Anne Pauly, Gail Peinovich. Fourth Row: Martha Philbrick, Paula Pick, Debby Richards, Kathy Rick, Mary Ann Rosellini. Fifth Row: Barbara Schlag, Cindy Sherwood, Candy Smith, Susan Struthers, Karen Suzuki. Sixth Row: Susan Teil, Sylvia Teutsch, Terry Thompson, Tracy Ursic. Pat Wallace. Bottom Row: Cathy West, Charlotte West, Joan Whalen, Anne Whitehead. Susan Yano. Kathy Lyon helped sell student directories for Husky Honeys this fall. 281 Serenity and companionship marked the fall pledge retreat. Friendship Is Ptirateres Aim " Famous for Friendship " is the motto and aim of Phrateres. Throughout the year members strive to live up to the motto by offering unselfish service to the University. Although Phrateres is for all women students, its members are mostly commuters. The traditional pledge breakfast at the Camlin and the pledge retreat at Lutherland opened the year. Pledges soon became acquainted with the meaning and membership of Phrateres. Top Row: Dorothea Barnes, Anne Barry, Sharon Bess, Bonnie Bonner. Second Row: Dorothy Boyle, Wendy Burt, Susan Casey, Shirley Erickson. Third Row: Karen Graves, Virginia Green, Susan Guidon, Carol Gustafson. Bottom Row: Theresa Haupt, Sherryl Hunter, Janet Jackson, Deborah Konma. Mary Batchellor, Sharon Bosse, Barbara Bunker, Jane Yeaton. , 2££ t ; Top Row: Chandis Larson, Ann Long, Linda McCoy, Mary Ellen McWatters, Maria Miller, Beverly Okada, Lou Ann Palermini, Kathy Risch, Janis Roaldseth, Diane Ross, Susan Sheridan. Bottom Row: Anita Small, Gerri Spillers, Elaine Stanton, Marijo Stetler, Helen Stevens, Carol Stripling, Lynda Sullivan, Karen Suzuki, Donna Thomas, Jo Anne Warmsbecker, Mary Ann Westman. 282 Rainbow Of Friendship Spar s Sigma Tau Alpfia In the Rainbow spirit of service and sisterhood, Sigma Tau Alpha began the year with the initiation of 24 new pledges. To display their talents these girls provided interesting entertainment for the next meeting. Their singing was worthy of " grand " recognition. Highlighting the year were a coke party, the traditional tray favor making (remember the fight for the crayons?) and a doughnut sale which added coins to the coffer and inches to the waistline. In the spotlight most of the year was Bev Petrie, vice president, who resigned her campus office when elected Grand Worthy Ad- visor. S.j j . ' y j 284 A busy STAY office staff included Pete Klein, Denny Freeburn, ASUW advisor; Ann director; Steve Ekberg, Jack Telerico and Tim McGregor. lickelwait, Lynn Hurst, Maybe STAY Won ' t Change The World But. The world can be a pretty horrible place — shabby homes, no money, no real family life and no fair chance for a better life. For too many people this world exists in Seattle — the other Seattle outside suburbia and the University campus. Some people are tired of learning about society ' s problems and not doing anything about them. These people join STAY — a constructive protest against ignorance and poverty, the unpleasant side of so- ciety. Maybe they aren ' t going to change the world, but they might change someone ' s life in it. Athletic-Oriented Organizations Big W Club Visits Ctiildren In Hospitals Big W initiates get warm reception via paddling. The Big W Club ... en masse. It was a rebuilding year for the Big W Club, and rebuild they did. Activities began with the fall initi- ation and a fun-filled ceremony at the crewhouse. The next night the initiates squared off against the active members in a game of punch ball. The game was basically basketball, with the added limitation of having your hands in boxing gloves and the advan- tage of no rules. Visits to the Shrine Hospital in Portland, Ore., and 286 Children ' s Orthopedic Hospital gave the Big W members a chance to meet and talk with many children. And, even though the trips were planned for the children ' s benefit, the club members profited just as much — or more. The Sports Highlights Banquet in January was a rousing success from the standpoint of entertain- ment — at least for those who didn ' t receive awards like " Choke of the Year, " " Scholarless Athlete " and many others of similar esteem. Yacht Club Faces Wind And Water The UW Yacht Club is a collection of individuals who enjoy facing the wind and water on their own terms. And, just as the weather varies from the forcefulness of a rainy winter gale to the crisp breeze of a clear spring day; so too varies the charac- ter of sailing enthusiasts. Their ac- tivities range from regattas and par- ties to overnight cruises. 287 For the ski enthusiast, whether he is a potential Olym- pic champion or a potential beginner, membership in the Husky Winter Sports Club is essential. As the larg- est club on campus, and the largest of its kind in the nation, HWSC had 2,500 on its membership lists. This year, under the direction of Chris Sheafe, president, HWSC saw many changes. Social events, such as the Warren Miller films and the fashion show were better than ever. The Winter Carnival highlighted activities. And skiing was good too. The big season closed for the year but memories still linger: Findlay ' s carpentry, McKee ' s memory, Edward ' s mind for money, and Joey — the ex- ecutive what? 288 Husky Skiers Unite In Nation ' s Largest Organized Ski Ciub t i fT t) 1 289 Rally Girls Activate Student Pep All Year Rally girls, the women ' s 90-member pep organiza- tion, worked during the football season on card stunts with the Sundodgers, acted as hostesses for the Washington Quarterback Club and Pep Rallies and trained the freshmen song leaders. Top Row: Connie Ahola, Nedra Apple, Natalie Anderson, Barb Beeby, Donna Boon. Bottom Row: Kay Boys, Joan Broughton, Brenda Bushel I, Kath- leen Butler, Janet Camperson. Top Row: Uar- o Cohen, Susan Crockett, Kathleen Daly, Carol Dilling, Jennie Dobos. Second Row: Charlotte Eliason, Carol Farnsvvorth. Carolyn Finder, Millie Follis, Maureen Fox. Third Row: Sharon Garke, Donna Gilbert, Susan Grandy, Carole Heald, Marcia Heggen. Bottom Row: Jan Honeywell, Sharon Johnson, Jan Justus, Barb Kadaner, Laurie Keene. Top Row: Nancy Kessner, Cathy Kilgore, Kathy Klan, Kathy Kloostra, Jan Koehler, Karen Kubin, Debbie Lucker, Michele Malo, Vivian Mezistrano, Marcia Mickalsen, Eileen Miller. Second Row: Regen Moore, Jan Morton, Sandra Nelson, Sheryl Northrup, Shelley Offer, Karen Parker, Cynthia Parks, Roberta Potts, Leslie Powell, Cynthia Pugh, Sharon Rassmussen. Third Row: Jean Rexford, Jennifer Ross, Chris Sandberg, Candy Scott, Sandy See, Lynn Sheridan, Deanna Sloulin, Candy Soules, Mar- ley Tempes, Julie Thompson, Marilyn Tracey. Bottom Row: Nancy Vanderlip, Elizabeth Waltz, Robin Warner, Cathy Wayne, Marilyn Weick, Lynn Whittlesey, Jan Wood, Sue Woodard, Patty Yellam, Barbara Zeper, Linda Zinkin. 290 straw- Hatted Sundodgers Boost UW Spirit ■f p A ' f,rfi rt « rt p a rt Top Row: Philip Anderson, Richard Anderwald, Philip Atkey, David Balint, David Batchelder, Michael Bauer, Charles Bingay, William Blum, Philip Bohn, Theodore Breali, Lance Brigman. Second Row: Jerome Carlson, Stephen Chadwick, Charles Chaffee, Hadley Chamberlain, Robert Christiansen, Dennis Clemmons, David Crowley. Larry Dam, Michael D ' Antuono, Samuel Edelstein, Steven Engel. Third Row: William Evans, Michael Fitch, Terry Fox, Douglas Gehrke, Eric Gjesdahl, Robert Greener, Russel Hammond, James Hampton, Grant Hansen, Gary Heimbigner, Samuel Hill. Fourth Row: John Holmes, Robert Jaffe, Dennis Johnson, Geoffrey Johnson, Robert Johnston, Jim Jones, Jim Kelly, Gerald Knott, James Kukull, Robert Lane, William Lebo. Fifth Row: Joseph Mano, Gregory Martin, Richard McClain, Terry McDaniel, Scott McDowell, Aaron McKiernan, Edgar McLaughlin, John Meadows, Steven Mikkelsen, Robert Nelson, Phillip Noble. Sixth Row: Richard Nordquist, Barry Nordstrom, Wayne Northrop, Pete Osborn, Ed Parks, Karl Parrish, Richard Porter, Michael Rogge. Art Rorex, Gregory Schroedl, Bruce Schwager. Seventh Row: Eugene Seligmann, Dave Shannon, Warren Sharpe. Don Shifrin, James Silva, Lawrence Silverman, Eric Skopec, Steven Songstead, Edward Spring, Thomas Steenson, David Stone. Bottom Row: Thomas Strathairn, Theodore Therriault, Michael Toomey, David Undlin, Don Warren, Dennis Warshal, Mark Weick, David White, William White, Robert Wilson, Barry Wolf. 291 Varsity Boat Club Maintains Winning Husl y In winning a crew race, tine ultimate in concentra- tion and discipline is required of nine individuals working together as one. The Varsity Boat Club achieves unity of thought and action by group liv- ing under self-imposed discipline — qualities essen- tial if the winning tradition of Husky crew is to be maintained. After three quarters with the frosh squad and two additional quarters with the varsity, an oarsman is accepted into the club. Service pro- jects such as " facelifting " the grounds of the Chil- dren ' s Home and group participation in the campus blood drive and the March of Dimes keep members active. Socially, several firesides and exchanges are held. Toward the end of spring quarter, the annual banquet is held which brings oarsmen from the early 1900 ' s together with present participants. 292 i ' Mlfi f ( ( Top Row: Mike Benner, Gary Bonzon, Barry Bostwick, Glen Bowser, Tom Burkhart, Mike Buse. Second Row: Eric Carlson, Norm Chiang, Jim Cliurchill, Dennis Clarke, Rick Cole, Tom Corning. Third Row: Gene Dunlap, Jim Edwards, Jim Ewing, John Feroe, Ron Free, John Guthrie. Fourth Row; John Hanson, Larry Johnson, Rod Johnson, Lyie Jorgens. John Kama, Jim Kirk. Fifth Row: Tory Leigland, Frank Liburdy, Brian Miller, Bob Moch, Roger Moore, Douglas Nell. Sixth Row: Gary Phllbrick, Rick Prince, Brian Roesch, Bruce Schwager, Bob Stanley, Torch Tebb. Bottom Row: Brad Thomas, Rick Tollefson, John Van Amerongen, Mike Viereck, Dee Walker, Lem Wallstrom. Crew Trad it on 293 Departmental Organizations The advertising men of Alpha Delta Sigma are confronted with special promotional problems. Are advertising men always so serious? Alpha Delta Sigma Men Bridge Advertising Gap Alpha Delta Sigma, the national men ' s advertising fraternity, lets the campus know who they are twice a year by publishing the informing student note- book divider, the " Bindex. " Dedicated to bridging the gap between advertising theory and practical experience, ADS men are " al- most constantly " at grips with special promotional problems. Activities included notable speakers, tours to prominent advertising outlets and " fun " functions such as the advisor ' s party. s . w t Round table discussions helped members learn more about the business profession. Top Row; Rodney Ash, Gary Brown, Louis Bruneau, Charles Cady, Robert Catton, Dennis Conrad, Alfred R. Daniels, Steve Derby, Charles Earl, Robert Frederick, Anthony Garvin. Bottom Row: Parry Grover, Marvin Halpern, Charles Heleker, Ishmael Iheme, James Jacobs, Marc Jamison, Frank Johnson, Gerald Knut- zen, Eric Kuboth, Randy Lee, John Linehan. Alpha Kappa Psi Talks With Local Businessmen Added emphasis on friendship with the Seattle alumni afforded Alpha Kappa Psi members more this year than ever before. Under a new agreement two members attended the monthly dinner meetings and social hour, where businessmen talked about every- thing from appreciating real estate values to attrac- tive cocktail waitresses. An annual round table dis- cussion with students, faculty and alumni provided an opportunity to ascertain the specific requirements and rewards of participating in business. Special events including dinner dances, a spring picnic and a special winter event gave members the chance to get together informally. Membership is open to all male students with a GPA of over 2.5 and majoring in either business or economics. Top Row: Albert Lirhus, Bruce Menella, Paul Nishimura, Tim- othy Olson, Michael Quam. Second Row: Robert Reimer, Steve Robinson, Jay Sentz, Fred Shanafelt, James Sharp. Bottom Row: Alan Stay, Gary Tripp, Donald Viles, Gary Weisen- berger, Robert Wilson. 296 UY l il. Ktk Robert Bramel, John Crawford, Robert Dahl, John Danell, Robert Eisenbeisz, Allan Hastings, Roger Jones, Donald Knobbs, Donald Lentz, Richard Medan, Dennis Morden. Top Row: Allen Murashige, Joseph Powe, Craig Puhrmann. Bottom Row: Gary Smith, Robert Spurreii, Ted Wimer. Aero, Astro Institute Links Students Witti Professionals The student chapter of the Amer- ican Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics provides a link be- tween professionals in the aero- space industry and students inter- ested in advancing aerospace technology. Members receive technical publications from the AIAA, participate in technical paper presentations and attend meetings of the local chapter. Other membership benefits in- clude close coordination with the faculty on such projects as Engi- neering Open House and High School Visitation Day and reduced membership rates in the parent AIAA upon graduation. The SST, capable of two and a half times the sound of speed, is typical of the topics presented by guest speakers. Mechanical Engineers See 747, SST Mocl -ups Established to stimulate pride in the profession, the American Society of Mechanical Engineers provides a me- dium for exchange of new concepts and methods in the field of mechanical engineering. Throughout the year the A.S.iVl.E. spon- sored several highly successful and in- teresting tours of companies in the northwest. Among these were Automa- tion Industries (the world ' s largest non-destructive testing group), the Boe- ing 747 mock-up in Everett, the Boeing SST mock-up, Hanford Atomic Works in Richland and the ever-popular Rainier Brewery. Members of A.S.M.E. acted as guides and ran exhibits in the annual engineer- ing open house. Closing out a very suc- cessful and memorable year was the third annual Spring Party, which turned out to be the best attended affair of its kind thus far. A.S.M.E. sponsored interesting and profitable field trips. Beta Alpha Psi Keeps Accounting Beta Alpha Psi, the national accounting honorary, gives encouragement and rec- ognition to scholastic and professional excellence. Formed in 1921, Delta Chapter is among the oldest student or- ganizations at the University. Member- ship is open to juniors with a 3.0 in twelve or more hours of accounting. Weekly dinner meetings are held throughout the year where members ex- change views with public accounting firms, businessmen and representatives of governmental agencies. This year the group also held joint meetings with the Washington State Society of CPA ' s, the Financial Executives Institute and the National Association of Accountants. Other Delta Chapter activities included tutoring students in elementary account- ing courses and social gatherings for Beta Alpha Psi members. 298 Members met professionals at weekly dinner meetings. Faculty and students communicate to work out their differences. Engineers Urge Comnriunication The Engineering Students ' Council strives to serve as a vehicle for com- munication between students and faculty, between the separate engi- neering societies and between the engineering college and the ASUW. The Council is composed of repre- sentatives from the engineering clubs and societies, the Forest Club and the BOC 7 representative. This year the Council altered its ac- tivities and purposes in order to be more responsive to the changing needs and desires of the undergrad- uate engineer. An attempt was made to provide more meaningful programs that will aid in the profes- sional and non-professional educa- tion of the student engineer. Home Economics Club Not All Food And Drink Professionalism, Scholarship, Research, Also The Home Economics Club pro- motes scholarship and interest in the professional aspects of home economics. But it ' s not all food. A survey for a silverware company, a candy sale and a spring banquet raise money for scholarships. Affiliation with the American Home Economics Association, national and state conventions and fall workshops expose members to the many opportunities available in the field of home economics. The club was established to stimu- late interest in home economics careers, to promote research and to develop a better understanding of the department. 299 Debaters Inaugurate " Year Of The Plane " The " Year of the Plane " might well be the label for the Forensics Society this year. Not only did the debate squad fly to more tournaments than in past years, but keen interest in the construction and operation of airplanes was also evidenced among several squad members. Team members flew to tournaments as far away as Los Angeles, Wichita and the Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs. Flying trips were highlights, but many more team members endured long drives to tour- naments in California, Nevada, Utah and Montana. Travelling and the fun of a tournament certainly constitute the rewards of debate, but there is also much hard work: long hours of research at the li- brary, practice debates, critiques and helping to run a high school tournament on campus. But the real satisfaction comes when someone says with a smile, " Congratulations, you did an excellent job. " Forensics members set up debate schedules for 400 participating high school tournament debate teams. Talent Collage Found In Women ' s Art Honorary Members of Lambda Rho, the women ' s art honor- ary, sponsored many art shows this year. Some in- cluded work done in the group and were displayed In the Parnassus coffee shop. They also conducted the annual art supply lost and found sale, raising money for art scholarships. Creation and preserva- tion of beauty as a refining factor in human develop- ment suggest the essence of the honorary. Member- ship is open to women in the field of art with a 3.0 GPA and a 3.1 GPA in art. Dental Hygienists Organize For Guidance, Standards And Ethics The junior membership of the American Dental Hygienist ' s Association (A.D.H.A.) represents all the junior and senior dental hygiene students in Wash- ington. The purpose of the organization is to guide the student toward a more successful professional career by familiarizing her with the standards, ethics and accomplishments of her profession. Organized meetings throughout the year included the experiences of a hygienist Peace Corps volunteer in South America, reports from delegates to the Na- tional A.D.H.A. convention in Washington, D.C., last November and a presentation by a hygienist who worked in a public health program in New York City. 301 Occupational Therapists Form Ptiilanttiropic Club Occupational therapy is the therapeutic use of activities. It is curing by doing. All students majoring in occupational therapy belong to the Occupational Ther- apy Club. The purpose of the club is to teach students more about the medical profession they plan to enter. At the same time, the club exists to serve others through philanthropic projects such as the party for handicapped chil- dren. The Occupational Therapy Club also provides an opportunity for the club members to share ideas with students having similar interests. Occupational therapists provide a party for handicapped children. Physical Therapy Club Works To Restore Physical Losses And Impairments The goal of the physical therapist is to restore or compensate for a per- son ' s loss of function or impaired activity due to disease or accident. The membership of the Physical Ther- apy Club consists of students who are learning to do such work. The club strives to be a source of learning through speakers and field trips; and a source of relaxation through varying social activities. 302 Top Row: Shelley Bailey, Nancy Bryant, Susan Erickson. Second Row: Marilyn Forsgren, Lynne Hoverson, Patricia Ann Johnson. Third Row: Teresa Jones, Sharron Lindblom, Judy McLeod. Bottom Row: Cathie Otis, Le Ann Peterson, Gloria Walker. Home Ec Students Hold Conclave Omicron Nu selects its members from those juniors and seniors in home economics with a GPA of 3.00. The fall initiation was fol- lowed by a potluck dinner, after which faculty and new and active members wrapped jams and jellies to be sold to raise money to send a representative to the national con- clave. Oregon, Nevada, Utah and Washington chapters met on the Oregon coast this year for the first regional conclave which explored community problems. Pi Lambda Theta Grows To 140 In Fiftieth Year Fifty years ago Zeta Ohapter of Pi Lambda Theta, the national honor and professional association for women in education, was established on this campus. At that time three-fourths of the students in the College of Educa- tion were women and it seemed ap- propriate to recognize outstanding women more fully in the broader as- pects of the educational picture. The nucleus of Zeta Chapter was a small but active women ' s Educational Club that was to become the most westerly of the seven original chapters founding the National Society at the University of Missouri in 1917. Fifty years later more than 140 women are members of the campus chapter. Each year Pi Lambda Theta recognizes women of superior scholas- tic achievement and high potential for professional leadership in the field of education. 303 UW Pharmacists Hear Speakers, Hold Open Houses The student branch of the American Pharmaceutical Association on campus is comprised of 105 members. IVIonthly meetings have a discussion format for questions such as the position of mem- bers on a health team, pricing methods and the relevance of the curriculum in the School of Pharmacy. The APhA works in conjunction with the other organizations within the college to put on a pharmacy open house Winter Quarter and Pharmacy Day in the spring. The group also participates in the Health Sciences open house Spring Quarter. Evening meetings held once a quarter feature a speaker of general interest to pharmacy students and are in addition to the monthly daytime gatherings. ' 1 Top Row: Linda Adams, Mary Bartholomew, Maria Beers, Bev- erly Bergstrom, Janet Blessing. Second Row: JoAnn Bracken, Donna Braga, Susan Brummet, Marilyn Carbery, Carol Edmiston. Third Row: Vicky English, Sue Farrington, Nancy Faulkner, Marty Gould, Carol Green. Fourth Row: Betty Gwynn, Janet Hatcher, Gayle Hudgins, Nancy Lackland, Elsie Lee. Bottom Row: Sharon Ormiston, Sheryl Russell, Kathleen Schaer, Jacki Warren, Lauretta Webster. Lambda Kappa Sigma Helps Project Hope, Medicine For Missions Lambda Kappa Sigma, the pharmacy wom- en ' s social sorority, is comprised of 35 mem- bers and 20 pledges in Chi chapter at the University. Fall quarter LKS activities cen- tered around pledging and hostessing the All Pharmacy Women ' s Tea. Pledging functions included a dessert party and an indoor picnic, and later the Alumni chapter joined in cele- brating Founder ' s Day. Winter quarter, LKS members assisted in sponsoring the Pharmacy Open House, dur- ing w hich high school students, parents and friends are taken on a tour of the facilities of the college. In January the western regional convention was held on campus with LKS members from Oregon State, University of British Columbia, Washington State and the University attending. A Mother-Daughter breakfast, honoring the graduating seniors, was held in the spring. LKS members donate their time to two char- ity projects: Medicines for Missions, helping them sort the drugs which have been given to them, and Project Hope for which they con- duct money raising projects. Officers for Lambda Kappa Sigma were Sharon Ormiston, Marty Gould, Gayle Hudgins, Donna Braga, Carol Edmis- ton and Betty Petit. 305 u £ l! liii f g f ' 9 p (: P Top Row: Bruce Anderson, Richard Arnhold, Vernon Barber, Robert Baumgardner, Martin Bender, Robert Bennett, Paul Boys, Philip Cramer, John Crawford, Errett Crowther, William Dehn. Second Row: John Dillow, Robert Engermann, Bradley Erickson, Keith Farnum, Douglas Gleason, William Hedin, David Johnson, Tim Kirkham, Daniel Larson, Donald Lentz, Donald Links. Bottom Row: John Linn, James Loesch, Jack McNees, Richard Medan, Jack Miller, Charles Orrestad, John Parshall, James Pressnall, Scott Richmond, Rodger Rhinehart, George Rohrback. Tau Beta Pi Lauds High Engineering Standards The Tau Beta Pi Washington chapter pro- motes the national society ' s goals — recogni- tion of high scholarship and exemplary char- acter, and encouragement of the engineer ' s professional and civic responsibility. Its tutoring service provides undergraduate engineering students an opportunity to seek help in the solution of their problems in technical class work. The chapter contrib- utes to the orientation of freshmen engineers through an informal coffee hour and the pub- lication of the Guide Book. Each year Tau Beta Pi presents the outstanding Freshman Award to the freshman general engineering student best demonstrating the scholarship and character which would be expected of a Tau Beta Pi member. rfe£ Top Row: Maurice Roller, John Searing, Edward Simpson. Bottom Row: Gary Smith, Jay Spear- man, Larry Sullivan. Society Of Women Engineers Visits Seat tie Sciioois The Society of Women Engineers is dedi- cated to making known the need for women engineers and encouraging qual- ified young women to consider an engi- neering education. This year the University chapter edited a newsletter which will be sent to high schools. Members also make annual visitations to Seattle high schools in- forming students and counselors of the qualifications and achievements of women engineers and the opportunities open to them. Informal discussions with Seattle high school students are under- taken by most members of SWE. © a ih 4 Top Row: Trudy Capell, Cathleen Curtis, Linda Danner. Shirley Eicher. Second Row: Elizabeth Gabel, Elizabeth Jones, Kathryn Lagreid, Vicki Lander. Third Row: Sandra Lane, Elizabeth Lauzen, Sue Lockett, Suzanne Munns. Bottom Row: Carol Ann Pete, Carolyn Rhea, Janet Smith, Anne Todd. Women engineers hold a bonafide " round table " discussion. KJR ' s Chuck BoHand Speaks At Theta Sigma Phi Meeting Theta Sigma Phi, women ' s national communications honorary, means " Things Strictly Professional " to its members. Activities included guest speakers such as KJR ' s news director, Chuck Bol- land. The highlight of the year was Matrix Table, a formal dinner co-sponsored with professional Theta Sigs to honor outstanding college and professional women of Seattle. 307 LuVerna Hilton, past president, installs new officers Patricia FitzGerald, president; Shirley Harlow, Jean McClure, Fukiko Arakawa and Cathee Huber. Sigma Theta Tau Recognizes Higti Scfiolarsiiip The national honor society of nursing, Sigma Theta Tau, promotes leadership, recognizes high stand- ards and encourages creative work in nursing. The Psi Chapter members participate in a variety of activities during the year. Meetings this year in- cluded discussions of professional nursing in rela- tion to the changing society, current challenges for nurses and the growing concern for mental retarda- tion. Sigma Theta Tau strengthens the nurse ' s commitment to the ideals and purpose of the pro- fession. 9 H I ' H Hu L 1 308 Theta Tau Engineers Combine Worl Witti Play Theta Tau is a national professional engineering fraternity combining both professional and social functions. This year social activities included hay- rides, theater parties, picnics and banquets. For a glimpse at the profession, members went on tours of the Intaico Aluminum plant, the Monsanto Chem- ical plant and Bethlehem Steel. Practicing engi- neers spoke at Theta Tau meetings about a third Lake Washington floating bridge and the type of in- dustrial environment open to graduates. Leaders for Zeta Phi Eta were Judy Ottren, llene Wetta, Annetta Swan, Maren Stegelbik, and Candy Tiffany. Zeta Phi Eta is a National Professional Speech Arts Fraternity. Mu Chapter was founded at the University in 1930. This organizatiton bands together women from the speech arts and speech sciences and maintains high standards in the areas. Zeta Phi Eta hopes to build a professional philosophy for women engaged in the speech professions. The University chapter was given the National Council Award at the 1967 Na- tional Convention which was held in Washington, D.C. This award is presented to the chapter which distinguishes itself by planning and executing professional programs of value to individual members, the chapter, the department and the community. They also must fulfill chap- ter requirements as set up by the frater- nity. The group was presented a plaque in recognition of its outstanding endeav- ors. Zeta Phi Eta ushers for all Reader ' s Thea- tre productions. They also have a group project in which the members read aloud for the blind students on the University campus. Zeta Phi Eta Wins National Council Award Suzanne Adams, Carol Gehrke, Wanda Nakatani, Jo Ann Quine, Carol Stack, Vicki Sundsby, Jeanne Thiel, Candy Tiffany, llene Wetta. 310 R. O. T. C. 311 Army Cadets Trained In Leadership ()TC Rll-IJ The Rifle Team displays trophies won for marksmanship excellence while a Marauder practices mountain training over the side of Husky Stadium. The UW Army Brigade provides the Army ROTC Cadet with leadership train- ing duplicated by fevi other college courses. The cadet learns to organize and lead men. Knowledge gained in the classroom is applied through command and staff assignments within the bri- gade. Special units, such as the Marauders, Rangers, Drill and Rifle Teams and the Color Guard demand disciplined team work and excellence in competition. These special units are highly selective and each cadet member is a volunteer. The Army Brigade prepares the cadet for both a military and a civilian career. Cadet Major Henry Jameson of the Army Brigade Staff presents a briefing to a visiting VIP. l " i 1 i I ! i i 4 I A f Officers leading Brigadears were Kaye Boys, Polly Brewster, Marnie Stebbins, Marilyn Wells and Jeannie Lybecker. Brigadears Hostess Army Functions Enthusiastically Sixty Army ROTC hostess auxiliary coeds, the Brigadears, willingly give their time for the future defenders of their country. This year the emphasis was placed on more in- formal contact with the cadets, including greater participa- tion in their activities. One of the main projects was an ROTC lounge for cadets and Brigadears. The girls also assisted in Friday drills by selling doughnuts and coffee and rating marching precision. Highlighting the year was the Christmas party put on for the cadets. The social cal- endar was filled with events at the Fort Lawton Officer ' s Club where Brigadears served as hostesses. 313 It ' s All Part Of Military ROTC: Flying, Flags, Guns Wh ' v 314 President Karen Ogrosky led the blue and gold. Corvettes Anchor Down Largest Pledge Class Corvettes began this year with many ambitious and willing spirits and the largest pledge class it has ever had. Because o f its many auxiliary functions to the Navy ROTC, the organization was given the name " Corvette " — used in the Navy to designate an auxiliary escort vessel to a larger ship. This year Corvettes were hostesses at drill meet com- petitions and Governor ' s Day, as well as at recep- tions and award ceremonies of the NROTC. A large booster button sale in the fall, numerous bake sales and the engagement of speakers to talk on various aspects of Navy life proved successful service activi- ties for the Midshipmen. Enthusiasm is a great part of the Corvette ' s life. Combining this with personality and appearance and a dedication to the blue and gold tradition, Corvettes provided a valuable complement to many NROTC activities. Each quarter there were exchanges, teas, formals, a spaghetti dinner and decorating for the Navy dances. Corvette obligations were met — and greatly appreciated by all campus Midshipmen. Enthusiasm runs high in all Corvettes. Corvettes officers included Sam Nalle, Vicky Gebert and Meredith Auerbach. Seated are Phyllis Cole, Pam Gwin- nett, Pam Schelling and Diane Marshall. 315 Compass And Chart Unites Strength, Spirit Compass and Chart coincides with Navy ROTC. The Midshipman ' s military and academic life is with Navy ROTC, while the social and fraternal aspects are provided by Compass and Chart. Compass and Chart works in cooperation with its coed counterpart, Corvettes, to promote various so- cial exchanges. One of the most important events is the quarterly field day: a day of unit competition where Midship- men exhibit brute strength and exuberant spirit. As an integral part of its activities. Compass and Chart promotes the Navy Rifle and Pistol Team, the Drum and Bugle Corps, the Navy Drill Team and the NROTC yearbook, the " Binnacle. " Not everyone can be " perfect " on the Navy Drill Team. Midshipman " log rolling contest " provides fun on field day. A Saudi Arabian Corvette and Midshipman carve up a pumpkin for the Halloween party. Midshipmen and their dates swing at the fall dance. Corvette hopefuls are interviewed at the first Corvette-Midship man tea. 317 Arnold Air Society, Angei Fiigiit Form Compiementary Units Furthering the idea of air power and arous- ing public interest in the Air Force and AFROTC are the underlying objectives of the Arnold Air Society and its co-ed auxiliary, Angel Flight. Arnold Air Society, a national AFROTC honorary, provides social and serv- ice activities for University cadets. Spirit and cooperation make Angel Flight a natural complement to Arnold Air Society. The goa ls of the Arnold Air Society and Angel Flight have been fulfilled by campus and community service. The scope ranges from The March of Dimes, Governor ' s Day and drill team to service at the Seattle Chil- dren ' s Home, the Vietnam clothing drive and sponsorship of a Korean orphan. The Presentation Ball, the Wing Ding, the Angel-Cadet picnic, ice skating parties and Happy Hours are a few of the social events sponsored by the Angels and Cadets. Be- sides attending the Area Conclave at the University of Idaho, both Arnold Air Society and Angels attended the National Conven- tion at New York City. Scabbard And Blade Educates Future Officers The National Society of Scabbard and Blade pro- vides a closer relationship among the military units of colleges across the nation as well as preparing educated, efficient and effective officers and, above all, spreading intelligent information concerning military programs. In addition there are several larger events open to members of the three services. The most important of these events are the annual Military Ball with presentation of the Scabbard and Blade Queen and the yearly tri-service drill competition for the title of the " Best at Washington. " I Company of the First Regiment of the Society on campus here furthers these goals through a variety of events and activities. Regular meetings plus the more informal atmosphere of " Happy Hours " are but part of the company ' s programs. The Society believes that an active schedule furthers its aims and at the same time provides a varied and interesting social calendar to the cadets at the University of Washington. Officers included Roland Yoshida, Ron Krueger, Ken Everum, Don Torcaso, Steve Alber and Pete Cole. 320 University Honoraries I Top Row: Vicki Allen, Ann Berkley, Susan Bocek, Sandy Boutin, Kaye Boys, Patricia Brown, Katherine Carmichael, Nancy DiDonato, Candace Eustace, Gwendolyn Geer, Susan Gfeller. Second Row: Janice Granberg, Susan Gundersen, Julie Hall, Marlene Heinemann, Cynthia Jo Hollingsworth, Jean Howell, Sandy Hul- linger, Patricia Johnson, Jeanne Kleyn, Karol Koon, Joyce Koshi. Bottom Row: Jane Lirhus, Merridy Losey, Lucy Lower, Marki Maizels, Jane Matthews, Colene McKee, Christine McMillin, Catherine Morse, Marsha Nicholson, Christine Noah, Virginia Oakes. A pha Lambda Delta Members Tutor Ninety-eight freshman women were initiated into Alpha Lambda Delta during the 1966-67 academic year. Women who have a 3.50 accumula- tive g.p.a. are invited to join this national scholastic honorary. As sophomores this year the mem- bers were encouraged to tutor through the Neighborhood House Tu- toring Center. Many did participate and both they and thei r students ben- efited greatly from the experience. Alpha Lambda Delta strives to pro- mote a high standard of learning and encourages scholastic excellence. Five graduate fellowships are annu- ally awarded by the national organi- zation to members who maintain their Alpha Lambda grade-point aver- age throughout their college career. =e Top Row: Margaret Pearson, Terri Piatt, Deborah Reade. Second Row: Chris Rommel, Mimi Schmidt. Brenda Shimojima. Third Row: Daphne Swanson, Mar- lene Touriel, Anne Whitehead. Fourth Row: Anita Wiley, Antonia Winston, Linda Woods. Bottom Row: Kathleen Wygle, Patty Yellam, Carol Jean Zachary. 321 W-Key Women Toss Campus Appeal Pies, Serve With A Smile " Pie-in-your-eye " was the first W-Key project of the year with a pie tossing event during Campus Appeal Week. From the beginning, enthusiasm was generated. The main project of the year was the Candy Cane sale — the purpose of which was to collect enough money to provide a scholarship for an incom- ing freshman woman. The Fircrest Center also saw the action of W-Key girls. " Service to Washington " was their goal, and it was at- tained with a smile. The requirements for membership in W-Key are a 2.5 GPA with outstanding activities, evaluated according to quality rather than quantity. The honorary chooses its members in the spring of their freshman year. With the spirit that was engendered this year, " Service to Washington " was a fun yet meaningful goal. Top Row: Katherine Baxley, MarJe Beach, Jennifer Biehn, Barbara Bloom, Cori Boyd, Kaye Boys. Second Row: Polly Brewster, Kay Carmichael, Caryl Carpenter, Jan Her- manson, Alicia Hokanson, Candy Jenkins. Third Row: Barbara Kadaner, Jeanne Kleyn, Karol Koon, Janet Kronenberg, Shand Lathrop, Jane Lirhus. Fourth Row: Marki Maizels, Nancy Massey, Amy Mills, Merry K. Moos, Christine Noah, Josina Pearson. Bottom Row: Margaret Pearson, Carolyn Sabo, Carol Sado, Diane Taniguchi, Sylvia Teutsch, Linda Zeman. • i r 0 A Totem Club Tops Campus Appeal The white Totem Club sweaters of the junior and senior women ' s scholastic and activities honorary were seen often on campus this year. Many hours one night were spent making Halloween mobiles for the Children ' s Home Society. Next the club hit the campus to sell campus appeal buttons, earn- ing more money than any other group. They continued to serve the campus by distributing Tyee Mag- azines, breaking the record for the first day ' s distribution with 2,995 magazines. i M Top Row: Kathy Adam, Penny Adkins, Margaret Appleton, Rosemary Barker, Sherril Bartoy, Ann BIystad, Laurel Boatman, Joan Boddy, Joan Broughton, Liz Crawford. Second Row: Linda Danner, Anita Deasy, Wanda Duffey, Joan Duffy, Lisa Dyson, Virginia Gunderson, Molly Harvey, Joan Heimbigner, Judy Hill, Lynn Hogan. Third Row: Mary Koss, Carol Lanham, Sue Lockett, Dianne Maeda, Sharon Maeda, Pat McAllister, Linda McColm, Nancy McCorkle, Lynn Miller, Joan Morse. Bottom Row: Rosemary Nichols, Mary Rosenburg, Barb Schlag, Joan Shotwell, Janet Smith, Elizabeth Somers, Sandy Stewart, Sara Tobin, Gail Toraanson, Catherine Wayne. 323 Top Row: Rosemary Barker, Ann BIystad, Cathy Carr, Sandra Crosby, Donna DeMuynck, Lorna Dyer. Second Row: Patricia Eby, Carol Farnsworth, Penny Finch, Joan Heimbig- ner, Kathy Jolly, Robin Kettening. Bottom Row: Lizette Lauzen, Jane Leimbacher, Peggy Robinson, Maryanne Sawhill, Lesley Veltman, Mary Sue Wenger. Mortar Board Continues To Serve University On the basis of scholarship, leadership and service to the University and the community, 25 senior women are selected annually for Tolo Chapter of the national honor society. Mortar Board. Cap and gown ceremonies in living groups are followed by the traditional spring initiation in the Sylvan Theatre. members evolved into another special project, de- veloping and expressing their ideas about " What ' s Right with the UW. " Mortar Boarders also led dis- cussions among women of the University regarding the choice of solutions to women ' s distinct prob- lems throughout life. With service to the University as a goal. Mortar Board worked with the Alumni Association to arrange meetings with Seattle area high schools to tell them about the University. An early discussion among Ideas and ideals were explored among members, sometimes introduced by special speakers and sometimes without any introduction at all. Activity and fun was constant in Mortar Board. C ; 3 5 p ' 77a Recognizes Kl M ffifl t tos ? Academic Excellence dk Top Row: Lon Annest, Roger Coombs, Joseph De- laney, Greg Del Zoppo. Second Row: William Eckert, Richard Flyg, Thomas Friberg, Robert Greener. Bottom Row: Greg Guyman, Brian Henderson, David Herbig, Lee Hess. The University chapter of Phi Eta Sigma recognizes fresh- man academic excellence on campus. Entrance require- ments limit membership to male scholars receiving a 3.5 GPA or better for either their first quarter or first full year of college work. In the tradition of the national Phi Eta Sigma fraternity, the campus chapter holds periodic social functions in an attempt to provide a stronger bond among the members and broaden not only their academic but also their social horizons. Leading the fraternity this year were Greg Guyman, presi- dent; Keith Kessler, vice president; Al John, secretary; and Jay Delaney, treasurer. President Greg Guyman (center) discusses meeting strategy with Greg Schroedl and Aaron IVlcKiernan lil ' II Top Row; John Hoard, James Holland, Doug Holmes, Roger Jenkins, Paul Jensen, Eugene John, Eric Johnson, John Kirk- patrick, George Linville, Steven Marshall. Bottom Row: Aaron McKiernan, Marc Meininger, Michael Menth, David Mills, Stephen Monohan, John O ' Neal, Greg Schroedl, Terry Thompson, Greg Zoller, Rod Zorotovich. 325 Purple Shield members Mike Bush, Jim Rice and Allen Israel, president, meet in Husky Hollow. Purple Shield Develops Leadership Potential ir1 Top Row: Craig Barrick, Donald Berg, Steven Bordner, Gary Burleson, Michael Bush. Second Row: Larry Dam, Larry Dean, James Dobrick, James Doran, Thomas Dreillng. Bottom Row: Charles Ekberg, David Ferrera, Michael Gorton, James Hadley, Jack Hart. For over 40 years Purple Shield at the University has served as a meeting ground for the highest caliber of underclassmen. Members are students who have shown themselves to be leaders in their respective fields and in various activities and organizations on campus. Purple Shield maintains the philosophy that through meetings and service to the University, the members can further develop their leadership potential. Thus many hours are spent in willfully serving on University projects. New members are initiated once a year. Activities as well as scholarship are considered for selection. TTTH iHHk k Top Row: John Holmes, Allen Israe ' , Robert Jaffe, Richard Kehl. Second Row: Richard Kirkpatrick, Thomas Malone, Paul Marguglio, Bruce Matlock. Third Row: John Meadowrs, Daniel O ' Brian, Wil- liam Oldenburg, Ralph Palumbo. Fourth Row: Gary Powell, James Rogers, Paul Rubin, Eugene Seligmann. Fifth Row: Joseph Schocken, James Silva, Eric Skopec, Richard Slettedahl. Bottom Row: Dan Spriestersbach, Gary Tripp, Gary Wangsmo, Barry Wolf. 326 i! ft , Top Row: Michael Brotman, Dennis Carlson, John Celms, Bruce Farnsworth, James Hadley. Second Row: John Holmes, Allen Israel, Robert Jaffe, Jerald Jamison, Eric Johnson. Third Row: Steve Johnson, Joseph Keenan, James Kelly, Rich- ard Kirkpatrick, Charles Lesnick. Fourth Row: Thomas Malone, Donald Martin, Bruce Matlock, Brian Matsuyama, James McCabe. Bottom Row: Ralph Palumbo, Paul Schaake, Joseph Schocken, Richard Slettedahl, Norman Zachary. NBC ' s Chet Huntley Joins Oval Club At Olympic Hotel Banquet In recognition of their outstanding contributions to the University of Washington, twenty to twenty-five junior and senior men are selected each year into Oval Club. Because of their campus activities and academic achievement, the members strengthen the University with their spirit of service and loyalty. The past year was highlighted by the Winter quarter initiation banquet at the Olympic Hotel. Chet Hunt- ley, the National Broadcasting Co. news commenta- tor and University alumnus, was initiated into the honorary and was also the featured speaker. Other special affairs included the annual dinner with Mor- tar Board and the annual Foreign Students Banquet with Husky Honeys. Officiating at Oval Club meetings were Joe Schocken, Brian Matsuyama, James Kelly and Howie Stansbury. Junior Honors List (not pictured): Frank Aller, John Bates, Jr., David Blessing, Robert Davis, Franklin Fischer, Mary Heiny, Sidney Hendrickson, Henry Jameson, Thurston La- calli, Larry Nelson, Marilyn Ramsden, Patrick Rogers, Jane Schatzel, Margaret Sten, Vivian Welke. Senior Honors List: Kenneth Alexander, Chelea Alwine, Sally Baker, Cheryl Barton, Kirkley Bennet, Carol Berg, Wendie Berge, Charles Berquist, Richard Berthelsdorf, Doug- las Booth, Elizabeth Bracelin, Flora Bradley, Paul Brantner, Judie Brooks, Robert Butenko, Dorothy Capaan, James Car- lin, Kenneth Carlson, Gary Carter, Frances Cohen, Catherine Corlett, Michael Courtnage, Robert Dockstader, Carol Dooley, David English, Charles Epton, Gary Erickson, Deborah Fein- sod, Anne Focke, Richard Freeman, Steven Galbraith, Glenn Goodrich, Katharine Griffiths, Jacqueline Halstead, Stephen Hanley, Sharon Hannah, Myrna Havnaer, Mary Hiltner, Mari- lyn Hoogen, Donna Hovde, Susan Hutchison, Nancy Jacob, Joseph Jadick, Lois Jones, Dennis Johnson, Karen Johnson, Thomas Keck, Terrence Kincaid, Karen Kircher, Will Kned- lik, Douglas Koch, Nancy Koo, Karen Kruchek, David Large, William Larter, John Locatelli, Marilyn Luce, Stevan Luther, Heidi Madden, Julene Marek, Linda Mattson, Susan McDou- gall, James McGough, Richard McKinney, Carol Mulinski, Judith Norin, Susan Norvold, Kathryn Novak, Edna Peak, Lynne Porter, Jane Price, Linda Princehouse, Paul Puziss, Joe Robin, David Robinson, Richard Roblee, Adele Rosen- perl, Carol Rosenquist, George Semb, Sarah Shaltiel, Daryl Shoemaker, James Sisk, James Skucy, Paul Slocom, Cynthia Snow, Joel Starin, Eric Stetfensen, Erik Sten, Eileen Su- yama, Allen Sylvester, Lyn Tangen, Joan Teachman, Cynthia Thai, Tina Torstenson, Lorna Urseth, Connie Veldink, Judith Waggoner, Judith Walseth, Patricia Ward, Kathleen Wiley, Sara Wilkinson, Ethel Williams, David Willingham, Judith Wiltse, Sylvia Yanagisako, Michele Yapp. President Howard Nostrand presents scholarship award to Edwards. Irs. IVIarletta Phi Beta Kappa Oldest Honor Society The oldest honor society in the United States, Phi Beta Kappa, has recognized and promoted excel- lence in liberal scholarship on college campuses since 1776. Phi Beta Kappa ' s Alpha Chapter at Washington in- vites seniors to membership if their grade point is above 3.5 and their education is judged to be liberal in character, regardless of their major field. Also recognized are junior honor students with a 3.7 GPA at the end of their junior year in college. The Washington chapter also awards a scholarship, equivalent to full resident tuition, each year to an outstanding senior. This year the scholarship was awarded to Marietta G. Edwards. Alumni members have formed a Puget Sound Association which works to encourage liberal intellectual achievement by granting Book Awards to outstanding high school students and presenting an annual Outstanding Teacher Award. George Broze, Jr., Marietta Edwards, Penny Finch, Robert Glen, Merrilea Helmers, Lorna Ann Leal, Carol Lybarger, Ralph Metcalfe, Elizabeth Miller, Margaret Robinson, Michael Wilder. 328 An idle moment — so precious, so rare that its coming was in itself a miracle. Cram it full of living — a dance, a tav, an escape. But return with the sun when dawn breaks — to reality, to study, to Tuesday. Living Groups 329 Contents Greek Living Groups, 331 Pantielienic, 336 Junior Paniiellenic, 337 Inter-Fraternity Council, 338 Junior Inter-Fraternity Council, 339 Pi O micron Sigma, 340 Residence Halls, 439 Residence Halls Council, 442 Commuters, 485 330 CD D CD 331 332 I ' m secure. I ' ve got a definite image. I know it ' s for tfie good of tfie fiouse ttiat we fiave ttiese rules, rules and more of the same. We ' re working toward certain goals — scfiolastic, social and otfiers. I was so enthusiastic as I first entered the door. So much to do. A responsibility toward the House and my Brothers. The standards were set for me, but I didn ' t mind. I belonged. I was living part of a co- hesive whole. It felt good. 333 ! Mm 334 Now there seem to be too many rules. The excite- ment is fading, ttie House doesn ' t mean as much. I don ' t regret the pledge I made — the House has helped me grow up. But sometimes Hell Week is really like Togetherness is often trite and meaningless. But we ' re not. Our House has an Identity. I ' m part of that. — Carol Ann Pete 335 Panhellenic Travels To New Orleans The activities of twenty national so- rorities are coordinated by the Col- lege Panhellenic Association. Last fall over 800 women participated in formal rush, with 85.1 per cent pledging — the highest national per- centage. As a result, Panhellenic re- ceived a commendation from the National Panhellenic Council and was one of six collegiate Panhel- lenics invited to a National Panhel- lenic Conference in New Orleans. Panhellenic joined IPC in service projects like " Trick or Treat " night for Central Area children on Hallow- een. In addition, the calendar in- cluded a weekend leadership confer- ence, monthly dinner meetings and a high school visitation day. Coordinating sorority affairs were Gael Baxley, Sally Haney, President Gloria Porter, standing; Carlita Phillips, Jane Endres and Pam Burink. Leading Junior Panhellenic were Chris Yerkes, vice president; Barbara Spencer, secretary-treasurer, and Chris Evenson, president. Sorority Pledge Presidents Form Junior Paniiellenic Functioning under a new constitution this year, Junior Panhellenic worked to foster friendship and cooperation among the sorority pledges at the University. Through participation with JIFC in the Mothers ' March of Dimes and other ac- tivities the pledge class members be- came better acquainted. Proceeds from the candy cane sale went toward a schol- arship awarded annually to an under- class co-ed. Monthly dinner meetings, held in rotation at each sorority on cam- pus, included the pledge class of that house. Special guests like BOC mem- bers were present at these dinners. These meetings gave each pledge a better understanding of the functioning of their representative group. 0CP§ Assisting in coordination with the University were Activities Advisor Jim Flint, Fraternity Advisor Gary Aus- man, Faculty Advisor Francis Powers and Dean of Men Reginald Root. Inter- Fraternity System fs ' Best In West ' In April, 1966, the University of Washington Inter- Fraternity Council received recognition at the West- ern Regional Inter-Fraternity Conference for being the outstanding IFC in the Western Region. In addi- tion, one of the UW IFC vice presidents was elected to a vice presidency of the WRIFC for this year. By careful conception and reevaluation of present pro- grams, IFC was able to increase its service to mem- ber fraternities, the University and the Community. Betty Emerick, IFC secretary, added a feminine touch to this masculine world. Rush Vice President Dennis Carlson, Executive Vice President Bob Jaffe, President John Holmes and Secre- tary Kurt Schnebele sat at the head table this year. 338 JIFC meant working together within the fraternity frame- work of the University, not just within a single house. JIFC Trains Leaders, Builds Pledge Unity The Junior Inter-Fraternity Council strives to create an environment that will train leaders and further their interest in the fraternity system by organizing and working on various service projects. Through discussion of mutual problems and the development of new relationships, JIFC attempts to build spirit and class unity. Improved scholarship is stressed with a speaker program and competition for a scholarship trophy between the 33 pledge classes. The task of heading inter-relations between the 33 fraternity pledge classes was done by Secretary-Treasurer Mike McBride, President Ben Bryant and Vice President Steve Shelton. I Jim Kelly initiates Brock Adams. Pi Omicron Sigma Recognizes Outstanding Fraternity Men The Alpha Chapter of Pi Omicron Sigma was founded at the University in 1954. The purpose of the organi- zation is to honor junior and senior men who have made effective contri- butions to fraternity welfare. They must also give promise of continuing their work toward maintaining the educational leadership of the fratern- ity system. Recently, outstanding men have been given honorary mem- bership as recognition of their con- tributions to the fraternity system throughout the United States. l ' !X ii Top Row: Jack Hart, Gary Heim- bigner, Paul Hendrickson. Second Row: John Holmes, James Kelly, Joseph Lasby. Third Row: Roderick Lester, Donald Lewison, Robert Murray. Fourth Row: Carl Pearson, James Pickens, John Reuland. Fifth Row: Dave Rowland, John Rynd, Jay Sentz. Sixth Row: Mark Sheldon, Steven Songstad, James Thompson. Bottom Row: William Thompson, Steven Willard, Steve Yearout. Top Row: John Beatty, Robert Bennett, William Blum, Dan Brady, John Celms, John Coltart, Jeffrey Cushman. Second Row: Larry Dam, William Dehn, James Dobrlck, Charles Ekberg, William Elber- son, Douglas Gilson, James Hadley. 340 I Top Row; Robert Abrams, Soph; Bruce Bretthauer, Fr; Charles Britell, Jr; Donald Bundy, Fr; David Caines, Fr. Second Row: Timothy Canan, Soph; John Christopherson, Fr; Paul Conger, Soph; Robert Dong, Soph; Dennis Dormaier, Jr. Bottom Row: Frank EIrod, F r; Leigh Erickson, Sr; Paul Haaland, Fr; Donald Hall, Soph; Boyd Henshaw, Soph. Acacia Brothers Down 500 Gallons Of Coffee With a group of swinging pledges nearly as large as the active chapter, Acacia spent a year filled with excitement and expansion. A spirited social program and many hours of studying and seminars made the house and annex swing with fun and scholarship. Merriment and mayhem prevailed during finals and Acacians finished the year with a beard- growing contest and 500 gallons of black coffee. ' ssss sn " Top Row; Robert Hofstatter, Soph; Robert Hunt, Sr; Jeffrey Jaksich, Soph; Richard Jarvis, Jr; Stephen Jarvis, Soph; George King, Soph; Robert McCollom, Jr; Steven Newell, Fr; William Parsell, Jr; John Pool, Fr; James Preston, Fr. Bottom Row: Bradley Prior, Jr; Richard Reed, Jr; Robert Reynolds, Soph; David Rowland, Sr; Donald Sabo, Jr; Stephen Schmidt, Sr; Timothy Smith, Sr; David Trafton, Fr; Lewis Van Osdel, Sr; Jerry Wertzbaugher, Jr; Jacob Wood, Fr. 341 ' , y fj If p ' B ll ft n ME .j ..3 n:j4 I B e.M Top Row: Paulette Adams, Jr; Lynn Adkinson, Soph; Victoria Anderson, Jr; Maureen Bell, Fr; Kathryn Bennett, Soph. Second Row: Margaret Bennett, Sr; Dorelie Ann Berg, Soph; Barbara Brannon, Fr; Michele Carroll, Soph; Candice Cline, Jr. Third Row: Barbara Culpepper, Fr; Marilynn Cunningham, Jr; Leah Dickinson, Soph; Karin Donohue, Fr; Pam Eros, Fr. Fourth Row: Nancy Falkner, Jr; Julie Fielding, Jr; Lea Fleissner, Soph; Nanette Fliger, Sr; Millie Follis, Soph. Fifth Row: Linda Frykholm, Fr; Gwen Geer, Soph; Pam Gierman, Fr; Wendy Gookstetter, Fr; Pam Grotz, Fr. Sixth Row: Arlyn Grove, Soph; Marci Hale, Fr; Karyl Hansen, Fr; Margaret Harvey, Sr; Karen Haskell, Soph. Seventh Row: Barbara Ann Hayes, Fr; Sue Hearron, Soph; Na- dine Heichel, Soph; Deborah Ann Hicks, Jr; Gaye Hill, Jr. Bottom Row: Margaret Hutchison, Soph; Randi Johnson, Jr; Sue Johnson, Sr; Carole Jonas, Soph; Deborah Keller, Fr. Top Row: Diane Kennedy, Fr; Martha Knauss, Jr; Laurel Kuchan, Jr; Maxine Larson, Jr; Joy Laughlin, Sr. Second Row: llene Mannon, Soph; Kathryn Marin, Sr; Linda Mathis, Sr; Tia McClure, Fr; Sue McDaniel, Sr. Third Row: Marilyn Meenach, Fr; Ellen Moore, Jr; Anne Morri- son, Jr; Ana Marie Munn, Soph; Barbara Neumann, Jr. Fourth Row: Gretchen Newman, Sr; Sheryl Northrop, Jr; Virginia Officer, Fr; Joan Olson, Sr; Janne Paulson, Soph. Fifth Row: Jefri Peden, Soph; Gail Perdue, Sr; Sue Peterson, Soph; Jan Roe, Fr; Sue Rosenberry, Soph. Sixth Row: Marilyn Rossano, Soph; Pam Rossano, Fr; Joyce Sea- brook, Soph; Lyn Sheridan, Jr; Susan Siddoway, Sr. Seventh Row: Kathy Simmons, Jr; Judy Skeers, Sr; Sandra S lade, Sr; Constance Smith, Sr; Karen Smits, Jr. Bottom Row: Barbara Spencer, Fr; Laurie Jo Stay, Fr; Adrian Sterling, Fr; Lindy Lee Stewart, Fr; Linda Diane Swartz, Soph. 342 Alpha Chi Omega Holds Retreat In Indianola Top Row: Beverly Leigh Tatum, Jr; Deborah Temple, Fr; Priscilla Twiss, Jr; Denise Ursic, Fr; Tracy Ursic, Jr; Orinda Wahl, Soph; Heather Wallace, Fr. Bottom Row: Patricia Wallace, Soph; Anne Whitehead, Soph; Ann Whiting, Sr; Barb Willey, Sr; Nancy Young, Fr; Judy Zimmerman, Jr; Stephanie Zimmerman, Soph. Hoping to do their part in strength- ening the Greek system, Alpha Chi Omega placed increased emphasis on high scholastic standards and participation in campus activities. Energy channeled in various direc- tions resulted in attaining house goals: BOC representative, top grades, Husky Winter Sports Club Queen, Miss Seattle, a great pledge class of 38 and a host of other honors. Alpha Chi ' s: retreated as a house to Indianola, held very " ac- tive " exchanges and experienced a second floor invasion by neighbors. 