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■.WXSSSS xsamttSBmsmmxmmiaimm - or 30;L uxJQjiA Qxx the tyee 1964 published by the associated students university of Washington • Seattle ' ■- ' mL : m m ■• v- ■i ' V m magnificently quiet and absolutely unique: genes, scrambled at conception, breathe above the crowd and mark that man who is the individual, the real university, one unfettered brain springs, actioned, onto a luscious green of questions, a man is born there, free to roam among the fresh, waving cuts of progress; ready now, waiting for the probe, the sing le search for himself, that daring speculation of a mind, just one, and the legs that carry him forward are private property, an individual is a chance, betting against the rest, saying i can do it, trying i can do it, making i can do it work, not afraid of his own insignificance, a man yet knows his brain can, will, must dare to be itself, the mind sets its own time clock, yet not everyone hears it dying with the tick of a gone chance, some are born in a grave, their energy lies unplugged. their minds miss the chance, some, too many except for num- bering, never risk the break, for them, progress sets the price too high, hfe is a He, stagnating, tasteless of creativity, in- stead, self is forced into a bind, the self-prison: conformity, the individual does not live there, the individual takes that terrifying first step that distinguishes him from all the rest, the rest who pretend they are the university but are not. the individual, he is difference, he is loneliness, the loneliness of one fighting with whys, who am i, what am i doing? life: what is it for me? the questions of loneliness fester into a torture, a pain that bursts into driving force, exploding, pushing, shoving to the front of the line; one step behind progress at first, then alongside, the next move is the dare, it is the dare that is the individual that is the real university. ' - mfisy ■■■■■: ► •! » I, - .•. nmm tUUi ' :WMUlSlC!XI .■ s- M r: ' i ft the real university, color essay 2 re- search 12 come see the night 33 events 42 government 77 foreign students 90 tribute to jfk 97 ser- vices 101 communi- cations 108 tribute to roethke 117 fine arts 121 sports 141 administration 206 graduates 216 organ- izations honoraries 271 living groups 332 senior index 480 general index 487 REFLECTIONS ON RESEARCH science adds 1 ' for lab to three r ' s The search for individuality at the University takes innumer- able paths. From paintbrush to psycho-therapy. Yet all follow the map of the researcher, test- ing, a life of experiments. In short, the scientific method. Consider the College of Edu- cation. Teacher-teaching no longer pronounces the three R ' s as the formula to success. With the swiftness of a moon- shot, science overwhelms the world. The education major is meeting the dare on its own terms. In the laboratory, not the classroom. Tomorrow ' s teacher learns today to con- struct a simple electrical cur- rent, to measure weight in grams, why candles burn and how to tell a fourth grader " why " in a special science lab. Future teachers Harold Horchover and Jerry Little brush up on elemen- tary physics in new education lab. Nonie Tilley and Pat Windus learn to teach the " hows " of candlemaking. psychiatry enters monkey business Dr. Gordon D. Jensen conducted an experi- ment to study adoptive processes in monkeys. He separated a mother from her offspring (above). Next he introduced an unrelated infant monkey to study relations between it and its surrogate mother (left). When the infant monkeys were the same age and size, it took the mother up to seven days to recog- nize the change. 14 Dr. Jensen then separated the adopted baby from its mother (right). After a period of time he returned both to the mother to study her reactions. He observed that she accepted and nursed both real and adopted offsprings. Closed-circuit TV (below) allows psychiat- ric lab technicians to see primate mother and infant reunited. The search for himself, the " whys " of man. continue to dominate the headlines in re- search. And the animal world ' s human imitator, the monkey, serves the search well. At the University psychiatrist Dr. Gordon D. Jensen works with mother-infant monkey pairs to trace possible patterns in human behavior. The tools of electronics — computers and TV — fit snugly into Jensen ' s zoo-like lab. The researcher not only controls his subjects, but analyzes quickly reactions that may help chip the mysteri- ous shell off the human mind. 16 Dr. Paulson charts X-rays of his heart muscle research study. doctor probes heart mystery Medicine and research move hand-in-hand, like siblings. For since man first blinked, science has meant life to the doctor. Paul S. Paulson, M.D., is a case in point. His path leads to the heart, center of life and yet coated with mystery. Paulson is searching for an answer to why heart muscles suddenly thicken, blocking the blood from its normal pulse and flow. Already a dozen probing months have gone. The phy- sician presses on. There will be an answer, someday. To- morrow, maybe Dr. Paulson will meet a clue. Jr 1 . ■ BMtl " 1 ; P-, ; ' ; J Ugcience and ( i " V ' ' ■i r- e F ± Hb H 4 1 " - l 1 ■vrj C— r W -| P i 1 H. ji Ji if 1 RLi Lli,.3 ' x ' f £ ' ■ social workers move into streets and schoolyards Betty Lou Jones (left) helps neighborhood relations as student social worker in the community. Community center (above) gives an airing to backyard squabbles and frictions in the city. 19 Betty Lou Jones (left) plays tape as part of social therapy at community center in Seattle. Diane Boguki (below) reads to children at orphan home. Man ' s problems of living in a world of inconvenience chal- lenge the School of Social Work for answers the commu- nity can wear. But the student social worker doesn ' t put his subject matter into a test-tube. He goes to the streets and schoolyards where it eats, grows and breeds friction. The Atlantic Street Center is that kind of local lab-of-the-living for University students in hu- man relations. " Hard-to-reach " and " problem " children test the textbook theories of tomor- row ' s social workers who look at the future as a test of pa- tience. And a home for hope. 20 Researching fishermen (left) haul in net with fish for tagging. Movements of fish are charted by marking tags and logged by scien- tific crew on board Brown Bear. Salmon (lower right) is marked with spaghetti tag. While some probe society on land, the Fisheries Research Institute on campus plunges its concentration into the society of swimmers and the seas. There, a better life for fish, and the fishermen, puts the scientist fisheries: the sociology of the sea in a laboratory that floats. Oceanic migrations could mean a different diet five years from now. That possibility sends the University fisheries students on a serious game of tag : mark- ing fish movements along the Pacific Coast. The results of such tests often span the seas in their implications. oceanography: modeni ' day sea hunt 22 on a lab that floats The oceanographer ' s labora- tory covers nearly three-fourths of the earth. And any hopes of stable environment and usual empirical conditions are quickly washed aside. Consequently the team of researchers from the Department of Oceanogra- phy faces a science that means testing with each tide. The Brown Bear, a vessel of experi- ments, allows on-the-sea samp- ling and data recording to help the society in motion conquer the globe. Data gathered at sea (right) trans- forms into a scale model of Puget Sound (left) when researchers re- turn to campus. I ' 5 ! ! ;.. 4 24 • f n ' II ' , ml h n((i Crew members of a scientific voyage into the Pacific examine a one- meter plankton net for obtaining samples of sea life. Data applies to studies of changes in fresh water when it enters the ocean. Studies by UW team centered at mouth of the Columbia. civil engineers mean a cool glass of water A better life tomorrow means continued life today. Which calls for an adequate and fresh supply of water. The city of Anacortes, north of Seattle, asked the University ' s Depart- ment of Civil Engineering to study and then shut off the possibility of a water shortage in case of an emergency. The engineers boarded boats on a lake near Anacortes, tested the water for quality and quantity, then outlined a plan that would insure a cool glass of water when normal water sources drain to the danger point. Samples of lake water are taken (right) to learn the amount of or- ganisms and nutrients in reservoir. University civil engineer (below) makes tests for salinity in a lake behind Anacortes. ' -- . the search into space Scanning the heavens doesn ' t mean only rocket launchings and squeaking satelUtes. The probe of electronics and radio astronomy stretches man ' s knowledge of the sky above. Bill Clemmens, a senior in Electrical Engineering, is part of that on-the-ground probe. His research into stream- lined transmission lines for the radio astronomer may help bridge a gap in the trip to outer space. Clemmens (right) determines the direction and velocity of Yagi Ant enna Ray project. Antenna (below) may give radio astronomers help in probing outer space. James Carlisle (left) confers with Architecture Professor Victor Steinbrueck over design. C. C. Jackson (below) sketches out one possibility for a repertory theatre building. i an architectural design for repertory theatre Research in the 1960 ' s plays the world as if it were a stage. The theatre stage is part of that world. With the rise of repertory theatre in the United States, the call for science in entertainment grew louder. Students in the School of Ar- chitecture heard the sound and went to work. What would be an optimum- for-production, yet practical- for-pocketbooks building for a repertory company? The ques- tion enticed many imaginations and pencils on paper. Shapes changed into lifelike models as Architecture students faced an actual community need with creative, scientific strokes. 27 architects and science go to the theatre 28 Student studies proposed models of repertory theatres (far left) created and displayed in the Architecture Hall. Dr. Victor Steinbrueck (below) points out theatre blueprint to visitor. Bob Slenes (below right) and Roger Newel (glue in hand) complete mock-up theatres. ■y : . 1. iM 29 Converting raw research into computer language takes place via key punch machines (right). The brain of the computer is complete with mem- ory bank. Karen Katschke (below) checks tape head containing a problem. Dave Brewer (glasses, below right) waits for the compu ter to spit out an answer on the online printer, voice of the 709. 30 Spaghetti-like plugs and connections on a control panel feed impulses through computer and direct auxiliary machines. University researchers inevi- tably confront the world of numbers. The scientific process feeds on mathematics. Yet the problem can be hurtled with comparative ease today. Uni- versity researchers — student and professor — usually find their answer is 709. That ' s the IBM 709, a jungle of wire cir- cuits and blinking bulbs that signal " computer. " The mathe- matic machine resembles 14 good-sized refrigerators. It gobbles up data at enormous rates, sifts and digests and spews out the answers in a moment. And the researcher gains gulps of time to continue his prime quest. The 709 lives in the basement of the Mechan- ical Engineering building and never sleeps. It runs round-the- clock, is manned by a staff of 50. 709: the simple answer to complex mathematics and research problems 31 r _ Dr. Lloyd W. Schram heads up a million-dollar research business in his new position as Dean of Continuing Education. growing research on campus demands a director University research is spanked to life each day. And its Hving expenses grow as fast as it does. Coordinating the pace of science in action and the course of research in the community 32 scheme assumes wide propor- tions. Part of the work falls into the lap of Dr. Lloyd W. Schram. This year he was named Dean of Continuing Education. But research isn ' t Schram ' s only baby. Evening and extension classes, lectures and concerts, community de- velopment and Peace Corps training all come under his office ' s coordinating functions. see the night . " V The transcendental night proffers its proposition — An hallucination? The absence of light? The sun is drawn into its filamental spattering. And the big shadows shadow. Perception is not mocked, lor it is a new look sought alter; A return into the cave where the star is revealed For the ecstatic venturer. Enamored for an hour or two with a wet leal. Given new credit by a fluorescent light. Pressing close and harmonious until one decides to cry out. The night has no silver images only specks: Manipulated daylight Pitched from a flood making funny dodges. Run to what the day doesn ' t show, and bellow What the day doesn ' t hear, and see a black Pillow embroidered with yellow. And see the night without any light! 34 ' v.- , words by Phil Kipper pictures by Barry Broman and Dave Ca People who run to the night for pleasure, solitude or inspiration are well aware of the day. The darkness bolsters the ego, it equalizes by covering. And the night needles the onlooker with the stinging Hashers of sun manipu- lated into a hlamental spattering. The day comes too fast — or too slow. • b Hta 18 jj3T}iAa.i«; ' ' •1 1 z u a - ; »W mm p ' 1 « . . 37 But night holds its monopoly of hallucinations in a spellbinding game. Penalty: " Go directly to jail. " One man ' s amusement is another ' s work. The bold mechanics of attraction clutter the darkness with a neon pathway. And in a more pensive game, the moves follow the rules because the rules are the game. Step into a shadow and run into the light. The night is getting warmer. 38 39 When the flood oi darkness slips in showing the specks of night, the light takes on the ultimate relevance. Night, the superficial leveler, becomes the medium of contrast. An automatic backdrop for beacons of searching. 40 V . r-. y it I m 4 — xiVo " $ ' ■iftT ' ' . ■? ' , REFLECTIONS ON EVEHTS ' , -. v . », ; ♦ « . . ■.-J. " i wtib ' V 4 I V f V j c I Cj »w j t t t { t i Spring is a time when it is hard to be a student Spring is abandonment ... a season of impulses. It is a time to wear a flower in one ' s hair or walk without a raincoat. It is a time to skip classes — to study on the grass or watch girls with flowers in their hair. Spring is a time when it is diffi- cult to be a student. 43 A rally in front of Theta Delta Chi follows every election. are not all campaigning Spring elections; a pitch, a promise Spring is discovery. Questions search for answers. ASUW election candidates attempt to answer campus problems in campaign platforms. Dave York competed against the preten- tious Pogo, a write-in candi- date, and emerged the victor to become ASUW president. 44 Dave York sought and won the challenge of the ASUW presidency. 45 parents ' weekend: the university is people ' Parents ' Weekend was lots of things. It was ROTC cadets passing in review before Gov- ernor Albert D. Rosellini. It was a competitive songfest open to all living groups. The Tri Delts and the Delts took first place in the doubles; Alpha Phi and the Alpha Delts stole 46 the singles honors. And Judy O ' Gara captured the Queen of Queens crown. It was " A Splash in Time, " presented by the Husky Swim Club and Silver Fish. And it was an art pavilion erected by the architecture stu- dents and a fine arts show sponsored by Parnassus. It was a pansy breakfast at the Tri Delt house to honor girls who were married or engaged during the year. Its theme was " The University is People. " Parents ' Weekend is a time for different generations to contem- plate the same problems. Judy O ' Gara graciously accepts her reign as Queen of Queens. parents ' weekend K- ' It .■ . ' ' ; U 48 ■ » ■! il The Tri Delts ' and Delts ' rendition of " Lida Rose " and " Psalm 47 " took first place at songfest (below.) Architecture students collaborated to construct an open air pavilion (left). Visitors (left) pause to ponder a piece of abstract art in the pavilion. This navy man (right) takes advantage of a break during the Governor ' s Day program. 49 Inquiries from curious students plagued spokesman Margaret Lewis in the hours cam- paign (upper). A counter attack to the hours proposal was presented during the Women ' s Interhouse Council meeting (center). The minds behind the hours proposal deliberated their strategy (lower). 50 Spring is restlessness. The question of hours for women flared into debate. Students dis- cussed: " Should a girl over twenty-one be allowed freedom on hours? Is she old enough to take care of herself? " Protest spokesman Margaret Lewis sought to stimulate students to consider a proposal for more liberal women ' s hours. hours debate and ice cubes: the hot and cold of it Spring is not ice. Yet the world ' s first ice cube tossing contest was launched in May. Radio KVI disc jockeys Bob Hardwick and Buddy Webber challenged the Daily staff ' s skill in tossing ice blocks. The object was to see who could throw the ice longest. The Daily ' s Ruth Pumphrey and Greg La Brache lost. Their ice melted. An enthusiastic crowd responded to quips thrown in with ice. if you rushed . ♦ ♦ The year began early if you went through Rush. You met the people, got to know your way around the " Row. " To- gether, You and They found the house you ' d fit in best. Waiting, wondering, the fun and fears and finally (if you were one of the 1,172 lucky ones) you were In. The guys slapped you on the back. Or if you were a pledge sister, you got to meet the college men at Stock Show (Men ' s Reception Night). The year smiled you a sudden smile. You were In. 53 fall, 1963: where were you Fall means Frosh Night at the HUH and new friends 54 It was Fall, 1953 and classes started late in September. Where were you then? You were getting off the train, you had a last day on a summer job, you came back to the dorms or the house or got an apartment. Maybe you just started getting on a different bus in the morn- ing. But you were here: cam- pus. And the year exploded. If you were Bob Follett, you were getting Seagull, a new humor magazine, ready for press. You prayed it would go over big, that they ' d pay 25 ' for your jokes. It would be rough be- cause you had to sell your mag- azine off campus. But they paid, they laughed, you won. The HUB games area operated free on Frosh Night. Off campus sales prevented administrative censure of the Seagull, new humor magazine. 55 oh, sweet mandolins and battling axes ♦ ♦ ♦ October slipped by. If you were Joe Dawson, you saw your Peo- ple-to-People program bring 45 Japanese college students to Meany Hall to play their man- dolins October 23. They played famous tunes from around the world, Japanese folk songs and native compositions. Two days later, if your name was Rich Bell, you were so good at tree climbing, wood chopping, saw- ing, the tug-of-war and log rolling in Forestry ' s Garb Day melee that you became " King Ole " and ruled beside Queen Nancy Richmond at the " Log- ger ' s Brawl, " the dance that brought the day to a gala close. • 4 .» u m- ' i rir ..- ' 56 he was shot and a hush fell The November skies were clear, the air brisk. Where were you when you heard? Probably you thought it was a joke. You waited for the punch line, but it didn ' t come. Only the news that he was dead. You walked about campus, and you knew what everybody was thinking. The Big People were very kind. They cancelled Homecoming and gave you the day of his funeral off so you could see that it had really happened. You got so you could even talk about it without ac- cepting it. Because if you really thought, it was too ghastly . . . MECOMING 59 Yells were heard for miles around when we won back our Rose Bowl ticket. 60 a bonfire lauds the victory But next Saturday came re- gardless and we were watching the Huskies meet the Cougars. Our confidence had soared too high before the UCLA game and defeat there had made us so we were not sure of any- thing. If you were an alumni letterman, coming home to hold a blanket up during half time, you watched our Huskies dog-trot out between the jaws of the " V " you and your fellows made. You still weren ' t sure. But Husky hopes were upheld. Perhaps you burned a bonfire in the street when the an- nouncement came: The Rose Bowl was ours! Marsha Mays reigned over a belated homecoming game. Officials worried about the " riot " which threatened to tarnish the University ' s image. 61 mourning mars It was a misnomer, but " Happy Hollydays, " the annual ASUW Christmas party, decked the HUB with the season trim- mings. University President Charles E. Odegaard keynoted the gathering with words de- signed to encourage a campus wrapped in mourning. " We have just witnessed a tragedy. " he said. " In this Christmas- time it is only proper that we gather the loose ends together and move ahead. " Caroling students and the tra- dition of a Santa Claus (nee Robbie Heinz) visit expressed the optimism that was needed and the Yule log in the fireplace symbolized the continuum that the nation would maintain. Two dozen pretty girls, dressed in costumes of the season, vied for the title of Miss Mistle- toe. The judges thought Pattie Hunter, decked out as a drum- mer-boy, best fit the occasion. Dr. Cliarlcs Odegaard spoke at the Christmas party. hollyday spirit Santa Heinz presents a pre-Christmas kiss to Miss Mistletoe, Pattie Hunter. The Four Young Men added their voices to the songs of the season. A catastrophic second-half daunted the exuberant Husky songleaders. a short, hot summer Two weeks in California. We went south with the Huskies. The planes, the trains, even the busses were jammed. And we stayed where we could. It was hot down there and the smog laid low on the purple hills. Friendly faces in the crowds. Gorgeous parade. Our band marched in the stadium that lay in the valley floored with dust and cars. The first half was good, but our spirit broke. And we came back to save our hopes for another year . . . " Freedom " was the theme of the parade that wound its way through the streets of Pasa- dena. Washington ' s float re- flected the vigor of athletic freedom. The mini rooters departed from their short summer with souvenirs of victory. mf: winter ushers in cleaner ' elections Winter came as usual, and with it rain, elections and colds. This year ' s colds were the same, the elections weren ' t. They appeared cleaner. Fewer name-caked signs waved over campus and the ASUW joined voting hands with the AMS and AWS. The single ballot saved $500 in student money. The winter election also opened the Board of Control to a grad student. But no grad ran. Those who did, and won Board seats, included Mike Cooper. Al Pick, Jim Anderson, Wayne Badovinus and Cheryl Ries. Karen Akers won command of AWS and Ray Lindstrom turned AMS President. 66 67 He ' s Jim Motzer, MacGregor House entry for the Ugly Man Contest, and he ' s yelling about a penny donation (right). And here he is, the winner (far right), without whatever-it-was on his face. The Ugly Man of Campus, Mark Lookabaugh, with perpetual trophy for his visage. Mark Lookabaugh is the ug- liest man on campus. Undis- putedly. This was the third year in a row that he limped off with Alpha Phi Omega service fraternity ' s trophy for UMOC. The face Lookabaugh dolled up for the contest would have made Frankenstein look like Little Bo Peep. Not quite the worst faces, owned by Dave Kopay and Arnold Troeh, took home runners-up prizes. This year a girl, Barbara Norkoski, decided to enter the macabre. She didn ' t have a chance. Money from the contest goes into a scholarship fund. girl enters ugly ' inan contest-against 68 lookabaugh she didn t have a chance 69 i ' ■ »li Ik Walter Hundley, vice chairman of CORE, and Seattle Attorney Byron Coney fired accusations at one another at the Political Union-sponsored housing debate (above). The League of Women Voters took advantage of election issues by registering hundreds of students (below). campus stages open housing debate; voters veto bill 70 It was a year when the words " Open Housing " and white but- tons with a torch and " I Believe It ' s Right " took over campus arguments. On the March bal- lot was an ordinance making it illegal to discriminate when selling or renting housing be- cause of race or religion. The controversy flooded the Daily with editorials and let- ters, the HUB with hot debate and the city with student marchers backing the civil rights proposition. But after the waters had settled, voters went to the polls and sent the ordinance down the drain, two- to one. It drowned, at least for the time, two years of civil rights activity in Seattle. The Political Union-sponsored open housing debate provoked student re- buttal (right). Brian Sternberg, dis- abled track star, joined ASUW offi- cers Dave York and Harriet Beal and trackman Phil Shinnick in sup- port of open housing (below). dedication to freedom of education Many people propound an idea but are not dedicated to the cul- mination of that idea. Reverend Ralph Abernathy is thoroughly envolved in his belief: the Ne- gro Revolution through non- violent action. He has endangered the lives of himself and his family, helped instigate the Montgomery Bus Boycott of 1955-56 and helped ease racial tension in Birming- ham after the church bombing in September of 1963. He is a man dedicated to his belief. James Meredith, a leading Ne- gro advocate of education for all, believes that Negro educa- tion is essential for full attain- ment of civil rights. Meredith has been the focus of national attention because of his desire to continue his own education. He wants an imme- diate solution to the Negro sit- uation and calls for " respon- sible " action from Negroes, specifically in getting them- selves educated. He feels there is no middle ground in civil rights. " Either you have all the basic rights or you haven ' t. " He seeks an end to our nation ' s internal crisis. dedicated to freedom of assembly Often it is easier for a group rather than a single person to spread an idea. CRAG, the University ' s Civil Rights Ac- tion Group, has banded to- gether to spread their beliefs, not through speeches but through action. Rejecting vio- lence, while advocating peace- ful action. CRAG greeted Gov- ernor Wallace w ith pickets. They were proclaiming their own beliefs and protesting against those to which they do not adhere. James Meredith (left) believes that civil rights is best sought through education; Professor Valentine, CRAG Chairman (right), favors group demonstration. 73 dedicated to freedom of speech; of protest Most qualified to speak for the Negroes on their civil rights are the Negroes. Bruce Gor- don is a Negro and a member of SNCC (Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee). Gordon is anxious for the na- tion to understand the true situation in the South. He says, " The South has not really advanced in the last 100 years because of the racial issue. " Gordon is arguing for peaceful acquisition of equal- ity for the Negroes. The right to speak for or against an idea is a basic right. Governor Wallace of Alabama spoke on campus advocating segregation and the protec- tion of states ' rights, property rights and human rights. " After all. the countries which have strong protection of property rights also have strong human rights. " The governor says, " I ' m not anti-Negro. Segregation is not synonymous with hatred. " We have heard both sides; we now judge for ourselves. 74 75 voices on a visit Britisher Henry Reed (above) read his poetry to packed house as a visiting professor here Winter Quarter. John Goldmark (above left) came to review his libel case victory. John Daly, television personality (middle), defended press freedom during a fall visit. George Catlin (left) expounded British politics as a Walker- Ames professor. I REFLECTIONS ONi G OVERNMENT !l Carol Peterson, Conrad DeLateur, Sara Hanson, Vivienne Kayes, Anne McCart- ney . . . ASUW Secretary, Dorothy Stratton, Dave York . . . ASUW President. boc: it still sat despite the bored Anne McCartney, Dave York. Below: Prof. Harry Bauer, Prof. Brewster Denny, Donald Anderson, Dean of Students. For thousands of students, the BOC is just one more portion of the alphabet soup canned in the HUB. For the 21 members who sit around the green felt table every week ' s Wednesday, the Board is a job: reams of reading and riff-raff, hours of talking about it, behind-the- scenes politicking and once-in- a-while backstabbing. W ■ " « ' mm Dan Baty, Fred Howard, Pete Ozanne, Vicki Benson, George Webber, Pete Dorman (above) ; Fred Howard, Pete Ozanne, Vicki Benson, Prof Bauer (middle) ; Dave York, Joe Ryan (left) ; Dan Baty, Larry Levy (below) ; Gini Couden (below right). But, every so often, the BOC would come up with something affecting the campus. The foot- ball afternoon food fights in the stadium, the yearly influenza called " seat-saving, " an expur- gated version of a constitution for the ASUW and a practical joke (or was it a threat) to abol- ish their work gave the Board something to bite into. A spe- cial commission went after " seat-saving, " and proposed re- served seating for students, rather than the usual stampede. The revised constitution was in the gristmill more than a year. This term ' s Board, with ASUW President Dave York banging his gavel, honed down the docu- ment ' s rough edges, knocked out phrases and nailed on amendments, then took the product to the polls. The revi- sion, necessary to realign the ASUW with the recent Board of Regents action, won its birth- right by a handsome margin. The joke-threat on the Board and the entire ASUW struc- ture came from a discontented- and-anonymous group named BARFO (Ban All Ridiculous Functions Organization). BARFO ran an ad in the Daily. calling the ASUW and the ex- ecutives on the BOC a " crock. " It was the strongest in a series of anti-student government pro- tests in recent years. But. as usual, when it died down the Board was still at the green felt table, it was Wednesday and they were still talking. George Martin . . . ASUW Second Vice Presi- dent (above left) ; Harriet Beal . . . ASUW First Vice President (above right) ; Prof. Harry Bauer; Dean of Students Donald Anderson; Prof. Brewster Denny, Carol Peterson (middle left) ; Vivienne Kayes, Rick Yoder, Lynne Slade (below left) ; Dan Baty, Joe Ryan, Harriet Beal (below right). Dr. Ludwig Spolyar . . . Manager, ASUW Activities. advisors at hub of asuw Room 205 is a HUB-within-the HUB. That ' s the ASUW ad- visors ' office where you learn " what to do " and " who to see " about getting approval for a dance or using a ditto machine. Dr. Ludwig Spolyar is boss of the operation in his capacity as manager of all ASUW activities. Bob Walters . . . ASUW Activities Advisor Richard Banner . . . ASUW Activities Advisor Bob Rynd . . . Chairman, Bruce Burton. Kathy O ' Conner, Amin Al-Aivar. mun plays India at conference You are the delegate from India. One fourth of the earth ' s population depends on what you will be deliberating and voting. The delegate from the USSR is proposing that Red China be admitted to the General Assembly; you rise to speak . . . Cut it ! Print it ! Stage it! It ' s all a show. You are at Whitworth College in Spo- kane, a delegate at a Model United Nations session. The MUN delegation from Uni- versity of Washington this year represented India. Students familiar with prob- lems of India on a team of delegates underwent an ex- tensive program of prepara- tion and study to play India ' s role in the UN. Five days were spent explor- ing every facet of the UN. Three days of work were spent in small committees. The General Assembly met as a whole for two days of debate and decision. No " oscars " were given for the best performance, but schools with the best delegation are more liable to get the coun- tries they request for the next MUN session. 81 asuw committees: two peters and football ♦♦ Special Events brought the sounds of Peter Nero and Peter, Paul and Mary to campus. Committee members included Chairman Howard Rose and Don Follette. Programming Board (right above) shuffled activities to fit dates. Advised by Dr Ludwig Spolyar (standing, left) were members Ann McCartney, Chairman Steve Pease: (seated) Leslie Page. Cammie Neuman, Jim Anderson and Larry Levy. Seat-saving kept Student Affairs members (right below) in committee chairs most of the year. Members were Ann McCartney, Chairman Don Durr, Ginny Couden, Kathy Kiltz, Vicki Benson and Sharon Craig. . • « (1 • .- r 1 M| f • ' pf 1 ■ " b ' ' r,f ' X i ' JJ:.;i: ' :::- |4R. •} WtS --m ' j i r - ,..- ' ■ . ' MB ' -J. ... , . ' J ji W i 1 m B ' W 1 mf ..M -•, .v-t ' iWv,-V: ,.. - . ' -.-S . f. s » ;.» ■,-, . ' i " ! . - ' f ■ ... ' . ' " r-. ' ■. ■■ ' • " ! r V . cu , I. i • i ' li ' -i r . .;•■ ' ■■ :.J 1 1 MSUk %ri - 0 . i ' i k, ? - ' . s fej political seminars ♦ ♦ ♦ A review of University classes kept the Educational Affairs Committee (above) in a state of evaluation. Sitting on the ASUW agency are George Webber, Mary Mike Green, chairman, Harriet Beal, Vivienne Kayes, Linda Hart and Kick Wilson. Two political seminars put the ASUW ( Discussions Area . Committee on the activities calendar. Members pictured are Jeri Mortensen and Kod ■■ , Waldbaum. 1 84 The Constitution and By-laws Committee (left) ground out the final flaws in the revised ASUW Constitution. Law professor Philip A. Trautman, Dorothy Stratten and Cam Hall, chairman, figured in the end document. The ASUW Fine Arts Committee booked a foreign film festival in the HUB Winter Quarter. Members (standing) are Cheryl Ries, Harol Smecal, Betty Anderson, Doug Mullis, Kay Lawler, chairman; (kneeling) Betty Lane and Dick Tew. ♦ ♦ ♦ and a film series iSSX. ' tmi .. 1 f s? , ' L. Scott Elder masterminded the Political Union through its second year and a mock political convention in May. 86 It was a year made for the Po- litical Union. One fitted with battles for president of the na- tion, governor, mayor of Seattle and civil rights. A year that exposed student ears and intel- lects to the voices of many: those wearing the scuffle of politics, those pleading for equality or status quo. The Union celebrated its second birthday with a guest list that invited Alabama Gov. George Wallace, Socialist Norman Thomas. GOP bigwig Grant Reynolds, civil rightist James Meredith and newspaper editor Hodding Carter. political union: booking agent for controversy Republican guberna- torial runners Daniel Evans (top), Joseph Gandy and Dick Christensen were one slice in the Political Union ' s speakers cake this year. Coeds in command of Associated Women Students were headed by Bonnie Funk (left), president. Next to her are Vicki Benson, second vice president ; Marlis McCully, first vice president ; Karen Akers, recording secretary; Marilee Mclntee, corresponding secretary, and Pam Proske, treasurer. AWS Council members included (seated, below) Jan Hoeffer, Kathy Knaack, Cheryl Ries, Pam Proske, Vicki Benson, Marlis McCully; (standing) Sue Killingsworth, Kathy Noland, Molly Grondahl, Diane Kelso, Karen Akers, Christie Hunnicutt, Anne Stevenson, Anne Denney, Marilee Mclntee, Kathi Gregan, Bonnie Funk, Jan Worthen. aws: a council for coeds lj Wy. :« ! I Rick Smidt (above) paced the Associated Men Students as group president last year. Ray Lindstrom (below, left) led new faces into office as AMS president this winter. Beside him is Bill Scott, vice president, and below is Art Fletcher, secretary. ams: a man ' s world There are a thousand of them at the U. One in twenty of the students on campus, one in five of the graduate students. One whose citizenship and ancestry, per- haps race and tradition, are grounded in the kind of difference that makes a divided world. One who, even in losing himself in a lecture hall, finds himself in an indefin- able apartness from his milieu, an alien. why do they travel so far in body and mind for an education? Many reasons. Not always the most obvi- ous ones. Common to them is a desire to learn more than their cultures can offer. There the resemblance ends. The reasons are as different as the students them- selves. Some want to experience the uniqueness of America. Others want to delve into the esoterics of algebraic top- ology. Some come without goals, expect- ing to find them in the process of living America. Others change — discover new directions, or simply lose old ones. They may not all know where they are going. But they all expect to find out, sometime. They are traveling in search of themselves as much as their worlds. This is their common bond, their aliena- tion from their milieu. Some act out their alienation in stark soli- tude. The afterthought table in the cafe- teria, the obscure corner of a smoke-filled coffee house, the last desk in a row of lib- rary booths. They wear their loneliness like cloaks, defining and isolating them- selves in a single act of self-sufficiency. The American smile, the few words of friendly greeting, the cliches that Ameri- cans expect to hear about them, their lives, their countries: they have mastered all those parlor tricks. But do not seek to break this brittle aloneness; they have placed themselves above your American naivete, your tactless curiosity. You can only disturb them, upset their desperate efforts to preserve a consistent face to a foreign world. If they smile, it is for what you may never understand about them: their life, their way, their meaning. 90 ii Others, more timid, more in need of the reassurance that makes them feel real, find their own cultural islands. Perhaps it is a group from the same country. Or the same cultural area. They create an inclusive world around themselves, where to be foreign is to be an intruder. Conver- sation fiows in dialect, in closed circles: life revolves round a cycle of rooms with an occasional tavern or a coffee house to punctuate the cyclic swee p. The islands float erratically around, little Indias, little Koreas, little Japans. Home is discussed with all the magnificent objectivity and fantasy of distance: it is Far Away, an idealized projection of their own home- sickness. Many of those students will go back never having lived America except as a superfluous personal encounter; all they will take back will be tape-recorders, a set of inane color slides and irrevelent anec- dotes to spice up their achievement of a foreign diploma. Do not blame them. They are afraid; of understanding you, and themselves. But though these are the many, the de- fiantly lonely and the frightened, there are also the Few. Those who succeed; and who, accordingly, make alienation a phi- losophy and an attitude. There are those Few who find an expres- sion of their abilities in some niche of American student life and develop them enough to wear performance itself as a personal facade. The athlete, who excels and becomes a star in his own right. A debater, who tours clubs and nearby com- munities in a spirited performance of impromptu political diplomacy. The fra- ternity " guest " who finds enough social resources in himself to lend variety and color to campus conviviality. The girl who uses charm as an access to American social life without sacrificing her own feeling of apartness. These Few, the suc- cessful ones, will be remembered, at least by the Americans around them. But only for what they appear to be, not what they are. To them, this is a victory, this tri- umph of projected appearance over a far more uncertain reality. And those Few, those Very Few, who can truly forget apartness as an attitude, long enough to live, in their own unique way. Those who consti- tute a sort of ' elite ' foreign stu- dent world. The peak of alien existence, a Mandarin life. There IS such a ' foreign world ' within the University campus: a turbulent and exciting world for those foreign students and a few Americans who can keep pace with its hypnotic beat. It pulsates to the midnight thrum of stereo conga drums, late shadowy parties, and romance and passion, fun and frolic, despair and disillusion, all with their fast-paced and frenetic edge. Loves and lives are a gamble with the turn of a phrase; political crossfire smol- ders and flames in intense in- volvement, minds clash in razor edge sharpness over all-night coffee sessions. This Mandarin I world comes with its own I values and reasons for living. I It can be lived only in strenuous , spells, and only by those who I have earned the passkey. But I it exists ... its own inclusive world, an escape from aliena- tion into a confusing yet ex- citing kind of unreality. why so many, so alienated ♦♦♦ in spite of efforts, American and foreign to bridge the gap? Partly, due to what America is . . . the part of America that cannot change. American culture, paradoxi- cally, is more " foreign " to a stranger than many other cul- tures are to each other. This comes as no surprise to a for- eigner, of course; America is unique, in possessing charac- teristics no other culture pos- sesses or has ever possessed. Its newness. The highest stand- ard of living ever reached by Man. Mass well-being. A world position no country has ever held. These characteristics, so vital to an understanding of America, are themselves what makes it a culture apart; there- fore unique, and foreign. Partly, because America so tragically misunderstands the nature of the foreign student, and in so doing, misunder- stands itself. The foreign student is not out here " just to get an education. " He is searching for personal direction. Yet well-meaning officials and individuals treat him as a man in pursuit of spe- cific training, with temporary " adjustment " as the only source of his problems. To expect a foreign student to conform to this picture is to ask him to act out a self-assurance that he does not feel: in effect, create a performance around himself, by meeting all the superficial norms of " responsibility " and keeping his uncertainties as a problem apart. The error of assumption is compounded by mistakes of procedure. The offi- cial distributes prerequisites of help or approval in terms of " satisfactory " conduct or per- formance, and unconsciously encourages virtuoso intellec- tual or social charlatanry. The individual tries to help his for- eign friend " adjust, " and (un- less he is careful) invites an informal effort at performance. Not to understand the rebellion and the courage that makes a man take the burden of his own sense of direction, rather than be guided by his cultural milieu . . . not to understand this per- verse will, and its associated self-doubt and abysmal despair ... is not to understand the foreign student. He needs to adjust to himself. Some students do " adjust. " So well that they lose themselves in the process. There are al- ways a few who cannot find their way home. America has overwhelmed them. Their doubts have triumphed; the car, the TV, the jobs, are parts of their total performance. Most, of course, go home, though many take longer t han they first intended to, waiting for purpose that does not obey the rules of the mechanical clock. And those students who have never failed or been troubled by ' failure ' ? Those who live copybook, ideally filled lives, turn in model transcripts, work diligently at ' group ' international functions? Those models of " international student ex- change, " who lead the well-planned lives every foreign student official dreams of? photographn by harry br sorry, america you will never know them You may think you do. Yet . . . try to recall a single heartbreak, a single tear, a single sincerely expressed agony. They kept their search to themselves and let you look only at an exquisitely exotic facade: they built their own world and politely denied you the right of entry. Sorry, America. Your idea of success was in fact your greatest failure; you earned a foreign address, perhaps a regular Christ- mas card, and lost your chance to share in a personal search for truth. Sorry, America. In refusing to bear the burden of a tormented conscience, you missed out on an exiciting adventure: the conflict of self-doubt and self-knowledge, and, perhaps through error and agonizing reappraisal, the purblind groping to an individually felt truth. Sorry, America. You . the poorer for it. not they . . . are 96 We shall need all the calm and thoughtful citizens that this great University can produce 98 Excerpts from President John F. Kennedy ' s address at the University Centennial Convocation, November 16, 1961: ... As the most powerful defender of freedom on earth we find ourselves unable to escape the responsibilities of freedom and yet unable to exercise it without restraints imposed by the very freedoms we seek to protect. We cannot, as a free nation, compete with our adversaries in tactics of terror, assassination, false promises, counterfeit mobs and crises. We cannot, under the scrutiny of a free press and public, tell different stories to different audiences, foreign and domestic, friendly and hostile. We cannot abandon the slow process of consulting with our allies to match the swift expediencies of those who merely dictate to their satellites. We can neither abandon nor control the international organization in which we now cast less than 1 per cent of the vote in the General Assembly. We possess weapons of tremendous power, but they are least effective in combatting the weapons most often used by freedom ' s foes: subversion, infiltration, guerrilla warfare, civil disorder. We send arms to other peoples just as we send them the ideals of democracy in which we believe. But we cannot send them the will to use those arms or to abide by those ideals. And while we believe, not only in the force of arms, but in the force of right and reason, we have learned that reason does not always appeal to un- reasonable men — that it is not always true that " a soft answer turneth away wrath " — and that right does not always make might. In short, we must face problems which do not lend them- selves to easy or quick or permanent solutions. And we must face the fact that the United States is neither omni- potent nor omniscient — that we are only 6 per cent of the world ' s population and that we cannot impose our will upon the other 94 per cent of mankind — that we cannot right every wrong or reverse each adversity- — and that, therefore, there cannot be an American solution to every world problem. These burdens and frustrations are accepted by most Americans with maturity and understanding. They may long for the days when war meant charging up San Juan Hill — or when our isolation was guarded by two oceans — • or when the atomic bomb was ours alone — or when much of the industrialized world depended upon our resources and our aid. But they now know that those days are gone — and that gone with them are the old policies and the old complacency. And they know, too, that we must make the best of our new problems and our new oppor- tunities, whatever the risk and the cost. But there are others who cannot bear the burden of a long twilight struggle. They lack confidence in our long-run capacity to survive and succeed. Yet hating communism, they see communism in the long-run perhaps as the wave of the future. And they want some quick and easy and final and cheap solution — now. There are two groups of these frustrated citizens, far apart in their views yet very much alike in their approach. On the one hand are those who urge upon us what I regard to be the pathway of surrender — appeasing our enemies, compromising our commitments, purchasing peace at any price, disavowing our arms, our friends, our obligations. If their view had prevailed, the world of free choice would be smaller today. On the other hand are those who urge upon us what 1 regard to be the pathway of war: equating negotiations with appeasement and substituting rigidity for firmness. If their view had prevailed, we would be at war today, and in more than one place. It is a curious fact that each of these extreme opposites resemble the other. Each believes that we have only two choices: appeasement or war, suicide or surrender, hu- miliation or holocaust, to be either Red or dead. Each side sees only " hard " and " soft " nations, " hard " and " soft " policies, " hard " and " soft " men. Each believes that any departure from Its own course inevitably leads to the other: 99 1 1 !«• . ■■) 1 :: afciji ■ r " 1 ' ' ' H one group believes that any peaceful solution means ap- peasement; the other believes that any arms buildup means war. One group regards everyone else as warmongers, the other regards everyone else as appeasers. Neither side ad- mits that its path will lead to disaster — but neither can tell us how or where to draw this line once we descend the slippery slopes of appeasement or constant intervention . . . . . . We are neither " warmongers " nor " appeasers. " neither " hard " nor " soft. " We are Americans, determined to de- fend the frontiers of freedom, by an honorable peace if peace is possible, but by arms if arms are used against us. And if we are to move forward in that spirit, we shall need all the calm and thoughtful citizens that this great Univer- sity can produce, all the light that they can shed, all the wisdom that they can bring to bear. It is customary, both here and around the world, to regard life in the United States as easy. Our advantages are many. But more than any other people on earth, we bear burdens and accept risks unprecedented in their size and their duration, not for ourselves alone but for all who wish to be free. No other generation of free men in any country has ever faced so many and so difficult challenges— not even those who lived in the days when this University was founded in 1861. This nation was then torn by war. This territory had only the simplest elements of civilization. And this city had barely begun to function. But a university was one of their earliest thoughts — and they summed it up in the motto that they adopted: " Let there be light. ' What more can be said today, regarding all the dark and langlcd problems that wc face than, " Let there be light. " And to accomplish that illumination, the University of Washington shall still hold high the torch. 100 REFLECTIONS ON SERVICES 102 a variety store Webster defines " Hub " as the chief center of activity. What he leaves out are Huskyburgers and coke, cigarettes, Life and Time and Newsweek, a haircut and a shoeshine for the men and a lunchtable in the Den packed with chattering girls. The HUB means you don ' t have to walk to The Ave to pay for the New York Times, or the P-1 or a paperback of Fanny Hill. The HUB stands for a soft seat in a new auditorium, where you can watch " La Dolce Vita, " etc. Or pace around art on exhibit straight from Iran. Or shoot a couple games of pool and bowl, or just sit and spectate. And if you have an afternoon for the BOC, the Hub is where you go to listen. Or you stop there for Peter Nero tickets and a five-cent stamp. Or a five- minute snooze. 103 HFAUH LcNTER bones and books Stomach-aches and broken feet may mean a trip to the Health Center. The student medical service is staffed with nurses and physicians. The Library is another facility for students. But there it ' s serve-yourself. 105 ' ' 7 ' r 1 paper voices of The engineer must keep abreast of technological developments. The Washington Engineer, published six times a year, pro- vides the University engineer with an opportunity to keep up with what is going on in his world of work at a glance. Edi- tor David Mills guides a dozen staff members as they sift through current data for the information that will be of in- terest to them. Professors make informal studies for the maga- zine, and local job opportuni- ties receive special coverage. campus: upper, lower In the literary world, meantime, imagination, wonder, color and insight are the objectives. Assay, the English Depart- ment ' s annual, is issued every April. An editorial staff, headed by Ruth Conley, selects poems, short stories, essays of literary significance and even plays for this student publication. Assay finds a place in the li- braries of universities through- out the United States and Can- ada and in private collections of many students. Assay ' s Ruth Conley (above) searches for new voices. Her magazine rewards the reader who wants the finest in content. Washington Engineer David Mills (far left, seated) coordinates the content and layout of his magazine. His cartoonist (below) criticizes old issues to get new ideas. Most students don ' t like The Daily. At least that ' s what they say. Their antagonism grows from a thousand gripes: the paper ' s biased, the edi- torials are inept, it reports what didn ' t happen and they mis- spelled your name. Twice. Be- sides, it ' s unfashionable to like The Daily. But not to read it; it ' s free. There are a few people who do like the newspaper. They call themselves " the staff " and to them, the paper makes every- thing else worth it. And it vents their egos, the creative, the pseudo. The super-ego is the editor, who sits in a glassed office and tries to make 20,000 potential minds outside react. the daily is more than just people. They come, read and go. The paper stays. It too has a personality, long- developed and brash, sometimes cutting, often verbal noise, always eavesdropping. It ' s the University ' s perennial student. 1. Dick Gibson, fall editor 2. Ruth Pumphrey, spring editor 3. Tom Beell, copy editor 4. Bruce Johnson, night editor 5. Bob White, executive editor 6. Bruce Bennett, sports editor 7. Bobbie Hiscock, executive editor 8. Roy Is.ikscn, night editor 9. Phil Kipper, executive editor 10. Ridge Lundwall. business manager 108 109 1. Ben Taylor, Daily sports editor 2. Lynn Slade, night editor 3. Gary McDonald, Daily business manager 4. Keith Allen, night editor 5. Tony Monahan, Dimensions editor no Publications have a way of stir- ring up controversy. The Daily does it once each morning, tyee, once a year This book bothered all kinds of people, from the presidents of the Greeks to Husky majorette Carol Peterson. Editor Sally Christofferson stood adamant. Christofferson and her staff look at themselves as reporter- artists. The book is more than deadly pictures of committee- men and Rogue ' s galleries of mugs. It is the reflection of a living University doing basic research on the subject of Man. Consequently, as in the labora- tory, importance and appro- priateness must be v eighed. Sacred cows and pet peeves must go ignored. There ' s a scrap of paper on the office wall that sums up the creative urge; " An artist ' s only concern is to shoot for some kind of perfection, and on his own terms, not anybody else ' s. " 6. Susan Lind, Tyee copy editor, and Paul Stanbery, writer 7. Dick Westgard, division editor 8. Paul Marriott, Tyee business manager 9. George Burley, night editor 10. Sally Christofferson, Tyee editor 111 1. Dave Carr, photographer 2. Sandie Jones, managing editor 3. George Compton, photographer 4. Barry Broman, photographer 5. Janet Takayama, division editor 112 6. Dick Swanson, sports editor 7. Tom Fowle, layout editor 8. Bob Peterson, photographer 9. Margy Bothwell, division editor 10. Marilyn Purcell, special effects editor 11. Janice Krusemark, division editor 113 Professor Milo Ryan (above) sits at the control console watching the clock. Below: Cameraman Dave Sylling pauses before the " take " as director George Mally talks procedure. it ' s the ' ' soft seir ' in television at university ' s channel 9 Educational television doesn ' t follow the " hard sell " of the networks. Instead, a soft voice from a student is how the Uni- versity ' s own station, Channel 9, sells the best in informative programs. KCTS is manned by communications students — Radio-TV majors — and staffed with professional directors and technicians. Radio-TV professor Milo Ryan begins with " green " recruits at the station, but by the end of the quarter, Ryan has them planning and directing their own shows amid the compe- tently-controlled chaos of a modern television studio. Ella Hendrickson is a foreign student from Sweden who has come to Washington for a year ' s study. Facilities in Sweden were not adequate for learning new techniques. 115 kuow: uw voice on big horizon Taking advantage of the wide horizons that FM gave to radio is student station KUOW. Monthly Hstings available to its listeners (from Vancouver, B.C. to Portland) reveal a schedule that features opera, jazz, standard school broad- casts and discussion forums. A public service-oriented policy and fine facilities help KUOW communicate excellence. f I sway outside myself Into the darkening currents 117 I There are those to whom place is unimportant. But this place, where sea and fresh water meet. Is important — Where the hawks sway out into the wind Without a single wingbeat. And the eagles sail low over the fir trees. And the gulls cry against the crows In the curved harbors. And the tide rises up against the grass Nib bled by sheep and rabbits. A time for watching the tide. For the heron ' s hieratic fishing. For the sleepy cries of the towhee — The morning birds gone, the twittering finches. But still the flash of the kingfisher, the wingbeat of the scoter. The sun a ball of fire coming down over the water. The last geese crossing against the reflected afterlight. The moon retreating into a vague cloud shape To the cries of the owl. the eerie whooper. The old log subsides with the lessening waves, And there is silence. I sway outside myself Into the darkening currents. Into the small spillage of driftwood. The waters swirling past the tiny headlands. Was it here I wore a crown of birds for a moment While on a far point of the rocks The light heightened. And below, in a mist out of nowhere. The first rain gathered? The Rose Theodore Roethke (1908-1963) II As when a ship sails with a light wind — The waves less than the ripples made by rising fish. The lacelike wrinkles of the wake widening, thinning out. Sliding away from the traveller ' s eye. The prow pitching easily up and down. The whole ship rolling slightly sideways. The stern high, dipping like a child ' s boat in a pond — Our motion continues. 118 But this rose, this rose in the sea-wind. Stays, Stays in its true place. Flowering out of the dark. Widening at high noon, face upward, A single wild rose, struggling out of the white embrace of the morning glory, Out of the briary hedge, the tangle of matted underbrush. Beyond the clover, the ragged hay. Beyond the sea pine, the oak, the wind-tipped madrona. Moving with the waves, the undulating driftwo od. Where the slow creek winds down to the black sand of the shore With its thick grassy scum and crabs scuttling back into their glistening craters. And I think of roses, roses, White and red, in the wide six-hundred-foot greenhouses. And my father standing astride the cement benches. Lifting me high over the four-foot stems, the Mrs. Russells, and his own elaborate hybrids. And how those flowerheads seemed to flow toward me, to beckon me, only a child, out of myself. What need for Heaven, then. With that man, and those roses? Ill What do they tell us, sound and silence? I think of American sounds in this silence: On the banks of the Tombstone, the wind harps having their say. The thrush singing alone, that easy bird, the Killdeer whistling away from me. The mimetic chortling of the catbird Down in the corner of the garden, among the raggedy lilacs. The bobolink skirring from a broken fencepost. The bluebird, lover of holes in old wood, lilting its light song. And that thin cry, like a needle piercing the ear, the insistent cicada. And the ticking of snow around oil drums in the Dakotas, The thin whine of telephone wires in the wind of a Michigan winter. The shriek of nails as old shingles are ripped from the top of a roof. The bulldozer backing away, the hiss of the sandblaster. And the deep chorus of horns coming up from the streets in early morning. I return to the twittering of swallows above water. And that sound, that single sound. When the mind remembers all. And gently the light enters the sleeping soul, A sound so thin it could not woo a bird. Beautiful my desire, and the place of my desire. I think of the rock singing, and light making its own silence. At the edge of a ripening meadow, in the early summer. The moon lolling in the close elm, a shimmer of silver. Or that lonely time before the breaking of morning When the slow freight winds along the edge of the ravag hillside. And the wind tries the shape of a tree, While the moon lingers. And a drop of rain water hangs at the tip of a leaf Shifting in the wakening sunlight Like the eye of new-caught fish. 119 IV I live with the rocks, their weeds. Their filmy fringes of green, their harsh Edges, their holes Cut by the sea-slime, far from the crash of the long swell. The oily, tar-laden walls of the toppling waves, Where the salmon ease their way into the kelp beds. And the sea rearranges itself among the small islands. And I rejoiced in being what I was: In the lilac change, the white reptilian calm. In the bird beyond the bough, the single one. With all the air to greet him as he flies. The dolphin rising from the darkening waves; And in this rose, this rose in the sea-wind, Rooted in stone, keeping the whole of light. Gathering to itself sound and silence — Mine and the sea-wind ' s. Near this rose, in this grove of sun-parched, wind-warped madronas. Among the half-dead trees. I came upon the true ease of myself. As if another man appeared out of the depths of my being. And I stood outside myself. Beyond becoming and perishing, A something wholly other. As if I swayed out on the wildest wave, alive. And yet was still. 120 V M yvco e I creavrov bold Socratic notion Scorned Among the helpless Wandering the world: Swinging silent. Side by side Aboard the subways, eight to five Like corpses in the wind. How shall I show myself to them? Even now among them Am I suspect. Accused Of subjective heresy: Incarnate Art and man. They perceive " He doth complain too little. " They, The white sepulchres Of barstool art. They can. Or dare not Come, In common opportunity To deify prime-matter. They lack the ache To touch, With blunted fingertips. The clay and pigments Waiting, Pleading, For causality. 1 must match, With blow for biting blow, The sculptor time, A cruel master, Life ' s contingency. That bids me Gnash the sterile shapelessness Of wood and iron and stone To free. In time. The essences imprisoned In my mind. I leave behind A mound of chaff. Forsaken At the feet of one slim golden shaft: Born in me. Of metal and myself. To feed the world. — Paul Rickenbacher •s x iiiEi iL. r f «»■ The energy must get out. Some- times it ' s wild, and three of you . . . sometimes it s soft and massaging a guitar when you ' re John Williams wearing concert tails . . . or the smooth fingers of ralph kirkpatrick feeling a harpsichord . . . sometimes it s an ocean of sounds, the surging and the sweetness with Stanley chappie . . . L 133 curtain up ♦ ♦ ♦ the f antasticks . ' V :M " deep in december it ' s nice to remember although you know the snow will follow. ' C " deep in december it ' s nice to remember without a hurt the heart is hollow. deep in december it ' s nice to remember the fire of September that made us mellow. " deep in december our hearts should remember . . . and follow. " El Gallo is the seducer vile who is by her father and the boy-next-door ' s dad. For years the fathers have tried to get their children together . . . by keeping them apart. As El Gallo ' s helper revels, the plot is foiled by the boy-next- door, Matt . . . who finally gets Luisa. But both become bored and go astray . . . until they le things that made their love were not the lures of forbidden romance . . . (Matt sings) " They were you. an illusion of life: the play The moment of the play. Ob- scured are the mechanics, the rehearsals, the make-up ses- sions, the lights and stag ing. The present is the play. An illusion of life. Through the mood of a song, a dream of 136 young life, a Romeo and Juliet story in reverse, is presented in " The Fantasticks. " Each per- formance is but a moment cap- tured, a moment relived. Then the lights brighten and the moment is a memory. r the curtain falls away and unmasks the dolls-turned- human, swirling magic over the stage with modern dance . . . ■L 1 1 1 L l C .%. ' k « a H BNifP - Bj jMI 1 B ' ' - r K 1 1 H k H Kp ' - ' ' r-- i H H H ■i l Ht -;- ' . ' ft H H 1 K nv:.-. m 1 H H 1 H Hf } ' . ' ' m 1 H 1 H B ' - m 1 1 1 1 Htiv m. ■ H H 1 Kl f ' " M H B H B • ' ' 1 H M 1 K ' ' jj 1 M H K ; ' ' ' 1 H H H ' ' ' ' " 1 1 H H B H m B sH IH l l l l 139 140 or tying tongues into one in the reader ' s theatre, where many speak sound in the voice of the artist . . . and who will know to listen? ; «r -Y- -t-- . " »= ;;fff REFLECTIONS ON SPORT, ■%, five ' inonth practice ♦ ♦ ♦ twO ' hour season The stream of headlights creep- ing across the Lake Washing- ton floating bridge flickered across the choppy water and sparkled in the line of small swells swept up by the Husky varsity crew, wearily stroking back home. It was late October, and an- other practice day was over for the University crewmen. An- other day of rowing around the big lake, of countless calis- thenics and half an afternoon of wind-sprinting up and down the stairs in the multi-tiered pavilion. Five months later, the season — two hours of racing — would begin in earnest. Crew has been glamourized in countless newspaper features as the epitome of amateurism — the last outpost of sport for sport ' s sake. Crew is a chal- lenging sport, but amateur it is not. The timing of a tug on an oar . . . the precise placement of the blade at the correct angle into the water . . . the right time to raise the beat-per-minute . . . While offering no scholarships, and little after-graduation com- petition, crew is as " profes- sional " — as exacting as any varsity sport. Another afternoon . . . more practice for Husky crewmen. Husky rowing grounds stretch from Lake Washing- ton through the ship canal to Lake Union. Coach Fil Leanderson surveys a practice sprint. 142 The three Husky crews — var- sity, junior varsity and fresh- man — stroked through the " regular " 1963 season without a loss. Marring the varsity ' s record was a frustrating three- mile tie race with California. Lake Union waves slap against Husky shells as the crewmen strain for that extra pound of pull on the oar. University crews dipped their blades in defeat in their last races of the season, however, as all three Husky boatloads were outrowed at the Intercollegiate Rowing Association regatta on Lake Onandoga, New York, June 15, 1963. Tabbed as co-favorites in the regatta, both the frosh and the junior varsity boats rowed sec- ond behind shells of straining midshipmen from Navy. In the last race of the regatta and the season, the Husky var- sity placed a disappointing seventh, far back in the swells behind first place Cornell. John Bisset, UW frosh crew coach, moved south during the summer, taking the head coach position at UCLA. His replace- ment, Dick Erickson, is a for- mer Washington crewman. 143 crew IS not a spectator sport 144 huskies lose their spring Jake Kupp was a leading Husky pitcher. A losing season and a contro- versy over the methods and objectives of coach Carmen Mauro marked the 1963 base- ball season. Playing during a spring that was wet even for Seattle, the Huskies slogged through to 7 wins and 17 defeats. Coaching during a spring that was hot even for baseball coaches, Mauro saw his record under fire from students and the Daily. Criticism leveled at Mauro revolved around his successive losing seasons and a reported lack of rapport be- tween him and his players. In May, he announced his re- tirement from the Husky base- ball position and took a teach- ing-coaching post at Merced College in California. Former big league and north- west star Kenny Lehman was named to the Husky head job. Kmih uainc lianl toi the 190J Huskier baseball: wet for players, hot for coaches Gesturing coach Carmen Mauro outlines his strategy. Two Husky players spring past a frustrated, outsted baserunner. The UW nine led off the season with a 15-2 win over Yakima Junior College, but were picked off frequently as the season wore on, with particularly heavy losses in Northern Divi- sion play, where they posted a 3-11 record. Les Uyehara, Junior shortstop, led the team with a .388 batting average. Outfielder Girard Stone tied Uyehara in home runs with three. Winning pitchers were Dean Gray, Jake Kupp and Jim Mueller. ;.- 5jfe : ' % g5 i - ' 147 husky golf swings into prominence Washington teed off into West Coast collegiate golf promi- nence in 1963 as the team com- piled an 11-win, 3-loss record during the regular season. More hardware was seen dur- ing the Big Six tournament at Stanford, as the University putted past USC in a tense 1189-1197 meet victory to win the AAWU team trophy. The top five Husky golfers also represented the University in the National Collegiate Cham- pionships at Brookline, Mass. Competing, but failing to place, were Bruce Richards, Bill Tin- dall, Chuck Ainslie, Bob Litton and Jack Craig. Bob Carlson and Richard An- derson led the freshman links team to a successful season. Bill Tindall ' s determined play has made him one of the great golfers in the Northwest. 148 Consistent putting by Bob Litton sparked the 1963 golf team. 149 southern cal trip, tournament mark tennis season Brian Bloomberg was a returning singles man for the Husky tennis team. Dave Leaver joined former Roosevelt High School partner Jim Aikins to form the leading University doubles team. 150 Laury Hunt finished his three-year varsity career in the UW tennis team ' s number one singles slot. Washington ' s 1963 tennis sea- son, which saw the Husky team make a complete swing through Southern CaHfornia — the land of Davis Cuppers — ended in a four-win, four-loss record. Huskies played host late in the season to netmen from up and down the coast in the Big Six tournament. Showing their sun- kissed tennis finesse, the Cali- fornia teams took the first four places in the events. Washing- ton finished fifth in the tourna- ment, scoring one point, which was one more than Washing- ton State. Laury Hunt held the number one position for the Huskies, backed up by the doubles team of Dave Leaver and Jim Aikins. Other lettermen filling out the squad were Mike Green, Dean Parsons, Brian Bloomberg and Mike Hynes. 151 track, 1963-year of records and tragedy Washington track, 1963 — the year of world ' s records . . . and of tragedy. Husky trackmen, accustomed in previous years to perform- ing before audiences composed of the other team, a few offi- cials and their girl friends, suddenly became the town ' s success boys in late spring. Two varsity men, pole-vaulter Brian Sternberg and broad- jumper Phil Shinnick, startled the record books and the fans who weren ' t real sure that Washington had a track team by scoring world ' s records. Shinnick broad jumped into fame on May 25, 1963 when he set an unofficial world ' s record in that event at the California Relays in Berkeley. Husky track coach Stan Hiserman just missed having two of his boys set official marks on the same day, however. Official scanning of the meas- uring devices discovered a con- troversial — and to Shinnick, a frustrating — error. A wind- detection meter had been left unattended during Shinnick ' s leap, and his mark of 27 ' 4 " was declared invalid. ' ,. _ m H n Z , _ = 152 m ■ H H mm ■ H . ■HI H mi m " " ■■■i ■1 ™ n J " " " % Phil Shiiinick, Washinj;ton broad-jumper, twists through the air in another long leap. Jerry Plowman, left, tied the Washington 100-yard sprint record of 9.5 seconds. Phil Killien is the other Husky sprinter. John Cramer races toward the bar wielding his vaulting specialty, the metal pole. 154 Sternberg sets world s records Overshadowing the varsity sea- son record of only one meet win, Sternberg parlayed a resil- ient plastic shaft and perfect timing into a quick series of successive world ' s records in the vaulting event. The lithe sophomore catapulted into sports headlines across the country as he set a pole vault record in March, only to have his mark immediately broken. In April, Brian again strained to a world record with a 16 ' 5 " vault, which lasted exactly five days. To show that the proliferation of vault records springing up with the fiber- glass pole didn ' t phase him, Sternberg again soared to a world ' s record on May 25, 1963 as he vaulted 16 ' 7 " . This mark was since broken, but it has — and will — remain Brian ' s top vault. Early in June, while toning up on a trampoline in the pavilion, Sternberg mis- judged a gyrating descent and hit his neck on a metal support framing the gymnastic device. He has been paralyzed from the neck down, and only very slowly has he regained the most basic muscle actions- Picture sequence shows the form Sternberg was famous for. Waribeko West set a Washington triple-jump record. Stew Hazlet grimaces as he flings the shot under an official ' s scrutiny. 