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■•■ ' « m ■jphm lyy .r v ' V ' 4? ;; ■ v i . .. . i -? fc- .-. J II -. - •» ' -■ ' " ' ' - ■ .A... : " M MM 1957 PRESENTED BY THE ASSOC.ATED STUDENTS UNIVERSITY OF WASHINGTON I I Page Leadership Faculty and Administration 9 Student Government 29 Communications 64 ABLE of CONTENTS Fall Activities 81 Sports 93 Cultural 112 r STAFF: Editor: Storm Jobs • Artists: Marshall Johnson, Karen Quickstad Business Manager: Jean Myers Advisor: Clyde Robinson Winter Activities 1 21 Sports 1 29 Royalty 153 Spring Activities 1 69 Seniors 1 83 Sports 229 Living Groups Sororities 249 Fraternities 291 Independents 365 Organizations Organizations 393 Honoraries 421 Religious 453 ...._ i 1 into a wor d o: ivork ond play where buildings and people and traditions combine . mm to produce the university of a thousand years i I T HFA .♦ - ■■ . ' ■ K i ■ ■ 1 . V ' E j 1 1 -t IM ' 1 I i M W n 4 ' v- X A » I FACULTY AND ADMINISTRATION To all of the members of the University family I extend in this fine new 1957 Tyee my fondest greetings and good wishes. Tyee provides a priceless record of the growth of a great University. I know that this is so because I have been close to the University for most of the years of my life and, having watched the University grow, I hove treas- ured the copies of Tyee in which moments of change and accomplishment were captured forever. You who hove shared the experiences of 1 956-57 will never tire of refer- ring to these pages. The University that we know will be altered soon. It must grow larger. It will, I am certain, grow stronger and bet- ter. We can see these changes coming and we can realize how important it is to get into the record, now, the spirit of the University as it is. It has been my privilege to serve the University during years that will be recognized, I think, as forming a period of preparation for this new and greater University. You who have participated in this preparation will find the spirit of the University in pages such OS these. My greatest satisfaction, this year as in others, has been in my happy meetings with students. The students of Washington have my particular greeting, for they will be building the University of the future and no institution could be in better hands. Henry Schmitz President 10 My ofRcial duties call on me to extend greetings to scores of organizations throughout the year, but no such request has given me more pleasure than the invitation to greet the students of the University of Washington through your yearbook. The Tyee. The reason is that I am on alumnus of both the liberal arts and the aw schools. Your University is mine, and its progress and growth through the years has been dear to my heart, as it is to all the " old grads. " As your school year nears a close, and I fmish my first half-year as your governor, I see ahead a tre- mendous growth for our school as our population expands. One of my greatest prides, during my legis- lative career, was the sponsorship of the measures which established our fine medical and dental schools and teaching hospital. I can assure you that, as needs arise, my warm support as governor will go to improvement and expansion of the physical plants of the university. Furthermore, I feel that I have a double responsibility, both as governor and an alumnus, to see that the University has the finest administration and the best teachers possible. We in government owe that to you and to future generations. In that regard, I plan to see greater participation of your faculty, your alumni, and those in state government in the affairs of your University and mine. It is my hope to visit the campus many times during the next year, to talk with you students and your faculty, with one mutual aim— the welfare and betterment of the University of Washington we all love. May you all have a fine summer, wherever you are! Albert D. Rosellini Governor of the State of Washington 11 Vice President Harold P. Everest Johnny had just reached the age where he was able to read a newspaper. Pain- fully he sounded out the words in a news- paper headline. " University Board of Re-Regents to Meet Saturday. Daddy, what ' s a board of re- gents? " he asked. His father put down the book he was reading. " Well, Johnny, the Governor of our State of Washington appoints seven men to run the University of Washington. These peo- ple have to be approved by the State Sen- ate and they serve for six years without pay. They are the people who set up the rules of the University that the President carries out. They have full control over the operation of the University and over any property it may hove. The Board of Regents also appoints the President and approves faculty appointments. " But don ' t the teachers get a chance to say anything about how the University is run. Daddy? " " Yes, the faculty elects a group of men called the University Senate which presents their views to the administration. " ' Daddy, when I grow up, I want to be a Regent. " board of regents 12 .hC V The 1956-57 Board of Regents in- cluded, left to right, front row: CHARLES MEREDITH HARRIS, Presi- dent, CHARLES F. FRANKLAND, MRS. J, HERBERT GARDNER; bock row: GRANT ARMSTRONG, THOMAS BALMER, DR. DONALD " G. CORBETT, WINLOCK W. MILLER. The recently selected Board of Re- gents includes CHARLES MEREDITH HARRIS, HAROLD SHEFELMAN, JOHN C. KING, LLOYD L. WIEHL, WINLOCK W. MILLER, MRS. HER- BERT GARDNER, THOMAS BALMER, President. " S jl ' LURLINE L. LEE Dean of Women DONALD K. ANDERSON Dean of Students ROBERT WALDO Dean of Men office of dean of students She had a problem. There was simply no escaping it. But what to do? She could check with the gang to see if they had had similar problems, but this was something she felt needed adult consideration. Yes, she had thought of parents, but they were miles and miles away. Say . . . what was that man ' s name? The Dean of Students? Yes, that was it, she ' d check with Dean Ander- son and see if he could suggest a solution to her problem. She ' d even heard about foreign students going there for counseling on their problems and about other students who had gone there to speak with counselors or the Dean of Men and the Dean of Women. Student leaders often went there to get advice on planning activities. Maybe the Office of the Dean of Students could help her, tool ROBERT PORTER Counselor for International Se JAMES BEMIS Director of Financial Aid TOM McCLINTOCK Associate Counselor BARBARA A. HINK Associote Counselor 13 admin istr a tio n Harold looked at the calendar . . . time to pick up that regis- tration date again. Then registration would come with its endless lines, lines . . . sections . . . cords to fill out, almost a million, if he remembered correctly. He had carefully avoided all connection with the Ad Building whenever pos- sible since his nerve-shattering experience in sections his first quarter at the Institution of a Thousand Years. Now he was a senior . . . sigh, only one more trip to the Ad Build- ing for registration. Harold was among those unfortunate few who never really took time to find out what went on in the Ad Building be- sides registration. He didn ' t realize how important an ef- ficient, capable administrative staff is to a university. Never having investigated the functions of the administration, Har- old wasn ' t aware of the men and women in the " bleak, gray building " who try to maintain and improve the financial, physical and educational well-being of our University and its students. NELSON A WAHLSTROM Comptroller ERNEST M, CONRAD Assistant Comptroller ERIC L BARR Director, Summer Quarter WILLIAM M READ Editor of Press r KjT • ■ ■c TI ' . ■ . k 1 H iJ j ■ GEORGE P. HORTON Correspondence HARRY C. BAUER Director of Libraries MARGARET E. TERRELL Director, Food Service 14 MARTIN N. CHAMBERLAIN Extension Classes J. ARTHUR PRINGLE Campus Housing C. MARIE SEARLES Women ' s Residence Halls EDGAR M. DRAPER in Service Teacher Trainir JOHN W. HARDING Purchasing Agent ETHELYN TONER Registrar ' :■■ : W.jjt- LLOYD W. SCHRAM Division of Adult Education IRV BLUMENFELD Director of Information NEAL HINES Director of U. Relations 15 Golden W Reunion of the Class of ' 06 hod a record turnout. alumni associatio n " The meeting of the Alumni Association will please come to order! We hove a few items of business to discuss and then you can use the remainder of the evening to renew those acquaintances with the friends you haven ' t seen since college days. " First, I know you are anxious to hear the results of the elec- tion of officers for the Alumni Association. A. M. Lundin was re-elected president; Mrs. Mark Mason, vice-president; C. Henry Bacon, vice-president, and Alan G. Grant and R. Brons- don Harris were re-elected treasurer and secretary, respectively. " Replies have come in for the ' Golden W reunion of the Class of ' 06, and it looks as though we ore going to have a record turnout of honor guests. It isn ' t hard to understand, though, because to each class its fifty-year reunion is almost as much of an event as Homecoming is to the Association as a whole. " As we look back on the history of our group, I think we have a record to be proud of. Since our founding in 1891, we have managed to help our University in many ways, such as the ' Foundation for Research at the University of Washington, Inc. ' Let us not forget to continue working to aid the University in reaching its objectives and to secure recognition for it wherever we go. " The meeting is adjourned. " R. B. CURLY ■ HARRIS Secretory Man-of-the-Year BILL NEWBERG rith Alumni President MAC LUNDIN. arts and sciences He stepped into the " Quad " and looked around himself in won- der. It was so big! Seeing an upperclossmon on the path he ap- proached timidly. " What is taught in all those buildings? " he asked. " Why, this is the main center for the College of Arts and Sci- ences, " the upperclossmon replied. " It ' s the biggest, most wide- spread department in the University. No matter what major you ' re in, you ' re bound to run into Arts and Sciences courses. It contains the schools of Architecture, Art, Communications, Drama, Fisheries, Home Economics, Music, and Physical Educa- tion. It offers special programs of General Education, General Studies, and even a Pre-Major course for students undecided on a major. If you want to get into a professional school such as Dental Hygiene, Dentistry, Low, Librarianship, Medicine, Nursing, or Social Work, you ' ll have to take a pre-professional course in Arts and Sciences. Do you see now why there are so many buildings? " " Yes, I do, " was the thoughful answer. " How long has this Col- lege been on campus? " " Some of the courses taught here were among the first ones offered at the University, but it was not established as a College until 1913. You may be very sure that no matter what career you choose, the College of Arts and Sciences will probably play on important part in fitting you for a useful and satisfying life. " JAMES B. WATSON Anthropology ARTHUR P. HERRMAN Architecture BOYER GONZALES Art C. L. HITCHCOCK Botany DEAN LLOYD S. WOODBURNE PAUL C. CROSS Chemistry JOHN B. McDIARMID Classics HENRY LADD SMITH Communications W. G. LUTEY Division of General Studif GLENN HUGHES J. RICHARD HUBER Economics ROBERT B. HEILMAN English GEORGE E. TAYLOR For Eastern and Slavic Languages arts and sciences G. DONALD HUDSON Geogrophy H. A. COOMBS Geology CURTIS D. VAIL SOLOMON KATZ Germanic Languages and Lrterature History 18 MARY LOUISE JOHNSON Home Economics RUSSELL K. CUTLER Men ' s Physical Education fn f %. PHIL E. CHURCH Meteorology and Climatology STANLEY CHAPPLE Music RICHARD H. FLEMING Oceanography ARTHUR MURPHY Philosophy JOHN H. MANLEY Physics H L. NOSTRAND Romance Languages and Literature KENNETH C. COLE Political Science ROGER B. LOUCKS Psychology 19 arts and sciences • ' -.- i SVERRE ARESTAD Scandinavian Languages and Literatun RICHARD VAN CLEVE School of Fisheries ROBERT E. L. PARIS Sociology HORACE G. RAHSKOPF Speech ARTHUR W, MARTIN Zoology RUTH WILSON , Women ' s Physical Education 20 DEAN AUSTIN GRIMSHAW JOSEPH DEMMERY General Business EDWARD G. BROWN Policy, Personnel Relations and Productit CHARLES J. MILLER Marketing, Transportation and Foreign Trade I have been a teacher in the College of Business Adminis- tration for nearly 40 years now, ever since the college was established. I have watched students work in accounting, business education, finance, banking, foreign trade, insur- ance, marketing, office management, personnel administra- tion, production, real estate, secretarial training, and trans- portation. I have worked with students from the Department of Busi- ness, Communication, Business Law, Human Relations in Business, and Policy and Administration. I have worked with majors and non-majors. I hove worked with graduates and undergraduates. I have seen students provided with a rich, full background in the business world. I have seen the student given business training rooted in general knowledge and developed in the qualities of character that make useful, intelligent citizens and responsible members of the business community. I have seen students go out in the world and succeed. KERMIT O. HANSON Accounting, Finance and Statistics business administration 21 engineering DEAN HAROLD E. WESSMAN " Good afternoon, sir. My name is John Smith. I will be graduating from high school this year, and I intend to study engineering. I wonder if you could tell me some- thing about the University of Washington School of En- gineering — the curriculum, the teaching facilities, and how well it is accredited. " " I ' m glad to see you are taking such an interest in the school you attend, John. I am more than glad to tell you about our school here at Washington. First year students in engineering take general courses, which are taught by the General Engineering Department. After the first year, undergraduate engineers may specialize in aeronautical, chemical, civil, electrical, mechanical, mining, metallurgical, or ceramic engineering. In addi- tion, students take prescribed courses in the humanistic- social area. " " How many people are there on the teaching staff? " " Approximately 110 persons, chosen from all branches of the profession. Almost every faculty member has had practical professional experience, in addition to ad- vanced graduate study. " " How about accreditation? How does the school rank nationally? ' " All curricula taught here are accredited by the Engi- neers ' Council for Professional Development, which is the principal accrediting agency recognized by the en- gineering profession in the United States. When ranked with schools from all over the country the College of Engineering of the University of Washington has achieved a very high status. " " Is there any other course of study besides the regular four-year program? " " Yes, the College offers a course of study in industrial engineering for which a second bachelor ' s degree is awarded at the end of five years. After completing the first four years majoring in any of the branches of en- gineering, courses in industrial management and re- lated subjects comprise the fifth year. " " Thank you, sir. You ' ve answered all my questions, and from what you ' ve said, I feel fairly certain that you ' ll find me enrolled here at the University of Washington School of Engineering next year. " 22 VICTOR M. GANZER Aeronautical Engineering R. W. MOULTON Chemical Engineerin. R. B VAN HORN Civil Engmeering A. V. EASTMAN Electrical Engineering E. R. WILCOX General Engineering S. A. CHAPMAN Humanistic-Social Engineering B. T. McMINN Mechanical Enqineerinq DRURY A. PIFER Mineral Engineering ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING BUILDING 23 He remarked to the student nearest him, " This dental school is very good, isn ' t it? " " It certainly is, " the student replied proudly. " It ' s ap- proved by the Council on Dental Education of the American Dental Association and by the American Asso- ciation of Dental Schools. Only a select group of stu- dents are admitted, and they get the benefit of the best educational techniques in the field. " " But don ' t you get tired of studying nothing but sci- ence? " he continued, " Oh, but we don ' t, " was the emphatic reply. " We try to get as broad a liberal background as possible, in order to gain a better understanding of human rela- tionships. We don ' t leave a dentistry course until we really know the material. It ' s the aim of every student to become o good dentist. " DEAN MAURICE J. HICKEY School of Dentistry dentistry and Future dentists gain practical experience. education Susan graduates from the College of Education this spring. Her family will be especially proud because her father was a member of the first class to graduate from this college which was established in 1914. Susan said she found the reading clinic and curriculum workshops to be of great help to her. " The visits to student teachers, consultative programs, and informal help through letters and telephone calls were services I could not get along without, " said Susan. " The library facilities were excellent, too. " Susan said graduates from the College of Education feel they have mastered academic content and profes- sional techniques. " ' They can think creatively, value good citizenship, and reflect the best in democracy ' ore words I hove heard spoken about these graduates, " she added. Susan believes good teachers ore indebted to the ex- cellent training they receive in the College of Education. 24 DEAN FRANCIS F. POWERS College of Education DEAN GORDON D. MARCKWORTH College of F orestry forestry and graduate school " Hello, sir. I am John Baker. I wish to apply for a posi- tion on the State Forestry Service. " " John Baker, hmmm. Didn ' t you graduate from the University of Washington College of Forestry? the col- lege that aids our department in research develop- ments? the college accredited by the Society of Ameri- can Foresters? It offers a four-year curricula leading to the degree of Bachelor of Science in Forestry with spe- cialization in forest management, logging engineering, and forest products, doesn ' t it? " " Yes, I was wondering . . . " " I don ' t need a sales talk on your college, young man. I just need its graduates. Logging is industrially signifi- cant in the Pacific Northwest, you know. Now tell me what can you do? " • " Well, I . . . " ' Never mind. I know what a young man with your good training can do. Can you start work next week? " " You know, Tom, I ' ve often heard the Graduate School mentioned around the University, but I never hove been quite sure just exactly what it is. You ' re a graduate stu- dent — maybe you could clear it up for me. " " I con see where you could easily become confused, Jim. There are graduate students in almost every course of study offered here. The Graduate School is simply the administrative department that keeps track of all these students and admits them to higher degrees. Ad- mission to the status of graduate student is by approved application. In order to maintain a ' clear status ' rating, a student must have a 3.0 grade average. " The Graduate School demands more of its students than the undergraduate school, as you con well imag- ine. In order to develop a spirit of research, the gradu- ate student is thrown more upon his own resources and has to measure up to a more severe standard. " " The University is constantly increasing its emphasis on graduate work, because it feels that the better citizens of tomorrow should be equipped with advanced train- ing, research and scholarship. " DEAN HENRY A. BURD Graduate School 25 DEAN GEORGE NEFF STEVENS Law School " Good afternoon, Mr. Smith. I am Tom Jones, the University of Wash- ington graduate who called you about a position with your law firm. " " Oh yes, Mr. Jones. I remember your call. I ' ve heard many good things about the University ' s Law School. Your school has the largest law library west of the Mississippi, does it not? " " Yes, sir, and our school is convenient to federal and state courts, enab- ling us to witness the trial of actual cases. " " You realize, of course, that you are applying for a position out of your own state, and may be at some disadvantage regarding the lows of this state? " " I don ' t think so, sir. Our school prepares its students for practice in any state or jurisdiction where the Anglo-American legal system prevails. Our school is a member of the Association of American Law Schools, you know, and is approved by the Council on Legal Education and Admission to the Bar of the American Bar Association. " SAVERY HALL Library students practice be- hind reference desk. " Didn ' t you know? I ' m studying in the School of Librarian- ship. It ' s a graduate school to equip students as specialists in libraries devoted to law, medicine, engineering, business and other technical fields. " " Really? I always thought the School of Librorionship pre- pared students to work in libraries like the one in my home town. " " No, only students who have already obtained their bache- lor ' s degree from a college or university of good standing may gain admission to this school. " " But one of my friends told me that he was taking some courses from your school, and he ' s still an undergraduate. " " During an undergraduate ' s senior year, it is sometimes pos- sible for him to gain librorionship knowledge by taking sev- eral introductory courses from the School. " avi and librarianship 26 IRVING LIEBERMAN Director of Librorionship HEALTH SCIENCES BUILDING medicine HHl i ' Hr J Comparing note the Skeleton. DEAN GEORGE N. AAGAARD Anatomy H STANLEY BENNEH Biochemistry HANS NEURATH Medicine ROBERT H. WILLIAMS Microbiology CHARLES A. EVANS Obstetrics and Gynecology RUSSELL R. deALVAREZ Pathology LESTER ELLERBROOK (acting) Pediatrics ROBERT A. ALDRICH Phormocology JAMES M. DILLE Physiology and Biophysics T, C. RUCH Psychiatry HERBERT S. RIPLEY Public Health and Preventive Medicine WILLIAM E. REYNOLDS Radiology FRED J. HODGES (acting) Surgery HENRY N. HARKINS The University Medical School was having an open house. I was in- terested, so I decided to drop down for an hour or so. I stayed not one but four hours, tramping the halls of the modern Medical-Dental building with increasing fascination. I discovered that the school not only strives to prepare a selected group of students for the practice of medicine through the best edu- cational techniques in the field, but it attempts to develop continuing educational programs for graduate and postgraduate physicians. It also conducts an active program of research and investigation. I learned that the University School of Medicine is fully accredited. In addition, it is affiliated with the King County Hospital, United States Public Health Service Hospital, Seattle Veterans ' Administra- tion, Children ' s Orthopedic Hospital, Firlond Sanatorium, Univer- sity of Washington Child Health Center, and state mental hospitals at Sedro Woolley, Medical Lake, and Steilacoom. 27 " Today, radio listeners, we take you to the University of Washington College of Pharmacy as a part of our series on educational programs in the state of Washington. " The College of Pharmacy was established in July, 1898, by the Board of Regents of the University. It offers an in- tensive course of study in the essentials of pharmacy as a profession. The College itself is accredited as a class " A ' college by the American Council on Pharmaceutical Educa- tion. " Here we are watching a group of students working in a laboratory class making capsules. Adequate facilities are available here to give students practical experience in al- most every pharmaceutical preparation. " The College of Pharmacy also maintains a drug service de- partment, where pharmaceutical preparations are manufac- tured for the benefit of the Health Center, the Schools of Dentistry and Medicine, and other sections of the University. " DEAN MARY S. TSCHUDIN " Well, Mary! I didn ' t even know you were in Seattle. What are you doing now? " hile. I ' m studying nurs- " Hi, Judy, yes, I ' ve been up here for quite a ing at the University of Washington. " " Did you know that in 1948 the University of Washington School of Nursing became the fourth school in the country to become accred- ited by the National League of Nursing Education and the National Organization for Public Health Nursing? The School offers two nurs- ing programs in addition to the Master ' s Degree program for gradu- ate nurses. The basic nursing research program attempts to prepare a nurse for her professional work as soon as possible, and provision is made so that she can work as a nurse port of the time while she is completing her requirements for a degree. Also there is the basic degree program, which allows for a broad general background in addition to the required scientific courses. " " That really sounds wonderful, Mary. Nursing has certainly become a profession, hasn ' t it? " " Yes, it has. Our department is recognized as an independent pro- fessional school within the Division of Health Sciences. DEAN JACK E ORR nursing and pharmacy H I TPJwB Tflf k b « Zki ■M - mtk 1 ten i ' H M ■Hi 28 PHARMACY STUDENTS WORK IN LAB STUDENT GOVERNMENT Though only a junior, ASUW first vice president JOE SCHIEBEL has been chairman of International Area, vice president of VISA and chair- man of the University delegation to the model United Nations confer- ence. He is o member of Purple Shield, Oval Club, the American As- sociation of Political and Social Sciences, and Theta Delta Chi fraternity. MARY LEE NEIL, ASUW second vice president, is regional international travel director for the Notional Student ' s Association and attended the NSA convention in 1956. On campus she was 1955 drill team captain and is a member of Totem Club, Rally Girls, and Alpha Phi sorority. DICK LEON, ASUW president, began his executive career as freshman doss president ond last year was chairman of program panel. He is a member of Oval Club, Pi Omicron Sigma, Calvin Club, and Alpha Delta Phi fraternity. ASUW secretary CAROL ANN NEISESS found time to be publication chairman of the Association of College Unions and participate in de- bate besides fulfilling her secretarial duties. She is also o member of Mortar Board, Totem Club, Rally Girls, Delta Sigma Rho and Alpha Delto Pi sorority. board of control JOE SCHIEBEL, ASUW First Vice-President. DICK LEON, ASUW President NOT PICTURED: GEORGE LEARY, Adelphi, JOHN OKER LUND, Engineering Council; GRANVILLE McCORMICK Graduate Student Association. Top row: PHIL NUDELMAN, Senior Class President; JERRY DAVIS, Junior Class President; JACK BERNARD, Sopho- more Class President; SONNY MATSON, Freshman Class President; DICK HUGHES, Inter-Froternity Council MARY LEE NEIL, ASUW Second Vice - President; CAROL ANN NEISESS, ASUW Secretar 32 Lower row: CAROL LINSTROM, Independent Women ' s As- sociation; CAROLYN SHERRY, Phroteres; JOANNE MEYERS, Panhellenic; BILL ERASER, Men ' s Organized House Coun- cil; PHIL BRADEN, Managerial Council. " ' rsit " t oy oft - ' fie " Pres, " ' Of v Profa e organizations assembly Representatives from the 250 campus organizations compose Organizations Assembly, a student forum to discuss and decide problems of importance to University students. ASUW first vice-president JOE SCHIEBEL presided over this year ' s OA which established an intramural debate program, sponsored a large and enthusiastic rooter caravan to the OSC football game and tackled the problem of a student-ov ned ski area. JOE SCHIEBEL, OA chairman Members of the steering committee plan the agenda and act as on advisory board for Organizations Assembly. Seated, left to right, are LOYAL ROSENDAHL, SUSAN JONES, MARCIA GILL and FRANK DUTY, parliamentarian; standing, ROBERT MUZZY, ROBERT FOLLIS, MIKE STERN, JEAN HANSEN, secretary, JOE SCHIEBEL, OA chairman, DICK PHARIS, steering committee choirman. 33 m Having coffee in the Husky Den are members of Service Area. From left to right ore SALLY SOFTKY, chairman, JIM MACLEAN, JOHN CLEAR- MAN and DEBBY JOHNSON. Not pictured are PETE FRANK and BON- NIE SCATES. Gathered oround chairman GEORGE CAMPBELL ore members ot Div.usvon Area SANDRA PETELLIN, RONALD KLINGMAN, ROBERT TOWNSEND, CLIFF SQUIRES and JANE ONSDORFF Members of Publicity Areo supervise posters, press releases, and other publicity devices for the University. Pictured in the front row are MARY HOUSER, MARGE HOLETON, PAT HREHA, MINNIE HARRIS, adviso r, and ANN MASSIE, Standing behind them are TERRI SCOn and GWENN EVANS, chairman Standing in the Hub art gallery they supervise are members of the Arts and Crafts area. To the left of the painting are ORLAN HALE, WALLY MELVIN, JERRINE VALENTINE ond ELAINE MARTIN, chairman. To the right are BILL GREGER, KAY STEVENS, and SUE ANDERSON. Not pictured are BEVERLY ANDERSON and ALICIA EGELKROUT Members of Internotionol Area pictured here are BOB BENNETT, JANET PETERSON, chairmon, CHUCK CAREY. Standing ore SHARENE RANDELL, JAN GUSTAFSON, ESTHER OSBORNE. Not pictured are JEAN FAUCHALD, secretary, JERE BUNN and HANS ORTH areas Games Area has the enjoyable job of supervising the games area in the Hub. Pictured are ED BARKER, PETE BRIX, VIRGINIA SOUDER, DICK LEV IS, chairman, and JOHN ENGERSON Not pictured are MARLENE JENSEN and NEVA FULLER. 34 mgiM Top row; GEORGE CAMPBELL, JUDY ERKEN, GWEN EVANS, RON GROSHONG. Sec- ond row: VAL HENNING, PAT KELLY, DICK LEWIS, ELAINE MARTIN. CAROL ANN NEISESS, JANET PETERSON. JOHN PICKINS, JOYCE SANDERSON. JOHN REED, Program Panel Chairman program panel Members of Activities Bureau squeeze together to smile tor the photographer. Seated are MARGE WALKER, secretary, SANDY OGDEN, SALLY HAWKES, ADRI- ENNE NORRIS, CONNIE BERNER, LINDA BIRD, MARJI ALLEN. Standing are JOE RUSH, PAT ROBINSON, PAT HEALEY, NANCY MURPHY, RON GROSHONG, chairman, JANET GREWE, MARGARET FARWELL, advisor, NANCY SPADAFORE, Gathered around chairman JOYCE SANDERSON are SYLVIA TUTTLE, CONNIE RICHARD and CHERYL BUSEY, members of Dance Area. Members of the new Music Library Area supervised the music rooms in the Hub. Seated are ANDREA CHEW, GAYLE GRAHN, MARY JUNE AUSTIN. Standing ore JIM STEFFY, JOHN PICKINS, chairman, BILL SPENCER, JOHN BEALTIE, PETE BRIX, KARL ATWOOD 35 asu vsf comm i ttees Pictured here are the girls responsible for the Cabaret Dances. Seated is CHERYL BUSEY, choirman. Standing are GAIL BOUCHER, publicity, NORMA GEHRES, entertainment, and THERESA KRASHNER, decorations. Seated in front of his Homecoming Activities committee is CHUCK BURGES. In row one are GWEN EVANS, BEATA SEIBOLD, advisor, JUDY ELWELL. In row two ore WENDY DOWNIE, BILL HUNGERFORD, JERRY RYLES, SANDY STOWELL. Standing are TED MESCHER, PETE SOBICH, DAVE HUGHBANKS, BILL DUBOIS Seated is PAT HREHA, Hubbub editor. Her stoff pictured here are SARA McCLELLAN, JOAN SIGVARTSON, BOB BEVAN, PAT MOSER, ANNA- DEAN NOHL, KAREN BENNERSTROM. 36 These committee chairmen planned the annual Home- coming Dance. Seated are SALLY HAWKES, decora- tions; WENDY DOWNIE, general chairman; ROBERTA HAGIST, assistant chairman; KAY McLAREN, secretory. Standing ore DICK PATRICELLI, intermission; ANN BIRKENMEYER, decorations; SHARENE RANDELL, pro- grams; JOHN WATSON, business manager. Counting their money are members of the campus chest committee. Pictured from left to right are JOHN COLLIS, LYNN MOLZAN, SALLY SOFTKY, CAMILLE CLARK, DICK CARLISLE, BILL BELCHER, JIM BAKEMAN. Not pictured is NANCY DREW, Angel Wing, formerly called Air Force Sponsors, is responsible for boosting the morale of the Air Force ROTC. For their own enjoyment members took field trips to Air Force installations. Seated in front are squadron commanders GLEE PERKINS, PEGGY HODGES, SHARON FOVARGUE, ELLEN MOSES. In row two ore MUFFY SKARPERUD, direc- tor of operations; RUTH PIERCE, adjutant; SHEILA CALLARMAN, commander; CAPT. R. W. FLOYD, advisor; LOY HARVEY, comptroller; ANN TRIMBLE, director of material. In row three ore SHARON MICHAELSON, CAMILLE CLARK, JEAN MYERS, MARY CERNETIG, JOAN WALTON, GENIE CAMP- BELL, SHARON GREENE. In the bock row are BONNIE BILYEU, LEA SCHEGOLKOV, SHARON ABNEY, SYLVIA TUTTLE, ROWENA SCHLEGEL, NANCY SPADAFORE, KATHY CROUCH, NANCY GUSTAFSON. Not pictured ore GAYLE MYERS, executive; CAROL HEMPLY, director of personnel; CAROL CLOUSTON, information services officer; CHERYL BUSEY, NANCY DREW, JEAN GRAHAM, BONNIE OLSON, NELSIE PERSSON, MADELEINE SCHIESSL. r% 0% Under the direction of NANCY SPADAFORE, these girls did clerical work for Hub activities Row 1 : JOAN ROMSTEAD, NANCY SPADAFORE, BARBARA HARRIS. Row 2: ILA RUUD, JANET POWERS, SANDRA DAHL, LINDA HULTZ, JOAN SIGVARTSON Row 3: SUE THURSTON, JUDY SCHOMER, SARA McCLELLAN. These committee chairmen planned and monaged the annual High School Leadership Conference held last fall. Seated ore LYNN MATHESON, chair- man, JEAN HANSEN, DIANE CARPENTER. Standing ore PHYLLIS HOFFMAN, MAL SWANSON, DICK BRAUN, Those not present for the picture were DIANE MILLER, JACK CHILLER, SANDY BLANTON, MARILEE POWELL, BEV WEB STER, BARBARA CARLGREN, PAT CONNOR, BONNIE SCATES, DEBBY JOHNSON. Seated around the table ore members of the judiciary com- mittee which decides coses involving infractions of ASUW rules. Left to right ore CAROLYN SHERRY, MARILYN PATON, DICK NELSON, L. V. RIEKE, Law School Repre- sentative, BOWEN KING, LAUREN DONALDSON, Faculty Representative from Board of Control. Not pictured is TOM LOFTUS, chairman. These receptionists wi tions, keep up the Uni in room 214 HUB to answer ques- iity clipping scrapbook and organize the out-of-town newspapers kept in the lobby of the Hub. Seated are JANICE KREGER, DENYS RICHARDSON, assistant choirmon, ROBERTA HAGIST, chairman, and MINNIE HARRIS, advisor. Standing ore LORETTA GRIFFITH, TINA ELLERO, KAY DANIELSON, LENORE DAMBRES, LUCY PULLEN, JUNE RAN TALA, BETTY CLANTON, KAREN JENSEN, KENET FULLER. asuv committees Seated on the lawn are the students responsible tor last summer ' s open house, PAT CONNOR, KERRY McMAHAN, PAT FABRICK, JANET ALTON, STORM JOBS, chairman. Not pictured were ANN BIRKENMEYER, RITA JOHNSON, NORMA WELLS. Flanked by the women on his committee is DON BRODIE, LJniversity Prevue chairman. To the left is SHARENE RANDELL, and VAL HENNING is on the right. Standing are BRITTA FOLLIS, CAROLYN HILLIER, KAREN QUICKSTAD, DIANE CARPENTER and JOAN MJELDE. Not pictured are JIM SERVIZI, DAVE MILBURN, FRANK SULLIVAN, LEA SCHEGOLKOV. JERRY RYLES, Homecoming Publicity chairman, tacks up a poster with the assistance of DICK CORNILS and PETE MILLER. Not pic- tured are CAMILLE CLARK, RENA BAKER, CARL WIECHERT. Pictured here are members of the Notional Students Associotion. Seated are PEDIE HOWARD, KAY LEIVESTAD, BONNIE SEARLES. Standing are JON HOEN- HOUS, BOOTH GARDNER, DAVE HUGHBANKS, EMORY BUNDY, PENNY STOUT. 39 asu w committees These girls schedule displays for the showcoses in the Hub. They are MARY JACOBSEN, ANN MASSIE, chairman, SUSAN WOOD. Not pictured are KAREN SHAFFER, NANCY ANDERSON, MARY SHEPHERD. Pictured here ore the students who planned the ASUW Christmas party. In the front row ore JUDY ELLIS, BONNIE SCATES, MARGOT DAVID, ERLA RING, chairman, JIM COOK, ARLENE NESS, ARETA HURLEY, GARY STEINER. In the back row are JOHN PEYTON, JOHN McANULTY, LARRY DENENHOLZ. These boys ore members of the ASUW Talent Pool committee which arranges entertainment for campus programs. From left to right ore TOM WARREN, BOB ARMSTRONG, chairman, DARRYL BOTTEN. Not pictured was SUE WATKINS. These students conducted interviews for activities bureau. Row 1: SANDRA FINGOLD, BEV SAX, PAULA HAMM, LINDA MASON, ADRIENNE NORRIS, KATIE COLBY Row 2: GARY REES, WALT FOX, LOWELL HANSEN, JIM WHITE, DOUG ALLMON, LYNN BARTSCH, PAT HEALEY. Row 3: PAT ROBINSON, chairman, RITA JOHNSON, DIANE MILLER, JEAN GRAHAM, PATTY STEERE, LYS- BETH BLODSOW, JIM COOK. asu v com m i ttees Pictured here are members of the Student Organizations Committee. In the front row are PATTY STEERE, chairman, and DIANA BANKS- In the back row ore DICK HAWES and BOB HONK. Campus Guides in the front row are RAELENE GOLD, BETTY MOFFin, JOAN ROMSTEAD, MARY ELLEN CLARK. Row 2: CHARLOTTE BAILEY, LYNNE RUS- SELL, BONNIE SCATES, chairman, CAROL VINING, KAY McCLEERY, secre- tary. Row 3: MARCIA QUICKSTAD, PATRICIA NESHEIM, DAVE ROBISON, ANN McMEEKIN, SUE GIVENS. These students on the United Nations Mode! Delegation Steering Committee ore HEATHER WILLIAMS and MARGIE JOHNSON in the front row and JERE BUNN, chairman, DOUG PETERS, ED COYLE in the bock. The Finance and Budget Committee supervises ASUW expendi- tures. Members seated in front are JOE SCHIEBEL, DICK LEON, DICK BYINGTON. In the second row are GEORGE BRIGGS, J. GORDON GOSE, chairman, CHUCK OWENS, MILDRED GELLER- MAN. In the bock row are BOB STEINER, NELSON WAHLSTROM, PHILIP CARTWRIGHT, DON ANDERSON, LAUREN WALKER, CLYDE ROBINSON, GENE PIERCE. asu w com mi ttees These students planned and organized the United Good Neighbors campaign on campus. Left to right are ANNETTE GERRY, secretary; BLANCHE DEEP- ROSE, DON COLE, SHARON SCHWINDT, MARGIE JOHNSON, chairman. Not pictured is EMORY BUNDT. jM Ik eJ B ft ' ' ll m pp yi m The Hub Dance committee plans and decorates for the Hub Fridoy-night dances. In row one ore CONNIE RICHARD, chairman, HOWIE IVERSON, DON McKECHNIE, DAVE FRUIT, CURT TENZLER. In row two are SALLY FABRI, CONNIE CADRANELL, PAT ROB- INSON, secretary, RATI KEAGLE, CAROL DOWNS, MARILYN BROWN, DARLENE CAMP- BELL, BONNIE BLACK. In row three ore LORETTA BROWN, NANCY GASCH, BEnY BAT- RACK, NANCY NEDWED, ANN FISHER, MARY ELLEN CLARK. it important |obs of the Health Services con rganizotion of the annual blood bank. Pi. tured in row one ore BONNIE BLACK, secretary, JIM Ma. LEAN, MARCIA GILL. In the second row ore JOHN PICKINS, chairman of the blood bonk, PETE FRANK, DAVID CASS, TOM BROUGHTON, JUDY PETERSEN. 42 This list of houses must have struck the funny bone of members of the Conference Housing commit- tee who find lodging for students attending con- ferences on this campus. Pictured are DEBBY JOHNSON, chairman, LEE STRAUSS, LYNNE RUSSELL. Pictured here ore the studenti who managed campus elections. In row one are PAT KELLY, SHARI SCHALO, SARAH MacRAE, MICKI LAGEROUIST, MARY LEE NEIL. In row two are PAT LOWRY, GENE HAMMERMASTER, KEN McGHEE, DICK CORNILS, CAROL LANDON. i ' n j ' I -JaJs sJJ ni f or e nsics Professor GALE RICHARDS explains the fine points of affirmative speaking to his group of campus debaters. Forensics at the University of Washington is sponsored jointly by the ASUW and Depart- ment of Speech. Any undergraduate who is in- terested and eligible to participate in ASUW activities can take part in the program. ASUW recognizes participation in discussion and de- bate by subsidizing the year ' s activities and by awarding an activity key to each person who completes a satisfactory year ' s work with the squad. These students of forensics are shown as they try a round- table discussion. Pictured from left to right are MARGO WAID, R. C. GARY, CAROL ANN NEISESS, JEAN LOW, RICHARD KING, assistant debate coach, JOE KARPACH. Shown practicing a mock debate are ED HENKEN, HARMON, DICK REHIG, CLAIR KELLER. 43 GENE PIERCE, ASUW a.:eountar,. ' : : task of keeping the books for studti mentol 3tions. MILDRED GELLERMAN, Program Supervisor, assisted CHUCK OWENS in planning ASUW activities. MARIAN HENNESY, m her second year at the Univer sity, spent many industrious hours as Hub Food Director From his office in 205 Hub, CHUCK OWENS, manage of ASUW activities, directed student programming. 44 Although her official position is Progrom Secretary, MABEL McCORMACK is known to the students as a cheerful storehouse of facts. ASUW Publications Manager CLYDE ROBINSON super- vised the Daily, Tyee, Columns, and other student pub- lications. asuw advisors JIM OVERLOOK. Assistant Manager of the Hub, moke sure the building is operated efficiently. LORRAINE BRISTOW, Assistant Personnel Man- ager, interviews applicants for Hub jobs and supervises employees. MINNIE HARRIS advised Publicity Area and supervised general publicity for the ASUW. GEORGE HARDING, in his first year as an ASUW advisor, super- vises AMS activities, OA, and the freshman and sophomore classes. MARGARET FARWELL, also serving her first year as ASUW advisor, is in charge of elections, social rules and regulotions. Activities Bureau, AWS standards and song fest. ■■■1 ' U-— - m Sk iS l • ■ H BEATA SEIBOLD advised Arts and Crafts Area, Dance Area, International Area, AWS executive board, activities council, and fashion board. Homecoming activities and conference housing. 45 athletic administration JOHN THOMPSON, as manager of the news ser directs publicity for the athletic department. GEORGE BRIGGS, Director of Athletics, takes a moment to relax from his duties as manager of University sports. IVAN TRAVIS has served the University faithfully for thirteen years as Athletic Business Manager. As Auditor, ROBERT STEINER is in chorge of purchas- ing, accounting, insurance, and the maintenance of the physical plant. 46 JAMES WILEY is Assistant Athletic Administrator. DAYLE HOAGLAND lends feminine charm to the athletic administration as administrative assistant. a ws jean ov Under the leadership of president Jean Low, the Associated Women Students planned activities to give service to the University and community and to provide an opportunity for individual grov th of all its members. Three conventions last spring gave the officers many ideas for their program which began with the annual AWS check-in. Important projects for the AWS were working for the Orthopedic Hos- pital and orphanage and setting standards for the women on campus. Besides directing AWS activities, Jean was a mem- ber of Totem Club, W-Key, Board of Control, and Delta Gamma sorority. Last year she gained first- hand knowledge of AWS as its secretary and as a member of its council. a ms chuck mertel This year, headed by Chuck Mertel, the Associated Men Students sponsored University Hockey Night, the annual Fist Fest, and an intramural open house. T hey also added a full-time female secretary to their office staff. Jointly the AMS and AWS conducted a workshop for their chairmen and officers and spon- sored the scholarship banquet in December and Parents Weekend this spring. Like Jean, Chuck learned about the group he heads by being its secretary last year. Besides guiding the activities of the AMS, he turns out for varsity tennis and is a member of Purple Shield, Oval Club, Big W, and Sigma Nu fraternity. 47 a ws officers Besides her work os AWS vice president, BEVERLY BULLER has an outstanding record of other campus activities as evidenced by her membership in W-Key, Totem Club, and Mortar Board. She also belongs to Pi Lambda Theto and Kappa Alpha Theta sorority. JUDY PETERSEN, although not an AWS officer, has an im- portant job as secretary to the executive board. She is also Panhellenic secretory and lost year was secretory to the AWS cabinet and council. Judy is a member of W-Key, Totem Club, and Alpha Phi sorority. JUDY ERKEN, as AWS tr nancial situation. She is a Delta Delta sorority. osurer, guides the AWS fi- nember of W-Key and Delta BARBARA BARTROFF, recording secretary, is also a member of W Key, Sigma Epsilon Sigma, Mu Phi Ep- silon, and Alpha Delta Pi sorority. Last year she wos AWS octivities chairman. On the right is CECILE EVANS, corresponding secretary, who last year advised frosh council and was on the AWS council. Cecile is o mem- ber of W-Key and Kappa Kappa Gommo sorority. AMS Vice-President DICK DAUBERT finds a new use for the Tyee as he ponders new activities for University men. Dick is a member of Oval Club and Beta Theta Pi fraternity. di iMBii aB i Jimiyiiii 1 1 Catching up on the latest doings of the AWS is GORDON RICHARDS, AMS Board Member At Large. He is a member of Bachelors ' Club, the Spirits and Traditions Committee and Delta Kappa Epsilon fraternity. AMS money-keeper DON DAHLGREN also holds the reins for Bachelors ' Club. He is a member of Alpha Delta Phi fraternity. Pictured in their usual haunt ore SARA COMINGS, BOB KARR and NANCY RAUH. Sara, AMS secretary- receptionist fall quarter, is chairman of Guppies and a member of W-Key, Rally Girls, Silver Fish and Alpha Phi sorority. Bob is secretary to the AMS Executive Board and a member of Program Panel and Alpha Delta Phi fraternity. Nancy, who took over Sara ' s du- ties winter quarter, is active in the YWCA and is a member of Gamma Phi Beta sorority. a m s officers The moil must go through, and PHIL GALLAHER, AMS sec- retary, completes his end of the bargain. Phil is o member of Oval Club, Purple Shield, High School Relations Commit- tee and played varsity football. He is a member of Phi Gam- ma Delta fraternity. 49 CONNIE BERNER, Activities JERRY BUSHNELL, Community Service JOAN CHATALAS, Parents Weekend GLADYS COWAN, Higti School Relations NEVA FULLER, Games Area ANNEnE GERRY, Vocational Conference SHARON GREENE, Hub Decorations JANET GREWE, Scholarship Banquet MARY GUNDERSON, History JULIE HENKE, Social Education MARILYN ISENHATH, Constitut BARBARA JEFFRIES, Football Cou avis council MARGE KEELER, Standards BARBARA LOCKNAME, Gracias Forty NOT PICTURED; JUDY MASLAN, Frosh Coun SARAH MacRAE, Elections DIANE MILLER, Elections Banquet JOYCE MORGAN, House Announcements MARILYN PATON, Concerts il ia f f% GLEE PERKINS, Coed Canteen SHARENE RANDELL, May Day TERRI SCOTT, Art Posters SHARI SCHALO, Fashion Board LEA SCHEGOLKOV, Orientation Vr 50 w hk STEVE ANDERSON, Athletics ARLAN BERGESEN, Fist Fest BOB BeVAN, Vocational Conference JOHN BURGESS, Parents Weekend DON COLE, High School Relations DICK CORNILS, Elections Banquet FORD DUNTON, Gomes Area BOOTH GARDNER, Social Educotic PAT HEALEY, Activities Bureou ams advisory board BOB KARR, Program Panel KEN LANGTON, Social Rules and Regulation JOHN LISTER, AWS Standards Representati PAUL MEYER, Community Service ART PEDERSON, Scholarship Banquet JOHN REID, AMS Publications BOB STOWELL, Elections ROY STROM, Art Poster FRANK SULLIVAN, University Prevue a v s committees These hard-working gals serve the AWS as members of the Coed Canteen Committee. In row one are DELORES SHARP, Chairman GLEE PERKINS, Secretary BARBARA FRANKS and JUDY ELSTON. In row two are SHIRLEY WOECK, KATHLEEN LINDQUIST, PAT LINN, MARGO WAID and SHIRLEY WELLS. Not pictured are ROSALIE BROWN, MARY AUSTIN, LYNNE ZANDER, JANET GILL and JOAN PLUYLAAR. This mass of pulchritude is the AWS Fashion Board. Seated on the floor ore TIMMIE HEILY and CAROL CHRISTENSEN. On the davenport ore GRETCHAN DAVIS, Chairman SHARI SCHALO, SALLY BERGREN, MARILYNN PARRISH, and CARO- LYN JONES. Standing are ANN HULL, ROBIN VIDGOFF, IRENE TEILLY, PAIGE DEMING, MARY LEWIS, SHARENE RANDELL, MARIAN ETTER, SHARI REDLINGER, SUZANNE WEISFIELD, and JOYCE MORGAN Working in their usual hount are the members of the AWS Hub Decorations Committee. Chairman SHARI GREENE peeks over the shoulders of MARILYNN CLARK, JANET WILSON, SHARON SCHROEDER, SHARON SANDS and JEANETTE PRIVAT Representatives from each living group compose the AWS Frosh Council which meets each week to plan freshmen activ- ities and get freshman girls interested in campus activities. In the front row are MARIAN MATHESON, JUDIE MERICA, PEGGY URIE, VAL HOUBREGS. Seated are KAY McCLEERY, GINGER BLACKBURN, DELORES GUMMOINT, President LOY ANN McGHEE, Secretary ANNEnE WILLEH, Chairman JUDY ASLAN, SANDRA PETELLIN and ANNETTE RYKUS Standing ore BARRIE CLARKE, KAY DANIELSON, ANN ERICKSON, DELORES SHARP, LINDA EASTHAM, JUDY TJOSSEM, MARY JANE WEEMAN, MARIE WECKER, GIVEN LEWIS, BOBBIE VENERDI. 52 a ws com mittees Gathered here are the girls who sold football corsages this fall. Seated are BARBARA SHERWIN, BARBARA JEFFRIES, SHEILA DOLAN, PEGGY HODGES. Standing are GERI SUR- RIDGE, JUDY FELCH, LOUISE CASEY, AUDREY WADE. Under the direction of BARBARA LOCKNANE, these girls planned and prepared the annuo! Gracios Party for AWS officers and committee members. In row one are MARILYN HEDBERG, KENET FULLER, BARBARA LOCKNANE, SHARON DILLON, WYNNE GRAHAM. Behind them ore NANCY HOD- SON, MADELINE PAUL, THALIA LENTGIS. CAROL CLARK was not present for the picture. This group, known as the AWS Standards Executive Com- mittee, is composed of MARCIA JONES, ALYCE TAYLOR, AMS Representative JOHN LISTER, MRS. LEE, MRS. CHAP- LER, MARGARET FARWELL, SUSAN HUMMEL, Secretary DIANE CARPENTER and Chairman MARGE KEELER. Not pic- tured were JEAN LOW, BEV BULLER, CAROLD LINDSTROM, JOANNE MYERS ond ANN MAGNUSON. These girls planned the AWS assembly tor Freshman Pre- view and prepared the booklet PAULA HAMM holds. Also pictured are MARLI JANSSEN and LEA SCHEGOLKOV. Not pictured was SHARON LAFFERTY. 53 4V;fe " " ! r ft These boys were responsible for planning this year ' s AMS Fist Fest. Pictured ore GARY BOYKER, PETE MILLER, ARLAN BERGESEN, ED BARKER and MARV LEVINSON. Not pictured were CHUCK SWANSON, DAVE AUSTIN and JESS BROWNING. a ms m i tte es FRANK SULLIVAN and DON COLE look over the program for Fresh Prevue which they helped to plan. Along with PAUL WINE- MAN, they were responsible for the AMS assembly presented during this orientation Posing with the ping pong trophy are members of the AMS Athletic Committee. Pictured are STEVE ANDER- SON, chairman, GENE JENSEN, GRIFF HOPKINS, LEX GAMBLE. 54 a vsf s- a ms CO m m ittees These students supervised the AMS-AWS elections winter quarter. Seated are SHARI SCHALO, BOB STOWELL, SARAH MacRAE, JANE NORBERG. Standing are JOAN NELSON, DICK COR- NILS, BOB BRADY, BOB SCHINDLER, HENRY NEWTON, DIANE MILLER. Shown here ore members of the committee doing publicity for the AMS. In row one ore BOB KARR, GLORIA STAMO- LIS, NANCY RAUH, PHIL GALLAHER. In row two ore BOOTH GARDNER, FRANK SULLIVAN, DON COLE, CHUCK MERTEL. This committee planned May Day 1956. In the front are JOHN EASLEY, Chairman NANCY STENDER, BILL DUBOIS. Behmd them ore MARGE HOLETON, PEDIE HOWARD, VIRGINIA WHITEHEAD, SHARENE RAN- DELL. JUNE ROGERS was not present for the picture. 55 a m s - a ws committees These students planned the annual AMS-AWS scholarship banquet. Squatting in front are Cochairman ART PEDERSEN and RON STAN. Seated are VICKI BEAUDRY, Cochairman JANET GREWE and BRITTA FOLLIS. TERRI SCOTT, JIM Mac- LEAN, LYNN MOLZAN, BEATA SEIBOLD, GORDON WIN- SHIP, LARRY CREVIN and GLEE PERKINS stand in back. Gathered around their chairman ore members of the High School Relations Committee. Seated are GLADYS COWAN, Chairman DON COLE and PAT WILCOX. Standing ore MIKE STERN, CAROL PIERSON, SALLY BERGREN, DARYL BURKE. Not pictured were TOM DAVIDSON, DON WICK, BILL Mc- CULLOCH, JOAN MJELDE. Members of the Community Service Committee assisted with such pro|ects as reading for the blind, CARE and the March of Dimes. Pictured ore JERRY BUSHNELL, BETTY LINDBLOM SHIRLEY DAVIS, PAUL MEYER, JOAN ROMSTEAD, MARCIA QUICKSTAD, PAT KRAUSE and KAY DUR- KEE. Not pictured are PAT OWENS, LYNN PICKERING, MILDRED RESKI KAY WEST NANCY WHITTLES, PAT SMITH. 56 The Social Education Committee supervises other AMS-AWS Committees and stimulates enthusiasm for them. Pictured from top center around to the right are LOY ANN McGHEE, WENDY DOWNIE, BOB MEHUS, LARRY DENENHOLZ and Cochairman JULIE HENKE. Not pictured were Cochairman BOOTH GARDNER, KEN LANGTON and DAVE HUGH BANKS a ms - a ws CO m m ittees These girls are responsible for the many posters requested by campus groups. Pictured are KAY STEVENS, Chairman TERRI SCOTT, MARGIE BARTON, KAY DANIELSON, TWINK GOSS. Not pictured were DONNA ABLITT, COLLEEN SODEN, MARIAN LOWE, SUE THOMPSON. Under the direction of JOHN BURGESS and JOAN CHAT- ALAS, these students planned Parents Weekend. In front are ANNE CHRISTOFFERSON, SYLVIA HOWICK, JEAN CROP- LEY. In row two are JOAN ROTTLE, JOAN CHATALAS, JOHN BURGESS, JUDY JACKSON, ROBERTA HUMPHREY. In back ore MARGE HOLETON, DARRYL BOTTEN, JOHN PAINE, AL BIDWELL, DICK CORNILS, MICKI LAGERQUIST, SHARI GREENE. Cochoirmen DICK CORNILS and DIANE MILLER directed these students as they planned the AMS-AWS Elections Ban- quet. In row one are DICK ROBINSON, DIANE MILLER, DICK CORNILS, JOHN HIGBIE. In row two ore MITZI HAGIST, RON STAN, LUCY PULLEN, MIKE KIGHT, LLOYD BERRY, SHERRY JENKINS, GERRY HUBE. Members of the Vocational Conference Committee pictured here ore DON COLE, BOB BEVAN, ANNETTE GERRY, TERRY GOODMAN In row two are LINDA HALLBERG, JANE GILL- HAM, DIANE HOLMKVIST, MARY DOUMIT, FAY HANSEN, LORRAINE BRISTOW, advisor. In the bock row are TOM JONES, BILL GREGER, MIKE KIGHT, JUDY HOELSCHER, DONNA THOMAS, LYNN PICKERING. Not pictured were DON WICK, VONIS NOBLE, JERRY HECKER, BILL WHITE. 57 Following the usual rousing campaign for freshman offices, the campaign prediction ■Sonny and Warmer " came true when SONNY MATSON was elected fresh president. Sonny hails from Highline in Seattle where he was student body president. He is a member of Theta Chi fraternity. Huge black records were campaign posters for freshman secretary JUDY COMPTON. Judy was active at Lincoln high school and is now a Roily Girl pledge and a member of Sigma Kappa sorority. fresh man office r s Freshmen Answered the call for Horsfall " when they elected CAROL HORSFALL freshman veep. Carol was Girls Club presi- dent of Queen Anne in Seattle and now is a member of Sil- ver Fish and Kappa Kappa Gamma sorority Trace for Treasurer wu- ih.. su .t-s ful lo,|ui, ut GtRI TRACE. Geri was a song leader at Lincoln m Seattle before coming to the University where she is now a member of Delta Delta Delta sorority. 58 VAL HOUBREGS and BOB FUCK, cochairmen of fresh- man song and stunt, frolic in the snow with PAT TILL- MAN, an outstanding man on frosh crew. Vol, also on the frosh council, is a member of Chi Omega sorority. Bob is a member of Phi Gamma Delta, and Pot is a member of Alpha Sigma Phi fraternity. Basketball stnadouts EARL IRVINE and MARIS ABOLINS sit on either sic MIKE KIGHT who took over as frosh veep winter quarter. Earl, a Phi Delta Theta, also participated in the United Good Neighbors Drive. Mike, another Phi Delta Theta, was on the AMS-AWS elections banquet committee and freshman election patrol. Maris, a member of Theta Chi fraternity, is noted for his high scholarship both in high school and at the University. Remember the snow! Sitting on the Hub ' s snow fort are LOY ANN McGHEE, GAYLE GRAHN and PENNY STOUT. Loy Ann is president of Frosh Council and a member of the Social Education Committee and Gamma Phi Beta soror- ity. Gayle is freshman class publicity chairman, worked on Religious Emphasis Week and is a member of Music Library Committee and Delta Gamma soror- ity. Penny is secretary for NSA and the Student Compensation Committee, a Rally Girls invite, and o member of Guppies. l Trying to moke the TV set w ork are four active frosh Hubbites. DON BENDER turned m an outstanding track record and served Junior Interfroternity Council, while SKIP CAVIEZEL was Junior IFC president, a member of OA, and a chairman for the World Uni- versity Service drive. CAROL DENT, OA secretary, was also chair- man of the frosh Christmas tree, and STEVE HANSELL directed frosh day proceedmgs. Don is a member of Beta Theta Pi frater- nity; Skip, Sigma Phi Epsilon; Carol, Sigma Kappa, and Steve, Sigma Nu. frosh prominents Visiting ANNIE NOHL, ASUW secretary-receptionist, ore DAVE AUSTIN and TOM WARREN. Dave was a frosh football hopeful, a Fist Rest subchoirman, and a member of Phi Delta Theta frater- nity. Annie is a member of Kappa Kappa Gamma sorority, while Tom is a Sigma Alpha Epsilon swimming whiz, a member of Tal- ent Pool Committee, and a member of the committee to bring the model UN conference to Washington. 59 j : ' Sophomore President JACK BERNARD earned membership in Pur- ple Shield for his work on the High School Relations Committee, Gomes Area ond as member of the Tyee Sports stoff in his fresh- man year. This year, besides his presidential duties, he is chairman of the Compensation Evoluation Committee ond a member of Theto Chi fraternity. 60 Class Secretary RON FINLAY was instrumental in organizmg intramurol debate this year. He was also on OA and as a freshman served on Malomutes, Junior Interfroternity Council ond the debote teom. Ron is a member of Phi Sigmo Kappa froternity. sophomore of f i ce r s MARILYN HORNE, class vice-president, lost year worked on the recog- nition banquet and was a Frosh Day subchoirman. She is a member of W-Key and Koppo Alpha Theta sorority. Suiv. yiM.| h. ( l.ilh. IS Tieasurer SALLY HAWKES who was also Home- coming decorations co-chairman, secretary to Oval Clubs secretary, active in soph carnival plans and represented her class on activities bureau. Solly is a member of W-Key and Comma Phi Beta sorority. Pictured here are SHARENE RANDELL, DON COLE, and LYNN MATHESON. Sharene, a Chi O, was May Day chairman and worked on Student Organization and Homecoming. Don was cochairmon of the High School Relations Committee, served on the UGN drive, and belongs to Purple Shield and Sigma Nu fraternity. Lynn, a Kappa, worked on the High School Leadership Conference, Drill Team, and was secretary for the Spirits and Traditions Committee. sophomore prominents These activity-wise sophomores are ADRIENNE NORRIS, LEE COPE- LAND and DOUG PEDERSEN. Adrienne is a member of Activities Bureau, Interviewers Committee, Silver Fish, W-Key, and worked on song and stunt, Lee was cochairmon of soph carnival and is a member of Zeta Beta Tau fraternity. Doug, a Delta LJpsilon, is on Interfroternity Council and was sophomore publicity chairman. CONNIE BERNER, MARILYN HAUGEN and SHARI SCHALO beam for the cameraman as they perch on one of the Hub ' s well-used tables. Connie was AWS activities chairman, secretary to the ASUW Second Vice-President and o member of W-Key and Alpha Phi sorority. Marilyn served on the University Prevue committee and IS active in the YM-YWCA. Shari heads the AWS Fashion Board, was chairman of ASUW-AWS election publicity and soph carnival, and is a member of W-Key and Delta Gamma sorority. HP Hi J ' ' " jhM JJ E ■ » L 4.1 jk ■p s m 1 ■ P ' 5 9 1 w L id| |M W I OB ■ 1 m ■.J " ' J Outstanding sportsters BILL SNIDER and DOUG SMART pause for coffee with GLADYS COWAN, cochairmon of the frosh leadership conference and High School Relations Committees, o member of the AWS Council, OA, and Delto Delta Delto sorority. Bill, a football man, is a member of Theto Chi fraternity, while Doug, who favors basketball, claims membership in Phi Delta Theta. •• Braving the elements of the deans office ore JERRY HAHN, NANCY SPADAFORE and DAVE BALLAINE. Jerry is an officer of I.F.C. end a member of Purple Shield and Sigma Alpha Mu fraternity. Nancy, a Gamma Phi, wos chairman of clericol staff and o member of W-Key. Dove, a crew man, was cochairmon of the frosh leadership conference and a member of Purple Shield and Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternity. Seeking entrance to the ASUW office is Junior Closs Presi- dent JERRY DAVIS. Jerry directed the Hungarian drive, was president of Purple Shield and is o member of Alpha Epsilon Delto, pre-med honorary. Oval Club and Phi Gommo Delta fraternity. junior officers Class Vice Piesident LINDA BIRD, Daily staff member, also worked on Activities Bureau and song and stunt. She is a member of Gamma Alpha Chi, advertising honorary, W-Key, Totem Club and Kappa Kappa Com- ma sorority. BARBARA BYE, class secretory, spent most of her time staging lunic pioiecis and interviews. She is a member of Pi Beta Phi sorority. SHIRLEY GREEN, treosurer, was also W-Key President and worked on the Spirits and Traditions Committee. She is a member of Sigma Epsilon Sigma and Delta Delta Delta sorority. 62 Descending the stairway are LEA SCHEGOLKOV, LOU GELLER- MAN and MICKI LAGERQUIST. Named by Mortar Board as out- standing sophomore girl this year. Lea was president of Alpha Epsilon Delta, treasurer of W-Key, chairman of the ASUW Oper- ations Committee, and a member of Totem Club and Kappa Kappa Gamma sorority. Lou, crew stroke and an S.A.E., was a member of Big W Club, and Varsity Boot Club. Micki was chairman of the frosh elections banquet and worked on Parents Weekend. Planning song and stunt are PAUL WINEMAN, VAL HENNING and GWEN EVANS. Paul was a member of the ASUW fund-rais- ing committee. University Prevue, and Phi Kappa Psi fraternity. Vol was assistant chairman of Program Panel, and a member of Rally Girls, Totem Club and Alpha Phi sorority. Gwen was chair- man of Publicity Area, vice president of W-Key, and is a member of Totem Club and Kappa Alpha Theta sorority. tt ' .- Peering over the rail are SARAH MocRAE and DAVE HUGH- BANKS. Sarah, an AD Pi wos chairman of AWS elections, publicity chairman for the junior class, and a member of Rally Girls. Dave was NSA chairman, chairman of the Vil- lage Band contest and a member of Alpha Sigma Phi fro- ternity. Not pictured was Theta Chi BRUNO BOIN, outstand- ing scholar and basketball star Trying out the elevator ore LINDA HARRIS, ROBERTA HAGIST and EMORY BUNDY. Linda, a Pi Phi, is W Key historian, chairman of the concerts committee and a member of Totem Club. Roberta also a Pi Phi, was co- chairman of junior song and stunt and chairman of Publicity Receptionists. Emory, on S.A.E., was captain of the swim team, treasurer of Big W Club and mem- ber of Oval Club and Purple Shield. junior prom i nents Surveying the Activities Center are PHIL GALLAHER, JULIE HENKE and PHIL BRADEN. Phil Galloher a Figi, was AMS secretary, played varsity football and belongs to Purple Shield, and Oval Club. Julie was secretary of W-Key and a member of Totem Club and Gamma Phi Beta sorority. Phil Broden, chosen Oval Club ' s outstand- ing sophomore, was president of Purple Shield, Track Manager, and o member of Board of Control, Alpha Ep- silon Delta, and Alpha Delta Phi fraternity. 63 ■f COMMUNICATIONS SHARON LEE CAREY filled the position of Associate Editor fall quarter. Shar- on is a member of Alpha Chi Omega Sorority and Theta Sigma Phi. daily ed itors DICK BALDWIN, associate editor spring quarter, grin; in spite of it all! Besides belonging to Alpha Tou Omega fraternity, Dick also is a member of Sigma Delta Chi, and Pi Omicron Sigma. Editor of the Daily was KENT CLARK. Kent has membership in Sigma Delta Chi, Pi Omicron Sigma and Beta Theta Pi fraternity. Spring Quarter Editor, POLLY SHIRLEY poses by the photo lab shoot. She is a member of Theto Sigma Phi, Totem Club and Kappa Delta Sorority. This pleasant looking group of men is the Foil Sports Staff, from left to right, DICK MILLER, BILL LITTLE, ond PHIL SHELTON. VIC BAGNALL ignored ever-present temptations and served as summer quarter Daily editor. JOANNE PATTON labored faith- fully OS summer business man- ager for the Daily. The Winter Sports Staff, GARY BOYKER, GUY FARMER, and ORV BOYINGTON, find their work quite entertaining Mr GEORGE ASTEL is the dustrious advisor of the Do ly. r t€ 1? (r v 66 The Winter Daily Staff looks pleased with the work they did during the quarter, from left to right, first row: SALLY FREEMAN, GINNY WHITEHEAD, JAN HART, PAT CONNOR; second row: PAT LYNCH, NANCY RAMSEY, JEANNIE FOELKNER, DON MULLEN, MIKE NICKEL, DIERDRE RANDALL, TOM STOCKLEY, POLLY SHIR- LEY; third row: ART HOLT, PAT SYLLING and DONNA DeSHAZO. daily staff The Fall Doily Staff attend a staff meeting— from left to right, first row: PAT BURKE, SUE TAYLOR, LINDA BIRD, DONNA HARDING, WANDA SILVERMAN; second row: LEROY NELSON, ART HOLT, MARIAN CARSON, NANCY GANTER, MARIAN HAWKINS, DICK BALDWIN, DONNA DeSHAZO, POLLY SHIRLEY, CAROL CLOUS- TON and ED COYLE. 67 MIKE PERINGER, Daily Business Manager, skims over the Daily in a moment of leisure. Mike is a member of Alpha Delta Sigma, Pi Omicron Sigma, and Beta Theta Pi fraternity. daily busi ness staff Advertising Manager NANCY DREW divides her time between Panhellenic, where she is vice-president, and the Daily, while also being a member of Totem Club and Sigma Kappa sorority. Advertising Manager JIM LEAVITT relaxes mo mentorily at his desk. Jim is a member of Alpha Delta Sigma. Pictured ot a staff meeting are DONNA HARDING, NANCY GANTER, PHIL SHELTON, JIM LEAVITT, MIKE PERINGER, CAROL CLOUSTON, ED COYLE, BILL LITTLE, WANDA SIL- VERMAN, LINDA BIRD, MARIAN HAWKNS ond PAT BURKE. STORM JOBS, Tyee Editor, has a lot to be proud of. Besides putting out a top Annual, she is a member of Totem Club, W-Key and Kappa Kappa Gamma Soror- ity. SHELBY COLLARD who filled the position of Academic Divisio n Editor is also a member of Delta Zeta Sorority and in Junior Keeping up on all the lotest on campus is PAULETTE CHILCOTE ' s job. Editor of the Ac- tivities, she is also a member of Rally Girls and Sigma Kappa Sorority. tyee editorial Lively MARY CERNETIG kept herself busy as Editor of Living Groups and Organizations. She is an Educa- tion Major and a member of Alpha Delta Pi. HI It JIM NEELY took over the Sports Division this year. With plenty of experience behind him, he is qualified to do a good job. He belongs to Theta Chi Fraternity. 69 PAT LARKIN, Season Activities Editor, was kept busy meeting those deadlines, but she had two vivacious assistants, DANNE ELLEN BEIGHLE and JAN LEWIS, to help her. Being Sororities Editor kept ANNE GODEFROY busy night and day. A 9 BY SMITH, Swimming Division Editor, LONNIE WHITNER, Track Division Ed- itor, WENDEL CARLSON, Golf Division Editor, and DAN REITZ, Crew Division Editor, glance at last year ' s Tyee for ideas. tyee DAN BROTHERTON is another sports staff ber. His division is football. CAROLYN ' KOKO ' WEBSTER took over as Fra- ternities Editor, OS her first job on the Tyee staff. She loves to meet men! ESTHER OSBORNE and BARRIE CLARK, Ad- ministration Editor and staff member respec- tively, operate tfie paper cutter. Watcfi those ngers gi Cultural Editor was tfie title of this ambitious girl, LYNN McAllister, a sophomore new to the staff. Staff Left to right, PAT PALMER, THALIA LENTGIS, and DARLENE DIER collected copy and snaps for the Fraternities Section. Responsible for creating and designing the division pages of this years annual ore KAREN QUICKSTAD and MARSHALL JOHNSON. As Editor of the Queen Secti selected ROSALIND YORK as , pert MARCIA REDLINGER assistant. 71 MARYBETH AUSTIN, Seniors Division Editor, and CAR- LA CARTER, staff member, hope to be included in their section some day. LUCY PULLEN, a freshman in Journalism, began her work on the staff as editor of the Government Section. She was assisted by ROGER BROWN, who was also qualified for the |ob. New to the staff this year was DANNE ELLEN BEIGHLE, who be- gan by taking the |ob of Communications Editor. tyee staff Working twice as hard, because she had two jobs, was sophomore MADELEINE O ' NEIL 72 NOT PICTURED are: Lane Johnson Bobbie KImm Anne Lamont Joan Seorles Virginia Cunninghonr Rosemary Barton Business Manager JEAN MYERS coordinated the finances, page reservations, and supervised the ad selling for the yearbook. This busy sophomore was also active in Rally Girls and W-Key. Supplying the staff for the many activities of the business office was the job performed by SANDY WHITEHEAD. This sophomore Kappa Delt also worked on the Publications Committee as Tyee representative. tyee business staff 0i i i BHiBvvv w Billing, telephoning and indexing were some of the jobs handled by the office stoff. Peering over Jean ' s shouldler, they are, from left to right: SUE SCHUMAN, JANE MaclNTOSH, DARLENE DIER, JERRI CRESSY, DOUG LOVEJOY and SANDY WHITEHEAD, 73 Staff, MARSH JOHNSON, DORIS KUBOTA, DAVE STRONG, DIER- DRE RANDALL and ROSS WAR- NEK must be reading a |oke. columns editorial staff Editor ROSS WARNEK prepc model for a photographer. 74 Managing Editar DAVE STRONG, Editor ROSS WAR NEK, and Associate Editor BILL SPENCER are serious about that serious magazine. KEN McGHEE, Business Manager of Columns, gets great pleasure from the literary content of tfie mogo- SUE TAYLOR and DICK MILLER, ad salesmen, ob- viously don ' t hove their minds on selling ,! EVIE HAMILTON, in charge of public rela- tions, really had a job on her hands. columns business staff NOT PICTURED; FRANK DEAN, Ad Manage JO AN SEARLES, circulation man- ager, ond VIRGINIA CUNNING- HAM, on the circulation staff, ore garbed in Columns stickers — loyal, aren ' t they? LYSBETH BLEDSOE and CAROL LAMPE, od salesman and office manager respectively, appear jovial about the situation at hand. 75 ;? BOB PETERSEN, Photo Lob chief of staff, was kept busy with Tyee orders. He got so used to holding the camera that he couldn ' t put It down even to hove his own picture taken. BOB CARLEY adjusts the camera fo studio sitting. photographers PHIL BLOCK shows us all that is needed to get a picture taken. I - 76 CORNELIUS ROOT, better known as Corny, wos director of photography until his death m a plane crash last December. Popular among both faculty and students, he served all three ASUW publicotions. GARY MILLER, a member of Kappa Sigma fraternity, " checks " a picture. CHRIS 5UBLETT prepares the ne- cessities for his photographing. BILL DOWNEY replaced Corny as director of the Photo Lab. He served on the staff several years ago. Administrative officials arrange equipment in the new studio. BILL DOWNEY, BOB PETERSEN, and JIM SNEDDON supervise the actions of the other photog- raphers. STAN HALVARSON, a Kappa Sig, is new on the photographer staff. Let ' s hope he didn ' t drop it. Sports, Aloskah Sd Lions-Salmon. " Now wait a minute, " cries CECIL MOR- RISON, as we rush him to get a picture Besides furnishing photos for ASLJW publications, RONNIE LOPP serves os biologist and photographer for the Fisheries Research Institute. 77 JIM MURI, assistant operations manager, takes over the controls for a demonstration. radio JULIAN MacDONALD, HARRY CHRISTEN- SEN, CLEO BEDFORD, BARBARA SNIDER, and ERIC BREMNER appear to be involved in listening and watching. CLINT HOWARD, JIM MURI, SOL TACHER, CARRIE ELLEN LANGLIE, and CYRENE KEYES don ' t look to upset at the prospect of doing a little ' work ' ? ■■| found it, " SOL TACHER cries de- lightedly, as SHELBY SCHUCK and KEN BRANDT search for other records. KEN KAGER holds a staff meeting with MARIE FOX, JIM MURI, KEN BRANDT, and CLINT HOWARD. EDWARD McDEVITT ond JOHN KO MEN ore those ■ ' personable " an- nouncers " you may hear over KUOW, 79 Lights! Camera! Action! Students prac- tice in the control room putting on a TV production. television Are you ready? Look here please! NO SMOKING " Five, four, three, two, one. " " You ' r 3n. " " Let ' em roll. " 80 K ' i ,1 • • • .1 i 5 — - T 1 r ' v f ■ 1 iift»- • . ' t- ' ■ . •. J i T- t-5 r ii?! ' i5 . ' . ' ; ' •- ' 10tii :i " ' FA LL ACTIVITIES Freshmen LARRY CARPP and LARRY IBSEN begin fall quarter at the regis- tration window with MRS. CARMEN. freshmen register Fall " rushees " receive a at the Sigma Kappa ho 82 The Chi Psi ' s welcome prospective " brothers " at one of their rushing parties. and rush Puzzled JERRY AVERVELL takes advan- tage of one of the University ' s con- venient sign posts. Buying their traditional compare their head gea beanies, the frosh university prevue and frosh nite Members of the Class of ' 60 quench thei thirst during Frosh Night Activities. Climaxing the University P Frosh Dance in the Hub Ball 83 f rosh elect officers As the election rally began the candidates were introduced to the student body. Campaigners listen eagerly to the candidates as they hopefully present their platforms. . . Wl 1 r » rr-f- r-; A ' A. V 5«»i ?, - . ' i; Not content to carry signs and wear campaign buttons, these boys wore kilts in honor of their candidate. garb day features foresters Garb Day is the biggest Autumn Quarter event in the hfe of a competition and fun loving forestry student. Behaving in the true spirit of Paul Bunyan, the rugged foresters compete in everything from beard-growing and log-sawing to tree-climbing and tug-of-war. Log rolling, too, is a featured event of Garb Day and this year the lady loggers got a chance to show their remarkable talent at the an- ci ent art. Climaxing the day ' s numerous competitive events is the famous Loggers ' Brawl at which the foresters and their fair ladies gaily dance away the last hours of Garb Day. Because Garb Day is one of the most colorful stu- dent sponsored events on campus it was chosen as one of the featured University of Washington activ- ities to be shown on N.B.C. ' s portrayal of the " American Campus " on the Wide Wide World T.V. Show. 85 Royc3l Pudding Beats Waldorf Salad homecoming honors alums The winners of the Homecoming signs this year were the Kappa ' s first in the women ' s division with their " Royal Pudding and Waldorf Salad " theme. Second place was the can-can dancing D.G. ' s. Third place A.D. Pi ' s had a " Tot ' em Out " theme. In the men ' s division Theto Chi was first with a filmstrip being shown. Second place was Z.B.T. ' s playing swing music. The Fiji ' s won third place " Mixing Royal Pudding. " Ace Out the Bears ?! W -tlV( roni A beall b a !)• ' [e 51 vf [ft tftf Words of the ■Alma Mater 86 Ingredients for Royal Pudding Bears Meet the End Zone A Royal Coach Brewing the Bears Swinging in Homecoming 87 ng con Pictured above are the three priz binations of fraternity musicians who competed in the popular Village Band Contest, one of Homecoming ' s most enjoyable events. The are; Delta Chi, first; Zeta Beta Tou, third; and Chi Psi, fourth. Second place winners, the Delts, are not pictured. The cord section, thousand voice choir, and drill team combine to present a kling half-time spectacle, honoring U. alums and depicting the big events history of Washington ' s college years the band and drill team form a pe sign on the field while the choir " There ' s Going To Be A Great Day ' the card section spells out CRASH, bring bock memories of the Stock M Crash. 3f W. n the and hey arket 88 Queen ROSEMARY ANDERSON greets the huge crowd of dancers assembled at the Civic Auditorium for the final " big " night of another wonderful Homecoming. international banquet emphasizes unity International Banquet has as its primary purpose the bringing together of men and women who represent many cultures, lan- guages, and religions. With this purpose in mind, the aim of the banquet is to form friendships that will last and bind nations of the world together. 89 u vsf solicits aid for Hungarians Students get final instructions as they pledge the aid to support the Hungarian students. With support from the radios, newspapers and people of Seattle, students from the University of Washington collected $1 9,01 1 .27, helping to show the Hungarian students that they have our support. Leaving Meany Hall, students head for cars as the " Students fo Hungary " drive begins. These students are getting money contoir door-to-door soliciting. Dps and stickers which wtll identify the they go 90 U VSf sponsors drives Students have their blood types taken before donating bic Student cooperation in the blood drive made it a biq sue KAREN JENSEN, was identified as mystery girl of the Nickle Hop, Proceeds went to the Campus Chest fund. All over campus the night of the Nickle Hop, boys travel to Wom- en ' s Living Groups. 