343 This year was an all-round year for Alpha Delta Phi. It began with a pledge class boasting an entering 3.5 g.p.a. and displaying growing maturity in the new group atmosphere. This year, too, was the third that the Alpha Delts sponsored a crew race on Green Lake, won this time by Franklin High School. If it was aiming at high scholastic achievement that pushed Alpha Delta Phi to a position of scholastic eminence on the Row, then it was the addition of varsity letters in football, tennis, crew and wrestling and easily defendable intramural championships in basketball, gymnastics and tennis that meant a well- rounded fraternity. But library and gaming sessions were not all; there was a healthy spoonful of fun and flurry: Yoshi, Bernie at 10:00, Boog, no water, wet-floored wild functions entertaining dizzy-eyed satisfaction. Earl ' s tolerating a ceiling, the Bat Cave with an unwanted parking lot. dMM Top Row: Lars Anderson, Sr; Robert Armstead, Soph; Wesley Balda, Soph; Donald Bell, Soph; Glen Bowser, Jr. Second Row: James Bradley, Fr; Andrew Braff, Fr; Thomas Brzoska, Fr; Lome Burley, Fr; Michael Bush, Jr. Bottom Row: Donald Campbell, Fr; Donald Carstens, Sr; Wil- liams Coats, Jr; Carl Dakan, Jr; John Darnton, Fr. President Jack Hand presents the Alpha Delt Cup to the Franklin High crew. 344 Alpha Delta Phi Rounds Out Year With Sports, Studies tfjii ikik ik mM iiiKkift [: Top Row: Robert Davis, Jr; William Dussault, Jr; David Eash, Soph; Richard Easter, Soph; John Ebinger, Sr; Richard Ecker, Sr; Thomas Eckmann, Soph; Steven Eichler, Soph; Thomas Erickson, Soph; Dennis Fogh, Fr; Jeff Fulton, Sr. Second Row: Charles Granger, Jr; Jack Hand, Sr; Robert Hansen, Soph; Richard Hawley, Fr; Stephen Henderson, Jr; Carl Hossman, Jr; Alvin Heuther, Soph; James Hutton, Fr; Robert Hyslop, Fr; Robert Isaacson, Jr; Michael Jauhola, Jr. Third Row: Bruce Johnson, Fr; Kenneth Kato, Fr; Steve Keeler, Sr; Walter Kennedy, Jr; Philip Kinnaman, Sr; James Kosy, Soph; Richard Lane, Soph; Michael Lewis, Fr; John Linde, Jr; Henry Lombard, Jr; Gregg Longmeier, Sr. Fourth Row: Steven Loyd, Jr; Douglas Madison, Fr; Philip Marshall, Soph; Donald McCarthy, Soph; Jeff McClain, Jr; William Meyers, Jr; Robert Mhyre, Fr; John Moyer, Fr; John Muller, Fr; Robert Nickinovich, Soph; Charles North, Soph. Fifth Row: Edward North, Soph; James Nystrom, Jr; Larry Olson. Soph; Garth Orkney, Soph; Robin Orkney, Sr; Scott Pearl, Fr; Douglas Pedersen, Jr; Donald Peterson, Jr; James Phillips, Jr; James Ridgeway, Fr; Charles Salmon, Jr. Bottom Row: Gary Shortt, Soph; Edward Skone, Sr; James Sutherland, Fr; Roger Tennant, Jr; Yoshitami Uzuki, Fr; Dee Walker, Soph; Robert West, Soph; Michael Wilder, Sr; Clinton Williams, Fr; Thomas Williams, Jr; Gregory ZoUer, Jr. 345 It ' s Alpha Delta Pi With Herfy Runs, Late Shows Top Row: Linda Adams, Jr; Penny Adkins, Sr; Dianne Amick, Fr; Adrienne Anderson, Sr; Sue Armstrong, Fr. Second Row: Meredith Auerbach, Jr; Janet Barmore, Fr; Chris Bellomy, Jr; Janet Bergerson, Soph; Linda Berquist, Jr. Bottom Row: Mary Jo Beyersdorf, Soph; Sue Biebesheimer, Sr; Laurel Boatman, Jr; Rebecca Bruce, Fr; Barbara Budnick, Fr. Forty-five pledges in a " convent " described Al- pha Delta Pi this year. Everyone provided a warm welcome for a new housemother. No one forgets those popcorn par- ties, the late shows, Herfy runs and calls to the pizza peddler. The Halloween party ended in a pillow fight and the Balloon Farm entertained for the pledge dance at the Edgewater. There were letters to Vietnam and " line five " became a wel- come sound in the house. MUMS ' Top Row: Pam Burink, Soph; Laurie Buttenob, Fr; Laurie Campbell, Fr; Sarah Canfield, Fr; Cheryl Carras, Fr; Sandra Carver, Fr; Judy Chandler, Jr; Nancy Christiansen, Jr; Christy Dahlquist, Fr; Melinda Drescher, Soph; Kathleen Drury, Sr. Second Row: Susan Eichler, Jr.; Anne Engstrom, Soph; Marilyn Engstrom, Jr; Candace Eustace, Soph; Marian Evans, Jr; Kim Feitush, Fr; Vickie Fiorito, Soph; Yvonne Ford, Sr; Betty Fritzinger, Fr; Gail Garretson, Fr; Cecilia Gilbert, Jr. Third Row: Shelley Gladstone, Fr; Debra Gwin, Fr; Merrisue Hanson, Sr; Jann Heffner, Fr; Marcia Heggen, Jr; Dana Hill, Jr; Ginger Howell, Soph; Alison Hull, Soph; Anne Irwin, Soph; Linda Jordan, Fr; Sally Kelso, Fr. Fourth Row: Cathy Kilgore, Jr; Janis Kupka, Jr; Christie Larsen, Jr;Lynn Larson, Jr; Shand Lathrop, Soph; Connie Lawson, Fr; Sally Jo Lee, Fr; Cheryl Luiten, Soph; Judy Martin, Fr; Pamela Maxam, Soph; Arlene May, Fr. Fifth Row: Liz McClelland, Soph; Susie McDaniels, Sr; Sharon Mclntyre, Fr; Sue McLeod, Jr; Jo Menees, Jr; Julie Miori, Sr; Lynita Muzzall, Sr; Sue Nickols, Sr; Lorna Nielson, Soph; Janice Parker, Sr; Kay Patty, Fr. Sixth Row: Caria Pellegrini, Soph; Willanne Person, Fr; Christine Petersen, Fr; Wanda Prichett, Jr; Alona Reynolds, Fr; Sheila Richard- son, Soph; Joan Ritter, Soph; Mary Robinson, Fr; Arlene Roose, Sr; Kathy Rothweiler, Soph; Linda Ruckert. Soph. Seventh Row: Sue Sampson, Jr; Marcia Saunders, Fr; Donna Schlagel, Sr; Janice Schlagel, Fr; Barbara Schott, Fr; Nancy Sikes, Sr; Cathy Simpson, Soph; Linda Smith, Jr; Mary Springer, Jr; Carol Stack, Sr; Alice Stithem, Jr. Bottom Row: Cynthia Sullivan, Fr; Leslie Swimme, Soph; Sue Taylor, Fr; Nancy Vanderlip, Jr; Heidi Vaughan, Soph; Val Viers, Jr; Barbara Wallen, Jr; Fran White, Soph; Sue Wilbur, Sr; Bonnie Williams, Sr; Janet Williamson, Soph. 347 Mil A . ; iC. " Top Row: Marcie Alhadeff, Soph; Lynn Allen, Soph; Marcia Arnstein, Fr; Elizabeth Azose, Fr; Gall Barde, Soph; Nina Barde, Sr; Lea Behar, Soph; Jean Berg, Jr; Nancy Bush, Soph; Linda Cohon, Jr; Marcia Cooper, Jr. Second Row: Bette Cordova, Fr; Sharon Cornell, Fr; Rosie Drebin, Fr; Doris Fink, Jr; Rosanne Fleischmann, Fr; Jo Anne Friedman, Fr; Diane Gassner, Soph; Helene Goldblatt, Fr; Karen Grunbaum, Fr; Susan Gustav, Soph; Pamela Hodin, Jr. Bottom Row: Anne Koppel, Sr; Dianne Kremen, Fr; Cynthia Lachman, Fr; Georgia Layton, Soph; Geraldine Levy, Fr; Marilyn Lewis, Soph; Barbara Mackoff, Fr; Marki Maizels, Soph; Marilyn Masin, Sr; Susan Michel, Soph; Randa Miller, Soph. Champagne Toasts Alpha Epsilon Phi Pledges It was a year of fun and inspiration for all the A E Phi ' s— including 23 outstanding pledges. Scholastic and social activities, both on and off campus kept everyone busy. Honors accumulated throughout the year: Mortar Board, W-Key, Alpha Lambda Delta, Brigadears, Corvettes, SAM calendar girl and Sweetheart of ZBT. The social calendar included a Founders ' Day Open House and dessert honor- ing the Province Director, a Mother-Daughter luncheon, Father-Daughter brunch and a pledge formal at the Wash- ington Athletic Club. Top Row: Luann Muscatel, Soph; Susan Nieder, Fr; Laurie Oseran, Fr; Suzanne Parker, Soph; Paula Pick, Jr; Janice Pickard, Jr. Second Row: Marilyn Piha, Fr; Barbara Rosenwald, Sr; Anne Sheridan, Fr; Lynn Slotnik, Soph; Leatrice Soriano, Sr; Janice Stratiner, Fr. Bottom Row: Marlene Touriel, Soph; Lesley Veltman, Sr; Susan Welnstock, Jr; Nicki Wirth, Soph; Cindy Wolfstone, Fr; Barbara Zeper, Jr. 348 It ' s A Place To Live, But It ' s a place to live- to grow, to mature. -and a lot more than that. It ' s a place And why? Because there are people like Alpha Gamma Delta ' s exchange student from Sweden, Annika, to make it not just a house on 21st Avenue full of noisy girls. It is more — it is a place to learn about other people. It is a place to learn about yourself. Group living presents a lot of problems. But there are many rewards. There ' s always someone to laugh with or cry with. There ' s always someone. Hl lil iii. h Top Row: Christine Aiken, Soph; Rayna Bagoy, Jr; Sheryl Baisinger, Fr; Susan Bocek, Soph; Terry Bolles, Fr; Karen Borchgrevink, Fr. Second Row: Karin Brammer, Soph; Peggy Brattebo, Fr; Beverly Bridge- water, Fr; Robin Buhtz, Jr; Dorothy Burgh, Sr; Barbara Bush, Soph. Third Row: Kathleen Butler, Fr; Gail Caskey, Sr; Chris Clarkson, Soph; Bev- erly Clipp, Fr; Diane Coddington, Fr; Kay Cornelius, Jr. Fourth Row: Judith Daulph, Fr; Nancy DiDonato, Soph; Margaret Dobson, Jr; Lorna Elliott, Fr; Susie Evans, Jr; Jane Fales, Soph. Fifth Row: Jeannette Franks, Soph; Susan Galloway, Soph; Susan Grandy, Jr; Devera Green, Fr; Pam Groen, Jr; Mary Gustafson, Fr. Bottom Row: Kathryn Hallberg, Fr; Linda Hammond, Fr; Patricia Hartman, Fr; Jean Haslet, Sr; Frances Hastings, Fr; Kathleen Hill, Soph. Alpha Gamma Delta Is A Lot More Than That Top Row: Cathy Hitchcock, Sr; Kristi Johnson, Jr; Kathy Jo Justiss, Jr; Mary Kelly, Soph. Second Row; Alice Ketcham, Fr; Kristi Knowles, Fr; Gretchen Koch, Soph; Janet Laird, Soph. Third Row: Dona Larson, Fr; Susan Lindberg, Fr; Lisa Lindeman, Fr; Lois Lindenmeyer, Jr. Fourth Row: Louise Lindenmeyer, Fr; Lisa Lock- hart, Fr; Judith McComas, Jr; Susie McGraw, Jr. Fifth Row: Sandy McMurray, Sr; Joan Miller, Jr; Marigail Miller, Jr; Marlene Miller, Sr. Sixth Row: Kitrina Morss, Soph; Marsha Nichol- son, Soph; Margi Oletzke, Soph; Mollie Olson, Fr. Seventh Row: Judith Painter, Soph; Stephanie Peach, Fr; Ann Peistrup, Jr; Marsha Powers, Fr. Bottom Row: Jean Randall, Soph; Nancy Repp, Fr; Cathy Richards, Jr; Chris Robberson, Fr. Top Row: Sue Robinson, Jr; Kristi Ronning, Fr; Pamela Rutzel, Sr; Jennifer Sayre, Soph; Annika Scheynius, Soph. Second Row: Mimi Schmidt, Soph; Stephanie Scott, Soph; Laurie Shaw, Fr; Kristin Sigmar, Fr; Karen Smith, Fr. Third Row: Leigh Smith, Jr; Ralene Staehli, Sr; Kathleen Stein, Fr; Sue Swanes, Soph; Carolyn Thomas, Soph. Fourth Row: Jean Thompson, Jr; Terri Thompson, Jr; Jean Vanek, Jr; Desa Walsh, Soph; Marilyn Weick, Jr. Bottom Row: Valerie Weick, Soph; Shirley Widerski, Sr; Sylvia Wilcox, Jr; Denise Wittenberger, Fr; Kathleen Woodman, Jr. 351 Top Row: Dale Adams, Sr; Sue Ellen Adams, Sr; Camille Allen, Fr; Beverly Anderson, Fr; Mary Anderson, Fr; Karen Bacon, Jr; Nancy Baggott, Soph; Andra Bailey, Jr; Barbara Batchelder, Jr; Gael Baxley, Jr. Second Row: Claudia Bennett, Fr; Cynthia Bennett, Fr; Elizabeth Berkley, Soph; La Donna Bires, Sr; Cheryl Bishop, Fr; Maureen Bozarth, Soph; Terre Bragg, Fr; Patricia Brown, Soph; Phyllis Bryant, Fr; Ellen Burton, Jr. Third Row: Katherine Carmichael, Soph; Barbara Castro, Sr; Diane Clifford, Soph; Suzanne Delay, Fr; Stephanie DeLong, Fr; Donna DeMuynck, Sr; Gayle Dimmitt, Soph; Susan Drushella, Fr; Pamela Engard, Soph; Gayle Estes, Fr. Fourth Row: Claudia Ferris, Jr; Susan Finney, Sr; Janet Flickinger, Fr; Sharon Garke, Jr; Linda Gatjens, Fr; Susan Gfeller, Fr; Rita Gibson, Fr; Sandra Giles, Fr; Nancy Gunderson, Sr; Elizabeth Haga, Jr. Bottom Row: Cheryl Hahn, Fr; Mary Halsan, Soph; Victoria Hamilton, Fr; Carolyn Hill, Soph; Sarah Hunter, Fr; Margaret Johansen, Soph; Julie Johnson, Jr; Robin Johnson, Sr; Sandra Kerr, Fr; Karen Koeppler, Fr. 352 Top Row: Kathleen Korpela, Jr; Patricia Krier, Sr; Diane LaCourse, Fr; Margaret LaDuke, Fr; Rosanne LeVitre, Soph; Suzy Lindsay, Soph; Nancy Locke, Fr; June Makar, Soph; Michele Male, Sr; Hilary Mann, Fr. Second Row: Mary Bess Mann, Sr; Eileen Miller, Jr; Elizabeth Miller, Soph; Gay Minorchio, Fr; Colleen Murphy, Jr; Alice Nelson, Soph; Karan Noyes, Jr; Joanne Nyhagen, Fr; Shannon O ' Reilly, Soph; Karen Parker, Jr. Third Row: Cynthia Parks, Soph; Terry Patoile, Soph; Judith Peterson, Jr; Terri Peterson, Jr; Nancy Polls, Sr; Jean Rexford, Soph; Deborah Richards, Jr; Linda Robins, Soph; Candace Rosauer, Fr; Delana Ruud, Jr. Fourth Row: Pamela Schelling, Soph; Susan Schultz, Soph; Janice Severy, Soph; Susan Shanks, Jr; Catherine Shannon, Jr; Christine Shannon, Soph; Deidra Smith, Soph; Sharon Stratton, Soph; Susan Summers, Jr; Nancy Supplee, Soph. Bottom Row: Nancy Jo Taylor, Fr; Jill Thatcher, Jr; Elaine Vroman, Fr; Kristen Wahlberg, Soph; Carol Jean Walker, Fr; Pamela Walker, Soph; Susan Watson, Soph; Joan Whalen, Jr; Susan Wright, Jr; Cecilia Yoakum, Soph. A Pi ' s Capture National A ward " Could you ever forget . . . " had a fa- miliar ring for the Alpha Omicron Pi ' s this year. They brought home an Achievement Cup from National Con- vention, turned on " Harbor Lights " at the Edgewater and watched " Came- lot " en masse. A successful Song Fest troupe went to finals, while athletic sisters walked away with the All-Sports Trophy. The Lambda Chi ' s won ' t for- get the red and white balloons, nor will the Delta Chi ' s forget the " successful " pledge sneak. Husky Honeys and Rally Girls cheered the Huskies on, while ROTC girls helped the fellas. In all, another great Alpha 0. year. 353 Linda Danner, Cynthia Pugh, Anne Pence, Barbara iVlaier, and Sally Hendricks, seated; Mary Crane, Paulette Kreft, Sally Raichle and Jan Cox. Another great pledge class, a successful sneak, Maria from Sweden and the Inglewood dance were but part of the memories of an eventful year. Robin ' s campaign and Judy ' s selection as National College Queen were some of the others, while active membership in campus activities and honoraries upheld the Alpha Phi tradition of scholarship, spirit and service. Alpha Phi ' s added meaning to Christmas with a party for underprivileged children, and they sponsored a little Appalachian boy. So life went this year at 4710! Top Row: Judith Acheson, Fr; Sandra Alwine, Sr; Susan Arwine, Fr; Betty Baker, Fr; Stephanie Baker, Soph; Rosemary Barker, Sr. Bottom Row: Sherrill Bartoy, Jr; Nanci Baumgartner, Jr; Linda Bayer, Fr; Marsha Bean, Fr; Nancy Bird, Jr; Susan Bird, Fr. Top Row: Barbara Bloom, Soph; Karen Bobst, Soph; Kaye Boys, Soph; Maria Brandsjo, Jr; Pam Brunk, Fr; Daria Buhtz, Fr; Bonnie Campbell, Sr; Catherine Campbell, Jr; Katie Cantalini, Fr; Cathleen Carney, Soph; Marilyn Collins, Fr. Bottom Row: Kathleen Colyar, Soph; Cheryl Cooper, Sr; Janis Cox, Jr; Kathryn Cox, Soph; Mary Crane, Jr; Jean Crawford, Fr; Susan Crockett, Jr; Carolyn Crossett, Fr; Linda Danner, Sr; Dorothy Dick, Jr; Kathleen Dier, Jr. 354 Alpha Phi ' s Count Successful Sneak, Campaign Christmas And Small Boy Among Year ' s Memories r i- ' i " » m lu i ) l tk%% Top Row: Shirley Dow, Jr; Donna Eno, Soph; Lynda Esselbach, Fr; Cynthia Faulkner, Fr; Wendy Fontaine, Fr; Marilyn Galbraith, Sr; Jane Gardner, Fr; Saralynne Garrett, Soph; Lynn Geiger, Jr; Martha Glundberg, Soph; Linda Hall, Fr. Second Row: Carole Heald, Jr; Leslie Heaton, Sr; Salli Hendricks, Fr; Judith Hill, Jr; Diane Hoffner, Jr; Susan Home, Jr; Nancy Huckaba, Soph; Lori Huebschman, Fr; Chris Johnson, Jr; Mary Lou Johnson, Jr; Marjorie Kaczor, Fr. Third Row: Robin Kettenring, Sr; Jean Kirkpatrick, Fr; Jeanne Kleyn, Soph; Paulette Kreft, Sr; Mary Kumbera, Jr; Cathy Lamping, Soph; Patricia Lane, Jr; Carolee Larson, Sr; Linda Mackintosh, Soph; Terry Madsen, Soph; Barbara Maier, Sr. Fourth Row: Lynn Maxwell, Jr; Nora McCloy, Jr; Elizabeth Miller, Fr; Kathleen Miller, Fr; Joanne Morris, Fr; Theresa Naubert, Fr; Penel- ope Nelson, Jr; Linda Noltimier, Jr; Janet Olson, Soph; Catherine Osterhout, Jr; Josina Pearson, Soph. Fifth Row: Ann Pence, Jr; Helsa Petersen, Fr; Susan Peth, Soph; Barbara Pratt, Fr; Cynthia Pugh, Sr; Aldene Rader, Fr; Marilyn Raichle, Fr; Sara Raichle, Sr; Diane Rasmussen, Jr; Barbara Reading, Jr; Patricia Richmond, Jr. Sixth Row: Cameron Riesen, Jr; Gaylia Robbie, Soph; Jo Marie Roberts, Jr; Barbara Rood, Soph; Susan Rood, Sr; Beverly Rupp, Soph; Marise Scott, Fr; Janice Secord, Soph; Linell Smethurst, Fr; Sally Smith, Sr; Mary Stevenson, Soph. Bottom Row: Marley Tempes, Soph; Andrea Tollefson, Soph; Miriam Toy, Fr; Karen Valaas, Fr; Susan Van Eaton, Fr; Katherine Ven- nema, Fr; Wendy Watson, Jr; Maureen Williams, Soph; Catherine Wright, Fr; Mary Wright, Fr; Janis Ziegan, Jr. 355 Top Row: Phil liam Bailey, Fr. Second Row: Norm Black Third Row: Soph; Tom Brisbin, Jr. Bottom Row: Burke, Soph ip Atkey, Soph; Wil- Soph; Floyd Bippes, Terry Bjurstrom, Fr; Jr ; Pete Blake, Sr. Harvey Blankenship, Breda, Fr; Michael David Brown, Fr; Bill ; John Bussard, Fr. Alpha Sigma Phi Host Norwegian, Sends Brother To Vienna H M i Top Row: Robert Campbell, Soph; Ellis Carlisle, Fr; John Carrell, Soph; Hadley Chamberlain, Soph; John Clark, Soph; Edward Collier, Soph; Michael Crivelli, Soph; Thomas Duffy, Fr; James Erickson, Sr; David Fagerstrom, Fr; Mark Falcone, Jr. Second Row: Darryl Ferguson, Fr; Clay Fleck, Jr; Clay Forbes, Sr; Robert Foye, Fr; Patrick Gebhardt, Soph; Douglas Gehrke, Jr; Stephen Greer, Terry Griner, Jr; George Hadley, Soph; James Hadley, Sr; James Hammond, Soph. Bottom Row: James Hampton, Soph; Robert Hansen, Soph; Gary Helwig, Soph; Daniel Hiatt, Fr; Mark Holzemer, Fr; Robert Hulet, Soph; Thomas Ihrig, Jr; David Jensen, Soph; John Jochman, Soph; Paul Karkiainen, Soph; Michael Kehoe, Fr. 356 Top Row: Michael Kennedy, Fr; Robert Kiefner, Soph; Daniel Kopet, Jr; William Korfhage, Soph; Marc Kurth, Soph; Ronald Lee, Fr; Fred Lieske, Fr; Richard Liranzo, Sr; Gilbert Lussier, Fr; William MacDonald, Fr; Ronald McDougall, Soph. Second Row: Michael McNeil, Jr; Steward Menefee, Fr; Gary Menne, Soph; Mark Mitchell, Soph; Thomas Mitchell, Jr; Warren Nasser, Soph; Theodore Neal, Jr; Rick Newell, Fr; Robert Nowak, Jr; Thomas Nowak, Fr; Hugo Parr, Sr. Third Row; Robert Passmore, Fr; Edwin Peterson, Fr; James Pidduck, Soph; Jeffery Powers, Jr; Edward Ray, Soph; Gregory Raid, Soph; Robert Reinke, Fr; Michael Russell, Fr; Robert Sandifur, Fr; David Seaquist, Soph; Robert Shay, Fr. Bottom Row: Joel Smith, Fr; David Sotka, Sr; Leiand Stoecker, Sr; Dewey Taylor, Fr; Theodore Therriault, Soph; Grant Thurston, Fr; Douglas Wagner, Soph; Michael Whelan, Soph; Thomas Whiting, Soph; Charles Whitney, Fr; Michael Wilson, Soph. This was a year of leadership, func- tions, fun and hard studies for the Alpha Sig actives and their forty new pledges. Jay Hadley became Publications Board chairman and a member of Purple Shield, while Sundodgers Phil Atkey, Hadley Chamberlain, Ted Therriault, Jim Hampton and Doug Gehrke ex- emplified campus spirit. John Car- rell and Tri-Delt Lorna Dyer cap- tured a second place in the World Ice Skating Tournament in Vienna. A Scandinavian accent was added by Norwegian exchange student Hugo Parr. Alpha Sigs retired the Ugly Man trophy after their third consecutive victory, and they re- created the Beatles ' success story with their talented serenades. A ski weekend at Snoqualmie Pass and a house party at Harrison Hot Springs rounded out a full social season, while a reserved study room in Balmer Hall helped pledges maintain their grades. 357 Grades, house politics and pledge class spirit helped bring individuals from as far away as Norway together in the brotherhood of Alpha Tau Omega. Keeping the Tau ' s busy wasn ' t hard; functions ranged from the semi- formal pledge dance to the annual Brotherhood Function; from the Christmas Party for underprivileged children to the Ocean Shores week- end. White tie and tails, limousines and a host of Tau ' s made the Winter Cotillion the highlight of the year. It was a great year for Alpha Tau Omega, but the future seems even better. Alpha Tau Omegas Don White Top Row: Dane Babboni, Jr; Daniel Bienz, Soph; Edward Blaine, Jr; John Carney, Fr; Dennis Clarke, Jr; Paul Cowles, Fr; Robert Dahl, Jr. Bottom Row: William Dobbin, Soph; Richard Drescher, Fr; Robert Drescher, Soph; Terry Fortier, Fr; Jeffrey Foster, Fr; Robert Fritz, Soph; Richard Furse, Sr. Tie And Tails For Winter Cotillion At Olympic 1 Top Row: Timothy Garrand, Soph; David Harrah, Sr; Rodney Hennig, Sr; David Hillshafer, Soph; Carl Johansen, Fr; Donald Klopfer, Fr; Stanley Knostman, Jr; Gregory Langdon, Fr; Robert Lewis, Fr; Roger Lloyd, Jr; Michael Loe, Jr. Second Row: Thomas MacDonald, Jr; James Matthews, Soph; Robert Minto, Jr; Scott Neils, Soph; Jay Obenour, Fr; Harald Ohickers, Soph; Henning Olberg, Soph; Carl Pearson, Sr; Robert Repp, Sr; Gregory Roats, Jr; James Roberts, Soph. Bottom Row: James Robertson, Sr; Jay Sentz, Sr; Roger Shearer, Jr; Mark Sheldon, Sr; David Skeen, Fr; William Tompkins, Fr; Scott Toraason, Fr; John Weaver, Fr; Scott Wight, Fr; Richard Wilson, Fr; Dennis Woener, Jr. 359 Whether responding to the call of the slopes as a Husky Winter Sports Club officer or answering the president ' s phone at Panhellenic, Alpha Xi ' s proved to be scholastically active and full of fun. Rally Girls cheered for victorious teams as editors burned the midnight oil to produce the TYEE. Corvettes and Angels clashed in mild military rivalry while Alpha Lambda Delta and Mortar Board members displayed their prowess in the classroom. A Xi D " looks " were not easily overlooked, as Theta Chi, Lambda Chi, Theta Delta Chi and Sigma Alpha Mu soon learned. Blue cotton candy (don ' t get it on your tongue!) made Moon Party memories during rush, and a furry bear pelt flying from the Theta Delt flagpole (how COULD it have gotten there?) caused quite a neigh- borhood stir. Robin Ackerlund, Jr; Connie Ahola, Soph; Kristine Andersen, Fr; Sheila Arntzen, Fr; Sarah Beebe, Soph; Barbara Beeby, Soph; Diane Bowen, Jr; Marilyn Byers, Soph. Furry Bear Pelt Causes Quite A Stir In Alpha Xi Delta Neighborhood " Well, when I took Math 946 I had a horrible old grouch for a prof and he used to . . . " 360 Top Row: Kathleen Doo- ley, Jr; Suzanne Dow- ney, Soph. Second Row: Pat Fager, Sr; Julie Gangler, Jr. Third Row: Karen Good- now, Fr; Karen Goran- son, Jr. Bottom Row: Sue Gun- dersen, Soph; Kris Hendrickson, Fr. " You ' re going to take our picture? Well, all right, go ahead. But WHY are you taking it? Are you going to use it for something? Wait a minute until I can comb my hair . . . " f) rs . ,.; 1 Top Row: Christine Herman, Fr; Janet Honeywell, Jr; Jan Jaskovsky, Jr; Margaret Jones, Jr; Rebecca Jones, Soph; Clare Krisberg, Fr; Arlene Lamont, Jr; Elizabeth Lauzen, Sr; Mary Ann Leisy, Fr; Maryjo Lien, Sr. Second Row: Vicki Lingle, Soph; Donna Linse, Sr; Candy Litsey, Jr; Leandra Little, Fr; Frances Long, Fr; Joan Lowry, Jr; Linda Lunceford, Soph; Judith Marth, Sr; Jackie McAbee, Soph; Chris McLeod, Sr. Third Row: Lynne McNurlin, Sr; Marcia Mickalsen, Jr; Dolly Moore, Jr; Gloria Porter, Jr; Leslie Powell, Jr; Mary Putra, Jr; Lynn Rainier, Sr; Mimi Rathje, Fr; Susan Rennie, Fr; Susan Repp, Jr. Fourth Row: Ann Rickett, Fr; Candy Roberge, Soph; Judith Robinson, Soph; Nita Rosendahl. Jr; Nancy Schnurstein, Sr; Sandra See, Jr; Linda Settersten, Jr; Cynthia Shelley, Jr; Reta Shipek, Jr; Patricia Shore, Jr. Bottom Row: Kay Smyth, Fr; Patricia Sours, Sr; Anne Stahlborn, Soph; Barbara Trout, Jr; Carolyn Walker, Fr; Janice Wall- mark, Soph; Barbara Weber, Soph; Vicki Westling, Sr; Sandra Winninghoff, Jr; Jacqueline Wisman, Sr. 361 Beta Theta Pi Spirit: It ' s Nottiing New But Something Unique f?l jtafe-Xji. -r Mj Individual excellence is nothing new, nothing unique. But there ' s more to the Beta House than that — the Beta spirit is not new, but something unique. It ' s the brother who unplugs your electric blanket when it ' s 20 degrees on the porch so he can plug in his — then spends three hours the next night helping you write a term paper. It ' s the guy who blows two hours driving through Boeing traffic to pick you up at the airport, and shows up wearing the new sweater you left locked in your room. Sometimes a Beta doesn ' t figure the House out until it ' s time to graduate. It isn ' t a house at all, but a family. Behind the cynical facade there are 120 guys who would do anything for each other. You know, because you would do anything for them. X ' vTC ■■ ■ , Sr - " ' - ■ V--- " V •- ' " ■ ' ■ k. 9 f f Top Row: Stephen Anderson, Soph; Lon Annest, Soph; Stephen Annest, Fr; John Augustine, Soph; Eric Augusztiny, Soph. Second Row: Hobart Belloni, Fr; Roger Bergdahl, Fr; John Bertram, Sr; Steve Bordner, Sr; Roger Brown, Sr. Third Row: Peter Buckley, Jr; James Burdett, Soph; Ward Bush- nell, Sr; David Cahill, Fr; Bruce Carpenter, Fr. Bottom Row: Gregory Chandler, Jr; Craig Chilton, Soph; John Clees, Soph; Richard Cole, Jr; Thomas Cooper, Soph. 362 ' Of course I ' m a Beta — initiated with the Class of ' 67. il ii i i4 ii iife. Top Row: Spiro Daniggelis, Soph; Bernard Druck, Jr; Stanley Erickson, Sr; Larry Fleming, Sr; Dean Fliflet, Fr; William Frost, Jr Charles Gilmore, Fr; Perry Gnos, Sr; Lee Gfiffing, Sr; David Hagerman, Fr; Richard Hall, Jr. Second Row: Roald Hanson, Sr; Jack Hart, Sr; Steven Hassing, Fr; William Helman, Sr; Thomas Herche, Soph; James Hermann, Sr Patrick Hogan, Soph; Loren Hostek, Soph; Peter Hoyer, Jr; Alan Irvine, Fr; Joseph Kimm, Jr. Third Row: Kit Klinker, Soph; Stan Kohls, Soph; Brian Krinbring, Jr; Craig Kvam, Soph; Lewis Latimer, Jr; Christopher Leady, Sr Donald Lewison, Sr; James Lockhart, Soph; Michael Lowry, Fr; Richard Lyga, Soph; Paul Marguglio, Sr. Fourth Row: Stanley Martinkus, Soph; Dennis Marxen, Jr; Duane McCabe, Jr; Gary McConaghy, Jr; Dennis McGarry, Fr; Michael McKinstry, Jr; Michael McLean, Sr; Stephen McPhail, Fr; Brian Miller, Soph; Mark Miller, Jr; Thomas Morberg, Jr. Fifth Row: Don Morgan, Fr; Gerald Pagano, Soph; Robert Panowicz, Jr; Gregory Popich, Sr; David Ramsay, Jr; Eric Ranta, Soph; Terrance Reckord, Jr; Fredric Reed, Jr; Don Riddle, Fr; Richard Rule, Fr; Richard Sander, Sr. Bottom Row: Scott Schnebly, Fr; Kirke Sievers, Sr; Cameron Smith, Fr; Craig Smithson, Fr; Cecil Snodgrass, Fr; Dan Spriestersbach, Jr; Mark Starling, Soph; Steven Stonefelt, Soph; Gregory Swanson, Soph; Richard Tollefson, Jr; Richard Wise, Fr. 363 One Hundred Sixteen Chi O ' s Enjoy A Magic Ring Togetiier One hundred and sixteen sisters are united in a sisterhood at Chi Omega. Each one is an individual, but each one contributes to the whole of a big house. The contributions come in many sizes. It may be from two homecoming princesses, campus queens, a BOC member or two Program Panel members. Or it may be Mortar Board mem- bers, the AWS president and corresponding secretary. And there were Totem Club, W-Key and Husky Honey members. But it all adds up to one hundred and sixteen enthusiastic girls. It all adds up to one house: Chi Omega. Top Row: Andrea Anderson, Soph; Marsha Anderson, Sr; Nikki Anderson, Sr; Patricia Anderson, Fr; Jean Armstead, Sr; Colleen Armstrong, Fr. Second Row: Norma Benson, Fr; Kerry Boster, Soph; Barbara Bradshaw, Jr; Polly Brewster, Soph; Claudia Brott, Fr; Kathleen Burgett, Fr. Third Row: Penny Carleton, Fr; Kathleen Carter, Fr; Joyce Chapman, Sr; Marilyn Chapman, Soph; Jeanne Clark, Sr; Linda Correia, Jr. Bottom Row: Diane Dahlberg, Jr; Vicki Daniels, Fr; Diane Dodds, Sr; Elissa Dyson, Jr; Marjorie Edwards, Fr; Linda Eloranta, Sr. 364 Top Row: Karon Erickson, Soph; Nancy Erickson, Fr; Caroline Evans, Soph; Kathryn Evenson, Fr; Colleen Fallon, Fr; Ann Feek, Sr; Linda Felthous, Fr; Thereza Flarys, Sr; Kathleen Forbes, Soph; Shawn Foster, Fr; Lynn Gunner, Soph. Second Row: Nancy Haase, Soph; Diane Hadland, Fr; Suzanne Hall, Soph; Rita Havnaer, Fr; Verena Haynes, Fr; Marilyn Hememann, Jr; Sue Ellen Helm, Fr; Sandra Hoefer, Jr; Patricia Hogan, Jr; Lee Isaacson, Jr; Charlotte Iwata, Fr. Third Row: Toni Jacobsen, Fr; Candace Jenkins, Soph; Nancy Jensen, Jr; Leslie Johnson. Soph; Teri Kaiser, Fr; Holle Knudson, Fr; Kathryn Krinis, Fr; Karen Krows, Sr; Margaret Lambert, Fr; Jennifer Lee, Soph; Julie Lindmark, Fr. Fourth Row: Katharine Linne, Fr; Mary McCaffree, Soph; Dixie McCowan, Fr; Denise McCoy. Jr; Terri McLean, Jr; Lynn Miller, Sr; Sally Millikan, Soph; Merry Moos. Soph; Christine Noah, Soph; Patricia Norkool, Jr; Judith Norman, Jr. Fifth Row: Sally Norway, Fr; Betty Anne Nye, Sr; Kathryn Ogden, Soph; Suzanne Ostrander, Fr; Lynn Owen. Jr; Sara Owen, Fr; Leanne Perovich. Fr; Roberta Peterson, Fr; Lynn Phillips. Fr; Ann Pomeroy. Jr; Jane Pomeroy. Fr. Sixth Row: Jane Quigg. Jr; Sharon Rasmussen, Soph; Eileen Ratcliff. Soph; Deborah Reade, Soph; Chris Richter. Sr; Carol Rogers, Fr; Carol Ross, Jr; Mary Ross, Fr; Linda Sahlberg, Jr; Sarah Sanford. Fr; Cynthia Savage. Sr. Seventh Row: Sandra Schaefer, Sr; Kennan Scheldt, Fr; Barbara Schlag. Jr; Susan Schmitt, Fr; Cynthia Sherwood, Soph; Kerry Shiels, Fr; Diana Skidmore. Fr; Charlene Smith, Sr; Janet Smith, Sr; Elizabeth Somers, Sr; Kathryn Sorley, Jr. Bottom Row: Beverly Southern, Soph; Sandy Stewart, Sr; Janet Stokes. Jr; Vickie Strandin, Soph; Sally Sutch, Soph; Cara Lee Swanson, Sr; Gail Toraason. Jr; Cynthia Walkup, Fr; Janice Wall, Jr; Barbara Wangsmo, Fr; Catherine Wayne, Sr. 365 Daffodils Sent As Chi Psi Uncle ' Passes ' Roll over USC. Anything for Sue. M£ I Top Row: Chris Ayers, Soph; Thomas Backus, Fr; Ray Betts, Jr; Frederick Boyns, Soph; Raymond Brastow, Fr. Second Row: William Brown, Fr; Gary Dahike, Sr; Spencer Dan- iels, Fr; Frank Edge, Jr; Richard Flyg, Soph. Third Row: James Griffiths, Jr; Jeffrey Griffiths, Sr; Larry Grif- fiths, Fr; Alan Hanson, Fr; Gary Houlahan, Jr. Bottom Row: Kevin Jewell, Jr; John A. Johnson, Fr; John E. Johnson, Sr; Edward Kennedy, Jr; Bruce Kilen, Fr. Can ' t miss " Star Trek " just because there ' s a party. The tar crept as Jeff slept, but no one else was caught cat-napping this year at Chi Psi. Twenty-four " happy " pledges asked when the boiler was to be fixed while Gary ' s GT 500 became the swooping machine that never swooped. Sally was surprised with 1000 daf- fodils but not as much as the brothers when UNCLE ROBERT GRADUATED! The Monk perfected Lara ' s theme while the Latin American lover Mario threw a wild party. The poetic pledges turned out to be accident prone as The Pope fell, Kilen slid, Bink grew a cast and the football team stomped while the Oktoberfest swung and . . . well, everything was beautiful, just . . . beautiful. Top Row: Ralph Lundva ll, Fr; James Masterson, Fr; John McAlpin, Fr; John Parker, Soph; Mario Pastore, Soph; James Pope, Fr; Benjamin Reams, Jr; David Rowland, Fr; Christopher Schindler, Sr; Rick Soderberg, Sr. Bottom Row: Wayne Strand, Fr; Richard Stymans, Jr; Michael Thyng, Jr; John Wasilausky, Soph; Karl Weiss, Fr; Bink Wig- gins, Fr; Robert Wilson, Fr; John Wines, Fr; Theodore Yantis, Sr; Gordon Zeugner, Soph. 367 It was a very good year for Delta Chi. The new addition was oh-so-fine even though it caused problems with bids from two carpenters and temporarily displaced pre-rush work crews. Later atheists opposed true believers while the senior card section held nightly meetings and maintained that Mano made sense. The pledge sneak missed glory by five seconds and chem rookies found they were glad to talk to tutors. Yes, 1967-68 was a very good year, a very good year for Delta Chi. £k£Sk Top Row: Ronald Adolphi, Sr; Douglas Baker, Fr. Second Row: Robert Becker, Soph; Dennis BInkley, Sr, Third Row: Randy Bjor- gan, Fr; Greg Bohrer, Fr. Fourth Row: Chris Brit- ton, Soph; Ben Bryant, Fr. Fifth Row: Chris Burrows, Fr; Arnie Carson, Soph. Sixth Row: Gary Chin, Soph: John Chin, Fr. Seventh Row: Kenneth Callop, Soph; Michael Creighton, Jr. Bottom Row: James Daw- son, Sr; Fred Dent, Fr. 368 Delta Chi ' s Tidy ' The Ave, ' Add On To House 4ft f f (v t Top Row: Douglas Dewar, Sr; Gregory Dewar, Fr; James Dobrick, Sr; Richard Driftmier, Fr; Ray Eads, Sr; Gordon Egbert, Soph; Paul Ehmer, Jn Donald Evans, Jr; Fredrick Fish, Jr; Robert Fitting, Sr. Second Row: Pat Foley, Jr; David Gaines, Soph; James Gandy, Jr; Rod Gibbons, Fr; Kjeld Gluckstadt, Fr; James Gray, Fr; Lewis Gray. Sr; William Gray, Sr; Daniel Grimm, Fr; Parry Grover, Jr. Third Row: Bruce Hagen, Soph; Donald Hall, Fr; Douglas Halm, Fr; Norman Hammer, Fr; Patrick Hargus, Jr; David Herbig, Soph; Dennis Hill, Jr; Douglas Hopkins, Fr; Randall Hummer, Fr; Dennis Johnson, Soph. Fourth Row: Eric Johnson, Soph; Steve Johnson, Sr; Douglas Kinzig, Soph; Walter Kirkpatrick, Sr; Daniel Knodel, Fr; Joseph Lasby, Sr; William Leighty. Soph; Tory Leigland, Soph; Philippe Lenfant, Fr; Frank Liburdy, Soph. Fifth Row: Kurt Lichtenberg, Jr; Don MacFarlane, Soph; Joseph Mano, Sr; Gregory Martin, Soph; Michael Mastro, Fr; Marc Meininger, Soph; Alan Meyer, Sr; Douglas Morrill, Fr; Michael Mowrer, Jr; Craig Mukai, Soph. Sixth Row: Mark Mukai, Fr; Phillip Noble, Sr; John Nordquist, Jr; Norman Northrup, Jr; Richard Olszewski, Jr; Robert Pilling, Sr; Peter Plath, Fr; Joseph Raquer. Fr; Bruce Richardson, Jr; Chris Ries, Fr. Seventh Row: James Ritchie, Soph; John Rynd, Sr; James Schack, Soph; Stephen Sprenger, Fr; Dennis Stearns, Soph; Joe Surace, Sr; Vic Svacek, Jr; Gary Tomlinson, Soph; Fred Van Ess, Jr; John Wallace, Jr. Bottom Row: Peter Ward, Fr; Richard Ward, Fr; Douglas Watson, Fr; Gregory Weeks, Jr; John Wetherby, Soph; Charles Wheelon, Fr; Edward White, Fr; Bruce Willett, Sr; Robert Wood, Soph; Bernard Wright, Sr. 369 Delta Delta Delta Wins Scholarship Trophy ■jAsi litkk MM i i Top Row: Ann Alexander, Fr; Kit Anderson, Soph; Margaret Baird, Fr; Wendy Barnes, Fr; Catherine Bell, Fr; Nicole Bick- ford, Soph; Imogene Billings, Fr; Susan Bills, Fr; Barbara Booker, Fr; Margaret Bolin, Soph. Second Row: Julieann Brixner, Sr; Joan Broughton, Jr; Lynne Brown, Fr; Pam Brumwell, Fr; Joanne Bush, Soph; Linda Carnovale, Fr; Barbara Carter, Soph; Mary Carter, Jr; Marion Clifton, Fr; Janice Darielli, Fr. Third Row: Anita Deasy, Jr; Mary Deasy, Soph; Christine Delius, Fr; Maria Dilling, Fr; Linda Dobbs, Jr; Kristine Eardley, Fr; Frances Finnigan, Sr; Sandra Gillett, Fr; Susan Hagist, Sr; Julie Hall, Soph. Fourth Row: Barbara Hansen, Jr; Joan Heimbigner, Sr; Sally Hewitt, Jr; Nancy Hiatt, Soph; Mary Rae Hoffman, Soph; Ann Holman, Sr; Cheryl Honigbaum, Jr; Nancy Huber, Jr; Jane Jirous, Soph; Barbara Johnson, Fr. Fifth Row: Gayle Johnson, Sr; Kristine Johnson, Fr; Patricia Johnson, Soph; Janice Jones, Sr; Judith Jones, Fr; Mary Pat Kane, Fr; Constance Kerr, Sr; Susan Kerr, Fr; Mary Koss, Sr; Charlotte Krahn, Jr. Sixth Row: Cheryl Krusemark, Fr; Elizabeth Kuon, Soph; Lynn La Bissoniere, Soph; Cheryl Learn, Jr; Kay Leber, Fr; Victoria Lugar, Sr; Mary MacKintosh, Soph; Patricia McAllister, Sr; Joann McManus, Fr; Julie Madsen, Jr. Seventh Row: Donna Magner, Soph; Theresa Mathis, Fr; Suzanne Matthaeus, Jr; Christine Monsen, Jr; Regen Moore, Soph; Jan Mortlock, Jr; Pamela Neil, Fr; Diana Newett, Jr; Janet Newschwander, Fr; Jill Nicholls, Fr. Bottom Row: Nancy Noble, Fr; Wendie Nordstrom, Fr; Elizabeth Nutley, Fr; Kathy Nutley, Sr; Diane Paulson, Fr; Becky Peterson, Fr; Shirley Peterson, Fr; Ellinor Pettersen, Sr; Lynnae Pocock, Fr; Linda Price, Fr. 370 f m n Top Row: Catherine Rash, Soph; Pamela Redman, Jr; Joyce Reinbold, Jr; Susan Reynolds, Soph; VIcki Rhodes, Fr. Second Rowi Janet Roehl, Fr; Lynne Ross, Fr; Christine Scharz, Soph; Karen Seeschaaf, Soph; Cindi Simmons, Soph. Third Row: Terri Lea Smith, Soph; Susan Songstad, Fr; Jane Spence, Jr; Margaret Stebbins, Jr; Karen Stokes, Sr. Fourth Row: Nancy Stroud, Jr; Daphne Swanson, Soph; Rondy Wallace, Soph; Page Webb, Fr; Nadine Wells, Soph. Bottom Row: Joan Whitesel, Soph; Anne Wittenberg, Soph; Toni Wolff, Sr; Jan Wood, Jr; Patricia Yellam, Soph. Tri-Delts Excel As Tutors And Queens With ever-growing friendships and ever-lasting mem- ories, the Tri-Delts look back on a fun-filled year. For the second consecutive year they claimed the Panhellenic Scholarship trophy and the All-City Pledge Scholarship trophy for highest grades. In addition to group excursions to concerts and op- eras, they remember the fun involved with tutoring, Husky Honeys, Rally Girls, Brigadears, Corvettes, Angel Flight and W-Key. They led the way on cam- pus with AWS vice president, Mortar Board presi- dent. Totem Club vice president and Little Sisters of Minerva president. Congratulations went to f Princess, Miss Music City, and Homecoming Queen- iss Mistletoe, a Seafair yiiss Peaches and Cream -all were Tri-Delts. But the memories that are the happiest are of the fun they had — at Tuesday n ight Social Dinners, working on Campus Appeal, the annual Pansy Breakfast, firesides and their special friend Lisy from Peru. Helene Doces, Joan Broughton, Carol Scharz Hendershott and Pat McAllister look on as Dr. T. Saunders English, speaker for the Pansy Breakfast, signs the guest book. Even On That Great Pumpkin Day Singing Unites Top Row: Wendy Allen, Soph; Barbara Anderson, Soph; Marilyn Anderson, Fr; Linda Andrews, Jr; Joanna Arkebauer, Fr; Sharon Arke- bauer, Sr; Pamela Arntzen, Fr; Carroll Barlow, Jr; Jefri Bateman, Sr; Nancy Bell, Sr; Annette Bemis, Soph. Second Row: Mary Boyd, Soph; Callene Buck, Fr; Sheral Burkey, Fr; Mary Carpenter, Soph; Janet Claussen, Sr; Cynthia Cohagen, Fr; Karen Crenshaw, Fr; Joelle Curry, Soph; Molly Dack, Jr; Kathleen Daly, Soph; Catherine DeLateur, Soph. Third Row: Margaret DeLateur, Sr; Susan Dittmann, Fr; Alejandra Dodds, Soph; Joan Duffy, Jr; Kathleen Duffy, Fr; Sharlene Falconer, Soph; Judith Florence, Fr; Deborah Flynn, Fr; Susan Garske, Sr; Gudrun Geibel, Soph; Patricia Gillespie, Fr. Fourth Row: Marta Corny, Fr; Carole Goudge, Sr; Britta Gundersen, Fr; Susan Haley, Fr; Jane Harris, Jr; Laurie Hoff, Soph; Jane Holder, Jr; Karen Holt, Jr; Kristine Johansson, Fr; Sandra Johnson, Soph; Pamela Jones, Soph. Fifth Row: Kristin Jorgensen, Soph; Kay Kasemeier, Jr; Mary Ketcham, Soph; Darlene K. Kissler, Fr; Luana Knight, Fr; Jane Koelsch, Soph; Karol Koon, Soph; Janet Kronenberg, Soph; Victoria Lewis, Sr; Bridget Lindsay, Fr; Nancy Lowman, Soph. Sixth Row: Maxine McGuire, Fr; Jane Martin, Jr; Nancy Massey, Soph; Kathryn Meyer, Soph; Mary Meyer, Jr; Tamara Milkie, Soph; Claudia Morse, Fr; Kathleen Morse, Jr; Maureen Murphy, Jr; Patricia A. Murphy, Fr; Elizabeth Nathane, Fr. Seventh Row: Carolyn Newquist, Jr; Shelley Offer, Soph; Laurie Oliver, Fr; Joanne Kay Palmer, Sr; Mary Lou Petersen, Soph; Judith Placek, Sr; Roberta Potts, Soph; Emily Richards, Fr; Mary Roddick, Fr; Janet Rogers, Soph; Margaret Rowlands, Soph. Bottom Row: Carolyn Sabo, Jr; Diane Schoch, Jr; Jeanne Schubert, Jr; Deborah Scott, Fr; Candace Smith, Soph; Sally Soth, Jr; Candace Soules, Soph; Christine Steiner, Soph; Paula Terrell, Fr; Sylvia Teutsch, Soph; Christina Trapp, Fr. 372 Delta Gamma Girls Top Row: Barbara Tucker, Jr; Gray Tuttle, Sr; Katherine Van Ostrand, Fr; Karen Vierling, Sr. Second Row: Alice Wakefield, Fr; Monica Ward, Jr; Roberta Warren, Fr; Catharine Weborg, Fr. Third Row: Jeri Wentjar, Jr; Dianne White, Fr; Kathleen Wiker, Sr; Melanie Williams, Soph. Bottom Row: Marsha Wood, Fr; Catherine Worley, Fr; Lowell Young, Jr; Sherrell Zier, Soph. Delta Gamma memories are made of midnight charades, cocoa, doughnuts and Mrs. B ' s popcorn. Forty-five new pledges will now share the memories. The study porch became " the con- vent, " and grades went from good to better still. Delta Gammas were in Alpha Lambda Delta, Totem Club and W-Key. Husky Honeys and Rally Girls will never for- get those 90-degree days. Swimmers, including the swim show chairman, were in Silver Fish. Angel Flight, Briga- dears and Corvette uniforms will be well remembered. Of course, there was a DG on the cheer squad, one on the Board of Control and a well- traveled MUN secretary. All that? And DG ' s were queens, too, with two finalists for the Queen of Queens. Singing has tied the girls together throughout the year — even on that Great Pumpkin Day. 373 Bull session? Or the beginning of another election strategy plan? Delta Tau Delta Proves Itself Politically, Athletically, Socially nam Applied math assignments . . . the angle of trianguiation . . . nine in the side pocket. Top Row: Richard Aagaard, Jr; Robert Alston, Fr; Michael Alvine, Fr; Stephen Andersen, Fr. Second Row: William Ashby, Soph; Thomas Avery, Soph; David Basse, Fr; David Batchelder, Sr. Third Row: Barik Bostwick, Jr; William Braun, Soph; Thomas Burkhart, Soph; Timothy Butler, Fr. Fourth Row: Dan Cadagan, Fr; James Carignan, Fr; Dennis Carlson, Sr; Jerome Carlson, Sr. Bottom Row: Richard Carlson, Fr; John Carver, Soph; Charles Chaffee, Soph; Russell Clarke, Jr. The ' 67 spring elections saw Chuck Lesnick, another in the line of Delt poli- ticians, victorious in his bid for ASUW first vice president. In athletics, eight Delts rowed intercollegiately while five others brought home the intramural crew trophy. The social program was highlighted by the houseparty at Mallard Cove and the infamous Viva Zapata while the pledge dance featured a cabaret at the Gold Coast. Formal Rush netted a 44-man pledge class, and Friday night dinners, by unofficial decree, became the test ground for mealtime decorum. These were some of the indications of a year of educational and social growth that maintained the standards of ex- cellence set in years past. 374 n « « a (fs ft 1 ! ff iAi iiiki Top Row: David Climer, Fr; Steven Conca, Jr; Thomas Connelly, Fr; Michael Conners, Soph; Peter Covey, Jr; Michael Cvitkovic, Soph. Second Row: James Edwards, Jr; Douglas Eggers, Jr; Douglas Engel, Soph Steven Engel, Sr; Duncan Findlay, Sr; Christopher Finn, Fr. Third Row: Jeffrey Fitzthum, Soph; William Follette, Fr; James Francis, Sr Robert Franke, Soph; James Frost, Sr; Jay Fulton, Soph. Fourth Row: Cameron Gardner, Fr; David Gebert, Fr; Robert Gering, Sop h Terry Golden, Jr; Donald Graf, Soph; John Guthrie, Soph. Fifth Row: Charles Hammond, Sr; Russel Hammond, Soph; Richard Hoesly, Sr; Michael Horswill, Soph; Craig Indall, Soph; Michael James, Soph. Sixth Row: Bryce Jones, Jr; Timothy Kangas, Fr; Joseph Keenan, Jr; Neil Kemper, Fr; Bruce Kirschner, Jr; Dwight Knell, Fr. Seventh Row: Allan Kravitz, Fr; Charles Lesnick, Jr; Steven Lumbard, Fr; Ronald MacDonald, Fr; Gregory Marney, Soph; Stephen McAlpine, Fr. Bottom Row: Michael McBride, Soph; Richard McClain, Soph; Edgar Mc- Laughlin, Sr; Raymond Moser, Soph; Danie! Neff, Sr; Robert Nitschke, Sr. ft n m f C) t c MM f Qt Top Row: Steve Okoniewski, Fr; Charles Pankow, Soph; Stephen Parke, Soph; William Patterson, Soph. Second Row: Stephen Peterson, Fr; Anthony Pitell, Fr; Gary Raemhild, Jr; Roland Ramberg, Fr. Third Row: Gary Rayment, Jr; Fred Redmon, Fr; James Rodgers, Jr; Dallas Salisbury, Fr. Fourth Row: Mark Schubert, Fr; Thomas Smith, Fr; Kenneth Spencer, Fr; Michael Spurgin, Fr. Fifth Row: Robert Stanley, Jr; James Stansfield, Sr; Edward Stay, Soph; Kurt Stephan, Soph. Sixth Row: John Stieber, Fr; James Stockton, Fr; Ronald Stone, Fr; Lars Strandberg, Sr. Seventh Row: Harry Stuchell, Fr; Joseph Ungar, Fr; Scott Urie, Soph; Steven Vigna, Soph. Bottom Row: Blaine Walker, Soph; Mike Wallace, Fr; Gary Wood, Sr; Allen Woodall, Fr. 375 A new multi-million dollar chapter house was a good setting for Delta Upsilon ' s year-long " function. " The " function " began with fall rush and continued through June graduation ceremonies. Forty pledges with an average high school gpa of 3.47 sent house scholarship soaring. Featuring six frosh football starters, five varsity ski- ers and four varsity crew jocks, the DU athletic program gained momentum throughout the year. The house produced strong football, basketball, crew, swimming and wrestling teams for intramural competition. Social standouts included a traditional cruise with the Theta Chi ' s, a winter formal and a spring weekend. In all, it was a " function " to remember. Multi- Mill ion Dollar Chapter House Provides rt (»s ,1 p n n (P « Q Top Row: James Aitken, Soph; James Allsop, Soph; Frederick Ambrose, Jr; Richard Anderwald, Jr; Charles Beard, Fr; Jeffrey Beaudry, Fr; Einar Bekken, Soph; William Bennett, Soph; Theodore Brackman, Soph; James Braislin, Soph. Second Row: Karl Brehm, Fr; Ronald Brusseau, Soph; Gary Burleson, Jr; Charles Callihan, Fr; James Carpenter, Sr; Douglas Cowan, Fr; Robert Crist, Fr; Paul Cullen, Fr; Richard Daly, Fr; Larry Dam, Sr. Third Row: Brad Davis, Jr; John Dodge, Soph; Gregory Ebright, Fr; Glen Edwards, Fr; Gary Ekrom, Fr; Alfred Erickson, Fr; Roderick Freeman, Fr; Patrick Gordon, Jr; Michael Gorton, Jr; Bruce Green, Fr. Fourth Row: William Grimm, Fr; Henry Harasimowicz, Fr; Bruce Harris, Fr; Gary Harris, Fr; Robert Harris, Jr; John Haugen, Soph; Gregory Haverfield, Jr; Dean Heathcote, Fr; Bertram Henderson, Jr; Samuel Hill, Soph. Bottom Row: Gregory Horn, Jr; Thomas Holbert, Jr; Stanley lezman, Jr; Craig Imrie, Sr; Ronald Irvine, Fr; K. L. Johnson, Fr; Frank Kelly, Jr; Robert Lee, Soph; Nick Lewis, Soph; John Lynch, Soph. 376 fi t-i f e p p cj f... ft t LkM mi mi i ii Top Row: Roger Marsh, Fr; Vincent Mast, Fr; Richard McQuellon, Fr; Bruce Millenbach, Fr; Larry Miller, Jr; Michael Movius, Fr; Vincent Mullally, Sr; Robert Odell, Fr; Thomas Okerlund, Soph; Richard Olsen, Jr; George Pearson, Fr. Bottom Row: Robert Porsch, Fr; Frederick Prince, Soph; Thomas Redman, Jr; Mark Rhyne, Jr; Bruce Scott, Jr; James Silva, Sr; Walter Smith, Soph; John Spencer, Jr; Mark Svore, Fr; Rand Terwilleger, Fr; Pierre Thiry, Sr. Good Setting For Delta Upsilon Functions Top Row: Donovan Tracy, Jr; Mark Turn- er, Fr. Second Row: James Vierling, Soph; Dana Wallingford, Soph. Third Row: Lloyd War- ren, Fr; Kevin Wells, Soph. Fourth Row: Charles Williams, Jr; Scott Wilson. Soph. Bottom Row: Kenneth Wright, Sr; Steven Yearout, Sr. ' I ' ll match your five and raise you another five toothpicks. " 377 k L Top Row; Robin Abrams, Jr; Lois Broadston, Jr; Alison Bucklin, Jr. Second Row; Rae Ann Bullock, Fr; Pamela Campbell, Soph; Susan Cullor, Sr. Third Row; Carolyn Darby, Fr; Norma Dong, Jr; Patricia Farenbaugh, Jr. Fourth Row; Ruth Gibbons, Fr; Nan- cy Gibbs, Sr; Ellyn Hartung, Jr. Fifth Row; Joan Hietala, Soph; Pa- tricia Hill, Jr; Nancy Johnson, Fr. Bottom Row: Janice Kinney, Soph; Betty Ann Koller, Jr; Janice Ling- bloom, Soph. 378 Delta Zeta Holds Pledge Dance At Edgewater, Then To FarrelTs For The Biggest ' Zoo ' Ever Top Row: Karen Ludwig, Jr; Lera McAllister, Fr; Karen Mad- linger, Fr; Sandra Newman, Sr; Charmaine Nichols, Jr. Second Row: Margaret Pamment, Soph; Rita Reeve, Soph; Ann Rockman, Soph; Julie Ann Roth, Fr; Nancy Sexauer, Jr. Bottom Row: Carol Vipperman, Soph; Susan Welsh, Sr; Susan Wishkoski, Jr; Glenda Wonders, Sr; Caroline Zaborsky, Jr. Pledge dance at the Edgewater, a finalist in Garb Day competition and one of the eight Miss Mistle- toe finalists — all were part of an active and hectic Delta Zeta year. After initiation everyone went off to Farrell ' s for the largest " zoo " ever. Then the pledges pre- sented Christmas around the world in honor of the DZ exchange student. The freshmen surprised the girls with door-sized valentines. Province XIII weekend was held at the UW chap- ter with luncheon at the HUB. The DZ annual " Flame Fantasy " luncheon fashion show was again a big success. Anyone for some red paint? Delta Zeta ran a can- didate for ASUW secretary and had a finalist in the national college queen contest. The spring formal went to the " Top 0 ' the Town " and the DZ sweetheart of AKL was a contestant in the Queen of Queens contest. But with all the social activities scholarship was not forgotten. Delta Zeta ranked second on cam- pus for scholarship and added another girl to Jun- ior Honor Women. 379 Caring, Sharing Mal es Gamma Plii Beta ' House ' Into A Happy ' Home ' For Entliusiastic Coeds v X 1 ' W mm j M mMm AilAk tt Top Row: Janet Acarregui, Soph; Kathy Adam, Jr; Laurie Adam, Fr; Christin Allen, Soph; Nancy Anderson, Jr; Jane Ashe, Jr; Katherine Baxley, Soph; Kay Bennett, Sr; Susan Bergeron, Jr; Cynthia Blackstock, Jr; Beverly Bogen, Fr. Second Row: Corinne Boyd, Soph; Kathleen Brady, Jr; Linda Buck, Fr; Chris Burkheimer, Jr; Kathleen Buse, Fr; Peggy Bushnell, Fr; Cathy Cain, Soph; Jackie Canterbury, Soph; Marilyn Carbery, Jr; Caryl Carpenter, Soph; Amanda Cato, Jr. Third Row: Pamela Chilton, Sr; Janet Chorlton, Fr; Margo Cohen, Soph; Barbara Cole, Fr; Lynn Copland, Jr; Paulette Costello, Jr; Janet Cowan, Soph; Laurie Cowan, Sr; Sharon Crockett, Sr; Lucinda Curran, Jr; Patsy Ellingsen, Fr. Fourth Row: Deborah Evans, Soph; Gay Flowers, Soph; Nancy Ford, Soph; Sandra Ford, Jr; Marianna Gathman, Soph; Nancy Goudie, Soph; Pamela Green, Jr; Ann Harlow, Soph; Molly Harvey, Jr; Joanne Hass, Soph; Vicki Henderson, Soph. Fifth Row: Jean Herm, Soph; Karin Hill, Sr; Gail Hurley, Fr; Vana Ingram, Jr; Diane Johnson, Jr; Kristen Kappel, Fr; Janet Keating, Fr; Laurel Keene, Soph; Joan Keeney, Fr; Cheryl Keeton, Fr; Cindy Lou King, Sr. Sixth Row: Karen Klock, Sr; Carol Lanham, Sr; Carol Larson, Jr; Janet Lawlor, Soph; Susan Lawlor, Fr; Jacqueline Levin, Fr; Jane Lirhus, Soph; Sharon Lorentz, Sr; Patty Masuda, Fr; Maureen McDonough, Sr; Karia Mclntyre, Fr. Bottom Row: Amy Mills, Soph; Sandra Molotte, Fr; Marilyn Morgan, Jr; Patricia Murray, Jr; Sandra Murray, Soph; Sandra Naff, Sr; Julia Nunneley, Soph; Nancy O ' Brien, Fr; Sharon Olson, Soph; Susan Olson, Soph; Sherrie Oslin, Jr. 380 ft I ' -.- Top Row: Peggy Pearson, Soph; Jill Peterson, Soph: Kris Peterson, Soph; Lanna Peterson, Jr. Second Row: Jane Polwarth, Jr; Susan Radke, Fr; Renate Rekevics, Soph; Elizabeth Rodrick, Fr. Third Row: Joanna Rootvik, Jr; Marilyn Rose, Jr; Mary Ann Rosellini, Jr; Mary Rosenberg, Sr. Fourth Row: Anne Rosling, Fr; Robin Ross, Fr; Jacklyn Savage, Soph; Susan Shannon, Sr. Fifth Row: Linda Sharpe, Soph; Kerri Smith, Fr; Pamela Smith, Jr; Mary Solbakken, Jr. Sixth Row: Marlys Stowell, Jr; Rosemary Stowell, Fr; Ann Taylor, Soph; Susan Tail, Jr. Seventh Row: Trina Thompson, Jr; Christina Trick, Fr; Lynne Walter, Soph; Cynthia Walters, Soph. Bottom Row: Liz Waltz, Soph; Kathryn Waltz, Sr; Susan Williams, Fr; Heidi Zellweger, Soph. On this campus of 30,000 people, it ' s good to have a home — a warm, close atmosphere to come into from out in the rain. On Friday afternoon, there is the happy disorganization of 118 girls letting off the week ' s steam. Downstairs, music blares and the TV goes. Upstairs, individuals spend long hours in tedious study, or quietly share their purpose in life — or, perhaps, examine it alone. It doesn ' t take long to become an integral part of the Gamma Phi Beta house. The friendships formed there are lasting ones because the girls there are knowledgeable and free- thinking; because they care; and because so much is shared. It ' s good to have a home. 381 »v «- A Skiim m Top Row: Marcia Benine, Jr; Susan Berry, Soph; Betsy Borrow, Soph; Wendy Braman, Soph; Sandra Brooks, Fr; Karen Brown, Fr; Nikki Campbell, Jr; Victoria Campbell, Fr; Teresa Carmichael, Fr; Susan Carter, Soph; Victoria Churchill, Soph. Second Row: Carolyn Colwell, Fr; Peggy Conklin, Fr; Rebecca Croes, Fr; Whitney Crull, Fr; Mareth Curtis, Sr; Deanna Dawson, Jr; Shar- man Detrich, Fr; Patricia Devine, Sr; Susan Edwards, Sr; Daryl Diane Ethier, Soph; Julie Evans, Jr. Third Row: Carolyn Fancher, Fr; Judi Feldheger, Fr; Margaret Flanders, Sr; Christine Gaeth, Fr; Stephanie Gierman, Fr; Susan Goold, Sr; Linda Gowing, Soph; Barbara Graham, Sr; Laurie Greig, Soph; Patra Grevstad, Soph; Katherine Hamel, Fr. Fourth Row: Virginia Hamel, Jr; Mary Harbottle, Soph; Susan Harris, Jr; Diana Henry, Sr; Sally Henry, Fr; Patricia Hewett, Soph; Cynthia Hollingsworth, Soph; Kathleen Hood, Fr; Paula Janson, Fr; Jo Jeffrey, Sr; Susan Johnsen, Sr. Fifth Row: Emmalyn Johnson, Jr; Lucy Jones, Soph; Kristine Jorgensen, Fr; Laura Jorgensen, Fr; Martha Kelley, Soph; Kathryn Keyes, Soph; Susan Keyes, Soph; Kathleen Kloostra, Soph; Carol Kurtzer, Fr; Janet Lamberg, Sr; Sandra Lawhead, Jr. Sixth Row: Martha Lee, Sr; Wendy Lee, Soph; Geraldine LePenske, Sr; Nannette Lucas, Fr; Mary Jane Luther, Sr; Sandra Marth, Soph; Lynn Mason, Fr; Patricia Matheson, Jr; Jean McCusker, Sr; Laurie McDonald, Fr; Anne McGhie, Jr. Seventh Row: Willeen McKay, Sr; Nikki Medcalf, Jr; Cynthia Mennella, Fr; Mary Jo Molz, Sr; Judith Monihan, Soph; Gail Monroe, Jr; Molly Mullane, Fr; Sharon Mewquist, Soph; Kathleen Newton, Jr; Maureen O ' Keefe, Fr; Kristine Olson, Fr. Bottom Row: Anne Pauly, Jr; Gail Peinovich, Soph; Carlita Phillips, Soph; Nancy Raynor, Sr; Patricia Rehm, Jr; Kay Ritchey, Jr; Nancy Roberts, Soph; Janet Rogge, Soph; Susan Rosbach, Soph; Deborah Salisbury, Jr; Joan Sander, Jr. 382 Kappa Alpha Theta: Emphasis On Scholarship Top Row: Janet Sells, Sr; Sandra Shaw, Sr; Jill Sidie, Jr; Carol Smith, Soph; Anne Stewart, Soph; Kathy Stewart, Jr. Second Row: Helen Stick, Sr; Suzanne Strom, Soph; Jane Thomas, Soph; Lynn Thompson, Jr; Pamela Tonn, Jr; Mary Torkelson, Soph. Bottom Row: Robin Warner, Soph; Cathy West, Jr; Janis Wick, Fr; Christine Wilson, Fr; Margaret Wolfe, Soph; Lucy Woods, Fr. Efficiency and organization were the words that put Kappa Alpha Theta in the first quartile of sorority scholarship. To accomplish this, language tables were initiated, and their effects were stimulating. A newly redecorated li- brary motivated both pledges and ac- tives to study harder than usual. But it wasn ' t ALL study for Kappa Al- pha Theta sisters; the social scene was far from forgotten. The highlight of the social calendar was a psychedelic pledge dance — the mind-bending affair of the year. The annual Dad-Daughter brunch brought enthusiastic fathers from as far away as sunny California. 383 Kappa Delta Celebrates 70 Years Of Sisterhood Founders ' Day marked Kappa Delta ' s 70th year, and for the campus chapter it was a year of warmth, friendship and achievement. It was a year of versatility, individuality and cooperation. ASUW elections meant hard work, Quad signs that got stuck in the trees . . . and ultimate vic- tory in the campaign for ASUW secretary. Fall rush brought 39 pledges, and a new addition to the house promised more space for studying and lounging. Construction also brought work- men in the halls, the " door-bell " in the lounge and the boardwalk to the front door. Top Row: Jennie Adams, Fr; Marcia Adams, Fr; Stephanie Allen, Soph; Patricia Arntson, Fr; Linda Austin, Jr; Terri Beach, Soph; Helen Bergin, Soph; Joan Boddy, Sr; Mary Botting, Sr; Nora Bradfute, Soph. Second Row: Barbara Brewer, Soph; Kathryn Cooper, Fr; Virginia Davies, Sopti; Toni Denton, Fr; Jacqueline Desler, Sr; Joanne Dorsey, Fr; Sandra Dougherty, Soph; Martha Dray, Jr; Leslie Drollinger, Soph; Priscilla Dutton, Jr. Third Row: Polly Earnest, Soph; Barbara Eck, Soph; Dava Rae Ellison, Fr; Mary Lou Else, Jr; Janice Erwin, Sr; Christine Evenson, Fr; Annette Faber, Fr; Virginia Filbin, Soph; K aren Foged, Soph; Gail Franklin, Fr. Fourth Row: Rayna Lee Garrett, Fr; Margaret Gaylord, Fr; Christine Hall, Soph; Karen Hall, Fr; Carrol Hastings, Soph; Terri Haugen, Soph; Katherine Herron, Jr; Ann Hicks, Jr; Patricia Hopson, Fr; Anne Hovland, Jr. Fifth Row: Lesa Hubner, Jr; Sandra Hullinger, Jr; Linda Jackson, Fr; Marie Lynn Kelley, Sr; Judith Kellogg, Soph; Izvar Kleinhempel, Sr; Mary Frances Lampe, Sr; Marilyn Lavender, Fr; Karen Lee, Sr; Kathleen Linden, Soph. Bottom Row: Dennise Lucker, Sr; Sharron Luvaas, Soph; Susan McCune, Soph; Margaret McVey, Soph; Joyce Maib, Soph; Mary Memovich, Fr; Patricia Mickelson, Soph; Myra Moldenhauer, Soph; Jeanette Murphy, Soph; Joan Murphy, Soph. 384 £ 2 fQ " " Top Row: Kathleen Murray, Fr; Annette Nalle, Jr; Noreen Nelson, Fr; Vickie Nelson, Sr; Christine O ' Grady, Soph; Judith Pilling, Soph; Jo Ann Quine, Sr; Sally Rader, Fr; Edith Ramage, Soph; Melva Rieck, Fr. Second Row; Carolyn Rygg, Jr; Marilyn Rygg, Sr; Janet Sage, Sr; Maureen Salmon, Fr; Joanne Schatz, Fr; Helen Schneid- miller, Fr; Deborah Scott, Fr; Randi Skaland, Sr; Charlotte Smith, Fr; Lynda Snow, Fr. Bottom Row: Susan Steele, Fr; Susan Stevenson, Soph; Susan Stratton, Soph; Janice Thomson, Soph; Barbara Tilley, Jr; Anne Treadwell, Soph; Candi Veranth, Fr; Wendy Waters, Jr; Judith White, Soph; Cheryl Wilson, Jr. 4 385 Top Row: Sharman Abell, Soph; Mary Acker, Sr; Stephanie Ager, Sr; Carey Amick, Fr; Jean Bellamy, Soph. Second Row: Brian Bennett, Fr; Karen Benson, Jr; Joanne Berry, Sr; Ruth Berry, Fr; Jennifer Biehn, Soph. Third Row: Joan Blake, Fr; Ann BIystad, Sr; Kathleen Boynton, Fr; Lynne Bryan, Sr; Eden Burnett, Sr. Bottom Row: Susan Campbell, Sr; Valinda Clouse, Fr; Janet Cole, Soph; Mary Jane Cowan, Jr; Karoline Crane, Jr. 386 mi Top Row: Ann Dahlin, Sr; Gretchen Daiber, Soph; Patricia Egner, Fr; Shirley Eicher, Jr. Second Row: Linda Ellis, Soph; Camille Erickson, Fr; Laurie Gallup, Sr; Cheryl Gilkerson, Fr. Third Row: Kristin Gjesdahl, Fr; Shannon Good- fellow, Fr; Katherine Gorham, Jr; Susan Ham- mergren. Soph. Fourth Row: Susan Harris, Soph; Stephanie Hasel wood, Fr; Jane Heaton, Soph; Patricia Hiddle ston, Sr. Fifth Row: Timme Highsmith, Jr; Lynn Hogan, Jr Alicia Hokanson, Soph; Sarah Hokanson, Fr; Sixth Row: Marion Hopping, Soph; Peggy Irving, Fr; Nancy Jacobson, Sr; Darcy Jefferson, Soph Seventh Row: Galen Jefferson, Fr; Anne Johnson Fr; Carol Johnson, Sr; Janna Johnson, Soph. Bottom Row: Katherine Kettering, Fr; Carolyn King, Soph; Toni Kolar, Jr; Jaime Laing, Fr. Memories Were Many For KKG Memories were many for the Kappa Kappa Gammas. There was the suc- cessful BOC campaign of Lynn Hogan and the formal at the Olympic. An excit- ing week of September rush ended with thirty-six pledges. When fall classes resumed, so did campus and com- munity activities. Panhellenic President Stevie Ager traveled to New Orleans, while others accepted the challenge of tutoring. Studying retained its impor- tance, yet there was time for Saturday football games, where a Kappa Song Queen generated enthusiasm. The holiday season brought a Fiji-Kappa Christmas party for under-privileged children. It was a satisfying year, full of achievement and activity, and ending with a return to the Happy Valley. BOC Race Ends In Kappa Kappa Gamma Victory litefik y Top Row: Linda Langsdorf, Soph; Lorna Leal, Sr; Suzanne LeBoeuf. Fr; Christine LeCocq, Fr; Kathleen Legg, Jr; Christie Lmdstrom, Jr; Wendy Livesley, Fr; Jane Loomis, Soph; Lucy Lower, Soph; Kathryn Lyon, Jr; Janet Martin, Fr. Second Row: Victoria Moen, Fr; Anne Morgan, Fr; Catherine Morse, Soph; Kathleen Munger, Fr; Christine Murray. Soph; Amy Norwood. Fr: Julie Nysen, Fr; Virginia Patton, Fr; Carol Peabody, Jr; Patricia Pemberton, Fr; Susan Pennington, Jr. Third Row: Martha Philbrick, Soph; Suzanne Prideaux, Fr; Adrienne Rockhill, Soph; Lynn Rockwell, Jr; Lynda Rose, Fr; Lynn Rosellini, Sr; Leslie Rowen, Fr; Star Sanborn, Soph; Jane Scantlebury, Fr; Nikki Schnoor, Jr; Billie Kay Simmons, Jr. Bottom Row: Mary Steers, Soph; Margaret Stull, Sr; Sandra Sutherland, Sr; Carolyn Tash, Sr; Tanya Toschi, Fr; Dina Trapp, Fr; Cynthia Tupper, Jr; Sally Vynne, Sr; Joan Waldbjo ' n, Fr; Marilyn Wells, Sr; Ruth Williamson, Soph. 387 7 Top Row: Kenneth Arlint, Soph; Wade Bamer, Fr; John Benny, Jr; Gerald Burgess, Fr; Leighton Burrill, Soph; Richard Drottz, Soph; William Elberson, Soph; Robert Glanzman, Fr; Wayne Hatter, Soph; John Hoard, Soph. Bottom Row: Robert Leiand, Sr; John Maley, Sr; Robert Murray, Sr; Gregg Riem, Soph; Karl Schaffer, Fr; Daniel Shaffer, Fr; Robert Silhavy, Soph; Colin Sloan, Soph; Michael Swinhoe, Sr; Robert Wagoner, Jr. 0 d ' Ivy ' System Revamped At Kappa Sigma The days of raccoon coats and goldfish swallow- ing are gone. And with them have gone the out- dated fraternity programs used to achieve good scholarship and brotherhood. Kappa Sigma, which began the year with a selected nucleus of men, introduced a new ap- proach to fraternal living to meet today ' s chal- lenge. Freshmen are more mature and should be treated as such. At Kappa Sigma they are. Scholarship is given prime importance in that it is an entire house effort — not just a pledge re- quirement. Campus activities are an individual affair. Members have shown their diverse inter- e sts by serving as president of the UW Sports Car Club and advertising manager for the " Daily. " Other members are active in honoraries and various social functions. The key to Kappa Sigma ' s program is a brotherhood working towards a goal of betterment for each member. Bill Elberson, Bob Wagoner, Bob Murray (standing), John Benny, John Maley and Ken Arlint discuss new Kappa Sigma plans. 388 wstms An outstanding pledge class and 70 returning brothers led Lambda Chi Alpha through its fif- tieth year at Washington. While striving dili- gently in pursuit of academic excellence, the men of Lambda still found time to enjoy the extra-curricular aspects of university life. Lambda Chi boasted many Sundodgers, in- cluding President Grant Hansen. HUB jocks Aaron McKiernan and Doug Guyman added their two cents ' worth to the ASUW. Lambdas represented UW in gymnastics, football, base- ball, crew, skiing, track and wrestling. Life had its high spots: an ocean trip for rush, pretty Queen Debbie, the Cardinals winning the World Series, the Sophomore Committee serving its apprenticeship. Lambda Chi teams embarrassing the neighbors in intramurals. From Rush Week through the spring house party, it was a golden year at Lambda Chi. Lambda Chi Alpha Celebrates Golden Year From Rush To Spring Party f) ' 0 Ml rt « i- r r tji « (Ti f- (! A ( ' ■ o Top Row: James Aalto, Soph; Steven Alber, Sr; Christopher Allan, Jr; Ron- ald Andersen, Fr; David Arnold, Soph; Joe Arnold, Soph. Second Row: Lynn Baker, Fr; William Bartram, Soph; Curtis Seattle, Sr; Michael Bernazzani, Soph; Thomas Bogdan, Jr; Ron Brawn, Sr. Third Row: Gary Brown, Sr; Richard Brumfield, Soph; James Cheever, Soph; Thomas Church, Jr; Bruce Clark, Fr; Dennis Clemmons, Jr. Fourth Row: Dev Crockett, Fr; Gregory DeBay, Soph; Dennis Derickson, Grad; William Derry, Fr; James Engel, Fr; John Enger, Fr. Fifth Row: Bruce Finney, Soph; Dan Fiorito, Jr; Carl Forssen, Fr; Russ Francisco, Sr; Michael Gearheard, Fr; Britton Georges, Sr. Sixth Row: Jeffrey Georges, Sr; Richard Gillette, Fr; Alan Givler, Jr; Marvin Gjerde, Soph; Eric Gjesdahl, Jr; Kenneth Goddard, Jr. Seventh Row: Lewis Green, Sr; Kenneth Grimes, Soph; Kim Gudgel, Sr; Douglas Guyman, Sr; Gregory Guyman, Soph; Grant Hansen, Sr. Bottom Row; Michael Harris, Soph; Richard Harris, Soph; Charles Hatch, Jr; Gary Heimbigner, Jr; Mark Hillard, Fr; Luther Hintz, Sr. 390 rp I ) 1 rt ( a p p e n p 0[ n p f " s Top Row: Robert Howisey, Fr; Cleveland Ives, Soph; Roger Jenkins, Soph; Grant Johnson, Soph. Second Row: Thomas Johnson, Soph; James Jones, Soph; Richard Josephson, Soph; Robert Joseph- son, Sr. Third Row: Ralph Kenison, Jr; Robert LaFavor, Soph; Norman Leatha, Sr; Robert Linse, Fr. Fourth Row: Loren Lofgren, Sr; Gregory Loper, Fr; Lars Ly, Soph; Steven Manning, Sr. Fifth Row: Douglas Marshall, Sr; Michael Matlick, Fr; Michael Matzdorff, Jr; Scott McDowell, Soph. Sixth Row: Bruce McFarlane, Sr; Aaron McKier- nan, Soph; Robert Middleton, Fr; Harley Moberg, Sr. Seventh Row: John Moore, Fr; David Morris, Sr; Ned Nelson, Sr; Robert Nelson, Soph. Bottom Row: Daniel O ' Brian, Fr; Gary Oertii, Soph; Ed Parks, Sr; Donald Propstra, Jr. » r ft p ft fei ( r» o , ' « « ( f! t O ( 1 f i Top Row: William Ptak, Fr; David Rea, Sr; Eric Richardt, Soph; John Rowland, Soph; David Rynes, Fr. Second Row: David Sandberg, Soph; William Schafer, Fr; Don- ald Schain, Soph; Alex Schmidt, Jr; Gregory Schroedl, Soph. Third Row: William Severson, Fr; Kevin Smith, Fr; Stanley Stewart, Soph; Kenneth Sullivan, Fr; James Thompson, Jr. Fourth Row: Charles Turner, Fr; John Vicklund, Sr; Robert Wahl, Jr; Thomas Wakefield, Fr; Dave Weaver, Fr. Bottom Row: Mark Weick, Sr; David White, Jr; John Wiley, Jr; Thomas Williams, Fr; David Woollen, Fr. 391 Top Row: Earl Adolphson, Fr; Calvin Allen, Fr; Robert Anderson, Jr; Craig Austin, Soph; Robert Bailey, Fr; Dan Baker, Fr; Richard Bangert, Fr. Second Row: Brewster Bede, Fr; Steven Bell, Soph; Thomas Bigsby, Sr; Kent Blanken- ship, Fr; Edward Bock, Jr; Jay Bond, Soph; John Bumgardner, Jr. Bottom Row: Duncan Campbell, Sr; Robert Campbell, Soph; Chris Cedergreen, Fr; John Celms, Sr; LeRoy Chappie, Fr; Gerald Clark, Sr; Robert Corbett, Fr. Phi Delta Theta Pledges Go Forth A pledge class of 45 members united to accept the responsibili- ties of the U and Phi Delta Theta. The Phikeias sensed the active chapter ' s enthusiasm for academics and sports. For inspiration they looked to Gymnasium and Whit, who had 4.0 ' s. Five earned purple jerseys, while Brigham, West, Irvine, Bond and Woolcock kept the Husky basketball team alive. They search for answers and thus go on. One more test to take, one more game to play and one more friend to meet. Top Row: Stephen Co- zart. Soph; Kenneth Crandall, Jr. Second Row: Robert Cummins, Fr; Lorie Dahl, Soph. Third Row: Greg Daniel- son, Soph; Nick Dia- fos, Jr. Fourth Row: John Egan, Sr; Robert Fankhau- ser. Soph. Bottom Row: Brett Fid- ler, Fr; Jerry Harde- beck, Jr. 392 More Tests To Take, More Friends To Meet Top Row: James Harris, Soph; Brent Harrison, Jr; Mark Hewitson, Fr; Bret Hibberd, Soph; Timothy Hoover, Soph; Jay Hopper, Fr; David Hostvedt, Jr; James Hunter, Soph; John Hunter, Jr; George Irvine, Soph; Steven Johnson, Sr. Second Row: Steven Jones, Jr; Richard Kehl, Sr; Kenneth Kessler, Jr; Kenneth Knight, Jr; Jeffrey LaMaine, Fr; Richard Larson, Fr; Mark Leonard, Fr; George Linville, Jr; Robert Lovlien, Fr; Stephen Lundin, Sr; Robert MacDonald, Jr. Third Row: Richard McLandress, Soph; Patrick Mead, Jr; Jeffrey Mertes, Fr; David Mickelson, Fr; Randall Monnes, Fr; Steven Nichols, Fr; Robert Nygren, Soph; George Pappas, Jr; Jon Parker, Fr; Philip Parsons, Fr; Jay Patterson, Fr. Fourth Row: Michael Peck, Fr; Ronald Prosser, Jr; William Rabel, Sr; Frederick Reykdal, Fr; Rodrick Robinson, Soph; Brian Roesch, Jr; Paul Schaake, Jr; John Senner, Soph; David Shore, Fr; Bruce Shults, Jr; Laurence Simpson, Jr. Fifth Row: Lon Smith, Fr; Michael Spangler, Soph; David Speers, Fr; Michael Troyer, Fr; Richard VanderStoep, Jr; Andrew Viger, Fr; William Walker, Fr; Timothy Wandell, Fr; Geoffrey Wennes, Soph; David West, Soph; Timothy Wezeman, Fr. Bottom Row: Michael White, Fr; Dennis Whitten, Fr; Terence Whitten, Sr; Michael Wilds, Fr; Robert Wilkerson, Fr; William Wllkerson, Sr; Richard Willard, Fr; Steve Willard, Sr; John D. Wilson, Jr; Thomas Wood, Fr; Pat Wolcock, Soph. 393 mi i -— w ' W € t P (J! i m didMM i Jikik iiM Top Row: Grant Abbott, Sr; Stephen Abel, Soph; Robert Aiken, Jr; Craig Barrick, Sr; Stephen BIshopp, Ji; Robert Burnett, Soph; Jack Burns, Jr; Charles Cady, Sr; Alan Campbell, Fr; John Carberry, Fr; Kirk Clothier, Sr. Second Row: Olin Craig, Soph; Robert Dalrymple, Sr; Timothy Davidson, Sr; Michael Dehn, Soph; William Dehn, Sr; Duane Deming, Soph; Gary DuBois, Fr; Scott Easter, Fr; John Eicher, Sr; Charles Ekberg, Sr; Steven Ekberg, Soph. Third Row: Steve Elliott, Soph; Don Fate, Soph; William Gaffi, Fr; John Hallawell, Fr; Dale Harrison, Fr; Paul Hendrickson, Sr; Thomas Hiccox, Fr; John Hynes, Fr; Edward Keenan, Soph; Thomas Kirkpatrick, Fr; Bruce Kolis, Jr. Fourth Row: Michael Lonac, Soph; Steven Looney, Fr; Donald Malmstrom, Jr; James Maloof, Sr; Steven Maloof, Fr; Kenneth Marble, Fr; Donald Martin, Sr; James Mason, Soph; Scott Mclntyre, Fr; Dennis McKee, Jr; Tim McKee, Fr. Fifth Row: Richard Mesmer, Fr; Michael Metke, Jr; Bruce Mitchell, Jr; Patrick Moriarty, Fr; Scott Mowrer, Fr; Mark Mullen, Jr; Lawrence Nord, Fr; Peter Odabashian, Fr; Gregory Opshal, Fr; Bryan Ostenson, Fr; Gary Ostenson, Jr. Sixth Row: Ralph Palumbo, Jr; Mark Pearson, Jr; Dennis Peck, Sr; Gary Philbrick, Soph; Jeffrey Remington, Jr; James Rogers, Sr; Gor- don Rowand, Soph; Frank Rupert, Jr; John Sakelaris, Fr; Charles Scott, Fr; Robert Sepulveda, Fr. Bottom Row: Don Shaffer, Sr; Richard Slettedahl, Sr; Wayne Sortun, Fr; Jay Stickler, Fr; William Strausz, Jr; Timothy VanHorn, Sr; Gary Velikanje, Fr; Marc Wallace, Fr; Robert Wendel, Soph; Robert Wilcox, Fr; James Winquist, Soph. 394 Fiji ' s Blend Atiiletics Witti Sctiolarsiiip, Fun Continuing a 13-year tradition of ranking Number One in fraternity academics, Phi Gamma Delta again captured both IPC scholastic trophies: actives 2.84, pledges 2.80. Activities remained at an all-time high. Thirteen brothers in Purple Shield; six in Oval Club; ten in Phi Eta Sigma. In athletics the men of Phi Gamma Delta earned 42 Big " W " letters and 20 frosh numerals. The social program of the year started with the traditional Fiji " slide " at the pledge dance. Then came the " purple garter " cere- mony at the Winter Formal and the grass skirts — mini-style — in the spring. " Earnie " of the north and " Sammie " of the south provided extra entertainment for the broth- ers and their dates. The men of Phi Gamma Delta look to the future with even greater hopes. With a new house and more room for the brothers, Fiji brotherhood is sure to continue upward. Once again, the brotherhood and unity which have characterized the men of Phi Gamma Delta for so many years, was very apparent as evidenced by the old saying, " I ' m mighty proud to be a Fiji! " 395 v „ V " t 1 ' Top Row: Charles Adelseck, Sr; Alan Barnes, Jr; Eric Barnum, Fr; Hugh Batty, Soph; Michael Bettelli, Fr; Joseph Bettridge, Soph; Doug- las Carmichael, Fr; John Chambers, Fr; Thomas Cleland, Fr; Adrian Courteau, Jr; Michael Crenshaw, Soph. Second Row: Gerald Cysewski, Fr; Alan Dunham, Fr; Kenneth Evans, Soph; Raymond Geraghty, Soph; John Giese, Fr; Stanley Gile, Soph; Bruce Goldmann, Jr; John Hedelund, Fr; Stuart Hennessey, Fr; Thomas Hillard, Jr; Robert Howell, Soph. Third Row: Stan Isenhath, Fr; Thomas Kauffman, Fr; David Kentala, Fr; George Keys, Jr; David Kilbourn, Soph; Steve Kim, Fr; Bruce Kitts, Soph; John Knie, Fr; William Knowles, Fr; William Leonard, Soph; John Lincoln, Fr. Bottom Row: Robin Lindley, Fr; Albert Lirhus, Sr; Thomas Malone, Sr; Frazer Mann, Soph; Steven Marble, Fr; Steven Marquard, Jr; Robert Martinson, Jr; William Mascorella, Jr; John Meadows, Sr; Ronald Meadows, Jr; Robert Moch, Jr. 395 With a 42-man pledge class, Phi Kappa Psi com- pleted a successful year. Along with the Gamma Phi pledges, they provided a Thanksgiving dinner for underprivileged children. Pledges learned to adjust to the system — even though they were bom- barded by college cliches and stung by set-ups. Phi Psi ' s functioned well at their Winter Formal and Pledge Dance. An orgy, the Fire Party, the Roaring Twenties Party, many keggers and a finger painting fight with the Kappa ' s rounded out their social calendar. Jocks clung to a variety of sports including crew, track, wrestling, rugby, chugging and many indoor activities. Busy bureaucrats were led by Tom, Pro- gram Panel Chairman. And yell leaders Gary and Greg brought out spirit from a crowd that brought out fifths and pony kegs. Reflections of the past year are soon lost. The acts and deeds are over — but the spirit is still living. Phi Kappa Psi Reflects On Finger Painting, Jocf s And Bureaucrats : p p f Top Row: Gary Moore, Fr; Thomas Nordin, Fr; Steve Odegaard, Fr: Peter Osborne, Jr; John Osgood, Fr. Second Row: Kenneth Oswell, Fr; James Palmer, Fr; Henry Parker, Fr; David Paulson, Soph; David Pollard, Jr. Third Row: Gary Powell, Jr; Patrick Rinn, Fr; Craig Riss, Soph; Robert Schoize, Jr; Steven Scott, Fr. Fourth Row: James Sieber, Soph; John Sneva, Fr; Steven Song- stad, Sr; Alan Stay, Sr; Randall Steele, Fr. Fifth Row: Thomas Swapp, Jr; Gary Tachiyama, Soph; Stephen Talbott, Fr; Joseph Teague, Fr; Michael Thorp, Sr. Bottom Row: Lee Thorson, Fr; Richard Vatne, Fr; John Walton, Sr; Kevin Washburn, Fr; Dan Young, Fr. 397 What makes the difference in Phi Kappa Sigma? Is it the date din- ners, guest speakers, along with traditional fraternity functions? Or is it the members, a high-spirited group of men living, learning and having fun together? Could it be the enthusiasm of the pledge class who managed to kidnap the reluc- tant rush chairman and send him to Alaska (with a one-way ticket)? Then again, maybe it ' s the gener- osity of the house which more than doubled the number of cans do- nated in the Christmas canned food drive by the entire university over previous years. Yet, surely it should be the " Go to Hell Dance, " " Tahi- tian Party " and ski parties that dis- tinguish the Phi Kaps. But the real difference is a combi- nation of them all. It ' s the Phi Kaps who make the difference. Top Row: Robert Adams, Soph; Michael Ander- son, Fr. Second Row: Randall Anthony, Fr; Jerry Austin, Jr. Third Row: Jim Austin, Fr; Keith Baldwin, Fr. Fourth Row: Michael Bannon, Soph; Terry Barber, Fr. Bottom Row: George Bennett, Soph; Ran- dall Bennett, Soph. Enthusiastic pledge class kidnaps rush chairman. 