155 Tom Gilpin, left, and Larry Turbull pass the baton in a relay race with Washington State. Steve Oldfield strains toward the tape to win the last leg of the mile relay against California. Needless to say the Huskies won the race. Hl IjISLj M M t .1 i , : 9jhH rugby: a street fight with rules On campus for only its second season, Rugby became Wash- ington ' s fastest growing sport. The Rugby Club played in the Pacific Northwest Rugby Con- Oregon State, Western and a number of strong Canadian teams. The rules of Rugby, understood by few of the spec- tators who lined Denny Field, rough by Jim Owens that he would not allow his footballers to play. The " ruggers, " after a successful season, hope for official recognition from the ference, composed of Oregon, created a sport considered so Athletic Department. n c - ' : ' -- • .f!-. t-r ' ••. •c-..- . ' ■- • «• V y no wins, three losses and a full stadium The 1963 football season was an implausible mixture of early defeats and late-season suc- cess; of sell-out crowds and an almost-losing season; of unex- pected starring roles and a long string of injuries. i H •Hi.lKV Pittsburgh, fourth ranked nationally, defeated Washington 13-7 before a large Panther home crowd. The young team, considered " a the Huskies crushed Oregon year away " at the start of the State 34-7, beat the Oregon season, found itself in the Rose Ducks 26-19 in Portland, and Bowl on New Year ' s Day with then fini shed strong for a 4-1 a 6-4 record. After losing the Big Six record, including a de- first three games of the season. cisive 22-7 defeat of USC. 161 ttn mi ■ ' - k y m victory: a growing husky tradition A continuing bright spot during the Huskies ' 1963 season was the long, high punting of Rick Redman. The junior guard ' s spiraling kicks seemed, game after game, to hang in the air as UW defenders sprinted downfield to trap an opposing ball-carrier. use was smothered under the approving gaze of 55.000 fans in the Husky stadium. 162 The explosive 14-0 loss to UCLA in the next-to-the-last gam e — voted the season ' s sec- ond biggest upset in a national wire service poll — clouded the Rose Bowl picture. The USC win, however, boosted the Hus- kies into Pasadena, to the well- publicized anger of Southern California sportswriters. • jjBL HBk 2l ' i¥ j I Sn? ' Wyi r . ■ While the first half is re-played in the dressing rooms, the Husky Band steps out across the cleat-marked grass to give entertaining respite from the game ' s tensions. 163 Carol Peterson ' s baton twirling provided half- time entertainment. Junior Coffey was half of the best fullback combina- tion in the country. An injured foot hampered his effectiveness, but Wash- ington football supporters know that Junior is only a junior. " First-downin " Charlie Browning took up the fullback load when Coffey was injured and became the Huskies ' top rusher. A record about Charlie and his teammates became a pre-Rose Bowl best seller. The Huskies held off powerful Illinois, ranked third nationally, throughout the first half in the big bowl, but the midwest team bulldozed through for a 17-7 win. Quarterback Bill Douglas ' first-quarter Rose Bowl injury ended the game for the junior star and added a frustrating footnote to a season marked by a succession of destructive in- juries. Senior quarterback Bill Siler became sick after the opener against Air Force, and hepatitis kept him out of uni- form until he replaced Douglas in the Rose Bowl. Fullback Junior Coffey, pre- season All-American nominee, injured his foot in fall practice and did not see action for the first four games; a reinjury hin- dered his effectiveness in the Rose Bowl. Guard Rick Sortun, another All-American hopeful, missed six games because of a leg injury. The sell-out crowds throughout the season provoked new dis- cussion of adding a second big deck to the Husky stadium. Through thunderstorms, mon- ster traffic jams and frustrating defeats, not a single seat re- mained unsold for the Huskies ' Seattle games. The brightest individual spot throughout the season was the emergence of Wapato ' s Bill Douglas as the West Coast ' s outstanding quarterback. Doug- las recorded the best total offense mark at Washington since Don Heinrich ' s era. Little Steve Bramwell, 5 ' 8 " and 150 pounds, was a season-long punt and kickoff return threat. Bramwell chalked up a 32 yard kickoff return average, and elec- trified the opening day crowd in Colorado Springs as he re- turned a kickoff 90 yards for Washington ' s only touchdown against Air Force. 165 M mJ ob Schloredt. an All-V American for the Huskies four years ago, returned to the UW last year as an assistant co%ch. M Coaches Ed Peasley (left) and Dick Heatly push the Husky freshmen through another long afternoon of work. The frosh play few games each fall and win even fewer. The philosophy be- hind UW frosh football is not the winning of games, however, but the learning of fundamentals. A man at work: his fresh-air office is circumscribed by white chalk, his personnel relations are marked by whistle-blowing informality and his work is closely studied by 55,000 emotional people. Two things: he wears a suit and he wins. college coaching requires dedication 52 weeks a year Victory and defeat: the Stanford Indians, coached by John Ralston, met a rebounding Husky team and lost 19-11. Even though vic- torious, coach Jim Owens looked worried — Oregon and USC were upcoming opponents. 167 rosy results for a determined team Sophomore Ron Medved, with two more years to boom through opposing lines from his half- back spot, battled steady full- back Charlie Browning for individual rushing honors, with Browning gaining the season nod, 421 yards to 417. Junior guard Rick Redman, named to the Look All-Ameri- can team, keyed the Husky line which proved itself one of the best in the nation. The 1964 outlook? — Washing- ton, which included only 15 seniors on the 1963 squad, looks like the Big Six team to beat. 168 The Huskies ' pre-game calis- thenics (above) have long been a source of head-knocking amusement to opposing fans, but they produce results. !? Sgl? g? Happiness is a blocked punt: The Huskies struck early in the crucial USC game (right) with a sudden touchdown via a punt blocked in the Trojan end zone. Color us rosy. Oregon ' s star back Mel Renfro is toppled by the UW ' s Rick Redman. The disastrous play of the 1964 Rose Bowl game. Husky quarterback Bill Douglas sprinted through a large hole in the Illinois line. Seconds later, a hard tackle wrenched his ankle, ending the game for him in the first quarter. M m f} % , J Washington fans became ac- customed to seeing " little " Steve Bramwell break loose for long gains. Watching Washington play football is Seattle ' s biggest fall social event. Bv g9 lb ' 9H| 1 r.W F Wmi Wi Some fans are more ex- citabl e than others. 171 HuskyquarterbackBill Siler scrambles toward an opening behind guard Rick Sortun (68) in the Rose Bowl. Look- ingonmenacingly is Illinois ' All-American guard Dick Butkus (50). Student spirit has been a perennial disappointment to those who believe that cheers must supplement strategy in the winning of games. Husky cheerleaders, however, were a source of enthusiasm, aided by mas- cot King Chinook and the Mush Puppy. 172 ir ii ' .: -:: . " Kj. 4f V .V- ' A- ■v -,w ' :Sj - ---viVf r -«S . f •v the home court is ten points, at the U even more irV 7. " » W " » . .♦ s: . The 1963-64 season started off i n high gear with a win in Seattle over nationally-ranked Texas Western. New coach Mac Duckworth, taking over after the controversial firing of John Grayson, then ran into a succession of season-long prob- lems: lack of player depth, the too-frequent foul whistle and the newness of his court strat- egy and patterns. But the high- est hurdle Duckworth faced in his inaugural season was the other West Coast teams. These national poll favorites included UCLA, top-ranked throughout the season and undefeated, and powerhouse Oregon State. a new coach, a new system Timeouts were used by Coach Duckworth to settle down the young, aggressive Huskies (above left). Charlie Hart (left) used his bulk to good advantage and be- came the team leader. Everetts Henry Mathews (below) was best known for his defense and " long bombs. " the youth is good; so is the future % ' - , Six-foot-five Lynn Nance became the Huskies ' second best scorer, and his twenty points sparked an almost-win over UCLA. After the first surprising and satisfying win over the Texas team, Oregon State and seven- foot Mel Counts rolled over Husky enthusiasm in the sec- ond game, 91-60. From then on it was tough going for the Huskies, who won three of their first nine games in pre- Big Six conference play. Washington split its confer- ence openers with California, lost two straight to Stanford and went on to end the Big Six season with a 5-10 record. Washington beat Washington State twice and scored single wins over Southern California and Stanford in Seattle. The Husky roster throughout the season was studded with sophomores. Backing up vet- erans Clint Peeples. Steve Wil- son, Dick Lee and Charlie Hart were second-year men Bruce Brickner, Henry Mathews and Jim Hermann, and transfer Lynn Nance. Six-foot-seven Brickner and Mathews, a leap- ing forward-guard from Ever- ett, started most of the season. 178 The song leaders tried, but there wasn ' t much spirit at the games (left). Steve Olsen, another Ballard sophomore, was a part-time starter at the guard spot. The ability of Duck worth ' s sophomore was one of the most satisfying features of the sea- son (b slow). - A 1 1 a 1 J ■[-) ' UjfW J. %jy Hv H d 3 fs r M K 3RI S m _€ L 179 sometimes very good often very bad Six-foot-nine center Peeples led the team in field goals, re- bounds and total points, with a 12-point-a-game average, also high for the team. The Huskies out-rebounded their opponents all year, but ranked fifth in the nation for most fouls per game. The University ' s freshman team was considered one of the best in years. Duckworth ' s new assistants, Ron Patnoe and Don Zech, were pleased with their recruiting efforts in 1963 — a bumper year for prep players in Washington State. Except for a crowd of 9,000 at Edmundson Pavilion when top- ranked UCLA came to town, the turnouts were generally sparse. Duckworth, however, looked at season ' s end toward his several star sophomores and the tall freshmen and predicted much better things to come. Ballard ' s Jim Hermann, though only a sophomore, won a starting guard spot away from his elders and chipped in three points a game (far left). The most enthusiastic people in the Pav were the eight guys on the bench (left). 1963-64 was a year of outstanding centers on the West Coast. Clint Peeples (above) held his own with Tom Dose, Ted Werner, Fred Slaughter and Oregon State ' s great Mel Counts. Dick Lee, Washington ' s fireman, repeatedly came off the bench to get a needed two or four points (right). it was an undefeated season-almost The only skier lost to graduation this year was senior Per Wegge (left). Wegge won an impressive fourth place at the NCAA competition at Dartmouth. Hal Amick (right), brother of former University skier Russ Amick, upheld the family name with success in the slalom. 182 " We should have been unde- feated this year. " — The words of Karl Stengl, who figures this to be one of his best seasons after twelve years as Husky head ski coach. A talented team of Washington skiers domi- nated the 1964 Northwest com- petition with only one meet loss at Missoula, Montana where they took second place. The Huskies gained complete con- trol of the Northwest Intercol- legiate Ski Championships at Crystal Mountain and also fin- ished first in the Northwest NCAA Regionals. Led by Sen- ior veteran Per Wegge and Juniors Hal Amick, Jon Allsop and Per Valbo, an impressive though lower than hoped for sixth place was taken in the NCAA Championships at Dart- mouth College on March 7. Sophomores Henry Helliesen, Jan Garretson and Dalton Thomas also shared the honors. Wegge will be the only man not returning next year. Trans- fer student Karl Blom and ace freshman skier Jay Jalbert will both be pressing for top spots on the team. Jalbert won the coveted Silver Skis Trophy in March. Jon Allsop (left), an Olympics aspirant, placed high in Husky slalom competi- tion. Henry Helliesen (right) did well in the slalom throughout the 1964 season. As a sophomore he has two more years of eligibility. 183 a successful season: The Husky swimmers swept over all local competition to take first place in the farwest meet. The only loss of the season came at the hands of Utah. Two seniors, Ed Cazalet and Ron Bohlman, and junior Bryan Brown led the Washing- ton mermen to third place in the Big Six meet and gave Coach John Tillman his second winning season in two years. Brown holds the UW record in the 100 yard freestyle while All-American Cazalet owns the 200 yard record. Bohlman had the best times in the 100 and 200 yard butterfly. Paull Mines (right), Larry Hecht (below left), Ed Cazalet and Ron Bohlman. 184 3 one drowned 185 a season of early injuries, late strength Standout Husky wrestler Ron Johnson, undefeated in four years of college dual competition, looks confident as he keeps an opponent tight to the mat. Ron finished first in the Big Six (below). Paul Jackson, competing in the 167 lb. class, strains to keep an opponent down. Jackson finished the 1963-64 season with a 9-2 win-loss record, placing third in Big Six competition (right). A graduate student in fisheries at the University led the Husky wrestling team — in its second year as a major sport — to sec- ond place in Big Six competi- tion in the 1963-64 season. Coach John Munn, himself an NCAA star and soon to receive his doctorate in fisheries, saw his men grapple to a 3-7 season, including a loss at the Big Six meet by one point. The teams ' last — and most frustrating — loss, to UCLA by a 64-63 in the AAWU meet was character- ized by the prime problem facing Husky wrestlers all season — a succession of injuries to key men. Standout Ron Johnson has yet to be defeated in four years of college wrestling. He was available for only a few meets this year, however, being forced out frequently by injuries. John- son, who was named outstand- ing Husky wrestler, partici- pated in three meets — the only three won by the University squad. Other steadies were Dick Wooding, winning five of seven events, and Paul Jackson winning nine of eleven. Coach Eric Hughes ' gymnastics squad continued their domina- tion in Big Six competition through the 1963-64 winter. They capped the season by win- ning the AAWU meet in Los Angeles in March. Leading the gyrating Huskies were Nor- way ' s Kjell Hansen, Seattle ' s Jim David and Bob Hall. Han- sen, competing in the all-around events went through eight straight meets without a loss. Hansen is a senior. David, a jun- ior from Blanchet high school, competed in free floor exercises, tumbling and trampoline compe- tition, as he helped the UW gymnasts flip past Northwest opponents in six dual meets without a loss. Along with Hall, also a junior, at the head of next year ' s team will be sophomore standouts Mike Flansaas and Mike Lovell. ' . ' T1KTia ' ' .- ' ' Si ' . iliwiwiifp r Kjell Hansen, standout gymnast from Norway, strains for points based on form (above left). Jim David (left) competes in his specialty, free floor exercises, in the Pavilion. He is con- sidered the best on the coast in this event. Bob Hall (above) from Park Forest, Illinois, typifies the physical development required of gymnasts. Strength, grace, coordination: the needs of a gymnast 189 spikers spark successful season With a total of 19 wins, 6 losses and 1 tie, Coach Norm Kunde described the results of the season as " altogether unex- pected. " Only two veterans returned to lead the team to vic- tory. The Huskies took second place in the Northwest Inter- collegiate competition against strong Canadian universities. Captain of the squad was Ken Scigulinsky. one of the two seniors. Ken Nishikawa added skilled experience to the young team. He was named winner of the 1963 Northwest Intercol- legiate Championships Most Valuable Player Award. n Captain Ken Scigulinsky (far left above). Ken Scigulinsky (42), Dick Mcintosh, Norm Denton and Ken Nishikawa (far left below). Dick Mcintosh (foreground). Ken Ryan, Ken Scigulinsky and Ken Nishikawa (below). Tommy Chun (left). Ken Nishikawa and Ken Scigulinsky (42) (below). " ; " :Tt ; g1 ? " t . I Jr " ♦•■ --. the greek ' independent battleground :iir where the real amateurs play Not everyone can become a great athlete, but there is still a joy to be gained from partici- pation in sports. The most sat- isfying competition does not necessarily come from the highest level of athletics. The intramural office provides any male a choice of twenty-one sports in which he can enter competitively. Three thousand men respond each year. Some participate just to have some- thing to do, some to keep them- selves fit. others to seek the thrill of victory. In intramural sports ability counts, but so does desire. Some of the players have none of the for- mer, but a great deal of desire, and they win. The popularity of intramural sports has created a need for a new gym. It will be built soon to alleviate over- crowding in the Pavilion. i desire comes first in intramural sports .. -. rv;.. ■ r ' j . _ . ril!M MWSSSSBm • ♦ i f • fci -j- M splashing wind and sky-blue water means weekends of campus sailors Kl Sailing is a wind-whipped ad- venture that blends the North- west ' s prime natural resource — water — with the traditional student desire to " get away from it all. " The pace is fast as the breeze. Sailing, however, is not an offi- cial sport in the Husky athletic directory. But the student who can scratch up a craft already has his own watery ride. He usually signs with the Husky Yacht Club and counts as one in a band of small-boat skippers who look on their land-locked colleagues through spray- drenched eyes. Whether leaning awry on a gusty turn or lazily drifting through the lake bathed in twi- light, the Husky sailors are a breed apart. Water-in-wind means more than much of today. That includes outboard motors and cans of gasoline. m ' a woman is a good sport The common image of a woman who participates in sports comes close to that of a college fullback. This is not the real case, however. For some girls sports are a way of making friends in a large university; for others it is the thrill of a sport for its own sake. Ath- letics can provide a girl with grace and poise; they can stim- ulate maturity through chal- lenge. The girl who enters athletics is no different from the average coed. Rather, she is the average coed. • university women participate m diverse sports : ' « , 0 i ' M ' U m i - i fi common interest 204 1 ' , ... ..„ - i gy% R; Ls i ra l r J mKK - BHp 1 kT i % B . H 205 people on top ' face challenge of expanding uw A large wave of students con- verged upon the University last fall — 1200 more than pre- dicted, all with hopes that their years at the University would be the ones that transform a child into a mature, thinking adult. The pressing task of ful- filling these hopes lies with the group of individuals vaguely termed " The Administration. " Trying to keep up with two wild horses — an exploding enrollment and the swelling sources of knowledge — these " People on Top " work to make sure that an expanding univer- sity means continued high qual- ity education for the individual. 207 The Executors: these are the men who reign but do not rule. They only carry out the rules: in a Democracy the voters make the rules. Albert D. Rosellini has been charged by the people of Washington with the job of seeing that state resources are used the way the people mean them to be used. And Charles E. Odegaard has got from the Governor and the Board of Regents the job of seeing that the University runs in accord with the policies the people ' s representatives wish it to have. The Legislators: the regents sit together but think apart. For making the laws that set the University on a straight course over the sea of knowledge, you need opinions, you need argu- ment, you need your senate or you won ' t get Democracy. the executors legislate for 208 The members of the Board of Regents are President Robert J. Willis, Vice President Herbert S. Little, Harold S. Shefelman (top row), John L. King, Mrs. A. Scott Bullitt. E. A. Adding- ton, M.D. (bottom row), and Joseph Drumheller (right). Albert D. Rosellini . . . Governor, State of Washington. an expanding university ROTC units pass before President Odegaard and Governor Rosellini review on Governor ' s Day. 209 student welfare is deans job Housing for an expanding en- rollment is a problem the Dean of Students office shares with the Office of Student Resi- dences and the Business Mana- ger of the University. Before the finishing touches were put on Haggett Hall, the architects had completed mod- els for additional dorm space. Expanding enrollment also means more bids for scholar- ships and student loans. Avail- able funds increase each year, but not in proportion to de- mand. The Dean ' s office passes on recipients of financial aid. Its job becomes more selective with each enrollment boom. Donald Anderson . . . Dean of Students Dorothy Strawn . . . Dean of Women Reginald Root . . . Dean of Men adams and young place students Harold Adams was the first to know about the unexpected in- crease in the number of new students. As Director of Ad- missions he thinks in two worlds. Adams is concerned with University students and with students coming from other schools. It is the admis- sions criteria that determines each student ' s eligibility for acceptance. Once a student has been ac- cepted, responsibility shifts to Carl Young. He is the registrar. His task is to put thousands of students into the right classes at the right time. Moreover, he and his staff must find space to file thousands of additional records each year. Carl Young . . . Registrar Harold Adams . . . Director of Admissions Frederick Thieme . . . Vice President Glenn Leggett . . . Provost thieme assumes new position The Board of Regents created two new offices last summer to meet increasing administrative loads. One of these is the post of vice president, held by Dr. Frederick Thieme. He serves directly under Dr. Charles Odegaard and is the second in command in the University administration. Provost Glenn Leggett and Vice Provost Marion Marts deal primarily with academic administration of a growing student body. Their main con- cern involves faculty personnel policies and the financing and development of academic facil- ities and programs. Their work is determined by the need to keep quality abreast with quan- tity in a developing University. Marion Marts Vice Provost Marion Milczewski, Library Director, deals with three diffi- cult problems — the ceaseless growth of printed knowledge, the increasing inflow of new students and the greater use of the library per student. With the library addition com- pleted, the immediate task is to use the enlarged Henry Suz- zallo Library to the best ad- vantage. This includes use for teaching, research and plan- ning for the rapidly developing book collection. Marion Milczewski . . . Director of Libraries Robert G. Waldo . . . University Relations and Development Dr. Robert Waldo, former Di- rector of Planning and Devel- opment, has assumed the newly created office of University Re- lations and Development. He is responsible for direction of information services and spe- cial publication activities of the University and assists in the financial programming for gifts, trusts and bequests. He also maintains statewide con- tact with parents, alumni and similar groups associated with the University. The demands of a complex institution have made the origin of such an office imperative. 213 conrad fuses business offices Ernest Conrad . . . Vice President for Business and Finance Ernest Conrad, former business manager, took a new post as Vice President for Business and Finance last summer. Conrad ' s title represents a con- solidation of functions in the areas of business, budgeting and finance. He must be sure that all are in successful finan- cial operation. The staff di- rectly under him includes busi- ness manager, budget officer and comptroller. Keeping the lag between in- creased needs and available funds within reason is the chal- lenge of Harold Jacobsen. To him the increase in enrollment means a " thicker book and larger numbers that go down to the legislature. " Once the budget goes into effect. Comptroller John Look takes control. He makes sure that the money, approximately $28,000,000 in this year ' s case, is channeled in the proper directions. A third important man in the financial organization is H. S. Thomson, the University ' s busi- ness manager. Concerned with running the student residences, the HUB and operation of the physical plant in general. Thomson keeps in close con- tact with Jacobsen and Look to insure that adequate facilities meet growing numbers. 214 John Look . . . Comptroller Harold Jacobsen, Jr. . . . Budget Officer 215 Supratik Bose Architecture Bob I. Byell Urban Planning Shirley C. Cartozian Architecture Thomas G. Casey Architecture Richard E. Clemmons Architecture seniors in architecture finish blueprint for their education David E. Falter Architecture Stewart Hazlet Building Tech. AcJn William M. Herlin Architecture Clifford C. Jackson Architecture John W. Marshall Architecture Don C. Miles Architecture Lynn M. Nolhdurft Architecture H. Jon Runslad Building Techn Gordon L. Stubbe Architecture Phil W. Usher Architecture Gary Vokhok Architecture Larry Warner Building Tech. Adn ilogy 217 Richard Adams History Bernice Albert English Miriam Albert Journalism Larry Alexander Journalism Marie Allard Sociology Karen Lee Allen French Robert D. Allen Medical Sciences Nancy Alley Speech and Hearing James H. Anderson Botany Linda J. A. Anderson Home Economics Michael P. Andrews Mathematics Larry Angelel Physical Education Meredithe Applebury Chemistry Gerald Y. Arai Industrial Design Joanne M. Arai Interior Design Thomas S. Argyle Anthropology Paul R. Ashman Political Science Karen W. H. Au Sociology Dennis A. Augustine Advertising Journalisn Donald R. Axtell English Literature James E. Backus General Studies Bob L. Baila Political Science John B. Baiter English Literature Judi L. Ballinger History Duane D. Bangs Psychology Warren M. Banks Political Science Bruce Barger Music Mary E. Barnes Home Economics Dave W. Barnette M.ithemalics Susan Barney Piano James L. Barton Norwegian David C. Bauett Sociology Dick Bates Economics Gary C Bates Phyii.s Mike J. Bathum CommcTcial Arts Harriet Beal Pohticl Science Both A. Beattie So ciology Robert E. Becker Physical Education seniors in the 218 college of arts and sciences John J. Beeler Political Science Roz Benaroya History Sheldon W. Bennett Physics Vicki L. Benson History Marilyn G. Berg Ceramic Art Alan D. Berry English Jo Anne Berry History Diana L. Blackhall Interior Design Brian L. Bloomberg Political Science Bill D. Bloomquist Zoology Marie L. Bodmer Home Economics Jack A. Borland Political Science 219 Jay J. Boudeau Zoology Le Roy C. Boyce Political Science Neil L. Boyd Political Science Anne Bradley English Raylene B. Braga Anthropology Robert C. Branch Mathematics Nyle C. Cahoon History Stephen Camden Political Sc Judy A. Campana Sprerh Therapy Peter B. Campbell Zoology Sandra F. Campbell Politicfll Science Charles Carlton Economic 220 Linda L. Carlson English Judith I. Carmich Sociology James R. Carr Geology Penny Cash English Keirh R. Casper Mathematics Gail B. Cella Far East - Lynne D. Chapman Sociology Karen J. Charles General Studies Sharon J. Charles Sociology Celeste M. Y. Chin English Jonathan Chinn Zoology Linda A. Clark Interior Design Sidney H. Clarke Chemistry Steve S. Clarke Economics Dorothy E. Clay Sociology John G. Clegg Zoology Barton H. Clennon Mathematics James F. Clifton Chemistry Dianna I. Close Dietetics Lana L. Coe Sociology Phyllis F. Collier Sociology Virginia L. Comfort History Bryan C. Conley Economics William F. Constan History Carolyn F. Cook Home Economics Darlene Cook Political Science Leila D. Cook Violin Alan B. Corner History Cathy C. Cornwall Psychology George E. Coson Psychology Sharon L. Craig Political Scienc Ted S. Cress Mathematics Helen D. Crump History William M. Cumn Political Scienc Robin H. Cunninc Zoology Toby Curd Far East 221 Sutan J. Cutter General Studies Stan B Dibnay Radio-Television Merrily U. D«m Art Barbara J. Davenport History Ellwood W Davidson PreDentistry William E. Davie Philosophy arts and sciences: the north and south worlds of Stephanie A. Dawson East Edward A. Day Radio-Television Toni D. De Biose Speech Kenneth A. DefFenbach Psychology Heidi G. Deller Art Education Al De Zoology Ronald W. Dieti Political Scien Carol DitI Speech Lou S. Dodd Political Science A Douglas Journalism Sally L. Downing Political Sc Joe M. Dunford Political Science H am ' ' - ' -v De Welle F Ellswor English Janis A. Enbody Dr.iMi.i Dick G. Enders Political Science David T. English Zoology John C. Epier Political Science- Kristin M. Ericksen Sociology Gloria J Dunn Political Science William M Easton Physical Education Donna J. Edwardt Political Science Larry J Egbert Chemistry Russell G. Either Physics Carol A. Elli Zoology 222 " why " and " how " Kathy M. Everett Political Science Margaret E. Evers English Frank J. Falk, Jr. Political Science Susan C. Falkenhagen Speech Education Jerry P. Ferrier Political Science Mike J. Feyes Sociology Harry B. Field Journalism Kristi A. Fielding History Joyce T. Fields English Marjeane J. Finger Zoology Richard E. Finger Chemistry William J. Fitch Political Science Darleen A. Fitzpatriek Anthropology Susan C. Fr( History Charlotte J. Freimuth Physical Education Bonnie K. Funk Sociology Len L. Funk History Mona M. Furro Journalism Marilyn L. Gandy Geography Bruce D. Gardii Political Science Neva A. Gardner Mathematics Charles A. Garrett Economics Francis J. Gavin Anthropology Gary L. Ge Psychology Dean W. Gibbc Chemistry 223 Gretchen A. Giese English Litei Jean M. Gigli Political Science Gail K. Gilbert Home Ec Theodore G. Sociology Dale L. Glea M usic Education Gordon F. Granston pf Construction Management Stephen P. Grant Anthropology Kenneth A. Gray Drama Dick Greener Pre-Medicine Harrison C. Griffin English Crain C. Groshart Journalism Loren R. Hagen Philosophy Mardi A. Hagen Drama Douglas G. Hall Pre-Law James R. Hall Zoology Linda J. Hall History Bill Hamilton Mathematics Evelyn Hamilton Psychology Cecile R. Hamm English Francis E. Hamon Pre-Medicine Michael P. Haner Industrial Desigr Jonaca K. Hannah Economics Edward D. Hansen Economics Political Science Hardii Mathematics Mary L. Harris English Peter M. Harris Pre-Law Tom J. Hartman Chemistry Dan B. Hauff Political Scier Judy M. Hayford Che stry Perry I. Hedahl Radio-Television Ben J. Heeb Mathematics Martin D. Heiz Physics Dale J. Helland Psychology Jann E. Hemenway Anthropology 225 Stephen J. Menders Pre-DentisTry Ada A. Henriksen Zoology Elizabeth F. Henry Art David M. Hertrich History Marcia E. Hilden Music Education Stanley I. Hill Radio-Television Marilyn Hills Far East Susan J. Hiltner Journalism Barbara A. Hiscock History Janice R. Hobbs Graphic Design Smith F. Hogsett Zoology Stephen T. Hollowa English Dick H. Holmquist Economics, Pre-Lav Dennis Holt Economics Robert E. Holt Radio-Television Marilee A. Hopkins Far East Bob D. Hoppa Prelaw JoAnn K. Horn English Pamela J. Holes Advertising Gary W. House Political Science Mike R. Housh Advertising C. Barry Howard Political Science James R. Hubbard Economics Janice E. Hudson Home Economics Raymond L. Hudson Philosophy lynn C. Hulse Political Science Don W. Humphrey Art Linda Hunnicutt Zoology Mary Ruth Hutchinso English Literature Tom S. Hyde Psychology Kip Ingham Economics John J. Ingmen Economics Carol M Inhelder Zoology Bob Israel Advertising Kalhy E. Jackson Economics Paul Jackson Physical Education Robert A. Jackson Philosophy Virginia A. Jackson Journ,il,sni Al L Jacobton Sociology Karen E. Jacobson Art Education Richard D. James Pre Social Work Jim P. Jaquet Political Science 226 Mark D. Jarrelt History Laurie A. Jarvis History Loretta E. Jennings Drama Ernest Z. Jensen Geology Lynn S. Jerome Personnel Managen Jerry P. Johnsen Mathematics William A. Kinzig Mathematics Donald P. Kirkpatrick History Linda Lou Kiser Political Science Hiroko M. Kishigami Interior Design Walter M. Ki: Political Science Stephen A. Kissin Geology 227 Terrell D. KjeruK Zoology Betty J. Kloker Political Science Brenda L. Knapp Sociology Diane L. Knapp Zoology Robert H. Knight Geography Cliff G. Knudson Zoology Ronald S. Lim Malhfmalic Mary D. Little English 228 Ridge J. lundwall Advertising Roy L. Lyie Political Science Linda J. Lyon Political Science Rolf P. Lystad Radio-Television Mike C. McBeth Spanish Richard G. McBroc Economics Sam P. Lockwood Psychology Linda C. Lodmell Social Welfare James Long Political Science Jon long Political Science Priscilla L. Long Sociology Lea Anna M. Longley Music Education Sharon G. Longmire Advertising Donald P. lorentz Political Science James J. Lorentz History Henry D. Luce Sociology Donna A. lundell Psychology Helen B. Lundin General Studies seniors in a s pursue course of liberal studies Jay W. McCain Chemistry Fred J. McCarthy Physics Kathryn Ann McCartney Speech DiAnne McCarty Education Charles H. McClintick Medical Sciences Katy McCluskey History Marlis K. McCully French Robert L. McCutchan English Gary W. McDonald Advertising John E. McDonald Economics Rexine McEachern Home Economics Charles R. McElroy Zoology John D. McGiil Economics Larry M. McGowan Mathematics John W. McKay Sociology Judie A. McKay Sociology Robert G. McKinstry Physics Errol D. McLenaghan Anthropology 229 Richard J. Malloy Radio-Televijioi Carolyn M. Malm Geoyrtiphy Marsh Microbiology George S. Martin Polilicil Science Lynn F. Martin Economics Ralp h W. Martin Political Science 230 Sally F. Martin Advertising Theodore J. Martin Geography Jan M. Mason Interior Design Jane A. Mason Geography Judy M. Malhis Sociology Donald E. Mattson Political Science George T. Mattson Prelaw Barbara A. Maxeiner Sociology John R. Maynard Philosophy Dorothy A. Meade English Anthony H. Mencias Radio-Television Bruce R. Mendenhall Atmospheric Scienc James C. Middlebrooks Economics MH Leonard E. Miller mVH , Mathematics ■ f 1 MarCine E. Miller HLh| -3 MW Recreational Leadership Tj ' n 1 Pam A. Miller Spanish ■L jL Donna M. Millons t ' -w German fer H Barbara A. Mills Political Science 4 flrf H Janis S. Mills German Thomas E. Mills Poll ' Scif Roger A. Minear Chemistry Marilyn M. Miner Home Economics Maureen L. Miner Drama Paull Mines William R. Mitchell History Robert F. Mix Zoology Michelle A. Moawad Speech and Hearinc Marilyn L. Monsaas Physical Education Karen L. Morell English Dean L. Morgan Mathematics Ruellene J. Morganti Home Economics Lloyd T. Morila Zoology Jeff A. Morris Political Science Phillip C. Morris Psychology Jeri Mortensen Civics Gretchen G. Motter General Studies Keith L. Mowen Zoology Gary Nakamatsu Political Science Garry T. Nakayama Music Education Bonnie C. Nelson Art Education Carolyn E. Nelson Home Economics Gordon A. Nelson Oceanography 231 Michael-An History John J. Norton Construction Management Nancy J. Novak English Geoffrey W. Noyes Mathematics L. Nyere English Carol C. Oaket Home Economics linda i. Oatey Speech and Hearing Stuart Offer Political Science Richard R. Olten Advertising Jana J Ostrom Latin Michaai W. Oitrom PreDeniistry Gary K. Paddock Chemistry Jack O Page Physics Gordon Parkhill Economics Roy A. Paul PreMedicine Norma Pawion Political Science Francis I Peacock Comparative Literature Curtis N Pearson Economics 232 M. Christine Pearson Art John L. Pedersen Political Science Richard A. Pedersen Zoology Susan M. Perkins French Georgene O. Perry Political Science Jackie A. Perry Home Economics Phil A. Person Political Science Carol L. Peterson Recreational Leadership Darrell T. Peterson Mathematics Keith R. Peterson Economics Rochelle G. Pfannekuchen Sociology Gerald R. Pfieffer Industrial Design Edward M. Pickett Preventive Medicine Larry M. Pickett Radio-Television W. Robert Pickles Sociology Stephen E. Ponder Journalism Pepita P. Porras Spanish John Porter Pre-Law Stephen R. Porter Economics William Prater, Jr Economics Wayne L. Praviti Political Science Linda E. Preble Home Econon James M. Pritchett enneth M. Proctor Political Science amela B. Proske General Studies Ruth D. Pumphrey Journalism Karl A. Rabel Mathemtics Dallas L. Rabenstein Chemistry William Rademaker Psychology Lawrence F. Radke Physics 233 Phillip R. RafFerty Advertising David S Raleigh Law Ralph Rapia Chemislry John D. Reeves Mathematics Jeannie M. Reichert Aft Education Jerry A. Rein Psychology Diane G. Reinke Sociology Peter L. Renhard Zoology Nancy J. Reynolds Home Economics James B. Rhode Political Science Jack L. Richards Journalism Robert D. Richards Political Science Jan Richardson Speech Michael W. Ring Political Science Jean C. Ringen Art Barbara J. Roberts General Studies David L. Robertson Economics Neal C. Robinson Chemistry Ralph M. Rodia Chemistry David S. Rogers General Studie Leilani Rogers Psychology Barbara I. Rogge Journalism Mark F. Roller Zoology Peter J. Roman college of a s promotes progressive thought Joanne P. Rosenc English Judith K. Ross Psychology Thomas P Rowla Bu " . Adn Barry Rubenslein Psychology Sandra L. Rubensteii French Fred D. Rucker Music Education Susan D Ruder History G Thomas Ruebel (lu-cnisfcy Nancy M Russell History Joe Ryan Gi-niTiil Studies Robert Rynd HiMory 234 Philip Sande Economics Stephen D. Sander Economics, History Cecelia M. Sanders Home Economics Fred P. Saloris Political Sc Suzanne M. Scanlai Dietetics Clairann G. Schickl Political Sc Joan P. Schluter Home Economics Stanton Schmid Psychology Marlene Schneider Geography Charles E. Schoning Rita R. Schreiber English Literatu Donald Schroeder Mathematics Eileen A. Schubert History Robert S. Schuck Political Scie Ann L. Schultz Mathematics Martha T. Schumaker History Sharon Schwartz Commercial Art Barbara G. Scott History Stan K. Scott Mathematics Suzanne Semprez Art Education Edward W. Sengel Mathematics Momoko Seta Richard Settle Zoology Ava Ann Sever Home Econo E. Jean Sloper Mathematics Rick B. Smidt Political Science Jerald Smith Kenneth R. Smith Economics Margot Smith English Literatu Ruby E. Smith Economics Don R. Snowden Chemistry Sylvia Sodergard Oyvind Sorby History Jim J. Sourwine Political Science M. Lynn Spa Home Economics Paul S. Spear PreMedicine 235 Kathryn A. Spoor Political Science Dee A. Springob General Studies Judy A. Slaab Radio-Television Ed Stanford Physical Education Kaihryn A. Stansbury History Education Debora K. Stapieton English Lorna A. Stebbins Mathematics JefF J. Steele Zoology Evan L. Sleensland Physical Education Lyn M. Slohl Home Economics Anna Stokes Sociology Trudi I. Stoller No vegi, Judy A. Strang Political Science Vicki Strange Sociology John Strauss Psychology Eleanor L. Strickland Sociology Ron M. Sudderth Advertising Carol L. Sund History Christine C. Swanbei German Craig Swanson Political Science Dennis R. Swanson Zoology Thomas H. Swarner Journalism-Advert David A. Sylling Radio-Television Jerry D. Syrcle Political Science Jack L Tavenner Art Barbie Taylor History Michael John Taylor Geography Robert E. Taylor Advertising Stephen M, Telfer Construction Management Richard C. Telford Physics Karen J. Tennefoss Home Economics Deane M. Torada Psychology David P. TerentiefF Advertising Jan C. Thomas History Tom R. Thomas Clu-mistry Greg Thompson Jaannalta A Thornton Sociolocjy Alica M Tibbili Home Economics Patricia I Tobin Zoolciy Kannalh M. Tokila Chemistry Tarota Y. Tokita Interior Design Jarry J. Tokola Commercial Art 236 G. Tonkin Communications William A. Tracy Mimi A. Uz Aft Education Patricia van den Steenho History Valerie C. Veirs Antliropology Charles F. Vulliet History Mike F. Wade Gary D. Walker Geography MJik smes E. Walker Mathematics Mliam S. Wall History ;rry I. Walseth Hon Ec Patricia A. Walters Art Education Leiand Waltuck History Sandra J. Warjone Home Economics Patricia J. Warner History Terry R. Warner Chemistry Mary A. Warnicky Russian Gary L. Waterman Economics John R. Webster l?adio-Television Donna L. Weiks Home Economics Sandra C. Weiser Philosophy-Law Larry B. Wenger Political Science Frank E. Wentz Chemistry Livingston Wernecke Political Science Elaine V. West Political Science Ruth E. Wheeler Home Economics Laird D. Whipple Economics Sherri M. White General Studies Jeanie E. Whitham English Vicki A. Whitlock History Barbara H. Whitney Far East Mike A. Wienir Zoology 237 ul Wienir Sociology aroline J. Wilei Mathematics William Wilkins Interior Design Mary E. Wilkins Spanish David I. Williams Economics Steve N. Willii Sociology Ted J. Williamson Engineering Physics Saundra R. Wil Calhleen Z. Wilson Political Science Kendall A. Wilson Graphic Design Linda L Wilson Sociology Sharon K. Wilson English Literature Bruce R. Winter Political Science Mervin L. Wolf Interior Design Judy L. Wolfe Home Economics Stearns J. Wood Geology Barbara C. Woodbu Microbiology Don E. Woods Political Science Graydon M. Woola Jerry F. Woolett Economics Louise Woolf Sociology Wendy Y. Yamasaki Microbiology Diane W Yeung Clu-mist,y Tomiko Yokode English Dave A York History Michael Young Ronald E Young G.-olo iy , • Weekend ' ■• 7 GaOLbC t ,. - tfii . f ] but a s builds on tradition ♦ . . Ralph Zeller »nn E. Zambd Psychology 238 General Business Jack Alhadeff Dave Amundsen , Marketing Howard D. Andersoi General Business ft C) seniors in business administration George L. Auld Accounting George E. Bannister Real Estate Thomas M. Bass Real Estate Marlida L. Bennett Accounting Sandy Bernbauffl Insurance Dave Beianilla Accounting Dennis M. Bloch Finance Steve Block General Business Neil Botting Personnel Fritz Bowman Accounting Kenneth C. Boyce Public Accountin Gayle D. Brauner Secretarial Studii ' p ( 1 - % L- ' M - r 239 Bryin F. Brown Finance Frank J. Brown Accounting William B. Brown General Business John Buhler General Business Janice Bunker General Business Dick H. Busey General Business Larry A. Byers Bill 0. Cahoon Real Estate Terence J. Callaghan Accounting Paul A. Caraco Transportation Beverly J. Carls Accounting i.K9i Jane L. Carlson Finance Paul Carrol Risk Insurance Jon M. Christoffe Personnel Ward H. Clarke Accounting John K. Cleveland Personnel Managemen Kelly Crick General Business Ronald I. Cline International Business Janyce I. Crilly Accounting David I. Croly Marketing Dick Croselto General Business Robert I. Daniels Personnel Joe C. Dawson Business Management Richard E Dawson General Business Sieve M. Deiiher Accounting Irvin de Leon Accounting Dan B. Demick Van E. Deming Accounting Neal Dempsey III Jack V. Demon Accounting Bill S. Oiehl Marketing Harold C Diikin General Business Chrit Docet Marketing 240 Erwin E. Dow Marketing Michael D. Duppenthale Transportation Don Durr General Business W PTi H m k f5 j Xj 1 KV . M jjJII IH Margaret A. Eaton General Business Don Emerick General Business Wayne P. English Finance Philip M. Estep Accounting Tom B. Fisher Business Administ larry Flay Accounting William T. Flyg Finance Larry M. Fookes Accounting Gary Foote Accounting Carole L. Fortin Finance Phil L. Foster Real Estate Ralph M. Gaedeke International Bus Roger R. Garretson General Business Ken M. Gerstein Finance Malcolm D. Graham Business Adminis Monty D. Grau Accounting Dean Gray General Business Byron R. Hall AAarlceting 241 Charles L. Hamberg Marketing Bruno Hansch Ronald B. Hansen Accounting Robert M. Heinz Finance Doug H. Helm Personnel Tim Heppenslall Business Administration Donald H. Hermanson General Business James B. Hess Personnel Management Reese F. Hill, Jr. International Business Don Hillenbrand Finance Daniel P. Hoffmann Production James G. Horning Finance Fred R. Howard Accounting Ed Hudson General Business Gary R. Hulbert Personnel Robert F. Huling Marketing Clarke H. Hurlbut Real Estate Robert L. Inman Accounting Mike A. Johnson Richard Johnson Accounting Gary D. Jones Production Michael K. Jones Accounting Dale K. Jorgenson Accounting Mike T. Kelly International Business Henry E. Kiefer Production I E. K ing a! Business Harold S. Lant Accounting Mary Ellen Latham Secretarial Studies Edward A. Lawrence Accounting Don A. Lazoff Accounting Brenda C. K. L«6 Finance Reuben E. Levy Accounting Frank Lewis Accounting Jon R McCurdy Business Statist Jack M. McGoldr. Personnel William F. McLan Accounting John H. Magnate Larry Mar Accoun hng lillM Jthifk advisors guide b a» seniors 242 Brandom Nielsen Insurance I F. Nugent, Jr. International Trade Donald B. Nutter Accoui through college careers to business careers Cla nee E. O ' Keson al Business Gen George U. Okoll Accounting Brent P. Olsen Accounting G. Brandt Olson Finance Jim Orander Finance Beverly A. Packard General Business mL Lowell B. Park Finance Leslie A. Parker General Business Larry R. Pasco Accounting Susan E. Pearson Marketing Marty L. Peterson General Business Richard Pettit Finance J. Gary Pietila Business Administration Lois M. Pratt General Business Dan F. Pretare General Business Bruce M. Pym General Business Jerry M. Rauhala Personnel James M. Rendahl Real Estate 243 James B. Richards Finance Mike C. Riddell Pre-Law Stuart G. Roush Accounting Joe W. Rush Marketing John W. St. John Prelaw Donn Sarbaum Accounting Suzanne L. Schatz Business Adtninistrat Samuel A. Schille Marketing Ralph C. Sherril Accounting Ludvig Slavich, Jr, Accounting Ron A. Slenes Business Statistic Christy J. Smith General Business Gerald C. Snell Business Statistics Norman A. Spencer Business AcJministration Ted T. Sperry General Business Mike L. Stein Accounting Clyde A. Slenerson Accounting Allan Sternoff Finance, Accountii Douglas E. Stewart Accounting Robert A. Stewart Marketing John W. Stokes Accounting Calvin M. Summer Marketing Richard N. Swanson Real Estate James M. Taylor Finance Tom G. Taylor Insurance David E. Teasdale Statistics Robby L. Thompson General Business Stuart M. Thompson General Business Don H. Thorgrinson Finance Roy E. Tibbits Personnel 244 William I. Trandum Douglas K. Wil Business Administration Kathleen M. Willson Marketing Diane J. Wils Marketing Willijm G. Wils Accounting Jade W. Witsoe Accounting Neal W. Zimmerman Business Administrati( 245 Don P. Ariteic Dentistry N. J. Balenzin Dentistry Alan D. Brooks Dentistry George M. Chatala Dentistry Sandra G. Clifton Dental Hygiene Mark I. Cutler Dentistry Donald S. Davidson Dentistry Judy A. Davidson Dental Hygiene Martha J. Daysmilh Dental Hygiene Dennis P. Duskin Dentistry Mary E. Eichler Dental Hygiene Glen M. Eliason Dentistry Robert L. Flennaugh Dentistry Robert C. Folkman Dentistry Tom J. Frankmore Dentistry George G. Ghosn Dentistry Dave C. Goodwin Dentistry Robert W. Grant Dentistry Fred M Grimm Dentistry George Gunderson Dentistry Mark E. Hansen Dentistry Pam L. Henderson Dental Hygiene Sheila F. Hoople Dental Hygiene Jurgen H. Huck Dentistry Linda A. Kirkpatrick Dental Hygiene John D. Lagos Dentistry Robert D. leulhy Dentistry Judy Lloyd Dental Hygiene James L lord Dentistry Richard lund Dentistry Norman E. Lynn Dentistry Louis L Madsan Dentistry Robert A Mandich Dentistry W Jamet Mandley Dentistry James W Meniiet Dentistry Ronald K. Miller Dentistry dentists prepare for a profession with teeth in it 246 A i ikdtM Eli T. Moawad Dentistry Robert R. Montgomery Dentistry Dallas E. Murdock Dentistry Pat M. O ' Connell Dental Hygiene Joyce A. Parsons Dental Hygiene James S. Paul Dentistry S. Eugene Peay Dentistry Harold A. Pebbles Dentistry Robert L. Pollard Dentistry Dean L. Pope Dentistry Fred C. Quarnstrom Dentistry James L. Quessenberry Dentistry mm — - " w w Richard E. Raislier Dentistry Carolyn R. Rosenfeld Dental Hygiene Fred C. Rowe Dentistry Norman E. Royce Dentistry Terry J. Scofield Dental Hygiene Don H. Smith Dentistry Harold Sogn Dentistry Larry E. Vance Dentistry Frank W. Vawter Dentistry Anne C. Wagner Dental Hygient James A. Ward Dentistry Thomas D. Ware Dentistry Lynn L. Whimpey Dentistry Bill S. Wiener Dentistry Jerry G. Wilde Dentistry Richard A. William Dentistry Jack M. Wilson Dentistry Ted A. Winn Dentistry 247 Gene Albertson Polit ical Science Betty Allen English Rebecca T. Andersen Elementary Education Shirley K. Anderson History Janet L. Barbo Claudette E. Bargreen Elementary Education Margaret L. Bates English usan E. Bayley Elementary Education Linda L. Becker English education grads use degree to start process over, as teachers Julieanne M. Belknap Elemenlary Education Henry P. Bell Industrial Arts Marcia H. Berch History Jeannie H. Biaiek Home Economics Judith L. Blake Education Shirley J. Blecha Elementary Education Mary Margaret Bouchard Elementary Education Diane C. Boweri Elementary Education Karren Brighton Elementary Education Jim R. Brown Political Science Veronica A. Brown English Sue K. Bryant English Sandra J. Cadagan Speech Therapy Donald R. Cady Latin John A Cahill History Joan J Campf English Joan C. Capron Elemeninry Education Marie C. Cauvel Elementary Education 248 Barbara J. Cherberg Business Sydney R. Chesley Elementary Education Tom H. Clayton Secondary Education Marilyn A. Close Elementary Education Nadine S. Cockburn Sociology Carlene R. Cole Psychology Joan E. Commeree History Carol L Cook Speech and Hearing Jack Cope History olyn J. Cowan English Judy A. Crossett Elementary Education Karen A. Curtiss Psychology Andrea Daly Business Education Roberta L. Dambres Elementary Education Loren Davidson History Carol A. Davis Health Education Nancy L. Detwiler Elementary Educatic Carol E. Donin Speech Karen M. Doty Mathematics Eleanora A. Duckworth Business Education Vivian G. Eby English Ann E. Elsaas Elementary Education Joan P. Erickson Elementary Education Anne T. Eyrand Elementary Education Marcia Ann Fankhauser Speech and Hearing Pam J. Faublon English Norma R. Ferris Elementary Education Carol Ann Fewell Elementary Education Diana Flanders Histcry Carol J. Fortenbacher Elementary Education Katherine Fovargue English Gail T. Fowler Elementary Education Sharon K. Frissell Education Mary P. Galbraith French Joann A. Georges Speech and Hearing Verne A. Gibbs Anthropology Diana L. Gleason Elementary Education 249 Barbara L Coding Home Economics Curtis Greenberg Biology Georganne Griffith Elementary Education Robert R. Griffith Elementary Eciucatii . C. Guenzel lementary Education lorma J. Hall Elementary Education ' " K " r ' m W SM 4 m: fir. Leigh W. Hammett Elementary Education Judy A. Haney Business Education Geraldine E. Hanson Speech Therapy Maxine J. Hanion Education Gale L. Headman Elementary Education John J. Hill Art Education Barbara J. Hoesly Speech Jackie C. HoggaN Elementary Education Avon F. Holmei Business Education Charles Hold Speech Sherry A. Hooper Elementary Education Linda M. Howe Elementary Education George T. Jansen Political Science Gloria E. Johaniion Elementary Education Ben F Johnson History Eunice I. Johnson Business Education Frankie J. Johnson Elementary Education Merrily Johnson Elementary Education 250 Judy S. Kageyama Physical Education Sharon A. Kahler Music Education lois E. Kairis Chemistry Violet F. Kapek Elementary Education Andrea M. Kaplan English Kitty Kelley English Roy H. Ketterer Drama Education Gayle P. King History Kathleen F. Kinosheta Elementary Education Thelma B. Kline Elementary Education Helene M. Klug Biology Elizabeth Knight English Sandy W. Koski Education Pat A. Laney Education Lynn Lasley Elementary Education Franciene H. Leigh English Anne L. Lepley French Susan C. Levis Elementary Educatit Sharon K. Lillywhite Elementary Education Suzanne M. Lindberg Elementary Education Vern A. Lindquist Business Education Tanya J. Livie Elementary Education Charlene A. Loveridge Elementary Education Judy C. Lum Elementary Education Shirley A. Lyshol Elementary Education Roy L. McCready Political Science Claire B. McCurdy History Bob MacDonald History Education Sally L. McGladrey Health Education Margaret MacGown Music Leilani E. MacKay Elementary Education Sandy C. McKinslry Home Economics Marcia A. McLean Spanish Roy McReady Political Science Michael M. Malan Physical Education Ruby L. Marcus Business Education Rebecca E. Marler History 251 Michel« Marshari Elementary Education Marjean E. Martinson Elementary Education Jay K. Maur English Marsha C. Mays French Bonnie C. Meyers Elementary Education Robin M. Milci History Colin Mil Educat EInore A. Miller Home Economics Linda I. Miller English Susan M. Miller Elementary Education John A. Mohan Elementary Education Linda L. Moore Business Education Wendy A. Morgan English Julie A. Moulton Elementary Education Allen T. Nakano Art Elizabeth C. Neaville Elementary Education Dianne E. Nelson Elementary Education Pat M. Nilsen Elementary Education JoAnn Norrie History Norma E Norris History Karyn K. Oberg Elementary Education Cherry L. Olson Elementary Education Judith A. Olson Geography Judy A. Osborne Elementary Education Jamie M. Parsons Geography Marlene K. Paulson Elementary Education Beatrice M. Peterson English Sandra E. Peterson Political Science Randi A. Pettersen Elementary Education Jerry S Plowman Recreation Patricia A. Potts Home Economics Sharon L. Powell tk-m.-nlaiy Education Suianne J Prisadsky Elementary Education a future of school Hk 252 Sharon A. Ralston English Charlene A. Rasmussen Elementary Education Judy A. Reilly Business Education Maureen L. Renshaw Elementary Education faces ed grads Charlotte A. Rich English Liz N. Roberts History Susan G. Rosene Elementary Education Mary E. Rupert Art Robin H. Rykus Drama Dora A. Sargent Elementary Education Joha S. Schimmelbusch Gretchen E. Schmilt Elementary Education Barbara R. Schoen Elementary Education Barbara A. Schuize Art Margaret R. Seeley English Mary E. SeidI Elementary Education Suzanne M. Semke Elementary Education Karen F. Sharnbroich Elementary Education Connie J. Sherman Elementary Education Georgianna M. Shew Elementary Education Judy I. Shields Elementary Education Richard D. Shindler Mathematics Sandra M. Shirmeyer Elementary Education Doug Shult Mathematics Ann L. Simonarson History Sharon P. Slutsky Art Julie M. Smith Speech and Hearing Sharon P. Smith Speech and Hearing 253 Ann M. Sommerteth Elementary Education Paul E. Stanbery History Rosemarie K. Stanley History, Political Science Sally Staser Elementary Education John D. Steinbrink History books become working tool of student- turned- teacher Ellen G. Stella History Girard Stone Physical Education Henry I. Stoy Economics John H. Slupey Mathematics Kantiana K. Slylianopoulos English Literature Rick W. Teague History Mary C. Temple Elementary Education Lawrence G. Thompson History Mary Lou Trumbull Elementary Education Mary Ann Ulrey Elementary Education Dixie Lee Walker Spanish leann Webb Elementary Education Nancy Wells Speech and Hearing Glenda L. West Elementary Education Zachery T. Weilar, Jr. Mathematics David H. White History Edith E. Wierman Home Economics Virginia K. Willard Elementary Education Don H. Wilson Psychology Steve D. Wilton History Mary L Wittenberg Elementary Education Lillian M. Woodin English Patricia A. Young English Linda L. Youngquitt English 254 David C. Anderson Aeronautical Engineering Karl J. Anderson Civil Engineering Norman C. Anderson Ceramic Engineering Robert H. Anderson Electrical Engineer Dan B. Arnold Chemical Engineering George T. Babbitt Mechanical Engir engineers challenge changing world with fresh minds kd Jfh David J. Baerman Mechanical Engineering Charles R. Barrovirs Electrical Engineering Richard E. Bateman Aeronautical Engineering Marlce W. Benecke Ceramic Engineering Gerald A. Betiold Electrical Engineering Wayne M. Blair Electrical Engineering Richard V. Boyd Aeronautical Engineering Ronald E. Boyd Electrical Engineering Jerry D. Boyle Civil Engineering John J. Brennan Ceramic Engineering Jack W. Burk Chemical Engineering Ronald P. Burley Ce uc Engir ■ing Dave P. Burrough Aeronautical Engineering James D. Callahan Mechanical Engineering Tom Capell Ceramic Engineering Edward G. Cazalet Mechanical Engineering Anthony S. K. Chen Electrical Engineering Frank E. Childs Civil Engineering James E. Click Electrical Engineering Bahram Cohanim Ceramic Engineering Gary M. Cook Mechanical Engineering Jim S. Corbin Mechanical Engineering Ron A. Corcoran Electrical Engineering Robert E. Craig Mechanical Engineering 255 Robert W. Cramer Mechanical Engineering Alan B. Curtis Mechanical Engineering Mike G. Dameron Electrical Engineering Olin L, Darling Mechanical Engineering David A. Davidson Mechanical Engineering Nelson E. Dodds Metallurgical Engineering Thomas E. Doyle Electrical Engineering Gary J. Dunlap Electrical Engineering Clifton A. Ericson Electrical Engineering Larry R Felt Aeronautical Engineering John M Fluke, Jr. Electrical Engineering John H Flynn Chftnical Engineering 256 William K. Gaylord Electrical Engineering Bruce B. Gibson Civil Engineering Phil T. Grindley Mechanical Engineering Robert C. Gun Civil Engineering Guillermo E. Guzman Mechanical Engineering Peter E. Haase Aeronautical Engineering Clifford D. Hackney Aeronautical Engin John A. Haddick Ceramic Engineering ames R. Haggerty Civil Engineering George R. Hammond Mechanical Engineering Henry C. Harbers Mechanical Engineering Gary F. Heaiea Chemical Engineering perseverance brings job offers to engineering seniors Jeff E. Howard Electrical Engineeri Shiny Ichikawa Chemical Engineer James R. Isensee Electrical Engineeri Keith R. Johnson Civil Engineering Ronald H. Johnson Mechanical Engine Steve K. Johnson Electrical Engineeri Wallace H. Johnson Ceramic Engineering Norman E. Johnstone Chemical Engineering John A. Kamel Electrical Engineering Lesley A. Kammenga Civil Engineering Melvin E. Kanner Electrical Engineering Thomas C. Kinney Civil Engineering John A. Kirkebo Civil Engineering Jerry C. Knoll Electrical Engineering Jon H. Knoll Electrical Engineering Harold A. Kolve Electrical Engineering Leonard D. Kosonen Chemical Engineering Francis K. Koyama Electrical Engineering 257 %£ Frank D. Kukia Mechanical Engineering John B. laughlin Engineering Ah Moon Leong Mechanical Engineering Glenn Liffick Mechanical Engineering Leo E. Lindbloom Melallurgical Enginee Wayne H. Litienberger Electrical Engineering Steve D. Loftin Mechanical Engineering Kenneth E. McFarland Dennii H. McPoland Civil Engineering Raymond W. Mar Ceramic Engineering Trent B. J. Marvin Aeronautical Enginee Gregg F. Melde Ceramic Eng Steve W. Mylroie Electrical Engineering Thomas H. Nyman Electrical Engineering Richard B. Odell Aeronautical Engineering Norman J. Olson Metallurgical Engineering Ralph Olson Mechanical Engineering Lauren W. Pananen Electrical Engineering James C. Parks Mechanical Engineering James E. Parsons Mechanical Engineering Edward J. Pasahow Electrical Engineering George E. Pease, Jr. Mechanical Engineering Jack B. Peterson Electrical Engineering Jim Peterson Mechanical Engineering Matthew L. Picinich Electrical Engineering Walter E. Pollock Chemical Engineering Claude S. Pope Ceramic Engineering Theodore R. Porter Mechanical Engineering Warne M. Rintala Electrical Engineering Steve R. Rogel Chemical Engineering James C. Rogers Electrical Engineering David L. Rubens Electrical Engineering James G Sawyer Chemical Engineering Henry T. Schati Mechanical Engineering Gerald M. Schueman Electrical Engineering Bill F. Schwari Electrical Engineering 258 R. Gary Schweikhardt Mechanical Engineering Kenneth F. Scigulinsky Electrical Engi Richard D. Seaberg Mechanical Engineering Steven Shaw Chemical Engineering George T. Shimizu Aeronautical Engineering Michael R. Soderquist Civil Engineering Dennis G. Stenstrom Chemical Engineering Victor Stevens Aeronautical Engineering Bill Stewart Aeronautical Engin Fredrick E. Swinth Electrical Eng Edward Y. Takai Electrical Enginee Robert Trimble Electrical Enqineei Richard L. Troberg Electrical Engineering Frank M. Tsujihara Electrical Engineering Darrell A. Turney Ceramic Engineering Dean C. Turpin Electrical Engineering Richard T. Tyree Mechanical Engin. Robert C. Uhles Ceramic Engineer, i: ' GmmiAiio: fish mean more than hooks and worms to seniors in fisheries Kirk T. Beiningen DougUs L. Robb«rion Fish Biology Raymond Y. S«k«i Mflrinc Biology 260 Raymond E. Anders Forestry Gleyn F. Bledsoe, Jr. Logging Engineering Joseph A. Brislin Logging Engineering Michael A. Brown Logging Engineering Richard R. Deline Logging Engineering Donald I. Dickmann Forest Management James M. Gullickson Forestry John Mammons Forestry Management Brad P. Helnrlch Logging Engineering Barry D. Hull Forestry Edward A. Klien Forest Products Arthur D. McCoy Forestry Terry L. Patton Forestry John P. Popelka Logging Engineering William H. Rambo Logging Engineering Ralph G. Rosenberg Forest Management G. Clark Rowland Logging Engineering John E. Runberg Forest Management ' MJrky senior foresters can carve out a career in conservation Dan L. Treat Forest Management Terry C. Watson Forest Management Paul L. Wenner Logging Engineering David Wilson Forest Products Bruce V. Wood Logging Engineering 261 JTAi £ A. John AhlquitI Radiological Science Donald W. Baldwin Policies, Administration Charles F. Barrett Engineering Bruce R. Billie Recreation Education Carol A. Caiin Nursing W James Crawford Geology David L. Cullen Chemistry Donald B. Daniels Business Administration Erilc B. A. Dorff Forestry Gerald A. Gunderson Economics Donald P. Hall Industrial Engineer Rodney T. Hansen Mathematics George B. Hawkins Philosophy R. Elton Hay Mathematics Duane F. Hopp Medicine Carol N. Kuruhara Speech Marvin L. Lamoureux Political Science Diohandi Loumiki Social Work Calvin Lum Electrical Engineering Raul McClin Nuclear Engineering Paul G. McCormick Metallurgical Engine Marilyn McGuire Psychiatric Nursing Ernest R. Manewal Scandinavian Henry Y B. Mar lary E. Morrison Chemistry azuko Murakami Marketing Hayao Nakahara Electrical Engineering Yongyudh Y. Nanagara Oceanography Eugene M. Nelson Civil Engineering Karen C. Peterson Education Dianne E. Pierce Social Work Lynn R. Purintun Nurv.Hi Nirmal C. Sarkar Mechanical Engineering Christopher S. Small FoffStry Richard C Telford PhySK. Aleksandar M Virag Thomas R. Waggener al Engineering P 262 graduate school: university of advanced studies 263 new lawyers minds work old concepts of justice Wolfgang R. Anderson Law Bruce A. Butcher L.1W Neil E. Humphries L,iw Richard S. Johnson Law John R. Walker Law H. Richard Weiss Law 264 Carmen I. Alvarado Physical Therapy medical school primes new blood for pulse of doctor Joyce O. Kovell Occupational Therapy Frances L. Lowell Physical Therapy Barbara M. May Physical Therapy Martha L. Sack Medical Technology Patricia A. Voorhees Physical Therapy Charles G. Warren Physical Therapy 265 Karen S. Babich Nursing Helen P. Boyd Nursing Sandra H Carlsson Nursing Elizabeth D. Chipman Nursing a profession of patients and patience with slow healing time calls nurses Susan L. Gearharl Nursing Suellyn J. Geiger Nursing Sandra J Hansen Nursing Charmaine A Hayde Nursing M. Pal Hynet w. Nu ng Mary Ann Jacobs Nursing Jackie Kelly Nursing Karen Kesselring Nursing Rebecca A. Lamers Nursing Judy A lone Nursmg Jacquelyn I. Lyon Nursing Barbara J McBride Nursing 266 267 pharmacy grads ready for prescriptions Dean R. G id l Pharmacy Nick A HalUN Pharmacy Bobbi K. Johnilon Jack H Jono Pharmacy 268 Kent Kramer Pharmacy Bernich F. M. Kunishi Pharmacy Judi A. Latimer Pharmacy Lawrence A. Lemchen Pharmacy Monte D. Levaque Pharmacy Constance J. Michaud Pharmacy Jim Mitchell Pharmacy William R. Moultray Pharmacy Tom Odegard Pharmacy Carol A. Olsen Pharmacy Thad C. Pound Pharmacy Gene Richardson Pharmacy Larry C Pharr . Sharp nacy Dean T. Pharr Shigihara nacy Joanne Pharr H. Sorenson nacy Darald R. Stebner Pharmacy Jack A. Pharr Thomas nacy Bruce J. Pharr Webster nacy Henry 1 Pharr . Yamamura nacy Dave T. Pharr Zumek nacy m i WW LtUh kJr ' AJrM M . . . and in a few. hours an easy moment ends and the cSll irom " out there " becomes tomtirrow organizations ♦ an aggregate of individuals In an organization, an individual gains a voice, an audience. So that girl walking in the crowded quad, that fellow an empty seat away in English class, are people. They have gained, through an audience, identity. » ir - give and take . . ♦ You are learning so you can give of your learning to society. And from society you will take in return your means of liveli- hood. The organization can change an idea into reality; a conversation into conversion; an opinion into a solution; lone- liness into companionship. 272 REFLECTIONS ON HONORARIES alpha delta sigma campaigns for ad men Shorten Alpha Delta Sigma and you come up with " ADS " . It ' s appropriate, for the Uni- versity advertising honorary is designed to bridge the gap be- tween classroom and agency. The men in the group look ahead to a life of selling the products of industry, from Madison Avenue to a West Coast televison studio. ADS did more than sit in meet- ings and talk about Volks- wagen ads. The group lined up field trips to downtown agencies, watched a metropolitan newspaper fly together on its deadline and learned the intricacies of an approach to a major account. Not pictured: Martin Arnold, Henry Barber, Lee Barns, Harry Caraco, Bill Dwyer, Jim English, Al Gerritz, Terry Gustafson, Dave Hansen, Jim Johnson, Walt Kiefner, Paul Marriott, Dave Minnich, Russ Nelson, Barry Posner, Dave Satterlee, Wayne Wilson. ADS President Ridge Lundwall discusses fund raising plans for convention in San Francisco. Ron Barnes of Foster Kleiser demonstrates how outdoor bulletins are designed and assembled to sell. L JLMJk i9±ill. Top Row: Lin Applequist, Day Karr, Bob Israel. Ron King. Doug Kinnaird, Andy Lea. Second Row: Ridge Lundwall. Gary McDonald, Oly Olsen. Randy Rafferty, Cam Sharpe, Ron Sudderth. Bottom Row: Jim Sutter, Tom Swarner. Bob Taylor. Dave Terentieff, Greg Thompson. Jim Webb. Lab-coated AED pledges are re- viewed by President Mark Roller, prior to attending initiation cere- monies in the HUB. alpha epsilon delta hosts health science conference Five hundred medically in- clined high school students from all corners of Washington State invaded campus in Feb- ruary for Alpha Epsilon Delta ' s biennial High School Health Science Pre-Professional Con- ference. Getting acquainted with opportunities for service in health sciences and v ith new developments in the field of medicine, the students attended talks by Dean Riley and Dr. Bodemer and toured the Uni- versity Hospital. The conference helped the un- dergraduate medical honorary achieve one of its first objec- tives — to encourage students in medicine and allied fields. Top Row: Bruce Campbell, Jon Chinn, Lee Cordova, Robin Cunningham, Dennis Dahlin, Dave English. Second Row: Gary Goodman, Tom Green, Nan Henriksen, Marilyn Hey, Smith Hogsett, Charles McElroy. Third Row: Diane Maurel, Lloyd Morita, Philip Morris, Jan Norvold, Harvey Ries, Mark Roller. Bottom Row: Gayle Ruebel, Steve Singer, John Stringer, Dennis Swan- son, Ken Tokita, Mike Wienir. C7 nrr- Not pictured: Barbara Budinich, Stephen Carter, William Dahms, Gary Darland, Steve Epstein, Frank Hansen, Roger Hansen, Ira Jacobson, Al Maling, Ron Marshall, Dick Meyer, Mrs. Helen Pearce, George Rohrmann, Robert Rutherford, Janice Tiller, Loretta Trautman. 275 ' mm Deadlines for the Business Newslet- ter are scheduled by members of Al- pha Kappa Psi. A newsletter appeared on cam- pus for the first time this year, with publication beginning last November. It is the project of Alpha Kappa Psi, honorary for male Business Administration students. Besides this new ac- tivity, the honorary continued alpha kappa psi initiates newsletter its program of field trips to various Seattle area businesses. The Boeing plant was the out- standing tour for this year ' s group. Speakers and other pro- grams in the Business Admin- istration field helped members learn about their profession. S 1 P (P Top Row: Gary Abel, Dave Amundsen, Jim Bishop, Neal Dempsey, Mike Duppcnthaler, Don Eaton, Jeff Griswold, Gary Hogland, Robert Holert, Gary Hulbert, Roy Larson. Bottom Row: Paul Lewis, George Lindgren, Clarence Okcson, Gordon Olson, Dick Rench, Ted Sperry, Tom Taylor, Don Thorgrimson, Bill Trandum, Calvin Weddlc, Douglas Wills. Not pictured; David Ash. Anthony Birch, Larry Burback, Dennis CoUey. Warren Halverson, Mike Hart, Douglas Herring, Bill Munro. Bruce Nakao, Harry Tabata. 276 Alpha Lambda Delta members publicize their annual candy sale. alpha lambda delta honors scholarship Si£2 Top Row: Bobbe Jean Chaback, Kathy Conrad, Virginia Dailey, Martha Dressier, Janet Eyler, Mary Gates, Sandra Gleason. Bottom Row: Joan Goldberg, Molly Grondahl, Jane Hiserman, Christine Johnston, Joyce Koehler, Nancy Linvog, Gail McKenzie. Not pictured: Kathleen Hartley, Irene Anna Beleiciks, Carol Bolotin, Nancy Briggs, Harriet Hoag, Leslie Kolisch, Janyce McLucas, Judy Olson, Donna Perry, Patricia Revey, Barbara Sims, Sharon Starkey, Nancy Welden. Alpha Lambda Delta ' s main project was a chocolate truf- fle sale last spring. Proceeds from the sale provided a scholarship for an outstand- ing freshman woman. Another project of this group was high school vis- itation. Through this pro- gram, superior junior girls from area schools were in- vited to visit the University. Alpha Lambda Delta mem- bership is limited to fresh- man women with a 3.5 g.p.a. The candidates must also have carried a standard freshman course load. Top Row: Peggy Miller, Suzanne Miller, Mary Lou Neble. Second Row: LeAnn Peterson, Col- leen Rotchford, Marilyn Sadler. Third Row: Sharon Sestrap, Lynn Blade, Dana Speer. Fourth Row: Lynn Struve, Joy Sutphin, Roseann Thornycroft. Bottom Row: Tina Torstenson, Marsha Watson, Ellen Wolf. 277 Mr. Gerald Gorans, an accountant and chair- man of the state ' s CPA society auditing standards committee, lectures to members in a discussion series on " Independence and the Auditor " (right). (Below right) public accountants share their experiences in the business at weekly meetings with account- ing students. Top Row: George Auld, Dan Baty, David Bezanilla, Ken Boyce. Bottom Row: Steve Deisher, Philip Estep, Larry Finegold, Ronald Hansen. Beta Alpha Psi takes into account the auditors-to-be at the University. The scholastic honorary is dedicated to the study and promotion of ac- counting and requires its pledges to present a paper on a given topic in the field. Prospective members also must pass a comprehensive five-hour examination in accounting theory, problems and business law and must have a " B " average in accounting subjects. To gain a knowledge of the world of CPA ' s, Beta Alpha Psi brings in guest lecturers from industry and accounting firms. The honorary audits its books, then holds a party every spring. Tutoring accounting students is a major stand- ing project of the group. beta alpha psi: a summary Dale Jorgenson, Reuben Levy, William McLaren, Larry Mar, Clark Mounscy, Brent Olson. Lou Slavich, Calvin Weddle, William Wilson, Jack Witsoe, Neal Zimmerman, Not pictured: Greg Aggeler, Larry Burback, Terence, Callaghan, Jim Dieringer, Walter Ford, Larry Gobroski, Pat Murray, Carl Nichols, Terry Rogers, Cliff Ruthruff. Henry Torgrimson. 