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T 1 , W i ' , I I 1 I I I I I I I I I I i I I I ul' lx-'X .dz rf .f I, ,fslf-Lf H ,.x 4 "-" - -2 , 'H i' i 4. :D ' I k, F, W A . 4 . ' 5 V ,H f' l ..i.iig'zg:nif 'ff 1 gs f 'f " i 3 .4 L. V, ,H 1-Y 1 ' .ia ai, g g 5 31- -rs La' 5 f Q ji f?-3' fi' J if ,Q f - 2 lea' " V vis ! j 29: - , w Y If 1 .--'J -"" 73?- : ! 1 - -""'i3.:71:i:Z:,1.:1:.g,.' .A N 2, N.. .-Z F' f f' A .- '7' H ' Q V .65 1 "' ' 2 f ' 1 I fa' if 32' .Hp Presenfed by The A 1956 TYEE ssociofed Sfuden Ts of The Universify of Washington -K sirrii ,1 A i Q x 1 .wMN"'!h4"""ww.NsMq. - 'Hu . '5"Mm,,,, Wm . MMWWWWWMWA M 1 Editor: Po? Nelson f Business Monoger: Koren Kruse ' Advisor: Clyde Robinson 0 Artists: Worren Hudson, Roy Collins E' 4' .fx Y. V ,gg -gf H , Q f I , :g 'N ,A , 1 A -1-44-20' fi sr W 1 W 'H NNW: X su,-'Qian .4391 5 A ge' yr- .. Q. 21- -,f.,.1- -' .f4,,.4. v Admi Fo Ljr i!Iw17H 4 ai L n ' 1 Q U S ki my ig I Ha x . mg X V. I nv' I 'j- ESQEF? I I gig.. II if I sf f E 2' g .5 ' i I , P tl it EE 57335 1 3? x ,,i iQ f: ff-'i5 ' -fn I la ' E! li 'Q Ain- wi I Evi.s". F' si C.-' a cc au'- it ,-H ' Q...--Q, fur 1 Q, , , : ff1..'S..?1 N.- .4 72+ ig- . .. . pil H! 1 ,..-- . A , . lk rizif if 4 i I I F W N N . 1 4 4 T i 1 1 4 N W w N N 1 .9 . . , ,M-WWf"'T ll f'F'.,, - 'iq' ,- S.. W IH W Y, W v n '42- fra x H x! sr L-1 -y . N- wi u n , qv I uv ,V 'W A . Q' -1f.xg,. - 1113: I 3 -' 7 is' " v ' 1: 1 ,..- I -. - nrrf 4 lv ,. ,,.. Q., 1 IF 'Ff!l 'kf" ' " LL" im' 'ee' fx px' -il "A, f ' , ' ,L " ,pcm A.. V M It L, 'NS Y 'SWB vu- .,. A N -me N "H .skggfi gxgt' wmmwif 3533 55 1X -- , MAX fi :tink ' ll' A , A' "W 7 "' ' .1 ff " F W 0 s ff Mx Aw, 1 .a Q X ff 1 'Ls 5 if Ei colllnw X ...I was ttf . tl . i It is with many memories of happy days on the Uni- versity of Washington campus that I extend best wishes to you through the T956 edition of the Tyee. The school years are often considered the best years, but the really satisfying revelation of your personality is yet to come when you, through the vocation you choose, begin to live out what for these many years of prepara- tion you have taken in. Labor, viewed as a vehicle of expression, assumes dignity and profoundly relates to both God and human- ity. Any iob can be a calling if through it we convey all that we know, all that we believe and all that we are. lt then becomes the expression of life itself. My hope for each of you is that you will find that place in life where you most effectively can give expres- sion to the great resources you possess, resources which have been made richer because of the years you have studied at the University of Washington. Sincerely, GOVERNOR lt is a pleasure for me to welcome, on behalf of the University and its staff, this fine new Tyee for l956, and to express in its pages my very cordial good wishes to members of the University family. More nearly than any other University product, Tyee reflects the spirit of life on this campus. Because this is so, Tyee is not merely published but springs into life, record- ing for all the years the events that have given this year its special meaning. l greet this Tyee for T956 with a delight that I am sure will be shared by all who love the University of Washington. To those who have finished their work here and who will leave the University, l send my particular congratula- tions and my wishes for their success and happiness. They are the ones who know in T956 the thrill of achievement and the full satisfaction that comes at the end of a long hard climb. They are the ones who can begin to see Uni- versity life in perspective, and they are, l suspect, those who will turn the pages of this Tyee with fondness and with care. l hope they always do so. To all of you, my sincerest regards. HENRY ScHMiTz PRESIDENT board of regents mann-ll naman Left to right: CHARLES F. FRANKLAND, CHARLES MEREDITH HARRIS, GRANT ARM- STRONG, THOMAS BALMER, MRS. J. HERBERT GARDNER, President, WINLOCK W. MILLER, DR. DONALD G. CORBETT. Seven members appointed by the Gover- nor of the State with the approval ofthe State Senate comprise the Board of Re- gents. They serve without compensation for terms of six years each. The backbone ofthe University's govern- ment is found in the Board of Regents, for the government is vested within their hands. The President ofthe University has im mediate charge of the administration of the institution, under rules prescribed by the Regents. A University Senate elected -,if bf ., al' by the faculty represents the tacuIty's point of view in the administration ofthe Uni- versity. The Board has full authority for the oper- ation ofthe University and its property of various kinds. Among the board members' very important duties is the task of appoint- ing the President and approving faculty appointments. VICE PRESIDENT HAROLD P. EVEREST 5 al , ,, xbaf COMPTROLLER ASSISTANT COMPTROLLER DIRECTOR, SUMMER QUARTER NELSON A. WAHLSTROM ERNEST M. CONRAD ERIC L. BARR EDITOR OF PRESS WILLIAM M. READ CORRESPONDENCE GEORGE P. HORTON administration DIRECTOR OF LIBRARIES HARRY C. BAUER No institution can function well without a capable and efficient administrative staff behind it. Each member is charged with a specific aspect of admin- istration and is well trained to give wise direction to the operation of this University. Under their lead- ership falls the comprehensive responsibility of maintaining and improving the financial, physical and educational well being of the University and its students. sig. sf? i , 2 , fall' A J ,yas DIRECTOR, FOOD SERVICE MARGARET E TERRELL 'ir I v My A mx I -1 0 5- we xxx? -P14 2 fm" EXTENSION CLASSES DIRECTOR OF INFORMATION DIRECTOR OF U. RELATIONS MARTIN N. CHAMBERLAIN IRV BLUMENFELD NEAL HINES IN SERVICE TEACHER TRAINING EDGAR M, DRAPER ,4 PURCHASING AGENT JOHN W HARDING DIVISION OF ADULT EDUCATION LLOYD W. SCHRAM WOMENS RESIDENCE HALLS PATRICIA GREEN-not pictured REGISTRAR ETHELYN TONER A K CAMPUS HOUSING J. ARTHUR PRINGLE if I-, ASSISTANT DEAN OF STUDENTS ASSISTANT DEAN OF STUDENTS COUNSELOR FOR INTERNATIONAL SERVICES LEONA SAUNDERS MUNSON ROBERT WALDO ROBERT PORTER -4w1di"""'m,, K offic of clean of studeni DEAN OF STUDENTS DONALD K. ANDERSON SUPERVISOR OF SPECIAL SERVICES REG ROOT ASSOCIATE COUNSELOR THOMAS HODGSON A. M. "MAC" LUNDIN, president ofthe Alumni Association. CARROL SHANKS receiving the "Man ofthe Year" award for l955 from ARTHUR GERBEL, JR. The Alumni Association offers former students a median of affiliation during post college days. In addition, the Alumni Association offers aid to the University in reaching unattained obiectives and securing greater recognition. Since the year of organization, l89l, the Associa- tion has initiated many significant proiects, such as aiding development of the "Foundation for Re- search at the University of Washington, lnc." An- nual functions are many and varied. Each year a fifty-year class anxiously awaits the celebration of its "Golden W" reunion. For alumni the highlight of the year comes each Fall when grads of all ages come back to participate in the Homecoming Week- end. Officers ofthe Alumni Association are A. M. Lun- din, president, Mrs. George Lister, vice president, Dr. John P. McVay, vice president, Alan G. Grant, treasurer, and R. B. Harris, secretary. Golden "W" Reunion for the class of '05, UCURLY HARRSS admires pin of member. .Q iv ,fix V 'k . i ' Yi , l s .J -- 1, "3 . 1 w f X i ,Nb-,,'1M,,:,, fm 'Us GEOGRAPHY METEOROLOGY AND FAR EASTERN AND G DONALD HUDSON CLIMATOLOGY SLAVIC LANGUAGES PHIL E CHURCH GEORGE E. TAYLOR OCEANOGRAPHY RICHARD FLEMING GEOLOGY IWARD A, COOMBS DIVISION OF BENERAL STUDIES GLEN LUTEY 'CS X T Y:-, ZOOLOGY WOMEN'S ECONOMICS BOTANY POLITICAL SCIENCE ARTHUR W. MARTIN PHYSICAL EDUCATION J. RICHARD HUBER C. LEO HITCHCOCK KENNETH C. COLE RUTH WILSON GERMANIC LANGUAGES ARCHITECTURE CLASSICS ART SCHOOL OF FISHERIES AND LITERATURE ARTHUR P. HERRMAN JOHN B. McDIARMID BOYER GONZALES RICHARD VAN CLEVE CURTIS D, VAIL pf'- iw, arts and sciences The first courses offered by the University of Washington when it was newly opened were courses that are now included in the College of Arts and Sciences. This College is now the most diversified of all the departments in the University. To broaden the students' education in the humanities, the physical sciences, and the social sciences is the primary objective of the curricula. The semi-professional schools included within the College are Achitecture, Art, Communications, Drama, Fisheries, Home Eco- nomics, Music, and Physical Education, as well as History and Physics. In addition, the pre-professional curricula, which pre- pares students for entrance into professional schools, consists of Dental Hygiene, Dentistry, Law, Librarianship, Medicine, Nursing, and Social Work. Special programs deserving recog- nition are General Education, General Studies, and Pre-Major. Since its establishment in 1913, the College of Arts and Sciences, with its many and various fields of study, has successfully given students an opportunity to prepare themselves for useful and satisfying lives in whatever career they choose. wage.- 4, PSYCHOLOGY SOCIOLOGY ROGER B. LOUCKS ROBERT E. L. FARIS HISTORY ANTHROPOLOGY SOLOMON KATZ JAMES B, WATSON I Lf V46-.-,,,.,,,.,, 'Q' HOME ECONOMICS COMMUNICATIONS MUSIC JENNIE ROWNTREE HENRY LADD SMITH STANLEY CHAPPLE arf and sciences U i 'U I .N ' 1 r I ' H' ' 1 1 Qyiqm gf-"M qfllfu. 'H fi If ffl' iz.-f-""""' .2 1,4 X 'Wm A by i at n 'Q' 22 9 X ,pq we A ff 45" S M- . is in- - l A, g E., ln this industrially significant Pacific Northwest logging region of the United States, the College of Forestry is obviously of major importance. Placement possibilities for the Forestry graduate are high, since the Forest Service, logging companies, and wood, plastic, and paper industries in this locality annually employ many new men. The College offers a four-year curricula leading to the degree of Bachelor of Science in Forestry with special- ization in forest management, logging engineering, and forest products. The first two years are composed of general courses, whereas the last two years constitutes specialization by the student in his major field of study. The Society of American Foresters fully accredits the very important and expanding College of Forestry. lt is conveniently located in the heart of one of the finest lumber producing areas in the country. Students are thus able to study forestry from first-hand experience. Likewise, they aid the State Forestry Service during their training in research developments. college of education The first teacher training in the State of Washington was given at the University in l878. ln 1913, the faculty voted to establish a school of Education. ln l9l4, the School of Education became a college, the first such college in any state university. ln recent years the Col- lege has expanded its facilities. Included in this expan- sion was the College of Education Library. This was the first departmental library on campus, established in l9l3, a branch of the University's Henry Suzzallo Library. The College of Education includes such services as cur- riculum workshops, institutes, consultative programs, informal help through letters, telephone calls, and visits to the student teachers, a reading clinic, in which teach- ers learn to diagnose educational failure and to plan remedial instruction of retarded pupils. ln all courses of the education curricula, the goal is to develop a teacher who, through mastery of academic content and professional techniques, thinks creatively, values good citizenship, and reflects the best in demo- cratic society. college of forestr DEAN GORDON D. MARCKWORTH CHARLES J. MILLER Marketing, Transportation and Foreign Trade EDWARD G. BROWN Policy, Personnel Relations and Production f 3""'xx x,,,mi DEAN AUSTIN GRIMSHAW KERMIT O. HANSON Accounting, Finance and Statistics E. JOSEPH DEMMERY General Business ollege of business administration The College of Business Administration was established in 1917 to help the student understand the economic and business world. lts obiective was then, as it is now, to give the student business training rooted in general knowledge and to develop in the student those qualities of character that make useful, intelligent citizens and responsible members of the business community. Specialization in a particular field is provided during the iunior and senior years, with majors offered in accounting, business education, finance, banking, for- eign trade, insurance, marketing, office management, personnel administration, production, real estate, secre- tarial training and transportation. ln addition to these maior fields, courses integrating and supplementing the specialized field of study are offered by the Depart- ments of Business, Communication, Business Law, Hu- man Relations in Business, and Policy and Administration. Many of the courses offered by the College are open to undergraduates and other schools and colleges of the University. The thorough study of Business Adminis- tration that the College offers is designed to provide the student with a rich, full background of the business world. - ,..LM.. ,.. ..,, W coHege of engineedng DEAN HAROLD E. WESSMAN -all QL AERONAUTICAL ENGINEERING GENERAL ENGINEERING A-1 .A ni HUMANISTIC-SOCIAL ENGINEERING V. M. GANZER E, R, WILCOX S. A. CHAPMAN ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING BUILDING ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING CHEMICAL ENGINEERING MECHANICAL ENGINEERING A. V. EASTMAN R. W. MOULTON B. T. McMINN During the first year of study in the College of En- gineering most students take a common curricula administered by the General Engineering Depart- ment. Following the first year the undergraduate engineers specialize in aeronautical, chemical, civil, electrical, mechanical, mining, metallurgical or ce- ramic engineering. AII of these curricula are accred- ited by the Engineers' Council for Professional De- velopment, the principal accrediting agency recog- nized by the engineering profession in the United States. The courses of specialized study, following the first- year general course, consist largely of prescribed technical subiects and studies in the humanistic-so- cial area. In addition to the four-year curricula, the MINERAL ENGINEERING D. A. PIFER College offers a course of study in industrial engi- neering for which a second bacheIor's degree is awarded at the end of five years. After completing the first four years maioring in any of the branches of engineering, courses in industrial management and related subiects comprise the fifth year. The teaching staff of the College is composed of ap- proximately I IO persons, chosen from all branches of the profession. Almost every faculty member has had practical professional experience, in addition to advanced graduate study. When ranked with schools from all over the country, the College of Engineering of the University of Washington has achieved a very high status. CIVIL ENGINEERING R. B. VAN HORN rffemffi -wr fri iw. ,a.,n .-sf 'fi DEAN GEORGE NEFF STEVENS Law School ACTING DEAN BERTON E. ANDERSON School of Dentistry school of law Since its founding in l899, the University of Washington School of Law has achieved importance as a fine school for excellent preparation toward passing a state bar examination. It is a member of the Association of Ameri- can Law Schools, and is approved by the Council on Legal Education and Admission to the Bar of the Ameri- can Bar Association. The school prepares students for practice in any state or iurisdiction where the Anglo- American legal system prevails. Particular attention is given to the statutes, the special doctrines, and the rules of practice that apply in the State of Washington. A faculty of sixteen professors and eleven lectureers, as well as ten practicing iudges, instruct this growing school. Containing l23,000 volumes, the Law Library is the tenth largest law school library in the United States and the largest west of the Mississippi. The School of Law is con- venient to federal and state courts sitting in Seattle, and students can witness the trial of actual cases. school of dentistry The School of Dentistry is a comparatively new school on the campus, as it began instruction in October, l946. In January, 1949, the school moved to its present location in the new Division of Health Sciences building where clinical and didactic instruction is being given in all phases of dentistry. The School of Dentistry is approved by the Council on Dental Edu- cation of the American Dental Association and by the American Association of Dental Schools. The obiective of the school is to prepare a selected group of students for the practice of dentistry by using the best educational techniques in this field. A typical predental student chooses electives, in addition to his dental courses, with the aim of broadening his background in hu- man relationships and understanding. Student achievement is closely evaluated, thus promotion is determined by commendable fitness on the part of the student. Actual admission to the practice of dentitstry in any state is conditional upon the candidate's meet- ing the requirements ofthe state board of dental examiners and passing the state dental examinations. i school of librarianshi P Admission to the School of Librarianship is granted to grad- uate students who hold a bachelor's degree from a college or university of good standing. This degree may be taken in any major field, since students with a variety of backgrounds are needed as specialists in libraries devoted to law, medi- cine, engineering, business and other technical fields. A reading knowledge of French and German is important to the librarian students to prepare them for the various duties librarians are called upon to perform. During an undergraduate's senior year, it is also possible to gain librarianship knowledge by taking several introductory courses from the School. Although these courses are de- signed primarily for the teacher-librarian, interested students may attain an excellent preview of the Graduate School of Librarianship. 5 L 2 ,. Q9 . 'Ni 5 A ls . K W . E DEAN OF GRADUATE SCHOOL lactingj HENRY A. BURD DIRECTOR OF LIBRARIANSHIP DR. IRVING LIEBERMAN graduate school N W' f" .sf -.7 s 44, A A f . .nw ' " K .- V' 34.35 -' iff' I I . . M -,-, - V. , - K. ,..V I H . y .F,.,,,g,,,,,,:, -s . sv,,vg..p-1 kk .. YZ k.,' The University of Washington Graduate School seeks as its goal the development of intellectual independence through cultivation of the scientific, critical, and appreciative attitude of mind, and the promotion of the spirit of research. The graduate student is therefore thrown more largely upon his own resources than the undergraduate and must measure up to a more severe standard. Admission to the Graduate School is by approved applica- tion only, this applies to University of Washington graduates as well as others. To maintain a "clear status" rating in the School, a student is required to have a 3.0 average. Gradu- ate study is carried on in most of the University's schools in which an undergraduate may study. Administratively the Graduate School is in charge of each of these fields of fur- ther study. The University is consistently increasing the emphasis on graduate work. lt feels that the better citizens of tomorrow should be equipped with advanced training, research and scholarship. Thus the business world will be populated by persons fully capable of carrying on where others have left off. school of medicine DEAN GEORGE N. AAGAARD HEALTH SCIENCES BUILDING The School of Medicine offers a four-year program of courses leading to Doctor of Medicine, Master of Science, and Doctor of Philosophy degrees, courses for practicing physicians, and degrees for students in the Graduate School. The objectives of the School are to prepare a selected group of medical students for the prac- tice of medicine through the use ofthe best educational techniques in this field, to develop a continuing educational program of the highest caliber for graduate and postgraduate physicians, and to conduct an active program of research and investigation. Hospitals that are affiliated with the Division of Health Sciences are the King County Hospital, Seattle Veterans Administration, ChiIdren's Orthopedic Hospital, United States Public Health Serv- ice Hospital, Firlands Sanatorium, the University of Washington Child Health Center, and the state mental hospitals at Steilacoom, Medical Lake, and Sedro Woolley. The School of Medicine is cur- rently planning a program of affiliations with qualified hospitals throughout the state in the development of internships and resi- dences for those interested in general practice. Anatomy ...., ,.,. H . STANLEY BENNETT Biochemistry. . .,.., .HANS NEURATH Medicine .....,.. . . . . . . .ROBERT H. WILLIAMS Microbiology ...,..... . . . . . .CHARLES A. EvANs Obstetrics and Gynecology ..... RUSSELL R. deALVAREZ Pathology ........,....,. LESTER ELLERBROOK lactingl Pediatrics ,.,......... Pharmacology ...,,..,. Physiology and Biophysics . Psychiatry ,,.....,. Public Health and Preventive Medicine Radiology ...... Surgery ,,,.. . . , , .WALTER B. SEELYE ..,....JAMES M. DILLE ..T.C.RUCH . . .HERBERT S. RIPLEY . .WILLIAM E. REYNOLDS FRED J. HODGES Iactingj .. . .HENRY N. HARKINS DEAN FOREST J. GOODRICH ..ff' 4 1 ti gf, ' ' , fi' DEAN MARY S. TSCHUDIN school of college of nursing pharmacy The School of Nursing is an independent professional school within the Division of Health Sciences. Its en- rollment has recently expanded rapidly in both the basic and the master's program. In l948 the Univer- sity of Washington School of Nursing became the fourth school in the country to become accredited by the National League of Nursing Education and the National Organization for Public Health Nursing. The School has its own philosophy which reads in part, "The School of Nursing endeavors to develop a nurse who is a mature, adiusted person capable of direct- ing her own life, assuming responsibility for her own actions, and accepting her responsibility as a con- tributing member of social groups." The College of Pharmacy was formed in July, l894, by the Board of Regents of the University of Washing- ton. This college is a member of the University Division of Health Sciences, which also includes the Schools of Dentistry, Medicine, and Nursing. The Division was established to coordinate the teaching and research of these four members and to strengthen and reinforce each of them. The College is accredited by the Ameri- can Council on Pharmaceutical Education as a Class "A" college. A drug service department, where pharmaceutical preparations are manufactured, is in operation for the benefit of the Health Center, the Schools of Dentistry and Medicine, and other sections of the University. athletic administration M,. . rf" Head Accountant ROBERT STEI keeps the Husky books in shape. Athletic Business Manager IVAN TRAVIS, goes over a ticket chart with HARVEY CASSlLL, the University Di- rector of Athletics. NER JOHN THOMPSON the Publicity Director keeps the Huskies in the 'NO' , 51 DAYLE HOAGLAND is an adminis trative assistant, TUBBY GRAVES, an administrative assistant was a former Washington baseball coach. public eye P A nh 1 Eg X X pu , isgs f .,.e gl ,114 ' ,. I L D ' Wu . ' Wig 'Iv . gS?.3fLQ",?.Q., f X-LX, " " , q Q - W , , ,, .. I 51, - , f my wg, Wg? - LIEA fu ff' L:A"' :ii .. V, Klum E-Cf E- While managing the gavel, ASUW president, FRANK GUSTIN, also found time to participate in Oval Club and Board of Control. He is a member of Phi Delta Theta fraternity, 1 , - 1 4. l I i 1 'l l .hall wr N v. l :fi r l Q lift' nl fl 1 18" fi 'ln - f K 1 KATHIE KAMPMANN, second vice president of the ASUW also found time to an active member of Mortar Board, Totem Club, Alpha Epsilon Delta, Phi Beta Kap' pa, Program Panel and Kappa Kappa Gamma sorority. JACK GERAGHTY presided over Organizations Assem- bly as part of his duties as ASUW first vice president. He has also participated actively in Oval Club, Sigma Delta Chi, and Beta Theta Pi fraternity. T52 me ,41- .Qf NT 'Y we L .,,, Xxx N NANCY HILL, ASUW secretary, was kept busy all year with correspondence and committee lists. She was also a member of Mortar Board, Totem Club, Pi Lambda Theta and Kappa Kappa Gamma sorority. ALEXANDER, GERRY BURGESS, JOHN CAPEN, JUANITA '41 ,f I .. A M,,,,,.......-..- ,,,, V, Board of Control members listen intently dur- ing a discussion. board of control FRANK GUSTIN, ASUW president, presides over the meeting while MILDRED GELLER- MAN takes notes. 'ww ' -1 if ' f Nfff. . ,.k,, . I,.. , ,,Vk K si W W ,l 4vf"'f .,,,nf WHY CASH, GORDY FERGUSON, MARY JANE GERAGHTY, JACK kv, ,qha-v' gr' af? ,,., , EA - .. fi L HILL, DON HILL, NANCY KAMPMANN, KATHIE MOORE, TONY NUDELMAN, PHIL PETERSON, NONA RAMSEY, DOUG RICHARDS, DICK TYE, JOYCE Aol' organizations The Organizations Assembly is composed of delegates from all 250 campus organizations who gather to voice the opinions of their groups and vote upon problems and issues important to the University students. OA is the only official body through which all the organizations can express their opinions. The discussions were taken to the Board of Control by the OA chairman, Jack Geraghty, ASUW First Vice-President. Several of the important issues brought before OA this year were: vending machines on campus, status of the Graduate students, and the purchasing of a new University flag. assembly in..-f MAR. X f 1' ff? The secretarial and agenda staff was composed of chairman MARCIA GILL, seared, and her commiffee, SANDRA WELLMAN and DIXIE THOMPSON. f v Planning the agendas for OA and serving as an advisory board are the members of the OA Sfeer- ing Commiffee. They are, Ieff fo righf, fron? row, SUSAN JONES, SHIRLEY LAING, KAY ISLAUB and MARCIA GILLg back row, BOB REINER, GENE SMITH, LARRY LAFOLLETTE, JACK GERAGHTY, and BUD BACKES. 43 The Cabaret Dance Committee spends many hours planning the monthly HUB dances. Members on this committee were Ueft to rightj MERRIE TON- KIN, GLORIA LEE, KEN NEWCOMB, SYLVIA TUTTLE, and NORMA WIN- CHESTER. Members of the High School Leaders Conference were, fleft to rightj JUDY ERKIN, SALLY JOVICK, KATHY HEMPLER, and ED RICH. Cl' 7. S ,A v- s S' 'R it I-L f ,Y X. illllly-""l""l CIUW The annual Homecoming Activities were planned lay, fleft to rightl ROLLIN ODELL, DALE PARSONS, MIKE MATTESON, WALT HOWE, Chairman, and LARRY LA FOLLETTE. Second row, fleft to rightj TEDDY BRAUNSCHUEIGER, JIM STROH, JOHN MARTIN, DALE VALENTINE, BETSY HURLBUT, and BILL PEARSON, These are the people who interviewed prospective committee members for campus activities. They are, fleft to rightj DIANE MILLER, JO ANN MYERS, chairman, MELLANIE MORAN, and CHUCK FLOWER. Second row, fleff to rightj FRED CHANEY, VAL HENNING, and PAT ROBINSON. Third row, Ueft to rightj SANDRA HUNTER, RUTH PIERCE, MALCOM SWANSON, CHUCK HARPER, BOB BUZZARD, and CHAS. LEITHE. Introducing the new freshmen to college life was the aim ofthe University Prevue Committee. Front row, left to right: KATHY GILLANDERS, DINNIE BRADY, BETTY GILL. Back row: WAYNE HOGGATT, and BARBARA BARTROFF. X4 Responsible for show case displays were fronf row MARILYN MATTHEWS hairmcin SHIRLEY KARVONEN JUDY MATHEWSON SUE TAYLOR, MARI- A program of dancing lessons was carried out in The HUB ballroom under the guidance of the Dance In- sfrucfion commiilee. Ifs members ure, Ieff fo righf: fronf, CHARMION OR- CHARD, LUCILLE JOHNSON, Chau rnang KAREN QUICKSTAD. Second row: DOLORES EASTMAN, NANCY ANGE, ELSIE YATSUVYE, MARCO WAID, and TINA BADER. Third row: GENE MURPHY, DON LEWIS and BILL FLOWER. 45 F 531755925 - ..e1' Members of The Conference House committee were boffom Ieff fo right MARGI CONNELL and BEVERLY MADER Back row SYLVIA TUTTLE DOLORES EASTMAN chairman and KERRY MCMAHON The group responsible for guiding contests on campus consisted af, left to right, back: CHERRY LECKIE, JOANNE DEARINGER, SHIR' LEY JONES, front: STAN SCHEIGYER, JACK MEREDITH, MIKE LOVERING lchairmanl, and SAM PICKENS. Members of Student Organization committee were JIM TURNER, PATTY STEIRE LINDA BIRD lchairmanl, and BILL MILAN. C? 'ZIV f-...Q The committee which planned the many HUB dances was com- posed of, left to right, by ladder: HOWIE IVERSEN, ED TORONGO, DICK BRAUN and RALPH DEMAREST, on the floor: KEN MILLER and CONNIE RICHARD, in front ofthe tree: JANET BRINKMAN lchairmanl, JOANNE DEARINGER, back and sides: JEANNINE HEGEBERG, MARILYN FAGHOLM Isecretaryl, MARGO WAID, and TINA BADER. MICKEY MCDONALD was chairman ofthe busy Clerical staff, com posed of ANN DAVIES, SHARON WAULDREP, GRETCHEN LAUR VELL, THERESA KARSHNER, VERELLE SWANSON, MARY DEVINE I FRAN WAKEMAN, SHIRLEY NAU and ANN TRIMBLE. ,. Ik, , vu '-vw -.s K. V ft xk N lla 0 , 'R 'P Ill .f fgl ,fs 59, Deciding policies forthe three A.S.U.W. publications is left up to the Publications committee, composed of, left to right, seated: PAT NELSON, SUE SMITH, MARILYN PATTON, JIM GILLANDERS lchairmanl, Professor ASTEL, DOUG PETERS and LARRY CARTER, standing, TOM BLOSL, PETE WINSLOW, JANET SMITH, Mr. ROB- INSON, ANN DIETZEN, BOB KEATLEY, DONNA MARIE SMITH, MARCIA REED and Professor WILLIAM LANE. I r ,ix ,, fe I . B' ,, .. f, if fr i? 5 film 1 ii, ', If II- MI X I ,' 1 E , , . , .A , 5,5 VQhzQAMJ I f , v ,ez sem I I I I I I The committee in charge of administration of cam- pus elections consisted of, left to right: MARTHA LENTZ, MARGI CONNELL, ROD GRASHONG, KATHIE KAMPMANN, TOM LOFTUS, MARY LEE NEIL, CAROL LANDON and CASEY CONNER, chairman. 'I usuw committees DRL Three ofthe Campus Guides, who show visitors around the buildings and grounds were BOB STAVE, SALLY JO HINKLE and MARY ZOE MOTTELER, chairman. Here are a few ofthe members of the Blood Bank Committee, which planned and carried out the an- nual fall quarter blood drive: GAIL HOLSTEN, PAT OSBORNE and JIM RIVENES, chairman. Campus Chest committee, which completely reor- ganized the annual drive, consisted of, left to right, front row: MARY ELLEN PIGOTT, BOB OWEN, JIM BAKEMAN, chairman, MIDGE BEACH, and NANCY HODSON, back row: JOHN CONWAY, Mrs. HERTA -1:15 A i L, 1 7 I I I 2 it I F L, I 6 J ... ,I I, I , we E! L V. The committee responsible for publicizing an out- standing Homecoming was composed of, left to right, GINNY SKAGEN, LARRY LCIFOLLETTE, chair- man, SALLY ILLMAN, JUDY PETERSEN, RICH HOW- ARD and SHERRY TAGG. HIWSPM MURPHY, Dr. ERIC BARR, Dr, DAVID FOWLER, FRED CHANEY and ROD HUDSON. Not pictured: JACK HATLEN, SALLY SCHNEIDER and SALLY SOFTKY. Q.. , Qi!-tifist' .X CISUW committees Members of the JUDICIARY committee were, leff fo right, Chair' mC1I'1, GORDON WALGREN, PHIL DRIPS, ARCH WATSON, MARY JANE FERGUSON, DAWN FITCH, JACK REGAN cmd PROF. L. V. RICKE, HUB RECEPTIONISTS hove cheery greetings for everyone. Girls on this committee were, leff to righi, frormi row, SHARON LAF- FERTY, VIRGINIA CUNNINGHAM, ELIZABETH DICK, AUDREY WADE, JO ANN SPENCER, MARIA HALL, middle row, ANN TRIM- BLE, chairman, BARBARA WILEY, CAROLE BLUMENTHAL, DO- LORES STIMAS, ELAINE ORDELL, NORMA GEHRES, SHARON MCGATLIN, buck row, JOYCE COLE, MINNIE HARRIS, Advisor, MARGI STIDHAM, DONNA ASPENWALL, LACLA HAMMOND, MARYBETH AUSTIN, GLEE PERKINS, SUZANNE SCHUELER. .,,, 'W 1 Those producing HUBBUB, the HUB'S newspaper, were, left fo right, Co-editor, GWYNETH EVANS, Producer, MARILYN PAT- TON, Chairman, ROLLIN ODELL, ond Writer, CAROL ANN NEISESS. f tw va UW committees The United Notions committee consisted of, left to right, PHIL MAHONEY, JOE SCHIEBEL lchairmanl, SONJA HASSELBERG, JOHN MANAM, RON PASSO, ANN CATONI and BARBARA CALVERT. Not Pictured, UIJA ZARINA, BODIE BRASK and MERNIG SCHIEBEL. These girls sold corsoges at U of W football games. They are, left to right, front row, GINNY SKAGEN, SHEILA MacLEOD, LOIS TAYLOR lchairmanl, JOANIE WALTON and VIRGINIA ALBRECHT. Back row, CAROL REYNOLDS, CAROL LANDON, LYNN MATHESON, JEAN HANSEN, JERRIE KELSO and DIANE SMIDT. X f 0,61 'N MARIE SMITH. sf" 3 1' 1 .,, are ttf-' ,.rt Air Force Sponsors had the pleasant responsibility of raising the morale ofthe Air Force ROTC mem- bers. They also undertook many proiects to help the AFROTC administration and took several field trips to nearby airbases, etc. Members Were, left lo right, first row, ANN TRIMBLE, CAROL CLOUSTON, RENA BAKER, SALLIE JO HINKLE, SALLY SOFTKE, BARBARA WESTENHAVER, LOIS SWANSON, VAL- ERIA HENNING and ARLA LOCKE, Second row, GAYLE MYERS, BETTY GILL, JO PONDER, JO SOR' GENFREI, MAJOR TEEPLE ladvisorj, SHEILA CAL- LERMAN, LYNN ALBIN, NANCY FIELD and KAREN LAGERQUIST. Third row, CATHERINE BAILEY, BON- NIE BILYEU, TONI KILLIAN, SHARON ABNEY, F SUSAN TAYLOR, ROWENA SCHLEGAL, SYLVIA TUTTLE, MUFFY SKARPERUD, LEA SCHEGOL- KOV, TONI SINKUNAS, GAYLE FOSTER, LINDA LINK, SHARON LEANDER and JUDY PETERSON. Fourth row, CAROL HELPHREY, NANCY DREW, unidentified, ELLIE LUND, CECILE EVANS and NANCY STENDER. Not pictured was DONNA 49 'w 3 . 4 ii 1 ww ,A The committee in charge of the annual Christmas party was composed of, left to right, GARY BOY- KER, DICK HINTON, ELAINE MARTIN, DAVE HUGHBANKS, LEE COPELAND, LARRY DENEN- HOLZ, DIANE MILLER, BARBARA BLACK, NAN BY- FIELD, ED HEDWALL, BILL HUNGERFORD Ichciir- manl, BILLIE JEAN KERSEY Isecretaryi, PAT GAFF- NEY, MARY ANN FORSBERG and ANN MURISON. uw committees One ofthe highlights of this year's Homecoming Weekend was the Homecoming Dance, planned by this committee, whose members were, left to right, BRUCE RAYBURN, RON OLSEN Ichairmanl, WENDY DOWNY, ARLA LOCKE, MUFFY SKAR- PERUD Isecretaryl, BARBARA JACOBS and LARRY LAFOLLETTE. Nothing like hot coffee while a com- mittee's in session! ww-.I-,,,-r Convened here are the members of the Finance and Budget committee, with complete iurisdiction over all ASUW funds. They are, left to right, front, PROF. ARTHUR CANNON Ichairmanl, DOUG RAM- SEY, PROF. J. GOSE, MILDRED GELLERMAN Isec- retciryl, and JACK GERAGHTY. Second row, NEL- SON A. WAHLSTROM, DONALD K. ANDERSON, CLYDE ROBINSON, HARVEY CASSILL, ROBERT STEINER, EUGENE PIERCE, PHILIP CARTWRIGHT, LOREN WALKER, CHARLES OWENS and GENE SMITH. 5 2 ,Ll forensic Forensics at the University ot Washington is sponsored iointly by the ASUW and Department of Speech. Any undergraduate who is interested and eligible to participate in ASUW activities can take part in the program. ASUW recognizes participation in discussion and debate by subsidizing the year's activities and by awarding an activity key to each person who completes a satisfactory year's work with the squad, Debate, a maior activity of Forensics, are held throughout the year with other northwest colleges and universities during a series of intercollegiate meetings and tournaments. Here members of the squad practice up before a big tournament. L Another phase of Forensics, a discussion group, participates in public discussions before civic groups service clubs and high schools in Western Washington. Through discussion groups such as this one, members of Forensics develop and crystallize their opinions on political, social and other issues of local, national and world im- portance. 51 Q ,..,vv-vw f JIM OVERLOC K, Assistant Manager ofthe HUB, made sure that everything was operating smoothly and efficiently through the past year. Employees ofthe HUB were interviewed by LORY RAlNE BRISTOW, Assistant Personnel Manager. ea it me DON MCCANDLES served ably in his first year as Activities Advisor in 233 HUB. Mfg- Meals were made more pleasant last year with the help of MARIAN HENNESEY, the new HUB Food Director. uw advisors Publicity chairmen were grateful forthe help they received from MlNNlE HARRIS, ASUW Publicity Advisor. 52 w. I MN' MILDRED GELLERMAN assisted CHUCK OWENS in coordinating ASUW activities in her position as Program Supervisor. VICKI ROSENWALD advised Elections Administra- tion and worked as advisor for AMS activities. CHUCK OWENS, as manager of ASUW activities, oversaw the entire activity schedule forthe year. CLYDE ROBINSON, ASUW Publications Manager, supervised the Tyee and other ASUW publications. X " . . 5' M 'x V MABEL MCCORMACK, Pro gram Secretary, supervised ASUW secretaries forthe year. ,x A' 1 x,:,, . P 'ne ,we I N ,egg ,, Q i 1 . gf t wig - N WJ? I . , .W JOE SCHIEBEL MARILYN LANDON JERRY RYLES JACKIE HALBERT CAROL ANN NEISESS JOHN STEVENS PAT MOORE Members of Arfs and Croffs oreo were, left Io right, seofed, JACKIE HALBERT Ichoirmonj, KAREN QUICK STAD, BEV WEBSTER, VICKI BEAUDRY. Sfonding ELAINE MARTIN, ALLIE JO GAHRINGER cmd FRED RICK ANDERSON. DEANNA WILLEY. 1 This oreo took interest in internohonol prolecfs Members were, Ieff Io righf, SHARENE RANDELL MARILYN BARRETT, MILLICENT CHILDERS and Planning publicity for a coming event are publicity area members: ANN SAWIN, MARILYN SNOD- GRASS, SANDY LINDQUIST, MINNIE HARRIS, Adviser, WAYNE HOGGOT and GWYN EVANS. X - .X 'S Program panel supervises the area functions. A coordinating group, program panel studies and nw..- Music library area committee included: MARILEE ROBERTSON, NORMA WELLS, CONNIE BERNER, ANN NILSSON, Asst. Chr., LINDA EMMONS, BOB ARMSTRONG, MARILYN LONGDON, Chr., and GLORIA WILSON. evaluates each program presented by the areas along with checking for conflicts in the ASUW schedule. Taking time out for coffee are games area mem- bers MIRAMAE MURPHY, GINGER SHELTON, KAY MCLAREN, JERRY RYLES, PAUL HULL, VAL HEN- NING, JACK BERNARD, and Chairman JACK NASH. GYBCI ... Activities Bureau placed interested workers on HUB activity committees. Pictured below are Juliana El- dred, Camelle Clark, Barbara Bartroff, Shari Greene, Janet Greer, Francis Adair, Ann Christof- erson, Rich Howard, Ruth Pierce, Sharon Nagel, Chuck Toan, Mike Baskin and Micki McDonald. I ' V - gvt' , ,. M 1 ,y,.. Discussion area planned a program of interesting speakers for organized living groups. Seated, left to right: EUGENE ELLIOT, VICTOR ERLICH, LARRY DENEHOLTZ, BETH NIEMAN, DAVID CAVANESS, ERNIE ZELLMER, GEORGE CAMPBELL, chairman, and NOLA MICKELSON, secretary. 1 55 ams dick richards Composed of all men students at the University, the Associated Men Students functions primarily for the purpose of providing activities for men. One of the most important of these activities is the intra- mural sports program which is sponsored by AMS for students who do not take part in intercollegiate athletics. Head ofthe AMS is capable Dick Richards. Besides carrying out the duties of president, Dick was a member of Bachelor's Club, Varsity Boat Club, Managerial Council, Senior Crew Manager and AMS Advisory Board. a ws ioyce tye Joyce Tye culminated three years ot lead- ership in campus activities with her election to president of Associated Women Stu dents. During her senior year, Joyce was active in Board of Control, Totem Club, Mortar Board, AWS Cabinet and AWS Council besides successfully carrying out the duties of AWS president. The AWS provides opportunities for all interested women students to serve the University through social, cultural and edu- cational means, and in this way helps them to develop new friendships. 41? if, These style-wise ladies made up the Fashion Board, which planned a series of interesting shows for universiiy women. Members were, left lo righl, sealed: MELINDA WING, NANCY WALKER lchoirmanj, SHARI SCHALO, NANCY SPADAFORD and ADRIENNE NORRIS. Sland- ing, PAT BURKE, MARITA LONGSTRETH, JOAN CHETALIS and SANDRA SNIDER. Noi picfured: SALLIE WOOD and MARGO WADE. aws committees A thank-you pariy for all girls who participated in AWS acfivifies was planned and carried out by The Gracias Party committee, composed of, lefl' fo righf, firsf row: STORM JOBS, VIRGINIA WHITEHEAD, Second row: NOR- MA WELLS, JOAN CHETALIS, JOAN CASTILLO lchair- manj. Third row: PAT CONNOR, GWYN EVANS and VALERIE HENNING. Ii Acfivities cenler of all U. of W. women is The Husky Union Building, familiar to all as The HUB of sfudenf government and activities. I JUDY KlNG, Chi Omega, ably served the AWS as vice president. She was also an , active member of W Key and Totem Club. ' ii W .l , i f' lil T' aws officers Appearing pleased over the AWS financial situation was treasurer NADINE WILLIARD. A member of Kappa Kappa Gamma, she also participated in W-Key and Totem Club. Gracious JEAN LOW easily managed the recording secretarial y position. She participated actively in Delta Gamma, WAKey and A V Totem Club. 4 V. . Vi , A Mimi: N V ' We NBXSKL vzgrnfm gi 4 i J ' ' 6 - , S. Ui 5 lm. .im mms- ' K , mu as mise f i " ztnwrm., g im we ru. i N K, ,I f.f.g,, I ii' -khy lg K, K . I nz ,WX '--.r 7 qxkkr , he . , .. VV L V, ' K Q. 2 , L W .. - W, . mn -X fi W i ,F ,i ,, 2 it 2252535 i l i i 58 Lx CORNELIA ibetter known as "Corney"l FITCH relaxed in the sun- shine outside the Hub. Carrying out the corresponding secretarial iob, she also found time to be a member of Alpha Phi, W-Key and Totem Club. Clfh officers ART HART, AMS veep, was also a member of the Varsity Boat Club and Big JlM HILL, The smiling Hmoneyfmanw was a member of Thefa Chi and Malamufes. ya V I J-, -X Q fi A if x I V F ,f - Y 'iSfudious" CHUCK MERTEL fook the necessary AMS minutes. He also was a member of Sigma Nu ancl Oval Club. -is L f-M -Ny! 'Y A Q JOHN REED, Phi KUPPU Psi, managed The hl5l0Vlfml5 P05lll0n- He also TOM MOORE, Alpha Delta Phi, served as secretary to the AMS Advisory Board. participated in Purple Shield, WN-Q f XA 59 I N Q2 f. I ,K -e '94 V-as 'T 4? 45? ' ii A wig X 115 ef ff n 4 ,I X2 Fitch, Cornie .? x 'F 4 QQ QQ! fi- r K ,V ,Q ' A, 3, s council 1 ,Nw g . ff I' ,S I Z, r A ii 1' Vi A X of J m Evans, Ceil Leander, Sharon Piggof, Mary Ellen Barlroff, Barbara Knalz, Mary Ellen Molyneux, Jody Schneider, Sally Taylor, Lais Caslillo, Jaan King, Judy Parker, Peggy Schlegel, Rowena Tye, Joyce Allen, Margie Harris, Linda Low, Jean Ring, Noel Slender, Nancy Webster, Bev Barns, Lucille Jovick, Sally McCormick, Janel Sawin, Anne Slowell, Sandy Willard, Nadine Burgess, Chuck Dahlgren, Don Dcluberi, Dick Draws, Jerry Draper, Gregg Frefhelm, Tom Groshong, Ron Hungerford, Bill McKeown Mickey NOT PICTURED Hoff, Art Phauaps, Neil Radcliff, Tom um advisory This committee look charge of directing AWS-AMS elections. Members were, Ieff fo right fseafedj, BAR- BARA CARLGREN, RON GROSHONG, SANDY STOW- ELL, and GWYN EVANS. Second row, SARAH Mac- RAE, MARJI ALLEN, JOAN CASTILLO, DICK GOMEL and GORDIE WYNSHIP. Back row, MICKEY MCKEOWN, JOHN HARLIN, BOOTH GARDNER and BOB STOWEL. 'C17 aws-am ioini' committees 62 The annual Parents' Weekend This Spring was planned by, left to right fsecifedj, CAROL MCKINSTRY, SHARON LEANDER Ico-chairmanj, L. WAIT RISING, DICK DAU- BERT Ico-chairmanj, and CHUCK OWENS. Sfanding, DICK LEWIS, JIM HILL, SALLY JO HINKLE, MARY HAUSER, KATHY HEMPLER, MARY LEE NEIL, SALLY BEIL and JERRY DAVIS. CWS COlTIl11I'l"l'eeS Members of AWS Orientation Committee this year were, left to right, TOMI STUNZ, SYLVIA TUTTLE, DIANE MILLER, LEA SCHEGOLKOV and ROWENA SCHLEGAL Ichairmonj. if x ffl' This highly important AWS committee was in charge of setting the standards for student women on campus, The committee consisted of, left to right fseatedj: SHERRY TAGG Ichairmanj, LUCILLE BARNES, BEV BULLER and SHIRLEY GREEN. Standing: MARY JO FERGUSON, JUANITA CAPEN, JILL NEERGAARD, NONA PETERSON and JOYCE TYE. Freshman girls, representing the organized houses, mode up the AWS Frosh Council. They included, left to right, front row: SUE GREEN, secretory, CECILE EVANS, advisor, JUDY MASLAN, presi- dent. Second row: PAT HASKELL, EDITH SCOTT, TIMMIE HEILY, GENIE CAMPBELL Gnd CORAMAE KINTZ. Third row: BETTY PARKER, DOROTHY WHITE, ZOE FRITZ, RITA JOHNSON, MARLENE CURTIS, TOPPER NIELSON, NANCY DARROW, Bringing news to campus living groups this year were these members of House Announcements com- mittee, left to right, seated: CAROL DOBSON, RUTH CONRAD, RITA JOHNSON, MARY ALEXANDER, MERRIE VONKIN, JEANNINE HEGEBERG cmd ELLIE SILVERSTONE. Standing: JUDY MASLAN, NANCY BALE, SANDY WELLMAN, SANDRA JAFFE, HEATHER WILLIAMS, ANNE SOWIN Ichair- manl, ERLA RING, JEAN VON KROSIGH, ELLEN MOSES, JANET SELLERS, SONDRA FINGOLD and VAUGHAN LOVEGREN. These girls are three of those who shared the re- sponsibilities of AWS History Committee. They are, left to right: GWEN EVANS, BARBARA CARLGREN and .IOANNE GALE. Gathered 'round the piano reminiscing over the presentations sponsored by AWS this year are the members ofthe Concerts Committee. Seated, left to right: LINDA HARRIS Ichairmanl, LINDA ADAMS, JANIS STOVER. Standing, JEANETTE GARMEL, NEVA FULLER, JEANETTE COOPER, MARY JANE FINLEY and BARBARA GROSSE. aws committees AWS committee chairmen, carefully selected on the basis of personal interviews, in turn select ambi- tious committee members to work with them on many widely varied proiects. The work these girls do together teaches them cooperation and respon- sibility, and also publicizes the name of the AWS ofthe University of Washington through service projects influencing the rest of the student body and the community. The Publicity committee put out the new AMS publication, AMSquire, this year. The staff was composed ot, left to right, JOHN WARNER, CHUCK BURGES fchairmanl, LOWELL HANSON and LARRY KEEFE. Wm 'W '3-5 Xx That popular annual event Fist Fest was planned by a committee the members of which were left .U to right first row PAUL MALAKOFF TOM FRE- THEIMicI1airmanj and DIANE EDLINE fsecretaryj. R hi ' Second row RALPH GUTZLER GORDON RICH- cg K XX, 'w X, I These men made up the AMS Orientation committee: left to right, front row, DAROLD LONG, LARRY DENENHOLZ, BILL HUNGERFORD fchairmanl and JERRY RYLES. Second row, PAUL WINEMAN, FRED MILLS, GARY BOYKER and RON GROSHONG. Third row, BILL MATHEWS, ED HED- WALL, DICK RICHARDS, DAVE VALENTINE and DEAN RAU. Not pictured, JIM COSHOW. A hard-working part of the Orientation committee fabovej, was the Delta Tau Delta combo. Going over a new ar- rangement are, kneeling, left to right, LEE KILBORN, RALPH OLSON, and ARNIE RENGSTORFF. Second row, CHUCK BREITSPRECHER, HANK REED, and JOHN RAN- 65 DOLPH. . -Q- M,,,..W.a Members of the Fist Fest Committee take time out to pose for the Tyee Photographer. Front Row: GORDON RICHARDS, TOM FRETHEIM, Chairman, CORKY LEWIS, ond ED MERLINO. Bock Row: RALPH GUTZLER, DON RHODES, and PAUL MALAKOFF. 'VT' fb 'Q..iaiXi , A am committees 5 . I - N X , , 66 xi? Members ofthe Athletic Committee are DICK LEWIS, ED ALMQUIST and BILL MCKINLEY, S . M3224 THE was Planners ofthe annual AWS-AMS SCHOLARSHIP BANQUET were, left to right, front row: LINDA HARRIS, ROBERTA SCOTT, JANET MCCORMACK and GEORGE WEEKS: co-chairmen, SHARON HEALY, DICK BALDWIN and JOHN DAY, back row, MARGIE ALLEN, DON RHODES, JANET GREWE cmd GOR- DON WINSHIP. Q I , QD Out to catch a breath of fresh air are the members of the HIGH SCHOOL RELATIONS COMMITTEE. Kneeling: CAM STEWART and PEGGY PARKER, co-chairmen, Standing: DOUG PEDERSON, SHIRLEY GREEN, MARY CER- NETIG, DOLORES EASTMAN, JOYCE MORGAN and BILL RUBRIDGE. aws-ams ioini' committees The AWS-AMS ART COMMITTEE was responsible for the assorted burma shave signs used for publicity throughout the year. Mem- bers included, left to right, front row: MARGIE BARTON, PIPINA KLIEROS, middle row: MICHAEL LAGERQUIST, TERRI SCOTT, SUZANNE BUTLER, JUDI MALYNEUX, JODY ST. JEAN, SALLY JO HINKLE and KAREN LAGERQUIST, back row: GORDON KIMBALL, BEN SIMKINS and HERB SAUNDERS. committee supervising COMMUNITY SERVICE PROJECTS composed of, front row: MARY ELLEN PIGOTT and BAR- BARA and back row: CATHY MOTT and JUDY SKYTTA, Vocational Conference committee included, front row: BETH NIEMAN Ico-chairmanj, MARIE BATES, CARYL GILBERT, DIXIE THOMPSON, BETTE KUNDE, CAROL SMITH and CATHY NIEMAN, back row: JOHN BISSETT, BILL HOFIUS, DON COLE, CAM STEWART, JERRY DAVIS and BUD FENDER, Not pictured: ANNETTE GERRY, DIANE HOLMQUIST, HELEN SKOK, JOHN FLOOD and BILL MARKS. I "e freshman ii i r i ANNE CHRISTOFFERSON, vice presidenf, gradu- ofed from Roosevelt High School where she had been girls' club president, class officers JOHN BURGESS,frosl1 presidenl ond o member of Phi Gommd Delfo, come to The University from Bollcxrd where he was sfudenf body president ond Boys' Siofe represenidfive. JANE TALBOT, secretory, was senior closs vice pres- ident Cli Garfield, She is cz member of Koppo Alpha Thefo. 15 ' 'J-so SHIRLEY SHASHICH, treasurer, Franklin High School ond wds She is o member of Alpha Chi ix grciducied from -4 club president. 'E' K ' The five smiling freshmen gathered 'round the Hub firepiace are, seated Ie-ft to right: DIANE CARPEN- i I TER, JIM COOK and KATHERINE JOHNSON: and, standing behind, DOUG SMART and CHUCK HAN- SON, NOT PICTURED: MARILYN HAUGAN, DONNA COTTINGHAM, BOB ARMSTRONG, JANICE ENG- LERT, JOHN DAVIS, MARILYN HORNE, and JERRY HAHN, ' 1 vfgfxfrq, I I-i"' K, .-I, I :o'i'," 4 'Q - , L 'v,",,,.-gkgm feng' -ABT' axe, 5+ a I TVX NPO ,R pit ef' I I K ggwtp ww A' 4 , , 15X?Ae ltJy1vx4v.mTi' K I prominent freshmen I 'QS Q I Q Y I DII? I I I N ,, fi i L f2q,,,.....ff K , New ,,I. - ADRIENNE NORRIS takes time from her activities to "deck the halls" while JOHN PAYNE and DON COLE lend their masculine advice, Trying to get in on ALETA BARGER'S exciting tele- DER, BOB HOUKS, and DIXIE THOMPSON. phone caII are BARBARA JO CLIFT, LARRY SCHNIE- 69 Besides handling the class funds, CONNIE KUL- SETH, sophomore class treasurer, found time to par- ticipate actively in W-Key activities. vs' 1:77 .Ns X ,Q ',-f if , With many years of experience GERRY ALEXAN- Vrhk elrili DER, sophomore class president, presided over his 1? active class, Gerry is a member of ASUW Board H546 of Control, Junior lnter-fraternity Council, Social Rules ond Regulations Committee. his ophomore class officers Vice president, EMORY BUNDY, found time in his busy schedule to pose for the Tyee photographer. He is ci member of the Varsity Swim Teom, Purple Shield and Activities Bureau, l 2 Busy typing up minutes is KATHY GILLANDERS, Sophomore secretary. Besides her mony duties of this office, she actively supported various active ities. 70 prominent ophomores Just pausing for a moment before hurrying onto many varied activities are: RENA BAKER, chair- man Freshman Leadership Committee, SHIRLEY GREEN, Song and Stunt Night co-chairman, JERRY RYLES, chairman Games Area, and MIKE JOHN- STON, speedy miler on the track squad, Athletics and chairmanships claimed these three: TOM- MY WARD, swim star and yell leader, JIM JONES, a member of the football team, and JOHN BISSET, co- chairman tor Soph Carnival. II 'D These gals: JULIE HENKE, Soph Carnival co-chair- man, LINDA LINK, songleader, and BARBARA BARTROEF, AWS Activities chairman were always working hard on one committee or another. Prominent sophomores in sports and around the HUB are: LARRY PULFORD, shot-put star, MARI- LYN PATTON, active on sophomore committees, MIKE NICKEL, another active sophomore, and LINDA BIRD, chairman of Student Organizations Committee. wi? A I s - . vi FP' r ,I Although not pictured, a prominent sophomore is BRUNO BOIN, basketball player. ty? iunior class officers Friendly PHIL NUDELMAN, President ot the Junior Class, managed the activities of the class very ef- ficiently. He is a member of Sigma Alpha Mu, Cadu- cean'5, Purple Shield and Oval Club. TONI SINKUNAS, Alpha Gamma Delta, handled the class minutes and energetically carried out her other campus activities, including W-Key, Totem Club andthe Song Queen's position. JOYCE SANDERSON accounted for the iuniors' financial situation. She is a member of Sigma Kappa and Totem Club. RICH HOWARD, Sigma Chi and Purple Shield, capably held the position of vice president. Three outstanding Junior Class members helped to support the candy cane sale. They are: DICK LEON, chairman of the program panel, SALLY SOFTKEY, co-chairman of the Thousand Voice Choir and a member of W-Key, and CHUCK MER- TEL, outstanding in tennis and a member ofthe Junior Song and Stunt committee. MARY LEE NEIL, chairman ot the Song Committee for Junior Song and Stunt Night, SHARON LE- ANDER, chairman ofthe Junior Dance, and MAR' IAN HAWKINS, decorations chairman ofthe Junior Dance all helped to make an active and outstanding class. I 4' ..- Taking time out from their activities to catch up on some current news are: JOHN DAY, Jr. Dance committee, ROLLIE ODELL, Song and Stunt com- mittee and an outstanding Junior worker, JIM BAKEMAN, chairman of Campus Chest, and GEORGE WEEKS, business manager of the Junior Dance. I My prominent 1? X i If N. J! .ae s I iuniors CORKEY LEWIS, an outst BULLER co-chairman of Ju anding Junior Class nior Song and Stunt member ioined in the Christmas spirit with BEV I s Night, and BOB REINER, bu Campus Chest last year, to ot a Christmas tree. iness manager ofthe help in the trimming fan senior class officers BUTCH THOMAS, senior class treasurer, found time in his busy schedule to participate in Oval Club, Varsity Boat Club, and Delta Kappa Epsilon fraternity. "N, Tu, 'fm Top man in the senior class is DOUG RAMSEY, While carrying out his duties as president, Doug also found time to be an active member ot Oval Club, Bachelors Club, and Delta Up- silon fraternity. 7-. Senior class vice president, CHUCK WORTHINGTON, was busy keeping the books accurate and up to date. Also he par- ticipated in Scabbard and Blade and Arnold Air Society. Chuck is a member of Delta Tau Delta fraternity. 74 Holding the office of senior class secretary gave CLAIR DICK her share of work. She also found time to take part in Totem Club, Rally Girls, OA Standing Committee, and Alpha Chi Omega sorority. coluniflg TAKE ONE E PLEAS XA COHvno 711w Q - i 4... GEORGE NICKLE, in his sec- ond year as Sports Division Editor, felt better equipped me its + iff i 455' psf to fulfill his responsibility this year, with a year of experi- ence behind him. Among other activities, he is a mem- ber ot Theta Chi Fraternity, Oval Club and a Yell Leader. Editor ofthe Activities Divi- sion was DIANNE COHEN. She was a sophomore in Nursing, and an active mem- ber of Delta Zeta Sorority. tyee editorial Newly elected Rally Girl President, CLEO BED- FORD, was busy with her position as Editor of Living Groups and Organizations. Among her other activities were Totem Club, and her sorority which is Alpha Xi Delta. . as PAT SYLLING, Academic Di- vision Editor, has also worked on many ASUW committees. She was a Junior Journalism student and is a member of Delta Zeta Sorority. This year's Tyee Editor, PAT NELSON, is proud of certain other activities, too. She wields a Totem Club, opens the door to success with her W-Key, and her motto is i'DZ" does it. 3, V :Vgi-as ,, .. 1 il A I x , -M I 'M' ine R - J tyee Tuff The Iwo creative minded individuals on The TYEE stuff were RAY COLLINS ond WARREN HUDSON. Roy, with his Coiumns experience, Took The humor- ous work ond designed The Section poges. The in- froduciion ond Division pages were done by Wor- ren. OFFICE STAFF: Front row, Ie-ff fo right: CARLA WAL TERS, CELIA NIEMI, chairman, GRACE ECKTON DEBBY JOHNSON. Second row: JANET GASTON GLORIA LEE, MARGARET DALY, BONNIE OLSEN JEAN GRAHM, NETTIE LLOYD, CAROL RASMUS SEN ond SHARON THOMAS, GOVERNMENT: Leff fo fzgml JO PONDER, CAROL K ll!! ii HELPHREY, Editor, Jessie WRIGHT and vicici THOMPSON. ,NX I C N Q I Q NOT PICTURED: SPORTS STAFF: KERRY McMAHAN PRICE SULLIVAN ANN BENTON JACK BARNARD JIM NEELY DON DOUGLAS FRED GRANT TIC 55 4,3 WE' 1 .I 1 :tx S + X., A 5 1 PI lwxyi as Vx 3X 4 rj!! 'Q 'Fi N559-. MARIANNE CULVER, SORORITIES EDITOR, kept her stuff working overtime to meet the deadline. Whot could be more fun than the position held by STORM JOBS, As FRATERNITIES EDITOR, Storm had the golden opportunity of meeting men by the bushels. Cute and petite, MARCIA REDLINGER poses for her picture by the book cose while look- ing for ideas to use in the QUEEN SECTION. Co-Editors of the ADMINISTRATION AND FACULTY SECTION, LIZ KERBY ond MARCIA REED mull over the problem of what to do with this section to moke it more attractive. DARLENE COHEN SORORITIES LAYOUT STAFF: Left to right: ANN GODEFROY, ANN CLINTON and LEE MANLEY. These girls had the difficult job of drowing original loyouts for the sorority section. NOT PICTURED ACTIVITIES: JUDY OLTS JOAN MASTERS SHARON SCHWINDT GWEN EVANS .IUDI PHILBRICK SHARENE RANDELL ADMINISTRATION: GAY BERNARD ESTI-IER OSBORNE fyee MARIAN HAWKINS points out TYEE proce- dure to SALLY KING. Morian handled the COMMUNICATIONS SECTION aided by Solly. Eli - x ACADEMIC STAFF: Front row, left to right: DAR- LENE EDWARDS, SUE MCGALLIARD, NADYNE HAUBRICH, Senior Editor, MARY CAROL GIBSON, SHELBY COLLARD and NORMA GEHRES, Back row: SHARON ROBBIN, ALLISON HOWARD and AURIA AROMIN. taff T frsimlwes ' 'fic ff x in 7 CAROL CLOUSTON, Editor of SNAPS tor the So- rority Section, and BYRON SMITH, Copy Editor for the Sports Section, pause Iong enough for a picture before getting to work on meeting their deadiines. e,., U i. Q . I X i I , ,K Q 5 v gs, I -Am. ' ,lm ,J , Ikgae. I, K. :ff-., , .vfgnmwwu gumyd-311, M , , , v ,P JODY ST. JEAN, Editor of WOMENS SPORTS toiks to JACKIE OFLOCK about typing copy for her sec- tion. BILL FREBURN, Editor of BASKETBALL, is Iooking rather gium for this shot. Maybe he missed a dead- PAULETTE CHILCOTE and MARY CERNETIG, co-ed- Iine' itors of SEASONAL had quite a time keeping track of all events that happened on campus for TYEE. NOT PICTURED: LIVING GROUPS SUE JOHNSON JOAN MENTOR RUTH ANN ROTTER JAN KRAEMER A -di. -wind :F mv CULTURAL Editor, JANET PETERSON, smiles pret- tiiy for the camera. PAT CONNER JUNE FLODQUIST I if 9,-11, Qlrejf- fx , f 1 4 g M. 5 ' ' 7' If LX f " 79 ,X jx ......., f I A .,,, - S lx 11 Office Manager DEE MCDONALD was the ri ht 1 1 9 hand man ofthe Business Manager. Dee did the organizing and coordinating of the activities of the office staff. Tyee 'NJ ,.,.a.-DQ' KAREN KRUSE, Tyee Business Manager, handled all of the complicated financial and business details of the Tyee. She did a good iob of organizing and worked hard all year. business faff N, J The office staff, VIRGINIA SKAGEN, BETTY PARK- , ER, SANDY WHITEHEAD, JEAN MYERS and NAN- CY COLLINS worked hard selling ads and doing general office work last year to help keep the Tyee Business office well organized, BOB KEATLY was Editor of Daily in fall of this year. He had previously worked on the staff in winter ot l955. He is vice president of Sigma Delta Chi. daily difars BOB CAMPBELL served as Associate Editor of the Daily during fall quarter. His previous experience includes working as sports writer for the Daily in winter of l955. He is president of Sigma Delta Chi, national journalism fraternity, , .-rg Be ' riff qw...-ST. L L '.,1.'ksr14' roxsfemm. ,coed coil" ff Jn' XX N C f'X, 09's ,, STAN HUSELAND worked as Associate Editor throughout spring quarter. He also had been a sports writer in spring, l955. NEIL MCREYNOLDS was Editor of Daily staff in spring quarter. His former service on the staff was as sports writer in spring, l955. He is secretary ofthe journalism fraternity. S 'fl YQ. -Q., 4 Xt f H S uw ess. W , 4' """v-- 'Nm 4.4! - - '0- Y 30 ,' , aff uyfed giviiigf ,gyrus a,,,4n ff fw-an-,.ww... la -'A w.....n.i..,7Wii1 ri """"' In I Left to right, MIKE PERINGER, KEN MCGEE, and -Z JOHN DAY held positions as members of sports lr staff for the Daily fall quarter. - Winter quarter sports news for the Daily was han- dled by, left to right, REED HALE, DICK BALDWIN, and JOHN MERRY, daily The Daily was under the capable direction of MR. GEORGE ASTEL. gf' Rv Seniors working on the Daily this year were, leff to right, BOB CAMPBELL, BOB KEATLY, DICK LAY, STAN HUSELAND, DUANE DOZIER. fi 5?- W"-1-...,., tclff Checking advertisements are Classified Adver- tising Manager MONA MARTIN, fstandingj and a staff member, Editing INS wire copy are Winter Daily Editor NEIL MCREYNOLDS and Associate Editor STAN HUSELAND. ,,vN,-1 Putting out the DAILY are the Fall Daily and Win- ter Advertising Statfs. From left to right: CONNIE CAMPBELL, DONNA DE SHAZO, KAY HEILY, JOHN WARNER, DAN LOGAN, PAUL DE DOM- ENICO and ELLEN BROWN. ...X dv I 'QT . difey f TOM BLOSL efficiently fulfilled the duties of Daily Business Manager. He was in charge at the busi- ness and advertising activities ofthe Daily. Working behind the scenes in order to put out the Daily winter quarter was the editorial staff, left to right, LARRY HILDEBRAND, SHARON CAREY, JOHN SIMPSON, BILL DAVIS, POLLY SHIRLEY, PAT SYL- LING, NANCY WILSON, JOHN MCCARTHY, MAR- IAN MATZKIND, BOB LANE, DIANE WILLIAMS, STAN HUSELAND and ARLENE FUKEI. Overlooking the work ofthe Daily ad solicitors was BILL FIELDER, ad manager. Selling of advertisements for the Daily fall quarter was handled by fleft to right, sittingj BILL FIELDER, ad manager, TOM BLOSL, business manager, PAM ALLEN and NANCY INGHAM, salesmen, Ueft to right, standingj NANCY DREW, office manager, KEN BRANDON, DIANNE ADAMS and MR. ROB- INSON, sales advisor. daily business taff wen: awww J' . L ss we nl f i F lx sv.,- ,V g g X. 5... Here mean, nasty, old BOB CAMPBELL, emi- nent SAE and sports writer, is caught in the oct of filching a buck from poor, helpless AL McGEE, Columns feature writer. He spent the money for beer. coIun1n cliforicll QND DAVE STRONG catches fellow vampire KEN BRANDON unprepared as the latter leaves his tomb on his nightly round of blood- sucking. Both are Columns cartoonists, Bran- don's a Delta Chi. Ace photographer YUKI empties his flask for the sixth time in a day, as his secretary handles his appointments. Yuki is famous for shooting women and getting away with it. Art Editor RON CARRAHER helps Editor PETE WINSLOW to a cup of home brew. lf you have a powerful magnifying glass, read that story on the desk-it was censored. Dissipated, ugly, old PETE WINSLOW, caught here in an informal moment, was largely responsible for the plethora of tripe with which the campus has been inundated monthly this last year, sorry a bit. Pete's a Phi Psi. and he isn't 'EP' J --.Q Hx """"1 ' --nu-....,. .,, -its xb .v--,,-,nv-H f ff' L, XW 'ou JANET SMITH, Columns circulation manager, de- cided that everyone plotted against her. lt seemed as though everyone changed his address, lust to make Columns circulation more difficult, se -Q ,s,,r communication building .it 1, in ti f-1 "Hit . N' f v ns. -.1 . , :xg 1 - . ,.k,..., ""'k eb, A layout class made use of its new facilities, in- WRX .N.N-.c.,.Xg X,-XM. cluding new, functional drawing desks. All equip- ment was specially designed for advertising train- ing classes. Modern lighting and excellent natural illumina- tion encouraged fine work of Washington Jour- nalism students. Onto this long hall open many ofthe new class- rooms filled with opportunity for coming news- 87 papermen. Rx K O 1 1 . , O Lights, Camera, Action! Here is BILL STALEY in the Communications Studio preparing to take a picture. He is testing the lighting with a light meter. it 'WQQA Have you ever wondered how the fraternity and sorority pins were photographed? Here is RON LOPP in the process of photographing them. photographers CORNELIUS imore familiariy known as Corneyj ROOT was popular around the Communications Building. He was director of photography. 1-QQ.: 9 A Almost ready to take a picture is SID BAILY with his light meter and camera Y 'Rl V-Di' . x. M, , , vi' 'K 55,7 r r-fx.: 1 :Im-so pg "YUKI'S" talent os chief "shutter snapper" led to mcny pictures ofthe Columns beauties. He was ci senior in Journalism, ond did outstanding work in the photo lab. Ring! A messoge to give or take? These girls worked hard os office girls in the photo lob, left to right: JUDY SKYTTA, SANDY MAYES ond VICKI THOMPSON. This quiet senior, known cis BILL FISHER, stotes thot he is ci confirmed bachelor. He is on accounting moior who works on the photo staff GEORGE AUGUST, who has his own studio on the "Ave," lent 0 helping hand to the Tyee this year. He took pictures of both compus ond outside activities, 9535! if M- 4 - f 3 9000000000 r'unll ' f 0 Q O U 00000 or ,..,-r 4f,.., Q' s R i L "1" " :::':.w-ft , , fp AC'- Play by play tapecaster LARRY HILDERBRAND described the Husky WSC basketball game to de termlne voice quality NtCK LACY and ERIC BREM NER left to rightl waited to take their turn Mean while MARTY SIBONGA fseatedj took care ofthe mechanical end ofthe procedure QD B 1 :R-as "Say it with a smile!" Two members ofthe Radio- TV extension course put this motto into practice. Q 'lOn your mark , . . get set . . . GO!" Using sound r G d I O effects and script, three students put their learned A quick look at the radio continuity room revealed many busy students. First row: .IOANNE BAWER, PAUL WlNEMANg second: SALLY SOURWINE, WENDY RUMMENSg and back row: JlM MOELLER methods into practice. gf'-. ye, FAITH LAWSON and DICK CLARK. . . I ,, 1 fuwfi Ur K ki Those who worked in the radio news room were: JIM CAMERON, PAT CRANSTON Iinstructorj, JULIAN MQCDONALD, GERRY GROSS, DON WIRTZ, MARY ZOE MOTTELER, CLINT HOWARD. Attending ci meeting of Radio-TV Guild were mem- bers cnd guests. The President was PAUL SMITH, and Vice-President, JIM PLUMB. At ci meeting of o TV production class were fstond ingj, MIKE LUCKEY, BOB DAILEY, LARRY MILLER BOYD CURTIS, ERIC PALMER, DICK CORNWALL, BILL EPTON, BUD MYERS, fsecitedj GEORGE BALD- WIN, PATTY EIFFE, AL SEIGER, JIM HENNES. The TV Production class was seen in oction at Uni- versity Stdtion KCTS. The crew consisted of CLAIRE STEINCIPHER, AL STEPHENSON, PAT MCGRATH, RAMSEY CAVER, cmd DICK BODE. X i X., 'I Students who were studying in the radio depart- ment had a wide variety of records in their music library. television "Let 'em Roll!" The TV production studio and con- trol room were handled by students with interests lying in the television field. MILO RYAN, instructor of TV courses, showed camera procedure to students ERIC PALMER, AL SEEGER, and BUD MYERS. l Q . 4 ,..: i1ig'ig sit f 1 , DARRELL SMITH, KUOW assistant operations man- ager, stood next to a map showing the wide cir- culation of the duplicated tapes ofthe School of Communications shows, and distributed to all parts of the state of Washington by KUOW, the University radio station. ,, - IQ SPPM:-ev -fa I 1 1:5-a in ,. ,- L Ci N E 2 Freshmen are seen signing up forthe Tyee at Frosh Night Frosh Night is held annually be- fore the fall school term begins to acquaint freshmen with the HUB ancl give them a chance to sign up for activities in various campus organizations. Following the sign- ups, a mixer was held in the HUB Ballroom. Music was furnished by the Zeta Beta Tau Combo. The class of '59 socialize while drinking punch served during Frosh Night activities. registration Getting instructions at the door of sec- tions, the students enter the last lap in registering their schedules for fall. Wearing the traditional freshmen green beanies, entering frosh compare head gear on the HUB steps. v A H-, , Prior to the opening of fall quarter all the fraternities and sororities participate in rush week. During this period the houses entertain many rushees. Dinners, parties, and teas are the highlight of this exciting phase of college life. rush frosh election 'K T1 Hop Leffj The eleciioneering caravan heads foward the l71'h entrance To campus to wind Through Greek Row. fBelow2 Loyal backers leave The library offer The beginning of lhe noon rally. fBoHom Leffj The caravan starting its procession affer leaving Meony Auditorium. fBoHom Righfj "Campaigners" crowd library sfeps as the candi- dates are introduced. X-Axhxmfxc Ltnalj W ' W"'M,, my "c'ff N Mmm" homecoming TA BETA TAU takes first place again in the an- al Village Band Concert that started off home- ' ' 't' .Th DELTS I d d d th Elk wird plums ace sewn an e The A. D. li'I'S shake, rattle. and roll to take a sec- ond place inthe women 5 division. A . 50,557 . ALPHA GAMMA DELTA's "La-Cougar-Rah-Cha" :eaturing a bull fight, takes tirst place in the wom- en's division. Q il like ' 5 W , f 'rf I ' x . - ond year in a row inthe men's division. ,5- .giigggi Fo' .c . ,jf ,gf i. ' Very'-i .TWG With an entertaining skit on "Howto milk a cow," the ALPHA SlG'S take ca second place for the sec- FIJI'S unusual skit titled "Monitor" takes a third With the "Cougar Blues," Pl PHl'S dance their way place in the men's division. into a third place. Queen MARIKAY SEARLES smiles happily as she is escorted in front ofthe stands in the queen's car. homecoming T, ,v ., sf The Drill Team under the direction of MARY LEE NEIL added spirit and color to the halftime shows, Drum maior BILL MCCUTCHEON and Maiorette Friday night on Greek Row at the conclusion of the SHERRY TAGG entertain at the homecoming rally. homecoming rally. 98 The band and rally section greet Washington State College. W1 mai V .kA. 5,..-.--atv n .- 5 K x 2 4' 1 ns .-ff. ibn 1 ll ,,- fo ff' 1 Q fi 4. -bk ' Ps -Q Garb Day included tree climbing, log rolling, and chopping contests. Ray Franklin and Bobbi Lou Furtado were crowned King and Queen at the Forester's Brawl that same night. garb clay Log rolling in Frosh Pond, entered by all brave and hardy log rollers, was one of the main events ofthe day. M1 A X X xx 41 is X n, yx 1 Z S x A 1 2, an-,sf X W K x a QR xy ' 2,3 0 A . 55625 X fund drives SUCKER SALE Two If1dUSfTIOUS girls of Sigma Epsilon Sigma sold suckers To raise money for scholarships. E J I I I I fs A57 ' 1,14 : ' iv .7 I P. , ME, . . wif U i. T h - . 1-X 4 fx 'E "'l 'E 'Lf ',,'- THANKSGIVING PROJECT Three girls of The Home Economics Club display foodstuffs confribufed fo The Thanksgiving Basket Drive sponsored by The Club. Food was disfribufed among six needy families in Seaffle. :- 1-4.4 BLOOD DRIVE Sfudenfs from all over campus Turned ouf for The Campus Blood Drive to make if a big success SUN, Hluuxu UNH, U 1n1ltt1Nlll11u'1H1111 "l"'-' K nllulln' wlnu 1 yqldl f I : L ' ' colfbm YELL KING BILL ZIRBEL 6 0' ggi' YELL QUEEN PAM BRAINARD JOANN GOULD GEORGE NICKLE yell quad I I 5 I I N, I xx. I I 1 TOM WARD MARLENE STEWART , A7 V A Z1 ' 2 ff' L k 1, ,ares av, I, - . 3 ,X A W ,c6i,,?,.. 'E: V : BH A ffbfg .. fs-, N , I I IO4 ' ' ' 62 vs ' . Q' : If Ta 1I '-'MGH 'v y 1 5 A V, ,K f 1+z"4"fI If f A" V4 P ' I I I, Q , -f' 52 I W song Leaders NANCY STENDER, JUDY SAHLBERG, SONG QUEEN IESSIE WRIGHT GAIL FOSTER, QUEEN TONI SINKUNAS, SHARON TON, S,NKUNAS LIHOU, LINDA LINK, VALERIE HENNING. :n...,,l ,ELM ' - , gain 5 L 51, sf. A Q .gm ai it 4 L Q w . fi .. 4 Q 5 I .. J Q huskies14 vandals The Huskies opened their T955 Pacific Coast Conference football season with a T4 to 7 victory over the ldaho Van- dals. Washington established a new PCC record by fumbling ll times in one game, while the Vandals dropped only 8. Washington, hot and cold throughout the entire game, possessed six scoring opportunities but crossed the double stripe only twice. Things looked good for Washington in the first quarter as the seemingly unstoppable Huskies marched 52 yards in seven plays for a touchdown. An- other drive bythe Huskies went 62 yards to the Vandal 8 yard line where it was stopped by a Washington fum- ble. Washington muffed two more scoring chances in the third period. Early in the fourth quarter came the gcime's outstanding play. As Jones received a pitchout from Roake around the left end, he fumbled, picked up the ball, reversed his field and swivelhipped for an 8 yard gain. Jim Thomas then fought his way over for a touchdown. The Vandals threatened and finally scored as quarterback Howard Willis scored on a sneak. .ik A . .. -... . , me I ,L N' s 'J . 'L' ' i 'H M' t 'J A ,V ,,,, . W il ff ...- . q r ...i'lLQQff- 2+ .fgggij .?"t' 'T . J , 3 Q fiv. WQMJQ . ...N tim 'ff.1Q'f Q, M - F k . .. W.. ,..,.,w+f..J.... .,,.. dt . U A U K I f M ,V W Ms.. ...s .. . .,...... , .,,.. ....,...... c . .,.. ......... . s. ....,,.,.... ..,, . . ...J yg.. y,.... I ,..,. .., ....i ..., ..,, ....,.., ,,, , . i... .s.i..,.,1,js.,.,Z,si.,,,, ....,. .. I 'Na+ .,,,. mi.. . . ,,.... . . . is , i ..,.. ,.. .... , ..,.,.,. ww ...Ms .... . , W . mg A gil . ,Y , px .ci . .. 1 .X W, ..... . , r VM 1 .fx ww maven..- W -:1- .. .,,..... T, CREDELL GREEN is stopped by the Minnesota line after a short gain. huskies 30 gophers JIM JONES breaks away from Idaho defenders. lO6 Washington beat Minnesota for the fourth consecutive time and the 30 to O Husky victory was the largest mar- gin registered in competition between the two schools. On the initial Husky offensive play, Husky back, Bob MacNamee fumbled on his own l-4. Washington held the Gophers and Jim Houston intercepted a fourth down desperation pass, re- turning it 54 yards to the Minnesota 24. Washington pushed to the 9 be- fore being held by a hard charging line. Dean Derby put the Huskies ahead with a l7 yard field goal and the game was on. Late in the some quarter, Washington banged away for 78 yards and scored as Steve Roake passed to Jim Houston in the end zone. Dick Day converted. Luck smiled on Washington as Tom Uram fumbled again near his own goal. Houston roared through to recover the fumble in the end zone for another Washington tally. Dean Derby con- verted. The fourth quarter saw Jim Jones and Jim Harryman close out the Washing- ton scoring as they both scored a touchdown on line plunges. huskies19 ducks Despite the hard running of Oregon halfbacks Dick James and Jim Shanley, the Ducks became the second straight PCC victim of the Washington Huskies as they rolled over the Ducks, l9-7. The first quarter was rather uneventful, with the Oregon line holding well. Things changed rapidly as the second quarter progressed. Oregon fullback Jack Morris kicked a wobbly punt from his own 5 to his own 25, where it rolled out of bounds. Jim Jones picked up 15 yards off left tackle to start the ball rolling. Steve Roake chucked an eight yard pass to Jim Hous- ton and then Credell Green plowed for two more through center. Jim Jones burst over right guard for the first Husky score. Dean Derby kicked wide. Right from the second half, the Huskies seemed unstoppable. Sandy Lederman quarterbacked a 77 yard drive. Lederman mixed passes and runs with excellent choice. Highlighting the drive was a 23 yard iaunt by halfback Mike Monroe. Credell Green went the final yard and racked up the second Husky touchdown ofthe game. Derby kicked wide again. Oregon came to life as Dick James ran the kickoff back 33 yards to his own 48. Duck quarterback Tom Crabtree passed 37 yards to Jim Shanley and the Webfoots moved to the Husky l2. Reserve quarterback Jack Crabtree tossed to George Slender in the end zone for the Oregon score. Jack Morris made the kick. Washington's last touchdown came when Husky center Bert Watson recovered a Duck fumble to set up Washington on the Oregon 24. Green rounded right end for eight yards, Lederman sneaked to the 7. Then Green burst through the center again for the third Husky tally of the night. Derby made the kick. BERT WATSON GENE PEDERSEN JIM HARRYMAN JERRY ESSER CREDELL GREEN HZ huskies , troians NAT DAVIS JIM THOMAS PETE ENG DEAN HENRY BOB HERRING I I l JIM MCCARTER picks up yardage around end Other Huskies in picture are JIM HOUSTON 80 and SANDY LEDERMAN 20 The Huskies made U.S.C. their fourth victim in as many starts, as 35,000 rain-drenched fans wit- nessed one of the most spectacular plays ever seen in this stadium. With just 6 minutes and 20 seconds to go, Quar- terback Steve Roake pitched a 20 yard aerial to End Jim Houston. Houston drove five yards before being caught. As he fell, he lateraled to End Corky Lewis who raced 55 yards down the sideline to pay- dirt. Dean Derby kicked the extra point. Sophomore Fullback Jim Harriman suffered a leg injury and was replaced by Jim McCarter who pro- ceeded to play the best game of his career. Mike Monroe turned in a fine iob on both offense and defense while Fred Robinson, Earl Monlux and Dick Day led the strong Husky defensive line. U.S.C. Head Coach Jess Hill made no excuses for his team, and commented, "we iust met a better ball club." HAzl'm5LiS?'!1Q'.5' . W4lf'i4. , X C an in 'I -1 1' 4--s, -....-. an I -eu... ., ..-. -,,,,,,f.f-W GEORGE STRUGAR JERRY REDMOND DEAN DERBY MICKEY McKINNON JIM JONES A slow starting Baylor eleven handed the Washington Huskies their first defeat of the season today, 13 to 7. The Huskies drove 89 yards to the Bears one foot line and then it happened- Mike Monroe fumbled as he attempted to score and Baylor took over. Though Washington dominated first quarter play, the period was scoreless. Once again the Huskies threatened as they moved 43 yards to the one foot line in the second quarter. Steve Roake scored on a quarterback sneak. Reliable Dean Derby booted the extra point. The Bears received the kickoff and ran it back to their own l3. From there, they drove 84 yards to the Husky 3, with the able assistance of Del Shofner, Reuben Sagge and Bobby Jones. With the ball on the Husky three and only 38 seconds to go, Washington called a time out-the most questionable move of the game. Three plays after the time out, Jones scored on a sneak. Oliver converted for the Bears making the score 7 to 7. The Bears took the second half kick back to their own 32, and from there they marched 68 yards in l5 plays. Several line smashes moved the ball to the Husky 6, and from there Jones passed to Gremminger in the end zone. Baylor threatened again in the fou nh quarter, but a beautiful pass interception by Monroe ended the Bears chances. 7 - ' :IQ X Ni wir W'1Gx.rei 's , . T t .,. ,,m:,.,.,,,,..,,,,, 'f , . .. 1 , - .Q -it ' X ' ,5-1, -ffIf'..Ff f- . A 1' L , . ... .as 5. . f ,ti F. Ay 1:5LQefEgf,,w, Q.:-,ry.,s,1.g,-, -W , 'f-1 ,,. , .h A ' L' 1 fjg: if .,. if f ,V if an-5 -.1-'ggi M. . - --Ms .. .e- 1 srl., -'ff'-' ..mf5r,f G. J.. Y w.m.mjl,,: .J-Wu huskies 7 bears 13 DON DOLL The Huskies got off to a roaring start against the Indians with Mike Monroe scoring on the fifth play of the game. Dean Derby converted. Stanford responded to this display of Washington power by marching for five con- secutive first downs to the Washington 24. During this drive, the Indian line con- stantly opened holes for Jeri McMillan, Paul Camera, Bill Tarr and John Brodie. Stanford moved to the Husky five where the Huskies held for three downs. On their fourth attempt, Husky tackler, Ed Sheron, dropped Stanford's Brodie back on the fourteen. The Huskies attempted to drive out of their territory, but Monroe fumbled on the first play and Stanford recovered. This time, the lndians were successful. Tarr scored from the ten and they made good their conversion. Two courageous stands kept Stanford from scoring in the second period. After tak- ing the ball from the Huskies, Stanford moved to the Huskies' seventeen in fourteen plays. The defense tightened and the Huskies took over once more. The third quarter saw the Huskies come to life as Monroe, Green and Lederman, aided by a hard blocking line, marched 93 yards into Stanford territory. On the fourth down, Lederman passed to Lewis in the end zone, but the toss was wide and the lndians took over. Stanford failed to gain on three line attempts and punted out of danger. The rest of the game was played between the 25 yard markers. This was the first blot of many to come on the Husky record, though it put Washing- ton in second place with none lost and one tie. ED SHERON REESE LINDQUIST it huskies indians Sli .. g . W-Y. huskies osc I3 is , Little Sam Berry, OSC fullback, crushed Washington's Rose Bowl hopes as he picked off a lateral pass in the Husky backfield and raced from the OSC 27 all the way home to tie the Huskies 7-7. Washington outplayed the Beavers in the first half. Once we got possession of the ball in the first quarter, it looked like the Huskies' day. Jones, Green, Monroe and Roake joined forces to drive from the Husky l9 to the OSC I2. ln this drive, the Huskies made five consecutive first downs. OSC held, however, on their own 'I2. Our lone score came in the second quarter when OSC back, Ray Westfall faded back deep in his own territory to pass. Husky tackler, George Strugar, charged hard and forced Westfall to toss a weak two-hander which Husky end, .lim Houston, intercepted. He romped from the I9 yard line into the Beaver end zone. Dean Derby kicked the extra point. The third quarter spelled Washington's doom. Westfall tried another pass and once again Houston appeared onthe scene, grabbed the ball and scored. But, Referee .lack Sprenger ruled the ball dead and the score was nullified. This set the stage for the sensational run by Berry. OSC back, Joe Francis punted out 28 yards and Steve Roake returned the kick 27 yards. Jones moved the ball to the 28. Roake attempted the option play and as he was being tackled, flipped to another back. Sam Berry intercepted the pass and raced for the winning tally. MIKE MONROE RlCH BRANDT DICK PAYSENO BILL OCHS DICK DAY huskies , bears 20 . 54" 4 v! ' X Hyip .MMM Z A,,k F ug 5 Nw ' . Z, we-ge ,, , , 1. J , ,jf f-w b--if-. '44 ' .- . ,,W22'fQw'Z ARNOLD JONES DELL JENSON The California Golden Bears scored the upset of the season as they downed Washington 20-6 before a handful of loyal rooters in Strawberry Canyon. Near the end ofthe first quarter the stage was set for Cal's first score as Credell Green fumbled on our own 24. Cal fullback Steve Dimeff moved the ball to the I3 with a lunge that surprised the Cal team. Dimeff crashed for 8 more and then little John Wilson broke loose for 8 yards and a touchdown. Cal returned the favor later as Ted Granger dropped Husky tackle Ed Sheron's punt and Jim Dougherty recovered for the Huskies on the Cal 8. Three plunges put the ball on the Bear 2 and Green ran around end for the lone Husky tally. Dean Derby missed the kick. Washington looked hot as the second half opened, and Green and McCarter led a drive to the Cal 3l. Then Soph. quarterback Al Ferguson fumbled and the Bears took over on the 38. Washington held and the teams exchanged punts. Then Cal drove from their own 46 to score again. The final California touchdown came with four minutes left in the game. Ferguson attempted to pass from his own 'l7, and was mobbed by a host of Bears. He weakly lobbed the ball into the waiting arms of Al Hoffman, Cal back, who was immediately stopped. On the sixth play after Hoffman intercepted, he passed to Jim Carmichael who was all alone in the end zone. Nick Poppin made both Cal conversions. PAT MURPHY RON TERRY SANDY LEDERMAN JIM SUTHERLAND, backfield . 'H 3g'f,,.,, -1',5r7f1g.,fj: 1 - M huskies 17 bruins 19 The Washington Huskies exploded an unbelievable attack and once more looked like Rose Bowl material, despite their last minute loss to the UCLANS. U.C.L.A. scored early in the game, recovering a Husky fumble and going 44 yards in 11 plays. Later in the first quarter, Husky Quarterback Steve Roake took off on a spectacular 40-yard run to the Bruin 25. The play was called back, however, and this began a long series of penalties that hurt Washington throughout the game. With six minutes left in the first quarter, Sophomore sen- sation, Jim Jones picked off a deflected Bruin pass and raced 61 yards for a touchdown. Dean Derby converted. Once again, the Huskies took the ball away from the Bruins. Bob Herring ran 19 yards to the 38. Roake passed to Laiala on the Bruin 9, but the penalty flag waved once more and the gain was nullified. On the next play, Roake ran 13 yards. Then he passed to Herring in the end zone. U.C.L.A. was getting colder by the minute and they fum- bled on their own 29. Washington. recovered and after three unsuccessful passes, Derby split the uprights for 42 yards and a field goal. In an effort to save face, the Bruins called upon injured Bob Davenport. With the Huskies leading 17-7, the Bruins managed to drive the distance and Sam Brown bulled his way across the line. The score stood 17-14. Roake showed his gridiron wiz- ardry as, with less than a minute to go, and a fourth down on their own 9, he zig-zagged across the end zone allowing himself to be tackled for an automatic safety. The Huskies led by only one point, but the clock had run down to 18 seconds. The fans roared with excitement as the seconds ticked off. The Huskies readied themselves for whatever offense the UCLANS would try. However, there was no stopping a last second field goal by Jay Decker. The Huskies lost a thriller to the fourth-ranked team in the nation-but not until the last 18 seconds. ,P V"' ,pw 06' +3 . sf y ' gif' 4'-M ...T 4 -. Q... .nu ,mi EARL MONLUX WHITEY CORE BOB MCNAMEE ft MILT YANICKS GARY NUNNELEE huskies 27 cougars Approximately 30,000 fans braved the rain, wind and mud to see Credell Green lead the Washington Huskies to a decisive 27-7 win over Washington State College in Seattle. The Huskies instantly showed their prowess as Green rambled for 9 yards on the first play of the game. Washington dominated play from then on and almost every player saw action. ln the second quarter, Green broke loose again and picked up 39 yards. Bob Her- ring romped for a T.D., but the penalty flag appeared on the scene and the score was nullified. This failed to discourage the Huskies and their 80-yard drive was climaxed by 7 points. Washington took the ball away from the visitors promptly and scored again. This time on a pass from Sandy Lederman to Bob Herring. Ten plays after the second half, the Huskies hit pay dirt again. Dean Derby made his third conversion of the afternoon. W.S.C. had just gotten under way when once more the Huskies took over. "Incredible" Green tore loose again, this time for 50 yards and the fourth score of the afternoon. In came the reserves, who held fairly well until the fourth quarter when the Cougars marched 80 yards to score. Credell Green firmly established himself in the record books as he ran over, under, through and around the Cougars to pile up a total of 258 yards for the afternoon, and 652 for the season. This is the highest single game record for this year. Green now ranks third only to Hugh McElhenny's T950 and l95l rushing records. frosh football Speed, power and a fabulous air attack rounded out an outstanding Frosh football squad at Huskyville, this year. Led by quarterback Lee Grosscup, excellent Frosh passer, the Pups lost only one game. , M. .L I , , . Washington's yearlings got off to a rousing start by downing the W.S.C. Coubabes, 6-O. Idaho seemed somewhat easier for when the rain clouds lifted, the Vandals found them- selves onthe short end of a 40-I3 score. All was not roses for the Pups, however, and the day of reckoning finally arrived. Although the game was close and hard fought, the Ore- gon State College Rooks came through to beat the Pups I3-I2, in one of the tightest battles this league has seen for some time. Statistics gave the Huskies the edge, but Coach Bill Marx said: "You can't fumble six times and expect to win ball games." Some of this year's outstanding players were: DON ARMSTRONG, MARV BERGMAN, RENE BERTHEAU, STAN BOYD, DON BROWN, LUTHER CARR, GENE FRY, LEE GROSCUPP, PETE HANSON, JIM HECK, BILL HOWARD, DUANE LOWELL, .ION MCARTHUR, MIKE MCCLUSKY, DON MILLICH, BILL JOHNSON, DARRELL MORTON, JIM SCHULER, BILL SNIDER, ED WATANABE, and DAN WHEATLEY. 5 'i M T 4? CTD T3 Q: eg DON STOOKEY, Senior and head manager managers TOM DOWD and JOHN WOODRUFF, Junior managers ARTIE BURKE Sophomore manager DICK BALL, GARY DEDERER and JOHN TORRANCE, Frosh managers minor part BOXING CHAMPS: front row: 139 MEL DAVIS, 185 LESTER VAN BROCKLIN, unlimited JIM MCCARTER, 156 GARY MILLER, 165 TOM PANGf back row: 119 HENRY NAKGAWA, 125 DICK SAMPSON, 132 MIKE DAVIS, 147 JOHN NIEDER, 178 CARL DAHLIN. JIM MCCARTER delivers o Ieff fo the head of RAY CHRISTENSON in The unIimiIed bouf in which MCA Corfer won. I I I I N I K 0. I III 1' X 4 I ... ' -4 AQ-ef-12" I -W ,,,.,,,. L ,N ,W,, M. K Table Tennis: BEN GREEN, TOM FISH Football: Belo Them Pi: CARL NICKERSON, TOM FISH, JIM MICHEL, MIKE SHERIDAN, DOUG SIMMONS, RON GRAHAM, GORDY JOHNSON, DICK WESTALL. Bottom row: DICK NYLUND, BILL MARTIN, DON RHODES, WARREN PETERSON, DON BUSHELL, BILL MAYES, DICK BENNETT, TOM JOHNSON .As Volley Boll: Phi Della Theta: COLLEN CRUK- SHANK, SUNNY HOWE, BILL LINDELL, LARY DOKKS, BILL PARKER, WENDELL WAITE, BOB KABEL II8 fall L' 1: NeL..:Q,..4 . , CZ? YF? Swimming: Alpha Delta Phi: DARREL EMNOTT, JOHN SCHUH i I HAROLD TAUSHER, JIM THOMSON. Fronf row: BILL LAWSON LARRY DUFRAINE, ROGER WINTER intramural Bowling: Sigma Chi: DON PERRY, MORGAN BRASS- FIELD, LEROY WEST, LAWRENCE PUTNAM Billiards: Sigma Chi: LEROY WEST, NORM PETERSON 119 I i I U s minor sport RIFLE TEAM: Front row, DIANE HEGGARTY, CARL KREITZBERG CHUCK FOWLER, BILL CARTER. Center row, DON DWINELL MICHAEL STEIN, MORGAN WHEELER, DOUG BURK, Bock row, Mstr. Sgt. PAUL B. KROESEN, CHARLES SHARP, JERRY WHITNEY MELCOM SWANSON, Major PECK. KneeIing below: DOUG BURK and MORGAN WHEELER. BOWLING TEAM: Ieff to right, AKIO YANAGIHARA, DICK SHONTZ, ROGER BLANKENEY, RALPH JOHNSON, DAVE TUELL, LEIGH LACEY, ROBERT OLSCHEWSKY, JACK GUSTAFSON, TOM RASMUSSEN, Siffing down, TOM RANDALL, couch. 120 I TENNIS CLUB members turn out every spring to prime their game for the All-University tournament. Here we see ANN ROEN demonstrating The forehand drive to some of the members. 'III I "" 5 I X.. ., .exe EMA.. Bcskeiboll champions AUSTIN HALL, BETTY WOGSLAND, MARILYN LOVE, MARY KACOROSKI, GAIL JACOBS Icup- Icinj, CAROLYN GRAEF and MARILYN MILLER. Tennis champion, JOANNE WILLIAMS. Badminton singles. MARGE FULTON winner. LEONNA SAFFREN, runnerup 1 if . i pave if of i ,V,,.i,, 1, K N hk WkkV5VViV.kVn7 I gf Vv.,w ff . I ,. ' A .1 .J ' ' ' Sofibcll, Blaine. Members of winning team, JIMIE CONNER, MARGE BGCIYUIUIOU, doubles Cl"UmPI0n5- MARGE FUI-TON, SHERRI SAYIDGE, FULTON, cmd FERN MONNOT. ROSEMARY SAVIDGE, and ALYCE TAYLOR. Championship Volleyball team. KAY BURNS, MAUREEN MCGOWAN, PEGGY UETZ, .IO LEE SCHULTZ, and ARLENE NEWMAN. Winning Bowling team. MARILYN WOOD- MARK, MARY ELLEN KNATZ, JEAN HAD' SELL, ARLENE TIBBETTS. Hockey teom. Back row, FERN MONNOT, CAROL JOHNSON, NANCY CRAIG, MARILYN MILLER, LUSTER JOHNSON, PAT THOMPSON, BETTY WOGSLAND, SYLVIA NETH, BETTY RAMSEY, SHIR- LEY MCLAUGHLIN, LOU ANN CROTHERS, DOR- OTHY FARNELL, SANDY MOLZAN, BARBARA CZEBOTA. Fronf row, KARLA EERRELL, CAROLE FORD, PAT BOYER, and MARGE FULTON. women ports 4.1 - '.x,, n Promenaders demonstrate the wheel. U of W Promenaders practicing a routing. f f f . .,Q+ :ff F J., ,B The University of Washington's Department of Physical Education for 'iff Women is one of the most outstanding in the country. lt is outstand- F 4,3 ir1Q not only in its academic aspect but in its wide field of Intramurals ' , Q d rts do s as ll " . ff" i F J . 5 an spo y we. ,M iy 5, M g K F, This year the Women's Ski Team captured the Northwestern ski 1 , k" t,tt Vyri trophy at Whitefish, Montana for the fifth straight year. Kappa Alpha " , t Theta won first place in the women's ski Intramurals. Alpha Chi if X, ' ty -71V.x55fi' Omega, second, and Sigma Kappa, third. 5 ifiii V , . will As shown in the pictures on these pages, the University has a vast ' ""i system of intramurals, covering all the major sports for women. Sports .,..,, ' if as X days are held during the year, along with other events such as the lilt 'iiif . .A 5, invitational hockey meet, and the intercollegiate tennis matches which fi ,,,4z if "'AY iff' 'Y tif if Wfligi' NW23, are held each spring. '5j'ff,T2'jt gf sf11. ' at ' f' -Vjmrf. ,,,., V J .v,- ., ,Q.."f . , . ,,...,, , . Orchesis, which is a modern dance group under the direction of Mrs. de Vries, gives excellent training to those interested in modern dance. Silver Fish, the women's swimming organization, is well known for its outstanding work. Each year Silver Fish puts on the Swim Show "Aqua Fantasies" in coniunction with the Husky Swim Club. ln every field this Physical Education Department gives commendable background to women students at the University. U of W Silver Fish members working on numbers for the annual Swim Show. Orchesis members during a dance An Orchesis member trying cos- drama. tumes. I 123 intramural administration WAYNE BRUMBACH is Assistant Super- visor in charge of Faculty Intramural Sports. FRESHMAN AND SOPHOMORE MANAGERS Front row: BILL TOUGAW, BOB MORRIS, BILL TURNER, DENNIS SMILEY, PETE NOLAN, LARRY WILKERSON. Back row: RON FLEMING, ED PRATT, SCOTT RILEY, BRUSS KEPPLER, DON WILLIS, CHUCK FLOWER, FRED JOHNSON. 4 . fa . O I iiww AL LOMAX holds down the Senior Manager rob The Supervisor of Intramural Sports is L. W, STEVENS .. If kI" rf 'T I. LL N . ,. ' ' ' ' "' " Ar" ' I I 4 ' - ,of - it 1-if .1 . . Q f ,-"f3f'-k,J : K 1 fi ERIC HUGHES is the Assistant Super- visor in charge of student intramural sports. CHARLEY FLOWER and HERB WAGNER are the Junior Managers. X IT 'N Xy S -S ., :,qgg..,,h L "': n ' " mff wa 1 E 53,7 Us r V N k 't', A+ nm an -a was -rv ,X K .AEK IIIY llll- -:: '- A:--'ear mr ll Ill ll ll Ill All I' ll Al E If ll . , nm :Q Ili Allll! - ll' .lllll ,4:::e:ai.g- fll!g -:Inna f , , W! W 9 ' ,r 1 X 'tx X 1 Nxt ' N .. "' f 1 ' ' l!Xxx."l'gu- ,, ' " u I X I' Aix 1,4 X X X V 3 Anus. 1 . u ' y Seffi 5 I -r g?'f:3- , . Cf- J f' ll .3795 'fffikzifff f nl -':ffS5':5'e-iff.2i" f Hee' ...... -in-fiii ' A ffmiggglg-' X Z v xg XX X I 1 :iQ 4 gli ,",lCoHImAh,,','Il ll ll 4 Seeking the crown ore Frosh King and Queen finolisfs from Ieff To right MARLYN MINDER, RONNIE SAUL, JANICE ENGLERT, BILL BYE, DIXIE THOMPSON, DOUG SMART, BILL SNYDER, TWINK GOSS, BEN LOMBARD, DIANE BUTTERFIELD. frosh day 1 EW Queen Twink Goss ond King Bill Snyder reign hcxppiiy over The Frosh dance, IIFPIEJ snow QUHN CARD Buy cn apple ond vote for your favorite King and Queen was the cry on Frosh Day. Members of The Frosh commirfee combine Iulenis for G very successful Frosh Day. Fun-loving Freshmen swing to the music of Fran Boker and his band of The "Pair of Hearts" Frosh dance. is Frosh Dciy King and Queen TWINK GOSS BILL SNIDER Gamma Phi Beta Thefo Chi Photo by Kennel! E Varsity Ball Queen GEORGIA MANDUS Gamma Phi Beta Pht byx neu varsity ball A queen is crowned. Pictured left to right are LYNN WATSON, JACKIE McDONALD, JUDY JOHNSON, QUEEN GEORGIA MAN- DAS, SYLVIA TUTTLE, f .5 The Ball was a big success thanks especially to the chairmen. Pic- tured left to right: JOHN BRAZIER, Contest, MARY LYNN DAVEN, Decorations, DOUG PETERS, Entertainment, DICK EVANS, Busi- ness, BEV BULLER, Special Arrangements, DAVE VALENTINE, Pub- licity, SHIRLEY BYRD, Secretary, RUSTY YOUNG, Programs, JOAN MCCULLOUGH, Ass't. Secretary, NED TURNER, Honored Guests. Seated: BYRON HANKE, General Chairman. Not pictured: SYL- VIA TUTTLE, Contest, and JANET SPENCER, Special Arrangements. . . X! Couples relax between dances at the Varsity Ball. Couples dance to the music of Bob Harvey and his orchestra at the "53" annual Varsity Boll honoring the I955 Big award winners. HVVS Q7 Pictured lefr fo righf, SHARON A N MCGATLIN, JlMMIE CORDELL, TOM ARCHIE, QUEEN MARCIA if YOUNG, BOB P-ALE, SUSIE SAN- FORD, and CHERIE LEE AUSTIN. 0 0 winter carnival The Husky Winrer Sports Club's Winter Carnival is an annual affair, and is held in coniuncfion with the Pacific Norfhwesf Ski Association Class A Championship Races. Crowning of Queen Marcia Young highlighted The carnival. 134 5 W ' i .i' , .V xii? - 5 gr' Q 4 A i 55 f f I 0 -. I "gli-:C'r1"qf5S A- J-.:' , . -,Q 2 1 5 ,ig i R .t.,--thi , ff", , 'rr Qui . - - .vs f - ' 1 1 A Q' xp f' xt, ' ef 4: - ,,5+i? '. ' fz 'l'. f -. X i 'fu Q M24-I A. ff .f R v :Lf A , . 1 ,..-QF' ndr-1, ru, 9 A, . if -e -i -fn'-v . re x ii ppl... W. , Q X ',lg.Yg0!'r'b-Q . I E, ,K S -s , ' "Tryk-"9:iX', Ag' ' . Rf .4 : X I . A xXx dw Kf . . R A 'i..f..v, 5, C07 2' t 1 Y' x s i ,W Queen finalisls. Lefl lo righf, RITA JOHNSON, MARGARET STALEY, CHARLA RICHARDS, CONNI ACKERMAN, VIRGINIA RAYMOND. I36 QUEEN CHARLA gels The Iradilional kiss in the ring from her dale, DICK KREITZBERG. E 'Pi ei., 1,32 , .sig WY? ,.y 72 ' ag, '53 V+ 5431 y QI:,.g'C . ,Q sg. ,W 'I Off if I ffl :E-2 5.5 xsb. ring danc The Compass and Chart annual Ring Dance was held at Fort Lawton this year. Crowning of the queen was the climax of a successful dance. K. 1 x Q .W AM . ' mm , 1 'A , 5 Q g ' ' " - g RENEW 3 - 1 wh. -Y mm if w awawf ' nf is o . ,Q if , M my 4 B+ ' Q X fl gm I ga , iff , an jx ' ' m,,, u J A , 1 KJ L Q il. CX T ,gf LQ ' LWJ qtfi CN The Sophomores were proclaimed the for their skit, "Mugs ond Malls." 1956 winners ofthe stunt song and funf Geisha girls dance in the Junior's skit, l'Teohouse of Dead bodies were the keynote ofthe Freshmen's pres- No Moon." entotion of "Arsenic and Old Ccdoversf' 138 JOHN BISSET and TOM WARD enter- tain between skits as they pantomime the "Lone Psychiatrist." v-NCQ 3022291 9-9 1 fa 00 fpgo will 745 'B we lippn........,,,,,,w:W, A palm tree, drunken sailors, and a queen contest pro- vided entertainment in the Senior's act, "Mr, Roberts Goes to College." Song and Stunt night is presented annually by To- tem Club. "Four Tickets to Broadway" was this year's general theme. Competition was high among the four classes, but the Sophomores topped all to win the stunt and the Juniors won the song. Responsible for it all-JANET MCCORMACK ,JUDY KlNG, JIM HAMILTON, CORNIE FlTCH, ROBERTA HA- GIST, DICK EGAN. Energetic Freshmen sing, "There's Nothing Like a Fresh' man." The Junior Class was the victor of the song as they sang their ver- sion ot "Sixteen Tons." 139 engineefs open house L--'f l rw ,,.