398 Phi Kappa Sigma Mai es ' Tiie Difference ' Count M Top Row: John Bisbee, Soph; Gordon Boyd, Soph; Anthony Canorro, Fr; Geoffrey Carey, Sr; James Carpenter, Fr; John Chastain, Soph; Scott Clawson, Fr; Douglas Colley, Sr; Richard Danielson, Fr; Thomas Dempsey, Sr; Craig Dumas, Soph. Second Row: Stephen Durbin, Fr; Jacques Duringer, Sr; David Engle, Fr; Peter Farsje, Jr; Kent Feldsted Fr; James Fety, Fr; Thomas Ger- man, Fr; Gordon Granley, Fr; Gary Graves, Fr; Yoshi Hayasaki, Soph; Henry Herbert, Jr. Third Row: Steven Hopp, Soph; Thomas Howerton, Soph; David Hunsberger, Fr; Gary Jensen, Soph; Richard Jessup, Jr; Steven Johnson, Fr; John Kelleher, Fr; Gary Kingman, Sr; Howard Knaggs, Jr; Donald Lane, Sr; David Lee, Fr. Fourth Row: Charles Little, Soph; Richard Little, Fr; Carl Loeb, Fr; Ward Merkeley, Fr; Donald Miller, Soph; Philip Myhre, Soph; Edward Niederer, Soph; Jay Piestrup, Soph; Larry Pizzalato, Sr; Steven Roswold, Soph; Edward Rundle, Sr. Fifth Row: David Sage, Soph; Victor Samuelson, Fr; Robert Sellar, Jr; James Simpson, Soph; David Stith, Soph; Kenneth Stout, Soph; Douglas Swanson, Sr; William Swensen, Fr; Michael Tembreull, Sr; Robert Tindall, Soph; Douglas Tucker, Fr. Bottom Row: Robert Tuttle, Fr; Mark Von Walter, Sr; James Wallace, Fr; Gary Webster, Fr; Michael Whalen, Fr; Douglas Whall, Soph; Timothy Wiese, Sr; David Wight, Sr; Donald Winder, Jr; Jon Wolfe, Jr; Rod Zorotovich, Soph. 399 400 Phi Kappa Tau Finds Satisfaction, Reward In Its Responsibility Continuing its tradition of maturity and emphasis on individual responsibility, Phi Kappa Tau, one of Greek Row ' s newest fra- ternities, grew both in size and experience. Policies and programs were established to guide Phi Tau in the future. Visits by na- tional field secretaries and by the National Secretary made this a busy year. Founding a fraternity is hard work; but the personal satisfaction makes it worthwhile. Top Row: George Anas, Soph; Robert Burgy, Soph; Thomas Gordon, Sr; Paul Hovind, Jr; Stanley Hughes, Soph. Bottom Row: Charles Johnston, Soph; Donovan Kehrer, Jr; Eddie Meyer, Fr; Lee Mllheim, Soph; Gregory Miller, Sr. " Ah, come on now. Did you have to put that thing up in the STUDY ROOM? ' Top Row: Donald Ackelson, Sr; David Blood, Jr; Michael Burkette, Fr; Michael Burlingame, Soph. Second Row: Thomas Campbell, Fr; Daniel Cane, Fr; James Crawford, Fr; Kenneth Despot, Sr. Third Row: Craig Donald, Soph; James Enslow, Fr; Patrick Espinosa, Fr; Randall Fairbanks, Fr. Bottom Row: Darryl Gunderson, Sr; Douglas Keyes, Soph; Manny Lawrence, Fr; Neal Lorsbach, Soph. Phi Sigma Kappa Increases Fifty Percent The men of Phi Sigma Kappa made the move to a larger and better house this year due to dili- gent efforts of a strong alumni. The move neces- sitated more men to fill the house. And its provision of improved recreational and social facilities enabled the " ever-growing throng " to increase its manpower by fifty percent. High scholarship was still maintained, along with the reigning sports car championship. And, much to the dismay of actives, the pledge class achieved the first successful sneak in four years. Top Row: Gilbert Martin, Fr; Thomas Mawson, Fr; Forrest Olson, Soph; Bryce Pugh, Fr; Arthur Ries, Sr. Bottom Row: George Rohrback, Sr; Clay Stocklin. Fr; Bruce Sutherland, Sr; Earl Tarble, Grad; Robert Yamaguchi, Fr. 401 liii i iir. Top Row: Connie Bannerman, Fr; Beverly Becker, Sr; Cheryl Bursett, Jr; Deberah Cushlng, Sr. Second Row: Elin Engelking, Soph; Katherine Evans, Jr; Maureen Fox, Soph; Sheral Garmire, Fr. Third Row: Katherine Gimness, Sr; Linda Graham, Jr; Louise Gundy, Fr; Mary Hudson, Fr. Fourth Row: Brenda Jacobsen, Soph; Ann John- son, Fr; Beverly Johnson, Jr; Kristine Kennedy, Fr. Fifth Row: Kathy Kinder, Soph; Robin Klein, Jr; Joann Litchfield, Jr; Bonnie Lochrie, Fr. Sixth Row: Suzanne Mackey, Fr; Mary McCauley, Soph; Susan McDermott, Fr; Janyce McMahon, Soph. Seventh Row: Helen McWhorter, Sr; Juliette Mi- chaelsen. Soph; Mary Motfett, Soph; Susan Moore, Jr. Bottom Row: Carol Nechanicky, Fr; Rosemary Nichols, Sr; Kathleen Paris, Jr; Mary Peters, Jr. 402 Phi Mu Dedicates Fountain kV ,n Phi Mu alums and collegiates celebrat- ed their 50th year by dedicating a foun- tain, a gift to the University, last April. A luncheon honoring the 50-year char- ter members and a tea open to sorority dignitaries — on campus and nationally — marked the special occasion. The fountain, designed by Prof. George Tsutakawa, enhances the undergrad- uate entrance to the library. Phi Mu ' s were active on campus as Pi Lambda Theta secretary, AWS Honor Tea chairman, Rally Girls, Husky major- ette (two years in a row), debaters, scholarship winners and Junior Panhel- lenic president. The pledges honored the mothers at a tea, a theater party was held to raise money for Ship Hope and the Mothers ' Club sponsored a family dinner. The year proved to be fun, inspiring and worthwhile. Juii Top Row: Suzanne Pe- tersen, Soph; Chris- tine Petteys, Soph. Second Row: Susan Pichereau, Soph; Jane Potter, Soph. Third Row: Mary Ro- mano, it; Kim Si- monds, Fr. Fourth Row: Carol Smith. Jr; Sheila Tay- lor, Soph. Fifth Row: Julie Thomp- son, Jr; Elaine Tippey, Sr. Sixth Row: Mary Tucker, Jr; Carol Van Court, Jr. Bottom Row: Bonnie Whittemore, Jr; Clar- ise Wilsey, Jr. Dedicating Phi Mu fountain are Elaine Tippey, chapter president; Mrs. Hugh H. Nuckols, treasurer of fountain project; President Charles Odegaard and Prof. George Tsutakawa, sculptor. 403 Phi Sigma Sigma Welcomes Pledges Into A New Home— Not Just A Group Of Giggling Girls Top Row: Nedra Apple, Jr; Janet Benezra, Soph; Linda Berr, Jr; Brenda Blun-ienthal, Sr; Linda Cas- ton, Jr; Barbara Cohen, Jr; Paula Cohen, Soph; Marsha Diskin, Fr. Bottom Row: Darlene Dubonsky, Jr; Victoria Eskenazi, Jr; Susan Fingeroot, Soph; Gini Flaks, Jr; Laurie Fraser, Fr; Ann Gimpel, Fr; Lynda Grogan, Fr; Rose Lee Israel, Fr. Phi Sigma Sigma welcomed a large group of pledges into a new home — a sorority. Worthwhile projects and just plain fun kept the house bursting with activity throughout the year. A Halloween party with neighboring Kappa Delts, a birthday party with Alpha Epsilon Phi and several spirited dances made up the social calendar. Spring meant the Father-Daughter Banquet, Senior Honor Breakfast and Parents ' Weekend. House projects varied from such phi- lanthropic activities as ironing shirts for frat men to putting on a theater party and celebrating Founders ' Day with the alums. Phi Sigma Sigma isn ' t " just " a soror- ity. 404 Top Row: Seena Janison, Fr; Barbara Kadaner, Soph; Candy Kane, Fr; Sandra Kaplan, Fr; Frances Kremen, Fr. Second Row: Syril Ann Levine, Jr; Barbara Lea, Fr; Elaine Levy, Fr; Gaye Levy, Fr; Jeanne Lewis, Fr. Third Row: Diane Liberman, Fr; Vivian Mezistrano, Jr; Linda Michel, Jr; Susan Nahon, Sop h; Janice Pearl, Soph. Fourth Row: Merle Richlen, Fr; Jacquelyne Rose, Fr; Patricia Rose, Soph; Betty Rothenberg, Sr; Lynn Rothstein, Fr. Bottom Row: Susan Sachnowitz, Fr; Andrea Stern, Sr; Joanne Walker, Soph; Esther Wei land, Fr; Sue Yee, Fr. 405 ' False ' Alarm Spells Fun For Pi Beta Phi ' s I i(hi4l mm., itiik __ JikkflL m (PI iMi 2m Top Row: Lorrie Anderson, Fr; Margaret Appleton, Sr; Ann Arneil, Jr; Karen Babich, Sr; Jan Barry, Soph; Kathleen Barry, Fr; Jodeen Bergum, Sr; Barbara Blasingame, Sr; JoEllen Brandt, Fr; Sherill Brooks, Fr; Jill Broughten, Fr. Second Row: Judy Broughten, Sr; Deborah Brownell, Sr; Elizabeth Brownell, Sr; Mary Buck, Fr; Wendy Buck, Jr; Sharon Campbell, Jr: Julia Cartano, Fr; Maralyn Child, Jr; Jane Chriest, Fr; Kathy Corey, Jr; Patricia Dalzell, Fr. Third Row: Margo Draisker, Fr; Barbara Dutton, Jr; Patricia Eby, Sr; Jana Ely, Sr; Betty Emerick, Jr; Gay Garbe, Fr; Anne Gillespie, Fr; Cynthia Halbig, Soph; Sally Haney, Soph; Becky Harlow, Soph; Chris Haynes, Sr. Fourth Row: Jill Heminson, Fr; Adelle Hermann, Soph; Cindy Hess, Fr; Carolyn Hopkins, Fr; Jeannie House, Fr; Patricia Jacobsen, Soph Susan Johnston, Jr; Carole Kent, Soph; Diane Kero, Sr; Sally Kerr, Soph; Darlene Kutt, Sr. Fifth Row: Jane Leimbacher, Sr; Nancy Leimbacher, Fr; Marili Libke, Jr; Shelly Loud, Fr; Deborah Lucker, Soph; Pamela Lynch, Sr Cris Mansfield, Fr; Linda McColm, Jr; Linda McCorkle, Jr; Marian McLaughlin, Sr; Susan Miraldi, Fr. Sixth Row: Jill Morrison, Jr; Shelley Morrison, Fr; Janice Morton, Soph; Anne Mosgrove, Soph; Karen Mumby, Fr; Suzanne Munns, Jr; Joanne Nail, Jr; Usha Nayuda, Fr; Kathleen O ' Rourke, Soph; Karen Paulson, Fr; Kathleen Perry, Fr. Bottom Row: Cheryl Phillips, Soph; Phyllis Pitts, Fr; Debbie Pulver, Fr; Peggy Radewan, Fr; Carol Ramstad, Jr; Gay Reavis, Fr; Marcia Richardson, Soph; Andrea Ringstad, Fr; Janis Roberts, Fr; Laurel Rounds, Soph; Phyllis Runyon, Fr. 406 M A ... 11. til „ Top Row; Christine Schneider, Soph; Kathy Shearer, Fr; Joan Shotwell, Jr; Lynn Sibold, Sr; Sherri Skoog, Soph; Sandra Ste Linda Struthers, Fr; Susan Struthers, Fr; Susan Sugia, Fr; Marjorie Sylvester, Soph; Nancy Toney, Jr. Bottom Row: Christine Umphred, Soph; Tina Van Doren, Soph; Gretchen Van Sant, Fr; Diane Watson, Sr; Charlotte West, Williams Soph; Antonia Winston, Soph; Kathleen Wygle, Soph; Nanci Yarno, Sr; Christine Yerkes, Fr; Carolyn Youngblood, J nesen, Sr; Sr; Shelly These two pages are dedicated to Pi Beta Phi. They represent a year in the life of a sorority, and they stand as a tribute to the honors, achievements and members of Pi Phi. " Take it away. Pi Phi ' s " had a familiar ring this year. Besides excelling in the classroom and in the HUB, Pi Phi ' s staged some events of their own. The Father-Daughter banquet, a false alarm that turned out to be real, a sneakily successful pledge class and a fantastic new housemother all added up to Pi Phi excitement. •I ' m not too sure what I ' m supposed to do after I hike the ball. Could we go over that part just once more? " 407 This year saw the Pikes turn over a new leaf as the house placed a total emphasis on scholarship. Everyone remembers — some with great remorse — the weekly Thursday night steak dinners for those with B ' s or better for all tests of the preceding week. Although aggravating to many, Thursday nights pro- vided a needed incentive and, to the ambitious, an extra-savory meal. Pi Kappa Alpha Turns Over New Leaf Top Row: James Alder, Soph; John Andrews, Soph; John Asmundson, Soph; John Barber, Soph; Daniel Brady, Sr; Richard Brosey, Fr; Douglas Burnhans, Fr; Stephen Burnhans, Jr; Charles Clark, Fr; Chuck Dow, Fr; Michael Douglas, Soph. Second Row: Philip Eng, Soph; Ralph Foss, Soph; Stephen Haugseth, Soph; John Hawkinson, Fr; Steven Holms, Soph; Thomas Hudson, Fr; Stanley Kehl, Jr; Alan King, Soph; Joseph King, Fr; Robert Kling, Jr; Dennis Kuntz, Jr. Bottom Row: Robert Lee, Soph; Lawrence Leong, Jr; William Lockwood, Sr; Glen Martin, Sr; Laurence Netherton, Sr; Gregg Oddson, Jr; Randal Odermann, Soph; Jack Piper, Soph; Ronald Pope, Soph; John Reijonen, Fr; Richard Schwabe, Jr. On Monday night, the regular presence of their Dream Girl reminded everyone of their social obli- gation, and four pinnings during the first month of school started all Pikes thinking about the " things " in life. Intramurals were much bigger than usual, and the Pikes put together excellent teams in volleyball, scratch bowling, basketball and football. In varsity sports they were capably represented by Viereck in crew and Scott in cross-country and track. The ex- ceptionally spirited pledge class organized an all- house service project at the Children ' s Orthopedic Hospital to put the final crown on an outstanding Pike year. 408 Top Row: David Scott, Jr; William Smith, Fr. Second Row: Gaylord Stadshaug, Fr; Ken- non Stephens, Fr. Third Row: David Suver, Soph; Robert Taylor, Jr. Fourth Row: Terence Tazioli, Soph; Michael Viereck, Soph. Bottom Row: Gregory Weeks, Jr; Robert Wil- son, Sr. 409 Pi Kappa Phi Reactivated Enthusiasm and ambition played the key role in uniting eighteen hard-working men into the nucleus of the new Pi Kappa Phi colony last summer. With the help of an active alumni associa- tion, the Pi Kapps had pledged another five men and attractively remodeled much of an old fraternity house by the end of fall quarter. Pi Kapps participated in all the major intramural sports on campus. And amidst hard work and studying they found time for dollar parties, keg parties and formals — all for a most suc- cessful first year foundation. 410 Top Row: Homer Barrett, Soph; Robert Bux, Soph; Charles Cal- dart, Soph. Second Row: Chris Chase, Soph; Dan Chesney, Soph; Doug Conrad, Soph. Bottom Row: Jeff Cranston, Soph; Rick Harris, Soph; Ken Iverson, Soph. Top Row: William Lane, Soph; William Maurmann, Soph; Rich- ard Navert, Soph; Dale Rudolph, Soph; Gordon Schmidt, Soph. Bottom Row: Daniel Sheridan, Soph; Craig Swackhamer, Soph; Douglas Vercoe, Soph; Gregg Whitcomb, Soph; Richard Woods, Soph. 411 412 ULEK. Top Row: William Acomb, Jr; George Broze, Sr; Bryce Campbell, Fr; Patrick Campbell, Jr; Vincent Carlson, Soph; Bradford Cattle, Soph; William Clements, Fr; Glenn Correa, Fr; Gary Culpepper, Sr; Charles Cyra, Fr. Second Row: Bruce Dennis, Sr; Robert Dittmer, Soph; James Doran, Soph; Robert Dreyer, Jr; Richard Ford, Sr; Brian Ful- wiler, Fr; John Garrison, Soph; Bruce Gifford, Fr; Mark Gilbert, Soph; Paul Halvorson, Jr. Third Row: Robert Harthorne, Fr; David Hartnett, Fr; Raymond Harvey, Jr; Kinne Hawes, Jr; John Holmes, Sr; Dean Iverson, Sr; Lawrence Jay, Soph; William Johnson, Sr; Richard Joss, Sr; Rand Kapral, Fr. Fourth Row: John Kama, Soph; Kerry King, Fr; Steven Kirkwood, Fr; David Koopmans, Sr; John Kraski, Fr; Robert Lane, Jr; Gary Larsen, Soph; Nicholas LeClercq, Jr; Harlie Loesby, Sr; Richard Loesby, Fr. Bottom Row: James Logan, Fr; Michael Lutkenhouse, Fr; Tate Mason, Jr; Chris Matson, Fr; David Minahan, Fr; Rick Murphy, Fr; James Nimnicht, Fr; Joseph Petrin, Fr; Robert Philip, Fr; Larry Pitts, Soph. " Hey, ball, go thataway! " Fraternity living is only what you make it, and this past year Psi Upsilon again found the true mean- ing of such an association. The brothers ' many needs and interests were met by both University and fraternity life. The academic atmosphere again enabled Psi U to place high scholastically and stimulated a number of the brothers to go on to graduate, medical and law schools. The Winter Formal, Beachcomber ' s Weekend, and the Pa- jama Dance with the Phi Delts highlighted the social agenda. Athletics, both intercollegiate and intramural, complemented an ever-expanding role in both IFC and the ASUW organizations. The year gave Psi U. much to look back upon and even more to look forward to. o p r. « n )f ) ( A p ' F i- ' . f » fp a a ? Top Row: Richard Porter, Soph; Jeffrey Reade, Sr; William Rese- burg, Soph; Richard Rian, Sr; Michael Ruddell, Fr. Second Row: Carl Rutherford, Soph; Bruce Schwager, Soph; Bruce Scott, Fr; Michael SeidI, Soph; Lynn Shively, Fr. Third Row: Thomas Skarshaug, Sr; John B. Smith, Fr; Richard A. Smith, Fr; Richard W. Smith, Fr; Geoffrey Snow, Soph. Fourth Row: Richard Spangler, Soph; Greg Spradlin, Soph; Tom Steenson, Soph; Mark Stevenson, Jr; Wiliiam Stout, Sr. Fifth Row: Erik Stromberg, Jr; Richard Timberlake, Fr; Robert Tomberg, Soph; Glenn VanBlaricom, Fr; Stephen Vennema, Sr. Bottom Row: Lynn Vickery, Jr; Robert Wallace, Fr; Steven Whit- ney, Soph; Robert Williams, Sr; Allan Womac, Sr. Ps Upsilon Living Is What They Make It " Look up in the sky. It ' s a bird, it ' s a ... our BALL?!?! " 413 Fraternal ism was at its highest when Sigma Alpha Mu received the " Jimmy Hammerstein Award " for being the outstand- ing chapter in the province at their National Convention. Scholastically Sigma Alpha Mu was number one in the spring of 1967 and second for the year. At the Alumni Formal the broth- ers burned their mortgage, thus becoming one of the few frater- nities in the United States to fully own its house. Mallard Cove Resort was the site of an action-filled Spring Weekend. And for the fifth consecutive year 12 lovely coeds adorned the pages of the Sammie " Teddy Bear Calendar. " It was a very good year. It was frater- nalism. It was Sigma Alpha Mu. Top Row: Gregory Alex, Fr; David Balint, Jr; Martin Bender, Jr. Second Row: Michael Bensussen, Jr; Leon Bienn, Fr; Lawrence Broder, Fr. Bottom Row: Bob Cohen, Sr; Marvin Cohn, Jr; Marco DeFunis, Soph. Sigma Alpha Mu Receives Province ' Best Ctiapter ' Award Top Row: Michael DeLeon, Jr; Samuel Edelstein, Soph; Laurence Epstein, Fr; Jack Fackerell, Fr. Second Row: Stephen Farber, Soph; Ken Flaks, Soph; Robert Gelb, Sr; Marvin Halpern, Sr. Third Row: Stanley Halpern, Soph; Victor Hasson, Jr; Robert Israel, Soph; Robert Jaffe, Sr. Fourth Row: Lawrence Jassen, Soph; Stephen Katz, Sr; Fred Kirske, Jr; Markus Lefkovits, Fr. Fifth Row: David Mesher, Fr; Edward Nemetz, Sr; Thomas Nussbaum, Soph; David Ordell, Jr. Sixth Row: David Peha, Jr; William Robbins, Fr Harry Rubin, Sr; Mark Schiller, Sr. Seventh Row: Jay Schupack, Fr; Norman Schwam berg, Jr; Steven Shifton, Soph; Lawrence Silver man, Jr. Bottom Row: David Stone, Sr; Solomon Varon, Fr; Allan Weiland, Jr; Eldon Wexler, Soph. sell ' s Top Row: Kenneth Hageman, Fr; Tim Hale, Fr; Michael Ham- mond, Sr; David Hawthorne, Jr; Joseph Heller, Fr. Second Row: David Hill, Jr; Roland Janssen, Fr; David Kiehle, Jr; Laurie Koykka, Grad; David Lowry, Soph. Third Row: Stanley Medema, Jr; Donald Miller, Sr; Anthony Moore, Fr; Steven Nelson, Fr; Alan Ritchey, Jr. Fourth Row: Wesley Schlenker, Fr; Edward Schreiner, Fr; Jan Skoropinski, Jr; Ronnie Smith, Sr; John Steele, Soph. Bottom Row: Guy Thornburgh, Fr; Ronald Whitney, Jr; Charles Wick, Soph; Richard Wick, Jr; Ross Word, Soph. Tau Phi Delta Pledges Unite With 2-1 Ratio For Best Class Ever Many years from now as the men of Tau Phi Delta look back they will probably agree that this year was one of the best. They will remember one of the largest pledge classes ever and all that was decided by that two-to-one ratio. And they will also recall the warning session after the fact, oh! the pain! and Charlie ' s pinning and what happened over Christmas. Not to mention the several pinnings, cigar smoke and Homecoming punch that punctuated the autumn, as well as the timber Queen at Garb Day, log-rolling champs, the " turky " and the traditional brawl. Their reminis- cences will probably include thoughts of exciting prefunctions and dismal post-functions, tortuously dirty soil labs, their captain and the agony of Dendro. These were the good times under the green and white, the happy times. 415 Top Row: Craig Andersen, Fr; Philip Anderson, Sr; Marl Ashworth, Fr; Thomas Banks, Jr; Keith Barber, Fr; Kenneth Bates, Fr; John Beatty, Sr; Robert Bowman, Soph; Keith Brisco, Fr. Second Row: Gary Burlingame, Fr; Edward Bye, Sr; John Coltart, Sr; Terry Cornelius, Fr; Richard Costello, Soph; Donald Davis, Sr; Russell Dillman, Fr; Bruce Drenkel, Fr; Stephen Eisenman, Jr. Third Row: Steven Erickson, Jr; Roger Ferch, Jr; Gregory Gardner, Jr; David George, Fr; Jon Gillis, Fr; John Haarsager, Fr; Don Hagwell, Jr; Michael Hamlin, Jr; Charles Hammond, Sr. Fourth Row: Russell Hanbey, Soph; Peter Hertrich, Fr; James Holland, Soph; Frank Holly, Fr; Russell Holm- berg, Soph; Stephen Hunt, Fr; William James, Jr; Sherman Jefferies, Jr; Bruce Johnston, Jr. Fifth Row: Phillip Jordan, Sr; Stephen Juntila, Fr; Donald Kelley, Jr; Jerry Kindinger, Jr; James Kukull, Jr; Lee Littlejohn, Fr; Victor Magruder, Sr; Charles Mainprice, Fr; Dennis Manfred, Soph. Sixth Row: Richard Mason, Soph; Ronald McCready Jr, Michael McGaughey, Fr; Raoul Meilleur, Jr; Stephen Monohan, Soph; Roger Nelson, Jr; Wayne Northrop, Jr; John Ogden, Fr; Thomas Paine, Soph. Bottom Row: John Plowman, Sr; Michael Raymond, Sr; Kenneth Reed, Sr; Stephen Roehl, Jr; Michael Rogge, Sr; Robert Sands, Sr; John Schille, Fr; Peter Shreve, Sr; Steven Smith, Soph. 416 IZ Top Row: Terry Solomon, Sr; Dennis Stranik, Sr; Torrance Tebb, Soph; Bradley Thomas, Soph. Second Row: David Tracy, Jr; Gary Wangsmo, Sr; William Weed, Jr; Gerry Wigren, Soph. Bottom Row: William Winter, Fr; William Wrede, Sr; Steven Wright, Soph; James Zabel, Jr. Sigma Chi: Wiiat Is This Thing Called Home? What is " home " for the Sigma Chi ' s? is it football in the street, football at Montlake and a collision in the back- field? Or Nelson and Hay winning the golf championship with Schooner as caddy? Is it Sweetheart Sue — all smiles and two glasses of milk? Or ponding the thieving Alpha Gams? Could it be Roehl ' s leaking garbage can, tips off pool cues and helpful Big Brothers? How about a fall cruise, Lincoln Park, the Smith Tower and Pink Passion, or the hot springs at Harrison. Ask a Sigma Chi. " home " is. He ' ll tell you what 417 Top Row: Christine Agnew, Fr; Laura Allen, Fr; Linda Asterino, Fr; Joyce Banaka, Fr; Shelley Bardin, Fr; Wilma Beecher, Fr; Carol Berg, Fr; Judith Block, Sr; Donna Boon, Sr; Sandra Boutin, Soph. Second Row: Rebecca Boyer, Fr; Marie Boynton, Sr; Pamela Bradburn, Sr; Janet Camperson, Sr; Carol Carlson, Fr; Carol Carter, Fr; Joy Crose, Soph; Francis Daniggelis, Fr; Margaret Darby, Sr; Patricia Donley, Jr. Bottom Row: Laura Donohue, Fr; Sylvia Duff, Soph; Shirley Dunagan, Fr; Charlotte Eliason, Soph; Elizabeth Endres, Soph; Susan Field, Sr; Gwendolyn Funk, Sr; Christine Furman, Soph; Kathleen Gallagher, Sr; Joan Gauthier, Fr. Top Row: Kristin Harris, Sr; Stephanie Haskins, Jr; Elizabeth Hethering- ton, Fr; Valerie Hineline, Fr; Pamela Hittle, Fr; Suzanne Hoffelt, Fr. Bottom Row: Mary Hohl, Sr; Kathleen Hope, Soph; Madeline Hoss, Fr; Barbara House, Fr; Nancy House, Jr; Jayne Jackson, Soph. Sigma Kappas ' Rock-Out ' At Hyatt House Certainly no one had a more united, more spirited group during rush than Sigma Kappa. It was fortunate that spirit wasn ' t any higher, because where would they ever have put even one more pledge? When all 48 were settled and given pledge lessons by the DU ' s, complete chaos set in. More active than ever on campus, the Snaky K ' s participated in Rally Girls, Husky Honeys, Brigadears, Corvettes, Angel Flight, Sweet- heart contests and Silver Fish. Scholarship was emphasized at Sigma Kappa with deserving mem- bers belonging to W-Key, Totem Club and Alpha Lambda Delta. Who will forget the Jolly Green Hairnet or the rockout Hyatt House pledge dance. Then there were Snow White and the schizophrenic dwarf, violin duets in the T.G.R., Paul Newman and " It ' s A Long Way To Mukilteo. " 418 Top Row: Wendy Jarvis, Soph; Karen Johnson, Jr; Kathleen Klan, Soph; Susan Knaack, Fr; Janice Koehler, Soph; Cheryl Kurtz, Jr. Second Row: Linda Larson, Sr; Candace Lower, Jr; Donna Lusk, Jr; Alexandra MacDonald, Fr; Janice McCall, Fr; Kathleen McGinnes, Fr. Third Row: Mary McLean, Soph; Susan Miller, Jr; Sarah Mills, Fr; Marlene Moniot, Fr; Sherry Mummert, Jr; Jennifer Myers, Soph. Fourth Row: Carol Noland, Fr; Barbara Norman, Fr; Pam Oelschlaeger, Fr; Karen Ogrosky, Soph; Carol Olsen, Fr; Sheila Page, Fr. Fifth Row: Barbara Parkhill, Sr; Christine Paulson, Fr; Pamela Perry, Soph; Konne Petersen, Soph; Stephanie Powis, Fr; Gloria Prince, Fr. Sixth Row: Katherine Rick, Jr; Corinne Riedel, Fr; Jennifer Ross, Jr; Mariann Schantz, Fr; Eva Scheinmann, Grad; Donna Shaw, Fr. Seventh Row; Celeste Shepherd, Fr; Julie Shepherd, Fr; Linda Shute, Jr; Tanya Simmons, Soph; Nicole Smith, Soph; Janet Spika, Soph. Bottom Row: Barbara Strum, Soph; Mary Jean Tedesco, Fr; Jeanne Thiel, Sr; Patricia Trindle, Jr; Janice Uhorchak, Fr; Barbara Vanderwall, Fr. Top Row: June Weeks, Jr; Jean Wess- man, Sr; Sharon Whitaker, Sr. Second Row: Nancy Whitman, Soph; Janice Wick, Soph; Donna Wil- liams, Soph. Bottom Row: Deniel Willis, Sr; Son- dra Willis, Soph; Susan Wood- ward, Jr. 419 " Hey, how ' bout that. He ' s finally learned how to fold his arms. Do it again, hey. " Sigma Nu: Bonds Are Stronger Than Greek Rites l££M Top Row: Timothy Abel), Fr; Douglas Adkins, Jr; Robert Altken, Soph; William Baber, Fr; Dennis Ball, Fr; Merle Barclay, Jr; William Becker, Soph; Philip Bohn, Jr; Andrew Bohrnsen, Fr; Marshall Boyd, Jr; Dennis Brand, Soph. Second Row: Richard Bratton, Sr; Alan Bulger, Fr; Burl Buskirk, Jr; Harvey Chamberlln, Soph; Robert Christiansen, Soph; Michael D ' Antuona, Soph; Richard Davidson, Soph; Charles Dietsch, Fr; Ronald Doud, Jr; Gene Dunlap, Jr; James Dunlap, Fr. Third Row: James Eaton, Fr; Paul Ellingson, Jr; Dana Feldmann, Jr; Bruce Flynn, Sr; Michael Flynn, Soph; Craig Forbes, Soph; Patrick Ford, Soph; Michael Gage, Sr; Bruce Gore, Soph; Thomas Harmer, Fr; David Hartford, Jr. Bottom Row: David Hayen, Sr; Donald Hayen, Sr; Richard Heald, Fr; Douglas Henshaw, Fr; Thomas Hosea, Soph; Douglas Huffman, Fr; David Huguenin, Jr; Patrick Hutchins, Fr; James Jacobsen, Sr; George Jennings, Soph; David Johnson, Soph. 420 ' lilti p Top Row: Geoffrey Johnson, Jr; Mark Johnson, Soph; Charles Joines, Fr; Richard Jordan, Fr. Second Row: James Knudsen, Jr; WiHiam Knud- sen, Fr; Jack Knudtsen, Soph; William Lebo, Sr. Third Row: Andrew Levesque, Fr; Eric Lindstrom, Soph; Scott Lowry, Fr; Bruce Matlock, Sr. Fourth Row: Donald McCann, Sr; Steven Mikkel- sen, Soph; Paul Nau, Soph; Richard Nordquist, Soph. Fifth Row: William Oldenburg, Sr; Omar Parker, Sr; Payson Peterson, Fr; Stanley Phillips, Jr. Sixth Row: Wayne Pighin, Jr; James Quist, Soph; Thomas Rodgers, Fr; William Rose, Soph. Seventh Row: Richard Saxton, Jr; Richard Schneider, Soph; Theodore Schuiz, Fr; Robert Shellworth, Jr. Bottom Row: Stephen Shelton, Fr; Jeff Skilling- stad, Soph; Michael Speer, Fr; Thomas Strath- airn, Sr. Top Row: Michael Sullivan, Jr; Alan Swanson, Soph; Steven Swegle, Jr; Terry Thompson, Jr; David Undlin, Soph. Second Row: Douglas Verhoef, Jr; David Voss, Fr; Don Warren, Sr; James Whitesel, Soph; John Williams, Jr. Bottom Row: Gregg Willits, Sr; Steve Wilson, Fr; William Wol- cott , Fr; Laurence Young, Jr; Norman Zachary, Sr. And Social Graces Thirty thousand students attend the University of Washington. About one hundred of them live at Sigma Nu. These young men are varsity athletes, dean ' s list scholars, HUB jocks, drinkers and average stu- dents — an individualistic but highly cohesive group. They are bound together by something far more meaningful and lasting than mysterious Greek rites or flamboyant social lives. As indi- viduals and as a group, they are committed to certain beliefs: the need for interaction with oth- ers, the benefits of sharing, the necessity of per- sonal and social growth. The lessons they learn at Sigma Nu complement those learned in the labs and lecture halls on campus. This year Sigma Nu was proud to welcome thirty- three more young men into a historic and growing fraternity. 421 Active Sigma Piii Epsiion f-figii Sctioiastically The sunny days of rush brought in a qual- ity pledge class to Sigma Phi Epsiion. This great start saw individuals mold into a united group that contained members on crew, rugby, baseball and ski teams. It was a year of many events for the Sig Eps — 21 Club, Daily editor, the " annual " Alpha Chi Omega exchange, the happy hours and the ever popular " robber. " They still had time for Wonder, for Kirk and friends to blow the sneak, and kitchen raids by the Big 3. But with the various activities Sig Eps turned in an excellent scholastic average also. The year was filled with work and fun. It began and ended with a turn for the better. Top Row: Terry Adams, Soph; David Ahlberg, Sr; Brandon Allen, Fr; Roger Anderson, Sr; Daniel Andrews, Soph; Richard Artley, Soph; Richard Baranzini, Sr; Craig Batley, Soph; James Beard, Soph; William Bergman, Jr; Michael Bisom, Fr. Second Row: James Black, Soph; Christopher Boehm, Fr; Christopher Brooks, Fr; Billy Burnham, Fr; Michael Chapman, Jr; David Condon, Fr; David Dack, Soph; Kristofer Dahl, Jr; Alfred Daniels, Sr; David Deal, Soph; Ronald Donckers, Jr. Third Row: William Evans, Jr; Donald Faa, Jr; Frederick Felker, Fr; Ken Fortune, Soph; Stanley Freimuth, Soph; Anthony Garvin, Jr; David Gilbert, Sr; John Hannah, Soph; Gerald Heck, Fr; David HeinI, Sr; Donald Helphrey, Jr. Bottom Row: Douglas Holmes, Soph; David Johnson, Soph; Samuel Judah, Fr; James Kirk, Jr; Stephen Kirk, Fr; William Kitchin, Sr; Rudolph Knaack, Sr; Tom LePenske, Jr; Clare Leifer, Soph; Douglas McTavish, Soph; David Mackie, Fr. 422 Top Row: Richard Malia, Jr; Steven Marshall, Soph; Gary Martin, Sr. Second Row: Bruce Mennella, Sr; Larry Nokes, Jr; Douglas Olsen, Soph. Third Row: John O ' Neal, Soph; Rob- ert Ormsby, Jr; Doug Peterson, Jr. Fourth Row: Erik Peterson, Soph; Donald Pratt, Sr; Pat Reiley, Fr. Fifth Row: Jack Reynolds, Jr; Bruce Russell, Jr; Stanley Schultz, Fr. Sixth Row: Michael Shay, Jr; Scott Smith, Fr; James Stevens, Fr. Seventh Row: Thomas Sturgell, Soph; Robert Swoffer, Soph; Ste- phen Tangen, Fr. Bottom Row: David Uptegrove, Soph; Wilton Viall, Soph; James Walsh, Soph. 423 Teke ' s Win Province, International Awards ' WW IF ' ■■■Ik ■■ ■■J HH ■■ ■■■1 B B l B HI B ■ ■■■ ■B HH Top Row: Joseph Bahl, Fr; Lloyd Blunden, Jr; Stephen Chadwick, Soph; Norman Chiang, Soph; Charles Cllne, Jr; Robert Cline, Fr Gregory DelZoppo, Soph; Russell Devaney, Soph; Brad Donaldson, Fr; David Fall, Soph; James Godwin, Jr. Second Row: Glenn Gooda le, Fr; Larry Hamilton, Jr; Howard Hansen, Soph; Thomas Harron, Fr; Robert Hennings, Fr; John Hughes, Jr Robin Keil, Fr; Daryl Kelly, Jr; Gary Lawrenson, Soph; Randall Lee, Jr; Patrick Lippert, Fr. Third Row: Elvin Maxwell, Fr; James McAteer, Fr; Thomas McCumsey, Fr; Jeffrey Miles, Fr; Michael Miller, Fr; James Morrell, Soph Robert Nakatsu, Fr; Timothy Nehl, Soph; David O ' Leary, Soph; Gregory Pfeiffer, Fr; David Radford, Jr. Bottom Row: Greg Roessel, Soph; Bert Sewell, Jr; Gary Spain, Jr; Stephen Spaulding, Soph; Larry Strickland, Fr; Paul Vlasuk, Fr Michael Walsh, Fr; James Willey, Jr; Thomas Willis, Sr; Jeffrey Wilson, Fr; Wayne Yoda, Soph. 424 Now can we have some to wash our hands? With three annexes, no main house and oversold parking lots, Tau Kappa Epsilon, the only drive-in fraternity, needed a change. Hello, Sigma Chi and DZ! Hard w ork and dedication brought Chi the Province " Most Improved Chapter " award for the second consecutive year, as well as recognition by International for scholarship supremacy. Good cheer flowed at the Teke house. The first keg- ger was a success, even if four pledges swore off. Stock Show at TKE demonstrated Radford ' s ability as a quick-change artist with wallpaper. Then the pledges atoned for their failings with a very timely but expensive pledge class project — a new Teke victory bell, solid brass and without a crack! Activities were many and varied. Although the pledges failed to pond Prater Cline, the whole house succeeded in ponding the chapter advisor. Bird watching from the Yellow House became a popular pastime. Water fights presented no challenge, but the resulting all-night pledge class vigils did. ■■ 1- ma t tf K Theta Ch ' s Football Squad Boasts It Can Beat Any Sorority Theta Chi officers included Keith Ragland, Bob Greener, Kurt Schnebeie, Tim Olson, Rod Lester and Mark Pedersen. 426 ' C f o, Top Row: Stuart Anderson, Fr; Doug- las Batt, Jr; David Bell, Sr. Second Row: Robert Berg, Soph; Richard Birkenbuel, Soph; Rich Breckenridge. Soph. Third Row: Paul Brown, Soph; Richard Buckso, Soph; James Clements, Jr. Fourth Row: James Cooper, Sr; Bruce Crawford, Sr; Bradley Cunning ' liam, Fr. Fifth Row: Joel Cunningham. Soph; Steve Danielson, Fr; John Deth man. Soph. Sixth Row: Robert Erickson, Soph; Michael Fleming, Fr; John Fletch- er, Fr. Seventh Row: Stephen Franks, Jr; Sho Fukushima, Soph; James Fuller, Fr. Bottom: Tim Garside, Soph; Doug Gilson, Sr; Frank Gordon, Soph. ir — : — mr- ■A « « i-. l! ,» p rt n a Tff P r iii M Top Row: William Gordon, Soph; Bruce Granston, Jr; Mark Graves, Soph; Robert Greener, Jr; Ed Grimes, Soph; John Haglund, Sr; Richard Hammond, Jr; Steve Hanson, Jr; Richard Harvey, Fr; Michael Heaton, Fr; Kimberly Hoel, Fr. Second Row: Robert Hoff, Sr; James Hudson, Sr; Rickard Huget, Fr; Darrel Hume, Soph; Gregory Hume, Jr; David Hungerford, Soph; Alan Jennings, Soph; Steven Juntwait, Sr; Steve Kenyon, Fr; Dick Killingsworth, Fr; John King, Soph. Third Row: Gerald Knott, Jr; Palmer Koon, Fr; Kevin Laird, Soph; Thomas LeDuc, Soph; Roderick Lester, Sr; Michael LIppi, Soph; James Mackey, Fr; Michael Marinella, Sr; James Martin, Fr; Michael McCaffrey, Jr; Scott McClellan, Fr. Bottom Row: Alfred McGinnes, Fr; Stephen McLeod, Fr; James McTaggart, Jr; Michael Monnahan, Soph; Arthur Nelson, Fr; Barry Nordstrom, Jr; James Nordstrom, Sr; Timothy Olson, Sr; Mark Pedersen, Jr; Stephen Peterson, Soph; Rodney Pierce, Sr. g MS Top Row: James Polley, Jr; Gordon Preecs, Fr; Keith Ragland, Jr; Nicholas Richards, Jr; Kenneth Roberts, Fr; Steven Sauer, Soph; Kurt Schnebele, Jr. Second Row: Joe Shamseldin, Jr; Fred Shanafelt, Jr; James Shanafelt, Soph; Jeffrey Short, Fr; Mark Sobolik, Jr; Thomas Spiller, Fr; Craig Studholme, Soph. Bottom Row: William Thompson, Sr; Hunt Towler, Soph; Dean Waldron, Soph; David Waldschmidt, Soph; Danny Warner, Jr; David Willenborg, Fr; Gene Willis, Fr. The brothers of Theta Chi take pride in their fraternity. Cultured athletes who have all learned to read and write abound. And their intramural football squad can beat any sorority around. They have a 41-year-old pledge named Huey who comes to parties and owns a vacuum cleaner. They have a rushee who can ' t make up his mind, locked up in the chapter room. As for campus leaders, Theta Chi has a reader in Archeology 101 and a transfer from WSU who eats in the HUB because he is allergic to food. Sometimes, out of sheer bore- dom, they go to class. But most of the time is spent fighting off the hoardes of women who continually storm the walls screaming, " We want dates! " 427 iMmkdikiik iiift fe i i Ji ih 1 Top Row: David Anderson, Soph; William Bethel, Soph; Charles Bingay, Jr; Eldee Bitseff, Fr; Raymond Bogue, Sr; Lance Brigman, Jr; Bruce Caldwell, Fr; Craig Carlson, Jr; George Cozzetto, Fr; Roark Doubt, Fr. Second Row: Larry Frost, Fr; David Gordon, Jr; James Hamel, Fr; John Hamel, Jr; Douglas Hanlon, Sr; Denis Harmening, Jr; Geo Hayashi, Fr; William Hope, Fr; Thomas Levin, Soph; John Logsdon, Fr. Third Row: Alain London, Fr; Steven Lyman, Fr; Duncan MacDonald, Fr; Marlin Mann, Sr; Paul Martin, Fr; Roy Matson, Fr; Michael Miller, Fr; Stephen Monson, Soph; David Montague, Fr; Gregory Morin, Fr. Bottom Row: Jerauld Numata, Fr; Charles Nuzum, Soph; Douglas Purcell, Sr; Robert Reid, Fr; Richard Riedel, Sr; Arthur Rorex, Soph; Dennis Rossman, Sr; Paul Sands, Jr; David Shannon, Sr; Eric Skopec, Sr. 428 Psychedelic Keggers And Bunny Coronation Light Up Theta Delta Chi Year Top Row: Douglas Smith, Jr; Richard Smith, Fr. Second Row: Bruce Staggs, Soph; Robert Sudderth, Sr. Third Row: Philip Talso, Sr: Hugh Wakefield, Jr. Fourth Row: James Wea- ver, Soph; Norman Wells, Soph. Fifth Row: Jon Wester- gaard. Soph; Richard Weyrich, Fr. Bottom Row: Dick White- head, Soph; Bill Zim- merman, Soph. Theta Delta Chi Brotherhood is a fel- lowship expounded through respect, concession, investment and experi- ence. It provides a foundation for unlimited academic, social and indi- vidual growth. Thirty pledges were initiated into the TDX tradition. Highlights of their year included the crowning of the " bunnies, " light- show keggers, the ski party and an unforgettable weekend in Chelan. Theta Delts distinguished themselves in sports — they boasted an All Amer- ican. In campus activities they led with Sundodgers, debaters and JIFC and Purple Shield members. Theta Xi Members Are Unsuppressed In ' 68 f K ib ii ii k k ii; ; Top Row: Lynn Ailing, Soph; Arthur Arneson, Fr; Robert Bennett, Sr; Larry Boehringer, Sr; Robert Boyd, Jr; Patrick Caffee, Jr; Ralph Chinella, Soph; Michael Clift, Fr; Mark Covey, Fr; Daniel Denton, Soph; Donald Ding, Soph. Second Row: William Donaldson, Fr; Richard Donofrio, Jr; James Dwyer, Fr; Michael Eguchi, Soph; Sam Fisher, Fr; Mike Hansen, Jr; Robert Hargreaves, Soph; Warren Iverson, Soph; Paul Jensen, Soph; Allen John, Soph; Thomas Johnson, Soph. Third Row: Myron Klein, Sr; Alan Kuresman, Jr; Robert LaCaille, Soph; Donald Lacky, Sr; Don LaCombe, Jr; Robert Laing, Jr; William Matson, Soph; Brian McCarty, Fr; William McKay, Fr; David Mills, Jr; David Moore, Fr. Bottom Row: Scott Morris, Soph; Patrick Nichols, Jr; Karl Parrish, Sr; Jeffrey Phillips, Jr; Randall Plut, Fr; Bradley Rose, Fr; Steven Rowland, Fr; John Schaefer, Fr; Warren Sharpe, Jr; Danny Smith, Fr; Charles Smyser, Jr. 430 Top Row: John Swartzwelder, Fr; Karl Swensson, Soph; Raymond Thomas, Jr. Second Row: Ronald Tweiten, Jr; James Tysver, Jr; John Uyeji, Fr. Bottom Row: Merrill Vesper, Fr; Ronald Wilkinson, Sr; Henry Wyman, Jr. When the Theta Xi house reached its largest mem- bership in its 52-year history, spirit soared to new heights. Through hard work and long hours Theta Xi ' s raised their gpa ' s while strengthening both the house and each individual member. Memories were many and varied. Sunshine and Flash invaded the summer cabin in the middle of the winter while Zango published the first Theta Xi Rag. Schaefer finally found one bigger; Jensen found a girl; Wyman found time, and Chalker found the house. Everyone turned out to sponsor the house ' s first ASUW dance. Awards night saw many of the choic- est trophies quickly retired. A pledge found the life expectancy of a Theta Xi to be 21 years, one day. The brawl was a smash, the formal a formal, the pre- functions illegal and the Suppressed Desires party unsuppressed. 431 S£I o n Top Row: Kenneth Aaron, Soph; Jeff Abolofia, Fr; Robert Adatto, Fr; Steven Azose, Soph; Lloyd Barde, Fr; Solomon Baron, Jr; Donald Berg, Sr; William Blum, Jr; Henry Brashen, Sr; Theodore Breall, Soph; David Brotman, Sr. Second Row: Ronald Butler, Soph; Joseph Carrol, Jr; Jerome Cohen, Jr; Richard Cohen, Sr; Steve Cohen, Fr; Barry Cohn, Fr; Ronald Cowan, Jr; Ronald Danz, Fr; William Donner, Soph; Thomas Dreiling, Jr; Mark Epstein, Fr. Third Row: Barry Feder, Sr; Larry Feinstein, Soph; David Ferrera, Sr; Michael Fisher, Fr; Edward Fleisher, Fr; Jack Ginsberg, Soph; Bruce Giant, Soph; Gary Giant, Sr; Larry Goldberg, Sr; Daniel Greenberg, Soph; Allen Israel, Sr. Bottom Row: Arthur Israel, Soph; Martin Kaplan, Fr; Mitchell Kirschner, Sr; Gregory Kleiner, Fr; Robert Koch, Jr; Robert Kollack, Sr; Richard Koplowitz, Fr; Richard Kossen, Jr; Bruce Krivosha, Fr; Kenneth Levinson, Jr; Steven Lewis, Soph. pop P " j f Top Row: Tibor Major, Jr; Stanley Mayer, Sr; Hylan Moises, Fr; Kenneth Muscatel, Soph; Sam Piha, Soph; Jack Policar, Jr; Philip Pruzan, Fr. Second Row: Stanley Raine, Fr; Val Robins, Soph; Terry Robinson, Fr; Marvin Rosen- berg, Fr; Richard Rosenwald, Soph; Steven Ross, Fr; Paul Rubin, Jr. Bottom Row: Alan Ruder, Jr; Harvey Sadis, Sr; Joseph Schocken, Sr; Eugene Seligmann, Jr; Paul Seligmann, Fr; Ted Semon, Jr; Donald Shifrin, Soph. A forty-fifth anniversary meant many things to the ZBT ' s. It meant a strong tradition of aca- demic excellence, augmented by a Top Five scholastic rank for both chapter and pledge class. It meant an Anniversary Ball and the annual spring-formal weekend on the Oregon Coast. It meant action in intramurals, men on campus in Sundodgers, Purple Shield and Oval Club. It meant a politician on BOC and a diplomat in IFC, as vjeW as a leader in AMS. Mostly, though, it meant enthusiastic spirit kindling an intangible fraternal feeling. Zeta Beta Tau ' s Forty-Fifth Year Means Anniversary Ball, Politicians, Diplomats .ft . Top Row: Michael Silver, Fr; Gary Slotnik, Fr; Edward Spring, Soph; Bruce Wampold, Fr. Second Row: Dennis Warshal, Jr; Michael Wax, Soph; Edward Weinstein, Soph; Robert Weis- tield, Sr. Third Row: Richard Weitzman, Sr; Terence Wirth, Jr; Bruce Witenberg, Soph; Barry Wolf, Sr. Bottom Row: Bruce Wolf, Sr; David Zacks, Fr; Lawrence Zeldman, Jr; Paul Zukor, Soph. And An Oregon Weekend " After we get the ham we ' ll put everything back just like it was. " 433 Zeta Psi House Is A Home For Seventy-Plus The House is a home to the seventy-plus who are within the tradition-centered walls of Zeta Psi. Studies will ever reign supreme, but not knowing who was Number One made every Zeta Psi try a little harder for the others. The Gronk, dinner bells, Mom, apple pie and detergent flakes bring back pleasant memories, and the all night seminars to help a brother in distress won ' t soon be forgotten. The House was a home to seventy-plus sometimes, one time, all time. mi Top Row: Randle Amundson, Fr; Michael Bauer, Sr; Craig Bishop, Fr; Bruce Boyd, Soph. Second Row: Daniel Broggel, Soph; Kenneth Bryan, Soph; David Carlson, Fr; Edward Carpen- ter, Fr. Third Row: Harley Catlow, Fr; David Checkley, Jr; Scott Cheney, Fr; Robert Cliff, Soph. Fourth Row: James Colson, Fr; Frank Emerson, Fr; Frank Erickson, Fr; Carl Eshelman, Soph. Fifth Row: Richard French, Fr; Michael Gervais, Soph; James Grazini, Fr; Stephen Gwinn, Fr. Sixth Row: John Hahn, Fr; Stanley Hammer, Fr; Charles Hardy, Fr; Thomas Harman, Sr. Seventh Row: Charles Hollis, Soph; Roy Huhs, Soph; Robert Hurt, Jr; William Hurt, Soph. Bottom Row: Marc Jamison, Jr; Laurence Johnson, Jr; Malcolm Kelley, Fr; Brian Kelly, Sr. 434 12 p p f . Top Row: Steve Kelly, Jr; Stuart Kenney, Fr; Howard Kilbride, Sr; Paul Klinkam, Fr; James Kraft, Soph; Michael Krall, Soph; William Leedom, Jr; Robert Lockwood, Fr; Walter Lowe, Soph; Jack Martin, Soph; Alvin Matsumoto, Fr. Second Row: William McKay, Fr; Mark Mitrovich, Sr; Paul Meade, Soph; Kenneth Moore, Fr; Dennis Nissen, Jr; Charles Noble, Sr; Chris- topher Oehler, Fr; Dennis Parrish, Jr; Gregory Peel, Jr; Donald Phillips, Fr; James Reno, Fr. Third Row: Alva Roberts, Soph; Steven Robinson, Jr; James Sail, Soph; John Schiltz, Sr; Jack Schlumpf, Fr; Steven Shirilla, Jr; W il- liam Sinnett, Fr; Harrison Smith, Fr; Mark Spurgeon, Fr; George Starkovich, Soph; Thomas Sweeney, Soph. Bottom Row: Richard Thomson, Fr; John Ulman, Soph; Edward Van VIeet, Soph; Peter Vastenhold, Sr; Edgar Vick, Soph; Stephen War- ren, Fr; Jack White, Fr; Michael Wilder, Jr; Brian Wilson, Jr; Douglas Winch, Fr; Robert Wuotila, Soph. This year Sigma Alplna Epsilon moved toward estab- lishing a more permanent atmosphere of well- rounded individuals, both in the fraternity and on the campus. The house became a leader in student government, varsity athletics, intramurals and cam- pus activities. George ' s keggers, the great group of Little Sisters, Monday night bull sessions, the spring weekend, the daily trips across 45th, the Mothers ' Club ' s hard work, an outstanding pledge class and the strong support of the active members proved to be only a few parts of the formula for filtering out the indi- vidual capabilities and talents in each brother. There is much more to the formula. But under- standing the entity can only come from living in SAE. Only then does the success of the formula become alive and vibrant for each brother. a p a tkik tM tM . « a |»« p f? « fi p fe Top Row; Carl Anderson, Fr; Peter Arneil, Fr; James Ault, Soph; Soph; Lloyd Baker, Fr; Douglas Bell, Soph; James Berry, Soph; Phillip Boshaw, Jr; Robert Burkheimer, Fr; James Burnett, Fr; Gary Carpenter, Jr; Carter Case, Fr. Second Row: Maynard DeGrazia, Jr; Joseph Delaney, Soph; Bruce Denton, Fr; John Dillow, Sr; John Douglas, Sr; Robert Eby, Jr; John Finholm, Sr; William Garvin, Fr; Charles Granoski, Fr; Terry Hanford, Soph; Franklin Hill, Fr. Third Row: Paul Hosea, Jr; Jerald Jamison, Sr; George Johnson, Jr; Robert Keating, Sr; Frederick Keiler, Soph; Jim Kelly, Sr; Peter Kerr, Jr; Ronald Koury, Jr; Gregory Krupski, Fr; Kenneth Krupski, Sr; Jonathan Ladd, Fr. Fourth Row: Timothy Lawless, Soph; Christopher Lewis, Fr; Roland Libby, Soph; Stephen Long, Fr; John Marshall, Jr; Brook Nelson, Fr; Charles Noyes, Fr; Stephen Oliver, Soph; Robert Olson, Fr; Terry Pieszchala, Soph; Larry Pruden, Fr. Bottom Row: David Rechnitzer, Fr; John Reuland, Sr; Thomas Satterwhite, Fr; Fred Schnebly, Fr; Brian Scott, Sr; Michael Simmons, Soph; Andrew Stefan, Soph; Donald Strom, Sr; Harry Sullivan, Soph; Chris Sundberg, Fr; Gary Taylor, Jr. 436 ' « r. p, c: p f, Top Row: Gary Tripp, Jr; Tracy Tripp, Soph; Howard VanSchoyck, Fr; Ronald Volbrecht, Fr; Patrick Walsh, Jr; Philip Ward, Jr. Bottom Row: Mark Weed, Jr; John Weinstein, Fr; Joseph Welty, Fr; Fred- erick Wheeler, Fr; William White, Soph; John Whiteman, Soph. Sigma Alpha Epsilon Mixes Formula For Individuality 437 Top Row: Carol Atherton, Sr; Judith Anne Ault, Sr; Virginia Bowen, Jr. Second Row: Beverly Brown, Soph; Diana Carlson, Soph; Jeanie Dobos, Soph. Bottom Row: Judith Dewier, Jr; Kris- tine Draper, Fr; Terrie Grey, Fr. ' ' l:k - Top Row: Jeanette Haigh, Fr; Sandra Hill, Fr; Jean Howell, Soph; Janice Justus, Sr; Maryellen Lees, Jr; Lynn Luce, Jr; Kathleen Meas- ure, Soph; Eria Mershon, Jr; Dorothy Nelson, Jr; Peggy Nelson, Jr; Ross Nelson, Fr. Bottom Row: Sandee Nelson, Soph; Sheryl Peacock, Soph; Joan Randall, Soph; Denise Reilly, Sr; Marilynn Semro, Fr; Judy Lee Spaur, Soph; Marilyn Stuart, Jr; Beth Ann Merge, Fr; Christine Wishaar, Fr; Shirley Wittenberg, Sr; Lynn Woods, Sr. Zeta Tau Alpha Marks Fiftieth Anniversary Zeta Tau Alpha celebrated its 50th year on campus with excitement, growth and enthusiasm. The pledge class entered with so much spirit it left a few of the actives gasping. But the pace only quickened as the year progressed. Annual events included the Pledge Dance, Rededication, the Sweetheart Dinner, Inspi- ration Week, the White Violet Ball, the Parents ' Christmas party and the Spring Awards Banquet. But most importantly there was Initiation ... the be- ginning of lifetime bonds between sisters. Zeta is a social whirl, a place for scholarship — and above all, a home. 438 CO CQ CO CD 439 Wy room. It seems like every other room in the dorm. Good grief, it IS like every other room. But I do have the distinction of having that ostentatious bedspread of pink and orange elephants. After standing in line for what seems an epoch, I swallow the food offerings with tolerance. I have to. If I don ' t I ' ll starve. But there ' s fun in complaining about the half-cooked cauliflower and the soggy, but consistent pine-cot crisp. 440 BHOS My friends are of my own choosing. It ' s organized unorganization in group living. I don ' t feel like smil- ing at everyone. And I like to wear my loud, un- buttoned-down sport shirt on Tuesdays. I ' m me. And only me. worrying about the significant and drastic 2 a.m. lock-up. I want to be free. Here, I almost am. Now I can take my girl on a date and not have her -Carol Ann Pete 441 Dormitory Councils Coordinate Houses The Residence Halls Council has the task of coordinating and unifying the various hall coun- cils within the dormitory system. This means harmonizing the Mutual Organized House Council (Terry Hall Organized Residents and Associated Lander Residents), the Haggett In- ter-house Council, the Hansee Hall Council and the McCarty Inter-house Council. RHC brings representatives from these groups together in a working situation with the resi- dence halls management in order to solve com- mon problems and improve the living condi- tions. RHC was responsible for the passing of an open lounge policy and has set out to try to establish rules for a more liberal room visitation policy. RHC holds an annual convention on student issues in an attempt to present the dorm view on campus issues. The convention aims at pro- viding the dormitory residents with a basis for evaluating candidates for ASUW offices. McCarty Inter-house Council — Top Row: Marsha Godbey, Jean- nene Gire; Second Row: Andrea Innes, Carol Maien; Third Row: Joy Dent; Fourth Row: Paula Evans, Cathy Baylon; Fifth Row: Carol Putnam; Sixth Row: Dale DeMoney; Bottom Row: Betty Crawford, Sherry Petersen, Helen Ayra, Lyie Bellamer, Penny Flatin, head resident. Residence Halls Council: Antoinette Alexander, Kathy Wmston, Mary Ann Gilpin, Helen Ayra, Marilyn Nelson, Jerry Sal- strom, Jim Matsuyama, Tony Schueler, Cathy Baylon, Gary Wick, chairman, and Ray Hallinan. 1 ¥■ S W tb ' ' -WI f % %. " m ' w - m w ■%. m m ' i Hansee Hall officers were Mrs. Penny Flatin, Head Resident; Antoinette Al- exander, Betty Madson, Annalee Dahlie and Re- nee Nowakowski. A! Hastings, Jim Foss, Tony Schueler, Dale Nel- son, Norm Newkirk and Tim Sadler were Mutual Organized House Council leaders. Presiding over Haggett Inter-House Council were Bob Killien, Jerry Sal- strom and Beth Plotner. 443 Allison: Whose Phone Is Ringing This Time? What was it about living in Allison that was so appealing? Maybe it was the fellowship of pajama- and cutoff-clad coeds in the lounge. Or was it the com- fort of having a ready ear to listen to both joys and sorrows? By June only a few could identify their own telephone ' s ring from the lounge. But each girl had gained something from living in Allison and came through the year with spirits high and memories warm. clF ' .Lifil Top Row: Marlen- 1 1 ' iim inann, Soph; Sally Hendrickson, Fr; Judy Jacobsen, Soph; Diane Jenft, Soph; Sharon Keigher, Jr; Ivy Kelly, Soph; Janice Knudson, Soph; Dauna Koval, Fr; Anna Larson, Fr; Charlotte Leonard, Soph; Sue Lockett, Jr. Second Row: Anne MacRae, Fr; Christine McMillin, Soph; Deborah Mickens, Fr; Sue Naimark, Soph; Molly O ' Neil, Soph; Judy Robbins, Fr; Glenda Roberts, Jr; Marilyn Royea, Soph; Karen Rudert, Fr; Carol Sado, Soph; Sally Schoppert, Soph. Bottom Row: Brenda Shimojima, Soph; Nancy Shiogi, Soph; Christine Simons, Jr; Shirlee Uhlenkott, Fr; Carolyn Umbarger, Soph; Dana Ummel, Soph; Linda Ward, Soph; Jody Warden, Soph; Marlene Wasmund, Soph; Linda Woods, Soph; Linda Zinkin, Soph. 444 Top Row: Vicki Allen, Soph; Kristin Bainter, Fr; Gaylene Bouska, Grad; Linda Brotk, Soph; Lynette Buettner, Fr; Brenda Bushell, Soph; Carole Carder, Fr; Christine Clauson, Fr; Annalee Dahlie, Sr; Sarah Driver, Soph; Sandra Elefson, Soph. Bottom Row: Judith Gilpin, Soph; Rosalind Harrison, Fr; Natalie Herreid, Fr; Kathryn Heyse, Sr; Nellie Norton, Fr; Dorlane Ingles, Fr; Judith James, Jr; Judy Jensvold, Jr; Julie Keller, Soph; Colleen Kennedy, Fr; Janis Marquardt, Soph. Austin -ites Go Grave Digging For Dead Guinea Pig, Play Footbali Witli SAE ' s Top Row: Maria McLaughlin, Fr; Kathy Micona, Fr; Sue Nelson, Soph. Second Row: Pat Peck, Soph; Angela Rando, Fr; Sue Reddington, Sr. Third Row: Maryanne Sawhill, Sr; Kathy Schaer, Jr; Kay Selleg, Soph. Fourth Row: Marsha Skewis, Fr; Trudi Smith, Fr; Cathy Spink, Fr. Bottom Row: Cheryl Thomas, Fr; Melanie VanSlyke, Fr; Karen Velle- ma, Fr. In Austin the planned events — ■ from an SAE football exchange to a fireside Christmas party- proved to be as memorable as the unplanned events — from grave digging for a dead guinea pig to being caught in the showers dur- ing fire drill. Brigadears, Rally Girls, a Sammie Calendar Girl and the Baker House Snow Bunny were among those who created a con- genial Austin atmosphere that all will long remember. 445 Blaine: Life Is Not Just Dirty Clothes, Old Drier It ' s good to have a friend, and having 105 Blaine friends is even better. Fifty entering freshmen from as far away as Greece, Malaysia and " Cougarsville " soon found that life in Blaine was one of hootenanies, exchanges, special din- ners and guest performances. And who could ever forget the all-nighters, the shaving cream fights, the 1940-style steel boxes that blew hot air (driers?), the washing machines that redistributed the dirt, and that typical Hansee togetherness? Top Row: Jill Barringham, Sr; Paula Clayton, Fr; Suzanne Crawford, Fr; Janet DeFelice, Fr. Second Row: Deanna Dowdy, Soph; Judy Dugger, Jr; Irene Dunki-Jacobs, Fr; Christine Falk, Sr. Third Row: Barbara Gebert, Jr; Ruth Gilliland, Soph; Charlotte Cinder, Fr; Marilee Hansen, Fr. Fourth Row: Cathleen Heckard, Fr; Diane Hicks, Fr; Bonnie Hilgers, Fr; Sister Doris Marie Houle, Grad. Fifth Row: Linda Hummels. Fr; Kathryn Ide, Soph; Karen Jensen, Fr; Marcia Kelly, Soph. Sixth Row: Violet Kratochvil, Sr; June Ladke, Fr; Betty Madson, Jr; Carolyn McMartin, Fr. Seventh Row: Mary McWatters, Fr; Greta Moe, Sopli; Josephine Powell, Fr; Mary Ross, Fr. Bottom Row: Merilyn Smith, Fr; Dianne Takasumi, Fr; Stephanie Wall, Fr; Judith Zook, Jr. 446 Cameron Combines Academic, Attiletic Success £ UiM £is L S , iuk£fe«ritf] i T fc n p ti r i Top Row: Dennis Anderson, Jr; Thomas Antush, Fr; Keith Baldwin, Jr; Douglas Berg, Soph; Paul Bower, Fr; Robert Bramel. Sr; Elmer Canfield, Fr; George Deitrick, Sr; Bruce Farnsworth, Sr; Thomas Friberg, Soph. Second Row: Robert Glen, Sr; David Goudge, Soph; Dan Griffith, Fr; Bill Heaton, Jr; Alan Hendrickson, Fr; Steve Hetherington, Fr; Michael Holm, Fr; Henry Isbell, Fr; Peter Kammeyer, Soph; Robert Killien, Soph. Bottom Row: John Kirkpatrick, Jr; Richard Kirkpatrick, Sr; Bryan Matsuyama, Sr; Charles Mayes, Fr; Royce Moe, Jr; Douglas O ' Connor, Sr; Daniel Roller, Fr; Robert Rothenberg, Soph; Leiand Rozen, Fr; Richard Schultz, Fr. Whether as one of the top five campus living groups in aca- demics or as a successful com- petitor in a wide range of athlet- ics, Cameron House distinguished itself from the average living group on campus. As always, " Deutsch Haus spre- chen mit grossen Mund. " House president John Spezia starred in football but came in second at the reunion. And " save your watches " became one of the new yells. As the home of such campus lead- ers as ASUW president Rich Kirk- patrick, Cameron proved that independent living promotes not only excellence and genuine friendship, but also personal leadership of the highest quality. Top Row: John Spezia, Sr; James Springer, Fr. Second Row: Wesley Tip- ton, Fr; Kenneth Von- negut, Fr. Third Row: Garth Wall. Fr; Gary Weisenber- ger, Jr. Bottom Row: Lynn Well- man, Fr; Donald Wil- son, Fr. 447 i p f} pa p Top Row: Niels Andersen, Soph; Gary Anderson, Soph; Richard Ash, Jr; Dana Bonstrom, Soph; Richard Brynildsen, Fr; Richard Campbell, Soph; David Compton, Soph; Steven Excell, Fr; Alan Gilhuly, Soph; Edward Guerrant, Fr; Kenneth Hagen, Fr. Second Row: Dave Henderson, Soph; Terry Hobbs, Jr; David Hoy, Soph; Kenneth Jefferies, Soph; Roy Jensen, Jr; Stanley Jensen, Fr; Larry Johnson, Fr; Thomas Jussila, Fr; Scott Kaseburg, Fr; William Kelley, Soph; Nathaniel Kingsley, Soph. Bottom Row: John Knoke, Fr; James Lamb, Jr; John Landt, Soph; Barry Lieberman, Fr; Lloyd Lowe, Soph; Tom Merritt, Soph; Stephen Moore, Fr; Gary Nadeau, Soph; Jack Nichols, Fr; Stanton Nye, Jr; Glenn Oakes, Jr. 448 Baker Claims Largest Dorm ' Rate Of Return ' £kJ Top Row: Duane Poole, Soph; Len Sakai, Fr. Second Row: David Sand, Soph; Gunter Schmidt, Soph. Third Row: Rick Schwartz, Soph; Wes Sloulin, Fr. Fourth Row: Michael Toomey, Jr; Phillip Traff, Soph. Fifth Row: Fredrick Webb, Soph; Arthur Whipple, Jr. Sixth Row: David White, Fr; Doug Whitlock, Jr. Bottom Row: Michael Workman, Fr; Harry Yanagimachi, Fr. The Baker House motto " Semper Agendo " (always together) once again came true. New freshmen and the largest number of returning upperclassmen to any dorm house met in Baker to prove that M.O.B. violence makes the University " Ben Dover " country. Sports took to the field as the M.O.B. showed their strength and skill. Baker found positions on the Spirit and Rally Committee, Terry Hall Programing Com- mittee and Saiyuk. Always remembered will be the Baker spirit at Homestaying, automated pond parties with high speed grocery carts, the spirit and enthusiasm of the house queen and the revelation that there was indeed new lounge furniture. " Semper Agendo " and the M.O.B. reigned supreme. " Okay, we ' ll try it once more. Ready? Okay: ' My-dog-has-fleas. ' 449 • r- -rr ' , II ?If Mf " MM M tt, Top Row: Laurinda Ainsworth, Soph; Leona Alexander, Fr; Jodie Baker, Fr; Christine Bayer, Fr; Catherine Baylon, Jr; Janice Bourque, Fr; Karen Boyd, Fr; Cynthia Braa, Fr; Noelle Brown, Fr; Anne Burkey, Jr. Second Row: Lise Christensen, Fr; Veronica Church, Fr; Marcia Crecelius, Fr; Barbara Davis, Fr; Patricia Davis, Fr; Mary DeBruler, Fr; Anna Dingle, Soph; Lynn Dodson, Soph; Susan Drong, Fr; Phyllis Durham, Jr. Third Row: Sarah Eldridge, Jr; Judith Fox, Fr; Shelley Games, Fr; Pamela Godfrey, Fr; Lynda Gray, Fr; Nikki Hansen, Soph; Melinda Henderson, Fr; Sheila Hoisington, Jr; Nancy Huff, Fr; Janice Isbell, Fr. Fourth Row: Laura Jensen, Fr; Janette Kertzman, Fr; Debra Koehnen, Fr; Talka Kreiensieck, Fr; Karen Kubin, Soph; Sally Labberton, Fr; Faye Leaton, Fr; Catherine Lefleur, Jr; Christine Lie, Fr; Madelon Lund, Fr. Fifth Row: Marlene Maxwell, Fr; Linda McCorkle, Fr; Nancy Messmer, Fr; Vicki Messmer, Fr; Judith Nothdurft, Fr; Perme, Fr; Margie Peterson, Fr; Pamela Ripley, Fr; Gail Robertson, Soph; Patricia Rosgen, Soph. Sixth Row: Stephanie Ross, Fr; Carolyn Sako, Sr; Barbara Sarter, Fr; Elizabeth Schwartz, Fr; Karen Shrier, Jr; Stephens, Soph; Virginia Stouffer, Jr; Elaine Stover, Soph; Carol Strand, Soph; Helen Thomas, Fr. Bottom Row: Robin Thomas, Soph; Kathleen Thorp, Fr; Meredith Tweedt, Soph; Erin Van Bronkhorst, Fr; Marylou Victor, Soph; Diane Vincent, Fr; Karen Waldrop, Soph; Dianne V erner, Fr; Bonnie Yamane, Fr; Joyce Yee, Fr. Lynn Jane 450 42-22-35 Hike! Camano girls prepare for the big game. Camano Girls Skirmish Tlirougti Mad, Mad Game The annual Camano football game with the guys from over the hill heralded the beginning of a mad, mad game that continued through the last finals of spring quarter. Both offensively and defensively, Camano girls were tops. The " Big Kahuna " starred in their first time out. And in reverent observance of the Great Pumpkin Camano staged a Peanuts Pageant. Camano had its own HUB dance. And for those who found the strain too great . . . well, they were rolled out the door on baggage carts and refreshed in Drumheller Fountain. Others just went bouncing down the hall with their basketballs. During the next skirmish Camano kicked their star up to the BOC and pulled in a replacement for the empty quarterback position. Out on the far end of the field a strange banner appeared (Rainier ' s may- be?) and was swiftly carried toward Camano ' s goal posts until their two star players mysteriously disap- peared. But everyone returned in time for a picnic at the zoo and finals — at which time all helmets and shoulder pads were put away for another year. 451 And here still stand the Cascade tribesmen. And It Shall Be A Geological Fact: Cascades Still Rising And there shall be in the land of Terry the tribe of Cascade, descended from the line of Hammerpickle the Degenerate. And they shall be higher than all the other tribes of the land of Terry, for nothing shall exist over their heads but hot air. And there shall dwell among them a guardian angel, Cahn of the slide rule, who shall lead them not in the path of temptation so that he may follow it him- self in peace and quiet. And there shall sit on the right hand of Cahn, Jarlath the exchanger of linen. And there shall dwell in Room 901, the president (Hallelujah!) who shall lead the tribe unto new heights of revelry. mA Top Row: Julian Brown, Fr; Dudley Eirich, Fr; Anthony Gewald, Fr; Larry Goetz, Fr. Second Row: Gilbert Gullaksen, Fr; Michael Hel- land, Jr; Bruce Higley, Fr; Rodney Hilden, Fr. Third Row: Michael Hoge, Soph; Douglas John- son, Fr; Michael Kaschko, Fr; Charles Knight, Fr. Fourth Row: Robert Lindquist, Fr; Charles Mann, Fr; Robert McAdams, Fr; Larry Mumaw, Fr. Fifth Row: Douglas Nordquist, Fr; Gordon Parke, Jr; Monte Phillips, Fr; Larry Pittack, Jr. Sixth Row: Bruce Reed, Fr; Wayne Roberts, Fr; Thomas Shafar, Fr; Robert Shupe, Soph. Seventh Row: Dennis Simpson, Soph; Richard Slagle, Fr; Richard Snow, Fr; Frank Solter, Jr. Bottom Row: Richard Tucker, Fr; William Wolfe, Fr; Steven Wyatt, Fr; Roger Zander, Fr. 452 MLM l£l ' AdMJM Top Row: Peter Ashmore, Fr; Albert Bjorkedal, Fr; James Booze, Fr; Thomas Bowman, Fr; Daniel Culver, Fr; Steven Day, Fr; Dennis DeFotis, Soph; Timothy Dissmore, Fr; Dennis Doerr, Fr; Andrew Duncan, Fr; James Ewing, Soph. Bottom Row: Ronald Gibbons, Fr; Dennis Hathaway, Fr; Vincent Himsl, Fr; Ghent Howell, Fr; Dale Johnson, Soph; Michael Kinzer, Fr; Daniel Larkins, Fr; James Leaf, Soph; Larry LiaBraaten, Fr; Thomas Littlefield, Soph; Sidney McHarg, Fr. Che an ' Trucks- n ' To AIki Beach — Driver Unseen MZ Top Row: Eric Meng, Fr; Joseph Montgomery, Fr; Reilly Moss, Fr. Second Row; Mark Nelson, Fr; Scott Newton, Fr; Frank Robinson, Sr. Third Row: Michael Schmeer, Fr; Eric Schulstad, Fr; Douglas Sow- der, Fr; Fourth Row: Warren Starkebaum, Fr; Anthony Sur, Fr; Sterling Taylor, Fr. Bottom Row: Derrille Thayer, Jr; Joseph Wigton, Fr; Stephen Young, Fr. AIki Beach was the scene of the first " truck-in " anyone in Chelan could remember — and few will ever forget it. Living flesh was crowded into a covered truck with all faith in an unseen driver — they missed that train but church membership rose 40%. Halloween came, and Chelan scored 138,000 glasses of milk that night for UNICEF. A three- man social committee produced the best exchan ges in three years. The house newspaper was reorganized under a new name, the " Chelan Organ, " and " Apathy Power, " a left feather from the right wing, was unorganized into non-existence. A characterization of the year: student involvement, quite an accomplish- ment with over 80% entering fresh- men. A description of the year: Chelan was alive. 