278 Top Row: Judy Baker, Sandra Carlsson, Elizabeth Chipman, Mary Denney, Karen Dessen. Second Row: Sue Gearhart, Sandra Hansen, Karen Kessel- ring, Rebecca Shaw Lamey, Judy Lone. Third Row: Jackie Lyon, Dorothy Olson, Judith Phillips, Susan Powers, Carol Sandilands. Bottom Row: Karen Skaland, Linda Spooner, Ruth Starbird, Sandra Stevens, Susan Tarrant. Not pictured: Nadine Christiansen, Mary Ellen Copner, Ruby Hert, Linda Osborn, Judy Price, Judith Burleson Richerzhagen, Marie Welding Steiner, Janet McGuire Treadwell, Johanna VanderWel, Darlene White, Carol Wright. Alpha Tau Delta is in the gown business. But it ' s not the kind that comes from Paris. The campus nursing honorary is concerned with stitching up gowns for pediatric patients at Harborview Hospital. Pledges organize the project and the entire honorary goes to work making pajamas for the younger patients in the ward. The service also draws stu- dents in the honorary together and allows circulation and dis- cussion of new ideas and con- cepts in their chosen field. Members are enrolled in the University ' s School of Nursing and maintain a 2.75 grade point. alpha tau delta: nurses find two kinds of needles fiiiti Top Row: George Auld, Kathy Barrett, Marli Bennett, Jon Christoffer- son, Stephen Clarke, Donald Daniels. Bottom Row: Philip Estep, Bruno Hansch, Mary Latham, William McLaren, Brandom Nielsen, Neal Zimmerman. Not pictured: John Adams, Charles Bown, John Buckley, Charles Carpenter, George Choate, Bruce Clark, Walter Cothran, Gary Dickson, Dean Dudley, Leo Eagar, LeRoy Faerber, John Fertakis, Lewis Goslin, Edward Grubb, Carroll Halterman, Obert Haugen, George Head, Alverne Hellenthal, Winston Hill, Kenneth Jarvis, Lauren Johnson, Milton Johnson, Philip Jones, Jack Kornfeld, D. James Manning, Norton Marks, Richard Oppedahl, Fred Plotke, Robert Risley, William Schink, James Sherbaniuk, William Sherrard, Claus Sinai, Chester Sorenson, Richard Sowell, Harriet Stephenson, Alexander Trianda- fyllides, Raymond Wachter, Michael Welch, Arthur White. businesslike scholars join beta gamma sigma The business of studying pays off in B.A. on campus with possible membership in Beta Gamma Sigma. The group is the highest scholastic honorary attainable in the field, with members holding at least a 3.5 grade point. Eligibility requires a pledge to be in the top four per cent of his class in the junior year and the upper tenth as a senior. A banquet in the spring honors the outstanding sophomore man and woman in B.A. with a scholarship. 279 Ed Day, Robin Eriksen, Dick Malloy, Tony Mencias, Larry Pickett. Barbara Rogge, Judy Staab, Dean Tonkin, Joan Transue, John Webster. Not pictured: Dave Eagon. Dick Gibson. Chet Huntley. Dick McCann, Dennis Wills. Radio means more than turn- ing a switch and hearing some sound, at least for the members of Beta Rho Tau. The Univer- sity radio-TV honorary thinks up the sounds, how they ' ll be produced with the electronics of the media and how to skirt the technical problems in- volved. But those in the group know what they ' re doing. All are communications majors with interest in broadcasting. Beta Rho Tau honors broad- casting students with a 2.5 gpa, a 3.0 in Radio-TV and sopho- more standing. Each year mem- bers compete for awards in program production, scriptwrit- ing and announcing — all jobs readily enhanced through the tubes and cable of the campus broadcast facilities. The group also bows once a year to Seattle-area radio-TV practitioners for professional excellence. beta rho tau on the dial for radio-tv majors iota sigma pi sees safety as major chemical elemient Meredith Applebury, Juanita Lynn Brown, leva Lazdins, Connie Michaud, Carol Olsen. Not pictured: Hiroka Ander- son, Sandra Artow, Bonnie Jean Bosco, Naydene Charlson, Beverly Gabrio, Ellen Harris, Dorthea Johnsen, Kathryn Krauel, Pat Loveland. Dorothy Miller, Marilyn Parker, Helen Pearce, Frances Pitlick, Suzanne Raymonda, Sandra Schwartz, Judy Strum, Gloria Volland. Sandy Schwartz worked in one of Bagley Hall ' s new graduate labs. The chemistry-minded women in Iota Sigma Pi look toward their profession with safety glasses and plastic aprons. At least that ' s what the honorary sells to earn funds for a scholar- ship awarded at the annual spring initiation banquet. The girls also provide a pleasant party atmosphere for the annual chemical engineering -chemis- try Christmas party. They also supply the decorations, refresh- ments and that necesasry ele- ment Oxygen. It ' s the name of their chapter. 280 The man behind the drug coun- ter may be an old Kappa Psi from campus. The men ' s profes- sional fraternity for pharmacy students tries to stimulate in- terest in the medical trade. Male students with a " C " aver- age in pharmacy are eligible for membership. Pill samples and yards of ster- ile gauze meant Medicine for Missions to Kappa Psi. The men repackaged the drugs and medical supplies in barrels for shipment overseas. This year ' s social prescription called for a cocktail party, grub dance and a cruise. Top Row: Bob Bond, Richard Bull, Rex Davis, John Deming, Richard Ding, Fran Engh, Jack Jones. Bottom Row: Monte Levaque, Thad Pound, Eugene Richardson, Dean Shigihara, Jack Thomas, Henry Yamamura, David Zumek. Not pictured: Don Chin, Michael Conger, Thomas Crosier, Ralph Heilman, Byng Hunt, Gary Jenkin, Ronald Kuest, Armin Lafferty, James Roby, Roger Sweet, Robert Ulrich. Keith VanderHouwen, Gerald VanPevenage, Dennis Williams, Jerry Willins. kappa psi and lambda kappa sigma Gail Anderson, Cathi Carter, Hellen Chinn, Marianne Coghill, Janet Cooley, Geraldine Furuta, Connie Michaud, Judy Schlosser, Lois Schubert, Joan Shook, Louise Thome. Not pictured: Nancy Abo, Linda Davis, Ann DeGanton, Joan Kramer, Linda Lang, Judy McNeil, Judy Miyata, LaVern Talbott, Jean Weers. package medicine for missions Lambda Kappa Sigma pledges turned a pledge function into a work party to package medicines for missions. Women in pharmacy is the key to cohesion in Lambda Kappa Sigma, the University ' s female pharmacists-to-be. The group has promoted women in the profession through a city-wide publicity campaign. Service projects included as- sisting the Kappa Psi ' s in box- ing drugs for the Medicine for Missions drive. A barbecue and ice cream social were big dates on Lambda Kappa Sigma ' s cal- endar this year. 281 Music sets the tempo of activities in Mu Phi Epsilon, the campus women ' s music sorority. A monthly visit with retarded children at the Fircrest Home allows the sorority to share its talents with persons whose only contact with music is via radio and phonograph. During one program this year, Mu Phi Epsilon performed an informal concert for the children with a piano, oboe and clarinet. Reading to blind students on campus and ushering for a three- concert Alumnae Artist series keep the honorary in tune with activities in their major field. Rehearsals for the monthly musical therapy trip to Fircrest School for Retarded Children bring Mu Phi Epsilon members together. Jane Ayer, Kippy Lou Brinkman, Carol Gray, Marcia Hilden, Peggy MacGown, Carolyn Mader, Gretchen McCuUoch, Colleen Rotchford, Marilyn Sadler, Ann Sommerseth. Not pictured: Louise Byrne, Karen Hughes, Judy Julien, Christine Lee, Mary Lee Martin, Sue McQuarrie, Betsy Schmidt, Sheila Vinton, Frances Walton, Lois White. IkIM £5 11 S mu phi epsilon plays musical therapy home ec jells with omicron nu Home economics, like any other major field of endeavor at the University today, changes with the ways and whims of scientific research. The members of Omicron Nu, national home ec honor- ary, try to keep each other posted on the latest in mod- ern domesticity through their meetings and departmental bulletin boards. Omicron Nu sponsors a spring tea to honor freshman and soph- omore girls with high schol- arship in the field. The hon- orary also takes part in a jam-and-jelly sale in connec- tion with the American Home Economics Association. Top Kow: M.Trci Bodmer. Linda Klcb.ium, El- nore Miller, Marilyn Miner. Bottom Row: Margie Nitta, Carol Oakes, Patti Potts, Jeanette Sallincn. Not pictured: Carlene Larson. Peggy Thomas, Marcele Yaussy. 282 There is an " elite " group on campus whose members wear a gold key. The key is that of Phi Beta Kappa, sym- bolic of scholastic excellence at the University. Phi Beta Kappa means the person with the key is of liberal purpose in his education, has found the lock to man ' s knowledge, then has ap- plied himself a nd opened the treasure. This year the golden key holds spe- cial meaning for Washington ' s Alpha chapter: the group celebrates the fifti- eth anniversary of its 1914 founding. As part of the anniversary, the hon- orary brought W. T. Jones, a professor of Philosophy at Pomona College, to campus for two days in February. Phi Beta Kappa elects two groups of members, the " Junior Honors " stu- dents and the graduating seniors. The juniors have achieved a grade point of 3.7 in 130 hours at the University, while seniors must have a 3.5 average in 115 hours with the same liberal char- acter in their studies. The scholarship prize for 1963 was awarded to senior leva Lazdins. phi beta kappas hold key to excellence in academics Junior Honors List: Richard Holmquist, Carol Ann Johnston, leva Lazdins, Paull Mines, John Reeves. Not pictured: Bradley Billi.igton, Carol Coombs, Pauline Grabill, David Knechtges, Kathleen Lonsdale, Paul McClung, David McKenzie, Richard Nagel, Charles Orth, Sandra Robinson. 283 Top Row: James Anderson, Dana Andrews, John Beaulieu. Second Row: Peter Beaulieu, San- ford Berg, James Broz. Third Row: Charles Caplan, Mel Carlson, Bruce Fisher. Fourth Row: Phil Fleming, John Gissberg, Michael Hlastala. Fifth Row: Robert Israel, Larry Iversen, William Kinnish. Sixth Row: Doran Klingler, Laird Konker, Charles Kosy. Bottom Row: John Lambcrg, John Moseley, John Nett. phi eta sigma honors dr» mccaffree Clark Robinson, GcraUl Tew, Robert Winter, Thomas Wylie. Not pictured: Ronald Abrams, John Bailey, Jon Barry, Robert Berry, Lloyd Born, Terrcncc Brown, Paul Brozovsky, David Dong, Robert Eschrich, Robert Guyman, Dennis Muretta, Steven Packard, Eugene Parlova, Gordon Pedersen, Emanuel Rouvelas, Thomas Vcz- zani, Robert Wincjuist. 284 Karen Akers, Margaret Bates, Barbara Baumgardner, Marjorie Bodmer, Penley Brown, Joan Capener, Carlene Cole, Carol Cook, Sharon Craig, Gaile Eby, Diana Flanders. pi lambda theta faces challenge of changing world " Change: A Challenge to Education " was the central theme of Pi Lambda Theta this year. Speakers Marian Gallagher of the law depart- ment and Bernice Lee of the Seattle Public Schools pre- sented challenges faced by the woman educator in the changing world. The honorary for women in education met monthly with featured guest speakers at each meeting. Members tried to maintain high goals of scholarship and leadership. Not Pictured: Roshan Aziz, Margaret Bradley, Hesper Brehm, Marilyn Connell, Jean Curry, Grace Donohew, Joyce Esses, Elizabeth Field, Susan Fraser, Lorraine Hansen, Dr. Alice Hayden, Kari Higbie, Gail Hollenbeck, Cecilia MacDonald, Joanne McNamara, Edith Metz, Varda Murrell, Patricia Nolen, Catherine Paris, Dr. Freda Pelz, Emily Richards, Catherine Ross, Jeannette Sallinen, Patricia Schuster, Phyllis Smith, Karin Stieglitz, Martha Jo Stroble, Marjorie Sundberg, Miyako Takeno, Inga Tjelta, Dr. Sylvia Vopni, Maxine Williams. W2m Am ttk MUk. Top Row: Neva Anne Gardner, Violet Kapek, Kathleen Kinoshita, Lynn Lasley, Margaret McGown. Second Row: E. Leilani MacKay, Marlis McCuUy, Elnore Miller, Karyn Oberg, Sandra Peterson. Bottom Row: Susan Rosene, Margaret Seeley, Sharon Smith, Ann Marie Sommerseth, Janet Takayama. sigma delta chi studies foreign paper Top Row: Bruce Bennett, George Burley, Louis Fargo. Second Row: Harry Fields, Craig Groshart, Bob Holt. Bottom Row: Bruce Johnson, Steve Ponder, Jack Richards. A new project on foreign journalism correspondence interested Sigma Delta Chi, men ' s professional journal- ism society, this year. Mem- bers sent clippings from Seat- tle newspapers to students in Ghana, who in turn mailed clippings from their papers. Other activities included din- ner with the women ' s jour- nalism group, the annual winter weekend retreat and the regional conference dur- ing Spring Quarter. Not Pictured: Tom Beall, Wayne Carlson, Larry Coryell, Richard Gib- son, Philip Kipper, Anthony Monahan, Dean Tonkin. SDX and Theta Sig members discussed var- ious communications problems with pub- lishers and other professionals at the annual winter retreat on Hood ' s Canal. " Vi ' ,- ■ ' . " -■• c " immtOBsr %- ' IV ;.. . ' ' ,■;■ _- • , K m: ' , -A - ■ ' ■ ' : § ■ ' H BL - . - ,1 » ■ ir ! .■ ■ -m -i i :• %.; iv " -.- r v--. Sft r - _ ■ ■■RRBSBGial !! t:- .., - . ;; 285 Sigma theta tau fosters responsibility The cream of the graduating class in the School of Nursing meets together under the title of Sigma Theta Tau honorary. The group includes alums and members of the faculty and aims at fostering high profes- sional nursing standards as well as developing a social re- sponsibility to nursing. Sigma Theta Tau sponsored a no-host informal luncheon for graduate nurses who are shoot- ing for doctoral degrees in medicine. The honorary meets once a quarter. Sigma Theta Tau chapter president Mrs. Louise Mansfield honors Janet Tradwell for nursing competence. Top Row: Judy Calapp, Sharon Douglas, Sandy Gleason, Susan Hiltner, Bobbie Hiscock. Second Row : Barbara Humbert, Virginia Jackson, Jean John- son, Jean Mills, Ruth Pumphrcy. Bottom Row: Sharon Ridingcr, Barbara Rogge, Nancy Simp- son, Lynn Sladc, Joan Transuc. Not pictured: Lea Bitar, Barbara Ellis, Robin Eriksen, Maria Ramos, Carol Scott. theta sigma phi is communications and a coffee shop The yearly Matrix Table hon- oring women in the communi- cations profession is the social highlight of Theta Sigma Phi. The women ' s journalism-radio- TV honorary presents the " Wheel of Wheels " award to the senior woman who has " contributed most to the Uni- versity while maintaining a high academic record. " But to people in the Communi- cations Building, Theta Sig means the coffee shop. The honorary stocks the room with coffee, cookies and donuts to keep the money box jingling. 286 big V " : varsity The men in Big " W " Club have two things in common: the fire of an athlete and a gold letter on a sweater of purple. They may come from the gridiron, or the basketball court, or a 440 run or the pant of a crew race. The club takes in athletes who have earned the " W " that sig- nifies a varsity man. Each spring, the letter sweaters travel to the Children ' s Ortho- pedic Hospital to throw a party for the wide-eyed admiring pa- tients. Big " W " gets into a huddle at least once every quar- ter to initiate new members and plan activities. l M. Top Row: Jim Aikens, Dave Amundson, Chuck Brayshaw, Steve Brown, Jim David, Mike Duppenthaler, Robert Flowers. Second Row: Jim Gavin, Tom Gilpin, Dean Gray, Robert Hall, Stewart Hazlet, Robert Heinz, Chuck Holtz. Bottom Row: Jerrold Johnsen, Ron Johnson, Phil Killien, Gaylon Kipp, Jerry Knoll, Jon Knoll, Jim Langus. The sweater with the " W " on it means the man who wears one is a varsity athlete. I£ii Top Row: Arthur McKean, Tom Mills, Paull Mines, Robert Montgomery. Second Row: James Norton, P. G. Phillips, Bruce Richards, Jon Runstad. Third Row: Joe Ryan, Trev Sarles, Larry Sharp, Dick Shindler. Bottom Row: Phil Shinnick, John Stupey, Karl Weiser, Steve Wilson. Not pictured: Grant Allen, Charles Browning, Bill Douglas, Koll Hagen, Kerry Frey, Dave Kopay, Jake Kupp, Richard Lee, Gary Price, Rick Red- man, Henrick Sortun. 287 Extra-curricular activities that provide the University with services beyond the call of duty mark the man in Fir Tree. This senior men ' s honorary attempts to promote more student activi- ties and extend campus support into alumni work. This year Fir Tree members met with alum representatives to drum up backing for the University during the always- touchy legislative sessions. The honorary also campaigns for contributions and endowments from former members to bol- ster Fir Tree aims. 4 .l Qld ' l Top Row: David Amundsen, Sam Angeloff, Voris Clark, Norman Dicks, Michael Duppenthaler, Dale Easley, Dale Higer. Bottom Row: Richard Jochums, Robert Joss, William Kerns. Robert Monroe, Robert Peterson, Rodney Scheyer, Michael Thrall. Not Pictured: George Akers, Edward Barker, Don B. Daniels, Camden Hall, Michael Kight, Marlin Mattson, Charles Mitchell, Joe Schiebel. Cam Hall and George Akers, former ASUW executives who now study law, typify the outstanding quality of Fir Tree members. fir tree points toward service mortar board turns sweet teeth into a scholarship Honorary members stir up a stew on fall retreat in Puget Sound wilder- ness (above) and paint advertising signs for Yule candy cane fund- raising sale (above right). Girls with white coats and striped candy canes around Christmas mean Mortar Board is raising money for its annual full-tuition scholarship for a needy student. Titled " Dollars for Sense, " the peppermint sale backs up the club ' s purpose: to promote scholarship, leader- ship and service on campus. Mortar Board is a national or- ganization honoring outstand- ing senior women at the Uni- versity. Cultural interest is stimulated by a book review program and group attendance at the theater. On the group agenda are plans to improve the advisory service at the Uni- versity of Washington. Top Row: Marie Allard, Margaret L. Bates, Harriet Beal, Vicki Benson, Marci Bodmer, Sharon Craig, Dinah Flanders, Bonnie Funk, Sandy Gleason, Judi Gordon. Bottom Row: Elizabeth Henry, Nan Henriksen, Carol Ann Johnston, Vivienne Kayes, Ann McCartney, Monty Monsaas, Dottie Olson, Ruth Pumphrey, Ann Sommerseth, Kit Stansbury. Not pictured: Bunnie Bristol, Evelyn Cartony, Barbara Cooke. 289 Ron Dietz, Oval C lub president, pauses over paper work for the honorary. David Amundsen, Dan Baty, Mike Briggs, Jerry Busick, Ed Cazalet, Jim David, Ron Dietz. oval club honors senator jackson Those who have presented the University with a " significant service " are honored with membership in Oval Club. The organization, for men only, tries to harness the leadership and scholastic qualities in the club and maintain service to the campus. The life of tradi- tions on the college level pro- vides Oval Club members with a continuing project. The club keeps a rogue ' s gal- lery of the ASUW presidents in the HUB auditorium lobby. Dinner with University Presi- dent Charles E. Odegaard gave members a chance to talk over, on an informal basis, problems concerning the cam- pus and the opportunity for improved club service. The middle of February brought Washington Senator Henry M. Jackson to campus as the speaker at the Winter Alumni Banquet. Jackson, like outstanding faculty personnel, won an honorary membership in Oval Club. The group gathers over dinner about five times each quarter. Top Row: Mike Duppenthaler. Dave Guthrie. Chuck Holtz. Second Row: Ed Hudson. Jim Ja- quet, George Martin. Third Row: Paull Mines, Rod New- ton, Brandy Nielson. Fourth Row: Stuart Offer, Steve Pease, Joe Ryan. Fifth Row: Bob Rynd, Larry Sharp, Phil Shinnick. Bottom Row: Mike Stansbury, George Webber. Dave York. Not pictured: Steve Bean, Joe Bush, Ron Carovano, Conrad DeLateur, Norm Dicks. David- son Dodd, Bill Douglas, Dale Easley, John Ederer, John Engstrom. Jerrold Johnson, Ken Johnson. Ron Johnson, George Kauffman. Jerry Lan- deen, Lary Levy, Duane Lock- nane, Paul McClung, Jack Morbeck. Mel Poll, Ted Ram- stad, John Runstad, Rick Schmidt. Mike Thrall, Tom Warren, Bill Weisfield. 290 £££2. Top Row: Jim Anderson, Brian Barry, Dan Baty, Jim Berg, Pat Biggs, Chuck Blumenfeld, Ron Boyd, Mike Briggs, Jeff Brotman, Jerry Busick, Kent Carlson. Second Row: Steve Clarke, Joe Cockrell, Ron Coe, Greg Douville, John Dumas, Dave English, Rick Evans, Larry Finegold, Bruce Fisher, Jim Geist, Dave Guthrie. Third Row: Jim Hamstreet, Dennis Helmick, Jim Hermann, Nat Higer, Jim Hubbard, Bob Israel, Al Jacobsen, Denny Jarrett, Phillip Killian, Tom Krelich, Mike Lemberg. Bottom Row: AI Libke, Lee Loveland, John Lundin, Gill McKinstry, George Martin, Paull Mines, Phil Morris, George Moscrip, Steve Murphy, Moe Muscatel, Brandy Nielson. purple shield initiates members and traditions Purple Shield, men ' s activity honorary, lived up to its pur- pose by hatching two new tra- ditions during the year: a torch ceremony in which members marched to doorsteps of ini- tiates singing the Alma Mater and a gala initiation at the Fort Lawton Officers ' Club. The honorary, for men with scholastic ability and numerous activity points, takes in about 30 members each year. The so- ciety meets monthly to discuss subjects of campus interest or to hear a guest lecturer. Top Row: Stu Offer, Steve Pease, Allan Pick, Jeff Pickard, Warne Rintala, Barry Rubenstein. Second Row: Jon Runstad, Mike Ryan, Bob Rynd, Dick Settle, Mike Stansbury, John Strauss. Bottom Row: John Vynne, Dave Waggoner, George Webber, Steve Williams, Rick Wilson, Dave York. Not pictured: Lyle Anderson, Larry Angelel, Jack Bartroff, Ron Clark, Pete Dorman, Bill Douglas, Mike Hynes, Larry Iversen, Tom Jewell, Ron Johnson, Tom Krilich, Larry Levy, Jack Morbeck, Jim Peterson, Rick Schatz, John Schneider, Bob Smith, Jack Strother, Al Wilson, Bruce Wilson. Lambda Rho members criticiz e a fellow student ' s work. Seated are Karen Johnson, Jean Griffith, Ngaire Hixson, Caroline Orr, Sandra Newstrom, Kathy Ruthford and Margaret Von Wrangell. Standing are Joyce Chandler, Helene Hemke, Irene Kubota and Florence Hubbard. lambda rho emphasizes refinemLent of art At the end of each year, Lambda Rho members clean the lockers in the art building and sell art products left by students. The profit from this project is used for a scholarship awarded to an outstanding art student. In this way and others, Lambda Rho, art honorary, strives to expand intellectual resources for the refinement of art. Members also acquaint themselves with artists of the past and present. Such art is an important step in the growth and development of art in the future; knowledge of this art is therefore imperative. saiyuk society holds pumipkin prance Ralph AUdredge, Robin Cunningham, Rich Dixon. Dick Holmquist, Ron Johnson, Terry Juhl. Doran Klingler, Ken Noreen, Darry Peterson, P. G. Phillips, Mike Taylor, George Webber, Robin Wetzel. Not pictured: Pete Cornue. Phillip Finger, Bob Hollbran, Neal Lessenger, Bob McKinnon, Jim Poier. Frank Young. 292 The Great Pumpkin made his debut this year at the Pumpkin Prance sponsored by the Sai- yuk Society during Fall Quar- ter. The dance was held for all residents of the University dorms. Profit was used to carry out other activities of the Soci- ety. The activities honorary seeks to recognize outstanding leadership and service in the Men ' s Residence Halls. A leadership banquet was held for the first time this year by the Society to honor leaders from the various houses. Top Row: Willa Abbott, Leslie Adams, Patty Baisch, Donna Barcott, Carol Berg, Brenda Bryant, Carol Ann Bus, Sue Callis, Karen Carlson, Pam Cliffe, Judy Corey. Second Row: Pam Cunningham, Dena Dahlke, Marcie Daniel, Joan Davis, Lynn Davis, Marcia Ervin, Cinda Evans, Kay Eyraud, Nancy Felt, Sue Filer, Margene Fisher. Third Row: Annette Gaither, Tanya Goodman, Sue Griffith, Donna Hass, Jan Hobbs, Marty Isaacson, Susie Jennings, Carol Ann Johnston, Christine Johnston, Janet Kallio, Karen Kanar. Bottom Row: Susan Killingsworth, Kathy Kling, Judy Larson, Susie LeClercq, Vicki Lobree, Sue Longwood, Sherry McBratney, Marty McClure, Carol Massart, Barbara Miller, Maggie Pickett. silver fish hosts northwest aquatic art festival Top Row: Pam Pickrell, Susie Rasmussen, Valerie Renfro, Marilyn Sadler, Gretchen Schmitt, Molly Scott. Second Row: Robin Shoemaker, Priscilla Smith, Ann Stewart, Diana Stilwell, Judy Strang, Linda Stroud. Bottom Row: Linda Sturgis, Claire Thomas, Sharon Watland, Maryann Wells, Meg Wolfe, Sandi Young. Silver Fish, swimming honor- ary, was host for a swim sym- posium, the Aquatic Art Festi- val, this spring. Swimming groups from Northwest schools were invited to enter acts for judging and evaluation. Silver Fish members gained many new ideas for the annual Swim Show held during Parents ' Weekend from the symposium which is held annually in the Pacific Northwest. Planning the Swim Show with the Husky Swim Club was an- other major activity of the honorary. Silver Fish members did their own choreography and, as a result of intense prac- tice, perfection characterized the annual swim spectacular. 293 totem club supports thais Supporting four Thai children whose parents are lepers is one of the worthwhile activities of Totem Club. The chil- dren live in a special school outside of the leper colony; board and room is paid for them to give them a chance for a normal life. The junior and senior women ' s honorary also sponsors a transfer stu- dent program. This year, members visited Washington junior col- leges to acquaint pro- spective women trans- fers with the University. Totem members hear about plans for their transfer student program at meeting. r £SiSiM£ Top Row: Karen Akers, Marie Allard, Sue Barney. Harriet Beal, Rosalind Benaroya. Vicki Benson, Marcia Berch, Pam Butler. Second Row: Sandy Cadagan, Nyle Clark Cahoon, Jane Carlson, Jane Clarke, Sharon Craig. Judy Davidson, Nancy Dyar, Margaret Evers. Third Row: Barbara Flanders, Diana Flanders, Sue Freeman, Bonnie Funk, Janet Gait, Sandy Gleason, Judi Gordon, Mary Mike Green. Fourth Row: Georganne Griffith, Molly Grondahl, Evie Hamilton, Karen Hansen. Sara Hanson. Elizabeth Henry, Carol Inhelder. Ginny Jackson. Fifth Row: Kristin Johnsen. Carolyn Johnson, Carol Ann Johnston, Vivienne Kayes, Kay Lawler. Carmen Lucas, Helen Lundin, Ann McCartn ey. Sixth Row: Marlis McCuUy, Marsha Mays, Donna Millons, Molly Moore, Ruellene Morganti, Jeri Mortcnson, JoAnn Norrie, Sharon Nyere. Seventh Row: Dottic Olson, Judy Osborne, Joyce Parsons, Carol Peterson, Nancy Reynolds, Jan Richardson, Barbara Rogge, Joan Sakrison, Bottom Row: Lynn Slade, Ann Sommerseth, Linda Speer, Kit Stansbury, Judy Strang, Cris Swan- berg, Nancy Watanabc, Joanne Zcmbal. Not pictured: Judy Larson, Marilee Mclntee. Jencfer Merrill, Maryann Stcinbery. W ' key opens year with children ' s party W-Key, sophomore women ' s honorary, got on a bus early this year and rode in a party down to Neighborhood House, in a Seattle low-income hous- ing project. About 50 children joined the University girls in playing games, singing and finishing off refreshments. Less than a month later the girls sweetened up the campus with their annual Candy Hearts sale for Valentine ' s Day and their club treasury. Most of the money goes into a scholarship fund for a pair of $300 grants to freshman women. Initiates from the freshman class are tapped for W-Key club membership in the spring. Top Row: Margy Bothwell, Dianne Daniels, Diane Donley, Janet Eyler, Polly Fasbender, Louise Henry, Bev Hoeffer. Second Row: Jan Hoeffer, Lynne Hymer, Chris Johnston, Sandie Jones, Tammy Kimpel, Diane Kingsbury, Tammy Kruger. Third Row: Janice Krusemark, Betty Lane, Susan Lind, Judy Lund, Jani Maki, Shery Marion, Sherry McCoy. Fourth Row: Kathy O ' Connor, Patsy Olson, Leslie Page, Maggie Pickett, Joan Rabe, Cheryl Ries, Colleen Rotchford. Bottom Row: Vicki Rynd, Vicki Seidelhuber, Dana Speer, Anne Stevenson, Tina Torstenson, Marsha Watson, Linda Williams. Not pictured: Jacki Ford. Girls from the sophomore honorary take their songs and guitar to Neigh- borhood House for an afternoon. Pharrna-Cell, the magazine of the U.W. student branch of the American Pharmaceutical As- sociation has made this group known all over Washington State. Published annually, the booklet is sent to pharmacists and pharmaceutical groups in all parts of Washington. Arti- cles by professors and students are featured in the magazine. To acquaint other University students with the College of Pharmacy, the club participates in the annual Pharmacy Day. Through exhibits and posters, they display various aspects of their profession. pharma-cell promotes pharmacists REFLECTIONS ON ORGANIZATIONS The dispensing lab is the workshop of the pharmacy student. Officers of the Pharmaceutical Association are Lawrence Lemchen, Judith Latimer, President Jack Thomas, Sister Michael Augustine and Bernice Kunishi. nursing students practice on dummy Nursing students untilize a dummy to practice mouth-to-mouth resuscitation. A nurse is vital to the practice of medicine. Such was the feeling expressed by speaker Dr. Keemer at the opening meeting of the Association of Nursing Students. At subse- quent meetings the organi- zation saw such films as " Emergency Nursing in Civil Defense. " Members applied their textbook knowledge through practice on each other and on dummies. -V|| dental hygienists hold introductory tea The Pre-Dental Hygiene Tea has been an annual activity of the Junior American Dental Association for several years. At this tea, girls interested in dental hygiene learn more about the field. A program of speakers helped keep Association members aware of new developments in dental hygiene. The Pre-Dental Hygiene Tea helps interested girls learn more about oppor- tunities in this field. home ec club sells flowers and candy Arranging dried material into winter bouquets is creative homemaking. The Home Eco- nomics Club used their talent in a bouquet arranging project, and also cooked candy for a pre-Christmas sale. Monthly meetings featured a variety of guest speakers. In the spring a banquet was held for the sen- iors, and awards were given for scholastic achievement. Home Economics majors examine a dried flower arrangement as bouquets are prepared for sale. 297 forest club takes over frosh pond for garb day I Garb means apparel and the apparel of the lumberman. The hip boots, the Pendleton shirts, the tight faded blue jeans are what bring the forestry de- partment into the spotlight when Forest Club stages its annual Garb Day. After run- ning a virtual gauntlet of out- door fitness feats, foresters were put to the wet-strength test running on logs in Frosh Pond. One after another tum- bled in, followed by KVI disc jockeys and the Garb Day Queen contestants. Garb changed to formal t his spring for the Forest Club ' s alumni banquet. Mingling with old-timers, forestry students met the officers of Xi Sigma Pi, forestry academic honorary, when they were installed at the dinner. Terry Watson shows that " it ' s easy as falling off a log " as he dumps his opponent. John Hobbs. An understanding of the human skeletal system is fundamental to the study of physical therapy. physical therapy club learns rehabilitation techniques A spaghetti dinner raised the and paid for the organization ' s Lectures and demonstrations funds for the Physical Therapy page in the Tyee. The dinner sponsored by the club teach the Club. The proceeds contributed was attended by friends of group how to operate walkers, to the advancement of knowl- members and people in physi- braces and other physical edge of concepts in the field, cal medicine. therapeutical devices. 299 Christmas cards net funds for occupational therapy club The Occupational Therapy Club sold original Christmas cards this year as a money raising project. The cards, de- signed by club members, were printed from linoleum blocks. Besides their money-making activities, the club encouraged interest in occupational ther- apy by bringing speakers to their monthly meetings. Senior students learn splint-making, using standard materials and fitting the splints onto each other. Proper form and good appearance are important for use in rehabilitation. physical education club helps needy family A canned food drive was one of food was donated to a needy speakers — all of which gave the many projects undertaken Seattle family at Christmas. members ideas of what to ex- by the Women ' s Physical and The club held several work- pect in the working world fol- Health Education Club. The shops and brought in guest lowing graduation. After counting up the donated items, members pack the food for delivery to a needy Seattle family. V R u4 Independent male students ous service projects usually pledge sneak were the icing on who want to join a fraternity polished off with a social event. the Adelphi social cake. The can find a spot in Adelphi, the group holds formal meetings social and service fraternity. An exchange with Phrateres once a month, interspersed Adelphi emphasizes scholastic from the University of British with lunchtime get-togethers achievement and backs numer- Columbia and the annual in the group ' s HUB office. independents find fraternity in adelphi Gene Albertson, John Alspach, Steve Anderson, Paul Bova, Bill Fowler, Vern Hauck. Ed Hicks, Garry Katsel, Ken Krueger, Ron Lafferty, Jim Mayeda, Steve Mylroie, Jim Rhoads, Wally Teeland, Jim Terhaar, Rich Troberg, Ron Long. 301 alpha phi omega: definition of service Service is spelled with Christ- mas trees, an Ugly Man and a campus guide in the Alpha Phi Omega dictionary. The organi- zation, the collegiate offshoot of the Boy Scouts, fills its scholarship fund bank with re- ceipts from the annual Ugly- Man-on-Campus contest. Alpha Phi Omega operates a campus guide tour for the handicapped who want to see the campus and supplies University offices with holiday greenery around Christmastime. Christmastime greenery for campus offices comes via Alpha Phi Omega- on-wheels. Hula time is any time when the group sits down together. Uke and leis bring memories of home. hui o hawaii brings hula to u Hawaii and the University have rain and the hula in com- mon. The weather is all over the campus, the hula at Hui O Hawaii, an organization of stu- dents who go to classes here but call the Pacific islands home. Each spring they treat the mainland natives to authen- tic hula and luau. The organi- zation also orients Hawaiians with University life on their arrival in the Queen City. 302 swim club officiates meet The Husky Swim Club is one organization on campus that ' s usually all wet. And usually in the swim. Members officiate at all University swim events and sponsor the Pacific Northwest Association meet in January. Parent ' s Weekend sent the club into the water with an aqua- fantasy show in conjunction with Silver Fish. Swim club members ready for an afternoon of poolside officiating (above). Varsity swimmer Larry Hecht races against stopwatches in the hands of club officers (below). Kent Carlson (far left), Ski School Director, helps Husky Winter Sports Club officers plan their annual Winter Carnival at White Pass. husky winter sports club . ♦ ♦ a classroom in the snow Beginning skiers (left) learn the ' . i fundamentals of " snow-plowing. " Advanced as well as beginning skiers (right) profit from the weekly lessons offered by the Husky Winter Sports Club. WT The annual Winter Carnival was held at White Pass this year. Sponsored by the Husky Winter Sports Club, it was planned for both members and non-members. A weekend of skiing included a banquet and dance at which the Carnival Queen was crowned. A fashion show during the season gave stylish skiers an idea of the newest in sweaters and stretch pants. After several sessions, the ski students enjoyed pizza in Lake City while they discussed memories of Stevens Pass, Little Sisters of Minerva plan the annual surprise breakfast for the senior SAE ' s at a weekly meeting. Football means a three-legged race when the SAE ' s challenge the Little Sisters of Minerva to a game. The fraternity men handicapped themselves by tying their legs and hands together in the annual competi- tion held in the Spring. When the Sisters were not playing football, they acted as the spirit group of Sigma Al- pha Epsilon and attended all house functions. Coffee dates acquainted the junior or senior sister with her adopted pledge brother. Baking sales profits promoted activities such as the surprise breakfast for the seniors in the Spring. sisters of minerva . . ♦ sae spirit group Litle Sisters and SAE brothers dine before their meeting. 305 marketing club tours sunset magazine company Touring the Sunset Maga- zine Company was one of the many events planned for members of the Marketing Club. Members learned about the advertising aspect of marketing on this trip. Other trips included a visit to the Rainier Brewery and various business organizations in the Seattle area. During meetings members listened to speakers elabor- ate on the super-structure of marketing. Hal Burdekin of Sales Training. Inc.. was among the speakers. Marketing Club members sample the goods at the Rainier Brewery. The brewery was among the many business establishments visited this year. Phi Mu Alpha presented their annual All-American Concert in February. The concert, which promoted American composers, featured both student and adult work. Club members performed the selected pieces. Performances by members and lectures by musical experts were featured in the frater- nity ' s frequent meetings. Not all members were music ma- jors, since interest and partici- pation in music were the major requirements. 306 musicians stage american concert Sinfonia members strive for perfect tone and pitch, as they rehearse for the annual All-American Concert. Phrateres members sang favorite carols at their Christmas program for the University Hospital. phrateres participate in international convention Phrateres sent three delegates to the Phrateres International Convention in Vancouver, B.C. Other special events were a breakfast and dance held to honor new pledges. During the summer, a picnic-work party was held to prepare for fall. Phrateres staffed the campus blood drives and held service projects for needy families. Recreation projects for Univer- sity Hospital patients and staff included bingo, a barbecue and ice-cream making. Phrateres also toured the hospital with their traditional caroling. Top Row: Lucille Aeils, Bunny Albert, Gail Anderson, Sue Battin, Donna Betzner. Second Row: Judy Blake, Sandra Buckmiller, Pat Campbell, Pam Downie, Carole Dreger. Third Row: Margaret Evers, Jaci Freece, Jeri Freece, Barbara Griffith, Janice Gustafson. Fourth Row: Janice Hammock, Janice Hansen, Anita Hardy, Jan Hotson, JoAnn Irwin. Bottom Row: Sue Johnston, Doranne Jones, Mary Kizzie, Nancy McQuinn, Dorothy Meade. SS5S Top Row: Sherri Michael, Kathy Miller, Joyce Parman, Marlis Pehling, Charlene Rasmussen, Joyce Reibein, Teresa Ryan, Pam Sage, Susan Sauer, Sharon Simpson, Janetta Slater. Bottom Row: Linda Smith, Judith Staab, Karen Tennefoss, Gale Tonning, Barbara Trondsen, Sherry Wappl, Pat Warner, Mary Warnicky, Linda Williams, Linda Wilson, Judy Wolfe. 307 ■ »% if .. nc Valedas initiates take to the beach for a picnic and a swim. valedas gives niseis a chance to serve Valedas, an organization of Nisei girls, stressed service to the University and the commu- nity this year. The girls as- sisted at the Nisei Veterans Bazaar, made tray favors and Christmas decorations for hos- pitals and went caroling at those hospitals. Service to the University was provided dur- ing Parent ' s Weekend through participation in the activities. The schedule for the Valedas also included time for intra- mural sports and dances. 308 young republicans inform students of party principles After a speech on fascism, Dr. Jon Bridgman answers ques- tions in an informal discussion period. A plea for party unity, sound fiscal government and more freedom for the individual from the government was the central theme for all the speakers brought to campus by the Young Republicans Club. Some of the featured speakers were gubernatorial candidates Dick Christiansen and Dan Evans, Professor Jon Bridgman and Representative Bob Eberly. Other events for the organiza- tion included participation in the Political Union and the Political Union Congress. The campus version of London ' s Hyde Park, the Open Forum, brought crowds, controversies and chuckles. Anyone with an ASUW card could air his gripes and rebuttals to the world. 309 Members follow up a lecture on the 7090 IBM computer with a close-up look at punchcards and tape. Where can the engineer fit his skills into the modern society? That ' s the continual question that Theta Tau, professional engineering fraternity, tries to answer. It does it through an extended series of outside speakers from industry and other occupational fields where engineers are needed. The Theta Tau membership, stu- dents from engineering and ge- ology, meets every two weeks to make contact with the out- side. The program is designed to develop professional compe- tence and knowledgeability. Theta Tau handled the refresh- ments at the annual Engineer- ing Open House and stowed away to Pier 91 to dance. theta tau makes professional quest engineering council: nucleus of lower campus The latest development in nu- clear research or the new trend in labor management keeps the Engineering Students ' Council on its toes. The Council — made up of all forms of engi- neers — attempts to keep stu- dents informed of technolog- ical changes in their profes- sional world. This year the Council sponsored a nuclear energy discussion program and outlined a labor-management event. The Council also acts in a directorate capacity in lay- ing out plans for the annual interdepartmental Engineering Open House. 310 Keramos, campus chapter of the American Ceramic Society, turns its stated purpose into ac- tion rather than just words. The group ' s purpose is to better ac- quaint members with the actual industry, with the men in the field and with their professional problems. Keramos toured sev- eral ceramic plants in the area, then journeyed down to Los Angeles for a week-long re- gional ACS convention. A trip to Chicago was first prize in the Keramos student speak- ing contest. The Society held its national conference in the Midwest city. Social activities encompassed exhibits at the Engineering de- partment ' s public show and Junior-Senior banquet. keramos looks at ceramic industry University ceramic engineers-to-be discuss the profession with industrial representatives at Los Angeles regional meeting. 311 aiaa discusses flight testing The Institute of Aerospace Sci- ences and the American Rocket Society merged this year to form the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics. A banquet highUghted the year for this new group. Joseph Tymczsyszyn, a graduate of the University and former chief test pilot for the Federal Aviation Agency ' s Western office, dis- cussed flight testing as a pro- fession at the banquet. Other events of the year included test flights of a replica of the Wright Brothers ' 1902 glider and the group ' s Open House. AIAA members and professors test a replica of the Wright Brothers ' 1902 glider. The replica was built by AIAA members for the 1960 Open House. sae-asme take field trips University automotive and me- chanical engineers-to-be went to industry in the Seattle area for a first-hand glimpse of their profession at work. Isaacson Steel and the Kenworth Motor Truck plants highlighted trips. SAE-ASME also set up per- sonal intervie ws with employ- ers and students as well as provided relevant materials on occupational opportunities. The social calendar featured a picnic and a dance. Mechanical engineers talk over the possibility of jet powered automobiles as they prepare for the Open House. m A f WW ' Chemical engineering students discover their field through coffee shop lecturers and trips to the operations laboratory. engineers look at profession What kinds of jobs will the .chemical engineer graduate find? And what kind of special problems in the profession? The campus chapter of the American Institute of Chem- ical Engineers tried to find some of the answers this year. Dr. Walseth from the Weyer- haeuser Corporation, came in for lectures and discussions. And a series of noontime movies gave the club a close-up view of chemical engineering on the job. Members displayed their physi- cal talents in the intramural sports program. civil engineers study freeway Seattle freeways raise a lot of dust. But political con- troversy was not the interest of the American Society of Civil Engineers, who inspected the roadways this year. The calendar of events also included a tour of the plant that produced 90 percent of the cement used on the West Coast, picnics and a Christmas party. Members capped their activity with a project entered in the 25th Biennial Engineering Open House and made an appearance at the Engineers ' Ball. INMPMlNwfWm 3i 4k Engineering students inspect construction progress at one of Washington ' s dams. President Karl Aiidorsdii briefs members on plans for the 25th Biennial Engineering Open House. T 7 ♦•P ' Iff « ' ' a 1 1 B r a ■ « ' M ' ' A Chief Joseph Dam engineer explains to SAME members how locally produced power is kept in phase with power from other dams on the same network. ijjj i military engineers tour mcnary dam A tour of McNary dam high- lighted this year for the Society of American MiHtary Engi- neers. SAME, an association of ROTC and civilian students interested in engineering ca- reers, toured the dam as part of its educational activity pro- gram. Guest speakers are fea- tured at its monthly meetings, open to visitors as well as mem- bers, and field trips are held once a quarter. The organiza- tion is sponsored by the U.S. Army Engineers. A field trip to McNary Dam taken by members of SAME included inspec- tion of the Government Locks. 315 0 J Freshman engineering students profit from the tutoring service offered daily by Tau Beta Pi. Charles Barrett, Thomas Doyle. Shinya Ichikawa. Melvin Kanner. tau beta pi offers tutoring service for freshmen engineers To aid freshman engineering students academically, Tau Beta Pi maintained a tutoring service in the General Engi- neering Building every day this year. Any frosh seeking help found it with the members of the engineering honorary. To promote interest in engi- neering among high school stu- dents, members of Tau Beta Pi and several engineering pro- fessors visited Seattle high schools and spoke to seniors. Tau Beta Pi pledges receive bents, the symbol of the honorary, as rough castings, then polish them in any way they can. Raymond Mar, John Mesman, David Mills, Steven Mylroie, Thomas Nyman, James Rogers, Gerald Schueman, George Webber, Frederick Ycarian. Not pictured: Douglas Baxter, Kirk Beach, Michael Birdsall, John Cannell, Donald Kinell, Jack Klaat:, Frank Kiilka, Stefan Miller, Marvin Strcngc, Robert Tipton. 316 Richard Adams, George Babbit, John Baker, Sandy Bernbaum. scabbard and blade unites top officers of rote units That rivalry incites good per- formance is the idea Scabbard and Blade follows when it spon- sors the yearly inter-service drill competition. Amid com- mand yelps and slap-jinglings of rifles, a winning service team was chosen to receive the supe- rior drill performance award on Governor ' s Day. Chosen from the ROTC ' s of all three services, the honorary fosters the growth of leader- ship, integrity and honor. The Society sponsors a Military Ball each year. . ft, Top Row: David Bezanilla, M. Wayne Blair, David H. Burpee, Bruce A. Coghill, Alan P. DeRoco, William R. Dietz, Gary J. Dunlap, Donald W. Emerick, John N. Fluke, Jr; Gary Genson. Second Row: Robert M. Heinz, Edward G. Hudson, Mark Dennis Jarret, John A. Kirkebo, Edward A. Klein, Robert H. Knight, Maurice A. Lange, Jon C. Long, Rod W. Newton, Barrel T. Peterson. Bottom Row: John G. Pietilla, William Rademaker, John J. Ryan, Gerald C. Snell, Robert A. Stewart, Edward Y. Takai, Frederick Teague, Richard E. Underwood, James R. Wick, David I. Williams. Not pictured: William Bare, Jon H. Christoffersen, William A. Coleman, James T. English, Michael J. Harvey, Frederick B. Hamilton, Terrill Henderson, David H. McKinley, Wayne P. Olson, John Rockom, Randolph E. Schnabel, David T. Scott, Timothy A. Stenning, Gordon B. Swayze, Val G. Tollefson, Geoffrey P. Vernon, Terry A. Wallace, John A. Ward, John A. White. Rivalry forgotten for the moment, select members from the three ROTC units dine before the Scabbard and Blade initiation ceremonies. jj ■ " 0 t : - } F J mBt ' ' . SK KISoii l smma,. .jjMJ .- 1 Arnold Air Society staff includes Edward A. Klein, Gordon Swayze, John Reeves, Donald Emerick, James Wick, John Fluke and Robert Knight. The Drill Team acted as honor guard for Governor Rosellini on Governor ' s Day (above). Cadets examine the landing gear of a KC-135 at McClellan AFB, California (below). afrotc offers more than classes and drill All AFROTC cadets take part in a flight orientation program to gain air force experience. The Air Force ROTC is more than classes and drill. This year the corps offered many oppor- tunities for cadets to enrich their program. The Arnold Air Society, national honorary com- posed of advanced cadets, was the planning board for all social activities of AFROTC. To develop teamwork, technical knowledge and esprit de corps the Society centered its pro- gram around speakers, field trips and special events. The society also planned the intra- mural activities for the corps. Emphasizing precision march- ing, fancy drill and precision rifle handling, the Drill Team practiced three times a week for perfection. The public viewed the team at parades. Governor ' s Day and the Spring Drill Team competition on campus. 319 Angel Wings, too, promotes esprit de corps through co- sponsorship of many social ac- tivities. Highlights of the year included the Angel Wing tea to select new members, the Presentation Ball at Paine AFB Officers ' Club and the annual Angel Wing breakfast. angel wings " cosponsor afrotc functions Angel Wings serve cadets at the annual breakfast. Angel Wing hopefuls learn about the AFKOTC from cadets and an active Angel Wing. 320 corvettes act as hostesses for nrotc Corvettes relax after a tea for rushees. Midshipmen, Corvettes and rushees get acquainted at a tea held for all interested coeds at Clark Hall. Corvettes, under the leadership of Corvette Captain Sharon Nyere, began their year with a series of rush parties and teas. Exchanges with the midship- men, teas and managing the canteen at Clark Hall kept the women ' s auxiliary organization for the NROTC active all year. Corvettes also ushered at Gov- ernor ' s Day this Spring. For a fourth year Navy re- ceived the Scabbard and Blade Society trophy for the best ROTC service drill team. navy drill team wins fourth trophy Navy honorary. Compass and Chart, sponsored a Navy radio club, the Helm and Halyard Sailing Club and the Navy Rifle team, as well as enter- ing midshipmen in intramural sports like football and basket- ball. Navy held a Fall Informal Dance for its new freshmen, presenting the new converts with the official Compass and Chart pin: miniature anchors. The Navy Queen was chosen at the Spring Formal. ' !? Navy Drill team prepares for the annual Scabbard and Blade drill competition. Val Tollefson accepts the trophy from Governor Rosellini as Navy triumphed for the fourth time (right). Midshipmen prepare for future assignments in anti-submarine warfare. Navy presented their queen, Karen Johnson, at Governor ' s Day ceremonies. — .- — 323 They ' re good with a gun and drill with precision. They ' re the Pershing Rifles, the Army ROTC cadet honorary on cam- pus. The drill team competes twice a year with other ROTC outfits in the Northwest. The Rifles also work out at nearby Fort Lawton once a quarter. They call it the Physi- cal Fitness test, which means a full day of sweat and muscle. The members run through a rigid series of exercises includ- ing a dodge-run-and-jump, the 40-yard crawl, the grenade throw, horizontal ladder climb and wind up with a mile run. But it isn ' t all work. The Per- shing Rifles run through an eventful social year. The an- nual Brigade Ball in the winter spotlights the schedule. Cadet Captain Bader of the Pershing Rifles commands a physical training team, inspects his troops and gets a swim lesson. pershing s 324 own stand tall, shoot straight, work Uke heck Cadets and their coed dates enjoy the Annual Military Ball. 325 hillel foundation sponsors northwest regional institute A three day Northwest Re- gional Institute was the out- standing event this year of the B ' nai B ' rith Hillel Foundation. The institute was held in Janu- ary and was attended by Jewish students from Oregon, Wash- ington and Vancouver, B.C. The B ' nai B ' rith Hillel Founda- tion is a unit of the national organization at colleges and universities devoted to reli- gious, educational, cultural and personal service among Jewish students. The program includes weekly Sabbath services, fo- rums, mixers, meet-the-faculty suppers and discussion groups. Service of Havdallah, ushering out the Sabbath, was observed as part of the Pacific Northwest Regional Institute. :. ' - ' J -. The Christian Science heritage is rich in music as well as religious writings, which it makes available to students. fellowship is goal of christian science organization Students of varying backgrounds are invited to explore the Christian Science way in an atmosphere of good fellowship. The Christian Science Organi- zation has two purposes: it serves student members and it gives information to other interested people. Through weekly testimonial meetings and readings from Christian Science literature the group provides fellowship and inspi- ration for its members. A free lecture was sponsored by the organization to acquaint students and professors with Christian Science. Books and literature were also available to inquiring visitors. 327 national theme guides kappa phi club through year " But to Serve " was chosen as the 1964 national theme of Kappa Phi Club, national organization for Methodist women on campus. Each year the program is based on the national theme and developed at the local level through speakers, study groups and service projects. Pledges are initiated into the Degree of the Pine in the fall, and active members are accepted into the Degree of the Light in January. Kappa Phi officers install associate sponsor. _ -- a ... 9 lutheran student church centers activities on service A new constitution has been the main project of the Luth- eran Student Church this year. These young Christian stu- dents maintain an active stu- dent organization including a Bible class, worship and fellow- ship. A dinner for the members is held every Wednesday eve- ning followed by topic discus- sions. Kathie Vlach, Rosemary Harjes and Alvina Becker discuss the new con- stitution which has recently been ratified. ymca, ywca begin tutoring service " Project tutoring " was a new activity conducted jointly by the YMCA and YWCA this year. Volunteering their serv- ices, forty University students tutored high school pupils from the Seattle area. Continuing throughout the year, the first attempt at this project seemed successful. Other events for the year included an Interna- tional Banquet to honor foreign students and the International Weekends which were quar- terly conferences for American and foreign students. A Race Relations committee on human rights in the University Dis- trict and throughout Seattle was also active during the ye ar. Members of the University YMCA Cabinet discuss the proposed new " Y " building. Victor Wong, Jani Maki and Bee De Lee compare goals of American and foreign students. .M U uccf sponsors classes on religion The United Campus Christian Studies program was an ex- pression of the common min- istry and concern of UCCF this year. Designed to meet the needs of students and faculty, these classes offered an intro- ductory study of the Bible, theology, faith and culture. UCCF also sponsored the Fall Film Series on campus which featured contemporary films followed by discussions. Established three years ago, the United Campus Christian Fellowship is currently com- posed of the Baptist Disciples Student Association, Calvin Club, Canterbury Club, Luth- eran Student Association, Pil- grim Club, Wesley Foundation and Westminster Foundation. Together they organize re- treats, workshops and lectures. Calvin Club, largest member of UCCF, sponsored a leadership banquet with the theme. " This University Under God. " 330 Protestants in the University community are united under UCCF. Students are introduced to studies of the Bible, theology, faith and culture in the Christian Studies program. ■ C V :.!:- • Jik 1. ■■v iwtjd ' M ' tin ryr, REFLECTIONS ON LIVING GROUPS remember when they came in the fall all idealists — knowing what they could devise they could do. rush broke the real from the ideal. some ran to hill cl ans 45th and north, to the dorms the others walked. pre-greeks seeking the badge, button or pin of college men — tweedy, pipey and booky . . . 333 ifc: hierarchy for the greeks IFC President Dave Scott confers with Al Ulbrickson, assistant dean of men and fra- ternity system adviser (left). Mrs. Jack Sperry (above), president of the Inter-Fra- ternity Mothers ' Conference, and Dave Scott congratulate Bruce H. Culver and David Mills, each receiving a $300 scholarship from the mothers ' group. 335 336 junior ifc passes constitution Junior Inter-fraternity Council President Joel Crosby (center below) led yearling Greeks in a drive to establish a perpetual pledge class scholarship tro- phy. JIFC also ratified a new constitution " insuring stability to the established standards of accomplishment. " The pledge class presidents of 32 male Greek houses made up JIFC. 337 Acacia members carry out motto of " Human Service " with gifts of roses to Chi Omega pledges. acacia transforms service into rosebuds i LkML Top Row: Dick Abrams, Jr; Alan Anderson, Fr; Michael Cain, Fr; Dan Carpenter, Fr; Leigh Erickson, Soph; Joe Ferrin, Fr; Bruce Gardiner, Sr; Fred Gunderson, Soph; Jack Haley, Jr. Second Row: Donald Hall, Grad ; Mahlon Hamilton, Fr ; Dwight Hartman. Jr; Duane Hopp, Grad; Harold Kolve, Sr; Eric Knudson, Jr; Kenneth Knudtson, Fr; Mike McBcth, Sr; Loren McCollon. Soph. Bottom Row: Larry May, Jr; Ed Nowak, Soph; Brent Olscn, Sr; William Pickles, Sr; Henry Schatz, Sr; James Stone, Jr; Richard N. Swanson, Sr ; Richard Tyrec, Sr; Jack Winthrow, Jr. 338 the ingroup: those inside the chimney- bricked houses covered with vine, the autumnal colors drained beautiful. they were rushed, wooed, prodded and pushed, finally freshmen were pledged. each selecting an elegant upper classman as his guide with a golden bough . . . 339 Craig Swanson plays Santa Claus at the annual Alpha Delta Phi - Chi Omega Christmas party, given for children with muscular dystrophy. Top Row: Jim Aaby Jr; Dwight Aden. Jr; Gordon Aden. Soph: Jim M. Anderson, Jr; Tom Bass, Sr; Bill Benish, Soph. Second Row: Kim Berg, Jr; Bob Borgford, Jr; Alex Borovikoff. Fr: Steve Boyle, Fr; Mike Buckley, Fr; Jack Burns, Fr. Bottom Row: Dan Bush, Soph; Dale Buskirk, Soph; Bob Camp. Jr; Tom Capell. Sr; Charles Carlson, Sr; Dick Carson, Jr. alpha delta phi takes Top Row: Bob Case, Jr; Nick Cooper, Fr ; John Cope, Sr ; Dave Covey. Soph; Frank Coyle. Jr; Dick Crosetto, Sr ; Frank Csepregi, Soph. Second Row: Hal Cunningham, Soph; Loren Davidson, Sr; J. S. DcBrulcr, Fr; Bob Desiluts, Fr; Greg Douville, Jr; Don Emcrick, Sr; John Feltis, Jr. Third Row: Tom Follis, Soph; Don Franklin, F " r ; Ron Fricke, Jr; Len Funk. Sr ; Larry Gove, Fr ; Bob Gunderson, Soph; Mark Harmon, Fr. Bottom Row: Henry Hellicscn, Soph; Nathan Higcr, Soph; Jim Hilbert. Fr; Don Hillenbrand, Sr; Chuck Holtz, Sr; Bob Hubbs, Soph; Ed Hudson, Sr. 340 Top Row: Jeff Ingman, Sr ; Dick Johnson, Sr; Barry Jones, Sr; Day Karr, Sr; John Keller, Fr : Mike Kennedy, Jr; Phil Killien, Jr; Phil Kinnaman, Fr; Gary Leal, Jr; Bob Lewis, Fr; Dave McLean, Fr. Second Row : Jim I. Mitchell, Sr; Brandy Nielsen, Sr; Brian Nielsen, Fr; Jack Nighbert, Jr; Malcolm Orkney, Soph; Jim R. Orr, Fr; Clarke Oster, Jr; Jim L. Peterson, Sr; Lael Peterson, Soph; Jim Pickins, Fr; Phil Ramey, Jr. Bottom Row: Doug Reitsch, Fr; Mike Riddell, Sr; Bob Rynd, Sr; Dan Schille, Soph; Chuck Schluter, Fr; Stan Schmid, Sr; Gil Schneider, Soph; Steve Shaw, Sr; William Sidner, Fr; Dave Sinclair, Fr; Dick Skeers, Fr. all ' men ' s title in songfest Top Row: Eric Skone, Fr; Byron Skubi, Fr; Craig D. Smith, Fr. Second Row: Jon Smith, Soph; Jack Sperry, Jr; Craig Swanson, Sr. Third Row: Eric Swanson. Fr; Neil Thompson, Fr; Pete Tronquet, Fr. Bottom Row: Tom Wall, Jr; Tim Weaver, Fr; Tom Whyte, Jr. 341 Cognizant of two foreign student-guests in the house this year, Alpha Kappa Lambda spon- sored a dinner and discussion on the differences in social customs around the globe. House guest, Supratik Bose, a graduate student in architec- ture from India, and Haluk Bekiroglu, a pledge from Turkey, inspired the interest. I foreign students stimulate exchange for alpha kappa lambda Top Row: Paul Ashman, Sr; George Barker, Fr ; Haluk Bekiroglu, Soph; Howard Bicklc. Kr; Supratik Bosc. Sr; Ted Divine, jr; Tal Guppy, Jr; Pat Hadficld. Jr; Keith Johnson, Jr. Bottom Row: Dan Kousbaugh, Jr; Dick Lcrvold, Jr; Paul McCormick. Grad; Bill MacDonald, Jr; Rnndy Mueller, Fr; Lowell Park, Sr ; Jim Russell, Soph; Dick Wolff, Jr; Ed Zimmerman, Jr. 342 Top Row: Les Anderson, Jr; Thomas Argyle, Sr; Don Axtell, Sr; Paul Beeghly, Jr; Richard Bendy, Jr; Charles Bonell, Jr; Robert Buell, Sr; John L. Butler, Soph; Don Corliss, Soph; Michael Craggs, Soph; Peter Davis, Fr. Second Row: Robert Eierman, Soph; Jack Elder, Jr; John Freeman, Jr; Kurt Hausafus, Soph; Steve HoUoway, Sr; Edward Hommel, Fr; Roger W. Johnson, Jr; Steve Lockwood, Jr; James McNay, Fr; Rick Malsed, Fr; Jerry Neary, Jr. Bottom Row: Stephen Nute, Fr; Pat O ' Brien, Soph; Steve Oldfield, Jr; Jack Page, Sr; Dennis Patrick, Jr; Mike Patrick, Jr; Thomas Pool, Jr; Wayne Pravitz, Sr; David Rathje, Jr; John Standley, Jr; Michale A. Taylor, Fr. dance draught enhance alpha sigma phi social life Lawrence Tew, Fr; Richard Tew, Soph; Steve Warner, Soph; James T. Webb, Sr. It ' s mug time at Alpha Sigma Phi — a group " mug shot " at a dance and the other kind afterwards. Alpha Tau Omegas toss a birthday wish to a brother. alpha tau omegas ha Top Row: Bob W. Alexander, Jr; Bob Ange. Fr; Kit Baker, Soph, Tom Benton, Fr; Bob Berg, Jr; Bill Bloomquist, Sr ; Mike Boyce, Fr; Bryan Brown, Sr; John M. Brown, Jr; John Buhler, Sr. Second Row: Ron Corcoran, Sr; George Coson, Sr ; Biff Crane, Fr ; Mike Darling, Fr; Woody Davidson, Sr ; Dave L, Davies, Jr; Bob Deacon, Soph; Wyatt Dreger, Fr ; Brian Fcnner. Fr; Bruce Fenner, Fr. Third Row: Hugh Flanary, Fr; Lou Fleming, Sr; Gary Foote, Sr ; Roger Francis, Soph; Gary Gallagher, Jr; LeRoy Goehner, Jr; Jeff Grant, Fr; Steve Grant, Sr; Monty Grau, Sr ; Dennis Graves, Jr. Fourth Row: Douglas Helm, Sr; Larry Helm, Fr; Terry Hennig, Jr; Stan Howe, Soph; Dan Hull, Soph; Tom S, Hyde, Sr ; Jerry Johnscn, Sr; Ed Kennell, Fr; Don Kilgore, Soph; Jerry Knight, Jr. Bottom Row: Norman Krebill, Soph; Dee Lamp, Jr; Denny Lane, Jr; John M. Lane, Soph; Paul Malmo, Fr; Ralph Martin, Sr; Jon McCurdy, Sr; Bill McGonagle, Soph; Chris Neils, Soph; Roger Olsen, Fr. 344 the big spirit Top Row: Doug Ostergaard, Soph; Jerry Parks, Soph; Steve Parmley, Fr; J. Steve Patterson, Soph; Gordy L. Peterson, Soph; Jerry L. Peterson, Soph; John Pletz, Soph; Jerry Pond, Fr; Jerry Rein, Sr ; Mike Schroedl, Jr; Dick Schubert, Soph. Second Row: Tom Sellers, Fr; Clyde Sherman, Soph; Mike Slaughter, Jr; Harold Smith, Fr; Dick Spencer, Soph; Marshal Stapp, Jr; George Steiner, Fr; Mike Strathern, Fr; Bill L. Taylor, Soph; Frank Taylor, Soph; Rob Thompson, Fr. Bottom Row: Don Timmerman, Jr; Per Valbo, Soph; Neil Viles, Jr; J. Mike Wade, Fr; Jim W. Walsh, Jr; Jerry Walton, Sr; James Ward, Sr ; Laird Whipple, Sr; Jim Willers, Soph; Delmar Williams, Jr; Bob B. Zimmerman, Soph. Progress on the homecoming sign is halted for a " spirited " break. fefVV m ■ 1 9; Betas pi cpare a few weapons for a Saturday football game. beta theta pi holds 1963 intramural Top Row: Ron Abrahamson, Soph; Lawrence Angelel, Sr; Clem Barnes, Soph; George Bennett, Soph; Jim W. Borrow, Soph; Ronald Boyd, Sr ; Dave BurrouRhs, Sr; Burton Carr, Jr. Second Row: Steve Chase, Fr ; Ward Clarke, Sr ; Jim Cockrell, Fr; Joe Cockrcll, Jr; Mike E. Cooper, Fr; Paul DiDonato, Fr ; Don Dysart, Fr; Dick Endcrs. Sr. Third Row: Donn Fassero, Jr; Tom Felkcr, Fr; Dan Fleissner. Fr ; Phil Fleming, Soph; Dale Gerring, Jr; Bob Griffiths, Fr; Bob Hacker, Soph; Mark Heinemann. Soph. Bottom Row: Pete Hill, Soph; Rick Hood, Jr; Carl Jacobson. Fr; Chuck Kinkade, Fr; Kim Kjobech, Jr; John Laughlin, Sr ; Dennis Lavinthal, Soph; Tom Lumsden. Jr. 346 trophies ..1 i . . Ji Cv v w ri ' Top Row: Art McKean, Jr; Robert McKinstry, Sr; Chuck Magsig, Jr; Lorian Marlantes, Jr; Dave Marriott, Jr ; Dick W. Miller, Fr; Darryl Milton, Soph; Jim Mirabell, Jr. Second Row: Nick Newlin, Fr; Bob Norquist, Soph; Rick Panowicz, Soph; Glen Paulson, Jr; Bob Pavalunas, Soph; John Polwarth, Fr; N. Peter Rockness, Jr; Bill Rogers, Fr. Third Row: Bill Roe, Fr ; Steve Rogel, Sr; Keith Russell, Fr ; Pen Satoris, Sr; Nick Schmidt, Jr ; Dave Schmitz, Soph; Gary Schreyer, Fr; George Sickel, Jr. Fourth Row: Gary Simonarson, Fr; Tom Sparks, Soph; Bob Stark, Jr; Randy Stenesen, Soph; Bill Stipek, Fr; Ed Stroble, Jr; Jim Taylor, Soph; Dick Van Law, Fr. Bottom Row: Jim Vatn, Soph; Jim Watson, Fr; Tom W. White, Fr; Jerry D. Williams, Fr; Steve N. Williams, Sr; Steve Wilson, Sr; Bruce Winter, Sr; Ron Wise. Fr. A living group can be a forum for discussion or just a place to hash over the day ' s events as Betas find out. 347 chi psi brothers frolic and luau Top Row: Mike Adair, Fr; Robert Baila, Sr; Gary Batie, Soph; Harold Bevers, Soph. Bottom Row: LeRoy Boyce, Sr; George Brastow, Soph; Walter Brown, Soph; Richard Camp- bell, Jr. Costumes were the custom at the house Hunter ' s Frolic in the winter. Charlie Brown and Lucy showed up for the party. T» ' - - -» mng mm Top Row: Darrell Clukey, Soph; Stephen J. Cook, Soph; Stephen Crane, Soph; William Flyg, Sr ; Robert Follett. Jr; David Giboney, Soph; John Gowdy, Jr; Jeff Griffiths, Fr; Clifford Hackney, Sr ; James Halvorsen, Soph; Michael Housh, Sr. Second Row: Donald Iverson. Jr; Michael Johnson, Sr ; Kenneth Kinyon, Jr; John I.indcl, Fr ; Richard Mason. Soph; John Morehouse, Jr; Frank Morrison, Jr; Kendall Neville, Jr; Uon.ild P.irks. Jr; Patrick, Jr; GeorKe Pease, Sr. Bottom Row: Eldor Pederson, Kr; Roger M. Pratt, Jr; Gary Randall, Soph; John Runberg, Sr; James Russell, Fr; Robert L. Russell, Jr; Shane Sanderson, Fr ; Allen Sykes, Soph; Stan Titus Jr; William Trandum, Sr; Gary Waterman, Sr. 348 Delta Chis discuss the pro- posed wing to be added over their swimming pool. delta chi plans building program for 1965 ' if Top Row: Efrain Andrews, Soph; Dennis Augustine, Sr; Mike Ayers, Jr; Ken Blumenthal, Fr: Bill P. Bonds, Soph; Dave Chandler, Soph; Leon Chickering, Jr; Eric Christierson, Fr; Ivan Christensen, Fr; Nick Daniggelis, Fr. Second Row: Don Davis, Soph; Nick Dobos, Jr; Jerry Edwards, Jr; Richard Edwards, Soph; Chris Edwardsen, Soph; Jim Ellis, Jr; Tom Fowle, Fr; Clark Gaines, Soph; Craig Groshart, Sr; Bill Hamilton, Sr. Third Row: Rodger Hanset, Fr; Kit Hawkins, Jr; Robert Hill, Soph; Jack HoUenback, Fr; Jim Hoodless, Fr; Bill Hudspeth, Fr; Bill Hughes, Jr; Bill Kinzig, Sr; Frank LaRue. Sr; Joe Lasby, Fr. Fourth Row: Reg Lester, Soph; Alan Lindstrum, Jr; Bob Litton, Jr; Sam Lockwood, Sr; Terry McCarthy, Fr; Robert Marley, Soph; Ed Mihalski, Sr; William Mitchell, Sr; Mike Morton, Jr; Steve Parry, Fr. Bottom Row: John Risley, Jr; John Rusin, Fr; Dick Sailors, Jr; Gary Schweikhardt, Sr; Kent Soffel, Jr; Wayne Streich, Jr; Eric Thoreson, Jr; Ron Van Pool, Jr; Brian Vervynck. Fr; Bill Wilkinson, Soph. 349 Beauties mix with botas at a Deke function. Later the house mixed with Inter-fraternity Council and lost its right to pledge in the fall. fj£££i Drexel Adkison, Jr; Gene Auerbach, Soph; Ted Benttinen, Jr; Mike Bledsoe, Soph; Ralph Bockmier, Soph; David Brumpton, Soph; Larry Carlson, Soph; Bob G. Clark, Soph; Steve Clarke, Sr; Bart Clennon, Sr. delta kappa epsilon pledge punch doesn t setde well with ifc Top Row: John David, Jr; Larry Dillon. Jr; John Dowling, Jr; Roger Ek, Jr; DeWelle EUs worth, Sr; Nick Fahcy, Jr; Bill Gilmore, Jr; Stephen Green, Jr; Bob Greenway, Soph; Don Hagcn, Soph; Bill Hahn, Soph. Second Row: John Hale, Soph; John Harvey, Soph; Bob Haugcn, Jr; Joseph Jacobs, Jr; Gordy Legg, Jr; Steve Legg, Soph; Jon Long, Sr; William Martin, Sr ; Tom Mathers, Soph; William Meade, Jr; Larry L. Peterson, Jr. Bcttom Row: Frank Radford, Jr; Jack Randall, Jr; Clark Rathke, Soph; Jeff Rhodes, Jr; Fred Sande, Jr; Philip Sande, Sr ; Jerald Smith, Sr; John Weston, Soph; Mike Williams, Sr; Ron Wisman, Soph; Ralph Zelkr, Sr. 350 the aggregate flowe into the dorms on the lower Washington campus and a roommate was given, each wary and suspicious of the other and those who settle for nothing less than to " change the conscious of our time, " are shocked to find the stone of haggett to call home . . . Millll -J ra s a r ft 44 iL M.JMK Top Row: Larry Alexander, Sr; Joe Allison, Fr; Rich J. Anderson, Soph; Ron Ayer, Soph; George Babbitt, Sr; Deck Barnes, Jr; Shelley Bennett, Sr; Glenn Berg, Fr; Knute Bert, Soph; Dan Berschauer, Soph. Second Row: Jim Beyers, Fr; Pete Bianchi, Soph; Fred Boshaw, Soph; Jim Bostwick, Jr; George Bray, Soph; Barry Broman, Soph; Doug H. Brown, Jr; Mike F. Brown, Fr; R. B. Calkins, Fr; Pete Castle, Fr. Third Row: George Compton, Jr; Chuck C. Cox, Fr ; Bruce H. Culver, Jr; Dennis Dahlin, Jr; Rex Davis, Grad; Joe P. Dawson, Sr ; Steve Deisher, Sr ; Ron Dietz, Sr; Steve Dillaway. Fr; Jerry Dokken, Soph. Fourth Row: Steve Ellis, Fr; Tom Fisher, Sr ; John Flynn, Sr ; Roger Garretson, Sr; George Geraghty, Fr; Joel Given, Fr; John Gordnier, Soph; Bill Greenfield, Fr; Bob Groeschell, Soph; Dave Guthrie. Jr. Bottom Row: By Hall, Sr; Rich Hammond, Soph; George Hawkins, Grad; Craig Hobbs, Fr; John Hopkins, Jr; Bob Howie, Soph: Glenn Johnson, Fr; Steve R. Johnson, Fr; Dave Kearns, Soph; Rich Kellogg. Fr. Top Row: John Kingston, Fr; Steve Kinnaman, Sr ; Bill Kirschner, Jr. Bottom Row: Bill Knight, Soph; Chuck McCaffree, Jr; Mike McCallum, Fr. 352 Top Row: Paull Mines, Sr; Greg Morris, Soph; Rod Newton, Sr; Jeff Noyes, Sr; Andy Ositis, Fr ; Gordon Phares, Fr; Gary Pietila, Sr; Carl Presley, Jr; Pete Preusser, Fr; Jerry Schoeggl, Fr; Rich Scriven, Fr. Second Row: Steve Sommerfeldt, Fr; Bob Stackhouse, Jr; Craig Stewart, Fr; Mike S. Stewart, Fr; Jack Tavenner, Sr; Scott Taylor, Jr; Bob Tucker, Jr; Gary Ullin, Soph; Phil Usher, Sr ; Gary Walker, Sr; Gordon Walter, Jr. Bottom Row: Larry Warner, Sr; John Webster, Sr; Dave Weller, Jr; Dennis Weller, Jr; Doug Whalley, Fr; Dave F. White, Fr; Tom G. White, Jr; Brian Widerski, Soph; Chuck Wiggins, Jr; Dave I. Williams, Sr ; Jerry Woolett, Sr. delta tau delta houses foreign student for seventh straight year German student Deitrich Krieghoff enjoys a Husky football game as Delt Roger Garretson points out the plays. ■ % Delts show the style that has won them the intramural ' olleyball championship two years in a row. 353 £ M Top Row: Jon Allsop, Jr; Hal Amick, Jr; Dave H. Anderson, Jr; Tim Arnold, Fr; Fred Baker, Soph; Howie Bargreen, Soph; John Braislin, Fr. Second Row: Jim Carr, Sr; Dick Carratt, Soph; Jerry Clark, Fr; Gary Cook, Sr; Jim Corbin, Sr; Dave Dahlke, Soph; Jim Dickens, Jr, Third Row: Steve Dinubilo, Fr; Don Doman, Fr; John Dumas, Soph; Bud Duncan, Soph; Ed Elliot, Jr; Wayne Engstrom, Soph; Craig Erken, Soph. Fourth Row: Dan Evans, Fr; Gary Gibson, Jr; Bob Glover, Jr; Rick Harvey, Soph; Cliff Hay, Jr; Fred Hellberg, Soph; Steve Henderson, Sr. Fifth Row: Tom Hendrickson, Fr; Steve Hirsh, Fr; Bob Hoppe, Sr; Jerry Huxford. Soph; Craig Imrie, Fr; Joe Jalbert, Fr; Loren Johnson, Soph. Bottom Row: Bill Kinnish, Soph; Larry Lambert, Fr; Jack Ludwick, Fr; Quayle Lusty, Soph; Skip Maino, Soph; Ron Martin, Soph; Jack Mathews, Jr. delta upsilon DU swim team poses with its trophy after winning the intramural swim championship. Top Row: Don Miles, Sr ; Tom Mills, Sr; Don Nohlc, Sr; Mike O ' Neil. Soph; Mike Faddcn, Fr; Jamie Parsons, Sr; Dewey Pasquini, Jr; Curt Pearson, Sr ; Rich Perry. Fr. Bottom Row: Rich Pettit. Sr ; Neal Phillips, Soph; Brian Putra, Soph; Ron Rafter. Jr; Jack Reber, Soph; Steve Reeves, Jr; Pete Ronhard. Jr; Jack Rhodes, Fr; Mark Richards, Soph. 354 £ L £. K l £ i L Top ?ow; Dave Richardson, Soph; Don Romain, Soph; Tracy Scott, Soph; Bruce Seaton, Jr; Bob Siblerud, Soph; John Smith, Soph; Parker Smith, Soph. Second Row: Tom Solberg, Soph; Bob Stewart, Sr; Jack Swanson, Jr; Jim Swartley, Soph; Jim Taylor, Soph; Dennis Voll, Soph; Dave Waggoner, Soph. Bottom Row: Bob Wahlers, Soph; Steve Wall, Fr; Frank Watkins, Fr; Scott Wilson, Soph; Steve W. Wilson, Soph; Ken Wright, Fr; Tom Wylie, Soph. iptures swimming and scholarship trophies fJI.kkk L A ££ £££! ££££li Top Row: Bob S. Anderson, Fr; Lin Applequist, Soph; Al Atkinson, Jr; Steve Barkas, Jr; Keith Battleson, Soph; Rick Heeler, Soph. Second Row: Kirk Beiningen, Sr; Al Berry, Sr; Steve Blake, Jr ; John Brcnnan, Sr ; Darrell Gotten, Fr; Stan Dabney, Sr. Third Row: Joe Dunford, Sr; Bill Erickson, Sr; Rick M. Erickson, Jr; Karl Farstad, Fr; Gary Fasano, Soph; Pete Galloway, Fr. Bottom Row: Pete Graham, Fr; Terry Graham, Fr; Jim Heaverlo, Fr; Bill Hodgson, Fr; Dick Homme, Soph; Fred Howard, Sr. Who misplaced the cook? — Kappa Sigs in their re- modeled dining room. kappa sigma reforms in preparing to eat evening Top Row: Bob Irwin, Jr; Gerry Jones, Soph; Joe Kilmer, Jr; Pete Kintner, Soph; Gaylon Kipp, Jr; Lane Kirkpatrick, Jr; Walt Kisner, Sr; Ron Kramis, Jr; Bill Kreager, Soph; Frank Kukla, Sr; Jack Lane, Fr. Second Row: Bob Leland, Soph; Jay McCain, Sr; Earl McFarland, Soph; John McGuire, Jr; Ernie Manewal, Grad; Knut Martinsen, Jr; Bill Maschmeier, Fr; John Maynard, Sr ; John Murnen, Fr; Roger Newell, Sr; Dick Odell. Sr. Bottom Row: John Okerman, Jr; Bill Oldenburg, Fr; Bill Pangburn, Soph; Phil Person, Sr; Bruce Pollock, Jr; Dave Rhea. Soph; Doug Robberson, Sr; Phil Rochelle, Fr; Pete Roman, Sr; Tom Ruebel, Sr; Sandy Sanford, Soph. r t. __ r M. d l r " N v-7 ' p , F K , C-5 i| T J ' rn C% P P Jf M pAi !m i M, hi h rki fk J J r c i - fg r i " f r f ' ' r fm K- 1-! L L-.l prj K " ' r) ' P- V " W Ki 54. ' VmI iM. kl rL Rfel ,1, M. J L fj hi i.1 gJ i. g. £ ii 356 ( ■ - -—i ' V V ' Pre-construction dining room was the scene of many parties. meal Top Row: Jeff Selby, Soph; John Selby, Jr; Dan Silvestri, Soph; Scott Stinebaugh, Fr ; Cal Sumner, Sr. Second Row: Hal VanGilder, Fr; Ken Wagner, Soph; Bob Warne, Fr; Liv Wernecke, Sr; Rick L. White, Soph. Bottom Row: Dan Wilson, Fr; Don H. Wilson, Sr; Ken Wilson, Sr; Court Worley, Fr; Neal Zimmerman, Grad. lambda chi alpha boasts intramural hoop championship MSA High-leaping Lambda Chi shows the skill that gained his team last year ' s intramural basketball championship. 