91 campus ca n d ids Look, Mo, no hands! " " " e Wheels at Work There goes this month ' s allowance 92 Doing research in the libn Puddle or pool? o 13 1 956 football 94 huskies 53 vandals 21 od c°° . D R ' ro e Washington ' s Huskies playing their first game under Coach Dar- rell Royal exploded for eight touchdowns as they ran up an im- pressive 53-21 victory over the Idaho Vandals in a Pacific Coast Conference game at the UW Stadium. Washington held a 13-0 lead at the quarter and a 34-14 margin at the half. By the end of the third quarter the Huskies increased their lead to 47-21. Washington ' s left halfback, Luther Carr, ram- bled around for 99 yards in 1 1 carries to lead the UW boll pack- ers. Al Ferguson firmly established himself as a field general by snapping off seven straight completed passes until he finally missed and called it a day. And that ' s the way the gome ended — 53-21. But Saturday ' s in- augural was certainly a tremendous show: eight touchdowns, 613 yards of total offense, Carr ' s 99 yards. Green ' s 71 yards. Her- ring ' s 62 yards, and Ferguson ' s 7 for 8 and total offense of 185 yards. That ' s pretty good even if it was done running against the wind. Hos V Coo " 5 ■ huskies 14 gophers 34 Along about the third quarter, some speculators from Minnesota acquired a piece of real estate bounded, north and south, between two Washington tackles. In a word, the Gophers ripped up the middle of the Husky line, scored their third touchdown, and laid back to accept some as- sorted gifts in the form of fumbles and foolish passes. The score, 34-14, as both coaches and players seemed to agree, did not truly reflect the dif- ference in the two teams. But as the losing philosopher of Washington exclaimed, " It ' s like golf— they don ' t ask how. They ask how many. " Minnesota ' s coach had praise for the UW tackles and the rest of the team. Throughout the game, though, the Huskies did produce. McCluskey, Jones and Corr looked great as they blasted the Minnesota tackles for gains of 22, 31 and 10 yards. From the stand- point of entertainment it was a good ball game with plenty of dramatic highlights. BILL SNIDER, qb GEORGE STRUGAR, t MIKE McCLUSKEY, h DEAN DERBY, h huskies 28 illini 1 3 BILL OCHS WHITE Y CORE The Huskies, underdogs by two touchdowns, rose up and sent the fighting Illini home with dulled tomahawk and no scalps. In the statistics column the Huskies proved that the game wasn ' t won purely on breaks. Washington gained 316 yards on the ground while Illinois gathered 226, 1 1 5 of which were gained in the first quarter. Washington halfback Dean Derby played the best game of his college career. His 92-yard gallop on the second play from scrim- mage was the longest launt in Washington history. Derby, a senior from Walla Walla, carried the boll 15 times for 147 yards and a 9.8 average. Another Husky halfback. Bob Herring, also proved his ability and his worth as a starter in Darrel Royal ' s split-T machine. On the Huskies ' way to their second touchdown. Herring caught an Al Ferguson pass good for 1 2 yards and a first down on the Illini 35. Three plays later he turned disaster into joy when he picked up a fumbled pitch- out and raced 10 yards for another first down on the Illinois 22. Washington scored four ploys later. Again in the fourth quarter, Washington scored when Bobby Herring returned a punt to start the drive. Several ploys later Herring crashed over to moke the touchdown. REESE LINDQUIST iS A huskies 20 Oregon 7 LUTHER CARR DON ARMSTRONG Washington ' s football Huskies filled their game bag with Ducks and kept their con- ference record unblemished with their win over the Oregon Webfoots. The Huskies proved again that they could move the ball as they gained 252 yards on the ground against an Oregon defense that had previously held the opposition fo an average of 180 yards rushing per game. Fumbles plagued the Ducks continually. In all, Oregon fumbled 7 times, 5 of which were recovered by the Huskies, in the second quarter the Ducks fumbled on their own 33, and Whitey Core grabbed the pigskin and Washington went 32 yards in 9 plays for the second score of the game. After recovering another fumble on the Duck 47, the Huskies scored again in the fourth quarter. Dick Day, Husky left tackle, recovered 3 Oregon fumbles. JERRY THORNTON huskies 9 trojans 35 The cheers of the small collection of Washington rooters were turned to dismay in a matter of seconds after the game began, but the sun-drenched Huskies held back the Trojan tide during the first half of the game. Washington ' s ground attack moved forward until Luther Carr, who averaged 5.16 yards a carry was stopped inches short of a first down on the USC 17. The big touch of life for the Washington cause was Whitey Core ' s interception of Frank Hall ' s pass, giving a first down to the Huskies. With the help of Derby, Carr went through left tackle for the touchdown. Then with 12 seconds left in the first quarter Derby kicked the extra point and Washington led 7-0. But it was a game that blew wide open in the second quarter. After trading the boll back and forth, the Trojans put together a sustained drive. A Washington fumble put the Trojans in scoring territory, U.S.C. led 9-7 as the half-time gun sounded. The Tro- lans unleashed their full power during the next half. They took advantage of every Husky miscue and we did not stop them until the clock almost ran out. Washington totaled 212 yards and 9 first downs during the game. BOBBY DUNN DUANE LOWELL PAUL WALLROF BOB HERRING " V " « . r» i. m ' -i Ramseier ' ■ huskies 7 bears 16 Washington ' s hard-luck Huskies were smothered under an avalanche of their own fum- bles for the second straight week as they bowed to the California Bears. In the game one fumble lost the Huskies a score and another gave the Bears a touchdown. The first bad mistake came on the Cal one-yard line after a drive from the midfield strip. Ron Wheatcroft jumped on the ball and the scoring threat was ended. Another costly error came in the fourth quarter when a Husky halfback took a bad handoff and the ball squirted into the air. Cal quarterback Joe Kapp speared the pigskin and ran for 56 yards for a California score. The U. of W. was a strong defensive ball club against the Bears. The Huskies held Cal to 131 yards on the ground while they were grinding out 251. In the first downs de- partment Cal had 1 1 and Washington 1 2. The Royal machine stopped the Bears 1 2 out of 16 times while the U. of W. was stopped only 7 out of 16. Ten of Cal ' s 16 poin ts came on breaks. The 29-yard field goal was booted without the aid of a kicking tee which was lost in the exictement on the Cal bench. The other score was of course the fumble which was intercepted for a T.D. The Huskies have a young team and this is probably some of their trouble. Thirteen of the starting twenty- two are sophomores and with experience they should become less erratic. JIMMY JONES, MARV BERGMANN GENE PETERSON DICK PAYSENO RENE BERTHEAU r- Pit i, ; i . ' ? y .; ' -;-wr t ' ' •• ' A t. i ' VS huskies 20 beavers 28 The Oregon State Beavers won another step toward the Rose Bowl when the Huskies dropped their third straigth loss. Earnel Durden scored three touchdowns to spark the Beavers to their fourth straight win in conference play. Oregon State started early in the contest as they took the opening kickoff and marched 83 yards in 14 plays. Tom Berry, Beaver fullback, climaxed the drive by plunging over from the one-yard line. Late in the first quarter Talbot George fumbled on the 1 1-yard line and a second Beaver rally followed. In the second half Washington came back to go 58 yards in 10 plays. Jim Jones made most of the yardage and Jim Thomas went the final eight yards to moke the score 14-7. Midway in the third quarter Oregon State scored again when Durden carried the pig- skin from the 27-yard line. The conversion was wide and the score at the end of the quarter showed 21-13 in favor of the Beavers. In the final quarter the Huskies and the Beavers both made touchdowns to make the final score 28-20. GENE HALLOCK, TALBOT GEORGE AL FERGUSON JACK WALTERS huskies 9 bruins 13 UCLA made good their threat of last year when they stated they would walk over the Huskies. The great Bruin attack made a phenomenal total of 65 yards while Washington made 176 yards to set a school record for yards gained in a single season. The record was made in 1950 when Washing- ton had a season total of 2076 yards for the season. DARREL ROYAL had already bettered this rec- ord to 2109 yards with only two more games to play. At halftime after the Bruins had already gained their distinctive margin of victory the UCLA offensive power gained 24 yards on the ground to the Huskies 102. In the passing department the Bruins com- pleted two for 43 yards while the Huskies completed the same for 57 yards. In game totals the Bruins had 3 of 1 3 for 53 and Washington had 3 of 1 1 for 63 yards. The Bruins proved their ability to move the ball by making 10 first downs. The rain might have hurt the Bruins in the air and on the ground but they were still able to have a good afternoon in the punt- ing department. On one occasion they punted and it landed on the Husky ' s one foot line. The Hus- kies con feel quite proud of the 1 3-9 victory to UCLA. DON McCUMBY, PETE ENG DICK McVeigh BEN HAMMOND ■» ; " i ■mm m smmPoal Une huskies 34 A smiling California sun turned out to be the only happy Cal- ifornian around Palo Alto Saturday as the Huskies from the frozen north chilled Stanford ' s Indians with a 34-13 lesson on how to ploy football. After a shaky start Washington ' s Don McCumby intercepted the ball to score our first Washington touchdown. Dean Derby made it 7-0. Washington started to roll again after the Stan- ford kick-off with Al Ferguson faking out even the TV camera by throwing a bootleg pass to Luther Carr for 16 yards and a first down. Big Jim Thomas hit the line like a cannon shell tak- ing the ball to the Stanford three. Derby then took it over to make the score 1 3-7. Mike McCluskey took the ball over center and Derby ' s kick was good, making the score 20-7 at the half. Indians 13 Stanford took the kickoff and sparked by passing went 84 yards to close the gap 20-1 3. However, not for long. Ferguson looped a pass over the head of a lagging linebacker to Carr who took it across to score. In the last quarter after a drive to the Stan- ford 1 7, Washington gave Dick Peyseno the ball and he romped 14 yards. Green carried it over on the next play for the last touchdown of the game. The final score read Washington 34 — Stanford 1 3. The Huskies could do no wrong Saturday, as they put together what was probably one of their best games this season. JACK SWARTHOUT huskies 40 cougars 26 Washington ' s split-T Huskies scored two quick touch- downs, then went on to beat Washington State in their final football battle of the 1956 campaign. The Huskies scored the first time they got their hands on the ball. Mike McClusky, sophomore halfback, made the first tally. Seconds later Bruce Claridge pounced on a WSC fumble in the enemies ' end zone to score again. The Cougar forward wall and the WSC fans were com- pletely fooled when Al Ferguson faked to Jim Jones and handed off to Dean Derby. WSC fans cheered wildly when Jones was stopped cold, but were less happy when Derby ended up in the end zone with the ball. WSC ' s only first half score was obtained in the second quarter on an aerial from Bunny Aldrich to Bill Steiger. The Huskies increased the score to 34-6 in the third quar- ter with Derby and Dick Payseno picking up the final yardage. Derby scored a total of 16 points during the day to take scoring honors in the PCC for the 1956 sea- son. The Cougars came to life in the fourth period and scored three times. The Huskies ' final score came in the fourth quarter, bringing the final total to 40-26 in favor of Washington. TOM DOWD, senior manager WOODRUFF, head monager. ARTIE BURKE, iunior manager. DICK BALL, GARY DEDERER and JOHN TOR- RANCE, sophomore monogers. f rosh football FRESHMAN NUMERAL WINNERS; Dick Howe Dove Austin Wilbert John; Tom Block Russ Orrell Dick Conrad George Pitt Dennis Cook Bill Schlok Mike Crawford Lee Shellmon Bob Echols Doug Thiel Gary Eilers Don Vizzore Dove Enslow Bob White Carve Gayton Kirk Wilson Kurt Gegner Bill Winter Roy Gorman Don WohHroi Jim Graham Dove Wyrick 105 fall Bowling: Zeta Beta Tau: Front row, STAN SIDELl, HOWARD AD- LER. Back row, ED STERN, AL NEWMAN. Table Tennis; Singles: JAMES TOBE. Swimming: Sigma Alpha Epsilon: Front row, TAFT RING, LOU GELLERMAN, COLE CUMMINGS. Bock row, TOM WARREN, CHUCK QUIST, BOB HUMPHREYS. intram ura Is Table Tennis: Doubles: V.I.S.A.: BEN GREEN, EARL ADAMS. Volleyball: Phi Delto Theto: Front row, BOB BRITT, LARRY DOBBS, JIM BRODERSON. Back row, COLLIN CRUIKSHANK, BILL PROKEN, BOB KABEL, BILL KERRY. Football: Beta Theto Pi: Front row, TOM FISH, RON GRA- HAM, JOHN BELLAMY, MIKE SHERIDAN, GORDY JOHN- SON, CHRIS McDonald. Back row, DAN MICHEL, DON RHODES, BILL MAYS, FRED FLEMING, DICK WESTWALL, BERT DOHERTY. 107 v o men ' s 1957 W. Club: JOYCE SANDERSON, DOROTHY FARNELL, SALLY PATTERSON (Pres.), and SHIRLEY McLAUGHLIN. Another year, and another successful program of activity was enjoyed by the women students of the U. of W. who participated in the sports offered by the Department of Physical Education. The department, under the capable di- rection of Ruth Wilson, offers a wide variety of intramurals and Sports Days to those interested. Skiing, one of the most popular sports at Washington, found the Women ' s Ski Team at Mt. Baker, where they placed third in the Northwestern Ski Competition. Alpha Gamma Delta placed first in intramurals during the Husky Winter Sports Carnival. Sports Days which include everything from the intercolle- giate tennis matches to the invitational hockey meet are regular events. The honorary for women who have been active in sports and have maintained a high scholastic rat- ing is W Club. Modern dance is represented by Orchesis, which is under the direction of Mrs. DeVries. Several performances are pre- sented by this group during the year. Silver Fish, famous for their yearly swim show, is the swimming honorary that works in conjunction with the men ' s Husky Swim Club. Many other activities such as Promenaders are available to the students. This group is made up of students interested in square dancing. The excellent supervision of activities and the students ' re- sponse have helped make the Department of Physical Edu- cation at the U. of W. one of the most outstanding in the country. sports s 1956 W Club: PAT NELSON, SYLVIA NETH, President; PAT THOMSON, BARBARA ROBB, SUSIE SANFORD, BARBARA MILLS, Secretary; MARGE FULTON, LILLIAN CHRISTENSEN and SHIRLEY NELSON. Basketball, Open Club. Intramural winners: JOAN ARMSTRONG, SHIRLEY McLAUGHLIN, NANCY CRAIG, CAROL JOHNSON, GERRY EILERS and BARB CZEBOTAR. Not pictured: ARLENE KRUSE and JOANNE HEPWORTH. Austin Hall, spring bowling champions: MARGARET LAM- SON, high average individual. BARBARA JONES, MARILYN LOVE, BETTY WOGSLAND. Winners, badminton doubles: BETTY V OGSLAND and MARGE FULTON. Winners, badminton doubles: ROSE- MARY SAVAGE and SHARRY SAVAGE. 109 Phrateres, winter intramural bowling: CHARMION ORCHARD, JOANNE HARROP (individual win- ner), and SONJA SODERLIND, Not pictured: NANCY MURPHY. Hockey Club: BARB CZEBOTAR, ARLENE FAY, JOAN ARMSTRONG, FRANCES ADAMS, KATHRYN KNOWLES, JOANNE HARROP, LORETTA MURRAY, DOROTHY FARNELL, SANDY HORNE, CAROL JOHN- SON, SHIRLEY McLaughlin (President), DEANNA TULLIS and MARILYN LEGGEn. Badminton singles: winner, SALLY PATTERSON. vyf omen ' s McKee Hall, Softball winners: SANDRA STONE, JANE KEATLEY, PAT SMITH, BETH JONES, ALICE NOLTE, JAN ZIGLER and EARLENE HETTRICK. Intramural basketball champions. Open Club: ARLENE FAY, SANDRA HORNE, LUCILLE LOWE, LORETTA MURRAY, FRANCES ADAMS, SHIRLEY McLAUGHLIN, JOAN ARMSTRONG, BARB CZEBOTAR, MARILYN LEGGETT. 110 1956 Pacific Northwest Women ' s Intercollegiate Ski Meet, won by the University of Washington. JOYCE MULLEN, SUZANNE FRANZKE, EMELIA- LOUISE KILBY, CAMEON HUGHES and SUZANNE SANFORD Women ' s University Ski Team: KAY Mc- CLEERY, BLANCHE DEEPROSE, ALLEGRA ARKLEY and MARILYN MATTHEWS. sports U. of W. Promenaders demonstrate the wheel and practice routines. - CULTURE the penthouse The Penthouse Theatre (right) is the only one of its kind in the world. Three rows of seats completely surround a circular floor. This unusual setting provides a unique experience for all who attend. drama Wltwr THEITK the showboat The Showboat (left), a picturesque thea- ter on the campus waterfront, is pat- terned after the old-time Showboats of the Mississippi. the playhouse The Playhouse (right), the newest of the university theaters, is noted for its un- usual productions and unique stagings. 113 SEriiit " iB Pv l KJ 9 1 ZmJ K r r | P? F «« i - ;.i-::_ v - | r • - . fc 4 2 J n d i " sd BC K i m The comedy THE TENDER TRAP (left) was directed by Robert Gray. The players were from left to right: REX HENRIOT, JIM CALLAHAN, STEN MANCOU the penthouse The cast in THE GOOD FAIRY included DAVID BYRD, MIKE HEMINGWAY, JUDY JERALD COLLARD, BIL NEWMAN, KAREN WAHL, HENRY HAMMACK. The play was directed by Vanick Galstaun. The play THE WINTER ' S TALE was directed by Donol Harrington. Two of the outstonding stars were HENRY HAMMACK and DON SMITH. ttjff 114 Robert Gray directed the ploy THE RE- MARKABLE MR. PENNYPACKER. Three of the stars of the play were from left to right: CAROL CHAVRE, JOAN LOGAN and LYNN GARDNER. the showboat The comedy THE SOLID GOLD CADILLAC was di- rected by Donal Harrington. The players were JACK VAUGHN, BOB DIEHL, JOHN FARMER, DON SMITH, ZOAUNNE LEROY, JERRY SANDO, REX HENRIOT and CAROL CHAVRE. Vanick Golstaun directed the play THE RAINMAKER. The cost included JIM CALLAHAN, MARY CONNIE LYON, NAT DICKIN- SON, DON PACE, DON RESS- LER and FRED WRIGHT. 115 THE MAYOR OF ZALAMEA provided interesting entertain- ment for all. The cast included DON PACE, BOB McMUR- RAY and WARREN PEPPERDINE. The ploy was directed by Avon Johnstone. Zoaunne LeRoy directed the LOVE WAGON in May, 1956. The talented cast included the players pictured here. BOB DOLAN, DOUG TURNBAUGH, WAYNE STORM, AVON JOHN- STONE, DANA GLEN. the playhouse VERN LESTRUD, STEVE NEWMAN, ORLAN HALE, JOHN SEVERN, JERRY SCORDAN, BIL NEWMAN (center), BOB DOLAN, NOLAN DEHNER, RON JOHNSON, LOUIS ROEDEL and ED RICKARD were part of the cast in the play PATIENCE, presented in July, 1 956. 116 music The Madrigal Singers (above) are a group of tal- ented musicians who interpret 16th Century music while seated informally around a table. During the winter and spring quarters the members of the Uni- versity Marching Band form a Concert Band (below) pictured during a concert at Meany Hall. 117 DON PASQUALE, starring AUGUST WERNER, WILLIAM SARCHET ond PAMELA DOLAN. opera theater AMAHL and the NIGHT VIS- ITORS, starring CAROLINE CLARKE, JIMMY CODLING and GERRY HOBAN. SAVITRI, starring CARO- LINE CLARKE. JEANNE SCHICCHI, starring KATH- LEEN BRUMWELL, CLIFTON STEERE, and AUGUST WERNER. yv E H H m A jMfe . ■ 1 HV ' H T RtTJ RIDERS TO THE SEA by Ralph Vaughon Williams, starring DONNA FENNELL, HOWARD NELSON and LORNA PER- RIN. 118 MARILYN PATON (above) rs chairman of the AWS Concerts and Lectures committee. Robert McFerrin, Metropolitan Opera baritone, was on campus to entertam the students in J anuary, 1957. He en- tertained (below) at Meany Hall. The Hi Lo ' s were one of the many groups brought to our campus by the AWS Concerts and Lectures committee. special concerts n - l r fx yW » X Leji i 1 H H Hi in£ W jt m vuP bI ' I H ' ' ' B ■rJ r B The Quintette Boccherini came to the University on October 21, 1956, in coordination with the Friends of Music Series. 119 drill team band The University of Washington Drill Team (above) included 17 girls captained by Audrey Feroglia and Kay Wendle, The team, in coordination with the Marching Bond, participates in band formations on the football field during gome half-times. The team also escorted the Homecoming Queen in to the Dance and performed at basketball games. The University Marching Bond (below), under the direction of Walter Weike, performs during football half-times. During winter and spring quarters mem- bers of the band form the Concert Band. 120 WINTER ACTIVITIES varsity ball honors big ' ' v f ' ' v inners Music and entertainment for the annual Varsity Ball, honoring the 1956 Big " W " award win- ners, was by the Jackie Souders band. Queen and her court. Pictured left to right ore ALISON EASTER, GWYNETH EVANS, Queen MUFFY SKARPERUD, JEAN LOW, SHARON HULL 122 Queen JEAN FORSTROM and King BILL WINTER reign happily over the Frosh Dance. Fresh vote for their favorite King and Queen. The youngest class on the campus assumed a position of prominence during the traditional Frosh Day activi- ties. Some of the activities included a parade, the wear- ing of crazy hats as part of the " Hots off to Frosh " theme, and a tug-o ' -v ar with the sophomores. frosh take control 123 " Buy a candied apple " was the cry on Frosh Day. skiers flock to vfinter carnival General skiing activities dominated the Husky Winter Sports Club Carnival. The highlight of the carnival was the crowning of queen Nancy Moron. 124 architects ' ball bounces With building plans forgotten for an evening, architecture students wear costumes centered around the " Dado " theme to their annual Architects ' Boll. 125 Keith Rhinehart uses " Mystic Powers " to answer students ' questions. " Robin the Hood " was the theme of the act by the Juniors. seniors N r song and stunt night Renewing acquaintances by the sophomores in " Rip Van Winkle " the Go man go! Modern means of transportation? 126 The soon-fo-be-graduated intellectuals win a plaque for the best song. Sophomore class assembles for their song. Frosh present song with " Hiawatha " theme. Seniors also win a plaque for the best stunt with their por- trayal of the Wizard of Oz. H H H IHRH , ijjR i Rji o j v99m m ' r Ml BH!d jfl 2S IHBHH Junior cost pictured in their crazy get-ups. 127 students go to model u n The U. of W. delegates traveled to Stanford to participate in the Model UN Convention. They represented Egypt at the 1 957 convention. Model UN Delegates (left to right) seated, PETE DONAHOE, DOUG PETERS, chairman, JERRY KOBELIN, ESTHER OSBORNE, HEATHER WILLIAMS, JAN GUSTAFSON, JOE BUSH, BAQAR ZAIDI, PETE MILLER, C. O. ZIMMER, ED HENKEN. engineers have a ball Slide rules and mathematical formulas forgotten for an ev ning, engineering students dance to the music of " Bob Ma sholl ' s Sextet. " 128 IVINTER SPORTS basketball 1957 130 nonconference The Washington Huskies opened the season with a loss to Brig- ham Young in a non-Conference gome. Washington ' s one-two punch, Bruno Boin and Doug Smart, led the Washington scoring that night which became a regular habit throughout the season. The Huskies next stand was a two game series against Okla- homa A M. The Huskies split the series losing Friday night, 70 to 43 and finally finding the basket Saturday night to beat the Aggies 49 to 44. The Huskies returned home for a two game stand against the powerful Kansas University five. Kansas, who later became the number two team in the nation, plus Wilt Chamberlain proved too much for the scrapping Huskies and the Jayhowks won 77 to 63 and 92 to 78. The Golden Buffs from the University of Colorado come to town next to split the two gome series with the Huskies 65 to 53 and 55 to 69. This wound up the Huskies ' preseason play and left the young Husky team with a record of two wins and five losses. Pacific Coast Conference Final Standings; Won Lost California 14 2 Washington 13 3 U. C. L. A 13 3 S. California 9 7 Stanford 7 9 Oregon State 6 10 Idaho 4 12 Washington State 4 12 Oregon 2 14 Washington season Record: 70 BRIGHAM YOUNG 66 70 OKLAHOMA A M 43 44 OKLAHOMA A M 49 77 KANSAS 63 92 KANSAS 78 65 COLORADO 53 55 COLORADO 69 72 SOUTHERN CAL 76 78 SOUTHERN CAL 80 58 IDAHO 77 49 IDAHO 71 70 STANFORD 63 64 STANFORD 68 53 OREGON STATE 64 51 OREGON STATE 58 63 OREGON 64 68 U. C. L. A 65 74 U. C. L. A 90 62 OREGON 84 63 OREGON 65 57 CALIFORNIA 70 72 CALIFORNIA 62 72 WASHINGTON STATE 73 66 WASHINGTON STATE 76 131 u. w. 76, 80 u 71, 78 Washington made it two straight from Southern California with a 7b to 72 win Friday night and a 80 to 78 win Sat- urday night. Saturday night Washington led throughout until the last few minutes, when the Trojans spurted, caught the Huskies and finally went ahead, 78 to 77 . Pariseau then con- nected to put the Huskies back on top, 79 to 78, and with only seconds remaining he was fouled and made one shot of two. Washington gained possession of the ball on the rebound of the second shot and the gun fired in an instant. The Trojans assigned rangy Phil Dye to guarding Wash- ington ' s hook shot artist, Bruno Boin, who scored 29 points Friday night. Even with Phil Dye guarding Boin Saturday night he scored 18 points. Washington ' s shooting average from the field was 48 per cent and the Huskies made good on 20 of 33 free throw tries for 61 per cent. Husky Co-captains BRUNO BOIN DON SUNITSCH 132 li u. w. 63, 68 Stanford 70, 64 Washington gained an even split with Stanford in their two- game basketball series by winning Saturday night, 68 to 64. Friday night ' s action saw Stanford the victor, 70 to 63. Saturday night Coach Tippy Dye ' s Northerners overcame a battling Stanford defense in the late stages. At the half, Washington led 33 to 31 . The Huskies shot ahead 48 to 37, but Bill Bond led an In- dian uprising which tied the score at 58 with five minutes remaining. The Stanford pavilion was wild when John Pflueger and Carl Isaacs put the Tribe ahead, 62 to 58. However, Bruno Boin hit a field goal and John Tuft made two free throws for the U. W. Then both teams matched field goals and it was 64-all. After a furious battle for the ball, forward Bill Stady put the Huskies ahead 66 to 64 with 55 seconds left. ir COACH TIPPY DYE 133 u. vf . n , 7 1 Idaho 58, 49 Washington ' s Huskies twisted a tight clamp on the Idaho Vandals Saturday night with a 71 to 49 victory. It was the Huskies second win in two nights over the Vandals. Friday night ' s score was 77 to 58 in favor of the UW. In Saturday ' s action Idaho led just twice when the game was very young. Jerry Jorgenson, who topped the visiting Vandals with 13 points, hit the opening basket after a fumbly two minutes. Wash- ington tied it up at 2-2 and Gary McEwen connected for Idaho to moke it 4-2 and that was the last time the Idohoans saw the top of the scoring column. Bruno Boin hit two free throws for Washington, John Tuft poured home a long one-hander and Washington was off and running. Idaho puzzled the Huskies at first with a tight zone defense but ex- cellent shooting solved that problem and by halftime Washington was in front, 34 to 19. u. w. 64, 58 o. s. c. 53, 51 Washington come with a rush at the finish Saturday night to score 1 3 points in a single string and whip Oregon State for the second night in a row, 58 to 51 . The Huskies won Friday night, 64 to 53. The teams started slowly and Washington was in front, 21 to 20, at halftime after the lead had changed six times. They swapped the advantage four times in the second half before Washington took the lead for keeps with six minutes left to play. Doug Smart was lead- ing scorer for the Huskies with 20 points. 134 u. w. 65, 90 ucia 68, 74 After losing a close one the first night, 68 to 65, the hot- shooting Huskies knocked off U.C.L.A. with a 90 to 74 vic- tory to end the Bruins ' long winning streak. Washington had a direct line to the tarket Saturday night, hitting more than half their shots from the field for a per- centage of .526.shrdluetaoicmfwypetaoinETAOINetaoinO After losing a close one the first night, 68 to 65, the hot- shooting Huskies knocked off U.C.L.A. with a 90 to 74 vic- tory to end the Bruins ' long winning streak. Washington had a direct line to the target Saturday night, hitting more than half their shots from the field for a .526 percentage. The Bruins got away in front on two free throws by Conrad Burke but the Huskies quickly tied it up, went ahead, 4 to 2, and never again let the Uclons develop a serious threat. Washington went to intermission with a 43 to 32 advantage, spread that gap ot 15 points early in the second session and never let the Bruins get closer than 10 points for the rest of the route. The outside shooting of guard Johnny Tuft and the rebound- ing and hook shooting of Doug Smart kept the Bruins well in control. Smart garnered 31 points; Tuft 21. Bruno Boin was third man on the scoring totem with 17. The upset of the nation ' s fifth-ranked team was the first U.C.L.A. loss of the season and knocked them out of first place in the conference. M 135 u. w. 84, 65 Oregon 62, 63 After beating Oregon, 84 to 62, Friday night, Washington had to battle through an overtime to be on top of a 65 to 63 score Saturday night. Charley Franklin, in Saturday ' s action, nearly tipped over Washington vv ' ith a late scoring spree, but field goals by center Bruno Boin and guard Dick Crews and two free throws by guard Don Borland pulled Washington through in the overtime. After Boin, who tallied 22 points, sank a close-in shot in the overtime period, Franklin came bock to knot it at 61 to 61. Then Crews faked his way under the basket and put Washington ahead, 63 to 61. A minute later Dor- land added his free throws for a 65 to 61 lead with only a minute remaining. Oregon could manage only a field goal by center Paul Tuchardt just before time ran out. The gome was close throughout. The score was tied 10 times and the advantage changed on 14 other occasions. Washington managed a 30 to 28 halftime margin, and was in front 52 to 45 with 3:53 minutes to go. Then Franklin led the late rally. JOHN PARISEAU DOUG SMART 136 u. w. 70, 62 California 57, 72 California ' s Bears came boiling back from a Friday night defeat, 70 to 57, to trounce Washington, 72 to 62, in the Huskies ' final Pacific Coast Conference home basketball game of the season. With its full court press working to perfection, California reversed the trend of Friday ' s game to take an early lead and dominate the contest all the way. The count was tied twice in the early going and Washington took a short-lived lead, its only one of the gome, at 6 to 4 after three and a half minutes. The Huskies ' two big scoring stars who killed the Bears Fri- day night, Doug Smart and Bruno Boin, were squeezed off the boards and bottled up in the first half Saturday night. Smart found the range in the second half and led all scorers with 22 points. JACK deKUBBER LOU COASTON 137 u . vi . 73, 76 w.s.c.72,66 Doug Smart and Bruno Boin combined for 47 points Satur- day night in leading Washington to a 76 to 66 win over W.S.C. Friday nights score was 73 to 72 with Washington on top. The early action was close. Smart hit 20 points in the first half, for two-thirds of the Washington team total. Olson was the offensive show for the Cougars, getting 10 points before intermission. Bill Stady sparked Washington to a sev- en-point lead at 28 to 21, with less than five minutes left in the first half. Then Olson and Galbraith combined to trim the margin and Washington went out at intermission lead- ing 34 to 31. Washington caught fire just after intermission and broke open a tight game by moving out to a 21 -point lead at 58 to 37. The Huskies coasted on to victory as W.S.C. never again threatened. Smart hit 26 points and Boin had 21. 19 5 7 i . V. NAME Charles Aim Stan Boyd Daryl Burke Carl Cody Roy Cresap Don Dailey Bill Doane Jim Dougherty Bob Dunlap Fred Emerson Terry Frere Chet Harvey Craig Hostermon Myron Huckle Dick Radloff Terry Randies Bob Reimer John Sells Ron Terry Don Whealley J.V. Game Scores: 1 1 PUNICH CLEANERS 8 12 FEDERAL OLD LINE 20 59 WESTSIDE FORD 73 67 OLYMPIC JC 74 54 FEDERAL OLD LINE 61 72 S. U. PAPOOSES 68 76 BUCHANS BAKERS 87 61 S.P.C. JAYVEES 65 81 VAL KIRKS PHARMACY 83 68 WESTSIDE FORD 77 50 BUCHANS BAKERS 71 71 PUHICH CLEANERS 58 62 PUHICH CLEANERS 54 54 S. U. PAPOOSES 39 72 FEDERAL OLD LINE 58 81 S.P.C. JAYVEES 64 70 VAL KIRKS PHARMACY 71 WON 7, LOST 10 1957 frosh Front row, left to right: GAIL THULEN, BOB JOHNSON, DAN BROTHERTON. Middle row; DOUG GORDON, AL MURPHY, EARLE IRVINE, RON CROWE, Coach BILL MORRIS. Bock row: MARIS ABO- LINS, BOB PENNELL, GARY NORDQUIST, GARY MOSE, KEITH GRISIM. Missing: JOHN SHORETT, ED VADSET, BOB FUNK. GAME SCORES Washington 65, Washington 78, Washington 84, Washington 87, Washington 75, Washington 93, Washington 65, Washington 89, Washington 92, Washington 95, Washington 79, Washington 83, Washington 87, Washington 66, Washington 69, Everett JC 55 Grays Harbor JC 61 Centralia JC 61 Vol Kirk Pharmacy 58 Everett JC 64 Grays Harbor JC 83 Centralia JC 64 Olympic JC 84 Sand Point NAS 65 Seattle U. Frosh 76 Skagit Valley JC 50 Clark JC 80 Wenotchee JC 38 Seattle U. Frosh 69 Skagit Valley JC 67 Coach Bill Morris ' University of Washington freshman basketball team finished their season v ith a record of 14 wins and 1 loss, which is the best freshman rec- ord since 1950. The Pups ' one loss was to the Seattle Univerity Papooses in the next to last game of the season. Earlier in the year Washington had defeated the Papooses by 19 points. The Pups were paced all season by the scoring of their three inside men, Ron Crowe, Earle Irvine, and Al Murphy, and the smooth floor- work of guards George Grant and Bob Johnson. Other Pups who played out- standing boll were Moris Abolins, Dan Brotherton and Keith Grisim. Irvine broke both the total season and individual game scoring records by scoring 318 points during the season, and 39 points against Sand Point Naval Air Station. Irvine ' s performance against Sand Point broke the record set by teammate Murphy. Mur- phy scored 38 ponts against Grays Harbor JC earlier in the season. Several mem- bers of the squad are considerecJ to be top Husky varsity prospects. Co-head monogers CHUCK SV ANSON ond ARTIE BUERK squat in front of the other managers, ELGENE HADDOCK, ROSS TUR- NER, STAN HUNGERFORD and LARRY CHAMNESS. 139 JACK TORNEY, Coach swimming 1957 ' Ufi WALLY BRUNDAGE ;j.j:V- i ' ' liiSii i»«? HAROLD TAUSCHER BOB BUCKLEY, Coach GEORGE DIAZ LARRY ANDERSON NORTHERN DIVISION STANDINGS Won Lost O.S.C 3 U.W 2 1 IDAHO 1 2 W.S.C 3 TIM THORNTON 142 NORTHERN DIVISION CHAMPIONSHIPS OREGON STATE 200 WASHINGTON 99 WASHINGTON STATE .... 45 IDAHO 35 OREGON 6 . BRUCE DUSSAULT Jack Torney ' s University of Washington Husky Swim Team had a good sea- son defeating all opponents except the powerful Oregon State Beavers, and finishing second on the Northern Division standings. The first team to fall be- fore the Huskies was Western Washington College of Education which the Huskies swamped 72-12. Emory Bundy turned in an outstanding perform- ance by winning the 50-yard free style, and the 100-yard free style as well as being anchor man on the winning 400-yard free style relay. The next meet against Oregon State saw Washington suffer its only defeat, losing 34-52. The Huskies, swimming this meet before a capacity crowd, pro- vided the thriller of the season. Washington won eight individual events but failed to take any second places. As a result the second place column told the story in OSC ' s win. Bundy won the 100 and 220 free styles for Wash- ington while Phil Drips and Tom Word won the 220 butterfly and the diving competition, respectively. Dick Jack tied his own ND record in winning the 200-yard breast stroke with a time of 2:32.2. The Idaho and Washington State meets showed the great depth and versa- tility of the Huskies. The Tankmen sank the Vandals 61-25 and swept over Washington State 70-15. Bundy, Jack, Drips and Word showed well in these events. Washington finished off the season by taking another meet from WWCE, 60-24, and beating UBC twice, 45-40 and 58-57. The Huskies placed second in the Northern Division meet with a score of 99. The Washington Frosh had a very success- ful season winning all but two of their meets. The winning meet scores were as follows: Frosh 50, East High 17; Mount Vernon 54-23, UBC 47-38, Bellinghom 58-19, Seattle YMCA 44-32, Everett 39- 38, Stadium 43-34, Longview 41-36, Fair- child 47-39, Stadium 46-31, Mount Ver- non 44-32, Seattle YMCA 49-29. Row 1, right to left: TOM WARREN, MAURITZ WIN- QUIST, VERNE LINDBERG, STEVE LINDSAY, DAN KUSAKA, BILL NEWELL. Row 2. DALE GRIFFITH, DOUG WELCH, CHUCK QUIST, RAY MINES, BOB THOMP SON, CLARENCE WESTBY, CAL HOVLAND, COACH TORNEY. Washington, having a new team with the exception of two lettermen, started the season slowly. In their first meet, they more or less felt themselves out and showed up in fifth place at Rossland. In the next meet at Wenatchee, the Huskies placed second. At Banff, they placed fourth from a total of ten schools. Because of the lack of skiers in jump- ing, Washington fell down as a team when the combination of the four events was figured. After their good showing in Banff they placed third out of 1 2 schools in the Reno Bowl in Nevada. At this meet some of the best intercollegiate teams in the United States competed and the Hus- kies showed their strength in comparison. Washington finished the sea- son at Stevens Pass by winning fourth place. Through the season Gunnar Germundson, a returning lettermen, made a terrific showing in the Nordic event, which includes jumping and cross country, to help the Huskies compile points for the four-way com- bination. Ben Grevstad, the other lettermon, showed great team effort by being the only four-way man on the Husky team. Ben was picked by the Times as being the most valuable skier on the Husky team. Because of the stand of the N.C.A.A., the Washington Huskies were unable to race in the N.C.A.A. nationals to show more of the ir strength as a team in real relation to the rest of the schools in the country. Coach KARL STENGEL has helped the Huskies bring glory of winning ski teams to Washington for sev- eral years and has shown what a great coach he is. Coach Stengel is probably the only skier-coach in Washington ' s history that knows what wax to use and when to use that wax for a faster time. skiing DICK REISWIG 144 Big W Winners: BILL ATWELL BILL FITE GUNNAR GERMUNDSON BEN GREVSTAD PAUL KAALD DES MATHIS Frosh Letter Winner JODY HUGHES BEN GREVSTAD 145 skiing TOM TOLAND, Manage JODY HUGHES GUNNAR GERMUNDSON I ». t w ■ ' flv ' ' i ' f 146 intramural administration .g V - ;:,»ij ' _ ERIC HUGHES is the Assistant Supervisor in charge of student intramural sports. WAYNE BRUMBACH is Assistant Supervisor in chorge of Faculty intrannural sports. Senior Manager HERB WAGNER SCOTT RILEY and FRANK ROSIN are the Junior Managers. FRESHMAN and SOPHOMORE MANAGERS -Front row: DWAYNE MEDFORD, DICK NORDER, FRED McCOY. Bock row: ROIS POWELL, MIKE WIL- LIAMS, JOE CLEVELAND. 147 v inter intramurals Bowling: Res Ipsa. Back row: BILL BANGS, DAVE TUELL, JIM SENNA. Front row: BILL PARKER, DON DANIELS. Handball: Alpha Delta Phi: DICK PATRICELLI and RON PATRICELLI. Skiing: Phi Delta Theta: DAVE CLACK, STEVE ANDER- SON, BEN HUGHES. 148 Boxing: Front row: BILL HOWARD, 185, Heavyweight, Army ROTC; TOM MOTTERN, LJnIiirrted, Phi Kappa Sigma; JOHN BOWEN, 165, Middleweight, Kappa Sigma, SEVKET ONDER, 147, Welterweight, unattached. Back row: ALEX SHEVALIER, 156, Light middleweight, unattoched; DON MACKAY, 139, Light welterweight, unottoched; DICK SAMPSON, 125, Featherweight, Delta Tau Delta; MIKE DAVIS, 132, Lightweight, unattached. Not shown: PAT GLENN, 178, Light heavyweight. Delta Tau Delta. The highlight of the winter intramural boxing season was the Fist- fest, sponsored by the Associated Men Students. 149 vsfinter intramurals Basketball; Beta Theto Pi. Bad DEN, JIM PETERSON. Front rov row: DICK NYLUND, GARY PETRIE, GARY LIN- DICK BENNEH, FRAK CADY, ADDY JOHNSON. Wrestling: Back row: SEVKET ONDER, Rainier House; DICK LUNDAHL, Kappa Sigmo; ROBERT HOWE, Lambda Ch, Alpha. Front row: CUTLER LEWIS, Phi Gam- ma Delta; PAUL FUDALLY, Air Force ROTC; DICK RADLOFF, Phi Gamma Delta. 150 Gymnastics: Back row: ROY IKEDA, CLIFF LaBOUNTY, BOB BEVAN. Front row: LES DRISCOLL, CHARLIE DENNY, MIKE MILLER, MIKE MILLER does a flip on the trampolin while ERIC HUGHES and others watch. Skiing: Phi Delta Theta: DON DAVIS and STEVE ANDERSON. n ' ' A . i ■•:_;( .-.». 151 Cheer Leaders CHUCK MICHAELSON, TOM GARDNER, DAN KONOPASKI, JIM COOK and TOM WARD. cheerleaders Cheer Leoders LEE MANLEY, ERLA RING, VICKI THOMPSON and DOTTI PROVINE. Song Queen SHARON LIHOU. Yell Queen JOANN GOULD, Song Leaders MARUO SWEN- SON, NANCY BOYD, CAROL BERRY, SHARON LIHOU, ,-7 5 JANICE ENGLERT, JANE ■ 1 McBRIDE and BETTY LUD- Ji INGTON. M 152 Yell King TOM WARD. 1 9-, ii s r ■1 1 ' " ' f ' ' i ■■■■i ■ 1 ■ ' S emssssmii. » — — •- — — ... ■. d- 1 il 1 1 1 . lA if iirft ' M i H 1 J 1 ; l] " A " t «.- , " ■ ' ■ ■ i v ssyr B ' 1 ji ? ' — 1 % ■ 1 1 ■F1 " mFjijf- B Hi HB 11 M WM ' ■■ 1 r ■ i mwmmi I ■■■iiHfli ■1 r - — m V 1 . H 1a ROYALTY p 154 Homecoming Queen ROSEMARY ANDERSON Kappa Alpha Theta Portrait by Kenne (-£ lis Timber Queen KARIN BRAUNS Kappa Alpha Theta Portrait by Kennell-Ellis 155 156 Frosh Day King and Queen JEAN FORSTROM Pi Beta Ph. BILL WINTER Alpha Delta Phi Portrait by Kennel E lis p Varsity Ball Queen MARTHA SKARPERUD Chi Omega Portrait by KenneH-EH ! 157 158 Winter Carnival Queen NANCY MORAN Delta Delta Delta Portrait fay Kennell-Ellis Portrait by Kennell-Ellii Ring Dance Queen MARILEE WEAVER Wesley House 159 May Day King and Queen ROSEMARY ANDERSON RONALD OLSEN Portrait by Kennell-Ellis Kappa Alpha Theta Delta Upsilon Delta Zeta Dream Man MARVIN BERGMANN Theta Chi 162 Kappa Sigma Stardust Queen CAROLE HAAS Alpha Gamma Delta Portrait by KennellBUis Phi Sigma Kappa Moonlight Girl TINA ELLERO Pi Beta Phi Portrait by Kennell-Ellh 163 ; 164 Dream Girl of Pi Kappa Alpha SANDI AUCOTT Kappa Kappa Gamma Portrait by Kenne -£ i " ! V .1 ' ' _ r. i % ' Rose of Pi Kappa Phi BEVERLY MENEFEE Delta Delta Delta ?or ra i by Kennell-Ellis 165 ■ « ' - ' 166 Sweetheart of Sigma Chi CONNIE THORSON Kappa Kappa Gamma Portrait by Kennell-Ellis ' ' M m ■ ■||M||i|f ES te_ Sweetheart of Zeta Beta Tau HELEN ROSEN Alpha Epsilon Phi Porhait by Kennell-Ellis 167 campus .-«. --vsOiS. V 11 If j ' fl iFiri •V " ' . ■ . - i . 1 iKS ' ' , ■ i 1 r r . J j_ -r- - ' ■■Zjz-.:J - 1 {. - ■-■ ' ' ' V- -Y rr-Arni nrimmi j HflinwliMi iiBii if i ' .1 SPRING ACTIVITIES elections engulf campus :xjfe= ' ' ' 1! From Smith Hall .s viewed the lunch time lull, prior to the noisy struggle for ottention, called campaigning. A touching demonstration of brotherly love. Enthusiastic campaigners attend the kick-off campaign rally. Loyal sisters guard their staked cic support of their candidate. The University ' s two-day Mock Political Convention gets underway mock politicians convene President Eisenhower was renominated for another term in the White House, while Senator Fulbright, Democrat, Arkansas, was named his running mate in the vice- presidential position. Condidate supporters begin their march around the floor to the beat of everything from tambourines to an eordrum-shottering bell. Delegate 3ts ofter a short recess 171 spring soph Participants m the popular clown contest entertain student critics during Soph Carni- val festivities. Alpha Phi and Delta Tau Delta went nauti- cal and ' Sailed the Seas, to come home victorious with top honors and the first place trophy! Alpha Sigs, remembering well their nursery rhymes, presented a prize winning skit en- titled " Mother Hubbard ' s Tea Shoppe. " 172 brings earn i val Surrounded by fans, Sigma Chi, DICK WARNER is bandaged and on crutches; but also first place winner in the Clown Contest! Pi Phis and Sigma Nus hod a slightly differ- ent interpretation of Mother Goose and spectators seemed to like the more youthful touch for the " Mother Goose Land " set was a very popular place. Kappa Kappo Gamma and Beta Theta Pi combine talents and proudly present their second-place-winning skit, " Carousel. " bachelors boost brown bags These hearty bachelors grew tired of ■ " land lubbers " acti ties and took to the waters of Frosh Pond for a demonstri tion of " survival at sea. " Competition is at its keenest in every sport from thri races to Queen Contests, during Brown Bag Day, sponsored each Spring by the ever-popular " Bachelors ' Club. " Students are gathered on the green near Frosh Pond to watch the competition, enjoy a traditional brown bag lunch, and listen to |azz rhythm by the versatile bachelors. 174 COMMUNICATlOk DEDiCATEC Ai ' :, Th:£ I ' ve wmPSUle is Tfr; IN THE YEAR 2007 ON rvi% ANNIVERSARY OF THE FIRST CLASi JOURNALISM AT THIS UNIVER The time capsule contains current copies of the Doily, Seattle Times, and Post Intelligencer, trade magazines and tape recordings. PROFESSOR McKENZIE, KEN KAGER, and PROFESSOR BENSON officiate at the time capsule ceremony. communications dedicate building From this hall open many classrooms filled with opportunity for coming newspapermen. The traditional ivy planting cei RAMSEY, and CLAIRE DICKS 175 governor re vi e v s military Troops pass in reivew before the Governor and visiting military dignitaries. Another traditional part of Governor s Day take place. The Governor ' s Day ceremonies included the presentation of awards to outstanding military students. 176 students stage s vsf i m s h o vf Members of Husky Swim Club demonstrate ttieir remarkable acro- batic as well as aquatic ability, to delight Swim Show spectators. • .:::. . v The entire cost of Aqua Pantos production. , o hearty ovation for a wonderful Swim Show is an eagerly awaited production. The members of Silver Fish, women ' s swim- ming honorary, in conjunction with the Husky Swim Club, sponsor the annual event entitled " Aqua Fantasies " in 1956. Coed members of Silver Fish show their talent i patterns and formations in a water ball 77 songfest Members of Bachelors Club perform in the mens singles division of the annual Songfest, a favorite event during Parents ' Weekend. Alpha Phis SIX harmonizers gave on outstanding performance i the women ' s singles division. 178 The A.O.Pi s, dressed in gay cotton prints, moke their colorful con- tribution to the Songfest program. A. D. Pi ' s and Phi Psi ' s combined talent wins for them a second place trophy in the mixed group division. The happy winners take home their trophies at the conclusion of the Saturday night of Songfest. The Alpha Delts were another outstanding entry in the singles division. 179 pansy breakfast honors senior v omen Eoch year in the middle of Moy, Chapter members of Delta Delta Delta hold a breakfast to honor senior women. A fashion show was given as part of the program. Bridesmaids were (left to right) JOAN MJELDE, JANIE MOORE, and CANDY CARTER JEAN RUE was the bride and SHAN MILLER was bridegroom. One of the highlights of the breakfast is the Pansy Ring Cere- mony where each married or engaged senior steps through the ring mode from thousands of pansies. MARLENE ZOFFEL stepped through assisted by her husband GEORGE ZOFFEL. REG ROOT congrotulotes SALLY JOVICK ond MARLENE BENTLEY, winners of the Service Projects scholarship awarded at the annual Pansy Breokfast. 180 seniors graduate Seniors, wearing their traditional caps and gowns, receive diplomas, and now are ready to pursue their life ambitions. A reception, with families and friends attending, honored the graduates following the commencement exercises. !%:: H% i4ii( ji4 a 181 faculty medalists Faculty Medals are awarded to the sophomore and junior with the highest accumulative grade points in their respec- tive classes during previous college years in recognition of undergraduates ' scholastic achievement. MARY CHRISTINE YORKE, who had a 3.94 grade overage in Psychology, was awarded the Junior Class Medal for 1956. Winner of the Faculty Metal for the Sophomore Class for 1 956 was CAROL ELAINE YOWELL, who hod a 3.97 grade average in Physics. president ' s medal ists DAVID B. CHANG is shown accepting the President ' s Medal from PRESIDENT HENRY SCHMITZ. Chang, a member of the class of 1 956, was awarded the medal for maintaining a 4- point or " A " average throughout his studies in physics at the university. The President ' s Medal is presented at Com- mencement to the member of the graduating class who has the highest scholastic standing for his entire course and who has taken all of his work at the University of Washington. 182 SENIORS senior class of fie e rs PHIL NUDELMAN, class president, last year headed the jun- iors and this year was vice president of Interfraternity Coun- cil. He was delegate to the Notional Students Association and o member of Purple Shield, Oval Club, Pi Omicron Sigma, and Sigma Alpha Mu fraternity. Class vice president, SANDY OGDEN, is assistant chairman of program panel and o delegate to the Student Union re- gional conference. She also works on activities bureau and is a member of Totem Club and Delta Gamma sorority SYLVIA TUTTLE, secretary, is active in dance area and has been chairman of conference housing and co-chairman of Parents Weekend house relations and Varsity Ball queen contest. She is a member of Angel Wing, Totem Club, and Sigma Koppo sorority. CARL MONTGOMERY transferred in his |unior year and is now senior class treasurer. Carl has worked hard in the " Y ' and is YMCA secretary treasurer, regional secretary of their executive board, and on the Seobeck conference planning committee for the YM-YWCA He is a member of Tou Kappa Epsilon fraternity Taking a coffee break in the Husky Den are CHUCK BURGES, SHARON LEANDER and GEORGE STRUGAR. Chuck is president of Delta Chi and Bachelor ' s Club, Homecoming chairman, IPC Publications chairman, on the AMS Advisory Board, IPC Executive Council and a member of Oval Club and Pan Xenia honorary. Sharon, Kappa Alpha Theto, is a member of Zeta Phi Eta and Sigma Alpha Eta honoraries, W-key, Totem Club, Air Porce Sponsors and was co-chairman of Parents ' Week end. George, an Alpha Sigma Phi, earned membership in Big W Club by his ability on the football and basket- ball teams, and played in the Shrine East-West gome and the Senior Bowl. senior prominents JOE SCHIEBEL, DOTTI PROVINE and DICK LEON stop to talk outside the Hub. Joe is ASUW Pirst Vice Presi- dent, UN Committee chairman, Choirmon of OA, vice president of VISA, on Program Panel, Board of Control and a member of Theta Delto Chi, Oval Club, Pi Sigma Alpha and Purple Shield. Dottie, Alpho Gamma Delta, hos been a cheerleader, is o member of Rally Girls, and has worked on prosh Doy and Song and Stunt Night. Dick is ASUW President, delegate to the Na- tional Student Association convention. Program Panel chairman and a member of Oval Club and Alpha Delta Phi. 185 JOANNE MEYERS, Ponhellenic President, is a member of Sigma Kappa, W-key and Totem Club, GERY NUN- NELEE IS president of fiis fraternity, Sigma Alpha Epsi- lon, on the football team and a member of Bachelor ' s Club, Oval Club and Pi Omicron Sigma. senior prominents LYNN CLOW, JOYCE SANDERSON, WAYNE BUCK ond JOHN REED relax in the Hub lounge. Lynn is a member of Zeto Tou Alpha and Phrateres. Joyce, a Sigma Kappa, has been Junior class treasurer, vice president of Phi Epsilon Chi, President of Junior Pon- hellenic, Dance orea chairman, a member of W-key, Program Panel and vice-president of Totem Club. Wayne is a member of Beta Theto Pi fraternity, Scabbord and Blade, Oval Club, Choirmon of the Hub Operating Committee and delegate to the Student Union Con- ference. John is president of Phi Koppo Psi, AMS His- torian, chairmen of Program Panel, on AMS Advisory Boord and a member of Purple Shield, Oval Club and Scabbard and Blade 186 TONI SINKUNAS, KENT CLARK and MUFFY SKARPERUD tighten a bulb in the Hub Christmas tree. Toni, an Alpha Gamma Delta, has been Song Queen, Song and Stunt Night chairman. Junior Class secretary, vice-president of Rally Girls, and is a member of Phi Epsilon Chi, W-Key, Totem Club and Air Force Sponsors. Kent is Editor of the Doily, and a member of Beta Theta Pi fraternity. Oval Club, Pi Omicron Sigma and Sigma Delta Chi, national journalism fraternity. Muffy, a Chi Omega, is Totem Club secretary. Director of Operations for the Air Force Angel Wings, on AWS Council and Homecoming and Soph Carnival committees. These prominent seniors ore BOB REINER, SALLY SCHNEIDER and SALLY SOFTKY. Bob is active in Malomutes, Purple Shield, Cosmo Club, Alpha Phi Omega, the National Scouting Honorary, Sigma Alpha Mu fraternity and OA Steering committee. SALLY SCHNEIDER is a member of Chi Omega, Totem Club, Mortar Board, Pi Lambda Theta, Theto Phi, AWS Council and was Song and Stunt co-chairman and chairman of ASUW publicity. SALLY SOFTKY, a Sigma Kappa, is a member of W-Key, Totem Club, Program Panel, Air Force Sponsors and was chairman of 1 000- Voice Choir. ROLLIE ODELL and GORDY JOHNSON threaten CAROL ANN NEISESS with a snowballing. Rollie, Beta Theto Pi, has been president of Purple Shield and the Sophomore Class, and IS a member of the tennis team. Big W Club and Oval Club. Carol Ann is ASUW Secretary, on Program Panel, Board of Control, Model UN, YWCA Cabinet, a member of Delto Sigma Rho, speech honorary. Mortar Board, Rally Girls, W-Key, Totem Club, Varsity Debate, the English honorary. Alpha Delta Pi sorority and was president of Sigma Epsilon Sigma. Gordy is president of Beta Theto Pi, IFC secretary, chairman of the Elections bonquet and a member of Purple Shield. ■B 1 f 1 ' jjJ ir i Hb I B b ' 1 V3F fl EvIorTa r Boa r d ; B H H|m indy 1 ' H I I Ol Ti A LrcKiD BTJi Mortar Board member BEV BULLER sells candy cones to NANCY DREW and POLLY SHIRLEY. Bev is also AWS vice-president and a member of Koppo Alpha Theta soror- ity, Pi Lambda Theta honorary, W-Key and Totem Club. Nancy is Ponhellenic vice-presi- dent, in W-Key and Totem Club. Polly, a Kappa Delta, is Daily Editor and o member of Totem Club, Theta Sigma Phi and the UW Band. senior prominents DICK PAYSENO, MARGI CONNELL and BARBARA SNIDER pose for the cameraman. Dick is o member of Delta Upsilon fraternity, Big W Club and is on the football team. Morgi, a Delta Gamma, is Ponhellenic Re- lations Chairman, Secretary of ASUW Elec- tions and is in Totem Club, W-Key and Mor- tar Board. Barbara is a member of Radio- TV Guild, Zeto Phi Eto, Theta Sigmo Phi and Kappa Delta sorority. AMS Secretary JIM RIVENES chats with ROSEMARY ANDERSON and SANDY STO- WELL. Jim ' s other activities include Phi Delta Theta fraternity. Blood Bonk chairman and Song and Stunt Night Master of Ceremonies for three years. Rosemary was Homecoming Queen, May Day Queen, a member of Phi Beta Kappa, Sigma Epsi- lon Sigma, Omicron Nu, and president of Kappa Alpha Theta. Sandy, Delta Delta Delta, has been AWS-AMS Elections chairman, Homecoming secretory, and is a member of W-key, Totem Club and AWS Council. senior SHERRIE BERNARD and DEAN DERBY look over their notes together. Sherrie, a Chi Omega, is a member of W-key, Totem Club, Zeta Phi Eta, Sigma Alpha Etc and was co-chairman of Religious Emphasis Week. Dean is a member of Big W Club, Oval Club, the track team, was captain of the football team, and played in the Shrine East-West game. prominents 189 CHUCK MERTEL and MARY LEE NEIL hurry through the cold to the Hub. Chuck IS AMS President and o member of Sigma Nu, Purple Shield and the tennis team. Mary Lee is ASUW Second Vice President, holds mem- bership in Alpha Phi sorority, Rally Girls, W-I ey, Totem Club, Board of Control and has been Drill Team Captain. MIKE PERINGER, Beta Theta Pi, is Daily Business Manager and a member of Alpha Delta Sigma, Oval Club and Pi Om- icron Sigma JEAN LOW, AWS President, was May Day Queen, AWS Secretary, and is o member of Delta Comma sorority, Totem Club, W-key, Board of Control and AWS Council. KEN McGHEE is odvertising manager of the Doily, chairman of ASUW Elections, President of Alpha Delta Sigma honorary and a member of Theta Chi fraternity. Oval Club and Pi Omicron Siqma. MARY ELLEN PIGOTT, KAY HEILY, TEDDY BRAUNSCHWEI- GER and DON DAHLGREN leave the Hub for class. Mary Ellen is President of Totem Club, Choirman of Community Service, on AWS Council and a member of Delta Gommo sorority. Kay is president of Gamma Alpha Chi honorary, a member of Theta Sigma Phi, Delto Gamma and received a national scholarship for the Advertising Woman of Tomor- row. Teddy, a Kappa Koppo Gamma, is President of Mortar Board, Tyee Business Office manager. Vice President of Beta Gamma Sigma, Homecoming secretary and a member of W-key, Totem Club ond AWS Council. Don is AMS Treasurer, on AMS Advisory Board and is a member of Alpha Delta Phi froternity and Bachelors Club. baccalaureate honors 1955-56 Baccalaureate honors are based on the entire scholastic record of the graduate. The distinction of summo cum laude signifies a minimum grade-point average of 3.90, magna cum loude an average of 3.60, and cum laude an average of 3.35. These honors ore awarded to those who have completed not less than ninety credits at this institution, together with a record of distinction at institutions previously at- tended. In computing honors, an " A " carries four grade points, " B " three, " C " two, and " D " one. summa cum laude Alferieff, Lubov Alferieff, Nicholas Brown, Ronald Edmund Chang, David Bing Jue Kampmonn, Kathleen Joanne Merchant, Howord Carl Metz, Peter Robert Ramsey, Audrey Carolyn Robinson, Marilyn Faith Wilson, Gloria Agnes magna cum laude Andreiko, Janis Talivaldis August, Gerald Bacon, Suzanne Aleen Baudendistel, Catherine Mary Bratton, Nancy Jean Brooke, Jean Frances Cahill, Margaret Ann Carlson, Shirley Ann Carraher, Ronald George Crawford, Jack J., Jr. Crowe, Clayton Thomas De Spain, Morianno Goyle Dietzen, Ann Elizabeth Droke, Clancy George Eggan, Hugh M. Emerson, Edith Leiand Engstrom, Donald Elton Essley, Frances Adelia Faltico, Patrick Richard Fisher, Franklin Peter Fluharty, Arvan Lawrence Gillanders, James Edgar Gillis, Murlin Fern Harrison, Ernest Franklin Hill, Nancy Sanford Hill, Robert Victor Holmes, Marguerite J. Hopkins, Violet Adele Howard, Margaret Adelia Hurlbut, Elizabeth Eleanor Larson, Donald Clayton Lauver, Edward F. Lee, Ronald Calvin Lemke, Gladys Leesch Lister, Morion Alice Luschei, Loren Louis Manning, Helen Louise Metcalf, Donald Owen Moldenhour, Jon Nokomuro, Nobuko Oberkotter, Marilyn Jean Onodera, Koun Privat, John Pierre Rush, Donald Eugene Scheffler, Hildegord Helene Shaw, Luanne Ruth Smith, Dorothea Edna Steincipher, Claire Swift, Ross Swisher, Donald Prevost Thelen, Hazel Frederica Vail, Von Horn Wohl, Karen Waterhouse, Myra Weld, Wayne Curtis Wiel, William Donald Williams, Gerald A. cum laude , Wil Edvs Bonhom, Dorothy Legg Belden, Jerry Lee Berger, Richard Charles Bergstrom, Elsa Ingeborg Berst, Chorles Ashton Bozak, Richard Edward Bradley, Robert William Breor, Beverly Campbell, Elizabeth Jane CompbeM, Joan Lowell Christionson, Alwin Thorsg Clork, Gilbert Alan Coney, Thelma Samson Curran, Donald D. Davey, Inez Zettle Day, Gerald George DeShazo, James Albert Dick, Larry Stephen Douglas, Kothryn Marie Foirchild, Harold Dean Fix, Carolyn French, Stephen Warren Fujimuro, Robert Kanji Fusfield, Robert Louis Giese, Clarence Goodman, Robert Francis Gross, Geroldine K. Guterson, Lewis Hanley, Donald Lee Harford, Evona Moe Haugstad, Lucie Hayes, Twila Irene Hodson, Susan Marie Hofeditz, John Thomas Holmes, Jerome Fischer Howe, Walter Charles, Jr. Hoyle, Elizabeth Ann Huff, Janet Ingrid Olesen Huntting, Lou Ann Jenkins, Morjorie Anne Johnson, Ray Claude Johnston, Ivene Margret Kormin, Kurt Wright Keister, Marjorie Eleanor Knatz, Mary Ellen Kuehn, George F. LoRocque, Mary Joan Loxdoll, Don Wayne Lewis, Myron Eugene Linde, Thor Donald Lindell, Kathleen Connor Lockwood, Donald Alan Loden, Betty Mae McAllister, Gordon Parker McClory, David Harold McClure, J. Doyle MacKoy, Gloria C. McLennan, R. Marlene McNIchols, Sara Lynn Meldohl, Kenneth Roald Mickey, Sharon Lynne Mitler, Gerald M. Misch, Honno C. M. Murakami, Robert Eiichi Mutschler, Mary Nordman, Arnold Roy Paulson, Laura Jean Pethley, Lowell Sherman Porter, Sidney Lee, Jr. Poth, Marliss Gay Priebe, Duone Allen Rowlings, Elbert Wayne Renhord, Edith Louisa Roselli, Louis Anthony Ross, Doyle Wayne Ross, Linneo Alice Rousso, Mimi Sogle, Arthur A. Samuels, Stanley Morton Sandstrom, Harriet A. Schafer, Ronald Henry Scholk, Erica Louise Schatz, Audrey Marie Seeschoof, Walter William Speece, Lulo M. Standerfer, Franklin Ross Stathocopoulos, Aristotells D. Stephos, Paul Sterry, Adele Lorraine Stewart, Hartey Anton Strunk, Stanley William Sussex, George R., Jr. Tashiro, Satoru Thompson, Patricio Mae Tobler, Waldo Rudolph Todd, Glenda Louise Vining, Paul Edmond Vopni, Merrill Dyer Wallerius, Lynn Ann Weinstock, Irwin Whitney, Lelond Lloyd Wilkes, John Daniel Wilson, Alice Ross Woo, Nina 191 seniors remember 192 Bachelors Club Phi Kappa Sigma ADAMS, George B,, Jr. History Educ Phi Delta Kappa ABBOn, Lyie D. Alpha Kappa Psi Marketing Club ADKISSON, Sandra L. Psychology Pi Beto Phi AGREN, Alpha Koppo Psi Monogement Club AS.CE, Ada I phi AHEARN, Alan D. Forest Club AHLSTROM, AIKMAN, ALBIN, AMES, Harlow G. Paul V. H. Lynn Junie Aeronautical Engr, Hisiory Elem. Educ. Elem. Educ. Tou Beta Pi Sigma Chi W-Key Rec. Counci Phi Beta Kappa Gamma Phi Beta Silver Fish Zeta Mu Tou Chi Omega Arriving in Oct. 1953? . . . Homecoming tmm AMOS, Robert B. Mechanical Engr ASM.E SAME Phi Kappa ANDERSON, Elizabeth L. Chemistry Calvin Club Sigmo Koppo ANAGNOSTOPOULOS, ANDERSON, ANDERSON, Nils T. Chemical Engr. Phi Beto Kappa Tou Beta Pi Zelo Mu Tau Phi Lombdo Upsilo Laureen R. Art Educ Westminster Club Morlor Board Totem Club Lambda Rho IRE Olympus Sigma Epsilon Sigma Panhellenic Exec. Board Kappa Alpha Theta ARNESON, Nils, Jr. Forestry Xi Sigmo Pi Forest Club Thelo Xi Theto Chi Dreom Girl High School Relations Alpho Gamma Delta ANDERSON, Lennart L. Zoology Alpha Epsilon Delta Molomutes Lambda Chi Alpha ANDREAS, Anthony D. Civil Engr. A.S.C.E. Westdi.nster Club Sigma Kappa Dorlene Nursing Alpha Orr ARKILLS, Doris Y. Pharmacy Lambda Kappa Sign Jr A.P.A. McKee 193 AUSMAN, Allan L. Gen Studies Pi Kappa Alpha BAIRD, Kenneth G. Marketing Alpho Kappa Psi Marketing Club AUSTIN, Jock A. Eleclricol Engr Westminster Club A.I.E.E. BAJEMA, John W. Gen. Busine Pon Xenio Sigma Chi BAILEY, John G. Civil Engr. A.S.C-E. Delto Chi BAKER, Arloene A. Dental Hygiene Alpho Delto Pi Jr. Dental Hygit BAIN, Constance E. Journalism Gamma Alpha Chi Theta Sigma Phi Pi Beto Phi BAKER, Ouone A. Mechanical Engr. A.S.ME, ! Assoc. Arnold Air Society Scobbard Blode BAKER, Music Educ UW Bond Alpha Phi Omega Tou Koppo Epsiloi BALE, Bob C. Gen Business Beto Theta Pi BALDWIN, Richard M. Journalism Purple Shield Daily Assoc. Ed Sigmo Delta Chi Alpha Tou Omega BAISCH, Merilyn J. Med. Tech. Delta Zeto History Colvin Club Alpha Delto Phi 2r " f - ' BAME, Roland N. Accounting Beta Alpha Psi BANKS, Diono M. Elem Educ Cosmo Club Silver Fish Conterbury Club Delta Zeto signs coffee dates blue books BARKER, Floyd C. Accounting Varsity Boot Club Bin ■ w ■ Zoology Alpha Epsilon Delto Alpha Tou Omega BARRY, Goyle Forestry Tau Phi Delta BAUGHMAN, Donald R. Gen Business Marketing Club Management Club BEACH, Meredith History Educ. Colvin Club Alpho Tou Delta BEDFORD, Audrey RodioTV Mortar Booi Totem Club Theto Sigmc Alpha Xi Delta Phi i li BEAL, David Dix Zoology Coduceon Club I.M.O.H.C Soiyuk 194 BEEBE, Sheralee History Phi Mu YWCA Ccibmet Weslminsler House BEEMAN, Bob R. Gen, Business Phi Koppo Tau Marketing Club Management Club BEHRENS, Dennis L. Music Educ Westminster House BELL, Eldon E. Isi Yr Med Alpha Epsilon Delta Zeto Mu Tau Pi Mu Epsilon Saiyok BEMIS, Wayne E. Ind Design Ind. Design Club BENSLEY, Donna L. Sociology Phrateres BENSON, Judy R. Pharmacy Chi Omega BENSUSSEN, TomM. Mechanical Engr. ASME Frosh D ay tug o f war . . s erena des . . . BENTLEY, Marlene Ruth Music Mu Phi Epsilon BERGMAN, Myra M. Far Eost Phi Beta Kappa Totem Club Mortar Board YWCA BERGQUIST, Moxine R. Home Ec Delta Zeto BERGSTROM, G.Ted Mechanical Engr Pi Omicron Sigma ASM.E Wash Engr Staff Chi Psi BERNARD, Sherrie A. Speech Corr. Chi Omega W-Key Totem Club Sigma Alpha Eta BERRY, Borbara J. Nursing BERT, Robin R. Gen Business Sigma Chi BEST, Michael K. Forestry F.PRS. Forest Club BIDWELL, H. Allan, Jr. Far East Phi Koppo Psi Pan Xenio Parents Weekend BIGLEY, Barbara J. Chemistry Wesley Club Kappa Phi BIGLEY, William, Jr, Mechanical Engr Phi Koppo Sigma ASME Tau Beta Pi BITAR, Darlene Home Ec Alpha Delia Pi Home Ec Club BLACKFORD, James D. Economics Phi Koppo Psi Jr. 1 F C BLATT, Norman W Gen Business Sigma Alpha Mu BLOCK, Jocks. Foreign Trade Sigma Chi Purple Shield Pan Xenio BLUNDELL, John W. Electrical Engr AIEE Zeto Mu Tau Tau Beta Pi BOGEN, John A. Mechanical Engr A,S.ME SAE BOGEN, Laura M, Electrical Engr AIEE BOIE, William R Physics Sigmo Nu BOLAN, Joanne M, Elem Educ. Kappa Koppo Gomn lO BOLLERUD, Elaine Nursing Swedish Hospital BONCUTTER, Jean Psychology Kappa Kappa Gommo BOND, Judith Education Gommo Phi Beta BOONE, James W. Tronsporfation Alpha Koppo Ps 0| C-) |F : (•! ( r 0- f BOURQUE, Donold D. Accounting Alptio Koppo Psi Chelan Theta Delta Chi Elec Engr. AIEEIRE Tou Beta Pi BOWERS, William Geology Roinier Bachelors Club BRANDT, Dick Morketing Delta Tou Delto Marketing Club BRANDT, Joy M. Gen Busine Alpha Phi May Day . . . Governor ' s Day . . . BRANDT, Paul L. Marketing Zela Psi BRANSON, Dovid H. Zoology Christian Union BRAUNSCHWEIGER, Teddy M, Sec, Training Mortar Board Totem Club Beta Gamma Sigma Koppa Kappa Gamma BRAY, BREMNER, Ronald E, Eric S, Med Radio-TV Nu Sigma Nu Scabbard Blade Alpha Epsilon Delto Radio-TV Guild Pi Omicron Sigma Theta Delia Chi Zeta Psi BRENCHLEY, Charles E. Indus, Arts Indus Educ Club BRESLICH, Mary Cecilia T, Pharmacy Mortar Board Totem Club Lambda Koppa Sigma Rho Chi BRIGGS, Frances E. Nursing Alpha Omicroi Swedish Hosp- BRIGGS, Merrill L. Elec, Engr IRE BRINCKEN, F. Louise Music Educ Mu Phi Epsilon BROBST, Beverly A. Nursing Ekiind Hall BROCK, BROCKHAUG, Richard K, Harold P Marketing Gen Business Alpho Koppo Psi Zeto Psi Marketing Club Zeto Psi BROCKMAN, Mary Jane Art Lambda Rho BRODERSON, James D, Zoology Phi Deiro Theta BROWN, Darinka Business Educ, BROWN, Donald G. Civil Engr, ASC.E, Scobbord Blade Tou Beta Pi BROWN, Donald P. Gen Business Pi Koppa Alpha BROWN, J, Dale Indus Educ Ind, Educ, Club BROWN, BROWN, John F, Sally L, Gen Business Medical Tech Arnold Air Society Pi Beta Phi Delta Kappa Epsilon Mu Tou BROWNE, Harry M, Foieslry Tou Phi Delta Scabbard Blade BROWNE, Wayne T, Gen Business Phi Kappo Psi BRUNETTE, Rodney G. Production Management C • O f Q © K-3 VA r- iktkiLi gkMk BRYANT, Nancy Speech Correction Zeta Phi Eta Sigma Alpha Eta Kappa Alpha Theta BUCHHOLTZ, Gladys N Elementary Educ Austin BUCK, Frank L. Foreign Trade Pan Xenia BUCK, Gerald W. General Business Beta Theta Pi BULLER, Beverly M. Elementary Educ. Mortar Boord Pi Lambda Theta Totem Club Kappa Alpha Theta BULMER, Bob E, Business Delta Kappa Epsilon BUNKER, Russ E. Civil Engr, Tou Beta Pi Zeta Nu Tau Scabbard Blade Kappa Sigma BURGES, Chuck D. Foreign Trade Bachelors Club IFC Delta Chi Pan Xenio BURGOON, Richatd D Mechanical Engr ASME BURKE, Catherine J. Interior Design Alpha Delta Pi BURNS, Patricia Elementary Educ Alpha Delta Pi BURRELL, David C. Industrial Educ Industrial Educ Cli jb BURSETT, Beverly English Educ. Sigma Epsiton Sigma Pi Lambda Theta Alpha Chi Omego BURT, Margaret M. Nursing Swedish Hospital Alpha Tau Delta Delto Zelo BURTON, William D. Geology Compass Chart Scabbard 8, Blade Alpha Tau Omega BUSIGIN, Connie L. Elementary Educ. Pi Beta Phi BUTLER, Michael R, Civil Engr Alpha Delta Phi BYINGTON, Richard H. Finance Oval Club Beta Gamma Sigma Pi Omicron Sigma Sigma Alpha Epsilon BYRNE, Kenneth G Mechanical Engr ASME BYRON, Ralph L Accounting Pi Kappa Alpha CADY, Frank H. Chemicol Engr Beta Theta Pi CAHOON, George E Premoior Bochelors Club Phi Delta Theta CALLARMAN, Sheila L. Elemenrory Educ Westminster Club A F Angel Wing Sigma Kappa CALVERT, Barbara M. General Business Mortar Board W-Key Totem Club Alpha Chi Omega Nickl e Hop . . . s ophomore Dance . CAMPBELL, CAMPBELL, Albert C. Carol Ann Sociology Elementary Edui Alpha Kappa Lambda Delta Gommo Arnold Air Society Delta Kappa Epsilon Theta Delia Chi CAPEN, Juanita J. Elementary Educ Totem Club Pi Lambda Theta Mu Phi Epsilon McKee CAPPS, Helga-Je Daily Editor Alpha Chi Omega CAREY, Wollace V Forest Club hmt CARLEY, John B. Economics Delta Chi CARLGREN, Virginia Personnel Delta Gommi CARLSON, Richard A. Marketing Chi Phi CARLSON, Richord L ASME S.A.E. I En Med Tec Mu Tau Delta Gc CARROLL, John R. Cvil Engr. AS.C.E, CARROLL, Neil P. Geology Ammonite Society Pi Kappa Alpha Frank Gustin ' s write-in campaign . CARROLL, CARSKADDEN, CASE, CASTILLO, CATRON, CAVADIAS, CAVANAGH, CHAN, Richard B. Thomas H. Joan L. Joan M. Lorry M. Gregory T. Warren L, Gilbert K. Mechonicol Engr General Studies Elementary Educ Home Ec Marketing Production Civil Engr Forestry A.S.ME. Arnold Air Society Pi Lambda Theto Omicron Nu Delto Chi Pan Xenia A5-CE Forest Club Jr. I.F.C. Chi Omega Totem Club Marketing Club Tau Phi Delta Zeto Psi AWS Cabinet Alpha Phi Management Club Alpha Delta Phi CHANG, CHESHIRE, CHEW, CHILDERS, CHONZENA, CHRISTENSEN, CHRISTENSEN, CHRISTIANSEN Hwodi Y James L. Sen Poy Millicent A. Mono 1. Roy B Warren H. Warren G Sociology Morleeting Electrical Engr Dietetics Dental Hyg Construction Mngt Electrical Engr Transportation Alpha Kappa Psi I.R.E. Delta Gamma Delta Zeto Zeta A »u Tou Marketing Club Thela Chi CLACK, CLAMPin, CLANCY, CLARK, CLARK, CLARK, CLAWSON, CLOW, Dovid A. Milton P Roger P, Kent E. Mary Jane Richard W Beverly J Lynn E. Accounting Morkelmg Forestry Journalism General Business Speech Educ Sociology Phroreres Phi Delta Theto Alpho Delto Sigma Foresr Club Doily Editor McKee Composs Chart YWCA Newman Club Beto Theto Pi Tau Phi Delta Pi Omicion Sigmo Sigma Delta Chi Beto Thela Pi Pi Omicton Sigmo Scabbard Blade Phi Kappa Sigma Koppo Delta Zeto Tou Alpha q Q a Q o P D n o t), Oi o r O n p 1 P p n e Bachelors Club COBB, Gilbert R. Gen Business Lambda Chi Alpha COCHRAN, Kathleen A. Speech Pi Lombdo Thelo Zeta Phi Eta Sigma Alpho Eio YWCA Exec COLE, Donald D. History Phi Sigma Kappa I F,C Koppo Kappa Gom CONGDON, Roberta A. Dental Hygiene Delta Gamma Jr. Dentol Hygie CONNELL, Margaret A. English Totem Club Mortar Board Ponhellenic Delta Bammo COOK, Marilyn J. Med, Tech Alpho Phi Koppo Delto YWCA Home Ec. Club CONDON, Harold T. Gen Business Varsity Boat Club Varsity Crew Big " W " Club COOGAN, Patrick D. Mechonicol Engr. ASM.E S.A.E. Composs Chart Scabbard Blade CORKUM, Evelyn M. English Blame Hall Husky Christian Fellowship Sophomore Carnival . . . Songfest CORNER, Keith K. Varsity Hall CORP, Ernest L. Mining Mines Society Engr Council COSPER, RoyL. Mechanical Engr. COVv ' AN, Charles L Chemicol Er Alpha Delta 9 ' Phi COYKENDALL, V ode H. Insurance Alpho Koppo Psi Rainier CRAIG, Joyce B. Sociology Delto Zeto Debate CRAMER, John F. Electricol Eng AIEE-IRE CRAWFORD, Fred B. Reol Estoie Alpha Koppo Ps CREVl S, Charles Foreign Tiode Thelo Xi CRIM, E, Corlo Zoology Sigma Koppo CROOK, Dorothy Elementary Educ Cosmopoliton Club Totem Club CROOKS, Robert E Production Lambda Ch Alpho CROSIER, Ellwood B Psychology Psi Upsilon CROWLEY, Dorothy E. Nursing Delta Zeta Swedish Hosp. CULVER, Norman C. Dentistry Alpha Tau Omega Delto Sigma Delta CURTIS, Edna M. Home Ec, Wesley House Koppo Phi n .n n IV c- a Q ( Q Q ik Mm ik r Q Q Q CURTIS, CUSTER, DAHL, DAHLQUIST, DAKE, DANNER, DAUBERT, DAVIDS, Mary Jo Donald W, Thomas L, M. Elaine Charles H Ralph D. Richard A. Sylvia M. Pharmacy Marketing Sponish Home Ec Accounting Gen Busines ,s Electrical Engr Elem Educ Alpha Xi Delta Pi Omicrcn Sigma Educ, Club Home Ec Club Alpha Koppo Psi Managemen tClub Beta Thelo Pi Pi Lombdo Theto Rho Chi Arena Spanish Club Phroteres AM5 Vice-Pres Lambda Kappa 1 Army Drill Teom Amer. Pharm. Assoc. IPC DAVIDSON, DAVIES, DAVIS, DAVIS, DAVIS, DAVIS, DAVISON, DAWSON, Mary Lou David A. Bertha D. Don P., Jr. James W. Walter N Walter G. Robert H. Sec. training Gen, Studies Elem. Educ. Gen Business Gen Studies Speech Pharmacy Economics Delta Zeto Alpha Delta Phi Phi Delta Thelo Delta Upsilon Phi Sigma Ki jppa Kappa Psi Chelan Purple Shield Pi Omicron Sigma Varsity Booi Club IPC Molamutes Husky Swim Club APA Young Democrats Upperclassmen at last . . . slush funds . . . DAY, DAY, DEAN, DEAN, DEAN, DECKER, DECKER, DECKER, Howord W. John Chorlotte M. Howard A. James F. Alelho H. Daniel A. Joy D. Political Science Journalism Gen Studies Civil Engr Electrical Engr Med Tech Electrical Engr. Dentistry Thelo Chi Molamutes Koppa Alpha Thero Coscode Tou Beto Pi McKee AIEE4RE Phi Gamma De U Young Republicans Purple Shield ASCE Zeto Mu Tou Tou Beta Pi Bachelors Club Engr Council IRE Zela Mu Tou Alpha Delta Sigmo Wash Engr Engr Council DECKER, DEEPROSE, DEMPSEY, DENNEY, DENZLER, DERDEVANIS, DE SHAZO, DETRICK, Jerry N. Blanche L. Robert E. Betty S. John R. Philip P. Donna M. Julio 1. Speech Art Mechanical Engi Marketing Indus Design Electrical Engr Journolism Music Educ. Delta Upsilon Delta Gammo Adelphi Koppo Delto Phi Delta Theto Pi Kappa Alpha Thela Sigma Phi Alpha Xi Delta Bachelors Club Women s Rec. Council A.S.M.E. Indus. Design Club Cosmopolitan Club Gamma Alpha Chi Mu Phi Epsilon H.W.S.C. Chi Alpha Phi Beta Kappo Opera Theater DEUTER, DEXTER, DICKINSON, DINGMAN, DLIN, DODGE, DODSON, DOLL, Carolyn L. Richard B. Lee G. Maggi C. Normon Keith D. Jerry J. Elaine M. Home Ec. Low Meteorology Nursery School Geography Civ.l Engr. Mechanical Engr. Elem Educ. Omicron No Channmg Club Arnold Air Society Alpha Gamma Delta Cosmo Club A.S.C.E. Alpha Delia Phi W-Key Home Ec. Club IHC Baker S.I AS Delta Delta Delta DOMENOWSKE, DONAHUE, DORSEY, DOTSON, DOWD, DRAPER, DRAVENIEKS, DREW, John R. Patncio C. Ridgely E. Lo Verne L. Thomas J., Jr. Gregory L. llmo Noncy J. Eleclncol Engr Music Geology Accounting Gen Business Mechonical Engr. Pharmacy Accounting AIEE-AIRE Mu Phi Epsiton Psi Upsilon Sigma Nu Pi Omicron Sigmo Bachelors Club Lambda Kappo Sigma Doily Office Mgr. Phi Lombdo Theta Managerial Counc :il Phi Gamma Delta A. PH A Ponhellenic V,ce-p Delta Gammo . . . Foo itball pena Alpha Phi Omega Psi Upsilon Ity . . . sk iing . . . Air Force Sponsor ' Sigma Kappa 9 DREYER, DRIPS, DRURY, DUKES, DUNCAN, DUNN, DURNAN, EASON, Alvin Phil A. Don M. George L. Sally J. Barbara F. Denis D. Ward R, Architecture Tronsportation Civil Engr. Chemical Engr Elem Educ Gen. Sludies Chemical Engr Forestry Tau Sigma Delta Oval Club Purple Shield Alpha Phi Omego Silver Fish Kappo Alpha Theta Compass Chart Forest Club Big W Tou Beta Pi AI.C.E Delta Gamma AI.C.E Compass Chart Husky Swim Club A.SC.E. Dotson Sigmo Nu Tou Phi Delta Beta Theto P. Phi Gamma Delta EASTERBROOK, EASTERBROOK, EASTERN, EASTMAN, EDMONSON, EELLS, ECU, EHRLICH, DonH. Raymond H. Joseph H. George D, Kenneth W. George C. Pamela K. Arlene B. Geology Mechanical Engr. Accountmg Political Science Accounting Industrial Arts Educ. Nursing Sociology Delta Tau Delta A.S.M.E. Rainier House Alpho Kappo Psi Husky Swim Club Varsity Swim Team Rifle Team Sigma Chi Alpha Kappo Psi Indus Arts Cli jb Swedish Hospital Alpha Tou Delta Alpha Delta Pi Hillel Alpho Epsilon Phi 201 o EICKENHORST, ELLIS, ELMS, ELWELL, ENG, ENGLAND, ENWALL, ERICKSON, Robert S. Robert E. Genelle Judith R. Helen Edward J. Mary Ellen Robert L. Accounting Accounting Art Educ Elem Educ Pharmacy Electrical Engr English Educ Gen Studies Beto Alpho Psi Chi Omega Home Ec Cli jb Lambda Kappa Sigm 10 Tau Beta Pi Phi Mu Alpha Phi Or Alpho Kappa Psi Delta Delto Delta Rho Chi AIEE-IRE Molomutes Austin Psi Upsilon ERLANDSON, ESDALE, ESPINOZA, ESTEY, EVANS, EVANS, EVANS, EVANSON, John P. Gloria M. Floyd A. Karin A. Dolores A. Keist E. Richard L, Richard Geography Economics Physical Educ Art English Marketing Marketing Engineering Delta Kappa Epsilon Alpha Delta Pi P E Club Sigma Nu Lombdo Rho Pi Beta Phi Leary Management Club Theta XI Varsity Boat Club Oval Club Marketing Club Comma Delta Chi Psi EWIN, FAIRCHILD, FALKNER, FARMER, FARNELL, FARRELL, FENDALL, FERGUSON, William H. Jasper S- William G Guy W. Dorothy H. Poul Noncy E, Margaret Electrical Engr. Accounting Mechonical Engr Journalism Physical Ec luc Gen. Business Home Ec Nursing Tou Beta Pi Management Club AS.ME. Sigma Delta Chi P.E Club I.FC, Interhall Council Horborview 1 AIEE-IRE Alpha Delto Phi Sigma Nu Mortar Board Song and Stunt Night . . . best song . . . FERRYMAN, FIELD, FIELD, FISHER, FISHER, FISHER, FITCH, FITE, William H. Elsie E. Nancy E. Donald B. Paul J. Philip Cornelia M. Willii Civil Engr. Nursing Educotion Botony Mechanicc il Engr. Mechanical Engr. Histoiy History A.S.C,E, Sv edish Hospital Air Force Sponsors Big W A.S.M.E. Alpha Kappa Lombdo Totem Club Phi Gor Scabbard Blade Alpha Phi Compass Chart AWS Council Conterbury Club Husky Swim Club Roinier Mortor Board Alpha Phi 202 FITZGERALD, FIT2PATRICK, FITZSIMMONS, FLAKS, FLETCHER, FLOWER, FLYNN, FOLKESTAD, Dovid Robert F. Dole E. Carmen S. Charles A. Charles C. Heidi A. Gerhard T. Marketing Personnel Mechanical Engr General Studies Business Educ Pre-Low English Electrical Engr AS.B.C. Bachelors Club Tou Beta Pi Panhellenic Adelphi Pi Omicron Sigma Koppo Alpha Theto I.RE. Chelan IF.C. Pi Omicron Sigma Phi Kappa Sigma ASM.E Phi Beta Kappa Phi Sigma Sigma Theto Delta Chi FOLLIS, FONDA, FOORD, FOOTE, FORBES, FORD, FORMAN, FOSTER, Robert A. John A. Marilyn Gerald L. Bruce Beverly J. Larry A. James H. English Educ. Geology Elementary Educ. Marketing Anthropology General Business Speech General Siudi. Alpha Phi Omega Pi Omicron Sigma Pi Lambda Theta Phi Koppa Psi Sigma Alpha Epsilon Koppo Delta Sigmo Alpha Mu I.R.E Chi Phi Pan Xenio Delta Sigma Phi Sigma Epsilon Sigma Alpha Chi Omega Second place basketball team . FOX, Delores C. Home Ec Alpho Chi Omega FRAME, Doword W. Accounting Husky Winter Sports Club Kappa Beta Phi Sigma Alpha Epsilon FRANZKE, Suzanne J. Physical Educ. Husky Winter Sports Club Koppo Alpha Theto ERASER, Loro J. Nursing Swedish Hospital Alpha Tou Delta FREEMAN, Sally L. Journalism Delta Gomma FRELIGH, Alice A. English Totem Club Chi Omego FRANKLAND, Robert S. Arts Science; Beta Theto Pi Phi Delta Theta i FRIEDLANDER, Betty Lou Sociology Hillel Alpha Epsilon Phi FRANZEN, Audrey J. Business Educ. Westminster Club Business Educ Club Blame FREEMAN, Melvin I. Med Science Oval Club Purple Shield Alpha Epsilon Delto Sigmo Alpha Mu FRUEHWALD, Honsjoerg S. Mechanical Engi Koppo Sigma 203 FRYE, Shirley G. Horborview Alpha Tau Delia GALLAGHER, Sheridan W. Mechanical Engr AS.ME Inter-house Couni FUJII, John S. Forestry Forest Club Xi Sigma Pi S A.ME Tau Phi Delta GAMBLE, Michoel I. Gen. Studies Phi Kappo Psi FURTADO, Barbara Morkering GABELEIN, Roger F. Music Educ Phi Mu Alpho GANDY, Robert J., Jr. Ceramic Engr Keromos ACS. Scabbard Blade Phi Delta Theto GANTY, Mary Ja Kappa Alpha Theto Scabbard Blode Koppo Sigma GARBER, Howard D. Biology Educ Educ Club Baker GAGE, Carolyn A. Dental Hygien Pi Beta Phi GAGE, Kaye L. , Comm, Art Alpha Chi Omega GARRETT, GASTON, Marian R. Richard Gen. Studies Finance Alpha Gamma Delta Theto Chi Spring intramurals . . . swimming ol Engr Phi Beta Koppo Sigma Delta Chi Baker GERBER, M. William, Gen Business Delta Tau Delic GLERUP, Virginia L. GERMAINE, Shirley Elementary Educ Home Ec Club Alpha Omicron F GERMUNDSON, Gunnor G. Production Oval Club Big ' W " Ski Team Sigmo Phi Epsilon GOODMAN, Bob G. Pre Med Theta Delta Chi Gammo Alpho Chi Chi Omega GORDON, Robert W. Mechanical Engr. AS.ME. Arnold Air Soc Phi Delto Theto GRABER, Raymc Forestry Forest Club Wesley Club Chelon d E. GLASS, Barbara A. English Educ, Wesley House Koppo Phi GRAF, Robert L. Physicol Ed. Alpha Sigma Phi GLAZE, David K. Civil Engr. A.S.C.E. M i±m GRECO, Marie D. Alpha Chi Omega GREENE, Nancy A. Art Chi Omega GREENLEE, Catherine Elementary Educ Sororia GREINER, Sally Zoology Phi Epsilon Chi Phrateres GREVSTAD, Ben h Gen Business Bachelors Club Alpha Kappa Psi Alpha Tau Omega GRIBBLE, Melvin L. Finance Acacia GRIFFITH, Sandra D. Home Economics Alpha Delta Pi GROSS, Leonard D. Denhstry 1 FC Treas Purple Shield Sigma Alpha Mu GRUBBS, Kenneth L. Personnel Management Club Sigma Club GRUSPE, Evelyn F, English GRUTCHFIELD, Marhys L, Pharmacy Lambda Kappa Sigma Amer. Pharm. Assn. GRUTCHFIELD, Victo Pharmacy Kappa Psi Amer Pharm. Asi GUSKE, Sharon Home Ec Educ Silver Fish University Singers Sigma Kappa GUTZLER, Ralph P. Sociology Lambda Chi Alpha Managerial Council GWILYM, Donald A. Civil Engr ASXE, Pilgrim Club Tau Beto Pi HAEGELE, William R. History Educ Remodeling in Commons . . . and Denny HALE, Reid E. Journalism DAILY Editor Sigma Delta Chi HAGER, HAIGHT, Thomas R. Anabel Civil Engr Sociology A S C E Panhellenic Arnold Air Society Alpha Chi On- HALL, Jay L. Varsity Boat Club Phi Delta Theta HAMILTON, Evelyn A. Generol Studie Alpho Phi HALLOWAY, Gordon L. Psychology Chi Phi HAMLIN, Susan E. Dental Hygie HAINES, Harold J. Mechanical Engr ASME. Compass Chart Scobbord Blade HALVORSON, Delto Delta Delta HAMMELL, Lu Verno M. Mortar Board Alpha Tau Delto Nursing Delta Delta Delta 205 o C% P ffb o Mm mk HAMMER, HAMMERSMITH, HAMMOND, HAMON, HANSEN, HANSEN, HANSEN, HANSEN, Ronald K, Edward C, Loilo L Francis E Barbara J. Goil V. Karen L. Mark S. Produchon Civil Engr Music Educ Forestry Sociology Home Ec, Sociology Personnel A.SC.E, Pi Lambda Theto Xi Sigma Pt Roily Girls Phroteres YWCA Scabbard Blade Mu Phi Epsilon Chelon Pi Beta Phi Kappa Kappa Gammc ] Phi Kappa Sigma Sigma Kappa HANSEN, HANSON, HANSON, HARA, HARDING, HARPER, HARRIS, HARROP, Russell H. Dorothy A. Harold N, Hirohisa Donna M. Charles C. Jean H. Robert D. Mechonical Er W Nursing Finance Pharmacy Journalism Finance Nursing Accounting A.S.M.E. Lutheran Student Assn Delta Chi Rho Chi DAILY Stoff Theta Delta Chi Swedish Hosp Management Club Composs Chart Alpho Tau Delta Gomma Alpha Chi Alpha Tou Delta Alpha Tau Omega Afternoons at the beach ASUW O 21R HARTLEY, Marvin C Business Ed Educ Club HARVEY, Chet L. Physical Educ Football Sigma Nu HARVEY, Loy C. Sociology Alpha Koppo Lambda Alpho Xi Delta HARVEY, Susan E. Dent. Hygiene W-Key Koppo Koppo Gamma HASSELL, Bruce M. Electrical Engr AIEE-IRE HAUGEN, Elwood L. Eleclrical Engr. AIEE-IRE HAWKINS, Marian L. Totem Club Alpha Gamma Delta HAWLEY, Mary Jane English Educ. Leary HAYNES, Horald J, Mechanical Engr Compass Chort AS ME HECKER, Joon L, Med. Tech Mu Tou Gamma Phi Beto HECKMAN, Claude C. Mechanical Engr ASM.E S.A.E Sigma Phi Epsilon HEDEEN, Donold F. Foreign Trade Pan Xenia HEDGES, Elizobeth J. English HEFLIN, Mary Jo Speech Kappa Alpha Theto HEIIY, Koy A. Journolism Theta Sigmo Phi Gamma Alpha Chi Delta Gommo HEISER, Peter E., Jr. Chemistry Phi Delto Theta m HELIAND, Dan C. Gen Busm€ TheiQ Chi Marketing Club Psi Upsilon Arlys E. Elemenlary Edu. HEMMAT, Harry H Pharmacy Rho Chi Totem Club AWS Council Alpha Xi Delta Elections . . . Dick Leon as president HELLWEG, Moclene J. Elementary Edui Zeta Tou Alpho HENDERSON, Elizabeth B. Elementary Educ Alpha Omicron ( HENKEL, Janet C. Home Ec Alpha Chi Omega HENKEN, Edwin R. Civil Engr A.5.C.E. Delta Sigma Rho HERBISON, Ralph N. Pharmacy Koppo Psi Kappa Sigma HERMAN, Morton G. Poll. Sci Hillel Sigma Alpha Mu HESSE, Margaret English Educ. Pi Beta Phi HIKIDA, Gloria K. Physical Educ. Voledo Phi Epsilon Chi HILBY, Joan E. Nursing EkIind Holl Alpha Chi Omega HILL, Nancy C. Art Phi Mu HIRANAKA, Daniel K. Electricol Engr. A.I.E.E. Synkoa HOFFMAN, Carole Business Educ Pi Lambda Theta Sigma Kappo HOFFMAN, Kathleen J. Nursing Ekiind Hall Alpha Delta Pi HOGGAn, Harold W. Marketing Marketing Club Phi Kappa Psi HOLDREN, Larry L. Chem Engr. Purple Shield Zeta Mu Tou Scabbard Blade Zeta Psi HOLLINGSWORTH, Ralph R. Phormocy Kappo Psi Rho Chi HOLMER, Ruth M. McKee Business Educ. HOLMES, Gudveig Elementary Educ. Alpha Omicron P HOMMA, Kumiko Dent. Hygiene Jr, Dent. Hygiene Assn. HONEYWELL, Earl E. Aero Engr. I.A.S. HORN, William C. For East Cascade HOROWITZ, Caroline A. Far East Alpha Epsilon Phi HOUK, Theodore L. Physics Zeta Mu Tou HOWARD, Richard J. Low Purple Shield Husky Swim Club HOWERY, Norman K. Electrical Engr AIEE-IRE HOWLEH, Evelyn G. Poll Sci. Gamma Phi Beta HUGHES, Pat L. Arnold Air Society Delta Kappo Epsilot HSIAO, Ching-hw Lambda Rho Tau Sigma Delta HUNT, Arthur A, Economics Purple Shield Varsity Boat Club Phi Gamma Delta HUANG, Justm C. Physics Zeta Mu Tau Rainier HUNTER, Kothryn B Med Tech Mu Tau Kappa Kappa Gamma HUNTLEY, John W, Foi East Finally we were seniors parties HUNTWORTH, Gail A. Sociology Alpha Gommo Delto INGHAM, Nancy R. HUTCHINSON, Harriet E. Koppo Delta Delta Kappa Epsilo HUXEL, Charles D Alpha Koppo Psi Mechanical Engr Delta Upsilon HYNES, Edward M, Beta Alpha Psi IRVING, Patricia F, Marketing Club Chi Omega JAMES, Barbara Music, English Mortar Boord Mu Phi Epsilon Nursing Alpha Tou Delta INGELS, Nancy L, JARVIS, Evelynn V, yj wPf il IVERSON, Beverly L. General Bus JENNINGS, Betty J- Monogement Club Leary JEWELL, JOHANNES, JOHANSON, JOHNSON, JOHNSON, JOHNSON, JOHNSON, JOHNSON, Jock A. Clifford W. Lorry O. Donald L. George H, George P. Gordon Harvey A. Personnel Mechanical Engr Insurance Electrical Engr. Fisheries Mechanical Engr Zoology Electrical Engr Management Club Pi Omicron Sigma IFC, 1 RE Fisheries Club Compass Chart Purple Shield Tau Beto Pi Pi Kappa Phi Pi Omicron Sigma Student Co-op Assoc. Alpha Delta Phi IFC. IRE AIRE Bachelors Club Dotson Beta Theto Pi Delta Tau Delta JOHNSON, JOHNSON, JOHNSON, JOHNSON, JOHNSON, JOHNSON, JOHNSON, JOHNSON, Howard A. Jeonette L. Judith A. Lloyd G. Lucille D. Marshall, L. Mary L. Patricia J. Forestry Home Ec Home Ec. Pharmacy History Arl Elem. Educ. History Educ. Xi Sigmo Pi Leary Roily Girls Rho Chi Mortar Board Alpha Delta Sigma Blame Forest Club Delta Delta Delta Totem Club Rally Girls Alpha Xi Delto Pi Omicron Sigma Delia Tau Delta JOHNSON, JOKINEN, JONES, JONES, JOVICK, JUE, KAASA, KADASHIMA, Ruth K. Shirley John A. William W. Sally M. Jin-Jee Barbara Donald Home Ec Elem Educ. Low Civil Engr. English Educ Elem Educ. English Industrial Design Totem Club Pi Lambda Theto Young Democrats A.S.CE Totem Club University Singers Grophno Techno Home Ec Cabmet Delia Delto Delta Pi Kappa Delta Koppo Koppo Gamma Alpha Omicron Pi Indus. Design Club Bookstore Board A.SB.C- Chelon Synkoo KAIJA, KAJIMURA, KAPPEL, KARR, KAWATA, KEEFE, KEELER, KEELER, Lorraine A. Hiroshi Robert G, W. Susan D. Hideo Lorry D. Grahom T. Margery A. Sociology Young Republicans Fisheries Accounting Gen Studies Mechanical Engr, Poll Sci Transportotion Gen Studies Synkoo Beta Alpha Psi Alpha Phi ASME Bachelors Club Pi Koppo Phi AW 5. Council YWCA Cabinet Alpha Kappa Psi SA.E. Theta Chi Delta Gamma Alpha Chi Omego . . . a little studying . . . last football O O al Engr. KELLY, Pal A. Home Ec YWCA Chi Omego KEMPHAUS, Dan Gen Busmess Sigma Nu KENNEY, George J, Zoology Zela Mu Tou Phi Sigmo IH.C Olympus KENT, John P. Pre-Ma|. Phi Delia Theta KERSHNER, Donnelley R, Pioduction Alpha Koppo Psi KEYES. Rodio-TV Radio- TV Guild Chi Omega KIDD, Larry G. Electrical Engr. AI.E.E Delta Upsilon KIILIAN, Toni Poll. Sci. Delta Gcmmo KOPPE, Gretchen A. History Educ. Totem Club Mortar Board Ponhellenic Kappa Delto Forestry Forest Club Koppa Sigmt KOPPEL, Phil I. Rodio-TV Sigmo Alpho Mu KINCAID, Gen Studies Delta Tou Delta KLINGMAN, Ronald R. Poll. Sci. Theta Delta Chi Gen. Business