453 Top Row: Carolyn Anderson, Soph; Ann App, Fr; Barbara Batson, Fr; Christina Bentley, Fr; Linda Bigger, Jr; Linnea Bisig, Fr; Cheryl Boyd, Soph; Patricia Brown, Jr; Patty Cargo!, Fr; Sharon Cline, Jr; Candace Copley, Jr. Second Row: Judith Dokken, Jr; Susan Edquist, Soph; Pamela Evans, Fr; Peggy Frederickson, Fr; Jeannene Gire, Soph; Marcia Godbey, Jr; Diane Godsey, Fr; Linda Juntunen, Fr; Cheryle Kline, Soph; Susan Lightfoot, Jr; Yvonne Lovrovich, Jr. Third Row: Donna Markley, Jr; Marlys Mattila, Soph; Jean Matuska, Fr; Lorri McDowell, Soph; Carol Mirly, Soph; Susan Mitchell, Soph; Barbara O ' Mack; Fr; Lorelle Pappin, Soph; Jeanne Patton, Fr; Karen Roe, Fr; Melodi Roscoe, Fr. Bottom Row: Polly Rosmond, Fr; Nancy Schmieden, Soph; Linda Selthofer, Fr; Phyllis Smith, Fr; Sandra Starkey, Fr; Deanette Swanson, Soph; Linda Swanson, Jr; Karol Van Damme, Soph; Eva Vegh, Soph; Witkoski, Fr; Karne Yencich, Soph. Cypress Red Garter Girls Fingerpaint Lounge, Decorate With Troptiies B The " Red Garter " girls of Cypress House proved that they have more on their minds than red garters as they won the college bowl and election trophies for 1967. But all was not work, and relaxation at Cypress involved exchanges, a hootenanny, a messy lounge after a short fingerpainting return to child- hood with Rainier and pranks during Pixie Week. r -.n : ' i 1 1 V 1 r i - Top Row: Natalie Anderson, Jr; Judy Bailey, Jr; Tresa Bass, Sr; Diane Black, Soph; Janet Blanchard, Fr; Doris Borden, Soph; Gwendolyn Caggiano, Soph. Bottom Row; Gailen Christensen, Soph; Astrid Collins, Sr; Helen Cook, Fr; Sandra Davis, Soph; Laurie Dierich, Sr; Diana Dvorak, Soph; Katherine Fritsch, Soph. Activity Revolt Strif es Devoe A " spirit revolution " turned DeVoe House into a rollicking group of girls, dedicated to activity. They promoted such fine affairs as scar- ing Halloween trick-or-treaters to tears and ponding birthday girls. The DeVoe Hairy-Legs Contest became an annual event due to its popularity with the men of Haggett. MSlil Top Row: Leslie Gillings, Fr; Carolyn Gowans, Fr; Fleeta Green, Fr; Susan Hirose, Jr; Gretchen Huffhines, Jr; Ann Hutchinson, Soph; Jennifer Johnson, Soph; Nancy Jones, Soph; Kay Nichols, Soph; Janet Ohifs, Soph; Nancy Opsata. Soph. Bottom Row: Victoria Parkinson, Jr; Kathleen Phillips, Jr; Terri Piatt, Soph; Beth Plotner, Jr; Linda Sax, Fr; Donna Shintaku, Jr; Vicky Sokol, Soph; Donna Thomas, Jr; Susan Tibbies, Soph; Jean Whitemarsh. Sr; Kathryn Williams, Sr. 455 Top Row: Barbara Baker, Jr; Carolyn Blaylock, Jr; Karen Brown, Jr; Villene Byron, Jr; Laura Callen, Soph; Bernardean Carey, Sr; Sue Christenson, Jr; Kay Cottrell, Soph; Janet Cullen, Sr; Cynthia Droot, Fr; Joleen Ellefson, Fr. Second Row: Roberta Elliott, Jr; Janet Eyer, Fr; Carol Farnsworth, Sr; Rana Fitzsimmons, Soph; Anne Froberg, Fr; Susan Hanson, Jr; Teri Harkins, Fr; Sally Iverson, Fr; Cheryl Kelso, Fr; Katherine Larrabee, Fr; Donna Morrow, Jr. Bottom Row: Louise Nakashima, Fr; Nancy Nicholls, Fr; Sheila Novick, Fr; Lou Ann Palermini, Soph; Linda Phillips, Fr; Pamela Purington, Fr; Christine Ramsey, Fr; Judith Ryan, Jr; Christine Schwarz, Fr; Nora Simonich, Jr; Jereta Sprague, Jr. Dotson: Even The Bad Times Were Good Dotson Damsels live in the Lander Penthouse. They savor the thought that when they miss the elevator they have more stairs to climb than anyone else; that there are fire drills at three in the morning; that they don ' t have to worry about the people upstairs. Dotson named the shower room, " Naked City. " Damsels play football in the hall, possess agility from running through umbrellas, and feel fat after the house banquet. But even the bad times are good in Dotson. Top Row: Lynne Stepanek, Soph; Sarann Stevens, Soph; Nancy Stewart, Fr; Suzanne Tessaro, Jr. Bottom Row: Lynn Whittlesey, Soph; LucindaWood, Soph; Mary Yano, Soph; Beverlyn Zane, Fr. 456 There Was No Flab On Honderich ' s Floor If ' ?- Top Row: Rochelle Aahl, Fr; Gail Bek, Fr; Melanie Bow, Soph. Second Row: Valerie Brawn, Fr; Anna Butrim, Soph; Cathleen Cal- lahan, Fr. Third Row: VIktorIa Carii, Fr; Mary Chaney, Fr; Pamela Cornutt, Fr. Bottom Row: Susan Cosgrove, Soph; Pamela Cox, Fr; Nancy Cronin, Fr. The lively ones — the women of Honderlch — kept busy from the first ponding to the last phone call. Maverick brothers had rude awak- enings one Friday morning, early Friday morning, about 5 a.m. to be exact. It was after their " party " and Honderich just wanted to make sure they got to their classes. November ' s Slave Sale brought in enough money to put on an elab- orate Abneristic Dance. Each girl anonymously invited two men so the ratio was great. There was no flab on their floor.- study break time was exercise time. To con- clude the year, Honderich women entertained their dates at their annual Spring Formal in the Smith Tower. Rallies, pixie weeks, ex- changes, banquets and gab tests all kept vigor high. Top Row: Jeanne Dille, Jr; Darcy Drew, Jr; Maria Duenwald. Fr; Linda Dunlap, Soph; Denise Dunning, Jr; Bonita Elaeson, Soph; Kathryn Habbestad, Fr; Linda Helmer, Jr; Linda Hulsey, Fr; Paula Joiner, Fr; Kristine Jorgensen, Fr. Second Row: Barbara Kerstetter, Fr; Marilyn Lenfest, Jr; Susan Lepley, Fr; Trudie Lerner, Fr; Patricia Long, Jr; Kathleen Massoth, Soph; Charlene Meins, Fr; Gretchen Montgomery, Soph; Karen Ogren, Soph; Mary Oppelt, Jr; Jean Organic, Soph. Bottom Row: Joan Pease, Fr; Karen Peel, Jr; Thelma Pratt, Soph; Maria Solter, Fr; Linda Spellman, Soph; Carol Thomas, Soph; Rebecca Timson, Fr; Margaret Toy, Soph; Carolyn Watts, Fr; Leta Williams, Fr; Sharon Woski, Sr. 457 King Molds Energetic Outiool Robert Beals, Soph; Robert Bonuccelli, Jr; Ed Glenny, Fr; Charles Heleker, Sr; William Mallgren, Soph; Michael Quam, Sr; Patrick Stanton, Fr. The attitudes of 38 new members, integrated with those of 12 returnees, molded a creative and energetic out- look for King this year. Characterizing the men of King were a wide range of activities: canoe races, dinner exchanges and the sec- ond annual Cultural Reunion. The dance atop the Smith Tower cli- maxed a year of social, scholastic and athletic successes. r ' . ' -,.w.-, :y ■• - s ■ » a at m a t tm tt ' »• • ft • ■ •r K ■ « »» t r» ♦ » r _ ■ • ' ■ . • ••«! :• • ■ fa ■ • -■ m •1 J|l(Mi4Mll MuiJMII ■■ I I i i ••«ll t a Vi PsSiiSi . Whether fingerpainting or doing other sophisticated handicraft, Leary girls were busy from fall to spring. Ice Skating, Finger Painting Occupy Leary House Coeds ' Sciiool Year Leary House was filled with academic, social and cultural activity this year. Ice skating, finger painting, a scavenger hunt and a Halloween Dance highlighted autumn quarter happenings. For Christmas the house sent presents to an orphanage. It was winter — with a steak din- ner and formal dance. Then spring brought the year to a close with an Honorable Ladies banquet. Top Row: Kristi Applehans, Fr; Camille Chamberlin, Soph; Vicky Cline, Fr; Nancy Davis, Soph; Virginia DeDesrochers, Soph; Bernie Estoesta, Jr; Virginia Figenbaum, Jr; Joan Fujimura, Jr; Marywave Godfrey. Sr; Tonnie Hawk, Soph. Second Row: Lynn Howard, Soph; Judith Johnson, Fr; Meta Johnson, Soph; Anne Koester, Soph; Karolyn Latham, Jr; Can- dace Lee, Sr; Judith Logan, Soph; Sandra McCary, Fr; Mary Millar, Fr; Mary Muente, Sr. Bottom Row: Joan Nedwicke, Sr; Kathleen Nogaki, Fr; Mary Ann Quick, Soph; Nancy Reynolds, Fr; Pamela Riches, Sr; Mary St. Germain, Fr; Roberta Schoolfield. Grad; Sharril Seney, Fr; Kelli Lou Taylor, Fr; Lorraine Torigoe. Sr. 459 fikfik £ik iiimk Top Row: Mark Anderson, Fr; David Barton, Fr; Robert Bivins, Fr; Steve Dolan, Soph; Gary Evans, Soph; Ralph Frank, Sr; Wade Green, Fr. Second Row: Gary Heaton, Fr; Bruce Hedrick, Fr; Arne Holm, Fr; Daniel Karpen, Soph; Paul Kirz, Soph; Richard Lambert, Sr; Donald Mathiesen, Fr. Bottom Row: James Matsuyama, Soph; David McClamrock, Fr; Richard Pitman, Sr; Rob- ert Schneider, Fr; Brian Seegmiller, Fr; James Teslow, Soph; Steven Westover, Fr. As the year progressed, the many individuals of Macgregor House met, established warm friendships and became part of the working, functioning unit that characterized Macgregor this year as in the past. The men of Macgregor plunged into activities and studies with the same vigor that helped win the University sportsman trophy and third place in the Purple and Gold Review last year. The house ac- tively participated in exchanges, caroling, Songfest and their an- nual house cruise. Several burn- ing issues confronted the house: who was the mysterious advocate of " Purple Puma " and can " water warfare " win the battle against slob-couples in Lander ' s lower lounge? By year ' s end Macgregor had accomplished many things. Macgregor Wins Trophies, Faces Burning Issues " I ' ll drink to . . . er, second tliat! ' 460 Men Underfoot In Maury Cause Commotion But Staunch Coeds Stand Their Ground £ £ Top Row: Rannell Dahl, Jr; Pat Dow- thwaite, Soph; Elizabeth Egly, Jr. Second Row: Paula Evans, Soph; Christa Fields, Fr; Colleen Fitz- gerald, Soph. Third Row: Sue Gaspard, Fr; Sue Ghiglione, Fr; Carol Green, Jr. Fourth Row: Barb Guertin, Fr; Mi- chael Hand, Fr; Kathy Heslin, Fr. Fifth Row: Kathy Holway, Fr; Pat Johnson, Sr; Sonya Larson, Fr. Bottom Row: Susan Lee, Sr; Audrey Livermore, Fr; Kathleen Love, Fr. Maury House was again a many- faceted structure. The most ap- parent feature was the bevy of male activity in the " Pit, " an or- ganized house of two dozen boys living directly beneath Maury. Many girls found it strange to be confronted in the laundry room by a male who wasn ' t a maintenance man. And Maury girls probably don ' t share the distinction of hav- ing a male law student as assistant advisor with any other women ' s liv- ing group! This year Maury was as diverse as its residents ' origins — Bangkok, Thailand, Champaign, Illinois and Little Rock, Washington. I.. Mmkk Renee Matthews, Fr; Kathleen McConaha, Fr; Susan Minor, Soph; Penny Mriglot, Fr; Iris Newman, Jr; Rebecca Rigney, Fr; Susan Schueller, Jr; Phyllis Silkett, Fr; Janine Thorson, Fr; Connie Vetter, Jr; Cynthia Winters, Fr. 461 The scene opened in the peaceful third-floor lounge of Lander Hall. Suddenly, the silence was broken by squealing, slide whistles and crashing cymbals ...another Maverick House meeting was called to order. Into the lounge poured the Men of Maverick, bags under their bloodshot eyes — a sure sign of academic endeavor. Some wore mud-stained clothes, " trophies " won on the fields of athletic competition (a rare phenomenon since these guys were on the bowling team). There were mumblings of discontent over the last exchange. Then a hush fell over the crowd; the president spoke. " Men, I have the official word ' Oly ' is forever banned from Lander Hall.... " Bloodshot Eyes Proved Academic Endeavor; Mud-stained Clotiies, Mavericl Sports Troptiies i I I r c jn Top Row: Leeon Aller, Jr; Ole Bay, Fr; Cherry Bender, Fr; Ron- ald Boone, Soph; Paul Caron, Fr. Second Row: Charles Clayton, Fr; Raymond Clines, Fr; Richard Davison, Soph; Steven Fain, Fr; Paul Frank, Fr. Third Row: Thomas GeracI, Fr; Fred Gylland, Soph; James Hashimoto, Soph; Allan Hastings, Soph; Kenneth Hoy, Soph. Fourth Row: Richard Kado, Jr; Gary McCoy, Soph; Kenneth Miller, Fr; Terrill Myers, Jr; Verl Nelson. Soph. Fifth Row: Steven Nichols, Fr; Michael O ' Neill, Soph; Fletcher Porter, Fr; Robert Pyka, Fr; Douglas Rodruck, Sr. Bottom Row: Lawrence Schueler, Jr; Robert Shaw, Fr; John Wierman, Fr; Brian Williams, Fr; Ronald Wilson, Fr. Army Bunks, New Carpeting Greet Returning McKee Girls Many changes greeted the residents of McKee House this year. A new wall-to-wall carpet and " temporary " army bunk beds in many of the rooms welcomed girls as they arrived in the fall. Among the many new faces were those of a new head resident and her husband who lived in the first floor apartment. President Kathy, with her Baroque music, became the " culture vulture " of McKee and the social chairman kept everybody in circulation. ( " Listen you guys, I ' m giving you the chance of your lifetime! " ) It was a good year, a grand house — even with the army bunks — and a delightful group. Top Row: Liela Hew, Soph; Cheryl Johnson, Fr; Linda Kaluza, Fr; Janet Knudsen, Fr; Susan Kuder, Jr. Second Row: Rosemary Love, Fr; Beverly Okada, Fr; Sandra Osborn, Fr; Pamela Plant, Fr; Susan Reinhardt, Fr. Third Row: Bernadette Schreiber, Fr; Nancy Scott, Fr; Cynthia Simpson, Fr; Janet Tichi, Fr; Sally VogI, Fr. Bottom Row: Irene Wanner, Fr; Barbara Williams, Fr; Kathleen Wilson, Jr; Civillia Winslow, Sr; Kathleen Wyman, Soph. Top Row: Christine Behrmann, Jr; Georgia Bunten, Jr; Jane Butler, Fr; Diane Byron, Soph. Second Row: Susan Christensen, Fr; Donna Dar- ling, Fr; Susan Davis, Fr; Lynda Ess, Jr. Third Row: Linda Everman, Fr; Marjorie Ewing, Fr; Teresa Flaherty, Fr; Virginia Green, Fr. Bottom Row: Joyce Hamamura, Fr; Eileen Harvey, Fr; Christine Hawley, Soph; Kathleen Herdlein, Soph. 463 McLean Girls Answer Alarms For Intended, Top Row: Mary Asmundson, Jr; Mary Bartholomew, Sr; Irene Blackford, Soph; Louise Borhauer, Jr. Bottom Row: Carol Chubb, Fr; Lynn Cooley, Fr; Nancy Dahl, Fr; Nancy Dreher, Soph. Blow Their Cool During Fire Drill From telephone calls for girls who weren ' t home to alarm clocks that awakened all but the in- tended, McLean reverberated with the sounds of 99 coeds living together. Nightly sessions around the community popcorn poppers were supplemented by weekly door to door visits from a campaigning president. Water- logged swim marathon returnees watched as sign- up sheets were madly taped to elevator doors. And the nocturnal fire drill that caught roller- garbed girls off guard revealed the " other side " of McLean House. Top Row: Bonnie Dunbar, Fr; Nancy Failor, Fr; Carolyn Finder, Jr; Catherine Ford, Fr; Charlene Frederick, Fr. Second Row: Catherine Garrison, Fr; Astrid George, Soph; Kath- leen Gerheim, Jr; Durlyn Gonnason, Fr; Linnea Handley, Soph. Third Row: Dana Harmon, Jr; Judith Hill, Fr; Janet Home, Fr; Sharon Larsen, Soph; Elizabeth Lewis, Fr, Fourth Row: Ann Lovejoy, Fr; Kathleen Magee, Jr; Pamela Marx, Soph; Cynthia Merrill, Fr; Pamela Pollard, Fr. Bottom Row: Robin Reid, Sr; Bernice Reith, Fr; Janice Saether, Sr; Celia Senter, Soph; Janet Sundquist, Soph. 464 ' Mercer Power ' Sets Pace; Mercer Girls Set Swim Marattion Marl Top Row: Maurita Brady, Jr; Judy Burke, Fr; Patricia Cairns, Soph; Christie Carey, Fr; Caren Carlson, Fr. Second Row: Nancy Decius, Fr; Joy Dent, Sr; Patricia Dickey, Fr; Kathleen Drake, Sr; Annetta Droppert, Soph. Third Row: Ellen Eubanks, Fr; Deborah Farrell, Fr; Karen Halli- gan. Soph; Leslie Hayes, Fr; Janet Higgs, Fr. Bottom Row: Sandra Holmes, Fr; Stephanie King, Fr; Jeanne Kingman, Fr; Patricia Kozu, Fr; Roberta Leichnitz, Fr. The Mercer slogan " Mercer power can do " set a fast pace for the house this fall. With 80 new girls, officers had little trouble finding freshmen enthusiasm. With " Mercer power " they recap- tured the swim marathon trophy. Mercer girls participated in Silver Fish and Husky Marching Band. Four Mercerites were members of Sigma Tau Alpha and two were officers of McCarty Council. The most significant accomplishment was scored when Mercer ' s president was ac- cepted into med school. Top Row: Nancy Lewis, Jr; Jackie Locke, Fr; Kathleen Mietzner, Fr; Grace Millay, Fr; Marylyn Nelson, Jr; Virginia Oakes, Soph; Carol Peterson, Fr; Susan Peyton, Jr; Patricia Poe, Fr; Vickie Robinson, Soph; Sandra Ruconich, Fr. Bottom Row: Mary Ellen Rynes, Fr; Kathleen Sekreta, Fr; Jane Spano, Fr; Peggy Sparks, Fr; Connie Stiles, Soph; Laura Teague, Soph; Deborah Thomas, Fr; Kathleen Tolan, Fr; Janet Wellman, Soph; Janet Wheeler, Soph; Mary Whitechester, Fr. 465 To the outsider, it may appear that MclVlahon residents have made an art form of apathy. From their viewpoint it ' s probably true. But with the apathy and introversion come many fun-filled hours; hours of holding bets on which day will feature the worst meal of the week, of holding war games within the cluster lounges and of com- plete non-conformist living. Slightly more than one thousand upperclassmen live in slightly more than one thousand com- pletely unique worlds — all within the confines of the funny looking structure with the hanging bal- conies. No, there ' s nothing quite like Mc- Mahon living. Fortunately. McMahon Provides Unique Upperclass Atmosptiere il£ Top Row: Phyllis Alleyne, Sr; Keith Anderson, Jr; Moreland Anderson, Jr; Ruth Anderson, Sr; Sandra Appelman, Sr; Andrew Ashmore, Sr; Patricia Bacon, Jr; Robert Bathiany, Sr; Thomas Beatty, Jr; Jacquelynne Beck, Sr; Linda Belarde, Sr. Second Row: Brian Bell, Jr; Hanan Berman, Sr; Nancy Binsfield, Sr; Janet Blessing, Sr; Lynda Bloom, Sr; James Bonuccelli, Sr; James Boyd, Jr; Jo Ann Bracken, Sr; Mark Brown, Sr; Gertrude Capell, Sr; Lee Carey, Sr. Third Row: Delmar Carlson, Jr; Victor Cissell, Sr; Phyllis Cole, Jr; Peggy Coppersmith, Jr; Arthur Corbett, Sr; Sandra Crosby, Sr; Robert Cuffel, Jr; Janet Cullor, Soph; Cathleen Curtis, Sr; Fred Dahlem, Jr; John Danell, Sr. Bottom Row: Steve Derby, Sr; James Dhoore, Sr; Sylvia Dier, Sr; Carol Dilling, Sr; Sharon Dowd, Jr; Thomas Draeger, Sr; Wanda Duffey, Jr; Douglas Dysart, Jr; Carol Edmiston, Sr; Fred Emerson, Sr; Sharon Ennis, Sr. 466 ijk Top Row: Sharon Eslick, Sr; Lois Evers, Sr; Don Fagot, Sr; Sue Farrington, Sr; Nancy Faulkner, Jr; Ronald Ferguson, Sr; David Fielder, Sr; Cassandra Fodor, Jr; David Forbush, Jr; Jan Forsman, Jr; Jean Francisco, Jr. Second Row: Samuel Friendly, Sr; Marjorie Fuji, Sr; William Fundine, Sr; Anna Gaetz, Jr; Elma Gonzales, Sr; Martha Gould, Sr; John Hadley, Sr; Phillip Hargiss, Grad; Richard Hart, Sr; Ann Helm, Jr; Gary Henriksen, Jr. Third Row: Donald Hetrick, Jr; Arnold Hofmann, Sr; Patricia Hubert, Sr; Diane Huson, Sr; Paul Hutchinson, Jr; Harvey Irby, Sr; Mary Irvine, Sr; James Ishihara, Sr; Patricia Jensen, Jr; Ann Johansen, Jr; Kirk Johnson, Jr. Bottom Row: Sharon Jordan, Jr; Fu-Mei Kao, Grad; John Kemmerer, Sr; Virginia Kenway, Sr; Arthur Kiehn, Sr; Edward King, Sr; Caro- lyn Kinney, Soph; Gordon Kirkpatrick, Grad; Larry Knain, Sr; Jean Knutson, Sr; Susan Lagsdin, Sr. ■ 5 : V J, ' Nsflli ' 4 a P Q Q . k: ' ?£il££n £ Top Row: Kathryn Lambert, Jr; Jack Laney, Sr; Judith Larson, Sr; Cora Lawrence, Grad; Donald Lentz, Sr; Bee-Lum Lim, Grad; Ronald Linebarger, Jr; John LInehan, Sr; Rick Loucks, Jr; Leslie Macdonell, Jr; Diane Maeda, Sr. Second Row: William Maiers, Sr; William Mallory, Grad; Susan Mamlock, Jr; Gary Massoth, Jr; Karol Mate, Grad; Sandra Mattson, Jr; Terry McDaniel, Sr; Susan McDonald, Jr; Ralph Metcalfe, Sr; Emily Miller, Sr; Kathryn Milton, Sr. Third Row: Richard Morhous, Sr; Janinne Morris, Sr; Joann Morse, Sr; Michael Murray, Jr; Karen Myers, Soph; Mary Myers, Sr; Paul Myhre, Sr; Mary Natale, Jr; George Nett, Sr; Thomas Nixon, Sr; James Nye, Sr. Fourth Row: Marcia O ' Day, Sr; Patrick O ' Keefe, Sr; Nobuya Okuhara, Grad; Janet Olson, Sr; Deirdre O ' Neill, Sr; Mason Osborne, Sr; Caleb Otto, Sr; Catherine Palmer, Jr; Roger Paulsen, Jr; Henry Pedack, Sr; David Pence, Sr. Bottom Row: Carol Pete, Sr; Warren Pollock, Sr; Richard Reed, Jr; Barbara Peine, Sr; Daniel Renrli, Jr; Carolyn Rhea, Sr; Ann Richard son, Jr; Gary Ritchie, Grad; Harold Robertson, Jr; Marp.aret Robinson, Sr: Ann Rowe, Jr. 468 ILL Cluster Living Means Individual Gregariousness £Mi6Sk Top Row: Merritt Sakata, Sr; Gayden Schorling, Grad; Steven Schultz, Jr; Willo Scott, Sr; Linda Sharnbroich, Sr; David Sherbrooke, Jr; Louis Sherfesee, Sr. Second Row: Joan Shippy, Sr; Daniel Smith, Sr; Paul Smith, Sr; Donna Solle, Sr; Juel SoLiers, Sr; James Stern, Jr; Harriet Stout, Sr. Third Row: Brent Straughan, Sr; Thomas Stuteville, Jr; Vicki Sundsby, Sr; Fay Suttles, Jr: Thomas Syring, Jr; Carol Telford, Soph; Marsha Terao, Jr. Fourth Row: Frances Thatcher, Sr; Roland Thorstensson, Sr; Ruth Wagner, Jr; Stephen Walker, Sr; Thomas Wallis, Jr; Lauretta Webster, Sr; William Welch, Sr. Bottom Row: Mary Wenger, Sr; Drew Wesner, Sr; Thomas Whitaker, Sr; Julie Wilkinson, Jr; Robert Wright, Sr; Kiohsei Yano, Grad; Akemi Yoneda, Jr. 469 M Olympus House pyramid-style defense reigned supreme. LlilMiJ iM kLtk £uiikE Top Row: Jett Abrahamson, Fr; Robert Beaumier, Fr; Jay Bergren, Fr; Stevan Brown, Fr; Terry Goodwin, Soph; Gregory Grady, Fr; Robert Hanf, Fr; Robert Herron, Fr; Ralph Jeffords, Fr; Allan Kleinbach, Fr. Bottom Row: Craig Lyie, Fr; Russell MacGregor, Jr; Stephen McCombs, Fr; Patrick Nelson, Fr; David Oberg, Fr; Leonard Rickey, Fr; Thomas Rosenbaum, Fr; Robert Rummer, Fr; Douglas Schaad, Fr; Thomas Snowden, Fr. Top Row: Dale Strom, Fr; Ronald Templin, Jr; James Trumbull, Fr. Second Row: Robert Webber, Fr; Ronald Wigand, Fr; John R. Wil- son, Soph. Bottom Row: Raymond Yelland, Fr; David Zimmerman, Fr; Michael Zimmerman, Fr. Olympus Largest On Campus; Lounge Still Full Of Poker Faces " Oly " (Olympus House) is still num- ber one in Terry Hall and at the UW with the largest house on campus — 150 men strong. The new lounge, equipped with a new house stereo is filled with poker faces. Templin and Tummer are the dynamic duo of 301; the " jock " cracks up with noise and judicial council. Will it ever be quiet? Fence painters practiced art work on Parkway construction and top grades fell off. The house news- paper was the best ever and Baker ' s sentimental sheet was RF ' d. " Impeach Uncle Bob " buttons hit big with the head resident. Defense reigned supreme in football while running amuck. And in baseball the team ran the bags ragged. The Christmas Party, Winter For- mal, Prof. Nites, co-ed lounge study nights, spring camp-out and picnic, hayride and canoe race were all big successes. And Olympus fame climbed up, up and away. Oiy ' s officers worked together to provide leadership for 150 men. Ifs The Oldest Yet The Newest Dorm; it ' s Patterson It ' s both the oldest and newest dorm on cam- pus — it ' s Patterson Residence. The Univer- sity bought the apartment building in 1966 and converted it into a dorm where girls enjoy carpeting, refrigerators and kitchenettes while keeping the Lander fellows entertained with mealtime stories. " Surf ' s up " echoed from the basement level to the third floor, and T.P. ' ed rooms with strange inhabitants became familiar to all. Hopefully, the sidewalk-to-window-conversa- tions didn ' t disturb too many of the nearby apartment dwellers. Then there were the visits from an adopted house member, just to keep things purring along. Spring and the court yard scene attracted much attention from the Lander-Terry side of Campus Parkway. Marian and Stepie, the " most worthies, " tried to maintain that all the residents were serious students. But just ask Marian what makes Patterson different. Top Row: jiidra Adjmi.oii, ' joph; Laurie Baron, Fr; Emily Breitenstein, Soph; Donna Bresch, Jr; Nancy Burnett, Sr; Jacqueline Camp- bell, Jr; Ramona Chun, Grad; Mary Lou Couch, Soph; Marilyn Dubas, Grad; Ruth Falk, Grad; Carol Gehrke, Sr. Second Row: Gail Gunner, U.C; Carole Guslander, Soph; Judith Hale, Sr; Julia Harby, Soph; Gail Hasegawa, Jr; Janet Heineck, Soph; Terry Houk, Sr; Patricia Johnson, Jr; Linda Karjala, Jr; Caria Larson, Soph; Margaret LeMone, Grad. Bottom Row; Mary Ann Nichols, Soph; Carolee Nutt, Fr; Judith Nyman, Jr; Eunice Shepherd, Soph; Linda Sparks, Soph; Katherine Warren, Jr; Nancy Wilcox, Fr; Elaine Winning, Soph; Helen Yates, Jr; Margaret Young, Fr; Regina Zielinski, Soph. 472 Top Row: Mark Allen, Soph; Mikkel Anderson, Fr; John Biglin, Fn Les Collins, Fr; John Conkle, Soph; Lynn Dorsey, Soph; Michael Dunkin, Soph; Leon Dunlap, Fr; Daniel Fessler, Fr; Allen Gardiner, Fr; Jonathan Helseth, Fr. Bottom Row: Roger Hinrichs, Soph; Robert Jensen, Fr; Collins Jones, Fr; Wendell Jones, Soph; Ronald Kosloski, Soph; Peter Krook, Fr; James Lemon, Fr; Samuel Li, Soph; Michael McKay, Soph; John Murphy, Soph; Richard Newcomb, Grad. Rainier Men l Jal e It A Mad, Mad Year For THE Living Group It was a wild year all the way from the Red Baron to the Dynamic Duo and their hidden Batphone. April Fool was on the Camano House banner thieves. A telegram and a quick trip to the boat brought unconditional surrender. Gold Beach will never be the same after a twelve-hour siege. (They really didn ' t want to set the beach on fire.) The Underground City captivated the men of Rainier in one of the best exchanges of the year; they learned first hand about the inhabitants of Pioneer Square when the tour guide yelled, " Form a circle! " The treacherous Haystack Robinson went the way of all Double A ' s, and was replaced by a loud cry. In all, a mad, mad year for THE living group. 4ii iri4ii£k Top Row: Eric Paulsen, Soph; Charles Pinney, Fr Harold Redd, Fr; Ronald St. John, Fr. Second Row: John Shaw, Fr; Daniel Slick, Soph; Darrel Smith, Soph; Mark Snyder, Soph. Third Row: Steve Swech, Fr; Russ Thomas, Soph Bill Thomlinson, Sr; Bob Thompson, Soph. Fourth Row: Dennis Thornton, Soph; Michael To kola, Fr; Louis Torres, Fr; Rodney Van Hoven, Jr Bottom Row: Alexander Vdoiek, Fr; Robert Wickes, Fr; Donald Williams, Fr; Dennis Wilson, Jr. 473 Shannon Toads Find Unity In Exctianges, Under the continuing leadership of B. J. Toady, Shannon ' s Toads found real unity in their house. Socially, the exchanges excelled — as did the " Tea Party, " the formal and the steak fry. Athletically, they were well rep- resented in all intramural sports. To the chagrin of 33 new freshmen and the amusement of the old Toads, it was discovered that ASP wasn ' t dead after all. House meetings were crowded, as membership hit the 80 per cent mark. Advisor pondings. Town and Stanton football games, " So To Speaks " and a high scholas- tic ranking produced many lifetime friendships and a year few will forget. Tea Parties And Pondings Ttiat Few Will Ever Forget Top Row: George Bahr, Soph; Donald Barker, Jr; Craig Buckton, Jr; Gregory Cobb, Sr; Lee Erickson, Jr; Steven Fields, Fr; Donald Fuqua, Soph. Bottom Row: Raymond Glew, Fr; Eric Gustafson, Jr; Robert Hart, Jr; Harold Haun, Jr; Ronald Hegewald, Sr; Gar See Lee, Sr; Gary Lusk, Jr. Top Row: Earl Matsui, Sr; Reggie Nelson, Soph; William Parsons, Fr. Second Row: Daniel Penttila, Soph; Clifford Porter, Sr; Alan Rither, Jr. Bottom Row: Jerry Salstrom, Sr; Dennis Shintaku, Fr; Lynn Speck, Soph. 474 p Top Row: Kenneth Adams, r■, Bert Colburn, Soph; Roger Coombs, Soph; Duane Dahlquist, Fr. Second Row: Laurence Dimock, Jr; Thomas Ed- wards, Soph; Thomas Fisher, Fr; John Graham, Fr. Third Row: David Heard, Fr; James Hicken, Fr; David Holtby, Jr; Ronald Hopper, Soph. Fourth Row: Randy Lee Howard, Fr; Dennis Huse, Soph; John Kludt, Soph; Ivan Landreth, Fr. Fifth Row: Darrell Lehman, Fr; Edward Lowery, Jr; Jeffrey Marliave, Fr; Robin Metzger, Fr. Sixth Row: Roger Nix, Fr; James Pierson, Jr; James Rhodes, Soph; Theodore Roessner, Fr. Seventh Row; Richard Sale, Sr; William Schaefer, Soph; Dennis Shanlian, Fr; Lane Simpson, Fr. Bottom Row: John Snow, Jr; David Stensby, Fr; Gregory Tripp, Soph; David Wilma, Soph. Shaving Cream And Social Graces Round Out Stierwood Lander Hall ' s second floor began the 1967-68 school year with a small core of returning upperclassmen and many June high school graduates. Those not familiar with shav- ing cream fights, elaborate practical jokes and noise soon learned what life in Sherwood was all about. Sports got off to a booming start with fine intramural teams in touch football, swimming, basketball, bowling, volleyball and table tennis. The athletic Sherwoodites even created teams within the house to compete for prizes. In their effort to achieve the well-rounded education, the men of the second floor sought training in the social graces. Dinner and dance exchanges and just plain mixers with women ' s living groups on campus fulfilled this need. Nancy Carr, Sr; Katherine Collings, Fr; Gail Dodge, Jr; Leann Egge, Soph; Susan Eller, Fr; Janet Flickner, Soph; Caria Gordon, Soph; Tanauan Hulbert, Fr; Patricia Kemmer, Fr; Janice McElfatrick, Jr. Stanton Penthouse Party Re vived Room 727 to the Office of Student Residences. Number 6533994 to the Administration. A 3.32 GPA to the Dean. 36-24-36 to her " fellow " students. But in Town House, this coed is a real, living, breathing in- dividual who plays tennis, recites Sandburg, whistles Yarbrough and perhaps even mixes dill pickles with Rice Krispies. Fifty unique people contribute many different things to make group living exciting. All en- joyed being pampered with flowers, poetry and a jug band during the Snowman contest. Yet the weekly " exchange with Linen " was by far the biggest success of all. 476 Coed football and body-bending Twister occupied Stanton girls this year, while TV parties and pop- corn popping filled the evenings. Carving and decorating pumpkins preceded trick-or-treaters who left goodies for a Candy Party. But where did their bulletin board go? The tradition of the Penthouse Party was revived and penthouse bunnies en masse attended house banquets, formal and otherwise. The spring formal expanded to in- clude all Haggett dwellers. The pace never slackened in the Stanton Penthouse. Top Row: Christy Oehlschlaeger, Jr; Keltie Straughan, Jr; Kathleen Thompson, Fr. Second Row: Barbara Tracy, Fr; Charlotte Troeh, Soph; Judith Truemper, Jr. Bottom Row: Elizabeth Weber, Fr; Mary Ann Wold, Soph; Candy Woolery, Fr. Townies Represent Uniqueness Top Row: Leslie Bergman, Soph; Terri Brost, Soph; Trudi Bundlie, Fr; Meryl Gonnason. Fr; Kathleen Goodman, Soph; Patricia Graham, Jr; Pamela Gregory, Soph. Second Row: Jacqueline Hoyt, Fr; Kathryn Hura, Sr; Joyce Koshi, Soph; Sally Ann Liv- ers, Soph; Nancy McCorkle, Jr; Jane Matthews, Soph; Nancy Okamoto, Soph. Bottom Row: Molly Scammell, Soph; Donna Sill, Soph; Marilyn Strelitzer, Fr; Peggy Swan, Jr; Anita Wiley, Soph; Ardelle Williams, Soph; Lois Yoshida, Soph. Stevens Abounds With Football, Waterpolo Jocks Stevens jocks abounded in waterpolo, swimming, skiing and softball, as usual. Thirty freshmen brought new spirit — and pinochle — to the lounge. Every party was a success — spontaneous lounge dances, wild flocking at the Christmas tree party, the Valentine party with wrestling mats, " Bedtime Story " and the Homestaying celebration at the U Motel. The Fourth Annual Stevens Dry Kegger was surpassed only by the stag cruise. Stevens is a conglomeration of rare personalities striving as individuals with unity of purpose. It was the Sandwich King for BOC, seeking to popularize the satisfaction theory. Meanwhile, hot competition for the TKS Memorial Crossness Award sees moral- ity go out the window. The executive corridor aver- ages nightly Herfy runs, four ski trips a week, and a 0.4. Hairy legs Goss and the rooting section pull a close second. And Byron, Wade, Smyth and Asso- ciates announce its merger with Morgan Enterprises. KlLL M l ' SmSm mK L £ £fe ;i O i " ) l-sV wr9 ri Top Row: Patrick Aaby, Fr; Bruce Ammerman, Fr; Richard Arima, Fr; Douglas Brann, Fr; Tod Christensen, Fr; La.vrence Craig, Fr; William Cunningham, Jr; Frank Dacca, Jr; Terry Dayton, Soph; John Devine, Fr. Second Row; Carl Dugger, Sr; Jim Fox, Fr; Gerald Fuller, Soph; John Greenwood, Fr; Thomas Hannah, Fr; Brian Henderson, Soph; Martin Imbler, Jr; Frank Johnson, Jr; Christopher Johnston, Jr; Maurice Jorgens, Fr. Third Row: Emmett Koontz, Jr; Bhikhaji Maneckji, Soph; Paul Matsushita, Soph; Tommy McDowell, Jr; Vincent Miller, Fr; Jack Mosby, Jr; David Mousette, Sr; Allen Murashige, Sr; Robert Norikane, Jr; Philip Questad, Jr. Bottom Row: Landy Schubert, Fr; Richard Schwerdtfeger, Jr; Brian Smith, Jr; William Statile, Fr; Russell Stone, Jr; Bruce Sutherland, Fr; David Thiele, Sr; Duane Thompson, Jr; Lawrence Uyeno, Sr; James Williamson, Fr. 477 Stuart House Proves Vital Political Force This year was one of success on a wide scale. Stuart became a vital force politically both in spring and winter elections with Sharon, Chris and Betty holding down important positions. The year was one of memories. Macgregor brothers shared good spirit and good times: pond parties, Christmas choir, the pajama party, serenades, Songfest, Purple and Gold and the football game. The dances, raffles and all-out effort to support " our girl " from Panama were more than worth it. House councils at 3 a.m. in the bathroom, 32 feet and eight tails, pinnings, water fights, flowers from Macgregor, Mrs. Luckey, midnight songs, the guys in the Pit, the die-hard tradition, D.N. ' s, Pomp and Circumstance, Voula — Queen of Che- lan, RHC convention secretaries, snowflakes and Stuart cuisine for the WIHC formal — a year to re- member. Top Row: Lynn Anderson, Jr; Caria Bloom, Fr; Amy Byers, Fr; Paula Carter, Fr; Elizabeth Crawford, Jr. Second Row: Linda Eko, Fr; Cheryl Elmendorf, Fr; Christine Everett, Jr; Patricia Francisco, Fr; Gail Frank, Fr. Third Row: Sharman Franzen, Fr; Bonnie Gerken, Jr; Barbara Gore, Fr; Gail Gormley, Soph; Nancy Griffith, Fr. Bottom Row; Natalie Hargrave, Soph; Jan Hermanson, Soph; Judith Hinman, Fr; Maryann Hoffman, Fr; Joann Horn, Fr. Top Row: Holly Howard, Fr; Andrea Innes, Jr; Katherine Johnson, Fr; Leslee Krause, Fr. Second Row: Susan Malen, Fr; Penelope Martin, Soph; Robin McCabe, Fr; Sharon McKie, Fr. Third Row: Janice McNeel, Soph; Melody Meade, Fr; Linda Mishler, Fr; Terry Moore, Fr. Fourth Row: Patricia Naismith, Fr; Donna Nelson, Soph; Victoria Nelson, Jr; Iris Okimoto, Fr. Fifth Row: Marlene Omori, Fr; Gail Potter, Soph; Patricia Prather, Fr; Carol Putnam, Soph. Sixth Row: Cynthia Renn, Fr; Sarah Rockett, Fr; Diane Ross, Soph; Penelope Sand, Soph. Seventh Row: Virginia Schaefer, Fr; Candice Scott, Soph; Deborah Siemers, Fr; Leslie Sorensen, Fr. Bottom Row: Sally Stromdahl, Fr; Cynthia Van Kleek, Fr; Mary Wilson, Fr; Pauline Wold, Soph. 478 479 Tiffany Coeds Take Rooftop Hike To Cameron For Wet Hello . Tiffany ' s aim this year was to bring its members closer together. The house unites the first two floors of Hag- gett, with the second floor girls participating in German House, too. Decorating the lounge for Halloween brought many new and lasting friendships as did house exchanges, the psychedelic house banquet, pizza and popcorn parties and coed football games. One unforgetful experience for Tiffany girls was the night they climbed over to Cameron House — even though it meant ending up with water balloons being thrown at many heads. That was part of what made Tiffany House a home. Top Row: Joyce Atkins, Fr; Renata Benett, Jr; Bonita Boulton, Fr; Susan Brown, Fr. Second Row: Susan Brummet, Jr; Mary Cheung, Sr; Mary Compton, Fr; Beverly Davis, Soph. Third Row: Deanna Jennings, Fr; Cynthia Lein- gang. Soph; Shelly Lish, Fr; Kathryn Loranger, Fr. Fourth Row: Merridy Losey, Soph; Colene McKee, Soph; Penny Middleton, Sr; Christy Moran, Soph. Fifth Row: Marilyn Morrison, Soph; Anitra Parlova, Fr; Maureen Raleigh, Fr; Diane Roestel, Soph. Sixth Row: Christine Rommel, Soph; Stephanie Roseby, Fr; Judy Sober, Sr; Sandra Wagner, Fr. Bottom Row: Judy Weishaar, Fr; Dolores Willis, Fr; Andrea Wilson, Jr; Susan Wong, Soph. 480 New Mascot, Secret Santa Week Raise Spirits Of Vastion Girls " The billikin " was adopted byVashon House as its new mascot this year. Fall quarter got into full swing with a Halloween party for Vashon girls and foreign students. Secret Santa week with all its associated mischievious- ness brightened an otherwise " drab " pre-finals week. " Wonder of wonders " in Vashon in- cluded an open lounge for Valentine ' s Day, a rained-out barbecue in the house lounge and a spring hay-ride to close out the year. Top Row: Janet Beck, Jr; Christine Brallier, Fn Judy Caggiano, Soph; Robin Clark, Soph; Pamela Corzine, Fr; Barbara Critchlow, Jr; Margaret Davenport, Fr. Second Row: Judith Day, Soph; Cynthia Duran, Fr; Suzann Finch, Soph; Myra Fish, Fr; Janet Fitting, Fr; Patricia Gormley, Soph; Jan Gorton, Fr. Bottom Row: Zelma Greeson, Fr; Karen Haugen, Soph; Dolores Hensel, Soph; Catherine Kerr, Fr; Barbara Kessinger, Fr; Beth Kielmeyer, Fr; Frances Klesper, Jr. yh Top Row: Shirley Keven, Jr; Barbara Latta, Fr; Nancy Leilelid, Fr; Nanette McDowell, Fr; Myrna Meisler, Sr; Marjorie Minaker, Jr; Joyce Nagatani, Fr; Linda Neely, Fr; Carol Nelson, Soph; Nancy Nelson, Fr; Ellen Osthus. Soph. Bottom Row: Victoria Perkins, Fr; Sherry Peterson, Soph; Lila Randall, Fr; Terry Rushfeldt, Fr; Barbara Scheurich, Fr; Sue Sell, Fr; Susan Smallwood, Jr; Janis Soma, Soph; Susan Ukich, Fr; Annabelle Welsh, Fr; Lorrie Willenbrock, Soph. 481 Men 5 UCU Emphasizes Spiritual Fellowstiip Down in the books goes another year of providing Christian men with the best possible college atmos- phere. There were social activities ranging from exchanges and parties to banquets and weekend outings. UCU men also supplied football, basketball and Softball intramural teams. Most emphasis was placed on the spiritual life. The members strove not only to strengthen their spiritual lives but to exemplify the true meaning of fellowship. Top Row: Charles Bird, Soph; Larry Bjork, Sr; Tim Bode, Fr; Michael Bradley, Soph; Robert Burmark, Sr. Second Row: Barry Dorman, Jr; Randolph Elde, Fr; Scott Fast, Sr; Steven Foote, Jr; Dale Hendricks, Fr. Third Row: Lee Hess, Soph; Alan Hoisted, Jr; James Huntsper- ger, Jr; Daniel Jacobsen, Soph; Cortland Johnsen, Fr. Fourth Row: Kenneth Kok, Soph; Dale Petersen, Fr; Michael Roberts, Fr; James Rodstol, Fr; Robert Samuelson, Soph. Bottom Row: Ronald Schmick, Jr; Gene Spillman, Fr; Rodney Walker, Fr; Douglas Williams, Soph; James Zook, Sr. Ji li. I .1. Women ' s Christian Union Goes Out For Big Year Top Row: Lois Bancroft, Jr; Carolyn Chopard, Fr; Thea Johnson. Jr; Elizabeth Jones, Sr. Bottom Row: Lorann Lane, Jr; Elaine Leavitt, Soph; Cynthia Lewis, Sr; Kathie Lindell, Fr. Even though the UCU Women ' s House was the smallest recog- nized living group on campus this year, they didn ' t spend their time just sitting around. Out they went to capture third from a field of thirty in Swim Marathon, to Firs Conference Grounds, to their annual formal banquet, for Inter-Varsity, Campus Crusade and church meet- ings of all denominations. And out went Pam to head ASUW Publicity and Thea to preside over the Women ' s Recreation Council. In came speakers for Monday night Bible studies, ingenuity and cleverness for a week of pixie-ing and Miss Emerson with menus for hungry mouths. House objectives of encouraging Christian fellowship, growth and witness said nothing about seclusion. Alyce McCormick, Jr; Chena Mattix, Fr; Sherry Mullins, Fr; Karen Nesland, Fr; ilia Pomeroy, Jr; Joan Ratts, Jr; Ruth Selid, Fr; Pamela Smotherman, Jr; Diana Waggoner, Sr; Amy Weber, Fr; Patricia Yardy, Fr. 483 Language Houses Go Beyond The Classroom I A language house provides an opportunity for a stu- dent to go beyond the classroom in learning another country ' s language and culture. Membership obliges a student to converse at all times in that language and never slip into English. That is perhaps unreal- istic, but the student who perseveres is often amazed at the improvement in his fluency. Native speakers are employed by the language departments to encourage and help students of all conversational levels. Language professors and na- tive speakers are always welcomed guests at meals. French, Spanish, Swedish and Japanese Houses reside in McMahon Hall, while German House is located in Haggett Hall. 485 S.i " ' 4 L jjjii iaaiie i.iLi ' -i B.- ...i twm W " V sisimn x iw rr •r. - ' V,- - " ifr r t n Rain, midterms and the Montlake Bridge traffic can ' t l eep me from dragging my way up ttiose stupid steps to campus. Armed witli my perforated umbrella, I shuffle up from the lower depths to class. Is It worth it to be an itinerant student? Worth the hours and miles (and erratic bus sched- ules) en route to get an education? Worth the blist- ers, corns and bunions? And I might add a definite drain on my respiratory system. (That escalator doesn ' t help much.) 486 I ' m on my own — sack lunch filled with a chewy pea- nut butter and water cress sandwich. With weary feet and legs I still think there must be some posi- tive aspects. It ' s getting better all the time. Only one more year of this and I ' m out. I ' ll miss it, too. Even though that alarm clock always rings too long and too loud. — Carol Ann Pete 487 L£: M£ML dk ,MiLm Kiididti Top Row: William Abrams, Jr; Carmelia Alexander, Soph; Michael Alford, Fr; Gordon Althoff, Fr; Esther Anderson, Fr; Joan Applegate, Soph; Anita Armstrong, Jr; Lisbeth Arne, Jr; Rodney Ash, Jr; Anita Ashford, Soph; Connie Atkins, Soph. Second Row: Chris Bailey, Sr; Gregory Baker, Fr; Terryanne Baker, Fr; Mark Baldwin, Jr; Billie Ball, Sr; Amy Barnes, Soph; James Barney, Jr; Rod Barrie, Jr; Kathryn Bartholomew, Soph; Carol Bauer, Soph; Margaret Beach, Jr. Third Row: Joan Beall, Jr; Ellen Beck, Jr; Corinne Beder, Soph; Pat Bennett, Soph; Marsh Bennett, Fr; Linda Bennitt, Jr; Paul Berg, Soph; Beverly Bergstrom, Jr; Steven Bevens, Fr; David Bingaman, Fr; Charles Bishop, Fr. Fourth Row: Linda Blackshaw, Jr; Krzysztof Bolt, Soph; Dave Boyce, Soph; Bruce Boyer, Jr; Mary Brant, Fr; Sally Breedman, Jr; Linda Brinck, Soph; Francis Brown, Soph; Linda Bruce, Jr; Ethel Bryan, Jr; Nancy Bryant, Sr. Fifth Row: John Bugge, Jr; Gary Burkland, Jr; Carol Buskas, Jr; Roger Buskas, Fr; Catherine Campbell, Sr; Craig Carlson, Fr; Curtis Carrell, Jr; Diane Case, Fr; Raymond Cherry, Fr; Naresh Chhabra, Soph; Lila Chinn, Fr. Sixth Row: Paul Christensen, Jr; Carol Christiansen, Jr; William Clark, Fr; Shirlene Clemence, Fr; Linda Cles, Fr; Diane Colburn, Fr; Thomas Collier, Soph; Keith Colton, Sr; John Comis, Fr; Mark Compton, Fr; Sharon Cordova, Fr. Seventh Row: Norman Cornutt, Soph; Paul Cote, Soph; Mark Cotter, Jr; David Cross, Jr; Norman Dahl, Fr; Janet Dalley, Sr; Charles Davis, Jr; Claudia Davis, Fr; Daniel Davis, Jr; Sylvia de Desrochers, Jr; Donald Demikis, Sr. Bottom Row: Marjan Diepenheim, Fr; Harry Disbrow, Jr; Sheila Dosskey, Soph; Donald Doud, Fr; Marjorie Ducatt, Fr; Charles Earl, Jr; William Eckert, Soph; Jo Anne Eddy, Fr; Patricia Ekins, Soph; Tonya Ellison, Fr; Janet Elo, Soph. 488 Commuters Use All Modes Of Travel ts Top Row: Victoria Emel, Soph; Christie Emil, Soph; William Eng, Fr; Kenneth Enomoto, Fr. Second Row: Daphne Enslow, Jr; Robert Enten- mann, Fr; Use Ericson, Soph; Patricia Espedal, Jr. Third Row: Candace Espeseth, Soph; Judith Fa- gerstrom, Soph; Curtis Falkner, Fr; Ronald Faulkner, Jr. Fourth Row: Pamela Feltis, Fr; Roger Ferrel, Fr; Pamela Ferrell, Fr; Margaret Finder, Fr. Fifth Row; Michael Fitch, Jr; Jeanne Flom, Jr; Kathleen Flore, Jr; Kate Folkins, Soph. Sixth Row: Margaret Forde, Fr; Allan Foucault, Sr; Ronald Frederick, Sr; Georgia Freeley, Jr. Bottom Row: Sheryl Frost, Sr; Maris Fuller, Fr; Mary Fulton, Fr; Terrence Galligan, Soph. ' If II .V ■2r3 ' ji. ' - 5 ♦ l» V :JX= » ' v L •• -y R ? 9l dw ' H ; .ii i v. " . - P4 ? ; , f N- . ♦ •••?-; •♦.;»■ ' ' ■ - H. ' ' : ;--,-. ' - :- ' ' •-- , f ' .„ £. ' .■ t. ir»7 " il iii h iidk Top Row: Ronald Gann, Fr; Patricia Garnjobst, Soph; Donna Gilbert, Jr; Robert Giles, Fr; Chris Gilligan, Jr; Edwin Gragert, Fr; Janice Granberg, Soph; Richard Green, Jr; Kenneth Grisales, Soph; Virginia Gundersnn, Jr; Martha Giistavson, Soph. Second Row: Bonnie Giithrnann, Fr; Theresa Hagen, Soph; Viuki llahn, Sr; Melndy Halfon, Fr; Marvin Hall, Soph; Randy Hall. Soph; Hal llainrnond, Fr; Cherie Hansen, Jr; John Hardy, Jr; Janine Harnden, Soph; Marian Hart, Fr. Bottom Row: Melissa Hartwell, Fr; Brian Haskell, Fr; Frances Haskell, Jr; Brian Hata, Fr; (iurnid Hayes, Jr; Teresa lleese, Fr; Phyllis llpggcn, Ir. Gerald lleinen, Sofih; Jane Heller, Ir; Harry Henderson, Sr; Nancy Henry, Fr. 490 Top Row: FIlis Hlllinger, Fr; Susan Holliday, Fr; Irenne Hopmari, Fr. Second Row: Carol Howard, Jr; Don- ald Howard. Fr; Mary Howland, Jr. Bottom Row: Bob Cohen, Sr; Mar- vin ' ohri, J r: Marco DeFunis, Soph. rt P P s tk MMl- ' ikMM Top Row: Nellie Hurd, Fr; Edwin Huston, Fr; John Hybridge, Soph; Robert Ingram, Fr; Linda Jacobson, Soph; Carol James, Jr; Helen Jensen, Jr. Second Row: Patricia Jensen, Fr; Barbara Jerry, Sr; Linda Jirucha, Fr; Chris Johnsen, Soph; Brian Johnson, Jr; Cathie Johnson, Fr; June Johnson, Jr. Third Row: Sharon Johnson, Jr; Terry Johnson, Fr; Lawrence Jones, Jr; Pat Jones, Jr: Douglas Kamla, Fr; Ann Karlsnes, Jr; Judith Kauzlarich, Fr. Fourth Row: Karen Kelley. Sr; Stephen Kelley, Fr; Edward Kelly. Sr; I isa Kelly, Fr; Beltie Kenny, Jr; Nancy Kessner, Jr; William Keyes, Fr. Fifth Row: I inda Kline, Fr; Catherine Knudsen, Soph; Gerald Knutzen, Jr; Janyce Ko, Fr; Mary Koch, Fr, Alvin Koetitz, Fr; Margaret Kuchin, Jr. Sixth Row: Gary Kucinski, Jr; Astrid Lacitis, Jr; Lorraine Lambert, Fr; John Landon, Fr; Margaret Larson, Fr; Rasma Laiizis, Sr; John Lee, Grad. Seventh Row: Valerie Lee, Fr; Karen Leslie, Soph; Virginia Lewis, Sr; Barbara Lienarz. Soph; Ronald Lilley, Fr; Christine Linden, Fr; Norman 1 indjord, Sr. Bottom Row: Gregory Lohman, Fr; Liisa Lookusa, Fr; Richard loiicks, Jr; Marie Love, Jr; Joanne Luke, Fr: Raymond Luokkala, Fr; Daniel Mackay, Jr. 491 Montlake Day Trippers Now Escalate To Class Top Row: Sharon Maeda, Sr; William Mahoney, Soph; Roger Manary, Fr; William Mar, Fr; Carol Marriott, Fr; Constance Marsh, Soph; Jane Martin, Fr; Joel Martin, Jr; Karen Masuda, Jr; James Matchett, Jr; Laurie Mayer, Soph. Second Row: Anne McAvoy, Soph; Kathleen McCabe, Fr; Gail McCandlish, Sr; Russ McClintick, Fr; John McDaniel, Fr; Kathleen McDer- mott, Soph; Robert McDonnell, Soph; Donna McElhenie, Fr; Robert McGlenn, Jr; Blanche McHenry, Fr; William McJannet, Fr. Third Row: Joan McKenzie, Fr; Kathleen McLeod, Soph; Richard Medan, Jr; Michael Menth, Soph; Melissa Meyer, Sr; Barbara Michaelis, Fr; Barbara Miller, Fr; Helen Miller, Soph; Marilyn Miller, Fr; Sandra Miller, Fr; Annette Minard, Sr. Fourth Row: Mary Jane Moehrle, Fr; Stephen Moller, Fr; Jeff Moore, Jr; Paul Moreau, Soph; Patricia Morris, Fr; Diane Mortensen, Soph; Steven Morton, Fr; Carolyn Mosley, Fr; Lawrence Mummey, Jr; Merrily Munther, Sr; Carol Murbach, Fr. Fifth Row: Rose Nakagaki, Soph; James Nelson, Sr; Peter Njogu, Soph; Ronald Noland, Jr; Nancy Nordquist, Sr; Victoria Northington, Sr; Ronald Nystrom, Jr; Lawrence Odie, Soph; Kathleen O ' Falahee, Fr; Katsuo Okubo, Sr; Thomas O ' Leary, Fr. Sixth Row: David Olson, Sr; James Olson, Sr; Judy Olson, Soph; Nancy O ' Neill, Jr; Margaret Overdorf, Jr; Donald Overway, Jr; Thomas Paine, Jr; Joan Pashley, Fr; Randy Person, Fr; Bruce Peterson, Fr; Tamara Petlow, Soph. Seventh Row: Catherine Pisarcik, Fr; Lora Pishue, Fr; Jacqueline Posthuma, Jr; Linda Pounds, Fr; Michael Powe, Fr; Michael Prather, Soph; Carl Prince, Jr; Mary Provo, Fr; David Putney, Fr; Ronald Query, Fr; Martha Rabak, Sr. Bottom Row: Michael Radcliffe, Jr; Steven Randle, Fr; David Rands, Soph; John Rankin, Jr; Bruce Ransom, Fr; Vernon Rasmussen, Soph; Calvin Ray, Sr; Janis Reaper, Soph; John Redl, Jr; Joal Rehngren, Soph; Sandra Reichert, Sr. 492 w»W w i»ii0l vv . i lit % : - cu. c»c J r Awi l - f H I I H B ■»■« rr P O F Top Ro w: Douglas Reitsch, Sr; Richard Richards, Jr; Lea Riley, Soph; Bernard Robinson, Jr; Mary Rootjes, Fr; Clarita Rosario, Jr. Second Row: Bertram Ross, Fr; David A. Ross, Fr; David L. Ross, Fr; David Royea, Jr; Ricki Sakoda, Fr; Virginia Sale, Soph. Third Row: Chris Sandberg, Jr; William Saunders, Jr; Victoria Schmidt, Jr; Jerry Schneider, Jr; Stephen Schneider, Soph; Marcia Schubert, Fr. Fourth Row: Ralph Scofield, Soph; Cynthia Scott, Fr; Jerry Scott, Fr; W il- liam Sells, Jr; Patricia Seth, Sr; Amy Shinobu, Fr. Fifth Row: James Shonka, Jr; Susan Shull, Jr; Barbara Silva, Soph; Edward Simpson, Jr; Diane Sivertson, Fr; Maris Skuja, Sr. Sixth Row: Margaret Slabaugh, Jr; James Slaughter, Fr; Deanna Sloulin, Soph; Jane Smith, Jr; Mary Smith, Fr; Michelle Smith, Fr. Seventh Row: Ronald Smith, Soph; W illiam Smith, Fr; William Sode, Jr; Diane Solvang, Fr; Loretta Speicher, Sr; William Speir, Sr. Bottom Row: Stephen Sprake, Fr; Melanie Sproul, Jr; Linda Stalcup, Soph; Tamea Stang, Soph; Paul Steere, Soph; Charlotte Stevens, Jr. 494 iM iii t2. rss Top Row: Constance Stinson, Fr; Abel Strasburger, Sr; Cheryl Stratemeyer, Fr; Carol Stripling, Fr; Bonita Strothman, Fr. Second Row: Michael Sullivan, Soph; Ruth Taggart, Jr; Steven Takahashi, Jr; Barbara Tanabe, Fr; Diane Taniguchi, Soph. Third Row: Raymond Taylor, Fr; Greg Telling, Soph; Carol Tharp, Soph; Joan Thomas, Jr; Judith Thompson, Jr. Fourth Row: Keith Thompson, Sr; Randall Thompson, Soph; Kathleen Tiedeman, Fr; Russell Timms, Jr; Barbara Trevithick, Soph. Fifth Row: Candace Turner, Sr; Kathleen Twohig, Soph; Lee Ann Van Auken, Jr; Michael Verbarendse, Fr; Karen Visdal, Jr. Sixth Row: Stephanie Vogel, Soph; John Waggoner, Soph; Paul Waggoner, Soph; Daniel Waite, Fr; Marianne Wall, Sr. Seventh Row: Darryl Wareham, Jr; Mary Welchert, Jr; Sandra Wert, Fr; Diane Wetta, Fr; Rosemary Wetter, Jr. Bottom Row: Barbara Wetzstein, Fr; David Weyeneth, Soph; Pamela Whatmore, Jr; Larry Wheeler, Fr; Sharyn Wheeler, Fr. HO IA-2047 ikiikiT .4 Top Row: Douglas Whipple, Fr; Ann Whitney, Fr; Wendy Wienker, Soph; Keith Wilbur, Jr; Gerhild Williams, Soph. Second Row: Richard Williams, Soph; Michael Wilson, Fr; Evelyn Wong, Fr; Faye Woo, Fr; Jill Woodcock, Soph. Third Row: Robert Worsing, Jr; Frederick Wrede, Fr; Frank Yenko, Fr; Rosemary Young, Sr; Nancy Yurg, Fr. Bottom Row: Linda Zeman, Soph; Susan Zeman, Fr; Nancy Zosel, Soph; Thomas Zuvela, Fr; Kathleen Zwettler, Fr. 495 And A Supporting Cast Of Thousands Few who have not worked on a yearbook — college or otherwise — can imagine the volume and magnitude of detail and travail that go into the production. Thousands of names, negative numbers, class rankings and student body numbers were (for the first time) fed into a computer in late November. Result? Mass confusion by early December. While the electronic brain eliminated some prob- lems, new ones arose. But the staff rallied to the computer, man- aging to stay " only " 100 pages behind schedule throughout most of the year (a feat accomplished by no other TYEE staff in recent history). Second in command, but running first in every other category this year was Lynn Rainier — compadre, confidante, managing editor and sports editor. She authored three essays (including " The Year: 1967 " ) and put together a sports section full of new vitality. Carol Pete, copy editor, and Karen Kubin, layout editor, labored over nearly every page in the book. Their common problem: the ever- dull, ever-routine living group section. These three were the founda- tions of the whole production. To them I must extend a very sin- cere thank-you. It is impossible to praise the work of one section editor without, in effect, praising them all. Each was conscientious to the core. It was because of them that we made our weekly deadlines. Ken Levinson lined up the living groups for picture appointments and copy deadlines and executed his schedule with ease. Joan Apple- gate, tired of reading sloppy academics copy and tired of waiting for photos which never came, solved both problems by writing her own copy and taking her own pictures. Marilyn Byers, Organiza- tions Editor, was faced with perennial problems, such as how to get 80 Sundodgers on one page with a head and copy. Her solu- tion? Eliminate the copy. Liz Gabel was the Activities and Culture Editor who didn ' t know what an activity was -until last fall. She learned quickly though, and added journalistic know-how to a sec- tion which had lacked it in the past. Winter quarter office man- ager Judy M arth was, in fact, " Composer of the Index. " Roses to her for a tedious job well-done. Efficiency expert and office man- ager fall quarter was Robin Ackerlund. Collecting queen pictures nearly became an obsession for her. Setting the course from aloft the second floor photo lab was Dick Conrad whose talents seemed never-ending. Besides the cover photo, he filled in whenever a student was unable to make an assignment. Sue Galloway was a late-blooming artist who showed up to help Karen on layouts just when deadlines were piling up. Cheerful activities assistant Joanne Luke was the hit of the office with her uncensored bulletin board, while Judy Robinson had the dubious task of interviewing deans and administrators for the aca- demics section. She quickly discovered that the Men-at-the-Top were actually HUMAN. Anne Todd and Bruce Skinner were DAILY reporters borrowed for activities and sports writing, respectively. Anne liked the TYEE so much she deserted the paper staff com- 496 pletely. Penny Ginther was one of the few seasoned workers on the ' 68 staff. She collaborated with Wayne Kosbau on the lead essay. Newcomer Judy Steele displayed her talents as both writer (end essay with Wayne) and photographer (commuter essay with Carol Pete). Until the Call of the Yukon beguiled her away, Maureen Matthiesen served us ably as photo chief. Particular thanks must go to Publisher Bill Johnston whose fatherly advice we welcomed. Sitting in as mediator on essay disputes, he solved many a conflict with his unfailing diplomacy and journalistic knowledge. Without him — heaven help the TYEE. The staff ' s favorite connection with the print plant was Chuck Caddey. His bark usually proved worse than his bite — and we really found the way to his heart when Joanne wore her zip-off mini skirt. Essential to any efficient staff is an efficient secretary. The TYEE didn ' t qualify, but Ame Berg, BJ ' s secretary, was a vital asset. Have a problem? Go see Ame — she ' ll solve it for you. Martha Pritchard and Emily Stadel- man were constantly bothered by staffers in search of everything from rulers to red grease pencils. Their patience is to be com- mended. Serving as Cheerful Man Around the TYEE was Morris Adams, who dropped in frequently from the Ad office with helpful hints on how to produce a TYEE. And finally, I ' d like to thank Diane Jenft, Linda Berr, Linda Ruchert, Delores Hensel and Mark Lipson — all hard workers who helped on the tedious office jobs which just HAD to get done. Liz Lauzen, editor Photographers ' Credits Air Force Academy Athletic Association: 214. Joan Applegate: SB- GO, 190-91, 273, 305. John Beatty: 77, 416. John Bisbee: 71, 74, 138, 398, 485. Boeing Company: 297. Barry Broman: 209-13, 217, 220-21, 224-25, 228, 238-39, 241, 245. Jim C heever: 26-7 43, 46, 100, 116, 131, 345, 356-57, 374. George Compton: 320. Pat Connally: 294. Dick Conrad: 18, 22, 26, 36-7, 40-1, 54, 56, 64-5, 107, 114, 125, 149, 261, 295, 304, 331, 497-98. Tom Dramer: 76, 271-72, 396-97, 415, 440. Frank Edge: 120-23, 285, 366-68, 407, 436, 458. Jeannette Franks: 19, 20, 258-59. Randy Greenfield: 39, 42-3, 49, 52-3, 63, 76, 94-5, 102, 104, 182-85, 205, 206, 236-37, 240, 242-43, 250-51, 254, 264-67, 480, 495. Don Hall: 118, 341. Grant Haller: 136. Nick Jahn: 116, 393, 454, 465. Jack Johnson, University Herald: 368. Laurel Keene: 24, 76. Nat Kingsley: 76, 257-58, 300, 426, 440, 452, 462. Wayne Kosbau: 1-14, 29, 57, 59, 60, 63, 66-8, 108-13, 141, 207, 215-16, 283, 304, 333, 455, 458, 486, 537-38, 540-44. Bob Lawrence: 256-59. Jim Loomis: 235. Carol Mcintosh: 47. Tim McKee: 208, 215, 329-30. Robert Mc- Sorley: 217, 234-35. Vince Matsudaira: 46-7, 63, 115, 246, 262, 322, 332, 446, 451, 489. Maureen Matthiesen: 30-1, 38-9, 71-4, 112-13, 132,208-10,437. Dale Nachand: 174, 176-79, 181. Jack Nichols: 447. Frida Nord: 44, 69, 70, 77-8, 84, 91, 119, 186-89, 194-97, 202-204, 246, 318-19, 328, 332-33, 354, 362, 395, 430-31. Bill Oliver: 192, 262, 334-35, 476. Brian Payne: 23, 57, 60, 77, 254-55. Carol Pete: 58-9, 467-68, 494. Bob Petersen, 210. Mead Powers: 86, 92, 246, 261-62, 292-93. Ralston Studio: 340. Stephanie Ross: 92, 98, 100, 105-06, 437. Tom Schubert: 261, 268-70. Jan Shaw: 32, 78-9, 96-7, 118, 124, 130, 135, 142-43, 146, 157-58, 161-62, 166-69, 199, 277 426, 428, 440, 447, 459, 483. 402. Pat Spector: 42, 129, 153 11. Tom Stamm: 42-3, 48, 103, 114-15, Steele: 486-87, 539. David J. Streufert Stockman: 88. UCLA Sports Information Service: 226-27. Univer- sity of Oregon Photographic Bureau: 218-19. Mike Van Ackeren: 62. Steve Weiner: 249-50. Irv Weintraud: 48. 117, 119. Roland White: 377. Mike Wicks: 1 14. Roy Williams: 223. 