-1 - 1 -Y , , , - N ' . .M -1 Q in I . LE-I , It ,, v- "f - if Z3 1 ' 3392 -N V ,f ' . . .. Y The Engineers Open House was held on March 30 and 31. Each of the engineering divisions featured displays with a trophy for the best exhibit. Thou- sands of people attended the show which was a big success. si .QLFSV K "' iivrfffff 4 'Wy-A . 6' ' - "i f--.,.lJffP- W QW- l"A Ze'E'f"'152'4' l l 1 4 VI 'N uk f gm GS kefb ul 1956 'SXLE 60 UCLA ........ . . . 6I 75 UCLA .... . . . 82 68 OREGON... 50 70 OREGON... 61 46 IDAHO ..... . . . 34 70 IDAHO ...... . . . 63 62 CALIFORNIA. . . . . . 74 60 CALIFORNIA .... . . . 63 . non-conference PACIFIC COAST CONFERENCE final standings Won Lost U.C.L.A.... ...I6 0 Washington.. . ....II 5 California ..... .... I 0 6 Stanford ....... .... I 0 6 Southern California. . . 9 7 Oregon ...... . . 5 Il Oregon State. . . . 5 II Idaho ......... .. 4 I2 Washington State. . . . 2 I4 WASHINGTON SEASON RECORD 55 STANFORD... ... 72 58 STANFORD... ... 73 7I BAYLOR .... . . . 62 BO BAYLOR ....... . . . 68 59 KANSAS STATE .... . . . 74 77 ST. LOUIS ..... . . . 85 73 OHIO STATE. .. . .. 94 76 IOWA ....... . . . 7I 54 WISCONSIN. . . , . . 53 5I OREGON.,. 53 57 STANFORD. . . . . . 42 46 STANFORD ............ 58 62 WASHINGTON STATE .... 42 B0 WASHINGTON STATE .... 57 66 OREGON STATE ........ 58 83 OREGON STATE. . . . . , 63 05 SOUTHERN CAL.. . . . . . 84 I 7I SOUTHERN CAL. ........ 67 WON I5, LOST II The Washington Huskies opened the season with a pair of losses to the Stanford Indians in Non-Conference play. Sophomore Bruno Boin, in his debut in the starting line-up, led the Washington scoring both nights which became a regular habit throughout the season. The Huskies' next two stands against the Baylor Bears saw Washington win 7I to 62 and 80 to 68 as the home team Huskies found the basket which seemed to have a lid over it at Palo Alto. The Huskies hit the road during the Christmas vacation to lose to three very highly regarded mid-west teams. The Huskies first bowed to Kansas State of the Big Seven conference in a close 74 to 69 battle which saw the lead change several times. Next stop was the home of St. Louis University where the powerful Bilikins beat the Huskies by 8 points after Bruno Boin fouled out early in the second half after scoring 23 points. The Ohio State Buckeyes piled a 94 to 73 defeat on the Huskies in the final game of the road trip. The 94 points was one of the highest totals ever scored against a Washing- ton five. Bruno Boin led the Husky scoring in all three of the games and had a total of 76 points. Back home again the Huskies beat the Big Ten champion Iowa Hawkeyes who later went to the semi-finals of the NCAA tournament. The Huskies led all the way in a wide open contest winning 76 to 7I. Gary Nelson was high with l8. Don Patnoe pushed two points through the hoop from 20 feet out to give the Huskies a last second victory from Wisconsin 54 to 53 to wind up the pre-season play with a record of four wins and five losses. DOYLE PERKINS drives past Iowa defenders to score. Other Huskies are RON OLSON 20 and 143 JIM COSHOW 33. washington 57, 46 stanford 42, 58 Bob Bryan, guard ,fs Gary Nelson, center r .. 4 . p , 1fr.r .. ., , lay, zz L -' , , rrro ' rroo h hi bllv Mt.-, -Z , ' r-'-AIM 5i?EEiGazsf.gz. mi 17- W Applying a new style of defense against the In- dians of Stanford, Husky basketball mentor "Tippy" Dye presented a switching, man-to-man defense which proved to be very successful. ln Friday's ac- tion, the accurate outside shooting of Sophomore guard John Tuft helped the Huskies to pile up an early IO-O lead, while at the same time the Indians were held scoreless for the first six minutes. Wash- ington's Ron Patnoe led both teams with 12 points in the first game. Friday night proved the defensive capabilities of the Huskies, and the same method of defense was used in the Saturday tilt. .lim Coshow of the Hus- kies, the top scorer of the series, showed great adeptness on the backboards, while Doyle Perkins consistently broke up the play-making attempts of Stanford guard George Selleck. Washington chances for a clean sweep of the series were hurt by a drop in field goal completion averages, from 32'!o on Friday, as compared to only 2870 on the following night. , .K .. ..,. 0 Maw , .9-M I V 6 Doyle Perkins, Husky guard, races pasta Stanford defender for a lay-in. Moving into the action are Ron Patnoe and Bruno Boin. - gf Dick Crews, guard r ig. it E -.:. 'M , .," X 5 Q ., 5 -5 . . A . . ' , ,ssc r i i-il bf' ..,, . . Co-Captain Jim Coshow, forward v huskies 62-80 cougars 42-57 The Washington Huskies displayed a great defen- sive effort in the first game with Washington State College as they held their rivals to 42 points while scoring 62 themselves. Jim Coshow did a great defensive iob on Larry Beck of the Cougars who was third in the conference scoring race. The Huskies won going away in the second half after building up a 54 to 31 lead. Bruno Boin led the scorers with 22. Although Washington won the second Cougar tilt 80 to 57, it was a real ball game for the first thirty minutes as the WSC reserve center Bruce Olson scored consistently. With ten minutes left in the game the score stood at 50 to 49 in favor of the Huskies. The Washington team then found the bas- ket for a fast thirty points in what proved to be one of the hottest streaks of the season. Boin again led the individual scoring with 21. huskles 60 75 ucla 61-82 UCLA stole a victory right out of the hands of the Washington Huskies in the season's first meeting of the two teams. The Huskies were leading 60 to 59 with iust a few seconds remaining in the game and were freezing the ball when Ron Olsen was fouled. Olsen missed the first shot and Morris Taft of the Bruins took a long rebound and then went straight to the corner closest to his offensive basket. He took a jump shot which rimmed the basket and fell into the hands of Willie, the Whale, Naulls who tipped it in as the gun sounded. The Bruins built up a 7 to 2 lead at the offset of the game and lead at the half 35 to 32. The Huskies overtook a nine-point lead in the second half to knot the score at fifty points apiece. The game was a see-saw affair afterwards. The Bruins swept the two-game series as they won the second game 82 to 75 overcoming a one-point Husky halftime lead. The Washington five felt the loss of Jim Coshow who fouled out early in the second half. Doyle Perkins scored 19 and Bruno Boin 18 in the losing effort. 145 huskies 66-83 beavers 58-63 14 3 mf BNN ., x , -m Q xx, ' QQ pw. ,. wig? -1 - . . ,. AI. . i 3 , 3 5 MQ: .xi-' H, . ,- - Q B ,,., F Q sk ...' ' :gf Si T . 'W' 66 6 - I , gn 'jf' A .9 ,hx as .. ff S.: ...swf A'A' ' -H-.4-.T Q . 4 ' Jrg f'wgr:1,.5f' f 5-:wig W' T :CZ-S11 - '-f-iff' llzliiiii T-,N W:-Q . :.ffqf,M,g' 4 .2 s ,33- 1 - - .:::"'? 'RSM 'NH 53,7 1, I ::::555,f gm? . .. T f , ' :'f:'-:F Q If ' W J ef f- 9 r:::55:5-"' -' . T " .i iq. ,. wg , D gl ,',jv'i9g5f 'Sk' . , s f. .'.'f'e. ,J T ,R 'sf' COACH TIPPY DYE The Washingfon five came from behind To overfake an Oregon STaTe 7-poinT lead laTe in The game and win 66 To 58. WashingTon won The game on free Throws as They were ouT-scored from The field and made 24 of 32 free Throws good. Boin led The scor- ing for The Huskies wiTh 17 buf The high poinT man Tor The game was Bob Allord, a Beaver reserve who gave The Huskies a rough evening. Karl VoegTlin led The Huskies To vicTory The second nighT againsf The Beavers in ci game The Huskies won easily 83 To 63. The WashingTon Team shoT well all Through The game and had a 45 per cenT average in The second half. Bruno Boin scored 24 in The rouTe. KARL VOEGTLIN, forward JOHN TUFT, guard and forward - ffb- vi.. ' ' I ..V. . kV.k N Q ,.1:.,, A L M, The Huskies in their first game against Oregon showed a good offense by defeating the Ducks 68-50. The Huskies took an early lead with a half-time score of 34-28. Through- out the first half Tuft was able to hit quite regularly from the far corner of the court. On the second night the Huskies found that they were the victors again by defeating the Ducks 70-61. Oregon led the Huskies 32-30 at half time but this only gave the Huskies a bigger incentive to work harder in the game and finally to go ahead and win. Bruno Boin gathered in 30 points during the evening to set a new single game sophomore scoring record. Boin was averaging one basket per minute for sixteen minutes before he collected three fouls and was benched for the remaining portion of the evening. huskies 46-70 idaho 34-63 Washington played one of its best defensive games when it started a series with Idaho. This game was the lowest scoring game of the conference season up to this point when the Huskies won 46-34. The Huskies were able to hold the Vandals to five field goals in the first half to lead at intermission 24-15. Throughout the second half the Huskies kept their strong defense by controlling the backboards and keeping the ball in their possession a large percentage of the time. ln the second game the Huskies went in overtime when Gary Simmons tied the score by a jump shot just as the game ended giving a 59-59 score. As they went into overtime the Huskies went into a ten-point splurge followed by a stall and a win. The Huskies won the game with a slight edge of 70-63 as the overtime period ended. huskies 68-70 oregon 50-61 huskies 62-60 california 74-63 The Golden Bears from California were completely fired up for the first game of the series with the Huskies. California had lost the previous eight games with us, and they were quite de- termined to prevent us from making it nine in a row. Ron Patnoe and Karl Voegtlin turned in very good games, but the Cali- fornians were apparently lust too hot, and their forty-two per cent average was considerably better than that of the Huskies. Although we hit an astounding eighy-five per cent of our free throws, the outside shooting of one of the Cal guards was effective enough to make the difference. ln the second game, the Huskies ran into a very tight Cal de- fense. Although the Bears did not actually steal the ball often, there was a tendency for Husky passes to be a little wild at times, and Washington lost the ball on several occasions due to this. The fifty-five per cent average of the Huskies was not good enough for a win either, as Washington saw but few scoring opportunities. .f .84 2 H. N ,in at S J' , " 5 Q . tx . 5 it .. rw' ' GEORGE STRUGAR, center DOYLE PERKINS, guard 48 H if r x s-Q RON PATNOE, guard l 'fs F y e 5 in g. if BRUNO BOIN, center RON OLSEN, guard and forward, Co-Captain BRUNO BOIN, Husky center, slings a hook shot over the outstretched arms of a U,S.C. defender. is felt rr-r as , K 5 T E, , . .,,i "'L,,,,,. at .X,,K M .sb, r. 15 ,fyzg Qgsiffig' -ifri 5:5355 ffzs. BILL STADY, forward DON SUNITSCH, guard huskies 105-71 troians 84-67 Led by our lively faculty, University of Washington rooters cheered an inspired Husky quintet to a smashing victory over the Troians of U.S.C. Bruno Boin calmly dunked in 28 points while the team as a whole collected a terrific game average of fifty-one percent, and the fans went wild when the scoreboard showed 105 points at the finish of Friday's game. In the Saturday night game, six Huskies made their final contributions to University of Washington Basketball history. These six were .lim Coshow, Bob Bryan, Karl Voegtlin, Ron Olsen, and guards Ron Patnoe and Doyle Perkins, who be- tween them missed only three foul shots the entire series. The second game proved slightly tougher for the Huskies, as the revived Troians bumped their game average back up to the 40 per cent bracket, but once again the boys took ad- vantage of several breaks and solidly whipped the Troians. 149 WINES? First row, kneeling, left to right: RAY CRESAP, DON DAILEY, BOB HERRING, DON PETERSON. Second row: Coach BOB DONHAM, ARNIE JONES, JERRY REDMOND, DON MIKSCH, NICKY JOHN' SON. 14' . V . JAYVEES 55 SEATTLE U. FROSH .... . I 61 63 BUCHAN BAKERY. ..,.. . . 84 79 VAL KIRK PHARMACY .... . . 85 70 DARIGOLD FARMS ,.... , . 68 63 BUCHAN BAKERY ,... . . 92 67 WESTSIDE FORD. I . , . 75 78 SEATTLE U. FROSH ,..,.... . . 76 WESTSIDE FORD .......... . . 83 SEATTLE PACIFIC JAYVEES. . . . . 60 72 89 81 FORT LAWTON ,.......,, ., 56 89 SEATTLE PACIFIC JAYVEES. . . . . 51 55 PUHICH CLEANERS., ...,. .. 61 71 VAL KIRK PHARMACY ,,.. . . 64 73 FEDERAL OLD LINE .... . . 94 70 DARIGOLD FARMS .... . I 79 61 FORT LAWTON ...... ..... 4 5 73 FEDERAL OLD LINE ,.., ....... 5 O WON 8 LOST 9 Playing for the first time in the fast and difficult Northwest League, the University ot Washington Jayvees provided the fans with many thrills in their- contests with such highly acclaimed teams as the Buchans Bakers, National AAU champs. Led by Strugar, Cresap, and Herring, Coach Bob Donhams DOUG SMART drives in for a lay-in while teammate DON MIL- LICH I7l, tries to get his picture in the TYEE. boys displayed a fine spirit of competitiveness throughout the seventeen game season, and fin- ished a highly commendable sixth place in a rugged ten-team League. Basketball managers, First row, left to right: ART BUERK, Head Manager DAVE EGAN, CHUCK SWAN- SON. Second row: DANA CHAMNESS, DAVE ROSS, STAN HUNGERFORD, DANNY MYERS, RICHARD BALL. 'av 7 I X 2' 1 mills First row, kneeling, left to right: DAN WHEATTLEY, NORM IHLENFELDT, JOHN THARP, DICK RADLOFF. Second row: JOHN PARISEAUX, DON MILLICH, LEW COASTON, BOB JACOBS, STAN SANDVICK, TERRY FRERE. Third row: CARL CADY, LON WHITNER, HERB BREITENBORN, DOUG SMART, JIM GREER, RON KINNER, STAN SIDELL, JACK PAYNE. IZYMS If r 0 S A xx 5' -is I I iff 5, , Ii 58 EvERETTJ. C. ..... 6I GRAYS HARBOR J. C.. . . . . 73 SAND POINT ...,.. . . 66 DARIGOLD FARMS, . . . 64 SEATTLE U. FROSH ,.,.,....,. 5I WASHINGTON STATE FROSH, . . 64 WASHINGTON STATE FROSH. . . 65 GRAYS HARBOR J. C. ....,. . . 59 SAND POINT ......,. . . 82 SKAGIT VALLEY J. C.. .. . . LONGVIEW LOGGERS .,.. . . SEATTLE U. FROSH .... . . filyafvikh OLYMPIC J. C. ...,,.,...,. . . SAND POINT ......,..,..... WON 9, LOST 4, TIED I The University of Washington yearling five picked up a season rec- ord of nine wins, four losses, and one tie, which was an exact dupli- cation of last year's record. The Frosh quintet had plenty of height in Lonnie Whitner, Jim Greer, Herb Breitenborn, and pace-setter Doug Smart, who broke the Frosh scoring record set last year by Bruno Boin. Another highlight ofthe season was the I I3 point total chalked up by the boys against the Longview Loggers, for a new Frosh, University, and Pavilion scoring record. BILL MORRIS, Freshman Basketball Coach Lonnie Whitner drives for a lay-in. Ron Taylor Don Thome Emory Bundy Don Cromer ,M A 'mv My NN nd" Lbig XA jf. , , I Xp .W . ff ': Hff"1iffr, jp" , fm-' Qi, I m2 MQ, I 4, V I 'Q Go! .mth George Smifh 'I 52 xx x ,-., fx MAK E ' , 54 irvxr V qlyr V a ff.. . np fb ' 'A - .taxi f K, ' Q. "Wi 35756 , ,- - .ff r my rr y K rr Mn E, fr L' 'M H , W '-5523 1956 swimming Corey McMillan Phil Drips Ken Gage The challenge of the sfop watch. Kirk Adams George Eastman NORTHERN DIVISION MEET WASHINGTON ........l26 OREGON STATE COLLEGE JOHN DRISCOLL DICK JACK WASHINGTON STATE COLLEGE 45 OREGON .. ....... .. Al IDAHO -Q.. as -rr if' LADDY DALRYMPLE BILL REVERE LARRY ANDERSON NORTHERN DIVISION STANDINGS WASHINGTON. . . ,.., ,... . . 4-0 OREGON STATE COLLEGE. . . 3-I WASHINGTON STATE COLLEGE ..... , . . 2-2 OREGON ,...,,,....... . , . I-3 IDAHO . . 0-4 The i956 Varsity swim season proved to be a record smashing success for Coach Jack Torney and his Tankmen. With a perfect record of 4 wins and no losses, plus a grand sweep of the Northern Division Meet, Washington gained their twelfth ND title in fourteen years. The first ND meet netted the Huskies a 59-25 victory over Oregon. Emory Bundy's first in the 200 yd. backstroke, and Washington's triumphs in both the 300 and 400 yd. relay helped set up the Husky victory. The same week end Wash- ington crushed the tough OSC Beavers 55-29. The next meet saw WSC go down before the Huskies 53-31. Bundy posted a spectac- ular 2:l9.4 for the 200 yd. individual medley. This was the second best time in the nation and clipped 8 seconds off the old ND record. ln the last dual meet of the sea- son, the Huskies drowned the Idaho Vandals 60-23. The Northern Division Meet saw Dan Cramer turn in an outstanding performance by winning the 50 yd. freestyle, the IOO yd. backstroke, and the 200 yd. individual med- ley. Washington's final sweep was the 300 yd. medley relay with a time of 3:09.6 emassing a winning total of I26 points. Swim Coach, Jack Torney, Diving Coach, Bob Buckley, and the Varsity Squad deserve high praise for their excellent i956 record. TOM WARD, and PHIL DRIPS, top, along with LADDY DALRYMPLE, model their new Husky -'54 Swim Club iackets. Divers GARY STAPLES, top, and TOM WARD, provided the Husky springboard talent throughout the season. The T956 Frosh Swim squad completed o success- ful season, winning I4 meets and losing only I to Olympia High. The Pups bounced back, how- ever, in a later meet to defeat Olympia 43-34. Six meet records fell before the Frosh swimmers as they swamped Skagit Valley .l.C., while tive records were set as the Pups rolled over Western Washington, and UBC, Bellingham High fell be- fore the Frosh 55-23 as did Stadium of Tacoma, 44-32. Members of this years Frosh squad were: left to right, bottom row, TOM SMITH, BLEKER COOK, MARK SCHORZMAN, KEITH KANETA, WALLY BRUNDAGE, second row, LARRY LONTZ, GEORGE DIAZ, HORALD TAUCHER, WOODY WOOLAWAY, GARY SUNDERLUND, CHARLES SCOTT, TIM THORNTON, third row, Coach JACK TORNEY, BILL LAWSON, BRUCE DUSSAULT, BILL McCOWAN, KIRK WOLF, BILL ENGLISH, JIM SMITH, BOB McMAHON, and Coach BOB BUCK- LEY. 'Y 5 'Q' W1 Wi- NCAA DOWNHILL CHAMP AND RUNNERUP. WALT TAULBEE, lefi, winner of the Downhill race at The National Collegiaie ski meet at Winter Park Colorado and feammate PETE BIRKELAND, righf, who placed second wifh Coach KARL STINGL, cenfer. 'KK' Q, 'fm JIM RUSSELL GUNNAR GERMANSON kiing TOM TOLAND, Manager PETE BIRKELAND MART LIIKANE r' ' DAVE CLACK K . .1 WALT TAULBEE DON BREN "s The Husky ski Ieom which took Top honors c1IBo1nffore:Sfcnding: DON BREN, GUNNER GERMUNSON, DON RUSSELL, JACK HAASE, ond Couch KARL STINGL. Kneeling ore LOUIS POTTSCHMIDT, MART LIIKANE, and WALT TAULBEE. Q6 JIM FRANKLIN LOUIS POTTSCHMIDT rv-.N :IN JACK HAASE RALPH FEDERSPIEL I winter intramural Bowling: Chi Phi: LOU MENTOR, DON DANIELS, FRED JOHNSON, HARLIN OLSON. I Badminton: Phi Della Theta: TOM ARCHY and DON DAVIS. Basketball: Phi Della Thela. Back row: BILL CAREY, LARRY DOBBS, TERRY RANDALLS, .IIM BRODERSON. Fronf row: BILL PARKER, BILL LINDELL, DAVE McCLARY. l59 Gymnastics: Team Winner Delta Tau Delta. Back row: GEORGE STAMOLIS, Delta Tau Delta, CHUCK MICHAILSON, Delta Tau Delta, and BILL ZIRBEL, Delta Tau Delta. Front row: PAT MCGON- IGLE, independent, AL DERBY, Delta Kappa Epsilon, JIM HILTON, Phi Gamma Delta, and BILL CROW, independent. Boxing: Team Winner, Syncaa. Front row: MEL DAVIS, 139, Army ROTC, LESTER VAN BROCKLIN, 185, Kappa Sigma, JIM McCAR- TER, unlimited, Air ROTC, GARY MILLER, 156, Kappa Sigma, TOM PANG, 165, Syncoa. Back row: DICK SAMPSON, 125, Delta Tau Delta, MIKE DAVIS, 132, unattached, JOHN NIEDER, 147, Theta Chi, CARL DAHLIN, 178, Unattached. 7 160 4-9 Wrestling: Team Winners were Army ROTC and Lambda Chi Alpha who tied. Individual winners were DARRELL DRAKE, 157, indepen- dent, JERRY LENTZ, 137, Rugged Individuals, RON MADISON, 167, Sigma Nu, DICK PETERS, 130, Forest Club, JOHN RUPLEY, unlimited, independent, STEVE POLOTNIK, 147, Army ROTC, CUTLER LEWIS, I77, Phi Gamma Delta. Lambda Chi and Army ROTC tied on a point total. Points were given for the first four places. PATRICELLI. Hand Ball: Alpha Delta Phi: LOU ROSELLI and DICK I ?" .J N J Q 2: A A 'a L3 I . P1 . . ---,-1 ' a z , 53 L., Q Collifrw drama Theatergoers enioy a variety of plays at the University of Washing- ton's three theaters. Private showings are given in each theater dur- ing the weekg public performances are given on Friday and Saturday nights. All performers are students at the University School of Drama. The Penthouse Theater fabovej is the only one of its kind in the world. Three rows of seats completely surround a circular floor. This unusual setting provides a unique experience for all who attend. The Showboat flower leftj, a picturesque theater on the campus waterfront is patterned after the old-time Showboats of the Mississippi. The Playhouse flower rightj, the newest of the University theaters, is noted for its unusual productions and unique stagings. ffgffjf 'Q Y F, v . , .am 17 in 5, ,X Ax , 'N I "1 , x X ' Ms ' ,4 , W .yi ,ll X , -1 -..--. H" 7 ...if- f X .25 'Y 6 -QQ 'Ii f ' f F- Has' 1 V A Mn, V4 K X ff' 58.5 L Q av! N L ' V , ii X ,,,.f fp if X 'N I F, f I FI xx 'jf Q X ,R ,v ,- Q -' V IX :fy M fa - I Q 'ws Q 1 1 1' 47 f playhouse BARBER OF SEVILLE, an l8th century satire on court life starred Sten Mancou as Figaro, and Gerta Grunen Posnen as Rosina. The play was directed by Warren Pepperdine. John Farmer, Sten Mancou and Cathy Welander unravel a mystery in DIAL "M" FOR MURDER, di- rected by Van Galstaun. Kenneth Carr directed THE LITTLE RED SHOES, a Children's Theater production. Douglas Turnbaugh played the part of The Bear with Sheila Sullivan as the granddaughter. ANTIGONE, a Greek tragedy, was directed by Vosco Carr. Cathy Welander played the part of the heroine. Below, Betty Kosel comforts Donald Jeffries, her son in Henrik lbsen's modern tragedy GHOSTS. I. ,, THE SHEPHERDS OF THE DELECTABLE MOUNTAINS by Ralph Vaughan Williams opera theater THE MARRIAGE OF FIGARO by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart AMAHL AND THE NIGHT VISITORS by Gian-Carlo Menona. 166 f . I-K .K,' Xl, - Dr. Stanley Chapple conducts the University Sym- phony Orchestra and the University Singers in a concert in the Meany auditorium. fd M S r music Meany Hall is the center of the musical concerts on the University of Washington campus. Many ofthe various choral and instru- mental groups performed at the annual Christmas Concert. Dr. Stanley Chapple presented a series of Lecture-Recitals in the MAK- ING MUSIC series in the Meany auditorium. The Madrigal Singers are a group of talented musi- cians who interpret l6th century music while seated informally around a table. 7 5 50651 vii il , 5 3' A , 'Qu ,Atl W? is 4, ,Ze ' r , ., - . . , .,, f. c VH rw vi 'A x .,:f'l"'ng 55 :rw ?j'Hg,us.'s'5f.rf 'A fif' 'f U si' fr 1 gm . Wifi P. .. f qi, 'ef' ,wx 2' 'L' Y mmf -if r"",.gmSrir'fitU" . AMS e,'V-ffrist., f1,f,?.4 '+C-if -,, T on N il' Q 'fjlxzjvlri V if f W i v. 5441 T I fu ,' . A ,J I L' . ,, 4 ' A ' , 'rf' iv-W7 5 'f' 'W' wwf, W ,,,,,N...i ...J , . 9 ' X 'J iv ,f fs '7 nl' f 'J JT' l 'I 'i 'AW fr' K ZA? Kiel' pgwfx. . '.""'a' iiw, gs' T ,T Uzfnigwh V w -.., 'gg 1:55534 ., 4 1 .,,ifv-' 'dm iuiffii li Q l, -if 3 ,fr i":'i kflsgl- i,f'ix"it"r 'iz yi 'Ji .ii DV' .n2N,'."-i.1.i sf' PHP- hifi? if fix ' 71, ' i ' " , , Vi 1 iff N r' ' , fl: f' .. ' " 'f' , ' , , ' -ai ', bfi Jiiwnii "ly K XA'.',4'Q"' ewliiv fl- ia "Tl fx. Q iw 11281142 iff. c ffl' 4, l L . ' - fi .M iw' A J . 1 4, ,yu lij .L F, ji: gi n r 0- 'EL A , Y, 1 .4 A ax- WJ K K I A 1 I lg 4, . W Q- . rv- VP.. i if i , ,, fir , if , vi P -- L' - I 7 L ? i J, L I Y i :aj V, . 7, -W. K ,W 7 K i ' . 1 i Ik ic. K ff K V 1 0 Maui 2 f 'Q' X drill team and band The newly-formed University of Washington Drill Team fabovel con- sists of sixteen girls captained by Mary Lee Neil. The team coordi' nates with the Marching Band under Walter Welke, and takes part in band formations on the football field during game half-times. The team also escorted in the Queen of the Homecoming Dance and per- formed at basketball games. The girls pictured above are, left to right, Kay Wendle, Shirley Douglas, Donna Leiss, Ellen Mosis, Judy Philbrick, Audrey Fenoglia, Marianne Winters, Madeline Schissel, Harolyn Zwaschka, Dawn Fitch, Marilyn Cook, Kathy Nieman, Shirley Adams, Lavonne Tallon, Shirley Walsch and Allyson Howard. The University Marching Band flower rightl under the direction of Mr. Welke forms a large "UW" on the field during a game half-time. The student section forms a large "W" with colored cards in coordi- nation with the band. During the winter and spring quarters the mem- bers of the band form the Concert Band flower leftj pictured during a concert at Meany Hall. SPRI G 51 25712 47 4f if W4 924 Aff' ? ,r I, I The BacheIor's Club initiate Brown Bag ball game as one of The main evenis. Day wifh a brown bag day Members of ihe BacheIor's Club measure a prospec- tive queen. ls- QUEEN PATTY HODSON geis carried away wifh I her Trophy! fThe trophy is the doorj. ' 1 b Ei.. T ,A .,, 'N L Q, 1, 1 'Nl ' K ,V 'M s X1 ' . W iff?" - CF' X Y QV' ii? fAbovej Theta Delta Chi annually stages the spring election rally, where candidates are introduced, followed by an evening of street dancing. fRlghtj Viewed from atop Smith Hall, the trial "silent" campaign appears almost peaceful. fBelowj A loyal candidates supporters "campaign" in front of the Administration Building. ..--f'W,x ,ik r 2 I 1 I A i fall? it s QM l it l f i ' A , W Bling 1 pring 1 1 ln. 5 election We cclbbard blad Q. I . - A4 , ' fl iffy .zuf,?'5fq Q we 5.-4.1 ,,-3,,. BILL STAPLES stood grinning with QUEEN BETTY JO LOCKWOOD as ci photographer snapped their picture. Betty Jo was chosen Scabbard and Blade Queen from tive finalists. ix, ,Mg 3 lp L 55-:J .....,.,,:Vl -7- K I I 7 r W A. Wg k:,,,. , f f 1 d M v ,aww , ai .Ig ., V I ' .V-,L ' ' Q., I lf. ' 4' ' :gig qi' gi, " K, I ' I f A viii!-W,.u-'Q' 353 Ewa-'ef P' I r!fz.'.l,..gcfr,f,,.!l'f,, .rift f' gf ' ' ii? CA' 'ML is x2:i:f:4'4J1f,,l5.b' ,V ifiypf- 3 I I A 1-'t.Qif5,g 5 if? , r e,i"'Qr 'M Y . , I Q , .l r. x 1 : - ' It? if at A . Llfmu-VM A ,,,, W-+-rw-7-Mm uf ifiz 1- ' ' Luk," - ' ik '. , . . - - - . 51 , I - - - A ' 1 2 ' 9 94 E - -. ' 'H '-,rig ,gn -, - ' 31 f 2 iff 2, 'gnffa 'iii 5 :S E ze Q -I -,- ",' 9 7.1 ,L ' w ' ? 7 ' ' ' ' ' . , ' .irr .L I ' ' '- if . ' " Standing at ease while photographers focused their Setting their sights for the Scabburd and Blade cameras were ROTC men lined up with perfect Queen were fleft to rightj GERIWEBSTER, GEORGIA precision. MANDIS, MAE LEE BROWN, DIANE LINK, and BETTY .IO LOCKWOOD. 176 .an ,,,, -1. 41 ,VI1 6. 3, 91 .1 5 M r y ' 'fziw fe 1 CHI OMEGA and LAMBDA CHI ALPHA went Ha- waiian with "Aloha Hut." ZETA PSI and ALPHA OMICRON PI used the very popular "Davy Crockett" for their carnival skit. I "One-Armed Bandit" was presented by ALPHA GAMMA DELTA and THETA CHI. sophomore PHI KAPPA PSI combined talents with SIGMA KAP! KAPPA DELTA and SIGMA PHI EPSILON turned PA to pantomime "Hick Boy Pledges." nautical with "Hi1'fhe Deck." t yi . iv! Af L at r 31' , 'Y Q A-fs "1plsw:wi-mz1T'4f'f I I . . If f , , H .fe "House of Mystery" won second place for doubles Pl BETA PHI and PHI DELTA THETA combined their .. musical talents to present "Music Through the Ages." ETLTJPISMIOP for ALPHA CHL OMEGA and PSI UP' carnival ALPHA DELTA PI and BETA THETA PI were awarded first place prize for audience participation with l'Crazy Otto's Autos." "Pogo Gone Bop" brought second place in audi- ence participation to DELTA ZETA and PHI KAPPA TAU. Another era from "Music Through the Ages" by Pl BETA PHI and PH! DELTA THETA. H5 'FS' lung 'XM W, 5 governofs day 'Sri The Governor stood os did other onlooking people in pledge of allegiance Sherry Tagg added color and life to Governor's Day as she stood holding tothe American flag as it passed, carried by on ROTC group on the mil- the ROTC flag with her usual warm and friendly smile. itary review in the quad. parent weekend GENE SMITH introduced members of Oval Club to the observ- Members of Totem Club crossed in front of the Columns iust ing parents in a ceremony held during Parents Weekend. The before they were introduced to the onlooking parents. University band contributed musically to the program. ijt 1056 it X-It rf ffm , kj, I AX 2 iiii A A . i May Day King and Queen JEAN LOW, Delta Gamma and BOB FITZPATRICK, Phi Kappa Sigma. OTTCI P Y if by Kennell-EHIS i f x Agn lil Ill -n iii arg Ill Men in ROTC units stood in mass formation facing the Governor's stand BQYD, IGS, yeofs Senior Class president- on Governor's Day last year. The crowd was impressed by the beautiful teamwork and precision with which they paraded. The Governor's Day program included a colorful award-a kiss from the Navy Color Girl. ivy planting The traditional ivy planting was done by SAYRE JEAN LOW and BOB FITZPATRICK were chosen to reign over the May Day festivities. may clay 4 '11 it Q 1 R311 :K pansy breclkfa 1 MV...,fs.,- .A ,., . ,I P' '7'?t3?3V r The Pansy Breakfast is given annually each spring bythe Delta Delta Delta Sorority to honor engaged senior couples. A wedding ceremony was acted out as part of the program. OWEN BUCHAN was the bride and BOB LEWIS was bridegroom. Bridesmaids were fleft to rightj JUDY JOHNSON, MARLENE JACKSON and MIDGE MOFFAT, ftopj Step- ping through the Pansy Ring is traditional. NANCY BOETTICHER met her fiance, PETE PARSON, on the other side ofthe ring fmidclle leftj, and fmiddle rightj BARBARA WALLER stepped through assisted by her fiance, DANA HUNTER. The Tri Delts are shown fbottomj working on the Pansy Ring. Delta Gamma fakes first place for the third con- secutive year allowing them to keep the perpetual Trophy. Leary Hall fakes second place in the single's division. Placing Third in The single's division are fhe Gamma Phi Befas. songfesi' ,J I ,. The proud winners receive Their Trophy. K ,,k. ,Q . ,S Y,,+k Combining Their Tcilenfs, The A. D. Pi's ond The Phi DelT's are awarded Third place in The mixed group division. Highlight of Parents' Weekend is The Song FesT held on SoTurdoy nighT. DelTo Tou DelTc was en- tered in The men's singles division. A l J i Aff "" Sta, .nw ' Q ,iii 5 ,,. T ef T ... i' if lv S gaylifffii.. 3 y ,xx M beyond Beyond the Darkness, presented with a mystic atmosphere of dim lighting and jungle tom-toms, was a highlight of Parents' Weekend. The unusual swimming show was given by members from the Silver Fish Swimming Honorary and the Husky Swim Club. The show was under the direction of "Buzz" An- derson and Nancy Mace. It was advised by Miss Emma Spencer and Mr. Jack Torney. the swinu show' darkness If'-'Hhs ml J X N E 4e :- 1 ix X X ,VJ-gjfv R x QQF!iX' X . 'Q -v 'ff :Wa ...L . t , W 'A -i..,m ,. A - . ' 'J' A N '-'f if ,,L, ' f' A1,,,M f A L? .?,,, ,',. , ,fr w,,,,-4" .V-a:g,fL,. lf' J: -4 A Yjjrkihrgkg' A If -i 1. .. Af , ' iffg,-J' 'I KW ,Q "' LIZ N1-My vo f' 1' 1 1 v ', , , 4 M!v,,.,, - UVA, , . in ig J ' f ., .J " ' A -so f xt 'go n Y 0 I 1 we-7 I 5 . 4' 2.37, .1 f ff' 1, is 5 Q f . KS- K. V .rv L Q . 1 " ,' dc Q f 4 . y 9, .- m if 5, J' gags I A 5 4 L, A , I ., X fx ' 9 crew I955 , ,., .. . N -Vf- V .Q W.. i -, K M X W -f, ,. .- J: A ,, v N., ,,,,, - ?g,:-.. M..- M5 4 3, ...av 0- ..,-- ,,,.-f- .... Y 1 - 'mb' ""' wg-,.. ,f, ..."" , ' ...W ..,,:a.., ,- M .W .. . M KM- M . .. c v A ,...-,.., 'V N, ....."' me , , M ... ..... .-.W ff -- ,iguuunuf ,, , Washington crew men, under the able leadership of coach AI Ul- brickson, made an impressive showing last year to prove again that they are the top crews on the Pacific Coast, as well as one of the best in the nation. Weather for winter turnout was good, but the com- ing of spring brought wind and an unseasonal cold spell which ham- pered training. A small break in the weather, iust a few days before the California regatta, brought activities to a feverish pitch of final preparation to face the powerful Golden Bears. May I4, saw the Husky varsity boat rowing smoothly over the glass-like surface of Lake Washington to finish in the time of l4:29.0, an impressive six lengths ahead of California. Washington Jayvee managed to finish iust I8 seconds behind California. Just two short weeks after the California race came the Newport Sprints. A new sprint distance varsity crew was readied for this event, showing the depth in the Washington ranks. The waters of Newport Harbor were smooth but the weather was very hot, a factor that was not in Washington's favor. The Huskies rowed the 2000 meter course in the time of 6:48.6 to place third, losing to powerful Navy by only 4 seconds, and to Stanford by a scant fraction of a second. Wash- ington again beat California in this regatta as well as OSC, USC, and UCLA. The end of May brought on preparation for the Inter Collegiate Row- ing Association Regatta held on Lake Onondaga, New York. The Huskies were again hampered by weather conditions, when they were forced to switch from the chilly Northwest to the sweltering New York heat. The Huskies effectively overcame this obstacle, however, and finished fourth in the time of 'l6:O9.9. Cornell, Pennsylvania, and Navy led the Huskies, but Washington showed her stern to eight other boats, including Stanford and California. The Jayvee boat fin- ished in the time of l6:48.6, behind Cornell, Pennsylvania and Navy, but ahead of all the western schools competing. 'xh- W -W -,, L ...V ---' ...H ,.. H... -' , .-.,,. ,..,,,,.:- , . . .,... - "'l,,,, M f-,.4,,,,.,..,-C -f - ,,...-f .. ,,.--- ., --N.. ,.. 5 COACH AL ULBRICKSON DICK RICHARDS AL SHMITTS and DICK EVANS HAROLD PEBBLES and BOB MAEZALS v, 1. -H, LJ E I ,AW CURT SMITH DOUG FRENCH j if-gy fa, fix k . NED INGHAM PAUL ANDONIAN RON WAILES 1 ' ll' 2 lm gi azz K ., 3' .WR E A BUD CONDON NOT PICTURED JAY DECKER BOB THORSTENSON DOUG WETTER BOB ROGERS BOB SMITH pp if A I ,,,,,,.,,. My- 4 H ... AL STOCKER FRED STROLL 4? , .. Vgkl ,W f in N... my-f . 'N --4 M ww., - Aww - -w..rr" -M , . we ..,W,. lzt up L...,fb V, ,...:,,,. , ' ,,,,. A .H 73 " -5 E : V Q won !!m"""' -N-Q .X 'L E A .md V JAY HALL ,gp--gt - xv ia, M A,h,Lh-Trgag 'wk 2 .T L- A K. A w WM-M -X .-. N. ' M' f '1 : W NOT PTCTURED: ED ADAMS DAVE PRATT DAVE ANDERSON if . -7, nf.: f 958 M E I V E:- 5 I 0 is-vt 1 id r rm . -I . f RHI' Frosh first boat: fkneelingj JOHN BISSET, coxwain. fStandingj stroke LOU GELLERMAN, number 7 JOHN NORDSTROM, number 6 DOUG LUSHER, number 5 JOHN HALBERG, number 4 DICK ERICKSON, num- ber 3 BOB SIGLER, number 2 GERALD GOODMAN, number I BILL MCKINLEY, JR. fnot picturedj CHUCK ALM. frosh and lightweight crew Washington Freshmen, under the leadership of coach Stan Pocock, started the 'I955 competitive season by rowing to an impressive nine length victory over the Golden Bears of California. The Husky yearlings covered the glass smooth Lake Washington course in the time of I0:l8.4. Early season turnouts had been hindered by cold weather and rough water, but this seemed to have little effect on the performance of the Frosh. Following the California race, preparations got under way for the Intercollegiate Rowing Association Regatta at Syracuse, New York. June 28, dawned hot and sultry, a definite handicap for the Hus- kies. Water conditions were nearly perfect and the Frosh got off to an early lead with Cornell close at their stern. The "Big Red" finally overtook Washington and finished a short two seconds ahead. Washington's time was I0:35.l. Mighty MIT and Navy, along with five other schools, bowed to the Huskies, making their record a very impressive one. Washington's spirit and drive com- bined with their record should Iead the crew of I958 on to great future accomplishments. LIGHTWEIGHT CREW LETTERWINNERS GARY PROCTOR BRUCE WEYERMAN BOB GIBBONS JOHN BAKER ART HUNT TOM JOHNSON ROD THORN CHUCK BROWN JACK HASSE MIKE METCALF BOB MURRAY Washington's lightweight crew, under the leadership of Ivar Birke- Iand, started their I955 season by facing the powerful University of British Columbia on the waters of Burrard Inlet. Choppy waters hampered both crews and UBC pulled ahead of the Huskies to finish in the time of 6:49.5. The lightweights finished in 7:03. April 30 saw the Huskies face the OSC Jayvee. Washington took command and finished four lengths ahead with a time of 6:55.4. May I4 again saw the Iightweights facing OSC but this time against the varsity shell. Washington rowed smoothly over the 2000 meter Lake Washington course and won by five lengths. The Huskies fin- ished their season on a triumphant note when they again won from the OSC varsity on the Willamette River. The crew covered the Va mile course in the time of 713, six lengths ahead. Frosh second boat: fkneelingj JIM BRUS, coxwain. fStandingl stroke GENE JENSEN, number 7 LARRY ERICKSON, number 6 CHARLES BOWER, number 5 ROGER MacDONALD, number 4 JOHN SAYRE, number 3 PAUL MEYER, number 2 BILL RICHARDS, num- ber I DAN REITZ. 5 f 3 i is 5:4 G H 5 I r ' ' EI ...- . C 3, . I f E VY s r r .kg lf? L 'i. 55 gy, V I , ... f i I .sr.. ' ,T in C I f - 1? 7' .1 A B1 is t.: 5 H i , . , I K.-t H I , W I A W 5 P 'r . ... I ' l 'I ,L I 417' 'I , I, V L if ,,,. :xi J TJ W M W " 93 A Las. , L ., Q 7 . Y Ng Q ' 2 . f , 1.1 s K I R ,K 1' I' CI C COACH STAN HISERMAN k l955 JIM HILTON sets new meet record of 13 feet 5 inches against WSC. fy ' . :jg,,,,,""': fi. , gr' 1 V' I S, Start of high hurdles in Northern Division meet. Pictured iett to right: Brown QWSCQ, Engle QOSCJ, SINGER QWQ, Torgerson IWSCJ, Warren QOSCQ, Honson ildohoj, and BRYAN QWJ. Torgerson won in 14.8. Singer finished second. XX -u--4. , M Y 10: --I . 1 - I . .JN-,aW.r.a.a.,t i J- 5 ' ' 1 ' jfs .. i f 421 ,f , . ' A S i 1' LH. ,,:, . ,Y 3. V g C I r ff l WW Varsity Track Picture. Front row left to right: Gary Gayton, Gene Hammermaster, Larry Gray, Ron Lund, John Brazier, Jim Hilton, Fred Willis and Jim Clark. Back row: George Cassity, Bob Bryan, Frank Lucci, Ben Mason, Dean Henry, Ralph Higbee, Bob Wollin, Ed Sheron, Jim Leibel, Dean Singer, Ralphe Stanfield, Henry Banks, Carl Labonge, Bob Leadbetter, Abe Angell and Coach Stan Hiserman. Lettermen not pictured: Noel Jernigan, Mel Kobel, Jerry Langer, Terry Strom and Thomas Wood. For the third year in a row the Washington Huskies finished second to the Oregon Ducks in the Northern Division as they lost 53V4 to 5OV2. A pre-season meet with Vancouver Olympic Club found the Huskies in great shape as they left the Canadians behind 117 to 10. The Huskies opened PCC competition against Oregon State and won 87 to 44. The next meet was against the powerful Oregon team. The Ducks won 69Vz to 61 V2, but the meet was close all the way, and Oregon had to win the relay to come out ahead. The next Husky opponent was the Washington State Cougars. The Cougars came into town with the experts on their side. The Huskies evidently forgot to check the Cougar press clippings and downed the country cousins, 70 to 61, in the rain. Gene Hammer- master placed second in the mile with a 4:1 6.8, his fastest time on record. The Huskies defied rain and cold wind at Idaho and ended their regular season with an 81 to 44 victory over the Vandals. Washington dominated the shot put event with Ed Sheron, Terry Strom and Dean Henry finishing in that order. Washington played host to the Northern Division schools for the ND meet and placed second to Oregon. Henry Banks won the 440 crown with a 48.9 effort. Bob Leadbetter finished second to WSC's Bob Gary in the century race with a 9.9. Husky pole vaulter Jim Hilton crossed the bar at 13 feet 6 'Ainches to take a first in that department. Dean Singer won the high jump, clearing the bar at 6 feet 2341 inches and also took second in the high hurdles. Terry Strom came out on top in the discus department as he tossed the platter 147 feet 8V2 inches. The Pacific Coast Conference meet saw 11 Huskies go to Eugene to compete. They were: Henry Banks, Abe Angell, Gary Gayton, Gene Hammermaster, Jim Hilton, Mel Kobel, Terry Strom, Jer- ry Langer, Dean Singer, Ed Sheron and Bob Leadbetter. Washington finished J fifth in the PCC and Jim Hilton tied for first in the pole vault with a 13-foot- 9-inch jump. GARY GAYTON 1 SJ iight. NOT PICTURED: BOB LEADBETTER LARRY GRAY I' -...s I .S -is - 4 fi ... . . ... - . V V ' .i 18-9- 1 3 -st '91--A H ,muy my f .3 - 4 ' s-'1'?F'fpf- "2 ' .. JERRY LANGER 3 ss K I K KJ Q H it ft' in A 5 .. 195 iii , - . ' ' , i -5.73 , .g MA, 1 I FRANK LUCCI DEAN SINGER RON LUND ,hurl .J , 'fi' Q-MQQ-wazevnrvs lUf X kkwngvit 'Mia' mn -vw W' mm Q JN fgf,Hgi," M iv," ' '- mu Q., . . A- ff ' . T gg " W is ' JSM-ff .74 , I 9 Q t ' 1 ' 4 ' Q L. Q r aa + "P" M , r + -' i ER " 0? was if M Wu., , 1 ""' 'Y MQ X 4 x F' s y f' A "' 'Q x I, 4. 1' Us if ' ia' fx ' . Q Aim "' mms 5WWmm.w,BTW Rm3 . A. - - V R-9? .1353 f i: : -' . "5 :..1: g ef- if , Bw "' Y "I Jai. fi-21'-' -.ww A- X3 1' .-. 252 - . f uf 25,1 'M 'W "f"'S,+ri'-1-wwf F QE., M. 1- , -he f.. Qfggzv -gm . an I e"zf::f'i 5 .. W W Y M BOB BRYAN Aff wif" QQQEWQQQ 1 i,. ,, .,,,,.,., , . H -' 1' ,. K V315 e- NG' if ,Vx ' .5 HENRY BANKS Frosh Track Picture. Front Row, left to right: Doug Smidt Bill Savage John Davis Tom Mlllett Ken Waldbaum, Mike Johnson, Barry Savage, John Laughland Emmit Aston and Dick Kerzie Bock Row AI Hazelquist, Dick Wiel, Morton, Carl Mahnken, Dave McCulloch Richard Bushley Walter Miller John Drexel, Steve Anderson, Ron Curry, Art Stroud, Ron Graham Larry Pulford and Warren Brown Nu meral winners not pictured: Alex Blanton, Morgan Brassfield Jim Dougherty and Jim Jones Managers, Left to right: Don Moore, Frank Braden, Ralph Gutzler, and Gordy Cash. Managers not pic- tured were Donn Kayncr, Jerry Peterson Csenior mon- ABE ANGELL 3-, 9 L... pring intramural . '- i mg fx, I ' FL . . F" TRACK-PHI DELTA THETA, CHAMPION Fronl row: DALE JEWETT, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, high lump Iliel, JOHN FITZGERALD, Phi Della Theta, relay, DICK MCKIMSON, Denny Annex, 220-yard dash, LOUIS POTTSCHMIDT, Della Kappa Epsilon, mile run, LAURIE MILLER, Phi Della Thela, relay, DON SUNITCH, Della Upsilon, broad iump. Second WATER BASKETBALL-SIGMA ALPHA EPSILON, CHAMPION Fronl row DALE JEWETT, CHARLIE KOON, FRANK HAHN Second row: BOB CAMPBELL, JOHN EK, row: GUS KLEM, Chemical Engineers, high lump Iliel, BOB GORDEN, Phi Della Thela, relay, JIM LOCKETT, Phi Della Thela, 880-yard run, DICK DAY, Cascade House, shorpul, TED JONES, Phi Della Thela, 80-yard high hurdles and relay, CRAIG CAMPBELL, Della Tau Della, IOO-yard dash. CREW-PHI DELTA THETA CHAMPION PETE HENKE, GRIFF STEINER SKIP KACHLIN FRED ERICKSON, DAVE CLACK SOFTBALL-SIGMA ALPHA EPSILON, CHAMPION Fronf row: LARRY JERUE, BOB CAMPBELL, RICK ELLS, DICK GUTTORMSEN, CLYDE TOOLE. Sec- ond row: DUANE MANDREY, JON WAMBA, RON BROWN, DENNY PETERSON, CHARLIE KOON. TENNIS-PHI DELTA THETA, CHAMPION JACK ERICKSON, RON OLSON, Delta Upsilon, Doubles Champions. DON DAVIS, Phi Delta Theta, Singles Champion. HORSESHOES-PHI DELTA THETA, CHAMPION KEN CREYON, ROBERT SHORT. ,fm M., y r X II I I II, I I GOLF-DELTA KAPPA EPSILON, CHAMPION WALT KRENGE, PHIL NOWELL. I99 I955 tennis llnnnznn wie L 2 gf BILL QUILLIAN, a senior, held down the number one position for his fourth consecutive year. Bill is nationally ranked and was one ofthe outstanding all-time Washington stars. RAY ALBANO 200 Washington netmen smashed their way to their 16th consecutive Northern Division championship by sweeping all their matches by the impressive score of 7-0. Coach Windy Langlie stated the fine spirit and sportsmanship shown by the team were the tac- tors which brought about this year's good marks in the statistic column. The pride which the squad developed over the years in their effort to better records of previous seasons was also a contributing factor to the excellent showing made by this year's racketmen. Bill Quillian and Doyle Perkins sparked this year's squad and both gained berths in the NCAA tour- ney. Quillian went on to the finals of that tourney. Danny Lim, Ray Albano, Rollie Odell, Gary Linden and Chuck Mertel also turned in fine records for the season. With a substantial number of returning lettermen, and several good prospects coming from the high schools, Washington tennis fans are looking for- ward to watching spring training on the new Wash- ington courts, and another fine season for Coach Langlie and his men. l ,sf it A DOYLE PERKINS L LX I A:,:: QE' A 'L'-'pk' A COACH WINDY LANGLIE ' hq- 'jk LOOLEEE A f . i XI.. xxx if - .X Iwl ,vikt ..,W :.? ,. 'W L L A 1 GARY LINDEN CHUCK MERTEL I S 1 A , r.-.x-4.3f'."- A. 'YT' V f f - J Q. 5 f... .. .W Q L :,g,Pxgg f L , , , Ni . YL Q' 'M W f ,,- '-:: 'V 'ci -vm ,sm Y """"'f'q'7'?N-+L -' I -WW , :V M589-N2:5,:1f1 W. ROLLIN O'DELL 3 L7 4 ,EM v O gy A G , pix... Jin f 3 fv A Y T? Freshmen Numeral Winners BOB BARROW BOB ELWOOD RON GROSHONG BILL HOFIUS JOE JOHNSON PETE POROSKY DON SMETHERAN MAL SWANSON DANNY LIM F 201 COACH BILL JEFFERSON .Ky M. I,- WIMPY SARGENT golf '55 Washington linksmen had a very successful season sweeping their way to the Northern Division championship. Len Perry, Kent McLachlan, and Team Cap- tain Bill Rowe led this year's squad. Perry, second man in the Northern Divi- sion, and McLachlan were placed on this year's Northern Division All-Star team. Wimpy Sargent, Bob Manlow, John Thompson and Al Newman also turned in good performances. Washington posted a four out of five record, losing only their second match to Oregon by the score of I7-lO. The first match saw the Huskies beat OSC l4V2-I 2V2. After losing to Oregon, Washington went on to whip Idaho 20-7, and WSC l6V2 -IOVQ. This record gave the greenmen the Match Play Cham- pionship. The thrill of the season came when Washington edged OSC by one stroke to win the Northern Division Links Tournament and the Northern Division Medal- ist Play Championship. This was the first year since i948 that Washington has taken both these honors. With all but one letterman returning next year, it looks as it another great season is coming for coach Bill JeFferson and his men. LEN PERRY BILL ROWE KENT McLACHLAN ,QQ ',.. ,, -ru ,N AL NEWMAN NORTHERN DIVISION GOLF TOURNAMENT WASHINGTON ,......... .... OREGON STATE ...... WASHINGTON STATE ,... IDAHO, ....,....... OREGON ..., 578 579 601 608 609 JIM 2. SCHUB X "lo 1709 Gr BOB MANLOWE FROSH TEAM-DON WEBSTER, RICH HOLLOWAY, JIM ANGSTEAD, JOHN WILLIAMS fs .R Q JOHN THOMPSON 'lm baseball I955 JACK BRADY, a Sophomore catcher, was named onthe All-Northern Division second team. Ai XB ii ff' M- , " 3 "S W ,. ,T CT? ,M E5 ix? ff? view? H 'Q X me t 3 SW . . JL! af Je ' Senior BILL REAMS was selected as a pitcher on the All-Northern Division first team. Q.1if,N ' L iaei in L .4-v-w 44 .. Coach BILL MARX completed his second season as head baseball coach."" 4 we-V lr ,, 1 . f.'tF1f J X ROD PRESSEY, Outfielder Husky batmen carried a big stick to clinch third place in Northern Division standings last year. Early non-conference play pointed toward a strong season for the Huskies as they took two games from Yakima JC, and three from Seattle Pacific College. Poor pre-season weather severely hampered the practice sessions especially in the pitching department. The diamond squad made a fine start in conference play by defeating Idaho I2-6, 4-3, 6-3, and 15-3. The Huskies ran into trouble mid-season when they lost games to WSC, Oregon, and OSC. Bouncing back from their mid-season slump, the team beat Oregon 5-l , and twice upset league- leading OSC, 2-l and 6-5, for a seven win, seven loss record. Outtielder Jack Ballard, and third baseman Jack Scott led the Husky hitters with averages of .395 and .324 respec- tively. Their excellent hitting placed them in fourth and ninthgpositions in the Northern Division Batting Standings. Washington's star pitcher, Bill Reams, earned All-Northern Division Honors by his excellent performance in conference play. Harvey Jarvis, second base, Dave McClary, infield, Rod Pressey, outfield, Lou Roselli, outfield, and Larry Wat- son, first baseman, also turned in good records. Coach Bill Marx was assisted throughout the season by Student Man- agers Dick McLain and Bob Burr. 5 f QUIK' LOU ROSELLI, Outfielder DON HlLL Pitcher JACK BALLARD Catcher b.2l'TT'n. ., HARVEY JARVIS infielder MONTE GEIGER JACK SCOTT infielder plicher LARRY WATSON infielder FRESHMAN, back row: Webber, manager, Jenks, Peter- son, Vanni, Brix, Lowery, Ferroi, Zuepgel, Emerson Lashley, Budnick, manager. Fronf row: Bukke, Cclaher Buckley, Harriman, Dailey, Bergman, Rhine, Crevin Lofgren. ' swf f -, - i I E if III f4 v I 5 552,355 P X I I If I lr 1 1 I I LJ D- 'Q' 4 I l U : 7 I I, , ZZ" V: 17' T51 I ' I 'II ff' - 'Wg' 1 mf :J I .HM 42 I-if :fu :'?E F52 P'7fFv2 274 5 .1 ?51' " tl 1:---Q"-'ti w L',- 5 1 In J'1.exy,,- INQMMQQ It-1'4- ,fg N3lNx I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I ll' III I II I II: I l , coULnA :fry X .s 4 S VU, 'f,f?.f T. - mf ., 4. T graduaHon atrix fable Members of Theta Sigma Phi, fleft to rightl ARLENE VAN SCOYOC, JERRY CARLSON, LOUISE MANNING and MARGARET GREGORY, are wearing the costumes they wore the night of the Matrix Table Banquet as they hand out invitations to the banquet. Matrix Table is sponsored by Theta Sigma Phi, national women's iournalism honorary. Each year they give the "Wheel of Wheels" award tothe outstanding Univer- sity senior woman. ln T955 it was awarded to ANITA LUVERA. Nearly T300 June graduates received their diplomas at the 80th annual University Commencement exercises in the Edmundson Pavilion. lt brought the total bache- lor's degrees awarded to more than 2200 for the year. A Senior Reception was held in the Sylvan Theater to honor graduates, their families and friends following commencement. , .jk 19 K . 9, 1 , 1 4 C .. G-. 3 ' . r. ,I .arybf , i 'Lt X Hoshiwara, Isao Johnson, Lloyd P. Kendall, John W. Lichfy, Lloyd R. Muzzoll, Hugh A, Weller, Forstine Myers, Harvey A, Nagel, Donald A. Nelson, Melvin H. Pearson, James C. Pyfer, Howard R. Randolph, Ernest L. Roberg, Elizabeth Rowe, Marvin Shaw, Russel L. Adams Betty K. Beale David A. Beall Joseph H. . Bowman, Howard R. Bremner, James D. med chool grad , ' . U'-J I yr Y L- 'G' tel Sas .5 -s'?si ty 0- .' 4 IQ' I P, 4,- 7 vrkrl li gli Bridge, Mary F. Brown, Leo R. Burkhardt, Garfield F. Burns, Robert M. Carney, Robert E. Chapman, Niles D. Corpron, Douglas O. Crewdson, Frank Cunningham, Robert D. Daniels, Jack Davis, Hal W. Deon, Orval De Groot, Bert Eddings, Ralph H. A' J V J D Efford, Robert J. A2 7 ' 4. x x 'Q ' 'Z Erickson, Robert V, ,Y . V, J A. Evans, Thomas O. "' A V VG' W' 92, 3 "' A Ewy, Vincent O. 4 lrtl I LX - - X' , Eyer, Kenneth M, W 5' ' I Farnham, Norman G. ,J " Brown, Harold V- it , , A , Fouty, Robert A, R 3 . gy lg Fullington, Warren R. ' V. ' if QV . 'A 5 Gabrielsen, Toygve O. A "7 A ,gf , if -'Qt semen, Charles J. f. .. .N . ,ii , ' , Go, Sumio 'L 3 I .4 Q. I ' A jr.. 5 Greer, Robert J. N uit Sv A D II - -I -L avlg, arre 9 3 Q4 Guenther, Dean E. 'Ng by . " Heitman, Richard A. T ' .2 5' Hesch, Donald J. flew . .1554 Hoffman, Gerhard H. A ' -5.1 - Q 'X Holcomb, Fred D. gb N r V f resrrr rsii ' s 5, 54153 'fx 1' I X fm ' Holloway, Jonathan A. I H h I , Th J. . ,-- . J . 'H if uc a a omas 3 i ages? K ,EF ,L QW K A 4 4' - wr 5 .L "' 6 . V , - - ' J 'cf Larson, Vernon O. L ' 4, .G tl umbeck, George A. if rl: A , 2 W 5 . 4! K Muzzall, Richard E. "iffS V 'str :ir-. '."-" I K I A K, I iff. . it A ' as ' 4, f . -' l-1:33-:Q T if ' J I l V I r ' J '.-' "" . 1 f 4 sg nf 1 A , I, . , . X '- gy, vw N -fs.-fa . Wong, Kenneth N . Smith, Edward A. lr ' 4, ' . ' .. li Stewart, Charles H. A 3 'G' ' J K " .L'L f, - 1 Symonds, Frank B. .P ga N Q W, va, 4 .cy A sd , . if Vlrak, Roy H. gr qs? .N :T gl? Watanabe, James L. A 1 ' A . ff A ig igf Williams, Buerk H ' ,gf ' gf Williamson, Robin A, J ,- j,,f , Wynne, Garnet F. Jr K '- Y "i"' 55 3 209 senior P 5 K, ii BOB CAMPBELL pours coffee for PAT NELSON in the Communica- tions Coffee Shop. Pat is editor of the Tyee, a member of W-Key and Totem Club and a member of Delta Zeta sorority, She was a division editor of the Tyee for two years and co-chairman of the AMS-AWS Elections. She also has been active in the YWCA. Bob Campbell was associate editor of the Daily, Sigma Delta Chi pres- ident and a member of Oval Club. He played on both the Frosh and Junior Varsity basketball teams and is a member of Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternity. 210 Y in ,ie 4 Braving the wintry winds are YUKI KUNIYUKI and AIDA KOUYO- UMJIAN. Aida is president of VISA, a member ofthe Arab Stu- dents Club ofthe U.W. and Cosmo Club. She also belongs to Totem Club and Delta Zeta. Yuki is best known as the chief pho- tographer for the ASUW, Daily, Columns and Tyee. He is publi- city director of Scabbard and Blade, a member ofthe Army ROTC Band, the Army ROTC Rifle Team, and belongs to the Wa Kui Club and the National Press Photographers Association. A 1 'L i X-.5 Typical senior boys watclc a passing coed ID the Communications Building. CHUCK WORTHINGTON, vice president ofthe senior class, is also a member of Oval Club and Scabbard and Blade and on the track team. LARRY LAFOLLETTE was on committees for May Day, Varsity Ball and Homecoming Dance, as well as being in charge ot Homecoming Publicity. He is a member ot Oval Club and the O. A. Steering Committee. Larry also is chairman of the I.F.C. Public Relations, and Lambda Chi Alpha. prominent' 36' Posing for the cameraman are JUDY KING, JIM HILTON, NANCY HILL and MONA GAHEGAN. Judy, a member of Chi Omega, also belongs to W-Key, Totem Club, Program Panel, the Radio-TV Guild and the AWS Executive Council. She is vice president of AWS also. Jim Hilton is on the track team and belongs to the Big Club and Phi Gamma Delta, Nancy Hill, secretary ofthe ASUW, is a Kappa Kappa Gamma. She is a member of Mortar Board, Totem Club, Board of Control and Phi Lambda Theta. Mona Ge- hegan was vice president of her freshman class and president of her sophomore class. CLAIRE DICK and JIM MOELLER take time oft from classes. Claire is secretary ofthe senior class and a member of Totem Club and Alpha Chi Omega. Jim Moehller is a member of Purple Shield, Managerial Council and the AMS Advisory Board. He worked on the Campus Chest Drive and was chairman of the Campus Chest finance committee, Jim, a member ot Phi Kappa Sigma, is senior assistant manager of Intramural Sports. O . 4' 'K Happy memories remain with CAROL MARTIN and BUTCH THOMAS of their years at the Like- wise, happy memories remain at the "U" of CAROL and BUTCH. Carol served as President of Totem Club, AWS Treasurer and was ski queen in 1955, Her sorority is Alpha Delta Pi, Butch, who served as Frosh President, is a member of the Varsity Boat Club and is on Crew. He belongs to Oval Club and is a member of Delta Kappa Epsilon. Sel'lIOI" Finding time for a cup of coffee in the Art Canteen coffee shop is a favorite past time ofthe famous prominents: DICK RICHARDS, PEGGY CAHILL, BOB KEATLEY and ARLA LOCKE. Arla's activities include Totem Club, W-Key, Model U. N, Committee and O.A. Steering Committee, These activities didn't keep her busy enough because she served as Pres- ident of Air Force Sponsors and was active in her sorority, Kappa Delta. Peggy was a member of W-Key, Totem Club and Chairman of the University Preview. Her scholastic honorary was Sigma Ep- silon Sigma and she is a member of Gamma Phi Beta. AMS President Dick Richards was active in other areas. His rounded-out actvities entitled him to membership in Oval Club. Some of his activities are Board of Control, AMS Advisory Board, Var- sity Boat Club, Crew Manager and he is a member of Delta Kappa Epsilon. Bob's activities include Vice President of Sigma Delta Chi, Oval Club and he is Editor of the Daily. 'P i J .-..,,.,.,. ' sw' .,, . 2 fo SE' '15 wi. RY-L.. 'r'--..,,,is x..x... . 9952 in -rg, F' ROGER GAVIN, MAGGIE McKEE and CASEY CONNER view the surroundings of frosh pond. Roger has served on General Council, is a member of l.F.C. and holds the Scabbard and Blade award. Maggie was Varsity Ball Queen in 1955. Her sorority is Delta Delta Delta. Casey belonged to Mortar Board, Totem Club and Phi Sigma Iota. She served as Chairman ofthe ASUW elections committee and President of Alpha Delta Pi. Besides all of these accomplishments, Casey was elected as the 1954 Ski Queen which goes to prove her versatility. prominent' Bundled up against the cold, tor winter days tend to be brisk on campus, are BILL ZERBEL and PAUL ANDONIAN. Bill is a member of Bachelors Club, Oval Club and Delta Tau Delta. He served faith- fully and well as Yell King. To prove that Bill is really outstanding, he was selected as the out- standing man of his class. Through Paul's ability on Varsity Crew, he won membership in Big His fraternity is Beta Theta Pi. '-mv J Q Delaying a session with the books, JOYCE TYE and ROD PRESSEY pause on the steps outside the Art Building. Honoraries are not lacking in Joyce's college record. She belonged to W-Key, Totem Club and Mortar Board. She has rendered service as AWS President. Board of Control and AWS cabinet also claim her membership. Kappa Alpha Theta can well be proud of Joyce. Rod may be seen in the spring playing baseball where he is on the varsity squad. He is also a member of Phi Gamma Delta, ,gi M, ln the years to come KATHIE KAMPMANN and JACK GERAGHTY will tell their children about their eventful years at the U. of W. Kathy is A.S.U.W. second vice president, a holder of the Phi Beta Kappa key, a member of Mortar Board, Totem Club, Alpha Epsilon Delta honorary, Board of Control, Program Panel, and Kappa Kappa Gamma sorority. Jack is a member of Beta Theta Pi fraternity, Oval Club, Sigma Delta Chi, and holds the first vice president place in the A.S.U.W. senior These two handsome athletes, DAVE EGAN and BOB BRYAN, also find time for other activities. Dave's include Oval Club, President ofthe Man' agerial Council, Purple Shield, Senior Basketball Manager, Chairman of the A.S.U.W., operating committee, and Phi Gamma Delta fraternity. Bob's are Big "W", basketball, track, Student Bar Association, Oval Club president, Phi Theta Epsilon honorary, Scabbard and Blade, and Delta Upsilon fraternity. 2 " it ?"m'5i' Fifi X fi were ' Fw - umm, 11 W . iili ,F- x i- .lrvfw l r my -1- g i 94 liege UD Q v .Lf-. x l 'W 7 gy K yh. ff iii in N' Q T I .f 'z .'ES.4ZF'l3uf- .lr A ternily. 'B S1571 .-2 I .ii , 4 'lf SANDY LEDERMAN, NANCY BRATTON, and GARY STAPLES rep resent seniors from almost every campus activity. Sandy is a mem ber of Big "W", Sigma Alpha Mu fraternity, and played varsity football. Nancy was frosh class secretary, and is now Omicron Nu president, a member of W-Key, Mortar Board Totem Club and Kappa Kappa Gamma sorority. Gary earned a place in big "W", and Husky Swim Club by being a member of the Swim Team. He is also a member of Oval Cluh and Delta Upsilon fro MIKE MONROE earned membership in Big by playing both football and basketball for the University, prominent' DOYLE PERKINS, NONA PETERSON, DAVE VALENTINE and PETE WINSLOW represent a group of typical seniors who have shown unusual leadership qualities in their four years at the U. of W, Pete's activities include Sigma Delta Chi lNational Journalism Fraternityl, editor of Columns and is also a member of Phi Kappa Psi. Nona has worked hard as president of Panhellenic, served faithfully in Mortar Board, Totem Club, and on the Board of Con- trol. You'lI find her spending her spare time as a member of Alpha Chi Omega sorority. DoyIe's athletic ability in Basketball and ten- nis have earned him a place in Big W and Oval Club. Dave's in- terests run from Sigma Delta Chi, to Oval Club secretary, Purple Shield and first vice president of the A.S.U.W. to being a member of Alpha Delta Phi. ps ,few ty ff, fl' Campus activities have earned DOUG RAMSEY and CATHY WELANDER places on the "Outstand- ing Senior" list. Doug is Senior class president, and a member of Oval Club, the Bachelors Club and Delta Upsilon fraternity. Cathy's accomplishments include president of Orchesis, and membership in Arena Drama honor- ary, and Pi Beta Phi sorority, 9 f-'W' Yiiiffsriflis AQHA 'F' W 4. Q , f X1 Q, ANDERSON, Alfred E. Foreign Tracie Pan Xenia U, Christian Union ANDERSON, Yvonne L. Nursing Virginia Mason ARNOLD, Richard E. 63" X , A ii. ,fha S' , Yup- - ANDERSON, Bennett D, Pharmacy Phi Sigma Kappa ANDONlAN, Paul M. Gen. Studies Big W Varsity Boat Club Beta Theta Pi ASHLEY, Mary M. Economics YWCA Cabinet Totem Club Mortar Board Kappa Alpha Theta 4' gf 1? 1 ,tr , li , -T 3' 'A .. " x ,,,,,. ANDERSON, Duane S. Mechanical Engr, A.S M E Rainier ANDRE, Janet M, Elem. Educ Chi Omega ASKREN, Cornelius W, English Educ, Chi Alpha YG' 4 L, . -:af . N 1 , x, F' T , fm f r,,, we gs, r 3' l -J -.ef ., . :tag .,,. 3, 5 , -X. 5. if -... ANDERSON, Earl R. Civil Engr. A,S.C.E, Phi Kappa Psi ANDREIKA, Janis T, Electrical Engl, Tau Beta Pi AIEE-IRE ATKINS, Richard L. Forestry Forest Club Xi Sigma Pi asf' fv ABRAHAM, ADAMS, ADDINGTON, ADSEN, John T. Jr, Thomas C. Sandra R. Jay R. Pre-Med, Physics Elem. Educ. Gen. Bus, Pi Omicran Sigma Zeta Mu Tau Pi Beta Phi Flying Club Alpha Epsilon Delta Compass8rChart Marketing Club Delta Upsilon Acacia Delta Sigma Phi AGAR, AGEE, AHEARN, AKERMAN, James D. BGFLJUVG H. Gerald E. Lou R. Chemical Engr. Gen. Bus. Foreign Trade Retailing A.l.C.E. Pan Xenia Delta Upsilon Phi Kappa Tau Sigma Phi Epsilon ALBERTSON, ALLEN, ALEXANDER, AMIS, Norma Jean Edwin C. Kenneth L. James W., Jr, Nursing Mechanical Engr. Psych.8rSoc. Mechanical Engr, Harborview A,S.M.E. Psi Chi Sigma Nu Wash. Engr. Alpha Kappa Delta S,A.E. ANDERSON, ANDERSON, ANDERSON, ANDERSON, James W. Jan W. Joanne T. Robert R. Gen. Bus. Dental Hygiene Nursing Ceramic Ertgr. Alpha Kappa Psi Alpha Ornicron Pi Virginia Mason Pr Omicron Sigma Scabbard8.Blade Engr. Coun. Phi Kappa Tau ANEMA, ANGKATAVANICH, ARASE, ARCHEY, Jay A. Virote Betty F. Thomas D. Mining Engr Accounting Art Sociology Mines Society Pan Xenia Educ, Club Bachelors Club Calvin Club Pres. H W.S.C. Westminster Ski Team Manager Phi Delta Theta AUGUST, AUSTIN, BACKSTROM, BAILEY, Gerald Nancy E. Alice A. Jane K. Electrical Engr. English Nursing Physical Educ. Tau Bela Pl Delta Cnarnnto Alpha Tau Delta YWCA Cabinet AIEE Harborview Phi Epsilon Chi P.E. Club it " -vc -:rel f , L an J pf' 1 ' Q V' an ' ' ST , , , X , X Q X W N ' f sf- ' ., , , Q 'rr' .sii f kb 'U gi'-Rv. .sg E .DR :Q ' 5 ' ,, 3 N I :v, . BAILEY, BAKER, John G. Mary-Louise Civil Engr, Geography Delta Chi Silver Fish Pres. Totem Club Rec. Coun. Gamma Phi Beta BARNES, BARNES, Ardell D. Lucille R. Physical Educ English Educ Phi Gamma Delta Totem Club BAUDENDISTEL, Mary Ann T. Gen, Studies Alpha Della Pi BELL, Eldon E. Math. Zeta Mu Tau Rainier BENSON, Albert E., Jr. Gen. Bus. Arr Force Band Arnold Air Soc. BERGLUND, John A. Accounting U Christian Unlan AWS Council Mortar Board BEARDSLEY, Janet R. Music Educ. Mu Phi Epsilon BELL, Howard H. Gen. Bus, Tau Kappa Epsilon BENSON, Stanley A. Forestry Xi Sigma Pl Forestry Club Tau Phi Delta BERRY, Anita B. Nursing Harborview -349 BAKER, Ralph B, Art Educ. Grapha Techna BARNETT, William J. Electrical Engr, IRE BECKMAN, Richard V. Mining Engr. Phi Kappa Psi BENJAMIN, Lloyd D., Jr. Physical Educ. P.E. Club Educ. Club Theta Chl BENSTED, Ann I. Personnel Delta Zeta BERVEN, Donald W. Finance Sigrna Chl BAKKE, Kjell M. Civil Engr. Big "W ' Oval Club A.S.C.E. Theta Chi BARRAGER, Harvey C. Pol. Sci. Beta Theta Pa BEEMAN, Rob R. Business Forest Club UW Band Management Club Phi Kappa Tau BENNETT, Sumner W. Gen. Bus Bug Alpha Delta Phi BENTON, Judith A. Business Delta Gamma BEST, Joanne A, Pharmacy Rho Chi A. Ph. A. Alpha Delta Pi 217 .-5 or 4 aw Pig BALDWIN, William F. Economics Big "W Phi Delta Theta BARRELL, Jeannine C, Nursing Swedish BEESON, Beverly E, Dental Hygiene Chi Omega Q 1 .. 'KID' if ' x 'ov 5 ff rf BALLARD, Charles S. Marketing Marketing Club BARTLETT, Doris R. Elem. Educ. Phrateres B D.S A, House BEHRENDT, George W. Civil Engr. Sigma Phi Epsilon "1 n 'req F ,Ny v 'sry f ., E9 5 IL ff ff!! 5, '3 .af .S ' vu I .- -IX BALLEW, BARKER, Michael R. Demir A. Accounting Science BARTON, BAUDENDISTEL, Thomas B. Catherine M. Public Health Nursing Scabbard8.Blade Swedish Delta Upsilon BEICH, BELDEN, Frederick R. Jerry L. Electrical Engl, Electrical Engr AIEEAIRE Sigma Alpha Epsilon Phi Gamma Delt G ,gjff', 44' KJ ,ll 3 I if Aggg I i I' gif.: I I' .,,,. 17,1 if Q' Accounting 'A Q 'L ,vs 'exif 45" Al f L: KG M vw-.fx BLAKE, Donald E. lournalrsnr Sigma Delta Chr Alpha Tau Omega BOUNDY, Bruce K. lnd. Design Pr Omrcrorr Sigma Industrral Designers Tau Kappa Epsilon BRANDT, Richard W. Marketing Delta Tau Delta , yi .tvj 0 W9 if it L- rvgj' 6 if ,N . X AF X 1 rl BETZ, Edward B. Geri. Business Phr Kappa Psi BIRKS, William R. Production Acacia BLAKNEY, Richard B Pharmacy Wesley Club A Ph, A. ...W ,- V17 BLANCHARD, Jack D. Forestry Scabbard ii Blade Tau Phr Delta BOVEE, Cliff Law Zeta Psi BRASK, Bodil Int Relatrons Totern Club Cosmo Club VlSA Alpha Delta Pr lil -P ix! 'N , , 4 KX "J Q l BLOOM, William B. Pharmacy Kappa Psi A. Ph. A BOYD, Robert S. Sociology Theta Xl BRATTON, Nancy J. Horne EC. Totem Club Omrcron Nu Mortar Board Kappa Kappa Gamma BLATT, Norman C. Gen Business Nlarragernent Club U, Prevue Host Song and Stunt Night Srgnra Alpha Mu BOYER, Patricia A. Physrcal Educ SCA Board P E Club Synaaelphrc BRATTON, Carol A. Music Mu Phr Epsilon Kappa Kappa Gamma BIGGART, Terry G. Gen Studies Pilgrim Club Olyrripus House BISCH, Doris M. Nursing Harborvrew Hosp. BLACK, Donna J. Pre-rnarar Alpha Delta Pr BLOSL, Thomas L. Journalism Oval Club Darly Bus, Mar BLOSSOM, Diane E. Gen Studres Pr Beta Phi Alpha Delta Slgrna Chr Psi BOZAK, Richard E, Chernrstry BRADLEY, Robert W. -L ,-rv lv' Chemistry Club Olympus House BRAZIER, John M. Fmance Bra W Varsrty Track Cross-country Track Phr Gamma Delta Beta Gamma Sigma Beta Alpha Psi BREAR, Beverly Elem Educ Pr Lambda Theta Alpha Phi BITAR, Loai S. Chem Engr. AICHE Tau Beta Pr VISA BLACKWELL, Patsy D. Music Mu Phr Epsilon Chr Ornega 4. cs, gi? is . A 5. Q xr A 752, Q ' fp BLOUNT, BONNER, Richard I. Carole M. Transportation Art Proptellor Club Alpha Kappa Psr Managernent Club Phi Sigma Kappa, BRAINARD, Pam K. Socrology Rally Girls Cheerleader Alpha Garnnra Delta BREMNER, Mrs. Laurnell M. Gen, Bus. Wesley Club Kappa Phr BRANDON, Kenneth B. Art Grapha Techna Delta Chr BRENNER, Patricia .l. English Srgma Kappa BRESHENRS, Elizabeth A. Gen Studres Delta Delta Delta BRINKMAN, Janet B. Socrology ASUW Dance C Pr Beta Fhr BRODERSEN, James D. Pre-Med Phr Delta Theta 5. ,I Umm. BREVIK, Arthur M. Marlrctrna Management Club BRINKMAN, Peter A. Gen Studres Brg W Oval Club Swrm Club Srgma Alpha Epsrlon BROOKS, Naomi R. Cuen Stuclres Alpha Omrcron Pr 1 91 ,Tl?' '24 599' ROWN, Ronald E. rysrcs Eta Mu Tau rr Beta Kappa jelan r JRNHAM, Beverly J. 'r rr Mu JSHELL, Donald G., Jr. tthropology yal Club Omrcron Stgnrq gma Alpha Epsrlorr BROWN, Warren T. Marketrng Bachelors Club Sigma Nu BURR, Robert H. Aeronautrcal Engr. Conrpass8iChart Scabbard8rBlade I,A.S. BUSHUE, Paul B. History Pr Omrcron Srgma Alpha Tau Omega qf tv. ,rar BRINDLE, Harold A. Mechanrcal Engr A S,M,E, Kappa Srgnra BRISCOE, DeWayne L. Dentrstry Delta Srgnra Delta Phu Kappa Srgrna BROWN, Louisa A. Nursrng Gamma Phr Beta 'Qi ,ox mv. , . ..r x, ,A Q w --1.1 WE' 5 ,pf 'Iso-f " I e SFT fx ,L gs 11, F57 Q. "'T1 "Y" .53 T . : ,. -4. ' x N ' B BROWNWOOD, Raymond L. Production Theta Delta Chr BURRIS, Robert E. Errrance Srgrna Chr BUTTERY, George F. Arts8.Screrrce Phr Alpha Theta Rarrrrer X v BRUKSNER, BRYAN, Janice l. Robert J. Elem Educ. Law YWCA arg W" Alpha Xt Delta Oval Club Pr Onrrcrarr Srgma Delta Upsrlon BURROWS, BURTNER, Nancy A. Stanley W. Elem, Educ Marlcetrng Totem Club Marlfetrng Club Pr Lambda Theta M,O.H.C Kappa Alpha Theta Rarnrer' BYE, BYLS, Gerald Leah S. Mechanrcal Engr, Nursing A S M.E. Alpha Tau Delta Pr Omrcron Srama Acacro hlarborwfrew BUCHANAN, Garner H. lndustrral Arts Indus Educ Club BURTON, Williams D. Geology Compass8Chart Alpha Tau Omega CAHILL, Margaret A. Errglrsh Totem Club SrgmaEr1srlon Stan ra Oanrrrra Phr Beta BUCKWALTER, Beverly J. Socrology Sigma Kappa BUSH, Curtis G. Mechanrcal Engr A Q M.E Wcislr Engr, Theta Xt CAIN, Albert S. Spanish Educ Baker BURKE, Robert G. Arclrrtecture Atalrer Rotcre BUSH, ,Roderick D. EE ArtsS-Screrrce Delta Tau Delta CALAHAN, Barbara A. Economics Pr Beta Phr .wi 4 Q- T 1' digs ' 3 ai' . ai ,J s Q E . X T I 'il ,ar , K. 'iv' ,Q t yacsj I CJ ,pgfyir .. Wk w . 'W . 0 " f'-1 To Q' CALLISON, ' tp L 9 5 it 'i James R. W i Business .F f Alpha Tau Omega f -N X CAMPBELL, XR 3 1 fn Joan L. dit' .Q History Educ, -i Kappa Delta L 'i .lf .mis fi i CANNON, L.. R- I Patricia A. Y 1' Sociology 'X'n""" lnter-Hall Coun. ' ' McKee " CARLSON, Shirley A. 4' In 4.51. Elem. Educ. L, V- L' Educ. Club . ' Kappa Delta 'fur , X CARROLL, ' t fir-61 John T. X of '--1' Gen. Business 'YJ Basketball ' Alpha Delta Phu x ii P CASH, Gordon D. :fy Ig 5 X l s.. 1 t 1 'X QQ ku Mechanical Engr. Board at Control Purple Shield A.S.M.E. Alpha Delta Phi CAUDILL, Patricia A. Music Mu Phi Epsilon Delta Delta Delta CAYS, Jean A. Nursing Ha rborvrevv CAMERON, James D. Radio-TV Sigma Pt CAMPBELL, Robert W. Journalism Sigma Della Chi Pi Omicron Sigma Sigma Alpha Epsilon CARLSON, Arthur L. Fisheries Fish. Club Yacht Club CARNAHAN, Irvin S. Physical Educ. Wesley Club CARTER, Robert T. Law Sigma Phi Epsilon CASSIDY, Maureen M. Elem. Educ, Kappa Delta CAULFIELD, Joseph N. Industrial Arts Educ. Club Calvin Club lndus. Educ Club CHANG, David B. Engr.8lPhysrcs Tau Beta Pi Zeta Mu Tau A.l E.E, CAMPBELL, Betty J. Accounting Beta Gamma Sigma Alpha Gamma Delta CANNON, Daniel G. Art Educ. Grapha Techna Art Educ, Club Parnassus CARLSON, David C. Forestry Tau Phi Delta CARNEY, Jane R. Gen. Studies CARTER, William L. Law Beta Gamma Sigma Alpha Tau Omega CASSILL, Diane T. Sociology Kappa Kappa Gamma CAVANESS, David C, Accounting Track Rotcre CHASE, Edward Architecture Atelier Phi Kappa Tau CAMPBELL, George S. Mathematics Theta Delta Chi CANNON, Ethelann Nursing Swedish CARLSON, Owen W. Marketing U. Christian Union l l l CARPENTER, Clara L. Nursing Harborview CARY, Brian M. Clvll Engr A.S.C.l. Pershing Rrtles Scabbard8.Blade CASSITY, George E. Gen. Business Big ' W' Varsity Track Delta Upsrlon CAYLES, Cynthia M. Art Alpha Gamma Delt CHATFIELD, Douglas E. Forestry Forest Club Phi Kappa Ps: CHENOWETH, Charles C. Engineering A.S.C.E. CHUNG, Insuk Fisheries Fish. Club CLARKE, Douglas L. Far Eastern Varsity Boat Club COLE, Edwin R. Pharmacy COLLIS, Donald L, Personnel Alpha Sigma Phi CORNELL, Gary R. Pharmacy Kappa Psi CREAGAN, David L. Radio-TV Boker CROOK, Dorothy L. Elem. Educ. Totem Club Calvin Club YWCA CHISHOLM, CHRIST, Roderick S. Virginia J. Physics Personnel UW Band Panhellenic Phi Kappa Tau Beta Gamma Sigma Kappa Kappa Gamma CHUNG, CLACK, Soyong David A. Economics Accounting Korean Stu. Assoc. Phi Delta Thetfl Cascade CLASEN, CLEGG, Dann S. Helene A, Mechanical Engr, Voice A,S,M,E, Mu Phi Epsilon Bachelors Club Pi Omicron Sigma Delta Upsilon COLE, COLEMAN, Robert L. Barbara J. Economics Elem, Educ. Psi Upsilon Educ. Club IWA Blaine CONNOR, COOK, Kathleen R. John P. French LOW Totem Club Zeta Psi Mortar Board Phi Sigma lota Alpha Delta Pi COX, CRAVER, Elizabeth M. James E. Elem. Educ. Silver Fish Alpha Xi Delta CRETTOL, R, Marvin, Jr. Aeronautical Engr. l.A.S. Rainier CROSBY, Mary-Lou Home-economics Homec. Club Omicron Nu Westminster Chemical Engr. Alpha Sigma Phi CRIM, James A, Mechanical Engr. Zeta Mu Tau A.S.M.E. Scobbord8iBlade Phi Kappa Sigma CROWE, Clayton T. Aeronautical Engr, Tau Beta Phi Zeta Mu Tau l-londerich CHUBB, William D. Transportation Swim Club Prapellor Club CLARK, Albert A. Electrical Engr. Delta Upsilon CLOUD, Tony Electrical Engr, AlEE .fm 4- rff .,.-fy we av A u tv, se , ,N rm 2 , r ' -z .,.,f. , 5, ,551 :tx W xi l?f5 6 4-P Cascade Nw' ' Q coiursis, it Melvin T, f Gen. Business A 1 'Ng . ya". 4- Lambda Chi Alpha 351 5 T' xy? P' is Q L Q., E' T' Ev, V! ..... . CORBETT, Robert K, Zoology is Phi Delta Theta CRAWFORD, Russell L. Physics 35, Cascade Q' L We CRISWELL, Marilyn V. Accounting Y 5 Sigma Kappa lg Sf x 'J T' CURTIS, , ' Charles W, Civil Engr. ' A.S.C.E. '12 Olympus Cv- , 221 ,L f ,., icy, f l Lv. ,fi ., .1 for .. f em Q at f .Q .lk A to as isa . 35, QI, ag, I vi i -.ff if if FE' ff A -alla' .af K 5' .J ivy f .'Q DAISHI, DALRYMPLE, Janet S. Lawrence K. Art Forestry Cosmo. Club Oval Club Nui O Club Swim Club YWCA Big Nw' Theta Delta Chi DANIELS, DAUM, jack R. Arthur M. Med, Civil Engr. Alpha Kappa Kappa A 5 C E' DAVIS, Doris J. Marketing Marketing Club Alpha Gamma Delta ini' DAY, Gerald G. Phllosophy Calvin Club Alpha Kappa Della DENNY, Claudia C. Art Alpha Xi Delta DILAZZARO, Mike N. Finance Theta Chi 222 DEALEY, Nancy Nursing Swedish DeSHAZO, James A. Mechanical Engr. A.S ME Tau Beta Pi Sigma Xi DOBBS, Lary S. Zoology Alpha Epsilon Delta Phi Delta Theta deBARD Carol V. Sociology Chi Omega DeSPAIN, Marianna Mortar Board Totem Club Sigma Epsilon DOBKIN, Melvin E. Pharmacy A. Ph. A. Kappa Psi I-I.W.S.C. Sigma DECKER, Donna L. Elem. Educ. DEVONES, Kenneth R. Chemical Engr. A, l. Ch, E. DOBSON, Thomas E. I-hstory Alpha Sigma Phi DAVIS, Harold A. Personnel Inter-House Coun, Rainier 'Cf' Y DAMMEIER, Brian F. Accounting Bachelors Club Psi Upsllon DANIELS, Donald G Speech Adelphi Oval Club Chi Phi DAVENPORT, Edna M, Home Economics Intex 'Hall Coun. McKee DAY, Eugene Pharmacy A. Ph. A. Kappa Psi C. 1,-f DECKER, Jerry N. Speech Delta Upstlon DICK, Claire M. Gen, Studies Totem Club Sr. Class Sec. Alpha Chi Omega DOKKEN, Thomas N. Industrial Arts Educ. Club Indus. Educ. Club DELA BARRE, Newton F. Accounting Alpha Kappa Psi DICK, Larry S. Forestry Xi Sigma Pi Forest Club Chelan DONALDSON, Donald N. Pharmacy Kappa Psi A. Ph. A. DELIMITROS, Aristides C. Arts8Science Phi Delta Theta DIETZ, Arthur H. Electrical Engv. IRE Arnold Air Soc. Delta Chi DONALDSON, Sally E. Dental Hygiene Gamma Phi Beta Q' 5,1-u. "' rf s DEMING, Carolyn B. Elem. Educ. Pilgrim Club Pvomenadeis DIETZEN, Ann E. Home Economics Ornicron Nu Pi Beta Phi DONNAN, Thomas F. Gen, Business Varsity Boat Club Malamutes I957 Crew DONNELLY, Robert H. Forestry Forest Club Pl Orntcran Sigma Westminster Delta Tau Delta DREW, Ann G. Marketing lnterfhall Court EARLEY, John W. Gen. Business Phi Kappa Sigma 0' U 3446, DORMAN, Kenneth B. Retarl Marketing Pt Kappa Phi DRURY, Karen J. Accounting Alpha Phi EASON, Ward R. Forestry Forestry Club Tau Phi Delta DOUGLAS, Gordon R. Gen, Bustness Scabbard8Blade Alpha Sigma Phi DUNN, Muriel M. Dental Hygiene Totem Club Jr Class Sec. W-Key Kappa Alpha Theta EASTMAN, Dolores M. English Educ. Sigma Kappa Q! Mn., DOUGLAS, James C. Mechanical Engr. Delta Kappa Epsilon DUNTON, Anne E. Gen. Studies Kappa Alpha Theta EASTMAN, Donald W. Aeronautical Engr, Gamma Delta Zeta Mu Tau Tau Beta Pi DOWNING, Robert G. Marketing Marketing Club Alpha Kappa Psi DUVAL, Gerald F, Sociology EATON, Janet L. Med, Tech. Mu Tau DOYLE, Michael H. Chemical Engl Wash. Engr A.l.C.E. DWINELL, Donald W. Accounting Acacia EDMUNDS, Sid German Kappa Kappa Gamma DRACUP, John A. Chemical Engr Tau Beta Pi Scabbardiiyliilade A,S.C,E. Engr Stu Court DYE, Robert M. Accounting Beta Alpha Psi EDWARDS, Ralph M. English N ., . 'g K ir' D' ' V Q3 Q ' J X 'J mg , ,rf,, . EGAN, David E. Pol. Sci. Oval Club Managerial Coun Phi Gamma Delta EGTVET, Barbara A. Elem. Educ. Phrateres Pres, Rally Girls Totem Club ELKEN, Sonia C. Nursing Harborvtew EGERTON, Charles W. Transportation EKE, LaVerne M. Music Westmtrtster Phi Mu Alpha Cascade ELLIOTT, Joe O. lncl Arts Educ Educ. Club lndus. Educ. Club .J tv. Q . , K... i sf,-r-.t' .1 fvvu. A 4.1, ,Qt A 41:1 - f-sf Q' EGGAN, Hugh M. Accounting Beta Gamma Sigma Beta Alpha Psi ELFORD, Roy F. Eoretgn Trade Pan Xenia Chl Phi ELLIS, Charles W. Chemical Eng: A S C E, Cascade , I , W? ta. W- sf ., ., , 'S' DRAPER, Gearline Sac Educ. YWCA Cabinet EARLES, Joan E. Elem. Educ Educ Club Alpha Chl Omega EELL5, George C. Education lndus. Arts Club Educ. Club .1 It . if v GJ? f fl 4 ,,, 1 Je 82" 6 .ITV I P ' if ll B if M X n nfl ,ii FAIRBAIRN, FALCONER, FARRAR, lan J. Maynard C. Nancy C. Economics Psychology Elem. Educ. Cosmo. Club Adelphi Pres Panhellenrc Rainier Phi Mu FINCH, FINT, FISCH, James F. Donald J, Richard E. Pharmacy Accounting History Kappa Psi Zeta Mu Tau Phi Alpha Theta Rho Chl Beta Alpha Psi Phi Sigma Kappa A, Ph. A. FITCH, FITZPATRICK, FIX, John S. Robert F. Carolyn Mechanical Engr Personnel Home Economics A.S M.E. Bachelors Club Kappa Delta Chelan Phu Kappa Sigma 24 E!!! :GI J- FARRELL, Kathyryn M. Sociology Alpha Omzcron Pi FISCHER, John M. Pharmacy Kappa Psi A. Ph A. Canterbury Pi Kappa Phi FLETCHER, George G. Pharmacy ELLIS, ELMBERG, Peter R. Jack F. Political Sci. Mechanical Engr. Beta Theta Pi A.S.M.E. Della Tau Delta EMONS, ENGSTROM, James E. Donald E. Aeronautical Engr, Medicine lA.S. Phi Beta Kappa ESSLEY, EVANSON, Frances A. John D, Latin Accounting Young Repubs. Beta Alpha Psi Phi Mu Alpha Kappa Psi FEASTER, FERGUSON, Richard V. Mary Jane Ceramic Engr. Elem Educ. A.C.S. Totem Club Keramas Board at Control Flying Club Phi Kappa Sigma FISHER, George W. Accounting Alpha Phi Omega I. H. Council Phrateres Pres. FISHER, Pete F. Chemical Engr, Zeta Mu Tau Tau Beta Pi Pi Omicron Sigma ELMQUIST, Richard C. Marketing Marketing Club Luther Club Cascade EPPERSON, Lou Ann Elem. Educ. Sigma Kappa EVERSON, Carol M. Comm. Design FIELDER, Hazel F. Art FISHER, Pheips K. Gen Business Alpha Tau Omega Sigma Alpha Epsilon FLODQUIST, FLORA, FLOWER, June Margaret C. Elildbeth A. Elem Educ. Nursing Speech Carr. Kappa Phi Harboryiew Speech Assoc. Totem Club YWCA Tyee Cosmo. Club Alpha Chi Omega Chi Omega " N 'he I ' I I' S .f Q- Q Y . I EMERY, Richard E. Gen Business Alpha Delta Phi ERICKSON, Norman L. Adyertising Bachelors Club Beta Theta Pi EWBANK, William L. History Alpha Delta Phi FIELDER, William H. Journalism Adv. Mgr. Daily Alpha Delta Sigma Delta Chr FISHER, Philip H. Mechanical Engr Alpha Kappa Lamb FLUHARTY, Aryan L. Chemical Engr Zeta Mu Tau Pr Kappa Alpha 4:-N vi' mg, . - ' ls Y . I ca 4. ,R . 3 1.-.114 E' X ef ...f. . x S fr l if E' f' .-ft. -If. FORTIN, FOSTER, Patricia D. James M. Med Tech Gen Business Mu Tau Thela Chi lola Sigma Pi Newman Club FRAAS, FRANCISCO, Roberl J. David H. Pharmacy Art A. Ph. A. Olympus Della Sigma Phi FRANKLIN, FRANKLIN, James D. Ray M. Accounting Forestry Ski Team Xl Sigma Pi Della Kappa Epsilon Fares? Club Compass8rChart Tau Phi Della IAYN, FREDERICK, Robert M. John H. yciology Gen Business ii Della Thela JLTON, FUSFIELD, Marge E. Roberl L. lyslcal Educ. Eleclrical Engr. E,Clul1 Engl Council N Club AIEE IRE H. Council anne ARDIPE, GARDONI, W,lligm A- Frances L. lysical Educ. Nl-"5lll9 :ari- Q L 4 tv- T Grad Nurses FOWLER, Barbara J. Nursing Swedish FRANCKE, Lynn R. Malhemarlcs Phraleies Rally FRASER, Susan R. Hisloiy Educ FOWLER, Joyce J. For East Gamma Phi Bela FRANGEN, Belly M. Elem Educ. WfKey Pi Lambda Thela Della Della Della FRASER, William H. Law Kappa Kappa Gamma Cascade FREEMAN, Melvin I. Medicine Oval Club Phi Omicion Sigma Purple Shield Sigma Alpha Mu GAARD, Norlon L. Chemistry GARRETSON, Charles E. Hislory Psi Upsilon r i FREEMAN, Richard W. Radio-TV Radio'TV Guild Pi Omicvon Sigma Phi Kappa Psi GALBRAITH, Alan F, Hislory Della Tau Della ig, xv 5: W ! Q! ix is 'sr-.1 XJ' GARRETT, Leonard W. Zoology Delta Tau Della gov- 1.4 '-7 FRENCH, FRITTER, Sfephen W. Karolin L. Arl Geography Scal1l1ard8KBlaCle HWSC Cvrapha Techno Leary GALLOP, GALT, Diane M. Phillip A. Polllical Sci. Fai Easl Vlfeslminsler Sigma Phi Epsilon GAVIN, GEARHEARST, Roger J. Beverly R. Gen. Business Psychology I.F C Scalnluard8Blade Kappa Sigma iv:-. f' 1 1 X ., JJ .'l' W 2. 117 lnlerhall Coun, Austin . 'Y GX xref FROULA, Sally A. Educanon Alpha Chi Omega GAMLIN, Richard A. Aeronnuhccil Engl' Daily Cnc. Mgr. Pi Kappa Alpha GEPPERT, Larry L. Elem Educ. Educ. Club ,Q A ., 9 35" af' FUJIMURA, Roberf K. Chemislry MacGregor GARDINER, Mary Ellen Home Economics Phraleies GERAGHTY, John V. Journalism Oval Club Sigma Della Chi ASUW lsr V Pres Bela Thela Pi -Q.-.v M5- Y.,-f 'JP' 226 GERRODETTE, Charles E. Finance House Asso Theta Delta Chi GLANN, James D. Law Phi Delta Phi Phi Beta Kappa Pi Omicron Sigma Lambda Chr Alpha GRAMLING, Elizabeth A. Gen. Business Alpha Chr Omega 1- 1 'nav 5, GILLANDERS, James E. Finance Oval Club Beta Gamma Sigma Purple Shield GLENN, William K. Chemical Engr A. I. Ch E. GRAYBILL, Patricia L. English Chi Omega GILLIS, Murlin F. Physics Quantum Club Zeta Mu Tau Phi Beta Kappa GOODE, John M. Aero Engr. Oval Club Big ' WH Club Husky Swim Club Alpha Delta Phi GREENWOOD, Dale W. Marketing GIBBONS, GIESE, James P. Clarence Sociology Electrical Engr. Baker AIEE-IRE Engl Council Tau Beta Phi GLASS, GLENDINNING, Merrillann Jean D. Nurslng Elern Educ Kappa Phi Sigma Kappa Wesley Club Swedish Hosp. GRAMLING, GRAY, Patrick M. I-GYVY E- B,A. Gen Business Theta Chi Big 'W' Club Oval Club Theta Chr -f 'W 1 w 2 ,M xv I ,,,: V.'A Z Q ,f surf' 3' . J. is 39 Q ff . ,za P .y x? 1 . R Q 1, 5... .kr .1-firggwftl T 'ww' by . g "' . . all Q N F T 2 T . GILLMAN, Jan M. Mechanical Engr A S,M,E A.F Drill Team Adelphi GOUGH, Marilyn L. Gen Studies Home Ec. Club Hub Dance Comm, Alpha Gamma Delta GREVSTAD, Ben I. Gen. Business Big 'W' Club Bachelor s Club Alpha Tau Omega GILMAN, Robert F. Gen Business Zeta Beta Tau GRAF, Robert L. P. E. Educ Varsity Football Alpha Sigma Phi GRIFFIN, Leon P. Marketing Chi Psi :FSL . ir '-QS! Q. GRONNING, Karen L. Nursing Swedish Hosp HAAS, Pamela J. Music Alpha Delta P HADAWAY, Richard B. Transportation fi ...f ...r' GINOSAR, Matania Electrical Engr. Z.M.T l.R E GRAHAM, Patricia J. Intr. Design Phrateres All Phrateres Cour GRIFFIN, William H. Ind. Educ. Ind Educ. Club Inter-Frat, Coun Alpha Tau Ornegc M .Ji vel X-.J F 'iw GROSS, Geraldine K. Radio-TV. Alpha Phi HAASE, John A. Forestry Big ' W' Club Scabbard 81 Blade Oval Club Delta Kappa Epsilon HADSELL, Jean M. Gen. Business Organization Assein Zeta Tau Alpha GRUBB, Edward L. Marketing Marketing Club HABA, Leonard A. Accounting Management Club HAHN, Daril W. Aero Engr. Pi Ornicron Sigma Chr Phi 'lALBERT, Jackie L. Comm Art Totem Club Qally Girls Brogram Panel iappa Dall 1AMMER, Ellis D. G Electrical Engr Beta Mu Ta A. I, R E HARKEN, U James H. Dentistry Chelan ,ff ' ' is we E 5 HALL, Frances J, Music Synadelphic HAMMERMASTER, Gene Bus. Law Big Alpha Kappa Alpha Sigma HARTLEY, Sylvia A. Elem. Educ. Mortar Board YWCA Pres. Westminster House Alpha Chi Omega ,fs- C.-. HEFFRON, Lewis B, Pharmacy A. Ph. A. MacGregor House HESSE, JoAnne M. Marketing Alpha Delta Pi HILDERBRAND, Larry D, Journalism Daily KUOW-EM Delta Sigma Phi HALL, Margaret E. Nursing Swedish Hosp. HANKE, Byron H. Gen. Studies Scabbard 81 Blade Varsity Ball O.A. Alpha Della Phi HARTSOCK, Loretta M. Gen. Business . Ji ,wr HALL, Muriel F, Gen, Business Totem Club W-Key Concert Band Kappa Della HANSEN, Donald L. Civil Engr. Alpha Tau Omega HASKINS, Frederick R. Pharmacy ...Di il., .454 HELLE, James R, Oceanography HESSELHOLT, Mary N, Zoology Panhellenic Pres. of House Alpha Omlcron Pi HILEN, Ann M, Home Ec. Gamma Phi Beta HAMANO, Katherine H, Biology Educ Cluh Valeda HANSON, .loan C, Sociology A.W S. Delta Delta Delta l'lASTlNGS, Gordon Law Scabbard 8. Blade Student Bai Delta Upsilon iz 3. ii. U, A HAMILTON, Joseph B. Gen Business HANSON, Neal R. Civil Engr. Phi Gamma Della HAVEN, Hugh E., Jr. Mechanical Engr. Wash Eng: ASME Eng. Coun. HAMILTON, Geneita B, Gen. Business Alpha Omlcron HANSON, Richard M. Personnel Cascade HAYNES, James M. Chemistry Caduceans Chi Psi HAMMACK, Henry E, Drama Arena HARDING, Roger A. Forestry Forest Club HEANEY, Jocelyn C. English Lil, Trans Newcomb College Alpha Omicron Pi 5-ur Ny fi HERB, Nancy H. Sociology Kappa Kappa Gamma HEVLY, Richard H. Botany Caducean Phi Sigma Baker HILL, Claude E. lnd Arts lnd. Educ. Club Westminster A.F. Drill Team HC" ci' J ii . y by W. 5 fr as L.. ve. fs. R, g xy our - L of fl, ff' l 227 ' A-' lniuqm Q ' i it is wi A "fi 4 .fx .,, s,.:ff I jf.,-N S.: . 14 I 2 . I. it ... A I I V x --f :saw iv W? N! its ..,,.. a 'ew' VX Cd ,.,-f HILL, Donald J. Civil A.S.C.E. Engr. Council Big 'MN HISATA, Tom T. H. Art Synkoa Indus. Design Club Grapha Techno HOLM, Ann E.W. Nursing Swedish HOUSLEY, Walter J, Gen. Bus, Zeta Psi HUBBARD, Thomas W, Acctg. 228 was s V ff HILL, Nancy S. Elem, Educ. Mortar Board Pi Lambda Theta A.S.U.W. Sec. Kappa Kappa Gamma HODGES, Floyd E. Marketing Compass8.Chart Marketing Club Management Club Chi Phi HOLMES, Jerome F. Ind. Educ. Indus, Educ. Club HOWARD, John R. Chem. Alpha Kappa Lambda HUBE, Ronald A. Zoology Chelan HILL, Nelson M. Micro. Kappa Alpha Psi HODSON, Susan M. Elem. Edu. Sigma Epsilon Sigma Pi Lambda Theta Delta Gamma HOLMES, Marguerite Nursing Harbarview Hosp. HOWARD, Norman C. Zoology Alpha Sigma Phi HUDSON, Arley N. Finance Management Club HILL, Robert V. Elec. Engr. Tau Beta Pi A.l.E,E,-l.R.E. HOEY, Myrnie J. lnt, Design Totem Club Panhellenic Kappa Delta HOLSTAD, Marilyn Nursing Alpha Tau Delta Swedish HOWE, Walter C. Finance Beta Gamma Sigma Purple Shield Pi Omicran Sigma Phi Delta Theta HUGHES, Cameon M, Soc. Kappa Alpha Theta HILLMAN, Lona L. Dental Hygiene Senior Section HOFFMAN, William Marketing Marketing Club Zeta Beta Tau HONG, Leslie K. Electrical Engr. Compass8.Chart A.l.E.E. U. Christian Union HOWLAND, Morris A. Arch. Cascade HUGHES, Charles R. Gen. Bus. Purple Shield l,F.C. Sigma Chi Dental Hygiene Dept. HILTON, James M. B.A. Big Phi Gamma Delta HOGE, Joyce Elem, Educ. Zeta Mu Tau Alpha Phi HOPKINS, Violet A. Chem. Iota Sigma Pi Zeta Mu Tau HOYLE, Elizabeth Ann Gen. Studies Pi Beta Phi HUGO, Lynn Spanish Alpha Gamma Delta HINDES, Patrick W. Lag. Eng. Forest Club Carnpass8-Chart Xi Sigma Pi Tau Phi Delta HOLIT, Gert E. Civil Engr. Gamma Delta A.S.C.E. Olympus HORCHOVER, Robert L. Gen. Studies l.F.C. Arnold Air Society Beta Theta Pi HSU, George C. Y. Trans. Pan Xenia HULBUSH, Roger W. Soc. Phi Gamma Delta ,x f HINMAN, Gratia J. Nursing Harborview Hosp. HOLLINGSWORTH, Kennan H. Med. Alpha Kappa Kappa U Band Phi Sigma Kappa HORDAN, William I, Civil Engr. A.S.C,E, Pershtng Rifles HUBBARD, Barbara L. Elem. Educ. HULL, Gay J, Elem. Educ. University Singers Delta Zeta 1 ' F..." J v- ,gf HUMPHREY, Barbara A. Speech Zeta Phi Eta Alpha Delta Pi INGALLS, Robert L. Physics Zeta Mu Tau Pi Omicron Sigma Stgma Phi Epsilon IVERSON, Betty A. Mathematics JENKINS, Marie H. Chemical Engr, A, I, Ch. E JOHANSON, Geraldine R. Nursing Swedish Alpha Delta Pi JOHNSON, Frank R. Gen. Business Kappa Sigma '-5' wud Mo' x' ' , f fm I 1 , .9 H57-I W, i ,f .1 I i I x I HUNDSTAD, HUNTER, Lawrence B. Lloyd W. Ind, Educ. Electrical Engr, Ind, Educ. Club Westminster AIEE-IRE INGHAM, INGLE, Edward R. Danna L. Radio-TV Pharmacy Varsity Boat Club Big Lambda Kappa Sigma A. Ph. A. Delta Zeta IVERSON, IVERSON, Harry A. Sidney C. Mathematics Gen. Studies JESSETT, JESSUP, Frederick E. John H. History Gen. Business Canterbury Club Theta Xi JOHNSON, JOHNSON, Clarence L. Elinor J, Zoalagy Pharmacy MacGregor House Lambda Kappa Sigma A. Ph. A. JOHNSON, JOHNSON, Mariie A. Nunnally English Educ. Electrical Engr Sigma Epsilon Sigma A.l EE. Sigma Kappa Pi Omicron Sigma Scabbard8.Blade Phi Sigma Kappa if T A 2, my s amy X .L ,J 1,7 I it ' yr I W I, D4 4'4" 2 :- 9- inn... HUNTTING, Lou Ann Physical Educ P,E, Club Phi Epstlon Chr Blaine Hall INGMAN, John F. Electrical Engr. Scabbard8.Blade AIEE-IRE Pht Sigma Kappa IWASAKI, Raymond T. B.A. Honderich JEWETT, Dale L. Physical Educ. Oval Club Fir Tree B.Q "wt Sigma Alpha Epsilon JOHNSON, Glenn L. Insurance Beta Gamma Sigma Theta Chi JOHNSON, Raymond L. Gert Art l. H. Council Olympus 'x....u- v" Q I ta- ffl HUNTWORTH, Gail A, Sociology Alpha Gamma Delta ISHAM, Don Political Sci Sigma Chi JACKSON, Marlene E, Gen. Studies Delta Delta Delta 'S .S 7 '-sacj ff HURLBUT, Elizabeth E. Mathematics Totem Club Zeta Mu Tau Kappa Kappa Gamma ISHII, Irene Nursing Harbarvlew JACOBS, Kenneth G. Comm. Art Kappa Sigma 4'- WN ina srl 6 it A , f-. .C sf-, ff- V it , ILLMAN, ING, Sally M. Lowell C.E. Radio-TV Real Estate Radio-TV Guild Pl Alpha Sigma Delta Delta Delta ISRAEL, IVERSEN, Beverly Phyllis J, Home Economics Nursing Homec. Club Haibarview Alpha Epsilon Phi JACOBSEN, JAMIESON, Paul M. Rabert F, Pharmacy Civil Engr. Delta Kappa Epsilon A,S.C.E. Tau Beta Pi 453 'FV .1 229 5 ' J 'W W I l JOHNSON, Susan Home Economics Kappa Alpha Theta JORGENSEN, Jean K. Home Economics Alpha Gamma Delta KAWAGUCHI, Ellen Y. Nursing Harborview B .5 . fx W rf V2 .1 ,Q -qv? ,fm ,t I JOHNSON, Thomas R. Accounting Boat Club Pi Omtcron Sigma Beta Alpha Psi Chi Psi JOYNER, Joan L. English Educ. Alpha Phi KAY, Richard L. Pharmacy Kappa Psi A. Ph. A. .il A A I A, gel J T11-f JOHNSON, Zarol R. Personnel Management Club l. H. Council KAAS, Sharon L. Nursing W-Key Alpha Tau Delta Swedish KEATLEY, Robert L, Journalism Sigma Delta Chr Daily Editor i .21 193 ,A .imvf j ' K L M1 ,ff .5 , r 1 1 X Qs .At .W-r ,. 1 1' ref' , v 1, A ,P F... P ' I S 'K P xv? lg- JOHNSTON, JOHNSTON, JONES, JONES, Harold D. Virginia M. David P. John P. Elem Educ. Sec. Training Electrical Engr. Architecture Tennis Club AIEE Bachelors Club Delta Delta Delta Theta Delta Chi Delta Tau Delta KACHLElN, KAMPMANN, KANDLE, KARKOW, George F- Kathie J. Charles K. Margaret Monqeymg Literature Civil Engr Home Economics CO,mmS5,3ChU,, Mortar Board Cascade Delta Delta Delta Phi Delta Theta Qld V' plies' i e a appa Kappa Kappa Gamma KEELER KEISTER, KELLIE, KENOYER, Gmgcm T4 Mariorie E. Wesley N. Willa TVGUSDOHGNOD Home Economics Forestry Jgumqltgm McGregor Omicron Nu Forest Club Theta Sigma Phi Westmlitster Chelan Pi Alpha Sigma Hornec. Club Alpha Delta Pi KENT, KEER, KERSHNER, Kathleen M, Dinah Elenore J, Home Economics English Speech Carr. Leary Leary Silver Fish Speech Assoc. Delta Delta Delta KIENITZ, KIFER, KHDAHLI Beverly J' Harlan E, Carlene E. Music Educ. Indus, Design Elem- EClUC4 'T Pi Beta Phi Grapha Techna lndus, Design Club X... Theta Delta Chr KING, KING, KING, Dougios F, Judith M. Richard A, SOUOTOQY Radio-TV Speech . i Phu Sigma Kappa AWS V Pres. Debate Totem Club Model LJ,N W-Key Acacia ,. Q idl J . t sw ' Chi Omega 1 . -fe I J xt 9 JONES, Kay H. Civil Engr. A.S.C.E Engr. Council Tau Beta Pi KARMIN, Kurt W. Architecture IFC Pres Oval Club Pi Ornicran Sigma KENT, Jerry R. Chemistry Educ KERSLAKE, Ronald W. Transportation Chi Phi KIM, Hong Shik Civil Engr. Baker KLEIN, Eleanor M. Comm. Art Lambda Rho Pt Alpha Sigma Alpha Chi Omega 8 Nh--.4 ..,,f APY 45. ,an- N...-f 'vr M ive-vi is ,'..,,. 5 KLEIN, KLEINBERG, Joyce N. Larry Sociology Pre Law Blaine Zeta Beta Tau KNOLES, KNOWLES, Adrienne K. William D. History Chemical Engr. Sigma Kappa A. l. Ch, E. KOURA, KOUYOUMJIAN, Kenso Aida M. Accounting Cosmo Club V l S.A. Pres. Tolern Club Delta Zeta KUWADA, KVANDE, Nancy N, Sharon E. English Radio-TV Radio-TV Guild Alpha Xi Delta LAFFAW, LAFOLLETTE, Larry A. Larry D. Personnel insurance Scabbard8.Blade Oval Club Compass8.Charl Lambda Chi Alpha Band LAMB, LANDON, Lynn R. Marilyn L. Civil Engr. Elem. Educ. Boat Club Mortar Board Varsity Crew Program Panel Oval Club Pi Lambda Theta Sigma Alpha Epsilon Delta Gamma KLEINER, Dolph S. Civics Educ. Sigma Alpha Mu KNUDSON, Kenneth E. Aeronautical Engr, KOYASAKO, Jimmy S. Civil Engr A.S.C.E, Synlroa KYLE, Richard L. Mechanical Engr. A.S.M.E LAGERQUIST, Karen J. Elem. Educ A,F. Sponsors Alpha Delta Pi 4. KLEWENO, Gilbert H. Transportation Lambda Chi Alpha KNUTSON, John A, lndus. Arts Educ, Club lnd Educ Club KREITEBERG, Richard Aeronautical Engr Alpha Sigma Phi LACKMAN, Bob Journalism Pershing Rifles Alpha Delia Sigma LAING, Shirley A. Music Educ, Zeta Tau Alpha LANE, LANFEAR, Robert M. Frances M. Journalism Home Ec. Educ. Alpha Phi Omega Homec. Club Educ. Club 's Q... "Vi Y J -ef' KLINGBEIL, Richard C. For Eastern Pershing Rifles KOHATSU, Takeshi Aeronautical Engr lA.S. Olympus KRUSE, Karen A, Tyee Buss. Mgr. Theta Sigma Phi Pi Alpha Sigma Kappa Delta f- 0' i 1 KLINGLER, Daniel W. Personnel Westminster Alpha Kappa Lambda KONGKATONG, Prayoon Foreign Trade Pan Xenia Men s Co-op. KUEHN, George F. Accounting Beta Alpha Psi Beta Gamma Sigma . , , M., G' 1 -Q-:Y KNATZ, Mary Ellen Accounting Beta Gamma Sigma AWS Council Rec. Council Zeta Tau Alpha KONING, Adolf P. Electrical Engr. AIEE Tau Beta Pi Zeta Mu Tau KUNIYUKI, Yulrio Gen. Studies Scabbard8.Blade Columns ASUW Photographer wo! Tr? KNESTIS, William E Ph. 8. PH. Acacia KOUCHI, Bill M. Accounting KURONEN, Michael J Philosophy Olympus Q I y 'fo- ne V -Q R .- 'Q' -J 'Wk are VK -v f, 1 IW' XQQQ-gg xg Q. if -we V Sv 5'-adv Sf V137 'ltrx LANFEAR, William R. Gen Business Marketing Club Young Republican Club LARSEN, Robert D. Ind. Arts Industrial Arts Club LEONARD, David L. Chemical Engr. A. I. Ch. E. Chr Alpha Olympus LINDMAN, Arthur L. Insurance Sigma Nu LOE, Mary E. Med. Tech Mu Tau Kappa Alpha Theta 232 LANGLIE, J. Winfield Marketing Phi Kappa Sigma LATOURELL, Dean Architecture Theta Xl LEONARD, Theodore H. Electrical Engr, IRE LIPPERT, George W. Pre. Dent, UW, Yacht Club LOGAN, Gene E. Mechanical Engr. Lambda Ch: Alpha 0 Y, ,r x. E Yr 2. tw' sr' ., X 'Wx LANGTON, Kenneth P. Insurance Delta Tau Delta Bachelors Club Alpha Kappa Psi Husky Yacht Club LAUE, Sally J. Home Ec Educ. Alpha Xi Delta Panhellenlc LE ROY, Zoanne M, Drama Arena LISTER, Marian A. Nursing Phi Beta Kappa Sigma Epsilon Sigma Alpha Tau Delta Swedish LOKKEN, Doris E. Home Economics Kappa Phrateres YWCA Cabinet Totem Club Omlcron Nu i lv A I ,I IA I ,, ti, v X, . tv I l .eq ix? sf' 5 , J ,J . lake J be LANIGAN, Anne B. Nursing Hcrrboryrew LEE, Eun Kyung Political Sci, Austin Visa LEVINSON, Samuel H. Radio-TV Radio-TV Guild I-lrllel House LIVENGOOD, Mark D. Radio TV Radio-TV Guild Adelphi LOMAX, Alan K, Pharmacy Intramural Mgr. A. Ph. A Managerial Coun 2-svsiif'-A., Cffl v.,."1'l.e . 'XM -uf T E YW is ,mi N al . f 3 'i L y 1 H, LQROCQUE, LARSON, LARSON, Mary J, David M. Donald C. Microbtology Accounting Metalurgrcal Engr, Mgliee Treggure Beta Alpha Psi Tau Beta Pr Sigma Epsilon Sigma Alpha Kappa Psi McKee Sports LEE, LEIBEL, LEON, William Y, Jim R. Richard Architecture Forestry Gen Studies Atelier Beta Theta Pr Program Panel Operating Comm Calvin Club Alpha Delta Phi LEWIS, LEWIS, LIDSTONE, Don T. Myron E. Judith K. Gen. Business Architecture Marketing Theta Delta Chi Tau Sigma Delta Kappa Alpha Theta LLOYD, LLOYD, LOCKE, Colvin C, Glen A. Arla M, Forestry Architecture Sociology Forestry Clulu Atelier Totem Club Tau Phu Delta UN Comm. OA Steering Kappa Delta LONGPRE, I-ORENTZEN, LOUIS, Barbara D. Joane M. Lyman O. Nursing NUISIVIQ Gen. Business Delta Delta Delta PIWFUISVSS Alpha Kappa Psi Swedish LS A Malamutes SW5dl5Il Canterbury Club Delta Chr LAT f'tl3ili , V, K W , alt? ' Q ,R LARSON, Margaret A. Journalism Alpha Xu Delta Theta Sigma Phi LEONARD, Betty J. Gen. Business Alpha Chl Omega LINDELL, William F. Political Sci Phi Delta Theta LOCKWOOD, Donald A. Gen Business Beta Gamma Sigma AMS Treasurer Purple Shield Beta Theta Pl LOVE, Edwin A. Foreign Trade Compass 81 Chart Pan Xenia Lambda Chi Alpha 'gf usd' X-.f 4-4, LUTTINEN, Sidney R. Chemistry Kappa Sigma MCCLARY, David H. History Oval Club Big ' W' Pi Sigma Alpha Phi Della Theta MCEACHERN, Elizabeth History Kappa Alpha Theta MCGUIRE, Gordon E. Art MCKEEVER, Jane Literature Kappa Delta MCLEAN, Judith L. Elem. Educ. Totem Club Pr Lamlzdn Theta Gamma Phi Beta McARTHUR, Norine M. Pharmacy Lambda Kappa Sigma A. Ph. A. Alpha Delta Pi MCCORMACK, Janet E. Sociology Totem Club A WS Coun, Pi Beta Phi McGATLlN, James R. Production Scabbard 8- Blade H.W.S C Alpha Delta Phi McGUlRE, Mrs. Marla C. Secretary McKENNEY, Douglas Civil Engl A S.C.E MCLEAN, Richard T. Accounting Managerial Coun. Chi Psi MCBRIDE, Harold D. Pharmacy Kappa Psi Pres. A. Ph, A Sigma Nu MCCRACKEN, Sandra L. Home Ec. Panhellenic Pi Belo Phi MCGEE, Boyd J, Gen. Business Varsity Rifle Acacia MclNTYRE, Marcia L. Gen. Studies Kappa Kappa Gamma MCKINNEY, Michael C. Political Sci Phi Kappa Psi McLEOD, Ronald M. Real Estate ,4 S- ' -.. "" .9 'X -" WN , L' .if 'li J .Ar 7 McCARTNEY, Nancy L. Speech Zeta Phi Eta Speech Asso Delta Zeta McDANIEL, Arlene J. P. E. Educ. McGRATH, James J. History Compass 81 Chart McKEE, Margaret M. Elem Educ Rally Girls Delta Delta Delta MCKINNON, Michael W. Mechanical Engr. Big W Bachelor 5 Club Beta Theta Pi McMAHAN, Duane C. Civil Engr. Chi Psi LOWERY, Patrick A. Mechanical Engl A.S.M.E. LUMLEY, Don D. Sociology Psi Upsilon L' 5 A35 . -1.5, lt LOWMAN, Charles P. Accounting Bachelors Club Pi Onircion Sigma IEC Coun. Phi Kappa Sigma LUNDBERG, Melvin E. Civil Engr A.S C E, I.E.C. Pi Kappa Phi .,.. Mm w 151 2, . rw! Af av sv 717 S Wil' 'SEM LUKIN, Jack R. Mechanical Engr. A.S.M,E, Pl Omicroli Sigma Alpha Epsilon Pi LUNDBERG, Ted R. Gen. Business Lambda Chi Alpha P5 L. . ,N . 5 YN xx .xx .X xx ln- .Q LUM, William P. C. Personnel Baker LUTTINEN, Carlyle H. Business Ecluc Compass 8 Chart Sec IF.C. Bus. Educ. Club Kappa Sigma ' 11:1 .9 nfs A sl eff fl ..