358 Top Row: Mike Adams, Jr; Raleigh AnKst. Jr; Ron Appel, Jr; John ArmstronR, Fr. Second Row: Eric Basse. Soph; Jeff Bcaupain. Fr; Bob Bergstrom. Sr; Karl Blom. Fr. Third Row: Tom Brigham, Sr; Jim Brown, Sr; Tom Brown, Fr; Gary Butler. Fr. Fourth Row: Steve Caldwell, Fr; Jim Carlson. Fr; Bob Cramer. Sr ; Don Cramer. Fr. Fitth Row: Rusty Davis. Soph; Jim DeMilita. Sr; Mike Dorman, Fr; Rich Eger. Jr. Sixth Row: Wayne English. Sr; Rich Franks, Jr; Bruce Gibson, Soph; Paul Gibson, Soph. Bottom Row: Lew Green, Fr; John Hall, Fr ; Pete Harris. Sr; Gary Hemingway. Jr. Robinson Crusoe and cohorts cavort at Lambda Chi Alpha ' s annual Shipwreck Dance. I£M£ Top Row: Mike Hlastala, Soph; Marty Hotvet, Soph; Steve Hungerford, Fr; Bob Josephson, Soph; Russ Juckett, Jr; Tom Krilich, Sr; Norm Lamp, Fr; Norm Leatha, Fr ; Loren Lofgren, Fr; John Lucin, Jr; Dick Manning, Soph. Second Row: Harley Moberg, Jr; Mark Nelson, Sr; John Newell, Jr; Tom Ormiston, Soph; Don Oxwang, Jr; Gary Pletz, Soph; John Porter, Jr; Fred Postovit, Fr; Bill Reynolds, Fr; Ron Ripley, Soph; John St. John, Sr. Third Row: Kenneth Sargent, Soph; Don Schindler, Jr; Ed Sengel.Sr; Jim Sims, Soph; Pat Skinner, Jr; Don M. Smith, Jr; Ed Stan- ford, Sr; Ken Stanford, Fr; Jeff Steele, Sr; Bill Stewart, Sr; Robert Taylor, Soph. Bottom Row: Arnie Troeh, Jr; Jim A. Turner, Fr; Norm Turrill, Jr; Doug Walker, Fr; Paul Walters, Soph; Bob Watt, Jr; John Wedeberg, Fr; Bob Welden, Fr; Jim Wonn, Fr; Ed Woollen, Soph; Jerry Zitkovitch, Soph. 359 House administration develops leadership qualities. Phi Delts endeavor to initiate class unity through a mature pledge program by directing pledges in annual community service projects. phi delta theta aims for mature pledge program ' %K Top Row: Bob M. Alexander, Fr ; George Alexander, Soph; John Allee, Jr; John B. Baker, Jr; Don Barnes, Kr; Karl Blade, Fr; Wayne Blair, Fr; Brion Bloomberg, Sr; Stan Brand, Soph; Mike Briggs, Sr; Bob Burnside. Soph. Second Row: Ole Carlson, Fr; Brian Claudon, Fr ; Steve Clayton, Fr; Tom Clayton, Sr; Jeff Cushman, Fr ; Jim David, Jr; Bud Denton, Fr; Bob Enquist, Soph; Don Flynn, Soph; John Folsom, Soph; Robin Gaukroger, Fr. Third Row: Chuck Gordon, Soph; Coburn Grabenhorst, Fr; Robbie Heinz, Sr; Tim Heppenstall. Fr; Darrell Hostvedt, Soph; Bob Hovee, Jr; Bruce Hubbard, Fr; Jim Hubbard, Sr ; Bill Hutchinson, Soph; Larry Iverson, Soph; Paul Jackson, Sr. Fourth Row: Dennis Johansen, Fr; Don Johnson, Fr; Ron H. Johnson, Sr; Tom Keigley, Fr ; John Kirkebo, Sr; Jerry Knoll, Sr ; Jon Knoll, Sr ; Jamie Koon, Soph; Ken KruU, Soph; John Lamberg, Soph; Philip Lane, Fr. Bottom Row: Jim Langus, Jr; Nick Lapins, Soph; Warren Lewis, Soph; Al Libke, Soph; Don Lorentz, Sr ; John Lundin, Jr; Greg Lutcher, Soph; Carlos Luzuriaga, Jr; Russ McCracken, Fr ; Jerry Malone, Fr; Dave Mandley, Soph. 360 Top Row: Mike A. Martin, Jr; Curtis Meslang, Fr; Rick Meslang, Soph; William Montgomery, Fr; Brandt Morgan, Fr; Mick Nordquist, Sr ; Rob Norrie, Soph. Bottom Row: Lee Oatey, Soph; Dave Paul, Fr; George Phillips, Fr; Jim Pritchett, Sr; Bruce Pym, Sr; Bill Rademaker, Sr; Dick Reinking, Soph. Top Row: Stew Riley, Soph; Joe Ryan, Sr; Mike Ryan, Soph; Stan Savage, Fr; Richard Semon, Soph. Second Row: Dave Senner, Soph; Larry Sharp, Sr; Gary Sirmon, Jr; Rick Smidt, Sr; Dave S. Smith, Jr. Third Row: Bruce Solibakke, Soph; Phil Souder, Fr; Gary Stackhouse, Soph; Mike Stansbury, Jr; Bill Stephan, Jr. Fourth Row: Mike Stuart, Fr; Steve Taylor, Fr; Dalton Thomas, Jr; Nicholas Thomle, Fr; Ernie Ufer, Soph. Bottom Row: John Vynne, Soph; Tom Waugh, Soph; Dave L. Williams, Fr; Gary Willms, Soph; Rick S. Wilson, Jr. A sunny day finds Phi Delts lounging beside their recently completed addition. 361 phi gamma delta: stronger brotherhood through secrecy JM£f. Top Row: Grant Abbott, Fr; Jim Aikins, Jr; Dan Arnim, Fr; Rob Austin, Soph; James Baker. Soph; Tom Barrett, Jr; Dan Baty, Jr; Carl Beck, Fr; Doug Betzold, Fr; Pat Biggs, Jr; Dave Bingham, Jr. Second Row: Mark Buckingham, Fr; Ward Buckingham. Jr; Center Case, Fr; Steve Chapin, Fr; Mike Charles, Soph; Rick Craven, Grad; Kelly Crick, Sr ; Bob Crook, Jr; Barry Davidson, Jr; Leigh Davidson, Fr; John Day, Soph. Third Row: John Doces, Jr; Ken Dzied ic, Jr; Jon Eggc, Jr; Dave English, Sr ; Ric Evans, Sr; Colin Fox, Soph; Woody Fritz, Fr Steve Galbraith, Fr; Fred Gall, Soph; Steve Gattis, Fr; James Geist, Soph. Fourth Row: Bill Gravrock, Fr; Dean Gray, Sr; Jackie Gray, Soph; Ron Hansen, Fr ; Stewart Hazlet, Sr; James Hermsen, Fr Smith Hogsett, Sr; Jim Howard, Fr ; Morton Hurt, Fr ; Kip Ingham, Sr; Kim Ireland, Soph. Filth Row: Ron Jacobson, Fr; Jorgcn Jensen, Fr; Jan Johannes, Fr ; James Keppler, Jr; Kris King. Jr; Laird Konker, Soph Steve Kraemer, Fr ; Dave Leaver, Jr; Richard Lehmann, Soph; Glenn Liflick, Sr ; Ray Lindsfrom, Jr. Bottom Row: Jack Lynch, Jr; Bob G. MacDonald, Sr; Charlie Mangham, Soph; Colin Miller, Sr ; Mike Miller. Jr; James W Morgan, Jr; Pat Munter, Jr; Gary Neumann, Jr; Ron Nicholson, Sr; Dave Nicmi. Fr; Larry Olsen. Fr. 362 • Top Row: Pete Ozanne, Soph; Pete Peterson, Jr; Jeff Pickard, Jr. Second Row: Bob Picou, Soph; Jon Runstad, Sr; David Sander, Fr. Third Row: Steve Sander, Sr; Rich- ard Settle, Sr; Warren Slem- mons, Fr. Fourth Row: Craig Smith, Jr; Chuck Spalding, Jr ; Erick Sten, Fr. Fifth Row: Ed Swift, Fr; Dean Tinker, Fr ; Robert Trimble, Sr. Sixth Row: Robert Ward, Fr; Ken Wesche, Fr; Art Wicks, Soph. Bottom Row: Ron Wilderman, Jr; Robert Winquist, Soph; Tim Yaryan, Fr. Fijis and dates " drop in " to their pledge dance. 363 £££liM£g£ Top Row: Chuck Adelseck, Fr; Lew Berry, Jr; David Bezanilla, Sr; Steve Block, Sr; Jay Boreen, Soph; Neil Bolting, Sr; Ed Brackett, Fr; Fred Brown, Sr; Bob Bryan, Sr; John Burdette, Fr. Second Row: Jack Burk, Sr; Dick Busey, Sr; Al Cady, Fr; Carl Christopherson, Jr; John Crawford, Jr; Bill Creech, Soph; Jim Crowley, Fr; Terry Dahl, Fr; Keith Dearborn, Soph; Burt Dimon, Soph. Bottom Row: John Drath, Jr; Randy Ellerbrook, Soph; John Epler, Sr; Ed Finnigan, Fr; Art Fletcher, Jr; Jack Gilk, Jr; Gary Glein, Jr; Louis Goldmann, Fr; John Hawthorne, Jr; John Hemphill, Soph. phi kappa psi cops intramural loving championship M i£££ Top Row: John Hilt, Sr ; Joel Hoag, Fr; Gary House, Sr; Jeff A. Howard, Soph; Clark Hurlbut, Sr ; Roger Hurlbut, Jr; Loren Jangaard, Soph; Barry Katzcn, Fr ; Mike Kelly, Sr ; Pete Kelly, Soph. Second Row: Roy Kendrick, Fr; Fred Kneipp, Soph; Byron Knight, Soph; Gary Lancaster, Sr ; Larry Larsen, Jr; Ed Lawrence, Sr ; Alvin Lawson, Soph; Gil Leiendecker, Jr; John Llewellyn, Jr; Stu Mathison, Fr. Bottom Row: Doug Montgomery, Jr; Clark Mounsey, Sr ; Steve Murphy, Soph; Pat O ' Farrell. Fr; Gary Parker, Jr; Jim Possehl, Soph; Dan Pretare, Sr ; Clark Robinson, Soph; Neal Robinson, Sr ; Tony Schwab, Jr. 364 The hazards of love are written on a pinned brother ' s face. ■ Kff . M J A Top i?ow; Don Smiset, Jr; Dave Sommers, Soph; Evan Steensland, Sr; Mike Stein. Sr; Rod Stroope, Fr; John Sweet, Jr; Dave Sylling. Sr. Second Row: Robby L. Thompson, Sr; Steve Thronsen, Soph; Art Tokin, Soph; Roger TuUoch, Sr; Russ Tye, Soph; Jim Van Fredenberg, Soph; Jim Vincent. Jr. Bottom Row: Jim Walters. Soph; Steve Werts. Fr ; Dick Westgard. Jr; Rich Wiley, Jr; Bob Wilkinson, Soph; Jeff Wood. Soph; Don Woods. Sr. 365 c Group spirit penetrates all Phi Kap activities, from football games to Christmas projects for an orphanage. Phi Kaps don beachcombing clothes for Top Row: Dick Allen, Jr; Dave Amundson, Sr; Thomas Arnold, Fr ; Don Bassett, Fr; Gary Bennett, Soph; Bob Benson, Fr; Dick Beresford, Fr; Chuck Boggess, Jr; Bill Brantley, Fr; Mike Brown, Fr; Bill Carter, Fr. Second Row: William Connell, Soph; Dick Cushing, Soph; Jim DeMocko, Soph; Tom DeMocko, Fr; Bruce Donaldson, Fr; Craig Edwards, Jr; Dave Edwards, Fr ; Clif Ericson, Sr; Rick Fonceca, Fr; Bruce Fyfe, Fr ; Frank Glenn III, Jr. Third Row: Ross Gralia, Jr; Chuck Gray, Jr; Bob Hagerman, Fr; Gordon Hamilton, Fr; Oliver Hidden, Jr; Tom Hope, Fr; Jeff Howard, Sr; Jim Irwin, Fr; Bruce A. Johnson, Soph; Micheal Kessler, Fr; James Lamont. Jr. Fourth Row: Bill Lane, Fr; Steve Lant, Sr; Thorn Lupton, Fr; Braid MacDonald, Jr; Robert Marcelynas, Soph; Bill Maxam, Soph; Stan Means, Fr; Mark Melby, Soph; Denny Neal, Jr; Bill Nichols, Jr; Gary Niemann, Jr. Bottom Row: Darryl North, Soph; Richard Olsen, Sr; Bob Olson, Fr ; Larry Pizzalato, Soph; John Price, Jr; Dan Purnell, Fr; Clayton Radke, Soph; Ronald Rennemo, Jr; Doug Reymore, Soph; Gene Richardson, Sr; Bob Schellhase, Fr. 366 their cruise on the Virginia V. Top Row: Chuck Schoning, Sr ; Jerry SkuUerud, Jr; Ron Slenes, Sr. Second Row: Terry Stevens, Soph; Hugh Stroh, Jr; Ron Sudderth, Sr. Third Row: Bob E. Taylor, Sr; Arnie Thornblade, Fr; Chuck Trimble, Fr. Fourth Row: Bill Trudgain, Fr; Rick Turkian, Fr; Jim Varon, Soph. Bottom Row: Stan Vogelsang, Jr; Don Wilson, Fr; Dave Zumek, Sr. phi kappa sigma activities range from football to philanthropy That touch of Tahiti provided the southseas atmosphere for a Phi Kap luau Barry Ballard. Jr; Gerald Betzold, Sr; William Bond, Jr; Robert Brown, Jr; Robert Campbell, Jr ; Robert Fjelstad, Jr; Bruce Gilbert, Fr: Walt Hackett, Jr; John Hess, Fr; Wayne Horton. Soph. phi kappa taus work toward establishment of city park Thij Swept Wing Inn was the setting for Phi Kappa Tau ' s spring formal, the annual Caruaiiou Lall. fA Claude Key, Jr; Kelly McKennon. Soph; K.irol M.itc. Kr; Robert Koad. Soph: Theodore Redman. Jr; John Rivas, Fr ; DouKlas Stillman, Soph; James Todd, Fr ; John Warren. Jr. 368 £ B.M.S£.m £5I1£M££ Top Row: John Aramburu, Fr; Daniel Arnold, Sr; Richard Ayres, Soph; Richard Ballinger, Jr; David Barnette, Sr; Brad Bengson, Fr; Bruce Bille, Grad; James Buhler, Jr; John Cahill, Sr ; Wayne Cahill, Soph. Bottom Row: Lawrence Carney, Jr; Michael Clement, Fr; Michael Collins, Fr; Marvin Douglass, Soph; Richard A. Ericksen, Fr; Arthur Gourlay, Fr; Anthony Hamilton, Soph; Calvin Hart, Jr; Ben Heeb, Sr; Douglas Holmen, Jr. pi kappa alpha lives up to its name as the friendly fraternity Pike " riot squad " prepares for a serenade on an unsuspecting sorority. Top Row: Jeremy Jones, Soph; Jerrold Jones, Soph; John Lackstrom, Jr; Jay Larson, Jr; George Lewis, Soph; George Lindgren, Jr; John McDonald, Sr; James Moore, Jr; Thomas Nelson, Soph; Lynn Nothdurft, Sr; Douglas Passey, Jr. Bottom Row: Michael Pingrey, Fr; Robert Redfield, Jr; Dennis Rose, Fr; Charles Rust, Fr; John Stringer, Jr; Walter Stuteville, Soph; James Sutter, Jr; Richard Triebel, Fr; Gregory Tutmark, Soph; Charles Ward, Fr; David Woods. Jr. 369 Top Row: Rick Acton, Fr; Dennis Alwine, Fr; Dana Andrews, Soph. Second Row: Steve Bauer, Fr; John Berg, Soph; Robert Betts, Jr. Third Row: Roy Brewster, Fr; William Brown, Sr; Mark Caldwell, Soph. Fourth Row: Thomas Cardwell, Jr; Steven Cheney, Soph; Bruce Cleveland, Soph. Fifth Row: John Cleveland, Sr; Steven Coon, Fr; Alan Corner, Sr. Sixth Row: Lester Cour, Fr; David Croly, Sr; Steven Dennis, Fr. Bottom Row: Ronald Dickinson, Jr; Richard Ditlevson, Soph ; Mike Dmitriev, Fr. Top Row: Bruce Dodds, Jr; Randy Etherington. Soph; Jeffrey Everett, Fr; Thomas Forbes, Jr; Robert Frazier, Fr; Duane Frederic, Sr; John Gallup, Soph. Second Row: Gary Garrett, Jr; Jon Gibson, Fr; Rick Guyles, Fr; James Hamstreet, Jr; Robert Hard, Soph; John Hardcastle, Fr; Ray Harwick, Fr. Third Row: Richard Heaton, Jr; Rob Hemingson, Fr; William Herlin, Sr; Craig Hermann, Fr; Jim James, Jr; Dan Jensen, Jr; Dave Jensen, Soph. Bottom Row: Kenneth Kardong, Jr; James Kipper, Jr; Larry Law, Fr; Clayton Lofthus, Fr; Gene Long, Soph; Lee Loveland, Jr; Marty Lybecker, Fr. psi upsilon responds to tougher school with concentrated study 370 Psi U members " brainstorm " on a physics problem. M Top Row: Barry McCall, Soph; James McCullough, Fr; Dennis McPoland, Sr; Bruce Martin, Fr; George Martin, Sr; Lynn Martin, Sr ; Dave Matthews, Jr; George Moscrip, Soph; Sam Murray, Fr; John Osman, Soph. Second Row: Joe Parker, Soph; Gordon Parkhill, Sr; Clarence Pautzke, Fr; Jim Philip, Fr ; Matt Picinich, Sr; Verne Purvines, Soph; Ken Ryan, Fr ; John Schmitt, Soph; Robert Schuck, Sr; Norm Scott, Soph. Third Row: Rob Scribner, Fr; Doug Shearer, Fr; Mike Smith, Soph; Peter Smith, Fr; Charles Sollitt, Jr; Richard Stephan, Soph; Douglas Stewart, Sr; Brian Storie, Fr; Gordon Theriault, Fr; Jeff Thompson, Soph. Bottom Row: Michael Wade, Sr ; Robert Walker, Jr; John Walsh, Jr; Robert Waltz, Fr; Gary Welch, Fr; Robert Whitney, Jr; Tom Wickersham, Soph; Douglas Wilkey, Fr; John Williams, Jr; Tony Zubik, Jr. The ten o ' clock break is a time for the piano or for bridge. Civil engineers-to-be look for ways to make a feasible rapid transit monorail system for the Seattle area. I Top Row: Jim Aardal. F r; Rich Amen, Jr; Jack Anderson, Fr; Bill Baker, Jr; Dave Bergstrom, Fr; Dave Billings, Fr; Rob Blair, Jr. Second Row: Gary Brandt, Soph; Bill Branom, Fr; Steve Branom, Soph; George Brown, Jr; Chuck Buell, Fr; Lang Bunker, Fr; Charlie Burdell, Soph. Bottom Row: Tom Carlile, Soph; Tom Clarke, Fr; Terry Copple, Fr; Steve Courtney, Soph; Charles DeVore, Jr; Chris Doces, Sr; Rick Dolwig, Soph. Little Sisters of Minerva chat with their SAE brothers. Top Row: Michael Duppenthaler, Sr; Jack Frei, Fr; Bill Gaeth, Fr; Rick Gavin, Jr; Don Gessel. Jr; Grady Gray, Fr; Rocky Greer, Jr; Don Hansen, Sr; Dan Hauff, Sr; Bill Hayden, Soph. Second Row: Bert Holeton, Fr; Gene Hoyle, Jr; Art Jacobsen, Soph; Curt Janhunen, Jr; Rick L. Johnson, Fr; Tim Johnson, Soph; Tod Kinley, Fr; Rich Kirchner, Fr; Judd Kirk, Soph; Steve Kirk, Fr. Third Row: Leon Klube, Fr; Clif Knudsen, Sr ; Bob Larne, Fr ; Ned Lawson, Sr ; Mark Lundberg, Fr; Dick McBroom. Sr; John McGregor, Fr; Jim Metcalfe, Fr; Tom Norkool, Soph; Bill Oliver, Fr. Bottom Row: Mike Ostrom, Sr ; Steve Pease, Jr; Marty Peterson, Sr; Jeff Plant, Soph; Wayne Poulsen, Soph; John Richards, Fr ; Bruce Roen, Soph; Tom Rohn. Soph; Glen Russell, Fr ; Jim Sampson. Jr. LMr. i£££M£ M L£MI 372 Sigma alpha epsilon expansion program reaches completion Keeping the SAE lions gold is a never-ending task. Here they receive a face lifting along with the chapter house which sports a new addition this year. Top Row: Steve Sanford, Fr; Bill Scott, Jr; Jack Stokes, Sr; Lee Stubbe, Sr. Second Row: Steve Tsukuno, Fr; Kirk Usher, Soph; Jim Vandenberg, Soph; Art Van Rooy, Jr. Third Row: Ted Vollstedt, Fr; Phil Ward, Fr; Gary Webster, Jr; Ross Whitney, Fr. Bottom Row: Rob Wilcox, Soph; Dave Worthing- ton, Jr; Tom Youngs, Soph; Rick Zweibel, Jr. r sigma alpha mu charters rose bowl special Roger Bass. Fr; Barney Blattc, Soph; Chuck Blumenfeld, Soph; Dick Brody. Soph; Chuck Caplan, Soph; Jerome Chiprut, Fr. The Rose Bowl kicked off a Sammie drive to Pasadena via charter bus and lots of cheers. iiiSM Mi£M£f.f.£i Top Row: Mike J. Copper, Soph; Lee Cordova. Sth Yr; Irvin DeLeon, Sr ; Harvey Deutsch. Soph; Harold Diamond, Soph; Harold Diskin, Sr; Dan Eskenazi, Fr; Bob Friedman, Jr; Jeff Goldberg, Sr; Stephen Goldman, Fr; Dennis Hardy. Fr. Second Row: Paul Hecker. Soph; Bob Israel, Soph; Al Jacobson, Sr; John Kalin, Fr; Don Lazoff, Sr; Charles Mann, Fr; Jeff Morris, Sr ; Marv Negrin, Soph; Irv Pass, Soph; Bob Porad. Fr; Dan Romey. Fr. Bottom Row: Michael Roney, Jr; Harry Rubin, Fr; Don Sanders, Fr ; Stewrart Schuster. Soph; Bob Sherman, Fr; Quentin Steinberg, Fr; Craig Sternberg, Fr; Mike Venar, Soph; Rodney Waldbaum, Fr; Gerald Wcincr. Soph; Paul Wienir, Sr. 374 all learn through social suffering the group tongue spit at the shivering pledge forcing him to a morning swab. and the dorm floor moved silently by leaving the freshman sealed in his self . . . V ' Sweetheart of Sigma Chi " Shirley Weber receives her badge from 1962 sweetheart Judy Sceva at Harrison Hot Springs. Canada. sigma chi sponsors Top Row: Dick Acheson, Soph; Warren Banks, Sr; Brian Barry, Soph; John Bergerson. Jr; Fritz Bowman. Sr; Kent Carthey. Jr; John Chaffins, Jr; Ken Colman. Fr; Biff Dane, Jr; Van Deming. Sr; Erwin Dow, Sr. Second Row: Bill Endcrlein, Fr; Jim Ford. Sr ; Phil Foster. Sr ; Chuck Garrett. Sr ; Dick Gilbert. Fr; Phil Grindley. Sr; Ted Haggblom, Fr ; George Hammond. Sr; Whitney Hammond. Fr ; Mike Healey. Jr; Larry Hoeren. Soph. Bottom Row: Dennis Helmick, Soph; Mike Hess, Jr; Larry Hougcn. Kr; Jim Hunt. Jr; Gary R. Johnson. Soph; Nick Kaiser, Jr; Dave Klein, Jr; Gordy Lagerquist, Jr; Bud LeRoy. Soph; Frank Lindsay. Fr ; Joseph Lyons. Soph. 376 Feathers, milk, sawdust and coeds " flew " as sorority girls battled for the trophy in Sigma Chi ' s third annual " Derby Day. " third annual derby day contest Mi£ Top Row: Roy McCready, Sr; Jerry McDonald, Fr; Tom McKee, Fr. Second Row: Don McPhee, Sr; Jerry Mackenzie, Jr; Mark Master- son, Soph. £££S ' k i rs 377 Top Row: Harry Abel, Fr; Ted Aksnes, Soph; John Alskog, Soph. Second Row: Norm Anderson, Jr; Larry Asmann, Fr; Wayne Badovinus, Jr. Third Row: John S. Callahan, Fr; Dan Carmichael, Fr; Thomas Casey, Sr. Bottom Row: Jon Christofferson, Sr; Bob D. Clark, Soph; Ken Collins, Soph. r A speaker from CORE (Congress of Racial Equality) explains his or- ganization ' s views on civil rights. Informal discussions of current issues have been a part of Sigma Nu ' s program for several years. sigma nu explores imM Top Row: Pat Connors, Fr ; John Coombs, Fr; Tom Dailcy, Fr; Rich Dawson, Jr; Jon Day, Soph; Les Dicks. Fr; Bill Dichl Corky Diseth, Fr; Bruce Edgerton, Jr; Frank Etter, Fr ; Dayton Finnigan, Jr. Second Row: Brian Frederick, Soph; Rick Gilbert, Fr; Tom Green, Jr; Jerry Griffith, Fr; Doug Hadley, Jr; Jim Haggerty Mike Haggerty, Jr; Tim Hagman, Jr; Doug Hall, Sr ; Gary Harris, Jr; Gordy Harris, Fr. Bottom Row: Larry Hartford, Soph; Jim Hermann, Soph; Ralph Hoard, Soph; Mike Hoare, Soph; John Holmberg, Soph; Huebschman, Jr; Corky Jackson, Sr; Jay Jacobscn, Fr ; Jim Jaquct, Sr ; Jim Jcffryes. Jr; John John, Fr. 378 , Sr; , Sr; Dick : Jii MM Top Row: Jim Johnston, Jr; Jeff Jordan, Fr; Randy Keller, Fr; Bruce Korus, Fr; Roger Korus, Jr. Second Row: Sandy Koski, Jr; Rod Kovick, Soph; Bob Lanning, Soph; Skip Law, Soph; Pete Leach, Soph. Third Row: Bruce Livingstone, Jr; Ron Lorentzen, Soph; Gary Ludwick, Jr ; Dan McDonald, Jr; Dick Mariani, Fr. Bottom Row: George Mehaffey, Soph; Hal Miller, Soph; Kurt Mondloch, Soph; Lyle Norwood, Soph; Mike O ' Connor, Soph. contemporary issues M %£M£ Top Row: Dave Onkels, Soph; Harv Palmer, Fr; Bill Parker, Fr; Mac Parker, Jr; Omar Parker, Fr ; Al Pemberton, Soph; Dave Pendergraft, Fr; Jim P. Perkins, Jr; Dan Phillips, Fr; Jay Phillips, Fr; Tom Quigg, Jr. Second Row: Sky Records. Jr; Jeff Rhebeck, Fr; Bruce Richards, Jr; Barry Rochefort, Soph; Bob Royal, Fr; Ron Seaman, Soph; Dave Semple, Fr; Jim Sherman, Fr; Doug Sherry, Soph; Phil Shinnick. Jr; Steve Singer, Jr. Bottom Row: George Smylie, Fr; Dick Spence, Fr; Norm Spencer, Sr; Van Swarthout, Fr; Tom Teel, Jr; Bill Thomas, Jr; Stuart Thompson, Sr ; Larry Tracy, Soph; Tim Verhoef, Soph; Joey Wilson, Jr; Dave York, Sr. 379 !1% Top Row: David Ahlberg, Fr; Robert Aliverti; Jr; James G. Anderson, Soph; Gary Baker, Fr; Ronald Baker, Jr; Bruce Barr, Jr; Richard Bates, Sr; Dale Bloomquist, Soph; William Brooks, Fr; Robert I. Buell, Soph; Jerry Busick. Sr. Second Row: Mel Carlson, Jr; Ray Castor, Jr; Cliff Chamberlain, Soph; Garry Crocker, Jr; Kirby Crocker, Soph; James Daly, Soph; Thomas Demco, Sr; Donald Durr, Sr; Robert Durr, Soph; Jerry Erickson, Jr; Michael Fadden, Jr. Bottom Row: Steven Faust, Jr; David Fillinger, Jr; J. David Finholm, Jr; Donald Fisher, Soph; John Fluke, Sr; Michael Friedman, Fr; Ben Gillingham, Fr; Paul Gillingham, Jr; Tom Gilpin, Jr; Andrew Goulding, Jr; Malcom Graham, Sr. Speakeasy and saloon mix at J h W JS Sigma phi epsilon fc M k M MJ MtSm pledge dance fp ' PT t!Xg O. Top Row: Jeff Hahn, Soph; Robert Hancock. Soph; John Hardman, Fr Halleck Hodgins, Soph; David Hoff, Soph; Dennis L. Holt. Sr. Second Row: Sidney Hoover, Soph; Peter Howard, Jr; Robert Hughes Jr; Patrick Jakob, Soph; Mark Jarrett, Sr; Stephen E. Johnson. Fr Third Row: Stephen K. Johnson, Sr; Michael Jonas. Jr; Randolph Jones Soph; David Krocger, Fr; Michael LaFromboise. Jr; Tom La Soph. Bottom Row: Robert Leonard, Sr; Stephen LePenske, Sr; Frank Lewis Sr; J. Allen Lewis, Soph; John Lockhart. Soph; Jerry Lorentson. Jr Sig Eps blend elements of the Wild West and the Roaring Twenties at their pledge dance. 380 Top Row: William McCowin, Soph; Lynn Miller, Soph; John Moseley, Soph; John E. Nelson, Jr; William Nelson, Jr; James Nugent, Sr; Dennis O ' Brien, Sr; Ralph C. Olson, Sr; Mike O ' Neill, Fr. Second Row: Jeff Pahre, Fr; William Prater, Sr; David Puz, Jr; Charles A. Reed, Fr; Ed Robinson, Jr. Marvin Rush, Soph; James Rutledge, Soph; Donn Sarbaum, Sr; Robert Shafer, Soph. Bottom Row: Douglas Shult, Sr; Paul Soderman, Jr; Victor Stevens, Sr; Kenneth Strieby, Jr; Rockne Timm, Fr; James Treadwell, Soph; Chuck Watts, jr; James Wick, Sr; David F. Wilson, Sr. F Er -- " " w tm-. w - i -■ — 5| gn !=- WT 1 P n S i M J sp •Fi m g( y -K Tl - vflLty rVV I M ?J i m B i L ' i StJ ' JCiiP Top Row: Don Barger, Jr; Al Bruffey, Jr; Paul Garrett, Fr. Second Row: Ron Glassett, Jr; Jerry Hautamaki, Jr; Jim Hess, Sr. Bottom Row: Terry Higman, Jr; Neil Humphries, Sr ; Rick Jer- ome, Jr. ...| , - 1 t » " Hairbreadth Husky, " Seattle newspaper cartoonist Bob McCausland ' s hairbreadth - wins tau kappa epsilon pin for the University, receives an honorary pledge pin from President Jerry Syrcle. Top Row: Pete Kahlke, Kr ; Bill Kyto, Kr; John Lanham, Jr; John McGoldrick, Sr; Mike McNoclcy, Jr; Frank Maloney. Fr; Gary Markham, Jr; Matt Maury, Sr; Kric Moore, Jr; Gordon Nelson, Sr ; Roger Palmer, Soph. Bottom Row: Dick Parsons, Fr; Rolf Kcichel, Fr; Kelly Robinson, Jr; Paul Scibel, Soph; Ken Small, Jr; Larry Stecher. Soph; Jerry Syrcle, Sr; Dick Vorce, Jr; Terry Wilsey, Soph; Bill Wilson, Sr; Tom Wynne, Jr. 382 Timber Queen finalists join Tau Phis in a songfest. Nancy Richmond was selected queen on Garb Day, spon- sored by the Forestry Fraternity in conjunction with the Forestry De- partment. Jim Bowers, Fr; Mark Bowns, Fr; Joseph Brislin, Sr; Richard Deline, Sr; Don Dowling, Jr; Jim Gullickson, Sr; John Hammons, Sr; Jon Hobbs, Jr; Dave Hohl, Jr; Barry Hull, Sr; Pete Kreisler, Jr. J Ik s M0k, •s •s i dtd 3 f J i l. C-f- J ' fh " « (K " fc ' -- T " ' J M Jit ' J w I m -L F-A ■t=B m t l i IT tau phi deltas in right garb at their day P ' ' " ppMnH ' pr H " " P ._ - ' » " ' - " ' " wn " m mmii m Top Row: John Leper, Jr; Bill McCormick, Soph; Don L. Miller, Fr; Geoffrey Mueller, Fr; Fred Norman, Jr; John Popelka, Sr; Bill Rambo, Sr; Terry Richards, Soph; Clark Rowland, Sr; Ken Schlichte, Soph; Richard Short, Soph. Bottom Row: Ron Smith, Fr; Charles Stewart, Jr; Karl Stout, Jr; William Striker, Fr; James Suess, Jr; Dan Treat, Sr; Lewis Ulrey, Fr; Terry Watson, Sr; Vaughn Webb, Soph; Paul Wenner, Sr; Bruce Wood, Sr. 383 Top Row: Loren Anderson, Jr; Mike Bassett, Fr; Larry Beach, Fr; Jim M. Berg, Jr; Pete Berzins, Jr; Jay Bourdeau, Sr; Pat Brewin, Fr; Karl Brown, Soph; Stan Brown, Soph; Norval Bruce, Jr. Second Row: Gary Burliegh, Fr; Bruce Burpee, Soph; Dave Burpee, Sr; Tim Carpenter, Fr; Doug Cook, Fr; John Cooper, Jr; Joel Crosby, Fr; Hec Cyre, Fr; Jack Denton, Sr; Dave Dillon, Fr. Third Row: Pete Gerry, Fr; Rick Graham, Fr; Gordy Granston, Sr; Bill Graves, Fr; Dick Greener, Sr; Gary Guyll, Jr; Dick Hadley, Soph; Jerry Halligan, Fr; Gary Halverson, Jr; Greg Hanson, Soph. Fourth Row: Stan Hill, Sr; Ron Holliday, Soph; Gary Hoppes, Jr; Bob Huesby, Fr; Mike T. Hughes, Fr: Jim Isensee, Sr; Steve Juntwait, Fr; Rob Kendig, Soph; Pete Klenak, Soph; Jim Knutzen, Soph. Bottom Row: Jeff LaChasse, Soph; Neil Lane, Fr; Merideth Liesmann, Jr; Bud Linthicum, Fr; Steve Loftin, Sr; Pat McBee, Jr; Steve McCaffray. Jr; Franz Meeske. Fr; Bob Meston. Sr; Pete Middlebrooks. Sr. iii M % iM £Mig Impromptu song sessions help strengthen the bonds of brotherhood. 384 ■ r- K " . r. 4fr ' fi . ..0?= . ' ■ jOKlTA-. ; Theta Chis add some " go power " to Pete Schnebele ' s campaign. He emerged victorious in the junior class veep vote. theta chi candidate carries class elections Top Row: Thomas Milligan, Sr; Gary Moore, Jr; Jim D. Morgan, Jr; Vance Mylroie, Soph; Jerry Nelson, Jr; Gary Northrop, Fr; John Pedersen, Sr; Steve Pedersen, Soph; Keith Peterson, Sr; Don Pingree, Soph; Don Pravitz, Soph. Second Row: Rainer Rey, Jr; Al Roberts, Soph; Pete Sabin, Jr ; Pete Schnebele, Jr; Ray Seaborg, Sr; Dick Shanafelt, Soph; Rob Shanafelt, Fr; Tim Shanahan, Soph; Jerry Sheets, Jr; Lonnie Sherick, Soph; John Snow, Soph. Bottom Row: Jack Sonnichsen, Jr; Lee Springgate, Soph; Doug Stenberg, Soph; Larry Stenberg, Jr; Clyde Stenerson, Sr; Cliff Stice, Jr; Ken Stubberfield, Jr ; Steve Telfer, Sr; Terry Thomas, Soph; Fred Weick, Sr ; John Zanderson, Jr. 385 r _ - (T- " I o. o iT Top Row: Gary Alexander. Soph; Gerald Allen, Jr; George Anderson, Fr ; Don Baldwin, Grad; Dennis Baxter. Jr; Bill Beck, Soph; Mike Bennett, Soph; Jim Bishop, Jr; James Borrow. Fr; Phillip Bradbury. Fr; Mike Bryant. Jr. Second Row: Glen Burns, Soph; Gary Bylund, Soph; Robert Cardwell, Fr; Ward Carter, Fr; Bill Collins, Soph; Colin Conant, Fr; Joe Dawson. Fr; Dick Day. Fr; Jim Dobbins. Fr; Bruce Dodge. Soph; Don Eaton. Jr. Third Row: Jim Gorman, Jr; Karl Gruber. Fr; David Henry. Soph; Gary Hoglund. Jr; Robert Holert, Jr; Henry Kiefer, Sr ; Ron King, Sr; Rick LaMonte, Jr; Dick Latimer, Jr; Gary Lewis, Soph; Dave Lockwood, Fr. Fourth Row: Roy Lyle, Sr ; Mark McDowell, Soph; Jack McLaughlin, Soph; Bob McPake, Jr; Emmett Maloof, Soph; John Morton, Jr; John Nelson, Sr; Ken Ness, Soph; Ron Parypa, Jr; Craig Pedlar, Jr; Steve Peterson, Fr. Fifth Row: Larry Phillips, Jr; Jerry Plowman, Sr; Dave Polnaszek, Fr; James Reid, Soph; Dick Rench, Jr; George Robertson, Fr; Dean Sargent, Jr; Dwight Schaeffer, Soph; John Shadwell, Fr; Don Shipley, Soph; James Sinding. Soph. Bottom Row: Bill Stewart. Soph; Tom Taylor, Sr ; David Teasdale, Sr; Robert Tibbatts, Fr; Dennis Turner, Sr; Mike Wade, Fr; Clark Wakefield, Soph; Alan Wells, Sr; Ralph Williams, Fr; Ben Wilson, Soph; Marc Zener, Fr. 1963 marks 50th anniversary of theta delta chi Joan Kitner, Kappa Delta, receives lu i trophy as I ' li . Playmate .t Thcta Delta Chi. 386 theta xi candidate triumphs Top Row: Wallace Atkinson, Fr; Larry Boehringer, Fr; Henry Bryan, Soph; David Buzard, Soph; Edwin Buzard, Sr; James Caley, Soph; Michael Caraway, Jr. Bottom Row: Rich Carle, Soph; Robert Chilina, Jr; James Christopher, Jr; Paul Darby, Fr; Bruce Freeland, Soph; William Hainsworth, Jr; Marvin Hamm, Fr. The Theta Xi bandwagon gets under way to roll in votes for Dave Mills, successful candidate for senior-class treasurer. Top Row: Tom Harris, Jr; Michael Heneghan, Soph; Jude Houri- han. Soph. Second Row: Richard James, Sr; Robert James, Fr; Herb John- son, Fr. Third Row: Kelly Linman, Soph; Al- bert Michel, Jr; Dale Miller, Fr. Fourth Row: David Mills, Sr ; Mark Neils, Soph; William Oku, Fifth Soph. Row : Warne Joseph Orem, Soph; Rintala, Sr; Max Schliewe, Fr. Sixth Row: Mac Shaw, Jr; Roger Strand, Jr; William Tracy, Sr. Bottom Row: Joseph Truce, Soph; Ron Twigg. Jr; Wendell Wells, Sr. 387 n1 Top Row: Ron Abramson, Soph; John Baker, Sr; Sam Baker, Soph; George Bennett, Soph; James Borrow, Soph; Charles Brayshaw, Sr; Fred Brown, Sr; Tom Buckingham, Jr; Ward Buckingham, Jr; Lou Dodd, Sr. Second Row: Jeffrey Dong, Soph; Joe Dunford, Sr; Ronald Ehlenberger, Soph; Jim Gavin, Sr ; Bob Hacker, Soph; Nicholas Hallett, Sr; Alden Hanson, Soph; Don Hartvigsen, Jr; Lawrence Haunreiter, Soph; Charles Holtz, Sr. Third Row: Kaj Johansen, Soph; Jerry Johnsen, Sr; Robert King, Jr; Edward Klein, Sr; Michael LaFramboise, Jr; Keith Liptack, Jr; Chuck McCaffree, Jr; Shannon McCormick, Jr; Earl McFarland, Soph; Bill McGonagle, Soph. Fourth Row: Daniel McKenzie, Jr; Robert McMahon, Jr; Tom Mills, Sr; Kelly Nesheim. Soph; Ken Ness, Soph; Lee Peterson, Soph; Carl Presley, Jr; David Rogers, Sr; Jon Runstad, Sr; Rick Semon, Soph. Bottom Row: Richard Shindler, Sr; Norton Smallwood, Jr; Don Smiset, Jr; Kenneth W. Smith, Jr; Robert S. Taylor. Soph; Michael Tihomirov, Soph; John Vynne, Soph; Ron Wilderman, Jr; Gene Williamson, Jr; John Winter, Sr; varsity boat club: first year as a living group Club members return from playing their old shell game in Lake Washington. The crew lived together as an organized house for the first time this year. H House warms up its voice for a social serenade (above). Freshman Tom Neville studies Zeta Psi ' s unique alum " big brother " program. Each pledge has an alum who graduated in the pledge ' s major field (left). zeta psi ' s have alum brothers ' Top Row: Mike Bauer, Fr; Clayton Betting, Fr; Russ Burton, Sr ; Bill Cummings, Sr ; Tom Cummings, Fr ; Don Daniels, Grad ; Dennis Dickert, Fr; John Ellis, Jr; Paul Elsberry, Soph; Tom Elwell, Jr; Dick Finger, Sr. Second Row: Forrest Flashman, Soph; Howie Frank, Jr; Jim Galka. Jr; Peter Haase, Sr; Tom Harman, Fr; Don Hermanson, Sr; John Huhs, Soph; Larry Husby, Fr; Jim Isaacson, Fr; Dennis Johnson, Sr; Brian Kelly, Fr. Third Row: Mike Klawin, Jr; Colin Klett, Soph; Andy Lea, Sr; Neil Lindsey, Soph; Dean Little, Soph; Mark Lookabaugh, Soph; Dick Losey, Fr; Doug McDonald, Fr; Denis Martin, Jr; Mark Mitrovich, Fr; Tom Neville, Fr. Fourth Row: Tim North, Fr; Steve Ramsdell, Jr; Ron Robertson, Soph; Doug Robinson, Jr; Art Rose, Fr; Ralph Rosenberg, Sr; Armand Savage, Soph; Herb Schafer, Fr; Jerry Snell, Sr; Don Snowden, Sr; Steve Stanton, Fr. Bottom Row: Paul Stritmatter, Jr; Gary Teague, Jr; Bill Theberge Jr; Don Thorgrimson, Sr; Jack Watte, Fr; Bill White, Fr; Rick F. White. Jr; Emil Wilkowski, Fr; Don H. Williams, Sr; Kent Wills, Sr ; Butch Yarborough, Fr. " " r F ' " " ' .£££. £11 III 389 r? P m £££ M j|£ £ Top Row: Ken Albert, Sr; Alan Alhadeff, Fr; Jack Alhadeff. Sr. Second Row: Lou Berg, Fr; Sandy Bernbaum, Sr; Dennis Bloch, Sr. Third Row: Jeffrey Brotman, Sr ; Steve Brown, Jr; Robert Cahn. Fr. Fourth Row: Stephen Camden, Sr; Paul Carrol, Sr; Ronald Coe, Sopti. Fifth Row: Albert Cohen, Jr; Jerry Cohen, Fr; Sammy Cordova, Jr. Sixth Row: Robert Davis, Jr; Stuart Director, Fr; Gary Donion, Jr. Bottom Row: Laurence Finegold, Jr; Bruce Fisher, Soph; Larry Flax, Sr. 390 i £ ii i. £ £ MmS LMJm Top Row: Jack Franco, Soph; Mike Fuson, Soph; Gary Goodman, Sr; Curtis Greenberg, Sr; Steve Gustav, Fr; Bill Harris, Soph; Robert Israel, Sr; Robert Kaplan, Soph; Larry Kaye, Soph. Second Row: Kent Kramer, Sr; Brian Kremen, Fr; Michael Lemberg, Soph; Arthur Levy, Soph; Howard Lonn, Soph; John Muscatel, Jr; Morris Muscatel, Sr; Mario Nathusius, Soph; Stan Neft, Soph. Third Row: Stuart Offer, Sr; Al Pick, Soph; Paul Puziss, Fr; Jack Richlen, Jr; Joe Robin, Fr; David Robinson, Fr; Leonard Robinson, Fr; Richard Robinson, Jr; Howard Rose, Jr. Bottom Row: Alan Rosen, Jr; Barry Rubenstein, Sr; Mark Rubin, Soph; Lawrence Saul, Soph; Michael Schwartz, Soph; Arnold Shain, Soph; Stephen Shain, Fr; Stuart Shieifer, Fr; Earl Shulman, Fr. zeta beta tau marks year of progress and fellowship ZBT officers discuss the house ' s future in their library. w " qr . ' r - Top Row: Robert Sichel, Soph; Jerry Soriano, Soph; Joel Starin, Fr; Gary Steinman, Soph; Al Sternoff, Sr. Second Row: Richard Sternoff, Jr; John Strauss, Sr; James M. Taylor, Sr; Ken Taylor. Soph; Gary Volchok, Sr. Bottom Row: Dave Wampold, Fr; Steve Weinstein, Jr; Stuart Weinstien, Jr; Mike Wiener, Sr; Mike Wolfe, Soph. mohc s fall festival brings out folks Men ' s Organized House Council officers set up a mock government in the men ' s dorms (right). Sandy Berg (above) confers with President Dick Holmquist and executives Dean Uyeno and Lawrence NaLamlieng. Singers and the crowds turned out for MOHC ' s fall Folk Festival (above right). 392 % P f Q P Q Q ilMii j Top Row: Laszlo Bedegi, Fr; Ken Beuche, Soph; Cliff Campbell, Soph; Jim Chambers, Jr; Al DeRoco, Sr; Dave Durdall, Jr; Dennis Fox, Fr; George Goo, Fr; Stan Harris, Soph; John A. Hill, Fr. Second Row: James P. Jones, Jr; James Kinoshita, Fr; Leo Lindbloom, Sr; Ronald McFall, Soph; Paul McMacken, Fr; Bob Marler, Jr; Theodore Martin, Sr; John Mohan, Sr; Gary Moir, Soph; Randall Morrison, Fr. Bottom Row: Kenichi Nakano, Fr; Chumpor Nalamlieng, Jr; Todd Perkins, Fr; Larry Radke, Sr; Tom Rigos, Jr; James Saunders, Fr; Tim Schrag, Soph; Christopher Sherfey, Fr; Dean Skorheim, Fr; George Smalley, Fr. Top Row: Bob Smithson, Soph; Jerry Sorlien, Fr; John Stetson, Fr; Larry Stoffel, Soph; Edward StoU, Fr; Chester Swanson, Fr. Bottom Row: Joseph Terhar, Fr; Charles Vlcek, Fr ; Ron Wallace, Soph; Douglas Watson, 5th Yr; Stephen Wheeler, Jr; Dave H. White, Sr. Gridders in the house hauled in the intramural dorm championship (above left). Cascadians treat their sister house. Cypress, to a dance in their lounge (above right). cascade gridders take intramural trophy 393 baker house booms with enthusiasm S£Ma i Jfh Fi £1 k £ K £ i Top Row: Bill W. Anderson, Fr; Don Anderson, Fr; Ken Anderson, Fr; Dave Booth, Soph; Al.iii Hiirr.iKe. Fr; Don Burrows, Sr; George Carle, Soph; Bruce Carter, Jr; Tom Clapp, Soph; Sid Clarke, Sr. Second Row: James Corbin, Jr; Erik Dorff, Grad; Joe Falk, Sr; Grant Farr, Soph; Guillermo Guzman, Sr ; Don Haapala, Jr; Tom Hammock, Soph; Arthur Harano, Fr; Dick Hargesheimer, Fr; Roy Hay, Grad Third Row: Tom Holtom, Soph; Steve James, Sr; Richard C. Johnson, Sr; Terry Juhl, Jr; Peter Kahlke, Fr ; Albert Kawai, Fr ; Roy Kawasaki, Soph; Mel Kelso, Sr; Richard Kester, Jr; Mike King, Fr. Fourth Row: Dennis Kiyohara, Fr; Geary Kraft, Soph; Don Kurle, Fr ; Alan Kutsunai, Fr ; Jim Lassoie, Fr ; Arnie Long, Soph; Deryl McCarty, Fr; Hal Madison, Jr; Roger Markcn, Soph; William Matson, Fr. Bottom Row: David Miller, Fr; Davis Mills, Soph; Claude Montecucco, Fr ; Don Nelson, Soph; John Nett, Jr; Marvin Olsen, Fr; Mike O ' Neal, Soph; Dale Orr, Jr; Ron Owes, Fr; Jim Parks, Sr. 394 Boom! Fellowship bursts into enthusiasm whenever Baker house residents get together, whether for intramural sports or exchanges. «l £ lfi£ME§ I Top Row: Richard Paulson, Fr; Reid Peterson, Fr; Rod Peterson, Fr; P. G. Phillips, Jr; Ed Pickett, Sr; Ted Porter, Sr; George Reddick, Fr; Gary Reid, Jr; Jack Richards, Sr. Second Row: Terry Roal, Fr; Marvin Scott, Jr; John Slater, Jr; Kenneth R. Smith, Sr; Richard Snow, Soph; Michael Spiger, Jr; John Stanton, Soph; Courtney Starbird, Jr; Milton Steele, Fr. Bottom Row: Milan Stolarik, Jr; Allen Storaalsi, Soph; Bruce Strasser, Soph; John Tallahan, Jr; Michael J. Taylor, Sr; Gary Wangsmo, Fr; Bill Whitacre, Fr; Bill Wittenberger, Jr; John Wright, Sr. 395 l JO i£ Top Row: Mike Armstrong, Fr; Craig Baker, Fr; John Barthrop, Soph; John Bergerson, Soph; Richard Berthelsdorf, Fr; James Blaylock, Soph; Byron Bowman, Soph; Dave Bunzel, Fr; LeRoy Bushnell, Soph; Dick Clemmons, Sr ; Bill Cockburn. Soph. Second Row: Daniel Comer, Soph; Bill Cooper, Jr; Randy Erickson, Jr; Al Felthous, Fr; Jay Fulwider, Fr; Neil Gansler, Soph; Jim Gepner. Jr; Mike Griffin, Fr ; Don Gjertson, Fr; Jerry Graden, Soph; Edward Hawkinson. Jr. Third Row: Merrill Ito, Fr; Dick Johnson, Fr; John Johnson, Soph; Robert Kono, Fr; Mike Lee, Fr; Jerry McKellar, Soph; Jay McLean, Fr; Tom Markowsky, Fr ; Pat Martin, Soph; Hugh Morris, Jr; Gary Nakayama, Sr. Bottom Row: Larry Norman, Jr; Robert Norman, Fr; David Ojima, Jr; Carl Osaki, Soph; Gary Paddock. Sr ; Bill Perry, Fr; Scott Piper, Fr; Terry Porlier, Fr; Bill Raymond, Soph; Jim Rosellini, Fr; Gary Sandum. Fr. chelan picketeers protest proposed sign " Save our sleep " pleads a Chelan picketer. Their protest march sent General Insurance Company ' s request for a larger sign down to defeat. £M1 Top Row: Alvin Sasaki, Fr; Rick Shaver, Fr; Don Sheldon. Fr ; Stan Spear, Crad. Second Row: Darrell Stamper, Fr; Dennis Strenge. Soph; James Strode, Jr; Steve Torgcscn, Fr. Bottom Row: Ed Tulloch. Soph; John Vrolson. Soph; Greg Walthew. Fr; Rod Weagant, Fr. Dotson ' s 255-pound line heads for its first defeat in a losing season. Their basketball season proved to be a winning one. dotson emphasizes athletic participation a «£££ u Top Row: Richard Boyd, Sr; James Broz, Soph; Raymond Cox, Fr; David Cullen, Grad; John Dawdy, Jr; Roderick Dean, Fr; James Etzwiler, Fr; Daniel Fortier, Fr; Jan Garretson, Soph; Timothy Gillis, Fr; John Grozik, Fr. Second Row: Richard Hansen, Soph; Keith Harris, Soph; Victor Johnson, Jr; Vilhjalmur Jonsson, Soph; Raphael Klebe, Fr; Raymond Kleven, Fr; Douglas Koch, Fr; Harvey Koeplin, Fr; Robert Lux, Fr; Charles Muller, Soph; Robert Park, Soph. Bottom Row: Larry Pitts, Jr; Warren Pollock, Fr; Gary Reid, Fr; Donald Ritty, Jr; Ralph Robinson, Jr; James Sanborn, Fr; Darwin Saxton, Jr; Peter Sweet, Fr; Alex Ward, Fr; Bernard Webber, Fr; Curtis Wienker, Fr. 397 hoUaday time in haggett Whistle while you watch. That ' s the motto at Holladay House in the coed dorms, Haggett Hall. Top Row: Dave Baldwin, Jr; Jim Benster, Fr; Steve Bradley, Fr; Julius Brecht, Sr; Dave Butler, Soph. Second Row: Keith Casper, Sr ; Joseph Danovich, Soph; Dennis Doering, Jr; Dick Ewing, Fr; Glenn Goodrich, Fr. Third Row: Nick Iverson, Fr; Doran Klingler, Jr; Joe Meek, Fr; Keith Mowen, Sr; Doug Mullis, Jr. Bottom Row: Paul Patterson, Jr; Steve Ponder, Sr; Dan Rhode, Jr; Gordon Schatz, Soph; Robert Stahl, Jr. I _ .ill Top Row: John Ahlquist, Grad; Roy Brown, Fr; Dennis Bunt, Fr; Dave Burrill, Fr ; Don Cady, Sr; Bill Dougall, Soph. Second Row: Gerry Drake, Fr; Tom Glover, Fr; Paul Gonda, Fr; Bob Gose, Jr; Craig Hartley, Soph; Gary Johnson, Jr. Third Row: Jay Johnson, Jr; Randy Johnson, Fr; Dan Lyons, Fr; Lee Marble, Soph; Fred Mellor, Soph; Jerold Morris, Fr. Fourth Row: John Nicholson, Jr; Mike Okada, Fr; Jim Ray, Soph; Mark Rodriguez, Soph; Noel Schoneman, Jr; Mike Schoonover, Fr. Bottom Row: Rick Schulze, Fr; Dick Semke, Fr; Richard Shagrin, Soph; Bill Travis, Jr; Bill Wasley, Fr; Dick Wright, Jr. Some men in Honderich, including Sa udia Arabian Abdul Oboler, take a study break be- fore mid-terms. honderich hosts arab student 399 Top Row: Tony Cervantes, Fr; Bruce Coghill, Jr; David Dandurand. Soph. Second Row: David Devin, Soph; Allan Epstein, Fr; Jay Fortun, Fr. Bottom Row: Mike Garcia, Fr; Einar Handeland, Jr; Steve Hanley, Fr; A round of poker allows members of the new dorm to become better acquainted. King residents " check out " Haggett Hall ' s north tower for their own choice for King ' s queen, crowned Spring Quarter. king house plans sponsorship of queen contest Top Row: Ronald Hudson, Fr; Charles Jurges, Soph; Art Kauffman, Fr ; Brad Kemp, Fr; Jimmp Kent, Jr; Norm King, Jr; Jim Krider, Grad; Loren Lester, Jr; William Lutterloh, Jr; David MacNeil, Jr; Kimball Milton, Fr. Bottom Row: Paul Mlachnik, Fr; Douglas Nyhus, Fr; Jim Pitts, Soph; Stephen Porter, Jr; Gary Roberts, Jr; Dennis Skog, Jr; Gene Trobaugh, Jr; David Upham, Fr; Taylor Warren, Jr; Frank Wiedit , Soph; Stearns Wood, Sr. 400 t M iS M % IfJ£Mi Top Row: Carl Baxter, Fr; Phillip Black, Fr ; Robert Butenko, Fr; Peter Caldwell, Soph; James Claypool, Fr; Robert Creech, Soph; John Davis, Jr; Sho Dozono, Fr; Michael Dudley, Jr; Warner Fosberg, Fr; Edwin Freytag, Jr. Bottom Row: Gary Fuller, Soph; William Fuller, Soph; John Galvin, Soph; Thomas Garrison, Soph; Thomas Gornall, Jr; Robert Gumerman, Sr; Alvin Habbestad, Fr; Stephen Hallstrom, Jr; Lawrence Harms, Soph; Daniel Heinemeyer, Fr; Donald Hindman, Jr. macgregor lives tradition of fine exchanges MacGregor lads teach Vashon girls the fine points of flag football during a fall exchange. Top Row: David Howe, Soph; Thomas Kinney, Sr ; Gary Kohler, Jr; James Kyle, Fr; Thomas McQuary, Fr; Donald Mattson, Sr; Dean Morgan, Sr; Douglas Norris, Soph; Jan Norvold, Grad ; Norbert Nowak, Soph. Second Row: Daniel O ' Brien, Fr; Frank Onishi, Jr; Arthur Pearson, Fr; John Reisner, Fr; George Rogers, Soph; Harry Sato, Fr; Deryl Shields, Jr; Mark Shirey, Fr; Robert Spencer, Fr; Steven Takai, Jr. Bottom Row: William Westby, Jr; Theodore Williamson, Sr ; Lloyd Willis, Fr; James Wilson, Fr; Mervin Wolf, Sr; Jim Woods, Fr; Larry Wright, Fr; Robert Young, Jr; Charles Zimmerman, Fr; Paul Zosel, Soph. 401 marvick finds a dash of enthusiasm spices campus life •y ir«l 1 The " Marvick Mudders " show their winning spirit that can ' t be dampened by mud or rain. Top Row: Dick Holmquist, Sr; Tim Innes, Soph: Gary E. Johnson, Soph. Second Row: Dave Joyce. Fr; Wil- liam Justen. Fr; Ralph Kirsch- ner. Soph. Third Row: Walter Kukull. Fr: Ken Larsen, Soph: Yongyudh Na- nagara, Crad. Fourth Row: David Nielson, Soph: Wayne Nishijima, Fr: Howard Okamoto. Fr. Fifth Row: Paul Olson, Fr: Wayne Owara, Fr: Mitchell Raab, Soph. Sixth Row: Richard Raab, Fr; Jim Rhode, Sr: Richard M. Swan- son, Fr. Bottom Row: Don Swartz, Fr; H. Allen Sylvester, Fr; Wilfred Tsukamoto, Fr. ' ti " fy i MM Top Row: Peter Beaulicu, Soph; Richard Berryman, Fr; Richard Blair, Fr; Joe Brees, Fr; Larry Brendcn, Soph. Second Row: Bob Brost, Fr; Gary Clark, Jr; Eldon Cramer, Fr; Dale Cunningham, Fr; Joe L. Davis, Jr. Third Row: Jim DeVancy, Jr; Dean Dewell, Soph: Rich Dixon, Jr; Jim Dorc, Soph; Gary Elliott, Soph. Bottom Row: Michael Fallon, Fr ; Claus-Dictcr Gchncr, Fr; John Gissbcrg, Sr ; Jack U. Harrison, Fr; Warren Hicks, Fr. 402 Top Row: Frank Amadon, Fr; Gene Anderson, Soph; Bob Austing, Fr; Dave Barber, Soph; Dick Batemen, Sr; Wayne Beath, Soph; John Beaulieu, Soph; Jim R. Berg, Soph; Dennis Calfee, Fr. Second Row: John M. Campbell, Soph; Pat W. Campbell, Fr; Roger Chase, Soph; David Cissell, Fr; Larry Corbin, Soph; Jim Cornwell, Fr; Larry Dacca, Soph; Cliff Dunseth, Fr; Tim Franey, Jr. Third Row: Sam Friendly, Fr; Jerry Gunderson, Grad; Larry Henderson, Jr; Bob Inman, Sr; Bob C. Johnston, Soph; Mike Johnston, Soph; Skip Kawakami, Soph; Heinz Klotzbuecher, Fr; Harry Larsen, Sr. Fourth Row: William Lawrie, Fr; Bob Leipper, Jr; Kurt Liewer, Fr; Ron Lim, Sr; Bruce MacDonald, Fr; John MacDuff, Fr; Norm Metcalfe, Jr; Ed Meyer, Fr ; Ken Nishikawa, Sr. Fifth Row: Carl Noble, Fr; George Osborn, Jr; Charles Palmetier, Fr; Ed Pasahow, Sr; Dick Rand, Jr; Gerald Rich, Soph; Craig Run ions, Jr; Ray Sakai, Sr; Gerald Stanford, Soph. Bottom Row: Hank Stoy, Sr; Daniel Stroberger, Jr; Lawrence Tarpley, Soph; Dean Uyeno, Jr; John Vehonsky, Jr; Karl Wahls, Soph; William S. Wall, Sr; Dave L. Williams, Jr; Don S. Williams, Soph. Mni m men of mclean triumph in sports McLean house has the athletic perfection necessary to take the MOHC Athletic Championship and Sportsmanship Trophies. The voices from Olympus took second in Songfest ' s men ' s Singles. olympus places in songfest Top Row: Bill Arnold, Fr; Duane Bangs, Sr ; Tom Beell, Jr; Dennis Bill, Fr; Mike Bloom, Jr. Second Row: Dick Clark, Fr; Gordon Davidson, Jr; Jose Fernandez, Fr; Jim Frymier, Jr; Gary Goldsbury, Soph. Bottom Row: Loren Hagen, Sr; Charles Hamberg, Sr; Rod Hansen, Grad; Steve Henizen, Soph; Charles Hopley, Soph. I ' f :SI2 im MI Top Row: Jon Hubert, Fr ; Roy Ingalls, Fr; Gordon Iverson, Fr ; John E. Johnson, Fr; Ken Kizzer. Fr; Jim Kling, Fr; William Knemeyer, Fr; Ed Kohara, Fr; Jim Kraft, Soph; Jim Kurihara, Jr; Dick Laing, Fr ; Second Row: John Langer, Fr; Don McCormick, Fr; Bob McCoy, Soph; Bill Macmillan, Fr; Jay Maurcr, Sr; Duanc Mauzey, Sr; Hugh Morrison, Fr; Roy Onishi, Fr; Dick Ownbey, Pt; John Pattison, Fr; Charles Peterson, Fr ; Third Row : Jim Pister, Fr; Merle Pribbenow, Fr; Mike Robinson, Soph; Chris Small, Grad; Cord Smith, Sr ; Harvard Spigal, Fr; Darald Stebner, Sr; Don Stolikcr, Fr; George Swcndiman, Fr; William Taylor, Soph; Dick Telford, Grad. Bottom Row: Jerry Tokola, Sr; Max Townc, Soph; Denis Tusar, Soph; Dan Ward, Fr ; Mike Wearne, Fr; Paul Wesseler, Jr; Robin Wetzel, Sr; Ron Wilkenson, Fr; Ed Wirkala, Soph; Bob Wolff, F r ; Bart Yatchmenoff, Fr. 404 i rainier: at the peak of terry Rainier men throw the house doors open for a parents ' inspection. ■4 mm h i fm Pi h: J w. .XiL w %A Si ik MSL Top Row: Peter Beaty, Jr; Paul Chiles, Fr; Neal Clark, Fr; Charles Cloud, Jr; W. James Crawford, Grad; Robin Cunningham, Sr; William Dickson, Soph; Ronald Engle, Fr; James Fitzsimmons, Jr. Second Row: Marvin Fretwell, Jr; Dean Gibbons, Sr; Richard Hayek, Soph; Oliver Hidden, Jr; Douglas Hume, Fr; Stephen Jacobson, Fr; Lesley Kammenga, Sr; William Kiehm, Fr ; Norm Larsen, Sr. Third Row: James Lofthus, Fr; Frank Lumpkin, Jr; Rodney McDaniel, Jr; Gary McNeil, Fr ; Roger Nace, Jr; Richard Nimmer, Sr; Bob Olsen, Fr; Don Olson, Jr; Dave Painton, Soph. Bottom Row: Ron Richeson, Jr; Michael Sauve, Fr; James Sorenson, Jr; Nyel Stevens, Jr; Marty Van Dyken, Fr; David Vlasuk, Fr; William Wolferbarger, Fr; Kevin Worringham, Fr; Victor Wyant, Fr. 405 Don Alves, Fr ; Karl Ander- son, Sr; Patrick Anschutz. Fr; Ronald Bethge, Jr; James Carter. Soph. rofcre s cultural hour hosts politicians and professors Who says dorm food is so bad? A Rofcre resident ' s smile proves otherwise. . 1 p O f Top Row: William Cogdill, Jr; Norman Denton, Fr; Francis Hamon, 5th Year. Second Row: Curt Hancock, Jr; Thomas Hartman, Sr; Ken- neth Hentges, Fr. Third Row: Kenneth Huber, Jr; Norman Johnstone, Sr ; Robert Knight, Sr. Fourth Row: Geoff Lundquist. Soph; Jim Nowogroski, Fr ; Gerald B. Parks, Fr. Fifth Row: George Sanders, Fr ; James Sourwine. Sr ; Michael Storslee. Fr. Sixth Row: Richard Thome, Jr; Ronald Trcvithick. Soph; Fred WoUett, Fr. Bottom Row: John Yamamoto, Jr; King Yce, Jr; Terry Zach, Fr. Top Row: Emanuel Agren, Jr; Stephen Anderson, Jr; Tim Arnold, Fr. Bottom Row: Gary Bickley, Soph; Douglas Bingham, Jr; Howard Bledsoe, Soph. In Shannon house foreign students and freshmen can help create tradition. Resi- dents moved in even before last-minute construction had been completed. shannon incorporates three students from near east Top Row: Milton Brewster, Soph; Bill Broadhurst, Jr; Ward Bysegger, Fr; William Carr, Jr; Harvey Childs, Soph; Ian Cryan, Fr; Jack Cyr, Fr; Robert Daacke, Soph; Abdullah Dabaan, Soph; Donald Dahlberg, Fr; Michael Dressel, Soph. Second Row: Gary Eliasen, Grad; Gary Erickson, Fr ; Martin Felix, Fr; Scott Frazier, Fr; David Gibson, Fr; Stephen Hall, Soph; Grant Harken, Soph; Ty Harkness, Jr; Wyman Henckel, Fr; Lance Herlocker, Soph; Lowell Howard, Soph. Third Row: Miles Johnson, Fr; Ronald Johnson, Jr; John Kamel, Sr; Lloyd Kushisaki, Fr; Kerry Kyes, Jr; James Long, Jr; Phillip Lyons, Jr; Bob McKenna, Fr; Stanley Maebori, Jr; Rodney Matsubara, Fr; Tim Menees, Soph. Fourth Row: Lee Michels, Soph; Eric Mickelson, Soph; John Moore, Fr; Ken Noreen, Sr; Eric Nunn, Jr; Gordon Pedersen, Soph; Darrell Peterson, Sr; William Rutledge, Jr; Mark Scheuer, Fr; William Schweizer, Soph; Roy Snyder, Fr. Bottom Row: Yavuz Taner, Fr; Terry Toppins, Soph; Henry Vacher, Jr; Robert Wardell, Soph; George Webber, Sr; Karl Weiser, Jr; David Whelan, Jr; Wallace Wilkins, Soph; Richard Winnor, Fr; Robert Winter, Soph; Paul Witzke, Fr. MM , ... ? iJA YM 407 IkdM ' T " " - ££iM£ Top Row: Sanford Berg. Soph; Fred Bergstrom. Soph; John Bernhardt, Jr; Stephen Berkheiser, Soph; Greg Bloom, Jr; Kelly Brandon. Soph; Mike Bushore. Soph; Wade Byers. Soph; Rex Carpenter. Soph; John Caruso. Soph; Ed Cazalet. Sr. Bottom Row: Steven Cedergreen. Jr; Bill Chamberlin, Fr; Phil Cramer, Fr; Jerry Deffenbacher. Fr; Ken Deffenbacher. Sr; Bruce Doble, Soph; Craig Dressel, Fr; Rob Fitting, Fr; Dave Fountain, Soph; Phil Friberg, Fr; Bruce Garrett, Soph. sherwood house: where song and study mingle [M£( iil Top Row: Dennis Haney, Fr; Henry Harbers, Sr; Bill Hayton. Soph; Mikal Jonasson. Jr; Dana Kelly, Fr; Roger Klausler, Fr; Chuck Kosy, Soph; Don Liedke. Jr. Bottom Row: Ron Meier. Fr; John Mitchell. Soph; Gerald Rodgers. Fr; Jerry Roe. Jr; Art Rohde. Soph; Steve Rowan, Jr; Wes Smith, Soph; Roger Trana, Soph. Sherwood student-in-resi- dence works late at his room desk (left). A study break brings out the in- evitable guitar for a song. Marryin ' (Paul Stanbery) Sam hands wedding bill to a couple at Stevens ' Sadie Hawkins Day dance in the fall. S Stevens observes sadie hawkins day Top Row: Ilsay Aksay, Fr; Ralph Alldredge, Jr; Kalman Brau- ner, Jr. Second Row: Max Desert, 5th Yr; Larry Ficca, Jr; Bakr Khoja, Soph. Third Row: Michael Leitch, Jr; Lee Leth, Jr; Reed Lockwood, Jr. Fourth Row: Calvin Lum, Grad; Hayao Nakahara, Grad; Terry Patton, Sr. Fifth Row: David Robertson, Sr; David Sharp, Sr ; Paul Stan- bery, Sr. Bottom Row: Frank Tsujihara, 5th Yr; Larry Winstead, Soph; Gerald Yorioka, Jr. 409 panhellenic named no 1 Inter-sorority executives decide issues for Greek girls. President Timmi e Clayton (right) consults with Secretary Marion Hansen (left). Below are Fran Watson, first vice president; Christi Hunnicutt. assistant dorm coun- selor coordinator; Jane Worcester, treasurer; and Dianne Donley, assistant rush chairman. Washington ' s Panhellenic this year won the national organi- zation ' s highest prize for " outstanding achievement in scholarship, social standards and cooperation with campus ideals. " Carmen Lucus (above) accepted the trophy at the National Panhellenic Convention at Hot Springs. Ark. With her are Mrs. Les Collins, UW Panhellenic executive secretary and Mrs. Max Hittle, national awards chairman. : t; ' - . 4 ! Pledge class officers mull over sorority activities at Junior Panhellenic meet- ing. Joan Lanterman, Jun- ior Panhellenic president, (below) held reins at the organization sessions. V, junior panhellenic: voice of the pledges 411 The Alpha Chi scrapbook preserves a year of memories of individual achieve- ments. Alpha Chi ' s formal at the Washington Athletic Club was the highlight of Winter Quarter. alpha chi omegas recognize importance of Top Row: Jane Ayer, Soph; Joyce Badger, Soph; Judith Ballingcr, Sr ; Joan Bayley, Soph; Marci Bodmer, Sr ; Helen Boyd, Sr; Sally Brindle, Jr; Veronica Brown, Sr; Merrily Burke, Soph; Carol Ann Bus, Soph; Judy Campana, Sr. Second Row: Darleen Campbell, Fr; LaDonna Carter, Jr; Penny Cash, Sr; Karen Charles, Sr ; Sharon Charles, Sr ; Priscilla Cohen, Fr; Carol Cook, Sr; Christy Corbin, Fr; Alice Cornelius, Jr; Dee Cragin, Fr; Karen DouRhcrty. Soph, Third Row: Betty Dufort, Fr; JoAnne EUerbrook, Sr ; Connie Foster, Fr; Cherie Galvin, Jr; Jill Garvin. Jr; Joann Georges. Sr ; Shirley Gnos, Jr; Dianne Godfrey, Soph; Jane Godfrey, Fr ; Lois Guenzel. Sr; Karen Hanson, Jr. Bottom Row: Sara Hanson, Sr; Chris Hardy, Soph; Rosalie Henderson, Soph; Michel Hill, Fr; Connie Hokanson, Fr; Ann Horswill, Soph; Jane Hyde, Soph; Sharon Kells, Fr; Diane Kemppainen, Soph; Carol Ann Kennedy, Soph; Rita Kerr, Soph. 412 individual achievement Top Row: Karen Kettering, Fr; Judy Kirkpatrick, Soph; Diane Kruse, Fr; Pam Kulseth, Fr; Linda Kyles, Fr; Ann Lagerquist, Fr. Second Row: Sharon Lervick, Fr; Deanne Lether, Fr ; Susie Lien, Sr ; Dottie McCormick, Jr ; Mary McGuire, Soph ; Beth McKinnon, Soph. Third Row: Caleen Martin, Jr; Cammy May, Fr; Elnore Miller, Sr ; Judy Nelson, Soph; Kathy O ' Connor, Soph; Anita Opdyke, Soph. Bottom Row: Jackie Oves, Fr; Bobbie Parke, Jr; Renee Phillips, Jr; Joy Prosser, Jr; Pam Raught, Sr; Diana Reinke, Sr. Top Row: Karen Rogers, Soph; Kathy Ryan, Fr; Jodene Scaylea, Fr; Carol Schaeffer, Fr. Second Row: Barbara Schulze, Sr; Sandra Shir- meyer, Sr; Townley Simons, Soph; Joarme Smith, Fr. Third Row: Kandy Smith, Fr; Mickie Smith, Soph; Sue Smith, Soph; Ann Sommerseth, Sr. Fourth Row: Charlene Starsinic, Jr; Robin Staser, Fr; Sally Staser, Sr; Sue Ellen Studebaker, Soph. Fifth Row: Pam Thompson, Soph; Suzanne Thompson, Jr; Diana Ultican, Jr; Lynn Uppinghouse, Soph. Sixth Row: Nancy Vaughan, Fr; Lani Waddleton, Fr; Kathy Walling, Jr; Connie Whelan, Soph. Bottom Row: Carole White, Soph; Jenny Wilkins, Soph; Shari Wilson, Sr; Kathi Zeasman, Fr. 413 alpha delta pi celebrates 112th anniversary with convention in hot springs, arkansas A D Pi pledj pledge dance es " get their men " at the Sadie Hawkins Day (above) and serenade their sisters (below). r r r w r Itlil Top Row: Gwcn Abraham, Fr; Barbara Almvig. Fr; Cayle Andersen. Soph; Beth Beattie, Sr; Vicki Benson, Soph. Second Row: Nancy Bergbower, Jr; Penny Belts, Jr; Eliza- beth Bracelin, Fr; Pat Bracelin, Fr; Nancy Bristol, Fr. Third Row: Beryl Brownlow, Soph; Karen Bulmer, Fr; Dale Burchard, Fr; Patty Burns, Soph: Lucy Carey, Soph. Fourth Row: Gretchen Carlson, Soph; Rena Catlow, Fr; Becky Connors, Jr; Laurie Cooper, Fr; Sharen Cooper. Soph. Fifth Row: Joan Davis, Soph; Rosanne Donahoc, Fr; Chris- tina Eichler, Fr; Mary Eichler, Sr; Ruth Espy, Fr. Sixth Row: Sherrie Failor, Soph; Suzanne Fowlds, Fr; Sara Griffith, Soph; Carole Groven. Jr; Marilyn Hall, Jr. Bottom Row: Catherine Hogue, Fr; JoAnn Horn, Sr; Jill Hostcrman, Fr; Pam Holes, Sr; Gretchen Hoyt, Jr. A D Pi motto " We Live For Each Other " is sho vn in a spontaneous song session. Top Row: Judy Hoyt, Soph; Christine Hunnicutt, Soph; Mary Hutchinson, Sr; Kay Johnson, Jr; Jackie Kelly, Sr; Kathy Kelly, Fr; Cathy Kenning, Jr; Carol Keown, Jr; Pam King, Fr. Second Row: Karen Kingman, Soph; Connie Lee, Sr; Nancy Lee, Fr; Crissy Madsen, Fr; Barbara McCann, Jr; Irene McEwen, Jr; Judy McMillan, Soph; Susan Michels. Fr; Marni Milbank, Fr. Third Row: Elizabeth Mills, Fr ; Jan Mills, Sr; Kim Morgan. Jr; Jeannie Muscutt, Fr; Sharon Myklebust, Soph; Sheila Nickols, Fr ; Judy Norin, Fr; JoAnn Norrie, Sr ; Donna Peters, Fr. Fourth Row: LeAnn Peterson, Soph; Linda Pratt, Jr; Elana Prentice, Soph; Anne Pringle, Fr; Ruth Pumphrey, Sr; Donna Radford, Jr; Charlene Reisdorff, Jr; Carol Rich, Soph; Rosalind Rigos, Fr. Fifth Row: Linda Robbecke, Jr; Patti Rufener, Jr; Lois Sarvis, Soph; Susan Scharf, Jr; Barbara Schoen, Jr; Carol Simpson, Soph; Nancy Simpson, Jr; Sally Skewes, Jr; Sara Sprouse. Soph. Bottom Row: Diane Stevenson, Soph; Marjorie Stolz, Jr; Meg Strandberg, Soph; Mary Ellen Thompson, Soph; Alice Tibbitts, Sr; Sue Waldron, Soph; Donna Weiks. Sr; Sue Weyrick, Fr; Ann Wilson, Soph. 415 alpha epsilon phis like sunshine ii£i Top Row: Joan Alexander, Fr; Beth Arensberg, Soph; Judy Arron, Fr. Bottom Row: Cheryl Arugeti, Fr; Susan Bean, Fr; Donna Bena- roya, Jr. 416 Top Row: Roz Benaroya, Sr; Julie Benveniste, Jr; Marcia Berch, Sr ; Marsha Berman, Fr; Irene Burton, Soph; Timmie Clayton, Jr. Second Row: Barbara Clement, Soph; Barbara Durkheimer, Soph; Maggie Faveluke, Soph; Marilee Galton, Jr; Wendie Classman, Soph; Helen Goodman, Soph. Third Row: Barbara Gould, Soph; Jackie Hector, Jr; Diane Hudesman, Fr; Sheila Jacobs, Soph; Pam Jaffe, Soph; Leslie Kaplan, Soph. Fourth Row: Bonnie Katz, Soph; Linda Kirschner, Soph; Carol Koch, Soph; Lee Levy, Jr; Sandra Lett, Fr; Barb Maizels, Soph. Fifth Row: Diane Markrack, Jr; Barbara Miller, Fr; Esther Miller, Soph; Marilyn Miller, Fr; Jayne Monson, Fr; Carol Oseran, Fr. Sixth Row: Marilyn Ostroff, Fr; Elaine Poll, Jr; Joyce Radow, Jr; Rena Rickles, Soph; Diana Roscnbaum, Soph; Susan Ruder, Sr. Seventh Row: Patricia Shekter, Fr; Jayne Siegel, Fr ; Sherry Slutsky, Sr; Marsha Stroum, Fr; Edna Tannenbaum, Jr; Eva Tatt, Fr. Bottom Row: Cindy Thai, Fr; Sharon Walker, Fr; Sue Walker, Fr; Judy Warshal, Jr; Susan Wolff, Jr; Robin Wolfstone, Fr. the glacier of winter descended but the groups congealed, offering a shield against the jaundiced winter they opened their dorm room locks, discussed baldwin and roethke, planned, programmed their study and felt emotion in discussion under lights at 2 o ' clock . . . 417 Alpha Gam frosh practice songleading to " Bow Down to Washington. " Three of the girls were selected to be freshman songleaders. Alpha Gams " take five " for a music break before their pledge dance. alpha gamma delta Mi 2 jr - Top Row: Tami Amdahl, Soph; Janet Barbour, Sr; Rachel Barker. Fr; Vicki Benson. Sr; Fat Bleakney. Soph; Margaret Bothwell, Soph; Gayle Brauner, Sr ; Bunny Bridge, Fr; Nancy Browne, Fr; Pam Bryant, Fr ; Joyce Coleman, Fr. Second Row: Judy Cooper, Fr; Janice Cox, Fr ; Carolyn Cozart, Soph; Cheryl Gumming, Soph; Linda Curran, Fr; Barb Davenport, Sr; Sandy Day, Soph; Jan Dickie, Soph; Karen Dudley, Soph; Susan Dudley, Fr; Margaret Eddy. Jr. Third Row: Carolee Engstrom, Fr; Kay Epperson, Jr; Sandy Espeland, Fr; Janet Fey, Jr; Georgia Gardner, Soph; Julie Gilday, Fr; Barb Gochnour, Soph; Chris Goldback, Jr; Malinda Goss, Fr ; Kathy Grant, Soph; Susan Greeley, Fr. Bottom Row: Jann Hemenway, Sr ; Judy Hess, Soph; Janice Hodapp, Jr; Carol Houston, Fr; Kathie Howe. Soph; Lynne Hymer, Soph; Carol Johnson, Fr; Shari Johnson, Jr; Diane Kelso, Soph; Sallie Kinsman, Fr; Nancy Klopfcnstein, Fr. 418 Top Row. Lauray Knud- son, Sr; Cecille Lander, Sr. Second Row: Judy Lloyd, Sr; Jan Lund, Jr. adds pep to campus living iff Top Row: Leslie McDonald, Jr; Janet McKee, Jr; Barb Maxeiner, Sr; Cheryl May, Soph; Robin Milczewski, Sr; Gail Moody, Sr ; Penny Morrison, Soph; Jeri Mortensen, Jr; Irene MuUan, Fr; Donna Muto, Soph; Mary Nelson, Sr. Second Row: Gretchen Nist, Jr; Carol Nokelby, Fr; Nancy Novak, Sr; Sharon Nyere, Sr; Cherry Olson, Sr; Gail Parsons, Fr; Beatrice Peterson, Sr; Kathy Pfaff, Jr; Pam Proske, Sr; Patricia Ralston, Fr; Gwen Renner, Soph. Third Row: Peggy Royce, Soph; Sue Satterlee, Jr; Carol Schufreider, Fr; Barb Schumacher, Soph; Sandy Shaw, Fr; Joy Smith, Soph; Cynthia Snow, Fr; LoRita Solseng, Soph; Sandy Steele, Jr; Beverly Stine, Jr; Dawn Suckling, Soph. Bottom Row: Danee Sullivan, Fr; Sabra Sundt, Fr; Chris Swanberg, Sr; Nancy Sweitzer, Fr; Pat Templin, Soph; Zora Vitalich, Fr; Sharon Ward, Fr; Trudy Weber, Jr; Bonnie Jean Will, Jr; Gigi Willard, Sr; Patty Williams, Soph. 419 alpha omicron pi funds further frontier nursing service in kentucky A O Pi members display their SPI (Society for the Promotion of Intelligentsia) pins earned by dint of hard work and 3.0 grade point averages. Top Row: Marilyn Abbott, Jr; Ruth Ardissono. Soph; Lea Anne ArmstroiiK, Kr; Mary ArmstronR. Soph; Li Baylcy. Sr; Kim Brcwbakcr, Jr; Pamela Brown, Fr; Sherry Brumback, Soph; Judy Calapp, Jr; Maria Caramella, Jr. Second Row: Mary Carlson, Soph; Joan Cashel, Soph; Peggy Cheeseman, Fr ; Sandy Dahl, Soph; Pamela Davenport, Soph; Carol Davis, Sr; Jacqueline Den Boer, Fr; Martha Dressier, Jr; Joan Driscoll, Jr; Gloria Dunn, Sr. Third Row: Suzy Eichner, Jr; Andrea Evanger, Jr; Sydney Foster, Jr; Jean Gigli, Sr ; Gail Gilbert, Sr ; Janet Gonzalez, Soph; Kathy Grega, Soph; Molly Grondahl, Jr; Nancy Gundcrson, Fr; Judy Harper, Fr. Fourth Row: Mary Kay Henshaw, Jr; Carole Heston, Fr; Katie Horan, Fr; Marcia Jacobson, Soph; Kathy A. James, Jr; Anne Jensen, Fr ; Diane L. Johnson, Soph; Terrye Johnston, Soph; Susie Jones, Jr; Stephanie Kelly, Jr. Bottom Row: Brenda Knapp, Sr; Mary Knipe, Soph; Joyce Koehler, Soph; Susie Levis, Sr; Annita Lindahl, Fr; Betty Jo Lutcy, Soph; Jan Macintyre, Sr ; Leilani MacKay. Sr ; Carol Massart, Fr; Barbara M. May, Sr. 420 Top Row: Karen McClintock, Fr; Carolyn McCutchan, Jr; Jane McKenna, Soph; Nancy Muller, Jr; Susie Mygatt, Jr; Penny Nichols, Fr; Carol Ann O ' Brien, Fr; Carol Olsen, Sr; Evonne Ostle, Jr; Hanna Otteson, Fr. Second Row: Patricia Parkington, Jr; Lee Polnaszek, Soph; Linda Robertson, Soph; Elizabeth B. Rogers, Soph; Jean Roth, Soph; Judy Ann Rumble, Jr; Susan Russell, Fr; Sheryll Schlegel, Soph; Ann L. Schultz, Sr; Ann M. Schultz, Fr. Third Row: Mary K. Scott, Fr; Margaret Seeley, Sr; Diana Senn, Jr; Marlyce Shore, Jr; Judi Sivers, Sr; Diana L. Smith, Jr; Karen K. Smith, Fr; Martha Smith, Jr; Priscilla Thatcher, Fr; Kay Thompson, Fr. Bottom Row: Kathy Thornton, Soph; Carol Tracy, Jr; Dianna Tucker, Sr; Cindy Ulrich, Fr ; Jacqueline Wagner, Fr; Janice Walker, Soph; Shirley Ward, Fr ; Kay Willson, Sr; Paulette Willson, Fr; Chris Zandbergen, Soph. The candle presented to pledges during traditional Inspiration Week is a symbol of A O Pi unity. alpha phis score in songfest and spring elections 11 9 f? w f Top Row: Willa Abbot, Soph; Karen Akers, Jr; Carol P. Allen, Soph; Kari Arestad, Jr; Susan R. Baker, Jr; Suzanne Barnard, Jr; Karin Barter, Jr; Jeri Becker, Soph; Norma Becker, Fr; Carol Brooks, Fr. Second Row: Leslie Brown, Fr; Carolyn Buck, Jr; Susan Byington, Jr; Diana Cady, Jr; Pamela Caulk, Soph; Martha Clagett, Soph; Judy Clegg, Jr; Cheryl Cone, Soph; Marilyn Cook, Fr; Sharon Cordry, Jr. Bottom Row: Norma Croft, Jr; Judy Crossett, Sr; Diane Dakan, Soph; Gail Danielson, Soph; Barbara Davis, Sr; Noma Dehart, Fr; Suzan D. Dickey, Fr; Patty Doyle, Jr; Anne Dyar, Fr; Susan Early, Jr. Melodious Alpha Phis took first place in Songfest for women ' s singles, winning for the third consecutive year and retiring the trophy. 422 i A m Top Row: Mary Enccl. Fr; Sue Gciger, Sr; Judy Gilfillan. Jr; Gay Gordon. Jr; Mardi Hagen, Sr. Second Row: Nancy Hannah, Jr; Sharon Hannah, Fr ; Susan Hess, Fr; Marilyn Hills. Sr ; Patty Hynes, Sr. Third Row: Sharon Hynes. Fr ; Kathleen Johnson, Jr; Roberta Johnson, Fr; Wendy Kay, Fr; Carolyn Ken- nard. Soph. Bottom Row: Judy Lippert. Jr; Linda Lonctot, Jr; Judy Lund, Soph; Claudia McBride. Soph; Gretchen Mc- CuUoch, Soph. Spring brought Alpha Phis out to support Patsy Olson, successful candidate for sophomore class secretary. Besides campus activities, Alpha Phis participate in a national project benefiting children with heart disease. iI22 M Top Row: Bonnie Mackintosh, Jr; JoAnn Macy, Jr; Carol Magnuson, Jr; Merrily Marsh, Fr; Ann Meiklejohn, Fr; Suzanne Miller, Jr; Barbara Mills, Sr; Barbara Morrison, Fr; Wendy Mowat, Fr; Dorothy Neth, Soph; Mary Elizabeth Nichols, Soph. Second Row: Patricia Nilsen, Sr; Leila Olsen, Soph; Sonja Olsen, Jr; Dorothy Olson, Sr; Nancy Olson, Fr; Patricia Olson, Soph; Gayle Peterson, Fr; Louise Priess, Fr; Penny Prince, Fr; Joan Rabe, Fr; Jeanne Raichle, Soph. Third Row: Susan Reading Jr; Susan Reese, Soph; Jane Rimmer, Sr; Susan Rogers, Soph; Sandra Rood, Soph; Elaine Sailor, Fr ; Ginny Sanborn, Fr; Julie Sargent, Fr; Leanne Sargent, Fr; Alice Schneidmiller, Soph; Mary Seelye, Fr. Bottom Row: Vicki Seidelhuber, Soph; Susan Shaver, Fr ; Janice Stegemen, Soph; Anne Stevenson, Soph; Lynn Stohl, Sr; Trudi StoUer, Sr; Kathy Stone, Fr; Carol Toy, Fr; Patricia Travis, Soph; Nancy White, Soph; Karen Wicklund, Fr. 423 the pledge achieved rites de passage, a week of hell for the song of full acceptance: ' the hungry greeks went forth one day, hoo ray. hoo ray " . . . 424 Top Row: Diana Atwater, Fr ; Emily Balut, Soph; Barbara Bassett, Jr; Marlida Bennett, Sr; Shirley Blecha, Sr; Gaye Boiler, Fr; Mary Bryant, Soph; Marcia Buckley, Jr ; Joyce Byrd, Sr; Dee Cruea, Jr; Emilie Cunningham, Soph. Second Row: Roberta Dambres, Sr; Judy Davis, Soph; Jeanne Deyak, Soph; Linda Dobbs, Fr; Sally Downing, Sr; Margaret Ann Eaton, Sr; Ann Falangus, Fr; Sandra Gleason, Sr; Trenna Gleason, Fr; Barbara Gorham, Jr; Sandra Green, Fr ; Third Row: Barbara Hardy, Soph; Ann Harvey, Fr; Kathleen Higgins, Soph; Colleen Hirst, Soph; Suzanne Hoffman, Jr; Johanna House, Jr; Linda Hunnicutt, Sr; Gayle Hussey, Soph; Kathy Jackson, Sr; Sandra Johnsen, Soph; Frankie Johnson, Sr. Bottom Row: Sue Jorgensen, Soph; Susan Kaanta, Fr; Sue Kerns, Soph; Elizabeth Lane, Soph; Judy Larson, Sr; Dianne Lehrbach, Sr; Shirley Lehrbach, Soph; Nancy Linvog, Jr; Donna Lundell, Sr; Shirley Lyshol, Sr; Marty McClure, Soph. alpha xi delta looks back to the twenties The house revisited the Roaring Twen- ties with a costume party. Members interpret the dance of the day. Top Row: Felicity MacGrain, Soph; Marilyn McKnight, Jr; Linda McLeod, Jr; MarCine Miller, Sr ; Linda Morris, Jr; Shirley Olsen, Jr; Mary Jean Orebaugh, Fr; Judy Orgain, Fr; Laura Railo, Jr; Joan Ray, Jr; Sharon Riecken, Soph. Bottom Row: Judy Rinta, Jr; Ann Russell, Fr; Ruth Rustuen, Fr; Joan Schluter, Sr; Geness Settersten, Soph; Joan Sezmck, Soph; Melinda Smith, Fr; Mary Stickler, Fr; Winifred Thorpe. Soph; Lynne Usack, Fr; Janice Waak, Soph. 425 Top Row: Mary AUa- sina, Fr; Betty Lou Anderson, Jr. Bottom Row: Bonnie Anderson, Soph; Marie Anderson, Soph. . " ! ' ££i£fiM Top Row: Cheryl Barton, Fr; Linda Beckley, Fr; Diana Benedict, Soph; Gail Bergstrom, Jr; Susan Berry, Jr; Joan Birchard, Jr; Suzy Boehm, Soph; Mariella Brauss, Sr; Carol Broderick, Soph; Betty Brown, Fr ; Jan Brukctta, Jr. Second Row: Jan Bunker, Sr ; Pam Butler, Jr; Elaine Butterfield. Jr; Beth Carlisle, Jr; Linda Carlson, Sr ; Lynn Chamberlin, Fr; Alison Chandler, Fr; Lynne Chapman, Jr; Mary Ann Clark, Fr; Marilyn Close, Sr ; Carol Ditlevson, Sr. Third Row: Linda Drown, Soph; Marcia Fankhauser. Sr; Kathy Fey, Sr ; Cathy Fitch, Soph; Jill George, Fr; Collin Grad, Soph: Linda M. Graham, Soph; Pam Haskins, Soph; Myrna Havnaer, Fr; Pam Henderson, Sr; Barbara Hess, Jr. Fourth Row: Sue Hutchison, Fr; Vivian Irwin, Jr; Terri Juberg, F " r ; Jeanne Kehlc, Jr; Francinc Kellogg, Soph; Sue Killingsworth, Soph; Karen Larsen, Soph; Margy Larson, Fr; Jackie Leffman, Soph; Diane Lewis, Ji ; Laurie Loken, Fr. Bottom Row: Sherry Lorenz, Fr ; Sheryl McBratncy, Soph; Cheryl McConkcy, Soph; Sharyl McCoy, Soph; Janet Marshall, Soph; Karen Meade, Soph; Suzy Miller, Sr; Jo-Rene Moore, Soph; Gretchen Motter, Sr; Dianne Nelson, Sr; Vicki Nelson, Fr. 426 Costumed Chi Omegas celebrate Halloween eve with a dinner party. chi omega hosts bolivian student Exchange student Vicki Samos explains her native Bolivian customs to Chi Omega officers. Top Row: Sandy Newstrom, Sr; Tricia Nord, Jr; Joan OConnell, Jr; Leslie Parker, Sr; Lynnea Pearson, Soph. Second Row: Mel Pearson, Soph; Janice Peterson, Fr; Suzy Pollock, Soph; Jan Richardson, Sr; Diana Richmond, Jr. Third Row: Judy Rieben, Jr; Leilani Rogers, Sr; Marilyn Rogers, Fr; Jane Rourke, Soph; Barbara Rudge, Soph. Fourth Row: Dee Ann Springob, Sr; Carolyn Sroufe, Fr; Elaine Surbeck, Soph; Marianne Swenson, Fr; Pam Switzer, Jr. Fifth Row: Pat Thompsen, Fr; Muffet Vinton, Fr; Randi Vogensen, Soph; Pat Voorhees, Sr; Lynn Waller, Fr. Sixth Row: Nancy Walter, Fr; Sandy Warjone, Sr; Lynda Warren, Jr; Marsha Watson, Soph; Mary Ann Wells, Soph. Bottom Row: Lynn Whiteley, Soph; Louise Wiepke, Jr; Jane Willins, Fr; Anne Wood, Fr; Susan Woodfield, Fr. 427 magnetic mccartney ' ' keys delta delta delta campaign mk ' ,-0j ,« — i stct Tri-Delt drive literally carried Ann McCartney to victory. It is the same drive Tri-Delts display in their leadership in all facets of campus life. Top Row: Nancy Alley, Sr; Betsy Aspray. Jr; Jean Austin. Jr; Claudette Bargreen, Sr; Marcia Barnes. Soph. Second Row: Barbara Baumgardner, Jr; Melinda Berge. Soph; Karin Boe, Fr; Sandy Cadagan, Sr; Carol Ann Carter. Jr. Third Row: Bobbe Chaback, Soph; Mary Kay Clark. Jr; Kris Corskie, Jr; Janice Crawford, Soph; Kris Crowdcr. Fr. Fourth Row: Carolyn Culver, Fr; Darlcne Dahl, Fr; Judy Davidson, Sr; Betty Davis, Soph; Naomi Depps, Jr. Fifth Row: Jan Drescher, Fr; Lorna Dyer, Fr; Kathy Everett, Sr; Sally Flint. Soph; Carol Fortenbacher, Sr. Sixth Row: Beth Gallagher, Fr ; Janet Gait, Jr; Tanya Good- man, Soph; Sally Haines, Fr; Donna Hall. Fr. Seventh Row: Linda M. Hall, Fr; Judy Hancy. Sr ; Karen Hansen, Jr; Kris D. Hansen, Fr; Jane Harvey, Fr. Bottom Row: Helene Hemke, Jr; Susan Henning, Jr; Marilyn Hey, Jr; Dianne Hiatt. Fr ; Lee Hillman, Fr. 428 Friendly smiles welcomed senior women in whose honor Tri-Delts first initiated the now traditional Pansy Breakfast. Top Row: Malinda Hillman, Jr; Jan Hobbs, Sr; Marilynn Hunter, Jr; Patty Hunter, Fr; Sonia Hurlen, Jr; Karen lUman, Soph; Pam Illman, Soph; Joanne Janni, Jr; Carolyn R. Johnson, Jr; Marcia Johnson, Soph; Carol Ann Johnston, Sr. Second Row: Christine Johnston, Soph; Heather Karr, Fr; Tammy Kimpel, Soph; Trina Kinderman, Fr; Kathy Kling, Soph; Cathy Knudsen, Fr; Tammy Kruger, Soph; Mary Ann Lambert, Fr; Judy Laurance, Soph; Marian Lewis, Jr; Carmen Lucas, Jr. Third Row: Susan Luiten, Soph; Margaret Lyon, Soph; Sherry Marion, Soph; Mike Marshall, Sr; Marsha Mays, Sr; Ann McCart- ney, Sr; Sue McCoy, Jr; Kay Menaul, Sr; Sandra Mjelde, Fr; Marilyn Moore, Fr; Janet Morrice, Soph. Fourth Row: Kathy Murphy, Jr; Merrilee Nelson, Soph; Paula Nelson, Fr; Judy Osborne, Sr; Georgene Perry, Sr ; Mary Radewan, Fr; Lauriann Raymond, Soph; Cheryl Ries, Soph; Robin Ries, Jr; Pennie Rifkin, Fr ; Lynda Robbe, Soph. Fifth Row: Karen Robbins, Soph; Maryann Robblee, Fr; Carol Rossi, Fr; Mary Rupert, Sr; Mary Jo Sandvig, Fr; Melly Schon- wald, Jr; Molly Scott, Fr; Mary Seidl, Sr; Karen Sellers, Soph; Marie Smith, Soph; Marti Spaulding, Jr. Bottom Row: Becky Specker, Jr; Glenda Stallcop, Jr; Linda Stroud, Fr; Sue Swartly, Sr ; Jeannette Toneri, Fr; Carol Twitchell, Jr; Nancy Wells, Sr; Vicki Whitlock, Sr ; Marilyn Winde, Fr; Ellen Wolff, Jr; Joanne Zembal, Sr. 429 delta gamma adopts exchange student from finland Row: Connie An- derson, Fr; Donna Barcott. Soph; Second Row: Mary Ellen Barnes, Sr; Janice Becker, Jr. Bottom Row: Pat Bise, Jr; Lee Bracken, Jr. Delta Gammas welcomed their Finnish sister Sinikka Sundman with a surprise party and a DG bracelet. Foreign student sponsorship is their contribution to world understanding. Top Row: Penley Brown, Sr; Roberta Brown, Sr; Bonnie Bryson, Soph; Mary Lynn Cavender, Soph: Barbara Cherberg, Sr; Pam Coffin, Soph; Marcia Congdon, Fr; Sharon Cunningham, Fr; Susie Cutter, Sr; Lynn Davis, Soph; Judy Dean, Soph. Second Row: Fran DeLateur, Soph; Dee Dee Dickinson, Sr ; Jeanne Dietel, Fr; Cherie Disney, Jr; Deyette Eva, Soph; Anne Eyraud, Sr; Kay Eyraud, Soph; Sue Falkenhagen, Sr; Louise Feeney, Soph; Nancy Felt, Soph; Kristi Fielding, Sr. Third Row: Sharon Fulton, Jr; Annette Gaither, Jr; Kathy Giaudrone, Soph; Gretchen Giese, Sr ; Madeline Gleason, Fr; Pam Grady, Fr; Peggy Hamilton, Jr; Mary L. Harris, Sr; Hillary Hauser, Soph; Susan Hawlcy, Jr; Mary Herring. Fr. Bottom Row: Sherry Hooper, Sr; Chris Hovland, Jr; Marty Isaacson, Jr; Lindy Johnson, Soph; Mary Janice Johnson. Fr; Mary Ann Jones, Soph; Nancy Jones, Sr; Sue Kalin, Sr; Cindi Karr, Soph; Kitty A. KcUey, Sr ; Judy Kelly, Fr. 430 Top Row: Sheila Kessler, Soph; Dolores La Grandeur, Fr; Marianne Lamm, Fr; Linda J. Larson, Sr; Margie Lent, Jr; Joanna Lindeman, Jr; Mary Carole Lockwood, Fr ; Katy McCluskey, Sr; Sandy McKinstry, Sr; Connie Mackenroth, Jr; Kristie Manning, Jr. Second Row: Sandra Mentor, Fr ; Dianne Michaelsen, Fr; Kay Mikoski, Fr; Linda Nethercut, Jr; Sue Nethercut, Soph; Mary Kay Neumeister, Fr; Sandy Newton, Soph; Delney North, Fr; Mikey North, Sr; Winni Omodt, Fr ; Mary Pat O ' Neill, Fr. Bottom Row: Sandy Pennington, Soph; Carol L. Peterson, Sr; Maggie Pickett, Soph; Marilyn Pittman, Soph; Kathy Ramstedt, Sr; Merridy Reser, Fr; Becky Rogers, Jr; Tina Runsvold, Soph; Jeannette Sallinen, Sr; Patti Scanlan, Soph; Judy Sceva, Jr. DCs pool creative efforts for their homecoming sign. Traute Schwartz, Soph; Katy Shannon, Soph; Priscilla Smith, Fr; Wendy Soth, Jr; Ann Stewart, Soph; Cookie Strobel, Soph; Sinikka Sundman, Soph; Claire Thomas, Fr; Sherri White, Jr; Sherry Woods, Soph. 431 delta zeta do ' dads ' club a sorority first Judy Brozovich, Fr; Sharon Brozovich, Fr; Penney Carlisle, Jr; Sue Cassidy, Soph: Gail Cella. Sr. f f.l i Top Row: Linda Clark, Sr; Paula Clarke, Soph; Janice Cyphers, Soph; Stephanie Dawson, Sr; Adele Foster, Sr; Neva Gardner, Sr; Sally Gardner, Jr; Diane Heilman, Jr; Joy Hodgson, Jr; Jacqueline Hoggatt, Sr; Cheryl Holman, Jr. Second Row: Betty Jorgensen, Jr; Margaret Jorgensen, Jr; Karen Kesselring, Sr; Carol Kessler, Soph; Helene Klug, Sr; Anna Kolloen, Jr; Frances Lamb, Sr; Donna Millons, Sr; Maureen O ' Connell, Soph; Gunde Ositis, Jr; Joanne Reilly, Soph. Bottom Row: Charlotte Rich, Sr ; Virginia Rich, Soph; Joyce Rissberger, Jr; Vicki Smith, Jr; Nedra Strand, Sr; Jeri Walseth, Sr; Patricia Walters, Sr; Elaine Wangel, Soph; Lila Webber, Sr; Susan West, Sr; Mary Ann Young, Soph. Delta Zetas discuss their unique fathers ' club, the " Do-Dads, " over dinner. m again the student mass is split asunder living with one sex, aware of the other . . . males desiring the worlds without adam, open-faced and gentle . . 