Management Club KING, David B. Production Mgl Pi Omicron Sigma Arnold Air Society Psi Upsilon KLINNER, Alvin R. Accounting UW Yacht Club Radio-TV Alpha Delto Phi Mechanical Engr ASME Phi Kappo Tou KRUEGER, Richard D. Production Management Club KIRBY, John R. Foreign Trade Sigma Chi Mechanical Engr ASME. Arnold Air Society Pharmacy Kappa Psi KOPF, Janet E. Eng Lit Educ Totem Club YWCA Alpha Chi Omega KLEIN, Edgar S. Architecture Acacia KOPLITZ, Marilyn J. KRULLER, Grace N. Home Ec. Home Ec. Club games in student section . . . dances gmim •■«si? , • WM. ' k o 0 fs o t KUBOTA, Doris M. Art Lambda Rho Voledo KURTZ, James H. Chemical Engr A5CE KYLE, Evelyn D. Poll SCL Synodelphic LA BRACHE, Stephonie L. Elem Educ Pt Lombdo Theta Alpho Chi Omega LACEY, Leigh R. Statistics Varsity Bowling Sigma Chi LACY, Nicholas A. Radio-TV Rodio-TV Guild Sigma Nu LA FRENIERE, Oliver W. Germanics Delta Phi Alpha UW Chess Club LAMPMAN, Loran E. Civil Engr ASCE LAMONT, Ann English Koppo Delta LANDON, Jerrold E. Mechanical Engr Theta Chi LANG, John M. Morketing Marketing Club Sigmo Phi Epsilon LANGTON, Kenneth D. Bachelors Club Alpha Koppo Psi Husky Yocht Club Delto Tou Delto LANNING, Barbara A. Home Ec Home Ec Club Husky Winter Sports CI LARRICK, Alvin P. Chemical Engr. A ICE. b Wosh Engineer Chelan LARSEN, Robert D. Ind. Educ. Ind. Educ. Club Phi Delta Koppo LARSON, Robert E. Mothemotics Zeto Psi LATOURELl, Dean Architecture Theta Xi Tau Sigma Delia LAVI, Rohim R. Mechanical Engr Pi Omicron Sigmo Cosmo Club A.S-ME Sigmo Alpha Mu LA VILLEHE, John R. Aeronautical Engr Husky Swim Club Inst Aero. Sciences Phi Koppo Tou LAYCOCK, Lorry G, Accounting Beto Alpho Psi Alpha Koppo Psi Scabbard Blade Olympus LEACH, Gracie J. Elem. Educ. Alpha Gommo Delta LEANDER, Sharon A. Elem Educ Totem Club Zeto Phi Eta Sigmo Alpha Eto Koppo Alpha Theta LEAVITT, Jomes N. Journalism Daily Alpha Delta Sigmo LECKIE, Cherry M. Gen Business Phroteres Austin LE COCQ, Andrew D. Mechanical Engr Westminster House A.S.M.E. Alpha Koppo Lambda LE COCQ, Bofbora A. Swedish Hospital LEDERMAN, Donald N. Dent. Coducions Sigmo Alpho Mu LEE, Wong S. Electrical Engr ALEE LEHMAN, Richard H. Pharmacy Alpha Phi Omego Koppo Psi Westminster Club LEITHE, Chorles C. Dent Delta Sigmo Delta Sigmo Nu LEMONIS, Fred S. Sociology LENNOX, D. Stewart, J Production Phi Gommo Del LEON, Richard H. Gen. Studies ASUW President Oval Club P, Omicron Alpha Delta Phi LEONARD, Noydeno M. English Alpha Phi LEPLEY, Carolyn J. RodioTV Young Republicans Delto Gommo LEPSOE, Finn B. Gen. Business Sigma Nu LESSEL, Richard L. Arts Sciences LESTER, KAY B. Elem Educ. Koppo Koppo Gamma LEVIEN, Wanda F. Home Ec. LEW, Milton H. Gen. Business 211 LEWIS, Jack R. Tronsportotion Theto Dello Chi a Q.i 9J ' ' % ikg M il LEWIS, Karsten C. Pre-Med Big W Oval Club Alpha Sigma Delia Sigma Nu LEWIS, Richard B. Electrical Engr IPC. Pi Omicron Sig AiE.E. Kappa Sigmo Snowball fights . Tennis Big W LINSTROM, Carol J. M icrobiology Phi Beta Koppo Boord of Control l,W A Bloine I Alpha Chi s Bus. Mgr LISTER, John H. Reol Estate Bochelors Club Sigma Nu Pi Omicron Sign LOFSTROM, David J. Gen. Business Alpho Tau Orr LOWMAN, Jean McCOUBREY, William S. Mothematics Sigmo Nu LOFT, Robert E. Elec, Engr AIEE-IRE Tau Beta Pi LOWRY, Patricia J. Sec. Training Alpha Phi Sociology Alpho Phi LOGAN, Daniel J. Marketing Alpha Deira Sigma Sigma Phi Epsilon Philosophy UW Yocht Club Theta Xi LOGUE, Elem. Educ. Delta Delta Delto AS.CE Pi Omicron Sign Pi Kappa Phi Production Alpha Dellc LOVERING, Mike Accounting IPC Purple Shield Alpha Tau Omego English Alpha On- McGEE, Charles T. Zoology Alpha Epsilon Delto Pi Omicron Sigmo Chi Psi LOVEJOY, Judy L. Alpha Chi Omega LUSIGNAN, Guy R, Forestry Forest Club Chelon Alpha Delta Sigmc Columns Bus Mgr, Theto Chi LOW, Jean M. Speech Toiem Club AWS President Delta Comma Pi Lombdo Theto Rally Girls Sigmo Koppo Swedish Hosp Alpho Tau Deltr Production Management Club McCARTER, Douglas E Pharmacy Rho Chi A.Ph.A, O f ' AA O ' ( Q ' lf l p MclVOR, Ivor K. Chemical Engr. Phi Beta Kappa Tou Beta Pi A.5.C.E. McKENZIE, McKEOWN, McKERNAN, McKIMMEY, Jack V. Frank J. Daniel R, V. Jean Marketing Gen. Business Accounting Marketing Club Vorsity Boot Club Management Club Arena Management Club Arnold Air Society Beta Alpha Psi Austin Sigma Chi Sigma Nu McLACHLAN, McLAUGHUN, McLEAN, Sandra l. Lawrence R. James F. Home Ec Educ Geography Marketing Delta Delta Delta Chelan Sigma Nu Parents Weekend ... Ivy planting . . . o fy, p f p. c f r% f C} MocCONNELL, Helen F. Gen Studies Zeta Mu Tou Alpha Kappa Delto MADSON, Gordon E. English W. MAGILl, Arthur Forest Club Xi Sigma Pi MAGNUSON, Ann J. Speech Delto Delto Delta MANDAS, Georgia A. Alpha Phi Omega Radio-TV Guild Adelphi MANLOWE, MANNING, MARIK, MARTIN, MARTIN, MARTIN, MASOERO, MASTON, Robert L, Potricio A. Roymond L. Elaine R. Judith Morris C. Art. R, June H. Accounting Purple Shield History English Educ. English Educ Gen Studies Music Zoology Dental Hygiene Gommo Phi Beto Purple Shield Pi Lambda Theta Gamma Phi Beta Alpho Koppo Lombd 3 Phi Gommo Delta Jr. Dent Hygie ne Assn. Big W Husky Flying Club Totem Club Oval Club Chi Phi Sigma Epsilon Sigma Phi Delta Theto Adelphi Program Panel MATHESON, MATSON, MAYO, MEHL, MEREDITH, MERRin, MERRin, MERTEL, George W. Boyd 1. Ronald D. Roger L. John E. Richord 0. Robert B. Chorles W. Zoology Ind. Educ. Civil Engr Zoology Gen Business Forestry Accounting Poll Sci. Purple Shield Ind. Educ. Club AS.C.E. Delto Tou Delta Beto Gommo Sigma P, Omicron Sigma Husky Winter Sport s Club Ovol Club Scabbard Blade Phi Delta Kappa Interhouse Council Alpha Phi Omega Composs Chart Phi Kappa Tou AMS President Pi Omicron Sigma Coscode Alpha Sigma Phi Tou Phi Delto Big W Psi Upsilon Sigmo Nu 213 MEHERT, MEYERS, MICHAELSON, MICHAUD, MICHEL, MIKSCH, MILLER, MILLER. Paul M. Jo Anne Ernest C. Stephen Daniel A. Donald W. Jock 1. John K. Elecrricol Engr. Home Ec. Chemical Engr. Mechanical Engr. B.A. Sociology Gen. Business Architecture A.I.E.E. Panhellenic Chem. Engr. Club Trock Calvin Club Compass Chart Compass Chort Board of Control Delto Tou Delto Beto Theto Pi Arnold Air Society Atlier Roinier Totem Club Sigma Kappa Beta Theto Pi Tou Sigma Delta Theta Xi MILLER, MILLER, MINAHAN, MINARD, MIYATA, MOLT, MONTGOMERY, MONTGOMERY, Marian R, Marilyn F. Michael 1. Paul M. Tomio T. Roger A. Carl W. Patricio J. Physicol Educ. History Mechonicol Engr. Ind Educ. Pharmacy Mechanical Engr. Accounting Elem. Educ Alpha Phi Westminster Club Lombdo Chi Alpho Ind. Educ. Club Kappo Psi A.SM.E. Senior Class Treos. Gommo Phi Beta Calvin Club Olympus S.AE, YMCA Cobinet YWCA Chelan Tou Kappa Epsilon Austin MOORE, MOORE, MORAN, MORGAN, MORGAN, MORGANTHALER, MORLEY, MORRIS, Potricia A. Tony M. Glenda B. JoAnn M. Joyce Mary L. Richard C. James A. Elem. Educ. Gen. Business Home Ec, Office Mgl Gen. Studies Dent. Hygiene Electrical Engr Speech Totem Club Oval Club Delta Zelo Wesley Club Alpha Gamma Delta Sigmo Epsilon Sigmo A.IE.E Debate Delto Delia Delia Adelphi Kappa Phi Mortar Board YWCA Delta Gamma Pi Kappa Alpha MORROW, MORSE, MORTON, MOUNGER, MULLEN, MYERS, MYERS, Leiand F. Paul C. Lee A. Judi L. Joyce E- MURRAY, Goyle L. Jock E. Chemical Engr- Civil Engr Mechanical Engr. Home Ec Economics Robert R. Elem. Educ. Aeronautical Engr A.I.C.E. Psi Upsilon A.S.M.E. Gamma Phi Beta Kappo Alpha Theto Poll Sci. Air Force Sponsors IAS. Wosh. Engr. Staff S.AE, Arnold Air Society Alpha Xi Delta Chelan Sigmo Phi Epsilon Bachelors Club Pi Omicron Sigma Phi Kappo Sigma MYERS. NAGATA, NAKAMURA, NASH, NEIL, NELSON, NELSON, Sharon N. Peggy A. May K. Jack A. Mary Lee NEiSESS, Bud D. Eorl H. Elem Educ. Business Educ. Art Educ. Zoology Physicol Educ Carol Ann Aeronouticol Engr Transportation Cosmo Club Bus. Educ. Club Voledo Caducians Totem Club English Comp IAS Psi Upsilon YWCA Cabinet Pi Lambda Theto Pi Lombda Theta Sigmo Alpha Mu Board of Control ASUW Secretary Bachelors Club Gamma Phi Beta Lambda Rho Educ. Club Rally Girls Alpho Phi Mortor Boord Totem Club a o NELSON, Robert S. Aeronouticol E I.A.S. Chelon ngr NELSON, Wendell D. Psychology Pi Omicron Sigma I.F.C. Delta Sigma Phi NELTHROPE, Linda A. Home Ec. YWCA Chi Omega NESS, Lloyd D, Const Management NESS, Mahlon O. Aeronautical Er Zeta Mu Tou Scabbard BIc lA.S Tau Belo Phi 9 ' ■ ide NEWCOMB, Betty L. Sociology Westminsrer NICKOLSON, Bruce B. Mechanical Engr A.S-ME. S.A.E. NICOLAI, Leland M. Aeronouticol Engr, Pi Omicron Sigmo AFROTC Wing Cmdr IAS Phi Kappa Tau NIEMAN, Elizabeth L. Elem Educ, Delta Delta Delta NIEMEIER, Theresa A. Marketing YWCA Blame NIETFIELD, Marilyn Physical Educ- PE Club Women s W Club NILSSON, Ann E. Music Mu Phi Epsilon Totem Club Kappa Kappo Gamn Senior Ball . . . M NOBLE, NOBLin, NODLAND, NOGLE, NOMMENSEN, NORDQUIST, NUDELMAN, NUNNELEE, Jane Marjofie A. Wayne E. James D. Gene O. Clarence E. Phillip M. Gery F. Music Educ. Music Electrical Engr. Accounting Production Ceramic Engr. Zoology Economics Mu Phi Epsilon Mu Phi Epsilon Zeto Mu Tou Alpha Koppa Psi Scabbard Blade Arnold Air Society Senior Class Pres. Ovol Club UW Bond AIEE-IRE Beta Gommo Sigma Scabbard Blade Pi Omicron Sigma Pi Omicron Sigma Dello Zeto Tou Beta Pi Big ■ W ' Purple Shield Oval Club Bachelors Club Sigma Alpha Epsilon Beta Theto Pi Sigmo Alpha Mu Sigma Alpha Epsilt NUHER, NUniNG, O ' CONNOR, ODELL, OERTEL, OGDEN, OHUNGER, OKADA, Richard L James D. Sharon F. Clyde A. Richard W. Sandra M. Allen R. Arlene Y. Bonking Poll. Sci. Dental Hygiene Meteorology History Educ. Gen. Studies Mechanical Engr. Home Ec. Delta Upsilon Zeta Psi W-Key Dental Hyg. Club Chi Omega Flying Club Chelan Totem Club Senior Class Vice-Pres. Delta Gommo S.A.E, A.S.M.E. Varsity Boat Club Delta Chi Home Ec. Club OKAMURA, OKAWA, OKERLUND, OLMAN, OLSEN, OLSEN, OLSON, OLSON, Lillian Y. Arlene M. John H., Jr. Phyllis A. E. Adele Terry Joyce S. Robert N. Med. Tech. Elem. Educ Electricol Engr Home Ec. Home Ec. Gen. Studies Gen. Studies Production Voledo Voledo A.I.E.E. Home Ec. Club Alpha Phi Phi Gommo Delta Alpha Xi Delta Alpha Koppa Psi Mu Tau Phi Beta Koppo Tau Beta Pi Alpho Epsilon Phi Compass Chart Alpha Delta Phi 215 i 5=- M OWELL, ONEIIL, ONUMA, OSTERMAN, OSTRANDER, OSTROM, OWEN, OWENS, Pot Richard S. Joseph H- M. Gayle Michael M. Geroldine S. William P. Lloyd Speech Pharmacy Aichitecture Home Ec Marketing Sociology Gen Business English Srgmo Ch, A.Ph.A. Tou Sigma Delta Omicron Nu Sigmo Epsilon Sigma Alpha Phi Alpho Tou Omega Panhellemc Alpha Omicron Pi Alpha Tou Omega Leory PANG, PARKER, PARKER, PARSONS, PARTRIDGE, PASCOE, PASCOE, PATERSON, TomY. Carol J. Williom L Dale Williom D Douglas W, Jeffrey John G. Real Estale Dental Hygiene Low Nursery School Phormocy Electrical Engr, Gen, Business Marketing Synkoo Big ' W " Club Phi Delto Theto Rally Girls Gamma Phi Belo APh, A Alpha Delto Phi Sigma Nu Arnold Air Society Morketing Club Phi Koppo Sigmo PATON, PATRICK, PATRICK, PAT2ER, PAYEHE, PEARSON, PEASE, PECKHAM, Michael M. Nancy A, T Keith Robert G. Donald G, Jerry M. Mino B, Donald D. Chemicol Engr. Speech Corr, Accounting Pharmacy Architecture Accounting History Electrical Engr. A.I.Ch.E, Sigmo Alpha Etc Pi Omicron Sigma Rho Chi Tou Koppo Epsilon Beta Alpha Psi Chonning Club I.R.E. Zeto Phi Eto Alpha Kappa Psi Koppo Psi Delta Tou Delta Austin Tau Beto Pi Alpha Delia Pi Alpha Sigma Phi APh A PEDERSON, PEDERSON, PELKEY, PEMBERTON, PENDELL, PENNELL, PERINGER, PERKINS, Arthur M. Judith E. Duane A. Henry Ben Virginia Lee C. Ann F, Michael Luonn Electrical Engr. Comm Art Mechanical Engr. Journalism Nursing Nursing Journalism Sociology Tou Beto Pi A.S.M.E. Ekiind Hall Purple Shield Alpha Phi Pi Omicron Sigmo Zeto Mu Tou Alpho Delto Pi Ovol Club Calvin Club Tau Beto Pi Bus Mgr, DAILY Beta Thelo Pi Beta Theto Pi PERRY, PERSON, PETERS, PETERSON, PETERSON, PETERSON, PETERSON, PETERSON, Michoel M. Barboro J. Douglas D. Allen G. Janet M. Norman E. Robert W. Thomas N. History Educ. Business Educ, Poll. Sci. Mechanical Engr Art Educ Zoology Accounting Marketing Phi Delta Koppo Alpha Omicron Pi Purple Shield A.S.M.E, lombdo Rho Pi Omicron Sigmo Delto Tou Delta Morketing Club Model UN Mortar Board Sigma Chi Delta Tou Delta Alpho Delta Phi Totem Club Delto Delta Delta 216 piGon, Mary Elier Gen Siudies Totem Club Delto Gamm Phi Kappa Sigma Home Ec Club PEHin, Production Adeiphi PIKE, Orville K. Gen. Busines Zeta Psi Home Ec Alpha Chi Orr PINKERTON, John T. Ind Design Gropho Tachn PHILLIPS, Peggy J. Nursing Ekiind Alpha Tau Delta Kappa Delta PLEBUCH, Richard K. Chemical Engr Scobbard Blade Al.Ch E Sigma Alpho Epsilo Graduation PICKERING, Robert A. History Educ Phi Delta Kappa Delta Tau Delto POFF, Philip W. POWERS, Carl R, Elec Engr AIEE-IRE Wesley Club Honderich Housi A 5 C E Engr Studeni Coun RANSOM, Loretto M, Engl. Educ Westminster Club Phroteres PICKEn, Duane M. Husky Flying Club Sigma Phi Epsilon Marketing Sigma Ch, QUALLY, Lloyd J. Aero Engr Scabbard { Malomutes Thela Xi RAREY, David E. Sociology PIETILA, Kenneth G Generol Bus. Elemenrory Edu Alpha Delto Pi Alpha Tau Delta EkIind Hall Delta Delta Delta Karen J. Art Mortar Board Lambda Rho Gammo Alpha Chi Calvin Club RASMUSSEN, Glenn J. Accounting Beta Alpha Psi Metallurgy ASM A.I.M.E. Roily Girls Cheer Leader Alpho Comma Delto RAMSEY, Transportation Transportation Club Delta Tau Delta Sociology Sigma Chi RAMSEY, Nancy A Westminster Club PIFER, Patricio E. Zoology Chi Omega Engl Educ PRICE, Patricio E. Sociology McKee Hall QUIGLEY, David W. English Ch, RASMUSSEN, Gordon O interior Design :iR ' A i k ilk RASMUSSEN, Thomas C. Tronsportanon Varsity Bowling Teoir Propeller Club Pi Kappa Alpha REINER, Robert L. Gen. Studies Purple Shield Molomutes Alpha Phi Omega Sigma Alpha Mu RICKDALL, Larry Gen. Business Pi Omicron Sigma Phi Koppo Psi RODWELL, Robert L. Ind. Design Ind. Design Club ROOT, Donald E. Mathemotics S.C.A. Dotson RAYBURN, Bruce A. Civil Engr. ASCE S A.ME Scobbord Blade Dello Upsilon REMILLARD, Physicol Educ. P E. Club Zeta Tau Alpho REED, John D Gen Busint . Scobbord Blade Compass r Prog i Chori Thelo Sign- I Pan I Alpho Chi Zeta Phi Eta W-Key ROE, Sigrr Wesley Club Olympus ROSEN, Perry H. Ind Design Noel Poll Sc. Mortor Boord Totem Club AWS Council Chi Omego ROED, Robert i Civil Eng. AS C E Big W Club Husky Swim Club Phi Comma Delta Scabbard Blode Husky Swim Club Sigmo Alpha Epsilo REYNOLDS, Robert L. Foreign Trode Pon Xenio Phi Kappa Psi RICE, Charles L. History Adelphi RICHTER, Mary Jan Nursing Horborview Delta Zeta Gen, Studie Alpha Phi ROSEN, William M. Mech. Engr. Compass Chart A.S.M.E, Sigmo Alpha Epsilon Wesley Club Kappa Phi Tronsportoiion HWSC Pi Kappa Alpha Alpha Tou Dello Newmon Club Swedish Hospital ROLAND, Croig W. Architecture Delta Tau Delto ROTTER, Ruth Ann Anthropology Ponhellenic Phi Mu History Educ Arnold Air Society Olympus due Club 1 Koppo O O O O Q ( ROWLAND, RUD, RUEF, RUSSELL, Richard G. Caral J. Dave L. Arlene C, Fisheries Nursing Morlteting Elem Edoc Vorsity Bool Club Swedish Hosp Delia Ups.lon Delia Delta Delta Varsity Crew Alpha Tau Delta RUSSELL, 3ina : Ec. Edo. RUUD, RYAN, Douglas F. Ann L Chemicol Eiigr Sp, Alpha Epsilon Delta Purple Shield Sigmo Nu RYAN, Larry D SANDERSON, SANDERSON, SANDVIK, SATHER, SATHER, SAVAGE, SAVAGE, SCHAAK, Joyce Richard A. Wilhelm Carol Ovidia J. Rosemary Sharry B. John C. Physical Educ. Transportotion Accounting Elem, Educ, Home Ec Education Education Electrical Engr Totem Club Management Club Alpha Kappa Psi Rally Girls Phroleres Pi Lombdo Thelo Kappa Koppa Gamma A.I.E.E. Program Panel Propellor Club Beto Alpho Psi Air Force Sponsors Home Ec Club Lombdo Rho Tau Beta Pi Phi Epsilon Chi Belo Gammo Sigma Pi Beta Phi Kappa Kappa Gomm Sigmo Koppo SCHAFER, SCHEINOST, SCHEYER, SCHIEBEL, SCHMITZ, SCHNAHERLY, SCHNEBELE, SCHNEIDER, Ruby J. Eddie D. Richard A. Joseph Alan F. Ann Dave E. Kenneth L. Home Ec. Educ. Pharmacy Pharmacy Pol, Sci Finance Mathematics Architecture Electrical Engr Home Ec. Club A.P.A. Kappa Psi ASUW 1st Vice Pres Managerial Council Delta Gamma Thelo Chi S.AE, Leory Model UN Chairman Purple Shield Theta Delta Chi Phi Gamma Delta SCOTT, SCHNEIDER, SCHUCK, SCHULTZ, scon. SCOTT, SCOTT, Samuel H. SEARIES, Sally A. Shelby A. Betty Jeanne Ardis, S. Mary E. Robert J. Marketing Leiand D. Journolism Radio.TV Home Ed. Educ. Home Ec Economics Gen. Business Marketing Club Electrical Engr Mortor Board Chi Omega Home Ec. Club Home Ec Club Silver Fish Phi Kappa Sigma Totem Club Alpha Gamma Delta Delta Zeto Alpha Delta Pi Theta Sigma Chi Chi Omega 219 SEFRIT, Barnard C. Marketing A.S.8.C. Chelan SENDER, Roy L. Accounting Alpha Kappa Psi Pi Omicron Sigmt Sigma Alpha Mu SHERIDAN, Phillip M. Transportation Beta Theta Pi SHERMAN, Edward M. Gen Business Jr. I.F.C. Zelo Beta Tou SHIRLEY, Pouline L. Journalism SHORH, Robert D Economics Theta Sigma Phi Totem Club Daily Editor Kappa Delta R. F. Club Crew Phi Koppo Sigma SINKUNAS, Tani M. Physical Educ. Totem Club Rally Girls Sang Queen Alpha Gamma Delta SJOBERG, NilsE. Forestry Forest Club Tau Phi Delta SMITH, Donna Marie SMITH, Ed Alpha Tau Delta Harborview Hosp. Wesley Club SHERMAN, Glen R. Marketing Marketing Club Theta Xi SIEGELE, Dale H. Aeronautical Engr I.A.S Luther Club Chelan Totem Club Gamma Alpha Chi Alpho Delto Pi SMITH, Foreign Trade Pan Xenia SHAFIZADEH, Mahmoud Chemical Engr. A, ICE. Alpha Kappa Lambda SHERRARD, William R. Production Management Club Marketing Club Rainier SIEMENS, Erna Sociology Alpho Koppo Delto SJOISETH, Jock M. Physics Varsity Boot Club Malomutes Manogemenr Coun SHASTEEN, Horlen E. Speech Management Club Debate Phi Beta Kappa SHERRY, Corolyn M. SHAW, His ' Educ Mortar Board Totem Club Board of Control Phroteres SIEMENS, Totem Club Air Force Sponsors Chi Omega SMITH, Lynda L. Alpha Chi Omega SILLIMAN, Home Ec. Club SMITH, Madeleine R. Dental Hygiene SHAY, Richard K. Psychology Sigma Pi SIMPSON, Donald H. Gen Business Beta Theta Pi SKLOVE, Allan D. Poll Sci Pi Sigmo Alpha SMITH, Stuart A. Mechonicol Engr Phi Koppo Sigma Lambda Chi Alpha SHININGER Molly E. Physical Edui Phi Epsilon P. E. Club Weslminste Delto Zeto C hi SINFIELD, SMITH, Bill E. Rodio-TV UW Bond Radio-TV Guild Masonic Club SNARING, Thor M. Aeronouticol Engr Arnold Air Society Tau Beta Pi Zeto Mu Tou iUki SNIDER, SOBICH, SOFTKY, SOFTKY, SOFTKY, SONNTAG, SORENSEN, SPENCER, Barbara J, Pete S. Lois L. Sally Ann Soro Amy J. Joanne J, Donald B. RadiO-TV Gen Business Nursing Biology Physical Educ. Nursing Sociology Engineering Radio-TV Guild Bachelors Club Alpho Tau Delta Totem Club P.E, Club Swedish Hasp McKee Holl IRE Theta Sigma Ph. Theta Chi Harborv.e- w Hosp, Program Panel Sigma Kappa Tou Kappa Epsilr Zeto Phi Eta Air Force Sponsors Kappa Delta Sigma Koppo STAFFORD, STAHLE, STALEY, STANARD, STARBARD, STARMER, STARR, STAVE, David Howard Morgan Bt L. Duane Earl Shirley A. Alice Robert S. Civil Engr, Physics Radio-TV Mathematics Gen. Studies Education Education B.A Track Acacia Alpho Phi Westminster House Interhouse Council Alpho Delta Pi Delta Chi Beta Theta Pi Tou Koppo Epsilon Austin Hall STEEN, STEPHENS, STEVENS, STEVENSON, STEVENSON, STEWART, STOCK, STOCKING, Horald K. Douglas R. John W Mory Leo Robert L. Alex G. Barbara L. Donna L. Forestry Chemical Engr, Zoology Nursing Forestry Architecture Speech Correction Education Forest Club Tou Beta Pi Program Panel Ekiund Hall Forest Club Pi Omicron Sigma Zeta Phi Eta Pi Beta Ph, S.A.F. Phi Lambda Theto Alpha Phi Omega Tou Kappa Epsilon I.FC. Sigma Alpha Eta A.I.CE Scobbard i Alpha Sigr and Blade no Phi Purple Shield Delto Koppo Epsilon Delta Delto Delto STOCKItvlG, STOWELL, STRANCE, STROH, STROM, STRONG, STRUBLE, Mary Clare Sandra E. Caryl E. James Roy E. David W. Glenn E. Elementary Educ Sociology Nursing Zoology Art Art Mechonicol Engr. P. Beta Phi Totem Club Delto Delia Delta Swedish Alpha Tou Delta Sigmo Alpha Epsilon Lambda Chi Alpha Ind Designers A.S.M.E S.AE Olympus SUDER, SUGAR, SULLIVAN, SULLIVAN, SUNDEN, SUNDQUIST, SUNIT5CH, SUTHERLAND, Walter J, Gary Frank W William P. Janet L. Morley R. Don F. Bruce P. Gen Business Gen. Studies Zoology Marketing Med Tech Nursing Gen. Studies Aero, Engr, Pan Xenia H,W.S.C. Pi Omicron Sigma H.WSC Mu Tou Harborview Varsity Basketball I.A.C Adelphi Sigma Alpho Epsilon Sigma Nu Marketing Club Theto Chi Delta Zeta Oval Club Big ' W Club Delta Upsilon Chelan JLM£ f . D n q p _ f) ( o 1? ( ft O D £5i .j O p ' ' - ' " fTj C?y p5 SWEANY, Gorett G. Poll. Sc.. Young Republic Phi Koppo Sigrr Compass Chart Psi Upsilon SWENSON, Dennyece E. Nursing Swedish Hosp- Sociology Kappa De Journolism Theto Sigma Phi Delia Zeta Rodio-TV Pi Omicron Sign- Alpha Epsilon Pi Pharmocy A.P.A. TAlBOn, Leonord J. Zoology Phi Sigmo Koppo TARRANT, Leon S. Foreign Trode Pan Xenia Boker TAVIS, Wayne A. Monogement Club Beta Alpha Psi Thomas L. Tronsportotion Pi Omicron, I.F.C, Delta Tou Delto TEMBY, Shirley A. Nursing Swedish Hosp. Alpha Tou Delta Alpha Xi Delta THOMAS, Alfred C. Aeronautical Engr Zeto Mu Tou IAS. Sigma Alpho Epsilon THOMAS, Robert W. Economics Vorsily Bool Club Big W English Delta Gamma THOMPSON, Donald C. Chemical Engr. THOMPSON, George Ann Geography Gammo Phi Beta THOMPSON, Marketing Morkehng Club THOMPSON, Ronold C. Zoology Chi Alpho THOMPSON, Stocey E. Accounting Beta Alpha Psi THORNBURG, Lelond H. Psychology Pilgrim Club Alpha Koppo Lo THORNTON, Mechonicol Engr. Woshington Engr A.S.M.E. TRAUB, William I. Personnel Monogement Club THURSTON, Robert C. Finance Phi Beta Koppo Beto Gammo Sigmo Pilgrim Club TRA VERSO, Jock R. Gen. Business Phi Koppo Tou Gen. Business Management Club Chi Phi TRAVIS, Beverley A Zoology Koppo Koppo Go TOBA, Paul A. AeronouTlcol Engr I.A.S. Rainier TRICK, Robert M. Electrical Engr. A.I.E.E. Sigmo Nu TONKIN, Maine H. Electrical Engr. AIEE-IRE Phi Koppo Tou TUPPER, George A. Electricol Engr. AIEE, Siqmo Nu TORRENCE, Clorice D. Public Heolth Totem Club W-Key Sigma Epsilon Sigma Alpha Delta Pi TURMAN, Ralph B. Geography Educ Wesley Club TOULOUSE, John D. TURNER, Judy L. Sociology Young Republic Alpha Chi Om English Young Republic Moth. Educ. Koppo Delto i Mi TUHLE, UPSON, USHAKOFF, UYEDA, VAIL, VAN, VANCE, VANDER VOET, Sylvia . Barry K. Vladimir M Mortha C. Norman N. Nicholas W, Julia R. Goyle J- Elem. Educ. Architecture Mechonicol Engr Home Ec Tronsporration Finonce Gen Studies Nursing Sigma Kappo Tau Sigma Delta A.S.M E Voleda Alpha Kappo Psi Alpha Kappa Psi Delta Zeto Virginia Mason Sen.or Class Sec Atiher ALEE Home Ec Club BA Inter-Organ Counc 1 Cosmo Club Tolem Club Pilgrim Club Chi Phi Sigma VANDAVEER, VAN DYKEN, VON TALGE, VULCANO, WAGNER, WALLACE, WALTON, WALTZ, Robert W. Albert J. Gerard W. Phyllis A. Herbert A. Richard D. Betty J- Winifred A, Economics Economics Economics Comm. Art. Biology Jour nalism Nursing Music Sigma Phi Epsilon Alpha Delta Phi Alpha Xi Delto Baker Kappa Sigma Swedish Hospital Chi Omega Pon Xenio Gamma Delta Chi Managerial Council Alpho Delta Sigma Alpha Ton Delta Pi Lambda Theto U W. Band Pi Omicron Sigmo Mu Phi Epsilon Pilgrim Club WANAMAKER, WANAMAKER, WANLACE, WORDEN, WARING, WARMENHOVEN, WARNOCK, WARREN, Barbara James N. Nancy 1. Speech Therapy J. RODNEY G. Helen Paul J- Robert G. Bruce P. Med Tech- Low Physics Home Ec Zoology Physical Educ- Mechanical Engr. Alpha Phi Delta Kappo Epsilon Kappo Delta Pi Kappo Alpho Alpho Xi Delta Chelon Pi Kappo Alpha Koppo Sigma Mu Tau Varsity Boat Club Physical Educ- Club ASM-E. WARREN, WATKINS, WATTERSON, WEBOSTAD, WEBSTER, WEEKS, WELCH, WELTS, David J. William W. James R. Wesley J. Sylvia L H. George Williom D- David A. Gen. Business Economics Radio-TV Mechanical Engr. English Poll. Sci. Pie-Med Low Tau Kappo Epsilon Phi Delta Theto Purple Shield Arnold Air Society Scabbard Blade Phi Sigma Kappa A.S.M.E. Delto Gommo Delta Chi Oval Club Purple Shield Pi Omicron Sigma Sigmo Chi Delta Kappa Epsilon WENDLE, WERNLI, WESTENHAVER, WESTLUND, WESTMAN, WHARTON, WHEELER, WHITE, Kothenne F. Lou Ann Barbara C. Lorry A. Thomas L. Sidney M. Imogene M. Saroh J. Elem. Educ. Music Elem Educ History Chemistry Economics Home Ec- Med. Tech Alpha Phi Mu Phi Epsilon Kappo Delta Conterbury Baker U.W. Bond Kappo Delta Mu Tau Drill Team Educ. Club Air Force Sponsors Baker ACS- Home Ec- Club Husky Flying Club 223 L WHITMAN, WHYBARK, WIECHERT, WIEDER, WIELAND, WIGHT, WILBURN, Rheta L. David C. Carl S. Lawrence Z. Albert G. Shirlee M. Richard D. Geography Aeronautical Engr. Radio-TV Chemical Engr. Accounting Sociology Indus, Design Gamma Phi Beto Psi Upsilon Lambda Chi Alpha Sigma Alpha Mu Cascade Pi Beta Phi Koppo Sigma Totem Club Purple Shield Hov oiian Club Tou Beta Pi YWCA Indus, Designers Mortar Board I.A.S. Zeta Mu Tau Management Club Silver Fish Zeto Mu Tau Purple Shield WILCOX, WILEY, WILKEY, WILLARD, WILLIAMS, WILLIAMS, WILLIAMS, WILLIAMS, Sydney L. Karlin D. Thomas D. Nadine E. Jan M. Joan A Jo Ann E. Lelond W Music Educ. Economics History Elem, Educ Art Spanish Finance Kappa Delto Koppo Dello Psi Upsilon Kappa Koppo Gommc 1 Alpho Phi Leory Cosmo Club Delta Tou Delta Marketing Club Bachelors Club IFC Totem Club Mortor Board Spanish Club WILLIAMS, WILLIS, WILSON, WILSON, WILSON, WILSON, WILSON, WILSON, Philip S. Fred G. Jock E. James C. Lois Melvin E. Nancy L. T, Duone Indus, Educ- Finance Civ.l Engr Production Zoology Civil Engr, Journalism Deniistry Indus Educ, Club Phi Gamma Delta ASCE Sigma Nu Delta Delta Delta ASCE, Delto Delta Delto Alpha Koppo Lombdc Phi Delta Kappa Varsity Track Phi Sigma Westminster Club Educ Club Big W Pi Omicron Sigma WINDER, WINGET, WOLF, WOLFE, WOODRUFF, WORON, WORTHINGTON, WRIGHT, Mark G. Jo Anne John A. Jack W. John K. Harold J. Forrest W. Ronald R. Marketing Psychology Zoology Gen Business Gen Business Sociology Aeronouticol Engr Personnel Sigma Phi Epsilon Alpha Chi Omego Lambda Chi Alpho Alpha Sigma Phi Phi Comma Delia Zeto Beta Tou IAS Chelon Marketing Club Pi Omicron Sigma Oval Club Monogeriol Council Pi Omicron Sigma WYANT, YAMAUCHI, YENNE, YOSHINAKA, YOUNG, YOUNG, YOUNKER, ZABORSKY, Jack E. Irene T. Marie A, Jimmy Berto A. Chorles F. B. Joe Alfonso A. Journalism Elem Educ, Home Ec Chemical Engr, Sociology Marketing Personnel Accounting Sigma Delta Chi Pi Lambdo Theto Home Ec Club AICE, Chi Omega Marketing Club Alpha Koppo Psi Voledo Engineering Council Silver Fish Beta Alpho Psi Home Ec, Club Alpha Koppo Delta Beta Gommo Sigma Educ. Club £ £ c . d ed school grads Mm,kA% Laudan, John C. H. Lavenson, George S. Lloyd, John H, Lottsfeldl, Fredrick I. Lundh, Hennk A. B. May, Karl J. McANisfer, Clarence C McGreal, Robert D. Mcllfoy, William Mosebar, Robert H. Ratcliffe, Arthur R. Rice, Orlin W, Richards, Euge Rockey, Dean M Roser, Donold M. Scheyer, William . Scott, Clarence M, Spodoni, Leon R. Toone, C. Doyne , Richord E. Trier, Jerry S Vogel, John H, K Wade Woods, Richard H. 225 BAKER, NANCY, A., Libfonanship BARANOVICH, RICHARD, Business Admmislrati BATES, ERNEST W,, Industfiol Education BEJRABLAYA, DAMRONG, Phormocy BEILERI, CLAUDIA, Political Scie BISHOP, RICHARD W,, History BOYD, ROBERT, Sociology BRINE, ROBERT A., Accounting BRYAN, ROBERT J, Low CHANG, TEH-KUANG, Political Science CHEN, YUNG-PING, Economics CHINN, HING W,, Foreign Trade COlLICOn, HOWARD E., Mechanical Engim DANILOV, DAN P., Law DEMETRIANDOU, LAMBRINI, English Literature DOYLE, PATRICK R., Music EICHLER, RICHARD S., Morkeling FARMANN, STANLEY L, Librorianship PINT, DONALD J., Accounting FISHER, GEORGE W., Morketing FRASER, WILLIAM H., Law FRIZELLE, THEOBALD E., Scondinovion Studi GRAHAM, BRUCE E,, Education HAMES, TED E., Medicine HAMMER, ELLIS D., Electrical Engineei HAMMERMASTER, GENE, Law HARTWIG, AILEEN M., Libranonship HERRIGEL, HOWARD R., Chemistry HOWARD, JOHN R., Chemistry HUMPHERIES, WILLIAM P., For East IKEMOTO, MOMOE, Libranonship INGALLS, ROBERT L., Physics INGMAN, JOHN P., Electrical Engine JOHNSON, LLOYD G.. Phormocy grad 226 schoo I KING, RICHARD A., Speech KUNIMI, HITOMI, English LAWSON, JOAN v., Sociol Work LOFTUS, THOMAS D., Law LU, ZUNG-AN, Chemical Engineering MAYS, WILLIAM, Low MIDDLETON, MICHAEL, English MOLDSTAD, HAROLD A., Architecturi MONNIS, ROBERT C, Aeronautical Eng MULLIN, SHAN J,, Law NAKAMURA, MITSUE, Dromo NELSON, EDWARD A., Dentistry NISHISHMAMOTO, SHINSHO, Fisherie; OERTLI, RONALD B., Marketing PETHLEY, LOWELL I., Accounting PICK, SUSANNE M , Political Science RASMUSSEN, ORVILLE T., Accounting REVENBAUGH, ROBERT L., German SAISITHI, PRASERT, Fisher SENN, JEAN E., Nutrition SHARPLESS, ROBERT, Phy; SMITH, ELSIE K., STEERE, PETER K stry STEINBRECHER, KURT, Pharmacy STEVENS, DAVID W., Public Administrotion STROM, TERRY A,, Low TERAMOTO, KENSO, Foreign Trade THOMPSON, RICHARD P., Law UEDA, MAKOTO, English VAIL, RONALD L., General Bus WALLACE W. M. (DON), Busir WHITEHEAD, LEE M., English WINSLOW, PETE, English 227 undergraduate honors The undergraduate honors ore compiled of those students whose names have appeared on two or more of the quarterly scholarship lists of the preceding year at the University, as well as two-thirds of all quarters here. Transfers appearing on those lists are those who entered with averages approximately equivalent to those of the stu- dents who have attended only the University of Washington. college of arts and sciences freshmen Alger, Arthur Roy Austin, Mofybeth Berry, Gladys Mone Bonnelle, Richard H. Broun, Robert Leore Dovis, John Harvey Duckey, Donna Louise Flynn, Arlene Ruth Gail, Mildred Ann Gilbert, Volorie Ann Green, Ben|amin Hohn, Werner George Henderson, William Weldon Hopkins, Laurence Arthur Humble, Linda La»onne Jenkins, Earl Norton Johnson, Rita Lorraine Keotley, Jane Elizabeth Kiobech, Carl Henry Klein, Johan Wilhelm Kreitzberg, Carl W. Kulander, Bruce Gregory Landrum, Betty Jane Lang, Nancy Lucille Lawton, Elizabeth Ann Lehwalder, Carol Ruth Lovegren, Voughon Dione McLeish, Marilyn A McPherron, Robert Lloyd Moder, Beverly Camille Menard, Virginia Louise Meyer, Ado Kothleen Miles, Janet Deann Miller, Dole Edward Moron, Mellonie Mae Nomura, Fred Masaru Oliver, Jomes Howard Osborne, Esther Nana Paine, John Frederic Poll, Myrno Rice, Laverne Eldred Rosenbaum, Zove Rozendal, Robert Henry Scanlon, Charles Eugene Schepmon, Frederick Lowrenct Skogen, Morns Willord Sleizer, Lorry Lee Smith, Caryl Jean Smith, James Marvin Sohnel, Christie Ursula Thomason, Robley Parr Thompson, Dixie Jo Todd, James Paul Toy, Cy (Ako Chok) Yep Trimble, Bette Lois Willet, Margaret Florence sophomores Anderson, Rosemary Brodie, Donald William Bush, Carol Jean Carlgren, Barbora Cropley, Jean Lucille Freeman, Solly Leigh Crohn, Thomas Bernord Hole, Orion Davis Jones, Ivoly Konz, John Wilbert Kiiburn, Howard Lee Lotz, Donno Mae Moizels, Nettie Glickmon Mothews, William George Miller, Walter Peter Nokoto, Smith S. Nelson, Ruby Irene Nickel, Michel Howard Salt, Suzanne Schegolkov, Leo Victoria Scott, Teresa Lee Shomler, Robert Poul Stendef, Nancy F. Stover, Jams Ann Slybelle, Wando Troy, Charles Edgar Walker, Dolores Jeanne Wogslund, Betty Jean Yowell, Carol Eloine juniors Bergman, Myro Marie DeShazo, Donno Marie Glenn, Colvin Woyne Houk, Theodore Lewis Irving, Eldon Leonard Kai|0, Lorroine Ann Linstrom, Corol Jean Miyauchi, Tokiko Orliss, Theodor Eugene Ostermon, Mary Goyle Peterson, Chorles Allen Quickstod, Koren Jo Reedy, Michael Kay Schnatterly, Ann Shasteen, Harlen Edwin Smith, Floyd Vernon Smith, Madeleine Roop Stollord, Bruce E, Sle I ' llllC I Edv, seniors Bratton, Nancy Jean Brown, Ronald Edmund Buttery, George Frederick Cohill, Margaret Ann Carraher, Ronald George Chong, David Bing Jue French, Stephen Warren Gross, Geroldine Katherine Hurlbut, Elizabeth Eleonor Kompmonn, Kathleen Joanne Manning, Helen Louise Metcalf, Donald Owen Moldenhour, Jan Morris, Robert George Peters, Horry Edward Ramsey, Audrey Carolyn Robinson, Marilyn Faith Schetfler, Hildegord Helene Show, Luonne Ruth Steincipher, Cloire Swisher, Donald Prevost Vail, Von Horn Woterhouse, Myra Whitney, Lelond Lloyd Wiel, William Donald Williams, Gerald Alvin Wilson, Gloria Agnes college of business administration freshmen Abbott, Chorles Favour, Jr. Bolin, Hilding August Corpenter, Diane Eloine Custer, Bert Horns Daly, Margoret Ann Hoisington, Virgil Gordon LeMoster, Richard John McAuley, John Richard Nelson, Roberto Ann Ross, Robert Loverne Schreck, Norman Francis Skoggs, Sylvia Ann sophomores Bobo, Abner J Hafford, Clifford Harold Morchin, Barbara Mary Needhom, Lois Margaret Stovig, Gordon Horns Tolpingrud, Duane Raymond Winslow, Inez Jeon juniors Abbott, Lyie Dean Bobo, Abner J. Meredith, John Edward O Keefe, Michael Duggon Thurston, Robert Carlisle Zoborsky, Alfonso Adam seniors Christ, Virginia Jonette Gillonders, Jomes Edgar Harrison, Ernest Franklin Lockwood, Donald Alan Onodera, Koun college of education freshmen Drinnon, James Willard, Jr. Fuller, Neva Lou Greene, Sharon Nan Hodson, Nancy Louise Murphy, Miromoe Pennington, Vivion Swon Von Krosigk, Jean Ruth Yado, Hideko Tsulokowo sophomores oms, George Borsloux, Jr. epke, Martha Sue Jordon, Judy Arden London, Carol Elizabeth Martin, Eloine Roberta Toylor, Alyce Carol Webster, Beverly Ann juniors Borsett, Beverly Ann Foord, Marilyn Henskey, Audrey Lois Hesse, Margaret Schweizer, Caryl NeReed Sherry, Carolyn Moy Timor, Katherine Hoffman Yomauchi, Irene Teruko seniors Carlson, Shirley Ann Sendo, Margaret Mosoko Torrence, Clarice Dene Wahl, Karen Lee college of engineering freshmen Adams, Joyce Oeila Asplin, LyIe Erving Cote, Esko George Clo , Con Collinghom, Richord E. Dohlgren, Shelley Dean Darnell, Gregory Loren Downing, Randall William Fall, Gordon Francis Fitzsimmons, George Woshington Fleming, Ronald Fenton Gulden, Donold Cloyton Hall, Arthur Ellis Ishimitsu, Kichio Johnson, Lawrence Dovid Kowohoro, Fred Tokashi Lindstrom, Duoine G. Morceljo, Walter Robert Nogoto, Ralph Iwoo Peterson, Edword William Robinson, Richard Clark Ross, George Roger Schindler, Robert Ernest Schuyler, Paul George sophomores Blackburn, Lorry Duone Corey, Patrick Jomes Ellestod, Thomas Gordon Mullen, Thomas Robert Price, Gerald Arthur Rosen, Donold George Schultz, Mirrell Sidney Semke, Leon Kirklond Storkenburg, Shirlee Ann juniors Ahlstrom, Horlow Garth Anderson, Nils Theodore Bigley, William, Jr. Blundell, John William Bradshow, Delmer Chellstrop, Thorvold Sven Fitzsimmons, Dole E. McDonald, John Keith Mdv Okerlund, John Herbert, Jr Pederson, Arthur Marvin Pelkey, Duone Allan Stephens, Douglas Robert seniors August, Ceroid Crowe, Clayton Thomas Fisher, Franklin Peter Larson, Donald Cloyton Merchant, Howard Carl Metz, Peter Robert Nelson, Robert Samuel Sundquist, Dean Conrad college of forestry freshmen juniors Arneson, Nils Arnold, Jr. seniors Rush, Donald Eugene school of nursing freshmen Boersmo, Ruth Bollinger, Lindo Nelson Fukosawo, Kiyoko Groce Hurst, Margery Luello Munns, Rubye Loyne Wagner, Judith Lovone sophomores Bond, Noncy Adele college of pharmacy freshmen Forslund, Harry Wilhelm sophomores Holt, Vendo Elaine juniors Eng, Helen SPRING SPORTS 19 56 crew big w v inners PHIL KIEBURTZ DOUG LUSHER BUD CONDON FLOYD BARKER The Husky sweepsmen opened their season by dusting off Stanford on Lake Washington 14:26 to 14:34.5 in the Var- sity three mile, 14:25.4 to 14:50.5 in the JV three mile, and 1 0:46.8 to 1 1 : 1 6 in the Frosh two mile contest. One week later, California was mopped up in three similar trips over the California course with times of 14:47 to 15:07 for Var- sity, 15:04 to 15:15 for JV, and 10:01 to 10:14.5 for the Frosh. These clean sweeps in two regattas showed that the power of V ashington combined with the knowledge of men- tor Al Ulbrickson might be a real threat in the Olympic Trials. On May 28th, the Varsity rowed one of the most ideal two thousand meters ever raced over the black bottom channel. Their opposition was the University of British Columbia, who had won the Canadian National Games and later placed second to the winners of the Olympic crew title. As the race started, favored UBC took on early lead and gained the psychological advantage over following boats that generally goes with being ahead in a race of this sport. It is very sel- dom that a crew can pull itself together in the middle of a race and row harder, yet more smoothly, while its members know the other boat has left them behind. In this situation, even a well trained crew tends to get excited and each man tries to catch the leading boat by himself when he forgets the most important principle in rowing, everyone in the boat must row together as a team or that boat will not run as it should. In spite of circumstances, the Washington Varsity united in an unspoken effort to draw even with and then pass UBC as if there was no such thing as conserving one ' s energy for the final sprint. Yet Washington put out even more on the sprint to finish ahead of the favorite with 6:02.6 to 6:07.8. After this Varsity triumph, the JV ' s demonstrated their great- ness by racing three miles in suffocating heat to win the Na- ational Intercollegiate JV title with 17:01.5. Neither the Var- sity nor the Freshman won in this regatta, and there were no Husky winners in the following Olympic Trials, but in every contest you may be sure that Washington oarsmen strove to win in a manner befitting zealous competitors. VARSITY BIG W WINNERS, NOT PICTURED: PAUL ANDONIAN, NED INGHAM, DAVE PURNELL, FRED STOLL, BOB THORSTENSON, DON VORIS, RON WAILES, WAYNE WATERS. JAYVEE BIG W WINNERS, NOT PICTURED: DICK ERICKSON, LYNN LAMB. ANDY HOVLAND LOU GELLERMAN CHUCK BOWER DOUG WETTER WASHINGTON VARSITY 231 f F f f fi r f ROGER McDonald, dick ERICKSON, JOHN HALBERG, PHIL KIEBURTZ, chuck ALM, DOUG LUSHER, JOHN NORDSTROM, LOU GELLERMAN, ond JOHN BISSEH as representatives of the Sophomore Class receive commendation from coach AL ULBRICKSON for winning the Class Day Race Times Trophy. 232 One of the best performances of the yeor was done by NED INGHAM, FRED STOLL, RON WAILES, DOUG LUSHER, DON VORIS, DAVE PURNELL, BOB THORSTENSON, LOU GELLERMAN, and PAUL ANDONIAN as they win over UBC and the JV boat. The Varsity crew lengthens its lead port way through the three-mile race on Lake Washington and con tinues to look bock for Stanford as the Huskies finish way ahead at the Seward Pork line. Washington ' s IRA JV notional champions, DOUG WETTER, BUD CONDON, FLOYD BARKER, PHIL KIE- BURTZ, LYNN LAMB, CHUCK BOWER, ANDY HOVLAND, DICK ERICKSON, and coxswain FRANK McKEOWN, waiting for Stanford at the finish line. 233 lightv eights The Lightweight crew provides an opportunity to row for anyone who is too light or too short for Varsity competition. This year their program included three races. The first took place at Vancouver against the VBC JV ' s, the second race was here against second and third Freshman boats in the Class Day races, and the third was with Oregon on the Wil- lamette River. Although the Lightweights do not enjoy as much publicity as the Varsity turnout, they do have all the " -•Ipasures of organized rowing. LIGHTWEIGHT WINNERS: KEN ABBEY BOB MURRAY DAVE GILBERT AL OHLINGER KEN JOHNSON DUANE PELKEY TOM JOHNSON DON SMITH FRED LOTTSFELDT ROD THORt- ' coach and band of aides AL ULBRICKSON talking about what interests crewmen most, the lineups for the coming race. After eight months of orduous training these men become worthy of the privilege to say, " I rowed for the University of Washington. " Heod manager DICK EVANS Frosh manager LOYAL SNIDER, Senior Frosh manager JACK SJOLSETH, and Sophomore man oger HAROLD PEBBLES ore devoted to Crew and work unheralded throughout the year. 234 freshmen i ummumiBi A crewman begins his career in a barge which is much more stable and sturdy than a racing shell. The next step up is into the third boat, then to the second Frosh boot repre- sented here by BOB HUMPHREYS, TOM CURRAN, JOHN SELLS, and RON JENSEN kidding DAVID STEINER. DAN DUNCAN, ZAC ELANDER, JOHN LIND, BOB SVENDSEN, Cox ED McRORY, LEX GAMBLE, DAVE NORDFORS, and JOHN COLLINS all worked their way up to the first Frosh boat, distinguishing themselves from almost 1 10 men who turned out for Freshman Crew at the beginning of the season. JV letterwinners JOHN BISSET, JIM DAVIS, FRANK McKEOWN; and Frosh Numeral Winne LOV , BOB ENGEL, JOHN MATHEY were not pictured. JOHN MOORE, DENIS PISTORESI, DAVE BALLAINE, JOHN CRITCH- 235 track 1956 STAN HISERMAN DEAN SINGER w hurdles (15.); high hurdle (24.9); high jump (6 ' 3 " ) DEAN DERBY 100-yd. dash (9.9); 220yd. dash (22.0). The University of Washington tracksters after getting off to a fast start hit a mid-season slump and never did make their way out. Lack of experience and depth and injuries tended to make the season just a mediocre one. Bob Lead- better, leading sprinter and hurdles man, was lost to the squad early in the season due to leg injury. Dean Singer, Junior hurdles and high jump man, stepped in and filled the bill well, losing only one race all year. Jim Hilton in the pole vault, Larry Pulford in the shot put and discus, were constantly pulling in their share of first place awards. Dean Derby also was one of the leading winners on the squad until he left to turn out for spring football practice. At Eu- gene, Oregon, the Huskies came in 2nd, in the Northern Division Track Championship, for the 4th year in a row. Jim Hilton became a three-time winner as he pole vaulted 13 ' 10 " to win the Northern Division Championship. Dean Singer placed first in the 1 20-yd. high hurdles in 1 5 sec- onds flat, 2nd in the low hurdles and tied with Bob Bryan in the high jump. In the discuss, Washington ' s Larry Pulford took first, and in the shot put placed third. DAVE McCULLOCH Half mile (1.55.2). DICK McKIMSON 440-yd. dash (50.6). MEL KOBEL 100-yd. dash (10); 220-yd. dash (22.0). 237 LARRY PULFORD Discus (166.7), Shotput (53,10). Broad (6.1); BOB BRYAN jump (21.11); high ow hurdles (25.3); hurdles (16,2). jump high JIM HILTON Pole vault (13.10). ABE ANGEL 440-yd. dash (51.2). LETTERMEN NOT PICTURED: GEORGE CASSITY . . Javelin (181.2) BOB LEADBETTER . . . Sprints CARL MAHNKEN DAN MICHEL Javelin (186.7) TOM MILLET . . 2 Mile (9.56.6) CHRIS SIEVERS MIKE JOHNSTON. .. 2 Mile (9.23) FRANCK LUCCI Mile (4.24.1) GENE HAMMERMASTER Mile (4.21.8). f fe ; ' DICK McKIMSON leads the field home. TERRY STROM Discus (146,65). DEAN DERBY breaks the tape in 9.9. JOHN DAVIS Relay team. BILL KERRY High lump (6.4) BOB BRYAN getting ready to make a 2-patnt landing. L 239 COACH WINDY LANGLIE tennis Led by Senior captain and number one man Doyle Perkins, the University of Washington tennis team continued its winning ways this year to take the Northern Division Championship once again. It proved to be a repeat performance of previous seasons as the netmen overwhelmed their opponents. Idaho, Washington State College and the University of Oregon all fell by identical lop-sided scores of 7-0 and Oregon State College was defeated 6-1 to run the Washington winning streak to 71 straight. The last Husky team to drop a conference match was in 1937. DOYLE PERKINS MANAGERS-DANA CHAMNESS and BOB REDDICK 1956 This year ' s racketeers won not only the duel compe- tition but also the team championship. In addition, Perkins won the Northern Division singles title and then teamed with Gary Linden to capture the doubles also. In doing so, they had to beat the second Wash- ington team of Chuck Mertel and Bill Jacobsen who had also reached the finals. Next year ' s team will be bolstered by several prom- ising freshmen plus Don Flye, a former Husky and ex-serviceman, who is returning for his final year of competition. And so once again it appears that Coach Langlie can look forward to many more ten- nis triumphs for his Washington team. ROLLIN ODELL CHUCK MERTEL FRESHMAN TENNIS BOB BARONSKY JOHN COIE JOHN DAVIS CHUCK ERICKSON BILL MOLDSTAD LOWERY MOUNGER DICK RADLOFF TERRY RANDLES 241 golf COACH BILL JEFFERSON NORTHERN DIVISION GOLF TOURNAMENT Oregon 620 Idaho 633 WASHINGTON 637 Oregon State 647 Washington State 658 JOHN WILLIAMS WIMPY bARGLNT The University of Washington varsity golf team turned in another very successful year, winning seven matches, losing only one, with one tie. In pre-season meets, the Huskies lost their first outing to Seattle University, but came roaring back to hand the Col- lege of Puget Sound a pair of defeats. They then scored single victories over the University of British Columbia and the Seattle Golf Club. With Len Perry and Wimpy Sargent pacing the squad, Washington opened Northern Division play, in defense of their championship, against Oregon and came out of the contest with a 1 3 ' 2-l 3Vi tie. From here on out, though, the Purple and Gold was 242 1956 V MANAGER-JIM SCHUBERT FROSH GOLF TEAM HUGH COOK DICK EPSTEIN BRUCE GIEDT BOB GRANGAARD DAVID LARSON CHUCK WELSH unbeatable as they mowed down their traditional rivals. They beat Idaho 19 ' 2-7 ' 2 and then O.S.C. and Washington State by identical lop-sided scores of 22 ' 2-4 ' 2 to finish the Northern Division season undefeated. Along with Perry and Sargent, Bob Marlowe, Al Newman, John Williams and Gary Coleman also turned in fine performances. With new members coming up from the frosh team and returning letter- men, Washington tennis coach Bill Jefferson can look forward to some great golfing next season and in years to come. BOB MANLOWE AL NEWMAN 243 spring intramurals INDIVIDUAL EVENT WINNERS 1955-56; THETA CHI-INTRAMURAL CHAMPION DICK DAY, Theta Chi; BOB BYRD, Theta Chi; SID PARKER, Theta Chi; DON MILLICH, Theta Chi; MARV BERGMAN, Theta Chi. FRANCIS HAMAN, Chelan House; DICK EGGER, Army ROTC; CRAIG CAMPBELL, Delta Tau Delta; BILL TIFT, Alpha Sigma Phi; DON SUNITCH, Delta Upsilon THETA CHI-INTRAMURAL CHAMPION BRUNO BOIN, PETE SOBICH, DALE PETERSON, DON THOME, HERB MEAD. JERRY REID, WALT WAGNER, GORDY LAWRENCE, ED ECKBERG. 244 CASCADE HOUSE-INTRAMURAL CHAMPION MAURICE HAGEN, MORRIS HOWLAND. ARMY ROTC-INTRAMURAL CHAMPION JOHN FISH, KEN ROBBLEE, BOB HOUK, WILBER WASHBURN, DALE BROOKS. AL LOMAX, Senior Intramural Manager, presenting trophy to Robblee, coxswain. PHI DELTA PHI- INTRAMURAL CHAMPION JACK HAWKINS, CLARY SHUN, JAY DISHNOW, BOB LUNGAARD. ROGER GILL, BILL MAYS, K. JONES, JACK ALLEN, RAY LEE. PHI DELTA THETA-INTRAMURAL CHAMPION DON DAVIS, JERRY JOHNSON. Davis is both singles and doubles champion DELTA KAPPA EPSILON-INTRAMURAL CHAMPION PHIL NOWELL, DAVE WELTS 1956 baseball Coach Joe Budnick, in his first year, showed great promise for the University of Wash- ington by having his team place fourth in final Northern Division standings. Coach Budnick believes that the Washington base- ball team v ill have the best record on the Coast next year. He v ill have a large num- ber of returning lettermen to complete his roster for the coming year. NOT PICTURED; RAY CRESAP, Outfielder DUANE DAY, Pitcher JIM HARRYMAN, Infielder KAY JONES, Pitcher ED LAJALA, Pitcher LARRY MORROW, Infielde BILL PARKER, Pitcher RALPH VANNI, Outfielder JOHN ZAEPFEL, Infielder 246 imtiSi ROD FAUROT, Infielder JACK BALLARD, Infielder BOB REIMER, Pitche The Husky baseballers ended their 1956 campaign with a 5-9 win- loss record. The scores throughout the season included a double win by Seattle U. of 8-4 and 6-5 and another defeat at the hands of Oregon State 16-15. The following day the Huskies returned to win 9-5. Washington State College played the Huskies on four days, winning all the gannes with scores of 7-3 and 18-1 for the first se- ries, 8-7 and 9-2 for the second series. After this they played Idaho and won 6-1. The Huskies ended their season by defeating the Uni- versity of Oregon 1 1-8 and 9-8 on Graves Field. Jack Brady was one of the most outstanding members of the team. The muscular catcher batted .429 and also led the club in runs (14), hits (21) and doubles (4). John Zoepfel trailed Brady with a .270. Jack Bollard, another catcher, fell off to a .255 this year, but led the team in runs batted in with 15, home runs with 2, and triples with 2. Kay Jones and Ed Lajalo each posted a 1-1 record on the mound, and Jones maintained a 1 .69 eorned-run average over 1 6 innings. Bob Reimer was the workhorse as he chucked 36 innings and faced 1 54 batters. DON DAILEY, Outfielder DON PETERSON, Pitcher DON LOV RY, Shortstop 247 LOU ROSELLI, Infielde JACK BRADY, Cotche ROD PRESSEY, Outfielder Frosh Numeral Winners: DARYL BURKE DICK CLEMENS GEORGE DIAZ DICK DIXON TERRY FRERE TOM GRAHAM FRED GRANT BOB HIBLER JOE HOLLINSWORTH JOHN PARISEAU JACK WALTERS ED WATSON AL WEBERT ■ ' -; ' " -- - -- 248 SlSlbtJ: " ■ " ' " ' f|-|MMriTTrirT LIVING GROUPS - ' ,;..,.■ -V MM SORORITIES panhellenic VICE-PRESIDENT Nancy Drew SECRETARY Judith Petersei TREASURER Gail Landis RELATIONS CHAIRMAN Margaret Connell ASSISTANT RELATIONS CHAIRMAN Claire Saxlon chapter presidents Panhellenic is the coordinating body of the sorority system. Its members are the twenty house presi- dents and six officers. The Panhellenic year begins with the annual Training Conference held during Spring Vacation at the Empress Hotel in Victoria, B.C. Presidents of Panhellenics from other North- west colleges and universities, presidents of AWS, YV CA, Phrateres, and the Women ' s Dorms, and all the incoming Panhellenic officers and Sorority presi- dents on our campus attend this conference. Here, they propose policies for the coming year, exchange many valuable ideas, and also have a lot of fun. In between meetings the girls con be seen shopping and sight-seeing, while happily munching English toffee. Besides the monthly dinner meetings held at the sororities on a rotation basis, the Round Robin din- ners, and inspiration Week, Panhellenic also spon- sors a tuition scholarship for a woman student. Its primary activity, however, is the Rushing program prior to-fall quarter. During these ten days of or- ganized confusion, the sororities entertain nearly 600 girls. 250 ALPHA CHI OMEGA Anabel Haight ALPHA DELTA PI AIk • Starr ALPHA EPSILON PHI Arlerle Eriich ALPHA GAMMA DELTA Betty Jeanne Schultz ALPHA OMICRON PI Geraldine Ostrom ALPHA PHI Na ■ Field ALPHA XI DELTA Audrey Bedford CHI OMEGA Sharon O ' Connor DELTA DELTA DELTA DELTA GAMMA Carol McKinstry DELTA ZETA Theo Reber GAMMA PHI BETA Rhela Whitman KAPPA ALPHA THETA Rosemary Anderson KAPPA DELTA Gretchen Koppe KAPPA KAPPA GAMMA Nodine Willord PHI MU Ruth Ann Rotter PHI SIGMA SIGMA Eltnore Peortmon PI BETA PHI Barbara Hansen SIGMA KAPPA Eleanor Crim ZETA TAU ALPHA Rowena Schlegol jr. panhellenic PRESIDENT Ann Birkenmeye VICE-PRESIDENT Judy Wogner SECRETARY Ann Hull TREASURER Lynn Pickering £ 3 4 NOT PICTURED; ALPHA DELTA PI Bonnie Searle GAMMA PHI BETA Loy Ann McGee ALPHA CHI OMEGA Karen Stevens ALPHA EPSILON PHI Barbara Danz ALPHA GAMMA DELTA ALPHA OMICRON PI Soma Genaway ALPHA PHI Connie Berner ALPHA XI DELTA Wyn Gourley CHI OMEGA Vicki Beaudry DELTA DELTA DELTA DELTA GAMMA Carol Strickland M. 1 PHI SIGMA SIGMA Borboro Peorlmon KAPPA DELTA Virginia Gould KAPPA KAPPA GAMMA Solly Ann Arthur Junior Panhellenic is composed of presidents or rep- resentatives from each sorority pledge class. The group meets once a month to orient the freshmen into the Panhellenic system, to discuss problems of sorority pledgeship, and to become better acquaint- ed with other pledges. The main activity of the year is a fund-raising proj- ect. The proceeds go tov ard one-year scholarships v hich ore presented to two incoming freshman girls. Junior Panhellenic also participates in an ac- tivity with Junior Inter-Fraternity Council. SIGMA KAPPA ZETA TAU ALPHA k alpha chi omeg Founded at DePauw University, Green- castle, Indiana, in 1 885. Rho chapter founded in 1910. 79 National chapters. " We ' re in at last! " " Can it really be true? " " All this room " With delighted cries of excitement, Rho chapter of Alpha Chi Omega made its long anticipated move to the heart of Greek Row over the Christmas holidays. The lovely new home was truly a Christmas present worth waiting for. Inspired by a shining new house. Alpha Chi ' s kept them- selves sparkling in a long list of house and campus activities. Successfully calling themselves the " sneakiest pledge class on campus, " the 26 enthusiastic new pledges started their year by sneaking in October. Then everyone was involved in the fun of Founders ' Day banquet, the Lambda Chi-Alpho Chi football game, the annual pledge dance, and the Home- coming sign, with its popular " Green Door " theme. Winter quarter found all quite " snowed " by the studies and doily campus rounds, but Alpha Chi ' s took time to help the cerebral palsied childred on their annual Hera Day project, and to honor their parents at special banquets. Soph Carnival, the spring dance, and Senior Breakfast brought another full and satisfying year to an end in June. Rho proudly points among its members to Sharon Corey, associate editor of the Doily, and Barbara Calvert, vice pres- ident of the Y. Stephanie LeBrache was president of Pi Lamb- da Theto, and Caryl Smith was president of the Campus Religious Council. Alpha Chi ' s were also active in AWS, ASUW, YWCA, the Tyee, Religious Emphasis Week, Rally Girls, W-Key, Totem Club, Mortar Board, and departmental honorories. Log Luggers la, Soph. Anderson, Prise Bollheim, Grace Borker, Morilyn, Fr. Beisner, Iris, Fr. Bode, Lois, Soph. Bond, Janet I., Soph. Brown, Susan E,, Jr. BurseH. Beverly B., Sr. Button, Louise, Fr. Calvert, Borbaro M,, Sr. Covender, Patncra A , Jr Chapman, Judith, Fr Clift, Barboro J , Soph. 252 Currie, Jo Curtis, Morlene L,, Soph. Daly, Margaret A., Soph, Delee, Peggy, Fr, Dinsmorc, Bonnie J,, Soph, Dunsmore, Joyce A,, Soph Eddy, Carole J,, Soph. Eddy, Sharon G., Soph. Erickson, Judith, Fr. Ewbonk, Karen, Fr. Foord, Marilyn, Sr. Fox, Oelores, Sr. Frederick, Carol A,, Soph, Fronk, Ruth L,, Soph, Goge, Koye L,, Sr. Goehrend, Gretchen J., Jr. Greco, Marie D., Sr. Hoight, Anobel, Sr. Hansen, Corol, Jr. Hedges, Mory E., Soph. Henkel, Janet C, Sr. t A el-. s® ANABEL HAIGHT, President Hoffman, Phyllis G., Jr. Hurnblad, Carolyn J., Soph, Jackson, Carole A., Soph, Jones, Potricio L,, Sr, Kaita, Lorraine A,, Sr. Kidder, Betty M,, Jr, Kopf, Janet E., Sr. Kulseth, Connie D., Jr. NOT PICTURED. Abrams, Patricio, Fr, Campbell, Potncio L„ Jr. Carey, Sharon L., Sr, Craft, Marietta E,, Soph. Duverger, Colette M, Morion, Lorna A,, Jr, Whyte, Diane P., Soph, LoBroche, Stephanie L,, Sr, Livernash, Sheila, Fr Loveioy, Judith L,, Sr. fj in a jj a « ttl dHli itii Mi f f9 a f a A 4545 17th N. E. Manning, Patricio A,, Ji McQuaid, Donno, Fr, Mickey, Mary Alice, Fr, Mifflin, Mary, Jr, Montgomery, Marilyn, . Mullins, Mario D., Fr, Nic , Celia B,, Jr, Northfield, Susan E,, Jr, Postorious, Arlene A,, Soph. Phillips, Jean, Sr. Privot, Jeonnefte M., Fr. Quist, Barbara L., Jr. Reese, Joan K., Jr. Richards, Kay, Jr. Riegel, Bonnie L., Jr. Sondstrom, Marilyn J,, Fr Sotero, Ann J,, Jr, Shashich, Shirley, Soph, Shields, Patricio C, Sr. Smith, Caryl J., Soph. Smith, Jocqueline K., Fr. Smith, Lynda, Sr. Stevens, Karen L., Jr. Sullivan, Kathy, Fr. Sundquist, Nancy M., Soph. Swenson, Delores, Jr. Tullis, Deonna, Fr. Turner, Judith L., Sr. Vernerdi, Roberta C, Fr. Wallingford, Judith L., Sr. Weotherwox, Ann R., Soph Whitehead, Virginio A., Jr. Whitehead, Page M., Soph. Winget, Jo Anne, Sr, Woeck, Sally A,, Soph, Wolters, Carlo L,, Soph, 253 alpha delta pi " Lucky " you might say about the A.D. Pi ' s, They seem to win prize after prize! First— pledges beautiful, bright, fun-loving, fine. Next — a trophy winning Homecoming sign, Honoraries, church groups, campus plays . . . Student offices, a yell leader, scholastic praise, Christmas Sing, Soph Carnival, and Song Fast — In everything the A.D. Pi ' s seem blessed! Behind the success, the honors, the fun, A tradition ' s been revered since 1851 When the first sorority was founded, our A.D. Pi With ideals of love and sisterhood, standards high. " We live for each other, " — our motto ' s the clue To our " luck, " to our happiness, to our loyalty true. I 805 East 47th Ablitt, Donna, Fr, Amsberry, Mary Fr. Arneson, Janice E., Jr. Austin, CherieL., Jr. Bartroff, Barbara A., Jr. d d Ji Bitor, Dorlene, Sr. Bode Jeanne, Soph. Bryon Mary, Soph. Burke Kalherine, Sr. Burns Carol A,, Fr. Burns Judy, Fr. Burns Potricio, Sr, Caldv ell, Barbara, Soph. Cerne tig, Mary, Jr. Davie s, Laurie, Fr, Dean Suson, Fr Down ing, Lynn, Soph. Easth om, Lindo, Fr. Esda e, Gloria, Sr. Cans neder. Sheila, Soph Gasc I, Nancy, Fr. ii iik Griffith, Sandra, Sr. Gustofson, Loretta, Soph. Harkins, Pamela, Fr. Haskell, Patricio, Soph. Howley, Stephanie, Fr. Helphrey, Carol, Jr. Hube, Geroldine, Fr. B Mk M Hull, Dione, Soph. Jenner, Marcio, Soph. Johns, Myrta, Fr. Kersey, Biltie Jean, Soph. Lentgis, Tholia, Fr. Lewis, Jon L., Soph. Lourent, Suzanne, Soph. MacRae, Soroh, Jr. McDonagh, Joyce, Fr, Mosters, Joon A., Soph ii 254 i AlE Founded at Wesleyan College in Macon, Georgia, in 1851 87 national chapters Alpha Theta founded in 1917. U isii Mothewson, Julio, Jr. Mayes, Sandra, Soph. Meyer, Patricio, Fr, Miller, Korla, Soph. Miller, Sue, Soph. Moffitt, Elizobelh, Fr. Murroy, Colleen, Jr. Nedwed, Nancy, Fr. Carol, A., Sr. Ne Olderburg, Norint Olts, Judy, Soph. Patrick, Nancy, Sr. Perkins, Virginia, Soph. Pease, Janet, Soph. Pooler, Beverly, Sr. Price, Joan, Fr. Roy, Judy, Fr. Redlinger, Sharon, Soph. Scho Shro Schv , Judy , Shoi , Andrea, Jr. Scott, Mary, Sr. Sechler, Carol A., Soph. Skytto, Judith, Soph. Smith, Donna Mane, Sr, Smith, Su M isk P) f Thompson, Victoria, Soph. Torrance, Clarice, Sr. Thronson, Sallie Jo, Jr. Turmon, Eleanor S., Soph. Webster, Carolyn, Fr. Vi oods, Barbara, Fr. Wright, Jessie, Jr. Wyllie, Carol, Jr. York, Rosolind, Fr. Steinhort, Lynne, Fr, Stone, Nancy, Sr. Styve, Barbara Jo, Jr. Sutton, Corol, Fr. Taylor, Donna, Fr. NOT PICTURED: Allen, Korin, Soph. Collins, Sharon, Soph, Edington, Claire, Jr, Esdole, Gerry, Soph Housley, Janice, Fr, Parks, Elizobeth, Fr, Patricelli, Arleen, Soph, Ponder, Eleanor, Sr, Redlinger, Marcia Sandberg, Karen, Soph. Searle, Bonnie, Fr, ALICE STARR, President Perusing the population. 255 alpha gamma delta 4510 21st N. E. After an exhausting two weeks called Rush, the Alpha Gams, whose blood had turned to coffee, and their twenty-three terrific new pledges settled down to begin the school year. Everyone turned Hawaiian for Homecoming; the girls learned songs, words, and dances of Hawaiian origin for the sign. Mid-terms de- scended quickly upon the Alpha Gams and onother successful quarter was over, ending with a flurry of exchanges, the pledge dance, and a Christmas sing with the DKE ' s. Those Alpha Gams who survived the Christmas bustle and turkey returned for winter quarter. Our winter twin dance helped to lessen the drag of studies, housework, phone duty. At last came that glorious spring quarter, when study time dragged and new tans appeared. Everyone looked forward to our annual spring formal held at the Seattle Tennis Club. Then come the building of banners and sore thumbs, and the Alpha Gams turned carpenter by at- tempting to keep up with the ATO ' s for Sopho- more Carnival. With books piled high and pens and typewriters flying, the seniors made prepa- rations for leaving the halls of Alpha Gam and the well-worn paths of campus. The local fire chiefs Founded at Syracuse University, Syra- cuse, New York, in 1904. Iota chapter established in 1909. 63 National chapters. 256 Adams, Belle, Jr. Anderson, Beverly, Jr. Anderson, Corolyn, Sr. Arkley, Allegro, Fr. Barnell, Elizabeth, Soph. Berg, Beverly, Soph. BEHY JEANNE SCHULTZ, President NOT PICTURED: Eogle, Leslie, it. Stephenson, Sally, Soph S TA Essermon, Carol, Jr. Fornham, Shirley, Soph. Flynn, Arlene, Soph. Garrett, Marian, Sr. Givens, Sue, Fr Gould, JoAnn, Jr. Grosse, Barbara, Jr. Haas, Carole, Fr. Harter, Mory Lynn, I Haubrich, Joanna, F Hawkins, Marian, Sr, Howard, Allison, Soph. Hugo, Jinx, Jr. Huntworth, Gail, Sr. Isenhath, Marilyn, Jr. Louckhort, Jeonnie, Jr. Leach, Grace, Sr. Lundberg, Goye, Fr. Lyneis, Margaret, Fr. McCleery, Kay, Fr. McDonald, Sandra, Jr. Manning, Noncy, Fr. Matthews, Marilyn, Jr. Morgan, Joyce, Sr. Moses, Ellen, Soph. Nelson, Roberta, Soph. Nielson, Joan, Jr. Palmer, Patricio, Soph. Provine, Dotti, Sr. Remmen, Bernice, Soph. Rockefeller, Gail, Jr. Romano, Merle, Soph. Romslead, Joon, Fr Rue, Marjorie, Soph Rutledge, Marilyn, Fr. Ryan, Judy, Jr. Sands, Sharon, Fr. SchiessI, Madeline, Soph. Schueler, Suzanne, Soph. Schwindt, Sharon, Soph. Schultz, Betty Jeanne, Sr. Severns, Billie, Soph. Sinkunos, Tom, Sr. Soden, Colleen, Fr Stuve, Chorlene, Fr. Wynne, Mimi, Soph. Brandt, Beverly, Soph. Brown, Marilyn, Fr. Bruce, Lynn, Soph. Callahan, Joon, Jr. Campbell, Dorlene, Fr. Caudill, Janet, Soph. Clark, Mory Ellen, Soph Cordell, Jeonnine, Soph. Dovies, Anne, Soph. Desmond, Mayone, Soph. Dingmon, Margaret, Sr. Englert, Janice, Soph. 257 alpha omicron pi ©11 Let ' s rearrange the furniture . All freshman girls were entertained by the the AOPi pledges at their fifth annual Pledge Coke Party. Lasting work on our philanthropic projects for the Kentucky mountain families and our Bel- gian boy. Plenty of food was enjoyed by all at our an- nual Founders ' Day Banquet. How to improve our poise, charm, and per- sonality was learned at our charm school. A most successful and unsuspected sneak was token by the pledges. Organization and enthusiasm in making the Homecoming sign a success. Many new friends were mode through each girl ' s participation in campus activities. Inspiration Week and initiation will be remem- bered by everyone in the years to come. Calls of joy were heard as the chapter schol- astic average was given a big boost. Romancing and dancing to the music at our Fall Costume Dance, Annual Rose Ball, and Spring Pledge Dance. Open doors at AOPi house every Friday after- noon for all friends. New acquaintances were made Parents ' Week- end. Pledges of honorories such as Totem Club, W- Key, and Roily Girls always find AOPi ' s present. It ' s another year of fun and outstanding activi- ties that the AOPi ' s look for in the year 1957-1958. Austin, Mary, Soph. Bilyeu, Bonnie, Jr. Codronell, Consuelo, Fr. Genowoy, Soma, Fr. Germoine, Shirley, Sr. Gustofson, Shirley. Fi Hall, Barbara, Soph, Henderson, Betty, Sr Holmes, Gudvieg, Sr, Founded at Barnard College, Colum- bia University, New York, in 1897. Upsilon Chapter established in 1915. 56 Notional chapters. 258 1906 E. 45th Hynson, Gwynne, Fr. Kaasa, Barbara, Sr. GERALDINE OSTROM, Presiden Karvonen, Shirley, Jr. Kassner, Linda, Fr. Kirk, Judy, Jr. LeBlanc, Carole, Jr Lunger, Marilyn, Jr. Mathison, Marian, Fr, Ostrom, Geraldine, Sr. Person, Barbara, Sr. NOT PICTURED: Qume, Dona, Fr. Bailey, Catherine, Jr. Rasmussen, Beverly, Soph. Forrell, Kothy, Sr. Gardner, Adalyn, Grad Hamilton, Durlene, Jr. McKimmey, Jean, Sr. Schwitters, Dorothy Jo, Jr. Rolston, Joan, Soph. Severson, Christine, Sr. Storseth, Marilyn, Jr Shm taffer, Janet, Soph. Tarterson, Lois Gail, Soph, Struthers, Jackie, Sr Trimble, Ann, Jr. Thomas, Sharon, Soph. Wells, Norma, Jr. Waid, Margo, Jr. Weidman, Donna, Soph. Wingren, Marlene, Soph. Wirkkclo, Judy, Soph. 259 alpha phi We, of Alpha Phi, look bock with pride on the |ust ending year. It has been a memorable one, full of fun friendship and growth. Thirty-six new pledges chose to share their college days with us last fall. Eagerly we watched our new house being built, together we anticipated its completion, and happily we settled in our roomy new quarters. True t o tradition, many Alpha Phi ' s could be found in cam- pus activities. We claimed an ASUW officer, the president of the National Association of Women Students, and a yell leader. Our girls were members of Totem Club, Mortar Board, W-Key, Rally, Silver Fish and the YWCA. Realizing the true purpose of college itself. Alpha Phi was primarily concerned with high scholarship. A full schedule of parties, dances and serenades rounded out a busy and unforgettable year for the wearers of the ivy leaf. Strong and united, Sigma chapter of Alpha Phi looks towards a future of continual growth. NANCY FIELD, President NOT PICTURED: Colohon, Sue, Jr. Castillo, Joan. Sr. Ellsworth, Linda, Soph, Motns, Judy, Jr Villesvik, Mary, Soph, Carpentry ma|o Low , Potri Lunde, Beth, Soph, Mognuson, Terry, Fr, Mayei, Helen, Jr McCall, Catharine, Jr McCreery, Marcia, Sr McGatlin, Sharon, Soph, McGorrigle, Karen, Fr, Mcintosh, Jeonne, Fr, McOmie, Carol, Sr Mil , Mo Morrill, Marilyn, Soph, Neil, Mary Lee, Sr, Olsen, Adele, Sr, Ostermon, Gayle, Sr, Ostrom, Koren, Sr, Perkins, Luann, Sr, Petersen, Judy, Jr, Pyle, Margaret Ann, Fr, Ray, Joniel, Fr Reid, Mary Jane, Fr Ring, Erlo, Soph, Robbins, Sally, Soph, Robinson, Lynn, Soph, Robinson, Sue, Jr, Rogers, Judy, Fr, Ruoff, Vicki, Fr, Sav, , Ann Scott, Roberta, Soph, Staley, Margaret. Sr Stang, Ingri, Fr Stonkey Betty, Soph, Stewart, Marlene, Jr, Stewart, Solly Jo, Fr Stromler, Loyne, Jr Tonge, Helen, Fr, 260 Aohl, Beverly, Jr, Adorns, Sydney, Fr. Bole, Nancy, Soph. Barton, Margie, Soph. Bouerlein, Connie, Fr. Bergeron, Sharon, Jr. Berner, Connie, Soph. Beihn, Kalhie, Fr, Boersmo, Ruth, Soph Brondt, Joy, Sr, Brenden, Mory Ellen, Fr, Butterfield, Diane, Soph, Cheshire, Barbara, Fr. Clark, Camille, Soph. Clodfelter, Sue, Soph. Comings, Sara, Soph, Cook, Morilyn, Sr. Curtis, Beverly, Jr. Daly, Erin, Fr Dolrymplf, Leslie, Fr, Danielson, Barboro, Fr, Deeny, Diane, Soph, Doolittle, Eileene, Fr, Fotrell, Glenda, Fr. Feek, Sharon, Jr. Field, Noncy, Sr, Fitch, Cornelia, Sr ii® Foster, Gayle, Jr. Gahringer, Aliie Jo, Soph Clberl, Caryl, Soph, Gill, Morcio, Soph Hale, Borboro, Fr %g fh £ Tiossem, Judy, Fr,, Carol, Fr. Walker, Beverly, Soph, Wanomaker, Barbara. Sr, ikM A Founded at Syracuse University, Syra- cuse, New York, in 1 872. Sigma chapter established in 1914. 55 National chapters. Wendle, Kay, Sr Williams, Jon, Sr Wynans, Barbarc 2 261 alpha xi delta Founded at Lombard College, Galesburg, Illinois, in 1 893. Nu Chapter established in 1907. 66 national chapters. 4541 19th N. E. w% ffl p " li I - Alexander, Ann, Fr. Bedford, Audrey ' Cleo ' , S Brennon, Garl, Fr Brown, Patricio Li Bruce, Marilyn, J Brydges, Pol, Jr. Campbell, Eugenia, Soph Campbell, Sylvia, Fr. Clouston, Carol, Jr. AUDREY BEDFORD, Preside Cooper, Jeanette, Soph. Cowell, Pot, Fr Dean, Arden, Jr de Cillia, Suzanne, Soph Delrick, Julio, Sr. Dobson, Carol, Soph. Downs, Carol, Fr, Drangos, Denise, Fr. Ellis, Judith, Fr. Gaston, Janet, Soph. Gourley, Wynn, Fr, Q f o Gronvold, Gloria, F Hackney, Harriet, Fi Horpole, Virginio, F Hortwig, Shirley, Fr Harvey, Loy, Sr. Haws, Nolo Volerie Hempler, Kolhy, Sr 262 Henning, Barbara, Jr. Hurt, Hillary, Fr. Johnson, Lucille, Sr. Kegel, Carol, Soph. Kintz, Cormoe, Soph. Klock, Barbara, Jr. Lee, Glorio, Soph. Lund, Eleanore, Sr. i ii ii Watch your fingers! Soph. " Come See, Come See Our Alpha Xi . . . Come See, Come See Our Alpha Xi. " Thirty-eight rushees came and saw Alpha Xi Delta and de- cided to make it their college home. Through the perpetual Washington rain, one could al- ways see the sisters ' cheery smiles and hear their friendly Hi ' s. The pledges began their social whirl with stock show night and finished with our won- derful Rose Formal. The pledge dance, ex- changes, and a terrific winter costume, rounded out our social calendar. Seeking to retain our prized Gorhart Trophy, we participated enthusiastically in Silver Fish, volley ball, baseball, badminton and skiing. Mortor Board, Totem Club, and W-Key found many Alpha Xi ' s among their members. YWCA, Tyee, and Hub activities were participated in actively by other Alpha Xi ' s. The tears shed when Nu chapter bid a formal adieux to our senior sisters soon vanished in remembering our song, " We ' re all good sis- ters and each one each other ' s friend and we ' ll be good sisters until all this world is end. " NOT PICTURED: Day, Janet, Sr. Johnson, Sue, Sr. Rummens, Wendy, Jr. Otebough, Kathy, Soph. Pontages, Anastosio, Fr. Peck, Susan, Fr. Rangwold, Marilyn, Jr. Rosenquist, Adele, Jr. Skoggs, Sylvia, Soph. Smith, Clarissa, Fr. Tonkin, Merrie, Soph. Tully, Irene, Fr Uetz, Peggy, Soph. Valentine, Jerrine, Fr. Viafore, Sharon, Fr. Vulcono, Phyllis, Sr. Waring, Helen, Sr. Watson, Carol Ann, Watson, Kerry Gail White, Janice, Jr. Winchester, No a. Soph. 263 c h i omega Whafs so funny, girls? Alpha Chapter of Chi Omega welcomed 34 wonderful new pledges after an excit- ing Fall Rush. With the end of Rush the Chi O ' s looked forward to another year of work and fun. Fall Quarter was high- lighted by the Pledge Sneak, Homecoming, the Pledge Barn Dance, football games and the Christmas Party. Winter Quarter started with the thrill of Inspiration Week, which was climaxed by Initiation. The annual Winter Formal was a big success. Participation in Song and Stunt night, ski trips, basketball games and school work rounded out the quarter. Spring Quarter brought the fun of work- ing on Sophomore Carnival with the Phi Kaps, practicing for Songfest, elections, the Spring Informal — all climaxed by the Senior Breakfast. We were proud that so many Chi O ' s were active in ASUW activities, W Key, Totem Club, Mortar Board, Rally Girls, Silver Fish and departmental honorories. 1 956-57 was a most rewarding year for Chi Omega, one of friendship, spirit, and fun, that will be long remembered. SHARON O CONNOR, President Allison, Sue, Soph Ames, Junie, Sr, Anderson, Nancy, Soph, . Ay ' ' Ashman, Diane, Soph Balch, Janet, Soph. Bollinger, Goil, Jr. Bollis, Nancy, Soph. Bornett, Jan, Jr Beaudry, Vicki, Soph Benson, Carole, Soph. Benson, Judy, Sr. Bernard, Sherrie, Sr. Block, Lorita, Fr. Block, Solly, Fr Brier, Nancy, Jr Brundage, Belinda, Fr. Burdess, Potricio. Fr Cordiff, Jeanne, Soph Clampitt, Claudia, Soph Colby, Katie, Soph. 01, r m 121 EIrt , Genelle, Sr. Freligh, Alice, S Gorber, Jon, Jr. Jean, Soph , Judy, Fr. Greene, Nancy, Sr Hom.lton, Judy, Jr Homm, Paula, Soph. Henderson, Jane. Soph Hoffmon. JoAnn, Jr Houbregs, Volerie, Fr. Houiel, Lynne. Ji Hunter, Judy, Fr. Irving, Potricio, • ££1 , Ma Kelly, Patri Keyes, Cyrene, Sr. Knudsen, Beth, Fr landeen, Judy, Soph, LeBock, Loma, Fr Lenihon, Shoun, Jr. Lindstrom, Nancy, Fr. 264 s® Founded at the University of Arl ansas, Fayetteville, Ar- kansas, in 1 895. Alpha chapter established in 1909. 117 National chapters. Ill 8 Siitr Longslreth, Marita, Jr. Lovegren, Vaughn, Soph. Lundell, Sally, Jr. Mahomet, Alexandrio, Fr. Martin, Jennel, Soph. McCutchen, Karlo, Soph, Menge, Barbara, Soph. Morns, Allene, Soph. Murray, Katherine, Fr. Nelthorpe, Linda, Sr. NOT PICTURED ' Lewis, Julie, Soph. Phipps, Rosemary, Sr. Randall, Shorene, Soph. Rotcliffe, Rebecca, Sr. Smith, Barbara, Sr f?0«» Noel, Linda, Fr. Nordohl, Morlen OConnor, Short Louis Peck, Lu: Pepple, Pick, Susonne, G Pierson, Carol, Fi Pifer, Patricia, Sr Powell, Marilee, Puckett, Melody, Purcell, Patricia, Sr. Ragan, Patricio, Fr. Ring, Noel, Sr. Robinson, Patricia, Jr Rogers, Rosemary, Soph. Schneider, Solly, Jr. Schuck, Shelby, Sr. Schwartz, Patricia, Jr. Scougol, Judy, Fr. Seibel, Gail, Soph. Shaughnessy, Potricia, Ji Shaw, Margaret, Sr. Shaw, Rosemary, Soph. Shelton, Ginger, Soph. Skarperud, Mortho, Sr. Somers, Carol, Fr. Steere, Patricia, Jr. Taylor, Sandra, Fr. Townsend, Marjorie Waltz, Winnie, Sr. Webster, Beverly, Ji Wilson, Janet, Fr. Winslow, Diane, Fr. Young, Berta, Sr. 1717 E. 47th St. 265 delta delta delta Founded at Boston University, Boston, Mass., in 1888, Theto Alpha chapter established in 1909. 96 National chapters. :1 ' } Adams. Linda L., Soph Anderson, Shirley, Soph Aslokson, Jan.ce, Fr Berry, Carol, Soph, Bresheors, Mary Fran, Soph Cameron, Anne, Soph. Candee, Cecily, Jr Carlen, Nancy, Fr, Carpenter, Beverly, Soph. Carter, Corolyn, Jr Cavers, Roberta A , Jr, Chrlstensen, Carol, Jr Christie, Corol, Fr. Clark, Carrol L,, Fr, Cov on, Gladys H , Soph. DeTurk, Eleonor K., Jr. Doll, Elaine. Sr. Elggren, Trino, Soph. Elwell. Judith R,, Sr, Erken, Judith C, Jr. Fairchild, Aloyne, Soph. Fauchild, Jean, Fr, nley, Mary Jane, Jr Flint, Carolyn, Soph, Foelkner, Leslie J., Jr, Fortenbacher, Marcio Gord, Solly, Fr Gray, Karen L , Fr f 0)f a f n r i f r Green, Shirley E„ Jr. Halvorson, Ann S., Soph. Holvorson, Janice C, Sr. Heinke, Arlene M., Fr. Hightower, Dorlene M,, Fr Hoffman, Tellelyn K., Fr. Howick, Sylvio J., Soph. Hobbs, Carol, Soph. Ingeis, Nancy, Sr. Jesset, Angela, Fr. Johnson, Judith A., Sr. Johnson, Katherine, Soph. - sJOX H 4527 21st N. E. MAGNUSON, President NOT PICTURED; Drohold, Carol, Jr. McAllister, Lynn, Soph. Neiman, Catherine, Soph, Smith, Frances, Soph. Johnson, Noncy Jo, Fr. Johnston, Carol, Soph Jokmen, Shirley M,, Sr London, Cord E , Jr Levor, JoAnn, Soph. Logue, Kotherme P., Sr Lothes, Carole, Jr, McLachlon, Sandra L , Sr McGraw, Noncy, Jr Magnuson, Ann J,, Sr Menefee, Beverly, Soph. Marslon, Carol, Jr, Meri AAA As the 1956-57 school year draws to a close, the members of Theta Alpha Chap- ter of Delta Delta Delta look back to a year filled with many memorable events. A year in which the members have shared in intellectual growth, social maturity, par- ticipating in exceptional activities, and building sincere and everlasting friendships. Our social calendar was filled with such functions as the pledge born dance in the fall, the pledge-active dance in the winter and our annual formal in the spring. Tri Deltas and members of SAE fraternity teamed together for the annual Christmas Serenade of orphanages. We teamed with the Betas for sophomore carnival. During spring quarter. Delta Delta Delta traditionally honors all graduating senior women at the annual Pansy Breakfast. Members of Tri Delta were well repre- sented in the Hub this year and boasted several members in Mortar Board, W-Key, Totem Club, Silver Fish, and Rally Girls. A bond of true comradeship has devel- oped in our college days as seen by the way girls worked together in song prac- tices for Songfest, Homecoming and Sopho- more Carnival, elections, and pledges sell- ing Columns. Judi Mjelde, Jc Moore, Patricia Moren, Noncy J Neiman, Elizabeth L., Si Onkels, Celia C, Jr. Peterson, Janet M., Sr. Roy, Jonice A., Fr. Reedy, Diane G., Fr. Reiniger, Kalherine, Soph Ryols, Goyle M., Fr. Sood, Rose Marie, Fr. Scates, Bonnie, Soph. Scherrer, Dixie W., Soph. Sherman, Mikell, Soph Smith, Carol, Soph. Steensland, Bereth A., J Slock, Barbara, Sr. Stowell, Sandra E., Sr. Trace, Geroldine, Fr Tuminga, Ann E., Jr. Utt, Denise, Fr. Weover, Kay, Fr. Wheeler, Lynn M., Fr. Wilson, Lois G., Sr. Wilson, Nancy, Sr Wittwer, Edo, Jr Worden, Meredith, Fr. Zwoschko, Horolyn, Soph. Jl liai f P f Ci (f!| Here comes the goodies man 267 delta gamma 1 CAROL McKINSTRY, President 2012 E. 45th Singing, parties, bridge, ice-skating, visiting the D. G. ' s in Canada, bound by the unity of friendship . . . these were activities common to the warm, companionable spirit of Delta Gamma. The D. G. ' s claim first honors in scholarship, second in Homecoming, and presidents of AWS, Totem Club, Sigma Epsilon Sigma, and Gamma Alpha Chi; Panhellenic and Senior Class officers; members of Phi Beta Kappa, Mortar Board, W-Key, Silver Fish, Orchesis, and Mu Phi; regional chairman of ACU and the Advertising Woman of the Future. Delta Gamma has spent hours working on the National Project — Sight Conservation and Aid to the Blind. Many inspiring moments were found by D. G. ' s during Inspiration Week, at the Founders Banquet, and in Songfest, winter formal, and spring pledge dance. 1956-1957 has been on outstanding and re- warding year for the Delta Gammas in schol- astics, social events, and activities. They all have something special called " that D. G. spirit. " Allen, Margorie, Jr. Bernard, Carolyn, Soph Berry, Cathi Brand, Mai 268 Humphrey, Roberta, Fr, Ingebretson, Abby A., Soph. Johnson, Marge, Sr. Karshner, Theresa, Soph. Keeler, Marge, Sr. Kelly, Pot, Soph. Killian, Toni, Sr. O tM Burke, Pot, Jr. Colvert, Laurie, Jr Compbell, Carol, Sr Corlgren, Barbara J Corlgren, Virgii Corlstrom, Margery, S Cherberg, Kay, Fr Ctiew, Andrea, Fr Childers, Millicent, Sr Congdon, Roberta, Sr Connell, Morgi, Sr. Curron, Pat, Fr Deeprose, Blonche, S Dolan, Sheila, Soph Duncan, Solly, Sr Elmore, Mary Ann, Jr. Freeman, Solly, Sr Gerry, Annette, Soph Crohn, Gayle, Fr. Heily, Kay, Sr. Heily, Timmie, Soph. Hodson, Nancy, Soph Holmkvist, Diane, Soph Hughes, Helene, Jr. Hull, Ann, Fr. AS " King, Kafen, Jr. Kroll, Brendo, Fr, Larson, Rosalie, Fr. ( fli Lawwill, Grelchen, Soph. Lepley, Carolyn, Sr. Lindeman, Betsy, Jr. Low, Jean, Sr. MacLeod, Sheila, Soph. McColman, Lucy, Jr McCoy, Joon, Jr McKinslry, Carol, Sr. Morganthaler, Mary, Sr. 1 Murphy, Miromae, Nickols, Helen, Fr, Nisbet, Susan, Fr, Ogden, Sondra, S O ' Neil, Sheila, Fr Perkins, Page, Jr, Petellin, Sandra, Fr Peterson, Susan, Soph. Philbrick, Judi, Soph, Pickering, Lynn, Fr Pigott, Mary Ellen, Sr. Roe, Gwen, Jr. Rogers, June, Jr Ryan, Joanne, Sr Sanborn, Susan, Fr, Scholo, Shan, Soph Schnatterly, Ann, Sr. Shannon, Virginia, Jr Smith, Gretchen, Fr. Souder, Carolyn, Fr. Souder, Susan, Fr. Strickland, Corol, Soph. Sutter, Vicki, Soph. Swonson, Ann, Fr. Thomas, Annette, Jr. Thomas, Sue, Sr. Thomas, Susan, Fr. Founded at Lewis School, Oxford, Mississippi, in 1 873. Beta Chapter established in 1903. 79 National chapters. NOT PICTURED: Gillonders, Kothy, Jr. Thompson, Carolyn, Jr. n Closed weekend, girls? 269 delta zeta Alcorn, Margaret G., Fr. Arnslad. Lmdo, Jr. Austin, Marybeth, Soph. Boisch, Merrlyn J,, Sr. Banks, Diana M., Sr. Bergquist, Moxine, Sr Blcnton, Madelyne A,, Jr Bryont, Elizabeth P., Fr. The Delta Zetas had a great year. After two weeks of vigorous rushing, fall quar- ter brought us the shining faces of our new pledges who " snuck " to Broadmoor and never were caught. We celebrated our fifty-fourth year as a national sorority at our annual founders ' day banquet in No- vember. Many DZ ' s were active in the A S U W and we were tapped for Silver Fish, Rally Girls and Sigma Epsilon Sigma. Studying wasn ' t neglected, however, and Panhellenic awarded us with a trophy for the most improvement in our house average. Winter and Spring quarters brought us exchanges and serenades, our pledge dance, and the Winter Formal. Songfest and Sophomore Carnival are looked back on with much enthusiasm, strained throats and sore backs. We showed off our par- ents during Parents Weekend and they en- joyed the activities in which many DZ ' s were participating. Spring quarter also brought us to the time when we had to say good-bye to the graduating seniors at the annual senior breakfast. Carter, Carlo J , Fr Chonzena, Mono, Sr Collard, Shelby A., Jr. Croig, Joyce B , Sr Cressy, Jerri L , Soph Cnpe, Elizabeth R., Soph. Dovidson, Mary Lou, Sr. Fisher, Morcio A , Sr, Games, Barbara L , Jr. Gibb, Judith M , Soph Gilbertson, Annette M , Soph Gillespie, Betty W , Fr Gillespie, Carol L., Soph. Greene, Judith M. Jr Houmonn, Corole J , Soph Hewell, Linda L,, Fr, Hills, Polly Ann, Fr Holmes, Corol A,, Fr. Finger Painting Founded at Miami University, Oxford, Ohio, 1902, Kappa chapter established in 1914. 77 National chapters. A2 4535 18th N. E. THEA REBER, President Not Pictured: Adams, Jan Carlson, Sue Cohen, Dianne D Croft, Betty Lou Hansen, Foye Ness, Arlene Power, Judi Ropp, Carolyn Sylling, Patricia Jensen, Roselene, Si Keagle, Poti Sue, Si Klinefelter, B. Ann, Soph. Luse, Chorlene J., Fr, Mickelson, Nolo J., Soph. Miles, Janet D , Soph. Moron, Glenda, Sr, Moss, Potricia J., Fr. Nelson, Joanne l„ Fr Noble, Jone, Sr. Oliver, Renee A., Soph. Porker, Betty J,, Soph Peringer, Doreen L . Fr. Rotchford, Mory Ellen, Soph. Reber, Theo K., Sr. Regan, Roslyn E., Fr. Sahlberg, Judy A., Jr. Scott, Ardis S , Sr, Sherfy, Sue Ann, Jr Shininger, Molly E.. Sr Soderquist, Karen, Jr Soule, Phyllis A , Fr Sunden, Jonet L,, Sr, Trimble, Bette L., Soph. Trimble, Suzanne C, Soph, Vance, Julia R., Sr, 1 i 271 f r gamma phi beta Founded at Syracuse University, Syra- cuse, New York, in 1 874. Lambda chapter established in 1903. 