-Q' 'wr- 'ik ,540 A 3 J 5. Ismael x...,, .,-ft? J,-c .N 1 .V , 3 xi- X V . " gl . M vm " A i cv 'tl ,J V f A Z . ' ' - Y 4 I l--45 1 Q v-s QW ella QQ 'Q ' 'A 45? McNAMEE, Roberl S. C1en,Buslness Oval Club Varlsty Foolball Purple Shield Alpha Della Phl MALM, Clifford F, Elecillcal Engr AIEE Baker Hall MARTIN, Carol D. Malhemallcs Tolem Club Alpha Della Pl MEAGHER, Donna M. Joulnallsm W-Key Tolem Club Theta Slgma Phl Alpha Phi 5" V- , , X . .,, , I . l , U R33 -w e T-8 : ' wax' T W MCMAHON, McMANIS, MCMILLAN, Eugene B, Chet C. Richard J., Jr. Elem. Educ. Mechalllcal Engr. Mecharllcal Ellgl Eclucclllon Club IF C AS M.E A S M.E. Theta Chl MAEKAWA, MAGATA, MAGGIOROS, Donald Y. Thomas T, Joan A. Gen. BUSINESS lnduslllal Ellgr Soclology Synl-coa Cosmo Club Alpha Gamma D MARQUIS, MARSHALL, MARSHALL, Leland G. Deborah L. MClf9Ol'6l A. Eleclrlcal Engr. Geography Soclalogy AlEE'lRE Gamma Phl Bela W Key Alpha Xl Della MATZKIND, MAUGG, MEAD, Marian F. Richard A. Herb T. lourrlallsm Sociology B.A. Hlllel Thela Chl Oval Club Alpha Epsllon Phl Batchelor s Club Thela Chl x ' 1 r my -gr! - ! sd '- ad I Q., v- fs RQ! 'kg 1 McNlCHOLS, Sara L. French Tolem Club Phl Slgma lola Pl Bela Phl MANN, Spencer I. Mechalllcal Engr. Varslly Boal Club MARTIN, Florence E. Nurslhg Harborvlew Hosp. MEHL, Roger L, Pre-Med Varslly Boat Club Della Tau Della 'N-J MCREYNOLDS, Neil L, Joulnallsm Slgma Della Chl Pl Omlcron Slgma Dolly Edllor Thcla Della Chl MARCEIJA, Grela F. Nurslng Harborvlew Hosp MARTIN, John K. Zoology Della Kappa Epsllon MELANDER, Dennis G. Mechanlcal Erlgr. A SME. Pl Omlcron Epsllon Acacia N no il N0 9' I . -fl.. 3 .1 MADDESS, Lorraine J. Personnel lnlerhall Corl. Blalrle Hall MARENAKOS, James B. Flrlance Managemenl Club Foreslry Club Tau Phl Della MARTIN, Morris C. Muslc Educ. Macgregar House MELIN. Joan A. Speech Alpha Della Pl MENTOR, Joseph P. BA. Chl Phl MERRITT, Donna J. Nurslng Swedlsh Hosp Phl Mu MERCHANT, Howard C. Mechanical Engr Tau Bela Pl A.S M.E, Phl Bela Kappa MESHER, Ronald K. Radio-TV Zeta Bela Tau MERLINO, Lawrence U, Physical Educ. P E. Club METCALF, Donald Economics Phl Bela Kappa Scahbard 8. Blade Olympus Hall MADSEN, Emma M. Joulnallsm Pl Alpha Slgma Columns Bus Mgr, Alpha Della Pl MARK, Julian Pharmacy Kappa Psl MASSEY, Roy S. Clvll Engr A S.C.E, H,W.S.C. Compass 8. Chart Thela Chl MELSETH, Marvin J. Ind. Deslgn Phl Kappa Slgma MERPORT, Kenneth F. Soclology Zela Bela Tau METTLER, Ulrick H. Mechanical Ellgr, Gamma Della A.S M.E. 4 METZ, Peter R, Electrical Engl' AIEE-IRE Tau Beta Pt Zeta Mu Tau MILLER, Gerald M. Geology Ammonrtes MILLER, Mary Jean Nursing Horborvrew Hosp. MIYAGI, James T. Real Estate MOORE, Donald W. Ciytcs Kappa Sigma MORTON, Lee A. Mechanical Errgr. Sigma Phi Epsilon 2 MICKEY, MILHOLLAND, MILLARD, Sharon L. Gail E. Kenneth R. English Educ. Music Architecture Orchesrs Kappa Delta Deseret Club YWCA Calumet Rotcre Alpha Chr Omega MILLER, MILLER, MILLER, John K, Kenneth E. Marilyn A. Architecture Electrical Eng: Medical Tech. Compass 81 Chart AIEE IRE Mu Tau Atller Acacia Phu Mu Theta Xi MILLER, MILLER, Richard O. Robert W. Gen. Business Sociology Alpha Kappa Psi Phu Sigma Kappa MOBBS, Beverly J. Business Educ. lnterhall Con. Bus Educ. Club McKee Hall MOORE, Thomas R, Psychology Bachelor s Club Alpha Delta Phi MOSSOP, Mary L. Gen. Business Kappa Kappa Gamma r Y I , .eq 'fs I ' I ,. - 'life' ,f 1 fha! KN. I Pr Omicron Sigma Compass 81 Chart Zeta Psi MOEHRING, Donald F. Transportation Management Club Propellor Club MORAN, Frances J, Sociology Delta Zeta MOTT, Judith P. Gen. Studies Gamma Phi Beta IW ' A Y X ii: KC, t if MILLER, Rod Gen. Studies Phi Gamma Delta MOELLER, James H. Radio-TV Purple Shteld Campus Chest Managerial Con Phi Kappa Sigma MORFORD, Donald K. Public Rel. Malamutes Rally Chairman Yell Leader Delta Upstlon MOTTELER, Mary Zoe Rrrrlr 'TV Arr Force Sponsors Model UN Comm Campus Guides Srgrna Kappa r. 'A sd 'qs-' K XJ X7 C' IW. 1 ,ffl 3 ...uf wa' MILLS, Barbara J. Physical Educ. Club P E. Club Rttlery Kappa Delta MOEN, Margery L. Personnel Kappa Delta MORGAN, Audrey C. Medical-Tech. Mu Tau MOULTON, Frank W. Mechanical Engr A.S ME Phi Kappa Sigma MINERT, Jack W. Production Phi Sigma Kappa MOFFAT, Marlene Sociology Delta Delta Delta MORRIS, Ralph L. Chemistry IFC General Con Delta Kappa Epsilon MOULTON, Shirley A. Elem Educ, Zeta Phi Eta Alpha Gamma Delta 1:-7 V, MISCH, Hanna Psychology MOLDSTAD, Harold A. Architecture Phi Gamma Delta MORRIS, Robert C. Aeronautical Engr. Tau Beta Pr I.A.S Flying Club MOYER, Carol A. Marketing Alpha Gamma Delta or rf ' 4 .E . 5 gf.. fl? 3- MITCHELL, Gordon S. Physics Theta Chr MOLL, Frank H. Finance Phi Kappa Srgma MORRIS, Robert G. Economics Big W Oval Club Bachelor s Club Phi Delta Theta MOYER, James A. Forestry Forest Club Tau Phi Delta . .A -V. l. A 1.,: Q, AE: .. I ,fir QI. cr .-.32 'R' A -. fa . , W ig . the 'F' 4 f r L ,4-an . ax if -4-" 1 - 41' ,L ,Q .41 if ' '7' I 1 6 is 46' y,-A Z i 1 lk: 9' lf' at f. ? ' ' , l 2. 4 6 'Q' f 1-,TY MOYNAN, sxtfaat Donald G. Music Educ. Club Opera - wJ.,,, ' L .i MURAKAMI, , A , 'C Robert E, We Chemical Engr. H A. l, Ch, E. Tau Beta Pi Phi Lambda Upsilon 5 - 5755 i Q" " Q 1 ' MYERS, i- f Riff L" 5 Lafe H, ' V. yn' ' Zoology , Alpha Sigma Phi 'dt NELSEN, Sally K. ' Elem. Educ. ,L Alpha Xi Delta 2 ...X ' NELSON, gi Harold K, K V ,L K A -lf of K 429' ..p' ff. 'FT Chemical Engr. Engr. Council A. l. Ch. E. NETH, Sylvia A. Physical Educ, Pres. Club Rec. Council P.E. Club NlELSEN, William F. Economics Bachelors Club Alpha Delta Phi NOWELL, Philip E. History Delta Kappa Ep sllon MUELLER, MULLIN, Edward L. Shan J. Political Sci. Law Repub. Club Oval Club Bachelors Club Beta Gamma Sigma Phi Gamma Delta MURPHY, MURRAY, Michael D. Gail A. Economics Gen. Studies Psi Upsilon Kappa Alpha Theta NAGEL, NAKAGAWA, Donald A. Yoshitada Medicine Sociology Alpha Kappa Kappa NELSON, NELSON, Bernice A. Byrne S, Nursing Home Economics Wesley Club Mortar Board Swedish Omicron Nu Pi Lambda Theta Austin NELSON, NELSON, Howard A. Patricia Ann Pharmacy Sociology Educ. A. Ph. A. Totem Club Kappa Psi W-Key Tyee Editor Delta Zeta NEWMAN, NICKLAUS, William M. Vernon D. English Music Educ. Arena Phi Mu Alpha English Club Rofcre NOBLE, NOBLE, Gerald F. Steve Pharmacy Foreign Trade Kappa Psi Phi Kappa Psi A. Ph. A. Pershing Ritles NULL, NUTTER, Jack E. Shirley L. Mechanical Engr. Home Economics Theta Chi Delta Gamma MUNN, Gary A. English Phi Kappa Psi MUTSCHLER, Mary A. Home Economics Omicron Nu Hornec Club Westminster NEERGAARD, Christine A, English Rally Totem Club Panhelleruc Alpha Gamma De NELSON, Floyd E., Jr. Indus. Educ. Educ. Club Ind. Educ. Club NESS, Verna M. English Lit. English Club Pres. Austin NICKLE, George M. Real Estate Malamutes Theta Chi NORDMAN, Arnold R. Chemical Engr. Zeta Mu Tau Purple Shield Pi Omicron Sigma Sigma Alpha Epsil OBERG, Richard M. Accounting l-l.W.S.C. Camera Club Lambda Chi Alphf OBERKOTTER, Marilyn J. Journalism lo'enl Clulb Tnuta Sigma Pin Phrateres Austin OERTLI, Ronald B. Marlrelmg Varsity Tennis ScaiJearfJS-Blazle Marketing Club OLIVER, Ileana K. Home Economics Silver Fish Pl Belo Phi OLSEN, Ronald H. Journalism Bla W' Oval Club Basketball Della Upsllon OSWALT, Jonel L, Hlslory Educ. YWCA Cabinet Della Mu PARKER, William L. Accounting Purple Shlelcl Phi Delta Theta OCONNER, James V. Accountlna Bela Alpha Psi A :wha Kappa Psi Young Repuins. OKAMURA, Eugene M, Gen. Business Synkaa OLlVlER, Denny R. Geography Chl Psi OLSON, Darryl D. Economics Zeta Mu Tau Phi Gamma Delta OVERHOLT, William H. Alt PARSONS, Waller C. Personnel Alpha Kappa Psi Management Club ODEGARD, Carol E. Music Chl Omega OKITA, Richard Y. Eleclrlcal Engl. AlEE Tau Beta Pl OLSEN, Barbara J, Sociology Della Della Della OLSON, James R. Production Bela Oalnnia Slgnla Baal Club Slgnia Phi Epsilon OWEN, Robert W, Oceanography Scabbarcl8rBlade Phi Kappa Psi PARTEE, Duane W, Eareslry Wesley Club Eoreslly Club y..z wr s V , -df -'Bm Z.- -of OECK, Emil A. Law Scablvarrl 81 Blade Alpha Kappa Ps Phi Sigma Kappa OLESEN, Janet I. Business Educ Mortar Board P- Lanimla Thela OLSEN, Irene S, Horne Economics l'larnec Clulb ,M 4 dv lik. E?-' Q OLSON, OLSON, Joyce S. Karol K, Gen Sludles English Educ Alpha Xl Della OXWANG, PALMER, Margaret David R. Int. Design Electrical Engr Sarorla AIEE-IRE PATRICK, PATRICK, Archie S. Keith T, Ecanornrcs Accounting Psi Upsllon Alpha Kappa Psi Alpha Sigma Phi iw 5,03 Q '32 , r ' , , 1' L' -I f . , wr X 5, l sl,, C lv' 'vcrsafx , 'YW4 f Aft, in 'am l 1 'Q 'UM l OPPlE, Alfred L. lvlechanlcal Engl SAE, PALMER, Mariorle E. Sociology Alpha Onncron Pl PATTERSON, William F. Physical Educ Delta Kappa Epsilon p Q i K OPSTAD, Edwin A. Economics l F C Acacla PALOLA, Ernesl G. Psychology Alpha Phi Omega Tau Kappa Epsilon PAULSON, Laura J. Home Economics Onncron Nu Della Della Della 4' w-K J W .- f, lr 7' .5 182 j -au' 1 iw ORTWEIN, Norman R. Physlcs B D.S.A. Quanlun Club Chelan PARKER, Venetle R. Sociology Alpha Oannna Della PEARCE, Marlene H. Home Economics Orrncran Nu , N.: -sw, 4' ,Q f sr 3 "' q-'ff lf' KT , , gwl I ts' -1: x r ,Qfp PECCHIA, PEDERSON, Benita M. Phyllis J. Nursing English l-larbarview Chi Ornega PENCE, PENNING, Caryle J. Pamla D. Sec. Training Art Educ. Kappa Alpha Theta Delta Oamrna PETERS, PETERS, Richard J. Sidney B. Forest Prod. Marketing Forest Club Marketing Club Tau Phi Delta Compass8rChart Kappa Sigma PETERSON, PETERSON, Carolyn H. Dale L. Elem. Educ. Finance Orchesis Bachelor's Club Alpha Xi Delta Them Chi PETERSON, PETERSON, Richard Ted G. Finance Physics Alpha Delta Phi Varsity Boat Club Compass8rChart PETHLEY, PETRIE, Lowell S. Robert L. Accounting Marketing Beta Alpha Psi Beta Gamma Sigma PHELPS, Edward W. Accounting Rainier PIERSON, Bill Zoology Phi Delta Theta 238 Marketing Club Alpha Kappa Psi PHILIPS, Richard H. English Delta Tau Delta PIERSON, Darrell E. Forest Prod. Forest Club Caeop Board at Dir. Rotcre PELL, James C. Gen Business Psr Upsilon PERRY, Don M. Business Sigma Chr PETERSEN, Emery A. Mechanical Engr. A.S.M.E. Flying Club Beta Theta Pi PETERSON, Lloyd W. Political Sci. Baker PETERSON, Wallace R, Civil Engl' A S C E. PEYSER, Al Gen. Studies Swim Club Phi Kappa Psi PHILLIPS, Albert Zoology Oval Club PIERSON, Lynn F. History Alpha Phi PELLEGRINl, Angela, Elem. Educ Pi Lambda Theta Pi Beta Phi PERRY, Leonard G. Insurance Bachelors Club Boat Club Purple Shield Phi Gamma Delta PETERSEN, Warren D. Indus. Design Grapha Techna Indus. Design Club Beta Theta Pr PETERSON, Nona Lee Gen. Studies Panhel. Pres. Mortar Board Totem Club Alpha Chl Omega PETERSON, Warren R. Gen. Business Alpha Delta Phi PFElL, Caroline A. Nursing Swedish PICKETTS, William N. Forest Mgmt Forestry Club Xi Sigma Pi Tau Phi Delta PIHA, Rae Dental Hygiene Dental Hygiene Club PIKE, Douglas H. P.H.8rA.M. Pl Kappa Phi POOLER, Beverly J. Elem. Educ. Alpha Delta Pi PORTER, Porter W. Civil Engr. Alpha Kappa Lambda PRlVAT, John P. Finance Beta Gamma Sigma Alpha Delta Phi PUTNAM, Douglas K. Mechanical Engr Oval Club Tau Beta Pi A.S.M.E. Phi Kappa Sigma RAHE, Robert L, History Beta Theta Pi RANKIN, Fred O. Pharmacy A. Ph, A. Lambda Chi Alpha RASMUSSEN, Orville T. Accounting Bela Alpha Psi Olympus PINCKNEY, PLUMB, POOL, Patricia R. James W. BYYOH D- English Radio-TV Electrical Engr. Alpha Della Pl TV Guild AlEE'lRE Compass8iChart Alpha Sigma Phi PORT, PORTER, PORTER, Paul L. Barbara Cassandra T, Pharmacy Nursing English A.Ph.A. Swedish POTTSCHMIDT, PRATT, PRICE, Louis S, David T. K, Louise Physics Mechanical Engr Polmcgl Sci. Ski Team Boat Club Ujxj, Comm, Delta Kappa Epsilon Tau Beta Pi Vlfesimmsief Zeta MU TCU Alpha Delta Pi PROCTOR, PUGH, PURNELL, Paul L. Jaan M. Dove F, Gen. Business Med. Tech. Gen BUSH-less Frash. Tennis Mu Tau Big ' W ' Bridge Club Iota Sigma Pi 300, Club Dellcl GUVVTW0 Alpha Sigma Phi PYEATT, RACINE, RAE, Joni Robert E. BONUS E4 GSH- Business Gen, Business Sociolo9Y Alpha Phi Sigma NU RAMSEY, RAMSEY, RAMSEY, Audrey C. Douglas A. Richard E. English Journalism Pharmacy Sigma Epsilon Sigma Bachelors Club Kappa Psi Oval Club Pi Omicron Sigma Sr. Class Pres. Rho Chi Delta Upsilan Alpha Sigma Phi RANUM, RARIG, RASANEN, Gordon L. Clark B. Irene A. Mechanical Engr. Accounting Dental Hygiene S.A.E. Sigma Phi Epsilon Gamma Phi Beta RASSAT, RATCLIPFE, RATHBUN, James A. Thomas L, Philip W. Archiiegiure Gen. Business Gen. Business Sigma Alpha Epsilon Tau Kappa Epsilon l.H. Council Compass8iChart Baker ' Er xl? x if,- 'wil g 6 6 3 1.4 X if YG' .1 B K7 2 A RICHARDS, Richard A. Political Sci Oval Club AMS Pres Varsity Boat Club Delta Kappa Epsilon ROBBINS, Maxine W. Anthropology D.A.R, scholar ROHR, Robert E. Foreign Trade Bachelors Club Pan Xema Scabbard8-Blade Delta Tau Delta -'Qs 4, '-Ffa JXEQQ N. K 3 , RICHARDSON, James T. lnclus Design Cwrapha Techna Theta Chr ROBERTS, JoAnne B. Sociology ROLAND, Craig W. Architecture Delta Tau Delta ,Q yi? 11,3 I ft. if , I 75. 1 RIEDINGER, George M. Finance Sigma Chr ROBINSON, Elizabeth A. English Educ. Kappa Phu Wesley Club Phraleres ROOS, John H. Electrical Engr AIEE Delta Tau Delta X... V rl vga., r RIGDON, Jon M. Architecture Atelier Olympus ROBINSON, Joan W. History Educ. Phu Alpha Theta Alpha Chr Omega ROSCOE, Jean Nursing W-Key Alpha Tau Delta Swedish Kappa Delta RAYNOR, John C. Forestry Forestry Club Tau Phr Delta REEDER, Paul A. Finance Purple Shield Oval Club Sigma Nu RELLING, Pearl I., Med. Tech. Mu Tau REED, Dorothy E. Drama Alpha Delta P, REEVE, Kenneth N. History Educ. Chelan RENSHAW, Kent S. Meteorology Zeta Ps: Phr Beta Kappa Iota Sigma Pr RINGSAGE J. Duane Zoology r ROBINSON, Marilyn F. Journalism Theta Sigma Phr Sigma Epsilon Sigma Alpha Epsilon Phi ROSELLI, Louis A. Gen. Studies Bug W' Alpha Delta Phi -.1 6 , gm T' A fi ,- 65. ,, RITCHIE, Margaret A. Pharmacy Lambda Kappa Sigma Rho Chr A Ph. A ROEDEL, Louis J. Radio TV TV Guild ROSS, Darrell I.. Electrical Engr. AIEEIRE -S hr QU!" REED, Eddy R. Music REHBOCK, Judy A. Sociology Educ, Alpha Chr Omega RHINE, Ronald J. Marketing Sigma Pr RIVERS, Connie English Educ ROENING, Donald W. Electrical Errgr. A.l.E.E. Army Band ROSS, Doyle, W. Aeranautrcal Engr l A.S Tau Beta Pr if .V 4 5 .9. 1 :KLL '67, REED, Norman J. Mechanical Engr A S.M E Phi Kappa Ps. REINHOLT, Robert C. Per sorrncl lntnatl Area Psi Urrsrlorr RICH, Rodney G. Mathematics Theta Chr ROBB, Barbara J. Physical Educ. P. E Club Phu Epsilon Chr W Club ROGERS, Elmer R. Pharmacy Lambda Chr Alpha ROSS, Kenneth E. Chemical Engr A, l Ch. E. Phi Sigma Kappa f 'in ff r , 5- ROSS, Linnea A. Biology Educ. Mortar Board YWCA Cabinet Totem Club ROTTER, Ernest A. Forestry Forestry Club Tau Phi Delta RUBLE, Stanley D. Production Alpha Tau Omega RYAN, Kathleen M. Pharmacy A, Ph. A. SANBORN, Sally B, Math. Educ. Alpha Delta Pi SANSBURN, Mary Lu Elem. Educ. Wesley Club U. ot W. Singers SAULSMAN, Richard R. Mechanical Engr. A.S.M.E. S.A,E. SCHAPPERT, Edna C. Sec. Training Yacht Club Chi Omega ROSS, Sharon A, Dental Hygiene Kappa Alpha Theta ROTTLER, Arthur D. Clvil Engr. A.S.C.E. RUEF, Melvin R. Foreign Trade U. Christian Union SABERHAGEN, Janet English U. Singers Kappa Alpha Theta SANDBERG, Phillip L. Gen. Business Sigma Nu SARGENT, Betty Political Sci. Gamma Phi Beta SCHAEFER, Stephen R. Law Zeta Beta Tau SCHATZ, Audrey M. Elem. Educ. Gamma Della Pi Lambda Theta ROTHENBUHLER, William N. Electrical Engr. AIEE Wash. Engr. ROWBOTTOM, Mildred I. Nursing Swedish RUTHFORD, Carol L. Indus. Design Indus. Design Club Zeta Tau Alpha SAGLE, Arthur A. Mathematics Zeta Mu Tau Adelphi Pi Mu Epsilon SANFORD, Sandra Art Rally Totem Club Gamma Phi Beta SARGENT, Harrison P, Insurance Big "W" Bachelors Club Psi Upsilan SCHAFER, Ronald H. Political Sci. Oval Club Board of Control Pres. l.H. Council Cascade SCHIEBEL, Joseph Political Sci. Purple Shield Program Panel Visa Exec. Coun. Theta Delta Chi ROTTA, Ervin A. Electrical Engr. Alpha Phi Omega Wash. Engr. AIEE-IRE RUBINSTEIN, Richard A. Marketing Marketing Club Zeta Beta Tau RUTHRUFF, Darene L, lnsti. Admin. Homec. Club SAMUELS, Stanley M. Law Phi Beta Kappa Phi Alpha Delta Hillel Sigma Alpha Mu SANSBURN, Kenneth Production O.A. Wesley Club SATTERTHWAITE, Judy N. Nursing Harborview SCHALK, Erica L. German Sigma Epsilon Sigma University Preview Delta Delta Delta SCHUH, ' Jack W. Production Delta Tau Delta 24I K P M I cris A A ' - ""5',' pref, , We 'K . - df' , 2 Q. j av' -' if . +G X. ' I "rt 5 SENDA, Margaret M. Health Educ. Valeda Sigma Epsilon Sigma Pub. Health Club SHIMIZO, Masaru Chemical Engr. A. l. Ch. E. SILVERNALE, Bonnie M. Sociology Educ, Comm. Tyee ,l,s,.,,, W .5 ,fa -ef, -si' SERVIZI, James A. Civil Engr. A.S.C.E. SHINDELL, Robert N. Business Zeta Beta Tau SIMMONS, Dou las H. 9 Gen. Business Beta Theta Pi -Q 2, . 1 f',Y 'Qian .rt ' A K , 5' . s QM! 1 I V -I 1 Ii - - '-",. Y - Q if ..., . ,Q IW . ,-.. ,pr L: ' ' -is "P SETO, Grace Y. Math. Educ. Zeta Mu Tau McKee SHIRMER, Conrad L. Mechanical Engr. I,R.E. Phi Sigma Kappa SIMMONS, Greta C. Sociology Delta Gamma NN fun: s SHAKAR, Alexious Architecture Atelier Cosmo Club VISA SHORTING, Donald Sociology SIMON, Norman Political Sci. Sigma Alpha SCHULENBURG, George A. Gen. Business SEARLE, Henry L. Civil Engr. U. Christian Union Compass8iChart A.S.C.E. SEGALE, Sandra R. Home Economics Alpha Chi Omega SHANNON, Laurel J. Gen, Business McKee SCHUR, SCHWARZ, Marianne L. John D. Marketing Physical Educ. Marketing Club O.A. Alpha Gamma Delta SEARLES, SEDA-BERGMAN, Marikay Carol English Educ. History Educ. Rally Pi Lambda Theta Pi Lambda Theta Homecoming Queen Kappa Kappa Gamma SEIFERT, Thomas R. Gen. Studies Delta Upsilon SHAW, Luanne R. Home Economics Omicron Nu Homec. Club Kappa Alpha Theta SHRINER, SIDERES, Ralph F. Gloria A. Civil Engr. Sociology Educ. A.S.C.E. Kappa Kappa Gamma SIMPSON, SIMS, Pauline R. Sylvia G. Nursing Psychology Virginia Mason Alpha Omicran Pi Pi Beta Phi -- ,. t if - - sul.: . J .af QE l I in N.. i Egg' SELLEN, Betty C. Journ. Educ. Canterbury YWCA Cabinet HWSC Zeta Tau Alpha SHERMAN, Robert F. Electrical Engr. AIEE-IRE Alpha Delta Phi SIEGWARTH, James D. Physics Olympus SISLER, Gary L. Political Sci. Pres. J.I.F.C. Purple Shield Phi Gamma Delta SCHWEDES, John C. Mechanical Engr. A.S.M.E. S.A.E. Sigma Chi SEEK, Richard L. Pharmacy SEMMERN, Carol A. Elem. Ecluc. Totem Club Rally Delta Delta Delta SHIELDS, Burton G. Pharmacy A. Ph. A. SILLIMAN, Marilyn Y. Bus. Educ. Blaine SISSON, Larry W. Food Tech. Alpha Tau Omega E ff -xi ff, W2 Sgr ...rf SJOBERG, Richard D. Gen. Business Compass8iChart Newman Club SMITH, James O. Chemistry SOMERS, James H. Electrical Engr. Baker SPENCE, Marilyn J. Dietetics Silver Fish Homec. Club Alpha Chi Omega STEINBACK, Richard A. Pharmacy Kappa Psi Pl Omicron Sigma Sigma Alpha Mu STEPHAS, Paul Physlcs Zeta Mu Tau SJURSEN, Mary Ann Speech Corr. Zeta Phi Eta Speech Assoc. Alpha Gamma Delta SMITH, Nancy K. Dental Hygiene Delta Gamma SORENSON, Roy J, Spanish Educ. Educ. Club Phi Sigma Kappa STACK, AI N. Marketing Phl Kappa Psi STEINCIPHER, Claire Radio-TV Totem Club Zeta Phi Eta Pl Alpha Sigma Kappa Delta STEVENSON, Marjorie Nursing .,, ' ,sf ,. is 2 lf. Q SMETHERAM, Herbert E. Political Sci. Big "VV ' Scabbard8.Blade Varsity Tennis Delta Kappa Epsilon SMITH, Stephen B. Real Estate Kappa Alpha Psi SORGENFREI, Ja Soclology Kappa Delta STAPLES, George G. Advertising Oval Club Swim Club Big Delta Upsllon STEINER, Griffith R. Gen. Business Boat Club Phi Della Theta STILL, Robert M. Art Pl Rho Sigma Tau Kappa Epsilon I if W M SMITH, Donna L, Interior Design Pi Beta Phi SMITH, Verna A. Pharmacy Lambda Kappa Sigma SORIANO, Lawrence E. Political Sci. Pl Omicron Sigma Zeta Beta Tau STARLUND, Susan L. Political Sci. Delta Zeta STENMAN, Gordon T. Gen. Business STODDARD, Betty J. Art Totem Club Rally Song Leader Delta Gamma sg. SMITH, Dorothea E. Bus. Educ, Bus. Educ. Club SNELL, Billy R. Gen Studies Alpha Phi Omega Pl Omlcron Sigma Phi Kappa Tau SOWA, Kenneth B, Mechanical Engr. A.S.lVl.E. , 5 35' 3 scffj, ' , qv ,,, i , I-vi , 3, '--'- W fn. ,L , Qs ii qi. 97. ,sl fx SMITH, Dorothy B. Home Economics V.P. Panhellenic Totem Club Homec. Club Alpha Chi Omega SNIDER, Joan A. Nursing Harborview SPEAR, Philip J. Gen. Business Zeta Beta Tau Gu- , ,Eff eff' A.. i W K 5 ,,'i , . ala. I 'I' V , 6 'J SMITH, SMITH, Edward O. George E. Racllo TV Mechanical Engr Scabbard8iBIade A.S.M,E. Dotsan Sigma Phi Epsilon SNODGRASS, SODERBERG, Marilyn A. Wallace R. Internal Design Gen Business lvlarlcetlng Club Chl Alpha SPEECE, SPEER, Lula M. Rae Journalism Art Pi Alpha Sigma Theta Sigma Phi Synadelphic 'fir Q . if It W ,Q Pi Alpha Sigma Alpha Chl Omega ca C, ,. ' .fs , KV' x 2 4 Q 44 SWANTZ, Steven W. Accounting Chi Psi TERRY, Ronald E. Physical Educ. Big Slgma Alpha Epsilon THORSTENSON, Robert M. History I.F.C. Oval Club Big Theta Delta Chi .I I J GJ 11 rf' 419' K, SWETT, SWISHER, John E. Donald P. Zoology Political Sci. Phi Gamma Delta Pi Omicron Sigma Pi Sigma Alpha Compass8rChart Acacia THOMAS, THOMAS, Harlan P. Robert W. Gen. Business MCfl4SliUQ Ovgl Club Marketing Club Varsity Boat Club Delta Kappa Epsilon THRAlLKlLL, THURMOND, William R, Albert Gen. Business PlTCfmUCY Phi Kappa Psi RhO Chl A. Ph. A. ,J we'9if Q ! far' 45' TAKIMOTO, James T. Accounting Synkoa THOMAS, Roy Finance Phi Kappa Slgma THWING, James L. Physical Educ. Menis P.E. Club STONE, Cathy L. Elem. Educ. Zeta Phi Eta Pi Beta Phi STOOKEY, Donald M. Accounting Purple Shield Mgr. Council Delta Chi SUDER, Walter J. Gen. Business Adelphi Pan Xenia Luther Club TASHIRO, Saturo Electrical Engr. Tau Beta Pl Zeta Mu Tau THOME, Don Geology Big "W ' Oval Club Varsity Swim T Theta Chi TIBBITS, Robert M. Economics Sigma Chi earn STONE, Janet E. Music Mu Phi Epsilon Kappa Alpha Theta STRINGFELLOW, John I. Transportation Alpha Kappa Psi Wesley Club Propeller Club SUGIMOTO, Setsuko Gen. Art Lambda Rho Blaine Hall TASSO, Ronald F. For East THOMPSON, Arlene R, Homec. Club TIGNON, Marie Claire English Phi Mu ,-4 5.1 1:17 TE, ill has 5 STONE, Peter G. Art Educ. Grapha Techna Art Educ. Club Columns Staff STROM, Terry A. Law Delta Kappa Epsilon SUMMERS, Adelle B. Elem. Educ. Alpha Xi Delta TAYLOR, Lois Homec. Educ. Totem Club AWS Council STONE, Shirleyann J. Home Economics Kappa Kappa Gamma STUHT, Sally Sociology Kappa Alpha Theta SUTHERLAND, Charles W. Electrical Engr. AIEE-IRE Tau Beta Pi TEAGUE, Dutton O. Education lnter-house Con Balmer Hall Homec. Club Cabinet THOMPSON, THOMPSON, Patricia M. Richard P. Personnel Law Panhellenic Exec. Con. Purple Shield Chi Omega Theta Xi TITCHENAL, TOBIN, C. Ralph Louise A. Gen. Business Home Economics Homec. Club Sororia Education Club gl . A 'Eff ' 2 t W' ' we f f 1. f-. G' wares I ' Lv -fl f' r ' V -Q4 -l 'E by 'L iff! lt FIRST ROW TODD, TOLLE, TRAVERSO, TRESCOTT, Glenda L. Jerry Jack B. Anthony W, Gen. Studies English Gen Business GSH- BUSTFISSS Phrateres Phi Kappa Tau Delta Tau Delta FIRST ROW CONT. TURANCIOL, TURK, TURK, TURNBAUGH, Fuat Avrum M. Patty A. Douglas B. Mechanical Engr, Political Sci. Business Educ. History A SM E. Zeta Beta Tau Delta Delta Delta U. Children 5 Theater Rainier Hall SECOND ROW TURNER, TYE, URAKAWA, Ned Leah Joyce Marianne H. Gen Business Art Educ Elem. Educ Phi Delta Theta Board of Control Valeda Mortar Board AWS Pres. THIRD ROW Kappa Alpha Theta UTILMAN, VAIL, VAIL, Wes C, Norman N. Van Horn Political Sci. Transportation German Pi Sigma Alpha Alpha Kappa Psi Phi Beta Kappa Theta Delta Chl Della Phi Alpha Scabbard8tBlade Theta Xi ALENTINE, VAN, VAN ANTWERP, VANDERSLICE, VAN PELT, David A. Eric P. Sherran A. Gordon S, Edward B, rurnallsm Accounting Nursing Mechanical Engr. Transportation gmc Delta Chi Alpha Kappa Psi Swedish Hosp. A SM E. Marketing Club yal Club Malamutes Alpha Xi Delta Scabbard81Blade Scabbard8Blade rrple Shield UW Yacht Club Lambda Chi Alpha pha Delta Phi Delta Tau Delta AUX, VEALE, VERDl, VIK, VIMING, James G. Thomas F. Yolanda L. James P. Paul E. vil Engr, Geography Nursing Marketing Accounting S.C.E. Lambda Chr Alpha Alpha Delta Pi Marketing Club Alpha Beta Psi Management Club Beta Gamma Sigma Young Rep, Club Chr Phi AGGONER, WAGSTAFF, WAHL, WAHL, WAILES, Edward M. Louise Howard W. Karen L, Ron D, A- Gen Studies Civil Engr. Psychology Polificgl Sci, l S'Qlm0 KUPPG Kappa Kappa Gamma A.S.C.E. Rulty GlflS Varsity Boat Club Tau Beta Pl Sigma Epsilon Sigma Big Olympus Hall Kappa Delta Alpha Delta Phi v , X X . ji. ,J f-Q " Y ' ,. H gr.: r gg A. .. J' y X E, ' 'Jw V ' Xi . QA! :rf b l A Te ' 'W' -lg-1 ,ge .ar , gs,- E by l ' 'MQ 1:-ns' 'Qs' '33, .l 'Mar' N sw. ,, -fr rfvf .-es 'S A i i i 3 'ge-. .1 an 3 if M . . 1 Tx VAN SCOYOC, Arlene E. Journalism Theta Sigma Phi Delta Delta Delta VINCENT, Lois A, Education Kappa Delta WAISS, Kay D. Nursing Alpha Tau Delta Newman Club VAN TYEN, Maria E. Music Educ. Delta Gamma VALK, Thomas J. Geology WALKER, Bruce A. Personnel Varsity Boat Club Bachelors Club Swedish Hosp. Srgmq NU --T N 4' " X f, " x cr: -gf . . .ll ,C M, Vi K J is we .ix F C VAN VOLKINGBURGH, Wilna J. Art Educ. WADDINGHAM, Judy A. English Alpha Phi WALLERIUS, Lynn A, Art Totem Club Lambda Rho Pi Alpha Sigma Delta Gamma Ab" f 'X X fn r. .wx 4 1 may ffr .vvw I 3 1' in Q I . .4-. ,f ur a:'1"y 'bv' R 4: I 'wr ,,, , N. 1' ff' 0 4, aff' N '49 06' -5 v X 'B' su...-av . I. Q . 1 px. 'H-.... FIRST ROW WALLIN, Myrna R. Elem. Educ. Delta Gamma FIRST ROW CONT. WARFIELD, Robert L. Mechanical Engr Pl Kappa Alpha SECOND ROW WARREN, Dorothy I.. Nursing Alpha Tau Delta Harbaryiew THIRD ROW WATERS, Wayne G. Gen Studies Varsity Boat Compass8.Chart Scabbard8.Blade Alpha Sigma Phi FOURTH ROW WELD, Wayne C, Sociology Educ, Compass8.Chart ScalJbald8iBlade FIFTH ROW WERNER, Lee Ann Microbiology Blaine SIXTH ROW WESTLAND, Eugene L. Pharmacy A. Ph A. SEVENTH ROW WHISMAN, Archie L. Accounting Beta Alpha Psi EIGHTH ROW WIES, Kaye A. Art Blaine WANG, Hugh H.K. Zoology Christian Fellow WARNEK, Ross S. Journalism IFC Council O.A. Theta Xi WATERHOUSE, Myra Mathematics Zeta Mu Tau Mu Phi Epsilon WATSON, Lynne Nursing Virginia Mason Alpha Chi Omega WELLER, Farestine L. Medicine WESTALL, Richard J. General Bus. Bachelors Club Beta Theta Pi WESTWOOD, Edward C. Aeronautical l.A.S. Olympus WHITE, Virginia T. Home Economics Hamec. Club WILLEY, Fredric A, Business Alpha Sigma Ph: WARD, Audrey J. Elem Educ Homec Club Phrateres V,P. WARNER, John B. Journalism Alpha Delta Sigma Bachelors Club Alpha Delta Phi WATERMAN, Alvin W. Mechanical Engr. ASME Tau Beta Pi WATTS, Charley D. Chemical Eng: A. I. Ch. E Dolsan WELLS, Steve P. Pharmacy Phu Gamma Delta WESTENHAVEN, Barbara C. Elem. Educ. Kappa Delta WHEELER, Morgan Real Estate Ritle Team Alpha Delta Phi WICK, Dennis J, Zoology Malamutes Pres Purple Shield Lambda Chi Alpha WILLIAMS, Dane A. Mechanical Engr. Zeta Psi WARD, Neoma English Tyee Kappa Delta WARREN, Bruce P, Mechanical Engr Kappa Sigma WATERS, Louellen H. Sociology Alpha Delta Pi WELANDER, Cathy A. Drama Educ Arena Oichesls Pres Pi Beta Phi WERNENTIN, Claire l. English Delta Gamma WESTLAND, Andrew K. Radio-TV Radio-TV Guild WHISENAND, Donna L. Elem. Educ, Bus Educ. Club WIEL, William D, Far East WILLIAMS, David L. Psychology Scabbard8QBIade Phi Kappa Psi WILLIAMS, Diane Journalism Theta Sigma Phi Daily Delta Gamma WILSON, Robert K. Accounting WITTMER, Perquilla Nursing Grad, Nurses Club Phrateres WORTHINGTON, Charles F. Marketing Scabbard8tBlade Arnold Air Soc. Delta Tau Delta YOUNG, Andrew .l. Political Sci. Delta Stgma Rho Pr Omicron Sigma Scabbard8tBlade Kappa Alpha Psl . 1 WILLIAMS, Elmer G., Jr. Marketing Marketing Club Kappa Sigma WILSON, Van R. Chemical Engr Phi Gamma Delta WOLFE, Betty J. Elem. Educ, YWCA McKee WOUWENAAR, George F. Chemical Engr. A.S.C.E. YOUNG, Rusty Insurance Oval Club Prr Tree Phi Delta Theta WILLIAMS, Victor A. Chemical Engr, A. l. Ch. E. Compass81Chart WINDER, George F. lndus. Educ. lnd. Educ. Club WOLL, Frances M. Art Zeta Tau Alpha WYNNE, Dick Journ. Educ. Sigma Delta Chi Educ. Club Delta Sigma Phu ZERWEKH, Janet L. Art Educ. Srgrna Kappa WILSON, Alice R. Elem. Educ. Mortar Board Alpha Phi WINDHAM, Jerry L. Gen. Studies Oval Club Delta Tau Delta WONG, Kenneth G. Medicine Phi Beta Kappa Rho Chr YAMASHIRO, Andrew T. Foreign Trade ZINGMARK, John R. F. E. Delta Upsilon WILSON, Brock B. Mechanical Engr. A.S,M.E. Sigma Alpha Epsilon WING, Donald W. Mechanical Engr, A.S.M.E. WONG, Yuen K, Pharmacy Kappa Psi YANAGIHARA, Alcio, Accounting Varsity Bowling Synkoa ZIRBEL, Bill D. Transportation Bachelors Club Oval Club Delta Tau Delta 9 A fs . . 3 is .V i gr 'Cf' .tt V 4 . K 1. ASA .63 Quill' ,L -sf ef-N V WILSON, Duane T. Zoology Westnrrnster' Alpha Kappa Lambda WINKLEY, Donald H. Gen. Business Alpha Kappa Psr Marketing Club WOO, Hazel J. Elem, Educ. YANDON, Richard S. Nursing Harborvlew ZOFFEL, George S. Accountrng Phu Delta Theta .1 UN WILSON, Gloria A. Music Mortar Board Alpha Delta Pr WINSLOW, Pete Journalism Sigma Delta Chr Phi Kappa Psi WOOD, Stephan J, Aeronautical Eng r. Purple Shield Scabbard8.Blode Arnold Air Soc Alpha Sigma Phi YANICKS, Milt J. Education Varsity Football Oval Club Alpho Sigma Phi x , Nl .lyk ,- li' "':.:' .f. ea he 'r WILSON, Lewellyn L, Speech Educ. Phr Delta Kappa Speech Assoc. WITTE, Duane M. History Educ. Phr Alpha Theta WOODMARK, Marilyn L. Gen. Buslness Panhellenlc Zeta Tau Alpha YOUELL, Heath Flnance I PM-Q w ,U 6? Q, gt 'T M-. - I .. if . an .d f if 4 baccalaureat honors 1954-55 Baccalaureate honors are based on the entire scholastic record of the graduate. The distinction of summa cum laude signifies a minimum grade-point average of 3.9, magna cum laude an average of 3.6, and cum laude an average of 3.35. The honor,summa cum laude is awarded only to students who have completed four full years at the Uni- versity of Washington, magna cum laude and cum laude to those who have com- pleted not less than ninety hours at this institution, together with a record of distinc- tion at institutions previously attended. magna cum laude Adams, Wendy Elizabeth Alyea, Lorene Ethel Ashmore, Richard Farrand Betts, Gerald Lee Brazier, Thomas Stewart Brittain, Joe T. Bryan, Laurel Margaret Burnham, Rqbert Alan Carlyle, Jack Webster Ceder, Jack Gary Clark, Kenneth Bemis Corbett, Mary Louise Denevan, William Francis Dermanis, Paul Raymond Dietz, Warren Carlton Donart, Marilou Ruth Douglas, William Allison Draper, Diane Mabelle Eaton, Peggy Jean Egan, Evelyn Ann Gaffner, Haines Bell, Jr. Griffith, Alice Diane Guy, Arthur William Haugen, Obert Clarence, Jr. Henkel, Harold Winston Johnson, Corinne Mae Jones, Leona May Joukovsky, Natalie Marie Kahan, Naomi Kane, Donald Barrett Kanikeberg, Nancy LaVerne Kellogg, Ann Estelle Kepler, Don lan Koetie, Edward LaVern Kosobud, Dorothy Ann Lapins, Uldis Egils Larson, Willard Alvin Erik Lavenson, George Stanley, Jr. McBride, Delbert J. McDonagh, Patricia Anne Metter, Raymond Ernest Mills, Davis Russell Montgomery, Sharon Anne Morris, Ruby Weitzer Olving, Gerhard Parvey, Dona Mae Payne, Buryl Pearl, Don Chester, Jr. Perine, Barbara Ann Roach, Richard Russel Rogers, William Harold Rosaaen, Dorothy Cocks Ross, Ellen Court Saugen, John Louis Shafer, Shirley Elaine Shaver, James Porter Smarr, Betty Henskey Strieff, Mary Thiltgen Sutherland, Janet Ruth Tang, Chung-Liang Tate, James Lee Tighe, Robert Francis Treiger, Irwin L. Tross, Mary-Patricia Ulvestad, Roger Byron Willard, Harrison Robert Woods, Sally Ann Yoshinaka, Kenii Zolbrod, Leon M. cum laude Abramson, Norman Jay Bader, Ethel L. Ball, William Echols, Jr. Barbey, Mary Ruth Barrie, Thomas Howard Batchelder, Carol Jean Beeks, William T., Jr. Bell, Joan Catherine Berglund, Phyllis Marie Blair, Barbara Pauline Bledsoe, William Keith Boone, Rosaleen Fay Boyd, Barbara Jean Brungard, Jacqueline Marlene Butts, Jeanne Marie Call, Marion Louise Carlson, Beatrice Marian Christiansen, Robert Allan Compaan, Phyllis Anne Correa, Roy Jay Cunningham, James Patton Darnell, Jean Amsbaugh Davison, Peggy Lou Dement, William Charles Ditz, James Paul Dixon, Rosemary Donald, Bruce Eldon Eastman, John Faulkner, Charles Wesley Ferguson, Jean Ann Friet, James Edwin Fry, Clifford Frank Gill, Mariorie Jeanne Glasscock, Hope Greenway, Elizabeth DeCan Hanson, Edward Lee Hawkins, Judith Drake Hawkins, Richard Dale Hennes, James David Hopkins, John Chapman Hoyt, Carroll Lucien Hunt, Mary Elizabeth Hutchinson, Irene Claire Jamieson, Francis Lawrence Johnson, Richard Guerrier King, Esmer Severtson Korner, Georgia Meta LaCoss, William Douglas Laudan, Phyllis Brooks Longwill, William Gail Lonon, Elizabeth Eleanor Mar, Brian Wayne Martin, James George Martin, Robert Lee Matsudaira, Michael Y. Mauzey, Martha L. Maxum, Bernard Harold J. Miller, Warren Shepard Mueller, Floyd Kenneth Munro, Donald Neil Nagasowa, Shigeo Norberg, Louis Edward O'Brien, Barbara Mae Oppel, lngeborg Pardo, Richard Douglas Peterson, Sara Mae Piper, Mariorie Ray Powell, Mary Jane Quinlan, John Remi Rasche, Bruce Collins Ray, Bernard Francis Rockey, Helen Margaret St. Pierre, Thomas Alexander Salmon, Laura May Scheyer, Gwen Opal Schlaefli, Wayne Ernest Scribner, Suzanne Mary Sehmel, George Albert Shepherd, Frances Doreen Siedler, Philip Edward, Jr. Skotheim, Nadine Esther Smith, Nancy Ann Splits, Irene Nina Stephens, Freeman Richard Swanson, Sherry Louise Thompson, E. Joan Tidwell, Joseph Paul Tionneland, Elling Tjossem, Jacqueline May Tralle, George Edward Valentine, Ralph Schuyler Walker, James Rodney Wentela, Eugene Edward Willey, Robert James Williams, Robert Clifford Williston, Anne Catherine Willrich, Carl August, Jr. Winder, Leona Mae Wolf, Carol Louise Yambao, Phyllis Salomae Ytgard, Janice Cosby Bryan, Laurel Margaret college of arts and sciences freshmen Alhadeff, Rosalie Ann Aschenbrenner, Ernestine E. Bastian, William Howard Brodie, Donald William Burgan, David William Bush, Carol Jean Carlgren, Barbara Chase, Nancy Elizabeth Cole, Charles Burt Davidson, Lyle Reed Dodge, James Theodore Efron, Arthur Fabrick, Patricia Ann Fairhall, Edith H. Fassett, Beverly Marie Follis, Britta Rosemarie Foster, Patricia Gayle Gillanders, Kathleen Joanne Grahn, Thomas Bernard Green, Shirley Elizabeth Haag, John Edwin Hale, Orlan Davis Hegle, Carmen Diane Henke, Julie Roberta Hull, Harry Markwood Jobs, Elizabeth Storm Johnson, John Franklyn Jones, lvaly Kanz, John Wilbert Kilburn, Howard Lee Koerner, Laura Mae Landon, Carol Elizabeth Lotz, Donna Mae McDonald, Sandra Beth Madsen, Jean Louise Maizels, Nettie Glickman Mathews, William George Moss, Robert Wallace, Jr. Mund, Jennie-Clair Margaret Nakata, Smith S. Nelson, Ruby lrene Nickel, Michel Howard Peters, Nancy Joyce Rouke, Erma Jean Salt, Suzanne Schegolkov, Lea Victoria Scott, Teresa Lee Shomler, Robert Paul Siemon, James Edward Starkenburg, Shirlee Ann Stender, Nancy F. Stover, Janis Ann Stunz, Thomasina Jo Sullivan, Robert Mark Thompson, Jack Thomas Troupe, Edward Warren Troy, Charles Edgar Van Tilborg, Sue Whitehead, Virginia Anne Wogsland, Betty Jean Yamamoto, George Hidekichi Young, Joseph Edward Yowell, Carol Elaine sophomores Adkisson, Sandra Lynn Alferieff, Nicholas Bergman, Myra Marie Burnham, Shirley Semingson Carraher, Ronald George Castillo, Joan Melita DeShazo, Donna Marie Fitch, Cornelia Mathewson Gauger, Grant Eaton Glenn, Colvin Wayne Hesse, Margaret Houk, Theodore Lewis lrving, Eldon Leonard Kenney, George James LaFreniere, Oliver Walter Linstrom, Carol Jean Miyouchi, Takiko Morganthaler, Mary L. Morlock, Noel Lewis Orliss, Theodore Eugene Osterman, Mary Potts, Noreen Mae undergraduate honors The undergraduate honors are compiled of those students whose names have appeared on two or more of the quarterly scholarship lists ofthe preceding year at the Univer- sity as well as two-thirds of all quarters here. Transfers appearing on those lists are those who entered with averages approximately equivalent to those of the students who have attended only the University of Washington. Quicks tad, Karen Jo Ramsey, Audrey Carolyn Roop, Madeleine Schetfl er, Hildegard Schnatterly, Ann Shasteen, Harlen Edwin Stallard, Bruce E. Stewar Yorke, t, William Edwin Mary Christine iuniors Alferieff, Lubov Alferieff, Nicholas Bratton, Nancy Jean Brown, Buttery Cahill, Ronald Edmund , George Frederick Margaret Ann Chang, David Bing Jue Clegg, Helene Audrey Cole, Pemberly Ann DeSpain, Marianna Gayle Engstrom, Donald Elton Fluharty, Arvan Lawrence Gillis, Murlin Fern Hurlbut, Elizabeth Eleanor Kampmann, Kathleen Joanne Manning, Helen Louise Metcalf, Donald Owen Moldenhour, Jan Oberkotter, Marilyn Jean Rambo , Thomas Action Robinson, Marilyn Faith Sendo, Shaw, Stepha Sterry, Swishe Tobler, Vail, V Margaret Masoko Luanne Ruth s, Paul Adele Lorraine r, Donald Prevost Waldo Rudolph an Horn Wiel, William Donald Wilson , Gloria Agnes Zolbrod, Leon M. seniors Abram Ceder, son, Norman Jay Jack Gary Corbett, Mary Louise Dietz, Warren Carlton Douglas, William Allison Draper Eaton, , Diane Mabelle Peggy Jean Egan, Evelyn Ann Ferguson, Jean Ann Griffith, Alice Diane Johnso Joukov Kahan, McBrid McDon n, Corinne Mae sky, Natalie Marie Naomi Yetta e, Delbert John agh, Patricia Anne Mills, David Russell Morris, Oppel, Ruby Weitzer Ingeborg Parvey, Dona Mae Rasche , Bruce Collins Relling, Pearl Louise Rogers, William Harold Shaver Sutherl , James Porter and, Janet R. Williams, Gerald Alvin Woods , Sally Ann college of business administration freshmen Brown, Dixie Lee Hafford, Clifford Harold Harrison, Ernest Franklin Kring, Morchi Needh Rudy Hubert, Jr, n, Barbara Mary am, Lois Margaret Sellers, Janice Yvonne Stavig, Gordon Harris Stewart, William Craig Zobors ky, Alfonso Adam sophomores Byington, Richard Henry, Jr. Ellis, Donald Aldrich Meredith, John Edward O'Keefe, Michael Duggan Onodera, Kaun Pearson, Jerry Mizera Privat, John Pierce Sandvik, Wilhelm Lorents Thurston, Robert Carlisle iuniors Burnham, Robert Alan Christ, Virginia Janette Gillanders, James Edgar Knatz, Mary Ellen Kuehn, George Frederick Ulvestad, Roger Byron seniors Gaffner, Haines Bell Haugen, Obert Clarence, Jr. Tate, James Lee college of education freshmen Bartroff, Barbara Ann Doepl-ce, Martha Sue Greely, Nancy Adelaide Henning, Valerie Rock Herrick, Rose Elaine Hess, Lois Louise Jordan, Judy Arden Lowdermilk, Melvin Lee Martin, Elaine Roberta Taylor, Alyce Carol Thomas, Marcile Kozette Timar, Katherine Hoffmann Walker, Dolores Jeanne Winslow, Inez Jean sophomores Abbott, Nadine Marie Adams, George Barsloux, Jr, Arlowe, Laureen Rae Bursett, Beverly Ann Dallman, Carole JoAnn Foord, Marilyn Henskey, Audrey Lois Schneider, Sally Ann Sherry, Carolyn May Timar, Katherine Hoffmann Wahl, Karen Lee Yamauchi, lrene Teruko iuniors Blair, Carolyn Kay Buck, Jean Frances Carlson, Shirley Ann Davey, Inez Zettle Denevan, William Francis Emerson, Edith Leland Hill, Nancy Sanford Howard, Margaret Adelia Mickey, Sharon Lynne Olesen, Janet Ingrid Smith, Dorothea Edna Weld, Wayne Curtis seniors Donart, Marilou Ruth Jones, Leona May Montgomery, Sharon Anne Perine, Barbara Ann Shafer, Shirley Elaine college of engineering freshmen Blundell, John William Corey, Patrick James Demmitt, Thomas Frederick Dobrott, Donald Richard Ellestad, Thomas Gordon Mullen, Thomas Robert Rockenfield, Douglas Floyd Rosen, Donald George Thomas, William Bernard Wasmund, Thomas Lee Zamelis, Andrejs sophomores Ahlstrom, Harlow Garth Allen, Richard Parsons Anderson, Nils Theodore Fitzsimmons, Dale E, McDonald, John Keith Mclvor, Ivor Keen Okerlund, John Herbert, Jr Pederson, Arthur Marvin Pelkey, Duane Allan Peters, Harry Edward Snoring, Thor Martin Stephens, Douglas Robert Weagant, George Alfred Wieder, Lawrence Zanford iuniors August, Gerald Belden, Jerry Lee Crowe, Clayton Thomas Fisher, Franklin Peter Hanley, Donald Lee Larson, Donald Clayton Merchant, Howard Carl Metz, Peter Robert Nelson, Robert Samuel seniors Andreika, Janis Talivaldis Ashmore, Richard Farrand Brazier, Thomas Stewart Guy, Arthur William Henkel, Harold Winston Kepler, Donlan Lapins, Uldis Egils Metter, Raymond Ernest Saugen, John Louis Tang, Chung Liang Tighe, Robert F. Willard, Harrison Robert college of forestry sophomores Arneson, Nils Arnold, Jr. iuniors Rush, Don Eugene school of nursing freshmen Black, Barabara Ann Mehl, Martha Jane Nave, Marian Lee Stybelle, Marianne sophomores Luschei, Phyllis Lucille college of pharmacy sophomores Eng, Helen seniors Butts, Jeanne Marie 4 V , 79111 'sf- in T? 'V' 'T .JI fx , N ,Cf K f vt DANILOV, Don P. Gen Bus GUNDERSON, Wilfred E. Education HORN, Roy L. B.A. AJWANI, Santo Fusherres ARLTON, Paul R. Journalism BERRY, Brion Geography BEJRABLAYA, Damrong Phormocy BISHOP, Richard W History CHI, Fu-Sheng Economics CLARKE, Charles A. Education my re, .nfs 'NIJ -.54 DESBRISAY, DOSSOU, Geoffrey R. Gaston D. Librcrrlnnshtp Chem. Engl, HALL, HARBITZ, Delores M. Francis Sccnclrncwton Long Gen, Bus HUMPHERIES, HUPPIN, William F. Charles E. Accounting Low EICHLER, Richard S. Marketing HARDEN, Thordis D. Urban Pln. JOHNSON, Anne E. Gen Studies EL-SAYED, Suyed Z. Fisheries HENNES, John P. Physics JOHNSON, Jerry M. LOW FOO, Eng Lan Mech. Engr, HIDALGO, Elsa S. Education KIM, Chung Soon Pharmacy BIXLER, Rcillond CHIN, Tieh-Sheng Electrical Engr. DAMUS, Henry H. B.A. ' W' We A 4 Je V S fe 4' A ,',' 1 grae BROWN, Harold W. Medicine CHOU, Teh-Lou Electrical Engr. .04 HILAL, Seyed H. Pharmacy KINKADE, Dole M, Linguistics KITANO, Kesono Chem. Engr. 2 50 chool MASON, MENASVETA, John T. Deb Personnel FVSBEVIES MCCANDLESS, MADISON, Don K. Ronald B, Sociology Civil Engv NELSON, OH, Edward A. Luis L, Denlisfry Elec Engr '3 if . ..fA Z A N-J har' 5' TJONNELAND, Elling Mech. Engr. ROGERS, Robert A. Denhslry TSAO, Chih Ming Elec Engr OHNO, OPPEL, Mizuho Ingeborg S. Fisheries English ROMERO, SEWELL, Jacob B. Dmrirk W Chem Engr. Geography TURNER, VITOUS, Ambrose D. Walter T. Spanish Geography KUHNS, Loueflc M. Librarionship MARlTO, .lack M. Aero Erigi LAWS, Richard E. Accounhng lr' 'RE' as X , I ev- 63 3 1 -- AS f . 53' sw-'Qi ,qx 'Ma ii OTT, Max J. Accounhng SKOLD, Elmer C. Fav East WEBB, Mayfield K. LOW PACIS, Ellis P. Music SHEETS, John R. LOW WHITE, Leon A, Accounting PAULIN, Max E. Social Work SILBERMAYR Ernst Economics WONG, King-Kung Economics PORTER, Albert J. Accounling STEVENS, Rex A. BA. WOOD, Thomas E. president's meclalists ln recognition of high intellectual achievement and scholastic ability, it has been the custom for the President of the University to present a medal to the deserving graduating senior. In the Class of l955, Donald B. Kane was given the medal for the highest four-year grade-point average in the year's graduating class. His cumulative grade point was 3.89. Kane was graduated with a bachelor of arts degree in business administration. He was a mem- ber of Phi Beta Kappa and professional fraterni- ties. To the right, President Schmitz presents the medal to Kane. faculty meclalists David B. Chang Mary C. Yorke NOT PICTURED: Thomas A. Rambo ln recognition of undergraduate's scholastic achieve- ment the Faculty awards medals to the sophomores and juniors who have received the highest accum- ulative grade point in their respective classes during previous college years. The l955 awards in the iunior class were conferred upon David Bing .lue Chang who had a 4.0 in physics, and Thomas Acton Rambo, deceased, who had a 3.98 in history. From the sophomore class, the winner of the Faculty Medal was Mary Christine Yorke, whose grade point was 4.0 in pre-med. 252 I ,i I rf X ul cm 1 If ,I P 3 1 U: :JJ 25 Chapter Presidents , A if v1r A, 'bf ' L ALPHA CHI OMEGA Eleanor Klein ALPHA DELTA PI Casey Connor ALPHA EPSILON PHI Jackie Teller ALPHA GAMMA DELTA Jill Neergaard ALPHA OMICRON PI Mary Nelle Hesselholt ALPHA PHI Alice Wilson I I U A ALPHA XI DELTA ' ' LE- I 'QI Sally Laue CHI OMEGA Patricia Thompson . ' DELTA DELTA DELTA ' I Carol Semrnern ,, R N ds DELTA GAMMA f g 5 A I L, Susan Hodson , A DELTA zETA A rrii if Merilyn Baisch .I " GAMMA PHI BETA ' Judy McLean KAPPA ALPHA THETA ' Mimi Dunn . i I KAPPA DELTA . A N' rx ig? ii' 5'-K Myrnie Hoey 1, 7 ' , nk 11 KAPPA KAPPA GAMMA X sf , X I Nancy Bratton :L 73' ' PHI MU f Nancy Farrar Lg PI BETA PHI ' , - Sandy McCracken LC I A' SIGMA KAPPA A ' E ' Jean Glendenning A 'Q I I zETA TAU ALPHA ' V Marilyn Woodmark ' I NOT PICTURED: gi ,pq PHI SIGMA SIGMA I If -A. Carmen Flaks . V 5 Mi rg," sais! L t PRESIDENT Nona Lee Peterson . Officers S , il FIRST VICE PRESIDENT SECOND VICE PRESIDENT SECRETARY Dorothy Smith Virginia Christ Jo Anne Meyers panh Ilenic Panhellenic is the coordinating body ofthe sorority system. Its members are the twenty house presidents and six oFFicers. The Panhellenic year begins with the annual training conference held during the first week of spring quarter at the Empress Hotel in Vic- toria, B. C. The incoming ofificers attend this con- ference, and in addition to exchanging many valu- able ideas, also have a great deal of fun. In be- tween meetings the girls can be seen shopping and sight-seeing while happily munching English toffee. Besides the monthly dinner meetings which are held at the sororities, the annual round robin dinner, and Inspiration Week, Panhellenic also organizes the rushing program prior to Fall Quarter. During ten days of organized confusion, the sororities entertain nearly 600 girls. Washington's Panhellenic is known nation-wide for its efficiency, organization and fair and single-minded methods. TREASURER ASSISTANT RELATIONS CHAIRMAN Betty Lou Trepp Margi Connell ir. panhellenic Officers Q, PRESIDENT Rowena Schlegel Presidents ,Q E rf' , -gf L all-ffS"' X A ee ' 4- . , ' rl 7 sf .4 is , is .,, ,,lV X11 my vi E A if will . "' '. . E if I -F ' ' 'Q V 'sL'W hi ' A Q VLV, ,Vg Ag kg .,.,. . A L, wi f' K 1 L' I . ali, rl! A , - C .L If? f' 5.14, Wg sese 4 Q , y s l f I N. ? J :bs -1. J VICE PRESIDENT Arlene Tibbetts SECRETARY Ann Birkenmyer ALPHA CHI OMEGA Barbara Ja Clitt ALPHA DELTA PI Barbara Bartroff ALPHA EPSILON PHI Myrna Stern ALPHA GAMMA DELTA Beverly Berg ALPHA OMICRON Pl Barbara Person ALPHA PHI Sharon McGatlin ALPHA XI DELTA Dorothy Cook CHI OMEGA Arlene Gannon DELTA DELTA DELTA Carol Hobbs DELTA GAMMA Judi Philbrick DELTA ZETA Elizabeth Dick GAMMA PHI BETA Page Hallet KAPPA ALPHA THETA Jane Talbot KAPPA DELTA Ann Lamont KAPPA KAPPA GAMMA Jean Hansen PHI MU Shirley Anderson PHI SIGMA SIGMA Sandra Fingold Pl BETA PHI Sally Bergren SIGMA KAPPA Madge Sipila ZETA TAU ALPHA .Ioan Waodmark tr yi 3 TREASURER Judy Wagner Junior Panhellenic is composed ot presidents or representatives of each sorority pledge class. The group meets once a month to orient freshmen into the Panhellenic system, to dis- cuss problems of sorority pledgeship, and to become better acquainted with other pledges. The main activity of the year is the money- raising project for a one-year tuition scholar- ship. This scholarship is presented to an in- coming freshman girl. In addition, Junior Panhellenic occasionally participates in activi- ties with the Junior Inter-Fraternity Council. 259 alpha chi omega aw' NOT PlCTURED: Fox, Delores, Jr. Greco, Marie, Jr. Kopf, Janet, Jr. Leonard, Betty, Sr. Mifflin, Mary, Soph. Montgomery, Marilyn, Soph. Quist, Barbara, Soph. Robinson, Joan, Sr. Sellars, Susan, Soph. Waxdal, Peggy, Soph. Hurnblad, Carolyn, Fr. Jackson, Carole, Soph. Jones, Patricia, Soph. Kidder, Betty, Soph. Klein, Eleanor, Sr. Kulseth, Connie, Soph. l.aBrache, Stephanie, Jr. Lovejoy, Judy, Jr. Luehrs, Suzanne, Soph. Manning, Patricia, Soph. Olson, Nancy, Jr. Panzica, Merilou, Jr. Pastorious, Arlene, Fr. Pearce, Arden, Jr. Peterson, Nona, Sr. Phillips, Jean, Jr. Rapp, Susan, Fr. Reese, Joan, Soph. Rehbock, Judy, Sr. Richards, Kay, Soph. 260 Runck, Emilie, Fr, Ryan, Ann, Soph. Satero, Ann, Soph. Schultz, Carolyn, Jr. Segale, Sandra, Sr. Shashich, Shirley, Fr. Smith, Caryl Jean, Fr, Smith, Dorothy, Sr. Speer, Rae, Sr. Duverger, Colette, Jr. Earles, Joan, Sr. Eddy, Carol Jean, Fr. Eddy, Sharon Gail, Fr. Flodquist, June, Sr. Foord, Marilyn, Jr. Frederick, Carol Ann, Fr Fronk, Ruth, Fr. v 0 was - t l , g pf. i , 4 an X 1616 East 50th Rho of Alpha Chi Omega, drawing to a close its 46th year on the University of Washington campus, looks back proudly at the year's achievements. ln the first place, we pledged 36 "little gems" last September, filling every nook and cranny of the chapter house on l7th and 50th. Next, we were honored to have our national president as guest speaker at Founders' Day Banquet on October lOth at the Beniamin Franklin Hotel. We also campaigned in frosh elections and with "Confucius Say" signs and much pep and enthusiasm put Shirley Shashich in as class treasurer. Our pledge dance came next, followed by Homecoming, and Christmas caroling with the Delts. During winter quarter we worked for cerebral palsy in commemoration of Hera Day. We also entertained our dads at the annual Father- Daughter Banquet. Caught in the swirl of house activities, we concluded the year with Soph Carni- val, Mother-Daughter Banquet, Spring Formal, and Senior Breakfast. Alpha Chi's were active on campus. Sylvia Hartley was president of the YWCA, Nona Peterson and Dorothy Smith were president and vice-president, respectively, of Panhellenic, Claire Dick served as senior class secretary, and Connie Kulseth held the office of sophomore treasurer. We had girls in W-Key, Totem Club, Mortar Board, Silver Fish, Rally Girls, and departmental honoraries. V. I fl A 157 , k g rf-37" 'ffi b . .. go? .A . , .. " 1 J- I X , , t wr 4 vis. A 9 . 4 .J ' . , i , tit .4 X . , ' iirw z A i 3 rits' ,,... fi if ,453 ' scifi gg 4 ' x Sundquist, Nancy, Fr. Turner, Judy, Jr. Von Hollebeke, Janet, Wallingford, Judy, Jr. Weatherwax, Ann, Fr. Weber, Wilma, Soph. Whitehead, Ginny, So Whitehead, Page, Fr, F Y if '27 'J Fr. ph. xi: -"H I . ,mv ,M if-so Z tw g .K K-R I Q, M ini, .E he PL x J 1. K' ' f. Effw safe V 4. S 44, 'Z' M val' -.v ' N- .gy f , it me c 'E as .14 y, M.. ,,. Y rrie A Q.. . fx ,M ...,, .pe J eff, f 1 its 6 em Q ' - we Founded at DePauw Univer- sity, Greencastle, Indiana, in 1885. Rho chapter founded in 1910. 79 National chapters. ELEANOR KLEIN, President ZS! EX B Bode, Lois, Fr. . , , Bond, Janet, Fr. ,H 5 if, .. 'r e ,S f se SL2x24,11z11i,?1fF YZ., 'Kif ' 5 1 A 3 I sl 1-,, I L 'K 7 f 1 Calvert, Barbara, Jr. i ""', in V7 Ac , ' " 5 it Campbell, Patricia, Soph. ' XK ' fa I f Carey, Sharon, Jr. ' - ,K K Cavender, Patricia, Soph. is Clark, Linda, Fr. H' . Clift, Barbara, Fr. fx Clift, Sally, Jr. K , -'fi K M yy., K K ,,,-K Craft, Marietta, Fr. ' n . 42- "F , , ,, . ,tsl , ' Currie, Jaan, Soph. ' ' wi, :J - - . 5 . 'si - 1 . ' Q7 i Q be , K 7,5 I ' QQ, Curtis, Marlene, Fr. 'X 7 A K .KK ' - -. ' AK Daly, Margaret, Fr. ' ' is ,szs R5 1 tx., Dick, Claire, sf. - Dinsmore, Bonnie, Fr Dunsmare, Joyce, Fr. ' K, ' Froula Sally, Sr. 'K KW K K K Gage, Kaye, Jr. 4 '73 " ' 'R , ' -- A Gaehrend, Gretchen Soph. . X . . , f ., 5 .,-. '- - ' Q17 K 'K 4 K, xt, K K K K j K K . Sranglini, Batty, Sr. -',' Wifi! :ii Yi ' i ii tg aig t, na e, Jr. T6 6 3 3? f is Hartley, Sylvia, Sr. E sts ""i K Hedges, Mary, Fr. Henkel, Janet, Jr. Hoffman, Phyllis, Soph. ,K Marion, Lorna, Soph. 5,1 ff " " I K S' 4 ' K 5 , - 2 V Mickey, Sharon, Sr. 5 3 , - X ' K ' ' - pg T f 1 . Molyneux, Jodi, Soph. 'J In JK if I 'I Monroe, Betty, Fr, tw, '5 Mullins, Kathy, Jr. V. Niemi, Celia, Soph. Northfield, Sue, Soph. Knitting, 101 l l Riegel, Bonnie Lu, Soph. 5 A 1 1 Spence, Marilyn, Sr, Spragg, Nancy, Fr, 44 we E Whyte, Diane, Fr, 'N ' Wiley, Barbara, Fr. 'Y A Wolters, Carla, Fr. X . Aldridge, Nancy, Fr. Allen, Allen, Betty, Soph. Karin, Fr, Auerwheimer, Nancy Austin, Cherie, Soph. Bardsley, Jana, Soph. Bartroff, Barbara, Soph, Baudendistel, Mary Ann T,, Sr. Best, Joanne, Sr. Black, Bode, Brask Bruer, Bryan, Burke Burns, Donna, Jr. Jeanne, Fr. Bodil, Sr. Margaret, Jr. Mary, Fr. Catherine, Sr. Patricia, Jr. Cernetig, Mary, Soph. Christensen, Gail, Fr. Connor, Kathleen, Sr. Downing, Lynn, Fr. Edington, E. Claire, Soph, Esdale, Geraldine, Fr. Esdale, Gloria, Jr. Freeman, Christine, Jr. Grewe, Janet, Fr. Griffith, Sandra, Jr, Gustafson, Loretta, Fr. Haas, Pamela, Sr. Hager, Frary, Jr. Haskell, Patricia, Fr. Helphrey, Carol, Soph. Hesse, JoAnn, Sr. Hill, Marlene, Soph. Hull, Diane, Fr. Humphrey, Barbara, Sr. Hysong, LaRue, Soph. Jenner, Marcia, Fr. Kenover, Willa, Sr. Kersey, Billie Jean, Fr. Lagerquist, Karen, Sr. Laurent, Suzanne, Fr. Lentz, Martha, Soph. Loomis, Eleanor, Soph. MacRae, Sarah, Soph, Madsen, Emma, Sr. Martin, Carol, Sr, ST ia, QM, Q ei 5 wi ' .HK Le, ef we , ,ff it fm , - ..., ii' " ' ae 'J' E is -eb 119 ST? , ' P k ,ir i rp, lf.. I . V P i L, , ,, Q. L V! 5 , 5 A l Q, -ii , K V iii K 1 K 2 if , hw. alpha delta PI m, N1 Q , L ' , v v 4 ,Wt 1 "' 'T ir, :JL . 'L ' Q l,y' ,Lf -Jw J .,' . .. Q V,kVVk iffln.. I 1: at ,wb A f if 9 or-x 0 W- Eiga, was! ' .tt K 23, gf' 'S' 'EWR if i805 East 47th The A D Pi's admire one of their many trophies .x 7 5 KATHLEEN CON NOR, President Neath the sky of rainy waters, Near the corner of the campus, Proudly stands the A D Pi house, Seattle weather will never damp us. In the fall came the freshmen -Came through rush and saw our spirit. The thirty-six best ones all stayed with us, With A D Pi to love and cheer it. Through the year we all kept busy, Parties, sneaks, Homecoming, dances, Loyally did homework and papers Squeezed between our new romances. Honors abound in the A D Pi house, W-Key, Totem Club, and reknowned Phi Bete, Mortar Board, Rally, Silver Fish, and others, All things show A D Pi's are great! First sorority in our wide land, First in Sisterhood, loyalty shines high. Always raising the standard upwards Founded at Wesleyan College in Macon, Georgia, in l85l. 82 national chapters Alpha Theta founded in l9l7. "We live for each other and for Alpha Delta Pi." NOT PICTURED: Carroll, Orzetta, Fr, Patterson, Katherine, Jr. Pennell, Charlotte, Jr. Rogers, Virginia, Sr. Rowland, Pamela, Sr. Van Wyck, Roma-Jean, Soph. 263 . o M A S9 . V 4' if 'Q 2' ef 13 ' . QQ 4- . gf, "ii" I H 'f 'ar 'Y21 af '-J Yrcf 1 N9 if ua A -J 4 .5 x. .Mg c i 'A V r'- ii-Q55 wi i 5, A' 51? Q.. ' x f ,4 wi' -4 at L ,L 1 K-T' no . C3 if ff -.W ,, 30 -4-, ,gyyg V? f i,,ir J Q me f- sg 'Gi J J 'Sri .T 1' 'sp SER, .1 , . ,i-. if . 'sl X , -4 ' as sf. W ma? . F e X if Y. -g, T 3. .3 'V V7 wi, .fr me ee? 1 Masters, Joan, Fr, Mathewson, Diana, Jr. Mayes, Sandra, Fr. McArthur, Norine, Sr. Meline, Joan, Sr, Miller, Susan, Fr. Murray, Colleen, Soph, Neisess, Carol, Jr. Oldenburg, Norrine, Fr. Olts, Judith, Fr. Patricelli, Arleen, Fr. Patrick, Nancy, Jr. Perkins, V, Glee, Fr. Pinckney, Patricia, Sr. Plaut, Gail, Soph. Ponder, Eleanor Ja, Jr. Pooler, Beverly, Sr. Price, Kathryn, Sr. Redlinger, Marcia, Sr. Redlinger, Sharon, Fr. Reed, Dorothy, Sr. Rogers, Carol, Jr. Sandberg, Karen, Fr. Sandborn, Sally, Sr. Schwab, Andrea, Soph. Scott, Mary, Jr. Sechler, Carol, Fr. Skytta, Judity, Fr. Smith, Donna, Jr. Smith, Sue, Soph. Starr, Alice, Jr. Stone, Nancy, Jr. Styve, Barbara Jo, Soph, Talcott, Sandra, Soph. Taylor, Susan, Soph. Thompson, Vicki, Fr. Thronson, Sallie Jo, Soph Torrence, Clarice, Jr. Turman, Eleanor, Fr. Umphlette, Jeanne, Sr. Verdi, Yolanda, Jr. Wagner, Janice, Soph. Wellman, Sandra, Fr. Wilson, Gloria, Sr. Wilson, Jane, Jr. Winship, Sharon, Soph. Wright, Jessie, Soph. Wyllie, Carol, Soph. Adams, Betty, Soph. Anderson, Beverly, Soph. Anderson, Carolyn, Jr. Anderson, Loretta, Fr. Barnett, Elizabeth, Fr. Berg, Beverly, Fr. Brainard, Pom, Sr. Brandt, Beverly, Fr. Bruce, Lynn, Fr. Burke, Barbara, Fr. Callahan, Joan, Soph. Campbell, Betty, Sr. Caudill, Janet, Fr. Cook, Adele, Soph. Cordell, Jeannine, Fr. Coyle, Cynthia, Sr. Davies, Anne, Fr. Davis, Carole Ann, Fr. Davis, Doris Jeanne, Sr. Desmond, Mayone, Fr, Dingman, Margaret, Jr. Eagle, Leslie, Soph. Edwards, Darlene, Fr. Englert, Janice, Fr. Farnham, Shirley, Fr. Fischer, Gail, Fr. Flynn, Arlene, Fr. Garrett, Marian, Jr, Gould, Jo Ann, Soph. Green, Nancy, Jr. A alpha gamma delta rw. 4eE?,Fs, A V U . ,,,, . . - , 3- 2 M X YJ' , K , SN , Q5 I J E X 9" e kj. E, 3 Y cv F -4 it ' Nh P This is what you call a busy phone line. ' m Grosse, Barbara, Soph. Houbrich, Nadyne, Soph. Hawkins, Marian, Jr. Hoare, Connie, Jr. Howard, Allison, Fr. Huntworth, Gail, Sr, X . .......------' 1 vp ' 4 YT' , x N Q' -gs. F7 I D i"ii-, . ' 'f f .A l L . fr ' NOT PICTURED: Bell, Janice 4 L. N33 Q a. X . X . in e , ,e J- wi R Q, r 5 S S 4. Li ie? ' 'ti ' if iii 17 lu- C ri ' y em li This fall found the Alpha Gam actives, who had not died of Seattle sunstroke during the summer or suffered the blow of Cupid's arrow, returning for rushing. After two weeks of no sleep, sitting in smoke-filled rooms, clapping our hands raw and giving our Rushing Chairman grey hairs, we found 33 new places set at our dinner table. The Alpha Gams swam forth to actively participate in Homecoming, Christmas Caroling with the Sigma Nu's, and many exchanges. The actives gave a dance honor- ing the pledges in November fthey can't remember what they were honoring them for, but everyone had a won- derful timel. On the campus our extrovert members brought home laurels by being represented in Silver Fish, Tyee, W-Key, Totem, Rally Girls and departmental hon- oraries. Also, the Song Queen and Yell Queen were girls who we proudly call "Sisters." Let California have the Rose Bowl, for we had more fun playing in the Mud Bowl against the Phi Delt's. The score is being contested for the refereees were obviously biased. Winter quarter brought the traditional Costume Dance honoring the actives, who are respected for their age and attainments. Plans for Sophomore Carnival with the S. A. E.'s were made, and more than one of us were smitten with a desire to see our name in bright lights. Spring quarter we donned our best dresses for our gala formal Dinner-Dance. For our Seniors, who were being cruely pushed into the world and forced to give up this life of frivolity, we all gathered for the Senior Breakfast. It was their day, for we realize that only those of stout constitution can weather four years of college life. ounded at Syracuse Univer- sity, Syracuse, New York, in l904. ata chapter established in 1909. 3 National chapters. President, JILL NEERGAARD . 1 wx M . sr. 5. in-r ,. ...s.,, X ,y , iyyyl 1, ff .E . H .L is A, 5 2, H Lg' J PP' . S 'E 'Q if i 149' lg vi -. if 2 K N 'M or . n 5 .,,. K - J' t' 1- G-14 r Q: , , t il ' ' . S 5 . y 47 l 'bf 'P' 5 3 I . Q J 5.x' 'fig' :S ef. r 4510 21st N. E. Hugo, Lynne, Sr. lsenhath, Marilyn, Soph. Johnson, Shirlee, Soph. Jorgensen, Jean, Sr. Judkins, Patricia, Fr. King, Sally, Fr. Lauckha rt, Jeannie, Soph. Leach, Grace, Jr. Leiss, Donna, Fr. McGalliard, Sue, Fr. Maggioras, Joanie, Sr. Matthews, Marilyn, Soph Morgan, Joyce, Jr. Moses, Ellen, Fr, Moyer, Carol, Sr. Neergaarcl, Jill, Sr. Nelson, Roberta, Fr. Nielsen, Jaan, Soph. Parker, Venette, Sr. Petticrew, Alora, Soph, Provine, Dotti, Jr. Remmen, Bernice, Fr. Rice, Julieanne, Soph. Robbin, Sharon, Soph, Rockefeller, Gail, Soph, Romano, Merle, Fr, Rue, Marjorie, Fr. Ryan, Judy, Soph. Schiessl, Madeleine, Fr, Schueler, Suzanne, Fr. Schwinclt, Sharon, Fr. Schultz, Betty, Jr. Schur, Marianne, Sr. Sinkunas, Toni, Jr. Sjursen, Mary Ann, Sr, Stephenson, Sarah, Fr, Stuve, Rosie, Jr. Toner, Jackie, Fr. Wynne, Mimi, Fr. i 2 6 alpha omicron pi 1906 E. 45th Austin, Mary June, Fr. Bailey, Cathy, Soph. Bilyeu, Bonnie, Soph. Brooks, Naomi, Sr. Dill, Janis, Fr. Farrell, Kathy, Sr. Germaine, Shirley, Jr Hall, Marcia Ann, Fr. Hamilton, Durlene, Jr Founded at Barnard College, Columbia University, New York, in l897. Upsilon Chapter established in l9l 5. 56 national chapters. NOT PICTURED: Boaglio, Dorothy A., Sr. Barell, Betty, Jr. Barell, Elaine, Jr. Gardner, Adalyn, Sr. Johnson, Sue Ann, Fr. McKimmey, Jean, Jr. Patton, Jo Ann, Jr. Pilon, Lorraine, Sr. Struthers, Jackie, Jr. Thompson, Shirley, Sr. 4-if 4' ti' 'iff -rr Hamilton, Geneta, Sr Henderson, Betty, Jr. Hesselholt, Mary Nelle, Sr. Holmes, Gudie, Jr. Kaasa, Barbara, Jr, Karvonen, Shirley, Soph. Kirk, Judy, Soph. Lundstrom, Marie, Jr. McDonald, Irene, Jr. McKay, Helen, Jr. Myatt, Jackie, Jr. Nau, Shirley, Fr. . A " . +ve. , 5 1,5 Ostrom, Gerri, Jr. Person, Barbara, Jr, Schrader, Carole, Jr Schweizer, Caryl, Jr Schwitters, Dorothy Severson, Christine, Sholley, Susan, Fr. Sims, Sylvia, Sr. Smith, Jean, Fr. Spencer, Jo Ann, Fr. Jo, Soph. ' I Jr. A X s if ' 5 5 -t, x gg N' of , .1 'V U, Gt QQ' ' W. 9 3 .V Q V7 9 A Opening its 40th year at the University with a highly successful rush, Upsilon chap- ter continued to make progress toward its high goals in scholarship, representation in campus activities, philanthropic work, and the fun and responsibilities of living together. To start off the year on the right note, we gave our new pledges a relaxing jeans- and-shirt picnic. A few weeks later, they surprised us with their sneak to the Seat- tle-Tacoma Airport. Our yearly A O Pi Coke Party for the pledges of all campus sororities was a suc- cessful social venture for our newest members, as was their Informal Pledge Dance. Besides exchanges, sneaks, parties, and informal get-togethers, the Annual Rose Ball, Spring Dance, and Tea were social highlights of the year. Homecoming and Sophomore Carnival are well remembered occasions for lots of work and fun to- gether. Our philanthropic work for the year was marked by further correspondence with our Belgian boy and chapter contributions toward relief work in the Kentucky moun- tains. A O Pi's were active in many phases of campus work as several of us were to be found in such activities and honoraries as: Mortar Board, W-Key, Totem Club, Sig- ma Epsilon Sigma, Arena, Mu Tau, Silver Fish, YWCA, ASUW, and AWS and Tyee committees. After such an excellent year of fun, work, and success, we of A O Pi look ahead to another and better year of more of the same in T956-57. There we are! Q X , Q.. A . 'L Q P ' . I. A. .... avr? Sweany, Kay, Soph. Tatterson, Lois Gail, Fr. Thomas, Sharon, Fr. Trimble, Ann, Soph. Waid, Margo, Soph. Waldrep, Sharon, Fr. Weidman, Donna, Fr. Wells, Norma, Soph. Westenberg, Christine, Soph. Winebrenner, Carol, Fr. Wingren, Marlene, Soph. Wood, Mary Anne, Fr. MARYNELLE HESSELHOLT, President 267 68 alpha phi ' Founded at Syracuse University, Syra- f cuse, New York, in 1872. si 'QL if . A ,g .' 1 - K v r I I 1' i Sigma chapter established in 1914. 'A -- 55 national chapters. Aahl, Beverly, Soph. Bale, Nancy, Fr. Barger, Aleta, Fr. Barton, Mariorie Ann, Fr. Bergeron, Sharon, Soph. Boersma, Ruth, Fr. Brear, Beverly, Sr, Brislawn, Marcia, Soph Burgess, Sheila, Jr. Butterfield, Diane, Fr. Castillo, Joan, Jr. Clark, Camille, Fr. Clasen, Corinne, Fr. Clodtelter, Sue, Fr. Cornings, Sara, Fr. Cook, Marilyn, Jr. Curtis, Beverly, Soph. Deeny, Diane, Fr. Drury, Karen, Sr. Ellsworth, Linda, Fr. Feek, Sharon, Soph. Field, Nancy, Jr. Fitch, Cornelia, Jr. Foster, Gayle, Soph. Gahringer, Allie Jo, Fr. Gilbert, Caryl, Fr. Gill, Betty, Jr. Gill, Marcia, Fr. Gray, Shirley, Fr. Gross, Geraldine, Sr. Hamilton, Evelyn, Jr. Henning, Valerie, Soph. Hodges, Margaret, Fr. Hoge, E. Joyce, Sr, Jeffries, Barbara, Soph Johnson, Carol, Soph. Johnston, Carol, Soph. Jones, Susan, Soph. Joyner, Joan, Sr, 9 ALICE WILSON, President are . -A xml X . 6' . "' fit Q., f' ' fy, ., y 1 x Q "Z 'Si ' F l D V K X'-E'?,f, sk :Y I-rx , -L T .gn x, , 5? 2 Lk , ., 53' J C V Y f? 2 V my as .ss Q E C . . 1 -Q 4 J -qs I 'A if L ,,,, 4' est 1 eff. eil if W-me l ll-1 ' I-. NOT PICTURED: Callahan, Susan, Soph. Gregory, Margaret, Sr. Villesvik, Mary, Fr. 1 ' Ks ea 'ti -4 2? ... ,J - f 4 Looking at the scrapbook brings back memories for the Alpha Phi's. F' S, . .. .... . ...h .gk 1900 East 47th w . f -N., .... - ii , KK . iil , ,,zV 1 6, , it , I E3 tv 'sag hwy A as .J res 'fs ,. fi K J , ' kik hr i : f I K f f 1 . -. 'ca i ,A 5 Q M1 K N X . wif E N. , , , 1 s- - .iw J . 'J J f'-if---' J. W by J, . 0 ' f ' Is. ggi 'gl ,V wg..,f , , , After two vigorous weeks of rush, Sigma chapter of Alpha Phi and her 32 new pledges looked forward to another eventful year. The fall informal pledge dance launched the school year into a busy whirl of football games, Homecoming Signs, the Winter Formal, Christmas Sing with the S. A. E. fraternity and Sophomore Carnival with the Delts. Our annual Spring Formal rounded out a successful year. ln the tradition of combining studies and activities, Alpha Phi was well represented in campus and activity honoraries including Totem Club, Mortar Board, W-Key, AWS and Rally Girls. We are proud to look over our achievements of i955-56. Scholas- tically, socially and activity-wise, Sigma of Alpha Phi can look back on another rewarding year. After the last graduating senior has left, and the last sneak has been taken, our girls will long remember a year filled with the fun and friendship of being an Alpha Phi. Karr, Susan, Jr. King, Kathleen, Soph. Lafferty, M. Sharon, Fr. Landis, Gail, Soph. Leonard, Noydena, Jr. Lunde, Beth, Fr. McArthur, Shirley Jean, Fr. McCreery, Marcia, Jr. McDonald, Jacqueline, Jr. McGatlin, Sharon, Fr. McOmie, Carol, Jr. Meagher, Donna, Sr. Miller, Marian, Jr. More, Judith, Soph. Morrill, Marilyn, Fr. Morris, Judy, Soph. Mund, Jennie Claire, Soph. Neil, Mary Lee, Jr. Olsen, Adele, Jr. Osterman, Gayle, Jr. Perkins, Luann, Jr. Peterson, Judy, Soph. Pierson, Lynn, Sr. Pyeatt, Joni, Sr. Ring, Erla, Fr. Robbins, Sally, Fr. Robinson, Lynn, Fr. Robinson, Sue, Jr. Sawin, Anne, Jr. Scott, Roberta, Fr. Staley, Margaret, Jr. Stankey, Betty, Fr. Stewart, Marlene, Soph. Tagg, Sherry, Jr. Waddingham, Judith, Sr. Wanamaker, Barbara, Jr. Wendle, Katherine, Jr. Williams, Jan, Jr. Wilson, Alice, Sr. Winters, Marianne, Fr. 269 270 Adams, Joyce, Fr. Attridge, Jocelyn, Jr. Ballew, Mary, Jr, Beaton, Agnes, Soph. Bedford, Cleo, Jr. Bock, Mary, Fr. Bruce, Marilyn, Soph. Bruce, Salli, Fr. Bruksner, Janice, Sr. Burns, Kay, Soph. Cambell, Marilyn, Soph. Campbell, Eugenia, Fr. Campbell, Shirley, Fr. Clouston, Carol, Soph. Collins, Nancy, Jr. Cook, Dorothy, Soph. Cooper, Jeanette, Fr. Corrigan, Charlene, Soph. Cox, Elizabeth, Sr. Day, Janet, Jr. Dean, Arden, Soph. de Cillia, Suzanne, Fr, Denney, Claudia, Sr, Detrick, Julia, Jr. Dobson, Carol, Fr. Edmonds, Susie, Jr. Fiddler, Marilyn, Fr. Gaston, Janet, Fr. Hempler, Katherine, Jr. Henning, Barbara, Soph. Huntley, Stephanie, Soph Johnson, Lucille, Jr. Johnson, Sue, Soph. Kintz, Coramae, Fr. Klock, Barbara, Soph. Kvande, Sharon, Sr, Larson, Margaret, Sr. Laue, Sally, Sr. Lee, Gloria, Fr. Lines, Joan, Soph. Lund, Elecnore, Jr. Lund, Susie, Fr. McGowan, Maureen, Fr, Manley, Lee, Fr. Marion, Vicci, Soph. Marlowe, Portia, Fr. Mentor, Joan, Soph. Founded at Lombard College, Gales- burg, Illinois, in 1893. Nu Chapter established in 1907. 66 national chapters. f 4 'lea A ca 41 YJ ' 3 . 2 N9 'sy gp ie. . .K fi ' Ok v . ,'6 W5 '57 are T 4 .,, ,F li'il. 6 ' iq! fi y r X N. - "mf 4.-, :l , ..- " In 75" , . , . . ' f , 5 J J . J S . K if as 1 fd .xg .- alpha xi d Ita x T if 91' uri J l J 1 if if As another Spring Quarter draws to a close, the Alpha Xi's look back on a year filled with fun and happiness. Rushing brought us a great pledge class of 33 members. The pledges successfully "snuck" a few weeks later. Campus activities kept us busy, with girls in W-Key, Silver Fish, Rally, and Totem Club. The social whirl was in full swing all year with ex- changes, serenades, the pledge dance, winter cos- tume dance, and the Spring formal. Homecoming, elections, and Sophomore Carnival brought much fun and excitement to the Alpha Xi's. On the serious side, studying came into the picture with the chapter maintaining a good average. lt's really been a wonderful year for the girls who wear the blue and gold. ew .C-V3 QB . 1 9' ni A L . ...,i A f if f' i , f if U, .Je EA l :vs SALLY LAUE, President NOT PICTURED1 Jensen, Lorraine, Soph. 'Q 4541 19111 N.E. FX y ,JI vi ,X ,si x i A i Popcorn, anyone? '47 ,in ,Q I k 1 3,475 b K is Ta? VK K 1' wr Ja in e 1 ,sg 1-es' 1'-g,v,"' i 'ew if ' , 'X W e' f A li V - 5. . 1 Q ., Y N + es L ' -4 . , . A 1 ,- gf B' Sly ,,-5 W' f r I-' H .-ist"-1 1. ., g . . ,fi W F ' lv? 'S 'S K as , , J 5 f EMCT. A A J' ' L' 1-+ 'H' fc J 1 1'L. . . , . 'V ftwj' I yy 'gi' 1 447 jig? Xi' l ,fi M ,1 Molzan, Sandra, Soph. Myers, Gayle, Jr. Nelsen, Sally, Sr. Newman, Arlene, Fr. Oldenburg, Mary Jo, Jr. Olson, Bonnie, F1 Olson, Joyce, Jr, Orebaugh, Katherine, Fr, Peterson, Janice, Jr. Peterson, Joanne, Soph. Pope, Patricia, Soph. Rangwald, Marilyn, Soph Revette, Theodora, Fr. Rosenquist, Adele, Soph, Ross, Adell, Soph, Rummens, Wendy, Soph. Saffren, Leonna, Jr. Schultz, Janet, Sr, Skaggs, Sylvia, Fr. Stidham, Margaret, Jr. Summers, Adelle, Sr, Tallon, LaVonne, Fr. Tonkin, Merrie, Fr. Uetz, Peggy, Fr. Uri, Sonia, Fr. Vigneau, Arlene, Fr. Vulcano, Phyllis, Jr. Waring, Helen, Jr. Wilson, Sally, Fr. Winchester, Norma J., Fr. chi omega How would you like to awaken each morn to an "anvil chorus"? . . well, the new Chi O house addition on l8th may be iust fabuloL . . . but, those carpenters at 8! The reason we stick around? . . . all l0O of us? it's the social life . . "Who's got a date for this week end? . . . well, actually I'm more c less relaxing . . . har de har har . . . my boyfriend tried for thre hours to call me last night . . . l can't stand it, what we need is ai other . . . led e et that hone . . . oh? . . . three minute limit! P 1 Allison, Sue, Fr. J . Ames, Junie, Jr. , W H 7: Anderson, Nancy, Fr. ' ' i fl I' sg . TI M ' -4 A Andre, Janet, Sr. , 'L K Ashmon, Diane, Fr. Z r iw' 'G Balch, Beverly, Jr. -. 6, ' J, 1717 E. 47th sf. ,E . Balch, Janet, Fr. X' Baldridge, Marjorie, Fr. , Ballinger, Gail, Soph. i K L .A ,,, X fx . Ballis, Nancy, Fr. X 'T fr -, , , 1' Barnett, Jan, Soph. '- ,A 1. if " ,1-9? . C Barrett, Julie, Soph. Y 'Qin NJA- 'A ' 'fi 1 4 ' ' H 'f Beeson, Beverly, Sr. 'lf A ' , Q 4 K -' Benson, Carole, Fr. ' ' f ' x 1 Bernard, Sherrie, Jr. A Blackwell, Patsy, Sr. Y Briar, Nancy, Soph. K I g-' - . It f., hh., - Not PICTURED: Bush, Carol, Jr. 'A V", We ,mcg . T' W, Brookbank, Jean, Soph, Bushell, Sharon, Soph. W ' C? si fr Lamson, Joan, Jr. Byrd, Shirley, Jr. , H A ' VL, ,, ,,Eg,, K Pearson, Peggy, Soph. Cardiff, Jeanne, Fr, '- K' ' ' 75 if Smith, Barbara, Jr. Coates, Nancy, Fr. L , ., 5711 ' 1, Colby, Katie, Fr. ' deBard, Carol, Sr. ' Clampitt, Claudia, Fr. - . 4 N 1 '75 Dempsey, Mefy, SOPH- A K . .fi , Q ' Q 'vm 'sl Eln1s,Genelle,Jf, i W A' iitt ' ' '7 Engle, Neney, Seph- ,. lf' .fe it ,f.,,lf if Flower, Beth, Sr. Y, M it il K Freligh, Alice, Soph. H Gannon, Arlene, Jr. I K' Garber, Jan, Soph. , I r Gill, Patricia, Jr. , 'S' -we K Q 4 'P Graham, Jean, Fr. . A we , R is , , L, il a W 6 Graybill, Patricia, sf. .5 QQ, .1 Q- fi ,.,, ,2 'F Greene, Neney, Jr. fr. J .,,, ...iii .,,. '77 ' fi' li' Hamm, Paula, Fr. Ei H' ' "" il' 'tml iff Hamilton, Judy, Soph. ' i And then we have that bond of friendship, better known as . . . "oh, J , Hoffman, JoAnn, Soph, 3 . i 'fi ' you smoke my brand, too . . . how about . . . match, too? . . . do we Hqugell Lynne, Soph. 0 ,, , ,E all have to' use this Dior perfume? . . . met half the house in Europe 'Wing' Pu"lC"'f Soph- , , last summer . . . who took my stuffed giraffe? . . . tune in channel 4 lf' ...Sis better. . . I'm on a diet . . . pass the cookies . . . quiet hours!" - l Or is it that "college education" . . . "what does Beuchel ask on his 1 Econ 200 midterm? . . . l'm iust sick . . . does that rock on your fin- 5 ger cut glass? . . . now I learned in Geology that . . . only three H1 n Anne Sr it ' ,DF more weeks to finals . . . l'm flunking out . . . fourth for bridge . . . KZ,,rlZ?JLlienng,55ph, ' what's trump? . . . oh, oh here's the study chairman." Ke"Yf Polflcidflf- A I Yes, we enioyed it all . . . even made it down to the HUB whirl . . dabbled in campus politics . . . sampled Commons coffee . . .cheered on the Husky teams . . . "a great year, '55-56 . . . you agree? . . well, see you on campi!" 272 'vi 'J 'F 'sz' -:eff ivy. 'F-if H' x ,A+-. K wr N :Y XG? Founded at the University of Arkansas, Fayetteville, Ar- kansas, in 1895 Alpha chapter established in 1909. 117 national chapters. PATRICIA THOMPSON, President K, K Keyes, Cyrene, Jr. - V King, Judy, Sr. fx W Landeen, Judy, Fr. 5 by ,W W I Lenihan, Shawn, Soph. 'Vi ,. , ' -' K ,f Levin, Betty Jo, Fr. 'V , 'ffff Lewis, Julie, Fr, K ,KK - KKK, ,L T211 Longstreth, Marita, Soph. . Lovegren, Vaughan, Fr. -17555 .V Lundell, Sally, Soph. K " K Martin, Jennel, Fr. l K J 'ae McCutchen, Karla, Fr. . f a K za, ,, 'S McFarland, JoAnn, Soph. .K A . ag K K Yi- ' s SK, Ygglf Menge, Barbara, Fr. 'iw Kb! . X Montague, Karen, Fr. " ,' ' ,W Morris, Allene, Fr. Nelthorpe, Linda, Jr. K Nordahl, Marlene, Soph O'Connor, Sharon, Jr. ,K 4,1 - , is K Odegard, Carol, Sr. . v ' ' va 'X ' O Hare, Lynne, Sr. " KK sw v ,f tv. , K , . Pedersen, Phyllis, Sr. xi, ii kk,, K. K if 'TP ' KK QF. ' Phipps, Rosemary, Jr. W fi: 5 H Pifer, Patricia, Jr. H Powell, Marilee, Soph. X A Puckett, Melody, Soph. K Purcell, Patricia, Jr, ' u Randell, Sharene, Fr. ,V - K A 5 , 1 Rasmussen, Carol, Fr. f ic Q' K ?A" A 61 Ratclitte, Rebecca, Jr. Q . -.-, ' K5 672' if Ring, Noel, Jr. J 1 i A K -.., ,IK . A Robinson, Patricia, Soph ' K - in Rogers, Rosemary, Fr. ' J Schappert, Carol, Sr. I 4 5'wU9,'1"eSfYf Palrlclc' Soph' The Chi O's help with their new house addition. ,E W K Schneider, Sally, Jr. 4 KW V ,' Schwartze, Patricia, Soph. " - NL ' A, , . Schuck, Shelby, Jr. ,s -. 55" seabel, Gail, rf, Shaw, Margaret, Soph. . 7 Shaw, Rosemary, Fr. V' 1' 9' Shelton, Ginger, Fr. ol 3 9 Skarperud, Martha, Jr. if N Smith, Janet, Jr. 1J,.,.. Spencer, Janet, Jr. ? , 'Q ,, Steere, Patricia, Soph. . 1 K Thompson, Patricia, Sr. Walsh, Shirley, Fr. W ' ' ' ' Warrington, Patricia, Fr. 1 tm. Watson, Gwen, Fr. 3 .J Webster, Beverly, Soph. Lf?,j Weld, Gail, Soph, fl ,. Worley, Jill, Soph. Young, Berta, Jr. 273 Adams, Linda, Fr. Anderson, Shirley, Fr, Backman, Myrna, Soph. Berry, Carol, Fr. Breshears, Betty Ann, Sr. Cameron, Anne, Fr. ta delta d Ita Founded at Boston University, Boston, Mass., in T888. Theta Alpha chapter established in l909. 96 national chapters. na' 'x as A -Q Breshears, Mary Frances, Fr. 1' as 37 V Eli W Carlen, Nancy, Saph. Carlson, Linda, Fr. Carpenter, Beverly, Fr. Carter, Candy, Soph. Candill, Patricia, Sr. Covers, Roberta, Soph. Christensen, Carol, Soph. Clark, Mariorie, Soph, Clarke, Ann, Jr. Cowan, Gladys, Fr. DeTurk, Eleanor, Soph. Doll, Elaine, Jr. Drahold, Carol, Saph. Drahold, Sandra, Fr, Elggren, Trina, Fr. Elwell, Judy, Jr, Erken, Judy, Soph. Fabrick, Patricia, Soph. Fairchild, Alayne, Fr. Finley, Mary Jane, Soph. Fitch, Dawn, Soph. Flint, Carolyn, Fr, Foellcner, Jeanne, Soph. Frangen, Betty, Sr. Gibson, Mary Carol, Soph. Green, Shirley, Soph. Halverson, Ann, Fr. Halverson, Janice, Jr. Hanson, Joan, Sr. Hanson, Joan, Soph, Healy, Sharon, Soph. Hobbs, Carol, Fr. lllman, Sally, Sr. lngels, Nancy, Jr. Jackson, Marlene, Sr. Johnson, Judy, Jr. Johnson, Katherine, Fr. Johnston, Carol, Fr. Johnston, Ginger, Sr. Jokinen, Shirley, Jr, Karkou, Marjorie, Sr. Kershner, Eleanor, Sr. Kuehl, Marilyn, Jr. 'Seik- .. . ,yn E30 'K if 4. -v. ,V ,N -v n- 5 " , 'Sf 1 'Sr swf ,,. 1 , x 1' E Q. .,. -J - TI? 9 .1 'fr 1- ef' r w. D 'mv 4 ik. ,. X 4527 2lst N.E .., 5, 1' va. K ' .suszzg W CAROL SEMMERN, President . .wus ,,, ,. .l .X x"7'?m x NOT PlCTURED: Bauer, Sue, Soph. DeWitt, Pamela, Saph. Schoenfeld, Suzie, Soph. Teagle, Sharon, Soph. Wilson, Lois, Jr. Wittwer, Edo, Soph. 52,15 se- ffn r' , s 1' . V -3 K- 'X ,, U sg-fa B 'T 5 , rr, .dm . 5- f.,, ' ' yy' xx if Q 4 ' 5 iili T30 1 -er. '- Y 'rr 5 , K9 ' .1 r x f. ,. 'wa X is ' K . , 'rg me . 1 ' ,, L I :Ng Mfg! -nf 1: Q., .3 .-.. 1 , 73. N! Q 4 , I M K Q Vl.. kW-- M W ,J Q, 43:1 gg, egg, ,A 'ff' X , g , ,Q , fs ,S 1- g cs. ,V . Ji' 9' I is . er V , tra Q N,fY H. 1, 's 6 2 ttf' l l Fc , 55 49 C :S 1 'sl'-9 A ,ff 'rife V , A Ask a Tri Delt, she'll tell you that '56 was great! The year was packed with memories that will al- ways rate. Thirty-seven pledges to start the new year right, Such bright and shining faces shone here on pledg- ing night. Silver Fish and W-Key didn't pass us by, For some of their new members are here in Delta Tri! We worked hard too, as always, on our Homecom- ing show, As we do on everything as all Tri Deltas know. The Christmas sing saw us out with the Sigma Chi's, Such fun was had by all, and could we harmonizel? Sophomore Carnival, too, was great, the DU's ioined us there. Fun and work together-memories we'll always share. Songfest with the Phi Kaps meant a busy spring, Win or lose we knew the fun was the important thing. We had our share of dances throughout the whole school year, Much to much of everything to tell about right here. Pansy Breakfast again was great for all campus senior girls, A tittin' and a proper way to climax college whirls. And so away in memory goes another year of fun, Activities, studies, and social life--all part ot Wash- ington. i 1 ' C' Q , if vw-:fc SW? AAA '-fi 15.- z ,vw - .1 Pk 'CSF' 4 4 -FU- 5' -Y-P! 3.-1 Kramer, Patricia, Fr. Landon, Carol, Soph. Levar, Joann, Soph. Logue, Kay, Jr. McAllister, Lynn, Fr. McGraw, Nancy, Soph, McKee, Maggie, Sr. McLachlan, Sandy, Jr. Magnuson, Ann, Jr. Menetee, Beverly, Fr. Mielde, Joan, Fr. Moffatt, Midge, Sr. Moilanen, Laurene, Fr. Moore, Jane, Fr. Moore, Patricia, Jr. Nash, Nancy, Soph. Nelsen, Janet, Jr. Nieman, Catherine, Fr. Nieman, Elizabeth, Jr. Nordby, Kay, Sr. O'Day, Colleen, Soph. Olsen, Barbara, Sr. Onkels, Celia, Saph. Parsons, Nancy, Fr. Paulson, Laura, Sr. Peterson, Janet, Jr. Ramsay, Lou Ann, Soph. Reininger, Kay, Fr. Russell, Arlene, Soph. Ryning, Karen, Soph. Scates, Bonnie, Fr, Schalk, Erica, Sr. Semmern, Carol, Sr. Sherman, Mikell, Fr. Smith, Carol, Fr, Smith, Frances, Fr, Steensland, Bereth, Soph Stock, Barbara, Soph. Stowell, Sandy, Jr. Swenson, Jocelyn, Fr. Tuininga, Ann, Saph. Turk, Patty, Sr. Van Scoyoc, Arlene, Sr. Wilson, Nancy, Jr. Zwaschka, Haroyln, Fr. Put another nickel in! ' Usrffixfu .nfl 41 1, Founded at Lewis School, Oxford, Mississippi, in 1873. Beta Chapter established in 1903. 79 national chapters. SUE HODSON, President 2012 E. 45th cl Ita gamma Pig, lag: ills? ,i , ' 1 276 lltllil lllll ll I Allen, Marjorie, Soph. Austin, Nancy, Sr. Benton, Judy, Sr. Bernard, Carolyn, Fr. Burke, Pat, Soph. Burns, Gale, Jr. Campbell, Carol, Jr. Carlgren, Barbara, Soph. Carlgren, Virginia, Jr. Carlstrom, Marge, Jr. Childers, Millicent, Jr. Congdon, Roberta, Jr. Connell, Margi, Jr. Deeprose, Blanche, Jr. Dohm, Nancy, Jr, Dolan, Sheila, Fr. Duncan, Sally, Jr Elmore, Mary Ann, Soph. Freeman, Sally, Soph. Gale, Jo, Jr. Gerry, Annette, Fr. Gillanders, Kathy, Soph. Heily, Kay, Jr. Heily, Timmie, Fr. Hill, Sharon, Fr. Hodson, Nancy, Fr, l-ladson, Sue, Sr. Holmkvist, Diane, Fr. lngebretson, Abby, Fr. Korshner, Theresa, Fr. Keeler, Marge, Jr. Kelly, Pat, Fr. Killian, Toni, Jr. King, Karen, Soph. Kipper, Joan, Soph. Lawwill, Gretchen, Fr. yd ng gf L Q are as , 'rf' ff. f. :S I .gf v ess. x 21 '2 J si. Q f-1, H i , 1: G 5 s - w A -S I -Z l,,i Jsr A 1' RK A 'E fer - Q 55 v 165 'S' . .V ...QW 4 11' 'bv 1 - 5 to . in l f' aa- X.. f fb 3 ,ff .. i -'rn 4: ve , 44' if 54 L ,v K? R 95 If 5' 1 Ar. x ii, Lindeman, Betsy, Soph. Lindsay, Mary, Fr. Low, Jean, Jr. Pigott, Mary Ellen, Jr. Pugh, Joan, Sr. Rae, Gwen, Soph. Rogers, June, Soph. Ryan, Joanne, Jr. Sanford, Suzanne, Soph Scalley, Judy, Fr. Schalo, Shari, Fr. Schnatterly, Ann, Jr. i ef JS Macleod, Sheila, Fr. Q ,, ,-'li , V5 W L I McCalman, Lucy, Soph. 4 . McCoy, Joan, Soph. 4' , ,,, x McGee, Sally, Jr. - L L! H McKinstry, Carol, Jr. 2 -gr' fx Y? kg' Y K Q ' . J 3 W ii Miller, Sally, Jr. 'K 5, '-A Morganthaler, Mary, Jr. J ' K Murphy, Miramae, Fr. .V Nutter, Shirley, Sr. A Ogden, Sandra, Jr. 4 ,gs 7, Peterson, Susan, Fr. br if Phelps, Dorothy, Jr. ig Philbrick, Judi, Fr. J 3 .an 4. 'Q V ia, g 16 . if , ,,, y . . -eff Q- satis? c my J ,Z 1 . 'I "" pa. 2 M., l A my A V: 4' Q . M QM . ,. 'B .MQ - "' 5 rf rs ' Shannon, Virginia, Soph. Shimmin, Sue, Jr. Sutter, Vicky, Fr. Swanson, Verrelle, Fr. Thomas, Annette, Soph. Thomas, Sue, Jr. Thompson, Coralyn, Sop Van Tyen, Miep, Sr. Wallerius, Lynn, Sr. Wallin, Myrna, Sr. Walton, Joan, Fr. Webster, Sylvia, Jr. Wernentin, Claire, Sr. Willey, Deanna, Fr. Wood, Sallie, Jr. Worthington, Joan, Jr. h. The DG's make ready for Homecoming. NOT PICTURED: Etchieson, Dione, Jr. As another outstanding year for the University of Washington's first national sorority comes to a close, Delta Gamma can look back upon all its achievements and fun-a great year socially, scho- Iastically, and activity-wise. Dances were a big item with the DG's this year. The pledge dance with its "western" theme, the Winter Formal at the Olympic Bowl, and the Spring informal all added to the social whirl of each quar- ter. With the Homecoming sign, exchanges, a roller skating party and coffee dates, the Delta Gammas were kept busy and active all through the year. Sophomore Carnival with the Alpha Delts, and prac- tice for Songfest were carried out with the same enthusiasm that has typified the spirit of the DG's. Filling up the extra hours was diligent work on the National Proiect-Sight Conservation and Aid the Blind. Campus activities did not leave the Delta Gammas behind this year, either. Besides working hard in HUB activities, DG's were found in AWS and class offices, Totem Club, W-Key, Sigma Epsilon Sigma, and Silver Fish. i955-56 has been a most rewarding year for the Delta Gammas, and a contributing factor to DG success has been the strong spirit of united friend- ship that is such a part of Delta Gamma life. 277 "Oh, you must be a Delta Zeta girl, or you can't wear the diamond and four pearls." The echo of this brought in thirty-two enthusiastic pledges who were anxious and proud to wear the rose and green. Among the pledges was Aida Kouyoumiian, our foreign student for the past four years from Bagdad, Iraq. Kappa chapter, as usual, started the year off with the whirl of Fall Quarter activities such as our annual Founders' Day Banquet, Homecoming, and the Pledge Formal. At Christmas time we again took time out for our national philanthropic proiect, Galludet College for the Deaf in Washing- ton, D. C. delta zeta Winter Quarter brought initiation, more exchanges, a novelty danc sponsored by the pledge class, and of course, more studying. Sprint Quarter started with the second annual Delta Zeta Dream Man Cor test, and the winner was announced at the Spring Formal at th Tennis Club. Sophomore Carnival came soon after, with Parents Weekend and Senior Breakfast completing the year. Many pinning and engagements brought the traditional serenades and chocolate throughout the quarters, too. Yes, Delta Zeta can look with pride c its forty-second year on the University of Washington campus. MERILYN BAISCH, President Founded at Miami University, Oxford, Ohio, in 1902. Kappa chapter established in l9l4. 27 Brown, Mae Lee, Jr. Chonzena, Mona, Jr. Coffin, Gail, Jr. Cohen, Darlene, Jr. Cohen, Dianne, Soph. Collard, Shelby, Soph. Coulthard, Kay, Soph. Craig, Joyce, Jr. Craft, Betty Lou, Fr. Davidson, Mary Lou, Jr. Dever, Diana, Fr. Dick, Elizabeth, Jr. Epps, Janice, Soph. Evans, Donna Belle, Fr. Fisher, Marcia, Jr. Gaines, Barbara, Soph. Q' Gibb, Judy, Fr. Gillespie, Carol, Fr. 77 national chapters. t, Andrews, Jean, Fr. H Aromin, Auria, Fr. Austin, Marybeth, Fr. . Baisch, Merilyn, Jr. fr. I any I ' ' Banks Diana Jr. "" lv, fi '5l'ff'7' V. 9' 1 , , , ,Cyn Bensted, Ann, Sr. -- A' Berquist, Maxine, Jr. K bk ' Berry, Barbara, Jr. - ' K Blanton, Madelyne, Soph. M J, 53, ' " I 5' 1 1- di Brisbin, Janet, Fr. is v s, .5 " Brooke, Shirley, Fr. 7 6 t V 'wif A-,, QQ' cg! Wifi. is 42 L W C :S - xi - ., Q -.., '41 ' 'lf , JW . 5 5 , , K5 J., 5 5 L ., 6 J .Q Ep .Xa , f ,a if E ff l fl y 1 if , JJ? .-A W A FV , , 'Q' v, f i 1 , 1 w . gd xr. l -Q, an kr L! .nick A l ' if kb, AZ R King Neptune's helpers. NOT PICTURED: Burt, Peggy, Sr. Crowley, Dorothy, Sr. Ferguson, Margaret, Sr. Harpole, Jean, Sr. Jensen, Robin, grad. Proctor, Sharon, Soph. 4535 18th N. E. -as. Richter, Mary Jane, Sr. fy 1, Ringhiem, Mary Louise, Soph. ii Wallbom, Connie, Soph, i, Webber, Marilyn, Fr, K T JVQ - 1- ' Q , 29 ,vw . i N I- ,P W' J , rl? ' I ,R X- Jv. ' JJ C A ,. D 9 . A 2 Q, ' N I T 1 K H J H , ' r 5 . x J ' ui V7 , 'J - - ,' ' 6, - N-5 4 X? 6 W, , , t i ,Ev J 4 , ' ? 1 . ,, , Lippold, Arlene, Jr. Greene, Judy, Soph. Haumann, Carole, Fr. Holt, Virginia, Soph. Hull, Gay, Sr. lngle, Donna, Sr. Innis, Kay, Fr. Jensen, Roselene, Jr. Klinefelter, Ann, Fr. Kouyoumiian, Aida, Sr. Madonna, Ann, Fr. Mickelson, Nola, Fr, Miles, Janet, Fr, Moran, Glenda, Jr. Moran, Joy, Sr. McCartney, Nancy, Sr, McCollom, Dorothy, Jr, Nelson, Patricia, Sr. Noble, Jane, Jr. Oliver, Renee, Fr. Ostrander, Suzanne, Fr. Parker, Bette Jean, Fr. Rapp, Carolyn, Soph. Ratchford, Mary, Fr. Reber, Thea, Jr. Ross, Glennis, Jr. Sahlberg, Judy, Soph, Sanders, Peggy, Fr. Schatz, Nancy, Jr. Scott, Ardis, Jr. Sherfey, Sue Ann, Soph Shininger, Molly, Jr. Sigurdson, Darlene, Jr, Spence, Shirley, Soph. Starland, Susan, Sr. Sullivan, Sheila, Fr. Sunden, Janet, Jr. Sylling, Patricia, Jr. Taylor, Mary, Soph, Trimble, Bette, Fr. Vance, Julia, Jr. gamma phi beta Lambda chapter of Gamma Phi Beta, having com- pleted its fifty-third year on the University of Wash- ington campus, can look back with pride on its many achievements in l955-1956. With the yearly rush week over, we and our thir- ty-two wonderful pledges plunged headlong into the Fall Quarter activities-social and educational- which included schoolwork, football games, ex- changes, Homecoming, and our annual Pledge Barn Dance, which was a huge success. Soon came the holiday season and vacation, preceded by our Christmas sing at various hospitals in the city with the Phi Delts, and of course, finals! Winter Quarter, with its cold hard days, was a good time for studying in the hopes of maintaining our first on campus scholastically during Spring of '55. However, we also found time to go to the Var- sity Ball and our Valentine Informal. Spring Quarter soon arrived and with its sunshine, Sophomore Carnival, and campus elections, high- lighted by our Spring Formal and Senior Breakfast. In spite of a full social calendar and time devoted to studies, Gamma Phi managed to be well repre- sented in W-Key, Totem Club, Mortar Board, Silver Fish, and other AWS, and ASUW activities. Thus another grand year of learning drew to a close with the realization of many new and firm friend- ships we had made, and with a great desire that the coming year would be as rich and satisfying as this past year has been for us in Gamma Phi. K . l , , I in 3 it ui it Albin, Lynn, Jr. ' Anderson, Barbara, Fr. Baker, Mary Louise, Sr. To R Baker, Rena, Soph. A' , ,. I i Birkenmeyer, Ann, Fr. A t fn Bond, Judith, Jr. 'sf 3 Brown, Louise, Sr. I-rf,,,ffiS ' V l filjf- Brown, Maralee, Fr. " comin, Peggy, sr. P Davis, Gretchen, Fr. I A Dodelle, Salle Jo, Fr. M. , qi , Donaldson, Sally, Sr, , ' 'r ' Douglas, Shirley, Soph. fqgi Q Q7 Lg :,i Downie, Wendy, Soph, ' Dunnett, Elaine, Fr. f . Easter, Alison, Soph. ' Easter, Ann, Fr. Fauchald, Ann, Jr, Forsberg, Maryann, Fr. Fovargue, Sharon, Fr. - Fowler, Joyce, Sr. 'fb 1, Glerup, Virginia, Jr. V - ',, . Goss, Mary, Fr. 2- - Green, Sue, Fr. ' 7 f Gunderson, Mary, Soph. -j Hallett, Page, Fr. 4 5 C. Hawkes, Sally, Fr. Hecker, Jody, Fr. -. Henke, Julie, Soph. Herley, Patsy, Fr. .f , Hilen, Ann, Sr. Hinkle, Sally Jo, Fr. ' Hook, Mary, Jr. Holeton, Marjorie, Fr. - Howlett, Evelyn, Jr, 280 ,-at af, Q -4. Home Ec.-2 A, M. if s rr ' A if ww .A Raw! 'I 1 SS' its, J - f' , a JUDY McLEAN, President A -wi., f 0 Q' i 457' r 4 f , 1 .f K 1. . eases: KN 0 i J, .4-, V , , Z ' . -lux 1, .5 W I Ji J ... ... W, . l.L.Q9t' J 'Zo li in K 1 MAO , K ,, ,, g - Q , y x ,Q M 5 .. .. ef Q S , , , my Founded at Syracuse University, Syra cuse, New York, in 1874. Lambda chapter established in l903 58 national chapters. 4529 17th N.E. ,215 V W R- I 'f f so as . , V .1 if K, . Q. 3 fo is NOT PICTURED: Cramb, Sylvia, Sr. LeCocq, Barbara, Sr. Manning, Pat, Jr. Nolan, Eve, Sr. Saxton, Bobbie, Fr. Taylor, Joan, Soph. ffnk. . 'CF f 1 ,. ' an I-, 1 s, , eg? T LW . Q. X' QA, ,g 'If' N 'w ., , L, 5' , f 4 - 7 ' I WE T, " ,, 4- FL J , as f' ff- rv 5 3 at gl.. . Hreha, Pat, Fr. Ingham, Nancy, Jr. Knudson, Jane, Fr. Kunde, Bette, Fr. Langlie, Carrie Ellen, Jr. McFarland, Barbara, Fr. McLaren, Kay, Soph. McLean, Judy, Sr. Lowman, Jean, Jr. Luclington, Betty, Fr. Mandas, Georgia, Jr. Marshall, Debbie, Sr. Martin, Jo Ann, Jr. Martin, Judith, Jr, Montgomery, Patty, Jr. Morthland, Rosemary, Fr. Mott, Judy, Sr. Mounger, Judy, Soph. Murison, Ann, Fr. Murison, Bonnie Jean, Jr. Myers, Sharon, Jr, Ostrom, Janis, Soph. Parsons, Dale, Jr. Peterson, Susan, Fr. Pierce, Katie, Fr. Possehl, Barbara, Soph. Quast, Ann, Fr. Runstad, Jill, Fr. Sanford, Sandy, Sr, Sargent, Betty, Sr. Saxton, Claire, Soph. Sievers, Sally, Soph. Spadafore, Nancy, Fr. Stender, Nancy, Soph. Sullivan, Colleen, Jr. Thompson, Georgeanne, Jr Wagner, Judy, Fr, Waterhouse, Leona, Fr. Whitman, Rheta, Jr. Young, Marcia, Soph. kappa alpha theta 4 'mix NOT PICTURED: Dunkley, LouAnn, Soph. Ganty, Mary Jane, Jr. Isle, Amy, Soph. Johnson, Susan, Grad. Kirsch, Elizabeth, Jr. LaLone, Janet, Jr. Anderson, Nancy, Fr. Anderson, Rosemary, Jr. Ashley, Mary, Sr. Baker, Barbara, Soph. Beil, Sally, Fr. Bennett, Barbara Jaan, Soph. Boid, Barbara, Soph. Bryant, Carolyn, Fr. Bryant, Nancy, Jr. Buller, Beverly, Jr, Burrows, Nancy, Sr. Bush, Patti, Soph. Bushnell, Jeremy, Soph. Carratt, Connie, Soph. Churchill, Elizabeth, Soph. Coppess, Hazel, Jr, Cormier, Jilleen, Fr. Davin, Mary Lynn, Soph. Dean, Charlotte, Jr. Dunn, Barbara, Jr. Dunton, Anne, Sr, Edmiston, Janet, Jr. Evans, Gwyneth, Soph. Franzke, Suzanne, Jr. Gaffner, Robin, Fr. Hardy, Nancy, Fr. Heflin, Mary Jo, Jr. Henry, Barbara, Fr. Holslen, Gail, Fr. Holtzinger, Sara Ann, Soph. Horne, Marilyn, Fr, Horst, Sylvia, Jr. Houser, Mary, Soph. Hughes, Cameon, Sr. Irving, Barbara, Fr. Ivey, Suzanne, Fr. Jensen, Mari, Soph. Jensen, Sally, Fr. Johnson, Dorene, Fr. Jones, Sandra Mary, Jr. Jones, lvaly, Soph. LaLone, Jill, Fr. Leander, Sharon, Jr. Lidstone, Judy, Sr. Lindman, Loyal, Fr. Link, Linda, Soph. Loe, Mary, Sr. Loudon, Anita Lynn, Fr. McPhee, Janice, Fr. McVay, Jane, Soph. Long, Goldie, Soph. McEachern, Elizabeth, Sr. Madsen, Jean, Soph. Moe, Mary, Jr. Rembe, Toni, Jr. Ross, Sharon Ann, Sr. Saunders, Mary Lou, Soph. Wakefield, Sue, Jr, 4521 l7th N.E. Founded at DePaw University, Green- castle, Indiana in l87O. Alpha Lambda chapter established in l908. 80 national chapters. 2 .KB V fs ,M - P " V I ' gi . . Q . . ' I Q lf .ll ,V ' , lf .. K I "1 atgev q. . g . .. - 6 J 5 -A I - I , Q, .. 6. e ,I et .,,. sf ' fl ew A ,J , I ' A J I " 1- , 'f s' sez rs, rw2'aS , n s f ' J H.. S E Z QE? T Er 'UI xx lf?-vw! We i iiigsh Q' 1 E515-'Q , S Wit.. + i " M , . E F-.9 M , fs mn 3 S27 4, is . The Thetas harmonized on Blue Moon, .K -'PF R' i ,if, 'Si' 5 , 'QA l ! i f-A .M :sr , ' , MIMI DUNN, President Hyun H. iw vi te ' s r -1- 1-,.f - , f 'CP' f is sw. , 4 ,Q- as , K' N 1132.330 MacPhee, Martha, Soph. Matthiesen, Ann, Fr. Michelson, Patricia, Fr. Mullen, Joyce, Jr. Murray, Gail, Sr, Alpha Lambda Chapter of Kappa Alpha Theta wel- comed 32 wonderful new pledges after the excit- ing fall rushing. Fall quarter started out with a bang. Thetas gustily sang "Reign with Jane" on the quad during fresh- man elections and we were so thrilled when the class of '59 voted Janie Talbot as their class secre- tary. The pledge sneak, Homecoming, the pledge dance, with a French theme, and the pledges' sur- prise Christmas decorations were all a part of the fun. Winter quarter was highlighted by the thrill of lni- tiation preceded by lnspiration Week, and initiation climaxed the true sisterhood that each Theta feels. Our semi-formal dance put on by the Freshmen was another fabulous winter quarter event. Spring quarter brought our formal-the fun of open- ing a corsage box, seeing how your date looked, and the dinner-all these made the formal a night we'll never forget. We all enioyed working together on proiects like Sophomore Carnival in which we joined efforts with the Fiiis, songfest, sports events, and elections. We were so proud to have so many Thetas active in AWS and ASUW activities, W-Key, Totem Club, Mortar Board, Silver Fish, and departmental honor- aries tapped in the Theta house this year. As we look back on T955-1956 and think of the many sincere and warm friendships we have de- veloped, we know that next year will be truly as memorable for Kappa Alpha Theta. gli Xl 1. X E A g . 97 -5' , Nordstrom, Loyal, Soph. Olson, Marilyn, Jr. Osborne, Patricia, Fr. Paton, Marilyn, Soph. Peters, Nancy, Soph. Pollard, Barbara, Fr. Redman, Ann, Fr. Reed, Marcia, Soph. Saberhagen, Janet, Sr. Schafer, Louise, Jr. Shaw, Luann, Sr. Shepard, Sydney, Fr. Siostrom, Carolyn, Soph. Stephenson, Dulcy, Jr. Stone, Janet, Sr. Stout, Kathryn, Fr. Stuht, Sally, Sr, Swenson, Mariio, Fr. Talbot, Margaret Jane, Fr Tomlinson, Jane S., Fr, Tonkin, Carol, Jr. Tye, Leah Joyce, Sr. Von Lubken, Lucy, Fr. Vining, Virginia, Jr. Wakeman, Fran, Fr. Welsch, Sharron, Jr. Wilcox, Gail, Fr. Wing, Melinda, Fr. Smith, Nancy, Fr. Pence, Caryle, Sr, kappa d I1'a 1 A .5 ,Fr I ,Lf vfffiyf 5, ids!!! V ,4 f, 'gf If ' , j -213' .Wy "JM ti I .f v a W " -B1 J l A li ga el' l fgvhi' ., - we J M: L. i .M ' - -'fi 1 E'-E5 --- . ' '-'ag ., 'V I 'ZH-2 5, -'J ef s'f- - '-1l ff::x- 5 A " 1-if .F . .Lf " .1 1 , f W S ...nj reef-e..,.Laf 4,5 . fi- M - iee-Qe..v.g.-efi-f-z.- f:W---- J gi Q., I 1 I 1 , ., ,, in tl ll " "N ' 3 1 ,fl . g 'g' ,PKWFQ ls!" ' ,ij wig fix 7, -. F .,. ,. fv H' V C, an 51 Il.. ' .1 2 . g iw ff? at f' wif I 4 e' ' tn. .4 fXi"n'151 -xv' ' ' -,... , - f- 'i 'i F ' S ' -- 'I "' '..-" 4. 1" ., , 4' .. 91,22 2 - if" '-2,1 Q ' 1-"J N, .W2Mwltf"" ft i w? if Xi ,Eye 2 c f Wfvi li' .,.,,s..,2? 3 GJ ' f .f,'4+112frf?:vf fliltefff - 1 'i fi, I ,L eg!-,,',, U,-3, 5, - K ,fl Livm, ' LH- ,I . - .c ' - ,fig M1 . fe " '0 vi: " -" SW g 7' fi -is Q, W, ,.. N- " ' 1" in J G' ?f,T.."'f'F"7"""w" .0 4.957 4524 l7th N. E. - a MYRNIE HOEY, President NOT PlCTUREDz Brown, Gwen, Fr. Leonard, Judy, Soph. Marten, Carol, Sr. Martin, Jean, Sr. Nelson, Christine, Soph. O'NeilI, Sally, Jr. Swan, Diane, Sr. Swenson, Jo Anne, Sr. Beecham, Patricia, Soph, Beetham, Gwen, Fr. A . i Berger, Margaret, Soph. g . Bcwlin, Harriet, Fr. 5 45 A r L 'bg Butler, Suzanne, Fr. , cp, - .. ". if W 5 Campbell, Jaan, Sr. .. 3 K H. - -4? ig., -7 I Carlson, Shirley, Sr. I i Q Cassidy, Maureen, Sr. ' Q ' Clawson, Beverly, Jr. Corfield, Joan, Jr. ff' i Crawford, Norma, Jr. A ii A A Crouch, Kathy, Fr. A , W Cunningham, Virginia, F 14" Q. A, I . W .mi km Darrow, Nancy, Fr, i " ' A 'S I Denney, Betty, Jr. C7 , Q A I. Y 2 Q Eichorn, Joan, Fr. V J .lf V Feyen, Ann, Fr. X ' .Q A, J Fix, Carolyn, Sr. . , 5 1 ,J L1 Fix, Pamela, Soph. Ford, Beverly, Jr. Foster, Patricia, Fr. Fritz, Zoe, Fr. , ,Q ,t-...F ' . 'K Fuller, Myrna, Fr. 1 I A J . X W, Ri.. gm- .E .3 .6 W Giese, lsa, Fr. " ' . . 2 7 ' 'If P ' Greene, Eleanor, Jr. W, 'i 5' 6- .f Q ' Griffith, Marilyn, Fr. 4' 1 Gustafson, Nancy, Fr. Haffner, Ann, Fr. Halbert, Jackie, Sr. Hall, Deanna, Fr, , Hall, Muriel, Sr. Haman, Georgia, Fr. 1' ,- I L xfvf . Hawkins, Norma, Soph. EQ lg A Q, -I it 3: Hochstetter, Duana, Soph. ii , A " . ' f . ,i ,kg . . Hoey, Myrnie, Sr. J' ' ' " 'Q "'. , - ff ' J' Holloway, Joan, Soph. Hutchinson, Harriet, Soph. Johnson, Judy, Soph, 284 .Q K F 3 Founded at Virginia State Normal School, Farmerville, Virginia, in l897. Sigma Iota chapter established in 1922. 90 national chapters. fx Ll' xv Yi' ,Q-. ,, gp A A Q w -A s 2 gi, Q7 V 56. fi up J 4: ' r NA . . J , , xc, ' na' 'K g ,W J .N n , SX' I J ' 'il' . .' ' g as W 3 Xyy' ,H 4. 4 W F 1 f 3 Kappa Delta has passed another year of achieve- ment in which the beautiful new addition to our chapter house was completed. Our circle of friend- ship was increased by 4l pledges, making a total house membership of 92. Throughout the year we attempted to maintain a balance between schol- arship, activities, and social events. Fall quarter found the KDs busy with the annual pledge dance, and the Founders' Day Banquet, celebrating the 58th year of the national chapter. With the onset of Spring came Sophomore Carni- val with the Phi Psi's, a buffet dinner for parents, and our annual dinner-dance. The climax of our social year was the Senior Breakfast honoring our 21 graduating seniors. Activity-wise we were proud to have so many KDs participating in ASUW and AWS work. Some of the honoraries we were represented in are: Phi Beta Kappa, Omicron Nu, Theta Sigma Phi, Pi Lambda Theta, Rally Girls, and Sigma Epsilon Sigma. Kappa Delta firmly believes that its spirit of united friendship and loyal service has contributed to making this year most successful. f. we f iw! ' 'jfs' ff 'L , T: ,v. 7 3 Mi 'fs ,. 14, .- ' K .+ . X .V 3, 3 Q K tg A 1,1 4. -J, ' Q , X ' Z V ,X 15' f' W N r 1515 ,s as ta, . , . 1. K T inf- Q ,-rg ,ies , ., WJ M , 3 4 '- Q ' .3 K , X + ,I 65 x 5 ji' '75 , t , Q ,J I "N ,Q .. t "6-M 'X 4 L.. ,Q , a kv, , fr . 2 s X : ,J wwe FFF. "ir: ' sf A.- .S , Q, 'Q ' I ' Xi.. , I' X . it :ff i fix". P. X ox .581 R ,, . ,fi V . M 0 .:,.f...,.,.,, Who gets to live in the new addition? Koppe, Gretchan, Jr. Kruse, Karen, Sr. Lamont, Ann, Jr. Landis, Joan, Fr. Locke, Arla, Sr, Lallis, Linda, Soph. Lynch, Pamela, Soph. Martin, Elaine, Soph. f Q ,ga x1,g, Martin, Temple, Fr, McKeever, Jane, Sr. Milholland, Gail, Sr. Mills, Barbara, Sr. Moen, Margie, Jr. Oflock, Jacquie, Soph. Pollack, Marilyn, Soph. Ralston, Roberta, Fr. Rogers, Glenda, Jr. Shirley, Pauline, Jr. Smith, Janet, Soph. Snider, Barbara, Jr. Snider, Sandra, Soph. Sohnel, Christie, Fr. Sorgenfrei, Mary Ja, Sr. Stanosheck, Shirley, Fr. Steincipher, Claire, Sr. St. Jean, Jody, Jr. . , ? ' Q .M'!..L, tt? ,VV. ,. K N s :Trl f Q is . ' 2 if - A ,Q Ev! 