433 I££;i gamma phi beta: high scholarship ISt Top Row: Sue Abercrombie, Jr; Dellaine Anderson. Jr; Shirley Anderson, Sr; Kay Barney Soph; Sue Barney, Sr; Gail Beckwith, Fr; Cheryl Berdan, Soph; Mary Boden, Fr. Second Row: Kathy Brennan, Fr; Judy Burke, Soph; Barbara Cady, Jr; Laurie Carlyon, Fr Shirley Cartozian, Sr; Sally Christofferson, Jr; Pam Cliff e, Jr; Cathy Close, Soph. Third Row: Jo Collins, Soph; Kathy Conrad, Soph; Deanna Covington, Jr; Mary Denney, Soph Anne Denney, Sr; Destia DuPen, Jr; Emily Evans, Fr; Katherine Fovargue, Sr. Fourth Row: Bonnie Funk, Sr; Gloria Funk, Fr; Linda Galbraith, Jr; Leslie Gattavara, Soph Wendy Givan, Jr; Eden Griggs, Jr; Norma Hall, Sr ; Marion Hansen, Soph. Fifth Row: Ann Herm, Jr; Arlene Hinderlie, Jr; Bobbie Hiscock, Sr; Carol Jefferson, Soph Susan Jennings, Jr; Lynn Johnson, Soph; Merrily Johnson, Sr ; Kathy Jones, Sr. Bottom Row: Susan Kanz, Soph; Carol Knudson, Fr; Diane Konopaski, Jr; Burghilt Kurtovich Soph; Janice Kvam, Fr; Ann Lawrence, Fr; Jean Lawrence, Fr; Sue Longwood, Soph. Gamma Phi Beta executive council meets informally with their house mother, Mrs. Mildred Williamson. r . 434 Gamma Phi ' s host a rain-soaked tour group during rush. They have consistently been rated among the top houses scholastically, and seek to emphasize the importance of academics to their pledges. Top Row: Helen Lundin, Sr; Karen Lundin, Soph; Jane Mavor, Jr; Diane McCarty, Jr; Kristine McCrosky, Fr; Sandy McCutchen, Soph; Cleata Mcintosh, Fr; Marilyn McMeekin, Sr; Eleanor Milner, Jr; Molly Moore. Jr; Carolyn Nelson, Sr. Second Row: Kathy Noland, Fr; Carol Norman, Jr; Kathy Novak, Fr; Shari Nyland, Jr; Kristine Olson, Fr; Sheila Olson, Fr; Sally O ' Shea, Jr; Mardi Palmer, Soph; Judy Pedersen, Soph; Mary Pickard, Fr; Jennifer Pope, Fr. Third Row: Claudia Records, Fr; Wendy Rockefeller, Jr; Wendy Rutter, Jr; Gretchen Schmitt, Sr; Margaret Shotwell, Soph; Janet Slater, Fr; Ann Solbakken, Soph; Dana Speer, Soph; Linda Speer, Jr; Kit Stansbury, Sr; Nicki Stojack, Soph. Bottom Row: Beryl Strain, Jr; Linda Sturgis, Fr; Janet Thornton, Jr; Janet Thorpe, Fr; Judy Tice, Fr; Cathy Trosper, Soph; Linda Ubaghs, Soph; Sally Whitney, Jr; Janice Wilcox, Soph; Judy Winn, Fr; Ann Wynn, Soph. 435 Top Row: Jeanne Allen, Fr; June Anderson, Fr; Ann Bailey, Fr; Barbara Bailey, Jr; Sally Baker, Fr. Second Row: Kathy Barrett, Jr; Laurean Barton, Fr; Carol Berg, Fr; Virginia Billington, Fr; Sally Broom, Sr. Third Row: Bonnie Bryant, Jr; Brenda Bryant, Fr; Nancy Canfield, Soph; Jane Carlson, Sr; Rosemary Craig, Fr. Bottom Row: Lynn Daly, Fr; Ann Dougan, Jr; Jeanne Eagleson, Fr; Barbara Eilenberger, Fr; Linda Ejde, Soph. It ' s Friday night, and while some Thetas phone their dates, others play cards waiting for theirs to arrive. Top Row: Susan Erickson, Fr ; Denise Evans, Sr; Polly Fasbender, Soph; Tina Fisher, Soph. Second Row: Barbara Flanders, Jr; Dinah Fland- ers, Sr; Kathy Flynn, Soph; Carol Fortin, Sr. Third Row: Ginny Fowler, Sr; Patricia Fox, Fr; Penny Fox, Soph; Sharon Frissell, Sr. Fourth Row: Kathy Frodesen, Fr; Mary Gal- braith, Sr; Marilyn Gaydou, Jr; Mikel Gentry, Soph. Fifth Row: Mary Anne Genung, Jr; Gwen Good- loe, Fr; Georganne Griffith, Sr; Sue Griffith, Soph. Sixth Row: Sandy Hall, Soph; Jackie Halleft, Soph; Tina Hansen, Soph; Gale Headman, Sr. Bottom Row: Valerie Hedwall, Fr; Sally Isaac- son, Jr; Patti James, Soph; Laurie Jarvis, Sr. kappa alpha theta keenly aware of need to encourage scholarship Thetas move around the house piano as Mary Anne Genung pounds the ivory keys. ■ !f Top Row: Lynn Jerome, Sr; Sue Johnson, Soph; Mandy Kelley, Jr; Lynn Larson, Soph; Lynn Lasley, Sr. Second Row: Linda Laube, Fr; Sarah Lindsell, Jr; Carolee Lund, Jr; Ann McFarlane, Jr; Myrna Mahugh, Jr. Third Row: Patricia Maloy, Fr; Jan Mason, Sr; Bonnie Matheson, Fr; Jenefer Merrill, Jr; Robin Morgan, Jr. Bottom Row: Carole Niemela, Soph; Susan Nordstrom, Soph; Janet Ordway, Linda Peterson, Soph; Pamela Pickrell, Fr; Top Row: Judy Powers, Fr; Elizabeth Ramey, Fr; Marsha Rehm, Fr; Barbara Rogge, Sr ; Jerene Rutherford, Fr; Betty Sells, Jr; Ann Simonarson, Sr; Margot Smith, Sr; Mikie Smith, Soph; Susan Smith, Fr; Kathy Snydar, Jr. Bottom Row: Caren Strange, Jr; Barbie Taylor, Sr; Katie Taylor, Soph; Anne Van De Water, Fr; Marilee Watts, Soph; Shirley Weber, Soph; Cammy Wesson, Soph; Jane Worcester, Soph; Barbara Worthington, Soph; Sandy Young, Soph; Judy Yunck, Fr. 437 Homecoming excitement pervaded the Kappa Delta basement as members dis- cussed the painting of their sign. Top Row: Dianne Ager, Soph; Susan AUerdice, Jr; Betty Armstrong, Jr; Judy Baker, Jr; Sharon Bakkcn, Jr; Jayn Barnes, Soph; Patricia Brocksmith, Soph; Susan Burnett, Fr ; Mary Carozza, Jr; Pamela Ciemny, Fr ; Dorothy Clay, Sr. Second Row: Sandra Clifton, Sr; Linda Close, Soph; Pamela Cunningham, Fr ; Vicki Dalinkus, Jr; Julie Denton. Fr ; Kathy Dressel, Soph; Patricia Evans, Sr; Connie Farr, Soph; Janet Fields, Soph; Harriott Fix, Fr; Judy Fortune. Jr. Third Row: Joanne Freeman, Soph; Joan Gallaher, Fr; Sandra Gribble, Soph; Susan Griep, Jr; Sally Hardenbrook, Jr; Jean Harps- ter, Fr; Susan Haughton, Jr; Jan Heily, Soph; Susan Howe, Jr; Janice Hudson, Sr ; Fran Jutte, Soph. Bottom Row: Janice Keenan. Jr; Joan Kittner, Soph; Patricia Laney. Sr; Catherine Lavender. Fr ; Barbara Lcddy, Jr; Therese Lemiere. Fr; Irene Lih, Fr; Jeralyn Logan, Fr; Liz Lopcr. Soph; Mrs. Myrtle Love. Housemother; Janis McAuliff, Soph. 438 Kappa Delta sisters proclaim the selec- tion of Nancy Richmond as Timber Queen to reign over the annual Garb Day festivities. kappa delta acquaints french cO ' cd with campus living Top Row: Sandra Meitz, Fr ; Peggy Miller, Soph; Jeanne Mills, Jr; Ruellene Mor- ganti, Sr; Ann Murphy, Fr; Jenohn Passick, Soph; Susan Pearson, Sr. Second Row: Barbara Petschl, Jr; Randi Pettersen, Sr; Susan Powers, Jr; Nancy Richmond, Fr; Sharon Ridinger, Jr; Susan Roberts, Soph; Lynne Sage, Soph. Third Row: Joan Sakrison, Jr; Diana Schmit, Soph; Karen Skaland, Jr; Jean Sloper, Sr; Ruth Starbird, Sr; Lynne Stevens, Fr; Jeanene Tharp, Fr. Bottom Row: Marsha Triplett, Fr; Marietta Van Eck, Jr; Ellen Weston, Soph; Barbara Whitney, Sr; Jan Wightman, Soph; Valerie Willson, Jr; Barbara Woodburne, Sr. 439 kappa kappa gamma tries honor system to promiote personal responsibility Top Row: Joan Albin Fr; Lucy Allen, Fr; Barb Amick, Soph; Elsa Arestad, Fr; Margaret Auld. Fr; Linda Berkeley. Fr; Mary Ann Blecha, Soph; Kathryn Blythe, Fr; Galen Buckley, Jr; Jane Clarke, Jr; Roberta Clodfelter. Soph. Second Row: Sue Cortelyou, Fr; Carol Cottrell, Fr; Virginia Crow, Fr; Toni DeBiose, Sr; Donnie Dingwall, Jr; Jan Dority, Soph; Jo Duranceau, Soph; Debbie Dwyer, Soph; Margie Flora, Soph; Sue Freeman, Sr; Marilyn Gandy, Sr. Bottom Row: Darcy Gearhart, Soph; Sue Gearhart, Sr; Linda Giles, Soph; Ann Goplerud, Soph; Judi Gordon, Sr; Noel Grad, Fr; Mary Mike Green, Jr; Bev Hall, Soph; Dana Hall, Jr; Linda Hart, Jr; Mary J. Hart, Jr. m 1 FfStS r Kappa officers discuss the success of the house honor system in promoting individual responsibility and freedom in the house. 440 Christmas packages of food and clothing are wrapped for a needy family, a house tradition. Top Row: Dinah Hawkins, Soph; Ingrid Hilen, Fr; Jane Hiserman, Soph; Karen Ingman, Fr; Karen Juel, Jr; Kathy Kiltz, Soph; Margaret King, Sr ; JoAnn LeCocq, Fr; Janet Lind, Fr ; Janet Lynch, Jr; Barb McKoin, Soph. Second Row: Barb McNeill, Jr; Shirlee Mason, Jr; Pam A. Miller, Sr; Leanne Moe, Soph; Suzi Mong, Soph; Judy Monti, Fr ; Gail Mortenson, Fr; Tyna Moyer, Soph; Nancy Nilsen, Fr; Jean Ostrom, Sr; Leslie Page, Soph. Bottom Row: Bev Peterson, Fr; Sharol Powell, Sr; Maureen Renshaw, Sr; Janice Ridpath, Fr; Betsy Roberts, Jr; Esther Rogers, Fr; Kathy Ruthford, Jr; Leann Saar, Soph; Jayne Seastrom, Soph; Ann Settle, Fr; Anne Shermack, Soph. Top Row: Mary Shuford, Jr; Margaret Tanner, Jr; Sally Teague, Fr; Jeanne Tetrick, Fr; Jan Torkelson, Fr; Tina Torstenson, Soph; Cindy Van Cleve, Soph; Joan Van Law, Jr; Marilla Waesche, Jr; Joanie Walton, Sr. Bottom Row: Liz Welding, Jr; Kathy Whiteman, Jr; Ann Wickstrand, Jr; Mary Wilkinson, Sr; Lynn Williams, Jr; Wendy Williams, Fr; Ellen Wolf. Soph; Margaret Wood, Fr; Lana Yount, Fr; Marilyn Zwiers, Jr. the phi mu ' s sing along ♦ ♦ ♦ Sandra Arnold, Fr; Jean Champlin, Soph; Kathy Clark, Soph: Mary Ann Culshaw, Jr; Dena Dahlke, Fr ; Sandra Dunayski, Soph; Janis Enbody, Sr, The sisters of Phi Mu rally round the guitar and friends for an informal " hoot, " Top Row: Carole Estby, Jr; Judith Estcs, Soph; Kathleen Field, Soph; Karen Fields. Soph; MarKenc Fisher, Soph; Sue Fork. Pr : Linda Forgey, Soph; Shirley Guernsey, Vr; Dorothy Hart, Soph; Mary Edith Hart. Soph; J.inna Hartley, Soph. Second Row: Constance Heck. Jr; Carole Hite, Fr ; Peggy Hornbeck, Fr ; Eva Maria Kern, Fr ; Linda Knapp, Fr; Anita Lambert, Fr; Barbara Lasby, Soph; Mary Long, Jr; Sharon Longmire, Sr ; Sharon Macri, Soph; Layn.i McCorkle, Jr. Third Row: Rexinc McEachern, Sr ; Pamela McRae, Fr; Helen McWhorter, Fr ; Karen Nelson. Sr ; Arleen Nordenberg. Fr; Christine Porter, Soph; Beverly Russ, Fr; Sheila Scott. Fr ; Tracey Scott, Soph; Robin Shoemaker, Fr; Elizabeth Skarshaug, Jr. Bottom Row: Arna Smith, Fr; Linda M. Smith, Soph; Marji Smith, Soph; Jeannie Soldos. Soph; Joann Swanson, Soph; Patricia Swanson, Fr; Janice Thomas, Sr; Carolyn Thostenson. Fr ; Victoria Walker, Jr; Elaine West, Sr ; Sheila Wood, Jr. 442 bermudas sell at phi sigma Sigma Carol Aaron, Fr; Marsha Ambrose, Jr; Marilyn Aronin, Jr; Terry Berns, Fr; Julie Brenner. Jr; Carole Capeloto, Soph; Diane Carp, Fr; Bev Caston, Fr. Carmen Souriano sells a pair of bermudas at the annual philanthropic auction. The house lost-and-found box provides the " goodies. " Top Row: Soni Diskin, Fr; Lynne Duitch, Jr; Carol Farber, Soph; Eileen Fromer, Fr; Joani Goldberg, Soph; Debbie Goodman, Soph; Joani Haas, Jr. Second Row: Sandy Hasson, Fr ; Shirley Israel, Jr; Andrea Kaplan, Sr; Sue Kenin, Soph; Gail King, Fr; Thelma Kline, Sr ; Marsha Klinger, Soph. Bottom Row: Judy KoUack, Jr; Fran Lawson, Sr ; Sue Levine, Soph; Eileen Levitin, Soph; Karen Levy, Fr; Linda E. Lewis, Fr; Debbie Machtey, Fr. Top Row: Sheree Mark, Fr; Bobbie Martin, Soph; Annette Mezis- trano, Jr. Second Row: Sheryl Moises. Fr; Tobyann Nemetz, Jr; Jan Poplack, Soph. Third Row: Joyce Segelbaum, Jr; Sheila Sidell, Fr; Lynn Slade, Jr. Fourth Row: Carmen Souriano, Jr; Judy Spear, Fr; Andrea Stern, Fr. Fifth Row: Mimi Thai, Fr; Billie Trotsky, Soph; Janet Volchok, Fr. Botton Row: Jackie Weis, Jr; Joani Wieseneck, Soph; Marilyn Woron, Soph. 443 pi beta phis campaign successfully for senior class vice -president Uncle Sam led Kristin Johnsen to victory in an " Old Fashion Campaign, " a wistful touch of Americana past. Top Row: Susan L. Anderson, Soph; Terry Anderson, Soph; Jeane Barline, Jr; Ellen Brockman. Soph; Judi Buck, Jr; Ann Bradley, Sr; Sandy Campbell, Sr; Judy Child, Soph; Ginny Comfort, Sr; Cheryl Culverwell, Soph; Chris Cross, Fr. br; anay campoeii, ar; juay cniia, bopn; uinny L-omlort, br; (-heryl Lulverwell, bopn; t,nris (,,ross, rr. Second Row: Marcia Daniel, Soph; Colleen Dombroski, Soph; DeDe Deskins. Soph; Jo Dutton. Fr ; Nancy Edwards, Jr; Susan Epps, Fr; Lynn Ferguson, Fr; Carol Fewell, Sr; Sally Fitzpatrick, Soph; Vicki Fuller, Fr ; Kathy Gillmer, Fr. Third Row: Nancy Gordon, Soph; Sharon Graham, Fr; Faye Griswold, Soph; Judy Haig, Fr; Evie Hamilton, Sr; Linda J. Hall, Sr ; Linda Hancy, Jr; Sue Havel, Fr; Louise Henry, Soph; Carlene Hildman, Soph; Carolyn Hill, Fr. Bottom Row: Bev Hocffer, Soph; Jan Hoeffer, Soph; Linda Hopkins, Soph; Marilee Hopkins, Sr; Sue Horsfield, Jr; Jenene Johnsen, Jr; Kristin Johnsen, Sr; Judy Johnston, Soph; Bev Kedziora, Fr; Colleen King, Fr; Diane Kingsbury, Soph. 444 Top Row: Jody Kohls, Fr; Suzi LeClercq, Fr; Carol LeMonds, Jr; Laurel Leonardson, Jr; Elaine Lobe, Fr; Karin Lofthus, Jr; Judy Lone, Sr; Melinda Lyle, Soph; Marcia Mackey, Soph; Pam Mangini, Soph; Ardie Marlatt, Jr. Second Row: Barbie McBride, Sr; Marlis McCuUy, Sr; Lolli Marschante, Fr; Marchand Melcher, Soph; Claudia Moyer, Fr; Dorothy Oakley, Jr; Karyn Oberg, Sr; Mary Oistad, Jr; Caroline Olson, Jr; Karen O ' Rourke, Soph; Joyce Parsons, Sr. Third Row: Joan Piggott, Fr; Sharon Powell, Fr; Trudy Prescott, Fr; Sheila Proby, Jr; Cathy Rein, Soph; Nancy Reynolds, Sr ; Liz Roberts, Sr; Tobe Roberts, Jr; Susan Rosene, Sr; Judy Ross, Sr; Colleen Rotchford, Soph. Fourth Row: Vicki Rynd, Soph; Deanne Schram, Jr; Peggy Simmermacher, Fr; Courtney Soule, Soph; Diane Spaulding, Soph; Laurie Stanfill, Jr ; Christy Stiles, Jr; Judy Strang, Sr; Nancy Tharp, Soph; Mindy Thompson, Fr; Marcia Toy, Fr. Bottom Row: Nina Trapnell, Fr; Geri Urquhart, Jr; Holly VanderStaay, Fr; Jan Vincent, Jr; Kris Wallin, Fr; Fran Watson, Jr; Liz Webber, Soph; Leann Webb, Sr; Billie Jean Wild, Fr; Linda Willis, Soph; Cheryle Wright, Fr. Pi Phi ' s were heavenly hostesses for their parents at the traditional springtime " Angel Party. " 445 Top Row: Delaine Adams, Fr; Marie Allard, Sr; Nicole Apostol, Jr; Blanca Balma, Soph; Michele Berry, Soph; Barbara Boutin, Fr. Second Row: Sue Bryant, Sr; Ann Caughey, Fr; Kay Chermak, Jr; Cherie Collins, Jr; Lynn Conerly, Jr; Linda Cronquist, Soph. Bottom Row: Peggy Crose, Soph; Karen Curtiss, Sr ; Diane Daniels, Soph; Margaret Devine, Fr; Dianne Donley, Soph; Lynn Ducken, Jr. Sigma Kappas commemorate Founder ' s Day with a buffet dinner at which they honored their chap- ter founder, Mrs. Jessie Pepper Padelford. Sigma kappa commemorates 53rd anniversary on I ' fiis Top Row: Nancy Dyar, Jr; Connie Dyt, Fr; Martic Easton, Fr; Judy Engelskjen, Jr; Marcia Ervin, Fr; Cinda Evans, Soph; Jan Eyler, Soph; Lynn Ferbrache, Fr ; Laurie Gacth, Soph; Janet Geoff roy, Fr ; Marilyn Gilbert, Soph. Second Row: Barbara Coding, Sr; Vclta Grinhagens, Jr; Donna Hass, Fr ; Donna Herbcr, Soph; Joanne Hicb, Fr; Sue Hiltner, Sr ; Nancie Hines, Fr; Barbara Hoeft, Soph; Jan Hotson. Jr; Nancy Hurley, Fr ; Jan Hylbak, Jr. Third Row: Ann Jacobson, Fr; Sharon Jancura, Soph; Margaret Jcnson, Sr; Karen A. Johnson, Soph; Bobbie Johnston, Sr; Karen Kanar, Soph; Kathy Knaack, Jr; Sharon Knight, Fr; Jenijoy LaBelle, Jr; Charlotte Langley, Sr ; Joan Lantcrman, Soph. Bottom Row: Adricnne LcBlanc, Fr; Shari Lengytl. Soph; Diana l.loyd, Jr; M.iry J.iiic l.uby. Soph; Sue Lylo, Soph; Judy McKay, Sr; Barbara McPoland, Fr ; Jemy Mackey, Sr ; Carol Marshall, Fr; Marilyn Mickalscn. Jr; Kathy A. Miller, Fr. 446 campus founder ' s day A Sigma Kappa claims her engagement ring by blowing out a candle in the traditional ceremony. £t£i Top Row: Marilyn Montfort, Jr; Pat L. Moore, Fr; Sue L. Nelson, Sr; Rosemary Norgord, Soph; Judy A. Olson, Sr; Linda Parker, Soph; Pearl Quarnstrom, Jr; Joan Rafn, Jr; Sally Reid, Soph; Diane Reilly, Soph; Marty Reynolds, Soph. Second Row: Flossie Sather, Jr; Connie Sherman, Sr; Diana Shreve, Jr; Jill Skillern, Fr; Joan Solga, Jr; Garrel Sperling, Fr ; Sandy Stevens, Sr; Marsha Stewart, Jr; Vicki Strange, Sr; Susan Tarrant, Sr; Jeannette Thornton, Sr. Bottom Row: Chery Tudor, Soph; Pat van den Steenhoven, Sr; Kay Van Sickle, Jr; Deanna Walls, Soph; Candy Webb, Fr; Rom Wenzel, Fr ; Carolyn White, Soph; Nada White, Fr; Jeanie Whitham, Sr ; Bernie Whittom, Jr; Nancie Wolfe, Soph. 447 Mm Top Row: Barbara Adams, Fr; Miriam Albert, Sr; Carol Atherton, Fr; George Beauchamp, Jr; Becky Brown, Jr; Susan Canfield, Jr; Barbara Ann Coffey, Fr. Second Row: Carlene Cole, Sr; Joyce Czesla, Jr; Donna Devine, Sr; Gerry Drum- heller, Jr; Grace Green, Fr; Ella Henrikson, Jr; Lee Anna Johnson, Soph. Bottom Row: Betty Lou Lamielle, Jr; Judy Lum, Sr; Marilee Miller, Jr; Sharon Ralston, Sr; Jan Sevy, Jr; Connie Taft, Jr; Mary Wittenberg, Sr. Pumpkin-carving entertains Zeta Tau Alphas and their dates at a Halloween exchange. The event is one slice in a social pie whose ingredients run from the White Violet Formal to a football team that brought home bruises. zeta tau alpha: from formals to football jerseys 448 calling on her before the white door, the freshman is still conscious of his skin, clothes and family, and the coded jargon of the intercom ' s " visitor downstairs " is the welcome into her rug and glass world. her social group awareness compares to mary mccarthy yet the rules of rumor bind the group into delicious sensitivity . . . 449 but as the spring rays plunge earthward all the rules of sociability that they have devised they undo. the groups have formed and now turn into beach houses. the fruit of spring has grown and endocrines pump the welcome to the fellowship and freedom, group boundaries fade. leaving only the essential feeling — June day finals, lolling shorts, tan bodies more ideal than real. . . 450 wihc debates hours controversy Sharon Craig (above) sat as Wo- men ' s Inter-House Council president when controversy over women ' s hours struck the campus. WIHC found itself right in the middle of it all. Bobbie Humbert (right) took over reins of WIHC in the dorms when University administration voices said hours would change. 451 Top Row: Judith Ault, Fr; Anita Balodis, Soph; Joanne Bechtold, Fr ; Carol Benge, Soph. Second Row: Vicki Benn, Soph; Bonnie Berch, Fr; Melissa Best, Soph; Sharon Bingham, Fr. Third Row: Sherry Bledsoe, Fr; Beth Claus, Soph; Carole Cloud, Fr; Patricia Coyne, Soph. Fourth Row: Judith Cress, Soph; Regina Davis, Soph; Lois Degg, Jr; Carolyn Driver, Fr. Fifth Row: Joanne Elkins, Fr ; Anne Eriksen, Jr; Nancy Fallon, Fr ; Carolyn Freelin, Jr. Sixth Row: Connie Fuller, Sr ; Carol Gray, Jr; Jeanne Guloien, Fr; Elora Hallia, Fr. Bottom Row: Susan Hanson, Fr; Judith Harbers, Soph; Marsha Hause, Soph; Linda Head- strom. Soph. allison girls have fun IHISSS Top Row: Carole Hendcrs, Fr; Kathryn Horsley, Jr; Janice Hutcheson, Soph; Janice Ikcda, Jr; Carol James. Fr; Saundra Kidwell. Fr. Second Row: Judith Laatsch, Fr ; Sucllen Lacey, Jr; Susan Lahdcnpera, Jr; Linda Lodmell, Sr; Gloria MacLagan, Jr; Shirley Mahalcy, Fr ; Bottom Row: Dana Martin, Jr; Marianne Mattson, Jr; Carol Mattus, Jr; Carolyn Mayer, Soph; Lynne Morris, Soph; Marlene Nessly, Fr. 452 " Hey look us over! " Allison girls discover the fun of having boys across the way (left). A birthday party in one of the six-sided rooms gives girls a chance to know neighbors in a relaxed way (above). breaking in a new haggett house One of the main tasks facing officers was to acquaint new residents with each other. Top Row: Jane Newbury, Fr; Susan Newby, Fr; Patricia Nielsen, Fr ; Diane Norkool, Jr; Nena Nutter, Jr; Beverly Packard, Sr; Pamela Poier, Fr. Second Row: Kathy Putnam, Fr; Marcia Schuermeyer, Soph; Brenda Shamlian, Soph; Marilyn Sherrill, Soph; Ellen Sieg, Fr; Linda Simmons, Soph; Linda Sims, Soph. Bottom Row: Christy Smith, Sr; Siri Smith, Soph; Diane Stonehouse, Fr; Shirley Strum, Soph; Ronita Taylor, Soph; Carolyn Warner, Soph; Mary Wright, Fr. p s», austin also has a man . ♦ ♦ Austin president (upper) checks her agenda for house meeting. Austin ' s new addition is Terry Neal (lower), " man-about-the-house, " who functions as official house host. Top Row: Eileen Barnett, Jr; Ann Baxter, Soph; Harriet Beal, Sr; Sandra Blessing, Jr; Joanna Brown, Soph; Cathy Carter, Jr; Sally Cronhagen, Jr. Second Row: Martha Daysmith, Sr; Judith Dowd, Soph; Elaine Eck, Soph; Mary Eldred, Fr; Jenny Fletcher, Fr; Nancy Groves. Soph; Joanne Hashimoto, Fr. Third Row: Frances Hawk, Soph; Patty Hecht, Fr; Korine Heinricy. Fr; Willeta Huffstetler, Fr; Linda Hylton, Soph; Deborah Irvine, Soph; Louise Janin, Fr. Fourth Row: Sally Kilburg, Soph; Carolyn Kitto, Soph; Helen Lenioine, Jr: Marian Lewis, Fr; Suzanne Lindberg, Sr ; Priscilla Long, Sr ; Linda Mahlum. Fr. Fifth Row: Marilynne McCarty, Soph; Lynne McConncll. Soph; Judith Mesler, Jr; Michelle Moawad, Sr; Jane Mutschler, Fr; Linda O ' Brien, Fr; Judy S. Peter- son, Soph. Sixth Row: Lynda Petty, Fr; Barbara Rowse, Jr; Lois Schubert, Jr; Pamela Settle, Fr; Cathy Simdars, Jr; Julie Smith, Sr ; Pamela Smith, Soph. Bottom Row: Jacqueline Starr, Soph; Jeanne Staufter, Fr; Margaret Taylor, Fr ; Janice Tsuboi, Fr; Barbara Verbeck, Jr; Susan Wilkinson, Soph; Patricia Young, Jr. Blaine ' s new officer lights a candle symbolic of her new position. Past officers were in- strumental in organizing the lecture series at which outstanding professors presented ideas to women ' s dorm residents. blaine features lecture series Top Row: Alvina Becker, Soph; Donna Bunt, Fr; Sara Burnley, Fr; Diana Campbell, Soph. Second Row: Sandra Carlsson, Sr; Katherine Danneman, Fr; Ellen English, Fr; Charlotte Freimuth, Sr. Third Row: Karla Gustavson, Soph; Marianne Harris, Fr ; Carolyn Hartness, Fr; Vivian Hawkins, Soph. Fourth Row: Judith Hayden, Fr; Joanne Heitz, Soph; Janice Hennefer, Fr; Paula Jacoby, Soph. Fifth Row: Diana Knight, Fr; Nancy Lackland, Fr; Deohandi Loumidi, Grad; Jennifer Markham, Soph. Sixth Row: Karen McCrohan, Soph; Marilyn Merrill, Soph; Virginia Meyer, Fr; Judith Orchard, Jr. Seventh Row: Sue Scanlan, Sr; Suzanne Schatz, Jr; Barbara Synder, Fr; Vicki Thomas, Soph. Bottom Row: Joan Transue, Sr; Darcy Umphred, Fr; Helen Vandeman, Soph; Jodi Willis, Fr. Camano house converts lounge to suit their particular wants. camano lounge turns house into home Rebecca Agar, Fr; Jane Ashburn, Fr; Susan Callis, Fr; Beverly Carlsen, Sr. llf Top Row: Linda Christensen, Fr; Sharon Christiansen, Fr; Diane Cline, Fr; Janice Colburn, Fr; Julann Cruickshank, Soph; Margaret Cullor, Soph; Cheryl Donlan, Soph; Mary Drew, Fr; Carol Edinger, Fr; Linda Esther, Fr; Janet Everist, Soph. Second Row: Pamela Ferguson, Fr; Carol Foster, Jr; Donna Gary, Fr; Karen Gray, Jr; Vicki Hansen. Fr; Darlene Hassett, Jr; Sue Kenwood, Soph; Kathleen Hughes, Fr; Virginia Hulett, Jr; Carol Hunton, Fr; Jean Johnson, Jr. Third Row: Paula Johnson, Soph; Cicely Johnston, Soph; Lucille Karpiv, Sr; Lynn Klein, Fr; Barbara Lampert, Fr; Patricia Larson, Jr; Joyce Lervold, Fr; Catherine Lund, Fr; Susan Meyer, Fr; Susan J. Miller, Fr; Lillian Nakaso, Fr. Fourth Row: Mary Nemeth, Fr; Shirley Newell, Fr; Lynn Nickerl, Fr; Elona Olson, Fr; Eileen Patterson, Soph; Norma Pawson, Sr; Jackie Perry, Sr; Nancy Peterson, Fr; Terry Read, Fr ; Karen Risk, Soph; Patricia Robinson, Fr. Bottom Row: Lois Rosenoff, Soph; Marianne Russell, Soph; Carole Schmidt, Fr; Evelyn Semler, Jr; Linda Severns, Jr; Joy Sutphin, Soph; Marsha Swezy, Soph; Carolyn Takei, Fr; Karen Uyehara, Fr ; Rochelle Wong, Fr ; Michele Yapp, Fr. sasf 456 y by thomas bucha Top Row: Lynne Allen, Soph; Con- stance Babb, Fr; Linda Becker, Sr. Second Row: Diane Betzing, Jr; Barbara Bird, Fr; Katherine Bloomquist, Fr. Third Row: Linda Boman, Fr; La- Norma Borden, Fr; Judy Bound, Jr. Fourth Row: Clare Bradley, Jr; Linda Canaday, Fr; Joan Capener, Jr. Fifth Row: Virginia Couden, Jr; Diane Crich, Fr; Clarita Doc- tor, Fr. Sixth Row: Sylvia Dubbe, Soph; Billie DuBoise, Fr; Barbara Duffy, Fr. Bottom Row: Linda DuPuis, Jr; Barbara Englund, Fr; Sarah Estes, Soph. Top Row: Barbara Filsinger, Jr; Rayko Fujii, Fr; Lorna Grace, Soph; Vikki Green, Fr; Judy Hagen, Fr. Second Row: Patricia Hand, Fr; Olivia Hegre, Fr; Carol Hochsprung, Fr; Carol Holcomb, Jr; Vicki Holt, Soph. Third Row: Carol Horn, Jr; Barbara Humbert, Jr; Pamela Hussey, Fr; Patricia Johnson, Soph; Susan Jones, Soph. Fourth Row: Misao Kobata, Fr; Carol Kuruhara, Grad; Catherine Larrance, Fr ; Patricia Learning, Fr; Carol Leong, Jr. Bottom Row: Barbara Leonnig, Fr; Linda Lewis, Fr; Marilyn McGuire, Grad; Anabel Malmquist, Jr; Jeanne Marshall, Fr. Topics under discussion at a Cypress meeting include volunteer work for the Children ' s Orthopedic Hospital. cypress 458 The Cypress scrapbook brings back memories of fun-filled exchanges with their brother house Cascade. volunteers service to hospital Top Row: Betty Mattila, Fr; Cheryl K. May, Fr; Franceses Mayer, Fr; Claudia May- field, Fr. Second Row: Diane Middleton, Soph; Carol Money, Fr; Heather Morris, Fr; Linda Nutley, Fr. Third Row: Karen Olson, Jr; Tanya Pankratz, Soph; LaRene Petersen, Fr; Pauline Potter, Jr. Fourth Row: Julianne Prehn, Soph; Florence Rasaka, Soph; Susan Shemet, Fr; Judith Singer, Fr. Fifth Row: Marcia Stacy, Soph; Diane Stil- well, Fr; Judith A. Taylor, Fr; Roberta Teshima, Jr. Sixth Row: Teresa Thompson, Fr; Lynne Tjerne, Soph; Linda Vandersluys, Fr; Suzanne Wachter, Fr. Bottom Row: Jean Ann Weinrich, Fr; Diane Winter, Fr; Jan Worden, Fr; Arlene Yamashita, Fr. 459 f r9 ; . P 1 7 m p r devoe ' s Christmas stocking II Lily Mei, a Miss Mistletoe contest- ii ' V- ' l ant, demonstrated 1 ■■cm campus spirit from a new DeVoe house. - t - m .. 1 § Top Row: Carole Anderson, Fr; Cathy Bacon, Jr; Pamela Bafus, Fr; Marilyn Bahl, Fr; Rona Barnett, Fr; Sherryl Baxter, Fr; Mary Bolin, Soph; Diane Born, Fr; Bettie Boyd, Fr; Janyce Brenning, Fr. Second Row: Verla Buck, Fr; Shirley Callaway, Fr; Terrill Clark, Soph; Margaret Cline, Jr; Judith Corey, Fr; Sylvia Deckebach, Fr ; Kathleen Durgan, Fr; Barbara Elliott, Fr; Sheri Farnell, Fr; Sue Farrington, Fr. Third Row: Denise Halloran, Fr ; Kathy Hamilton, Fr ; Joyce Hart, Jr; Jacqueline Hawken, Fr; Molly Heckbert, Fr Linda Hefty, Fr; Susan Hill, Fr; Valerie Hoffman, Fr ; Susan Holmstrom, Soph; Delia Holtman, Soph. Fourth Row: Donelda Horr, Fr; Virginia Jackson, Sr; Carrie Johnson, Fr; Karen Anne Johnson, Fr; Wendy Jordan, Fr Karen Kildahl, Fr; Kathleen Klinger, Soph; Dianne Kornberg, Fr ; Mary Light, Fr; Susan Lind, Soph. Fifth Row: Marget Love, Fr; Susan McCulloch, Fr; Lois McDonald, Fr; Gail MacKenzie, Soph; Evelyn Maxwell, Fr Lai Mei, Jr; Margaret Menard, Fr ; Sharon Mesojedec, Fr; Andrea Mills, Fr; Carol Morton, Fr. Bottom Row: Kristin Pederson, Fr; Jeanne Pfann, Jr; Judith Pierson, Fr; Linda Pohl, Jr; Lynne Porter, Fr; Louise Ridley, Jr; Anne Riplinger, Soph; Linda Schmidt, Fr; Sherry Ann Smith, Jr; Kristi Sowell, Soph. group spirit represented by contest participation Vonna Sundling, Fr; Betty Thomson, Fr; Rosa Tye. Jr; Mary Urschel, Soph; Merna VanLeuven, Fr; Charlotte Vincent, Fr; Judy Lenna Ward, Fr; Janice Weber. Fr; Jeri West, Jr; Gerene Williams, Fr; Sarah Youlten, Fr. 461 §f Top Row: JoAnne Applegate, Soph; Bonnie Beveridge, Soph; Linda Broyles, Soph; Nancy Buechner. Fr; Margaret Bull. Soph: Carol Ann Cazin, Grad; Marcia Chermak, Soph; Carol Cooke, Jr; Alice Creore. Soph; JoEUen Day, Soph. Bottom Row: Ingrid Emerson, Fr; Joyce Englund, Fr; Jo Finley, Soph; Bonnie Freese, Soph; Joan Garnjobst, Soph; Victoria George, Fr; Ellen Hamilton, Soph; Linda Hammond, Soph; Connie Hillman. Soph; Hildegard Holzberger, Fr. leary stresses individual growth An informal song-session demonstrates individual achievement through group participation. Top Row: Mary Isa. Jr; Sharon Kahler, Sr; Sharon Koepke, Sr; Martha Kuphal, Fr ; Vivian Lay, Sr. Second Row: Michele Lester, Jr; Candance McQueen, Fr; Carolyn Malmoe, Sr; Rosemarie Marshall, Sr; Marjcan Martinson, Sr. Bottom Row: Lauren Maruoka, Soph; Dian Maurel, Jr; Pamela Miller, Fr; Linda Moore, Sr ; Marianne Morgen, Fr. Top Row: Dorianne Nelson, Jr; Uoris Penbtrthy, Jr; Susan Perkins. Sr; RochcUe Pfannckuchcn, Sr; Yolanda Rcid, Fr; Carol Shipley, Soph; Cheryl Slikcr, Soph; Ruby Smith, Sr; Joanne Sorenson, Sr; Rosemarie Stanley, Sr. Bottom Row: Elaine Stanton, Fr; Anna Stokes, Sr ; Roseann Thornycroft, Soph; Virginia Van Saun, Jr; Sandra Venable, Fr; Colleen Warrior, Jr; Laurel Wolfer, Fr; Diana Yeung, Sr; Charlotte York, Soph; Patricia Young, Fr. 462 s W Cm 1 Top Row: Cynthia Allen, Soph; Leona Ansley, Fr ; Denise Blackburn, Jr; Judy Ann Blake, Fr; Sylvia Bloom, Fr; Janet Boggs, Fr; Sue Brennen, Soph; Judith Carson, Fr; Teresa Chick, Soph; Nancy Cole, Fr. Bottom Row: Joan Dennison, Jr; Barbara Frazier, Fr; Sydney Gault, Fr; Pamela Gere, Fr; Janet Glazer, Soph; Helen Goslin, Soph; Karen Groves, Sopn; Mary Harding, Soph; Dona Harvey, Jr; Diane Hettrick, Jr. maury fills activities with enthusiasm Top Row: Stephanie Horosko, Fr; Candace Jarrett, Soph; Diana Johnson, Fr. Second Row: Patricia Jones, Jr; Wendy Lambuth, Fr; Carol Landerholm, Jr. Bottom Row: Sandra Lane, Fr; Willemina Langendoen, Jr; Nancy Mattus, Fr. " Harum-Scarum Harry " chaperones a couple during Maury ' s fall dance Autumn Leaves. liSi is i Top Row: Barbara May, Jr; Diane McClain, Fr; Marcia McLean, Sr; Julie McWhorter, Jr; Susan Neal, Soph; Nancy Ann Parry, Jr; Christine Pearson, Sr; Penny Rennick, Fr; Mary Robinson, Fr; Lois Ronnei, Fr. Bottom Row: Martha Rosmond, Soph; Sarabeth Rother, Fr; Marlis Rufener, Fr; Susan Sakuda, Fr; Orlean Sherar, Fr; Susan Storwick, Fr; Pamela Thomas, Soph; Glenna VanBuren, Fr; Lorene Walter, Fr; Laura Wilkerson. Jr. 463 M£i w Top Row: Judy Aker, Fr; Jan Anderson, Fr; Karen Anderson, Fr; Betty Apilado. Fr; Karen Bower, Jr; Connie Braerman, Soph; Marie Cauvel, Sr: Cathy Chick, Fr; Darlene Cook, Sr. Second Row: Sharron Cooper, Jr; Sharon Craig, Sr; Lynn Davenport, Fr; Carolee Davis, Fr ; Jennifer DeMoney, Fr; Karren Dessen. Sr; Eleanor DeVilla, Fr; Judy Eddy, Jr; Sharon Friermood, Jr. Bottom Row: Shirley Garrett, Fr; Judy Giannick, Fr ; Susan Gosnell, Jr; Jennifer Haughawout. Jr; Ada Henriksen, Sr; Carol Howard. Soph; Judy E. Johnson, Soph; Lois Kireto, Soph; Susan Konecny, Fr. mercer gifts brighten harborview hospital Top Row: Mary Ann Krueger, Sr; Cheryl Lind, Fr; Ilze Lukins, Fr ; Jacquelyn Lyon, Sr; Carolyn Mader, Sr; Marilyn Monsaas, Sr ; Sharron Mullin, Fr; Virginia Mulqueeney, Jr; Darlene Naglich. Jr. Second Row: Barbara Norton, Fr; Karen Okub o, Fr; Didi Otterson, Soph; Suzanne Pfafman, Jr; Alicejo Phillips, Fr; Jean Pilat, Jr; Linda Reade, Soph; Pat Repetowski, Jr; Linda Riedasch, Fr. Third Row: Lynn Ritzen; Jr; Judy Roan, Soph; Pat Robertson, Soph; Lei Robinson. Soph; Marilyn Schuster, Soph; Cinda Shanlion, Fr; Leslie Shearer, Fr; Judy Shields. Sr; Claudia Sievert. Soph. Bottom Row: Belinda Sifford, Fr; Jean C. Smith. Jr; Margaret Stoakes, Sr; Karen Sweem, Fr; Ann Terry. Jr; Anne Thomson. Soph; Mary Lou Trumble, Sr; Nancy Wall, Fr; Caroline Wiles, Sr. 2fi£ 464 Mercer officers pack Halloween toys to give children in the pedi- atrics ward of Harbor- view County Hospital. i M ' . f f . 465 Top Row: Persis Ainey, Soph; Patricia Allen, Jr; Rebecca Bell, Fr; Marianne Blackburn, Fr; Sylvia Boddy, Fr; Donna Bruce, Jr; Doris Crandall, Fr; Nancy Davis, Jr; Diana Dixon, Soph; Sandra Erchinger, Fr; Judith Fankhauser, Soph. Second Row: Roxana Gloer, Fr; Linda Green, Jr; Betty Heaton, Jr; Lynda Howard, Fr; Karen Johnson, Grad; Elise Jorgensen, Fr; Beverly Joseph, Fr; Paula Ketchum, Fr ; Beverly Kiser, Jr; Brenda Lee, Sr; Janet Mann, Soph. Bottom Row: Karen Maxwell, Soph; Sigrid Milner, Fr; Susan Olson, Fr; Patricia Ralph, Fr; Cecelia Sanders, Sr; Kathryn Schaeffer, Soph; Vivian Telford, Soph; Carol Teske, Jr; Marleen Thompson, Fr; Mary Torongo, Fr; Leslie Train, Sr. Top Row: Susanne Van Stralen, Fr; Karen Verner, Fr. Second Row: Mary Wag- ner, Fr; Virginia Walters, Soph. Third Row: Kialynn Wampler, Jr; Ju- dith Weyer, Soph. Bottom Row: Marilou Woodmansee, Fr; Pixieann Zacher, Soph. mckee hall adopts mclean as brother house in dorms McKee residents share fireside fun with their new brothers from McLean. Joint activities include song sessions and a pumpkin-carving party. Top Row: Barbara Barclay, Fr; Dianne Bosso, Soph; Dorothy Bosso, Soph; Roberta Christ, Fr; Margaret Ellis, Fr; Patricia Forsberg, Soph; Judy Fox, Soph; Billie Gates, Fr; Dorothy Giggans, Jr; Patricia Gillespie, Fr. Second Row: Patricia Gorman, Fr; Barbara Harris, Soph; Linda Hedahl, Fr; Arlene Kammenga, Fr; Joyce Knudsen, Fr; Judy Kroeger, Jr; Cheryl Lotz, Soph; Susan McClellan, Fr; Suzanne Martin, Fr; Mary Lou Penfield, Jr. Bottom Row: Christie Petersen, Soph; Cheryl Pickard, Soph; Bonnie Pohlman, Soph; Glenda Smith, Fr; Pamela Snow, Jr; Penny Ward, Fr; Sherri Ward, Fr; Jodi Willis, Fr; Katherine Wolters, Fr; Linda Zarley, Fr. Stanton starts first year with spirit Bells are ringing for Stanton girls as they stage a mock wedding. Trimming the tree in Stanton ' s lounge is a community project. ills Top Row: Marcia Bandazy, Fr ; Linda Blair, Jr; Judith Blake, Soph; Virginia Buess, Soph; Carolyn Carlson, Fr; Charmien Carrier, Fr; Mary Childs, Soph; Yota Clemmons, Fr; Eda Cole, Jr; Diane Derby, Sr ; Dolly Ann Ekstrom, Jr . Second Row: Sharon Eno, Soph; Arjean Erickson, Soph; Marley Ethier, Fr; Mary Gates, Soph; Patricia Gilroy, Fr; Diana Gleason, Sr; Daphne Grabovoi, Fr; Elizabeth Hackenbruch, Fr; Alee Hannibal, Soph; Jill Hayes, Soph; Carolyn Helgeson, Fr. Bottom Row: Judy Hern, Fr; Sharon Hines, Jr; Barbara Howard, Soph; Karen Jenkins, Jr; Yvonne Kangas, Soph; Marilyn Keil, Fr; Barbara Kennon, Fr; Diana Laine, Jr; Lynn Lembert, Fr; Sandra MacAlpine, Soph; Kathy McCarthy, Fr. Ukeleles bring girls together for a late-night sing. Stuart girls sing together sifi Top Row: Teresa Maebori, Fr; Sharon Macda, Fr; Marianne Moline, Jr; Diana Mousettc, Soph; Lillian Munson, Fr. Second Row: Mary Lou Ncble, Soph; Penny Norton, Fr ; Michele Oman, Soph; Mara Rasa, Fr; Christine Robinson, Soph. Third Row: Pam Robinson. Jr; Terry Ross, Soph; Shirley Rottle, Jr; Rosemary Schmick, Fr; Sharon Sestrap, Soph. Fourth Row: Karen Sharnbroich. Sr; Naomi Sheets, Fr; Lynn Struvc, Soph; Wendy Swanson, Soph; Sheila Tipp. Soph. Bottom Row: Patricia Wahrgren, Fr ; Linda Warren. Fr; Sharon Watland, Soph; Karen Whitner, Jr; Marlys Zook, Fr. 468 r 1 Top Row: Theodora Almojuela, Fr; Linda Anderson, Sr; Su-Ann Anderson, Soph; Valerie Barrett, Jr. Second Row: Marianne Berg, Jr; Judith Car- michale, Sr; Patricia Cramer, Jr; Susan Demberton, Soph. Third Row: Sharon Douglas, Sr; Louise East- man, Jr; Jean Edinger, Soph; Lynda Ellis, Jr. Fourth Row: Sara French, Fr; Diana Garland, Soph; Marilyn Griel, Jr; Mary Jane Holland, Soph. Bottom Row: Elizabeth Isley, Jr; Kathleen Kinoshita, Sr; Linda Kowing, Jr; Loretta Krueger, Fr. A Tiffany girl soaks up the sunshine outside the new dorms. tiffany: a jewel of a house Top Row: Sherry La Combe, Jr.; Karen M. Lewis, Fr; Tanya Livie, 5th Yr. ; Bonnie McCallum, Soph.; Jean Naylor, Soph; Linda Nelson, Jr; Lynn Purintun, Grad; Jeannie Reichert, Sr; Cynthia Roskelly, Jr; Susan Siefarth, Soph. Bottom Row: Ronalee Smith, Soph; Marianne Soltonovich, Soph; M. Lynn Sparrow, Sr; Linda Thayer, Jr; Virginia Tripp, Jr; Karen Vasileff, Jr; Carolyn Wilson, Jr; Ann Wolford, Soph; Louise Woolf, Sr; Cherrie Yamashita, Jr. 469 fsrsE 2iSE£fEI Top Row: Bonnie Balzer, Fr; Bonnie Branam, Jr; Marjorie Cannon, Fr; Nona Day, Fr; Sherry Dennis, Jr; Malissa Duniway. Fr; Elyse Durkin, Soph; Brigitte Duske, Soph; Stephanie Dwyer, Jr; Karen Fraser, Soph; Hedwig Greissinger, Soph. Bottom Row: Patricia Hagel, Jr; Patricia Harris, Jr; Kristi Henderson, Fr; Jeanene Heroux, Soph; Suzanne Hoch, Soph; Josephine Hofer, Jr; Judith Johnson, Fr; Lynn Jubie, Fr; Arlene Kammenga, Fr; Janith Korvell. Fr; Jani Maki, Soph. town hall goal: getting acquainted with new dorm Town residents make decorations for their Sadie Hawkins ' Day Dance, the first dance for the newly built dorm. Top Row: Elody Mobley, Fr ; Jane Murphy, Soph; Michele Nash, Soph; Nancy Nolan, Soph. Second Row: Teresa Norkool, Fr ; Barbara Ogle, Fr; Frances Peacock, Sr; Janet Peck, Jr. Third Row: Marilyn Peery, Fr ; Rita Petri, Fr; Suzanne Rasmussen, Fr; Lesley Roberts, Soph. Bottom Row: Nancy Rothwell, Soph; Linda R. Simmons, Soph; Sylvia Studebaker, Soph; Cynthia Wham, Jr. Vashon ' s newly-crowned 1963 " Pickle King, " Jim Shoe, smiles in anticipation of his royal duties: to attend Vashon ' s functions throughout the year. vashon house sponsors pickle king ' ' contest Top Row: Karen Au, Sr; Barbara Barlow, Fr; Roberta Barr, Fr; Carol Benzon, Fr; Linda Betts, Jr. Second Row: Janet Blessing, Fr; Sylvia BoUen, Fr; Joan Brill, Fr; Irene Danzer, Jr; Judy Davison, Jr. Bottom Row: Diane Deahl, Fr; Cherryl Dinsmore, Fr; Ilene Espeland, Soph; Helen Evans, Fr; Lynne Fairbanks, Jr. Top Row: Pamela Falkner, Soph; Karen Frichberg, Soph; Judith Furro, Soph; Carol Gabriel, Jr; Mary Gilbert, Soph; Barbara Green, Soph; Patricia Greenslitt, Fr; Christy Ann Grein, Fr; Connie Harris, Fr; Linda Herbold, Fr; Lynn Hofman. Jr. Second Row: Susan Johnson, Fr; Doranne Jones, Soph; Janet Kallio, Soph; Patricia Kirschner, Fr; Carol Kyte, Fr; Carol Ann Lind. Fr; Mary Lowry, Soph; Sharon McCauley, Fr; Karen Matzen, Jr; Wendy Moorehead, Fr; Judith Petentler, Fr. Third Row: Joleen Peterson, Jr; Ruth Pettit, Jr; Joyce Rasmussen, Soph; Mary Riley, Fr; Rita Robinson, Fr; Margaret Ross, Soph; Diane Sankey, Soph; Barbara Schick, Soph; Christine Schroeder, Soph; Barbara Scott, Sr; Sue Semprez, Sr. Bottom Row: Donna Spangle, Fr; Linda Spooner, Jr; Linda Stack, Fr; Shirley Steele, Jr; Ellen Stella, Sr; Carol Uhacz, Fr; Diane Van Aken, Fr; Christine Wallgren, Soph; Pamela Woltersdorf, Fr; Konstanze Wegner, Fr; Kathy Wilson, Sr. 471 wesley house aims for development of educated christians A surprise birthday party greets a Wesley resident. Houseboys: Earl Blake, Soph; Mike Cozine, Soph; Ray Dixon, Fr; Lewis Jones, Jr; Legson Kayira, Jr; Dwight Perkins, Soph. An engaged Wesley houseboy gets carried away to the traditional dip in Frosh Pond. Top Row: Karen Allen, Sr ; Margaret Ayers, Fr; Diane Cooper, Jr; Keiko Fujimura, Jr. Second Row: Maribeth Grabner, Fr; Lynn Hulse, Sr ; Amy Jones, Fr ; Jcancttc Lambert, Soph. Third Row: Muriel Lawty, Soph; Donna Leek, Jr; Bcv McCullough, Fr ; Heather McKay, Soph. Fourth Row: Brenda Marshall, Jr; Carol Mascher, Soph; Jean Merewether, Fr; Judy L. Nel- son, Soph. Fifth Row: Patti Parker, Soph; Mary Passage, Fr; Jolyne Reiswig, Fr; Melinda Robison, Jr. Sixth Row: Jan Roby, Fr; Martha Sack, Sr ; Judy Schlosscr, Jr: Louise Severtson, Soph. Bottom Row: Joan Shook, Jr; Susan Tusa, Fr ; Pam Whitehall, Fr ; Carol Ann Woods. Jr. a lot of co mmuters don ' t stay commuters very long. They get tired of the muttering. They get tired of cold car en- gines in the morning, finding a parking place near to campus and those damned 8:30 classes. Or trying to read that crumpled bus schedule under neon lights in the District. That restrained under-breath profanity doesn ' t help. One day it ' s a shout: " I ' m moving to the dorms! " £fM£ f££iit££M£ siiit Top Row: Marjorie L. Adams, Soph; Gary E. Allen, Jr; Edith Amon, Soph; Leslie Anderson, Soph; Tim Avedovech, Jr; James Axelson, Jr; Patricia Bailey, Soph; Margaret Barton, Fr; Deanne Bass, Jr; Vicky Bell, Soph; James Belling, Jr. Second Row: Karolyn Benedict, Jr; Sally Benner, Fr; Alan K. Bennett, Fr; Donna Betzner, Jr; Shirley Biglor, Fr; Sandra Boone, Soph; Robert Bridgeforth, Fr; Kippy Brinkman, Soph; Br ian Burch, Jr; Gary L. Burk, Jr; Bonnie Burnite, Jr. Third Row: Linda Burr, Jr; Louise Cameron, Fr; Connie Canedy, Fr; Bernard Carlsen, Jr; Karen Carlson. Jr; Michael Caven, Soph; Eleanor Charland, Soph; Pam Cherry, Jr; Roberta Childe, Fr; Susan Churchill, Fr ; Velma Cook, Fr. Fourth Row: Glenda Copeland, Fr; Judith A. Craig, Jr; Stanley Grossman, Sr; Margaret Cummings, Fr; John Curry, Soph; Virginia Dailey, Soph; Roy Danielsen, Fr; Richard De Faccio, Fr; James Dempsey, Soph; Carol Dickerman, Jr; Stephanie Dotson, Soph. Fifth Row: Gloria Duncan, Soph; Barbara Dyer, Fr; Danielle Engberg, Fr; Fran Engh, Sr ; Dennis Espeland, Fr; Ruth Fairclough, Jr; Douglas Farrell, Jr; Frank Faucett, Soph; Antonette Ferulano, Fr; Mike Feyes, Sr; Kathleen Finn, Soph. Sixth Row: Linda Flathers, Jr; Evan Flodquist, Fr; Susan Flodquist, Fr; Henry Forner, Soph; Dave Freeman. Fr; Kenneth Freeman, Soph; Keiko Fujimura, Jr; Sharon Fulton, Jr; Linda Gardner. Jr; Theodore Genengels, Jr; Gary Griggs, Fr. Bottom Row: Antoinette Grosso, Soph; Gail Gunderson, Jr; Sue Haggblom, Jr; Robert A. Hall, Jr; Janice Hammock, Jr; Sandra Hanset, Fr; Bonnie R. Hanson, Jr; Donald Hanson, Fr; Maxine Hanson, Sr; Geraldine Harrington. Fr ; Janet Hart, Fr. 474 K Top Row: Robert Hel- land, Jr; Linda Higgins, Soph. Second Row : Holly Ho- gan, Jr; Julie Holm, Jr. Third Row: Marcia Hoppe, Fr; Eliza- beth Hoverson, Soph. Fourth Row: Jean Hun- ner, Fr; Lorrie Hupp, Fr. Fifth Row: John Hutch- ison, Fr; Pamela K. Jackson, Fr. Sixth Row: Judi Jacobs, Fr; Darlene Jae- ger, Jr. Bottom Row: Donna Jenkins, Fr; Bar- ry Jensen, Soph. Oh, don ' t get it wrong; the commuter ' s life isn ' t all bad. On the warm spring days the drive in from Bellevue or Burien or West Seattle can be nice. But commuters like to think they ' re just a little bit special. They ' ll always remember the drizzly day their car slid sideways across the Mont- lake bridge after the car ahead forgot to see the red light and hit the panics. They ' ll also remember how good it was talking over classes with their high school buddies who are now their college buddies because they drive to school together in the same car pool. in the life of a commuter walking also plays a big part. In fact, some of them don ' t drive at all. Bicyclists peddle and pedestrians plod their way to classes from apart- ments and boarding houses. PM! £S« £ %S Sk ££ lS£s Top Z ow; Candice Jensen, Fr; Paul Jensen, Soph; Eunice Johnson, Sr; Margaret Jones. Soph: Nedra Jordan, Sr; Linda Juel, Soph; Vella Juell, Fr; Kay Kager, Fr ; Mary Kizzie, Fr; Linda Jane King, Fr. Second Row: Rilla Knight, Jr; Karen Kraemer, Fr; Janice Krusemark, Soph; David Kurl, Jr; Linda Lamoreux, Fr; David E. Larsen, Fr; Roy Larson, Jr; Mary Ellen Latham, Sr ; Kennard T. Law rence, Jr; Marjory Leach, Jr. Third Row: John Leaser, Soph; Mary A, Lee, Fr; Linda Leopold, Fr; Larry Lewis, Soph; Victoria Lobree, Soph; John D. Logan, Soph; Jim Logg, Soph; Pamela D. Longfellow, Fr; Gary Loomis, Fr; Jan Ludington, Fr. Fourth Row: Ted Ludgate, Fr; Linda Lunn, Soph; Joe Luschen, Soph; Fred McCarthy, Sr; Randolph McCoUum. Soph; Alicia McHatten, Soph; Patti McKee, Fr; May McMillan, Fr; Kerry McMullen, Fr; Douglas McQuaid. Fr. FUth Row: Ruth Mabry, Fr; Jemy Diane Mackey, Jr; Francis Mansfield, Jr; Roberta Marberg, Jr; Barbara Marchbanks, Fr; Steven Mathews, Fr; Roberta M. Meyer, Jr; Sharon Michael, Fr; Alan Mobert, Fr; Marilyn Moody. Fr. Sixth Row: Peggy Mortimer, Fr; Clifford Moyer, Fr; William W. Moyer, Jr; Carolyn Murotani, Fr; Sharan Murphy, Soph; Ken Muzzy, Jr; H. Dale Myers, Soph; Barbara L. Nelson, Jr; James E. Nelson, Fr; Kelly Nesheim, Soph. Seventh Row: Bill Neuman, Fr; Ronald Nielsen, Jr; Joanne Norgard, Fr ; Jack Norman, Soph; Dcirdrc Oldham, Fr; Arne Olson, Jr; G. Brent Olson. Soph; Greg J. Olson, Fr; Nancy O ' Neill, Fr; Charles Orwig, Jr. Bottom Row: Stephen Otto, Soph; Harry J. Patch, Fr; Sandra Patterson, Jr; Steve Pavish, Jr; Marlis Pehling, Fr; Lee R. Peterson. Soph; Ronald Pitney. Jr; Guy Pitzel, Fr; Thad Pound, Sr; Marcia Powell. Fr. 476 all commuters come that cold distance All come to the campus. And all of them, at the end of the day, reverse the process. About the in-between time: they study (if th ey can find a place), drink coffee (if they can stand it), talk to other students (if they know any) and go to classes to learn. Top Row: George Redmon, Soph; Thomas Redmon, Soph; Chuck Reinholz, Fr ; Lynn Reko, Fr; Mei-Ling Reynolds, Jr; Catherine Rice, Fr; Richard Lee, Jr; Kathi Ricketts, Jr; John Riebli, Jr; Miriam Rocs, Fr; Nelson Rouse, Jr. Second Row: Richard Russell, Jr; Linda D. Ryan. Fr; Teresa Ryan. Fr; Jo Anne Saad. Fr; Marilyn Sadler, Soph; Terry Sattler, Fr ; Irene Scofield, Fr; David Schenkar, Jr; Susan Schnad, Fr ; Donald Schroeder, Jr; Cam Sharpe. Jr. Third Row: Frances Schenk. Soph; Gary L. Schulze, Soph; Rosemary Sherwood, Soph; Barbara Shoblad. Fr; George Sickel, Jr; Sharon Simpson, Fr; Julia Small, Fr; James T. Smith, Fr; Linda M. Smith, Fr; Mona Snow, Soph; Ann Solon. Soph. Fourth Row: Lorraine Sommers, Fr; Margaret Steinmann, Jr; NorDelle Stonemen, Jr; Myron Struck. Fr; Anne E. Sullivan, Fr; Alice Sund, Jr; Melvin Swanson, Jr; Nancy Swetnam. Fr; Janet Takayama, Jr; Charles Talbott, Soph; Skip Tebelmen, Soph. Bottom Row: Stephen Teng, Jr; James Terhaar, Soph; Louise Thome, Jr; William Thrush, Fr; John Tunnell. Fr; Lloyna Mae Turner, Soph; Helen Ulsh, Soph; Richard Van Guilder, Fr; Gary Vasil, Fr; Linda Waite. Fr; Jeanne Walker, Jr. 477 And when they leave, each one goes to a dif- ferent place: to study, change diapers or to be alone. Top Row: Judy C. Ward, Fr; Judy L. Ward, Soph; Diana Webb, Fr; Janet Weiss, Fr; Susan Weiss, Fr; Russell Wells, Soph; Candance Wesen, Jr; Cheryl Widell, Soph. Bottom Row: Linda M. Williams, Soph; Gary Willoughby. Jr; Barbara Wilson, Soph; Bill Winblade, Jr; Barbara D. Wood, Soph; Fayc Woodruff, Fr; Mike B. Wright, Jr; Ronald Zabel, Fr. 478 It is gratifying to know that there are people who believe in what you are trying to accomplish, and who knock themselves out trying to help you. You may wonder what happens to old Daily editors. This year his name was Dick Gibson. And he moved into the Tyee office to live practically 24 hours a day for 3 or 4 weeks helping us catch up on dead- lines. He wrote copy for a big chunk of the book; he also did some layouts and acted as general idea man. My roommate, Marilyn Purcell, deserves special thanks too. She spent most of her waking hours on the job. She has a creative mind and a fine sense of design. Credit for half of the layouts in the book goes to her. The other half belongs to Tom Fowle, who ap- peared in January. He walked in already trained and whipped out up to 20 pages a day. This is the third year the Tyee has been able to print really fine color photography. It is the third year Bob Peterson has shot it. I thank Bob not only for his time, but also for the quality of his work and his reservoir of ideas behind it. This year the Tyee did a tribute to the late poet, Theodore Roethke. I owe thanks for this piece to three people: First to Mrs. Roethke, with whose permission The Rose was re- printed. Second to Mary Randlett, who did the photographs of Roethke. And third to Laurie Olin, who did the drawings of the poet. Photography is probably the single most important element in a year book. It is an art which requires craftsmanship in print- ing as well as a good eye. Dave Carr, the Tyee ' s chief photographer, spent countless hours on assignments and even more time in the darkroom pro- cessing his work. A big percent of the book is his. He also gets credit for the cover. Chuck Caddey was our liaison with the printing plant. He read everything we submitted, caught costly mistakes and was mis- erably patient when we missed dead- lines. All of these people helped un- measurably in the production of the 1964 Tyee. But in addition to them I thank the division editors and the rest of the staff, who worked even when they didn ' t always agree with editorial policy. My editorship has been an invaluable experience to me for two reasons: First for the great people I have been associated with through my work. Second for the sense of achievement I have felt in putting out the book and in standing up for what I believe. Sally Christofferson Editor, 1964 Tyee 479 senior activities Adams, Richard I.: History. Ahlquist, A. John: Radiological Science, Intramural Sports. Albert, Bernice I.: English, Phrateres. Albert, Ken B.: General Business, Zeta Albert, Miriam I.: Journalism, Zeta Tau Alpha. Alberlson, Gene A.: Political Science, Adelphi Vice President. Alexander, Larry B.: Journalisrti, Delta Tau Delta. Alhadeff, Jack N.: Accounting, Zeta Beta Tau. Allard, Marie G.: Sociology, Sigma Kappa, Rally Girls Second Vice President, Mor. tar Board, Totem Club, Panhellenic, fine Arts Area Chairman. Allen, Betty M.; English, Sororia, Education Club. Allen, Karen L.: French, Wesley House, Wesley Club, Kappa Psi. Allen, Robert 0.; Basic Medical Sciences, Phi Delta Theta, Oval Club. Alley, Nancy M.: Speech and Hearing Therapy, Delta Delta Delta. Alvarado, Carmen I.: Physical Therapy, Physical Therapy Club. Amundsen, David L.: General Business and Marketmg, Phi Kappa Sigma, Alpha Kappa Psi, Fir Tree, Big " W " Club, Marketing Club. Anders, Raymond E.: Forestry, Forest Club, Compass and Chart. Andersen, Rebecca T.: Elementary Education, Alpha Chi Omega. Anderson, David C; Aeronautical Engineering. Anderson, Gail C: Pharmacy, Amer. Phar, Assoc, Lambda Kappa Sigma, Phrateres, Anderson, Howard D.: General Business. Anderson, James H.: Botany, Wesley Club. Anderson, Karl J.: Civil Engineering, Rofcre House President, ASCE President, MOHC. Anderson, Linda J. A.: Home Economics Education, Tiffany House, Home Economics Club. Anderson, Norman C; Ceramic Engineer. ing, Amer, Cer. Soc, Keramos, Engr. Council, Washington Engineer Magazine. Anderson, Robert H.: Electrical Engineer- ing, IEEE Anderson, Shirley K.: History, Gamma Phi Beta, Pi Lambda Theta. Anderson, Wolfgang R.: Law, Alpha Tau Omega, Scabbard and Blade, Soccer Club, Pershing Rifles. Andrews, Michael P.: Mathematics. Angelel, Lawrence A.: Physical Education, Beta Theta Pi, Purple Shield, Phi Epsi- lon Kappa, Husky Swim Club. Applebury, Meredithe L.; Chemistry, lota Sigma Pi, Sigma Epsilon Sigma, Amer. Chem, Soc. Arai, Gerald Y.: Industrial Design, TYEE. Arai, Joanne M.: Interior Design. Argyle, Thomas S.: Anthropology, Alpha Sigma Phi, Davidson Anthro. Soc. Arnold, Daniel B.: Chemical Engineering, Pi Kappa Alpha, IFC, OHA. Arnold, Tim E.; Law, Shannon House. Arstcin, Donald D.: Dentistry. Ashman, Paul R.: Political Science, Alpha Kappa Lambda, Debate and Speech, Track. Au, Karen W. H.: Sociology, Vashon House, Hawaiian Club, Hwasheh Club. Augustine, Dennis A.; Advertising and Journalism, Delta Chi. Auld, George L.: Accounting, Beta Alphd Psi, Accounting Club, Beta Gamma Sigma. Axtell, Donald R.: English Literature, Alpha Sigma Phi. B Babbitt, George T.: Mechanical Engineer- ing, Delta Tau Delta, Scabbard and Bhide, Soc, of Military Engr. Babich, Karen S.: Nursing, Pi Beta Phi. Backus, Jamei E.: General Studies, ROTC. Baerman, David J.: Mechanical Engineering. Baira, Robert I.: Political Science, Chi Psi. Baker, John B.: English Literature, Phi Delta Theta, Varsity Boat Club, Scabbard and Blade. Baldwin, Donald W.: Policy and Admin. iitration, Ihota Delta Chi. Baleniano, Nick J.: Dentistry. Ballard, Roger N.; Pharmacy, Amer. Phar, Assoc. Balllnger, Judith I.: History, Alpha Chi Omega, Elections Comm, Bangs, Duanc D.: Psychology, Olympus House 480 Banks, Warren M.: Political Science, Sigma Chi, Sun Dodgers. Bannister, George E.: Real Estate. Barbour, Janet L.: History, Alpha Tau Delta, Panhellenic. Barger, Bruce W.: Music, Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia. Bargreen, Claudette E.: Elementary Education, Delta Delta Delta. Barnes, Mary E.: Home Economics, Delta Gamma. Barnette, David W.: Mathematics, Pi Kappa Alpha, Pi Mu Epsilon. Barney, Susan: Piano, Gamma Phi Beta, Totem Club. Barrett, Charles F.: Mechanical Engineer- ing, Tau Beta Pi, A5ME. Barrows, Charles R.i Electrical Engineer- ing, IEEE. Barton, James L.; Norwegian. Bass, Thomas M.: Real Estate, Alpha Delta Phi. Bassett, David C: Sociology, Phi Eta Sigma Bateman, Richard E.: Aeronautical Engi- neering, McLean House, AIAA. Bates, Gary C: Physics, Alpha Phi Omega President, Phi Eta Sigma. Bates, Margaret L.: English, 1963 TYEE Editor, Mortar Board, Pi Lambda Theta. Bates, Richard A.: Economics, Sigma Phi Epsilon, Compass and Chart. Bathum, Mike J.; Commercial Art, DAILY Cartoonist. Bayley, Susan E.: Elementary Education, Alpha Omicron Pi. Beal, Harriet: Political Science, Austin House, BOC, Totem Club, Mortar Board, ASUW First Vice President, Educ. Affairs Comm. Beattie, Beth A.: Sociology, Alpha Delta Pi, Becker, Linda L.: English. Becker, Robert E.: Physical Education. Becler, John J.: Political Science. Beiningen, Kirk T.: Fisheries, Kappa Sigma. Belknap, Julieanne M.: Elementary Education. Bell, Henry P.: Industrial Arts, Indust. Arts Educ, Club Vice President, Benaroya, Rosalind: History, Alpha Epsi- lon Phi, Totem Club, Special Events Comm, Benecke, Mark W.: Ceramic Engineering, Keramos President. Bennett, Marlida L.: Accounting, Alpha Xi Delta, Bennett, Sheldon W.: Physics, Delta Tau Delta, Pi Omicron Sigma, Phi Eta Sigma, Amer. Physics Instit., People-to-People. Benson, Vicki L.: History, Alpha Gamma Delta, Mortar Board, Totem Club, AWS Second Vice President, BOC, Student Affairs Comm., AWS Council. Berch, Marcia H.: History, Alpha Epsilon Phi, Totem Club, Berg, Marilyn G.: Ceramic Art, Parnassus, Alpha Lambda Delta, Lambda Rho. Bernbaum, Sandy: Insurance, Zeta Beta Tau, Sun Dodgers, Scabbard and Blade, Ins, Soc, Army Assoc Berry, Alan D.: English, Kappa Sigma. Berry, Jo Anne: History, Calvin Club, TYEE. Betzold, Gerald A.: Electrical Engineering, Phi Kappa Tau. Beianilla, David G.: Accounting, Phi Kappa Psi, Compass and Chart, Beta Alpha Psi, Scababrd and Blade. Biaiek, Jeannie H.: Home Economics, Home Economics Club. Bille, Bruce R.: Recreation Education, Pi Kappa Alpha, Blackball, Diana L,: Interior Design, Kappa Kappa Gamma, Husky Winter Sports Club, Blair, M, Wayne: Electrical Engineering, Phi Delta Theta, Scabbard and Blade, Young Republicans, Blake, Judith L: Education, Blecha, Shirley J.: Elementary Education, Alpha Xi Delta. Bledsoe, Glcyn E.: Logging Engineering, Tau Phi Delta, Forest Club, Soc. of Amer Foresters. Bloeh, Dennis J.: Finance, Zeta Beta Tau. Block, Steven M : General Business, Phi Kappa Psi Bloomberg, Brion L.: Political Science, Phi Delta Theta, Varsity Tennis. Bloomquist, William D.: Zoology, Alpha Tau Omega President, IFC, Pi Omicron Sigma. Bodmer, Marjorle H.: Home Economics, Alpha Chi Omega, Mortar Board, Omi- cron Nu, Home Economics Club, Pi Lambda Theta. Bond, Bob C.: Pharmacy, Kappa Psi, Amer. Phar. Assoc. Borland, Jack A.: Political Science, Debate Club. Bose, Supratik: Architecture, Alpha Kappa lambda. Bolting, Nell W.: Personnel Marketing, Phi Kappa Psi, New Conservatives, Junior Varsity Show, Bouchard, Mary Margaret: Elementary Education, Student NEA, Bourdeau, Jay J.; Zoology, Theta Chi. Bowers, Dlant C: Elementary Education. Bowman, Fredrick W.: Accounting, Sigma Chi, Boyce, Kenneth C: Public Accounting, Beta Alpha Psi, Accounting Club. Boyce, leRay C: Political Science, Chi Psi, Young Democrats, Arnold Air Soc. Boyd, Helen P.; Nursing, Alpha Chi Omega. Boyd, Neil L.: Political Science, Climbing Club, Yacht Club. Boyd, Richard V.: Aeronautical Engineer- ing, Dofson House. Boyd, Ronald E.: Electrical Engineering, Beta Theta Pi, Big " W " Club, Phi Eta Sigma, IEEE, Husky Winter Sports. Boyle, Jerry D.: Civil Engineering, ASCE. Bradley, Anne: English, Pi Beta Phi, Pi Lambda Theta, Castalia. Braga, Raylene B.: Anthropology. Branch, Robert C: Mathematics. Brandal, Willy: Mathematics. Brauner, Gayle D.: Secretarial Studies, Alpha Gamma Delta, German Club, Ski Club. Brauss, Mariella: History, Chi Omega. Brayshaw, Charles M.: History, Varsity Boat Club, Big " W " Club. Brazas, Joan C: History. Brecht, Julius J.: Physics, Newman Club, Amer. Physics Inst. Brennan, John J.: Ceramic Engineering, Kappa Sigma, ACS, Keramos, Phi Eta Sigma Briggs, Michael R.: Physics, Phi Delta Theta, Varsity Football, Big " W Club. Brigham, Tom: Psychology, Lambda Chi Alpha, Rugby Club, Hub Dance Chair- man, People-to-People. Brighton, Karren: Elementary Education, Lambda Delta Sigma President, Readers ' Theater. Brislin, Joseph A.: Logging Engineering, Tau Phi Delta, Forest Club. Brobst, Jeanne B.: History. Brooks, Alan D.: Dentistry. Broom, Sally K.: Speech and Hearing Therapy, Kappa Alpha Theta. Brothman, Jeffrey H.: Political Science, Zeta Beta Tau, Purple Shield, Sun Dodgers, Pi Omicron Sigma, Brown, Bryan F.: Finance, Alpha Tau Omega, Varsity Swimming. Brown, Frank J.: Accounting. Brown, Fred A.: Far East, Phi Kappa Psi, Varsity Boat Club. Brown, James R.: Education, Lambda Chi Alpha, Brown, Michael A.: Logging Engineering, Forest Club. Brown, Penley: History, Delta Gamma, AWS Standards Council, Sr, Honor Women, Pi Lambda Theta. Brown, Roberta E.: Home Economics Education, Delta Gamma. Brown, Veronica A.: English, Alpha Chi Omega President. Brown, William B.: General Business, Psi Upsilon, Bryan, Robert S.: Philosophy, Phi Kappa Psi, Sun Dodgers. Bryant, Susan K.: English, Sigma Kappa. Buell, Bob I.: Urban Planning, Alpha Sigma Phi. Buhler, John: General Business, Alpha Tau Omega. Bull, Richard J.: Pharmacy, Kappa Psi, Amer, Phar. Assoc, Bunker, Janice: General Business, Chi Omega, Husky Honey, Burdin, Doris L.: Physical Education, Women ' s P. E. Club, Phi Epsilon Chi. " W " Club. Burk, Jack W.: Chemical Engineering, Phi Kappa Psi. Burke, Herbert G.: Physics. Burley, Ronald P.: Ceramic Engineering, Amer, Cer. Soc. Burnett, Nicolin C: Interior Design. Burpee, David H.: Political Science, Theta Chi, Scabbard and Blade. Burrough, David P.: Aeronautical Engi- neering, Beta Theta Pi, AIAA, Burrows, Donald A,: Atmospheric Science, Baker House, Burton, Russell W.: Interior Design, Zeta Psi, Busey, Dick H.: General Business, Phi Kappa Psi. Busick, Jerald A.: Physics, Sigma Phi Ep- silon, Oval Club, Purple Shield, Frosh Night Chairman, Phi Eta Sigma Presi- dent, Butcher, Bruce A.: Law, Alpha Tau Omega, Legal Aid, Judiciary Comm,, Marching Band, Pep Band. Buiard, Edwyn J.: Industrial Design, Theta Xi, Compass and Chart, Ind. Design Club. Buiiell, Eliiabelh A,: Political Science and Pre Law. Byers, Larry R.: Finance. Byrd, Joyce W.: Occupational Therapy, Alpha Xi Delta, Rally Girls, OT Club. Cadagan, Sandra J.: Speech Therapy, Delta Delta Delta, Totem Club, Llltit Sisters of Minerva, Zeta Phi Eta. Cady, Diana C: Art Education, Alpha Phi. Cady, Donald R.: Latin Cahlll, John A.: History, Pi Kappa Alpha. Cahoon, William D.: Real Estate, Beta Tlieta Pi. Cahoon, Nyie C: History, Gamma Phi Beta, Totem Club, Rally Girls. Callaghan, Terence J.: Accounting, Beta Alpha Psi. Callahan, James D.: Mechanical Engineer- ing, AS.VE. Camden, Stephen: Political Science. Campana, Judy Ann: Speech Therapy, Alpha Chi Omega, Sigma Eta Rho. Campbell, Peter B.: Zoology, Zeta Psi, Alpha Epsilon Delta, Phi Eta Sigma, Sun Dodgers. Campbell, Sandra F.: Political Science, Pi Beta Phi, little Sisters of Minerva. Capeli, Harry T.: Civil Engineering, Alpha Delta Phi, ASCE. Campf, Joan J.: English, Variety Show CoDirector. Capron, Joan C. Elementary Education. Caraco, Paul A.: Transportation. Carlson, Beverly J.: Accounting, Camano House, WIHC, McCarty Hall Standards Chairman. Carlson, Charles K.: Economics, Alpha Delta Phi, Purple Shield, Sun Dodgers. Carlson. Jane L.: Finance, Kappa Alpha Theta, People-to-People. Carlson, linda L.: English, Chi Omega, Faculty-Student Seminar Series. Carlsson, Sandra H.: Nursing, Blaine House, Alpha Tau Delta, Assoc. Nursing Students. Carmichael, Judith I.: Sociology, Tiffany House, Marching Band. Carr, James R.: Geology, Delta Upsilon. Sun Dodgers, Marching Band. Carrol, Paul C: Insurance, Zeta Beta Tau. Cartoiian, Shirley C: Architecture, Gamma Phi Beta, Atelier. Casey, Thomas G.: Architecture, Sigma Nu, TYEE, Cash, Penny: English, Alpha Chi Omega. Casper, Keith R.: Mathematics, Holladay House. Causey. Janice F.: Physical Therapy. Physical Therapy Club. Cauvel. Marie C: Art Education, Student Wash. Educ. Assoc. Caialet, Edward G.: Mechanical Engineer- ing, Sherwood House, Husky Swim Club, ASME, Tau Beta Phi, Big " W " Club. Caiin, Carol A.: Nursing, Leary House. Cella, Gail B.: Far East, Delta Zeta, Corvettes, Yacht Club, Husky Winter Sports Club. Chapman, lynne D.: Sociology, Chi Omega, Charles, Karen J.: General Studies. Alpha Chi Omega, Charles, Sharon J.: Sociology, Alpha Chi Omega. Frosh Songleader. Chatalas. George M.: Dentistry. Chen, Anthony S. K.: Electrical Engineer- ing, Filipino Student Assoc, FIUTS, IEEE, Cosmo Club, Cherberg, Barbara J.: Business Education, Delta Gamma. Chesley, Sydney, R.: Elementary Educa- tion, Husky Winter Sports Club. Childs, Frank E.: Civil Engineering, ASCE. Chin, Celeste M. Y.: English. Chinn, Hellen: Pharmacy, lambda Kappa Sigma, Amer. Phar. Assoc. Chinn, Jonathan: Zoology, Alpha Epsilon Delta Treasurer. Chipman, Eliiabelh D.: Nursing, Alpha Tau Delta, ANS. Christoffersen, Jon M.: Personnel, Sigma Nu, Scabbard and Blade, U.S. Army Assoc, Rugby Team. Clark. Linda A.: Interior Design. Delta Zeta. Clarke, Sidney H.: Chemistry, Baker House, ROTC, Intramural Sports, Lutheran Student Assoc. Clarke, Steve S.: Economics, Delta Kappa Epsilon, Purple Shield, Beta Gamma Sigma, Pi Omicron Sigma. Clarke, Ward H.: Accounting, Beta Theta Pi, Clay, Dorothy E.: Sociology, Kappa Delta, Panhellenic, Newman Club. Clayton, Tom H.: Educatio n, Phi Delta Theta, ROTC. Clegg, John G.: Zooloqy, Big " W " Club, Husky Gymnastics Club. Clemmons, Richard E.: Architecture. Chelan House. Clennon, Barton H.: Mathematics, Delta Kappa Epsilon, Pi Mu Epsilon. Cleveland, John K.: Personnel Manage- ment, Psi Upsilon. Click, James E.; Electrical Engineering, IEEE, Calvin Club. Clifton, James F.: Chemistry, U. Christian Union Clifton, Sandra G.: Dental Hygiene, Kappa Delta, Rally Girls, Corvettes. Cline, Ronald I.: International Business. Close, Dianna L.: Dietetics. Close, Marilyn A.: Elementary Education. Chi Omega, Rally Girls. Cockburn, Nadint S.: Sociology, Pi Lambda Theta, SNEA. Coe, Una L.: Sociology. Coghill, Marlannt T.: Pharmacy, lambda Kappa Sigma, Amer, Phar. Assoc. Cohanim, Bahram: Civil Engineering. Cole, Carlent R.: Psychology, Zeta Tau Al- pha, Pi Lambda Theta, Husky Marching Band, Concert Band, Brass Choir. Collier, Phyllli F.: Sociology Comfort, Virginia I.: History, Pi Beta Phi Commeree, Joan E.: History. Canity. Bryan C: Economics, University Debate. Constans, William F.: History, Marketing Club, Pan Xenia, Finance Club, Concert Band, ROTC Band. Cook, Carol L.: Speech and Hearing Ther- apy, Alpha Chi Omega, Zeta Phi Eta, Pi Lambda Theta. Cook, Carolyn F.: Home Economics Educa- tion, Home Economics Club. Cook, Darlene: Political Science. Cook, Gary M.: Meclianical Engineering, Delta Upsilon. Cook, Leila 0.: Violin, Symphony Orchestra. Cooley, Janef L.; Pharmacy, Lambda Kappa Sigma. Cope, John J.: History, Alpha Delta Phi. Copner, Mary E.; Nursing. Corbin, James S.: Mechanical Engineering, Delta Upsilon, Arnold Air Society, ROTC. Corcoran, Ronald A.: Electrical Engineer- ing, Alpha Tau Omega, Cordova, Lee J.; Pharmacy, Sigma Alpha Mu, Alpha Epsilon Delta, Amer. Phar. Assoc. Corner, Alan B.: History, Psi Upsilon. Cornwall, Cathy C; Psychology. Coson, George E.: Psychology, Alpha Tau Omega. Cowan, Carolyn J.: English, MUN. Craig, Robert E.: Mechanical En gineering, SAME, ASME, Pershing Rifles, Engr. Council. Craig, Sharon L.: Political Science, Mercer House, Mortar Board, Totem Club, Pi Lambda Theta. Cramer, Robert W.: Mechanical Engineer- ing, Lambda Chi Alpha. Crawford, W. James: Geology, Rainier House, Ammonite Club. Cress, Ted S.: Mathematics, ROTC. Crick, Kelly: General Business, Phi Gamma Delta. Crilly, Janyce L.: Accounting. Croly, David L.: Business Administration, Psi Upsilon, Varsity Track. Crosetto, Richard L.: General Business, Alpha Delta Phi. Crossett, Judy A.: Geography, Alpha Phi, Rally Girls. Crossman, Stanley A.: Pharmacy. Crump, Helen D.: History, Concert Band. Cullen, David L.: Chemistry, Dotson House. Cummings, William M.: Political Science, Zeta Psi. Cunningham, Robin H.: Zoology, Rainier House, Alpha Epsilon Delta, Saiyuk Society, Phi Sigma Society, Curd, Toby; Far Eastern and Slavic, Yacht Club, Young Republicans, People-to- People. Curtis, Alan B.: Mechanical Engineering, ASME, Engineering Open House Chairman. Curtiss, Karen A.: Psychology, Sigma Kappa, Panhellenic. Cutler, Mark I.: Dentistry. Cutter, Susan J.: General Studies, Delta Gamma, HWSC Carnival Queen. D Dabney, Stan B.: Radio-Television, Kappa Sigma. Daly, Andrea: Business Education. Dam, Merrily U.: Art, Parnassus, TYEE. Dambres, Roberta L.: Elementary Educa- tion, Alpha Xi Delta. Dameron, Michael G.: Electrical Engineer- ing, Yacht Club, Upsilon Sigma Nu. Daniels, Donald B.: Business Administra- tion, Zeta Psi, Beta Gamma Sigma. Daniels, Robert I.: Personnel, Arnold Air Society. Darling, Olin L.: Mechanical Engineering, ASME, SAE. Davenport, Barbara J.; History, Alpha Gamma Delta. David, Marlene E.: Physical Therapy. Davidson, David A.; Mechanical Engi- neering, ASME, Davidson, Donald S.: Dentistry. Davidson, Ellwood W.: Pre-Dentistry, Alpha Tau Omega, Pi Omicron Sigma, Frosh Crew. Davidson, Judy A.: Dental Hygiene, Delta Delta Delta, Totem Club, W-Key, Senior Honor Women, Jr. Dental Hygiene Assoc. Davidson, loren C: History, Alpha Delta Phi. Davie, William E.: Philosophy. Davis, Allan R.: Pharmacy, Delta Tau Delta. Davis, Barbara J.: History, Alpha Phi, Little Sisters of Minerva. Davis, Carol A.: Health Education, Alpha Omicron Pi, Scholarship Banquet Ch., AWS Council, P.E. Club, Husky Winter Sports Club. Dawson, Joseph C: Business Management, Delta Tau Delta, People-to-People Director, Program Panel. Dawson, Richard E.: Business, Sigma Nu. Dawson, Stephanie A.: Far East and Russian, Delta Zeta, People-to-People, Day, Edward A.: Radio-Television, Beta Rho Tau. Daysmith, Martha J.: Dental Hygiene, Austin House. DeBiose, Ton! D.: Speech, Kappa Kappa Deffenbacher, Kenneth A.: Psychology, Sherwood House. Deisher, Steven M.: Accounting, Delta Tau Delta, Beta Alpha Psi, Accounting Club. DeLeon, Irvin J.: Accounting, Sigma Alpha Mu. Deline, Richard R.: Logging Engineering, Tau Phi Delta, Xi Sigma Pi, Forest Club, Husky Winter Sports Club. Deller, Heidi G.: Art Education, Silver Fish, Parnassus. Demco, Thomas A.: Zoology, Sigma Phi Epsilon. Demick, Dan B.: General Business. DeMilita, James J.: Zoology, Lambda Chi Alpha. Doming, John G.: Pharmacy, Kappa Psi, Amer. Phar. Assoc. Doming, Van E.: Accounting, Sigma Chi, Pi Omicron Sigma. Dempsey, Neal: General Business, Alpha Kappa Psi, Marketing Club, Young Democrats. Denney, Mary M.: Nursing, Gamma Phi Beta, Alpha Tau Delta. Dent, Donald G.: History. Denton, Jack V.: Accounting, Theta Chi, Korgian Society, Metaphysics Club. Derby, Diane Y.: Speech Therapy, Stuart House. DeRoco, Alan P.: Far Eastern Geography, Cascade House, Compass and Chart, Scabbard and Blade. Dessen, Karen D.: Nursing, Mercer House, Alpha Tau Delta, Sigma Theta Tau, Assoc. Nursing Students. Detwiler, Nancy L.: Elementary Education. Devine, Donna M.: Sociology, Zeta Tau Alpha, Hui Hawaii. Dickinson, Diane: Art Education, Delta Gamma. Dickmann, Donald I.: Forest Management, Xi Sigma Pi, Forest Club. Diehl, William S.: Marketing, Sigma Nu, Football. Dietz, W. Ronald: Political Science, Delta Tau Delta, Oval Club President, Scab- bard and Blade, Pi Omicron Sigma, Purple Shield, People-to-People. Ding, Richard E.: Pharmacy, Kappa Psi, Amer. Phar. Assoc. Diskin, Harold C: General Business, Sigma Alpha Mu. Ditlevson, Carol: Speech, Chi Omega, Panhellenic. Doces, Chris: Marketing, Sigma Alpha Epsilon. Dodd, lou S.: Political Science, Varsity Boat Club, Varsity Crew, Big " W " Club. Dodds, Nelson E.: Metallurgical Engi- neering, ASM-AIME. Donin, Carol E.: Speech. Dorff, Erik B. A.: Forestry, Baker House. Doty, Karen M.: Mathematics. Douglas, Sharon A.: Journalism, Theta Sigma Phi. Dow, Erwin E.: Marketing, Sigma Chi, Downing, Sally L.: Political Science, Al- pha Xi Delta, Books and Records Ch, Doyle, Thomas E.: Electrical Engineering, IEEE, Tau Beta Pi. Duckworth, Eleanora A.: Business Educa- tion, Pi Lambda Theta, Bus, Educ. Club, Sororia. Dunford, Joseph M.: Political Science, Kappa Sigma, Varsity Boat Club. Dunlap, Gary J.: Electrical Engineering, Arnold Air Society, IEEE, Scabbard and Blade. Dunn, Gloria J.; Political Science, Alpha Omicron Pi, YWCA, People-to-People, Angel Wings. Duppenthaler, Michael 0.: Transportation, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Fir Tree, Oval Club, Big " W " Club, Alpha Kappa Psi, Varsity Boat Club, Varsity Crew. Durr, Donald G.: General Business, Sigma Phi Epsilon, Sun Dodgers. Duskin, Dennis P.: Dentistry. Easton, William M.: Physical Education, Phi Epsilon Kappa, SWEA. Eaton, Margaret A.: General Business, Alpha Xi Delta President, Rally Girls, Corvettes, Panhellenic. Eby, Vivian G.: English, Pi Lambda Theta, Edwards, Donna J.: Political Science, Alpha Phi, Husky Honeys. Egbert, Larry J.: Chemistry, Rugby. Eicher, Russell G.: Physics. Eichler, Mary E.: Dental Hygiene, Alpha Delta Pi. Eliason, Glen M.: Dentistry, Xi Psi Phi. Ellerbrook, Jo-Anne: Occupational Therapy, Alpha Chi Omega, Occ. Therapy Club. Ellis, Carol A.: Zoology, Phi Sigma. Ellsworth, DeWelle F.: English, Delta Kappa Epsilon. Elsaas, Ann E.: Elementary Education and History. Emerick, Don W.: General Business, Alpha Delta Phi, Arnold Air Society President, Scabbard and Blade, HWSC. Enbody, Janis A.: Drama, Phi Mu, Arena, Newman Club. Enders, Richard G.: Political Science, Beta Theta Pi, IFC. Engh, Fran: Pharmacy, Kappa Psi, Amer. Phar. Assoc. English, David T.: Zoology, Phi Gamma Delta, Alpha Epsilon Delta, Purple Shield. English, Wayne P.: Finance, Lambda Chi Alpha. Epier, John C: Political Science, Phi Kappa Psi. Erickson, Joan P.: Elementary Education. Erickson, Walter W.: Political Science, Kappa Sigma. Ericson, Clifton A.: Electrical Engineering, Phi Kappa Sigma. Eriksen, Kristin M.: Sociology. Eriksen, Robin K.: Radio-TV Production, Beta Rho Tau, Theta Sigma Phi., Zeta Phi Eta, " Miss Channel 9. " Erohina, Tatiana S.: Russian. Espeland, Gene A.: Geography. Estep, Philip M.: Accounting, Beta Alpha Psi, Beta Gamma Sigma, Alpha Kappa Psi. Evans, Denise K.: History, Kappa Alpha Theta. Evans, Patricia A.: Political Science, Kappa Delta. Evans, Richard F.: Far East, Phi Gamma Delta, Purple Shield, Varsity Baseball. Everett, Kathleen M.: Political Science, Delta Delta Delta, Husky Honeys. Evers, Margaret E.: English, Phraleres President, Totem Club, Castalia. Eyraud, Anne T.: Education, Delta Gamma. Falk, Frank J.: Political Science, Baker House. Falkenhagen, Susan C: Speech Education, Delta Gamma, Husky Honeys. Falter, David E.: Architecture, Tau Sigma Delta, Atelier. Frankhauser, Marcia A.: Speech and Hearing Therapy, Chi Omega. Faubion, Pamela J.: English, Wesley Club. Felt, Larry R.: Aeronautical Engineering, AIAA. Ferrier, Jerry P.: Political Science, Young Democrats. Ferris, Norma R.: Elementary Education. Fewell, Carol A.: Elementary Education, Pi Beta Phi. Fey, Kathy A.: Occupational Therapy, Chi Omega_, Occupational Therapy Club. Feyes, Mike J.: Sociology. Field, Harry B.: Journalism, Sigma Delta Chi. Fielding, Kristi A.: History, Delta Gamma. Fields, T. Joyce: English. Finger, Marjeane J.: Zoology, Phi Sigma. Finger, Richard E.: Chemistry, Zeta Psi, Fisher, Thomas B.: Business Administration, Delta Tau Delta. Fitch, William J.: Political Science. Fitzpatrick, Darleen A.: Anthropolgy. Flanders, Diana: History, Kappa Alpha Theta, Totem Club, Mortar Board. Flax, Larry S.: Accounting, Zeta Beta Tau, Sun Dodgers. Fleming, Joseph L.: Advertising, Alpha Tau Omega, Pi Omicron Sigma. Flennaugh, Robert L.: Dentistry, Xi Psi Phi, Fluke, John M.: Electrical Engineering, Sigma Phi Epsilon, Scabbard and Blade. Flyg, William T.: Finance, Chi Psi. Flynn, John H.: Chemical Engineering, Delta Tau Delta, AICE. Folkman, Robert C: Dentistry. Fookes, Larry M.: Accounting, ROTC, Arnold Air Society. Foote, Gary: Accounting, Alpha Tau Omega. Ford, James F.: Chemistry, Sigma Chi. Fortenbacher, Carol J.: Elementary Education, Delta Delta Delta. Fortin, Carole L.: Finance, Kappa Alpha Theta, Scabbard and Blade Queen. Foster, Adele C: Medical Technology, Delta Zeta, UPC Chancel Choir. Foster, Phil L.: Real Estate, Sigma Chi. Fovargue, Katherine: English, Gamma Phi Beta, Pi Lambda Theta. Fowler, Ginny L.: Political Science, Kappa Alpha Theta, Drama. Fowler, Gail T.: Elementary Education. Francis, Roberta L.: English, Castalia. Franklin, Richard G.: Radio-Television. Frankmore, Thomas J.: Dentistry. Frederic, Duane E.: Political Science, Psi Upsilon, ROTC, Brown Bag Club. Freeman, Susan C: History, Kappa Kappa Gamma, Totem Club. Freimuth, Charlotte J.: Physical Education, Blaine House, Women ' s Recreation Council, " W " Club President, WIHC Honor Society. Frissell, Sharon K.: Education, Kappa Alpha Theta. Fuller, Constance N.: Nursing, Allison House. Funk, Bonnie K.: Sociology, Gamma Phi Beta, AWS President, Mortar Board, Totem Club, Alpha Kappa Delta, Rally Girls, Husky Honeys. Funk, Len L.: History, Alpha Delta Phi, Young Democrats. Furro, Mona M.: Journalism-Advertising, Gamma Alpha Chi, Readers Theatre. Furuta, Geraldine M.: Pharmacy, Amer. Phar. Assoc. Lambda Kappa Sigma. G Gaedeke, Ralph M.: International Business, Pan Xenia, AIE. Galbraith, Mary P.: French, Kappa Alpha Theta. Gandy, Marilyn L.: Geography, Kappa Kappa Gamma. Gardiner, D. Bruce.: Political Science, Acacia, HWSC, Pershing Rifles. Gardner, Neva A.: Mathematics, Delta Zeta, Army Coeds. Garretson, Roger R.: General Business, Delta Tau Delta. Garrett, Charles A.: Economics, Sigma Chi, Gavin, Francis J.: Anthropology, Big " W " Club, Varsity Crew, Varsity Boat Club. Gaylord, William K.: Electrical Engineering. Gearhart, Susan L.: Nursing, Kappa Kappa Gamma, W Key, Husky Honeys, Alpha Tau Delta, Centennial Frosh Queen. Geidel, Dean R.: Pharmacy. Geiger, Suellyn J.: Nursing, Alpha Phi. Genson, Gary L.: Psychology, Compass and Chart, Scabbard and Blade. Georges, Joann A.: Speech and Hearing Therapy, Alpha Chi Omega, Zeta Phi Eta, Gerstein, Kenneth M.: Finance. Ghorn, George G.: Dentistry. Gibbons, Dean W.: Chemistry, Rainier House, Wesley Club. Gibbs, Verne A.: Anthropology, Davidson Anthro. Soc. Gibson, Bruce B.: Civil Engineering, Lambda Chi Alpha, ASCE. Giese, Gretchen A.: English Literature, Delta Gamma. Gleason, Diana L.: Elementary Education, Symphony Orchestra, Chorus. Gigli, Jean M.: Political Science, Alpha Omicron Pi. Gilbert, Gail K.: Home Economics, Alpha Omicron Pi, Home Economics Club. Gimlin, Theodore G.: Sociology, Alpha Phi Omega, HWSC. Gleason, Dale L.: Music Education, Phi Mu Alpha, Sifonia, Husky Stage Band, Marching Band. Gleason, Sandra C: Journalism Education, Alpha Xi Delta, Mortar Board President, Totem Club, Alpha Lambda Delta, Theta Sigma Phi. Goding, Barbara L.: Education, Sigma Kappa. Goforth, Jane E.: English. Goldberg, Jeff A.: Mathematics, Sigma Alpha Mu. Goodman, Gary J.: Chemistry, Zeta Beta Tau, Goodwin, David C: Dentistry Gordon, Judi A,: English, Kappa Kappa Gamma President, Totem Club, Mortar Board. Goroski, Robert D.: Industrial Design, Industrial Design Club. Graham, Malcolm D.: Business Administration, Sigma Phi Epsilon. Granston, Gordon F.; Construction Management, Theta Chi, Pi Omicron Sigma. Grant, Robert W.: Dentistry Grant, Stephen D.: Anthropology, Alpha Tau Omega, Varsity Boat Club, Varsity Crew, Big " W " Club. Graves, Susan: Interior Design, Mercer House. Gray, Kenneth A.: Drama. Grau, Monty D.: Accounting, Alpha Tau Omega. Gray, Dean H.: General Business, Phi Gamma Delta, Big " W Club, Baseball. Greenberg, Curtis S.: Biology, Zeta Beta Tau, Greener, Dick: Pre-Medicine, Theta Chi. Griffin, Harrison C: English, Castelia. Griffith, Georganne: Elementary Education, Kappa Alpha Theta, Totem Club. Griffith, Robert R.: Elementary Education, Education Club. Grimm, Fred M.: Dentistry, Delta Sigma Delta. Grindley, Philip T.: Mechanical Engineering, Sigma Chi. Groshart, Craig C: Journalism, Delta CIii. Sigma Delta Chi. Guenzel, Lois C: Elementary Education, Alpha Chi Omega. Gullickson, James M.: Forestry, Tau Phi Delta, Forest Club, Yacht Club. Gumerman, Robert C: Civil Engineering, McGregor House, SAME. Gundersen, George: Dentistry, Gunderson, Gerald A.: Economics, McLean House. Guzman, Guillermo E.: Mechanical Engineering, Baker House. H Haase, Peter E.: Aeronautical Engineering, Zeta Psi. Hackney, Clifford D.: Aeronautical Engineering, Chi Psi, New Conserva- tives, Political Union, Marching Band, AIAA. 481 Haddick, John A.: Ceramic Engineering, Pershing Rifles, ROTC, Amer. Cer. Soc., SAME. Higen, loren R.: Philosophy. Hagen, Mardi A.: Drama, Alpha Phi, Husky Honeys, Fashion Board. Haggerty, Jim R.: Civil Engineering, Sigma Nu, Hall, Byron R.: Marketing, Delta Tau Delta, Husky Swim Club. Hall, Donald P.: Industrial Engineering, Acacia. Hall, Douglas G.: Prelaw, Sigma Nu. Hall, James R.: Zoology. Hall, Linda J.: History, Pi Beta Phi. Hall, Norma J.: Elementary Education, Gamma Phi Beta. Hallett, Nicholas A.: Pharmacy, Varsity Boat Club. Hambert, Charles I.: Marketing, O.ympus House. Hamilton, Evelyn E.: Psychology, Pi Beta Phi, Totem Club, Senior Honor Woman, Fashion Board Ch., AW5 Council, Junior Variety Show. Hamilton, William D.: Mathematics, Delta Chi, Alpha Phi Omega, Wesley Club. Hamm, Cecile R.: English, Pilgrim Club, Castalia, CRAG. Hammett, Leigh W.: Elementary Education. Hammond, George R.: Mechanical Engineering, Sigma Chi. Hammons, Elton J.: forestry, Tau Phi Delta. Hamm, Francis E.; Pre-Medicine, Rofcre House. Haner, Michael P.: Industrial Design. Haney, Judy A.; Business Education, Delta Delta Delta, Silver Fish. Hannah, Jonaca K.: Economics. Hansch, Bruno: Finance. Hansen, Edward D.: Economics, Varsity Bowling, Student Bar Assoc. Hansen, Marco t.: Dentistry. Hansen, Ronald B.: Accounting. Hansen, Rodney T.: Mathematics, Olympus House. Hansen, Sandra J.: Nursing, Alpha Tau Delta. Hanson, Geraldine E.: Speech and Hearing Therapy. Hanson, Maxine J.: Education. Hanson, Sara E.: Political Science, Alpha Chi Omega, Panhellenic, BOC, Madrigal Singers. Harbers, Henry C; Mechanical Engineering, Sherwood House. Harding, Kay: Mathematics, Pi Mu Epsilon. Harris, Mary L.: English, Delta Gamma. Harris, Pete M.: Prelaw, lambda Chi Alpha, Hartman, Thomas J.: Chemistry, Rofcre House. Hauff, Dan B.: Political Science, Sigma Alpha Epsilon. Hawkins, George B,: Philosophy, Delta Tau Delta. Hay, R. Elton: Mathematics, Baker House. Hayden, Charmaine A.: Nursing, Campus Crusade for Christ. Hayford, Judy M.: Chemistry. Hailel, Stewart K.: Building Technology and Administration, Phi Gamma Delta, Varsity Track, Big " W " Club. Headman, Gale L.: Elementary Education, Kappa Alpha Theta. Healea, Gary F.: Chemical Engineering, AICE. Hedahl, Perry I.: Radio-Television. Heeb, Ben J.: Mathematics, Pi Kappa Alpha, Compass and Chart. Helm, Robert M.: finance. Phi Delta Theta, Varsity Football, Scabbard and Blade, Big " W " Club. Heinrich, Brad P.: logging Engineering, Forest Club. Heii, Martin D.: Physics, Phi Eta Sigma, Amer. Inst, of Physics. Helland, Dale J.: Psychology. Helm, Douglas H.: Personnel, Alpha Tau Omega. Hemenway, Jann E.: Anthropology, Alpha Gamma Delta, Rally Girls. Henderson, Pam L.: Dental Hygiene, Chi Omega, Yacht Club. Henderson, Stephen J.: Pre -Dentistry, Delta Upsilon Henriksen, Ada A.: Zoology, Mercer House, Mortar Board, Rally Girls, Alpha Epsilon Delta. Henry, Eliiabeth F.: Art, YWCA Totem Club, Mortar Board, W-Key, Cosmo Club Heppenitall. Timothy I.: Business Administration, Phi Delta Theta. Herlin, Williim M.: Architecture, Psi Upsilon. Hermanson, Donald H.: General Business, Zeta Psi. Htrtrlch, David M.: History. Hasi, James I.: Personnel Management, Tau Kappa Epsilon, Alpha Phi Omega. Hilden, Marcia E.: Music Education, Mu Phi Epsilon, Pi Lambda Theta, Pilgrim Club, Senior Honor Woman, UCCF. Hill, Raeia F.: International Business. Hill, Stanlay I.: Radio-Television, Theta Chi, Hillenbrand, Don J.: Finance, Alpha Delta Phi. Hilll, Marilyn: Far East, Alpha Phi. Milt, John J.: Art Education, Phi Kappa Hillner, Susan J.: Journalism, Sigma Kappa, Theta Sigma Phi. Hiscock, Barbara A.: History, Gamma Phi Beta, TYEE, MUN, DAILY Assoc. Editor, Theta Sigma Phi. Hobbs, Janice R.: Graphic Design, Delta Delta Delta. Hoesly, Barbara J.: Speech, Kappa Kappa Gamma, Hoffmann, Daniel P.: Production, Alpha Kappa lambda. Hoggatt, Jackie C: Elementary Education, Delta Zeta. Hogsett, Smith F : Zoology, Phi Gamma Delta, Phi Eta Sigma, Alpha Epsilon Delta. Holloway, Stephen T.: English, Alpha Sigma Phi. Holmes, Avon F.: Business Education, Phrateres, Business Education Club. Holmquist, Richard H.: Economics, Marvick House, Phi Eta Sigma, MOHC President. Holt, Dennis L,: Economics, Sigma Phi Epsilon, Holt, Robert E,: Radio-Television, Holti, Charles A,: Speech, Alpha Delta Phi, Varsity Boat Club, Big " W " Club, Oval Club, Scabbard and Blade, Hooper, Sherry A.: Elementary Education, Delta Gamma. Hoople, Sheila F.: Dental Hygiene, Junior Amer, Dental Hygiene Assoc. Hopkins, Marilee A.: Far Eastern and Slavic, Pi Beta Phi, CMUNSC, People- to-People, University Symphony Orchestra. Hopp, Duane F.: Medicine, Acacia. Hoppc, Robert D.: Pre-law, Delta Upsilon. Horn, JoAnn K.: English, Alpha Delta Pi, little Sisters of Minerva, People-to- People. Horning, James G.: Finance, Finance Club. Hoshino, Joyce H.: Physical Therapy, Valeda, Physical Therapy Club. Hotes, Pamela J.: Advertising, Alpha Delia Pi, Gamma Alpha Chi. House, Gary W.: Political Science, Phi Kappa Psi, IfC, Housh, Michael R.: Advertising, Chi Psi. Howard, C. Barry: Political Science. Howard, Fred R.: Accounting, Kappa Sigma, Senior Class President, BOC, Pi Omicron Sigma, Ways and Means Commission. Howard, Jeffrey E.: Electrical Engineering, Phi Kappa Sigma. Howe, Linda M.: Elementary Education. Hubbard, James R.: Economics, Phi Delta Theta, Purple Shield, OHA, Gymnastics. Huck, Jurgen H.: Dentistry. Hudson, Edward G.: General Business, Alpha Delta Phi, Bookstore Board, Oval Club, Scabbard and Blade, Hudson, Janice E.: Home Economics, Kappa Delta, AWS Council, Hudson, Raymond L.: Philosophy, Baha ' i Club, Hulbert, Gary R,: Personnel, Alpha Kappa Psi, BUSINESS SCHOOL NEWS Reporter, Huling, Robert F.: Marketing. Hull, Barry D.: Forestry, Tau Phi Delta. Hulse, Lynn C: Political Science, Wesley Club, Humphries, Neil E,: law, Tau Kappa Epsilon, Pi Omicron Sigma. Humphrey, Don W.: fine Art. Hunnicutt, Linda A.: Zoology, Alpha Xi Delta, Husky Honeys, Senior Class Secretary, Horlbut, Clarke H.: Real Estate, Phi Kappa Psi, Husky Swim Club, Hutchinson, Mary R.: English Literature, Alpha Delta Pi President, Husky Honeys. Hyde, Thomas $.: Psychology, Alpha Tau Omega. Hynes, M. Patricia: Nursing, Alpha Phi, Alpha Tau Delta. Economics, Alpha Delta Phi. Inhelder, Carol M.: Zoology, Totem Club, Rally Girls. Inman, Robert L.: Accounting, McLean House, Itensee, Jim R.: Electrical Engineering, Theta Chi, Israel, Robert I.: Advertising, Zeta Beta Tau, Alpha Delta Sigma, Purple Shield, Sun Dodgers. Jackion, Clifford C: Architecture, Sigma Nu. Jackion, Kathleni E : Home Economics, Alpha Xi Delta, Home Economics Club. Jacobson, Mary Ann; Nursing. Jackion, Paul D.: Physical Education, Phi Delta Theta, Wrestling, Wrestling Club. Jackson, Robert A.: Philosophy, Calvin Club. Jackson, Virginia A.: Journalism, DeVoe House, Husky Honeys, Theta Sigma Phi, Totem Club, Husky Winter Sports Club President. Jacobson, Alvin I.: Sociology, Sigma Alpha Mu, Alpha Kappa Delta, Purple Shield, Hillel. Jacobson, Karen E.: Art Education, Parnassus. James, Richard D.: PreSocial Work, Theta Xi, AUSA, Newman Club. James, Stephen P.: History, Baker House, Husky Swim Club, Varsity Swim Team Manager. Jansen, George T.: Political Science Education. Jaquet, James P.: Political Science. Sigma Nu, Oval Club, Sun Dodgers. Jarrett, Mark D.: History, Sigma Phi Epsilon, Purple Shield, Sun Dodgers, Scabbard and Blade, Compass and Chart. Jarvis, Laurie A.: History, Kappa Alpha Theta, Jennings, Loretta E.: Drama, Arena. Jensen, Ernest Z.. Geography. Jerome, Lynn S.: Personnel Management, Kappa Alpha Theta. Johansson, Gloria E.: Elementary Education. Johnsen, Jerrold P.: Mathematics, Alpha Tau Omega, Big " W " Club, Varsity Boat Club, Varsity Crew. Johnsen, Kristin E.: Political Science, Pi Beta Phi, Totem Club, Husky Honeys, Orchesis, Senior Class Vice President. Johnson, Ben F.: History. Johnson, Bruce M.: Journalism, Sigma Delta Chi President, DAILY Night Editor, Johnson, Curtis E.: History Johnson, Dennis R.: Political Science, Zeta Psi. Johnson, Eunice I.: Business Education, Business Education Club. Johnson, Frankie J.: Elementary Education, Alpha Xi Delta. Johnson, Karen A.: Music, McKee House, Ski Club, Yacht Club. Johnson, Keith R.: Civil Engineering, Alpha Kappa Lambda ASCE, SAME, AUSA. Johnson, Merrily: Elementary Education, Gamma Phi Beta. Johnson, Michael A.: Finance, Chi Psi. Johnson, Richard C: Accounting, Alpha Delta Phi. Johnson, Richard C: Zoology, Baker House, Ski Club. Johnson, Richard S.: Law, Phi Eta Sigma, Young Democrats. Johnson, Ronald H.: Mechanical Engineering, Phi Delta Theta, Oval Club, Purple Shield, Varsity Wrestling. Johnson, Steve K.: Electrical Engineering, Sigma Phi Epsilon. Johnson, Wallace H.: Ceramic Engineering, Amer. Cer. Soc, Keramos, Washington Engineer, Engineering Students ' Council. Johnston, Bobbie K.: Pharmacy, Sigma Kappa, Rally Girls. Johnston, Carol Ann: General Studies, Delta Delta Delta, Mortar Board, Silver fish President, Alpha Lambda Delta, Senior Honor Woman. Johnston, Susan: Sociology, Phrateres, Beta Subchapter President, Kappa Phi. Johnstone, Norman E.: Chemical Engineering, AICE, Jones, Barry E.: Political Science, Alpha Delta Phi. Jones, Gary D.: Production. Jones, Jack H.: Pharmacy, Kappa Psi, Amer. Phar. Assoc. Jones, Kathleen M.: Home Economics Education, Gamma Phi Beta, Home Economics Club. Jones, Michael K.: Accounting. Jones, Nancy A.: Home Economics, Delta Gamma. Jordan, Nedra A.: Drama, Arena. Jorgenion Dale K.: Accounting, Accounting Club. K Kageyama, Judith S.: Physical Education, Physical Education Club, Valeda President, W Club, Kahler, Sharon A.: Music Education, Chimes Player, Music Education Club. Kalrli, Loll E.: Chemistry Kalin, Susan C: Speech, Delta Gamma. Kamal, John A.: Electrical Engineering, Shannon House. Kammenga, leilay A.: Civil Engineering, Rainier House. Kanner, Milvin E.: Electrical Enginetrlng. Tau Beta Pi, Kapek, Violet F,: Elementary Education, Pi Lambda Theta. Kaplan, Andrea M.: English, Phi Sigma Sigma Karpiv, Lucillt I.: Far East and Russian, McCarty. Karr, Day ■.: Advertising, Alpha Delta Phi, Phi Eta Sigma, Alpha Delta Sigma. KawaguchI, Judith S.: Home Economics Home Economics Club. Xayes, Viviennc: English, Mortar Board. Totem Club, BOC, Program Panel. Kclley, Kitty: English, Delta Gamma. Casiilia. Kelly. Jackie: Nursing, Alpha Delta Pi. Kelly, Michael T.: International Business, Phi Kappa Psi, Sun Dodgers, Pan Xenia, Political Union. Kelio, Melvin F.: Chemistry, Baker House. Kesselring, Karen K.: Nursing. Delta Zeta, Associated Nursing Students President, Alpha Tau Delta. Ketterer, Roy H : Drama Education. Keyock, Nicholas I.: Political Science. Kiefer, Henry I.: Production. Theta Delta Chi. Alpha Kappa Psi. Kienile, J ton: German, German Club. King, Gayle P-: History, Rally Girls. King, Karl E.: General Business. King, Margaret C: Drama, Kappa Kappa Gamma. King, Ronald I.: Advertising, Theta Delta Chi, Kinnaird, Douglas W,: Advertising, Alpha Delta Sigma Treasurer, Kinnaman, Stephen B.: Psychology, Delta Tau Delia, Kinney, Thomas C: Civil Engineering, MacGregor House, ASCE. Kinoshita, Kathleen F.: Elementary Edu- cation, Tiffany House, Pi Lambda Theta. Kinzig, William A.: Mathematics, Delta Chi, Young Democrats. Kirkebo, John A.: Phi Delta Theta, Engi- neering Student Council, Scabbard and Blade, Compass and Chart. Kirkpatrick, Donald P.: History, Wesley Club, ROTC, Assoc, of United Stales Army Kirkpatrick, Linda A.: Dental Hygiene. Kiser, Linda Lou: Political Science. Kishigami, Hiroko M.: Interior Design. Kisner, Walter M.: Political Science, Kappa Sigma. Kissin, Stephen A.: Geology, Pershing Rifles, Assoc, of United States Army, SAME, UW Geology Society. Kierulf, Terrell D.: Zoology. Marching Band, Pep Band. Klein, Edward A.: Forest Products, Var- sity Boat Club, Arnold Air Society, Scabbard and Blade. Kline. Thelma B.: Elementary Education, Phi Sigma Sigma, Hillel. Kloker, Betty J.: Political Science, Newman Club. Klug, Helene M.: Biological Education, Delta Zeta, Army Coeds, Homecoming Publicity. Knapp, Brenda I.: Sociology, Alpha Omi- cron Pi, New Conservatives. Young Republicans. Knapp, Diane I.: Zoology. Knight, Eliiabeth: English. Knight, Robert H.: Geography, Rofcre House, Arnold Air Society, Husky Marching Band, Pep Band, Scabbard and Blade, Knoll, Jerome C: Electrical Engineering, Phi Delta Theta, Varsity Football, Engi- neering Student Council. Knoll, Jon H.: Electrical Engineering, Phi Delta Theta, Varsity Football, Big " W " Club Knudsen, Clifford G.: Zoology, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Freshman and Varsity Track. Knudson, Lauray M.: English, Alpha i3amma Delta, Husky Honeys. Koepke, Sharon E.: Sociology Kolve, Harold A.: Electrical Engineering, Acacia, Koski, Sandy W : Education, Sigma Nu. Kosonen, Leonard D.: Chemical Engineer- ma, AICE Kovell, Joyce D.: Occupational Therapy, Occupational Therapy Club. Koyama, Francli K.: Electrical Engineering. Kramer, Kent M.: Pharmacy, Zeta Beta Tau. Krilich, Thomai G.: Political Science, lambda Chi Alpha, Purple Shield, Varsity Crew, Sun Dodgers. Krueger, Mary Ann: Journalism, lAWS. Kubota, Irene S.: Painting, Lambda Rho, Parnassus. Kukia, Frank D.: Mechanical Engineering, Kappa Sigma, Pi Mu Epsilon, Tau Beta Pi, ASME. Kunishi, Berniee F. M.: Pharmacy, Lambda Kappa Sigma, Hui Hawaii Club, Amer Phar Assoc. Kuni, Harriett ».: Social Welfare, Calvin Club. University Christian Union. Kuruhara, Carol N.: Speech, Cyprus House. Lagoi, John D ; Dentistry. Lamb, Frincei E : Sociology, Delta Zeta. lamey, Rebecca A.; Nursing, Alpha Tau Delta, Lamoureui, Marvin I,: Political Science. Lancaster, Gary W.: Sociology, Phi Kappa Psi. lance, Mary leu: Sociology lander, Cecilia S.: Sociology, Alpha Gamma Delta. laney, Patricia A.: Education, Kappa Delta. 482 Lange, Gretchen 0.: Political Science, YMCA. Lange, Maurice A.: Political Science, SAME, Scabbard and Blade, Arnold Air Society. Ungley, Charlotte M.: Political Science, Sigma Kappa, Rally Girls, Husky Honeys. Lant, Harold S.: Accounting, Ptii Kappa Sigma, Alptia Ptii Omega. Larsen, H. Norman: Zoology, Rainier House, MOHC. Larsen, Harry T.: Mathematics, McLean House, Yacht Club, Sailing Team. Larson, Judith L.: Physical Education, Alpha Xi Delta, Silver Fish, Phi Epsilon Chi, Women ' s P.E. Club. Larson, Linda J.: Philosophy, Delta Gan tics. Delta Chi, LaRue, Frank C: Mathe Young Democrats. Lasley, Lynn: Elementary Education, Kappa Alpha Theta, Pi Lambda Theta. Latham, Mary E.: Secretarial Studies, Beta Gamma Sigma, Sigma Epsilon Sigma. Latimer, Judith A.: Pharmacy, Amer. Phar. Assoc. Laughlin, John B.: Engineering, Beta Theta Pi. lawler, Kay L.: Art, Totem Club, Rally Girls, W-Key, Fine Arts Area Chairman. Lawrence, Edward A.: Accounting, Phi Kappa Psi, IFC. Lawson, Edward L.: Journalism and Advertising, Sigma Alpha Epsilon. Lawson, Francis R.: Sociology, Phi Sigma Sigma. Lay, Vivian M.: Home Economics, Leary House. Lazoff, Donald A.: Accounting, Sigma Alpha Mu. Lazdins, leva: Chemistry, lota Sigma Pi. Lea, Andrew A.: Journalism and Adver- tismg, Zeta Psi, IFC, JIFC, Alpha Delta Sigma, TYEE. lee, Brenda C. K.: Finance, McKee House President. Lee, Carolyn K.: Psychology. lee, Connie D.: English Literature, Alpha Delta Pi. Lee, Dale W.; Mathematics, Varsity Bov ling. lee, Lorin L.: Zoology. Lehrbach, Dianne K.: English Literature, Alpha Xi Delta, Young Republicans. Leigh, Franciene H.: English, Sororia, Education Club. Lemchen, Lawrence A.: Pharmacy, Sigma Alpha Mu, Amer. Phar. Assoc, PHARMACEL Editor. Leonard, Robert W.; Economics, Sigma Phi Epsilon. Leong, Ah-Moon; Mechanical Engineering ASME. lePenske, Steve E.: Political Science, Sigma Phi Epsilon. Lcpley, Anne I.: French. LeRoy, Ronald F.: Art, Alpha Epsilon Pi, Hillel. Leuthy, Robert D.: Dentistry, Psi Omega. levaque, Monte D.: Pharmacy, Kappa Psi, Amer. Phar. Assoc. Levis, Susan C: Elementary Education, Alpha Omicron Pi, Young Democrats, Husky Winter Sports Club. Levy, Reuben E.: Accounting, Beta Alpha Psi. Lewis, Frank S.: Accounting, Sigma Epsi- lon, Arnold Air Society Commander, Husky Winter Sports Club. Lewis, Jack: Physical Education, Phi Epsilon Kappa. Lewis, Rose Marie F.: Music, Mu Phi Epsilon, Madrigal Singers. lien, Susan K.; Medical Technology, Alpha Chi Omega. ■liffick, Glenn L.: Mechanical Engineering Phi Gamma Delta, ASME. Lillywhite, Sharon K.: Elementary Education. lim, Ronald S.: Mathematics,, McLean House, Hui Hav»aii, Pi Mu Epsilon Varsity Track. Lindberg, Suzanne M.; Elementary Education. Lindbloom, Leo E.: Metallurgical Engineering, Cascade House. lindquist, Vern A.: Business Education, Business Education Club, Education Club. Little, Mary D.: English. Litzenbergcr, Wayne H.: Electrical Engineering, IEEE. livie, Tanya J.: Elementary Education, Tiffany House, Student Wash. Education Assoc. Program Chairman. Lloyd, Judy; Dental Hygiene, Alpha Gamma Delta, Queen of Queens, Little Sister of Minerva. Lockwood, Samuel P.: Psychology, Delta Chi, Husky Swim Club. lodmell, Linda C: Social Welfare, Allison House, Newman Club, Student Social Work Club. Lone, Judi A.: Nursing, Pi Beta Phi, Alpha Tau Delta, Husky Honeys. Long, James W.: Chemistry, Shannon House, Amer. Chem. Assoc, Phi Eta Sigma. long, Jon C: Political Science, Delta Kappa Epsilon, Scababrd and Blade, Arnold Air Society. Long, Priscilla L.: Sociology. longley, leaAnna M.: Music Education, Festival Opera Company, Madrigal Singers. Longmire, Sharon G.: Advertising, Phi Mu. Lord, James L.: Dentistry, Psi Omega. Lorentz, Donald P.: Political Science, Phi Delta Theta. Lorentz, James J.: History, Phi Kappa Sigma. Loumidi, Diohandi: Social Group Work, Cosmo Club, People-fo-People. loveridge, Charlene A.: Elementary Education, Wesley Club. Lowell, Frances I.: Physical Therapy, Physical Therapy Club. luce, Henry D.; Sociology, Wesley Club. Lum, Calvin B.W.: Electrical Engineering, Stevens House. Lum, Judith C: Elementary Education, Zeta Tau Alpha. Lund, Richard R.: Dentistry. Lundell, Donna A.: Psychology, Alpha Xi Delta, Rally Girls, Fine Arts Comm., Senior Honor Woman. Lundin, Helen B.: General Studies, Gamma Phi Beta, Totem Club. Lundwall, Ridgely J.: Advertising, Alpha Delta Sigma President, DAILY Bus. Mgr. lyle, Roy I.: Political Science, Phi Delta Chi, Bowling. Lynn, Norman E.: Dentistry. Lyon, Jacquelyn L.: Nursing, Kappa Phi, Alpha Tau Delta. Lyon, Linda J.: Political Science. Lyshol, Shirley A.: Elementary Education, Alpha Xi Delta. lystad, Rolf P.: Radio-Television, McPoland, Dennis H.; Civil Engineering, Psi Upsilon. McRayde, Douglas D.: Political Science. McReady, Roy: Political Science. Mc McBeth, Michael C: Spanish, Acacia, Foreign Student Activities. McBride, Barbara J.: Nursing, Pi Beta Phi. McBroom, Richard G.: Sigma Alpha Epsilon, AMS Vice President. McCain, Jay W.: Chemistry, Kappa Sigma. McCarthy, Fred J.: Physics. McCartney, Kathryn Ann: Speech, Delta Delta Delta, ASUW Secretary, Totem Club, Mortar Board, Zeta Phi Eta. McClin, Raul: Nuclear Engineering, Stanton House. McClintock, Charles H.: Basic Medical Sciences, Alpha Epsilon Delta, Phi Eta Sigma, Fine Arts Comm., AMS Symphony Concert Comm. McCluskey, Kathleen A.: History, Delta Gamma, Junior Panhellenic, TYEE, YWCA Council. McCormick, Paul G.: Metallurgical Engi- neering, Alpha Kappa Lambda. McCoy, Arthur D.; Forestry. McCready, Roy L.: Political Science, Sigma Chi, Frosh Crew, Husky Ski Club, Campus Activity Coordinator. McCully, Marlis K.: French, Pi Beta Phi, Totem Club, AWS Vice President, Pi Lambda Theta, Senior Honor Woman. McCurdy, Claire B.: History. McCurdy, Jon R.: Business Statistics, Alpha Tau Omega, Arnold Air Society. McCutchan, Robert L.: English. MacDonald, Bob G.: Education, Phi Gamma Delta, Baseball. McDonald, Gary W.: Advertising, Alpha Delta Sigma Vice President. McDonald, John E.: Economics, Pi Kappa Alpha. McEarchern, Rexine: Home Economics, Phi Mu. McElroy, Charles R.; Zoology, Alpha Epsilon Delta, Phi Sigma Society. McFarland, Kenneth E.: Civil Engineering, ASCE. McGill, John D.: Economics, Compass and Chart. McGladrey, Sally I.: Health Education, Husky Winter Sports Club. McGoldrick, John M.: Personnel, Tau Kappa Epsilon. McGowan, Larry M.: Mathematics, Phi Mu Alpha. MacGown, Margaret: Music, Music Educa- tion Club, Mu Phi Epsilon. McGuire, Marilyn: Psychiatric Nursing, Alpha Gamma Delta, Husky Winter Sports Club, RN Club. McKay, Cathryn A.: Nursing, Silver Fish, University Glee Club, Calvin Club. MacKay, Leilani E.: Elementary Educa- tion, Alpha Omicron Pi, Corvettes, Pi Lambda Theta. McKay, John W.: Sociology, Arnold Air Society. McKay, Judie A.: Sociology, Sigma Kappa. McKinstry, Robert G.: Physics, Beta Theta Pi, Purple Shield, AlP. McKinstry, Sandra C: Home Economics, Delta Gamma, Husky Winter Sports Club, Home Economics Club. McLaren, William F.: Accounting, Beta Gamma Sigma, Beta Alpha Psi. McLean, Marcia A.; Spanish. McLenaghan, Errol D.: Anthropology. McMeekin, Marilyn: English, Gamma Phi Beta, Senior Honor Woman, TYEE, AWS Standards Council. McPhee, Donald C: Political Science, Sigma Chi. M Maclntyre, Janice A.: French, Alpha Omi- cron Pi, W-Key, Young Republicans, New Conservatives, Travel Fair. Mackey, Jemy Diane: Mathematics, Sigma Kappa. Mader, Carolyn L.: Music, Mercer House, Chi Alpha, Mu Phi Epsilon. Madsen, Louis L.: Dentistry. Magneson, John H.: Accounting. Malan, Michael M.: Physical Education. Malloy, Richard J.: Radio-Television, Samuel Giant Radio-TV Scholarship. Malmoe, Carolyn M.: Geography. Mandich, Robert A.: Dentistry, Delta Sigma Delta. Mandley, W. James: Dentistry. Manewal, Ernest R.; Scandinavian, Kappa Sigma, Swedish Club. Mar, Henry Y. B.: Ceramic Engineering. Mar, Larry: Accounting, Beta Alpha Psi. Mar, Raymond W,: Ceramic Engineering, Tau Beta Pi. Marcus, Ruby L.; Business Education, UW Educ I Assi Marler, Rebecca E.: History, Delta Delta Delta, UW Yacht Club. Marshall, John W.: Architecture. Marshall, Michele: Elementary Education, Delta Delta Delta. Marshall, Rosemarie: Microbiology, AWS Standards Comm. Martin, George S.: Political Science, Psi Upsilon, ASUW Vice President, Purple Shield, Oval Club. Martin, Lynn F.: Economics, Psi Upsilon. Martin, Ralph W.: Political Science, Alpha Tau Omega. Martin, Sally F.: Advertising, Gamma Alpha Chi, TYEE Business Manager. Martin, Theodore J.: Geography, Cascade House, NROTC, Compass and Chart, Alpha Phi Omega. Martin, William F.: Business Administra- tion, Delta Kappa Epsilon. Martinson, Marjean E.: Elementary Educa- tion, Calvin Club, Phrateres. Marvin, Trent B. J.: Aeronautical Engi- neering, Macgregor House, American In- stitute of Aeronautics and Astronautics, Marvin, Virginia I.: Nursing. Mason, Jan M.: Inferior Design, Kappa Alpha Theta, Angel Wing. Mason, Jane A.: Geography. Mathis, Judy M.: Sociology. Mattson, Donald E.: Political Science, Macgregor House, Alpha Phi Omega, Pershing Rifles. Mattson, George T.: Pre-Law. Maurer, Jay K.: English, Olympus House. Maury, Matthew F.: Business Administra- tion, Tau Kappa Epsilon, Sun Dodgers, Maxeiner, Barbara A.: Sociology, Alpha Gamma Delta. May, Barbara M.: Physical Therapy, Alpha Omicron Pi, AWS Standards Council, American Physical Therapy Association, Physical Therapy Club. Maynard, John R.: Philosophy, Kappa Sigma. Mays, Marsha C: French, Delta Delta Delta, Totem Club, Rally Girls, Husky Honeys, Homecoming Queen. Meade, Dorothy A.: English, Phrateres. Melde, Gregg F.: Ceramic Engineering, WASHINGTON ENGINEER Contributing Editor, Student Branch Amer. Cer. Soc. Menaul, Kay: Business Education, Delta Delta Delta, Business Education Club. Mencias, Anthony H.: Radio-Television, Beta Rho Tau. Mendenhall, Bruce R.: Atmospheric Sci- ence, Amer. Geophysical Union, Amer. Meteorological Soc MMizies, James W.: Dentistry, Xi Psi Phi. Mfsman, John F.: Electrical Engineering, Tau Beta Pi. Meston, Robert E.: Marketing, Theta Chi. Meyers, Bonnie C: Elementary Education, Alpha Gamma Delta, Silver Fish. Michaud, Constance J.: Pharmacy, Rally Girls, Lambda Kappa Sigma, lota Sigma Pi, Rho Chi, Amer. Phar. Assoc. Middlebrooks, James C: Economics, Theta Chi, Sun Dodgers, Metaphysics Club, Korgian Society, IFC. Mihalski, Edmund J.: Electrical Engineer- ing, Delta Chi, HUB Advisory Comm. Milczewski, Robin M.: Elementary Educa- tion, Alpha Gamma Delta, Calvin Club. Miles, Don C: Architecture, Delta Upsilon, Sun Dodgers. Miller, Colin: Education, Phi Gamma Delta. Milter, EInore A.: Home Economics, Alpha Chi Omega, Omicron Nu, Senior Honor Woman, Home Ec Club, Pi Lambda Theta. Miller, Jack L.: Accounting, Varsity Swim Team, Phi Eta Sigma, Husky Swim Club. Miller, Janelle K.: Accounting. Miller, Kathleen: Nursing, Phrateres. Miller, Leonard E.: Mathematics. Miller, Linda lee: English. Miller, Mar Cine E.: Recreational Leader- ship, Alpha Xi Delta. Miller, Pam A.: Spanish, Kappa Kappa Gamma. Miller, Ronald K.: Dentistry, Xi Psi Phi. Miller, Susan M.: Elementary Education, Chi Omega. Milligan, Thomas lee: Finance, Theta Chi. Miltons, Donna M.: German, Delta Zeta, Totem Club, Corvettes, German Club, Little Sisters of Minerva. Mills, Barbara A.: Political Science, Alpha Phi, YWCA President, Senior Honor Woman. Mills, David M.: Electrical Engineering, Theta Xi, Tau Beta Pi, WASHINGTON ENGINEER Editor, Senior Class Treasurer. Mills, Janis S.: German, Alpha Delta Pi, Delta Phi Alpha, German Club. Mills, Thomas E.: Political Science, Delta Upsilon, Big " W " Club, Varsity Boat Club. Minear, Roger A.: Chemistry. Miner, Marilyn M.: Home Economics, Delta Gamma, Omicron Nu. Miner, Maureen L.: Drama, Arena. Mines Paull: Political Science, Delta Tau Delta, Oval Club, Big " W " Club, Husky Swim Club, Purple Shield. Mitchell, Gordon I.: Electrical Engineer- ing, Macgregor House, AlP, IEEE, NROTC. Mitchell, Jim I.: Pharmacy, Alpha Delta Phi, Husky Crew, Kappa Psi. Mitchell, James R.: Aeronautical Engi- Mitchell, William R.; History, Delta Chi. Mix, Robert F,: Zoology. Moawad, Eli T.: Dentistry. Moawad, Michelle A.: Speech and Hearing Therapy. Mohan, John A.: Elementary Education, Cascade House, Husky Swim Club, Phi Epsilon Kappa. Monsaas, Marilyn K.: Physical Education, Mercer House, Mortar Board, Phi Epsi- lon Chi, " W " Club. Montgomery, Robert R.: Dentistry, Big " W " Club. Moody, Gail C: Marketing, Alpha Gamma Delta, Rally Girls President, Marketing Club. Moore, Linda L.: Business Education, Business Ed. Club. Morell, Karen L.: English, Delta Gamma. Morgan, Dean I.: Mathematics, MacGregor House. Morgan, Wendy Ann: English, Hillel President, Young Democrats. Morganti, Ruellene J.; Home Economics, Kappa Delta, Totem Club, Rally Girls, Husky Honeys, AWS Fashion Board. Morita, Lloyd T.: Zoology, Alpha Epsilon Delta, Phi Eta Sigma, Hui Hawaii. Morris, Floyd E.: Aeronautical Engineer- ing, AIAA. Morris, Jeff A.: Political Science, Sigma Alpha Mu, IFC. Morris, Phillip C: Psychology, Psi Chi. Morrison, Mary E.: Chemistry. Mortensen, Jeri L.: Civics, Alpha Gamma Delta, Totem Club, Discussions Area Chairman, Political Union, Program Panel. Motter, Gretchen G.: General Studies, Chi Omega, University Singers. Moulton, Julie Ann: Elementary Educa- tion, Home Ec Club, Glee Club, WEA. Moultray, William R.: Pharmacy. Mounsey, Clark H.: Accounting, Phi Kappa Psi, IFC, Beta Alpha Psi. Mowen, Keith L.: Zoology, Holladay House. Murakami, Kazuko: Marketing Murdock, Dallas E.: Dentistry, Xi Psi Phi. . Murray, Jeffrey A.: General Business, Phi Delta Theta, Varsity Golf. Muscatel, Morris D.: Real Estate, Zeta Beta Tau, Purple Shield, Pi Omicron Sigma, IFC. Mylroie, Steve W.: Electrical Engineering, Adelphi, Tau Beta Phi, IEEE, Engineer- ing Student Council. N Nakahara, Hayao: Electrical Engineering, Stevens House. Nakamatsu, Gary: Political Science, Hui Hawaii. Nakano, Allen T.: Art, Husky Swim Club, Varsity Swimming, Hui Hawaii, Big " W " Club. Nakayama, Garrison T.: Music Education, Chelan House, Marching Band, Husky Stage Band, Nanagara, Yongyudh Y.: Oceanography, Marvick House. Narciso, Frank: Marketing. Neaville, Elizabeth C: Elementary Educa- tion, Sororia. Needham, Thomas A.: Accounting. Nelson, Bonnie C: Art Education, Nelson, Carolyn E.: Home Economics Education, Gamma Phi Beta, Home Economics Club. Nelson, Dianne E.: Elementary Education, Chi Omega. Nelson, Eugene M.: Civil Engineering, ASCE. Nelson, Gordon A.: Oceanography, Tau Kappa Epsilon. 483 Nelson, John J.: Zoology, Theia Delta Chi. Nelion, Karen P.: English and History, Phi Mu, Campus Concert Chairman, Husky Winter Sports Club, AWS Activities Council. Nelson, Mark K.: Political Science, lambda Chi Alpha. Nelson, Mary M.: History, Alpha Gamma Delta. Nelson, Susan I.: Political Science, Sigma Kappa. Newell, Roger H.: Architecture, Kappa Sigma. Newstrom, Sandra M.: Interior Design, Chi Omega, lambda Rho, Husky Winter Sports Club, AWS Standards Council. Newton, Rod W.: Marketing, Delta Tau Delta. Scabbard and Blade, Oval Club, Husky Sv»im Club. Nicholson, Ron D.: Finance, Phi Gamma Delia, Varsity Baseball. Nielsen, Brandom K.: Insurance. Alpha Delta Phi, Oval Club, Purple Shield, Sun Dodgers, Track, ASUW Bookstore Board. Nielsen, Gary L.: Physics. Nilsen, Patricia M.: Elementary Education and Psychology, Alpha Phi, Wash. Ed. Assoc, Senior Honor Woman. Nimmer, Richard G.: PreDentistry, Rainier House, Amer. Chem. Soc. Nishikawa, Kenneth M.; Far East, Mclean House, Varsity Vollyball, Hui Hawaii. Nitia, Mariorie M.: Home Economics, Omicron Nu. Home Ec. Club. Noble, Carolyn J.: Economics. Noble, Donald N.: Radio-Television, Delta Upsilon. Nordquist, Vey M.: Psychology, Phi Delia Theta. Noreen, Kenneth V.: Music Education, Shannon House, Phi Mu Alpha, Saiyuk Society. Norrie, JoAnn: Elementary Education, Alpha Delta Pi, Totem Club. Norns, Norma E.: History. North, Michael-Ann: History, Delta Gamma. Norton, John J.: Construction Manage- ment, Sigma Nu. Nothdurft, Lynn M.: Architecture, Pi Kappa Alpha. Novak, Nancy J.: English literature. Alpha Gamma Delta, Newman Club. Noyes, Geoffrey W.: Mathematics, Delta Tau Delta. Nugent, James F.: International Trade, Sigma Phi Epsilon. Nutter, Donald B.: Accounting. Nyere, Sharon I.; English. Alpha Gamma Delta, Corvettes President, Totem Club, Husky Honeys. Nyman, Thomas H.: Electrical Engineer- ing, Tau Beta Pi, IEEE. o Oakes, Carol C: Home Economics, Home Ec. Club. Oatey, Linda J.: Speech and Hearing Therapy. Oberg, Karyn K.; Elementary Education, Pi Beta Phi, Pi lambda Theta. O ' Connell, Patricia M.: Dental Hygiene. Odegard, Tom: Pharmacy. Odell, Richard B.: Aeronautical Engineer- ing, Kappa Sigma, AIAA. Offer, Stuart J.; Political Science, Zela Beta Tau, Purple Shield, Pi Omicron Sigma, Pershing Rifles, IFC. O ' Keson, Clarence t.: General Business, Alpha Kappa Psi. Okoli, George U.: Electrical Engineering, IEEE, Cosmo Club, African Students Union, FIUTS. Olsen, Brent P.: Accounting, Beta Alpha Psi. Olsen, Carol A.: Pharmacy, Alpha Omicron Pi, lambda Kappa Sigma, lota Sigma Pi, APhA. Olten, Richard R.: Advertising, Phi Kappa Psi. Olson, Cherry L.; Elementary Education, Alpha Gamma Delta, Education Club. Olson. Dorothy H.: Nursing, Alpha Phi, Mortar Board, Totem Club, Alpha Tau Delta. Olson, G. Brent: Finance, Acacia, Alpha Kappa Psi. Olson, Norman J.: Metallurgical Engineer- ing, Political Union, Engineering Stu- dents ' Council, Amer. Soc. for Metals. Olson, Judith A.: Geography, Sigma Kappa, Husky Honeys, little Sisters of Minerva. Olson, Ralph: Mechanical Engineering. Sigma Phi Epsilon, AfROTC. Orander, Jim E.: Finance. Osborne, Judy A.: Elementary Education, Delta Delta Delta, Totem Club, Zeta Phi Ela. Ostrom, Jana J.: latin. Kappa Kappa Gamma. Ostrom, Michael W.: Pre-Dent, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Sun Dodgers. Packard, Beverly A.: General Business. Paddock, Gary V.: Chemistry, Chelan House, Compass and Chart. Page, Jack 0.: Physics, Alpha Sigma Phi. Pananen, Laurene W.: Electrical Engineering. Park, Lowell B.: Finance, Alpha Kappa lambda. Parker, Leslie A.: General Business, Chi Omega. Parkhill, Gordon R.: Economics, Psi Upsilon. Parks, James C: Mechanical Engineering, Baker House, ASME, Husky Marching Band. Parsons, James t.: Mechanical Engineer- ing, UW Yacht Club, ASME. Parsons, James M.: Geography, Delta Upsilon. Parsons, Joyce A.: Dental Hygiene, Pi Beta Phi, Totem Club. Pasahow, Edward J.: Electrical Engineer- ing, Mclean House, IEEE, Compass and Chart. Pasco, Larry R.: Accounting, Accounting Club, Husky Winter Sports Club, UW Yacht Club. Patton, Terry L.: Forestry, Forest Club. Paul, James S.: Dentistry. Paul, Roy A.: Preventive Medicine. Paulson, Marlene K.: Elementary Education. Pawson, Norma L.: Political Science, Camano House. Peacock, Frances I.: Comparative litera- ture German Club, Husky Honeys, Ten- nis Club, Castalia. Pearson, Curt N.: Economics, Delta Upsi- lon, Pi Omicron Sigma, Sun Dodgers, Yell Squad. Pearson, M. Christine: Art, Maury House. Pease, George E.: Mechanical Engineer- ing, Chi Psi, ASME. Pearson, Susan E.: Marketing, Kappa Delta, Marketing Club. Peay, S. Eugene: Dentistry, Xi Psi Phi. Pebbles, Harold A : Dentistry, Fir Tree. Pedersen, John L.: Political Science, Theta Chi, Phi Eta Sigma. Pedersen, Richard A.: Zoology, Husky Swim Club. Perkins, Susan M.: French. Perry, Georgene 0.: Political Science, Delta Delta Delta. Perry Jacqueline A.: Home Economics, Camano House, Person, Phillip A.: Political Science, Kappa Sigma, Phi Eta Sigma. Peterson, Bebe M.; English, Alpha Gamma Delta, Silver Fish. Peterson, Carol L.: Recreational leader- ship. Delta Gamma, W-Key, BOC, UW Majorette, Totem Club, Phi Epsilon Chi. Peterson, Darrell T.: Mathematics, Shan- non House, Saiyuk, Bookstore Board, AFROTC, Scabbard and Blade. Peterson, Karen C: Education. Peterson, Keith R.: Economics, Theta Chi. Peterson, Jack B.: Electrical Engineering. Peterson, Jim L.: Mechanical Engineer- ing, Alpha Delta Phi, Purple Shield, ASME, Varsity Track. Peterson, Martin L.: General Business, Sigma Alpha Epsilon. Pettit. Richard: Finance. Delta Upsilon. Peterson, Sandra E.: Political Science, Pi lambda Thela. Pettersen, Phyllis K.: Nursing. Pettersen, Randi A.: Elementary Educa- tion, Kappa Delta. Pfannekuchen, Rochelle G.: Sociology, Civil Rights Action Group, WIHC. Pfieffer, Gerald R.: Industrial Design, Industrial Design Club. Phillips, Judith A.: Nursing, Alpha Tau Delta, ANS. Picinich, Matthew L.: Electrical Engineer- ing, Psi Upsilon. Pickett, Edward M.: Preventive Medicine. Baker House. Pickett, Lawrence M.: Radio-Television. Young Democrats, Beta Rho Tau, New- man Club. Pickles, William R.: Sociology, Acacia, Husky Winter Sports Club. Pierce, Dianne E.: Social Work Pietila, J. Gary: Mechanical Engineering, Delta Tau Delta, Scababrd and Blade, Society of Military Engineers, Assoc. United States Army, Pinney, Joanne J.: Nursing. Plowman, Jerry S.: Recreation, Theta Delta Chi, Varsity Track. Pollard, Robert L.: Dentistry, Delta Sigma Delta. Pollock, Waller E.; Chemical Engineering, Holladay House, Compass and Chart, AICE, Ponder, Stephen E.: Journalism, Sigma Delta Chi. Pope, Claude S.: Ceramic Engineering, Thela Tau, Amer. Cer. Soc. Pope, Dean L : Dentistry Popelka, John P : Forestry, Tau Phi Delta. Forest Club, Porras, Pepita P.: Spanish, Cosmopolitan, Newman Club. Porter, John F.: Pre-Law, Lambda Chi Alpha Porter Stephen R.: Economics. Porter, Theodore R.: Mechanical Engi- neering, Baker House. Potts, Patricia A.: Home Economics, Pratt, Lois M,: General Business. Pravili, Wayne I.: Political Science. Alpha Sigma Phi. Preble, Linda E.: Home Economics. Pretare, Oin f.: General Business, Phi Kappa Psi. Prisadsky, Suianne J.: Elementary Education. Pritchett, James M.: French, Phi Delta Theta, Proctor, Kenneth M.: Political Science. Proske, Pamela B.: General Studies, Alpha Gamma Delta, AWS Treasurer, Husky Honeys, Pumphrey, Ruth I.: Journalism, Alpha Delta Pi, Thela Sigma Phi, Mortar Board, DAILY Editor. Purintun, Lynn R.: Nursing. Pym, Bruce M.: General Business, Phi Delia Theta. Q Quarnslrom, Fred C: Dentistry, Delta Sigma Delta. Quessenberry, James L.: Dentistry. R Rebel, Karl A.: Mathematics, UW Yacht Club. Rabenstein, Dallas I.: Chemistry. Rademaker, William: Psychology, Phi Delta Theta. AUSA, IFC, Scabbard and Blade. Radke, Lawrence F.: Physics, Cascade President, Rafferty, Phillip R.: Advertising, Alpha Delta Sigma. Raisler, Richard E.: Dentistry. Raleigh, David S.: law. Ralston, Sharon A.: English, Zeta Tau Alpha, Rally Girls. Rambo, William H.: logging Engineering, Tau Phi Delta, Forest Club. Ramstedt, Kathy E.: Nursing, Delta Gamma. Rasmussen, Charlene A.: Elementary Education, Phrateres. Raught, Pamela S.: Nursing, Alpha Chi Omega Rauhala, Jerry M.: Personnel, Sigma Chi. Reeves, John D.: Mathematics, Pi Mu Epsilon, Rehbein, Joyce K.: Nursing, Mercer House, Phrateres. ANS. Reichert, Jeannie M.: Art Education, Tiffany House, Orchesis. Reilly, Judy A.; Business Education, Business Ed. Club. Rein, Gerald A.: Psychology, Alpha Tau Omega. Reinke, Diana G.: Sociology, Alpha Chi Omega. Rendahl, James M.: Real Estate. Renhard, Peter L.: Zoology, Delta Upsilon, Renshaw, Maureen L.: Elementary Education, Kappa Kappa Gamma. Reynolds, Nancy J.: Home Economics, Pi Beta Phi, People-to-People Student Ambassador Abroad, Totem Club, Christian Sciene Organization. Rhode, James B.: Political Science, Ma ck Ho Onii Nu Pound, Thad C: Pharmacy, Kappa Psi, APhA Powell, Sharon I.: Nursing, Pi Beta Phi Prater, William N.: Economics, Sigma Phi Epsilon. Rich, Charlotte A.: English, Delta Zeta. Richards, Jack L.: Journalism, Baker House. Richards, Robert D.: Political Science. Richardson, Eugene B.: Pharmacy, Phi Kappa Sigma, Kappa Psi, Pi Omicron Sigma, Amer. Phar. Assoc. Richardson, James B.: Finance, Pan Xema, Finance Club, Marketing Club. Richardson, Janice A.: Speech, Chi Omega, lillle Sisters of Minerva, Totem Club. Riddell, Mike C: Prelaw, Alpha Delta Phi, Rimmer, Jane C: Nursing, Alpha Phi, Alplui Tau Delta, Ring, Michael W.: Political Science. Ringen, Jean C: Art, Parnassus, lambda Rho, Rinlala, Warne M.: Electrical Engineer- ing Baker House President, Theta Xi, Purple Shield, Husky Swim Club. Robbcrson, Douglas I.: Fish Biology, K,ipp.i Sigma, PeopleloPeople. Roberts, Barbara J.: General Studies. Roberts, lil N.: History, Pi Beta Phi Robertson, David I.: Economics, Stevens Houii-, Robinson, Neal C: Chemistry, Phi Kappa Psi Rodia, Ralph M,: Chemistry. Rogel. Steve R.: Chemical Engineering, Bi-I.i Thela Pi, AlCE. Rogers, David S : General Studies, Varsity Boat Club. Rogiri, James C: Electrical Engineering, Tau Beta Pi, IEEE, UW YachI Club. Rogtri, Itllani M.: Psychology, Chi Omega Rogge, Barbara I.: Journalism, Kappa Alpha Thela, Beta Rho Tau. Sigma Phi, Totem Club, Senior Honor Woman Roller, Mirk F.: Zoology, Alpha Epsilon Delta, UW YachI Club. Roman, Peter J.: Pre-Law, Kappa Sigma. Rosenberg, Ralph G.: Forest Management, Zeta Psi Rosene, Susan G.: Elementary Education, P, Beta Phi. Pi Lambda Theta. Rosenleld, Carolyn R.: Dental Hygiene. Rosengren, Joanne P.: English. Ross, Judith K.: Psychology, Pi Beta Phi. Roush, Stuart G.: Accounting. Rowe, Frederick C: Dentistry. Rowland, C Clark: logging Engineering. Tau Phi Delta, Forest Club, Xi Sigma Pi. Rowland, Thomas P : Sigma Chi. Royce, Norman E.: " Dell iistry. Delta Sigma Electrical Engineering, Psychology, Zeta Beta Rubens, David L.: AIEE, Rubenstein, Barry: Tau, Purple Shield, IFC. Rubenstein, Sandra I.: French. Rucker, Fred D.: Music, Sigma Chi. Ruder, Susan D.: History, Alpha Epsilon Phi. Ruebel, Gayle T.: Chemistry, Kappa Sigma, Alpha Epsilon Delta, Wesley Club. Itunberg, John E.: Forest Management, Chi Psi, Forest Club. Runslad, H. Jon: Economics, Phi Gamma Delta, Oval Club, Big " W " Club, Vanity Boat Club, Purple Shield. Rupert, Mary E.: Education, Delta Delta Delta. Rush, Joe .: Marketing. Russell, Nancy M.: History, Newman Club, UW Yacht Club. Ryan, Joe: General Studies, Phi Delta Theta, Big " W " Club, Oval Club, Scab- bard and Blade, Purple Shield, BOC. Rykus, Robin H.: Drama. Rynd, Robert R.: History, Alpha Delta Phi, MUN, Purple Shield. Sack, Martha I.: Medical Technology, Wesley Club. Safranek, Penny: Political Science, People- to-People Student Abroad Chairman, Model UN,, Caucasion Chalk Circle. St. John, John W.: Prelaw, lambda Chi Alpha. Sakai, Raymond T : Marine Biology, Mclean House, Hui Hawaii. Sakamoto, Deanna H.: Nursing. Sallinen, Jeannelle B.: Home Economics, Delta Gamma, Pi lambda Theta, Omicron Nu, Home Economics Club. Sande, Philip J.: Economics. Delta Kapp Epsilon, Sander. Stephen D.: Economics and History, Phi Gamma Delta. Sanders, Cecelia M.: Home Economics Education. Sandilands, Carol M.: Nursing, Alpha Tau Delta, Calvin Club. Sarbaum, Donn K.: Accounting, Sigma Phi Epsilon. Sargent, Dora A.: Elementary Education. Sarkar. Nirmal C: Mechanical Engineering. Satoris Fred P.: Political Science. Beta Theta Pi. Sawyer. James G.: Chemical Engineering, AlCE Vice President. Scanlar, Suianne M.: Dietetics, Home Economics Club, Rally Girls. Schati, Henry T.: Mechanical Engineering, Acacia House, Wash, Engineer Magaiine, ASME. Schali, Suianne I.: Business Administra- tion, Schickler, Clairann G.: Political Science, Alpha lambda Delia. Schi lle, Samuel A.: Marketing. Schimmelbusch, Johannes S.: German. Schindler, Dick: Mathematics Schluter, Joan P.: Home Economics Edu- cation Alpha Xi Delta, Home Economics Club Schmid, Stanton E : Psychology, Alpha Delta Phi, SchmitI, Gretchen E.: Elementary Educa- tion and Speech, Gamma Phi Beta, Silver Fish Schneider, Marlene: Geography. Schoen, Barbara R.: Elementary Educa- tion Alpha Delta Pi, Women ' s Tennis Club. Schoning, Charles E.: Music Composition, Phi Kappa Sigma, University Singers. Schreiber, Rita R : English Lit , Readers ' Theater. Castalia, Schroeder, Donald D.: Mathematics. Schubert, Eileen A : History. Schuck, Robert S.: Political Sciences, Psi Upsilon, Schueman, Gerald M,: Electrical Engineer- ing, Tau Beta Pi, IEEE, Yacht Club, Schulli, Abb I.: Mathematics, Alpha Omicron Pi, Pi Mu Epsilon, Marching Band, Band Council, Senior Honor Woman, Schulie, Barbara A.: Art, Alpha Chi Omega, Frosh Song leader, ACQ. Schomaker, Martha T.: History Schwarti, Rose-SharOB: Commercial Arl, Ski Club, HUB Arl Gallery Comm. Schwari. William F.: Electrical tngineenng SchwilkhardI, Richard C: Mechanical Engineering, Delta Chi. 484 Sclgulinsky, Kenneth F.: Electrical Engi- neering, Varsity Volleyball, Upsilon Sigma Nu. Scofield, Terry J.: Dental Hygiene, Chi Omega, Amer, Dental Hygienists Assoc-, Rally Girls, Senior Honor Woman. Scott, Barbara G.: History, Vashon House. Scott, Stanley K.: Mathematics, Sigma Chi. Seaberg, Richard D.: Mechanical Engi- neering, Theta Tau, ASME. Seaborg, Ray; PreMajor, Theta Chi. Seeley, Margaret R.: English Education, Alpha Omicron Pi, Castalia. SeidI, Mary E.; Elementary Education, Delta Delta Delta, Corvettes, Little Sisters of Minerva. Semke, Suzanne M.: Elementary Edu- Settle, Richard I.: Zoology, Phi Gamma Delta, Purple Shield. Severance, Ava Ann C; Home Eco- nomics, Home Economics Club. Sharnbroich, Karen F.: Elementary Education. Sharp, David; Zoology. Sharp, Larry C; Pharmacy, Phi Delta Theta, Oval Cl ub, Big " W " Club, Amer. Phar. Assoc, Pi Omicron Sigma. Shaw, Loreli L.: Psychology. Shaw, Steven A.; Chemical Engineering, Alpha Delta Phi, AICE, Student Council. Sherman, Connie J.; Elementary Educa- tion, Sigma Kappa. Sherrill, Ralph C; Accounting, Accounting Club Vice President. Shew, Georgianna M.: Elementary Edu- cation, Shields, Judy L.; Elementary Education, Mercer House. Shigihara, Dean T.; Pharmacy, Kappa Psi, Amer. Phar. Assoc. Shimizu, George T.; Aeronautical Engi- neering, AIAA Vice Chairman. Shimoyama, Seijin: Physics. Shindler, Richard D.; Mathematics, Varsity Boat Club. Shirmeycr, Sandra M.; Elementary Edu- cation, Alpha Chi Omega, Corvettes, Homecoming Comm. Shult, Douglas L.; Mathematics, Sigma Phi Epsilon, Parents ' Weekend Talent Show Chairman, Internat. Banquet Program Chairman. Simonarson, Ann I.: History, Kappa Alpha Theta. Sivers, Judith A.; French, Alpha Omicron Pi, University Singers. Slater, Jannetta E.: History, Phrateres. Slavich, Ludvig: Accounting. Slenes, Ronald A.; Quantitative Analysis, Phi Kappa Sigma. Sloper, E. Jean; Mathematics, Kappa Delta. Slutsky, Sharon R.; Art Education, Alpha Epsilon Phi. Small, Christopher S.; forestry. Smidt, Richard B.; Political Science, Phi Delta Theta, AMS President, Oval Club, Pi Omicron Sigma. Smith, Christy J.; General Business, Allison House. Smith, Don H.; Dentistry. Smith, Jerald W.; Chemistry, Delta Kappa Epsilon. Smith, Julie M.; Speech and Hearing Therapy. Smith, Kenneth R.: Economics, Baker House. Smith, Margot; English Literature, Kappa Alpha Theta. Smith, Ruby E.: Economics, Leary House. -Smith, Sharon P.: Speech and Hearing Therapy, Pi Lambda Theta, Sigma Eta Rho. Snell, Gerald C; Business Statistics, Zeta Psi, Scabbard and Blade, Compass and Chart. Snowden, Donald R.; Chemistry, Zeta Psi. Sodergard, Sylvia L.; General Art. Soderquist, Michael R.; Civil Engineer- ing, ASCE. Sogn, Harold H.; Dentistry. Sommerseth, Ann M.: Elementary Edu- cation, Alpha Chi Omega, Mortar Board, Totem Club, Pi Lambda Theta, Mu Phi Epsilon, Calvin Club. Sorby, Oyvind: History. Sorenson, Joanne H.; Pharmacy, Leary House Standards Comm. Sourwine, James J.; Political Science, Rofcre House President, Young Democrats. Sparrow, M. Lynn: Dress Design, Tiffany House, Husky Winter Sports Club, Home Economics Club, WRH honor society. Spear, Paul S.; Pre-Medicine, Chelan House. Spencer, Norman A.; General Business, Sigma Nu. Sperry, Ted T.; General Business, Alpha Kappa Psi President. Spoor, Kathryn A.; Political Science. Springob, Dee A.: General Studies, Chi Omega, Yacht Club. Staab, Judith A.: Radio-Television, Phrateres, U. Lutheran Student Church. Stanbery, Paul E.: History, Stevens House, ROTC. Stanford, Ed; Physical Education, Lambda Chi Alpha. Stanger, Sharon A.; Business Education. Stanley, Rosemarie K.; History and Political Science. Stansbury, Kathryn A.; History Educa- tion, Gamma Phi Beta, Mortar Board, Totem Club, Rally Girls, AWS Council, lAWS Convention Chairman. Starbird, Ruth E.; Nursing, Kappa Delta, Alpha Tau Delta. Staser, Sally: Elementary Education, Alpha Chi Omega. Stapleton, Debora K.; English, Alpha Omicron Pi, Castalia, Alpha Lambda Delta. Stebbins, Lonra A.: Mathematics, Bovuling. Stebner, Darald R.; Pharmacy, Olympus House. Steele, Jeffrey J.; Zoology, Lambda Chi Alpha. Steensland, Evan L.: Physical Education, Phi Kappa Psi. Stein, Michael L.: Accounting, Phi Kappa Psi. Steinbrink, John D.: History. Stella, Ellen G.: History, Vashon House Secretary. Stenerson, Clyde A.: Accounting, Theta Chi. Stenstrom, Dennis G.; Chemical Engineering, AlChE. Sternoff, Allan I.; Accounting and Finance, Zeta Beta Tau, Varsity Gymnastics. Stevens, Sandra I.; Nursing, Sigma Kappa, Silverfish, Calvin Club, Alpha Tau Delta. Stevens, Victor C: Aeronautical Engineer- ing, Sigma Phi Epsilon, AIAA, Engineer Student Council. Stewart, Douglas E.: Accounting, Psi Upsilon. Stewart, Robert A.: Marketing, Delta Upsilon, Sun Dodgers, Scabbard and Blade, Arnold Air Society, Pi Omicron Sigma. Stewart, William F.; Aeronautical Engi- neering, Lambda Chi Alpha, Varsity Track. Stoakes, Margaret R.; Nursing, Mercer House, Navy Nurse Corp Candidate. Stockland, Ester A.; Nursing. Stohl, Lyn M.: Home Economics Education, Alpha Phi. Stokes, Anna; Sociology, Leary House. Stokes, John W.; Accounting, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Arnold Air Society, ROTC. Stoller, Trudi L.: Norwegian, Alpha Phi. Stone, Girard; Physical Education, Phi Epsilon Kappa, Varsity Baseball. Stoy, Henry L.; Economics, McLean House, ROTC, Arnold Air Society. Strand, Nedra M.: Nursing, Delta Zeta. Strang, Judith A.; Political Science, Pi Beta Phi, Silver Fish, Totem Club, Husky Honeys. Strange, Vicki; Sociology, Sigma Kappa. Strauss, John H.: Psychology, Zeta Beta Tau, Purple Shield, Student-Faculty Publicity Ch. -Concert of Seattle Symphony Orchestra. Strickland, Eleanor L.; Sociology. Stubbe, Gordon L.: Architecture, Sigma Delta Epsilon. Stupey, John H.: Mathematics Education, Big " W " Club, Varsity Football. Stylianopoulos, Kantiana K.; English Literature, Education Club. Sudderth, Ronald M.; Advertising, Phi Kappa Sigma, Alpha Delta Sigma, IFC. Sumner, Calvin M.; Marketing, Kappa Sigma, Alpha Kappa Psi, Marketing Club. Sund, Carol L.; History Swanberg, Christine C; German, Alpha Gamma Delta, Delta Phi Alpha, Totem Club. Swanson, Craig M.; Political Science, Alpha Delta Phi, Young Republicans. Swanson, Dennis R.: Zoology, Alpha Epsilon Delta. Swanson, Richard N.; Real Estate, Acacia. Swarner, Thomas H.; Journalism- Advertising, Alpha Delta Sigma, Seagull Advertising Manager. Swartley, Susan K.: Nursing, Delta Delta Delta. Swinth, Fredrick E.: Electrical Engineering. Sylling, David A.: Radio-Television, Phi Kappa Psi, Sun Dodgers. Syrcle, Jerry D.: Political Science, Tau Kappa Epsilon, IFC, Debate, Republican Caucus. Takai, Edward Y.; Electrical Engineering, Hui Hawaii, Arnold Air Society, AFROTC, Scabbard and Blade, IEEE. Tarrant, Susan A.; Nursing, Sigma Kappa, Alpha Tau Delta. Tavenner, Jack L.: Art, Delta Tau Delta. Taylor, Barbie: History, Kappa Alpha Theta. Taylor, James M.; Finance, Zeta Beta Tau, Bachelors Club. Taylor, Michael J.: Geography, Baker House, Saiyuk Society, Young Demo- crats, ASUW Civil Rights Comm., People-to-People. Taylor, Robert E.: Advertising, Phi Kappa Sigma, Alpha Delta Sigma. Taylor, Tom G.; Insurance, Theta Delta Chi, Alpha Kappa Psi, Insurance Society. Teasdale, David E.: Business Statistics, Theta Delta Chi, Alpha Kappa Psi, AUSA. Teague, Rick W.: History, Sigma Chi, Scabbard and Blade, Arnold Air Society. Telfer, Stephen M.; Construction Management, Theta Chi. Telford, Richard C: Physics, Baker House, Phi Beta Kappa. Temple, Mary C; Elementary Education, SWEA. Tennefoss, Karen J.; Home Economics, Phrateres. Terada, Deane M.; Psychology, Hui Hawaii. Terentielf, David P.; Advertising, Alpha Delta Sigma. Thomas, Jack A.: Pharmacy, Kappa Psi, Amer. Phar. Assoc. President. Thomas, Janice C: History, Phi Mu, Wesley Club. Thomas, Tom R.; Chemistry. Thompson, Gregory C; Advertising, Phi Gamma Delta, Alpha Delta Sigma. Thompson, Lawrence 6.; History, AROTC, Office of Lectures and Concerts. Thompson, Robert L.; General Business, Phi Kappa Psi. Thompson, Stuart M.; General Business, Sigma Nu, Baseball, Big " W " Club. Thorgrimson, Donald H.; Finance, Zeta Psi, Alpha Kappa Psi, Finance Club. Thornton, Jeannette A.; Sociology, Sigma Kappa. Tibbitts, Alice M.; Home Economics, Alpha Delta Pi, Little Sisters of Minerva. Tibbits, Roy E.; Personnel. Tobin, Patricia L.; Zoology. Tokita, Kenneth M.; Chemistry, Alpha Epsilon Delta. Tokita, Teresa Y.; Interior Design, Valeda. Tokola, Jerry J.; Commercial Art, Olympus House. Tonkin, Dean G.: Communications, Beta Rho Tau President, Sigma Delta Chi. Tracy, William A.; Far East, Theta Xi, Pi Omicron Sigma, Cosmo Club. Train, Leslie S.; History, WIHC. Trames, Tula; Sociology, Trandum, William I.; Finance, Chi Psi, Sun Dodgers, Scabbard and Bl ade, Compass and Chart, Alpha Kappa Psi. Transue, Joan G.; Radio-Television, Blaine House, Beta Rho Tau, Zeta Phi Eta, Theta Sigma Phi, WIHC. Treat, Dan I.; Forest Management, Tau Phi Delta, Forest Club. Trimble, Robert M.: Electrical Engineer- ing, Phi Gamma Delta, IRE. Troberg, Richard L.: Electrical Engineer- ing, Adelphi. Trondsen, Barbara; Accounting, Phrateres. Tsuiihara, Frank M.; Electrical Engineer- ing, Stevens House. Tuberg, Judd E.: Political Science, MUN, CMUNSC. Tubesing, Gary W.: Radio-Television. Tucker, Oianna V.: Art Education, Alpha Omicron Pi, Parnassus. Tulloch, Roger K.: History, Phi Kappa Psi. Turner, Dennis L.: Drama, Theta Delta Chi. Turney, Darrell A.; Ceramic Engineering, Zeta Psi. Turpin, Dean C: Electrical Engineering. Tyree, Richard T.: Mechanical Engineering, Acacia. w u Uhles, Robert C; Ceramic Engineering, Amer. Cer. Soc. Ulrey, Mary Ann; Elementary Education. Ulrich, Robert C; Mathematics, Husky Wrestling Club. Underwood, Richard E.; Physics, Scabbard and Blade. Usher, Phillip W.; Architecture, Delta Tau Delta. Uzmann, Mimi A.; Art Education. V Vance, Larry E.: Dentistry. Van Den Steenhoven, Patricia; History, Sigma Kappa, Calvin Club. Vawter, Frank W.; Dentistry. Veirs, Valerie C. ; Anthropology, Cosmo Club, YWCA, ACLU, Davidson, Anihro. Soc. Viraq, Ateksandar M.: Transportation, FlUTS, Cosmo Club. Volchok, Gary: Architecture. Zeta Beta Tau. Voorhees, Patricia A.: Physical Therapy, Chi Omega, Physical Therapy Club. Vulliet, Charles F.: History. Waale, Margot M.; Personnel. Wade, Michael F.; Economics, Psi Upsilon, Pi Omicron Sigma, Bachelors Club. Waggener, Thomas R.; Forest Economics, Macgregor House. Wagner, Anne C; Dental Hygiene, Jr. Dental Hygiene Assoc. Walker, Dixie lee: Spanish, Mu Alpha Gamma, Sigma Tau Delta. Walker, Gary D.; Geography, Delta Tau Delta, NROTC. Walker, James E.: Mathematics. Walker, John R.: Law. Wall, William S.; History, McLean House, Sun Dodgers. Walseth, Jeri I.; Home Economics, Delta Zeta, People-to-People, Christian Science Organi;ation, Home £c. Club. Walters, Frank J.: Electrical Engineering. Walters, Patricia A.; Art Education, Delta Zeta. Walton, Jerrold R.; Mechanical Engineer- ing, Alpha Tau Omega, Pilgrim Club. Walton, Joan: Nursing, Kappa Kappa Gamma. Waltuck, Leiand: History, Bowling Team. Ward, James A.; Dentistry, Alpha Tau Omega, Delta Sigma Delta. Warden, Judy A.: Secretarial Training. Ware, Thomas D.; Dentistry, Psi Omega. Warjone, Sandra J.: Home Economics, Chi Omega. Warner, Lawrence W.: Architecture, Delta Tau Delta, Songfest. Warner, Patricia J.: History, Phrateres. Warner, Terry R.: Chemistry. Warnicky, Mary A.: Russian, Phrateres. Warren, Charles 6.: Physical Therapy. Waterman, Gary L.: Economics, Chi Psi. Watney, Jack D.; Mechanical Engineering, ASME. Watson, Terrence C: Forest Management, Tau Phi Delta, Forest Club, AFROTC, Arnold Air Society. Webb, James; Food Science, Alpha Sigma Phi, Arnold Air Society, Webb, Lcann; Elementary Education, Pi Beta Phi, Senior Honor Woman, Webber, George E.; Electrical Engineer- ing, Shannon House, Purple Shield, BOC, Phi Eta Sigma, Tau Beta Pi, Saiyuk Society. Webster, Bruce J.: Pharmacy. Webster, John R.: Communications, Delta Tau Delta, Beta Rho Tau, Husky Swim Club, Big " W " Club. Weddle, Calvin C; Accounting, Alpha Kappa Psi, Beta Alpha Psi. Weick, Fred R.; Marketing, Theta Chi, Bachelors Club. Weiks, Donna L,; Home Economics, Alpha Delta Pi, Weiss, H. Richard: Law. Weiser, Sandra C: Philosophy-Law. Wells, Allan D.: Electrical Engineering, Theta Delta Chi, IEEE. Wells, Nancy A.; Speech and Hearing Therapy, Delta Delta Delta, People-to-People. Wells, Wendell R.; Business Administra- tion, Theta Xi, HUB Advisory Comm. Wenger, Larry B.: Political Science. Wenner, Paul L.; Logging Engineering, Tau Phi Delta, Forest Club. Wcntz, Frank E.; Chemistry. Wernecke, Livingston: Political Science, Kappa Sigma, IFC, ROTC, West, Elaine V.; Political Science, Phi Mu. West, Glenda I.; Elementary Education. West, Susan J.; Marketing, Delta Zeta, Army Coeds, Calvin Club. Wester, Zachery T.; Mathematics Education. Wetzel, Robin L.: Finance, Olympus House. Wheeler, Ruth E.: Home Economics, Home Ec. Club. Whimpey, Lynn L.: Dentistry, Xi Psi Phi. Whipple, Laird D.: Economics, Alpha Tau Omega. White, David H.: History, Cascade House. White, Sherri, M.: General Studies, Delta Gamma. Whitham, Jeanie E.; English, Sigma Kappa. Whitlock, Victoria A.: History, Delta Delta Delta, Whitney, Barbara H.; Far East, Kappa Delta. Wick, James R.: General Business, Sigma Phi Epsilon, Scabbard and Blade, Arnold Air Force. Wienir, Bill S.; Dentistry. Wienir, Mike; Zoology, Zeta Beta Tau, Phi Eta Sigma, Alpha Epsilon Delta, Sun Dodgers. Wienir, Paul L.: Sociology, Sigma Alpha Mu, Pi Omicron Sigma, Alpha Kappa Delta, Hillel, IFC, Student Affairs Comm. Wierman, Edith E.; Home Economics Edu- cation, Home Economics Club, Sororia. Wilde, Jerry G.; Dentistry. Wiles, Caroline J.; Mathematics, Mercer House, Pi Mu Epsilon, University Chorale, AWS Standards, Alpha Lambda Delta. Wilkins, William B.; Interior Design, Sigma Chi. Wilkinson, Mary-Edith: Spanish, Kappa Kappa Gamma. Willard, Virginia K.: Elementary Educa- tion, Alpha Gamma Delta. Williams, David I.: Economics, Delta Tau Delta, Scabbard and Blade. 485 Williams, Donald H.: Business Statistics, Zeta Psi. Williams, Mike L.: General Business. Delta Kappa Epsilon. Williams, Ricliard A.: Dentistry. Williams, Steve N.: Sociology, Beta Theta PI. Williams, Thatason I.: Electrical Engineering, NESEP. Williamson, Theodore J.: Engineering Physics, MacGregor House, Compass and Chart, Amer. Inst, of Physics President. Willman, Saundra R.: History, Phi Alpha Thela, Phi Beta Kappa, Young Democrats. Wills, Douglas K.: Business Administra- tion, Zeta Psi, Alpha Kappa Psi. Willson, Kathleen M.: Marlceting, Alpha Omicron Pi, University Singers, University Chorale, Marlieting Club. Wilson, David F.: Forest Products, Sigma Phi Epsilon, Forest Club. Wilson, Diane J.: Marketing, AAarketing Club. Wilson, Donald H.: Psychology, Kappa Sigma. Wilson, Jack M.: Dentistry. Wilson, Kendall A.: Graphic Design, Kappa Sigma, Husky Swim Club. Wilson, linda L.: Sociology, Phrateres. Wilson, Sharon K.: English Literature, Alpha Chi Omega, Senior Honor Woman. Wilson, Steven D.: History, Beta Theta Pi, Big " W " Club. Wilson, William G.: Accounting, Tau Kappa Epsilon. Winn, Ted A.; Dentistry, Xi Psi Phi. Winter, Brgce R.: Political Science, Beta Theta Pi, Rugby, IFC, Goon Squad, laison Rep. Winter, John D.: Electrical Engineering, Varsity Boat Club, Theta Tau, Varsity Crew. Witsoe, Joseph W.: Accounting, Beta Alpha Psi. Wittenberg, Mary L.: Elementary Educa- tion, Zeta Tau Alpha. Wolf, Mervin I.: Interior Design, MacGregor House. Wolfe, Judy L.: Home Economics, Phrateres. Wood, Bruce v.: Logging Engineering, Tau Phi Delta, Pi Omicron Sigma, Forest Club. Wood, Stearns J.: Geography. Woodburne, Barbara C: Microbiology, Kappa Delta, HWSP. Woodin, Lillian M.: English, TYEE Division Editor. Woods, Don E.; Political Science, Phi Kappa Psi. Woolaway, Graydon M.: Political Science, Sigma Chi, Husky Swim Club, Sun Dodgers. Woolett, Jerry f.: Economics, Delta Tau Delta, SAME, Compass and Chart. Woolf, Louise, Sociology, Tiffany House. Wright, John M.: Electrical Engineering, Baker House. Yamamura, George G.; Aeronautical Engineering, AIAA, Engineering Council, Theta Tau. Yamamura, Henry I.: Pharmacy, Kappa Psi, Amer. Phar. Assoc. Yamasaki, Wendy Y.: Microbiology, Valedas. Yearian, Fred A.: Electrical Engineering, Tau Beta Pi. Yeung, Diana W. L.: Chemistry, Leary House. Yoakum, John E.: Mechanical Engineering. Yokode, Tomiko; English. York, David A.: History, Sigma Nu, ASUW President. Young, Michael E.: Music, Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia, University chorale Young, Patricia A.: Elementary Educa- tion, Austin House President, WIHC, People-to-People. Young, Ronald E.: Geology. Youngquist, Linda L.: English, Canterbury Assoc. President. Zeller, Ralph M.: History, Delta Kappa Epsilon. Zembal, Joanne E.; Psychology, Delta Delta Delta, Totem Club. n, David J.: Flo ctr cal ring, IEEE. n, Neal W. B isir ess Adm Kappa Sigr na. Be a Alpha nt. Beta Ga S gma. Pi Epsilon. Zumek, David T.: Pharmacy, Phi Kappa Sigma, Kappa Psi, Amer. Phar. Assoc. 486 general index ♦ ♦ ♦ Avedovech. Tim R., 474 A«elson, James E.. 474 Axtell, Donald R., 218, 343 Ayer, Jane E., 282, 412 Ayer, Ron J., 352 Ayers, Margaret E., 472 Ayers, Michael A., 349 Ayers, Rick J., 369 Aaby, James G., 340 Aardal, James D., 372 Aaron, Carole A., 443 Abbott, Grant H., 362 Abbott, Marilyn I., 420 Abbott, Willa P.. 293, 422 Abel, Gary A , 276 Abel, Harry A., 378 Abercrombie, Susan A., 434 Abraham, Owen, 414 Abrams, Richard E., 338 Abramson, Ron M., 346, 388 ACACIA, 338 Acheson, Richard M., 376 Acton, Rick M.. 370 Adair, W. Michael, 348 Adams, Barbara D., 448 Adams, Delaine K., 446 Adams, Harold, 211 Adams, Leslie J , 293 Adams, Marjorie I., 474 Adams, Mike, 358 Adams, Richard I., 218, 317 Addinglon, E, A., 208 ADELPHI, 301 Adelseck, Charles G,, 364 Aden, Dwight B., 340 Aden, Gordon E., 340 Adkison, Drexel R., 350 Aeils, Lucille N., 307 Agar, Rebecca J., 456 Ager, Oianne K., 438 Agren, Emanuel W., 407 Ahlberg, David L., 380 Ahlquist, A. John, 262, 399 Aickin, Mikel G., 325 AHA, 312 Aikins, Jim A., 150, 151, 287 Ainey, Persis, 466 Ainslie, Chuck, 149 Akan, Alice, 266 Aker, Judith H., 464 Akers, George, 288 Akers, Joan, 218 Akers, Karen S , 66, 88, 285, 294, 422 Aksay, llhan A., 409 Aksnes, Ted L., 378 Al-Aivar, Amin, 81 Albert, Bunny L., 218, 307 Albert, Ken B , 239, 390 Albert, Miriam L., 218, 448 Albertson, Gene A., 248, 301 Albin, Joni, 440 Alexander, Gary C, 386 Alexander, George E., 360 Alexander, Joan M., 416 Alexander, Larry B., 218, 352 Alexander, Robert M., 360 Alexander, Robert W., 344 Alhadeff, Alan, 390 Alhadeff, Jack N., 239, 390 Ahverti, Robert J., 380 Allard, Mane G., 218, 289, 294 Allasma, Mary, 426 Alldredge, Ralph C, 292, 409 Allee, John, 360 Allen, Betty M., 248 Allen, Carol P., 422 Allen, Cynthia A., 463 Allen, Gary E., 474 Allen, Jerry L,, 386 Allen, Jeanne L , 436 Allen, Karen Lee, 218, 472 Allen, Keith, 110 Allen, Lucy E,, 440 Allen, Lynne, 458 Allen, Linda, 466 Allen, Richard I., 366 Allen, Robert 0., 218, 360 Allerdice, Susan P., 438 Alley, Nancy M., 218, 428 Allison, George A., 352 ALLISON HOUSE, 452 Allsop, Jon I., 182, 183 Amoiuela. Teddi T , 469 Almvig, Barbara S., 414 ALPHA CHI OMEGA, 412 ALPHA DELTA PHI, 340 ALPHA DELTA PI, 414 ALPHA DELTA SIGMA, 274 ALPHA EPSILON DELTA, 275 ALPHA EPSILON PHI, 416 ALPHA GAMMA DELTA, 418 ALPHA KAPPA LAMBDA, 342 ALPHA KAPPA PSI, 276 ALPHA LAMBDA DELTA, 277 ALPHA OMICRON PI, 420 ALPHA PHI, 422 ALPHA PHI OMEGA, 302 ALPHA SIGMA PHI, 343 ALPHA TAU OMEGA, 344 ALPHA XI DELTA, 424 Alskoq, John E., 378 Alipach, John D , 301 Alvarado, Carmen I., 265 Alves, Don J., 406 Alwine, Denny C , 370 Amadon. frank P , 403 Aiiihio e. Marsha M , 443 Amdahl. Tami C . 418 Amen, Rich E . 372 AMtRICAN CERAMIC SOCIETY, 311 AMERICAN INSTITUTE Of CHEMICAL fNGINEERS. 313 AMERICAN PHARMACEUTICAL ASSOCIATION, 296 AMERICAN SOCIETY OF CIVIL ENGINEERS, 314 ASME, 312 Amick, Barbara E., 440 Amick, Hal R., 182, 183 Amon, Edie K., 474 Amundsen, David L., 239, 276, 287, 288, 290 Anders, Raymond E., 261 Andersen, Donald A., 394 Andersen, Gayle M., 414 Andersen, George P., 386 Andersen, Becky T., 248 Anderson, Alan B , 338 Anderson, Betty L,, 85, 426 Anderson, Bonme I., 426 Anderson, Carole J-, 461 Anderson, Cheryl E., 302 Anderson, Connie M., 430 Anderson, David C , 255 Anderson, Dave H,, 354 Anderson, Dellaine F., 434 Anderson, Dean Donald, 77, 79, 210 Anderson, Gail C, 268, 281, 307 Anderson, Gene G., 403 Anderson, Howard D., 239 Anderson, Jack S., 372 Anderson, James G., 66, 82, 284, 291, 380 Anderson, James H., 218 Anderson, James M., 340 Anderson, Janet A., 464 Anderson, June A., 436 Anderson, Karen, 464 Anderson, Karl J., 255, 314, 406 Anderson, Les A , 474 Anderson, Les G,, 343 Anderson, Linda J. A., 218, 469 Anderson, Loren E,, 384 Anderson, Mane D., 426 Anderson, Norm, 378 Anderson, Norman C, 255 Anderson, Paul, 394 Anderson, Richard J., 149, 352 Anderson. Robert H , 255 Anderson, Robert S., 356 Anderson, Shirley K., 248, 434 Anderson, Stephen 0., 407 Anderson, Steven N., 301 Anderson, SuAnn, 469 Anderson, Susan, 444 Anderson, Terry J., 444 Anderson, William W., 394 Anderson, Wolfgang R,, 264 Andrevi 5, Dana G., 284, 370 Andrevus, Elfrain, 349 Andrev»s, Michael P., 218 Andrews, Sonny, 349 Ange, Robert W., 344 Angelel, Larry A., 218, 346 AngelofI, Sam A., 288 Angst, Raleigh D,, 358 Anshutz, Pat L., 406 Ansley, Leona M., 463 Apilado, Betty Jane, 464 Apostot, Nicole M., 446 Appel, Ron G., 358 Applebury, Meredilhe L,, 218, 280 Applegate, Jo-Anne J., 462 Applequist, Linden M., 274 Arai, Gerald Y., 218 Arai, Jo-Anne M., 218 Aramburu, John R., 369 Ardissono, Ruth A,, 420 Arensberg, Beth E,, 416 Arestad, Elsa T., 440 Arestad, Kan M , 422 Argyle, Thomas S., 218, 343 Armstrong, Betty J., 438 Armstrong, John C, 358 Armstrong, Leanne, 420 Armstrong, Mary N,, 420 Armstrong, Mike A., 396 Arnim, Dan L., 362 ARNOLD AIR SOCIETY, 318 Arnold, Oaniel B., 255, 369 Arnold, Sandy L., 442 Arnold, Thomas E., 366 Arnold, Tim E,, 407 Arnold, Tim S., 354 Arnold, William W., 404 Arron, Judy L , 416 Aronon, Marilyn J,, 443 Arstein, Donald D., 246 Arugeti, Cheryl, 416 Ashburn, Jane, 456 Ashman, Paul R,, 218, 342 Asmann, Larry f., 378 Aspray, Betsy P., 428 ASSOCIATION OF NURSING STUDENTS, 296 Atherton, Carol Y,, 448 Atkinson, Charles A,, 356 Atkinson, Wally L., 387 Atwater, Diana J , 425 Au, Karen W H., 218, 471 Aucrbach, Gene E., 350 Augustine, Dennis A,, 218, 349 Auld, George L , 239, 278, 279 Auld, Margaret £ , 440 Ault, Judy A , 452 AUSTIN HOUSE, 454 Austin, Jean M , 428 Austin, Robert R , 362 Austing, Robert J., 403 B Saab, Connie J., 458 Babbitt, George T., 255, 317, 352 Backus, James E., 218 Bacon, Cathy A., 461 Badger, Joyce A., 412 Badovinus, Wayne I., 66, 378 Baerman, David J., 255 Bafus, Pamela M., 461 Bahl, Marilyn J„ 461 Baila, Robert L., 218, 348 Bailey, Ann, 436 Bailey, Barbara, 436 Bailey, Patty E., 474 Baisch, Patty R., 293 Baker, Kit P., 344 Baker, Craig R., 396 Baker, Fred B., 354 Baker, Gary K,, 380 BAKER HOUSE, 394 Baker, James W., 362 Baker, John B , 218, 316, 360, 388 Baker, Judy M., 279, 438 Baker, Ron E., 380 Baker, Sally A., 426 Baker, Sam S , 388 Baker, Susie R., 422 Baker, William L., 380 Bakken, Sharon L., 438 Baldwin, David C, 398 Baldwin, Donald W., 262, 386 Balenzano, Nick J., 246 Ballard, Barry L., 368 Ballard, Roger N., 268 Ballinger, Judith L., 218, 412 Ballinger, Dick L., 369 Balma, Blanca M., 446 Balodis, Anita, 452 Balut, Emily J., 425 Baljer, Bonnie J., 470 Bandajy. Marcia V., 468 Bangs, Duane D,, 218, 404 Banks, Warren M., 218, 376 Bannister, George E., 239 Barber, David L., 403 Barbour, Janet L,, 248, 418 Barclay, Barbara L., 467 Barcott, Donna, 293, 430 Barber, Bruce W,, 218 Barger, Don E., 382 Bargreen, Claudetle E., 248, 428 Bargreen, Howard J., 354 Barkas, Steve E., 356 Barker, George N., 342 Barker, Rachel, 418 Barline, Jean M,, 444 Barlow, Barbara L., 471 Barnard, Suzanne R., 422 Barnes, Clem H,, 346 Barnes, Dexter E., 347, 352 Barnes, Don M., 360 Barnes, Jayne K., 438 Barnes, Marcia M., 428 Barnes, Mary E,, 218, 430 Barnett, S, Eileen, 454 Barnett, Rona Jean, 461 Barnetle, David W., 218, 369 Barney, Kay, 434 Barney, Susan, 218, 294, 434 Barr, Bruce M., 380 Barr, Roberta A., 471 Barrett, Charles F., 262, 316 Barrett, Kathy E., 279, 436 Barrett, Tom f . 362 Barrett, Valerie Y., 469 Barrows, Charles R., 255 Barry, Brian, 291 Barter, Karin A , 422 Barlhrop, John A., 396 Barton, Cheryl G,, 426 Barton, James I , 218 Barton, Laurie M., 436 Barton, Margie R., 474 Bass, DeAnna K., 474 Bass, Roger J., 374 Bass, Thomas M , 239, 340 Basse, Eric S., 358 Basselt, Barbara L , 425 Bassctt, David C , 218 Bassett, Don, 366 Bassett, Michael W., 384 Baleman, Richard E,, 255, 403 Bates, Gary C , 218 Bales, Margaret L., 50, 248, 285, 289 Bates, Richard A , 218, 380 Bathum, Mike J , 216 Batie, Gary J., 348 Battin, Susan D., 307 Battleson, Keith R , 356 Baty, Dan R , 78, 79, 278, 290, 291 Bauer, Mike R , 389 Bauer, Harry, 77, 78, 79 Bauer, Steve C , 370 Baumgardner, Barbara J., 285, 428 Baxter, Ann J., 454 Boler. Cart D., 401 8« l«r. Oinnis C, 386 Baiter, Sherryl H , 461 Bayiey, Joan v , 412 Bayley, Susan E., 248, 420 Beach, Larry I , 384 Beal, Harriet, 71, 79, 84, 218, 294, 454 Bean, Susan M., 416 Beath, Wayne L , 403 Beattie, Beth A., 218, 414 Beaty, Peter V., 405 Beauchamp, George T., 446 Beauheu, John D., 284, 403 Beaulieu, Peter D , 282. 