58 national chapters. RHETA WHITMAN, Pfesident .Soph Albin, Lynn, Sr. Anderson, Borba Baker, Reno, Jr Birkenmeyer, Ann, Soph Bond, Judy, Sr. Brown, Morolee, Soph. Chopin, Koy, Jr. David, Margot, Fr. Dodelle, Solli Jo, Soph Downie, Wendy, Jr. Dunnett, Elaine, Soph Easter, Alison, Jr, Fauchold, Ann, Sr Fori , Pal, Fr Forsberg, Moryonn, Soph. Fovargue, Shoron, Soph. Gaston, Ann, Fr, Glerup, Virginio, Sr, Goss, Twink, Fr, Green, Sue, Fr, Gunderson, Mary, Jr. Gunderson, Suzanne, Fr. Gustafson, Kathy, Fr. Hollett, Page, Soph. Haumann, Joann, Fr. Hawkes, Sally, Soph. Hecker, JoanL.,Sr. Mgk Henke, Julia, Jr. Herley, Patsy, Soph. Hinkle, Sollyio, Jr. Holeton, Carol, Fr. Holeton.Mariorie, Soph 272 Signing the cast NOT PICTURED Dovis, Grelchen, Soph. Easter, Ann, Soph Givan, Sharon, Fr Martin, Jo Ann, Sr. Mounger, Judi, Jr. Murison, Bonnie, Sr. Possehl, Borbaro, Jr. Potts, Nor een, Sr. Saxton, Barboro, Soph, Tiedemonn, Jill, Fr, Young, Marcia, Jr. JPH)© Summer fun was over and Fall was here. With 26 pledges to start the year. We looked bock with pride on our 3 campus queens And a national scholarship award won by our team. Also in golf many a trophy had been tossed To our own Lambda member, Anne Quest. When back to the campus to start a new quarter We ranked high on the activities scoreboard. Besides having the prexies of Frosh Council and and Junior Panhell. In Silver Fish and W-Key, many did well. Mortar Board, Totem and Rally tapped again We also claimed Soph. Class Trees, and International Banquet Chairman. Finally Spring came — the favorite of all Soph Carnival with the Alpha Delts was a boll. Our annual Spring formal and Songfest took most of the time. And we all hated to hear that final chime. As Senior Breakfast rang the year ' s ending note With our departing class we all cast our vote. 4529 17th N. E. 1 A Hults, Belindo, Soph. Hurley, Areta, Fr. Ingham, Nancy, Sr. Kendoll, Key, Fr. Knudson, Jane, Soph. Kunde, Bette, Soph. Kyle, Greta, Fr. Lewis, Mary, Fr, Lowman, Jean, Sr. Ludington, Betty, Soph. Mandas, Carol, Fr Mondos, Georgia, Sr. Manning Patricia, Sr. Martin, Judi, Sr, Mason, Linda, Fr McForland, Barbara, So McGee, toy Ann, Fr. McLaren, Kay, Jr. McMeekin, Ann, Fr. Montgomery, Patricio, S Moser, Pot, Fr- Murison, Ann, Soph. Myers, Shoron, Sr. Nolan, Judy, Fr. Norberg, Jane, Jr. Ostrom, Jams. Jr. Par ' Peter! Peter; Pov , Dole, Sr, jn, Patricia, Fr. jn, Susan, Soph. , Pom, Fr. Katie, Soph, et, Fr. Prigg, Koy, Fr. Quast, Ann, Jr. Raoh, Nancy, Fr, Runslad, Jill, Soph, Saxton, Claire, Jr, Sievers, Solly, Jr, Spodafore, Nancy, Soph. Stamolis, Gloria, Fr. Stender, Nancy, Jr. Thompson, George Ann, Sr. Wagner, Judy, Soph, Woterhouse, Leona, Soph, Whilmon, Rheto, Sr. 273 kappa alpha theta ROSEMARY ANDERSON, Preside 4321 17th N. E. NOT PICTURED Cormier, Jileen, Soph, Hauser, Mary, Jr Modson, Jean, Jr. Reed, Morcio, Jr. Rembe, Victoria, Fr, Vining, Virginia, Jr. Thirty-five new faces gained during Rush helped Alpha Lambda chapter of Kappa Alpha Theta through another successful and thrilling year. Hardly a moment ' s peace v as allowed anyone fall quarter, with activities— social and campus — starting right away. Homecoming brought a lovely Theta queen, Rosemary Anderson, to reign over the festivities. The Hobo Pledge Dance, Christmas sing with the Betas and, of course, finals kept us all on our toes through the first ten weeks. Inspiration Week and Initiation highlighted win- ter quarter. The Valentine Semi-Formal, ex- changes, and active campus work carried us through the supposedly " slow " quarter. Spring quarter brought sun, fun, and work to the Thetas. Sophomore Carnival with the SAE ' s, songfest, the formal, and the Senior Breakfast were all just a part of a magnificent whole. We are proud of our campus workers, too. Bev Buller served as AWS vice-president and Marilyn Home filled the some position for the sophomore class; Nancy Boyd, Linda Link, and Marijo Swenson were out for every gome as songleaders. We hod members in the other campus and departmental honoraries. Andei Ande n, Beverly, Fr. n, Nancy, Soph. S f m Baker, Barbara, Jr. Beil, Sally, Soph. Bennerstrom, Karen, Fr, Bold, Sally, Fr, Boyd, Nancy, Soph, Brauni, Karin, Soph. Bryont, Carolyn, Soph. Bryant, Nancy, Sr. Buller, Beverly, Sr, Bushnell, Jeremy, Jr. Churchill, Elizabeth, Jr. Clonton, Betfy, Fr. Clipp, Kay, Fr. Copple, Karen, Fr. Cross, Kathleen, Fr Danielson, Koy, Fr. Davin, Mary Lynn, Dean, Chorlotte, Si Deming, Paige, Fr Dillon, Sharon, Fr. dA Sik d - •; fl t: A r» (•) i 274 Dunn, Barbara, Sr. Evons, Gwyn, Jr. Flynn, Heidi, Sr. Frar zke, Suzanne, Sr Gaffner, Robin, Soph. Ganfy, Mory Jane, Sr. Griffith, LoreHa, Fr. Hardy, Nancy, Soph. Hosbns, Becky, Fr. t)P mrs f Q a a ® Founded at DePaw University, Green- castle, Indiana, in 1 870. Alpha Lambda chapter established in 1908. 80 National chapters. Two Cinderellas Jimi i B c J Q e f p a fs f iiiaki Jik idk Hetlin, Mary, Jr. Hofeditz, Grelchen, Fr. Holslen, Gail, Saph. , Marilyn, Soph. Ho , Ma Irving, Barbara, Soph. Isle, Amy, Jr. Ivey, Suzanne, S , Mori, Jr. Solly, Soph. , Gretchen, F Jensf Jensi John: Johnson, Patricia, Fr. Jones, Carleen, Jr. Kenoyer, Tommie, Fr. Kinney, Sue, Fr. Knowles, Cynthia, Fr. , Patri Janic , Sha Lindmon, Loyal, Soph. Link, Linda, Jr. Loudon, Lynn, Soph. Lundvick, Karen, Fr. MocKenzie, Cotherine, F McDonald, Joyce, Fr. McLean, Jeanne, Fr, McPhee, Janice, Soph. Motthiesen, Ann, Soph, Michelson, Pat, Soph. Mullen, Joyce, Sr Polon, Marilyn, Jr. Pebbles, Sally, Fr, Peters, Nancy, Jr, Pollard, Barbara, Soph, Redman, Ann, Soph, Sachs, Jolly Ann, Fr, Schafer, Sondra, Fr. Shepard, Sidney, Soph. Smith, Linda, Fr, Smith, Noncy, Soph, Stephenson, Dulcy, Sr. Stmgle, Ellen, Fr. Stout, Kothe , Soph. Swe , Ma Talbot, Jonie, Soph. Tomlinson, Jone, Soph. Vining, Ann, Fr, Vonlubken, Lucy, Soph Wakemon, Fron, Soph. Wilcox, Gail, Soph. Wing, Melinda, Soph. 275 kap pa delta GRETCHEN KOPPE, President f A A 1 KStI 1 ;j mi Bowlin, Harriet, Soph. Brown, Loretto, Fr Bustl, Shoron, Fr. Clork, Monlyn, Fr Clowson, Beverly, Sr. Corfield, Joan, Sr. Crouch, Kathy, Soph Cunningham, Virginia, Soph. Dorrow, Nancy, Soph Denney, Betty, Sr Dier, Darlene, Fr, Duncan, Borbora, Fr Egelkrout, Alicia, Fr Evans, Solly, Soph Fobbri, Sally, Soph Ford, Beverly, Sr. Foster, Patricio, Soph Fritz, Zoe Ann, Soph, Giese, Iso, Soph. Glenn, Darlene, Fr. Gould, Virginio, Fr. Griffith, Marilyn, Soph. Gustafson, Nancy, Soph. Haffner, Ann, Soph. Holl, Deonna, Soph. Horns, Barbara, Fr. Hawkins, Norma, Jr. Hockstetter, Duono, Jr. Hutchinson, Hornet, Sr. Johnson, Judy, Jr. Kimm, Borboro, Fr. Koppe, Gretchen, Sr. We work togethe The girls on Greek Row had a ball during 1956-1957. The year was punctuated with days of fun, gaiety, excitement, anticipa- tion, study, and activity. Yet each day was also one of sisterhood. The graduating seniors will remember the social life — the exchanges, dances, sere- nades at 2 a.m., and the coffee hours. They will remember the KD dances: the fall pledge dance in honor of 36 pledges, the winter costume dance, and the spring formal. They will remember the girls who were tapped for Phi Bet a Koppo, Mortar Board, W-Key, Totem Club, Sigma Epsilon Sigma, and other honoraries, those who worked on YWCA, ASUW, and AWS committees. They will miss preparing for Homecoming, Christmas caroling, constructing a Sopho- more Carnival sign with Lambda Chi Alpha, and participating in Songfest. The seniors understand what is meant when college life is said to be more than study, social, and activities. It is also a period of close friendship with sorority sisters. Laney, Bofboro, Jr. ISA Founded at Virginia Stote Normal School, Formerville, Virginia, in 1897. Sigma Iota chapter established in 1922. 90 national chapters. lynch, Pamela, Jr, Martin, Elaine, Sr, Nelson, Tanya, Jr, Nordby, Marilyn, Fr Oflock, Jacquelyn, Jr. ONeil, Patricia, Fr, Pollock, Marilyn, Jr, Porter, Jacquelyn, Soph. Ralston, Roberta, Soph Roberson, Rachelle, Fr, Schumann, Sue, Fr. Scott, Tern Lee, Jr. Searles, Joan, Fr. Sharp, Delores, Fr, Shepord, Sherry, Fr. Smith, Janet, Jr. Snider, Barbara, Sr. Snider, Sandra, Jr. Stevens, Kay, Fr Surridge, Geroldine, Soph. Svendsen, Carol, Soph. Swanson, Lois, Jr, Templeton, Louise, Soph, Thorp, Marilyn, Jr. Thieme, Susan, Fr, Turney, JoAnne, Sr, VonKrosigk, Jean, Soph, Wonlace, Nancy, Sr West, Koy, Fr Westenhover, Barbara, Sr. Wheeler, Imogene, Sr. , Whitehead, Sandra, Soph. LZ j i, P t c Wilcox, Sidney, Sr. Wiley, Korlin, Sr. Woeck, Shirley, Soph. ' Hik pjij m WI HK 1 rill HP yf: SBuiam ' " ' l 1 ■ _jB ' m " Wi NOT PICTURED: Anderson, Sharon, I Batrock, Betty, Fr. Brotz, Lila, Fr. Lollis, Linda, Jr. McKeever, Jane, Sr. Moroni, Susan, Fr. 277 4524 17th N.E. kappa kappa gamma Founded at Monmouth College, Mon- mouth City, Illinois, in 1870. Beta Pi chapter established in 1905. 83 National chapters. Kappa ' s on stage. NADINE WILLARD, President 278 Alton, Janet, Sopti Arthur, Solly, Fr. Boird, Ritchie, Jr. Bird, Linda, Jr. Av7j Boncutter, Jeonnie, Sr. Bolan, Joonne, Sr. Brody, Thalia, Fr. Brounschweiger, Teddy, S Camp, Morliss, Fr. Evons, Cecile, Jr. Feroglia, Audrey, Jr. Gardner, Mory Jo, Soph. Gorretson, Mary, Soph Hansen, Jean, Soph Hansen, Karen, Sr Hart, Janet, Jr. Hinkle, Susan, Fr. Hobi, Solly, Fr. Hocker, Katherine, Soph. Chatalos, Joon, Clark, Judith, Fr Coles, Susan, Si Connor, Patricio Dinham, Suson, Soph Emmons, Linda, Jr. Ensign, Louise, Jr. Etter, Morionni Hoelshire, Judilh, Fr. Horsfall, Carol, Fr Howard, Potricio, Soph. Hunter, Kothryn, Sr. Jackson, Judith, Fr. Janssen, Marii, Soph. Jenkins, Sherry, Fr. Jobs, Slo n, Jr. Jovick, Sally, Sr. Judson, Judith, Soph. Kouffmon, Mary, Soph. Kelso, Gcroldine, Soph. ! f% A isiair Lamey, Gay, Fr. Larson, Barbara, Fr Laws, Carolyn, Fr. Lihou, Sharon, Jr. Lynch, Susannah, J. McDonald, Helen, J mm McDonald, Polricio, Fr. Mclntyre, Jan, Soph, Motheson, Lynn, Soph. Miller, Patricio, Soph. Moosey, Mory, Fr. Morris, Shoryn, Fr. NOT PICTURED: Coll , Judy C, Sr. Collins, Nancy, Soph Foster, Isobelle, Sr MacDougall, Ann, Jr. Weigle, Prue, Sr Moss, Solly, Fr. Nielson, Ann, Soph. Nilsson, Ann, Sr. Nohl, Anno, Fr. Porks, Perry, Helen, Soph. Phillips, Sandra, Fr. Richards, Mary, Jr. Sother, Karen, Fr Savage, Rosemory, Sr. Savage, Sherry, Sr. Schegolkov, Leo, Jr. Skogen, Virginia, Soph. Smidt, Diane, Soph. Smith, Marguerite, Jr. Spence, Heather, Soph. Spring, Susan, Fr. Willord, Nodine Williams, Deanna, Soph. Williams, Heather, Soph. 4504 18th N. E. A whirlwind of campus activity swept Kappa Kappa Gamma into its fifty-second year on the University campus. Once again the Kappa Key unlocked the door to success. A sparkling pledge class of thirty girls found their college home behind the green door. Shortly after school began, the freshman class " Answered the Call " by electing Carol Horsfall class vice- president. Kappa ' s worked long hours before Homecoming " cook- ing up " a sign which won them first place in women ' s compe- tition. Among the Kappa ' s active on campus this year were Cecile Evans, AWS corresponding secretary; Linda Bird, junior class vice-president; Storm Jobs, TYEE editor; Joan Chotalas, Parents ' Weekend chairman; and Teddy Braunschweiger, Mortar Board president. Kappa ' s staged on " Artists and Models " pledge dance in the fall and a winter formal at the Olympic Bowl in February. They went Christmas serenading with the members of Phi Delta Theta and joined the Theta Chis ' for Sophomore Carnival. 279 phi m u a«tf . RUTH ANN ROHER, President Jacobson, Jo Ann, Soph. Keotns, Janet, Ft K.ldolil, Karen, Sopli. Klinefelter, Helen Tom, Fr. Larsen, Corol, Soph. Leeds, Morilyn, Jr. Lisco, Ann, Fr. Luckey, Jackie, Jr. Marush, Sharon, Fr. Anderson, Shirley, Soph. Beebe, Sherry, Sr. Bell, Barbara, Fr, Boynton, Dorlene, Fr. Dobrin, Sue, Soph. Echols, Jean, Soph. 11 Enwoll, Mary Ellen, Sr. Enckson, Elizabeth, Fr. Godefroy, Ann, Soph. Gray, Carol, Sr. Guernsey, Carolyn, Jr Hill, Nancy, Sr Jorgensen, Eleanor, Soph. % n o askh 1 NOT PICTURED: Cook, Sharon Faye, Arlene 4540 17th N.E. 280 w Mathis, Sally, Jr. Moody, Donna, Jr. Rottef, Ruth Ann, Sr. Powell, Barbara, Soph. Sharp, Diane, Fr. Sparks, Claire, Soph. Thompson, Patricio Lynn, Fr. True, Sally, Jr. Woldron, Carol, Soph. Founded at Wesleyan College, Macon, Georgia, in 1852 Eta Beta Chapter established in 1917 74 national chapters We jumped on the merry-go-round in September and leaped off in June. Problems? How do we keep fish nets up during rush? We don ' t — we just re- hang them. How did we get a Volks- wagen on the front porch? We drove it up the steps. When can we study? Good question. One thing follows an- other—Rush—Homecoming—Pledge Sneak — Pledge Dance — Exchanges — Mother-Daughter Christmas Party — " and the house boy sat in Santa ' s lap. " Winter quarter— more exchanges — Carnation Ball — no time to study. Spring quarter? " Somebody answer the door. " " Everybody ' s sunbathing on the roof. " Active Dance — Soph Car- nival—Song Fest — no time to study. " It ' s too warm to go to class, " and " one spade, " " two hearts, " " pass, " " two no-trump " — bridge goes on and on. Final exams— coffee on every desk — " Oh, these courses! " " I haven ' t fin- ished my term paper ' VET! " The end draws near. Senior Breakfast— Gradu- ation. It ' s all over until next year. 281 pi beta phi lBp f« Founded at Monmouth College, Mon- nnouth, Illinois, in 1867. Alpha chapter established in 1907. 102 national chapters. Abney, Sharon, Sr. " Look around, look around, not a better bunch of pledges can be found. So sang our thirty Pi Phi pledges coming home from their sneak in the fall. We agree. They ' re wonderful. Fall quarter got under way busily, with a tea honoring our new housemother, Mrs. Young. We were hostesses to a Mortar Board open house during Homecoming weekend, after putting up our Homecoming sign in rec- ord time. Pi Phi ' s are found on campus in many facets of col- lege activity. W-Key, Rally Girls, the ASUW, and Sil- ver Fish are some of the organizations in which we are represented. But behind the activities and various interests is a unity in which every Pi Phi participates at " home " on Greek Row. Ir ■p. ,: T ■ .■ ' ' H ' ' ' 9vmSIj . I B ' «mm i M i . n ■ MM r H if ■ !V y Davis, Carolyn, Soph Delano, Frances, Fr, Dennis, Joan, Sr. Dowling. Lynn, Fr. Dykes, Janet, Jr Eliero, Anna, Fr. Ellero, Tina, Fr. Engebo, Glori Eshom, Shoroi Esley, Kan dy, Fr. an, Soph. Fuller, Neva, Soph. Gibson, Corole, Jr. Gibson, Gloria, Sr Goldbock, Nancy, Fr, Greely, Nancy, Jr. Greer, Eileen, Jr. Hagist, Mitzi, Fr. Benton, Ann, Jr Bergren, Solly, Soph Bretz, Joanne, Fr, Brewlon, Barbara, Jr Brown, Sally, Sr Busigin, Connie, Sr Bye, Barbara, Jr. Byfield, Nan, Soph Compbell, Lorna, Ji Carter, Nora, Fr. Adair, Jonet, Soph. Adkisson, Sandra, Sr. Attridge, Bonnie, Fr. " Hey, what ' s new? " 282 JHIBII) Hagisl, Roberta, Jr. Hansen, Barbara, Sr, Harris, Linda, jr. Hesse, Margaret, Sr Hull, Sharon, Jr Jensen, Karen, Fr. Johnson, Rita, Soph. Jordan, Judy, Jr, Karshner, Kibby, Soph Kinnune, Janice, Jr. Klingbeil, Karil, Sr. Knutson, Delores, Fr. Kocher, Linda, Jr. Landgraf, Sandra, Fr. Lent, Donna Gay, Soph Martenson, Mary Alice, Jr. McBride, Jane, Soph. Mclver, Connie, Fr. McKeornon, Carole, Soph. Nelson, Pomelo, Fr. Parrish, Marilyn, Soph. BARBARA HANSEN, President Peterson, Goil, Soph. Piatt, Kay, Fr. Rafael, Linda, Fr Richardson, Denys, Fr. Sather, Carol, Sr. Stocking, Donna, Sr. Stocking, Judy, Soph. Stocking, Mary, Sr. Swan, Susan, Soph. Sweeney, Joan, Jr. Tagholm, Marilyn, Soph. Urie, Margoret, Fr Vaughan, Marionno, Fr Vaughn, Sharon, Fr. Wellmon, Joan, Fr. NOT PICTURED: Alexander, Mary, Soph. Ball, Sally, Soph. Doiley, Janet, Sr. Estill, Sharon, Jr. Huff, Patty, Jr. Ohison, Barbara, Sr. Quillian, Mary, Jr 4548 17th N. E Sigma kappa Founded at Colby College, Waterville, Maine, in 1 874. Mu chapter established in 1910. 63 National chapters. Adam. Anden Ander. Boles, Bozcin, Man Beam, Carol, Ft. Beighle, Donne, Fr. Bergland, Jeon, Ft. Biorklond, Loverne, Jr, Blackburn, Virgrnia, Fr. Bloom, Tonyo, Jr Boucher, Goil, Soph. Busey, Cheryl, Jr. Callarman, Sheila, Sr. Chilcote, Paulette, Soph Compton, Judy, Fr. Conrod, Ruth, Soph Crim, Carlo, Sr. Cropley, Jean, Jr, Dahl, Sandra, Soph. Dombres, Lenore, Fr. Dovis, Shirley, Fr. Eaton, Janet, Jr. Ediine, Diane, Jr, Folor, Sue Ann, Soph. Gehres, Normo, Soph. Gillham, Jane, Soph. Graham, Wynne, Fr. Grovelle, Georgene, Soph, Guske, Sharon, Sr. Hallberg, Undo, Fr. Hammond, Laila, Sr. Hegeberg, Jeannine, Soph. Heggie, Marilyn, Jr. Henderson, Carol, Fr, Henry, Undo, Fr. Heuslis, Barbara, Jr. Hoffmon, Carole, Sr. Johnson, Deborah, Jr. Johnson, Lone, Fr. Jones, Can yn, Fr, Kippola, Barbara, Jr. Lompe, Carol, Fr. Lorkin, Pol, Soph. Lawrence, Sydney, Jr. Uivestod, Koy, Jr. McBealh, Virginia, Sr, McClellon, Soro, Fr. McDole, Kathleen, Jr. Macintosh, Jane, Fr, McMoban, Jeanne, Jr. 284 f? r-i ' « a i d Am tL Am ' } Dear Carole, Wait until you hear the news. I ' m so excited I don ' t know where to begin. Rush was really great! We pledged 41 terrific girls, and you know what they did? They got away with the first suc- cessful pledge sneak in five years. Soon we all got together for Homecoming and a vigorous campaign in which " competent " Judy Compton was elected Freshman secretary. Judy joined other Sigma Kappa prominents in the Hub. Besides many exchanges and serenades we had a beautiful pledge dance and later went Christmas caroling with the Alpha Sigs. Whoops, almost forgot! In competition with other sororities our pledges won first prize for their Thanksgiving basket. They also gave a costume dance for the actives winter quarter. Ah yes, spring, and we sang in Song Fest with the Chi Psi ' s and went with the Phi Psi ' s for Sophomore Carnival. The Spring For- mal ended a perfect year. Even with all our activities, though, study table hours were from 7 to 10, and we were always there. Time to get ready for a big date. See you late r. Love, P. C. © f Ck =i: Going, going, gone , 4510 22nd N. E. Massie, Ann, Soph. Melsom, Joan, Fr. Meyers, JoAnn, Sr. Miller, Diane, Jr. Moberg, Kay, Fr. Moberg, Myro, Soph. Nazer, Pot, Fr. Newbegin, Jan, Jr Noble, Vonis, Fr. Oien, Virginia, Jr. Parker, Peggy, Jr. Perier, Sharon, Soph. Pierce, Ruth, Jr. Pierson, Dons, Jr. Pullen, Lucy, Fr. Rontolo, June, Fr. Reed, Marjone, Soph. Rotlle, Janice, Sr. Roltle, Joan, Fr. Russell, Marguerite, Fr. Ruth, Ethelyn, Fr Samek, Lynnette, Fr. Sanderson, Joyce, Sr. Schultz, Barbara, Jr. Shorp, Gail, Soph. Sheperd, Mory, Fr. Shiels, Molly, Fr. Sigvortson, Joan, Fr. Softky, Solly, Sr. Softky, Saro, Sr. Stimoc, Delores, Soph. Swanson, Sylvia, Jr. Templeton, Nova, Fr. Tuttle, Sylvio, Sr. Wade, Audrey, Soph. Wetzel, Carolyn, Jr. Whiting, Ann, Soph. Willioms, Wynell, Soph Williamson, Ann, Soph. Wood, Diana, Fr. Wood, Suson, Fr. 285 Betzner, Judith A., Fr. Burgy, Margie, Sr. Byers, Norma E,, Soph. Clow, Lynn E., Sr. Crist, Beverly, Jr. Dahlquist, Jo Anne, Soph. Fteemon, Jon G., Fr. Gonnason, Betty E., Soph. Grady, Sherrill L., Jr. Guimont, Delores R., Fr. Gustotson, Janet, Soph. Hellweg, Karen, Soph. Hellweg, Morlene, Sr. zeta tau alpha Hoodless, Janice, Soph. Ingold, Gail, Fr. King, Charlotte, Jr. r:l .I Krider, Vifginio, Soph. Lapham, Deanna M,, Soph. t Lindblom, Betty, Jr. Ludgote, Catherine, Fr. NOT PICTURED: DolloH, Virginia, Sr. Kizer, Carol, Fr. Founded at Virginia State Nor- mal School, Farmville, Virginia, in 1898, Psi chapter established in 1917. 79 National chapters. ROWENA SCHLEGEL, President Romeo, wherefore art thou? 286 4731 18th N. E. Memories of this busy year for Psi chapter will re- main with members for many years to come. Im- mecJiately following Rush, Zetas began preparation on Autumn Quarter activities. Both actives and pledges worked busily to make each activity a huge success. Events capturing the enthusiasm and help of everyone included the Homecoming sign, Founder ' s Day, and the Pledge Dance. The quarter ended filled with holiday cheer at the annual Christ- mas Party for parents and children from the Wash- ington Children ' s Home. Winter Quarter whistled in with preparations for the Father-Daughter Banquet, the International Fire- side, and the White Violet Ball. Spring followed gaily with participation in Song Fest, the Spring Awards Banquet, and the Spring Cruis e through the Son Juan Islands. In addition to their active social calendar, Zetas also took an interest in scholarship and activities. They were represented in Rally Girls, Totem Club, Air Force Sponsors, and honoraries, such as Alpha Tau Delta and Beta Gamma Delta. SIP Lynch, Margaret, Soph. Mackin, Barbara C, Fr. Maxson, Helen, Jr. McMullen, Mary Alice, Jr i A - Nichols, Morjorie E. Fr. Osborne, Esther, Soph. Pitts, Saranell, Jr. Ployloor, Joan, Jr, Randall, Eleanor, Soph Raymond, Virginia, Sr Salmon, Joyce, Jr. Schafer, Diana, Fr. Schlegel, Rowena, Jr. Scott, Edith, Fr. Sellen, Ginger, Fr. _ i!5 Terrell, Karia, Soph. " Tibbetts, Arlene, Jr. Watson, Mary. Jr. Woodmark, Joan, Soph. Ziegler, Barbara, Fr. 287 alpha epsilon phi F ounded at Barnard College, New York, New York, in 1909. Alpha Delta established in 1924. 40 National chapters. Let ' s look into the crystal ball. And see what happened to A. E. Phi lost fall. Rush started out with many a sleepless night. Kitchen raids, smoke filled rooms and here and there a pillow fight. Hands sore from clapping and throats so terribly dry. But the entire Chapter of Alpha Delta succeeds in what they try. For we got a pledge class of girls sincere and bright . . . Their smiles lighted up the entire house on pledging night. Working on Homecoming, carting wood around. Paint from head to toe on us, but you ' d never see a frown. Another construction job was Sophomore Carnival last spring . . . Bean bogs to tip over water on us, the participants would fling. We sat there cold and shivering, with water running down our backs. And wondered just who would win, but we soon got the facts. We come in first in our division and we were all so proud and glad. Another trophy to our collection in the case we then did add. Exchanges throughout the year were all so great. Many girls there did meet guys they would like to future dote. The Pledge Winter Formal, Costume and Spring dances galore. Decorations, costumes, music were swell as we danced around the floor. And it was terribly sad in the spring to bid our seniors adieu. But to ourselves we thought, we ' ll always remember you. And now the crystal ball is 4543 18th N. E. clouded with memories of this past year. The things we shored; close- ness, laughter, strength, fun and perhaps even a tear. ARLENE EHRLICH, President S© II, Soph , Soph Berch, Carolyn, Fr. Bloch, Arno, Fr. Blumenthal, Corole. Soph Boyoner, Carolyn, Jr. Bresky, Audrey, Soph. Copelulo, Marlene, Jr. Danz, Barbaro, Fr. Ehrlich, Arlene, Sr. Eldridge, Judy, Fr. Fisher, Sharon, Fr. Friedlander, Betty Lou, Sr Ffiedlander, Jacqueline, Fr Gilbert, Linda, Fr. Gilman, Bonnie, Soph. Grunbaum, Joan, Fr. Horowitz, Caroline, Sr ly Ho , Elir 288 Kales, Roberta, Fr. Louternlein, Judy, Fr. Loschbin, llleona, Fr. Olman, Phyllis, Sr. Ordell, Elaine, Soph. Poll, Myrna, Soph. Rogel, Judy, Fr. Rosen, Dionne, Soph. Rousso, Esther, Soph. Rubinstein, Corolyn, Soph Samuels, Roberto, Soph. Schwartz, Flora, Soph Silverstone, Ellie Dee, Soph. Sommer, Berto, Soph, Soriano, Myrna, Jr. Starin, Rosalind, Fr. Stusser, Eloine, Soph. Vines, Rolloine, Fr. Weisfield, Suzanne, Fr. f O a . C f r f a phi sigma sigma Bloomberg, Marcio, Fr, Brounstein, Nancy, fr. Breslow, Adrienne, Soph. Cole, Janet, Soph. Fingold, Sandra, Soph. Flaks, Carmen, Sr. Frank, Carol, Fr. Freidman, Eleanor, Soph. Jaffe, Sandra, Soph. Kosokoff, Barbara, Fr. Leveton, Sandra, Jr. Maslan, Ruth, Fr, Myers, Deana, Jr. Pearlman, Barbara, Fr. Pearlman, Elinore, Jr. Posell, Borbara, Fr. Pruzon, Nadine, Fr. Sox, Beverley, Soph. (0)22 1 MA1 i Mirror, mirror, on the wall In 1913 at Hunter College, A fine place for the pursuit of knowledge. Our first chapter had its start. By 1940, we hod branched out anew, you see, Until we had a chapter at this university. The girls who started it had foresight. And now we know their ideas were right. For here we ore after sixteen years. Still full of fun, and full of cheer. Our school days that mean so much. And Phi Sig, that gives that added touch, Leaves us free from worries and from tears, Ana sure that these are our very best years. Though our chapter is young. Our chapter is strong. And we believe That her greatest songs ore yet unsung. Shatran, Delores, Fr. Sharin, Sheril, Fr. Sherwin, Barbara, Fr. Siegel, Annette, Soph Founded at Hunter College, New York, New York, in 1913. Beta Beta chapter established in 1 940. 35 national chapters. ELINORE PEARLMAN, President NOT PICTURED: Dobry, Judy, Soph. Epstein, Sandra, Soph, Garmel, Jeanette, Soph. Kadish, Fanchon, Grod. London, Carol, Jr. Seigel, Annette, Soph. 4527 17th N. E. i 1 5 § .v4-. IBa Ki k ' The pause that refreshes Study hours? campus ca ndids Term Paper Tir 290 m ' ) FRATERNITIES interfraternity council VICE PRESIDENT SECRETARY Gordon W John TREASURER John Long V V 1 INTER-RELATIONS COUNSELOR ' ' Lorry Johcnson i ACACIA Mel Gribble ALPHA DELTA PHI Jim Roller ALPHA EPSILON PI Ted Orliss ALPHA KAPPA LAMBDA Roger Taylor ALPHA SIGMA PHI Jock Meredith ALPHA TAU OMEGA John Day BETA THETA PI Gordy Johnson CHI PHI Gordy Young CHI PSI Ted Bergstrom DELTA CHI Chuck Burges DELTA KAPPA EPSILON Terry Strom DELTA SIGMA PHI Doyle Nelson DELTA TAU DELTA Tom Taylor DELTA UPSILON Jerry Decker KAPPA SIGMA Dick Lewis LAMBDA CHI ALPHA Carl Wiechert PHI DELTA THETA Don Davis PHI GAMMA DELTA Bill Compbell PHI KAPPA PSI John Reed PHI KAPPA SIGMA Bob Fitzpotrick PHI KAPPA TAU Bob Merritt . fi U f A q 292 1 The Inter-Fraternity Council is composed of presi- dents or representatives of the thirty-nine fraterni- ties on the University of Washington campus. I.F.C. has the responsibility of regulating and controlling fraternity rushing. It registers all rushees, conducts an assembly giving pointers on rushing and pledg- ing, sets up rules and helps the rushee choose a fraternity which will benefit him most and where he will fit in best. Scholarship and conduct standards are also main- tained by I.F.C. and it has the power to discipline offending fraternities and individuals. Wide participation in activities, athletics, and other phases of campus life is encouraged by the I.F.C. It also seeks to educate fraternity men for citizen- ship, for social competence, and for successful human relations. SCHOLARSHIP NOT PICTURED: ADVISOR Bob Waldo KAPPA ALPHA PSI PUBLIC RELATIONS Gerry Alexander PUBLICATIONS Chock Burges PHI SIGMA KAPPA Don Cole PI KAPPA ALPHA Neil Carroll PI KAPPA PHI Clifl Johannes PSI UPSILON Bowen K,ng SIGMA ALPHA EPSILON Ken Schneider SIGMA ALPHA MU Bob Rogers SIGMA CHI Norm Peterson SIGMA NU John Lister SIGMA PHI EPSILON Don Custer SIGMA PI Don Wallace TAU KAPPA EPSILON Earl Starbord TAU PHI DELTA Dick THETA CHI Larry Keete THETA DELTA CHI Bob field THETA XI Lloyd Quolly ZETA BETA TAU Eddy Sherman ZETA PSI Larry Holdren JF5 PRESIDENTS ASSISTANT John Conway OFFICE MANAGER v; " Barton Baker UM mk D f CONSTITUTION COMMITTEE V -i -7 Tom Taylor TRAFFIC COMMIHEE ik » Tom Wilkey 1 1 0,A. REPRESENTATIVE Bill Belcher OFFICE SECRETARY Ginny Skogen 293 junior i nter- f r a tern ity council ACACIA George King ALPHA DELTA PI Jerry Strand ALPHA EP5ILON PI Harold Jaffe ALPHA KAPPA LAMBDA Paul W.ll.anis ALPHA SIGMA PHI Robert Birdseye ALPHA TAU OMEGA Rich Luce BETA THETA PI Don Bender CHI PSI Don Rowe DELTA CHI Norman Fitz DELTA KAPPA EPSILON Robert Breitenfeldt DELTA SIGMA PHI Howard Dewey DELTA TAU DELTA Pat Glenn DELTA UPSILON Cl.ff Asplund KAPPA SIGMA Robert Boswell LAMBDA CHI ALPHA PHI DELTA THETA Bob Pennell PHI GAMMA DELTA Randy Nao PHI KAPPA PSI Ed Berndl Composed of members rep- resenting each fraternity on campus. Junior Inter-Frater- nity Council aids the Inter- Fraternity Council in its ef- forts to prepare new frater- nity men for service to the University of Washington. Campus projects and inter- fraternity exchange luncheons were just a few of the activi- ties sponsored by the Junior Inter-Fraternity Council this year. PRESIDENT, Skip Cavi NOT PICTURED: CHI PHI Roy Stone KAPPA ALPHA PSI Albert Jockson i. o k p n P O O .ff O t f O ft o PHI KAPPA SIGMA PHI KAPPA TAU PHI SIGMA KAPPA PI KAPPA ALPHA PI KAPPA PHI Charles Maris PSI UPSILON Pete Paget SIGMA ALPHA EPSILON Bob Dootson j SIGMA ALPHA MU I Neol Shulmon SIGMA CHI I Leslie Locke SIGMA NU Steve Moe SIGMA PHI EPSILON ! Skip Caviezel SIGMA PI Rick Wilkin ] TAU KAPPA EPSILON Carl Montgomery I TAU PHI DELTA David Foran THETA CHI Arnie Young THETA DELTA CHI Frank Byles THETA XI Art Lindgren ZETA BETA TAU Micky Goldfarb ZETA PSI Mike Edwards 294 acacia Beamer, Barton D., Jr. Bringloe, Richard, Fr. Brock, John R„ Jr. Upholding the high ideals upon which the fraternity was founded in 1904 at Michigan, Washington chapter has made much progress in recent years, seeing the fraternity through its Golden Anniversary and the chapter house through an extensive remodeling. After fall cleanup and formal rush week passed, our social program began with firesides and exchanges. The pledge dance followed Homecoming activ- ities. Winter quarter brought more social activities, costume firesides, sere- nades, and the semi-formal Night on the Nile, adance held by all Acacia chapters. In the spring, the annual Founder ' s Day alumni banquet, with its awarding of the " Bullus Texanus " honor, was held. The Spring Formal round- ed out the year. Participation in intramural sports kept us busy after classes throughout the year. Other University activities came in for their share of attention, also. Wih Acacians heading the HUB Dances, Nickel Hop, and YMCA activities, many members were active on campus. Cole, Charles B., Jr. Conan, Edward, Fr. Dinkins, Byron R., Jr. Farmer, George, Fr. Gilbert, Barry, Fr. Gribble, Melvin L., Sr. Halverson, Guy, Fr. Iverson, Howard B., Jr. Jorvis, Michael B., Jr. Jensen, Richard L, Soph. Johnson, Thomas, Fr. King, Richard, Grod. Klein, Edgar, Sr. Knestis, James F., Soph. McClymont, Douglas, Fr. 5004 17th Ave. N. E. S t. 9 9B9 MELVIN GRIBBLE, Preside NOT PICTURED: Andrews, Mark, Grod. Bergemon, Stonley A., Jr. , Jan Curtis, Jock, Sr. Devery, William, Grod. Hendry, Ronold, Grod. Knestis, William E., Sr. Monsen, Robert M., Jr. Proctor, William B., Jr. Siddle, Dove. Soph. Sutter, Edword, Grod. Founded at the University of Michi- gan, Ann Arbor, 1904. Washington chapter established in 1910. 44 national chapters. Mitten, Paul L., Jr. Mullen, Thomas R,, Jr. Newcomb, Alon K., Jr Nicholson, Donold P., Jr, Rasmussen, Walluf W,, Soph Richard, Cornelius E , Jr. Richards, John G., Jr, Schroeppel, James, F, Stohle, Howard, Sr. Stone, Clifford, Fr. Thotcher, Michael, Soph. Von Eaton, Terry, Fr alpha delta phi Founded at Hamilton College, New York, in 1832. Washington chapter established in 1921. 35 notional chapters. Study hours? 2106 E. 47th Asp, Jerry J., Jr. Bokemon, James W., Sr. Broden, J. Philip, Jr. Brodey, Robert D., fr. Butler, Michoel R., Sr. Butsko, Jerome E,, Soph. Cody, Corl M., Soph. Carlson, Howard E., Jr. Corlson, F. Poul, Fr. Corrington, Glenn R., Jr. Covodios, Gregory, ' Soph. Church, Sandy P., Fr. Cowan, Charles L., Sr. Cunningham, Lee I., Soph. Davies, David A., Sr. Dowley, Curtis, Jr. Dempsoy, John G., Soph. Dickinson, Denny C, Jr. Dodson, Jerry J., Sr. Dunton, Ford S., Fr, Dussoult, Bruce E., Soph. Ershig, A. Herbert, Fr. Flood, John A., Jr. Goleeke, Tommy D., Jr. Green, R. Robert, Jr. Hanno, Ron L., Fr. Hayen, Philip E., Soph. Heilmon, Champlin. Soph. Heinkc, Ronold R. , Jr. Mines, F. Anthony, Jr. Hunter, Joseph E., Fr. Johnson, George P., Sr. Korr, Robert P., Jr. Karr, Williom T., Fr. Kershaw, Robert C, Fr. Kinzel, Williom L, Sr. Lowson, William A., Soph. Leon, Richard H„ Sr. Lindsay, Stephen A., Fr. Lord, Frank C, Jr., Soph. ' le»v=4- 1 »J, ' ♦ ■T _ 1 1 M i ( c A S ' 1956-57 was another successful year for Alpha Delta Phi, the second oldest national fraternity. The Washington Alpha Delts extended their record of activity in athletics, scholarship, social life, and HUB activities. While maintaining their position on the top ten scholastically, the Alpha Delts carried on a first class social program. They started off with a pledge dance during November, and ended the year with a weekend house party on the Oregon coast. Between these two events the Alpha Delts had the traditional exchange with the British Columbia chapter, the mid-winter formal, firesides and exchanges. Representatives on Purple Shield and Oval Club show the Alpha Delts ' participation in ASUW activities. Last spring three members were elected to Fir Tree. Dick Leon was elected president of the ASUW. Phil Braden and Pete Miller were elected president and secretary of Purple Shield, respectively. Alpha Delts were active in varsity baseball, football, crew, basketball, track, skiing, and swimming. In intramurals they were ready to defend their championship in hand- ball and swimming. Again this year. Alpha Delta Phi ' s Washington chapter lived up to its motto: " Manus Multae Cor Unum " — Many Hands, One Hand. WILLIAM J. ROLLER, President MacLean, James B., Soph. McCulloch, David L., Jr. McGatlin, James R., Sr. McCaughey, William I., Soph, Mehus, David E-, Soph Mehus, Robert A., Jr Medico, James M., Jr. Miller, Walter P„ Jr. Milligan, Timothy H., Jr. Moss, Kurt F. H., Soph. Nau, Thomas P., Jr., Jr. Nelson, Richard N., Fr. Olsen, Donald S., Fr. Olson, Robert N., Sr. Poscoe, Doualos W., Sr Potricelli, Richard A., Jr. Polncelli, Ronald E., Fr. Pebbles, Harold A., Jr. Peters, Douglos D., Sr. Ronzenbach, Robert F., Jr. Reitsch, Arthur G., Fr. Ringstad, Alex C, Fr. Robinson, Harry, Soph. Robinson, Kenneth G., Jr. , Will I J., Sr. Russell, John M., Soph. Schuh, John D., Jr. Shelton, Phillip D,, Jr Shoreft, John B., Fr. Storseth, Donold S,, Fr Stowell, Robert J , Soph. Strand, Gerald C, Fr. NOT PICTURED: Anderson, Larry B., Jr. Dohlgren, Donald C, Sr. Farmer, Guy W., Sr. Ferris, D. William, Fr, Jack, Richard D,, Jr, Johnson, Marvin E,, Soph. Mathews, Stephen B,, Soph, Springsteel, Albert J., Jr, Troy, Preston M,, Soph, 297 alpha epsilon pi ABf Alpha Epsilon Pi experienced an active and successful year. Within the close brotherhood of our chapter, we have achieved goals which could not be reached through larger organizations. The brothers received two trophies this year, one for high pledge schol- arship, and one for scholarship im- provement. Among the social affairs of the year were the pledge dance, the New Year ' s Eve dance, and our traditional spring formal with a Ha- waiian theme. We held a picnic the day after the spring formal. Our athletic program was also active this year. It included football, volley- ball, basketball, and baseball. Alpha Epsilon Pi has many unique ideas, such as the annual pie-throw- ing contest which is used in raising charity funds and the Pretty Baby Con- test which is held for the sorority girls. Therefore, the brothers of AEPi reach their objectives through a well-rounded program of activities. 4542 19th N. E. GoHe, Ben, Soph P (? Joffee, Horold, Fr, TED ORLISS, President sm Tocher, Sol, Sr. Wener, Melvin S., Jr NOT PICTURED: Anderson, Fred, Soph. Epstein, Lewis, Soph. Hobib, Stanley, Sr. Isroel, Irving, Fr. Piho, Morris, Soph. Posner, Mike, Sr Pruzon, Herbert, Sr. Shemoryo, Albert, Soph. Shultz, Merryl, Fr. Wolfe, Don, Sr. Founded at New York University, New York, in 1913. Chi Deuteron chapter established in 1947. 60 national chapters. alpha kappa lambda Andrews, Donold A., Fr, Campbell, Albert C, Jr. Fisher, Phil, Sf. Howard, John R,, Grad. Hubbard, John W., Soph, LeCocq, Andrew C Martin, Morris C-, Meyer, Robert H., Noyes, James A., Shofizodeh, Mahrr Taylor, Roger B., Jr. Thornburg, Lelond H,, Williams, Poul G , Fr, Alpha Kappa Lambda is unique among fraternities on this campus in that it seeks to be a brotherhood of men vitally interested in following the principles of Christianity. In the spring of 1956, we moved into our present home. It has offered us the opportunity to bring more fellows into our brotherhood where we strive to build personalities through development of re- ligious, scholastic, extra-curricular, social, and fra- ternal interests and responsibilities. From the rushing of September to the last exam in June, the academic year of 1956-1957 was a year of marked achievements and growth for the brothers of Theta of Alpha Kappa Lambda. A spir- ited pledge class kept the actives on their toes and enabled us to participate in more activities than before. We would like to go on record as saying, " This year was great— next year will be greater! " NOT PICTURED: Doily, John M,, Fr Harrison, Ben, Soph. Founded at the University of Cali- fornia, Berkeley, California, in 1914. Theta chapter established in 1929. 19 national chapters. 1804 E. 50th h 7 m V I 1 1 if ' « ' ' y ■ r i V r KQi r iHRk » r i 1 1 m 1 I A mm 1 " M 11 i • t ' f -f ♦ I • I ' M ROGER TAYLOR, President !£A 299 Just in fun, of course! alpha sigma phi Founded at Yale University, New Haven, Conn., in 1 845. Mu chapter established in 1912. 64 national chapters. Bauer, William O., Jr. Seattle, John, Ft Bennett, Robert C, Fr. Beers, frank T., Soph. Bevington, Gory, Fr. Birdseye, Robert W,, Fr. Bomengen, John S,, Soph. Brown, Doug R., Fr. Bushley, Richard A., Jr. Callen, John G., Fr, Connon, Donald, Fr. Cardiff, Douglas, Fr, Carlson, Robert A., Fr. Clearmon, John F , Soph. Cook, Donald D., Fr. Cornils, Richard A,, Jr, Cruver, Edword L,, Fr, deCillio, Bernard, Soph. Detien, Richard R,, Soph, Dobson, Richord S,, Sr Dondero, Dick, Fr Eldridge, Lester W,, Soph, Fredsoll, James, Soph. Graf, Robert L,, Sr. Groshong, Ronald W., Jr, Hommermoster, Eugene A,, Grod, mmM mMdmmm iMmM 9.%n Harryman, James W„ Jr, Healy, Pat, Jr Higbie, lohn, Fr, Holmstfom, Ross ,, Jr, Hill, Ke neth, Fr, Jocobse n, William L,, Jr, Jensen, Ronotd R Soph, Jones, ( ichord T,, Jr Keenon Howard, Soph, Kersloke, Bob, Ft Kreitzbe rg, Corl W., Soph Lacher, Wolter R. Jr, 300 J S-Q) JOHN MEREDITH, President t k % Fi tki ' M Lockhart, Donald A., Jr. Loukes, John B., Fr. Mclntyre, David L., Soph. Mathews, William G,, Jr. Mathis, Desmond R. Soph Mehner, Owen P., Fr. Meredith, John E., Sr. Nelson, Richard, Jr. Olsen, Fred L., Fr. Olson, Andrew E., Jr. Parsons, Charles L., Fr. Patrick, Keith T., Sr. Pistoresi, Denis J. Soph. Rankin, James H., Fr. Rasmussen, Allen L., Soph Redmon, Nelson A., Fr. Rose, George L., Fr. Savage, William R., Jr Scheumann, Douglas R„ Jr Skoglund, Dennis E,, Jr. Stoben, Arthur L., Sr. Stevens, John W., Sr. Stevenson, John, Fr. Storgaard, Richard, Fr. Strugar, George, Sr. Swanson, Jon B., Fr. Swenson, Warren A., Soph. Tilbury, James W., Fr. Tillmon, Lloyd P., Fr. The morning after the night before. The year 1956-57 found a group of eighty-five indi- viduals pooling their interests, talents, desires, and aversions for one reason — they liked each other. These men were Alpha Sigs at the University of Washington. A successful Rush Week provided the year ' s spring- board for the Alpha Sigs. Forty-one new pledges helped the " returning lettermen " defend the trophies they had won with last year ' s " wide-screen " Homecoming pro- duction, Village Band, and Sophomore Carnival. Scholastically, the Alpha Sigs rated above both the all- fraternity and all-men ' s average. The social calendar ranged between two extremes . . . the Thug Dance and the year ' s highlight, the Winter Formal at the Olympic Hotel. The Pledge Dance, the Barn Dance, exchanges, firesides, and the weekend house party on Orcas Island filled in. Success in scholarship, campus and community activi- ties, intramural and varsity athletics summarize this past year for the versatile men of Alpha Sigma Phi. p Q f Q Tonelli, Richard J., Soph. Trimble, Roger T., Fr. Vizorre, Don, Fr. Ware, James, Soph. Wollrof, Paul, Jr. Williams, Mark, Jr. Wimmer, Thomas A., Jr, Wolfe, Jock W., Sr. NOT PICTURED: Arvidson, Charles J., Fr. Buerk, Arthur, Jr. Bugge, Charles F., Fr. Carlyle, Jerry, Fr. Dobson, Thomas E., Grad. Hughbonks, David C, Jr. Jones, Arnie L., Jr. Lofthus, George, Soph. Loucks, Allan D., Sr McCormick, Ceroid H., Sr. McKinney, Larry H., Fr. Pedersen, Eugene M., Sr Rees, Eorl L., Fr. 1800 E. 47th ir® NOT PICTURED: Bushue, Paul, Sr, Garred, Fronk, Jr. Lonergan, Jomes, S Phelps, Norval, Sr, Thees, Robert, Jr. Thedore, Thomas, F Wilski, Harbnd, Sr. At the beginning of the school year, the Tau Temple found itself bulging with 43 little urchins, labeled pledges in more customary usage. Re- gardless of its size, the ATO pledges soon ad- justed to frequent beatings, mental torture, etc., and found themselves going the way of all brothers. That is to say, they participated in HUB activi- ties, Husky sports, enjoyed social life and dis- played scholastic endeavor — factors which make ATO the well-rounded house it is. After winning the Sigma Chi Scholarship Tro- phy last year, the house resumed its pursuance of good grades. Integrated with this were the pledge dances, the annual Spring Formal, dol- lar parties, a House Party, and another suc- cessful Sophomore Carnival. ATO was well represented in Purple Shield, Oval Club, Bachelors Club and various scholas- tic honoraries. What ' s he so happy about? Blair, Robert, Jr. Bradle , Frank, Jr. Brown, Douglas, Fr, Brown, Roger, Fr Brundage, Thomas, Fr Burton, William, Sr. Bush, John, Fr, Campbell, Gory, Soph. Casper, Steven, Fr. Compc Crover nion, s. Hart om, Fr. itton, Fr. Culver Norm on, Sr. Doy, John, S Drake, King, Edgar, Willio Eichler, Richo Soph, m, Fr. rd, Grad. Esheirr Evans, an, Ja Willio mes. Soph m, Fr. Frasie , Walter, Fr. o Anderson, Clifford, Soph. Baldwin, Dick, Sr. , Hendrick, Med Beeson, John, Fr. a f r a a a 111 tfiklikiill4i iii D Q O P P D f« p ,a r o a liiki li 4i4 mk MM. a 302 alpha tau omega Founded at Virginia Military Institute, Lexington, Vir- ginia, in 1 865. Gamma Pi chapter established in 1906. 1 16 Notional chapters. o k Goelz, Jerry, Jr 1 ) Green, Victor, Soph, _J Grevstad, Beniamin, ' ■ i • ' 1 Hall, Ronald, Fr. -y ' Horrop, Robert, Sr. Hartung, Danial, Fr. £k Hays, John, Soph. Hendrix, Thomas, Fr, Horn, Richard, Fr. Hould, Peter, Fr, Kobush, Mark, Jr. Kabush, Michael, Fr. Kelley, James, Fr. Kendoll, John, Fr. Kobs, Donald, Fr, Leotho, Robert, Fr, Lewis, Denny, Fr. Lindquist, Phillip, F Lodge, Robert, Fr. Lofstrom, David, Sr. Lovermg, Michael, Sr. Luce, Richard, Fr, Lyng, Melvin, Soph, Mockoy, John, Fr. Magee, Milton, Soph. Milliman, Bryant, Jr. Munsell, Richard, Soph. Newell, Robert, Soph. Nisbet, Thomas, Soph. Ostrander, Michael, Sr. Pognotto, Arthur, Fr. Pederson, Richard, Fr. Peterson, Noel, Soph. p n R P n q n o n ,,, ,,, , , Phillips, Reed, Fr, Preston, Ronald, Fr, Reiswig, Richard, Jr. Rice, David, Jr, Richmon, Lorry, Fr. Roots, Gory, Fr. Robbins, Thomas, Fr. Roorke, Terry, Soph. Ryker, George, Soph. Ryker, Rodney, Jr. Solkeld, James, Soph. Sampson, Rick, Soph. Schneider, Fred, Fr. , Willi s, Tho eldir Sho Shape, Ralph, Fr. Sierer, Stuart, Soph. Stickel, Orville, Fr. Stirret, Lee, Soph. Taylor, David, Jr. Theodore, J. Athon, Soph Urstad, Kenneth, Fr. Werberger, Gory, Soph. Wester, Richard, Fr. Wilhelmsen, Lorry, Soph. Wiprud, Ted, Jr. 303 beta theta pi Andonian, Gregory Y., Soph. Armstrong, Robert G., Soph. As the year of 1956-57 has re- corded its history in the heads of Betas, the fraternity, as in fifty-six previous years, can look with pride upon its enviable records in all areas of college life. The year was marked with many enjoyable social activities, includ- ing the pledge dance, pojama dance, winter formal, thug dance, Miami Triad, and numerous fire- sides, serenades, and exchanges. Even so, the Beta house ranked fourth scholastically among Wash- ington fraternities and first among the larger fraternities. Campus activities found Betas in student body offices, scholastic and activi- ty honoraries, the Daily staff, and ASUW and AMS committees. Var- ious intramural teams helped de- fend past championships and cap- ture new " hardware " for the den. No matter how diversified their interests may be, the men of Beta Omega are strongly bound to- gether by the cardinal principal of the fraternity — unity. 304 GORDON JOHNSON, President Bale, Robert C, Sr. Bellamy, John C, Fr Bender, Donald W., Fr | Bender, Robert E., Jr. Bloom, Lance C, Fr. Botten, Dorryl A., Soph Bnx, Peter J., Jr. Brooks, Dole E., Soph. Brown, Bruce K , Fr, Brunton, Richord, Sr Buck, Wayne Gerald, Sr. Byrne, Bart K., Jr Cody, Frank H., Sr Chase, Anthony G., Fr. Clampitt, Milton P., Sr. Clark, Kent E , Sr Doughtery, Bert R , Soph. Drips, Phil A , Sr, Echols, Robert E , Fr Engle, Robert G,, Soph, Finholm, Ronald J,, Fr Fish, Jerry D,, Soph. Fleming, Frederick W,, Fr. Frankland, Robert S,, Sr, Gamer, Jerrold D,, Soph. Geraghty, John V., Grod, Gillespie, Peter G , Fr. Gering, Gordon L , Fr, Graham, Ronald M,, Jr. Grant, George H,, Fr, Grisim, Keith G , Fr, Higgins, Jerry D,, Fr Homesteod, Wayne A , Soph Howell, William B . Fr Hull, Fritz L , Jr James, William D , Fr Jensen, Peter, Jr, Johnson, Addison M , Fr. Johnson, Gordon W., Sr. Johnson, Ronald B , Fr, Johnson, Thomas S,, Jr, Jones, Thomas R , Fr, Linden, Gory F,, Sr, Lindsay, William A,, Jr. Lundin, Jon A., Fr. Martin, William B., Soph. Mays, William, Grad. McDonald, Robert W., Soph. McDonald, Chris U., Soph. Michel, Daniel A., Sr. All f ii r)4i iii j!i I giMJ k Mk m®m Founded at Miami University, Ox- ford, Ohio, in 1839. Beta Omega chapter established in 1901. 97 national chapters. 1617 E. 47th 305 chi psi TED BERGSTROM, President Founded at Union College, Schenectady, New York, in 1841. Alpha Theto Delta chapter established in 1921, 26 national chapters. Barton, Robert, Soph Bergstrom, Theodore, S Brophy, Patrick, Fr Brown, Bruce, Soph Campbe Chathon Chiarovr Cole, Dt Denenht Evonson Gidlund Gilbert, I, Lee, Soph I, Ralph, Fr mo, Robert, Fr. nold, Sr |2, Larry, Soph, Richard, Sr. , Jerold, Fr. David, Jr O O t) c o o C) Q f O D O- -1 n Huey, Donn, Soph. Hundhausen, Robert, Fr. Hungerford, William, Jr. Jenks, Morrison, Jr Johnson, Roger, Fr n 4600 22nd N.E. 306 s© It was another great year for the men from " The Lodge. " As usual, rush week was a ter- rific success, resulting in 24 top pledges. After completely filling the social calendar with exchanges, firesides, on authentic spring for- mal complete with yacht trip, the Hunters ' Frolic (polite name for the brawl of the year), the Roman Dance, Pledge Dance, and eight mis- cellaneous dollar parties, we discovered that our schedule would carry our last exchange to July 28. Intramural athletics were the source of bruised knuckles and shins, four crippled brothers, and no trophies. Of course, a few of the Chi Psi ' s would hove nothing to do with intramurals and were forced to earn their Big " W ' s " in varsity athletics and numerals in frosh crew. Chi Psi ' s were represented in organizations such as Oval Club, Purple Shield, and other univer- sity honorories along with HUB activities in- cluding Gordy Winship heading the Varsity Ball. Time out for a little pool. NOT PICTURED: Ale«ander, Jomes D,, Jr. Baker, Franklin, Sr, Baydo, Jomes, Sr. Cornell, Edward, Fr. Dempsey, Brion, Soph. Erho, Michael, Jr Ericks. Frock, Malcom, Jr. Grongoord, Robert, Soph. Hanson, Borry, Sr. Ho . Jon , Grod. nuel, Jr. Johns. McGee, Chorles, Sr. McMohon, Duane, Sr. Meod,, Fr Mills, Fred. Jr Putnam, Charles, Sr Smith, Curt, Dent. Stockley, Thomos, Soph. Torwick, John, Soph, Tyer, Jack, Fr. Waldal, James, Jr. Wotne, Edwin, Sr. Kerzie, David, Jr Lightburne, Richard, Soph Long, Derald, Soph Marks, William, Soph Michener, Chorles, Soph. Motteler, Franklin, Soph Nordfors, David, Soph Nordfors, Spencer, Fr Olson, Woyne, Fr. Norris, Owen, Fr. Peyton, Patrick, Fr. Plumb, Stuart, Fr. Privette, Jerry, Fr. Prosceno, Rolph, Fr. Rou, Dean, Sr. Rowe, Donald, Fr. Sceo, Robert, Jr. C n r C) Q iMk tkM m Smith, Milt, Fr Stevenson, Robert, Fr, Thompson, Ronold, Jr, Woltersdorph, Lee, Fr Winship, R Gordon, Jr 307 ch i phi Another year has seen the Beta Delta chapter of Chi Phi fra- ternity combine the formal ed- ucation of the classroom with the informal type of learning that comes with social activity. The chapter members have found that it is possible to have parties, dances, and other func- tions without sacrificing the high scholastic standing which has been characteristic of the fra- ternity. The parties have been numerous and there are plans for more in the future. The social calendar of the Chap- ter has been heavy with func- tions such as the Pledge Dance in the fall, the Winter Informal — a snowbound affair, and the Spring Formal— complete with tales. Exchanges and firesides also have played an important role in keeping the Chapter abreast socially. NOT PICTURED: Bond, Jomes, Sr. Daniels, Donald, Grad. Henkel, Gary, Fr, Hollock, John, Low Ingolls, Woyne, Soph. Morelock, William, Soph. Olson, Harlon, Sr Pomeroy, John, Jr. Holm, Edwin, Jr. Marik, Roy, St. Tiller, Steven, Sr. WoK, John, Soph Young, Gordon, J Stone, Roy, Soph. delta sigma phi • -.. 1 ' ll ' -Jl A ll Set em up, Joe! WENDELL NELSON, President NOT PICTURED: Gonzer, Vic, Soph. Jocobson, Carl, Jr. In Spring quarter, 1956, Delta Sigma Phi celebrated the 30th anniversary of its founding at 451 8 1 7th N. E. The Delta Sigs had another banner year. Among our fall social events, the Halloween dance. Homecoming dance spon- sored by our alumni association, and our annual House Mothers ' dinner were particularly successful. Winter quarter saw our " Sailors Boll ' and the initia- tion of the joint-fraternity Valentine ' s Day dance as our outstanding functions. An epidemic of spring fever was caused by our annual " Carnation Ball " at which time we chose our Dream Girl. A program of seminars built around the theme " Engineered Leadership " was started Winter quarter. This was an outstanding accomplishment on the educa- tional aspect of college fraternities. 4518 17th N. E. ikM i Dovies, Donald, Soph. Dewey, John, Jr. Ellis, Charles, Jr. Fonda, John, Sr. Gunsul, Cleland, Soph. Hughes, John, Jr. 9. iki MJIk Founded at City College, New York, in 1899. Washington Alpha Omega chap- ter established in 1926. 73 national chapters. AS® Johnson, James, Grad. LeCompte, Gary, Soph. Nelson, Wendell, Sr. Olson, Earl, Jr. Porter, John, Jr. Rombo, George, Fr. Redmond, Richard, Fr. Robbins, George, Fr. Sonmore, Lowell, Soph. 309 delta chi The Washington chapter of Delta Chi started the new school term in the right direction by pledging a record class of 36 men. Continuing with the same type of spirit, the chapter combo took first place in the Village Bond contest, while pledges and ac- tives pitched in to finish our 80-foot Homecoming sign. Socially, the Pledge Dance, Winter Formal, Spring House Party, and Delta She Dance were the high- lights of the year. Exchanges, class dances, and dollar parties rounded out the calendar. Scholas- ticolly, the chapter hod a record representation at the 1956 Scholarship Banquet and as the year pro- gressed members were initiated into Phi Beta Kappa, Purple Shield, and Oval Club. Delta Chi was also well represented in every phase of ASUW and AMS activities. Sportminded Delta Chi ' s turned out for crew, basketball, track, tennis, and baseball, and participation in intramural sports. In conjunction with these various activities, the chapter once again accomplished its annual goal — an even more respected brotherhood. Anderson, Mike, fr. Anderson, Voughn, Jr Anderson, Woke, Jr. Bailey, John, Sr. Belcher, BUI, Jr. Buckberger, Ken, Soph. Burges, Chuck, Sr. Corley, John, Sr. Carlson, Byron, Fr Cotron, Lorry, Sr. Clagett, Bill, Fr. Clements, Bill, Jr. Coals Dove, Sr. Collin , Towne, Fr. Comings, Everett, Jr. Corre , David, Soph Craig Peter, Fr. Cronqutst, Richard, J Deon, Fronk, Jr. Dean, Honk, Fr. Drinnc n. Bill, Soph. f) o 9 Founded at Cornell University, New York, in 1890. Washington chapter established in 1908. 40 notional chapters. Filz, Norman, F Fraser, Gary, Fr Frost, Jock, Fr. Glover, Darrell, Soph. GoH, Jim. Fr. Gormley, Michael, Sr. Halligan, Robert, Soph Ham, Donald, Jr, Honey, Keith, Fr Hanson, Harold, Sr Horoldson, William, Soph ' l Wi NOT PICTURED: Brondt, Ken, Sr Bucklin, Ronald, Soph Cassill, George. Sr. HoMum, Donald, Sr. Howard, Kelvin, Jr. Holt, Arthur, Sr, Mackie, Vern, Soph, Owens, Buck, Sr Richaidson, Ronald, Sr Vonn, Lorry, Sr Von Skyhowk, Norman, Sr. Vaughn, Keith, Sr. CHUCK BURGES, Fall President a » « q n q c ft AS 1819 E. 47th O C) Q © O pi C O p 0 r : Q o q c: ) Q n a q a O O Q Q- fi Q Weeks, George, Sr. Welch, Charles, Soph. Whitman, Tony, Jr. Willix, Douglas, Fr. ELDON IRVING, Winter President Hastings, Steve, Jr Hayduk, Duke, Fr. Hixon, Bruce, Fr. Hubner, Douglas, Fr Hull, Ron, Soph. Irving, Eidon, Sr. Kangley, Lorry, Jr. Kitsos, Gus, Fr. Kromer, Roger, Fr. Laing, Michael, Soph. Lamb, Lorry, Fr. Laurent. Tom, Jr. Lent, Douglas, Jr. Lewofk, Blaise, Jr. Louis, Jon, Fr. McElroy, David, Fr. McLaughlin, John, Fr. McPhaden, Gorden, Fr, Matteson, Michael, Jr Melin, Joel, Jr. Myers, Roger, Fr. Mykut, Michael, Fr. Nelson, Jack, Jr. Newman, Wesley, Jr. Oberg, Russell, Fr. G ' Dell, Michael, Fr. Ohiinger, Allen, Sr. Olberg, Barney, Fr. Phoris, Richard, Jr. Rich, Edward, Jr. Roberts, Jack, Jr Ross, Roger, Soph Sailors, Robert, Fr. Seppolo, Fred, Fr. Stove, Robert, Sr. Sullivan, Jerry, Soph Thorp, Gifford, Fr Twedt, William, Fr. New pledge? 311 delta kappa epsilon 4520 21st N. E. Adams, Kirk, Sr. Bollard, Richard, Fr Benton, Hugh, Fr Brienlenfeldl, Bob, Fr. Alii p (? q Butler, Lonnie, Jr. Buzard, Robert, Jr. Cagle, Wolly, Soph. Campbell, Douglas, Sr. Cassels, Bert, Fr. Cooke, Bleecker, Soph. Coppoge, Tom, Fr Coyne, Charles, Fr Clark, John, Soph. Currie, Peter, Fr. Dafoe, William, Fr. Davidson, Tom, Fr. Dressen, Karl, Fr. Dugan, Larry, Fr. Eriandson, Jock, Sr. Fisher, Donnell, Fr. Fitch, Groham, Jr. Forbes, Norman, Fr. Fronklin, Tom, Fr. Fronk, William, Fr. Frost, Richard, Fr Giedt, Bruce, Soph. Goss, Clark, Jr. Graves, Lorry, Fr. Haapenen, Roger, Soph. Hanson, Lowell, Soph. Hargreaves, Gordon, Soph. Hedv all, Jerry, Fr. HoHncr, David, Ft. Hitchens, Rick, Soph. TERRY STROM, Preside Again, the Kappa Epsilon Dekes look back on another fruitful year of schol astic, ac- tivity, and social endeavors. The annexing of 40 pledges had the house manager sweating as to where to put them all, but with an addition to the house and remodel- ing done last summer by our gracious alums, the pledges all found a roost at 4520 and proceeded to give the actives a bad time. Socially, the Dekes were off to a roaring start with the Informal Fall Quarter, fol- lowed by the Christmas Serenade with the Alpha Gams. Winter Quarter saw the Pledge Dance and with Spring come the big formal. Scattered liberally throughout the year were our string of dollar parties. As well as having committeemen dispersed all about the HUB, the Dekes held offices in IPC and AMS. In athletics, Dekes had letterwinners in football, crew, skiing, track, golf, and tennis. Intramural competition also gave a large number of our pseudo- straps a chance to demonstrate their ability. At the close of their forty-ninth successful year on the campus, the Washington Dekes look forward to many more of the same. o n ff» n ,o f5 C , S M %M ASS Founded at Yale University, New Haven, Conn., in 1 844. Kappa Epsilon chapter established in 1908. 52 national chapters. f5 rs NOT PICTURED: Birkeland, Peter, Jr. Call, John, Soph. Davidson, Vi illiam, Soph Eogon, James, Fr. Evans, Michael, Soph, Ganty, Wolly, Sr Hausmon, John, Sr, Jacobsen, Poul, Sr. Johnston, Peter, Jr. King, V indy, Sr. Kirk, Paul, Jr. Koon, Phillip, Sr. Munson, William, Dent, Morns, Ralph, Med Smith, Rick, Fr Thomas, Botch, Sr. Williams, Richard, Fr. J, o ii n o a o o a r r o f . ry n r? r n a o a -• ) - q a o a a P, Time out for some light fiction! Hilchens, Robert, Soph. Hollowoy, Robert, Fr. Holloway, Richard, Jr. Howard, Cliff, Fr, Hughes, Pat, Sr. Hutchinson, Bruce, Fr. Imus, Reid, Soph. Ingrahom, Skip, Sr, Jerome, Reynolds, Soph. Jones, Lloyd, Soph Kohmann, Gale, Sr. Kilham, Richard, Sr. Kremer, Dale, Soph. Koger, Robert, Fr. McCarthy, Jim, Fr. Metcolf, Michael, Sr. Meyer, Paul, Jr. Molitor, Donold, Jr. Moore, Lee, Soph. Nowell, Roger, Soph. Oberlatz, John, Fr. Oberlalz, Steve, Soph. Oliver, Peter, Fr, Petersen, Holvor, Jr. Reid, John, Jr. Richards, Gordon, Jr. Riess, William, Jr. Roe, James, Soph. Sayre, John, Jr. Scott, Gary, Fr Smetheram, Do Smith, Donald, Jr. Smith, Fred, Fr Smith, George, Jr. Smith, Richard, Fr. Smith, Waller, Fr. Smith, Whitney, Fr. Spence, Jim, Fr, Stewart, Sandy, Sr. Strom, Terry, Law Todd, Neil, Fr, Tollefson, Richord, Fr. Von Cleve, Keith, Jr. Wagor, Richard, Jr. Wanomoker, James, Low Welts, David, Low White, James, Soph. Widmann, Robert, Soph. Wrilhite, Gordon, Fr. Winemiller, Joy, Fr. Wolfe, Kirke, Soph. 313 delta tau delta Founded at Bethany College, Vir- ginia. Gamma Mu Chapter established in 1908. 84 national chapters. NOT PICTURED; Garrett, Len. Sr, Jotinson, Curt, Fr. Johnson, George, Sr. LoFolletle, Lee, Soph. Mooss, Clio, Sr. Putney, Dennis, Jr Reed, Honk, Soph. Roberts, Mick, Soph. Wosmund, Tom, Jr. 4524 19th N.E. Barrett, Larry, Fr. Bevis, Ed., Fr. Blake, Roy, Fr. Bontemps, Jack, Fr Brandt, Dick, Sr TOM TAYLOR, Preside Q O f f D c o q Q rn o o o Q o ci fy r) ' c!)Of Bieilsprecher, Chuck, Brown, Steve, Fr. Butts, Gory, Fr. Carter, Bill, Jr. Caiey, John, Soph. Cortelyou, Dave, Fr, Custer, Bert, Soph. Dahlgren, Shelley, Sopi Danekas, Gory, Soph. Deisher, Ron, Soph, Doane, Bill, Jr. Dobler, Fred, Fr. Donnelly, James, Soph. Easterbrook, Don, Sr. Elander, Zac, Soph. Flint, Jim, Fr. Flodmon, Bill, Soph. Fraser, Bill, Fr, Gerber, Bill, Sr. Forty top men, the largest pledge class Washington Delts have welcomed into membership since the chapter was founded in 1 908, joined the actives in a successful year. Scholastic achievement is the highest aim of the fraternity, but there is more to a well-rounded fraternity than scholarship alone. Washington Delts have always gained recognition with participation in such major activities as Soph- omore Carnival, the Songfest, and Homecoming. Individual Delts have dis- tinguished themselves through membership in many activity organizations in- cluding Purple Shield, Oval Club, Bachelor ' s Club, and Malamutes as well as in professional and scholastic honoraries. Washington Delt ' s social program rates with the best, including such memora- ble functions as the Spring Formal, the Pledge Dance, the Spring Cruise and the House Party, plus a series of firesides and exchanges. So the Delts look bock with pride at another successful year at " the shelter. " Henshaw, Bill, Jr Huntington, Bill, Soph, Hurt, Bob, Jr. Johonson, Lorry, Sr Johnson, Marsh, Sr, Kilburn, Lee, Jr, Kincoid, Gory, Sr. Kirkwood, Lew, Fr. Kueckelhon, Lee, Soph. Kuybus, George, Soph. Shining up the trophic McDonold, Bill, Fi Michoelson, Chuck, Si Montgomery, Bob, Fr. Oldenburg, John, Fr. Olson, Ralph, Jr. Poyne. Jack, Soph. Pearson, Jerry, Sr. Peterson, Bob, Sr. Peterson, Tom, Sr Pickering. Robert, Sr. Piepho, George, Fr. Proctor. Rod, Fr. Ramsey, Larry, Sr. Ringer, George, Soph Roberts, Altred M., Jr. Robertson, Guy, Soph. Rolond. Craig, Sr, Roser, Jim, Fr Sompson, Dick, Soph. Sandell, Chuck, Jr. Schaut, Lorr,, Fr Scheuch, Nick Fr Schuh, Bob. Jr Sloter, Chuck. Fr Smith, By, Jr. Stomolis, George, Soph. Steele, Mike, Fr. Stewart, Jock, Fr. Slock, Gory, Jr. Sulor, Terry, Fr. Tolso, Warner, Jr. Taylor, Tom, Sr. Temple, John, Soph. Thorp. John, Fr Thomas, Note, Soph. Thomason, Rob, Soph. Torres, Steve, Jr. Vought, Tom, Jr. Walker, George, Jr. Willioms. Lee, S. Wilson, Dale, Fr Wines, Dick, Fr. Wothe, Don, Soph. Yount, Dick, Fr, P AIFA il p f o ft ft If!) p fi ft © p n o no ? o o p o n n Q delta upsilon 1818 E. 45th , Con Bergesen, Arlon, Jr. Brody, Jack, Sr, Clork, Andy, Grad, Efickson, Tom, Soph. Esser, Jerry, St. Haskrns, Pot, Soph. Hudson, Rod, Sr. Reimer, Bob, Sr. Seimons, John, Soph. Smith, Gordy, Sr. Wohlfrom, Don, Fr. Asplund, CliH, Soph. Bornum, Bob, Soph. Bortell, Bill, Fr. Beard, Chock, Fr. Bender, Berl, Soph. Berger, Gezo, Soph. Boyker, Gory, Jr. Demorest, Rolph, Jr. Dorland, Don, Jr. Frank, Pete, Soph. Hovland, Col, Fr Hutchings, Dick, Hotchings, Keith, Jacobsen, Bill, Si Jocroux, Paul, Jr. Jensen, Gary, Jr. Johnson, Bob, Fr. Koneto, Keith, Soph Keene, Bob, Jr. Keith, Mac, Jr. Keppler, Don, Fr. 4fk Founded at Williams College, Wil- liamstown, Massachusetts, in 1834. Washington chapter established in 1910. 71 national chapters. i;lM£ 316 A " What a year! " These words amply describe the general feeling of the members of Delta Upsilon as they look back with fond memories on the 1956-57 school year. The club main- tained its position OS a campus leader with a well bal- anced program of activities, athletics, scholarship, and social events. DU was once again in the sportlight, claiming such prominent heodliners as Dick Poyseno, Bill Stady, Don Dorland, Don Sunitsch, Jack Brady, and Monte Geiger. Everyone went all out for intromurols and the results were highly satisfactory. Fir Tree, Oval Club, and Purple Shield honoraries beckoned a number of the brothers and the various HUB activities hod a generous sprinkling of DU ' s. The social slate began with the Pledge Dance, honoring an outstanding class of 25 men, and included the Brawl, the Pojoma Dance, the House Party, and the now fa- mous " Big Weekend. " Exchanges, firesides, and dollar parties added to the good times. ( f P C (- Too mony irons m Ihe fire? Nulter,, Jr O Day, George, Soph. Otiey, Dick, Soph. Poyseno, Dick, Jr Pearson, Bob, Soph. Pedersen, Doug, Soph. Putnam, Tom, Soph Rayburn, Bruce, Sr Rees, Gory, Soph. Rich, Bill, Fr. Robinson, Dick, Soph. Ruef, Dove, Sr Schindler, Bob, Soph. Seitz, Mike, Fr. Smith, Don, Jr. Slady, Bill, Jr. Strickland, Clyde, Slutz, Del, Soph Sunitsch, Don, Sr Swonson, Mai, Jr Utigord, Tom, Jr. Wosley, Mike, Fr. Webert, Al, Soph, Webert, Carol, Soph. Wick, Don, Soph. NOT PICTURED: JERRY DECKER, Fall President JIM DAVIS, Spring President 317 kappa sigma Beta Psi chapter has well represented the name of Kappa Sigma. The pledge class this year was one of our finest, promising continued prominence in campus and fraternity life. We were league champions and reached the semi- finals in volleyball. Varsity wise Kappa Sigs were found in crew, track and baseball. Socially, Kappa Sigma was second to none. The pajama dance was featured in Life Magazine. We also held a Pledge Dance, Fall Opener, Tavern Dance, Stag Party, House Party, and Winter Formal. The formal was held in conjunction with the Star- dust Queen contest with Miss America as our guest of honor and finalist judge. Naturally every fraternity takes a serious attitude toward its scholastic standing — Kappa Sigma is no different. Over $20,000 in scholarships ore awarded annually among our 128 chapters. Aside from athletic, social and scholastic interests there exists a true spirit of brotherhood here— our home away from home. Founded at the University of Vir- ginia, Charlottesville, Va., in 1869. Beta Psi chapter established in 1903. 1 28 national chapters. Holvarson, Ston, Jr. Harison, Phillip, Jr. Hornson, Ronald, Jr. Henderson, David, Fr. Herbiion, Ralph, Sr. Hill, James, Fr. . jpkins, James, Sr. Hull, Harry, Jr. Johnson, Kenneth, Jr. Kelley, David, Jr. Kent, Mike, Fr. Kimbel, Marvin, Sr. Leiser, Croig, Jr. Leonard, Hormon, Fr. lewis, Richard, Sr. Lewis, Thomas, Soph. Lundohl, Richard, Fr. McKcnny, Von, Jr. Ames, Robert, Sr. Anderson, John, Fr. Baffero, Gary, Fr. Beiningen, Kirk, Soph. Boswell, Robert, Fr. Bowen, John, Fr. Bowles, Howard, Jr. Brown, Robert, Fr. Bunker, Russell, Sr. Butler, John, Jr. Coyton, Forrest, Soph. Choppell, Ronald, Jr. Christie, Norman, Soph, Colby, Ralph, Fr, Collins, Paul, Jr Curd, Larry, Jr Dierickx, William, Soph. Engerson, John, Soph, Ferguson, Randall, Fr, Fruhwold, Hans|org, Sr, Gotfney, Pot, Sr, r p. o 318 T . O O C n o p McKinny, Gary, Soph Miller, Gary, Soph. Peretti, Ray, Jt. Reinhardt, Cecil, Soph. Snider, Henry, Fr. Sirauss, Lee, Jr. Turk, Thomas, Soph, Udd, Albert, Jr. Van Brocklin, Lester, Soph. Vaux, Walter, Soph. Wallace, Richard, Sr. Warren, Bruce, Sr. Wilburn, Richard, Jr. Williamson, Rondell, Soph. Wymon, Peter, Soph. NOT PICTURED: Boswell, John, Sr. Carnegie, John, Jr. Connell, Carl, Sr. Dowdell, Donold, Jr Fender, Harold, Soph. Leffler, John, Jr. McNabb, David, Sr. Ozerotf, Alex, Jr. Perine, David, Soph. Steil, Lee, Jr. Tate, John, Sr. DICK LEWIS, President 4722 21st N.E. as Get back to studying, boys 319 lambda chi alpha Founded at Boston University, Bos- ton, Massachusetts, in 1 909. Alpha Psi Zeta chapter estab- lished in 1918. 150 national chapters. Adams, Evan, Fr, Anderson, Benedict, Jf. 4509 18th Ave. N.E. Lambda Chi Alpha has 150 chapters and is leading the field among the larger fraternities. Alpha Psi chapter has been on the University of Washington campus since 1918. The 1956- 1957 school year was typical of college and fraternity life. In the fall, we yelled ourselves hoarse at the football games, played in the Village Band contest, built our Homecoming sign, and met the Alpha Chi O ' s in the annual Mud Bowl. We attended the pledge dance and the pa- jama dance. The WSC weekend in Spokane was a highlight of the autumn session. Winter quarter found us at the Italian Fireside, the Prison Dance, and the basketball games. In the spring came the Founders ' Day Banquet, Mothers ' Weekend, Sophomore Carnival, and the pride of our social calendar, the Crescent Boll. We also had our exchanges and other firesides. University of Washington Lambda Chi ' s are members of Alpha Delta Sigma, Big-W Club, Compass and Chart, Husky Winter Sports Club, Malamutes, Oval Club, Phi Beta Kappa, Pur- ple Shield, and Scabbard and Blade. Anderson, Lloyd, Sr Anderson, Marty, fr. Antonson, Harold, Fr Baum, Lynden, Fr. Beckley, Kenneth, Jr., Gil, Jr. Clarno, Keith, Fr, Cobb, Gil, Sr. Crooks, Bob, Sr. Dubbs, Doryl, Fr, Frodle, Jerry, Soph Jensen, Jerry, Soph, Kohr, David, Jr Kraig, Kenneth, Soph. n Molan, Rclond, Fr. McAlloster, Lory, fr. - ' , McDonald, Rex, Soph gA 4 1 iL f tn f n o C: r r f ) q r n a. O c H ' 320 AS O Q ft ' O es ( r " ' N d P D ' P (ft O Sunderland, Gary, Soph. Strom, Roy, Sr. Torrey, Richard, Jr. White, Darrell, Soph. Wick, Dennis, Grad. Wiechert, Carl, Sr. Wolf, John, Sr. Wright, Bob, Sr. McDowell, Michael, Soph. McElrcvy, Robert, Jr Minahan, Michael, Sr. Noilor, Ray, Fr. Olson, Ted, Jr. ReichI, Hans, Soph Robinson, Richard, Jr. Rogers, Elmer, Sr. Rusden, John, Fr. Schuize, John, Jr. Working fo CARL WIECHERT, Preside NOT PICTURED: Adams, Quincy, Soph. Baxstrom, Curtis, Soph. Clampett, Bruce, Soph. Gelman, Doug, Sr. Horden, Jim, Fr. Howe, Robert, Soph. Opdyke, Wally, Soph. Poifry, Dove, Fr. Schwobel, Don, Sr. Walters, Montee, Soph. Wolf, Dick, Jr. Young, Tom, Fr. 321 phi delta theta This year, as in the past, Washington Alpha con be proud of a fine rec- ord, both scholastically and activity-wise. The " Phi Delts " were well rep- resented in student government, honoraries, athletics, and campus activi- ties. The house claimed a good share of intramural trophies, a result of hard work and determination. Socially, the impressive dance of the year came with the Winter Formal, one of the outstanding social events on campus. The rest of the social calender contained numerous exchanges and firesides, a pledge dance, a pajama dance, a bowery brawl, and to conclude the highlites, a house party beyond compare. Even with all the great social events, we did not forget that scholastic achievement is the most important element in college life. A combination of spirit and hard work by everyone once again produced a record of high standing on the campus for Phi Delta Theta. A Holmkvist, Dove, Soph. Hoimkvist, Eric Nils, Soph, Hopkins, Griff, Fr. Hughes, Jody, Fr, Hughe , Eorle McAnulty, John, Soph. Manlow, Bob, Soph. Martinez, Vince, Fr. Milgord, Gory, Soph. Mjoen, John, Soph. Morrison, Gerry, Fr. Morrow, Lorry, Jr. Murphy, Mike, Jr. Nelson, Slon, Fr. Newton, Henry, Soph, Peterson, Dick, Soph. Rodemoker, John, Soph. Rondles, Terry, Soph. Rivenes, Jim, Sr. Schmidt, Honk, Fr, Sells, John, Soph. Shellman, Lee, Fr. Smart, Doug, Soph. Skoggs, James, Soph. Steiner, Gory, Soph. p ft P r Clorke, Keith, Jr. Coie, John, Soph, Cleaver, William, Fr Conway, John, Jr. Cook, Jim, Soph, Countner, Frank, Jr, Crosson, Bob, Fr, Dcil. Da»is, Don, Sr, Davison, Keith, Fr. Delemitros, Jim, Fr. Denny, Chuck, Fr. DuBois, Bill, Jr. English, Bill, Soph. Gamble, Lex, Soph, Gandy, Robert, Sr Gardner, Booth, Jr, Gilkey, Tom, Fr, Goodman, Terry, Soph, Gordon, Dave, Jr. Gordon, Doug, Fr 322 ©A® Mbin, Bob, Fr. Aucott, Gordy, Fr Anderson, Paul, Soph Anderson, Steve, Jr. Asmundson, Bill, Soph. Austin, Dove, Fr, 3ethke, Steve, Soph- Jlode, Bill, Fr. Jochemuehl, Bob, Fr. Jraunschweiger, Bob, Fr Founded at Miami University, Ox- ford, Ohio, in 1848. Washington Alpha established in 1900. 1 26 notional chapters. 2111 E. 47th. Bull, Bob, Soph. Broderson, Jim, Grod. Broom, Dove, Fr. Browning, Jesse, Soph. Cahoon, George, Sr. Clock, Dove, Grod. Cyr, Lorry, Soph. Dogmon, Dennis, Soph. Enslow, Dove, Fr. Frsher, Bob, Fr. Freemon, Douglos, Sr. Looks like fun. Gordon, Robert, Sr. Graham, Tom, Soph. Holl, Dole, Soph. Holl, Joy, Sr Jocobson, Ken, Fr. Kent, John, Sr. Kight, Mike, Fr. Lagerquist, Ed, Fr. Lockett, James, Grod l l Orrell, Russell, Fr. Parker, BpII, Grod. Porks, Dick, Fr. Pellegrini, Richard, Fr. Pennell, Bob, Fr. Pennell, Don, Jr. IM.M, Thomas, Earl, Jr. Tinius, Dove, Soph. Wotkins, William, Sr. Williams, John, Jr. Wolthousen, Tom, Fr. Woodworth, John, Fr. Yole, Richard, Jr. DON DAVIS, President NOT PICTURED: Blackburn, Larry, Jr. Brooks, Tim, Grod. Calvert, John, Sr. Corbetl, Bob, Grod. Crevling, Don, Grod, Delemilros, Artie, Grod English, Larry, Jr. Glose, John, Jr. Henke, Pete, Jr. Hotius, Bill, Jr. Hughes, Ben, Jr. Jocoy, Ron, Soph. Johnson, Jerry, Grod. Kobel, Bob, Grod. Lindquist, Reese, Jr. Link, Al, Jr. Lund, Ron, Sr. McGowan, Bill, Soph. Metz, Roger, Jr. Morrison, Tom, Sr. Morton, Dorrel, Soph Phillips, Neol, Grod. Steen, Malcolm, Jr Taulbee, Walt, Sr. phi gamma delta Belonich, Roger, Fr Berry, Lloyd, Fr, Bogan, Jerry, Soph, 4503 17th N.E. Phi Gamma Delta has proven successful in ful- filling its aim — scholarship. This year, it placed sixth among University fraternities. Fijimen again held key positions in student government and activities. Fijis have served as 1955-56 Freshman Class President, A. M.S. Secretary, Junior Class President. Fijis are pres- ident and treasurer of Oval Club, and for the third year, president of the Managerial Council. In Athletics, Phi Gamma Delta was awarded the " Big Stick " by the Big W Club for having the most big " W " winners. Fijimen captained Husky track, boseball, golf, and football squads. Two Fijis were among the eleven seniors elected to Fir Tree, Senior men ' s honorary. Phi Gamma Delta hod a well-balanced social calendar with three main dances along with many class par- ties. In Phi Gmma Delta the combination of in- ternal strength with scholarship and athletic achievements is instrumental in developing ma- ture citizens and leaders. , Bob, Fr. , Gary, Fr Forsythe, Dick, Fr, Gaffner, Gary, Sr. Gallaher, Phil, Jr. Golvagno, Remo, F Gregg, George, Fr. Gourley, Dick, Fr. Hagen, Bill, Sr. Hill, Don, Fr, Brandt, Rich, Jr. Broughton, Tom, Soph. Bucy, Warren, Soph. Burgess, John, Soph. S.M Campbell, Bill, Jr Chamness, Dona, Soph Chamness, Lorry, Fr. Chatalas, George, Fr. Cox, Jerry, Fr. Cozzetto, Joe, Jr Dovis, Jerry, Jr Davis, John H., Soph Davis, John M , Jr Decker, Jay, Sr. Droper, Greg, Sr. Hilton, Jim, Grad. Hopf, Bill, Soph. Hogon, Mickey, Fr. Huckle, Myron, Jr. Hull, Paul, Soph. Hunt, Art, Sr. Jocobsen, Connie, Jenkins, Roger, Fr Johnston, Mike, Jr Koy, Ken, Fr. Kappler. Bill, Jr. Kelleher, Jim, Jr. Kelly, Roger, Jr. Kietzer, Glen, Fr. Kohl, Alex, Fr. LoBounty, Clifford, Soph. Lappenbuich, Chorles, Soph. Leiond, Dove, Jr. Lennox, Stev ort, Sr. 324 . d di tiaii idea 0)]pA dMML mkA Lewis, Cutler, Jr. Mahnken, Carl, J Mahnken, Connie Mann, Mike, Jr. Masi , Art, Sr Matzdorf, Kim, So McKinley, Bill, Jr. Merlino, Ed, Jr. Mitchell, Chad, Fr, Moldslod, Hal, Grod. Moldstad, Kelly, Soph. Moreland, Don, Soph. Mounger, Lowery, Soph ve, Fr. Mullin, Shan, Grod. Nou, Randy, Fr. Newton, Lyman, Soph Olsen, Terry, Sr, Pome, John, Soph Pence, Gary, Soph Peterson, Dove, Fr Prater, Neal, Fr. Prospek, Bill, Sr. Rodloff, Dick, Soph Revere, William, Sr, Rhodes, Jock, Fr. Ringoen, Gordon, Fr Ryles, Jerry, Jr. Satterlee, Tom, Soph. Schmrtz, Al, Sr. Schneider, Larry, Soph Slemmons, George, Soph. Tharp, John, Soph. Thiel, Doug, Fr. Thornton, Tim, Soph Vonni, Ralph, Jr Watson, Ed, Soph Watt, Denny, Fr Weidkamp, Lorry, Jr. Founded at Jefferson College, Can- nonsburg, Pennsylvania, in 1 848. Sigma Tau chapter established in 1900. 82 national chapters. Werner, John, Soph. Wheeler, Eldridge, Jr. Wilson, Kirk, Fr. Willis, Fred, Sr. Woodruff, John, Sr. Taking a break! 325 phi kappa psi NOT PICTURED: Arnold, Dick, Soph, Cholfield, Doug, Sr Petty, Bob, Giod. Hedges, Wendell, Soph. Henderson, Norm, Soph. McKinney, Mike, Grad. Neil , ToiT Rogers, Rollie, Soph. Sondwilh, Colin, Soph. Sherrord, Bill, Fr. Simkins, Ben, Grad. Spear, Bill, Jr. VonPelt, Dick, Sr. Viebrock, Clint, Fr. Watson, Arch Bailey, Sid, Jr. Bonghom, Lee, Jr. Barker, Gerry, Soph. Behon, Bill, Soph. Bidw , Dave, Jr. II, Al, Sr. , Larry, Soph. Bruboker, Bill, Jr. Burgess, Gordy, Soph. Cargill, Bruce, Jr. Dysorl, Dave, Jr. Elwood, Bob, Jr. Foote, Gary, Sr. Goler, Doug, Soph. Gamble, Mike, Sr. Gismervig, Harold, Soph. Hanson, Slu, Soph. Hardv ick, Joe, Fr. Hortz, Ron, Soph. Hoyes, Fritz, Jr. Hogon, Wayne, Sr. Hollond, John, Soph. Holmes, Fred, Soph. Jacobsen, Ray, Soph. James, Lee, Soph. Jensen, Ed, Soph. King, Del, Jr. Knapper, Neil, Fr. Kohagen, Stan, Jr. Lloyd, Joe, Fr. McCallum, Bill, Fr. McMahon, Kerry, Jt, McMillan, Corey, Jr. Mopes, Gory, Soph. May, Ston, Soph. Meyer, John, Soph. Meyer, Roger, Soph. Myers, Alec, Jr. Milburn, Dove, Jr. Millett, Tom, Jr. Moldenhour, Jack, Moser, Bill, Soph. Olmstead, Chuck, , OIney, John, Soph Olson, Duane, Jr. Porker, Chuck, Jr. Pollock, Bob, Fr. Founded at Washington and Jef- ferson College, Connonsburg, Pennsylvania, in 1852. Alpha chapter established in 1914. 59 national chapters. MJlSiME. , 2ih w T 1 4 fp3 f- %T i t Mtik 326 L afeu m Mitt l - f 1 i Ifei ' TS! : ' FW Mfi j H |i 1 IP " i IHk ■ ' .i £. . - ■ ' §;f7A ' , ««»«M l«. ' tSJ- ?W K i „.•..«!»-; ' a)!£© 2120 E. 47th MJi Richardson, Geofge, Fr. Rickddll, Larry, Sr. Sahr, Jim, Soph. Saunders, Herb, Soph. Serr, Bill, Jr. Smith, Dove, Jr. Sullivan, Jim, Soph. Tenzler, Curt, Soph. Treece, Tom, Fr. Troyer, Dick, Soph. Ubaghs, Ron, Soph. Vogler, Ron, Soph. A fraternity is valued by what it does, and Washington Alpha of Phi Kappa Psi can be proud of its past year. We ' re up at the top member-wise, and came through with some sparkling performances. Intramurally, the Psi Psi ' s went to the quarter-finals in football and ranked high in basketball and bowling. We packed our social calendar with one long string of rollicking parties and other social functions; and still fin- ished the year with some top performances, scholastic- wise. We parlayed in Soph Carnival with the Sigma Kappas and crooned with the Alpha Delta Pi ' s in Songfest. No one was surprised when we pushed handsome Duane Olson into the spotlight and came in a walloping second in the second annual Ugly Man contest. This school year was a busy one, and between wine, women and the Dean ' s Office, we managed a passable degree of activity. We " lose " very few members through graduation this year, and this should stand us in good stead for 1957-58. Meanwhile-Hail to 1956 and 71 Wamba, Phil, Fr. Watson, John, Jr. Winslow, Pete, Grad. Wineman, Paul, Jr. Hurry up! We don ' t have all day! 327 phi kappa sigma Abbot, Jim, Sr. Allen, Alex, Soph. Bell, Sam, Jr. Bigley, Bill, Sr, Blank, Bob, Fr. Brown, Tom, Fr. Buckley, Bruce, Jr. Burnett, Bill, Jr Carlson, Gary, Fr. Clark, Dick, Sr. Convery, Bob, Jr. BOB FITZPATRICK, President Take a house with a wide variation of personalities and interests; the campus pol- itician, the Freshman and Varsity athletes, the social minded, and the academic wonder ... all under one roof and working toward one goal. The interests range from the outdoors to the library, from the concert hall to a thousand other places. Take all these different individuals, unite them under one spirit, and you have the Alpha Upsilon chapter of Phi Kappa Sigma. Here ore a few of our campus activities: Frosh and Varsity football, Frosh and Lightweight crew, Frosh swimming. Intramural participation, ASUW and IFC of- fices, and the winning of the mixed group Songfest title with the Tri-Delts. Among the social events were the Pledge Dance, the " Go to Hell " Dance, the Winter Formal, the annual house party at Harrison Hot Springs, and the usual sprinkling of Dollar parties and exchanges. These activities coupled with a spirit that just won ' t quit makes Phi Kappa Sigma the great house it is. O O ffi Q Q P) CJ Donahoe, Dove, Jr. Dowd, Leonard, Fr Dunsire, Gordon, Jr. Farley, Jotin, Jr Elleslad, Tom, Jr Ellington, Glen, Fr. Enden, Jim, Soph. Ethier, Dan, Jr Fisher, Dele, Fr. Fitzpotrick, Bob, Sr. Fleming, Ron, Soph. Fry, Charlie, Fr. Grohom, Jim, Fr. Gulden, Don, Soph. Henderson, Bob. J Hendricksen, Chuc Johnson, Fred, Jr. Johnson, Ken, Fr. Keppeler, H. K. Br Kolve, Jerry, Fr. Londis, Don, Fr. Leicester, Morton, Livingston, John, F 328 (0)ffiS Lundgren, Dick, Soph. McCullough, B.ll, Jr. McCumber, Harvey, So| McLaughlin, Mike, Fr. McKulla, George, Jr. McVicar, Forrest, Soph. Meyer, Charles, Jr Miller, Ron, Jr. Mills, Duane, Jr. Murroy, Bob, Sr. Nichols, Ray, Fr. Palerson, John, Sr. Pederson, Ed, Fr. Perry, Toy, Soph Founded at the University of Penn- sylvania, at Philadelphia, in 1850. Alpha Upsilon chapter established in 1919. 47 national chapters. Rodd, Dick, Soph 4711 17th N. E. Shorn, Bob, Sr. Smiley, Dennis, Soph, Smith, Cantield, Jr. Smith, Stuart, Sr. Spencer, Ken, Soph. Stone, Phil, Soph. Sundgren, Bruce, Soph. Sweany, Gory, Sr Swenson, Gory, Fr. Ummel, Alon, Soph. Admiring the brass. NOT PICTURED; Carlson, Marty, Soph. Egger, Dick, Soph. Frodel, Ed, Sr. Howard, Clint, Sr. Leatham, Deone, Sr. Lowman, Pat, Sr. Mohan, Bill, Sr. Mehon, John, Soph. 329 phi kappa tau " y O Q 4kil Gilberlson, Loren, Soph. Harmon, Deon, Soph -V , Jenes, Frank, Fr I.;. 4 Knack, Roy, Aldridge, Robert, Jr Beeman, Rob Roy. Sr. Berg, Robert, Jr. Coski, Bill, Jr. Cox, John Jay, Soph. Cripe, Al, Jr For Phi Kappa Tau at the University of Washington, the year 1956-57 was one of outstanding achieve- ment. Socially, the highlight of the year came with the Red Carnation Ball, our annual spring formal. With firesides, a pajama dance, traditional pledge dance, and too many exchanges; it was a gasser. Homecoming, Soph Carnival, Songfest, and intra- mural sports again took up too much time, though all were entered with relish and enthusiasm. It was decided that we should not have our stag party last year, as too many men were being lost to Walla Walla. Scholastically, Phi Tau retained its coveted niche in the all-fraternity averages by encouraging every active pledge to do his very best academically. A Phi Tau realizes he is at the University essentially to study. A fraternity is formed when a group of men live together in a type of brotherhood. In Phi Kappa Tau, the combining of internal strength with achieve- ments in scholarship and athletics in a social en- vironment is most instrumental in developing ma- ture citizens and leaders. 4515 21st N.E. 330 Q ]S.T Founded at Miami University, Ox- ford, Ohio in 1906. Alpha Pi chapter established in 1926. 32 national chapters. Rolling out the rug for a gala night. BOB MERRITT, President La Villelte, John, Si Merritt, Bob, Sr, Nicolai, Leiand, Sr. Proulx, Merle, Fr, Reid, Alexander, Soph, Roscoe, Doug, Fr. Spculding, Charles, Fr. Stromme, Jim, Fr. iB O Q O O NOT PICTURED: Bridges, Al, Fr. Chadwick, Mike, Jr. Densmore, Paul, Jr Farber, Ston, Soph, Hatch, Glen L., Jr. Kilian, James F., Sr, Nordstrom, Thomos A,, Jr. Worthing, Dean, Soph Taylor, Dean, Dent Thomas, Dick, Fr, Tonkin, Maine, Jr. Traverso, Jack, 5r, Vaselenak, Fred, Jr. White, Leo, Soph, 331 phi sigma kappa f C) Ci Pi W -j w : fy ; Hr- Bickford, Arthur, Jr, Burlmgartie, Williorr Cluster, Michael, Fr, Clute, Peter, Jr. Cole, Donald, Sr. Davis, Walter, Sr. Dubendorf, Keith, Sr Finloy, Ronald, Soph Freeman, Roger, Soph. Fruit, David, Fr. Gibson, Robert, Soph. Giersch, Edward, Soph or Phi Sig started off the ' 56- ' 57 grind with the annual two-week " blast " during work and rush weeks, and we all confirmed among ourselves the feeling of true brotherhood and equality, avowing again our reputation as " The Friendliest House on Campus. " With none of the guys worse off for the days of toil we held a bang-up drag on pledge night, helping the new men get " oriented " as to the wiles and ways of fraternity life. As the year progressed we launched (and we mean " launched " ) our yearly festivities, among them our pledge dance, formal at the Tennis Club, hot-rod pajama dance, the lovely Moonlight Girl contest and of course, the annual ex- changes and spring " activities. " " What, me study? " Nevertheless, the silver and magenta flew high overhead again in the scholastic brackets as mind triumphed over matter. As usual Phi Sig placed many in the honoraries: Don Cole, Dick Fisch and Ken Hollingsworth, Pi Omicron Sigma and Phi Alpha Theto; Roger Mercer and Dick Miller, Alpha Kappa Psi; John Spear and Ron Finlay were leaders on the debate squad, Finlay also being the secretary of the Sophomore class. So, as the year drew to a close, a house of " youngsters, " (practically all freshmen and sophomores) bade farewell to another season, knowing the next would bring us all together again. i fJiL Hellmo n, Carl, Soph Hendri ckson, Gary, Soph Knudsc n, Clifford, Soph. McPhe son, Donald, Fr. Mochin , Deon, Jr. Marvin William, Soph. Mercer Roger, Soph. Mohler Morgan, Fr. Newso m, John, Fr. Olsson Rolph, Jr. Ross, David, Soph, Sondin Frank, Jr. 332 Q)SJS Spear, John, Jr. TolboH, Leonard, Sr Taylor, Brandon, Fr, Voux, John, Fr. MICHAEL WYNE, Spring President Watterson, James, Sr, Wyne, Michael, Soph, Zeppernick, Poul, Jr, Founded at the University of Mas- sachusetts, Amhurst, Massachu- setts, in 1873. Lambda Deuteron established in 1923. 