283, 332, 403-05, 414, James 0. Sneddon: 88-9, 244-45, 490, 493. Allen Sprague: 49, 410- 130-33, 456, 464. Judy 252-53, 318. Wienand Printers ' Credits The 1968 TYEE was produced by offset lithography on Lithofect Enamel sub 70 stock in the U.W. Printing Plant, G-1 Communica- tions Building, University of Washington. All color work was done in the University Printing Plant from Kodachrome prints prepared by Dudley, Hardin and Yang. Queens, Index 497 Contents Senior Index, 499 General Index, 506 Queens, 507 ■je iiHt. 498 Senior Activities Index A Abbott. Grant H.: Philosophiy. Phi G.invTi.i Delt J Abbott, Marian E.: Chemistry Abrams, Paul T.: Mathematics Ackelson, Donald B.: Chemical EngineennR. Phi SiRma Kappa, AlChE Acker. Mary: History. Kappa Kappa Gamma Adams, Cynthia I.: Political Science Adams. Dale M.: Speech and Hearing Therapy. Alpha Omicron Pi Adams. Lyie C: Electrical EngineennR Adams, Sue E.: Chemical Engineering. Alpha Omicron Pi. Society ot Women Engineers. AlChE. Baptist Student Union Adams, Suzanne M.: Speech. Zeta Phi Eta. Pi Lambda Theta Adelseck, Charles G.: Oceanography. Phi Kappa Psi, Sundodgers. STAY. UW Sailing Team. PeopletoPeople. Frosh Night Chairman Adkins, Penny D.: Biology. Alpha Delta Pi Vice President. Totem Club. Phrateres. AWS Adolphi, Ronald L.: Finance. Delta Chi. Young Republicans. Army ROTC. Alpha Phi Omega. SAME. JIFC Ager, Stephanie L.: Art. Kappa Kappa Gamma. Panhellentc President Ahlberg, David L.: Building Technology and Administration. SiRma Phi E psilon. Building Technology and Administration Club Aiken, Michael P.: Sociology Alber, Steven C: Far East. Lambda Chi Alpha. Air Force ROTC, Scabbard and Blade President. Husky Winter Sports Club. UW Yacht Club. Sailing Team. Arnold Air Society Alberts. Maira: Interior Design Albertson, Shirley A.: English, Sororia Alden, Edward A,: English Alkire, Thomas G,: Political Science Allen, Terry R.: Zoology. Judo Club Alleyne. Phyllis J.: English, Association of Students of the Americas Secretary Alwine, Sandra K.: History, Alpha Phi Ambur, Kathryn E.: Nursing Amorin. Leon D.: PersonneTand Industrial Relations Ancelard, Madeline M.: Nursing. Husky Winter Sports Club Andersen, Lars Q.; Aeronautics and Astronautics. Alpha Delta Phi, Varsity Boat Club, Crew Anderson, Adrienne R.: Political Science, Alpha Delta Pi, Las Vegas Night Publicity Chairman Anderson, Brian F.: Political Science Anderson, Bruce S.: Mechanical Engineering, Tau Beta Pi Anderson, Connie H.: Personnel and Industrial Relations Anderson, David A.: Mathematics Anderson, Eric W.: Spanish Anderson, Frances G.: History Anderson, Gary M.: Building Technology and Administration, Karate, Building Technology and Administration Club Anderson, Louis F.: Electrical Engineering, IEEE Anderson. Marsha J.: Medical Technology, Chi Omega, Sigma Tau Alpha. Husky Winter Sports Club Anderson, Nikki L.: Political Science. Chi Omega. Junior Honor Woman, Brigadears Chemistry, Sigma Academics Affairs Anderson, Philip D, Chi, Sundodgers, Commission Anderson, Phyllis B.: Nursing Anderson, Roger L.: Building Technology and Administration, Sigma Phi E psilon, Sigma Lambda Chi President, Building Technology and Administration Club Vice President, Student Faculty committee in Architecture, AGC Scholarship Anderson, Ruth M.: English Anderson, Spencer S.: Speech, University Christian Union Andrew, Robert J.: Dentistry Andrews. Dan A.: Medicine, Phi Chi, Student AMA Appelman, Sandra B.: Anthropology Appleton, Margaret E.: English, Pi Beta Phi, Totem Club, Arts and Science Honors Program Archbold, Michael F. ROTC, DJ L Staff Arkebauer, Sharon C. Gamma Armstead, Jean G.: Drama, Chi Omega Armstrong. Delbert W.: Mechanical Engineering, ASME Arne, Anne I.: Physical Therapy. Physical Therapy Club Arnhold. Richard N.: Electrical Engineering Arnold, Thomas E.: History Aronson, Philip M.: Dentistry Arron. Cheryl J.: History Artz. Keith R.: Forestry Management. Forest Club President Asher, Carol A.: Political Science Journalism. Army Nursing. Delta Ashk ' m.m. Bonnie T.: Zoology Ashley, Patrick: Anthropology. Student ELiliJcition Association Ashmore. Andrew H.: Chemical Eni;ini ' i rinK, AlChE, Young Ri ' Public.ins Atherton, Carol Y.: Sociology. Zeta T iu Alph.i Auer. David J.: English. Arnold Air Society. Scabbard and Blade Ault. Judith A,: Art, Zeta Tau Alpha Aura, Robert E.: General Business Aycock, Leslie: Nursing, Alpha Tau Di lt,i, SWANS B Babich, Karen J.: History, Pi Beta Phi Bagley, James K.: Dentistry Bagne, Conrad N.: History Bailey. Christopher: Chemistry. Army ROTC Drill Team Bailey, Shelley J.: Home Economics, Omicron Nu, Pi Lambda Theta, Education Club, Home Economics Club Baker, Bruce R.: Electrical Engineering, IEEE. Engineering Student Council Representative. Vice President. New Conservatives Bakken, Johan S.: Zoology. Soccer Team Ball, Billee L.: Biology Baranzini, Richard 0.: Political Science. Philosophy, Sigma Phi Epsilon, Young Republicans Treasurer, Students for Reagan, Objectivist Club, New Conservatives Barbeck, Sarah A.: History, Phi Alpha Theta Barber, Richard E,: Spanish Barber, Vernon A.: Electrical Engineering, Tau Beta Phi, Amateur Radio Club Barde, Nina L.: Chemistry. Alpha Epsilon Phi President. Panhellenic Council Baretich, Jeannie M.: Drama. Readers Theatre. Young Democrats. Fencing Club, People-to-People Barker, Rosemary: History, Alpha Phi, Totem Club President, Mortar Board, Phi Alpha Theta Barnes, Dorothea L,: German, Phrateres Barrick, Craig W.: Political Science, Phi Gamma Delta, Purple Shield, Board of Control, Program Panel Area Chair- man, AMS Men ' s Day Chairman Barringham, Jill M.: Economics, Theatre One, UW Yacht Club Barrow, Bruce L.: Dentistry Barrowes. Orlando T.: Dentistry Bartlett. Norma T.: French, Sororia, SWEA Bass, Tresa A.: Political Science Batchelder, David: Zoology, Delta Tau Delta, Sundodgers, Husky Winter Sports Club Bateman, Jefri M.: Journalism, Delta Gamma Bathiany, Robert H.: Electrical Engineering, IEEE Batterman, George M.: Civil Engineering, ASCE Bauer, Michael R.: General Business and Transportation, Zeta Psi, Sundodgers, Program Panel Bauer, Robert W.: Political Science, Rugby, Songfest Committee Baumgardner, Robert E.: Mechanical EngineennR, Tau Beta Pi, ASME, EngineerinR Student Council Beale, Norma J.: Art, Pi Lambda Theta Bean. Katherine N.: General Studies Beatty, John C: Zoology, Sigma Chi, Pi Omega Sigma, Air Force ROTC, Arnold Air Society Beaunaux, James F.: Spanish, SWEA Pri ' sidenl Bebow, Nancy M.: Nursing Beck, Jacquelynne: Spanish Becker, David W.: Medicine Beers, Maria J.: Pharmacy, Sigma Tau Alpha, Lambda Kappa Sigma, Swedish Club Belarde, Linda S.: Speech Belcher, Anne E.: Nursing. Sigma Theta Tau. Husky Winter Sports Club Bell. David C: Marketing. Theta Chi. Varsity Basketball. Big " 10 " Club Bell, Nancy E.: Dental Hygiene. Delta Gamma Bellour. Jean C: Geography. Arnold Air Society. Scabbard and Blade Bender, Arnold J.: Dentistry Benner, Michael D.: Zoology. Varsity Boat Club Commodore. Varsity Crew Bennett, Kay $.: English, Gamma Phi Beta Bennett, Margaret G.: English, Sociology Bennett, Margaret J.: Journalism. Alpha Chi Omega Bennett, Robert M.: Mechanical Engineering. Theta Xi. Tau Beta Pi, Bridge Club President Benson, Lorena L.: English, Young Democrats Berg, Donald A,: Accounting, Zeta Beta Tau, Purple Shield, Beta Gamma Sigma, Phi Eta Sigma. MUN Chairman Berg, Ellen M.: English Berg, Geraldine A.: Art History Berg. Louis J.: Marketing Bergstrom, Linda S,: Spanish. Koinoma President, CCM Directorate Berman, Hanan S.: Psychology, Objectivist Club, Israeli Folk Dancing Berry. Joanne M.: Art History, Kappa Kappa Gamma Berselli, Toni M.: Mathematics, Pi Lambda Theta, STAY, SWEA, Husky Winter Sports Club Belts, Sheryl I,: Nursing Beurskens, Wilham W,: Pharmacy Bickford, Michael E.: Chinese Biebesheimcr, Susan L.: Home Economics, Alpha Delta Pi, Angel Flight, Husky Honeys, AWS Interviews Chairman I as Vegas Night Hostess Bigsby, Thomas D,: Economics, Phi Dcll.i Thft,i Binkley, Dennis E.: Business Education, Delta Chi Binsfield, Nancy L,: History Bires, LaOonna J.: Occupational Therapy, Alpha Omicron Pi, Occupational Therapy Club President Bishopp, Mary E.: Speech Black, John C: Geography Blake, Peter H.: Pharmacy, Alpha Sigma Phi, Kappa Psi, Army ROTC, Brigade Captain Blandin, William A.: Civil Engineering, ASCE, EIT, SAME Blasingame, Barbara A.: Dental Hygiene Pi Beta Phi, Junior Honor Woman, Varsity Songleader Blayden, Carolyn A.; Spanish Blessing, Janet E.: Pharmacy, Lambda Kappa Sigma Block, Judith A.: Sociology. Sigma Kappa Bloom. Lynda R.: Home Economics. Home Economics Club, McMahon Board Member Bloomquist, William D.: Dentistry, Big ■W " Club. Pi Omicron Sigma Blumenthal, Brenda L.: Sociology. Phi Sigma Sigma BIystad, Ann: Nursing. Kappa Kappa Gamma. Totem Club. Mortar Board, Sigma Theta Tau, Alpha Tau Delta Boddy, Joan M.: History, Kappa Delta, ASUW Secretary, Totem Club, Elections Committee Boehringer, Larry H.: Accounting, Theta Xi Bolm, Richard 0,: Forestry Management. Forest Club, Society of American Foresters Bonuccelli, James A.: Finance, Finance Club Boon. Donna L.: General Business, Sigma Kappa, Rally Girls Bordner, 0, Steve: Economics, Beta Theta Pi, Purple Shield, Army ROTC Borgford, Richard J.: History Bosch, Donna L.: Business Education Boster, Kerry L.: Architecture, Chi Omega Botting, Mary J.: English, Kappa Delta Boughner, David R.: Electrical EnRineenng Bouska, Gaylene M.: Nursing, Si ma Theta Tau Bowman, Edward L.: Dentistry Boynton, Marie S.: French, Sigma Kappa Boys, Paul A,: Chemical Engineering, AlChE. Tau Beta Pi Bracken, JoAnn: Pharmacy, Lambda Kappa Sigma Bradburn, Pamela G.: Comparative Literature, Sigma Kappa, Alpha Lambda Delta Bradford, Jack W.: Art, Art School Scholarship, Honor Roll Brady, Daniel W.: Finance, Pi Kappa Alpha, Finance Club President, Pi Omicron Sigma Brady, Kandi L.: English Braga, Danna L.: Pharmacy, Lambda Kappa Sigma Bramel, Robert W.: Aeronautics and Astronautics. AIAA. UW Yacht Club Braschel, Grant 0,: Industrial Education, Navy ROTC. Compass and Chart Brashen, Henry M.: Speech, Zeta Beta Tau. Intramural Golf Bratton, H. Richard: Building Technology and Administration. Sigma Nu. Sigma Lambda Chi Brawn, R. James: Zoology. Lambda Chi Alpha. Arts and Sciences Honors Program. Young Republicans, Distinction Program in Zoology Breen, Cathy C: Drama Brighton, Elaine: Russian. Bowling Tournament Manager. Recreation Council Brimacombej Neil G.: Accounting Bringhurst, E.dward D.: Mechanical Engineering. ASME. Husky Winter Sports Club Britten, Suzanne M.: Accounting Brixner, Julieann: Speech and Hearing Therapy, Delta Delta Delta Broadbent, Neal E.: Mechanical EnRineenng, ASME Broman, Gretchen L.: English Bromley, Susan T,: English Brothers, Jack R.: Psychology Brothers. Jerome R.: Far East Brotman, David M.: Advertising, Zeta Beta Tau. Sundodgers, Oval Club, Alpha Delta Sigma Broughton. Judy D.: English, Phi Beta Phi Brown. Alan C.: General Business Brown, Dennis J,: Advertising, Aiph.i Delta Sigma Brown. Dexter B.: Dentistry Brown, F. Roger: Economics, Beta Theta Pi Brown, Gary L.: General Business. I ambda Chi Alpha. IFC Scholarship Committee Brown, Mark E.: Urban Planning Brown, Phillip A.: Production Braze. George J.: Physics. Psi Upsilon. Husky Winter Sports Club. IFC Scholarship Committee Broze, Gregory J.: Accounting. Beta Alpha Psi Brumaee, Jane K.: French. Alpha Lambda Delta Bruneau, Louis W.: Operations Management. Alpha Kappa Psi Bryan. Lynne S.: Political Science. Kappa Kappa Gamma Bryant, Nancy C: Home Economics. Omicron Nu Buckingham. Thoinas C: Political Science Varsity Boat Club. Varsity Crew Buffington. Roscoe C: Political Science Buhre, Gerald E.: Forestry Management. Forest Club Bunten, Georgia G.: Sociology Burden. James M.: General Business Burger. Susan J.: English Burk. Roger W,: Geology Burnett. Eden E.: Spanish, Kappa Kappa Gamma Burnett. Nancy C: Geology, Geology Club Bus. Richard J.: Dentistry Bush, Robert P.: Communications, UW Yacht Club Bushnell, S. Ward: Physical Education. Beta Theta Pi Butler. Robert K.: Civil Engineering. Adelphi Byers. H. Wade Jr.: Mechanical Engineering, ASME Bynum, William R.: Marketing cience. Caballero. Frank: Chemical Engineering. ASChE Cady. Charles D.: Finance. Phi Gamma Delta. Army ROTC Caffrey, Dennis S.: Art Caldweil, Mark G.: Pharmacy Caldwell. Susan S.: Pharmacy Campbell. Bonnie J.: Medical Technology. Alpha Phi. Husky Winter Sports Club Campbell, Catherine L.: English. Orchesis Campbell. Duncan F.: Finance. Accounting. Phi Delta Theta Campbell, Gary L.: General Business. Marketing Club Campbell. Susan M.: Political Sc STAY. UW Yacht Club Campbell. Susan M.: Social Relations, Kappa Kappa Gamma. Husky Winter Sports Club. Silver Fish Capell. Gertrude F.: Journalism. Theta Sigma Phi Secretary. DAILY Reporter Caproni. Darlene C: Occupational Therapy Carboneau. William R.: Pharmacy. Kappa Psi. APhA Cardiff Edward I.: Dentistry Carey. Bernardean: Drama. Parents ' Weekend Revue Carey, Geoffrey M.: Speech. Phi Kappa Sigma. Forensics Carlson, Dennis A.: Personnel and Industrial Relations. Delta Tau Delta President. Treasurer. Varsity Baseball. IFC Carlson. Emil J.: Mathematics. Delta Tau Delta. Sundodgers Carlson. Judit h A.: Nursing Carpenter. James 0.: Journalism, Delta Upsilon Carr. AlanR.: Dentistry Carr. Belinda B.; Economics Carr. Cathleen M.: Economics. Mortar Board. Omicron Delta Epsilon Carstens. Donald A.: Economics. Alpha Delta Phi Caskey. Gail F.: Sociology. Alpha Gamma Delta. Husky Honeys Cassidy. Paul M.: Biology Castro. Barbara A.: Nursing. Alpha Omicron Pi Catton, Robert A.: Operations Management. Alpha Kappa Psi Causey. Graydon G.: Psychology Celms. John V.: Economics. Phi Delta Theta. Oval Club. Pi Omicron Sigma, Varsity Track and Cross Country Chabot, Joyce J.: French Chamberlain, CliH S.: Mechanical Engineering. Sigma Phi Epsilon. ASME Chantiny. Andrea L.: Art Chapman. Herbert J.: Marketing Chapman, Joyce A.: Nursing, Chi Omega Chase, Gene L.: Logging Engineering, Forest Club 499 Chen, Kent C. F.: Civil Engineering, Program Panel Cheung, Mary A.: Sociology Childs, Lawrence M.: Accounting. , Frnance Club Chou, Jane W.: Transportation Christensen, Marilyn j.: Business Education. SWEA Christensen. Paul A.: Dentistry Christensen. Paul M.: History Chun. Ramona K.: Mathematics Churchill, James 0.: Accounting, Varsity Boat Club, Varsity Crew, Big ■W " Club Cissell, Victor L.: General Business, Husky Winter Sports Club Claar, Charlene L.: Nursing Clark, Carol J.: Nursing, Chi Omega. Brtgadears Clark. David T.: Finance Clark. Gerald A.: Finance, Phi Delta Theta, Varsity Crew Clark. Roberta J.: Speech and Hearing Therapy, Pi Lambda Theta Clausen. Gary P.: Mechanical Engineering, ASME Claussen. Janet S,: General Studies, Delta Gamma Clem. Carmen D.: Finance, Phi Eta Sigma Clewett, Anne K.: General Business Clothier. Kirk A.: Accounting, Phi Gamma Delta, Volleyball Cobb, Gregory G.: Sociology Coe. Thomas F. Electrical Engineering Cohen, John D.: Physics. Phi Eta Sigma, UW Yacht Club, Israeli Folk Dancing Cohen, Richard B,: Real Estate, Zeta Beta Tau Cohen, Robert J.: Political Science, Sigma Alpha Mu Cohrs, Gordon W.: Physics Cole. Vicki G,: Nursing, Sigma Theta Tau, Alpha Tau Delta Colley, Douglas J.: Political Science, Navy ROTC, Scabbard and Blade, Phi Kappa Sigma, Compass and Chart Collins, Astrid A.; History, Phi Sigma Sigma, Panhellenic, German House, Hillel Coltart, John F.: Electrical Engineering, Sigma Cht, IEEE, Pi Omicron Sigma Colton, Keith E.: Pharmacy Colvin, Gregory L.: Political Science. Arnold Air Society. Saiyuk Society Comstock, Ted M.: Sociology Condon, Charles R.: Oceanography Congleton, Helen A.: Spanish Conklin, Donald F.: General Business Conn, Kenneth G.: Dentistry. Xi Psi Phi, Big ■W Club Conrad. Dennis A,: Accounting, Beta Alpha Psi, Alpha Kappa Psi, Finance Club Cook. James L.: Radio-TV. Beta Theta Pi. SDX Cook. Nancy L.: Geography Cooper. Cheryl D,: Political Science, Alpha Phi Cooper. James A.: General Business, Theta Chi, Beta Gamma Sigma. Finance Club, Accounting Club, Young Republicans State Chairman CoppocK, Jane F.: Medical Technology, UW Yacht Club Corbett. Arthur C: Geography Corbin, Larry A.: Pharmacy Cordell. Sandra G.: Chemistry Cordell. James H.: Accounting Couch. William M.: Finance Counter, Steven I,: Marketing Counts, Cheryl M,: Psychology Courrier, John B.: Dentistry Cowan, Laurie: Art, Gamma Phi Beta Cowles. Ronald E.: Anthropology. Wesley Club President Coyle. John M.: Political Science Cramer. Cheryl M.: Nursing. Alpha Tau Delta, Sigma Tau Alpha Cramer. Philip B.: Aeronautics and Astronautics Cramsey. Donald L. Jr.: Electrical EnginHtTing, IEEE Crawford. Cheryl L.: General Business Crawford. John T,: Aeronautics and Astronautics, AIAA Crawford, Laurie A.: English Criswell, Sharon L,: English Crockett, Sharon L.: Sociology, Gamma Phi Bi-ta Croft, Alfred W. Jr.: Accounting. Adelphi, Accounting Club Crosby, Sandra J.: English, Mortar Board Christian Science Organization Crowley, David N,: Zoology, Sundodgers Crowther, Erreft W,: Mechanical Engineering, Tau Beta Pi, ASME Cullor, Susan J.: Spanish. Delta Zeta, Alpha Lambda Delta Culpepper, Gary C: Political Science, Psi Upsilon Curtin, John J. II: Civil Engineering, ASCE, ROTC Curtis, Mareth S.: Art, Kappa Alpha Theta Cushman, Jeffrey A.: Mathematics Dale. Joey C: Accounting, Beta Alpha Psi Dalley. Janet L,: History, Gamma Sigma, People-toPeople, STAY, Calvin Club, Brother-Sister Program President Dam, Larry W.: Economics, Delta Upsilon, Purple Shield, Sundodgers, Omega Epsilon Delta, Program Panel Damm, Nancy V.: Sociology Danell, John P.: Aeronautics and Astronautics, lAAA Daniels, Alfred R.: Marketing, Sigma Phi Epsilon, Alpha Kappa Psi Danner, Linda C: Advertising. Alpha Phi. Totem Club, DAILY Business Manager, Theta Sigma Phi, W-Key Club Darby, Margaret 0,: English, Sigma Kappa Davidson, James D.: Civil Engineering Davidson, Timothy B.: Political Science, Phi Gamma Delta, Varsity Golf Davis, Patricia A.: History Davis. Peggy K.: Nursing Davis, Scott A.: Mathematics Dawson, James H.: Psychology, Delta Chi Day, Roger W.: Marketing Daye, E. Carolynn: English, YWCA Cabinet, Afro-American Society, African Students Union Dean, Larry J.: English DeGross, Gerrie E.: Civil Engineering Dehn, William T.: Civil Engineering, Phi Gamma Delta. Tau Beta Pi, Phi Eta Sigma Deitrick, George H.: Chemistry DeLateur, Margaret: Physical Education Demikis, Donald V.: Mathematics, AAS Doming, Gerald E.: RadioTV Dempsey, Thomas C: Transportation, Phi Kappa Sigma, Arnold Air Society De Muynck. Donna M.; Dental Hygiene, Alpha Omicron Pi, Junior Honor Woman, Mortar Board Dennis, Kathleen J.: English Dent, H. Joy: Botany, Orchesis. Husky Majorette Denton, Julie A.: Advertising Derby, G. Steve: Marketing, Alpha Kappa Psi, Army ROTC, Washington Promotions Manager Derickson. Dennis L.: Urban Planning, Lambda Chi Alpha Desler, Jacqueline E.: Home Economics, Kappa Delta Despot, Kenneth H.: Chemical Engineering, Phi Sigma Kappa, AlChE Devine, Patricia I.: Graphic Design, Kappa Alpha Theta Oewar, Douglas M.: Mathematics. Delta Chi Dhoore, James R.: Marketing, Business Statistics and Operations Research Dhoore, Thomas P.: Preventive Medicine Dick, Jo Anne: Geography, Husky Marching Band, Concert Band Dier, Sylvia A.: Sociology Dierich, Laurie E.: Geography DiJulio, Florence M.: Sociology Dining. Carol A.: Speech and Hearing Therapy, AWS, Husky Honeys, Rally Girls Dillow, John D.: Civil Engineering. Sigma Alpha Epsilon, ASCE, Tau Beta Pi Dobrick, James C: Accounting, Delta Chi, Alpha Kappa Psi. Beta Alpha Psi, Purple Shield, Pi Omicron Sigma, UW Yacht Club, IFC Representative Dodds, Diane C: Dental Hygiene, Chi Omega, Junior Dental Hygiene Association Dokken, Gerald W.: Architecture Dollarhide, Virginia M,: English Donahue, Patrick E.: Finance, Finance Club Doughty, Jane A.: Journalism, DAII Y Staff Douthitt, John D.: History Draeger, Thomas R.: Civil Engineering. ASCE, Theta Tau. UW Yacht Club Drake, Kathleen A.: Spanish, University Singers Dramer, Kathleen M.; Nursing Dray, Martha L.: Drama, Kappa Delta Droettboom. Theodore: Sociology. Alpha Kappa Delta, Seattle Jazz Society Drury. Kathleen: English. Alpha Delta Pi Ou Emily L,: Microbiology Dubas. Marilyn K.: Mathematics Duckham, Susan M.: German, Gf rman House, Theater One, YMCA Tutor Program Duff, Raymond L.: Fisheries Dugger, Carl R,: Political Science, Young Democrats, Model Congress, Model UN, Mock Political Convention Duncan. Bruce W.: Civil Engineering Ouringer, Jacques W.: Aeronautics and Astronautics, Phi Kappa Sigma Dwoskin, Lois A.: Spanish Dyal. Michael H.: Political Science Dyer. Lorna V.: Biology, Mortar Board D Oahlgard, Jo Anne: Sociology Dahlie. AnnaLee: Speech Dahlin, Ann L.: General Studies, Kappa Kappa Gamma DaIKe, Gary A.: Economics, Chi Psi, Phi Eta Sigma, Scabbard and Blade, Omicron Delta Epsilon Eads, Arthur R.: Political Science, Delta Chi, Navy ROTC Easterwood, Cheryl: Political Science Ebinger, John C: Zoology, Alpha Delia Phi, Alpha Epsilon Delta Eby, Patricia J,: Political Science, Pi Beta Phi, Mortar Board, Little Sisters of Minerva Ecker, Richard M.: Oceanography, Alpha Delta Phi Ecklund, Victor T,: Forestry Recreation, Scabbard and Blade Edmiston. Carol: Pharmacy. Lambda Kappa Sigma President Edwards. Marietta G.: Norwegian. Alpha Lambda Delta Edwards. Susan: Accounting, Kappa Alpha Theta Edwards. William A.: Pharmacy Egan. John A.: Finance, Phi Delta Theta, Young Republicans, AMS Sports Special Eicher, John G.: Finance. Phi Gamma Delta, Big " W " Club, Varsity Baseball Eisenbeisz. Robert: Aeronautics and Astronautics, AIAA Vice Chairman Ekberg, Charles R.: Political Science, Phi Gamma Delta, Purple Shield, Pi Omicron Sigma, IFC Judiciary Committee Elledge. Fern E.: Speech Education, CEC Elliott, Donald E.: History, English, Adelphi Eloranta, Linda G.: Marketing, Chi Omega, Brigadears President, Homecoming Princess Elverum, Kenneth C: History. Scabbard and Blade, Arnold Air Society, Rugby Club Ely, Jana M.: Far East, Geography, Pi Beta Phi Emerson. Frederick A.: Chemical Engineering, Theta Tau, Arnold Air Society, Chri St ianScienceOrganization Empey. Susan L.: Sociology Enbody, Joseph P.: Political Science Enfield, Carol G.: History Eng, Jean S.: Business Education Eng, Perry: Far East Engel, Steven R.: Accounting, Delta Tau Delta, Husky Winter Sports Club, Sundodgers Engerman, Robert C: Electrical Engineering English, Vicki L.: Nursing English, Vicki L.: Pharmacy. Lambda Kappa Sigma Enright, Michael L.: Advertising, Alpha Delta Sigma Erickson, Bradley P.: Civil Engineering. ASCE, Tau Beta Pi Erickson, Leigh H.: Music, Phi Mu Alpha, Air Force ROTC, Arnold Air Society, MENC, University Chorale Erickson, Marcia A.: Philosophy Erickson, Stanley E.: Electrical Engineering, Beta Theta Pi, JIFC Vice President, AMS Sports Banquet Chairman Erickson, Susan L.: Home Economics, Omicron Nu Ericsen, Emily A.: Spanish Ernst, Raymond E.: Architecture Erskine, Bonnie J.: Sociology Erwin, Janice M.: Occupational Therapy. Kappa Delta. Occupational Therapy Club, Newman Club Eslick. Sharon H.: English Esslinger. Richard A.: Electrical Engineering Evers, Lois A.: Radio-TV. TYEE Yearbook Staff Fackler, Elaine J.: History Eager. Patricia A.: Home Economics, Alpha Xi Delta Fagnant. Pamela J.: Sociology, Alpha Kappa Delta Fagot, Don M.; Fisheries Fairbairn, Robert G.: Transportation Fairleigh, Sonia S.: Sociology, Husky Winter Sports Club, People-to-People Falk, Ruth I.: Nursing Fallsen, Harold B.: Civil Engineering Fammestad, Reidun: Home Economics, Husky Honeys Farmer, Larry C.: Psychology. Army ROTC Farnsworth, Bruce: Economics, Omicron Delta Epsilon, ASUW President ' s Administrative Assistant Farnum, Keith A.: Mechanical Engineering Farr, Sheldon G.: Economics. Omicron Delta Epsilon Farrington, Sue A.: Pharmacy. Husky Winter Sports Club Fast. Scott 0.: Political Science, University Christian Union Feder, Barry A.: Zoology. Zeta Beta Tau Feek, Ann C: English Fenske, Julie A,: Economics Ferguson, Howard C: General Business. Fin.ince Club Ferguson, Ronald W.: History. Husky Fellowship Ferrera, R. David: Chemistry, Zeta Beta Tau, Purple Shield, Sundodgers, Alpha Epsilon Delta Ferris, Alan D.: Sociology Field, Susan M.: Far East. Sigma Kappa Fielder. David R.: Chemistry, Husky Winter Sports Club. AChS Fields, Henry E.: Mathematics Finch Penny R.: English, Mortar Board, Alpha Lambda DeRa, Model Congress Findlay. J. Duncan: Oceanography. Delta Tau Delta, Husky Winter Sports Club Finholm, John E.: Marketing. Sigma Alpha Epsilon Finney. Susan M.: Political Science. Alpha Omicron Pi Finnigan. Frances A.: Far East. Delta Delta Delta Fiorella. Margaret A.: Nursing Fisher, Nancy A.: Sociology, General Studies, Sigma Tau Alpha Fitting. Robert R.: English, Delta Chi Fitzgerald. Kathleen: English, Pi Kappa Delta, Debate Flagel. Edwin E.: Mathematics Flanders, Margaret: Art. Kappa Alpha Theta Flarys, Thereza C: English. Chi Omega Fleming. Janice I.: Nursing Fleming, Larry I.; Marketing, Beta Theta Pi, Varsity Football, Homecoming Chairman, Intramural Sports Fliger, Nanette K.: Health Education. Alpha Chi Omega, Young Republicans Floberg, Jill A,: Physical Therapy, Husky Winter Sports Club, Gamma Sigma, Physical Therapy Club Flores, Larry R.: Far East Fluharfy, David L.: Political Science, Climbing Club, Swedish Club President, Conservation Education and Action Club Flynn. Bruce P.: Political Science, Sigma Nu Fogde, Patricia E.: Mathematics, Campus Crusade for Christ Forbes, Clayton R.: Finance, Alpha Sigma Phi Ford, Richard Q.: Accounting. Psi Upsilon, Sundodgers, Varsity Volleyball Ford, Yvonne L.: English Literature, Alpha Delta Pi Forschler. Kerry G.: Electrical Engineering Forsgren, Marilyn A.: Home Economics, Omicron Nu Foucault, Allan L.: Sociology Foutch, Melody D.: Political Science, Young Democrats, Swedish Club, CHECC Fowler, Bruce A.; Fisheries Fox, Terry J.: Economics. Husky Winter Sports Club, Sundodgers Frafjord, David L.: Aeronautics and Astronautics Fraker. Carolyn R.: English. Angel Flight Francis, James L.: Aeronautics and Astronautics, Delta Tau Delta, Sundodgers Francisco, Russ K.: Psychology. Lambda Chi Alpha Frank, Ralph: Geography Franz, Ronald A.: General Business. STAY Frederick. Ronald J.: Political Science. Navy ROTC Frederick, Robert L.: Finance. Alpha Kappa Psi Freehurn. Larry A.: Political Science Freemanson Nahnie: Spanish, Spanish Club Friendly, Samuel J.: Urban Planning, Husky Swim Club Historian, Hillel Foundation, Atelier Frost, James H.: Marketing, Delta Tau Delta Frost, John G.: Zoology Frost. Sheryl L.: Art Fuji, Mariorie H.: Mathematics, Phi Mu Epsilon. Hui Hawaii Fujita. Paula R.: History Fulton, Jefferson H.: Marketing. Alpha Delta Phi, Big " W Club, Varsity Track, Field and Cross Country Fundine. William F.: Operations Management Funk. Gwendolyn L.: Nursing. Sigma Kappa, Alpha Tau Delta Funkhouser, Connie J.: Nursing Furman, Randolph L.: History I G Gabel, Elizabeth A.: Journalism. Theta Sigma Phi Treasurer, TYEE Yearbook Culture and Activities Editor Gage, Michael L.: Zoology, Sigma Nu Galbraith, Marilyn J.: Far East. Alpha Phi Gall, Marilyn J.: Art Gall. Robert S.: Educational Psychology Gallagher. Kathleen A.: Art. Sigma Kappa Gallaher. Edward J.: Zoology Gallup. Laurie A.: Home Economics. Kappa Kappa Gamma. Husky Winter Sports Club Secretary Gapen, Leone M.: Sociology, Social Welfare Club. STAY. Seattle Jazz Society. Neighborhood House Gardner, Harry N.: Electrical Engineering. IEEE. Husky Winter Sports Club Gardnerj Kirk D.: Dentistry Garr. Allison M.: Physical Therapy. Physical Therapy Club President Garske. Susan M.: Nursing. Delta Gamma Gazarek. Charles C: History, Fencing Club President, Young Republicans Gehrke, Carol E.: Drama, Zeta Phi Eta, Patterson House President, MOHC Representative Gelb, Robert: Zoology, Sigma Alpha Mu, Hillol Foundation President, UW Yacht Club Georges, Britton L.: Psychology, Lambda Chi Alpha, Alpha Epsilon Delta •300 Georges, Jeffrey L.: Psycfiology. L.imbda Chi Alpha Gibbs, Nancy P.: Chemistry, Delta Zeta. Husky Honeys, Totem Club. University Public Excercises Committee Gilligan, Patricia E.: Drama Gilliran. H. Chris: Social Welfare Gilson, Douglas E.: Political Science, Theta Chi Gimness, Katherine A.: Communication, Phi Mu Gjemso, Rick M.: Biology, Phi Epsilon Kappa, Varsity Track, Judo Club Giant, Gary N.: International Business, Zeta Beta Tau, Alpha Kappa Psi, Pan Xenia Gteason, Douglas H.: Mechanical EnKineenng. Tau Beta Pi Glen, Robert A.: History. Phi Eta Sigma. Phi Alpha Theta, Marching Band Glude. Terry L.: Electrical Engineering. IEEE. Husky Winter Sports Club Gnos. Perry J.: Finance Godfrey, Marywave: Sociology Goldberg, Larry D,: Finance, Zeta Beta T,ui. Intramurals Advisory Committee Goltz, Kay C: Dental Hygiene Gonzales, Elma Y.: Spanish Good. Gregory G.: Marketing. Political Union Goodspeed. John A.: Marketing Goold. Susan E.t English Literature. Kappa Alpha Theta Gordon. Thomas W.: Real Estate. Phi Kappa Tau. Marketing Club, Finance Club Goudge. Carole C: Political Science. Delta Gamma Gould, Martha J,: Pharmacy, Lambda Kappa Sigma Grabovoi, Daphne: English Literature, Breakfast Club Grace. Elizabeth A.: German Graeff, Frederick E.: Mechanical Engineering Graham, Barbara A.: Art. Kappa Alpha Theta Graham. Cheryl A.: History. Phi Alpha Thela. Pi Lambda Theta Graham, Geffrey A.: Medicine Gray, Oaryljean M.: Nursing. Alpha Tau Delta Gray, Gale T.: Mechanical Engineering. ASME, Society of Automotive Engineers. Husky Winter Sports Club Gray. Lewis H.: English. Delta Chi. Phi Mu Alpha. Sinfonia Gray. Stephen W.: English Gray. William E.: Dentistry. Delta Chi Green, Carol L.: Pharmacy, Lambda Kappa Sigma Green, Lewis E.: Physical Education. Lambda Chi Alpha. Phi Epsilon Kappa. Husky Swim Club Greenberg. Beverly C: Sociology Greenberg. Harvey: Finance Greene. Claude A.: Physical Education. Kappa Alpha Psi. Phi Epsilon Kappa Greer, Stephen W.: Risk and Insurance, Alpha Sigma Phi. Husky Winter Sports Club Gregoire. Michael J.: History. Theta Chi Griffing. Lee R.: Finance, Beta Theta Pi, Husky Winter Sports Club. Finance Club Griffiths, Jeffrey: Aeronautics and Astronautics. Chi Psi. Pi Omicron Sigma. AIAA Gudgel, Kim P.: General Business. Lambda Chi Alpha. Husky Swim Club. Finance Club. Sundodgers. Young Republicans Gunderson. Darryi: Mechanical Engineering, Phi Sigma Kappa. ASME Gunderson. Laurel: General Business Gunderson. Nancy D.: History. Alpha Omicron Pi Gustafson. Jayme L.: Nursing. Alpha Chi Omega. Sigma Tau Alpha. Junior Honor woman Gustavel, Terry L.: Dentistry. Phi Gamma Delta. Big ' W " Club Guthrie. Mary L.: General Studies Guyman. Douglas E.: Electrical Engineering. Lambda Chi Alpha. IEEE. Engineering Student Council. Young Republicans. Board of Control Gwynn, Betty J.: Pharmacy. Lambda Kappa Sigma. APhA Gygax, Felix S.: Economics, Navy ROTC H Hadley. James E.: Economics. Alpha Sigma Phi. Omicron Delta Epsilon. Purple Shield. Publications Board. Pi Omicron Sigma Hadley. John D.: Oceanography. Navy ROTC. Alpha Phi Omega Hagen. Linda Y.: Business Education Hagen. Margaret A.: Psychology Hager. Gary A.: History Haggerty. Daniel L.: Civil I Hagist. Susan J.; English. Delta Delta Delta Haglund. John A.: Mechanical Engineering. Theta Chi I Engineering Hahn. Karen L.: Nursing. ANS Hahn. Vicki S.: Psychology Hale. Judith B.: Speech Education. Zft.i Phi Ela Hale. Marlund E.: Mechanical Enjiineering. Alpha Phi Omega. Phi Kappa Sigma Hall. Wayne A.: Business Administration Halpern, Marvin J.: Economics, Sigma Alpha Mu. Alpha Kappa Psi, Phi Eta Sigma, Omicron Delta Epsilon Halvorsen, Sharon E,: History Hamada, Kenneth: Dentistry Hammond, Charles E.: History, Dflla Tau Delta Hammond, Charles W.: French, Sigma Chi, Husky Winter Sports Club. UW Yacht Club Hammond, Larry A.: Nursing Han. Jan J.: Architecture. FIUTS, People-to People. Hweh Sheh Hand. John D.: Chemical Engineering. Alpha Delta Phi. AlChE Hanlon. Douglas W.: Civil Engineering. Theta Delta Chi Hansen, Grant E.: Political Science. Lambda Chi Alpha. Sundodgers Hansen. Roger W.: Dentistry Hanson, Merrisue: Economics, Alpha Delta Pi Hanson Roald C: Mathematics, Beta Theta Pi Hargiss, Phillip M.: Electrical Engineering Harman, Thomas C: Architecture, Zeta Psi, Varsity Track. Young Republicans. Building Technology and Administration Club Harmer, Corliss J.: English. Arts and Science Honors Program Harris, David J.: Sculpture Harris, Kristin B.: Zoology, Sigma Kappa, Alpha Epsilon Delta, W-Key Club Harris, Mariella: Nursing, Sigma Theta Tau Harris, Wayne D.: Electrical Engineering, UW Marching Band Harrison. Peter R.: Forestry Engineering. Intramural Sports Hart, Jack R,: Journalism, Beta Theta Pi. Purple Shield. Pi Omicron Sigma. Activities on Parade Chairman. ASUW Elections Committee. Parents Weekend Publicity Committee. Faculty Athletic Administration Committee Hart. Richard F.: Mathematics Harvey Margaret L.: Sociology. Alpha Chi Omega, Bngadears Harvey. Norene R.: Nursing. SWANS. Alpha Tau Delta Harvick. Melvyn J.: Zoology Haskell. Frances A.: Medical Technology Haslet. Jean M.: Sociology. Alpha Gamma Delta President. Brigadears Hatcher, Janet A,: Pharmacy, Lambda Kappa Sigma Hauck, Carol A.: Advertising. Komonia Center Hayen. David E.: Finance Hayen. Donald E.: Economics. Sigma Nu Hayes. Phil B.: Dentistry Haynes. Christine: Sociology. Pi Beta Phi Hazen. Marilynn A.: English Heaton, Leslie L,: Dental Hygiene, Kappa Sigma Stardust Queen Hebron, Ronald L.: Mathematics, Pi Mu Epsilon, YMCA Cabinet, Climbing Club Hedelund, Karen C: Anthropology. Husky Winter Sports Club. UW Yacht Club. Chess Club Secretary. Canterbury Club Hedin. William N.: Civil Engineering. ASCE, Tau Beta Pi Heffner. Nannette J.: Art Heimbigner, Joan F.: German. Delta Delta Delta. Mortar Board President. Totem Club Vice President. Delta Phi Alpha. Sigma Tau Alpha. Mock Political Convention Heinl. David L.: General Business. Sigma Phi Epsilon. Marketing Club, Finance Club Heise, Monika: German Heleker, Charles E,: Accounting, Alpha Kappa Psi Helman, William T.: Accounting. Beta I neta Pi Helmers, Merrilee K.: Mathematics, Pi Mu Epsilon. Gamma Sigma Henderson, Barbara J.: Home Economics Hendricks, William: Swedish, Swedish Club Secretary Hendrickson, Paul L.: Chemical Engineering, Phi Gamma Delta, Tau Beta Pi, Purple Shield, Pi Omicron Sigma, AlChE Hcnnig. Rodney W.: International Business, Alpha Tau Omega Secretary, Husky Winter Sports Club, Political Union Publicity Director, ASUW Judiciary Committee. Film Committee Henry, Diana F.: Recreation Education, Kappa Alpha Theta, Silvertish Henshaw. Daniel J.: Architecture. Sigma Nu Hera. Kathryn A.: Medical Technology Hermann. James D.: Marketing. Beta Theta P. Hernon. Barbara A,; History Heroux. Jeannene L.: Art Herschkowitz. Robert L.: Mechanical Engineermg Heyse. Kathryn A.: Nursing Hibbard. Nancy J.: Nursing. Wesley Foundation. People-to-People. Campus Christian Ministry Hickcox Raymond L.: Dentistry Hicks, M. Ann: History. Kappa Delta Hicks, Warren D.: Nuclear Engineering, Husky Winter Sports Club, Climbing Club. Tau Beta Pi, IEEE, ANSAA Hiddleston, Patricia A,: Sociology, Gamma Phi Beta Hill, Harlan F,: Pharmacy, Kappa Psi, APhA Hill, Karin A,: Sociology, Gamma Phi Beta Hill, Michel L,: Physical Therapy, Physical Therapy Club Hille, Douglas E,: Dentistry Hillman, iCfary E,: Nursing Hintz, Luther M,: Architecture, Lambda Chi Alpha Hitchcock, Cathy L,: Drama, Alpha Gamma Delta, Corvettes Hoesly, Richard A.: General Business, Delta Tau Delta HofI, Robert A.: Zoology, Theta Chi Hoffman, William G.: Civil Engineering, UW Yacht Club, Husky Winter Sports Club Hofmann, Arnold R.: Finance. Finance Club Hohl, Mary E.: Spanish, Sigma Kappa Hoida, Hiroshi W,: Physics, Mathematics Holman, Ann: English, Delta Delta Delta Holmes, John S.: Metallurgical Engineering, Psi Upsilon, Purple Shield, Oval Club, Pi Omicron Sigma. Sundodgers. IFC. Western Region IFC Vice President. Frosh Football Holmes. Karlene R.: Art Honsowetz. E. Christina: Nursing Hooper. Stephen F.: History Horike, Janis T.: Psychology Horn. Cheryl A.: Sociology Horton. John M.: Philosophy. Husky Winter Sports Club. People-to-People, STAY Houk. Terry A.: English Houle. Sharon A.: Nursing Howard. Gwendolyn: History Howd. Sherry R.: English Hruza. Franklyn L.: Urban Planning Hubert. Patricia L.: History Hudgins. Gayle A.: Pharmacy. Lambda Kappa Sigma. APhA. Sigma Tau Alpha Hudson. James F.: Geography. Theta Chi Hudson. Ronald J.: Mathematics, Varsity Football. Varsity Baseball, Big -W Club Hull, Mary D,: Spanish, UW Yacht Club, Husky Winter Sports Club, Israeli Dancing Hull, Richard A.: Microbiology, Air Force ROTC Hunt, Robert E.: Geology, Oceanography. Acacia, Husky Winter Sports Club, UW Sailing Club Hunter, Rebecca L.: Nursing, Alpha Tau Delta Huntington, Judith A.: Nursing, ANS, SWANS, Young Republicans Hura, Kathryn A,: Medical Technology Huson, Diane L.: Accounting, Beta Alpha Psi, Husky Honeys Hutchins, Stephen W,: History Hyde, Helen F,: Mathematics lacolucci. Frank L,: Mechanical Engineering, AMSE Iheme. Ishmael U,: Business Administration, Alpha Kappa Psi, Finance Club, Soccer Club Imrie, Craig M.: Real Estate, Delia Upsilon. IFC, Track Inglis, Judith A,; Sociology Inokoji, Amy S,: English Inouye, Barbara J.: Marketing Irby, Harvey, H,: Mechanical Engineering, Society of Automotive Engineers, ASME, Flying Club Ireland, Clifford W,: Building Technology and Administration Irvine, Mary t.: Home Economics Irwin, Kathleen Y,: Nursing, Phratercs. ANS, Gamma Delta Ishihara James: Mechanical Engineering Israel. Allen D.: Mechanical Engineering. Zeta Beta Tau. Phi Eta Sigma. Purple Shield. Sundodgers. ASME Itzen, Bernard I,: Forest Management, Forestry Club Iverson, Dean B,: Speech, Psi Upsilon Iwanaka, Bert I.: Electrical Engineering, IEEE. Hui O Hawaii Iwasyk. Rita M.: Russian Jaffe, Robert S.: Political Science. Sigma Alpha Mu President, Pi Omicron Sigma, Sundodgers, Purple Shield, Board ot Control Memljer. IFC Executive Vice President James, Patricia A,: History James, Wavnne 8,: English Jameson, William J.: Marketing Jamison, Amos E.: Mechanical Engineering Jamison, Jerald W.: International Business, Sigma Alpha Epsilon Jarman, Max G,: Forestry Jeffrey, Jo M,: Speech Education, Kappa Alpha Theta, Husky Winter Sports Club Jenkins, Charles M,: Social Relations Jensen, Walter F.: Mechanical Engineering Jerry. Barbara H.: Biology Jewitt, V. Nicholas: English, Adelphi, Foreign Students John, Ronald R.: Psychology, Psychology Club Johnsen, Susan: Speech Education, Kappa Alpha Theta Johnson, Barrett R.: Pharmacy, APhA Johnson, David C: Geography Johnson, Gayle L.: Speech Education, Delta Delta Delta Johnson, J, Anita: Psychology Johnson, John E,: Zoology, Psychology, Chi Psi Johnson, Martin S,: Physical Education, Phi Epsilon Kappa Johnson, Patricia A,: Home Economics, Omicron Nu Johnson, Rita K.; Nursing Johnson. Robin M.: English. Alpha Omicron Pi Johnson. Rodney 0.: Marketing. Varsity Boat Club Johnson, Steve R.: Accounting, Delta Chi, Homecoming Halftime Co-Chairman Johnson, Steven C: Economics. Phi Delta Theta, Varsity Tennis, Big -W Club Johnson. Susan K,: Far East, Political Science. Students for Reagan. Young Republicans. New Conservatives. Honor Woman Johnson, Susan L,: History. Alpha Chi Omega Johnson. William P.: Sociology. Psi Upsilon, Navy ROTC. Volleyball Team Johnston Donna L.: Mathematics Jolly. William R.: Pharmacy. Kappa Psi. APhA Jones. Elizabeth F.: Journalism. Theta Sigma Pi. Chi Alpha. DAILY Staff Jones, Janice L.: English. Delta Delta Delta Jones. Jeremy A.: Architecture Jones. Karen L.: Marketing Jones. Kirk T.: Civil Engineering. ASCE Jones. Mary J.; Nursing. Sigma Tau Alpha Jones. Millard C: Electrical Engineering. IEEE Jones. Nelson L.: Dentistry Jones. Roger D.: Aeronautics and Astronautics. AIAA Jones, Teresa G.: Health Education. Omicron Nu Jones. Thomas P.: Pharmacy. Kappa Psi. Alpha Phi Alpha Jordan. Robert M.: Mathematics Josephson. Robert A.: Civil Engineering. Lambda Chi Alpha Joss, Richard R.: Mathematics, Psi Upsilon Josue, Daniel P.: Accounting. Young Democrats. Arnold Air Society. Air Force ROTC Joyce, Terry A.: Civil Engineering Juel. Randolph W.: Chemistry. Track Juntwait, Steven A.: Marketing, Theta Chi. Marketing Club J K Jacobs, James J.: General Business Jacobs, Roger A.: History. Navy ROTC. Scabbard and Blade Jacob sen. Bjarne: Civil Engineering Jacobsen. James H.: Economics. Sigma Nu, Dclt.i Gamma, Army ROTC Jacobsen, LaVonne: Anthropology Jacobson. Jan A.: Psychology Jacobson. Katherine A.: Sociology Jacobson. Nancy L.: Nursing. Kappa Kappa Gamma. Alpha Tau Delta Jacobson. Stephen 0.: Chemistry. AChS Jafary. Abdulrahman A.: Geology Kabasa. Patricia M.: Zoology Kager. Kay V.: English Kao. Fu-Mei: Wood Chemistry Karlsnes. Andy: Civil Engineering Katz. Stephen B.: Political Science. Sigma Alpha Mu. Young Democrats Kawai. Albert S.: Far East Kawakami. Myron E.: Dentistry. Alpha EpMlon Delta. Xi Psi Phi Kawasaki. Roy T.: Civil Engineering Kaye. Larry: Marketing. Beta Tau Alpha Keating. Robert D.: General Business. Sigma Alpha Epsilon Keck. Peter C: Physics Keeler. L. Steve: English. Alpha Delta Phi Keeler, Sandra L.: English Kehl, Richard 0.: Advertising. Phi Delta Theta. Purple Shield. Navy ROTC. Scabbard and Blade KeisKi. Stephen S.: Aeronautics and Astronautics. AIAA Keith. William D.: Pharmacy, Kappa Psi Keller. George B.: Dentistry Keller. James H.: Aeronautics and Astronautics Keller, Karen J.: Nursing. Sigma Theta Tau. Alpha Tau Delta Kelley, Lois M.: Forestry Sciences. People-to-People. Forest Club. Alpha Lambda Delta. Xi Sigma Pi 501 Kelley. Marie L.: Home Economics. Kappa Delta Kelly, J. Brian: Accounting, Transportation, Zeta Psi Kellv. James M.: History, Sigma Alpha Epsilon. Oval Club. Pi Omicron Sigma. IFC President Kelly, Michael T.: General Busmess Kelly, Peter C: Political Science. Sundodgers Kelly, Terrance A.: Political Science. Mock Political Convention Steering Committee Ctiairman. Puget Sound Political Union Executive Secretary. ASUW Political Union Vice President Kelly, Walter L.: Electrical Engineering. IEEE Officer Kemmerer, John P.: Economics. Pi Omega Pi. Phi Sigma Pi Kennedy, Craig B.: Sociology, Couriers Kennedy, Jane E,: History Kennedy, Kathleen E.: Nursing Kenway, Virginia E.: Political Science Keppler, John K.: Economics Kero. Diane L.: Far East. Pi Beta Phi Kero, Ronald W,: Economics Kerr, Constance M,: Zoology Kettenring. Robin K.: Mathematics, Alpha Phi, Mortar Board, Totem Club, W-Key. Corvettes. AWS First Vice President. Model Congress. ASUW Leadership Conference. Elections Sub-Committee. Campus Women ' s Council Kidder, William S.: Dentistry Kiehl, Vickie L.: Home Economics Kiehn, Arthur J.: Chemistry Kilbride, Howard W.: Zoology, Zeta Psi Kim, HyunKil: Far East, D l tV Reporter Kim, Hyung-Mo: Civil Engineering King, Cindy L.: Drama, Gamma Phi Beta. Arena. Husky Honeys, Miss Mistletoe. Sundodgers Secretary, Frosh Songleader King, Edward W,: Civil Engineering Kingman, Gary D.: Advertising, Phi Kappa Sigma, Alpha Delta Sigma Kinnaman, Philip V,: Oceanography, Alpha Delta Phi Kirk Gordon D,: Electrical Engineering Kirknam, Timothy W,: Mechanical Engineering, Tau Beta Pi Kirkpatrick, Gordon S.: Mechanical Engineering Kirkpatrick, Richard A.: Chemistry, Purple Shield, Oval Club. Alpha Epsilon Delta. Phi Eta Sigma. Saijuk Society. ASUW President. Publications Board. Calvin Club. College Life Kirkpatrick, Walter: General Business, Delta Chi Kirschner, Bruce W,: Operations Management, Delta Tau Delta, Husky Winter Sports Club, Frosh Crew, Reserved Seating Chairman Kirschner, Mitchel I.: General Business, Zeta Beta Tau Kitchin, William V.: History, Sigma Phi Epsilon Vice President, Young Republicans Kiyohara, Dennis E,: Chemistry, English, AlChE Kjellberg, Barbara E.: Recreation Education Kjerule, Terrell D.: Medicine, Research Society Klan, Douglas M,: Accounting, Scabbard and Blade, Beta Alpha Psi Klock, Karen L,: Dental Hygiene, Gamma Phi Beta Knaack, Rudolph H.: Zoology, Sigma Phi Epsilon Knaggs Dorothea E.: Nursing Knain, Larry E.: Electrical Engineering Knapp, LeRoy T,: Dentistry Knobbs, Donald L.: Aeronautics and Astronautics. AIAA, Engineering Student Council Knorre, Janis A.: Nursing Kollack, Robert I,: Finance, Zeta Beta Tau Koopmans, David R,: Marketing, Psi Upsilon Koppel, Anne P.: General Studies. Corvettes Kores, Sandra L.: Nursing Koss, Mary K.: German, Delta Delta Delta, Totem Club, Husky Honeys, Delta Phi Alpha, Little Sisters of Minerva President Kouchi, Roger: Electrical Engineering, IEEE, Husky Winter Sports Club, UW Yacht Club, Tennis, Bowling Koura, Carole A,: Biology Koykka, Laurie E.: Forestry Kramer, Morley A,: General Studies Krasnow. Wladislaw G.: Russian Kratochvil Violet K,: Social Welfare Kreft, Edith K.: English Krett, Paulette A.: Nursing, Alpha Phi, Panhellenic officer Kret2, Donald A.: Electrical Engineering, IEEE, HWSE Krier, Patricia I.: Political Science, Alpha Lambda Delta, Husky Winter Sports Club, UW Yacht Club Kristek, Joseph A,: Accounting Kroll, Kathryn A,: Nursing Krows, Karen J.: Microbiology. Chi Omega, Alpha Epsilon Delta, Sigma Tau Alpha Krueger, Loretta: Nursing Krupski. Kenneth: Urban Planning, Sigma Alpha Epsilon Kuboth, H, Eric: General Business Kutt, Darlene A.: Dental Hygiene, Pi Seta Phi, Junior Honor Woman, Dental Hygiene Senior Class President 502 L LaBelle, Kathryn M,: Business Education Lackland, Nancy L.: Pharmacy, Lambda Kappa Sigma Lacky, Donald E.: Chemistry, Theta XI, Young Republicans Lagreid, Kathryn A.: Journalism, Theta Sigma Phi Lagsdin, Susan J,: Drama Lahore, Henry: Electrical Engineering. IEEE Treasurer Laing, Richard L.: Civil Engineering Lambert, Richard G,: Zoology, Phi Eta Sigma, Alpha Epsilon Delta Lampe, Mary F.: Medical Technology, Kappa Delta Lander, Vicki L,: Advertising, Theta Sigma Phi Lane, Donald C: Marketing, Phi Kappa Sigma President, Marketing Club, Pan Xenia Lane, Sandra L.: Advertising Lanham, Carol L.: Sociology, Gamma Phi Beta. Husky Honeys, Totem Club Larsen, Rosanne M,; English, Arts and Science Honors Program, Calvin Club Larsen, Steven J.: Dentistry Larson, Ann M.: Medical Technology, Delta Chi Alpha. Alpha Epsilon Delta Larson, Carolee J.: Sociology. Alpha Phi Larson, Daniel L.: Aeronautics and Astronautics. Tau Beta Pi Larson, Diane M.: English Literature. Alpha Delta Pi. Young Republicans Larson, James R.: Accounting Larson, Judith A.: Accounting, Beta Alpha Psi Corresponding Secretary, UW Yacht Club Larson, Linda C: Zoology, Sigma Kappa, Alpha Epsilon Delta, Alpha Lambda Delta Lasby, Joseph 0.: Food Science, Delta Chi, Pi Omicron Sigma Laughlin, Deborah H.: Dental Hygiene, Dental Hygiene Class President Laughlin, Joy E.: Nursing, Alpha Chi Omega Lauzen, Elizabeth M.: Journalism, Alpha Xi Delta Vice President, Mortar Board, Totem Club, W-Key, Theta Sigma Phi, Junior Honor Woman. Husky Winter Sports Club. TYEE Yearbook Editor. Copy Editor Lawless, John W.: Industrial Education Lawrence, Cora J,: Education, Sigma Theta Tau Lawseth, Linda M.: Drama, People-to-People Leach, Michael A.: Dentistry Leady, Christopher C: Finance, Beta Theta Pi Leal, Lorna A.: English, Kappa Kappa Gamma Leatha Norman H,: General Business, Lambda Chi Alpha Lebo, William T.: Political Science, Sigma Nu, Sundodgers Lee.Candace W.: Far East, STAY. People-to-People Lee, Edward A.: General Business Lee, Elsie C: Pharmacy, Lambda Kappa Sigma. Alpha Phi Alpha Lee, Gar S,: General Business Lee, John-Huei: Forestry Resources Lee, Karen, P.: Dietetics, Kappa Delta, Husky Honeys. Home Economics Club Lee, Martha: English Literature, Kappa Alpha Theta Lee, Susan C: Mathematics, Westminister Foundation Leen, Brian D.: Transportation, Arnold Air Society. Scabbard and Blade Leetsch, Betty A.: Dental Hygiene, Junior American Dental Hygienist Association Leffingwell, Dorothy J,: Spanish Legg, Karen L.: English Legsdin, Anita; French, Alpha Lambda Delta, Phrateres Leier, GroM.: Dental Hygiene Leigh, Bruce K.: History Leigh, James T.: Mathematics, Arts and Science Honors Program Leimbacher, Jane: History, Pi Beta Phi, Mortar Board. Pi Alpha Theta. Alpha Lambda Delta Leishman, William F.: International Business, Marketing Club. Pan Xeni.i Leiand, Robert L,: General Business, Kappa Sigma Lemke, Susan K.: English Lemmon, Constance G.: Dental Hygiene Lemone, Margaret A,: Atmospheric Science Lentz, Donald P.: Aeronautics and Astronautics, AIAA Leonard, Arthur J.: Economics LePenske, Geraldine M,: Business Education. Kappa Alpha Theta Lesnick, Charles E.: Personnel and Industrial Relations. Delta Tau Delta Oval Club Lester, Roderick B,: Mechanical Enf ineerinK. Theta Chi. Pi Omicron Sigma Lewis, Cynthia A.: English, University Christian Union, Husky (Christian Fellowship. UW Yacht Club Lewis, Victoria J.: Home Economics. Delta Gamma Lewison, Donald L.: Building Technology and Administration. Beta Theta Pi. Pi Omicron Sigma Lim, Bee-Lum; Librarianship Lind, Jeanie M.: English Lindblom, Sharron L.: Home Economics Lindh, Cheryl K.: Art Lindiord, Norman M.: Marketing Linehan, John R.: General Business. Alpha Kappa Psi. Scabbard and Blade. Arnold Air Society. Marketing Club Lingafelter, Thomas E.: Chemical Engineering. Husky Swim Club. AtChE Lingle, Craig S.: Electrical Engineering, IEEE, Climbing Club Linke, Eugene A,: Real Estate Links, Donald E.: Aeronautics and Astronautics, Tau Beta Pi Linn, John C: Electrical Engineering, IEEE, Tau Beta Pi Treasurer Linse, LaDonna L.: Speech Therapy, Alpha Xi Delta Lippek, Henry E.: Political Science, Husky Winter Sports Club, ASUW Leadership Conference, Challenge for Progress Conference Lippik, Susan E.: Sociology, Husky Winter Sports Club, ASUW Leadership Conference Liranzo, Richard L.: History, Alpha Sigma Phi Lirhus, Albert G.: Finance, Phi Kappa Psi, Alpha Kappa Psi Lockwood, William A.: General Business, Pi Kappa Alpha, UW Yacht Club, Husky Winter Sports Club, Finance Club Loesch, James C: Aeronautics and Astronautics, Tau Beta Pi Lofgren, Loren R.: Electrical Engineering, Lambda Chi Alpha Long, Ann C: Spanish, Phrateres Long, George W,: Mathematics Longmeer, Gregg R,: Zoology, Alpha Delta Phi Lorentz, Sharon A. Phi Beta Lovell, Stephen B.: Japanese, Gamma -t.i, •j ti,, ,, u.. Civil Engineering, ASCE, Gymnastic Team, Husky Gym Club Lowell, Frederick M,: Fisheries. Fisheries Club Ludgate, Theodore A.: Mechanical Engineering. People-to-People. UW Yacht Club Luedecker, Jon R,: Forestry Engineering Lugar, Victoria: History, Delta Delta Delta, Brigadears Luke, Fredrick A.: Metallurgical Engineering, ASM. Track Lull, Frank C, III: Anthropology Lund, James I.: General Business Lundberg, Christina M.: Sociology, Spanish House Lundin, Stephen J,: General Studies, Phi Delta Theta Luther, Mary Jane: English, Kappa Alpha Theta Lybarger, Carol L.: Philosophy, Alpha Lambda Delta, Young Democrats, Arts and Science Honors Program Lynch, Pamela A.: General Studies, Pi Beta Phi M Macchione, Michael R,: Dentistry MacDonald, Carol A.: Landscape Architecture MacDuff, Marie B,: Sociology MacKay, Patricia L.: English. Calvin Club MacKenzie, Alan A.: Zoology. Rowing Club MacLean, Nola A,: Nursing, Alpha Tau " Delta MacLean, Sandra A.: English, Literature, Christian Science Organization, Homecoming Decorations Committee Maeda, Diane L,: Home Economics, Totem Club Maeda, Sharon R.: Art Education, Lambda Rho, Totem Club, National Art Education Association. Board of Control Member. Publications Board Chairman. WIC. RHC Magruder, Victor M.: Finance. Sigma Chi, Scabbard and Blade Mahoney, Robert J. Jr: Mechanical Engineering, Adelphi Maier, Barbara E.: Speech, Alpha Phi Maiers, William W.: Zoology, Pro Medicine, Alpha Epsilon Delta Maino, Barbara M.: Nursing Malchow, Dolores M.: Nursing Maley, John P.: Advertising, Kappa Sigma. Alpha Delta Sigma. DAILY Advertising Manager Mallory, William E,: English Malo, Michele M, Art, Alpha Omicron Pi, Rally Girls Malone, Thomas W,: History, Phi Kappa Psi, Purple Shield, Oval Plub. Program Panel Chairman Maloney, Janice L,: Marketing, Marketing Club, Scholarship Banquet Committee. Las Vegas Night Committee Maloof, James M.: Zoology. Phi Gamma Delta Malstrom, Robert H.: Psychology. Phi Mu Alph.i, Husky Marching Band Mammoscr, Laurence G,: Economics, Navy ROTC Mandak. Brian P.: Civil Engineering Manley, Ronald C: Mathematics, Peopleto-People, UW Yacht Club Mann, Marlin D.: Real Estate, Theta Delta Chi, Young Republicans Mann, Mary Bess: French, Alpha Omicron Pi Manning, Steven E.: Finance, Lambda Chi Alpha, Finance Club, Frosh Track Margeson, Douglas W.: Journalism, DAILY Staff Marin, Kathryn L.: Zoology, Alpha Chi Omega. Alpha Epsilon Delta Marinella, Michael F,: Economics, Theta Chi Marr, James E.: Chemistry Marshall, Douglas C: Economics, Lambda Chi Alpha Marston, Marvin F.: Dentistry Marth, Judith A.: Speech, Alpha Xi Delta. rv££ Yearbook Staff Martin, Donald H.: Geography, Phi Gamma Delta. Oval Club. Big •W " Club. Varsity Football Martin, Gary F.: Mathematics. Sigma Phi Epsilon. Phi Eta Sigma. Phi Mu Epsilon, AMS Vice President Martin, Glen K.: Psychology, Pi Kappa Alpha Martin, Janice E.: Preventive Medicine Martin, Robert E.: Dentistry Martinsen, Betty C: Physical Therapy, Physical Therapy Club Masin, Marilyn A.: English, Alpha Epsilon Phi Masters, George T.: Chemistry Masuda, Karen S,: Sociology Mate, Karol v.: Aeronautics and Astronautics Mathes, Sandra L,: Nursing Matheson, Joan A.: Speech and Hearing Therapy Mathews, Steven L,: Electrical Engineering, IEEE Mathis, Linda M.: Speech, Alpha Chi Omega, Husky Honeys Matlock, Bruce T,: Political Science, Sigma Nu, Purple Shield, Oval Club, Board of Control. Publications Board, MPC Steering Committee Matsui, Earl Y.: Zoology Matsuyama, W. Brian: Economics, Oval Club Vice President, Saiyuk Society, RHC, University Relations Committee. ASUW Finance and Budget Committee, Board of Control Member Matthiesen, Gail I.: Art History Mayeda, Gloria A.: Sociology. UW Yacht Club. Husky Winter Sports Club Mayer, Stanley 0.: Zoology. ZetaBetaTau Mayfield, Roger L,: Dentistry Mayhew, M, Timothy: Russian, STAY, Husky Marching Band McAllister, Patricia M.: Sociology, Delta Delta Delta President, Totem Club, Angel Flight Executive Officer McCabe, James M.: Advertising, Oval Club, Purple Shield, Big " W " Club, Varsity Football McCandlish, Gail R.: Home Economics, Home Economics Club. Gamma Sigma McCarthy, William T.: Journalism. DAILY Staff, KUOW Staff McCollom, V. Lynn: Nursing McCollum, Donald C: Chinese, Judo Club McCoy, Dianne E.: English, Junior Honor Woman McCoy, Linda K.: Home Economics, Phrateres President McCusker, Jean E.: Medical Technology McOade, Gary S.: Drama McDaniel, John W,: Sociology, Husky Winter Sports Club Ski Instructor, UW Yacht Club McDaniel, Susan J.: Home Economics, Alpha Chi Omega, Home Economics Club Secretary, Husky Honeys McDaniel, Terry P.: Marketing, Sundodgers, Finance Club McDaniels, Shareen R.: Sociology, Alpha Delta Pi. Husky Honeys, Calvin Club McDonough, Maureen: French, Gamma Phi Beta McEvoy, Patricia A,: Sociology, UW Yacht Club McFarlane, R. Bruce: Political Science, Lambda Chi Alpha McGee, John B.: Marketing McGee, Kelly W.: Mechanical Engineering Mcintosh, Bruce W,: Political Science McKay, Willeen N,: Art McKee, LeRoy G.: Mechanical Engineering McLaughlin, C. Edgar Jr.: Psychology, Delta Tau Delta, Sundodgers, Alpha Epsilon Delta McLaughlin, Marian M.: Social Relations. Pi Beta Phi McLeod, Chris T.: Ceramic Engineering. Alpha Xi Delta President. Society of Women Engineers President. Vice President. ACS Vice President. Secretary McLeod, Judith V.: Home Economics, Omicron Nu Treasurer, Home Economics Club McNamara, John P.: Political Science McNay, James E.: Political Science, History, Young Democrats Vice President McNees, Jackson L,: Electrical Engineering, IEEE, Tau Beta Pi McNurlin, Marilyn J.: Medical Technology, Alpha Xi Delta, Husky Winter Sports Club McWhorter, Helen E.: Spanish, Pi Mu Vice President, Pi Lambda Theta Secretary Meadows, John C: RadioTV. Phi Kappa Psi. Sundodgers. Purple Shield, Alpha Dflla Sigma. Yell Leader. Political Union Executive Board Meads, Larry M.: Sociology Mefford. Richard L.: Advertising, DAILY St.itf Gi ' lf Meislcr. Myrna B.: English Mellom. Gary G.: Mechanical Zn ■,:nt■ •rlnt Melvin, Barbara A.: Anthropology Mennella. Bruce E.: Accounting. Sigma Phi Epsiioii Alpha Kappa Psi Merrill, Gregory A.: Sociology Messer, Margaret L.: Home Economics. Peopk ' to People Metcalfe, Ralph W.: Mathematics Meulemans, Mary Ann: Medical Technology. Alpha Epsilon Delta. ASMT Meyer. Alan D.: Economics. Delta Chi Meyer. Kenneth T.: Dentistry Meyer. Melissa L.: History Meyers. Robert C: Accounting Michael. Barbara S.: Nursing Michelson. Paul F.: English Middlcton. Eileen T.: Nursing Middleton. Penelope A.: History Miller. Donald L.: Forest Engineering, Tail Phi Delta Miller, Elizabeth J.: French, Alpha Lambda Delta. STAY Miller. Emily H.: English Miller. Jack 8.: Electrical Engineering Miller. John K.: Zoology Miller, Madelyn L.: History. Chi Omega. Alpha Lambda Delta. Totem Club. Husky Honeys. Mortar Board. Phi Alpha Theta. Little Sigmas. AWS President Miller, Shirley A.: Anthropology. Davidson Anthropological Society. AAS Mills, Arlene E.: Nursing Milton, Kathryn J.: Art Minard, Annette M.: Mathematics. Gamma Sigma. SWEA Miori, Julie F.: History. Alpha Delta Pi Mitchell. Ellen N.: Russian. People-to- People. Russian House. DAILY Staff. Young Republicans Mitrovich, Mark A.: Speech. Zeta Psi Moberg. Harley: Marketing. Lambda Chi Alpha Moberg. Margaret A.: Anthropology Mochimaru, Teruji: Marketing. Kivuanis Club, Japanese Students Association President Moe. Marlin S.: General Business Moe, Sherry L.: Spanish. Arts and Scienco Honors Program Molen. Dean L.: Dentistry Molvar. Michael P.: Dentistry Molz. Mary Jo: English. Kappa Alpha Theta Monahan M. Sherry: Nursing Mooney. John P.; Communications Moore. Carolyn N.: Italian. Cosmo Club Moore. Diane G.: Marketing Moore. Frank 0. Jr.: Chinese Moore, George E.: Forestry Management. Forest Club Morden, Dennis 8.: Aeronautics and Astronautics, AIAA, Cross Country. Track Morelle, Alain R.: Chemistry, French House Advisor. Cosmo Club President Morgan, Carol F.: Biology Mori, Patricia Y.: Nursing, Alpha Tau Delta Morita, Gary K.: Dentistry, Psi Omega Morris, Daniel R.: Art Morris, Oavid R.: General Business, Lambda Chi Alpha Treasurer, Finance Club Morris, Janinne D.: Art Morton, Arnold N.: Dentistry. Psi Omega Morton. Vickie L.: Medical Technology. Lambda Kappa Sigma. Husky Winter Sports Club Motiet, Nancy R.: Sociology Moussett, David K.: Economics, Compass and Chart. Maverick House President Mueller, Roberta L.: German Muente, Mary E.: Speech. Zeta Phi Eta. Leary House President Mullally. Vincent J.: Political Science. Delta Upsilon Muller, Sandra L.: Nursing Munsch, Martha 8.: Spanish Munther. Merrily K.: Political Science. Swedish Murashige, Allen M.: Aeronautics and Astronautics. AIAA. Hui o Hawaii Murphy, Daniel E.: Accounting Murray, Robert H.: Political Science. Kappa Sigma. University Prevue. Current Affairs Center Program Chairman Mussall. Lynita G.: English. Alpha Delta Pi. Husky Honeys Myers. Mary K.: Accounting, Beta Alpha Psi Myhre, Paul C: Accounting. Husky Winter Sports Club. Beta Alpha Psi, Beta Gamma Sigma, Marketing Club Nakalani, Wanda $.: Speech, Zeta Phi Eta Husky Winter Sports Club Namba, Kathleen G.: Nursing Nault. Sheila A.: Nursing Ni dwicke. Joan L.: Home Economics Neft. Daniel A.: Fisheries. Delta T.iu Dell.l Neil. Douglas W.: History. Varsity Boat Club Neilson, Rebecca J.: Landscape Architecture. Tau Sigma Delta Nelson, Harvey J.: Architecture, Husky Winter Sports Club Nelson, James E.: Art Nelson, James F.: Sociology, UW Yacht Club Nelson, James F.: Personnel and Industrial Relations Nelson, Judith L.: Microbiology, Husky Winter Sports Club Nelson, Sidney D.: Pharmacy, Rho Chi, Kapp.i Psi Nelson, Vickie M.: Nursing. Kappa Delia Nemercver. William L,: Mathematics Nemelh, Mary Jane: Sociology, General Studies Nemetz, Edward: Sociology, Sigma Alpha Mu. UW Yacht Club Nestegard. Margery A.: Nursing Netherton, Laurence M.: Urban Plannmj;, Pi Kappa Alpha Nett, George J.: Mathematics. Pi Mu Epsilon Neville. Suzette A.: Sociology Newman. Eugene W.: General Business Newman, Gretchen M.: Journalism. Alpha Chi Omega, Corvettes Supply Officer Newman. Sandra L.: Sociology. Delta Zeta Nichols, Rosemary G.: History. Phi Mu Forensics. Delta Sigma Rho. Tau Kappa Alpha. Totem Club. Arts and Science Honors Program. Phi Alpha Theta Nickerson, Marjorie S.: Nursing Nickols, Susan L.: Art History. Alpha Delta Pi, Husky Winter Sports Club Niman, Randolph C: Forest Management Nishi, Toshio: Communications, Cosmo Club Vice President. YMCA Cabinet Member, Fencing Club Instructor Nishimoto, Jona L.: Geography Nishimura, Paul T.: Accounting. Alpha Kappa Psi. Beta Alpha Psi Nishimura. Thomas A.: Landscape Architecture Nissen. Dennis M.: Finance, Zeta Psi, Finance Club Nifschke, Robert A.: Political Science, Delta Tau Delta Nixon, Thomas H.: General Business Noble. Charles H.: Chemistry. Zeta Psi Noble. Phillip D.: General Business. Delta Chi Secretary. Tau Kappa Alpha. Debate. IFC. AMS Nordquist, Nancy A.: Home Economics Norman, Diane P.: Home Economics. University Symphony Norman, James C: Building Technology and Administration Norvold, Jan 8.: Dentistry Nutley, Kathryn M.: History. Delta Delta Delta Nye, Betty Anne: Sociology. Chi Omega. W-Key. Little Sisters of Minerva Nye, James H.: Pharmacy. Kappa Psi. APhA Nysaether, Asbjorn J.: Electrical Engineering Osborne. Mason S.: Physics Otis. Catherine A.: Home Economics. Omicron Nu Ottlyk, Agnes: Sociology. Husky Winter Sports Club Overly. Kathleen A.: Nursing Puhrmann, Craig 0.: Aeronauti cs and Astronautics. AIAA Purcell, Douglas W.: Political Science, Theta Delta Chi, Husky Winter Sports Club, STAY. Administrative Committee on Student Affairs Purdy, Terry R.: Marketing. Marketing Club. Husky Winter Sports Club Putnam, Edward W.: Physical Education, Varsity Football Pym, Anne L.: Speech, Debate, Women ' s Ski Team Memt er and Manager N Naf. Oavid E.: Chemistry Naff, Sandra S.: French, Gamma Phi Beta, W Key, Brigadears Nakagawa, Byron M.: Dentistry Nakamura, Milton H.: Business Administration. Beta Alpha Psi. Hui Hawaii O ' Connor. Douglas M.: Chemistry O ' Oay. Marcia 0.: History Odum. Beniamin C: History Oestreich, Harry L.: Accounting, Accounting Club Okada, Michael T.: Architecture O ' Keefe. Joseph P.: Electrical Engineering. IEEE. University Singers Okubo, Katsuo: Chemical Engineering. Husky Judo Club. AlChE Okuhara, Nobuya: Political Science Oldenburg, William: Advertising, Sigma Nu. Alpha Delta Sigma. Purple Shield. Publications Board, Olympus House Advisor Olding, Carol M.: Music Olsen. Kenneth H.: Accounting, Accounting Club Olsen. Larry M.: Advertising Olson. David H.: Architecture Olson. James N.: Zoology Olson. Janet E.: English Olson. Joy J.: Dental Hygiene Olson, Michael D.: Building Technology and Administration, Building Technology and Administration Club Olson, Richard A.: Chemical EnKineenng. AlChE Olson. Robert S.: English Olson. Timothy D.: Personnel and Industrial Relations Omodt. Winnifred R.: Sociology Omori. Lilian Y.: Dental Hygiene ONeil. Vernon P.: Physics Orkney. Robin 0.: General Business, Alpha Delta Phi. Army ROTC Ormiston, Sharon A.: Pharmacy. Lambda Kappa Sigma Osborn, Priscilla: Nursing Osborne, Clarence: Dentistry Paganelli, Katherine V.: Nursing Palm. Richard E.: Chemistry Palmer. Leicester W.: Electrical Engineering, IEEE Pandit. Ashok: Mechanical Engineering, ASME, Indian Students Association Parham, Carole A.: Pharmacy. Lambda Kappa Sij ma, APhA Parker, Janice M.: Home Economics, Alpha Delta Pi Parker, Omar S.: Accounting. Sigma Nu, Bit; ■W Club Parkhill. Barbara K.: Geography. Sigma Kappa Parr. Hugo R.: Physics, Alpha Sigma Phi Parrish, Karl 8.: Chemical Engineering. Theta Xi. AlChE, Sundodgers, Engineering Students Council Parshall. John R.: Electrical Engineering. Phi Eta Sigma, Tau Beta Pi, IEEE Pass. Kristine M.: Nursing. Alpha Tau Delta Passey. Joel C: Speech Patterson, Alice S.: English Patterson, Carol L.: Occupational Therapy Patterson. Virginia M.: German Pauley. S. Joan: Art. Young Republicans, ASSAY Editorial Board Pauli. Richard S.: Dentistry Payne. Richard B.: Mathematics Pedack. Henry: Zoology Pederson. Edward L.: Logging Engineering. Forest Club Pederson, Karen R.: Economics. AIESEC Omicron Delta Epsilon Peircey, George H.: History Pemberton. Julie A.: French. Alpha Lambda Delta, Husky Winter Sports Club Pence, David E.: Marketing, Marketing Club. Finance Club. Husky Winter Sports Club Pendras, Kathleen M.: Nursing Perantie, Harold S.: Chemical Engineering Perdue, Diana G,: General Business. Alpha Chi Omega Perlman. Evelyn F.: Art. Lambda Rho. NAEA Perrins, Ivan E.: Marketing. Marketing Club Pete. Carol Ann: Journalism. Theta Sigma Phi. lYEE Yearbook Copy Editor, AWS Art Poster Chairman Peters. Donna B.: Political Science Peters, Norma Mae: Sociology Peters, Philip R.: Geography. Husky Winter Sports Club Petersen, Gerald R.: Geography Peterson, LeAnn K.: Home Economics. Omicron Nu President Peterson. Patricia: Sociology. Angel