402 Beoapain, Jeff, 358 Bechtold, Joanne F , 452 Beck, Bill L., 386 Beck, Carl A., 362 Becker, Alvma, 328, 455 Becker, Barry B , 349 Becker, Janice K,, 430 Becker, Jen Lynn, 422 Becker, Linda L., 248, 458 Becker, Babs B . 422 Becker, Robert E , 2)8 Beckley, Lmda L., 426 Beckwith, Gail E., 434 Bedegi, laszlo, 393 Beeghly, Paul R., 343 Beeler, John J , 219 Beeler, Rick R., 356 Been, Tom, 108, 404 Beiningen, Kirk T , 260, 356 Bekiroglu, Haluk H. B.. 342 Belknap, Juhanne M., 248 Bell, Becky J., 466 Bell, Henry P., 248 Bell, Rich, 56 Bell, Vicky L , 474 Belling, James E., 474 Benaroya, Donna R., 416 Benaroya, Rosalind, 219, 294, 416 Benecke, Mark W., 255 Benedict, Diana J . 426 Benedict, Kay, 474 Benge, Cara K , 452 Bengson, Brad M., 369 Benish, William J . 340 Benn, Vicki L , 452 Benner, Richard, 80 Benner, Sally I . 474 Bennett, Alan K , 474 Bennett, Bruce F , 108, 285 Bennett, Gary D., 366 Bennett, George M,, 345, 388 Bennett, Marli L., 239, 279. 425 Bennett, Michael C, 386 Bennett, Shelley W., 219, 352 Benson, Vicki I , 78, 82, 418 Benson, Victor V., 366 Benson. Victoria K , 68, 219, 269, 294, 414 Benster, James M., 398 Benton, Tom C., 344 Benltinen, Ted H., 350 Benveniste, Julie R.. 416 Benzon, Carol L-, 471 Berch, Bonnie, 452 Berch, Marcia H , 248, 294, 416 Berdan, Cheryl D., 434 Beresford, Richard R , 366 Berg, Carol M , 293, 436 Berg, Glenn F , 352 Berg, James M , 291, 384 Berg, James R , 403 Berg, John S.. 370 Berg, Kim J , 340 Berg, Knule, 352 Berg, Lou J , 390 Berg, Marianne A., 469 Berg, Marilyn G , 219 Berg, Sanlord V , 284, 392, 408 Berg, Wayne R , 344 Bergbower, Nancy A., 414 Berge, Melinda, 428 Berger son, John F., 376 Bergerson, John H,, 396 Bergstrom, Dave M , 380 Bergstrom, Fred E , 408 Bergstrom, Gail V., 426 Bergstrom, Robert L , 358 Berkeley, Linda A , 440 Berkheiser, Steve R , 408 Berkiroglu, Haluk, 342 Berman, Marsha L . 416 Betnbaum, Sandy, 239, 317, 390 Bernhardt, John C . 408 Berns, Terry. Lou, 443 Berry, Alan D , 219. 356 Berry. Jo Anne, 219 Berry, lewis W.. 364 Berry. Michele M., 446 Berry, Susan L., 426 Berryman, Richard G . 402 Berschauer, Daniel J., 352 Berthelsdorf, Richard F., 396 Berzins, Pete, 384 Best, Melissa J , 4S2 Bestor, Arthur, 283 BETA ALPHA PSI, 278 BETA GAMMA SIGMA. 279 BETA RHO TAU, 280 BETA THETA PI. 346 Bethge, Ronald M , 406 Betting, Clayton H , 389 Belts, Linda I , 471 Belts, Penny J , 414 Belts, Robert I , 370 Belling, Diane E , 458 Betiner, Donna K , 307, 474 Belzold, Doug P , 362 Bet old, Gerald A.. 255, 366 Beuche. Kenneth A , 393 Beveridge, Bonnie R . 462 Beveis. Mike M , 348 Beyers, Jim, 352 Beianilla, David C . 239. 378, 317 Bialek. Jtannit H., 248 488 :N ft U ' . K T k L sl f H -1 Fl Jv r iTi ' ' ' ' - III B li m Hn V- H ' 5 5 J ; . ' f . i £ -= CO o H ou ' re ps nnin X " I H {J li. M| • ■ " z 00 ! B : " o- m dquarters e just a fe Mounding 00 - 1- NAL NE OTHER H hea we ' r e su o : ;i -0 -S CN v .: •■« Z 3 1— - i it 5 • : •- c2 K o u u rl % ' -•4 l« .u ' 1. f 00 j rti li ml P| ■ f general index . continued Bianchi, Florian P., 352 Bikle, Howard M., 342 Bickley, Gary E., 407 BIG " W CLUB, 287 Biggs, Patrick W., 291, 362 Biglor, Shirley A., 474 Bill, Dennis R., 404 Bille, Bruce R., 262, 369 Billings, David A., 380 Billington, Virginia A. 436 Bingham, Dave, 362 Bingham, Douglas B., 407 Bingham, Sharon F., 452 Birchard, Joan E., 426 Bird, Barbara J., 458 Bise, Pat D., 430 Bishop, James E., 276, 386 Bisset, John, 143 Black, Phillip G , 401 Blackburn, Denise R., 463 Blackburn, Marianne M., 466 Blackhall, Diana 1.., 219, 440 Blade, Karl W., 360 BLAINE HOUSE, 455 Blair, Linda J., 468 Blair, Richard D., 402 Blair, Robert L., 380 Blair, M. Wayne, 255, 317, 360 Blake, Earl G., 472 Blake, Judith E., 468 Blake, Judy Ann, 248, 307, 463 Blake, Judith L., 219 Blake, Steve, 356 Blatte, Barney B., 374 Blaylock, James D., 396 Bleakney, Pal L., 418 Blecha, Mary Ann, 440 Blecha, Shirley J., 248, 425 Bledsoe, Gleyn E., 261 Bledsoe, Howard W., 407 Bledsoe, Mike S., 350 Bledsoe, Sherry E., 452 Blessing, Janet E., 471 Blessing, Sandy L., 454 Bloch, Dennis J., 239, 390 Block, Steven M., 239 Blom, Karl W., 183, 358 Bloom, Greg, 408 Bloom, Mike A., 404 Bloom, Sylvia K., 463 Bloomberg, Brion L., 150, 151, 219, 360 Bloomquist, Dale S., 380 Bloomquist, Kathryn H., 458 Bloomquist, William D., 219, 344 Blumenleld, Charles R., 291, 374 Blumenthal, Kenneth E., 349 BIythe, Kathy L,, 440 BNAI BRITH HILLEL FOUNDATION, 326 Bockmier, Ralph H., 350 Boddy, Sylvia D., 466 Bodemer, Dr., 275 Boden, Mary H., 434 Bodmer, Marci L., 219, 282, 285, 289, 412 Boc, Karin, 428 Boeghm, Suzy M., 426 Boehringer, Larry H., 387 Boggess, Charles H., 366 Boggs, Janet A., 463 Boguki, Diane, 20 Bohlman, Ron, 184 Bolin, Mary M., 461 Bollen, Sylvia F., 471 Boiler, Gaye L., 425 Boman, Linda M., 458 Bond, Bob G., 268 Bond, William K., 368 Bonds, William P., 349 Bondy, Richard L , 343 Bonell, Charles W., 343 Boone, Sandra L., 474 Booth, David E., 394 Borden, LaNorma A., 458 Boreen, Jay E., 364 Bergford, Robert D., 340 Borland, Jack A., 219 Born, Diane A., 461 Borovikoff, Alexis B., 340 Borrow, James F,, 386 Borrow, James W., 346, 388 Bose, Supratik, 342 Boshaw, Fred J., 352 Bosso, Dianne B., 467 Bosso, Dorothy, 467 Bostwick, James S., 352 Bothwell, Margaret S., 112, 295, 416 Bolting, Neil W., 239, 364 Bouchard, Margie, 248 Bound, Judy M., 458 Bourdeau, Jay J., 220, 384 Boutin, Barbara J., 446 Bovd, Paul, 301 Bower, Karen A., 464 Bowers, Diane C, 248 Bowers, James T., 383 Bowman, Byron H-, 396 Bowman, Deanna D , 440 Bowman, Frilj W,, 239, 376 Bowns, Mark W., 383 Boyce, Kenneth C , 239, 376 Boyce, IcRoy C , 220, 348 Boyce, Michael T., 344 Boyd, Bettie A , 461 Boyd, Helen P , 266, 412 Boyd, Neil L., 220 Boyd, Richard V., 255, 397 Boyd, Ronald E., 2SS, 291, 346 Boyle, Jerry D., 255 Boyle, Steve F., 340 Bracelin, Betty J., 414 Bracelin, Patty A., 414 Bracken, let, 430 Brackett, Ed, 364 Bradbury. Phillip A., 386 Bradley, Anne, 220, 444 Bradley, Clare W., 458 Bradley, Steven G., 398 Braerman, Connie A., 464 Braga, Raylene B., 220 Braislin, John P., 354 Bramwell, Steve, 165, 171 Branam, Bonnie D., 470 Branch, Robert C, 220 Brand, Stan, 360 Brandal, Willy, 220 Brandon, Kelly C, 408 Brandt, Gary W., 380 Branom, Steve A., 380 Branom, William W., 380 Brantley, William L., 366 Brastow, George B., 348 Brauncr, Gayle 0,, 239, 418 Brauner, Kalman G., 409 Brauss, Mariella, 220, 426 Bray, George E., 352 Brayshaw, Charles H., 287, 388 Brazas, Joan C, 220 Brecht, Julius J., 220, 398 Brees, B. Joe, 402 Brenden, Larry G., 402 Brennan, John J., 255, 356 Brennan, Kathleen M., 434 Brennen, Sue L., 463 Brenner, Julie May, 443 Brenning, Janyce H., 461 Brewbaker, Kim E., 420 Brewer, Dave, 30 Brewin, Pat W., 384 Brewster, Milton F., 407 Brewster, Roy D., 370 Brickner, Bruce, 177, 178, 384 Bridge, Helen 8., 418 Bridgforth, Robert M., 474 Bridgman, Dr. John, 309 Briggs, Michael R., 220, 290, 291, 360 Brigham, Tom, 220, 358 Brighton, Karren, 248 Brill, Joan, 471 Brindle, Sally C, 412 Brinkman, Kippy Lou, 282, 474 Brislin, Joseph A., 261, 383 Bristol, Nancy J., 414 Broadhurst, William M., 407 Brobst, Jeanne B., 220 Brockman, Ellen G., 444 Brocksmith, Patricia A., 438 Broderick, Carol 8 , 426 Brody, Richard D., 274, 374 Broman, Barry M., 112, 352 Brooks, Alan D., 246 Brooks, Carol G., 422 Brooks, William E., 380 Broom, Sally K , 220, 436 Brost, Robert G., 402 Brotman, Jerry H., 220, 291, 390 Brown, Betty A., 426 Brown, Bryan F., 184, 240, 344 Brown, Douglas H., 352 Brown, Frank J., 240 Brown, Fred A., 220, 364, 388 Brown, George H., 380 Brown, James R., 248, 352 Brown, Joanna, 454 Brown, John B., 344 Brown, Juanita L., 280 Brown, Karl, 384 Brown, Leslie B., 422 Brown, Michael A., 261 Brown, Michael J., 366 Brown, Mike F., 352 Brown, Pamela J., 420 Brown, Penny, 220, 285, 430 Brown, Becky j., 448 Brown, Robert R., 368 Brown, Roberta E., 220, 430 Brown, Roy L., 399 Brown, Stanley G., 384 Brown, Steve M,, 287, 390 Brown, Tom A., 358 Brown, Veronica A,, 248, 412 Brown, Walter S., 348 Brown, William 8,, 240, 370 Browne, Nancy M., 418 Browning, Charles, 165, 168 Brownlow, Beryl A., 414 Broyles, Linda L., 462 Broz, James A., 284, 397 Brozovich, Judy L,, 432 Brozovich, Sharon R,, 432 Bruce, Donna L., 466 Bruce, Norval L., 384 Bruffey, Joseph A., 382 Bruketta, Janice, 426 Brumback, Sharon L., 420 Brumpton, J. David, 350 Bryan, Robert, 220, 364 Bryan, W. Henry, 387 Bryant, Bonnie S., 436 Bryant, Brenda L., 293, 436 Bryant, Mary M., 425 Bryant, Michael E., 386 Bryant, Pam, 418 Bryant, Susan K , 248, 446 Bryson, Bonnie J., 430 Buck, Carolyn R., 422 Buck, Georcie S , 283 Buck, Judi M., 444 Buck, Veria J , 461 Buckingham, Mark, 362 Buckingham, Tom C,, 388 Buckingham, Ward B , 362, 388 Buckley, Galen E , 440 Buckley, Marcia A., 425 Buckley, Michael L., 340 Buckmiller, Sandi G., 307 Buechner, Nancy C , 462 Buell, Bob I., 343 Buell, Charles G., 380 Buell, Robert I., 380 Buess, Virginia A., 468 Buhler, James D , 369 Buhler, John, 240, 344 Bull, Margaret Jane, 462 Bull, Richard J., 268 Bullitt, Mrs. A. Scott, 208 Bulmer, Karen H., 414 Bunker, Janice, 240, 426 Bunker, Willis L,, 380 Bunt, Dennis K., 399 Bunt, Donna M., 455 Bunzel, Dave K., 396 Burch, Brian E., 474 Burchard, Dale E., 414 Burden, Charles S., 380 Burdette, John S., 364 Burdin, Doris L., 220 Burk, Gary L., 474 Burk, Jack W., 255, 364 Burke, Herbert G., 220 Burke, Judy M., 434 Burke, Merrily, 412 Burleigh, Gary G., 384 Burley, George J., 110, 285 Burley, Ronald, 255 Burnett, Nicolin C, 220 Burnett, Susan H., 438 Burnite, Bonnie Jeanne, 474 Burnley, Sarajoy, 455 Burns, Glen M., 386 Burns, Jack R., 340 Burns, Patty J., 414 Burnside, Robert L., 360 Burpee, Bruce J., 384 Burpee, Dave H., 220, 317, 384 Burr, Linda K., 474 Burrage, Alan P., 394 Burrill, David L., 399 Burrough, David P., 255, 346 Burrows, Donald A., 220, 394 Burton, Bruce, 81 Burton, Irene J., 416 Burton, Russell W., 220, 389 Bus, Carol Ann, 293, 412 Busey, Dick H,, 240, 364 Bush, Daniel F., 340 Bushnell, LeRoy F., 396 Bushore, Michael N., 408 Busick, Jerry A., 220, 290, 291, 380 Buskirk, Dale J., 340 Butcher, Bruce A,, 264 Butenko, E. Robert, 401 Butler, David S., 398 Butler, Gary J., 358 Butler, John L., 343 Butler, Pamela D., 294, 426 Butterfield, Elaine C, 426 Buzard, David C, 387 Buzard, Edwyn J., 220 Buzzell, Betty Ann, 220 Byell, Bob I., 217 Byers, Larry R., 240 Byers, Wade, 408 Byington, Susan J., 422 Bylund, Gary L., 386 Byrd, Joyce W., 265, 425 Bysegger, Ward E., 407 Cadagan, Sandra J., 248, 294, 428 Cady, Allan M., 364 Cady, Barbara A., 434 Cady, Diana C, 220, 422 Cady, Donald R., 248, 399 Cahill, John A., 24B, 369 Cahill, Wayne E., 369 Cahn, Robert S., 390 Cahoon, William 0., 240 Cahoon, Nyle C, 220, 294 Cain, Michael L., 338 Calapp, Judith E., 286, 420 Caldwell, Mark G,, 370 Caldwell, Peter C, 401 Caldwell, Steve R., 358 Caley, Jim W., 387 Calfee, Dennis A., 403 Calkins, Ransom B., 352 Callaghan, Terry J., 240 Callahan, James D., 255 Callahan, John $., 378 Callaway, Shirley A., 461 Callis, Susan 0., 293, 456 CAMANO HOUSE, 456 Camden, Stephen, 220, 390 Cameron, Louise H,, 474 Camp, Bob E., 340 Campana, Judy Ann, 220, 412 Campbell, Bruce, 275 Campbell, Cliflord E., 393 Campbell, Darleen D., 412 Campbell, Diana Kay, 455 Campbell, John M., 403 Campbell, Patricia A , 307 Campbell. Patrick W , 403 Campbell, Peter B , 220 Campbell, Richard S , 34B Campbell, Robert R , 368 Campbell, Sandra F . 220, 444 Campf, Joan J , 248 Canaday, Linda L., 458 Canedy, Connie, 474 Canfield, Nancy A., 436 Canfield, Susan M.. 448 Cannon, Martorie E., 470 Capell, Harry T., 255, 340 Capeloio, Carole E , 443 Capener, Joan M., 285, 458 Caplan, Charles H.. 284, 374 Capron, Joan C., 248 Caraco, Paul A., 240 Caramella, Maria Luisa, 420 Caraway, Michael N , 387 Cardwell, R. Scott, 386 Cardwell, Thomas Ray, 370 Carey, Lucy A., 414 Carle, George H , 394 Carle, Richard H , 387 Carlile, Thomas D., 380 Carlisle, Beth J., 426 Carlisle, James, 27 Carlisle, Penney H , 432 Carlsen, Bernard W., 474 Carlsen, Beverly J., 240, 456 Carlson, Carolyn J., 468 Carlson, Charles K., 220, 340 Carlson, Jane L., 240, 294, 436 Carlson, Jim P., 358 Carlson, Karen L., 293, 474 Carlson, Kent, 291, 304 Carlson, Larry, 360 Carlson, Linda L., 221, 426 Carlson, Mary, 420 Carlson, Melvin R , 284, 380 Carlson, Die I., 360 Carlson, Robert, 149 Carlsson, Gretchen C., 414 Carlsson, Sandra H., 266, 279, 455 Carlyon, Saurie, 434 Carmichael, Dan w., 378 Carmichael, Judith I., 221, 469 Carney, Lawrence W., 369 Carozza, Mary, 438 Carp, Diane, 443 Carpenter, Daniel, 338 Carpenter, Rex E , 408 Carpenter, Timothy W., 384 Carr, Dave, 112 Carr, Biff, K., 346 Carr, James R., 221, 354 Carr, William D., 407 Carratt, Richard T., 354 Carrier, Charmien R., 468 Carol, Paul C, 240, 390 Carson, Dick L., 340 Carson, Judith A., 463 Carter, Bruce D., 394 Carter, Carol A., 428 Carter, Cathryn E., 281, 454 Carter, Jim, 406 Carter, LaDonna K., 412 Carter, Ward, 386 Carter, William 8., 366 Carlozian, Shirley C, 217 Carlhey, Kent R., 376 Caruso, John R., 408 CASCADE HOUSE, 393 Case, Bob A,, 340 Case, Center C., 362 Casey, Thomas G., 217, 378 Cash, Penny, 221, 412 Cashel, Joan C, 420 Casper, Keith R., 221, 398 Cassidy, Sue A., 432 Castle, Peter T , 352 Caston, Beverly J., 443 Castor, Raymond A., 380 Catlow, Rena, 414 Caughey, Ann L., 446 Caulk, Pamela W., 422 Causy, Janice F., 265 Cauvel, Marie C, 248, 464 Caven, Mike, 474 Cavender, Mary Lynn, 430 Cazalet, Edward G., 184, 255, 290, 408 Cazin, Carol A., 262, 462 Cedergreen, Steven D., 408 Cella, Gail 8., 221, 432 Cervantes, Tony 0., 400 Chaback, Bobbe Jean, 277, 428 Chaffins, John C, 376 Chamberlain, Clifford S., 380 Chamberlin, Lynn, 426 Chamberlin, William F., 408 Chambers, James G., 393 Champlin, Jean I., 442 Chandler, Alison W , 426 Chandler, David D., 349 Chandler, Joyce, 292 Chapin, Steve F., 362 Chapman, Lynne D., 221, 426 Charland, Eleanor A., 474 Charles, Karen J., 221, 412 Charles, Mike T , 362 Charles, Sharon J , 221, 412 Chase, Roger M., 403 Chase, Stephen M , 346 Chatalas, George M , 246 Cheeseman, Margaret A., 420 CHELAN HOUSE, 396 Chen, Anthony, 255 Cheney, Steven J., 370 Cherberg, Barbara J , 249, 430 Chermak, Karen I . 446 Chermak, Marcia, 462 Cherry. Pam. 474 Chesley, Cindy R , 249 CHI OMEGA, 426 CHI PSI. 348 Chick, Catherine, 464 Chick. Teresa M . 463 Chickenng. Leon C , 349 Chilo, Julie M , 444 Childe. Roberta, 474 Chllds, Frank E., 255 Childs, Harvey, 407 490 Your Legacy in its 64th Year — Departments that Grow with Increa sed Needs of the Campus Main Floor, Right The Book Shop and Children ' s Book Balcony The Men ' s Shop Women ' s Sportswear The Gift Shop and Stationery Leather Goods, Greeting Cards, Candy, and Toiletries Main Floor, Left The Camera Shop Typewriters and Pens Commercial Supplies Student Supplies, Art, Engineering, Science, and Architecture The Mezzanine The Sports Shop Gift Wrapping and Mailing Service Downstairs Textbooks and Professional Reference Books Paperbound Books When you enjoy the friendly services of the Book Store you are partici- pating in a legacy passed down through 64 years of dedication to the needs of the campus — one that you will bequeath to those who will follow you at Washington. Many are the graduates who continue this friendly relationship as they continue living in this area — and many others return to admire the Book Store ' s growth and faithful responsi- bility to its responsibility. UNIVERSITY 4326 University Way N.E. MEIrose 2-3400 491 general index . continued Childs, Mary E.. 468 Chiles, Paul A.. 405 Chilina. Allen R.. 387 Chin, Celeste, 221 Chinn, Hellen, 248, 281 Chinn, Jonathan, 22), 275 Chipman, Elizabeth D., 266, 279 Chiprut, Jerome M., 374 Christ. Roberta E., 467 Chrrstensen, Ivan, 349 Chrislensen, Linda L., 456 CHRISTIAN SCIENCE ORGANIZATION, 327 Christiansen, Sharon A., 456 Christierson, Eric U,, 349 Christoflersen, Jon M,, 240, 279, 378 Christofferson, Sally A., 110, 434 Christopher, James A., 387 Christophersen, Carl R., 364 Chun, Tommy, 191 Churchill, Susan C, 474 Ciemny, Pamela M., 438 Cissell, David C, 403 Clagett, Martha £., 422 Clapp, Tom R., 394 Clark, Bob G., 350 Clark, Freeman G., 354 Clark, Gary L., 402 Clark, Kathy C, 442 Clark, Linda A., 221 Clark, Mary K., 428 Clark, Mary Ann, 426 Clark, Neal H., 405 Clark, Richard W., 404 Clark, Robert D., 378 Clark, Terrill D., 461 Clark, Viris, 288 Clarke, Jane E., 294, 440 Clarke, Paula A., 432 Clarke, Sidney H., 221, 394 Clarke, Steve S., 221, 279, 291, 350 Clarke, Thomas T,, 380 Clarke, Ward H., 240, 346 Claudon, Brian 1 , 360 Claus, Janet E,, 452 Clay, Dorothy E., 221, 438 Claypool, James L., 401 Clayton, Steve J., 360 Clayton, Timotha, 410, 416 Clayton, Tom, 249, 360 Clegg, John G., 221 Clegg, Judy A., 422 Cleghorn, Karen, 434 Clement, Barbara A., 416 Clements, Michael S., 369 Clemmons, Richard E., 217, 396 Clemmons, Yota K., 468 Clennon, Barton H,, 221, 350 Cleveland, Bruce H., 370 Cleveland, John K., 240, 370 Click, James E., 255 Cliffe, Pamela H., 293, 434 Clifton, James F , 221 Clifton, Sandra G., 246, 438 Cline, Diane L., 456 Cline, Margaret L., 461 Cline, Ronald L., 240 Clodfelter, Bobbi, 440 Close, Cathy L,, 434 Close, Dianna L., 221 Close, Linda G., 438 Close, Marilyn A,, 249, 426 Cloud, Carole L., 452 Cloud, Charles T., 405 Clukey, Darrell F., 348 Cockburn, Nadine S., 249 Cockburn, William P., 396 Cockrell, James C, 346 Cockrell, Joseph 0., 291, 346 Coe, Lana L., 221 Coe, Ronald, 291, 390 Coffey, Barbara Anne, 448 Coffey, Junior, 165 Coffin, Pamela K.. 430 Cogdill, William M., 406 Coghill, Albert B , 317, 400 Coghill, Marianne T., 268, 281 Cohanim, Barry, 255 Cohen, Albert R., 390 Cohen, Jerry R., 390 Cohen, Priscilla, 412 Colburn, Janice A., 456 Cole, Carlene R., 249, 285, 448 Cole, Eda J., 468 Cole, Nancy V., 463 Coleman, Joyce L,, 418 Collier, Phyllis F., 221 Collins, Cherie Anne, 446 Collins, Jo, 434 Collins, Kenneth M., 378 Collins, Mrs. Les, 410 Collins, Michael C, 369 Collins, William C, 386 Colman, Kenneth D., 376 Comer, Daniel R., 396 Comfort. Virginia L.. 221. 444 Commeree. Joan E., 249 COMPASS AND CHART, 322 Complon, George A, 112, 352 Conant, Colin S., 386 Cone, Cheryl A., 422 Conerly, Lynne R., 446 Congdon, Marcia L., 430 Confey, Bryan C, 221 Conley. Ruth, 107 Connell, William C , 366 Connors, Becky A,, 414 Connors, Patrick A,, 378 Conrad, Ernest, 214 Conrad, Kathy, 277, 434 Constans, William F., 221 Cook, Carol I., 249, 285, 412 Cook, Carolyn F., 221 Cook, Darlene, 221, 464 Cook, Douglas, 384 Cook, Gary M., 255, 354 Cook, Leila 0., 221 Cook, Marilyn C, 422 Cook, Stephen J., 348 Cook, Velma Jean, 474 Cooke, Carol Y., 462 Cooley, Janet L., 268, 281 Coombs, John 8., 378 Coon, Steven D,, 370 Cooper, Barbara E., 221 Cooper, Diane E., 472 Cooper, John D., 384 Cooper, Judith, 418 Cooper, Laurie L., 414 Cooper, Nick A., 340 Cooper, Michael E., 346 Cooper, Michael J., 66, 374 Cooper, Sharen A.. 414 Cooper. Sharron L.. 464 Cooper, William E., 396 Cope, Jack, 249, 340 Copeland, Glenda G., 474 Copner, Mary Ellen, 266 Copple, Terry L.. 380 Corbin, Chris E., 412 Corbin, James E., 394 Corbin, James S., 255 Corbin, Larry A., 403 Corcoran, Ronald A , 255. 344 Cordova. Lee J.. 268, 275, 374 Cordova, Sammy S., 390 Cordry, Sharon L., 422 Corey, Judy, 293, 461 Corliss, Don A., 343 Cornelius, Alice G., 412 Corner. Alan B., 221, 370 Cornwall, Cathy C, 221 Cornwell, Jim B., 403 Corskie, Kirsten K., 428 Cortelyou, Sue A., 440 CORVETTES, 321 Coson, George E., 221, 344 Cotten, Darrell L., 356 Cottrell, Carol L., 440 Couden, Virginia A., 78, 82, 458 Cour, Lester F., 370 Courtney, Stewart F., 380 Covey, David B., 340 Covington, Deanna L., 434 Cowan, Carolyn L. 249 Cox, Charles C, 352 Cox, Janice R., 418 Cox, Raymond P., 397 Coyle, Frank J., 340 Coyne, Patricia M., 452 Cozart, Carolyn M., 418 Cozine, Michael R.. 472 Craggs, Michael R., 343 Cragin, Dorothea S., 412 Craig, Jack, 149 Craig, Judith A., 474 Craig, Robert E., 255 Craig, Rosemary J., 436 Craig, Sharon L.. 82, 221, 285, 288, 294, 464 Cramer, Donald C, 358 Cramer, Eldon R-, 402 Cramer, John, 154 Cramer, Patricia G., 469 Cramer, Philip B., 408 Cramer, Robert W.. 256. 358 Crandall, Dons A., 466 Crane, Biff S., 344 Crane, Stephen V , 348 Craven, Richard G., 362 Crawford, Janice M., 428 Crawford, John G., 364 Crawford, W. James, 262, 405 Creech, Robert D., 401 Creech, William R., 364 Creore, Alice C. 462 Cress. Judith D., 452 Cress, Ted S., 221 Crich, Diane M., 458 Crick, Kelly, 240 Crilly, Janyce L., 240 Crocker, Garry, 380 Crocker, Kirby G., 380 Croft, Norma A., 422 Croly, David L., 240, 370 Cronhagen, Salty A., 454 Cronquist, Linda L., 446 Crook. Robert L., 362 Crosby, Joel R , 337, 384 Crose, Margaret S., 446 Crosello, Richard L., 240, 340 Cross, Cris I,, 444 Crossett, Judy A., 249, 422 Crossman, Stanley A., 268, 474 Crow, Virginia, 440 Crowder, Kristen C, 428 Crowley, James S., 364 Cruea, Dee M., 425 Cruickshank, Jolann E , 456 Crump, Helen D,, 221 Crump, Ian D , 407 Csepregi, Frank T., 340 Cullen, David L , 262, 397 Cullor. Margaret A.. 456 Culshaw. Mary Ann. 442 Culver. Bruce H.. 334, 352 Culver. Carolyn F . 428 Culverwell, Cheryl E.. 444 Cumming, Cheryl E., 418 Cummings, Peggy, 474 Cummings, Thomas F., 389 Cummings, William M., 221, 389 Cunningham, Dale A , 402 Cunningham. Emilie I.. 425 Cunningham, Hal. 340 Cunningham. Pam M., 293. 438 Cunningham. Robin H., 221, 275, 292, 405 Cunningham, Sherry A., 430 Curd, Toby, 221 Curran. Linda D., 418 Curry. Jack W.. 474 Curtis, Alan 8., 256 Curtiss, Karen A., 249, 446 Gushing, Richard C, 366 Cushman, Jeff A., 360 Cutler, Mark L., 246 Cutler, Susan J.. 222. 430 Cyphers. Janice R., 432 CYPRESS HOUSE. 458 Cyr. Jack S.. 407 Cyre. Hec J.. 384 Czesla. Joyce C. 448 D Daacke. Robert H.. 407 Dabaan, Abdullah S., 407 Dabney, Stan B., 222. 356 Dacca. Larry J.. 403 Oahl. Darlene A.. 428 Oahl. Sandra L., 420 Oahl, Terry W., 364 Oahlberg, Donald 8.. 407 Dahlin. Dennis R.. 275. 352 Dahlke. Dave R.. 354 Dahike, Dena D.. 293, 442 Dailey, Thomas A.. 378 Dailey, Virginia A.. 277. 474 Dakan, Diane, 422 Dalinkus, Vici C, 438 Daly, Andrea, 249 Daly, James P., 380 Daly, Lynn C, 436 Dam, Merrily U., 222 Dambres, Roberta L., 249, 425 Dameron, Michael G., 256 Dandurand, David F., 400 Dane, Biff M., 376 Daniel, Marcia L., 293, 444 Daniels, Diane, 295, 446 Daniels, Donald B., 262, 279, 389 Daniels, Robert I., 240 Danielsen, Roy L., 474 Danielson, Gail A., 422 Daniggelis, Nicholas S., 349 Danneman, Kathenne, 455 Danovich, Joseph E., 398 Danzer, Irene M,, 471 Darby, Paul, 387 Darling, Michael, 344 Darling, Olin L., 256 Davenport, Barbara J., 222, 418 Davenport, Lynn, 464 Davenport, Pamela D., 420 David, Jim J., 188, 189, 287, 290 David, John W., 350 David, Marlene E , 265 Davidson, Barry C, 362 Davidson, David A , 256 Davidson, Donald S., 246 Davidson, Ellwood W., 222, 344 Davidson, Gordon, 404 Davidson, Judy A., 246, 294, 428 Davidson. Leigh S.. 362 Davidson, Loren C, 249, 340 Davie, William E., 222 Davies, David L., 344 Davis, Allan R., 268, 352 Davis, Barbara J.. 249, 422 Davis, Betty L., 428 Davis, Carol A., 249. 420 Davis, Carolee A., 464 Davis, Donald K., 349 Davis, Rusty R„ 358 Davis, Joan L., 293, 414 Davis, Joe L., 402 Da John 401 s, Judith L., 425 Davis, Lynn, 293, 430 Davis, Nancy J., 466 Davis, Peter A , 343 Davis, Regina L., 452 Davis, Robert N,, 390 Davison, Judith K., 471 Dawdy, John R , 397 Dawson, Joseph C , 56, 240, 352 Dawson, Joseph P , 386 Dawson, Richard E., 240, 378 Dawson, Stephanie A.. 222 Day. Dick D.. 386 Day, Edward A., 222, 280 Day, Jo Ellen, 462 Day, John W., 378 Day, Jon E , 378 Day. Chris C . 470 Day. Sandra E., 418 Daysmilh, Martha J., 246, 454 Deacon, Robert T., 344 Deahl, Diane L., 471 Dean, Judith P , 430 Dean, Roderick M , 397 Dearborn, Keith W., 364 OeBiose, Toni , 222, 440 OeBruier, J S , 340 Deckebach, Sylvia, 461 OeFaccio, Richard A., 474 Deffenbacher, Jerry L., 408 Deftenbacher, Kenneth A., 222, 408 Degg, Lois E.. 452 DeHart. Noma J.. 422 Deisher. Steven M., 240, 278, 352 DeLaleur, Conrad. 77 DeLateur. Frances M.. 430 De Leon. Irvin J., 240. 374 Oeline. Richard R.. 261, 383 Oeller, Heidi G., 222 DELTA CHI, 349 DELTA GAMMA, 430 DELTA KAPPA EPSILON, 350 DELTA TAU DELTA, 352 DELTA UPSIION. 354 DELTA ZETA, 432 Demberton. Susan E., 469 Oemco. Thomas A.. 222, 380 Demick, Dan 6.. 240 DeMilita. James J.. 222, 358 Deming. John G., 268 Deming. Van E., 240 DeMocko. James P., 366 OeMocko. Tom E., 366 De Money. Jenny A.. 464 Dempsey. James 0.. 474 Dempsey, Neal. 240, 276 den Boer, Jackie E , 420 Denney, G. Anne, 88, 434 Denney. Mary M . 266. 279. 434 Dennis, Sherry K., 470 Dennis, Steve A., 370 Dennison, Joan C, 463 Denny, Brewster, 77, 79 Dent, Donald G.. 222 DENTAL HYGIENE ASSOCIATION. 297 Denton. Bud. 360 Denton, Jack V.. 240, 384 Denton. Julie A.. 438 Denton. Norman W.. 191, 406 Derby, Diane Y., 222, 468 OeRoco, Alan P., 222, 317, 393 Desert, Max J , 409 Desilets, Robert A., 340 Deskins, Diane, 444 Dessen. Karen D.. 266. 279. 464 Detwiler. Nancy L., 249 Deutsch. Harvey. 374 DeVaney, James W., 402 deVilla, Eleanor C, 464 Devin, David W., 400 Devine, Donna M., 222, 448 Devine, Margaret E., 446 Devine, Ted, 342 DEVOE HOUSE, 460 DeVore, Charles 8., 380 Dewell, Dean E., 402 Deyak, Jeanne M., 425 Deyette, Eva, 430 Diamond, Harold R., 374 Dickens, James R., 354 Dickerman, Carol Ann, 474 Dickert, Dennis A., 389 Dickey, Suzan D., 422 Dickie, Janet, 418 Dickinson, Diane, 222, 430 Dickinson, Ron C, 370 Dickmann, Donald I., 261 Dicks, Les E., 378 Dicks, Norm, 288 Dickson, William A., 405 Di Donato, Paul A., 346 Diehl. William S., 240, 378 Dietel, Jeanne C, 430 Dietz, W. Ronald, 222, 290, 317, 352 Dillaway, Steve B.. 352 Dillon, David M., 384 Dillon, Larry E., 350 Dimon. Burton C., 364 Ding, Richard E , 268 Dingwall, Donnie E., 440 Oinsmore, Cherryl J,, 471 Dinubilo, Steve, 354 Director, Stuart M., 390 Oiselh, Harry M., 378 Diskin. Harold C , 240, 374 Diskin. Sonja L , 443 Disney, Cherie L., 430 Ditlevson, Carol, 222, 426 Ditlevson, Richard L., 370 Divine, Theodore E., 342 Dixon, Diana Lee, 466 Dixon, Raymond L., 472 Dixon, Richard L., 292, 402 Dmitriev, Mike N., 370 Dobbs, Linda P., 425 Dobbins, James K , 386 Doble, Bruce D., 408 Dobos, Nick E., 349 Doces, Chris, 240, 380 Doces, John G,, 362 Doctor, Clarita, 458 Dodd, Lou S., 222, 388 Dodds, Bruce J., 370 Dodds, Nelson E., 256 Dodge, Bruce G., 386 Doering, Dennis R., 398 Dokken, Jerry W , 352 Dolwig, Richard. 380 Ooman, Don A R., 354 Oombroski, Colleen M., 444 Donahoe, Rosanne, 414 Donaldson, Bruce R , 366 Donq, Jeff, 388 Donin, Carol E , 249 Donion, Gary E , 390 Oonlan, Cheryl A , 456 Donley, Dianne J , 295, 410. 446 Oopps, Naomi R., 428 Dore, James A , 402 Oorff, Enk, 262, 394 Dorily, Jan M., 440 Oorman, Mike F , 358 Dorman, Pete, 78 OOTSON HOUSE, 397 Dotson, Stephanie, 474 Doty, Karen M., 249 Dougall, William G., 492 in campus circles, this sign means " The Columns " of a uni- versity now more than 1 00 years old. in engineering, this sign means " integration. " in music, this sign means " end of a passage to be re- peated. " d» in zoology, this sign means " male " (and is adapted to mean " Man into Space. " ) 1 I In finances, this sign means " conven- ience, efficiency, safety. " NATIONAL BANK 0 COMMERCE UNIVERSITY BRANCH - E. 45th and BROOKLYN STADIUM BRANCH - IN UNIVERSITY VILLAGE 74 other convenient offices in Washington 493 general index . continued Dougan, Ann, 436 Oougherty. Karen 0., 4 2 Douglas, Bill, I6S, 169 Douglas, Sharon A., 222, 286, 469 Douglass, Marvm W., 369 Oouville, Greg L, 291, 340 Dow, Erwin E., 241, 376 Dowd. Judith I., 454 Dowling, Donald H., 383 Dowlmg, John A., 350 Downie, Pamela A., 307 Downing, Sally I., 222, 425 Doyle, Patricia E., 422 Doyle, Thomas E., 256, 316 Dozono, Sho G., 401 Drake, Gerald F , 399 Dralh, John M., 364 Dreger, Carole M., 307 Orcger, Wilbert W,, 344 Drescher, Jan G., 428 Dressel, Craig P , 408 Dressel, Kathleen M., 438 Dressel, Michael 0., 407 Dressier, Martha G., 277, 429 Drew, Mary Kay, 456 DRILL TEAM, 319 Driscoll, Joan P., 420 Driver, Carolyn J., 452 Drown, Linda S., 426 Drumheller, Gerry Ann, 448 Drumheller, Joseph, 208 Dubbe, Sylvia G., 458 Du Boise, Billie, 458 Ducken, Lynn K., 446 Duckworth, Eleanora A., 249 Duckworth, Mac, 176, 180 Dudley, Karen, 418 Dudley, Michael D,, 401 Dudley, Susan, 418 Duffy, Barbara, 458 Dufort, Elizabeth L., 412 Duitch, Lynne P., 443 Dumas, John W., 291, 354 Dunayski, Sandy S., 442 Duncan, Gloria C, 474 Duncan, Roy M., 354 Dunford, Joseph M , 222, 388 Duniway, Malissa E , 470 Dunlap, Gary J., 256, 317 Dunn, Gloria J., 222, 420 Dunseth, Clifford A., 403 Du Pen, Destia, 434 Duppenthaler, Michael D,, 241, 276, 287, 288, 290 DuPuis, Linda G., 458 Ouranceau, Jo, 440 Durdall, David B , 393 Ourgan, Kathy L., 461 Durkheimer, Barbara, 416 Durkin, Elyse D., 470 Durr, Donald G., 82, 241, 380 Durr, Robert B., 380 Duske, Brigitte K., 470 Duskin, Dennis P., 246 Dutton, Jo A., 444 Dwyer, Deborah L., 440 Owyer, Stephanie M., 470 Dyar, Anne, 422 Dyar, Nancy A , 294, 446 Dye, Conni I., 446 Dyer, Barbara A., 474 Dyer, Lorna V., 428 Dysart, Don L., 346 Dziedzic, Kenneth, 362 Eagleson, Jeanne A., 436 Earley, Susan H., 422 Fasley, Dale, 288 Eastman, Louise G., 469 Easton, Martie L., 446 Easton, William M., 222 Eaton, Donald R , 276, 386 Eaton, Margaret A , 241, 425 Eby, Vivian Gaile, 249, 285 Eck, Elaine K., 454 Eddy, Judith L., 464 Eddy, Margaret A , 418 Edgerton, Bruce, 378 Edinger, Carol A , 456 Edingcr, Jean M., 469 Edwards, D Craig, 366 Edwards, Dave M , 366 Edwards, Donna J., 222 Edwards, Jerry L., 349 Edwards, Nancy A., 444 Edwards, Richard B , 349 Edwardsen, John C, 349 Egbert, Larry J., 222 Eger, Richard B., 358 Egge, Jon D., 362 Ehlenberger, Ronald D,, 388 Eichcr, Russell, 0, 222 Eichler, Tina M., 414 Eichler, Mary E., 246, 414 Eichner, J. Suzanne, 420 Eierman, Robert L , 343 Eilenberger, Barb, 436 Cide, Linda E., 436 £k, Roger B , 350 Eksrom, Dolly Ann, 468 Elder, Jack A., 343 Elder, Scott, 86 Eldred, Mary S , 454 Eliasen, Gary R , 407 Ehason, Glen M., 246 Elkins, Joanne L., 452 Ellerbrook, JoAnne, 265, 412 Ellerbrook, Randy L., 364 Elliott, Barbara J., 461 Elliott, Ed H., 354 Elliott, Gary L., 402 Ellis, Carol A., 222 Ellis, John R., 389 Ellis, Lynda M., 469 Ellis, Margaret K., 467 Ellis, Paul J., 349 Ellis, Steve C, 352 Ellsworth, De Welle F., 222, 350 Elsaas, Ann E,, 249 Elsberry, Paul R., 389 Elwell, Thomas, 389 Emerick, Don W., 241, 317, 318, 340 Emerson, Ingrid C, 462 Enbody, Janis A., 222, 442 Enderlein, William P., 376 Enders, Richard G., 222, 346 Engberg, Danielle, 474 Engel, Mary Ann, 422 Engelskjen, Judy K,, 446 Enqh, Fran, 268, 474 ENGINEERING STUDENT COUNCIL, 310 Engle, Ron W,, 405 English, David T., 222, 275, 291 English, Ellen V., 455 English, Wayne P., 241, 358 Englund, Barbara L., 458 Englund, Joyce A,, 462 Engstrom, Carolee B., 418 Engstrom, Wayne M,, 354 Eno, Sharon L., 468 Enquist, Robert N., 360 Epier, John C, 222, 364 Epperson, Kay E., 418 Epps, Susan C., 444 Epstein, Allan M., 400 Erchinger, Sandy M., 466 Erickson, Ariean L., 468 Erickson, Gary M., 407 Erickson, Jerry A., 380 Erickson, Joan P., 249 Erickson, Leigh H , 338 Erickson, Randolph W,, 396 Erickson, A., 369 Erickson, Richard M., 356 Erickson, Dick, 243 Erickson, Susan E-, 436 Erickson, W. Bill, 223, 356 Ericson, Clifton A , 256, 368 Eriksen, Anne C , 452 Eriksen, Kristin M., 222 Enksen, Robin K., 223, 280 Erken, 0. Craig, 354 Erohina, Tatiana S,, 223 Ervin, Marcia J., 293, 446 Eskenzai, Dan, 374 Espeland, Dennis L., 474 Espeland, Gene A., 223 Espeland, llene, 471 Espeland, Sandra M., 418 Espy, Ruth E., 414 Estby, Carole L,, 442 Estep, Philip M., 241, 278, 279 Estes, Judith M., 442 Estes, Sarah M., 458 Esther, Linda J., 456 Etherington, Randy L., 370 Ethier, Marley Ann, 468 Etter, Frank, 378 Elzwiler, James A , 397 Evanger, Andrea S., 420 Evans, Cinda M., 293, 446 Evans, Danny L., 354 Evans, Denise K., 223, 436 Evans, Emily H,, 434 Evans, Helen E,, 471 Evans, Patricia A,, 223, 438 Evans, Richard F., 223, 291, 362 Everett, Jeff, 370 Everett, Kathleen M,, 223, 428 Everist, Janet A., 456 Evers, Margaret E., 223, 294, 307 Ewing, Richard E , 398 Eyier, Janet S., 277, 295, 446 Eyraud, Anne T., 249, 430 Eyraud, Kay C, 293, 430 Fadden, Michael G., 380 Fahcy, Nick D., 350 Failor, Sherrie L.. 414 Fairbanks, Lynne A., 471 Fairclough, Ruth E., 474 Falangus, Ann M , 425 Falk, Frank L, 223, 394 Falkenhagen, Susan C, 223, 430 Falkener, Pamela C., 471 Fallon, Michael I., 402 Fallon, Nancy S., 452 Falter, David E., 217 Fankhauser, Judith A., 466 Fankhauser, Marcia A , 349, 426 Farber, Carol A., 443 Fargo, Louis J., 285 Farnell, Shen L., 461 Farr, Connie J., 438 , Grant M , 394 ell, Douglas E., 474 Farrington, Sue A., 461 ' arstad, Karl H., 356 Fasano, Gary I., 356 Fasbender, Polly G , 295, 436 Fassero, Donn A., 346 Faubion, Pamela J., 249 aucelt, Frank E., 474 Faust, Steven, 380 Faveluke, Maggie E., 416 Feeney, Louise A., 430 ' elix, Martin H., 407 elker, Thomas 5., 346 elt, Larry R., 256 Felt, Nancy A , 293, 430 Felthous, Alan R., 396 Feltis, John, 340 Fenner, Brian W., 344 Fenner, Bruce E., 344 iche, Lynn G , 446 Ferguson, Lynn N., 444 Ferguson, Pamela S., 456 Fernandez, Jose L., 404 ■ier, Jerry P., 223 •in, Joe L., 338 Ferris, Norma R., 249 Ferulano, Toni G,, 474 ewell, Carol A., 249, 444 ey, Janet L., 418 Fey, Kathy A., 265, 426 eyes, Mike J., 223, 474 icca, Larry F., 409 leld, Harry B., 223 Meld, Kathleen J., 442 welding, Kristie A., 223, 430 elds, Harry, 285 elds, Janet S., 438 ields, Karen V. L., 442 ■lelds, Tomlin Joyce, 223 ;ier, Susan D,, 293 illinger, Dave P., 380 ilsinger, Barbara A., 458 inegold, Laurence B,, 278, 291, 390 inger, Marieane J., 223 inger, Richard E., 223, 389 Im, J. David, 380 , Jo K,. 462 inn, Kathleen S,, 474 innegan, Edward E., 364 innigan, Dayton D., 378 IR TREE, 288 isher, Bruce A., 284, 291, 390 isher, Cristina 0., 436 isher, Don L., 380 ■isher, Margcne L., 293, 442 isher, Thomas B,, 241, 352 itch, Cathy L., 426 ch, William J., 223 ting, Rob R., 408 itzpatrick, Darleen A., 223 itzpatrick, Sarah E., 444 tzsimmons, James E., 405 X, Harriott P., 438 eldstad, Robert K., 366 anary, Hugh C, 344 Flanders, Barbara, 436 ers, Dinah, 249, 285, 289, 294, 436 Flashman, Forrest, 389 hers, Linda E., 474 , Larry S., 241, 242, 390 ,sner, Dan W,, 346 ling, Lou I , 344, 223 ing, Phil D , 284, 346 naugh, Robert L., 246 :her, Arthur F,, 89, 364 Fletcher, Jenny Lea, 454 Sally J., 428 Flodquist, Evan R., 474 Flodquist, Susan A., 474 Flora, Margaret F., 440 Flowers, Robert J., 287 , John M., 256, 317, 318, 380 Flyg, William T , 348 Flynn, Don A , 360 Flynn, John H , 256, 352 Flynn, Kathleen M., 436 Fogg, Sue, 442 Folkman, Robert C, 246 Follett, Robert A., 55, 82, 348 Follette, Don, 82 s, W. Thomas, 340 Folsom, John P., 360 ca, Richard, 366 ■s, Larry M , 241 Foote, Gary, 241, 344 Forbes, Tom B., 370 ird, James F., 223 FOREST CLUB, 298 Forgey, Linda J , 442 Forner, Henry E., 474 Forsberg, Patricia D., 467 Fortenbacher, Carol J , 249, 428 rtier, Daniel C, 397 rtin, Carole L., 241, 346 Fortin, Jay 8., 400 Fortune, Judy J., 438 Fosberg, Warner, 401 Foster, Adele C , 265 r, Carol J,, 456 Foster, Connie, 412 T, Phil L-, 241, 376 r, Sydney G . 420 tain, Dave, 408 Fovargue, Kathetine, 249, 434 Fowlds, Suzanne , 414 Fowie, Thomas J. D, 112, 349 Ier, Gail T , 249 Ier, Ginny L , 223, 346 Ier, William A , 301 Colin L., 362 Fo«, Dennis N., 393 Foi. Judith L., 467 Fox, Penny A., 346 Francis, Roberta 1 , 223 Francis, Roger A., 344 Franco, Jack I., 391 franey, Timothy J., 403 Frank, Howard A., 389 Franklin, Don K., 340 Franklin, Richard, 223 Frankmore, Thomas J., 246 Franks, Richard 8 , 356 Eraser, Karen R., 470 Frazier, Barbara A., 463 Frazier, Robert D , 370 Frazier, Scott, 407 Frederic, Ouane E , 223, 370 Frederick, Brian E., 378 Freete, Jacilyn 8., 307 Freece, Jenlyn J., 307 Freeland, Bruce I., 387 Freelin, Carolyn I., 452 Freeman, Dave J., 474 Freeman, Joanne, 438 Freeman, John P., 343 Freeman, Kenneth W., 474 Freeman, Susan C, 223, 294, 440 Freese, Bonme M., 462 Freimuth, Charlotte J., 223, 455 Frei, Jack D., 380 French, Sara R., 467 Fretwell, Marvin , 405 Freytag, Edwin K., 401 Friberg, Phil, 408 Frichberg, Karen D., 471 Fricke, Ron R , 340 Friedman, Michael J., 380 Friedman, Robert J., 374 Friendly, Samuel J., 403 Friermood, Sharon R., 464 Frissell, Sharon K., 249, 436 Frits, James W., 362 Frodesen, Kathy A., 436 Fromer, Eileen M., 443 Frymier, James W , 404 Fuji, Rayko, 458 Fujimura, Keiko, 472, 474 Fuller, Connie N., 266, 452 Fuller, Gary J., 401 Fuller, Vici C, 444 Fuller, William S., 401 Fulton. Sharon N., 430, 474 Fulwider, 0. Jay, 396 Funk, Bonnie K., 88, 223, 289, 294, 434 Funk, Gloria J., 434 Funk, Len L , 223, 340 Furro, Judith R., 471 Furro, Mona M., 223 Furuta, Geraldine M., 268. 281 Fuson, Mike, 391 Fyfe, Bruce L., 366 Gabriel, Carol L., 471 Gaedeke, Ralph M., 241 Gaeth, Laurie A., 446 Gaeth, William D., 380 Gaines, Clark W , 349 Gaither, Annette, 293, 430 Galbraith, Linda J., 434 Galbraith, Mary P , 249, 436 Galbraith, Steven E., 362 Galka, James S . 389 Gall, Fred J., 362 Gallagher, Elizabeth C, 428 Gallagher, Gary D., 344 Gallaher, Joan A , 438 Galloway, Peter C, 356 Gallup, John H , 370 Gait, Janet, 294, 428 Gallon, Marilee, 416 Calvin, Chene T., 412 Galvin, John R , 401 GAMMA PHI BETA, 434 Gandy, Marilyn L., 223. 440 Gansler, Neil R , 396 Garcia, Mike I , 400 Gardiner, Bruce, 223, 338 Gardner, Doug, 223 Gardner, Georgia, 418 Gardner, Linda K , 474 Gardner, Neva A , 223, 285 Garland, Diana D , 469 Garniobsl, Joan M . 462 Garrelson, Jan C , 83, 397 Carretson, Roger R , 241, 352, 353 Garret), Bruce A , 408 Garrett, Charles A , 223 Garrett, Gary R , 370 Garrett, Paul B., 382 Garrett, Shirley M., 464 Garrison, Thomas C, 401 Garvin, Jill L., 412 Gary, Donna G , 456 Gales, BillieRaye, 467 Gales, Meg E , 277, 468 Callavara, Lesley A , 434 Galiis, Steve K , 362 Gaukroger, Robin R , 360 Caull. Sydney C . 463 Gavin. Francis James. 223. 287, 388 Gavin, Richard T., 380 Gaydou, Marilyn J , 436 Gaylord, William K . 357 Gearharl. Oarcy J , 440 494 WHATEVER YOU DO THIS SUMMER... just remember that we will be scouting campuses all over the country. What for? Used textbooks ... all we can buy! So that next fall you can again expect to find the Northwest ' s largest selection of used official textbooks (at great savings) right here ... at Washington Book Store! NEW AND USED TEXTBOOKS STUDENT SUPPLIES ART AND ENGINEERING SUPPLIES SCIENCE EQUIPMENT AND SUPPLIES TYPEWRITER SALES AND SERVICE EXTRAORDINARY GIFT SHOP a} tS BOOK STORE INC. 4316 UNIVERSITY WAY N.E. • ME 2-0505 495 general index . continued Gearharl, Susan L., 266, 279, 440 Gehner, Claus D., 402 Geidel, Dean R., 268 Geiger, Suellyn J., 266, 422 Geist, James J., 291 Genegles, Theodore f., 474 Genson, Gary L., 223, 317 Gentry, MIkel L., 436 Genung, Mary Anne, 436 Geoffrey, Janet, 446 George, Jill, 426 George, Vicki H , 462 Georges, Joann A., 249, 412 Gepner, James R., 396 Geraghty, George C, 352 Gere, Pamela S., 463 Gerring, Dale M., 346 Gerry, Peter, 384 Gerstein, Kenneth M., 241 Gessel, Don H., 380 Ghosn, George G-, 246 Giannik, Judy, 464 Giaudrone, Kathleen A., 430 Gibbons, Dean W., 223, 405 Gibbs, Verne A., 249 Giboney, Dave R., 348 Gibson, Bruce 8., 257 Gibson, David G., 407 Gibson, Gary, 354 Gibson, Jonathan S., 370 Gibson, Paul H., 358 Gibson, Richard, 108 Giese, Gretchen A., 225, 430 Giffin, Michael D., 396 Giggans, Dorothy L., 467 Gigh, Jean M., 225, 420 Gilbert, Bruce N-, 368 Gilbert, Gail, 225, 420 Gilbert, Marilyn L., 446 Gilbert, Mary E., 471 Gilbert, Richard D., 378 Gilbert, Richard R., 376 Gilday, Julie E., 418 Giles, Linda C, 440 Gilfillan, Judy E., 422 Gilk, Jack L., 364 Gillespie, Patricia K„ 467 Gillingham, Benton P., 380 Gillingham, Paul G., 380 397 r, Kathi Su, 444 ilmore. Bill K.. 350 , Tom M., 156, 287, 380 iilroy, Patricia I., 468 nlin, Theodore G., 225 sberg, John G., 284, 402 lan, Wendy, 434 len, Joel R., 352 irtson, Donald E., 396 Glassett, Ron W., 382 Gla ssman, Wendie, 416 Glaicr, Janet B., 463 Gleason, Dale, 225 Gleason, Diana L., 249, 468 Gleason, Madeline M., 430 Gleason, Sandra C, 225, 277, 286, 289, 294, 425 Gleason, Trenna E., 425 Glein, Gary A., 364 Glenn, Frank, 366 Gtoer, Roxana A., 466 Glover, Robert K., 354 Glover, Thomas E., 399 Gnos, Shirely D., 412 Gochnour, Barbara K., 418 Godfrey, Dianne, 412 Godfrey, Jane E., 412 Coding, Barbara L., 250, 446 Goehner, LcRoy, 344 Goforth, Jane E., 225 Goldback, Christine L, 418 Goldberg, Jeff A , 225, 374 Goldberg, Joan T., 277, 443 Goldman, Stephen I., 374 Goldmann, Louis H., 364 Goldsbury, Gary R., 404 Gonda, Paul C, 399 Gonzales, Janet R., 420 Goo, George G S., 393 Goodloe, Gv(cndolyn R., 436 Goodman, Debora, 443 Goodman, Gary J., 225, 275, 391 Goodman, Helen D., 416 Goodman, Tanya A., 293, 428 Goodrich, Glenn B., 398 Goodwin, David C, 246 Goplerud, Ann E., 440 Gorans, Gerald, 278 Goronicr, John A,, 352 Gordon, Bruce, 74 Gordon, Charles, 360 Cordon, Gay E., 422 Cordon, Judi A , 225, 289, 294, 440 Gordon, Nancy J., 444 Corham, Barbara J., 425 Gorman, Jim t., 386 Gorman, Patricia A., 467 Gornall, Thomas A,, 401 Goroski, Robert D., 225 Gose, Robert L , 399 Coslin, Helen S,, 463 Gosnell, Susan K., 464 Goss, Malinda M,, 418 Gould, Barbara L , 416 Goulding, Andrew R., 380 Gove, Larry W., 340 Gowdy, John R., 348 Crabenhorst, Coburn I., 360 Crabner, Maribelh, 472 Grabovoi, Daphne, 466 Grace, Lorna R., 458 Grad, Collins, 426 Grad, Noel Ann, 440 Graden, Jerry, 396 Grady, Pam J., 430 Graham, Linda M., 426 Graham, Malcolm D., 241, 380 Graham, Peter R., 356 Graham, Richard A., 384 Graham, Sharon L., 444 Graham, Terry w., 356 Gralia, Ross S., 366 Granston, Gordon F., 225, 384 Grant, Jeffrey E., 344 Grant, Kathy L., 418 Grant, Robert W., 246 Grant, Stephen D., 225, 344 Grau, Monty D., 241, 344 Graves, Dennis B., 344 Graves, William C, 384 Gravrock, Bill C, 362 Gray, Carol, 282, 452 Gray, Charles, 366 Gray, Dean H,, 147, 241, 287 Gray, Karen, 456 Gray, Kenneth A., 225 Gray, H. Graydon, 380 Gray, Jackie E., 362 Greeley, Susan S., 418 Green, Barbara S., 471 Green, Lewis E., 358 Green, Linda S., 466 Green, Mary Mike, 84, 294, 440 Green, Mike, 151 Green, Sandra C, 425 Green, Stephen M., 350 Green, Thomas M,, 275, 378 Green, Vikki, 458 Greenberg, Curtis S., 250, 391 Greene, Grace M., 448 Greener, Dick. 225, 384 Greenfield, William H., 352 Greenslitt, Patricia A., 471 Greenway, Bob W., 350 Greer, Robert W., 380 Grega, Kathy, 420 Grein, Christy, 471 Greissinger, Hedwig D., 470 Cribble, Sandra J., 438 Criel, Marilyn L., 469 Griep, Susan v., 438 Criffeth, Barbara J., 307 Griffin, Harrison C, 225 Griffith, Georganne, 250, 294, 436 Griffith, Jean, 292 Griffith, Jerry C, 378 Griffith, Robert R., 250 Griffith, Sara A., 414 Griffith, Sue, 293, 346 Griffiths, Jeff I , 348 Griffiths, Robert L., 346 Griggs, Eden, 434 Griggs, Gary E,, 474 Grimm, Fred M., 246 Grindley, Philip, 257, 376 Grinhagens, Velta, 446 Griswold, Faye E., 444 Griswold, Jeff 8., 276 Groeschell, Robert C, 352 Grogan, Kathi, 88 Grondahl, Molly A., 88, 277, 294, 420 Groshart, Craig C , 225, 285, 349 Grosso, Antoinette W., 474 Groven, Carole E., 414 Groves, Karen F., 463 Groves, Nancy E., 454 Grozik, John A,, 397 Gruber, Karl L , 386 Guenzel, Lois C, 250, 412 Guernsey, Shirley A., 442 Gullickson, James M., 261, 383 Guloien, Jeanne R., 452 Gumerman, Robert, 257, 401 Gundersen, George, 246 Gundersen, Robert C, 340 Gunderson, Fred 8,, 338 Gunderson, Gail D., 474 Gunderson, Jerry A,, 262, 403 Gunderson, Nancy D., 410 Guppy, Tal E., 342 Gustafson, Janice C, 307 Gustav, Steve, 391 Gustavson, Karia A., 455 Guthrie, David R., 290, 291, 352 Guyles, Richard F , 370 Guyll, Gary A., 384 Guzman, Guillermo E., 257 H Harms, Lawrence J., 401 Harper. Judy A., 420 Harpster, Jean M., 438 Harrington, Geraldine Marie, 474 Harris, Barbara I., 467 Harris, Bill N., 391 Harris, Connie K., 471 Harris, Gary L., 378 Harris, Gordon K., 378 Harris, Keith A., 397 Harris, Marianne G., 455 Harris, Mary L., 225, 430 Harris, Pete M , 225, 358 Harris, Stanley C, 393 Harris, Thomas J., 387 Harrison, Jack U., 402 Hart, Calvin R., 369 Hart, Charles W., 176, 178 Hart, Dorothy S., 442 Hart, Janet G , 474 Hart, Joyce M., 461 Hart, Linda Lee, 84, 440 Hart, Mary E., 442 Hart, Mary J,, 440 Hartford, Larry R., 378 Hartley, Craig J., 399 Hartley, Janna K., 442 Hartman, Owight A,, 338 Hartman, Thomas J., 225, 406 Hartness, Carolyn L., 455 Hartvigsen, Donald B., 388 Harvey, Ann L., 425 Harvey, Dona J,, 463 Harvey, Frederic W., 384 Harvey, Jane L., 428 Harvey, John W,, 350 Harwick, Raymond 0., 370 Hashimoto, JoAnne M., 454 Haskins. Pam S., 426 Mass, Donna L., 293, 446 Hasseti, Darlene E., 456 Hasson, Sandra L., 443 Hauck, Vern E., 301 Hauff, Dan B., 225, 380 Haugen, Robert M., 350 Haughawout, Jennifer, 464 Haughton, Susan M , 438 Haunreiter, Steve, 388 Hausafus, Kurt F,, 343 Hause, Marsha J., 452 Hauser, Hillary R., 430 Hautamaki, Jerry L., 382 Havel, Susan J., 44 Havnaer, Myrna 0,, 426 Hawk, Frances E . 454 Hawken, Jacqueline R., 461 Hawkins, Dinah, 441 Hawkins, George B., 262, 352 Hawkins, Kit, 349 Hawkins, Vivian K., 455 Hawkinson, Edward L., 396 Hawley, Susan M., 430 Hawthorne, John C, 364 Hay, Cliff, 354 Hay, R. Elton, 363, 394 Hayden, Charmaine A., 266 Hayden, Judith M,, 455 Hayden, William E,, 380 Hayek, Richard A., 405 Hayes, Maryanne J,, 468 Hayford, Judy M,, 225 Hayton, Bill, 408 Hazlet, Stewart K.. 155, 217, 287 Headman, Gale L,, 250, 436 Headstrom, Linda M., 452 Healea, Gary F., 257 Healy, Michael H., 376 Heatly, Dick, 167 Heaton, Betty J., 466 Heaton, Richard W,, 370 Hecht, Patty, 454 Heck, Connie L., 442 Heckbert, Martha, 461 Hecker, Paul A., 374 Hector, Jacqueline, 416 Hedahl, Linda D., 467 Hedahl, Perry I., 225 Hedwall, Valerie G., 436 Heeb, Sen J,, 225, 369 Heeren, Larry P., 376 Hefty, Linda L., 461 Hegre, Olivia A., 458 Heily, Janet R., 438 Heinemann. Mark R., 346 Heinemeyer, Daniel J., 401 Heinrich, Brad P., 261 Heinricy, Karine S., 454 Heinz, Robbie M., 62, 63, 242, 287, 317 Heitz, Joanne C, 455 Heiz, Martin Dick, 225 Helgeson, Carolyn J., 468 Helland, Dale J., 225 Helland, Robert T., 475 Hellberg, Frederick G., 354 Helliesen, Henry M., 183, 340 Helm, Douglas H., 242, 344 Helm, Larry A., 344 Helmick, Dennis P., 291, 376 Hemenway, Jann E., 225, 418 Hemingson, Rob C, 370 Hemingway, Gary L,, 358 Hemke, Helene I , 292, 428 Hemphill, John R , 364 Henckel, Wyman W,, 407 Henders, Carole M., 452 Henderson, Kristi M., 470 Henderson, Larry A., 403 Henderson, Pam L., 246, 426 Henderson, Rosalie I , 412 Henderson, Stephen L. 226, 354 Hendrickson, Ella, 115 Hendrickson, Thomas R., 354 Heneghan, J Michael, 387 Hcnezin, Steve. 404 Hennefer, Janice L., 455 Hennig, Terry R., 344 Hennmg, Susan E., 428 Henriksen, Ada A., 226, 275, 289, 464 Henrikson, Ella A F., 448 Henry, David L , 386 Henry, Elizabeth F , 226. 289, 294 Henry, Louise D., 295, 444 Henshaw. Kay, 420 Hentges. Kenneth M , 406 Henwood, Sue, 456 Heppenstall, Timothy I , 242, 360 Herber, Donna L., 446 Herlin, William M.. 217, 370 Herlocker, Lance A., 407 Herm, Ann E , 434 Hermann, Craig M., 370 Hermann, James H , 178, 181. 291. 378 Hermanson. Donald H.. 242, 389 Hermsen, James R , 362 Hern, Judy E., 468 Heroux, Jeanne L , 470 Herring, Mary Susan, 430 Hetrich, David M , 226 Hess, Barbara, 426 Hess. James 8 , 242. 382 Hess. John C. 366 Hess. Judith P , 418 Hess, Michael G , 376 Hess, Susan C., 422 Hesion, Carole J., 420 Hettrick, Diane K., 463 Hey, Marilyn A., 275, 428 Hiatt, Dianne M., 428 Hicks, Edward L., 301 Hicks, Warren D., 402 Hidden, Oliver M , 405 Hieb, Joanne L , 446 Niger, Dale, 288 Niger, Nathan, 291, 340 Higgms, Kathleen M , 425 Higgins, Linda N., 475 Higman, Terry, 382 Hilbert, James C , 340 Hilden, Marcia E., 226, 282 Hildman, Carlene K , 444 Hilen, Ingrid, 441 Hill, Carolyn J., 444 Hill, John A . 393 Hill, Michel L., 412 Hill, Peter J , 346 Hill, Reese F , 242 Hill, Robert E . 349 Hill. Stanley I , 226, 384 Hill, Susan L , 461 Hillenbrand, Don J , 242, 340 Hillman, Connie E., 462 Hillman, Lee, 428 Hillman, Malinda L., 429 Hills, Marilyn, 226, 422 Hilt, John J., 250 Hiltner, Susan J , 226, 286. 446 Hinderhe, Arlene G., 434 Hindman, Donald C . 401 Nines, Nancie M., 446 Nines, Sharon A . 468 Hirsh, Steven 8., 354 Hirst, Colleen C, 425 Hiscock, Barbara A.. 108. 226. 286 Hiserman, Jane A. 277, 441 Hiserman. Stan. 125 Hite. Carole A . 442 Hixon, Ngaire, 292 HIasiala, Mike P., 284, 359 Hoag, Joel T., 364 Hoard, Ralph G.. 378 Hoare. Michael R., 378 Hobbs, Craig S., 352 Hobbs, Janice R , 226, 293, 429 Hobbs, Jonathan w., 298, 383 Hoch, Suzanne M , 470 Hochsprung, Carol J., 458 Hodapp, Janice A., 418 Hodgins, Halleck H., 380 Hodgson, Bill, 356 Hodgson, Joy M., 432 Hoeffer, Beverly M , 295, 444 Hoeffer, Janice M., 88, 295. 444 Hoeft. Barbara J . 446 Hoesly. Barbara J , 250 Hofer. Josephine, 470 Hoff, David W , 380 Hoffman, Suzanne M., 425 Hoffman, Valerie, 461 Hoffmann, Daniel P , 242 Hofman, Lynn E , 471 Hogan, Holly A , 475 Hoggatt, Jackie C, 250 Hoglund, Gary E , 276, 386 Hogsett, Smith F., 226, 275 Hogue, Catherine A., 414 Hohl, David G , 383 Hokanson, Connie E., 412 Holcomb, Carol A , 458 Holert, Bob H , 276, 386 Holeton, Robert E., 380 HOLLADAY HOUSE, 398 Holland. Mary J . 467 Hollenback, Jack T., 349 Holliday, Ronald L , 384 Holloway, Stephen T , 226, 343 Holm, JuI.e K , 475 Nolman, Cheryl A , 432 Holmberg, John H , 378 Holmen, Douglas 1., 366 Holmes, Avon F.. 250 Holmquisi, Richard H , 226, 283, 292, 392, 402 Holmstrom, Susan J . 461 Holt, Dennis L , 226. 380 Holt, Robert E , 226. 285 Holt, Vicki A , 458 Hollman, Delia J , 461 Holtom. Tom H , 394 Hollz, Charles A , 250, 287, 290. 340, 388 Holtzberqer, Hildegard. 462 HOME ECONOMICS CLUB, 297 Homme. Richard M , 343 HONDERICH HOUSE. 399 Hood, Rick K , 346 Hoodless, James L , 349 Hooper, Sherry A , 250, 430 Hoopley, Sheila F , 246 Hoover, Sid D , 380 Hope, Tom, 366 Hopkins, John S , 352 Hopkins, Linda E , 444 Hopkins, Marilee A , 226, 444 Noplty, Charles W , 404 496 W8 _-• i ■ ' . r , - YouVe always welcome at University Branch Seattle-First National Bank 4701 UNIVERSITY WAY, N.E. 497 general index . continued Hopp, Duane F.. 262, 338 Hoppe, Marcia J., 475 Hoppe, Robert D., 226, 354 Hoppes, Gary F., 384 Horan, Kathleen M., 420 Horchover, Harold, 13 Horn, Carol A., 458 Horn, JoAnn K., 226, 414 Hornbeck, Peggy f . 442 Horning, James C, 242 Horosko, Stephanie, 463 Horr, Oonelda S., 461 Horsfield, Susan, 444 Horsley, Kathryn U., 452 Horswill, Ann C, 412 Horton, Wayne C, 368 Hoshino, Joyce H., 265 Hosterman, Jill, 414 Hoslvedt, Darren I., 360 Hotes, Pamela J., 226, 414 Hotson, Josephine Ann, 307, 446 Holvet, Martin A., 359 Hoogen, Larry M., 376 Hourihan, Jude T., 387 Hoose, Gary W,, 226, 364 House, Johanna V., 425 Housh, Michael R., 226, 348 Houston, Carol A., 418 Hovee, Robert A., 360 Hoverson, Elizabeth K., 475 Hovland, Chris G., 430 Howard, Barbara J,, 468 Howard, 8arry, 226 Howard, Carol A., 464 Howard, Fred R., 78, 242 Howard, Jeffrey A., 364 Howard, Jeffrey E,, 257, 366 Howard, Lowell, 407 Howard, Lynda M., 466 Howard, Peter H., 380 Howard, William J., 362 Howe, David J., 401 Howe, Katherine C, 418 Howe, Linda M., 250 Howe, Stan A., 344 Howe, Susan L., 438 Howie, Robert V., 352 Hoyle, Eugene M., 380 Hoyt, Gretchen M., 414 Hoyt, Judy A., 415 Hubbard, Bruce R,, 360 Hubbard, Florence, 292 Hubbard, James R., 226, 291, 360 Hubbs, Bob L., 340 Huber, Ken, 406 Hubert, Jon R., 404 Huck, Jurgen H., 246 Hudesman, Diane S., 416 Hudson, Edward G., 242, 290, 317, 340 Hudson, Janice E., 226, 438 Hudson, Raymond L., 226 Hudson, Ronald J., 400 Hudspeth, William A., 349 Huebschman, Richard P., 378 Huffstetler, Willeta, 454 Hughes, Kathleen E., 456 Hughes, Michael T., 384 Hughes, Robert Larry, 380 Hughes, William J., 349 Hubs, John I., 389 HUl HAWAII, 302 Hulbert, Gary R., 242, 276 Hulett, Virginia D., 456 Hulino, Robert F., 242 Hull, Barry D., 261, 383 Hull, Daniel R., 344 Hulse, Lynn C, 226, 472 Humbert, Barbara J., 286, 458 Hume, Douglas R., 405 Humphrey, Don W., 226 Humphries, Neil E., 264, 382 Hungerford, Steven E,, 359 Hunner, Jean, 475 Hunnicutt, Christine, 88, 410, 415 Hunnicutf, Linda A , 226, 425 Hunt, Jim B., 376 Hunt, Laury, 151 Hunter, Marilynn L., 429 Hunter, Patricia M., 62, 63, 429 Hunton, Carol J., 456 Hupp, Lorrie, 475 Hurlbut, Clark H,, 242, 364 Hurlbut, Roger B., 364 Hurlen, Sonia E., 429 Hurley, Nancy C, 446 Hurt, Morton, 362 Husby, Larry P , 389 Husby, Robert J., 384 HUSKY SWIM CLUB, 303 HUSKY WINTER SPORTS CLUB, 304 Hussey, Gayle 0., 425 Hussey, Pamela B., 458 Hutcheson, Janice, 452 Hutchinson, Mary R,, 226, 415 Hutchinson, John A., 475 Hutchinson, William B , 360 Hutchison, Susan M., 426 Huxford. Gerald D.. 354 Hyde, Jane R., 412 Hyde, Thomas S., 226, 344 Hylbak, Janet I., 446 Hylton, Linda L., 454 Hymer, Lynne C, 295, 418 Hynes, Mike, 151 Hynes, M. Patricia, 226, 422 Hynes, Sharon C, 422 khikawa, Shinya, 257, 316 Ikeda. Janice A., 452 lllman, Karen A., 429 lllman, Pamela, 429 Imric, Craig M., 354 Ingalls, Roy M., 404 Ingham, Kip, 226, 362 Ingman, Jeff, 340, 341 Ingman, Karen N., 441 Inhelder, Carol M., 226, 294 Inman, Robert L., 242, 403 Innes, Timothy J., 402 IOTA SIGMA PI, 280 Ireland, Clifford W., 362 Irvine, Deborah S., 454 Irwin, James R,, 366 Irwin, Jo Ann, 307 Irwin, Robert Jay, 356 Irwin, Vivian V., 426 Isa, Mary H., 462 Isaacson, James M., 389 Isaacson, Martha P., 293, 430 Isaacson, Sally A., 436 Isaksen, Roy, 108 Isensee, Jim R., 257 Isley, Elizabeth A., 469 Israel, Robert L,, 374 Israel, Robert I., 226, 274, 284, 291, 391 Israel, Shirley S., 443 Ito, Merrill T., 396 Iversen, Larry D., 284, 360 Iverson, Don E., 348 Iverson, Gordon R., 404 Iverson, Nichol T., 398 Jackson, Clifford, 27, 217, 378 Jackson, Senator Henry, 290 Jackson, Kathlene E., 226, 425 Jackson, Pamela K., 475 Jackson, Paul D., 186, 187, 226, 360 Jackson, Robert H., 226 Jackson, Virginia A., 226, 286, 294, 461 Jacobs. Joseph R., 350 Jacobs, Judi K., 475 Jacobs, Sheila D., 416 Jacobsen, Art T., 380 Jacobsen, Harold, 214, 215 Jacobsen, James H , 378 Jacobson, Alvin L., 226, 291, 374 Jacobson, Ann L., 446 Jacobson, Carl A., 346 Jacobson, Karen E., 226 Jacobson, Marcia K., 420 Jacobson, Mary Ann, 266 Jacobson, Ronald L., 362 Jacobson, Steve 0., 405 Jacoby, Paula J., 455 Jaeger, Darlene K., 475 Jaffe, Pamela J., 416 Jakob, Anthony P., 380 Jalbert, Joe J., 183, 354 James, Carol A., 452 James, Jim D., 370 James, Kathy A., 420 James, Patti A., 436 James, Richard D., 226, 387 James, Robert D., 387 James, Stephen P., 394 Jancura, Sharon J., 446 Jangaard, Loren C, 364 Janhunen, Curtis M„ 380 Jannin, Louise, 454 Janni, Joanne M., 429 Jansen, George T., 250 Jsquel, James P., 226, 290, 378 Jarrett, Candace D., 463 Jarrett, Mark D., 227, 291, 317, 380 Jarvis, Laurie A., 227, 436 Jefferson, Carol L., 434 Jeffrye, James D., 378 Jenkins, Donna J., 475 Jenkins, Karen A., 468 Jennings, Loretta E,, 227 Jennings, Susan G., 293, 434 Jensen, Anne M., 420 Jensen, Barry A., 475 Jensen, Candie A., 475 Jensen, Dan L., 370 Jensen, David L., 370 Jensen, Ernest Z., 227 Jensen, 0. Jorgen, 362 Jensen, Paul, 476 Jenson, Margaret C, 446 Jerome, Lynn S., 227, 437 Jerome, Richard J., 382 Jochums, Richard, 288 Johannes, Jan K., 362 Johansen, Dennis W., 360 Johansen, Kai H , 388 Johansson, Gloria E., 250 John, John T., 378 Johnsen, Jenene J., 444 Johnsen, Jerry P., 227, 287, 344, 388 Johnsen, Kristin E., 227. 444 Johnsen, Sandra L., 425 Johnson, Bon F., 250 Johnson, Bruce A., 366 Johnson, Bruce M., 108, 227, 285 Johnson, Carol S., 416 Johnson, Carolyn R., 294, 429 Johnson, Carrie L., 461 Johnson, Curtis E., 227 Johnson, Dennis R., 227, 389 Johnson, Diana L., 463 Johnson, Diane L., 420 Johnson, Don M., 460 Johnson, Eunice I., 250, 476 Johnson, Frankie J., 250, 425 Johnson, Gary, 399 Johnson, Gary E., 402 Johnson, Gary R., 376 Johnson, Glen H., 352 Johnson, Herb, 387 Johnson, Jay A , 399 Johnson, Jean F., 286, 456 Johnson, John E., 404 Johnson, John J., 396 Johnson, Judith A., 470 Johnson, Judith E., 464 Johnson, Karen A., 461 Johnson, Karen A., 292, 323, 446 Johnson, Karen A., 227, 466 Johnson, Katherine A., 415 Johnson, Kathleen M., 422 Johnson, Keith R., 257, 342 Johnson, LeeAnna G., 448 Johnson, Loren A., 354 Johnson, Lynn, 434 Johnson, Marcia A., 429 Johnson, Mary J., 430 Johnson, Melinda R., 430 Johnson, Merrily, 250, 434 Johnson, Michael A., 242, 348 Johnson, Miles 0., 407 Johnson, Patricia J., 458 Johnson, Paula C, 456 Johnson, Randall K., 399 Johnson, Richard C, 227, 242 Johnson, Richard C, 394 Johnson, Richard L., 380 Johnson, Richard S., 264, 340 Johnson, Richard S., 396 Johnson, Roberta A., 422 Johnson, Roger W., 343 Johnson, Ronald G., 292, 407 Johnson, Ronald H., 186, 187, 257, 287 Johnson, Sharon L., 418 Johnson, Steve E., 380 Johnson, Steve R,, 352 Johnson, Steven K., 257, 380 Johnson, Susan 8., 471 Johnson, Susan E., 437 Johnson, Timothy L., 380 Johnson, Victor D., 397 Johnson, Wallace H., 257 Johnson, Wendell H., 387 Johnston, Bobbie K., 268, 446 Johnston, Carol Ann, 227, 283, 289, 293, 294, 429 Johnston, Christine M., 277, 293, 295, 429 Johnston, Cicely A., 456 Johnston, James M., 378 Johnston, Judith A., 444 Johnston, Richard M., 403 Johnston, Robert C, 403 Johnston, Susan, 227, 307 Johnston, Terrye A,, 420 Johnstone, Norman E., 257, 406 Jonas, Mike P., 380 Jonasson, Mikal K., 408 Jones, Amy L., 472 Jones, Barry E., 227, 340 Jones, Betty Lou, 19, 20 Jones, Doranne D., 307, 471 Jones, Gary D., 242 Jones, Gerry R., 356 Jones, Jack H,, 268 Jones, Jerry A., 369 Jones, Jerrold A., 369 Jones, Jim D., 393 Jones, Kathy M., 227, 434 Jones, Kristin S., 420 Jones, Lewis H., 472 Jones, Margaret A., 476 Jones, Mary Ann, 430 Jones, Michael K., 242 Jones, Nancy A., 227, 430 Jones, Patricia L., 463 Jones, Randy, 380 Jones, Sandi, 112, 295 Jones, Susan L., 458 Jonsson, Villi, 397 Jordan, Jeff L., 378 Jordan, Nedra A , 227, 475 Jordan, Wendy E,, 461 Jorgensen, Elise R., 466 Jorgensen, Betty C, 432 Jorgensen, Margaret M., 432 Jorgensen, Susan M., 425 Jorgenson, Dale K., 242, 278 Joseph, Beverly A., 466 Josephson, Robert A., 359 Joss, Robert, 288 Joyce, Dave L., 402 Juberg, Teryl I , 426 Jubie, Lunn C , 470 Juckett, Russell, 359 Juel, Karen L., 441 Juel, Linda Ann, 476 Juell, Vella D., 476 Juhl, Terry Lee, 292, 394 Junlwait, Steve A., 384 Jurges, Charles D , 400 Juslen, William J., 402 Jutle, Fran R , 438 K Kaanta, Susan M., 425 Kager, Kay V., 476 Kageyama, Judith S., 251 Kahlet, Sharon A.. 251, 462 Kahike, Peter 0., 382 Kairls, Lois E.. 251 Kaiser. Nick M., 376 Kalin. John R.. 374 Kalin. Susan C, 227, 430 Kallio, Janet M.. 293, 471 Kamel, John A., 257, 407 Kammenga, Arlene J., 467, 470 Kammenga, Lesley A., 257, 405 Kanar. Karen I., 293, 446 Kangas. Yvonne J., 468 Kanner, Uelvin E., 257, 316 Kanz, Susan L., 434 Kapek, Violet F., 251, 285 Kaplan, Andrea M., 251. 443 Kaplan. Leslie A., 416 Kaplan, Robert D , 391 KAPPA ALPHA THETA, 436 KAPPA DELTA, 438 KAPPA KAPPA GAMMA, 440 KAPPA PHI, 328 KAPPA PSI. 281 KAPPA SIGMA. 356 Kardong, Ken V., 370 Karpiv, Lucille H., 227, 456 Karr, Cindi H., 430 Karr, Day B.. 227, 274, 340 Karr, Heather M., 429 Katschke, Karen, 30 Katsel, Garry D., 301 Katz, Arlene B , 416 Katzen, Barry L., 364 Kauffman, Arthur D., 400 Kawaguchi, Judith S., 227 Kawai, Albert S., 394 Kawakami, Myron E., 403 Kawasaki, Roy T., 394 Kay, Wendy J., 422 Kaye, Larry. 391 Kayes. Vivienne, 77, 79, 84, 227, 289, 294 Kayira, Legson D., 472 Kearns, David, 352 Kedziora, Bev A., 444 Keemer, Dr., 296 Keenan, Janice R., 438 Kehle, Jeanne K., 426 Keigley, Thomas A., 360 Keil, Marilyn L.. 468 Keller. Randolph S., 378 Kelley. Kitty, 251 Kelley, Mandy 0., 437 Kellogg, Francine K., 426 Kellogg, Richard W., 352 Kells, M. Sharon, 412 Kelly, Dana E., 408 Kelly, Jackie, 266. 415 Kelly, J. Brian, 389 Kelly, Judy D., 430 Kelly, Kathy A., 415 Kelly, Michael T,, 242 Kelly, Peter C, 364 Kelly, Stephanie f., 420 Kelso, Diane B., 88, 418 Kelso, Melvin F., 227, 394 Kelyer, John E., 341 Kemp, 8rad, 400 Kemppainen, Diane C, 412 Kendig, Robert I., 384 Kendrick, Roy 0., 365 Kenin, Susan S.. 443 Kennard. Carolyn C, 422 Kennedy, Carol Anne, 412 Kennedy, Mike, 341 Kennell, Ed, 344 Kenning, Cathie M., 415 Kennon, Barbara H., 468 Kent, James C, 400 Keown, Carol L., 415 Keppler, James S., 362 Kern, Eva M., 442 Kerns, Susan L., 425 Kerns, William, 288 Kerr, Rita F , 412 Kesselring, Karen K., 266, 279, 432 Kessler, Carol L , 432 Kessler, Mikael H., 366 Kessler, Sheila R , 431 Kesler, Richard A., 394 Kechum, Paula K., 466 Keltenring, Karen A., 413 Ketlerer, Roy H , 251 Key, Claude S , 368 Keyock, Nicholas L., 227 Khoja, Bakr A., 409 Kidwell, Sandra S.. 452 Kiefer, Henry E., 242, 386 Kiehm, William, 405 Kienlle, Anton, 227 Kilburg, Sally K., 454 Kildahl, Karen D., 461 Kilgore, Donald K., 344 Killien. Phil, 154, 287, 291, 341 Killlngsworth, Susan L , 88, 293, 426 Kilmer, Joseph C, 356 KIIII, Katherine A., 82, 441 Kimpel, Tammy 0., 295, 429 Kinderman. Trina M . 429 King, Colleen I , 444 King, Gail E , 443 King, Gayle P , 251 KING HOUSE, 400 King, John L.. 208 King, Kris R , 362 King, Karl E , 242 King, Linda Jane, 476 King, Margaret C, 227, 441 King, Norman B., 400 King, Pamela M., 415 King, Robert W., 388 King, Ronald I., 274, 386 Kingman, Karen E.. 415 Kingsbury, Diane B., 295, 444 Kingston. John M., 352 Kintadt, Charles F., 346 Kinley, Tod, 380 498 TIME TO TAKE NEW PATHS . . . Our hearty congratulations to you who are leaving the familiar ways of campus life. New paths lead out to new adventure, new achievement, new careers, so long sought and so faithfully prepared for. Best wishes to the class of ' 64. DIVISION OF MARSHALL FIELD COMPANY 499 general index . continued Kmnaird, Douglas W., 227, 274 Kinnamsn, Philip V., 341 Kinnaman, B., 227, 352 Kinney, Thomas C, 257, 401 Kinnish, Bill H., 284, 354 Kmoshita, James F., 393 Kinoshita, Kathleen F,, 251, 285, 469 Kinsman, Sallie L., 418 Kinlner, Peter W., 356 Kmyon, Kenneth, 348 Kinzig, William A., 227, 349 Kipp, Gaylon E., 287 Kipper, James W., 370 Kipper, Phil, 108 Kirchner, Richard C, 380 Kireto, Lois E., 464 Kirk, George W., 380 Kirk, Steven G., 380 Kirkebo, John A., 257, 317 Kirkpatrick, Donald P., 227 Kirkpatfick, Judith A., 413 Kirkpatrick, Lane W., 356 Kirkpatrick, Linda A., 246 Kirschner, Linda B., 416 Kirschner, Patricia A., 471 Kirschner, Ralph S., 402 Kirschner, William E., 352 Kiser, Beverly A., 466 Kiser, Linda Lou, 227 Kishigami, Hiroko M., 227 Kisner, Walter M,, 227, 356 Kissin, Steve A., 227 Kiitner, Joan, 386, 438 Kitto, Carolyn E., 454 Kaite. Mary, 307, 476 Kizzier, Kenneth R,, 404 KieruH, Terrell D., 228 Kiobich, Kimber B., 346 Klausler, Roger D,, 408 Klawin, Michael J., 389 Klebaum, Linda B., 282 Klebe, Ralph, 397 Klein, David M., 376 Klein, Edward A., 261, 317, 318, 388 Klein, Lynn L., 456 Klenak, Peter R., 384 Klett, Colin, 369 Kleven, Raymond A., 397 Kline, Thelma B., 251, 443 Kling, James H., 404 Kling, Kathryn A., 293, 429 Klinger, Kathleen M , 461 Klinger, Marsha L., 443 Klingler, Doran R., 264, 292, 398 Kloker, Betty J., 228 Klopfenstein, Nancy A., 418 Klotzbuccher, Heinz, 402 Klube, Leon F., 360 Klug, Helene M., 251, 432 Knaack, Kathryn M., 88, 446 Knaap, Brenda L., 226, 420 Knaap, Diane L., 228 Knapp, Linda M., 442 Kneipp, Fred C, 365 Knemeyer, William P., 404 Knight, Byron E., 365 Knight, Diana D,, 455 Knight, Elizabeth, 251 Knight, Jerry L., 344 Knight, Rilla E., 476 Knight, Robert, 228, 317, 316, 406 Knight, Sharon L., 446 Knight, William 0., 352 Knipe, Mary L., 420 Knoll, Jerry L., 257, 287 Knoll, Jon H., 257, 287 Knudsen, Catherine E., 429 Knudsen, Joyce C, 467 Knudsen, Clifford G , 228 Knudson, Carol A,, 434 Knudson, Eric J., 336 Knudson, Lauray M., 228, 419 Knudtson, Kenneth L., 338 Knulzen, James v., 384 Kobata, Misad, 458 Koch, Carol S., 416 Koch, Douglas T., 397 Koehler, Joyce D., 277, 420 Koepke, Sharon E., 226, 462 Koeplin, Harvey R., 397 Kohara, Edward, 404 Kohler, Gary G., 401 Kohls, Jody A., 445 Koland, Kathy, 88 Kollack, Judy B., 443 Kollden, Anna C, 432 Kolve, Harold A , 257, 338 Konecny, Susan J., 464 Konker, Laird D , 284, 362 Kono, Robert Y., 396 Konopaski, Diane M., 434 Koon, James M., 360 Kopay, Dave, 68 Kornberg, Dianne A,, 461 Korus, Bruce W., 378 Korus, Roger A , 378 Koruell, Janith A , 470 Koski, Sandy, 251. 378 Kosonen, Leonard D., 257 Kosy, Charles J., 284, 408 Kousbaugh, Dan P., 342 Kovell, Joyce, 265 Kovick, Rod, 378 Kowing, Linda E., 469 Kovama, Francis K., 257 Kraemer, Karen, 476 Kraemer, Steve R , 362 Kraft, Geary J., 394 Kraft, James J , 404 Kramer, Kent M., 269, 391 Kramis, Ronald C , 356 Kreager, William H,, 356 Krebill, Norm R., 344 Kreisler, Peter V., 383 Krelich, Tom, 291 Kremen, Brian J., 391 Krider, James H., 400 Krieghoff, Oeitrich, 353 Krilich, Thomas G., 228, 359 Kroeger, David G., 380 Kroeger, Judy K., 467 Krueger, Ken A., 301 Krueger, Loretta, 469 Krueger, Mary Ann, 228, 464 Kruger, Tamara H., 295, 429 Krull, Kenneth L., 360 Kruse, Diane M., 413 Krusemark, Janice, 112, 295, 476 Kubota, Irene S , 228, 292 Kukia, Frank D., 256, 356 Kukull, Walter A,, 402 Kulseth, Pamela J., 413 Kunishi, Bernice. 269, 296 Kunz, H arriett R , 228 Kuphal, Martha Jean, 462 Kupp, Jake, 145, 147 Kurihara, James N., 404 Kurl, Dave, 476 Kurle, Don L., 394 Kurtovich, Burghiit, 434 Kuruhara, Carol N., 262, 458 Kushisaki, Lloyd S., 407 Kutsunai, Alan Y., 394 Kvam, Janice A., 434 Kves, Kerry G., 407 Kyle, James J., 401 Kyles, Linda J., 413 Kyle. Carel W,, 471 Kyte, William R,, 382 Laatsch, Judith K., 452 LaBelle, Jenijoy, 446 LaBrache, Greg. 51 Lacey, Suellen M , 452 LaChasse, Jeff D., 385 Lackland. Nancy L,, 455 Lackstrom. John E., 369 LaCombe. Sherry A.. 469 Lafferty. Ronald N,. 301 Lafromboise. Michael S., 380, 388 Lagerquist, Ann S,, 413 Lagerquist, Gordon F., 377 LaGrandeur, Dolores A., 431 Lagos, John D., 246 Lahdcnpera, Susan A., 452 Laine, Diana A.. 468 Laing. Richard L., 404 Lamb. Frances E., 228, 432 Lambcrg, John D., 284 Lambert, Anita L., 442 Lambert, Jeanette I., 472 Lambert, Larry W., 354 Lambert, Mary A., 429 Lambuth, Wendy Sue, 463 Lamey, Rebecca A.. 266, 279 Lamielle, Betty Lou, 448 Lamm, Marianne, 431 Lamont. James J,. 367 LaMonte. Edward R.. 386 Lamoureux. linda P.. 476 Lamoureux. Marvin L., 262 Lamp, Norm L., 359 Lamp, Raymond K., 344 Lampert, Barbara E.. 456 Lancaster. Gary W.. 226. 367 Lance. Mary Lou, 228 lander, Cecille S., 228, 419 Landerholm, Carol J., 463 Lane, Cornelius W,, 385 Lane, David M., 354 Lane. Denny W . 344 Lane. Betty J., 85, 295, 425 Lane, John M., 344 Lane, John R.. 357 Lane, Phil N., 361 Lane, Sandra L,, 463 Lane, William M., 367 Laney, Patricia A., 251, 438 Lange, Gretchen D., 228 lange, Maurice A., 228, 317 Langendorn, Willemina J., 463 Langer, John L., 404 Langley, Charlotte M., 328, 446 Langus, James W., 287, 361 Lanham, John M., 382 lanning, Robert B., 379 Lant, Harold, 242, 367 Lanterman, Joan M., 411, 446 Lapins, Nick A., 361 Lame, Bob C, 381 Larrance, Cathy P., 458 Larsen, David E , 476 Larsen, H Norman, 405 larsen, Harry T , 228, 403 larsen, Karen B , 426 larsen, Kenneth B., 402 larsen, Larry R., 365 larsen, Pat, 434 larson. Jay M , 369 Larson, Judith L., 228, 293, 425 larson, Linda J., 228, 431 Larson, lynn I., 437 arson, Margaret A., 426 n, Patricia A., 456 arson, Roy I., 276, 476 aRue, Frank C, 228, 349 asby, Barbara M., 442 asby, Joe 0., 349 asley, lynn, 251, 285, 437 atham, Mary Ellen, 242, 279, 476 atimer, Judith A., 269, 296 atimer, Richard H., 386 aube, linda M., 437 aughlin, John B., 258, 346 aurence, Judith M., 429 avender, Catherine F., 438 avtnthal, Dennis. 346 aw. James G , 379 aw. Larry. 370 awler, Kay L.. 85, 228, 294 awrence, Ann M., 434 awrence, Edward A., 242 awrence, Jean C., 434 awrence, Kennard T., 476 awrie, William T., 403 awson, Alvin E., 365 awson, Edward L., 228, 381 awson, Frances R., 228, 443 awty, Muriel G., 472 ay, Vivian M., 228, 462 az, Thomas G., 360 azdins, leva, 228, 280, 283 azoff, Donald A., 242, 374 ea, Andrew A., 228, 274, 369 each, Mariory A., 476 each, Peter H,, 379 eal, Gary L., 341 eaming, Patricia S., 458 eanderson, Fil, 142 easer. John D,, 476 eatha. Norman H., 359 r, David, 150, 151, 363 nc, Adrienne A., 446 eClercq. Suzanne R., 293, 445 Cocq. JoAnn. 441 ddy. Barbara. 438 ee. Bee De, 329 ee. Brenda. 242. 466 ee. Carolyn K.. 226 ee. Connie D.. 228. 415 ee. Lorin L.. 228 ee. Mary A,. 476 ee. Michael A,. 396 Nancy, 415 ee, Richard, 178, 181 eek. Donna S., 472 effman, Jackie A., 426 egg, Gordy, 350 egg, Steve, 350 eggett, Glenn. 212 ehman. Ken. 146 ehmann, Richard J.. 363 ehrbach, Dianne K., 228, 425 ehrbach. Shirley J.. 425 eiendecker. Gil L., 365 eigh, Franciene H., 251 eipper. Robert A.. 403 eitch. Michal R.. 409 eland. Robert L., 357 emberg, Michael J,, 291, 391 embert, Lynn A., 468 emchen, Lawrence A., 296 emiere, Theren, 438 emoine, Helen L,, 454 eMonds, Carol E., 445 engyel. Shan L.. 446 ent. Margerry. 431 eonard. Robert W.. 226. 360 eonardson. Laurel A,. 445 eong. Ah-Moon. 258 eong. Carol M.. 458 eonnig. Barbara E.. 458 eopold. Linda C 476 ePenske. Steve E.. 228, 380 epiey, Anne L., 251 eRoy, Ronald F., 228 eRoy, Zane F,, 377 ervick. Sharon L . 413 ervold. Joyce L.. 456 ervold. Richard A., 342 ester, Lorcn, 400 ester, Michele K., 462 ester, Reg E., 349 eth, Lee R., 409 ether. Deanne N., 413 euthy, Robert D., 246 evarqure, Monte D., 269 evine, Susan D., 443 evis, Susan C. 251, 420 evitin, Eileen, 443 evy, Arthur A., 391 evy. Karen S.. 443 evy. Larry. 78. 82 evy, Lee, 416 evy, Reuben E , 242, 278 ewis, Diane, 426 ewis, Frank S , 242, 380 ewis, Gary R., 386 ewis, George A., 369 ewis, J. Allen, 380 ewis. Jack, 228 ewis, Karen M , 469 ewis, larry E , 476 ewis, linda E , 443 ewis. Linda L., 458 ( ' WIS. Marian. 454 ewis. Marian R.. 429 ewis. Paul W.. 276 rwis. Robert F.. 341 wis. Rose Mane F . 251 WIS. Warren W . 361 bke, Albert W . 291, 361 edke, Donald E , 408 en, Susan K , 228, 413 esmann, Meredith A , 38S ewer, Kurl M., 403 flick. Glen I , 258, 363 light, Mary Beth, 461 lih, Irene J , 438 lillywhiie, Sharon K., 251 Lim, Ronald S., 228, 403 Lind, Carol A., 471 Lind, Cheryl K., 464 Lind, Janet M., 441 lind, Susan L., 110. 295, 461 lindahl, Annita L., 420 lindberg, Suzanne M., 251, 454 lindbloom, leo E., 258, 393 lindel, John T., 348 Lindeman, Joanna S., 431 lindgren, George D., 276, 369 Lindquist, Vern A., 251 lindsay, Franklin R., 377 lindsell, Sarah A., 437 lindsey, Neil W., 389 lindsirom, Raymond W., 66, 89, 363 LIndstrum, Alan L., 349 Unman, Kelly, 387 linlhicum. Earl E.. 385 linvog, Nancy I., 277. 425 Lippert, Judy K., 422 liplack, Keith H , 388 Little, Oean, 389 Little, Herbert S , 208 Little, Jerry, 13 Little, Mary D , 228 Litlon, Robert 0., 148, 349 Litzenberger, Wayne H., 258 Livie, Tanya J., 251, 469 Livingstone, Bruce, 379 Llewellyn, John M., 365 Lloyd, Diana P., 446 Lloyd, Judy, 246, 419 Lobe, Elaine M., 445 Lobree, Victoria J., 293, 476 Lockhart, John G.. 380 Lockwood, David H., 386 Lockwood, Mary C, 431 Lockwood, Reed R., 409 Lockwood, Samuel P., 229, 349 lockwood, Stephen I., 343 lodmell, Linda C , 229, 452 Lofgren, loren R., 359 Lofthus, Clayton E., 370 lofthus, James D., 405 Lofthus, Karin J., 445 Loftin, Steve D., 258, 385 Logan, Jem M., 438 Logan, John D., 476 Logg, Jim 8., 476 Loken, Laurie M., 426 lonctot, Linda K., 422 lone, Judi A., 266, 279, 445 long, Arnold C, 395 long, Don, 229 Long, Gene F , 370 long, James W., 407 Long, Jon C, 229, 317, 350 long, Mary I. , 442 Long, Priscilla I., 229. 454 Long, Ronald W , 301 Longfellow, Pamela 0., 476 Longley, leaAnna M., 229 Longmire, Sharon G , 229, 442 longwood. Sue R , 293, 434 Lonn, Howard K,, 391 Look, John, 214, 215 Lookabaugh. Mark I., 68. 389 Loomis, Gary L., 476 loper, Elizabeth A., 438 loper, John A., 383 lord, James L., 246 lorentson, Gerald M., 380 Lorentz, Donald P , 229, 361 lorentz, James J., 229, 367 lorentzen, Ron 8., 379 lorenz. Sherry A., 426 losey, Frank R., 389 lott, Sandra 8., 416 Lotz, Cheryl I , 467 Loumidi, Diohandi, 262, 455 love, Peggy 1-, 461 Love, Mrs Myrtle, 438 loveland. Lee D.. 291, 370 Loveridge, Charlene A., 251 Lowell, Frances Lynn, 265 Lowty, Mary R., 471 Luby, Mary Jane, 446 Lucas, Carmen C, 294, 410, 429 luce, Henry 0., 229 lucin, John J., 359 ludgate, Theodore A., 476 ludington, Jan C, 476 Ludwick, Gary G , 379 ludwick, John H , 355 luiten, Susan M , 429 lukins, llze M , 464 lum, Calvin. 262, 409 lum, Judith C , 251. 448 Lumpkin, F Dale. 405 Lumsden. Tom E.. 346 Lund, Carolee S , 437 Lund, Catherine A , 456 Lund, Jan M., 419 Lund, Judith, 295, 422 Lund, Richard R., 246 Lundberg, Mark H., 381 lundell. Donna A., 229, 425 lundin, Helen B., 229. 294, 435 Lundin, John W., 291, 361 lundin, Karen A , 435 Lundquist, Geoff, 406 lundwall, Ridgely J , 108, 229, 274 lunn, linda I., 476 Lupton, Thorn, 367 Luschen, Joe G,, 476 lusty. Quayle C . 