64 national chapters. If V t -Vf DON COLE, Fall President 2104 E. 45th Wake-up duty. NOT PICTURED: Godefroy, William, Fr. Mohundro, James, Fr. 333 pi kappa alpha " Let ' s have a party. " And the Pi Kaps are always ready for a party. Our Pioneer Days dance, with western garb and theme, was quite a success. Our Pledge semi-formal dance was another hit. The Pi Kappa Alpha Jam Session was by far the most outstand- ing event of the fall quarter. Sponsored by the pledge class, the Jam Session was campus-wide, featuring musicians from the University of Washington, playing both progressive and popular music. With the new year came Inspiration Week. And it was quite an inspiration. With the Dream Girl formal, the district convention, numerous parties, and of course lots of book learn- ing, Pi Kappa Alpha feels that it ' s been a pretty full year. 4502 20th N.E. Brown, Donald, Sr. Corroll, Roger, Jr. Cobbs, Wayne, Soph. Darling, Peter, Jr. Dean, Donold, Jr. Derdevonis, Philip, Sr. Fenner, Donold, Fr. Finke, Stuart, Jr. Grosso, James, Jr. Gray, Louis, Fr. Groh, Robert, Fr. Homillon, James, Fr. Lindberg, Vernon, Fr Bache, Ralph, Jr Bornebey, Gary, Jr. Bishop, Ernest, Soph fi ei ? ci D o n o o n o ft cj r 334 I Founded at the University of Vir- ginia, Richmond, Va., in 1 868. Beta Beta chapter established in 1914. 1 09 national chapters. Mackey, Kenneth, Jr. Meyer, Richard, Soph. Nairn, Dartell, Jr. Peterson, Rolland, Jr. mis NOT PICTURED; Dunbabin, Robert, Sr. Smoot, Edward, Fr. NEIL CARROLL, Preside Rasmussen, Thomos, Sr. Rogers, Virgil, Sr, Russell, Dave, Jr. Stanford, James, Jr. Warnock, Robert, Sr. Worden, John, Sr. Window washing or women watching? 335 4k iiil tMM Allmon, Doug, Soph. Bacon, Stephen, Fr. Bodohl, Jon, Soph. Bolinger, Mike, Fr. Bye, Willis, Soph, Chose, Williom, Fr Cfosier, Elwood, Sr. Dowd, Thomos, Sr. Drocobly, Fred, Jr Elliott, Kenneth, Soph, Enckson, Robert, Sr, Evenson, William, Fr. Evich, Gerald, Jr. Fohey, John, Soph Gorrison, James, Fr. Gorvey, Mike, Fr, Greger, William, Fr, psi u psi I on Well, frankly, we did it again. Hottest pledge class on campus. Everyone a jewel, all of them nuggets. As in the past we integrated our now famous " three point program " . . . athletics, scholarship, and ac- tivities. Might have gone overboard with on en- tirely new innovation in fraternal life, the Everyone in Something Club. It was kindo gung-ho, but we had our reputation. As always, our incomparable social program. No point in discussing it for fear you ' ll drool on our page. Our intramural program come right along, al- though instead of winning six team trophies this year, we unfortunately only won five. Our cook is stupendous, our alumni infallible, and the Mother ' s Club impeccable. And, if you think we ' re hot, read what you wrote on your page. Helliesen, Harold, Sr Holl, Tim, Fr, Hansen, Jack, Jr, Checking m the library? Horkness, George, Soph, Hollingsworth, Joe, Soph Holmon, Roger, Fr, Hopkins, Robin, Jr, ■Ql n ' n q a Q pj ( O q Holroyd, Andrew, Fr. Johnson, Dennis, Soph. Jones, Lowrence, Soph. Joss, Peter, Fr. Korshner, Korl, Fr. King, Bowen, Sr, King, Fred, Soph, Knight, Robert, Soph, ®?p Lilly, Wllmot, Fr. Martinsen, Roger, Jr. Malheson, William, Sr McGowan, Mil e, Fr. Mclntyre, Mike, Fr. ' q Q c n p? Melrose, Peter, Fr. Morrison, James, Soph. Morrison, William, Fr. Morse, Paul, Sr. Nelson, Earl, Sr. Olson, Robert, Jr. Poarmon, Tom, Soph. BOWEN KING, Preside t k m Paget, Nelson, Soph. Paget, Peter, Fr. Pauley, William, F Peorce, Jock, Soph. Pelly, Charles, Soph. Rossio, Bruce, Fr. i 1818 E. 47th Founded at Union College, Schenec- tady, New York, in 1 833. Theto Theta chapter established in 1916. 32 national chapters. NOT PICTURED: Thompson, Robin, Fr. Ehlers, Rolond, Jr Thompson, William, Fr. Lockwood, James, Jr. Tokorczyk, Jack, Soph. Nelson, Morrie, Soph. Turner, Charles, Fr. Zollmon, Richord, Soph. Turner, William, Fr. Wilkey, Thomas, Sr. Whybark, Cloy, Sr. Wood, Robert, Jr. Scott, Brock, Jr. Sedlachek, Charles, Jr. Sellers, William, Soph Smith, Grahom, Sr, Sporling, Robert, Soph. Spencer, Thomas, Soph, Swenson, Bruce, Sr. pi kappa phi ms-O) As the school year 1956-57 closed. Pi Kappa Phi could look back on a year crowded with memories that make college the happiest time of life. From fall quarter to spring quarter our chapter was active in school functions. Its scholarship rating was among the highest and its social activities were among the best on campus. During the spring quarter, the Pi Kapps held their annual spring formal, at which time they chose their Rose Queen. On October 27th, the Pi Kapps held their annual Homecoming banquet, followed by a dance for both Alums and undergraduates. On December 10th, they celebrated the date of their founding with another banquet. Besides their other activities. Pi Kapps were prominent in numerous and varied intra- mural functions. Their baseball team did quite well, and their dances, firesides, ex- changes and picnics were also numerous and successful. At the end of the school year, the Alpha Delta Chapter of Pi Kappa Phi could review a year noteworthy for its scholarship, social activities and increased membership. THOMAS R MURPHY, Preside % PQ H i f HpPi. r " ' ' ' " - i i -T J r P ■ ■ p(|y| Nothing but bills! ,o o Bell, Roberl, Soph Brown, Bruce B.. Soph, Johonnes, Clifford, Jr. Keeler, Grohom T., Sr. Lundberg, Mel E , Sr Moris. Chuck, Jr Murphy, Tom R., Soph. Slull, Donald B,, Jr NOT PICTURED: Estebon, Manuol, Jr. Johnson, Parker, Soph Founded at the College of Charles- ton, Charleston, South Carolina in 1904. Alpha Delta established in 1924. 46 national chapters. 338 Sigma pi Founded at Vincennes University, Vin- cennes, Indiana, in 1 897. Alpha Gamma chapter established in 1926. 48 national chapters. sm a n o f o. o i a e Bissett, Gordon, Jr Fox, Peter, Fr. Hunter, Paul, Fr, Johnson, Ernest, Jr. Kulesza, Eugene, Jr. Libby, Jock, Fr Robinson, Myles, Soph, Shay, Richard, Sr. Wallace, Don, Grad, Wilkin, Richard, Fr. NOT PICTURED: Bennett, Ronald, Soph Cameron, James, Grad. Peterson, David, Fr Sioasfad, George, Fr. Sullivon, John, Jr. DON WALLACE, President A review of the past year brings to mind many events that will be recalled in the future whenever the men of Sigma Pi gather for a reunion. The outstanding achieve- ment of the year was the increased membership. A pledge class of sixteen worked with the returning four men during Fall Quarter to re-established the chapter on campus. And, of course, one can ' t forget to mention the chapter being awarded the Inter-Fraternity Mother ' s Club trophy for having the highest fraternity scholarship. Socially, the highlights of the year were the Pledge Dance, the Winter Informal Dance, and the traditional Orchid Formal in the spring. In between these main functions were firesides, parties, and exchanges. In looking back upon this year, one can ' t neglect to notice the bond of fellowship that has been created among the men of Sigma Pi. As a result of this bond, there will emerge a stronger fraternity for the coming year. 4616 21st N.E. sigma alpha epsilon ' " Ml Gellerman, Lou, Jr. Gibson, Poul, Fr. Grandberg, Syd, Fc. Hahn, Don, Fr. Halberg, Bob, Fr, Holberg, John, Fr Holmes, Lorry, Soph. Houk, Bob, Soph. Humphries, Bob, Soph. Ingolls, Al, Jr. Jackson, Bob, Fr. Johnson, Glen, Soph. Kenyon, Jim, Soph. Kjobeck, Carl, Soph. Kolsfad, Dayton, Fr. Longenegger, Bruce, Lannoye, Lee, Soph. Lorson, Dove, Soph. Ames, John, Fr, Anderson, Kenneth, Sr. Austin, Bill, Fr Bollame, Dove, Soph. Bundy, Emory, Jr. Bunn, Jerry, Jr. Burlock, Rolph, Fr. Byington, Richard, Sr. Cushmg, Frank, Soph. Dobrott, Don, Jr. Doces, Gust, Fr. Dootson, Bob, Fr. Dougherty, Jim, Sr. Eastman, Les, Fr. Elioson, Don, Soph. Erickson, Ron, Jr. JIM THOMAS, Sprrng President Descendants of Agamemnon? 340 As the troops filed into the Hotel at the beginning of Rush Week to dredge out the building, they hod on ambitious 1 956-57 year planned. First on the list to gain fame and boarders for the house was Item 1, acquiring several pla- toons of notable scholars and outstanding athletes for the pledge class. Item 2 was preparing for several smashing functions and Item ;r3 was laying down plans for winning laurels for the ole ' frat: landsliding to victory in the frosh and spring elections, capturing first place in Homecoming signs, tra-laaing to the top in Songfest and similar feats of glory. As fall quarter ended, the 192 pledges were locked safely in and the Fall Brawl and Paddle Dance were under the fel- lers ' belts. With the advent of spring and sunshine and bath- ing girls and beaches, the brothers headed down to the sea in Rainiercroft to accomplish more than they had all year. 4506 17th N.E. KEN SCHNEIDER, Fall Pjesident NOT PICTURED: Aim, Chuck, Jr. Bisset, John, Soph. Burrows, John, Soph. Carlson, Chuck, Soph. Cresap, Ray, Sr Gordon, Judd, Soph. Hahn, Frank, Sr. Howard, Bill, Soph. Johnston, Dic k, Jr. Korell, Phil, Sr. Lombard, Ben, Soph. Pringle, Bob, Jr. Rassot, Jim, Sr. Richardson, Dave, Sr. Steele, Hordy, Fr. Strand, Bob, Soph. Terry, Ron, Sr. Lowery, Don, Soph. Lucurrel, Bob, Soph. Founded at Mycenae, ancient Greece, 1057 B.C. Alpha chapter founded in 924 B.C. 3000 international chapters . S S Wambo, Jon, Jr. Word, Tom, Jr. Worr , Torr Watson, Dole, Soph Webb, Dick, Fr. Wells, Jim, Fr. Weymouth, Jim, Fr. Williams, Burke, Fr. Wirtilo, Art, Fr. sigma alpha mu Barrett, Ronald, Fr. Beckelman, Stanley, Sr Benezra, Lee, Soph. Berkman, George, Fr. Deutsch, Harold, Fr. Eostern, Sam, Fr. Gross, Leonard, Grod, Hohn, Jerry, Soph. Jacobs, Ron, Soph. Kaye, Steve, Fr. Nosh, Jock, Sr. Nathan, Lorry, Jr. Nudelman, Phil, Sr. Preuss, Ralph, Jr. Reif, Paul, Jr. Reiner, Robert, Sr. Rivkin, Soul, Jr. Rogers, Robert, Grod. 2.i. S Scholastically, our chapter had high grades and a respectable inter- fraternity ranking. I Internal spirit brought active par- ticipation in campus and fraternity projects. G Gala affairs such as the Xmas party for the Seattle Children ' s Home with the Kappa Delta Sorority. M Many outstanding social events in- cluding formals, informols, cos- tume parties, skating parties, and exchanges kept us busy. A Activities, both University and inter- fraternity, alv ays have large numbers of Sammy participants including: Phil Nudelman, Senior Class President; Jerry Hahn, JIFC President; Sonny Gorosht, ASUW Publications; Mike Stern, Steering committee and OA. Sigma Alpha Mu was also represented in Alpha Epsilon Delta, Oval Club, Purple Shield, and Phi Beta Kappa. A Athletes played on both intramural and Varsity teams. L Leading the chapter were Bob Rogers, Ray Lavi, and Dave Salz- bers. P Pledge class kept the active chapter on its toes. H Help week again replaced Hell week. A Alumni organization was very strong and helpful. M Mother ' s Club purchased new furni- ture for the house. U Unity was the key fixture this year. £ i i " ■ J ' Becker, Norman, Soph, Becker, Rolte. Med BloH, Normon, Sr. Bloch, Stan, Fr. Funk, Steve, Fr Gorosht, Mervin, Soph. Hondlin, Sid, Fr. Herman, Jerry, Sr. Koppel, Phillip, Sr. Kyte, Brian, Fr. Moimon, Albert, Fr, Markowicz, Harry, Soph. 342 Ross, Larry, Soph. Sachs, Marshall, Jr. Saxon, Joe, Fr, Schuster. Joseph, Soph Schwartz, Larry, Jr. Sender, Roy, Sr. Shulmon, Neal. Fr Sllverton, Gene, Jr. Snyder, Mickey, Fr Werner, Melvin, Soph, NOT PICTURED: Barer, Arnold, Sr. Canty, Dave, Grad. DeGrucc.o, Conrad, Sr. Dobson, Darrell, Soph. Guterson, Lewis, Grad. Kaplan, Jerry, Jr. Kleiner, DoKe, Grad. Levine, Dave, Jr. Litt, Stan, Grad. Monnhail, Guenther, Soph Peho, Mark, Jr. Soltman, Leon, Jr. Solzberg, Dove, Jr. Sturman, Melvin, Grad. Founded at City College in New York in 1909. Sigma Nu chapter established in 1926. 60 national chapters. Mil Stern, M.chael, Jr. Walker, Mortin, Fr. ! ; mi ' All right, who swallowed the goldfish? BOB ROGERS, President 4714 17th N.E. 343 sig m a chi Founded at Miami University, Oxford, Ohio, in 1855. Upsilon Upsilon chapter established in 1903. 1 30 national chapters. 1716 E. 45th NORMAN E PETERSON, Preside Dunson, Clyde, Ft Eastman, George, Sr Greenough, Peyton, Grod. Hompson, John, Fr. Horns, Bob, Fr. Hendrick, Tom, Soph. Hilperl, John, Jr. Hof(, Michael, Soph. Hostermon, Craig, Jr. Howard, Richard J., Sr Hughes, Dick, Grod. Iverson, John E,, Jr. Katsoros, Michael, Soph. Kirby, John, Sr. Kruse, Wayne, Soph. Locey, Leigh, Sr, LeRoy, Bud, Fr. Linville, Ken, Fr. Locke, Leslie, Fr. Lottsfeldt, Fredrik, Med. Morsh, Duane, Fr. Marshall, John, Soph. Aikman, Paul Von Horn, Sr Artoe, Robert, Soph, Baiema, John W,, Sr. Baker, Bart, Jr. Barnes, Mark, Fr. Berg, Richard, Soph. Bert, Richard H., Sr, Btanton, Alexander, Block, Jack S., Sr. Brossfield, Morgan, Jr. Case, Gory, Fr, Clow, Terry, Fr, Constans, Bill, Fr, DiJulio, Rocky Nick, Jr Dougherty, Jim, Fr. die %i 344 ss Motivated by their badge, the White Cross, the Sigma Chi Fra- ternity had another outstanding year in every phase of college life. In keeping with the main purpose of college, education, and in realization that the most important aim of the Sigma Chi Fra- ternity is scholarship, the Sigs kept a highly respectable grade point average. Meanwhile, they found time to participate in all forms of activities and athletics. The Sigma Chis filled their social calendar with dances, house parties, exchanges, beach parties, firesides and picnics, to say nothing of serenades from which they derived particular enjoy- ment. Inspired by the best loved of all fraternity songs, " The Sweetheart of Sigma Chi " , the Sigs highlighted this year ' s social festivities with the annual Sweetheart Ball in January. This high- light was supplemented by the All-Sig Dance and the Pledge Dance in Fall Quarter. They completed Spring Quarter with the Miami Triad Dance and Spring Field Day. Yes, in every way, 1956-1957, was another rewarding year, and the men who wear the White Cross of Sigma Chi all want to say . . . " It ' s great to be a Sig! " Twenty hacks for spilling punch. 9 Q n 1 Q n fj D a D r . A o C O. i Mk ik Q p ( n West, LeRoy, Jr. Westlund, Travie, Fr, Wiehl, Richard, Jr. Woolaway, Graydon, Soph. » Sounders, Ken, Soph. Schorzmon, Mark H , Soph. Shepman, Frederick, Soph. Sommers, Charles, Jr. Sparks, Bill, Fr. Stowell, Rod, Soph. Thompson, Bob, Fr. Tilzey, Jim, Fr. Tobacco, Terry, Soph Vallala, Don, Fr. Wornei, Richard, Soph. Welch, William, Sr Matson, Michael, Jr McCoy, Sharron Deon, McGatfey, Chuck, Sr. McKennon, William, Jr McKenzie, Jack, Sr. Morgan, Harley, Fr. Nicoli, Ray, Fr. Olwell, Edward, Soph Olwell, Pal, Sr. Peterson, Norman, Sr. Phillipes, Ken. Fr. Phillips, Wallace, Jr Pollard, Bill, Sr. Pool, John, Fr. Porter, Richard, Soph. Prentice, Arlen, Jr. Quigley, David Won Rasi , Gle Richardson, James, Fr, Richdale, David, Soph Robinson, Jack, Fr, Sampson, Clark, Sr. Saunders, Bob, Fr. NOT PICTURED: Babbitt, Douglas, Sr. Brassfield, John, Fr. Caldwell, Dovid, Jr Hedreen, Dick, Grad Kyllingstod, Jock, Grad Lodmell, Miles, Grad McCormick, Larry, Grad. McDaniel, Bob, Sr. Mullikin, Bob, Sr. Owens, Jack, Jr. Winn, Bob, Jr. 345 Sigma n u Aiii JOHN LISTER, President Alexander, Thomas, F Anacker, Don, Soph, Barker, Edword, Fr. Beall, Alan, Fr BeVan, Robert, Fr B|ornstad, Robert, Soph Boie, William, Sr Boyd, Stanley, Soph, Brand, Milton, Soph, Brand, Robert, Soph. Burke, Doryl, Soph. Chiller, Jocque, Jr, Clemens, Richard, Soph Cole, Donald, Soph Cook, Hugh, Soph Curron, John, Fr Curran, Thomas, Soph, Dixon, Richord, Soph, C C) C " - SuMhtd n Q ft fT| n Eosley, John, Soph, Egbert, Gordon, Soph, Espinozo, Floyd, Jr Hamblen, Wesley, Jr, Hansel, Stephe Har , Chester, Sr, Hawkins, James, Soph, Henderson, Donald, Soph Howard, Jomes, Soph, Jocox, Donald, Soph. Kemphous, Daniel, Jr. Nicholas, Sr. Leach, Wil o O O ft p L Leithe, Chas., Sr, Lepsoe, Finn, Sr, Lesley, Lorry, Soph. Lybarger, Raymond, Sr, C p p o f o q Madson, Gordon, Fr. McClusky, Michoel, Soph McRory, Edwin, Soph. i iiflAl Miller, David, Fr. Mitchell, David, Soph. Founded at Virginia Military Insti- tute, Lexington, Virginia, in 1869. Gamma Chi chapter established in 1896. 1 1 8 national chapters. ssr Morrison, Ralph, Soph Morse, Ward, Jr. Myall, Richard, Fr. Nisbet, Colin, Jr. Odell, Gory, Soph. Poriseau, John, Fr. P5 C 1 ih O Pascoe, Jeffrey, Sr. Peorce, Michael, Jr. Pelrish, Nicholas, Soph. Pipe, Joel, Soph. Reid, John, Jr. Reid, Robert, Soph. Richards, Dovid, Soph Richards, Gordon, Sr. Robertson, Richard, F Robinson, Thomas, Fr RufF, William, Fr. Ruud, Dou. Sandvick, Stanley, Soph Gamma Chi of Sigma Nu, the oldest fraternity at the University of Wash ington, was founded on this campus in 1896. Sixty-one years later Sigma Nu still maintains a top position. Scholastically, we achieved a 2.57 grade average, well above the all fraternity aver- age. Activity wise, men were prominent in many phases of student government and leadership. Offices held ranged from AMS, Big " W " , and Varsity Boat Club Presidents, to chairmen of ASUW committees. Sigma Nu athletes participated in freshmen and varsity football, an intramural program, basketball, baseball, track, tennis, golf, skiing, and swimming, with one of our men being co-captain of the football team. Socially, the highlight of the year was the Pig Dinner. Other func- tions included the pledge dance, pajama donee, French prom, house party, exchanges, and dollar parties. The chapter went all out for Homecoming, receiving a trophy for the best representation of the 39 fraternities at the Homecoming Dance. Sigma Nu joined with Alpha Delta Pi for Sophomore Carni- val, as a very successful year come to a close. Shansby, Gory, Soph. Shopiro, James, Fr. Singer, Richard, Soph. Smith, James, Ft Smith, Ross, Jr. Sullivan, Frank, Sr. 1616 East 47th NOT PICTURED: Bordeou , Jomes, S Fretheim Thomas, Gow, Ja Ties, Soph Irish, Ga y, Jr. Tollahan, James, Fr. Trick, Robert, Sr. Tupper, George, Sr. Von Lubken, Frederick, Si 347 sigma phi epsilon o o o Q n ft e (f ft O p Cs Bergstrom, Jomes, Soph, Biornson, Harry, Fr. Bosse, Ronald, Soph. Coviezel, Louis, Fr. Coviezel, Roy, Fr. Corning, Robert, Soph. Custer, Donald, S Dohl, Ted, Soph. Ellis, Everett, Fr. fare, James, Soph Fournier, John, Soph. Gait, Victor, Jr Germundson, Gunnor, Sr. Graham, Thomas, Soph. " Gung Ho! " was the familiar battle cry around the dear ol ' Sigma Phi Epsilon this past school year. We started the year by pledging a very interesting group of boys — numbering 30 — whom we laughingly re- ferred to as PLEDGES. In spite of the ex- ample set by the active chapter, the pledges managed to do quite well in all their little harmless activities (they lynched the pledge trainer.) They even paid their housebills . . . bless them. Socially, we set a few precedents with our ' Little Party on the Island ' (pledge dance,) the Winter Formal, the annual ' Fire Dance ' , and the Spring picnic. Activity-wise, we managed to have mem- bers represented in Oval Club, Big W, the president of JIFC, and many committees and honoraries. Scholastically e tried hard! O 19 O P .f j DON CUSTER, Preside Honsen, Douglas, Soph. Hawley, Seorle, Soph. Heckrr , Claude, Sr. Hrcklin, Ronald, Fr. Hollohon, John, Jr. Howord, Lynn, Soph. Hull, Bruce, Soph. Ingalls, Donald, Fr Ingolls, Robert, Grod. Johnson, Ben, Jr Juergens, Kenneth, Fr Knighl, Brodley, Fr Knobel, Roger, Fr. Long, John, Sr. Logan, Doniel, Sr. McWilliams, Michael, Fr. Mitchell, George, Jr. Mobley, Richard, Soph. 348 S1I)IS Founded at Richmond University, Richmond, Virginia, in 1901, Washington Beta established in 1922. 1 37 national chapters. 2003 E. 47th Friendships on a firm foundatio NOT PICTURED: Ahearn, Jerry, Sr. Behrendl, George, Sr Carter, Robe rt, Grod Dunkin, Donald, Soph Gnffltlis, Lorry, Soph, Jessen, Jan, Fr. Jewett, Robert, Soph Laoghlin, Eggene, Fr. Orr, Chorles, Fr. Rogers, Jack, Sr. Strain, Lomat, Fr. White, Dwayne, Jr. Morton, Lee, Sr. Pickett, Duane, Sr, Quickstad, Brian, Soph. Rollo, Ronald, Fr. Rosendahl, Loyal, Soph Rozendahl, Robert, Jr. Schnotterly, Steve, Fr Smith, Douglas, Soph, Smith, Tom, Soph Tenning, Carl, Jr. Thoreson, Park, Soph, Vondoveer, Robert, Sr. Walloce, Donald, Fr, Winder, Mark, Sr, 1 M im mm o. Q- mk ik n Wolter, Robert, Soph Woodworth, Robert, Soph, , •• ' 349 tau kappa epsilon V I ' ll M " L W it ' So this is the way to make doggie stevs Allsworth, Arthur, Fr ' 1 , Baker, Larry, Sr, Bartsch, Lynn, Soph. Campbell, Franklin, Jr. Coss, Dovid, Fr Hickman, Donald, Fr Hill, Matthew, Jr. Hungerford, Stanley, Soph. Kiethley, Perry, Jr. Knowles, James, Fr. Lillibridge, Clinton, Jr. Lovejoy, Benjamin, Jr. Maes, Michel, Soph. Mohr, Williom, Jr. Montgomery, Carl, Sr EARL STARBARD, President NOT PICTURED: Bell, Howord, Sr. Britt, James, Soph. Casey, Williom, Fr. Doy, Chuck, Soph. Dyscrt, Lloyd, Sr Eikermon, Kenneth, Dent Crohn, Thomas, Jr Jophet, Carl, Fr. Joseph, Raymond, Fr. McClure, Doyle, Grod. Normann, Sigurd, Med Normonn, Soren, Sr. Pololo, Earnest, Grod. Pederson, Dorryl, Jr. Perotrovitch, Roy, Jr Pederson. Roger, Grod, Sommerseth, Jerry, Sr Spencer, Williom, Soph Stelfen, David, Jr. Swonson, William, Grod. Sund, Donald, Soph. 350 ■sky. Nicholas, Fr, ayette. Donald, Soph. hepherd, Leiond, Soph. £11 Spencer, Donald, Sr Starbord, Earl, Sr Steftey, James, Soph. ■IPISg Sweetland, Phillip, Soph Wallace, James, Soph. IM Founded at Illinois, Wesleycn Un- iversity, Bloomington, Illinois in 1899. Chi Chapter established in 1926. 1 36 national chapters. Tau Kappa Epsilon, the fraternity for Life, has always been proud of its accomplishments and the fellowship its members share. This year has been no exception for after adding an exceptional pledge class to our ranks, we went on to enjoy another year of scholastic achieve- ment, social and campus activities. One of the outstanding accomplishments of the year was the purchase of three choice lots in the heart of " Greek Row " for a new house. The new house has been designed and the bonds are now being sold. This is being done for us by our wonderful alumni. All financial responsibility lies with them and we are free from ob- ligation except to uphold our standards. The entire de- sign concept is contemporary . . . planned for maximum efficiency, while containing every feature necessary for gracious fraternity living. Tau Kappa Epsilon is looking forward to even greater years in the future. 4547 19th N.E. 351 tau phi delta f i wf BotI g. Burr, Sr. Seals, Ralph, Soph. Tau Phi Delta is classed as a social fraternity, but its membership is primarily limited to students interested in forestry. Briefly, our purpose is to further the profession of forestry and allied fields; to promote high scholarship by bringing to the undergraduate a more complete understanding of the accomplishments of these professions; and to further establish the mutual benefits to be derived by cooperation. This was the year of the " big move, " wherein we moved into the former Alpha Chi Omega sorority house. In our new surroundings, conditions ore more conducive to studying and the chapter is no longer cramped for space. Membership has hit an all- time high. Socially, our year was rounded out with participation in " Garb Day, " winter formal, numerous ski parties, exchanges, two firesides, and the annual spring picnic. Bryani, Richord, Jr. Carpenter, William, Soph. Chan, Gilber, Sr Chapman, Arnold, Fr ikiM n Clancy, Roger, Sr, M 1616 E. 50th Davies, Jerry, Jr. Dickinson, David, Jr. ' o o 4ii tkt Eason, Word, Sr. Foran, David, Jr. Fujii, John, Sr. Golding, Willord, Soph. Hamm, George, Fr. Hansen, Donald, Fr. Helm, Henry, Soph. 352 1p(S A Founded in Seattle, Washington, in 1924. Alpha Chapter established in 1923. 2 notional chapters. NOT PICTURED; Clay, Lawrence, Soph Davis, Raymond, Jr. Furseth, Barney, Soph Giaver, Paul, Jr. Merrill, Bruce, Fr. Scot), Charles, Soph. Slrong, James, Sr, McCullough, Tom, Jr. McKay, Kenneth, Soph d!hgiM Jaderlund, Loren, Fr. Jordan, Donald, Jr. Kringle, Richard, Jr. Moore, Lorry, Fr. Nunan, John, Jr. Kritsonis, George, Jr, MacLeorosberry, Charles, Soph m Rolph, Leonard, Soph. Soosen, Arnold, Soph, Schuette, Arthur. Soph. S|oberg, Nils, Sr DICK MERRin, President Storks, Brent, Jr. Taipole, Denny, Jr. Vogt, Dovid, Fr, Volkmon, Cecil, Jr. 353 What ' s the name of this game? th e ta c h i Oh sweet reminiscences, oh glorious memories. Yes fans, it ' s been a grand year for the old Red Ox Club. Aside from our gre-e-a-t spirit (s) and traditions, our campus checkers, and our burly, bouncing athletes, you know, we have fun. Yes indeed, it ' s been a BIG year. Hark, let us call the roll. First place. Homecoming Signs. Sonny Matson, elected Frosh President. Dick Day, third All-America gridder. Bruno Boin, talents unlimited. Rol- licking, riotous dances, like Bowery Brawls, Bohemian parties, hotel parties (now they ' re not what you think), Formals, House parties, cruises on the OX version of the SS. United States. But let us be modest. Yes, avid audience, contrary to popular opinion we do ordinary things also. We do serve hot lunches, we do have exchanges, and we do partiicpate in intramural pon-poming. We chloroform pledges, serve tea at Pan- hellenic luncheons, and drink torpedo fluid in our sub- sub-basement. Yes, there ' s more life to Theta Chi. But there ore too many stars, too many standouts to tell about here, so drop up any time, fans, and we ' ll tell you all about it over a bucket of suds. ;i LARRY KEEFE, President Bernard, John, Soph. Boin, Bruno, Jr. Bona, Jack, Soph Branson, Chuck, Soph. Brotherton, Don, Fr. Brown, Don, Soph. Brynes, Emmet, Fr Callahan, Al, Jr. Carlson, Jerry, Jr. Carlson, Wendell, Soph. Carratt, H. Itschner, Sr Chandler, Ted, Soph Cheshir 354 Clark, Bud, Fr. Conrad, Dick, Fr. Cook, Denis, Fr. Coroch, Eldon, Jr. Crowefi Ron, Fr. Day, Duane, Sr. Day, Howie, Sr. Douglas, Don, Jr. Evert, Bill, Fr, Freeburn, Bill, Soph. Gardner, Tom, Sr. Gaston, Dick, Sr. Gilroy, Bob, Soph. Grant, Fred, Soph. Greer, Jim, Soph. " Hove some snow! " Founded at Norwich University, Norwich, Vermont, in 1 856. Washington chapter established in 1925. 116 national chapters. Peace, Larry, Soph Rcmni, Al, Jr. Rertz, Dan, Fr. NOT PICTURED: Abolms, Moris, Fr. Anderson, Dove, Fr. Armstrong, Don, Soph. Bergman, Morv, Soph. Bertheau, Rene, Soph. Carlson, Herb, Sr, Day, Dick, Soph, Duncan, Cliff, Sr Foster, Mike, Fr. Gamble, Ted, Soph. Hamilton, Jim, Soph. Lawrence Gordy, Sr. Mock, Al, Fr. Millich, Don, Soph. Mitchell, Gordy, Sr. Reid, Jerry, Sr. Schmidt, Frank, Fr. Terry, Ron, Fr. Wagner, Walt, Soph. n, Ron, Jr. Sampson, Rod, Jr. Schnebele, Dove, . Shea, Steve, Fr. Shields, Frank, Jr. Snider, Bill, Soph. Snider, Bob, Fr. Sobich, Pete, Sr. Stewart, Cam, Jr. Sullivan, Price, Sr. Tennant, Terry, Jr. Terry, Duone, Soph. Torrance, John, Soph. Wallberg, Phil, Fr. White, Al, Fr. Whilner, Lonnie, Soph. Young, Arnie, Fr. 355 th eta delta c hi 4532 19th N.E. Church, John, Soph. Collins, John, Soph. Cusworlh, Thomas, Soph. Dohlgren, Daniel, Fr Duryee, David, Fr. Field, Robert, Jr. Flower, Charles, Sr. Flower, Williom, Soph. Glendinnmg, Finis, Jr. Goodman, Robert, Sr. Grenz, Lewis, Fr. Hall, Arthur, Soph. Harper, Charles, Sr, Hofstatter, Gerald, Fr. Anderson, Chorles, Soph Anderson, Grant, Fr Angle, Theodore, Jr Atwood, Korl, Fr. Austin, Lawrence, Fr, Baker, Todd, Fr. Bamford, Robert, Soph. Boyington, Orville, Sr. Broothen, David, Jr. Bremner, Eric, Sr. Brown, Robert, Sr. Byles, Fronk, Fr Campbell, George, Sr. Carlisle, Frederick, Jr Carlisle, Richord, Soph, C C fT) Ip ' ? - " a » i)( ' ■ W hF ' »i( iMkiA © ft ft Q 356 These don ' t hurt as much. NOT PICTURED: Holly, Robert, Soph. Spence, Kenneth, Soph. Tennery, Gerald, Fr. Wilkerson, Lawrence, Soph, ®AS Founded at Union Col- lege in Schenectady, New York, in 1847. Washington chapter founded in 1913. 29 national chapters. n o - 1 o ig -« ft D Loftus, Thorr Lokken, Dav Lontz, Larry, Soph. Lyderson, Donald, Fr, Matthews, James, Jr. Matthews, Jerry, Soph. McGralh, Joseph, Soph Mefford, Dwain, Fr. Miller, Michael, Fr. Moskeland, John, Fr. Neumann, Werner, Jr. Odiand, Edward, Soph. , Graham, Soph Reddick, Robert, Sr. Reinke, Norman, Fr. Schiebel, Joseph, Sr. Schiebel, Remigius, Jr. Schubert, Jarr Steen, David, Fr. Steiner, Jack, Soph. Townsend, Robert, Soph. Wade, William, Soph. Webster, Roy, Fr. Weiianen, Mark, Soph. Westphal, Ellis, Soph. Wonder, Richard, Fr. Zellmer, Ernest, Sr. Riding the crest of spirit generated at the 109th convention of Theta Delta Chi held in Seattle, Theta Delts experienced their best year to date. Thirty- three new pledges were soon molded into fine fra- ternity men. After rush week the brotherhood moved into an interesting social calendar including the Founders ' Day Banquet, a successful Pledge Formal, the Singapore Sling, Ze ' Paree, Pajama Dance, and the Spring Cruise. The brothers also found time to present the annual all-University Pre-Elec- tion Street Dance. Theta Delts held many campus positions including ASUW First Vice-President, Hub Committee chair- men, and membership in Fir Tree, Oval Club, and Purple Shield. Also, the house grade point was well above average. In sports Theta Delta Chi participated in both var- sity and intramurals. The brothers were active in Varsity crew, swimming, golf, gymnastics, tennis and baseball. In intramurals the house was among the leaders in basketball, bowling and softball. After spring finals, the brothers looked forward to an even better year at " good ol ' TDX. " REM SCHIEBEL, President 357 the ta xi Boyd, Robert, Sr, Buckles, Barton, Jr Bush, Curtis, Grad Craig, Robert, Soph Crews, Charles, Jr , Dodge, James, Jr Duncan, Ronald, Jr. Georhart, John, Jr., Jr Gutherless, Richard, Fr Hedeen, Lowell, Fr, 4522 18th Ave. N.E. Hougland, David, Soph. Krider, Jess, Jr tj Iverson, Ronold, Sr. The TX ' s quickly became known for their unusual ability in maintaining a high scholastic standing without impair- ing their party life. Theta Xi was seventh highest in schol- arship last year and all the members privately vowed to regain the number one position again next year. The Theta Xi ' s not only burned the midnight oil . . . they drank it. The parties were immeasurable in size and pleas- ure. Three costume balls, a formal and the Pledge Dance provided enjoyment for all. Firesides, exchanges, picnics and beach parties supplemented the larger house func- tions. Athletically Theta Xi participated in almost all the intra- mural sports from ping-pong to football. We were a re- spectable foe outdistancing most of our opponents. The Hub was a second headquarters to TX men in political and social pursuits. The Daily and Columns had both TX wordens and writers on their staff. Since the founding of Theta Xi, in 1 864, the fraternity has developed a strong notional organization with chap- ters in sixty-three of America ' s finest universities. Johnsc Latour n, Clayto ell. Dean Lenno Lindgr Little, , John, F en, Arthu ock, Fr Lunder, Clorenc Maggard, Jame McCrimmon, Je ft Q Q Q 358 Founded at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute at Troy, New York, in 1864. Upsilon chapter established in 1924. 63 notional chapters. NOT PICTURED: Brannian, William, Jr. Fryer, Doug, Grod. Plastino, John, Sr. Wornek, Ross, Sr. Wilmont, Arthur, Soph. ii Moller, Walter, Soph. Morrison, George, Fr. Myers, Troy, Soph, Peterson, David, Soph. Quolly, Lloyd, Sr Rants, Roland, Jr. R.ley, Daniel, Fr. Roberts, Charles, Fr. Rogers, Kent, Fr Sands, Paul, Sr. Sutterlee, Duone, Fr. Sherman, Glen, Sr Shoemaker, Robert, Jr. ' between friends? n, John, Fr. Stone, John, Soph. Thompson, Richard, Grad. Warner, Allan, Fr. Weber, George, Fr. Weber, Howard, Fr. York, Milton, Soph. LLOYD QUALLY, President 359 zeta beta tau Baronsky, Robert, Soph Block, Ned, Sr Bloom, Jay, Fr. Capeloto, Arnold, Soph Coplon, Allen, Fr Coe, Harold, Soph Copelond, Lee, Soph, Crevin, Larry, Jr. P R P5 ft D EDDIE SHERMAN, President Dovrs, Paul, Jr Degginger, Leonard, Jr Epstein, Richard, Soph Ferner, Harvey, Soph. Finegold, Al, Soph. Glickmon, Kenneth, Jr. Goldberg, Alan, Jr, Goldforb, Mickey. Fr. Greenborg. Jess, Fr. Gruber, Burton, Soph. Hochfeld, Martin, Fr. Hoff, David, Soph. i 4% Ho Jacobs, Richard L,, Soph, Jaffe, Jerold, Soph. Kotz, Kenneth, Fr. Kleinberg, Jr., Lester, Sr. Krouse, Laurence, Soph. Lesch, Jerry, Soph. Levinson. Allan, Soph. Lonn, Gerald, Soph. Maizels, Richard, Fr. Malokoff, Paul, Jr Mayer, John, Soph. Mayo, Joey, Soph. Mesher, Jerome L., Soph Mesher, Ted, Jr. NOT PICTURED: Boskin, Michael, Jr. Grinstein, Bill, Soph Kone, Richard, Sr lotzkor, Mortin, St Newman, Allan, Sr. Pickard, Poul, Jr. Pody, Sonford, Fr Rosen, Don, Jr. Thomas, Herbert, Jr. Volotin, Norman, Soph. 4626 21st N.E. 360 U T Alpha Mu of Zeta Beta Tau filled its ' rophy case with " hard- ware " and its scrap book with headlines during the past year. While maintaining a fine scholastic average the Zeta Betes were represented on varsity golf and track squads, freshman golf, track, tennis and basketball teams, reached the semi- finals of the all-University Softball competition, and came from behind the win the University bowling championship. The Alpha Mu ' s also placed a man on the Intramural Football All-Stor team and the ZEBE pledges overwhelmed their traditional foot- bail rivals, Sigma Alpha Mu pledges. When Homecoming 1956 rolled around, the ZEBES brought back their third consecutive Village Band Contest trophy, and captured second place in the sign contest. The positions of Homecoming Rally Chairman and Sopho- more Carnival Chairman were filled by ZEBE brothers, as well as positions on the Daily staff and many other campus activities. Socially Zeta Beta Tau again had an overflowing calendar. The annual Orchid Formal, a great success, the Winter Formal, exchanges, and usual house parties. The second annual ZBT jazz concert drew a capacity crowd. Founded at City College of New York, in 1898. Alpha Mu chapter established in 1922. 47 national chapters. Favorite literature — the TYEE. Schneider, David, Soph. Schoenfeld, Ralph, Jr. Schv. , Gar, Selig, Martin, Soph. Sherman, Eddie, Sr, Sidell, Stanley, Soph, Stern, David, Fr, Stern, Edward, Jr. Sternoff, Burton, Fr. Thai, Alan, Fr. Waldbaum, Kenneth, Jr. Weinstein, Michael, Soph, Wolfin, Bernard, Jr. Woron, Harold, Sr. Moscatel, Harry, Fr. Piatt, Jerold, Soph. Rose, Sonford, Fr Rosen, Kermit, Soph. Rosenfield, James, Soph. Roumm, Don, Fr. Rucker, Steve, Fr. Rucker, Wallace, Jr. Saul, Ronald, Soph. EM iMA zeta psi NOT PICTURED: Cook, John, Low Devoe, Robert, Sr. Finley, James, Low Gerbel, Arthur, Jr Greenwell, Warren, Sr. Hahn, August, Low Johanneson, Allen, Sr Jones, Howord, Dent Little, Willram, Jr. Norby, K, Gerald, Soph. Ouinn, Norman, Low Syron, Scott, Low 4703 21st N.E. Adair, Jerry, Fr. Amsberry, Ronald, Jr Arioli, Richord, Sr. Beckmon, Poul, Jr B.llingsley, S Kirby, Jr Brandt, Paul, Sr Bray, Ronald, Med, Brock, Richord, Sr, Brockhaug, Harold, Sr Brostrom, Robert, Fr, Brower, Robert, Soph. Corskodden, Thomas, : Daly, Bruce, Soph, Edwords, Michael, Fr Elliott, Richard, Jr Footte, George, Fr Gitford, Horold, Soph Giles, Dole, Fr, % LARRY HOLDREN, President 362 s® Founded at New York University, New York, in 1847. Phi Lambda established in 1920. 32 national chapters. , Will n, Fr. Hall, Ronald, Fr. Hecmanson, Donold, Soph. Hilliker, James, Fr Holdren, Lorry, Sr Mutton, George, Fr, Jackson, Keith, Jr. Kulonder, Bruce, Soph. Lorson, Robert, Sr. Leonordy, Donold, Fr. Lewis, Peter, Fr, Malland, Merle, Fr. Morkey, Darrell, Fr. Morgan, James, Fr. Mull ns, Joseph, Fr. Nutt ng, Jomes, 3r. Orr, Robert, Fr. Poul Walter, Fr. Pike Keith, Sr. RobI an, Donald, Jr. Saw er, Larry, F Schropp, Donald Soph Wei s, Henry, Fr Wei h, Douglas, Fr. Wes , Ronald, Sc ph. Woods, Frederic , Fr From a fine pledge class to the party after Spring quarter, the past year was very successful for the Zetes. The house grade point stayed well above the all-University average and the social life was still tops. The social calendar was highlighted by the Pledge Paddle dance, the Winter Formal, and a house party in the San Juons. The pajoma dance, Harum-Scarum born dance, firesides, exchanges, and serenades rounded out the program. The Zetes also managed to keep studying and participate in campus activities. Zetes were active in honoraries all the way from engineering to journalism. Though no first place trophies were brought back legally from the intromurols, everyone had a good time. That sums it up— everyone had a good time and learned a little, too. A warm fire felt good on cold days. 363 campus candids Food for thought is offered around campus. Students take advantage of the situation! 364 tJ INDEPENDENTS CAROL LINSTROM, President I • v . a • A sounding board for issues of concern to the inde- pendent women ' s organized fiouses is the IWA. IWA gives its members direct voice in campus af- fairs by means of a seat on the Board of Control and by representation on other campus committees. The executive body of IWA consists of the Interhall Council of the WRH, to which the affiliate members, Synadelphic and Wesley House, may each send its representative. Attempts to bring about wider ac- quaintance among the members of independent women ' s groups ore represented by IWA functions. Joan Lockwood Marilyn Pond Shirley Starmer NOT PICTURED: Leola Esterly 366 1, Soph. Anderson, Lo Armstrong, J Boiley, Mary, hr. Baker, Nancy, Grod. Belleri, Claudia, Grod Bitor, JoAnne, Soph. Bradford, Juonito, Fr. Bochholtz, Gladys, Sr. Collonan, Joyce, Jr. Carlton, Barbara, Fr. Cauvel, Anita, Soph Connolly, Estelle, Fr. Dahl, Dons, Fr Daly, Jocquelynn, Fr. Deacon, Pot, Fr Demetriodou, Lombrin Feotherslone, Joan, Fr. Fendall, Nancy, Sr. Fiellmon, Janice, Soph Gilliland, Laura, Jr Golden, Pat, Fr Groef, Carolyn, Soph Ha Ho Fay, Fr rig, Aile , Grad NOT PICTURED: Berreman, Carol Bloouw, Karen Bones, Bonnie Boyd, Marilyn Caldwell, Leslie Collins, Nancy Davis, Anne Davis, Kolherine Eash, Mary Eckland, Dianno Faucher, Alverta Fetch, Marilyn Fricke, Gertrude Fuller, Barbara Graham, Joann Greenwalt, Sue Homon, Roseta Hanson, Sharon Hopkins, Solly Johnston, Aileen Knutson, Mary A Lon- , Mo Longslet, Jo Lyon, Helen Mottson, Marcy McConnell, Donn Nielson, Clara Orr, Myrna Parker, K.Y. Holloman, Lynn, Fr Hopfinger, Barbara, Soph. Hutchings, Barbara, Soph kers, Jen, Soph Johnson, Miriam, Fr. Jue, Jin-Jee, Sr. King, Judy, Fr Koplitz, Marilyn, Sr. Poulik, Joonn Peer, Jean Pinkerlon, Lola Pov,ers, Cynthio Rogers, Jo Ann Rice, Sandra Riley, Julie Saonnen, Sandra Sibol, Marcia Stenberg, Grace Sudmon, Dorothei Talbot, Sherrill Tudor, Jeonnie Urseth, Sonjia Viebrock, Marilyn Wellborn, Stella Yee, Frances tv f Leckie, Cherry, Jr. Lobberegt, Deanne, Soph Manson, Heather, Soph McKimmey, Jean, Sr. Miller, Marilyn, Sr. Moeller, Mory Ann, f ( PV | a usti n hall Proctor, Jams, Fr Reitzel, Linda, Fr. Rosenotf, Betty Jane, Soph Senn, Eieonor Jean, Grod Shervold, Paulo, Soph. Siemens, Ruth, Soph. Starmer, Shirley, Sr. Stevens, Lenore, Fr. Stout, Morceline, Soph. Stout, Penny, Fr. Sv anson, Jeonne, Soph Wecker, Mane, Fr Wheeling, Marcia, Fr. Yeager, Joanne, Jr. Ma Let ' s all sing! Lets oil sing! Yoshioka, Karen, Fr. bl a i ne hall THERESA NIEMEIER, Preside Abe. Joanne, Fr. Badar, Adena, Soph. Bosselt, Carol, Fr. Bailey. Charlotte, Soph. Beardsley, Bonnie, Fr. Brown, Borboro, Soph. Buchanen, Alyne, Jr. Clark. Lmdo, Soph. demons, Diana, Soph Conner, Jane, Jr Coonrod, Loretto, Soph Carkum, Evelyn, Sr Denmon, Morcio, Fr. Ellis, Vinita, Soph, Fay, Arlene, Fr. Franzen, Audrey, Sr. Fukosowo, Groce. Soph Funke. Glorio, Jr. Goodole, Patricio, Jr. Hansen, Barbara, Fr. Horns, Noncy, Jr. Hewitt, Marlene, Fr. Johnson, Pat, Sr Joubert, Julienne, Soph. Kostet, LoRoy, Fr. j£ Don ' t forget the curfew hour! 368 Kozloski, Kothryn, Soph. Lauder, Nancy, Fr. Lewis, Gwendolyn, Fr. Linslrom, Carol, Sr. Lockwood, Joan, Sr. McRoberts, Shoron, Fr. Nelson, Norma, Soph. Nielson, Margaret, Fr. Niemeier, Theresa, Jr. Noblitt, Morjorie, Sr. Pickord, Janet, Jr. Pond, Marilyn, Jr. Romm, Kothryn, Fr. Ramsey, Nancy, Sr Reese, Janet, Sr Ruzicko, Ruth, Soph. Solt, Suzanne, Jr. Schmidt, Kay, Fr. Strondberg, Verno, F Swenson, Judith, Fr. Tokayamo, Diane, Fr. Trunkey, Gloria, Fr. Wells, Shirley, Soph. Williams, Susan, Fr. Wolbert, Corinne, Soph. ft f A NOT PICTURED: Aorset, Joy Abdullah, Gondos. Ada Askew, Dorothy Biedermon, Morgue Canterbury, Kit Church, Jean Coe, Marilyn Jean Cook, Kothryn Douglass, Kothryn Doyle, Evelyn Downing, Donno Ehlin, Dolores Erickson, Carol Eshlemon, Donna Forrester, Lotte Gail, Mildred Goodrich, Frances Haberecht, Joan Hegle, Cormen Hewitt, Gloria Holcomb, Emelie Hornstein, Anito Huchttoen, Joeonn Jocobson, Carol Lou Jones, Janet Korsten, Mary Kershaw, Bonnie Lowson, Carole Lindskog, Phyllis Manni, Moire McKimson, Beuloh Morgan, Joyce Nein, Geroldine Ne . Phy Neubouer, Eva Newberry, Wilma Ottis, Morlo Oxwong, Sharon Le Paulson, Morjorie Peterson, JoAnn Reglo, Ofelio Somrody, Judy Shobro, Nancy Siel, Beatrice Sinclair, Helen Sizer, Gail Sparks, Sharon Stockpole, Morgo Stevens, Sylvia Stogsdill, Rose Stott, Selma Taylor, Alyce Tempel, Kay Teroo, Setsuko Tuomikoshi, Inkeri , Sus( Wollocr William Wright, f O P f pi Ipi ( 1 Bell, Nancy, Jr. Brown, Rosalee, Fr. Cacslens, Karen, Jr. Chun, Jane, Jr. Clinton, Ann, Soph. Cox, Janet, Soph. Eckloft, Janet, Fr. Evans, Delores, Sr. lea ry hall Furtodo, Bobby Lou, 5r Gross, Lo.s, Jr. Haogensen, Greta, Jr. Hamilton, Peggy, Soph, NOT PICTURED Agee, Barbara Arterburn, Joan Ashby, Jean Beach, Garnet Cook, Marguerite Cook, Ruth Crostwaite, Koy Doishi, Janet Dovison, B Dooley. Gail Dugon, Judy Fortin, Randi Fritter, Karolin Gerbrocht, Anne Gill, Christine Godfrey, Kothle Gossack, Kay Guilford, Joan Ho, Shirley Holt, Marilyn Humphrey, Penny Jones, Flavia Koouo, Penny , Arlene Lotz, Donna , Marion Lutes, Linda McCormack, Hornet Monsen, Karen Mott, Kothy Munns, Layne Nichelsen, Marilyn ODonnell, Janet Overland, Charlotte Pedersen, Ruth Peppel, Charlotte Raybell, DA ' Rice, Erin Rowen, Andrea Ryan, Bonnie Rykus, Annette Scalley, Judith Schmond, Mary Lyi Scripps, Stephanie ■4 Reed, Jerry, Soph. Rees, Alice, Sr, Rod, Donna, Soph. Savage, Leona, Fr. Schoefer, Ruby, Sr. Septon, Joon, Soph. Smith, Elsie, Grod. Smith, Roberta, Fr. Sutherling, Connie, Fr Sutherlmg, Palmo, Jr. , Mary Jane, Fr. Wolverton, Sharon, Soph. Ha , Shir Hawley, Mary Jane, Si Heller, Marilyn, Jr Helmer, Arlys, Sr, Henriksen, JoAnne, Fr. Holm, Morlene, Soph, Ho , Lois Ikemoto, Mon- Inowe, Amy, Jr, Jacobsen, Mory, Fr, Jennings, Betty Sr, Johnson, Jacqueline, Soph, Johnson, Jeonette, Sr Lewis, Mary Lou, Soph, Lloyd, Nettie, Jr, Molmgren, Phyllis, Soph. Motson, Sally, Fr. McMahon, Jean, Sr. Meyers, Mary, Fr. Mohr, Janet, Fr. Nesbitt, Carolyn, Fr. Nickell, Sally, Fr. The queen tells of her tales. 369 m c kee hall Boldwin, Diana, Soph. Baudendistel, Emma, Soph. Brobst, Beverly, Sr. Capen, Juanila, Sr. Capen, Sally Ann, Fr. Clark, Dulcie, Fr. Clark, Mary Jone, Sr. Clarke, Barrie, Fr. Clifford, Nancy, Soph Cochron, Kathleen, Sr PAT CUNNINGHAM, President Biggs, Suzanne Calhhan, Helene Carlmas, Diana Church, Frances Clark, Peggy Coyne, Mary Creason, Karen Cribb, Marilyn Dallas, Margaret Edayoshi, Kyoko Ekman, Vera Esterly, Leola Farber, Corinne Fossett, Bevei Gallant, Patii Gustafson, Arl Hams, Vera Hams, Sylvia Hensley, Carolyn Herring, Ann Hetlrick, Dorothy Hitt, Jeanette Hodde, Dorothy Hughes, Mildred Huhn, Priscillo Johnson, Shirley Johnston, Ivene Jones, Elizabeth Kobbivik, Olga taxdal, Solin Mader, Beverly Melville, Sherrin Moeck, Karen Morgan, Norma Murdock, Martha Nokkerud, Gladys Nelson, Winifred Nielsen, Sandra Padhom, Mary Peck, Ruth Peebles, Shirley Rodemacher, Melba Shields, Patricia Smith, Shirley Spragg, Nancy Slev«art, Barbara Troffer, Carol Van Beekum, Morgaret Vonderhyde, Ann Wier, Karen Vi ' illiams, Winifred Winslov , Inez Won, Harriet Greene, Sharon, Soph. Hale, Myrna, Soph. Hall, Ruth, Jr. Hanson, Joyce, Soph. Harding, Donna, Sr. Helberg, Kothryn, Fr. Hilby, Joan, Sr Hill, Barbara, Jr , Ruth, Sr , Soph. t t fS f% O Keotley, Jane, Soph Kenney, Kathryn, Jr. Lowton, Elizabeth, Soph. LeMay, Michelle, Soph. Loudon, Marilyn, Fr. Lovitt, Bobbe-Down, Fr. McManus, Sydney, Fr. Meyer, Kathleen, Soph Ness, Arlene, Soph Nielsen, Laurene, Fr. Nolte, Alice, Fr. Peterson, Viola, Soph, Pressnall, Sylvia, Soph. Price, Patricio, Sr. Redding, Morion, Fr. Reynolds, Suzie, Fr. Robinson, Judy, Fr. Siegel, Myrna, Jr. Skaggs, Carol, Jr. Smith, Patricio, Fr. Sonntag, Gertrude, Soph. Son Stearns, Beverly, Soph Tamblyn, Carol, Fi. Torr, Beth, Jr. Temby, Shirley, Sr. Townsend, Ada Mae, Soph Wogor, Jean, Fr Wollingfcrd, Judy, Sr. Williams, Jo Ann, Sr Winchell, Norma, Soph Yotsuuye, Elsie, Jr. Zigler, Janet, Soph. 370 O, C: ei ci o interhouse council ALLEN MOE, President The Interhouse Council consists of three represen- tatives from each of the five houses of the Men ' s Dorm. It coordinates house activities, plans Hall ac- tivities, and is responsible for the use of Hall facili- ties. The Interhouse Council elects its own officers. Its nneetings are held weekly, and are open to all Dorm residents. baker house Aston, Emmit Baldwin, Larry Bates, George Bear, Tom Brodie, Don Broomh ead, Rendal Ciro, Ron Cornue, Michael Cox, Wesley Dexter, Dick Fenske, Gary Fu|ilani, Frank Gorber, Howard EMMIT ASTON, President NOT PICTURED Graham, John Rodewald, L W AInck, Dick Howes, Dick Ruscha, Charles Arbeiter, Bill Heller, Ramon Sother, DeMar Bachman, Rex Jomison, Wallace Schmidt, Mario Becker, George Joseph, Ray Shedd, Jim Bloor, James Komm, Jim Slaughter, M. Bunge, John Kamm, John Smith, Richard Clinesmilh, Corl Kim, Hong Snider, Leiond Colby, Tom Kleinsosser, Allen Snodgrass, Dole Comfort, W. W. Laik, Rein Thomas, Ken Davis, Don Luke, Peter Thulen, Gail Eisler, Ron McGuire, Michael Toy, Cy Eng, Shermon Meyer, Jack Veigel, Jon Erickson, James Mitchell, Horry Wallmon, Rex Freese, Gory Muecke, Ron West, Ben Freniere, Oliver Nakagowora, Isao West, Carl George, Lynn Podroza, Donald Wolf, Les Gerhordt, Luther Prucell, Wade Worthy, Larry Glenn, Scotty Riggle, Peter Young, Joe Graff, Dennis Roberts, Dick More competition for Elvis? Ji O Q O ' Pi Q ' jL C| Ck ffl Inouye, Ryo Johnson, Larry Kroll, Fred Larson, Dan , Phil McMichael, Terry Maior, Don Miller. Reed Mitchell, Edward Nelson, Norman Pasin, Stanley Pietilo, Ken Randall, John Rhyneer, George Robinson, Myles Rubier, Jerry Santee, Max Scott, Don Selle, Paul Speed, Nicholas Wagner, Herb Walsh, Richard Westlund, Larry Westman, Tom Wong, Wing Yao Woodbury, Ken Wyngorden, Lynn | cascade house The Cascade crew from the 8th and 9th floors of the Mens ' Residence Hall have made it another big year. Dances, exchanges, and the other " automatic " ac- tivities got very enthsiastic receptions from new and old members alike. The Songfest group made an- other good showing in the annual competition. After many months of preparation, the lounge mural became a reality. The House has had a very active year in intramural sports, and house members have been active in ASUW activities. Among the minor political activities, was the naming of a red robin as the House mascot. We ' re all agreed that it was a good year for the " House of Cascade. " But then, what else could it be! Berteig, Irving Bucholz, ShyrI Decker, Donald Dunn, Irvmg Gobelem, Rober Hinderaker, Low a p p Cj n NOT PICTURED: Johnson, Tom Adams, James Joseph, Roy Boldw.n, Gerald Kondle, Charles Bauer, Melvey Kehl, Chorles Beoch, Philip Keller, Jack Beetem, John Kowalski, William Bischoft, Ulrich Kozal, Victor Boynlon, Robert Lauter, Herman Broun, Robert Mayo, Jack Burk, Harold McKinley, Oscar Busey, Henry McPherron, Robert Button, William McPherron, Rylee Corey, Harold Millett, Fay Carlson, John Milliman, Loren Cass, Dov.d Morse, Ronald Cloridge, Bruce Moser, William Clouson, Harvey Nylund, Kenneth kJ - - " mrf Coatsworth, James Palmer, David Cottrell, Don Porks, James V V Crowford, Michael Pevey, Carl Croll, Jack Pitzer, William Cunningham, George Ozturgut, Erdogan ' — JV Dovis, Dennis Rice, Laverne Dempsey, Mark Rohrer, Bruce Duthweiler, Fredrick Savikko, Walter Duthweiler, Ludwig Schultz, Terry Im Eke, Lcverne Ellingson, Jack Semke, Leon Shirozu, Mason Everett, John Sieukievjicz, Charle Frey, Robert Simpson, Lyie Gourley, James Slippern, Roger RONALD MAYO, President Grimsrud, Lars Smith, Clitton Hammond, Carl Stowell, Robert Hanson, Richard Thomas, James Hanson, Robert Von, Byung Harlow, Bruce Wonomaker, Willia Hedges, Donald Woroshima, Todao High, William Westdyke, Robert Hunter, Donald Williams, Raymond Johnson, Lloyd Johnson, Mike Getting ready for the big night! Kelly, Jerry Loughlin, Gary Mayo, Ronold McCutcheon, Homer Mehoffey, Dale Mickelson, Lynn Mill , Will Moore, Lloyd Mullin, Shon Nelson, Edward Olsen, Rod Sherrord, Williarr Soyars, James Stork, John Storkovich, Vince Todd, James Van Deusen, Aloi Wong, Hugh Wielond, Albert Young, Richard [ (? 9 P P « Q 9 - ' op on f; Q f. p C) O Q O 3 p A S p p r» p p o Andersen, David, Soph. Arndt, Donald, Soph. Bafus, Lorry, Fr. Bedieni, Colvin, Sr. Berg, Ceroid, Soph. Boertien, Hormon, Jr. Bourque, Don, Sr Bryon, Robert, Grod. Bumgorner, Morion, Jr. Bumgorner, Slonley, Soph. Ciro, Ronald, Soph. Corp, Ernest, Sr Culver, Ralph, Soph. Dowson, Robert, Sr Dean, Jo £ Robert, Jr. lerold, David, Sr. , Ted, Soph. Fov,ler, Charles, Soph. Gonsler, Henry, Jr Gierke, Brod, Fr Gladwin, Hormon, Fr. Grober, Raymond, Sr. Homon, Francis, Sr, Horns, Donold, Soph. Helander, Richard, Sr. Henken, Edwin, Sr. Hopkins, Loorence, : Jensen, Hans, Jr, Johnson, Walter, Jr. Jones, John, Sr. Kellie, Allen, Jr. Kolstod, Dayton, Fr. Kramer, Barry, Jr. Lorrick, Alvin, Sr. chelan house NOT PICTURED: Adoms, Melvin Alexonder, John Berry, Brion Biggs, Albert Buxton, Richard Carlson, Donold Chaney, Charles Chin, James Davis, Eldon Davis, Ken Dovis, Thomas Demmitt, Thomas Denny, Charlie Douglos, William Einteld, John Fells, Donald Fitch, John Gercho . Chorle EDWIN HENKEN, Pr( Gile, Richard Hopper, Chorle Huong, David Hube, Albert Ingmon, Robert Jocot, Arthur Leaf, Joseph Mar, Donald Moson, Benjamin Motsumoto, Sotoru Menasveto, Deb Nakada, Eugene Nordin, Derwood Oeh, George Prince, Benjomin Pringle, Robert Reeve, Kenneth Rhode, Charles Rogamis, Andris Rush, Joe Sampson, Benedict Seick, Ferd Van Woudenberg, Stephe Vitaljic, Frank Wise, Gordon Wolfe, James Wolfe, William CJ y JLyrt Q, .| f ,w3.- -f J 1 J 1 ■ ' Maxwell, William, McLoughlin, Lowre Miller, Dole, Soph Miller, Michael, Jr. Miller, Robert, Jr. , Alle Mohr, Donald, Soph. Molt, Roger, Soph. Morrow, Lelcnd, Sr. jn, Robert, Sr. Neslond, Robert, Fr. Oertel, Richard, Sr OMalley, Chorles, Soph Pedersen, Kenneth, Soph. Pede Picke , Robert, Fr , Willie , Soph. Rehbock, Richord, Fr. Rust, Stanley, Soph. Sefrit, Borney, Sr. Siegele, Dole, Sr. Simpson, Roger, Soph. Sorbo, Alden, Jr Storme, Norman, Soph Sundean, Roy, Jr. Sutherland, Bruci Tiffany, John, Fr. Viebrock, Clintor Wo enho , Poul, Sr. Wicks, Byron, Fr. Wirtalo, Arthur, Fr. Wright, Ron, Sr. Yookum, Delmor, Jr. Zoutendyk, John, Soph o p p c p f?l W MM o o Kenney, Jim, Sr. King, Charles, Jr. Krolowec, An, Fr. Laycock, Larry, Sr, Loendorf, Boyd, Soph McLeod, Alan, Jr. Mendel, John, Jr. Mmord, Paul, Sr. Moody, Paul, Soph, Pierce, Ray, Fr. Rasmussen, Orval, Grod. Roe, Sigman, Sr. Rollwogen, Jock, Sr. Rosenow, Dick, Soph. Sohlin, Paul, Jr. Sconlon, Chorles, Soph. Schmidt, George, Fr. Siegworlh, Dove, Jr. Smith, Carl, Jr. Sorgenfrei, Gene, Soph. Siruble, Glenn, Sr. Tolond, Tom, Jr. Whitehead, Lee, Grad. o o © p Anagnostapoulos, Alex, Sr. Austin, Jock, Sr Avril, Jock, Jr. Burns, Norman, Soph. Cheldelin, Lyie, Jr. Crose, Jim, Fr. Erickson, Bob, Fr. Pint, Don, Grod. Friis, Roy, Sr. Gillespie, Paul, Soph. Green, Jim, Fr. Hodfield, Mike, Soph. Hanson, Vernon, Soph. Heffner, Gary, Fr. JIM KENNEY, President olympus house Olympusites always enjoy their ukulele |am sessions. NOT PICTURED: Abadi, Djohonguir Allen, Dick Allsopp, Herbert Andersen, Aven Anderson, Bob Andresen, Lorenz Atterbury, Toby Barge, Dennis Birkelond, Steve Brunton, Ed Burket, George Burns, Howard Corr, Luther Corr, Bob Chang, Tom Christionson, Bob Congdon, Bob Cornier, Victor Curtis, Charles Davis, Tom Dietmeier, Roland Dull, Ken Edberg, John Eggleston, Jim Ensley, Billy Etzel, Jerry Fo, Don Frey, Alex Ghosen, Mike Greenwalt, Randy Guffey, Ken Hansen, Leroy Haselton, Otis Hoyes, John Holit, Gert Hogan, Jim Hogmon, Medford Howe, Dick Huff, Dick Ice, Rod Johnson, Ken Johnson, Pete Kent, Dave Khani, Nabil Kim-Kun, Hee Leonard, Dove Lindstrom, Duane Lowell, Duane Maleng, Henry Maleng, Kim MocDonold, Jock McConkie, Bob McCrery, Pete Otterbein, P. Ponesko, John P ete , Dick Phinney, Lloyd Pollord, Bill Powell, Fred Powell, Tom Ronlola, Don Reid, Lorry Richards, Harry Rabbins, Lonnie Romero, Joke Ryan, Jim Schlosser, Rolph Schmit, Pete Sferi , Pot Mclri . Ron McKee, Jim McLeod, Don Mehl, Tom Melbye, Floyd Morton, Bill Obeyesekere, C Ogo, Tokoshi Oien, John Shakor, Alex Shelton, Dick Siegworlh, Jim Stevens, Bob Stilh, Bart Stone, Hugh Strotton, Bernord Stromberg, Karl Suarez, Rafael Tyler, Gary Wohlers, Ron Wotonabe, Ed Webberley, Gory Wilton, Frank Yamoto, Elbert 375 Andrews, Donald, Fr, SHERIDAN GALLAGHER, Preside rainier house From the top of the gleoming white structure, com- monly termed the " greenhouse, " Rainier, with its 1 15 members, originates its activities. The spirit of competition is verified by the extensive intramural sports program carried on by Rainier. With its other activities, it has a well filled social calendar, high- lighted by the annual " Winter Dance " and the " Moonlight Cruise. " Atkinsan, James, Grad. Bell, Eldon, Grad. Boersmo, Frank, Fr Coykendall, Wade, Jr. Crumb, Lewis, Fr, Dailey, John, Soph. -tr mJ l-M jj f Fisher, Donald, Sr. Fisher, George, Grcd. Gollogher, Sheridan, Sr. Huang, Justin, Sr. Humpheries, William, Grad. Jackson, Darrell, Fr. Kolesar, Donald, Jr. KuesI, Horold, Jr. McClelland, James, Soph. McMurry, Robert, Sr. Masters, Robert, Jr. Matoczynski, Tim, Soph. Mettert, Paul, Sr. Morud, Ronald, Fr. Nakato, Gerald, Soph. Nishishimamolo, Shinsho Onder, Sevket, Fr. Patton, Delberl, Soph. Perry, Richard, Soph. Pine, James, Soph. Pitt, George, Fr. Prouty, Garold, Jr. Ring, Richard, Soph. Russell, Charles, Jr. Schneider, William, . Schultz, Gregory, Fr. Secrist, Ron, Jr. Sherrard, William, Si Smith, Kermit, Fr. Steere, Peter, Grad. Taylor, Gerald, Fr. Toba, Paul, Sr. Waxdal, Myron, Fr. Young, Kenneth, Soph Youngquist, James, Jr. Oh, oh. NOT PICTURED: Ackerman, Robert Mead, William Akers, Timothy Moorheod, Willioi Alexander, Robert Notley, Richard Awod, Elias Oh, Luis Bornes, Travis Ohisen. Kieth Block, Philip O ' Keefe, Michael Bolcom, William O ' Lorey, Philip Bos, Robert Pork, Youngken Breitenbach, Bruce Pirtle, Rosco Brown, Leo Poon, David Bubik, Arnold Proteau, Thomas Burrows, Dennis Pullman, Borke Carlson, Thomas Raynor, Richard Chellslrop, Thorv Roal, Robert Chinn, Chung Ross, Beniamin Dowdle, Barney Saito, George Erickson, Vincent Scheider, Richard Flesher, Walter Schreck, Norman Gaevert, Murray Shindo, Sho|iro Gardner, Albert Snelson, Sigmund Greeves, Alan Snyder, Gory Holy, Emir Stevenson, Robert Hansen, Jomes Storey, Will , Marion itch, Joseph Huong, Cheng-Wong Hunting, James Johnson, Don Kluksdohl, Horns Kubin, Robert Lamb, John Lee, Walter Leiber, Albert McDonald, Robert McDonold, Terence Stout, Orville Sullivan, John Tegord, Ronold Tiedt, Glenn Tighe, Robert Turonciol, Nihat Walkrup, Gary Weaver, Dean Wenhom, Richord White, Fred White, Williom 376 student cooperative association board of directors NOT PICTURED: Al Rinne Voldemar Vasks Paul Schuyler JAMESON AKINA, Vice-Pres. ROBERT BABBin SANDRA MINER DAVID POGUE The Students ' Cooperative is a corporation organized by students for group living under the cooperative principles. Members are from all sections of the United States and foreign countries. The coop is the most democratically operated organized living group at Wash- ington. The association is governed by a Board of Directors and a Manager, and assisted by a most capable nd appreciated Advisory Board. The Coop includes one women ' s house, and five men ' s houses. ADVISORY BOARD, left to right, ARTHUR PRINGLE, ERNEST CONRAD, ROSE MARY MILLER, and VERNER DOTSON. Not pictured: HARRY BAUER and ROBERT SCOTT. Honderich House, a unit of the Students Cooperative Association of the University of Washington, is located at 4632-22nd Ave. N.E. Although it is the smallest house in the Coop, it is well known, both in the Coop and on Campus. Babbitt, Robert, Fr. " n c o p Brodenck, Hollis Caodlll, Lyie, Fr Haynes, Harald, Sr. Holway, John, Soph. Kollander, Larry, Soph. Kane, Robert. Jr. honderich ho use LESLIE BRATTAIN, Pr 4632 22nd N.E. NOT PICTURED: Beebe, Corl Drugge, Erik Eckley, Rex Edmtsten, Donald Hing, Gary Jocobson, Donald Moron, Herbert Porisecu, William Potter, Jackson Rinne, Allan Skreija, Andris Thornton, Alan Williamson, Richard 377 dotson house DONALD ROOT, President O O f! f op yi C) o O Dotson House, now in its fifth year of existence has enlarged its membership to 34. Dotson House has defended its titles and participated in league basketball, football, and bowling. The social activity of the house is increasing to match the previously established athletic in- ik NOT PICTURED: Linden, Carl Bradner, Douglas Parker, Gary Brannon, Ernest Rrddle, Gary Brown, James Ring, Morey Frost, James Rubinstein, Richard Fu|ita, Tom Sohlberg, Joe Funderburg, Thomos White, Howard Gersten, Robert Windell, John Housfeld, Gordon Wolf, Frederick Awoi, Joel, Fr. Baker, Duane, Sr. Choy, Milton, Jr. Coulter, Robert, Fr Cowls, Robert, Fr. Dukes, George, Sr. Gideon, Eugene, Jr. Gurrod, Philip, Fr Heinle, Donald, Soph. Holbrook, Howard, Jr Hungerford, Edgar, So Ing, Williom, Jr John Porrish, Elv, Root, Donald, Sr Yeatts, Frederick, Soph. The strong men of Dotson. 4521-19th N.E. 378 acgregor house MacGregor House was named for Mrs. Nell MacGregor, past housemother and present honorary housemother. With her help, we adopted the tartan, the coat of arms, the bat- tle cry, and the history of the MacGregor clan of Scotland. The realization of our objective of house improvement is evidenced by various newly painted rooms and the mural on the living room wall. Scholastically, the house has improved greatly with many men on the honor roll. MATHEW MacLEARNSBERRY, President Dougherty, Howard, Fr. Edmundson, J. Robert, Soph, Clock, Phillip, Jr MocLeornsberry, Mothew, Meyer, Robert, Soph Nicoloi, Leiond, Sr Page, Ronald, Fr. Pattie, Robert, Soph. Saoter, Richard, Fr Vosks, Voldemars, Soph, V oodman, James, Jr, Zernia, Dexter, Soph, Zumwalt, Robert, Fr, , , , Q D n ft r o p « NOT PICTURED: Mason, Ralph Adams, Archie Morris, Kay Beall, David Murphy, Michael Brown, Bri ce Nichols, Robert Bush, Morvm Pilot, Michael Dav.s, Clifford Prebula, John Fleming, Charles Rogers, Will Grossman, Ralph Rolstad, Lawrence Gyamfi, Thomas Rulien, Clifford Hollstrom, Alfred Safdori, Yahya Hansen, Morvin Schuyler, Paul Howard, Dwotne Siddiqui, Sarfaj Jordan, Paul Soyland, Ernie Keys, Phillip Steuer, John Kimm, Leo Taylor, Allan Lovenng, Howard Wainoino, James Makino, Norman Westmoreland, Walte 5012-22nd N.E. The MacGregor Hon 379 Dickinson, Allen, Soph. Dickinson, John, Jr, i t «u O O O Q Downing, Randall, Soph. Dukes, Everett, Sr. Formonn, Stanley. Grod. Fehnel, Richard, Ft Ferguson, Jerry, Jr, Gamble, William, Soph. Harwood, David, Soph. Hough, David, Soph. Morrison, Cecil A., Jr. Nelligan, James, Soph. Snodgross, Gerald, Fr. Tolstrup, Edwin, Fr. 4532 18th N.E. Tuohino, Lauren, Soph, Wheodon Peter (Kay) Fr. rofcre house Rofcre, the second largest co-op house on campus, promotes a high degree of cooperation in group living. They ore noted for their active participation in the intramural sports program, and their social program is highlighted by their Pojoma Dance and French Dance with its famed can-can line. JAMESON AKINA, President NOT PICTURED: Allen, William Anderson, Edmund Arlton, Poul Benhom , Myron Bentley, Philip Brokken, Dole Campbell, Douglas Carver, William Covaness, Dovid Clarke, Dole Comstock, Richord Cook, Corlos Easterly, Donald Greeno, Gordon Hanson, William Hortley. Rolph Henloge, John Johnson, Peter Kennedy, Edward Knight, Philip Kovitoyo, Manos Mohoney, Philip Merkel, Donald Middough, Terry Nichols, Richard Nketich, John Okumura, Henry Otis, Gront Parse, Neil Schoenberg, Don. Serl, John Shannon, James Sherry, Stanley Siega, Levy r, - Sle . Lorry Tucke Westrom, Won Wilbur, Carl Practicing up for the big game. 380 |WgEyaiB»pH| Cruikshonk, James, Fr. sherv ood house Pogue, David, Soph. NOT PICTURED; Boich, Waller Baker, Alan Barnes, Dale Baumgarlner, Paul Best, Jerry Bickneil, James Bloome, Dennis Chen, Wen Hsien Eggers, Dale Ford, Robert Fujlla, Melvin Furford, George Furnish, Duane Glover, Gory Hanson, Gary Peterson, Frank, Fr. Holsapple, Keith Parks, Robert Jensen, Kris Robinowitz, isroi Johnson, Julius Recker, Roland Kawamoto, Kenneth Reid, Charles Kimuro, John Kismon, Mike Kracht, Edward Kreger, Leslie Landmsky, Elme Lee, Ven-Tow Lehmonn, Paul Mourer, Dan McNeley, Russe Misoka, Theodc Heide ch, Ralph Nystuen, Con Ronning, Clifford Sfondouris, Nick Skolbonia, Richard Smith, Burt Speece, Gene Toniguchi, Alvin Teevin, Thomas Tinkey, Robert Vorady, Johnny Whitney, Jerry Yamamoto, Robert Yamamoto, Wayne synadelphic house j P Ames, Kay, Soph. Bristol, Joyce, Soph Crook, Dorothy, Sr. Fairman, Lynne, Jr. JOYCE BRISTOL, President Fujita, Helene, Soph Kyle, Evelyn, Sr. Kunimi, Hitomi, Grad. Lunstad, Anna, Jr. Meyer, Beverly, Fr. Miner, Sandy, Jr. Shimuro, Kazuko, Fr. Yoshikawa, Nori, Soph. NOT PICTURED: Flagler, Carol Heggorty, Dione Henderson, Beve Hurt, Jean Liepens, Mai|0 Nielson, Alma Shinner, Kothie Spicer, Shirley Young, Borbari Zink, Hope Kitchen Kapers 381 • t | p o f e O Q sy n koa Hitanoka, Daniel, Sr Ikeda, Robert, Soph. Inouye, Ryo, Soph Kodoshimo, Donold, Sr. Koiimuro, Hiroshi, Sr. Koto, Charles, Jr. CHARLES KATO, Preside Koto, HIdio, Fr. Kawaguchi, Harold, Fr Kusoka, Daniel, Fr. Maekowa, Wilham, Soph. Murai, Roy, Fr. Nakagawo, Henry, Jr. Nakao, Robert, Fr. Nokata, Gerald, Jr. Pong, Thomas, Sr Sato, John, Soph. Shimizu, Cho, Soph Yoshido, Ronald, Grad. Success was the keynote of Synkoo ' s activities this year. Starting with the welcome social, and cli- maxed by the annual Senior Dance, members en- joyed varied social activities. Synkoa participated in the intramural sports program in bowling, box- ing, Softball, and tennis. Synkoa has succeeded in promoting lasting friendship among its members and other campus and civic organizations, good will, and leadership in the individual, a final meas- ure of success. NOT PICTURED: Kurose. Poul Arai, Donald Mura., Edward Fujita, Ben Nokogawa, Sabu Hyodo, Franklin Nokac, David Inouye, Edward Okano, Robert Kcjimura, Saburo Sato, Kenneth Kawahara, Fred Satogato, Donald Kumasaka, Roland Yoshido, Richard 41 15-15th N.E. 382 wesi ey house BRITTA FOLLIS, Presi dent Palmer, Olga Rosenquist, Row Stenerson, Sally Tebelmon, Joanne Weaver, Mor.lee Willette, Annette Brown, Beverly Brown, Loro Lee Curtis, Edna Follis, Brilta Friese, Judith Glass, Borborc ft f P The Wesley bulb-snatche NOT PICTURED: Au, Suson Bonner, Carole Burdette, Trudy McClosky, Wanda McKay, Janet Tomlinson, Borbori Tweedie, Luonna This year 29 girls resided at Wesley House, " a home away from home " since 1935 for all University women. The purpose of Wesley House is to provide the college career with well rounded Christian fellowship, service projects, discussion groups, exchanges, and recreation. The many activities of Wesley House are shared with two other groups — Wesley Club, and Kappa Phi, the keynote to success being cooperation and har- mony. All Methodist preference and any other interested young people are welcome to participate in the versatile program of Wesley House. If I II i I i i, 5JjL 3S :!! ' !! :!■!! 1! ' A ■ ' ' as ' 4205-1 5th N.E. 383 a ( A Baker, Arlo Baker, Reno Bales, Marie Boyaner, Carol Capeluto, Marlene Chonzeno, Mono Congdon, Berlo dental hygiene iBi Haogensen, Greta perfect. af % Lynn lf Kocher, Linda , Maston, June Behind the solid brick walls of the Health Sciences Building the fair-hoired students of dental hygiene pursue their earnest gropings into the scientific unknown. After two years of pre-dental hygiene and two years in the School of Den- tistry, the dental hygienist will promote good oral hygiene through the teach- ing of dental health. She is skilled in giving topical fluoride applications, oral prophylaxes and making dental X-rays. With the Bachelor of Science degree and state license clutched in a quiver- ing, but experienced hand, the new graduate will be prepared for clinical and educational work in schools, public health, hospitals, industrial clinics, and private dental offices. She will have a future of continued learning while gain- ing security and satisfaction in helping others to " health and happiness. " 384 NOT PICTURED: Peer, Jean Redman, Joan Morganlhaler, Mary O Conner, Sharon Parker, Carol Smith, Madeleine Stone, Nancy Wells, Norma The proper techniqU ' university of Washington school of nursing NANCY GREEN Harborview BARBARA THUMLERT Blackford KAREN CREASON Ekiind 385 Cro« ley , Dorothy Doar , Shirley Dollo ff, Virginia Dow 15, Joonne Egli, Po Tielo Field El s.e Ham Tie , LuVernc Hans on Dorothy Horr s, J eon Hilby , J jari Hotf nor , Kothlee Hunt ey Stephan Irwin Martha w f» 0 e k I i n d hall With two years of campus life and various science and basic nursing arts courses behind her, the student nurse proudly receives her v hite cop, sym- bolic of her chosen profession. Whether she enters Ekiind Hall and the Swed- ish Hospital, or Harborview Hall and King County Hospital, she finds her train- ing a valuable and unforgettable experience. Once she is capped, her days become a whirlwind of hospital duty, classes, and study, and soon she is whisked off on affiliations to Children ' s Ortho- pedic Hospital for pediatrics. Northern State Hospital for psychiatric nursing, Firland Sanitarium for tuberculosis, and the King County Public Health De- partment. Off-duty hours bring fun and relaxation with fellow students. Informal parties and picnics are abundant. Sports enthusiasts enjoy skiing, basketball, tennis, and swimming. yif 386 NOT PICTURED: Ackerman, Constance Gustafson, Arlene Peebles, Shirley Anderson, Connie Gutenberger, Bernita Peterson, lorraine Armstrong, Elizabeth Berry, Barbara Hepworfh, Joanne Ishimitsu, Nobuko Rapp, Carolyn Riley, Julie Burkheod, Elaine Cook, Adele Creoson, Karen Davey, Rebecco Giles, Borbara Kccoroski, Mary Lockwood, Betty Jo McKasson, Dorothy Mumou, Joan Okubo, May Peck, Ruth Rogers, Virginia Shaffer, Betfe Smith, Shirley Snyder, Marjorie Tucker, Jonel Williams, Mary Yanagihoro, Mitsue Jacobs, Frances Johnson, Elsie Jones, Shirley LeCocq, Barbarr look. Donna McGlenn, Kay Medico, Marilyn Pork, Kolhryn Pennell, Ann Pete Phillips, Peggy Pickell, Mildred Pratt, Marilyn Roth, Kotherine Rud, Carol Severson, Christine Singhose, Hannah Sira, Shirley Snyder, Donforlh Sonntog, Amy Slronce, Caryl Stevenson, Mary Leo Swenson, Dennyece Temby, Shirley Tibbetts, Arlene Verdi, Yolonda Walton, Betty e kl i n d hall Mi Which one is the patient? One of the most enjoyable phases of training is the time spent in the nursery. UiU Surgery is one of the most important phases of our training. h! B T , r JL « • B eki i nd hall Trarning in public health is included in our curricul Before surgery comes preparation. 388 We oil work with the interi harborview hall Bailey, Catherine, Jr. Bocnelt, Ellen, Jr. Bean, Bernice, Sr, Berry, Barbara, Sr. Bond, Nancy, Jr. Burdick, Sherrill, Jr. Clark, Shirley, Jr. Deane, Lola, Jr. Enz, Irma, Jr. Ferguson, Margaret, Sr. Fleming, Barbara, Jr. Frye, Shirley, Sr, Gayle, Katharine, Jr. Green, Nancy, Jr. Hansler, Grace, Jr. Haubrich, Nadyne, Jr. Hays, Dorothea, Jr. Holloway, Joan, Jr. Ibsen, Lenore, Sr, Ibsen, Marilyn, Jr. Kelly, Mariorie, Jr. Kendall, Carolyn, . Langen, Francis, Jr McAllister, Betty, J Mehl, Martha, Jr, Milliken, Marjorie, MotI, Jean, Jr, Richter, Mary Jean Robbin, Sho , Patri Shi bo. May, Jr, Softky, Lois, Sr. Sundquist, Morley, ! Tonsing, Rhondo, Jr. NOT PICTURED: Alexander, Elizabeth, Jr. Leak, Carole, Sr. Ames, Sylvia, Sr. Leonard, Phyllis, Jr. Beovers, Beth, Soph. Leicester, Myra, Soph. Berg, Sharon, Jr. McConnell, Carol, Jr. Bertalino, Beuloh, Sr. Merrell, Potricio, Jr. Blomquist, Bea, Sr. Nelson, Mary Ann, Jr. Brown, Pomelo, Sr. Pederson, Marlene, Jr. Corbin, Colleen, Jr Peterson, Florence, Jr. Dobbs, Janet, Jr Rosback, Ellen, Sr. Donort, Sarah, Jr. Songder, Patricia, Jr. Dubel, Avis, Jr. Sovikko, Jorerene, Sr. Horns, Shirley, Jr. Sharp, Foustine, Jr. Hersgard, Morley Roe, Sr Stoner, Alice, Sr. Hoore, Constance, Jr. Thomas, Evelyn, Jr. Hoit, Joneonne, Jr. VanderPol, Berniece, Jr. Jenkins, Moriel, Jr. Vincent, Morilyn, Sr. Johnson, Kay, Jr. Wossenaor, Elizabeth, J Kodoma, Lilly, Sr. Weitemier, Isobelle, Jr. Larson, Morjorie, Sr. Williams, Shirley, Jr. " With loyalty will I endeavor to aid the physician in his work and devote my- self to the welfare of those committed to my care. " Thus the student nurse receives her cap and begins her clinical education toward a lifetime, reward- ing profession. As the student nurse enters Harborview Division, she gains ex- perience from many phases of nursing. To broaden her field of knowledge, the student travels to Northern State Hospital for psychiatric nursing. The Doc- tors Hospital for private patient core, Firland Sanitarium for tuberculosis care, and the Seattle King County Public Health Department. Activities galore fill her off-duty hours as she participates with enthusiasm. Picnics and pajama parties are among the favorites. After much hard work and good times, the annual variety show is given for all our friends. With warm hearts we take part in the traditional Christmas caroling in the hospital corridors followed by a decorating party in Harborview Hall. Students at Harborview Hall moke the constitution and laws. A student council with officers and representatives from each class present problems for the stu- dent body ' s consideration. Delegates ore chosen to represent the students at state and national nurses ' conventions. A group of student nurses have formed HCF (Harborview Christian Fellow- ship). This offers many additional activities. To each student nurse, her clinical education is both a challenge and a re- warding experience, one she will never forget. 389 harborview Practice makes perfect in the nursing arts lab. 390 Crippled skier, HUGH MOODY, gets lots of TLC (Tender Loving Core). Getting ready for tfie operation is a big |ob. hall Did she make the winning point? A pajama party in their lounge is the perfect " get-together " " for the senior class. Talented musicians practice on their off hours. blac kf or d hall ' 0. .f ff Albom. Phyllis, Jr. Beehler, Diane, Jr Bollinger, Linda, J Cooper, Bernice, J Croft, Monetta, Jr Eng, Elmore, Jr. Frozier, Frances, Jr Griffith, D Jean, Jr Hudspith, Muriel, Sr. Kellogg, Barbara, Jr Kiel, Shirley, Jr. Porlee, Pat, Sr, Ritchie, Barbara, Jr. Robertson, Marilee, Jr Salmelo, Mary Lou, Jr Slankey, Betty, Jr. Swanson, Verelle, Jr. Taylor, Joan, Jr. Thumierl, Barbara, Jr. Yonder Voet, Gail, Sr, Whitehead, Page, Jr, Wilder, Jane, Jr Wilson, Lenore, Jr, The Basis Nursing Research Program at the Virginia Mason Division of the School of Nursing has three classes enrolled at the present time. The Basic III class is currently studying pediatric nursing at the teaching unit at Children ' s Orthope- dic Hospital. The Basic IV class is having clinical experience in medical-surgical nursing at the Vir- ginia Mason Hospital, and the Basic V ' s are en- rolled full time on the campus. The Basic Nursing Research Program is an inter- rupted-degree program in which students spend four quarters on campus and the next eight quarters at the Virginia Mason Division and other teaching units of the school of nursing such as Northern State Hospital, Children ' s Orthopedic Hospital and Firland Sanitorium. At the completion of this three year period, the student may elect to take her state board examinations to become a registered nurse or return to the campus for another three quarters to complete the requirements for a Bachelor of Sci- ence in Nursing. Off duty the girls enjoy informal parties together plus basketball games with the students from other nursing programs. The sport enthusiasts enjoy head- ing for the slopes or the beaches in their free time. All the girls work and play together. They are united in a common goal of becoming capable professional nurses. b NOT PICTURED; Abney , Do ene Booke , Viv on Hamm eriy. Corol Knulsc n. El le McRae , Grc ce Micell Lor ine Nave, Mar an Power s, Sh 3ron Pupera, Flo ence Quale Ma yiee Suther and. Shirle Walts Dor ene 392 To play! ts « CAMPUS ORGANIZATIONS adel ph i TONY MOORE, President o ffi r rt D n ft O ft ft o o Adair, Francis Anderson, Don Choy, Milt Dougtierly, How Dempsey, Bob Erickson, Bob Fore, James Fehnel, Dick Ford, Bob Gollougher, Wes Heotti, Mike Kalve, Sven Independent men students have an oppor- tunity to enter into social and student activities through Adelphi. The aim of the club is to give each member training in leadership and to promote social activities, thereby filling their college years with warm friendships and good times. NOT PICTURED: Anderson, David Anderson, Horde Anderson, Willia Armey, Forrest Ayres, Albert Bacon, Bill Bennett, Ron Ph.lio . Mike Bentle Bloom Bloomberg, John Bush, Marv Bjornson, Dennis Casey, Ned Chenaor, Clayton Conroy, Fay etcher, Charles Mes, Don Mllmon, Jon lover, John utfeld, Arnold onsen, Martin opper, Charles ubingee, Alan g, Joey Kamm, John Karlburg, Ron Kennedy, Charles Leary, George McFarlan, Gory McNeley, Russ Matthews, Jack Miller, Don Moore, Chuck Riley, Earl Robeson, Bob Sargent, Alan Sauter, Dick Schultz, Greg Sleizer, Lorry Strand, Roy Sublett, Chris Tellock, Harold Thomas, David Troberg, Richard Trumble, Ronnie Wolson, Jim Weimer, Ken Welch, Jim Werner, Hahn While, Bill Wilkin, Bill Young, Dick Moore, Sid Mills, Fred Nicholson, Melv OMally, Charlie Parker, Harvey Remlinger, Roy Rice, Chorles Richtmyer, Richard Schusted, Dick Shomler, Robert Sims, John Wamben, Ed Young, Dick Molokoff, Burton Marik, Raymond Q ft n O 394 engineering student ' s council NOT PICTURED: Adair, Francis Filzsimmons, Dean Trumbull, James Walker, William Welostad, Wesley Engineering Student ' s Council membership is drawn from the officers of the engineering societies and honoraries on campus. Engineering Council coordinates the moior social activities of the College of Engineering and promotes the welfare of the engineering students. Stanly JOHN OKERLUND, Preside: Ohinger, Al Plaster, Michael Pye, William Siegele, Dale Straley, Richard Sutherland, Bruce Thomas, Alfred Yoshinaka, Jame- institute of ceramic engineers Front row, left to right: WARREN STRAHON, JACK AVRIL, LARRY DALZELL, DON 5TULL. Row 2: GOR- DON BARNA, MIKE MATSON, JOHN DILAZZARO, JIM TRUMBULL, PAUL KAVADAS, DAVE HAR- WOOD, DON PARMAN. Row 3: WILLIAM WADE, VERE THOMPSON, RONALD UBAGHS, E, E, MUEL- LER, R. J. CAMPBELL, JOHN McANULTY, FRANK WAGSTAFF, WAYNE HOMESTEAD. Row 4: GEORGE CARTER, BRUNO BOIN, BRUCE JOHNSON, DICK NELSON, FRANK CAMPBELL, CRAIG LEISER, AL MILLER. Row 5: BOB SHAW, JIM KESKI, HARLAN HORNER, JERRY TURNBAUGH, CLARE NORDQUIST, GEORGE McKULLA, ANDRIS SKREIJA, DAVID SWINEHART. Row 6; MIKE EASTLY, DANIEL AUDA. 395 american institute of chemical engineers M2 splin, Lyie iiset, Gordon ody, Corl ody, Frank ollins, John nesboch. Glen ukes, George Fleming, Ronald Gondy, Robert Gonsler, Henry Gismervig, Harold Greenborg, Jess Hall, Dale lams, Donald lendnkson, Chorle ohnson. Ken ,eire, Alfred oiesor, Donald ulesza. Gene ichaelson, Chorle Morrow, Leiond Polon, Michael Piebuch, Richard Shafi-zadeh, Mahmoud Stephens, Douglo! Tauscher, Harold Thomas, James Thompson, Donald Tolond, Thomas Van Brocklin, Lester Webster, George West, Ronald Wilhelmsen, Larry NILS ANDERSON, President The American Institute of Chemical Engineers was founded in 1908. The student chapter was chartered in 1940 at the University of Washington. The institute brings to the campus many speakers and movies from industry. It hopes in this way to promote the professional standards of its members, the maintenance of high professional standards, and the furtherance of Chemical Engineering in theory and practice. Social activities include participation in regional conferences, engi- neering open house, field trips, and social functions. NOT PICTURED ' Ada Jarr Bomford, Rober Billington, John Bullot, David Cantrell, Donak Cruver, James Davidson, Judy Demmitt, Thoma: Diederich, Rober Fall, Gordon Furnish, Duane Greenwell, Worre Harlock, Richard Hozelquist, Al Jobe, William Lemmon, Robert Leonard, David Lombird, Robert Lord, Gory Martin, Russell Matteson, Michael Pohkomo, Robert Pirzodetl, Nozar Ruck ' mon, Donald Saelid, Per Sakamoto, Alfred Sho in, Arthur , Von 396 american institute of electrical engineers and american institute of radio engineers The purpose of the organization is to foster those qualities needed by the en- gineers which are not fully cultivated in the classroom and to broaden the student ' s acquaintance with the engineering world outside the classroom. O p O . p ::) hM% D Q a Q p DAN DECKER, Ptes.dent Addington, Robert Anagnostopoulos, Ale Bernard, Gary Billingsley, Kirby Bogen, Laurie Bradshaw, Del Briggs, Merrill Christensen, Don Cramer, John Englund, Ed Ewm, William Folkeslad, Gerhord Geer, Leonard Glendinning, Finis 9 o a A Q o . " em. M Vr - LofI, Robert McKinney, Gary Metlert, Paul Nodland, Wayne Okerlund, John Olson, Earl Peckhom, Donald Plaster, Mickey Powers, Carl Qualley, John Remillord, Bruce Richards, John Savage, Bill Schoak, John Sinfield, George Stork, John Strange, Richard american society of civil engineers Cj a Fossotti, Robert Fowler, Chofles Glaze, Dovid Gwilym, Donald Hager, Tom Hammersmith, Edward Heinke, Ronald Howry, Rex Kurtz, James Lompmon, Loran Loughland, John 5 rs n o o Professional growth is gained in two ways. First is the attainment of a background of technical knowledge and skill. Second is a philosophy which creates a spirit of loyalty to the profession. Student chapters of ASCE provide the opportunity for the beginning of growth in these directions, by supplementing regular class work and making student work known to professionals in ASCE. WILLIAM PYE, Preside Ling, Shun Chik Mctaczynski, Tim Mayo, Ronald Newell, William Pennell, Donald Rayburn, Bruce Roed, Robert Searle, Stanley Shirley, James Sundean, Ray Wilson, Jack Wilson, Melvin Yoakum, Del Zeppernick, Paul n Oft D O p , f «f U- - t J t l m t C 398 NOT PICTURED: Adams, Harold Albertson, Orris Anderson, Charle Anderson, Earl Arbieler, William Behrendl, George Bess, Victor Bloke, lorry Boitons, louis Bollen, Jerry Brett, Robert Carrol, Jerry Chu, Bu-Koi Collinghom, Richard ner, Frank nbley, Dennis IS, Charles m. Arthur ion, Oleg ion, Valentin. Flesher, Walter Flynn, William French, Dole Go, Jock Goble, George Green, Robert Hancock, Charle Hanson, Neal Harrison, Lawrer Hoselton, Otis Hayes, John Hedreen, Richard Henry, William Holit, Gert Hoyt, Kennetl Jocoby, John Kari, Eorl Kenney, Russell Kim, Hong Shik Kinney, Jock Koyasako, Jome: Krier, Robert Lamb, Lynn leary, George Linton, James Locke, Sydney Lundburg, Melvin Lyons, Bruce Mohan, William Maleng, Henry Muawod, Francois McCollo, William Nelson, Douglas Nelson, Kenneth Newell, William Ostergard, Donald Peratrovich, Roy Plotou, Knut Servizi, Jomes Shattuck, Craig Shugarts, Gary Soyland, Ernest Stanton, Louis Stevens, Robert Summers, Charles Sundquist, Dean Swanson, John Ed Wil , Ne Rosi , Gerald Rhode, Charles Schinke, Lawrei Schlochter, Wil Senstod, Horoli Torg Trair Uhln Whiteley, Jack Whitmire, Leoni Willsea, Frederi Wince, Frank Wisner, Dougia Zamelis, Andrei american society of mechanical engineers Amos, Robert Baker, Dunne Botes, George, Jr. Beers, Frank Bensussen, Tom Bergstrom, Godfrey Bigley, William, Jr. Bogen, John DUANE PELKEY, Presidi NOT PICTURED: Hedlund, J. Oscar Meons, Richard Alsid, Hal Heikkinen, Allen Nagoi, Carl Ayer, Chorles Hescox, Horry Nagoi, David Bauer, Melvey Hollenbeck, Cedmi Niemi, Onni Bottem, Joseph Holm, Burnell Petersen, Kenneth Brandner, Douglas Ikedo, Kay Peterson, Donald Brhnoner, Douglas Jacobsen, Louis Putney, Charles Byrne, Kenneth Jacot, Arthur Regan, Robert, Jr. Castor, Robert Janus, John Roodzont, Duane Davis, Charles Jordan, Nick Rumburg, Gory Donovan, Miriam Kallonder, Donold Sofdori, Yohyo Ehler, Roland Leaf, Joseph Schwartz, Robert Elmore, Donald Litwin, Andrev Stenstrom, Robert Fitzsimmons, Dean Lov ery, James Stuart, August Flaoten, Ralph Marks, Oscar Vollmer, Henry Forseth, Poul Mortin, Robert Wehostod, Wesley Fromboch, Horold Mason, Ralph Williams, Loren Grant, James Mothewson, Edward Winston, Walter Horkins, John McKee, Everett Woeck, Horold Hotley, James McManomo, Roger Wood, Robert The University of Washington student section of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers was es- tablished on the campus in 1917. The primary aims of the organization are to broaden the stu- dents ' acquaintance with the practical side of me- chanical engineering and to meet graduate engi- neers engaged in active practice of mechanical engineering. 