Flight. Husky Winter Sports Club Phillips. James W.: Physical Education Pickens. James R.: Building Technology and Administration. Army ROTC Pierro, Robert A,: Fisheries, Fisheries Club Pilling, Robert A.: General Business, Delia Chi Pitman, Richard N.: Mechanical Engineering, ASME Pizzalato, Larry J,: Sociology, Phi Kappa Sigma, Stick and Rudder Club Plavins, Maris: Mechanical Engineering Plowman, John P.: Mathematics, Sigma Chi, Varsity Bowling Pokela, Lynn R.: English. S ' TAY Polls, Nancy K.: Physical Therapy. Alpha Omicron Pi. Physical Therapy Club Pollini, John P.: Latin. Honors Program. Husky Winter Sports Club Pollock. Stanley W.: Marketing Pollock. Warren W.: Architecture Pool. Loralee v.: English Popich. Gregory A.: Zoology. Beta Theta Pi. Alpha Epsilon Delta Porter, Clifford A.: Speech. Adelphi. Chess Club. Young Republicans. Drama Club Porter, John S,: Microbiology, Husky Swim Club Porterfield. Bess V.: General Studies Porterfield, Marie J,: Music. Mu Phi Epsilon, University Madrigal Singers Portman. Pauline E.: Librarianship Posner. Linn D.: Marketing Potts. Barbara A.: English Powe. Joseph S.: Aeronautics and Astronautics Powell, Glen L.: Dentistry Pratt. Donald L.: Political Science. Sigma Phi Epsilon Pressnall, James R.: Electrical Engineering, IEEE, Tau Beta Pi Preston, Jarilen M.: English Price, John A.: Chemistry. Track Prichett. Wanda S.: Marketing. Alpha Delta Pi Prince, Susan W.: Accounting Pugh, Mary C: Physical Education. Alpha Phi. Rally Girls. Husky Winter Sports Club. Volleyball Intramurals Chairman Quam, Michael S.: Accounting. Alpha Kappa Psi. Beta Alpha Psi. Finance Club Quine, Jo Ann: Speech, Kappa Delta. Zeta Phi Eta R Rabak. Martha J.: Political Science Rabel. William E.: Mechanical Engineering. Phi Delta Theta Raichle, Sara C: Anthropology. Alpha Phi. W-Key Rainier. Lynn A.: Journalism. Alpha Xi Delta. ' f Yearbook Managing Editor Raisler, Ruth A.: Dental Hygiene Rankin, Jeanne L.: Political Science Rantanen, Dolores E.: Speech and Hearing Therapy, Husky Winter Sports Club Rasmussen. Joan M.: Art Rast. Sharon L.: Medical Technology Rathke. Clark E.: History Ratliff. Fleet C: Dentistry Ray. Calvin T.: Chemistry Raymond. Michael L.: Pharmacy Raynor. Nancy W.: Spanish. Kappa Alpha Theta Rea. David E.: Finance. Lambda Chi Alpha Reade. Jeffrey P.: Political Science. Psi Upsilon Reddington. Susan: English Reddy, Penny D.: Social Relations Reese. Mark A.: Communications. DAILY Cartoonist. KCTS TV Script Writer. Arts and Science Student Advisory Committee Reichert. Sandra G.: Zoology Reilly. Denise: Art. Zeta Tau Alpha. People to People Reimer. Robert A.: Marketing. Alpha Kappa Psi Reimer. Sandra G.: Nursing Reine. Barbara A.: Biology Reitsch. Douglas J.: Pharmacy, APhA, Kappa Psi Reitz. Norman G.: Pharmacy. APhA. ASHP Rentel. Joseph J.: Marketing Repp. Robert E.: Far East. Alpha Tau Ome a Reynolds. Maries M.: Nursing Rhea. Carolyn M.: Radio-TV. Theta Sigma Phi Rhinehart, Rodger K.: Mechanical Engineering. Tau Beta Pi. ASME. Engineering Students Council Rian, Richard W.: Marketing. Psi Upsilon Rice. Glen W.: Mechanical Engineering Rich. Annavon I.: Psychology Richards. Ruth R.: General Business Riches. Pamela A.: Sociology. Leary House Assistant Advisor Richmond, Scott C: Electrical Engineering. Tau Beta Pi. Engineering Students Council. Christian Science Organization President. Theta Tau Richter, Christina J.: Geography, Chi Omega Richter, John W.: Architecture Ridenour. Marilyn S.: Home Economics, Sigma Tau Alpha. Home Economics Club Riedel. Richard 8.: Chemistry. Theta Delta Chi, Track. Pi Omicron Sigma Rieke. Elizabeth K.: Home Economics Ries. Arthur W.: Marketing. Phi Sigma Kappa Rio. Marlene K.: Mathematics Ritzen. Craig F.: History Robbins. Carolyn M.: Geography Roberts. Larry A.: General Business Robertson. James S.: Food Science. Alpha Tau Omega Robertson, Shirley S.: History, Arts and Science Honors Program, Phi Alpha Theta. Alpha Lambda Delta. Junior Honor Woman Robinson. Donald D.: Physics Robinson. Frank L.: Marketing, Chelan House Advisor, Saiyuk Honor Society Robinson, Margaret L.: Botany Mortar Board Robinson, Ronald H.: Aeronautics and Astronautics, AIAA Robison, Margery A.: Nursing Rockafield. Carole.: Music Rodruck. Douglas C: Physics Rogers. James E.: Zoology. Phi Gamma Delia. Alpha Epsilon Delta. Phi Beta Kappa Rogge, Michael J.: Chemistry, Sigma Chi. Sundodgers 503 Rohrback. George R.: Aeronautics and Astronautics. Ptii Sigma Kappa RoKet, Guy M.: Economics Rolfs, Oolores A.: Pharmacy. Lambda Kappa Sigma. APhA Roller. Maurice L.: Mechanical tngineering. Tau Beta Pi Rood, Susan G.: Speech Therapy. Alpha Phi Roose, Arlene M.: Personnel and Marketing. Alpha Delta Pi. Angel Flight Rosellini, Lynn C: Communications. Kappa Kappa Gamma Rosenberg. Mary L.: History. Gamma Phi Beta. Totem Club Rosenwald. Barbara: Sociology. Alpha Epsilon Phi Rosenwald, James F.: Dentistry Rosner. Melvin M.: Civil Engineering Rossman, Dennis W.: Physical Education. Theta Delta Chi. Theta Epsilon Kappa. Air Force ROTC Roth. Charles E.: Civil Engineering Roth. Lois L.: Speech Therapy Rothenberg. Betty L.: French. Phi Sigma Sigma Rounds, Sandra L.: Nursing. Alpha Tau Delta Rowland. David E.: Psychology. Acacia. Pi Omicron Sigma Royce. William F.: Aeronautics and Astronautics Russell. Robert B.: Nursing Russell. Sheryl A.: Pharmacy. Lambda Kappa Sigma Rutzel, Pamela J.: History. Alpha Gamma Delta Ryan, John B.: Dentistry. Psi Omega Rydalch. Alyse K.: Art History Rygg. Marilyn C: Art. Kappa Delta Rynd.JohnP.: Physics. Delta Chi. Pi Omicron Sigma Saari, Dolores I.: Sociology. Husky Winter Sports Club Sadis. Harvey J.; English, Zeta Beta Tau Saether. Janice L.: History Sage. Janet C: Nursing, Kappa Delta Sagen. Robert M.: Pharmacy Sagstad. Linda C: Spanish Sako. Carolyn A,: Physical Therapy Salant, Rubin: Marketing, Marketing Club Vice President. International Business Club Sale. Richard F.; Chemistry Salstrom. Jerry W.: History. Saiyuk Society. RHC Salwen. Richard E.: Far East, UW Yacht Club Sanden, Clifford R,: Mechanical Engineering Sander, Richard M.: General Business, Beta Theta Pi. IFC Public Relations Chairman Sands, Robert E.; Chemistry, Sigma Chi Vice President. Phi Eta Sigma President Sanford. Sheri M.: Economics Savage, Cynthia J.: French, Political Science, Chi Omega Savo. John C: History Sawhill, Mary Ann: Zoology. Totem Club, Mortar Board. Alpha Lambda Delta. Alpha Epsilon Delta. PeopletoPeople. Austin House Advisor. Husky Christian Fellowship. Husky Guide Program Co-chairman. Arts and Science Honors Program. AWS Council Saxhaug, Carole A.: English Literature Sayer, Roger A.: Accounting, Beta Alpha Psi Baylor, Suzanne P,: Speech and Hearing Therapy Schaefer, Sandra L.: Marketing. Chi Omega. Husky Winter Sports Club Schiller. Mark J.: Physics. Sigma Alpha Mu Schiitz, John A.: Chemistry. Zeta Psi. Scabbard and Blade. Pi Omicron Sigma Schlagel. Donna L.: Nursing. Alpha Delia Pi Schlegel. Charles T.: Mathematics, Pi Mu Epsilon, Climbing Club Vice Pri-sirlr-nt Schmidt, Stephen L.: Geology Schmidt, Victoria E.: History Schnatterly, Robert D.: Economics Schnurstcin, Nancy M.: History, Alpha Xi Dr-lt.i Schocken, Joseph L.: History, Zet a Beta Tau. Oval Club. Purple Shield Schoolfield Roberta J,: Nursing Schorling, Gaydcn L,: Philosophy, Phi K.ipp.i Phi Schradcr, Gladys A.: Far East Schubert, Thomas F.: Economics, UW Yacht Club, Cosmo Club Schuyler, David G.: Transportation Scifers, Charles A,: Industrial Design Scott, Brian D.: Political Science, Sit ' .ma Alpha Epsilon Scott. Gary W.: Accounting Scott, John: Aeronautics and Aslron,julics, Soccer Team Scott, Marilyn J.: Spanish, Pi Lambda Theta President Scott, Sheila M.: Art Scott, Willo J.: Home Economics Searing, John E.: Mechanical Engineering, Tau Beta Pi Seather, James R.: Dentistry Sedgley, Richard I.: Civil Engineering Sells, Janet E.: General Studies, Kappa Alpha Theta Selter, Stephen L.: Journalism Semenock, Mary L.: Nursing, Sigma Theta Tau Semsak, Edward A.: Chemical Engineering Sentz, Jay A.: Finance, Alpha Tau Omega. Alpha Kappa Psi. Pi Omicron Sigma. Scabbard and Blade Seth, Patricia A.: French. STAY Shaffer, Don B.: Urban Planning. Phi Gamma Delta, Scabbard and Blade, Arnold Air Society Shannon, David N.: Chemical Engineering, Theta Delta Chi, AlChE. Sundodgers Secretary. Treasurer. Engineering Students Council Treasurer Sharnbroich, Linda G.: Spanish. Sigma Tau Alpha, Alpha Lambda Delta Sharp, James P.: Accounting. Beta Alpha Psi, Alpha Kappa Psi. Phi Kappa Tau. Debate Shaw, Sandra L.: Art, Kappa Alpha Theta Shaw, Victoria R.: Biology Sheldon, Mark W.: Economics. Alpha Tau Omega. Pi Omicron Sigma. Young Republicans Shepherd, Morris W.: Accounting. Navy ROTC. Compass and Chart Sherfesee, Louis: Oceanography Sherman, William D.: Physics, Husky Marching Band Shippy, Joan A.: Music, French House Secretary Shoe, James R.: Dentistry Shoemaker, Powell F.: Political Science Shorts, Susan: Political Science Shoulders, Jack A.: Oceanography, Navy ROTC, Scabbard and Blade Shovlin, Dan M.: Mathematics Shreve, Peter L.: Electrical Engineering. Sigma Chi Shubert. Richard: Electrical Engineering, IEEE Siddoway. Susan: History. Alpha Chi Omega Siegele, William E.: Aeronautics an d Astronautics Siegfried, Robert B.: Pharmacy. Kappa Psi. APhA. ASHP Sievers, Kirke P.: Business Education. Beta Theta Pi. SWEA, Marketing Club Sikes, Nancy E,: Spanish. Alpha Delta Pi. Husky Honeys Silva, James R,: Political Science. Delta Upsilon, Sundodgers. Purple Shield, Scabbard and Blade Simons, Frederick F.; Pharmacy, Rho Chi President. APhA. Kappa Psi Simpson, Robert B.: Communications. UW Yacht Club. Husky Winter Sports Club Sinclair, James M,: Fisheries Skaland, Randi M.: Physical Therapy. Kappa Delta, Physical Therapy Club Skarshaug, Thomas N,: Electrical Engineering. Psi Upsilon Skeers, Judith M.: Sociology. Alpha Chi Omega Skillingstead. Jan M.: Art Skone, Edward R.: Economics, Alpha Delta Pi Skopec, Eric W.: Political Science. Theta Delta Chi. Sundodgers. Purple Shield. Young Republicans Vice President. Forensic Team Skuja. Maris: Radio- TV Slete, Stanley 0.: Mechanical Engineering Smith, Charlene D.: Recreation Education. Chi Omega Smith, Constance M.: General Business, Alpha Chi Omega. Husky Honeys, Sailing Team Smith. Daniel M.: Mechanical Engineering Smith, Douglas A.: Physical Education. Theta Delta Chi. Phi Epsilon Kappa. Varsity Wrestling. Campus Crusade for Christ Smith, Gary R.: Aeronautics and Astronautics. Tau Beta Pi President. AIAA Secretary-Treasurer Smith, Janet H.: Communications. DAii v Stafl. Theta Sigma Phi Smith, Janet M,: Physical Education, Chi Omega, Totem Club, Board of Control Member. Panhellenic 1st Vice President. University Exercises Committee Smith, Kathleen B.: Dental Hygiene Smith, Paul L.: Political Science Smith. Ronnie D,: Logging Engineering, Tau Phi Delta Smith, Sally J,: Art History, Alpha Phi Smith. Thane W,: Dentistry Smith, Timothy W.: Aeronautics and Astrcjnautics. Acacia Snider. William F.: Marketing. Sundodgers Sober, Judy M.: General Business, Marketing Club Sodcrberg, Rick L.: Accounting. Chi Psi Accounting Club Soderblom, Linn A.: Pharmacy, Kappa Psi. APhA Solle, Donna L.: Finance Solomon, Terry J.: Accounting. Sigma Chi Somcrs, Elizabeth M.: Speech Therapy. Chi Omega. Totem Club. Panhellenic Council Songstad, Steven B.: History. Phi Kappa Psi. AMS. IFC. Sundodgers, Pi Omicron Sigma. Husky Winter Sports Club Sorenson, Susan K,: Nursing Soriano, Leatrice: Sociology. Alpha Epsilon Phi Sotka, David M.: Sociology. Alpha Sigma Phi Souers. Juel H.: Mathematics Sours. Patricia G.: Advertising. Alpha Xi Delta. Husky Winter Sports Club Vice President Sowders. Donley E.: Marketing. Marketing Club Spearman. Jay W.: Mechanical Engineering. Tau Beta Pi Speer. Olga B.: Sociology Speicher, Lorefta L.: English Spezia. John W.: Mathematics, Cameron House President Spooner, Bruce D.: Quantitative Methods Spurrell. Robert M.: Aeronautics and Astronautics, AIAA Stack, Carol Lee: Health Education. Alpha Delta Pi. Phi Epsilon Chi. Zeta Phi Eta. Panhellenic Stack, Joseph C: History. Compass and Chart Treasurer Staehli, Ralene P.; Marketing. Alpha Gamma Delta Stanton, Elaine I,: Dietetics, Phrateres, Activities and Sports Committee Chairman. Kappa Chapter Treasurer. High-School Visitation Committee. AWS Council. Home Economics Club. AWS Commuter Board Stay, Alan C: Finance. Phi Kappa Psi. Alpha Kappa Psi Stefani. John F.: Personnel and Industrial Relations Stenesen, Sandra K.: Home Economics. Pi Beta Phi. Home Economics Club, STAY. Husky Winter Sports Club. Ski Professionals Instructor Stern, Andrea E.: Philosophy. Phi Sigma Sigma President Stetler, Marijo A.: Sociology. Phrateres Stewart, Cassandra C: Speech. Chi Omega. Totem Club. W-Key. AWS Council. Husky Honeys. Zeta Phi Eta. Forensics Stewart, Clyde D,: Journalism Stewart, Gayle A,: Dental Hygiene, Junior ADHA. Alpha Lambda Delta Stewart, Marleigh K.: Nursing Stick, Helen L.: English. Kappa Alpha Theta Stimac, Michael v.: Electrical Engineering. UW Yacht Club. IEEE Stoecker. Leland D.: Political Science. Alpha Sigma Phi President. IFC Stokes, Annie M.: Nursing Stokes. Karen P.: Mathematics. Delta Delta Delta, Little Sisters of Minerva Stone, David N.: General Business, Sundodgers Stone, Gail A.: Psychology Stone, William L.: Advertising. Alpha Delta Sigma Storbo, Arthur L.: Civil Engineering. ASCE. Husky Winter Sports Club Stout, Harriet M,: Anthropology Stout, William W,: Building Technology and Administration Strandberg, Lars H.: Pharmacy, Delta Tau Delta Stranik, Dennis A.: Ceramic Engineering. Sigma Chi Strasser, Maureen C: English Strathairn. Thomas S.: English. Sigma Nu. Sundodgers. Big " W " Club. Track Straughan, Brentwood C: Zoology. French House Strickland. Diana R.: Drama Stringham, Dona E.: Business Education Strom, Donald T.; Marketing. Sigma Alpha Epsilon Treasurer. Husky Winter Sports Club, UOHA Board Member. IFC Stuart, Marilyn J,: English. Zeta Tau Alpha Stull, Margaret M.: Social Relations. Kappa Kappa Gamma Stuteville, Thomas: Marketing. Marketing Club Secretary, Treasurer Stutsman, Susan F,: Art Sudderth, Robert A.: Advertising. Theta Delta Chi Corresponding Secretary. Alpha Delta Sigma Secretary. Husky Marching and Pep Band Sukvivain, Arun: Art Sullivan. Larry M.: Electrical Engineering Sundsby, Vicki L.: Speech. Zeta Phi Eta Sundi. Brandel T.: Radio-TV Surace. Joe P.: Personnel and Industrial Relations. Delta Chi Surber, Denise F.: History. SWEA Sutherland. Sandra L.: English. W-Key. Junior Honor Woman. Neighborhood House Tutor Suzuki, Karen S,: Sociology, Rally Girls. Husky Honeys. Totem Club. Phrateres. Husky Guide. Commuter Women Chairman. AWS Commuter Board Member Svendsen, Aase: General Art. Foreign Student Swan, Peggy A.: Drama Swanson, Cara L,: French. Chi Omega Swanson, Douglas W.: Political Science. Phi Kappa Sigma. Pi Omicron Sigma. Young Republicans. Scabbard and Blade. Naval ROTC. CHECC Steering Committee Vice-chairman. Model United Nations. Clallenge for Progress Steering Committee Swinford, Greg L.: Political Science, Campus Crusade for Christ, Young Republicans Swinhoe. Michael A.: Marketing, Kappa Sigma Symonds, Thomas E.: Political Science T Taggart, Michael B.: Economics. Navy ROTC Takeyama, Reiko F,: English Talso, Philip W.: Philosophy. Theta Delta Chi Tambellini, Gordon R.: Pharmacy. APhA. Frosh Crew Tangen, Sharon E.: Nursing Tarble, Earl E.: Finance, Phi Sigma Kappa Tarpley, Denis L.: Anthropology Tash, Carolyn D.: Social Relations. Kappa Kappa Gamma. Husky Honeys Tatsumi. Lisa G.; Mathematics Taylor, Daniel J.: Mathematics Taylor. Janet L.: English Tembreull, Michael A.: Economics. Phi Kappa Sigma Temple. Raymond E.: Aeronautics and Astronautics Thatcher, H. Frances: History Thiel, Jeanne M.: Speech, Sigma Kappa. Zeta Phi Eta Thiele, David F.: Economics. Young Republicans. New Conservative Club. Omicron Delta Epsilon Thiry, Pierre P.: Building Technology and Administration. Delta Upsilon. Husky Swim Club Thomas, Frank J.: History. Baptist Student Union Thomlinson, William E.: Building Technology and Administration Thompson, Keith W.: History. Young Republicans Thompson, Teresa L.: French. Alpha Gamma Delta. Husky Honeys. Corvettes Thompson, Thomas R,: Accounting Thompson, William K.: Economics. Political Science. Theta Chi. Pi Omicron Sigma Thorp, Michael R,: History, Phi Kappa Psi. Budget and Finance Committee Thorson, Sandra L.: Nursing Tiffany. Candace L.: Speech. Pi Beta Phi. Zeta Phi Eta Tihomirov, Dimitry L.: Electrical Engineering. Arnold Air Society. Scabbard and Blade Timpe, Walter K.: Music. Phi Mu Alpha. Sinfonia, Husky Marching Band. University Symphony Orchestra Tippey, Alzada E.: French. Phi Mu President, Young Republicans, SWEA Tobin, Sara L.: Zoology, Totem Club, Program Panel. ASUW Orientation Chairman, Academic Advisory Committee Toda, Alyce C: Far East Todd. Ann P.: Journalism. DAILY Staff. Theta Sigma Phi. University Singers Toivola, Pertti T.: Chemistry Tong, Wing: Mathematics Toonen, Ronald S.: Anthropology Topness, Paul C: Mechanical Engineering, ASME Torcaso, Donald W.: Economics, Scabbard and Blade. Army ROTC Torigoe, Lorraine H.: Physical Therapy. Hui o Hawaii. Physical Therapy Club Torongo, Mary E.: Music. Mu Phi Epsilon Torstensson, Roland B. T.: History, German. Swedish House President. German Honorary. Swedish Club. Cosmo Club. Soccer Club Townsend. John W.: Political Science Trabookis, Christopher G.: Urban Planning Tracey, Marilyn K.: Sociology. Rally Girls Tsukamoto. Wilfred: Aeronautics and Astronautics Tucker. Wilson D.: Accounting Turnbull, Marsha L.: Sociology Turner, Candace M.: Business Tuttle. Gray J.: Drama. Delta Gamma Tuttle. Linda: Nursing u Uhrich. Kenneth D.: Psychology Umphred. Darcy A,: Interior Design, Pi Bela Phi Unbewusl. Kirsten L.: Nursing. Alpha Tau Delta Underwood. Barbara A,: Nursing, Newman Center Faith and Life Communily, ANS Usagawa, Diane I.: Psychology Usui. Kenneth K.: Aeronautics and Astronautics Uyeno, Lawrence K.: Operation Management 504 V Van Horn. Timothy 0.: Urban Planning. Phi Gamma Delta Van Osdel. Lewis A.: Chemistry. Acacia. Alph.T Phi Omega. Army Drill Team Vatn, James R.: Political Science Vaughan, Robert J.: Finance. Finance Club Veloz. Jaime J.: Metallurgical Engineering Veltman. Lesley G.: English. Alpha Epsilon Pht. Castelia. Junior Honor Women. Mortar Board. Corvettes. Husky Guide Vennema, Stephen J.: Zoology. Psi Upsilon Verges, Wade T.: Architecture Vierling. Karen S.: Home Economics. Delta Gamma Viles, Donald L.: Accounting, Beta Alpha Psi. Alpha Kappa Psi Villarreal. Joe L.: Sociology Visscher. Lawrence R.: Fisheries Vraspir. John P.: Psychology Vynne, Sally A.: Sociology, Kappa Kappa Gamma, Alpha Kappa Delta w Waggoner. Diana M.: Nursing, University Christian Union. Sigma Theta Tau Wagner, Raymond J.; Architecture Wakefield, James C: Dentistry Walker, Allan W.: Mathematics Walker. Gloria H.: Home Economics. Omicron Nu Walker, Jerry L.: Dentistry Walker, John S.: Advertising. Alpha Delta S igma President Walker, Loyd A.: Electrical Engineering. Husky Winter Sports Club. IEEE Walker, Norman 0.: Aeronautics and Astronautics. Frosh Cross Country. Track. Chess Club Wall, Marianne S.: English Walling, William I.: Dentistry Walton. John C: History. Phi Kappa Psi. Army ROTC Waltz, Kathryn M.: Speech, Gamma Phi Beta. Mortar Board Wangsmo, Gary L.: Accounting. Sigma Chi President. Purple Shield. Sundodger President. Young Republicans. Lutheran Student Association. Spiritand RallyCommittee Warren, Don L.; History, Sigma Nu. Sundodgers Warren, Jacqueline L,: Pharmacy, Lambda Kappa Sigma. APhA Watson. Diane fvl.: General Studies. Pi Beta Phi Wayne, Catherine M.: Geography. Chi Omega. Rally Girls Vice President Wither. Nancy J.: General Studies Weick. Mark G.: General Business, Lambda Chi Alpha. Sundodgers, Husky Winter Sports Club, Program Panel. ASUW Election Banquet Sub-chairman Weisfield. Robert D.: Political Science, 2eta Beta Tau. People-to-People Weitzman, Richard L.: Political Science. Zeta Beta Tau. College Bowl Chairman Welch. William 8.: Political Science Welling, Michael C: Forest Management. Forest Club Wells. Marilyn E.: General Studies, Kappa Kappa Gamma, Brigadears, Calvin Club. Social Welfare Club Welsh, Susan M,: General Studies, Delta Zeta Recording Secretary, YWCA Wendlandt, James G.: Pharmacy Wenger. Mary S.: Far East. Mortar Board Wesner. Drew H.: Economics Wessman, Jean L.: History, Sigma Kappa, Husky Winter Sports Club, Rally Girls West, Charlotte I.: Sociology, Pi Beta Phi, Husky Honeys Westling, Vicki L,: English, Alpha Xi Delta Weston, Diane M,: Medical Technology Wetta, llene J,: Speech, Zeta Phi Eta President Weyerts, Patricia A,: Home Economics, Home Economics Club Whitaker, Sharon L,: Nursing, Sigma Kappa, Angel Flight Whitaker, Thomas L.: Zoology White. Barbara J.: Dental Hygiene White. Lloyd W,: Dentistry. Psi Omega White, Thomas G,: Dentistry Whitemarsh. Jean B.: Speech Whiting, Ann K.: Advertising. Alpha Chi Omega Whitten. Terence R.: Psychology. Phi Delta Theta Widerski, Shirley M.: Drama. Alpha Gamma Delta Wierman, Lois F,: Mathematics Wiese, Timothy L.: Political Science, Phi Kappa Sigma Wiggins, William 0,: Oceanography Wight, David L.: Geography, Phi Kappa Sigma, Pi Omicron Sigma Wiker, Kathleen: Nursing, Delta Gamma Wilbur, Mary S.: Physical Therapy Wilbur, Trula D,: Speech Wilcox, Carver G.: Pre Medicine Wilde, Marcia D,: Drama Wilder, Michael L.; Chemistry, Alpha Delta Phi Wilkerson, William R.: History, Phi Delta Theta Wilkinson. Ranald G.: History, Theta Xi, Young Republicans, ASUW Library Committee Chairman Willard, Steve A.: Economics, Phi Delta Theta, Pi Omicron Sigma Willett. Bruce R.t Finance, Delta Chi Willey, Barbara K.: English, Alpha Chi Omega Treasurer. UW Yacht Club. Christian Science Organization. STAY. English Honors Program Williams. Bonnie J.: Home Economics, Alpha Delta Pi Williams, Kathryn A.: Sociology, Young Republicans. Social Work Club. STAY, Opportunities Unlimited Conference Williams, Kerry G.: Psychology Williams, Paul L.: English, Climbing Club, People-to-People Williams, Robert R.: General Business, Psi Upsilon Williamson, Robert M,: Mathematics Willis, Deniel M,: Social Relations, Sigma Kappa Willis. Lloy T.: Aeronautics and Astronautics, Tau Kappa Epsilon, Arnold Air Society, Young Republicans, Air Force ROTC, Young Conservatives, Wrestling Wilson, Alan P.; Dentistry Wilson, Dennis R.: Pharmacy Wilson. James R.: Electrical Engineering, IEEE Chairman Wilson, Leigh W,: English Wilson. Robert L.: Finance, Pi Kappa Alpha, Finance Club, Sundodgers, ASUW Personnel Committee, AMS Advisory Board Wilson, Susan K,: Nursing Wimer, Ted L,: Electrical Engineering, IEEE, AIAA Wing, Allan G,: Electrical Engineering Wing. Russell W,: Quantitative Methods, Golf Team Winkle, Arlene R,: Nursing Winslow, Marsha R,: Nursing Winslow, Civillia M,: History Winston, Richard E,: Marketing Wintersteen, Robert E.: Advertising, Alpha Delta Sigma, daily Advertising Staff, Mf f Business Manager Wisman, Jacqueline M.: Sociology. Alpha Xi Delta Wisncr, Marilyn J,: French Witzel, David A,: Dentistry Wohlhuter, Kenneth R.: Architecture Wolf, Barry E,: Accounting, Zeta Beta Tau President, Purple Shield, Sundodgers WolH, Robert A.: Chinese, Alpha Phi Omega, Phi Eta Sigma Wolff, Toni L,: Psychology, Delta Delta Delta Wolgamott, Donald W,: Political Science Womac, Allan K.: Marketing Wong, Gary Y.: Electrical Engineering. People to People. Hwa Sheh Chinese Student Club Wong. Kong K.: Aeronautics and Astronautics Wong. Roger Y,: Chemistry, Hwa Sheh Chinese Student Club, American Chemical Society Woo, Lilly: Speech Woo, Marilyn: Sociology Wood, Ronald E.: Architecture Woodburne, Catherine R,: Nursing. ANS. SWANS Woodward, Richard O,: Dentistry Worden, Jan N,: Pharmacy. Lambda Kappa Sigma Worthington. Ron G.: Economics Woski, Sharon N,: History, Women ' s Basketball Team, Husky Winter Sports Club Wrede, William E,: Landscape Architecture, Sigma Chi Wright. David A.: English Wright. W. Kenneth: Urban Planning, Delta Upsilon, Varsity Baseball, Hockey Wright. Robert I.: Urban Planning, UW Yacht Club Treasurer Wright, William L.: Architecture Wuthrich, Karen J,: English, STAY Wyatt, Lee A,: Landscape Architecture Y Yakushijin, Edward: Geography Yamada,Hirohisa: Electrical Engineering Yano, Kiohsci: Mechanical Engineering, ASME Yano. Susan B.: Sociology, Husky Honeys President. Parents Weekend. Homecoming Committee Yantis, Theodore F.: Aeronautics and Astronautics, Chi Psi Yarno, Nanci E,: Business Education, Pi Beta Phi, Pi Lambda Theta, Little Sisters of Minerva Yearout, Steven A,: Far East, Delta Upsilon. IFC Executive Committee Yoshida, Roland S,: Geography, Arnold Air Society, Scabbard and Blade Young. John F.: Finance, Young Republicans, Finance Club Young, Richard G.: Journalism Young, Rosemary L.: Sociology Yuhas. Frances M.i Nursing. Alpha Tau Delta. SWANS Zaeh. Terry K.: English Zachary. Norman f.: Political Science. Sigma Nu President, Oval Club. Bit; w Club, Varsity Ski Team Zakhary, Rafat R,: Zoology Zenobio, Joseph: Mechanical Engineering, ASME Zeutenhorst. Carolyn C: Sociology, Young Republicans, Zindt, William A,: Forestry Management Zissel, Catherine S.: Spanish Zook, James K.: Electrical Engineering Zosel, Alvin J,: Mechanical Engineering, University Chorale Zosel, Linda A.: Business Education, SWEA, STAY 505 General Index Aaby, Patrick G. 477 Aagaard, Richard N. 374 Aahl, Rochelle K. 457 Aalto, M. James 390 Aaron, Kenneth W. 432 Abbott, Grant H. 127, 394 Abbott, Marian E. 127 Abel, Stephen M. 394 Abell, Sharman R. 386 Abell, Timothy M. 420 Abolofia, Jeff S. 432 Abrahamson. Jeffrey C. 470 Abrams, Paul T. 192 Abrams, Robert V. 276, 341 Abrams, Robin L. 378 Abrams. William B. 488 ACACIA 341 Acarregui, Janet L. 280, 380 Acheson. Judith L. 354 Ackelson, Donald B. 174, 401 Acker, Mary 127, 386 Acker. Richard J. 276 Ackerlund, Robin C. 18, 60, 360, 496 Acomb, William E. 412 Adam, Kathy L. 46, 323. 380 Adam, Laurie S. 380 Adams, Cynthia I. 127 Adams, Dale M. 162, 352 Adams, F. Paulette 342 Adams, Harold 118 Adams, Jennie L. 384 Adams, Kenneth W. 475 Adams, Linda M. 305, 346 Adams, Lyie C. 174 Adams, Marcia J. 384 Adams, Norris E. 55, 65, 496 Adams, Robert A. 398 Adams, Sue E. 174. 352 Adams, Suzanne M. 162, 310 Adams, Terry R. 422 Adamson. Sandra L. 472 Adatto, Robert I. 432 ADELPHI 276 Adelseck, Charles G. 127. 396 Adkins, Douglas D. 420 Adkins, Penny D. 162, 342, 346 Adkison. S. Lynn 342 ADMINISTRATORS 114 Adolphi. Ronald L. 154, 368 Adolphson, Earl G. 392 ADVERTISING STAFF, A.S.U.W. PUBLICATIONS 64 Ager, Stephanie L. 127, 386 Agnew, Christine L. 418 Ahlberg, David L. 124, 422 Ahola. Constance M. 290. 360 A.I.E.S.E.C. 278 Aiken, Christine A. 350 Aiken, Michael P. 127 Aiken, Robert W. 394 Ainsworth, Laurinda 450 AIR FORCE ROTC 318 Aitken, James C. 376 Aitken, Robert A. 420 Akin, Ralph N. 276 Albee. Edward 87 Albert, Steven C. 127, 319, 390 Alberta, Dale 9 Alberts, Maira 127 Albertson, Shirley 162 Albohn, Phillip L. 46 Alden, Edward A. 127 Alder, James E. 408 Alex, Gregory K. 414 Alexander, Ann L. 370. 442, 443 Alexander, Carmelia F. 488 Alexander, Kenneth 328 Alexander, Leona A. 450 Alford, Michael R. 488 Alhadeff. Marcie C. 348 Alkire. Thomas G. 127 Allan, Christopher 390 Allen, Brandon B. 422 Allen. Calvin R. 392 Allen, Camille L. 352 Allen, Christin L. 380 Allen, Laura A. 418 Allen, Lynn 3 8 Allen. R. Mark 473 Allen. Stephanie M. 384 Allen. Terry R. 127 Allen. Vicki L. 321, 445 Allen. Wendy J. 372 Aller. Frank 328 Aller, Leeon F. 462 Alleyne. Phyllis J. 127. 466 Ailing, Lynn H, 430 ALLISO f 445 Allsop, James D. 376 Aim, Chuck 44 Almvig, Barbara 520 ALPHA CHI OMEGA 342 ALPHA DELTA PHI 344 ALPHA DELTA PI 346 ALPHA DELTA SIGMA 295 ALPHA EPSILON PHI 348 ALPHA GAMMA DELTA 350 ALPHA KAPPA PSI 296 ALPHA LAMBDA DELTA 321 ALPHA OMICRON PI 352 ALPHA PHI 354 ALPHA SIGMA PHI 356 ALPHA TAU OMEGA 358 ALPHA XI DELTA 360 Alskog, Kristine 524 Alston. Robert M. 374 Althoff, Gordon W. 488 Alvine, Michael J. 374 Alwine, Chelea 328 Alwine, Sandra K. 162, 354 Ambrose, Frederick P. 376 Ambur. Kathryn E. 186 AMERICAN INSTITUTE OF ASTRONAUTICS AND AERONAUTICS 297 AMERICAN PHARMACEUTICAL ASSOCIATION 304 AMERICAN SOCIETY OF MECHANICAL ENGINEERS 298 Amick, Carey N. 386 Amick, Dianne M. 346 Ammerman, Bruce W. 477 Amorin, Leon D. 154 Amundson, Randle L. 434 Anas, George J. 400 Ancelard, Madeline M. 186 Andersen, Craig F. 416 Andersen, Kristine L. 360 Anderson, Lars Q. 174, 344 Andersen, Neils-Henrick L. 448 Andersen, Ronald G. 390 Andersen, Stephen E. 374 Anderson, Adrienne R. 127, 346 Anderson, Andrea V. 364 Anderson, Barbara J. 372 Anderson, Beverly S. 352 Anderson, Brian F. 127 Anderson, Bruce S. 174, 306 Anderson, Carl D. 436 Anderson, Carolyn R. 454 Anderson, Catherine 370 Anderson, Connie H. 154 Anderson, David A. 127 Anderson. David E. 428 Anderson, Dennis K. 447 Anderson, Donald K. 116 Anderson, Eric W. 127 Anderson, Esther L. 488 Anderson, Frances G. 162 Anderson, Gary M. 124 Anderson, Gary T. 448 Anderson, J. Keith 466 Anderson. Judy 80 Anderson, Lorrie A. 406 Anderson. Louis F. 174 Anderson, Lynn 478 Anderson, Marilyn H. 372 Anderson, Mark H. 460 Anderson, Marsha J. 200, 364 Anderson, Mary B. 352 Anderson, Michael D. 398 Anderson, Mikkel R. 473 Anderson, Moreland J. 466 Anderson, Nancy M. 380 Anderson, Natalie R. 290, 455 Anderson, Nikki L. 127, 364 Anderson, Patricia C. 364 Anderson, Philip D, 127, 291, 416 Anderson, Phyllis B. 186 Anderson, Robert D. 288, 392 Anderson, Roger L. 124, 422 Anderson, Ruth M. 127, 466 Anderson, Spencer S. 162 Anderson, Stephen R. 362 Anderson, Stuart D. 426 Anderson, Victoria A. 342 Andenwald, Richard 291 Andrew, Robert J. 194 Andrews, Dan A. 200 Andrews, Daniel J. 422 Andrews, John J. 408 Andrews, Linda K. 372 ANGEL FLIGHT 318 Annest, Lon S. 325, 362, 363 Annest, Stephen J. 362 Anthony, Randall E. 398 Antush, Thomas M. 447 App, Ann B. 454 Appelhans, Kristi L. 459 Appelman, Sandra B. 162, 466 Apple. Nedra A. 290, 404 Apple ate, Joan P. 488, 496 Appleton, Margaret E. 127, 323, 406 Arakawa, Fukiko 308 Archbold. Michael F. 127 ARCHITECTURE AND URBAN PLANNING 124 Ardrey, Robert 47 Arima, Richard W. 477 Arkebauer, Joanne M. 372 Arkebauer, Sharon C. 196, 372 Arlint, Kenneth D. 388 Armstead, Jean G. 127, 364 Armstead, Robert W. 344 Armstrong, Anita M. 488 Armstrong, Colleen V. 364 Armstrong, Delbert W. 174 Armstrong, Susan B. 346 ARMY R.O.T.C. 312 Arne, Anne I. 200 Arne. Lisbeth J. 488 Arneil, Ann 280. 406, 520 Arneil. Peter J. 436 Arneson. Arthur S. 430 Arnhold. Richard N, 174. 306 Arnold, David T. 390 Arnold, Joe M. 390 Arnold. Thomas E. 127 Arnstein, Marcia J. 348 Arntson, Patricia L. 384 Arntzen, Pamela L. 372 Arntzen, Sheila P. 360 Aronson. Philip M. 194 Arron. Cheryl J. 127 Artley. Richard J. 422 ARTS AND SCIENCES, COLLEGE OF 126 Artz, Keith R. 26, 184 Arwine, Susan L. 354 Ash. R, Wayne 448 Ash. Rodney B. 296, 488 Ashby, William D. 374 Ashe, Jane F. 380 Asher, Carol A. 127 Ashford, Anita M. 488 Ashleman, Bonnie T. 127 Ashley, Patrick 162 Ashmore, Andrew H. 174, 466 Ashmore. Peter J. 453 Ashworth, Mark W. 316 Askran, Jone 520 Asmundson, John H. 488 Asmundson, Mary E. 464 ASSOCIATED MEN STUDENTS 42 ASSOCIATED STUDENTS OF THE UNIVERSITY OF WASHINGTON ADVISORS 44 COMMITTEES 44 OFFICERS 38 ASSOCIATED WOMEN STUDENTS 42 Asterino, Linda R. 418 Atherton, Carol Y. 127. 438 Atkey. Philip H. 291. 356, 357 Atkins, Connie S. 488 Atkins, Joyce 480 Auer, David J. 127 Auerbach, Meredith A. 315, 346 Augustine, John P. 362 Augusztiny, Eric C. 362 Ault, James H. 436 Ault, Judith A. 127, 438 Aura, Robert E. 154 Ausman. Gary 334. 338 Austin, Craig B. 392 Austin, Jerry R. 398 Austin, Jim R. 398 Austin, Linda L. 384 Avery, Thomas E. 374 Aycock, Leslie 186 Ayers, H. Christopher 366 Ayuda, Usha 34 Ayra, Helen 442 Azose, Elizabeth L. 348 Azose, Sam S. 432 B Babboni, Dane A. 358 Baber, William E. 420 Babich, Karen J. 127, 406 Backus, Thomas S. 366 Bacon. Karen E. 352 Bacon, Patricia C. 466 Baggott, Nancy A. 352 Bagley, James K. 194 Bagne, Conrad N. 127 Bagoy, Rayna M. 350 Bahl, Joseph J. 424 Bahr, George D, 474 Bailey, Andra S. 352 Bailey, Christopher 127, 488 Bailey, Judy A. 455 Bailey, Robert J. 392 Bailey, Shelley J. 162, 303 Bailey, William B. 356 Bainter, Kristin E. 445 Baird, Margaret J. 370 Baisinger, Sheryl 350 BAKER 448 Baker, Barbara 456 Baker, Betty L. 354 Baker, Bruce R. 174 Baker, Dan W. 392 Baker, Douglas 368 Baker, Gregory L. 488 Baker, Jodie L. 450 Baker, Lloyd W. 436 Baker, Lynn W. 390 Baker, Sally 328 Baker, Stephanie L. 354 Baker, Terryanne 488 Baker, William L. 118 Bakken, Johan S. 127 Balda, Wesley D. 344 Baldwin, Keith G. 398 Baldwin, Keith J. 447 Baldwin. Mark E. 488 Balint, David J. 291, 414 Ball, Billie L. 162, 488 Ball. Dennis H. 420 Bamer. A. Wade 388 Banaka. Joyce A. 418 Bancroft. Lois L. 483 Bangert. Richard E. 392 Banks, Thomas G. 416 Bannerman, Connie I. 402 Bannon, Michael T. 398 Baranzini, Richard D. 127, 422 Barbeck, Sarah A. 127 Barber, John C. 408 Barber. Keith A. 416 Barber, Richard E. 127 Barber, Terry L. 398 Barber, Vernon A. 174, 306 Barclay. Merle W. 420 Barde, Gail L. 348 Barde, Lloyd S. 432 Barde. Nina L. 127, 348 Bardin, Shelley K. 418 Baretich, Jeannie 127 Barker. Donald B. 474 Baker, Rosemary 127, 323, 324, 354 Barlow, Carroll 372 Barmore, M. Janet 346 Barnes, Alan B. 396 Barnes, Amelia M. 488 Barnes, Dorothea L. 127, 282 Barnes, Wendy K. 370 Barnes, James R. 488 Barnum, Eric K. 396 Baron, Laurie K. 472 Baron, Solomon N. 432 Barrett, Homer O. 410 Barrick, Craig W, 49, 127, 326, 394 Barrie, Roderick C. 488 Barringham, Jill M. 128, 446 Barrow, Bruce L. 194 Barrowes, Orlando T. 194 Barry, Anne L. 282 Barry, Jan E. 406 Barry, Kathleen A. 406 Bartholomew, Kathryn 488 Bartholmew, Mary 305, 464 Bartlett, Norma T. 162 Barton, Cheryle 328 Barton, David L. 460 Bartoy, Shernll D. 280, 323, 354 Bartram, William C. 390 BASKETBALL 236 Bass, Tresa A. 128, 455 Basse, David A. 374 Batchelder, Barbara 352 Batchelder, David 128, 291, 374 Batchelder, Mary Pamela 282 Bateman, Jefri M. 128, 372 Bates, Kenneth M. 416 Bates, John 328 Bathiany, Robert H. 174, 466 Batley, Craig W. 422 Batson, Barbara A. 454 Salt, Douglas G. 426 Battan, Linda 520 Battermann, George 175 Batty, Hugh K. 396 Bauer, Carol L. 488 Bauer, Michael R. 154, 291 Bauer, Robert W. 128 Baumgardner, Robert E. 175, 306 Baumgartner, Nanci 354 Baxley, Gael D. 336, 337, 352 Baxley, Katherine 322, 380 Bay, Ole D. 462 Bayer, Christine 450 Bayer, Linda L. 354 Baylon, Catherine 40, 442, 450 Beach, Margaret A. 488 Beach, Marie T. 322, 384 Beale, Norma J. 162 Beall, John A. 488 Beals, Robert A. 458 Bean, Katherine N, 128 Bean, Marsha L. 35 4 Beard, Charles C. 376 Beard, James W. 422 Beattie, Curtis L. 84, 390 Beatty, John C. 128, 340, 416, 495 Beatty, Thomas P. 466 Beaudry, Jeffrey S. 376 Beaumier, Robert G. 470 Beaunaux, James F. 128 Beban, Gary 227 Bebow, Nancy M. 186 Beck, Alvin C. 276 Beck, Ellen M. 488 Beck, Jacquelynne 128, 466 Beck, Janet L. 481 Beck, Robert 44, 48 Becker, Beverly C. 402 Becker, David W. 200 Becker, Robert E. 368 Becker, William A. 420 Bede, Brewster 392 Beder, Corinne E. 488 Beebe, Sarah A. 360 Beebe, Suzanne E. 444 Beeby, Barbara J. 290, 360 Beecher, Wilma E. 418 Beers, Maria J, 190, 305 Behar, Lea B. 348, 532 Behrmann, Christine 453 Bek, Gail L. 457 Bekken, Einar 245, 376 Belarde, Linda S. 162, 465 Belcher, Anne E. 192 Bell, Brian W. 466 Bell. Catherine E. 370 Bell, David C. 154, 425 Bell, Donald C. 344 Bell, Douglas L. 436 Bell, Maureen P. 342 Bell, Nancy E. 194, 372, 520 Bell, Steven S. 392 Bellamer, LyIe 442 Bellamy, Jean L. 386, 524 Bellomy, Christine M. 345 Belloni, Hobart P. 362 Bellour, Jean C. 128 Bemis, Annette P. 372 Bender, Arnold J. 194 Bender. Gherry D. 452 Bender. Martin A. 306. 414 Benett. Renata A. 480 Benezra. Janet L. 404 Benine. Marcia G. 382 Benner, Michael D. 128, 293 Bennet, Kirley 328 Bennett, Brian E. 386 Bennett, Claudia L. 352 Bennett, Cynthia L. 352 Bennett, George W. 398 Bennett, J. Pat 488 Bennett, Kathryn A. 342 Bennett, Kay S. 128, 380 Bennett, Margaret G. 163 Bennett, Margaret J. 342 Bennett, Marsh E. 488 Bennett, Randall E. 398 Bennett, Ray 259 Bennett, Robert M. 175. 306, 340. 430 Bennett. Williams S. 376 Bennitt, Linda L. 488 Benny, John R. 388 Benson, Karen M. 280. 386 Benson, Lorena L. 128 Benson, Norma E. 364 Bensussen, Michael 414 Bentley, Christina 454 Berg. Ame 18, 65, 496 Berg. Bob 214 Berg. Carol J. 328, 418 Berg. Donald A. 154, 326, 432 Berg, Dorelie A. 342 Berg, Douglas W. 447 Berg, Ellen M. 163 Berg. Geraldine A. 128 Berg, Jean R. 348 506 — Kennell-Ellis Acacia Chapter Sweetheart PAULA J ANSON Kappa Alpha Theta 507 Baker House Snow Bunny LINDA HIBLAR 508 Leary 1410 NORTHEAST fORTIETH SAION. WEDDING AND FUNCTIONAL PORTRAITURE IMAGE COLOR ME 2-5297 Berg, Louis J. 154 Berg, Paul R. 488 Berg, Robert J. 426 Bergdahl, Roger S. 362 Berge, Wendie 328 Bergeron, Susan D. 380 Bergerson, Janet A. 346 Bergin, Helen M. 384 Bergman. Leslie G. 476 Bergman, William 8. 422 Bergquist. Linda L. 346 Bergren, Jay S. 470 Bergstrom, Beverly 305, 488 Bergslrom, Lmda S. 128 Bergum, Jodeen A. 406 Bergy, Gordon G 119 Berkley. Ann E. 321, 352 Berman, Hanan S 128, 466 Bern, Dawn 520 Berna2zani. Michael 390 Berquist. Charles 328 Berr. Linda 404. 496 Berry, James C. 436 Berry, Joanne M, 128, 386 Berry, Ruth H. 386 Berry, Susan D. 333. 382 Berselli. Tom M. 163 Berthelsdorf. Richard 328 Bertram, John L. 362 Bess. Sharon K. 282 BETA ALPHA PSI 298 BETA THETA PI 362 Bethel. William M. 428 Bettelli. Michael 396 Bettridue. Joseph 396 Belts, Ray K 366 Belts, Sheryl I. 186 BeursKens. William 190 Sevens. Steven J. 488 Beyersdorf. Mary J. 346 Bickford. Michael E. 128 Bickford, Nicole F. 370 Biebesheimer. Susan L. 128, 280, 346 Biehn, Jennifer A. 43, 322, 386 Bienn. Leon J. 414 Bienz. Daniel M. 358 BIG ' W " CLUB. 286 Bigser. Linda M. 454 Biglin. John W. 473 Bigsby. Thomas D. 128. 392 Billings, Imogen R. 370 Bills. Susan 370 Bingaman, David E. 488 Bingay. Charles P. 291, 428 Binkley, Dennis E. 163. 368 Binsfield. Nancy L. 163. 466 Bippes. Floyd E. 356 Bird. Charles L. 482 Bird. Nancy A. 354 Bird. Susan J. 354 Bires. LaDonna J. 200. 352 Birkenbuel. Richard 426 Bisbee. John A. 399. 496 Bishop. Charles R. 488 Bishop. Cheryl R. 352 Bishop, Craig J. 434 Bishopp, Mary E. 163 Bishopp, Stephen 394 Bisig, Linnea R. 454 Bisom, Michael G. 422 Bilsetf, Eldee L. 428 Bivins. Robert E. 460 Bjorgan. Randy M. 368 Biork. Larry D. 482 Bjorkedal. Albert 453 Bjurstrom. Terry D. 356 Black. Diane L. 455 Black. James S. 422 Black, John C. 128 Black, Norman E. 356 Blackford, Irene F. 464 Blackshaw, Linda M. 488 Blackstock, Cynthia 380, 520 BLAINE 446 Blaine. Edward G. 358 Blake, Ann 520 Blake. Joan K. 386 Blake. Peter H, 190, 356 Blanchard. Janet M. 455 Blandin. William A. 175 Blankenship, Harvey 356 Blankenship. W. Kent 392 Blasihgame. Barbara 194, 406 Blayden. Carolyn A. 128 Blaylock. Carolyn J. 456 Blessing, David 328 Blessing. Janet E. 190. 305, 466 Block, Judith A. 128, 418 Blood, David E. 401 Bloom. Barbara L. 322, 354 Bloom, Caria A. 478 Bloom. Lynda R. 163. 466 Bloomquist, William D. 194 Blum. William L. 291, 340, 432 Blumenthal. Brenda 163. 404 Blunden, Lloyd M. 424 BIystad. Ann 186. 323, 324, 386 BOARD OF CONTROL 40 BOARD OF REGENTS 112 Boatman. Laurel D. 323, 346 Bobst. Karen L. 354 Bocek. Susan E. 321. 350 Bock. Dick 254 Bock. Edward L. 392 Boddy. Jean M. 38. 40, 163, 323, 384 Bode, Tim R. 482 Bodker, Barbara J. 370 Boehm, Christopher J, 422 Boehringer. Larry H. 430 Boeing Company 496 Bogdan, Thomas A. 390 Bogen, Beverly K. 380 Bogue, Raymond L. 428 Bohn. Philip D. 291. 420 Bohrer. R. Greg 368 Bohrnsen. Andrew C. 420 Bolin, Margaret J. 370 Bolles. Terry M. 350 Bolm. Richard D. 184 Bolt. Krzysztof F. 488 Bond. E. Jay 240. 392 Bonner, Bonnie C. 282 Bonstrom, Gary D. 448 Bonuccelli. James A. 154, 466 Bonuccelli, Robert A. 458 Bonzon. Gary R. 293 Boon. Donna L. 154. 290, 418 Boone. Ronald D. 452 Booth. Douglas 328 Booze. James A. 453 Borchgrevink. Karen L. 350 Borden, Dons L. 455 Bordner, O. Steven 128, 326, 362 Borgford. Richard J. 128 Borhauer. Louise P. 464 Borrow. Betsy L. 382 Bosch. Donna L. 163 Boshaw. Phillip A. 41. 436 Bosse. Sharon Lee 282 Boster. Kerry L. 124. 364 Bostwick. Bank M. 46. 293, 374 Botting. Mary J. 163. 384 Bottomly. Kim 520 Boughner. David R. 175 Boulton, Bonita S. 480 Bourque, Janice S. 450 Bouska, Gaylene M. 192, 445 Boutin, Sandra L. 321, 418 Bow, Melanie M. 457 Bowen, Diane M, 360 Bowen, Virginia G. 438 Bower, Paul S. 447 Bowman. Edward L. 194 Bowman. Robert W. 416 Bowman. Thomas E. 453 Bowser. Glen R. 293, 344 Boyce, Dale E. 488 Boyce, Susan L. 444 Boyd. Bruce, D. 434 Boyd. Cheryl N. 454 Boyd. Corinne A. 322. 380 Boyd. Gordon T. 399 Boyd. James L. 466 Boyd. Karen A. 450 Boyd. Marshall D, 420 Boyd. Mary H. 372 Boyd. Robert M. 430 Boyd. Steven 34 Boyer, Bruce D. 488 Boyer. Rebecca J. 418 Boyle. Dorothy M. 282 Boyns. Frederick C. 366 Boynton, Kathleen S. 386 Boynton, Mane S. 128. 418 Bovs. Kaye S. 290, 313, 321, 322, 354 Boys, Paul A. 175, 306 Bozarth, Maureen A. 352 Braa. Cynthia L. 450 Bracelin. Elizabeth 328 Bracken. Jo Ann 190. 305. 466 Brackman. Theodore 376 Bradburn. Pamela G. 128. 418 Bradford. Jack W. 163 Bradfute, Nora J. 384 Bradley, Flora 328 Bradley, James H. 344 Bradley, Michael L. 482 Bradshaw, Barbara J. 364 Brady, Daniel W. 154, 340, 408 Brady, Kandi L, 163 Brady, Kathleen H. 380 Brady, Maurita L. 465 Braff, Andrew C. 341 Braga, Donna L. 190. 305 Bragg. Terre L. 352 Braicks, Margaret A. 444 Braislin. James M. 376 Brallier, Christine E. 481 Braman, Wendy 382 Bramel, Robert W. 175. 297. 447 Brammer, Karin M. 350 Brand. Dennis J. 420 Bradsjo. Maria E. 354 Brandt. JoEllen 406 Brann, Douglas E. 477 Brannon. Barbara A. 342 Brant. Mary H. 488 Branter, Paul 328 Braschel, Grant O. 163 Brashen, Henry M. 128, 432 Brastow, Raymond T. 366 Brattebo. Peggy A. 350 Bratton. H. Richard 124, 240 Braun, William W. 374 Brawn, R. James 128. 390 Brawn. Valerie E. 457 Breall. Theodore E. 291. 432 Breckenridge. Richard 426 Breda. Tom F, 356 Breedman. Sally J. 488 Breen. Cathy C. 128 Brehm. Karl F. 376 Breitenstein. Emily 472 Bresch. Donna M. 472 Bressler. Karen J. 444 Bretthauer. Bruce H. 341 Brewer, Barbara L. 384 Brewster, Polly S. 313, 322, 364 Bridgewater, Beverly J. 350 BRIGADEARS 313 Brighton. Elaine 128 Brigman. Lance D. 291. 428 Brimacombe. Neil G. 155 Brinck. Linda M. 488 Bringhurst, Edward 175 Brisbin, Michael L. 356 Brisco, Keith E. 416 Britell. Charles E. 341 Britten. Suzanne M. 155 Britton. Christopher L. 368 Brixner. Jutieann 163. 370 Broadbent. Neal E, 175 Brcadston. Lois A. 378 Brock. Linda M. 445 Broder. Lawrence N. 414 Broggel, Daniel E. 434 Broman. Barry 496 Broman, Gretchen L. 128 Bromley. Susan T. 128 Brooks. Christopher G. 422 Brooks. Judie 328 Brooks. Sandra L 382 Brooks. Sherrill E. 406 Brosey. Richard L. 408 Brost. Terri Y. 476 " BROTHER TO DRAGONS " 84 Brothers. Jack R. 163 Brothers. Jerome R. 128 Brotman. David M. 128, 327, 432 Brott, Claudia A. 364 Broughten, Jill K. 406 Broughten, Judy D. 128, 406 Broughton, Joan M, 290, 323, 370, 371 Brown, Alan G. 155 Brown, Beverley I. 438 Brown, David J. 356 Brown, Dennis J. 128 Brown, Dexter B. 194 Brown, Francis L. 488 Brown, F. Roger 128 Brown, Gary L. 155, 296, 390 Brown, Julian H. 399 Brown, Karen Ann 382 Brown, Karen Anne 456 Brown, Kenneth E. 276 Brown, Lynne E. 370 Brown, Mark E. 124, 466 Brown, Noelle J. 450 Brown, Patricia A. 454 Brown, Patricia Ann 321, 352 Brown, Paul K. 426 Brown. Phillip A. 155 Brown. Roger 362 Brown, Steven P. 470 Brown, Susan L. 480 Brown, William R. 366 Brownell, Deborah V. 406 Brownell, Elizabeth B. 406 Broze, George J. 128. 328, 412 Broze, Gregory J. 155 Bruce, Linda M. 488 Bruce. Rebecca 346 Brumage. Jane K. 128 Brum. Michael 26 Brumfield, Richard 390 Brummet, Susan C. 305, 480 Brumwell, Pamela D. 370 Bruneau. Louis W. 155, 296 Brunk, Pamela S. 354 Brusseau, Ronald R. 376 Bryan, Ethel A. 488 Bryan, Kenneth R, 434 Bryan. Lynne S. 128, 386 Bryant, Sen S. 339, 368 Bryant, Nancy 129. 303, 488 Bryant. Phyllis L. 352 Brynildsen. Richard S. 448 Brzoska, Thomas J. 341 Buck. Callene D. 372 Buck, Linda J. 380 Buck, Mary E. 406 Buck. Wendy L. 406 Buckingham. Thomas C. 129 Buckley, Peter K. 362 Bucklin, Alison B. 378 Buckton, Craig P. 474 Buc?ko, Richard B. 426 Budnick. Barbara L. 346 Buettner, Lynette S. 445 Buffington. Roscoe 129 Bugge. John R. 88 Buhre, Gerald E. 184 Buhtz. Daria G. 35) Buhtz. Robin L. 280. 350 Bulger. Alan C. 420 Bullock, Rae Ann 333. 378 Bumpardner. John R. 392 Bundlie. Trudi K. 476 Bundy, Donald L. 341 Bunker, Barbara J. 282 Bunten, Georgia G. 129, 463 Burden, James M. 155 Burdett, James R. 362 Burger, Susan J. 129 Burgess, Gerald L. 388 Burgess, Teresa A. 444 Burgett, Kathleen 364 Burgh, Dorothy V. 280, 350 Burgy. Robert C. 400 Burhans, Douglas A. 408 Burhans. Stephen W. 408 Burink, Pamela J. 280, 337, 528 Burke, Roger W. 129 Burke, Judy J. 465 BURKE MUSEUM 102 Burke. William C. 356 Burkette. Michael E. 401 Burkey. Anne M. 450 Burkey. Sheral A. 372 Burkhart. Christine 444 Burkhart. Thomas H. 293, 374 Burkheimer, Chris 380 Burkheimer, Robert B. 436 Burkland, Gary L. 488 Burleson, Gary P. 326, 376 Burley, Lome T. 344 Burlingame, Gary D. 416 Burlingame. Michael H, 401 Burrrark. Robert C. 482 Burn3tt. Eden E. 129. 386 Burnett. L. James 436 Burnett. Nancy C. 129. 472 Burnett. Robert J. 399 Burnham. Billy R. 422 Burns. Jack A. 399 Burrill. Leighton H. 388 Burrows. Chris W. 368 Bursett. Cheryl L. 402 Burt. Wendy S. 282 Burton. D, Ellen 352 Bus. Richard J. 194 Buse. Kathleen M. 380 Buse. Michael N. 293. 344 Bush, Barbara L. 350 Bush, Joanne E. 370 Bush, Michael R. 326 Bush, Nancy J. 348 Bush. Robert P. 129 Bushell. Brenda L. 290. 445 Bushnell, Peggy A. 26, 380 Bushnell, S. Ward 163, 362 BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION, SCHOOL OF 154 BUSINESS STAFF, A.S.U.W. PUBLICATIONS 65 Buskas, Carol L. 488 Buskas, Roger W. 488 Buskirk, Burl B. 420 Bussard, John 0. 356 Butenko. Eugene 328 Butler, David 82 Butler, Jane G. 463 Butler, Kathleen R. 290, 350 Butler, Robert K. 175, 276 Butler, Ronald A. 432 Butler, Timothy P. 374 Butrim, Anna M. 457 Buttenob, Laurie J. 347 Bux, Robert C. 410 Bye, Edward O. 416 Byers, Amy L. 478 Byers, Marilyn K 18. 59, 360, 496 Byers, H. Wade 175 Bynum, William R. 155 Byron, M. Diane 463 Byron, Villene E. 456 c Caballero, Frank 175 Cadagan, Dan J. 374 Caddey. Chuck 496 Cady, Charles D. 155. 296, 394 Caffee, Patrick N 430 Caffrey. Dennis S. 163 Caggiano. Gwendolyn M. 455 Caggiano, Judy M. 481 Cahlll, David R. 362 Cain. Cathy L. 380 Caines. David M. 341 Cairns. Patricia J. 465 Caldart, Charles C. 410 Caldwell. Bruce A. 428 Caldwell. Susan S. 190 Callahan, Cathleen L. 437 Callen. Laura Z. 456 Callihan. Charles V, 376 CAMANO 451 Campbell. Alan D. 394 Campbell. Bcnnie J. 200, 354 Campbell, R. Bryce 412 Campbell. Catherine A. 354 Campbell. Catherine L. 129, 488 Campbell, Donald W. 344 Campbell. Duncan F. 155, 3V2 Campbell, Gary L. 155 Campbell. Jacqueline E. 472 Campbell. Laurie B. 347 Campbell. Nicole P. 382 Campbell. Pamela J. 378 Campbell. Patrick R. 412 Campbell. Richard L. 448 Campbell. Robert H. 392 Campbell. Robert R. 356 Campbell, Sharon L. 406 Campbell. Susan M. 129 Campbell. Susan M. 129, 386 Campbell. Thomas A. 401 Campbell. Victoria G. 382 CAMERON 447 Camperson, Janet A. 290. 418 CAMPUS APPEAL 43 CAMPUS ART 98 Canan. Timothy G. 341 Cane. Daniel C. 401 Canfield. Elmer E. 447 Canfield. Lome J. 276 Canfield. Sarah E. 347 Canorro. Anthony B. 399 Cantalini. Kati 354 Canterbury. Jacqueline L. 280, 380 Capell. Gertrude F 129. 307, 466 Capaan, Dorothy 328 Caproni, Darlene C. 201 Carbery, John B. 394 Carbery. Marilyn J. 305. 380 Carboneau. William R. 190 Carder. Carole N. 445 CardiH. Edward I. 194 Carey. Bernardean 129. 456 Carey. Christie A. 465 Carey. Geoftrey M. 130. 399 Carey. Lee M. 466 Cargol. Patty G. 454 Cangnon. James D. 374 Carleton. Penelope J. 364 Carli. Viktona A. 457 Carlin. Gary 328 Carlisle. Ellis L. 356 Carlson. Caren R. 465 Carlson, Carol J. 418 Carlson. Craig H. 428 Carlson. Craig S. 488 Carlson, David R. 434 Carlson. Dennis A. 155, 327, 334, 37-! Carlson, Diana L. 438 Carlson. Edmund D. 466 Carlson. E. Jerome 163. 291, 374 Carlson, Eric E. 293 Carlson, Judith A. 186 Carlson, Kenneth 328 Carlson, Richard F. 374 Carlson. Vincent L. 412 Carmichael. Douglas 396 509 Carmichael, Katherine 321, 322, 352 Carmichael. Teresa D. 382 Carney, John P. 358 Carney. P. Cathleen 354 Carnovale, Linda J. 333, 370 Caron, Paul E. 462 Carpenter, Bruce F. 362 Carpenter. Caryl G. 280. 322, 380 Carpenter. Edward A. 434 Carpenter. Gary J. 436 Carpenter, James M. 399 Carpenter, James 0. 64, 130, 376 Carpenter. Mary L. 372 Carr. Alan R. 194 Carr, Belinda B. 130 Carr, Cathleen M. 130, 324 Carr. Dave 236 Carr. Nancy C. 476 Carras. Cheryl A. 347 Carrell. Curtis E. 488 Carrell, John R. 356 Carrol, Joseph J. 432 Carroll, Michele E. 342 Carson, Arnold B. 368 Carstens, Donald A, 130, 344 Cartano, Julie 406 Carter, Barbara J. 370 Carter, Carol L. 418 Carter, Gary 328 Carter, Kathleen A. 364 Carter, Mary A. 29, 370 Carter, Paula J. 478 Carter, Susan L. 382 Carver, John P. 374 Carver, Sandra G. 347 CASCADE. 452 Case. Carter J. 436 Case. M. Diane 488 Casey. Susan E. 282 Caskey. Gail F. 130. 350 Cassidy. Janet 85 Cassidy. Paul M. 163 Castleberry. Bob 48, 49 Caston. Linda L. 404 Castro, Barbara A. 186, 352 Catlow. Harley W. 434 Cato. Amanda M. 380 Cattle. Bradford N. 44. 412 Catton. Robert A. 155. 296 Causey. Graydon G. 130 Cedergreen. Chris J. 392 Celms. John V. 130, 257, 327, 340. 392 Chabot, Joyce J. 163 Chadwick, Stephen W. 291, 424 Chaffee, Charles T. 291, 374 Chamberlain, Clifford S. 175 Chamberlain, Hadley E. 291, 356, 357 Chamberlin, Camille M. 459 Chamberlin, Harvey H. 420 Chambers, John A. 396 Chandler, Gregory D. 362 Chandler, Judy A. 347 Chaney, Mary C. 457 Chiang, Norm 293 Chantiny, Andrea L. 163 Chapman, Herbert S. 155 Chapman, Joyce A. 186, 364 Chapman, Marilyn M. 364 Chapman, Michael J. 422 Chappie, LeRoy W. 392 Chappie, Stanley 91, 95 Chase. Christopher E. 410 Chase. Gene L. 184 Chastain. John L. 399 Checkley. David M. 434 Cheever, James R. 63, 390, 496 CHELAN 453 Chen. Kent C. 175 Cheney. Scott W. 434 Cherry. Raymond L. 488 Chesney, Daniel B. 410 Cheung, Mary Ann 163 Chhabra, Naresh K. 488 CHI OMEGA 364 CHI PSI 366 Chiang. Norman I. 424 Child, Maralyn E. 406, 520 Childs, Lawrence M. 155 Chilton, Craig A, 362 Chilton. Pamela S. 380 Chin. Gary W. 368 Chin, John M. 368 Chinella, Ralph 430 Chinn, Lila P. 488 " CHOICE " 43 Chopard, Carolyn J. 483 Chorlton. Janet I. 380 Chou, Jane W. 155 Chriest. Jane L. 406 Christensen. Gailen 455 Christensen, Lise M. 450 Christensen, Marilyn J. 163 Christensen, Patsy M. 118 Christensen, Paul A. 194 Christensen, Paul M. 488 Christensen, Susan A. 463 Christensen, Tod R. 477 Christenson. Sue K. 456 CHRISTIAN SCIENCE ORGANIZATION 277 Christiansen, Carol J. 488 Christiansen, Nancy C. 347 Christiansen, Al 254 Christiansen, Robert L. 291, 420 CHRISTMAS PARTY 30 Christopherson, John M. 341 Chubb, Carol K, 464 Chun, Ramona K, 192, 472 Church, Thomas R, 390 Church, Veronica L. 450 Churchill, James D. 155, 293 Churchill, Victoria 382 Cissell, Victor L. 155, 466 Claar, Charlene L. 186 Clark, Bruce A. 390 Clark, C. Jean 187, 364 Clark, Charles R. 408 Clark, David T. 155 Clark, Gerald A. 155, 392 Clark, John L. 356 Clark, Roberta J. 163 Clark, Robin L. 481 Clark, William L. 488 Clarke, Dennis G. 293, 358 Clarke, Russell L. 374 Clarkson, Christine M. 350 Clausen, Gary P. 175 Clauson, Christine A. 445 Claussen, Janet S. 130, 372 Clawson, Scott T. 399 Clayton, Charles P. 462 Clayton, Paula M. 446 Clees. John A. 362 Cleland. Thomas E. 396 Clem, Carmon D. 155 Clemence, R. Shirlene 488 Clements, James A. 426 Clements, William 412 Clemmons, Dennis W. 291, 390 Cles, Linda D. 488 Clewett, Anne K. 155 Cliff, Robert C. 434 Clifford, Diane L. 352 Clift, Michael A. 430 Clifton, Marion 370 Climer, David F. 375 Cline, Candice A. 342, 524 Cline, Charles S. 424 Cline, Robert R. 424 Cline, Sharon A. 454 Cline, Vicky L. 459 Clines, Raymond H. 462 Clipp, Beverly J, 350 Clothier, Kirk A. 155, 254, 394 Clouse, Valinda I. 386 Coats, William A. 344 Cobb, Gregory G. 130, 474 Coddington, Diane I. 350 Coe, Thomas F. 175 Cohagen, Cynthia 333, 372 Cohen, Barbara D. 404 Cohen, Cliff 220 Cohen, Frances 328 Cohen, Jerome O. 432 Cohen, John D. 130 Cohen, Margo C. 290, 380 Cohen, Paula J. 404 Cohen, Richard B. 432 Cohen, Robert J. 130, 414 Cohen, Steve M. 432 Cohn, Barry M. 432 Cohn, Marvin J. 414 Cohon, Linda F, 348 Cohrs, Gordon W. 130 Coker, Cliff 31 Colburn, A. Bert 475 Colburn, Diane M. 488 Cole, Barbara R. 380 Cole, Janet C. 386 Cole, Pete 319 Cole, Phyllis E. 315, 466 Cole, Richard 293, 362 Cole, Vicki G. 187 Cole, William 90 Colley, Douglas J. 130, 399 Collier, J. Edward 356 Collier, Thomas W. 488 Collings, Katherine M. 476 Collins, Astrid A. 163, 455 Collins, Jo 42 Collins, Leslie E. 473 Collins, Marilyn R. 354 Collop, Kenneth R. 358 Colson, James D. 434 Colton, Keith E. 196, 488 Coltart, John F. 175, 340, 416 Colvin, Gregory L. 130 Colwell, Carolyn M. 382 Colyar, Kathleen T. 354 Comis, John G. 488 COMMUTERS 488 COMPASS AND CHART (NAVY) 316 Compton, David S. 448 Compton, George 496 Compton, Mark K. 488 Compton, Mary 480 Comstock, Ted M. 130 Conca, Steven F. 375 Condon, Charles R. 130 Condon, David B. 422 Conger, Paul A. 341 Congleton, Helen A. 130 Conkle, John R. 473 Conklin. Donald F. 155 Conkhn, Peggy M. 382 Conn, Kenneth G. 194 Connelly, Thomas J. 375 Conners, Michael C. 375 Conrad, Dennis A. 155, 296 Conrad, Ernest M. 115 Conrad. Douglas A. 410 Conrad. Richard 18, 54, 62, 496 Conway, John A. 95 Cook, Helen J. 455 Cook, James L. 130 Cook, Nancy L. 130 Cook, Richard A. 276 Cooley, Lynn V. 464 Coombs, Roger A. 325, 475 Cooper, Cheryl D. 163, 354 Cooper, James A. 155, 426 Cooper, Kathryn C. 384 Cooper, Marcia L. 348 Cooper, Thomas L. 362 Cope, Jim 222 Copland, Lynn 380 Copley, Candace R. 454 Coppersmith, Peggy L. 466 Coppock, Jane F. 201 Corbett, Arthur C. 130, 466 Corbett, Robert J. 392 Corbin, Larry A, 190 Cordell, Sandra G. 130 Cordova, Bette R. 348 Cordova, Sharon S. 488 Corey, Kathy M. 406 Corkhill, Jeffrey A. 231 Corlett, Catherine 328 Cornelius, Kay E. 280, 350 Cornelius, Terry L. 416 Cornell, Sharon L. 348 Corning, Tom 293 Cornutt, Norman A. 488 Cornutt, Pamela C. 457 Correa, Glenn F. 412 Correia, Linda J. 354 Correll, James H. 155 CORVETTES 315 Corzine, Pamela L. 481 Cosgrove, Susan L. 457 COSMO CLUB 278 Costello, Paulette 380 Costello, Richard A. 416 Costigan, Giovanni 24 Cote, Paul C. 488 Cotter, Mark Q. 488 Cottrell, Kay N. 456 Couch, Mary Lou 472 Couch, William M. 155 Counter, Steven I. 155 Counts. Cheryl M. 163 Courrier. John B, 194 Courteau. M. Adrian 396 Courtnage, Michael 328 Covey. Mark D. 430 Covey. Peter H. 375 Cowan, Douglas D. 376 Cowan, Janet 280, 380 Cowan, Laurie 130. 380 Cowan. Mary Jane 386 Cowan. Ronald I. 432 Cowles. Paul O. 358 Cowles, Ronald E. 130 Cox. Janis I. 354 Cox, Kathryn S. 354 Cox. Pamela C. 457 Coyle. John M. 131 Cozart. Stephen L. 392 Cozzetto, George F. 428 Craig. Colin C. 394 Craig. Lawrence W, 477 Cramer, Cheryl M. 187 Cramer. Philip B. 175, 305 Cramsey. Donald L. 175 Crandal, C, Kenneth 392 Crane, Karoline A. 386 Crane, Mary K. 354 Cranston, Pat 44 Crawford, Bruce E. 426 Crawford. Cheryl L. 155 Crawford. Elizabeth A. 323, 442, 478 Crawford, James W. 401 Crawford. Jean 354 Crawford, John T. 175, 297, 306 Crawford. Laurie A. 163 Crawford, Suzanne E, 446 Crecelius, Marcia N. 450 Creelman, Kevin 363 Creighton, R. Michael 368 Crenshaw, Karen A. 372 Crenshaw, W. Michael 396 Crider, James 95 Crist, Robert T. 376 Criswell, Sharon L. 163 Critchlow. Barbara L. 481 Crivelli, Michael A. 356 Crockett, J. Devney 390 Crockett, Sharon L. 131, 380 Crockett, Susan J. 290, 354 Crockford, Jim 245 Croes, Rebecca L. 382 Croft, Alfred W. 155. 276 Cronin. Nancy P. 457 Crosby. Sandra J. 131. 324, 466 Crose, B. Joyce 418 Cross, David R. 488 Crossett, Carolyn K. 354 Crowley, David N. 131, 291 Crowther, Errett W. 175, 306 Crull. Whitney A. 382 Cuffel, Robert C. 466 Cullen, Janet E. 456 Cullen, Paul A. 376 Cullor, Janet L. 378, 466 Cullor, Susan J. 131 Culpepper, Barbara J. 342 Culpepper, Gary C. 131, 412 Culver, Daniel J. 453 Cummins, Robert S. 392 Cunningham, Bradly 426 Cunningham, Joel D. 426 Cunningham, Marilyn E. 342 Cunningham, William A. 477 Curran, Lucinda D. 350 Curry, Joelle A. 372 Curtin, John J. 175 Curtis, Cathleen 61, 307, 466 Curtis, Mareth S. 131, 382 Cushihg. Deberah A. 402 Cushman. Jeffrey A. 131, 340 Cvitkovic, Michael 375 CYPRESS 454 Cyra, Charles A. 412 Cysewski, Gerald R. 396 D Dacca, Franklin L, 477 Dack, David W. 422 Dack, Molly 372 Dagadakis, Christ S, 276 Dahl. C. Lorie 392 Dahl, Kris T. 422 Dahl, Nancy M. 464 Dahl, Norman A. 488 Dahl, Rannell M. 461 Dahl, Robert V, 297, 358 Dahlberg, Diane M, 364 Dahlem, Frederic H. 466 Dahlgard, Jo Anne 163 Dahlie, Annalee 131, 443, 445 Dahlin, Ann L. 131, 386 Dahike, Gary A. 131, 366 Dahlquist, Christy M. 347 Dahlquist. Duane S. 475 Daiber. Gretchen M. 386 DAILY 56 Dakan, Carl S. 344 Dale, Joey C. 155 Dalley, Janet L. 163, 488 Dalrymple, Robert 394 Daly, Kathleen M. 290, 372 Daly, Richard H. 376 Daly, Sheryl J. 444 Daly, Susanne M. 444 Dalzell, Patricia 406 Dam, Larry W. 131, 291, 326, 340 376 Damm, Nancy V. 163 Danell, John P. 175, 297, 466 Daniels, Alfred R. 155, 296, 422 Daniels, Harold F. 276 Daniels, Spencer W. 366 Daniels, Vicki N. 364 Danielson, A. Greg 392 Danielson, Richard A. 399 Danielson, Steve B. 426 Daniggelis, Francine K. 418 Daniggelis, Spiro 363 Danner, Linda C. 64, 131, 307, 323. 354 D ' Antuona, Michael W. 291, 420 Danz, Ronald G. 432 Darby, Carolyn A. 378 Darby, Margaret D. 131, 418 D ' Arielli, Janice M. 370 Darling, Donna L. 463 Darnton, John C. 344 Daulph, Judith A. 350 Davenport, Margaret R. 481 Davidson, James D. 175 Davidson, Richard O. 420 Davidson, Timothy B. 131, 394 Davies. Virginia B. 384 Davis, Alanson 84 Davis, Barbara A. 450 Davis, Beverly I. 480 Davis, Brad C. 376 Davis, Charles D. 488 Davis. Claudia A. 488 Davis. Daniel G. 488 Davis, Donald M. 416 Davis, Margaret K. 187 Davis, Nancy L. 459 Davis, Patricia Ann 131 Davis, Patricia A. 450 Davis, Robert W. 328, 345 Davis, Sandra L. 455 Davis, Scott A. 131 Davis. Susan S. 463 Davison, Richard J. 462 Dawson, Deanna R. 382, 520, 527 Dawson, James H. 131, 368 Day, Judith A. 481 Day, Roger W. 155 Day, Steven R. 453 Daye, E. Carolynn 131 Dayton, Terry A. 477 Deal, David R. 422 Dean, Larry J. 131, 326 Dearey, William M. 276 Deasy, Anita L. 43, 46, 323, 370 Deasy, Mary E. 370 DeBay. Gregory O. 390 De Bruler. Mary Ellen 450 Decius. Nancy 465 de Desrochers, Sylvia R. 488 de Desrochers. Viiginia 459 DeFelice, Janet C. 446 DeFotis, Dennis E. 453 DeFunis, Marco 414 DeGrazia, M. Carl 436 DeGross, Gerrie E. 175 Dehn, Michael M, 394 Dehn, William T, 175, 306, 340, 394 Deitrick, George H, 163, 447 Delaney, Joseph H. 325, 436 DeLateur, Catherine L. 372 DeLateur, Margaret A. 163, 372 De Lay, Suzanne M. 352 DeLeon. Micheal J. 414 Delius, Christine 370 DeLong. Stephanie K. 352 DELTA CHI 368 DELTA DELTA DELTA 370 DELTA GAMMA 372 DELTA TAU DELTA 374 DELTA UPSILON 376 DELTA ZETA 378 DelZoppo. Gregory J. 325. 424 Demikis. Donald V. 131. 488 Deming, Duane B. 394 Deming, Gerald E. 131 De Money, Dale 442 Dempsey, Thomas C. 155, 399 De Muynck, Donna M. 194, 324, 352 Dennis, Bruce C, 412 Dennis. Kathleen J. 163 Dent, Frederick K. 368 Dent. H. Joy 131. 442 DENTISTRY. SCHOOL OF 194 Denton. Antoinette M. 384 Denton. Bruce C. 436 Denton. Daniel G. 430 Denton, Julie A. 131 Derby, G, Steve 155, 296, 466 Derickson, Dennis 192, 390 Derry, William E. 390 Desler. Jacqueline E. 133. 384 Despot. Kenneth H. 175, 401 Dethman, John L. 426 Detrich. Sharman L. 382 DeVaney. Russell D. 424 Devine. John G. 477 510 Maid of Chi Psi SALLY HANEY Pi Beta Phi —Walters Studio 511 ' Devine, Patricia I. 133, 382 DEVOE 455 Oewar. Douglas M. 133, 369 Dewar, Gregory H. 369 Dhoore, James R. 155, 466 Dhoore, Thomas P. 133 Diafos. Nick P. 392 Dick, Dorothy B. 354 Dick, Jo Anne 133 Dickey. Patricia L. 465 Dickinson, Leah R. 342 Di Donate. Nancy E. 280, 321, 350 Diepenheim, Marjan 488 Dier. Kathleen M. 365 Dier, Sylvia A. 133, 466 Dierich, Laurie E. 133. 455 Dietsch, Charles C. 420 DiJulio, Florence 133 Dilie. K. Jeanne 457 Dilling, Carol A. 163, 280, 290, 466 Dilling. Marianne 370 Dillman. Russell D. 416 Dillow, John D. 175. 306, 436 Dimmitt, E. Gayle 352 Dimock, Laurence G. 475 Ding. Donald W. 430 Dingle, Anna M. 450 Dirkan, Martin 49 Disbrow. Harry C. 488 Diskin. Marsha J. 337, 404 Dissmore. Timothy 453 Dittmann. Susan M. 372 Dittmer, Robert J. 412 Dobbin, William M. 358 Dobbs. Linda G. 280, 370 Dobos. Jeannie R. 290, 438 Dobrick, James C. 155, 326, 3!;0. 369 Dobson, Margaret A. 350 Doces. Helene M. 371 Dockestader, Robert 328 Dodds, Alejandra M. 280, 372 Dodds. Diane C. 195, 364 Dodge. Gail L. 476 Dodge, John R. 376 Dodson. Lynn Y. 450 Doerr, Dennis J. 453 Dokken, Gerald W. 124 Dokken. Judith L. 454 Dolan, Steve D. 460 Dollarhide. Virginia M. 163 Donahue. Patrick E. 155 Donald, Craig J. 401 Donaldson. Brad J. 424 Donaldson. William B. 430 Donckers, Ronald L. 422 Dong. Norma L. 378 Dong, Robert B. 341 Donley, Patricia J. 418 Donner. William B. 432 Donofrio, Richard F. 430 Donohue, Karin A. 342 Donohue. Laura G. 418 Dooley. Carol 328 Dooley. Kathleen D. 360 Doran. James W. 326. 412 Dormaier. Dennis K. 341 Dorman. Barry W. 482 Dorsey. Joanne N. 384 Dorsey, Lynn D. 473 Dos Remedies. Frank A. 275 Dosskey, Sheila E. 488 DOTSON 456 Doubt, Rcark M. 428 Doud, Donald R. 488 Doud, Ronald L. 420 Dougherty. Sandra L. 384 Doughty. Jane A. 133 Douglas, John W. 436 Douglas. Michael B, 408 Douthitt. John D. 163 Dow, Chuck L. 408 Dow. Shirley K. 355 Dowd. Sharon E. 466 Dowdy, Deanna L. 446 Dowler, Judith C. 438 Downey, Suzanne K. 333. 