'Y7,n wiv .1 X , Stunz, Thomasina, Soph. Surridge, Geri, Fr, Svendson, Carol, Fr. Swanson, Lois, Soph. Sweeney, Joan, Soph, Templeton, Louise, Fr Treadwell, Georgene, Soph Turney, JoAnne Jr. Vincent, Lois, Sr. Von Krosigk, Jean, Fr. Wahl, Karen, Jr. Wanlace, Nancy, Jr. Ward, Neoma, Sr. Westenhaver, Barbara, Sr. Wheeler, Imogene, Jr. Whitehead, Sandra, Fr. Whiteley, Flora, Jr, Wilcox, Sydney, Jr. Willy, Karlin, Jr. Zander, Lynn, Soph. Alton, Janet, Fr. Aucott, Sandra, Fr, Baird, Ritchie, Soph. Bird, Linda, Soph. Bolan, Joanne, Jr. Boncutter, Jean, Jr. Bratton, Nancy, Sr. Braunschweiger, Teddy, Callison, Judy, Jr. Carpenter, Diane, Fr. Castle, Ann, Fr. Cassill, Diane, Sr. Chatalas, Joan, Soph. Christ, Virginia, Sr. Collins, Nancy, Fr. Dinham, Susan, Fr. Edmunds, Sid, Sr. Emmons, Linda, Soph. Ensign, Louise, Soph. Evans, Cecile, Saph. Feroglia, Audrey, Soph. Fisher, Ellen, Fr. Foster, Isabel, Jr. Fraser, Susan, Sr. Gardner, Mary Jo, Fr. Garretson, Mary, Fr. Greggerson, Bev. Jr. Hansen, Jean, Fr. Hansen, Karen, Jr. Harrison, Susan, Jr. Hart, Janet, Soph. Herb, Nancy, Sr. Henry, Kathleen, Jr. Hill, Nancy, Sr. Hacker, Kay, Fr. Hacker, Marilynne, Jr. Howard, Pedie, Fr. Hunter, Kathryn, Jr. Hurlbut, Betsy, Sr. Itschner, Ann, Jr. Janssen, Marli, Fr. Jobs, Storm, Soph. Javick, Sally, Jr. Judson, Judy, Fr. Kampmann, Kathie, Sr. Kauffman, Mary Fr. Kelso, Jerrie, Fr. Lennox, Diana, Soph. Lihou, Sharon, Soph. Lynch, Sue, Soph. kappa kappa gamma Founded at Monmouth College, Mon- mouth City, Illinois, in 1870. Beta Pi established in 1905. 83 national chapters. r ,hx y - M A , , ,,,i n J J J , J Soph. 'Wi . .z 6 ' 5 i 1 - in M J Epi-if if 's . 1- ,, 5 -r - K . Q X , I W rKixg,Vi,, Mig , - 5, K ef 'W rf Q , ' Fall quarter began for Beta Pi Chapter ' ' of Kappa Kappa Gamma with a won- :ln 5' fi' f '5- . , , .myf dertul new pledge class. After rush, the Jw- - jay Kappas began looking forward to an- . ' g . ' other eventful year of work and fun. its - "S V Among the highlights were the pledge , , ,.., My V, V dance, Christmas serenade with the gg-it Fiiis, winter formal, the annual roller- , va g ,Q skating party, and the spring picnic. Ag, ,lg Nor were grades a disappointment. As I . J ' J' 'K' a result of three years of top scholar- A 1' ' it f ship, the Panhellenic Scholarship tray MacDougall, Anne, Soph. Matheson, Lynn, Fr, McDonald, Dee, Soph. Mclntyre, Janice, Fr. Mclntyre, Marcia, Sr. Miller, Pat, Fr. Mossap, Mary, Sr. Nelson, Doris, Soph. Nielsen, Topper, Fr. Nilsson, Ann, Jr. Patton, Linda, Soph. Perry, Helen, Fr. Richards, Jane, Soph. Rotton, Sandy, Jr. 286 0 S V' ..,,, 1. gi, nl.. .J M-1 a 'G' 9 ff' J si I X' it'ti N' Y . . V Er now rests permanently at the KKG house. Kappa campus activities are varied and numerous-ASUW and AWS officers, ef Q- ,A ., members in Rally Girls, Silver Fish, W- -A 14 Key, Totem Club, Mortar Board, YWCA, , . ' ' b f and many other honoraries. Projects such as the Homecoming sign and Sophomore Carnival with the Betas were carried out with efficiency and ' enthusiasm. PIA. A A i lr, 1 IQ ' , , , .vig ,Lg Q2 The attitude of unity which made 1955- vj' F' f' 56 such a wonderful year helps Kappa to continue its leadership both on and off campus. , W Q, K, nv o- , f ,J ws' I . ' . , sf -as 62 ee, -if get y ,Q I K, '- 3 '1 ,ymm - ' A . A .' us. , - ' ,s s X 1 .,, Q ,rx S -.' - ,- ,, . f ""-4: - rj J A fs- KSKS NOT PICTURED: Coles, Susan, Jr. Link, Diane, Jr. Marion, Virginia, Slipper, Ann, Sr. Sr. 1 W? f 1 .. -1 I Aw.. 1 S! NANCY BRATTON, Presidenl Do, re, me, f Ax 8' 22,5 Ni 1- is 111- 5 .4 J Q L? N - M Q fi ,ff we i 4504 18th N.E. A- "H me A , , Q A is J 'fi J' J ,T ,, .,g , Z,, V 4- 1 H ' 5,9 1 :L in 1 'ir ffg, K f : G' M f iii 'li J., J Q 4 Rudolph, Barbara, Jr, Sahlin, Karen, Jr. Savage, Rasemary, Jr. Savage, Sherry, Jr. Schegolkov, Lea, Soph. Searles, Marikay, Sr. Sideres, Gloria, Sr. Skagen, Virginia, Fr. Smidf, Diane, Fr. Smilh, Beverly Kaye, Soph Smith, Marguerite, Saph. Spence, Heather, Fr. Slone, Shirley, Sr. Thampson, Dixie, Fr. Totten, Jan, Fr. Trask, Laurel, Soph. Travis, Beverly, Jr. Wagsfaff, Louise, Sr. Walker, Nancy, Soph. Wallin, Karen, Fr. Weigle, Prue, Jr. Willard, Nadine, Jr. Williams, Deanna, Fr. Williams, Heather, Fr. 288 f sl T- 'Q w x-9, jf! , ii if ,xg ra. X J Anderson, Shirley Ann, Fr. Anton, Marilyn, Soph. Beebe, Sherolee, jr. Burnham, Beverly, Sr. Culver, Marianne, Soph. , ty? A " Balodimas, Phia, Fr. X S N, i Q 5 ' i , in . cn' NQQFJ phi mu Founded at Weseleyan College, Macon, Georgia, in 1852. Eta Beta Chapter established in 1917. 74 national chapters. Oh, those Homecoming costumes! Dressel, Dorothy, Fr. Echols, Jean, Fr. Enwall, Mary Ellen, Jr. Essley, Frances, Sr. Farrar, Nancy, Sr. ,Q C 'L - G Q xx' K NOT PICTURED Gaustad, Sandra F Harris, Salle Soph Merritt, Donna Sr Godefroy, Ann, Fr. Gray, Carol, Jr, Guernsey, Carolyn, Soph Hill, Nancy, Jr, Holing, Claudia, Fr. Hughes, Donna, jr. Jacobsen, JoAnn, F r. GEMM Hurry, not rush . . . who put the iaguar in the entry hall? . . . move furniture into different rooms . . . watch out for a falling palm tree at the African party. . . "But I didn't know we had to be in at lO:3O!" . . . "I've got blue paint all over my rain- coat from election signs" . . . green death . . . dirty Friday . . . forgot to take Mrs. Brown with us on an exchange . . . stuff from pledge dance programs . . . we sparkled for weeks . . . the chests are on second . . . "Please, not down the laundry chute." .. . Homecoming . . . "Where's ci needle and thread? I split my costume up the back on that last kick". . . 1 Jorgensen, Eleanor, Fr. , Kildahl, Karen, Fr. J ,,.f K' Larsen, Carol, Fr. V. I' f "' W I ff, Leeds, Marilyn, Soph. ' I Q .':s Q. b I IH? Luckey, Jackie, Soph. 4351 rl ' A L 4 W , x I L Mathis, Salli, Fr. I I I A Miller, Marilyn, Sr. on ,V L ' ig i' gf- ' Moody, Donna, Soph. .Q X 4-75' SN -J , Richardson, Dorcas, Jr. X 6 v i K I k,,' ix Rotter, Ruth Ann, Jr. Rowell, Barbara, Soph. 1:3 ,3-' Tighe, Carol, Soph. . 'J 3 , .L . Q' H, . 5' Big sister-Little sister . . . Swedish Rhapsody . . . "I always wondered how they got a three-story Christ- mas tree in that place . . . iust because I have to sit and hold the top steady onthe roof" . . . "Who gets to be Santa Claus for the party this year?" Finals . . . coffee pots and hot plate in the library downstairs . . . up to Stevens for the week-end . . . Barn dance Fireside. . . Carnation Ball . . . "Do you think we could grow purple carnations 'cause I'm getting awful tired of pink ones" . . . Carnation girls. . . all that ribbon and a dried stalk. . . it's the thought and work behind it. . . "Will you go to OA for me today?" . . . "Good grief, I forgot my pledge duty" . . .campus . . . study table . . . Suppressed Desire Fireside . . . that old Hawaiian fraternity . . . Sophomore carnival . . . strictly for the birds . . . burgers . . . goodies man . . . social service . . . "lt's about time those actives did some work" . . . Husanga . . . Volkswagen on the front porch . . . bless those lads across the street . . . no doorplate, no doormat . . . study at Lake Washing- ton . . . end it all . . . art majors . . . bop ...Blue Moon . . . Senior Breakfast . . . "O Perfect Loving Friendship" . . . and so it went . . . too fast. Tignon, Marie-Claire, Sr, I Waldron, Carol, Fr. .K A , 5. Weyand, Jackie, Fr. K 4540 l7th N.E. NANCY FARRAR, President ,Md - X 28 Abney, Sharon, Jr. Adair, Janet, Fr. Addington, Sandra, Sr. Alexander, Mary, Fr. Adkisson, Sandra, Jr. Allan, Barbara, Soph. Ball, Sally, Fr. Benton, Ann, Soph. Bergren, Sally, Fr, Black, Barbara, Soph. Blossom, Diane, Sr. Brinkman, Janet, Sr. Brown, Sully, Jr. Bye, Barbara, Soph, Byefield, Nan, Fr. Cammarana, Anita, Jr. Campbell, Connie, Jr. Carlson, Elizabeth, Fr. Cook, Norma, Jr. Cooper, Margie, Soph. Dailey, Janet, Jr. Dahlberg, Bevin, Fr, Davis, Carolyn, Fr. Dietzen, Ann, Sr. Dykes, Janet, Soph. Engebo, Gloria, Soph. Fleming, Susan, Fr. Fuller, Neva, Fr. Greely Nancy, Soph. Greer, Eileen, Fr. Gibson, Carole, Soph, Gibson, Gloria, Jr. Hagist, Roberta, Soph, Harris, Linda, Scph. i 290 'sf' 57 54 i J -Q-nf ' A' if 'isa Q.- ,, ,,, ls A rd , Mia: .FV 57 M?-:ff 3 J Q K 77 ng' ' Rf J Q5 e L 1 Q . . ,M 2 st' ,-6 ....'i' N, - pi b fa phi NOT PICTURED: Compton, Chris, Soph. Estey, Karen, Jr. Hesse, Margaret, Jr. Klingbeil, Karil, Jr. Lundberg, Joanne, Sr. Morse, Jane Ann, Jr. Ohlson, Barbara, Jr. Peterson, Janice, Soph. Welander, Cathy, Sr. fin' I f , I K, , , CV 8 so ff 1 , , ,,.. sw I vi. .1 A. Q 1 ',..' .Wi 1 ,Y 5 -, -X ' . J ' V , , K if fl itz' wie? X, 5 is Q B 'F' if ay. L. 3, i548 17th 51:2 Fr if! as-S . E. uf' L I N.E. N5 Q r lb Memories of sincere and lasting friendships remain with Washington Alpha as this year's Senior Class graduates. We wish them success and happiness throughout the years to come. Sharing together, we have enioyed a year filled with frivolity and fun, seriousness and study, excitement and achievement. The Pi Phi's began the year with a new pledge class of 29. Serenades, fraternity exchanges, Homecom- ing, Christmas caroling with the Betas, and the pledge dinner-dance were among the autumn fes- tivities. To make our fall season complete we had the CPS Pi Phi Chapter for dinner and our Province President's visit in November. At the beginning of Winter Quarter we entertained our National Historian. Participation in Song and Stunt Night, elections, Sophomore Carnival, the Spring Formal and other events comprised our agenda throughout the spring. Scholastic achievements and campus activities al- ways keep Pi Beta Phi's wine and silver blue flying high, with representatives in W-Key, Rally Girls, Silver Fish, and several school and scholastic hon- oraries. 1955-56 was a most rewarding year-one the Seniors will long remember. Q43 X uv , .- iii .. Wil in 1. mi, . ....,,, VK X , , gm, ti C S . . 5 5 , xi? 'S' fr life! .,,. Q. -ef f'E"? ,ff .ie ig, .:, .,f' ,Q gift: its W .. ss.. is J if Hoyle, Ann, Sr. Huff, Patty, Soph. We A Hull, Sharon, Soph. Humble, Linda, Fr. ' rv- Johnsan, Rita, Fr. Jordan, Judy, Soph. lv-S Karshner, Claribel, Fr. Kelly, Margie, Soph. P , ef.-11, l Kienitz, Beverly, Sr. Kinnune, Janice, Soph. , 9 - l Koogle, Betsy, Soph. Lent, Donna, Fr. l J K E Lockwood, Bette, Soph. McBride, Jane, Fr. ,L McCormack, Janet, Sr. "' McCracken, Sandra, Sr, , KS McNichols, Sara, Sr. 9 McKernan, Carole, Fr. 'P Minder, Marlyn, Fr. Oliver, Illeana, Sr. Parrish, Marilyn, Fr. Pellegrini, Angela, Sr. Peterson, Gail, Fr. Quillian, Mary, Soph. Skok, Helen, Fr. ' Smith, Donna, Sr. ,Q ' Stangle, Janice, Soph. Stocking, Donna, Jr. Stocking, Judy, Fr. Stocking, Mary, Jr. Stone, Cathy, Sr. Stroh, Gretchen, Jr. Swan, Susan, Fr. Sweeney, Joan, Soph. , gy Tagholm, Marilyn, Fr, L ' Taney, Pat, Fr. - - Wheeler, Kaye, Fr. is White, Donna, Jr. Wight, Shirley, Jr. Williams, Ann, Soph. Williams, Mary, Soph. 291 igma kappa Maine, in l87-4. 63 national chapters. l955-56 marks a year of excitement for Sigma Kappa. To our surprise, our rooms were completely redecorated when we returned last fall for rush. With renewed enthusiasm, the girls started to work immediately and our efforts were amply rewarded when we successfully pledged thirty-one new girls. One of our most inspiring occasions was our Hon- or's Banquet last fall, which was held at the Olym- pic Hotel in company with our alumni. Our annual Christmas party was held on December 5 here at the house, and all the girls had lots of fun writing poems about each other. These poems were at- tached to presents which were used in carrying out our national gerentology program. Spring Quarter really kept us busy. Highlighting both work and play was Sophomore Carnival with the Kappa Sig's. Another exciting event was our Mu Chapter established in l9lO. Founded at Colby College, Waterville, Anderson, Mariyln, Fr. Aspenwall, Donna, Jr. NOT PICTURED: Eaton, Janet, Jr. Fox, Marie, Jr. Sylliasson, Shirley, Sr. se- .f annual formal dinner-dance held at the Olympic g0'e?f"30Uef Soghrh Q , . er an , ean, o . ' , f Bowl. Rounding out the year, we honored all the B,Oi,,,,,d!A,,ene,E, R 11 ,J W, graduating seniors, and outstanding girls in the '- 1 house at our annual Senior Breakfast. ' ' Boucher, Gail, Fr, Brenner, Patricia, Sr. ,N V W Buckwalter, Beverly, Sr. "' . . Busey, Cheryl, Soph, K Q J -7 Callarman, Sheila, Jr. 'f br if JK N, 2 Chilcote, Paulette, Fr. ifvvrgg Cochran, Kathy, Soph. ' L Conrad, Ruth, Fr. , 4, Crim, Carlo, Jr. 'A A 5 " 'S 49" b Criswell, Marilyn, Sr, ' 2 3 . A r 17 Cropley, Jean, Sopl-i. ff' ' l Q J r N Dahl, Sandra, Fr. - Drew, Nancy, Jr. , Dudley, Jean, Jr. 1' 'N Eastman, Delores, Sr, vu 1 K Eclline, Diane, Soph. ,,,,y, L' f Q, , W wi , f' -"' ' 15: Ellington, Joan, Jr. - if I i ' , 5 Q ' f tt , Q Epperson, Lou Ann, Sr. 'J Ky A Q V7 5 3, - Fahle, Virginia, Jr. A Falor, Sue Ann, Fr. fu Fernandes, Barbara, Soph. O WX Gehres, Norma, Fr. 'L Gillham, Jane, Fr. K. ' af' x 5 Glendinning, Jean, Sr. 3'-TN fc ,W 'Y' ,L avi . 4' Cvuske, Sharon, Jr. .V f 'Vs K A :X X. L ,- Hammond, Harriet, Jr, ' 77, Y "7-rf! Q its C7 'VK Hammond, Laila, Jr. Hegeberg, Jeannine, Fr. Q Heggie, Marilyn, Soph. 292 'J m 3 , xW, X 4 2 6' fr. .fv Q11 33 .L X 5, if 5 JEAN GLENDINNING, President 1.4 Qs , ter 3 ,, ,- g X 'S'-F i tt YU, as v4 'Q .ra Gb' E Wt 5, .wg 3. .,- , ii? yn: K-J Wx. ,.,.f,r ,f , ,fig .. A-4.1 fb? yu! ffl 4510 22nd N.E. .M G, K I P Q . 3 A e ,5 h 2 x X, -ef' 4 w y 127, 'Y , I, X , ik .Qi V 3, .gr - gk, if V 1 if , K . ij L, ' Q v . - Mi K , in 4' if: ,,, gm ,gg , K gf, I . ,cf xy I is 1? I 1 , I G7 wr, gl, Y? 5. ,Ar v ' "1 N - ,fe , ff V A - 34' .., Q ? .ie J N K5 ' lr 3 W A qf l. 'G' 'C' J - Y t if "'f , , Y fm, 'C' , is ,ew V3 we ff ' J i we S ee , .Q . , I Q 1 Lg ,, 5 , ,, 2574: 4 , i I 1 in S-lives., The Sigma Kappas admire the 1956 Tyee. as il fix v- 'X X? ,qw '-ZS Vt. 4 Rip' I 'I Heustis, Barbara, Soph. Hoffman, Carole, Jr. Johnson, Deborah, Soph. Johnson, Mariie, Sr. Kippola, Barbara, Soph. Knoles, Adrienne, Sr. Larkin, Patricia, Fr. Leivestad, Mary Kay, Soph. Lindquist, Sandra, Soph. Massie, Ann, Fr. McBeath, Ginger, Jr. Meyers, Jo Anne, Jr. Miller, Diane, Soph. Moberg, Myra, Fr. Moskeland, Myrna, Jr. Motteler, Mary Zoe, Sr. Newbegin, Jan, Soph. Oien, Ginger, Soph, Ostrom, Patricia, Fr. Parker, Margaret, Soph. Pierce, Ruth, Soph, Pierson, Doris, Saph. Rattle, Janice, Jr. Sanderson, Joyce, Jr. Schirkofsky, Barbara, Fr. Schultz, Barbara, Soph. Sharp, Gail, Fr. Sipila, Madge, Fr. Softky, Sara, Jr. Softky, Sally, Jr. Stimac, Delores, Fr. Swanson, Sylvia, Soph. Thurmer, Harriet, Jr, Trepp, Betty Lou, Jr. Tuttle, Sylvia, Jr. Wade, Audrey, Fr, Wetzel, Carolyn, Soph. Whiting, Anne, Soph. Williamson, Ann, Fr, Zimmerly, Jan, Soph, 2 phi sigma sigma 'ffixfi , ang That's real gone music! ln 1913 at Hunter College, A fine place for the pursuit of knowledge, Our first chapter had its start. By 1940, we had branched out anew, you see, Until we had a chapter at this university. The girls who started it had foresight, And now we know their ideas were right, For here we are after fifteen years, Still full of fun, and full of cheer. Our school days that mean so much, And Phi Sig, that gives that added touch, Leaves us free from worries and from tears, And sure that these are our very best years. Though our chapter is young, Our chapter is strong, And we believe That her greatest songs are yet unsung. NOT PICTURED: Friedman, Mimi, Sr. Isreal, Jane, Sr. Kadish, Fcnchon, Sr. Klinger, Joan, Sr. Leveton, Sandra, Soph. Newman, Beverly, Jr. Pearlman, Elinore, Soph, Simon, Shirley, Soph. Stept, Barbara, Soph. Breslow, Adrienne, Fr. Cole, Janet, Fr. Dobry, Judy, Fr. fi Q7 Epstein, Sandra, Fr. Fingold, Sandra, Fr. Friedman, Eleanore, Fr, Ga rmel, Jeannette, Fr. Jaffe, Sandra, Fr. Kessler, Barbara, Fr, London, Carol, Soph. Myers, Deanna, Soph. Seligman, llsa, Fr. Siegel, Annette, Fr. 452717th N.E. , . .Vey ' 1:71 1 kip YT? 4 ,N Asus: Y? if J' 1 fr - as fur xi' .,. 61 -. gy. 'S ,f.. vo 1. 21 if A ,, :Q .ik fi f w Founded at Hunter College, New York, New York, in 1913. Beta Beta chapter established in 1940. 35 national chapters. CARMEN FLAKS, President zefa tau alpha MARILYN WOODMARK, President R . .VA, ,it Q, . 437 .4 ff t H. '-Ps 1 W7 we 1 Angst, Bonnie, Fr. J.,- s 0 -QT. K , s - at M 3' "5 ,,, If . 'S Sm 'ff r S 1 Founded at Virginia State Normal School, Farmville, Virginia, in 1898. Psi chapter established in 1917. 79 national chapters. Nor PICTURED: Carlson, Virginia, Sr. Dolloff, Virginia, Jr. Kizer, Carole, Fr. Osborne, Esther, Fr. Stanton, Sue, Fr. J 4 f ?".' R . nw n .3 ,Q " C R A t 1, iris.. l 2 1 -17 f vi E. icky Wie 4 1 lr. CI sr Q V . -f e. ku: K L: ri . - P'f"' Fi 4 1. ' as JJ S., K fn The ZTAs take time out to decorate their Christmas tree. Clow, Lynn, Jr. Crist, Beverly, Soph. Daubert, Beverly, Soph. Finley, Marilyn, Soph. Gonnason, Betty, Fr. Grady, Sherrill Lee, Soph. Hadsell, Jean, Sr. Hellweg, Marlene, Jr. Hewett, Marilyn, Fr. King, Charlotte, Jr. Knatz, Mary Ellen, Sr. Laing, Shirley, Sr. Lindblom, Betty, Soph. Lynch, Margaret, Fr. Maxson, Helen, Soph. McMullen, Mary Alice, So Raymond, Virginia, Jr. Ruthford, Carol, Sr. Salmon, Joyce, Soph. Schlegel, Marna, Sr. Schlegel, Rowena, Soph. Scott, Edith, Fr. Sellen, Betty Carol, Sr. Sellers, Janet, Fr. Tibbetts, Arlene, Soph. Watson Mar So h P 1 Yr 13 4 Whitlock, Margaret, Soph. Woll, Frances, Sr, Woodmark, Joan, Fr. Woodmark, Marilyn, Sr. After ci busy summer, the Zeta's returned to the chapter house on 18th Avenue to begin another year of fun and friendship. Follow- ing rush, plans and preparation for Founders' Day, the Pledge Dance, the Homecoming sign, and the Christmas Party got under way. All Zeta's, actives and pledges alike, ioined to- gether to make these events a huge success. The social whirl continued in Winter and Spring quarters with the White Violet Ball, the Fa- ther-Daughter Banquet, the Cotton Carnival, Songfest, Spring Awards Banquet, and was climaxed by the annual Spring Cruise through the San Juan Islands. Scholarship and activities also held the inter- ests of the Zetas. They were represented in W-Key, Air Force Sponors, Totem Club, and such honoraries as, Beta Gamma Sigma, and Alpha Tau Delta. In June, several of Psi's members will iourney to New York for Zeta Tau Alpha's National Convention. Ki.. 4731 18th N E alpha ep ilon phi Founded at Barnard College, New York, New York, in 1909. 40 national chapters. Alpha Delta established in l924. Upon opening the doors of AEPhi fall quarter, rush- ing flew in, but soon all was normal. Study, social and campus activities kept AEPhi members and pledges busy during a successful year. At our fall informal, we watched the city from Smith Tower. Even though the pledges were caught, their sneak was classed as "Successful," AEPhi campus activities were varied and numerous, with many honoraries included. Another highlight of the year was our pledge for- mal, which was beautiful and enioyed by ail. Cooperation, fun, and hard work went into the award-winning first place Sophomore Carnival in the Women's Single Division and honorable men- tion on our Homecoming sign. All in all, T955-56 was a very successful year for AEPhi and we are looking forward to next year. JACKIE, TELLER, President The AEPhi's talk things over. Aronson, Mimi, Fr. Barer, Janice, Fr. , M , ' Blumenthal, Carole, Fr. V 2 , Q Cv R - Q. 5.7 in 4, aj Q Es", , iw- , , E 1 rw Boyaner, Carolyn, Soph. Bresky, Audrey, Fr. Capeluto, Marlene, Soph. 'UI l r. ,Q ' 42 1 rg 4543 l8th N.E. Friedlander, Betty Lou, Jr. Ehrlich, Arlene, J 3 I gb K Gladstein, Julie, Fr. 5, N x ' X K. Gold, Jaan, Soph. .1 5 vi Q 74' 2 YR c , xr yy sr 1, ' 'W 6 sf' " wi J ly N W 1' . gin' cel it' 2 jj ' s 'VL 1 gff f. H ., f 4 . . ,, gf' 7 'ls vt? , J , Q . i kr A ,L l f. . .4 , ' 'T' .. U. 'V f ".. l sz? df W 'r-' Q59 4, Y Qty. , :. X i l l l i Horowitz, Caroline, Jr. Kraft, Mariiyn, Soph. Muslan, Judy, Fr. Matzkind, Marian, Soph. Olman, Phyllis, Jr. 'Cx Rs xg' if , 0- ? 4 ,c .J ,sian Orclell, Elaine, Fr. Poll, Myrna, Fr. NOT PICTURED: Asher, Joan, Soph. Israel, Beverly, Sr. Shapiro, Janet, Sr. Simon, Joan, Jr. Robinson, Marilyn, Sr. Rosen, Dianne, Fr Rousso, Esther, Fr Rubinstein, Carolyn, Fr. Samuels, Roberta, Fr. Kimi". f 'RSV 5, Schwartz, Flora, Fr. Seinfeld, Deanne, Soph. Silverstone, Ellie, Fr. Sommer, Berta, Fr. Soriano, Myrna, Soph. Stern, Myrna, Soph. Sussman, Carol, Soph. Teller, Jacquelyn, Jr. in 96 JI 3 L! I We QS QQ X Q X 3 N' i, X mfr f 4' Iluvw . v , , v - r ' ,.,. as-1 . ., 1 I 1' r 7' . I , .3 I ' N ,W Tj i -Xxx s 'yn 1, T- 5, ACACIA Opslad, Ed ALPHA DELTA PHI Peterson, Warren ALPHA EPSILON PI Tacher, Mick ALPHA KAPPA LAMBDA Wilson, Duane ALPHA SIGMA PHI Howard, Norman ALPHA TAU OMEGA Griffin, Bill BETA THETA PI Horchover, Bob CHI PHI Hallock, John CHI PSI Blosl, Tom DELTA CHI Fielder, Bill PI "-.""a -, ag .,f,,, PRESIDENT Karmin, Kurl infer-fraternity councH 'vi-...,. 'J 4-5 ,QQ 75 'Sw asf! Vx nb 6' 'Sw' SIGMA ALPHA EPSILON Nordrno, Arnold PSI UPSILON Archie Palriclc SIGMA ALPHA MU Sender, Roy DELTA KAPPA EPSILON Morris, Ralph DELTA SIGMA PHI Fonda, Henry DELTA TAU DELTA Windham, Jerry DELTA UPSILON Bryan, Bob LAMBDA CHI ALPHA Rogers, Elmer KAPPA ALPHA PSI Bridges, Leon PHI DELTA THETA Morris, Bob PHI GAMMA DELTA Drury, Don PHI KAPPA PSI Stack, AI PHI KAPPA TAU Snell, Bill PHI SIGMA KAPPA Ross, Ken PI KAPPA PHI Lundberg, Mel NOT PICTURED ADVISOR Waldo, Bob SECRETARY Houston, Nancy KAPPA SIGMA Gavin ,Roger SIGMA NU Gault, Phil The Inter-Fraternity Council is composed of presi- dents or representatives ofthe thirty-nine fraterni- ties on the University of Washington campus. One of IFC's biggest tasks is to regulate and control fraternity rushing. It registers all rushees, conducts an assembly giving pointers on rushing and pledg- ing, sets up rules and helps the rushee choose a fraternity which will benefit him most and where he will fit in best. Scholarship and conduct standards are also main- tained by IFC, and it has the power to discipline offending fraternities and individuals. Wide participation in activities, athletics and other phases of campus life is encouraged by the IFC. It also seeks to educate fraternity men for citizen- ship, for social competence, and for successful human relations. S., V7 Q., VICE PRESIDENT Nudelman, Phil SECRETARY Luttinen, Carl INTER-RELATIONS COUNSELOR Hughes, Dick SCHOLARSHIP Kent, Chuck PUBLICATIONS McGee, Ken JUNIOR IEC Alexander, Gerry M SIGMA CHI Burris, Robert TAU KAPPA EPSILON Boundy, Bruce THETA CHI McMannis, Chet THETA DELTA CHI Thorstenson, Bob THETA XI Warnek, Ross ZETA BETA TAU Rubenstein, Dick ZETA PSI Williams, Dane ,sr 0 299 cabinet iunior inter-fraternity council ACACIA Andersen, Bob ALPHA DELTA PHI Lord, Bud ALPHA EPSILON PI Gosse, Bernord ALPHA KAPPA LAMBDA Cooper, John ALPHA SIGMA PHI Beers, Frank ALPHA TAU OMEGA Munsell, Dick BETA THETA Pl Martin, Bill CHI PHI Fritag, Jock CHI PSI Cornell, Ed DELTA CHI Corley, John DELTA SIGMA PHI Swanson, Elmer DELTA TAU DELTA Putney, Dennis DELTA UPSILON Pedersen, Doug KAPPA SIGMA Harrison, Ron LAMBDA CHI ALPHA Cobb, Gil PHI DELTA THETA Hall, Dale PHI GAMMA DELTA Davis, John PHI KAPPA PSI Blackford, Jim PHI KAPPA SIGMA Vahs, Jake PHI KAPPA TAU Cox, John J. PHI SIGMA KAPPA Finlay, Ron Pl KAPPA ALPHA Carrol, Roger Pl KAPPA PHI Brown, Bruce PSI UPSILON Simmons, Robert SIGMA ALPHA EPSILON Bolloine, Dave THETA CHI Carlson, Wendell SIGMA CHI Mullilnn, Bob SIGMA NU Cole, Don SIGMA PHI EPSILON Fournier, John TAU KAPPA EPSILON Steffon, John THETA DELTA CHI Angle, Ted THETA XI Georhart, Walt ZETA BETA TAU Coe, Buz ZETA PSI Kulonder, Bruce 300 sf-ff If,f-4' WJ 5 ,P- 'un-r Y S' 'ir " W ir' gf' P 2 Q, I' '53 N-I 41. sqm.. 1 x Composed of members representing each fraternity on campus, Junior Inter-Fraternity Council aids the Inter-Fraternity Council in its efforts to prepare new fraternity men for service to the University of Wash- ington. Campus proiects and inter-fraternity exchange luncheons were iust a few ofthe activities spon- sored by the Jr. IFC Council this year. NOT PICTURED: DELTA KAPPA EPSILON, Knowle, Roger, TAU PHI DELTA, Carlson, Wayne. lp.. IT ,,,, ,, 1 Ns! 'N 7' . I X fn' T U, I 1 mt iv to all .S-4,1 j PRESiDENT SIGMA ALPHA MU Hahn, Jerry alpha epsilon pi Alger, Arthur, Fr. 'vb SOL TACHER, President Founded at New York University, New 3. cl f' ,rs Q f Anderson, Fred, Jr. A .Q it J A h Franco, Al, Soph. rf 'J if Q' " f .K QV Goffe, Ben Fr. - A-P4 j H ,err s h. sv sf r.1iz?1..., li Mezistrano, Joe, Fr. 3 . i :rw .LT r tv Orliss, Ted, Jr, 9 A .,,, Piha, Morris, Fr. if Once again the brothers of Alpha Epsilon Pi have ' come to the fore in fraternity life with another rah! rah!, gung-ho season of social and fraternal pro- ters' grams. The social calendar has included riotous ex- changes, a iolly hayride, a hoodlum's brawl, and other spontaneous developments such as snowfights, , T 5he"""Y"'A"5"Pl" serenades and dignified house parties. Throughout the year, hearts has been the rage among the card- playing brothers and ping-pong has captivated the more athletic souls. Yet, whatever the latest fra- ternity fun might turn out to be, the Brothers of Chi fs 1' 'T 'Q' c . v .2 ' 'W Tacher, Sol, Sr. Deuteron of A E Pi will be found in the front lines of revelry. York, in l9l3. Chi Deuteron chapter established in 1947. 60 national chap NOT PICTURED: Epstein, Lewis, Jr. Franco, Dave, Soph. Habib, Stan, Sr. Levy, Josh, Jr. Posner, Mike, Jr. Pruzan, Herb, Jr. Werner, Mel, Soph. Woolfe, Don, Jr. l A F155 r .5 fr. QQ ffiii. :ff nl ' r I i te, 'vale Spring cleaning boys? 4542-l9th N. E. l 4 J Alfa' O 1.-. ED OPSTAD, Presidenl Adams, Thomas, Sr. Alton, Cliff, Soph, Anderson, Roberl W., Fr, Andrews, Mark, Grad. 1 'Ar . -,E-., f sf' " Bergeman, Stanley, Saph. M' Birks, William R., Sr. Brock, Jack, Soph. Bruce, James, Soph, Bye, Gerald, Sr. Cairns, James, Soph. Cole, Charles, Soph. Damus, Henry, Grad. Dinkins, Byron, Soph. Dwinell, Donald, Sr. Fuhr, George, Fr. Gribble, Melvin, Jr. Hendry, Ronald, Grad. lversen, Howard, Soph. Jarvis, Michael, Soph. Jensen, Richard, Fr. King, Richard, Sr, Klein, Edgar, Jr, Knesfis, James, Fr. Kneslis, William, Sr. McGee, Boyde, Sr. v. 'E , - 5 as 'ns i Ki, 5' fa? acacia ii! "W if Q Pledge duly, shine those trophies! 5004 l7th N. E. QP " rw. . L, s ,, f- K if me . fm 2 , V fifga, ,V ' K ,ai Q may ' sb .X ". , Q: f +5 i 1 ,, in 1' X 4+ M401 mf! 'N' ii .. Washington Acacians vigorously dived into the social and activity hubbub as soon as the tumult and shouting of rush week died down. First was the pledge get-acquainted dance, followed closely on the calendar by the Hobos' Brawl and the yacht trip to Bainbridge. The P. J. Dance, other firesides, and exchanges led up to the fall quarter's big func- Founded at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, Michigan, in 1904. Washington chapter established in 1910. 41 national chapters. tion, the Pledge Dance. lnterspersed with more serenades, exchanges and firesides, winter saw Acacians at their ski parties, informal dances and the traditional Night-on-the Nile semi-formal. Beach parties, water skiing and Songfest were predominant in the spring. They led up to the biggest function of the year, the Spring Formal. On campus the chapter was represented in schol- astic honoraries, Hub committees, the Board of Control and other ASUW policies. lt also placed high in intramural athletics, winning several league championships and placing high elsewhere. Scholastically, Acacia maintained its place as a leader without sacrificing the other activities typi- cal of a progressive fraternity. , A Q, NOT PICTURED: Beamer, Bart D., Soph. Curtis, Jack L., Sr. Devery, William J., Grad. Proctor, William, Soph. Sutter, Edward, Grad. Melander, Dennis, Sr. Mighell, James, Jr. Miller, Kenneth, Sr. Monsen, Robert, Soph. Mullen, Thomas, Soph. Newcomb, Alon, Soph. Nicholson, Donald, Soph. Opstad, Ewin, Sr. Patzer, Robert, Fr. Richard, Connie, Soph. Richards, John, Fr. Swisher, Donald, Sr. Turner, William, Fr. Vowles, Jeffery, Fr. O alpha elta phi Appleton, Gordon, Soph Asp, Jerry, Soph. Bakernan, James, Jr. Baldwin, William, Soph. lub- WARREN PETERSON, President Carlson, Howard, Soph. Carrington, Glenn, Soph. , Carroll, John, Sr. Cash, Gordon, Sr. Chaney, Fred, Soph. Cowan, Charles, Jr. Crosetto, Robert, Soph. Cross, Clarence, Fr, Cunningham, Lee, Er. Dahlgren, Donald, Jr, Davies, David, Jr. Dempscly, John, Fr. Dickinson, Denny, Soph. Dodson, Jerry, Jr. Dufraine, Lawrence, Fr. Emery, Richard, Sr. Emnott, Darrell, Soph. Espinoza, Paul, Soph. Ewbank, William, Sr. Farmer, Guy, Jr. Flood, John, Soph. Johnson, Marvin, Fr. Johnson, Terrance, Fr. Karr, Robert, Soph. Kilian, Philip, Soph. Kinzel, William, Jr. Lawson, William, Fr. Leon, Richard, Jr. Lord, Frank, Fr. Lowe, Milton, Fr. MacLean, James, Fr, McCaughey, William, Fr. McCulloch, David, Soph McGatlin, James, Sr McNamee, Robert, Sr. Medica, James, Soph. Mehus, Robert, Soph. Miller, Walter, Soph. Milligan, Timothy, Soph. Moore, Thomas, Sr. Moss, Kurt, Fr. A ,fa-5 Maya Ke i Q Q . Barna, Gordon, Jr. Bennett, Sumner, Sr. I Braden, Phillip, Soph. Butler, Michael, Jr. Cady, Corl, Fr, v-gr , 2lO6E.47m NOT PICTURED: Anderson, Larry, Soph. McAllister, Richard, Soph. Robinson, Richard, Soph. Spellman, Robert, Jr. Pifer, Drury, Sr. w af? 'E' 1-er 'Du Vx 6 1' A V J, .-A .Wei if 4 Z i r""f J . us- R , X .L S g r , i i 6' 'fb CW f: vgnw 1.3 i y 1 E . f S QQ .i , v , W, 5 F. 4 X'- ' Qc! 'rt' Ga- ,Q fav C, tg, , NFS , fl ,tank Q? wg, y Wy ' ig ig Fortson, Richard, Soph. ii Giese, Paul, Fr. R' Goleeke, Tommy, Soph. Green, Robert, Soph. Hanke, Byron, Sr. Hanna, Ron, Fr, Hansler, Thomas, Fr, Hayen, Philip, Fr. Heilman, Champ, Fr. 45 Heinke, Ronald, Soph, , Sf Hines, Tony, Soph. "ef Jack, Richard, Soph. Johnson, George, Jr, 'Qi . J sb . 'JI- 7 9 ' -s Q.. -Ma EIC sf 1 L f 2-'ff 'wif v' .1 ,er 4 i we C v4 J . . 1 vb ff :df P fer Rf C7 geo t 5 Founded at Hamilton College, New York in 1832. Washington chapter established in 1921. 35 national chapters. rw' Q, 71+ f A iv ,..4v, Nou, Thomas, Sr. Nielsen, Frem, Sr. Olson, Robert, Jr. Pascoe, Douglas, Jr. Patricelli, Richard, Soph. Pebbles, Harold, Soph, Peters, Douglas, Jr. Petersen, Warren, Sr. Peterson, Richard, Sr. Privat, John, Sr. Ranzenbach, Robert, Fr. Robinson, Harry, Fr. Robinson, Ken, Soph. Roller, William, Jr. Roselli, Louis, Sr. Russell, John, Fr, Sankey, Robert, Soph. Schuh, John, Soph. f' K 1 4' at X we A V ff an ,A S i. t f 4 me ,df V! X Yi, ' a al is 'fl' T' Shelton, Phillip, Soph. Sherman, Robert, Sr. Springsteel, Albert, Soph Stowell, Robert, Fr. Thompson, James, Soph. Tauscher, Harold, Fr, Troy, Preston, Fr. "',:,' Valentine, David, Sr. wr 'Q' Van Talge, Gerard, Jr. i N -v 1 - 7 "V , A' Wailes, Ronald, Sr. il Lv ., - Wall, John, Fr. M' K 'Wi J. 4' Wallin, Karl, Fr. Warner, John, Sr. :- gg we 1 f , -s Y., 9' Wheeler, Morgan, Sr, . f i Whiteman, Charles, Fr. Winter, Roger, Soph. fl Wiper, Arthur, Soph. :ir fr' Rest Week! - 305 1955-56 was another full year for Alpha Delta Phi. Members of a strong chapter in the second oldest national fraternity, the Washington Alpha Delts again ex- tended their record of activity in ath- letics, scholarship endeavors, social life, and HUB activities. While maintaining their position on the top ten scholastically, the Alpha Delts carried on a first class social program. They started off with the traditional pledge dance during November and brought the year to a grand close with a week-end house party at the Gear- hart Hotel on the Oregon coast. Be- tween these two events, the Alpha Delts were kept busy with the traditional ex- change with the British Columbia chap- ter, the mid-winter formal and assorted firesides and exchanges. Their several representatives on Purple S,hield and Oval Club speak for the Alpha Delts' participation in ASUW ac- tivities. During the year they had men working on the DAILY, Board of Con- trol, Program Panel, and various key ASUW and AMS committees. Sportswise, Alpha Delts were active in varsity football, baseball, crew, swim- ming, and tennis, and in intramurals they competed for the top spots in all the major areas. They were ready to defend their championship in handball and to boost to firsts the second places in football and basketball which they had won the previous year. And again this year, Alpha Delta Phi's Washington Chapter lived up to it's motto: "Manus Multae Cor Unum"- "Many Hand for One." 1 S if ll ll eg 'A' f- . Q if i .Q f 474' ys, X s V , x A. - alpha igma phi K QV , 9 ,. Nc' 65" in ,X- Ax xof -0, ,' 13. fi 1'-1 4" 4' 'M if Y, ti i lc 6' . W JI: ,fv fm-"P ,r V, 1,7 it -A sf' Founded at Yale University, New Haven, Conn., in 1845. Mu Chapter established in 1912. 64 national chapters. P Q 1 3, X A Q, fi, J X E N- , fr ,l i K Y if f -A " ' i. fx , x, " , aff J Q I -Q, ,y ,W ,mg 6, g. ri, f,,- . N rdf A tx S 9 KJ . rg X: K 5 f c, ,Q mm 42- -, . fs U, 1 A JM A K ff' J , ,gf Kar . , - M 13 :avi I-f 'hs J' f Q- i J ,g.,, N 1 W "TV K, A .1 Xi- 306 Baker, Beryl, Jr. Bauer, William, Soph, Beers, Frank, Soph. Bomengen, John, Fr. Buerk, Art, Soph. Burk, Doug, Jr. Clearman, John, Fr. Collis, Don, Sr. Cornils, Richard, Soph. Cruver, Jim, Sr. De Cillia, Bernard, Fr. Dobson, Richard, Jr, Dobson, Thomas, Sr. Douglas, Gordy, Sr. Eldridge, Lester, Fr, Fenner, Keith, Fr. Fish, John, Soph. Gohlman, Richard, Soph Graf, Robert, Sr. Groshong, Ronald, Soph. Grosser, Roy, Jr. Hammermaster, Gene, S Harryman, Jim, Soph, Healey, Patrick, Soph, Holmstrom, Ross, Soph. Howard, Norman, Sr. Hughloanks, Dave, Soph. Jacobsen, William, Soph Jensen, Ronald, Fr. Jones, Richard, Soph. King, Michael, Fr. Kreitzberg, Carl, Fr. Kreitzberg, Richard, Sr. Lacher, Walter, Soph. Lockhart, Donald, Soph. Loucks, Allan, Jr. Lutterman, Byron, Fr. Mclntyre, David, Fr. Magnuson, Craig, Soph. Martin, Raoul, Soph. Mathews, William, Soph. Mathis, Desmond, Fr. Meredith, John, Jr. Muri, James, Jr. Myers, Lafe, Sr. Neimeyer, Phil, Fr. Nelson, Richard, Soph. Olsen, Andy, Soph. RAMSEY, DICK, Winter President , il, qw 1 -' 7 5 .-i-af: Q., 4? i l l 452' , is s, s v sfiio XX v' Ar, v 3 r. ,sm 2 Pdf ly 1 , at ' f I - JEL. .,,. HOWARD, NORM, Fall President lit . If J K mi , i..,. ks :,i - ... y ,garlan- The school year T955-T956 and the name of Alpha Sigma Phi will always embrace each other in the an- nuals of Greek Row. For this is the year that our brilliantly gifted, bemustached House Manager abolished the plague of all Fraternities-Housebills. His idea was to organize everything within the walls of Alpha Sig into a carnival-like showplace, and then charge admission. Talented Alpha Sigs were imported from everywhere and pledges were hand- picked. Four segments of a small child's interests were to be represented and these were decided in a poll of the active chapter. Fantasy-land seemed to be a nat- ural, so several of the brothers put their talents to Reaching for the Moon! -A Q -'t .., -. ' .'.'f Q ' 'diff ii , l wry. ' M A to . ' - , ' 1, timgvs-fl : . 1 x work. Future-land was handled by our handpicked Pledge Class of 34 men. One of the General Engineering students in the group built a rocketship out of our furnace. He got the idea because the furnace per- formed like it was going to blast off any minute. Adventure-land 'was based on films of nature study. Birds and bees seemed to be under the most inten- sive by the Alpha Sigs, most of whom, strangely enough, didn't seem to own cameras. Our Frontier-land saga stars four brave brothers who ventued into the smogfridden Mexican Territory. Our four booths were successful. 4554 19th N.E. A-. ffnafl 'YYYQLQ NOT PICTURED: Bushley, Alan, Soph. Delmore, Laurence, Soph. Detien, Dick, Soph, Egan, Maurice, Fr. Keenan, Howard McCormick, Gerald, Sr, Moyle, Sam, Fr. Rasmussen, Al, Fr. Reed, Fred, Sr, Tift, William Vik, Robert Patrick, Keith, Sr. Pedersen, Gene, Jr. Pistoresi, Denis, Fr. Plumb, James, Sr. Price, Jim, Fr. Purnell, Dave, Sr, Ramsey, Richard, Sr, Sandwith, Wm. Ron Scheuman, Douglas, Saph. Shaw, Robert, Fr, , Fr. Sko lund Dennis So h. -3 . "V " 9 , , D g Smith, Tom, Fr. Steputis, Larry, Soph, Stevens, John, Jr. Strugar, George, Jr. Tonelli, Richard, Fr. Ware, James, Fr. Waters, Wayne, Sr. Wessman, Don, Fr. Willey, Fred, Sr. Williams, Mark, Soph. Wimmer, Tom, Jr. Wolfe, Jack, Jr, Wood, Steve, Sr. Woogerd, Rodney, Soph. Yanicks, Milton, Sr. , .3 N. tx, x,... 5.1 . gr gifs? VA A ' in ' .J in - exe' V 1 ll A r ii, fa ' TT fi W . 4 ' X fs J r '4-', ia, J Q -sk, 'N is-f, X1 X" x Q 1 f ,Ili I 'P 307 alpha tau omega 141' 'sul f li- Blake, Donald, Sr. Blair, Robert, Soph. Bradley, Frank, Jr. Anderson, Clifford, Fr. Baldwin Richard Jr Brenner Dennis Fr Burton, William, Sr. Bushue Paul Sr, V. ,H ' ,- , Q. X, QD, -V. ,Q nel fs x'j Callison, James, Sr. Cameron, Alan, Jr. Carlson, Donald, Soph. Cheesman, Hugh, Jr. Guess who's winning! NOT PICTURED: Halverson, Kent, Jr. McDermott, Joseph, Fr. Pritchard, Barry, Sr. Wilskie, Harlan, Sr. Carter, William, Sr. Coomber, William, Soph. Cowell, Richard, Fr. Culver, Norman, Jr. Dawson, Jerry, Soph. Liv , Day, John, Jr. Drake, Kingsley, Fr. Eichler, Dick, Grad. Eshelman, James, Fr, Fisher, Phelps, Sr. Fitzgerald, Jack, Jr, , ,Qu H Garred, Frank, Soph. Goetz, Jerry, Soph. Green, Vicror, Fr. Grevslad, Benjamin, Sr, Griffin, William, Sr. Hansen, Donald, Sr. Hcrrop, Robert, Soph. Havlino, John M., Soph. Hays, John, Fr. Kabush, Mark, Soph. Kugel, Stephen, Fr. Lofsfrom, David, Jr. Lonergan, James, Jr. Lovering, Francis, Jr. Magee, Milton, Fr. Mathers, James, Soph. Matthews, Jerry, Fr. McCleary, Richard, Fr. Meline, Roger, Jr. Munsell, Richard, Fr. Newell, Robert, Fr. Nisbet, Thomas, Fr. Ostrander, Michael, Jr. Owen, William, Jr. Peterson, Noel, Fr. Reiswig, Richard, Soph. Rice, David, Soph. 308 ' 'LN o v I Jvc' it '35 -3 L vg- I '12 ,wi E .X ,. 4. ' ' . , , ' 'ae ps., Rf ui 'if , li I v-.1 motif gt . .rj rife A .,,i W if vs, 5 1 li ii? V Q Psa, xr.. or ff,g '1 wp-1 ,vim UE , -Hz: ea I H M- A W0 ,""' F? 5 WA it +4 Founded at Virginia Military Institute, Lexington Virginia, in l-365. Gamma Pi chapter established in l906. 116 national chapters. . 1 . 1800 E. 47th . Ruble, Stanley, Sr. Ryker, George, Fr. Ryker, Rodney, Soph. Salkeld, James, Fr. Sampson, Richard, Fr. Semon, William, Jr. Sierer, Stuart, Fr. Sisson, Lawrence, Sr. Thees, Robert, Soph. W b G F er erger, ary, r. Whittendale, James, Fr, Wiprucl, Theodore, Saph. After nearly a year of plague which the National insisted we call social pro, the grand and glorious Gamma Pi chapter of Alpha Tau Omega resumed its normal course of balanced wet-and-dry en- deavors. Realizing in the most painful way the effects of delinquent scholarship, the "Friendly Tous" stressed studies to the hilt this season and we are resting assured the club will pull through with a reasonable facsimile ofa 2,0 or thereabouts. However, there was still time allotted for the bar- baric treatment of pledges. The cruel hack system was still enforced, all the youngsters pulled through the ordeal and became fit to impose such tactics on the big pledge class to come next fall. "Hell Week" went out the back door and one could see ATO yearlings at about any hospital in town- cleaning, decorating and repairing. Dormancy last year didn't mar their social efforts as a furious round of exchanges and "casualties" were brought back to the clubhouse. Of course the Fall Pledge Function, the Winter Formal, House Party and Pajama Dance created the biggest scan- dal. We had dollar parties, too, but we'll stop there. Not forgetting the value of activity integration, ATO's gained offices at the HUB and were mem- bers of such organizations as Big W Club, Oval Club, Bachelor's Club, and Purple Shield. GRIFFIN, BlLL, President ,, ig v . Andonian, Gregory, Fr. ' i- , ,GS Andonian, Paul, Sr. '55 'Q ' ll " Rf y Armstrong, Robert, Fr, 1 J 4 'T Arwen, William, Jr, S t Q ' Bale, Robert, Jr, A ,414 Barragar, Harvey, Sr. Bender, Robert, Soph. ., Sy , Q - 1 5 Bennett, Richard, Jr. gi, ' ' J- 1 44-i Batten, Darryl, Fr. L ' Brace, Harry, Fr. ' ,f rl ' x .., Brace, Ronald, Fr. Brix, Peter, Soph. Brooks, Dale, Fr. f --:.5 . :'ia'z'iwi3iP 1617 E. 47th NOT PICTURED: Ballard, Jack, Sr. Bottoms, Lynn, Soph. Bren, Donald, Sr. Clampitt, Milton, Jr. Dean, Charles, Sr. Dunn, Robert, Sr. Fish, Thomas, Sr. McCain, Melvin, Jr., Sr. Monroe, Michael, Sr. Monroe, Roger, Soph. Nickerson, Carl, Fr. Nordquist, Clarence, Jr. Nordstrom, Bruce, Sr. Petersen, Warren, Sr. Peterson, James, Sr. Sayre, Matt, Sr. Simmons, Herbert, Sr, 310 Simmons, John, Sr. ,5 HORCHOVER, BOB, President -u-. u, . W j '- ,.W .- Q Next, on Club 1090, we have . . . 'l'Cl Buck, Gerald, Jr. Byrne, Bert, Jr. Cady, Frank, Jr. Capri, Lawrence, Fr, Clark, Kent, Jr. Daubert, Richard, Jr. Dougherty, Bert, Fr. Drips, Phil, Jr. DuClos, Paul, Jr. Ellis, Peter, Sr. Engel, Robert, Fr. Erickson, Norman, Sr. Fish, Jerry, Fr. Foster, William, Fr. Frankland, Robert, Jr. Gamer, Jerrold, Fr. Geraghty, John, Sr. Graham, Ronald, Soph, if 1 theta pi 'QT' f ft, I I 1 Msg N, 4 Pb . Furs' 1 ? X , J r l. l 'SR 4 1 A l Founded at Miami University, Oxford, Beta Omega chapter established in 1901. 97 national chapters. :W . fs X ,4 . .-f 'E .V ,.'s Hanson, Allan, Fr. Holmstead, Wayne, Fr. Horchover, Robert, Sr. Hull, Frederick, Soph. Johnson, Gordon, Jr. Johnson, Thomas, Soph. Joy, Tom, Fr. Leibel, James, Sr. Linden, Gary, Jr. Lindsay, William, Jr. Lockwood, Donald, Sr. Martin, William, Soph. McDonald, Chris, Fr. McDonald, Robert, Fr. McKinnon, Michael, Sr. Michel, Daniel, Jr. Michel, James, Soph. Miller John, Jr. Miller Richard, Jr. As the 195556 school year became history here at Washington, so, too, did the 55th year of Beta on the Husky campus. Into the chapter album went some great memories along with enviable records in all areas of college life. Betas performed on nearly every varsity team and the "hardware" in the den included the intramural football and basketball trophies. Campus activities found Betas in ASUW offices and both scholastic and activity honoraries, as well as on the Daily staff and on many varied committees. House proi- ects included an all-out effort to repeat the first place award won at last year's Sophomore Carni- val. The Homecoming sign was not quite so for- tunate as it became a sequel to "Gone With the Wind." Socially the calendar was full from the pledge dance early in the fall on through the paiama dance, winter formal, thug dance, and right up to the house party at the end of spring quarter. Added to the major functions were numerous exchanges and firesides. Nor were the books neglected as the house worked to keep its position above both the all-men's and the all-fraternity average. ' Peringer, Forrest, Jr. Phenneger, Richard, Soph Rahe, Robert, Sr. Raichle, Marcus, Fr. r 9 S .1 ,X A Rhodes, Donald, Soph. K N W 4 if ' ' 3 " Robinson, Alon, Fr. Rubidge, William, Soph. - Rulifson, Harmon, Soph. .1 .. fy, i if ' I 3 E 1 , . 'Ql Sheridan, Phillip, Jr. ' ' Sievers, Chris, Sr. Simpson, Donald, Jr. Smalling, Carl, Fr. I 'W' .Q ft Smith, Ed, Jr. Snyder, Art, Soph. Sorenson, Dwight, Jr. I fs, . Nordstrom, John, Soph. ii Stan, Rgnqldl Fr, Nylund, Richard, Fr. Odell, Rollin W., Jr., Jr Okerlund, Gary, Jr. Pederson, Art, Jr. .4-ti' 1 Walker, Lee, Fr. - - Walker, Philip, Fr. Walters, Jack, Fr. I I Westall, Richard, Sr. 311 If 1, Hungerford, William, Soph. Jenks, Harrison, Soph. Johnson, Bruce, Soph. Johnson, Thomas, Sr. Kerzie, David, Soph. Long, Gerald, Fr. McGee, Charles, Jr. McLean, Richard, Sr. Privette, James, Fr. Rau, Dean, Soph. Sawyer, James, Soph. Scea, Robert, Soph. Sheets, John, Grad. Skold, Elmer, Grad. Smith, Curtis, Jr. Steiner, Ray, Fr. 4600 22nd N. E. chi i lt was another great year for the men from "The Lodge." As usual, rush week was a terrific success, especially for the 22 men lucky enough to have their applications for pledgeship approved by the rush- ing chairman. On the social side, sorority girls called up the Chi Psi's to acquaint their charges with real live fra- ternity men. After completely filling the social cal- endar with exchanges, firesides, an authentic spring formal complete with yacht trip, the Hunters Frolic lpolite name for the brawl of the yeart, the Roman Dance, Pledge Dance, and eight miscellaneous dol- lar parties, we discovered that our schedule would carry our last exchange to July 28. Intramural athletics were the source of bruised knuckles and shins, four crippled brothers, and no trophies. But, as usual, there were a few of the Chi Psi's that would have nothing to do with intramurals and were forced to earn their Big Ws in varsity athletics. In activities the Chi Psi's found that some of the brothers and pledges were not satisfied with mere committee membership and bribed the people at the HUB to donate a few chairmanships. A few even went so far as to get elected into organiza- tions such as Oval Club, Purple Shield, and a multi- tude of other university honoraries. All in all, another typical year! Bailey, William, Fr. Barton, Robert, Fr. U Baunsgard, James, Soph. , i J , Bergstrom, Theodore, Jr. - W VVLV Blosl, Thomas, Sr. firef- Boynton, Jack, Fr. ' is Egan, Jay, Soph, ' 0 1' Erho, Michael, Soph. - ' " Q - K A Erickson, Larry, Soph. N . V my Frack, Malcom, Soph. - ,- K f , 'L ., 'swf V.. ' '11-H1 ' "" Grangaard, Robert, Fr. M 3. -"' -i Gilbert, David, soph. f , V I A' . mf , U .. lf' f fi , ? i - - s A , 5 My 497 , , - I i . I , . . . , s , , X 1 , 33 ' ' T, " S ' . x 3 c I X293 P+ l ' '-1 'Q . v Founded at Union College, Schenectady, New York, in l84l. Alpha Theta Delta chapter established in 1921. 26 national chapters. TOM BLOSL, President , gi X we vii f 1-3.1 rw Brown, Bruce, Fr. Campbell, Lee, Fr. Cornell, Edward, Fr. Dempsey, Frian, Fr. Denenholz, Larry, Fr, Griffin, Leon, Sr. Hansen, Barry, Jr. Haynes, James, Sr. Hedwall, Edward, Soph. Huey, Donn, Fr. C Kaz ,M fs. fe' 1 McMahon, Duane, Sr. Marks, William, Fr. Michener, Charles, Fr Mills, Fred, Soph. Motteler, Frank, Fr. Nordtors, David, Fr. Olivier, Denny, Sr. O .,.l- 1' , 'I 1 'O tt 'I 51. - wt 'cz ' 4 ,vs H , 17 f -, gnu tmti 'fy I 1 fu",-'C ,f y, 7' , NOT PlCTURED: Baydo, James, Sr. Congleton, Jerald, Sr, Lipoma, Samuel, Soph Michel, Mike, Sr. Phelps, Howard, Grad Putnam, Charles, Jr. Stockley, Thomas, Fr. Swantz, Steven, Sr. Thompson, Ronald, Fr. Torwick, John, Fr. Waldal, James, Soph. Watne, Edwin, Jr, Webber, Charles, Soph, Winship, Gordon, Soph. delta h Founded at Cornell University, New - fi." Washington chapter established in l908. 40 national chapters. York, in l89O. . ' f x t xxx . X ,-ff 1-he - 11 l8l9E 47th Brandon, Ken, Sr. Brandt, Ken, Jr. Brittain, Don, Fr. Buchberger, Kenneth, Fr. Carley, John, Fr. Cassill, George, Jr. Catron, Larry, Jr. Clements, Bill, Soph. Coats, Dave, Jr. Commings, Everett, Soph. Cronquist, Dick, Soph. Custer, Bert, Fr. Dean, Frank, Soph. Dell, Mike, Soph. Dietz, Tom, Sr. Dworak, Dove, Fr. Fielder, Bill, Sr., Fall President Glover, Dorrel, Fr. Halligan, Bob, Fr. Hallum, Don, Jr. Hanson, Bill, Jr. Haroldson, Bill, Fr. Hastings, Steve, Soph. Holt, Art, Jr. Armstrong, Gene, Fr. Bachman, Rez Soph. Bailey, John Sr. DON STOOKEY, Winter President NOT PICTURED: Abbott, Dale, Jr. Anderson, Wake, Fr. Burger, Geza, Fr. Lay, Dick, Sr. Oldenburg, Dick, Grad. Pinyerd, Ken, Jr. Skylstacl, Ben, Jr. Taylor, Gene, Fr. Whitmore, Dove, Grad. Van Skyhawk, Bill, Sr. , ' 'bv mr Belcher, Bill,lFr. vi g , . if 5- .y 'V f.. I V ll' T, - xx . X ,V 3 X 'Q -x 1 -oz A Qi . si :fi L ' X nl if 4 3? , ing, ' xt 'xii-?' a 34- ' it ' -: t 5 'T' -J ,K , L Q 5' 'av ls. 5 , -4-J X., ah v I 12 1 J 3:00 AM Jam Session As decreed by the mystic rights of our ritual, The BROTHERS IN THE BOND have traveled another year in search of knowledge, expression and com- radeship. Along this road, we have received the acclaim of our fellow classmen-and have derived our share in the spoils of an active and fruitful re- lationship. The kind of relationship which is indeed, fraternity. You will find the BOND represented in every field of endeavor at the University of Washington, in athletics, activities, scholarship-but, most expres- Irving, Eldon, Jr. Knight, Chuck, Fr. Laing, Mike, Fr. Laurent, Tom, Soph. , .41 YT! V tl L. .rv 1 J 5 , sively in the close association that one can feel only for his brother united in the code of secrecy. For it is the BOND, held ever fast, that is the goal of all Greek-letter organizations. From this desired fellowship, results the complete organization and planning which marks Delta Chi efforts and functions. We point with pride to our activities of the past year-feeling we have once again accomplished our annual goal-an even more respected brotherhood. -nm. fn, Lent, Doug, Soph. W Louis Lyman Sr. l it r 1' A .. Mackie, Vern, Soph. ': U Matteson, Michael, Soph. Melin, Joel, Soph. , Molzan, Lynn, Fr. iii? Nelson, Jack, Soph. tv fi., Newman, Wes, Soph. -' ' Ohlinger, Al, Jr. A f 'Z K J A Oster, Harvey, Fr. K ' T ft' ' -'71 ig' K Owens, Buck, Jr. Lk L i LN -- ' Pharis, Dick, Soph. , ,,., f Rich, Ed, soph. . -. i ff, riik Richardson, Ron, Jr. sei? rx ' Roberts, Jack, Jr. A 'jfwaxt Stonehocker, Craig, Jr. V Stookey, Don, Sr. Such, John, Jr. Sullivan, Jerry, Fr. Van Skyhawk, Norm, Jr. Vann, Larry, Jr. Weeks, George, Jr. Welch, Chuck, Fr. Stove, Bob, Jr. ...L 5 cl Ita kappa ep ilon Kappa Epsilon of Delta Kappa Epsilon was founded on this campus in 1908. In the 48 years since then a great number of outstanding men have graduated from the University and from Delta Kappa Epsilon. Activity-wise, Dekes were prominent in many phases of student activities. Offices held ranged from AMS Adams, Kirk, Jr. Agnew, Terry, Soph. Birkeland, Peter, Soph. Brown, Jack, Jr. Brown, Warren, Soph. Bulrner, Bob, Jr. N . Q Butler, Lonnie, Fr. +6 President to members of ASUW committees. Deke gf13'eJN:1VGlLv, Fr- 2 I . . . . a , n, r. lv athletes participated in Varsity and Freshman foot- Ccmpgelll Doug' J, '7 if "" ball, crew, basketball, skiing, track, golf and tennis. ' The fraternity also had a strong record in intra- mural athletics. Social highlights ofthe year included Fall quarter's G CI k F ' " . . oss, ar , r. ' Informal, the annual Christmas Serenade, Winter G,ee,,,Je,,y,F,, W , quarter's Pledge Dance, and the Spring Formal. HU0PGf1enfR09e'f50Ph- f 1' W J J V. J . . Haase, Jack, Sr. 131,-s. L. In between dollar parties, the members even did a Hanson, Lowell, F, he . r r little studying. XJ A si ie Remembering the past years of achievement, the ill, Washington Dekes look forward to another year of ,J Success' Jones, Lloyd, Fr. N Kirk, Paul, Soph. - ff ,. . Martin, John, Sr. 1' ' gl B., M Meyer, Paul, Soph. f ' K, Molitor, Don, Soph. ' ' Q Moore, Lee, Fr. 9 f ff . Morris, Ralph, Sr. Newell, Phil, Sr. Nowell, Roger, Fr. 4 Oberlatz, Steve, Fr. A 'Q Parsons, Bud, Fr. ' ' 1 f Patterson, Bill, Sr. gf 1. XQ Pessemier, Jim, Fr. K Petersen, Hal, Soph. L . Peterson, Bill, Jr, ' ig . - Pottschmidt, Louie, Sr. v -ll 4 i Reid, John, Soph. , V Richards, Dick, Sr. ' ' V ' Richards, Gordy, Soph. ., Roe, Jim, Fr. ,Q gs ' X y I Q ' Ross, Don, Fr. ' I ' rf 1 ' ' V A. K Sayre, John, Soph. I - K . Smetheram, Herb, Sr. "' ' 3 ' . Smetheram, Don, Soph. l MX smith, Don, soph. 1 1 , A , Smith, George, Soph. l t l ,. Stewart, Sandy, Jr. Strom, Terry Thomas, Butch, Sr. Tichbourne, Roger, Fr. Turner, Bob, Soph. Van Cleve, Keith, Soph. V Wager, Richard, Soph. Wannamaker, Jim, Jr. Webster, Don, Soph. Welts, Dave, Jr, . 45.3 Q Wetter, Doug, Jr. White, Jim, Fr. Widmann, Bob, Fr. Wolfe, Kirk, Fr. w Youell, Tom, Jr. 316 'X . RALPH MORRIS, Presiden gd' lb! J '15 Founded at Yale University, New Haven, Conn., in 1844. Kappa Epsilon chapter established in 1908. 52 national chapters. NOT PICTURED: Buzard, Bob, Soph. Derby, Al, Med. Hone, Michael, Jr. Hausman, John, Jr. Hill, Ted, Grad. Lindell, Rocky, Law Monson, Bill, Dent. Rutherford, Dick, Sr. I X7 N 1 s if 's 3? 'GY 'Q' '+P-Ev 3 Cooke, John, Fr. Davidson, Bill, Fr. Douglas, Jim, Sr. Emory, DeWolf, Jr. Erlandson, Jack, Jr. Evans, Michael, Fr. Fitch, Graham, Soph. Fosnick, Joe, Fr. Franklin, Jim, Sr. Giedt, Bruce, Fr. Hargreaves, Gordon, F Hitchens, Richard, Fr. Hitchens, Robert, Fr. Hudtlotf, Art, Fr. Holloway, Richard, Soph Hughes, Pat, Jr. lmus, Reid, Fr. Jacobsen, Paul, Sr. Jerome, Rennie, Fr, Johnston, Peter, Soph. A refreshing morning shower! 4520 21st N. E. 317 Washington Delta moved eagerly through a very full social calendar again this year with all the cus- tomary functions plus several new social innova- tions. Leading oft the year was the Pledge Dance, followed by the annual Barn Dance, a series of firesides and exchanges, the Dollar Party, and the Christmas Serenade. Winter and spring quarters were, as usual, full of memorable events, including the Active Dance, Alumni Banquet, Houseparty, Picnic Dance, Sophomore Carnival, Songfest, and to top it off, an annual lris Formal during spring quarter. Activities ranged from Outstanding Senior Man and class officers to activity chairmanships and representation in various clubs and honoraries in- cluding Purple Shield, Oval Club, Malamutes, and Phi Beta Kappa. Delts are also proud ofa strong record in intramural athletics. Thus, Washington's Delt Chapter with its members eighty strong, looks back with pride on another big year at the shelter. Adler, Dennis, Fr, Brandt, Dick, Sr. Breitsprecher, Chuck, Soph. Bush, Jeff, Soph. Carter, Bill, Soph. Chappell, Roger, Fr, Danielson, Norm, Soph. Deisher, Ron, Fr. Doane, Bill, Soph. Donnelly, Bob, Sr. Dyer, Pete, Soph. Hegstrom, Roger, Fr. Henshaw, Bill, Soph. Huntington, Bill, Fr. Hurt, Bob, Soph. Jasted, Don, Jr. Johanson, Larry, Jr, Johnson, Curt, Fr. Johnson, George, Jr, Leber, Jack, Fr. Maass, Clio, Jr. Mehl, Roger, Sr. Michaelson, Chuck, Jr. Olson, Ralph, Soph. Payne, Jack, Fr. Pearson, Jerry, Jr. Peterson, Bob, Jr, Peterson, Tom, Jr. Phillips, Dick, Sr. Sandell, Chuck, Jr. Schuh, Bob, Soph. Schuh, Jack, Sr. Secord, Paul, Fr. Smith, By, Soph. Smith, Ted, Jr, Stock, Gary, Soph. Talso, Warner, Soph. Taylor, Tom, Jr. Thomason, Rob, Fr, 318 ta tau cl Ita Bridge anyone? S1 p - ' A if :ff Q 1- 'J as , -.3 . iv lsr! B, B vs? 1 - if 4. Q. KC' . , I-lllllluil i l Q .ey 5 t- -1 it , M' or w'J'l Q: fag' V, g , V..,, N g, xy- . gy, 5 V S . X. , 1 g Il y g t fgvgy 9 ik F 5 V I 1 if r x ' f ll C...-W - NOT PICTURED: Benson, Merrit Bryant, Trev Campbell, Craig Donaldson, Frank Driano, Dom Erickson, Ken Jack, Al Mercer, Jim Olson, Hal Payne, Frank Ransey, Larry Randolph, John Stamolis, George Thomas, Nate Tychsen, Paul VanderVeer, Bob Walker, George Wetzel, Bud Wilkins, John 'tm'- Pi :r wif Founded at Bethany College, Virginia. Gamma Mu Chapter established in 1908. 84 National chapters. 4524 19th N. E. av , A-+1 J -171 J krrli il , A ,. ., , . - , S J 05 . -sf' X - , Q ,CX V , , N, JA il 2 ., . fs? gr .1 " of . ff L' , 54" J L iy,fP-1' ' P if s i lr I JE ff: ri :J ,fs L 'GR , L, i , -F .z s, 5 'U . we .4 V J -.4 ii L 57 ,Qi ' 39 , l RRY WINDHAM, President Bush, Rod, Sr. Bushnell, Don, Soph. Carey, John, Fr. Easterbroak, Don, Jr. Elander, Zac, Fr, Elmberg, Jack, Sr. Floclman, Bill, Fr. Galbraith, Al, Sr. Garrett, Len, Sr. Gerber, Bill, Soph. Johnson, Marsh, Jr. Jones, John, Sr, Kilburn, Lee, Saph. Kincaid, Gary, Jr. Kuechlehon, Lee, Fr, Kuybus, George, Fr. LaFollette, Lee, Fr. Lamping, John, Fr. Langton, Ken, Sr. Pickering, Bob, Jr. Putney, Dennis, Soph. Reed, Hank, Soph. Regstorff, Arnie, Soph Ringer, George, Fr. Roberts, Nick, Soph. Rohr, Bob, Sr, Roland, Craig, Sr. Roos, Jack, Sr, Sampson, Dick, Fr. Torres, Steve, Soph. Trescott, Tony, Sr. Von, Eric, Sr. Vaught, Tom, Soph. Wasmund, Tom, Soph Williams, Lee, Jr. Windham, Jerry, Sr. Wothe, Don, Fr. Worthington, Chuck, Sr Zirbel, Bill, Sr. 31 9 elta upsilon Founded at Williams College, Williams- town, Massachusetts, in 1834. Washington chapter established in 1910. 72 National chapters. ! ,......,--1 Abraham, John, Sr, Akerman, Louis, Sr. Anderson, Robert, Soph, Atkinson, Donald, Soph Bargreen, Samuel, Jr. Barnum, Robert, Fr. Barton, Thomas, Sr. Bender, Bert, Fr. Bergesen, Arlan, Soph. Boyker, Gary, Soph. Braun, Richard, Soph. Bryan, Robert, Sr. Cassity, George, Sr. Clark, Andy, Sr, Clasen, Dann, Sr. Davis, James, Jr. Decker, Jerry, Sr, Demarest, Ralph, Soph. Dorland, Donald, Soph. Erickson, Richard, Saph. Erickson, Thomas, Fr. Forray, Frank, Fr. Forseth, Paul, Jr. Frank, Pete, Fr. Haskins, Chuck, Fr, Hastings, Gordon, Sr. Herron, John, Soph, W! r K ,Vy Yfyl. V? 1 1 all sw 1818 E. 45th is Next in line, please step forward!! BOB BRYAN, President . I XM si w--v was A. fd ,M 'Vw' fr I 4 ar ii NOT PICTURED: Boyles, Don, Sr. Davies, Dan, Jr. Erickson, Jack, Grad. Esser, Gerald, Sr. Geiger, LaMont, Jr. Hanna, Ray, Grad. Holdridge, Robert, Sr. A Forty-one versatile pledges settled down at l8l8 E. 45th St. following rush week. Thus another year of Delta Upsilon fellowship began. It was, indeed, a fruitful three quarters. The first item on the house agenda was the abol- ishment of the paddle, replaced with the painless l?l black mark method. D. U. was active in nearly every important phase of campus life. The presidents of Oval and Big Clubs and the Senior class found little time for loafing around the house. With the advent of spring, ...f Keene, Robert, Fr. Kirby, Vernon, Soph, Liridsley, Jerry, Soph. McDonald, Thomas, Sr. Michaelis, Kerry, Fr, Putnam, Dave, Jr. V' ' Utigard, Thomas, Soph. lg 5 SSW s T i 1.4 the fellows teamed with the Tri-Delts in defense of the first place Sophomore Carnival trophy. When the call for athletes went aut, a number of the brothers tromped down to the stadium to letter in football, swimming, baseball, crew, tennis, and track. Delta U practically had its own training table for varsity basketball. Several of the athletes earned team and Northern Division honors. All in all '55-'56 was a year of the Delta Upsilon teamwork and achievement, with the promise of many more to come. 41-4' ,r .J 45' bf nngg 2... ?, ' o-J, YIL 4- x - J ' A r . ...J-1 Wg? v : :Q 'W B1 .Yfffj X4 f 5 'Q Henderson, Dave, Fr Henderson, William, Fr. Hillesland, Kent, Soph. Holbrook, Jack, Fr. Hudson, Rodney, Jr. Jacobsen, William, Jr. Jacroux, Paul, Soph. Jensen, Gary, Soph, Kaneta, Keith, Fr, Kidd, Larry, Jr. Lasley, Bill, Soph. Lince, William, Jr. Marek, Robert, Fr. Martin, Robert, Fr, McGuire, Beep, Fr. McKay, Rich, Fr. Middleton, Bernt, Soph. Miller, Frederick, Soph. Mimier, Keith, Fr. Morford, Donald, Sr. Murray, Harry, Fr. Nutter, Richard, Soph, O'Day, George, Fr. Olsen, Ronald, Sr. Otley, Richard, Fr. Payseno, Richard, Soph. Pearson, Robert, Fr. Pederson, Douglas, Fr. Pinnell, Ed, Fr. Price, William, Fr. Putnam, Thomas, Fr. Ramsey, Douglas, Sr. Rayburn, Bruce, Jr. Rees, Gary, Fr. Robinson, Richard, Fr, Ruef, Dave, Jr. Schindler, Robert, Fr. Seifert, Thomas, Sr. Siemons, John, Fr. Smith, Gordon, Jr. Southworth, Richard, Fr. Stady, William, Soph. Staples, Gary, Sr. Stone, Loren, Fr. Stutz, Del, Fr. Sunitsch, Donald, Jr. Swanson, Malcolm, Soph Webert, Al, Fr. Webert, Carol, Fr. Wick, Donald, Fr. Young, Edward, Fr. Zingmark, John, Sr. kappa sigma fe' 1 , , 'C' H ff f ul ' if Q FQ qi T - ' ,wr Q.. it NV if A f 1 ' 5 6 . '94 sf W .1 wg, Ames, Robert, Jr. Beiningen, Kirk, Fr, Blendheim, Arvid, Fr. Boswell, John, Jr. Bowles, Howard, Soph, Brindle, Harold, Sr. Bunker, Russell, Jr. Butler, John, Soph. Carnegie, John, Soph, Cayton, Forrest, Fr. Chappell, Dean, Soph. Christie, Norman, Fr, Curd, Larry, Soph. Dickenson, Gary, Fr. Dowdell, Donald, Soph. Engerson, John, Fr. Fender, Harold, Fr. Foster, Lawrence, Fr. Gaffney, Patrick, Jr. Gavin, Roger, Sr, The heart of a fraternity is its pledge class, and Beta Psi chapter started off the year with a heart of gold. With 30 top pledges, Kappa Sigma went through the school like a fraternity-house-a-fire. The high point of the social year was our annual Stardust Ball and Queen Contest, which again this year featured Miss America as a finalist judge. This formal, which featured the beautiful Kappa Sigma Stardust Queen for 1956, headed a long list of social functions, in- cluding the annual Paiama Dance, the Fall Opener, the Tavern Dance, the Stag Party, and the Pledge Dance. House President, Roger Gavin, besides carrying this important duty, was also very active in campus activities, being a member of Oval Club, a Senior Class Prominent, and a member of several l. F. C. and A. S. U. W. committees. Carl Luttinen served as Secretary of Inter-Fraternity Council. Kappa Sigma was represented in many sports including baseball, frosh track, tennis, and frosh crew. Especially notable is the variety of interests shown by the members in all phases of campus life. Founded at the University of Virginia, Charlottesville, Va., in l869. Beta Psi chapter established in 1903. 127 national chapters. NOT PICTURED: , , Bender, James, Sr. li - X Chipman, Dennis, Sr, , 'A , " Connel, Carl, Sr. 'FW Hopkins, James, Sr. F K ' Kelley, David, Fr. V King, Dennis, Sr. Q McKay, Harrison, Sr. McNabb, David, Soph. Miller, Donald, Soph. Peters, Sidney, Sr, Tamble, Mark, Soph. Wilburn, Richard, Sr, Winter, Thomas, Sr. vw, ,gk ROGER GAVIN, President ,pile g- 'SICK F f.- ffx 22-A . Q..- Y . .45 2? . Q .vi X., if 59 1 ii. 9' it 'g f F' es-:X I' ',leE i, I -T: BA l Q sr! H, 5 -573' ne F, ie, , ,W r. K ii as 1 alverson, Stanley, Soph arison, Phillip, Soph, arrison, Ronald, Fr. erbison, Ralph, Soph, 'lull, Harry, Soph. lohnson, Kenneth, Soph. lohnson, Robert, Sr. Cimbel, Marvin, Sr. effler, John, Soph. eiser, Craig, Soph. ewis, Richard, Jr. ewis, Thomas, Fr, tullinen, Carlyle, Sr, ufiinen, Sidney, Sr. McKenny, Van, Soph. McKinny, Gary, Fr, Miller, Gary, Fr. Moore, Donald, Sr, Olsen, Donald, Soph. Ozeroff, Alex, Fr. erehi, Ray, Soph. erine, David, Fr. einhardl, Cecil, Fr. laples, Fred, Soph. Teil, Bill, Soph. frauss, Lee, Fr. ate, John, Sr. idwell, Don, Soph. urk, Thomas, Fr. Udd, Albert, Soph. Van Brccklin, Lesler, Sopln J nv Q41 Beckley, Kenneth, Soph. Benner, Eugene, Fr. Bertalon, Dave, Fr. Billeter, Frank, Soph. Braida, Gil, Soph. Brown, Farrell, Soph. Brown, Ran, Fr. Clampett, Bruce, Fr. Cobb, Gil, Soph. Collins, Melvin, Sr. Crooks, Bob, Jr. Curtis, Mike, Jr. Dederer, Gary, Fr. DesBrisay, Rex, Grad. Frodle, Jerry, Fr. Glann, Jim, Grad. Grasche, Dale, Fr, Gutzler, Ralph, Jr. Harrison, Gary, Fr. Howard, William, Fr. Howe, Robert, Fr. Joyce, William, Jr. Kleweno, Gil, Sr. Kraig, Kenneth, Fr. Krell, Jerry, Fr. Logan, Gene, Sr. Love. Edwin, Sr. Lundberg, Ted, Sr. MacNair, Malcolm, Jr. McDonald, Rex, Fr. lambda chi alpha NOT PJCTURED: Anderson, Lloyd, Jr. Bode, Richard, Sr. Brandon, Harry, Sr, Cooper, Terry, Sr. French, Doug, Sr. Fuller, Don, Sr. Getman, Doug, Jr. Hallgrimson, Larry, Soph. LaFollette, Larry, Jr. McElravy, Bob, Jr. Meuli, William, Sr. Schwavel, Don, Jr. Strom, Ray, Jr. Sturtevant, Brock, Sr. Wolf, Dick, Soph. Yarion, Dave, Grad, ,o it l I 5, ,.., .. . Ly .. .-L. ,x , . 6 be vial? Qs Q xi r E, WY' .5 Q lx I 4509 18th Ave. N.E. Founded at Boston University, Boston, Massachusetts, in 1909. Alpha Psi Zeta chapter established in l9l8. l 49 national chapters. Adams, Quincy, Fr, Anderson, Lloyd, Jr Baxstrom, Curtis, Fr. ' ' il 1 ssr., at af! Figil Q- . . gtg if if 'hr L W K V bv Q Q., XE I .gs AXA Although the youngest ofthe large fraternities, Lambda Chi Alpha leads the field with 148 chap- ters. Lambda Chi is well represented on the cam- puses of 48 states and four Canadian provinces. Alpha Psi chapter has been active at the University of Washington since 1918. The year 1955 was marked by a typically full and enjoyable calendar of social activities including the Crescent Ball, Pledge Dance, Prison Dance, Paiama Dance, fire- sides and exchanges. Two accomplishments of which we are iustly proud are the winning of the Intramural Wrestling Championship for the fourth consecutive year and the winning ofthe Homecom- ing Sign Contest for the second consecutive year. University of Washington Lambda Chi's are prom- inent members of such organizations as Alpha Delta Sigma, Big-W Club, Compass and Chart, Husky Winter Sports Club, Malamutes, Oval Club, Pan Xenia, Phi Beta K-appa, Purple Shield, Forest Club and Scabbard and Blade. , 'J Q' J X QA ix 4. Q I W' i'-1 , X A x x .s-h , A 'f I ki This a Tyee "lnformal!" 1... Ki SHELTON, DICK, President f- .. . i 4 fi to 73 X- . - . vw .. Y f .J 1. cf -1 X Til f W.. ii . 'fn , ,A i :sv Q ' g "' 2 1 I N PN' "'-' A 'T L Fr' 'Fo ' ff 'z ziggy,-.. w , ' i If lil I 'Tl 1 i McDowell, Michael, Fr. Miller, Rex, Fr. Minahan, Mike, Jr. Monfore, Ken, Fr. Muscat, James, Fr. Norwood, Don, Fr, Oberg, Richard, Sr. Olson, Ted, Soph. Pringle, Dwane, Jr. Proctor, Pete, Jr. Rankin, Fred, Sr. Robinson, Dick, Jr. Rogers, Elmer, Sr. Schulze, Jack, Soph. Shelton, Richard, Jr. Smith, James, Fr. Staff, Steve, Fr. Storm, Roy, Jr. Swanson, Chuck, Soph Thompson, Mike, Jr. Torrey, Richard, Jr. Twidwell, Bob, Soph. Vanderslice, Gordon, Sr Veule, Tom, Sr. Wene, Sam, Fr. White, Darrel, Fr. Wick, Dennis, Sr. Wiechert, Carl, Jr. Wolf, John, Sr. Wright, Bob, Jr. Ausman, Al, Jr. Bache, Ralph, Fr. Bishop, Ernie, Fr. Brown, Don, Soph. Brusso, Gordon, Fr. Byron, Ralph, Jr. Carroll, Neal, Jr. Carroll, Roger, Soph, Cloore, Jim, Soph. Cobbs, Wayne, Fr. Darling, Peter, Soplfi. Dean, Don, Soph, Domenowske, John, J . Dunbabin, Bob, Jr. Dye, Roy, Soph. Finke, Siuari, Jr. Fluharty, Arvin, Sr. Gamblin, Dick, Sr. Glover, Larry, Fr, Grosso, Jim, Soph. 326 Mus? be a pledge'???? Nexf! M pi kappa alpha FLUHARTY, ARV President 'ow .Q . ff fi ,,.' . Q SES r at L p J V Y i 41, , I, . E E ll' 1 no l 1, rig 4502 20th N E NOT PICTURED: Gordon, Don, Soph. Lydgafe, Mori, Grad Morris, Jim, Jr. Robbins, Bob, Grad. Sione, Bill, Soph. 'lyim' ff -fi c A Q -ws , sf ' af e ' -J, U 2 Q, X . 4, l H 4 Tlx s . M ' 2, XX, ' 1. Kelly, Don, Soph, Kelly, Roger, Soph. Kennett, Jack, Jr. Mackey, Ken, Soph. Moreland, Don, Soph. Nairn, Darrell, Sopli. Norton, Ronald, Fr. Paradis, Bob, Fr. Peloza, Bill, Fr. Rasmussen, Tom, Jr. Rogers, Virgil, Jr. Russel, Dave, Soph. 1" X. le Founded at the University of Virginia, Richmond, Va., in 1868. Beta Beta chapter established in 1914. 109 national chapters. MISS SeIIen,David,Fr. 2' ' Smithson, Luther, Soph. . x ' , ,, j ., P, 'Qty '-1 Stanford, Jim, Soph. Sybert, Dick, Fr. ' -w ' if Tibbetts, Harwood, Soph. Thomas, Dick, Fr. Thomas, Jerry, Soph. Walch, Mike, Fr. Warfield, sob, sf. gr-R S. .5 ???.-re i Warnock, Bob, Jr. ,V :-7 Q My 1 X :ii 3.1, 4 0 B f . Worden, Rod, Jr. X Piker lmoscotl 'Q I gf I by w As one of the one hundred and nine chapters of Pi Kappa Alpha, Beta Beta forms one of the links in the chain of friendship and brotherhood for which our fraternity is noted. Each member strives to push Pi Kappa Alpha ahead on the University of Wash- ington campus. We enioy the benefits of fraternity life in many ways. During each quarter we have several annual parties. The main functions of the year are the Pledge Dance during Winter quarter, and the Dream Girl Dance in the spring. At the time of the Dream Girl Dance, we choose an annual Pi Kappa Alpha Dream Girl from representatives of the women's organizations on campus. We have fun, but we also realize that scholastic achievement is the most important element in col- lege life. The combination of work and play is our motto. 27 delta sigma phi EQ Founded at City College, New York, in 1899. Washington Alpha Omega chapter established in 1926. 73 national chapters. Davies, Donald, Fr Ellis, Charles, Jr. Fonda, John, Jr. 3 Q if 1 ln the spring quarter of 1955 Delta Sigma Phi came home to roost at 4518 17th Street N. E., where 29 years earlier the chapter had been founded. With the new house, located prominently on Greek Row, our year was all the more successful, in fact, the Delta Sigs had a banner year. Among our fall social events we held our an- nual Halloween party . . . this year in honor of our chapter from Oregon State College. The Homecom- ing Dance, sponsored by our Alumni Association, was a particular success because many of the old grads could again visit the house in which they had spent their college careers. In February Alpha Omega chapter was the host chapter for the Pacific Northwest Regional Conclave. The annual Delta Sig social event, "The Sailors Ball," climaxed a weekend of hard work and accomplishment for the brothers from our Pacific Northwest chapters. Our social program during the spring quarter was fea- tured bythe Carnation Ball, our formal sweetheart dance. A program of seminars built around the theme of "Engineered Leadership" was started duringthe winter quarter. This was an outstanding accom- plishment on the educational aspects of college so- cial fraternities. Ganzer, Vic, Fr. Gray, Curtis, Jr, Greenup, Gary, Soph. - Groshell, Gary, Fr. Kelly, Jerry, Soph. Forschmiedt, Rik, Fr. Neilsen, Stuart, Fr. Nelson, Doyle, Jr. Patten, Ben, Jr. Willis, Donald, Fr, Wynne, Dick, Sr. NOT PICTURED: Harden, T.D,, Grad Hughes, John W., Soph HENRY FONDA, President My x K - 1 lt's spring cleaning time! 451817th N. E. alpha kappa lambda as ,I WILSON, DUANE, President Alpha Kappa Lambda is unique among fraternities on this campus in that it seeks to be a brotherhood of men vitally interested in following the principles of Christianity. Although we make no rule about study hours or conditions we have always ranked high locally and been the leader in scholarship nationally. We strive to build personalities through develop- ment of scholastic, extra-curricular, social, and fraternal interests and responsibilties. Although we work and study hard there is still lots of time for necessary fun, social events, and general relaxa- tion. From the rushing of September to the last exam in June, the academic year of '55 and '56 was a year of many achievements forthe brothers of Theta of Alpha Kappa Lambda. A spirited pledge class kept the actives on their toes and enabled us to participate in many more activities than before. We would like to go on record as saying, "This year was great-next year will be greater!" 4543 l7th N. E. J .nf JJ 5.-.Q-s . Alexander, Bill, Soph. Cooper, Jack, Fr. Fisher, Philip, Sr. Howard, John, Sr. Hubbard, John, Fr. Klingler, Dan, Sr. LeCocq, Andrew, Jr. Morley, Howard, Fr. Paulin, Max, Grad. Porter, Paul, Jr. 13.45. -.aff 5 .ilu-J I, iI..."3l 'fl 53731591 fr r , Iifflfiiff Someone must have Boardwalk! NOT PlCTURED: Harrison, Ben, Fr. Q 'J 1, Taylor, Roger, Soph. ,x ' Thornburg, Leland, Jr. Founded at the University of California, Berkeley,,California, in l9l4. Theta chapter established in 1929. T6 national chapters. Wilson, Duane, Sr. l 9 l i X lv 1, 'lf phi delta fh ta This IS what you call a Gary Nelson shot Anderson, William, Soph. Anderson, Stephen, Soph, Archey, Thomas, Sr. Asmundson, William, Fr. Baldwin, William, Sr. Bethke, Stephen, Fr. Birkeland, Fredric, Fr. Blackburn, Larry, Soph. Britt, Robert, Fr, Broderson, James, Sr. Browning, Jesse, Fr. Clack, David, Sr. Cleaver, William, Soph. Cole, John, Fr. Conway, Charles, Sr. Conway, John, Soph. Cook, James, Fr. Countner, Frank, Soph. Corbett, Robert, Sr. Dagman, Dennis, Fr. Dailey, Donald, Fr. Davis, Donald, Jr. Delimitros, Artie, Sr. Dobbs, Lary, Sr. DuBois, William, Soph, English, Laurence, Soph. English, William, Fr. Fitzgerald, Dwight, Fr. Frayn, Robert, Sr. Freeman, Doug, Jr. Gamble, Lex, Fr. Gandy, Robert, Jr. Gardner, Booth, Soph, 330 U 3: fri? .J Q , 2111 E. 47th ,inw- J a.- 1 -wi. BOB MORRIS, President 'Q' ,- '9' 1 B- lf? , I 851,11 lm' r if I it Glase, John, Soph. Goodman, Terry, Fr. Graham, Thomas, Fr, Gustin, Frank, Grad, Hall, Dale, Fr. Hanson, Charles, Fr, Hinton, Richard, Soph. Holmkvist, David, Fr. Howe, Walter, Sr. Hughes, Ben, Soph. Jacoy, Ronald, Fr. Johnson, Jerry, Grad. Kachlein, George, Sr. Lindell, William, Sr. Lockett, James, Sr. Manlowe, Robert, Jr. McAnulty, John, Fr. MacGowan, William, Fr. Milgard, Gary, Fr. Mioen, John, Fr. Morris, Robert, Sr. Morrison, Thomas, Soph. Morrow, Larry, Soph. Morton, Darrell, Fr. Murphy, Michael, Soph. Nelson, Gary, Jr. Newton, Henry, Fr. Parker, William, Sr. Pennell, Donald, Soph. Peterson, Richard, Soph. Pierson, William, Sr. Rademaker, John, Fr. Founded at Miami University, Oxford, Ohio, in 1848 Washington Alpha established in 1900 126 national chapters ln the past fifty-five years, a great number of out- standing men have graduated from the University and from Phi Delta Theta, and indications are that they shall continue to do so. Scholastic achievement is the highest aim of the Fraternity, but by no means the only one. This year's social calendar of firesides, exchanges, and dinners was highlighted by the pledge dance, winter for- mal, and spring's blazing rebuttal to teetotalers- The Bowery Brawl. Social cultivation, campus activities, athletics and general spirit are emphasized. Those memories which are best described as "good times" can never be ignored. All of these factors blend into our con- cept of a college education. gl: c Z f a ll , - V ri , 4, , Tinius, David, Fr. Turner, H, E. "Ned", Sr Watkins, William, Jr. Whilt, Joseph, Soph. Williams, John, Soph. Yale, Richard, Soph. Young, Edwin, Sr. Zoffel, George, Sr. Randles, Terry, Fr. Rivenes, James, Jr. Sells, John, Fr. Skaggs, James, Fr. Smart, J. Douglas, Fr. Smidt, J. Douglas, Soph Steen, Mac, Soph. Steiner, D. Gary, Fr. Steiner, Griffith, Sr. Taulbee, Walter, Jr. 331 phi gamma cl Ita Since the founding of Sigma Tau chapter of Phi Gamma Delta in l9OO many excellent achievements have been made. Foremost in the mind of a t'Fiii" is the university which he attends. Every year Phi Gamma Delta has a record to be proud of. In 1955 Phi Gamma Delta finished sixth on the campus scholastically. ln the HUB we have been very active, with most of the members of the chapter taking part in many activities. Also, from our pledge class came this year's Freshman Class President. On the athletic field Phi Gamma Delta is strongly repre- sented both in major sports and intramurals. To add to a year of accomplishments, Phi Gamma Delta had a well-balanced social calendar with three main dances during the year along with many class parties. A fraternity is formed when a group of men live together in a type of brotherhood. ln Phi Gamma Delta the combining of internal strength with achieve- ments in scholarship and athletes in a social envi- ronment is most instrumental in developing mature citizens and leaders. Almquist, Ed, Soph. Barnes, Ardell, Sr. Beich, Rick, Sr, Brandt, Rich, Soph. Brazier, John, Sr. Broughton, Tom, Fr. Bucy, Warren, Fr. Burgess, John, Fr. Campbell, Bill, Soph. . s lx A N W s vii.. Q W "M Chamness, Dana, Fr it W' " F' Cozetto, Joe, Soph. H - Davis, Jerry, Soph. A , 1 ' 9 1 Q J 5 'U ' , s lib -. , J '7 :fr 'mud Y tk di 'rr' YJ' l N -.J 1 w 4 ..,'!'.,y iv ' A.. .gs IT. .hr I ty .7 Davis, John, Soph. Davis, John, Fr. Day, Jack, Fr, Decker, Jay, Jr. Draper, Greg, Jr. Drury, Don, Jr, Egan, Dave, Sr. Emery, Dick, Fr, Fleming, Jim, Jr. Gaffner, Gary, Jr. Gallaher, Phil, Soph. Hagen, Bill, Jr. Hanson, Neal, Sr. Hanson, Pete, Fr. Hilton, Jim, Sr. Hulbush, Roger, Sr. Hulett, Tom, Fr. Hull, Paul, Fr. Johnston, Mike, Soph, Kelleher, Jim, Fr. Kelly, Roger, Soph. Lappenbusch, Charles, Fr. Leland, Dave, Soph. Lewis, Cutler, Soph. Mahnken, Carl, Soph. I , ,Sf 'DLA' 1 X x Ae ' 7 sf ii" ' F 'gi 1f:Q,.,xf 15: K . . 53 A3 .3 'sv Vf te l Juliet, Juliet, wherefor art thou, Juliet? i 332 SET Mahnken, Connie, Fr. Mann, Mike, Soph. Matzdorf, Kim, Fr. 17th U' .C f '?:'fx f ig! TJ I" Ty 'ET x 1 , at cle aunded at Jefferson College, Cannons- burg, Pennsylvania, in l848. igma Tau chapter established in l900. 2 national chapters. 333 i do F Olsen, Tom, Fr, Paine, John, Fr. Pence, Gary, Fr. Perry, Len, Sr. Peterson, Don, Jr. Prescott, John, Jr. Radloft, Dick, Fr. Ryles, Jerry, Soph. Schmitz, Al, Jr. Schneider, Larry, Fr, Sisler, Gary, Sr. Slemmons, George, Fr. Swett, John, Sr. Thorp, John, Fr. Thornton, Tim, Fr. Tucker, Fred, Jri Watson, Ed, Fr. Wells, Steve, Sr. Willis, Fred, Jr. Wilson, Don, Fr, Wilson, Van, Sr. Woodruff, John, Jr. Vanni, Ralph, Soph. Weidkamp, Larry, Soph. Zaepfel, John, Soph, McKinley, Bill, Soph. Merlino, Ed, Soph. Miller, Rod, Sr. Minice, Dick, Fr. Moldstad, Hal, Sr. Moldstad, William, Fr Moreland, Don, Fr. Mounger, Larry, Fr, Mullin, Shan, Sr. Newton, Lyman, Fr. Nilles, Jack, Fr, Olsen, Terry, Jr. Q I 'ar my rs. -'vw ,Q WL. -taint '53 x . a '45, A. SV? 'J Y NOT PICTURED: Churchill, Tom, Jr. Getchell, Jim, Sr. Houston, Jim, Sr. Huckle, Myron, Soph. Jacobsen, Connie, Soph. Kappler, Bill, Soph. Kearney, Art, Jr. Kelly, Brian, Jr, Laiala, Ed, Jr. Lennox, Stew, Jr, Masoero, Art, Jr. Olson, Darrel, Sr. Pratt, Ed, Soph. Pressey, Rod, Sr. Prospek, Bill, Jr. Ramseyer, Joe, Jr. Scott, Jack, Sr. Stephenson, Al, Jr. Stewart, Bob, Jr, Trumbull, Jim, Soph. Wallace, Tony, Jr. Wells, Ned, Sr. Vieira, Robert, Sr. W N! , .. 3, S ff- f .,. , ' v-rl if li mf QC '78 A if ' V, ff" Il. J.. Lf-T ' ,. f JL- L Qld J 'Tx "" ii 'bfi 5,1 f' "' 5 " A' I 4 A J f l 4 phi kappa sigma PAT LOWMAN, President Crim, James, Sr. Diamond, Robert, Fr. Donahoe, David, Fr. Dow, Russell, Fr. Dunsire, Gordon, Soph. Earley, John, Sr, Edenholm, Robert, Soph. Egger, Richard, Fr. Ellestad, Thomas, Soph. Enden, James, Fr. Erickson, John, Jr, Ethier, Dan, Soph. Feaster, Richard, Sr. Fitzpatrick, Robert, Sr. Fleming, Ronald, Fr. Frodel, Edward, Jr. Frost, Wayne, Fr. Gardner, William, Soph. Hansen, Mark, Jr. Henderson, Robert, Soph. 'Q 'Nl' S' wg' t If 4 x ' Y pu m aw- Ng rip' Burnett, William, Soph. Carlson, Martin, Fr. Clark, Richard, Jr. ,...g,, :gk V, t Convery, Robert, Soph. . A J 'J K , Gr 5. if ""' k Y A 127 if is 1 , 5 lr I . ,Q R' 11 ' w 3, t . J ,X I ers-distress Howard, Clinton, Jr. Johnson, Arthur, Soph. K 1 ,NL M , Johnson, Fred, Soph. ' 'sc ' P' ' W' M Keppeler, Herbert, Fr. ss tv ' K aw- Langlie, Winfield, Sr. "Y "lr in 'I Liecester, Morton, Soph. ' ,I Lindol, John, Soph. 7, 2: 334 J 1 4. ft" tif , .1 ghxq., I S, 'ff I ,Z .1 mg., , fit' I Q X -53 5 iii out K r J j J NOT PICTURED: Crary, Don, Sr. Fee, Bob, Jr, Ferguson, Al, Soph. Hall, Maxwell, Sr. Lane, James, Sr. Nolan, Peter, Soph. Sharp, Donn, Sr. Tuning up for an exchange. Gy' , . fg .ENV W ,I 4 t , ,L , 2 rf K J n Alex, Fr. mley, John, Soph. kdoll, James, Soph. S William, Fr. l Samuel, Soph. ley William, Jr. utman, Armond, Fr. coe DeWayne, Sr K ', f , . , , , mit' - 'ss . , ' 5 ' ' is S X. r. if 4 c . td., 1 lv F tv, F' V ,171 T 1.17 s l Y ' fi ' IRS Z 1 1355? Ii.. me we sq lv' Founded at the University of Pennsylvania, at Phil- adelphia, in 1850. Alpha Upsilon chapter established in 1919. 47 national chapters. ,l X 3 5, y, l V . ,Ali ' t 4 t 1,1 i 3 31 J TWV" 5 71 . A V, ' YA . ' - re .yt we .2 4: - 4711 17th N. E. Q 'F is T- Q9 J .1 f ages . si! Y 522' Q, I gi, F. Q39 5- ,EJ 5 , ' f-if 1- 1 ww! - V Q if I. -of 4 am The Skulls started off on the 1955 school year and never were able to climb back on. ln the fall, we defied all types of people by flying our black and gold Skull flag above the house. We did this so everyone could distinguish us from "our annex," which had been purchased to enable us to keep up with a growing university. Then, one day just be- fore school began, we took in 39 young fellows which gave the actives a raise during spring quar- ter. Exchanges and firesides with leading sororities, the pledge dance, and "Aw, Go-to-Hell Dance," and the winter formal all helped to make us a well- rounded group and broke, too. We even entered intra-scholastic competition for the first time and found we ain't so stupid no more. We tried to win Songfest, intramural sports, and the Nickel Hop again, and, once again, it ended with iust the try. But, at the end of a happy, successful year, we all agreed that it was. Lowman, Charles, Sr. Lundgren, Richard, Fr. Mahan, William, Soph. McCullough, William, Soph MCCumber, Harvey, Fr. McKulla, George, Soph. McLaughlin, Michaei, Fr. McVicar, Forrest, Fr, Mehan, John, Soph. Melseth, M. Jerry, Sr. Meyer, Charles, Soph. Miller, Ronald, Soph. Moeller, James, Sr. Moll, Frank, Sr. Morris, Robert, Fr. Moulton, Frank, Sr. Murray, Robert, Jr. Olson, Gene Jr. Paterson, John, Jr. Perry, 1ay, Fr. Proctor, James, Jr. Putnam, Douglas, Sr. Raoen, Lyle, Soph. Riley, Scott, Soph. Rudd, Richard, Fr. Scott, Robert, Soph. Smiley, Robert, Fr. Smith, Canfield, Soph. Smith, Stuart, Jr. Stewart, Jay, Soph. Strandwold, Silvan, Soph. Thomas, Mitchel, Sr. Tougaw, William, Fr. Tuck, Robert, Jr. Ummel, Alan, Fr. Vohs, Jake, Jr. Wallace, Gordon, Fr. Wiggins, Charles, Fr. Ziebarth, Robert, Fr. 335 6 Anderson, Earl, Sr, Arnold, Dick, Fr. Bailey, Sid, Soph. Barker, Gerry, Fr. Beckman, Dick, Sr. Behan, Bill, Fr. Beitz, Dave, Soph. Betz, Ed. Sr. Bidwell, Al, Jr. Birum, Larry, Fr. Blackford, Jim, Fr. Browne, Wayne, Jr, Brubaker, Bill, Soph. Burgess, Gordy, Fr. Cargill, Bruce, Soph. Chatfield, Doug, Sr. Dysart, Dave, Soph, Elwood, Bob, Soph, Foote, Gary, Jr. Foss, Don, Fr. Freeman, Nick, Sr. Galer, Doug, Fr. Gamble, Mike, Jr. Gerhardt, Lute, Fr. Hamper, Terry, Fr, Hanson, Stuart, Fr, Hart, Ken, Fr. Munn, Gary, Sr, Munson, Bob, Soph, Noble, Steve, Sr. Olney, John, Fr. Hartz, Ron, Fr. Hayes, Fritz, Soph. Hedges, Wendell, Fr. Peyser, Al, Sr. Plochowitz, Rollie, Fr, Porosky, Pete, Soph. Reed, John, Sr. Henderson, Norm, Fr, Hoggatt, Wayne, Jr. Holland, John, Fr. Roadruck, Steve, Fr. Rogers, Rollie, Fr, Sahr, John, Fr. Sandwith, Colin, Fr. Holmes, Fred, Fr. James, Lee, Fr. Jensen, Ed, Fr. Serr, Bill, Soph. Simkins, Ben, Jr. Smith, Dave, Soph. Stack, Al, Sr. Johnston, Chuck, Sr. King, Del, Soph. Kohagen, Stan, Soph, Thrailkill, Bill, Sr. Tikka, Neil, Fr, Troyer, Dick, Fr. Ubaghs, Ron, Fr. Kaoistra, Paul, Fi McCandless, Don, Sr. McKinney, Mike, Si, Vogler, Ron, Fr. Washburn, Tim, Fr. Watson, Arch, Jr. Williams, Dave, Sr. l X' .J 5 7, X , 6-f 'QD' any X". ,,,,f Q ,f phi kappa i bo.- K r - of ' . T 'w , AA ,Cf lf. N n Q . V 4. I v tm Q 1 L i 5 X 'Q ft, 2- -Q it nr W .,, in L. Qiifc cf, ' -2 X, 4' , L 42 f4.,4g Y Lf - are-' I QW, L , ,M ,1 K X. 3 A H N my , Q , . A Qscfgf ic: 'V l ls A Ace, . if v, "-' , It 9 ,Q V3 X 6 , an QL Mc H 'W ? A if NOT PICTURED: Adams, John, Sr, Burrows, Bob, Sr. Burton, Hal, Sr. Fetty, Bob, Grad, Huff, George, Grad. Jensen, Bill, Soph. Olmstead, Chuck, Soph. Puckett, Lance, Sr, Smith, Darryl, Sr, Watson, John, Jr. Winther, Grant, Grad. Bangham, Lee, Soph, Filtz, Ernie, Soph. Spear, Bill, Soph. , 1' 5,5-Q lt. an . L , y ir z, fi- W sf. ' J " ii-, '- A Ab ul ,g sl sl 1 I W an-,, LQ, . E it f 5 uf' , I l 7 1 . 7 ikkf' .H- '17, ? A 1 X lt. . L? is Nt f ff u l 4 y if 3 15 'F'- ft' fs fe' ' ef S. :ns : V, Wt tu McMahan, Kerry, Saph. McMillan, Corey, Saph Mapes, Gary, Fr. May, Stan, Fr. Meyer, John, Fr. Meyer, Roger, Fr. Meyers, Alec, Soph. Milburn, Dave, Soph. Millet, Tom, Soph. Moser, Bill, Fr. Owen, Bob, Sr. Parker, Chuck, Soph, Reed, Norm, Sr. Rickdall, Larry, Jr. Saunders, Herb, F Schill, John, Fr. Sullivan, Jim, Fr. Tenzler, Curt, Fr, Van Pelt, Dick, Jr. r. Van Pelt, Ed, Grad. Wineman, Paul, Soph. Winslow, Pete, Sr. Founded at Washington and Jefferson College, Cannonsburg, Pennsylvania in 1852. Alpha chapter established in 1914. 59 national chapters. ' , 1 , , Where's the photographer? x - sf X. Y L i l l 2120 E. 47th For the first time in many years, the Phi Psi's left the ranks of the middle-sized houses, taking forty-three pledges, the largest class on campus. The increase in manepower indi- cated a great year for Washington Alpha, and we were not disappointed. Our parties were bigger and better than ever, and as usual, sorority girls fell all over themselves seeking invitations. Songtest with Alpha Delta Pi and Sophomore Carnival with Kappa Delta kept the brothers busy most of the time, but of course the University macle us study a little, too. Everybody was shocked when our intramural football team broke a long-standing tradition and won a few games. Oc- casional victories over weak opponents were celebrated in other sports throughout the year. ln general, during the 1955-56 season, the Phi Psi's rooted for the Huskies, struggled hard to stay in school, dabbled in school activities, slept very little, and covered the fraternal name with glory. .Magi aww - 3 L' 'P' ' :rw A AL STACK, President T' ,- ,, it "ff M- if' fr Wm ,. Q, 1 337 ln order to maintain our scholastic standing, which is always well phi kappa tau , 4515 2lst N.E. r A u BILL SNELL, President NOT PICTURED: Allen, Richard, Jr. Hill, Clayton, Jr. Petty, Eugene, Jr. Price, Richard, Jr, Sullivan, Shelby, Sr. Worthing, Edgar, Soph. 3 Kilburg, Albert, Fr. Kilian, James, Jr. Knack, Roy, Sr. Aces high. LaVillette, John, Jr Lowry, James, Fr. Merritt, Robert, Jr. Nicoloi, LeLand, Jr Nordstrom, Thomas, Soph. Roening, Donald, Sr, Snell, Bill, Sr. Tonkin, Maine, Traverso, Jock, White, Leo, Fr Hudson, Lorne, Founded at Miami University, Oxford, Ohio in l906. Alpha Pi chapter established in l926. 32 national chapters. Agar, James, Sr. Aldridge, Robert, Jr. Amstadt, Carl, Soph. Anderson, Robert, Sr. Atwell, Donald, Soph. Beemon, Rob, Sr, Berg, Robert, Soph. Chadwick, Michael, Jr. Chase, Edward, Jr. Chisholm, Roderick, Sr. Coski, William, Soph. Cox, John Jay, Fr. Fay, Charles, Soph. Gilbertson, Loren, Fr. Harmon, Dean, Soph. Q Hatch, Glenn, Soph. A Sd ff! ' Jr. t Sr. I U gs ,xg Jr. To the Phi Kappa Taus everywhere the year i956 was a milestone- fifty years of growth and development as a fraternity. Phi Kappa Tau was busily engaged in a very successful and eventful year. The spirited pledge class did their best to try to outsmart the actives. The year included every type of social activity. Firesides, a Halloween party, the traditional pledge dance, paiama dance, and the Red Car- nation Ball, added to numerous exchanges, all made an outstanding social year. Our Homecoming sign depicted a toast to Washington w-'Y' with two large cocktail glasses suspended in mid-air. above the all fraternity average, we encourage every active and pledge to do his very best academically. A Phi Tau realizes that he is at the University first of all to study. Phi Kappa Tau at all times strived to increase the knowledge and leadership of all the members as well as to build integrity. Thus, we consider this year as another stride in a period of growth and spirit in Phi Kappa Tau. DP Founded at Princeton University in 1824. , iigf 3-L Beta Delta chapter established in 1925. ilk, f f' C h i P h i 33 chapters. Daniels, Donald, Sr. Elford, Roy, Sr. N 4 l 1 Follis, Robert, Jr. Q' X Freitag, John, Fr. 1 I J gf, A Gonsen Wqnacel J, GORDON YOUNG, President 'Q ali' 9 Hahn, Daril, Sr. istt l V - lil ' l -. nallock, John, Jr, odges, Floyd, Sr. Ingalls, V. Wayne, Soph. Johnson, Fred, Soph. Kerslake, Ron, Sr. Marik, Ray, Jr. ,gs gg. it pef 1 5 fl J at vcr' NOT PICTURED: Bond, James, Sr. Carlson, Ricky, Fr. Dicomes, James, Sr. Diehl, William, Jr, Frahm, Jerry, Fr. Holm, Ed, Soph. Luethy, Coleman Olson, Harlan, Jr. Thorpe, Franklin, Grad. Mentor, Joseph, Sr. Mentor, Louis, Fr. Pomeroy, John, Fr. Vining, Paul, Sr. Wolf, John, Fr. Young, Gordon, Soph, ' 47 12" fb Q . av- 4. . -ff f' 4: ,qv . , ha' sf ' I V J . Ogg KT, 1 Beta Delta Chapter of Chi Phi was permanently re-established on the campus in 1954. Starting with a nucleus of one man its membership rapidly increased to twenty-five. The Chi Phi National Award was presented to Brig. Gen. Scotty Lque, USMC Ret. lBeta Delta, 19231 for outstanding service to the local chapter. Chi Phi moved to a new location last summer. The new house at 4733 17th N. E. is both larger and closer to the campus. From these comfortable quar- ters have come plans for a complete social program for the year. Annual events held were the Fall and Winter Dances and the Spring Formal. Exchanges, tiresides, skiing and beach parties proved to be very popular with-the members. One ofthe high- lights ofthe past year was the Fall Halloween Dance in which members of the Oregon State Chapter were invited as special guests. This year has marked a new milestone for Beta Delts Chapter of Chi Phi. Next year will be one of continuing growth and accomplishment. Home EC. 101. 4733 17th N.E. M.,-eff-"M v1,,,,,,,....- ' 40 phi sigma kappa Founded at the University of Massa- chusetts, Amhurst, Massachusetts, in l873. Lambda Deuteron established in 1923. 64 national chapters. 2104 E. 45th ,ff' ,,- ,.,.- ,.'-" ,.-f' ,,...-A !,,,, ,- ,f-f' ,,-""' ff' ,ff ,,,-f- Anderson, Bennett, Sr. Ball, Richard, Fr. Bicktord, Arthur, Soph. Blount, Richard, Sr. Burlingame, William, Fr Clute, Bruce, Soph. Cole, Donald, Jr. Davis, Walter, Jr. Dodge, Leon, Fr. Dubendorf, Keith, Soph. Finlay, Ronald, Fr. Fisch, Richard, Sr. Gibson, Robert, Fr. Hellman, Carl, Fr. Hollingsworth, Ken, Sr, Ingman, John, Sr, Johnson, Nunnally, Sr. Kahklen, Joe, Fr. King, Douglas, Sr. Knudson, Gale, Fr. Machin, Dean, Soph. 'i ix V '9 'iv M. - 'A ,L sW 4 I All , D Q' 'Sfixg or if r' 'Yi IA J, l'-:aff Marvin, William, Fr. ' Mercer, Roger, Fr. Miller, Richard, Sr. 1 4 " K Minert, Jack, Sr. " i Oeck, Emil, Sr. - , Olsson, Ralph, Jr. Ross, David, Fr. V . , A Ross, Kenneth, Sr, ' I A , A Schirmer, Conrad, Sr. f A Q -s 1... is C ' .f as ,Q - smnh, wright, soph, , QQ -1 f Q., 1, , ig' . Sorensen, Roy, Sr. K f W W . . i ip. 1 ff Spear, John, Soph. J fii' lr l Talbott, Leonard, Jr. K x .L - Uhrich, Donald, Fr. K R .ng ,I I NOT PICTUREDf Albin, Lawrence, Sr. Anderson, Eugene, Grad. Coffelt, Warren, Sr. Hames, Ted, Grad, Hendrickson, Gary, Fr. , 3 , li , : t E f , V 1 llimsi ' ft 5 2 .4 ' ,E .V f f L... Q-'V Good old Burgie. Waggoner, Edward M., Jr, Watterson, James, Jr, Weatherford, David, Jr, Webster, George, Fr, Williams, John, Soph. Williams, Michael, Fr, Wyne, Michael, Fr, kr! A "Roaring Twenties" pledge dance with real gin in the bathtub, started the year off with a bang for the Phi Sigs. The traditional "Moonlight Girl" con- test brought girls from all over campus eagerly vieing for the title of "Moonlight Girl of Phi Sigma Kappa." The "Moonlight Girl Formal," held in the Seattle Tennis Club, was one of the highlights of the University's social year. Besides the formal and the pledge dance, we held our annual paiama dance and spring picnic, with firesides and ex- changes filling our social calendar. The chapter fought their way toward the top in such intramural sports as football, basketball, soft- ball, bowling and crew. Phi Sigs held a command- ing lead in many other campus activities. In Alpha Kappa Psi, business honorary, Phi Sigs Dick Miller, Dick Blount, and Sam Oeck are all active members -Miller and Blount being president and secretary respectively. Dick Fisch is a member of Phi Alpha Theta, history honorary. Dick Blount, Ken Hollings- worth, and Nunnally Johnson are members of Pi Omicron Sigma, fraternity men's honorary. John lngman and Sam Oeck were awarded Distinguished Military Students awards. Phi Sigs are also active in Propellor Club, Malamutes, Swim Club, Arnold Air Society, and Scabbard and Blade. QE The ol' "P U's" again came Through with one of the finest pledge classes on campus. This was the result of good leadership, hard work, and brotherly cooperation, a standard of Psi Upsilon. Our social calendar started and ended with our famous "dollar parties." In between, our Pledge Dance, Winter Formal, and fantastic "Beach Combers" were, as usual, huge successes. Sere- nades, exchanges, Homecoming and Sophomore Carnival were only a few of the many Psi U iaunts. Pages were worn thin by the scholars in order to maintain and improve our mentality, morality and the old frat rating. Intramural and varsity sports were supported to the hilt. Excellent results were shown in both. And so as the books begin to close, summer be- gins to shine, and our seniors begin to depart, Psi U remains strong and restless for a new year to start. NOT PICTURED1 Bain, Jim, Jr, Callison, Tony, Sr. Ellers, Rollie, Soph. Martinsen, Al, Sr, Roake, Steve, Sr. Bodahl, Jon, Fr. Bye, Bill, Fr. Cole, Bob, Sr. 5 , Crosier, Elwood, Jr. .- Dammier, Brian, Sr, Dowd, Tom, Jr, '1 Drccolby, Junior, Soph. Erickson, Bob, Jr. Evich, Jerry, Soph. Ferguson, John, Jr. Flohr, Gary, Soph, Garretson, Ed, Sr. Grant, Gordon, Fr, Green, John, Soph. Hanson, Jack, Soph. Harkness, George, Fr. Helliesen, Harold, Jr. Hollingsworth, Joe, Fr. Hopkins, Robin, Soph Jackson, Dave, Jr. Jackson, Gary, Fr. Johnson, Bob, Fr, Johnson, Dennie, Fr. Johnson, Forbes, Jr. Jones, Larry, Fr. 342 Founded at Union College, Schenectady New York, in 1833. Theta Theta chapter established in 1916 32 national chapters 'Z i818 E. 47th U3 vim JACK MCMILLAN, President 'YU 'iz 4-f J GI' . L- w Hurry up! lt's later than you think. H, 3 L H' K. AX y i t WE , -. .,.-, 5 'fs ,l f 'IEP' X 'T 'J , lg -.... R Karmin, Kurt, Sr. King, Bowen, Jr. Knight, Bob, Fr. Lumley, Don, Sr. McCammant, Leon, Fr. McGoldrick, Jim, Soph. McMillan, Jack, Jr. Magnuson, Don, Fr. Martinsen, Roger, Saph. Matheson, Bill, Jr. Morrison, Jim, Fr. Morse, Paul, Soph. Murphy, Mike, Jr. Nelson, Earl, Jr, Nelson, Marrie, Fr. Olson, Bob, Soph. Paget, Nelson, Fr. Patrick, Archie, Sr. Pell, Jim, Sr. Pelly, Charles, Fr. Pearce, Jack, Fr, Reinholt, Bob, Sr. Sargent, Wimpy, Jr, Scott, Brock, Soph. Sedlacek, Phil, Soph. Sellers, Bill, Fr, Simmons, Bob, Fr. Smith, Graham, Jr. Smith, Larry, Soph. Sparling, Bob, Fr. Swenson, Bruce, Jr. Tokarczyk, Jack, Fr. Walgren, Chuck, Fr. Whybark, Clay, Jr. Wilkey, Tom, Soph. Wood, Bob, Soph. Woolston, Rod, Jr. Zottman, Dick, Fr. 4 sigma alpha epsilon Cleaning the Lions! 44 4506 l7th N. E. NOT PICTURED: Ackerman, Bob, Fr. Bangsund, Ed, Soph, Bundy, Emory, Saph. Brush, Barry Cramer, Dan, Jr. Cresap, Ray, Jr. Cushing, John, Jr. Dougherty, Jim, Soph. Doty, Bob, Grad. Eliason, Don, Fr. Frame, Bill, Jr. Gourley, John, Fr. Henry, Dean, Sr. Howard, Bill, Fr. Jerue, Larry, Sr. Johnston, Dick, Soph. Koon, Charles, Grad. Mandery, Duane, Sr. Mathieu, Pete, Jr. McLean, Mike, Soph. Nelson, Doug, Soph. Nipper, George, Grad. Peterson, Denny, Soph. Pusher, Eric, Grad. Schuler, Jim, Fr. Sheron, Ed, Jr. Sigma Alpha Epsilon entered its centennial year with pride and enthusiasm. On March 9, l39 chapters of SAE, boasting the largest fraternal population in the land, saluted the founders of Mother Mu chap- ter onthe University of Alabama campus. l956 also marked 50 years' life for Washington Alpha on the University of Washington campus. SAES have won membership in Fir Tree, Oval Club, Purple Shield, Big W Club, and many professional honoraries. Dick Byington was voted the outstand- ing iunior, and Pete Fisher was winner of the IFC Mothers' Club scholarship. Last year SAE copped the Big Stick by boasting an impressive list of Big W winners. SAE loomed large in all major varsity and frosh sports. We think the "stick" may be in our trophy room for some time. Intramural-wise SAE has been a strong threat over the past years. Last year we seated the permanent water-basketball trophy, having won it for the last four years. We were also all-university softball champions. Songfest practices begun early in the year were aimed toward a third-year win and the permanent trophy. V "S q. QS, Furlong, Bill, Fr. Gage, Ken, Soph. Gellerman, Louie, Soph. Gill, Jim, Jr. NORDMAN, ARNOLD, President 'W-49' L , Si! Founded at the University of Alabama, Tuscaloosa, Alabama, in l856. Alpha chapter established in l906. l36 national chapters. 1 gn, I I 4 P S . . ,,,,.j. , Alm, Charles, Soph. Bader, Max, Fr. Ballaine, Dave, Fr. Belden, Jerry, Sr. Bisset, John, Soph. Brinkman, Pete, Sr. Bushell, Don, Sr. Byington, Dick, Jr. Campbell, Bob, Sr. Carlson, Charles, Fr. Comings, Cole, Fr. Cushing, Frank, Fr. DeGarmo, AI, Fr. Dobrott, Don, Jr. Dussault, Bruce, Fr. Ells, Rick, Jr. Erickson, Ron, Fr. Faurot, Rad, Soph. Fisher, Pete, Sr. Forbes, Bruce, Jr. Gordon, Judd, Fr. Grosscup, Lee, Fr. Hahn, Frank, Jr. Haines, Ray, Soph. Halberg, John, Soph, Holloman, Jim, Fr. Holmes, Larry, Fr. Hood, Torn, Fr. Houk, Bob, Fr, Ingalls, Al, Soph. Jackson, Grant, Fr. Jewett, Dale, Grad. Johnson, Sid, Soph, Kent, Charles, Soph. Kenyon, Jim, Fr. Kiobeck, Carl, Fr. Korell, Phil, Jr. Kronick, Oscar, Fr. Lamb, Lynn, Sr. Langeneger, Bruce, So Lannoye, Lee, Fr, Larson, Dave, Fr. Lombard, Ben, Fr. Lowry, Don, Fr. Lucurell, Bob, Fr. Lusher, Doug, Soph, MacKenzie, Don, Fr. McMahon, Bob, Fr. Milan, Bill, Saph. Mitchell, Elvis, Fr. Nommensen, Gene, Jr Nordman, Arnie, Sr. Nunnelee, Gery, Jr. Paul, Mike, Fr. Peyton, John, Fr. Plebuch, Dick, Jr. Rassat, Jim, Sr. Richardson, Dave, Jr. Ring, Taft, Jr. Schneider, Ken, Jr. Stroh, Jim, Jr. Sugar, Gary, Jr. Terry, Ron, Jr. Thomas, Jim, Jr. Torrance, John Wamba, Jon, Soph. Ward, Tom, Soph. Wood, Tom 345 46 A ., Qtr all l.avi, Ray, Jr, Lederman, Donald, Sr. Mannhall, Guenther, Fr. Markowilz, Harry, Fr. Nash, Jack, Jr. Nudleman, Phillip, Jr. Preuss, Ralph, Soph. Reif, Paul, Saph, SQ-T igma alpha mu iq, K IH ei l,,,f-f-.ff Barer, Arnold, Jr. Becker, Norman, Fr. Blair, Norman, Sr. Brighr, Donald, Soph. Dobson, Darrel, Jr, Forman, Larry, Jr. Freeman, Melvin, Sr. Froehlich, Waller, Soph. Goldberg, Charles, Jr. Gorasht, Mervin, Fr, Gross, Leonard, Jr. Iv, Hahn, Gerald, Fr, -lv G, Q-Q W-r 4714 17th N. E. if Herman, Jerry, Jr, Huppin, Charles, Grad. Kleiner, Dolph, Sr, ROY SENDER, Presidei ri r . Azeri sr 2253 Founded at City College in New York in 1909. Sigma Nu chapter established in 1926. 