399 RICHARD STRALEY, Edit Washington engineer staff NOT PICTURED: Qoalley, John SchaeHer, Harry Tsue, Teruyoshi The Washington Engineer is published six times per school year by the Engineer Student ' s Council, with a staff of 32 undergraduate engi- neering students. Filled with semi-technical and non-technical articles, itis primarily circulated among engineering students. However, it is also used to stimulate an interest in the field of engineering in high schools throughout the state. Durye Gilber , David David Larrick, Alvin Le Cocq, Andres Morrow, Leiond Sand, Beverly Sekor, James Shav,, Robert Stark, John Thornton, John business administration interorganization council HOWARD SCOTT, President Abbot, Lyie Coykendall, Wade Hoggon, Wayne Patrick, Keith Petrenshak, Dan NOT PICTURED: Dunnington, Richard Law, Deon Van, Nicholas Wolson, Archie B. A. interorganization Council is the coordinating body for the various clubs and student organizations within the B. A. College. Membership is composed of two elected delegates and the president from each of the following organizations: Marketing Club, Management Club, Alpha Kappa Psi, Beta Alpha Psi, Beta Gamma Sigma, Pan Xenio, Propeller Club, U. of W. Insurance Society. The outstanding accomplishment this year has been the suc- cessful publication of the B. A. newspaper " B. A. Interaction. " This has been a service to both B. A. students and the College of Business Administration. I r force r.o.t.c. drill team The Air Force R.O.T.C. Drill Team represents the University in parades and events in Wenatchee and Tacoma. The highlight of the year is the Luther Burbank Rose Festival in Santa Rosa, California. Parents ' Night during winter quarter gives the par- ents and the friends of the members a chance to see the team perform. The team turns out two hours weekly to practice and master basic drill as well as exhibition maneuvers. Membership is voluntary and the team is run by cadet officers under the command of Cadet Lt. Col. Jack Rollwagen, with the assistance of Capt. William Crail, faculty advisor. FIRST TEAM Front row: ROLLWAGEN, JACK; BIRUM, LARRY; ODLAND, ED, SANDWITH, COLIN; GERLITZ, DENNIS; McCARTNEY, BOB; WOTHE, DONALD; BIGE LOW, GEORGE. Second row: WILSON, ROBERT; KUTZ, PAUL; ROSENOW, DICK; ADAMS, JIM; BRANNON, ERNIE; BOIRE, GLEN; DICKSTEIN, SAM Third row: BRITT, JAMES; BISHOP, ERNIE; SMITH, DOUGLAS, BEINIGEN, KIRK; BOWMAN, WILLIAM; HUDSON, MARLIN; COBBS, WAYNE; LAUGHLIN, GARY. NOT PICTURED: Boun ion, William Care y, Harold Cowl es, Robert Four, iier, John Huds on, Gregory , Don SECOND TEAM First row: NAIRN, DARRELL; SEYMOUR, ROY; WEIJANEN, MARK; JONES, GAIL; McCOY, FRED; ERICKSON, ERICK; LEE, BRAINARD; WILLIAMS, PAUL; STICKEL, ORVILLE; LESLIE, PETER; LANE, JOHN. Second row: MILBURN, DAVID; CARLISLE, DICK; VOLZ, WALLY; BREITENBACH, BRUCE; BORLAND, DAVID; CASEY, NED; MAHER, MICHAEL; ANDERSON, CHARLES; JARVIS, JON; TONELLI, RICHARD; NIELSEN, DON; FURFORD, GEORGE. Third row: SAVELLE, DAVID; RAMBO, GEORGE; ROATS, GARY; WAXDAHL, MYRON; HELM, HENRY; ELDER, HAYES; VEIGEL, JON; GRIFFITHS, LARRY; MAYNARD, JIM; ROWELL, ASA; BABBIT, BOB. STAFF First row: ROLLWAGEN, JACK; NAIRN, DARRELL; MILBURN, DAVID; PRIEBE, RONALD; CAPT. W. CRAIL, advisor. Second row: TIBBITTS, HARWOOD; SAVELLE, DAVID; BIRUM, LARRY; JOHNSON, GLEN 401 american pharmaceutical association The University of Washington College of Pharmacy Student Branch of the American Pharmaceutical Association was organized in 1946 to encourage the advancement of pharmacy as a science and a pro- fession. The association engages speakers in the field of pharmacy and related health-science professions as vvell as having films relating to the profession. The social activities of its members consists of dances and participation in Pharmacy Week during the spring quar- ter in conjunction with Pharmacy fraternities and honoraries. Agars. v. Arkills, D. Aston, E. Beckley, K. Brittain, P. Breslich, M Campbell, D , M. Dovi . W. Dravenieks, I Elliott, W Else, R, Eng, C. Fay, C. Funke, G. Grotchfield, M. Grutchfield, V Honson, I Hennksen, J, Kirsch, W. McCorter, McKean, , Nunn, C Oberlat! ONeil, I Pork, J. Patzer, I Phillips, Pitcher, Roark, J. Rogers, E. Rogers, R. Soyors, J. Spence, R. StoiK, D. Steinbrecher Swonson, L. Takeda, S. Turk, T. Voux, J. q D Q a D O f f NOT PICTURED: Clarke, W. Aim, K. Cloassen, P Aplhorp, R. Colbug, D. Boird, R. Comstock, [ Bofos, L, Dickson, P Bell, H, Estebon, M Best, J. Freese, R. Bergeson, J. GoH, R. Butler, T. Gross, W. Hayase, C. Hondo, J. Koscol, E. Ludwig, W. Marshall, R. McArthur, N McNomara, Meyer, D- Miller, R. Mitten, R. Noult, D. Nishizoki, A. Olson, M. Oppliger, W Portridge, W. Pessemier, J Pirtle, R. Renner, I. Roberts, F Rose, J. - . M i? £.?- ' ' Scheinost, E. Schmoker, K. Scott, R. Stelloh, R. Tokeuchi, T. Vodney, C. Westland, E. Woo, H 402 bachelor ' s club KEN LANGTON, President Abbott, James Baldwin, Dick Boyd, Bob Burges, Charles Cohoon, George Coots, David Day, John Decker, Jerry Draper, Greg Fitzpotrick, Bob Grevstod, Ben Johonsen, Lorry Keete, Lorr y Nelson, Earl Nunnelee, Gery Smith, Don Smith, Edward Sobich, Pete Wilkey, Tom It is the purpose of the organization to support and promote school spirit on the University of Wash- ington campus and to encourage active participa- tion from the older male students. Only single, un- engaged males, 21 years old and over v ith the proper attitude concerning the opposite sex are eligible for membership. Please do not miscontrue " proper attitude. " Along with our several stag parties with dates re- quired to foot their own bill and wear white shirts and levies, the Bachelors were a huge success in Songfest. Also, the club initiated last year one of the most outstanding all-university functions ever to be held during the noon hour — Brown Bag Day. NOT PICTURED: Eogon, Dick Owens, Bob Bathom, Roy Ferguson, John Peterson, Dole Bishop, Peter Hansen, Barry Phelps, Norval Bushue, Poul Hill, James Spellman, Bob Dohlgren, Don Lowmon, Patrick Terry, Ronold Detamitros, Arthur McMillan, Jock Toulbee, Walt 403 compass and chart seniors fr % ikikik Boyd, Bob Brown, Don Condon, Bud Coogon, Patrick Durnan, Denis Evans, Diclc Pint, Donald Fisher, Donald Hansen, Russell Haynes, Harold Iverson, Ronold Loycock, Larry Malheson, Bill Merritt, Richard Nommensen, Ge Swenson, John Washington ' s Naval fraternity, Compass and Chart, has completed its thirty-first and most successful year on the Washington campus. Compass and Chart was or- ganized with the idea of promoting a kinship among the University ' s NROTC students. Membership is en- tirely voluntary, yet almost every NROTC student belongs. The many activities of Compass and Chart enable fu- ture officers to train for their years ahead. The Binnacle, a monthly newspaper, and the unit ' s own annual are among these activities. A spirited intramural sports pro- gram, the sailing club. Helm and Halyard, and the radio club, several of whose members hold amateur radio licenses, were all actively supported. The unit ' s rifle and pistol teams competed with those of the fifty-one other units located throughout the nation. The Washington unit holds many trophies and ranks as one of the coun- try ' s top teams. Two dances each year ore sponsored by Compass and Chart. A fall informal, held this year at the Sand Point Officer ' s Club, and the formal Ring Dance, held winter quarter at Fort Lawton, were both great successes. At the Ring Dance, the crowning of the queen was a much awaited moment. Compass and Chart, with the support and enthusiasm shown by its members this year, well deserves its place of respect on the University of Washington campus. Officers: Seated, left to right, ART BUERK, LES ELDRIDGE. Standing, DAVID BEITZ, ANDY OLSON 404 juniors " ■ iw Preparing for the yearly cruise. Ik MiM Bown, Rod Bunn, Gerald Davis, Gordon Holm, Edwin Hosterman, Craig Lewis, John Lister, John McMillon, Joseph Neat, George Peorce, Michael Powell, Fred Richard, Connie Rozendol, Robert Searle, Stanley Serr, William Shannon, James Woage, Konrod Waldal, James Sophomore Class Freshman Class 405 Tuesday noon lunch group listens to speaker. Speakers, slides, panel discus- sions and dance exhibitions provide entertainment for the Tuesday meetings. Indonesian candle dancer typifies acts presented at International Banquet and annual Foreign Stu- dents ' Show. cosmopolitan club COSMOPOLITAN CLUB OFFICERS Cochaircnen Ragnhild Londh, Larry Seering Progrom Werner Quasi, Colette Doverger Social Jams Stover, Ed Troupe Publicity John Abadi, Tommie GrifFin Membership Midge Goil, Betty Robinson Secretary-Historian Rene Hosserjion VISA Representative Diana Bonks OA Representotive Herb Allsopp Costno functions all yeor ' round. An overnight camping trip at LaPush, Washington. Cosmo advisor Judy Austin discusses Co Seering ond Rognhild Lundh. ■ilh cochairmen Larry 406 graduate nurses club The Graduate Nurses ' Club of the University of Washington, or- ganized in 1920, is composed of graduate professional nurses enrolled in the School of Nursing. These nurses are in advanced programs in the fields of public health nursing, nursing educa- tion, and other nursing specialities. The group is interested in promoting social and cultural interests and in fostering interests in opportunities in nursing as a career. The advisor is Miss Harriet Smith. Officers for 1956-57 are Joyce Anderson, president; Beverly Dillingham, vice-president; Stella Wellborn, secretary; and Joanne Downey, treasurer. MEMBERS: Mackay, Isabel Anderson, Joyce Milam, Caramae Brown, Betty Mills, Frances Dahlsfrom, Bergit Perry, Holace Dillingham, Beverly Phillys, Martha Downing, JoAnne Powers, Cynthia Gates, Noel Ross, Betty Hill, Mary Slack, loio Kuenzi, Marion Wellborn, Stella Laturnus, Gretchen Wood, Relda JOYCE ANDERSON, Pi Downing, JoAnne home economics cl u b cabinet JUDY ELWELL, President The Home Economics Club is a professional as well as a departmen- tal organization and is affiliated with the American Home Economics Association. Membership is extended to all home economics students. Through an annual Christmas Bazaar and an evening class in Japa- nese Flower Arrangement the club raises money for scholarships for foreign and other Home Economics students. Three important spring activities are a picnic, the Washington State Home Economics Con- vention and the Spring Banquet honoring seniors. Cole, Ma celle Deule r, C oroly Honse n, J eon Ichiko wa. Nori ° Johns Ruth Kado him 0, So ly McLo hlo , So dr Miller Die ne 407 husky winter sports club STEVE ANDERSON, Vice-president BLANCHE DEEPROSE, Tr, 2 ANNEHE THOMAS, Recording Secretory SALLY BERGREN, DA Representativ officers The Husky Winter Sports Club, under the direction of President Bjarne Furseth, has provided an- other fabulous season for enthusi- astic skiers. The season was cli- maxed by the HWSC spectacular Winter Sports Carnival which in- cluded intramural races, a carni- val banquet, and Queen Nancy Moron. ' 5 , ' ). ' ' ; ? BJARNE FURSETH, President The University has been discussing the re- luvenation of its ski areo by Stevens Pass. 408 industrial designers Adams, Kirk Baldwin, Larry poop Established at Washington in 1948, the purpose of the Industrial Designers has been to further indus- trial design by publicizing the training in this field available on the campus and by providing closer contact between design students and the profession. Speakers and films of interest to the club members are featured at regular meetings to accomplish this objective. Highlights of the past year were talks given by a former stylist of the Chevrolet Corvette and Ted Jones, famous hydroplane designer. Among other activities were the winter banquet and spring picnic. Gnehm, Charles Hopkins, James Kadoshima, Donald King. Indie Lipshay, Ronald Olsson, Ralph Southcott, Mar Wilburn, Richard NOT PICTURED: Drexel, John Loosen, Ronald Love, James Sirois, James Van Skyhowk, Norr ndustrial education club The membership in this club is composed of students majoring in Industrial Education in the College of Education. It was founded in 1951 under the guid- ance of the department head. Dr. Athol R. Baily. At the weekly meetings the club sponsors guest speakers whose topics ore designed to better ac- quaint the students with the industrial education teaching profession. Various filed tours, dances and a spring picnic are also part of the club ' s activities. NOT PICTURED: Bisset, Gerald Brown, Dole Hughes, Homer Privot, Jomes Saffrin, William Stratton, Bernard Verbon, Byron WoUord, Jomes Rowe, Frank Rushlon, Bob Skellinger, Franc Burrell, David Eells, George CHARLES BRENCHLEY, P 409 Aim Q P mg% Ahlstrom, Harlow Bean, George Beckelman, Stan Conly, Donald Convery. Bob Dubendorf, Keilh Giese, Don Gould, Douglas Honeywell, Earl Hulbert, David Uersen, H, Kerz.e, David Miller, Robert Morris, Robert I institute of aeronautical sciences ALFRED THOMAS, Preside As an Engineering Society, the Institute of Aeronautical Sci- ences provides opportunities for students on campus to bene- fit by participation in programs and activities related to the aeronautical sciences. Membership in the I.A.S. is open to every engineering or physical science major with a bent to- ward things aeronautical. Activities of the I. A. S. include high quality technical meetings with leading men from the aircraft industry. The I.A.S. member gains first-hand informa- tion of aviation on the field trips offered each year. The bi-annual engineering open house is an interesting project on which I.A.S. members work together as an engineering team. NOT PICTURED: Morgan, Wesley Beckman, Virgil Murakami, Jame Brolnov, Ken Olson, Horlon Dovis, William Payne, Richard Dorman, Marshall Pullmon, Burk Fagerberg, Walter Richmond, Lowel Ferrell, Joy Ross, Benjamin Furlong, William Rushmer, Charles Gaevert, Murray Russell, Waller Johnson, Wesley Scott, Eorl Lowell, Richard Taylor, Allan McClure, James Williams, Dole McKay, Lowell son, Robert ,i, Mohlon olai, Leiand Saari, Arnold Schnieder, Wil Siegle, Dole Snoriing, Thor Sutherland, Bn Toba, Paul Whybork, Clo) WAYNE TAVIS, Q p f Pi o Q ,- management club Danner, Ralph Fairchild, Jasper Frizelle, Theobald Jcrvis, Evelynn The Management Club is designed for men and women stu- dents interested in management. The purpose of the club is to foster education in management. This includes working for cooperation between local business and the University. The activities of the club include the participation of top ex- ecutives in business, labor, and other fields as guest speak- ers and the project of editing, producing, and marketing of the club ' s booklet, called " Selling Yourself, " which has achieved nationwide fame. The club has not been found lacking in social achievements and has an active program of banquets and other functions listed on its calendar through- out the year providing extra interest for its members. It is through these activities that the club members obtain valu- able contacts with potential employers. The advisors of the Management Club are: Professor John Hennessy and Professor Dick Dunnington. Shasteen, Harlei Sherrard, Willia Toulouse, John Watson, John Wielond, Albert NOT PICTURED: Kowolski, Williom Bifkelond, Steffen Pearson, Bernard Cregor, Elmer Sansburn, Kenneth Duke, Wayne Stream, Robert Eaton, Richard Watson, Archie Hansen, Richord Williams, Ray manage rial council Varsity athletic managers ore doing strategic jobs in our intercollegiate and intramural programs. They not only re- lieve busy coaches of much of their detailed everyday work, but are also the men behind each and every player ' s uni- form. The Managerial Council acts as a coordinating body for managers in all sports. Through the council we strive to work out the problems of our jobs and promote an active interest in both managing and athletics at Washington. NOT PICTURED: Buerk, Arthur Moizels, Robert Toland, Thomas Wagner, Herbert Webber, Charles JOHN WOODRUFF, Pi Evans, Richard Gutzler, Ralph ll4%ll 411 C5 d iSH S H M beta 22, t ? W : i Rosberg, Joo Schwalbach, Jo Ann Buchinsky, Norin Dunning, Corol Greiner, Sally Hamilton, Maria Hewitt, Marlene Hopkins, Carolyn Morton, Audrey Nokagowa, Mary Nielsen, Morgan Nerlond, Eileen Nolle, Alice Perry, Melissa NOT PICTURED: Bruhn, Carol Coda, Theresa Gardiner, Mary Liden, Marilyn May, Vicki Richardson, Mot) Troffer, Carol Wilken, Marcio chi fi_i.,« rn r A o oker, Noncy orrett, Marilyn Jones, Diana Kastet, LoRoy LoMoure, Dons McClone, Janet Milsumori, Ida Moody, Normo Soderstrom, Nancy 412 NOT PICTURED: Baker. Shirley Freeman, Solly Nagel, Sharon Slorr, Fronces Von Buskirk. Adele Yowell, Carol ! Secretory; Julionne Mcintosh Treasurer Ruby Nelson Historion; Arlene Hamilton i£ all m. phrateres cabinet CAROLYN SHERRY, President delta Brincken, Marilyn Hummel, Sue King, Judy i fl Q Boder, Tina Bensley, Donna Clark, Dulcie Cossey, Glendo Horrop, Joonne Ingo, Sharon NOT PICTURED Anderson, Susan iennett, Morgo Compton, Gail Daly, Grace Dowie, Pot Fletcher, Beth elmbigner, Judy rwin, Lynne indquist, Joyce ffii kappa O e o hk d dd a NOT PICTURED: Gotes, Mimi Kleve, Darlene Murphy, Nancy Soderlind, Son|a Sprout, Karen lambda Sigma Sander, Nancy Schmidt, Koy Smith, Pal NOT PICTURED: Arno, Marie Atkinson, Carolyn Bradshow, Mary Elle Broeher, Ann Chnslionson, Dolorey Hoger, Beverly Menard, Virginia Olheiser, Kay Pang, Sue Yon Pincombe, Donna Rotchford, Kothy Wood. Mary Lynne phra teres Bray, Sherry Cloxton, Joyce Cole, Cathy Cook, Jeon Downie, Lenore Fukudo, Janet Grahom, Marilyn Hellstrom, Shirley Hovrng, Borbara Leggett, Marilyn McLeod, Rayetta f A O NOT PICTURED Bell, Shirley Murray, Shirley Caldwell, Morione Poutzke, Karlene DePuydt, Margaret Phillips, Fay Ellsworth, Donna Stoesser, Beverly Troffer, Barbara Schillberg, Julit £ theta Melinat, Jeanette ; J Michoelson, Sharon 7 Nelson, Norma Lee Sutherling, Pam Wolbert, Corinne gjl i i f Johnson, Sharon Kieburtz, Karin Luth, Sylvia Salher, Ovidio Sudduth. Borbo Sutherling, Con NOT PICTURED Berg, Virginia Duckey, Donno Johnson, Helen Kelly, Robin Lehwolder, Corol Ogilvie, Donno Poulson, Borbora Wecket, Morie V oods, Connie . Nancy n, Sally Marks, Rosalie Nelson, Dorothy Nesheim, Pot O ' Brien, Deonno Ransom, Loretto Senders, Deann Sansburn, Joyce Stout, Penny pershing rifle drill tea Company B, 1 1 th Regiment of the National Society of Pershing Rifles was organized on this campus in February of 1 952. Pershing Rifles is an honorary society open to outstanding men in the Basic Army R.O.T.C. program. The officers of the organiza- tion are selected from Rifles, of those who ore in the Advanced Program. Pershing Rifles acts as a service unit for the Army R.O.T.C. by sponsoring the Army R. O. T. C. Drill Team and aiding in many phases of extra-curricular activities for R.O.T.C. Cadets. Rifles members have hod opportunities to visit military bases in the area and to increase their understanding of military life. Social highlights of the past year included the Initiation Dinner-Dance in January and the All-University Military Ball which Pershing Rifles joined with other campus military organizations to sponsor. ■m ■ LJ Itl ' m m ms i Many hours of practice go into perfecting the tean PERSHING RIFLE PLEDGES. Row I left to rigfit: HOV ARD DAUGHERTY, PATRICK MURPHY, ED McRORY, JIM HAWKINS, DONALD COLE, GEORGE WEBSTER, LOREN GILBERTSON, KARL BARDEN, ARTHUR ALLSWORTH, LARRY BALDWIN, Row 7. FRANK PETERSON, KERRY PACKARD, LOREN JADERLUND, FREDERICK MEYERS, RICHARD MARCELYNAS, ALVIN FINEGOLD, WILLIAM BOLCOM, EDWARD OLWELL, RICHARD LE MASTER, JAMES LOWRY, Row 3; STEVE SCHNATTERLY, DAVID KENT, PETE PAGET, JON SWANSON, GEORGE O DAY, REGINALD COURT, MICHAEL KENT Row 4: STEVE OBERLATZ, CHARLES WELCH, STAN SIDELL, WILLIAM SPARKS, ROBERT FLICK, ROBERT HUMPHREYS, ALAN SARGENT. PERSHING RIFLE STAFF, Left to rigfit. Row 1: ROGER ENG, RICHARD DOBSON, CAPT. ROSE, Adviser; JAMES TURNER, Codet Copt. Row 2: WILLIAM RANDALL, RICHARD STRANGE, JAMES WARE, JAMES DAVIDSON, ma r keti ng club The Marketing Club promotes the advancement of the science of mari eting. Formed in 1948, the club benefits the student in that it bridges the gap between college and the business world. Members of Marketing Club gain personal contacts with pro- fessional people, through such things as addresses at meetings, and the affiliation with the American Marketing Association, which is the leading professional organization sponsoring the development of more scientific practices in the field of distribu- tion. Membership in Marketing Club is open to students inter- ested in marketing as a career. NOT PICTURED: Harper, H. Morchin, Barbara Roan, Ralph Scott, Howard Shier, Al Squires, Cliff Thompson, John WAYNE HOGGATT, Presid Boird, Ken Brock, Richard Cheshire, Jome ' Evans, Dick Fitzgerald, David Frizelle, Theobald McKenzie, Jock Ostronder, Mike Thompson, Lome Young, Charles soro ria ieated left to right: CATHERINE GREENLEE, MARY LILYGREN, ALICE PRIMLEY, OPAL ARLING, President, RAE MITSUOKA, HELEN LYONS. Row 2: FRANCES MATTHEWS, iETSIE SMITH, LOUISE KLEIN, ROSEMARY CLANCY, MAY DAVIS, BERNICE REDDING- ON, ISABEL PETERSON, LINDY MISKEL, LILLIAN JACOBSEN, MARTHA EZELL, INA )AGNIE. Sororia was organized on the University of Washington campus in 1910, and gained great popularity with the soldiers ' wives during World War I. It is for the mature wom- an who has returned to college and wishes to affiliate her- self with an organization which provides friendship, mutual helpfulness, and social contacts with others of similar inter- ests. It is a luncheon group which meets each Wednesday noon. The meetings are spent socially for the, most part, though speakers or other entertainment ore provided oc- casionally. It is felt that place to relax and chat for an hour is particularly needful for this type of student. A foreign enrollee is sponsored by the group annually. Each year, also, on Achievement Award is given to a graduating member who has been most outstanding as a scholar and citizen. The 1956-57 year finds Dr. Laura Crowell of the Speech Department to be the group ' s advisor. Sororia is sponsored by an active Alumnae which includes many prominent women of Seattle. Each year the Alumnae plans three social affairs for the campus chapter: a Fall Luncheon, a Christmas Party, and a May Breakfast for grad- uating members. In addition, a loon fund is maintained from which any member may borrow if necessary. 415 HOWARD HERRIGEL, Commodo yacht club Beale, Robert Hough, Dovid Newbegin, Jon Henderson, Jon The University of Washington Yacht Club was organized in 1948 to provide facilities for sailing among Washington students, faculty and staff. The club owns a fleet of twelve sailboats, and maintains a year-around program of free instruction, cruising, and racing. Sailing activities are supplemented by an active social program. At a very successful Northwest Intercollegiate Regatta sponsored by the University of Washington Yacht Club and attended by five schools, Wash- ington regained the championship trophy from Seattle University. Yacht Club members also placed high in local competition. Washington pulls ahead. svfedish club Drawing its membership from the classes in Swedish language and ' literature, the Swedish Club has on annual program of dinner meetings, ski trips, Swedish films, folk dancing, and the like. The high point of the year is the Christ- mas Festival, the core of which is the traditional Lucia pageant. The officers for 1956-1957 are: Kurt Borgstrom, president; Jim Essman, vice-president, and Janice Fjell- mon, secretary-treasurer. JANICE FJELLMAN-1956 Lucia and her attendants. Stonding, left to right: JUDITH HUNTER, RUBY NELSON, NANCY SUNDQUIST, RUTH BORGHESE, MISS FJELLMAN, LORETTA TRAUTMAN, NANCY SODERSTROM, and BETTY LOU CRAFT. Kneeling: JOYCE JACOBSON, PALMA SUTHERLING, KARIN BRAUNS, JANICE JACOBSON. Tomte: CHRISTINA SMITH. 416 vol eda Abe, Joanne Babo, Kothryn Chikata, Irene f f% f f f P Yoshioka, Korf Yotsuuye, Elsie z MAY NAKAMURA, Preside Fu|ii, Beth Fujimura, Mary Ann Fu|ita, Helene Fukuda, Janet Funomori, Mieko Hikida, Gloria Hikido, Joyce Hiroi, Goii Ichikowa, Nonko Kodoshimo, Solly Kawasaki, Ella Komatsubara, Rose Kono, Lucille Kuboto, Doris Mitsumori, Ida Jane Monshima, Joan Muramo Nokoga Florenc. Nokashimo, Potsy Ogawa, Lila Okada, Joyce Okubo, Kay Todo, Carol Tokoyamo, C NOT PICTURED: Asobo, Pouline Kiuchi, Kiyo Chibo, Betty Ann Kiyono, Tozuye Fukusawa, Grace Matsumoto, Moy Horodo, Frances Motsuoko, Janice Hidoko, Jane Mizuhato, Helen Hiroo, Sally Murakami, Mio Nogomine, Marilyn Tokil Okazoki, Helen Tomi Tokohara, Louise Tokohashi, Moko Tokeuchi, Kathi Tonobe, Lillian Tsujihara, Teruko Uno, Sheila The Valeda Club, organized in 1948, is composed primarily of the Nisei girls attending the University. Their purpose is to promote so- cial and intellectual relationships between the girls on campus and to stimulate their interest in joining other campus organizations. The club offers the girls many social activities as well as giving service to the University and to the community. All girls are eligible to join, going through a brief pledging period before formal acceptance into membership. Yook, Phyllis 417 Ballaina, Dave Borker, Floyd Berger, Gezal Bower, Charles Brayshaw, Bob Cose, Roy The Varsity Boat Club is an organization of oarsmen, cox- swains, and managers who have turned out for five quar- ters, and have been voted into membership. Members are distinguished by their familiar " Husky Crew " jackets. During fall and early winter quarter, the Boat Club be- comes a functioning aggregate as the crewmen cram a whole year ' s social life into five months. The social life ends in early February with the annual semi-formal. This is followed by strict training and clean living which is cli- maxed by the National Rowing Championship in Syracuse, New York. MICKEY McKEOWN, Commodo Collms, John Condon, Bud Gellermonn, Louie n rj varsity boat club An unfunclioned functic NOT PICTURED: Aim, Chuck Anderson, Doug Bisset, John Cathey, Dick Jensen, Ron Roberts, Mickey Wetter, Doug ' ■» .Jj w-fjS " t» n n fT Goodman, Jerry Holberg, John Holmstrom, Ross Hovland, Andy Humphries, Boh Kieburtz, Phil lind. John MocDonold, Roger McRory, Ed 1 Meyer, Paul Moore, John t_-»,J«. Murroy, Bob " Newhard, Vic - Nommensen, Gene V Nordstrom, John ' Pebbles, Harold mim ' ' ' ' ■ ' " " " o no Q o 9 a pr q,, Peyton, John Roichla, Mark Rowlond, Dick Soyre, John Siolselh, Jock Stowell, Bob Svendsen, Bob visa The VISA Council A VISA Meeting Seated, left to right: ESTHER OSBORNE, International Area, SIGMAN ROE, Pub- licity, ROSEMARY BARTON, Secretary-Treasurer, ERNST SILBERMAYR, President, DIANA BANKS, Cosmo Club Representative. Standing, left to right: RAY CHAN, Tours and Tnps, CHARLES CARY, OA Representative, TOM GYAMFI, Discussions, GUS LASKA, Athletics, Not pictured: HANS ORTH, IAN FAIRBERN. ' , : Seated left to right: GUS LASKA, ERNST SILBERMAYR, TOM GYAMFI, FRANK ABADI, RAY CHAN, ESTHER OSBORNE, MARGO DEL ROSARIO, DIANA BANKS, BALDEV KATARA. Row 2: ROSEMARY BARTON, IVA FRIC, MRS, BUSHNELL, DR, ROBERT POR- TER, MRS. AIDA SHANAFELT, SIGMAN ROE, ARNOLD BUBIK, SHARON MYERS, SHIR- LEY HART, RICHARD ARIOLI, S, SHIVANANDA, GUACHI BAYAN, GANDASARI AB- DULLAH, EVA NEUBAUER, COLETTE DUVERGER. vfomen ' s recreational council The Women ' s Recreation Council is the governing body for the recreation program for women on campus. A port of ASUW, the Recreation Council assists in promoting interest in recreational activities open to all University women. The activities are di- vided into two types: tournaments in team sports and individual and dual sports; and clubs. Any woman student is eligible to enter the all-university individual and dual sports tournaments and to participate in the clubs which do not have a skill require- ment for membership. The clubs having skill requirements hold tryouts during the au- tumn quarter. Women who participate in five activities, one of which is a club, are awarded the " W " sweater and become members of " W " Club. ROSEMARY SAVAGE, Prf Deeprose, Blancti. Gatfner, Robin Johnson, Corol McGotlin, Shoron McGov»an, Maurei McLaughlin, Shirle Pottison, Solly Willioms, Heather P C: ? 419 women s physical education club Armstrong, Joon Farnell, Dorothy Foy, Arlene Fisher, Marcio Fronzke, Suzanne Gomido, Morion Hikido, Gloria Horn, Lois Jensen, Sylvia Leggett, Marilyn Lundell, Sally McBride, Mory McLaughlin, Shirli Murroy, Loretto Neil, Mary Lee Nielsen, Joan Patlison, Sally Philbrick, Judith Ramsey, Betty Sanderson, Joyce Shininger, Molly Sinkunas, Toni Softky, Sara Tullis, Deanno MARIAN MILLER, President phi epsilon ch GLORIA HIKIDA, President Gre.ner, Sally Horn, Lois Patlison, Sally NOT PICTURED: Clark, Helen Sanderson, Joyce Shininger, Molly Sinkunas, Tom The purpose of Phi Epsilon Chi is to promote high scholarship among the women Physical Education majors. We try to inspire all majors to do the best they can in all subjects, not just their major field. We help to promote high scholarship by contributing to a Physical Edu- cation scholarship fund — The Mary Gross Hutchinson Scholarship Fund — which is awarded to a deserving major each year. In order to be accepted, a girl must be at least a junior, have a GPA of .2 or more points above the all university average and a 3 point or more in all major subjects. 420 HONORARIES alpha delta sigma Johnson, Marshall Logan, Doniel KEN McGHEE, President Pennqer, Michael alpha epsilon delta premed honor society NOT PICTURED: Baskin, Michael S. Kamm, Ralph F. Larson, DoreHa L. Ling, Shun Scheyer, Stan C. Alpha Epsilon Delta is a national premedicol honor society, and Beta Chapter has been ac- tive on the Washington campus since 1948. The organization requires a grade average of 3.1 in 75 hours of premed work for member- ship. Its goal is to unite similarly interested stu- dents. Lectures by members of the medical pro- fession, medical movies, and the annual spring membership banquet serve to achieve this purpose. The high point of this year ' s program v os sponsorship of the biannual Pacific Northv est Preprofessional Conference for premedicol and predental students which was attended by about 250 students from 25 colleges. Dodg Elms, Glick Grah Kilbu e, James T. Carl man, Kenneth am, Ronald n, Howard lewis Lillib McG Menc Ruud Korsten C. dge, Clint ;e, Charles el, John R, Douglas Soch Salt, Thors , Morshall Suzanne en, Richard C NOT PICTURED; Coyle, Ed Creveling, Dan linpett, James Kinsello, Norm Little, William Peffley, Donald Alpha Delta Sigma is the men ' s advertising fraternity, dedicated to " bridging the gap " between the University and the men practicing advertising as a profession. Forty-three chapters of ADS throughout the nation engage in contests, conventions and promotions which give the members experience and insight into careers in advertis- ing. The Robert W. Jones chapter of ADS, composed of men in advertising journalism, marketing and commercial art, has hod a successful year in accomplishing these goals. The highlight of the year was the ADS Banquet which honored ADS alumni and outstanding people in the advertising business. The " Advertising Man of the Year " was selected from those in the pro- fession who had contributed most to furthering the advertising ideals. Anderson, Lennort L Wamba, Jon M. LEA SCHEGOLKOV, President alpha kappa psi commerce fraternity 15 h! W rrf T? ' ' t - f ie-r. f V ' ff Anderson, Alan B. Anderson, Allen D, Anderson, Leonard C. AbboH, Lyie Agren, Arvo Bourque, Donald Brock, Richard K. , , Coykendall, Wade - " 5 i. Crawford, Fred Edmonson, Kenneth Grevstad, Ben Hoxel, Charles D. Iverson, Ronald Alpha Kappa Psi, the first and oldest commerce fra- ternity, was founded on October 5, 1904, at New York University in New York City. There are 86 active chapters. Rho Chapter at the Uni- versity of Washington was installed in 1919, making it the 1 7th chapter. Each year Alpha Kappa Psi sponsors professional pro- grams with outstanding speakers from the business world and from education. In addition we promote in- dustrial tours, special commerce school events, and cer- tain social activities. As our members ore drawn from all fields of business school study we are able to have a program of broad diversification and interest. Our activities ore directed to those basic groups, alumni, faculty, university rela- tions, and professional programming. In so doing we are able to further the outlook of our members and to educate them in the various phases of business activity which they will encounter in the business world. Jensen, Gene Johnson, Gory Koppel, Robert Kershner, Donnelly Loycock, Lorry Lehman, Robert Mercer, Roger Nathan, Lorry Nogle, James Olson, Robert N, Patrick, Keith Sondvik, Wilheim L. ROBERT SANDVIK, President Sender, Roy Stovig, Gordon Itt Van, Nicholas Young, Gordon Zaborsky, Alfonsi Barnes. Carl Goen, Jack Bennett, Richard Hanson, Richard Bobo, Abner J. Kromminga, DougU Boone, James Lorson, Dave Carter, Clayton Lindgren, Harrison Clark, Donald Marlowe, Jack Donahou, Donald Odegaord, Car l Ellis, Donald Vail, Norman 423 alpha tau delta NOT PICTURED; Brown, Louise Cook, Adele Creoson, Karen Dovey, Rebecca Donort, Sarah ; Caryl Fraz , Lee Hansen, Dorolhy Harris, Shirley Ishemilsu, Nobuko Jenkins, Mariel Leonard, Phyllis Mehl, Martha Merrill, Patricia Mu Nelson, Mary Ann Packard, Kay Parks, Kathy Peck, Ruth Rowland, Pam ScheHer, Carol VonderPd, Berniece Wossenaur, Betty Yonogiharo, Mitsue Clark, Shirley Crist, Beverly DolloH, Virginic BARBARA FLEMING, President nursing fraternity Alpha Tau Delta is a women ' s fraternity fornned in 1921 at Berkeley, California. Delta Chapter at the University of Wash- ington was established in 1936. The purposes of Alpha Tau Delta are to promote higher edu- cational standards for women in nursing and unite members in service for their profession. To accomplish these purposes we have inaugurated various service projects that will be profitable to our University campus, to our community, to our chapter and to our nation. These include giving a Christmas basket to a needy family, philanthropy work for The National Epilepsy League, reading for the blind and doing volunteer work in the com- munity. New members are rushed in the winter and pledged in the spring once yearly. Eligibility for membership requires prospective mem- bers to have completed two quarters in the School of Nursing with an accumulative grade point of 2.75. Registered Nurses enrolled at the University may become members of this organization. Meetings are held monthly in the nursing residences. Often so- cial functions are held in conjunction with these. Alpha Tau Delta is a National Nursing Fraternity and is now a member of Professional Panhellenic and Campus Panhellenic. A notional convention is held every two years at the same time as the National Student Nurses ' Convention. Johnson, Elsie Jacobs, Franci Ibsen, Lenore Medico, Marilyn McGlenn, Helen Jones, Shirley Shimbo, May Rud, Carol Phillips, Peggy ' ' 4( Jt - 424 Baker, Duane A. JOHN BROWN, Pres Campbell, Douglas Carskodden, Thomas Gordon, Robert W. Hager, Thomas King, David Krull, Larry D. McKeown, Frank J. Martin, William B. Milburn, Dave N. Miller, Jock Nairn, Dorrell E. Nicolai, Leiand M. Nisbet, Colin J. Nordquist, Cloren Rollwogen, Jock Sedlacek, Phil J. Snaring, Thor M. Wotkins, William a r n ol d air society The Arnold Air Society, a national organization, was established on this campus in 1 949. The Squad- ron was formally dedicated in honor of jet pilot Douglas Matheson, former University of Washing- ton student who was killed in Korea in 1951. A fraternal bond among men who will become offi- cers in the Air Force Reserve and a well-rounded social background are the goals of this group. Meetings and activities are held semi-weekly for members who are enrolled in the advanced A.F. R.O.T.C. program. NOT PICTURED; Blackburn, Lorry D. MocDonold, John Brondner, Douglas Morgenthaler, Ron Budelmon, John C. Murry, Robert R, Dean, Chuck Nickel, Michel H, Genske, Gary T. Patterson, John Horchover, Robert Pederson, Don Hughes, L, Patrick Peterson, Richard A Hillesland, Kent Putney, Chuck Kearney, Arthur Seda, Alvin D Lankford, Richord Sutherland, John D. McLean, Michael Suzuke, James Y. beta alpha psi accounting fraternity Beta Alpha Psi is a national professional fraternity. Delta Chapter was chartered on this campus in 1921. The purposes are threefold — first to encourage high scholastic attainment, second to promote the ad- vancement of the accounting profession through the study of accounting, and third to serve as a contact between the active members and those employers requiring the service of men trained in accounting and business. Candidates are those se- lected with 20 hours or more of accounting, who have 3.0 in accounting and 2.5 in all subjects. A five-hour examination covering accounting theory, problems, and law must be token and passed be- fore becoming full-fledged members. Active mem- bers are those registered as advanced undergradu- ate or graduate students majoring in accounting. NOT PICTURED: Gordon, Nyall L. Becker, John P, Hinshaw, Robert C, Bentley, James R. La[alo, Edward J. Berrett, Rob L. Mikkelsen, Chalmer J. Blagg, Louren W. OKeefe, Michael D. Burks, Robert Treneer, Everett G. Forkner, Donald F. Von Totenhove, Jomes Goen, Jock R. Veitschegger, Rodney D Bome, Roland N, ROBERT BRINE, Pr. Ellis, Robert E. Fint, Donald J, Fisher George W. Hynes Edward M. Kappe , Robert Laycock, Larry McKer nan, Daniel R Peorsc n, Jerry M, Pethle y, Lowell S, Rosmu ssen, Glenn Rosmussen, Orville T. Sandvik, Wilhelm L. Tovis, Wayne A. Thompson, Stacey E. Zaborsky, Alfonso A. big " w " athletic honorary Barker, Floyd Boin, Bruno Bower, Charles Boyd, Stan Brond!, Rich Bryan, Robert Bundy, Emory Condon, Horold Dovis, John Doy, Duone Drips, Phil Erickson, Dick Faorot, Rod Gage, Kenneth Geiger, Monte Gellermonn, Louis Germundson, Gunno Hommermoster, Gen Hilton, Jim Hovland, Andy Kieburtz, Phil Lelond, Dovid Lewis, Korsl en Linden, Gory lowry, Don Lusher, Douglas McCluskey, Michael McCulloch, Dovid McMillan, Joseph Mohnken, Carl Manlowe, Robert Mertel, Charles Michel, Daniel Millett, Thomas Mori , Ion Nommensen, Gem Ochs, Bill Parker, Williom Poyseno, Richard Revere, Williom Sievers, Chris Snider, William Stady, Williom Strugor, George Sunitsch, Don Thomos, Jim Thomas, Robert Vanni, Ralph Williams, John Zaepfel, John i MMS I] h£k k ilk Big " W " club is the varsity lettermen ' s organization. The purpose of the club is to further interest in athletics and associated activities and to strengthen bonds be- tween participants of varsity athletics. Discussions are held at bi-monthly meetings to help solve problems aris- ing from student participation in athletics. Big " W " members attend athletic contests together as a sign of athletic backing athletic. Membership is open to all var- sity letter winners in major sports. The club holds an annual picnic and dance. Big " W " manages the " Miss Varsity " contest for Varsity Ball. It functions as a service organization to raise the stand- ards of spirits and traditions at Washington. NOT PICTURED: Johnson, Jerry Anderson, Larry Jones, Arnold Armstrong, Donald Jones, Jim R. Baldwir , William Kerry, Bill Bertheau, Rene Lindquist, Reece Cassity, George Lowell, Duone Claridge, Bruce Lucci, Ffonk Cresap, Roy McCumby, Don Dailey, Don McKimson, Richard Day, Dick McVeigh, Dick Derby, Dean Pedersen, Gene Dunn, Robert Perkins, Doyle Green, Credell Pulford, Lorry Hallock, Gene DAVE PURNELL, Pr Hart, Art Singer, Dean Heck, Jim Talbot, George Herring, Bob Terry, Ron Jack, Dick Wetter, Doug 426 beta gamma • business fraternity S I Q III O Beta Gamma Sigma, sponsored by the American Associa- tion of Collegiate Schools of Business, encourages and rec- ognizes outstanding scholastic achievement by students of Business Administration. The organization serves further to advance the contribution of educational institutions to the character and a bility of students of commerce and industy. As the highest scholastic honorary attainable in the field of Business Administration, Beta Gamma Sigma has a member- ship consisting of top-ranking graduate students, seniors, juniors of advanced standing. A grade point average of 3.3 or better is required of graduates and seniors, v hile eligible juniors must hove earned at least a 3.5. However, in no case may more than 10% of the senior class, nor more than 3% of the junior class be initiated. Alpha of Washington, chartered in 1923, is one of 55 chap- ters located throughout the United States. Braunschweiger, Teddy RICHARD BYINGTON, President Calverl, Barboro Meredith, John Nommensen, Gene Sanderson, Richard Thurston, Robert Zaborsky, Alfonso NOT PICTURED: Johnson, Glenn Nicholson, Bette J. Onodera, Koun gamma alpha chi Bird, Linda Compbe , Carol 0. Donno Gill, Pat Hording, Donno KAY HEILY, President Ingham, Nancy Lippold, Arlene Quickstad, Kc Reese, Janet NOT PICTURED: Brown, Ellen Hedges, Ruth Morteler, Mary 2o Patton, Joanne Gamma Alpha Chi, professional advertising hon- orary for women (formerly Pi Alpha Sigma) was founded at the University of Washington in 1 947. The purpose of Gamma Alpha Chi is to advance advertising as a profession among women and bring about mutual benefit to women on campus inter- ested in making advertising their career. Members are chosen in the fall and spring from University women majoring in the advertising field who have maintained a 3.0 grade average in all advertising subjects. 427 fir tree Fir Tree was founded at the University of Wash- ington to recognize men who had rendered out- standing service to the University in the field of extra-curricular activities. New members are chosen at the end of the spring quarter from upper division students. Membership in Fir Tree is limited to undergraduate men who have token all their college work at this university. The symbol, the fir tree, was chosen be- cause it is typical of the state of Washington. NOT PICTURED: Perkins, Harold Doyle Toothoker, Joel H ANDONIAN, PAUL M, BRYAN, ROBERT J. EGAN, DAVID E GERAGHTY, JOHN V., JR., HILTON, JIM M, President McNAMEE, ROBERT S. McREYNOLDS, NEIL L. PURNELL, DAVID F, VALENTINE, DAVID ALBERT WAILES, RONALD D 428 husky svsfim club The Husky Swim Club, which was established in 1949, strives " to promote in- terest and sportsmanship in swimming and associated sports at the University of Washington and in the Pacific Northwest. Membership is open to mole University students who have completed one or more quarters of academic studies, who are active in swimming or on associated sport and who have been approved unanimously by members at the nominating meeting. Con- tinued membership depends on continued active participation. Through the years, the Club has devoted its efforts to several projects: the sponsorship of swimming and diving clinics for northwest coaches and swim- mers, officiating for intramural and for high school meets, and exhibitions at northwest pool dedications. The club also co-sponsors swimming and diving meets, gives demonstrations during Freshman Orientation Week and at uni- versity open house programs, selects and announces winners of the Outstand- ing Freshman Swimmer and the Inspirational Varsity Swimmer awards, and presents the annual three-day spring water show, " Aqua Fantasies. " NOT PICTURED: Anderson, Larry Irminger, Jon Buerk, Artie Jock, Dick Coll, John Johnson, Curt Cote, Esko Jones, Jim Cramer, Danny Koneta, Keith Driscoll, John Lawson, Bill Dysort, Lloyd Levering, Howard Eckberg, Ed McCallum, Don Eng, Sam McGowen, Bill Harlan, Jon McMillian, Corey Hayes, Frederick Hopkins, Robin La Villette, John Lucorell, Robert McMohon, Robert Miller, Wolt Porter, Richord Revere, William Ring, Toft Schuh, John Schorzmon, Mark Smith, George Sunderlond, Gory Tho Thornton, Tim Word, Thomos Whitman, Anthony Wolfe, Kirke Woolowoy, Groydo EASTMAN, GEORGE, President Fisher, Donold Gage, Kenneth Q kappa p s i men ' s pharmacy honorary Brittain, Pool Campbell, David C Davison, Walter In 1916 a group of twenty pharmacy students of the College of Pharmacy were granted a charter for the Beta Omicron Chapter of Kappa Psi. The organization has as its aims the foster- ing of pharmaceutical research, high scholar- ship, and the advancement of professional standards in Pharmacy. The Beta Omicron chapter is one of forty- seven active collegiate chapters located through- out the United States. Its members are com- posed of faculty of the college of pharmacy, medical service representatives, leading phar- macists throughout the state, and students in the College of Pharmacy. Beta Omicron chap- ter is not only expanding professionally, but socially OS well and the scope of its activities is increasing every year. Elliott, William Else, Robert PEYTON G REENOUGH bison, Ralph Irngsworth, Ralph man, Robert McCorter, Oougl. Mathers, Robert Miyata, Tomio Nunn, Charles Patzer, Robert NOT PICTURED: Pirtle, Roscoe Classen, Phillip Renner, Leelyn Grutchfield, Victor Rose, Joe Kaherman, Donald Schmad, Wayn Kelly, Donald Tavis, Jim Kirsch, William Witten, Robert Koscal, Edward lambda kappa sigma national sorority for women in pharmacy Agors, Vi|a Arkills, Dons Biorklund, LaVe ... NOT PICTURED Loschansky, Honnah n f m i Grutchfield, Marlys McKeon, Jackie Phillips, Ann Pitcher, Joan ANN RIVENES, President Lambda Kappa Sigma, a national sorority for women in Pharmacy, seeks to promote friend- ship, high scholarship, professional interest, and to prepare its members for service in the medical profession. The sorority was organ- ized in 1913 with ten members. Today it con- sists of thirty-seven active and sixteen alumnae chapters. Chi Chapter at the University of Washington grew from the " Antidote Club " for women in Pharmacy and was installed on April 20, 1941. The yearly activities include a Founder ' s Day Program, Hygeia Day Celebration, Initiation Banquet, Mother-Daughter Banquet, a Christ- mas party, and various other get-acquainted parties for the women in Pharmacy. The soror- ity is also an active participant in the various functions of the Pharmacy Department. I a m ba r h o Arlowe, Laureen a Kubota, Doris Nokamuro, May Qurckslad, Karen Savage, Rcserra.y women ' s art honorary Lambda Rho, Women ' s Art Honorary, was founded nearly a half century ago at the University of Washington. Since that time its members have proven their capabilities, for nearly every outstanding v oman artist in the northwest area was a Lambda Rho member at the University. The high qualifications required of Lambda Rho women nec- essarily limits its membership. A woman must hove main- tained a 3.0 accumulative grade average and a 3.1 in art. These high requirements eliminate all those who are not se- riously interested in furthering the goals of Lambda Rho, which ore to work in the field and encourage all sincere artistic endeavors. NOT PICTURED: Campbell, Maurinc Peterson, Janet BERTHA PITCHER, mu phi epsilon professional music honorary Mu Phi Epsilon is a national sorority in the pro- fessional field. Tou chapter has as its purposes the advancement of music in America, the pro- motion of musicianship and scholarship, loyalty to the Alma Mater, and the Development of a true sisterhood. Mu Phi Epsilon sponsored the Hello Tea in Oc- tober, welcoming all new women students of the School of Music; the Founders Day Banquet; three music therapy programs each month; In- ternational Music Relations; the departmental Christmas party; monthly cookie soles, for a scholarship fund; magazine sales to aid in the national project of supporting Bads Hill Music School in Chicago, and receptions for senior and graduate recitals. A District Conference was held April 1 3 in the School of Music, with Tau as hostess chapter. NOT PICTURED: Ling, Agi les H.W, Anslow, Bernice S. Matthias , Betty L. Eastmen, Memo M Miyauchi , Tokiko Fennell, Donna L. Nielson, Sandra J. Forrester, Lolte E Rolcliffe, Becky L. Hegle, Carmen D Runck, El milieE. Heller, Jonel S. Showger , Suzan Hodde, Dorothy A Villesvrk, Mary A. Bortroff, Barbara A. Bentley, Morlene R, Brincken, Louise F. Detrick, Julio I. Donahue, Potricio C, ANN NILSSON, Prs Noble, Jane Poton, Marilyn J. Schwortze, Patricia Waltz, Winifred A. Wernli, Lou Ann Wetzel, Carolyn I. Cl O O A w ( P ip B G o 4i! £ iS m iHh Adair, Jerry Adams, Evan A. Boffaro, Gary Bowen, John Brown, Robert Brown, Roger Bumgarner, Stan Cluster, Mike Conan, Ed Davis, Walt Day, John Diamond, Bob Edgar, Bill Falskow, Guy Giersch, Ed Honey, Keith Hayduk, Duke Hellman, Carl Hutchings, Dick McElroy, Dove MocKay, John Milligon, Dick y ' u uell, Mike . " y Pederson, Edsc Quolly, Lloyd Reiner, Robert Rich, Edward Roberts, Chuck Siolseth, Jack a I a m u t e s service organization .i LYNN MOLZAN, President NOT PICTURED: Adams, Quincy Brown, Fred Brown, Ron Corpp, Larry Jones, Frank Waroshino, Bud The main purpose of Molamutes is to promote school spirit. It arranges pregome rallies, plans half-time card stunts at football games, and creates original ways to promote spirit at all athletic activities. In addition, Mola- mutes is responsible for the selection of the yell team and the care of Ski, the Husky mascot. An inspiration of Molamutes is the annual University of Washington Songfest, one of the highlights of Parents ' Weekend. Molamutes and Rally Girls now cosponsor Songfest. Membership in Molamutes is open to all freshmen men. During the fall quarter the new members are known as invites. The top forty nivites become actives during their sophomore year, for which they are awarded white coot sweaters. Snider, Hank Spaulding, Charle Thatcher, Mike Theodore, Tom Thorpe, Fred Van Eoton, Terr Vaux, Walt Welch, Doug 432 l ll White, Dorrell Williamson, Ron ortar board national senior women ' s honorary BRAUNSCHWEIGER, TEDDY M,, President Three principles — scholarship, leadership, and serv- ice — guide Mortar Board, national senior women ' s honor society. Tolo Chapter was founded on the University of Washington campus in 1925. Since then it has aimed to promote college loyalty, to advance the spirit of service and fellowship among university women, to promote and maintain a high standard of scholarship, to recognize and encourage leader- ship, and to stimulate the development of a finer type of college woman. Each spring outstanding junior women are elected to membership in Mortar Board. The scholastic re- quirement is a cumulative grade point of at least four-tenths of a point above the all-University aver- age. Mortar Board activities center around the presenta- tion of scholarships to an outstanding and deserv- ing woman in both the freshman and sophomore class. Funds for the scholarships are raised by the annual Christmas Candy Cane sale. This year Mortar Board participated in a new KCTS program series for prospective college students. As the spring project, panel discussions on college life were given at Seattle high schools to graduating girls. Arlowe, Laureen Rai Bedford, Audrey Calvert, Barbara Connell, Margari Fendall, Nancy Fitch, Cornelia M Quickstad, Kar Ring, Noel Schneider, Solly Sherry, Corolyn Whitman, Rheto Willard, Nodine P Q 433 Baisch, Merilyn Brown, Solly Corlstrom, Margery Cook, Marilyn Greer, Eileen Hecker, Joan HUNTER, KATHRYN, Preside Lee, Lois Lloyd, Nellie Okamura, Lillian Porker, Margaret Sunden. Jonel m u ta u medical technology honorary Mu Tau was organized on the University of Washington campus November 14, 1952, and is open to all medical technology majors who have completed five quarters of work in their field. The purpose of the organization is to become better acquainted with medical technology and fellow students. At their monthly meetings, speakers from professional groups present information to aid the students in their academic ob- jectives. Mu Tau also attends meetings of the Seattle Society of Medical Technology. NOT PICTURED: Eoton, Janef Morgan, Norma Fortin, Pat Nelson, Marilyn Graham, Pearl Nolan, Eve Gray, Marilyn Palolo, Darlene Hansen, Jean Pugh, Joan Horns, Sylvia Ramaley, Shirley Hewitt, Dee Stenberg, Grace Keire, Dogniio Teague, Barbara Kieburtz, Karm Thompson, Shirley Loe, Mary Toshi, Joyce Morgan, Audrey Viebrock, Marilyn omicron nu home economics honorary Omicron Nu is a National Home Economics honorary which honors second quarter juniors and seniors major- ing in home economics who hove maintained a 3.0 ac- cumulative average. The purposes of Omicron Nu, the promotion of scholarship, leadership and research in the field of home economics, are carried out in the year ' s activities. A tea is given every spring to honor home economics majors who have maintained high grades. The proceeds from a jam sale held during the autumn quarter are contributed to a national Omicron Nu schol- arship fund. Morris, Janet E. Anderson, Rosemary Carlgren, Borboro Costello, Joan M. Deuter, Fendall Ichikow GAYLE OSTERMAN, President tMk 434 oval club upperciassmen ' s activity honorary Alexander, Gerry Bom, Bruno Braden, Phil Bryan, Robert Bundy, Emory Surges, Chuck Byington, Richard Clark, Kent Doubert, Dick Gollaher, Phrl Geroghty, Jack Oval Club is celebrating its golden anniversary this year as the up- perciassmen ' s activity and service organization at Washington. Oval Club was founded in 1907 and grev rapidly to a position of leader- ship in the maintenance of school traditions and in the promotion of service projects of value to the University. Oval Club selects members twice annually from upperclassmen who have proven themselves to be outstanding in activities, athletics, or academic endeavors. Through the combination of the efforts of these leaders the Oval Club has mode many contributions to the University over the past fifty years, and with the growth of the University the value of this organization has increased and its responsibilities have multiplied. The members have met this challenge in the past and ore looking forward to the next fifty years with the motto " service to Washington " kept foremost in their minds. Hughes, Chorl Johonson, Lori Kinzel, W SHAN MULLIN, President Nunnelee, Geri Peringer, Mike Peters, Douglas Reed, John Shiebel Strom, Sunilsc Weeks, Woodr 1, Joe Terry h, Don , George utf, John NOT PICTURED: Dobson, Tom Baldwin, Bill Gustin, Franl- Bisset, John Honna, Roy Buck, Wayne Hill, Jim Buerk, Artie Johnson, Jerr Cassity, George McKeown, M Daniels, Don Molilor, Gral Delemitros, Artie Odell, Rollin Derby, Dean Wood, Tom 435 pan X e n I a foreign trade honorary o « Cavadias, Gregory Chen, Yung-Ping Chinn, Hing W. Hunlley, John W. MiHen, Paul L. Nowo, Toshio Ouickstad, Bn Suder, Woller ' _ Teromoto, Kensi _yK Vondaveer, Robert W. Pan Xenia was founded in 1919 at the University of Washington, where the international headquarters re- mains. The purpose of Pan Xenia is the development of interest in foreign trade and the promotion of higher ideals and standards of business ethics. Membership is open to Sophomores majoring in foreign trade, political science, economics and related fields who show interest in the promotion of the group ' s ob- jectives and good scholarship standing. Each spring and fall Pan Xenia holds an initiation ban- quet. The fraternity takes an active part in the Wash- ington State International Trade Fair. Guest speakers just returned from abroad, or businessmen engaging in foreign trade talk at the bi-monthly coffee meetings. The highlight of Pan Xenio ' s social events is the annual formal dinner ball at one of the local officer ' s clubs. NOT PICTURED: Ahem, Ceroid E. Louis, Lymon O. Anderson, Melvin Melsom, Haakon Austin, Richard O, Menosveto, Deb Berry, Brian Noble, Stephen Cox, John M. Schoenberg, Ralph A Doan, Charles Seto, Tak Horbitz, Froncis Smith, Floyd Hsu, George C. Smith, William Jones, James A. Swonson, J. Elmer, Jr Kotsuju, Abe Wong, King Kung 436 REYNOLDS, ROBERT L , Preside SMITH, GARY L., President phi beta kappa national scliolastic Kionorary Senior Honors Andreika, Janis Talivald Bagnall, Victor Howard Baudendislel, Catherine Berger, Richard Charles Berry, Delores Ann Bradley, Robert Wilimm Cahill, Margaret Ann Campbell, Elizabeth Jan. Campbell, Joan Lowell Carlson, Shirley Ann Carraher, Ronald Georg. Clark, Gilbert Alan Crawford, Jack Joy, Jr. Crofts, Moriorie Faith Crowe, Clayton Thomas Dietzen, Ann Elizabeth Douglos, Kothryn Marie Drake, Clancy George Eggon, Hugh Melford Emerson, Edith Leiand Essley, Frances Adelia Folhco, Patrick Richard Fisher, Franklin Peter Fix, Carolyn French, Stephen Warren Gilbnders, Jomes Edgar Gross, Geraldine Kolher Hammer, Ellis Dallon Horrison, Ernest Franklin Hill, Robert Victor Hodson, Susan Marie Hofeditz, John Thomas Holmes, Marguerite Hopkins, Violet Adele Hoyle, Elizabeth Ann Huff, Janet Olesen Jenkins, Mor|orie Ann Johnson, Ray Claude Knotz, Mary Ellen M. Koning, Adolf Pieter Kuehn, George Frederick Lee, Ronald Calvin Lemke, Gladys Leesch Lewis, Myron Eugene Linde, Thor Donald Luschei, Lome Louis McNichols, Sara Lynn Manning, Helen Louise Motzkind, Morion France Misch, Hannah Morris, Robert George Nakomuro, Nobuko Oberkotter, Marilyn Jean Pethley, Lowell Sherman Priebe, Duone Allen Privat, John Pierre Ramsey, Audrey Carolyn Rowlings, Elbert Wayne Rush, Donald Eugene Sagel, Arthur Argyle Scheffler, Hildegord H. Sendo, Margaret Masc Show, Luonne Ruth Smith, Dorotheo Edna Standerfer, Franklin Ross Steincipher, Claire Stephas, Paul Stronk, Stanley William Swisher, Donald Prevost Thelen, Hazel Frederica Wahl, Karen Lee Woterhouse, Myro Weld, Wayne Curtis Whitney, Lelond Lloyd Wiel, William Donald Williams, Gerald Alvin Wilson, Alice Ross Woo, Nina ko Spring initiates, left to right: DIANE CUMMINS, MARILYN JEAN OBERKOTTER, AUDREY CAROLYN RAMSEY, CLAIRE STEINCIPHER, RAY JOHNSON, CLANCY GEORGE DRAKE, ROBERT WILLIAM BRADLEY. NOT PICTURED: KATZ, SOLOMON, President Crowell, Laura Kirk, Ruth Cummins, Diane McDonald, John Keith Gilchrist, Madeline Perrin, Porter Henskey, Audrey Lois Yorke, Mary Christine Junior Honors Anderson, Rosemary Bergman, Myro Mane DeShozo, Donna Marie ird, Marilyn inn, Colvin Wayne Phi Beta Kappa, founded in 1776 at the College of Wil- lionn and Mary, is the oldest Greek letter society in the United States. The University chapter, Washingon Alpha, was founded in 1914. Election to Phi Beta Kappa has been recognition of intellectual capacities well employed, especially in acquiring an education in the liberal arts and sciences. The ennblem is a key. 437 Linstrom, Carol Je Meredith, John Edward Okerlund, John Herbert Orliss, Theodore Eug. Osterman, Mary Goyli Pelkey, Duone Allon Schnotterly, Ann Shasleen, Horlen Edwin Sherry, Carolyn May Thurston, Robert Corlist pi omicron sigma inter-fraternity honorary i i,!iSkM ( llmr r«»-f f ' m mk MJE ii M " " Oft ft o " p Wr2 ' KJ ' ) F 44 i Q 1 D NOT PICTURED: ALPHA DELTA PHI Sherman, Bob ALPHA KAPPA LAMBDA Wilson, Duane ALPHA TAU OMEGA Cameron, Allen Bushoe, Paul CHI PHI Hollock, John CHI PSI Smith, Curl DELTA SIGMA PHI Nelson, Doyle DELTA UPSILON Smith, Gordon KAPPA ALPHA PSI Bridges, Leon KAPPA SIGMA Boswell, John LAMBDA CHI ALPHA Anderson, Lloyd Proctor, Pele PHI DELTA THETA Dobbs, Larry PHI KAPPA TAU Chodwick, Mike PHI SIGMA KAPPA Fisch, Richard SIGMA ALPHA MU Rief, Paul THETA CHI Johnson, Glen THETA XI Wornek, Ross ZETA BETA TAU Lutzkor, Mario ZETA PSI Cook, John ALPHA DELTA PHI Orliss, Ted Toche Sol ALPHA KAPPA LAMBDA Taylor, Roger Howard, John ALPHA SIGMA PHI Meredith, John Stevens, John W, Patrick, Keith ALPHA TAU OMEGA Baldwin, Dick Doy, John BETA THETA PI Johnson, Gordon W . Clork, Kent Permger, Mike Pederson, Art CHI PHI Young, Gordon CHI PSI Bergstrom, Ted McGee, Chuck DELTA CHI Weeks, George DELTA KAPPA EPSILON Welts, Dave Stewart, Sandy DELTA SIGMA PHI Womba, John A. Ellis, Charles DELTA TAU DELTA Johnson, Marshall Johanson, Larry KAPPA SIGMA Lewis, Dick KAPPA SIGMA Wallace, Dick LAMBDA CHI ALPHA Wick, Dennis PHI DELTA THETA Davis, Don Parker, Bill PHI GAMMA DELTA Hilton, Jim Woodruff, John PHI KAPPA PSI Gamble, Mike Rickdoll, Larry PHI KAPPA SIGMA Murray, Bob PHI KAPPA SIGMA Clark, Dick PHI KAPPA TAU White, Leo W. Nicoloi, Lelond PI KAPPA ALPHA Carroll, Neil PI KAPPA PHI Johannes, Cliff Lundberg, Melvin PSI UPSILON Dowd, Tom Matheson, Bill SIGMA ALPHA EPSILON Nun , Get) SIGMA ALPHA EPSILON Schneider, Ken Nommensen, Gene Stroh, Jim SIGMA ALPHA MU Rogers, Robert Sender, Roy Lovi, Rohim SIGMA CHI son, Norn ird. Rich Glen 438 SIGMA CHI Hughes, Dick SIGMA NU Lister, John Sullivan, Frank Lewis, Corky SIGMA PHI EPSILON Custer, Don W, Tenning, Carl Ingalls, Bob TAU KAPPA EPSILON Starbard, Earl TAU PHI DELTA Merritt, Dick TAU PHI DELTA McKay, Ken THETA DELTA CHI Flower, Chuck Bremner, Eric THETA CHI Keefe, Lorry McGhee, Ken THETA XI Iverson, Ron ZETA BETA TAU Kleinberg, Larry ZETA PSI Holdren, Larry Davis, Gerald r " f Davis, John H. Davis, John M. Finlay, Ronald purple shield Bernard, John Blanton, Alex BRADEN, PHIL, Preside Gallaher, Philip Gamble, Lex Glickman, Kenneth Graham, Ronald Hahn, Gerald Henderson, Willia Hoslermon, Croig Hungerford, Williai Hurt, Robert Jaco) (, Donald Kilbu rn, Howard Kreit cburg. Car! Motteson, Michael Mille r, Walter MocL eon, James McMillan, Joseph Preuss, Ralph Rivkin, Saul Ryles, Gerald Stowell, Robert Swonson, Malcoltr activities honorary Purple Shield has had as its purpose, since 1925, to bring together those underclassmen who hove proven themselves to be outstanding in the field of scholarship and to be leaders in the field of extra- curricular endeavor. The underlying purpose is to create and maintain a spirit of loyalty and unity among the members and to the University, which they will possess throughout their upperclassmen ' s status and similarly upon the completion of their academic studies. Purple Shield intitiates new members twice a year and requires them to have a 2.67 or better cumu- lative grade point, with a 3.0 one quarter, and a sufficient number of activity points. Although not a service honorary. Purple Shield has devoted many hours of service to Washington. This year Purple Shield served as host at many of the receptions and combined with W-Key to put on a television program and to sell concessions at Sopho- more Carnival. NOT PICTURED: Armstrong, Donald Boskin, Mike Bissel, John Buerk, Art Jock, Richard Moleau, Lynn Morton, Darrell Nickel, Michel H. 439 CLEO BEDFORD, President hears, Mary Fr( rally girls TT , RALLY Chilcote, Paulette Hoffman, Phyllis Jofinson, Judith " Here we go . . . go . . . go, here we go! " This familiar cry symbolizes the objectives and enthusiasm of the Uni- versity-founded Rally Girls. Women ' s Rally Committee works with Malamutes to promote school spirit. Wearing the tra- ditional white sweaters, the girls sell pom-poms and rooter caps at gomes. Some of the Rally Girls lead singing and yells, but the majority organize card stunts for the half- time entertainment. MacRae, Sarah Peterson, Go, I Provine, Dotti Sahlberg, Judy H Thompson, Vicki Wright, Jessie m Membership in Rally Girls is open to freshman women, who are taken in during the fall as " invites. " After one quarter of service, pledges are chosen. Actives ore selected at the close of Spring Quarter on the basis of work accomplished throughout the year. invites Adorns, Sydney Bailey, Charlotte Barker, Marilyn Bell, Borbara Berry, Lynn Beighle, Danne Ell Betzner, Judy Block, Bonnie Bloomberg, Marcr Christophel, Virgir Compton, Judy Cropley, Juanita. i n vites Dambres, Lenora feki Duncan, Borbarc Fortenbocher, Marcia Fnedlander, Jacquelir Graham, Judy Gustofson, Kathy Gustafson, Shir Haas, Carole Hunter, Judy Hurley, Areto Jackson, Judy Joubert, Solly Kossner, Linda Lavoy, Sharon Lorentzen, Ruth Manning, Nancy 155 F " " .. j McLeon, Jean McReynolds, Dor( B-J OT Nelson, JoAnne Nichols, Morjo O ' Neill, Sheila Pontoges, Stas Regan, Roslyn ' ff ,- V » Sanchez, Shirley Sonders, Deonne Sellen, Ginger Septon, Joan Sideres, DaH( Stout, Penny Stuve, Chorle Taylor, Sandy Thomas, Donna Thompson, Lynn Vaughn, Sharon Woods, Borbor( Ziegler, Borborc NOT PICTURED: Beoudry, Vicki Croft, Betty Lou Forsberg, Moryann Olson, Bonnie Blond, Marcia Bloomquest, Debbie Cado, Theresa Eckland, Dianna Monser, Karen Ellsworth, Donna Nota, Alice Jean Elmstrom, Adele Porks, Ellyn Flynn, Sharon Reed, Mary Jane Hommond, JoAnne Sherwin, Barbora HeMrick, Earlene Soudlond, Lucia Lewton, Rose Weiman, Mary Jo Makomet, Alex 441 pi lambda theta education honorary Capen, Juan Davids, Sylv Foord, Marilyn Foster, Gayle Hoffman, Carole Ingels, Nancy NOT PICTURED: Aberle, Mrs. Joann S. Lienord, Marguerite Arkley, Rose (Mrs. S. T.) MocDonald, Cecilia Jokinen, Shirley Ashizawa, Yukiko Grace McAdoms, Laura E. STEPHANIE LABRACHE, President Batre, Dr. Harriet V, Metz, Mrs. Edith A. Mortin, Brehm, Mrs. Hesper St. John Moriarty, Honora R. Nagata, Peggy A. Campbell, Joan Lowell Orluck, Alvina Cohen, Vera Peters (Mrs. Joseph) Orluck, Anne E. Cross, Harriet Palmerton, Barbara Dailey, Jonet Pons, Catherine (Mrs. L. O.) Davis, Patricia Pelz, Freda Gradalin, Mrs. Margaret Price, Mrs, Evelyn Horrang Hoyden, Dr. Alice H. Scheumann, Mrs. Gretchen Stroh Hoffman, Dr Kotherme Strehlau, Betty y Iverson, Betty N. (Mrs. H. A ) Tschudin, Mrs Mary S. Jocobsen, Lillian E. Vavra, Catherine E. Jenks, Dr. Elizabeth Vopni, Dr. Sylvia Johnson, Pauline Wollen, Joanne L. Knorr, Mrs. Betty Lou Trepp Woods, Margaret S. (Mrs. F. E.) Kobbivik, Olga L. Wybourn, Marjorie Leahy, Kathleen M. Zoleski, Mrs. Frances H. chi, Irene 1. Yotsuuye, Elsie Nobuko rho chi pharmacy honor society NOT PICTURED; Breslich, Mary Cecilia Kudolkor, Vosant Damrong, Beiroblayo Nace, George Durbin, Robert Pettinato, Fronk Harris, William Roscoe, Charles Holt, Vendo Rose, Joe Julian, Ed Runikis, Jams Ko, Daniel Underhill, Ed Rho Chi was established at the University of Wash- ington in 1931 as a pharmacy honor society. The fundamental objective has always been to promote through the encouragement and recognition of in- tellectual scholarship. Membership is open to juniors, seniors and gradu- ate students in pharmacy who have demonstrated their scholastic abilities and hove won the esteem of their fellow students. Fourteen new members were initiated this year at the annual banquet in March. Other activities included an all-pharmacy picnic in the spring and participation in Pharmacy Department functions. Faculty adviser is Dr. Wait L. Rising. Curtis, Mary Jo Eng, Helen Funke, Gloria Hara, Hirohisa Hollingsworlh, Ralph Johnson, Lloyd McCorter, Douglas ROBERT PATZER, Pr Pitcher, Joan Soyors, James Steinbrecher, Kurt scabbard and blade Ferrymar Baker, Duane Barker, Floyd n, Donald i kmk Matheson, George Plebuch, Richard Qually, Lloyd Royburn, Bruce Ring, Toft Wotkins, William Willis, Fred £kdM NOT PICTURED: Beckmon, Virgil Brooks, Timothy Hodges, Forrest Kobato, George Morris, Boyd Terry, Ronald Tobiason, Robert Von Pelt, R. W. The National Society of Scabbard and Blade is an honorary organization of Army, Navy and Air Force upper-division cadets and midshipmen. At present there are 1 28 active companies of Scabbard and Blade on the campuses of various American colleges and universities. " I " company of the First Regiment was organized on this campus in 1914. Members are selected on the basis of university activities, academic achievement, and military leadership and proficiency. Cadets are chosen from the upper third of their military science classes and must have quali- ties of leadership, integrity and honesty. 443 sigma epsilon sigma women ' s underclassmen scholarship honorary Sigma Epsilon Sigma is a scholastic hon- orary for sophomore women who have maintained a 3.5 minimum grade point average during their freshman year. The main goal of this chapter is the encour- agement and promotion of high scholar- ship among freshman women of all branches of learning. While essentially an honorary, Sigma Ep- silon Sigma does carry out the necessary functions of any organization. The mem- bers serve as hostesses at the President ' s Reception, give a tea for freshman women who maintained a 3.5 minimum grade average their first quarter in school, and have an annual project to raise money for their scholarship fund. Austin, Morybeth Bartroff, Barbara Boersma, Ruth Bollinger, Linda Carpenter, Diane Daly, Margaret BARBARA CARLGREN, Flynn, Arlene Follis, Britta Fukosawa, Groc Fuller, Neva Gaffner, Robin Jordan, Lawton, Lawwill, Lovegre I Judy Elizabeth Gretchen n, Vaughn McLeish, Marilyn Mader, Beverly Mortin, Elaine Meyer, Kathleen Nelson, Roberta Nelson, Ruby Ness, Arlene Osborne, Esther Solt, Suzanne Schegolkov, Leo Scott, Teresa Skaggs, Sylvia Smith, Caryl Sohnel, Christie Stender, Nancy Stover, Von Krc Wagne Whileh Janis sigk, Jean .Judy •ad, Virgin NOT PICTURED: Berry, Gladys Black, Barbara Bush, Corol Closen, Corinne Cooper, Leslie Doepke, Martha Duckey, Donna Fabrick, Patricio Fossetl, Beverly Goil, Mildred Gilbert, Valerie Grage, Noncy Heath, Mary London, Carol Londrum, Betty Jon. Lang, Nancy Lehwalder, Corol Lotz, Donna Maizels, Nettie Menard, Virginia Moron, Melanie Morchin, Barbara Munns, Rubye Nave, Marian Needhom, Lois Rouke, Ermo Storkenburg, Shirlei Taylor, Alyce Van Tilborg, Sue Walker, Delores Willett, Margaret Wogsland, Betty Je Yowell, Carol 444 silver fish women ' s swim honorary NOT PICTURED: Adorns, Jon Canterbury, Kit Comings, Soro Furtodo, Bobby Henry, Barbara Rembe, Vicki Seors, Maureen Tiedemonn, Jill Silver Fish is an honorary organization for women. Each fall new members are chosen on the basis of their swimming ability. During Fall and Winter quarters the Silver Fish spend their practice time developing swimming skills so that by Spring quarter they are well qualified to present the water ballet, Aqua Fantasies, which they co- sponsor with the Husky Swim Club . Johnson, Jackie Johnson, Karen Kendall, Kothermc King, Kathleen Kintz, Coro Mae Lindeman, Betsy McDonald, Patrici McGatlin, Sharon Moberg, Kay Moberg, Myra Nan , Adri Peppel, Louise Perry, Helen Phillips, Sandrc Peterson, Suso Pierce, Kothorine Runstad, Jill Schultz, Barbara Scott, Mary Smith, Clarissa Terrell, Korlo Towsley, Jams Thorson, Connie Viofore, Sharon Willioms, Heothe sigma delta chi national journalism honorary Sigma Delta Chi is a national fraternity of men aspiring to or already actively engaged in the writing profession. The University of Washington chapter has been active since 1910. Members are selected on basis of scholarship, interest and aptitude in journalism work. Those accepted must hove a desire to make writing their occupation. The University chapter has supported a program, in conjunction with Theta Sigma Phi, women ' s journalism honorary, and SDX alumni, designed to better acquaint members with problems and advancements in their field. The year ' s two big social events are the Fall Initiation Banquet and the Spring Pledge Luncheon. COLVIN GLENN, President Nickel, Michel Wyant, Jack NOT PICTURED: Arlton, Paul Foley, Robert Hope, Douglas Lund, Alfred Nels. Mulligan, Jame Warnek, Ross Zimmer, Chorle 2% Decker, Daniel Drury, Don Englund, Edward Ewin, William Fitzsimmons, Dale Geer, Leonard Johnson, Harvey Mclvor, Ivor ROBERT LOFT, Preside Pelkey, Duone Stephens, Douglo Wieder, Lawrence tau beta pi national engineering honorary Tau Beta Pi is the national engineering honor society; it was founded in 1 885 at Lehigh Un- iversity. Washington ' s Alpha Chapter has been active since 1912 and is one of over 1 00 chap- ters located throughout the nation. Election to Tau Beta Pi constitutes recognition of outstand- ing scholarship, exemplary character, and con- tinued service to the University. Elections are made from the college of engineering in fall and winter quarters. Senior grade point aver- age must exceed 3.20; junior grade point aver- age must exceed 3.50 at Washington Alpha. Long-term service projects include publication of the Engineering Student Guide Book, and presentation to the outstanding freshman engi- neer of a suitably engraved plaque in recog- nition of his efforts. NOT PICTURED: Bernard, Frank Chellstorp, Thorvi Hllleslond, Carl Ikedo, Kay lombird, Robert Stathacopoulds, Aristotelis Weagont, George theta sigma phi women ' s professional journalism honorary DONNA DE SHAZO, President Theta Sigma Phi has a membership based on scholarship and the desire to enter a communications profession. The honorary was founded on the University of Washington cam- pus in 1909. Each spring Theta Sigma Phi sponsors the Matrix Table ban- quet to which one hundred campus women and five hundred outstanding Seattle women are invited. Other activities of the chapter include compiling the annual alumni Christmas news letter and running the Communications Building coffee shop. In addition, the group works with Sigma Delta Chi to bring communication speakers to campus. NOT PICTURED: Carson, Marian Eckton, Kay Fox, Marie Ganter, Nancy Johnson, Elizabeth Langlie, Came Ellen Lear, Louise Mathews, Frances Potton, Joanne Sourwine, Solly Wouwenaor, Ellen Br Bain, Connie Co. Bedford, Cleo Bird, Linda Burke, Pot Corey, Shoron Li Coilord, Shelby Heily, Kay Ingham, No Lepley, Carolyn Lippold, Arlene Reese, Janet Schneider, Solly Schuck, Shelby Shirley, Pouline Smith, Donno Marii Snider, Borbaro Stoley, Margaret Sweeney, Joan Sylling, Pat Whitehead, Virginic 447 PIGOn, MARY ELLEN, President totem club activity honorary Totem Club, junior and senior women ' s activity and service honorary, was founded at the University of Washington in 1932 to provide recognition of service to Washington. The members ' record of out- standing service to the University is augmented by hostessing at University banquets throughout the year. Song and Stunt Night win- ter quarter, an Orphan ' s party given with Oval Club spring quarter, and various other charity functions. To be eligible for membership in Totem Club, a woman must have at least 90 credits and a 2.0 grade average, plus an outstanding activity record. Members are tapped twice each years with the pres- entation of a miniature totem pole, the symbol of the organization. Allen, Marjorie Arlowe, Laureen Barlroff, Barbara Bedford, Audrey Bergmon, Myra Bernard, Sherrie Bird, L.ndo Breslich, Mary Buller, Beverly Calvert, Barbara Corlgren, Borbarc Connell, Margare Drew, Nancy Erken, Judy Evans, Cecile Evans, Gwyneth Fitch, Cornelia Follis, BriMa Freleigh, Alice Grewe, Jonel Harris, Linda Hawkins, Marion Hempler, Kolheri Henke, Julie Henning, Valerie Jobs, Storm f f gi 448 totem club honorary Johnson, Lucille Johnson, Ruth Jovick, Sally Kopf, Jonel Koppe, Gretchen Leonder, Sharon Leivestod, Mory Kay Low, Jean Martin, Elaine Meyers, Jo Anne Moore, Patricia Myers, Sharon Neil, Mary Lee Neisess, Carol An Nilsson, Ann Ogden, Sandra Petersen, Judith Quickstad, Karen Ring, Noel Sanderson, Joyce Schegolkov, Leo Schneider, Solly Scott, Terri Sherry, Carolyn NOT PICTURED: Costello, Joan London, Carol McGrath, Dinnie Peterson, Janet Shirley, Polly Skarperud, Martha Strilh, Donna Marie Stender, Nancy Stowell, Sandy Trimble, Ann Tuttle, Sylvia Waid, Morgo Whitman, Rheta 449 v Allen, Mario Boket, Reno Bole, Nancy Barttotf, Barboi Beaudry, Vicki Beil, Sally Berner, Com Berry, Carol Bird, Linda Birkenmeyer, Ann Boyd, Nancy Bresheors, Mary Fi Carlgren, Barbara Carpenter, Diane Chatalos, Joan Clark, Comille (.ommgs. Dahl, Sandra Englert, Janice Erken. Judith Evans, Gwyneth Forsberg, Maryann Foster, Gayle Goffner, Rob.n Gill, Marcia Goss, Twink GREEN, SHIRLEY Green, Stiaron Hamm, Paula Harris, Linda Haubrick, Nadyne Howkes, Sally Helphrey, Carol Henke, Julie Hodges, Margoret Holeton, Mariorie Home, Marilyn Howard, Pedie Hreha, Patricio Isenhath, Marilyn Jonsson, Morli Jobs, Storm Johnson, Koth, Janes, Suson Kelly, Pot Kieburtz, Karin Kulseth, Connie Landeen, Judith London, Carol link, Linda Martin, Jennell McBride, Jane McLaren, Kay Moses, Myers, Je Norr , Adi Paton, Marilyn Perkins, Glee Petersen, Judith Rondell, Sharei , Pat Ring, ErI Robinsoi Schalo, Shoi Schegolkov, Schwindl, Shi Skytto, Judy Smith, Coryl Spadafore, Nan Sle , Potri 450 Stender, Nancy Swenson, Marijo Thompson, Dixie Von Krosigh, Jea Walker, Nancy Webster, Beverly Wells, Norma Williams, Hcoihe Yotsuuye, Elsie key activity honorary NOT PICTURED: Black, Barbara A. Evans, Cecile Gillonders, Kathleen Lindquist, Sandra tau sigma delta HSIAO, CHING-HWA, Chapter Master Latourell, Dean Miller, John NOT PICTURED: Alden, Richard Lindstrom, Richard Wright, David £ k 4 Tau Sigma Delta was founded at the University of Michigan in 1913. Iota, the active chapter at the University of Washington, was founded in 1940. Institutional chapters are chartered only at four-year or more degree-granting American colleges and uni- versities whose department, school or college of Architecture is on the accedited list of the National Architectural Accrediting Board. The purpose of Tau Sigma Delta is to stimulate mental achievement, effort, and initia- tive; to emphasize leadership and character, and to reward students who attain high scholastic standing in Architecture, Landscape Architecture, and the Allied Arts of Design, with the prize of membership. zeta mu tau NOT PICTURED; Acker, William C. Nagel, Phyllis M. Austin, Carl R. Ossiander, Frank Barlow, Barbara Parente, John J. Blockburn, Larry Peters, Harry E. Bonner, Donald Prentiss, George K. Corey, Patrick Prince, Ben M. Davis, Donald Rice, Roy Worren Demmitt, Thomas Richard, John G., Jr. Egan, J.W, Sogle, Arthur A. Ellmger, Paul Scott, Clifford R. Gill, Robert W. Sherman, Arthur F. Guy, Arthur W. Toshiro, Sotoru Hopkins, Violet Thomsen, Theodore M. Huff, Richard R. Tighe, Robert F. Kanz, John W. Yoweil, Carol E. Ahlstrom, Harlow Anderson, Nils T. Bell, Eldon E. Bisset, Gordon A. Blundell, John W. mathematics honorary Bravo, John C. Bunker, Russel E. Chnstensen, Worrer DEAN, JAMES, Pres Decker, Doniel A. Ellestad, Thomas G. Englund, Edward J. Pint, Donald J. Herrick, Rose E. Houk, Theodore L. Hulbert, Dovid W. Ingolls, Robert L. Kenney, George J. Mothews, William G Mullen, Thomas R. Ness, Mahlon Olof Nodlund, Wayne E. Nordquist, Clarence Olson, Earl B. Pelkey, Duone A. Richord, Connie E Snaring, Thor M. Whybork, Dovid C. 41 mMlk ihm ifk% ' ikM iJ.Mi M 451 husky christian fellowship Berry, Eva Blair, Malcolm Copen, Sally Carlson, Byron Corkum, Evelyn Ellis, Vinita Franzen, Audrey RON THOMPSON, President Godberry, Noncy Hanson, Joyce Harris, Nancy Hieb, Roland House, David Humpheries, Bill Moder, Beverly Mclntyre, Chuck :i " 4?» D O ,0 Singhose, Hannah Sjoholm, Fred Soule, Phyllis Stoiff, Don Strandberg, Verna Sutherlond, John Townsend, Ado Ueda, Makolo Wong, Hugh The Washington chapter of Inter-varsity Christian Fellowship took root at Cambridge University in 1877 and has expanded to 14 countries. The fellowship is now repre- sented on some 500 of our campuses. I.V.C.F. is an inter-denominational, evangelical student organization. It stresses vital faith in Jesus Christ as the positive, successful way of life. Its activities this year included Monday noon and Wednesday evening fel- lowship meetings, organized prayer and Bible discussion groups, and purposeful re- treats, conferences, and socials. zeta phi eta women ' s speech arts honorary is awarded to a student studying NIC I iiLjii or-iirjrji opetiLn rtrib lebiivui, una ■t of the Lois Beil Sondall Scholarship which . -..-,„„„ ,„ „n outstanding woman senior or graduate student studying in the field of speech, radio or television. The Zeta Phi Eta Honorary Plaque is awarded annually to the outstanding senior man or woman in the speech depart- ment. We of Zeta were truly inspired with the visit of our national president this year. To all, the purpose of Zeta— to band to- gether in departments of speech, groups of selected college women interested in maintaining high standards of speech- became personal and vital. NOT PICTURED: Foster, Helen Goddy, Barbara Swedop, Mary Ann Skolbeck, Gretchen Trotfor, Carol Witkin, Belle Ruth RINDLER, SUSANNE, Stoley, Margaret 452 S «( -, - ♦ I ■ fe ilr 1 RELIGIOUS ORGANIZATIONS ymca cabinet Left to Right: DAVE GIBBONS, CHUCK COLE, JOHN PEARCE, JOHN ABODI, STEVE BRACE, General Sec- retary, CONNIE RICHARD, RAY MARK, DICK JENSEN, CARL MONTGOMERY. Working together on the University of Washington campus, the YM and YWCA hove shared in the activities of another full and meaningful year. The Y groups brought to the campus another International Banquet in honor of the foreign students during the Thanksgiving season. In support of the World University Service, the YW sponsored " Nickle Hop " in the organized living groups on campus. " Jester ' s Jubilee, " the Y ' s spring carnival, brought fun and entertainment to the U of W and the community as well. Such groups and occasions v ithin the Y as Political Discussion group, Cosmopolitan Club and Folk Camp helped bring to the students an awareness of the world situation in which we find our- selves. Officers, chairmen, and innumerable committee members assisted by an able and devoted staff of advisers have attempted, through the Y program, to further understand and express the goals and purpose of Christianity in the life of a state university campus. Working together with this like purpose, we trust that we have enriched the education of many. yvi CO cabinet Front Row: left to right, JEAN VON KROSIGK, BRITTA FOL- LIS, KAREN QUICKSTAD, SUE JONES, MYRA BERGMAN, President, LORNA MARION, TWINK GOSS, ELSIE YOTSUUYE, JOAN CORFIELD, JUDY AUSTIN, Associate Director. Second Row: left to right, JANET KOPF, BARBARA CALVERT, RAGN- HILD LUNDH, BONNIE DINSMORE, PEGGY HODGES, JOANN MORGAN, DORIS PIERSON, JEANINE ABRAMS, KATHY COCHRAN, SHERALEE BEEBE, MRS MARGARET NORTON, Executive Director, LORRAINE KAIJA, LIZ CHURCH- ILL, JANET REESE, TANYA McNAUGHTON. 