360 Dowthwaite, Patricia 461 Draeger. Thomas R. 175, 466 Draisker, Karen M, 406 Drake, Kathleen A. 163 Dramer, Kathleen M. 187 Dramer, Tom 62, 496 Draper, Kristine G. 438 Dray, Martha L. 163, 384 Drebin, C. Rose 438 Dreher, Nancy A. 464 Dreiling, Thomas R. 326, 432 Drenkel, Bruce R. 416 Drescher, Melinda 347 Drescher. Richard A, 358 Drescher, Robert E. 358 Drew, Darcy L. 457 Dreyer, Robert P. 412 Driftmier, Richard 369 Driver, Sarah B. 445 Droettboom. Theodore 133 Drollinger, Leslie 384 Drong, Susan K. 450 Droppert, Annetta J. 465 Droltz, Richard A. 388 Drout, Cynthia S. 456 Druck, Bernard B. 363 Drumheller, Joseph 112 Drury, Kathleen 133, 347 Drushella, Susan D. 352 Du, Emily L. 133 Dubas, Marylin K. 192, 472 DuBois, Gary B. 394 Dubonsky, Darlene 404 Ducatt, Marjorie E. 488 Duckham, Susan M. 133 Duckworth, Mac 236 Ouenwald, Maria A. 457 Duff, Raymond L. 182 DuH, Sylvia M. 418 Duffey, Wanda J, 280, 323 DuHy, Joan P. 40, 280, 323, 372 Dutfy. Kathleen G. 372 Duffy, Thomas A. 356 Duffy, Wanda .166, 524 Dugger, Carl R. 133, 477 Dugger, Judy A. 446 Dumas, Craig N. 399 Dunagan, Shirley A. 418 Dunbar. Bonnie J. 464 Duncan, Bruce W. 175 Duncan, F. Andrew 453 Dunham, Guy A. 396 Dunki-Jacobs, Irene J. 446 Dunkin, Michael D. 473 Dunlap, Gene H. 293, 420 Dunlap, James C. 420 Dunlap, W. Leon 473 Dunlap, Linda K. 457 Dunning, Denise F. 457 Duran, Cynthia A. 481 Durbin, Stephen C. 399 Durham, Phyllis A. 450 Duringer. Jacques 175, 399 Durkin. Barbara 40 Du Shane, Don 45 Dussault, William L. 345 Dutton, Barbara K. 406 Dutton, Priscilla J. 384 Duykers, John 95 Dvorak, Diana K. 455 Dwoskin, Lois A. 133 Dwyer, James R. 430 Dyal, Michael H. 133 Dyer, Lorna V. 164, 324, 357 Dysart, Douglas K. 466 Dyson, Elissa C. 43, 280, 323, 364 Eads, Arthur R. 133, 369 Eardley, Kristine 370 Earl, Charles N. 296, 488 Earnest, Polly K. 384 Earnest, Steve 259 Eash, David E. 345 Easter, Richard C. 345 Easter, Scott B. 394 Easterwood, Cheryl 133 Eaton. James R. 420 Ebinger, John C. 133, 345 Ebright, Gregory R. 376 Eby, Patricia J. 133, 324, 406 Eby, Robert L. 436 Eck, Barbara L. 384 Ecker, Richard M. 133, 345 Eckert, William T. 325, 488 Ecklund, Victor T. 192 Eckmann, Thomas R. 345 Eddy, Jo Anne 488 Edelstein, Samuel 291, 414 Edge, Franklin L. 63, 123, 366, 496 Edmiston, Carol 190, 305, 466 Edmonson, Bruce 40 Edquist. Susan C. 454 EDUCATION. COLLEGE of 162 Edwards, Glen B. 376 Edwards, James W. 293, 375 Edwards, Marjorie J. 164, 364 Edwards, Marietta G. 328 Edwards, Susan 155, 382 Edwards, Thomas J. 475 Edwards, William A. 190 Egan, John A. 156, 392 Egbert, Gordon T. 369 Egge, Leann J. 476 Eggers, Douglas M. 375 Egly, Elizabeth 461 Egner, Patricia D. 386 Eguchi, Michael S. 430 Ehmer, Paul G. 369 Eichenberger, Rodney 92, 95 Eicher, John G. 156, 394 Eicher, Shirley B. 307, 386 Eichler, Steven E. 345 Eichler, Susan F. 347 Eirich, L. Dudley 399 Eisenbeisz, Robert A. 175, 297 Eisenman Stephen 416 Ekberg, Charles R. 133, 326, 340, 394 Ekberg, Steven K. 284, 394 Ekins, Patricia A. 488 Eko, Linda M. 478 Ekrom, Gary D. 376 Elaeson, Bonita L. 457 Elberson, William G. 340, 388 Elde, Randolph L. 482 Eldridge, Sarah E. 450 Elefson, Sandra L. 445 Eliason, Charlotte L. 290, 418 Elledge, Fern E. 192 Ellefson, Joleen E. 456 Eller, Susan F. 476 Ellingsen, E. Patricia 380 Ellingson, Paul G. 420 Elliott. A. Steve 394 Elliott, Donald E. 133, 276 Elliott, Eugene C. 114 Elliott, Lorna C. 350 Elliott, Roberta K. 456 Ellis, James R. 113 Ellis, Linda A. 386 Ellison, Dava R. 384 Ellison, Tonya R. 488 Elmendorf, Cheryl 478 Elo, Janet C. 488 Eloranta, Linda G. 156, 364 EIrod, G. Frank 341 Else, Mary L. 384 Elverum, Kenneth C. 133 Ely, Jana M. 133, 406 Emel, Victoria A. 489 Emerick, Betty J. 280, 335, 406, 520 Emerson, Frank A. 434 Emerson, Frederick A. 175, 466 Emery, Professor Donald 54 Emil, Christie L. 489 Empey, Susan Lee 133 Enbody, Joseph P. 133 Endres, J. Elizabeth 336, 418 Enfield, Carol G. 164 Eng, Jean S. 164 Eng, Perry 133 Eng, Philip T. 408 Eng, William L. 489 Engard, Pamela F. 352 Engel, Douglas A. 375 Engel, James P. 390 Engel. Steven R. 155, 291, 375 Engelking, Elin R. 402 Enger, John W. 390 Engerman, Robert C. 175, 306 ENGINEERING, COLLEGE of 174 ENGINEERING STUDENTS ' COUNCIL 299 Engle, David S. 399 English, David 328 English, Vicki L. 187 English, Vicky L. 190 Engstrom, Anne 347 Engstrom, Jim 229 Engstrom, Marilyn J. 347 Ennis, Sharon L. 466 Eno, Donna M. 355 Enomoto, Kenneth Y. 489 Enright, Michael L. 133 Enslow, Daphne M. 489 Enslow, R. James 401 Entenmann. Robert E. 489 Enyart, Bill 217 Epstein, Laurence G. 414 Epstein, Mark A. 432 Epton, Charles 328 Erickson, Alfred A. 376 Erickson, Bradley P. 175, 305 Erickson, Camille 386 Erickson, Rank L. 434 Erickson, Gary 328 Erickson, James R. 356 Erickson, Karon S. 365, 524 Erickson, Lee E. 474 Erickson, Leigh H. 133, 341 Erickson, Marcia A. 133 Erickson, Nancy G. 365 Erickson, Richard 259 Erickson, Robert J. 426 Erickson, Shirley J. 282 Erickson, Stanley E. 175, 363 Erickson, Steven C. 416 Erickson, Susan L. 164, 303, 520 Erickson, Thomas G. 345 Ericsen, Emily A. 133 Ericson. Use P. 489 " ERNEST IN LOVE " 82 Ernst, Raymond E. 124 Eros, Pamela A. 340 Erskine, Bonnie J. 133 Erskine, William C. 54 Erwin, Janice M. 201, 384 Eshelman, Carl P. 434 Eskenazi, Victoria 404 Eslick, Sharon H. 164, 467 Espedal, Patricia A. 489 Espeseth, Candace J. 489 Espinosa, Patrick S. 401 Ess, Lynda J. 463 Esselbach, Lynda J. 355 Esslinger, Richard A. 175 Estes, Stephanie G. 352 Estoesta, Bernie M. 459 Ethier. Daryl D. 382 ETHNOMUSICOLOGY 92 Eubanks, Ellen M. 465 Eustace, Candace M. 321, 347 Evans, Caroline 365 Evans, Daniel 77 Evans, Deborah M. 380, 517 Evans, Donald D. 369 Evans, Gary A. 460 Evans, Julie E. 382 Evans, Katherine A. 407 Evans, Kenneth L. 396 Evans, Marian E. 347 Evans, Pamela S. 454 Evans, Paula D. 442, 451 Evans, Susie K. 350 Evans, William H. 291, 422 Evenson, Christine 336, 384 Evenson, Kathryn A. 365 Everett, Christine L. 478 Everman, Linda C. 463 Everum, Ken 319 Evers, Lois A. 133, 467 Ewing, James A. 453 Ewing, Jimmie D. 293 Ewing, Marjorie E. 463 Excell. Steven C. 448 Eyer, Janet M. 456 Faa, Donald C. 422 Faber, Annette M. 384 Fackerell, Jack M. 414 Fackler, Elaine J. 164 Fager, Patricia A. 133, 360 Fagerstrom, David E. 356 Fagerstrom, Judith A. 489 Fagnant. Pamela J. 133 Fagot, Don M. 182, 467 Failor, Nancy L. 464 Fain, P. Steven 462 Fairbairn, Robert 156 Fairbanks, Randall L. 401 Fairleigh, Sonia S. 133 Falcone, Mark S. 355 Falconer, Sharlene 372 Fales, Jane H. 350 Falk, Christine M. 446 Falk, Ruth I. 192, 472 Falkner, Curtis H. 489 Falkner, Nancy L. 342 Fall, David T. 424 Fallon, Colleen A. 365 Fallsen, Harald B. 175 Fammestad, Reidun 133, 280 Fancher, Carolyn J. 382 Fankhauser, Robert K. 392 Farber, Stephen G. 414 Farenbaugh, Patricia L. 378 Farmer, Larry C. 133 Farnsworth, Bruce W. 44, 133, 327, 447 Farnsworth, Carol S. 290, 324, 455 Farnum, Keith A. 175, 306 Farr, S. Grant 133 Farrell, Deborah L. 465 Farrington, Sue A. 305, 467 Farsje, Peter W. 399 Farwell, George W. 116 Fast, Scott 0. 133, 482 Fate, Don D. 394 Faulkner, Cynthia J. 355 Faulkner, Nancy A. 305, 467 Faulkner, Ronald D. 489 Faulkner, William 87 Feder, Barry A. 134, 432 Feek, Ann C, 134, 365 Feinsod, Deborah 328 Feinstein, Larry B. 432 Feitush, Kimberly R. 347 Feldheger, Judi J. 382 Feldmann, Dana J. 420 Feldsted, Kent R. 399 Felker, Frederick S. 422 Felthous, Linda A. 365 Feltis, Pamela D. 489 Fenske. Julie A. 134 Ferch, Roger E. 416 Ferguson, Darryl B. 356 Ferguson, Howard C. 156 Ferguson, Ronald W. 164, 457 Feroe, John C. 293 Ferrel. Roger W. 489 Ferrell, Pamela J. 489 Ferrera, R. David 134, 326, 432 Ferris, Alan D. 134 Ferris, Claudia M. 352 Fessler, L. Daniel 473 Fety, James R. 399 Fidler, Brett C. 392 Field, Jim 259 Field. Susan M. 134, 418 Fielder, David R. 134, 467 Fielding, Julie M. 342 Fields. Christa R. 461 Fields, Henry E. 134 Fields, Steven J. 474 Figenbaum, Virginia M. 459 Filbin, Virginia M. 384 Finch, Penny R. 134, 324, 328 Finch, Suzann M. 481 Finder, Carolyn O. 290, 464 Finder, Margaret A. 489 Findlay, J. Duncan 134, 375 Finoeroot, Susan E. 404 Fmholm, John E. 156, 436 Fink, Doris E. 348 Finn, Christopher E. 375 Finney, D. Bruce 390 F.nney. Susan M. 134, 352 Finnigan, Frances A. 164, 370 Finnigan, Steve 259 Fiorella, Margaret A. 187 Fiorito, Dan N. 390 Fiorito, Victoria M. 347 Fischer. Franklin 328 Fish, Fredrick H. 359 Fish, Myra D. 481 Fisher, Michael A. 432 Fisher, Nancy A. 134 Fisher, Sam J. 430 Fisher, Thomas G. 475 FISHERIES, COLLEGE OF 182 Fitch, Michael L. 291, 489 Fitting, Janet S. 481 Fitting, Robert R. 134, 369 " itzgerald. Colleen 461 Fitzgerald, Kathleen 134 Fitzgerald, Patricia 308 Fitzsimmons, Rana 456 Fitzthum, Jeffery 375 Flagel. Edwin E. 134 Flaherty, Teresa A. 463 Flaks, Gini K. 404 Flaks. Kenneth A. 414 Flanders, Margaret 134, 382, 520 Flarys, Thereza C. 134, 365 Flatin, Penny 442, 443 Fleck, R. Clay 356 Fleischmann, Rosanne 348 Fleisher, Edward L. 432 Fleissner, Lea 342 Fleming, Janice I. 187 Fleming, Larry I. 156, 363 Fleming, Michael M. 426 Fletcher, John M. 426 Flett, T. Scott 276 Flickinger. Janet L. 352 Flickner, Janet M. 476 Fliflet, Dean 363 Fliger, Nanette K. 154, 342 Flint, Jim 44, 334, 338 Floberg, Jill A. 201 Flom, Jeanne L. 489 Flore, Kathleen A. 489 Florence, Judith A. 372 Flores, Larry R. 134 Flowers, B. Gay 280, 380 Fluharty, David L, 134 Flyg, Richard A. 325, 366 512 Husky Winter Sports Club Carnival Queen KATHLEEN SIMMONS Alpha Chi Omega — Kennell-Ellis 513 Kappa Sigma Stardust Queen JENNIFER SAYRE Alpha Gamma Delta Oftlpt .wtitK 514 Flynn. A. Deborah 372 Flynn, Bruce P. 131. 420 Flynn, Michael T. 420 Focke. Anne 328 Fodor. Cassandra A, 467 Fogde. Patricia E. 134 Foged, Karen B. 384 Fogh, Dennis D. 345 Foley. Patrick A. 369 Folkins, Kate P. 489 Follette, William C. 375 Follis. Millie M. 290, 342 Fontaine. Wendy L. 355 FOOTBALL 212 Foote, Steven A. 482 Forbes. Clayton R. 156, 356 Forbes, Craig L. 420 Forbes. Kathleen L. 365 Forbush. David A. 467 Ford. Catherine R. 464 Ford. John P. 420 Ford, Nancy L. 380 Ford. Richard Q. 156. 254. 412 Ford. Sandra L. 380 Ford. Yvonne L. 134. 347 Forde. Margaret J. 489 FORENSIC CLUB 300 FORESTRY. COLLEGE OF 184 Forschler. Kerry G. 175 Forsgren, Marilyn A. 134. 303 Forsman, Jan M. 467 Forssen. Carl G. 390 Forfier. Terry A. 358 Fortune. Ken 422 Foss. Jim 443 Foss. Ralph C. 408 Foster. Jeffrey R. 358 Foster. Shawn E. 365 Foucault. Allan L. 164. 489 Foutch. Melody D. 134 Fowler. Bruce A. 182. 276 Fox. Jimmy T. 477 Fox. Judith L. 450 Fox. Maureen E. 290. 402 Fox. Terry J. 134. 291 Foye, Robert B. 356 Frafjord, David L. 175 Fraker. Carolyn R. 134 Francis. James L. 175. 375 Francisco, Jean M. 467 Francisco, Patricia L. 478 Francisco. Russ K. 134, 390 Frank. Gail M. 478 Frank. Paul D. 462 Frank. Ralph 134. 460 Franke. Robert L. 375 Franklin, Gail M. 384 Franks, Jeannette S. 62. 350, 496 Franks. Stephen R. 426 Franz. Ronald A. 156 Franzen. Sharman N. 478 Fraser. Laurie A. 04 Frederick. Charlene S. 464 Frederick. Ronald J. 134. 489 Fredrick. Robert L. 156. 296 Frederickson. Peggy 454 Free. Ronald D. 293 Freeburn. Denny 45. 284 Freeburn. Larry A. 134 Freeley, Georgia M. 489 Freeman. Richard 328 Freeman. Roderick J. 376 Freemanson. Nahnie 134 Freimuth. Stanley G. 422 French. Richard 8. 434 Friberg. Thomas S. 325. 447 Fribrock. Janis L. 444 Freidman. Jo Anne 348 Friendly, Samuel J. 124. 467 Fritsch. Katherine L. 455 Fritz. Robert A. 358 Fritzinger, Betty J. 347 Froberg. Anne B. 456 Frost. James H. 156, 375 Frost, John G. 134 Frost. Larry A. 428 Frost. Sheryl L. 164. 489 Frost. William B. 363 Frykholm. Linda M. 342 Fuji. Marjorie H. 134. 467 Fujimura. John N. 459 Fujita, Paula R. 134 Fukushima. Shoichi 248, 426 Fuller. Gerald R. 477 Fuller. James R. 426 Fuller. Marise S. 489 Fulton, Jay A. 375 Fulton. Jefferson H. 156, 345 Fulton. Mary I. 489 Fulwiler. Brian C. 412 Fundine. William F. 156. 467 Funk. Gwendolyn L. 187. 418 Funkhouser. Connie J. 187 Fuqua. Donald C. 474 Furman. Christine M. 418 Furman, Randolph L. 134 Furse. Richard R. 358 Gabel, Elizabeth A. 18. 59. 134, 307, 496 Gaeth, Christine J. 31. 382 Gaetz. Anna J. 467 Gaffi, William C. 394 Gage. Michael L. 134. 420 Gaines, David C. 369 Galbraith. Marilyn J. 134, 355 Galbraith, Steven 328 Gall, Marilyn J. 164 Gall, Robert S. 192 Gallagher, Kathleen A. 134. 418 Gallaher. Edward J. 134 Galligan. Terrence A. 489 Galloway. Susan M. 58. 350, 496 Gallup, Laurie A. 134, 386 GAMMA PHI BETA 380 Candy. James R. 369 Gangler. Julie M. 360 Gann. Ronald W. 490 Gannon. Jim 258 Gapen. Leone M. 134 GARB DAY 26 Garbe. Gay L. 406 Gardiner. Allen W. 473 Gardner. Cameron E. 375 Gardner. Gregory L. 416 Gardner, Harry N. 176 Gardner. Jane E. 355 Gardner. John K. 117 Gardner. Kirk D. 195 Garke. Sharon A. 290, 352 Garmire. Sheral M. 402 Games. Shelley L. 450 Garnjobst. Patricia 490 Garr. Allison M. 201 Garrand. Timothy J. 359 Garretson. Gail P. 347 Garrett. Rayna L. 384 Garrett. Saralynne 355 Garrison. Catherine M. 464 Garrison. John R. 412 Garside. Timothy E. 426 Garske, Susan M. 187. 372 Garvin. Anthony 0. 296, 422 Garvin, William M. 436 Gary. James 222 Gaspard. Susan J. 461 Gassner, Diane F. 358 Gathman, Marianna 380 Gatjens, Linda J. 352 Gauthier, Joan S. 418 Gaylord. Margaret L. 384 Gazarek, Charles C. 135 Gearheard. Michael F. 390 Gebert. Barbara J. 446 Gebert. David K. 375 Gebert. Vicky 315 Gebhardt, Patrick G. 356 Geer, Gwendolyn L. 321, 342 Gehrke, Carol E. 135, 310. 472 Gehrke. Douglas A. 291, 356, 357 Geibel. Fritz 44. 46, 363 Geibel, Gudrun M. 372 Geiger, Lynnel M. 355 Gelb, Robert 135. 414 George, Astrid P. 464 George. David V, 416 Georges, Britton L. 135. 390 Georges. Jeffrey L. 135. 390 Geraci. Thomas K. 462 Geraghty. Raymond P. 396 Gerheim, Kathleen J. 464 Gering, Robert R. 375 Gerken, Bonnie A. 478 German. Thomas W. 399 Gervais. L. Michael 434 Gewald. Anthony J. 399 Gfeller. Susan J. 321, 352 Ghiglione. Susan M. 461 Gibbons. Rodrick S. 369 Gibbons. Ronald R. 453 Gibbons. Ruth G. 378 Gibbs. Nancy P. 49, 135, 280, 378 Gibson, Gail R. 352 Gierman, Pamela K. 3J2 Gierman, Stephanie 382 GiesB, Clarence J. 396 Gifford, Bruce A. 412 Gilbert, Cecilia M, 347, 524 Gilbert. David G. 422 Gilbert. Donna L. 290, 490 Gilbert. Mark R. 412 Gile. Stanley A. 396 Giles. Frederick 162 Giles. Robert E. 490 Giles, Sandra L. 352 Gilhuly. Alan F. 254, 448 Gilkerson, Cheryl L. 386 Gill. Gary M, 276 Gillespie, M. Ann 406 Gillespie. Patricia L. 372 Gillett, Sandra E. 370 Gillette. Richard J. 390 Gilligan. Patricia E. 135 Gillilan. H. Chris 135. 490 Gilliland. A. Ruth 446 Gillings. Leslie M. 455 Gillis. Jon R. 416 Gilmore. Charles A. 363 Gilpin. Judith R. 445 Gilpin. Mary Ann 442. 444 Gilson. Douglas E. 126. 135, 340 Gimness. Katherine A. 135, 402 Gimpel. E. Ann 401 Ginder. Charlotte E. 446 Ginsberg. Jack A. 432 Ginther. Penny 496 Gire. Jeannene E. 442, 454 Givler. Alan J. 390 Giemso. Rick M. 164 Gjerde. Marvin J. 390 Giesdahl, Eric G. 291. 390 Giesdahl. Kristin A. 386 Gladstone. Shelley A. 347 Giant. Bruce S. 432 Giant. Gary N. 156. 432 Glanzman. Robert M. 388 Gleason. Douglas H. 176. 303 GLENN HUGHES PLAYHOUSE 79 Glen, Robert A. 135. 328. 447 Glennon. Bill 217 Glenny, W. Ed 458 Glew, Raymond E. 474 Gluckstadt, Kjeld B. 369 Glude. Terry L. 176 Glundberg. Martha A. 355 Gnos. Perry J. 156, 363 Godbey. Marcia D. 442. 454 Goddard. Kenneth G. 390 Godfrey, Marywave V. 135, 459 Godfrey. Pamela L. 450 Godsey. D,ane F. 454 Godwin. James O. 424 Goetz. Larry A. 399 Goldberg, Larry D. 156. 433 Goldblatt. Helene 348 Golden. Terry C. 375 Goldmann. Bruce W. 396 Goldwater. Barry 24. 76 Gollz, Kay S. 195 Gonnason. Ourlyn R. 464 Gonnason. Meryl L. 476 Gonzales. Elma Y. 135. 467 Good. Gregory G. 156 Goodale. Glenn C. 424 Goodfellow. Shannon E. 386 Goodman. Kathleen E. 476 Goodnow. Karen A. 360 Goodrich. Glenn 328 Goodspeed. John A. 156 Goodwin. Terry N. 470 Gookstetter, Wendy A, 342 Goold, Susan E, 135. 382 Goranson. Karen J, 360 Gordon, Caria A. 476 Gordon, David D. 428 Gordon. Frank D. 426 Gordon. Patrick A. 376 Gordon. Thomas W. 156. 400 Gordon. William G. 427 Gore, Barbara J. 478, 524 Gore, Bruce W. 420 Gorham, Katherine E. 386 Gormley. Gail F. 478 Gormley. Patricia L. 481 Gorny. Marta M. 372 Gorton. Jan M. 481 Gorton. Michael A. 326. 376 Goss. Lyie E. 119 Goudge. Carole C. 135, 372 Goudge, David A. 447 Goudie, Nancy J. 380 Gould, Martha J. 305, 467 Gowans, Carolyn A. 455 Gowers. Gary 41 Gowing, Linda A. 382 Grabovoi, Daphne 135 Grace. Elizabeth A. 135 GRADUATE SCHOOL 192 Gradv. Gregory M. 470 Graeff. Frederick E. 176 Graf. Donald F. 375 Gragert, Edwin H. 490 Graham. Barbara A. 382 Graham, Barbara A. 135 Graham, Cheryl A. 164 Graham. Geffrey A. 201 Graham, John H. 475 Graham. Linda K. 402 Graham. Patricia A. 476 Granberg, Janice C. 321. 490 Grandy. Susan A. 290. 350 Granger, Charles A. 345 Granley. Gordon G. 399 Granoski. Charles 436 Granston. Bruce R. 427 Granslon. Jeffrey R. 410 Graves. Gary R. 399 Graves, Karen E. 282 Graves, Mark C. 427 Gray, Daryliean M. 187 Gray. Gale T. 176 Gray, James R. 369 Gray, Lewis H. 135, 369 Gray, Lynda J. 450 Gray, Stephen W. 135 Gray, Terne L. 438 Gray, William E. 195, 369 Grazini, James A. 434 Green, Bruce K. 376 Green, Carol K. 461 Green, Carol L. 305 Green, Devera E. 350 Green. Fleeta H. 455 Green, Lewis E. 135. 164. 390 Green. Pamela A. 380 Green. Richard F. 490 Green. Virginia G. 282. 463 Green. Wade S. 460 Greenberg. Beverly L. 164 Greenberg. Daniel J. 432 Greenberg. Harvey 156 Greene. Claude A. 164 Greener, Robert B. 291, 325, 426, 427 Greenfield, Randy 62, 496 Greenwood, John P. 477 Greer, Stephen W. 156, 356 Greeson, Zelma E. 481 Gregoire. Michael J. 164 Gregory. Pamela L. 476 Greig. Laurie M, 382 Grevstad. Patra K. 382 Griffing. Lee R. 156, 363 Griffith, Dan E. 417 Griffith, Nancy 478 Griffiths, James B. 3 66 Griffiths. Jeffrey L. 176. 366 Griffiths. Larry M. 366 Grimes. Kenneth F. 390 Grimes R. Ed 427 Grimm. Daniel K. 369 Grimm. William T. 376 Griner. Terry W. 356 Grisales. Kenneth 490 Groen. Pamela 350 Grogan. Lynda B. 404 Grotz. Pamela A. 342 Grove. Arlyn A. 342 Grover. Parry E. 296, 369 Grunbaum. Karen S. 348 Grus. George W. 276 Gudgel. Kim P. 156. 390 Guerrant. Edward O. 448 Guertin. Barbara D. 461 Guidon. Sue E. 282 Gullaksen. Gilbert V. 399 Gundersen. Britta 372 Gundersen, Charles R. 276 Gundersen, Susan K. 321, 360 Gunderson. Darryl E. 176, 401 Gunderson, Laurel O. 156 Gunderson. Nancy D. 164, 352 Gunderson, Virginia M. 43. 323, 490 Gundy. Louise L. 402 Gunner, Gail A. 472 Gunner. P. Lynn 365 Guslander. Carole L. 472 Gustafson. Carol A. 282 Gustafson, Eric P. 474 Gustafson. Jayme L. 187 Gustafson. Mary 0. 350 Gustav. Susan L. 348 Gustavel, Terry L. 195 Gustavson. Martha A. 490 Guthmann. Bonnie J. 490 Guthrie. John w. 293. 375 Guthrie. Mary L. 135 Guyman. Douglas E. 40, 176, 390 Guyman, Gregory W. 325, 390 Gwin, Debra tee 347 Gwinn. Stephen M. 434 Gwynn. Betty J. 305 Gwinnett. Pam 315 Gygax F. Stephen 135 Gylland E. Fred 462 GYMNASTICS 248 H Haaland. Paul F. 341 Haarsager, John M. 416 Haase, Nancy M, 365 Habbestad, Kathryn L. 457 Hadland. Diane M. 365 Hadley. George H. 356 Hadley. James E. 135. 326, 327. 340, 356, 357 Hadley, John D. 136. 467 Haga. Elizabeth T. 352 Hageman. Kenneth J. 415 Ha gen. Bruce M. 369 Hagen. Kenneth H. 448 Hagen, Linda Y. 164 Hagen, Margaret A. 136 Hagen, M. Theresa 490 Hager. Gary A. 161 Hagerman. David H. 363 Haggerty. Daniel L. 176 Hagist. Susan J. 164. 370 Haglund. John A. 176. 427 Hagwell. Don E. 416 Hahn. Cheryl N. 352 Hahn. John R. 431 Hahn. Karen L. 187 Hahn. Vicki S. 136. 490 Haigh. Jeanette C. 438 Halbig, Cynthia R. 106 Hale. Judith B. 164. 472 Hale. Marcia C. 342 Hale. Marlund E. 176 Hale. Tim L. 415 Haley, Susan M. 372 Halfon, Melody J. 490 Hall. Christine C. 280. 384 Hall. Donald E. 341. 496 Hall. Donald E. 369 Hall. Julie H. 321. 370 Hall. Karen E. 384 Hall. Linda M. 355 Hall. Marvin S. 490 Hall. M. Suzanne 365 Hall. Randy D. 490 Hall. Richard R. 363 Hall. Robert 40. 48. 49 Hall. Wayne A. 156 Hallawell. John 8. 394 Hallberg. Kathryn C. 350 Haller. Grant 496 Halligan. Karen J. 465 Hallinan. Ray 442 Halm. Douglas A. 369 Halpern. Marvin J. 136. 296 Halpern. Stanley D. 414 Halsan. Mary M. 352 Halstead. Jacqueline 328 Halvorsen. Sharon E. 136 Halverson. Dean 217 Halvorson. Paul D. 412 Hamada. Kenneth 195 Hamamura. Joyce K. 463 Hamel. James R. 428 Hamel. John L. 428 Hamel. Katherine L. 382 Hamel. Virginia M. 280. 382 Hamilton. Larry J. 424 Hamilton. Victoria M. 352 Hamlin. Michael E. 416 Hammer. Norman E. 369 Hammer. Stanley A. 434 Hammergren. Susan G. 280, 386 Hammond. Charles E. 164. 375 Hammond. Charles W. 136, 416 Hammond. Hal J. 490 Hammond. James R. 356 Hammond. Larry Anne 187 Hammond. Linda K. 350 Hammond. Michael S. 184 Hammond. Richard L. 427 Hammond. Russel E. 291. 375 Hampton. James 0. 291. 356, 357 Han, Jan J. 124 Hanbey, Russell D. 416 Hand, John D. 176. 345 Hand. Michael Ann 461 Handley. Linnea J. 464 Haney, Sally 336. 406, 511 Hanf. Robert W. 470 Handford. Terry J. 436 Hanley, Stephen 328 515 Hanlon, Douglas W. 176, 428 Hannah, John E. 422 Hannah, Sharon 328 Hannah, Thomas E. 477 Hansen, Barbara R. 370 Hansen, Cheryl L. 490 Hansen, Grant E. 135, 291, 390 Hansen, Howard J. 424 Hansen, Karyl 342 Hansen, Marilee M. 446 Hansen, Mike K. 430 Hansen. Nikki L. 450 Hansen, Robert D. 356 Hansen, Roger W. 195 Hansen, W. Robert 345 Hanson. Alan R. 366 Hanson, John W. 293 Hanson, M. Susan 137, 347 Hanson, Roald C. 137, 363 Hanson, Steven A. 427 Hanson, Susan J. 456 Harasimowicz, Henry W. 376 Harbottle, Mary C. 387 Harby, Julia C. 472 Hardebeck, Jerry L. 392 Hardy. Charles H. 434 Hardy, John T. 490 Hargiss. Phillip M. 176, 467 Hargrave, Natalie 478 Hargreaves, Robert C- 430 Hargus. Patrick K. 369 Harkins, Teri A. 456 Harkoff, Jana V. 342 Harlow, Ann Marie 380 Harlow. Becky L. 280. 406 Harlow, Shirley 308 Harman, Thomas C. 124, 434 Harmening, Denis G. 428 Harmer, Corliss J. 137 Harmer, Thomas V. 420 Harmon, Dana D. 464 Harnden. Janine R. 490 Harrah, David C. 359 Harris. A. James 215, 393 Harris. Bert 42 Harris, Bruce W. 376 Harris, David J. 137 Harris, Gary G. 376 Harris, Jane 372 Harris, Kristin B. 137, 418 Harris. Mariella 187 Harris, Michael R. 390 Harris. Nancy K. 444 Harris, Richard E. 390 Harris, Richard P. 410 Harris, Robert C. 376 Harris, Susan 382 Harris, Susan M. 386 Harris, Suzanne T. 444 Harris, Wayne D. 176 Harrison, Brent Y. 393 Harrison, Dale P. 394 Harrison, Peter R. 184 Harrison. Rosalind L. 445 Harron, Thomas A. 424 Hart, Jack R. 137, 326, 340, 363 Hart, Marian K. 490 Hart. Richard F. 137, 467 Hart. Robert J. 474 Hartford, David C. 420 Harthorne, Robert 412 Hartman, Patricia 350 Hartnett, David E. 412 Hartung, Ellyn L. 378 Hartwell. Melissa A. 490 Harvey, Eileen L. 463 Harvey, Margaret L. 164, 342 Harvey, Molly L. 323, 380 Harvey, Norene R. 187 Harvey, Raymond F. 412 Harvey, Richard W. 427 Harvick. Melvyn J. 137 Hasegawa. Gail M. 472 Haselwood, Stephanie L, 386 Hashimoto, James M. 462 Haskell, Brian A. 490 Haskell, Frances A. 201, 490 Haskell, Karen 342 Haskins. Stephanie J. 418 Haslet, Jean M. 161, 350 Hass, Joanne 380 Hassing, Steven J. 363 Hasson. Victor 414 Hastings, Allan J. 297, 443, 467 Hastings, Carrol A. 384 Hastings, Frances A. 350 Hata. Brian H, 490 Hatch. Charles E. 390 Hatcher. Janet A. 190, 305 Hathaway, Dennis D. 453 Hatter, Wayne E. 388 Hauck, Carol A. 64. 137 Haugen. John M. 376 Haugen, Karen M. 481 Haugen, Terri L. 384 Haugseth, Stephen S. 408 Haun. Harold E. 474 Haupt. Theresa V. 282 Haverfield. Gregory W. 376 Havnaer, Myrna 328 Havnaer. Rita M. 365 Hav es. Kinne F. 412 Hav, k. Tonnie J. 459 Hawkins, Emalyn 80 Hawkinson, John J. 408 Hawley, Christine J. 463 Hawley, Richard L. 345 Hawthorne. D. Robert 412 Hayasaki. Yoshi 248. 399 Hayashi. Geoy T. 428 Hayen, David E. 156, 420 Hayen, Donald E. 137, 420 Hayes, Barbara A. 342 Hayes, Gerald M, 490 Hayes, Leslie C. 465 Have ' s. Phil B. 195 Haynes. Christine 137, 520 Haynes. Verena A. 365 Hazen, Mahlynn A. 164 516 Heald, Carole A. 290, 355 Heald, Richard W. 420 Heard, David L. 465 Hearron, Susan R. 342 Heathcote, Dean D. 376 Heaton, Bill E. 447 Heaton, Gary W. 460 Heaton, Jane F. 386 Heaton, Leslie L. 195, 355 Heaton. Michael A. 427 Heberlein. Greg 57 Hebert, Henry P. 399 Hebron, Ronald L. 137 Heck. Gerald L. 422 Heckard. Cathleen M. 446 Hedelund. John K. 396 Hedelund, Karen C. 137 Hedin, William N. 176. 306 Hedrick. Langdon B. 460 Heese. Teresa L. 490 Heffner, Jann K. 347 Hegewald. Ronald M. 474 Heggen. Marcia J. 290, 347 Heggen, Phyllis L. 490 Heichel, L. Nadine 342 Heimbigner, Gary W. 291. 340, 390 Heimbigner, Joan E. 49, 137, 323, 324, 370 Heineck, Janet P. 472 Heinemann, Marilyn A. 365 Heinen, Gerald J. 490 Heini, David L. 155, 422 Heiny, Mary 328 Heise, Monika 137 Heleker, Carles E. 156, 296, 458 Helland, Michael M. 399 Heller, Jane M. 490 Heller. Joseph C. 415 Helm, D. Ann 467 Helm, Susan E. 365 Helman, William T. 156, 363 Helmer, Linda G. 457 Helmers, Merrilee K. 137, 328 Helphrey, Donald M. 422 Helseth. Jonathan M. 473 Helwig. Gary L. 356 Hemingson, Jill C. 406 Hendershott, Carol S. 371 Henderson. Barbara J. 137 Henderson, Bertram W. 375 Henderson, Brian H. 325, 477 Henderson, Dave R. 448 Henderson, Gary 259 Henderson, Larry A. 490 Henderson, Melinda S. 450 Henderson, Stephen W. 345 Henderson, Victoria L. 380 Hendricks, Dale H. 482 Hendricks, Sarah E. 354, 355 Hendricks, William P. 137 Hendrickson. Alan L. 447 Hendrickson, Kristine J. 360 Hendrickson, Paul L. 176, 340, 394 Hendrickson, Roy 48 Hendrickson, Sally A. 444 Hendrickson, Sidney 328 Hennessey, Stuart P. 396 Hennig, Rodney W. 156, 359 Hennings, Robert A. 424 Henriksen, Gary L. 467 Henry, Diana F. 137, 382 Henry, Nancy C. 490 Henry, Sarah Ann 382 Hensel, Dolores A. 481, 496 Henshaw, Boyd J. 341 Henshaw, Daniel J. 137 Henshaw, Douglas A. 420 Hera, Kathryn A. 201 Herbig, David N, 325, 369 Herche, Thomas F. 363 Herdlein. Kathleen S. 453 Herm, Jean C. 380 Herman, Christine D. 361 Hermann, Adelle M. 405 Hermann, James D. 156, 353 Hermanson, Jan E. 322, 478 Hernon, Barbara A. 164 Heroux, Jeanene L. 164 Herreid, Natalie R. 445 Herron, Katherine J. 384 Herron, Robert S. 470 Herschkowitz, Robert L. 193 Hertrich, Peter A. 416 Heslin, Kathryn B. 461 Hess. Cindy L. 405 Hess, Lee M. 325. 482 Hetherington, Elizabeth A. 418 Hetherington, Steven W. 447 Hetrick, Donald A. 467 Hew, Leila N. 453 Hewett, Patricia A. 382 Hewitson, Mark D. 393 Hewitt. Sally A. 370 Heyse, Kathryn A. 187, 445 Hiatt. Daniel L. 356 Hiatt, Nancy J. 370 Hibbard, Nancy J. 187 Hibberd. John B. 393 Hiblar. Linda 508 Hiccox, Thomas L. 394 Hickcox, Raymond L. 195 Hicken. James H. 475 Hicks, Deborah A. 342 Hicks, Diane M. 446 Hicks, M. Ann 164, 384 Hicks. W. Dale 193 Hiddleston, Patricia A. 164. 386 Hietala, Joan M. 378 Higgs, Janet L. 465 Highsmith, Timme K. 386, 520 Higley, Bruce A. 399 Hilden, Rodney V. 399 Hilgers, Bonnie D. 446 Hill, Carolyn J. 352 Hill, Dana V. 347 Hill, Daid S. 415 Hill, Dennis E. 369 Hill. Franklin H. 436 Hill. Gaye E. 342 Hill. Harlan F. 190 Hill. Judith E. 280, 323, 354 Hill, Judith M. 464 Hill. Karin A. 137, 380 Hill, Kathleen A. 350 Hill, Michel L. 201 Hill, Patricia G. 378 Hill, Samuel T. 291, 376 Hill, Sandra L. 438 Hillard, Mark A. 390 Hillard, William 396 Hille, Douglas E. 195 Hilliard, William T. 396 Hillinger, Ellis D. 491 Hillman, Mary E. 187 Hillshafer, David H. 359 Hilton, LuVerna 308 Hiltner, Mary 328 Himsl, Vincent S. 453 Hineline, Valerie S. 418 Hininan, Judith G. 478 Hinrichs, Roger J, 473 Hintz, Luther M. 124, 390 Hinz, Bob 61 Hirose, Susan K. 455 Hirschberg, Gary 26 Hiserman, Stan 257 Hitchcock, Cathy L. 164, 351 Hitlle, Pamela R, 418 Hoagland, Helen E. 114 Hoard, John W, 325, 388 Hobbs, Terry D. 448 Hodin, Pamela S. 348 Hoefer, Sandra J. 365 Hoel, J. Kimberly 427 Hoesly, Richard A. 156, 375 Hoff, Laurie A. 280, 372 Hoff. Robert A. 137, 427 Hoffelt, Suzanne P. 418 Hotter, Diane L. 355 Hoffman, Mary A. 478 Hoffman. Mary R. 370 Hoffman, William G. 176 Hofmann, Arnold R. 155, 467 Hofstatter, Robert A. 341 Hogan, Lynn K. 41, 323, 386 Hogan, Patricia E. 280, 365, 520 Hogan, Patrick M. 363 Hoge, Michael W. 399 Hohl, Mary E. 137, 418 Hoida, Hiroshi W. 137 Hoisington, Sheila 450 Hokanson, Alicia K. 46, 286, 322 Hokanson, Sarah M. 385 Holder, Jane E. 280, 372 Holland, James E. 325, 416 Holliday, Susan A. 491 Hollingsworth, Cynthia J. 321, 382 Hollis, Charles L. 434 Holly, Frank C. 416 Holm. Arne M. 450 Holm, Jeanne 41, 44 Holm, Michael J. 447 Holman. Ann 137. 370 Holmberg, Russell B. 416 Holmes, Douglas E. 325, 422 Holmes. John S. 176, 291, 326, 327, 334, 340, 412 Holmes, Karlene R. 164 Holmes, Sandra E. 465 Holms, Steven L. 408 Hoisted, P. Alan 482 Holt, Karen J. 372 Holtby, David V. 475 Holway, Katherine S. 461 Holzemer, Mark E. 356 HOME ECONOMICS CLUB 299 HOMECOMING 28 HONDERICH 457 Honeywell. Janet G. 290. 361 Honigbaum, Cheryl J. 370 Honsowetz, E. Christina 187 Hood, Kathleen A. 382, 525 Hoogen, Marilyn 328 Hooper, Stephen F. 165 Hooper, Timothy A. 393 Hope. M. Kathleen 418 Hope, William H. 428 Hopkins. Carolyn E. 406, 518 Hopkins, Douglas L. 359 Hopman, Irenne M. 491 Hopp, Steven J. 399 Hopper, Jay M. 393 Hopper, Ronald D. 475 Hopping, Marion S. 280, 386 Hopson, Patricia J. 384 Horike. Janis T. 137 Horn. Cheryl A. 165 Horn. Gregory S. 376 Horn. Joann E. 478 Home, Janet M. 464 Home. Susan H. 355 Horswill. E. Michael 375 Horton, John M. 137 Horton, Nellie R. 445 Hosea, Paul B. 435 Hosea, Thomas W. 420 Hoss, Madeline A. 418 Hossman, Carl L. 345 Hostek. Loren D. 363 Hostvedt, David P. 393 Houk. Terry A. 137. 472 Houlahan. Gary R. 366 Houle. Sister Doris M. 446 House, Barbara A. 418 House, J. Jeannie 400 House, Nancy L. 418 Hovde, Donna 328 Hoverson, Lynne E. 303 Hovind, Paul D. 400 Hovland. Anne M. 384 Howard. Carol K. 491 Howard, Donald R. 491 Howard, Gwendolyn 137 Howard, Holly L. 478 Howard, Lynn M. 459 Howard. Randy L. 475 Howd, Sherry R. 166 Howell. Betty V. 347 Howell, H. Ghent 453 Howell, Jean E. 321, 438 Howell, Robert F. 396 Howerton, Thomas H. 399 Howisey, Robert L. 391 Howland, Mary F. 491 Hoy, Gerald D. 448 Hoy, Kenneth M. 462 Hoyer, Peter L. 353 Hoyt, Jacqueline S. 476 Hruza, Franklyn L. 193 Huber, Cathy 308 Huber, Nancy A. 370 Hubert, Patricia L. 165, 467 Hubner, Lesa J. 384 Huckaba, Nancy J. 355 Hudgins, Gayle A. 190, 305 Hudson, Darlene F 491 Hudson, James F. 137, 427 Hudson, Mary B. 402 Hudson, Ronald J. 138. 213 Hudson, Thomas L. 408 Huebschman, Lori R. 355 Huether, Alvin L. 345 Huff, Nancy J. 450 Huffhines, Gretchen 455 Huffman, David D. 491 Huffman, Douglas G. 420 Huget, Rickard J. 427 Hughes, Eric 248 Hughes, John G. 424 Hughes, Stanley B. 400 Huguenin, David V. 420 Hubs. Roy E. 434 H ulbert, Tanauan 476 Hulbert, Thomas M. 375 Hulet, Robert D. 356 Hull, Alison M. 347 Hull, M. Diane 138 Hull, Richard A. 138 Hullinger, Sandra E. 321, 384 Hulsey, Linda J. 457 Hume, Darrel J. 427 Hume, Gregory R. 427 Hume, Lindsey J. 491 Hummels. Linda K. 446 Hummer, Randall C. 369 Hungerford, David E. 427 Hunsberger, David D. 399 Hunt, Robert E. 138, 341 Hunt, Stephen W. 416 Hunter, James R. 393 Hunter, John R. 393 Hunter, Rebecca L. 187 Hunter, Sarah P. 352 Hunter, Sherryl L. 282 Huntington, Judith A. 187 Hunlsperger, James R. 482 Hura, Kathryn A. 476 Hurd. Nellie K. 491 Hurley, Gail E. 380 Hurst, Lynn 284 Hurt, Robert M. 434 Hurt. William L. 434 Huse. Dennis T. 475 HUSKY HONEYS 280 HUSKY WINTER SPORTS CLUB 288 Huson, Diane L. 155. 280, 467 Huston, Edwin T. 491 Hutchins, Patrick F. 420 Hutchins, Stephen W. 138 Hutchinson, Paul D. 467 Hutchinson, Ann E. 455 Hutchison, Margaret L. 342 Hutchison, Susan 328 Hutton, James P. 345 Hybridge, John 491 Hyde, Helen F. 138 Hynek, J. Allen 77 Hynes, John K. 394 Hyslop. Robert C. 345 lacolucci, Frank L. 176 Ide, Kathryn E. 445 lezman, Stanley L. 375 Iheme, Ishmael U. 156, 296 Ihrig, Thomas M. 356 imbler, Martin R. 477 Imrie, Craig M. 155, 376 Indall, Craig G. 375 Ingles. Dorlane S. 445 Inglis. Judith A. 138 Ingram, Robert A. 491 Ingram. Vana J. 380 Innes. Andrea L. 442, 478 Inokoji, Amy S. 138 Inouye, Barbara J. 156 INTERFRATERNITY COUNCIL 338 INTERNATIONAL SHOW 96 INTRAMURALS 250 Irby, Harvey H. 176, 467 Ireland. Clifford W. 124 Irvine. Alan R, 363 Irvine, George R. 393 Irvine, Mary E. 138, 467 Irvine, Ronald A. 376 Irving. Peggy P. 386 Irwin, Anne E. 347 Irwin, Kathleen Y. 187 Isaacson, Lee A, 365 Isaacson, Robert W. 345 Isbell, Henry B. 447 Isbell, Janice A. 450 Isenhafh, Stan N. 396 Ishihara. James 176, 467 Israel, Allen D. 176, 326, 327, 432 Israel, Arthur C. 432 Israel. Robert I. 414 Israel, Rose L. 404 Itzen, Bernard I. 184 Iverson, Dean B. 166. 412 J Crescent Girl of Lambda Chi Alp hi a DEBBIE EVANS Gamma Phi Beta —George August 517 -Boldman Portraits 518 Dearest Girl of Phi Kappa Sigma CAROLYN HOPKINS Pi Beta Phi V ' ' ' ' ' l l ■j H ■ k 1 ill " tjHn j 1 J B fl l t 1 1 V 1 1 Dream Girl of Pi Kappa Alpfia SHARON NEWQUIST Kappa Alpha Theta — Kennell-Ellis 519 Sigma Alpha Epsilon Presents The Little Sisters of Minerva -George August Top Row: Marilyn Child, Betty Emerick, Nancy Bell, Dawn Bern, Marg Flanders, Sue Mathais, Ann Blake, Sue Erickson, Pennie Rifkin, Kim Bottomly. Second Row: Gaynell Nolf, Barb Almvig, Jone Askran, Timmie Highsmith, Patsy Patrick, Linda Battan, Karen Smits, Lorna Leal, Jan Kupka, Chris Haynes, Karen Stokes. Third Row: Chris Johnson, Janet Nelson, Irish Hogan, Kim Leighton, Karen Johnson, Deanna Dawson, Mary Ann Rosellini. Bottom Row: Ann Arneil, Kathy Simmons, Margi Johnson, Mary Koss, Cindy Tupper, Helen Stick, Cindy Blackstock. 520 A Iverson. Ken R 410 Iverson. Sally L. 456 Iverson. Warren 430 Ives. Cleveland O 391 Iwanaka. Bert I 193 Iwasyk. Rita M 138 Iwata. Charlotte R 365 J Jackson. Janet E 282 Jackson. Jayne A 418 Jackson. Linda E 384 Jacob. Nancy 328 Jacobs. James J. 156. 296 Jacobs. Roger A 166 Jacobsen. Bjarne 176 Jacobsen. Brenda S 402 Jacobsen. Daniel C 482 Jacobsen. James H 138. 420 Jacobsen. Judy L 444 Jacobsen. KathenneA. 138.402 Jacobsen. LaVonne 138 Jacobsen. Patricia M 406 Jacobsen. Tom L. 465 Jacobson. Jan A. 138 Jacobson. Linda A, 491 Jacobson. Nancy L 386 Jacobson, Stephen O 138 jadich. Joseph 328 Jafary. Abdulrahma A. 138 Jafle. Robert S. 138. 291. 326. 327. 334.414 Jahn. Nick 493 Jaksich. Jeffrey J. 341 James. Carol L. 491 James. Judith L 445 James. (Michael A. 375 James. Patricia A 138 James. Waynne B 166 James. VJMiam M 416 Jameson. Henry 312 Jameson. Henry 328 Jameson. William J. 156 Jamison. Amos E. 176 Jamison. Jerald W. 42. 156. 327. 436 Jamison. Marc A. 296. 434 Janison. Seena A. 405 Janson. Paula D. 382. 507 Janssen. Roland G. 415 Jarman. f ax G. 185 Jarolimek, John 40 Jarvis. Richard M. 341 Jarvis. Stephen P 341 Jarvis. Wendy M. 419 Jaskovsky. Janet F. 361 Jassen. Lawrence E. 414 Jauhola. (vlichael J. 345 Jay. Lawrence B. 412 Jefferies. Sherman E. 416 Jefferson. Darcy D 280. 386. 524 Jefferson, Galen 1 . 386 Jeffords. Ralph D. 470 Jeffrey. Jo 1 . 166. 382 Jeffries. Kenneth L. 448 Jenft. Diane K. 444. 496 Jenkins. Candace E. 322. 465 Jenkins. Charles M. 139 Jenkins. Roger C. 325. 391 Jennings. Alan F. 427 Jennings. Deanna L. 480 Jennings. George M. 420 Jensen. David A. 356 Jensen. Gary L. 399 Jensen, Helen M. 491 Jensen. Karen E. 446 Jensen. Laura L. 450 Jensen. Nancy L. 465 Jensen. Patricia A. 467 Jensen. Patricia L. 491 Jensen. Paul D. 430 Jensen. Robert G. 473 Jensen. Roy L. 448 Jensen, Stanley T. 448 Jensen. Walter F 176 Jensvold. Judy M. 445 Jerry. Barbara H 139. 491 Jessup. Richard A. 399 Jeude. William W. 276 Jewell. Kevin C. 366 Jewitt. V Nicholas 139. 276 Jirous. Jane I 370 Jirucha. Linda K. 491 Jochman. John 356 Johansen. Ann R. 467 Johansen. Carl C. 359 Johansen. Margaret C. 352 Johansson. M. Kristine 372 John, E. Allen 325. 425. 430 John. Ronald R. 139 Johnsen. Christopher C. 491 Johnsen. Cortland 482 Johnsen. Susan 139. 382 Johnson. J. Anita 166 Johnson. Ann M. 402 Johnson, Anne D. 386 Johnson. Barbara D. 370 Johnson, Barrett R. 190 Johnson, C. Beverly 402 Johnson, Brian L. 491 Johnson, Bruce B, 345 Johnson, Carol L. 386 Johnson, Cathie M. 491 Johnson, Cheryl A. 463 Johnson, Christine 280. 355. 520 Johnson. Dale C, 453 Johnson. David C. 422 Johnson. David C. 166 Johnson. David M. 420 Johnson. David T. 306 Johnson, Dennis D. 291. 328. 369 Johnson. Diane E. 380 Johnson. Douglas D 399 Johnson. Emmalyn 382 Johnson. Eric S. 325. 369 Johnson. Eric W. 46. 49. 327 Johnson. Gayle L 166. 370 Johnson. Geoffrey G. 291. 421 Johnson. George L 436 Johnson. Grant B 391 Johnson. Janna L 386 Johnson. Jennifer M. 455 Johnson. John A. 366 Johnson. John E 139. 366 Johnson. Judith E 459 Johnson, Julie A. 352 Johnson, June F, 491 Johnson, K. L. 376 Johnson, Karen L. 419. 520 Johnson. Kalherine D. 478 Johnson. Kirk L. 376. 467 Johnson. Kristi 351 Johnson. Kristin M 370 Johnson. L. Frank 296. 477 Johnson, Larry E. 448 Johnson, Laurence E. 293. 434 Johnson. Leslie J. 465 Johnson. Margi 520 Johnson. Mark L, 421 Johnson. Martin S. 166 Johnson. Mary Lou 355 Johnson. Meta M. 459 Johnson, Nancy L, 378 Johnson, Patricia A. 472 Johnson, Patricia A. 139, 303, 461 Johnson, Patricia D. 321, 370 Johnson, Randi L. 342 Johnson, Rita K. 187 Johnson, Robin M. 139, 352 Johnson. Rodney D. 157, 293 Johnson, Sandra M, 372, 524 Johnson, Sharon L. 290, 491 Johnson, Steve R. 139. 157. 369 Johnson. Steven C. 393 Johnson. Steven W. 337 Johnson. Susan K, 139 Johnson. Susan L. 139. 342 Johnson. Sylvia 48 Johnson. Terry M. 491 Johnson. Thea M. 483 Johnson. Thomas A, 391 Johnson. Thomas C. 430 Johnson. William P. 139. 254. 412 Johnston. Charles M. 400 Johnston. Christopher V. 477 Johnston. Donna L, 139 Johnston. Robert B. 291, 416 Johnston, Susan B. 406 Johnston, William F. 18, 54, 61. 496 Joiner. Paula J. 457 Joines. Charles H. 421 Jolly, Kathy 324 Jolly, William R. 190 Jonas, Carole D. 342 Jones, Bryce E. 375 Jones, Collins K. 473 Jones, Elizabeth F. 139, 307, 483 Jones, James R. 291, 391 Jones, James S. 393 Jones. Janice L. 166 Jones. Jeremy A. 124 Jones. Judith A. 370 Jones. Karen L. 157 Jones. Kirk T. 176 Jones. Lawrence D. 491 Jones. Lois 328 Jones. Lucy S. 382 Jones. Margaret L. 361 Jones. Mary J. 187. 333 Jones, Millard C. 177 Jones, Nancy E. 455 Jones, Nelson L. 195 Jones, Pamela B. 372 Jones. Patricia M. 491 Jones. Rebecca J. 361 Jones, Roger D. 177, 297 Jones. Teresa G. 166, 303 Jones, Thomas P. 190 Jones. Wendell B. 473 Jordan, Linda S. 347 Jordan. Phillip L. 416 Jordan. Richard M. 139. 421 Jordan. Robert M. 139 Jordan, Sharon A. 280, 467 Jorgens, Lyie A. 293 Jorgens, Maurice L. 477 Jorgensen. E. Kristine 457 Jorgensen, Kris 372 Jorgensen, Kristine L. 382 Jorgensen, Laura A. 382 Josephson, Richard M. 177 Josephson, Robert A. 391 Joss, Richard R. 139, 412 Josue, Daniel P. 157 Joyce, Terry A. 177 Judah, Samuel A. 422 Juel, Randolph W. 139, 231 Jugum, George 217 JUNIOR AMERICAN DENTAL HYGENISTS 301 JUNIOR INTERFRATERNITY COUNCIL 339 JUNIOR PANHELLENIC 337 Juntila, Stephen W. 416 Juntunen, Linda M. 454 Juntwait, Steven A. 157, 427 Jussila, Thomas A. 448 Justiss. Kathy J. 351 Justus. Janice L. 290, 438 K Kabasa, Patricia M. 139 Kaczor, Marjorie I. 355 Kadaner, Barbara W 290, 322. 405 Kado, Richard S. 462 Kager, Kay V. 166 Kaiser, Teri A. 465 Kaluza, Linda A. 463 Kamla, Douglas E. 491 Kammeyer, Peter C 447 Kane, Candy 405 Kane, Mary P 370 Kangas, Timothy J. 375 Kao, Fu-mei 193, 467 Kaplan, Martin H. 432 Kaplan, Sandra F 405 KAPPA ALPHA THETA 382 KAPPA DELTA 384 KAPPA KAPPA GAMMA 386 KAPPA SIGMA 388 Kappel, Kristen L. 380 Kapral, Rand M, 412 Kariala, Linda A 472 Karkiainen, Paul R. 356 Karlsnes, Andy 177 Karlsnes, Ann M. 491 Kama, John D 293, 412 Karpen, Daniel N. 460 Kaschko, Michael W. 399 Kaseburg, Scott L 448 Kasemeier, Kay L. 372 Kato, Kenneth Hideo 345 Katz, Prof, Solomon 115 Katz, Stephen B. 139. 414 Kauffman, Thomas M, 396 Kaufman, Dee 87 Kauzlarich, Judith 491 Kawai, Albert S. 139 Kawakami, Myron E 195 Kawasaki, Roy T. 177 Kaye, Larry 157 KCTS 66 Keating, Edward 77 Keating, Janet I. 380 Keating, Robert 436 Kechley, Gerald 93, 95 Keck, Peter C. 140 Keck, Thomas 328 Keeler, L. Steve 166, 345 Keeler, Sandra L. 140 Keenan, Edward J. 394 Keenan, Joseph D. 327, 375 Keene, Laurel E. 290, 380, 496 Keeney, Joan K, 333, 380 Keeton, Cheryl C 380 Kehl, Richard D. 140, 326, 393 Kehl, Stanley E 408 Kehoe, Michael R. 356 Kehrer, Donovan F. 400 Keigher, Sharon M. 444 Keil, Robin F, 424 Keiler, Frederick 436 Keiski, Stephen S. 177 Keith. William D, 191 Kelleher. John F. 399 Keller. Deborah L. 342 Keller. George B. 195 Keller. James H. 177 Keller. Julie C, 445 Keller. Karen J. 188 Kelley. Donald E. 416 Kelley, Karen J. 491 Kelley, Lois M. 185 Kelley. Malcolm J, 434 Kelley, Mane L. 166, 384 Kelley, Martha A. 382 Kelley, Stephen E. 491 Kelley, William C. 448 Kellogg, Judith L. 384 Kelly, Daryl J. 424 Kelly, Edward H. 491 . Kelly, Frank H. 376 Kelly, Ivy 444 Kelly, J. Brian 157, 434 Kelly, James M. 140, 291, 327, 337, 340, 436 Kelly, Lisa M. 491 Kelly, Marcia M. 446 Kelly, Marie 524 Kelly. Mary E. 351 Kelly. Michael T. 157 Kelly. Peter C. 140 Kelly. Steve C. 435 Kelly. Terrance A. 49, 106 Kelly, Walter L. 177 Kelso, Cheryl A, 456 Kelso. Sally J. 347 Kemmer. Patricia L. 476 Kemmerer. John P. 167. 467 Kemper. Neil M. 375 Kenison. Ralph B. 391 Kennedy, Colleen S. 445 Kennedy, Craig B. 140 Kennedy, Diane A. 342 Kennedy, Edward R. 366 Kennedy, Jane E 140 Kennedy, Kathleen E. 188 Kennedy, Kristine M. 402 Kennedy, Michael D. 357 Kennedy, Walter J. 345 KennellEllis 535 Kenney, Stuart J. 435 Kenny, Bettie I 491 Kent, Carole L 466 Kentala, David K. 396 Kenway, Virginia E. 140, 467 Kenyon, R Stephen 427 Keppler, John K. 140 Kero, Diane L 140, 406 Kero, Ronald W. 140 Kerr, Catherine A. 481 Kerr, Constance M 195, 370 Kerr, Peter 436 Kerr, Sally J. 406 Kerr, Sandra J. 352 Kerr, Susan E. 370 Kerstetter, Barbara 457 Kertzman, Janetle A. 450 Kessinger, Barbara J 481 Kessler, Kenneth S. 393 Kessner, Nancy K. 290, 491 Ketcham, Alice P. 351 Ketcham, Mary F. 372 Kettenring, Robin K. 43, 140, 324, 355 Kettering, Katherine D. 386 Keyes, Douglas F. 401 Keyes, Kathryn A. 382 Keyes. Susan 382 Keyes. William E. 491 Keys. George S 396 Kidder. William S 195 KIDNEY CENTER 202 Kiefner. Robert H 357 Kiehl. Vickie L 140 Kiehle. David W. 415 Kiehn. Arthur J 140. 467 Kielmeyer. Beth D 481 Killjourn. David C. 396 Kilbride. Howard W. 140, 435 Kilen. Bruce W. 366 Kilgore. Catherine F. 167, 290. 347 Killien. Robert K. 443. 447 Killingsworth. Richard 427 Kim. Hyun K 193 Kim. Hyung-mo 193 Kim. Steve H. 396 Kimm. Joseph E. 363 Kincaid. Terrance 328 Kinder. Marion K 402 Kindmger. Jerry H. 416 KING 458 King. Alan O. 408 King. Carolyn 386 King. Cindy L. 140. 380 King. Edward W. 177. 467 King. George S 341 King. John L. 113 King. John W, 427 King, Joseph F. 408 King, Kerry G. 412 King, Stephanie M. 465 Kingman, Gary D. 140, 399 Kingman, Jeanne D. 465 Kingsley, Nathaniel 62, 448, 496 Kinnaman, Philip V. 140, 345 Kinney, Carolyn J. 467 Kinney, Janice L 378 Kinzer, Michael J. 453 Kinzig, Douglas D. 369 Kircher, Karen 328 Kirk, Gordon D. 177 Kirk, James P 293,422 Kirk, R. Stephen 422 Kirkham, Timothy W. 177, 306 Kirkpatrick, Gordon S. 193, 467 Kirkpatrick, Jean S. 355 Kirkpatrick, John N. 325, 447 Kirkpatrick, Richard A. 31, 38, 39, 41, 55, 140, 326, 327, 447 Kirkpatrick, T. Dennis 394 Kirkpatrick, Walter J. 157, 369 Kirkwood, Steven D. 412 Kirschner, Bruce W. 157, 375 Kirschner, Mitchell I. 140, 432 Kirske, Fredrick W. 414 Kirz, Paul H 460 Kissler, Darlene K. 372 Kitchin, William V. 140, 422 Kitts, W. Bruce 396 Kiyohara, Dennis E. 177 Kiellberg, Barbara E. 140 Kjerulf, Terrell D. 201 Klan, Douglas M. 157 Klan, Kathleen L. 290, 419 Klein, Myron W. 430 Klein, Pete 284 Klein, Robin G. 402 Kleinbach, Allan E. 470 Kleiner, Gregory F. 432 KleinhempeT, Izvar384 Klesper, Frances L. 481 Kleven, Shirley M. 481 Kleyn, Jeanne E. 321, 322, 355 Kline, Cheryle A. 454 Kline, Linda C, 491 Kling, Robert C. 408 Klinkam, Paul A 435 Klinker, Kit C. 363 Klock, Karen L. 195, 380 Kloostra, Kathleen A. 290, 382 Klopfer, Donald C. 359 Kludt, John R. 475 Klund, Jeffrey 85 Knaack, Rudolph H. 140, 422 Knaack, Susan E. 419 Knaggs, Dorothea E. 188 Knaggs, Howard J. 399 Knaln, Lurry E. 177, 467 Knapp, LeRoy 195 Knauss, Martha C. 342 Knell, Dwight H. 375 Knedlin, Will 328 Knie, John E. 396 Knierim, Kim 40 Knight, Charles R. 399 Knight, Karen L. 372 Knight, Kenneth R. 393 Knobbs, Donald L. 177, 297 Knodel, Daniel H 369 Knoke, John R 448 Knorre, Jams A 188 Knostman, Stanley C. 359 Knott, Gerald T 2§1, 427 Knowles, Kristi A 351 Knowles, William R 396 Knudsen, Catherine E. 491 Knudsen, James R 421 Knudsen, Janet L 463 Knudsen, William G. 421 Knudson, Holle K 465 Knudson, Janice K 444 Knudtsen, Jack L 421 Knutson, Jean E. 467 Knutzen, Gerald C. 296, 491 Ko, Janyce F 491 Koch, Douglas 328 Koch, Gretchen 351 Koch, Mary E. 491 Koch, Robert B 432 Koehler, Janice J 290, 419 Koehnen, Debra A. 450 Koelsch, D. Jane 372 Koeppler, Karen B. 352 Koester, Anne C 459 Koetitz, Alvin P. 491 Kohls, R Stan 363 521 KOINONIA CENTER 279 Kok. Kenneth F. 482 Kolar. Toni A. 280. 386 Kollack, Robert I. 157. 432 Koller. Betty A. 378 Kolts. R. Bruce 394 Konma. Deborah A. 282 Koo. Nancy 328 Koon. Karol A. 321. 322. 372 Koon. Palmer D. 427 Koontz. Emmett E 477 Koopmans. David R. 157. 412 Kopet. Daniel J. 357 Koplowitz, Richard M. 432 Koppel, Anne R. 140. 348 Kores. Sandra L. 188 Korfhage. William F. 357 Korpela. Kathleen 352 Kosbau. Wayne 63. 496. 544 Koshi. Joyce A. 321. 476 Kosloski. Ronald J. 473 Koss. Mary K. 140. 280. 323, 370. 520 Kossen. Richard L. 432 Kosy. James P 345 Kouchi. Roger W. 177 Koura. Carole A. 167 Koury. Ronald P. 436 Koval. Dauna M. 444 Koykka. Laurie E. 193 Kozu. Patricia J. 465 Kratt. James E 435 Krahn. Charlotte K. 370 Krall. Michael W. 435 Kramer. Morley A. 140 Kraski. John H. 412 Krasnow. Wladislaw G. 193 Kratochvil. Violet K. 140, 446 Krause. Leslee L. 478 Kravitz, Allan L. 375 Kreft. Edith K. 167 Kreft. Paulette A. 188. 354. 355 Kreiensieck. Talka J. 450 Kremen. Dianne 348 Kremen. Frances E. 405 Kretz. Donald A. 177 Krier. Patricia I. 140. 352 Krinbring. Brian A. 363 Krinis. Katherine465 Krisberg Clare R 361 Kristek. Joseph A. 159 Krivosha, Bruce H. 432 Kroll. Kathryn A, 188 Kronenberg. Janet 322. 372 Krook. Peter M, 473 Krows. Karen J, 465 Kruchek. Karen 328 Krueger. Loretta 188 Krueger. Ron 319 Krupski, Gregory 436 Krupski. Kenneth 124. 436 Krusemark. Cheryl J. 370 Kubin. Karen J. 18. 58. 290. 450. 496 Kuboth. H. Eric 159. 296 Kuchan. Laurel A. 342 Kuchin. Margaret A. 491 Kucinski. Gary S. 491 Kuder. Susan M. 463 Kukull. James W. 291. 416 Kumbera. Mary L. 355 Kunde. Norm 254 Kuntz. Dennis R. 408 Kuon. Elizabeth 370 KUOW 66 Kupka, Jams H. 347. 520 Kuresman. Alan J. 430 Kurth. Marc C. 357 Kurtz. Cheryl A. 333. 419 Kurlzer. Carol L, 382 Kult. Darlene A. 196. 406 Kvam. Craig G. 363 L Labberton. Sally A. 450 LaBelle. Kathryn M. 167 LaBissoniere, Lynn 370 LaCaille. Robert B. 430 LaCalli. Thurston 328 Lachman. Cynthia 348 Lacilis. Aslrid 491 Lackland. Nancy L. 191. 305 Lacky. Donald E. 140. 430 LaCombe. Don R. 430 LaCourse. Diane K. 352 Ladd. Jonathan F. 436 Ladke. June 446 LaDuke. Margaret E. 352 LaFavor. Robert G. 391 Lagreid. Kathryn A. 140, 307 Lagsdin, Susan J. 140. 467 Lahore. Henry W. 177 Laine. Jaime J. 386 Laing. Richard L. 179 Laine. Robert 8. 430 Laird. Janet 351 Laird. Kevin F. 427 Lamaine. Jeffrey A. 393 Lamb. James H. 448 LAMBDA CHI ALPHA 390 LAMBDA KAPPA SIGMA 305 LAMBDA RHO 301 Lamberg. Janet C. 382 Lambert. Kathryn A. 468 Lambert. Lorraine M. 491 Lambert. Margaret J. 465 Lambert. Richard G. 140. 460 Lament. Arlene L. 361 Lampe. Mary F. 201. 384 Lamping, M. Catherine 355 Lander. Vicki L. 140, 307 Landon. John W. 491 Landreth. Ivan K. 475 Landt. John W. 448 Lane. Donald C. 159. 399 Lane. Lorann K. 483 Lane. Mark 76 Lane. Patricia A. 355 Lane. Richard J. 345 Lane. Robert F. 291.412 Lane. Sandra L 140. 307 Lane. William R. 411 Laney. Jack J, 468 LANGUAGE HOUSES 484 Langdon. Gregory W. 359 Langsdorf, Linda S. 387 Lanham. Carol L. 140. 323. 380 Large. David 328 LarRins. Daniel O. 453 Larrabee. Kathertne L. 456 Larsen. Gary L 412 Larsen. Rosanne M. 140 Larsen, Sharon A. 464 Larsen. Steven J. 196 Larsen, Christie 347 Larson. Ann M. 201 Larson. Anna M. 444 Larson, Caria L. 472 Larson. Carol A. 380 Larson. Carolee J. 167. 355 Larson. Chandis B. 282 Larson. Daniel L. 179. 306 Larson, Diane M. 140 Larson. Dona J. 351 Larson. James R. 193 Larson, Judith A. 159. 468 Larson. Linda C. 140. 419 Larson. Lynn M. 347 Larson. Margaret A. 491 Larson, Maxine L. 342 Larson, Richard E. 393 Larson, Sonya E. 461 Larter. William 328 LAS VEGAS NIGHT 34 Latham, Karolyn K. 459 Lathrop, Shand L. 322. 347 Latimer, Lewis P. 363 Latta. Barbara A. 481 Laughlin. Deborah H. 196 Laughlin. Joy E. 188. 342 Lauzen. Elizabeth L, 18, 58, 140. 307, 324, 361. 496. 535 Lauzis. Rasma L. 491 Lavender. Marilyn 384 LAW SCHOOL 198 Lawhead. Sandra P. 382 Lawless. John W. 167 Lawless. Timothy B. 436 Lawlor. Janet C. 380 Lawlor, Susan 380 Lawrence. Bob 496 Lawrence. Cora J, 193. 467 Lawrence. Manny P. 401 Lawrenson, Gary M. 424 Lawseth, Linda M. 167 Lawson. Connie K. 347 Layton. Georgia L. 348 Lea, Barbara Jo 405 Leach. Michael A. 196 Leader. Marge 85 Leady. Christopher C, 159. 363 Leaf, James W. 453 Leal, Lorna A, 140. 328. 387. 520 Learn, Cheryl A. 370 Leanderson. Fil 259 Leatha. Norman H. 159. 391 LEARY 459 Leaton. Faye A. 450 Leavitt, Elaine 483 Leber, M. Kay 370 Lebo. William T. 140, ?91. 421 LeBoeuf. Suzanne 387 LeClercq, Nicholas P. 412 LeCocq, Christine 387 LeDuc. Thomas G. 427 Lee, Candace W. 140, 459 Lee. David B, 399 Lee. Edward E. 159 Lee. Elsie C. 191. 305 Lee. Gar See 159. 474 Lee. Jennifer E. 465 Lee. John H. 193, 491 Lee, Karen F, 141, 280, 384 Lee. Martha 141. 382 Lee. Randall K 296, 424 Lee. Robert A. 408 Lee. Robert L. 376 Lee, Ronald W. 357 Lee. Sally Jo 347 Lee. Susan L. 141. 461 Lee. Valerie J. 491 Lee. Wendy 382 Leedom. William J. 435 Leen. Brian D 159 Lees. Maryellen 438 Leetsch. Betty A. 196 Leffingwell. Dorothy J. 141 Lefkovits. Markus 414 LeFleur. Catherine L. 450 Legg. Karen L, 167. 280 Legg. Kathleen 387 Legsdin, Anita 141 Lehman. Darrell G. 475 Lehman, Ken 257 Leichnitz. Roberta M. 465 Leier, Gro M. 196 Leifer, Clare D. 422 Leigh. Bruce K. 141 Leigh, James T, 141 Leighlon. Kim 520 Leighty. William E. 369 Leighland. Tory J. 293. 369 Leimbacher. Jane 141. 324. 406 Leimbacher. Nancy M. 406 Leingang. Cynthia 480 Leishman. William F. 159 Leisy. Mary A. 361 Leiand, Robert L. 159. 388 Leilelid. Nancy A. 481 Lemke, Susan K. 141 Lemmon. Constance G 196 Lemon, James K. 473 LeMone. Margaret A 193. 472 Lenfant. Philippe 369 Lenfest, Marilyn R. 457 Lens, Sidney 48 Lentz. Donald P. 179. 297. 306. 468 Leonard, Arthur J. 124 Leonard, Charlotte A. 444 Leonard, Mark A. 393 Leonard, William S. 396 Leong, Lawrence S. 408 LePenske, Geraldine M. 382, 167 LePenske, Thomas L. 422 Lepley. Susan J. 457 Lerner, Trudie J. 457 Leslie. Karen A. 491 Lesnick. Charles E. 38, 39. 41, 159. 327. 375 Lester, Roderick B, 179. 340. 427 Levesque, Andrew T. 421 Levin. Jacqueline A. 380 Levin. Thomas J. 428 Levine. S. Lani 405 Levinson. Kenneth H. 18. 59, 432. 496 LeVitre, Rosanne M. 342 Levy. Elaine A. 405 Levy. Gaye E. 405 Levy, Geraldine 348 Lewis. Christopher D. 436 Lewis, Cynthia A. 167, 483 Lewis, Elizabeth M. 464 Lewis, Floyd M. 365 Lewis. Jeanne L. 405 Lewis. Marilyn C. 348 Lewis. Nancy L, 465 Lewis, Robert K. 349 Lewis. Steven M. 432 Lewis. Victoria J. 141. 372 Lewis. Virginia R. 491 Lewis. W. Nick 376 Lewison. Donald L. 124. 340. 363 Li, Samuel 473 LiaBraaten, Larry D. 453 Libby, Roland D. 436 Liberman, Diane J. 405 Libke, Marili M, 406 Liburdy, Frank W. 293, 369 Lichtenberg, Kurt 369 Lie. Christine A. 450 Lieberman. B rry S. 448 Lien. MaryJo 361 Lienarz. Barbara L. 491 Lieske. L. Fred 347 Lightfoot, Susan C. 454 Lilley, Ronald D. 491 Lim, Bee Lum 193, 468 Lincoln. John S. 396 Lind. Jeanie M. 141 Lindberg. Susan L. 351 Lindblom, Sharron L. 167. 303 Linde, John O. 345 Linden, Kathie A. 483 Lindeman, Lisa R. 351 Linden, Christine 491 Linden, Kathleen E. 384 Lindenmeyer, Lois L. 351 Lindenmeyer, Louise 337. 351 Lindgren. Gerry 257 Lindh. C. Kris 167 Lindjord. Norman M. 159, 491 Lindley, Robin D. 396 Lindmark. Julie A. 465 Lindquist. Robert F. 399 Lindsay, Bridget A. 372 Lindsay. K. Suzanne 352 Lindstrom, Christine M. 280, 387 Lindstrom, Eric R. 421 Linebarger, Ronald E. 468 Linehan, John R. 159. 296, 468 Lingafelter, Thomas E. 179 Linebloom. Janice L, 378 Lingle. Craig S. 179 Lingle. Vicki K. 361 Linke. Eugene A. 159 Links. Donald E, 179. 306 Linn. John C. 179. 306 Linne. Katherine E. 465 Linse. LaDonna L. 167, 361 Linse. Robert J. 391 Linville. George P. 325. 393 Lippek. Henry E. 141 Lippert. Patrick A. 424 Lippi. Michael R. 427 Lippick, Susan E. 141 Lipson, Mark 496 Liranzo, Richard L. 141. 357 Lirhus. Albert G. 159. 296, 396 Lirhus. Jane H, 321. 322. 380 Lish. Shelly M . 480 Litchfield. Joann E. 402 Litsey, Candis E. 361 Little. Charles A. 399 Little. Leandra M. 361 Little. Richard V. 399 Littlefield, Thomas E, 453 Littlejohn. C. Lee 416 Livermore. Audrey J. 461 Livers. Sally A. 476 Livesley. Wendy A. 387 Lloyd. Roger R. 359 Locatelli. John 328 Lochrie, Bonnie S. 337. 402 Locke, Jackie S. 465 Locke, Nancy J. 352 Lockett. M. Sue 57. 307, 323 Lockhart, Elisa J. 351 Lockhart, James W. 363 Lockwood, Robert A. 435 Lockwood. William A. 159. 408 Loe. Michael A. 359 Loeb. Carl F. 399 Loesby. Harlie W. 412 Loesby. Richard K. 412 Loesch. James O. 179. 306 Lofgren, Loren R. 179, 391 Logan. James A, 412 Logan, Judith K. 459 Logsdon. John D. 428 Lohman. Gregory 1. 491 Lombard. Henry H. 345 Lonac. Michael A. 394 London, Alain R. 428 Long. Ann C. 167. 282 Long. Frances E. 361 Long. George W. 167 Long. Patricia B. 457 Long. Stephen V. 436 Longmeier. Gregg R. 142. 345 Lookosa. Liisa K. 491 Loomis. Jane A. 387 Loomis. Jim 496 Looney. Steven M. 394 Loper. Gregory J. 391 Loranger. Kathryn A. 480 Lorentz. Sharon A. 142. 380 Lorsbach, Neal C, 401 Losey, Merridy G, 321, 480 Loucks, Richard V, 491 Loucks. Rick L. 468 Loud. Shelly M. 406 Love. Kathleen A. 461 Love, Marie V. 491 Love, Rosemary K. 463 Lovejoy. Ann L. 464 Lovell, Stephen B. 179 Lovlien. Robert S. 393 Lovrovich. Yvonne M. 454 Lowe. Lloyd S. 448 Lowe. Walter G. 435 Lowell. Frederick M. 182 Lower, Candace L, 419 Lower, Lucy B. 321, 387 Lowery, Edward A. 475 Lowman. Nancy E. 372 Lowry. David M. 415 Lowry, Joan E. 361 Lowry. Michael K. 363 Lowry. Scott 421 Loyd. Steven E. 345 Lucas, Nannette 382 Luce, Lynn 438 Luce, Marilyn 328 Lucker. Deborah B. 290, 406 Lucker. Dennise B. 384 Ludgate. Theodore A. 179 Ludwig. Karen L. 379 Luedecker. Jon R, 185 Lugar. Victoria 142, 370 Luiten. Cheryl A, 347 Luke. Fredrick A. 179 Luke. Joanne K. 60. 491. 496 Lull. Frank C. Ill 142 Lombard. Steven L. 375 Lunceford. Linda M. 361 Lund. James I. 159 Lund. Madelon F. 450 Lund. Phil 259 Lundberg. Christina M. 142 Lundin. Stephen J. 142, 393 Lundvall. Ralph W. 367 Luokkala. Raymond O, 491 Lusk. Donna M. 419 Lusk, Gary W. 474 Lussier. Gilbert L. 347 Luther. Mary Jane 142. 382 Luther. Steven 328 Lutkenhouse. Michael A. 412 Luvaas. Sharron S. 280. 384 Ly. Lars C. 391 Lybarger. Carol 142, 328 LybecKer. Jeannie 313 Lyga. Richard C. 363 Lyie. N. Craig 470 Lyman. Steven R. 428 Lynch. John F. 376 Lynch. Pamela A. 142. 406 Lyon. Kathryn R. 280, 387 Macartney, Thomas M. 41 Macchione, Michael R. 196 MacDonald. Alexendra J. 419 MacDonald. Carol A. 124 MacDonald. Duncan C. 428 MacDonald. John A, 276 MacDonald, Pat 57 MacDonald. Robert W. 393 MacDonald, Ronald A. 375 MacDonald, Thomas K. 359 MacDonald, William J. 357 MacDonell. Leslie A. 468 MacDuff. Mane E- 143 MacFarlene. Donald E. 369 MACGREGOR 460 MacGregor. Russell E. 470 MacKay. Daniel J. 491 MacKay. Patricia L. 142 MacKenzie. Alan A. 142 Mackey. James E. 427 Mackey. Suzanne L. 402 Mackie, David L. 422 Mackintosh. Linda L. 355 MacKintosh. Mary L. 370 MacKoff, Barbara L. 348 MacLean. Nola A. 188 MacLean. Sandra A. 142 MacRae. Anne L. 444 Madama. Stanley 26. 415 Madden. Heida 328 Madison. Douglas R. 345 Madlinger. Karen A. 379 Madsen, Julie C. 370 Madsen. Terrylea 355 Madson. Betty J, 443. 446 Maeda. Diane L. 142. 323. 468 Maeda. Sharon R. 55. 142. 323.492 Magee. Kathleen A. 464 Maggart, Mike 213. 228 Magner. Donna L. 370 Magnuson. Warren 76 Magruder. Victor M. 159. 416 Mahoney. Robert J. 179. 276 Mahoney, William F, 492 Maib, Joyce J. 384 Maier. Barbara E. 167. 354, 355 Maiers, William W, 142. 468 Maino. Barbara M. 188 Mainprice. Charles E. 416 522 Maizels, MarkI R. 321, 322. 348 Major. Tibor Makar, June M. 352 Malchow, Dolores M. 188 Malen, Carol 442 Malen. Susan K 478 Maley. John P 64. 142. 388 Maha. Richard E. 422 Mallgren. William R. 458 Mallory. William E. 193. 468 Malmstrom, Donald E. 394 Malo. Michele M. 167. 290. 352 Malone, Thomas W. 41. 46. 142. 326. 327. 396 Maloney. Janice L, 159 Maloof, James M 142. 394 Maloof. Steven S 394 Malott. Dwight R. 276 Malstrom. Robert H. 142 Mamlock, Susan E. 468 Mammoser. Laurence G 142 Manary. Roger D. 492 Mandak. Brian P 179 Mandeville. Michael 39. 41. 44 Maneck|i. Bhikhaji M. 427 Manfred. Dennis J. 416 Manke. Tom 214. 215. 224. 362 Manley. Ronald C. 142 Mann. Charles O. 452 Mann, E Frazer 396 Mann. Hilary L 352 Mann. Marlin D. 159. 428 Mann. Mary B. 168. 352 Manning. Steven E. 159. 391 Mannon, llene C. 342 Mano, Joseph M. 291, 369 Mansfield. Cris L. 406 Mar. William S. 492 Marble. Kenneth R. 394 Marble. Steven C. 396 Marek, Julene 328 Margeson, Douglas W. 142 Marguglio, PauTj. 326, 363 Marin, Kathryn L. 142, 342 Marinella, Michael F. 142, 427 Markley, Donna E. 454 Marliave, Jeffrey 475 Marney, Gregory L. 375 Marquard, Steven S 396 Marquardt, Janis L. 445 Marr, James E. 143 Marriott, Carol A. 492 Marsh, Constance J. 492 Marsh, Roger A. 377 Marshall, Diane 315 Marshall, Douglas C. 143, 391 Marshall, John M. 436 Marshall, Phihp G. 345 Marshall, Steven C. 325. 422 Marston. Marvin F. 196 Marth. Judith A. 18. 60. 168. 361. 496 Marth. Sandra L. 382 Martin. B. Jane 492 Martin. Donald H. 168. 228. 327. 394 Martin. Gary F. 42. 143. 422 Martin. Gilbert L. 401 Martin. Glen K. 143. 408 Martin, Gregory J. 291, 369 Martin, Jack F. 435 Martin, James J. 427 Martin, James S. 84 Martin, Jane 372 Martin, Janet L 387 Martin, Janice E. 143 Martin, Joel E. 492 Martin, Judy A. 347 Martin, Paul A. 428 Martin. Penelope A. 478 Martin, Robert E, 196 Martinkus, Stanley J. 363 Martinsen, Betty C. 201 Martinson, Robert J. 396 Marts, Marion E. 115 Marx. Pamela A. 464 Marxen. Dennis F, 363 Masekela, Hugh 34 Mascorella, William R. 396 Masin, Marilyn A. 280, 348 Mason, James A. 394 Mason J. Tate 412 Mason, Lynn M. 382 Mason, Richard W. 416 Massey. Nancy R. 281. 322. 372 Massoth. Gary J, 468 Massoth. Kathleen M. 457 Mast. Vincent L. 377 Masters. George T. 143 Masterson. James A. 367 Mastro. Michael K. 369 Masuda. Karen S. 168. 492 Masuda. Patty A. 380 Malchett, James A. 492 Mate, Karol V 193, 468 Mathais, Sue 520 Mathes. Sandra L 188 Matheson, Joan A. 168 Matheson, Patricia D. 382 MathevKS, Steven L. 179 Mathiesen, Donald W. 460 Mathis, Linda M. 143, 281, 342 Mathis. Theresa L. 370 Matlick, Michael G, 391 Matlock, Bruce T. 41. 55. 143. 326. 327, 421 Matson, Chris L. 412 Matson, Roy A. 428 Matson, William 430 Matsudaira, Vince 496 Matsui, Earl Y. 143, 474 Matsumoto, Alvin M. 435 Matshushita. Paul T. 477 Matsuyama, James D. 442, 460 Matsuyama W. Bryon 143, 327, 447 Matthaeus, Suzanne 370 Matthews. James M. 359 Matthews, Jane C, 321, 476 Matthews, Renee E. 461 Matthiesen, Gail I. 143 Matthiesen, Maureen 63, 496 Mattila, Marlys J 454 Maltix. Chena L 483 Maltson, Lmda 328 Malison, Sandra M.468 Matuska. Jean C 454 Matzdorfl, Michael 391 Maurmann, William M. 411 MAVERICK 462 Mawson, Thomas C. 401 Maxam, Pamela A. 347 Maxwell, Elvin E 424 Maxwell. Lynn R. 355 Maxwell. Marlene E. 456 May. Arlene M 281. 347. 524 Mayeda. Gloria A. 168 Mayer, Lauri J. 492 Mayer, Stanley O. 143 Mayes, Charles G. 447 Maylield, Roger L 196 Mayhew, M, Timothy 143 McAbee. Jackie G. 361 McAdams. Robert J. 452 McAllister. Lera E. 379 McAllister. Patricia M. 168. 323. 370. 371 McAlpin. John P. 367 McAlpine. Stephen A. 375 McAteer. James 424 McAvoy. Anne F. 492 McBride. Michael G. 335. 339. 375 McCabe. Duane J 46. 363 McCabe. James 327 McCabe, Robin L. 478 McCabe, S. Kathleen 492 McCaffree. Mary S. 280, 465 McCaffrey, Michael R. 427 McCall, Janice E. 419 McCandhsh, Gail R. 143, 492 McCann, Donald W. 421 McCarthy, Donald E. 345 McCarthy, Joseph L. 192 McCarthy, William T. 143 McCarthy, Brian D. 430 McCary, Sandra G. 459 McCauley, Mary M. 402 McClain, Jeffrey A, 365 McLain, Richard S. 291, 375 McClamrock. David H. 460 McClellan C. Scott 427 McClelland, Elizabeth A. 347 McClintick, Russell L, 492 McCloy, Nora J. 355 McClure, Jean 308 McClure, Tia M. 342 McCollom, V. Lynn 188 McCollom, Robert L. 341 McCollum, Donald C. 143 McColm, Linda M. 323, 406 McComas, Judith A. 351 McCombs, Stephen R. 470 McConaghy, Gary A. 363 McConaha, Kathleen M. 461 McCorkle, Linda A. 280, 406 McCorkle, Linda K. 450 McCorkle, Nancy J. 323, 476 Mccormick. Alyce K. 483 Mccormick, Tom 279 McCowan, Dixie K. 465 McCoy, Denise 465 McCoy, Dianne E. 143 McCoy, Gary L. 462 McCoy, Linda K. 143, 282 McCready, Ronald D. 416 McCumsey, Thomas E. 424 McCune. M. Susan 384 McCusker, Jean E. 201, 382 McDade. Gary S, 82, 143 McDaniel, John A. 492 McDaniel. John W, 143 McDaniel, Susan J 168, 280, 342 McDaniel, Terry P, 159, 291, 468 McDaniels. Shareen R. 143, 280. 347 McDermott. Kathleen A. 492 McDermott. Susan 402 McDonald. Laurie J. 382 McDonald. Susan J. 468 McDonough. Maureen 143. 380 McDougaM. Ronald 357 McDougall. Susan 328 McDonnell. Robert A. 492 McDonough, Maureen 143. 380 McDougall. Ronald A. 357 McDougall, Susan 328 McDowell, Lorri I. 454 McDowell, Nanette I. 481 McDowell, Scott A. 291, 391 McDowell, Tommy G. 477 McElfatrick, Janice K. 476 McElhenie, Donna J. 492 McEvoy, Patricia A. 143 McFarlane. R Bruce 144. 391 McGarry. Dennis J. 363 McGaughey. Michael H. 416 McGavin. Bob 231 McGee. John B. 159 McGee. Kelly W. 179 McGhie, Anne E. 382 McGinnes, A. James 427 McGinnes, Kathleen A, 419 McGinnis, Duane 86 McGlenn. Robert D. 492 McGraw. Suzanne 351, 524 McGough, James 328 McGregor, Tim 284 McGuire, Maxine H, 372 McHarg, Sidney 453 McHenry, Blanche L. 492 Mcintosh, Bruce W. 144 Mcintosh, Carol 496 Mclntyre, Karia K. 380 Mclntyre, Scott A. 394 Mclntyre, Sharon G. 347 McJannet, William F. 492 McKay, Michael w. 473 McKay, Willeen N 168. 382 McKay. William C. 430 McKay. William M. 435 McKEE 463 McKee, Colene M. 321 McKee, David D. 394 McKee. LeRoy G 179 McKee. Tim A 63. 394, 496 McKenzie. Joan E. 492 McKie. Sharon D. 478 McKiernan. Aaron R. 291. 325. 390. 391 McKinney. Richard 328 McKinstry. Michael J 363 McLandress. Richard A. 393 McLaughlin. C. Edgar 144. 291. 375 McLaughlin, Marian M. 144, 406, 445 McLaughlin, Maria L. 445 MCLEAN 464 McLean, Mary L. 419 McLean, Michael E. 363 McLean, Terri L. 465 McLeod, Chris T 179, 361 McLeod, Judith V. 168. 303 McLeod, Kathleen L. 492 McLead. Stephen A. 427 McLeod, Susan G. 347 McMAHON 466 McMahon, Janyce E. 402 McManus, Jo A. 370 McMarlin, Carolyn A. 446 McMillin, Christine A. 321, 444 McMurray, Susan A. 351 McNamara, John P. 144 McNay, James E. 144 McNeel, Janice R. 478 McNees, Jackson L. 179, 306 McNeil, J. Michael 357 McNurlin, Lynne J. 201, 361 McPhail, Stephen B. 363 McQuellon, Richard P. 377 McSorley, Robert 496 McTaggart, James M. 427 McTavish P. Douglas 422 McVey, Margaret L. 384 McWatlers, Mary E. 282, 446 McWhorter, Helen E. 144, 402 Mead, W, Patrick 393 Meade, Melody A. 478 Meade, Paul T. 435 Meadows, John C. 144, 291, 326 Meadows, Ronald L. 396 Meads, Larry M. 144 Measure, Kathleen E. 438 Medan, Richard T. 297, 306 Medcalf, Nikki D. 382 Medema, Stanley L. 415 MEDICAL SCHOOL 200 Meenach, Marilyn G. 342 Mefford, Richard L. 144 Meilleur, Raoul J. 416 Meininger. Marc G. 325. 