60 national chapters. Shall we pledge him? The 1955-56 year saw Sigma Alpha Mu strive to great heights in campus leadership and activities. A full calendar of events kept the brothers busy throughout the school term. Many house dances, smokers, and exchanges topped off by our quar- terly formals, highlighted the year's social program. As usual all of the Sammies strived to maintain the house's high G.P.A. which placed us third on campus last year and also helped us win the coveted Sigma Chi trophy. Campus activities and organizations had a large representation of Sammy participations, Phil Nudle- man was elected Junior Class President and l.F.C. Vice President. Gerald Hahn was elected President of Jr. l.F.C. Our house was also represented in Pur- ple Shield, Oval Club, l.F.C. Publication, Alpha Ep- silon Delta, Alpha Phi Omega, and Pi Omicron Sigma. In intramurals our teams always placed high in vic- tories and sportsmanship. Sammy flag football and volleyball teams entered the finals of their respec- tive leagues. A, Lk mf! Reiner, Robert, Jr. Rivkin, Saul, Soph. Rogers, Robert, Grad. Ross, Larry, Fr. Saltman, Leon, Soph. Samuels, Stanley, Sr. NOT PICTURED: Becklemcln, Stanley, Soph. Benezro, Lee, Fr. Conty, Dove, Grad. Guterson, Lewis, Grad. Kregal, lrving, Grad. Lederman, Sanford, Sr. Mazurosky, Sanford, Grad. Richmond, Harvey, Grad. Sachs, Marshall, Soph, Shulkin, Jerome, Grad. Sturman, Melvin, Jr. Weiner, Melvin, Fr. Salzberg, David, Soph. Schwartz, Larry, Soph. Sender, Roy, Jr. Shuster, Joe, Fr. Simon, Norman, Sr. Steinbock, Richard, Sr. Stern, Michael, Soph. Wieder, Lawrence, Jr. 47 Saunders, Ken, NOT PICTURED: Babbit, Doug, Sr. Baldwin, Joe, Sr. Bert, Rabin Burkitt, Hal, Sr. Dietz, Don, Jr. Estlock, Harry, Fr. Grahrne, Fred, Jr. Harp, Jim Hendrick, Torn, Fr. lverson, John Katsaros, Mike Knapp, Bob, Sr. Kruse, Wayne, Fr. Lacey, Leigh Lotta, Dave, Sr. Liptah, Connie, Sr. McBride, Tom McCormick, Jerry, Grad. McCormick, Larry, Sr. McCoy, Sharron McDaniel, Bob, Jr. McKenzie, Jack, Sr, Mills, Henry, Sr. Pollard, Bill, Jr. Putnam, Lawrence Rasmussen, Glenn Robinson, Jack Schepman, Hodie Turner, Dick, Soph. Hosterman, Craig, Soph. Howard, Rich, Jr. Hughes, Dick, Sr. lsham, Don, Sr. Iverson, John, Soph. Kirby, John, Jr. Laughland, John, Soph. Lindig, Dave, Soph, Lottsfeldt, Rick, Sr. Peterson, Norm, Jr. Phillips, Wally, Porter, Dick, Fr. Prentice, Arnie, Quigley, Dave, Richdale, Dave, Fr, be Soph. 'D Fr. , , PCS Jr. 4, Q: V' Robinson, Jack, Fr. Soph. w ' s Schorzman, Mark, Fr. Schwedes, John, Sr, N 12:65-I Y.-of igma chi Founded at Miami University, Oxford, Ohio, in l855. Upsilon Upsilon chapter established in 1903 l3O National Chapters. 10- ii N' 'Q ,K I E i Q ' 'K 4 . I Pkg., 2 - i 'V M i 'if 1 ' : if xi ! h . 4 'Ni Q 'P U W . LA. Jud Y X 4 fe' ...M X Evening song practice. :Jw X, M-f Q v mf 1? f , .5 ,., 3455" K -..., is-an E225 f 'U -nf I 5 tive -A ' . l A If . A V x - vig, is 'S 'J A: Y 4' 5 4' 'Q if V V ' 9- T32 Ii so if v it :L rl . 5-'rj XT? A ' ' xx X Q3 ' Q Q? V, 1 E :.g':'1fj rw AIS' The year T956 marked the start ot Sigma Chi's second century as a college fraternity. With the hope of making Sigma Chi's second hun- dred years as successful as the first, the brothers continued their leading role in all phases of college life, with men participating in all forms of athletics and activities. Socially, the year started with a bang! Many ex- changes, the All-Sig Dance, and the Pledge Dance highlighted Fall quarter's social calendar. In Jan- uary, the Sweetheart--of-Sigma Chi was crowned at the Sweetheart Ball held at Harrison Hot Springs resort in Canada. The Miami Triad serenade and the dance during Spring quarter ended a great year of social life. Realizing the main goal ot college, education, the Sigs kept their scholastic standing well above col- lege grade averages. Yes, it was a great year, and the men who wear the White Cross of Sigma Chi all want to say. . .'llt's great to be a Sig!" 's W lf.-f f P to' . 4- i we Y l 3 -wan., if . I 'S i BUS' "' 29 Aikman, Van, Jr. Backes, Bud, Soph. Balema, John, Jr. Berg, Dick, Fr. Berven, Don, Sr, Blanton, Sandy, Soph. Block, Jack, Jr. Brassfield, John, Fr. Brasstield, Morgan, Soph Brown, Jim, Fr. Burris, Bob, Sr. Caldwell, Dave, Soph. DePorter, Jerry, Fr, DiJulio, Rodney, Soph. Eastman, George, Jr, Greenough, Peyton, Sr Hall, Marv, Soph. Hedreen, Dick, Sr, Herzog, John, Fr, Hoff, Mike, Fr. 4 h 1716 E. 45th ,N 5. ,x. ... Q 4' ' iz, K K 46 ROBERT BURRlS, President ye.. ' S.. f ' -n--vp :fi :gif ,,. f , . M ef :fa gg, jj, is K f A Marshall, Jack, Fr. Martin, Jack, Jr. Matson, Mike, Soph. McGatfey, Chuck, Jr, McKennon, Floyd, Soph Mullikin, Bob, Jr. Olwell, Ned, Fr. Olwell, Pat, Jr, Owens, Jack, Soph. Perry, Don, Sr, Stark, Dick, Jr, Stevens, Bill, Soph. Tibbits, Bob, Sr. Warner, Dick, Fr. Welch, Bill, Jr. West, LeRoy, Soph. Wiehl, Dick, Soph. Winn, Bob, Soph. Wolloway, Graden, Fr, Reidinger, George, Sr. 349 Adams, Wally, Fr. Alexander, Gerry, Soph Alexander, John, Soph. Amis, James, Sr. Anacker, Donald, Fr. Meriel, Charles, Jr, Biornslad, Robert, Fr. Baie, William, Jr. Brand, Lee, Fr. Brand, Robert, Fr. Brown, Warren, Sr. Burke, Daryl, Fr. Chiller, Jacque, Soph. Clemens, Richard, Fr. Cole, Donald, Fr. Cook, Hugh, Fr. Curran, Thomas, Fr. Dixon, Richard, Fr. Doison, LaVerne, Jr. Durnan, Denis, Jr. Easley, John, Fr. Egbert, Garden, Fr. Espinoza, Floyd, Soph. Farrell, Paul, Jr. Francin, Donald, Fr. Frere, Terry, Fr. Frelhiem, Thomas, Jr. Gaasland, Peler, Fr. Goodman, Clark, Fr. Gow, James, Fr. Halberl, Rolla, Soph, Hamblen, Wesley, Soph. Hanson, Keith, Jr. Harvey, Chesler, Jr. Hawkins, James, Fr. Henderson, Donald, Fr. Howard, James, Fr. Jacox, Donald, Fr. Kernphaus, Daniel, Jr. Lacy, Nicholas, Jr. Leithe, Chas., Jr. Lepsoe, Finn, Jr. Lesley, Larry, Fr. Lewis, Karsten, Jr. Lybarger, Raymond, Jr. Lindman, Ari, Sr. Lister, John, Jr. McBride, Harold, Sr. McCluskey, Mike, Fr. McCoubrey, William, Jr. Mclieown, Frank, Jr. McLean, James, Jr. McRory, Edwin, Fr. Madison, Ron, Sr. Mitchell, David, Fr. Morse, Ward, Soph. 350 4 -ffs-an 4' i iv' 'lr' igmcl nu GUALT, PHIL, Presideril L .X er. an -wr 3' iv- NOT PICTURED: Irish, Gary, Soph. Jordon, Mike, Jr. Merfel, Charles, Jr. Wahl, John, Sr. Wilson, James, Jr. X'2"', GS- fn.. 3 I f sl 'uv 'V Q21 ' .tv L. 4 r 1616 E. 47th Q, i H. Q 9 3' 'L Again in the 1955-56 year of the first fraternity of Washington, Gamma Chi chapter of Sigma Nu, showed its campus leadership. Sigma Nu was well represented in student government, honoraries, Oval Club, Purple Shield, athletics, and campus ac- tivities. The house also showed well by claiming a good share of the intramural trophies. Socially, the highlight of the year came with the Sigma Nu Pig Dinner, one of the outstanding social events on campus. The rest of the social calendar contained numerous exchanges, a paiama dance, the French Prom, a house party and varied week- end functions. The chapter went all out for Homecoming and ioined with Pi Beta Phi for Sophomore Carnival. At Christmas Sigma Nu and Alpha Gamma Delta teamed up for a serenade. All in all it proved to be a very successful year. snr' E' ix ,NU Hs-ser Founded at Virginia Military Institute, Lexington, Virginia, in 1869. Gamma Chi chapter established in 1896 118 national chapters ..+,-6i'Wb- gi Lenin l -i .,.,. ll ll 'llllll I ll I ll i::E:EI Is: - rag ls: ss! lg .-..H. Qlgalllg ,553 The Pause That Refreshes. Nisbet, Colin, Soph. Pascoe, Jeffrey, Jr. Pearce, Mike, Soph. Petrich, Nick, Fr. Pipe, Joel, Fr. Punches, Jerald, Soph. Racine, Bob, Sr. Reeder, Paul, Sr. Reid, John, Fr. Reid, Robert, Fr, Richards, David, Fr. Richards, Gordy, Jr. Russell, Donald, Soph. Ruud, Douglas, Jr. Ryan, William, Fr, Sandberg, Phillip, Sr. Sandvik, Stanley, Fr, Savage, Paul, Fr. Shansby, Gary, Fr. Singer, Richard, Fr. Smith, Ross, Soph. C Sullivan, Frank, Jr, Trick, Robert, Jr. VonLubken, Frederick, Jr. Walker, Bruch, Sr. 351 ll i I sigma phi epsilon , Anderson, Alan, Soph. Behrendt, George, Sr. Ahearn, Gerald, Sr. , Bergstrom, James, Fr, Blanger, Alexander, Fr. , Broeker, Donald, Soph. til Carter, Robert, Sr. , j Cooley, Charles, Fr. dig' Custer, Donald, Jr, ll fl Dahl, Trafford, Fr. Dunkin, Donald, Fr. Foster, Richard, Fr, G tix A 'I Fournier, John, Fr. , Fulton, Leroy, Soph. Galt, Phillip, sf. is Galt, Victor, Soph. Graham, Thomas, Fr. Haas, Grian, Soph, Hawley, Searle, Fr. 16? 2 Heckman, Claude, Jr. Hollahan, John, Soph. Hope, William, Soph, M NOT PICTURED: Dena, Richard, Soph. Gray, Douglas, Sr. Griffith, Larry w d n Ho ar , Ly ri Whitemack, Donald, Grad. Germundsan, Gunnar, Jr, ' 'I 'W' ,wig X 1 1 Hansen, Douglas, Soph. Well, we aimed for the stars this year and we're getting closer every day. We started off the year by doubling our membership, and we plan a repeat for next year. The broth- ers have worked hard and we've got a lot to show for it: Scholastically, the Sig Eps have jumped into real conten- tion. We are well represented on the scholastic honoraries on campus. And . . . our house average is still rising. Socially, we had a ball-and-a-half! The brothers really let go with the Pledge Dance-the "Hillbilly Stomp." Then came the Winter lntormal, the Fire Dance and the lavish lit was our moneyl Spring Formal. Add to this list the many fire- sides, parties, exchanges-plus Christmas caroling with the Sigma Kappas--wow!! Activity-wise, we had our hands full. Besides our usual bud- ding athlete or two, we had a ready supply of raw mate- rial. We entered the trash elections, sign contest, Soph Car- nival, and had men on committees all over the place. Our intramural teams did quite well, except that we always man- aged ta lose the game-before-the-championship-playoff. We did have some men successful in varsity sports, though. We're still looking to the future-more than iust looking- we're moving!! .. E ' W. E 6 ,1 .4 ,, M E SJ 3 .VE it f V . 1 A gr l Q? A . Avg' A 'Q I iiii e , 5 fill ll K K if , 6,7 ,- 'S Q, -'IW .' tax ,5 X 5 , Y 5' if . ,,.. J l ill 1llh mln l 45 - it lil il. 'N iii, ' v u .t 'lf ' 'U i Y , , ,. t,, 'ff ' " " lk ,V i v it sf .Q ft, ,' , s L w x Z, , 'J + ig, 1, xi is jj 7- ' V if ' -K x 0 , -. fl ' if f "' lll1u.5'f, in W 5 ,, V ' ' n by ' fs if - , b-. ' Wg, K Q Ingalls, Robert, Sr, Jewett, Robert, Fr. Jones, Terry, Fr. Laws, Richard, Grad. Leber, Donn, Fr. Logan, Daniel, Jr. McLees, James, Grad. Merrill, Charles, Fr. Moore, Walter, Fr. Morton, Lee, Sr, Newhard, Victor, Soph, Olson, James, Sr. Pickett, Duane, Sr. Pressler, Robert, Jr. Quickstad, Brian, Fr. Rarig, Clark, Sr, Rogers, Jack, Sr. Rosendahl, Loyal, Soph. Smith, Douglass, Fr. Smith, George, Sr. Tenning, Carl, Soph. Thoreson, Park, Fr. White, Gale, Jr. Winder, Mark, Sr. Wing, Robert, Fr. Founded at Richmond University, Rich- mond, Virginia, in 1901. Washington Beta established in 1922. W, r 137 national chapters. BALL, JIM, President n-9119 Q ,Q vt fi -0 .lv ,sz ff ly gt Y .1 X5 Studying hard? 2003 E. 47th 5 4 sigma pi E The 1955-56 school year saw Sigma Pi complete one of its bigger and better programs. We have had a nicely rounded social program of firesides, beach parties and picnics, and topped off by the big annual events. In the fall, it was the Pledge Dance, during the winter quarter, the Cabaret Party was the highlight, and the main social function of the year, the Orchid Formal, was held during the spring quarter. We must not forget the Homecoming festivities, with its sign building and the large alumni reunion. Athletically, we participated in intramural sports and we gave a fair account of ourselves. Scholastically, we con- tinued to study and by doing so we were able to maintain our better than average grade point average. QV - 5, f 17' Bisset, Gordon, Soph. Cameron, James, Sr. Rhine, Ronald, Sr. Shay, Richard, Soph. Sickles, Laren, Soph. Founded at Vincennes University Vin cennes, Indiana, in 1897. Alpha Gamma chapter established in 1926. 48 national chapters. However, we didn't spend all our time looking back upon our achievements, for we were also preparing for the future, a future that promises to be a very encouraging one for Sigma Pi. 471817th N. E. NOT PICTURED: Ball, James, Grad. Davis, Gordon, Soph. Galbraith, Richard, Sr. Kilpatrick, Michael, Jr. Catching up on the latest news! WALKER, BRUCE, President theta xi Q at Rensselaer Polytechnic Insti- at Troy, New York, in T864 chapter established in l924. national chapters. .- ROSS WARNEK, President , P' ' 'jr 'J If .H 1 .. T Q H 4 '5 S . gl" Q: it 'fx , . Q I C: Boyd, Robert, Sr. NOT PlCTURED: Arneson, Arnold, Jr. Booker, Ned, Jr. Craig, Robert, Fr, Evans, Keast Lindgren, Arthur, Fr. Moler, Walter, Fr. Morse, Karl, Soph. Pederson, David, Fr, Stevens, Robert, Sr. Tharlson, George, Sr, 355 Bush, Curtis, Sr. Chong, Michael, Fr. Dodge, James, Soph. Duncan, Ronald, Soph. Fitzgerald, Dale, Fr. Gearhart, J, Walter, Soph. Haugland, David, Fr. Iverson, Ronald, Jr. 2 Jessup, John, Sr. J 1.- A man's best friend. tblx 1-4" The collection of scholarship trophies highlighted the year at TX. The Inter-Fraternity Council Mother's Club trophies for the highest fraternity scholarship and the greatest improve- ment were bolstered by two more of the same from the na- tional headquarters. This was definitely a clean sweep for TX at Washington. The burning of midnight oil didn't interfere with a conglom- eration of "blasts." Every theme in the book from logging to Hawaii was used. Intramural activities were entered with a gusto, leaving most TX's gasping and definitely out of condition, but still having a good time and winning their share of the honors. Not only HUB politics, but the HUB itself was invaded by prowling Theta Xi's, and the warrens of the Daily and Col- umns were familiar to our tread. Since the founding of Theta Xi, ninety-two years ago, the fraternity has grown into a strong national organization with chapters on the campuses of sixty-three of America's finest universities. 4522 18th Ave. N. E. fi I 67 rv tw,-rf K.-J .Ti kr, -fa' 'X is 'iw 4 ,, C fs. . Johnson, Clayton, Soph. i - .Su - . 4 6 5 - Kaye, James, Soph. . ' A . V f -'?' V' T! 23. Latourell, M. Dean, Sr. f , K Lunder, C. Alvin, Fr. Y 'SW--tt Q Q Q ' Miller, David, soph. ' X ' Miller, John, Sr. 1 Q, Q , , sf Meyers, Troy, Fr, . ' TV, 5. fad-1 fpv. +R A Quelly, Lloyd, Jr. W A ' ,g J ,A 5 5 gm 1 J Rantz, Roland, Soph. '5 fx ff? W .""', . K V-J'k 3 Rosler, Curtis, Soph. Q - "' Sands, Paul, Soph. ' ik ,L I it N t ll! ill Sherman, Glen, Soph. A Soderberg, Carl, Fr, . ,i . I Q Thompson, Richard, Law 1 K ' , Q i' 'ls 'fw- Vail, Van, Sr, .. -r , Q, -9 Ny K - -, r K, ,Qt L Wornek, Ross, Sr. ' i 327 lf. Ji ' ' . 'T 'L ,EL f West, Terry, Fr. York, Milt, Fr. Zimmerman, Drew, Fr. I3 f sl 14 56 tau kappa epsilor AA 4- N ,Q 4 W r v---N" 'wi 'il A as u I X no i it , 1 . .Al 4547 l9th N. E. Campbell, Frank, Soph, Hale, Orlan, Soph. Hungerford, Stan, Fr. Keithley, Perry, Soph. Lillibridge, Clinton, Soph. Lovejoy, Ben, Soph. Martin, Donald, Fr. Mohr, H. William, Soph. Moody, Hugh, Fr, Muzzy, Robert, Soph. Normann, Sigurd, Jr. Once again Tau Kappa Epsilon began the school year as the greatest frat house on campus. Just one slight dilemma stood in the way of another brilliant year. We had no house! Our money-grabbing land- ladies, the Chi Omegas, tossed us into the street. Ten days before rush week was to start our alumni housing committee located an 80-year-old mansion. lt would have been in excellent condition for its age had it not suffered a devastating fire six weeks previous. As a large group of devoted actives and alumns dabbed on the last ounce of rubber-base paint, necessary to hold the plaster in place, bright- eyed rushees started pouring in the front door. Everyone agreed the house wasn't much to look at, but the friendliness, informality, and spirit over- whelmed the young men. As a result, a record class of athletes, activities men, scholars and party boys was pledged. These outstanding men again iusti- fied our voting ourselves the greatest house on campus this spring. Baker, Larry, Sr, Bartsch, Lynn, Fr, Bell, Howard, Sr. Boundy, Bruce, Sr. R47 Founded at Illinois Wesleyan University, Bloomington, Illinois, in l899. Chi Chapter established in l926. ll7 national chapters. Q 1' 4 BOUNDY, sauce, President gwdygng hard, fellgwg? ,4 ,,,M ,x Palola, Ernie, Sr. Pasin, Stan, Soph. Payette, Donald, Jr. Pickens, John, Soph. .5 1 f -..' rrll Sit r. Q.. K, Ratcliffe, Tom, Sr. Robinson, Myles, Fr, Rogers, Hadley, Soph. Sparks, Ran, Fr. Spencer, Don, Jr. ,ww gi, 'J Q' nic NOT PICTURED: Day, Chuck, Fr, Doupe, Craig, Sr. Dysart, Lloyd, Jr. Lustie, Alvin, Soph. McClure, Doyle, Sr, Mitchell, Tom, Jr. Normann, Soren, Grad. Peratrovich, Roy, Jr, Ratcliffe, Ron, Sr. Reems, Jim, Fr. Sommerseth, Jerry, Jr. Stevenson, Fobert, Jr. Swanson, William, Med. Withers, William, Soph, Spencer, William, Soph. Starbard, Earl, Jr. Steffen, Dave, Jr. Steffey, Jim, Soph. Still, Robert, Sr. Sund, Donald, Soph. Wallace, Jim, Fr. 7 Battig, Buz, Jr. Beals, Ralph, Fr. Benson, Stanley, Sr. Blanchard, Jack, Sr. Bray, Paul, Fr. Bryant, Richard, Jr. Carlson, Dave, Sr. Carlson, Wayne, Fr. Clay, Larry, Fr. Eason, Ward, Jr. Franklin, Ray, Sr. Glover, Paul, Soph. Golding, Willard, Fr, Hines, Patrick, Sr, Homer, Steve, Soph. Jordan, Donald, Soph. Kringle, Richard, Soph. Lloyd, Calvin, Sr. McCullough, Tom, Soph. McKay, Kenneth, Fr, Merritt, Richard, Jr, Moyer, James, Sr, Picketts, William, Sr. Pierson, Darrell, Sr. Raynor, John, Sr. Rotter, Ernest, Sr. Saasen, Arnold, Fr, Scott, Charles, Fr. Shook, Paul, Soph. Sondrud, Sherwood, Fr. Starks, Brent, Soph. Strang, Jim, Soph, Studeman, Daryl, Soph, Volkman, Cecil, Soph, Webster, Bill, Soph, 'ck 3, I iz at 9 5 r., r, Q if ll tau phi delta .f 'ns 'Q , B gi l l ,.. 6' vs. Y!! f .1 ! fl- Q1- Founded in Seattle, Washington Alpha Chapter established in 1923 2 national chapters. NOT PICTURED: Chan, Gilbert, Jr. Johnson, Robert, Soph Peters, Dick, Sr. l J 2 ,N Q Q' '97 M .. 12' 'vi vt s 1 M .,. ' ll El A ll ei . s y lg ll .mg .K -Nl.: ,.. "'-Kurs, ' . , ...ff W -- -Q., j A -...... n -'ttf - , - 4616 2lst N. E. The way of the Transgressor is hard!" RAYNOR, JOHN, President ,. ullll T' "wiv" With the largest pledge class in recent years, Tau Phi Delta started out this year at a new high. The "Foresters" efforts, scholastically, paid off when we won the new Pledge Scholarship Trophy and rated second in the fraternity scholarship standings. Not only were the lads from the woods studious but enioyed many social functions held during the year. Homecoming, exchanges, barn dances, par- ties and firesides were well attended by all the members. The Alumni Association, including such men as Mike Webster, head of the State Division of Forestry, and Howard Johnson, Assistant Regional Forester in Alaska, have made great progress in obtaining a new house for the chapter. Being a social-professional fraternity, our member- ship is limited to students maioring in Forestry. Our basic purpose is to further the profession of For- estry and related fields, to promote high scholar- ship in the College of Forestry and to instill in all the members an understanding of the benefits ob- tainable through cooperation. -X" 59 Armstrong, Don, Fr. Bergmann, Marvin, Fr, Bernard, John, Fr. Bertheau, Rene, Fr. Beniamin, Lloyd, Sr, Bohlke, Charles, Soph. Bona, Jack, Fr. Bain, Bruno, Soph. Boyd, Robert, Jr. Branson, Charles, Soph Brewer, Robert, Jr. Brown, Donald, Fr. Byrd, Robert, Fr. Callahan, Allen, Soph. Carlson, Herbert, Sr. Carlson, Jerry, Saph. Carlson, Wendell, Fr. Corratt, Harry, Jr. Chaffey, Duncan, Soph Chandler, Theodore, Fr Day, Howard, Jr. DiLazzaro, Mike, Jr. Douglas, Donald, Soph. Duncan, Clifford, Jr. Erbon, John, Soph. Finley, Jack, Soph. Foster, James, Jr. Foster, Tom, Fr. Freeburn, William, Fr. Gardner, Thomas, Jr. Gaston, Richard, Jr. Gilroy, Bob, Fr. Grant, Fred, Fr. Gray, Larry, Sr. Greer, James, Fr. Gramling, Patrick, Sr. Hamilton, James, Fr. Hanson, James, Soph. Haroldson, Ran, Fr. Helland, Donald, Jr. Hennes, John, Grad. Hibler, Robert, Fr. Hill, James, Jr, Hooker, Harry, Soph. Hooper, Harold, Fr. Hirst, Gary, Fr. Hunter, Robert, Fr. Johnson, Glenn, Sr. Johnson, William, Fr. Koboski, Karl, Soph. Konopaski, Darrell, Fr. Landon, Jerry, Jr. Loan, Robert, Saph. Leuhrs, Gerhardt, Jr. McArthur, Jon, Fr. McCloskey, Jerry, Fr. McGhee, Kenneth, Jr. McMannis, Chester, Sr. Massey, Roy, Sr. Mead, Herbert, Sr. Millich, Donald, Fr. Mitchell, Gordy, Sr. Maudry, Norman, Fr. Nickle, George, Sr. Nieder, John, Soph. Null, John, Sr, Pangborn, Jim, Fr. Peace, James, Fr. Peterson, Dale, Jr. 360 ta chi .4 .vig eff " nv tester' .3 Q"-if These cherubic faces leering up at you, dear reader, are the visages of the members of Theta Chi-affectionately known to the other fraternities on this campus as "those dirty so and so's." Contrary to popular rumor, we do not have a mash cook- er in our chapter room, that isn't the battleship Missouri we take on our cruises, and we don't keep our housebills low by peddling race track tips to wealthy sixth graders. The outside world knows little of our plan to move in mass to South America and capture Argentina. We have peculiar aliases such as "Sturgeon Eyes," "Grundoon," HBig Stoop," and "The Trumpet." We curse in an obscure Urdu dialect, lest we offend the dollies. We borrow one another's ties, smoke each other's cigarettes, and sometimes shoot dice for each other's women. We study hard, attend most of our classes, party when feasible, and spend the rest of the time fighting off the hordes of women who continually storm the walls scream- ing, "We want dates." All in all, we're the greatest bunch of guys we know. 81 i gf 3 5. 59 , . ,,- -rr B ' 'T PF 4' ZX if ,, i I vm vw 56, 2 Y' '- 9 J m ,lj 5. V, , 6, sv' Z. V ,KM ' V' 'V kd ' y 'cf -1 is Qgynf x 'xgfq ,233 '-J 131 T71 A - ' " 4' 5 ' 14- ' -nnnuf:.f A xl ith- Q. W 'fig A x"w'ixql X 51 1 s.,.f- Big Brothers are watching them! 4535 17th N.E. tr-n' 'N-I E NOT PICTURED: Anderson, Richard, Sr. Bakke, Kiell, Sr. Breitenborn, Herb, Fr. Cheshire, James, Jr. Day, Duane Sr Day, Richard, Soph. Dorman, Delmar, Saph, Duncan, Gene, Sr. Eckberg, Edward, Soph. Keefe, Larry, Sr. Keete, Tyler, Soph. Pinneo, Roger, Jr. Ramm, Allen, Soph. Reid, Jerry, Jr, Rich, Rodney, Sr. Richardson, James, Sr. Sampson, Roger, Soph. Schnebele, David, Soph Shields, Frank, Soph. Snider, William, Fr. Sobich, Peter, Jr, Spielman, Robert, Soph Sullivan, Price, Jr. Stewart, Cameron, Soph Tennant, Terry, Soph. Thome, Don, Sr. Tracy, Tom, Fr. Wagner, Walt, Soph. Whitner, Lonnie, Fr. Kukay, Richard, Soph. Langer, Jerry, Sr. Lawrence, Gordon, Sr. Maugg, Richard, Grad. Mitchell, Alan, Soph, Neely, James, Fr. Nickle, James, Soph. Parker, Sid, Jr. Roberson, Ronald, Soph Sturlaugson, John, Fr. Webber, Paul, Sr. Whitesides, Dale, Jr. Founded at Norwich University, Nor- wich, Vermont, in l856. Washington chapter established in l925. ll6 national chapters. CHESTER MCMANIS, President 361 theta delta chi x i Vote for . . . anybody! NOT PICTURED: Bartlett, William Bodhaine, Gary Davies, Peter Boynton, Orville Mathews, James 62 Founded at Union College in Schenec- tady, New York in 1847. Washington Chapter founded in l9l3. 30 national chapters. Allen, Dan, Fr. Angle, Ted, Soph. Bamford, Robert, Fr. Bremner, Eric, Jr. Brown, Robert, Soph, Brownwood, Raymond, Sr. Callahan, Kenneth, Fr. Campbell, George, Sr. Carlisle, Frederick, Soph. Carlisle, Richard, Fr. Church, Rod, Fr. Collins, John, Fr. Dalrymple, Lawrence, Sr. Flower, Charles, Jr. Flower, William, Soph. Gerrodette, Charles, Sr. Gies, Robert G, Fr, Glendinning, Finls, Soph. Goodman, Robert, Jr. Hall, Arthur, Fr. Harper, Charles, Jr. Hayworth, Orrin, Fr, Jones, David, Sr. Kifer, Harlan, Sr. Klingman, Ronald, Jr. lx Q BOB THORSTENSON, President as J "" to . e to . .J , aa V YZ rv ,wiv 1. bf, g siiiv 7 1,473 .. NJ J l 1 kf of I It . ' 3, 3 Sm! tb , Q, .. L ttf V J Agia 1 .. ,ff J' ff, .I ,SR Aw, 1" 'je li nj , f J An I ,Q l 'sn AJ ia' 4 ft ri Lf H ...ff I1 ll I ll .iz 4532 l9th N. E. Washington Theta Delts look upon the 1955-56 school year with pride for it was one of the most successful in the house's 43 years on the campus. The success was not limited to one aspect but was experienced in nearly all phases of fraternity life. V University pre-election Street Dance. -sc . T Social highlights for the year included the Pledge f ,, V V V, Dance, l:ounder'Vs Day Banquet, Ze' Paree, Singa- 3 .5 L, V . V .Q LewrS,DOm,id,5,, pore Sling, Spring Formal, Hobo Dance, House ' T LeW'SfJf'CkfJ" Party and the annual Theta Delt-sponsored All- Lontz, Larry, Fr. f TDX scored heavily in campus activities this year with the brothers holding down many topflight cam- pus positions, from editor-in-chief of the University ,A V L R V 7 Lomcx,Alcr-,sf. DAILY paper to president of the Husky Swim Club. MV V Vi. ,A, sg . W . Mathews, Jerry, Fr. ' r, MCG'Q'l"JOe' Sfmt Theta Delts were active in Oval Club, Purple Shield, 'Q' g - r A ,W 2V sy f McReynolds, Neil, Sr. , , , , - 6 . V ' Price, Howard, Soph. Pi Omicron Sigma, Big W Club and other campus 4 ' 1 honoraries such as varsit and frosh swimmin , , V , V Y V VV crew, tennis, golf and track as well as in the good old" HUB. nuff" i . . . ' - . , ' . , The stress, however, was not entirely upon individ- V 'I 5- ' 4 I '4 Reddlck, Robert, Jr. I . . . h h h d ., . R V- , V . -D Rege,,RO,.oldV FL ua activities. T e ouse as a group a strong rep- --' F3 L V ,, SGveIle,DQvid,Soph. resentation in intramural s orts and activities- WV' C 'Q ' Schiebel Joseph Soph - - p J - VV V '55, ' Schiebeli Remagafis, rff Homecoming, Soph Carnival, and Songfest to men- tion a few. Schubert, James, Soph. Smith, Vance, Soph. Spence, Robert, Fr. f' D Steiner, Jack, Fr. A Thorstenson, Robert, Sr. 1 il A t , Uhlman, Wes, Sr. ti-f3'mf' , if 5' Lf x Wade, William, Fr. VX vw? VV Q' tb V Q ,, . Y? eilanen, ar , r. -5' 7 Nr-vt YK rf Westphal, Ellis, Fr. J Y Wilkerson, Larry, Fr, X . f Zellmer, Ernest, Sr. x lm 363 zeta b ta tau Founded at City College of New York, in 1898. Alpha Mu chapter established in 1922. 47 national chapters. 4626 21st N. E. ll i 'Ma Backer, Bruce, Fr. Baronsky, Robert, Fr. Baskin, Mike, Soph. Block, Ned, Jr. Capeloto, Arnold, Fr. Coe, Harold, Fr. Copeland, Lee, Fr. Crevin, Larry, Soph. Davis, Paul, Soph. Epstein, Richard, Fr. Ferrier, Harvey, Fr. Finegold, Al, Fr. Gilman, Robert, Sr. l Goldberg, Alan, Soph. l Greenberg, Jess, Soph. Grinstein, Bill, Fr. Gruber, Burton, Fr. l Hoff, David, Fr. Hoffman, William, Sr. Jacobs, Richard, Fr. Jaffe , Jerome, Sr. Kane, Richard, Jr. Kennedy, Perry, Jr. Kleinberg, Larry, Jr. Krause, Larry, Fr. Lackman, Robert, Sr. Lesch, Jerry, Fr. Levinson, Alan, Fr. Lonn, Gerald, Fr. 364 , Glickman, Kenneth, Soph. A toast to the queen. W , , V V Q , s H 'gyi 1. A 52' ., ., sw ...L J J X A W, ,L iii ' 'W' f f.-- . 'f i- - ' . aff iff .ff ll if- 4 0: ' 'J it A -f-'ff ve 'Z J .-5' if-2' f E: 5 A- :fr A S 7 I X , as E., x '01 5-v va., s f .AA .Q me T .,..- Q w Bs RJ. W-7, Alpha Mu of Zeta Beta Tau was complimented last fall quarter by the largest pledge class in its his- tory. The active chapter, coupled with this fine pledge class, served to ignite a tremendous am- bition and interest towards the fraternity and the University of Washington. For the second year in a row the Zeta Betes won the Homecoming Village Band Contest. Participation in A.S.U.W. activities, varsity and intramural sports, plus maintaining a very favorable fraternity grade point average reveal the fine work of Zeta Beta Tau brothers. The social life ofa Zeta Bete is extremely active one consisting of fraternity dances, "Blasts", and exchanges. Two outstanding affairs held annually are the Winter Formal and the spring "Orchid For- mal." At the latter affair an Orchid Sweetheart is chosen. This event has received national recogni- tion throughout the fraternity for a number of years. DICK RU BENSTElN, President 4: . Q? 'Q . A , , xg, - X59 we A x Yu 4 . .., Z f ,J 6-'r Lotzkar, Martin, Jr. Malakoff, Paul, Soph. Mayer, John, Fr. Mayo, Joey, Fr. Merport, Kenneth, Sr. Mesher, Ted, Soph. Mesher, Ronald, Jr. Newman, Alan, Jr, Pickard, Paul, Soph. Rosen, Donald, Soph. Rosenfield, James, Fr. Rubenstein, Richard, Sr. Rucker, Wallace, Soph. v Saul, Ronnie, Fr. Schaefer, Steve, Grad. Schneider, David, Fr, Schoenfeld, Ralph, Soph. Selig, Marty, Fr. Sherman, Edward, Jr. Shindell, Robert, Sr, Sidell, Stan, Fr, Soriano, Lawrence, Sr. Spear, Phil, Sr. Stern, Edward, Fr. Thomas, Herbert, Soph. Turk, Avrum, Sr. Volotin, Norman, Fr. Waldbaum, Kenneth, Saph Wolfin, Bernard, Soph. Wollin, Robert, Jr. ' Woron, Harold, Jr. xf yd NOT PlCTURED: Degginger, Laddie, Jr. Kleinberg, Henry, Grad. Kraff, Manus, Grad. Ladar, Jerrold, Sr. Lonn, Larry, Grad. Mesher, Jerome, Fr, Naon, Jack, Jr. Parker, Frank, Grad, Platt, Jerrold, Fr. Shore, Gary, Jr. Silberman, Stan, Grad. Sinsheimer, John, Grad, Thal, Ben, Grad. Weinstein, Michael, Fr. 365 66 zeta i l Amsberry, Ron, Soph. Auvray, Georges, Grad. Billingsley, Kirby, Soph. Bovee, Cliff, Sr. Brandt, Paul, Jr, Bray, Ron, Jr, Brock, Dick, Sr. Brus, Jim, Soph. Butler, By, Fr. Carskadden, Tom, Jr, Cook, Pat, Sr. Cunningham, Terry, Jr. Daly, Dave, Fr. WILLIAMS, DANE, President Founded at New York University, New York, in 1847. Phi Lambda established in 1920. 32 national chapters. pq i X. H fl ' Bxkf., vV,.. QC Z, Bw . 3 f ie 'J 'J A "' ' 3 9- 'J ' i , , 9 , - i Elliott, Dick, Soph. ' I Q A gn 4 Elowson, Cliff, Jr. j . Fuller, Ralph, Soph. 5 ' X Gerbel, Art, Jr. Gillanclers, Jim, Sr. gf: Their favorite pastime! NOT PICTURED: Brockhaug, Phil, Jr. Carroll, Frank, Grad. Greenwell, Warren, Sr. Kramer, Karl, Grad. .gg . 5. 1 ,,, QS is-T se , N' 'kv f 435, Ya , Haaversen, Bob, Fr. Hermanson, Don, Fr. Holdren, Larry, Jr. Housley, Walt, Sr. Jackson, Keith, Soph. Johanneson, Al, Jr. Kulander, Bruce, Fr. Larson, Robert, Jr. Lewis, Pete, Fr. - DN Q ' K Little, Bill, Soph, , ' ,- Malstrom, Don, Saph. vp 9 5 . A ir g Miner, Bob, sf. it ' - f ' Q. " , Nielsen, Ron, Jr. ' 'ssf. L14 H ,,. kil' -A Norby, Jerry, Fr. I I Pike, Keith, Jr, gi 2 6. x . Q5 5 V V g ' 'L PM i The 1955-56 year began with a bang forthe Zetes. The furnace blew up. Luckily the rushing program was quite successful and we had a fine pledge class to clean up the debris. Ot course, our hectic social life started early and lasted late. ln fact, three pledges still haven't re- turned from the pledge sneak. The social calendar was highlighted by the Pledge Paddle Dance, a paiama dance, a Homecoming Dance, the Harum- Scarum, and the Winter Formal. The Zetes com- pleted the program with exchanges and firesides, another costume dance, and a Japanese Suki-yaki dinner-dance. Naturally we realize that a social program is only a minor part of our college life. l?l Thinking thusly, the Brothers turned to their studies and raised their grade point well above the University average. 4703 2lst N. E. Renshaw, Kent, Sr. Roblan, Don, Soph. Rowland, Dick, Soph, Sanwick, John, Fr, Schropp, Don, Fr. West, Ron, Fr. Weyermann, Bruce, Jr Williams, Dane, Sr, 367 pi kappa phi 3 W 5 all Goosman J mes F F5 Kinkade Dale Grad . ,L- 'E xx? , x i fi i Founded at the College of Charleston i . .., f il Cliff Johannes, President The year 1955-56 was a year that will not soon be forgotten by the Pi Kaps, for it was indeed a year of marked achievement in all aspects of fraternity life. Most notable was the strong resurgence of Pi Kappa Phi in membership. After a few years of diminished membership, we decided to regain our rightful position on the University of Washington campus. As usual, Pi Kappa Phi was among the top fratern- ities scholastically at Washington. We are proud of our record in this field. The Pi Kapps are con- sistently high in scholarship, keeping above the all- men's average every year. This remarkable record has been due to our very effective study system, which not only requires members to study, but also teaches them the proper way to study. Our extra-curricular activities were also numerous and varied. In addition to many socials, exchanges, and firesides, the year was climaxed by our annual Rose Ball, at which we chose our annual Rose Queen. Pi Kappa Phi was also active in numerous intramurals. In the spring, Alpha Delta Chapter was host to the West Coast Conclave of Pi Kappa Phi, which was attended by brothers from all our chapters on the Pacific Coast. This was indeed one of our climaxes of the year, and was a tremendous success. NOT PICTURED: Brown, Bruce, Fr. Caldwell, Charles, Sr. Coyle, Ed, Soph. Daum, Arthur, Sr. Ekholm, Bob, Soph. Chmllry ln 19569 Johannes, Clifford, Soph. Novak, Bernard, Jr. Smith, Darold, Soph. kappa alpha si The goal of all Kappamen is Achieve- ment, and the men of Gamma Eta chapter have made great strides in living up to this standard. Completing our eighth year of association with the University we can look back to a successful year of activities and func- tions for students and their friends. Looking to the future, Kappa pro- gramming was closely tied to our Guide Right Movement, which encour- ages high school graduates to enter college. Annually a scholarship is pre- sented to a promising high school graduate planning to enter college. We are indeed proud of this year's social calendar which consisted of ben- efits, the delightful Evening Dasant, and the Hard Halarious Times Party. To top off the year we danced the light fantastic at our Annual Black and White Formal. As the school year slowly draws to a close, we, the men of Kappa look forward and say proud- ly, we wear the diamond. NOT PICTURED: Butler, Alfred Giles, Lee Allen Haley, Donald Humphries, Thornton Johnson, Henry Jones, James Justice, Earl Lynch, Vincent Mayberry, Donald Minter, James Pitts, Lt. George Robinson, Fred Sanford, Lawrence Woods, Ira Young, Andrew Founded at Indiana University, Bloom- ington, Indiana, in I9l l. Gamma Eta established in I947. 206 national chapters. Anderson, Clarence, Sr. Bridges, Leon, Jr. A - Hill, Nelson, sf. . Ingram, Ventris, Soph. gi-If 40 s I t't' , A L........c, V... mr, 6 ' . i ' Smith, Stephen, Sr. . 'Q if 9- Webb, Mayfield, Grad. X " Z, l S-. ,.,.f. i 'li r -if LEON BRIDGES, President West, Edward, Jr. White, Cortez, Soph. Look at Groucho! White, Leon, Grad. 'oak' -., XA. ll 516 22nd N. 369 D QR .X ,,. if XXXL xg , , X ' fp faj .X-. x- -Xyx lx 1,1 ,,f X. , -- , ,, . , hh 'lex WWI ff 1' W icy ,O Q - Q Q-. 1 1 2 i 5 Boy I' 1 l "-- .. .. +"' Column --if i fx pv- Mg, 5 . -1-ue.. M .f :sw uw-I 'Q fy' 'A g ,A e K i .',, Z. P , 'A i, vi' A X,S wx X . x Q- v My - - I ,ffm.w,:' v W, , K ' M-or 4 7, , , ,luv , 'gf 465416 4 -Cl 3.4 Q :lf fq1fv5'1Kf' g NiQi."' 4 11 ,uf .W 4 A V af 'L , .x . 4 . , X A 1 F 4,- 4 ,. '3- 'x- , ,A . 4-- , ,' '4 'r Mfg K," I .gf fyixi ,Jaw if -3151, I' fx' iw 1' 'Z 5 t' . 2 . T 2 " Y E er ,Q x X at 4' ff.-. 'f 6' 2 , f N A J f 43.5 V W' 9 Q'-fi 5 Q 'ix f-L. -9 fn. fl Ol .. 1' N S 1' X .,, ff z in 2 ' .-- Q1 Ugg ,g , ,V . 1 '. 419 Y 4 K , iv 4 9 1 if Jw , 1 h ,Q rf A W V kgs, ' , 2 wb! X Q-'ww 3 4 s Q s 8 , ,,,. . , ,,,,,..M.,f4Q:,m.Q'rM- NWMVN' k ....f,,.....,-w,..,1.f,..-,-v'f-fvs"1"""""""""' V Q kkk,A, N K H . . f,,,. ,.W, i iwifffmy- N J, Y NN... ,, ,,.k, .,Mw.:w-uwswm ,f,.,p,.m -h W-41-S' , W, ,,wNp.wmmW - ' 1 xg, V 4 I ffQ-fa if Z' 34 li Y f is fy Q ,, V Q I is ' "' Q ' I 3 31. M-Lk f . V iW'La,,.,'-"" 4 fi f' J 4 4, -Q' JA ,W we Yan' if in me Lcmmbdo Chi Crescent Girl 1955 Ph' WK "E" LOU ANN RAMSAY Delfo Delta: Delta 373 sffJ dcf byrd k dmv 2 if . gi 1 a i , 4 5 :Ji ii 35 if E lm, G5 L1 EA inn: T HL, -. n 74' aww! 1 .- H Q .9 . I I! 055 s It Z 1.1 rl A w . ,A , ' Q E' 1 4 43 Q -21 Y U ,sf , rg! r, -119, 'W -0 fr' A I W yr' 1,Q..f 376 Pi Kappa Alpha Dream Girl JAN HOLMSTROM Kappa Kappa Gamma Ph l by Kennel! E QW: 21-W ami, if '..AA ff' 3 9' XXV fx Z, , D 3 f 3' Q ' i fi 'N- AR L .. .- 1:1 , ,LM S 45- Nw. 4?-,X ' X C ,, 4 a ik' I.Q'jQ"'Q.,i1i if 'xxx - i v "M ix' ii' N F' Q Q Y .img 3 x fm, ' x fg.3?"'-T.. ' , -y if 1 'Q 'L - 'gran vi. "W K , ,hw t,- 5 E iw: K. '42 15 'X 5, l N. .Ev "WY ,X , Theta Chi Centennial Dream Girl PWC byKS"'le"E"l5 78 CAROLYN ANDERSON Alpha Gamma Della Seffing and Costume by Frederick and Nei: I 4 W ,LX K I 1GL7k 5f1li.1l' JUANITA CAPEN, President My-1. Bartlett, Doris, Sr. Eng, Helen, Jr. g Peer, Jean, Jr. A j , V,k- ,, 'J sa, Q 'fr f,, Rude, Darlene, Jr, NOT PICTURED- Slater' Sandro' Soph' I5 Anderton, Joan, Soph ,V 33- Kenney, Kathryn ,gf-, V , Larson, Janice, Soph. Any woman student living in one of the seven organized houses for independent women is automatically a member of IWA, other non-affiliated women students may be mem- bers by becoming an associate member of one of the seven houses. IWA serves to coordinate the social and service activities of the member groups, and to orient new women students in campus life. - A Lawton, Beth, Fr. li? ' V H- 'l"V'riMms"Hf55f.b1' ,fiixlfffl -f, H W . ,ifgif,:rw-qrz1s,:,,m,xff 'wnrswfxmo ,W 'g'f'ffas4f,f- , -- V-if -"-ffl .img . Q , Ashton, Pat Barnes, Lucille Bitar, Jo Anne Brewton, Barbara Cook, Lucille Callahan, Joyce Cauvel, Anita Deming, Carol Eng, Helen Fiellman, Janice Friske, Barbara Gearheart, Beverly Gilliland, Laura Graef, Carolyn Grage, Nancy Hale, Myrna Hammond, Harriet Hopfinger, Barbara Jones, Barbara Kane, Cheryl Kravitz, Connie Lane, Jaan Leckie, Cherry Lee, Anna Lee, Lois Lobberegt, DeAnne Look, Donna Lucas, Joyce McConnell, Donna Meyers, Kathleen Morgan, Audrey Nelson, Byrne Nelson, Marilyn Nielson, Clara Oberkotter, Marilyn Paulik, Joann Peterson, Marilyn Pierce, Lois Powers, Cynthia Radke, Diane Ramsey, Audrey Rosenoff, Bettiiane Shillestad, Karen Sonntag, Danforth Stenberg, Grace Strobl, Elizabeth Thrasher, Donna Viebrock, Marilyn Wogsland, Betty Yeager, JoAnn Yee, Frances . me K, ef' 'S . Q Two pair and a spare. Bridge, anyone? its... mf QT P 35 swA ' 1? P rf 4 L '- ily b, J' 'Q .sr f H 3' wx c f Q sw, f .1 4 as l.h5? tin hall NOT PICTURED: Anderson, Lorna Armstrong, Elizabeth Baird, Rita Bellarts, Pat Booth, Luella Boyd, Marilyn Byers, Norma Caldwell, Leslie Chapin, Kay Clark, Mary Ellen Collier, Chatty Cowan, Shirley Elsner, Leona Evans, Margaret Fassett, Beverly Halberg, Marilyn Hamon, Rosette Jacobs, Gail Jones, Marcia, Presid Kinney, Cathryn Ko, Janie Koplitz, Marilyn Lamson, Margaret Lawson, Faith Love, Marilyn ent . x A "f, . 31, fri- Ft ,A , I, ,, 4. EA K ,e x L. W F " J., if or P uf , y 'Q B 1 X it f l M U, as sa' A 1 J ,,,, 9 X ls af wr " Q , , , y L, ,W Q 1 J f Lowell, Phylliss Mastick, Berdene Matson, Lorna Miller, Marilyn Nelson, Carole Okamura, Jean Park, Kathryn Pearson, Mary Pease, Mina Peterson, Sharon Phillips, Peggy Russell, Regina Shepherd, Mary Ann Siemens, Ruth Silvers, Barbara Smith, Delesta Smith, Karen Snyder, Danforth Sfarmer, Shirley Swanson, Jeanne Tudor, Jeannie Van Patten, Kay Van Schiak, Judith Walton, Betty Wicks, Mary 5 ? Earl rf! a -,Q rg . Q l it I 381 -vi 5, E- -'Sri , , , a- . ' V, . , , A 2 , 1 . 59' A I c , . VJ? .. wwf , -EQ 'zifsgr , ' 53 :.. s TL ' ,I r . J? t In . 'Y x , , MADDESS, LORRAINE, President Adams, Shirley 'Q 6' Allen, Donna . E Andreason, Karen , lv-' 5 blaine hall Bekkedal, Maren Binns, Judith Buell, Mari Lynn Cox, Janet N J, , V V ' J 'a- l,ll L ,Ufij Rig! . I N, b kv I +. J' T ' ' sv q tie he 3 EIL ' 33, Its seminar time. Eliason, Carol Engeset, Tanya Fukasawa, Grace Fulton, Marge Funke, Gloria Gail, Mildred Graham, Joann Griffith, Kay Hammond, Alesa Hart, Jean Heidemann, Kay Holcomb, Emelie Vx 'T L.. NOT PlCTURED: Abbott, Karen Anderson, .loan Bartoo, Anita Belles, Sara Jo Beranek, Marie Bowers, Joyce Brown, Jackie Canterbury, Katharine Clark, Judy Clausen, Jean Coleman, Barbara Conner, Jimie Jane Dahlquist, JoAnne Dean, Barbara Downey, Elizabeth Dykeman, Carol Ellis, Vinita Eshleman, Donna Estill, Shari Ann Evans, Carly Freese, Carol Godfrey, Donna Haberecht, Joan Harper, Joan Harpole, Jean Hayes, Dorothy Hegle, Carmen Henderson, Beverly Hooper, Penni Huntting, Lou Ann Johnson, June Johnson, Pat Klein, Joyce Kristrom, Lois Kuhns, Louetta Labberton, Linda Lawson, Carole Linstrom, Carol Lockwood, Barbara Malmgren, Phyllis A '- I A Martin, Mona - V - ' Monnot, Fern A Mott, Jean Noblitt, Marjorie Q ,o gg lt4Q,f::li'. ' - , 1 . o L A ge. Horstein, Anita Johnson, Shirley Kegel, Carol King, Gail Klaras, Constance Kuromoto, Suzu Langen, Frances Larson, Karen Lashock, Mary Alice Makkerud, Elise Niemeier, Theresa Okada, Katsuko Pachmuss, Temira Pederson, lnger Pfingstag, Anne Pond, Marilyn Reese, Esther Ritchie, Barbara Salt, Suzanne Schroeder, Mary Lou Shaklanka, Olga Siel, Beatrice Stark, Leslie Stott, Selma Swift, Esther Towsley, .Ianis Trogdon, Shirley Wilson, Dolores Peer, Jean Peterson, Joanne Reed, Marjorie Reese, Janet Rolston, Joan Rome, Anna Rouke, Erma Schmidt, Helen Selden, Sondra Shabro, Nancy Shaw, Dorothy Silliman, Yvonne Slater, Sandra Stillens, Carolyn Sugimoto, Setsuko Taylor, Alyce Terrell, Karla Jo Webster, Dorothy Werner, Lee Ann Wies, Kaye leary hall Agee, Barbara, Sr. Beach, Garnet, Fr. Bell, Nancy, Soph. Brandt, Joy, Jr. Brannan, Nancy, Fr. Brown, Myrna, Soph. Carstens, Karen, Soph. Chatter, Joyce, Fr. Chun, Jane, Jr. Clinton, Ann, Fr. Crippen, Merle, Soph. Crostwaite, Claudia, Soph. Daishi, Janet, Jr. Davison, Beverly, Fr. Ditchburn, Sylvia, Soph. Downs, Jeanne, Soph. Drew, Ann, Sr. Eleizegui, Maria, Grad. Enz, Irma, Soph. Erickson, Dolores, Fr. Evans, Sally, Fr. Fielder, Hazel, Sr. Fritter, Karolin, Sr. Furtado, Barbara, Soph. Gill, Christine, Fr. Hamilton, Margaret, Fr. Hastie, Harriet, Soph. Haverkamp, Connie, Fr. Hawley, Mary, Jr. Holm, Marlene, Fr. Holt, Marilyn, Fr. Horn, Lois, Soph. Johnson, Jacqueline, Fr. Johnson, Jeanette, Jr. Kent, Kathleen, Sr. Kerr, Dinah, Sr. Lambert, Pat, Jr. Lloyd, Nettie, Soph. Lotz, Donna, Soph. Luxton, Anita, Fr. Lynch, Bonnie, Soph. MacLean, Janet, Jr. McLean, Frances, Sr. Munns, Rubye, Fr. Overland, Charlotte, Fr. Parry, Barbara, Jr, Peppel, Charlotte, Soph. Pierce, Esther, Fr. Price, Patricia, Jr. Ramsey, Betty, Fr. Reed, Jerry, Fr. Rapoport, Carolyn, Fr, Rice, Erin, Fr. Roberts, Joanne, Sr, MARY HAWLEY, President YJ .. N, r ' A 1? , ,, 1 lizggyrii . , .y it , as-5 : rar A 6 A 's ' ' +09 Jr it A , Robertson, Merrily, Fr. Rowan, Andrea, Fr. Rude, Darlene, Jr. Ryan, Bonnie, Fr. Scott, Terri, Soph. Shearer, Shirley, Soph. Springer, Tanya, Soph. J lib 1 Y, ,X E, .Q W3 - Ely., I ' I in A - 'if .vs V- mu J Q ,. , 1 , .., L .P ,r . - ,, Q17 a zj. "' ,ig V: ff- if ..,iii e 45 ,f igi , my . si 55, . Q . A f' V. J' ' 75 Snyder, Diane, Grad. Sutherland, Delores, Soph. Sutherling, Palma, Soph. Vammen, Margaret, Jr. Weitz, Billie, Fr. Whisenand, Donna, Sr. White, Dorothy, Fr. Who -L ,,,, -c wr , 4 t, women D J's! S' fi f A Wilder, Jane, Fr. Williams, Joan, Jr. Wood, Patricia, Fr. NOT PIICTURED: Ashby, Jean, Fr, Ackerman, Connie, Sr. Beehler, Diane, Fr. Benson, Arlene, Fr. Berry, Gladys, Fr. Burt, Margaret, Sr. Chu, Winitred, Sr. Church, Frances, Jr, Corkins, Corrine, Soph. Dietzen, Mary, Jr. Evans, Carol, Fr. Evans, Dolores, Jr. Gerbracht, Katharine, Helmer, Arlys, Jr. Hoit, Alice, Jr. Holmes, Marilyn, Fr. Hughes, Carol, Fr. lslaub, Kay, Jr. Jackson, Margaret, Fr. Johnston, Ivene, Sr. Kaaua, Edith, Fr, Lagen, Nancy, Jr. Larson, Doretto, Jr. Q Fr. McMahon, Jean, Soph. 5 , 'P' . ,::, 225 W xxx-I, f tv ,wr I , in , J Q.. ...infix " Yanagawa, Betty Sop Morris, Marcia, Fr. Mott, Katherine, Fr. Nordstrom, Nancy, Opland, Marlys, Jr. Packard, Katherine, Pedersen, Ruth, Jr. h. Soph. Sr. Ravsten, Josephine, Sr. Raybell, D'Averil, S Rees, Alice, Jr. Scripps, Stephanie, Swiderski, Frances, Wilde, Ann, Jr. oph. Fr. Jr. ,,, Q -.ff Q ff i fg ft kia bf " r f 5' ., x 'F' M. , XL f 0 -. ff if 45' .1 9 S 4 f 1 iv V N. 5 S a j , A f 4 ii J- i i was 4 if , V , Al it 6' Q?-'ff is 'P Mettert, Catherine Ness, Arlene Olson, Karol Peterson, Viola Power, Sharon Schultz, Elaine Seto, Grace Shannon, Laurel Sonntag, Gertrude Tarr, Beth Waltz, Winifred Wardell, Shirlee Won, Harriet Williams, Jo Ann Wolfe, Betty Yotsuuye, Elsie Zigler, Janet Zimmer, Mariorie BEVERLY MOBBS, President 1 s by 'igffi ,r,, 3 A y ' i ' W' 5 .3 , V422 X 5 ii is . at IA If Adams, Louise Amis, Joan Au, Susan Bailey, Jane Baldwin, Diana Bernard, Marguerite Boren, Elizabeth Bradner, Jean Brotrnan, Shannon Cannon, Pat Capen, Juanita Clark, Mary Clegg, Helene Clifford, Nancy Crook, Dorothy Cunningham, Patricia Davenport, Edna Doan, Shirley Esterly, Leola Gilbert, Barbara Goldtarb, Carol Gray, Marilyn Hansen, Jean Hanson, Joyce Hartsock, Lorretta Hillier, Carolyn Howe, Gretchen Johnson, Marjorie Kaiia, Lorraine Keatley, Jane Kirby, Elizabeth Lawton, Elizabeth LeMay Michele Lund, Sylvia Lunger, Marilyn Masline, Diane mckee hall How to play the piano in ten easy lessons? NOT PICTURED: Anderton, Joan Bently, Marlene Bond, Nancy Brailstord, Nancy Cornapus, Zoe Christensen, Lynn Curtis, Carol Dallas, Margaret Decker, Aletha Dwyer, Kathleen Ekman, Vera Gallant, Patricia Goodale, Patricia Hagel, Sandra Hale, Joan Hammell, Lu Verna Harding, Donna Herrald, Barbara Hill, Jacquiline Hitt, Jeanette Holmer, Ruth Kenney, Kmlvvn Kobbovik, Olga Laxdol, Solin Lentes, Dorothy Lunder, Edith Mackey, Janice Mader, Beverly McCormick, Claudio McCorkle, JoAnn McGlenn, Helen Mehl, Martha Meyer, Marilyn Michelun, Gay Morgridge, Barbara Moeck, Karen Padham, Mary Paez, Nelida Patterson, Kathleen Phillips, Valdine Pottle, Ellen Riecken, Hilda Rogers, Virginia Shields, Patricia Sorenson, Joanne Sutton, Sidney Tedin, Marlyn Townsend, Ada Vanderhyde, Ann Wilson, Sharon Winslow, Inez Woods, Shirley inferhouse council ,,,,,, ww I X! .LQJ fs,,fN PRESIDENT, Anderson, Duane SECRETARY, Johnson, Zeke RAINIER, BeII, Eldon VICE PRESIDENT, Grohn, Torn TREASURER, Sundion, Ray OLYMPUS, Carrol, Richard CASCADE, Hagen, Morris BAKER, Teague, Dution RAINIER, Fisher, Bill OLYMPUS, Johnson, Rcly 4-Q' A 5 7 I x, I 5 A dr All thi' . 2 . 'S i t cascade haH Bolcome, William Busey, Henry Chung, Soyong Cloud, Tony Crawford, Russell Dewey, Howard Doon, Charles Eke, LaVerne Ellis, Charles Elmquist, Richard El-Sayed, Sayed Fulskow, Guy Fraser, William Goerlich, William HAGEN, MAURICE, President Hanson, Richard Harris, Robert Holm, Edwin Howell, Robert Howland, Morris Kandle, Charles Kimbell, Gordon Strategically located on the eighth and nint floors of the Men's Residence Hall is the some what famous l'House of Cascade." On the social calendar for the year are dinn J exchanges, dances, movies, and the annu spring picnic. The group is very active in al sports. The house is now in the process of re modeling the House Lounge. The lounge improve ment was planned by the House members am consists of building a "mobile," a mural an: providing an art gallery for the use ofthe mem bers. We'll have that new wing built in no time. Q Le.: I it 4' '1- A YA , er . A Q '10, ' f , J ' P s. 'RI ' Kurtz, James -' Laughlin, Gary B Laycock, Larry A Q2 IC ' 1 Lippert, George . -J S , . Loendorf Boyd T'-f ' 'K 'V' I Matsumoto, Satoru ' McLeod, Alan gb McPherron, Robert G L Merchant, Howard "X, k Y I 4 's M L k I ontgomery, Carl if I Nylund, Kenneth " Ross, Darrell X I .L A Sayre, Donald x . .. 4 Schafer, Ronald Silbermayr, Ernst Thomas, James wif wk NOT PICTURED: Akers, Timothy Anderson, Roger Anrig, William Avril, Jack Baird, Kenneth Bowers, William Bowman, David Bucholz, Shyrl Cameron, William Christensen, Jordan Coatsworth, James Doyle, Patrick Duthweiler, Fredrick Duthweiler, Ludwig Ellingson, Jack Erliiman. Horatio Everett, John Foley, Thomas 386 Fortier, Marvin Gabeleim, Roger Garnes, Joel Gourley, James Hanson, Ronald Harlow, Bruce Hill, James Horn, William Howland, Doyle Hunter, Donald Kehl, Charles King, Daniel Laughlin, Clyde Lindquist, Lloyd Martens, Neil May, Donald Mayo, Ronald Mead, W. H, Wieland, Albert Wisner, Douglas Michelson, Lynn Millet, Foy Morse, Ronald O'Neil, Delbert Otterbein, Phillip Patten, Roger Pitzer, William Prohorotf, David Reuss, Cameron Reyes, Tim Rice, Laverne Rolph, Leonard Sahlin, Paul Schimel, Richard Schweinler, David Semke, Leon Shubert, Howard Simpson, Lyle Skemp, Robert Sorgentrei, Gene Soyars, James Sribhibhadh, Arporna Staley, Raymond Stark, John Steele, George Stokes, Everett Suarez, Rafael Sumey, Jack Swanes, Kirt Swanson, Roy Tighe, Robert Van, Byung Van Beek, Ralph Verzani, Robert Wall, Robert Westdyke, Robert S fr-. 4 . UNDFAN, RAY, President Adams, Melvin Barner, Bruce Bedient, Cal Berg, Gerald Boertien, Harmon Boucher, Ronald Brown, Covell Brown, Ronald Bumgarner, Marion Bumgarner, Stanley Carlson, Donald Culver, Norman Dick, Larry Felts, Donald Fitch, John Fitzgerald, David Fowler, Charles Harken, James Harris, Arthur Henken, Ed Holmes, Brian Hube, Ronald Jacot, Arthur Jensen, Hans Johnson, Zarol Jones, John Kellie, Allen Kellie, Wesley Larrick, Alvin Leaf, Joseph LeWarne, Jack Maxwell, William Miller, Dale Molt, Roger Morgan, Michael Neat, George Nelson, Robert O'Malley, Charles Oertel, Richard Ortwein, Norman Pedersen, Kenneth Pook, James Prince, Benjamin Prindle, Raymond Reeve, Kenneth Reid, Lawrence Rommel, Bruce Sampson, Benedict Schepman, Frederick Setiit, Barney Siegele, Dale Sutherland, Bruce Tobacco, Terry Warmenhoven, Paul Wolfe, James house V'--'v W Md f -v -or ' w - , .Q 53' 1:3 If , Th ci 6 COVHSF YUQS 4 I 1. W, Neff C' if f l J l,s A Q3 'rf' te ti "t - 4 . of-f a i F .-. x 'I' I .K 'W ft fs All 9 NV QU? 'QF l Xt i t mit, 3, T Q, we -any . x 1? -E AL . 9 , . L i tl Q -'Ls A vb , B 'K ii , tr-xx' wx 2 I Q.. f. I-sax 'Q i t fa W -.H ., gg . NOT PICTURED: Alexander, John Anderson, David Bartis, Francis Beach, Phillip Bourque, Donald Corp, Ernest Davis, Carl DeBoer, Henry Finn, Robert Gerchow, Charles Greathause, Kenneth Hamon, Francis Harris, Donald Hopkins, Lawrence Hudson, David Hunting, James lngman, Robert Johnson, Alan Johnson, Walter Loomis, Robert Mandiola, Sergio McLeod, Donald Miller, Michael Moe, Allan Mohr, Donald Nakata, Smith Pahkama, Robert Pook, William Rhode, Charles Ryan, Larry Savler, Hugh Simmons, Jack Soeriodinopo, Raclen Van Woudenberg, Stephen Vitaliic, Frank 4' th fed J " wuz if tore was never like this. 7 Addington, Robert Ahron, Alf Beal, David lDixl Bean, George Biggart, Terry Bowers, Willis Bozak, Richard Carrell, Neil Curtis, Charles Dossou, Gaston Francisco, David Friis, Roy Graves, Mike Gray, Alfred Greenwalt, Randall Hoselton, Otis Hayes, John Halit, Gert Huff, Richard Johnson, Raymond Keyes, Bob Kolb, LeRoy Kohatsu, Takeshi Koyasaka, Jimmy Kulesza, Eugene Kuronen, Michael Leonard, David Leonard, Ted Maleng, Henry Mehl, Thomas Mendel, John Metcalf, Donald Minard, Paul Moody, Paul Morris, Boyd Morrow, Leland Porter, Albert Rasmussen, Orville Rigdon, Jonathan Romero, Jacob 388 oly pu house ns. gg My vi V s... f nf vi- ' - Q ,M . 4 , , r K V RICHARD, cARRoLL,PreSadeni Olympus House, home of 135 members, is the largest living group on campus. Social activities have included dinner exchanges, dances, coffee hours, and such all-dorm functions as the Pajama Dance and Winter Formal. Intramural sports constitute another area for wide participation. f ' av-t aa, J 5 A i If . A ' , J 1 gf ...J S ' 4 , 1 ' . 9, .J new , - if H , , will t Q T T tw xg, i we Y Y so . I ,, nil - .Q , , it 5 Rothenbuhler, William Shaker, Alex Siegwarth, James Smith, Carl 'T Stevens, Rex A 2 .K Toland, Thomas " ity Wahl, Howard , Westwood, Ed R Williams, Alvin NOT PICTURED: Atterbury, Toby Benitez, Alberto Blomquist, Richard Boyington, Orville Branch, Jerry Burket, George Burns, John Carr, Luther Carr, Robert Carraher, Ron Chae, Kilchong Chang, Thomas Christiansen, Robert Clark, Jim Cottelt, Russel Cox, Harold Daniel, Russel Deardorff, James Edberg, John Ekwueme, Alex Elliot, Douglas Elliot, Laury Ensley, Bill Etzel, Jerry Fo, Donald Garrison, David Ghosen, Mike Hailey, Raymond Hansen, LeRoy Hartzell, Bart Hudson, John Hudson, Lorne Huang, Chen Wong Huey, Lee Humphreys, Bob lce, Rodney Jensen, Robert Johnson, Peter Jones, Jim Kaye, Dave Kenney, George Kim, Chong Kutzera Lands, John Lindstrom, Duaine Logan, Donald Lowell McDonald, Richard Miksch, Donald Naqib, lsam Nauman, Alfred Ochs Oien, Jon Park, Yong Perry, Robert Pepperdine, Warren Poage, Leland Pryde Ramage, Thomas Rantala Richards, Harry Rollwagen, Jack Russell, Warren Sakikawa, Yuki Schroder, Paul Schlosser, Rolf Seich, Ferd Sferra Sioberg, Nils Snyder, Fred Stevens, David Stevens, Robert Stith, Bart Stowell, Robert Struble, Glenn Sugamura, Pentson Tamaki, Masao Varga, Joseph Wahlers, Ronald Welsh, Jack Wilton, Frank Wright, Dale Yamato, Elbert oinier house From the top of the gleaming white structure, commonly termed the "greenhouse," Rainier, with its ll5 members, originates its activi- ties. The spirit of competition is verified by the extensive intramural sports program car- ried on by Rainier. Among its many other ac- tivities, it has cu well filled social calendar, highlighted by the annual l'Moonlight Cruise," and the beach party. DUANE ANDERSON, President Fisher, George Forrest, Ralph Gallagher, Sheridan Graves, Lawrence Ham, Donald Harbitz, Francis Hilal, Sayed Hordan, William Humphries, William Hunter, Lloyd Lowery, Patrick Mataczynski, Tim Menasveta, Deb Mercer, Don Mettert, Paul Nelson, Edward Oh, Luis Ohno, Mizuho Onder, Sevkety Perry, Richard Phelps, Edward Prouty, Gerald Secrist, Ronald Sewell, William Smith, James Turanciol, Fuat Witte, Duane Woodworth, Robert Young, Kenneth Youngquist, James -e lor NOT PICTURED Alexander, Robert Boker, Billy Barnes, Travis Boyd, Stanley Carvo, Robert Cole, Leland Dowdle, Barney Fiebig, Hugh Fox, Dennis Gardner, Al Hickstein, Willi Howe, William Huang, Justin Katsaros, Michael Lee, Ronald Lee, Walter Lewan, Paul Ahlstrom, Harlow Bell, Eldon Berry, Brian Bloom, William Burrow, Fred Burtner, Stanley Buttery, George Crettol, Russell Daily, John Davis, Harold Donnelly, James Drinnon, James Duval, Gerald Dykes, Bruce Fairbairn, lan Masters, Robert McDonald, Terry Moorhead, Wm. Noe, James O'Lorey, Philip Pariseau, John Pirtle, Rosco Pulliam, John Ross, Benjamin Schreck, Norman Sherrard, William Shindo, Shoiiro Stout, Orville Turanciol, Ninat Watanabe, Edwin White, Fred Willsey, Richard 1 ,i so 4 l 9 sf 1 ff E9 J' A , I KF' , -il, x Kiwi? ...-4 Time out for the photographer. Q 3, 6 ' bi Q i 3 ' - M P - , , A ' 'Yi-' Q 'xv' J fi ff ! ' , f , st,s L it ,x ,J w , 127' t, vga 'T' "5 'g 3 .Q 35 , 2 it Q2 H. S .. H, 9: r l tr W A 4' , I A -, ,D me L.. 94 Q..- W . S4 '19 nl ik . DUTTON TEAGUE, President u 4 i - VXI? 6 Qu, Beef X ,, i 5 i r 5.9 5 Q s, E- , ,,,, - ri, s F '14 W 3, Sw-We X i Q L 3 ' 3 A " ,J ii. ,gt it 4, -hx e if ' yer.: V 4.3 - -I 1 r C r Gish, Marshall Glaze, David Grahn, Thomas Harris, Jesse lnouge, Ryo Jarvis, Sidney Kapeikis, Harry Keller, Jack Kim, Hong Shik Kitano, Kesazo Kleinsassee, Allen Larson, Daniel Law, Vincent Lemoine, Phillip Lum, William Malm, Clifford Nakagawara, lsao Peterson, Lloyd Pevey, Dennis Pietila, Kenneth Rathbun, Philip Santee, Charles Sather, Demar Somers, James Swinehart, David Todd, James Torve, Theodore Wagner, Herbert xi . ii, West, Carl Young, Robert Zobust, Herbert baker house if V Study hours l?l Aston, Emmit Baldwin, Larry Bauer, Egan Bell, Milo Braathen, Dave Brodie, Donald Creagan, David Danekas, Gary Davis, Donald Davis, Eldon Davis, Nat Dodge, Leon Penske, Gary Freese, Robert Gansler, Henry Gibbons, James Hintze, McHean Hult, John Huntting, Jerry NOT PICTURED: Allen, Gary Allred, Grover Anagostopoulos, Alex Bartlett, Richard Becker, George Bell, Neal Bishop, David Block, Philip Cain, Albert Campbell, David Clark, Richard Clauson, Harvey Colby, Thomas Coniff, Joseph Coover, Forest Dexter, Richard Ellinger, Paul Fagerberg, Walter Glen, Colvin Graff, Dennis Griffith, Thomas Hagen, Carlos Hals, Gregg Hammond, Benny Hawes, Richard Hevly, Richard Houghton, Meech James, Philip Johnson, Larry Johnson, Paul Kronguist, Ernest LaFrieniere, Oliver Learned, Allan Lemaster, Richard Lowe, Bradley Lyons, William Maior, Fouad Maiors, Donald Moser, William Peabody, Robert Pfeil, Robert Podraza, Donald Raab, Charles Rasanen, Richard Rodewald, LeRoy Rolstad, Lawrence Schwartz, William Snider, Leland Tarrant, Leon Tastad, Ted Uyeda, Samuel Walsh, Richard Westman, Thomas Wheatley, Daniel Williams, Joseph Williams, Ronald Wilmot, Arthur Worthy, Larry Wyngarden, Leona Young, Joseph rd tudents cooperative association student board of directors 3 se , ,iv DARRELL PIERSON, President ANNA LUNDSTAD, Secretary AL RINNE, Honderich PAT BOYER, Vice President RAY IWASAKI, Honderich The Students Cooperative is an organized group of students from all countries and parts ofthe United States, who study and have good times together. The Coop includes one woman's house, and five men's houses. Although most ofthe students work, they maintain respectable GPA's and enioy participating in the many social and athletic events, including Spring Formal, the annual Birthday Party, dances, picnics, intramural sports, and others. Organized on the prin- cipal of "sharing together," the Coop is governed by a Student Board of Directors, an Advisory Board, and a Manager. NOT PICTURED: Mike Stein, MacGregor Warren Buell, MacGregor Chuck MacLearnsberry, MacGregor Don Root, Dotsan Alfred Leavitt, Sherwood REIN LUIK, Sherwood synad Iphic 6 it Q Kwfet 4. gi.. , How we love those lunch hour breaks. Ames, Kay, Fr. Barnett, Ellen, Soph. , , B h,Phll',F. 3 Biger, Paiidia, Sr, I 'N 5 - V' ... V-it 5 r Bristol, Joyce, Fr. K, 'di' S f' - 'J - Czebotar, Barbara Ann, Fr 3 , , gg! -. 2 Fuiita, Helene, Soph. - 52,1 A ,I ' Hall, Frances, Sr, 4' " '., x f T- 5 J K- ff-' WY , iv' r g:, gy i'-. V , L, Larson, Doreen, Jr. . ' Lundstacl, Anna, Soph ' 1 Miner, Sandra, Soph, k f Speece, Lulu, Sr. Weber, Gloria, Saph. Young, Barbara, Soph. 391 house vflli 4760 21st N.E. PAT BOYER, President NOT PICTURED: Bingaman, Patricia, Jr. Clarke, Alice, Fr. Heggarty, Diane, Fr. Hurt, Jean, Jr. Johnson, Mary Lou, Fr. Johnston, Aileen, Jr. Kessner, Linda, Fr, Pieratt, Shirley, Jr. Rosenow, Marlene, Fr, 1. W LQ' Hy T , 47' , Pr. V v fit Xa ,ff I Dotson House, now in its fourth year of exis- tence, annexed House B this year to enlarge the membership to 36. Dotson House success- fully defended their league basketball title, while taking second place in both football and bowling. The social activity of the house 5 - , , gf, if dot 5-w, fa-. M-..,, Oh Allen, Edwin Baker, Duane Carpenter, William Darnell, Gregory Driscoll, Leslie Dukes, George Hansen, Loren Heinle, Donald Helm, Henry Hungerford, Edgar Kreek, Peter O'Neil, Brian Parrish, Elvin Perrault, William Riddle, Gary Smith, Edward Smith, Tom Stanard, H. Duane Stemple, Jack Taylor, Delmer Watts, Charley Yeatts, Fred Glenn, Kirk Gray, Mike house NOT PICTURED: Brandner, Douglas Brannon, Ernest Fowler, Douglas Funderburgh, Tom Gersten, Robert Hasegawa, Hiro Holmquist, Paul Ing, Joey Matthews, Robert Root, Donald Windell, John Wolf, Fred is increasing to match the previously estab- lished athletic interest. x U 4 E f ' t N ,dj ' , 4521-19th N.E. "Just relaxin' " te. NOT PICTURED: Ahn, B, Y, Anderson, David Arndt, Donald Barnes, Dale Bielski, Bob Davidson, R. Milton Davis, Loren Morrison, Von Parks, Robert Frederickson, Denis Green, Robert Ford, Robert Haugen, Darrell Johnson, John Kawamoto, Kenneth Kelley, James Kimura, John Leavitt, Alfred , sc., 5 ' .ff 1, , "J Tix I Lee, Ven-Tow MacDonald, Jock MacKinnon, James Martin, Thomas Melsom, Haakon Messegee, James Muawad, Frank Mystuen, Carman Patterson, Alex Recker, Roland Roning, Clifford Ross, Roger Satogata, Donald Skalbania, A, Richard Speece, Gene Sung, Alfred Yamamoto, Robert YATES, JACK, President if ea Iv , ,LA , herwoocl house Elliott, William Evans, Lyle Eyler, Robert Key, Claude Kracht, Edward Luik, Rein Misaka, Theodore Murakami, James C fl fe' J s,s, L 5, ' Pogue, David Rasmussen, James Tinkey, Robert Tower, Gael Whitney, Jerry honderich house Student Co-operators completed another eventful year of work and study, fun and frolic together. The University of Washington group is composed of six houses: Dotson, Honderich, MacGregor, Rofcre and Synadelphic. The keynote of activity iwe have much of itl is the achievement of harmony and cooperation. NOT PICTURED: Bowman, Bill Church, Don Dodd, Leo Hall, Dove Hamilton, Leon Hing, Gary Kalland, Robert Lightburn, Richard Nelson, Dale Petterson, Rolf Steen, Peter Tellvick, Dave Tygerson, Bent Kallander, Larry Phinney, Lloyd Powers, Carl Rinne, Al Simpson, Roger Skreiia, Andreis Cochennette, Albert Crowe, Clayton Haynes, Harold Iwasaki, Raymond Jacobson, Don K Balmer, Alfred SWEDBACK, RONALD, President Brattain, Leslie Broyles, Gale .ef-5' 'A 'U' 'T' w-sl -sv '4 f -3, macgregor house Macgregor House was named for Mrs. Nell Mac- gregor, past housemother and present honorary housemother. With her help, we adopted the tartan, the coat of arms, the battle cry and the history of the Macgregor clan of Scotland. This year the reali- zation of our objective of house improvement is evidenced by various newly painted rooms, and the mural on the living room wall. Scholastically the house has improved greatly with eight men on the Fall honor roll. Our bowling team placed third in Fall intramural competition. 5012 22nd N. E. NOT PICTURED: Adams, Archie Buell, Warren Buscke, James Cameron, Bruce Christman, Keith Edmundson, Robert Estaban, Manuel Ferguson, Ronald Flemming, Charles Fricklton, Lon Gismervig, Harold Graber, Raymond Graham, Donald Grossman, Ralph Hallstrom, Alfred Hemmat, Harry Hogan, James Johnson, Richard Johnson, Victor Kawalcami, Tom Kazal, Victor Larrick, Ronald Lovering, Howard MacLearnsberry, Mathew McCann, Terry McCuddin, Charles McKernan, Daniel Makino, Mormon Mueller, Fred Murphy, Mike Murphy, Tony New, John Nichol, Robert Pattie, Robert Peterson, Richard Roe, Sigman Rogers, William Schuyler, Paul Sipe, Joseph Smith, Richard Soyland, Ernest Steur, John Wilcox, Robert z -rrf ,,,r ,gl J' I 'M - , Jgigfszsgy sg: ,f 1 Those Tyee's sure come in handy. Q Q' V' ,I,, I , M Z' 'Q""5' L ,,.sss 4-:Q 'Q , ff, .e F . 394 HEFFRON, LEWIS President Allen, Richard Anderson, Aven Baklce, Kjell Chin, James Fugimura, Robert Johnson, Clarence Keeler, Graham Keys, Phillip Mclrwin, Ronald Martin, Morris Metford, Duane Miller, Robert Morito, Jack Murphy, Tom Mordiri, Delbert Powell, Fredrick Sondrud, Sherwin Stull, Donald Taylor, Allan Vasks, Voldemare Zaske, Merlin Dukes, Stacy t .1 ani' ,-.. we 'R ' , .s YL' 's rofcre house Akina, Jameson Atkins, Richard Burke, Robert What, Cavaness, David Chadwick, Mike Clark, Calvin Corbin, David Dickinson, Daniel Dickinson, John Easterly, Donald Erickson, Vincent Hartley, Ralph Hoey, Alan Jensen, John Kovitaya, Manos Leamon, Donald Lloyd, Glen ,Q -. 4532 18th N. E. -:wap we have two media to pick from! Rofcre, the second largest co-op house on campus, promotes a high degree of cooperation in group living. They are noted for their active participation in the intramural sports program, and their social program is highlighted by their Pajama Dance and I x French Dance with its famed can-can line. NOT PlCTURED: Parse, Neil Anderson, Edmund Patton, Delbert Arlton, Paul Pike, Harry Berman, Bob Bigelow, George Bruner, Theodore Coykendall, Wade Downing, Randle Krull, Robert LaBounty, Clifford Mahoney, Phillip Meyer, Melvin Price, Richard Rector, Richard Ring, Richard Rooney, Jack Shafer, Jon Shannon, Jame Sherling, John Sherry, Stan Smith, Douglas S Sulky, Jerry Strom, Robert Morris, Alan Nichols, Richard Middaugh, Terry Millard, Kenneth I Nicklaus, Vern J, Okumura, Henry Pierson, Darrell Rogers, Hadley :wg ,fi Sabo, Thomas Shohan, Robert Skoglund, Albert Sleizer, Larry Tovis, James Thompson, Marion Vander Houwen, Adrian synkoa Success was the keynote of Synkoa's activities this year. Starting with the welcome social, and climaxed by the annual Senior Dance, members enioyed varied social activities. Synkoa partici- pated in the intramural sports program in bowling, boxing, softball, and ten- nis. Synkoa has succeeded in promoting lasting friendships among its members and other campus and civic organiza- tions, and in developing qualities in character, good will, and leadership in the individual, a final measure of success. X A .r fda' x xy - 'a ji Rwjfi' 5.5 Fuiimura, Yoshio Hiranaka, Daniel Ikeda, Bob V lnouye, Ryo Moekawa, Donald Maekawa, William Nakao, Robert Okamura, Eugene Okuma, Kenneth Takemoto, James Taba, Paul Yanagihara, Akio 'vi S "Shine that NOT PICTURED: Chun, Clarence Hisata, Tom Kadoshima, Donald Kaiimura, Hiro Kaiimura, Sab Katamoto, Sam Kato, Charles Kubota, Ernest Kumasaka, Roland Kurose, Paul Murai, Edward Nagai, David Nakagawa, George Nakagawa, Henry Nakata, Gerald Oga, Takashi Okada, Richard Okano, Robert Sasaki, Joe Sato, Ken Uyeda, Sam Yoshida, Ronald s N 4115 15th N. E. trophy. Let's get it again!" ,l- Af- DONALD MAEKAWA, President 9 wes ey house iii 0 K EH L H lp as fo MQ U 4205-15th N. E. 4 4 4 lm :Q- Q Ill ll 1 um mi E31 wild! Hess, Lois Hurst, Margery Kiel, Shirley Loree, Lucille McCormick, Barbara McLeish, Marilyn Millard, Sherry Needham, Lois Palmer, Olga Perkins, Lois Abbott, Nadine Bonner, Carole Booker, Vivian Brown, Beverly Follis, Britta George, Joan Herrick, Rose Rosenquist, Rowena Tweedie, Luanno Mae Ward, Janice Weiss, Glenna Wells, Shirley Wong, Dolores NOT PICTURED: Bigley, Barbara Brown, Lora Lee Deshbukh, Leela Downs, Joan Eastman, Nancy El-Masry, Ensaf Glass, Barbara Larson, Janice Ling, Jing Wedemeyer, Ela ine 'Psi we 2, G 1 gm ,, iii? asia-iii J 22? gels? 'Ziff . g if erlll, T J inl c c my 9 J c, 3 .. Wesley House, a "home away from home" for university girls since l935, provides a unique experience in Christian living, provides social advantages, and promotes high scholarship. The top-floor dor- mitory, housing 32 girls this year, is only part of the building which also houses Wesley Club and Kappa Phi. The three organizations cooperate to provide a well-rounded program of social, service, cul- tural, and religious activities for Methodist--preference and any other interested young people. CURTIS, EDNA, President jd ,Q Tj -s 97 eklind hall 'QSPDW' Prospective nurses use the library facilities ot Eklind, Focusing our attention oway from studies and work, we find one ofthe nurses about to "terrorize" fellow students. yt" , N X xx. L .X X . - X A thorough training is afforded all student nurses. Here we see students learning correct operative room procedure. LM!! Q l i fiat The broad and intensive training provided forthe student nurses also includes class room work. 399 A student, preparing to go on duty ot Swedish Hospital, adiusts her cap before the mirror in her room. 400 Barrell, Jeannine, Sr. Baudendistel, Cathy, Sr Brown, Louisa, Jr. Cannon, Ethelann, Sr. Dealey, Nancy, Sr, Dalloff, Virginia, Jr. Fowler, Barbara, Sr. Glass, Merrillann, Sr, Gronning, Karen, Sr. Gustafson, Arlene, Jr. Hall, Margaret, Sr. Hanson, Dorothy, Jr. Hilby, Jaan, Jr. Holm, Ann, Sr. Holstad, Marilyn, Sr. lshimitsu, Nobuko, Jr. I ff! i. A N I Q -,,, X H ki 'cs f -as NTL , 4-kL R 4 1 X Q . x fi HT . fr C 'gf Q, 5, 7 1: i K L I Nita K J' , . 4 t . M" K Q fflfi J All 9 And this is howto make a bed. 5: i Y M ..,, Y., ty With two years of campus life and various science and basic nursing arts courses behind her, the stu- dent nurse proudly receives her white cap, symbolic of her chosen profession. Whether she enters Ek- lind Hall and the Swedish Hospital, or Harborview Hall and King County Hospital, she finds her train- ing a valuable and unforgettable experience. Once she is capped, her days become a whirlwind of hospital duty, classes, and study, and soon she is whisked off on affiliations to Children's Ortho- pedic Hospital for pediatrics, Northern State Hos- pital for psychiatric nursing, Firland Sanitarium for tuberculosis, and the King County Public Health Department. Off duty hours bring fun and relaxation with fellow students. Informal parties and picnics are abundant. Sports enthusiasts enjoy skiing, basketball, tennis, and swimming. .S RJ? 465V fy a 3 a fs Qi in ,QF t 5' El' if I' , Q i :iff Y ' I: gg i ...- . , 3 . ,W we-i 1 -V44 K A' 1 Q5 use ' iiii C ' "' ,N - rains L. .-'f if 'il ft ac, V, Nj is .g h g ,fig i Q ' " ' l .3 A XR.. x. A f J , F AIQV 1 ffirif' fXfi 'J f , as fri ' 'ii 1 ii M -. .,-AL' ,. ,x:L ,J J A es , S . ii is ,,,1 ,,,,L.E,, Yr'--, . fi AX A X , ..,, Ag f1-. XLQQ gx JT PICTURED: cerman, Connie, Jr. iin, Connie, Jr. an, Maxine, Sr. dersen, Doris, Sr. derson, Connie, Jr. derson, Darlene, Jr. zlerson, Joan, Jr. lerud, Elaine, Jr. use, Joan Karrer, Sr. ibst, Beverly, Jr. t, Margaret, Jr. Jmberlin, Charlotte, Sr. eoson, Karen, Jr. iwley, Dorothy, Jr. vey, Rebecca, Jr. wsmore, Merle, Jr, ins, Caryl, Sr. ler, Janet, Sr. ld, Elsie, Jr. If fl! X -Af IK' Wash day. Flood, Marilyn, Sr. Fraser, Lora, Jr. Gutenberger, Bernita, Jr. Hagen, Elaine, Jr. Hammell, LuVerna, Jr. Harpole, Jeanne, Jr. Irwin, Martha, Jr. Jacobs, Frances, Jr, Lannigan, Mary, Sr. Larson, Barbara, Sr. LeCccq, Barbara, Sr. McConnell, Nala, Sr. McGlenn, Kay, Sr. Mumau, Joan, Jr. Packard, Katherine, Jr. Patterson, Kathleen, Jr. Peck, Ruth, Jr, Peebles, Shirley, Jr. Pennell, Ann, Jr. Peterson, Lorraine, Jr. Rockwood, Rexann, Jr. Rogers, Virginia, Jr. Rowland, Pamela, Jr. Rud, Carol, Jr. Schultz, Lillian, Sr. Shapiro, Janet, Jr. Shatter, Bette, Jr. Smith, Shirley, Jr. Snyder, Marjorie, Jr. Sonntag, Amy, Jr. Stevenson, Mary Lea, Jr. Stone, Patricia, Jr. Straub, Frances, Jr. Swenson, Dennyece, Jr. Thackston, Marilyn, Jr. Tucker, Janet, Jr. Walton, Betty, Jr. Weiss, Kay, Sr. Williams, Mary, Jr. Niehaus, Delpha, Jr, Johanson, Geraldine, Sr. Kaas, Sharon, Sr. Lister, Marian, Sr, Longpre, Barbara Lorentzen, Joane, Sr. Merritt, Donna, Sr. Medica, Marilyn, Jr. Nelson, Bernice, Sr, Pfeil, Caroline, Sr. Phillips, Peggy, Jr. Prevost, Elaine, Jr. Roscoe, Jean, Sr. Rowbottom, Mildred, Sr. Severson, Christine, Jr. Temby, Shirley, Jr. VanAntwerp, Sherron, Sr. Yanagihara, Mitsue, Jr. This patient gets a free ride. Notice the happy smile 401 harborvlew hall school of nursing harborview division PRECLINICAL STUDENTS, P. MERRILL, N. GREEN ond .I. DOBBS, Iearn the importance of patient teaching from Nursing Arts instructor, MISS PER- DELWITZ, in the practice word. CAPPING CEREMONY performed by Director of Nursing Service MISS GLYNN, starting G. HANS- LER in the nursing profession. GRADUATING or PINNING ends clinical exp- ence, but begins our responsibility as professio nurses. MISS GRAY, Educational Director, prese pins to I. ISHII, D. WARREN, .I, SNIDER, and FLORA. gf E V M , 5 ...,,,,,..,,..., si, W ' ' . I, I 1-g Al I if , ,. ...W ,cc IW rw I .., i . V, . i.-A! 5 il Q I -. '5 -i....d""'HYiYX... E I WARD DIRECTION is C1 big port of P. FERGUSONS Ieoining here In the nursery under the direction of MRS HOEFFER RN. harborview hall ' ' 'few :Vk ' ' V 6, far. " ' I -ff. A I t - I we . r- , f W' -Q . V X: . Q . .s . f- " A , . I ' s I f , - "-A , gi.. ,G . 11, ., ' fi ' ffiiif' L 4512 l V 1 -f' -v-., 3 Q . ai' If Q . xi 1 wr ' . . lifts. , , s ' If 1 . 4 ,W ' , I . i ,,.:k,,k ' , A . , I 7 1 I i f . Q, is ' 735 g, ., ,f .Zi X h .V . iq- 1 "' , in If yy 'er f X I. -I ' 1 rf' -'f' . f. . - . 551 ' . .. f' i' .l ,av 7 F . , . - l . "". M 3 f I. -f me eff IX ' 'T . ff' . f I ff ., .1 f 1 I H T, 5 ' fu- - 2- - . " 4 - , " is . f, I Q- " . 'J--ff ' - - .... I "'.,..f , 5 K .... ,J ., g Q .mg -.5 ,Q Q fl , , 1 ., so I i' ' .1 - ' .f 5 1 .-are yy . I 1, r ' l Qi If I II I . I . Xl. E ff . i . , Q K '... Vi K I I 1 I A i.. 's I. s s f eff . W ' 1 f-'- - . H . . . , ir. V fs I --I ' -eats + I .fe K me--r A - I . N j f, 'P' . Q 4, . . I K . I 1 .12. . I I' zrflzi, fi -I - X f ' N ' f "QQA'L 'I H - ' ' ff . I . r- 1 1 1 X " 7 'S Backstrom, Alice, Sr. Bertolino, Beulah, Jr, Blornquisl, AUITG, JF- CCVPGUTGY, CIGVC, Sl' H Elken, Sonia, Sr. Flora, Margaret, Sr. Harris, Shirley, Soph. Hinman, Gratia, Sr. , ' Iverson, Phyllis, Sr. Kawaguchi, Ellen, Sr. Marcella, Greta, Sr, McAllister, Belly T 7 - Satterthwaite, Judy, Sr Shimbo, May Softky, Lois, Jr. Warren, Dorothy, Sr I. . li' 'lgl .. I sal Berr , Anita, Sr. Bisch, Doris, Sr. Byles, Leah, Sr. , ' " I I Fleming, Barbara, Soph. Hansler, Grace, Soph. Hill, Lola, Soph. I XX if X X ,f Jenkins, Mariel, Soph. Lanigan, Anne, Sr. Martin, Florence, Sr. I Savikko, Joerene, Jr. Snider, Joan, Sr. Stevenson, Mariorie, Sr. Albertson, Norma, Sr. Arledge, Virginia, Soph. Cays, Jean, Sr. Donnart, Sarah, Soph. Holmes, Marguerite, Sr. Ishii, Irene, Sr. Miller, Mary Jean, Sr. Pecchia, Benite, Sr. Wassenaor, Betty, Soph. Yandon, Richard, Sr. Alexander, Elizabeth, Soph. , , , , , cumin hem Florence So h, We chose Kin Count Hos :tal for our clinical education because it 9 1 I P 'bSe"'Le"""efJ'- offers so many kinds of nursing - l.e. contagious disease control, Nelson, Mary Ann, Soph. Weitemier, Isabelle, Soph. NOT PICTURED: Ames, Sylvia, Jr. Bean, Bernice, Jr. Berry, Barbara, Jr. Brown, Pamela, Jr. Crafts, Mariorie, Sr. Davis, Peggy, Sr. Ferguson, Margaret, Jr. Flanik, Arthur, Sr. Frye, Shirley, Jr. George, Mary Lee, Soph. Holladay, Patricia, Sr. Hays, Dorothea, Soph. Hersgard, Morley, Jr. Kodama, Lilly, Jr. Larson, Mariorie, Jr. Leak, Carole, Sr. Madeson, Audrey, Sr. Messenger, Ellen, Jr. Oelschlagel, Caroline, Sr Ogan, Lois, Jr. Pederson, Marlene, Soph. Richter, Mary Jane, Jr. Sexton, Patricia, Jr. Sharp, Faustine, Soph. Spendiff, Anna Lee, Jr. Stoner, Alice, Jr. Taylor, Jacqueline, Sr. Vincent, Marilyn, Jr. emergency and clinic patient handling, psychiatric management, and more. Harborview, or King County Hospital No. I, is abreast of trends in Hospital management, medicine, and nursing. There are students in other fields such as X-ray and laboratory with whom to share our findings. In the nurses' residence, the housing is comfortable and homey. Then too, individual rooms are advantageous. We cook and have parties in the lounges situated on each floor, but more often they become meeting or sewing rooms as activities come up and our interests change. The dining room services are convenient and really the dieticians are better cooks than some classmates. Student government here is ideal-for students, that is. Those who bring up the problems help solve them through our student council. We are still a real part of University activities, but more and more we find ourselves taken up with the multitude of interesting facets of our profession. Off duty times gives us freedom for pastimes like basket- ball, a chorus, and a Christian Fellowship group. After two years at college, we move into this clinical division at the hospital to follow through an integrated and progressive teaching program which assists us to become responsible citizens. But most important, we graduate as capable nurses-responding to the calls for service and under- standing of individuals and communities. 404 TRULY DEMOCRATIC is our student council, We run it-it works for us-we like it. Study and research continue while Miss Hoffine, residence direc- tor, and B. Bertolino, Presi- dent, head the round table. harborview ON WITH THE SHOW for this modernized Little Red Riding- hood act. Yes-it is! We have male nurses! ALLIED PROFESSIONS are be- ing studied by student nurse I. Weitemier, while polio pa- tient receives hydro treatment from physical therapist, Miss Tappan. if f-iii 'K Q hall IN OUR LOUNGE, we relax, make Christmas argyles, eat and visit. Dress is informal- ioin us! 75, 'iw blackford hall . .sr , 1 ,-.. L L Q' , I ' 'G I Q- Q ,,.. ' - 2 fe'-Er 5 QQEV S r4g.,f x Y g W sg .1 L k Z y Lg.. Q ' ' if Q' A - ' 0 L he . 1 Jfl ELIZABETH Mc.lUNKIN, President 1e Basic l's and ll's, currently having their clinical xperience at Virginia Mason Hospital, plus the B-lII's" attending classes on campus, represent the asic Research Program of the UW School of Nurs- Q. we nursing student in the interrupted degree pro- ram spends one year on campus and the next two t the hospital. She is then eligible to take state oard examinations for her R.N., or return to cam- us and get her Bachelor of Science in Nursing. McRae, Grace Miceli, Loraine Moody, Donna Nave, Marian Neel, Carol , , Partee, Patricia Peterson, Barbara Quale, Mary Lee Blackford Hall Off-duty xg Allison, Barbara Anderson, Joanne Anderson, Yvonne Barnett, Nancy Elom, Lois Galiano, Phyllis Hammerly, Carol Helgeson, Diane Hilliker, Barbara Hudspith, Muriel Jackson, Florence Knutson, Elsie Mae M H?-S ' r , .Bb -3 ra, Y Q4 g ei X 9 K r x - 1' K 3 1 -4 ir s l - , Simpson, Pauline Sutherland, Shirley ,V v ' H , Taylor, Joan if .gc VanderVoet, Gayle K ,A ,A 'E . f-., .- Watson, Lynne J K . ' ' I I J rf Watts, Darlene is-r ' - K A f V ' iih 'sf , rl Yenne, Rose K -7:7 AV,, I Zingmark, Joanne . 4' L, ' or - , X 5 I X t 405 dental hygiene Dental Hygiene was established as a major in 1950. After graduation, dental hygienists work in private practice or in public dental health education positions, performing such services as dental health education, oral prophylaxis, so- dium fluoride applications and radio- graphic work. Included in this year's activities were a welcome party for the juniors, orienta- tion meetings for pre-dental hygiene maiors, dental health programs on tele- vision, and participation in the dental school Christmas party. NOT PICTURED: Baker, Arloene Chartrand, Carolyn Freese, Carol Hamlin, Susan Ryan, Margaret Stoller, Barbara Tronquet, Alice Maston, June Ryan, Ann Roop, Madeline 406 Chonzena, Mana Congdan, Roberta Donaldson, Sally Dunn, Muriel Harrison, Susan Hillman, Lona Homma, Kumiko McGee, Sally Morganthaler, Mary O'Connor, Sharon Piha, Rae Rasenen, Irene ,M S 5 .f Anderson, Jan Beeson, Beverly xii V' W. , F .L Q Ross, Sharon Smith, Nancy it , , ,. 6 if? 5 N M' 9 Q Y ,. " E ci I X JL tugs ENV 4 Adair, Francis Anderson, Donald Anderson, Harold Ayres, Albert Brower, Robert Brown, Garland Bueschke, Edgar Daniels, Don Decker, Daniel Dempsey, Robert Evans, David Fare, James Fletcher, Gulden, Larson, Paul Charles Donald Livengood, Mark f Losey, Ronald e 5 R! C Malakoft, Burton 5' l2 A Richtmyer, Charles Sagle, Arthur Shomler, Robert Sleizer, Larry Smith, Jim Streeter, Clyde Suder, Walter Trumble, Donald Wadekamper, Arthur Webberley, Gerald Welch, James Gillman, Jan Wisen, Byron Walter, Robert 5 4' ,gy Q 9 4 fin' Q N Hall, Jerome Hoey, Alan Kramm, John Keyes, Robert I I I ' Independent men students have an opportunity to enter into social and student activities through Adelphi. The aim of the club is to give each mem- ber training in leadership and to promote social activities, thereby filling their college years with warm friendships and good times. MAYNARD FALCONER, President Marik, Raymond Moore, Tony Nicholson, Mel O'Malley, Charles Peterson, Les Pettitt, Lon Reddaway, Donald Rice, Charles f l " 213' -E1 Qu' Q... NOT PlCTURED: Anderson, Dave Andreiko, Fritz Carstensen, Larry Crane, James Gaidsick, Harald Osborne, Bob Bame, Roland Bauscus, Fred Kennedy, Charles Wilson, Don Ziuzin, Victor Bartlett, Richard Black, Richard Bloom, Mike Gibbs, Bruce Gordon, Larry Grayson, David Hahn, Werner Harter, Jerry Johnston, Jan Leary, George Lemmon, Kenneth McBride, Thomas Noah, Curtis Ostling, Raymond Robinson, Dean Savora, Maurice Smith, Melvin Strom, Bert Tellock, Harold Thomas, David bachelor' club Archey, Thomas Bakke, Kjell Barnes, Ardell Birkeland, Pete Bushue, Paul Clasen, Dann Dahlgren, Don Dammeier, Brian Decker, Jerry Erickson, Norm Fitzpatrick, Bob Geraghty, Jack Grevstad, Ben Horchaver, Bob Jones, John BURGES, CHUCK, President It is the purpose of this organization to support and promote school spirit on the University of Washing- ton campus and to encourage active participation from the older male students. Only single, unen- gaged males, 2l years old or over with the proper attitude concerning the opposite sex are eligible for membership. Please do not misconstrue the term, proper attitude. Along with our several stag parties with dates re- quired to foot their own bill and wear white shirts and levies, the Bachelors were a huge success in Songfest. Also, the club initiated last year one of the most outstanding all-university functions to ever be held during the noon hour - Brown Bag Day. r x, .fl ':- iff? i i gil nl f Y -.v Ol' W A, 'W . -A' ts :ii ., Richards, Dick Rohr, Bob Sargent, Wimpy Warner, John Zirbel, Bill Langton, Ken Lowman, Charles Mead, Herb McKinnon, Mickey Moore, Tom Morris, Ralph Mullin, Shan Nielsen, Frem Nunnelee, Gery Peterson, Dale Perry, Len Ramsey, Doug NOT PICTURED: Delamitros, Artie Eagle, Blake Eagon, Dick Keefe, Larry McMillan, Jack Nordstrom, Bruce Phelps, Norval Webber, Paul 4 414 american institute hemical engineer HAROLD NELSON, President L Q .ns L, -...ev 1. , -.0 any Y sp..-f The American Institute of Chemical Engineers was founded in l908. The student chapter was char- tered in l94O at the University of Washington. The objects ofthe Institute are the advancement of the professional standing of its members, the mainte- nance of high professional standards among its engineers and the furtherance of chemical engineer- ing in theory and practice. Matteson, Mike 15. . Morrow, Lee ,, V Murakmi, Robert ' -f Nordman, Arnold war Plebuch, Dick Remnet, Jack Ross, Ken ,, AW, A' W 9, Q- gek 97 Agar, Jim M. Brock, John Davidson, Judy Devones, Bob Doyle, Mike Dukes, Goerge Durnan, Denis Gansler, Henry Glenn, Kirk Graves, Michael Greenberg, Jess Johnson, Ken NOT PICTURED: Alcid, Louis Anderson, Nils Avery, John Bartels, Ed Bullat, Dave Cantrell, Donald Demmitf, Torn Diederich, Robert Dreisbach, W.G. Fisher, Franklin Fujloka, Ted Greenwell, Warren Honse, Bill Kulesza, Gene Larrick, Alvin lf - Leonard, Dave 9 'fi Sekor, Jim iii 'bi 'W . I Shimizu, Masaru 1 A v W " , X - 'sf I Thomas, Jim . v hvl Tolond, Tom ' ' N ' F, Watts, Charles , Wieder, Lawrence iii Yoshinaka, Jimmy 4 .N YE Cltrli Hoff, Knutt Howard, Rod Jenkins, Marie Kolesar, Donald Martin, Russel Michelson, Charles Pahkama, Bob Lambird, Bob Persico, John Shafizadah, Mahmound Stephens, Douglas Lukk, Harry Walker, Joe YSL as u . in-'N ew ' cf, f' L ,,-Y american society of civil engineers Adaer, Francis, Jr. Andreas, Tony, Soph. Butler, Mike, Soph. Carroll, John, Sr. Chenoweth, C.C., Sr. Curtes, C.W., Sr. Daum, Arthur, Sr. Drocup, John, Sr. Ellis, C.W., Sr. Emnott, Darrell, Soph. ' Falskow, Guy, Fr. Ferryman, W.H., Jr. Fossatti, Robert, Soph. Glaze, David, Jr. Goerlich, William, Jr. Haselton, Otis, Jr. Heinke, Ronald, Soph. Henken, Edwin, Soph. Hill, Donald, Sr. Hordan, William, Sr. Jamieson, R.F., Sr. ev y . I . I V471 s,13,'. A KAY JONES, President , F' hir 'nz' 6-'Jw Y 'E' is Professional growth is derived two ways. First is the at- tainment of a background of technical knowledge and skill. Second is a philosophy which creates a spirit of loyalty to the profession. Student chapters of ASCE pro- vide the opportunity for the beginning of growth in these directions, by supplementing regular class work making student work known to professionals in NOT PICTURED: Adams, Noel Albert, Robert Albin, Lawerance Anderson, E. Avery, Harry Albertson, Orris Bakke, K.M. Bartlett, Dick Bartholmey, Don Barton, W.J. Bennett, Donald Blue, W.H. Boitana, Louis Brett, R.E. Bravo, John Brown, JD. Brown, Donald Brown, Milliard Bublitz, William Burford, Jack Bushley, Alan Cakarnis, lkars Camphell, David Chiang, Martin Clements, L.O. Cory, B.M. Crarner, Frank David, R.D. Dawson, John Dean, Howard Ditman, Oleg Dodge, K.D. Erickson, Donald Ferguson, Cecil French, Dale Gagne, John Gavinsky, Bob Go, Jack Goodman, R.F. Gregory, K.R. Gwilym, Ed. Hammersmith, Ed. Hancock, Charles Hansler, G.M. Hansen, Loren Hanson, Neal Hardwick, Thomas Henry, William Holit, Girt Holmes, A.K. Howe, William Howry, Rex Jones, Gorr Jones, LB. Jones, William Kari, Earl Koester, Robert Drier, Robert Krull, Robert Liland, Olav Locke, Sydney McCalia, W.T. Mclvor, Ivor Martin, Robert Mahan, Bill ASCE. Mayo, Ronald Mazna, R.M. Minnehan, Robert Nelson, Kenneth Nelson, Doug Newell, Bill Ozols, Vitaults Platou, K.S. Poage, Leland Porter, S.L. Pomeroy, Wayne Pye, Bill Peratrovich, Ray Raed, R.M. Reyes, T.B. Rhodes, Charles Sainsbury, J.C. Sedgley, George Senstad, Harold Schlacter, William Schmidt, James Schuettke, Roger Smith, Carl Smith, V.G. Smrha, Duane Stanton, Louis Stevens, Robert Strader, Gene Strom, Biorn Summers, Charles Sundquist, Dean Tang, Chun-Yi Thomas, W. Sanford t - f K1 is at 5 ff' ' I, ,K - 51,3 ir' f 'U ' -'91 .i A ML: r' J, d,j'Q, , if , 1 1 i 1 1 a fki if .. e? Kandle, Charles, Sr. Kimbell, Gordon, Jr. Koyoski, Jim, Sr. Kurtz, James, Jr. Lamb, Lynn, Sr. Lundberg, Mel, Sr. 1. McKenney, Douglas, Sr. McMahon, Duane, Sr. Massey, Roy, Sr. Peterson, Wallace, Sr. Ryker, Rodney, Soph. Rottler, Arthur, Sr. Searle, Henry, Sr. Servizi, Jim, Sr. Schinke, Larry, Jr. Shriner, Ralph, Sr. Vaux, James, Sr. Wilson, Melvin, Jr. Thuring, Donald Trumbull, James Uhlman, Neil Vasishth, U.C. Vispas, Uno Webster, Leland White, James A T .. 7501. 'W it if J sf we px tx 'M 6 X X., A :QQ , Whltely, Jack Willsea, F.C. Wohl, Howard Wauwenaar, George Zamelis, Andreas Zirkle, Jerry E.. . All ig Y . r A 415 american society of mechanical engineers Allen, Edwin Anderson, Duane Angle, Ted Baker, Duane Bell, Milo Duncan Bergstrom, Ted Brinclle, Hal Bush, Curtis Bye, Gerald Clasen, Dann Dempsey, Robert Elmberg, Jack Erickson, Eric Fitch, John Foo, Englan Forseth, Paul Gallagher, Dan Gillman, Jan Harp, Jimmy Haven, Hugh Haynes, Harald Hoerr, Raymond Huntting, Jerry Jacot, Arthur Kerr, Robert Kyle, Richard Lavi, Rahim Lowery, Patrick Lukin, Jack McKinnon, Michael McMillan, Richard Merchant, Howard Miller, Gordon Moulton, Frank Null, John Pelkey, Duane Peterson, Emery Putnam, Douglas Putney, Charles Reed, Norman Russell, Alva Saulsman, Richard Smith, George Sowa, Kenneth Tionneland, Elling Vanderslice, Gordon Warfield, Robert Waterman, Alvin Whitney, Jerry Williams, Dane NOT PICTURED: Amos, Robert Anderson, Jay Barron, Herb Beyer, Herman Burgoon, Richard Byrne, Kenneth Carlson, Richard Cash, Gordon Cleveland, Virgil Coogan, Patrick Coski, William Cupples, Jack DeAlmeida, Luiz Anton De Nise, Swight Donovan, Miriam Easterbrook, Raymond Esko, Byron Fairchild, Harold 416 The University of Washington student branch ot the American Society of Mechanical Engineers was established on the campus in l9l7. The primary aims ot the organization are to broaden the stu- dents' acquaintance with the practical side of me- chanical engineering and to meet graduate engineers engaged in active practice of mechanical engineering. Wifi: , JAMES ALBERT DeSHAZO, President gr: K Q K 1 :B i if io Alvez Fisher, Paul Fitzsimmons, Dale Fitzsimmons, Harold Flaaten, Ralph Fredell, Richard French, William Garrison, David Gronemyer, Vernon Hall, Howard Hansen, Russel Harkins, John Harui, Norio Heikkinen, Allen Heckman, Claude Hepler, Alexander Hofeditz, John Hollenbeck, Cedric Holtziriger, Charles Knock, Roy Kenny, Lyle Krull, Larry Landweer, James LeCocq, Andrew Kumcher, Felipe Karelson, Edward Laws, Geraold Lermusik, John Love, Richard Luschei, Loren McKernan, John McKee, Everett MacKenzie, Russel Maylor, Elliott Mehler, Ulrick Miller, Roy Mirande, Pierre Morgan, Michael Nagai, David 4 L A - , 5 C ' . W if 4: ,, vm, 7 , M ip, ' Niemi, Onni Nylund, Bruce Ohlinger, Allen Olsen, Joseph Peterson, Allen Porter, Norman Pratt, Robert Pullman, Benlre Randolph, John Rice, Francis Roodzant, Duane Sall, Gurgakhsh Salmi, George Schwedes, John Shannon, Charles Sherling, John Sherman, Lynn Singh, Balwant Smith, Ernest -.J G L 'Qi 43 ,QA t if Wilson, Brock Wing, Donald Strader, William Struble, Glenn Stuart, August Thomas, William Thornton, John Townsend, C.W. Ushakotf, Valdimir Viloudaki, Bruce Walker, George Welch, Gerald Williams, Loren Wires, .lack Woeck, Harold Y Q gl ,ru Pt' engineering s1'uden1"s council NOT PICTURED: Avery, John Ballinger, James Belenski, John Clark, Richard Conrad, Robert Daub, Jim Dean, Howard DeNise, Max Honeywell, Earl Jacobsen, Gordon Kaphammer, Kenneth Keski, Jim Nelson, Bud Engineering Student's Council is the coordinating body of the students in the College of Engineering. lts membership consists of delegates from the de- partments of civil, electrical, mechanical, mining, aeronautical, automotive, chemical, and ceramic engineering, the freshman branch of the college, Tau Beta Pi, the engineering honorary, and the So- ciety of American Military Engineers. Engineering Council has the huge task of putting on the 1956 Open House, where the students dis- play their arts and knowledge to the general pub- lic. Held every two years, this display has upwards of l5,000 persons attending. Also, it is the duty of Engineering Council to help orient freshman engi- neering students with lower campus. Anderson, Robert , Baker, Duane .. 5 DeShazo, James i , it A V You . ,s Dracup, John N xii "gf - ' Durnan, Denis ia fl' 5 5 " Feaster, Richard Fusfield, Robert ' l if ff ' ' 1 . , - . 9 ..,,- , . . 'rf If ,gi 3. ' V 3 K wa hington engineer taff , A M The Washington Engineer is published six times per school year by the Engineer Stu- dents' Council, with a staff of 32 undergrad- uate engineering students. Filled with semi- technical and non-technical articles, it is pri-- marily circulated among engineering students. However, it is also used to stimulate an in- terest in the field of engineering in high schools throughout the state. Bergstrom, Ted Bush, Curt Gilbert, Dave LeCocq, Andrew HAVEN, HUGH, Editor McMahon, Duane Prindle, Ray Rotta, Al Rothenbuhler, Bill NOT PICTURED: Cupples, Jack Dean, Jim Dena, Dick Hall, Howard Martin, Raoul Mickleson, Lynn Preble, Charles Thomas, Earl -1. -,nn ,r f 'li x R 'Fw ei X x 4,- L r ' . X M K jr , 2 4 it-'li-:fn f nl ,M , B ,, ik , ..- 1 A it Q nf' , rw ii-,V Q, DONALD HILL, Chairman Giese, Clarence Haven, Hugh Jones, K.H. Larson, Donald Nelson, Harold Nordstrom, Tom Toba, Paul Morrow, Lee Larrick, Al Stark, John Bean, Ed Brown, Bruce Pevey, Dennis Qualley, John Smith, Laurie Schultz, Janet 417 4 HAROLD MCBRIDE, President K iff' f l A M Q-er f if 15,-an iw, ix' 'f M i QA K we nl X " inf' Q KGB V ' Elf K U l 4:4 .3 .4 Yin. .A .4 . Elliot, William Fay, Charles Finch, James Fischer, John Fraas, Robert Freese, Robert Hanson, Lowell lngle, Donna Johnson, Elinor Kay, Richard Lomax, Alan McArthur, Norine Morris, Carol Nelson, Howard Noble, Gerald Oberlatz, Steve Pessemier, James Port, Paul Ramsey, Richard Ritchie, Margaret Smith, Verna Ann Swanson, Lois Westland, Eugene Youngquist, James Anderson, Bennett Aston, Emmit Best, Joanne Bloom, William Breslich, Mary Brittain, Paul Cole, Edwin Day, Eugene Dobkin, Melvin Donaldson, Donald Shields, Bert american pharmaceutical association The University of Washington College of Pharmacy Student Branch of the American Pharmaceutical Association was organized in i946 to encourage the advancement of pharmacy os ci science and a profession. The Association engages speakers from the world of pharmacy and related healthescience professions as well as having films relating to the profession. The social interests of its members are taken care of by dances, a Christmas party and participation in Pharmacy Week in the spring quar- ter in conjunction with the Pharmacy fraternities and honoraries. NOT PlCTURED: Alm, Kathleen Butler, Thomas Campbell, David Claassen, Phillip Comstock, David Dickson, Paul Esteban, Manuel Goff, Rodney Grutchfield, Vic Heffron, Lewis Jeliner, Dagmar Kirsch, William Koscal, Edward Kyle, William Levine, Darrell Nault, Daniel Nunn, Charles O'Neill, Richard Phillips, Anne Patzer, Robert Pettinato, Frank Pirtle, Rosco Price, Richard Quan, Ann Renner, Leelyn Roark, John Rose, Joseph Runikis, Janis Ryan, Mary Sapp, Charles Scheinost, Eddie Schmaker, Karen Spence, Robert Takeda, Shozi Thrumond, Albert Walker, Robert Zimmerman, Dawn institute of aeronautical sciences ,.. Left to right: First Row Second row: Third ROW: Bean, George Kerzie, David Cameron, Bruce Toba, Paul Emons, James Dixon, Gerald Burr, Robert LaVillette, John As an Engineering Society, the Institute of Aeronautical Sciences provides opportuni- ties for students on campus to benefit by participation in programs and activities related to the aeronautical sciences. Mem- bership in the l.A.S. is open to every engi- . neering or physical science maior with a f 1 bent toward things aeronautical. Activities ofthe l.A.S. include high quality technical meetings with leading men from the air- craft industry. The l.A.S. member gains first hand information of aviation on the field trips offered each year. The bi-annual engineering open house is an interesting proiect on which l.A.S. members work to- gether as an engineering team. Fourth Row: Nelson, Bud, President McClure, Doyle Ahlstrom, Harlow Scott, Earl Dubendorf, Keith Ross, Benjamin Iversen, Howard Nicolai, Leland Ross, Doyle Snoring, Thor Thomas, Alfred Crettol, Marvin Honeywell, Earl lrminger, Jon Westwood, Edward Worthington, Forrest Jensen, Dale Kohatsu, Takeshi Ness, Mahlon Payne, Richard Sheppard, Monte Morris, Robert pershing rifl l R. C. KLINGBEIL, President national army rotc honorary Company B, l lth Regiment of the National Society of Persh- ing Rifles, was formed on this campus in February of 1952. It has grown steadily since to a membership of over 66. The members are selected from participants on the Army ROTC Drill Team and other outstanding men in the Cadet Ranks. The PR sponsors many social functions during the year, in- cluding the i954 Spring Army Formal. The Drill Team marches under the guidon of the Pershing Rifles to such parades as the Daffodil Festival, Apple Blos- som Festival and the Trooping of Colors at the Aqua Theater. Billingsley, S.K. A Q Cloore, .l.A. ' K ' .ig D b , R.S. . l 'Q ' -si l 'T Leomiignne, P.M. 'ggi-c:iTL:RED' . X - T2 ..-I! lullermcn' RE' Davidson, J.T. Q Q' Eng, R.S. . ' Gracey, L.F. tx ' h 1 James, E. Kinsch, B. " c . I Langlois, H.L. 4 "4 l Randall, W.A. S lgleankfp Rossman, M.P. , Y ' 'C ' ' ' Strange, R. I W ' I Rosler' C'W' Thornquist, P. ,' , A isewclnf ED' Turner, .l.G. -' ' are, . . , ,se 419 42 pus llgg Nun. ' supply c Divine services at sea aboard a cruiser. andidates fl ,,ri 3,,'ff-M? , 'A ' fr ... ,, . 1: , - if . ' '- , - 4 i 1-ff' 1 ' -V ,, 1 J'-" ' s . ' v Laffaw, Larry Larsen, Henro Love, Edwin s..- 1.: ,sm 453 , compass and char' PetersonRiChmdS'Obe'9'RlCho'd naval rotc fraternity Z." 41' ...J Plfer Drury Plumb James Rolla Ervin Waters George Williams Victor COl1fI'GCl'S Brazier, John Burton, William Egerlon, Charles Franklin, James Haase, John Hodges, Floyd Kochlein, George Kerslake, Ronald Lullinen, Carlyle Massey, Roy McGrath, James Miller, Charles Miller, Gordon Moore, Donald Nowell, Philip Peters, Sidney Petersen, Warren Pelerson, Theodore regulars Adams, Thomas Amis, James Burr, Robert Eason, Ward Ellis, Peter Griffin, William S2 Hines, Walter Hong, Leslie Metcalf, Donald Olivier, Denny ww Olson, Darryl Osborne, Robert Reeder, Paul Renshaw, Kent Swisher, Donald Viloudaki, Bruce Zirbel, William Compass and Chart, Washington's Naval fraternity, is recognized nationally in Navy circles as one of the leading units. The Clark Hall organization is composed of all NROTC members who desire to belong. Compass and Chart sponsors many activities during the year such as the Binnacle, the unit newspaper, a NROTC annual, and glee club. Other activities include a very active intramural sports pro- gram, Helm and Halyard sailing club and the rifle and pistol teams. The Washington unit's rifle and pistol teams are ranked nationally and hold many trophies. Compass and Chart also has an active social calendar. During the year it sponsors a fall informal, Friday night record dances in the C 81 C Lounge, and the well-known Ring Dance. The Ring Dance, one of the campus' largest formals, was held winter quarter at the Benjamin Franklin hotel. The beautiful Ring Dance queen was an- nounced at the dance. Compass and Chart, in its 30th year on the Washington campus, can well be proud of its achievements. CI' sg. fe av' if' .5 Q-7 -as 17' marine candidates 'S' ve wo, sv- ,sa-'N Abrahamson, Dennis Ewbank, William Petersen, Warren Bower, William Franklin, Ray Pratt, David Wagenhals, Walter Wright, David Stein, Michael Weld, Wayne A breezy sailboat ride. x I -N, :bu i Typlcol Suiurday morning inspecflons :Wm 'AQ M A . . Leff fo righf: GORDON MILLER, Vice President, RON KERSLAKE, President, and HANK LARSON, 6 Treasurer. wie -A-aQ'f if I w '1I"'Y' . Hg h. no ' I Q 'jj im ' ua I I U T 2'- ,'E r,,. I ,If 5 ' E -I , E.g,g,'?