454 campus religious council Seated, left to right: CARYL SMITH, President, SYLVIA PRESNALL, GLADYS LAWTHER, Regional Director, DONNA CASE, MELISSA PERRY, JOAN LAWSON, WINNIE WALTZ, MRS. MARGARET NORTON, Advisor, KRIS OL- SON, NANCY HARRIS. Standing: ELAINE STUSSER, Vice- President, DICK JENSEN, JOE YOUNG, DICK BELL, RAY HORNE, LIZ CHURCHILL, BEA SIEL, Secretary. Campus Religious Council, a representative body for University student religious or- ganizations, strives to bring religion to the campus, and promote cooperation and un- derstanding among member groups. Outstanding among the year ' s activities were Religious Emphasis Week, described belov ; the fall Presidents ' Leadership Conference, and the annual Progressive Dinner, held winter quarter. In cooperation with the Y, CRC sponsored the Frosh Prevue Banquet and Open House in September, and the big World University Service fund drive in February. Also, CRC protestont committee spon- sored the first University Chapel services last January. religious emphasis vNfeek executive committee Lett to rigtit: GRETCHEN GOEHREND, Vice-Chairman, ELDON IRVING, Chairman, GLEE PERKINS, Vice-Chairmon, ANN FISCUS, Secretary, ED RICH, Treasurer, MR. AL DILLEMUTH, Coordinator. The purpose of Religious Emphasis Week (REW) is to promote an awareness of religion on the cam- pus. REW was held this year during the week of January 19-24. Its activities featured several out- standing speakers qualified in many fields who were brought here from various campuses across the Unit- ed States. Highlights of the week: Sunday the speakers were featured in the University district church services and in the evening spoke to the var- ious religious groups. Monday evening, speakers held discussions at the organized living groups. Other main events during the week were doily sem- inars, evening assemblies, worship services and per- sonal conferences, and bull sessions arranged be- tween students and speakers. 455 ca I vi n club Calvin Club is an organization designed to provide Christian fellowship for college age young people. Interesting and inspirational meetings are held every Sunday morning and evening. One of the highlights of each week is the Tuesday night dinner and meet- ing. Another Calvin Club highlight is the weekend conference held each fall and spring. The club also has numerous social activities such as singspirations, skating and skiing parties, outings, and picnics. Calvin Club is located on the corner of 15th N.E. and E. 47th. OFFICERS: Left to right: JIM BAKEMAN, President; ANN MURISON, Treasurer; LUCILLE JOHNSON, Secretary; JUDD GORDON, program chairman; CAROL HELPHRIES, Sociol Chairman; BUD SPAR- LING, Personnel Chairman. Standing: EMORY BUNDY, Outreach Chairman, FRITZ HULL, Vice-President, EARL PALMER leading songs ol a Tuesday night meetir 456 canterbury Canterbury brings worship, fellowship, and mean- ing into the lives of Episcopal students at the Uni- versity of Washington. Worthwhile projects, informal meetings, and a weekly Communion service help the student achieve a deeper understanding of his place in a world under God. Christ Church House — E. 47th and Brooklyn. ■Bless all who teach and all who le Religion with an international flavor is a tradition in . Canterbury. Here Jordan, England, the United States, ( _- and British Guiana meet for a coffee chat. iSJ i (Ss i baptist-disciple student association The Baptist-Disciple Student Association (BDSA) is a fellowship of students seeking, through worship, study, and action, to moke the Christian faith real in every phase of University life. The progronn out- lined by the student cabinet includes Sunday morn- ing class, Sunday evening fireside, Thursday dinner, and Forumette, pro|ects in group life and social action, and many social events throughout the year. The center, located at 15th N.E. and East 45th, is sponsored by the Baptist and Christian churches of Washington, and is affiliated with the national student movements of these churches. Students lounge and study in the Center every day, and BDSA welcomes all who ore interested in further- ing its program of Christian understanding and responsibility. Left to right, row 1; LYNN IRWIN, HELEN SCHMIDT, AUDREY MORTON, MARCIA FISHER, JEANINE ABRAMS, JEAN MYERS, DIANA JONES. Row 2: JOE CAULFIELD, MARY ANN HILTON, AL LUSTIE, RUBY NELSON, PATRICIA WALL, SUE VAN TILBORG, DAVID HOUGH, NORMA MOODY, JUDY BOWLIN. Back row: CHARLES GRUHN, GENE TURNER, PETE PETERS, VERNON SMITH, GEORGE SCHMIDT, AL BEILBY, HAROLD HOLADY, DICK HARN- DEN, DON KING, JIM HORVATH, RAY GRABER, CHARLES RIEGEL, JOHN ROSS, Director. chi alpha Chi Alpha is a fellowship group representing the Assembly of God Churches. They meet at noon during the week, in the HUB, to study and meet with local pastors for discussion. Parties during the year fill the social calendar. Chi Alpha is open to all interested in fellowship and a chance to get acquainted with other students in a Christian atmosphere. NOT PICTURED: Nelson, James Askren, Cornelius Oberg, Arthur BelL David Ofstad, Norman Bennett, Sharon Okumura, Henry Betcher, Viola Osborne, James Bonner, Corole Peebles. Shirley Bounsgord, Glen Schwartz, Marvin Cutler, Robert Shannon, Jim Doiley, Bob Soderberg, Wallace Fisk, Marion Solhaug, Elvm Holl, Wendell Stockman, Ronald Hepworth, Joanne Thompson, Marion Johnson, Bob Thorn, Rod Johnson, Gordon T|onneland, Elling Johnson, Louis Uhlmon, Wes Leonord, Dovid Wagner, Fred Lingerfelt, James Westell, Dick Myhr, Marvin Wheatley, Daniel Nokomuro, Toshio Williamson, Manford Capener, Annette Derdevanis, Philip Lane, Lork Mader, Beverly May, Stanley Pethley, Lowell Secrist, Ronald Thornfelt, Everett, J,m 458 christian science organization The Christian Science Organization at the University is open to all students and fac- ulty interested in Christian Science. Members of the Organization plan and carry out activities through on Executive Board and various committees. The Organization is entirely self-governed and has no adult director. Chief among its activities are the weekly Thursday night meetings at which daily experiences in the use of Christian Science are shared. Successful events of the post year include the Frosh Prevue Open House and the fall quarter reception for new students. Members supported Religious Emphasis Week by work on committees and through participation in events. On Sunday night of REW a Christian Science speaker spoke to the Organization at the Organization Building. All are welcome to study and relax at the Organization Building located at the corner of E. 43rd and 15th Ave. N.E. Here the weekly Christian Science Lesson-Sermon may be read and current Christian Science literature is always available. The Christian Science Organization Building. The student Executive Board. Left to right: CAROLYN DEUTER, Clerk; BILL PETERS, President; DOUG MUTH, Vice-president; SHERRY SUnON, Treasurer; PAT OILMAN, Secretary; DON JOBE, Vice-president; LIZ GRAY, Secretary. The Organization ' : son Hall. najor activity is the Thursday evening testimony meetings held each week at Eagle- 459 hillel foundation Appreciation of cultural and religious aspects of the Jewish faith is combined with interfaith under- standing at the Hillel Foundation at the University of Washington. This year the officers and council of Hillel continued many past activities and introduced several new ones. In the attempt to cover the vari- ous interests of our students, dances and Sunday brunches are important on the social calendar, while Friday afternoon services, lectures by faculty members, and various discussion groups have re- ligious and intellectual value. Classes such as He- brew and Israeli dancing are offered which form a signifiicant addition to the students ' education. " . . . so that the God of our fathers may become the God of our children! . . . " HILLEL COUNCIL, Seated, left to right: JERRY HERMAN, President, SANDRA FINGOLD, Vice-President; BEV SAX, Secretary; MEL WEINER, Treasurer. Row 2: ANNETTE SEIGEL, MYRNA POLL, RUTH MASLAN, AUDREY BRESKY. Row 3: DR FRANK ROSENTHAL, Director; LUCIA SONDLAND, CAROL LONDON, ELAINE STUSSER. The Hillel Choir luther club The Lutheran Student Association is a fellowship of students within which the individual has opportunity to join fellow students in worship; study and dis- cussion of the Christian faith and life; community, campus, and church service projects; retreats; and informal recreation. The L.S.A. has its headquarters at Luther House, 1 604 E. 47th, where you are always welcome. The Luther House. Worship services. 460 I i ' — ii.» ' . Time for relaxation. ka ppa phi Beaudry, Vicki Bigley, Barbara Brown, Beverly Brown, Lora Lee Cropley, Gather Curtis, Edna Friese, Judy Glass, Barborc Margery KAPPA PHI is a national organization for Methodist preference col- lege women. Mu Chapter, on the campus of the University of Wash- ington, has regular dinner meetings the first and third Thursdays of each month, 5:30 to 7:30 p. m. at Wesley House. The aim of Kappa Phi is " Every Methodist Woman in the University World Today, A Leader in the Church Tomorrow. " This year ' s theme is " What Host Thou in Thy Hand? " NOT PICTURED. Booker, Vivian Hedgcock, Borboro Miceli, Lorraine Burdette, Trudy Jacobsen, Julie Needham, Lois Daly, Arlene Jenkins, Moriel Robinson, Betty Dedmon, Jan Kawaguchi, Martha Stone, Judy Duggins, Bev Lindquist, Joyce Tweedie, Luannr Horns, Wilma Merrill, Pot Wong, Delores f f rt Kono, Sumi Lawson, Joan McKay, Janet Miles, Janet Nakamuro, Mitsue Newton, Janice Polmer, Olga Perkins, Lois Priest, Jeon Rosenquist, Row Schworlze, Patr Swerdfeger, Alit Willetl, Annette Wilson, Peggy 461 nev man club Seated, left to right: DOROTHY GOSSETT, Secretary, ANN TRIMBLE, Vice-President, CAROL LA BLANC. Row 2: KEN TURNBULL, DAN NAULT, JOE HALL, JIM AGOPSOWICZ, Vice-President, BOB MORRIS, President. Not Pictured; CLAUDIO REYES, Treasurer, JOHN ZINGMARK, MIKE MAHER, JOHN MENDAL. Nev man Club, the Catholic student organization, provides a well rounded program enconnpassing spiritual, intellectual, and social functions. This year it represented the University of Washington at the Northwest District Province Convention of Newman Clubs. The club house at 4504-1 6th N.E. is the scene for the Monday night convert instruction program and the Thursday night religious discussion groups. Daily Moss is held here at 7:00 A. M. and Father Dooley, the club ' s chaplain, conducts a doily philosophy class which is free to all the students. This year several students participated in the intermurol sports program. For fun to supple- ment our school work, we held mixers, a Hobo dance, the winter semiformal, a cruise, and a spring picnic. The highlight of the year was our annual Communion Breakfast held at the Meany Hotel during spring quarter. A Newman Club meeting 462 NOT PICTURED: Bakke, B|orn Bradshaw, Manly Carls. Choa ,, Tom , Chuck Chong, Valerie Cochran, Kathy Forrester, LoHe Hooper, Bill Howletl, Chuck Kreger, Leslie Lehman, Dick Price, Susy Sharp, Red Stedman, Joan Vance, Julia Left to right. Row 1: MARGARET PETERSON, RHODA SWANSON, JUDY DEAN, SYLVIA THORNBURG, WINNIE WALTZ, MARLENE HOLM, MARLENE ECKART. Row 2: REV. ED SETCHKO, LEE THORNBURG, PHYLLIS OLMSTED, MARILYN COE, LAUREL MILLER, EVELYN COHN, BOB THURSTON, ROBERTA RAL- STON, BETTY McAllister, dick MORRILL, DAVE POGUE, Row 3: KELVIN SMITH, JOE SOHLBERG, KEN SEMELL, WAYNE WEBSTER, MARV GLOEGE, JOHN WATT, LEW RAMBO, RICH REDMAN, BOB SHAAL, dan ROBERTS, DRAKE SISLEY, GEORGE HSU, JOE CARLETON, HERB LARSON, DON GWILYM. pilgrim club Pilgrim Club, the Congregational Christian student group at the University, is open to any student who is seeking to understand himself and his relationships to his friends and to God. It is our wish that we may gain insight into these relationships through Christian love so that we may become a part of the real Church. We hope that Pilgrim Club may be a place where students can: . . . add a religious dimension to the academic pilgrimage undertaken at the " U " ; . . . build real friend- ships that last a lifetime; . . . worship together, study together, recreate together. To further these aims P.C. offers opportunities for service within the larger community, i.e. work projects, local and state visitation work. Activities within the club include Sunday evening forum-discussion type meetings; three study groups — Bible, Contempo- rary Drama and Present Day Theology, Understanding Worship; and weekend con- ferences each quarter. Pilgrim Club is located on the corner of 16th Ave. N.E. and E. 45th St. — " Just across from the campus. " Sittin ' Sailin ' Suppin ' Sloppin ' Snippin ' 463 university christian union house The men of University Christian Union con now look back with real pleasure upon UCU ' s twenty-second year on campus — another year of activity, achievement, end Christian fellowship. USU, an inter- denominational organized men ' s house, provides not only the many activities of college life, but also an environment in which Christian growth is emphasized. Intramural softball, bowling, tennis, a league ti tle in basketball, and second place in Songfest are samples of our activity calendar, which was climaxed for 1956-1957 by our annual Spring Intiation Banquet. STAN SEARLE, President Horper, Ernest Hieb, Roland Going in or out? Roffler, Ronald Sioholm, Freden Wh(te, Jerry Wilson, Woyne 1605 E. 47th 464 vfesley club Wesley Club, sponsored by the Board of Education of the Methodist Church, is open to all students on the Uni- versity of Washington campus. Its activities center in Wesley House, located at 4205 15th N.E., just across the street from the campus. Its program of activities planned by the students to fit their need, includes weekly firesides, fellowship cells, coffee hours, Bible study groups, student-led chapel services, parties, and dances. One of the special service projects is the Spring Workcamp which comes during spring vacation. This workcamp gives the students a chance to live with the people of a small Washington community and work with them to improve their church and youth facilities. Front row, left to right: ELEANOR TURMAN, BEV BROWN, ANNETTE WIL- LETT, BOB McMURRAY, JANET McKAY, GARY WEDEMEYER, SUSAN AU, DON HAAS, GRAHAM HUTCHINS, SHERWOOD MARTIN. Row 2: OLGA PALMER, ALICE SWERDFEGER, TRUDY BURDETTE, LOIS HESS, BRITTA FOLLIS, ROGER BLAKENEY, LUCILLE LOREE, LORA BROWN, MITSUE NAKAMURA, ROSE HERRICK, SALLY STENERSON, LORRAINE SUZUKI, REV. GOODNOUGH, CORKY THOMPSON, SHUN LING. Row 3: DENNIS PEVEY, ED ANDREWS, RICH POELKER, MARSHALL BOOKER, JOANNE TEBELMAN, DON BUnERFIELD, DAVE BILES, RALPH JOHNSTON, KERMA KERR, BARBARA GLASS, ANNIE BROMBACHER, NICK SFONDOURIS, RALPH HEIDENREICH, ED KOETJE, ROGER KNOWLTON, DANIEL WAT- SON, ROWENA ROSENQUIST, TOBY DECKER, RENE HASSERJIAN, GEORGE BIGELOW, DOUG WHITE, RAY GRABER, DON SAYRE, JEANNE DOUGHTY, RALPH TURMAN, President, MARVIN OXFORD, PAT MICKLIN, HOWARD HOLMQUIST. 465 vest mi nster club ij Ji tf ti MMiM Boynton. Darlene Bradford, Juonito Brown, Merry-Lee Erken, Judith Fisher, Philip Fronzen, Audrey Kegel, Carol Krmgle, Paul Le Cocq, Andrew Leggeft, Marilyn Ma Mortin, Morris Miller, Marilyn Newcomb, Betty O Molley, Chorlei Osborne, Esther Perkins, V Glee Ploylaar, Joan Pressnoll, Sylvia ey, Nancy Rons. Rosm , Loretta Westminster Club is the official representative of the Presbyterian Church on this campus. Organized for Presbyterian students and their friends, it is the center of Christian activities. It provides an opportunity for spiritual and mental grovvth in the areas of Christian faith, fellowship, citizenship, v itness and outreach. NOT PICTURED; Irle, Roger Alexander, William King, William Shininger, Molly Aspenwall, Carol Marsden, Marlynn Sprout, Karen Bridgham, Michael McKinney, Velmo Thomson, Eileen Clark, Edward Mitchell, Donald Wadsworth, Donold Cullins, Gregory Monsen, Robert Webberley. Gerald Dysort, Jr., Lloyd Nickel, Michel Werlich, Joan Eccles, Charlotte Noyes, James White, Dorothy Harrison, Benjamin Nutley, Richord Willord, Christina Helton, Robert Porter, Mary Willord, Stanley Hopp, Ted Provan, Dave Yamanouchi, Mochik 466 Thank You Now with all the pages in to the printers, I have time to sit back and remem- ber all the people who have contributed so much throughout the year. There are many I would like to thank . . . . . . the division editors, Shelby CoUard, Paulette Chilcote, Mary Cernetig, and Jim Neely, who worked the whole year to produce this book. . . . the hard-working section editors, Marybeth Austin, Ann Clinton, Lucy Pullen, Dan Reitz, Patty Larkin, Daiine Ellen Beighle, By Smith, Bill Jones, Anne Godefroy, Koko Webster, Bill Evert, Madeleine O ' Neil. . . . Clyde Robinson, our advisor. Sue Smith, and Mrs. Lenore Shekels in the " front office " who provided unlimited advice, assistance, and moral support. . . . Jean Myers, business manager, and Sandy Whitehead, office manager, who helped us keep within our budget. . . . the artists. Marsh Johnson and Karen Quickstad, who made their deadlines faithfully and always provided such talented artwork. . . . Ron Renny, Dick Lea, Merv Bailey, and Grace Rusnak from Crafts- man, who were wonderful people to work with and just as anxious as we to make this book the " best one ever. " ... Ed Kennell and his staff at Kennell-Ellis, our official photographers. . . . the DAILY editors who furnished much appreciated free publicity for the TYEE. . . . the Photo Lab staff, Gary Miller, Chris Sublett, Cecil Morrison, Ronny Lopp, Bob Petersen, Corney Root, Bill Downie, and Jim Sneddon, who worked late and long hours to help us meet our deadlines. Without these people, the 1957 TYEE would not exist, and I thank them all from the bottom of my heart. They have worked hard on this year ' s book and although mistakes may appear, we ' re proud of it. We hope you will be, too. XJXMyr7 J )lo-Lzy Editor Aagaard, Dean Geo. N., 27 Aahl. Beverlv J.. 260. 442 Abodi. Frank. 419 Abadi. John. 406 Abbev. Kenneth E.. 234 Abbott. .lames P.. 193. 328, 403 Abbott. Lyle D.. 193. 400. 415. 423 Abdullah. Gandasari. 419 Abe. Joanne S,. 368 Abe. Kats, 417 Ahlitl. Donna G., 254 Abncv. Sharon A.. 37, 193. 283 Abolins, Maris. 59. 139 Abram.s. Jeanine R., 412. 458 ACACIA. 295 Adair. Francis E., 193, 394, 398 Adair. Janet M.. 282 Adair, Jcrrv D.. .362, 432 Adams, Bette M.. 256 Adams. Earl. 107 AdaiTCS. Evan A.. 32U. 432 Adams. Frances J.. 1 10 Adams. Goerge B. Jr.. 193 Adams. Helen A.. 284 Adams. Jim. 401 Adams. Joyce O.. 262 Adams. Kirk S.. 312. 409. 429 . dams. Linda L.. 266 Adams. Margo Ann. 413 Adams. Marilyn A.. 370 Adams. Neil D. Jr.. 225 Adams. Sydney E.. 260. 440 Addington, Robert L., 397 ADELPHI. 394 Adki-sson. Sandra L.. 193. 282 Adler. Howard B.. 106, 360 ADMINISTRATION, 14. 15 Agare. Vija. 402. 430 Agnew, Terence J.. 312 Agopsopwicz. Jim. 462 Agren, Arvon W.. 193. 411. 423 Aheam. Alan D., 193 Ahlness, Paul L.. 225 Ahlstrom. Harlosv G., 193. 410. 437. 446. 451 AID FOR HUNGARIANS. 90 Aikman. Paul V.H.. 193, 344 AIR FORCE ROTO DRILL TEAM. 401 Akina. Jameson M.. 377. 380 Albm. Lynn, 193, 272 Albin. Robert L. Jr., 323 Albom. Phyllis A.. .392 .Alcorn. Margaret G.. 270 Aldridge.R obert G.. 330 Alexander. .Ann L.. 262 Alexander. Gerry L.. 346, 435 -Alexander. James D.. 307 Alexander. John E., 346 Alexander. Mary. 283 Alexander. Thomas M.. 346 Allen. Alex L.. 328 Allen, Jack. 244 Allen. Marjorie K.. 35. 268. 448. 450 Allendoerfer. Carl B., 19 Allison. Sue. 264. 445 AlUnon. Doug J.. 40. 336 Allsopp. Herb. 406 Allsworth. Arthur P. Jr.. 350. 414 Aim. Chuck. 138. 232 Abnquist. Edward E.. 324 ALPHA CHI OMEGA. 2.52. 2.53 ALPHA DELTA PHI. 296. 297 ALPHA DELTA PI. 2.54 ALPHA DELTA SIGMA. 422. 423 ALPHA EPSILON DELTA, 422, 423 ALHPA EPSILON PHI. 288 ALHA PEPSILON PI, 298 ALPHA GAMMA DELTA. 256 ALPHA KAPPA LAMBDA. 299 ALPHA KAPPA PSl. 423 ALPHA OMICRON PI. 258 ALPHA PHI, 261) ALPHA SIGMA PHI. .300 ALPHA TAU DELTA. 424 ALPHA TAU OMEGA. 302 ALPHA XI DELTA. 262. 263 Altizer. Bentley B.. 225 Alton. Janet L., 39. 276 ALUMNI. 16 AMERICAN INSTITUTE OF CHEMICAL ENGINEERS. .396 AM. INSTITUTE OF ELEC. ENGRS.. .397 AM INSTITUTE OF RADIO ENGRS.. .197 AMERICAN PHARMACEUTICAL ASSN.. 402 AM SOCIETY OF CIVIL ENGINEERS. 398 AM. SOCIETY OF MECHANICAL ENGINEERS. 399 Ames. Johnny D.. 340 Ames. Junic. " l93. 264. 419. 445 Ames. Kay E.. 381 Ames. Robert K.. 318 Amos. Robert B., 193, 399 A M S ADVISORY BOARD, ,50. 51 A M S (;OMMITTEES. 54 A M S OFFICERS, 49 Amsberry. Marv L.. 259 Amsberry. Ron R.. .362 Anackcr. Don G.. .340 Anagnoslopoulos, Alex Ava, 193. 375. 397 Andereen. David L.. 374 Andersen. Dean E.. 373 Andersen. Michael .. 310 Andersen. Neill W.. 310 Anderson. A. Kenneth. 225, 340 Anderson, Alan B., 348. 423 Andei n, Allen D.. 423 Anderson, Barbara J., 272 Anderson, Benedict B., 320, 373 index Anderson, Berton Dean, 25 Anderson, Beverly J., 256 Anderson, Beverly M., 274 Anderson. Carol E.. 284 Andereon Carolyn J., 193, 256 Anderson, Charles D., 356, 401 Anderson, Clifford E.. 302 Anderson. Darlene L., 193, 386 Anderson, Don W.. 41, 394 Anderson. Donald K., 13 Anderson, Elizabeth L., 193. 284 Anderson. Evan A.. 4.32 Anderson. Gene L.. .398 Anderson. Grant L., 356 Anderson Jens M.. 320 Anderson. 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Cherie L.. 254. 419 Austin. Dave E.. 54. .59. 104. 105, AUSTIN HALL. 367 Austin, Jack A.. 194. 375. 466 Austin, .ludy. 406 Austin. Lawrence R.. 356 Austin. Marybeth. 72. 270. 444 Austin. Marv June. 35, 52, 258 Austin. Willkrd D., 340 Avrri. Jack J.. 375. .395 Awai. Joel P, N.. 378 AWS COMMriTKES, .52 AWS COUNCIL. 511 AWS OFFICERS. 48 AWS-AMS JOINT (-OMMl ' ITEES. 55, 57 AWS-AMS PRESIDENTS. 47 Haha. Kathrvn M,, 417 Babbitt, Robert J., 377, 401 BACCALAUREATE, 191 Bache. Ralph A.. 334 BACHELORS CLUB, 403 Backer. Bi-uce S., 360 Backus, John H., 314 Bacon, Stephen C, 336 Badar, Adena D., 368 Bader, Tina, 412. 419 Baer. Duncan T.. 225 Baffaro. Gary E.. 318, 432 Bafus, Larry. 374 Bagnall, Vic, 66 Bailey, Catherine C, .389 Bailey, Chariottc A., 41, 368, 440 Bailey, Curt, 310 Bailey, John G., 194, 310, 398 Bailey. Marv P., 367 Baile ' v, Richard J.. 225 Bailey. Sidney M.. 326 Bain. Conistance E.. 194. 447 Baird. Kenneth G.. 194. 415. 423 Baird, Ritchie H.. 278 Baird. Robert A., 225 Baird. Theodore W.. 225 Baisch. Merilyn J.. 194. 270. 434 Bajema, John W.. 194. 344. 436 Bakeman. James W., .37. 194, 297. 456 BAKER. 372 Baker. Arloene A.. 194. 384 Baker. Barbara P.. 474 Baker. Barton F.. 293. 344 Baker, Duane A., 194. 378. 399. 425. 443 Baker. Franklin. 307 Baker. Ken J., 312 Baker Larrv E.. 194. 350 Baker. Nancy A.. 226. 367. 412. 446 Baker. Rena E.. 272. 384, 445. 450 Baker. Todd W.. 356 Balch. Janet. 264 Baldwin, Diana L., 370 Baldwin, Larry R., 371, 372, 409, 414 Baldwin, Richard M., 65, 67, 194, 302, 402. 438. 446 Bale. Bob C. 194. 304 Bale. Nancy M.. 260. 450 Bales. Robert E.. 348 Ball. Dick, 104 Ball. Sallv. 283 BalIame.Da%id A., 61, 235. 340. 418 Ballard. Jack. 246 Ballard. Rick M.. 312 Ballheim. Grace M., 252 Ballinger, Gail. 264 Ballis. Nancv E., 264 Balmer, N. Alfred, Jr.. 194 Balmer, Thomas. 12 Bame. Roland N., 194 Bamford. Robert W.. 356 BAND. 120 Banghani. Morris L.. 326 Bangs. Bill. 148 Banks. Diana M.. 41. 194. 270. 406. 419. 445 Bannerstrom, Karen, 36, 274 BAPTIST-DISCIPLE STUDENT ASSN., 458 Baranovich, Richard, 226 Barber, James A., 194 Barden. Karl, 414 Barer. Janice L., 288 BarkdoU, James L., 328 Barker, Ben C. 348 Barker, Edward A.. 16, 34, 54, 346 Barker, Flovd C. 194, 231, 233. 418. 425, 443 Barker, Gerald I., 326 Barker, Marilyn L., 252, 440 Barker, Noi-man R., 373 Bama, Gordon. 395 Barnebcy. Gary E.. 334 Barner. Bruce E.. 194. 422 Bal-ner. Hendrick B.. 225. .302 Barnes. J. Mark, 344 Bamett. Elizabeth E. L.. 2.56 Barnett, Ellen A., 389 Barnett, Jan A., 264 Bamum, Bob, 316 Barokas, Larrv L.. 360 Baronskv, Robert, 241, 360 Barr, Eric L., 14 Barrett, Lawrence H., 314 Barrett, Marilyn J., 412 Barrett. Ronald F., 392 Barry. C.ivl. V. I ' ll Bartrll Willi nil 2611 i;.. Barton. K..«mj.iii . . 7.1. 276.419 Bartroll, liarbaiu A.. 18. 254. 431. 444. 448. 4.50 Barl.sch. Lvnn P , 40. 3.50 BASEBAIl MU.- ' IH BASKI ' I H l 1 1 :i 1 IS BasK, .1, II ' III Ba.s,scii I ,11.. I 1 , ■■•■ ' Bate,-,. Lii.u-.l W , :;- ' ' ). 109 Bates. Goerge. Jr.. 372. 399 Bates. Marie P., 284, 384 Batrack, Betty. 42 Battig. Burr J., 194. 352 Baudendistel. Emma Jean. 370 Bauer. William O.. 300 Bauerlein. Connie. 260 Baughman. Donald R.. 194 Baum. Lvnden P.. 320 Baun»i;afd. James H.. 307 119 284 Hri. Ii li ii.liih, 194 Bed. David Uix. 194 Beale. Kolwrt O., 416 Beail, Alan C, 346 Beals, Ralph B., .352 Bealtie, John, 35 Beam, Carol A.. 284 Bean, Bemice M., 194, 389, 424 Bean. Georce E.. 339, 400, 410 Bph,. Th..i,-. A K,. 372 Bi..iuh ., ;il.i .M.. 56.251.264, 45U, 41)1 Beaulieu, Sue F., 274 Beckelman. Stanley C, .392, 395, 410 Becker, Norman D., 342 Becker, Rolfe A., 225, 342 Beckley, Kenneth D.. 320. 402 Becbnan. Paid. 362 Bedl.,rd. Audrey. 78. 194. 250. 262. Beehlei. Diane M , 392 Beeman. Rob R.. 195. 330 Beers. Frank T. Ill, 300, 399 Beeson, John C, 302 Behan. William M., 326 Behrens, Dennis L.. 195. 466 Beighle, DanneEUen. 70. 72, 284, 440 Bed, Sallv R., 274, 450 Beiningen, Kirk T., 318, 401 Beisner, Iris J., 252 Beitz, David H., 326, 404 Bejrablaya. Damrong, 226 Belanich, Roger M.. 324 Belcher. William T., 37, 293, 310 Bell, Barbara A., 280, 440 Bell, E. Samuel III, 328 Bell, Eldon E., 195, 376, 451 Bell, Marv, 354 Bell, Nancv J., 369 Bell, Richard. 4.55 Bellamy. John C. 107. 304 Belleri, Claudia, 226. 367 Bellman. William B., 304 Belt. Robert W.. 338 Bemis. James. 13 Bemis. Wayne E., 195, 409 Bender, Bert A., 316 Bender. Donald W., .59, 294. 304 Benezra, Lee D., 342 Bennett. Richard. 150 Bennett. Robert C, 34,300 Bennett. Susan M.. 276 Benoit. Fred L. III. 225 Benslev, Donna L.. 195. 412 Benson, Carole A., 264 Benson, Judy R., 196, 264 Bensussen, Tom M.. 195. 399 Bentley. Alex M., 309 Bentle ' v. Marlene Ruth. 180. 195. 431 ' Benton. Anne M., 282 Benton. Hugh H.. 312 Berch. Carolyn R.. 288 Berg, Beverlv A., 256 Berg, Gerald M., 374 Berg, Richard H., 344 Berg, Robert G., 330 Berger, GezaL., 316, 418 Berger, Marg.-m ' t E., 276 Bergeron, Sharon A., 260 Bergersen, Arlan E., 51. 54. 310 Bergland. Jean E.. 284 Bergman. Myra M.. 195. 433. 437. 448 Bergmann, Marv, 100, 161, 244 Bergren, Sally S., 52, .56. 282. 408 Bergquist. Maxine R.. 195. 270 Bergstrom, James E.. 348 Bergstrom. G. Ted. 195. 292. 307. 399, 438 Berkman, George S., 342 Bernard, Carolyn J.. 268 Bernard. Gary D.. 397 Bernard. John D.. 32. 60. 354, 439 Bernard. Sherrie A.. 188. 195. 264. 448. 4,52 Bemer. Connie A.. 35, 50, 61, 251. 260. 4.50, 452 Berndt. Edward P.. 294 Berry, Barbara J., 195, 386, 389 Berry, Carol A.. 152. 266. 440, 450 Berrv. Eva A,, 4,52 I I..V d I , 57. .324 I III - ' 68.440 4,344 373 ,1 I 1 . l l li, l . 127 II 1 I iiKix n ;iii 1115 1.1 hk... Steve F. 323 Betzner, Judith A., 286. 440 Bevan. Robert L., 36, 51. .57, 151. 346 468 Bickford. Arthur L.. 332 Bidwell. H. Allan. Jr., 57, 195, .326. -136 Biehn, Katherine E., 260 BiRelow. George, 401. 465 Biglev. Barbara .J., 195, 461 BigleV. William. Jr.. 195, 328, 399 bk; ■•W, " 426 Bik-s. Dand W.. 465 HillniBslev. S. Kirby, 362. 397 Bilvfu, Bonnie, 37, 258 Bird, Jack R., 409 Bird. Linda J., 35, 62, 67, 68, 278, 427. 447. 448, 450 Birdseye, Robert W., 294, 300 Birk. Thomas C. Jr, 225 Birkenmever. Ann J.. 37. 39. 251. 272, 450 Birkeland, Peter, 313 Bimm, Larrv R., 326, 401 Bishop. Ernest F.. 334. 401 Bishop. Richard W.. 226 Bisset. Gordon A.. 339. 396. 451 Bisset. John. 232. 235 Bitar. Darlene M.. 195. 254 Bitar. Jo- Anne G., 367 Bjornson. Harrv C. 348 Biomstad. Robert J.. 348 Bioiklund, L.i Verne E., 284, 430 Black. Bonnie L.. 42. 440 Black. Lorita J., 42, 264 Black. Sallv A.. 264 Black, Tom. 104 Blackburn. Virginia L.. 52, 284 BLACKFORD HALL. 392 Blackford. James D.. 195, 326 Blade, Walter W ' ., Jr. 323 BLAINE HALL. .368 Blair. Malcolm 0.. 4. ' -)2. 464 Blair. Robert L,. 302 Blake. Raymond W.. 314 Blakenev. Roger. 465 Blank. Robert O.. 328 Blanton. Alex, 38, 344, 439 Blanton. Madelyne A., 270 Blatt. Norman W.. 195. 342 Bledsoe. Lvsbeth. 40. 75 Bloch. Ama M., 288 Bioch, Stan. 342 Block. Jack S.. 195. 344. 409, 436 Block, Ned, 360 Block. Phil, 76 Block. Tom, 105 Bloom. Jav F.. 360 Bloom. Lance C. 304 Bloom, Tonya L.. 284. 386 Bloomberg. Marcia A.. 289, 440 Blumenfeld, Irv, 15 Blumenthal, Carole R., 288 Blundell, .John W., 195, 451 BOARD OF CONTROL. 32 BOARD OF REGENTS, 12 Bockemuehl. Robert W., 328 Bodahl. Jon K., 336 Bode. Jeanne O., 254 Bode, Lois E., 252 Boersma, Frank A.. 376 Boersma, Ruth. 260, 444 Hoc H:i ,374 Uuul .-..!!, h. :i. 1-lU Boie. W illiani R., 195, 346 Boin. Bruno V.. 63. 132. 244. 354. .39.1, 42.1, 435 Bolhiigci. .Mrs. Lmda N., 392, 444 Bomengen, John S., 300 Bona. Jack F., 354 Bonculler Jean. 195, 278 H.i,,l,n,|i- 1,1, k K , 314 Booker. Man.hail 1„, 465 Boone, James W, 195 Borghese, Ruth,4 16 Borland, David. 401 Borozan. Bronko. 196 Horror, Harold D., 334, Ronald G., 348 Boswell, Robert B., 294, 318 Bosworth, Doris E., 466 Botten, Darryl A.. 40, 57, 304 Boucher, Gail P., 36, 284 Bourque, Donald D., 196, 374, 423 Bouer, Harrv C, 14 Boner, Charles W., 231, 233, 418, 426 Bowen, John H., 149, 318, 432 Bowers, William E., 196,376 Bowles, Howard A. Jr., 318, 399 Bowlin, Harriet A., 276 Bowman, William, 401 Bown, Rod, 404 B ivaner, Carolyn, 288, 384 Boyd, Nancy A., 152, 274, 440, 450 Boyd, Robert S., 226, 405 Boyd, Robert W., 196, 354, 358. 402 Boyd, Stanley 0., 97, 138, 346, 425 Boyington, Orville K., 66, 196, 356 Bovker, Gary P., .54, 66, 316, 446 Bovnton, Darlene M„ 280, 466 Braathcn, David L., 356 Braden, J. Philip, 32, 63, 297, 416, 422, 4,35, 439 Bradford, Juanita R., 367, 466 Bradley, Frank V , 302 Bradncr, Jean W., ,386 Bradshaw, Delmer G., 196, 397 Brady, Jack, 248, 310 Brady, Robert U., 55, 297 Brady, Thalia E., 278 Braida, Gil J., 320 Brand, Lee, 346 Brand, Marcia L., 268, 440 Brand, Robert R., ,346 Brandl. H.miIv A . L ' .i7 Branch l.. . I I ' " . Jim Braiiih K. n :■ ' ;l " I ' .ul 1 1 1112 Bniii 1 l.-ii ' c l " l Brails ,ilr l: l.VI BraoMir, li.iM.I II , I ' ll, 196,464 Brasslield, Morgan K . 344 Brattain, Leslie L., 377 Braun, Richard E., 38, 316 Brauns, Karin I.M., 1.55, 274, 416, 445 Braunschweiger, Robert W., 323 Braunschweiger, Teddy M., 189, 196, 427, 433, 448 Braunsten, Nancy S. Bravo, John C, 398, 451 Brav, Ronald E., 196, 362, 438 Brav, Sherrie J., 413 Brayshaw, Robert A., 418 Breitenbach, Bruce, 401 Breitenfeldt, Robert W., 284, 312 Breitsprecher, Charles H., 314 Bremner, Eric S., 78, 196, 356, 435, 438 Brenchlev, Charles E., 196, 409 Brenden, Marv Ellen, 260 Brennan, Gait 262 Bre.sheai-s. Marv Fran, 266, 440, 450 Breskv, Audrey A., 288, 460 Breslich, Marv Cecilia T., 196, 402, 430, 433, 448 Breslow, Adrienne N. Bretz, Joanne, 282 Brewton, Barbara L., 282 Brier, Nancy A., 264 Briggs, Frances E, 196.386 BriRR« r„,-,rc,. .11 l(i Briu;;- l-iiiM I rm. .197 Brill, k, I I I " ■ ■ ' I ' lil. 431,458 Brill, k. !. M.I. ,1.1, I: 112,458 Bnnc, U..I,lh . , JJ(,. 425 Bringloe, Richard W. Bristol, Jovce B., 366, 381 Bristmi, Lonaine. 45. 57 Brith. Janifs. 4(11 Britl.,.il . m:. 323 Britl.iiii I I kiJ. 430 Bnx. r. I. ;l 1.V.304 BrohM H.v.iK . r«i. 370, 386 Brock, .John R Brock, Richard K., 196, 362, 415, 423 Brockhaug, Harold P., 196, 362 Brockman, Marv Jane, 196, 431 Brodcii. k H..lli ,M . 377 Brodri .h k.ii,. - |i 196,307,323 Bro I W 372 Brc.iiili.i. h. ' i .All Brooks, Dale E.. 244. 3(14 Broom, Dave, 323 Broomhead, Rendal V., 372 Bropbv. Patrick F . 307 n. . 3K2 Brolh. ii. ' i. Ik I 1 7(1, 139, S, .11. U 1J.324 BroM BROWN HAll IJAY. 174 Brown. Anne D., 252 Brown, Barbara L., 368 Biuuh, n. K.iK I , .1.S3, 461,465 Broun II li Mil Brown Don U., 354 Brown Donald G., 96. .398. 404. 443 Brown Donald P., 96. 334 Brown Douglas E., 302 Brown Doug R., 30(1 Brown Edward G., 21 Brown J. Dale, 196 Brown John F., 196, 312, 425 Brown Lora L., 38. .431,461,465 Brown Loretta M., 267 Brown Maralee. 27 2 Brown Mnnlvn J 42. 2,58 Bn.ui, l.ii. 1... 166 Bi-o«i 1 1 . 1 1 Bn.ui 1 ' .1 1 ... 1 Broun Ivik. ' ll 1 1 UK, 432 Brown Hiiherl W., I. ' i6 Brown Roger P.. 72. 302, 432 Brown Rosalee, 52 369 Brown Sallv 1, . 19 1, 282, 434 Br.iun 1 Br..u,. -[, |,|,. 1, 1 1 111 Bn.un .i. II, k Broun 1 III. 111,1- ,1 Brown Wanen M .312 Browne, Harrv M., 196, 352 Brown ■, Wayne T. 196, 326 Brown ng, H. ,54, 323 Brubaker, Bill, ,362 Kn , Lv , Marilyn J., 262, 386 Bnmiliach, Wayne, 147 Brunwcll, Kathleen, 1 18 Brundage, Belinda, 264 Brundage, Hiram T., 302 Brundage, Walter L., 140, 429 Brunette, Rodney G., 196 Brunton, Richard M., 304 Bryan, Marv C, 254 Bryan, Roliert J., 226, 238, 239, 374, 426, 428, 435 Bryant, Carolyn, 274 Bryant, Elizabeth P., 270 Bryant, Nancy. 197, 274, 452 Bryant, Richard L., 352 Brvdges, Sharon P., 262 Bu ' hik, Arnold, 419 Buchanan, Alyne, 368 Buchberger, Kenneth A., 310 Buchholtz, Gladys N., 197, 367 Buchinskv, Norine, 412, 440 Bucbolz. Shvrl B., 373 Hui k. Frank 1... 197, 436 Bui k. Gerald W.. 184, 197, ,304, 443 Buckles, Barton R., 358 Buckley, Boh, 140 Bucklev, Bruce E„ 328 Bucklin, Ronald, 310 Bucv, Warren D., 324 Buel-k, Art, 139,404 Buetz, Jo Ann Buller. Beverly M., 48, .53, 187, 197, 4,33, 442, 44, ' i Bulniei, P,..l. 1 ' I ' l: IkJ Bumga l 1 17-1, 410 Bumg; -i III I ' :, 1,432 Bundv. Kiiinti k , ' • IJ 63. 340, 426, 429. 4.i,1, 4.-1I. Bunker. Russ E., 197. 318. 443. 446. 451 Bunn. Gerald A.. 41. 340. 405 Burd, Dean Henrv, 24 Burdess, Patricia J., 264 Burdette, Trudv, 465 Burdick, Shenill E., 389 Burges, Chuck D., 36, 180, 197, 292, 293, 310, 403, 4,35, 4.36 Burge-ss, Gordon O., 326 Burgess, John O., 51, 57, 324 Burgoon, Richard D., 197, 399 Burgv, Margie J., 286 Burke, Artie, 104 Buike. Catherine J., 197, 254 Burke, Darvl N., 56, 138, 248, 346 Burke. Pat J.. 67. 68, 268, 447 Burlingame, William V., 332 Burlock, Ralph C. Jr., ,340 Burnett, William M., 328 Burns, Carol Ann, 254 Burns, Judy D., 254 Burns, Noiman H., 375 Burns, Patricia, 197, 254 Burrell, David C, 197, 409 Bureett, Beverly A., 197, 252, 442 Burt, Margaret M., 197, 386, 424 Burton, William D., 197, 302 Buse, David, 352 Busev, Cheryl E., 35, 36, 37, 284 Bush ' , Curtis G., 358 Bush, John M., 302 Bush. Jue. 12.S Bush. Sl.,n..n J7n 11(1 Bushlcv Ki. Iiii.l inn Bushn.-ll i. I. nn, .11 .7. 274 Bushncll Nil- iri Busigm. (.■.iiinii. 1. . i;)7, 282 BUSINESS AUMINISTR. ' TION, 21 Butler, Jav L., 312 Butler, John G.. 318 Butler, Michael R.. 197, 297 Butsko, Jerrv E., 297 Butterlield, Diane R., 260 Buttertield, Donald Lee, 465 Button, Louise A., 252, 440 Butts. Garv J., 314 Buzard. Bob S., 312 Bve. Barbara J. 282 Bye, Willis E., 336 Bvers. Norma E., 286 Byfield, Nan E., 282 BVington, Richard H., 41, 197, ,340, 427, ' 435 Bvfes, Frank W., 294. 356 Byrd, Bob, 244 Byrd, David, 114 Byrne, Bert K., 304 Byrne, Kenneth G., 197 Byrnes, Emmett A., 354 Byron, Ralph L., 197, 334 Cadranell, Connie V., 42, 258 Cadv, Carl M., 1.38, 297, 396 Cadv, Frank H., 150, 197, 304, 396 Cagle, Lee W. Jr., 312 Cahoon, George E., 197, 323, 403 Cairns, Jim iMll, I,, J: ' . 1 n, .l.iliii II . .300 ■rl. Barbara M., 197, 2,52, 427, 4.33, 448 Calvert, Laurie, 268 CALVIN CLUB, 456 Cameron, Anne K., 266 Cameron, Bruce T., 379, 410 Camp, Marliss L., 278 Campbell, Albert C, 197, 299, 466 Campbell, Carol A., 197, 268, 427 Campbell, Craig, 244 Campbell, Darlene P., 42. 258 Campbell. David C. 402 Campbell, David E., 398, 430 (■..imphell. DonS. ( ,iii|.l..ll li..iiulas A., 197,312,425 I .iiii|.l..3l 1 1, .Ilk. 395 1 ,,n.|.l,..||, (...n J„,302 f.iiiipbcU, Gciiic, 37, 262 Campbell, Franklin M,. 350 Campbell, George S., 34, 35, 197, 356 Campbell, H. I e, 307 Campbell, Judv Ann, 278 Campbell. LorWa A., 251, 282 CamI.ell U -I HM. ' i Mil 262 Cni pk. !l Willi. nil B., 292, 324 f.XMl ' l S k A- D1US, 92, 364 Candee, Cecily H., 266 Cannon, Don R., 300 CANTERBURY, 457 Capeloto, Arnold V., 360 Capeluto, Marlene, 288, 384 Capen, Juanita J., 197, ,370, 431, 442, 448, 452 I .inn- II. !, . ii ,111, 197 r,n.lill Ii.iiilI 1- H ,300 Cardiff, .Jeanne L,, 264 Carey, Chuck, 34 Carey, John P., 314 Caie . Shan 111 Lee M., 65, 197, 447 k.n. ' V 11, 1,. V , 197 I , I ., • 11 ,126 I , ' ' . I Jli6 Ciirlev, Hob. .( Carlev, John B., 198, 310 Carigren, Barbara, 38, 268, 434. 444, 448. 450 Carigren. Virginia. 198, 268 Carlisle, Fred B., 356, 429 Carlisle, Richard W., 37, 356, 401 Carlsen. Richard A., 308, Bvrnn 3 . 310, 452 r.nki.n I ' ll. I. ink P., 297 .1 I-;., 297 S.. 354 Carlson, Nori Carlson, Richard A., 198 Carlson, Richard L., 198, 399 Carl-.m Robert A . 300 l ' :iiK..n WVn.i.ll V. .70,354 r.iil-1 l II ' ..u L.. 198,268, 434 . 367 . -Ml-- . 450 Carpenter, William V., 352 Carpp, Larry, 82 Carr, Luther, 98 Carratt, Harry B., 198, 354 Canington, Glenn R., 297 Canoll, John R., 198, 398 CarroU, Neil P., 198, 293, 334, 335, 438 Carroll, Richard B., 198, 399 Carroll, Roger L., 334 Canskadden, Thomas H., 198, 362, 425 Carson, Marian, 67 Carstens, Karen, 369 Carter, Carla J., 72, 270 Carter, Carolyn J., 180, 266 Carter, George, 395 Carter, Note, 282 Carter. Rolnri G., 225 r.iii. 1 Willi, nil 1..314 I- ■ ■ ' I " lip. 41 1 I 1 ' 119 ( --. l i| H M.L. .373 ta e. Alelh.i I. -113 Case! Garv K.. 344 Case, Joan L., 198 Case, Raymond E. Case, Roy, 418 Casey, Louise, 52 Case ' v, Ned, 401 Casey, William E. Jr. Casper, Steve E., 302 Cass, David M., 42, 350 Cassels, Bert B.. 312 Ca ey Glenda 412 Jl. ' f 198,434 Catron, Larrv M., 198, 310 Caudill, Janet L., 257 Caudill, Lvle J., 377 Caiivel. Anita M.. ,367 I n I. Ill 1... :..ri T, 198,297,436 1 w , i.n L., 198, ,398 A., 266 Ciiviezel. Liinis F., 348 Cauiezel, Roy M., 59, 294, 348 Cayton, Forrest L., 318 Cernetig. Marv A., .37, 69, 2.54 rliiii II. -- liin.i L, 240.324 I ' . I 11 . 1.39.324 I 1 . , : . |.. 1118. 352 I 1)., 318 r.., 304 I . 336 M., 324 I iii.i.i;i.i.. |ik:us, 152 CHELAN HOUSE, 374 Cheldlin, Lvle 0., 375 Chen, Yung-Ping, 226, 436 470 At Home or Wherever You YOUR BOOK STORE IS AT YOUR SERVICE While you ' re on the campus your Book Store provides friendly and convenient service through its many departmentj focused on your requirements. When you leave we hope you ' ll join the legions of alums who find our special mail order service so very satisfactory. The new, fresh, and youthful will always characterize your Book Store ' s merchandising. 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Millui-nl A., 198, 268 I ' hill.), .■- :iii Clinin Mm,: W J ' . 4.16 cm ' i n ' • : ' ■! CHI I ' Sl. ;iiw Chittenden, Larry Chonzena, Mona I., 198, 270, 384 Chov, Milton W.B.. 378, 394 Christ, Beverly, 466 ChrLsleiiiien. Carol J.. 52, 266 Christensen, Donald M., 397 Christensen, Harrv, 78 Chnstenson. Lillian. 109 Chn.stensen. Rav B., 198 Christensen. Warren H.. 198. 451 Christen.ion, Robert B., 334 CHRISTIAN SCIENCE ORGANIZATION, 459 Christian.sen, Warren G., 198 Chnstii-. Carol A,. 2fifi Chr.-lu- r„-T.nn K . 318 Chr-! . ' l, ... ■• ..„,-, 57 Clin- ' .|.:., . ' . .! ■II.,, 440 (■|i.,i.|.., ,-.:,,!,;,, I ' l Chun. J.,.K . . ' .I,:! Church. John R.. 356 Church. Phil E., 19 Church, Sandy P., 297 Churchill, Elizabeth A.. 274, 4.55 Giro. Ronald J., 372. 374 Clack. David A., 198, 323 Clagett, William H., 310 Clampitt, Claudia L., 264, 445 Clampitt. Miitoii P., 198. 304 Clancy, Roger P., 198, 352 Clancy, Rosemary, 415 Clanton, Betty E ' ., 38, 274 Claridge, Bruce, 97 Clark, Andy, 310 Clark, Betty Jeanne, 370 Clark, Bud, 354 Clark, Camilla, 37, 260, 450 Clark, Carrol L., 53, 251. 266 Clark. Dulcie, 370, 412 Clark, John R., 312 Clark. Judy A.. 278 Clark. Kent E.. 65, 186, 198, 304, 435, 438, 446 Clark, l.inda L , :)68 CI. 1,1, 1 .: Mil .-.2.276 III ' M I • 11.42.257 CI, II, ' . I I . I ' l.s. 370 Cl.,ik K;. :, ,, ' i U IH8.328, 438 Clark. Shirlev A . 389, 424 Clarke, Barrie L., 52,71, 370, 440 Clarke, Caroline, 118 Clarke, Keith V., 323 Clamo, Keith K.. 320 Clawson, Beverly J., 198, 276 Claxton, Joyce K., 413 Clearman, .John F., 34, 300 Cleaver, William H., 322 Clemans, Diana M., 368, 413 Clemens, Richard P., 248, 346 Clements. WiUiam M.. 310 Cleveland. Joe. 147 Clifford, Nancy, 370 Clift, Barbara Jo, 252 Clinton, Kathryn A.. 369 Clipp, Kay, 274 Clodfelter, Sue B., 260 Cloore, James A., 334 Clouston, Carol A., 37, 67, 68, 262. 427 Clow. Lynn E., 184. 185. 198. 286 Clow. Terry L., 344 Cluster, Mike W., 332, 432 Clute, Peter B. Jr., 332 Coaston, Lou, 137 Coats. David M., 199, 310, 403 Cobb, Gilbert R., 199, 320 Cobbs. Wavne A.. 334, 401 Cochran, Kathleen A.. 199, 370, 4.52 Codling. Jimmy. 118 Coe. Harold B., 360 Cue. Marilyn. 463 Cohen, Dianne D.. 386 Cohn, Evelyn, 463 Coie, John P., 241, 322 Colbv. Katie R., 40, 264 Colby, Ralph C, 318 CokC Byron D., 399 Cole. Catherine V., 413 Cole, Charles B. Cole, Donald D., 54, 198, 283, 332, .333, 439 Cole, Don E., 51, 55, 56, 307 Cole, Donald H., 61,346 Cole, James A.. 199, 409 Cole, Janet E.. 289 Cole. Kenneth C, 19 Cole, Marcclle J., 199, 407 Cole, Robert E.. 225 Coleman, Gary, 242 Coles, Susan M., 199,278 Collard, Judy J., 114 Collard, Shelby A., 69, 270. 447 COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING. 22. 23 Collicott. Howard E.. 226 Collins. John N.. 235. .3.56. 396. 418 Collins. Paul L, 318 Collins. W. Towne, 310 Collis. John. 37 COLUMNS BUSINE.SS STAFF. 75 COLUMNS EDITORIAL STAFF. 74 Comings. Everett L., 310 Comings, Sara E., 49, 260, 440, 450 Companion. Tom H.. 302 CONIPASS CHART, 404 Compton, Chris D., 282 Compton, Judy, 58, 284, 440 Conan, Edward J., 432 Condon. Bud. 404 Condon, Harold T., 199. 231. 233. 418. 426 Congdon. Roberta A.. 199. 268, 384 Conly, Donald E., 199,410 Connell, Margaret A., 187. 199, 250, 268 433, 448 Conner, Jane D., 368 Connolly, Estelle, 367 Connor, Patricia E., 38, 39, 67, 278, 447 Conrad, Dick C, 104, 105. 354 Conrad, Ernest 14, 377 Conrad, Ruth C, 284 Constans, William F., 344 Converv, Robert L., 328, 410 Conway, John M., 293, 322 Coogan, Patrick D.. 199. 399. 404. 443 Cook. Denis B., 104, 105, 3.54 Cook. Donald 0., 300 Cook, Hugh D., 243, 346 Cook, Jean E., 413 Cook, Jim W., 40, 152, 322, 439 Cook, Marilyn J., 199, 260, 434 Cook, Norma D., 199, 282 Cooke, Bleecker, 312. 429 Coombs, H.A., 18 Coonrad, Loretta O., 368 Cooper, Bernice M., 392 Cooper, Jeanette R., 262 Conper, Marinric- I. , 2. ' 2 Copi,|;,i " l I ,1, i; ' 11 IHO Cop|..ui. ,.,.,■ I 112 Coppl, K, K - ' .-I Corbcu. Di. UuiuiKI G.. 12 Corbin, Colleen, 391 Corbin, Nancy L., 282 Corcoran, Janet A., 370 Cordell, Jeannine A., 257 Core, Whitev, 97 Corfield, Joan, 199, 276 Corkum. Evelvn M.. 199, 368, 452 Cornell. Edward. 31). 31)7 Cornn K.,ili K Curran, Fat A., 268 Curran, Thomas M., 235, 346 ( ' ill ric, Gordon D., 3,30 Con , 57, 300 Correa, David C. 310 Cortelvou, David C, 314 Coski. William D.. 330 COSMOPOLITAN CLUB, 406 Cosper, Roy L., 199, 399 Cossev, Glenda Coulter, Robert S., 378 Countner. Frank H., 322. 398 Court. Reginald. 414 Cowan. Charles L.. 197. 297 Cowan, Gladys H., 50, 56, 61, 2 66 Cowell, Pat R., 262 Cowls, Robert S., 378 Cox. Gerry. 324 Cox, Janet A., 369 Cox. John J.. 330 Cox. Wesley A., 372 Covkendalf, Wade H.. 199, 376, 400. 423 Coyle. Ed, 41,67, 68 Coyne, Chuck M., 312 Cozzetto, Joe, 324 Craft, Betty Lou, 416 Craft, Marietta E., 392 Craig, Bob T., 358 Craig, Don W.. 352 Craig, Joyce B., 199, 270 Craig, Nancy, 109 Craig, Pete J., 310 Crail, Capt. W., 401 Cramer, John F., 199,397 Cravens, Hamilton. 302, 432 Crawford, Fred B., 199, 423 Crawford, Mike, 104, 105 Creason, Karen, 385 Cressap. Ray, 138 Cressy, Jeni L., 73, 270 Crevin, Larry J., 56, 360 CREW, 230. 231, 232, 233, 234 ,235 Crews, Charles, 199, 358 Crews, Dick, 137 Crim, E. Carlo, 199, 250, 284 Cripe, Alvin D., 330 Cripe. Elizabeth R., 270 Crist, Beverly R., 286, 386, 424 Cromoga, Richard N.. 309 Cronquist, Richard G., 397 Crook, Uorolhv 1... 199. 381 Cro.ik.. U,,lirii l; . I ' l ' ). .320 Cr.,|,l, I ,,!,. M,„ . 161 ■J.S4 .440 Cros. ' , .lames A., :nr, Crosier, EllwootI H., 199, 336 Cross, Kathleen L., 274 Cross, I ' aulC. 17 Crosson, Rolwrt S., 322 Crouch, Kathy S., 37, 276 Crowe, Ronald S., 139, 354 Crowley, Dorothy E., 199, 386 Cruikshank, Collin, 107 Cruikshank, .lames R., 381 Cnimb, U-wis F.. 376 Cruver. Edward 1,. .WO C:iini,uii;]i.iii.. I ' .ilii.ia H.. 370 Cu ngham, Virginia R., 73, 75, 276 Curd, Larry M., 318 Curran, John T., 346 I , I ' , 1. , ,tl2 i;. ., ii .1 , 260 1 n,i,. Kihn M . 199. ;iH3, 461 (mils. Marlene L., 2.52 Curtis. Mary Jo, 200. 402. 418. 442 Gushing, Frank, 340 Cusler. Ben H., 314 1 iisi, I Di.iial.l W., 200, 293, 348, 438 I ' ,!-«, II ill, rimiiiasJ., 356, 399 r,,il,i| l;,,.„.|| K., 19 iM L.iin H . 323 (.V.el.otar. Barbara A., 109. 110 Dafoe. William L.. 312 Dagraan. Dennis C, 323 Dagnie, Ina, 415 Dahl, Allen W., 225 Dahl, Doris M., 367 Dahl. Sandra L.. 38. 284. 450 Dahl, Thomas L., 200 Dahl. Traftord E.. Jr.. 348 Dahlbeie. Bivm f . 2.S2 Dahlcii ' ii II i.iii DahlKMi, I 1 ,, ' ■•• -■ Dahlpi.i, - I ,11 Dahlqinsi M |,;i.,ii,. Jim DahlquLst. Jo Anne IJ.. 286 Dailey. Donald J.. 132. 246, 322 Dailey, Janet, 283 Daile ' v, John M., 376, 397 DAILY. 65-68 Dake. Charles H., 200, 423 Dalrvmple, Leslie K., 260 Dalv, B. David, 362 Daly, Erin P., 260 Daly. Jacqueiyn J., 367 Dalv, Margaret A., 252, 444 Dalzell, Larry, 395 Dambres. Lenore G., 38, 284, 441 Dammeier, Arrol A., 264, 445 Danekas, Gary N., 314 Daniels, Don, 148 Danielson, Barbara J.. 260 Danielson, Kay L.. 38. 52, 57. 274 Damlov, Dan P., 226 Danner, Ralph D. 200, 411 Danz, Barbara J., 251. 288 Darling. J. Peter, 334, 432 Darling, Opal, 415 Darrow. Nancy G.. 276 Daubei-t. Ri.-h.ivrl 19. 200. 435 Daugh.iiN ll....,,i l I7t). :i!M. 411 Daveiip.,, ' 11 - ' j:. David, . l ..-,,, I II, - ' :_■ Davids, , ' , , 1 U2 Davids,., I I Ills, 414 Davids.,,, I ,.. I ,, .,111, 270 Davids.... ll.,,i,,.i I, , ,-.l,. 312 David.s,jii. Willi.ii... .;!.; Davies, Anne M., 257 Davies, David A., 200, 297 Davies, Donald J., 309 Davies, Jerry, 32, 352 Davies, Laurie A., 254, 441 Davin, Mary Lynn, 274 Davis, Bertha D., 200 Davis, Beveriy J., 370 Davis, Carolyn B., 282 Davis, Don P., Jr., 151, 200. 244, 292, 322, 323, 438 Davis, Gerald A., 62, 324, 422. 435. 439 Davis, Gordon, 405 Davis, Gretchen, 52 Davis, James W., 200, 316, 317 Davis, John H., 241, 324, 439 Davis, John M., 239, 324, 426, 439 Davis, Max A., 308 Davis, May, 415 Davis, Mike, 149 Davis, Paul E., 360 Davis, Shiriev A., 57, 284 Davis, Walter N., 200. 332, 432 Davison. Donald E.. 446 Davison, Keith E., 322 Davison, Walter G., 402, 430 Dawlev, Curtis E . 297 Dawsi.ii, l;..l..ii II I ' llll. 374 Dav. 1)1. I. • " . ' 11 DaV, 1)1.,, ' ,. r. ' ,1 iJil Dav. H..U ...I W J... I 1.-.4 Day. John iVl . Jim, J )J. 302, 403, 422, 432, 438 Deacon, Patricia A., 367 Dean, Arden M., 262 Dean, Charlotte M., 200, 274 Dean, Donald J., 334 Dean, Frank S., 75, 310 Dean, Howard A., 200, 373, 395, 398 Dean, James F., 200, 374, 400, 446, 451 Dean, James H., 310 Dean. Judy, 463 DEAN OF STUDENTS- OFFICE, 13 Dean, Susan, 254 Deane, Lola H., 389 de Cillia. Bernard, Jr., 300 de Cillia, Suzanne, 262 Decker, Aletha H., 200, 366, 370 Decker, Daniel A., 200, 395, 446, 461 Decker, Donald H., 373, 395 Decker, Jay D., 200, 324 Decker, Jerry N., 200. 292, 316, 317, 403 Decker, Toby, 465 Dederer, arrv. 104 DEDICATION CEREMONIES I iiMM 111 l)i; , 175 1 )., 1 111 , , 1... I. 42 111 2(11) IJe|;);)nKer. Leonard N., 360 Dehner, Nolan, 116 Deisher, Ronald D., 314 Ui- Jaeii. AllHrl.298 1 i,,,,:, ' 1 . 282 11. , 1 ), i 1 ; . ,- ;; ' ' ' II.. 322 .ij.i, 419 HI 1 1 1 ii,i A DELTA, 266 313 DELTA SIGMA PHI, 309 DELTA TAl ' DELTA. 314. 315 liKI.I 1 I ' Sl 1.1 ). . 316. 317 1)1 I I I I JTi) 111 I I I I DREAM MAN, 161 I). ,,, ,,. .1 I; ,!|,h lv.316 I). ,,,. .,, ,,l,,,, I .iiilii-ini, 226, ,367 DK.MAI, IIM.II l .s-l DENTl.-sl i: 11 II I ATION, 24 Denzler. .1..I. ' , I; , 1.. ' ) Derby. D.-.ui ' is iss j.iT, J,!9 Derdevams. I ' hihp P.. 2(H), 334. 397, 458 DeShazo, Donna M., 67, 200, 427, 437. 447 1). 1 M,. ,■. 257 Jim. ' 262, 431 111... K., ' 266 vn 1,., 201,407, 434. 460 Deutsch, Harold L., 342 De Vore. .Jeiome D.. 328 n.uii, W.iii.ii I.. 328 D. «.A 1 ll,,«.,iil. 294.309 Ii.M. . Id, I. ,1.1 H. 201.371,37: Dm I, li..l.,il R., 3 ' 28, 432 Diaz. Ge.Dge K . 140, 248, 429 Dickmson. Allen D. 380 Dickinson. David L.. 352 Dickinson. Denny C. 297 Dickinson. John M., 380 Dickinson, Lee G., 201, 425 Dickinson, Nat, 115 Dicks, Claire, 175 Di.ksfriii Sam 401 Dilliiitl..Mi.. IkMilv L., 407 Dillon, Sharon J., 53, 274 Dingman, Maggi C, 201, 257 Dinham, Susan C, 278 Dinsmore, Bonnie J., 252 Dishnow, Jay, 244 Divelbiss, Charles L., 225 Dixon, Ellen M., 367 Dixon, Richard A., 248, 346 Dhn, Norman, 201 Dlugatz, George, 225 Doan, Shiriev I., 386 Doane, William B., 138, 314 Dobbs, Larry, 107 Dobler, Fred C, 314 Dobrin. Sue, 280 Dohrott Don R . 340 l)..l....i, ■. :)()0, 11..., , I. ..-I s , ilii Uiidclli,. .S.ilki J., 272 Dodge, James T., 358, 422 Dodge, Keith D.. 201,398 Dodson, Jerry J.. 201, 297 Dolan, Bob, 116 Dolan, Pamela, 118 Dolan, Sheila, 52, 268 DoU, Elaine M., 201, 266 Dolloff, Virginia H., 286, 386, 424 Domenowske, John R., 207, 397 Donahoe, David E., 328 Donahoe, Pete, 128 D..niiliii.- I ' aliina C, 201, 431 I ,1.U ,,.,1,11.38 I.,,,,,. l;,, 1, ,.,l ,I.,3IX) I ' ,,„ I I , . II .314,4(i6 l.i.i. 1,1, 1 ,1,, ., .1 . 260 II 11. .1., .1 A., 294,340 DDIsoN mil S|.;. 378 Dotsoii. l.. . ,!..■ I . - ' Ill, 34 Dougherl II.. I 111. I ' ll Dougheru Inn r 111 DougherH. liii X . 1.18, Doughlv, .lennno. 465 Douglas, Don F., 354 Douglass, James Kirk, 225 472 «r mm m we don t provide diving suits.,. . . nor treasure maps, but we can help you with most of your other money problems. Here at the University Branch, we ' ve worked with Huskies for years (no puns about tough sledding, please). We think we understand your special needs and requirements both now and at the time you begin your career. If you move to another area after graduation, N B of C can continue to serve you in any one of 54 branches in Washington. Oh, and congratulations ! NATIONAL BANK OF COMMERCE MEMBER FDIC University Branch 45th at Brooklyn Stadium Branch University Village Doumit, Mary E., 57, 367, -141 Dowd, Leonard L., 328 Dowd. Thomas J„ .Jr., 104, 201, 336,411,438 Dowling, Lynn, 282 Downev, Bill, 77 Dmvnie. Lcndre C, 413 Dtnvnie. Wendv, 36, 37. 56, 272, 440 Downing. -JoAnne D.. 407 Downing, Lvnn M., 254 Downing, Randall W., 380 Downs, Carol, 42, 262 Downs, Joanne C, 386 Dovie, Patrick R., 226 Dracoblv, Fred E., 336 Drake, Kingsiev D., 302 DRAMA, 113 Drangas, Denise L., 262 Draper, Gregory L.. 201, 324, 403 Dravenieks, lima, 201, 402, 430 Dreisbach. Warren O., 396 Dri ' .n, Kallc II Dm UKU.L TKAM. 120 . 187. 201. Dn i W., Jr., 310 Drips. Phil A., 201, 304, 403. 426, 42n, 4:)r Dri -nll Io 1 1 Dmh II .1, 1 - ' " 1 .124.446 IJii 112 Dulil. . IJ,.1 1 U. ,i,!U Dubeau. Ra A., 22.T Dubendorf. Keith G.. 332 410 DuBois, William R., 36, 55, 322 Dugan, Larry M., 312 Dukes, Everett S., 380, 409 Dukes, George L., 201, 378, 396 Duncan, Barbara J., 276, 441 Duncan, Daniel R.. 235 Duncan, Ronald M., 358 Duncan, Sally J., 201, 268, 445 Dunlap. Bob, 138 Dunn. Barbara F.. 201, 274 Dunn. Bobbv. 100 Dunn. Irving J.. 373. 432 Dunnett. Elaine J.. 272 Dunning. Carol Dee, 412 Dunsire, Gordon R., 328 Dunsmore, Joyce A.. 252 Dunson, Clyde 0., 344 Dunton, Don T.. 324 Dunton, Fords., 51,297 Durkee, Kay R., 57, 284 Durnan, Denis D., 201, 346, 396, 404 Duryee, David A., 356, 400 Dussault, Bruce E., 143, 297, 429 Duty. Frank, 33 Duverger, Colette, 406, 419 Dykes, Janet R., 282 Dysart, David M.. 326 Dzintars, Brigila, 430 F,i- ' .s , .: I; Jul. ;i.w Eu.-l-.iL.|,„,k. 1J„:, 11.. 201, 314 Easterbrook, Raymond H., 201. 256 Eastern, Joseph N., 201, 423 Eastern, Samuel, 342 Eastham, Linda A., 52, 254, 445 Eaatly, Mike. 395 Eastman, A.V., 22 Eastman, (Jeorge D., 201, 344, 443, 459 Eastman, Leslie W., 340 Eaton, Fred H.. 342 Eaton, Janet M., 284 Echols, Jean M., 280 Echols, Robert E., 104. 105, .304 Eckart . Marlene, 463 Etkberg. Ed, 244 Ecklolf, Janet R., 369 Eddv. Sharon G., 252 F.dgar. William R., 302, 432 Edluie. Diane L., 284 Rdrnnn.wn. Kenneth W., 201, 423 Rdmutidiion, J. Robert, 379 Edwards, Larry M., 310 Edwards, Michael J.. 256, 294 Eells. George C, 201,409 •Egan, David, 428 Egbert. Gordv, 346, 429 Egelkrout. Aficia M., 279 Egger, Dick, 244 Egli. Pamela K. 201,386 Ehrlich, Arlene B., 201, 288 Eichler, Richard S., 226, 302 Eickenhorat, Robert S., 202 Eilers, Gar ' , 104 Eilers, Gerrv, 105, 109 EKLINDflALL, ,387, 388 Elam. Lloyd C, 255 Elander, Zac R., 235. 314, 418 Rider, Hayc«, 401 Eldridge, Judy L., 288 Eldridge, Lester W., 300, 404. 418 Elggren, Trina, 2G6 Eliason. Donald R., 340 Ellero, Anna M., 282 EUero, Tina, 38, 163, 282 Ellestad, Thomas G., 328, 451 Ellington, Glen O., 328 Elliott, Dick B., 256 Elliott, Kenneth M. .Jr., ,336 Ellioll, Williun I 1113.430 Ehii , ' ■-■ .1.1 Elne,. I .Hi I.. :a, . 4SA Else, Uolwrt B., 402. 430 Elston. Judy, 52 Elwell. Judith R., 36, 202, 266 Elwood, Robert R., 326 Emerson, Fred, 138 Emery, Dick, 324 Emmons, Linda, 278 Enden, James A., 328 Eng, C, 402 Eng, Elinore L., 392 Eng. Helen, 202, 367, 430, 442 Eng, Pete, 102 Eng. Roger, 414 Engebo. Gloria I., 282 Engel. Robert (1.. 234, .304 Engerson, John M.. 16. 34. 318 ENGINEERING STUDENT ' S COUNCIL, 395 Englert, Janice N., 152, 257, 440, 450 English, William L., 322 England, Edward J., 202, 397, 446, 451 Ensign, Louise R., 278 En.slow, David C, 104, 105, 323 Enwall, Marv Ellen, 202, 280 Enz, Irma M ' ., 289 Epstein, Richard L., 243, 256 Erho, Micheal, 307 Erickson, Ann, 251 Erickson, Charles T.. 241 Erickson, Delbert L., 225 Erickson, Dick D., 232, 233, 316, 418, 426 Erickson, Elizabeth A., 280 Erickson, Erick, 401 Erickson, Judy, 252 Erickson, Larry, 307 Erickson, Robert L., 394 Erickson, Robert L., 202, 336, 375 Erickson, Ronald L., 340 Erickson, Tom, 310 Erken, Judy C, 35, 48, 266, 448, 450, 466 Erken, Norman F., 324 Erlandson, John P., 202, 312 Eriich, Arlene, 250 Ershig, A. Herbert, 297 Esdale, Gloria M., 202. 254 Eserman. Carol M., 257 Eshelman, James D.. 302 Eshom, Sharon E,, 282. 445 Esko, Byron, 256 Espinoza, Floyd A., 202, 34« Esser, Jerry, 310 Esson, Robert C, 373 Estey, Karin A., 202, 282, 431 Estill, Sharon, 283 Ethier, Dan B., 328 Etter, Mariane K., 52, 278 Evans, Cecile M., 278, 395, 448 Evans, Dick, 404, 415 Evans, Dolores A.. 202, 369 Evans, Gwyneth, 34, 35, 36, 63. 122. 274. 450 Evans, Keist E., 202 Evans, Michael, 313 Evans, Richard L., 202. 234. 41 1. 418 Evans, Sally-Ann, 276 Evans, WiUiam, 302 Evanson, Dick, 202, 307 Evenson, William W., 336 Evert. Bill D.. 354 Evich, Gerald, 336 Ewbank. Karen G., 252 Ewin. William H., 202. .397, 446 Ezell, Martha, 415 Fabrri. Sallv D . 42 Fiihii. 1 I ' 1. : ' i FACI I I ■ MI|i .411 Falkn. I Wilii.nnl, 3112.2.56 FAI.l. I. 1 UA.ML.KAL, 106, 107 Falor, Sue Ann, 284 Falskow, Guy L., 373, 395, 398, 432 Fare. James V. Jr.. 343, .394 Fan« R.ihprt Fl 20 Fnrn i nn. . I , 226, 380 Fain . I,i0 II.. 108, 110,202,420 Farnham, Shirley M., 257 Farrcll, Clench L., 260 Farrcll. Paul J., 202. 346 Karrish. Bcveriy J., 282 Farwcll. Margaret, 35, 45. 52, Fanchakl. Ann M., 272 Fauchald. Jean. 2lili Fain.. I l; A . ' i;. Fas ii. h. I I Ml .168,420 Feck. Sharon K . 2liO Fehnel. Richard A.. 380. .194 Fclch. Judv, 63 Fellralh, Patricia A., 413 Fendall. Nancy E.. 202, 366, 367, 433, 434. 442 Fennell, Donna, 118 Fenner, Don F., 334 Fenske, Garv T.. 372 Fera, Gail A., 445 Ferguson, Al, 101 Ferguson, Jerrv D., 380 Ferguson, Margaret D., 202, 389 Ferguson, Randall E.. 318 Femer. Harvev M., 256 Feroglia, Audrey L., 278, 440 Ferryman, William H., 202, 388, 443 Field, Elsie E., 202, 386 Field, Nancy E., 202, 250, 260 Field, Robert E., 293, 356 Finegold, Al S., 256, 414 Fingold, Sandra L., 40, 289, 460 Finholm, Ronald J., 304 Finke, Garv F., 324 Finke, Stuart W., 334 Finlay, Ronald C, 60, 332, 439 Finlev, Mary Jane, 266 Finle ' v. Patricia K., 266 Finn, Robert W.. 374 Pint. Donald J.. 226, 375. 404. 425. 443, 451 FIR TREE, 428 Fiscus, Ann, 455 Fish, Jerrv D.. 304 Fish, Johii G., 107,244,418 Fi. er. Ann. 42 li-i,. I i;,.i 11 , :i23 I 1.1. 11 . :!28 1 Mil. I |i. .. ,1.1 II, 3113.376.404.429 Fishi ' i, I 11 i: 113 Fisher, -. U ' .76,426 Fisher M.I. i.i JT " 1311. 446, 468 Fisher, I ' I . Jii3 3M. Fisher, Philip, 202, 279, 466 Fisher, Sharon L.. 288 Fitch, Cheryl L., 266 Fitch, Cornelia M., 202, 260, 433, 448 Fitch, Graham, 312 Fite. William P., 145, 202, 324 Fitz, Norman K., 294, 310 Fitzgerald, David, 203, 374, 413 Fitzpatrick, Robert F., 203, 292, 328, 403 Fitzsimmons , Dale E., 203, 266, 437, 446, 451 Fjellni. Flak , Flakv I Flennn Flei M 416 424 I VV , Fleming. Kouald F.. 328, 396 Fleming, Susan M., 282 Fleming, Richard H.. 19 Fletcher. Charles A., 203 FHck, Bob L.. 59. 324, 414 Flint, Caiolvn J., 266 Flint, JameJ C. 314 Floodm,in William r , 314 Flood, l,.liM . " i: Flowe. I h 111. . I Jill 3,J6.438 Flowc I I II uii U.W . .i7 FIvnn, Ariiiu- H.. 357. 431. 444 Fivnn. Hi-idi A„ 203, 274 Filelkner. Li-slie J.. 67, 266 Folkcstad. Gerhard T., 203, 397 Follis, Britta R., 39, 56, 366, 383, 444, 448, 461, 465 Follis, Robert A.. 33. 203. 308 1 I 11 1-105 1 1, , 203. 326 F.„.ll, l_,;c W., 256 Foran, David O., 294, 352 Forbes, Bruce N., 203, 340 Forbes, Norman D.. 312 Ford, Beverly J.. 203, 276 Ford, Robert M., 394 FORENSICS, 43 FORESTRY. 25 Fornian. Larry A,. 203. .142 Foriu- l,i Foss. •lull 1,1 l " ' Fossalii l;..l I ' ll- Fosti-i, I. nl,. 3111 1111,442,450 Foster, .lames H,, 203 Foster, Pat A., 276 Fournier, John L., 348 Fouargue, Sharon, 37, 272 Fowler, Charles B., 374, 398 Fox, Delores C. 203, 262 Fox, Marie, 79 Fox, Peter B„ 339 Fox, Walt, 40 Frame, Duward W., 203, 340 Franco, Albert, 298 Frank. Carol A.. 289 Frank. Peter G.. 42, 316 Frankland, Robert S., 203. 304 Frankland. Charles F.. 12 Franklin. Tom L.. 312 Franks, Barbara, 52 Franzen, Audrey J., 203, 368, 452, 466 Franzke, Suzanne J., Ill, 203, 274, 419, 420 Frasier. Wallei 1,.. 3112 Frazier, Frances H., 392 Frederick, Carol A., 252 Fredsall, Jim R.. 300 Fre Pre Fr. Fii Fl. Fii Fl. ebum. Bill, 3. ' eman. Dougla ■mrin Ian 1 ' . 4 s G., 203. 323 386. 466 1 . -203. 342 , , 332 , 117. 203. 268. 447 . ' II 1 . ' I.I, 148 1 II l,l:s, r,s 1,., 203, 288 mline, 288, 441 383. 461 i F.. 226. 411,415 A., 342 466 Fii Fl. Fl; Fii Fl — MM 1 1 Fl Fl Fl Fl I ' m i ' l ■ I- 1.1. lull K l;... 1 Fl Fl. . ' i ' mi. ' , ' u I ' lii F I. Willi.iii. U , 312 Fi;ii, ii ll 1311 FHo ll FIFi ' I ' lONS. 84 FKllSII Mllirr .S3 FHliSlI I ' KllMINENTS, .59 FHdSH HAY KING QUEEN. 156 Frost. Charles R., 310 Frost, Richard T., 312 Fruehwald, Hansjoerg S., 203, 318 Fruit, David, 42, 332 Fry, Charlie M,. 328 Frve, Shirley G.. 204. 389 Fudallv. Paul. 1.50 Fuiii, ftclh K,, 417 417 , 417 iiiii..i Ni..,.i I , .;.-_ ' nil, .144 Fulluli, .)aniv» I.,,. .1411 Fulton, Marge, 109 Funk, Steve J., 342 Funke, Gloria A., 368. 402, 430, 442 Furford, George, 401 Furseth, Biarne, 408 Furtado, Barbara L,. 204. 369 Gahelein. Ri.kit F,, 204.373 J71 ll ' i, 444. 4,50 3111 U.S. 443 3114. .J84 U, 252 I , :I40, 426. 429 1.,,. 261 Mi.ln Gaines, Barbara L., 270 Galer, Douglas E., 326 Gallagher, Sheridan W., 204. 256, 371, 376 Gallaher, Phil G., 49, 55, 63, 324, 435, 439 Gallaugher, Wesley C, 394 Gait, Vic H., 348 ' Galvagno. Remo S.. 324 GaniW.. I ..N N . 4, 33, , 322. 418. 4,39 . 438 .!22, 396, 425. 443 Gansneder, Sheila B., 254 Ganter. Nancy, 67, 68 Ganty, Marvjane, 204, 274 Ganty, Wally, 313 Ganz ' , James G., 256 Ganzer, Vic, 22, 309 GARB DAY, 85 Garber. Howard D., 204, 372 I la I 1,111 M , 364 i! ii.i ' ,: ' . , 1, I Herbert, 12 liiiiln. I 1,|| I, ..278 Gardner, Tlionias C, 152, 354 Gardner, William B., 51, 55, 56, 322 Garretson, Mary M., 278 i;,i-, h ,iii. I 13, 3.1 Casliin. Ann. 272 Gaston, Janet G., 262 Gaston, Richard S., 204, 354 Gavle, Kaihi ' iinc. 389 Gaytnn. r.iiii. ml lo, " . Gcarhan l v Ji, i ' .i. Gedde. • ' 111 . ' .ii Geer, I.....11 ' ■ ' ' ml Gegnei, Kmi lui iii . mi Gehres, N 1 1 i .. ' ' ' 1 Goigcr, M 1 111. 1311 Geiish..,!, Willi nil H , ,1,10 CriMll i I l ' lillll|i 1... 3: 6 11, 111 I II, inn 1 s W.. 63, 106, 231,2, ' 12. l.ill., Mildred, 41,44 t.ennway. Soma J., 251, 258 George, Talbot, 101 Geraghtv, John V., 226, 304, 428, 435 Gerber, Bill, 314 474 •SAVE MONEY- BUY USED BOOKS! F • ENGINEERING DEPT. • SCIENCE EQUIPMENT • STUDENT SUPPLIES • ART SUPPLIES Book Store Inc. 4314-16 University Way MEIrose71 1 5 SEATTLE Geri. Warren A., 346 Gering. Gordon L., 304 Gerlitz. Dennis. 401 Gcmiaine, Shirley A.M.. 204. 258 Gemiundson, Gunnar (5.. 145, 146. 204. 348. 426. 435 Gerrish. Judv A., 254 Gerr ' . Annette F.. 42, .50, 57, 268, 440. 4.50 Gihb ' . Judv M.. 270 Gibson. Carole M.. 282 Gibson. Gloria .J., 204. 282 Gibson. Paul R.. 340 Gibson. Robert J.. 332 Gideon. Eugene H., 378 Gidlund. Charles G., 306 Giedt. Bruce A. 243. 312 Gierke. Bradford M.. 374 Giersch. A. Edward, 332, 432 Giese, Borghild E., 276 Giese, Donovan J., 409 Gifford. Harold C. 256 Gilbert. Carvl L.. 261 Gilbert. David R.. 234. 306. 400, 418 Gilbert. Larrv L., 432 Gilbert, Linda L.. 28«, 441 Gilbertson. Annette, M., 270, 441 Gilbertson, Loren O., 330. 414 Giles. Dale H.. 256 Gilkcv, Tom E., 322 Gill. -Janet M.. 52. 264 Gill. Marcia P.. 33. 42. 261, 450 Gill, Pat A.. 204. 427 Gill. Roger. 245 (5illespie, Betty W.. 270 Gillespie. Carol L., 270 Gillespie. Paul H.. 375 Gillespie, Peter G., 304 Gillham. .Jane, 57, 284 Gilliland, Laura C. 367, 466 Gillis, Judv A., 261 Gilman. Bonnie, 288 Giteian, Pat. 459 (lilmore. Dave J., 306 Gib-ov, Bob. 354 GIRLS SPORTS, 109, 111 Gish, Larrv M., 372 Gish, Marshall E., 372 Gismervig. Harold F.. 326, 3% Givens. Susan E., 41, 257 Gladwin, Harmon T., 374 Glass. Barbara A.. 204. 383. 461, 465 (51aze, David K., 204, 398 Glen, Dana, 116 Glendinning, Finis E.. 256, 397 Glenn, Colvin W.. 204, 437, 446 Glenn. Darlene E.. 276 Glenn. Patrick L.. 294. 314 Glerup, Virginia L.. 204. 272 Glickman. Kenneth 1.. 256. 422. 439 Clock. Phillip E.. 379 (Jloege. Marv, 463 Glover. Darrell R.. 310 Gnehm. Charles H.. 204, 409 Godefroy. Anne. 70. 280 Goehrend. Gretchen J.. 252, 455 Goemaere. Janice E.. 444 Goetz. Jerrv H.. 303 Goff. Jim R., 310 Gnffe, Bernard S., 298 Gold. Raelene J. 41.412 Goldback. Nancy J.. 282 Goldberg. Alan V.. 256 Golden, Patricia L., 367 Goidfarb, Michael J., 256, 294 Golding, Willard E., 352 Goleeke, Tommy D.. 297 GOLF. 242, 243 Gonnason, Bettv E,, 286 Gon.ser, Wallace S.. 308 Gonzales, Boyer, 17 Goodale. Patricia K.. 368 Goodman. Bob G.. 204. 256 Goodman, Clark F., 346 Goodman, Gerald E, 418 Goodman. Terry J.. 57. 322 Goodnough, Rev. Wesley House. 465 (jorasht, Mervin L. 342 Gord, Sally A.. 266, 445 Gordon, D ' avid M., 322 Gordon, Doug C, 139, 322 Gordon. Judd, 456 Gordon, Robert W., 204, 256, .323, 425 Gorman, R. Dale. 104. 105. 316 Gormlcy. Dennis M.. 310 Gose. Gordon. 41 (loss. Clark C. 312 Goss. Marv D., 57. 272, 450 Gossett, Dorothy, 462 Gould, Douglas K., 410 Gould. JoAnn N.. 152. 257. 440 Gould. Virginia F.. 251. 276 Gourley. Richard D.. 324 Gouricv, Wyn R.. 251. 262. 445 GOVERNORS DAY. 176 Graber. Raymond E.. 204. 374. 4.58. 465 (JRADUATE NUR.SES. 407 CARD. .SCHOOL, 226. 227 GRADUATION. 181 Gradv. Sherrill L.. 286 Graef. Carolyn N., 366. 367 Graf, Robert L.. 204. 300 Graham. Bruce E., 226. 409 Graham, Gary A., 372 (Jraham, .James K., 104. 105. 328 Graham. Jean J.. 37. 40. 264 Graham, Judy A., 264, 441 Graham, Marilyn J., 413 Graham, Ronald M., 107, .304, 422, 439 Graham. Thomas P.. .348 Graham, Tom C, 248, 323 Graham. Wynne E., 52, 284 Grahn. Gary W„ 256 Crohn. Gaylc, 35, ,59, 268 n, Roaina B„ 413 Grangaard. Robert, 243, 307 Granberg Syd G.. 340 Grant, Fred J., 248, 354 Grant, George H., 304 Grasso, James C. 334 (iravelle. Georgene A.. 284 Graves. Lawrence D.. 312 Graves. Michael D.. 3.39 Gray. Carol A.. 204. 280 Gray, Curtis, 309 Gray, Donna J„ 370 Gray, Karen L.. 266 Gray. Liz, 459 Gray, Louis N., 334 Greco. Marie D.. 205. 252 Greely. Nancy A.. 282 Green. Ben. 107 Green. Bob, 297 Green, Credell, 101 Green, James W.. 375 Green. Nancy R.. 385. 389, 391 Green, Shirley E., 62. 266. 444. 450 Green. Sue J.. 272 Green. Victor E.. 303 Green. WiUiam R., 256 Greenborg. Jess, 256. 396. 451 Greene. Gary C, 320 Greene. Judith M.. 270 Greene. Malcolm W.. 326 Greene, Nancv .- nn, 205. 264 Greene. Sharon N.. 37. 50. 52. 57. 370. 444. 450 Greenlee. Catherine, 205. 415 Greenough. W. Peyton. 344, 430 Greer. Eileen M.. 282. 434 Greer. Jim A., 135, 354 Greger. J. William, 16, 34. 57. 336 Gregg, George W.. 324 Gregory, Carol L., 452 Greiner, Sally, 205, 412, 420 Grenz, Lew S.. 256 Grevstad. Ben I.. 145, 205, 303, 405. 423 IJrewe, Janet L.. 35, 50, 56. 254. 448 Gribble. Melvin L.. 205, 292 Grier, Charles, 344 Griffm, Tommie, 406 Griffith, Dale G.. 143. 320 Griffith. -Jean D., 392 Griffith. Kav H., 368 Griffith. Larrv. 401 Griffitli, R . :1S, 274 liriflith MuiKn I 27« GrilTnIi :,, |i . ' o. ' ), 254 Grimsh.iu Uimii Austin. 21 Grisim. Keith G.. 139. 304 Groh. Robert W., 334 Gronvold, Gloria A., 262 Grosche. Dale W.. 320 Groshong. Ron, 35, 300 Gross, Leonard D.. 205. 342 Gross. Lois, 369, 384, 412 Grosse. Barbara A.. 257 Grubbs. Kenneth L., 205 Gruber. Burton A., 256 Gruhn. Charles. 458 Grunbaum, Joan, 288 Gruspe, Mrs. Evelyn F., 205 (Jrutchfield, Marlys L., 205, 402, 430 Grutchfield, Victo H., 205, 402 Gruwell, James P., 346 Guernsey, Carolyn L., 280 Guimont, Delores R., 52, 286 Gulden, Donald C, 328 Gulden, Terry D., 348 Gunderson, Mary L., 50. 272. 445 Gunderson. Suzanne G.. 272, 445 Gunsul. Cle, 309 Gurrad. Philip R., 378 Guske, Sharon E., 205, 284, 445 Gustafson, Janet C. 34, 128, 286 Gustafson, Kathy, 272, 441 Gustafson. Loretta W.. 254 Gust..f. " ii SIiiiI, ■. , :!.58.441 Gum .276 Gulli. I . I: Gul 1. , l: ,i|,i, I ' jn,,, ,320,411 Gwilvni, IJnnald A . 205. 398, 463 Gvamfi, Tom. 419 Haagensen, Greta. 369. .384 Haapanen. Roger H.. 312 Haas, Hrmn I. , ,(4H, 4,36 Hai.s I .1..:. I ' . J JiT. 141 Haa- h. r,,M I I... Hackiir II ,tti. !■ 1 , _ ' 62 HadduLk. Kl im. 1 i ' J Hadficld. Michael G.. 375 Haegcle. William R., 205 Haffner. Ann M.. 276 Hagen. Bill. 205. 324 Hagen. Maurice. 245 Hager. Thomas R.. 205. 398, 400, 425 Hagist. Mitzi E.. 57, 282 Hagist. Roberta. 36. 38. 63, 283 Hahn, Daniel B.. 340 Hahn. Gerald M.. 61. 293. 342, 439 Haight, Anabel, 205. 250. 252 Haines, Harold J.. 205 Halberg, John V.. 232, 340, 418 Halberg, Robert C. 340 Hale. Barbara J.. 261 Hale. Mvma B.. 370 Hale. Orlan. 16. .14. 116 Hale. Reid E.. 446 Hale.«. Jeremv M. 316 Hall. Arthur E,, 2.56. 100 Hall, Barbara L., 258 Hall, Dale G.. 323, 396 Hall. Deanna M.. 160, 276 Hall, Howard B.. 336 Hall, Jay L., 205, 323 Hall, Joe, 462 Hall, Marvin A.. 344 Hall. Ronald E,, 303 Hall. Ronald J.. 256 Hall. Ruth, 370 Hallberg, Linda M.. 57. 284 Hallett. Page. 272 Hallgrimson, LawTence M.. 320 Halligan, Robert J.. 310 Hallock. Gene. 101 Hallowav, Gordon L., 205 Hallum, Donald, 310 Halvarson, H. Stanley. 77. 318 Halvorson. Ann S., 266 Halvorson, Janice C. 205. 266. 431 Ham. Donald C. 310. 409 Hamamoto. Masaru. 205. 256 Haman. Francis. 244 Hamblen. Weslev D,. .346 Hamilton. Arlene L,. 412 Hamilton. Evelyn A,. 75. 205. 261 Hamilton. James P.. 334 Hamilton. Judith A.. 264. 452 Hamilton. Margaret K.. 369 Hamilton. Maria A.. 412 Hamlin. Susan E.. 205. 384 Hamm. George P., 352 Hamm. Paula R.. 40. 52. 264. 450 Hammack. Htnri , 114 Hamniai, Sh, ,,,1 I Jj:, Hanimvll liA.i,, 1 Jii,i. 38(5. 424. 433 Hamm. ' i 1 li n ' ' . 1.1 Hamnii-i K. r . :r.r, Hammer, Ronald K , 206 Hammermaster, Gene. 42, 226, 238. 300. 426. 435 Hammersmith, Edward C. 206, 398 Hammond. Ben. 102 Hammond. Laila L,. 206, 284. 431 Hammond. Linda R,. 368 Hamon. Francis E„ 206. 374 Hampson. John C. Jr,. 344 Hancock. Leland B., 339 Handlin. Sydney H,. 342 Haney, Keith M„ 3111, 432 Hanna, Ron L„ 297 Hansel, Arthur S,. 59, 346 Hansen, Barbara H.. 368 Hansen. Barbara J.. 206. 250. 283 Hansen. Carol P., 252 Hansen, Don. 352 Hansen. Douglas E,. 348 Hansen. Fav A,. 57. 367, 441 Hansen, Gail V„ 206 Hansen, Jack C, 336 Hansen, Jean. 33. 38. 278, 407 Hansen, Karen L.. 278 Hansen. Lowell. 40 Hansen, Mark S„ 206, 328, 443 Hansen, Russell H.. 256. 404 Hansler, Grace M., 389 Hanson, Barry. 307 Hanson, Chuck F,, 322 Hanson. Dorothy A.. 206. 386 Hanson. Harold N,. 206. 310 Hanson. James M.. 355 Hanson, Joyce B.. 370, 452 Hanson. Kermit 0.. 21 Hanson, Lowell T,, 312. 402 Hanson, Stuai-t E.. 326 Hanson, Vernon L.. 375 Hara. Hirohisa. 206. 442 HARBORVIEW HALL. 389, 391 Harding, Donna M., 67, 68, 206. 366. 370, 427, 447 Harding. George, 45 Harding, .John W„ 15 Hardwick. Joe R,. 326 Hardy. Nancy J.. 274 Hargreaves. Gordon W,. 312 Harison, Phillip L„ 318 Harkins, Pamela J., 254 Harkness, George jj., 336 Harmon, Boertien, 43 Harmon. Dean. 330 Harmon. Stanley D,. 225 Haroldson, William R,. 310 Hannden. Dick. 458 Harper. Charles C, 206, 2,56 Harper, Eniest T,, 464 Harpole. Virginia K.. 262 Harrington, Dnnal, 115 Ha IS. Linda M.. 63. 283. 448, 450 Harris, Minnie, 34, 38, 45 Harris, Nancv L.. 368, 413, 452, 455 Harris, R. B, ' . 16 Harrison. Ronald I.,, 318 Harrop. -Jo . nne. 110. 412 Harrop. Robert D., 206. .303 Han Hari. Haric ' Ha W 100 Harton. George I ' . 14 Hartung. Daniel G.. 303 Hartwig. Aileen M.. 226. 367 Hartwig. James H.. 225 Hartwig, Shirley M.. 262 Hartz. Ron R., 326 Harvev. Chet L.. 1.38. 206. .346 Harvey. Ix v C. 37. 206. 262 Harvev, Susan E.. 206. 384 Harwood, David B., 380, 395 Haskell, Pat A.. 254 Haskins, Becky. 274 Haskins. Charies P., 316 Ha. ' isell, Bruce M,. 206,397 II ..- in in I;, 1,1 K ,.383. 406, 461,465 III h. ■ ■■•- II,, , I .: , . I J ' I8 II, ,11114- !■ i.M-, 311 Hathawav, Joseph C, 225 Haubrich, Joanna, 257 Haubrich. Nadyne E.. 389. 450 Haugen. Elwood L.. 206. 397 Haugen. Marilvn. 61 Haugland. David 0., 256 Haumann. Arthur J.. 316 Haumann. Carole J.. 270 Haumann. Joanne M.. 272 Hauser, Mary, 275 Hausman, John, 313 Hawes, Dick. 41 Hawkes. Sally L,. 35. 37. 60, 272, 450 Hawkins, Jack. 245 Hawkins. James W.. 346. 414 Hawkins, Marian L.. 67. 68. 206, 257, 448 H,,v,l,in. N ,, 276 ll,iMi- ■ -. III. I, ,148 Haxvs, aierie. ;.i. 262 Hayduk, Duke A., 311, 432 Hayen, Philip E., 297 Haves, Frederick B,, 326, 429 lln " vr ludi l: 22 III I,. II ,1 iM I 206.377.404 111 „ ■ In „ :ii7 11,1 . h..i, 1. , 389.424 Hals, J,.,lu, V , .ki.i Healev. Patrick D.. 35. 40, 51, 300 Heath, Michael T., 394 Heck, Jim, 99 Hecker, Joan L,. 206, 272, 434 Hecker. Gerald M.. 57, 306 Heckman. Claude C, 206, 256,, 348 Hedberg, Marilvn J.. 52. 261 Hedeen. Donald F.. 206. 436 Hedeen, Lowell B., 256 Hedges. Elizabeth J., 206 Hedges, Mary E.. 252 Hedwall, Edward A,, 306 HedwaU, Jerrv E., 312 Heffher, David L.. 312 Heffner. MeKin (5,. 375 Hf-nm Mar. 1.. 206 Hi - 1.. .,: 1 !iu- A,. 284 II. ,. Mill n ,- ,. 284.384 II, 1.!, Ill, I, ;, l:,il|.li, 465 niilni.ij., I hai.;plm B.. 297 Heilman. Robert B., 18 Heilv. Kav A.. 189. 206. 268. 427. 447 Heily. Timotha A,. 52. 268 Heinke. Arlene M,. 266 Heinke, Ronald R„ 297. 398 Heihie. Donald R.. 378 Heiser, Peter E. Jr., 206, 293. 322 Helander. Richard D., 207, 374 Helberg, Kathrvn A.. 370 Holland D on C., 207. 355 Heller. Marilyn L.. 369 HeUiesen. Harold S.. 207. 336 Heilman. Carl M.. 3.32. 432 Hellstrom. Shirley A.. 413 Hellweg. Karen K., 286 Hellweg. Marlene J.. 207. 286 Helm. Henrv R,. 352. 401 Helmer. Arlvs E,. 207. 369 Helphrey. Carol J,. 254. 450. 4.56 Hemingwav. Mike. 114 Hemmat. Harry H.. 207, 442 Hempler, Katherine E.. 207, 262, 448 Hemplv. Carol, 37 Henderson, Carol J„ 284 Henderson. Dave L.. 318 Henderson. Dave W.. 316 Henderson. Donald S.. 346 Henderson, Rlizahfth B , 207. 258 Henderson Im. i _ ' .il -lui Hendersnn I:,.!. 1 1 M ;j,s Hender ..n W II m W :ii;. 439 Hendricks, I ,;],.- ... , -J " Hendrick. Tom E,. 344 Hendricksen. Charles S.. 328, 396 Hendrickson. Gary D.. 332 Hendrix. Thomas ' C. 303 Henke. Julie R.. 50. 56. 63, 272, 444, 448. 450 Henkel, Janet C. 207, 252 Henken, Edwin R.. 43. 128. 207. 371. 374 Hennesy. Marian. 44 Henning. Barbara M.. 262 Henning. Valerie R.. 35. 39. 63. 261. 440. 448 Henriksen. JoAnne M., 369, 402. 445 Henriot. Rex. 114, 115 Henry, Linda L., 284 Henshaw, William C. 315 Henwood. Weslev C. 225 Hepworth. .loAnne, 109 Herbison. Ralph N„ 207. 318. 4.30 Herley. Patsy. 272 Herman. Jerry. 242. 460 Herman. Morton G., 207 Herman.son. Alan R.. 306 Hermanson. Donald H.. 256 Herrick. Rose E.. 383. 444. 451, 461,465 Herrigel, Howard R.. 226. 416 HernnB. Hob, 99 II. ' l:!.... T..226 II 1,111 P,. 17 II II I ' Im II ,116 11. « I ..,s I .s,l, 444,461,465 476 G raduation is an important event both to the graduating class and to the community. For you, it means new responsibihties, new opportunities ... in fact, a whole new life. For the community, it means a welcome influx of new members who will be the builders and leaders of tomorrow. As it has for 67 years, Frederick Nelson wishes the class of 1957 at the University of Washington a successful and happy future. Many of you will join us as staff members, a great many will become customers, and all, we hope, will become our friends. Hesse. Mnrgarct. 2U7. 283. 437 Hettrick. Erlene, 110 Heustis. Barbara. 2(M Hewett, Linda L.. 270 Hen-itt. Marlene E.. 368. 412 Hibler. Bob. 248. 355 Hicklin. Ronald L., 348 Hickman. Edward D.. 3.50 Hieb. Holand D.. 4.52. 464 HILLEL FOUND.ATION. 4G0 Higbie. .John R.. 57. 300 Higgins. -Jerrv D.. 304 Hightower. Darlene M.. 266 Hikida. Cloria K.. 207. 417. 420 Hikida. Jovce M.. 417 Hilbv. Joan E.. 207. 370. 386 Hill. ' Barbara L., 370 Hill. Donald S.. 324 HiU. James D.. 318 Hill, Ken F., 300 Hill. Matthew. 350 Hill. Nancv C. 207. 280 Hillesland. Kent L.. 316 Hilher. Carolyn S.. 39. 370 Hilliker. Jim L., 256 Hills. Pollv A.. 270 Hilpert. John W.. Jr.. 344 HUton. Jim M.. 238, 324. 426, 42H. 435. 438 Hilton, Mar - Ann, 4.58 Hinderaker. ' Lowell M., 373 Hines, Frederick A., 297 Hines, Neal. 15 Hink. Barbara A., 13 Hinkle, Sally Jo, 272, 278 Hinkle, Suzanne E., 278 Hindon. Rieward L.. 322 Hirai. Gail F.. 217 Hiranaka. Daniel K.. 207, 382. 397 Hirst. Gary. 355 Hiserman. Stan. 237 Hitchcock. C. L.. 17 Kitchens. Richard G.. 312 Kitchens. Robert M.. 312 Hixon. Bruce R. 311 Kjort, Edwin C, 316 Hoagland. Dovle, 46 Koare. Connie. 391 Hoban. Gerrv. 118 Kobbs. Carol A., 266 Hobbs, James L., 322 Kobi. Sallv S.. 278 Hochfeid, Martin D., 256 Kochstetter, Dauna L., 276 Kocker. Kav F.. 27H Kodges. MarRarel I, , 37. 52, 261. 4,50 Hod- I , ' . . I ■_ ' , 268.444. 445 H..,-l-. ■. I,. I -.7,278 Hoir.ii ' . ■.. I, :7: ,441 Hotl. I i.r, hi I I _■ ... Hofl. .Ml. h,ic-i. ,i44 Hoffman. Carole J., 207. 284. 442 Hoffman. Jo Ann. 264 Hoffman. Kathleen J.. 207. 386 Hoffman. PhvUis G., 38. 440. 253 Koffinan. Tellelvn K.. 266 Koffner. Edward. 225 Hofstatter. Gerald E.. 256 Hogan. Carl R.. 355 Hogan. Charles R.. 355 Hogan. Walter N.. 324 Hoggatt. Harold W.. 207. 326. 400. 415 Holadv. Harold. 458 Holbrook. Howard G.. 378 Holdren. Larrv L.. 207. 256. 293. 4.38.451 Holeton. Carol. 272 Koleton. Marjorie W.. 34. 55. 57. 272. 450 HoUahan. John R.. 348 Holland, John H.. 326 HoUinsworth, Joe D., 248, 336 Holling-iworth, Ralph R., 207, 430, 442 HoUoman, Lynne M.. 367 Hollowav. Joan. 389 Holloway. Richard B. 312 Hollowav, Robert J., 312 Kohn, Edwin J., 308, 405 HoUn, Marlene L.. 369, 463 Hohnan, Roger P., 336 Holmer, Ruth M., 207, 370 Hobnes. Carol A.. 270 Holmes. Frederick F.. 225 Hobnes. Grace E., 225 Holmes. Gudveig, 207, 258 Holmes. James F., 326 Holmes, Larry M.. 340 Holmkvist. David A., 322 Holmkvist, Diane A.. 57. 268 Kolmkvi.5t, NiU E..322 Holmquist, Howard, 465 Kolmstrom F. Ros,s. 300. 418 Holrovd, Ernie. .336 Holsten. Gail, 275 Holt, Art, 67, 310 Holway, John L.. 377 HOMECOMING, 86, 88 HOMECOMING QUEEN, 164 HOME ECONOMICS, 407 Homestead, Wavne A., 304, 395 Homma, Kumiko. 207, 384 HONDERICH HOUSE. 377 Honeywell, Earl E., 207. 410 Honk, Bob, 4 1 Hoodless. Janice M,. 286 Hooper. Harold K., 355 Hopf. William D.. 324 Kopfinger. Barbara J.. .367 Hopkins. Carolyn M. 412 Hopkins. James. 318. 409 Hopkins. Laurence A.. 374 Hopkins. Robin A., 336, 429 Hopkins, William G., 54, 322 Horn, Lois B.. 366. 369. 420 Horn. Richard J.. 303 Horn. William C. 207. 373 Home. Marilvn J.. 60. 275. 450 Horne. Rav. 455 Home. Sandy. 1 10 Homer. Harlan, 395 Horowitz, Caroline A., 207, 288 Horowitz. Elinor L., 288 Horsfall. Carol, 58, 278, 445 Horwath, Jim, 4.58 Hosterman. Craig. 138. 344. 405. 439 Houbregs. Valerie M.. 52. 59. 264 Hough. David L.. 380. 416. 458 Houglum. Oris B.. 225 Houk, Robert L., 245. 340 Houk. Theodore L.. 207, 451 Hould, G. Peter, 303 House, David B., 452, 464 Housel, Lenore A., 264, 384 Houser, Mary E., 34, 275 Hoving, Barbara I., 413 Hovland, Andy S,, 231, 233, 418, 426 Hovland, Charles A., 143, 316 Howard, Allison L.. 257 Howard. Bill, 149 Howard, Clifford G., 313 Howard, Clint, 78, 79 Howard, Dean L., 379 Howard, James, 346 Howard, John R., 226, 299, 438 Howard, Kehin, 310 Howard, Lvnn A., 348 Howard, Pedie C, 39, 55, 278, 450 Howard, Richard J., 207, 344, 438 Howard, William D.. 320 Howe. Dick. 104. 105 Howe, Robert, 150 Howell, Bill B., 304 Howery, Norman K., 207, 397 Howick, Sylvia J., 57, 266 Rowland. Morris. 245 Hewlett. Evelvn G.. 207. 272 Howrv. Cherie L.. 225 Howrv. Rex R.. 208. 398 Hov. William J.. 225 Hreha. Patricia A.. 34, 36, 272. 444, 450 Hsiao, Ching-Hwa, 208. 451 Hsu. George, 463 Huang. Justin C 208. 376. 451 Hubbard. John W.. 299, 466 Hube, Geraldine A.. 57, 254 Huber. J. Richard. 18 Hubner. Douglas C. 311 Huckle. Mvron S.. 1.38. 324 Hudlow. Earline H.. 412 Hudson. G. Donald. 18 Hudson. Marlin, 401 Hudson. Rod, 310 Hudson. Warren D.. 208. 422 Hudspith. Muriel. .i .S.. 392 Huev. Donn R.. 306 Huff, Pattv, 283 Hughbanks, C. David, 36. 39, 56, 63, 300 Hughes, Ben, 148 Hughes, Cameon, HI Hughes, Charles R., 32, 292, 344, 436, 438 Hughes, Eric, 147, 151 Hughes, Glenn. 18 Hughes. Helene C. 268 Hughes. Joe. 145. 146. 322 Hughes. John W. Jr., .309 Hughes, Pat L.. 208, 313 Hughes. Phil J.. 322 Hugo. Janetha M.. 257 Hulbert. David W.. 410. 451 Hull. Ann E.. 52. 251, 268 Hull, Diane, 254 Hull, Fritz L., 304, 456 Hull, Harrv M., 318 Hull. Paul Q.. 324 Hull. Ron. 311 Hull. Sharon A.. 122. 283 Hult. John B.. 348. 436 Hults. Linda 0.. 38, 273 Hummel, Susan M., 52. 412 Humpheries. Wilham F.. 226. 376. 422 Humphrey. Roberta A.. 57. 268 Humphreys. Robert R.. 106. 235. 340. 414.418 Hundmusen. Robert J., 306 Hungerford. Edgar G., 378 Hungerford. Stanley W.. 139. 350 Hungerford. William P.. 36. 306. 439 Hunt. Arthur A.. 208. 324 Hunter. Joe E.. 297 Hunter. Judith J.. 264. 416. 441 Hunter. Kathrvn B., 208, 278, 4.34 Hunter. Paul S.. 399 Hunter. Robert C, 355 Huntington, William L,, 315 Huntley, John W.. 208, 436 Huntlev. Stephanie. L., 386 Huntting, Jerry D.. 372. 395. 399 Huntworth. Gail A., 208. 257 Huriev, Areta L.. 40. 273, 441 Humblad, Carolyn J., 253 Hurst. Margery L.. 444. 461 Hurt. Hillary A.. 262 Hurl. Jean. 377 Hurt. Robert D., 315. 439 HUSKY CHRI.STIAN FELLOWSHIP. 452 HUSKY SWIM CLUB. 429 HUSKY WINTER SPORTS CLUB. 408 Hutchings. Barbara M., .167 Hutchings. Keith H.. 316 Hutchings. Richard L.. 316. 432 Hutchins. Graham. 46.5 Hutchinson. Bruce R.. 313 Hutchinson. Harriet E.. 208, 276 Hutton. George E., 256 Huxel, diaries D,, 208, 423 Hvnes, Edward M.. 208, 425 Ibsen, Larry, 82 Ibsen, Lenore M., 208, 389, 424 Ibsen, Marilvn A.. 389 Ichikawa. Noriko. 208. 217. 407. 4.34 Ikeda. BobT.. 151. 382 Ikemoto. Momoe. 226. 369 Imus. Reid. 313 INDUSTRIAL DESIGNERS, 409 Ing, WilUam J.. 377. 378 Ingalls. Allan. 340 Ingalls. Donald A.. 348 Ingalls, Robert L., 226. 438. 451 Ingebretson. Abbv Ann. 268 Ingels. Nancv L.. ' 208. 266. 442 Ingham. Nancy R.. 208. 273. 427. 447 Ingham. Ned. 232 Ingman. John F.. 226 Ingo, Sharon L.. 412 Ingold. Gail M., 286 Ingraham. Charles N.. 208. 313 Inouvte, Ryo, 372, 382 Inowe, Amy K., 361 INSTITUTE OF AERONAUTICAL SCIENCES, 410 INTER.FRATERNITY COUNCIL, 292, 293 INTERHOrSE COUNCIL, 371 INTRAMI l; I Al iMIMSTRATION, 147 Irvine. K.u I. i; . ' . l . ' . ' :S2 Ii-ving. K, ,!.,,, J Irving. El. I. ..I I Jn- ;l 1, 437. 455 Irving, Patriiia F-. 208, 264 Irwin, Lynne, 458 Irwin, Martha L.. 208. 386 Isenhath. Marilyn L.. 50. 257. 450 Isle. Amv E.. 275 Ivers. Jeri C. 367 Iversen. Carol Jane. 208 Iversen. Howard B.. 42. 410 Iverson. Beverly L.. 208 Iverson. John E.. 344 Iverson. Ronald I., 208. 358. 404. 423. 438 Ivev. Suzanne M.. 275. 445 IWA, 366 Izen, Harvey L., 256 Jabe, Don, 459 Jack, Dick, 143 Jack. James A.. 208 Jack. Kim M.. 225 Jackson, Carole A., 253 Jackson, Darrell R., 376 Jackson, Judv L.. 57. 278. 441 Jackson, Keith D., 256 Jackson, Robert A.. 340 Jacobs. Frances W.. 208. 386, 424 Jacobs, Richard L.. 256 Jacobs. Ronald L., 342 Jacobsen, Conrad W.. 324 J......i...,i., I .u:, .ju9 Jacobson. JoAnn E., 280 Jacobson, Janice, 416 Jacobson, Jovce, 4X6 Jacobson, Ken R.. 323 Jacobson. Ray E.. 326 Jacox. Donald M.. 346. 439 Jacoy, James P., 294, 320 Jacroux, Paul E.. 316 Jaderlund. Loren D.. 353. 414 Jaffee. Harold J.. 294, 298 Jaffee, Jerold I., 256 Jaffee, Sandra M., 289 James. Barbara R.. 208. 431. 433 James. Lee A.. 326 James. William D.. 304 Janssen. Marii A.. 52. 278. 431. 4.50 Japhet, Carl F., 373 Jarvis, Evelynn V.. 208. 41 1 Jarvis. Jon. 401 •leffeison. Bill. 242 .1. ' Ii;,,1,, F.50.52.261 .124 Jezek. Gan ' L.. 355 Jobs. Storm E.. 39. 69. 278. 448. 4.50 Johannes. Clifford W.. 209, 293, 338, 438 Johauson, Larrv 0.. 209. 292, 315, 403, 435. 4.38 Johns. Mvrta A.. 254 JohiLion. " Addison M.. 1.50. .304 Johnson. Ben H., 348 Johnson, Bob L., 139. 316 Johnson, Bruce. 307. 395 Johnson. Carol M.. 109, 110, 419 Johnson, Carol R.. 261 Johnson. Clavton E.. 358 Johnson. Curt. 314 Johnson. Deborah M., 34, 38, 42, 284 JohnfJon, Dennis H., 336 Johnson, Donald L., 209 Johnson. Elsie I.. .386. 424 Johnson. Ernest K.. 399 Johnson. Fred S.. 328 Johnson. Gary M., 423 Johnson. George P.. 209. 297 Johnson. George H.. 2.09 Johnson. George. 314. 378 Johnson. Glen A.. 340. 401, 438 Johnson, Gordon W,, 107, 187, 209, 292, 304, 305, 438 Johnson, Gretchen G., 275 Johnson, Harvey A., 209. 397. 446 Johnson. Howard A.. 209 Johnson. Jackie L., 369, 445 Johnson, James F., 309 Johnson, Jeanette L., 209, 369 Johnson, Jerry, 245 Johnson. Judith A.. 209. 