369 Meins. Charlene L. 457 Meisler, Myrna B. 144. 481 Mellom. Gary G. 179 Melvin, Barbara A. 144 Memovich, Mary R. 384 Menees, Jo Mane 347 Menefee, H. Steward 357 Meng, Eric G, 453 Menne, Gary L. 357 Mennella, Bruce E. 159, 296, 422 Mennella, Cynthia A. 382 Menth, Michael K. 325 MERCER 465 Merkeley, D. Ward 399 Merrill, Cynthia 464 Merrill, Gregory A. 144 Merritt. Tom D. 448 Merry, Bob 57 Mershon. Eria G. 438 Mertes, Jeffrey A 393 Mesher, David R. 414 Mesmer, Richard E. 394 Messer, Margaret L. 144 Messmer, Nancy E. 450 Messmer, Vicki K. 450 Metcalfe, Ralph W. 144, 328, 468 Metke, Michael P. 394 Metzger, Robin A. 475 Meulemans, Mary A. 201 Meyer, Alan D 144, 369 Meyer, Eddie M. 400 Meyer, Kathryn A. 372, 524 Meyer, Kenneth T. 196 Meyer, Mary M. 372 Meyer, Melissa L. 168 Meyers. Robert C. 159 Meyers. William K. 365 Mezistrano. Vivian 290, 405 Mhyre. Robert B. 365 Michael, Barbara S. 188 Michaelis, Barbara E. 492 Michaelsen, Juliette E. 402 Michel, Linda B. 405 Michel. Susan E. 348 Michelson. Paul F. 144 Mickalsen, Marcia K. 290, 361 Mickelson, David S. 393 Mickerson. Patricia A. 384 Mickelson, Ron 48 Mickelwait, Ann 284 Mickens, Detxjrah J. 444 Micona, Kathleen L. 445 Middleton, Eileen T. 188 Middleton, Penelope A. 144 Middleton, Robert L. 391 Mietzner, Kathleen H. 465 Miffhn, Ronald W 276 Mikelson, Ivan 84 Mikkelsen, Steven W 291, 421 Miles, Jeffrey E. 424 Milheim, D. Lee 400 Milkie, Tamara A 372 Millar, Mary S. 459 Millay. Grace M. 465 Millenbach. Bruce E. 377 Miller. Alan G. 276 Miller. Barbara J. 492 Miller, Brian H. 293, 363 Miller, B. Mark 363 Miller, Donald D. 399 Miller, Donald L. 185. 415 Miller. Eileen D, 290. 352 Miller, Elizabeth A. 354 Miller, Elizabeth J 144, 328 Miller, Elizabeth L. 352 Miller, Emily H 144, 468 Miller, Gregory S, 400 Miller, Helen E 492 Miller, Jack 8. 179, 306 Miller, Joan C 351 Miller. John K. 144 Miller. Kathleen A. 355 Miller. Kenneth E. 462 Miller, Larry A. 377 Miller, Madelyn L. 43, 144. 323. 524 Miller. Marigail H. 351 Miller. Marilyn J. 492 Miller. Maria G. 282 Miller, Marlene M. 351 Miller, Michael J. 424 Miller, Michael J 428 Miller, Randa M. 333, 348 Miller, Sandra A. 492 Miller, Shirley A 144 Miller, Susan K 419 Miller, Vincent J. 477 Milhkan, Sally A. 465 Mills, Amy L 322, 380 Mills, B David III 325, 430 Mills, Sarah J, 419 Milton. Kathryn J 169. 468 Minahan, David M 412 Minaker, Marjorie D 481 Minard, Annette M 144, 492 Minor, Susan D 461 Minorchio, Gay C. 352 Minto, Robert W 359 Miori, Julie F. 144, 347 Miraldi, Susan L. 406 Mirly, Carol D. 454 Mishler, Linda C. 478 Mitchell, Bruce I. 394 Mitchell, Ellen N. 144 Mitchell, Mark D. 357 Mitchell, Susan E. 454 Mitchell, Thomas W. 357 Mitrovich, Mark A 169 Moberg, Harley 159, 391 Moberg, Margaret A. 144 Moch, Robert M. 293. 396 Mochimaru. Teruji 159 Moe. Greta C 446 Moe. Marlin S. 159 Moe. Royce H. 447 Moe, Sherry L. 144 Moehrle, Maryjane 492 Moen, Victoria A. 387 Moffett, Mary B. 402 Moises. Hylan C. 433 Moldenhauer, Myra R. 384 Molen, Dean L. 196 Moller, Stephen G. 492 Molotte, Sandra R 380 Molvar, Michael P 196 Molz, Mary Jo 382 Monahan, M, Sherry 188 Monihan, Judith L. 382 Moniot, Marlene T. 419 Monnahan, Michael J. 427 Monnes, Randall J. 393 Monohan. Stephen P. 325, 416 Monroe. Gail G 382 Monsen. Christine M, 370 Monson. A. Stephen 428 Montague, David M 428 Montgomery, Gretchen R. 457 Montgomery, Joseph C. 453 Mooney, John P 144 Moore, Anthony J. 415 Moore, Carolyn N. 144 Moore, David S. 430 Moore, Diane G. 159 Moore, Dolly M. 361 Moore, Frank O. 144 Moore, Gary L. 397 Moore, George F. 185 Moore, J. Ellen 342 Moore. Jeff 492 Moore. John W. 391 Moore. Kenneth L 435 Moore. Regen 290. 370 Moore. Roger H. 293 Moore. Stephen D. 448 Moore. Susan J. 402 Moore. Terry M 478 Moos. Merry K. 281. 322. 465 Moran. Christy J. 480 Morberg. Thomas E. 363 Morden. Dennis B. 179. 297 Moreau. Paul R 492 Morelle. Alain R 193 Morgan. Anne L. 387 Morgan. Carol F 169 Morgan. Don H 363 Morgan. Marilyn J 380 Morhous. Richard E. 468 Mori. Patricia Y 188 Moriarty. Patrick J 394 Morin. Gregory M. 428 Morita. Gary K 196 Morrell. James W 424 Morrill. Douglas L. 369 Morris. Daniel R. 169 Morris. David R. 159. 391 Morris. Janinne D. 144 . 468 Morris. Joanne R. 355 Morris. Patricia L. 492 Morris. Scott A. 430 Morrison. Anne E. 342 Morrison. Jill 281. 406 Morrison. Marilyn 480 Morrison. Shelley 406 Morrow. Donna A. 456 Morse. Catherine A 321. 387 Morse. Claudia. E. 372 Morse. JoAnn M. 281. 323. 468 Morse. Kathleen M. 372 Morss. Kitnna L. 351 MORTAR BOARD 324 Mortensen. Diane C. 492 Mortlock. Janice M. 370 523 -John Beatfy SWEETHEART OF SIGMA CHI 1967-1968 SUE OLSON Gamma Phi Beta Little Sigmas of Sigma Ctii Top Row: Cecelia Gilbert, Donna Solle, Karon Erickson, Janet Olson, Trina Thompson, Linda Price, Barbara IVlueller, Nancy Toney, Barbara Gore, Lauri Oliver, Ginny Patton. Second Row: Kathy Meyer, Sandy Johnson, Wanda Duffy, Sue McGraw, Candi Cline, Arlene May, Jean Bellamy, Cathy West, Joan Whitesel. Bottom Row: Sue Olson. Not Pictured: Kristine Alskog, Darcy Jefferson, Marie Kelly, Lynn Miller, Judi Norman, Ann Pomeroy, Marilyn Rigg, Sally Sheible, Pam Wagner. 524 Sweetheart of Sigma Chi 1968-1969 KATHY HOOD Kappa Alpha Theta — Rowland Studio 525 Morton, Arnold N. 196 Morton. Janice A. 290. 406 Morton, Steven G. 492 Morton, Vickie L. 201 Mosby, Jack A. 477 Moser, Raymond R. 375 Moser, Richard 0. 276 Mosgrove, Anne 406 Mosier, John 40 Mosley, Carolyn F, 492 Moss. S. Reilly453 Mottet, Nancy R. 144 Mousette. David K. 144. 477 Movios, Michael J. 377 Mowrer, Michael S, 369 Mowrer. Scott R. 394 Moyer, John F. 345 Mriglot, Penny A. 461 Mueller, Barbara 524 Mueller. Roberta L. 144 Muente. Mary E. 169. 459 Mukai. Craig D. 369 Mukai. Mark K. 369 Muhnski. Carol 328 Mullally. Vincent J. 144. 377 Mullane. Molly A. 382 Mullen, Mark H. 394 Muller, John E. 365 Muller, Sandra L. 188 Mullins, Sherry L. 483 Mumaw, Larry H. 452 Munnby. Karen A. 406 Mummert. Sherry J. 419 Mummey, Lawrence D. 492 Munger. Kathleen E. 387 Munn. Ana Marie 342 Munns. Suzanne B. 281. 307. 406 Munsch. Martha B. 169 Munther, Merrily K. 144. 492 Murashige. Allen M. 179, 297, 477 Murbach. Carol V. 492 Murphy, Colleen 8. 352 Murphy, Daniel E. 159 Murphy, Jeanette D. 384 Murphy, Joan P, 384 Murphy, John F. 473 Murphy, Maureen A. 372 Murphy, Patricia A. 372 Murphy, Rick L. 412 Murray, Christie L. 387 Murray. Kathleen A. 384 Murray. Michael H. 468 Murray. Patricia L. 380 Murray. Robert H. 144. 340. 388 Murray. Sandra R. 380 Muscatel. Kenneth M. 433 Muscatel, Luann L. 348 MUSIC DEPARTMENT 89 Muzzall, Lynita G. 144, 251, 347 Myers, Jennifer G. 419 Myers, Karen L. 468 Myers. Mary K. 159. 468 Myers. Ternll C. 462 Myhre. Paul C. 159. 468 Myhre. Philip W. 399 N Nachand. Dale 496 Nadeau. Gary L. 448 Naf. David E 144 Naff. Sandra S, 144. 380 Nagatani. Joyce S. 481 Nahon. Susan J. 405 Nail. Joanne E. 406 Naimark. S. Sue 444 Naismith. Patricia A. 478 Nakagaki. Rose H. 492 Nakagawa. Bryon M. 196 Nakamura. Milton H, 193 Nakashima. Louise Y. 456 Nakatani. Wanda S. 169,310 Nakatsu. Robert R. 424 Nalle. Annette P. 315. 385 Namba. Kathleen G. 188 Nardand. Steve 80 Nasser. Warren V. 357 Natale. Mary L, 468 Nathane, Elizabeth C. 372 Nau. Paul E, 421 Naubert. Theresa A. 355 Nault. Sheila A. 188 Navert. Richard F. 411 Nayudu. Usha 406 Neal. Theodore A. 357 Nechanicky. Carol L. 402 Nedwicke. Joan I. 146. 459 Neely. Linda J, 481 Netf. Daniel A. 182 Nef(. John L. 276. 375 Nehl, Timothy J. 424 Neil. Douglas W. 146. 293 Neil. Pamela J. 370 Neils. Scott R. 359 Neilson, Rebecca J. 124 Nelson. Alice A. 352 Nelson. Arthur J. 427 Nelson. Brook T. 436 Nelson, Carol L. 481 Nelson. Dale 443 Nelson. Donna I. 478 Nelson. Harvey J, 124 Nelson, James E. 169 Nelson. James F. 146 Nelson, James F. 159 Nelson. Janet 520 Nelson. Judith L. 146 Nelson. Larry 328 Nelson. Mark L. 453 Nelson, Marylyn E. 442, 465 Nelson. Nancy R, 481 Nelson, Ned H, 391 Nelson, Noreen K. 384 nelson, F. Patrick 470 526 Nelson, Peggy L. 438 Nelson, Penelope 281, 355 Nelson, Reggie A. 474 Nelson, Robert B. 291, 391 Nelson, Roger E. 416 Nelson, Rose M. 438 Nelson, Sandra L, 290, 438 Nelson, Sidney D. 191 Nelson, Steven W. 415 Nelson, Susan M. 445 Nelson, Verl A. 462 Nelson, Vickie M. 188, 385 Nelson, Victoria A. 478 Nemerever, William L. 146 Nemeth, Mary Jane 146 Nemetz, Edward 146, 414 Nesland, Karen L. 483 Nestegard, Margery A. 188 Netherton, Laurence M. 124, 408 Nett, George J, 146, 468 Neumann, Barbara J. 342 Neville, Suzette A. 169 Newcomb, Richard D. 473 Newell, Ricky H. 357 Newell, Steven E. 341 Newett, Diana C. 370 Newkirk, Norm 443 Newman, Eugene W. 159 Newman, Gretchen M. 169, 342 Newman, Ins A. 461 Newman, Sandra L. 146, 379 Newquist. Carolyn R. 281. 372 Newquist, Sharon R. 382, 519 Newschwander. Janet A. 370 Newton. Kathleen L. 382 Newton, M. Scott 453 Nicholls. Jill M, 370 Nicholls, Nancy 456 Nichols, Charmaine 379 Nich ols, Jack E. 448, 496 Nichols, Mary A. 472 Nichols, Mary K. 455 Nichols, Patrick K. 430 Nichols, Rosemary G. 146, 323, 402 Nichols, Steven C. 462 Nichols, Steven E. 393 Nicholson, Marsha J. 321, 351 Nickerson, Marjorie S. 188 Nickinovich, Robert 345 Nickols, Susan L. 347 Nieder, Susan L. 348 Niederer, Edward 399 Nielson, Lorna L. 347 Niman, Randolph C. 185 Nimnicht, James L, 412 Nishi, Toshio 193 Nishimoto, Jona L. 169 Nishimura, Paul T. 160 Nshimura, Thomas A. 124 Nissen, Dennis M. 160, 435 Nissinem, Mauno 248 Nitschke, Robert A. 146, 375 Nix, Roger A. 475 Nixon, Thomas H. 160, 468 Njogu, Peter G. 492 Noah, Christine M. 321, 322, 465 Noble, Charles H. 146 Noble, Nancy A. 370 Noble, Phillip D. 160, 291, 369 Nogaki, Kathleen S. 459 Nokes, Larry B. 422 Noland. Carol L. 419 Noland. Ronald P. 492 Nolf. Gaynell 520 Noltimier. Linda J. 355 Nord, Elfnda 62, 496 Nord, Lawrence R. 394 Nord, Steven 40, 44, 45, 54 Nordin, Thomas A. 397 Nordquist, John M. 369 Nordquist, Nancy A. 169, 492 Nordquist, Richard W. 291, 421 Nordstrom, Barry T. 291, 427 Nordstrom, James C. 427 Nordstrom, Wendie L. 370 Noren, Judith 328 Norikane, Robert A. 477 Norkool, Patricia A. 465 Norman, Barbara J. 419 Norman, Diane P. 146 Norman, James C. 124 Norman, Judith M. 465, 524 Norquist, Douglas G. 452 Norstrand, Howard 328 North, Charles Q. 365 North, Edward S. 345 Northington, Victoria C. 492 Northrop, Sheryl L. 290, 342 Northrop, Wayne A. 291, 416 Northrup, Norman L. 369 Norvold, Jan B. 196 Norvold, Susan 328 Norway, Sally E. 365 Norwood, Amy L. 387 Nothdurft, Judith A. 450 Novak, Kathryn 328 Novick, Sheila R. 456 Nowak, Robert E, 357 Nowak, Thomas A. 357 Nowakowski, Renee 443 Noyes, Charles W. 436 Noyes, Karan L, 352 Numata, Jerauld T. 428 Nunneley, Julia F. 281, 380 NURSING, SCHOOL OF 186 Nussbaum. Thomas W. 414 Nutley. Elizabeth D. 370 Nulley. Kathryn M. 146 Nult, Carolee472 Nuzum. Charles L. 428 Nye. Betty A. 146. 365 Nye. James H 191, 468 Nye. J. Stanton 448 Nygren. Robert A. 393 Nynagen, Joanne K. 352 Nyman. Judith C, 472 Nysaether. Asbjorn J, 179 Nysen. Julie A. 387 Nystrom. James J. 345 Nystrom, Ronald A. 492 Oakes, Glenn R. 448 Oakes, Virginia A. 321, 465 Obenour, Jay S. 359 Oberg, David A. 470 O ' Brian, Daniel G. 326. 391 O ' Brien, Nancy M. 380 OCCUPATIONAL THERAPY 302 O ' Connor, Douglas M. 146, 447 O ' Connor, James B. 276 Odabashian, Peter 394 O ' Day, Marcia D. 146, 468 Oddson, Gregg H. 408 Odegaard, Charles E. 31, 108, 109, 110, 111, 114, 403 Odegaard, Steve C. 397 Odell, Robert M. 377 Odermann, Randal J. 408 Odie, Lawrence L. 492 Odum, Benjamin C, 193 Oehler, Christopher B. 435 Oehlschlaeger, Christy A, 476 Oelschlaeger, Pamela D. 419 Oertli, Gary L. 391 Oestreich, Harry L. 160 O ' Falahee, Kathleen L. 492 Offer, Shelley 290, 372 Officer, Virginia N. 342 Ogata, Robert F. 276 Ogden. John D. 416 Ogden, Kathryn J. 365 O ' Grady, Christine 46, 385 Ogren, Karen M. 457 Ogrosky, Karen A. 315, 419 Ohickers. Harald 359 Ohifs. Janet L. 455 Okada, Beverly A. 282, 463 Okada, Michael T. 124 Okamoto. Nancy 476 O ' Keefe. Joseph P. 179 O ' Keefe, Maureen D. 382 O ' Keefe, Patrick 468 Okerlund, Thomas R. 377 Okimoto, Ins S. 478 Okoniewski, J. Steve 375 Okubo, Katsuo 179, 492 Okuhara, Nobuya 468 Olberg, Henning 359 Oldenburg, William R. 55, 146, 326, 421 Olding, Carol M. 170 O ' Leary, David M. 424 O ' Leary, Thomas S. 492 Oletzke, Margery A. 351 Oliver, Bill 496 Oliver, Laurie C. 372, 524 Oliver, Stephen E. 436 Olsen, Carol L. 419 Olsen, Douglas A. 422 Olsen, Kenneth H. 160 Olsen, Larry M. 146 Olsen, Richard P. 377 Olson, David H, 125, 492 Olson, Forrest W. 401 Olson, James N. 146, 492 Olson, Janet C. 355, 524 Olson, Janet E. 176, 468 Olson, Joan M. 342 Olson, Joy J. 196 Olson, Judy C. 492 Olson, Kristine R, 382 Olson, Larry W. 345 Olson, Michael D. 125 Olson, Mollie A. 351 Olson, Richard A. 179 Olson, Robert E, 436 Olson, Robert S. 146 Olson, Sharon L. 281, 380 Olson, Susan L, 380, 524 Olson, Timothy D. 160, 296, 426 427 Olszewski, Richard 369 OLYMPUS 470 O ' Mack, Barbara J, 454 OMICRON NU 303 Omodt, Winnifred R. 147 Omori, Lilian Y. 196 Omori, Marlene M. 478 " ONDINE " 80 O ' Neal. John H. 325. 422 O ' Neil. Molly A. 444 O ' Neil. Vernon P. 147 O ' Neill. Deirdre A. 468 O ' Neill. Michael P. 462 O ' Neill, Nancy A. 492 OPEN FORUM 52 OPERA 94 Oppelt, Mary K. 457 Opsahl, Gregory L. 394 Opsata. Nancy L. 455 Ordell, David J, 414 O ' Reilly, Maureen 82 O ' Reilly, Shannon 352 Organic, Jean J. 457 Orkney, Garth R. 345 Orkney, Robin D. 160, 345 Ormiston, Sharon A, 191, 305 Ormsby, Robert D. 422 O ' Rourke, Kathleen 281, 406 Orrestad, Charles 306 Osborn, Priscilla G. 188 Osborne, Clarence L, 196 Osborne, Mason S. 147, 468 Osborne, Peter L, 291, 397 Osborne. Sandra S. 463 Oseran. Laurie S, 348 Osgood. John L. 397 OsFin. Shcrrie D. 380 Ostenson. Bryan H. 394 Ostenson. Gary L. 394 Osterhout. Catherine L, 355 Osthus, Ellen D. 481 Ostrander, Susan A. 365 Oswell, Kenneth O. 397 Otis, Catherine A. 147, 303 Ottlyk, Agnes 147 Otto, Caleb T. 468 OVAL CLUB 327 Overdorf, Margaret E, 492 Overly, Kathleen A, 188 Overway, Donald E. 492 Owen, Lynn M. 365 Owen, Sara K. 337, 365 Owens, Jim 208, 226 Paganelli, Katherine V. 188 Pagano, Gerald 363 Page, Sheila K. 419 Paine, Thomas W. 416, 492 Painter, Judith E. 351 Palermini, Lou Ann 282, 456 Palm, Richard E. 170 Palmer, Catherine E. 468 Palmer, James M. 397 Palmer, Joanne K. 372 Palmer, Leicester W. 180 Palumbo, Ralph H. 46, 326, 327, 394 Pamment, Margaret M. 379 Pandit, Ashok 180 PANHELLENIC 336 Pankow, Charles J. 375 Panowicz, Robert J. 363 Pappas, George J. 393 Pappin, Lorelle E. 454 Parham, Carole A. 191 Paris, Kathleen J. 402 Parke, Gordon E. 452 Parke, Stephen P. 375 Parker, Billy 258 Parker, Henry J, 397 Parker, Janice M. 170, 347 Parker, John F. 367 Parker, Jon C. 393 Parker, Karen L, 290, 352 Parker, Omar S. 160, 421 Parker, Suzanne F. 348 Parkhill, Barbara K. 170, 419 Parkinson, Victoria L. 455 Parks, Cynthia A. 290. 352 Parks. L. 291, 391 Parlova, Anitra L. 480 Parr, Hugo R. 147, 356, 357 Parrish, Dennis L. 435 Parrish, Karl B. 180, 291 Parsell, William F, 341 Parshall, John R. 180. 306 Parsons. Philip J. 393 Parsons. William L. 474 Pashley. Joan M. 492 Pass, K. Melody 188 Passey. Joel C. 193 Passmore. Robert O. 357 Pastore. Mario H. 367 Patoile. Terry S. 252 Patrick, Patsi 42, 520 PATTERSON 472 Patterson, Alice S, 170 Patterson, Carol L. 201 Patterson, Jay F. 393 Patterson, Virginia M. 147 Patterson, William N. 375 Patton, Jeanne E. 454 Patton, M. Virginia 357, 524 Patty, Kathryn L. 347 Pauley, S. Joan 147 Pauli, Richard S. 196 Paulsen, Eric R. 473 Paulsen, Roger A. 468 Paulson, Christine A. 419 Paulson, C. Janne 342 Paulson, David L. 397 Paulson, Diane L. 370 Paulson, Karen D. 406 Pauly, Anne E. 281, 382 Payne, Brian L. 62, 496 Payne, Richard B. 147 Peabody, Carol 387 Peach, Stephanie A, 351 Peacock, Sheryl L, 438 Peak, Edna 328 Pearl, Janice 405 Pearl, R. Scott 345 Pearson, Carl A. 340, 359 Pearson, George M. 377 Pearson, Josina L. 322, 355 Pearson, Margaret A. 321, 322, 381 Pearson, Mark T. 394 Pease, E. Joan 457 Peck, Dennis F. 394 Peck, Michael R. 393 Peck, Patricia M. 445 Pedack, Henry 147, 468 Peden, Jefn L. 342 Pedersen, Douglas H. 345 Pedersen, Mark G. 426, 427 Pederson, Edward L. 185 Pederson, Karen R. 147 Peel, Gregory J. 435 Peel, Karen C. 457 Peha, David D. 414 Peinovich, Gail L. 251, 382 Peircey, George H. 147 Peistrup, Ann C, 351 Peistrup, Jay E. 399 Pellegrini, Caria M. 347 Pemberton, Julie A. 147 Pemberton, Patricia J. 387 Pence, Ann M. 354, 355 Pence, David E. 160, 468 Pendras, Kathleen M. 188 Pennington, Susan 387 Penttila, Daniel E. 474 PEOPLE TO PEOPLE 50 Perantie. Harold S. 180 Perdue, D. Gail 160, 342 Perkins, Victoria A. 481 Perlman. Evelyn F. 170 Sundodgers ' Queen of Queens DEANNA DAWSON Kappa Alpha Theta -Kennell. Ellis jfnr tluit i lllilIi ual i ;.imi ' iiint iti Iraiiittnual rlnthiuy JIM ECKMANN, Proprietor " HIS " " HERS " 1409 N.E. 45th 1307 N.E. 45th ME 3-1409 ME 2-1307 528 Sweetheart of Tau Kappa Epsilon PAM BURINK Alpha Delta Pi -Boldman Portraits Perme, Lynn E 450 Perovich. Leanne D. 365 Perrins, Ivan E 160 Perry. Kathleen R 406 Perry, Pamela D 419 Person, Randy L 492 Person, M Willanne 347 Pete, Carol Ann 18, 58. 170. 307, 468, 4% Peters, Oonna B 170 Peters, Mary J. 402 Peters, Norma M. 170 Peters, Philip R. 147 Petersen, Bob 496 Petersen, Ch islme I. 347 Petersen, Dale H. 482 Petersen, Gerald R. 147 Petersen, Helsa L. 355 Petersen, Konne L. 419 Petersen, Mary L. 372 Petersen, Sherry L. 442, 481 Petersen, Suzanne E. 403 Peterson, Becky A. 370 Peterson, Bruce E. 492 Peterson, Carol J. 465 Peterson, Donald A. 345 Peterson, Douglas M. 44. 422 Peterson, Edwin J, 357 Peterson, Erik R. 422 Peterson. Jill H. 381 Peterson, Judith L 352 Peterson, Kristine E 381 Peterson, Lanna 381 Peterson, LeAnn K 193. 303 Peterson, Margie L. 450 Peterson, Mark 248 Peterson, Nadine 43, 45. 46 Peterson, Patricia A. 170 Peterson, Roberta J 365 Peterson, Shirley L 370 Peterson, Stephen F. 427 Peterson, Stephen F. 365 Peterson, Susan B. 342 Peterson, Terri E. 352 Peterson, w Payson 421 Peth, Susan M. 355 Petit, Betty 305 Petlow, Tamara A. 492 Petnn. Joseph G. 412 Pellersen. Ellinor J. 370 Petteys, Christine M. 403 Peyton. Susan M. 465 Pfeifler. Gregory. J. 424 PHARMACY. COLLEGE OF 190 PHI BETA KAPPA 328 PHI DELTA THETA 392 PHI ETA SIGMA 235 PHI GAMMA DELTA 394 PHI KAPPA PSI 396 PHI KAPPA SIGMA 398 PHI KAPPA TAU 400 PHI SIGMA KAPPA 401 PHI MU 402 PHI SIGMA SIGMA 404 PHILADELPHIA STRING QUARTET 88 Philbrick, Gary K. 293. 394 Philbrick. Martha B. 281. 387 Philip. Robert H 412 Phillips. Carhta L. 336. 382 Phillips. Cheryl A. 406 Phillips. Donald J. 435 Phillips. James W. 147. 345 Phillips. Je«rey L. 430 Phillips. Kathleen J. 455 Phillips. Linda S, 456 Phillips. Lynn R. 365 Phillips, Monte P. 453 Phillips, Stanley D. 421 PHOTOGRAPHERS ' CREDITS 496 PHOTOGRAPHERS ' STAFF, ASUW PUBLICATIONS 62 PHRATERES 282 PHYSICAL THERAPY 302 PI BETA PHI 406 PI KAPPA ALPHA 408 PI KAPPA PHI 410 PI LAMBDA THETA 303 PI OMICRON SIGMA 340 Pichereau, Susan M. 403 Pick, Paula E. 281, 348 Pickard, Janice L. 348 Pickens, James R. 125. 340 Pidduck. R. James 357 Pierce. Rodney G. 427 Pierro. Robert A. 183 Pierson. James A. 475 Pieszchala. Terry A. 436 Pighin, Wayne R. 421 Piha, Marilyn V. 348 Piha, Sam S. 433 Pilling, Judith A 385 Pilling, Robert A. 160, 369 Pinney, Charles T. 473 Piper, Jack K. 408 Pisarcik, Catherine V. 492 Pishue, Lora L. 492 Pitell, Anthony C 375 Pitman. Richard N. 180. 460 Pittack. Larry G 452 Pitts. Larry A. 412 Pitts. M. Phyllis 406 Pizzalato, Larry J. 147. 399 Placek. Judith H. 372 Plant. Pamela A. 463 Plath. Peter D. 369 Piatt. Tern L. 321, 455 Plavins. Mans 180 ■ PLAYBOY OF THE WESTERN WORLD " 85 Plolner, Beth R. 443, 455 Plowman, John P. 170, 416 Plut. Randall J 430 Pocock, Lynnae C. 370 Poe. Patricia A. 465 Pokela, Lynn R, 147 Policar, Jack R. 433 Polls, Nancy K. 201, 352 POLITICAL UNION 48 Polk, William H. 276 Pollard, David R 397 Pollard. Pamela L 464 Polley. James R 427 Pollini. John P 147 Pollock. Stanley W 160 Pollock. Warren W 125. 468 Polwarlh, Jane S 381 Pomeroy, Ann 365, Pomeroy, Ilia M 483 Pomeroy, Jane 365 Pool, John R 341 Pool. Loralee V 147 Poole. Ouane E 449 Pope. James F 367 Pope. Ronald L 408 Popich. Gregory A 147. 363 Porsch. Robert W 377 Porter. Clifford A. 147. 474 Porter. Fletcher S 462 Porter. Gloria R 361. 336 Porter. John S. 147 Porter. Lynn 328 Porter. Richard K. 291. 412 Porterfield. Bess V. 147 Porterfield, Mane J. 147 Portman, Pauline E. 193 Posner, Linn D. 160 Posthuma, Jacqueline J. 492 Potter, Gall C. 478 Potter, Jane E. 403 Potts, Barbara A. 147 Potts, Roberta B. 290. 372 Pounds, Linda M 492 Powe, Joseph S 180, 297 Powe, Michael A. 492 Powell, Gary L. 326, 397 Powell, George V. 113 Powell, Glen L. 196 Powell, Josephine S. 446 Powell, Leslie A. 290, 361 Powers, Frances 334. 338 Powers. Jeffrey G. 357 Powers. Marsha J 351 Powers. Mead 62. 496 Powis. Stephanie J. 419 Prather. Michael A. 492 Prather, Patricia L. 478 Pratt, Barbara J, 355 Pratt, Donald L. 147, 423 Pratt, Thelma A. 457 Preecs, Gordon R. 427 Pressnall, James R. 180, 306 Preston, James E. 341 Preston, Jarilen M. 147 Price, Janet 328 Price, John A. 147 Price, Linda L. 370. 524 Prichett, Wanda S. 160, 347 Pndeaux, Susanne M, 337. 387 Prince. Carl M. 492 Prince, Gloria W. 419 Prince, Rick C. 293, 377 Prince, Susan W 160 Princehouse, Linda 328 Pringle, Arthur 1 18 PRINTERS- CREDITS 496 Prior. Bradley W. H. 341 Pritchard, Martha 65, 496 PROGRAM PANEL 46 Propstra. Donald L. 391 Prosser, Ronald D. 393 Provo, M. Mary 492 Pruden, Larry R. 436 Pruzan, Philip D. 433 PSI UPSILON 412 Plak. William P. 391 PUBLICATIONS BOARD 54 Pugh, Mary C. 170. 290. 354, 355 Pugh, S. Bryce401 Puhrmann, Craig D. 180, 297 Pulver, Debbie A. 406 Purcell, Douglas W. 147, 428 Purdy. Terry R. 160 Punngton, Pamela J. 456 PURPLE SHIELD 326 Putnam. Carol E. 442. 478 Putnam. Edward W. 170 Putney. David P. 492 Putra. Mary K. 361 Puzces, Paul 328 Pyka. Robert S. 462 Pym. Anne L 147 Quam. Michael S 160. 296. 458 QUEENS 507 Query. Ronald R. 492 Questad. Philip J. 477 Quick. MaryAnn 459 Quigg. M Jane 365 QuigTey. Louis L. 54 Quillan. Bill 259 Quine. Jo Ann 170. 385 Quist. James T. 421 R Rabak. Martha J 147. 492 Rabel. William E 180. 393 Radcliff. E Michael 492 Rader, Aldene 355 Rader. Sally L 385 Radewan. Peggy A. 406 Radford. DavidC. 424 Radke. Susan G. 381 Raemhild. Gary A. 375 Ragland. Keith W. 426. 427 Raichle. Marilyn L. 337. 355 Raichle. Sara C. 170. 354 Raine. Stanley M. 433 RAINIER 473 Rainier. Lynn A. 18, 58. 75. 123. 147. 361. 496.535 Raisier. Ruth A. 196 Raleigh. Maureen G 480 RALLY GIRLS 290 Ralston Studios 496 Ramage. Edith M 385 Ramberg. Roland S 375 Ramsay. David H 363 Ramsden. Marilyn 328 Ramsey. Christine E. 456 Ramstad. Carol V. 406 Randall, Jean G 351 Randall, Joan F 438 Randall, Lila K 481 Randle, Stephen L. 492 Rando, Angela E. 445 Rands, David L. 492 Rankin, Jeanne 147 Rankin, John W. 492 Ransom, Bruce H. 492 Rania, Eric W. 363 Rantanen, Dolores E. 170 Raquer, Joseph G 369 Rash, Catherine A. 371 Rasmussen, Diane G. 355 Rasmussen, Joan M. 170 Rasmussen, Sharon K. 290, 365 Rasmussen, Vernon H, 492 Rasi, Sharon L. 201 Ratcliff, Eileen F. 365 Rathie. Mary W. 361 Ralhke, Clark E, 147 Rathfl. Fleet C. 196 Ratts, Joan A. 483 Rauch, Geoffrey 26 Ray, Calvin T. 147. 492 Ray, Edward D. 357 Rayment, Cary R, 375 Raymond, Mich ael L. 191, 416 Raynor, Nancy W 147. 382 Rea. David E 160. 391 Reade. Deborah W. 321. 365 Reade. Jeffrey P. 147. 413 READERS THEATRE 87 Reading, Barbara D 355 Reams, Benjamin R. 367 Reapers, Jams 492 Reavis, G. Gay 406 Rechnitzer, David F. 436 Reckord, Terrance K. 363 Redd, Harold J. 473 Reddington, Susan 147, 445 Reddy, Penny D. 147 Redl, John H. 492 Redman, Mary P. 371 Redman, Thomas L. 377 Redmon, Fred G, 375 Reed. Fredric D, 363 Reed, Kenneth D. 416 Reed, Richard D. 468 Reed, Richard D. 416 Reed, R. Bruce 452 Reese, Mark A. 147 Reeve, Rita A. 379 Rehm, Patricia D. 382 Rehngren, Joal P. 492 Reichert, Sandra G 147, 492 Reid, Gregory D. 357 Reid. Robert W. 428 Reid, Robin S. 464 Reiionen. Theodore J. 408 Reiley. R. Patrick 422 Reilly. Denise 170. 438 Reimer. Robert A. 160, 296 Reimer, Sandra G. 188 Reinbold, Joyce M, 371 Reine, Barbara A 170. 468 Reinhardt, Susan I 463 Reinke, Robert J, 357 Reith, Bernice M. 464 Reitsch, Douglas J. 191, 494 Reitz, Norman G, 191 Rekevics, Renate 381 Remington, Jeffrey P. 394 Rench, Daniel W. 468 Renn. Cynthia 478 Rennie, Susan J. 361 Reno, H. James 435 Rentel, Joseph J, 160 Repp, Nancy H. 351 Repp, Robert E 148, 359 Repp, Susan J 361 Reseburg, William R 413 RESIDENCE HALLS COUNCIL 442 Reuland, John C 436 Revzan, Sue 82 Rexford, Jean E. 290. 352 Reykdal. Frederick 393 Reynolds. Alona A. 347 Reynolds. Jack R. 422 Reynolds. Maries M 188 Reynolds. Nancy R. 459 Reynolds. Robert J. 341 Reynolds. Susan L. 371 Rhea. Carolyn M 148. 307. 468 Rhinehart. Rodger K. 180. 306 Rhodes. James C, 475 Rhodes. Vicki C 371 Rhyne. Mark R. 377 Rian. Richard W 160. 413 Rice. Glen W 180 Rice. Jim 326 Rich. Annavon I, 148 Richards. Catherine A. 351 Richards. Deborah K. 281. 352 Richards. Emily E. 372 Richards. Nicholas L. 46. 427 Richards. Richard 494 Richards. Ruth R 160 Richardson. Ann 468 Richardson. Bruce W 369 Richardson. Marcia L. 406 Richardson. Sheila J. 347 Richardt. Eric H, 391 Riches. Pamela A. 148. 459 Richey. Kathryn M. 328 Richlen. Merle E. 405 Richmond. Patricia F. 355 Richmond. Scott C. 180. 306 Richter. Christina J. 170. 365 Richter. John w 125 RicK. Kathenne A 281, 419 Rickett. Ann 361 Rickey. Leonard G. 470 Riddle. Don A 363 Ridenour. Marilyn S. 148 Ridgeway. James E 345 Rieck. Melva K 385 Riede. Julian 86 Riedel. Cormne A. 419 Riedel. Richard B 148. 428 Rieke. Elizabeth K 148 Riem. Gregg S 388 Riemland. Richard L. 276 Ries. Arthur W. 160. 401 Ries. Willia m C 369 Riesen. Cameron F 355 Rifkin. Pennie 520 Rigg. Marilyn 524 Rigney. Rebecca A. 461 Riley. Lea L 494 Ringstad. Andrea L, 406 Rinn, Patrick W. 397 Rio, Marlene K. 170 Rios, Augie 227 Ripley. Pamela J. 450 Risch. G. Kathleen 282 Riss. Craig W 397 Ritchey. Alan S. 415 Ritchie, Gary A 468 Ritchie, James F 369 Rither, Alan C 474 Ritter, Joan L 347 Ritzen, Craig F 170 Roaldseth. Jams A 282 Roats, Gregory G 359 Robberson, Christine A 351 Robbie, Gaylia O 355 Robbins, Carolyn M 148 Robbins, Judy K 444 Robbins, William J. 414 Roberge, Candace R 361 Roberfs, Alva C 435 Roberts, Dave 257 Roberts, Glenda M. 444 Roberts, James G. 359 Roberts, Jams M 406 Roberts, Jo Mane 355 Roberts, Kenneth D 427 Roberts, Larry A, 160 Roberts, Michael F 482 Roberfs, Nancy L 382 Roberts, Richard D 276 Roberts, Wayne A. 452 Robertson, Gail K. 450 Robertson, Harold C. 468 Robertson, James S 183. 359 Robertson. Shirley S. 148 Robin. Joe 328 Robins. Linda D. 352 Robins. W. Val 433 Robinson. Bernard L 494 Robinson. David 328 Robinson. Donald D 148 Robinson. Frank L. 160. 453 Robinson. Judith C. 361. 496 Robinson. Margaret L. 148, 328, 468 Robinson. Mary E. 347 Robinson. Peggy 324 Robinson. Rodrick D 393 Robinson. Ronald H 180 Robinson. Steven C. 296. 435 Robinson, Sue A 351 Robinson, Terry W. 433 Robinson, Vickie L. 465 Robison, Margery A. 188 Roblee, Richard 328 Rockafield, Carol L. 170 Rockett, Sarah A. 478 Rockhill, Adrienne A. 387 Rockman, Ann J. 379 Rockwell, Lynn K. 387 Roddick, Mary L. 372 Rodgers, James M. 375, 394 Rodgers, Thomas M. 421 Rodrick, Elizabeth A 381 Rodruck, Douglas C 148, 462 Rodstol, James H. 482 Roe, Janet M. 342 Roe. Karen L. 454 Roehl. Janet L. 371 Roehl. Stephen S. 416 Roesch. Brian D. 293. 393 Roessel. Greg G 424 Roessner. Theodore G 475 Roestel. Diane T 480 Rogers. Carol A. 365 Rogers. James E 42. 148 Rogers. Janet A. 372 Rogers. Patrick 328 Rogge. Janet L 382 Rogge, Michael J 148, 291, 416 Rohrback, George R 180. 306. 401 Roket. Guy M. 148 Roles, Dolores A 191 Roller, Daniel A. 447 Roller, Maurice L. 180, 306 Romano, Mary L. 403 Rommel, Christine E, 321. 480 Ronning. Kristi D. 351 Rood. Barbara A. 355 Rood. Susan G. 170. 355 Roose. Arlene M 160. 347 Root es. Mary C 494 Root, Reginald 0. 117, 334, 338 Rootvik, Joanna M 381 Rorex, T Art 291. 428 Rosario, Clarita 494 Rosauer, Candace S. 352 Rosbach, Susan G. 382 Roscoe, Melodee 454 Rose, Bradley E. 430 Rose. Jacquelyne H 405 Ros e. Lynda S. 387 Rose. Marilyn K. 381 Rose. Patricia L. 405 Rose, William M. 421 Roseby, Stephanie M, 480 529 Rosellini. Albert 48 Rosellini. Leo 113 Rosellini. Lynn C. 148. 387 Rosellini, Mary Ann 281. 381. 520 Rosenbaum. Thomas L 470 Rosenberg, Marvin L. 433 Rosenberg. Mary L. 148. 323. 381 Rosenberry. Susan K. 342 Rosendahl. Nita J. 361 Rosenperl, Adele 328 Rosenquist, Coral 328 Rosenwald, Barbara 148, 438 Rosenwald. James F. 196 Rosenwald, Richard F. 433 Rosgen, Patricia E. 450 Rosling, Anne 381 Rosmond. Polly L. 454 Rosner, Melvin M. 193 Ross. Bertram L. 494 Ross, Carol L. 365 Ross. David A. 494 Ross. David L. 494 Ross. Diane L 282, 478 Ross. Jennifer M. 290. 419 Ross. Lynne 371 Ross. Mary H. 446 Ross. Mary P. 365 Ross. Robin W. 381 Ross. Spencer 44 Ross. Stephanie R. 62. 450. 496 Ross. Steven K. 433 Ross. Marilyn C. 342 Rossano. Pamela 342. 531 Rossman. Dennis W. 170, 428 Roswold. Steven A. 399 Roth. Charles E. 180 Roth. Julie A. 379 Roth. LOIS L. 170 Rothenberg. Betty L. 148. 405 Rothenberg. Robert A. 447 Rothstein. Lynn 405 Rothweiler, Kathleen A. 347 Rounds. Laurel A, 406 Rounds. Sandra L. 188 Rowand. Gordon H. 394 Rowe, Ann P. 468 Rowen, Leslie T. 387 Roviiland, David E. 148 Rowland, David J. 367 Rowland, John D. 340, 391 Rowland, Steven S. 430 Rowlands, Margaret J. 372 Royce, William F. 180 Royea, David S. 494 Royea, Marilyn E. 444 Rozen, Leiand A. 447 Rubin. Harry A. 414 Rubin. Paul G. 326, 433 Ruckert, Linda L. 347 Ruconich, Sandra K. 465 Ruddell, Michael B. 413 Ruder, Alan L. 433 Rudert, Karen 444 Rudolph, Dale C. 411 RUGBY 230 Rule, Richard C. 363 Rummer, Robert B. 470 Rundle, Edward F. 399 Runyon, Phyllis M. 406 Rupert, S Frank 394 Rupp, Beverly Ann 355 Ruppeck, John 85 Rushfeldt, Terry K. 481 Russell, Bruce 422 Russell, Michael G 357 Russell, Robert B. 189 Russell, Sheryl A. 191, 305 Rutherford, Carl A. 413 Rutzel. Pamela J. 148. 351 Ruud. Delana C 352 Ryan. Jim 44 Ryan. John 197 Ryan. Judith 456 Ryan, Mike 213, 234 Rydalch. Alyse 148 Rygg. Carolyn E. 385 Rygg. Marilyn 148, 385 Rynd, John 148, 340, 369 Rynes, David 391 Rynes, Mary Ellen 465 Saari. Dolores I. 146 Sabo, Carolyn I. 322, 372 Sabo, Donald W. 341 Sachnowitz, Susan I. 405 Sadis. Harvey J. 148 Sadler, Tim 443 Sado. Carol F. 322. 444 Saether, Janice L. 148, 464 Sage. David R. 399 Sage. Janet C. 189, 385 Sagen, Robert M. 191 Sagstad. Linda C. 148 SAILING 268 Sahlberg. Linda J. 365 St. Germain, Mary S. 459 St. John, Ronald C. 473 Sakai. Leonard H. 448 Sakamoto. Makota 248 Sakata. Merntt T. 469 Sakelaris. John G. 394 Sako, Carolyn A. 201. 450 Sakoda, Ricki K. 494 Salant, Rubin 160 Sale, Richard F. 148, 475 Sale, Virginia N, 494 Salisbury, Dallas L. 375 Salisbury. Deborah L. 382 Sail. James E. 435 Salmon, Charles L. 345 Salmon, f aureen A. 385 Salslrom, Jerry W. 148, 442, 443. 474 Salwcn, Richard E. 148 Sampson, Susan M 347 Samuelson, Robert A. 482 Samuelson, Victor H. 399 Sanborn, Star L. 387 Sand, David B. 449 Sand, Penelope A. 478 Sandberg, Christine D. 290, 494 Sandberg, David G. 391 Sanden, Clifford R. 180 Sander, Joan L, 382 Sander, Richard M. 160. 363 Sandifur. Robert I. 357 Sands, Paul A. 428 Sands. Robert E. 148, 416 Sanford, Sarah J- 365 Sanford, Sheri M. 148 Sarter, Barbara J. 450 Satterwhite, Thomas L. 436 Sauer, Steven J. 427 Saunders, Marcia M. 347 Saunders, William D. 494 Savage, Cynthia J. 148. 365 Savage. Jacklyn L. 381 Savo. John C. 148 Sawhill. MaryAnn 148. 324, 445 Sawyer, Gordon W. 276 Sax, Linda J. 455 Saxhaug, Carole A. 148 Saxton, Richard N. 421 Sayer, Roger A. 160 Saylor, Suzanne P. 170 Sayre, Jennifer L. 351, 514 SCABBARD AND BLADE, 319 Scammell, Molly J. 476 Scantlebury, Jane 387 Schaad, Douglas C. 470 Schaake, Paul E. 40, 44, 327. 393 Schack. James B. 369 Schaefer. John C. 430 Schaefer. Sandra L. 160. 365 Schaefer. Virginia L. 478 Schaefer. William W. 475 Schaer, Kathleen E. 305, 445 Schafer. F. William 391 Schaffer. Karl D. 388 Schain. Donald H. 391 Schantz. Mariann P. 419 Scharz. Christine G, 371 Schatz. Joanne 385 Schatzel, Jane 328 Scheinmann, Eva 419 Scheldt, Kennan L. 365 Schelling. Pamela 315. 352 Scheurich. Barbara A. 481 Scheynius, Annika E. 351 Schille, John W. 416 Schiller, Mark J. 148, 414 Schiltz, John A. 148, 435 Schindler, Christopher J. 367 Schlag, Barbara E. 46, 281, 323, 365 Schlagel, Donna L. 347 Schlagel, Janice A. 347 Schlegel. Charles T. 148 Schlenker, Wesley E. 415 Schlumpf, Jacob F, 435 Schmeer, Michael G. 453 Schmick, Ronald D, 482 Schmidt, Alex F, 391 Schmidt, Gunter B. 449 Schmidt, Marie S. 321, 351 Schmidt. R. Gordon 411 Schmidt, Stephen L, 148, 341 Schmidt, Victoria E. 148, 494 Schmieden. Nancy A. 454 Schmidt, Susan M. 365 Schnatterly, Robert D. 149 Schnebele, Kurt J. 334, 426, 427 Schnebly, Fred C. 436 Schnebly, Scott G, 363 Schneider, Christine M. 407 Schneider, Jerry D. 494 Schneider, Richard P, 421 Schneider, Robert K. 460 Schneider, Stephen E. 296, 494 Schneidmiller, Helen D. 385 Schnoor, N. Nikki 387 Schnurstein, Nancy M, 170, 361 Schoch, Diane C. 372 Schocken, Joseph L. 149, 326, 327 Schoize, Robert F. 397 Schoolfield, Roberta J. 193, 459 Schoppert, Sally J, 444 Schoppert, Tom 48 Schorling, Gayden L. 193, 469 Schott, Barbara E. 347 Schrader. Gladys A. 149 Schreiber. Bernadette H. 463 Schreiner. Edward G. 415 Schroedl, Gregory P. 291. 325, 391 Schubert, Jeanne A. 372 Schubert. Landy A. 477 Schubert. Marcia F. 494 Schubert. Mark M. 375 Schubert, Thomas F. 149, 496 Schuefer, Tony 442 Schueler, Lawrence A. 462 Schueller. Susan K. 461 Schulstad. Enc S. 453 Schultz. Richard C. 447 Schultz. Stanley R. 422 Schultz. Steven W. 469 Schultz. Susan J. 352 Schulz. Theodore W. 421 Schupack. Jay M. 414 Schuyler, David G. 160 Schwabe, Richard R. 408 Schwager, Bruce H. 291, 293, 413 Schwamberg, Norman 414 Schwartz. Elizabeth L. 450 Schwartz, Rick A, 449 Schwarz, Christine A. 456 Schwerdtfeger, Richard L- 477 Scifcrs, Charles A. 149 Scofield, Ralph M. 494 Scott, Brian D. 149, 436 Scott, Bruce L. 413 Scott, Candice M, 290, 478 Scott. Charles B. 377 Scott. Charles C. 394 Scott. Cynthia A. 494 Scott. David B. 408 Scott. Deborah J. 372 Scott. Deborah K. 385 Scott. Gary W. 160 Scott. Jerry L. 494 Scott, John 180 Scott, Marilyn J. 170 Scott, Marise S. 355 Scott. Nancy J. 463 Scott. Sheila M. 149 Scott. Stephanie M. 351 Scott. Steven M. 397 Scott, Willo J. 149, 469 Scnbner, H. B. 202 Seabrook, Joyce K. 342 Seaquist, David H. 357 Searing, John E. 180, 306 Seather, James R. 197 Secord, Janice M. 355 Sedgley, Richard I, 180 See, Sandra 290, 361 Seegmiller. Brian 460 Seschaaf, Karen B. 371 SeidI, Michael T. 413 Sekreta, Kathleen A. 465 Sehd, Ruth B. 483 Seligmann. Eugene D. 291. 326, 433 Seligmann, Paul F. 433 Sell, Sue A. 481 Sellar, Robert A. 399 Selleg, V. Kay 445 Sells, Janet E. 149, 383 Sells, William L. 494 Selter, Stephen L. 149 Selthofer, Linda b. 454 Semenock, Mary Lou 189 Semb, George 328 Semon, Ted 433 Semro, Marilynn L. 438 Semsak, Edward A. 180 Seney, Sharril L. 459 Senner, John D. 393 Senter, Celia R. 464 Senters, Bonnie 44 Sentz, Jay A. 160, 296, 340, 359 Sepulveda, Robert A. 394 Setchell, Larry L. 276 Seth, Patricia A. 149, 494 Settersten, Linda Gay 361 Severson, William C. 391 Severy, Janice G. 352 Sewell, Bert W. 424 Sexauer, Nancy L. 379 Shadel. Willard F. 55 Shafar, Thomas W. 452 Shaffer. Daniel R. 388 Shaffer. Don B. 125. 394 Shamseldin. Joe A. 427 Shanafelt, G. Frederick 296, 427 Shanafelt, James R, 427 Shanks, Susan L. 352 Shanlian, Dennis J. 475 SHANNON 474 Shannon, Catherine L. 352 Shannon, Christine M, 352 Shannon, David N. 180. 291. 428 Shannon, M. Susan 381 Sharnbroich, Linda 170, 469 Sharp, James P. 160, 296 Sharp, Rich 217, 227 Sharpe, Linda N. 381 Sharpe Warren K. 291, 430 Shaw, Donna J, 419 Shaw, Jan 62. 496 Shaw, John D, 473 Shaw, Laurie L. 351 Shaw, Robert R. 462 Shaw, Sandra L. 170, 382 Shaw, Victoria R. 170 Shay, Robert W. 357 Shay, T. Michael 422 Sheafe. Chris 289 Shearer, Kathy E. 407 Shearer, Roger A. 359 Shefelman, Harold S. 113 Sheible, Sally 524 Sheldon, Mark W. 149, 340, 359 Shelley, Cynthia A. 361 Shellworth, Robert B. 231, 421 Shelton, Stephen R. 335. 339. 421 Shepherd, Celeste A. 419 Shepherd, Eunice D. 472 Shepherd, Julianne 419 Shepherd, Morris W. 160 Sherbrooke, David C. 469 Sherfesee, Louis 149, 469 Sheridan. Anne G. 348 Sheridan. H, Daniel 411 Sheridan, Lyn R. 290, 342 Sheridan, Susan M. 282 Sherman, William D. 149 SHERWOOD 475 Sherwood, Cynthia 281, 365 Shiels, Kerry A. 365 Shifrin, Donald L, 291 Shifton, Steven C. 414 Shimojima, Brenda R. 321, 444 Shinobu, Amy E. 494 Shintaku, Dennis J. 474 Shintaku, Donna R. 455 Shiogi. Nancy L, 444 Shipek. Reta J. 361 Shippy. Joan A. 82, 149, 469 Shirilla. Steven J. 435 Shively. Lynn D. 413 Shoe, James R. 197 Shoemaker. Oaryl 328 Shoemaker, Powell F. 149 Shonka, James B. 494 Shonka , Robert L. 276 Shore, David J. 393 Shore, Patricia E. 361 Short, Jeffrey L. 427 Shorts, Susan 149 Shortt, Gary W. 345 Shotwell, Joan S. 323, 407 Shoulders, Jack A. 149 Shovlin. Dan M. 150 Shreve, Peter L. 180, 416 Shrier, Karen P. 450 Shubert, Richard 193 Shull, Susan K. 494 Shults, Bruce L. 393 Shupe, Robert S. 452 Shute, Linda R. 419 Sibold, Lynn M. 407 Siddoway, Susan 150, 342 Sidie, C. Jill 383 Sieber, James R. 397 Siegele, William E, 180 Siegfried, Robert B. 191 Siemers, Deborah S, 478 Sievers, Kirke P. 170. 363 SIGMA ALPHA EPSILON 436 SIGMA ALPHA MU 414 SIGMA CHI 416 SIGMA KAPPA 418 SIGMA NU 420 SIGMA PHI EPSILON 422 SIGMA TAU ALPHA 283 SIGMA THETA TAU 308 Sigma. Kristin M. 351 Sikes. Nancy E. 150, 347 Silhavy, Robert C. 388 Silkett, Phyllis L. 461 Sill, Donna K. 476 Silva, Barbara A. 494 Silva, James R. 150, 291, 326, 377 Silver, Michael D. 433 Silverman, Lawrence R. 291, 414 Simmons, Billie K. 387 Simmons, Cindi W. 371 Simmons. Kathleen M. 342, 513. 520 Simmons. Michael L. 436 Simmons. Tanya L. 419 Simonds. Kimberly J. 403 Simonich. Nora L. 456 Simons, Christine A. 444 Simons, Frederick E. 191 Simpson, Catherine L. 347 Simpson, Cynthia J. 463 Simpson, Dennis E. 452 Simpson, Duane D. 276 Simpson, Edward E. 306, 494 Simpson, Lane V. 475 Simpson, Laurence R. 393 Simpson, N. James 399 Simpson, O. J. 221 Simpson, Robert B. 193 Sinclair, James M. 183 Sinnett, William L. 435 Sisk, James 328 Sivertson, Diane L. 494 Skaland, Randi M. 201, 385 Skarshaug, Thomas N, 180, 413 Skeels. Stephen L. 276 Skeen. David G. 359 Skeers, Judith M. 170, 342 Skewis, Marsha M. 445 Skidmore, Diana L. 365 SKIING 244 Skillingstad, Jeff D. 421 Skillingstead, Jan M. 150 Skinner, Bruce 18, 60, 496 Skene, Edward R. 150, 345 Skoog, Sherri A, 407 Skopec, Eric W. 150, 291, 326. 428 Skoropinski. Jan L. 450 Skucy, James 328 Skuja, Mans 150, 494 Slabaugh, Margaret A. 494 Slade, Sandra L. 342 Slagle, Richard M. 452 Slaughter, James K. 494 Slete, Stanley 0. 180 Slettedahl, Richard D. 326, 327, 394 Slick, Daniel R. 473 Slocom, Paul 328 Sloan, Colin L. 388 Slotnik, Gary L. 433 Slotnik. Lynn S. 348 Sloulin. Deanna K. 290. 494 Sloulin, Wesley C. 449 Small, Anita C. 282 Smallwood, Susan M. 481 Smethurst, Linell D. 355 Smith, Brian W. 477 Smith, Cameron J. 363 Smith, Candace H. 281, 372 Smith, Carol A. 403 Smith, Carol L. 383 Smith, Charlene D. 150, 365 Smith, Charlotte A. 385 Smith, Constance M. 160, 342 Smith, Daniel M. 180, 469 Smith, Danny R. 430 Smith, Darrel E. 473 Smith, Deidra A, 353 Smith, Douglas A, 172, 429 Smith, Gary R. 180, 297, 306 Smith, Harrison J. 435 Jane D. 494 , Janet H. 150, 307 Smith, Smith, Smith, Smith, Janet M. 40, 172. 323, 365 Jim 252 Smith, Joel E. 357 Smith, John B. 413 Smith, Karen E. 351 Smith. Kathleen B. 197 Smith. Kern A, 381 Smith, Kevin C. 391 Smith. Leigh E. 351 Smith. Linda C. 347 Smith, Lon L. 393 Smith, Mary B. 494 Smith, Maurine 61 Smith. N. Nicole 419 Smith. Merilyn L. 446 Smith. Michael R. 276 Smith. Michelle M. 494 Smith. Pamela J- 381 Smith, Paul L 172. 469 Smith. Phyllis E. 454 Smith, Richard A. 413 Smith, Richard L, 429 Smith, Richard W, 413 Smith, R. Scott 422 Smith, Ronald D. 494 530 Sweetheart of Theta Xi PAM ROSSANO Alpha Chi Omega — Memories 531 ..Ji ' - -Wallace Ackerman 532 Sweetheart of Zeta Beta Tau LEA BEHAR Alpha Epsilon Phi Smith, Ronnie D 185 Smith, Sally J 150, 355 Smith, Steven J. 416 Smith, Tern L. 371 Smith, Thane W. 197 Smith, Thomas P 375 Smith, Timothy W. 180. 341 Smith, Trudi A 445 Smith, Walter R 377 Smith, William J. 494 Smithson. Craig I. 363 Smits, K.irfn L 342, 520 Smotherman. Pamela M. 483 Smyser, Charles R. 430 Smyth. E. Kay 361 Sneddon, James O. 496 Sneva. John G 397 Snider, William E. 160 Snodgrass, Cecil E. 363 Snow, Cynthia 328 Snow, Geoffrey E. 413 Snow, John L. 475 Snow, Lynda S. 385 Snow, Richard M. 452 Snowden. Thomas E. 470 Snyder, Mark S. 44. 473 Sober, Judy IVI 160. 480 SoboliK. Mark F 427 SOCCER 234 SOCIETY OF WOMEN ENGINEERS 307 Sode. William N. 494 Soderberg, Rick L 160, 367 Soderblom, Linn A. 191 Sokol, Vicky L.455 Solbakken, Mary 381 Solle. Donna L. 160, 469, 524 Solomon, Terry J. 161. 417 Solter, Frank J. 452 Solter, Maria R. 457 Solvang, Diana P. 494 Soma, Jams M. 481 Somers. Elizabeth M. 172. 323. 365 Songstad, Steven B. 172. 291. 340. 397 Songstad, Susan M. 371 Sorensen, Leslie L. 478 Sorenson. Susan K. 189 Soriano, Leatrice 172, 348 Sorley. Kathryn 365 Sortun, Wayne M. 394 Soth, Sally A. 372 Sotka, David M. 172, 357 Souers, Juel H 150. 469 Soules, Candace 290, 372 Sours, Patricia G. 150. 361 Souther, James W. 119 Southern, Beverly J. 365 Sowder, Douglas A, 453 Sowders, Donley E. 161 Spain, Gary M. 424 Spangler. Michael E. 393 Spangler, Richard E. 413 Spano. Jane P. 465 Sparks, Linda H. 472 Sparks. Peggy L. 465 Sparlin. Tom 212. 218 Spaulding, Stephen J. 424 Spaur, Judy L 333 Spearman. Jay W. 180. 306. 438 Speck. R. Lynn 474 Spector, Pal 496 Speer, Michael R. 421 Speer. Olga B. 172 Speers. David N. 393 Speicher. Loretta L. 172. 494 Speir. William W. 494 Spellman. Linda C. 457 Spence, Jane D. 371 Spencer. Barbara J. 333. 342 Spencer, John F. 377 Spencer, Kenneth G. 375 Spezia. John W. 150. 447 Spika. Janet L. 419 Spiller. Thomas J. 427 Spillers. Geraldine M. 282 Spillman. Gene H. 482 Spink, Catherine M. 445 Spooner. Bruce D. 161 SPORTS 205 Spradlin, Greg G. 413 Sprague. Alan 62. 496 Sprague. Jerela R 456 Sprake, Stephen T 494 Sprenger. Stephen A. 369 Spriesterbach, Daniel R 326, 363 Spring. M. Edward 291, 433 SPRING SPORTS 256 Springer, James O 447 Springer, Mary K 347 Sproul, Melanie 494 Spurgeon, Mark M. 435 Spurgin, Michael J. 375 Spurrell, Robert M. 180, 297 Stack, Carol L. 172. 310. 347 Stack. Joseph C. 151 Stadelman, Emily 65. 496 Stadshaug. Gaylord 408 Staehli. Ralene P. 161, 351 Staggs. Bruce R. 429 StahTborn. Anne M. 361 Stalcup. Linda G. 494 Stamm. Tom 61. 62. 496 Stang, Tamea L, 494 Stanley, Robert M. 293, 375 Stansbury. Howie 327 Stansfield, James D. 375 Stanton, Elaine I. 151. 282 Stanton. Patrick B. 458 Starin, Joel 328 Starkebaum. Warren L. 453 Starkey. Sandra L, 454 Starkovich, George S. 435 Starling, Mark R, 363 Statile, William J. 477 STAY 284 Stayl. Alan C. 161. 296, 397 Stay. Edward L. 375 Stay. Laurie J. 333. 342 Stearns. Dennis R. 369 Stebbins. Marjorie A. 313. 371 Steele, John M. 415 Steele, Judith 62, 496, 544 Steele. Randall D. 397 Steele. Susan L 385 Steenson. Thomas M 291. 413 Steere. Paul J. 494 Steers. Mary K 387 Stefan. Andrew T. 436 Slelani. John F 161 Steffensen. Eric 328 Stegelbik. Maren 310 Sleilberg. Pete 261 Stem. Kathleen E. 351 Steiner, Christine 372 Sten. Erik 328 Stenesen, Sandra K. 172, 407 Stensby. David A. 475 Stepanek. Lynne A. 456 Stephan. Kurt F 375 Stephens. Jane A. 450 Stephens. Kennon Q. 408 Sterling, Adrian C. 342 Stern, Andrea E 151. 405 Stern. James A, 469 Stern. Margaret 328 Stetler. Marijo A. 172. 282 STEVENS 477 Stevens, Charlotte R. 494 Stevens, Helen M. 282 Stevens. James L. 422 Stevens. Leonard 261 Stevens. Sarann 456 Stevenson. C Mark 413 Stevenson, Mary K. 355 Stevenson, Susan J 385 Steward. Mike 57 Stewart. H. Anne 383 Stewart, Cassandra C. 172. 323. 365 Stewart. Clyde D. 151 Stewart. Gayle A. 197 Stewart. Kathy A. 383 Stewart. Lindy L. 342 Stewart. Marleigh K. 189 Stewart. Nancy C. 456 Stewart, Stanley C. 391 Stick, Helen L, 172, 383. 52C Stickler, Jay D. 394 Stieber, John W. 375 Stiles, Connie J. 475 Stimac, Michael V. 180 Stinson, Constance R. 495 Stith, David C. 399 Stithem, Alice R, 347 Stocklin, Clay A. 401 Stockton, James M. 375 Stoecker, Leiand D. 151, 357 Stokes, Annie M. 189 Stokes, Janet K. 365 Stokes, Karen P. 172, 371, 520 Stone, David N. 291. 411 Stone, Gail A, 151 Stone, Mark N. 161 Stone, Ronald R. 375 Stone, Russell J. 477 Stone, William L. 151 Stonefelt, Steven J, 363 Storbo, Arthur L, 181 Stouffer. Virginia W. 450 Stout, Harriet M. 151. 469 Stout. Kenneth A. 399 Stout. William W. 125. 413 Stover. Elaine L. 450 Slowell. Marlys V. 381 Stowell, Rosemary I. 381 Strand, Carol A 450 Strand, Wayne A. 367 Strandberg, Lars H. 191. 375 Strandin, Vickie M, 365 Stranik. Dennis A, 181. 417 Strasburger, Abel E. 495 Strasser, Maureen C. 172 Stratemeyer, Cheryl K. 495 Stralhairn, Thomas S. 151, 291, 421 Stratiner, Janice I. 348 Stratton, Sharon L. 353 Stratton, Susan K. 385 Straughan, Brent C. 151, 469 Straughan. Keltic E. 476 Straus2. William L. 394 Strawn. Dorothy R. 117 Strelitzer, Marilyn L. 476 Streufert. David J 496 Strickland, Diana R. 151 Strickland, Larry L. 424 Stnne, Mary 87 Stringham, Dona E. 172 Stripling. Carol L. 282. 495 Strom, Dale L. 471 Strom, Donald T. 161, 436 Strom, Suzanne 383 Strom berg, R. Erik 413 Stromdahl, Sally A. 478 Strothman, Bonita C. 495 Stroud, Nancy A. 371 Strum, Barbara M. 419 Struthers, Linda L. 407 Struthers, Susan J. 281. 407 STUART 478 Stuart. Marilyn J. 172. 438 Stuchell. Harry W. 375 STUDENT LIFE 19 Studholme, Craig L. 427 Stull, Margaret M. 151, 387 Sturgell, Thomas A. 422 Stuteville, Thomas M 161, 469 Stutsman. Susan F 151 Stymans, Richard P 367 Sudderth, Robert A 151. 429 Sugia. Susan L 407 Sukvivatn. Arun 151 Sullivan. Cynthia M, 347 Sullivan. Harry C. 436 Sullivan. Kenneth E. 391 Sullivan. Larry M. 181. 306 Sullivan. Lynda M. 282 Sullivan. Michael C 495 Sullivan. Michael R. 421 Summers. Susan N. 353 Sund. Harold 61 SUNDODGERS 291 Sundberg, Chris C. 436 Sundquist. Janet E. 464 Sundsby. Vicki L, 173. 310. 469 Sundt, Brandel T 151 Supplee, Nancy L 353 Sur, Anthony K. 453 Surace, Joe P 161. 369 Surber. Denise E 173 Sutch, Sarah E. 365 Sutherland G Bruce 401. 477 Sutherland. James W 345 Sutherland, Sandra L 151. 387 Suttles, Fay M 469 Suver, David E. 409 Suyama, Eileen 328 Suzuki. Karen S 173. 281, 282 Svacek. V. Vic 49. 369 Svendsen. Aase 151 Svore. Mark C. 377 Swackhamer, Craig R. 411 Swan, Peggy A. 173, 310, 476 Swanes, Susan J. 351 Swanson. Cara L 151, 365 Swanson, Daphne C. 321, 371 Swanson, Deanette M. 454 Swanson. Douglas W. 151. 399 Swanson, Gregory A. 363 Swanson, Linda M 454 Swanson, R. Alan 48, 49, 421 Swapp, Thomas E. 397 Swartz, Linda D. 342 Swartzwelder, John J. 431 Swech, Stephen T. 473 Sweeney. I nomas P. 435 Swegle, Steven D. 421 Swensen. William C. 399 Swensson. Karl A. 431 Swimme. Leslie K. 347 SWIMMING 246 Swinlord. Greg L. 151 Swinhoe, Michael A. 161. 388 Swoffer. Robert A. 422 Sylvester. Allen 328 Sylvester, Marjorie J. 407 Symonds, Thomas E. 151 Syring, Thomas P. 469 T Tachiyama, Gary D. 397 Taggart, Michael B. 151 Taggart, Ruth L. 495 Takahashi, Steven L, 495 Takasumi, Oianne 446 Takeyama. Reiko E. 151 Talbott. Stephen L. 397 Talso, Philip W. 151, 429 Tambellini, Gordon R. 191 Tanabe, Barbara J 495 Tangen, Lyn 328 Tangen, Sharon E. 189 Tangen, Stephen D. 422 Taniguchi. Diane F. 322. 495 Tarble. Earl E. 193. 401 Tarpley. Denis L. 151 Tash. Carolyn D. 151, 387 Tatsumi, Lisa G. 172 Tatum, Beverly L. 343 TAU BETA PI 306 TAU KAPPA EPSILON 424 TAU PHI DELTA 415 Taylor. Ann L. 381 Taylor, Daniel J. 151 Taylor, Dewey E. 357 Taylor, Gary J. 436 Taylor, Janet L. 173 Taylor, Kelli L. 459 Taylor, Nancy J. 353 Taylor, Raymond C. 495 Taylor, Robert J. 409 Taylor, Robert L. 24 Taylor, Sheila L. 403 Taylor. Sterling 453 Taylor, Susan E. 347 Tazioli. Terence M. 409 Teachman. Joan 328 Teague. Dan 61 Teague, Joseph B. 397 Teague, Laura L. 465 Tebb, Torrance N. 293. 417 Tedesco. Mary J. 419 Teil, Susan M. 281. 381 Telerice. Jack 284 Telford. Carol A. 469 Telling, R Greg 495 Tembreull, Michael A. 151. 399 Tempes, Marley A. 290, 355 Temple, Deborah A. 343 Temple. Raymond E. 181 Temple. Tom 257 Templin. Ronald 0. 471 Tennant. Roger E. 345 Terao. Marsha Y. 469 Terrell. Paula M. 372 Terwilleger, Rand L. 377 Teslow, James L. 460 Tessaro, Suzanne M. 456 Teutsch, Sylvia A. 281, 322. 372 Thai. Cynthia 328 Tharp, Carol J. 495 Thatcher, H France 173. 469 Thatcher. Jill 353 Thayer. Derrille K, 453 THEATRE ONE 86 Therriault, Theodore 291. 356. 357 THETA CHI 426 THETA DELTA CHI 428 THETA SIGMA PHI 307 THETA TAU 309 THETA XI 430 Thiel. Jeanne M. 151. 310. 419 Thiele. David F. 151. 477 Thieme. Frederick P. 114 Thiry. Pierre P. 125. 377 Thomas. Bradley C. 293. 417 Thomas. Carol E. 45 Thomas. Carolyn L 351 Thomas, Cheryl L 445 Thomas, Deborah J. 465 Thomas. Donna L. 282. 455 Thomas. Frank J 151 Thomas. Helen J 450 Thomas, Jane C 383 Thomas, Joan L 495 Thomas. Raymond T. 431 Thomas. Robin C 450 Thomas, Russell G 473 Thomkins, James 80 Thomlinson, William E. 126, 473 Thompson. Duanc M, 477 Thompson. James V. 340. 391 Thompson, Jean E. 351 Thompson. Judith L. 495 Thompson. Julie J 290. 403 Thompson. Kathleen R 476 Thompson, Keith w 151. 495 Thompson. Lynn R 383 Thompson. Randall M 495 Thompson. Robert M 473 Thompson, Steve 222. 229 Thompson. Teresa L. 173. 281 Thompson. Terry A. 325. 351. 421 Thompson. Thomas R. 161 Thompson, Trina L. 381. 524 Thompson, William R. 151, 340. 427 Thomson. Janice D 385 Thomson. Richard C 435 Thornburgh, Guy N. 415 Thornton, Dennis R. 473 Thorp, Kathleen D 450 Thorp, Michael R. 151, 397 Thorson, Janine E. 461 Thorson, Lee A 397 Thorson, Sandra L. 189 Thurston, Grant W. 357 Thyng, Michael D. 367 Tibbies, Susan J. 455 Tichi, Janet L 463 Tiedeman, Kathleen J. 495 TIFFANY 480 Tiffany, Candace L. 173 310 Tihomirov, Dimitry L. 181 Tilley, Barbara A. 385 Timberlake. Richard 413 Timms, Russell B. 495 Timpe, Walter K. 151 Timson, Rebecca S. 457 Tindall, Robert J. 399 Tindall, Tom 251 Tippey. A. Elaine 151. 403 Tipton, J. Wesley 447 Tobin. Sara L, 151, 323 Toda, AlyceC. 173 Todd, Anne P. 60. 123. 151. 307. 496 Toivola, Pertti T. 151 Tokola, Michael A. 473 Tolan, Kathleen L. 465 Tollefson, Andrea 355 Tollefson, Richard F. 293. 363 Tomberg. Robert B. 413 Tomlinson. Gary L. 369 Tompkins. William 359 Toney, Nancy J. 467, 524 Tong, Wing 151 Tonn, Pamela K. 383 Toomey, Michael K.291. 449 Toonen. Ronald S. 151 Topness. Paul C. 181 Toraason. Gail L. 46. 323. 365 Toraason. Scott G. 359 Torcaso. Donald W. 152, 319 Torigoe, Lorraine H. 201. 459 Torkelson. Mary M. 383 Torongo. Mary E. 173 Torres. Louis A. 473 Torstenson. Tina 328 Torstensson, Roland B. 152 Toschi, Tanya L. 387 TOTEM CLUB 323 Touriel. Marlene 321. 348 Towler, Hunt P. 427 Townsend. John W. 152 Toy. Margaret A 457 Toy. Miriam G. 355 Trabookis. Christopher G. 193 Tracey. Marilyn K. 173. 290 Tracy. Barbara J. 476 Tracy. David W 417 Tracy. Donovan D. 377 Traff. C Phillip 449 Trafton. David R. 341 Trapp. Christina M. 372 Trapp, Dina M. 387 Treadwell, Anne M. 385 Trevithick, Barbara J 495 Trick, Christina G 381 Trindle. Patricia A. 419 Tripp, Gary W, 296, 326. 437 Tripp. Gregory J. 475 Tripp. Tracy A. 437 Troeh, Charlotte E. 476 Trout. Barbara A- 361 Troyer. Michael L. 393 Truemper. Judith A. 476 Trumbull, James R. 471 Tsukamoto, Wilfred S. 181 Tsutakawa, George 403 Tucker, Barbara A. 373 Tucker. Douglas A. 399 Tucker. Mary A. 403 Tucker. Richard D 452 Tucker, w. David 161 Tupper, Cynthia A 387, 520 Turnbull, Marsha L. 152 Turner, Candace M. 173, 495 Turner. Charles A 391 Turner. Mark M. 377 Tuttle. Gray J 173, 373 Tuttle, Linda 189 Tuttle, Robert J. 399 Tweedt, Meredith R. 450 Tweiten, Ronald L. 431 Twiss, Priscilla J 343 Twohig, Kathleen J. 495 TYEE ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS 496 533 TYEE MAGAZINE 61 TYEE YEARBOOK STAFF 18. Tysver, James L. 431 58 V u Uhlenkott. Shirleen M. 444 Uhorchak, Jan 419 Uhrich. Kenneth D. 152 Ukich, Susan 481 Ulbrickson. Alvin E. 41 Ulman. John F. 435 Umashita, Hide 248 Umbarger. Carolyn K. 444 Ummel. Dana M. 444 Umphred. Christine 407 Umphred. Darcy A 201 Unbewust. Kirsten L. 189 Underwood. Barbara A. 189 Undlin. David L. 291. 421 Ungar. Joseph L. 375 UNIVERSITY CHRISTIAN UNION 482. 483 UNIVERSITY OF WASHINGTON YACHT CLUB 287 Uplegrove. David R. 422 Urie. D. Scott 375 Urseth, Lorna 328 Ursic. Denise 343 Ursic. Tracy 281. 343 Usagawa. Diane I. 152 USUI. Kenneth K. 181 Uyeji. John Y. 431 Uyeno. LavKrence K. 161. Uzuki. Yoshitami 345 , 477 Valaas, Karen M. 355 VanAmerongen. John A. 293 Van Auken. Lee-Ann 495 Van Beek. Rex N. 276 VanBlaricom. Glenn R. 413 VanBronkhorst. Erin M. 450 VanCourt. Carol L. 403 VanDamme. Karol A. 454 Vanderlip. Nancy A. 290. 347 Vander Stoep. Richard A. 393 Vanderwall. Barbara A. 419 Van Doren, Tina 407 Van Eaton, Susan L. 355 Vanek. Jean A. 351 VanEss. Frederick E. 369 Van Horn. Timothy D. 125. 394 Van Hoven, Rodney E. 473 Van Kleek. Cynthia L. 478 Van Osdel. Lewis A. 152, 341 Van Ostrand. Marie K. 373 VanSant. Gretchen M. 407 Van Schoyck. Howard D. 437 VanSlyke. Melanie S. 445 VanVleet. Edward S. 435 Varon. Solomon J. 411 VASHON 481 VARSITY BOAT CLUB 292 Vastenhold. Peter M. 435 Vatn. James F. 152 Vatne. Richard H. 397 Vaughan. Heidi 347 Vaughan. Robert J. 161 Vdolek. Alex D. 473 Vegh. Eva E. 454 Veldink, Connie 328 Velikanje. Gary P. 394 Vellema. Karen L. 445 Veloz. Jaime J. 193 Veltman. Lesley G. 152. 324, 348 Vennema, Katherine J. 355 Vennema, Stephen J. 152. 413 Veranth. Candida R. 385 Verbarendse. Michael J. 495 Vercoe. Douglas R. 411 Verges. Wade T. 193 Verhoef. Douglas R. 421 Verti. Tom 213, 217. 218. 227, 363 Vesper. Merrill K. 431 Vetter. Connie L. 461 Viall. Wilton S, 422 Vick, Edgar B. 435 Vickery. Lynn H. 413 Vicklund. John H. 391 Victor. Marylou L. 450 Viereck. Michael J. 293. 408 Vierling. James H. 377 Vierling, Karen S. 152. 373 Viers. Valdyne M. 347 Viger. Andrew S. 393 Vigna. Steven R. 375 Viles. Donald L. 161. 296 Villarreal. Jose. L. 152 Vincent. Diane L. 450 Vipperman, Carol F, 379 Visdal. Karen J. 495 Visscher. Lawrence R. 183 Vlasuk, Paul J. 424 Vogel, Stephanie A. 495 Vogl. Sally J. 463 Volbrecht. Ronald 437 VOLLEYBALL 254 Vonnegut. Kenneth C. 447 Von Walter. Mark R. 399 Voss. David V. 421 Vraspir. John P. 152 Vroman Elaine A. 353 Vynne. Sally A. 152, 387 w W-KEY322 Waggoner. Diana M. 189. 483 Waggoner, John J. 495 Waggoner. Judith 328 Waggoner. Paul W. 495 Wagner. Douglas P. 357 Wagner. Pam 524 Wagner. Raymond J. 125 Wagner, Ruth E. 469 Wagner. Sandra E, 480 Wagoner. Robert C. 388 Wahl. Orinda L. 343 Wahl. Robert E. 391 Wahlberg. Kristen E. 353 Wailand. Allan 414 Waite. Daniel S. 495 Wakefield. Alice H, 373 Wakefield. Hugh E. 427 Wakefield. James C. 197 Wakefield. Thomas D. 391 Waldbjorn. Joan M. 387 Waldo. Robert G. 116 Waldron. Dean R. 427 Waldrip. Karen V. 450 Waldschmidt. David A. 427 Walker, Allan W. 152 Walker. Blaine R. 375 Walker. Carol J. 337, 353 Walker. Carolyn A, 361 Walker. Gloria H, 173. 303 Walker. Jerry L. 197 Walker, Joanne L. 405 Walker, J. Stephen 152, 469 Walker, K. Dee 293, 345 rW ij y. h r.-: a i »r or d - - ife . J 4 x k5 Mi iSi p- •I t ■S-ii w «, ' ♦ ' • l M ■■■s . ■» • : " ' S( m Like Liz Lauzen, TYEE Editor, and Lynn Rainier, TYEE Managing Editor, Kennell-Ellis is proud to have had a part in the production of the 1968 TYEE — one of the twenty-seven yearbooks for which we have been the official photographer. Kenndl Bib INCDRPDRATED 426 Fifth Avenue 616 Olive Way 520 Northgafe Mall MA 4-5535 MA 4-0080 EM 2-2171 535 Walker. Loyd A. 181 Walker. Norman D. 181 Walker. Pamela K. 353 Walker. Rodney E. 482 Walker, William R. 393 Walkup. Cynthia B. 365 Wall. Garth E. 447 Wall. Janice M. 365 Wall. Marianne S. 173. 495 Wall. Stephanie R. 446 Wallace. C. Robert 413 Wallace. Heather 343 Wallace. James C. 399 Wallace. John M. 369 Wallace. Marc E. 394 Wallace. Patricia 281. 343 Wallace. Rondy J. 371 Wallace. T. Mike 375 Wallen. Barbara J. 347 Walling. William I. 197 Wallingford. Dana R. 377 Wallis. Thomas E. 469 Wallmark. Janice E. 361 Wallstrom. Leonard A. 293 Walseth. Judith 328 Walsh. Desa J. 351 Walsh. James F. 422 Walsh. Marty 257 Walsh. Michael M. 424 Walsh. Murray R, 276 Walsh, Patrick J. 437 Walter. Lynne D. 381 Walters, Cynthia G. 381 Walton. John C. 152. 397 Waltz. Elizabeth A. 290, 381 Waltz, Kathryn M. 381. 173 Wampold. Bruce E. 433 Wandell. Timothy E. 393 Wangsmo. Barbara A. 365 Wangsmo, Gary L. 161. 326. 417 Wanner. Irene E. 463 Ward. Linda G. 444 Ward. Monica L. 373 Ward, Patricia 328 Ward. Peter D. 369 Ward, Philip D. 437 Ward, Richard M. 369 Warden. A, Jody 444 Wareham. Darryl V. 495 Warmsbecker. JoAnne K. 282 Warner, Danny G. 427 Warner. Robin L. 290. 383 Warren. Don L, 173. 291, 421 Warren. Jacqueline L. 191, 305 Warren. Katherine A. 472 Warren. Lloyd J. 377 Warren. Roberta J. 373 Warren. Stephen E. 435 Warshal. Dennis M. 291. 433 Washburn. Kevin S. 397 Washington. Otis 217. 219 Wasilausky. John E. 367 Wasmund. Marlene E. 444 Waters, Wendy 385 Watson, Diane M. 152, 407 Watson, Douglas R, 369 Watson, Susan 353 Watson, Wendy K. 355 Watts, Carolyn A. 457 Wax, Michael C. 433 Wayne. Catherine M. 173. 290. 323. 365 Wea. Gerald. 218, 224 Weaver. Dave O. 391 Weaver. James M, 429 Weaver, John J. 359 Webb, Donald L. 276 Webb, Fredrick A. 449 Webb, Page E. 371 Webber, Robert L. 471 Weber, Amy J. 483 Weber, Barbara J. 361 Weber. Elizabeth A. 476 Weber. Nancy J. 152 Weber. Timothy M. 276 Weborg. Catherine A, 373 Webster. Gary B. 399 Webster. Lauretta A. 305. 469 Weed. Mark A. 437 Weed. William L. 417 Weeks. Gregory A. 409 Weeks. Gregory P. 369 Weeks. June 419 Weick. Marilyn P. 290. 351 Weick. Mark G. 161. 291, 391 Weick. Valerie A. 351 Weiland. Allan J. 414 Weiland. Esther D. 405 Weinstein. Edward A, 433 Weinstein. John D. 437 Weinstock. Susan L, 348 Weintraud. Irv 496 Weisenberger. Gary C. 296, 447 Weisfield. Robert D 152. 433 Weishaar. Judy L 480 Weiss. Karl E. 367 Weitzman. Richard L. 152. 433 Welch. 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Edward 173 Yamada, Hirohisa 181 Yamaguchi, Robert J. 401 Yamane, Bonnie 450 Yanagimachi, Harry I. 449 Yanagisako. Sylvia 328 Yano, Kiohsei 193, 469 Yano, Mary F. 456 Yantis, Theodore F. 181, 357 Yapp, Michele 328 Yardy. Patricia L. 483 Yarno, Nanci L. 173, 407 Yates. Helen G. 472 Yearout. Steven A. 153, 340, 377 Yeaton. Jane A. 282 Yee, Joyce 450 Yee, Sue M. 405 Yellam, Patricia A. 290, 321, 371 Yelland, W. Raymond 471 Yencich, Karen S. 454 Yenko, Frank W. 495 Yerkes, Christine T. 337. 407 Yoakum, Cecilia A. 353 Yoda, Wayne T. 424 Yoneda, Akemi 469 Yoshida. Lois H. 476 Yoshida. Roland S. 153. 319 Young, Dan P. 397 Young. John F. 161 Young, Laurence A. 421 Young, Lowell A. 373 Young, Margaret M. 472 Young, Nancy J. 343 Young. Richard G. 153 Young. Rosemary L. 173. 495 Young, Stephen G. 453 Youngblood, Carolyn C. 407 Yuhas, Frances M. 189 Yurg, Nancy M. 495 Zabel. James L, 417 Zaborsky, Caroline A. 379 Zach, Terry K. 153 Zachary, Carol J. 321 Zachary. Norman F. 153, 245, 327. 421 Zacks, David A. 433 Zahajko. Alex 234 Zakhary. Rafat R. 153 Zander, Roger M. 452 Zane. Beverlyn S. 456 Zatkovich. Dick 215 Zeldman, Lawrence S. 433 Zellweger, Heidi M. 381 Zeman, Linda P. 322, 495 Zeman, Susan K. 495 Zenobio, Joseph 181 Zeper, Barbara E. 290, 348 ZETA BETA TAU 432 ZETA PHI ETA 310 ZETA PSI 434 ZETA TAU ALPHA 438 Zeugner, Gordon A. 367 Zeutenhorst, Carolyn C. 153 Ziegan, Janis C. 355 Zielinski, Regina L. 472 Zier, SherreHL. 373 Zimmer, Brian 46 Zimmerman, B. Judith 343 Zimmerman. David L, 471 Zimmerman. Michael L. 471 Zimmerman. Stephanie 343 Zimmerman. William J. 429 Zindt, William A. 185 Zinkin, R. Linda 290, 444 Zissel. Catherine S. 153 Zittel, W. David 276 Zoller. Gregory W. 325, 345 Zook, James K. 193, 482 Zook. Judith A. 446 Zorotovich. Rod A. 325, 399 Zosel. Alvin J. 181 Zosel, Linda A. 173 Zosel, Nancy A. 495 Zukor, Paul M. 433 Zuvela, Thomas F. 495 Zwettler, Kathleen A. 495 536 Time goes so slowly, The wind passes through me and I am hungry tobe me . . . so tired from preparation — will I never BECOME? but the years are going too quicl ly while in the backyard of my mind I am aching with knowledge I do not understand. 537 AM free now. No one has any claims on me and I want to keep it tliat way until I can get a ' claim on myself. ■ Si «ii- S - have to be a whole person before I can be a part of any other, before anyone can be a part of me. For if I give that part of myself away too soon, will there be enough left to hold me together? Or when I receive that part of another person, will I be able to sustain it? 538 choose to stay free . . . and then it begins once more. The chestnut trees have not yet bloomed. Winter Is still telling his lies and teasing my soul with green grass. The marrow of my bones is as sensi- tive as my skin. I walk past the Music Building spring evenings; piano notes practice across my mind and the sound is everywhere, yet so quiet. I laze on my back during a Sunday afternoon and let my books fall shut to watch the dust dance upward along a bar of sunlight. 539 With my eyes closed I easily perceive that the other side of the street is as real as I am. Thoughts circle backward down a nervous staircase. In a scream or a whisper ideas enter and leave, in and out, always. Always there are books and words. Education becomes living from page to page. I eat my dinner from a tin can,- maybe yours is on a platter, but it does not matter to me. % ■i. Yesterday ' s realities leave me within a metallic fountain, forever trying to accumulate what has already been found out. 540 im h Yet I cannot let this university-world go by. It shapes me differently from the inside out into whatever I have been waiting for. There may be nothing new under the sun, but one-fourth of all who have ever lived are alive now. And I know that I am here. I want to find my own solutions. Contriving combinations from old efforts will not satisfy me. 542 But then, there are better things to cry for and laughter is the precious pleasure that I am craving, the object of my actions. It is my reward for enduring whatever I ' ve been made, where ever I ' ve been taken. ! JAri ' l : ., Photos by Wayne Kosbau Essay by Judith Steele I listen to the wind, and tlie voices coming in. 544

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