-1 ,I 534, in ,? A P314 . im I 'lx I f 1 fa i w t I In ' A rli ef' 1 I 'I ' 1 ' f ' P . ' ,r.J. Q gan.: A .'NN.z7rA f A I I Z I! I rrin 'r r A - i 4 I EEK' 22 rnhrr, , V? if f x N752 ' 'I V' in 'Q K I - 31. I av f Lit v I1 Q- V S I ""5.g A -I 5, I ..A f -N Ll- ' A' 4,-fi 12 f fi -.. I , gJ7"s4,3gg ,D +1 H7 - - .I 'A Q 77 X Nw-Qfmki O 2 I- mls I M I A skis: I955 Ring Dance finalists: MARLEN HILL, Queen, SHIRLEY BIRD, JANIC GRAHAM, DIANE FETTROFF, on CAROLYN ANDERSON. Bombs away! air force r. . . . drill team FIRST TEAM Front Row: Savelle, Dave, Rasmussen, Jim, Dedomenico Mark, Bodhaine, Gary, Henning, Kenneth, Priebe, Ronald, Basel, Gene, Milburn, David, Munson, Robert. Second row: Hill, Claude, Tibbits, Harwood, Burk, Philip, Kelly, Roger Johnson, Glen, Barnes, Thomas, Haworth, Orrin, Rollwag en, Jack, Sickles, Laren, Olson, Earl. Back row: Barrett Robert, Bishop, Ernest, Glover, Larry, Hintze, McKean Maxson, Ronald, Hangartner, Tom, McCartney, Robert Lewis, Cutler. SECOND TEAM Nairn, Darrell, Commander, Adams, Jim, Bauman, Wil liam, Birum, Larry, Bishop, Bruce, Brannon, Ernest, Britt, James, Corbell, Joe, Fournier, John, Gerlitz, Dennis, Giese, Donovan, Hudson, Mar, Ing, William, Kutz, Paul, Odland, Ed, White, Doug. NOT PICTURED, Anderson, William Broeker, Don Browne, James Dickinson, Gary Dunkin, Don Foster, Laurance Griffiths, Larry Peeples, Robert Rendell, Jerald Sandwith, Colin Smith, Douglas Stutz, Deland 1 I The Air Force R.O.T.C. Drill Team represented the University in parades and events in Wenatchee and Tacoma, entertained during half-time at the U.W W.S.C. basketball game and highlighted spring quarter by marching in the Santa Rosa Rose Fest: val Parade. A parents night was only one more of the many activities that completed a busy year s schedule under the command of Cadet Lt. Colonel Claude Hill. The team turns out two hours weekly to practice and master the basic drill maneuvers The membership is voluntary and the team is run by cadet officer with the assistance of this year's new faculty advisor, Capt. William Crail. DRILL TEAM STAFF Left to right, front row: Claude Hill, Commander, Capt. William J. Crail, Faculty Advisor, Harwood Tibbits, Supply Oflicer. Back row: Jan Gillman, Executive Officer, David Savelle, Adjacent Treasurer, Darrell Nairn, Training OFFicer. THIRD TEAM Gillman, Jan, Commander, Beiningen, Kirk, Bigelow George, Boire, Glen, Bowman, William, Cate, Esko, Col lins, John, Daily, Robert, Dickstein, Steve, Galer, Douglas Gibson, Bob, Gray, Burns, Haines, Richard, Laughlin, Gary MacKay, John, McPherron, Robert, Matsumoto, Thomas Matthews, Jerry, O'Brien, Bob, Ring, Richard, Shinoda Franklin, Wothe, Donald. 42 THOMAS ARCHEY, President husky winter sports cIuI: BOB BALE, vice President C ,L LOIS HORN, Secretary JAN JONES, Secretary N STEPHEN ANDERSON, Sergeant at Arms Highlights ofthe HWSC Winter program included: the HWSC ski school which had another successful season at Stevens Pass. The HWSC broadcasted the weather forecast and club news over KCTS TV. Finally, the HWSC spectacular Winter Sports Carnival which included the intramural races, the carnival banquet and queen. The Husky Winter Sports Club under the direction of Tom Archy, President, and his staff of enthusiastic skiers has had another fabulous season. An extra good year because snow conditions were good. 5 SUZANNE FRANZKE, Treasurer X 4 'M 4 BLANCHE DEEPROSE, O. A. Representative , 424 ROBIN GAFFNER, Booster Comm. .wsu 'C37 M fi, f' br. Tom Archy, HWSC Presideni, owczrds The Queen Trophy To petite cmd charming Marcia Young. Bob Bale looks on. 425 :- Y Conibear Shellhouse 426 Bending troining warrants being "deep-sixed." NOT PICTURED: Clarke, Douglas Dell, Michael Hall, Jay Holmsirom, Frank Jensen, Gene MacDonald, Roger Maizels, William Proctor, Gary Reilz, Daniel Alm, Charles Anderson, Douglas Andonian, Paul Barker, Floyd Beers, Frank Benneii, Richard Bissei, John Bower, Charles Brayshaw, Robert Case, Raymond Cafhey, Richard Clark, William Condon, Harold, Jr. Davis, James Decker, Jay Donnan, Thomas Eaton, Robert Erickson, Richard varsity boa ,, 'if , D X 'ls....J Elf .3 . ,M .,,, A,-,.,,. , V -N 4-,xg ' 've '--,431-Q-3-."'5"'ff,J' -f 1 , cw., .J-A f' .an -,- - .... H..- V- , fue-, ,.l,'vq,i-1: ,,,,,. mn, ,, . , up-, me -gf ,efwzsvaeig -is if-i?,7fffi fi' . ?1-'kf--'X-iff" an - r3H+5'F- -- 'I-Orff--':i f 2: f,.f11,H,.,, as .... ,x v. ,A .,,.,,- 'A - ,,- 9 , ,bird . A-c5.L, A , , .. ,mc ' ,'.3T..r S"rS'R:p.,,L A . H. ' g"-'Q- -1 '54 1. N' A- , -za 4. f'f'..-f -rf " -K... .c,,....-,--,-. ,- , ,, J .,-,,,, e ,,.e,.,,,,,,-r - k nf" g,... , .- , ,," f -Q-.-1 . -Y eefr rsie . f?'?"f' "f" i,rer J ,Q i'rr' 'Q'-wa-t.,j'V -Q imw'-QW E . 4'-tt".-1-!f',sgQ:'j9a.:,'3., Malt A X I'i,j-1-s-.Ah ,,-- .ff 'D' 'Q -'uv :SFI- R .. fl... fshirv 7 Er 1 ,,.J X G F sl o 'F Q 'S In 'X' "M: REF- rs' nl ub The Varsity Boat Club is a fraternal organization composed of oarsmen, coxswains and managers who have rowed or turned out for two years and have been elected to membership. Its purposes are first to make Washington shells supreme on the water by focusing the desires and activities of the varsity rowing squad, and second to insure that igorotes lfrosh oarsmenl maintain the high stand- ards and fine traditions of Washington rowing. Membership in this organization entitles one to wear the familiar l'Husky Crew" jacket. During fall and early winter, the Boat Club blossoms into social flower as the oarsmen valiantly strive to cram a year's social activity into a little more than a quarter. As the training season approaches, the members celebrate their mardi gras in the form of the annual VBC Formal dance, open this year to the entire university for the first time since l942. Following this time, the VBC sees to it that the len- ten training rules are strictly adhered to for the six- month season of celibacy which culminates in the l.R.A. Regatta at Syracuse, N.Y., in June. The Varsity Boat CIub's governmental structure is somewhat unusual-it lies somewhere between a pure democracy and mob rule. Only igorotes must adhere to written law, the varsity men being sub- iect to "deep-sixing" off the nearest shellhouse dock for bending training or offending the pack by I ', Gellefman, Louis ' ' Y' ,,. INGHAM, EDWARD, Commodore Evans Richard , x ' f Gilbert, David not wearing shirt to meal, getting pinned, etc. -' 'Y V 13 , :V i Ixh, 1 I fc",-' V i 1 . X, ki y . g ,A J x . R He: A - ,C Q . ... if i ? C ff ,W r s ' .. i I At iv ' l Goodman, Gerald Halberg, John Hovland, Andy Kelly, Donald Kieburtz, Phil Lamb, Lynn Lusher, Douglas Malstrom, Donald Mann, Spencer McKeown, Frank McKie, John Meyer, Paul Nommensen, Gene Nordstrom, John Pebbles, Harald, Jr, Pelkey, Duane Peterson, Theodore Pratt, David Purnell, David Richards, Richard Roberts, Alfred Rowland, Richard Sayre, John Schmitz, Alan Siolseth, Jack Smith, Curtis Stoll, Fred Thomas, Harlan Thomas, Robert Thorstenseon, Robert Thorn, Rodney Wailes, Ronald Wanamaker, James Waters, G. Wayne Wetter, Douglas Weyerman, Bruce 42 husky flying club :Q FJ. .. W Qs! Q :W ' Never fly on an empty stomach. I V yt l Crash landing . . . and let's have breakfast. , L fy g N W Y ai 3.. ' .- J .L f ki f?1.1'1z," '55 -E3-f,?' L i is P A ' ' J ' i, f - ' N'.L ., Y V' J 7 fs 47: f V-Pr'gx,5',:8?5i?5fgRq',-4, L ' of X 4 Q fd 'tra 4 vi ' gtpub ' ' .fax 0 -........ " 1 STEVE WOOD, President . ., f-,f -. , -., aw ll in A 91 ., .L 35' rrrr L rrr Q1 f t -f A M lllli The Husky Flying Club is a student organization established by the air-minded stu- dents ofthe U. of W. in l95O. The purpose, naturally enough, is to have fun flying. Anyone that gets a gleam in his lor herl eye and a restless feeling when they see, hear or smell an airplane is welcome. Our time is spent talking over past flights, plan- ning new flights and helping fledgling pilots. Among the activities sponsored by the club are Breakfast flights, Beach Flights and the annual Winter Dinner Dance. Flying contests, trophies, good food and lots of fun are the work of Breakfast and Beach flights. Benefits offered to Husky Flying Club members include free flying time, use of our link trainer. Just what they need to convey them from classes. Adsen, Jay Bergstrom, Jim Campbell, Bill Sellers, Sue McCreery, Marcia Coomber, Bill Feaster, Dick Goode, John Gooseman, Jim Grant, Gordon Haas, Brian Harkness, George Haselton, Otis Howell, Robert Kreitzberg, Carl Kamm, John Lillibridge, Clint Metz, Peter Milburn, Dave Morris, Bob Nudelman, Phil Perkins, Luann Peyser, Al Rothenbuhler, Bill Tenning, Carl Wallace, Jim NOT PlCTURED: Austin, James Bates, Skip Beck, Alvin Beranck, Marie Bourman, Dave Bruner, Ted Cameron, Jack Castor, Robert Crawford, Clark Dionne, Jack Fielding, Ray Graham, Bruce Hagoman, Floyd Hinderaker, Lowell Hodges, Forrest Huey, Lee Jernigan, Noel Johnson, Park McCreery, Marcia Kamm, John Kozal, Victor Lecht, Charles Murphy, Gene Nordstrom, Tom McCuddin Mickelson, Byron O'Dell, Clyde Olson, David Olson, Harlen Orth, Hans Peeples, Bob Petersen, Emery Pullman, Burk Rasmussen, Al Richardson, Bob Riegel, Bonnie Ripley, Richard Sellars, Sue Smith, Lee Taylor, Lambert Torvik, John Wien, Richard Williams, Dale Wiseman, Ted Youmans, John Youngren, Lawrence industrial ducation club CLAUDE HILL, President The membership in this club is composed of students majoring in Industrial Education in the College of Education. It was founded in 1951 under the guidance of the department head, Dr. Athol R. Baily. At the weekly meet- ings the club sponsors guest speakers whose topics are designed to better acquaint the students with the industrial education teach- ing profession. Various filed tours, dances and a spring picnic are also part of the cIub's activities. The 1955-56 officers include: Claude Hill, President, George Winder, Vice President, and Charles Brenchley, Secretary- Treasurer. , gg A gf 1 . cj ,. gy .. g A f ' ,,., ' -' in Brenchley, Charles Buchanan, Garner Burrell, David it ,., I ' X I ' - . .-- l 6 . I in . sf ., Y-'7 K -E? Caulfield, Joseph Dokken, Thomas Eells, George Elliott, George Griffin, William Ham, Donald Holmes, Jerome Hundstad, Lawrence Johnson, Robert Knutson, John Larsen, Robert McGinley, John Minard, Paul Mielde, Ronald Nelson, Floyd Thorsen, Mike Williams, Philip Winder, George NOT PICTURED: Baldwin, Joseph Bates, Ernest Graybill, Roy Hall, Phillip Matson, Boyd Shibley, Jack Skellenger, Francis Verbon, Byron i. si managerial council The Managerial Council acts as a coordinating body over all managers in various sports. The counciI's obiectives are to promote interest both in athletics and managerial activities and to assist individual managers in all problems that arise in the perform- ance of their duties. NOT PICTURED: McLean, Richard Moore, Donald Muir, Douglas Reddick, Robert Wagner, Herbert Siolseth, Jack Stoolrey, Donald Schubert, James Schmitz, Alan Woodruff, John DAVID EGAN, President Burr, Robert Cash, Donald Dowd, Thomas Evans, Richard Flower, Charles Gutzler, Ralph Lomax, Alan Moeller, James Richards, Richard 1 ART BREVICK, President NOT PICTURED: Anderson, Bob Baker, Art Bledsoe, Ben Byrne, William Cambell, Howard DeWitt, Chuck Fairchild, Jack Fingerman, Y. Hamm, Robert Hansen, Dick Hansen, Tom Higbee, Ralph Evan, Keist Kawalsky, William Lahn, Ernest Lee, John Maguire, Russ McCann, Bruche Miller, Richard Miller, Roy Nix, John Paris, Troxell Potter, Roy Richmond, Earl Stream, Bob Toulouse, John Wilson, Don Younger, Bob management club Anderson, James Blount, Dick Danilov, Don Dye, Robert Haba, Leonard Hanke, Byron Hudson, Arley Marenakos, James Moehring, Donald Nelson, George The Management Club is designed for men and women students in- terested in management. The purpose of the club is to foster educa- tion in management. This includes working for cooperation between local business and the University. The activities of the club include the participation of top executives in business, labor and other fields as guest speakers and the project of editing, producing and market- ing ofthe club's booklet called "Selling Yourself" which has achieved nationwide fame. The club has not been found lacking in social achievements and has an active program of banquets and other functions listed on their calendar throughout the year providing extra interest for its members. lt is through these activities that the club members obain valuable contacts with potential employers. The Advisors ofthe Management Club are: Professor John Hennessy and Professor Dick Dunnington. JAMES VIC, President marketing iyffl- mil! x ii.i i ,4-i X ' J J .gf Parker, William Parsons, Walter Petrenchak, Daniel Sanders, Bill Stevens, Rex Tavis, Wayne Vik, James Watson, Arch ,g u n Q,- G N .3 , I 4 ,A r .I J . i ' Y' r T553' 4 . .gpg lr , YP gg , 4- L . 42- T kk,f,' . VVKVVV 6 g P.. il a 1. 430 A A ,vy- The Marketing Club, student chapter ofthe American Marketing Associa- tion, promotes the advancement of the science of marketing. Formed in 1948, the club benefits the student through personal professional con- tacts. As an affiliate of the American Marketing Association, Marketing Club receives the prestige of operat- ing under the largest and only mar- keting association covering all fields. Adsen, Jay Ballard, Charles Brandt, Richard Brock, Richard Buck, Gerald Burtner, Stanley Curd, Larry Davis, Doris Downing, Robert Elmquist, Richard Evans, Richard Greenwood, Dale Griffin, Leon Grubb, Edward Hodges, Floyd Hoffman, William Hoggatt, Wayne Irving, Patricia Lanfear, William Lang, John O'Conner, James Oertli, Ronald Ostrander, Michael Petrie, Robert Peterson, Thomas Reiner, Robert Rubenstein, Richard Schur, Marianne Snodgrass, Marilyn Sullivan, Price Thomas, G.A. Van Pelt, Edward Van Pelt, Richard Winkley, Donald Williams, EG. Worthington, Charles NOT PlCTUREDz Barquist, Charles Bentley, James Buckely, George Bush, William Cheshire, James Dewitt, Charles Doyle, William Frederick, John Friesen, Reyrl Fritzberg, Donald Hotlen, Ralph Heath, Jack Kidd, John Koons, Frank Kinsella, Norm Linde, Donald Lemon, Harold Oatfield, Raymond Peters, Sidney Peterson, Earnest Rodlond, Donald Richman, H.E. Scott, Howard Seay, Norman Sherrar, Archie Sherrard, Williams Yarr, Robert JAMES L. THWING, President Benjamin, Lloyd Carnahan, Irvin Stanley Cathy, Richard men' physical clucation lub The Men's Physical Education Club is open to all men students major- ing in Health Education, Physical Education, or Recreation. Thespurpose of the club is to further the profession, enhance the training of the members, provide service to the department, and provide social acti- vities. It is affiliated with the American Association for Health, Physical Education, and Recreation. Driscoll, Leslie Espinosa, Floyd Hammond, George Lockhart, Donald McKinney, Larry Merlino, Lawrence Mills, Frederick Mullikin, G. Robert Under the active guidance of Mr. Russ Cutler, faculty advisor, the club has engaged in many varied activities during the year. ln addi- tion to professional meetings featuring speakers and movies, activity and game nights were held to better acquaint the students and in- structors. Joint meetings were held with the Women's P. E. Club to further the relationship between the two departments. The club also participated widely in intramural sports. In the spring the annual picnic is held for the entire department. women' physica ami ,,,,,.,.. ffm ..,,. U 331, JFS 'V . W, Q X lf I. Nelson, Gary Prentice, Arlen Warnock, Robert The officers for the year were Jim Thwing, president, Dick Cathey, vice-president, Stan Carnahan, secretary, Bob Leodbetter, treasurer and Dave Zuck, historian. I clucation club The Women's Physical Education Club is com- : , 'QA MARIAN RUTH MILLER, President posed of majors and minors in the field of Physical A Education. The purpose of the group is to bind L if its members more closely together in their social . J and professional interests. A . s -f Q B 'I ,J , ' Sw, , wfffli . Pglljcia Anne The first Wednesday of each month found the ' girls gathered in the Tower room of Hutchison V enioying speakers, movies, coffee, and cookies. y " r J Y - Among their many social functions were: frosh " A i'ii .,. ,J U C0ok'Do'o'hy orientation tea, bicycle trip to Seward Park, QR Christmas festivities and initiation, student-faculty ' fun party, biannual Parents' night, skip trip, pic- ' nic, student-faculty softball game and barbecue, and the annual Spring Senior banquet. A ' ' Czebotar, Barbara . ,.'f A ' Dick, Elizabeth Fisher, Marcia Ann H g 'T ,, I ,, , . I Franzke, Suzanne gf ' M , i W Fulton, Mariarie - 1 ' E Y ' 1, may . V' .Q nfl, H I L - , ll Pail , " ' X ' Mi' I H3hrftingJ5Lau Ann ,I t i".,M 'H Love, Marilyn if 'Ai 1 xx , Lundell, Sally Ann , g I . A Q f A - - , . 9, X 1 M Q, Q K+ fi? si C . T J . ri , Z I . g gk g A A ,zz S T' i,.. T J -5 f....' 3' . ,VV . it NOT PICTURED: Anderson, Constance Bland, Margaret Christensen, Lillian Cochran, Nancy Crathers, Lou Curtis, Carol Craign, Nancy Dark, Duane Eilers, Geraldine Farnell, Dorothy Ford, Carole Cvamido, Marian Green, Patricia Greiner, Sally Harrop, JoAnne Hikida, Gloria Johnson, Luster Knowles, Kathleen Lindgren, Pat McDaniel, Janet A. McLaughlin, Shirley Marion, Lorna Mills, Barbara Molzan, Sandra Monnet, Fern Neil, Mary Lee Neth, Sylvia Pattison, Sally Philbrick, Judith Ramsey, Betty Raymond, Virginia Robb, Barbara Sanderson, Joyce Shininger, Molly Sinkunas, Toni Sweany, Katharine Terrell, Karla Thurmer, Harriet Wogsland, Betty I home economic club cabinet Founded in I9IO, the Home Economics Club is a professional, as well as a departmental, organiza- tion and is affiliated with the American Home Economics Association. Membership is extended to all Home Economics majors. A cookie sale, the pro- ceeds of which are placed in a special fund to be used in helping a foreign student attend school in this country, highlights the year's activities. Social functions include a Christmas party, Mothers' tea, and Senior banquet. Services given are a Foreign Package Drive in the fall quarter, which supplies food and clothing to needy persons in foreign coun- tries, and aid in the department's annual Open House program. KEISTER, MARJORIE E., President Claxton, Joyce ' I N s Corfield, Joan Crosby, Mary Lou m. A,, FiX,CGf0lYf1 I. n 'sf 1' Q y n Lf I -'Q Gough, Marilyn Kuff - In ' 5 K .: I gk Hansen, Jean il "" lr xg Q 1' I YW x Zi" : E Lanfear, Frances , M..-if . 1. Langerquist, Michel ,ff A ' Lund, Eleanor - Nazarenus, Grace - Q .L Nelson, Ruby . . K gg . "' A QP, Pearce, Marlene , I XL Airy- rl , I I J, I L fi 'Q A Renwick, Rita QQ 1 Spence, Mnnwn T f nnn T S ' if . rrr Taylor, Lon , E f I I Tobin, Louise ' graduate nurses' club 432 Members: JOYCE ANDERSON, MARIAN ANDERSON, LEONA BAILEY, ETHEL BLENKINSOPP, BARBARA BLOOM, EMILY BREGGER, OPAL DARLING, FRANCES GARDONI, PATRICIA GREENE, JETTY IHRIG, MAXINE HALLSTROM, VIRGINIA HAF- FERKORN, CAROLYN HULDEEN, FLORENCE JOHNSON, CORA JOHNSTON, MARY MACK, NOBUKO NAKAMURA, KATHERINE NAVIE, MARY DOROTHY OSLIN, ELLEN PERRY, CHARLA RICHARDS, HARRIET RIVERA, CHARLOTTE ROGERS, DOROTHY SMYLIE, MARIAN VAN STEENVOORT, FRANCES WARNOCK, PERQUILLA WITT- MER, MARJORIE ZIMMER. The Graduate Nurses' Club of the Uni- versity of Washington, organized in I92O, is open to all graduate profes- sional nurses registered in the School of Nursing. These nurses are enrolled in advanced programs, majoring in nursing education, public health nursing or in- dustrial nursing. The group is interested in promoting closer relationships between students, other campus organizations, and the nursing faculty. womens recreational council . , .' Bader, Tina , A ,4 . K Baker, Mary Louise 3 , K Q 4' A I ' Deeprose, Blanche V g K ' , VK Knatz, Mary Ellen H b ,, . il , K V V1 I . V K' h , w .'il'f ' if A I ne.: J . A .ff aa " oi' s 'iiir fii 2 fi: ,, 1 ' l ' . . 4Z ? , f so I McLaughlin, Shirley Monnot, Fern Peterson, Carolyn Savage, Rosemary Thurmer, Harriett MURIEL HALL, President NOT PICTURED: Austin, Cherrie Hikida, Gloria Lundell, Sally Murphy, Miro Mae Neth, Sylvia Wogsland, Betty The Women's Recreational Council, a part of A.S.U.W., is the gov- erning body for the recreation program for women. The council con- sists of a representative from each activity and the president. With the cooperation of the Women's Department of Physical and Health Education it plans and administers a program in which opportunities are provided for all to participate. The activities are divided into two types of participation: tourna- ments in team sports and individual and dual sports, and clubs. Any woman student is eligible to enter the all-university individual and dual sports tournaments and to participate in the clubs which do not have a skill requirement for membership. Students participating in club activities receive credit towards the sweater. When this requirement is met they become members of Club. swedish club Drawing it's membership from the classes in Swedish language and literature, the Swedish Club has an annual program of dinner meet- ings, Ski trips, Swedish films, folk dancing, and the like. The high point each year is the Christmas Festival, the core of which is the traditional Lucia pageant. The of- ficers for T955-56 are Thorvald Chellstorp, president, Don Fritz- berg, vice president, and Ruth SHIRLEY HARVIN-i955 Lucia Bride and her attendants. Left to right: BETTY LOU CRAFT, ESTHER OSBORNE, JANlCE JACOB- SON, RUTH GUSTAFSON, JANICE FJELLMAN, NANCY JACOB- SON, MISS HARVIN, PALMA SUTHERLING, CAROLE ODEGARD, JOYCE JACOBSON, MONA CHONZENA, RUBY NELSON, and ARLA LOCKE. Seated: CHRISTlNA SMITH. MEMBERS: Ahron, Alf Benson, Carol Borgstrom, Kurt Borgstrom, Pat Boyd, John Brauns, Elsa Burholm, Per Carlson, Glenn Chonzena, Mona Gustafson, Ruth Craft, Betty Lou Dahlgren, Viola Essman, Jim Farmer, Donald Fiellman, Janice Fritzberg, Don Hall, Erik Hall, Delores Hanson, Clayton Harvin, Shirley Hakinson, Edward Jacobson, Janice Frizelle, Theobald Jacobson, Joyce Gustafson, secreta ry-treasurer. Jacobson, Nancy Kronick, Karrol Lindberg, Ruby Locke, Arla Nelson, Ruby Nordmark, Carl Nystrom, Rodney Odegard, Carole Olason, Biarni Olason, Gordis Osborne, Esther Person, Elna Sohlberg, Helen Sutherling, Palma Wassberg, Charles beta .W , ,. x chi me V .,g V ly JA N 1 , 434 T955-'56 found many wonderful highlights to spark Phrateres calendar. In June, ten delegates boarded the train for the Phrateres International Convention at U.C.L.A. Besides returning with notebooks of ideas, and scrapbooks of memories, we felt a little closer to our ten sister chapters located at various colleges and universities in the Western United States and Canada. September found Phrateres Council members on KING-TV Community Workshop in- forming interested women of our social and service program on the campus. I - i 9 Bush, Marilyn I K- Clow, Lynn 'R V 7 6 Horowitz, Carolyn , 3 ms. - ' Liden, Marilyn Q, ' I I ' Mattson, Marcy O HSE? K G' , ME ,,. Q A, 'H u NOT PlCTURED: Berkman, Joyce Ellis, Vineta Freeman, Joan Gross, Lois Hummel, Sue McDaniel, Jeanette Starr, Francis Morton, Audrey Lee Pluylaar, Joan Priest, Jean NOT PICTURED: Albam, Phyllis Bennetts, Barbara Cole, Joyce Cressey, Jerri DeMarco, Deanna Greiner, Sally Hartman, Cynthia Henskey, Audrey Ingham, Joan Troffer, Carol Treasurer: Carolyn Sherry Fall quarter we pledged eighty girls, honored them at a Pledge Breakfast in October and a Semi-formal Dance in No- vember. Besides competing in the AWS Bowling League, our sports minded girls played a Flag Football League game with Adelphi. In December our six sub- chapters, Beta, Chi, Lambda, Kappa, Sigma, and Theta gave a Christmas par- ty at the Seattle Children's Home. Secretary: Mary Ellen Gardiner f . ,gg i i, Vice President: Audrey Ward " 'iz-g gi ff,'ii, ' President: Mary Jane Ferguson W , K VH: if A ' Abrams, Rose Jeanine Alman, Sharon Crannage, Lou Hamilton, Arlene Irwin, Lynn Lane, Joan Lew, Doris Martin, Mona McClane, Janet Michaelson, Sharon Mitsumori, Ida Jane Morris, Carol Nagel, Sharon Nelson, Ruby Nerland, Eileen Sakaguchi, Suzanne Stroud, Mary Todd, Glenda Wall, Patricia Yowell, Carol -, tx, , up Y I phrateres councH Q Ny. w kappa 9 '4, IEE + Ange, Nancy Bader, Tina Brown, Myrna Lou Arlowe, Laureen Bartlett, Doris Carstens, Karen Crippen, Merle Egtvet, Barbara Cossey, Glenda DeSpain, Marianna ., f B A ef A , at , s T V v , f Q NV , uv aw Nm is , K. , T C--"ii - I i 4- , ri NOT PICTURED: L V V , ' - Bower, Joann VV, ' " , , "gf if it Crostwaite, Kay 'W 'is' A . .,l ' gn., Falconer, Sylvia A H V V ' Harry, JoAnne . ,MQ Lokken, Jean -rif Y, ess ,,,,: ,fue Sprout, Karen ' fi' ' T' ' i V sigrna ten U ti. 8' ' F ,, a NOT PICTURED: Bensley, Donna Bower, Joann Bowes, Fern Dahl, Elaine Eldred, Julie Ann Ingham, Joan Nunn, Sophia Trotter, Carol I ,px I Q, W S S. N , , Cook, Lucille Graves, Roselen Hellstrom, Shirley Luke, Ruby Caldwell, Marjorie Jean McCIeod, Ra Reddick, Rita NOT PICTURED: De Puydt, Margaret Emmons, Arbutusrose Harris, Camilla Raybell, D'AveriIle Schmidt, Shirley Trotter, Barbara yetto Allen, Donna Maxine Graham, Pat Heider, Pauline Holdorf, Carol Knisley, Peggy Kreider, Ginny McKasson, Dorothy Jane Nisheim, Pat Osborne, Esther Ogilvie, Donna theta 5 'B SMA C SRIBI Iggml tggg? Eg! ,wg h r t Paulson, Barbara Sue Ranson, Loretto gg Sears, Maureen ' wx , The highlights of Winter quarter were our Initiation Banquet and Ball, Birthday Tea, and subchapter parties. I gi .. 4- 'fi' ,ii I Nerland, Eileen l V Ransom, Loretta Arlowe, l.aureen Bartlett, Doris , -. Graham, Pat Irwin, Lynn f Francke, Lynn P' ' Luke, Ruby Francke, Lynn Price, Sandra Dean Wilson, Lenore Kieburtz, Karen Sather, Ovidia zen, Doris 1 O h d, Ch i , "' rc ar armion ll K L erlind, Sonia -2, Sprout, Joan it so riri A Q S seuu esie , 1, , i 'iil ' I " ' mil Spring quarter we gave a tea in honor of our Moth- ers, had a Spring Dance, Leadership Conference, and a House Party. Besides being active Phraterans, our members found time to be Rally Girls' President, Activity Bureau Chairman, Campus Religious Council President, Na- tional Student Chairman ot the YWCA, members of Mortar Board, Totem Club, Silver Fish, W-Key, Sig- ma Epsiion Sigma, Phi Beta Kappa, Departmental Clubs and Honoraries, Religious Organizations, and ASUW Committees. With all of these activities, how could we help but live our motto, "Famous for Friendlinessf' Anderson, Lorraine Ellen Bradshaw, Mary Ellen Engelke, Harriet gi 4 W s NOT PICTURED: Duckey, Donna Eaton, Roberta Gaustad, Sandra Hemphill, Gay Jergens, Mary Lee Kelly, Robin Lapham, Deanna Lehwalder, Mary Lou Livermore, Mary Lou North, Margie Woods, Connie Joy Ianabda If ' 4 z gr 5 v 1 - I - Funke, Gloria , ' Johnson, Elsie J ,, Menard, Virginia i1z,f'i I - Paulik, Joan " "xv , I Pierce, Lois in 'i ' Pitcher, Joan I i K-, fi - g Reicke, Cherry -- L A M N .,, 3 4 1. I Q Sira, Shirley 1 bl Strain, Sandra ' . 4g N I , r, ,ff NOT PICTURED: Adams, Ann Atkinson, Carolyn Bayes, Fern Drage, Nelsie Eldred, JuliAnne Nunn, Sophi 435 Alpha Phi Omega is a national service fra- ternity whose purpose is to assemble col- lege men in the fellowship of the Scout Oath and Law. Gamma Alpha chapter at Washington was founded in 1939. There are 276 chapters and more than 44,000 members in the nation. Alpha Phi Omega is one of the first groups to be called upon when service to the University is needed. The motto of Alpha Phi Omega is "Be a leader, be a friend, be of service." Dobson, Tom Dukes, George Flodmen, Bill LANE, Burk, Douglas Clements, Bill Doan, Charles alpha phi omega national scouting honorary BOB, President 436 Fish, John Follis, Bob Green, Jerry Groshell, Gary Harris, Art Kamm, John Kuniyuki, Yukio Meredith, John Mezistrano, Joe Nelson, Dick Palolo, Ernie Pharis, Dick Parrish, Elvin Reiner, Bob Rivkin, Saul Rosendahl, Loyal Stevens, John Weatherford, Dave I I scout unlverslty I U advisors advisors Byron Hunt George DOW George Alexander Bruce Brown Blaine Kukn Don Niesse Bill Wing Reg Root Bob Waldo ., ' " y , if X x 4? ' Q of E :J I NOT PICTURED: Bruce, Reginald Bensusen, Chuck Casper, Roy Fisher, Bill Goffee, Bent Kennedy, Charles Lehman, Dick Matthews, Robert Malakoff, Burt kv! t 9 McCarter, Jim Paulin, Max Putnam, Don Reece, Alan Sylvanus, Roger Sachs, Marshal Willson, John Swanson, Dave Wold, John 5 , t sf' 9 'W A 'Q v mxfj, - edt ,. fa e ' in s I' fo Kgii Q valeda Fuiita, Helene S. Fukasawa, Grace Funamori, Mieko an Hamano, Katharine Hidaka, Jane Hirai, Gail Hiroo, Sally lchikawa, Noriko Kadoshima, Sally Komatsubara, Rose Kano, Sumi Kubota, Doris Matsusaka, Joanne Marishima, Joan Mitsumari, Ida Jane Nagamine, Marilyn Nakashima, Patsy Okada, Joyce Okamura, Lillian Okubo, Kay Okubo, May Sakaguchi, Suzanne Sato, Amy Tada, Carol Tanabe, Lillian Tokita, Shizuka Tomita, Deanna MARGARET SENDA, President Though it was organized on this campus only nine years ago, Valeda has made great progress in fur- thering its purposes. It has stimulated the social V if - .5 Q..-. K , 4 nw -. i ...Q i .rg Ji-.3 - - -1 ,. we W K T ii Q' gg, 3 1- .. . . g " V ' - ff si- -1. T . " ' "' 5 -es Wi . . -'93 . " Tsue, Yukiko ' " K'-1. F' E V' ' i Tsuii, Amy W i f4g,N. ap Uno, Sheila ,J ' Unosawa, Jeanette A ' ' h ' L Urakawa, Marianne , W 'u i Lyal Uyeda, Martha wg - dw Yamauchi, Jean gr f- ' LZ., , Yotsuuye, Elsie EJ gi . NOT PICTURED: Fuiimura, June Hayashi, Rae Higa, Yoshiko Hikida, Gloria Kadoshima, Sally Kawaguchi, Martha Kitaio, Martha Matsumoto, May Matsumura, Jean Matsuoka, Janice Nakamura, May Okawa, Arlene Osawa, Joyce Osawa, Nancy Shoii, Nancy Suzuki, Tomi Takahashi, Masako Toshi, Joyce Yamauchi, Irene and intellectual interests of the Japanese girls on campus, and it has also encouraged their greater participation in campus activities. Its program in- cludes a welcoming tea in the fall for freshmen girls, an alumnae tea, and a formal honoring the graduating seniors. Fireside meetings, outings, dances and service proiects helped to complete a busy, but wonderful year with Valeda. 437 cosmopolitan club Arlowe, Laureen Berry, Brian up . Ag ,V Brotman, Shannon A ,. F , Pi Crook, Dorothy V 'V i , Q' ' Dick, Elizabeth L LY, , ii Duvefgerf Collette 4 - W' K . ' i Eleizegui, Maria Paz ' V 5 H fj Germundson, Gunnar " I Hilol, Sayed Harbitz, Francis Iwasaki, Ray Jensen, Richard Jessett, Fred Kangkatong, Prayoon Kruse, Arlene Lum, William McMahon, Jean Menasveta, Deb is 't-J Monson, Robert Mott, Jean ' Q Munns, R. Layne ,gi . .I , Myers, Sharon . ' . ky 'I W Onder, Sevket . - I . Ohno, Mizuho ' ij Oppel, Ingeborg ' if Rasmussen, Jim 'r r Reiner, Bob Reese, Janet Rivkin, Saul i 1 Romero, Jacob .. gl f I.. -., Rude, Darlene 'll' .. " Q15 ' ,-"J' X l ' Sagle, Arthur Schultz, Elaine ' , .Q Schmidt, Helen gi F iv ' I Schwitters, Dorothy - A ' ,gg 71 t Silbermayr, Ernst Smith, Caryl Jean Stempel, Jock - , .' fi Tignon, Marie4CIaire X ' yd, I I 1 .,.,,,, . gk , I Tinkey, Bob H .. . Vowles, Jeffrey ' -, A I Yotsuuye, Elsie ,A " B if Zb't,H b t ' ' 3 P - o rls er er gs W: J A 44 1-'Ti s ssl I INGEBORG OPPEL, Historian-Secretary, ALEX EKWUEME, Chairman, BARBARA GAE- BEL, Co-Chairman, Social Committee, ROSELYN GRAVES, Publicity, JUDY AUSTIN, Ad- visor- IKE IFRACH and HELEN SCHMIDT Co-Chairman Membership. Not Pictured: IAN FAIRBAIRN, coschaafmqn, socsqi, Boa MAJAND, Program, GAGE FARRIS, chairman, 4 . - Q . Q 4 , L Tl 4 . f r X I S i ii M I .J ,,.. . B -:via 1 ' ,4 :" ix ii A Hi cc ,ry I J' I K Cosmo members hear a distinguished guest during their lunch hour. 4.41 Cosmopolitan Club is on organization to promote friend- ship among people of different countries by helping In- ternational and American students find a basis for mutual understanding. Cosmo Club, as it is commonly called, grew out of the International Banquet of I947. From an original luncheon group of about 30, the Club now includes over IOO mem- bers. The club holds luncheon meetings every Tuesday noon at the The program is designed to help us share and enjoy our customs and ideas. Cosmo also sponsors a wide range of other social activities including monthly Internation Dinners. dances and parties. NOT PICTURED: Abadi, Frank Abadi, John Aboline, Viia Ahn, B. Young Bauer, Marilyn Benson, Arlene Bishop, Bruce Bowman, Dave Brombacher, Anna Brown, Noel Chao, Young Shen Chawla, R.M. Cooper, Leslie Childs, Betty de Coppet, Veronique Cuzon, Rene Daishi, Janet DePuydt, Margaret Dlin, Norman Dolkas, Gus Dossou, Gaston Duncan, Dan Ekwueme, Alex Fric, Iva Fairbairn, lon Fingerman, Yerach Goebel, Barbara Green, Robert Graves, Roselen Honai, Yoshio Hayes, Pat ltrach, Isaac Jackson, Anne Jarimillo, James Jasdonwala, Hamza Koimal, J.C. Khani, Nabil Kikuchi, Katsuo Kikuchi, William Knighton, Annie Lambert, Mary Lilond, Olav Maslovasky, Sergei McKinney, Jay Mehl, Martha Melson, Haakon Naiand, Bagher Pfeffer, Albert Pikre, Hedi Porter, Mary Quast, Werner Ramm, Virginia Rosenbaum, Zave Saelid, Per Shapley, Jean Sims, Bill Stang, Thomas Stover, Janis Sutherland, John Taloumi, Artemis Thomas, Evelyn Ushiiima, June Vanderhyde, Ann Von Patten, Kay Williams, Jody Wollawoy, Graydon Yandle, Andre Yoshikawa, Norigiku Yee, David Zagers, Rita Zaidi, B.A. Tw fx '5 'lui ,L 'L.QgA'n-A - K 1, :N 5 g ZS- Z 440 ymca Working together on the University of Washington campus, the YM and YWCA have shared in the ac-' tivities of another full and meaningful year. The Y groups brought to the campus another International Banquet in honor of the foreign students during the Thanksgiving season. In support of Campus Chest the YW sponsored 'lNickle Hop" in the many or- ganized living groups on campus. 'lJester's Jubilee," the Y's spring carnival, brought fun and entertain- ment to the U of W and the community as well. Such groups and occasions within the Y as World Affairs discussion group, Cosmopolitan Club and Folk Camp helped bring to the students an aware- ness of the world situation in which we find our- selves. Officers, chairmen, and innumerable committee members assisted by an able and devoted staff of advisers have attempted, through the Y program, to further understand and express the goals and purpose of Christianity in the life of a state univer- sity campus. Working together with this like pur- pose, we trust that we have enriched the education of many. C CI b . I1 6 1' SWISHER, DONALD, President Cole, Charles Dukes, Stacy Wieland, Al NOT PICTURED: Mohoney, Philip Musto, David Ward, William ywca cabinet fv- '1 ' . 't ,ill F A HARTLEY, SYLVIA, President , 5 . , H A Ashley, Mary . Bailey, Jane V1 'L L - Barnes, Lucille 4. W ' Y" ff ' ' Bergman, Myra ' 73 A i,V, V' iik-J Calvert, Barbara , sz., ,xi is ,QAM qi H, x f ' 5 , X x t' . . , L T dr, ' 44, Q, 2 f 'tg wx , 'f'..s--if - , '. , , Af t gyl Qi iril X if K f 97 ., I wg' ff: sf we '? E s iiiflzflf NOT PlCTURED: deCoppet, Veronique DeSpain, Marianna Draper, Gerry Kopf, Janet Koppe, Gretchen Lokken, Doris L k R b u e, u y Mickey, Sharon Neisses, Carol Ann Oswalt, Janet Reese, Janet Ross, Linnea Sellen, Betty Carol Whitely, Flora Yotsuuye, Elsie campus religious council Left to right, seated: LAUREEN AR- Lowe, President, MYRA BERGMAN, Baptist-Disciple Student Assn., DON DAVIS, Wesley Club, CARYL SMITH, Christian Science Organization, BOB THURSTON, Pilgrim Club, NANCY RAMSEY, Westminster Club. Stand- ing: JIM BAKEMAN, Calvin Club, DAVE LEVINE, Hillel Foundation, REV. EDWARD SETCHKO, Advisor. NOT PICTURED: PAT LAMBERT, New- man Club, JANET OSWALT, YMCA, CYNDIE, HARTMAN, Canterbury. Campus Religious Council is a student group com- HUGH WANG, President NOT PICTURED: Anderson, Roger Beck, James Franklin, Fred Freese, Carol Friesen, John Griffith, Thomas Maekawa, Yasuko Miksch, Don Myers, Daniel Nelson, Kenneth Parker, Thomas Recker, Roland Roetcisoender, James Rouke, Erma Sharpless, Robert Siemens, Ruth Skinner, Pat Wilmot, Jean posed of representatives from all the religious Picnic. groups on Campus. CRC strives to maintain inter- group understanding and activities. The success of this group's activities can be measured by the out- standing cooperation and support of its member organizations, and the wholehearted participation in such events as Religious Emphasis Week, Inter- group Progressive Dinner-Dance, and Annual CRC The theme for Religious Emphasis Week this year was "ln God Pj We Trust," and featured outstand ing qualified speakers in many fields, worship serv ices, seminars and evening meetings at the organ ized houses. Chairman was Myra Bergman husky christian fellowship Husky Christian Fellowship is an lnternational student group originating from Cambridge University in l877. This fellow- ship is nondenominational believing that a vital knowledge of Jesus Christ is necessary for an "abundant life." This year's program features discussions, Bible studies, speakers, socials and banquets. HCF meets weekly in the HUB and welcomes any interested person. A highlight this year was the International Students' Christ- mas Houseparty at Mt. Hood Golf and Country Club during the Winter Holidays. Anderson, Alfred X , Au, Susan 'J Bowerman, Mae r Burke, David Capen, Juanita f ,N r Carlson, Owen "t 0 Gunderson, Wilfred rw V ses gi Humpheries, William X, Eun-Kyung M 'T Lund, Sylvia I Morgan, Audrey j"-'Y I' Nelson, Edward . . . Nielson, Clara Ruef, Melvin Taylor, Alyce 'Z s X. F VanVolkingburgh, Wilna Zimmer, Marjorie A U . es baptist-disciple student association Front, first row, left to right: ELDON IRVING, HELEN SCHMIDT, JEANINE ABRAMS, SUE VanTlLBORG, LOU CRANAGE, SUE WAT- KINS. Second row: PATRICIA WALL, DON- NA CASE, WES NEUMANN, TED WISE- MAN, BOB CORNING, VERN SMITH, AL BEILBY. Third Row: DEAN WLADRON, HAR OLD HOLADY, CHARLES NUNN, STAN BUMGARNER, JOHN COOPER, NORM OR- TWEIN, DICK HARNDEN, JIM LEACH, DON PHILLIPS. ELDON L. IRVING, BDSA President BDSA Cabinet: Seated, left to right: DOROTHY JO SCHWITTERS, HELEN SCHMIDT, MYRA BERGMAN, ANN SCHNATTERLY. Standing: JAN EPPS, NORMAN RAY OR- TWEIN, LEE WHITNEY TED WISEMAN, DONNA CASE. The Baptist-Disciple Student Association IBDSAQ is a fellowship of students seeking through worship, study and action to make the Christian faith real in every phase of University life. The program out- lined by the student cabinet includes Sunday morn- ing class, Sunday evening fireside, Thursday dinner and Forumette, projects in group life and social ac- tion, and many social events throughout the year. The center, located at l5th N.E. and East 45th, is sponsored by the Baptist and Christian churches of Washington, and is affiliated with the national stu- dent movements of these churches. Students lounge and study in the Center every day, and BDSA wel- comes all who are interested in furthering its pro- gram of Christian understanding and responsibility. l K ins, Glee Iaar, Joan sey, Nancy som, Loretta hford, Mary , Ed enoff, Bettiiane N, Margaret 'rard, Margaret inger, Molly Gil 2 NOT PICTURED: Ahn, Young Austin, Jack Ballinger, Jim Behrens, Dennis Bridgham, Mike Crowston, Myrna Curtis, Stanley Denistan, Douglas Elsner, Lee Gabriel, Faye Gregory, Mike Hamm, Barbara Harden, T, D. Hunter, Wayne Leet, Marilyn Lokken, Jean Luth, Sylvia Marshall, Howard Mickelson, Lynn Mitchell, Don Newcomb, Betty Noyes, Jim Porter, Mary Rasmussen, Beverly Ross, Roger Schwesinger, Joan Sprout, Karen Willard, Chris Willard, Stan Yamanauchi, Machiko ,L Li, in fx ,ii westmin ter club l is X VP 'P y N ga., U l ,f DAN KLINGER, President -' Alexander, Bill V L V h Angkataranick, Virote, Sr. ' 1 - V , A ii , , A Arlowe, Laurie wi ' 4 Q , Aspenwall, Carol ' ' 15, I A " f V -.1 I Aspenwall, Donna it Q Y ,.,l ' V gi 1 'k, Burrow, Dennis L if f-. - ' P' 'gg L , Callarman, Sheila L l L. Crist, Beverly i Crosby, Mary Lou Donnelly, Jim A . , ' A Eke, Laverne ' - ' I . 1. 1 A 'y ' K Erken, Judy - X-4, ' " ii ' lf f S? Fisher, Phil Q N A - I i v V qvf Gallop, Diane X t I iii A I ' y Hartley, Sylvia V. ? f f " f f l t fx ' .. s lt ' Heider, Pauline Hill, Claude Q Holdorf, Carol ,Q ,M . , A 1' r A, -ft, Hubbard, John 4 I 1 -i ..,,' 5 ?,A 'Q , ' gf , Jensen, Hans ' 4 '. L N - Kringle, Dick V " " ' , w 's Tc' Kegel, Carol i W L Keister, Margie i , Klinger, Dan i lm: - Lecocq, Andy Lynch, Sylvia Longstreth, Marita - 3 I r K xl, McKimmey, Jean L L x L -, L, J ,L , r Monsen' Bob ' 'Q L "iff"- f Mullen, Tom ' ' g 'V 14 P Mutchler, Mary ' i Nickel, Mike b Osborne, Esther Li ,f 'fi' " J- " i A 1' ,, , 1 gy ' i ' r y y,,L , " K, g 5' . vi V ,ki A , ,A if Q L Sprout, Karen I L, , Starbard, Earl we - I ,Ll . Taylor, Del A L' 8' ' ii" ' fi? G' K I 4-5 4 V Taylor, Roger V 'sig L4 I L, V 4, an . K Toland, Tom W1 K IJ, if A xlkgfxi Webberley, Gerald 'i ':-' 4 V - V Wilson, Duane J A A 1 ' l ' X L lil: Westminster Club represents the Westminster Fel- lowship of the Presbyterian Church on the University of Washington campus. lt provides an opportunity for spiritual and mental growth in the areas of Christian faith, fellowship, citizenship, witness and outreach. We seek to achieve this goal through our Sunday evening fireside, our weekly Bible classes, Tuesday night calling program, Philosophy or Reli- gious class and our Thursday evening supper meet- ings. 443 I f ' Y ' '77 , 'Z' If ' girl' ' 'ss at in A , Q M tw gr tr if AF' n. ff . - ,.., ::s1-2 . Timm f,, , ' s ff A ' - f :gs-iw, Q Jenifer? -2 i H ' - I , 'A' 7 4 . . if 1 f -W JA- in i xg, I X . ' f Q . .L 1 - f U fzll'7iEQ!X.v ,sift 'Yi CHRIST CHURCH HOUSE CANTICLE goes to press 'YD' f .. , f nw-1: am! nt,-u ,qi :Jai -milf ,zum s if. fgJ,,,1 canterbury ! Canterbury, the Episcopal Church at the University of Washington, provides a ministry to students and faculty. Canterbury includes the student services of Holy Communion and Evensong as well as a pro- gram of fellowship, study groups, confirmation classes and service proiects. 444 NOT PICTURED: Bitler, Charles Bronsch, Erwin Evans, Dick Hole, Joan Lee, Monte Moech, Karen Rasmussen, Wally Tossey, Richard Rev. A. L. Hillmonn Knudsen, Karen Matthias, Jim Mettler, Ulrich Nagel, Sharon Peto, Frank Schatz, Audrey Spence, Shirley Thoemke, Donald gamma delta Gamma Delta is an association of Synodical Conference Lutheran students at colleges and universities. lt endeavors to conserve and to develop Christian faith and to encourage Christian action among college students through a program based on Christian knowledge and service. The Beta Zeta Chapter of Gamma Delta at the University of Wash- ington was started in 1946. The chapter, as yet, does not have a house at which to meet and so the regular meetings are held at the Messiah Lutheran Church. A noon meeting is held every other week in the HUB. The chapter is associated with International Gamma Delta which is composed of 102 separate chapters. LeROY SUNDBAUM, President Belt, Robert N 9 Brower, Robert .3 if ' ':" L K - . - I Eastman, Donald H ? g if J, . , Hill, Dean if A -V ,,g fi. bv 1 hw- S Holit, Gert ,df -' iffy! A ' Kinkade, Dale J . 'Stein Xl- ti e 2 ,- QV A Sw , gg, 45' ' 6' , L M . l A The Lutheran Student Association is one ot 400 Lutheran student groups on college and university campuses. Luther House is the center of many ofthe club's activities-noon lunch, Bible studies, Thursday noon meditations, and Friday night socials, as well as always being open for fun and tel- lowship. The Sunday evening supper meetings, the high- light of the week, are held at the University Lutheran Church. Left to right, front row: REV. AL DILLEMUTH, advisor, LOIS GROSS, secretary, MERLYN ANDERBERG, KEN BRANDT, president, DARLENE RUDE, DOROTHY HANSON, KARINE DAMMANN, JEANNE REHWINKLE, counselor. Second Row: JEAN M. HENDRICK SON, BOB PATZER, ANN NILSSON, HANS MUELLER, DON MOHR, DUANE PRIEBE, PAUL HOLMQUIST, HARLAN OLSON. Third Row: ALLEN WAGNON, ROSEANNA HAR- TELL, JOANE LORENTZEN, LeMOYNE NEL- SON, ELWOOD SHADE, RON JOHNS, GROVER AKRE, L. V. RIEKE, DALE SIEGELE, DICK MEYER, treasurer. A group of LSAers ata Sunday evening meeting. Iuther club '-""4 445 446 kappa phi Kappa Phi is a national organization for Methodist preference college women. Mu Chapter, on the University of Washington campus, has regular din- ner meetings the first and third Thursdays of each month, 5:45 to 7:30 p. m., at Wesley House. The aim of Kappa Phi is "Every Methodist Woman in the University World Today, A Leader in the Church of Tomorrow." Kappa Phi's theme for this year is "Let Us Sing a New Song." 1,5 is Y l Q QE, . hw 51" j x 2 if K '- r if T 1' g ' is., , KL,I .i if v .sic itll E sls L vlr, to ra., if rf, JYSIFL g , T7 I 1' 1' .br nys. K: i ia t it - f L M L vig? A 1, ' ,fu A , A47 Q 1 AQ' 'red' f ,v NOT PICTURED: Bigley, Barbara Brown, Lora Lee Burdette, Trudy Downs, Joan Glass, Barbara Higgins, Blanche Kawaguchi, Martha Leonard, Judy Morgan, Joann O'Neill, Sally Shafer, Jane Snyder, Eloise Beaudry, Vicki Brown, Beverly Curtis, Edna Dolloff, Virginia Flodquist, June Follis, Britta George, Joan Glass, Merrillann Herrick, Rose Hess, Lais Hurst, Margery Jenkins, Mariel Jones, Pat McCormick, Barbara McLeish, Marilyn Merrill, Pat Miceli, Loraine Millard, Sherry Needham, Lois Palmer, Olga Perkins, Lois Peterson, Marilyn Priest, Jean Robinson, Betty Rosenquist, Rowena Schwartze, Pat Street, Marilyn Tweedie, Luanno Ward, Janice Weiss, Glenna Wong, Dolores wes ey club JN' . s.. if ' O' 4 Q nk, f is L , Jzzziyy -f X , . by A K E2 g .. .,k'rl,4f- gg ' wal, ,W A ' sgw. 3.7 -kj f W L'b1 I J W Q iv A 1, A W L, 'g '- . A ua --137 1 .X :sf-' k:,,, 2 -.:. ,WF W ' V ,QS X . , X ' ' ,,c,.,: eet, ' V1 J J ,- xi ik t 4, Wesley Club, sponsored by the Board of Educa- tion for the Methodist Church, is open to all stu- dents on the University of Washington campus. lts activities center is the Wesley House located at 4205 l5th N. E., just across the street from the campus. Its program of activities, planned by the students to fit their needs, includes weekly firesides, coffee hours, fellowship cells, Bible study groups, student-led chapel services, parties and dances. One of their special service proiects is the Spring Workcamp which comes during spring vacation. This workcamp gives the students a chance to live with the people of a small Washington community and work with them to improve their church and youth facilities. NOT PICTURED: Anderson, Bob Andrews, Ed Bigelow, George Bigley, Barbara Blakeney, Roger Booker, Bill Booker, Marshall Bressner, Roy Brown, Lora Lee Coate, Bonnie Davis, Peggy Dobbs, Bob Dobbs, Eileen Eastman, Nancy Garner, Marilyn Glass, Barbara Greenway, Bob Higgins, Blanche Hutchins, Graham Johnson, Larry Johnson, Elizibeth Johnston, Ralph Kinch, John Kind, Walter Kreuger, John Ling, Shun Chow McMullen, Beverly Nelson, Bernice Means, Gordon Olsen, Glenda O'Neill, Sally Jo Partee, Rod Qualley, John Ronnestad, Bert Rozendahl, Bob Shafer, Jane Snyder, Eloise Stanley, Alan Tennant, Janice Turrnan, Ralph Van Nay, Ronald Wedemeyer, Elaine Weidkamp, Ken Willman, Russ Fry, Ken Butterfield, Don Comte, Charles Corner, Dave Langston, Ramona Morris, Joe Beaudry, Vicki Bergquist, Maxine Bonner, Carole Brown, Beverly Carnahan, Stan Craft, Marietta Curtis, Edna Darnell, Gregory Davis, Don Fare, Jim Follis, Britta George, Hoan Glass, Merrillann Herrick, Rose Hess, Lois Hurst, Margery Jenkins, Mariel Lanigan, Anne Loree, Lucille Nelson, Bernice Merrill, Pat Millard, Sherry Morley, Howard Palmer, Olga Partee, Duane Partee, Pat Peterson, Marilyn Rosenquist, Rowena Sansburn, Ken Sansburn, Mary Lu Sayre, Don Schwartze, Pat Stringfellow, John Tweedie, Luanno Wong, Delores Zaske, Merlin BLAKNEY, RICHARD, President 44 XX CQMR K X 4745 l7th N.E. lt is the aim ofthe Hillel Foundation at the University of Washington TO further the knowledge and appreciation of Judaism- religion, culture, way of life, TO give our interests, TO establish the framework for K'LaI Israel-the Jewish community for students of varying interests, TO promote interfaith understanding and cooperation, TO supplement the resources of the campus with the best of our legacy. chi NOT PICTURED: Bishop, Richard Bixler, Ralland Fisk, Bud Hall, Wendell Hepworth, Joanne Mader, Beverly Senff, Ross Stockman, Ronald Williamson, Manstord students facilities for the expression of common Just relaxing around the record machine. alpha Chi Alpha is a fellowship group representing the Assembly of God Churches. They meet at noon during the week, in the HUB, to study and meet with local pastors for discussion. Parties during the year fill the social calendar. Chi Alpha is open to all interested in fellowship and a chance to get acquainted with other students in a Christian atmosphere. RODNEY THORN, President Askren, Cornelius if llill Betcher, Viola A , Dailey, Bob Derdevanis, Philip . V Leonard, David t," '. Osborne, James Secrist, Ronald Soderburg, Wallace Tionneland, Elling Youngquist, Jim b'nai b'ri1'h 1 T 'N .,,W L-.J NOT PICTURED: Brown, Joan Brown, Vince Case, Ridney Dean, Barbara Deon, Howard Deming, Carol P""" Elliott, Douglas Gans, Arthur Gwilym, Don Gwilym, Ed Hays, Roland Johnson, Alon Klinefelter, Ann Kreger, Leslie Lamson, Joan McCollom, Dorothy Mclntyre, David Mott, Jean Patrick, Nancy Pogue, Dove Powers, Mike Reese, Janet Servizi, James Shoal, Robert Waid, Margo lpsen, Walt Scott, Roberta Ralston, Joan Shoero, Nancy Front, left to right: Sylvia Marsh, Marlene Eckart, Adell Ross, Roberta Ralston, Jean Carrington, Ann Murray, Second row: Margaret Peterson, Marlene Holm, Lauriston Elliott, Winnie Waltz, Barbara Smith, Lotte Forrester, Robert Thurston, Jane Peterson, Eden Sisley. Standing: Lee Thornburg, Bort Bloom, Herb Larson, Ted Misaka, Peter Proctor, Dan Roberts, Jennie-Claire Mund, Ron Finlay, Terry Biggart, Bill Hooper, Ken Semell, Richard Morrill, George Hsu, Gary Solberg, Tsunetaro Nishida. pilgrim club Pilgrim Club, the Congregational Christian Stu- dent group, is open to any student who is seek- ing to understand himself and his relationships to his friends and to God. Along with this search is the opportunity for service within the larger community, i.e., work projects, local and state visitation work, etc. Activities within the club include Sunday Evening forum-discussion type meetings, weekly meetings of Faith, Action and Fellowship commissions, Fall and Spring weekend conferences, and various study groups. Pilgrim Club is located on the cor- ner of 16th Ave. N.E. and 45th St. Standing, left to right: Winnie Waltz, Faith Commission Co-Chaiman, Ed Setchko, University Pastor, Jennie-Claire Mund, Membership Chairman and Secretary, Terry Bibbort, Vice-President, Peter Proctor, President, George Hsu, Treasurer. Seated: Robert Thurston, Action Commission Chairman, Barbara Smith, Faith Commission Chairman, Lotte Forrester, Editorial Commission Chairman. 449 Christian Science Organization at the University of Washington is one of over T50 independent and self-governing Christian Science Organizations at universities and colleges throughout the world. These groups are all organized in conformity with the provisions of The Manual of The Mother Church, The Frist Church of Christ, Scientist, in Boston, Massa- chusetts, by Mary Baker Eddy. The administration of the Organization's activities is handled by an Executive Board elected from the student members ofthe Organization. There is no other director or administrator. All business of the Organization is carried out under the direction of the Executive Board by a system of committees. Both faculty and students who are interested in Christian Science may become members of the Or- ganization. Each member serves on one or more committees, such as the Lecture, Usher, Music, Li- brary, House Maintenance, Building, or information committees. One faculty member is appointed each year as adviser in accordance with University reg- ulations. The principal activity of the Organization is the Thursday evening Testimonial Meeting held in Eagleson Hall at 7:45 during the regular school year and at the Organization Student House during Summer Quarter. These meetings are presided over by an elected student Reader who prepares a read- ing consisting of passages from the King James Version of the Bible, on a topic chosen particularly for its applicability to college life, and correlative passages from the Christian Science textbook, Science and Health With Key to The Scriptures, by Mary Baker Eddy. Those attending these meetings Student House. J christian science organization Organization President, GLENN LINDEN, The Bible and the Christian Science textbook marked for the week- ly Lesson-Sermon. t are given an opportunity to relate experiences which they have had using Christian Science in their daily life. The Organization maintains a Student House, lo- cated ot the corner of l5th Avenue Northeast and East 43rd Street, which is open to all students and faculty members interested in Christian Science. The House provides a quiet place for the study of the Christian Science Lesson-Sermon. This Lesson-Ser- mon consists of selected passages from The Bible and the Christian Science textbook on a weekly subiect, and it is studied daily by Christian Scien- tists throughout the world. Each week's Lesson-Ser- mon is read in all Christian Science Churches on the Sunday following the week of study. The current copies of the International Daily News- paper, The Christian Science Monitor, may be read at the House as well as a broad selection of other Christian Science literature. On March 27, T956 the Organization sponsored a Christian Science lecture given by John J. Selover, a member of the Board of Lectureship of The Mother Church, The First Church of Christ, Scientist, in Bos- ton, Massachusetts. Mr. Selover spoke on the topic, Christian Science Reveals the Unlimited Power of Prayer. The lecture was held at Eagleson Hall. At the New Student Reception held at the House in October, Mr. Robert Dolling Wells spoke on the true concept of a Christian Science college organi- zation. During Religious Emphasis Week State Sen- ator William C. Goodloe spoke at the House on the practicability of Christian Science. The Christian Science Organization f 'I -A3 Left to right, seated: ART PEDERSEN, President, .llM BAKEMAN, Vice Presi- dent, MlDGE MOFFAT, Secretary, and JACK MILLER, Treasurer. Back row: WALT KILGORE, Program Chr., SANDY ROTTON, Personnel Chr., PETE JEN- SEN, Promotion Chr., and AL BALLIE, Activity Chr. calvin club Calvin Club is an organization designed to provide Christian fellowship for college-age young people. Interesting and inspirational meetings are held every Sunday morning and evening. One ofthe highlights of each week is the Tuesday night dinner meeting. The club also has numerous social activi- ties such as singspirations, skating and skiing par- ties, outing, and picnics. Weekend conferences play an important part in the Calvin Club program. university christian union men's house K., . HENRY SEARLE, President JW' 5 E 1605 E. 47th ' r The men of University Christian Union look back upon a successful year, the twenty-first such year for the house. An interdenominational group, UCU provides Christian fellowship for University men. Fun and fellowship were provided with a social calendar of exchanges and firesides highlighted by the Spring banquet. High scholastic achievement, campus service, and intramural sports rounded out the life of the members and made i955-56 a year to remember. xi Go, man, go! 452 Nor PICTURED1 Sahlm, Edward, Grad. Anderson, Alfred, Sr. Berglund, Allan Sr. Branson, David, Jr. Burke, David, Soph. Greenhill, Lawrence, Fr. I 5 Hamilton, Paul, Fr, Hong, Leslie, Sr. Lund, Allan, Fr, Myers, Daniel, Fr. Oerfli, Ronald, Sr. Searle, Stanley, Soph. White, Jerry, Fr. Carlson, Owen, Sr. House, David, Fr. Ruef, Raymond, Sr. af 0 Tr gy JGFX' y fb 1 l 6 I ff' 9 avi. Y-yy if LE PV 'X 1fxXkf Q XJ s A T LIT s -Rg,ffAPL I K REALLU 4-'pax JYEQL , , 40Nlf'A Bl ll 1 I N K r 4 2600, 1:1 a P H91 -5:5-g,gi4,E :aw ' - 0 uw 3 Lu ' 2 .1 D. -, .. r, 4 11, " I N RED E xhffg ' NQWLEDGE 'SPILL BP collimb 54 honorary i . ' Adams, Kirk ' ' 62 Anderson, Clarence - Chubb, William 3 Dalrymple, Lawrence A 5 ir - Davis, Walter V , , ' 15" +4 g ' Drips, Phil , 0- , Eastman, George A 2 T Gage, Ken x Q I Hanes, Ramons, Hayes, Fredrick Jack, Richard McGaftey, Charles McMillan, Joseph Peyser, Ethan Ring, Taft Smith, George Staples, George Talso, Warner Thome, Carl Ward, Tom The Purpose of Husky Swim Club Honorary is to pro- mote an interest in swimming here at the Univer- sity and throughout the Pacific Northwest. To fur- ther this interest the members designed an emblem and locket ofthe purple and gold to be worn on and off campus. The big event of the year for the club was the an- nual water show "Aqua Fantasies of '56." We pro- duced the show in coordination with the women's swimming honorary, the "Silver Fish." The show ran three performances during Parents' Weekend and was a great success. Some of the social events of the past year: the Fri- day night splash parties with dancing and refresh- ments, the mixers we have with the Silver Fish and the water skiing and beach parties we enioy dur- ing the spring. The Husky Swim Club is always ready to otticiate at swim meets or participate in local swim clinics. Ap- plications for membership are considered and voted upon. There are applications available to all those interested. NOT PICTURED: Anderson, Larry Bundy, Emory Cramer, Danial Eng, Sam Espinda, Dave Fisher, Donald lrminger. Jon Tucker, Tom Custer, Don NOT PICTURED: Logan, Joan WELANDER, CATHY, President .., . ii in I liz , if dramatics honorary The word Arena is universal in meaning and exemplifies all phases of the theater. The honorary on the Washington campus was formed by Pro- fessor Glenn Hughes, Executive Director of the School of Drama. Its membership consists of students who have made outstanding artistic and technical achievements in their indi- vidual fields. Throughout the year the activities of Arena coordinate drama with the allied arts through receptions for outstanding artists and by arranging personal contacts for the students with visit- ing artists. Brudevold, Carol Hammack, Henry LeRoy, Zoaunne Reed, Dorothy Wahl, Karen Byrd, Dave Collard, Jack Collard, Judy Diehl, Bob Dolan, Bob Enger, Barbara Farmer, John Gardner, Lyn Glenn, Dana Hathaway, Chuck Henriot, Rex Jeffries, Don Johnstone, Auon Lyon, Mary Connie Mancou, Sten Newman, Bil O'Brien, Adale Osowa, Joyce Pepperdine, Warren Pritchard, Barry Rickard, Ed Schneiderman, Dory Smith, Barbara Wing, Dan Wing, Jean th ta sigma phi women's professional iournalism honorary Theta Sigma Phi is the women's professional iournalism honorary. Membership is based on scholarship and the desire to enter a communications profession. The honor- ary was founded on the Washington campus in l909. Each spring Theta Sigma Phi sponsors the Matrix Table banquet. One hundred campus women and 500 profes- sional women are invited. Other activities of the chapter include compiling the an- nual alumni Christmas news letter and running the Com- munications Building coffee shop. In addition, the group works with Sigma Delta Chi to bring speakers in journalism to the campus. NOT PICTURED: Brown, Carolyn Boaglio, Dorothy Gregory, Margaret Manning, Louise Kenoyer, Willa Kruse, Karen Larson, Margaret Matzkind, Marian Meagher, Donna Oberkotter, Marilyn Robinson, Marilyn Schneider, Sally Speece, Lula Steincipher, Claire Williams, Diane VanSCOYOC, ARLENE, President 5, .,... Brown, Ellen if t:-- . ' N X DeShazo, Donna K- W ' ' g Gross, Gerry J , Q . Heily, Kay 'V A -A ' r 1 lllman, Sally I 'Q- g f 5' J ' .V 1 ff 5' if ,. S is .i , J K ' s ' - of L ' T tee. 6 C ii- SF -A Q 2 if 3 45 456 .!. '-A A . N., .Af '12-1 x. JK, President PEARL RELLING M V 5 VE- s g 45 - g r! ,lf T A x Gray, Marilyn , Hecker, Joan :" ' Hunter, Kathryn an-. we i 1. I K 3 mf 1 ,Q , we 6 ,il .A fi. .V I 4 , , Cook, Marilyn Eaton, Janet Fortin, Patricia Gray, Carol Ann Loe, Mary McDonald, Irene Miller, Marilyn Morgan, Audrey Q ITIU 'l'CIU medical technology honorary Baisch, Merilyn J. Brown, Sally Lee Carlstrom, Margery Mu Tau was organized on the University of Wash- ington campus November l-4, 1952, and is open to all medical technology majors who have completed tive quarters of work in their field. The purpose of the organization is to become better acquainted with medical technology and fellow students. At their monthly meetings, speakers from profes- sional groups present information to aid the stu- dents in their academic objectives. Mu Tau also at- tends meetings ofthe Seattle Society of Medical Technology. Okamura, Lillian Pugh, Joan Sigurdson, Darlene Sunden, Janet Wanamaker, Barbara NOT PICTURED: Budd, Ivan Dean, Barbara Dixon, Joyce Thompson, Shirley Toshi, Joyce White, Sarah I Q m I C r o n n U home economics honorary President NANCY BRATTON Crosby, Mary Lou Dietzen, Ann 5 A . A j Fix, Carolyn fl H 1 " Keister, Marjorie V My Lokken, Doris ' V' wi .1 3 1 fl!! "' - 1 -.-.,. I . Nfl, I wi Mutschler, Mary Nelson, Byrne Paulson, Laura Shaw, Luanne NOT PICTURED: Fendall, Nancy Johnson, Susan Phillips, Ruth Pierce, Marlene Members of Omicron Nu are selected from quali- fied second quarter juniors and seniors majoring in home economics with a 3.02 cumulative grade point. Omicron recognizes superior scholarship and promotes leadership and research in the field of home economics. ln the spring of each year an Honor Tea is given for all the girls with high grades in the department. Participation in the high school open house, a jam sale, a cook book project and many more activities are carried on by Omicron Nu. PI omlcron lgma ACACIA: Bye, Gerald M, Miller, Kenneth E. Swisher, Donald P. ALPHA DELTA PHI: McNamee, Robert S. Valentine, David A. ALPHA EPSILON Pl: Lukin, Jack ALPHA KAPPA LAMBDA: Klingler, Dan ALPHA SIGMA PHI: Ramsey, Richard E. Wood, Stephen ALPHA TAU OMEGA: Buchue, Paul BETA THETA PI: McKinnon, Mickey Peterson, Warren CHI PSI: Johnson, Thomas DELTA CHI: Stooky, Donald M, DELTA KAPPA EPSILON: Richards, Dick DELTA KAPPA EPSILON: Smetheram, Herbert DELTA SIGMA PHI: Ellis, Charles B. DELTA TAU DELTA: Donnelly, Robert H. DELTA UPSILON: Pi Omicron Sigma is an Inter-Fraternity Honorary at the University of Washing- ton. It was founded in T954 by Rocky Lindell, James A. Noe, who are both past presidents of the Inter-Fraternity Council, and Glen T. Nygreen, then l.F.C. advisor. This honorary fraternity was formed to recognize and honor senior fraternity members who, in the estimation of their active chapters and the President of the Inter-Fraternity Council, have made an effective contribution to fraternity wel- fare and give promise of continuing their effective work toward maintaining and extending the good name and the educational leadership of the fraternity system at the University of Washington during their remaining years in college. The name, Pi Omicron Sigma, was cho- sen for the following significance: Pi is the first letter of the Greek word Poli- teria which is translated to mean citi- zenship, the responsible membership in the body of citizens. Omicron is from the Greek word Oikonomia meaning stewardship, one who works around the house. Sigma is from the word Scholia meaning scholarship, the scholarly use of leisure time. Each year a large banquet is given by the Inter-Fraternity Council at which time the new nominees are initiated. The Fraternity System at the University of Washington is a strong one. It is ap- propriate to honor those men who have made it strong and Pi Omicron Sigma provides this. T T Abraham, John Clasen, Dann KAPPA ALPHA PSI: Young, Andrew J. Bridges, Leon KAPPA SIGMA: Luttinen, Sydney LAMBDA CHI ALPHA: Wolf, John PHI DELTA THETA: Howe, Walter C, PHI KAPPA TAU: Anderson, Robert R. PHI SIGMA KAPPA: Hollingsworth, Ken PSI UPSILON: Garretson, Charles Cole, Robert L. SIGMA ALPHA EPSILON: Campbell, Bob SIGMA PHI EPSILON: Ingalls, Robert L. TAU KAPPA EPSILON: Normann, Soren F. AU KAPPA EPSILON: Still, Robert M. THETA CHI: Richardson, Jim Peterson, Dale HETA DELTA CHI McReynolds, Neil ZETA PSI: Cook, John Patrick NOT PICTURED: ALPHA TAU OMEGA: Carter, William L, CHI PHI: Corey, Herbert CHI PSI: Bergstrom, Godfrey T DELTA CHI: Lay, Richard Myers, Glenn DELTA UPSILON: Noe, James KAPPA SIGMA: McKay, Harrison PHI GAMMA DELTA: MacLeod, Gary Wells, Edwin PHI KAPPA PSI: Burrows, Robert Pl KAPPA ALPHA: Wallace, Minor PI KAPPA PHI: Konopaski, Ron SIGMA ALPHA EPSILON Bushell, Donald Fisher, Franklin SIGMA CHI: Reidinger, George M, SIGMA PI: Ball, James Herman, Rex THETA CHI: Webber, Paul SENIOR HONORS phi beta kappa national scholastic honorary Phi Beta Kappa, founded in 1776 at the College of William and Mary, is the oldest Greek letter so- ciety in the United States. The University chapter, Washington Alpha, was founded in 1914. Election to Phi Beta Kappa has been a recognition of intellectual capacities well-employed, especially in acquiring an education in the liberal arts and sciences. The emblem is a key. Alferieff, Lubov Alferieff, Nicholas Alyea, Lorene Bacon, Suzanne Barbey, Mary Batchelder, Carol Berglund, Phyllis Brazier, Thomas Brittain, Joe Burnham, Robert Butts, Jeanne Clark, Kenneth Compann, Phyllis Corbett, Mary Cunningham, James Dement, William Denevan, William Dermanis, Paul Dixon, Rosemary Douglas, William Draper, Diane Eaton, Peggy Egan, Evelyn Ferguson, Jean Gaffner, Haines Gill, Mariorie Griffith, Alice Guterson, Lewis Guy, Arthur Hanley, Donald Hanley, Joan Hanson, Edward Haugen, Obert Hawkins, Judith Hayes, Twila Johnson, Corrine Jones, Leona Joukovsky, Natalie Kahan, Naomi Kanikeberg, Nancy Kepler, Don Kosobud, Dorothy Lapins, Uldis Loudon, Phyllis Luvera, Anita McAllister, Gordon McBride, Delbert McDonagh, Patricia Mar, Brian Martin, James Metter, Raymond Montgomery, Sharon Morris, Ruby Nagasawa, Shigeo O'Brien, Barbara Oppel, lngeborg Parvey, Dona Perine, Barbara Rasche, Bruce Ray, Bernard Renhard, Edith Rogers, William Ross, Ellen Salmon, Laura Saugen, John Scheyer, Gwen Seeschaaf, Walter Sehmel, George Shaver, James Sterry, Adele Stewart, Harley Strieff, Mary Sutherland, Janet Swanson, Sherry Swift, Ross Tang, Chung-Liang Tate, James Tidwell, Joseph Tighe, Robert Tionneland, Elling Tiossem, Jacqueline Tobler, Waldo Tross, Mary Ulvestad, Roger Walker, James Weinstock, lrwin Willard, Harrison Williston, Anne Woods, Sally Ytgard, Janice Zolbrod, Leon August, Gerald Blomquist, Anita Bratton, Nancy Brown, Ronald Chang, David Christ, Virginia DeSpain, Marianna Engstrom, Donald Fluharty, Arvan Gillis, Murlin Hill, Nancy Hurlbut, Elizabeth Kampmann, Kathleen Larson, Donald Merchant, Howard Metcalf, Donald Metz, Peter Robinson, Marilyn Vail, Van Wilson, Gloria F' f JUNIOR HONORS .M ,fs J 1 f iii to , 'H F i tt xxx A c J .., .. A 4, new .. :wil ' fr ' if J 'Qi r . .. -.xi t J L , 9 NOT PICTURED: Brooke, Jean QXXX Xxxxxxxy 5 Q 5 Howard, Margaret 5: i i E Moldenhour, Jan 2 Q Onodera, Kaun 2 Q Rambo, Thomas ldeceasedl ' I lp 2 f' 1 LXXXXXX xxxxxxxx' 458 President: Porter Perrin Vice President: George Farwell Secretary: Ruth Kirk Treasurer: Diane Cummins Members-at-large: Donald Treadgold, John McDiarmid Prize winners: Senior prize: David Bing Jue Chang, Freshman prize: Janet Deann Miles University of Washington students from the Yak' ima area receiving awards include the following, left to right: DR. BARNET BASKERVILLE, BERNARD RAY, SUZANNE BACON, GEORGE SEHMEL, JEAN ANN FERGUSON, and MARY LOUISE CORBETT. igma delta chi national I0 urnallsm fraternity a national fraternity of men aspiring to or already actively engaged in the writing profession. The University of Washington chapter has been active ted on basis of scholarship, interest and aptitude in iournalism work. Those accepted must have a desire to make writing their occupation. ter has supported a program, in con- Sigma Phi, women's iournalism hon- orary, and SDX alumni, designed to better acquaint mem- and advancements in their field. The year's two big social events are the Fall Initiation Ban- igma ep ilon ary . r r SI g m a women's underclassmen scholarship honorary Sigma Epsilon Sigma honors sophomore women who have maintained a 3.5 grade point average during their fresh- man year. While essentially an honor- ary, Sigma Epsilon Sigma does carry out the necessary functions of any or- The three main proiects for the year are: being hostesses at the President's Recep- tion, giving a tea for freshmen women who maintained a 3.5 average their first quarter in school, and holding a sucker sale, the proceeds of which fi- nance a scholarship for a deserving shman woman. NOT PICTURED: Bigley, Barbara Dressel, Frances Estey, Karin Henskey, Audrey Luschei, Phyllis Troffer, Carol Wickstrom, Faye Yamauchi, Irene Yorke, Mary Doepke, Martha Fassett, Beverly Henki, Julie Maizels, Nettie Mehl, Martha Morchin, Barbara Rouke, Emma Salt, Suzanne Starkenburg, Shirlee Stover, Janis KI Sigma Delta Chi is since 1910. 4 it ,, . , I , K. Members are selec The University chap eos CAMPBELL, President Bddwin, DM mark, Kem Iunchon W'II' Them NOT PICTURED: Hale, Reid Blake, Don Keatley, Bob . ArItoniIPaul Huselcnd, Stan Mckeynolds Neil Valentine Dave bers WIIIT pI'ObIelTlS B , V' L , D' lt ' ' Dial: Bill IC L?pikyKICBiH Ramsey, Doug Winslow, Pete D01ier,DU0ne Merrnlohn quet and the Spring Pledge Luncheon. Geraghty, Jack Walker, C. J, . -K K K Anderson, Rosemary -. . KK' ,QK , - K- ' Bergman, Myra '- it N f 3 6, 2' Breslich, Mary - L ,A ' ' K V K V Bursett, Beverly if "f 1 'N' ' 1 f,,, I ' 0 DeShazo, Donna KK K. KZ' I I Foord, Marilyn 'K 'iik 1 KK I ..,, K ff K -. I K Johnson' Mum i i :LK lg it , K A it . ix Freligh, Alice , Linstrom, Carol be - K K ' 5- Luke, Ruby - K. - . 4, 1 .4 I- Morganthaler, M K l' 'tk ., ' K Q Neisess Carol Ann Pres ' f .Q I - In K ' Nave Marian N 2' 'fi ' N --4. , ,, 1 'W m " r K " I if Osterman, Gayle QTKK K- K K I KK Euickstaci, lsaren K. K f-E5 ,V K , K' ' amsey, u rey f rif ,Q ' " ' V, K Savage, Rosemary ' Y ..-' Schnatterly, Ann . . fr.. '1 3, K Schweizer, Caryl ' ' X Psc K 5 4' -K" X. -'-- 4 K 5 UK.,K,iK i - Sherry, Carolyn . i 5, 1 , Wg Torrence, Clarice 1 ,. 3 A qu 'fi' Wahl, Karen . , T1 W . if -1 Bartroff, Barbara gonlzcllon- S A 4' ' K 'ti Black, Barbara 5 fly ' K K KK ' , Bush, Carol . f, ,K LK K K Carlgren, Barbara L , IK -.. Ki I K, f Fabrick, Patricia 1.5, .it KLKFZK g S , pw Poms, arms ' AK -' Q3 , ' Green, Shirley K W A X Herrick, Rose fre we Qt' ' , Hess, Lois I I Jones, Ivaly Landon, Carol ' ' V K K , MK Lotz, Donna Q A- ' ' . QUKJ . K 3' Martin, Elaine ' . ,s. . ., 1 ' Ka Needham, Lois f ' .KA f Nelson, Ruby KJ' X fl' . ' ' K' Peters, Nancy K Schegolkov, Lea . ' Scott Terri ,Q Q , ' 5 , K -- , ' ' Q I ' K .- 1 -- K Sherrard, Margaret in K K i"' 'glbz K 1 5, K'- Stender, Nancy --.. . ' K ' ' Stunz, Thomasina KK ry n f Taylor, Alyce KK K1 -0 K K K . Van Tilborg, Sue Y- K f 4 'Eff K Whitehead, Virginia j K I I Wogsland, Betty Jean I t ' Yowell, cami 5. it Walker, Delores Winslow, Inez Jean ,gs K Albin, Lynn - A-K . gi Bedford Cleo 'HW' my rally girls ' . Brainard Pam lfi7"f'. ? F,,s,e,, time ' Eorver, BARBARA, President -ij, Francke, Lynn A1 5 L Halbert, Jackie A A Johnsofwudy 4 ii ix pg vt. E J Jahnson, Lucille i St. Jean, Jody Semmern, Carol ,.,, Gy Sanford, Sandy Searles, Marikay - f L Sinkunas, Toni Tonkin, Carol " ri i it Yi, g LL"', McBeath, Ginger 5 Wi ii-, McKee, Margaret j 'ff f ' A Merrill, Pat S f A in fix, .,,. ,Q 'F' c , ' K Murison, Bonnie ' G I ,- Neergaord, Jill Q , - 9, ' -, K ' 5 i Neisses, Carol G77 4 ' , W' ' Parsons, Dale t ,,"i ' Provine, Dotty Rally Girls, a service organization founded in 1920, work with Malamutes throughout the year to pro- mote school spirit. The girls in their white sweaters sell pom poms and rooter caps at the football games. Some of the Rally Girls are down on the field lead- ing the singing and yelling while others usher in the student cheering section. The maiority of the girls work behind the scenes to organize card stunts for the half-time entertainment. Both Rally Girls and 2 n I Ps Q 3 3 Malamutes look forward to their joint Homecoming Breakfast on the morning of the big game. Membership is open to freshmen girls who are taken in during the fall as 'linvitesf' After one quarter of service, pledges are chosen. Actives are selected during the sophomore year. All voting is done and members chosen on the basis of work accomplished throughout the year. pledges ,j W Q - . .. ' gif. I ' I - - f ' -'E i J' - ,A 7 ft., ..., A A if s on ,ria F57 A 'ii-gil? A . - . 'W' A K isar ' as rg isrr . ei? .k , V g Bailey Catherine Douglas, Shirley F9f0Qli0, AUdl'eY Hvmiltonf JUdY Hoffmvnf Phyllis Jones lvc Y Byrd, Shirley Downie, Wendy Gunderson, Mary Henning, Valerie Johnson, Sue fx B 'X' -. x X,v,,1 'v . ' , ' ' P V 5 . . A . fi it . i Llhou Sharon Lindquist, Sandy Richards, Kaye Sahlberg, Judy Shannon, Virginia Stender Nancy Lindblom, Betty Link, Linda Ryning, Karin Schwab, AHCJYGCI Smllh, -lflnel invites B, B k 2- f , f J V i X J,-. B , .BB ,W yyhk E X: , JK it ,V - I my J B 1 fx B 'Q 5' or , fs , B. , ,Q 4.3 f"'f ra B 1 - f J I .rw .. B ' fs, gf, 2,67 - I N -.4 x .Q I ,sq f B fx , . B ' J Allison, Sue Aromin, Auria Borer, Janice Berry, Carol Boyd, Nancy Alton, Ju,-,ei Aronson, Mimi Beaudry, Vicki Berry, Sally Bresheors, Mary Fran Bush, Marilyn Chilcote, Paulette Cooper, Jeanette Craft, Betty Lou DUNSNWOYC, JOYCE Cqgeyl Louise Cgmingg, Sqrq Cassey, Glenda Daubert, Beverly Eckton, Grace ,if J .Q My 'nm' ' ' Q . i 'A B B f YY 1 ,I -- f PM V 1, i ,. f 5 5 -1 ,BBBQ , ,- BL -M3 B V kj , , N 5 sa' ,, ' ,J 'K , 4,5 K I, 'V f B ,, 4 '1 h if i-is ' f . f ' - X X , 5 W I f -- B jg Q A i,iA - ,hz - ., . -5 2 - f fv ' J J sf QB I is 'fr' T- f 3' B J J J . ii,, 1 g ' V- 3 , ,J gl -r ,B . ,,, A 5 Englert, Janice Falor, Sue Ann Forsberg, Mary Ann Gerry, Annette Giese, Isa Griffith, Diane Epstein, Sandra Fiellman, Janice Geiger, Pat Gibb, Judy Greene, Shari Haugen, Marilyn Irving, Barbara Kelso, Jerrie Kreamer, Jan Lei55, DOWNS MUCRCIS, SGYUJW Hopfinger, Barbara Jones, Lleana Kildahl, Karen Larsen, Carol Ludingtan, Betty McBride, Jane McPhee, Janice Michaelson, Sharon Murison, Ann Olson, Bonnie Revette, Teddy McGatIin, Sharon Mayes, Sandy Moran, Mellgnie Nau, Shirley Peterson, Gail f , 4 . iw: , Q as 1 , ' K ' " gf 'J ' fi.. K ' W , T " . ' " ' B . ' B B ' T wg- -.. ' - rsl, '-i. iw' 1 Q , B B X B , an B 1 B - t ' 'XB s. V1 , I I B, J , i l Ring, Erla Rousso, Esther Seligman, lllsa Smith, Carol Spencer, JoAnn Ralston, Joan Schalo, Sheri Shabro, Nancy Smith, Fran SWSFISOFL MUVJIO Taney, Pat Waldrep, Sharon Weyland, Jackie Woodmark, Joan Stewart, Marlene Thompson, Vicki Watson, Gwen Williamson, Ann Gould, JoAnn Wright, Jessie NOT PICTURED: Actives Hansen, Barbara Moe, Mary Sather, Carol Welch, Sharron NOT PICTURED: Pledges Freeman, Sally Schoenfield, Susie Spilk, Diana NOT PICTURED: Invites Brown, Gwen Chiappa, Donna Dallas, Marty 461 462 ilver fi 5 w i In rn i n 9 h o n 0 r a r Y BAKER, MARY Louise, President Abbott, Nadine Ames, Junie JN. Baker, Rena ry Q 'f Church, Grace K 'O H Silver Fish is an honorary for women gZQ"f,iiQyS'm' V , ' - chosen on the basis of their swimming guaffmisvllv V ., V, ability. Members spend their time de- Y es' mel , ' f ' veloping aquatic skills and promoting . N interest in synchronized swimming. Each spring the year's activities are culminated by a water ballet, Aqua Elmtoifiotg L Fantasies, with the Husky Swim Club. anzeigen? Miryou H ' V H ,I Guske, Sharon f"F 1? 'f1 ' J. 3 Henry, Barbara V 'Q 1 , ,U I ,p sig , J ,r NOT PICTURED: Boyer, Pat Canterbary, Kit Graham, Janice Hartman, Cyndie Pelton, Pat Shellabarger, Helen Thompson, Pat Williams, Deanna Ivey, Suzanne Johnson, Anne Johnson, Jackie King, Kathy Kramer, Pat Lindeman, Betsy Lockwood, Betty Jo MacDougall, Anne McAllister, Lynn McGowan, Maureen McLean, Frances Nelsen, Janet Overland, Charlotte Peterson, Susan Pierce, Katie Runstad, Jill Saffren, Leona Sanford, Susie Schultz, Barbara Schweizer, Caryl Scott, Mary Sears, Maureen Smith, Carol Stankey, Betty Whitman, Rheta ' 1 dmv, gb? J K 5 . an V gggg A r. -.. ! , 'J J l F 41 ff 'AN - ,S .,,y, s F532 ..... - H i..: .A Lx, i y i ns ' .gr if i ' N sr , g ,, 4 1 am:-:.3,::fszz', ,C ,. Young, Berta X ,'-fW, ,M : ,1 X 5' iris., A iBremner, Eric Bryan, Robert lBuCk, Wayne Bunker, Russ Burr, Robert Clark, Richard Cook, John Crim, James Dietz, Arthur Douglas, Gordon Dracup, John Egerton, Charles Gavin, Roger Hastings, Gordon Hanke, Byron Hines, Walter Holdren, Larry Johannesen, Allen Jones, Kay King, Doug Klingbeil, Richard cabbard and blade The National Society of Scabbard and Blade is an honorary organization of Army, Navy, and Air Force upper-division cadets and midshipmen. At present, there are l27 active companies of Scabbard and Blade on the campuses of var- ious American colleges and universities. "I" company of the First Regiment was organized on this campus in 1914. Members are selected on the basis of university activities, academic achievement, and military leadership and pro- ficiency. Cadets are chosen from the upper third of their mil- itary science classes and must have qualities of leadership, integrity, and honesty. Zirbel, William Kuniyuki, Yukio Laffaw, Larry Laycock, Larry ' F' Louis, Lyman t' Morris, Boyd 'i l ,jx Nommenson, Gene kr.-af Nordmon, Arnie , ,f ' Owen, Robert llyg kw ' - Rayburn, Bruce W L bl I I " , Reed, John A P 1 Ring, Taft 49' Searle, Henry l it Smetheram, Herb Smith, Edward Stevens, John Vail, Van Vanpelt, Ed, A . -W Vonpelt, Dick i ni tl M V, i Vanderslice, Gordon 1 vi Ll? ' Weld, Wayne N- V, Wick, Dennis i I , ii f- Williams, Dave if Woolston, James A l 5' A , , Young, Andrew E' I I Young, Edwin NOT PICTURED: Brown, Donald Browne, Harry Coogan, Pat Davies, Pete Donnon, Tom Hodges, Forrest Mathews, Lorin McCreight, James Piner, James Thornquist, Paul Turner, James Westall, Ken Whitney, Leland Young, Joseph Zefkeles, John DeDominico, Paul Deck, Sum WOOD, STEVE, Captain A . Q. sg, I 9 ,T L It I H , cr,,, c.,, cccc, , If L, iii A ig S 'E 'uv- ir. . I , me 3- wx ra 'r 5 46 A Crowe, Clayton Eastman, Donald Fisher, Franklin Fluharty, Arvan as sh 'ii A Gillis, Murlin b ' If V - in , Ginasar, Matania 2:3 k l 'J I Hammer, Ellis ij A ' 5, ff I ' Holdren, Larry ka' 3 --zz: 1' r 5 I A President DONALD FINT Adams, Thomas Ahlstrom, Harlow Bell, Eldon I if Brown, Ronald Chang, David Crim, James A. Hong, Leslie Kee Young ls Hopkins, Violet K X . - -my V. ' Houk, Theodore , 5 - J f H Ib El' b h F I '- ur ut, :za et VU., VA 5 z zeta ITIU tau " it -mathematics honorary . . . I H,Rbi Election to membership in Zeta Mu Tau, under- nga 5 O er graduate mathematics honorary, is based on gen- eral character requirements and a suitable scholas- tic record. Additional requirements include an ac- cumulative grade point above 3.0 and a demon- strated proficiency in mathemtaics upon completion of two quarters of calculus. Metz, Peter Nordman, Arnold Pearce, John Pratt, David Koning, Adolph Menasveta, Deb Merchant, Howard NOT PICTURED: Adansky, Ruth Anderson, Nils Ashmore, Richard Berglund, Phyllis Brinkeroff, Jesse Cunningham, James Dean, James Eckton, Wallace, Jr. Ewart, Terry Fitzsommons, Dale Guy, Arthur Hale, Jay Hammerquist, Eric Hennes, John Hoge, Joyce Hooper, Jerrold Huang, Jusin Mclvor, Ivor K. Moldenhour, Jan Moss, Donald G. Nordquist, Clarence Olson, Darryl Ossiander, Frank Partington, Richard Priebe, Duane Rice, Roy W. Scott, Clifford Shannon, Charles Snoring, Thor Standerfer, Franklin Stewart, Harley Sussex, George Tae, James Tang, Chung Liang Thomas, Alfred Tighe, Robert F, Tralle, George E. Valentine, Ralph Vilenshy, Naftali Eieder, Lawrence GRADUATES: Ellinger, Paul Ferguson, Barbara Sagle, Arthur . Setto, Grace ' Stephas, Paul 'Q 4 Toshiro, Satoru Waterhouse, Myra Z e 1' a P h E e 1' a -women's speech arts honorory President MARY ANN SJURSEN U.-OHRTC T I is 4 Z . , ,Q 'Q' .gl 8 f iq- f ' , Bryant, Nancy A ' , ., 1 Humphrey, Barbara . , Zeta Phi Eta is a national professional speech arts fraternity for women. The purpose is to band to- gether in departments of speech, groups of selected college women interested in maintaining high stand- ards of speech. Mu Chapter of Zeta Phi Eta has a specific program for the school year. A leading proiect is the record- ing of text books for the blind children in Warren Avenue School. Each year a Silver Tea is held to raise money for the Lois Beil Sandall Scholarship which is awarded to an outstanding woman senior or graduate student studying in the field of speech, radio or television. The Zeta Phi Eta Honorary Plaque is awarded annually to the outstanding K 5 i senior boy and girl in the speech department A ' McCartney, Nancy r- EQ, , McLaughlin, Kathy Stone ' , q ' Rindler, Suzanne ' gf' ' fttyfft A Steincipher, Claire , X K ff - 'ii" jk. TK 464 NOT PlCTUREDz Brungard, Jackie Rieke, Joanne Skalbeck, Gretchen Wallace, Liz Alyca, Lorine Averett, Fran Bedford, Cleo Bernard, Sherrie Cochran, Kathleen Friedman, Shirley Hamilton, Judith lllman, Sally Isenhath, Marilyn Jacobson, Jean Jetrello Mays, Theo Minard, Elizabeth Mottler, Mary Zoe Moulton, Shirley Mullins, Kathleen Olson, Glenda Porosky, Ingrid Schmidt, Marlene Snider, Barbara Stock, Barbara Lu Troffer, Carol ,L-,G Ipha delta Alpha Delta Sigma, as its initials imply, is an organization of men in advertis- ing, whose fundamental purpose is to serve as a liason between undergrad- uate members and professional people employed in the field. The Washington chapter, named after its founder Robert W. Jones, is primarily composed of members in the schools of Journalism, Art and Marketing. Each year since its founding in 1928, Alpha Delta Sigma members at Wash- ington have handled a maior public service advertising campaign, such as last years promotion for the Ground Observer Corps. fill .1 r.. W. .1 r , 1 1 ,sg,.fn,r-. ,r ff f I O S I 9 m G men's professional advertising honorary BLOSL, TOM, President Day, John Fielder, Bill Lockman, Robert Logan, Dan McGhee, Kenneth Peringer, Mike NOT PlCTUREDi Wallace, Richard lmpenf J'm Warner, John Sibonga, Mort t . Y L .,,,, , 2 , J 5 X 1 premedhonorsociety GAUGER, GRA .,.. Q' U Abraham, John Barner, Bruce Bray, Ronald Dobbs, Larry NT, President Harris, Art Kompmonn, Kathleen Lewis Karsten McGee, Charles Mezistrano, Joseph Normann, Siguord Prince, Ben Proctor, Merton Zaske, Merlin Werner, Lee 'VCU . 5 f W E' " RZ , - i Beta Chapter of Alpha Epsilon Delta was established at Washington in 1948, and has been consistently ac- tive since that time. Among its func- tions have been the sponsorship of a bi-yearly Pacific Northwest Pre- professional Conference, and the co- sponsorship of a Microscope Demon- stration for Western Washington pre- medical and predental students. These activities have been effective in furthering the society's purpose of helping to unite similarly interested students. Meetings frequently feature lectures by representatives of various branches of the medical profession, thereby promoting contacts with persons cur- rently engaged in practice. Members of Alpha Epsilon Delta have com- pleted seventy-five hours of work with a grade point average of 3.1 or above. NOT PICTURED: Anderson, James L. Cochran, Gerald Jones, Dwoine Lambert, Lawrence Morlock, Noel Pilon, Lorraine Stwalley, Shirley Jean 915541 0 F3 '15 ff! alpha kappa 466 commerce fraternity Alpha Kappa Psi, the first and oldest of the professional business fraternities, was founded at New York University in New York City on October 5, l9O-4. Included in her membership are over 28,000 professionally trained business- men and 700 college professors. Rho Chapter of Alpha Kappa Psi is the seventeenth of nearly 100 active chap- ters throughout the United States. Here at Washington members are selected after achieving sophomore standing and proving their ability to maintain a 2.5 grade average in the College of Busi- ness Administration. To further the individual welfare of its members, to foster scientific research in the fields of commerce, accounts and finance, to educate the public, to appre- ciate and demand higher ideals therein, and to promote and advance in institu- tions of college rank courses leading to degrees in business administration are the expressed aims of Alpha Kappa Psi. Our activities, directed at three basic groups . . . alumni, faculty and student, have helped us maintain a more broad outlook on all phases of business endeavor. NOT PICTURED: ApRoberts, Robert Dake, Charles Donahue, Donald Eades, Jerome Ellis, Robert Emmons, Walter Goen, Jack Lindgren, Harrison Marlowe, Jack Meling, Merle Sandvik, Wilhelm Tada, Koji si MILLER, DICK, President Anderson, James Wesley Y .E- i I -. 7 i ' 4.-,. , .. . , t t C ..a L, bv , A i u' s V' 64 Stringfellow, John K Vail, Norman K, I li Van,Eric Winkley, Donald ' ' ,il f VV Q' 'if' 1 wwf: f Y. , s,,k W 'F' A I BYLES, LEAH, SR v 2. f' . ' yr . ,fi i t J' ,dsx .X .K NX .- x 1 2 5 J ' . - "-1i . A : .f .W K , F ' U if . 'K is if I .' A 4: -ti , . X . k I LY Ji. " 2 5 W' M President Backstrom, Alice, Sr. Blomquist, Bea, Sr. Dolloff, Virginia, Jr. Donart, Sarah, Jr. Fleming, Barbara, Jr. Hanson, Dorothy, Sr. Harris, Shirley, Jr. Holstad, Marilyn, Sr. Ibsen, Lenore, Sr. lshimitzu, Nobuko, Jr. Jenkins, Murial, Jr. Kaas, Sharon, Sr. Lister, Marion, Sr. Medica, Marilyn, Jr. Nelson, Mary Ann, Jr. Phillips, Peggy, Sr. Roscoe, Jean, Sr. Softky, Lois, Sr. Temby, Shirley, Jr. Warren, Dorothy, Sr. Yanagiharo, Mitsue, Jr. alpha tau delta nursing fraternity Alpha Tau Delta is a women's fraternity formed in T921 at Berkeley, California. Delta Chapter at the University of Washington was established in l936. The purposes of Alpha Tau Delta are to promote higher educational standards for women in nursing and unite members in service for their profession. To accomplish these purposes we have inaugurated various service proiects that will be profitable to our University campus, to our community, to our chap- ter and to our nation. These include collecting books for Filipino nurses, reading for the blind and doing volunteer work in the community. New members are rushed in the winter and pledged in the spring once yearly. Eligibility for member- ship requires prospective members to have com- pleted two quarters in the School of Nursing with an accumulative grade point of 2.75. Registered Nurses enrolled at the University may become mem- bers of this organization. Meetings are held monthly in the nursing residences. Often times social functions are held in conjunction with these. Alpha Tau Delta is a National Nursing Fraternity and is now a member of Professional Panhellenic and Campus Panhellenic. A national convention is held every two years at the same time as the Na- tional Student Nurses' Convention. NOT PICTURED: Burt, Margaret, Sr. Creason, Karen, Jr. Davey, Becky, Jr. Davis, Peggy, Sr. Evans, Caryl, Sr. Ferguson, Margaret, Sr. Frazer, Lora Sr. Hammel, LuVerna, Sr. Harpole, Jean, Sr. Karrer, Joan Boose, Sr. Koph, Peggy Lou, Sr. Luschei, Phyllis, Sr. McGlenn, Kay, Sr. Packard, Kay, Sr. Peck, Ruth, Jr. Roland, Pam, Sr. Rud, Carol, Jr. Straub, Francis, Sr. Thackston, Marilynn, Jr. Ogan, Lois, Sr. Walton, Betty, Sr. Shaeffer, Betty, Jr. 467 beta alpha accounting fraternity Beta Alpha Psi is a national professional fraternity chartered on this campus in 1920. The purpose of this fraternity is to encourage and foster the ideal of serv- ice as the basis of the accounting pro- fession and promote the study of ac- countancy and its highest ethical stand- ards. Candidate for membership must be upperclassmen with a 2.5 in all their subiects and a 3.0 in accounting. They are given competitive examinations cov- ering accounting and business law. Ac- tive members are those registered as advanced undergraduate or graduate students maioring in accounting. The organization serves as a medium be- tween professional men, instructors, stu- dents, and others who are interested in the development of the study or pro- fession of accountancy. .. . 1 3 l 468 Mullin, Shan NOT PICTURED: ApRoberts, Robert Brine, Robert Chinn, Wallace Morgan, Jack . Morris, William Bradley, Robert I Ott, Max Dye, Robert Pihl, Martin Schrecengost, Stanley Vinning, Paul Whisman, Archie Wilkins, John Eggan, Hugh . Evanson, John Fint, Donald " . A e- f i, 0' H 6 Horn, Raymond J 'V ' i 1 1' .. F I 1 Johnson, Thomas Kuehn, George I , Larson, David gf 6' . 'fi ' .f Laycock, Larry ' McLean, Richard , r I 5 Y lf O'Connor, James ' T , V an ig Pearson, Jerry , . . HN 'SEQ' Q Q .mi Pethley, Lowell r , , 2 W Rasmussen, Orville f i - Van, Eric ' A , tl N N beta gamma sigma Bradley, Robert William Campbell, Betty Carter, William busine Christ, Virginia Eggan, Hugh Gillanders, James Johnson, Glenn Knatz, Mary Ellen Lockw ss fraternity The Alpha of Washington chapter of Beta Gamma Sigma is one of 55 chapters throughout the United States of this business honorary which was char- tered in 1923. It is sponsored by the American Association of Collegiate Schools of Business for the purpose of honoring outstanding students in the field of business administration. Listed among its group of members are the top ranking iuniors, seniors and graduates in the School of Business Administration. Invitations for member- ship are extended to students in their senior year or graduates who have maintained a grade aver- age of 3.3 and to iuniors with a record of 3.5 or better. Only the top lO"!e of the senior class can be initiated, and not more than the top Sofo of the iunior class. NOT PICTURED: Diener, Donald Furukawo, Fred Haugen, Obert, Jr. Khataian, George Lambright, Robert Oatfield, Raymond Ott, Max Ulvestad, Roger ood, Donald Vining' Paul Olson, James Pethle y, Lowell Privat, John ef L 6' T 4' - -i All I x iv 5 'R ,Q-xt 5 , . V -I, Qi, Sli? X ,s,. fx tm 1 F. l 1 'ze by G i 4 E .A , we 'Q Andoniari, Paul Bakke, Kjell Baldwin, Bill Bennett, Sumner Brazier, John Brinkman, Pete Bryan, Bob Cassity, George Cathey, Dick Condon, Hal Dalrymple, Loddy Decker, Jay Drips, Phil Germundson, Gunnar Goode, John Gray, Larry Grevstad, Ben Hahn, Frank Hammermoster, Gene Hill, Don Hilton, Jim Ingham, Ed Jewett, Dale Johnson, Jerry Lamb, Lynn 0 - tn Willis, Fred Davis, Nat Payseno, Dick t if ,J 4' e v 5 -. 4 I Lewis, Corky Linden, Gary McKinnon, Mickey NcNamee, Bob Manlowe, Bob Morris, Bob Nelson, Gary Newman, Al Nommensen, Gene Odell, Rollie Olsen, Ron-President Pederson, Gene Perry, Len Purnell, Dave Roselli, Lau Sargent, Wimp Smetheram, Herb Staples, Gary Stoll, Fred Strom, Terry Struger, George Sunitsch, Don Terry, Ron Thomas, Bob Thomas, Jim Thome, Don Thorstenson, Bob Wailes, Ron Waters, Wayne Wetter, Doug ' G 6 5 7 b I g athletic honorary The Big Club functions as a var- sity lettermen's organization by striving to further the interests in athletics and associated activities at the University of Washington. The club's bi-monthly meet- ings not only strengthen the bonds be- tween the participants in the wide field of varsity athletics, but also, through discussions, help solve any problems that may arise within the area of stu- dent participation in athletics. Member- ship is open to all varsity letter winners in major sports. The club's social events include an an- nual picnic and a dance. Big "W" Club manages the "Miss Varsity" contest for the Varsity Ball, and functions as a serv- ice organization to raise the standards of spirits and tradition at Washington. NOT PICTURED: Albano, Ray Ballard, Jack Cramer, Dan Derby, Dean Dunn, Bob Fisher, Don Flaherty, Don Geiger, Monte Getchell, Jim Hart, Art Hasse, Jack Henry, Dean Hill, Ted Houston, Jim Jensen, Dell Koon, Chuck Laiala, Ed Larson, Orvel Leadbetter, Bob Lederman, Sandy Liikane, Mart Lucci, Frank Lund, Ron Mason, Ben Mertel, Chuck Monlux, Earl Monroe, Mike Murphy, Pat Nelson, Frank Perkins, Doyle Pressey, Rod Roake, Steve Robinson, Fred Scott, Jack Sheron, Ed Singer, Dean Thompson, John Till, Bill Watson, Bert Woocl, Tom 469 iota sigma pi , women's national chemistry honorary Iota Sigma Pi, women's national honorary in chem- , TT istry, is dedicated to furthering the interests of il' X" women scientists in chemical and allied fields. The Oxygen Chapter was organized on the Washing- ton campus in 1905 and was incorporated into the Fortin, Patricia Hopkins, Adele, Treasurer Kiskaddon, Donna, Vice President Relling, Pearl notional Orgcnlzollon in 1 470 NOT PICTURED: LeVescante, Grace Loden, Elizabeth McGowan, Elizabeth McLennan, Marlene Melsan, Aase Pan, Ellen Pugh, Joan Snyder, Eloise South, Dorothy, Secretary Takahashi, Irene Tews, Barbara, President Vasishth, Podmini lambda kappa sigma A national sorority for women in pharmacy, Lamb- da Kappa Sigma seeks to promote friendship, high scholarship, professional interest, and to prepare its members for service in the medical profession. The society was organized in 1913 with ten mem- bers. It now has 32 active chapters and 15 gradu- ate chapters with a total membership of over three thousand. Chi Chapter at the University began as the "Anti- date Club" for women in pharmacy and was in- stalled on April 20, 1941. Some of the yearly ac- tivities consists of an acquaintance event for women in pharmacy, Christmas party, Hygeia Day Cele- bration, Mother-Daughter Banquet and participa- tion in the various functions of the Pharmacy De- partment. ,Z s .V X415 The local group encourages the interest of girls in chemistry by presenting two annual awards: a scholarship to an upperclassman maioring in chem- istry, ond a prize for outstanding scholarship in Freshman Chemistry courses. national sorority for women in pharmacy RITCHIE, SUE, President NOT PICTURED: Dravenicks, llma Oplond, Morlys Plien, Joy Quam, Ann Arkills, Doris Breslich, Mary Eng, Helen lngle, Donna Johnson Elinor McArthur Norine A ,I A l , .1 ' Oldenberg, Mary Jo I .W I A 1:..fTg7lilii Smith, Verna DOBKIN, MELVIN, President k a p p a men's pharmacy honorary Q Kay, Richard Kelly, Donald Mark, Julian McBride, Harold Nelson, Howard Noble, Gerald Ramsey, Richard Steinbock, Richard Tavis, James Wong, Yuen In 1916 a group of twenty pharmacy students of the College of Pharmacy were granted a charter for the Beta Omicron Chapter of Kappa Psi. The or- ganization has as its aims the fostering of pharma- ceutical research, high scholarship, and the ad- vancement of professional standards in pharmacy. The Beta Omicron chapter is one of forty-seven ac- tive collegiate chapters located throughout the Unit- ed States. Its members are composed of faculty of the College of Pharmacy, medical service repre- sentatives, leading pharmacists throughout the state, and students in the College of Pharmacy. Beta Omicron chapter is not only expanding profes- sionally, but socially as well and the scope of its activities is increasing every year. Upon graduation from college the student member of Kappa Psi becomes a graduate member where the ideals and ethics he learned in college are put into practice. The contacts made by a student with fellow members of the fraternity span a lifetime and promote cooperation among fellow pharmacists for the members and the profession. Day, Eugene Donaldson, Donald Elliott, William Finch, James Fischer, John Greenough, Wilbur Herbison, Ralph Hollingsworth, Ralph P Bloom, William Brittain, Paul Cornell, Gary 4? ,ie - NOT PICTUREDf Brown, Jerry Claassen, Phillip Davison, Walter Grutchfield, Victor Kirsch, William Kyle, William Mandery, Duane Miyata, Tamio Nunn, Charles Price, Richard Rose, Joseph Scheyer, Richard Schmad, Wayne Sleight, Russell Spence, Robert Q fs as-4, K...- , . ,. ,,,,, ,,. 471 I a m b d a r h o women's art honorary , 1 9 --ms vw, ,. pt -T-if -V gf 'Lf, Arlowe, Laureen I . 'fi' Halbert, Jackie Q 1 3- 4 Sugimoto, Setsuko Tye, Joyce X Wies, Kay Quickstad, Karen Lambda Rho, Women's Art Honorary, was founded nearly a half century ago at the University of Washington. Since that time its mem- bers have proven their capabilities, for nearly every outstanding woman artist in the northwest area was a Lambda Rho member at the University. The high qualifications required of Lambda Rho women necessarily limits its membership. A woman must have maintained a 3.0 accumu- lative grade average and a 3.1 in Art. However, these high require- ments eliminate all those who are not seriously interested in furthering the goals of Lambda Rho, which are to work in the field and encour- age all sincere artistic endeavors. WALLERIUS, LYNN, President ,1 . V' mu phi epsilon if Klein, Eleanor J 7' Kubota, Doris ' I ' 1' L K " Luke, Ruby wf " ."" ' A fs., 7? SPENCER, JANET, President , , as .V is .. A 1 'ff 1 . . ..., if il. i Bratton, Carol Capen, Juanita Caudill, Pat ' Clegg Helene Frye Shirley .la Detriclx, Julia W , im- if Q -5 George, Joan ' W.. I A , 11- ' V Hammond, Laila f .rdr 1 Q . t P' --h' 1 .5 if L ,M 'I p -fret mixer. .iw ' "'ii f R, .M y . L ya. , t i . y g .f Q 472 music honorary Bartroff, Barbara Beardsley, Janet Blackwell, Patsy Tau chapter of the national music sorority Mu Phi Epsilon was founded on the University of Washington campus in 1915. Its purpose is the advancement of music in America, the promotion of musicianship and scholarship, loyalty to the Alma Mater and the development of a true sisterhood. In accordance with our national program we united our efforts to aid International Music Relations by sending used music to the Philippines. We also served others through music by giving programs in local hospitals and donating to music therapy. A Founder's Day Banquet, public concerts, receptions following student recitals, and an all-school Christmas party were among the events of the year. Our efforts were ably guided by our faculty advisor, Miss Miriam Terry. Noble, Jane Noblitt, Mariorie Ratcliffe, Becky Stone, Janet Waltz, Winifred Wetzel, Carolyn NOT PICTURED. Bentley, Marlene Brincken, Louise Donahue, Pat Eastman, Myrna Hegle, Carmen Heller, Janet Huot, Joanne Lampropulos, Athena Miyauchi, Takiko Schawger, Sue Schwartz, Pat Starbird, Dorothy Waterhouse, Myra a I a m u 1' e s service organization V- 3 wick, DENNIS, President 4 we 'M ij ii- - ,U if.. for A 15 1, n l I .