266 Johnson. Judith L.. 276. 440 Johason. Karen L.. 264. 445 Johnson, Katherine A.. 266. 450 John-son. Ken L.. 234. 318 Johnson. Kenneth G.. 328. 396 Johnson. Lane A.. 73. 284 Johnson. Laveme H., 261 Johnson. Larrv, 372 Johnson. Lloyd G., 209, 226, 442 Johnson, Lucille D.. 209. 262, 433, 440. 449. 456 Johnson. Margie H., 41, 42, 268 Johnson. Marshall L.. 70. 71. 74. 209. 315. 422, 438 Johnson. Mary L.. 209 Johnson. Mary Louise. 19 Johnson. Miriam B.. 367 Johnson, Nancv J., 266 Johnson, Patricia J.. 209 Johnson. Patricia R., 275 Johnson. Rita L.. 40. 283. 444 Johnson. Roger M.. 306 Johnson. Ronald B.. 304 •Johnson. Ruth K.. 209. 407. 449 Johnson, Sally R., 413 Johnson. Sharon G., 413 Johnson, Ted D., 225 Johnson. Thomas S., 234, 304 Johnson, Walter J., 374, 397 Johnson, Wilbert, 104, 105 Johnston, Carol A.. 266 Johnston. Michael B.. 238. 324 John ,l,,l .313 Jones.. Beth. IIU Jones. Bill M.. 355 Jones, Brooke N., 261 Jones. Carleen I.. 275 Jones. Carolyn R.. 52, 284 Jones, Deana G., 412, 458 Jones, Gail, 401 Jones. Jerrv. 326 . 101 . .John A.. 209. 371. 374 . K.. 245 I. h-. L I ' . ..I , .1114 J.-ii,.-i,. HulLiid L..455 Jensen. Ronald R.. 235. 300 Jen.sen, Roselene, 208 Jensen, Salli D.. 275 Jensen. Sylvia L.. 420 Jerome, Re.vnolds E., 313 Jessett, Angela L., 266 Jewell, Jack A., 209.411 Jo Joins Ji.iws Jones. Lawrence W.. 336 Jones. Llovd A.. 313 Jones. M. Fay. 369 Jones. Marcia 1.. 52. 264 Jones. Nina J.. 370 Jones. Patricia L.. 253. 461 Jones. Richard F.. 300 Jones. Shiriev J.. 386. 424 Jones. Susan E.. 33. 261. 450 Jones. Tom R.. 57. 304 Jones. William W.. 209. 398 Jordan. Donald H.. 353 Jordan. Judv A . 2N3. 444 .)...;:. n .1, |.,l, ,,,,,,, M.. 280 .1... .... I. 1 i... 413 JUNIOR PANHELLENIC. 251 Kaald. Paul. 145 KaasH, Barbara A.. 209. 260 Kiibel. Hob. 107 Kabush. Mark J. .303 Kabush. Mike N.. .303 Kadoshiina. Donald Y.. 209. 382 Kadoshima. Sally V.. 407. 409. 417 Kager. Ken. 79. 175 Kahniann. Gale A., 313 478 Washington ' s Statewide Bank UNIVERSITY BRANCH East 47th University NVay Seattle -First National Bank MEMBER FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION Kaija, Lorraine A., 209. 252, 253 Kajimura. Hiroshi, 209, 382 Kales. Roberta .1.. 288 KaUander. Larry A., 377 Kalve. 0. Sven, 394 Kane. Robert L.. 377 Kaneta. Keith 0.. 316 Kanglev. Larrv J.. 311 KAPPA ALPHA THETA, 274. 275 KAPPA DELTA. 276. 277 KAPPA KAPPA GAMMA. 278. 279 KAPPA PHI. 461 KAPPA PSL 430 KAPPA SIGMA. .118. 319 KAPPA SIGMA STARDUST QL EEN. 162 Kappel. Robert G. W.. 209. 423. 425 Kappler. BiU W.. 324 Karpach. Joe. 43 Karr. Robert P.. 49. 51, 55. 297 Karr, Susan D.. 209, 261 Karr. William T.. 297 Karshner. Claire. 283 Karshner, Karl M.. 336 Karshner. Theresa M.. 268 Karvonen. Shirley K.. 259 Kassner. Linda R.. 259. 441 Kastet, LoRav W., 368. 412 Katara, Baldev. 419 Kato. Charles T.. 382 Kato, Hideo . 382 Katsaros. Michael A.. 344 Katz. Kenneth R.. 360 Katz. Solomon. 18 Kauffman. Mary R.. 278 Kauth. James H.. 225 Kavadas. Paul. 395 Kawaguchi. Harold H.. 382 Kawasaki. Ella T.. 417 Kawata. Hideo. 209. 399 Kav. Kenneth G.. 324 Kave. Stephen A.. 342 Keagle. Pati S.. 42. 271 Keams. Janet L.. 280, 441 Keatlev. Jane E.. 110.370 Keefe.Larrv D.. 209. 293. 354. 355, 403. 438 Keeler. Graham T.. 209. 338 Keeler. Margerv A.. 50, 52, 209, 268 Keenan. Howard D.. 300 Keene. Robert E.. 316 Kegel. Carol J.. 262. 466 Keire. Daghija B, Keire. Fred A.. 210. 396 Keith. Mac. 316 Keithlev. Perrv G.. 350 KeUeher. Jim C., 324 KeUer. Clair. 43 Kellev. David M.. 318 Kellev. James Lee. 303 KeUie. Allen L.. 374 Kellogg. Barbara. 392 KeUv. Jerrv. 373 Kellv. Marjorie A.. 391 Kelly. Pat A.. 42. 210 Kelly. Pat G.. 35. 264. 267. 450 KeUv. Roger V.. 324 KeLso. Jerrie L.. 278 Kemphaus. Dan. 210. 346 Kendall. Carol™ A,. 389 Kendall. John R.. 303 Kendall. Katherine J.. 273. 445 Kennev. George James. 210. 371, 375, 451 Kenney, Kitty. 370 Kenover. Tamzan K.. 275 Kent. David. 414 Kent. .Jon P.. 210, 323 Kent. Mike D.. 318. 414 Kenvon. James. 340 Keppeler. H. K. Bruss, 328 Keppler. Don J.. 316 Kerr. Kerma I.. 383. 405. 461 Kerry. Bill. 107. 239 Kersey, Billie J., 2,54 Kershaw, Bob C. 297 Kershner. Donnelley R., 210, 423 Kerslake. Robert H.. 300 Kerzie. David A.. .307. 410 Keski. Jim, 395 Key, Claude S.. 330, 432 Keyes, Cyrene, 78. 210. 264 Kidd. Larry G., 210, 316, 397 Kidder, Betty M., 252, 253 Kieburtz, PhU A., 232, 418, 426 Kieburtz, Karin, 413, 4,50 Kieburtzz, Phil, 231, 233 Kiel, Shirley I., 392 Kietzer, Glenn J., 324 Kight. R. Michael. 57. 59, 323 Kilburg. Albert F.. 330 Kilbum. Howard I . 315. 422. 439 Kilby. Emelia Louise. Ill Kildahl. Karen K.. 280 Kilham. Richard L.. 313 Killian. Toni, 210. 268 Kimbel, Marvin R., 210, 318 Kimm. Barbara J.. 73, 276 Kincaid, Gary A., 210, 315 King. Charles H.. 375 King, Charlotte L.. 286 King, David B., 38, 210, 293, 336, 425 King, Don, 458 King. Frederick W.. 336 King, George S.. 294 King. Indie G.. 326. 409 King. .John L.. 12 King. Judy A, 367, 412 King. Karen L., 269 King, Kathleen E., 261, 445 King, Richard A.. 43, 227 King. Windy, 313 Kinney, Sue C, 275 Kinnune, Janice L., 283 Kintz. Cora Mae. 262. 445 Kinzel. William L.. 210, 297, 435 Kippola, Barbara M„ 284 Kirbv, John R, 210, 344 Kirk, Paul, 313 Kirk, Pearl J.. 259 Kirkwood. Lewis H.. 315 Kirsch, WiUiam E., 210, 402 Kitsos, GusN..311 Kizer. Carol. 286 Kjobech. Carl H.. 340 Klein. Edgar S.. 210 Klein. Louise. 415 Kleinberg. Larry. 210. 360. 438 Klinefelter. Ann. 271 KUnefelter. Helen T.. 280 KlingbeU. Karil S.. 210. 283 Klingman, Ronald R.. 34. 210, 357 KHnner. Alvin R,. 210 Klock, Barbara A.. 262 Knack. Roy F.. 210. 3.30. 399 Knapper, Neal E,. 326 Knight. Bradley T.. 348 Knight, Robert T., 336 Knisely, Peggy E., 413 Knobel, Roger A., 348 Knowles, Cindy, 275 Knowles, James O., 350 Knowles, Kathryn, 110 Komen, John, 79 Kono, Lucille K., 417 Kono, Sumiko. 210. 461 Konopaski. Dan D.. 152, 355 Koon, PhUip, 313 Kopf, Janet E., 210, 252, 253, 449 Koplitz. Marilyn J.. 210, 367 Koppe. Gretchen A., 210, 250, 276. 433 Koppel. Phil I,. 210. 342 Kosokoff. Barbara N.. 289 Kowalsky. William J.. 210 Kozloski. Kathryn L.. 368 Kraff, Manus C. ' . 225 Kraig. Kenneth C. 320 Kralowec, Arthur C. 375 Kramer. Barry J.. 374. 394 Kramer. Roger V.. 311 Krashner. Theresa. 36 Krauitz. Connie A.. 276 Krause. Larry, 360 Krause, Patricia A., 57, 275 Kraushar, Shirley A., 210 Kreger. Janice G., 38, 275 Kreitzberg. Carl W., 300, 439 Kremer, Dale E., 313 Krider. Jesse B.. 358 Krider. Virginia L.. 286 Kringle. Paul R.. Jr.. 353, 466 Kritsonis, George K., 353 KroU, Brenda L., 269 KroU, Fred H., 372 Krueger, Richard D., 210 KruU, Larry D.. 210, 379, 425 KruUer, Adrian W., 210 Kruller, Grace N., 210 Kruse. Arlene, 109 Kruse, Wayne E., 344 Kubota. Doris M.. 74. 211. 417. 431 Kueckelhan. Lee O.. 315 Kuest. LeRoy H.. 376 Knowltuii. Roger. 465 Knudsen, Beth C, 264 Knudson, Clifford G., 332 Knudson, Jane L.. 273 Knutson, Delores M., 283 Kobel, Mel, 237 Kobelin, Jerrv, 128 Kobs, Don D., 303 Kocher, Linda L., 283, 384 Koetje, Ed, 465 Koger, Robert L., 313 Kohagen, Richard S.. 326 Kohl. Alex C. 324 Kohr. David. 320 Kolb. Leroy E.. 375 Kolesar. Donald C. 396. 400 Kolstad. Dayton B., 34(1. 374 Kolve. Jerry, 328 Komatsubara, Rose S.. 417 Kulander, Bruce G., 363 Kulseth, Connie D.. 252, 253, 460 Kulesza. Eugene M., 339. 395, 396 Kunde, Bette J., 273 Kunimi. Hitomi, 227, 381 Kurtz. James H.. 211. .398. 466 Kusaka. Dan H.. 143. .382 Kutz. Paul. 401 Kuybus. George. 315 Kyle. Evelyn D.. 211.381 Kyle, Greta G., 273 Kyte, Brian R., 342 LaBounty. ClifTord F.. 151. 324 La Brach ' e, Stephanie L.. 211. 252. 253, 442 Lacey, Uigh R., 211,344 Lacher, Walter R.. 360 Lacy, Nicholas A.. 211. 346 La Follette. Lee, 314 LaFreniere, Oliver W., 211 Lagerquist, Micki, 42, 57. 63 Lagerquist. Edwin. 323 Laing. Michael W.. 311 Lamb. Larry R.. 311 Lamb. Lvnn. 233 LAMBDA CHI ALPHA. 320 LAMBDA KAPPA SIGMA. 4.30 LAMBDA RHO. 431 Lamey. Gay L.. 279 Lamont. Ann. 73. 211. 276 Lampman. Loran E.. 211. 398 LaMoure. Doris I., 412 Lampe, Carol A., 75, 284 Lamson, Margaret, 109 Landeen. Judy. 264. 460 Landfried. Frieda M., 367 Landgraf. Sandra K., 283 Landis. Danny L,. 328 Landis. Gail. 250. 261 Landon. Carol E.. 42. 267. 450 Landon. Jerrold E.. 211. 355. 438 Lane. Lark D.. 367 Lane. John C. 315. 401 Lanev, Barbara L., 276 Lang, -John M., 211, 292, 348 Langen. Fran L.. 389 Langenegger. Bruce F.. 340 Langlie. Carrie Ellen. 78. 80 Langlie, Windy. 240 Langton. Kenneth P.. 51. 56. 211. 315. 403 Lanning. Barbara A.. 211 Lannoye. Le D.. 340 Lapham, Deanna M.. 286 Lappenbusch. Charles F.. Jr., 324 Larkin, Pat L.. 70. 284 Larrick, Alvin P., 211. 374. 400 Larsen. Carol M.. 280 Larsen. Robert D.. 211. 409 Larson, Barbara R., 279 Larson. Dale J.. 464 Larson. Daniel C. 372. 397 Larson, Dave L.. 243. 340 Larson, Duane R., 255 Larson, Herb, 463 Larson, Jack E.. 316 Larson, Robert E., 211, 363 Larson. Rosalie E., 269 Larson, Willard A. E., 225 Laska, Gus, 419, 446 Lasley, Bill A., 316 Latourel, Dean, 211, 358. 451 Lauckhart. Jeannie M.. 256. 257 Laudan. John C. H.. 225 L.iuiirr, N.i.i.A J.. 368 I, Ml, 1 l..lin ( ' ,.398 , I ■ ■ ■ W , 371.373.401 1125 I ,, III, II. I.ilni li , Jll, 331.429 Lav..y, Slun.n K ,261. 441 Lawrence. Gordy. 244 Lawrence. Sydney C. 284 Laws. Carolyn. 279 Lawson. Joan V.. 227. 383. 455, 461 Lawson, William A„ 297 Lawther, Gladys, 455 Lawton, Elizabeth A., 370, 444 Lawwill. Gretchen. 269. 444 Laycock. Larrv G.. 211. 375. 400. 404. 423. 425 Leach, Bill G.. 346 Leach. Grade J., 211, 257 Leadbetter, Bob, 238 Leander, Sharon A., 184, 211, 275, 449, 452 LEARY HALL. 369 Leatha. Robert V,. 303 Leavitt. James N.. 68. 211. 432 Leback. Loma A.. 264 Leber. Robert F.. 316 Le Blanc. Carole I.. 259. 462 Leckie. Cherrv M.. 211.367 Le Cocq. Andrew D.. 211. 299. 399 400. 466 Le Cocq, Barbara A.. 211 Le Compte. Gary P.. 309 Lederman. Donald N., 211. 342 Lee. Brainard. 401 Lee. Gloria H.. 262 Lee. Lois L., 367, 434 Lee, Lurline L.. 13. 52 Lee. Ray, 245 Lee, Wong S.. 211 Leeds, Marilvn A., 280 Leggetl. MimIm, 1,1 lii, 413,420,466 Lebmiiii l;h li III! II 11 466 Lehman, U-l " 1 1 W I ' I 430 Leiceslfi M.i lu M I- ' , Leiser, I in I : I - , ' i II I Leithe. ihi I ii III. Leive.siiiil l n I. ., -» iM, 449 Lelami. Iii ul U I ' ii rJI LeMasler. Hi. h.inl Y,. 331.414 LeMay. Michelle M.. 370 I moine. Philip M.. 372. 395. 397 Lcmonis. Fred S,. 21 Lenihan. Shaun. 264 Lcnnon. John R.. 358 Lennox. D. Stewart. Jr.. 211, 324 Lent, Donna Gay, 283 Lent. Doug. 311 ' Lcntgis. Thalia F.. .52, 71, 2,54 Lentz, Wallace W., ,367 Leon, Richard H.. 30. 31. 32. 41. 184. Leonard. Harmon R.. 318 Leonard. Noydena M., 211. 261 Leonardy. Donald B., 363 Lepley, Carolyn J., 211, 269, 447 Lepsoe, Finn B. 211, .346 LeRoy, Zane F.. ,344 Leroy, Zoaunne, 115 Lesch, Jerrv I., 360 Lesley, Larry W., 346 Leslie, Peter, 401 Lestrud, Vern, 116 Lessel, Richard L., 211 Lester, Kay B., 211 Levar, Jo Ann E., 267 Leveton, Sandi, 289 Levien, Wanda F.. 211 Levinson. Allan M.. 54. 360 Lew. Milton H.. 212 Lewark. B.Allen. 311 Lewinsohn. Joe. 298 Lewis. Denny C. 303 Lewis. J. Cutler. 150, 325 Lewis, Gwendolyn A., 52, 368 Lewis, Jack R., 357 Lewis. Jan L., 70, 254 Lewis, John, 405 Lewis, Karsten C. 212. 346. 422. 426, 435, 438 Lewis, Mary A., 52, 273 Lewis. Mary Lou. 369 Lewis, Peter C, 363 Lewis. Richard B.. 16. 34. 35, 212, 292, 318, 319, 438 Lewis, Thomas H., 318. 432 Libby. Jack R.. 339 Lieberman, Dr. Irving. 26 Lightburne. Richard A.. 307 Lihou. Sharon R.. 162. 279. 440 Lillibridge. Clint B.. 350. 422 Lilly. WUmot H., 337 Lilygren, Mary, 415 Lirid. John R. ' , 234, 418 Lindberg, Verne L., 143, 334 Lindblom, Betty E., 57. 286. 440 Lindeman. Betsy. 269. 445 Linden. Gary F.. 160. 212. 426. 240 Linderman. Everett E,. 212. 436 Lindgren. Arthur H.. 294. 358 Lindman. Arthur L.. 212, 346 Lindman, Loyal L., 275 Lindquist, Kathi S., 52, 277 Lmdquist. PhiUp M.. 303 l.irul.iuisl. Reese. 97 Lmdsjiv. Stephen A.. 143, 297 Lind,.iay. William A.. 212. 304 Lindstrom. Nancy I.. 264 Ling. Shun Chih. ' 395. 398. 465 Link. Linda E.. 275. 440, 450 Linn, Pat A,, 52, 277 Linstrom, Carol J., 32, 52, 212, 366, 368, 437 Linville, Kenneth D.. 344 Lipoma. Sammuel. 307 Lippold. Arlene R.. 212. 427. 447 Lipshay. Ronald. 409 Lisco. Ann E.. 280 Lister. John H.. 51, 52, 212, 293, 346, 403. 405. 438 Little. Bill. 66, 68 Litlle. Jack G., 358 Little, Jean R., 265 l.ittlf, Roberta A., 265 Liveniiore. Mary Lou. 413. 466 l.uiinns, Sheila M.. 2.52. 2.53 Livingston. J. Douglass. 328 Lloyd, John H., 225 Llovd, Joseph R., 326 Lloyd, Nettie L., 366. 369. 434 Lobberegt. DeAnne M.. 367 Locke, LesUe E.. 294. 344 Lockett.,James W,. 212. 323 Lockhart, Don A.. 301 Locknane, Barbara L,. 50. 62. 265 Lockwood. Barbara J,. 212. 368 Lodge. Robert L,. 303, 432 Locndnif, n.nd L, .375 I, .III. .Ill I ' .M.I I , 212.363 I .1. !,■ I , . I ' rj,396, .397, 446 I . ' .. ' ' .. II 227.367.435 i...i ,nii,.| I JI2. .348. 422 l.,.aan,.loaii, 11:. Logue. Kathryn, 212, 267 Lokken, David S., 357 Lomax, Al, 425 London, Carol, 460 Long, David M.. 379 Long. Derald G.. 307 Longstreth. Carmen M.. 265. 466 Lonn. Gerald J.. 360 Lontz. Larrv R.. 357 Look. Donna M.. 386 Lopp. H..1II1I,-, 77 I I |. ' .,iiil I - " ' 7 I .,1. . I ,, , I. .- ;, 465 I..... ,.r, I I,, I, il.k H,.411 L ni.j..y, Judy 1., Lovering, Mike. 212. ,303 Louitt, Bobbe-Dawn, 370 480 Kennell - Ellis is proud to have a part in the production of the 1957 Tyee — one of many University of Washington yearbooks for which we have been official portrait photographer. STORM JOBS Tyee Editor JEAN MYERS Tyee Business Manager KllLL- ELLIS AntUi-PkcUc yiapite ui YOUR OFFICIAL TYEE PHOTOGRAPHER Ue Onlif, Studio. Ut Ute oM44Ae lecMt uMf. CfiecUioe, SUadcuu £i AiUtf ' 1426 Fifth Avenue SEneca 0080 616 Olive Way MAin 3464 Low, Jean M., 32. 43, 47, 52, 122, 189, 212. 269, 444 Low, W. Dean. 212. 411 Lowe. Lucille, 110 Uwcll, Duane, 99 Lowman. -Jean, 212, 273 Lownv, Don P., 246, 341, 426 Ia)«t;, James H., 331, 414 LowTV, Patricia J., 42, 212, 260 Lu, Zung-an, 227 Lucci, Frank, 238 Luce. Rich W., 294, 303 Luckev, Jackie, 280 Lucurell, Robert J., 341, 429 Ludgate, Cathv M.. 286 I.udington, Bettv, 152. 273. 44(1 Ludtke. Fred H.. 346 Ludwigson. John S.. 316 Lund, Eleanore R., 212, 262 Lund. Susie M,, 263 Lundahl, Richard W., 1.50, 318, 432 Lundberg, Gave E.. 257 Lundberg. Melvin E.. 212. 338. 438 Lunde. Beth, 260 Lundell. Sallv A., 265. 420 Lunder. .Alv-in C, 358, 432 Lundgren, Richard E., 329 Lundh. Henrik .A. B., 225 Lundh, Ragnhild, 406 Lundin, Jon A., 304 Lundin l:i. 16 Lundstad, Anna L., 3H1 Lundstrom, Marie, 212 Lund ick, Karen J.. 275 Lungaard. Bob, 245 Lunger, Marilyn R., 2.59, 431 Luse. Charlene J.. 271 Lusher. Douglas R.. 231. 232. 341. 426 Lusignan. Guy R., 212 Lustie, Al. 458 Luth, SvK-ia, 413, 466 LUTHER CLUB, 460 Lutey, W. G., 18 Lutzkar. Mario. 438 Lybarger. Ray. 346 Lyder on. Donald J., 357 Lynch, Bonnie Jo, 369 Lynch, Margaret A., 286. 466 Lvnch. Pamela E.. 277 L ' vnch. Sue. 279 Lvneis. Margaret M., 257 Lvng. Meh-m B.. 303 Lyons. Helen, 415 McAllaste r, E. Loring. 320 McAllister, Bettv T., 389, 463 McAllister, Clarence O., 225 McAllister, Lyim. 71 MrAnultv, John F., 40. :i22. .19,1 McBeath, Virginia L., 212, 284 McBride, Jane, 152. 283. 440, 450 McBride, Marv E., 420 McCall, Catharine A., 260 McCaUum, William M., 326 McCalman, Lucv L., 269, 431 McCarter, Doug ' las E., 212, 402, 430, 442 McCarthy, Jim H., 313 McCartney, Bob, 401 McCaughey, William L. 297 McClane. Janet W.. 412 McCleerv. Kay C, 41, 52. Ill, 257 McClellM, Sara. 36, 38, 284 McClelland, James R., 376 McCUntock, Tom. 13 McCluskey. Michael W.. 96. .346. 426 McConnell. Arthur W.. 379 McCormack, Mabel, 44 McCoubrev, Wilham S., 212, .346 McCov. Fred. 147. 401 McCoy, Joni A., 269 McCoy, Sharron D , .345 McCreery, Marcia, 212. 260 McCrimmon, Jerome. 212. 358 McCuUoch. David L.. 237. 297, 426 McCullough, Bill D., 56, ,329 McCuUough, Tom O., 353 McCumbv, Don, 102 McCutcheon, Homer W. . 373 McCutchen, Karia J., 265 McDiarmid, John, 18 McDcvitt, Edward, 79 McDole. Kathleen A.. 284 McDonagh, Joyce M., 254 McDonald. Bilj D.. 315 McDonald. Chris N., 107, ,304 McDonald, Jovce, 275 McDonald, R. Bruce. 232, 320 McDonald, Patricia J., 279, 445 McDonald, Robert W., .304 McDonald, Sandra B., 257 McDoweU. Michael T., 321 McElravy. Robert G.. 321 McElroy, David G., 311, 432 McFarland, Barbara J., 273 McGaffey. Chuck W.. .345 McGarrigle, Karen Joan, 260 McGatlin, James R.. 212, 297 McGatlin, Sharon K., 260. 419, 440. 445 McGee, Loy Ann, 52, 56, 59, 251, 273 McGhee, Ken B., 42, 75. 189. 212. 355. 435. 436 McGlenn. Helen K.. 212. 386. 424 McGowan. Maureen A.. 263. 419 McGowan. Mike E.. 337 McGrath. Joseph. 357 McGraw. Nancv E.. 267 McGreal. Robert D.. 225 McGuu-e. Sheldon H.. 316 Mcllroy. William. 225 Mcintosh. Jeanne. 260 Mcintosh, JuUanne L.. 212. 412 Mclntvre. Charles N.. 452. 464 Mclntyre. David L.. 301 Mclntyre. Janice K., 279 Mclntyre, Michael D., 337 Mclver, Constance G., 283 Mclvor, Ivor K., 213, 437, 446 McKav, Janet R.. 461, 465 McKay, Kenneth A., 353, 438 McKay, Richard M., 316 McKechnie, Don, 42 McKean. Jacqeline J.. 402. 430 McKEE. 370 McKetmon. William F., 345 McKemiv, Van S., Ill, 318 McKenzie, Jack V., 213, 345, 415 McKeown. Frank J., 212, 233, 234, 346, 418, 425 McKeman, Carole J.. 283 McKeman, Daniel R., 213, 425 McKimmev. V. Jean, 213, 367 McKimson, Dick. 237. 238 McKinley. BiU R., 325 McKinney, Gary F., 319, 397 Maass. Ciio. 314 MacCannell. Helen F.. 213 MacDonald. Julian. 78 MacDonald. Roger F.. 418 MacGREGOR HOUSE. 379 Machin, Dean T., 332 Maclntoch, Jane L., 73, 284 Mackay, Don, 149 MacKav. John A., 303, 432 MacKeiizie, Arthur R., 399 Mackenzie, Catherine E.. 275 Mackev. Kenneth J.. 3.35 Mackic, ' fi-n. 310 Ma.kii, i;,,,i.,:.,, I- ' jsfi Ma. I . : I : ; I 42. ,56, 297, 439 Mil. I , . 1 Hhi-wC, 353, 379 Ma.l 1 Jl ] MacHai-. Muah A.. 4 . .50, 55, 63, 2,54, 440 Mader. Beverly. 431. 444. 452. 4.58 Madson. Gordbn E.. 213. 346 Maes. Michel E., 350 Ma ' k;m,i William K 382 Man. ' . li ' ' ' .ii l ■ " : MaK-.ini I .,, ,- l r,.s Ma-Ill X ' iMii W -I ; Maiziiu-.: i,i I J , ' 13.2.5(1.266.267 Mai;hii .1, I-: , I _■!«) Muil. ' l l:. I " l 1112 Mahnl ill : . , 32.5.426 Maliiikiii, ( ci.i.ul. .J.;. ' - Mahomel. Alexandria D.. 265 Mianion. Albert. 342 Maizeis. Richard. 360 Majors. Donald M.. 372 Malakoff. Burton. 213. 394 Malakoff, Paul, 360 MALAMUTES. 432 Malan. Roland M.. 320 Malland. Merie E.. 363 Malmgren, Phvllis J.. 369 MANAGEMENT CLUB. 411 Mancou. Sten. 1 14 Mandas. Carol. 273 Mand as. Georgia A.. 273 Manley, John H.. 19 Manle ' v. Lee. 152, 263, 440 Manlo ' we, Robert L., 213, 243, 322, 426 Mann, Jon M.. 325 Manning, Alan J.. 399 Manning, Nancv R., 257, 441 Manning. Patricia A.. 213. 252. 253, 273 Manson, Heather M., 367 Mapes. Gary D.. 326 Marceiynas, Richard. 414 Marckworth. Dean Gordon D.. 25 Marek. Robert W., 316 Marik. Ravinond L., 213. 308. 394 Marion. Lorna A,. 2(ifi Miiik. , I i,,M. II N Uil) Marknui, , ll.iin 112 Marks. Rosalie M,.4I3 Marks, William P., 307 Marsh, Duane B., 344 Marshall, John T., 344 Marston, Carol E.. 267 Martenson. Marv Alice, 283 Martin, Arthur W.. 20 Martin, Elaine R.. 16, 34, 35, 213. 277, 442, 444, 449 Martin, Jennell M., 265, 450 Martin, Judith L, 213, 273 Martin, Morris C, 213, 299, 466 Martin. Richard P., 341 Martin, Roljert J., 316 Martin. Sherwood. 465 Martin. William B.. 304, 425 Marl inis, Vincc J., 322 Martinsen, Roger W, 337 Marush. Sharow A.. 280 Marvin. WiUiam C, 332 Maslan, Judy, 50 Maslan, Ruth J., 289, 460 Masline. Diane B., 263 Ma.soero, Art R., 213, 325 Mason, Benjamin, 404 Mas..n, Linda 1.., 40, 273 M,, -ii ni, 11.40,285 M.i-i. I I ..ii , 254 l,i ■. I l: .1.. Tl H., 376 l i-i n. II .384 Malac zviiski. I ' lm P., 371, 376, 398 Mathers, Robert J., 402. 430 Matheson, George W., 213, 337, 403. 438, u li.icl P.. 345 IK .. , 369 Michael J.. 311, .39.5, 439 IM; 4i QUEEN. 160 .Mav.i. IKUij L.. 260 Mayer. John R.. 360 Mayes, Sandy J.. 255 Mavnard. -lim. 401 Ma .((Jl M.ix.i II, .11 ,1.1 U Jl ; 171. 373, 398 l IV. W i::i I.- II !..: Jl]7. 245, 3(14 l. Kini. 1 Jl.:, 2,50.268.269 M.kiill;. i„..,i-. U ;«l. 395 McLachlaii. Sandra L.. 213, 267, 407 McLaren, Kay M., 37, 273, 4.50 McLaughlin. John F., 311 McLaughlin, Lawrence R., 231, 374 McLaughlin, Michael J., 329 McLaughlin, Shirley A., 108, 109, 110, 419, 420 McLe. es F.. 216. 346 l. I .... Mil,. I :|l M. I . |.!i l,,iil,ii _ ' ..,!, 444 M. l,.-...l , l.iii I) , ■:;:. McLeiid. Ravetta F.. 413 McMahon, Duane, 307 McMahan, Jean E., 213, 369 McMahan, .Jeanne L., 284 McMahan, Kerrv, 38, 326 McMahon, Robert C, 341, 429 McManus, Svdnev R., 370 M Meekni. Ann, 41, 273 M. Ml. h.i.l T,.rcnce E., 372 k Mill II, l,.-,| hC.,405, 426, 439 M. Mi, ill I-: r , 113 M. Mull. II M iM Alice. 286 M. Mini I;. I™ II lli;. 213.376.465 M. Ill, ..I, I 1 W , ,111 . I ' ll. Ml I ' ll. I -.111 jiiinald W., 332 Mi(;.i,i.l. hill P„316 . li(;iMi.l li.iiMiaE., 252, 253 Ml Kev Molds. Doreen B.. 263. 441 McRevnolds, Neil. 428 McRo ' berts, Sharon A,. 368 McRorv. Ed C. 234. 346. 414. 418 McVicar. Forrest B.. 329 McWilliams. Michael E., 348 Mead. Herb. 244 Mead. Kennith. 307 M n-hn, Ml. hael S., 346,i l,iii,.. M., 297 1. l,i 1 J., ,424 IIOOL GRADS, 225 Mill. .1.1. l.u.un W., 147 367 Mchafk-N . Dale G., 373 Mehl, Martha J., 389 Mehl, Roger L., 213, 315 Mehner, Owen P., 301 Mehus, David E., 297 Mehus, Robert A., 56. 297 Mejiaender, Ebbe D., 436 Melin, Joel K„311 1.- Ite. 413 I ' , 337 . 285 M.Im.i UiIK, 16.34 Mc-ndil. John R.. 375, 422, 462 Menefee, Beverley M., 164, 269 Menge, Barbara E., 265 Mercer, Roger B., 332, 423 Meredith, John E., 213, 292, 301, 427, 438 Merica, Judie G., 52, 267 Merlino, Ed S., 325 Merntt, Richard O., 213, 293, 353, 404, 438 Merritt, Robert B.. 213. 292. 331 Mertcl. Charies W.. 32, 47, .55. 189. 213. 241, 346. 426 Mvs.luT. T«l. 36 M, -III I I ' .iu.i.l 1) lilll 1. Me . He . 397 Mever, Charles E., 329 Meyer, John D., 326 Meyer, Kathleen, 370, 444 Mever, Patricia A.. 255 Mever. Paul R., 51, 57, 313, 418 Mever, Richard H., 335 MeVer, Robert H.. 299, 379 Meyer, Roger A., 326 Meyers, Fred M., 346, 414 Mevers, Jo Anne, 32, 52, 184, 185, 214, 250, 285, 449 Mevers, Mary T.. 369 Mi. haiU..n. Krni-sl C. 152, 214, 315, 396 M I D„37, 413, 450 M I 214 107,214.238,304,426 K,. .307 . 263 Ml. k. 1 .1, I nil 171.373.409 Mickekson. Nola .1.. 271 Mickey, Mary Alice, 252, 253 Micklin, Pat, 465 Middleton, Bemt K., 316 Middleton, Michael, 227 Mifflin, Marv M. 252. 253 Miksch. Donald W.. 214 Milburn. Dave N,. 326. 401. 425 Mil.:- lanit I) 271.461 Milmiiil 322 Ml Mlllrl 1 .1 .21 Mlllel Dale K,. .174 Miller. David G., 346 Miller. David M., 358 Miller, Diane E., 40, 50, 55, 57, 285. 407 Miller, Dick, 66, 75 Miller, Frederick R., 316 Miller, Gary E., 76, 319 Miller, Jack R. 214. .305, 425 Miller. John K. 214.358.451 Mill.i K, II 1,1 K J.55 F , 214. 367. 466 A , ,!74, 397 1,, 151,357 M: ' i, , i;, w ;,-i3 .Miiki l;.. .1 M , ,172 Miller. Robert A.. 374, 410 Miller, Ronald G.. 329 Miller, Rose Mary, 377 Miller. Shan, l.W M,: . I W . ■, I ' , ' _ ' ;J7. 429. 439 Nk, . ' W r,l.., 1, W , 12 Ml . 11 .11. 238.326,426 M :, 1 ' • ■- iVliiliinaii, hivam, 303 Mills, Barbara, 109 Mills, Duane R., 329 MUls, Fred I., 394 Mills, Fred, .307 Mills, Wilham W. Jr., 373 Millson, Warner L., 335 Minahan. Michael I.. 214, 321 Minaril Paul M 214, 375, 409 Mm. I ..i.k. I ,177.381 .Mi-,L. 1, 1,111.1, ll, ' i .MLSS . .S111. UT0N 1956, 160 Mitchell, Alan A., 355 Mitchell, Arthur J.. 341 Mitchell. Chad.. 325 Mitchell. David A.. 294 Mitchell. Edward A., 372 Mitchell. Henry G. Jr.. 348 Mitsuoka . Rae. 415 Mit«iimnra Ida lane H.. 412. 417 136 285. 445 IK. 348 I , L CONVENTION. 171 M..I1 U. in , 41,255 M.ilii. M.. 1 ,111 K.. 332 M..I11 1 1.111,11.1 , , 374,402 Mobr Janet M,, 369 Mohr William, 350 Molde nhour. Jack, 326 Molds ad, Harold A., 227, M..l.kl|„l, Krll. w k. Ml ,laJ,214, 273 Montgomery, Robert B.. 315 Moody, Donna J., 281 Moodv. HubIi. 390 M i; 1,1 I.,. 412,458 M I-, I- ml W 371.375 M,..i. I, .III I INO, 267 k. .1, I. 1.1, I .134,418 k. M 1 , ,, , . 214. 267.449 .M,...u. .M.liit. A. 394, 397 Moore, Susan J.. 263 Moore. Tony M„ 214, 404, 435 Moosev, Mary Ahce, 279 482 Serving The New COMMONS AMERICA ' S FINEST ■AlWAYS FRESH AT YOUR GROCERS ' Crescent Coffee Crescent is the Word for Flavor CRESCENT MANUFACTLRING CO. Seattle SERVE GOOD MEATS AND YOU SERVE GOOD MEALS Top Quality Meats " Portion-Cut " for Good Eatiiu Is a Big Reason Why Campus Meals Are Always Popular. SERV-U-MEAT CO. 62 MADISON STREET MU. 5400 BEST MEAT 1 - HygradE The Label . ® " For Prompt Service " CIGARS, CIGARET TES, and CANDY GLASER BROS. 3031 Western Ave. SE. 8220 DRESSEL-COLLINS FISH CO. Pier 67 MAin 5181 SEATTLE ' S PREFERRED MILK • • ••••••• From the World ' s Finest Milk and Dairy Plant • 2746 EAST 45th • PLaza 84l4 • GREETINGS To The Class of 1957 Serving The Hub For a Special Coffee Treat DAVIES COFFEE CO. I 15 Post MU. 0951 FRENCH ROLLS • FRENCH BREAD INTERNATIONAL FRENCH BAKERY 2311 Rainier Avenue • MI. 1550 • Seattle Moran, Billy U. 43fi Mornn. Glcnda. 21-1. 271 Mc.r, In-f! Dr.naH 1 . :l;!r, M„ Morgan. Harley, 345 Morgan. James P., 363 Morgan. Joann, 433, 461 Morgan. M. Joyce. 50. 52. 214. 257 Morganthaler. Marv L.. 214. 2B9. 384 Monshima, .Joan T:. 417 Morlev. Richard C, 214. 397 Morrill. Dick, 463 Morrill. Marilyn K.. 260 .Morris. Bill. 139 Morris. E. Allene. 265 Morris. James A.. 214. 335 Morris. Ralph, 313 Morris. Robert C. 410. 435. 462 Morris. Sharvn A.. 279 Morrison. Cecil A., 77. 377. 380 Morrison. Gerrv. 322 Morrison. James W.. 337 Mornson. George D.. 359 Morrison. Ralph N.J.. 347 Morrison. WilUam J.. 337 Morrow. Larrv D., 322, 426 Morrow. Leland R, 214. 374, 396. 400 Morrow. Rae M.. 263 Morse. Paul C. 214. 337 Morse. Ward M.. 347 MORTAR BOARD. 433 Morton, Audrey L., 412, 458 Morton, Lee A., 214, 349. 399 Morud. Ronald E.. 376 Moscatel. Harry N.. 361 Mose. Gary E.. " l39. 316 Mosebar. Robert R.. 225 Moser, Bill S., 326 Mo.ser, Pat L., 36, 273 Moses. Ellen H.. 37. 257, 450 Moskeiand, John B., 357 Moss, Kurt F.H.. 297 Moss, Patricia J., 271 Moss, Sally K., 279 Mott, B. Jean, 389 Motteler, Frank R., 307 Mottem, Tom, 149 Mounger, Judi L., 214 Mounger. Lowery C. 241. 325 Mowat. Dave A.. 325 Mueller. E. E.. 395 Mueller. Robert D.. 397 Mulhem. Jack W. Jr.. 311 Mullen. Don, 67 Mullen, .Joyce E.. 111.214, 275 Mullen, Thomas R., 397, 451 Mullin, Shan J., 227, 325, 373, 435 MuUins, David G., 305 Mullins, Joseph D., Jr., 363 Mullins, Maria D., 253 Munsell Rirharil I... .303 Muii .,i, Willi, ,n, ' 113 M ' l ' l; 1 -J . 1:, I . iM- R.. 402. 417 .Mill! hr :- T ' l Muris.m, Ann E , 273, 456 Murphy, Allyn J., 139, 316 Murphy, Arthur, 19 MurphV, Michael K., 322 Murphy, Miramae, 269 Murphy, Nancy, 35, 110 Murphy, Patrick. 414 Murphv. Tom R.. 338 Murray. Colleen J.. 255 Murray, Katherine E., 265 Murray. Loretta J.. 110, 420, 4. ' 2 Murray, Robert R., 214, 234, 329, 403, 418, 438 MUSIC, 117 MU TAU, 434 Muth. Doug. 459 Muzzy. Robert E., 33, 351 Mvatt, Richard G., .347 Mveis, Aiec B., 326 Mvere. Deana R., 289 Myers, Gaylc L., 37, 214, 263 Myers, Jean L., 37, 73, 440, 450, 458 Myers, .Jack E., 214, 410 Myers, Roger L., 311 Myers, Sharon N.. 214. 273. 419. 449 Myers. Troy B.. 3.59 Mvkut, Mike J.. 311 Nagata. Peggy A.. 214. 442 Nailor. Ernest R.. ,121 Nairn. Darrell E . .335, 401, 425 Nakagawa. Henry, 382 Nakagawa, Mary Y., 412. 417 Nakagawara, I-sao. 397 Nakamura, May K.. 214. 417, 431 Nakamura, Mitsuc, 227. 383, 461, 465 Nakao, Robert N., 382 Nakaahima, Patsy N.. 417 Nakata, Gerald k., 376, 382 Nash, Jack A., 214, 342 Nathan, Lawrence M., 342, 423 Naull, Dan, 462 Nawa, Toshio. 4,36 Nau, Thomas J., Jr., 297 Nou. Randolph E., 294. 325 Nazer. Pat L.. 285 Neat George W., 374, 399, 405 Nedwed, Nancv ' , 42. 255 Neely. James R., 69. 355 Neil. Mary Lee. 31. 32. 42. 189. 214. 260. 420. 449 Neiscss. Carol Ann. 30. 31. 32. 35. 42. 186. 187. 214, 255. 433. 449 Nelligan. James P., .380 Nelson, Brenda M,. 263 Nelson, Bud D., 214, 410 Nelson, Dick, 38, 395 Nelson, Dorothy M., 413 Nelson, Doyle, 292, 438 Nelson, Earl H., 214, 337. 403 Nelson. Edward A.. 227. 373. 452 Nelson. Howard. 118 Nelson. Jack R., 311 Nelson. Jean B., 265 Nelson, Joan P., 55, 265 Nelson, .Joanne I., 271, 441 Nelson, Leroy, 67 Nelson, Norma L«e. 368. 413 Nelson. Norman V.. 372 Nelson. Pam. 283 Nelson. Pat. 109 Nelson. Richard E.. 301 Nelson, Richard N., 297 Nelson, Robert S., 215, 374, 410 Nelson, Roberta A., 257, 444 Nelson, Ruby I., 412, 416, 458 Nelson, Shirley, 109 Nebon, Stanley, 322 Nelson, Tanya, 277 Nelson, Wendell D., 215, 309 Nelthorpe, Linda A., 215, 265 Nerland, Eileen J.. 412 Nesbit. Carolyne H.. 369 Nesheim, Patricia T., 41, 413 Nesland, Robert S., 374 Ness, Arlene J., 40, 370, 444 Ness, Lloyd D., 215 Ness, Mahlon O., 215, 410, 443, 451 Neubauer, Eva, 419 Neumann, Werner P., 357 Neumann, Wesley D., 311 Newbegin, Jan T.. 285. 416 Newberg, Bill. 16 Newcomb. Alan K.. 295 Newcomb. Betty L., 215. 466 Newell, Robert J.. 303 Newell, William P., 143, 398 Newhard, Vic F., 418 Newman, Al, 106, 243 Newman, Arlene J., 263 Newman, Bil, 114, 116 NEWMAN CLUB, 462 Newman, Gerald G., 313 Newman. Steve. 116 New-.iir, T.,hn 11 ■::12. 399 Ne ' 322 41, 461 NeiM.-, Ill NevM..i,, L.ii Nithulr.. lk-lt-1, 11, J6U Nichols. Marjone E.. 286. 441 Nichols. Ray. 329 Nicholson. Donald P.. 295 Nicholson. Melvin E.. 394, 402 Nickel, Michel H., 67, 446 Nickell, Sally B., 369 Nickolson, Bruce B., 215, 399 Nicolai, Leland M.. 215. 331. 379, 410. 425. 438. 443 Nicoh. Ray X. 345 Nieder. John J.. 355 Nielsen. Don P.. 316, 401 Nielsen, Joan H, 257, 420 Nielsen, Laurene M.. 370 Nielsen, Margaret, 368, 412 Nielsen. Topper. 279 Nieman. Elizabeth L.. 215, 267 Niemeier, Theresa A„ 215, 368 Niemi, Celia B., 253 Nietfieid. Marilyn, 215 Nilsson, Ann E., 215, 279, 431, 449 Nisbet, Colin J.. 347. 425 Nisbet. Sue. 269 Nisbet, Tom J., 303 Nishishimamoto, Shinsho, 227, 376 Noble, Jane, 215, 271,431 Noble, Vonis O., 285 Noblitt, Marjorie A.. 215. 368 Nodland. Wayne E., 215. 397. 451 Noel. Linda I.. 265 Nogle, James D.. 215. 423 Nohl. Anna Dean. 36. 59. 279 Nolan. Judith. 273 Nolle. Alice Jean. 110. .370. 412 Nommensen. Gene 0.. 215. 341. 404. 418, 426, 427, 438, 443 Norherg, Jane K„ 55, 273 Nordall, Marlene L., 265 Nordby, Marilyn E., 277 Norder, Dick, 147 Nordfors, David E.. 234, 307 Nordfors, Spencer J.. 307 Nordquist, Clarence E., 216, 395, 425, 44.i. 451 Nordquist. Gary G., 139, .305 Nordstrom. JoHn N.. 418 Norris, Adrienne E.. 35, 40, 61, 445, 450 Norris, Owen C. 307 North. Ina M.. 412 Northfield, Sue E.. 253 Norton. Mrs, Margaret. 455 Nostrand. H.L.. 19 Nowell. Phil. 245 Nowell, Roger. 313 Noycs. James A.. 299 Nudelman. Phillip M.. .32. 183. 215. .342, 435 Nunan, John H.. 353 Nunn. Charles E.. 430 Nunnelee. Gery F.. 184. 185. 215, 341, 403, 435, 438 NURSING, 28 Nutter, Richard L.. 215, 317 Oberg, Russell C, 311 Oberlatz, John H,313 Oberlatz, Stephen. 313. 4112, 414 O ' Brien. Deanna M-. 413 Ochs. Bill. 91. 341. 426 O ' Connor. Sharon F.. 215. 250. 265. 384 O ' Dav. George P,. 317. 414 O ' Deil. Clyde A.. 215 O ' Dell. W, Michael. 311. 432 O ' Deil. W, Mchael. 311.432 O ' dell. Rollie. 186. 187. 241 Odiand. Edward S.. 357. 399. 401 Oelwein. Walter R.. 377 Oertel. Richard W.. 215. 374 Oertii, Ronald B., 227, 241, 464 Oflock, Jacquie F., 277 Ogawa, Lila M., 417 Ogden, Sandra M., 35, 183, 215, 269, 449 O ' Hara (Dog), 338 Ohlinger. Allen R., 215, 234, 311, 395, 399 Ohlson, Barbara. 283 Oien. Virginia M.. 285 Okada, Arlene P.. 215 Okada. .Joyce N.. 417 Okamura. Lillian Y.. 215, 417, 434 Okawa, Arlene M., 215, 417 Okerlund, John H. Jr., 32, 215, 395, 397, 437 Okubo, Kay, 417 Olberg, Barney D., 311 Oldenburg. John L.. 315 Oldenburg. Norrine J.. 255 Oliver. Peter H.. 313 Oliv. . Rei Obnan. Phvllis A.. 215. 288 Olmstead. Charles R,. 326 Olmsted. Phyllis, 463 OIney, John, 326 Olsen, Donald S„ 297 Olsen, Fred L., 301 Oben, E. Adele, 215, 260, 434 Olsen, Rod, 373 Olsen, Ron, 160, 241 Olsen, Terry, 215, 325 Olsen, Wayne, 307 Olson. Andy. 404 Olson. Duane H.. 326 Olson. Earl B., 309, 397, 451 Olson, Elizabeth S.. 37. 263 Obon, Engwall A., 301 Obon, Joyce S.. 215. 263 Obon. Kris. 455 Olson. Ralph E., 315 Obon, Robert N,, 215, 297, 337, 423 Olson, Ted H,, 321 Olsson, Ralph P., 332. 409 Olts, Judv A., 255 Olwell, Edward, 414 Olwell, Ned L., 345 Olwell, Pat, 216, 345 OLYMPUS HOUSE, 375 O ' Mallev, Charles M.. 374. 394. 466 OMICR ' ON NU. 434 Onder. Sevket. 149. 150 O ' Neil. Madeleine. 72 O ' Neil. Patricia E,, 277 O ' NeUI. Richard S.. 216. 402 O ' Neill. Sheila A.. 269. 441 Onder. Sevket Y.. 376 Onkel. Celia C. 267 Onsdorff. Jane S.. 34, 369 Onuma, Joseph H., 215, 451 Oordt, Jack F., 305 Opiand, Avon F., 413 Orchard, Charmion G, 110, 413 Ordell. Elaine L.. 288 Orebaugh. Katherine. 263 ORGANIZATIONS ASSEMBLY, 33 Orliss, Ted E,, 292, 298, 437, 438 Orr, Dean Jack E., 28 Orr, Robert S., 363 Orrell, Russell F., 104. 105. 323 Osborne. Esther N.. 34. 70. 71. 128. 286. 419. 444. 466 Oscar. Paul M.. 355 Oscarson. Eriys E.. 265 Osterman M. Gayle, 216, 260. 434, 437 Ostrander, Michael M., 216, 303, 415 Ostrom, Geraldine S.. 216, 250, 269 Ostrom, Janis D., 273 Ostrom, KarinM.. 260 Otiey. Richard S.. 317 Oxford. Marvin W.. 465 OVAL CLUB. 435 Overlock. Jim. 45 Owen. William P.. 216. 303 Owens. Buck. 310 Owens. Chuck. 41, 44 Owens, Lloyd, 216, 369 Owens, Patricia L.. 413 Packard. Kerry. 414 Page, Ronald ii,, 379 Paget, Nebon, 337 Paget, Peter F.. 294. 337. 414 Pagnotta. Arthur M.. 303 Paine. John F.. 57. 325 Palmer, Earl, 456 Palmer, Olga L., 383, 461, 466 Palmer, Patricia J.. 70. 71. 257 Pangbom. James R,. 355 Pang. Tom Y.. 216. 382 PANHELLENIC. 250 PANSY BREAKFAST. 180 Pantages, Anastasia A,. 263. 441 PAN XK.NIA 436 Till. ,. , l-liii I 136. 248, 347 !■■ , I I i MJ I ' ■ 1. . ' I ,, , 386 Piiik.i, I anil J ,216,384,452 Parker, Charles M., 326 Parker, Harvey F.. 394 Parker. John J.. 377 Parker. Margaret J.. 285, 434 Parker, Sid, 244 Parker, William L., 148, 216, 323, 426, 435, 438 Parks, Robert, 377 Parks, Ellyn S., 279 Parks, Richard E., 323 Parman, Don. 395 r ' li ' . ii IJ in V . 378 r ■ I- nil, .52. 283 r , I I: , ' 1,1 H.355 r,ll-.,h- I ll.illrv 1„. 301 Parsons, Dale. 216.273 Partee. Patricia M., 392 Partridge, William D., 216 Pascoe, Douglas W.. 216 Pascoe. Jeffrey W.. 216. 347 Pasin, Stanley J., 372 Pastorius, Arlene N., 252, 253 Paterson, John (}., 216, 329 Paton, Marilyn J.. 38. 50. 119. 275. 431. 450 Paton. Michael M.. 216. 396 Patricelli. Dick A.. 37. 148. 297 Patricelli, Ronald E.. 148. 297 Patrick. Nancy A.. 216. 255. 452 Patrick. T. Keith. 216. 301. 400. 423. 438 Patteison. Sally. 108. 110 Pattie. Robert D.. 379 Pattison. Sallv L.. 419. 420 Patton. Delbert E.. 376 Patton. Joanne. 66. 447 Patzer. Robert G.. 216. 402. 430. 442 Paul. Madeline. 52 Paul. Walter H.. 363 Pauley. William G.. 337 Pavlevsky, Nicholas D.. 357 Payette, Donald G., 216, 357 Pa ' yne, Jack R., 315 Pavseno, Richard F.. 100. 187. 317, 426 Peace. Jim L.. 337. 366 Pearce. John W.. 336 Pearce. Michael A.. 347. 405 Pearlman. Barbara H.. 257. 289 Pearlman. Elinore. 250, 289 Pearson, Jerry M., 216, 315, 426 Pearson, Mary Lee, 367 Pearson, Peggy. 265 Pearson. Robert E., 317 Peai 255 - ' 16. .367 I . . 234.297.418 l , 275 Susan K,, 263 Peckham. Donald D.. 216. 397 Pederson. Arthur M., 61. 56. 216, 305, 438, 446, 457 Pedersen. Douglas K,. 61, 317 Paarmann, Thomas W.. 337 Pedeison. Edson S,. 329. 432 Pedersen. Judith E.. 216 Pedersen. Kenneth A.. 374 Pedersen. Marianne J-. 263 Pedersen, Richard E ., 303 Pedersen, Robert W,, 374 Pelkev, Duane A„ 216, 234, 399, 446, 451 Pellegrini, Richard P.. 323 Pelly. Charles A., 337. 418 Peloza. WiUiam J.. 294, 335 Pemberton, Henrv B.. 216 Pence. Gary L.. 325 Pendell. Virginia Lee. 216 Pennell. C. Ann. 216. 386 Pennell. Donald R.. 323. 398 Pennell. Bob (Robert! M,. 139. 294. 323 PENTHOUSE. 114 Peppel. Louise A.. 265. 445 Pepperdine. Warren. 1 16 Peretti. Rav L.. 319 Perier. Sharon L.. 73. 285 Peringer. Dorine L,. 251. 271 Peringer, F. Michael. 68. 189. 216. 305. 422. 435. 438 Perkins. Doyle. 240 Perkins. GIm. 37. 50. 52. 56. 255. 450. 455. 466 Perkins. Lois M.. 461 IVrl.nv I I. mm, 216,260 I R., 378 l:79, 445 Perry, H.. 412. 4.55 PoiTV. Michael M,. 216 Perry. Richard J,. 376 Perry. Tav W.. 329 PERSHING RIFLES DRILL TEAM. 414 484 ARNSTEIN ' S BOYS ' MEN ' S SHOP 4536 Univ. Way ' ' ' ' .., ' al " " W " 4 ' • . iftA O " " ' 0 ,. s, 422 1 A University Way 4 ' 4 " ! MEIrose t865 ,, " c. . f .- FROM THE FRIENDLY UNIVERSITY DISTRICT ;:: : : — : IP ' S SHOP 4525 UNIVERSITY WAY EVergreen 0244 f ' 54 . ! ' M NATIONAL ' 4 BANK r Seattle -First National Bank ' fSk 3 %, . i : i a? s ' i f ' ' . ai " Christensen ' s for Shoes " 2; sho 4514 University Way Open Thursday Evening • MEIrose 1600 ' » ' v-er, •« ' v for 34 Years • Window Cleaning • House Cleaning • Floor Waxing • Free Estimates UNIVERSITY WINDOW CLEANING 6057 31st N. E. KEnwood 1506 Tom Myers OOdflLD ID. CLOSf COMPANY ELECTRICAL CONTRACTORS 2921 13»h AVENUE SOUTHWEST SEATTLE 4, WASHINGTON • ELIOT 8960 Peraon. Barbaia J.. 216. 259 Persson, Nelsie. 37 Petellin, Sandra. 34. 52, 269 Peters. Bill. 459 Peters. Douglas D.. 12K. 216. 297. 435 Peters. Nancv J.. 275 Peters. Pete. 458 Petersen. Bob. 76. 77 Petersen. Halvor N.. 313 Petersen. Judith O.. 48. 449. 450 Petereon. Allen G.. 216. 399 Peterson. Dale . 244 Peterson. Dave F.. 325 Peterson, David J., 359 Peterson, Don. 247 Peterson, Frank W.. 381. 414 Peterson, Gene. 100 Peterson, Gail. 283. 440 Peterson. Isabel. 415 Peterson. Jaiiet M.. 34. 35. 216, 267, 433 Peterson, Jnn, 15(1 Petersdii r.,Hu« 1 ;m, Petersen 1:1 i ■ ji,(i Peters. ill I . ■. i i .: Petersciii l,,i,:,,i,i H,; Peterson. Ni.fl A , 3li:l Peterson. Norman E.. 216. 293. 344, 345, 438 Pete , .M , Petersen I:. :■. ,■ W :.,, :)15 Peters...! I;..ii ,ii,l l; . ::, Petersi.ii n- m K , ' ., ' . 145 Peteison. Susan L., 27.J Peterson. Thomas N.. 216. 315 Peterson. Viola E.. 370 Pethlev. Lowell S.. 227, 425, 450 Petrenchak, Dan E.. 400, 411 Petrie, Gary H.. 150, 306 Petrish, Nick J., 347 Petter, Anne Y-, 217 Pettitt. Lon S., 217 Pevey, Dennis, 465 Pevton, John H., 40, 341, 418 Pevton, Patrick J,, 307 Phares, Pamela G.. 273 Pharis. Richard P.. 33. 316 PHARMACY. 28 Phelps. W-mm J., 399 Plwmi.-. I l;i.l,,.i.I F ,1115 PHI BFI I-: l ' l ' 1 :- PHI 1)1-1 I I III I ;_ ' :; PHI El ' ll (IN rill IJii PHI GAM.MA IJELTA. 324 PHI KAPPA PSI. 326 PHI KAPPA SIGMA, 328 PHI KAPPA TAU, 3.30 I ' hilli.i.k, .liiilithL., 269, 420 I ' liilhii- Ann ( ' , 402, 4.30 rii.lli|.- I... I, M .217, 352, 253 n.ilhi.. I ' . -j J . 217. .386. 424 !■ - I;... I . 1,. 303 11. ill.;., M.. 445 I ' liillipv U.ilK W.. 345 ■th E.. 345 Ml JS rill |i. l KAPPA. .3.32 nil li. ! KAPPA 163 I ' HI SIGMA SIGMA. 289 PHOTOGRAPHERS. 76. 79 PHRATERES. 412 PI BETA PHI. 283 I ' l, k. Su-anii,. M. 227. 265 I ' l. kii.l. I, ,11. I G.. .368 I ' l. k..ii I, ,1.11 W.. 42, 3.57 I ' l. ki-ii , U am. 374 I ' ll kenne. l.vnn E., 57, 257, 269 Pickenng, Robert A., 217, 315 Pickett, Duane M.. 217, 349 Pickett. Mildred F.. 386 Pickins, John. 35 Piepho. George E., 315 Pierce. Esther E.. 369 Pierce. Gene. 41. 44 Pierce, Katharine M., 273, 445 Pierce. Rav E.. 375 Pierce. Ruth I.. 37. 285 Pieison, Carol F., 56. 265 Pierson, Doris L., 285 Pierson. J. Graham. 357 Pietila. Kenneth G., 217, 372 Pifer, Drurv A.. 23 Pifer, Patricia E,, 217, 265 Pigott. Mary Ellen, 18H, 217. 269 PI KAPPA ALPHA. 334 PI KAPPA ALPHA DREAM GIUL. 154 PI KAPPA PHI. .3.38 PI KAPPA PHI ROSE, 165 Pike. Orville K.. 217, 363 PI LAMBDA THETA, 442 PILGRIM CLUB, 463 Pinkerlun, John T., 217. 409 Pipe. Joel B.. 347 Pirie. James M.. 376 Pistoresi. Denis J., 235. 301 Pitcher. Joan C. 402. 430. 442 Pitt, George L., 104, 105. 376 Pittman, Jim, 103 Pitts, Saraneli, 286 Plaster, Mickev E.. 395. 397 Piatt. Jerrold, 361 Piatt. Kay J.. 283 PLAYHOUSE, 116 Plebuch. Richard K.. 217. 341. 396. 443 Plumb. Stuart B.. 307 Pluvlaar. Joan R., 52. 286. 466 Poelker. Rich. 465 Poff. Phihp W., 217 Pogue. David E.. 377. 381, 463 Poirier. Albert W.. 409 Poll, Mvma. 288. 460 Pollard. Barbara C. 275 Pnll.ii.l Willi,, in 11.217,345 ■, k, H, P..ll, " k, M.iiiImi I„. 277 P., II. I, I.iiil n IW Pool, John G.. 345 Pooler, Beverly J., 217, 255 Porosky, Peter H., 326 Porter, Jacquelvn J., 277 Porter, Marvin J„ 309 Porter, Richard T.. 345, 429 Porter, Dr. Robert, 419 Porter, Robert. 13 Posell. Barbara J.. 289 Potter. Thomas H.. 217 Potts. Jacklynn A.. 367 Powell. Fred. 405 Powell. Marilee A.. 265 Powell. Rois, 147 Power. Sharon M. Powers. Carl R.. 217. 377. 397 Powers. Dean Francis F.. 24 Powers. Janet C. 38. 273 Powers. Richmond O.. 217 Pralci. Nealan R.. 325 - ' 17.386 I M.. 341 I ' l, " ,. ,li -■ ,,i I I). 370. 455. Pn-ss . H,.d. 24,M Preston. Ronald J.. 303 Preuss. Ralph, 342, 439 Prevost, Elaine Preuss, Ralph Price. Joan E.. 255 Price. Patricia E.. 217. 370 Price, Sandra, 413 Price, Virginia R. Priebe, Ronald, 401 Priest. Jean Y.. 461 Prigg. Kay A.. 273 Primlev. Alice, 415 Pringle, J. A-ihur, 15. 377 Privat. Jeannette M.. 52. 252 PriN.-tlc. Gt-rald T. 307 P ,,, I.,ni,. , 217.329 Pn.u.ii, K.. l. .11.) PROGRAM PANEL. 35 Proken. Bill Prosceno. Ralph J., .307 Prospek. William L.. 217, 325 Proulx, Merle T., 331 . Dotti M., 152, 18 4, 217, , 440 , .,1,1 1,, 376 LSI 1 I ' -ii .i. ; ;i; I ' ll, k, M 1,I,«K A . -265 Pullord, Larr , 238 Pullen, Lucy A.. 38. 57. 72. 257. 285 Punches. Gerald N.. 347 Puiv.ll. Patricia L,. 265 I ' ll.,,- r l ,M y:2. 428 I ' l i;i ' ! I -mil II, 439 I ' .,.,, I,,!,,, w ,;:i l ' ,iii,„,i, I ,„,, !,.,■ K.. 217.345 486 443 217.293, 359.410.432, Quast, Anne. 273 Quast, Werner. 406 Quickstad. Brian N.. 349. 4M Quickstad. Karen J.. 38. 70. 71 431. 433. 449 M.I . Barbara L.. 253 , CharteL.. 106. 143. .341 . William E.. 217 Kaatz, Harold L.. 335 Rademaker. John C. 322 R.ADIO. 78. 79 Radloff. Richard R., 138. 150. 241 Rae. Gwen L.. 269 Rafael. Linda A., 283. 441 Ragan. Patricia J.. 265 Rahim. Lavi. 438 Raichle. Marcus E.. 305. 418 RAINIER HOUSE. 376 RALLY. 440. 441 Ralston. Roberta J.. 277. 463 Rambo. George L.. 309. 401. 463 Ramm. AI S.. 3.55 Ramm. Kathr -n J.. 368 Ramsav. Lanv E.. 217. 315 Ramsev. Betty M.. 369, 420 Ramsey. Doug. 175 Ramsey. Nancy A., 67, 217. 368. 4 Randall. Dierdre. 67. 74 RandaU. Eleanor. 286 Randall. John M.. 372 Randell. Sharene M.. 34. 37. 38. 5 ' 55, 61. 450 RandaU, WiUiam. 414 Randies. Terry E,. 132. 241. 322 Rangwald. Marilyn J.. 263 Rankin. James H.. 301 Ransom. Loretta M.. 217. 413. 466 Rantala. June A.. 38. 285 Rants. Roland A.. 359 Ranzenbach. Robert F.. 297 Rarey. Dayid F.. 217 Rasmussen. AI. 301 Rasmussen, Beverly A.. 259. 466 Rasmussen. Glenn J., 217. 345. 425 Rasmussen Gordon O.. 217 Rassmussen, Glen. 438 Rasmussen. Orville T.. 227. 375. 400. M.i K.. 411 U.,uhUi ' . . rlliiir R., 225 Rau.. Dean D.. 307 Rauh. Nancy K.. 49. 55. 273 Ray. Janeil M., 260 Ray, Janice A.. 267 Ray. Judy E.. 255 Rayburn. Bruce A.. 218. 317. .398. 443 Raymond. Virginia L.. 218. 286 Read. William M,. 14 Reber. Thea K.. 218. 250. 271 Redman. Rich. 463 Reddick. Robert R.. 218. 240. 35 ' Redding. Marian E.. 370 Redlinger. Marcia J.. 70. 71 Redlinger. Sharon Kaye. 52. 255 Reddington. Bernice. 415 Redman. Ann E.. 275 Redmon. Nelson A.. 301 Redmond. Richard V., 309 Reed. Hank. 314 Reed. Jerry D.. 367 Reed. John D.. 35. 185. 218. 292. 326, 404. 435 Reed. Marjorie L.. 285 Reedy. Diane G.. 267, 441 Rees. Alice E.. 218. 369 Rees. Gary A.. 40. 317 Reese. Janet H.. 218. 368. 427. 447 Reese. Joan K.. 253 Regan. Roslyn E.. 271. 441 REGISTRATION AND RUSH. 82 Rehbock. Richard F.. 374 Re]d. Roberl K,. 347 Reif. Paul A.. 342. 438 Reimer. Bob. 138. 247. 310 Reiner. Robert L.. 186. 187. 218. 342 , llN ImiH ,. , 144. RELU;iOl ' .S EMPHASIS WEEK. 4.55 Remillard. Bruce M.. 218. .397 Remlinger. Raymond L.. .394 Remmen. Bernice M.. 257 Remnet. Jack. 218, 396 Rettig, Dick, 43 Reyenaugh, Robert L.. 227. 452 Reyere. William A.. 143. 218. 325. 426, 429 Reyes. Claudio. 462 Reynolds. Robert L., 218. 436 Reynolds. Suzie E.. 370 Rhmehart, Keith, 126 RHO CHI. 442 Rhodes. Donald V., 107. 305 Rhodes. Jack H., 325 Rhyneer. George S.. 372 Rice. Charles L., 218. 394 Rice. David R.. 303 Rice. Orhn W.. 225 Rich. Bill C. 317 Rich, Edward P.. 311. 432. 4.55. 466 Richard. Connie E.. 35. 42. 405. 451 Ruhaids, David L.. 347 Richards. Eugene W.. 225 Richards. Professor Gavle. 42. 43 Richards. Gordon J.. 210, 313, 347 Richards, Jane, 279 Richards, John G.. 295. 397 Richai-ds, Sharon Kay. 253. 440 Richards. William G.. Jr., 49 Richardson. Den.vs A.. 38, 283 Richard.son, George A., 327 Richardson, Jim B.. 345 Richardson. Ronald. 310 Richdale, Dayid A., 345 Richi- , M.irgiiiel E,. 466 Rl.liii ,.!i , :• : Ri. Ill, : M i , 218.389 Rhhi: , . . I; I, , i li,.394 Rick, II. I I I.. Rickdall. Lanv. 218. 327, 4.38 Riegel, Bonnie Lu, 253 Riegel, Charles, 458 Ricke, L. v.. 38, William A.. 313 Rilev. Daniel S,. .3.59 Riley. T. Scott. 147.411.329 Rindler. Suzanne M.. 218. 452 RING DANCE QUEEN. 159 Ring. Erla A.. 40. 152. 260. 440. 4.50 Ring. Noel. 218. 265. 433. 449 Ring. Richard R.. 376 Ring. Taft C. 106. 218. .341. 429. 443 Ringer. George W.. 315 Ringoen. Gordon W.. 325 Ringstad. Alex C. 297 Ritchie. Barbara A.. .392 Rivenes. Ann, 218, 402, 430 Rivenes, James D.. 188. 218, 322 Rivett, Patsy A.. 413 Rivkin. Saul E.. 342, 439 Roal. Donna J.. 369 Roark. John G.. 218, 402 Roarke, Terrence W.. .303 Roats. Gary C. 303. 401 Robb. Barbara. 109 Robbin. Sharon M.. .389 Robbins. George W.. 309 Robbins, Sally R.. 260 Robbins. Thomas J.. 303 Robblee. Ken. 245 Roberson. Charles R.. 355 Roberson. Rachelle E., 277 Roberts. Alfred M.. 315 Roberts. Charies R.. 359, 432 Roberts, Dan. 463 Roberts. .Jack P.. 311 Roberts. Mick. 314 Robertson. Dick C, 347 WHEREVER YOU GO, WHATEVER YOU DO DRESS RIGHT . . . you CANT AFFORD NOT TO. E L eKmann University Way { Tl at East 45th Street 487 YOU NEVER HAVE TO GUESS WHEN THE BRAND ' S 0AR-$ you get better meat everv time . . . SEATTLE PACKING COMPANY 2203 AIRPORT WAY SEATTLE, WASHINGTON SERVU-MEAT COMPANY 63 MADISON STREET SEATTLE, WASHINGTON 200 Rooms 200 Haths i off hv Cat pua HOTEL EDMOND MEANY " Every Room a Corner Rooin ' Breakfasts Luncheons t)iNNER Mektini.s Wedding Receptions Teas Dances Buffet Suppers Banquets Conventions also a Modern Parking Lot UNIVERSITY DISTRICT SEATTLE, WASH. EV. 0222 Evro Becket, Managiii) Director Barney Hough, Resident Manager Robertson, Guv L., 315 Robertson, Merrily J., 392 Robinson, Alan M., 305 Robinson, Clyde, 44 RohinBon, Bettv. 406 R.ihm nn lll.W lKl b:M.|. 1 . ' (ill l;.,l 1 .K - c. 33i), ,172 H.. I. in ,11, I ' l.v k, ,345 linliii, I ' a A., 40, 42. 441 li.,luM.-.jn, l ' .iliKia T., 35, 265, 4.50 Robinson, Richard J., 321, 436 Robinson. Susan L., 218. 260 Robinson, Tom A.. 347 Rnhi.;„n D.lviri L, 41 .363 H.n L, h Mr,, I, ,il, 257 K,., k(■ li,;ii, M,.225 K(»lwi-ll, Knln-il L., 218, 409 Roe, .James A.. 313 Roe, Sigman, 218, 375. 419 Roed. Robert M.. 218. 398 Roedel. Louis. 116 ROFCRE HOUSE. 380 Roffler, Ron V., 464 Rogel, .Judv, 2H8 Rogers, Elmer R., 218, 321, 402 Rogers, .Judv A., 260 Rogers, June A., 55, 269 Rogers, Kent H., 359 Rogers. Rosemary, 265 , Robert A., 293. 342, 343, 402, 438 Rogers, Virgil A., Jr., 218, 335 Rohskopf, Horace G., 20 Roland, Craig W., 218, 315 Rolla, Ronald A,. 349 Roller, James, 438 Roller, William J., 292, 297 RoUwagen, Jack R., 218, 375, 401, 425 Rolph. Leonard C, 353 Rolston, Joan M„ 259 Romano, Merle L., 257 Rommel. Bruce A.. 374. 410 Romstead, Joan R., 38, 41. 57, 257 Ronka. Ivan L., 218, 397 Root, Cornelius, 76 Root, Donald E., 218, .378 Root, Reg, 180 Rosberg, Joan M-, 412 Roscoe, Douglas L., 331 Rose, George L.. 301 Rose, Sanford S.. 361 RoseUi, Lou, 248 Rosen, Diaiuie R., 288 Rosen, Helen, 167 Rosen, Kermit. Jr., 361 Rosen. Penv H.. 218. 409 Rosen, William M., 218, 399 Rosendahl, Loyal L., 33, 349 Rosenfield, James A., 361 Rosenoff, BettiJane, 367, 466 Rosenow, Dick C, 375, 4(11 Rosenquist, Adele D., 263 wenaM., 218,383, 461, 465 Rosenthal, Dr. Frank, 460 Roser, Donald M., 225 Roser, James K., 315 Rosin, Frank, 147 Ross, David C, 332 Ross. John, 458 Ross, Lawrence R.. 343 Ross. Roger G.. 311,466 Rossia, Bruce W., 337 Roth, Katherine J., 218, 386 Rotter, Ruth Ann, 218, 250, 280, 281 Rottle, Janice M., 218, 285 Rottle, Joan H., 57, 285 Roumm, Dan A., 361 Rousso. Esther, 288 Rowe, Donald S., 294, 307 Rowe, J. Frank, 409 Rowe, Lorraine M., 218 Rowell, Asa, 401 Rowell, Barbara J., 277 Rowland. Richard G., 219, 418 Roval, Darrell, 95 HoMiMlnl, Robert H., 349, 405 H,il.;,l:,, ,ll,;irn H., 305 1, ' ,i ' ,, ,, ,-, ' .,i.,lvn.S„288 I;,,, I,, , sn |.l„-i, M.,361 Hu. kii , VValliice B., ,361 Rud, Carol .J,, 219, 386, 424 Rudd, Richard P., 329 Hue, Margie J,, 257 Km. , .lean, 180 Uu, I, Dave L„ 219, 317 Hull, William B„ 347 lf,ili|.,,,M, Harmon H., 305 I;,,,, i,„l hll, j;:), 445 l;,„,ii „ I , l , 260 n,, ,1, ,, I, ,1,1, w . :i21 Rushton, ifobie M., 409 Russell, A. Dave. 335 Ruaaell, Arlcne C. 219 Riis..ii.|l. Chiules R., 376, 410 Uu ,.11 I l,,ii.,lil I.. 347 M , Ku, ' -rll, MaigucntoL., 41,285 Kus.sell, Regina C, 219 Rust, Stanlev. 374 Ruth, Ethelvn A., 285 Rutlcdge, Manlvn 0., 2.57 Ruud. Ila, 38 Ruud, Douglas F., 219, .347, 422 Ruzicka, Ruth E.. 368 Rvals, Oavie M., 267 Rvan, Ann L.. 219 Ryan, Joanne C, 219, 269 Rvan, Judv A,, 257 Rvan, Larrv D., 219 Rvder, Donald R., 219 Rvker, George C., 303 Ryker, Rodney P., .303 Rvkus, Annette, 52 Rvles, Jerrv, 36, 38, 325, 439 I " .1, 275 343, 422 J71, 440 yahll,ri-. J,j-.r, A i Sahlin, Paul E, -li., ; Sahr, John R., 327 Sailors, Robert E. Jr., 311, 452 Saisithi, Prasert, 227 Salkeld, James L., 303 Salmela, Mary L., 392 Salmon, Joyce, 286 Salt, Suzanne. 368, 422, 444 Samek, Lvnn. He J., 285 Sampson, Cla • K.. 219, 345 Sampson, Did, T., 149, 315 Sampson, Huliard A., 303 San,,,.,,,, l;,.i, , I,, 3.55 S,,. . I, i. , , Sue, 288 s, ,,-.., - , , :269 Sai„l„ 1,,!,, nn, 441 Sand, H.-vfiTv M . 400 Sandell, Charles W., 315 Sander, Nancv C. 413 Sanders. Deanne C, 369, 413, 441 Sanderson, Joyce, 35, 108, 184, 185, 219, 285, 420, 449 Sanderson, Richard A., 219, 411. 427 Sanilin, Frank A,. .332 ,257 Saii,U(i..iii M,,nKn J., 252, 2.53 .Sandvik, Robert L.. 423 Sandvik, Stanlev E., 219, 347 Sandvik, Wilhelm L., 423. 425 SandvMth, Colin, 401 ,Sal.l " ,.l, SM.Min,r, 109, 111 Sai,-I,,;,n I I , 413 S.ii,,,, I I,,,, I. - M , 372 Sargen . Wimpy, 242 Satero, Ann J., 252, 253 Sather, Carol, 219, 283 Sat her. Karen J., 279 Sather, Ovidia J., 219, 413 Sato, J jhnny Y„ 382 Satterl e, Duane P., 359 Salter! e, Tom M„ 325 Saul, Ronnie, 361 Saunders, Herb G.. 327 .Saundo ■s, Kenneth V., 345 Sa.inrl. ■-■ R,.h,Tt C . 345 S , , I, ' t; . 379 s ,■ , . ; , , ,,■■ 109, 219, 419, 431, 442 s ,■ • -i , , I; 1(19,219 s::.,i: , l; 301,397 .S.i w ■. . 1 11,. 363 Sa. , Be icrlv F.. 40.289,460 Saxon, Joe .S.. 343 Saxton Claire A.. 250, 273 Sa r,- lonald H. 465 S,i 1. nl,,. ;i.l,418 l:l , A IllADE, 443 s, ,,,■ H ,,,, i; , 375 l(,,r,ii„ 1 , 40,41,267 Scea, 1 olu.r( M , .307 Schaak John C, 219, 397 Schafe , Diana, 286 .Si ' hali- , Huhv .1,, 219, 369 S. ' liat, s,,i„li., M . 275 S. I,,,l, -. 12. 50,52,55 1 ,,,. ,115 61, 269, 4,50 .s, 1,, . I 1 . , , 37.50.52, 63, 422, S. l ' ,. ' , ' i. -( l-,l,li. 1) , 219, 430 S, 1 1 111,,. U, 267 s, h, ,1 , ,. 1, .115 s, [,, , ■ 1 .,J,i H., 301 S, 1 , ■ 1, ' . 1 ,, 1 A , 219, 430 ' ■ ' l,,.|,i, (1,32,33,41 184,219, ;;;!;;: ' ' Km, ,,,,„„, 3,57 l „l, 1. ,,!,■ D., 37, 257 ' L !■ lih 1,1, 1 1 .413 I,!- M K, 55, 316 S, [rn.l s : ' ' I ■ , 1 , 37. 250. 286 s. 1 • K , 375.458 .s, li,,ii,h K,n l: lli.s, -113 S. lunil,, llcnn, 19(1 SihiiiK. ' ., Alan F„ 219,325, 411 .Sclinatlerlv. Ann. 219, 269, 437 Schnatlcrlv, Steve E„ 349, 414 Schnebele. ' Dave E., 219, 355 488 Schneidi- Schmi.l. SCHl SCHI SCH( 219. 29.), Ml. r.W 255 ;95 Schni.J.t - SchiMiii I. In Schroeppfl. Schropp, Donald R., 3ti3 Schubert. James E.. 243, 357 Schuck, Shelby A„ 79, 219, 265, 447 Schueler, Suzanne. 257 Schuette, Arthur W.. 353 Schuh. John D., 297. 429 Schuh. Robert A.. 315 Schult;- Unhir.i 1 21.i, 445 Schuli ■ !-■■ I 1 ■ . JISl. 250, 257 Schuh .. . I. ::•. SchuL, i.,i,,, . ■:: Schuiilaim. . " iit . ..;. 277 Schusted. Richard A., .394 Schuster. Joseph A-. 343 Schwab. Andrea. 255. 440 Schwalbach. Jo Ann. 412 Schwartz. Flora R.. 2.s,s Schwartz. Gar.v R.. 361 Schwartz. Larrv J.. 343 Schwartze. Pat E.. 265. 431. 461 Schwindt. Sharon E.. 42. 257. 450 Scordan. Jerry, 116 Scott. Ardis S.. 219. 271 Scott. Brock. 337 Scott. Clarence M. Jr.. 225 Scott. Donald R., 372 Scott. Edith H., 286 Scott. Garr A.. 313 Scott, Mm i: -T ' - ' " i. ' ), 445 Scott, I: : . ■ , M ' .M Scott, . K-L. I 1 " .; Scott. Sanuu-I H . 219. 400 Scott, Teresa L.. 34. 50. 56. 57. 277. 444. 449 Scougal. Judy F.. 265 Searie. Stan. ' 398. 405. 452. 464 Seai ' les. Bonnie, 38 Searles, Joan M.. 73. 75. 277 Searles. Leiand D., 219 Searles, C. Marie, 15 Sechler, Carol A., 255 Secrist, Ron H.. 376, 458 Sedlacek, Phil J.. 425 Sedlachek. Charles. 337 Seering. Larry. 406 Sefrit. Barnard C, 220. 374, 415 .Settdii. Hiiuald. 377 I l,,,il I, 265 ,s, ,:,.,!, I i;, II I 16.45.56 Seitz, Michael K.. 316 Sekor, James O.. 396. 400 Selig. Martin. 361 Selle. Paul F,. 372 . 251. 286. 441 11.337 I ;.s. 235. 322 1. il l,ih iioud, 220, 299, 396 H., 289 A.. 303 1 1 , •. 466 Ml 1 M..269, 440 1115 1 .1 , 347 I;,. ill M 303 ..Ii 11 H 347 Shervl L ,289 l ires M., 52, 277 Ula II 1 If V . L.. 227. 4.52 252. 253 E.. 220. 411. 437 Shaughnessv, Patricia A., 265 Shaw. Margaret M.. 220. 266. 466 Shaw. Robert R.. 395. 400 Shaw. Rosemary K.. 266 Shav. Richard K.. 220, 339 Shea. Stephen F., 355 Shi-ti-iniaii, llanild, 12 Sli. liiiLiii 1 11 I 1114. 105.322 Shepard. Sydney M„ 275 Shepherd. Leiand H.. .351 Sh, ph. nl M.ii A,, 40. 285 Siel Bea 455 • • :: S gv ■1 , l , 107. 305 S b h, ill 1 ;,s S Edward M., 220. 293. 361 S IJIen R., 220, 359 Mikell K.. 267 Paul S.. 321 R h d A 34 H n h F 386 45 n M 86 8 i: , 220,271.420 • L,. 65.67. 181. 220. 447 Shivananda. S.. 419 bmidt, Diane, 2(9 489 The Busiest Acre in Town .s X UUGERMASrtt TRfVB IN Sport-Master For sporting goods Skiing, camping, Fishing supplies Drive-in parking Burgermaster 3040 E. 45th PL. 7100 Sport-Master 3042 E. 4Sth Fl. 3224 " lln the Avenue " Smiiev. Dennis R.. 329 Smitli. Betsie. 415 Smith. Brent E., 305 Smith, Bvron L., 70, 3:5 Smith, Canfield F., 329 Smith, Carl B., 375 Smith, Carol J., 267 Smith, Caryl Jean, 252. 444, 450, 455 Smith, Christina, 416 Smith, Clarissa J.. 263, 445 Smith, Curt. 3U7. 438 [■;ui I w 1, , 349, 401 305, 403. 42; ■ K , 22 h l- ' ivd 1). 313 li, tiarv k, 220, 436 h. George E., 140,313,429 h. (Sordy, 310. 438 li. Graham D., 220, 337 h, Gretchen A., 269 Smith, Henrv Ladd, 18 Smith, .James C, 347 Smith. .Janet L.. 277, 440 Smith. .Jaqueline K., 252 Smith, Kelvin, 463 Smith. Kermit L,, 376 Smith, Linda G., 275 Smith, l.vncia L., 220, 255 Sniilh M:Hl.l,4iieR., 220, 384 G.. 279 Ih, .Mil 1 L., 307 M.. 275 Smith. Patricia A., 110, 370, 413 Smith, Richard P., 313 Smith, Roberta M., 369 .Smith, Roses A.. 347 Smith. Stuart A., 220, 329 Smith. Susi A.. 2.55 Smith, Thomas H., .349 Smith, Vernon, 458 Smith, Walt H., 313 Smith, Whitney F., 313 Smith. William E., 220 Snaring, Thor M., 220, 410, 425, 446, Sneddon, .Jim, 77 Snider, Barbara J., 78, 187, 221, 277, Snider, Henry R., 319, 432 Snider, Loval, 234 Snider, Robert ■}.. 355 Snide r, Sandra L., 217 Snider, William D., 61, 96, 355, 426 Snodfiniss, Gerald E.. 380 ,(l..|. All 305 h M.. 386 M., 343 136, 221, 244, 355, 402 ■Soden. Colleen L.. 57, 257 Soderlind, Sonja, 110 Soderquist, Karen C, 271 Soderstrom, Nancy J., 412, 416 Softky, Lois L.. 22 ' l, 389 Softkv, Sally Ann, 34, 35, 37, 186, 187, 221, 285, 449 ' Softky, Sara J., 221, 285, 420 Sohlberg, Joe, 463 Sohnel, Christie U., 444 Somers, Carol A,, 265 Sommer, Birta H . 288 Somnic- rii ,,li, F ■ri, ' -, Sondl.Hi.l In, i " SONC.I I -I I - ' SOPli H ' l. ' IX ' . I l:NivAL, 172. 173 SOPllii SOPllii Sorb.. Soreii i 111 IiKHS. 60 ■|: ' i ll. ENTS. 61 Sorci Sorgei Soriano, Mvrna, SORORIA. ' 415 Sotiit. Katherine ri I,. 16, ,34, 269 i; , 269 , 271,452 225 S|iarl s, Bill (I . ,145, 414 Sparks. Claire N., 281 Sparling, Robert M., 337, 456 SpauldiiiB. Charles L., 331, 432 S|,.M I iiu.i I , 289.333 A , 372 tliri G., 279 .- W , 313 . R., 402, 430 Spencer, Donald B.. 221. 351 Spencer. Kenneth E.. 329 Spencer. Thomas M., 337 Spr-nrcr Willnm. .3.5. 74 Niuiir- 1 lili ;l hl. . II. . Liu II I , 135,316,426 III 1... 221, 305 Iran K., 255 III 1... 221 102, 462 Staiey, Margaret L., 221, 260, 447, 452 Stamolis, George J., 315 Stamolis, Gloria, 55, 273 Stan, Ronald P., 66, 57, 305 Stanard, H. Duane, 221 Stanford. James D.. 335 Stang. Ingri, 260 ankev. Hel . Br. .392 H . ■r. Shirley A., 221, 367 Starr, Alice, 22i. 250. 255 Stathacopoulds. Aristotelis, 446, Stave. Robert S.. 221, 311 Stavig. Gordon H., 423 Steams. Beverly J.. 370 Steele. Michael T., 315 Steen. David W., 357 Steen. Harold K., 221 Steensland, Bereth A,, 267 Steere, Clifton, 118 Steere, Patricia M., 40, 41, 265. 450 Steere. Peter K., 227, 376 Steffev, James R., 35, 351 Steintjrecher, Kurt, 227, 402. 430. 442 Steiner. David G., 40, 235, 322 Steiner, Jack F„ 357 Steiner, Robert, 41, 46 Steinhart, Lvnne A., 255 Slender, Nancy F„ 55, 273, 440. 444. 449, 450 Stenerson, Sally M., 383. 461, 465 Stengel, Karl, i4 Stephens, Douglas R.. 221, 396, 446 Stephenson, Dulcv L.. 254 Stern. David F., 361 Stern, Edward F., 106, 361 Si.-ni Mirhel P , 33, .56, 343 I 1. , 361 il U ' . 227 " I ' ge. 26 W . 221, 301. 438 11 I,. 281,253 Ml, 34.57.277 ubcit L., 221, 351 ujallac lt;, ' - fi Ol.IVK WAV PORTRAITS WEDDINGS CHILDREN Qoke Lman 490 Stewart. Alex G., 221. 292, 313 Stewart. Cameron. 355 StewHit, R.. 31.i mac. - E,. 2H5 ingle, Ellen ,254 nielt, Lee A . 303 ick, Baiban U. 221 2«7 45 .ck, Cim L. 315 leknig, DiinT a L., 22 : ' h ickmg, ,Judv A„ 285 leking, Mar C„ 221 283 icklev, Ti.m (i7, 307 ill, Fved, 232 ne, John P. 359 )ne, Nanc 1 ., 2,55, 384 me, Philip V ., 329 orgaard, Richard D., 301 Sto , M.ueeln ■ M., Stout, Pennv L,. 38. 59. 387. 413. 441 Stover. Janis A.. 406, 444. 460 Stovner. Patricia, 369 Stowell, Robert J,. 51. 55. 297. 418. 439 Stowell. Rod E„ 345 Stowell, Sandv E., 36, 221, 267. 449 Straley. Richard L.. 395. 400 Stramler. Lavne, 260 Strance. Carvl E., 221, 386 Strand, Jerrv, 294, 297 Strandberg, Verna M„ 368. 452 Strange, Richard T., 397, 414 Stratton, Warren, 395 Strauss, Lee .J,, 42, 319 Strickland, Carol -J., 251, 269 Strickland, C. Clvde, 316 Stroh, James E., 221, 341, 438 Stroh. Stephen L., 341 Strom, Rov E,, 51, 221, 321 Strom, Terrv A., 227, 239. 292, 312, 313, 435 Stromme. James P„ 294, 331 Strong. David W., 74, 221. 409 Struble. Glenn E., 221, 375, 399 Strugar. George R., 96. 184, 301. 426 Stull, Donald B., 338, 395 Stusser. Elaine D., 288. 455. 460 Stutz. Del L„ 316 Stuve, Charlene E,. 257. 441 Stvve. Barbara Jo, 255 Sublett, Chris, 77 Sudduth, Barbara E., 413 Suder, Walter J., 221, 436 Sugar, Garv N., 221, 341 Sugg, Sand ' ra K., 279 Sullivan, Frank W., 51, 54, 55, 221, 347, 4 Sullivan, Gerald J., 311 Sullivan, James W., 327 Sullivan, Kathleen A., 253 Sullivan, William P„ 221, 355, 400, 415 Sundean, Rav M., 374. 398 Sunden. .Janet L.. 221. 271. 434 Sunderland. Gary- M., 321. 429 Sundgren, Bruce R., 329 Sundquist, Morley R., 221. 389 Sundquist. Nancy M„ 253. 416 Sunitsch. Don F„ 132, 221. 244. 316. 426. 435 Surridge, Geri L.. 52, 277 Sutherland, Bruce P„ 221, 374, 395, 410 Sutherland, John D,, 452 SutherUng, Connie M., 369. 413 Sutherling, Palma L.. 369, 413, 416 Sutor, Terrv E., 315 Sutter. Vickv R., 269 Sutton, Carol M.. 255 Sutton. Sherry. 459 Suzuki, Lorraine C, 383, 465 Svendsen, Carol, 277 Svendsen. Robert A.. 235. 418 Swan. Martin M,. 303 Swan. Susan K,. 283 Swanson, Ann, 269 Swanson. Charles B.. 54. 139. 321, 411 Swanson, Jeanne Y., 367 Swanson. Jon B„ 301, 414 Swanson, Lois J., 277, 402. 442 Swanson. Malcolm J,. 38. 316. 439 Swanson. Rhoda, 463 Swanson, Sylvia C. 285 Swanson, VeiTelle M,, 392 Swanson. Winnifred J,. 383. 461 Swarthout. Jack, 103 Sweany, Garett G , 222, 329 Sweenev Immh ? l Sweetifv ■ ' M ' ' JT7. 447 SWEK ' mi l SWEETlll l Sweetlaiid, riiilliij 1 , -1 Swenson, Bruce, 222, 337 Swenson, Delores J,. 253 Swenson, Dennvece E,. 222, 386 Swenson, Garv D.. 329 Swenson ' Villi ' l - Swenson. l (tr., I . ■ :::., 446, 4 Swerdfecvi Alir.- M li.l. 465 Swinehart, Da id, 39.S Sylling, Patricia. 67. 222. 447 SYNKOA, 382 I -■. 417 ■I ,1, ,h i-li, l,,k,., 417 Takavama, Diane N, T., 368, 417 Takeda, Shozi, 222, 402 Takeuchi, Kathi, 417 Talbot, Jane, 275 Talbott, Leonard J., 222, 333 Tallahan, James, 347 Talso, Warner W., 315, 429 Tamblvn, Carol A.. 370 Tanabe. Lillian. 417 Tange. Helen J., 260 Tarr, Beth E., 370 Tarrant, Leon S., 222, 372, 436 Tatterson, Lois Gail, 259 TAU KAPPA EPSILON, 350 TAU PHI DELTA, 352 Tauscher, Harold T., 148, 297, 396, 429 TAU BETA PI, 446 TAU SIGMA DELTA, 451 TAU SIGMA DELTA, 451 Tavis. Wayne A., 222, 411, 425 Taylor, Alvce, 52 Taylor, Brandon A., 333, 432 Taylor, David J,, 303 Taylor, Dean R., 331 Taylor. George E., 18 Taylor. Gerald F., 376 Taylor, Joan M„ 392 Taylor. Roger B,. 292, 299, 438, 466 Taylor, Sandra I,. 265 Taylor, Sandra L„ 441 Taylor, Susan T., 67, 75, 255 Taylor, Thomas L,. 222, 292, 293, 314, 315. 438 Tebelman. Joanne F.. 383, 461, 465 Teilly, Irene, 52 TELEVISION, 80 Temby, Shirley A.. 370. 386 Temple. John W.. 315 Templeton, Louise A., 277 Templeton, Nona L.. 285 Tennant. Terry H., 355 Tenning, Cari B„ 349. 438 HART MAN ' S BOOKS, INC. • BOOKS, NEW USED • ART PRINTS • GREETING CARDS • RENTAL LIBRARY TWO GREAT STORES SERVING SEATTLE UNIVERSITY STORE 4321 University Way EVergreen 3556 DOWNTOWN STORE 1313 Fifth Ave, MAin 2213 DINNER-JACKETS —White, Blue, Pink TUXEDOS FORMAL GOWNS COMPLETE WEDDING ATTIRE For Men and Women Special Rates University Students 4716 UNIVERSITY WAY • Fllmore 4100 MAIN STORE • 901 OLIVE • MUtuai 5848 491 ( ave where 1 out of i Seattle People Save! , For 67 consecutive years this bank has provided a safe place for savings. Today one out of three Seattle people save here. We invite you to join them. WASHINGTON MUTUAL SAVINGS BANK Second at Spring Times Square • University • West Seattle • Ballard Bellevue • White Center Northwest ' s Oldest Largest Savi jtis Institution ' Member P D. I. C. Equipment and Reagents for BIOLOGICAL PHYSICAL CHEMICAL MEDICAL LABOR AT DRIES SCIENTIFIC SUPPIIES CO. Mutual 3460 600 Spokane Street Seattle 4 Teramoto. Kenso. 227, 436 Totecco. Terry C, 345 Terrell, Karla J., 287, 44. ' Tobe. James, 106 Terrv, Duane G., . ' 5.5. ) Todd. James P., 373 Terrv, Ron, 138 Todd. NeU G., 313 Teutsch. Pete. 30. ' Tokarczyk, Jack J.. 337 Thai. Alan D.. 361 Tokita. Shiz, 417 Thiup, .lulin A,. 31. ' ) Toland, Thomas E.. 146. 375. 396. 1 h.if |i Ii.liii 1 , :12. ' ) 411. 466 1 . , ,, | , 211 Tollefson. Richard L.. 313 1 ' ,|. Ii. , l; ha. ' l. 4:12 Tolstrup. Edwin M., 380. 466 1 l.i. 1 ihan. 3(13. 432 Toniila. Deann.. Y. 417 1 III 1 rill i:,4 ' X iiii...ii I,,,i,. 1.;,. 275 nil 1 1 H l. ' PA CHI. 3.i(; !■ ■.. ■!. 1:.. 1 -1 , ' 3 " oi.401 1 III- 1 --h AI. PHI. 447 ■| , ... 1 .,. ■ . 1. ' . 1 1 1 K 1 1 :. " ..■. ■|..,ihiii l,,i!i. II , 222. .331. 397 1 hi. 1 liMiijl ,. w. lltt. .325 Tonkin. Merrie K,. 263 Tonsing. Rhonda E., 389 rii. ' i.n.i. ' , Al ' liril r ' j- ' J . " W. 451 Toone, C. Doyne, 225 rh.iin.i-, lh. _ ' - ' _■ Tomev, Jack. 140. 143 riMtn,,. nn.U. ' , LlOil. 4.)K Torrance, John R., 104, 355 1 1 1.1- Huh h, ,113 Torrence, Clarice D., 222, 255, 449 Ml,.-,ha,l,..i7. 255. 441 Torres, Steve S., 315 1 hi. In, I- 1; .1 1 !■■ 323 Torrey, Richard J., 321 111, .,11,.- i..i:il,rA,. 335 Torve. Ted 0., 372 111.. 111,1- 1, - H-. 396. 426 Torwich, John, 307 1 h. .111,1- liiii ,-i , 102, 222. 341 TOTEM CLUB, 448. 449 1 hull,,,- N,,i,. ,115 Totten, Jan A„ 279 1 1,..,,,,,- H,. h,,,.l H 111 Toulouse, John D,, 222, 411 1 l,..,ii,,- l;..l.. I. U :si. 418,426 Townsend, Ada Mae, 370, 452 1 li..,ii,,- ,■-,,. - ' - ' - ' - ' ,. ' ' Townsend, Marjorie. 265 11, 1,,,., I- ,-.-11-,, II _ ' i. ' i Townsend. Robert C. 34. 357 Tl,i)n,a.-.uji. r. 315 T,,«s|,.v .1,011s V. ,222.445 Thume. Don. 244 Ti ... 1..-I il M,. .58, 267 Thompson, Corkv, 465 1 1 : i 1 , ■ ; ' , Thompson, Dixie ' J.. 279. 4511 1 1 1 1, 1 ...,:.. 1 , _ ' 79 Th.impsiin, Donald C. 222. 396 Ti.iul., Wil.i.iii: L. 222 •ni,,m|.M.ii. liforgc Ann, 222, 273 Trautman. Loretla. 416 ri,.„,i|,-..„ l.miesL., 279, 429 Traverso. Jack B., 222, 331 ■n„.„,|,-,„i, • Travis, Beverlev A., 222, 279 rii..,,,,.-..,, i,..,,,.-.s,, 415 Travis. Ivan. 46 ni..ii,|.-..i 1 ' 1 ,1 1 Min, 281. 441 Ti.-.., ■ 11,,-M,. 327 rhi.ihi.-. ■ 1 , ' I 1 ' r 111 , 359 1 1.;, III. Ii,ird E., 225 ni..ii.|.-- 1: . . ■ r, :i.:.337 1 II, 1, 1;,.... i. M . ,347 ih„iiii.- ;..!.. 1. i . 145 ' [ 1 |,.| [,., , ,s J25 Thompson. Ronald C. 222. 452 Trimble, .Ann M ' ,r37, 259, 449, 462 Thompson. Ronald E., 307 Trimble, Bette L., 271 Thompson. Stace.v E., 222, 425 Trimble, Roger T„ 301 Thompson, Sue, 57 Trimble, Suzanne C. 271 ■Ih,„,„,s,,i, W-i ' L-, 395 Troupe. Ed. 406 1 h..ii,|,-..i, „ki. 152,2.55.4411 Trover. Richard H.. 327 1 h,.,i,|.-.,„ William.!.. 337 Tru " e. Sallv A.. 281 Th,.,,-s,.i,, I ' aik, 349 Trumbo. David J.. 3(15 Thomson. Pat. 109 Trumbuil, Jim, 395 Thorn. Rod. 234 Trunkev, Gloria E.. 368 Thorn. Roger R.. 341 T.schudin. Dean Marv S.. 28 Thornburg. Leland H.. 222. 299. 463 Tsujihara. Teruko. 417 Thornburg. Svlvia, 463 Tsuru. Janet K.. 417 Thornfelt, Everett. 458 Tuell. Dave. 148 Thornquist. Moonie. 341 Tuft. John. 135 Thornton. .leri , 98 Tuininga. Ann E.. 267 Thoriit..,, I,.l,,i A •:-:2, 399.400 TuUis. Deanna. 110. 253. 420 ThoniLiii I II,. ;: ' " . l- " i Tullv. Irene M.. 263 Thorp.., 1 1..I : ... 1 1- ' Tuohino. Lauren J.. 380 Thorp. 1. Ill ,- :ll Tupper. George A.. 222. 347, 397 Thorsen, iMali.,,! tl. 4119 Turk, Thomas W.. 319.418 Thorsen. Richard C. 422 Turk. T.. 402 Thorson, Connie L.. 166. 279. 445 Turman. Eleanor S.. 255. 465 Thorstenson. Bob. 232 Tuiiiiaii. Ralph B.. 222. 465 Thronson. Sallie -lo.. 255 Ti,, i.I. Ill li T ,..,, " ' 1I6 Thulen. Gail. 139 1 ' . . ' l,iir, ' 395 Thumlert. Barbara E., 386, 392 Thureton, Robert C, 222, 427. 437, 463 ,i ,, , . n 337 Thiu ston, Susan E., 38, 279 Tibbetts, Arlene M.. 287. 386 1 " 1 " " 114 Tibbits. Hanvood .J., Jr., 335, 401 1 UN..-. 111.. ' 1 , 222.253 Tidland. James H.. 372 Tiffany. John R.. 374 1 inner, V illiam D., 337 Tift. Bill. 244 Tilburv, Jim W.. 303 Tiller. Steven K.. 222. 308 Turney. JoAnne M., 222. 277 Tuttle, Sylvia E.. 35. 37. 183. 220. 285. 449 Tiltaian, Llovd P.. 59. 303 Twedt. William L,. 311 Tilzey. James L.. 346 Tve. Michael B,. 305 TIMBER QUEEN. 155 TVEE BUSINESS STAFF. 73 Tinins. David E.. 323 TYEE STAFF. 69. 70. 71. 72 Tiossem. Judv P.. 52. 261 Tvler. Jack. 307 Toba. Paul S. ' . 222. 376. 410 To The Class of 1957 IN SEATTLE: 1515 Second Avenue • 4549 University Way IN OLYMPIA: 423 Capitol Way 492 Llbaghs. Ronald A., 227, 395 Udd. Albert E.. 319 lleda, Makoto M.. 227, 377, 452 Uetz, Peggv A.. 263 lUbrickson, Al, 332, 234 Unimel, Alan I.., 329 UNDERGRADUATE HONORS, 22S UNIVERSITY CHRISTIAN UNION HOUSE, 464 Uno. Shiela, 417 Upson, Barrv K., 223, 451 Urie, Margaret, 52, 283 Uretad, Kenneth W.. 303 Ushakoff, Vladimir M., 223, 399 Utigard, Tom M,. 316 Utt. Denise. 267 Uveda. Martha C. 223, 417 U!W. SPONSORED DRIVES, 91 Vail, Curtis D,, 18 Vail, Norma N., 223 Vail, Ronald L., 227 VALEDA, 417 Valentine. David A., 428 , Ni 1 ' .119, .396 Vance, •luli;i K,, 22:!. 271 Van Cleve. Keith R.. 313 Van Cleve. Richard. 20 Vandaveer. Robert W„ 223, 349, 436 Vander Voet, Gayle J., 223, 392 Van Deusen, Alan J., 373 Van Dvken. Albert -J.. 223 Van Eaton. Terrance J., 432 Van Houn, R. B., 22 Vann, Larry, 310 Vanni, Ralph J.. 325. 426 Van Skyhawk, Norman, 310 Van Tilboug, Sue, 458 Van Trease, Dean P., 341 VARSITY BALL, 122 VARSITY BALL QUEEN, 157 VARSITY BOAT CLUB, 418 Vaselenak, D, Fred, 331 Vasks, Voldemar V., 379 Vaughn, .lack, 115 Vaughan, Marianna W., 283 Vaughn. Keith. 310 Vaughn. Sharon J.. 283. 441 Vaught. Thomas E.. 315 Vau. . -John H.. 294, 333, 402 Vaux, Walter G., 319, 432 Vawter. Frank W., 297 Veigel, -Jon, 401 Venerdi, Roberta C, 52, 253 Verdi, Yolanda L.. 386 Viafore. Sharon L.. 263. 445 Vidgoff. Robin .J.. 52. 289. 441 Vicbrock. Clinton C. 374 Vines, Rolaine H., 288, 441 Vining. Anne. 275 Vining. Carol. 41. 261 Vizzare. Don. 104. 105. 301 Vogel. John H. K., 225 Vogler. Ronald J., 327 Vogt. David E.. 353 Volkman. Cecil H., 353 Vok, Wallv, 401 Von Krosigk. -Jean R.. 227. 444. 450 von Lubken. Frederick B.. 347 von Lubken, Lucy A., 275 Old Ltd, Classics von Talge, Gerard W.. 223. 297 Voris. Don, 232 Vukano, Phyllis A.. 223, 263. 427 w H , :113 I K.. 370 Wagner. Herbert A., 147, 223, 372, 411 Wagner, .Judv L., 251. 273. 444 Wagner. Walt. 244 Wagstaff, Frank. 395 Wahl. Karen, 1 14 Wahlstrom. Nelson A.. 14 Waid. Margo E.. 42. 52. 259. 449 Wailes, Ron. 232. 428 Wakeman. Fran. 275 Waldal. James. 307. 405 Waldbaum, Kenneth W.. 361 Waldo. Robert, 13 Waldron, Carol M., 281 Walker, Beverlv J., 261 Walker, George E., Jr, 315, 399 Walker, Lauren, 41 Walker, Lee H., 305 Walker, Marge, 35 Walker, Martin W., 343 Waiker, Nancv P., 279, 450 Walker. Phil W.. 305 Wall. Norm D.. 347 Wall. Patricia A.. 412. 458 Wallace. Donald M.. 293. 349 Wallace. Gordon G.. 329. 399 Wallace. Jim W.. .351 Wallace. Richard D.. 223. 319. 422. 438 Wallace. Robert G.. 297 Wallace. W. M. (Don). 227. 339 Wallberg. Phil. 355 Wallbom. Constance C. 389 Wallingford. Judy L.. 253. 370 Wallrof. Paul J.. 99, 301 Walsh, Richard, 372 Walters, Jack L., 181, 248, 305 Waltersdorph, Lee, 307 Walton, Betty J., 223, 386 Walton, Joanie E., 37, 269 Waltz, Winifred A., 223, 265, 431, 455. 463 Wamba, Jon M.. 341, 422. 4.38 Wamba. Phil A.. 3; ' 7 Wambem, Edsel V.. 394 Wanamaker. Barbara B.. 223. 261. 434 Wanamaker. James N.. 223. 313 Wang, Hugh K., 373, 452 __ Wanlace, Nancv L, 223, 277 Ward. Thomas E., 140, 1.52, .341. 429 Ware. James E.. 301.414 Waring. G. Helen. 223. 263 Warmenhoven. Paul J.. 223. 374 Warner. Allan B.. 359 Warner, Richard C, 173, 345 Warnek. Russ, 74. 359. 438. 446 Warnock. Robert G., 223. 335 Warren. Bruce P.. 223. 319 Warren. David J.. 223, 351 Warren. Thomas F., 40. 59. 106. 143, 341 Washburn, Donald J., 329 Washburn, Wilber, 245 WASHINGTON ENGINEER STAFF, 400 WASHINGTON VARSITY CREW, 231 Cornwall Fuel Co. distributors of famous Rich-Heat Burner Oils and other RICHFIELD PRODUCTS Call MEIrose 0019 We respectfully solicit your heating oil business Clothes of Character for the Gentleman About Campus Town Country UNIVERSITY SHOP 4144 University ME. 6551 DENNY HAU, 5AVERY HALL AND HENRY SUZZALLO LIBRARY A FRIEND OF THE UNIVERSITY OF WASHINGTON 493 For The Finest In Flowers It ' s (l Vt For Flowers E. 45th at Brooklyn MEIrose 9400 " jit mom for cjuality Diamonds for 52 years " Hardy ' s Diamonds As diamond experts - - only diamonds of Finest color, cut and clarity meet our high slondards- As your jeweler diamond value is our prime consideration. As both your jeweler and diamond expert we give you every assurance of matchless quality and value. Buy v ith full confidence H. F. Arold I. L. Ma co msc (1 Conv j}k ml) ni Terms Pine Street at 5th Ave. J EWE L E RS JONES AND BINDON ARCHITECTS 715 HOGE BUILDING SEATTLE, WASHINGTON Congrafu af ons Oass of 1957 University of Washingion We wish you every happiness and success. Should you need our services, we con supply ANYTHING IN MUSIC HOPPER-KELLY 45 Years in Seattle NORTHGATE 937 NORTHGATE MALL GL. 1500 DOWNTOWN 1408-6th AVE SE 5400 Wa.sle.v. Mike H.. 316 Wasmund, Tom, . ' U4 Waterhouse, Leona A., 273 Watkins. William W.. 223. 323, 425, 443 Watne, Edwin, 248, 307 Watson, Carol A., 263, 441 Watson, Dale E.. 341 Watson, Daniel, 465 Watson. Edward J., Jr.. 325 Watson. K. Gail. 263 Watson. James B.. 17 Watson. .John M.. 37, 327, 400, 41 1 Watson, Marv L.. 287 Watt, John, 463 Watt. Robert Denny, Jr., 325 Watterson, James R., 223, 333 Waxdal. M,VTon J.. 376. 401 Weagant, George. 446 Weatherwax. Ann R., 253 Weaver. Kay L.. 267 Weaver. Marilee J.. 159. 383 Webb. Richard L.. 341 Webber, Charles E.. 411 Weber. Howard L.. 359 Weber. Nick G.. 359 Webert, Alton J.. 248. 317 Webert. Carol S.. 317 Webostad. Weslev J.. 223 Mebster. Beverly A.. 38. 265. 450 Wbster. Carolyn G., 70, 255 Webster, George R., 396. 414 Webster. Rov C. 357 Webster. Sylvia L.. 223. 269 Webster. Wavne. 463 Wecker. Marie F., 52, 367 Wedemever, Gary. 465 Weeks. H. George. 223. 311. 435. 438 Weeman. Mary Jane. 52 Weidkamp, Larry L.. 325 Weidman. Donna L., 259 Weijanen, Mark D.. 357. 401 Weiner. Melvin J.. 343. 460 Weinman, Marv Jane, 369 Weinstein. Michael J.. 361 Weir. Jim R.. 294. 329 Weisfield. Suzanne F.. 52 Weiss, H. Carl, 363 Welch, Charles B., 243, 414 Welch, Douglas A., 143, 311, 363, 432 Welch, Wilham D.. 223. .345 Wellman, Joan C. 283 WeUs. Jim. 341 Wells. Norma J.. 384. 450 Wells. Shijlev A., .52, 368 Welts. David " A.. 223, 245. 313, 438 Wendle, Catherine J., 279 Wendle, Katherine F., 223, 261 Wener, Melvin S., 298 Werberger, Gary R., 303 Werner, August, 1 18 Werner. John R.. 325 Wemli. Lou .Ann. 223. 431 WESLEY CLUB, 465 WESLEY HOUSE, 383 Wessman, Dean Harold E., 22 West, Kay R, 277 West, LeRov F., 345 West. Ronald S.. 363, 396 Westby, Clarence. 143 Westenhaver, Barbara C 223, 277 Wester, Richard G., 303 Westlund, Larry A., 223, 372 Westlund, Trovie J., 345 Westman, Thomas L., 223, 372 WESTMINSTER CLUB. 466 Westphal, Ellis H., 357 Westwall, Dick, 107 Wetter, Doug, 231, 233 Wetzel, Carolyn L, 285, 431 Weymouth, James L., 341 Wharton. Sidney M., 223 Wheadon. P, Kav. 380 Wheatlev, Dan, 138 Wheeler. Eldridge W.. 325 Wheeler. Imogene M.. 223. 277 Wheeler. Have F,. 283 Wheeler. Lynn M.. 267. 441 Wheeling. Marcia C, 367 White. Allan L.. 355 White. Bob. 104. 105 White. Doug. 465 White. H. James. 313 White. Janice. 263 White. Jerry E.. 397, 464 White, Jim, 40 White, John D.. 321, 432 White. Uo C. 331. 438 Whiti.. Robert O.. 305 Whiu-. Sarah J., 223. 434 Whitehead. Lee M.. 227, 375 Wlnuhead. Page M.. 253. 392 U hii.hi-ad, Sandra J., 73. 277. 447 W l.n, head. Virginia A., 55. 67. 253, 4 11. 147 Whileiiian. Charles W.. 297 Whiting. AnneG,. 285 Whitman. Anthony. 311. 429 Whitman. Rheta L., 224, 250, 273. 449 Whitner, Lonnie C, 70, 355 Whvbark. David C, 224, 337, 410, 451 Wi, li. Dennis, 321, 438 Wi.k Donald R.. 56. 317 Wi, k , Hvron E.. 374 Uiilr.i.inn, Robert B., 313 W K-i lu-rl. Carl S.. 224. 292. 321 Wieder, Law 451 ! Z., 224, 343, 446, Wiehl, Llovd L., 12 Wiehl, Richard L.. 345 Wieland. Albert C... 224, 373, 411 Wiggen, Phil G.. 327 Wight, Shirlee M., 224, 283 Wilbum, Richard D., 224, 319. 409 Wilcox, E. R.. 23 Wilcox, Gail L., 275 Wilcox, Pat, 56, 269 WUcox, Sydney L., 224, 277 Wilde, Ann J., ' 389 Wilder, Jane C, 392, 466 Wiley, James, 46 Wiley, Karlin D., 224, 277 Wilhelmsen, Larry A., 303, 396 Wilkev, Thomas D., 224, 293, 337, 402 Wilkiii. Richard L., 294, 339 Wilson, Duane, 438 Willard. Nadine E,. 224. 250. 279. 4,33, 449 Willett, .• nnette L.. .52, 383, 461. 465 WiUhite. D. Gordon, 313 Wilhams, Ann. 283 Williams. Burke J., .341, 402 Williams, Deanna M., 279 Wilhams, Heather, 41, 128, 279, 419, 445, 4 50 Williams, Jan M.. 224. 261 Williams, Jean P., 263 Williams, Joan A.. 224, 369 Wilhams, JoAnn (Jodvi E„ 224, 370 Williams, John P., 242. 323. 426 Williams, Leiand W., 224, 315 Williams, Marian B., 263 Williams. Mark. 301 Williams, Mary E., 283 Williams, Mike, 147 Wilhams, Paul G., 294, 299, 401, 466 Williams, Phihp S., 224, 409 Wilhams, Richard. 313 Wilhams, Rod V., 327 Wilhams, Susan A., 368 Wilhams, Wynell, 285 Williamson, Ann L., 285 Wilhamson, Ron L., 319, 432 Willis, Fred G., 224, 325, 443 Willix. Douglas J. 311 WilNev Phil 422 Will-.A Hn 111! Will-.. II I K.uh, 4112 Vil«iii liu.iiiH, JJ4. 299. 466 WiUuii. Jaik E. :;24. 398 Wilson. James C. 224. 347 Wilson. Janet L.. 52, 265 Wilson, Kirk R., 104, 105, 325 Wilson, Lenore M., 392 Wilson, LoU. 224, 267 WUson, Melvin E., 224, 398 Wilson. Nancy L.. 224, 267 Wilson, Peggy A., 369, 461 Wilson, R. Dale, 315 Wilson, Robert W.. 401, 464 Wilson, Ruth, 20 Wilson, Wilbur E., 297 Wimmer. Thomas A., 301 Winchell, Norma F., 370 Winchester, Norma J., 263 Winder, Mark G.. 224, 349 Wineman, Paul R., 54, 63, 327 Wmemiller, Jay H., 313 Wines, Richard E., 315 Wing, Mehnda, 275 Wingard. David L.. 397 Wingard. Gordon E.. 410 Winget, JoAnne. 224. 253 Wingren. Marlene S.. 259 Winquist. Mauritz. 143 Winship. R. Gordon. 66, 307 Winslow, Diane E., 265 Winslow, Pete, 227, 327 Winter, Bill W., 104, 105, 123, 126, 297 WINTER CARNIVAL, 124 WINTER CARNIVAL QUEEN. 158 WINTER DAILY STAFF. 67 Winter. Roger L.. 297 Wiper. William A.. 297 Wiprud, Theodore. 303 Wirkkala. Judv A.. 259 Wirtala. Arthur O.. 341, 374 Wittwer, Eda P., 267 Woeck, Sallv A., 253 Woeck, Shirlev J., 52. 277 WoKsland. Bettv, 109 Wohlfri.m n.m 1(14. 105,310 M. 368, 413 .121 W ■ I U..,; I.., .J,i. i U,, J24, 301 WoUe, Kirke H., 313, 429 Wolfm, Bemie, 361 Wolter. Robert P., 349 Wnlt.Tv, Cnrln I, , 2.53 ..llli,,n-in l-.-Tii A.. 2.33 W..!i. n..!i i,l,i.l -. 369 ii ll I ' ldSICAL nil I I MX rLUB.42fl o l|. KirHKATION I 111 Mil il ' i UiiMlN liiKrS. 108-110 Wonder. Huhard R., 357 Wong, Winvao, 372 Wood, Diana L., 285 Wood, Robert A., 337 Wood, Su-san C, 40, 285 Woodburne, Dean Llovd S., 17 Woodbuiv. Kenneth L., 372 Woodman. James N., 37, 299 Woodmaik, Joan D.. 287 Woodruff. John K.. 104. 224, 325, 411.435.438 Woods, Barbara L., 255. 441 Woods, Frederick W., 263 Woods, Richard H., 225 Woodworth, John A., 323 Woodworth, Robert L., 349 Woolawav, Gravdon M.. 345, 429 Worden, J. Rodney. 225. 335 Worden, Meredith, 267 VVoron. Harold J.. 224, 361 Worthington, Forrest W., 224, 410 VVothe, Donald E., 315, 401 Wouwenaar, Ellen Brown, 447 W ' right, Fred, 115 W ' right, J.. 402 Wright, Jessie, 255, 440 Wright, Robert W., 321 Wright, Ronald R., 224, 374 Wvant, Jack E., 224, 446 WvUie, Carol A., 255 Wvman, Peter R., 319 Wvnans, Barbara R., 261 Wyne. Vi. Michael, 333 W ' yngarden, Leonard J., 372 YACHT CLUB, 416 Yale, Richard L., 323 Yamauchi, Irene T., 224. 417, 442 Y ' amauchi, Jean, 417 Yeager, JoAnne G., 367 Yeatts, Fred L.. 378 Yenne, Marie A., 224 Yoakum, Delmar D., 374, 398 Yook, Phyllis, 417 York, Milton W., 359 York, Rosalind M., 70, 71, 255 Y ' orke, Mary Christine, 190 Yoshida, Ronald M., 382 Y ' oshikawa, Norigiku, 381 Y ' oshinaka, Jimmy, 224, 395, 396 Yoshioka, Karen T., 386, 417 Yotsuuye, Elsie N., 370, 417, 442, 449, 450 Y ' oung. Arnie. 294, 355 Y ' oung, Berta A., 224. 265 Young, Charles F., 224, 415 Young, Don E., 394 Young, Gordon F., Jr., 292, 308. 423. Yo 438 .455 Y ' oung. Kenneth K.. 376 Young. Richard E., 373 Young. Richard D., 394 Youngquist, James P., 37( Younker, Bobby J., 224 Yount, Richard M., 315 Y ' owell, Carol E., 190 Zaborskv . Alli.nso A.. 224. 421 427 Zaepfel. John B., 325, 426 Zaidi, Baqar, 128 Zander, Linnea M., 52, 377 Zellmer, Ernest I., 357 Zepernick, Paul B., 333, 398 Zemia, Dexter C, 379 ZETA BETA TAU, 360 ZETA MU TAU, 451 ZETA PHI ETA, 452 ZETA PSI, 362 ZETA TAU ALPHA, 286 Ziegler, Barbara J., 287, 441 Zigler, Janet A., 110.370 Zimmer. C. O., 128. 446 Zimmerman. Drew J.. 359 Zimmerman. Sharon H.. 413 Zingmark. John, 462 Zoffel, George, 180 Zoffel, Marlene, 180 Zoutendvk, John A., 374 Zumwalt, Robert E., 379 Zwaschka, Harolvn G., 267 We ' re loaded . . . With Washington Grads — and we ' re proud of it! University Printing Company PRINTERS-LITHOGRAPHERS John H. Raid, Honorary ' 41 Roy G. Rosenthal, ' 20 Walter J. Reid, ' 39 Don Clark, ' 49 John Heitzman, ' 24 Ellen Morry, ' 32 Theola Piggott, ' 38 Harold Thai, ' 43 4133 University Way MEIrose 0075 CORSETS • LINGERIE • HOSIERY • EXTENDS • BEST WISHES • FOR SUCCESS 4308 UNIVERSITY WAY MEIrose 0311 EASTMAN KODAK STORES, Inc. Professional. Industrial, Graphic Arts, and Verifax Photoiira ihic Su i ilics. 2619 Second Avenue. Seattle 1, Washington Telephone MAin 9072 ' ' Best Place In Town To Save " Each Accot nf Insured of $10,000 Our Directors UNIVERSITY FEDERAL SAVINGS LOAN ASSOCIATION E. 45th at Brooklyn (General Insurance Bidg.) 495 Electrical Contractors for . . . • N. E. Utility Tunnel • Stadium Addition • Civil Electrical Engineering Building • Men ' s Dormitory • Teaching Hospital AGUTTER ELECTRIC COMPANY 5500 14th N.W.— SU. 7880 Seattle Electrical Contractors Van S. McKenny Company ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING AND CONTRACTING 104 WALL STREET MAin 4222 TYEE DAILY COLUMNS FIR TREE OVAL CLUB PURPLE SHIELD Special Pins Made to Order Pacific Embl 1328- Seat+le 1 em 6th A Mfg. enue MA Co n 3541 SOUND CONSTRUCTION €l engineering CO. General Contractors 1300 Aloha SEneca 8333 Seattle, Washington We had tun helping to put this book together. That ' s what we hke about the printing business . . . working with pleasant, intelligent, talented people . . . striving with ideas and ink and paper . . . ending the modern streamlined monsters that equip our printing plant to crystalize all previous thought and effort on paper in a way that will make you say — " Exceptional! " WELL DONE " — like if " Good color " It sparkles — and we hope you do say it, spontaneously. The Craftsman Press is our name. Craftsmanship is our by-word. Make Craftsman your buy-word and you, too, will enjoy the printing business. •5 :!. =-. :•• V ;-S; 3s«a ! - •f -s ' SK- •■ y _fii ;ri • • ' v ■ - .,r . r; ' --. O- ■■«-■( :.v,- ' ' - ' : ,w l .

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University of Washington - Tyee Yearbook (Seattle, WA) online yearbook collection, 1952 Edition, Page 1


University of Washington - Tyee Yearbook (Seattle, WA) online yearbook collection, 1954 Edition, Page 1


University of Washington - Tyee Yearbook (Seattle, WA) online yearbook collection, 1956 Edition, Page 1


University of Washington - Tyee Yearbook (Seattle, WA) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Page 1


University of Washington - Tyee Yearbook (Seattle, WA) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Page 1


University of Washington - Tyee Yearbook (Seattle, WA) online yearbook collection, 1960 Edition, Page 1


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