355 lulcher, Greg I., 361 lutey, Betty Jo , 430 Lullerloh, William 0., 400 Lux, Bob, 397 Luturiaga, Carlos, 361 500 Like Sally Christofferson, TYEE editor, Kennell- Ellis is proud to have had a part in the produc- tion of the 1964 TYEE — one of the many great University of Washington yearbooks for which we have been the official photographer. KiiLLILUS, Inc. 1426 Fifth Avenue 616 Olive Way 520 Northgate Mall MA 4-5535 MA 4-0080 EM 2-2171 501 general index . continued Lybecker, Martin E., 370 Lyie, Mellnda C, 445 Lyie, Roy L., 229, 384 LyIe, Suzanne R., 447 Lynch, Jack P., 363 Lynch, Janet M., 441 Lynn, Norman E., 246 Lyon, Jacquelyn L., 266, 279, 464 Lyon, Linda J., 229 Lyon, Margaret Anne, 429 Lyons, Daniel M., 399 Lyons, Joseph M., 377 Lyons, Phillip J., 407 Lyshol, Shirley A., 251, 425 Lystad, Rolf P., 229 M Mabry, Ruth A., 476 MacAlpine, Sandra L., 468 MacDonald, Bob G., 251 MacDonald, Braid C, 367 MacDonald, Bruce G., 403 MacDonald, William C, 342 MacDuff, John G., 403 MacGown, Margaret, 251, 282, 285 MacGrain, Felicity C, 425 MacKenzie, Gail E,, 277, 461 MacLagan, Gloria J., 452 MacNeil, David M., 400 Machtey, Deborah, 443 Macintyre, Janice A., 230, 420 Mackay, Leilani E., 251, 285, 420 Mackenroth, Connie J., 431 Mackenzie, Jerry J., 377 Mackey, Jemy Diane, 230, 446 Mackey, Marcia B., 445 Mackintosh, Bonnie L., 423 Macmillan, William K., 404 Marci, Sharon K., 442 Macy, Jo A., 423 Mader, Carolyn L., 230, 282, 464 Madison, Harold L., 395 Madsen, Christine M., 415 Madsen, Louis L., 246 Maebori, Stanley T., 407 Maebori, Teresa A., 468 Maeda, Sharon R., 468 Magneson, John H., 242 Magnuson, Carol L., 423 Magsig, Charles W., 347 Mahaley, Shirley L., 452 Mahlum, Linda L., 454 Mahugh, Myrna J., 437 Maino, Vernon C, 355 Maizels, Barbara C, 416 Maki, Jani I., 295, 329, 470 Malan, Michael M., 251 Malloy, Richard J., 230, 280 Malmo, Paul E., 344 Malmoe, Carolyn M., 230, 462 Malmquist, Anabel, 458 Malone, Jerry E., 361 Maloney, Frank R., 382 Maloof, Emmelt E., 386 Maloy, Patricia K., 437 Malsed, Fredrick H., 343 Mandich, Robert A,, 246 Mandely, Dave G., 381 Mandley, W. James, 246 Manewal, Ernest R., 262 Mangham, Charles A., 363 Mangmi, Pamela J., 445 Mann, Charles D., 374 Mann, Janet F., 466 Manning, Kristi L,, 431 Manning, Richard 8., 359 Mansfield, Francis W., 476 Mansfield, Mrs, Louise, 286 Mar, Henry, 262 Mar, Larry, 242, 278 Mar, Raymond W., 258, 316 Marberg, Roberta A., 476 Marble, Lee E., 399 Marcelynas, Robert A., 367 Marchbanks, Barbara L., 376 Marcus, Ru by L., 251 Mariani, Oicit L., 379 Marion, Sherry L., 295, 429 Mark, Sheree I., 443 Marken, Roger E., 395 Markham, Gary J., 382 Markham, Jennifer J., 455 Markoiky, Thomas W., 396 Markrack, Diane M., 416 Marlantes, Lorian L., 347 Marlatl, Ardie M., 445 Marler, Rebecca E., 251 Marler, Robert J., 393 Marley, Robert A., 349 Marriott, David M,, 347 Marriott, Paul R., 110, 347 Marschante, Lolli R., 445 Marsh, Merrily, 423 Marshall, Brenda A., 472 Marshall, Carol A., 446 Marshall, Janet F., 426 Marshall, Jeanne E., 458 Marshall, John W., 217 Marshall, Michele, 252, 429 Marshall, Rosemaric, 230, 462 Martin, Bruce H., 371 Martin, Caleen R., 413 Martin, Dana 5., 452 Martin, Denis R., 389 Martin, George S., 79, 230, 290, 291, 371 Martin, Lynn F., 230, 371 Martin, Michael A., 361 Martin, Pat, 396 Martin, Ralph W.. 230, 344 Martin, Roberta L., 443 Martin, Ron, 355 Martin, Sally F., 231 Martin, Suzanne, 467 Martin, Theodore J., 231, 393 Martin, William F., 243, 350 Martinsen, Knut, 357 Martinson, Marjean E., 252, 462 Marts, Marion, 212 Maruoka, Lauren E., 462 Marvin, Trent, 258 Marvin, Virginia L., 267 Mascher, Carol A., 472 Maschmeier, William B., 357 Mason, Jan M., 231, 437 Mason, Jane A., 231 Mason, Richard L., 348 Mason, Shirlee A., 441 Massart, Carol Ann, 293, 420 Masterson, Mark W., 377 Mate, Karol V., 368 Mathers, Thomas K., 350 Matheson, Bonnie K., 437 Mathews, Henry, 176, 178 Mathev»s, Jack E., 355 Mathews, Steven L., 476 Mathis, Judy M., 231 Mathison, G. Stuart, 365 Matson, William J,, 395 Matsubara, Rodney S., 407 Matthews, Dave K., 371 Mattila, Betty L., 459 Mattson, Donald E., 231, 401 Mattson, George T., 231 Mattson, Marianne L., 452 Mattus, Carol E,, 452 Mattus, Nancy D., 463 Matzen, Karen L., 471 Maurel, Dian, 275, 462 Mauer, Jay K., 252, 404 Mauro, Carmen, 146, 147 Maury, Mathew, 243, 382 Mauzey, Duane L., 404 Mavor, Jane C, 435 Maxam, William J., 367 Maxeiner, Barbara A., 231, 419 Maxwell, Evelyn D., 461 Maxwell, Karen L., 466 May, Barbara M., 265, 420 May, Barbara E., 463 May, Cammy A., 413 May, Cheryl J., 419 May, Cheryl K., 459 May, Larry W., 338 Mayeda, James T, 301 Mayer, Carolyn, 452 Mayer, Francesca R., 459 Mayfield, Claudia M., 459 Maynard, John R., 231, 357 Mays, Marsha C, 252, 294, 429 McAuliff, Janis M., 438 McBee, C. Patrick, 385 McBeth, Michael C, 229, 338 McBratney, Sherry L., 293, 426 McBride, Barbara J., 266, 445 McBride, Claudia A., 422 McBroom, Richard G., 229, 381 McCaffray, Steve J., 385 McCaffree, Charles R., 352, 388 McCaffree, Dr. Kenneth, 284 McCain, Jay W., 229, 357 McCall, Barry J., 371 McCallum, Bonnie E., 469 McCallum, Mike C, 352 McCann, Barbara S., 415 McCarthy, Fred J., 229, 476 McCarthy, Kalhy A., 466 McCarthy, M, Terrence, 349 McCartney, Kathryn Ann, 77, 82, 229, 294, 428, 429 McCarty, Dcryl S., 395 McCarty, Dianne J., 435 McCarty, Marilynne E., 454 McCauley, Sharon A., 471 McClain, Diane, 463 McClellan, Susan K., 467 McClin, Raul, 262 McClintick, Charles H., 229 McClintock, Karen J., 421 McClure, Marty E., 293, 425 McCluskey, Kathleen A., 229, 431 McCollom, Loren W., 338 McCollom, Randolph H., 476 McCorkle, Layna J,, 442 McCormick, Donald B., 404 McCormick, Dorothy J., 413 McCormick, Paul C., 262, 342 McCormick, Shannon, 388 McCormick, William D., 383 McCowin, William G, isi McCoy, Arthur D., 261 McCoy, Robert B., 404 McCoy, Shatyl, 295, 426 McCoy, Susan A., 429 McCracken, G. Russell, 361 McCready, Roy I , 251, 377 McCrohan, Karen J., 455 McCroskey, Kristina M., 435 McCulloch, Gretchen, 282, 422 McCulloch, Susan J., 461 McCullough, Beverlee A., 472 McCuilough, James M., 371 McCully, Marlls K., 88, 229, 285, 294, 445 McCurdy, Claire B.. 251 McCurdy, Jon R., 242. 344 McCutchan, Carolyn A., 421 McCutchan, Robert L., 229 McCutchen, Sandy L., 435 McDaniel, Rodney, 405 McDonald, Daniel R., 379 McDonald, Douglas R., 389 McDonald, Gary W., 110, 229, 274 McDonald, Jerry A., 377 McDonald, John E., 229, 369 McDonald, Leslie C, 419 McDonald, Lois A., 461 McDowell, Mark J., 386 McEachern, Rexine, 229, 442 McElroy, Charles R., 229, 275 McEwen, Irene R., 415 McFall, Ronald L., 393 McFarland, Earl, 357, 388 McFarland, Kenneth E., 258 McFarlane, Ann, 437 McGill, John 0., 229 McGladrey, Sally L., 251 McGoldrick, John M., 242, 382 McGonagle, William S., 344, 388 McGowan, Larry M., 229 McGregor, John E., 381 McGuire, John W., 357 McGuire, Marilyn, 262, 458 McGuire, Mary Jane, 413 McHatton, Alicia M., 476 Mclntee, Marilee, 88 Mcintosh, Cleata A., 435 Mcintosh, Dick, 191 McKay, Cathryn A., 267 McKay, Heather L., 472 McKay, John W., 229 McKay, Judie A., 229, 446 McKean, Arthur H., 287, 347 McKee, Janet K., 419 McKee, Patti 0., 476 McKee, Tom M., 377 McKellar, Jerry D., 396 McKenna, Bob E., 407 McKenna, Jane, 421 McKennon, Kelly 0., 368 McKenzie, Dan H., 388 McKinnon, Beth A., 413 McKinstry, Robert G., 229, 291, 347 McKinstry, Sandra C, 251, 431 McKnight, Marilyn C, 425 McKoin, Barbara V., 441 McLaren, William F., 242, 278, 279 McLaughlin, Jack D., 386 McLean, Dave G., 341 McLean, Jay L., 396 McLean, Marcia A,, 251, 463 McLenaghan, Errol D., 229 McLeod, Linda J., 425 McMacken, Paul D., 393 McMahon, Robert T., 388 McMeekin, Marilyn, 230, 435 McMillan, Judy, 415 McMillan, May E., 476 McMullen, Kerry L., 476 McNay, James E,, 343 McNeely, David M., 382 McNeil, Gary R., 405 McNeill, Barbara, 441 McPake, Bob E, 386 McPhee, Donald C, 230, 377 McPoland, Barbara J., 446 McPoland, Dennis H., 258, 371 McQuaid, Douglas W, 476 McQuary, Thomas A., 401 McQueen, Candace A., 462 McQuinn, Nancy K, 307 McRayde, Douglas D., 230 McRea, Pamela, 442 McReady, Roy, 251 McWhorter, Helen E., 442 McWhorter, Julie A., 463 Meade, Dorothy A., 231, 307 Meade, Karen A., 426, 427 Meade, W. Scott, 350 Means, Stanley D,, 367 Medved, Ron, 168 Meek, Joseph E., 398 Meeske, Franz, 385 Mehaffy, George L., 379 Mei, Lai, 461 Meier, Ronald L., 408 Meikeljohn, Ann P., 423 Meitz, Sandra L., 439 Melby, Mark G., 367 Melcher, Marchand, 445 Melde, Gregg F,, 258 Mellor, Fred W., 399 Menard, Margaret E., 461 Menaul, Kay, 243, 429 Mencias, Anthony H., 231, 280 Mendenhall, Bruce R., 231 Menees, Timothy R., 407 Mentor, Sandra G., 431 Meniies, James W., 246 Meredith, James, 73 Merewether, Jean L,, 472 Merrill, Jenefer, 437 Merrill, Marilyn, 455 Meslang. Curtis A., 361 Meslang, Richard F., 361 Mesler, Judith R., 454 Mesman, John F,, 316 Mesojodec, Sharon A., 461 Meston, Robert E., 243, 385 Metcalfe, James C, 381 Metcalfe, Norman J , 403 Meyer, Edward 0., 40 3 Meyer, Robert M , 476 Meyer, Susan P., 456 Meyer, Virginia R., 455 Meyers, Bonnie C, 252 Mezlslrano, Annette, 443 Michael, Sharon M., 307 Michaelsen, Dianne, 431 Michaud, Constance J.. 269. 280. 281 Michel, Albert L., 387 MIchels, Lee G., 407 Michels, Susan I., 415 Mickalsen. Marilyn, 446 Mickelson, Eric M.. 407 Middlebrooks, James C. 231. 385 Middleton. Diane V., 458 Mihalski, Edmund J., 349 Mikoski, Kay I., 431 Milbank, Maren A., 415 Milczewski, Marion, 213 Milczewski, Robin M., 252, 419 Miles. Don C, 217, 354 Miller, Barbara S, 293 Miller, Colin, 252, 363 Miller, Dale R., 387 Miller, David J., 395 Miller, Donald L.. 383 Miller, EInore A., 252, 282, 285, 413 Miller, Hal H., 379 Miller, Jack L., 243 Miller, Janelle K., 243 Miller. Kathleen. 267. 307 Miller, Kathryn A., 446 Miller, Leonard E., 231 Miller, Linda Lee, 252 Miller, Lynn B., 381 Miller, Mar Cine E., 231, 425 Miller, Manlee, 448 Miller, Marilyn R., 416 Miller, Mike S., 363 Miller, Pam A., 231 Miller, Pamela L., 441, 462 Miller, Peggy A., 277, 439 Miller, Richard W., 347 Miller, Ronald K., 246 Miller, Susan J., 456 Miller, Susan M., 252. 426 Miller. Suzanne. 277. 423 Mllligan, Thomas L., 243, 385 Mlllons, Donna M., 231, 294, 432 Mills, Andrea L.. 461 Mills, Barbara A., 231, 423 Mills, David M., 106, 107, 316, 334, 387 Mills, Davis B., 395 Mills, Janis S., 231, 415 Mills, Jean E., 286, 439 Mills, Thomas E., 231, 287, 354. 388 Milner, Eleanor E., 435 Milner, Sigrid P., 466 Milton, Oarryl V., 347 Milton, Kimball A., 400 Minear, Roger A., 231 Milner, Marilyn M., 231, 282 Miner, Maureen L., 231 Mines, Paull, 231, 283, 287, 290, 291. 353 MIrabell, Jim K., 347 Mitchell, Jim I., 269 Mitchell, James R., 341 Mitchell, Johnny D., 408 Mitchell, William R., 231, 349 Mllrovlch, Mark A., 389 Mix, Robert F., 231 Mielde, Sandra R., 429 Mlachnik, Paul A., 400 Moawad, Eli T., 247 Moawad, Michelle A., 231, 454 Moberg, Alan D., 476 Moberg, Harley, 359 Mobley, Elody J., 470 Moe, Leanne M., 441 Mohan, John A., 252, 393 Moir, Gary A., 393 Molses, Sheryl H., 443 Moline, Marianne J., 468 Monahan, Tony, 1 10 Mondloch, J. Kurt. 379 Money, Carol A., 459 Mong, Suzanne I., 441 Monroe, Robert, 288 Monsaas, Marilyn K.. 231. 389. 464 Monson, Jayne I., 416 Montecucco, Claude S., 395 Monlfort, Marilyn L., 447 Montgomery, Bill M,, 361 Montgomery, Doug 8., 365 Montgomery, Robert R., 247, 287 Monti, Judith L., 441 Moody, Gail C, 243, 419 Moody, Marilyn C, 476 Moore, Eric L., 382 Moore, Gary S., 385 Moore, James B., 369 Moore, John L., 407 Moore, JO ' Rene L., 426 Moore, Linda L., 252, 462 Moore, Marilyn A., 429 Moore, Molly K., 294, 435 Moore, Patricia L., 447 Moorehead, Wendy P., 471 Morehouse, John B., 348 Morell, Karen L , 231 Morgan. Brandt H., 361 Morgan, Dean L , 231, 401 Morgan, James W , 363 Morgan, Jim 0., 385 Morgan, Margaret K., 415 Morgan, Robin. 437 Morgan, Wendy Ann, 252 Morganii, Ruellene J . 231, 294, 439 Morgen, Marianne S.. 462 Morila, Lloyd T., 231, 275 Morrell, John H , 377 Morrice, Janet I., 429 Morris, Gregg, 353 Morris, Heather A , 459 Morns, Hugh C, 396 Morris, Jeff A , 231, 374 Morris, Jerold L., 399 Morris, Linda L.. 425 Morris, lynne, 452 Morris. Phil B., 291, 377 502 f» -. SWEETHEART OF SIGMA CHI KRIS WALLIN Pi Beta Phi 505 ACACIA SWEBTHBART CONNIE FOSTER Alpha Chi Omega 506 A ' elen Mickert APPARKL FOR WOMKN 1310 N.K. 4Sth • MKlrose 2-0. 80 PHI KAPPA SIGMA DEAREST GIRL BETTY DUFORT Alpha Chi Omega 507 ;c X LAMBDA CHI ALPHA CRESCENT GIRL IRENE BURTON Alpha Epsilon Phi 508 THETA XI PLEDGE SWEETHEART JILL GEORGE Chi Omega 509 Wl ' ik. KAPPA SIGMA STARDUST OUEBN ANN LAWRENCE Gamma Phi Beta Portrait by KerinellEMis 510 PERSHING RIFLES QUEEN SARA GRIFFITH Alpha Delta Pi 511 CREATIVE DESIGN with you in mind PORTER JENSEN Jewelers Corner of University Way and Northeast 45th general index . continued CONGRATULATIONS, GRADS . . . We have been happy to serve campus needs in fa- mous footwear, both men ' s and v omen ' s, for the last 1 8 years. IN THE " U " DISTRICT Moffis, Phillip C, 231, 275, AAorrison, Bdrbjrj B.. 423 Morrison, Frank R., 348 Morrison, Hugh, 404 Morrison, Mary E., 262 Morrison, Penny C, 419 Morrison, Randall D., 393 Mortensen, Gail A., 441 Mortensen, Jeri L., 84, 231, 294, 419 Mortimer, Peggy J., 476 Morton, Arnold N., 349 Morion, Carole J., 461 Morton, John B., 386 Moscrip, George E., 291, 371 Moseley, John I., 284, 381 Motler, Gretchen G., 231, 426 Mol er, Jim, 68 Moulton, Julie Ann, 252 Moultray, William R., 269 Mounsey, Clark H., 243, 278 Moussette, Diana, 468 Mowat, Wendy, 423 Mowen. Keith L., 231, 398 Mover, Claudia I., 445 Moyer, Clifford, 476 Moyer, Martyna M., 441 Moyer, William R., 476 Mueller, Geoffrey A., 383 Mueller, Jim, 147 Mueller, Randy A., 342 Mullan, Irene E., 419 Muller, Charles D,, 397 Muller, Nancy E., 421 Mullin, Sharron C, 464 Mullis, Douglas W , 85, 398 Mulqueeney, Virginia R., 464 Munn, John, 187 Munson, Lillian M., 468 Munter, Pat A., 363 Murakami, Kazuko, 262 Murdoch, Dallas E., 247 Murnen, John F., 357 Murphy, Ann K., 439 Murphy, Jane A., 470 Murphy, Kathleen M., 429 Murphy, Sharan R., 476 Murphy, Stephen E., 291, 365 Murray, Jeffrey A., 243, 361 Murray, Sam J,, 371 Muscatel, Morris D., 243, 291, 391 Muscutt, Jeannie R., 415 Muto, Donna M., 419 Mutschler, Jane K., 454 Muzzy, Ken S., 476 Myers, H. Dale, 476 Mygatt, Susanne W., 421 Myklebust, Sharon A., 415 Mylroie, Steve W., 258, 301, 316 Mylroie, Vance W., 385 N Nacc, Roger A., 405 Naglich, Darlene E., 464 Nakahara, Hayao, 262, 409 Nakamatsu, Gary Y., 231 Nakano, Allen T., 252 Nakano, Kenneth K., 393 Nakaso, Lillian M., 456 Nakayama, Garrison T., 231, 396 Nalamlieng, Lawrence, 392, 393 Nangara, Yong, Yudh, 262, 402 Nance, Lynn, 178 Narciso, frank, 243 Nash, Nichele A., 470 Nathusius, Mario R., 391 Navarre, Michael T,, 476 Naylor, Jean L., 469 Neal, Denny E,, 367 Neal, Susan, 463 Neal, Terry, 454 Neary, Jay E., 343 Neaville, Eluabeth C, 252 Neble, Mary Lou, 277, 468 Needham, Thomas A., 243 Nefl, Stan, 391 Negrin, Marv, 374 Neils, Christopher 8., 344 Neils, Mark, 387 Nelson, Barbara L., 276 Nelson, Bonnie C, 231 Nelson, Carolyn E., 231, 435 Nelson, Dianne E., 252, 426 Nelson, Donald G., 395 Nelson, Dorianne C, 462 Nelson, Eugene M , 262 Nelson, Gordy A., 231, 382 Nelson, James E , 276 Nelson, John E., 381 Nelson, John J., 232, 386 Nelson. Judith L., 472 Nelson, Judith L . 413 Nelson, Karen P,, 232, 442 Nelson, Linda L., 469 Nelson, Mark K., 232, 359 Nelson, Maty M., 232, 419 Nelson, Metrilee Ann, 429 Nelson, Paula K , 429 Nelson, Robert C , 385 Nelson, Susan L , 232, 447 Nelson, Thomas H., 369 Nelson. Vicki Ann, 426 Nelson, William F , 381 Nemeth, Mary Jane, 456 Ncmeti, Tobyann, 443 Nesheim, Kelly B , 388 Ness, Kenneth L.. 386, 388 Nessley. Marlene 8.. 452 Neth. Dorothy A., 423 Nethercut, Linda C. 431 Nelhercut, Susan A.. 431 Nett, John R., 284 Neuman. Bill E., 476 Neumann, Gary R., 363 Neumeister, Mary, 431 Neville, Kendall W., 348 Neville, Jane Colleen, 453 Neville, Thomas G.. 389 Newby, Susan I., 453 Newell, John E., 359 Newell. Roger H . 29. 232, 357 Newell. Shirley D.. 456 Newlin. Nick P., 347 Newslrom, Sandra M., 232, 292 Newlon. Rod W., 243. 290. 317, 353 Newton, Sandra L., 431 Nichols. Meg E., 423 Nichols, Penny S., 421 Ni chols, William K., 367 Nicholson, John C. 399 Nicholson. Ron D.. 243. 363 Nickerl, Lynn, 456 Nickols, Sheila L., 415 Nielsen, Brandom K.. 243. 279. 290, 291, 341 Nielsen. Gary L.. 232 Nielsen, Patricia A,, 453 Nielsen, Ronald J.. 476 Nielson, David J., 402 Niemann, Gary 0., 367 Niemela, Carole L., 437 Niemi, Dave A., 363 Nighbert, Jack S., 341 Nilsen, Nancy A., 441 Nilsen, Patricia H., 252, 423 Nimmer, Richard G., 232, 405 Nishiiima, Wayne T.. 402 Nishiltawa, Kenneth M., 190, 191, 232, 403 Nisi, Gretchen A., 419 Nitta, Marjorie M., 232, 282 Noble, Carl G., 403 Noble, Carolyn J., 232 Noble, Donald N., 232, 354 Noble, Richard R., 377 Nokelby, Carol 0., 419 Nolan, Nancy G., 470 Nord, Patricia A., 427 Nordenberg, Arleen v., 442 Nordquist, Vey M., 232, 361 Nordstrom, Susan T., 437 Noreen, Kenneth V., 232, 292, 407 Norgard, Joanne C. 476 Norgord, Rosemary, 447 Norin, Judith L., 415 Norkool, Diane M., 453 Norkool, Teresa A.. 470 Norkool. Tom, 380 Norkoski, Barbara, 68 Norman, Carole A.. 435 Norman. Fred Lee. 383 Norman. Jack W . 476 Norman. Larry B.. 396 Norman. Robert W.. 396 Norquist. Robert W., 347 Norrie, JoAnn. 252. 294. 415 Norrie. Robert L.. 361 Norris, Douglas P., 401 Norris. Norma E.. 252 North. Darryl C. 367 North. Delney E.. 431 North. Michael-Ann, 232, 431 North, Tim, 389 Northrop. Gary L.. 385 Norton. Barbara L . 464 Norton. James, 287 Norton. John J,. 232. 379 Norton. Penny J , 468 Norvold, Jan 8.. 275. 401 Norwood, Lyie A.. 378 Nolhdurfl, Lynn M., 217, 369 Novak, Kathryn A.. 435 Novak, Nancy J., 232, 419 Nowak, Ed. 338 Nowak. Norbert. 401 Nowogroski. James A., 406 Noyes, Geoffrey W , 232, 353 Nugent, James F., 243, 381 Nunn, Emil F , 407 Nule, Stephen H , 343 Nulley, Linda J., 459 Nutter. Donald 8 . 243 Nutter. Nena C. 453 Nyere. Sharon I . 232. 294. 321. 419 Nyhus. Douglas E.. 400 Nyland, Shari R., 435 Nyman, Thomas H.. 3S8, 316 o Cakes, Carol, 232, 282 Oakley, Dorothy M., 445 Oaten, Lee W., 361 Oaley, Linda J., 232 Oberg. Karyn K . 252. 285. 445 Oboler, Abdul, 399 O ' Brien, Carol Ann, 421 O ' Brien, Daniel N , 401 O ' Brien, Denny, 381 O ' Brien, Linda, 454 O ' Brien. Thomas P . 343 OCCUPATIONAL THERAPY CLUB. 300 O ' Connell. Joan F . 427 512 general index . continued O ' Connell, Maureen, 432 O ' Connell, Patricia M., 247 O ' Connor, Kathleen L., 81, 295, 413 O ' Connor, Thorras Michael, 379 Odegaard, Charles, 62, 208, 209, 212 Odegard, Tom, 269 Odell, Richard B., 258 O ' Farrell, Patrick E,, 365 Offer, Stuart J., 232, 290, 291, 391 O ' Gara, Judy, 46, 47 Ogle, Barbara J., 470 Oistad, Mary E., 445 Ojima, Dayid E., 396 Okada, Michael T., 399 Okamoto, Howard S., 402 Okerman, John L., 357 Okeson, Clarence E., 243, 276 Okoli, George U., 243 Okum, William A,, 387 Okubo, Karen E., 464 Oldenburg, William P., 357 Oldfield, Stephen E., 156, 343 Oldham, Deidre, 476 Oliver, William H., 381 Olsen, Brent H., 476 Olsen, Brent P., 278 Olsen, Carol A., 269, 280, 421 Olsen, Larry M., 363 Olsen, Leila J., 423 Olsen, Marvin H., 395 Olsen, Richard R., 232, 274, 367 Olsen, Robert B., 405 Olsen, Roger, 344 Olsen, Shirley K., 425 Olsen, Sonja K., 423 Olsen, Steve, 179 Olson, Arne F., 476 Olson, Caroline L., 445 Olson, Cherry L., 252, 419 Ol son, Donald K., 405 Olson, Dorothy M., 267, 279, 289, 294, 423 Olson, Elona D,, 456 Olson, G. Brent, 243, 338 Olson, Gordon, 276 Olson, Greg J,, 476 Olson, Judith A., 447 Olson, Karen L., 459 Olson, Kris A., 435 Olson, Nancy E., 423 Olson, Norman J,, 258 Olson, Patricia G., 295, 423 Olson, Paul H., 402 Olson, Ralph, 258, 381 Olson, Robert P., 367 Olson, Sheila K., 435 Olson, Susan, 466 OLYMPUS HOUSE, 404 Oman, Michele A., 468 OMICRON NU, 282 Omodt, Winnifred R., 431 O ' Neal, John M., 395 O ' Neill, Mary Pat, 431 O ' Neill, Michael D,, 354 O ' neill, Mike H., 381 O ' neill, Nancy A., 476 Onishi, Frank I., 40 Onishi, Roy M,, 404 Onkels, David G., 379 Opdycke, Anita M., 413 Ornader, Jim E., 243 Orchard, Judith A., 455 Ordway, Janet L., 437 Orebaugh, Mary J., 425 Orem, Joseph C, 387 Orgain, Judith J., 425 Orkney, Malcolm G., 341 Ormisto n, Tom J., 359 O ' Rourke, Karen A., 445 Orr, Caroline, 292 Orr, Dale, 395 Orr, James R., 341 Orwig, Charles E., 476 Osaki, Carl S,, 396 .Osborn, George W., 403 Osborne, Judy A,, 252, 294, 429 Oseran, Carol, 416 O ' Shea, Sally, 435 Ositis, Andrew P., 353 Ositis, Gunde A., 432 Osman, John W., 371 Oster, Clarke F,, 341 Ostergaard, Douglas S., 345 Ostle, Evonne L., 421 Ostroff, Marilyn E., 416 Ostrom, Jana J., 232, 441 Ostrom, Michael W., 232, 381 Otterson, Dorothy L., 464 Otteson, Hanna J., 421 Otto, Stephen D., 476 OVAL CLUB, 290 Oves, Jacqueline P., 413 Owara, Wayne J., 402 Owens, Jim, 167 Owes, Ronald J., 395 Ownbey, Richard F., 404 Oxwang, Donald D,, 359 Ozanne, Peter A., 78, 363 Packard, Beverly A,, 243, 453 Padden, Michael C, 354 Paddock, Gary V., 232, 396 Page, Jack 0., 232, 343 Page, Leslie J., 82, 295, 441 Pahre, Jeff 0., 381 Painton, David M., 405 Palmer, Harvard, 379 Palmer, Marti S,, 435 Palmer, Roger E., 382 Palmetier, Charles M., 403 Pananen, Lauren W., 258 Pangburn, Bill D., 357 PANHELLENIC, 410 Pankratz, Tanya R., 459 Panowicz, Rick A., 347 Park, Lowell B., 243, 342 Park, Robert G., 397 Parke, Roberta A.. 413 Parker, Gary I., 365 Parker, Joe M., 371 Parker, Leslie A., 243, 427 Parker, Linda M., 447 Parker, MacKenzie, 379 Parker, Omar S., 379 Parker, Patricia L., 472 Parker, William B,, 379 Parkhill, Gordon R., 232, 371 Parkington, Patricia S., 421 Parks, Donald L., 348 Parks, Gerald B,, 406 Parks, Gerald T., 345 Parks, James C, 258, 395 Parman, Joyce A., 307 Parmley, Steve P., 345 Parry, Nancy A., 463 Parry, Steven F., 349 Parsons, Dean, 151 Parsons, Dick R., 382 Parsons, Gail E., 419 Parsons, James E., 258 Parsons, James M., 252, 354 Parsons, Joyce A., 247, 294, 445 Parypa, Ronald L., 386 Pasatiow, Edward J., 258, 403 Pasco, Larry R., 243 Pasquini, Dewey E., 354 Pass, Irving, 374 Passage, Mary E., 472 Passey, Douglas A., 369 Passick, Jenohn E., 439 Patch, Harry J., 476 Patnoe, Ron, 180 Patrick, Dennis W., 343 Patrick, Michael I., 343 Patrick, Thomas M., 348 Patterson, Eileen C, 456 Patterson, John S., 345 Patterson, Paul R,, 398 Patterson, Sandra R., 476 Pattison, John B., 404 Patton, Terry L,, 261, 409 Paul, Dave C, 361 Paul, James S., 247 Paul, Ron, 347 Paul, Roy A., 232 Paulson, Glenn A., 347 Paulson, Marlene K., 252 Paulson, Richard E., 395 Pautzke, Clarence G., 371 Pavalunas, Robert M., 347 Pavish, Steve L., 476 Pawson, Norma L., 232, 456 Peacock, Frances L., 232, 470 Pearson, Arthur L., 401 Pearson, Chris, 233, 463 Pearson, Curt N,, 232, 354 Pearson, Lynnea J,, 427 Pearson, Mel, 427 Pearson, Susan E., 243, 439 Pease, George E,, 258, 348 Pease, Steven L,, 82, 290, 291, 381 Peasley, Ed, 167 Peay, S. Eugene, 247 Pebbles, Harold A., 247 Peck, Janet C, 470 Pedersen, Gordon D., 407 Pedersen, John L., 233, 385 Pedersen, Judy D., 435 Pedersen, Richard A., 232 Pedersen, Steve L., 385 Pederson, Eldor 0., 348 Pederson, Kristin I., 461 Pedlar, Craig A., 386 Peeples, Clint, 178, 180, 181 Peery, Marilyn L., 470 Pehling, Marlis A., 307 Pemberton, Albert J., 379 Penberthy, Doris K., 462 Pendergraft, Dave D., 379 Penfield, Mary Lou, 467 Pennington, Sandra L., 431 Perkins, Dwight T., 472 Perkins, James P., 379 Perkins, Susan M., 233, 462 Perkins, Todd B., 393 Perry, Georgene 0,, 233, 429 Perry, Jacqueline A., 233, 456 Perry, Richard A,, 354 Perry, William C, 396 PERSHING RIFLES, 324 Person, Phillip A,, 233, 357 Petentlev, Judith A., 471 Peters, Donna 8., 415 Petersen, Christie M., 467 Petersen, Le Rene L., 459 Peterson, Beatrice M,, 252, 419 Peterson, Beverly A., 441 Peterson, Carol L., 77, 79, 164, 233, 294, 431 Peterson, Charles J., 404 Peterson, Darrell T., 233, 292, 317, 407 Peterson, Gayle M., 423 Peterson, Gordon, 345 Peterson, Jack B., 476 OF SEATTLE the ,?! home- owned store SECOND AND UNION CROSSROADS UNIVERSITY VILLAGE LAKE FOREST PARK Home Owned • Home Managed • Home Operated Independent department store with branches serving Greater Seattle. SECOND AND UNION and UNIVERSITY VILLAGE Complete department store including appliances and furniture, as well as famous make clothing, cosmetics, silver, china; all items to satisfy home and family needs. CROSSROADS and LAKE FOREST CENTER open Fall of 1964 Fashion department stores with wide selection fashion apparel for all the family, smaller housewares and home furnishings, fashion decorator pieces, linens, bedding. 513 Message to Young People with j irst Paychecks general index . continued The words arc old. lUit tlic mcaninn is new . . . liecausc today you hold a paycheck, your first paycheck, in your hands. It is a day to renieniheror discover that the zvayto have is to save. Save here and earn 4% interest, compoiuuled and paid (juarterly. WASHINGTON MUTUAL SAVINGS BANK The Northwest ' s Oldest and Largest Savings inslituiron Main Office: Second at Spring ILLA(;E • UALLARU • Bbl.LliVUt • KRNTUN • TIMKS SfjUAKI-: W. A. BOTTINC Plumbing and Heating 5625 University Way N.E. LA 2-0173 Peterson, Janice A., 427 Peterson, Jerry I., 345 Peterson, Jim L., 258, 341 Peterson, Joleen K., 471 Peterson, Judy S., 454 Peterson, Karen C, 262 Peterson, Keitti R., 233, 385 Peterson, Lael F., 341 Peterson, Larry L., 350 Peterson, leAnn K., 277, 415 Peterson, Lee R., 388 Peterson, Linda K., 437 Peterson, Martin L., 243, 381 Peterson, Nancy J., 456 Peterson, Pete, 363 Peterson, Reip F., 395 Peterson, Robert, 112, 288 Peterson, Rodney M., 395 Peterson, Sandra E., 252, 285 Peterson, Steven C, 386 Petit, Todd C, 476 Petri, Rita K., 470 PetschI, Barbara, 439 Petiersen, Phyllis K., 267 Pettersen, Randi A., 252, 439 Pettit, Richard, 243, 354 Pettit, Ruth E., 471 Petty, Lynda R., 454 Pfaff, Kalhy A., 419 Pfafman, Suza nne, 464 Pfann, Jeanne M., 461 Pfannekuchen, Rochelle G., 233, 462 Pfieffer, Gerald R., 233 Phares, Gordon L., 353 PHI DELTA THETA, 360 PHI GAMMA DELTA, 362 PHI KAPPA PSI, 364 PHI KAPPA SIGMA, 366 PHI KAPPA TAU, 368 PHI MU, 442 PHI MU ALPHA, 306 PHI SIGMA SIGMA, 443 Philip, James W., 371 Phillips, Alicejo, 464 Phillips, W. Dan, 379 Phillips, David N., 354 Phillips, George, 361 Phillips, James W,, 379 Phillips, Judith A., 267, 279 Phillips, Lawrence G., 386 Phillips, Phil G,, 287, 292 Phillips, Renee M., 413 PHRATERES, 307 Picinich, Matthew L., 258, 371 PI BETA PHI, 440 Pick, Al, 66, 291, 391 Pickard, Cheryl L., 467 Pickard, Jeff W., 291, 363 Pickard, Mary C, 435 Pickens, James R., 341 Pickett, Edward M., 233, 395 Pickett, Lawrence M., 233, 280 Pickett, Margaret A., 293, 295, 431 Pickles, William R,, 233, 338 Pickrell, Pamela R., 293, 437 Picou, Bob W., 363 Pierson, Judith K., 461 Pietila, J. Gary, 243, 317, 353 Piggott, Joan H., 445 PI KAPPA ALPHA, 369 Pilat, Jean F., 464 Pingree, Donald H., 385 Pingrey, Michael S., 369 Pinney, Joanne J., 267 Pipe, Peter E., 377 Piper, John S., 396 Pister, James 0., 404 Pitney, Ronald G., 476 Pittman, Marilyn M., 431 Pitts, James L., 400 Pitts, Larry E., 397 Pitzel, Guy D., 476 Pizzalato, Larry I.. 367 Plant, Jeff H., 381 Plel!, Gary V., 359 Plet!, Murray J., 345 Plowman, Jerry S., 154, 252, 386 Plowman, Jim E., 377 Pohl, Linda L,, 461 Pohlman, Bonnie L., 467 Poier, Pamela K., 453 Poll, Elaine J., 416 Pollard, Robert L,, 247 Pollock, Bruce C, 357 Pollock, Sujy F., 427 Pollock, Walter E., 258 Pollock, Warren W., 397 Polnasiek, David A., 386 Polnasiek, Meredith Lee, 421 Polwarlh, John B., 347 Pond, Gerry H , 345 Ponder, Stephen E , 233, 285, 398 Pool, J Thomas, 343 Pope, Claude S., 258 Pope, Dean L., 247 Pope, Jennifer I,, 435 Pope, Terence A., 476 Popelka, John P . 261, 383 Poplack, Janice H , 443 Porad, Robert S., 374 Porlier, Terry L , 396 Porras, Pepila P., 233 Porter, Christine M,, 442 Porter, John F., 233, 359 Porter, lynne C, 461 Porter, Stephen R,, 233, 400 Potter, Theodore R., 258, 395 PosschI, Jim H., 365 Poslovil, Fred S , 359 Potter, Pauline M., 459 Potts, Patricia A., 252, 282 Poulsen, Wayne E.. 381 Pound, Thad, 269, 476 Powell. Marcia S., 476 Powell, Sharol L., 441 Powell, Sharon L., 252, 445 Powers, Judith A., 437 Powers, Susan C, 279, 439 Prater, William N.. 233, 381 Pratt, Linda A , 415 Pratt, Lois M., 243 Pratt, Roger M , 348 Pravitz, Donald F., 384 Pravitz, Wayne L., 233, 343 Preble, Linda E., 233 Prehn, Julianne L., 459 Prentice, Elana T., 415 Prescott, Trudy I., 445 Presley, Carl R., 353, 388 Pretare, Dan F., 243, 365 Preusser, Peter M., 353 Pribbenow, Merle I., 404 Price, John R , 367 Priess, Louise L., 423 Prince, Penny L , 423 Pringle, Anne M., 415 Prisadsky, Suzanne J , 252 Pritchett, James M , 233, 361 Proby, Sheila E., 445 Proctor, Kenneth M., 233 Proske, Pamela 8., 88. 233. 419 Prosser, Joy D., 413 Pumphrey, Ruth P., 51, 108, 233, 286, 289, 415 Purcell, Marilyn, 112 Purintun, Lynn R., 262, 469 Purnell, R. Dan, 367 PURPLE SHIELD, 291 Purvines, Verne E., 371 Putnam, Kathryn M., 453 Puira, Brian A., 354 Puz, David v., 381 Puziss, Paul M., 391 Pym, Bruce M., 243, 361 Q Quarnstrom, Fred C, 247 Quarnstrom, Pearl S.. 447 Quessenberry, James L.. 247 Quigg, Thomas 0., 379 R Raab, Mitchell, 402 Raab, Dick, 402 Rabe, Joan K., 295, 423 Rabel, Karl A., 233 Rabenstein, Dallas, 233 Rademaker, William, 233, 317, 361 Radewan, Mary K., 429 Radford, Donna M., 415 Radford. Frank A , 350 Radke. Clayton j , 367 Radke, Lawrence F., 233, 393 Radow, Joyce E., 416 Raflerty, Phillip R., 234, 274 Rafter, Ronald E., 354 Raichle, Jeanne R., 423 Railo, Laura T., 425 RAINIER HOUSE, 405 Raisler, Richard E , 247 Raleigh, David S., 234 Ralph, Patricia M., 466 Ralston. Trish, 419 Ralston, Sharon A., 253, 448 Rambo, William H., 261, 383 Ramey, Elizabeth L., 437 Ramey, Phil M., 341 Ramsdell, Steve, 389 Ramstedl, Kathy E., 267, 431 Rand, Richard D , 403 Randall, Gary B., 348 Randall, Jack S.. 350 Rapia, Ralph, 234 Rasha, Mara, 468 Rasaka, Florence A.. 459 Rasmussen, Charlene A , 253, 307 Rasmussen, Joyce E., 471 Rasmussen, Suzanne M , 293, 470 Rathie, David F , 343 Rathlie, Clark E , 350 Raughi, Pamela S., 267, 413 Rauhala, Jerry M., 243, 377 Ray. Joan v., 425 Ray, Joseph J., 399 Raymond, lauriann 8., 429 Raymond, William M.. 396 Read, Robert R , 366 Read, Terry W , 456 Reade, Linda J., 464 Reading, Susan W., 423 Rtbcr, John V., 354 Records. Claudia J., 435 514 general index . continued Records, Sky, 378 Robertson, David L., 234, 409 Reddick, George W., 394 Robertson, George E., 386 Redfield, Robert D., 369 Robertson, Linda C, 421 Redman, Rick, 162, 168, 169 Robertson, Patricia A., 464 Redman, Theodore C, 366 Robertson, Richard P., 377 Redmon, George F., 477 Robertson, Ronald F-, 389 Redmon, Thomas R,, 477 Robin, Joe J., 391 Reed, Charles A., 381 Robinson, Christine E., 468 Reese, Susan T,, 423 Robinson, Clark, 284 Reeves, John D., 234, 283, 318 Robinson, David W., 391 Reeves, Steven H., 354 Robinson, Douglas G., 389 Rehbein, Joyce Kay, 267, 307 Robinson, Ed D., 381 Rehm, Marsha Jane, 437 Robinson, Kelly L., 382 Reichel, Rolf H., 382 Robinson, Lei, 464 Reichert, Jeanne M., 234, 469 Robinson, Leonard M., 391 Reid, Gary L, 397 Robinson, Mary K., 463 Reid, Gary R., 394 Robinson, Michael R., 404 Reid, James P., 386 Robinson, Neal C, 234, 367 Reid, Sally C , 447 Robinson, Pamela J,, 468 Reid, Yolanda K., 462 Robinson, Patricia A., 456 Reilly, Diane H., 447 Robinson, Ralph H., 397 Reilly, Joanne E., 432 Robinson, Rex C-, 365 Reilly, Judy A., 253 Robinson, Richard Alan, 391 Rein, Cathy A., 445 Robinson, Rita R., 471 Rein, Gerald A., 234, 345 Robinson, Melinda M., 472 Reinholz, Chuck R., 477 Roby, Janice L., 472 Reinke, Diana G., 234, 413 Rochefort, Barrett M,, 378 Reinking, Dick H., 361 Rochelle, Philip A., 357 Reisdorff, Charlene M., 415 Rockefeller, Wendy M,, 435 Reisner, John D,, 401 Rockness, Peter, 347 Reiswig, Jolyne L., 472 Rodgers, Geral K,, 408 Reitsch, Douglas J., 341 Rodia, Ralph M., 234 Reko, Lynne, 477 Rodriguez, Mark H., 399 Rench, Richard M,, 276, 386 Roe, Gerald N., 408 Rendahl, James M,, 243 Roe, William D., 347 Renfro, Valerie J., 293 Roen, Bruce A., 381 Renharcl, Peter, 234, 354 ROFCRE HOUSE, 406 Rennemo, Ronald E., 367 Rogel, Steve R,, 258, 347 Renner, Gwen L,, 419 Rogers, Becky A., 431 Rennick, Penny R,, 463 Rogers, David S., 234, 388 Renshaw, Maureen Lee, 253, 441 Rogers, Elizabeth B,, 421 Repetowski, Patricia A., 464 Rogers, Esther R., 441 Reser, Merridy A., 431 Rogers, George T., 401 Rey, Rainer N,, 385 Rogers, James C, 258, 316 Reymore, Doug C-, 367 Rogers, Karen, 413 Reynolds, Margaret Ann, 447 Rogers, Leilani M., 234, 427 Reynolds, Mei-ling M., 477 Rogers, Marilyn J,, 427 Reynolds, Nancy J., 234, 294, 445 Rogers, Richard W., 347 Reynolds, William M,, 359 Rogers, Susan J., 423 Rhea, David E., 356 Rogers, Tome T., 376 Rhebeck, Jeft M., 379 Rogge, Barbara 1., 234, 280, 294, 437 Rhoads, James R., 301 Rohde, Arthur B., 408 Rhode, Dan M., 389 Rohn, Thomas, 381 Rhode, James B., 234, 402 Roller, Mark F., 234, 275 Rhodes, Jeff, 350 Romain, Donald, 355 Rhodes, John A,, 354 Roman, Peter J., 234, 357 Rice, Catherine S., 477 Romey, Daniel L., 374 Rich, Carol L., 415 Roney, Michael D., 374 Rich, Charlotte A., 253, 432 Ronnei, Lois M., 463 Rich, Jerry, 403 Rood, Sandra L,, 423 Rich, Virginia K., 432 Roos, Miriam S., 477 Richards, Bruce L., 149, 287, 379 Root, Dean Reginald, 210 Richards, Jack L,, 234, 285, 394 Rose, Arthur L., 389 Richards, John H., 381 Rose, Dennis A., 369 Richards, Mark W., 354 Rose, Howard, 82, 391 Richards, Robert D., 234 Rosellini, Gov. Albert D., 208, 209, 318 Richards, Terry A., 383 Rosellini, James N., 396 Richardson, David L., 354 Rosen, Alan J., 391 Richardson, Eugene B., 269, 366 Rosenbaum, Diana, 416 Richardson, James B,, 244 Rosenberg, Ralph G., 261, 389 Richardson, Janice A,, 234, 294 Rosene, Susan G., 253, 285, 445 Richeson, Ronald J., 405 Rosenfeld, Carolyn R., 247 Richlen, Jack B., 391 Rosengren, Joanne P., 234 Richmond, Nancy N., 383, 439 Rosenoft, Lois, 456 Ricketts, Kathi A., 477 Roskelley, Cynthia J., 469 Rickles, Rena, 416 Rosmond, Martha, 463 Riddell, Mike C, 244, 341 Ross, Judith K., 234 Ridinger, Sharon E., 439 Ross, Margaret H,, 471 Ridley, Louise, 461 Ross, Terry R., 468 Ridpath, Janice E., 441 Rossi, Carol L., 429 Rieben, Judith L., 427 Rotchford, Colleen A., 277, 282, 295, 445 Riebli, John A., 477 Roth, Jena A., 421 Riecken, Sharon Ann, 425 Rother, Sarabeth A., 463 Riedasch, Linda J., 464 Rothwell, Nancy L., 470 Ries, Cheryl L., 66, 85, 88, 295 Rottle, Shirley M., 468 Ries, Harvey A., 275 Rourke, Jane G., 427 Ries, Robin A., 429 Rouse, Nelson M., 477 Rifkin, Pennie J., 429 Roush, Stuart G., 244 Rigos, Rosalind R., 415 Rowan, Steven W., 408 Rigos, Thomas J., 393 Rowe, Frederick C, 247 Riley, Dean, 275 Rowland, G. Clark, 261, 383 Riley, Mary Kay, 471 Rowland, Thomas P., 234, 376 Riley, Stewart P., 381 Rowse, Barbara A., 454 Rimmer, Jane C, 267, 423 Royal, Robert B., 378 Ring, Michael W., 234 Royce, Peggy, 4t9 Ringen, Jean C, 234 Royse, Norman E., 247 Rinta, Judith A., 425 Rubens, David L., 258 Rintala, Warne M., 258, 291, 387 Rubenstein, Barry, 234, 291, 391 Ripley, Ronald S., 359 Rubenstein, Sandra Lynn, 234 Riplinger, Anne L., 461 Rubin, Harry A., 374 Risk, Karen S., 456 Rubin, Mark A., 391 Risley, John S., 349 Rucker, Fred D., 234, 377 Rissberger, Joyce M., 432 Ruder, Susan D., 234, 416 Ritty, Donald R., 397 Rudge, Barbara B., 427 Ritzen, Lynne E., 464 Rudisell, Maun, 80 Rivas, John M., 368 Ruebel, Gayle T., 234, 275 Roal, Terry, 395 Rufener, Marlis A., 463 Roan, Judith G., 464 Rufener, Patricia S., 415 Robbe, Lynda, 429 Rumble, Judy Ann, 421 Robbecke, Linda, 415 Runberg, John E., 261, 348 Robberson, Douglas L., 260, 357 Runions, Craig, 403 Robbins, Karen S., 429 Runstad, H. Jon, 217, 287, 291, 388 Robblee, Maryann, 429 Runsvold, Tina, 431 Roberts, Alai. f., 385 Rupert, Mary E., 253, 429 Roberts, Barbara J., 234 Rush, Joe W., 244 Roberts, Betsy A., 441 Rush, W. Marvin, 381 Roberts, Gary C, 400 Rusin, John M., 349 Roberts, Lesley, 470 Russ, Beverly C, 442 Roberts, Liz N., 253, 445 Russell, Ann, 425 Roberts, Susan K., 439 Russell, Gein A., 380 Roberts, Tobe Sue, 445 Russell, James E., 348 Cornwall Fuel Co. disfributors of famous Rich-Heat Burner Oils And now carrying a complete line of building supplies. Hardware, and Lumber. We respectfully solicit your business LA 3-6666 5036 25th N.E. Man ' s Store with a CollegeTradition • • • M irlin Eekmann UNIVERSITY WAY N.E. ' AT NORTHEAST 45TH 515 COSTUME JEWELRY CLOCK WATCH REPAIR JEWELRY REPAIR R. Z. EKREM JEWELERS 4305 " U " WAY N.E. ME 2-2990 Kee psa ke general index . continued Van S. McKenny Company Inc. Electrical Contracting 104 WALL STREET MA 2-4222 II .. CORSETS • LINGERIE • HOSIERY • EXTENDS • BEST WISHES • FOR SUCCESS MEIrose 2-0311 4552 UNIVERSITY WAY N.E. Russell, James L.. 342 Russell, Keith P., 347 Russell, Marianne L., 45 6 Russell. Nancy M., 234 Russell, Richard A., 477 Russell, Robert L., 346 Russell, Susan J., 421 Rust, Charles S., 369 Rustuen, Ruth M., 425 Rutherford, Jerene 0., 437 Ruthford, Kalhy J., 2V2, 441 Rulledge, James S., 381 Rutledgc, William E., 407 Rutrer, Gwendolyn I., 435 Ryan, Joe, 78, 79, 234, 287, 290, 361 Ryan, John J., 317 Ryan, Kathy J., 413 Ryan, Kenneth J., 191, 371 Ryan, Linda D., 477 Ryan, Michael 0., 291, 361 Ryan, Milo, 114, 115 Ryan, Teresa L., 307, 477 Rykus, Robin H., 253 Rynd, Robert R., 81, 234, 290, 291, 341 Rynd, Vicki J., 295, 445 Ryndak, Fred, 376 Saad, JoAnne M., 477 Saar, leann K., 441 Sabin, Peter H., 385 Sack, Martha L., 265, 472 Sadler, Marilyn Anne, 277, 282, 293, 477 Safranek, Penny, 7 Sage, Lynn M., 439 Sage, Pamela J., 307 Sailor, Elaine C, 423 Sailors, Richard E., 349 St. John, Curtis, 376 St. John, John W., 244, 359 SAIYUK SOCIETY, 292 Sakai, Raymond Y., 260, 403 Sakamoto, Deanna H., 267 Sakrison, Joan C, 294 Sakuda, Susan H., 463 Sallinen, Jeannelte B., 234. 282, 431 Sampson, James R., 381 Sanborn, James C, 397 Sanborn, Virginia A., 423 Sande, Fred R.. 350 Sande, Philip J., 235, 350 Sander, David W., 363 Sander, Stephen 0., 235, 363 Sanders, Cecelia M., 235, 466 Sanders, Donald M., 374 Sanders, George H., 406 Sanderson, Shane, 348 Sandilands, Carol M., 267, 279 Sandum, Gary T., 396 Sandvig, Mary Jo, 429 Sanford, Sandy, 357 Sanford, Steven R.. 381 Sankey. Diane C. 471 Sarbaum, Donn K., 244, 381 Sargent, Dean R., 386 Sargent, Dora 8., 253 Sargent, Julie C,, 423 Sargent, Kenneth C, 359 Sargent, Leanne K., 423 Sarkar, Nirmal C, 262 Sarkison, Joan, 439 Sarles, Trev R., 287, 377 Sarlin, Raymond W., 395 Sarvis, Lois H., 415 Sasaki, Alvin E., 396 Sather, Florence, 447 Sato, Harry I., 401 Satoris, Fred P., 235, 287, 347 Satterlee, Susan L., 419 Sattler, Terry L., 477 Sayer, Susan J., 307 Saul, Lav»rence M., 391 Saunders, James D., 393 Sauve, Michael J., 405 Savage, Armand M.. 389 Savage, Stan, 361 Sawyer, James 0,, 258 Saxton, Darwin D., 397 SCA88AR0 BLADE. 317 Scanlan, Patricia R., 431 Scanlan, Suzanne M., 235, 4SS Scaylea, Jodene D., 413 Sceva, Judith A., 431 Schaeffer, Carol M., 413 Schaeffer, Dwight R , 386 Schaelfer, Kathryn J , 466 Schafer, Herb L.. 389 Scharf. Susan D.. 415 Schatz, Gordon C, 398 Schati, Henry T., 258 Schati, Suzanne L.. 244, 338, 4SS Schellhase, Robert E., 367 Schenk, Frances A., 477 Schenkar, David L., 477 Scheyer, Mark L., 407 Scheyer, Rod, 288 Schick, Barbara J., 471 Schickler, Clairann G., 235 Schille, Daniel I.. 341 Schille, Samuel A., 244 Schimmelbusch, Johannei S., 253 Schindler, Oick, 253 Schlegel, Sheryll I.. 421 Schlichle, Alvin K.. 383 Schliewe. Max, 287 Schloredt, Robert, 165 Schlosser, Judith A., 281, 472 Schluier, Charles B , 341 Schluler, Joan P., 235, 425 Schmick, Rosemary R., 468 Schmid, Stanton E., 235, 341 Schmidt, Carole M , 456 Sctimidt, Linda I., 461 Schmidt, Nicholas M,, 347 Schmit, Diana L., 439 Schmitt, Gretchen E., 253, 293. 435 Schmilt, John H., 371 Schmitj, Dave F., 347 Schnad, Susan A., 477 Schnebele, Peter A., 384 Schneider, Gilbert I , 341 Schneider, Marlene, 235 Schneidmiller, Alice J., 423 SchoeggI, Jerry R., 353 Schoen, Barbara R., 253, 415 Schoneman, Noet, 399 Schoning. Charles E.. 235. 367 Schonwald, Mary S., 429 Schoonover, Michael R , 399 Schrag, Timothy D , 393 Schram, Deanne, 445 Schram, Lloyd, 32, 213 Schreiber, Rita R., 235 Schreyer, Gary W., 347 Schroder, Christine E., 471 Schroeder, Donald D , 235, 477 Schroedl, Michael E., 345 Schubert, Eileen A., 235 Schubert, Lois G., 281, 454 Schubert, Richard I., 345 Schuck, Robert S., 235, 371 Schueman, Gerald M., 258 Schuermeyer, Marcia M., 453 Schufreider, Carol M , 419 Schultz, Ann L., 235, 421 SchultJ, Ann M., 421 Schuize, Barbara Ann, 253, 413 Schuize, Gary L., 477 Schuize, Richard C, 399 Schumacher, Barbara L., 419 Schumaker, Martha T., 235 Schuster, Marilyn A., 464 Schuster, Stewart A., 374 Schwab, Anthony P., 365 Schwartz, Michael A., 391 Schwartz, Rose-Sharon, 235 Schwartz, Sandy, 280 Schwartz, Traute, 431 Schwarz, William F., 258 Schweikhardt, Richard G.. 259. 349 Schweizer. William H.. 407 Scigulinsky. Kenneth F.. 190, 191. 2S9 Scofield, Irene R., 477 Scofield, Terry J.. 247 Scott, Barbara G., 253, 471 Scott, Dave, 334 Scott, David L., 395 Scott, Marv, 395 Scott, Mary K., 421 Scott, Molly M., 293, 429 Scott, Norm, 371 Scott, Sheila M., 442 Scott, Stanley K., 235, 377 Scott, Tracey L., 442 Scott, Tracy L., 355 Scott, William L., 89, 381 Scribner, Robert R., 371 Scriven, Richard I., 353 Seaberg, Richard D., 259 Seaborg, Ray, 384 Seaman, Ron W., 379 Seastrom, Jayne E., 441 Seaton, Bruce 0., 355 Seeley, Margaret R., 253, 285, 431 Seelye, Mary A., 423 Segelbaum, Joyce M., 443 Seibel, Paul T.. 382 Seidelhuber. Frances V.. 295, 423 SeidI, Mary E., 253, 429 Sellers, Karen A., 429 Sellers, Tom C. 345 Sells. Betty A.. 437 Semke. Richard L.. 399 Semke, Suzanne M.. 253 Semler, Evelyn M., 456 Semon, Rich L., 361, 388 Semple, David M., 379 Semprez, Suzanne L., 235, 471 Sengel. Edward W., 235, 359 Senn, Diana J., 421 Senner, Dave H., 361 Sepanen, David C, 377 Sestrap, Sharon L., 277, 468 Seto, Momoko, 235 Settersten, Geness U., 425 Settle, Ann L., 441 Settle, Pamela A , 454 Settle, Richard L , 235, 291, 363 Severance, Ava Ann. 235 Severns, Linda E., 456 Severtsen. Louise M.. 472 Sevy. Janice M,, 448 Seznick. Joan C , 425 Shadwell, John B., 386 Shaler, Robert E , 381 Shagrin, Richard A., 399 Shain, Arnold E , 391 Shain, Stephen M., 391 Shamlian. Brenda J.. 453 Shanafclt. Richard M.. 385 516 general index . continued Shanafelt, Robert E., 385 Shanahan, Tim, 384 Shanlian, Cynthia, 464 SHANNON HOUSE, 407 Shannon, Katy A., 431 Sharnbroich, Karen, 253, 468 Sharp, David, 235, 409 Sharp, Larry C, 269, 287, 290 Sharpe, Cam, 274, 477 Shaver, Richard L., 396 Shaver, Susan K., 423 Shaw, Loreli L., 235 Shav», Malcolm J., 387 Shaw, Sandra K., 419 Shaw, Steven A., 259, 341 Shearer, Douglas W., 371 Shearer, Leslie A., 464 Sheets, Jerry B., 385 Sheets, Naomi N., 468 Shefelman, Harold S., 208 Shekter, Patti A., 416 Sheldon, Don W., 396 Shemet, Susan D., 459 Sherar, Orlean A., 463 Sherfey, Christopher A., 393 Sherick, Lonnie J., 385 Shermack, Anne, 441 Sherman, Clyde G., 345 Sherman, Connie J., 253, 447 Sherm an, Gerald, 284 Sherman, James D., 379 Sherman, Robert L., 374 Sherrill, Marilyn K., 453 Sherrill, Ralph C, 244 Sherry, Douglas, 379 SHERWOOD HOUSE, 408 Sherwood, Rosemary E., 477 Shew, Georgianna M., 253 Shields, Deryl B., 401 Shields, Judy L., 253, 464 Shigihara, Dean T., 269 Shimizu, George T., 259 Shimoyama, Seijin, 235 Shindler, Richard D., 253, 287, 388 Shinnick, Phillip, 71, 152, 154, 287, 290, 379 Shipley, Carol J., 462 Shipley, Don M., 386 Shirey, Mark A., 401 Shirmeyer, Sandra M., 253, 413 Shieifer, Stuart, 391 Shoblad, Barbara, 477 Shock, Joan, 281, 472 Shoemaker, Robin L., 293, 442 Shook, Joan M., 281 Shore, Marlyce E., 421 Short, Richard W., 383 Shotwell, Margaret A., 435 Shreve, Diana C, 447 Shuford, Mary C, 441 Shulman, Earl N., 391 Shult, Douglas L., 253, 381 Siblerud, Robert L., 355 Sichel, Robert B., 391 Sickel, George Z., 347, 477 Sidell, Sheila G., 443 Sidner, William H., 341 Siefarth, Susan K., 469 Sieg, Ellen V., 453 Siegel, Jayne E., 416 Sievert, Claudia E., 464 Sifford, Belinda B., 464 SIGMA ALPHA EPSILON, 372 SIGMA, ALPHA MU, 374 SIGMA CHI, 376 SIGMA DELTA CHI, 285 SIGMA KAPPA, 446 SIGMA NU, 378 SIGMA PHI EPSILON, 380 SIGMA THETA TAU, 286 Siler, Bill, 165, 172 SILVER FISH, 293 Silvestri, Dan J., 447 Simdars, Cathy G , 454 . Simmermacher, Margaret E., 445 Simmons, Linda L., 453 Simmons, Linda R., 470 Simonarson, Ann, 253, 437 Simonarson, Gary J., 347 Simons, Townley, 413 Simpson, Carol E., 415 Simpson, Nancy E., 415 Simpson, Sharon I., 307, 477 Sims, James C, 359 Sims, Linda L,, 453 Sinclair, Dave F., 341 Sinding, James E., 386 Singer, Judith E., 459 Singer, Steve, 275, 379 Sirmon, Gary L., 361 Sivers, Judith A., 235, 421 Skaland, Karen E., 279, 439 Skarshaug, Elizabeth A., 442 Skeers, Richard T., 341 Skewes, Sally J., 415 Skillern, Jill H., 447 Skinner, Patrick F,, 359 Skog, Dennis A., 400 Skone, Eric W., 341 Skorheim, Dean, 393 Skubi, Byron K,, 341 Skullerud, Jerry A., 367 Slade, Lynn A., 79, 110, 277, 294, 443 Slater, Janet K., 435 Slater, Jannetta E., 235, 307 Slater, John 0., 395 Slaughter, Michael L., 345 Slavich, Ludvig, 244, 278 Slemmons, Warren C, 363 Slenes, Robert, 29 Slenes, Ronald A., 244, 367 Sliker, Cheryl J., 462 Sloper, E. Jean, 235, 439 Slutsky, Sharon R., 253, 416 Small, Christopher S., 262, 404 Small, Julia L., 477 Small, Kenneth L., 382 Smalley, Mike, 393 Smallwood, Norton W., 388 Smedal, Harald A., 85, 377 Smidt, Richard B., 89, 235 Smiset, Don V., 364, 388 Smith, Arna L., 442 Smith, Christy J., 244, 453 Smith, Cordeli C, 404 Smith, Craig D., 341 Smith, Craig L., 363 Smith, David 5., 361 Smith, Diana L., 421 Smith, Con H., 247 Smith, Donald M., 359 Smith, Glenda J., 467 Smith, Harold D,, 345 Smith, James T., 477 Smith, Jean C, 464 Smith, Jerry W., 235, 350 Smith, Joanne M., 413 Smith, John M., 355 Smith, Joy P., 419 Smith, Jonathan 8,, 341 Smith, Julie M., 253, 454 Smith, Kandy L., 413 Smith, Karen K., 421 Smith, Kenneth R., 235, 295 Smith, Kenneth W., 388 Smith, Linda M., 442 Smith, Linda M., 307, 477 Smith, Margot, 235, 437 Smith, Marie H., 429 Smith, Marji A,, 442 Smith, Marty 8., 421 Smith, Melinda L., 425 Smith, Michael D., 371 Smith, Mikie M., 437 Smith, Michele A., 413 Smith, Pamela K., 454 Smith, Parker R., 355 Smith, Peter R., 371 Smith, Priscilla A., 293, 431 Smith, Ron D., 383 Smith, Ronalee J., 469 Smith, Ruby E., 235. 462 Smith, Sharon P., 253, 285 Smith, Sherry A., 461 Smith, Siri A., 453 Smith, Sue L., 413 Smith, Susan M,, 437 Smith, Vicki R., 432 Smith, Wesley A,, 408 Smithson, Robert C, 393 Smylie, George H., 279 Snell, Gerald C, 244, 317, 389 Snow, Cynthia A., 419 Snow, John, 385 Snow, Mona L., 477 Snow, Pamela, 467 Snow, Richard M., 395 Snowden, Donald R., 235, 389 Snydar, Kathy J., 437 Snyder, Barbara, 455 Snyder, Roy C, 407 SOCIETY OF AMERICAN MILITARY ENGINEERS, 315 SOCIETY OF AUTOMOTIVE ENGINEERS, 312 Sodergard, Sylvia L., 235 Soderman, Paul T , 381 Soderquist, Michael R., 259 Soffel, Kent R., 349 Sogn, Harold H., 247 Solbakken, Ann, 435 Solberg, Thomas M., 355 Soldos, Jean A., 442 Solga, Joan M , 447 Solibakke, Bruce, 361 Solon, Ann H., 477 Solseng, LoRita D., 419 Soltonovicb, Marianne, 469 Sommerfeldt, Stephen J., 353 Sommers, David C-, 365 Sommers, Lorraine M., 477 Sommerseth, Ann M., 254, 282, 285, 289, 294, 413 Sonnichsen, Jack C, 385 Sorby, Oyvind, 235 Sorenson, James R., 405 Sorenson, Joanne H,, 269, 462 Soriano, Jerry, 391 Sorlien, Jerry L., 393 Sortun, Rick, 165, 172 Soth, Wendy A., 431 Souder, Philip E., 461 Soule, Courtney E,, 445 Souriano, Carmen J., 443 Sours, Bob L., 377 Sourwine, James J., 235, 406 Sowell, Kristi M., 461 Spalding, Waller C, 363 Spangle, Donalee L., 471 Sparks, Thomas L., 347 Sparrow, M. Lynn, 235, 469 Spaulding, Diane L., 445 Spaulding, Martha C, 429 Spear, Judith S., 443 Spear, Paul S., 235, 396 Specker, Becky M., 429 Speer, Dana S., 277, 295, 435 Speer, Linda M,, 294. 435 Spence, Richard G., 345, 379 Spencer, Norman A., 244, 379 Spencer, Robert J., 401 Sperling, Cartel M., 447 Growing with the University of Washington for over a quarter of a century . . . Serving the discriminating tastes of Uni- versity women . . . Looking ahead with fashion-firsts and fine quality apparel . . . Cour- teous assistance and convenient leisure shopping. lielen Mickert APPAREL FOR WOMEN 1310 N.E. 4Sth . MElrose 2-0380 DONALD W. CLOSE COMPANY Electrical Contractors INDUSTRIAL • COMMERCIAL • MAINTENANCE 2921 13th Avenue Southwest APPARATUS SERVICE SHOP MOTOR REWINDING CONDITIONING 2713 1st Avenue South SEATTLE 4, WASHINGTON • MAIN 3-8960 517 general index . continued Sperry, Mrs. Jack, 334 Sperry, Jack C, 341 Sperry, Ted T., 244, 276 Spigal, Harvard P., 404 Spiger, Mike J., 395 Spolyar, Or. Ludwig, 80, 82 Spooner, Linda L., 279, 471 Spoor, Kalhryn A., 236 Springob, Dee A., 236, 427 Springgate, Lee M., 385 Sprouse, Sara J., 415 Sroufe, Carolyn F., 427 Staab, Judith A., 236, 280, 307 Stack, Linda E., 471 Stackhouse, Gary E., 361 Stackhouse, Robert B.. 353 Stacy, Marcia A., 459 Stahl, Robert J., 398 Stallcop, Glenda L., 429 Stamper, Darrell E., 396 Stanbery, Paul E., 110, 254, 409 Standley, John C, 343 Stanfill, Laurie, 445 Stanford, Ed, 236, 359 Stanford, Gerry W., 403 Stanford, Kenneth L., 359 Stanger, Sharon A., 254 Stanley, Rosemarie K., 254, 462 Stansbury, Kalhryn A., 236, 289, 294, 435 Stansbury, Michael E., 290, 291, 361 Stanton, Elaine I., 462 STANTON HOUSE, 467 Stanton, John L., 395 Stanton, Steve H., 389 Staples, Sharon A., 441 Stapleton, Debora K., 236 Stapp, Marshal R., 345 Starbird, Courtney B., 395 Starbird, Ruth E., 267, 279, 439 Starin, Joel R., 391 Stark, Robert, 347 Starr, Jacqueline A., 454 Starsinic, Charlene A., 413 Staser, Robin, 413 Staser, Sally, 254, 413 Stauffer, Jeanne E., 454 Stebbins, Lorna A., 236 Stebner, Darald R., 269, 404 Stecher, Larry F., 382 Steele, Jeff J., 236, 359 Steele, Milton H., 395 Steele, Sandra L., 419 Steele, Shirley M., 471 Sleensland, Evan L., 236, 364 Stegeman, Janice A., 423 Stein, Michael L., 244, 365 Steinberg, Craig, 374 Steinberg, Quentin, 374 Steinbrink, John D., 254 Steinbrueck, Victor, 27, 29 Steiner, George M., 345 Steinman, Gary S., 391 Steinmann, Margaret L., 477 Stella, Ellen G., 254, 471 Sten, Erik G., 363 Slenberg, Doug, 385 Slenberg, Kenneth L., 385 Stenerson, Clyde A., 244, 385 Stenesen, Randy 0., 347 StengI, Karl, 183 Stenstrom, Dennis G., 259 Stephan, Dick, 371 Stephan, William, 361 STEPHEN HOUSE, 409 Stern, Andrea E., 443 Sternberg, Brian, 71, 152, 155 Sternberg, Craig J., 374 Sternoff, Allan L., 244 Sternoff, Richard L., 391 Stetson, John D., 393 Stevens, Lynne S., 439 Stevens, Nyel L., 405 Stevens, Sandra L., 267, 279, 447 Stevens, Terry T., 367 Stevens, Victor C, 259, 381 Stevenson, Anne W., 88, 295, 423 Stevenson, Diane S,, 415 Stewart, Ann F., 293, 431 Stewart, Charles, 383 Stewart, Craig L., 353 Stewart, Douglas E., 244, 371 Stewart, Marsha L., 447 Stewart, Mike S., 353 Stewart, Robert A., 244, 317, 355 Stewart, William A., 386 Stewart, William F., 259, 359 Stice, Cliff L, 385 Stickler, Mary L., 425 Stiles, Christie A., 445 Stillman, Douglas E., 368 Stilwell, Diana L., 293, 459 Stine, Beverly j., 419 Stinebaugh, Scott, 357 Stipek, Bill D., 347 Stoakes, Margaret R., 267, 464 Stockland, Ester A., 267 Stoffel, Lawrence R., 393 Stohl, Lyn M., 236, 423 Stolack, Nickolene A., 435 Stokes, Anna, 236, 462 Stokes, John W., 244, 381 Stolarir, Milan, 395 Stoliker, Donald L., 404 Stoll, Edward R., 393 Stoller, Trudi L., 236, 423 Stolz, Marjorie M., 415 VojU jIwiJi ' imm iimm Year ' Round 3570 discount to students and faculty members on all merchandise in all Vaughn stores. BERKELEY SAN JOSE SEATTLE 4308 University Way ME. 2-9077 UNIVERSITY INN • Nearest Motel to University of Washington Campus — Within Walking Distance • 40-ft, heated pool • TV oncJ Self Dial Phones • Coffee Shop • 100% Off Street Parking Stone, Girard, 147, 254 Stone, James M., 338 Stone, Katherine A., 423 Stonehouse, Diane C, 453 Stoneman, NorDelle, 477 Storaasli, Allen G., 395 Stone, Brian D., 371 Storslee, Michael D., 406 Storwick, Susan E., 463 Stout, Karl G., 383 Stoy, Henry I., 254, 403 Strain, Elizabeth B., 435 Strand, Nedra M., 267, 432 Strand, Roger G., 387 Strandberg, Margaret G., 415 Strang, Judith A., 236, 293, 294, 445 Strange, Caren I , 437 Strange, Vici, 236, 447 Strasser, Bruce D., 395 Strathern, Moses L., 345 Stratton, Dorothy, 77, 85 Strauss, John H., 29, 236, 391 Sirawn, Dorothy, 210 Streich, Wayne A., 349 Strenge, Dennis L., 396 Strickland, Eleanor L., 234 Strieby, Ken A., 381 Striker, Bill E., 383 Stringer, John T., 269 Stirtmaiter, Paul L., 389 Strobel, Marianna, 431 Stroberger, Dan E., 403 Stroble, Ed, 347 Strode, James N., 396 Stroh, Hugh W., 367 Stroope, Rodney D., 367 Stroud, Linda J., 293, 429 Stroum, Marsha L., 416 Struck, Myron A., 477 Strum, Shirley K., 453 Struve, Lynn A,, 277, 468 STUART HOUSE, 468 Stuart, Larry A,, 376 Stuart, Michael E., 361 Stubbe, Gordon L., 217, 381 Stubberfield, Ken W., 385 Sludebaker, Sue Ellen, 413 Studebaker, Sylvia A., 470 Slupey, John H., 254, 287 Sturgis, Linda I,, 293, 435 Stuteville, Walter M., 369 Stylianopoulos, Kantiana K., 254 Suckling, Dawn C, 419 Suddcrlh, Ronald M., 236, 274, 367 Suess, James A., 383 Sullivan, Ann Elizabeth, 477 Sullivan, Danee J., 419 Sumner, Calvin M., 244, 356 Sund, Alice J., 477 Sund, Carol L., 236 Sundling, Vonna L., 461 Sundman, Sinikka M., 430, 431 Sundt, Sabra A., 419 Supratik, Bose, 217 Surbeck, Elaine, 427 Sutphin, Joy M,, 277, 456 Sutter, James M., 274, 369 Swanberg, Christine C, 236, 294, 419 Swanson, Chester V., 393 Swanson, Craig M,, 236, 340, 341 Swanson, Dennis R., 236, 275 Swanson, Eric B., 341 Swanson, Jack 0., 355 Swanson, JoAnn E., 442 Swanson, Melvin R., 477 Swanson, Patricia J., 442 Swanson, Richard M., 402 Swanson, Richard N., 244, 338 Swanson, Richard W., 112 Swanson, Wendy G., 468 Swarner, Thomas H., 236, 274 Swarthout, John L., 379 Swartley, James R., 355 Swartley, Susan K., 267, 429 Swartz, Don H., 402 Swayze, Gordon, 318 Sweem, Karen J., 464 Sweet, John R., 364 Sweet, Peter C, 397 Sweitzer, Nancy J., 419 Swendiman, George A., 404 Swenson, Marianne 8., 427 Swetnam, Nancy E., 477 Swezy, Marsha A., 456 Swift, Edward E., 363 Swinth, Frederick E., 259 Swilzer, Pam F., 427 Sykes, Carl, 348 Sylling, David A., 114, 236, 365 Sylvester, H. Allen. 402 Syrcle, Jerry D., 236, 382 ME 2-5055 4140 ROOSEVELT WAY N.E. Taft, Connie L., 448 Takai, Edward Y., 259, 317 Takaki, Steven T., 401 Takayama, Janet M., 112, 285, 477 Takei, Carolyn S., 456 Talbott, Charles A., 477 Tallahan, John K., 395 Tallman, John, 184 Taner, Yavuz H,, 407 Tannenbaum, Edna C., 416 Tanner, Margaret A., 441 Tarpley, LawrerKe W., 403 Tarrant, Susan A., 267, 279, 447 Tatt, Eva D., 416 TAU BETA PI, 316 TAU KAPPA EPSILON, 382 TAU PHI DELTA, 383 Tavenner, Jack L., 236, 353 Taylor, Barbie, 236, 437 Taylor, Ben, 110 Taylor, Bill, 345 Taylor, Frank S , 345 Taylor, James M., 254, 391 Taylor, James R , 347 Taylor, Jim R., 355 Taylor, Judith A., 459 Taylor, Katherine B., 437 Taylor, Ken, 391 Taylor, Margaret A., 454 Taylor, Michael A., 343 Taylor, Michael J., 236, 292, 295 Taylor, Richard M., 377 Taylor, Robert E., 236, 274, 367 Taylor, Robert S., 359, 388 Taylor, Ronita M., 453 Taylor, Scott M., 353 Taylor, Stephen C, 361 Taylor, Tom G., 244, 276, 386 Taylor, William F., 404 Teague, Frederick, 317 Teague, Gary E., 389 Teague, Rick W., 254 Teague, Sally M., 441 Teasdale, Oavie E.. 244, 386 Tebelman, Skip R., 477 Tedford, Joe E., 376 Teel, Thomas A., 379 Teeland, Walter F., 301 Telfer, Stephen M., 234, 385 Telford, Richard C, 262, 395, 404 Telford, Vivian A., 464 Temple. Mary C, 254 Templin, Patricia Ann. 419 Teng, Stephen, 477 Tennefoss, Karen J., 234, 307 Terada, Deane M., 234 Terentieff, David P., 234, 274 Terhaar, James L., 301 Terhar, Joseph H., 393 Terry, Ann P., 464 Teshima, Roberta N., 459 Teske, Carol S., 444 Tetrick, Jeanne R., 441 Tew, Lawrence H., 343 Tew, Richard H., 85, 284, 343 Thai, Cindy S., 414 Thai, Mimi, 443 Tharp, Jeanene, 439 Tharp, Nancy J., 445 Thatcher, Pnscilla J., 421 Thayer, Linda M., 449 Theberge, William J., 389 Theriault, William G., 371 THETA CHI, 384 THETA DELTA CHI, 386 THETA SIGMA PHI, 284 THETA TAU, 310 THETA XI, 387 Thieme, Dr. Frederick, 212 Thomas, Bill R., 379 Thomas, Claire, 293, 431 Thomas, Dalton 8., 183, 361 Thomas, Jack A., 269, 296 Thomas, Janice C, 442, 236 Thomas, Pamela J., 443 Thomas, Terry M., 385 Thomas, Vicki M., 455 Thome, Louise M., 281, 477 Thomie, Nick C, 341 Thompsen, Patricia L., 427 Thompson, Gregory C, 234, 274 Thompson, H, S , 214, 215 Thompson, Jeffrey L., 371 Thompson, Kay, 421 Thompson, Lawrence G., 254 Thompson, Marleen, 444 Thompson, Mary Ellen, 415 Thompson, Melinda S., 445 Thompson, Neil E., 341 Thompson, Pamela M., 413 Thompson, Robert G., 345 Thompson, Robert L., 244, 345 Thompson, Stuart M , 244, 379 Thompson, Teresa L., 459 Thomson, Anne L , 444 Thomson, Betty I., 441 Thorenson, Rie E,, 349 Thorgrimson, Donald H., 244. 274, 389 Thornblade, Arnold H., 367, 406 Thome, Richard E., 404 Thornton, Janet I., 435 Thornton, Jeannelte A., 236, 447 Thornton, Kathleen M., 421 Thornycroft, Roseann J., 277, 442 Thorpe, Janet A., 435 Thorpe, Winifred J,, 425 Thostenson, Carolyn A., 442 Thrall, Michael, 288 Thronsen, Steve P., 345 Thrush, William L., 477 Tibbatts, Robert R., 384 Tibbitts, Alice M , 234, 415 Tibbils, Roy E , 244 Tice, Judy A , 435 TIFFANY HOUSE, 449 Tihomirov, Mihael L., 388 Tilley, Nome, 13 Timm, Rocky J., 381 Timmerman, Don G., 345 Tindali, Bill, 149, 347 Tinker, Dean F., 343 Tipp, Shtila, 448 Titus. R. Stan, 348 Tjerne, Lynne C, 459 Tobin, Patricia L., 234 Todd, James R., 347 518 general index . continued Todd, William E., 377 Tokin, Art C, 365 Tokita, Kenneth M., 275, 236 Tokita, Teresa Y., 236 Tokola, Jerry J., 404, 236 Toletson, Val, 322 Toneri, Jeannette, 429 Tonkin, Dean G., 237, 280 Tonning, Gale P., 307 Toppins, Terry M., 407 Torgesen, Steve E., 396 Torkelson, Jan, 441 Torongo, Mary E., 466 Torstenson, Tina T., 277, 295, 441 TOTEM CLUB, 294 Towne, C. Max, 404 TOWN HOUSE, 470 Toy, Carol L., 423 Toy, Marsha T., 445 Tracy, Carol D., 421 Tracy, Larry L., 379 Tracy, William A., 237, 387 Tradwell, Janet, 286 Train, Leslie S., 237, 466 Trames, Tula, 237 Trana, Roger M., 408 Trandum, William I., 245, 276, 348 Transue, Joan G., 237, 280, 455 Trapnell, Nina S., 445 Trautman, Philip, 85 Travis, Patricia K., 423 Travis, William, 399 Treadwell, James K., 381 Treat, Dan L., 261, 383 Trevithick, Ronald J., 406 Triebel, Richard W., 369 Trimble, Charles W., 367 Trimble, Robert M., 259, 363 Triplett, Marsha G., 439 Tripp, Ginny A., 469 Trobaugh, Gene B., 400 Troberg, Richard L., 259, 301 Troeh, Arnold N., 68, 359 Trondsen, Barbara J., 245, 307 Tronquet, Peter J., 341 Trosper, Cathy M., 435 Trotsky, Billie, 443 Truce, Joseph W., 387 Trudgian, William, 367 Trumbull, Mary Lou, 254, 464 Tsuboi, Janice A., 454 Tsuiihara, Frank M., 259, 409 Tsukamoto, Wilfred S., 402 Tsukuno, Steven S., 381 Tuberg, Judd E., 237 Tubesing, Gary W., 237 Tucker, Dianna V., 237, 421 Tucker, Robert M., 353 Tudor, Cheryl J., 447 Tulloch, C. Edward, 396 Tulloch, Roger K., 237, 365 Tonnell, John S., 477 Turkian, Richard V., 367 Turner, Dennis L., 237, 386 Turner, James A., 359 Turner, Lloyna Mie, 477 Turney, Darrell A., 259 Turpin, Dean C, 259 Turrill, C. Norman, 359 Tusa, Susan L., 472 Tusar, Denis, 404 Tutmark, Gregory J., 369 Tultle, Josef E., 376 Twigg, Ronald P., 387 Twitchell, Carol L., 429 Tyc, Rosa Lyn, 461 Tye, Russell J., 365 Tyree, Richard T., 259, 338 u Ubaghs, Linda J., 435 UCCF, 330 Ufer, Ernie B., 361 Uhacz, Carol U., 471 Uhles, Robert C, 259 Ulbrickson, Al, 334 Ullin, Jon G., 353 Ulrich, Cindy A., 421 Ulrey, Lewis B., 383 Ulrey, Mary Ann, 254 Ulrich, Robert C, 237 Ulsh, Helen E., 477 Ultican, Diana L., 413 Umphred, Darcy A., 455 Underwood, Richard E., 237, 317 Upham, David L., 400 Uppinghouse, Lynn, 413 Urquhart, Geri G., 445 Urschel, Mary Ann, 461 Usack, Lynne A., 425 Usher, Kirk, 380 Usher, Phillip W., 217, 353 Uyehara, Karen Y., 456 Uyehara, Les, 147 Uyeno, Dean H., 392, 403 Uzmann, Mimi A., 237 V Vahcer, Leonard H., 407 Vazbo, Per, 183, 345 VALEDAS, 309 Valentine, Charles A., 73 Vanaken, Diane K., 471 VanBuren, Glenna L., 463 Vance, Larry E., 247 Van Cleve, Cindy E., 441 Vandeberg, James L., 381 Vandeman, Helen D., 455 Van Den Steenhoven, Patricia, 2! Vandersluys, Linda L, 459 Vander Staay, Holly R., 445 Van De Water, Anne R., 437 Van Dyken, Martin L., 405 Van Eek, Marietta J., 439 Van Fredenberg, James W., 365 Van Gilder, Hal R., 357 Van Guilder, Richard G., 477 Vanik, Allen M., 377 Van Law, Dick G., 347 Van Law, Joan, 441 Van Leuven, Merna M., 461 Van Pool, Ronnie L., 349 Van Rooy, Art, 381 Van Saun, Virginia R„ 462 Van Sickle, Kay, 447 Van Stralen, Suzanne S., 466 Varon, Jim A., 367 VARSITY BOAT CLUB, 388 VASHON HOUSE, 471 Vasil, Gary W., 477 Vasilieff, Karen M., 469 Vatn, James F., 347 Vaughan, Nancy, 413 Vawter, Frank W., 247 Vehonsky, John M., 403 Veirs, Valerie C, 237 Venable, Sandra J., 462 Venar, Michael A., 374 Verbeck, Barbara F., 454 Verhoef, Thomas T., 378 Verner, Karen, 466 Vervynck, Brian, 349 Viles, Neil G., 345 Vincent, Charlotte A., 461 Vincent, James E., 365 Vincent, Janet L., 445 Vinton, Connie J., 427 Virag, Aleksandar M., 262 Vitalich, Zora J., 419 Vlach, Kathic, 328 Vlasuk, David L., 405 VIcek, Charles L., 393 Vogelsang, Stan B., 367 Vogensen, Randi, 427 Volchok, Gary, 217, 391 Volchok, Janet S., 443 Voll, Dennis K., 355 Vollstedt, Ted, 381 Von Wrangle, Margaret, 292 Voorhees, Patricia A., 265, 427 Vorce, Richard A., 382 Vrolson, John F., 396 Vulliet, Charles F., 237 Vynne, John F., 291, 388 NOW Tv o Shoppes purveying fine wares to discriminating ladies and gentlemen Mt Uanftee ftiihkt 1307 N.E. 45th ' = rr 1409 n g 45,h in the University District Jim Eckmann, Prop. w Waak, Janice L., 425 Waale, Margot M., 245 Wachter, Suzanne K., 459 Waddleton, Lauren E., 413 Wade, J. Michael, 345 Wade, Michael F., 237, 371 Wade, Mike F., 386 Waeshe, Marilla B., 441 Waggener, Thomas R., 262 Waggoner, David T., 291, 355 Wagner, Anne C, 247 Wagner, Jacqueline K., 421 Wagner, Kenneth S., 357 Wagner, Mary, 466 Wahlers, Robert A., 355 Wahls, Karl, 403 Wahrgren Patricia A., 468 Waite, Linda A., 477 Wakefield, Clark E., 386 Waldbaum, Rodney J., 84, 374 Waldron, Sue M., 415 Walker, Dixie Lee, 254 Walker, Doug M., 359 Walker, Gary D., 237, 353 Walker, James E., 237 Walker, Jan, 421 Walker, Jean C, 477 Walker, John R., 264 Walker, Robert P., 371 Walker, Sharon ., 416 Walker, Sue E., 416 Walker, Victoria L., 442 Wall, Nancy J., 464 Wall, Steve R., 355 Wall, Tom W., 341 Wall, William S., 403 Wallace, Ronald G., 393 Waller, Lynn A., 427 Wallgren, Christina f Wallin, Kristine M., 445 471 PIZZA HAVEN EVERY PIE MADE TO ORDER ' BELLEVUE 10507 Main St. GL 4-0316 UNIVERSITY 4224 University Way N.E. ME 3-5311 BURIEN 653 S.W. 153rd CH 4-5050 TACOMA 2803 Sixth Ave. BR 2-7472 519 general index . continued Wdlllng. Kalhy F., 413 Walls, Deannj C, 447 Walselh, Jeri L., 237, 432 Walsh, James W., 345 Walsh, John D., 371 Walter, Gordon A., 353 Walter, Lorene, 461 Walter, Nancy J., 427 Walters, Frank J., 259 Walters, Jim D., 365 Walters, Patricia A., 237, 432 Walters, Paul G., 359 Walters, Robert, 80 Walters, Virginia J., 466 Walthew, Greg S., 396 Walton, Joan, 267, 441 Walton, Jerry R., 259, 345 Waltuk, Leiand, 237 Waltz, Robert R., 371 Wampler, Kialynn, 466 Wampold, David B., 391 Wangel, Elaine L., 432 Wangsmo, Gary L., 395 WappI, Sharron L., 307 Ward, Alex E., 397 Ward, Charles M., 369 Ward, Daniel A., 404 Ward, James A., 247, 345 Ward, Judith C, 478 Ward, Judy Lenna, 461 Ward, Judy L., 478 Ward, Penelope A., 467 Ward, Philip D., 381 Ward, Robert P., 363 Ward, Sharon, 419 Ward, Sherri K., 467 Ward, Shirley J., 421 Warden, Robert A., 407 Warden, Judy A., 245 Ware, Thomas D., 247 Warjone, Sandra J., 237, 427 Warne, Robert N., 357 Warner, Carolyn K., 453 Warner, Lawrence W., 217, 353 Warner, Patricia Jean, 237, 307 Warner, Stephen L., 343 Warner, Terry R., 237 Warnicky, Mary A., 237, 307 Warren, Charles G., 265 Warren, John L, 368 Warren, Linda L., 468 Warren, Lynda J., 427 Warren, Taylor, 400 Warrior, Colleen 0., 462 Warshal, Judith F., 416 Waslev, William f ., 399 Watanabe, Nancy Ann, 294 Waterman, Gary L., 237, 348 Watkins, Frank L., 355 Watland, Sharon I., 293, 468 Watney, Jack D., 259 Watson, Doug, 393 Watson, Fran A., 410, 445 Watson, James C, 347 Watson, Marsha H., 277, 295 Watson, Tcrrence C, 261, 298, 383 Watt, Robert N., 359 Watte, John L., 389 Watts, Chuck I., 381 Watts, Marilee, 437 Waugh, Thomas J., 360 Weagant, Rodney W., 396 Wearne, Michael D., 404 Weaver, Tim R , 341 Webb, Candance R., 447 Webb, Diana L., 478 Webb, James, 260, 274, 343 Webb, Leann, 254, 445 Webb, Vaughn H., 383 Webber, Bernard A., 397 Webber, George E , 78, 84, 259, 290, 291, 292, 316, 407 Webber, Lila J., 432 Webber, Liz J., 445 Weber, Janice M., 461 Weber, Shirley E., 437 Weber, Trudy L., 419 Webster, Bruce J., 269 Webster, Gary E., 381 Webster, John R,, 237, 280, 353 Weddle, Calvin C, 245, 276, 278 Wedeberg, John A., 359 Wegge, Per, 182, 183 Wegner, Konstanze G., 471 Weick, Fred R., 245 Weiks, Donna L., 237, 415 Weiner, Gerald B., 374 Weinrich, Jena Ann, 459 WeJnstein, Stephen G., 391 Weinstein, Stuart L., 391 Weis, Jacquelyn M., 443 Wefser, Karl D., 287, 407 Weiser, Sandra C, 237 Weiss, Janet H., 478 Weiss, H. Richard, 264 Weiss, Susan A,, 478 Welch, Gary L., 371 Welding, Elizabeth A., 441 Weldon, Robert, 359 Weller, David J., 353 Weller, Dennis R., 353 Wells, Allan D., 259, 386 Wells, Mary Ann, 293 Wells, Nancy A., 254, 429 Wells, Russell M., 478 Wells, Wendell R., 245, 387 Wenger, Larry B., 237 Wenner, Paul L., 261, 383 Wentz, Frank E., 237 Wenzel, Rhonda L., 447 Wernccke, Livingston, 237, 357 Werts, Stephen J., 365 Wesche, Kenneth A., 363 Wesen, Candacc L., 478 WESLEY HOUSE, 472 Wesseler, Paul R., 404 Wesson, Ann C, 437 West, Elaine v., 237, 442 West, Glenda L., 254 West, Jeri A., 461 West, Stephen, 377 West, Susan J., 245, 432 West, Wariboko, 155 Westby, William W., 401 Wester, Zachery T., 254 Westgard, Richard E., 110 Weston, Ellen C, 439 Weston, John I., 350 Wetzel, Robin L., 245, 292, 404 Weyer, Judy A., 466 Weyrick, Sue C, 415 Whalley, Douglas B., 353 Wham, Cynthia E., 470 Wheeler, Ruth E., 237 Wheeler, Steve H., 393 Whelan, Constance M., 413 Whelan, John D., 407 Whimpey, Lynn L., 247 Whipple, Laird D., 237, 345 Whitacre, William M., 395 White, Bill A., 389 White, Carole J., 413 White, Carolyn J., 447 White, David F., 353 White, David H., 254, 393 White, Geoffrey 0., 376 White, Nada M., 447 White, Nancy J., 423 White, Richard F., 389 White, Richard L., 447 White, Robert, 108 White, Sherri M., 237, 431 White, Tom G., 353 White, Thomas W., 347 Whitehall, Pamela K., 472 Whiteley, Lynne S., 427 Whiteman, Kathleen B., 441 Whitham, Jeanie E., 237, 447 Whitlock, Victoria A., 237, 429 Whitner, Karen L., 468 Whitney, Barbara H., 237, 439 Whitney, Robert A., 371 Whitney, Ross R., 381 Whitney, Sally H., 435 Whitton, Bernice C, 447 Whyte, Thomas R., 341 Wick, James R., 245, 317, 318, 381 Wikersham, Tom W., 371 Wicklund, Karen A., 423 Wicks, Arthur W., 362 Wickstrand, Ann, 441 Widell, Cheryl L,, 478 Widerski, Brian, 353 Wieditz, Frank D., 400 Wienir, Bill S., 247 Wienir, Mike, 237, 275, 391 Wienir, Paul L., 238, 374 Wienker, Wake C, 397 Wiepke, Louise A., 427 Wierman, Edith E., 254 Wieseneck, Joan S., 443 Wiggins, Chuck 8., 353 Wightman, Janice L., 439 Wilcox, Janice C, 435 Wilcox, Robert L., 381 Wild, Billie Jean, 445 Wild, Jerry G., 247 Wilderman, Ron C, 363, 388 Wiles, Caroline J., 238, 464 Wiles, Gayle M., 465 Wiley, Richard A., 364 Wilkerson, Laura L., 463 Wilkey, Doug F., 371 Wilkins, Jennifer C., 413 Wilkins, Wallace W., 407 Wilkins, William 8., 238, 377 Wilkinson, Mary-Edith, 238, 441 Wilkinson, Robert L., 365 Wilkinson, Ronald G., 404 Wilkinson, Susan C, 454 Wilkinson, William C, 349 Wilkov»ski, Emil C, 389 Will, Bonnie J,, 419 Willard, Virginia K., 254, 419 Wilk-r, Jim B., 345 Williams, David I., 238, 317, 353 Williams, Dave L., 361 Williams. Dave L., 403 lliams, Del E., 345 lliams, Don S., 403 lliams, Donald H., 245, 389 lliams, Gerene S., 461 lliams, Jerry D., 347 lliams, John C., 371 lliams, Linda M., 295 lliams, Lynn A., 441 lliams, Mike L., 245 lliams, Patty E., 419 lliams, Ralph M., 386 lliams, Richard A., 247 lliams, Steve N., 238, 291 lliams, Thatason, 259 lliams, Wendy, 441 lliamson, Eugene P., 388 lliamson, Karen M., 465 lliamson, Theodore J., 238, 401 llims, E. Jane, 427 Mis, Jodi E., 455, 467 His, Linda K., 445 Mis, Lloyd T., 401 Mis, Robert J., 208 llman, Saundra R., 238 llms, Gary R., 361 lloughby, Gary L., 478 lis, Douglas K., 245, 276, 389 llson, Kathleen M., 245. 421 llson, Paulette 0., 421 llson, Valerie J., 439 Isey, Terrell D., 382 Iskie, Wayne R , 377 Ison, Ann, 415 Ison, Barbara A., 478 Ison, Ben D., 386 Ison, Carolyn K., 469 Ison, Dan K., 357 Ison, David F., 261, 381 Ison, Diane J., 245 Ison, Don A., 367 Ison, Donald H., 254, 357 Ison, Jack M., 247 Ison, James R., 401 Ison, Joey C, 379 Ison, Kathleen Z., 238, 471 Ison, Kendall A., 238 Ison, Linda L,, 238, 307 Ison, Rick S., 84, 291, 361 Ison, Scott F., 355 Ison, Sharon K., 238, 413 Ison, Stephen W., 355 Ison, Steven D., 177, 178, 254, 287, 347 G., 245, 278, 382 ' inblade, William W., 478 ' inde, Marilyn R., 429 ' indus, Pat, 13 iinquist, Robert A., 363 ' inn, Judy D., 435 Ted A., 247 r, Richard A., 407 ead, Larry J., 409 r, Bruce R., 238, 347 linter, Diane P., 459 (inter, John D., 259, 388 (inter, Robert S., 284, 407 irkala, Edwin R., 404 Ron W., 347 an, Ron W., 350 ow, Jack F., 338 ' itsoe. Jack W., 245, 278 litlenberg, Mary L., 254, 448 (ittenberger. Bill, 395 zke, E. Paul, 407 W-KEY, 295 Wolcoll, Roger, 377 Wolf, Ellen, 277, 441 Wolf, Mervin L,, 238, 401 Wolfe, Judy L., 238, 307 Wolfe, Nancy A., 447 Wolfe, Margaret A., 293, 465 Wolfe, Mike A , 391 Wolfehbarger, William J., 405 Wolfer, Laurel A., 462 Wolff, Ellen, 429 Wolff, Richard E., 342 Wolff, Robert A., 404 Wolff, Susan F., 416 Wolford, Ann L., 469 Wolfstone, Robin E., 416 Wollett, Frederick E., 406 Wolters, Katherine J., 467 Woltersdorf, Pamela N., 471 WOMEN ' S P.E, CLUB, 300 Wong, Rochelle, 456 Wong, Victor, 329 Wonn, Jim W., 359 Wood, Anne C, 427 Wood, Barbara D., 478 Wood, Bruce v., 261, 383 Wood, Jeff J., 365 Wood, Margaret E., 441 Wood, Sheila P., 442 Wood, Stearns J., 238, 400 Woodburne, Barbara C. 238, 439 Woodfield, Susan J., 427 Woodin, Lillian M„ 254 Wooding, Dick, 187 Woodmansee, Marilou. 466 Woodruff, Faye A., 478 Woods, Carol Ann, 472 Woods, David A., 369 Woods, Don I., 238, 365 Woods. Jim R., 401 Woods. Sherry M., 431 Woolaway, Geraydon M., 238 Wooleit, Jerry F., 238, 353 Woolf, Louise, 238, 469 Wooley, John v., 277 Worcester, Jane I., 410. 437 Worden, Jan N., 459 Worley, R Courtney, 357 Woron, Marilyn R., 443 Worringham, Kevin, 405 Worthen, Jan, 80, 88 Worthington, Barbara L., 437 Worthington, Dave K., 381 Wrede, William E., 377 Wright, Cheryle L., 445 Wright, JoAnn, 465 Wright, John M., 259, 295 Wright, Larry R , 401 Wright, Mary F., 453 Wright, Mike B , 478 Wright, Richard A , 399 Wright, W. Kenny, 355 Wyant, Victor R., 405 Wylie. Tom C, 284 Wynn, Josephine A , 435 Wynne. Thomas J . 382 Yamamoto. Gloria A.. 465 Yamamoto, John K., 406 Yamamura, George G., 259 Yamamura, Henry I., 269 Yamasaki, Wendy Y , 238 Yamashita, Arlene T., 459 Yamashita, Cherrie Y., 469 Yapp, Shelly, 456 Yarborough, Leon M., 389 Yaryan, Tim, 363 Yalchmenoff, Bart, 404 Yearian, Fred A., 259, 262, 316 Yee, King G., 406 Yeung, Diana, 238, 462 YMCAYWCA, 329 Yoakum, John E., 259 Yoder, Rick, 79 Yokode, Tomiko, 238 Yoriaoka, Gerald N., 409 York. Charlotte A., 462 York, David A., 44, 45, 62, 71, 77. 78. 238, 290, 291, 379 Youlten, Sarah E., 461 Young, Carl, 211 Young, Mary Ann, 432 Young, Michael 6., 238 Young, Patricia A , 254, 454 Young, Patricia L., 462 YOUNG REPUBLICANS. 308 Young, Robert W., 401 Young, Ronald E., 238 Young, Sandra H , 293, 437 Youngquist, Linda L., 254 Youngs, Thomas J., 381 Yount, Lana L., 441 Yunck, Judy M.. 437 Zabel, Ronald C, 478 Zach, Terry K., 406 Zacher, Piiieann G., 466 Zandbergen, Christine M., 421 Zanderson, John J., 385 Zarley, Linda, 467 Zeasman, Kathleen A., 413 Zech, Don, 180 Zeller, Ralph M , 238, 350 Zembal, Joanne E., 238, 294. 429 Zener, Marc C , 386 ZETA BETA TAU, 390 ZETA PSI, 389 ZETA TAU ALPHA, 448 Zimmerman, Charles F.. 401 Zimmerman. David John. 259 Zimmerman, Edward A., 342 Zimmerman, Neal W., 245, 278, 279, 357 Zimmerman, Robert B., 345 Zook, Marlys E., 468 Zosel, Paul J., 401 Zubick, Anthony P., 371 Zumek, David T , 269 Zwiebel, Richard G.. 381 Zwiers. Marilyn K.. 441 Zwisltr. Tom R., 377 520 Mw — nTWM eoecnaaisgggMeg fgaewartBaaftBflaBKuriffi i, j • i, :

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