+"" A Malamutes is a service organization that has the promotion of school spirit as its main purpose. It attempts to fulfill this purpose by staging rallies, presenting card stunts, and sponsoring the yell team, as well as many other activities during the football season. The University's husky mascot, "Ski," is also cared for by Malamutes. In Song- fest and many other activities Malamutes work with Rally Girls and other campus organizations. Membership is open to freshmen, who are taken at the beginning of fall quarter as 'linvitesf' Pledges are selected after one quarter, and actives are chosen during the sophomore year. Darling Pete Davis, Walt Day, John Hungerford, Bill Louis, Lyman Matteson, Mike Qually, Lloyd Reiner, John 'ae f ' sf' ' Q '4' c 4 X F 4 ff ,vs F2 at ..,a ff-ff fi ll ,Kiwi i Q A . I Rich, Ed 4 Richardson, Dov I Siolseth, Jack i 'wi' J' L Stroh, Jim K' Van, Eric 'V Weeks, George Zirbel, Bill Q .. , z.. P' a A NOT PICTURED: Actives: Anderson, Lloyd Hanson, Bill Lasley, Willard Invites: Bushness, Don Brenner, Denny Z tx A l,, ,,, . .1 J in , ,og 3. y f,-1 -ef . rt f ll i ,'., v- 'K 4 in it if, ,354 it is L , ' A ' i , as v .i se- -gf . U- .ery rx White, Darrell Williamson, Ron Westphal, Ellis Adams, Quincy Armstrong, Gene Brown, Ron Billeter, Frank Benner, Eugene Brusso, Gordon Belcher, Bill Carey, John Diamond, Bob Drake, King Eshelman, Jim Fender, Bud Finley, Ron Falskow, Guy Gibson, Bob Glover, Darrell Howard, Bill Hays, John Hellman, Carl Halligan, Bob Key, Claude Lewis, Thomas Maizels, Bob Mentor, Louis Miller, Rex Molzan, Lynn McGrath, Joe Ringer, George Spence, Bob Turner, Bill Vaux, Walt Wolter, Bob 473 m o r t a r b o a r cl national senior women's honorary The three ideals of scholarship, leadership, and service, as exemplified in the motto, Pi Sigma Alpha, keynote the overall purpose of Mortar Board, National Senior Women's Honorary. The members pledge themselves to promote loy- alty to the school, to promote and maintain a high standard of scholarship, to recognize and encourage leadership, and to strive to develop a finer type of college woman. Members of Mortar Board assist as hostesses at University receptions and other functions. They have an annual Candy Cane Sale, and from the proceeds award scholarships to an outstanding sophomore and iunior girl. They also recognize outstanding scholarship, leadership, and service by award- ing a plaque to a sophomore and iunior girl each year. l WI ' Qshley, flatly ' arnes, ucl e T Q fe x . 7 Bratton, Nancy ' A T A '- I , 'af in ii' A Conner, Casey F' K' , ,J NJ, I DeSpain, Moriann , --ur ' 'rf W ,rc,, Page 1' Q ' ffr- my .A . C Tl i l Hartley, Sylvia Hill, Nancy Kampmonn, Kathie . .E Landon, Marilyn 5 5 , . K - mlb x fi Peterson, Nona Lee U , " 5 if 'ggi' 3 3 6 Wt T rs' . 'lt X 'isa I , .4 1' . Ross, Linnea . W I Tye, Joyce z V .. . E5 A K -- f ' li . A 3,7 r Wilson, Gloria VV kdm ? A Nelson, Byrne -ff 474 HUFF, JANET OLESEN, President V al Eu b uppercIassmen's activity honorary BRYAN, BOB, President 1 t 0, W , i 9 . sv t 127' "Service to Washington" is the motto and purpose of Oval Club, upperclassmen's activity honorary, founded at Washington 48 years ago. Members are selected twice annually by the active chapter from upperclassmen who have proven themselves to be outstanding in activ- ity, athletic, or academic endeavor. Throughout the year, the men of Oval Club take an active part in the betterment ofthe University, believing that "Service to Washington" should not be a task for a few, but the duty of all. NOT PICTURED: Anderson, Graham Baker, John Bushell, Don Coshow, Jim Erickson, Fred Anderson, Bob Bakke, Kiell Yip is A., , , A Blosl, Tom Brinkmann, Pete Dalrymple, Laddy Egan, Dove Freeman, Mel Geraghty, John Erickson, Ken Hanna, Ray Hill, Ted Houston, Jim Jarvis, Harvey Johnson, Morris Johnson, Jerry Kaon, Charles Larsen, Orval Lindell, Rocky McCandless, Don McClary, Rusty McLachlan, Kent Molitor, Graham Monroe, Mike Noe, Jim Olsen, Ron Parsons, Dean Perkins, Doyle Rooke, Steve Scott, Jack Gillanders, Jim Spangler' Warren Swift, Ross Gray, Lorry Gustin ,Frank Jewett, Dale Karmin, Kurt I LaFollette, Larry f A McNamee, Bob Q ' V, Mead, Herb ' , Morris, Bob Bl! ef Mullin, Shan i ' i Phillips, Al ' 4 I s Putnam, Doug ,, A A Ramsey, Doug K ' - ' Reeder, Paul f . lf Richards, Dick ig' Nei' Schafer, Ron Smith, Gene , . g""" , is 'i A V- Staples, Gary , ,fer Y .V K, S 52 5 J , at Thomas, Butch A ' . . A 'A , kf 'J Thome, Carl 'Rain' K A A " K L, 4 -gf' ,li Valentine, Dave . A Young, Rusty N Zirbel, Bill ,N J A , l l Thompson, Bill Walgren, Gordon Westberg, Rob 475 I P a n x e n I U foreign trade honorary Pan Xenia is an international foreign trade honorary and professional fra- ternity. Its members are upperclassmen majoring in foreign trade and related fields, who evidence interest in the pro- motion of the group's objectives and good scholarship standing. NOT PICTURED: Ahearn, Jerry Apostolou, J, Julian Anderson, Melvin Colpron, Merlyn Costello, Martin J. Maekawa, Yoshitaka Melsom, Haakon Reynolds, Robert Sirnaz, Albert Smith, William Wong, Lincoln Benitez, Alberto Anderson, Alfred E. Berry, Brian Angkatavanich, Virote Collins, Melvin Burgess, Charles Bidwell, Allan Doon, Charles Elford, Roy Fonda, John Harbitz, Francis Hsu, George C. Yen Kongkatong, Prayoon, President Love, Ed Menosveta, Deb Hodges, Floyd Ohno, Mizuho Rohr, Robert Swanson, J. Elmer Sewell, Robert Smith, Gary L. Smith, Floyd V. Suder, Walt Wong, King-Kung I a m b d a t h e t a women's education honorary PM Q, . Q' 'Eri --t, f .1-nj, 'X 'ur so , , , J is , Y W yi , .1 in U' a, T ln order to be eligible for membership in Pi Lambda Theta, national women's education honorary, a woman must have an accumulative grade point average of 3.0 and must have shown a professional interest in her chosen field. She must also have been in residence at the University two out of nine quarters and have earned at least seven credits in edu- cation. Pi Lambda Theta works constantly to promote the teaching profession. an gf A' I g , ' Brear, Beverly 6' "U S, 447W f Fix, Carolyn fn A ,' . -r ii Frangen, Betty 'tif' . S . S of if 54 Hill, Nancy Sanford . . ' ' Hadson, Susan ' -' 'Sf 'JL I 1 McLean, Judy ,I V. Olesen, Janet I. "I, A. , ian. Schatz, Audrey M. ' - 'V K' f , Sedo, Carol Bergman I . -" ' V is Y an ' SEARLES, MARIKAY, President NOT PICTURED: Alderson, Mrs. Mary L. Bacon, Mrs. Suzanne B. Batie, Dr. Harriett V. Berkelhammer, Mrs. Sheila Berquiat, Mrs. Leona Jones Blainey, Sylvia J. Cross, Harriet Davey, Mrs. Inez Z. Gleason, Gloria Hawkins, Judith Hayden, Dr. Alice H. Henskey, Audrey Lois Hoffman, Katherine Jenks, Dr. Elizabeth M. Johnson, Pauline Karlen, Kathryn Kuylsendall, Mrs. Gladys B. Leahy, Kathleen Lienard, Marguerite Louisday, Gladys P. MacDonald, Cecilia Marshall, Mrs. Leola O. Mayer, Mrs. Elizabeth McAdams, Laura E. Minard, Mrs. Elizabeth Ca Orluck, Alvina Orluck, Anne Paris, Catherine B. Pelz, Freda Rodland, Mildred St. John, Hesper Short, Yvonne Sorensen, Alice J. Suzuki, Tomilco Tschudin, Mrs. Mary S. Vavra, Catherine Woods, Margaret Staeger Wybourn, Marjorie Zaleski, Mrs. Frances Albin, Lynn Chatalas, Joan Gillanders, Kathy Lx Q 3: f , klljsttsi V Vs f 'a V I X ,ri i A foe Vgkk t ,f 'i , -if - s. . vm - ' 1 i nm ' J' ' S 'J ' ' .r if - K, swf gk gawig S . Q, X Q 'il ,. J- .wi J ' Q 4, .T I L R ,L ,N L , 5 W' - C- f . , it fe- X if , C C n 1 ' NT" 'A J P 6 vw f .. r x ' ,.- . ' , 1.-L . , , - r J ' ., ' , 132 E l tv S, ss. I . . ,A Q, , ,.- i ty . . .1 i A Bartroff, Barbara Bernard, Sherrie Braunschweiger, Teddy Buller, Beverly Castillo, Joan Dailey, Janet Erken, Judith Fabrick, Patricia Fitch, Cornelia Foster, Gayle Harris, Linda Hempler, Kathy lsenhath, Marilyn Johnson, Ruth Jovick, Sally Baker, Rena Bergman, Myra Bird, Linda B"95liClW, MGVY Calvert, B0"bf1"0 Coppess, Hazel Doll, Elaine Evans, Gwyneth Fcwchcld, Ann Flicllr Down Green, Shirley Harrison, Susan Henke, Julie Jobs, Storm JONES, SUSUYW key f activity honorary WHITMAN, RHETA, President NOT PICTURED: Brady, Dinnie Connell, Margaret Healy, Sharon Peterson, Judy Yotsuuye, Elsie 477 Keiburtz, Karin Kulseth, Connie Landon, Carol Leander, Sharon Lindquist, Sandra Low, Jean McDonald, lrene Marshall, Margaret Meyers, Joanne Mullen, Joyce Mund, Jenne-Claire Neil, Mary Lee Neisess, Carol Nelson, Janet Nilsson, Ann O'Cannor, Sharon Rindler, Susie Robinson, Patricia Rogers, Carol Sanderson, Joyce Schweizer, Caryl Sinkunas, Toni Sottky, Sally Steere, Patty Stender, Nancy Stowell, Sandra Torrence, Clarice Travis, Beverly Wells, Norma Willard, Nadine W-Key is an honorary for underclasswomen who have maintained a 2.5 grade average and have an oustanding activity record. Its mem- bers have the opportunity to meet and work with other women stu- dents in the various phases of student government. W-Key also serves as a goal for underclasswomen to work toward. W-Key cooperates with other organizations and committees on the President's Tea, Scholarship Banquet, and Freshman Preview. This past year W-Key and Purple Shield worked together in running a suc- cessful concessions stand during Sophomore Carnival and selling student directories. C is 9 i i at T, Q y it g 1 . J siii x P W im' V 'QQ f A i'f' 5' N K H ,,, dig Akykr V , t if A ,C 5 . 1 i i,i - T f 'Y 52 my-L5 T UIEM ii my --'-' im. MARTIN, CAROL, President Arlowe, Laureen Brounschweiger, Theodora Connor, Casey Fix, Carolyn 478 'I'O'I'erh NOT PICTURED: Bower, .Ioann Costello, Joan Gahegan, Monna Ashley, Mary Breslich, Mary Cecilia Crook, Dorothy Flodquist, .Iune af Baker, Mary Louise Buller, Beverly DeSpain, Marianna Halbert, Jackie C I U b activity honorary Barnes, Lucille Burrows, Nancy Dick, Claire Hall, Muriel Totem Club, iunior and senior women's activity and service honorary, was founded at the University of Washington in l932 to provide recognition of service to Washington. The members' record of out- standing service to the University is augmented by Song and Stunt Night winter quarter, as well as various charity functions. To be eligible for membership in Totem Club, a woman must have at least 90 credits and a 2.0 grade average, plus an outstanding activity rec- ord. Members are tapped with the presentation of a miniature totem pole, the symbol of the organization. Bedford, Cleo Cahill, Peggy Dunn, Muriel Hartley, Sylvia Bergman, Myra Calvert, Barbara Egtvet, Barbara Hawkins, Marian Brask, Boclil Capen, Juanita Ferguson, Mary Jane Hill, Nancy ng, Llc, I .4 if, V, iLa''+ L L J s 'Q My "' ' I Ayy, sggy g , 4 riss , N ,sr's,, . ' T cs, ,,s,t, s , , Q iii, sfri ' Bratton, Nancy Connell, Margaret Fitch, Cornelia Hoey, Myrnie "elf 'I' Q , Hurlbut, Betsy Jovick, Sally Locke, Arla Lokken, Doris Meagher, Donna Meyers, Joanne ,. 3 1, ,, ff: ' 1 e E --"k ' S - 2 Qi "' V. r 'A ' . jr, -it i 4" . -3 ' t A L x I I J S , .ga L ,ggi honorary , 1 A .1 3 ge. .:, gy . H.. A , 4, if KV. 'f L H' ix K 6 X Kampmann, Kathie King, Judy Low, Jean Luke, Ruby Mickey, Sharon Neergaard, Peterson, Nona Lee Pigott, Mary Ellen Quickstad, Karen Jo Ring, Noel Ross, Linnea Sanderson, Joyce Sanford, Sandy Schneider, Sally Semmern, Carol Sherry, Carolyn Sinkunas, Tonia Smith, Donna Marie S ' if -4.. ' A 3 L ' t, -'il Kouyoumiian, Aida McCormack, Janet Neisess, Carol Aww Smith, Dorothy Steincipher, Claire Stoddard, Betty Tagg, Sherry Taylor, Lois M. Torrence, Clarie Tye, Joyce Wahl, Karen Lee Wallerius, Lynn Whitman, Rheta Willard, Nadine Woodmark, Marilyn ev. if . QS! 1 Landon, Marilyn McLean, Judy Nelson, Pat if S mf" 1 'F xg. if Leander, Sharon McNichols, Sara Oberkotter, Marilyn .,'- 4,65 -rf, ..,, . .. fi SV 5 .Q in J, .,kl,, Q 1 ti., ,L fs- , ,og 5 ' l J i WT' L. gzyi I p u r p I e h i e I cl activities honorary , yxsvvipxjx 5 " YL?-l Aikman, Van E' Baldwin, Dick Q , by Bisset, John Block, Jack 480 Purple Shield is a unique organization of college underclassmen. lt was organ- ized in i925 by a group of student and faculty leaders to recognize achieve- ment in scholarship and the accomplish- ment of leadership in the extra-curricular life of the University. lts purpose was to be an underclassman scholastic and ac- tivity honorary designed to bring to- gether the caliber of men who have shown themselves to be leaders in their respective fields. The Purple Shield initiates new mem- bers twice a year and requires them to have a 2.67 or better cumulative grade point, with a 3.0 one quarter, and a sufficient number of activity points. Throughout the school year Purple Shield serves the University in many ways. This year its activities ranged from selling Student Directories with W-Key to a Purple Shield Dance and concessions at Sophomore Carnival. NOT PICTURED: Bakeman, Jim Matheson, George Mertel, Chuck Miller, Pete Nordquist, Clarence Parker, Sid Braden, Phil Bremner, Eric Buerk, Art Byington, Dick Daubert, Dick Davis, Jerry Davis, John Day, John Drury, Don Gallaher, Phil Gross, Len Hill, Jim Holdren, Larry Hosterman, Craig Hudson, Rod Hughes, Chuck Hungerford, Bill Johnson, Gordon Kilburn, Howard Marik, Ray Moore, Tony Nommensen, Gene Nuclelman, Phil Peters, Doug Preuss, Ralph Rivkin, Saul Ryles, Jerry Schiebel, Joe Smith, Floyd Stewart, Alex Swanson, Malcomb Vann, Larry Watkins, Bill Weeks, George ODELL, ROLLIE, President J ',.,k . K Q lf we 5 , .4 J fl Y7 4 , li 'U .Q f if ,ff , '1 P' rdf' J 34 I x wa, is QT' 'L P I if, vcr? 'fii I Whybark, Clay -c, Wieder, Larry , I , k T i V Willis, Fred S7 K E' in .i 7 ' 5 Woodruff, John U ' az' ' J NOT PICTURED: 'l'GU Ol I national engineering honorary 65' M ,QA DON LARSON Tau Beta Pi is the national engineering honor society, which was founded in 1885 at Lehigh University. Washington Alpha Chapter, one of the 99 chapters located at engineering col- leges throughout the United States, was founded in 1912. The purpose of Tau Beta Pi is to honor scholarship and ex- emplary character and to foster a spirit of liberal culture in the engineering colleges of America. Students are elected to membership on the basis of scholar- ship, integrity and activity. Members are taken twice every year from the iunior and senior classes. Men in the top 20 per cent ofthe senior and the top 12V2 per cent of the iunior class are usually eligible at Washington Alpha. , President Q ' 'ui' Albrecht, Robert Anderson, Nils Barton, William Bernard, Frank Bunker, Russ Burr, Robert Chellstorp, Thor Crim, Jim Crowe, Clayton Dean, James Decker, Dan Devones, Ken Drury, Don Englund, Edward Ewin, William Fairchild, Harold Fitzsimmoris, Dole Fustield, Robert Geer, Leonard Geiger, Robert Hammer, Ellis Harui, Norio 4.27.1 457 Hill, Don Hillesland, Carl Holmberg, Neil Ikeda, Kay Johnson, Harvey Keiburtz, Richard Lambird, Robert Lapins, Uldis Laska, Gustavo Lawrence, Don Laxdall, Dan .Af 'N Andreika, Janis N Q.. ,A August, Gerald 1 ' , Chang, David ' 'assi s Fisher, Peter 2 71 ' 5' Hill, Robert 1- Merchant, Howard A Metz, Peter Q7 def V hr 7 f,3 A Wk? ii X Tashiro, Satoru Ahlstrom, Harlow Belden, Jerry Bitar, Loai DeShaza, James Dracup, John Eastman, Donald Elmberg, Jack Giese, Clarence Goodman, Robert Jamieson, Robert Jones, Kay Koning, Adolf Kreitzberg, Richard Morris, Robert Murakami, Robert Nelson, Harold Nordman, Arnold Null, John Okita, Richard Pelkey, Duane ' . f xi 316' Q Leonard, Ted Lott, Robert Lukin, Jack Luschei, Loren McClure, James Mclvor, Ivor Meldahl, Ken Moss, Don Porter, Sid Ross, Doyle Saulsman, Richa rd Pederson, Arthur Putnam, Douglas Ross, Doyle Sutherland, Charles Wahl, Howard Waterman, Alvin Servizi, James Snaring, Ted Standerfer, Frank Stathocopoulos, Telis Stephens, Douglas Tighe, Robert Shannon, Charles Sussex, George Watts, Charles Weagant, George Wesch, Hans Wleder, Lawrence Wiser, Denzel Young, Carl Berger, Richard Costello, Edward Hamilton, William Hepler, Alexander Hopper, Jerrold Jensen, Dale Miles, Larry Morgan, Wesley O gamma alpha chi women's advertising honorary JUDY KING, President is f. Gamma Alpha Chi, professional advertising honor- ary for women Iformerly Pi Alpha Sigma, was founded at the University of Washington in 1947. The purpose of Gamma Alpha Chi is to advance ' s'.p, , Br n Elle advertising as a profession among women and bring "I A OW f fl . . --I Campbell, Connie about mutual benefit to women on campus inter- ested in making advertising their career. , I Members are chosen in the fall and spring from , University women majoring in the advertising field who have maintained a 3.0 grade average in all advertisin sub'ects. I . ,f -4 Heily, Kay , '. V, '.,,. ' 'i . lllman Sally , 0. . , 1 W " - Iifffff -S ff: , Kenoyer Willa 'I Klein, Eleanor K i ie hug? , gg 3' Lippold, Arlene l me " Nor PICTURED: . ' . ,Q Madsen' Tools Allen, Carol -' , a if T , lh. s ..,: , , ' Obefkollefi MUYIIYTW Dixon, Carol R, 'A fi '--. W s I " Peterson, Marilyn Kruse, Karen s ' Quickstad, Karen Roche, Connie - , if I ' 135959, JUNE' Tiossem, Jackie . A ' Speece, Lula I' . Speer, Rae 1110.5 , K I' . , ,, A "' - f .,""' Steincipher, Claire Q., xiii' ,f f-g"'L'X Sugimoto, Setsuto . Vulcano, Phyllis ff, X i I M Wallerius, Lynn sororia Sororia was organized at the University of Washington in 1910 for older wom- en students, enrolled for either grad- uate or undergraduate studies. Its mem- bership now includes women of all four classes who have been absent from the campus a period of a year or more. Its purpose is to promote friend- ship, mutual educational interests, and to stimulate participation in ASUW activities. A woman foreign student is given an honorary associate membership each quarter to further international ac- quaintance and understanding. A Woman of Achievement award is made annually to an outstanding mem- ber. Other activities include a Christ- mas party, a summer picnic, and a breakfast honoring the current year's graduates. 482 If ig -aff . xx Ii MBE that x M. ,gl Row 1, seated left to right: MARY LILYGREN,GERTRUDE CROMP- TON, CASSANDRA PORTER, President, MILDRED RATKE, WINI- FRED BOOTH. Row 2: FRANCES MATHEWS, RAE MITSUOKA, ALICE PRIMLEY, MARIA URBANIAK, VIVIAN KURIGER. Row 3: LU- CILLE ANDERTON, PATRICA HOLTON, CLARE DOOLEY, MARY MATES. Row 4: MARY DOLLEY, VIVIAN CAMPBELL, BETSY DE BEER SMITH, ESTHER PATTERSON, HELEN MOILANEN, VIRGINIA WHITE, MARGARET OXWANG, JUANITA CONGLETON, ETHYL KASTETTE. NOT PICTURED: Allan, Catherine Blakeley, Era Boylan, Mary Chatfield, Claire Crowe, Millicent Darling, Opal Enari, Helen MacKenzie, Fern Meats, Frances Morgan, Faith Ottosan, Fern Palmer, Mariorie Richards, Charla li- fir free Fir Tree was founded in 1907, at the University of Washington to recognize men who had rendered outstanding service to the University in the field of extra-curricular activities. New members are chosen at the end of the spring quarter from upper division students. Membership in Fir Tree is limited to undergraduate men who have taken all their college work at this university. The symbol, the fir tree, was chosen be- cause it reaches its greatest height and luxurious- ness when grown from the beginning in one place, surrounded by its fellows. LINDELL ROCKY NOE, JIM QUILLIAN, BILL gf 4 5 5 r 4 GAYTON, GARY JEWETT, DALE JOHNSTON, BOB NOT PICTURED: REAMS BILL STOCKER, AL YOUNG, ED MCALUSTER' GORDON PARSONS, DEAN PARKER, FRANK REED, STAN TOOTHACHER, JOE 4 . Every yearbook staff tries to make their book the best printed to date. Naturally that is what we have tried to do with the T956 edition of the TYEE. Throughout the year, as we worked on the book Csometimes far into the night preceding a deadlinej, we had our share of problems, but finally succeeded in overcoming them. This book is testimonial to that fact. Although the book may not be perfect in many ways, to the people who worked on it, it represents many hours of fun and work. Therefore, we are very proud to present this book to you and hope that it doesn't fall too short of expectations. A new printing process is the main innovation of the T955-56 TYEE. For the first time, it is being done by offset lithography. At this time I would like to take the opportunity to express my thanks to CRAFTSMAN PRESS who assisted us every step of the way toward making this book as perfect as possible. A special thanks to RON RENNY, DICK LEA, MERV BAILEY and GRACE RUSNAK of CRAFTSMAN. To our advisor, CLYDE ROBINSON, go many thanks for his encouragement and to SUE SMITH and MRS. LENORE SHECKELS in the publications office for their patient assistance. With a great deal of appreciation we thank ED KENNELL of Kennell-Ellis photographers and his staff for the efficient service and cooperation we received this year. The lovely and unique queen portraits were taken by ED KENNELL and the settings provided by FREDERICK 8. NELSON. Thank you both for the attractive addition to our book. To "CORNY" ROOT, YUKI, RON LOPP and the rest of the photo staff, thanks for the late nights you spent enlarging pictures to help us make our deadlines. RAY COLLINS and WARREN HUDSON contributed the artistic work for the 'I956 TYEE. Thanks RAY and WARREN for the very creative and talented work. But most of all, thanks to the members of the staff who stayed with me the entire year to produce this book for you. To the division editors CLEO BEDFORD, GEORGE NICKLE and PAT SYLLING, my appreciation and thanks for making all the deadlines and tolerating the "sIave- driver" Editor. To DIANNE COHEN who came in at the half of the year as the Activities Division Editor and did a beautiful iob of picking up this section and finishing it. Also, more roses to DIANNE for being the Editor's girl Friday through all the stresses and strain of being an Editor. And not to forget my staff, another special thanks to PAULETTE CHILCOTE, MARIANNE CULVER, JIM NEELY, LIZ KIRBY, STORM JOBS, NADINE HAUBRICH and JUNE FLODQUIST for the wonderful job they did throughout the year. And to all the others, who worked so faithfully and well this past year, my sincere thanks and good wishes to you. Congratulations staff on your book. Sincerely, Pat Nelson Editor C 4 A v v n 1. 5 A idx. 4 B fl fu AY Lg X, Q. r Q W3 3 A 1- 1, ' 7652 if 6 -Q 15 Sq Kc 444 'Fix . 4 K 4 'A " W' xx- 'IM ,,, Yykz.L :.xA'g!g J' A ,J t Y X Q W.: .. 525 iv-A Q mx .g Q Q 1,6 Q-if 3? ,Lev '2 mvxbat V 2 . A' T lf- t w 1.. 5 T. ,SQ ix i f A .,A Q X ' View 'fp Y X S .Aix i ,LY :.: Q 'Elf' 2 E51 YM WD.. 6 4 .HQ 4 ws lm, N ,xx at at A . F Q, 3 gf Q Y . , 4 ww ,E u... M, Aahl, Beverly, J., 268 Abbott, Nadine M., 397, 462 Abney, Sharon A., 49, 290 Abraham, John T., Jr., 216, 320, 457, 465 Abrahamson, Dennis, 421 Abrams, Jeanine R., 434, 442 Abramson, Norman Jay, 248, 249 ACACIA, 302 Ackerman, Conni, 136 Adair, Francis E., 55, 415 Adair, Janet M., 290 Adams, Archie, 394 Adams, Bette M., 264 Adams, Betty K., 209 Adams, Dianne, 84 Adams, Donald, 164 Adams, Ed, 192 Adams, Jim, 423 Adams, Joyce O., 270 Adams, Kirk, S., 153, 316, 454 Adams, Linda L., 64, 274 Adams, Louise, 384 Adams, Melvin H., 387 Adams, Quincy, 324, 473 Adams, Shirley A., 168, 382 Adams, Thomas C., 216, 302, 421, 464 Adams, Wahhy W., 350 Adams, Wendy Elizabeth, 248 Addington, Robert L., 388 Addington, Sandra R., 216, 290 Adkisson, Sandra L., 249, 290 Adler, Dennis W., 318 Adsen, Jay R., 216, 428, 430 Agar, James D., 216, 338, 414 Agee, Barbara H., 216, 383 Agnew, Terence J., 316 Ahearn, Gerald E., 216, 352 Ahlstrom, H. G., 249, 389, 419, 464, 481 Ahn, Young, 443 Ahron, Alf J.B., 388, 433 index Anderson, Alan B., 352 Anderson, Alfred E., 216, 441,452,472 Anderson, Barbara J ., 280 Anderson, Bennett D., 216, 348, 418 Anderson, Beverly Jo, 264 Anderson, Carolyn J., 264, 378, 422 Anderson, Clarence R., 186, 369, 454 Anderson, Clifford E., 308 Anderson, David, 387 Anderson, Don W., 412 Anderson, Donald K., 50 Anderson, Douglas G., 192, 426 Anderson, Duane S., 216, 385, 389, 416 Anderson, Earl R., 216, 336 Anderson, Edmund, 395 Anderson, Elizabeth L. Anderson, Eugene, 341 Anderson, Frederick, 54, 301 Anderson, Harold E., 412 Anderson, James W., 216, 430, 466 Anderson, Jan W., 216, 406 Anderson, Joanne T., 216, 405 Anderson, Joyce, 432 Anderson, Larry, 154, 304 Anderson, Lennart L., 473 Anderson, Lloyd, 324 Anderson, Loretta J ., 264 Anderson, Lorna, 381 Anderson, Lorraine E., 435 Anderson, Marian, 432 Anderson, Marilyn, 292 Anderson, Nancy J ., 272 Babbit, Doug, 348 Bache, Ralph A., 326 BACI-lELOR'S CLUB, 413 Bachmaw, Joseph R., 314 Backer, Bruce S., 364 Backes, Merle E., 43, 349 Backman, Myrna G., 279 Bacon, Suzanne, 458 Backstrom, Alice A., 216. 403, 467 Bader, Ethel L., 248 Bader, Max C., 345 Bader, Tina, 45, 46, 433, 434 Baginley, John A., 334 Bailey, Catherine, 49, 266, 460 Bailey, Jane K., 216, 384, 431, 440 Bailey, John G., 217, 314 Bailey, Leona, 432 Bailey, Sidney M., 88, 336 Bailey, William J., 312 Baird, Rita, 381 Baird, Ritchie H., 286 Baisoh, Merilyn J., 258, 278, 456 Bajema, John W., 349 Bakeman, James W., 47, 73, 304, 441, 451, 480 BAKER HOUSE, 390 Baker, Barbara F., 282 Baker, Beryl V., 306 Baker, Duane A., 392, 416, 417 Baker, John, 193 Baker, Larry E., 356 Baker, Mary-Louise, 217, 280, 433, Aikman, Paul V.H., 349, 480 AIR FORCE R.O.T.C. Drill Team, 423 Ajwani, Santo, 250 Akerman, Lou R., 216, 320 Akina, Jameson M., 395 Akre, Grover, 445 Albano, Ray, 200 Albertson, Norma Jean J., 216, 403 Anderson, Nancy J., 282 462, 478 Anderson, Nils T., 249 Baker. R3lPh B-H 217 Anderson, Robert G., 320, 475 Baker, Rena E., 49, 71, 280, 462, 477 Anderson, Robert R., 216, 338, 417, 457 Bakke K-M-4 217- 394, 413, 469, 475 Anderson, Robert W,. 300, 302 Balch. Beverly A-4 272 Anderson, Rosemary, 382 Anderson, Shirley A., 259, 288 Anderson, Shirley J ., 274 Balch. Janet. 272 Baldridge, Marjorie A., 272 Baldwin Diana L. 384 A,,de,s,,,,l S,ephe,, Eu 197, 330, 424 Baldwin? Dick M.,l67, sz, 308, 480, 459 Batchelder, Carol J., 248, 458 Bates, Marie P., 67, 292 Battig, Burr J., 358 Baudendistel, Catherine M., 217, 400 Baudendistel, Mary Ann T., 217, 262 Bauer, Egan H., 390 Bauer, William O., 421 Bauman, William, 423 Baunsgard, James H., 312 Bauer, Sue, 274 Bawer, Joanne, 90 Baxstrom, Curtis R., 324 Beach, Garnet, 383 Beach, Midge, 47 Beach, Phillip, 387 Beach, Phyllis L., 391 Beal, Dix D., 388 Beale, David A., 209, 388 Beals, Joseph, 209 Beals, Ralph B., 358 Bean, Ed, 417 Bean, George E., 388, 419 Beardsley, Janet R., 217, 472 Beaton, Agnes J., 270 Beaudry, Vicki M., 54, 446, 447, 461 Beckelman, Stanley C., 346 Becker, George A., 390 Becker, Norman D., 346 Beckley, Kenneth D., 324 Beckman, Richard V., 217, 336 Bedford, Audrey M., 76, 270, 460, 478 Bedient, Cal B., 387 Beebe, Sheralee A., 288 Beecham, Patricia J., 86, 284 Beeks, William T., Jr., 248 Beeman, Rob R., 217, 338 Beers, Frank T., 300, 426 Beeson, Beverly E., 217, 272, 406 Beetham, Gwen M., 284 Behan, William M., 336 Behrendt, George W., 217, 352 Behrens, Dennis, 443 Beich, Frederick R., 217, 332 Beil, Sally R., 62, 282 Beilby, Al, 442 Beiningen, Kirk T., 322, 423 Beitz, David H., 336 Bejrablaya, Damrong, 250 Albin, Lawrence, 341 Albin, Lynn, 49, 230, 460, 477 Albrecht, Virginia, 49 Aldridge, Nancy J., 262 Aldridge, Robert G., 338 Alexander, Elizabeth A., 403 Alexander, Gerry L., 40, 70, 350 Alexander, John E., 350, 387 Alexander, Kenneth L., 216 Alexander, Mary M., 64, 290 Alexander, William J., Jr., 329, 443 Alferieff, Lubov, 249, 458 Alferieff, Nicholas, 249, 458 Alfred, Grover, 390 Alger, Arthur R., 301 Alhadeff, Rosalie Ann, 249 Allan, Barbara S., 290 Allan, Catherine, 482 Allen, Alex L., 334 Allen, Betty D., 262 Allen, Carol, 482 Allen, Daniel B., 362 Allen, Donna D., 382, 435 Allen, Edwin C., 216, 392, 416 Allen, Gary, 390 Allen, Karin, 262 Allen, Marjorie K., 60, 62, 67, 276 Allen, Allen, Allen Pam, 84 Richard L., 338, 394 Richard Parsons 249 Allison, Barbara D., 405 Allison, Sue, 272, 461 Allman, Sharon, 434 Alm, Charles P., 193, 345, 426 Almquist, Ed, 66, 332 ALPHA CHI OMEGA, 261 ALPHA DELTA PHI, 304 ALPHA DELTA PI, 262 ALPHA DELTA SIGMA, 465 ALPHA EPSILON DELTA, 465 ALPHA EPSILON PHI, 296, 301 ALPHA GAMMA DELTA, 264 ALPHA KAPPA PSI, 466 ALPHA OMICRON PI, 266 ALPHA PHI, 268 ALPHA SIGMA PHI, 306 ALPHA TAU DELTA, 467 ALPHA TAU OMEGA, 308 ALPHA Xl DELTA, 270 Alton, Clifford E., 302 Alton, Janet L., 286, 461 Alyea, Lorene Ethel, 248, 458 AMERICAN INSTITUTE OF CHEMICAL ENGINEERS, 414 AMERICAN PHARMACEUTICAL Anderson, William B., 330 Anderson, Yvonne L., 216, 405 Anderton, Joan, 380, 384 Anderton, Lucile, 482 Andonian, Greg Y., 310, 469 Andonian, P.M., 191, 213, 216, 310,426 Andre, Janet M., 216, 272 Andreas, Anthony D., 415 Andreasen, Karen L., 382 Andreika, Janis T., 216, 249, 481 Andrews, Jean M., 278 Andrews, Mark F., 302 Anema, Jay A., 216 Ange, Nancy, 45, 434 Angell, Abe, 195, 197 Angkatavanich, Virote, 216, 443, 476 Angle, Ted E., 300, 362, 416 Angst, Bonnie J., 295 Angstead, Jim, 203 Anton, Marilyn M., 288 Appleton, Gordon C., 304 ApRoberts, Robert, 468 Arase, Betty F., 216 Archey, T.D., 134, 159, 216, 330, 413, 424, 425 ARENA, 455 Arkills, Doris Y., 470 Arledge, Virginia M., 403 Arlowe, Laureen R.,434, 435, 438, 441, 443, 472, 478 Arlton, Paul R., 250, 395 Armstrong, Don F., 115, 360 Armstrong, Elizabeth, 381 Armstrong, Eugene H., 314, 473 Armstrong, Robert G., 55, 69, 310 Arneson, Arnold, 355 Arneson, Nils A., 249 Arnold, Richard E., 216, 336 Aromin, Auria E., 79, 278, 461 Aronson, Mimi J., 296, 461 Aschenbrenner, Ernestine E., 249 Ashley, Mary M., 216, 282, 440, 474, 478 Ashman, Diane B., 272 Ashmore, Richard F., 248, 249 Ashton, Patricia F.W., 381 Askren, Comelius W., 216, 448 Asmundson, William L., 330 Asp, Jerry H., 304 Aspenwall, Carol A., 443 Baldwin, George, 91 Baldwin, Joe, 348 Baldwin, Larry R., 390 Baldwin, William S., 304 Baldwin, William F., 217, 330, 469 Bale, Bob C., 134, 310, 424, 425 Bale, Nancy M., 64, 268 Ball, James, 353, 354, 457 Ball, Richard H., 116, 150, 340 Ball, Sally L., 290 Ball, William Echols, Jr., 248 Ballaine, David A., 300, 345 Ballard, Charles S., 217, 430 Ballard, Jack, 205, 310 Ballew, Mary Beth, 270 Ballew, Michael R., 217 Ballie, Al, 451 Ballinger, Gail, 272 Ballinger, James, 417, 443 Ballis, Nancy E., 272 Balmer, Alfred N., Jr., 393 Balodimas, Phia D., 288 Bamford, Robert W., 362 Banks, Diana M., 278 Banks, Henry, 195, 197 BAPTIST-DISCIPLE STUDENT ASSOCIATION, 442 Barbey, Mary Ruth, 248, 458 Bardsley, Jana L., 262 Barer, Amold J., 346 Barer, Janice L., 296, 461 Barger, Aleta L., 69, 268 Bargreen, Sam W., 320 Barkdoll, Jim L., 334 Barker, Demir A., 217 Barker, Floyd C., 426 Barker, Gerald I., 336 Bama, Gordon L., 304 Bekkedal, Maren K., 382 Belcher, William T., 314, 473 Belden, Jerry L., 217, 249, 345, 481 Belenski, John, 417 Bell, Eldon E., 217, 385, 389, 464 Bell, Howard H., 217, 356 Bell, Ja Bell, Jo nice, 264 an C., 248 Bell, Milo D., 390, 416 Bell, Nancy J., 383 Bell, Neal, 390 Bell, Samuel E., 334 Bellarts, Pat, 381 Belt, Robert W., Jr., 368, 445 Bender, Mert A., 320 Bender, Benjam Robert E., 310 in, Lloyd D., Jr., 217, 360, 431 Benner, Eugene R., 324, 473 Bennett, Joan B., 282 t . Bennet Bennet ,Richard C., 118, 310,426 Sumner W., 217, 304, 469 12, Benson, Albert E., Jr., 217 Benson, Carole A., 272, 433 Benson, Stanley A., 217, 358 Bensted, Ann I., 217, 278 Bently, Marlene, 384 Benton, Anne M., 77, 290 Benton, Judith A., 217, 276 Berg, B Berg, G everly A., 259, 264 erald M., 387 Berg, Richard H., 349 Berg, Robert G., 338 Berger, Bergem Margaret E., 284 an, Stanley A., 302 Bergeron, Sharon A., 268 Bergesen, Arlan E., 320 Bergland, Jean E., 292 Berglund, John A., 217, 452 Barner, Bruce E., 387, 465 Barnes, Ardell D., 217, 332, 413 Barnes, Lucille R., 60, 63, 217, 381, 44 474, 478 Barnes, Thomas, 423 Bamett, Barnett, Barnett, Bamett, Bamett, Bamum, Baronsk Elizabeth L.E., 264 Ellen A., 391 Jan A., 272 Nancy C., 405 William J., 217 Robert D., 320 Robert 364 0, Berglund, Phyllis M., 248, 458 Bergman, Myra M., 249, 440, 441, 442 477, 478 Bergmann, Marvin E., 115, 360 Bergquist, Maxine R., 278, 447 Bergren, Sally, 259, 290 Bergstrom, Jim E., 352, 428 Bergstrom, Ted, 312, 416, 417, 457 Berman, Bob, 395 Bemard, Carolyn J., 276 Bemard, Gay M., 78 Aspenwall, Donna M., 48, 292, 443 Astel, George 1Mr.7, 46, 82 Aston, Emmit R., Jr., 197, 390, 418 Y- , Barr, Dr. Eric, 47 Barragar, Harvey C., 217, 310 Barrell, Jeannine C., 217, 400 Bernard, John D., 55, 77, 360 Bernard, Marguerite, 384 Bemard, Sherrie A., 272, 477 Bemer, Connie, 55 ASSOCIATON, 418 AMERICAN SOCIETY OF CIVIL ENGINEERS,-415 ASUW COMMITTEES, 48 Atkins, Richard L., 216, 395 Atkinson, Don, 320 Attridge, Jocelyn F., 270 Attwell, Don F., 338 Atwell, William O., 310 Barrett, Julie, 272 Barrett, Marilyn, 54 Berry, Anita B., 217, 403 Berry, Barbara A., 278 AMERICAN SOCIETY OF MECHAN- Au, Susan, 384, 441 ICAL ENGINEERS, 416 Ames, Junie, 272, 462 Ames, Kay E., 391 Ames , Amis, Amis, Robert K., 322 James W., Jr., 216, 350, 421 Joan E., 384 Aucott, Sandra E., 286 Auerwheimer, Nancy, 262 August, Gerald, 216, 249, 458, 481 Ausman, Allan L., 326 AUSTIN HALL, 381 Austin, Cherie L., 134, 262, 433 AMS OFFICERS, 59 Amsberry, Ronald R., 366 Amstadt, Carl J., 338 Anacker, Don G., 350 Anagostapoulos, Alex, 390 Anderberg. Merlyn. 445 Andersen, Aven M.. 394 Andersen, Fred E., 301 Andersen, Neill W., 314 486 Austin, Jack, 443 Austin, Judy, 438 Austin, Mary J., 266 Austin Marybeth, 48, 278 , Austin, Nancy E., 216, 276 Auvray, Georges J., 366 Avery, John, 417 AWS COUNCIL, 60 Ayres, Albert L. Barrett, Robert, 423 Barrie, Thomas Howard, 248 Barrow, Bob, 201 Bartis, Francis, 387 Bartlett, Dorm R., 217, 380, 434, 435 Bartlett, Richard, 390 Bartlett, William, 362 Barton, Margie A., 67, 268 Barton, Murphy R., 312 Barton, Thomas B., 217, 320 Bartsch, Lynn P., 356 Bartroff, Barbara A., 44, 55, 60, 71, 249, 259, 262, 472, 477 BASEBALL, 1955, 204 Basel, Gene, 423 Baskerville, Dr. Barnet, 458 BASKETBALL, 142 Baskin, Michael S., 55, 364 Bass, William F., 334 Bastian, William Howard, 249 Berry, Brian B., 250, 389, 438, 476 Berry, Carol A., 274, 461 Berry, Sally L., 461 Bert, Robin, 348 Bertheau, Rene J., 115, 360 Bertolino, Beulah M., 403, 404 Berven, Donald W., 217, 349 Bertalan, Dave, 324 Best, Joanne A., 217, 262,-418 BETA ALPHA PSI, 468 BETA GAMMA SIGMA, 468 Betcher, Viola M., 448 Bethke, Steve F., 330 Betts, Gerald L., 248 Betz, Edward B., 218, 336 Bickford, Arthur L., 340 Bidwell, Allan H., Jr., 336, 476 BIG "W", 469 Bigelow, George, 395, 423 Biggart, Terry G., 218, 388, 449 Here Today- I 32 1' M f4 " " ..A, -.v. - 1 .. . , E' V. 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And don't forget to use your convenient alumni charge account privilege. ----UNIVERSITY M OPEN THURSDAY EVENINGS, 7 to 9 2 Hours FREE PARKING Shoppers' Lot North of Meany Hotel Tennis Racket Restringing Owned by the Associated Students of the University 4326 University Wuylldilrose 3400i Richard W., 318, 430 4 Bigley, William, Jr., 334 Billeter, Frank H., 324, 473 Billingsley, Kirby S., 366, 419 Bilyeu, Bonnie J., 49, 266 Bingaman, Patricia, 391 Binns, Judith Dee, 382 Bird, Linda J., 46, 71, 286, 477 Bird, Shirley, 422 Birkeland, Fredric W., 330 Birkeland, Peter W., 156, 157, 316, 413 Birkenmeyer, Ann J., 259, 280 Birks, William R., 218, 302 Birum, Larry R., 336, 423 Bisch, Doris M., 218, 403 Bishop, Bruce, 423 Bishop, David, 390 Bishop, Ernest F., 326, 423 Bishop. Richard W.. 250 Bisset, Gordon A., 400 Bisset, J,G., 67, 71, 138, 193, 345, 426, 480 Bitar, Jo-Anne G., 381, 481 Bitar, Loai S., 218 Bixler, Ralland, 250 Bjorklund, Arlene, 292 Bjorklund, LaVerne E., 292 Bjornstad, Robert J., 350 Black, Barbara A., 50, 249, 290 Black, Donna J., 218. 262 Blackburn, Larry D., 330 Blackford, James D., 300, 336 BLACKFORD HALL, 405 Blackwell, Patsy D., 218, 272, 472 BLAINE HALL, 382 Blair, Barbara P., 248 Blair, Carolyn Kay, 249 Blair, Robert L., 308 Blake, Donald E., 218, 308 Blakeley, Era, 482 Blakney, Richard B., 218, 447 Blanchard, Jack D., 218, 358 Blanger, Alexander, 352 Blankeney, Roger, 120 Blanton, Alex, 197 Blanton, Madelyne A., 278 Blanton, Sandy, 349 Blatt, Norman, 218, 346 Bledsoe, William K., 248 Blendheim, Arrid E., 322 Blenkinsopp, Ethel, 432 Block, Jack S., 349, 480 Block, Ned, 364 Block, Phillip, 390 Blomquist, Anita B., 403, 458, 467 Bloom, Barbara, 432 Bloom, Bart, 449 Bloom, William B., 218, 389, 418, 471 Blosl, T.L., 46, 84, 218, 298, 312, 313, 465, 475 Blossom, Dianne E., 218, 290 Blount, Richard I., 218, 430, 466 Blumenthal, Carol R., 48, 296 Blundell, John W., 249 B'NAI B'RITH, 448 Boaglio, Dorothy A., 266 Boatman, Armand W., 334 Bock, Mary Lou, 270 Bodahl, Jon K., 342 Bode, Jeanne O., 262 Bode, Lois E., 261 Bode, Richard, 91, 324 Bodhaine, Gary, 362, 423 Boersma, Ruth, 268 Boertien, Harmon S., 387 Boetticher, Nancy, 183 Bohlke, Charles R., 360 Boid, Barbara J., 282 Boie, William R., 350 Boin, Bruno V., 71, 144, 148, 149, 360 Boire, Glen, 423 Bolan, JoAnne M., 286 Bolcom, William E., 386 Bomengen, John S., 306 Bona, Jack F., 360 Boncutter, Jean, 286 Bond, Janet I., 261 Bond, Judith G., 280 Bond, Nancy, 384 Bonner, Carole M., 218, 397, 447 Booker, Ned, 355 Booker, Vivian O., 347 Boone, Rosaleen Fay, 248 Booth, Luella, 381 Booth, Winifred, 482 Borell, Betty, 266 Borell, Ealine, 266 Boren, Elizabeth A., 384 Borgstrom, Pat, 433 Borgstrom, Kurt, 433 Boswell, John W., 322 Botten, Darryl A., 310 Bottoms, Lynn, 310 Boucher, Gail P., 292 Boucher, Ronald R., 387 Boundy, Bruce K., 218, 356, 357 Bourque, Donald, 387 Bovee, Cliff, 218, 366 Bower, Charles W., 193, 426 Bower, Joann, 478 Bowerman, Mae E., 441 Bowers, Willis L., 388 Bowles, Howard A., Jr., 322 Bowlin, Harriet A., 284 Bowman, Howard R., 209 Bowman, William, 423 Boyaner, Carolyn, 296 Boyd, Barbara J., 248 Boyd, John, 433 Boyd, Marilyn, 381 Boyd, Nancy A., 461 Boyd, Robert S., 218, 355 Boyd, Robert W., 360 Boyd, Sayre, 182 88 Boyd, Stan, 115 Boyer, Patricia Anne, 122, 218, 391, 431, 462 Boyker, Gary P., 50, 65, 320 Boylan, Mary, 482 Boynton, Jack B., 312 Boynton, Orville, 362 Bozak, Richard E., 218, 388 Braathen, David L., 390 Brace, Harry H., 310 Brace, Ronald D., 310 Braden, Frank, 197 Braden, Philip, 304, 480 Bradley, Frank V., 308 Bradley, Robert W., 218, 468 Bradner, Jean W., 384 Bradshaw, Mary Ellen, 435 Brady, Dinnie, 44 Brady, Jack, 204 Braida, Gil J., 324 Brailsford, Nancy, 384 Brainaid, Pam K., 164, 218, 264, 460 Brand, Lee M., 350 Brand, Robert R., 350 Brandner, Douglas, 392 Brandon, Harry, 324 Brandon, Kenneth B., 84, 85, 218, 314 Brandt, Beverly A., 264 Brandt, Joy M., 383 Brandt, Kenneth L., 314, 445 Brandt, Paul L., 366 Brandt, Rich J., 111, 218, 332 Brandt, Brannan, Nancy H., 383 Brannon, Emest, 392, 423 Branson, Charles R., 360 Branson, David H., 452 Brask, Bodil, 49, 218, 262, 478 Brassfield, John W., 349 Brassfield, Morgan E., 119, 197, 349 Brattain, Leslie L., 393 Bratton, Carol A., 218, 472 Bratton, Nancy Jean, 214, 218, 249, 258, 286, 287, 450, 456, 474, 476 Braun,- Richard E., 46, 320 Brauns, Elsa, 433 Braunschweiger, T.M., 44, 286, 477, 478 Bray, Paul F., 358 Bray, Ronald E., 366, 465 Brayshaw, Robert A., 436 Brazier, J.M., 117, 133, 195, 196, 218, 248, 332, 420, 469 Brazier, Thomas S., 249, 458 Brear, Beverly, 218, 268, 476 Bregger, Emily, 432 Breitenborn, Herb.151 Breitsprecher, Charles H., 65, 318 Bremner, Eric S., 90, 362, 480 Bremner, James D., 209 Bremner, Laurnell M., fMrs.l, 218 Bren, Donald, 157, 158, 310 Brenchley, Charles, 429 Brenner, Denny, 308, 473 Brenner, Patricia J ., 218, W2 Breshears, Elizabeth A., 219, 274 Brechears, Mary Fran, 274, 461 Bresky, Audrey A., 296 Breslich, Mary T., 418, 459, 470, 477, 47 Breslow, Adrienne N., 294 Breuer, Margaret A., 262 Brevik, Arthur M., 219, 430 Brewer, Robert L., 360 Brewton, Barbara L., 381 Bridge, Mary F., 209 Bridges, Leon, 298, 369, 457 Bridgham, Mike, 443 Brier, Nancy A., 272 Bright, Don A., 346 Brindle, Harold A., 219, 322, 416 Brine, Robert, 468 Brinkman, Janet B., 46, 219, 290 Brinkman, P.A., 219, 345, 469, 475 Briscoe, DeWayne L., 219 Biiskin, Janet C., 278 Brislawn, Marcia J ., 268 Bristol, Joyce B., 391 Bristow, Lorraine, 52 Britt, James, 423 Britt, Robert A., 330 Brittain, Donald F., 314 Brittain, Joe T., 248, 458 Brittain, Paul D., 418, 471 Brix, Peter J., 310 Brock, John R., 302, 414 Brock, Richard K., 366, 430 Brockhaug, Phil, 366 Brodersen, James D., 159, 219, 330 Brodie, Donald W., 249, 390 Broeker, Donald H., 352 Brookbank, Jean, 272 Brooke, Jean, 458 Brooke, Shirley A., 278 Brooks, Dale E., 310 Brooks, Naomi R., 219, 266 Brotman, Shannon M., 384, 438 Broughton, Tom W., 332 Brower, Robert L., 445 Brown, Bag Day, 174 Brown, Beverly J., 397, 446, 447 Brown, Bruce L., 313 Brown, Bruce, 300, 417, 436 Brown, Chuck, 193 Brown, Covell D., 387 Brown, Dixie Lee, 249 Brown, Don D., 115, 360, 463 Brown, Donald P., 326 Brown, Earl R., 324 Brown, Ellen L., 83, 455, 482 Brown, Farrell, J., 324 Brown, Garland D., 412 Brovim, Gwen, 284 Brown, Harold W., 209, 250 Brown, Jerry, 471 8 Brown, John F., 316 Brown, Leo R., 209 Brown, Louisa A., 219, 280, 400 Brown, Mae Lee, 176, 278 Brown, Maralee, 280 Brown, Myma L., 383,434 Brown, Robert W., 362 Brown, Ronald E., 199, 219, 249 387, 458, 464, 473 Brown, Sally L., 290, 456 Brown, Susan E., 261 Brown Brown Brown , Warren M., 197 T. Warren, 219, 350 e, Harry, 463 Browne, James E., Jr., 349 Browne, Wayne T., 336 Browning, Jesse H., 330 Brownwood, Raymond L., 214, 362 Broyles, Gale E., 393 Brubaker, William, 336 Bruce, James B., 302 Bruce, Lynn, 264 Bruce, Marilyn J ., 270 Bruce, Salli, 270 Brudevold, Carol M., 455 Bruksner, Janice I., 219, 270 Brumbach, Wayne, 124 Bruner, Theodore, 395 Brungard, Jacqueline M., 248 Brus, James H., 193, 366 Brush, Jeff, 318 Brusso, Gordon R., 326, 473 Bryan, Laurel Margaret, 248, 249 Bryan, Mary C., 262 Bryan, Robert J., 144, 195, 196, 214, 219, 298, 320, 469, 475 Bryant, Carolyn, 282 Bryant, Nancy, 282 Bryant, Richard L., 358 Buchan, Gwen, 183 Buchanan, Garner H., 219, 429 Buchberger, Kenneth A., 314 Buck, Gerald, 430 Buck, Jean Frances, 249 Buck, Wayne G., 310 Buckley, Bob, 155 Buckwalter, Beverly J ., 219, 292 Bucy, Warren D., 332 Buell, Mari L., 382 Buell, Warren, 391, 394 Buerk, Arthur W., 150, 480 Bueschke, Edgar, 412 Buller, B.M., 63, 73, 133, 282, 477, 478 Bulmer, Robert E., 316 Bumgarner, Marion L., 387 Bumgarner, Stanley B., 387, 442 Bundy, Emory, 70, 152 Bunker, Russ E., 322 Burgan, David William, 249 Burges, Charles D., 61, 65, 413, 476 Burgess, Gordon O., 336 Burgess, John O., 40, 68, 332 Burgess, Sheila D., 268 Burk, Douglas F., 120 Burk, Philip, 423 Burke, Artie, 116 Bye, Gerald, 219, 302, 416, 457 Byers, Norma, 381 Byfield, Nan E., 50, 290 Byington, Richard H., 249, 345, 480 Byls, Leah S., 219, 403, 467 Byrd, David, 164 Byrd, Robert E., 360 Byrd, Shirley E., 133, 272, 460 Byme, Bert K., 310 Byron, Ralph L., 326 C Cady, Carl M., 151, 304 Cady, Frank H., 310 Cagle, Lee W., Jr., 316 Cahill, Margaret A., 212, 219, 249, 280, 478 Cain, Albert S., 219, 390 Cairns, Jim G., 302 Cakarnis, I., 419 Calahan, Barbara A., 219 Caldwell, David E., 349 Caldwell, Leslie, 381 Caldwell, Marjorie J., 435 Call, John G., 316 Call, Marion L., 248 Callahan, Allan, 360 Callahan, Kenneth G., 362 Callahan, Mary J., 264 Callahan, Susan, 268 Callanan, Joyce E., 381 Callarman, Sheila L., 49, 292, 442 Callison, James R., 220, 308 Callison, Judy C., 286 Calvert, B.M., 49, 261, 440, 477, 478 CALVIN CLUB, 451 Cameron, Alan S., 308 Cameron, Anne K., 274 Cameron, Bruce, 394, 419 Cameron, James D., 91, 220, 354 Cammarano, Anita L., 290 Campbell Betty J., 220, 264,468 Campbelli Bill, B., 332, 428 Campbell, Carol A., 276 Campbell, Connie E., 83, 290, 482 Campbell, Craig, 198 Campbell, David E., 390 Campbell, Douglas A., 316 Campbell, Eugenia, 63, 270 Campbell, Franklin M., 356 Campbell, George S., 55, 220, 362 Campbell, Lee H., 313 Campbell, Joan L., 220, 284 Campbell, Marilyn D., 270 Campbell, Patricia L., 261 Campbell, 210, 220, 345,457 Campbell, Shirley A., 270 Campbell, Vivian, 482 CAMPUS RELIGIOUS COUNCIL, 441 Cannon, Prof. Arthur, 50 Cannon, Daniel G., 220 Cannon, Ethelann lMrs.l, 220, 400 Cannon, Patricia A., 220, 384 Robert W., si, 62, ss, 198, 199 Burke, Barbara J ., 264 Burke, Catherine J ., 262 Burke, Daryl N., 350 Burke, David K., 441, 452 Burke, Pat J., 57, 276 Burke, Robert G., 219, 395 Burkhardt, Garfield F., 209 Burkitt, Hal, 348 Burlingame, William V., 340 Bumham, Robert A., 248 Bumham, Shirley Semingson, 249 Bumett, William M., 334 Bumham, Beverly J., 219, 288 Bumham, Robert Alan, 249, 458 Burns, Kay S., 122, 270 Bums, Kristen G., 276 Bums, Patricia, 262 Bums, Robert M., 209 Burr, Robert H., 205, 219, 419, 421, 429 Burrell, David C., 429 Burris, Robert E., 219, 349 Burrow, Dennis F., 389, 443 Burrows, Nancy A., 219, 282, 478 Burrows, Robt., 457 Bursett, Beverly B., 261, 459 Burt, Margaret, 279, 467 Burtner, Stanley W., 219, 389, 430 Burton, William D., 219, 308, 420 Buscke, James, 394 Busey, Cheryl E., 292 Busey, Henry W., 386 Bush, C. Jeff, 318 Bush, Carol J., 249, 459 Canterbary, Kit, 462 CANTERBURY, CLUB, 444 Capeloto, Amold V., 364 Capeluto, Marlene, 296 Capen, Juanita J., 40, 63, 380, 384, 441, 472, 478 Capri, Lawrence M., 310 Cardiff, Jeanne L., 272 Carey, John P., 319, 473 Carey, Sharon Lee, 84, 261 Cargill, D. Bruce, 336 Carlen, Nancy J., 274 Carley, John B., 300, 314 Carlgren, Barbara, 62, 64, 249, 276, 459 Carlgren, Virginia, 276 Carlisle, Rred B., 362 Carlisle, Richard W., 362 Carlson, Arthur L., 220 Carlson, Beatrice M., 248 Carlson, Charles A., 345 Carlson, David C., 220, 358 Carlson, Donald E., 308 Carlson, Donald F., 387 Carlson Elizabeth A., 290 Carlson, Glenn, 433 Carlson, Herbert C., 360 Carlson, Howard E., 304 Carlson, Jerry S., 360 Carlson, Linda C., 274 Carlson, Martin C., 334 Carlson, Owen W., 220, 441, 452 Carlson, Shirley A., 220, 249, 284 Carlson, Virginia, 295 Bush, Carol K., 272 Bush, Curtis G., 219, 355, 416, 417 Bush, Marilyn L., 434, 461 Bush, Patti J., 282 Bush, Roderick D., 219, 319 Bushnell, Donald G., Jr., 118, 219, 345, 457, 473, 475 Bushell, Sharon V., 272 Bushley, Richard, 197 Bushnell, Donald M., 319 Bushnell, Jeremy, 282 Bushness, Don, 473 Bushue, Paul B., 219, 308, 413, 457 Butler, Alfred, 369 Butler, Byron K., 366 Butler, Jay L., 316 Butler, John, 322 Butler, Michael R., 304, 415 Butler, Suzarme, 67, 284 Butterfield, Diane, 130, 268 Buttery, George F., 219, 249, 389 Butts, Jeanne Marie, 248, 249, 458 Buzard, Bob, 44, 317 Bye, Barbara J., 290 Bye, Bill E., 130, 342 Carlson, Wayne G., 300, 358 Carlson, Wendell E., 300, 360 Carlstrom, Margery L., 276, 456 Carlyle, Jack W., 248 Camakan, Irvin S., 220, 431, 447 Carnapus, Zoe, 384 Carnegie, John D., 322 Carney, Jane R., 220 Camey, Robert E., 209 Carpenter, Beverly J ., 274 Carpenter, Clara L., 220, 403 Carpenter, Diane E., 69, 286 Carpenter, William V., 392 Carpron, Douglas O., 209 Carr, Kenneth, 164, 165 Carr, Luther, 115 Carr, Vosco, 165 Carraher, Ronald George, 85, 249 Carrall, Connie L., 282 Carratt, Harry B., 360 Carrell, Neil D., 388 Carrigan , Mary, 164 Carrington, G. Rogers, 304 Carrington, Jean, 449 Carroll, Frank, 366 YOU NEVER HAVE TO GUESS WHEN THE BRANIYS BAR-S You get better meat every time... ' 4 - VW ,tri xl XS ff ' Y 4" --N -M ,-.,,f'-f Q ffv E-X , 49" f . v f il VV ! fm ,- Carroll John T., 220, 304 Carrolli John, 415 Carroll Neil P., 326 Carroll? Orzetta, 263 Carroll Carroll , Richard B., 385 , Roger L., 300, 326 Carskadden, Thomas H., 366 Carstens, Karen, 393, 434 Carter, Candy J., 274 Carter, Carter, Robert T., 220, 352 William L., 46, 308, 457, 468 Carter, William L., 120, 220, 318 Cartwright, Philip, 50 Caruso Philli S., 328 4 P Cary, Brian, 220 Case, Donna, 442 Case, Raymond E., 426 Casey , Louise F., 461 Cash, D. Gordon, 41, 197, 220, 304, 429 Cassidy, Maureen M., 220, 284 Cassill, Diane T., 220, 286 Cassill, George F., 314 Cassity George E., 195, 220, 320, 469 Castillo, Joan 57, 60, 62, 249, 263, 477 Castle, Ana, 236 Cate, Esko, 423 Cathey, Richard E., 190, 426, 431, 469 Catoni, Ann, 49 Catron, Larry M., 314 Caudill, Janet L., 264 Caudill, Patricia A., 220, 274, 472 Caulfie ld, Joseph N., 220, 429 Cauvel, Anita M., 381 Cavadias, Gregory, 304, 438 Cavaness, David C., 55, 220, 395 Cavender, Patty, 261 Clauson, Harvey, 390 Claussen, Jean L., 382 Clawson, Beverly J ., 284 Claxton, Joyce K., 432 Clay, Lawrence M., 358 Clearman, John F., 306 Cleaver, William H., 330 Clegg, Helene A., 221, 249, 384, 472 Clemens, Richard P., 350 Clements, William M., 314, 436 Clifford. Nancy A.. 384 Clift, Barbara, 69, 259, 261 Clift, Sally A., 261 Clinton, Kathryn A., 78, 383 Clodfelter, Sue B., 268 Cloore, James A., 326, 419 Cloud, Tony S., 221, 386 Clouston, Carol A., 49, 79, 270 Clow, Lynn E., 395, 434 Clute, Peter B., Jr., 340 Coaston, Lew, 151 Coates, Nancy A., 272 Coats, David M., 314 Cobb, Gilbert R., 300, 324 Cobbs, Wayne A., 326 Cochennette, Albert E., 393 Cochran, Kathleen A., 292 Coe, Harold B., 300 Coffin, Gail M., 278 Coffelt, Warren, 341 Cohen, Darlene D., 78, 278 Cohen, Dianne D., 76, 278 Coie, John P., 330 Colby, Katharine R., 272 Colby, Thomas, 390 Cole, Charles B., 249, 302, 440 Cowan, Charles L., 304 Cowan, Gladys H., 274 Cowan, Shirley, 381 Cowell, Richard D., 308 Cox, Elizabeth M., 221, 270, 462 Cox, Janet A., 382 Cox, John J., 300, 338 Coykendall, Wade, 395 Coyle, Cynthia M., 264 Cozzeeto, Joseph G., 332 Craft, Betty Lou, 278, 431, 433 Craft, Marietta E., 261, 447 Craig, Joyce B., 278 Craig, Nancy, 122 Craig, Robert, 355 Crail, William J., 423 Cramb, Sylvia, 281 Cramer, Dan, 152 Cranage, Louella M., 434, 442 Cranston, Pat, 91 Craver, James E., 221 Crawford, Norma Jean, 284 Crawford, Russell L., 221, 386 Creagan, David L., 221, 390 Creason, Karen, 467 Cresap, Ray, 150 Crettol, R. Marvin, Jr., 221, 389, 419 Crevin, Larry J., 364 Crewdson, Frank, 209 Crews, Dick, 144 Creyon, Ken, 199 Crim, E. Carlo, 292 Crim, James A., 221, 334, 464 Crippen, Merle A., 383, 434 Crist, Beverly R., 3, 295, 443 Criswell, Marilyn V., 221, 292 Caver, Ramsey, 91 Cavers, Roberta A., 274 Caviezel, Louis F. Cayle, Cynthia M., 220 Cays, Jean A., 220, 403 Cayton, F. Lee, 322 Ceder, Jack Gary, 248, 249 Cernetig, Mary A., 67, 79, 262 Chadwick, Michael C., 338, 395 Cole, Donald D., 340 Cole, Donald H., 67, 69, 300, 350 Cole, Edwin R., 221, 418 Cole, Janet E., 294 Cole, John, 330 Cole, Joyce, 48 Cole, Pe mberly Ann, 249 Cole, Robert L., 221, 342, 457 Coleman, Barbara J., 221 Crompton, Gerturde, 482 Cronquist, Dick G., 314 Crook, Dorothy L., 221, 384, 438, 478 Crooks, Robert E., 324 Cropley, Jean L., 292 Crosby, Mary-Lou, 221, 432,443,456 Crosetto, Robert D., 304 Crosier, Ellwood, B., 342 Cross, Clarence H.J., 304 Chaffer, Joyce A., 383 Chaffey, Herbert D., 360 Charnness, Dana L., 150, 332 Chandler, Ted W., 360 Chaney, Fred B., 44, 47, 304 Chang, Chang, D.B., 220, 249, 252, 453, 464, 431 Michael C., 355 Chapin, Kay, 381 Chapman, Niles D., 209 Chappell, Roger B., 318 Chappell, Ronald D., 322 Chase, Edward, 220, 338 Chase, Nancy Elizabeth, 249 Chatalas, Joan B., 57, 286, 477 Chatfield, Claire, 482 Chatfield, Douglas E., 220, 336 Cheesman, Hugh C., 308 CHELAN HOUSE, 387 Chenoweth, Charles C., 221, 415 Cherberg, John, 108 CHI ALPHA, 448 CHI PSI, 312 CHI OMEGA, 272 CHI PHI, 339 Chi, FuSheng, 250 Chilcote, Paulette M., 79, 292, 461 Childers, Millicent A., 54, 276 Chiller, Jack, 350 Chin, James S.K., 394 Chin, Tieh-Sheng, 250 Chinn, Chisho Wallace, 468 lm, Roderick S., 221, 338 Chonzena, Mona I., 278, 406, 433 ho Teh loh 250 Coles, Mary S., 287 Collard, Judy, 164 Collard, Shelby A., 79, 278 Collier, Chatty, 381 Collins, John N., 362, 423 Collins, Melvin T., 221, 324, 476 Collins, Nancy F., 80, 270, 286 Collins, Nancy J., 270 Collins, Ray, 77 Collis, Donald L., 221 COLUMNS BUSINESS STAFF, 86 Comings, Cole E., 345 Comings, Everett L., 314 Comings, Sara, 268, 314, 461, 462 Compaan, Phyllis Anne, 248, 458 COMPASS AND CHART, 420 Compton, Chris, 290 Condon, Bud, 191 Condon, Harold T., 426, 469 Congdon, Roberta A., 276, 406 Congleton, Juanita, 482 Coniff, Joseph, 390 Connell, M.A., 45, 47, 258, 276, 478 Connell, Richard C., 322 Conner, Jimie J., 122 Conner, Pat, 57, 79 Connor K.R., 47,213, 221, 258, 262 474, 478 Conrad, Robert, 417 Conrad, Ruth C., 64, 292 Conveiy, Robert L., 334 Conway, Charles Q., 330 Conway, John M., 47, 330 Coogan, Pat, 463 Crossett, William, 164 Crostwaite, Claudia K., 383 Crothers, Lou Ann, 122 Crouch, Kathy S., 284 Crowe, Clayton T., 160, 221, 249, 393 Crowe, Millicent, 482 Crowley, Dorothy, 279 Crowston, Myrna, 443 Cruikshank, Collen, 118 Cruver, James E., 221, 306 Culver, Marianne, 78, 288 Culver, Norman C., 308, 387 Cummins, Diane, 458 Cunningham, Alan T., 366 Cunningham, Florence R., 403 Cunningham, James P., 248, 458 Cunningham, Lee I., 304 Cunningham, Patricia B., 384 Cunningham, Robert D., 209 Cunningham, Virginia R., 48, 284 Cupples, Jack, 417 Curd, Larry M., 322, 430 Curran, Thomas M., 350 Currie, Joan B., 261 Curry, Ron, 197 Curtis, Beverly J., 268 Curtis, Boyd, 91 Curtis, Carol, 384 Curtis, Charles W., 221, 388,415 Curtis, Edna M., 397, 446, 447 Curtis, Marlene L., 63, 261 Curtis, Michael P., 324 Curtis, Stanley, 443 Cushing, Frank L., 345 Custer, Bert H., 314 Copelan C u, - , Christ, Virginia J., 221, 249, 258, 286, 458, 468 Christensen, Carol J., 274 Christensen, Gail M., 262 Christensen, Lynn, 384 Christenson, Ray, 117 CHRISTIAN SCIENCE ORGANIZATION, 450 Christiansen, Robert A., 248 Christie, Norman K., 322 Christman, Keith, 394 Christofferson, Anne, 55, 68 Chubb, William D., 221, 454 Chun, Clarence, 396 Chunfi Jane V., 383 Chung, Insuk, 221 Chung, Soyong, 221, 386 Cook, A dele E., 264 Cook, Dorothy A., 259, 270, 431 Cook, Hugh D., 350 Cook, Jim W., 69, 330 Cook, John P., 221, 366, 457 Cook, Lucille I., 381, 435 Cook, Marilyn J., 168, 268, 456 Cook, Norma D., 290 Cooke, Bleecker J., 317 Cooley, Charles R., J., 352 Coomber, William B., 308, 428 Coo er, Jeanette R., 64, 270, 431 P Cooper, John W., Jr., 300, 329, 442 Cooper, Marjorie L., 290 Cooper, Terry, 324 Coover, Forest, 390 d, Lee G., 50 Church, Grace E., 462 Church, John, 362 Churchill, Elizabeth A., 282 Churchill, Tom, 333 Claassen, Phillip, 471 Clack, David A., 157, 198, 221,330 Clampett, Bruce A., 324 Clampitt, Claudia L., 272 Clampitt, Milton, 310 Clark, Albert A., 221, 320 Clark, Calvin C., 395 Clark, Camille, 55, 268 Clark, Jim, 195 Clark, Kenneth Bemis, 248, 458 Clark, Kent E., 310, 459 Clark, Linda L., 261 Clark, Marjory A., 274 Clark, Mary Ellen, 381 Clark, Mary J ., 384 Clark, Richard, 390 Clark, Clark, Richard W., 90, 334 William S., 426 Clarke, Alice, 391 Clarke, Ann M., 274 Clarke, Charles A., 250 Clarke Clasen C lasen 490 , Douglas L., 221 , Corinne S., 268 ,Dann S., 221, 320, 413,416,457 Coppess, Hazel R., 282, 477 Corbell, Joe, 423 Corbett, Mary L., 248, 249, 458 Corbett, Robert K., 221, 330 Corbin, David B., 395 Cordell, Jeannine, 264 Cordell, Jimmie, 134 Core, Whitey, 114 Corey, Herbert, 457 Corey, Patrick J., 249 Cortield, Joan, 284, 432 Cormier, Jilleen, 282 Cornell, Edward L., 300, 313 Cornell, Gary R., 221, 471 Comils, Richard A., 306 Corning, Bob, 442 Cornwall, Dick, 91 Corp, Ernest, 387 Correa, Roy Jay, 248 Corrigan, Charlene A., 270 Coshow, Jim, 65, 143, 144, 475 Coski, William D., 338 COSMOPOLITAN CLUB, 438 Cossey, Glenda, 431, 434 Costello, Joan, 478 Cottingham, Donna, 69 Coulthard, Kay C., 278 Countner, Frank H., 330 Custer, Donald W., 352, 455 Czebotar, Barbara A., 122, 391, 431 d Dagman, Dennis C., 330 Dahl, Sandra L., 292 Dahl, Trafford E., Jr., 352 Dahlberg, Bevin C., 290 Dahlgren, Donald C., 61, 304, 413 Dahlgren, Viola, 433 Dailey, Bob G., 91, 423, 448 Dailey, Donald J., 150, 330 Dailey, Janet L., 290, 477 Dailey, John M. Dahlin, Carl, 117, 160 DAILY, 82 DAILY BUSINESS STAFF, 84 Daily, John, 389 Daishi, Janet S., 222, 383 Dallas, Margaret, 86, 384 Dalrymple, Lawrence K., 154, 222, 36 454, 475, 469 Daly, David B., 366 Daly, Margaret A., 77, 261 Dammann, Karine, 445 Dammeier, Brian F., 222, 342, 413 Damus, Hank, 250, 302 Danekas, Gary N., 390 Daniels, Donald G., 159, 222, 339 Daniels, Jack R., 209, 222 Danielson, Norman F., 318 Danilov, Dan P., 250, 430 Darling, Opal, 432, 482 Darling, J. Peter, 326, 473 Darnell, Gregory G., 392, 447 Darnell, Jean A., 248 Darrow, Nancy G., 63, 284 Daub, Jim, 417 Daubert, Beverly E., 295, 431 Daubert, Richard A., 61, 62, 310, 480 Daum, Arthur M., 222, 415 Dauen, Mary Lynn, 133 2. Davenport, Edna M., 222 Davey, Becky, 467 Davey, Inez Zettle, 249 . 384 Davidson, J.I., 4lH Davidson, Judith I., 414 Davidson, Lyle R., 249 Davidson, Mary Lou, 278 Davidson, William M., Jr., 317 Davies, Anne M., 46, 264 Davies, David A., 304 Davies, Donald V., 328 Davies, Pete, 362, 463 Davin, Mary Lynn, 282 Davis, Carl, 387 Davis, Carole Anne, 264 Davis, Carolyn B., 290 Davis, Donald L., 390, 441, 447 Davis, Don P., 159, 199, 330 Davis, Doris J., 222, 264, 430 Davis, Eldon E., 390 Davis, Gerald A., 61, 62, 67, 332, 480 Davis, Gordon, 354 Davis, Gretchem, 280 Davis, Harold A., 222, 389 Davis, Hal W., 209 Davis, James W., 320 426 Davis, John H., 69, 300, 332 Davis, John M., 197, 332, 480 Davis, Mel, 117, 160 Davis, Mike, 117, 160 Davis, Nathaniel N.D. Davis, Peggy, 467 Davis, Paul E. Davis, Walter N., 340, 454, 473 Davis, William, 84 Davison, Beverly A., 383 , 108, 390, 469 Davison, Peggy L., 248 Davison, Walter, 471 Dawson, Jerry, 308 Day, Charles D. Day, Eugene C., 222, 418, 471 Day, Gerald G., 222 Day, Howard W., 360 Day Janet L., 270 Day John P., 67, 332 Day, John M., 73, 82, 30 Day, Richard, 111, 198 Dealey, Nancy, 222, 400 Dean, Arden M., 270 Dean, Charles, 310 Dean Charlotte M., 282 Dean, Donald J., 326 Dean, Frank S., 86, 314 Dean, Howard, 417 Dean, Jim, 417 Dean, Orval, 209 Dearinger, Joanne, 46 deBard, Carol V., 222, 272 DeBroot, Bert, 209 DeBoer, Henry, 387 Deck, Sum, 463 deCllia, Bernard N., Jr. deCillia, Suzanne Decker, Altha, 384 Decker, Daniel A. Decker, Donna L., 222 Decker, Jay D., 191, 3, 465, 473,480 332, 426,469 Decker, Jerry N., 222, 320, 413 Dederer, Gary R., 116, 324 DeDomenico, Mark, 423 DeDomenico, Paul, 83, 463 Demmitt, Thomas F., 249 Deeny, Diane, 268 Deeprose, Blanche L., 276, 433, 424 DeGarmo, Gerald A., 345 Deisher, Ronald D., 318 DelaBarre, Newton F., 222, 466 Delimitros, Aristides C., 222, 330 Dell, Michael B., 314 DELTA CHI, 314 DELTA DELTA DELTA, 274 DELTA GAMMA, 276 DELTA SIGMA PHI, 328 DELTA TAU DELTA, 318 DELTA UPSILON, 320 Demarest, Ralph E., 46, 320 Deming, Carol, 381 Deming, Carolyn B., 222 Demmery, Joseph, 25 Dempcy, Mary H., 272 Dempsay, John, 304 Dempsey, Brian, 313 Dempsey, Robert E., 416 Denenholz Larry M., 50, 55, 65, 313 Denevan, William Francis, 248, 249, 458 DeNise, Max, 417 Deniston, Douglas, 443 Denney, Betty J ., 284 Denney, Claudia C., 222, 270 DENTAL HYGIENE, 406 Deno, Richard, 352, 417 DePorter, Jerry M., 349 Derby, Al, 160, 317 Derby, Dean, 110, 109 Derdeuanis, Philip P., 448 Derent, William C., 248, 458 Dermanis, Paul R., 248, 458 DesBrisay, Geoffrey, 250, 324 DeShazo, Donna M., 83, 249, 455, 459 DeShazo, James A., 222, 416, 417, 481 Desmond, Mayone, 264 DeSpain, Marianna, 222, 249, 434, 440, 458, 474, 478 Dessou, Gaston Detrick, Julia I., 270, 472 DeTurk, Eleanor K., 274 Dever, Diana, 278 Devine, Mary, 46 Devones, Kenneth R., 222, 414 Dewey, Howard J., 386 DeWitt, Pamela, 274 Dexter, Richard, 390 Diamond, Robert R., 334, 473 Dick, Claire M., 74, 211, 222, 261, 478 Q ---' ' , I ' i QI ,,,: M , ' H - I ,yim . . . L. 5 EK 4: ,,,,--1,,. 1 Q . T , :ewm:ff,, ., 1- V., 4. A ,, ,T ig I ,, 5 . I L: ,-Q" I , L,'11' I I I - I A , . 3 , W, , u,M,,,,,,,I , ,A ,V ,ix '55 H M A ,f-V M59-is W f -, pw. ..,:-.Ms . -1 ' pQQ9Qgg "'W"?U3" 9""vll1U"0""-bw-Qvuaglg....,.. """ 91102 IVIAQOIJV , . .,, Il' III I 5 I If 2 BOOKSELLERS T0 THE HUSKIES! Official Text and Technical Books New and Used X, A005 Q 1, 0 o SAVE MONEY 1923 X IEGEI V OE n.A.C.S I0 2 z 9 O O Jouuozn. Q Afol OQ BUY USED BOOKS' ENGINEERING DEPT. SCIENCE EQUIPMENT STUDENT SUPPLIES BO0K TORE I C 4314-16 University Way M e7115 SEATTLE LJ Dunn, Robert, 310 Dick, Elizabeth N., 48, 259, 278, 431, 438 Dick, Larry S., 222, 387 Dickenson, Gary, 322 Dickinson, Allen, D. Dickinson, Daniel, 395 Dickinson, Denny C., 304 Dickinson, Gary M. Dickinson, John M., 395 Dickstein, Steve, 423 Diehl, Robert, 163 Diener, Donald, 468 Dietz, Arthur H., 222, 314 Dietz, Don, 348 Dietz, Warren Carlton, 248, 249 Dietzen, Ann E., 46, 222, 290, 456 DiJulio, Rocky N., 349 DiLazzaro, Mike N., 222, 360 Dill, Janis I., 266 Dillemuth, Rev. Al, 445 Dingman, Maggi C., 264 Dinham, Susan C., 286 Dinkins, Byron R. Dinsmore, Bonnie J., 261 Ditchbum, Sylvia C., 383 Ditz, James P., 248 Dixon, Carol, 482 Dixon, Gerald, 419 Dixon, Richard A., 350 Dixon, Rosemary, 248, 458 Doan, Charles E., 386, 436, 476 Doan, Shirley I., 384 Doane, William B., 318 Dobbs, Lary S., 159, 222, 330 Dobbs, J., 402 Dobkin, Melvin E., 222, 418, 471 Dobrott, Don R., 249, 345 Dobry, Arlene J., 294 Dobson, Carol K., 67, 270 Dobson, Darrell D. Dobsen, Richard S., 346, 419 Dobson, Thomas E., 222, 436 Dodelle, Salle J., 280 Dodge, Jim, 249, 355 Dodge, Leon E., 340, 390 Dodson, Jerry J., 304 Doepke, Martha Sue, 45, 249 Dohzn, Nancy C., 276 Dokken, Thomas N., 22, 429 Dokks, Lary, 118 Dolan, Sheila, 276 Doll, Don, 110 Doll, Elaine M., 274, 477 Dolley, Mary, 482 Dollofl, Virginia H., 295, 400, 446, 467 Domenowske, John R., 326 Donahoe, David E., 334 Donahue, Patricia C. Donald, Bruce E., 248 Donaldson, Donald N., 222, 418, 471 Donaldson, Sally E., 222, 280, 406 Donart, Marilou Ruth, 248, 249 Donart, Sarah J., 403, 467 Donham, Don, 150 Donnan, Thomas F., 22, 426, 463 Donnelly, James H., 389, 443 Donnelly, Robert H., 223, 318, 457 Dooley, Clare, 482 Dorland, Don A., 320 Dorman, Kenneth B., Jr., 223, 368 Dossou, Gastron D., 250, 388 DOTSON HOUSE, 392 Dotson, LaVerne L., 350 Dougherty, Jim, 197 Dougherty, Bert R., 310 Douglas, Don F., 77, 360 Douglas, Gordon R., 223 Douglas, James C., 223, 317 Douglas, Shirley F., 168, 280, 460 Douglas, William Allison, 248, 249, 458 Dow, C. Russell, 334 Dowd, Thomas J., Jr., 116, 342, 429 Dowdell, Don G., 322 Downie, Wendy M., 50, 280, 460 Downs, Joan S. Downing, Lynn M., 262 Downing, Randle, 395 Downing, Robert G., 223, 430, 466 Downs, Joanne C., 383 Doyle, Michael H., 223, 414 Dozier, Duane, 82 Dracobly, Fred F., 342 Dracup, John A., 223,415,417 Drahold, Carol A., 274 Drahold, Sandra L., 274 Drake, Darrell, 160 Drake, Kingsley D., 308, 473 Draper, Diane Mabelle, 248, 249, 458 Draper, Gearline, 223, 440 Draper, Gregory L., 61, 332 Dressel, Dorothy G., 288 Drew, Anne G., 223, 383 Drew, Nancy J., 49, 84, 292 Drexel, John, 197 DRILL TEAM AND BAND, 168 Drinnon, James W., 389 Drips, Phil A., 48, 153, 154, 310, 454, 469 Driscoll, John, 154 Driscoll, Leslie A., 392, 431 Drobbs, Larry, 465 Drury, Don M., 298, 332, 480 Drury, Karen J., 223, 268 Dubendorf, Keith G., 340, 419 DuBois, William, 330 DuClos, Paul R., Jr., 310 Dudley, Jean E., 292 Dufraine, Lawrence M., 119, 304 Dukes, Everett S., 395 Dukes, George, 436 Dukes, Stacy, 440 Dukes, George L., 392, 414 Dunbabin, Robert A., 326 42 Duncan, Clifford A., Duncan, Ronald M., 360 355 Duncan, Sally J., 276, 462 Dunkin, Don A., 352 Dunkley, LouAnn, 2 Dunn, Barbara F., 2 82 82 Dunn, Muriel M., 223, 282, 283, 406, 478 Emerson, Edith Leland, 249 Emery, Richard C., 224, 304 Emery, Rodenck R., 332 Emmons, Linda, 55, 286 Emnott, Darrell G., 119, 304, 415 Emons, James E., 224, 419 Emory, DeWolfe F., 317 Enari, Helen, 482 Feaster, Richard V., 224, 334, 417, 428 Federspiel, Ralph, 158 Feek, Sharon K., 268 Felts, Donald M., 387 Fendall, Nancy, 456 Fender, Bud D., 67, 473 Fender, Harold, 322 Fenner, Keith C. Dunneh, Elaine J., 280 Dunsire, Gordon R., 334 Dunsmore, Joyce A., 261, 461 Dunsmore, Merle M. Dunton, Anne E., 223, 282 Durnin, Denis D., 350, 414, 417 Dossault, Bruce E., 155, 345 Duval, Gerald F., 223, 389 Duverger, Colette M., 260, 438 Dwinell, Donald W., 120, 223, 302 Dworak, David A., 314 Dwyer, Kathleen, 384 Dye, Robert M., 223, 430, 468 Dye, Roy E., Jr., 326 Dye, "Tippy", 146 Dyer, Peter S., 318 Dykes, Bruce G., 389 Dykes, Janet R., 290, 462 Dysart, David M., 336 Eagan, Evelyn Ann, 248, 249, 458 Eagle, Leslie, 264 Eakin, Bill, 205 Earles, Joan E., 223, 260 Earley, John W., 223, 334 Easley, John H., 350 Eason, Ward R., 223, 358, 421 Easter. Alison, 282 Easter, Ann, 280 Easterbrook, Don J., 319 Easterly, Donald W., 395 Eastman, A.V., 27 Eastman, Dolores M., 45, 54, 67, 223, 292 Eastman, Donald W., 223, 445, 464, 481 Eastman, George D., 153, 349, 454 Eastman, John, 248 Eaton, Janet, 292 Eaton, Janet L., 223, Enden, James A., 334 Eng, Helen, 249, 380, 381, 470 Eng, Pete, 108 Eng, R.S., 419 Engebo, Gloria I., 290 Engel, Robert G., 310 Engelke, Harriet A., 435 Engerson, John M., 322 Engeset, Tanya, 382 Engie, Nancy, 272 ENGINEERING STUDENTS COUNCIL, 417 Engle, Nancy R. Englert, Janice N., 69, 130, 264, 461 English, Laurence R., 330 English, William L., 155, 330 Ensign, Louise R., 286 Engstrom, Donald E., 224, 249, 458 Enwall, Mary Ellen, 288 Enz, Irma M., 383 Epperson, Lou Ann, 224, 292 Epps, Janice J., 278, 442 Epstein, Richard L., 364 Epstein, Sandra J., 294, 461 Epton, Bill, 91 Erben, John F., 360 Erho, Michael W., 312 Erickson, Dolores J., 383 Erickson, Dick D., 193, 320 Erickson, Eric F., 416 Erickson, Fred, 198, 475 Erickson, Jack, 199 Erickson, John B., 334 Erickson, Ken, 475 Erickson, Larry N., 193, 312 Erickson, Norman L., 310, 224, 413 Erickson, Richard, 426 Erickson, Robert L., 342 Erickson, Robert V., 209 Erickson, Ronald L., 345 Erickson, Thomas E., 320 Erickson, Vincent O., 395 Erken, Judith C., 44, 274, 443, 477 Fenoglia, Audrey, 168, 460 Fenske, Gary T., 390 Ferguson, Barbara, 464 Ferguson, Jean Ann, 248, 458 Ferguson, John E., 342 Ferguson, Margaret, 279, 467 Ferguson, Mary Jane, 41, 48, 63, 224, 434, 478 Ferguson, P., 402 Ferguson, Ronald, 394 Fernandes, Barbara M., 292 Femer, Harvey, 364 Feroglia, Audrey L., 286 Ferrell, Karla, 122 Ferryman, William H., 415 Fettroff, Diane, 422 Feyen, Ann K., 284 Fiddler, Marilyn W., 270 Field, Na ncy E., 49, 268 Fielder, Hazel F., 224, 383 Fielder, William H., 84, 224, 298, 314, 465 Finch, James F., 224, 418, 471 Finegold , Alvin S., 364 Fingold, Sandra L., 64, 259, 294 Finke, St uart W., 326 Finlay, Ronald C., 300, 340, 449, 473 Finley, Jack C., 360 Finley, Marilyn L., 295 Finley, Mary Jane, 64, 274 Finn, Robert, 387 Fint, Donald J., 224, 464, 468 Fisch, Richard E., 224, 340 Fischer, Gail, 264 Fischer, John M., 224, 368, 418, 471 Fish, Jerry D., 310 Fish, John G., 436 Fish, Thomas, 118, 310 Fisher, E llen, 286 Fisher, Franklin P., 249, 457, 464 Fisher, George W., 224, 389 Fisher, Marcia A., 278, 431 Fisher, Peter F., 224, 345, 481 Fisher, Phelps K., 224, 308 456 Eaton, Peggy Jean, 248, 249, 458 Eaton, Robert C., 426 Echols, Jean M., 288 Eckart, Marlene, 449 Eckton, Grace A., 77, 461 Eddings, Ralph H., 209 Eddy, Carol J., 260 Eddy, Sharon G., 26 0 Edenholm, Robert M., 334 Edington, Elizabeth C., 262 Edline, Diane L., 65, 292 Edmands, Marylee S., 270 Edmiston, Janet M., 282 Edmunds, Sid, 223, 286 Erlandson, John P., 317 Esdale, Gerry A., 262 Esdale, Gloria M., 262 Eshelman, James D., 308, 473 Espinoza, Floyd A., 350, 431 Espinoza, Paul R., 304 Esser, Jerry, 107 Essley, Frances A., 224, 288 Essman, Jim, 433 Estaban, Manuel, 394 Estey, Karen, 290 Esterly, Leola M., 384 Estlock, Harry, 348 Ethier, Dan B., 334 Fisher, Philip H., 224, 329, 443 Fisher, William, 89, 385 Fitch, C.M., 58, 60, 139, 249, 477,478 Fitch, Dawn A., 48, 168, 274, 471 Fitch, Graham, 317 Fitch, John S., 224, 387, 416 Fitzgerald, Dale D., 355 Fitzgerald, David W., 387 Fitzgerald, Dwight E., 330 Fitzgerald, John, 196 Fitzgerald, Jack G., 308 Fitzpatrick R.F., 181, 182, 224, 334, 413 Fitzsimmons, Dale E., 249 Fix, Carolyn, 224, 284, 432, 456, 476, 478 Edxnundson, Robert, 394 Edwards, Darlene J., 79, 264 Edwards, Ralph M., 223 Eells, George C., 223 429 Efford, Robert J., 209 Efron, Arthur, 249 Egan, D.E., 150, 223, 214, 332, 429,475 Egan, Dick, 139 Egan, Jay W., 312 Egbert, Gordy, 350 Egerton, Charles W., 223, 420 Eggan, Hugh M., 223, 468 Egger, Dick L., 334 Egtvet, Barbara A., 223, 434, 460, 478 Ehrlich, Arlene Eichhorn, Joan E., 384 Eichler, Richard S., 250 Eiffe, Patty, 91 Ek, John, 198 Eke, LaVeme M., 223, 386, 443 EKLIND HALL, 398 Ekman, Vera, 384 Ekwueme, Alex, 438 Elam, Lois L., 405 Elander, Zac R., 319 Eldred, Juliana, 55 Eldridge, Lester W. Evans, Caryl, 467 Evans, Cecile M., 49, 60, 63, 286 Evans, David A. Evans, Dolores, 163 Evans, Donna B., 278 Evans, Gwyneth, 48, 55, 57, 62, 64, 78, 282, Evans, 477 Keast, 355 Evans, Lyle L., 393 Evans, Evans, Evans, Margaret, 381 Michael J., 317 R.L., 133, 189, 427, 429, 430 Evans, Sally-Ann R., 383 Evans, Thomas O., 209 Evanson, John D., 224, 468 Everest, H.P. "Dick", 15 Everson, Carol M., 224 Evich, Jerry V., 342 Ewbank, William L., 224, 304, 421 Ewy, Vincent O., 209 Eyer, Kenneth M., 209 Eyler, Robert R., 393 f Fix, Pamela, 284 Fjellman, Janice M., 381, 433, 461 Flaks, Carmen, 258, 294 Fleming, Barbara J., 403, 467 Flemming, Charles, 394 Fleming, James D., 332 Fleming, Fleming, Fleming, Fletcher, Richard, 20 Ronald F., 124, 334 Susan, 290 Charles A., 412 Fletcher, George G., 224 Flint, Carolyn J., 274 Flodman, William C., 319, 436 Flodquist, June, 79, 224, 260, 446, 478 Flohr, Gary G., 342 Flood, John A., 67, 304 Flora, Margaret C., 224, 402, 403 Flower, Charles C., 44, 124, 362, 429 Flower, Elizabeth A., 224, 272 Flower, William H., 45, 362 Fluharty, Arvan L., 224, 249, 298, 326, 458, 464 Flynn, Arlene R., 264 Foelkner, Leslie Jeanne, 274 Follis, Britta R., 249, 397, 446, 447, 459 Follis, Robert A., 339, 436 Fonda, Henry, 298, 328 Eleizegui, Maria P., 383, 438 Elford, Roy F., 223, Elggren, Trina, 274 339, 475 Eliason, Carol A., 382 Elken, Sonja C., 223, 403 Ellestad, Thomas G., 249, 334 Ellinger, Paul, 390, 464 Ellington, Joan A., 292 Elliot, Eugene, 55 Elliott, Joe O., 223, 429 Elliott, Lauriston, 449 Elliott, Richard B., 366 Elliott, William L., 393, 418, 471 Ellis, Charles B., 223, 328, 457 Ellis, Charles W., 38 6,415 Ellis, Donald Aldrich, 249 Ellis, Peter R., 224, 310, 421 Ells, Richard C., Jr., 198, 199, 345 Ellsworth, Linda, 26 8 Elmberg, Jack F., 224, 319, 416, 487 Elmore, Garby, 462 Elmore, Mary Ann, 276 Ehnquist, Richard C., 224, 386, 430 Elms, I. Genelle, 212 Elowson, Clifford L., 366 El-Sayed, Sayed Z., 250, 386 Elsner, Leona, 381, 443 Elwell, Judy R., 274 Elwood, Robert R., 201, 336 Fabrick, Patricia A., 249, 274, 459, 477 FACULTY MEDALISTS, 252 Fagerberg, Walter, 390 Fagholm, Marilyn, 46 Fahle, Virginia A., 292 Fairbairn, Ian J., 224, 389 Fairchild, Alayne M., 274 Fairhall, Edith H., 249 Falconer, Maynard C., 224 Falor, Sue Ann, 292, 461 Falskow, Guy L., 386, 415, 473 Fare, James V., 447 Faris, Robert, 22 Farmer, Donald, 433 Farmer, Guy W., 304 Farmer, John, 165 Farnell, Dorothy, 122 Farnham, Norman G., 209 Farnham, Shirley M., 264 Farrar, Nancy C., 224, 258, 288, Farrell, Kathyryn M., 224, 266 Farrell, Paul J., 350 Farwell, George, 458 Fassett, Beverly Marie 249, 381 Fauchald, Ann M., 282, 477 Faulkner, Charles W., 248 Faurot, Rod A., 345 Fay, Charles D., 338, 418 289 Fonda, John A., 328, 476 Foo, Eng Lan, 250, 416 Foord, Marilyn, 260, 459 Foote, Gerald L., 336 Forbes, Bruce N., 345 Ford, Beverly J., 284 Ford, Carole, 122 Forest, Ralph S. Forman, Larry A., 346 Forray, Frank C., 320 Forrest, Merrill M., 328 Forrest, Ralph, 389 Forrester, Lotte, 449 FORENSICS, 51 Forsberg, Maryann, 50, 280, 461 Forschmiedt, Rik, 328 Forseth, Paul O., 320, 416 Forsythe, Jeff, 163 Fortin, Patricia D., 225, 456, 470 Fortson, Richard M., 197, 304 Fosnick, Joe A., 317 Foss, Donald B., 336 Fossatti, Robert J., 415 Foster Foster, Foster, , Gayle, 49, 104, 249, 268, 460, 477 Isabelle B., 286 James M., 225, 360 Foster, Laurance E., 322 Foster, Patricia A., 284 Foster, Richard L., 352 You, the class of 1956, are now about to become the new professronal men and women, new homemakers, new employees, new customers of our commumty. Fredenck 84 Nelson, as a member of thrs communrty, congratulates you on your graduatron and wrshes you all possrble future success. A l '-5' '54 'rx 1 lllfalslelf 1 if . . ,A an ,- . an f - . - H ' I ' 'WWE-H DIVISION OF MARSHALL FIELD 8. COMPANY I ' K - - QW? K K was , K . ny. ,, ,V .ff K. ' ,wfwiv-M35 Q . .aa , A ' 7, , I ,,,,,-gg-f' . K ,M H- K, ,Ag s , 1. rl, :kk pr' W-.D Q K if I an M.. . .i K... l ,. Y K . 4 W . A- , .Wk 1 at swf A "' -t., tang 'if Foster, Tom R., 360 Foster, W illiam G., 310 Fouargue, Sharon V., 280 Foumier, John L., Jr., 300, 352, 423 Fouty, Robert A., 209 Fowler, B arbara J., 252, 400 Fowler, Charles B., 120, 387 Fowler, Dr. David, 47 Fowler, Douglas, 392 Fowler, Joyce J., 252, 280 Fox, Delo res, 260 Fox, Marie, 292 Fraas, Robert J., 225, 418 Frack, Malcolm C., 312 Gallop, Diane M., 225, 443 Galstaun, Van, 163, 164, 165 Galt, Phillip A., 225, 352 Galt, Vic H., 352 Gamble, Lex N., 330 Gamble, Michael I., 336 Gamblin, Dick, 326 Gamer, Jerry D., 310 Gamlin, Richard A., 225 GAMMA ALPHA CHI, 482 GAMMA DELTA, 445 GAMMA PHI BETA, 280 Gandy, Robert J., Jr., 330 Gannon, Arlene A., 259, 272 Glover, Darrell, R., 314, 473 Glover, A. Lawrence, 326, 423 Go, Sumio, 209 Godefroy, Anne, 78, 288 Goebel, Charles R. Goehrend, Gretchen Jo., 261 Goerlich, William D., 386, 415 Goetz, Jerry H., 308 Goffe, Bemard S., 301 Gohlrnan, Richard R., 306 Gold, Joan L., 296 Goldberg, Alan V., 346, 364 Goldberg, Charles R., 346 Goldfarb, Carole O., 384 Griffith, Alice Diane, 248, 249, 458 Griffith, Diane P., 461 Griffith, Kay H., 382 Griffith, Larry, 352 Griffith, Marilyn J., 284 Griffith, Sandra D., 262 Griffith, Thomas, 390 Grimshaw, Austin, 25 Grinstein, Gronning, Bill, 364 Karen L., 226, 400 Grosche, Dale W., 324 Groshell, Gary W., 328, 436 Gross, Gerry, 455 Gross, Lois, 445 Francin, Donald A., 350 Francisco, David H., 225 Francke, Lynn R., 225, 435, 460 Franco, Albert, 301 Frangen, Betty M., 225, 274, 476 Frank, Peter G., 320 Frankland, Charles F., 15 Frankland, Robert S., 310 Franklin, James D., 158, 225, 317, 420 Franklin, Ray M., 100, 225, 358, 421 Franzke, Suzanne J., 282, 424, 431 Fraser, Susan R., 225, 286 Gansler, Henry R., 414, 390 Ganty, Mary Jane, 282 Ganzer, V.M., 26 Ganzer, Victor J., 328 Garber, Jan, 272 Gardiner, Mary Ellen, 225, 434 Gardipe, William A., 225 Gardner, Adalyn, 164, 266 Gardner, Booth, 62, 330 Gardner, Mrs. J. Herbert, 15 Gardner, Mary Jo, 286 Gardner, Thomas C., 360 Golding, Willard E., 358 Goleeke, Tommy D., 304 GOLF '55, 202 Gomel, Dick, 62 Gonnason, Betty E., 295 Gonser, Wallace S., 339 Gonzales, Boyer Goodale, Patricia, 384 Goode, John W., 226, 428, 468 Goodman, Bob G., 362 Goodman, Clark F., 350 Goodman, Gerald E., 193, 427 Grosse, Barbara A., 64, 264 Grosscop, Clyde L., 115, 345 Grossman, Ralph, 394 Groshong, Ronald W., 47, 61, 62, 65 201 Grow, Geraldine K., 91, 226, 268 Gross, Leonard D., 346, 480 Grosser, Roy E., 306 Grubb, Edward L., 226, 430 Gruestad, Bennard, 466 Gruber, Burton A., 364 Gruthfeild, Victor, 471 Gualt, Phil, 350 Fraser, William H., 225, 386 Frayn, Robert M., 225, 330 Frazer, Lora, 467 Frederick, Carol A., 260 Frederick, John I-I., 225 Freeman, Doug G., 330 Freebum, William S., 360 Freeman , Christine M., 262 Freeman, Melvin I., 225, 475 Freeman, Richard W., 225, 336 Freeman, Sally L., 276 Freese, R obert G., 390, 418 Freidman, Eleanor L., 294 Freitag, John J., 339 Freligh, Alice A., 272, 459 French, Doug, 190, 324 French, Stephen W., 225 Frere, Terry J., 151, 350 Fretheim, Tom, 61, 65, 66, 350 Fricklton, Lon, 394 Friedlander, Betty L., 296 Friedman, Mimi, 294 Friet, James E., 248 Grahme Friis, Roy E., 388 Friske, Barbara B., 381 Fritag, Jack, 300 Fritter, Karolin L., 255, 383 Fritz, Zoe A., 63, 284 Fritzberg, Don, 433 Frizelle, Theobald, 433 Frodel, Edward C., 334 Frodle, Jerry C., 324 Froehlich, Walter A., 346 Fronk, Ruth L., 260 ' FROSH AND LIGHTWEIGHT CREW, 193 FROSH DAY, 130 FROSH FOOTBALL, 115 Frost, Wayne W., 334 Froula, Sally A., 255, 261 Fry, Clifford F., 248 Fry, Gene, 115 Frye, Shirley L., 472 Fuhr, George A., 302 Fujimura, Robert K., 225, 394 Fujimura, Yoshio, 396 Fujita, Helene, 391, 437 Fukasawa, Grace, 382, 437 Fukei, Arlene, 84 Fuller, Don, 324 Fuller, Myma F., 284 Fuller, Neva L., 64, 290 Fuller, Ralph L., 366 Gardner, William V., 334 Gardoni, Frances L., 225, 432 Garmel, Jeanette W., 294 Garred, Frank W., 308 Garretson, Charles E., 225, 342, 457 Garretson, Mary M., 286 Garrett, Leonard W., 225, 319 Garrett, Marian R., 264 Gaston, Janet G., 77, 270 Gaston, Richard S., 360 Gauger, Grant E., 249 Gamstad, Sandra, 288 Gavin, Roger J., 213, 225, 322 . Gaytor, Gary, 195, 483 Gearhart, Walter, 300, 355 Gearheart, Beverly R., 225, 381 Gehlen, Charles J., 209 Gehres, Norma L., 48, 79, 292 Geiger, Monte, 206 Geiger, Patricia S., 461 Gellermann, Louis W., 193, 345, 427 Gellerman, Mildred, 40, 50, 53 George, Joan M., 397, 446, 447, 472 Geppert, Larry L., 225 Geraghty, John V., 41, 42, 43, 50, 78, 214, 225, 310, 413, 475 Gerbel, Arthur, Jr., 19 Gerbel, Arthur M., 366 Gerber, William M., 319 Gerchow, Charles, 387 Gerguson, Jean Ann, 249 Gerhardt, Luther E., 330 Gerlitz, Dennis, 423 Germaine, Shirley A., 266 Germundson, G., 156, 158, 352, 438, 469 Gerrodette, Charles E., 226, 362 Gerry, Annette F., 67, 226, 461 Gersten, Robert, 392 Getchell, Jim, 333 Getman, Doug, 324 Giaver, Paul A., 358 Gibb, Judy M., 278, 461 Gibbons, Bob, 193 Gibbons, James P., 226, 390 Gibson, Carole M., 290 Gibson, Gloria J., 290 Gibson, Mary Carol, 79, 274 Gibson, Robert J., Jr., 340, 423, 473 Giedt, Bruce A., 317 Gies, Robert, 362 Giese, Clarence, 226, 417, 481 Giese, Donovan, 423 Goodman, Robert, 481 Goodman, Terry J., 331 Goodrich, Forest J., 31 Goosman, James A., 368, 428 Gorasht, Mervin I., 346 Gorden, Bob, 198 Gordon, Don, 326 Gordon, Judd G., 345 Gose, Prof. J., 50 Gosse, Bemard, 300 Goss, Clark C., 316 Goss, Mary D., 131, 280 Gough, Marilyn L., 226, 432 Gould JoAnn N., 104, 264, 461 GOVERNOR'S DAY, 180 Gow, James A., 350 Graber, Raymond, 394 GRADUATE NURSES' CLUB, 432 Grady, Sherrill L., 295 Graef, Carolyn N., 121, 381 Graf, Robert L., 110, 226 Graff, Dennis, 390 Grage, Nancy F., 381 Guenther, Dean E., 209 Guemsey, Carolyn L., 288 Gulden, Donald C. Gunderson, Mary L., 280, 460, 462 Gunderson, Wilfred E., 250, 441 Guske, Sharon E., 292, 462 Gustofson, Arlene R., 400 Gustafson, Jack, 120 Gustafson, Loretta W., 262 Gustafson, Nancy L., 284 Gustafson, Ruth, 433 Gustin, Frank J., 40, 78, 331, 475 Guterson, Lewis, 458 Guttormsen, Dick, 199 Gutzler, Ralph P., 65, 66, 197, 324, 429 Guy, Arthur W., 248, 249, 458 h Graham, Donald, 394 Graham, Janice, 422, 462 Graham Graham ,Jean J., 77, 272 , Joann L., 382 Graham, Patricia J., 226, 435 Graham, Ronald M., 118, 197, 310 Graham, Thomas C., 331 Graham, Thomas P., 352 , Fred, 348 Grahn, Thomas B., 249, 385, 390 Gramling, Elizabeth A., 226, 261 Gramling, Patrick M., 226, 360 Grancisco, David, 388 Grangaard, Robert P., 312 Grant, Fred J., 77, 360 Grant, Gordon A., 342, 428 Grasso, James C., 326 Graves, Lawrence D., 389 Graves, Michael D., 388, 414 Graves, Roselen R., 435, 438 Gray, Alfred B., 388 Gray, Biuns M., 423 Gray, Carol A., 288, 456 Gray, Curtis C., 328 Gra Dou las 352 Haag, John Edwin, 249 Haapanen, Roger H., 316 Haas, Brian L., 352, 428 Haas, Pamela J., 226, 262 Haase, John A., 158, 226, 316, 420 Haaversen, Robert A., 367 Haba, Leonard A., 226 Hadaway, Richard B., 226 Hadsell, Jean M., 121, 226, 295 Hafferkom, Virginia, 432 Haffner, Ann M., 284 I-Iafford, Clifford H., 249 Hagel, Sandra, 384 Hagen, Bill D., 332 Hagen, Carlos, 390 Hagen, Maurice E., 385, 386 Hager, Frary E., 262 Haggard, Peggy Lee, 163 Hagist, Roberta G., 139, 290 Hahn, Daril W., 226, 339 Hahn, Frank D., 198, 345, 469 Hahn, Gerald M., 69, 300, 346 Haight, Anabel, 261 Haines, Richard, 423 Haines, Ray, 345 Y, S , Gray, Larry E., 195, 226, 360, 469, 475 Gray, Shirley M., 268 Graybill, Patricia L., 226, 272 Greathouse, Kenneth, 387 Hakinson, Edward, 433 Halberg, John V., 193, 345, 429 Halberg, Marilyn, 381 Halbert, J.L., 54, 227, 284, 460, 472, 478 Fullington, Warren R., 209 Fulton, Leroy D., 352 Fulton, Marge E., 121, 122, 225, 382, 431 Funamori, Mickie M., 437 Funderburgh, Tom, 392 Giese, Giese, Isa, 284, 461 Paul E., 304 Gies, Robert G. Funke, Gloria A., 382, 436 Furakawa, Fred, 468 Furguson, Al, 113 Furtado, Bobbylou, 100, 101, 383, 462 Furlong, William J., 345 Fusfield, Robert L., 225, 417 Gaard, Norton L., 225 Gaasland, Peter A., 350 Gabriel, Faye, 443 Gabrielsen, Toygve O., 209 Gaebel, B arbara, 438 Gaffney, J. Patrick, 50, 322 Gaffner, Gary P., 332 Gaffner, Haines Bell, 248, 249, 458 Gaffner, Hank, 192 Gaffner, Robin E., 282, 424 Gage, Kaye L., 261 Gage, Kenneth D., 153, 345, 454 Gehegan, Mona, 211, 478 Gahringer, Allie Jo., 54, 268 Gail, Mildred A., 382 Gaines, Barbara L., 278 Gilbert, Barbara S., 384 Gilbert, Caryl L., 67, 268 Gilbert, David R., 312, 417, 427 Gilbertson, Loren O., 338 Giles, Lee Allen, 369 Giu, Betty L., 44, 49, 268 Gill, Christine M., 383 Gill, James L., 345 Gill, Marcia F., 43, 268 Gill, Marjorie, 248, 458 Gill, Pat, 272 Gillanders, James E., 46, 226, 249, 366, 468, 475 Gillanders, Kathy J., 44, 70, 249, 276, 277 Gillespie, Carol L., 279 Gillham, Jane, 292 Gilliland, Laura C., 381 Gillis, Murlin F., 226, 249, 458, 464 Gillrnan, Jan M., 226, 416, 423 Gilman, Robert F., 226, 364 Gilroy, Bob, 360 Ginosar, Matania, 226, 464 Gish, Marshall E., 390 Gismervig, Harold, 394 Gladstein, Julie A., 296 Glann, James D., 226, 324 Glase, Jonn P., 331 Glass, Merrillann, 226, 400, 446, 447 Glasscock, Hope, 248 Glaze, David K., 390, 415 Greco, Marie, 260 Greely, Nancy A., 249, 290 Green , Ben, 118 Green, Credell, 106, 107 Green, Jerry N., 316, 436 Green, John A., 342 Halbert, Rolla W., 350 Hale, Joan, 384 Hale, Myrna B., 381 Hale, Orlan D., 249, 356 Hale, Reed, 82 Haley, Donald, 369 Green, Nancy R., 264, 402 Green Ral h R. 304 y P y Green, Shirley E., 63,61 71, 249, 274, 459, 477 Green, Sue J., 63, 280 Green, Victor E., 308 Greenborg, Jess, 364, 414 Greene, Eleanor L., 284 Greene, Judith M., 278 Greene, Nancy Ann, 272 Graves, D.V. "Tubby", 32 Gray, Mike, 392 Gray, Robert, 163, 164 Gray, Marilyn R., 384, 456 Greene, Patricia, 432 Greene, Shari N., 55, 461 Greenhill, Lawrence S., 452 Greenough, Peyton W., 349, 471 Greenup, Gary D., 328 Greenwall, Warren, 366 Greenwalt, Randall A., 388 Greenway, Elizabeth DeCan, 248 Greenwood, Dale W., 226, 430 Hall, Arthur E., 362 Hall, Deanna M., 284 Hall, Dale G., 300, 331 Hall, Delores M., 250, 433 Hall, Erik, 433 Hall Frances J., 223, 391 Hall: Jay, 192 Hall, Jerome F., 412 Hall, Marcia A., 266 Hall, Margaret E., 227, 400 Hall, Maria, 48 Hall, Marvin A., 349 Hall, Muriel F., 227, 284, 433, 478 Hallett, Page M., 259, 280 Hallgrimson, Larry, 324 Halligan, Robert J., 314, 473 Hallock, John A., 298, 339 Hallstrom, Alfred, 394 Hallstrom, Maxine, 432 Hallum, Don M., 314 Hals, Gregg, 390 Greer, Eileen M., 290 Greer, J Greer, J ames A., 151,360 anet, 55 Greer, Robert J., 209 Galbraith, Alan F., 225, 319 Galbraith, Richard, 354 Gale, Joanne M., 64, 276 Galer, Douglas E., 336, 423 Galiano, Phyllis E., 405 Gallagher, Dan, 416 Galla her, Sheridan W., 389 Gallalier, Philip G., 332, 480 Gallant, Patricia, 384 494 Glen, Colvin, 390 Glendinning, Jean D., 226, 258, 292 Glendinning, Finis E., 362 Glenn, Calvin Wayne, 249 Glenn, Dana, 163 Glenn, Kirk, 392, 414 Glenn, William K., 226 Glerup, Virginia L., 280 Glickman, Kenneth I., 364 Gregory, Mike, 443 Gregory, Margaret, 208, 268 Greggerson, Bev., 286 Grevstad, Ben I., 226, 308, 413, 469 Grewe, Janet L., 67, 262 Gribble, Melvin L., 302 Griffm, Leon P., 226, 313, 430 Griffin, William H., 226, 298, 308, 309, 421, 429 Halvorson, Ann S., 274 Halvorson, Janice C., 274 Halvorson H. Stanley, 323 Ham, Donald C., 389, 429 Haman, Georgia L., 284 Hamano, Katharine H., 227, 437 Hamblen, Wesley D., 350 Hames, Ted, 341 Hamilton, Arlene L., 434 Hamilton, Durlene M., 266 Hamilton, Evelyn A., 268 Hamilton, James F., 139, 360 Hamilton, Geneita B., 227, 266 Hamilton, Joseph B., 227 Hamilton, Judith A., 272, 460 W, ,A -ww-I " :gJP"' 'vrjff , ' 2,5 . Q M ,QP 2-gpnmqw v W. , -'Vi 'QQ .A A A-WQAE: R, ,. 1 .A WN' 'f. Q3 ff-L I . M 'Rm I if ,via . If . Q uZlShi7Qgf072!S Stcztewicle mek MEMBER FEDERAL DEPOSIT INQURANCE CORPORATION Hamilton, Margaret K., 383 Hamilton, Paul H., 452 Hamm, Barbara, 443 Hamm, Paula R., 272 Hammack, Henry E., 227, 455 Hammel, LuVerna, 384, 467 Hammer, Ellis D., 227, 464 Hammerly, Carol N., 406 Hammermaster, Albert, 196, 466 Hammermaster, Gene, 195, 227, 469 Hammermaster, Mike, 117 Hammond, Alesa L., 382 Hammond, Benny, 113, 390 Hammond, George A., 431 Hammond, Harriette J., 292, 381 Hammond, Laila L., 48, 292, 472 Hamon, Francis, 387 Hamon, Rosette, 381 Hamper, Boyd, 336 Hane, Michael, 317 Hanes, Ramon C., 344 Hangartner, Tom, 423 Hanke, Byron H., 133, 227, 304, 431 Hanle Donald L., 249, 458 Haumann, Carole J., 278 Hauser, Mary, 62 Hausman, John, 317 Haven, Hugh'E., Jr., 227, 416, 417 Haverkamp, Connie M., 383 Havlina, John M., 308 Hawes, Richard, 390 Hill, D..1., 41, 205, 228, 415, 417, 469 Hill, Jacquiline, 384 Hill, James C., 59, 62, 480 Hill, Lola J., 403 Hill, Marlene D., 262, 422 Hill, Nancy C., 211, 228, 288 Hi Nancy S., 41, 78, 249, 286, 474, Hope, William F., 352 Hopfinger, Barbara J., 381, 461 Hopkins, Adele, 470 Hopkins, David, 387 Hopkins, Richard D., 248 Hopkins, Robin A., 342 Hopkins, Violet A., 228, 464 Hawkes, Sally L., 280 Hawkins, James W., 350 Hawkins, Judith D., 248, 458 Hawkins, Marian L., 73, 78, 264, 478 Hawkins, Norma L., 284 Hawkins, Richard D., 248 Hawley, Mary J., 383 Hawley, S. Edward, 352 Haworth, Orrin A., 423 Hayen, Philip E., 304 Hayes, Frederick B., 336, 454 Hayes, John M., 388 Hayes, Twila, 458 Haynes, Harald J., 393, 416 Haynes, James M., 227, 313 Hays, John W., 308, 473 Hayworth, Orrin, 362 Hazelquist, Al, 197 Y, Hanley, Joan, 458 Hanna, Ron L., 304 Hansen, Barry L., 313 Hansen, Donald L., 227, 308 Hansen Douglas E., 352 Hansen, Jean, 49, 259, 286, 432 Hansen, Jean M., 384 Hansen, Joan M., 274 Hansen, John C., 342 Hansen Karen L. 286 Hanseni Loren V.: 392 Hansen, Mark S., 334 Hansler, Hansler, Hanson, Hanson, Hanson, Hanson, Hanson, Hanson, Hanson , Hanson, Hanson, Hanson, Hanson , Hanson, Hanson , Hanson, Hanson, Hanson, Hanson, Hanson, Harbitz , Grace M., 402, 403 Thomas G., 304 Allan E., 311 Chuck F., 69, 331 Clayton, 433 Dorothy A., 400, 445, 467 Edward Lee, 248, 458 Harold N., 314 Jack, 342 James M., 360 Joan C., 227,274 Joyce B., 384 Keith W., 350 Kermit O., 25 Lowell T., 65, 316 Neal R., 227, 332 Peter T., 115, 332 Richard M., 227, 386 Stuart E., 336 Bill, 314, 473 Francis, 250, 389, 438, 476 HARBORVIEW HALL, 402 - Harden, Thordis D., 250, 443 Harding, Donna M., 384 Harding, John W., 17 Harding, Roger A., 227 Hardy, Nancy J., 282 Hargreaves, Gordon W., 317 Harison, Phillip L., 323 Harken, James H., 227, 387 Harkness, George H., 342, 428 Harlin, John, 62 Harmon, Dean, 338 Harnden, Dick, 442 Haroldson, William R., 314 Haroldson, Ron E., 360 Harp, Jimmy C., 348, 416 Harper, Charles C., 44, 362 Harpole, Jean, 279, 467 Harrington, Donald, 163 Harris, Arthur K., 387, 436, 465 Healey, Patrick D., 306 Healy, Sharon M., 67, 274 Heaney, Jocelyn C., 227 Heck, Jim, 115 Hecker, Jody L., 280, 456 Heckman, Claude C., 352 Hedges, Mary E., 261 Hedges, Wendell R., 336 Hedreen, Richard C., 349 Hedwall, Edward A., 50, 65, 313 Heffron, Lewis B., 227, 394 Heflin, Mary Jo, 282 Hegeberg, Jeannine A., 46, 64, 292 Heggarty, Diane, 120, 391 Heggie, Marylyn A., 292 Hegle, Carmen D., 249 Hegstrom, Roger J., 318 Heidemann, Kay M., 382 Heider, Pauline M., 435, 443 Heilman, Champlin B., 304 Heilman, Robert B., 23 Heily, Kay A., 83, 276, 455, 482 Heily, Timotha A., 63, 276 Heinke, Ronald R., 304, 415 Heinle, Donald R., 392 Heitman, Richard A., 209 Helgeson, Diane M., 405 Helland, Don C., 360 Helle, James R., 227 Helliesen, Harold S., 342 Hellman, Carl M., 340, 473 Hellstrom, Shirley A., 435 Hellweg, Marlene J., 295 Helm, Henry R., 392 Helphrey, Carol J., 77, 219, 262 Hemmat, Harry, 394 Hempler, Kathy E., 44, 62, 270, 477 ll, , 476, 478 Hill, Nelson M., 228, 369 Hill, Robert V., 228, 481 Hill, Sharon M., 276 Hill, Ted, 317 Hillal, Sayed, 438 Hillesland, Kent L., 321 Hillier, Carolyn S., 384 Hilliker, Barbara G., 405 Hillman, Lona L., 228, 406 Hilton, James M., 160, 194, 195, 196, 211, 228, 332, 469 Hines, Frederick A., 304 Hines, Neal, 17 Hines, Patrick W., 228, 358, 421 Hinkle, Sally Jo, 47, 49, 67, 280 Hinman, Gratia J., 228, 403 Hinton, Richard L., 50, 331 Hintze, McKean V., 390, 423 Hirai, Gail F., 437 Hiranaka, Daniel K., 396 Hiroo, Sally S., 437 Hirst, Gary J., 360 Hisata, Tom H., 228 Hiserman, Stan, 117, 194, 195 Hitchcock, C. Leo, 21 Hitchens, Ric G., 317 Hitchens, Robert M., 317 Hitt, Jeanette, 384 Hoagland, Dayle, 32 Hoak, Mary E., 280 Hoare, Constance A., 264 Hobbs, Carol A., 259, 274 Hochstetter, Dauna L., 284 Hocker, Kay F., 286 Hocker, Marilynne M., 286 Hodges, Floyd E., 228, 339, 420, 476 Hodges, Forrest, 463 Hodges, Margaret L., 268 Hodgson, Tom, 18 Hodson, Nancy L., 47, 276 Hodson, Patty, 174 Hodson, Susan M., 228, 258, 276, 476 Hoerr, Raymond C., 416 Hoey, Alan J., 395 Hoey, Mymie J., 228, 258, 284, 478 Hoff, David D., 364 Holi, Michael, 349 Hoffman, Carole J., 293 Hoffman, Gerhard H., 209 Hoffman, JoAnn, 272 Horchover, Robert L., 228, 298, 310, 311 413 Hordan, William l., 228, 389.415 Hom, Lois B., 383. 424, 431 Horn, Ray L., 250,468 Horne, Marilyn J., 69, 282 Horowitz, Caroline, 296, 434 Horst, Sylvia J., 282 Horton, George P., 16 Hoshiwara, Isao, 209 Hosterman, Craig, 348, 480 Houghton, Meech, 390 Houk, Robert L., 69, 345 Houk, Theodore L., 249, 464 House, David B., 452 Housel, Lenore A., 272 Houser, Mary E., 282 Housley, Walter J., 228, 367 Houston, Jim, 108, 110, 333 Houston, Nancy Z., Hovland, Andy S., 427 Howard, Allison L., 79, 168, 264 Howard, Clinton R., 91, 334 Howard, James W., 350 Howard, John R., 228, 329 Howard, Lynn, 352 Howard, Margaret A., 249, 458 Howard, Norman C., 298, 306 Howard, Pedie, 286 Howard, Richard J., 47, 55, 72, 348 Howard, William D ., 115, 324, 473 Howe, Gretchen S., 384 Howe, Robert R., 324 Howe, Walter C., 44, 118, 228, 331, 457 Howell, Robert C., 386, 428 Howland, Morris A., 228, 386 Howlett, Evelyn G., 280 Hoyle, Elizabeth Ann, 291 Hoyt, Carroll L., 248 Hreha, Pat A., 281 Hsu, George C.Y., 228, 449, 476 Hubbard, Barbara B.L., 228 Hubbard, John W., 329, 443 Hubbard, Tromas W., 228 Hube, Ronald A., 228, 387 Huber, J. Richard, 21 Huchala, Thomas J., 209 Huckle, Myron, 333 Hudson, Arley N., 228, 430 Hudson, David, 387 Hudson, Donald G., 20 Hoffman, Phyllis G., 261, 460 Hoffman, William, 228, 364, 430 Hofius, Bill, 67, 201 Hudson, Lorne F., 338 Hudson, Mar, 423 Hudson, Rodney P., 47, 321, 480 Henderson Dave W., 321 Henderson, Don S., 350 Henderson, Elizabeth B., 266 Henderson, Norman D., 336 Henderson, Henderson, Robert M., 334 William W., 321 Hogan, James, 394 Hoge, Joyce, 228, 268 Hoggatt, Wayne H., 44, 54, 55, 336, 430 Holaday, Harold, 442 Holbrook, Jack S., 321 Holcomb, Emelie H., 382 Holcomb, Fred D., 209 Hudson, Warren, 77 Hudspith, Muriel A., 405 Hudtloff, Arthur M., 317 Huey, Donn R., 313 Huff, Janet O., 474 Huff, Patty C., 291 Huff, Richard R., 388 Harris, Charles M., 15 Harris, Donald, 387 Harris, J esse R., 390 Hams, Linda M., 60, 64, 67, 290, 47 Harris, Minnie, 48, 52, 55 Harris, R.B. "Curly", 19 Hands, Robert M., 386 7 Harris, Salli, 288 Harris, Shirley R., 403, 467 Harrison, Ben, 329 Harrison, Ernest F., 249 Harrison, Gary L., 324 Harrison, Ronald L., 300, 323 Harrison, Susan E., 286, 406, 477 Harrop, Robert D., 308 Harryman, James W., 107 Hart, Art, 59, 61 Hart, Janet R., 286 Hart, Jean R., 382 Hart, Kenneth R., 336 Hartell, Roseanna, 445 Hartley, Ralph M., 395 Hartley, S.A., 227, 261, 440, 443, 474, 478 Hartman, Cyndie, 462 Hartsock, Loretta M., 227, 384 Hartz, Ron R., 336 Harvey, Chester L., 350 Harvin, Shirley, 433 Hasegawa, Hiro, 392 Haselton, Otis C., 388, 415, 428 Haskell, Pat A., 63, 262 Haskins, Charles P., 320 Haskins, Frede1'ick R., 227 Hasselberg, Sonja, 49 Hasson, Eddie I., 301 Hastii, Ha.rriet L., 383 Hastings, Gordon, 227, 320 Hastings, Steve P., 314 Hatch, Glenn L., 338 Hatlen. Jack, 47 Haubrich, Nadyne E., 79, 264 Haugen, Marilyn J., 69, 461 Haugen, Obert C., Jr., 248, 249, 458, 468 Haugland, David O., 355 496 Hendrick, Tom, 348 Hendrickson, Gary, 341 Hendrickson, Jean M., 445 Hendry, Ronald L., 302 Henke, Julie, 71, 249, 280, 477 Henke, Pete, 198 Henkel, Harold W., 248, 249 Henkel, Janet C., 261 Henken, Edwin R., 387, 415 Hennes, John P., 250, 360 Hennes, Jim, 91, 248 Hennesey, Marian, 52 Henning, Barbara M., 270 Henning, Kenneth, 423 Henning, Valerie R., 44, 49, 55, 57, 104, 249, 268, 460 Henry, Barbara C., 282, 462 Henry, Dean, 108, 195, 197 Henry, Kathleen J., 286 Henshaw, William C., 318 Herb, Nancy A., 227, 286 Herbison, Neil R., 323, 471 Herley, Patsy, 280 Herrman, Arthur P., 21 Herman, Jerry, 346 Herman, Rex, 457 Hermanson, Donald H., 367 Herrald, Barbara, 384 Herrick, Rose E., 249, 397, 446, 447, 459 Herring, Bob, 108, 150 Herron, John M., 320 Herzog, John N., 349 Hesch, Donald J., 209 Hess, Lois L., 249, 397, 446, 447, 459 Hesse, JoAnne M., 227, 262 Hesse, Margaret, 249, 290 Hesselholt, Mary N., 227, 238, 266, 267 Heston, Alan, 341 Heustis, Barbara, 293 ,. Hevly, Richard H., 227, 390 Hewett, Marilyn J., 2,94 Hibler, Bob F., 360 Hidaka, Jane M., 437 Hidalgo, Elsa S., 250 Higbee, Ralph, 195 Hikida, Gloria, 433 Holdorf, Carol L., 435, 443 Holdren, Larry L., 464 Holeton, Marjorie W., 280 Holing, Claudia E., 288 Holit, Gert E., 228, 388, 445 Hollahon, John R., 352 Holland, John H., 336 Hollinsworth, Joe D., 342 Hollingsworth, Kennan H., 228, 340, 457 Hughbanks, David C., 50 Hughes, Ben, 331 Hughes, Cameon M., 228, 282 Hughes, Charles R., 228, 348, 480 Hughes, Donna I., 288 Hughes, Eric, 124 Hughes, Glenn, 23 Hughes, John W., Hughes, Pat, 317 Hollingsworth, Ralph, 471 Hollomon, James P., 345 Holloway, Joan N., 284 Holloway, John, 209 Holloway, Jonathan A., 209 Holloway, Richard B., 203, 317 Holm, Ann E.W., 228, 400 Holm, Edwin J., 386 Hugo, Lynne K., 228, 265 Hulbush, Roger W., 228, 332 Huldeen, Carolyn, 432 Hulett, Tom E., 332 Huletz, Norm, 205 Hull, Diane, 262 Hull, Fritz L., 311 Holm, Marlene L., 383, 449 Holmer, Margit R., Holmer, Ruth, 384 Holmes, Brian G., 387 Holmes Fred 336 Holmes, Gudveig, 266 Holmes, James F., 336 Holmes, Jerome F., 228, 429 Holmes, Lawrence M., 345 Holmes, Holmkv Marguerite J., 228, 403 ist, David A., 331 Holmkvist, Diane A., 67, 276 Holmquist, Paul, 392, 445 Holmstrom, Jan, 376 Holmstrom, F. Ross, 306 Holstad , Marilyn, 228, 400, 467 Holsten, Gail C., 47, 282 Holt, Arthur E., 314 Holt, Marilyn L., 383 Holte, Virginia M., 278 Holton, Patricia, Holtzinger, Sara A., 282 HOMECOMING, 97 HOME ECONOMICS CLUB CABINET, 432 Homer, Steve C., 358 Homestead, Wayne A., 311 Homma, Kumiko, 406 HONDERICK HOUSE, 393 Hull, Gay J., 228 Hull, Harry M., 249, 323 Hull, Paul Q., 55, 332 Hull, Hult, Sharon A., 291, 375 John B., 390 Humble, Linda L., 291 Humpheries, William F., 250, 389, 441 Humphrey, Barbara A., 229, 262, 464 Humphreys, Robert R., 344 Humphries, Thomton, 369 Hundstad, Lawrence B., 229, 429 Hungerford, Edgar G., 392 Hungerford, Stanley W., 150, 356 Hungerford, William P., 50, 61, 65, 312, 473, 480 Hunt, Art, 193 Hunt, Byron, 436 Hunt, Mary E., 248 Hunter, Katie, 286, 456 Hunter, Lloyd W., 229, 389 Hunter, Robert C., 360 Hunter, Sandra L., 44 Hunter, Wayne, 443 Hunting, James, 387 Huntington, William L., 318 Huntley, Stephanie L., 270 Huntting, Jerry D., 390, 446 Huntting, Lou Ann, 229, 382, 431 Huntworth, Gail A., 229, 264 Huppin, Charles E., 250, 346 Hilal, Sayed H., 250, 389 Hilby, Joan E., 400 Hilderbrand, Larry D., 84, 90. 227 Honeywell, Earl, 417, 419 Hong, Leslie K., 228, 421, 464 Hood, Tom S., 345 Hurlbut, Elizabeth E., 44, 229, 249, 286, 458, 464, 479 Humblad, Carolyn J., 260 Hilen, Ann M., 227, 280 Hill, Clayton, 338 Hill,fClaude E., 227, 423, 429, 443 Hill, Dean, 445 Hooker, Harry L., 360 Hooper, Hooper, Bill, 449 Harold, K., 360 Hooper, Penni L., 382 Hurst, Margery L., 397, 446, 447 Hurt, Jean, 39 Hurt, Robert D., 318 Huseland, Stan, 81, 82, 83, 84 Kennell - Ellis is proud to have o part in the production of the 1956 Tyee-one of many University of Washington yearbooks for which we have been official portrait photographer. ,Jw WSJ . lllll ' llll 748 0414, gzbdm an Me fvafpthwuz' feaiwung "Emma Shadow .Ea7Jda1q" I426 Fifth Avenue 6I6 Olive Way SEneca 0080 MAin 3464 it l f' X J 49 HUSKY CHRISTIAN FELLOWSHIP HUSKY FLYING CLUB HUSKY SWIM CLUB, 454 HUSKY WINTER SPORTS CLUB, 424 Hutchinson, Harriet E., 284 Hutchinson, Irene C., 248 Hysong, LaRue E., 262 Ibsen, Lenore M., 403, 467 Ichikawa, Noriko, 437 Ifrach, Ike, 438 Ihlenfeldt, Norm, 151 Ikeda, Bob T., 396 Illman, Sally M., 47, 229, 274, 455, 482 Imus, Reid, 317 INDEPENDENT WOMEN'S ASSOCIATION, 380 INDUSTRIAL EDUCATION CLUB, 429 Ing, Lowell C. E., 229 Ing, William, 423 Ingalls, Harry A., 345 Ingalls, Robert L., 229, 353, 457, 464 Ingalls, V. Wayne, 339 Ingebnetson, Abby Ann, 276 Ingels, Nancy L., 274 Ingham, Edward R., 191, 229, 427, 469 Ingham, Nancy R., 84, 281 Ingle, Donna L., 229, 418, 470 Ingman, John F., 229, 349 Ingman, Robert, 387 Ingram, Ventris M., 369 Innis, Kay Inouye, Ryo, 390, 396 INTER-FRATERNITY COUNCIL, 298 INTER-HOUSE COUNCIL, 385 IOTA SIGMA PI, 470 Irish, Gary, 350 Irminger, Jon, 419 Irving, Barbara, A., 282, 461 Irving, Eldon L., 249, 315, 442 Irving, Patricia F., 272, 430 Irwin, Lynne, 434 Isenhath, Marilyn L., 265, 477 Isham, Don, 229, 348 Ishii, Irene, 229, 402, 403 Ishimitsu, Nobuko, 400, 467 Islaub, Kay, 43 Isle, Amy, 282 Israel, Beverly, 229, 296 Isreal, Jane, 294 Itschner, Ann, 286 Iversen, Howard B., 46, 419 Iversen, Phyllis J ., 229 Iverson, Betty A., 229 Iverson, Harry A., 229, 302 Iverson, John E., 348 Iverson, Phyllis, 403 Iverson, Ronald I., 355 Iverson, Sidney C., 229 Ivey, Suzanne M., 282, 462 Iwasaki, Raymond T., 229, 391 393, 438 Jack, Richard D., 154, 304, 454 Jackson, Carole A., 260 Jackson, Dave E., 342 Jackson, Florence M., 405 Jackson, Gary L., 342 Jackson, Grant V., 345 Jackson, Keith D., 367 Jackson, Margaret A., 383, 438 Jackson, Marlene E., 183, 229, 274 Jacobs, Barbara, 50 Jacobs, Gail, 121, 381 Jacobs, Kenneth G., 229 Jacobs, Richard R., 364 Jacobs, Robert, 151 Jacobsen, Connie, 333 Jacobsen, Gorden, 417 Jacobsen, Paul M., 229, 317 Jacobsen, William J ., 321 Jacobsen, William L., 306 Jacobson, Donald M., 393 Jacobson, Janice, 483 Jacobson, JoAnn E., 288 Jacobson, Joyce, 433 Jacobson, Nancy, 433 Jacot, Arthur D., 387, 416 Jacox, Donald M., 350 Jacoy, Ronald H., 331 Jacroux, Paul E., 321 Jaffe, Jerold I., 364 Jaffe, Sandra M., 64 294 James, E., 419 James Lee A., 336 James, Philip, 390 Jamieson, Francis L., 248 Jamieson, Robert F., 229, 415, 481 Janssen, Marli A., 286 Jarvis, Harvey, 205, 206, 475 Jarvis, Michael B., 302 Jarvis, Sidney L., 390 8 Jastad, Donald C., 318 Jefferson, Coach Bill, 202 Jeffries, Barbara E., 268 Jeffries, Donald, 165 Jenkins, Marie, 229 Jenkins, Mariel L., 403, 446, 447, 467 Jenks, Harrison W., 312 Jenner, Marcia C., 262 Jensen, Dale, 419 Jensen, Edmund P., 336 Jensen, Gary A., 321 Jensen, Gene, 193 Jensen, Hans C. H., 387, 443 Jensen, John E., 395 Jensen, Lorraine, 271 Jensen, Mari, 282 Jensen, Pete, 451 Jensen, Richard L., 302, 438 Jensen, Robin, 279 Jensen, Ronald R., 306 Jensen, Roselene, 279 Jensen, S ally D., 282, 377 Jenson, Dell, 112 Jernigan, Noel, 195, 196 Jerome, Reynolds E., 317 Jerue, Larry, 199 Jessett, Frederick E., 229, 438 Jessup, John H., 229, 355 Jewett, Dale L., 196, 229, 345, 469, 475, 483 Jewett, Robert L., 353 Jobs, Storm E., 57, 78, 249, 286, 477 Johannes, Cliff, 368 Johannesen, Allen C., 367, 463 Johanson, Mrs. Geraldine R., 229, 401 Johanson, Larry O., 318 Johns, Ron, 445 Johnson, Alan, 387 Johnson, Anne E., 250, 272, 462 Johnson, Arthur R., 334 Johnson, Bob L., 342 Johnson, Bruce M., 312 Johnson, Carol R., 122, 268 Johnson, Charles I., 336 Johnson, Clarence L., 229, 394 Johnson, Clayton E., 355 Johnson, Corinne M., 248, 249, 458 Johnson, Curt W., 318 Johnson, Deborah M., 77, 293 Johnson, Dennis H., 342 Johnson, Dorene, 282 Johnson, Elinor J., 229, 418, 470 Johnson, Elsie I., 435 Johnson, Forbes R., 342 Johnson, Frank R., 229, 322 Johnson, Fred S., 334 Johnson, Fred W., 124, 159, 339 Johnson, George H., 318 Johnson, George P., 304 Johnson, Glenn L., 229, 360, 423, 468 Johnson, Johnson Gordon W., 118, 311, 480 Henr 369 1 Y, Johnson, Jacqueline L., 383, 462 Johnson, Jeanette L., 383 Johnson, Jerry M., 250, 331, 469, 475 Johnson, Joe, 201 Johnson, John F., 249 Johnson, Judith A., 133, 183, 274 Johnson, Judith L., 284, 460 Johnson, June W., 382 Johnson, Katherine A., 69, 274 Johnson, Ken L., 323, 414 Johnson, Larry, 390 Johnson, Lewis R., 358 Johnson, Lloyd P., 209 Johnson, Lucille D., 45, 270, 460 Johnson, Luster, 122 Johnson, Martie, A., 229, 293, 459 Johnson, Margie H., 384 Johnson, Marshall L., 319 Johnson, Marvin E., 304 Johnson, Mary Lou, 391 Johnson, Mike, 117, 197 Johnson, Morris, 475 Johnson, Nicky, 150 Johnson, Nunnally J., 229, 340 Johnson, Patricia J ., 382 Johnson, Paul, 390 Johnson, Ralph, 120 Johnson, Raymond L., 229, 385, 388 Johnson, Richard G., 248, 394 J ohnson, Johnson, Rita L., 63, 64, 136, 291 Robert, 323 Johnson, Robert M., 429 Johnson, Ruth K., 477 Johnson, Shirlee L., 265 Johnson, Johnson , sue M., 79, 230, 266, 270, 282, 456, 460 Sidney M., 345 Johnson, Terrance L., 304 Johnson, Thomas R., 119, 193, 468 Johnson, Thomas S., 311, 457 Johnson, Victor, 394 Johnson, Walter, 387 Johnson, William A., 115, 360 Johnson, Zarol R., 230, 385, 387 Johnston, Aileen, 391 Johnston, Bob, 483 Johnston, Carol A., 268 Johnston, Carol A., 274 Johnston, Harold D., 230 Johnston, Mike B., 71, 332 Johnston, Peter F., 317 Johnston, Virginia M., 230, 274 Jokinen, Shirley, 274 230, 312, Jones, Arnold, 112, 150 Jones, Barbara A., 381 Jones, David P., 230, 362 Jones, Ivaly, 249, 282, 459, 460 Jones, Jan, 424 Jones, Jim, 71, 106, 107, 196, 369 Jones, John A., 387, 413 Jones, John P., 230, 319 Jones, Kay H., 230, 415, 417, 463, 481 Jones, Lawrence W., 342 Jones, Leona M., 248, 249, 458 Jones, Lleana M., 461 Jones, Lloyd A., 316 Jones, Marcia, 381 Jones, Pat L., 260, 446 Jones, Richard F., 306 Jones, Sandra M., 282 Jones, Shirley, 46 Jones, Susan E., 43, 268, 477 Jones, Ted, 198 Jones, Jerry H., 353 Jordan, Donald H., 358 Jordan, Judy A., 249, 291 Jorgensen, Eleanor M., 289 Jordan, Mike, 350 Jorgensen, Jean K., 230, 265 Joukovsky, Natalie M., 248, 249, 458 Jovick, Sally M., 44, 60, 286, 477, 479 Joy, Tom D., 311 Joyce, William A., 324 Joyner, Joan L., 230, 268 Judkins, Patricia L., 265 Judson, Judy L., 286 Junior Inter-Fraternity Council, 300 Junior Panhellenic, 259 Justice, Earl, 369 k Kaas, Sharon L., 230, 401, 467 Kaasa, Barbara A., 266 Kabel, Bob, 118 Kabush, Mark J., 208 Kachlin, Skip, 198 Kachlein, George F., 230, 331, 420 Kacoroski, Mary M., 121 Kadish, Fanchon, 294 Kadoshima, Donald, 396 Kadoshima, Sally, 437 Kahan, Naomi Y., 248, 249, 458 Kahklen, Joe E., 340 Kaija, Lorraine A., 384 Kajimura, Hiro, 396 Kajimura, Sab, 396 Kal,lander, Larry A., 393 Kamm, John V., 428, 436 Kam mann Kathie J. 39 41 47 214, P v y 1 1 1 230, 286, 458, 465, 474, 479 Kandle, Charles K., 230, 386, 415 Kane, Cheryl E., 381 Kane, Donald B., 248, 252 Kane, Richard E., 364 Kanetta, Keith O., 155, 321 Kanikeberg, Nancy L., 248, 458 Kanz, John W., 249 Kapeikis, Harry G., 390 Kaphamner, Kenneth, 417 Kaplan, Gerald, 346 Kappa Alpha Psi, 369 Kappa Alpha Theta, 282 Kappa Delta, 284 Kappa Phi, 446 Kappa Psi, 471 Kappa Sigma, 322 Kappler, Bill, 333 Karkow, Margaret, 230, 274 Karmin, Kurt W., 230, 298, 343, 475 Karner, Georgia M., 248 Karr, Bob, 304 Karr, Susan D., 269 Karshner, Kibby, 291 Karshner, Theresa M., 46, 276 Kauffman, Mary R., 286 Karvonen, Shirley K., 45, 266 Kastette, Ethyl, 482 Katamoto, Sam, 396 Kato, Charles, 396 Katsora, Mike, 348 Katz, Solomon, 22 Kawaguchi, Ellen Y., 230, 403 Kawakami, Tom, 394 Kay, Richard L., 230, 418, 471 Kaye, James H., 355 Kaynor, Donn, 197 Kearny, Art, 333 Keate, Julienne R., 272 Keatley, Jane E., 384 Keatley, Robert L., 46, 81, 82, 212, 23 459 Keefe, Larry, 65 Keeler, Graham T., 230, 394 Keeler, Margery A., 276 Keenan, Howard D., 306 Keene, Robert E., 320 Kegel, Carol J., 443 Keister, Marjorie E., 230, 432, 443, 45 Keithley, Perry G., 356 Kelleher, Jim J. K., 332 Keller, Jack H., 390 Kellie, Allen L., 387 Kellie, Wesley N., 230, 387 Kellogg, Ann E., 248 Kelly, Brian, 333 Kelly, Donald L., 327, 427, 471 Kelly, Gerald A., 328 Kelly, Marjorie A., 291 0, 6 Kelly, Pat G., 276 Kelly, Patricia A., 272 Kelly, Roger A., 327, 423 Kelly, Roger V., 332, 423 Kelso, Jerrie L., 49, 286, 461 Kemphaus, Dan J., 350 Kendall, John W., 209 Kennedy, Perry A., 364 Kennett, Jack, 327 Kenney, George J ., 249 Kenney, Kathryn, 380, 384 Kenoyer, Willa, 230, 262, 455, 482 Kent, Kent , Kent , Charles A., 345 Jerry R., 230 Kathleen M., 230, 383 Kenyon, James W., 345 Kepler, Donlan, 248, 249, 458 Keppeler, H. K. Bruss, 124, 334 Kerby, Liz, 78 Kerr, Kerr, Kerr, Bud, 113 Dinah, 230, 383 Robert M., 416 Kersey, Billie J., 50, 262 Kershner, Elenore J., 230, 274 Kerslake, Ronald W., 230, 339, 420, 422 Kerzie, David A., 312, 419 Kerzie, Dick, 197 Keski, James, 417 Kessler, Barbara J., 294 Kessner, Linda, 391 Key, Claude S., 393, 473 Keyes, Cyrene, 273 Keyes, Harry, 341 Keyes, Robert A., 388 Keys, Phillip M., 394 Khataian, George, 468 Kidd, Larry G., 321 Kidder, Betty M., 260 Kieburtz, Karin, 435, 477 Kieburtz, Phil A., 427 Kiel, Shirley I., 397 Kienitz, Beverly J., 230, 291 Kifer, Harlan E., 230, 362 Kilborn, Lee, 65 Kilburg, Albert F., 338 Kilburn, Howard L., 249, 319, 480 Kildahl, Carlene E., 230 Kildahl, Karen K., 289, 461 Kilgore, Walt, 451 Killian, James F., 338 Kilian, Philip A., 304 Killian, Toni, 49, 276 Kilpatrick, Michael, 354 Kim, Chung Soon, 250 Kim, Hong Shik, 230, 390 Kimbel, Marvin R., 323 Kimbell, Gordon C., 67, 386, 415 Kincaid, Gary A., 319 King, Charlotte L., 295 King, David B., 343 King, Del, 336 King, Douglas F., 230, 360, 463 King, Esmer S., 248 King, Indle G., 336 King, Judith M., 58, 60, 139, 211, 230, 273, 479, 482 King, Karen L., 276 King, Kathleen E., 269, 462 King, King King, 1 Michael A., 306 Richard A., 230, 302 Sarah M., 78,265 Kinkade, Dale M., 250, 368, 445 Kinner, Ron, 151 Kinney, Cathryn, 381 Kinnune, Janice L., 291 Kinsch, B., 419 Kintz, Coramae, 63, 270 Kinzel, William L., 304 Kipper, Joan, 276 Kippola, Barbara M., 293 Kirby, Elizabeth D., 384 Kirby, John R., 348 Kirk, Judy, 266 Kirk, Paul R., 316 Kirk, Pearl, 266 Kirk, Ruth, 458 Kirsch, Elizabeth B., 282 Kirsch, William, 471 Kiskaddon, Donna C., 470 Kitano, Kesazo, 250, 390 Kizer, Carole, 295 Kjobech, Carl H., 345 Klein, Edgar lEdl S., 302 Klein, E M., 230, 258, 260, 261, 472, 482 Klein, Joyce N., 231, 382 Kleinberg, Larry, 231, 364 Kleiner, Dolph S., 231, 346 Kleinsasser, Allen J ., 390 Klem, Gus, 198 Kleweno, Gilbert H., 230, 324 Klieros, Pipino, 67 Klinefelter, Ann, 278 Klingbeil, Karil, 290 Klingbeil, Richard C., 231, 419, 463 Klingler, Daniel W., 231, 329, 443, 457 Klinger, Joan, 294 Klingman, Ronald R., 362 Klock, Barbara A., 270 Knack, Roy F., 338 Knapp, Bob 348 Knatz, M., 60, 122, 231, 249, 295, 433, 468 Knestis, James F., 302 Knestis, William E., 231, 302 Knight, Charles A., 315 Knight, Robert T., 343 Knisely, Margaret E., 435 Knoles, Adrienne K., 231, 293 We had fun helping to put this book together. That's what we like about the printing business . . . Working with pleasant, intelligent, talented people . . . striving with ideas and ink and paper . . . tending the modern streamlined monsters that equip our printing plant to crystalize all previous thought and effort on paper in a Way that Will make you say- "Exceptional!" "WELL DONE" "--I like it" "Good color" "It sparkles" - and We hope you do say it, spontaneously. The Craftsman Press is our name, Craftsmanship is our by-word. Make Craftsman your buy-word and you, too, will enjoy the printing business. NOTA BENE For the first time the Tyee was not printed, but Production by lithography on our giant, multi-color litho presses meant 1. no cuts to buy 2. photographs that sparkle 3. high-speed production Consider Craftsman's "Sparkling lithography" for your next annual. lithographed Lidston Knowle, Roger, 300 Knowles, William D., 231 Knudsen, Karen L., 445 Knudson, Clifford G., 340 Knudson, Jane L., 281 Knudson, Kenneth E., 231 Knutson, Elsiemae, 405 Knutson, John A., 231, 429 Ko, Janie, 381 Kobbovik, Olga, 384 Kobel, Mel, 195 Koboski, Karl K., 360 Koemer, Laura Mae, 249 Koetje, Edward L., 248 Kohagen Richard S., 336 Kohatsu, Takeshi, 231, 388, 419 Kolb, Leroy E., 388 Komatsubara, Rose S., 437 Kongkatong, Prayoon, 231, 438, 476 Koning, Adolf P., 231, 464, 481 Kono, Sumi, 437 Konopaski, Darrell D., 360 Konopaski, Ron, 457 Koogle, Betsey, 291 Kooistra, Paul W., 336 Koon, Charlie, 198, 199, 475 Kopf, Janet E., 260, 440 Koph, Peggy Lou, 467 Koplitz, Marilyn, 381 Koppe, Gretchen A., 285, 440 Korell, Phil W., 345 Kosobud, Dorothy A., 248, 458 Kouchi, Bill M., 231 Koura, Kenso, 231 Kouyoumjian, Aida M., 210, 231, 479 Kovitaya, Manas M., 395 Koyasako, Jimmy S., 231, 388 Kovoski, Jim, 415 Kozal, Victor, 394 Kracht, Edward B., 393 Kraemer, Janette, 79, 461 Kraft, Marilyn, 296 Kraig, Ken C., 324 Kramer, Karl, 366 Kramer, Patricia J., 275, 462 Krause, Laurence O., 364 Kravitz, Connie A., 381 Kreek, Peter, 392 Kreitzberg, Carl W., 120, 306, 428 Kreitzberg, Richard A., 136, 231, 306, 481 Krell, Jerome L., 324 Krenge, Walt, 199 Krider, Virginia L., 435 Kring, Ruby Hubert, Jr., 249 Kringle, Richard P., 358, 443 Kristrom, Lois M., 382 Kroesen, Paul B., 120 Krogh, Joegil, 163 Kronick, Karrol, 433 Kronick, Oscar K., 345 Kronquist, Ernest, 390 Kruce, Arlene, 438 Krull, Robert, 395 Kruse, Karen A., 80, 231, 285, 455, 482 Kruse, Wayne, 348 Kubota, Doris M., 437, 472 Kubota, Ernest, 396 Kueckelhan, Lee O., 319 Kuehn, George F., 231 Kuehl, Marilyn J., 274 Kuehn, George Frederick, 249 Kugel, Steve C., 308 Kuhns, Louetta M., 251, 382 Kukn, Blaine, 436 Kulander, Bruce G., 300, 367 Kulesza, Eugene M., 388, 414 Kulseth, Connie D., 70, 260, 477 Kumasaka, Ronald, 396 Kunde, Bette J., 67, 281 Kuniyuki, Yukio A., 210, 230, 463 Kuriger, Vivian, 482 Kuronen, Michael J., 231, 388 Kurose, Paul, 396 Kurtz, James H., 386, 415, 443 Kutz, Paul, 423 Kuwada, Nancy N., 231 Kuybus, George W., 319 Kvande, Sharon E., 231, 270 Kyle, Richard L., 231, 416 Kyle, William, 471 Labberton, Linda J ., 382 Labonge, Carl, 195, 196 LaBounty, Clifford, 395 La Brache, Stephanie L., 260 Lacey, Leigh, 120, 348 Lacher, Walter R., 306 Lackman, "Bohn, 231, 364, 465 LaCoss, William D., 248 Lacy, Nicholas A., 90, 350 Ladar, Gerald, 164 Laffaw, Larry A., 231, 420, 463 Lafferty, M. Sharon, 48, 269 LaFollette, Larry D., 47, 50, 231, 324 LaFollette, Lee H., 43, 44, 211, 319, 475 LaFrieniere Oliver, 249, 390 Lagerquist, Karen J., 49, 231, 262 Lagerquist, Michal R., 67, 432 Laing, Michael W., 315 Laing, Shirley A., 43, 231, 295 Lajala, Ed, 113, 333 LaLone, Jill R. M., 282 500 Lamb, L.R., 191, 231, 345, 415, 419, 427 LAMBDA CHI ALPHA, 324 LAMBDA KAPPA SIGMA, 470 LAMBDA RHO, 472 Lambert, Patricia L., 383 Lambright, Robert, 468 Lamont, Ann, 259, 285 Lamping, John R., 319 Lamson, Joan, 272 Lamson, Margaret, 381 Landeen, Judith A., 273 Landis, Gail C., 269 Landis, Joan F., 285 Landon, C.E., 47, 49, 249, 275, 459, 477 Landon, Jerrold E., 360 Landon, Marilyn L., 54, 231, 474, 479 Lane, Joan B., 381, 434 Lane, Robert M., 84, 231 Lane, William, 46 Lanfear, Frances M., 231, 432 Lanfear, William R., 232, 430 Lang, John M., 430 Langenegger, Bruce F., 345 Langer, Jerry, 195 Langlie, Arthur B., 14 Langlie, Carrie E., 281 Langlie, J. Winfield, 200, 201, 232, 334 Langlois, H.L., 419 Langton, Kenneth P., 232, 319, 413 Lanigan, Anne B., 232, 403, 447 Langwill, William G., 248 Lannoye, Lee D., 345 Lapins, Uldis E., 248, 249, 458 Lappenbusch, Charles F., Jr., 332 Larkin, Patricia L., 293 LaRocque, Mary J., 232 Lent, Harold D., 314 Lentes, Dorothy, 384 Lentz, Jerry, 160 Lentz, Martha A., 47, 262 Leon, Richard H., 54, 73, 232, 304 Leonard, Betty Jane, 232, 260 Leonard, David L., 232, 388, 414, 448 Leonard, Judy, 284 Leonard, Noydena M., 269 Leonard, Theodore H., 232, 388 Lepsoe, LeRoy , Finn B., 350 Zoaunne M., 163, 232, 355 Lesch, Jerry I., 364 Lesley, Larry W., 358 Levar, Joann E., 275 Leveton, Sandra, 294 Levin, Elizabeth J., 273 Levine, Dave, 441 Levinson, Allan M., 364 Levinson, Samuel H., 232 Lew, Doris H., 434 LeWame, Jack W., 387 Lewis, Corky, 66, 73, 113, 350, 469 Lewis, Cutler, 423 Lewis, Don T., 45, 232, 363 Lewis, Jack R., 363 Lewis, John C., 160, 332 Lewis, Julie A., 273 Lewis, Karsten, 465 Lewis, Myron E., 232 Lewis, Peter "Pete" C., 367 Lewis, Richard B., 62, 66, 323 Lewis, Thomas Haig, 323, 473 Lichty, Lloyd R., 209 Liden, Marilyn R., 434 e, Judith K., 232, 282 Larrick, Alvin P., 387, 414, 417 Larrick, Ronald, 394 Larsen, Carol M., 289, 461 Larsen Larson , Henro, 420 , Daniel C., 390 Larson, David L., 345, 466 Larson, David M., 232, 468 Larson, Donald C., 232, 249, 417, 458, 481 Larson, Doreen, 391 Larson, Hank, 422 Larson Herb, 449 Larson I Janice, 380 Larson, Margaret Anne, 232, 270, 455 Larson, Paul E., 412 Larsen, Robert D., 232, 429 Larson, Robert E., 367 Larson, Vemon O., 209, 475 Larson Willard A. E. 248 Lasley,, Bill, 321, 413 ' Latour Latour Latta, ell, Dean, 232, 355 ell, Jolm A., 363 Dave, 348 Lauckhart, Jeannie M., 265 Laudan, Phyllis B., 248 458 Laue, Sally J., 232, 258, 270, 271 Laughland, John C., 197, 348 Laughlin, Gary W., 368, 386, 423 Laurent, Sue A., 262 Laurent, Tom C., 315 Laurvell, Gretchen, 46 Lavenson, George S., Jr., 248 Lavi, Rahim Ray, 346, 416 LaVillette, John R., 338, 419 Law, Vincent R., 390 Lawrence, Grant L., 363 Laws, Richard, 251, 353 Lawson, Carole D., 382 Lawson, Faith, 90, 381 Lawson, William A., 119, 155, 304 Lawton, Elizabeth A., 380, 384 Lawwill, Gretchen, 276 Laxdol , Solin, 164, 384 Lay, Richard, 82, 457 Lieberman, Irving, 29 Liecester, Morton, 334 Lihou, Sharon R., 104, 286, 460 Liikane, Mart, 157, 158 Lillibridge, Clint B., 356, 428 Lilygren, Mary K., 482 Lim, Danny, 200, 201 Lirnbeck, George A., 209 Lince, William D., 321 Lindal, John R., 334 Lindberg, Ruby, 433 Lindblom, Betty E., 295, 460 Lindell, Rocky, 317, 475, 483 Lindell, William F., 118, 159, 232, 331 Lindeman, Betsy E., 277, 462 Linden, Gary F., 200, 201, 311, 469 Linden, Glenn, 450 Lindig, David P., 348 Lindgren, Arthur, 355 Lindman, Arthur L., 232, 350 Lindman, Loyal L., 282 Lindquist, Reese, 110 Lindquist, Robert, 164 Lindquist, Sandra S., 55, 293, 460, 477 Lindsey, Mary E., 277 Lindsay, William A., 311 Lines, Joan I., 270 Link, Diane, 287 Link, Linda E., 49, 71, 104, 176, 282, 460 Linstrom, Carol J., 249, 382, 459 Lippert George W., 232, 386 Lippold, Arlene R., 279, 482 Liptah, Connie, 348 Lister, John H., 350 Lister, Marian A., 232, 401, 467 Little, William C., 367 Livengood, Mark D., 232 Lloyd, Calvin C., 232, 358 Lloyd, Glen A., 232, 395 Lloyd, Nettie L., 77, 383 Loan, Robert C., 360 Lobberegt, DeA.nne M., 381 Locke, Arla M., 49, 50, 212, 232, 285, 479 Laycock, Larry G., 386, 463, 468 Leach, Gracie J., 265 Leach, Jim, 442 Leadbetter, Bob, 195 Leaf, Joe E., 387 Leamon, Donald C., 395 Leander, S.A., 49, 60, 62, 73, 282, 477, 479 Learned, Allan, 390 LEARY HALL, 383 Leavitt, Sherwood, 391 Leber, Donn V., 353 Leber, Jack C., 318 Leckie, Cherry M., 46, 381 Le Cocq, Andrew D., 329, 417, 443 Lockett, Jam W., 198, 331 Lockhard, Donald A., 306 Lockwood, Barbara J., Lockwood, Bette Jo., 176, 177, 291, 462 Lockwood, Donald A., 232, 311, 468 Loe, Mary E., 232, 282, 456 Loendorf, Boyd L., 386 Lofstrom, David J., 308 Loftus, Tom, 47 Logan, Daniel, 83, 353, 465 Logan, Gene E., 232, 324 Logan, Joan, 163, 164 Logue, Kathryn, 275 Lokken, D.E., 232, 435, 440, 443, 456, 479 Le Cocq, Barbara, 281 Lederman, Donald, N., 346 Lederman, Sandy, 108, 110, 112, 214 Lee, E.K., 232, 381, 441 Lee, Gloria H., 44, 77, 270 Lee, Lois L., 381 Lee, William Y., 232 Leeds, Marilyn A., 289, 443 Leffler, John A., 323 Leibel, Jim R., 195, 232, 311 Leicester, Morton M., 334 Leiser, Craig F., 323 Leiss, Donna J., 168, 265, 461 Leithe, Charles C., 44, 350 Leivestad, Kay, 293 Leland , David D., 332 Lemaster, Richard, 390 LeMay, Michelle M., 384 Lemoine, Philip M., 390, 419 Leniha n, Shaun, 273 Lennox, Diana C., 286 Lennox, Stew, 333 Lent, Donnay Gay, 291 Lent, Doug, 315 Lollis, Linda A., 285 Lomax, Alan K., 124, 232, 363, 418, 429 Lombard, Ben W., 130, 345 London, Carol F., 294 Lonergan, James F., 308 Long, Derald G., 65, 312 Long, Goldie, 282 Longdon, Marilyn, 55 Longpre, Barbara D., 232, 401 Longstreth, Carmen M., 57, 273, 443 Lonn, Gerald J., 364 Lonon, Elizabeth E., 248 Lontz, Larry R., 155, 363 Look, Donna M., 381 Loomis, Elizabeth M., 262 Loomis, Robert, 387 Lopp, Ron, 88 Lord, Frank C., Jr., 300, 304 Loree, Lucille, 397, 447 Lorentzen, Joane M., 401, 445 Losey, Ronald E., Loftsfeldt, Fredrik I., 348 Lotz, Donna M., 249, 459 Lotzkar, Martin. 365 Loucks, Allan D., 306 Loucks, Roger B., 22 Loudon, A. Lynn, 282 Louis, Lyman O., 232, 315, 463, 466, 473 Love, Edwin A., 232, 324, 420, 476 Love, Marilyn L., 121, 381, 431 Lovegren, Vaughan D., 64, 273 Lovejoy, Frederick B., 356 Lovejoy, Judy L., 260 Lovering, Mike, 46, 308 Lovering, Howard, 394 Low, J.M., 58, 60, 181, 182, 277, 477, 479 Lowdermilk, Melvin Lee, 249 Lowe, Bradley, 390 Lowe, Milton R., Jr., 304 Lowell. Duane, 115 Lowell, Phyllis, 381 Lowery, Patrick A., 233, 416 Lowman, Charles P., 233, 298, 413 Lowman, Jean, 281 Lowman, Pat, 334 Lowry, Don P., 345 Lowry, James H., 338 Lucas, Joyce L., 381 Lucci, Frank, 195, 196, 117 Luckev, Jackie, 289 Luckey, Mike, 91 Lucurell, Robert J ., 345 Ludington, Betty, 281, 461 Luehrs, James G., 360 Luehrs, Suzanne A., 260 Luik, Rein, 391, 393 Luke, Ruby, 435, 440, 459, 472, 479 Lukin, Jack R., 233, 416, 457 Lum, William P.C., 233, 390, 438 Lumley, Don D., 233, 343 Lund, Allan G., 452 Lund, Eleanore R., 49, 270, 432 Lund, Ron, 195, 196 Lund, Susie M., 270 Lund, Sylvia J., 384, 441 Lundberg, Joanne, 290 Lundberg, Melvin E., 233, 298, 368, 415 Lundberg, Ted R., 233, 324 Lunde, Beth, 269 Lundell, Sally A., 273, 372, 431, 433 Lunder, Alvin C., 355 Lunder, Edith, 384 Lundgren, Richard E., 334 Lundin, A.M. "Mac',, 19 Lundstad, Anna L., 391 Lundstrom, Marie B., 265 Lunger, Marilyn R., 384, 472 Luschei, Phyllis, 249, 467 Lusher, Douglas R., 193, 345, 427 Lutey, Glen, 21 Luth, Sylvia, 443 LUTHER CLUB, 445 Luttemian, Byron E., 306, 419 Luttinen, Carlyle H., 233, 323, 420 Luttinen, Sidney R., 233, 323, 457 Luvera, Anita, 458 Luxton, Anita L., 383 Lybarger, Ray, 350 Lydgate, Mort, 326 Lyon, Mary Connie, 164 Lyons, William, 390 Lynch, Bonnie Jo, 383 Lynch, Margaret A., 295 Lynch, Pam E., 285 Lynch, Sue, 286 Lynch, Sylvia, 443 Lynch, Vincent, 369 McAllister, Betty T., 403 McAllister, Gordon, 458, 483 McAllister, Lynn T., 275, 462 McAllister, Richard, 304 Mr-Anulty, John F., 331 McArthur, Jon B., 115, 360 McArthur, Norinc M., 233. 263, 418, 470 McArthur, Shirley J., 269 McBeath, Virgnia L., 293, 460 Mr-Bride, Delbert J., 248, 249, 458 McBride, Harold D., 233, 350, 418, 471 McBride, Jane, 291 McBride, Tom, 348 McCain, Melvin, 310 McCalman, Lucy L., 277 McCammant, Leon K., 343 McCandles, Don, 52, 251, 336 McCann, Terry, 394 McCa1'ter, Jim. 108, 117, 160, 436 McCarthy, John, 84 McCartney, Nancy L., 233, 464 McCartney, Robert, 423 McCaughey, William I., 304 McClane, Janet, 434 McClary, David H., 159, 205, 233 McClaskey, Jerry D., 360 Mrcleary, Richard lVI , 308 McCleod, Rayetta, 435 McClure, Doyle, 419 Mc-Cluskey, Mike W., 115, 350 McCollom, Dorothy J. McConnell, Donna Kay, 381 McCorkle, JoAnn, 384 McCormack, J. E., 67, 139, 233, 291, 479 McCormack, Mabel, 53 McCormick, Barbara E., 397, 446 Mc-Cormick. Claudia. 384 McCormick, Jerry, 348 I l I UNIMEU W 4 ETYPEWRIIWU esfsciwwd BOYS' 81 MWS 524424444 pw- so 'I sl-lov Www Y Rghqyfigxf, my YOVASO 4536 Univ. Way a"fCfS'a4?141e1?f, 4 ,Y Q. CPN I fn" me 14 I I2 1 I NQQSITYSZIOI I Q ISI X, Veql. 4339 Unlversiiy Wav 6651 fy way XIII Qi In 4161,o,e 6 Kgxmm OLD ' Ivy 865 gg! MW unffnmf 4 NW .,w'ZlI1-13' IW League Styled C"""'s g:f,.::w5ff:.:::.'zz O wwe X 0 'Aw SINCE,1906 NAL SSW? 6 mverslty Way Nexf to Neptune Theafer E4 4 E fvefeoe Q , 4 I . , x f -iv-l!l!S""!'S ea1zsmsaa:.1::e1m r R om 1 H E rn I E N D LY A I 'MEL I UNIVERSITY WQNENS .MLK ' PIANO - ORGANS 4224 UNIV. WAY - ME. 2852 QLIPS 'I DISTRICT and the business people who cater to your every wish ggpafgxgbk gxxi 6, 10 x06 QQXQLQQO-?9bt,5xSsKx 1 j S909 KSC: 60241524419 H BEAUTY SALON SP'qoYw1ffQr1 'IR' ' 5"""' 4732 UNIV. 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Karla J., 273 Mc'Cutcheon, Bill, 98 McDaniel, Arlene J., 233 McDaniel, Bob, 348 McDaniel, Janet A., 431 Mclliarmid, John B., 21 Mclliarmid, John, 458 McDonagh, Patricia Anne, 248, 249, 458 McDonald, Bruce R., 324 McDonald, Chris U., 311 McDonald, David, 163 McDonald, Dee, 80, 286 McDonald, Irene E., 46, 266, 456, 477 Mc-Donald, Jackie Lee, 133, 269 McDonald, John K., 249 McDonald, Micki, 55 McDonald, Robert W., 311 McDonald, Sandra B., 249 McDowell, Michael T., 325 McEachem, Elizabeth, 233, 282 Mc1Elravy, Bob, 324 McFarland, Barbara J., 281 McFarland, Jody, 273 MuGaffey, Charles W., 349, 454 McGalliard, Sue A., 79, 265 Mc-Gatlin, James R., 233, 304 McGatlin, Sharon K., 48, 134, 259, 269 McGee, Al, 85 McGee, Boyd J., 233, 302 M1-Gee, Charles T., 312, 465 McGee. Sally J., 277, 406 McGhee, Ken B., 82, 360, 465 McGinley, John A., 429 M1'Glenn, Helen, 384 McGlenn, Kay, 467 MuGoldrick, Jimmie R., 343 McGonigle, Pat, 160 McGowan, Maureen A., 122, 270, 462 McGowan, William E., 331 McGrath, James J., 233, 420 Mt-Grath, Joseph G., 363, 473 McGrath, Pat, 91 McGraw, Nancy E., 275 McGuire, Gordon E., 233 McGuire, Marla C., Mrs., 233 McGuire, Sheldon H., 321 Mclntyre, David L., 306 Mclntyre, Janice K., 286 Mclntyre, Marcia L., 233, 286 Mclrvin, Ronald D., 394 Mclvor, lvor K., 249 Mcilunkin, Elizabeth I., 405 Mc-Kasson, Dorothy J., 435 McKay, Harrison, 457 McKay, Helen I., 266 McKay, Kenneth A., 358 McKay, Richard M., 321 McKEE HALL, 384 McKee, Margaret M., 213, 233, 275, 460 McKeever, Jarie, 233, 285 McKenney, Douglas, 233, 415 McKenny, Van S., 323 McKennon, William F., 349 M1-Kenzie, Jack, 348 McKeown, Frank J., 350, 427 McKeown, Mickey, 61, 62 McKernan, Carole J., 291 Mr'Kernan, Daniel, 394 McKie, John D., 427 McKimmey, Jean, 266, 443 McKimson, Dick, 196 McKinley, Bill R., 61, 66, 193, 333 McKinney, Gary F., 323 McKinney, Larry D., 431 McKinney, Michael C., 233, 336 McKinnon, Michael W., 109, 233, 311, 413, 416, 457, 469 McKinstry, Carol A., 62, 277 McKulla, George W., 334 McLachlan, Kent, 202 McLachlan, Sandra L., 275 McLain, Dick, 205 McLaren, Kay M., 55, 281 McLaughlin, Kathy S., 464 McLaughlin, Ley, 122 Mcliaughlin, Michael J., 334 Mc-Laughlin, Shirley A., 341, 433 M1-Lean, Frances G., 383, 462 McLean, James F., 350 McLean, Judith L., 233, 258, 281, 479 McLean, Richard T., 233, 312, 468 Mcliees, James R., 353 Mclieish, Marilyn A., 397, 446 Mulieod, Alan D., 386 McLeod, Donald, 387 McLeod, Rayetta F. McLeod, Ronald M., 233 McMahan, Duane C., 233, 313, 415, 417 McMahan, Jean E., 438 McMahan, Kerry, 45. 77, 337 McMahon, Eugene B., 234 McMahon, Robert C., 155, 345 McManis, Chet C., 234, 360, 361 02 McMillan, Corey J., 153, 337 McMillan, John A., 343 McMillan, Joseph, 454 McMillan, Richard J., Jr., 234, 416 McMinn, B. T.. 27 McMullen, Mary A., 295 McNamee, R. S., 114, 234, 304, 457, 475 McNichols, Sara L., 234, 291, 479 McOmie, Carol E., 269 McPhee, Janice L., 282 McPherron, Robert L., 368, 386, 423 McRae, Grace G., 405 McReynolds, Neil L., 81, 83. 234, 363, 457 McRory, Ed C.. 350 MuVay, Jane P., 282 McVicar, Forrest B.. 334 Maass, Clio A., 318 MacDonald, Julian, 91 MacDonald, Roger F., 193 MacDougall, Anne 286, 462 Mace, Nancy, 186 MacGREGOR HOUSE, 394 Machin, Dean T., 340 Mack, Mary, 432 Mackay, John, 423 MacKenzie, Don J ., 345 MacKenzie, Fem, 482 Mackey, Janice, 384 Mackey, Kenneth J ., 327 Mackie, Vernon E., 315 MacLeod, Gary, 457 MacLeod, Sheila M., 49 MacLean, James B., 304 MacLean, Janet, 383 Macleod, Sheila, 277 MacLearnsberry, Chuck, 391 MacLeamsberry, Mathew, 394 MacNair, Malcolm D., 324 MacPhee, Marty H., 283 MacRae, Sarah A., 62, 262 Maddess, Lorraine J., 234, 382 Mader, Beverly, 45, 384 Madison, Ronald B., 160, 251, 350 Madonna, Ann M., 279 Madsen, Emma M., 86, 234, 262, 482 Madsen, Jean L., 249, 282 MacKawa, Bill K., 396 Maekawa, Donald Y., 234, 396 Magata, Thomas T., 234 Magee, Milton M., 308 Maggioros, Joan A., 234, 265 Magnuson, Ann J., 275 Magnuson, Craig D., 306 Magnusson, Donald R., 343 Mahan, William E., 334 Mahoney, Phil, 49 Mahnken, Carl C., 197, 332 Mahnken, Conrad V. W., 333 Mahoney, Phillip, 395 Maizels, Nettie G., 249, 459 Maiziels, Robert, 189, 459 Majors, Donald, 390 Major, Fouad, 390 Makino, Morman, 394 Malakoff, Burton, 436 Malakoff, Paul I., 65, 66, 365, 412 MALAMUTES, 473 Maleng, Henry M., 388 Malm, Clifford E., 234, 390 Malmgren, Phyllis J., 382 Malstrom, Don C., 367, 427 Malyneux, Judi, 67 MANAGEMENT CLUB, 430 MANAGERIAL COUNCIL, 429 Manam, John, 49 Mancou, Sten, 165, 455 Mandas, Georgia A., 132, 133, 176, 281 Mandery, Duane, 471 Mandiola, Sergio, 387 Mandrey, Duane, 199 Manley, John H., 20 Manley, Lee L., 78, 270 Manlowe, Robert L., 203, 331, 469 Mann, Jon M., 333 Mann, Spencer I., 234, 427 Mannhalt, Guenter, 346 Manning, Helen L., 249 Manning, Louise, 208 Manning, Pat A., 281 Manning, Patricia L., 260 Mapes, Gary D., 337 Mar, Brian W., 248, 458 Marcelja, Greta F., 234, 403 Marckworth, Gordon D., 24 Marek, Robert W., 321 Marenakos, James B., 234, 430 Marik, Raymond L., 339, 412, 480 Marion, Lorna A., 261, 431 Marion, Vicci A., 270 Marian, Virginia, 287 Marito, Jack M., 251 Mark, Julian, 234, 471 MARKETING CLUB, 430 Markowicz, Harry, 346 Marks, William P., 67, 313 Marlowe, Portia D., 270 Marquis, Leland G., 234 Marris, Robert E., 334 Marsh, Sylvia, 449 Marshall, Deborah L., 234, 281 Marshall, Howard, 443 Marshall, Jack, 349 Marshall, Margaret A., 234, 477 Martin, Arthur W., 21 Martin, Carol D., 212, 234, 262, 284, 382, 478 Martin, Donald, 356 Martin, Elaine R., 50, 54, 249, 285 Martin, Florence E., 234, 403 Martin, Frederick R., 306 Martin, Jack, 349 Martin, James G., 248, 458 Martin, Jean, 284 Martin, Jennell M., 273 Martin, Jo Ann, 281 Martin, John K., 44, 234, 316 Martin, Judith L., 281 Martin, Mona L., 83, 434 Martin, Morris C., 234, 394 Martin, Raoul, 306 Martin, Robert J., 321 Martin, Robert L., 248 Martin, Temple D., 285 Martin, William B., 118, 300, 311 Martinsen, Roger W., 343 Marvin, William C., 341 Marx, Bill, 204, 205 Maslan, Judy, 63, 64, 296 Masline, Diane B., 384 Masoero, Art, 333 Mason, Ben, 195, 196 Mason, John T., 251 Massey, Roy S., 234, 360, 415, 420 Massie, Ann, 293 Masters, John A., 78, 263 Mastick, Berdene, 381 Mataczynski, Tim P., 389 Mates, Mary, 482 Mathers, James R., 308 Matheson, George W., 343, 480 Matheson, Lynn, 49, 286 Mathews, Frances, 482 Mathews, James, 362 Mathews, Jerry, 363, 423 Mathews, Lorin, 463 Matthews, Robert, 436 Mathews, William G., 65, 306 Mathewson, Diana M., 263 Mathewson, Judy, 45 Mathis, Desmond R., 306 Mathis, Salli L., 289 Matson, Boyd I. Matson, Lorna, 381 Matson, Michael P., 349 Matsudaira, Michael Y., 248 Matsumoto, Thomas, 423 Matsumoto, Satora, 386, 437 Matsusaka, Jo Anne Matteson, Michael J., 44, 473 Matthews, Jerry R., 308 Matthews, Jerry T., 362 Matthews, Marilyn, 45, 265 Mathews, William G., 249 Matteson, Michael, 315, 414 Matthias, James A., 445 Matthiesen, Ann M., 283 Mattson, Marcy L., 434 Matzdorf, Kim I., 333 Matzkind, Marian F., 85, 234, 296, 455 Maugg, Richard A., 234 Mauzey, Martha L., 248 Maxson, Helen L., 295 Maxson, Ronald, 423 Maxum, Bemard H. J ., 248 Maxwell, Bill H., 387 May, Stan D., 337 Mayberry Donald, 369 MAY DAY, 182 Mayo, Joey, 364 Mayes, William, 118 Mayer, John R., 365 Mayes, Sandy J., 89, 263 Mayo, Joey, 365 Mead, Herb T., 234, 360, 413, 475 Meagher, Donna M., 234, 269, 455, 479 Meats, Frances, 482 Medica, James, 304 Medica, Marilyn J., 401, 467 Mefford, Charles D., 394 Mehan, John M., 334 Mehl, Martha J., 249, 384, 459 Mehl, Roger L., 234, 318 Mehl, Thomas D., 388 Mehiw, Robert A., 304 Melang, Dean, 164 Melander, Dennis G., 234, 303 Melin, Joan A., 234, 263 Melin, Joel R., 315, 419 Meline, Roger K., 308 Melseth, Marvin J., 234 Melton, Carol A. Menard, Virginia L., 435 Menasveta, Deb, 251, 389, 438, 476 Mendel, John R., 388 Menefee, Beverley M., 276 Menge, Barbara E., 273 MEN'S PHYSICAL EDUCATION CLUB, 431 Mentor, Joan L., 79, 270 Mentor, Joseph P., 234, 339 Mentor, Louis O., 159, 339, 473 Mercer, Don, 389 Mercer, Roger B., 341 Merchant, Howard C., 234, 249, 386, 458, 464, 481 Meredith, John E., 46, 249, 306, 436 Merlino, Ed, 65, 66, 333 Merlino, Lawrence U., 234, 431 Merport, Kenneth F., 234, 365 Merrill, Charles A., 353 Merrill, Patricia A., 402, 446, 447, 460 Merritt, Donna J., 234, 288, 401 Merritt, Richard O., 358 Merritt, Robert B., 338 Merry, John, 82, 459 Mertel, C., 59, 73, 200, 201, 350, 400, 480 Mesher, Edward D., 365 Mesher, Ronald K., 234, 365 Metcalf, Donald, 234, 249, 388, 421, 458 Metcalf, James M., 193 Metter , Raymond E., 248, 249, 458 Mettert, Catherine A., 384 Mettert, Paul M., 389 Mettler, Ul.rick H., 234, 445 Metz, Peter R., 235, 249, 458, 464, 481 Meulib William, 324 Meyer, Charles E., Jr., 334 Meyer, John D., 337 Meyer, Kathleen Meyer, Marilyn, 384 Meyer, Melvin, 395 Meyer, Paul R., 193, 316, 427 Meyer, Dick, 445 Meyer, Roger A., 337 Meyers, Jo Anne, 258, 293, 477, 479 Meyers, Kathleen T., 381 Mezistrano, Joseph S., 465 Miceli, Loraine A., 405, 446 Michaelson, Charles E., 160, 318 Michaelson, Sharon D., 434 Michel, Daniel A., 311 Michel, James H., 118, 311 Michelun, Gay, 384 Mickelson, Lynn, 443 Mickelson, Nola J., 55 Michelson, Pat E., 283 Michener, Charles F., 313 Mickey, Sharon L., 235, 261, 249, 440, 479 Middaugh, Terry E., 395 Middle Mifflin Mighel ton, Bernt K., Jr., 321 , Mary, 260 1, James L., 303 Miksch, Don, 150 Milan, William D., 46, 345 Milbur n, Dave N., 423 Miles, Janet D., 458 Milgard, Gary E., 331 Milholland, Gail E., 235, 285 Millard, Kenneth R., 235, 395 Millard, Sherry L., 397, 446, 447 Miller, Dale E., 387 Miller, Charles J., 25 Miller, Charles, 420 Miller, Miller, Miller David M., 355 Diane E., 44, 50, 63, 293 Fred R. 321 Miller, Gary E., 117, 160, 323 Miller, Gerald M., 235 Miller, Gordon J., 416, 420, 422 Miller, Jack I., 311, 451 Miller, John K., 355 Miller, Kenneth E., 46, 235, 303, 457 Miller Laurie 196 Miller: Larry, ,91 Miller, Marian R., 269, 431 Miller, M. A., 121, 122, 235, 289, 381, 456 AEhu Miller, Miller, Miller, Miller, Miller, Miller, Miller, Miller, Miller, Miller, Miller, Miller, ck,2arilyn Mary Jean, 235, 403 Michael, 387 Pat M., 286 Pete, 480 Rex H., 325, 473 Richard I., 311 Richard O., 235, 341, 466 Robert A., 394 Robert W., 235 Rod, 235, 333 Ronald G., 334 Sally Jo, 277 Miller, Susan A., 263 Miller, Miller, Miller, Walter P., 197, 304 Warren S., 248 Winlock W., 15 Millett, Tom O., 197, 337 Millich Milliga , Donald J., 115, 150, 151, 360 n, Timothy H., 304 Mills, Barbara J., 235, 285, 431 Mills, David R., 248, 249 Mills, Fred M., 65, 313, 431 Mills, Henry, 348 Mimier, Keith E., 321 Minahan, Michael I., 325 Minard, Paul M., 388, 429 Minder, Marlyn K., 130, 291 Miner, Sandra J., 391 Minert, Jack W., 235, 341 Minice, Richard L., 333 MINOR SPORTS, 117 Minter , James, 369 Misaka, Theodore A., 393, 449 Misch, Hanna, 235 Mitchell, Alan A., 360 Mitchell, David A., 350 Mitchell, Don, 443 Mitchell, Elvis E., 345 Mitche ll, Gordon S., 235, 360 Mitsvmori, Ida Jane H., 434, 437 Mitsuo ka, Rae, 482 Miyagi, James T., 235 Miyata, Tamio, 471 Miyauchi, Takiko, 249 Mjelde, Joan K., 275 Mjelde, Ronald G., 429 Mjoen, John M., 331 Mobbs, Beverly J ., 235, 384 Moberg, Myra L., 293 Moe, Allan, 387 Serving The New COMMONS ,Se . Opening Fall of 1956 "For Prompt Serz'ice"' CIGARS, CIGARETTES, and CANDY G L A S E R B R O S . 3031 Western Ave. SE. 8220 AMERlCA'S FINEST DRESSEL-COLLINS FISH co. l6nq5gP2.:- 241 2- ff 2f ff2' ' -f f " OO': " Pier 67 MAin 3181 "ALWAYS FRESH AT YOUR GROCERS" Crescent Coffee Famous Crescent is the Word for Flavor! throughout the WEST CRESCENT MANUFACTURING CO. Seattle ARDEN FARMS CO. ELiot 1585 GOOD MEATS mean GOOD MEALS Wholesale Poultry, Frozen Foods, Top Quality Meats "Portion-Cutv for Good Eating Eggs, and Cheese ls a Big Reason Why Campus Meals Are Always Popular. PERRY BROTHERS SERV-U-MEAT CO, Seattle Tacoma 62 MADISON STREET MU. 5400 MAin 7100 MArket 3142 Serving The Hub F . Compliments to the HUB or a Special Coffee Treat from your DAVIES COFFEE co. CARNATION COMPANY I I I5 P I M I Fresh Milk and Ice Cream Division OS Am 4675 400 s+h Ave. Nor+I-1 e-Affield 0434 Moe. Mary, 282 Moehring, Donald F., 2315, 41111 Moeller, James H.. 5111, 124. 211. 2515. Moen. Margery L.. 2115. 285 Mol1'att.Marlene. 1831. 2115. 275. 451 Mohr. Donald, 1187. 445 Mohr. H. Yvilliam. 11511 Moilanen. Laurine I.. 2115. 2371. 182 Molflenhour, -lan. 2-151, -158 Moltlstad, Harold A., 2315, 513111 Moldstad, VVilliam K., 111111 Moler, Walter, 1155 Molitor, Don FI., 1116 Moll. Frank H., 2115 Molt, Roger A., 11117 Molyneux, Joan D., 1111. 2111 Molzan, Lynn H., 271. 3115. 4731 Molzan. Sandra 11.. 122. 1111 Monfore. Kenneth 1'l.. Jr.. 3125 Monlux. Earl, 114 Monnot. Fern Y.. 122. I182.4111. 13131 Monroe, Betty, 261 Monroe, Mike. 1111, 111. 215 Monroe, Roger. 11111 Monsen, Robert M., 111113, 4118, 4411 Monson 1Xf1ontag , Bill, 1117 ue, Karen, 2733 Montgomery, Carl W.. 11811 Montgomery, Marilyn. 21111 Montgomery, Patricia J., 281 Mont go 1111ooIly'. 429 mery. Sharon A., 248. 2451. 458 Donna J.. 2861. 4115 Moore. Donald VV.. 2115 Moody. Hugh D.. 51511 Moody. Paul VV.. 3188 Moore, Don. 197, 11213, 4211 Moore. Jane L., 275 Moore, Leon T., 3111 Moore, Patricia A., 54, 275 Moore. Thomas R.. 551, 2715, 53114. 4131 Moore. Tony M.. 41, 412, 4811 Moran. Frances J., 2115 Moore. Walter L.. 11521 Moran. Glenda. 279 Moran. Mellanie M.. 14 lylorehin, Barbara M.. 2-111. 4551 Mordin. Delbert. 51114 More. -1 udy A., 2119 Moreland, Donald lt., 111111 Moreland, Donald J., 1127 Morford, Donald K., 2135. 1121 Morgan, Audrey G., 2115, 1181, 4511 Morgan, Faith, 482 Morgan. M. Joyce. 67, 2155 504 Morgan,.1aek,468 Morgan, Michael, 387 Morganthaler, Mary. 249, 277. 111115 Morgtridge, Barbara. 1184 Moeek, Karen, 384 Morishiina. Joan T.. 4317 Morito. Jaek. 21514 Morley. Howard J.. 31251. 4-11 lyiorloek. Noel L.. 249 Morrill, Marilyn K., 21111 Mounger, Larry Cf.,f11111 Moyfnan. Donald G., 21119 M11'l'A11.4511 Mueller, 1'lc1yyartl L.. 2516 Mueller. Mueller. Floyd K.. 248 Fred. 1194 Mueller. Hans. 1-15 Mullen. Joyre 1-1. 2851. ,177 Mullen. Thonias R.. 2451. 211133. 1131 Mullikin, Hol1.211111. 3149. 4211 Morrill, Richard, 4451 Morris, Alan, 11515 Morris, Allene E., 2711 Morris, Boyd F., 388, 4613 Morris Carol M., 418. -1314 Morris. Jim. 1126 Morris. Judy A.. 2651 Morris. Ralph L.. 2315. 2518. 11111. 31131 Morris. Robert 11, 2115. 4151. 181 Morris. Robert G.. 12-1. 2111. 2115. 298. 211111. 41151. 175 Morris. Ruliy W.. 2-18, 2451, 458 Morris William, 151, 1118 Morrison. Cecil A., 51515 Morrison, James W.. I1-111 Mullin, Shan J.. 411, 2216, 111121. 468, -175 Mullins, Kathleen S., 2111 Muncl. Jennie-Claire, 249, 21151, -1451, -177 Munn, Gary A.. 2518, Munns. I..l1..11811 1Vlunro. Donald N., 248 Munns. 11. Layne. 4518 Munsell. ltirharcl L.. 511111. 11118 Munson. Leona 18 Munson, Robert 1'.,111115. 1221 M1'1'Hl 1'I1'S11.0N.472 Murui, l'ldward. 35111 Murakami, James K.. 51921 Murakami, Robert 21111. 41 1, 181 Muri, James R.. 71116 Morrison, Toni A., 11131 Morrovt, Larry D., 11111 lVlorrow. Leland F., 1188, 414 Morse. Jane Ann. 2911 Morse. Karl. 5155 Morse. Paul 1".. 31411 Morse. Ward M.. 51511 M1111'l'.-X11 ROARD. 474 lylurthland. Rosemary. 281 lylorton. Audrey L., 11314 lyiorton. Darrell D.. 115. 1117. .1.11 Morton, Lee A., 2215, 11551 Moser, VVilliarn S., 11117, 511111 Moses, l'lllen H., 64, 1118. 2115 Moskelancl, Myrna L., 2911 Moss. Kurt F. H., 11114 Moss. 1111179151 VV.. Jr., 249 Mossop. Mary L.. 2515. 2811 Mott. 11. Jean. 382. 4218 Mott. Judith P.. 2113.281 Mott. Cathy. 117 Molteler. Frank R.. 21111 lylotteler. Mary Z., 47. 54. 511, 21111. 25111 Moutlry. Norman A., 331111 Mounger. Judi L., 281 Moulton, Frank VV., 2215, 4115 Moulton, Shirley A., 2115 Moulton, R. NV.. 27 Moyer. Carol A.. 2115, 2115 Moyer. James A.. 2135. 1158 Murison. Ann 1"l., 56, 281 Murisou, l1onnie-Jean. 281, 111111 Murphy, Arthur. 211 1V1urpliy.G1-ne. 45 Murphy. Mirhael D.. 21311, 13451. 11511 lyiurphy, Mike 31311 Murphy, lV1iramae.53. 277. 41111 Murphy. 1'at. 112 Murphy. Toni R.. 1194 Murray. Ann.4'151 Murray. Colleen J., 263 Murray, Gail A.. 21115. 2811 Murray, Robert R., 1971, 31114 Murray, Harry R., 1121 Muscat. Muts1-h1 Muzzall Munxall Muzzy. James P.. 1125 er. Mary A., 2316, 4431. 1515 . Hug1hA.,21151 . Rieliartl 21151 Rolmert Eu 3156 Myatt. -laequeline 1... 2116 lN1yers.Alee.-1131 Myers. 11url. 511 Myers. Deana R.. 294 Myers. Gay le L., 451, 211 Myers, Glenn. 457 Myers. Harvey, 2119 .1 Myers, Myers. 1 ean, 811. 461 lo Ann. 44 Myers. John D.. 1511. 452 My ers, Late H.. 2316. 31116 University Style Center for Over 34 Years symbol of America's in most famous names - Your appearance expresses your good judgement . . . in quality, in value, and in taste. Good reason why you should select your clothes with care. Here you can shop with confidence, because you'll recognize the known quality of the lines we carry. You'll shop easily, too, because our entire staff is trained to give you experienced, unhurried assistance in your selection. University Way at East 45th Street Myers, Sharon N., 281, 4118 My ers. Troy l1,, 512, 1155 Nagai, David. 131115 Naganiine, Marilyn H, 437 Nagaswa, Shigeo. 248 Nagel, Donald A., 21151, 236 Nagel, Sharon 1., 55, 445, 4114 Nagasawa, Shigeo, 458 Nairn, Darl'ell, H., 327, 423 Nakagawa. George, 396 Nakagawa, Henry, 396 Nakagawa, Yoshitada, 236 Nakagawara, 31., 11911 Nakamura, Nobuko. 432 Nakao, Robert, N.. 396 Nakashima, Patsy. K., 437 Nakala. Gerald. 1196 Nakata. Smith, 249. 387 Nakgawa, Henry, 117 Nash,.1aek A., 55, 346 Nash, Naney L., 275 Nathan, Lawrence M., 1146 Nau, Shirley. A.. '16, 266 Nau, Thomas, P.. Jr., 1105 Nave, Marian, L., 249. 405, 459 Navie. Katherine, 432 Nazarenus. Grace, R., 432 Neat. George. VV., 1187 Neetlhain. Lois M.. 249. 1197. 446. 459 Neel, Carol, 4115 Neely, Jim, 77 Neergaarcl, 1Jill1 C., A., 63, 2116 258, 265, 4611, 479 Neil, Mary Lee, 47, 62, 73, 98, 168, 269, 4111, 477 Neilsen, Stewart, 1128 Neisess. Carol Ann. 48, 54, 263, 4411. 4551, -1611. 477, 479 Neimeyer, Phil. 11116 Nelsen.-lanet.1i.,275.462 Nelsen. Sally. K.. 2116, 271 Nelson, B., A.. 2316. 4111. 447 Nelson, Burl, 417. 419 Nelson, Byrne, 2116, 381, 456, 474 Nelson, Carole, 381 Nelson, Christine, 284 Nelson, Doris, A., 286 Nelson, Doyle, 1128 Nelson, Earl, H., 11411 Nels: mn, Nelson, E.. A.. 251. 389, 441 Nelson. Floyd, E., Jr., 236, 429 Nelson, Frank. 130 Nelson, Gary. G., 144, 331, 431 469 Nelson, George lVl.. 430 Nelson.ll:lI'o1tl lx.. 2.16. 41 1. -117. 181 Nelson, H. A.. 236, 418, 471 Nelson, Javk R., 315 Nelson. Janet. 477 Nelson, l.elVloyne, 445 Nelson, Marilynn J. Nelson, Mary Ann, 403, 467 Nelson, Melvin H., 209 Nelson, Morrie, 343 Nelson. Patricia Ann. 46, 76. 210. 2516, 279. 179 Nelson. llielmrd E., 3416. 436 Nelson. Robert S.. 249. 387 Nelson. Roberta A., 265 Ruby l., 249, 432. 433 435. 4716, 459 Nelson, Wendell D., Nellhorpe. Linda A.. 273 Nerland, Eileen J., 434, 435 Noslieim, Patricia T, Ness, Arlene J., 384 Ness, Mahlon, 419 Ness, Verna M., 236 Neill, S. A., 122, 236, 431, 433 Neumann, Wesley D., 442 New, John. 394 Newbeggin. Jan, 293 Newcomb, Alan K.. 303 Newcomb, Betty. 443 Newcomb. Ken, 44 Newell. Robert J.. 308 Newman, A. L.. 203. 365. 469 Newman, Arlene J., 122. 271 Newman, Beverly, 294 Newman, Wes, 315 Newman, William M., 236, 455 Newnard, Vic F., 353 Newton, Henry, 331 Newton, Lyman W., 333 Nichol, Robert, 394 Nichols, Richard, 395 Nicholson, Donald P., 303 Nicholson, Melvin. 412 Nickel. Mit-bel H., 71 Nickerson. Carl. 310 Nickel, Miehel H.. 249. 443 Nicklaus, Vernon D.. 236, 395 Nickle. Cl. M., 76, 104, 236. 360 Nic-olai. Leland M.. 338, 419 N iesse. Nieder. John J. 117 160. 360 Nielsen. Clara 331. 441 Nielsen, Joan H., 265 Nielsen, Ronald L., 367 Nielsen, Stuart K., Jr., Nielsen, Topper, 63, 286 Nielsen, W. F., 236, 355, 413 Nieman, C. A., 67, 168, 275 Nieman, E. L., 55, 67. 275 Niemev lr, Phillip E., 306 K Q Niemi, Celia H., 77, 261 Don, 436 Nylund, Kenneth A., 386 Nystrom, Rodney. 4213 CD Oatfield, Raymond, 468 Oberg, Richard N.. 236, 325 Olierkotter. Marilyn J., 237, 249, 381, 455, 479, 482 Oberlatz, Stephen R., 1116, 418 O'Brian, Adele, 164, 455 O'l-Brien, Barbara, 458 O'lirien, Bob, 423 Oc-hs, William, 111 O'Conner, James V.. 2117. 430. 466, 468 O'Connor, S. F.. 273. 406. ,177 O'1Jay, Colleen. 275 O'IJay, George P.. 321 Odegard, C, F., 237. 273. 433 Odell, Rollin W.. 44. 49. 751. 200, 201, 311. 469. 480 Odland, Ed, 423 Oeek, Emil A., 237, 341, 466 Oertel, Richard W., 387 Oertli, Ronald B., 237, 430, 452 Ofloek, Jacquie F., 79, 285 Ogan, Lois, 467 Oga, Takashi, 396 Ogden, Sandra M., 277 Ogilvie, Donna D., 435 Oh, Luis L., 251, 389 O'Hare, Lynne D.. 273 Ohlinger, Allen R., 315 Ohlson. Barbara. 296 Ohno, M., 251, 389, 438. 476 Ohson, Robert N., 305 Oien, Virginia M.. 293 Okada. Joyle N.. 437 Okada, Richard, 396 Okamura, Eugene M. 237, 7196 Okamura, Jean, 381 Okamura, Lillian Y., 437, 456 Okano, Robert, 396 O,Keefe, Michael Duggan, 249 Okerlund, Gary A., 311 Okerlund, John H., 249 Okita, Richard Y., 237, 481 Okubo, Kay, 437 Okubo, May, 437 Okuma, Kenneth W., 396 Okumura, Henry Y.. 395 Olason, Bjarni, 433 Olason, Gordis, 433 1Oldenburg1, Curtis, Mary Jo, 271, 470 Oldenburg. Norrine J., 263 Olesen, Janet 1., 237, 249. 476 Oliver, Ileana K., 237, 291 Oliver, Renee A., 279 Oliver, Denny R., 237, 313, 421 Olman, Phoebe A., 296 Olney, John W., 336 Olschewsky, Robert, 120 Olsen, Andy, 306 Olsen, Adele, 269 Olsen, B. J., 77, 237, 275 T... E . .L f W. dwg, Nilles. Jack J. L. N.. Nilsson. Ann E.. 286. 445, 459, 472. 477 Nisbet, Colin J., 351 Nisbet, Tom J., 308 Nisheim, Pat, 435 Nishida, Tsunetaro, 449 Nobach, Rexann, 296 Noble, Gerald F., 236,418,471 Noble, Jane, 472 Noble, Steve, 236, 336 Noblitt, Marjorie A., 382, 472 Noe, James, 457, 483 Nolan. Eve, 281 Nolan, Pete, 124 Nomniensen, Gene O.. 190, 345 427. 463, 469, 480 Norberg. Louis H., 248 Norby. Gerald. 367 Nordahl, Marlene L., 273 Nordby, Kay V., 275 Nordfors, David E., 313 Nordin, Derwood B., Nordnian, Arnold R.. 236, 298. 345, 414. 463, 464,481 Nordmark, Carl, 433 Nordquist, Clarence, 310, 480 Nordstrom, Bruce. 310 Nordstrom, Carl, 341 Nordstrom, J, N., 193, 310. 427 Nordstrom, Loyal, 283 Nordstrom, Tom A., 338, 417 Normann, S. J.. 356, 457, 465 Norris. Adrienne, 57, 69 Northfield, Susan E.. 261 Norlop. Ronald C., 327 Norwood, Don li.. 325 Nostrand, Howard L.. 23 Nnwell, P. lf. 199, 236. 316, 420 Nowell, Roger fl., 316 Noyes. Jim, 443 Nndelman, Phil M., 41, 72, 346, 4811 Null. J. E., 236, 360, 416, 481 Nunn, Charles, 442, 471 Nunnelee, G. F., 114. 345, 413 Nutter. Richard L., 321 Nulter. Shirley L., 236, 277 Nylund, Richard A.. 118, 311 Olsen Olsen Donald E., 323 Irene S 237 Olsenl Ronaldil-I., 50, 143, 149, 199 237 321 469 Olsenj Terry, 333 Olsen, Thomas, 333 Olson, Darryl D., 237, 333, 421 Olson, Earl, 423 Olson, Elizabeth S., 271 Olson Olson Engwall A 306 I Gene G., 335 Olson, Harlin, 159, 445 Olson, James R., 237, 353, 468 Olson, Joyce S., 237, 271 Olson Olson Karol K., 237, 384 Marilyn C., 283 Olson. Nancy C., 260 Olson, Ralph E., 318 Olson, Robert, 305 Olson, Robert B., 343 Olson. Theodore H.. 325 Olsson, Ralph P., 65. 3141 Olts. Judy A., 78, 263 Olving. Gerhard, 248 Olwell, Ned L., 349 Olwell, Patrick H., 349 OLYMPUS HOUSE, 388 O'Malley, Charles M., 387 ONHCRON NL, -156 Onder, Sevket Y., 389 O'Neil, Brian James J.. 392 O'Neill, Sally, 284 Onder, Seuket, 438 Onkels, Celia C.. 275 Onodera, Kaun, 249, 458 Oppel, Ingeborg S., 248. 249, 251. 438. 458 Oppie, Alfred L., 237 Opstad, Edwin A., 237, 298. 302, 303 Orchard, Charmion G., 45, 435 Ordell, Elaine L., 48, 296 Orebaugh, Katherine C., 271 Orliss, Ted E., 249, 301 Ortwein, N. R., 237, 387, 442 Osawa, Joyce, 455 Osborn, James M., 448 Osborne, Esther N., 78, 295, 433, 435, 443 . Y sf 97 2 -11111 fix Z. , FE3f15'-55K15- lggi , gg MD. 13187. gi' ., 0-54 .4 Us .- rw . wg 7 N. M. of fr 'if fo v70'sQh. .00 M 4.1.7 his S- we 2, Qdnssw Hs 5 m me 0 ' W, 5 ., H394 ' ' www' jirmjiikaa, Ti 5. . . . W' W 0: Ms .1555 505 IIIIIIHLII Ill. CLIISE Patzer, Pearce, .. C O M P A N Y Osborne, Robert, 421 Osborne, Patricia J., 47, 283 Pearson, Jerry M., 249, 318, 468 Pearson, Mary, 381 Oslin, Mary D., 432 Oster, Harvey J. C., 315 Osterman, Gayle, 269, 459 Osterman, Mary, 249 Ostrander, M. M., 308, 430 Pearson, Peggy, 272 Pearson, Robert E., 321 Pease, Mina, 381 Pebbles, Harold A., 189, 305, 427 Pecchia, Benita M., 238, 403 Ostrand er, Suzanne R., 279 Ostrom. Geraldine S., 266 Ostrom, Janis D., 281 Ostrom, Pat L., 237, 293 Oswalt, Janet L., 440 Otley, Dick S., 321 Ott, Max, 251, 468 Ottoson, Fern, 482 Peck, Major, 120 Peck, Ruth, 467 Pedersen, Douglas K., 67, 300, 321 Pedersen, Gene M., 107, 307, 469 Pedersen, Kenneth A., 387 Pederson, Arthur M., 249, 311, 451, 481 Pederson David, 355 Pedersdhi Phyllis J., 238, 273 OVAL CLUB, 475 Overholt, William H., 237 Overland, C. M., 383, 462 Overlock, Jim, 52 Owen, R. W., 47, 237, 337, 463 Owen, William P., 308 Owens, Chuck, 50, 53, 62 Owens, Frank J., 315 Owens, John C., 349 Oxwang, Margaret, 237. 482 Ozeroff. Alex Jr., 323 P Pacis, Ellis P., 251 Packal'd, Kay, 467 Padham, Mary L., 384 Paez, Nelida, 384 Paget, Nelson K., 343 Pahkama, Robert, 387 Peer, Jean C., 380, 382 Pelkey, Duane E., 249, 416, 427 Pell, James C., 238, 343 Pellegrini, Angela, 238, 291 Pelly, Charles A., 343 Peloza, William J., 327 Pelton, Pat, 462 Pence, Caryle J., 238, 283 Pence, Gary L., 333 Pennell, Charlotte, 263 Pennell, Donald R., 331 Penning, Pamla D., 238 Peppel, Charlotte A., 383 ELECTRICAL CONTRACTORS 2921 'I3Ih AVENUE SOUTHWEST SEATTLE 4, WASHINGTON ' ELIOT 8960 Paine, John F., 333 Palmer, David R., 237 Palmer, Eric, 91, 92 Palmer, Palmer, Marjorie E., 237, 482 Olga L., 397, 446, 447 Palola, Ernest G., 237, 357, 436 Pang, T dm, 117, 160 Pangborn, Jim R., 360 PANHELLENIC, 258 PANSY BREAKFAST, 183 PAN XENIA, 476 Panzica, Merilou J., 260 Paradis, Robert C., 327 Pardo, Richard, 248 PARENTS WEEKEND, 180 Pariseaux, John, 151 O we ffztn D . . for 33 Years O Window Cleaning I House Cleaning 0 Floor Waxing 0 Free Esfimafes UNIVERSITY WINDOW CLEANING 6057 3'IsI N. E. Park, Kathryn, 381 Parker, Betty J., 63, 80, 279 Parker, Charles M., 337 Parker, Margaret J., 60, 67, 293 Parker, Sid, 480 Parker, Thomas, 441 Parker, Venette R., 237, 265 Parker, Parrish, Parrish, W.L., 118, 159, 237, 336, 430 Elvin W., 392, 436 Marilynn, 291 Parry, Barbara G., 383 Parse, Neil, 395 Parsons. Dale, 44, 281. 460 Parsons, Nancy R.. 275 Parsons, Walter C.. 237, 430, 466 Parsons, William B., 316 Partee, Duane W., 237 Partee, Patricia M., 405, 447 Parvey, Dona Mae, 248, 249, 458 Pascoe, Douglas W., 305 Pascoe, Jeffrey W., 351 Pasin, Stanley J., 357 Passo, Ron, 49 Pastorius, Arlene A., 260 Paterson, John G., 335 Patnoe, Ron, 144, 148 Paton, Marilyn J., 283 Patricelli, Arleen T., 263 Patricelli, Dick A., 160, 305 Patrick, Archie S., 237, 293, 343 Patrick, Keith T., 237, 307 Patrick, Nancy A., 263 Patrick, Theodore, 466 Patten, Ben, 328 Patterson, Esther, 482 Patterson, Katherine, 263 Patterson, Kathleen, 384 Patterson, William F., 237, 316 Pattie, Robert, 394 Pattison, Sally L., 431 Peretti, Ray L., 323 Perine, Barbara Ann, 248, 249, 458 Perine, David Z., 323 Peringer, Michael F., 82, 311, 465 Perkins , Doyle, 143, 144, 148,200,215 Perkins, Glee V., 48, 263, 443 Perkins, Lois M., 397, 446 Perkins, Luann E., 269, 428 Perraul William R., 392 fy Perrin, Porter, 458 Perry, Don W., 119, 238, 349 Perry, Helen L., 286 Perry, Leonard G., 202, 288, 333, 469 Perry, Richard J., 389 Perry, Tay W., 335 Pershing, Rifle, 419 Person, Barbara J., 259, 266 Person, Elna, 433 Pessemier, James H., 316, 418 Peters, Douglas D., 46, 133, 305, 480 Peters, Harry E., 249 Peters, James, 310 Peters, Peters, Nancy J., 249, 283, 459 Richard J., 160, 238 Peters, Sidney B., 238, 420 Petersen, Emery A., 238, 416 Petersen Halvor N. 316 Petersen: Judith O.,L47, 49, 269 Petersen, Warren D., 118, 298, 457 Petersen, Warren T., 238, 304. 305, 310, 420, 421 Peterson, Barbara E, 405 Peterson. Carolyn H.. 238, 433 Peterson. Dale L.. 238, 360, 413, 457 Peterson. Denny, 199 Peterson, Don, 150, 333 Peterson, Gail, 291, 461 Peterson, Jane, 449 Peterson, Janet M., 79. 275 Peterson, Janice, 290 Peterson, Janice K., 271 Peterson, Jerry, 197 Peterson, Joanne H., 382 Peterson, Joanne M., 271 Peterson, Lester A., 412 Peterson, Lloyd W., 238, 390 Peterson, Margaret, 449 Peterson. Marilyn J., 381. 446 447. 482 Peterson, Noel A., 308 Peterson, Nona Lee, 41, 63, 215. 238, 258 260 474. 479 Peterson. Norman E., 119 348 Peterso Peterso h Richard A., 331, am. 420 n, Richard H., 238, 305, 4120 Peterson, Robert W., 318 Peterson, Sara Mae, 248 Peterso n, Sharon, 381 Peterson, Susan E., 277, 462 Peterso n, Susan L., 281 Peterson, Ted G., 238, 420, 427 Peterson, Thomas N., 318, 430 Peterso Peterso 1 n, Viola E., 384 n, Wallace R., 238, 415 1 eterson, William C., 316 Pethley, Lowell S., 238. 468 Patton, Delbert, 395 Patton, Jo Ann, 266 Patton, Linda L., 286 Patton, Marilyn, 46, 48, 71 Robert G., 303, 445 Paul, Michael F., 345 Paulik, JoAnn M., 381, 435 Paulin, Max, 251, 329 Paulson, Barbara S., 435 Paulson, Laura J., 237, 275, 456 Payette, Donald G., 357 Payne, Buryl, 248 Payne, Jack R., 69, 151, 318, 419 KEnwood 1596 Tom MY9'5 Payseno, Richard F., 111, 321, 469 Peabody, Robert, 390 Peace, James L., 360 Pearce, Pearce, Arden L., 260 John W., 343, 464 Pearce, Marlene H., 237, 432 Michael A., 351 506 Pearl, Don C., Jr., 248 Pearlman, Elinore, 294 Pearson, Bill, 44 Pearson, James C., 209 Peto, Frank J., 445 Petrenchak, Daniel E., 430 Petrie, Robert L., 238, 430, 466 Petrish, Nick J., 351 Petticrew, Alora J.. 265 Pettitt, Lon S.. 412 Petty, Eugene, Jr., 338 Pevey, Dennis C., 390 Peyser, AI, 238, 336, 428, 454 Peyton, Joan H., 345 Pfeil, Caroline A., 238, 401 Pfeil, Robert, 390 Plmris, Richard P., 315, 436 Phelps. Dorothy D., 277 Phelps, Edward VV.. 238 389 Phennegcr. Richard E., 311 PHI BETA KAPPA, 458 Pl-ll DELTA THETA, 330 Pl-ll KAPPA PSI, 336 Pl-ll KAPPA SIGMA, 334 PHI KAPPA TAU, 338 lrlllwit-li. Judith L., 78, 168 259, 277, 4:11 Philips, Richard H., 238, 318 Phillips. Albert C., 238. 475 Phillips, Don, 442 Phillips Jean, 260 Phillips, Neil, 61 Phillips. Peggy J., 381, 401, 467 Phillips. Ruth, 456 Phillips, Valdine 384 Phillips, Wallace W., 348 PHI MU, 288 Price, William E.. 321 Priebe. Ronald. 423 Priehl, Duane, 445 Priest, Jean Y., 434, 446 Primley, Alice, 482 Prince, Benjamin M., 387, 465 Prindle. Raymond H.. 387, 417 Pringle, J. Arthur, I7 Phinney, Lloyd A., 393 Phipps. Rosemary L., 273 PHI SIGMA KAPPA. 340 PHI SIGMA SIGMA, 294 PHOTOGRAPHERS, 88 PHRATERES, 435 PI BETA PHI, 290 Pickard, Paul H., 365 Pickens, John W., 357 Pickens. Sam, 46 Pickering. Robert A., 319 Pickett, Duane M. 353 Picketts. William N., 238, 358 Pieratt, Shirlev, 391 Pringle, Dwane A., 325 Privat, John P., 239, 249, 305. 468 Privette, James A., 312 Proctor, Gary, 193 Proctor, James D., 335 Proctor, Merton D., Jr., 465 Proctor, Paul L., 239 Proctor, Peter P., 325, 449 Proctor. Sharon, 279 Proctor, William, 303 Pit-rt-Q. Estheri'E., 383 Pierce. Pierce. Pierce Eugene, 50 Katie M., 281,462 Lois E. 381 435 Pierce: Marlene, 456 Pierce, Ruth I., 44, 55, 293 Pierson, Bill, 238, 331 Pierson, Darrell E., 238, 35 Pierson, Doris L., 293 Pierson, Lynn F. 238, 269 Pietila, Kenneth G., 390 Pifer, D. A., 21 Pifer, Drury, 304. 420 Pifer, Pat 1-I., 27:1 Pigott. Piha, 8, 391, 395 Mary 47, eo, 67, 211, 479 Morris, 301 Piha. Rae, 238, 406 Pihl, Martin, 468 PI KAPPA ALPHA, 326 PI KAPPA PHI, 368 Pike, Douglas H., 239, 368 Pike, Harry, 395 Pike, Keith O., 367 Pickens, John, 54 PI LAMBDA THETA, 476 PILGRIM CLUB, 449 Pilon, Lorraine, 266 Pinckney, Patricia R., 239, 263 Pincr, James, 463 Pinnell, Edmund M.. 321 Pinneo, Roger D., 361 PI OMICRON SIGMA, 457 Pipe. Joel B., 351 Piper, Marjorie Ray, 248 Pistoresi, Denis J., 307 Pitcher, Joan C., 435 Pitts. Lt. George, 369 Plaut, Gail B., 263 Plebuch, Richard K., 345, 414 Plochowietz, Rollin J., 336 Plumb, James W., 91, 239, 307, 420 Pluylaar, Joan R., 434, 443 Podraza Donald, 390 Pogue, David E., 393 Poll, Myrna. 296 Pollard, Barbara C.. 283 Pollard. Bill, 348 Pollock, Marilyn L., 285 Polotnik, Steve, 160 Pomeroy, John D., 339 Pond, Marilyn, 382 Ponder, Eleanor J., 49, 77, 263 Pook, James, 387 Pook, William F., 387 Pool, Byron D., 239 Pooler, Beverly J., 239, 263 Pope, Patricia G., 271 Porosky, Peter H., 201, 336 Port, Paul L., 239, 418 Porter, Albert J., 251, 388 Porter, Barbara Larson, 239 Porter, Cassandra T., 239, 482 Porter, Mary, 443 Porter, Porter W., 239, 329 Porter. Richard T., 348 Porter, Robert, 18 Posner, Posner, Gerta Grunen, 165 Mike, Jr., 301 SUUIID and HI-FIDELITU EEIITER Possehl, Barbara L., 281 Pottle. Ellen, 384 Potts, Noreen Mae, 249 Pottschmidt, Louis S., 158, 196, 239, 316 Powell, Frederick C., 420, 465 Powell, Marilee A., 273 Powell, Mary J., 248 Power, Sharon M., 384 Powers. Carl R., 393 Powers, Cynthia A., 381 Powers. Francis F., 24 Pratt, David T., 192, 239. 421, 427. 464 Pratt, Ecl, 124, 333 Prentice. Arlen I., 348 431 Prescott, John E. 333 PRI'1S1DENT'S MEDALISTS, 252 Pressey, Rod, 205, 213, 333 Pressler, Robert A., 353 Preuss, Ralph, 346, 480 Prevost, Elaine, 401 Price, Howie M., 363 Price, James C., 307 Price, Louise K., 239 263 Price, Patricia E., 383 Price Richard, 338, 395. 471 Price, Sandra D., 435 PROGRAM PANEL, 54 Prospek. Bill. Prouty, Garold L., 389 Provine, Dotti M., 265, 460 Pruzan, Herb, Jr., 301 PSI UPSILON, 342 Puckett, Melody A., 273 Pugh, Joan M., 239,277,456 Pulford, Larry, 71, 197 Punches, Gerald N., 351 Purcell, Patricia L., 273 Purnoll, David F., 191, 239. 307, 427, 469 PURPLE SHIELD, 480 Putnam, Douglas K., 239, 335. 416, 475, 481 Putnam, Lawrence, 119, 348 Putnam, Tom C., 321 Putney, C. A., 416 Putney, Dennis E., 300, 319 Pyeatt, Joni, 239, 269 Pyfer, Howard R.. 209 Cl Quale, Marylee R.IM1's.l, 405 Qually, Lloyd J., 473 Quast, Anne K., 281 Quickstad, Brian N., 353 Quickstad, Karen J.. 45. 54, 249, 459, 472, 479, 482 Quigley, David W. 348 Quillian, Bill. 200, 483 Quillian, Mary E.. 291 Quinlan, John R.. 248 Quist Barbara. 260 I' Raab, Charles, 390 Raaen, Lyle T., 335 Racine, Robert E., 239, 351 Radcliff. Tom, 61 Rademaker, John C., 331 RADIO, 90 Radke Diane M.. 381 Radloff, Richard R., 151. 333 Rae, Bonnie E.. 239 Rae, Gwen L., 277 Rahe, Robert L., 239, 311 Rahskopf, H. G., 20 Raichle, Marcus E., 311 RAINIER HOUSE, 389 RALLY GIRLS, 460, 461 Ralston, Roberta J., 285, 449 Ramage, Thomas, 388 Rambo, Thomas A., 252, 249 Ramm, AIS., 361 Ramsey, Audrey C., 239, 249, 381 Ramsey, Betty M., 122, 383, 431 Ramsey, Douglas A., 41, 50, 74. 215, 239, 321, 459, 475 Ramsay, LouAnn, 275, 373 Ramsey, Nancy A.. 41, 443 Ramsey. Richard E., 239, 306, 307, 418, 457, 471 Ramseyer, Joe, 333 Randall, Tom tCoachJ, 120 Randall, W. A., 419 Randall, Sharene M., 54, 78, 273 Randles, Terry E., 159, 331 Randolph, Ernest L., 209 Randolph, John, 65 Rangwald, Marilyn J., 271 Rankin, Fred O., 239, 325 Ransom, Loretta M., 435, 4451 Rants, Roland A., 355 Ranum, Gordon L., 239 Ranzenbach, Robert F., 305 Rapoport, Carolyn B., 383 Rapp, Carolyn F., 279 Rapp, Susan L., 260 Rarig Clark B., 239, 353 Rasanen Irene A., 239 Rasanen, Richard, 390, 406 Rasche, Bruce C., 248, 249 458 Rasmussen, Beverly, 443 Rasmussen, Carol A., 77, 273 Rasmussen, Glenn, 348 Rasmussen, James C., 393, 423, 438 Rasmussen, Orville T., 468 Rasmussen, Thomas C., 120, 327 Rassat, James A., 239, 345 Ratchford, Mary E.. 279. 4311 The Busiest Acre in Town ouzaenmdifeii verve m I '- .- LA L j- .-. one ,,,,...---U - A - :'..r-:rs-" l 79 Sport-Master For sporting goods Skiing, camping, fishing and boating supplies Drive-in parking Burgermasfer Sport-Master 3040 E. 45th PL. 7100 3042 E. 45th FI. 3224 Seallle's Finest Music Studio offers You lbe lies! in Recorded Music for Home Efzterlairmzenlf lfejwrmllztwl un Such Quality Equipment ur:- GARRARD RECORD PLAYERS BOGEN TUNERS AND AMPLIFIERS THROUGH UNIVERSITY SPEAKERS IA Division of SEATTLE RADIO suPPtY1 2121 2nd AVENUE SEneca 2345 FREE PARKING IN THE REAR OF STORE 507 Helrllinge-1', 5111111111 K.. 21551 WHEN you see the big blue Pioneer truck on its way, you know that the contractor, architect and builder have demanded first class material on the job. Build it better, with products from Pioneer! PI N E SAND AND GRAVEI. CO 901 FAIRVIEW N. 8 MA 2900 Q 910 w. SPOKANE K1m'li11e. 111-In-11.1 l.. 2111. 172 H1111-li1'11-.'1'1x11m:1s I1..J.S!1,.1.y, Rulhlmlln. 1'11ilipW,. 23151. '11111 Hzulw Nlilclu-fl. 182 Rau. Umm IJ. 1i5. 3112 Huy. HL-1'uzu'11 lf., 2111. 1.111 Raylmum. l1ru1'1- .X . 1111, ,111 Hayxlumrl Ylrgu 'a 11'.21,' 711 111 l 1 11 11 1 Rzxynm. -lulm 1'.. 21111. .1.y?w. 1:1151 Read. William M., Ili Remus. Bill 2111, 21111 l1el1e1'.'l'lw:x K. 2751 1 , R111'1or. Ri1'lml'r1, 31.1.1 Rcclrlzlvmy. 11111111111 A., 112 Rorlrlivk, l1i11111..-1'12 113 Hefldirk 11011111 112211531 K1ffl1ingLc1'. Mzxwizu 1 l 78 "1i'4 Redman. Ann IC., 2821 Redmoml. J1-rry. 11151 1.111 Ruud. 11111111115 li.. 2111 211.1 Reecl.1-I11115' 11.. 2,111 Kee-c1.Hcm-3 -1..1iS.,1IE1 Hee-11. -lc-rrp 11.. 511111 Rae-cl -1111111 11.. 551. 1i1 I1I11i Ruud. Nl21l'1'l.1J.. 111. Aw. 21111 Reed. Nlzx1'p11ri1- 1... 51112 Hee-fl. N11r1nzu1J. 2111. .1111. 1.1, 11 ""7 li Rcelflmy Paul .-X..2111,111v1. 121. 11.1 1 Recs, Gary A. ,SLI RvcAse.Jal1cl 11. ZSH2, 11518, 1111 -1112 Kvelse. -1111111 K., 21111 Kneefve-. Ktllllwlll N.. 2-111, 51147 Rogan, Jack, 18 llvger 11111111111 If., 311521 1 Rcgstm'1'f, Arniv C1 Rclxbrwk. Judy A., Rohwinkle, -1111111111-. Rciulic. 1'1u-rry, -1515 RL-icl 'Is-My lf., 21151 Re-ic1.'l0lm I1. 2131 Reid. -1111111 li.. 11113 Reid,'1-m'1- l'.. 51 21111. 21811 11-7 Rvirl. Rulverl lf.. 51.11 Rcirlingur. 1Qu11l'g11'. Reii' Pm1lA..l111i Rei11ex'.Rn1v1-rl I... 1513. -1711 Reil111:11'c1t.1'1-wil ,-X K11inl111l1.Iiuls1-lr 1 R1-illiggw. Kay. 275 Relsxxig. 11i1'l1:11'1l .X Heir! Ilan. 15121 Rolling. Pearl I... 2 Remlxs-, '1'1mi. 282 1.115 131 711 2117 15111 31117 21111. 137 .1231 211151 .. I1l1N 111 2151. 1.:11. -1111 Remlnun, 151-x'ni1'v N1 2115 Rc-mm-I Junk. f1l 1 R1-ngs1ol'1'1. Amulrl 112.1141 ,119 Re-n1un'1l, lirlixh, -1511 Renshaw, K1-111 H., Revere Hill. 154 RL-vvttcu 'l'ccl11y I,., Rcyxmlcls. C'zn'1rl, 1151 21111. 3157, 121 271 1111 R11inc. Krmulrl -I., 2111, 7151 Rhode, f'l1zn'lvs 1187 Rllodcs. 11111111111 V. .11.1.1:1p 111. 1111-111 Rico, 1fl1:1l'l11s l,.. 112 RiL'u.lJz1x'4- 11231118 Rim' lirin 1'.. 311451 Rice. -.llllicmnu-. 211:1 Rivh Hfixxzxlwl 1'.. -1 1..1111.1111.1-111.11-3 RiL'l1.R11rln11y 11. 2111. .1111 RiL'h:11'r1. 1'z1l'r11Il. WH Riuharzl 1'cmni1- li.. Ric'hax'f1s. C'1xzu'l:l, 1 Hi1'l1a1'fls. Iluvid I,.. 115. 211151 111. 1.11. 1112 182. ,151 Ricllzxrcis 11111111111-l..111J,1y11, .141 Hicllzlrds. -lzuw. 281 R11-lxarcis. -Iulxn 11. Z111,1 Riclxarrls. Kay Q-. -11911 Riclxards. Rin-lmrrl A, -11. 1111. 11.1. 1811. ,,. ,- ,-, 212, 2411, 21115 1121, -421, 1.11, -1111 Rin-11111-mls, Kulu-rl 7 1-1 1 Richarcls, Shzmm K, 21111 R11z1c11.Iii1'lm1'cl 112218 H11uc11'L11'k H11-x 1- .-X.. 317115 Rulylw. H21.1'l121l'11J..21l1. 1.11 liulvhin, Sl1m'1m Nl. 711. 2155 Rculxlmins. Holm. 11215 R11l1l1ius.Sullx 11, 21351 Rulvluilxs, Muxxm- W., 2111 Rmlbs-rgg. 1'1l1Z1ll11'1ll.21111 Roberts, Al1'x'e-rl Nl. 127 Roberts. Ilan. -1-111 liubelrts. Jack I'., 3115 Robert s -l11Anm- 11.,2'111,?1k1I1 Rr1herLs. Nirk, X111 sou, M:1ri11-1--1. 55, :18:1 Rollinsfm, Alun M., 3111 Rfvlve-rl Rollin:-lon. Cl Ilruhinsrm, Hulvinsrm. Frufl. 1111. 511111 51111 11l,511,f1I1.?1-1 HllZill11'1ll A.. 2111 1115 Roluinscul. l'1u1'1 x 71115 R11l1insm1.1lu1-11 ll . 11111 I1c1l1ins1m.1l11z111 11' . 2111. 21111 Rrxl11ns1m K1-11111-1l111.. 11113 Rnlwizxsoxx. Ly Im 1'. 21511 Robinsnm. fXIzu'il-x11 l". 2111. 2-111, 25111. 1, Rolwinsun Ruluinsun 1 ' 1 .. . L12 . .1 Rulwixmsmx. 11iv11:n'1l 1'. ,1111. .521 2 ,., .N1yl1-s1...11m, 1111111111 11'11 Robixmm. Rl1'11m'11-125125 Ro1ni11sm1.S11sq111 L., 21111 Rrvhlaw 11111111111 1'., I11i7 Rurhc, 1"111mie. 182 11ouke1'e1lm'.1!:uiI 2115 Rockn-n1'ivlr1. ll1rl1g1l:1s F.. 21151 Hockey, H1-11-n M.. 2-121 Rodcwflld. 1.1.-lim' 215111 Ruclgn-rs. l'111c1I11y, 3157 Roe, Jalnus A., 51111 Roe, Sigrnalx, 3111-1 Roedcl, Louis J.. 21111 Rue-11. Ann. 121 Koeuing 11111111111 W., 2111. 33121 ROFFRIC. 31115 Rogvrs. Alba-ll -l. 31,51 Rogers, 151111. 1111, 2111, Q1-1, Rogvrs. Carol A. 21111. ,177 Rogers. Chm'l1r11L-. 132 Rogers. Elmm' R. 2111. 2118. 1125 Rogcrs. Gle-1111.1 l,.. 255 Rogers. 11111111-5 11. 21115 Rogers. -lunv A.. 277 Rogr-rs. 11f111in1'.71,11i Rug:-rs R11s1-11mx'y, 2711 Rogc-rs, Virgil .-X.. 3127 Rogers. X'il'gini:1. 21151 l1?w1 Rogms. William I1..2151.21S.J1511 151-1 Rohr. Rolwrl 1C..2-111.I11S1. 1121. 1711 Rolzmd 1Tr:1ig W., 2111. 11111 Rolzmd Pam, 1117 Koller, W'i1linm J. 21115 Kollwagmx,11111411.4221 Rolsturl, I,:1v11'e-114-1-. 515111 111m1s1rm,Jcmn A. 7182, -1151 Ronmnn, Merlv 1... 265 Rome, Anna 21112 Romero, -Izxmlu 11., 2:31. 312111. 15111 Rommel. l'1rlu'u A. 1187 Ronmey, -lurk. 11513 Hoop. M3111-ln-inc. 2-111 Rufus -Iohn H,. 2-111. 21111 Root. 1.'o1'ncliL1s. HN Ruot. 13111111141 11111. C1512 Rout. Reg, 121 Ruszxzxen. 11111111113 1'. 2124 Roscoe. -loan. 2411, 4111. 1117 Hose. -.lusuph -171 Rosa-111. I.11u1s .-X.. 11511. 2115. 2-111 21115. -11511 Rose-u, Dizmnv li.. 25111 Rosen. Donald G.. 2151 51118 Rosvmlzllml, 1.115111 1.251511 Roscuficlrl. -lznnes A., C1118 Kose-11011.Bu1ti.I:m1',3181,-1121 Roscnuw. Murlenu, 31111 Rosenqllist. A111-lv IJ. 271 Rosenquisl, Iluwn-nv M.. 31517. -1-'111. -1-'17 5. ix i, , 111.151-gis .1 'if iii Ii! N 200 9 L! I -Q gi 'E li! g!! 5 Rooms :Q ng! :gg . ll mii I . ll mi Iii Baths ll ll" " H 1 gnu ME SWE 51151 111 3 Q51 I 'ill EM :ME 1-E ' li . L- 'lniifli mlm H111 l .l llnl11n .r.77 1 11,1f"'Q11E?LE"B1si. - 5 "f "PfE ff ' usi o f I o rupu-9 HOTEL EDMOND MEANY HE1'z'ry Room a Ccrrner R00I7I,7: BRE.-x1QF.,xsTs LUNCHEONS DINNER 111mr1'1xGs XVEDDIXG REC1-:PT10Ns Tms DANCES BUFFET SLTPPERS BANQUETS CONVENTIONS also A MODERN PARKING LOT UNIVERSITY DISTRICT SEATTLE, WASH. EV. 0222 Richzxrrls, 1Villizx1uG.,-lr., 11131 S1111 Richimlsrm. lluviri -I., 51115, 11711 Riclmrrlsoll. l11n'1'zxs A. 2811 Riclxmdsrm. Jznnvs 'l'., 2111, 71111, 1:37 HiL'ha1'ds1m. limmlfl I1. 3115 l114'l'lfl2llE'. 171111111 A.. 21118 Richtvr, Mury -lam-. 2751 Hiululnyn-1' lli1'11ul'1111 11" Rivkrlall. 1.1u'1'5'. 11217 Risks, P11111 17. ll.. -18 Ridrllm- Gary N.. 51512 Rieckcu. liilclzl. 111111 Riedingvr. G1-m'ggv Nl. 2111 Riegel. Bmmin- 1... 2151 Riekc. I.. Y.. 115 R11-'111i'I'1'I.-XM. 1211 Rigdon -Ion M.. 2111, ,SHN Riley. 511111 T.. 12-1 C1215 Riuc1l1-r,S11smm1-M.. 1131, 177 Ring. E1-laA..11-1 21111. 1111 Ring. Nucl. 1511. 2771 11751 King. Rin-11ur1l.:1!13. 1221 Ri11g,'l'u11.3115 1:31 Rixlgm-1'.111-wgv W., I1l11 Ringhic-em, Mary lmlxisv, 2711 Ringszlgv Ilumw -I., 2111 Rimw. Allan VV., 11111. 215171 Rosenwald, Vin-ki, 521 Curl W., 3155. 11151 Ross, Belljarlxin 4111 Russ.Ar1cll1'., 271, 1-151 Ross. Darnell 17, 2-111, 211111 Ross. David 1'.. 1511, i141 Ross. Ilonalrl A. l1l1S 11111 W.. 2-111. 1111. 181 Rrmsler, Ross , D1 Ross 12111-n V., 2-1?-1. 153 Ross. Cwlennis A.. 2711 Russ. Kenneth IC, 2-111. 2518. 31111, 21111. -1 Ross Lzm'r11l11'c- li.. 2117 Ross. l,in1x1.-ugX.. 241. 1111, 17-1 -1711 Ross. Roger. 1151 Ross. Slxarmm A.. 211 11115 Rossm: ln. N1.11.. 51 11 131111111-11111111-1', Wllllum N.. 211. 21811 117 -128 Rutta. ROII31 Kurtz-Y. 1111111-r'. Rolllu. 911.417 Hrxilx,'X. 2-11, 1211 lirnesl .-X.. 211, 21511 1111111.41111 751. 211 Junim- M,, 25151 51 115 R1J11lL'1'.Ax'll1l1r 11. 2-11. R11rrox1,S1m1l5 IJ., 21111. -1. Ruukc. I'h'nm J., 21111, 3182 R0L1111r1'11, ,lm-111111: 22 l1c1Llss11.I'lsllw1' 25111, 1111 51 Evro Beckett, Managing Director Barney Hough, Resident Managvr 50 8 Rising. L. Wui1.1i2 R1ll'l111'. YVlm'gu1's-1 21111, -118. 1711 Rix'c11ws,Jz11m-s I1.. -17 I111l R111-1':1. H2ll'l'1L'1. 1212 R1V9l'S.f umm-, 2111 R1X'li1l1.S?ll1l lf. 1117. 1218. 13411 liowau. Amllwzx I.., 51851 liovvbcmllnlnx, Milclrc-fl l.. 211 1111 Rowe. lV11il'xi11. 21151 Rowe, 1Villiz1m. 2112 Rovxe-11 Rmlmm fl.. 2851 Rowland, Pamela, 263 Rowland, Richard G., 367 427 Rubidge, William H., 67, 311 Rubinstein, Carolyn S.. 296 Rubinstein, Richard A., 241,J188. 430 Ruble. Stan D.. 241. 309 Rucker. Wally B.. 388 Rud. Carol 467 Rudd. Richard P.. 335 Rude, Darlene J., 380. 438 445 Rudolph. Barbara, 287 Rue, Margie J., 265 Ruel' David L., 321 Ruef, Melvin R., 241, 441,452 Rulilson Harmon H., 311 Rummens, Wendy L., 90, 271 Runck, Emilie E., 260 Runstad, Jill, 281, 462 Runum, Gordon L.. 241 Rupley, John. 160 Rush, Don E.. 249 Russell Russell . Alva, 416 . Arlene C., 275 Russell. Dave A., 327 Russell Donald L., 158, 351 Russell, Jim, 156 Russell, John R., 305 Russell Ruthlo Ruther , Regina, 381 rd, Carol L., 295 241 ford, Dick, 317 Savelle, Peter D., 363 Saviltko, Joerene M. 403 Sawiu. Anne V. B., 55, 60. 269 Sawyer Jim D.. 312 Saxton, Bobbie, 281 Saxton. Claire A., 281 Sayler llugh, 7187 Sayre. Donald R.. 306. 447 Sayre John A.. 193. 5116 Sayre. Matt. 3110 SCABBARD to BLAD1-1, 463 Scalley Judith L.. 277 Scales, Bonnie, 275 Scea. Robert. M., 312 Schaefer, Stephen R., 241, 365 Schafer, Louise R., 283 Schaler Ronald H., 241, 386. 475 Schalk. Erica L. 241. 275 Schalo. Shari D., 57, 277. 461 Schappert Edna-Caroline. 241. 273 Schatz. Audrey M.. 241. 445. 476 Schatz. Nancy A.. 279 Scheigger, Stan. 46 Sehefller Hildegard, 249 Schegolkov, Lea V., 49, 63, 249, 287 Schepman, Frederick L., 387 Schepmen, Hodie, 348 Scheumann Douglas R., 307 Schevesinger, Joan, 443 Scheyer, Gwen O.. 248, 458 Ruthrut't'. Dorene L., 241 Ruud. Douglas F., 357 Ryan, Bonnie L., 383 Ryan, Joanne C., 277 Ryan Judy A.. 265 R5 Ry 'an. Kathleen M., 241 'an, Larry, 387 Ryan, Marjorie A., 260 Ryan, Milo, 92 Ryan, William H., 351 Ryker, George C., 309 Ryker, Rodney P., 309, 315 Ryles, Jerry, 50, 55, 61, 65 71, 330. 480 Ryning Karin A.. 275. 460 S Saasen, Arnold L., 358 Saberhagen, Janet, 241, 283 Sabo, Joseph T., Sabo. Thomas, 395 Satire-n. Leonna J.. 121 271. 462 Sagle, Arthur A., 241. 438. 464 Sablberg Judy A., 104.279, 460 Sahlin. Edward 452 Sahlin. Karen A., 287 Sahr. John R., 336 Sakaguchi. Suzanne T.. 434. 437 Salkeld, James L., 309 Salmon, Joyce 295 Salmon, Laura May, 248, 458 Salt, Suzanne, 249 Saltman Salzberg, Sampson . Benedict M.. 387 Sampson. Sampson, Sampson. Samuels. Samuels Leon B., 347 David W., 347 Richard A., 309 Roger L., 361 Dick T., 117, 160.319 Roberta. 296 Stanley M., 241, 347 Scheyer, Richard, 471 Schiebel, Joseph. 49. 54, 241. 363. 480 Schiehel, Remigius. 363 Schniebcl, Mernig. 49 Schiessl, Madeleine D.. 168, 265 Schill John M., 337 Schindler. Robert E., 321 Schinke. Larry N., 451 Schirkolsky, Barbara J., 293 Sehirmer, L. C., 341 Schlaelli, Wayne E., 248 Schlegel, Marna D., 295 Sehlegel, Rowena M., 49, 60, 63, 259, 295 Schmad, Wayne, 471 Schmidt Helen M., 382, 438 442 Schmitz. Schmitz. Schnatte Alan F., 189, 333, 427, 429 President Henry, 14. 252 rly, Ann, 249, 277.442 Schnebele, Dave. 361 Schneider, David F., 365 Schneider. Ken L., 345 Schneider, Larry K., 69, 333 Schneider, Sally A., 47, 60, 273, 455, 479 Schoenteld, Ralph, 364 Schoenfeld, Suzie, 274 Schoreman. Mark H.. 155, 348 Schrader, Caro1eA., 266 Schram, 1.10,-a W.. 17 Schrecengost, Stanley Schropp, Donald R., 367 Schubert James E., 203. 363, 429 Schuck, Shelby A. 273 Schueler, Suzanne, 48, 265 Schuh, J Schuh, J ack W., 241 ohn D., 119, 305, 318 Schuh, Robert A., 318 Schulenburg, George A., Jr., 242 Schuler, Jim, 115 Schultz. Barbara L., 293, 462 Schultz, Betty Jeanne, 265 Schultz, Carolyn C., 260 Schultz. Schultz, Schulze, Elaine M., 384, 438 Janet-Lee, 122, 271 John C.. Sanborn, Sally B.. 241, 263 Sandberg Karen E., 263 Sandberg, Phillip L., 241, 351 Sandell, Charles W., 318 Sanders, Bill D., 430 Sanders, Peggy J., 279 Sanderson. Joyce E., 72, 293, 431. 477, 479 Sands, Paul F., 355 Sandvik, Stanley E., 151. 351 Sandvik Wilhelm Lorents. 249 Sandwith, Colin J., 336 Sandwith. Ron 307 Sanford, Lawrence, 369 Sanford, Sandra, 241, 281 460, 479 Sanford. Suzanne, 134, 277, 462 Schur. Marianne L., 242, 265, 430 Schuster, Joseph A., 346 Schuyler, Paul, 394 Schwab, Andrea, 263, 460 Schwartz, Flora R., 296 Schwarz, John D., 242 Schwartz, Larry J., 347 Schwartz, William 390 Schwartze, Patricia E., 273, 446, 447 Schwauel, Don, 324 Schwedes, John C.. 242, 348 Schweizer, Caryl N., 266. 462. 477 Schwindt, Sharon E.. 78, 265 Schwitters, Dorothy Jo., 266, 438, 442 Scott, Allen B. 343 Scott, Ardis S., 279 Sankey, Robert W., 305 Sansburn, Kenneth, 241, 447 Sansburn Mary Lu, 241, 447 Santee, Charles M.. 390 Sanwick John D.. 367 Sargent, Betty, 241. 281 Sargent. Harrison P. 241 Sargent. Wimpy. 202. 343. 413 469 Scott, Charles T., 155, 358 Scott, Earl, 419 Scott, Edith H., 63, 295 Scott. Jack, 55, 205, 333 Scott. Mary E., 263, 462 Scott. Robert J., 335 Scott. Roberta M., 67. 269 Scott. Teresa L.. 67. 249, 383 Sasaki. Satero. Joe, 396 Ann J., 360 Sather, Ovidia J. 435 Satber, DeMar C., 390 Sato, Amy E., 437 Sato Kon, 396 Sattert hwaite, Judy, 241, 403 Saugen. John L., 248, 249. 458 Saul, Ronnie M., 130, 365 Saulsman. Richard R.. 241 Saundt Ars. llerb G., 67. 31:17 Saunders Kenneth Y., 348 Saunders. Mary Lou. 282 Savage. Barry .197 Savage. Paul A., 351 Savage, Rosemary H.. 122. 287 47111 Savage Savage , Sharry B.. 122. 287 , William R. 197 Savelle, Dave, 423 Scribner. Suzanne M., 248 Searle, Henry L., 242, 415, 452 463 Searle, Stanley M., 452 Searles. Marikay, 98, 99, 242, 287, 460, 476 Sears, Maureen A.. 435, 462 Sechler, Carol A., 263 Secord, Paul K., 318 Secrist. Ronald H., 389, 448 Seda-Bergman, Carol, 242. 476 Sedlacek. Phil J., 343 Seeger. Al. 92 Seek. Richard L.. 242 Seeschaat. Walter, 458 Sefrit. Barney C., 387 Segale. Sandra R., 242, 260 Sehmel, George A., 248 Seibel, Gail L., 273 Seifert., Thomas R., 242, 321 " n the venue" . :-1v:-:- ::-g-1,:-:':-- -A ''-:-'1:.2::::::1,.:1,.,1::1:,:5,-52:3-1:-:g.:' ,:'.11,.2:,.,:1:I:112243:5:,4:p5,:::1:g:-'gj-t .. ..,.,., .. ,..ii'i'..g X 'H ' 7 f YQ, rn D o 3 'Cf -1 A -I' 7 5' , 5 Q -0 ,O ,V 10 1 l:3,:,Tg" Q' 3 5 0 ?.T 0 4 N. 0 0' U' w ""' EQEEESQEQEQI X9 ci ' 9 ' . Rani 5 Q tc if 4-" f 0' Q X M!!-'t ..,. ,Sr . E 'gags' he S . ' A 9, E 'gage ,T S' W U' 2 0 9 7 lt."ll2f' D7 Q N ci QL 5 Q 0 S 6 91 fr ',.?1'1t1t'.' x, lj. 9 ' tt'il,l1t1l ,igzga1egsg2g5e:::2' A 0 'Q 0 'Il-'t' tieff1g1aza22-1 0 uf U., fa In ,,z1..:.,E5iEE,,,::,5. 0 5 . . 1 0' A' 1' of 2 ff '3- 'H Il""' ."'x7 va ss ""' 'O Simpst Simon, Shit'ley, 294 h Call Cornwall Fuel Co. distributors of famous Rich-Heat Burner Oils and other Seiger. Al 91 Seinfeld. Ileanne M.. 296 Sekor. James G., 414 Selden Sandra I.., 2582 sang, lN1artin, 2565 Seligman, Ilsa H., 294 2161 Sellars. Susan, 249, 428 Sellen, Betty-Carol 242. 29.5. 140 Sellen, Dave B., 2527 Sellers, Janet R. 64. 295 Sellers, Janice Yxonne, 249 SIGMA PHI 1fIl'SILON. 2552 SIGMA 151.5551 Sigurdson. Darlene tl 279, 456 Silbermayr. Iirnst. 251. 2586 1258 Silliernagel, Mathias J. Silliman, Marilyn Yvonne. 242, 2582 SILVER FISH 462 Silvernale, Bonnie M.. 242 Silvers. Barbara. 2581 Silverstone l'1llie IJ., 64. 296 Simkins, 155-n R.. 61 67, 25216 RICHFIELD es? PRODUCTS .2 K k PRODUCTS 4 We respectfully MEIrose 0019 solicit your heating oil business Sellers, William 15. 25425 Sells, John l'1.,:5251 Sentell, Ken, 449 Semmern, Carol A., 242, 258, 274, 275. 460, 479 Semon, Bill S., 2509 Senda, Margaret M.. 242, 249 4257 Sender, Roy I.., 298. 2546. 2547 Serr. Bill D., 25256 Servizi, James A.. 242. 415 Setchko, lid 441. 449 Seto. Grace Y.. 242. 2584. 464 Seyerson. Christine B.. 266. 401 Sewell. Derrick W.R.. 251 2589. 176 Sferra. 2588 Shabro. Nancy G.. 2582 361 Shade, Elwood, 445 Shafer, Jan. 2595 Shafer, Sltirley IC. 248, 249 Shaeffer, Betty, 467 Shakar, Alexious. 242, 2588 Shanks, Carol, 19 Shannon, James, 2595 Shannon, Laurel J., 242 2584 Shannon, Virginia M., 277, 460 Shansby, Gary J., 2551 Shapiro, Janet, 296 Sharp, Charles, 120 Sharp, Gail J.. 2925 Shashich, Shirley, 68, 260 Shasteen, Harlen Edwin, 249 Shatizaden, Mahmoud Shaughnessy, I'atricia A., 2725 Shaver, -James Porter. 248 249, 2558 Simmons Douglas H., 118. 242 Simmons, Greta IT., 276 Simmons, Herbert, 2510 Simmons, Jack, 2587 Simmons. John, 2510 Simmons. Robert C., 2500, 25425 Simon, Joan. 296 Simon, Norman, 242. 2547 Simpst in Donald H.. 2511 Simpson John, 84 mn. Pauline R.. 212. 105 We re loaded With Washington Grads and we re proud of it' Shaw. Dorothy I... 2125. 2582 Shaw Luanne R.. 242. 249. 2825. 456 Shaw. Klargaret M. 2125. 4425 Shaw. Robert lt.. 2507 Shaw. Russel I.. 209 Shaw. Sheila R.. 2725 Shay. Sheat Richard K.. 2554 'er. Shirley M. 25825 Sheets, John R.. 251. 2512 Shellaharger, Helen. 462 Shelton, Ginger, 2725 Shelton. Phillip ll., 2505 Shelton Richard W., 2525 Shemarya, Al, 2501 Simpson Roger A.. 4517 Simon, S irley. 291 Sims. Sylvia G. 242. 266 Singer, Dean, 195, 196 Singer Richard A.. 2551 Sinkunas. Toni. 49, 72, 104, 265. 4251. 50 477. 479 Sipe Joseph, 2594 Sipila, Madge, 259, 2925 Sira, Shirley A,, 4255 Sisler, Gary L.. 242, 252515 Sisley, Eden, 449 Sisson, Larry W., 242, 2509 Sjoberg, Niles, 2588 Sjoberg, Riehartl IJ., 2425, 420 Sjolseth. Jack M., 427, 429, 4725 Sjostrom, Carolyn S. 2825 Sjursen, Mary Ann. 2425. 265, 2564 Skagen. Ginny L.. 47, 49. 80. 287 Skaggs. Jim B., 25251 Skaggs, Sylvia A.. 271 Skalbania, Rirliard, 117 Skarperud. Martha M.. 49. 50. 2725 Skoglund, Albert S., 2595 Skoglund, E. Dennis, 2507 Skok, Helen M., 67. 291 Skold, Elmer C.. 251. 2512 Skotheim. Nadine IC.. 248 Skreija. Andi-is, 25925 Skytta, Jutly I.. 67. 89, 26.5 Slater. Sandra J., 2580, 2582 Sleight, Ruwell, 471 Sleizer, Larry L., 2595 Slemmons. George W., 252525 Slipper. Ann, 287 Smalling, Carl J., 2511 University Printing Compan John H Relcl Honorctry 41 RoyG Rosenthal, 20 WolterJ Reid 39 Don Clark, 49 John Hettzmon, 24 Ellen Morry, 32 Theolct Piggott 38 Harold Thctl, 43 4133 University Way MElrose 0075 I C I I . . . . , . I O O O - 1 ' I 1 - 1 ' I 1 - 1 1 - 1 I I . . 510 Shepard, Sydney M., 2825 Shepherd, Frances D., 248 Shepherd, Mary Ann. 2581 Sheppard, Monte, 419 Sherfey, Sue Ann, 279 Sheridan. Phillip M., 118, 2511 Sherman, Edward M., 2565 Sherman, Geneva G., 2581 Sherman, Glen R. 2555 Sherman, Mikell K., 275 Sherman. Robert l",, 2505 Sheron, Ed, 110, 195 Sherrard. Margaret H., 4425 Sherry, Uarolyn M. 4254. 479 Sherry. Stan. 2595 SHERWOOIJ I-1011815.25925 Shields. Burton G., 242 Shields, Frank VV., 2560 Shields, Patricia C., 2584 Shillestad. Karen J., 2581 Shimbo, May Y., 4025 Shimizu, Masaru, 242, 414 Shimmin, Carolyn 277 Shindell, Robert N,, 242 2565 Shininger, Molly E., 279, 4251, 4425 Shinoda, Franklin, 4225 Shirley, Pauline L., 84, 285 Shirmer, Conrad L., 242 Shohan, Robert W., 2595 Sholley, Susan R., 266 Shomler, Robert P.. 249 Shontz, Dick, 120 Shook, Paul R.. 2558 Short. Robert, 199 Shorting, Donald, 242 Shriner, Ralph F. 242, 415 Shuster. Joe, 2547 Shwied, Betty. 165 Sibonga Marty, 90 Sickles, Laren -I.. 2554. 4225 Sidell, Stan L., 151, 2565 Sideres, Gloria A., 287. 242 Siedler Philip Ii.. Jr.. 248 Siegele. Dale H.. 2587 445 Siegel, Annette, 294 Siegwarth, James ll., 242, 2588 Siemens Ruth, 2581 Siemon, James Iidwartl. 289 Siemons, John IJ., 2521 Sierer, Stuart E., 2509 Sievers, Chris I-l., 2511 Sievers, Sally S.. 281 Sigler, Bob, 1925 SIGMA ALPHA I'1l'S11,t7N. 2544 SIGMA ALPIIA MU, 2546 SIGMA CHI, 2548 SIGMA KAPPA, 292 SIGMA Nu, :iso Smarr, Betty H., 248 Smart, Doug J., ost, 1:30, 150, 151.25251 Smeth eram, Donald F., 201, 2516 Smetheram, Herbert R. 2425, 2516, 451, 463, 469 Smidt, Doug, 197, 25251 Smidt, Smidt. Diane, 49, 287 John D., 25250 Smiley, Dennis R., 124 Smiley, Robert. 25255 Smith, Barbara. 1625, 272 Smith. Beverly K.. 287 Smith, Byron L., 79, 2518 Smith, Canfield F.. 25255 Smith. Carl B. 2588 Smith, Carol J.. 67, 275. 462 Smith, Caryl J., 260. 4258. 441. 461 Smith. Christina. 42525 Smith, Curtis F.. 190, 3512 126 Smith, Darrell, 92 Smith, David VV.. 25256 Smith, Delesta. 2581 Smith, Smith, Don C., 2516 Donna M., 49. 2625, 479 Smith, Donna R., 46, 2425, 291 Smith, Dorothea E., 2425, 249 Smith, Dorothy B., 258, 260. 479 Smith, Douglas L. 25525, 2595 Smith, Edward A., 209 Smith, Ed B., 2511 Smith, Edward O., 2425. 2592, 4625 Smith Iiugt-ne H., 125, 50, 180, 475 Smith Floyd Y.. 476, 480 Smith. Frances lf.. 275 -161 Smith. Gary L., 476 Smith, Smith, Smith, George FI., 25525 George E.. 152. 2425, 2516. 454 Gordon W.. 2521 Smith, Graham D., 25125 Smith, Henry Latltl. 22 Smith James M.. 412 Smith. James U.. 2425. 1589 Smith James M.. 412 Smith. Smith Smith. Smith, Smith. James M., 2525 Janet I... 46. 86. 285. 460 Janet M. 2725 -lean G. 266 Karen, 2581 Smith Larry R., 25425 Smith, Laura M, Smith. lVIargutft'ite G.. 287 Smith Nancy Ann, 248 Smith, Nancy K.. 2425, 406 Smith Nancy M., 2825 Smith. Paul, 91 Smith. Richard 2594 Smith, Bob, 191 Smith, Ross A.. 2551 Smith Stephen 13.. 2423, S369 Smith. Stuart A. 23235 Smith Sue A.. 2633 Smith. Ted J.. 2318 Smith. Thonias J. 73117 Smith. 'l'oni H., 155. 7392 Smith. Vance 142, 23633 Smith. Vern. 142 Steil. William L., 3223 Stein Mike. 12t1.2391.-421 Steinbock. Richard A. 2423. 1347, -171 Steincipher. Claire 91, 2423. 285. -164 479. 482 Steiner. Carroll R. 2312 Steiner. David G. 23231 Steiner. Griffith R.. 198. 2423. 23231 Smith. Verna A.. 2423 118. -1711 Smith. Wright M.. 2341 Sniithson, Luther H. 2327 Sinylie. Dorothy, 4232 Snaring, Thor Nl.. 249 419 Snell. Bill, 298, 2423. 23218, 4236 Snider Barbara J.. 285 Snider, Joan A.. 2423. 4112 44121 Snider, Leland VV., 5390 Steiner. Jack F.. 33633 Steiner Robert. L32 50 Stempel Jack M.. 2392. 4338 Stenberg. Grace M., 2381 Stentler Nancy F.. 49. 611, 194 249. 281, 460. 477 Stenman. Gordon T., 2423 Stephas. Paul, 243, 249 464 Stephens, Douglas R., 249 Snider, Snider, Sandra I... 57 285 Willizitii D., 115. 1531. 5361 Snodgrass, Marilyn A., 45, 2421, 45311 Snyder, Art J., V311 Snyder, Danforth 2381 Snyder, Fred, C388 Snyder, Diane M., 33823 Sobich l'ete S., 23611 Soderherg, Carl G.. 2355 Soderberg, Wallace R. 2423, 448 Soderlintl, Sonja L., 4535 Soerjodinopo, Raden. 2387 Stephens, Freeman R.. 248 Stephenson, Al. 91. 232323 Stephenson, Dulcy L.. 2823 Stephenson, Sarah S., 265 Stept, Barbara, 294 Steputis, Larry K., 2307 Sterling, John, 395 Stern Edward F., 365 Stern, Michel P.. 347 Stern, Myrna. 259, 296 Sterry, Adele Lorraine, 249 Steur -Iohn, 394 Stevens, George Neff. 28 Stone N Softky, Lois L., 4623, 467 Softky, Sally A. 47, 49, 723. 2923. 477 Sottky Sara J., 2933 Sohlherg, Helen, 42323 Sohnel Christie Il., 285 Solberg Gary. 449 Somers, James H.. 2453. 33911 Sommer. Bei-ta H.. 296 Sondrud. Sherwin Y. Sontlrud, Sherwood W. 3358. 2394 SONGFEST. 184 Sonntag. Danfortli. 2381 Sonntag Gertrude A., 3184 SOPI-IOMORI-I CARNIVAL. 178. 179 SOI-'I-IOMORE CLASS O1-'FIC'El3S 741 Sorenson, Dwight C.. 2311 Sorenson, Joanne, 2384 Sorensen. Roy V., 2471. S341 Sorgenfrei, Jo 49. 2423, 285 Soriano. Lawrence E.. 2431. 5365 Soriana, Myrna, 296 SORORIA 452 Sourwine, Sally 99 Southworth, Dick A., 1321 Sowa. Kenneth 13., 2423 Sowin, Anne, 64 Soyland, Ernest, 2394 Spadafore Nancy Jo, 57, 281 Sparling. Robert M., 53423 Sparks, Ronald, 2157 Spear, John D., 3341 Spear Philip J., 2423, 2365 Speeoe. Lula M.. 2423, 2391, 455, 482 Speer, Rae 2423, 269, 482 Spellnian Robert. 2394 Spence, Heather G., 287 1 Stevens. John W., 54, 307, 4613 Stevens, L. W., 124 Stevens. Rex A., 251. 388. 4230 Stevens. Robert, 2355 Stevens, William H.. 349 Stevenso n Marjorie M., 2423. 41123 Stewart. Alex. 316, 480 Stewart. Bob. 333 Stewart. Cameron Y. 61. 67. 361 Stewart. Charles H., 209 Stewart. Harley, 458 Stewart. Jay V., 335 Stewart J. D.. 419 Stewart, Marlene A.. 104, 269, 461 Stewart. William Craig. 249 Stewart. VVilliam Edwin. 249 Stidham, Marg, 48, 269 Stilll. Robert M.. 243, 357, 457 Stillens, Carolyni 382 Stimae Dolores E., 48, 293 f St. Jean, Jody 67, 79, 28.9, 460 Stingl. Karl 1Coaehj. 156, 158 Stock, Barbara L.. 275 Stock. G Stocker, Stocking Stocking Stocking Stockley ary L., 2318 Al, 191 ,Donna L. 291 ,Judy A., 291 , Mary C., 291 , Thomas E., 309 Stoddard, Betty J., 2453 479 Stoll, Fred E.. 191, 427, 469, Stone, B iii, 2326 Stone, Cathy L., 244, 291 Stone Janet 244, 2823, 472 Stone. Loren R.. Jr. 2321 ancy Li, 2623 Spence, Spence, Marilyn J., 2423,1.61 4232 Robert R.. atsss. 471. 47:1 Spence. Shirley A. 279, 445 Spencer. Bill L., 2357 Spencer Dave C., 2352 Spencer, Donald B.. 5357 Spencer . Emma 186 Spencer, Janet A.. 12353, 2723 472 Spencer, JoAnn, 48. 266. 461 Spieltnan Robert L., 7361 Stone. Peter G., 244 Stone, Shirleyann J., 244. 287 Stonehocker, Craig J.. 315 Stookey, Donald M., 116, 244. 314, 3315, 429. 475 Storm Wayne A., 325 Stout. Kathryn J., 283 Stover, Janis. 64 Stowell Robert J., 62, 305 Stoyvell. Sandy E., 60. 62, 275. 477 Splits. Irene N.. 248 Spraggg Nancy L.. 261 SPRING IN'1'I3.-XMl.'RAl.S, 198 Springer. Tanya. 23823 Springsteel. AI J., 2395 Sprottt, -Ioan E., 4235 4423 Sprout, Karen. 4423 Stack. Al N.. 243, 298. 21236, 53237 Stady. Williatn J.. 149 3321 Staff, Stephen C.. 2325 Staley, Margaret L. 1216. 269 Staley, Vtlilliam, 88 Stallartl. Bruce E., 249 Stamolis, George, 1611 Stan, Ronald P., 2311 Stanard, H. Duane, 2392 Stanfield, Ralphe. 195 Stanford, James D., 2327 Stangle, Janice, 291 Stankey Betty A., 269, 462 Stanoshek, Shirley J., 285 Stanton Susan J.. 295 Staples, Bill, 1623 Staples Fred R., C3223 Staples, George G.. 155. 214 2453, 454, 469, 475 Starbartl Earl F. 1357. 4423 Starkenburg Shirlee Ann. 249 Stark. Richard D.. 5349 Starks. Brent H., 2358 Starlund. Susan L., 2423 279 Starmer. Shirley. 3381 Starr. Alive. 2621 Stave Robert S.. 47, C315 Stavig. Darrell E. 2119 Stavig. Gordon Harris. 249 Steen. Mac L.. 23211 Steensland. Bereth A.. 275 Steere. Patty M.. '16 2723. ,177 Stetten. Druid -I.. 731111, :BST Stetley James. 2357 St. Pierre. Thomas A. 248 Strain, S andra L.. 435 Strandtvold, Silvan O.. Jr.. 33535 Strang James H.. 358 Strange, R.. 419 Straub, Francis 467 Strauss. Lee J., 323 Street. Marilyn R., 446 Streeter, Clyde W., 412 Strieff, Mary T., 248. 458 Stringfel low, John I., 244, 466 Strobol, Elizabeth A.. 1381 Stroh, Gretchen A., 291 Stroh, James E. 44, 345, 478 Strom, Robert, 395 Strom, Roy, 2324 Strom, Terry A., 195. 197, 244. 2316, 469 Strong, Dave, 85 Stroud, Art 197 Stroud Mary C., 4334 Stover. J anis Ann, 249 Studamen, Daryl A., 2358 George R., 109, 148 2307, 469 Struthers. Jackie. 266 STUDENTS COOPERATIVE ASSOCIATION, 391 Stuht, Sally. 244, 2823 Stull. Donald B., 394 St rugar, Stunz, Thoniasina J., 623. 249. 285 Sturtevant, Brock, 2324 Stutz, Del L.. 321 Stut e R osemarie. 265 Styve. Barbara Jo., 2623 Such John E.. 315 Suder. Vifalter J.. 244. 476 Sugar G ary N.. 345 Sugimoto. Setsuko, 244, 382, 472, 482 Sulky. Jerry. 2395 Sullivan. Sullivan. Colleen S., 281 Frank VY.. 2351 Sullivan, Gerald Y., 315 where Hundreds of Thousands Suzie Hundreds o Mzllzons More people save with this bank than with any other Northwest savings institution. Your sav- ings will earn more . . . with bank safety. . .here! WASHINGTON MUTUAL SAVINGS BANK SECOND at SPR1NG Finn df Oi.ivE E. 45rb ar Iztb N.E. CALIFORNIA 41 W. OREGON 2029 MARKET ST. Nnrlbwzsfs Older! 6 Largest Savings Institution - Member F. D. I . C. 'si :'5 :zz ::: ::: ::: 5:1 2. .. .:. ':: ..: J guuvment and Reagents for BIOLOGICAL PHYSICAL CHEMICAL MEDICAL LABORATORIES CIE TIFIC PPLIE C0. MUtua1 3460 600 Spokane Street Seattle 4 511 Should you need our services, we con supply Swanson,Verre1le ssh ' 'misss u 4 Tag-l'Ts's Q U Niiiglm, 5 f I e:1l'g'ms,,-if Besf P ace In r szivi 'lim is mcsa1oA.,A5,gk,1 7, 4 Town To Save EZ I . .E 3 - l ., fy . ff' g: Each Account Insured of 510,000 i ani 2150 fl ' ' E P UNIVERSITY FEDERAL Eifeffvfs SAVINGS 8a LOAN ASSOCIATION fe y,,.,, E. 45th at Brooklyn General Insurance BIdg.1 Neighbors 1 Diredou: J, E. BLUME, RAY I., ECKMANN, H. P. Evinssr, J. E. HENDERSON Lvl! Goss, Almlun s. LANGUE, D. E. locxwooo, c. F. MQLEAN, LEONARD OLSEN Congrofulafions Class of 1956 Universify of Washingfon We wish you every happiness and success. Sullivan. -lim W.. 3 Sullivan. Price W. 1217 7121111.13111 Sullivan. liolicrl lVlzu'k. 2,111 Sullivan, Sheila 11., 2151 Sullixzin, Shelby, 21218 Summers, Arlcllz- 11.. 244. 271 Suncl Donald 11, 2 Suncllmln. 1.1-Roy Sundezm, 11115 M. Sunden, Janet 1... Sunclcrlund. Gary, Sundquisl, Nnnc-v Sunitsch, Don 111. Surridge. Geri 1.., 2115 Sussman. Clairol, 25 Sutherland. lirnrv 137 11.. 11.3 21217 2751, -41311 155 M.. 21111 1-10, 15141. 7121. 4651 Ni 11. 2187 Suthcrlanrl, Clmrlcs W., 244. 481 Sutherlzinfl. llelorcs l., 21821 Sutherland. -lun:-1 11..24?1,24S1,A1511 Sutherland, Jim. 112 Sutherland. Sllirlc Sulherling. llzillnzi Sutter. Ed 311121 y J.. 4115 I.., 212121.42151 Sutter. Vicky R.. 277 Sllilon. Sirlncx. 21811 Svenclsen. l'aro1 A Swan. Diane. 28-1 Swan Susan K.. 2 .. 28,1 511 Swanson. Fhuck H.. 1511, 2125 Swanson. Elmer -I Swanson. Jeanine Swanson, Nlalculn 2121. 480 Swanson. Sherry 1 ,, 31011, 4711 2181 Swanson. Lois J.. 49. 285. 4111 1J..vlx'..44. 1211 2111, 248, 4511 Swanson Sylvia C., 2921 M., 411, 277 Thacksion. Mzirilyim. 4117 Tl'181'lSOI 1. G4-111411-. 3153 Tharp -lolm -l.. 151, 212121 Thccs. liolve-1'1 A.. 311151 T1-ll'ITA Cl-11 216111 THHTA 131-I1.'1'Al'111,I1rS2 THHTA SIGMA 111-11. -1:35 T1-11-TTA Xl. 2155 Thoemk Thomas Thomas Thomas Q, llmiulcl-l.,f1-15 Alfrcrl. -1111 . Al1l1l'1l0. 277 ,Geral1lA.. 2127412111 Thomas, Harlan 1'., 74, 1512, 212, 244, 3516, 4 Thomas Thomas Thomas 27, 475 . Herbert V. 21115 .James H.. 21861. 414 .Jim S., 1118. 2145 Thomas, Marc-ile Kim-tl:-. 2451 Thomas Thomas . Milchcl, 212113 . Richard -1., 2127 Thomas. Rolxert VY. 11111, 2141. -127, -11111 'l'hoxnas. liolucrt XY.. 12111 Thomzir-. Roy, 31211 Thomas. Sharon l.., 77. 2117 Thomas. Sue. 277 Thomas. lYilliz-im Bcrnzirrl 2451 Thomas Thorne. 475 on. Rolmlcy l'.. 2118 13011. 152. 2-1-1, 11151. 15'1.41tifJ, Thompson. Arlene 11.. 244 Thompson. C'urzi1yn. 277 Thompson. Dixie fl,, -121 67. 1651. 15111. 287 Thompson, George Ann, 281 Thompson, -lack Thomas, 2459 Thompson, Jarnes L., 1151, 2105 Thompson. John, 212 Thompson, John, 2031 HOPPER-KELLY Svvan1z,S14-ven W.. 244, 31121 SW!-vain Kzillmrinn- A., 2457, 4311 Swerllmrk, Ronnlil I,., 515121 SWEIJISI-lt'1.ll11 42121 Sweeney, -loan A.. 291 Sweeney. Joan M., 285 Swenson. Bruce, 21421 Swenson, -lo.-Xnn, 284 Swenson. -locclyn L.. 275 Thompson, Thompson, E. Joan, 248 Marion L., 21115 Thompson, Michael W., 2125 Thompson. Patricizi lV1., 122. 244. 258, 462 Thompson, liiclnxrrl P.. 244. 2155 Thompson. Ronald Pl.. 21121 Thompson, Shirley. 24111 Thompson. Vicki V., 77. 1151, 24511, -1111 Tau1bee,Walt R.. 156, 157, 158, 31211 44 Years in Seoffle NORTHGATE DOWNTOWN 937 NORTHGATE MALL 1408-6th AVE. GL. 1500 SE. 5400 , .7 2 .1 f 2 . hill 7 'fl' 2 ' 1 ,J ,,,,..f, Lf if ff DENNY HALL, SAVERY HALL AND HENRY SUZZALLO LIBRARY Swenson lV1a1'ijo. 22121. 4111 Swell. -lohn Pl.. 24-1.513131 Swift. Ross. 1514 SlVllNllV1lNG. 1521 Swineharl llzivirl V.. 21911 Swisher. Donnlfl l'.. 12411 2151. 211121, 4121. -1411, 457 Sybert VV. Riclinrcl Sylliasson, Shirley. Sylling. Patricia. 711, 84. 2711 Symonds, l"r:ink 11. 21151 SYNCOA. 215115 SYNAD1'll,1'111C' H0lTSl'l. 21511 , 5127 292 1' Tachcr, Sol M., 2518, 21111 Tada llurol M., 4717 Tagg.Sl1crr5 K.. -17. 1151, 118. 1811, 211 Tagholm, Marilyn L., 2111 Takemoto -lamcs T., 244. 21911 Talbot, -lane M.. 118, 2551, 23111 Talbott. Lconzirrl J., 2141 Talcott. Sandra M.. 21121 Tallon Lz1V0nne ll., 11121. 271 Talso. VV31'I1E'l' YY., 2118. 454 Tanabe. Lillian T.. 4517 Taney. Pat. 2511, 461 Tang, Chung L.. 248. 249, 458 Tarr. Beth li.. 2184 Tarrant, Leon, 7190 Tashiro, Satoru, 244, 464, 481 Tasso. Ronald F., 244 Tastacl, Ted, 2190 Tate, James Lee, 248, 2457, 458 Tate, flohn H., 21221 Tatterson, Lois G., 267 TAU BETA 1'1, 481 TAU KAPPA EPSILON. 21511 A FRIEND OF Tl-1E UNIVERSITY OF WASHINGTON 512 TAU P1-11 1JE1.TA,2158 Tauscher, Harold T.. 1151, 155, 2155 Tavis, James R., 7195, 471 Tavis, Wayne A., 4111! H, -179 Taylor, Allan A., 51514 Taylor, Alyce Cl., 122, 249. 1182, -141. 459 Taylor, Delmer H.. 5192, 4421 Taylor. Ernest XV., 21211 Taylor, George li, 241 Taylor, -loan M.. 281. 4115 Taylor. Taylor. Lois.4!l.fi1I,24-1.4:Z2,4TEu Mari M. 2751 Taylor, Rogcr B.. 21211, 4421 Taylor Ron. 152 Taylor. Susan P.. 45. -151, 21131 Taylor. Tom L., 2118 Teagle Sharon, 274 Teague. l'Jnt1onO,. 244, 21110 Thoreson. Park. 21521 Thorn, Rodney l'1.. 1921. -427, 448 Thornburg Lclnnrl H., 2129. 4-159 Thornquist. Paul, 4151. 41151 Thornton. Tllurlc V.. 155, 2121I1 Thorsen. lVlich:u'l O.. 4251 Thoretenson. Rolmcrt M., 1511. 2-4- 363. 427. 4651 Thrailkill, William li., 244, 212111 Thrasher. Donna J. 2181 Thronson, Sallie -lo.. 2621 1, 21192. Thurmer. Harriett l.., 25121. 4311, 42121 Thurmoncl, Allxcrl. 244 Thurston, liolverl Varlislc, 2451. 441. 4451 Thwing, James l.., 244, 4511 Tibbetts, Arlene M., 122, 2557, 2515 Tibbits, lrlarwoocl J., Jr.. 2127, 4221 Tibhits. Robcrt M., 244, 2149 Tichlmurne, Roger l'.. 21111 Tidwell, llun I., 21221 Tidwell. Joseph 11., 248 458 Tighe, Carol. 289 Tighc, Robert F., 248, 249. 458 Tighon, Marie fllziire-, 24-1, 2851. 4I11-1 Tikka Neil E.. 31216 Timer, Katherine -lofllnzin, 2411 Tinkey. Robert P.. 215121, 4218 Titchenal, U. Ralph. 211 Timius. Dzivicl E.. 21111 Tinsman, Patricia A., 21811 Tjonneland. Elling. 248. 251, 11141. 1411, 458 Tjossem. Jackie, 248. 458 482 Toan. Chuck. Toba, Paul rssafs, 417, 4151 Tobacco, Terry C., 1187 Tobin, Louise A., 244, 4212 Tobler, Waldo linzlolph 2451, -158 Todd. Glenda L.. 245, 4211 Todd, James P., 2190 Tokarczyk, Jack fl., 21421 Tokita, Shizuko R., 4217 Toland, Thomas E., 156. 2188, 414, 4421 Tulle, Jerry, 245 Tomita, Deanna Y.. 4217 Tomlinson. -lanc li.. 2821 Toner Ethelyn. 17 Tonelli. Richard -l.. 2107 Toner, Jackie L.. 265 Tonkin. Carol -I.. 2821. 4641 Tonkin, Mainc 11., 21218 Tonkin Merrie Fl.. H. 271 Toole. Clyde. 1951 Torongo, 1-lcl,, -111 Torney. -lack. 155. 1811 Torrance, John R. 1111.21-15 Torrence. Clarice ll.. 21121. 4551. 477 479 Torrey, Richard J., 2125 Torres, Steve S.. 2119 Torve. Theoclnrc O., 311111 Torwick. John A., 21121 Tedin. Mzirlyn, 2184 Teller. Jacquclyn A., 258, 25111 Temby, Shirley A., 4111, 4117 Templeton, Louise A., 2215 Tennam, Terry H., 2161 Tenning, Carl B., 21521, 4211 TENNIS, 1955, zoo Tenzler Furtis 11.,Jr., 21217 Terrell, Karla. 21512, 4211 Terrell 1Nf1:ii'gnm-1 1-I., 141 Terry, Ronald Pl., 112. 244, 5145, 469 TOTEM C'1.lF11. 4751 Totten, -lan A.. 287 Tougaw, William 1.,, 121, 21215 Tower, Gael W, 21911 Townsend, Ada, 2184 TRACK, 1955, 194 Tracy, Tom R.. 1161 Tralle, Georgc l'l. Trask, Laurel L., 287 Traverse. Jack B., 245, 212111 Travis, Beverley A.. 287. 477 EASTIVIAN KOI1AK STORE , Inc. Irnris. Ivan. 212 Treatlgold Donald, 458 IIIl'1'21Cl11t'II. Georgent- A,. 285 'l'rcanor, Chuck VV. 2148 'l'reig1-r. Irwin L.. 248 Trcpp, I1ctty L., 258, 21121 Trescott. Anthony VV., 245, 21151 Trick, Robert M.. 2151 Tritnhlc Ann Marie. 111. -18, 111, 2157 Trimble. Bette I.. 2711 Truss. Mary -I"atri1'in. 2 18. 458 Troupe. Edward Warren 2451 Troy, Charles Edgar. 2411 Troy. Preston M.. 21115 Troyer, Richard H.. 212111 Trumble, Ronald M., 412 Trumbull, Jim, 212121 Tsao, Chih Ming, 251 Tschutlin. Mary S., 511 Tsue. Yukiko. 4217 Tsuji. Amy M.. 4217 Tuck. Robert M. 21215 Tucker, Fred A., 212121 Tudor, Jeannie, 2181 Tucll. Dave, 1211 'I'ul't, John, 144, 1411 Tuininga, Ann FI.. 275 Ttlranciol, Fuat. 245, 21811 Turk, Avrum M., 245, 21135 Turk, Patty A.. 245. 275 Turk, Thomas W., 21221 Turnian, Eleanor S.. 21111 Turnhaugh, Douglas I1., 1115, 245 Turner, Ambrose I1.. 251 Turner, Charles IJ., 2148 Turner, Dick. S148 Turner, James, 4111, 41121 Turner, Judy L., 21111 Turner. Ned, 12121. 245, 21211 Turner, Robert G. 2111i Turner. William IJ.. 124. 211151. 4733 Turney. JoAnne, 285 Tuttle, Sylvia E.. 44. 45, 49 621. 1213. 293 Tweedie, Luanna M,, 21517, 446. 447 Twidwell Boyd L., 2125 Tye. Joyce Leah. 41, 511, 1111, 621. 2121, 245, 253, 472, 474, 4711 'WEE BUSINI-:ss s'rArr, so 'ryan 1-JDITORIAI.. 711 Uhaghs, Ronald A.. 112111 Udcl. Albert E., 2212 Uetz, Peggy A., 122, 271 llhhnan, Wes C., 211111 Uhrich, Don D., 2141 Ulbrickson, Al, 1851 Iflyestad, Roger I1.. 248. 2411. 458.468 Ununel, Alan I... 51115 Ilniphlette. Jeane A.. 21151 UNIV. CHRISTIAN UNION MENS HOUSE, 452 Uno, Sheilah T., 4217 Unosawa, Jeanette K., 4217 Urakawa, Marianne I-I., 4217 Urbaniak, Maria, 482 Uri, Sonja K., 271 Iftilman. Wes C., 245 Uyetla. Martha C.. 4217 Uyccla. Sam, 2190. 215111 V Vail, Curtis D.. 21 Vail, Norman W., 245, 41111 Vail. Van Horn, 245. 2411. 2155. 458. 4621 VALHDA. 4217 Valentine. David A.. 44. 115, 1321, 245. V105 457, 459, 475. Valentine, Ralph S., 248 Vannncn, Margaret L., 21821 Van. E1-ic P., 245, rim. 41111, 4158, 473 Van Antwerp, Sherron A.. 245. 401 Van I'1rocklin. Lester I'., 117 11111, 21221 Vance. Julia R., 2711 Van Cleve. Richard. 21 Van Cleve. Richard 21111 Vandcrhyde. Ann 2184 Vanderslice. Gorden S.. 245. 7125. 416, 462 Vande-rVoet, Gayle J.. 4115 Van Hollebeke, Janet L., 21111 Van Horn, R. B., 27 Vann, Lawrence K.. 2115. 4811 Vanni. Ralph -I., 211121 Van Patten, Kay. 2181 Van Pelt, Edward B., 245. 21217, 4110, 41121 Van Pelt, Richard W.. 21217, 4210, 4621 Van St-hiak. Judith. 2181 Van Scoyoc Arlene Ii.. 2118. 215. 275, 455 Van Skyhawk. Norman J., 2115 Van Steenvoort. Marian, 4212 Vantilborg, Sue, 2451, 442, 4511 Van Tyen. Maria IC., 245, 277 Van Volkingburgh. Wilma J., 245, 441 Van Woutlenherg. Stcpliifn, 2187 Van Wyck, Rotna-Jean. 21121 VARSITY BOAT CLUI1, 4211 'ARSITY CREW. 15111. 1511 Hisks, Voldemars V., 21514 X X Vaught. Thomas E., 21151 Vaux. James G., 245,415 1 Vaux. Walter li., 21221. 4721 Veale, Tliolnas I",. 245, 2125 Verdi, Yolanda L.. 245. 2621 Vestuto, Louis, 11121. 164 Vicbrock, Marilyn A., 2181 Vieira, Robert, 212121 Vigneau. Arlene lVl,. 271 Vik. James l'., 245. 42111 Villesvik. Mary 268 Viloudaki. I1rnc1-. 421 Vincent. Lois A.. 245. 285 Vining Paul IC.. 245, 212151. 468 Vining, Virginia. 2821 Virak. Roy I1.. 21151 Vitaljie, lfrank, 2187 Vilous, Walter T.. 251 Voegtlin, Karl, 1411 Vogler, Ronald J.. 212111 Vohs, -lake N,, 211111, 71115 Volk. Thomas J.. 245 Volkman. Cecil ll.. 2158 Volotin. Norlnon M.. 21155 Vonder I-Iouu cn. Adrian G.. 2195 Vonkin, lVIcrric, 114 Von Krosigk, Jean J., 114, 285 Von Lubkcn, I"retl1rrick H, 351 Von Luhken, Lucy A., 2821 Von Talbe, Gerard W., 21115 Vowles, -Jeffrey IJ.. 211121, 4218 Vulcano Phyllis A.. 271. 482 ..W2, W Kiev, 477 Waddingham, Judy A., 245, 2651 Wade, Audrey L.. 48, 21121 VVade, 1Villiani S., Jr., 21621 Wadekamper, Arthur L., 412 Wagar. Richard A., 2116 Wagenhals, Walter. 421 Waggoner, I-Itlwartl M.. 245, 2141 Wagner, Herbert A., 124, 2190 Wagner, Janice M., 21121 Wagner, Judith L.. 258, 281 Wagner. Walter N., 21111 Wagnon, Allen, 445 W'agstaf1'. Louise, 245. 287 1Vahl. I'Ioward W.. 245, 2188. 4211 Wahl. John. 21511 Wahl. Karen L., 245, 285. 455, 41111. 4711 Wahlstrom, Nelson A.. 16. 50 Waid. Margo I-I., 45. 411. 57, 267 Wales, Ron n., mi. 245, 305, 427, 41111 Waiss Mrs. Kay IJ., 245 Waite, Wendell. 118 Wakeman, Fran, 411. 2821 VVakeiield, Sue, 282 Waldal, James 1'.. 21121 Waldbaum, Kenneth W., 197. 21155 Waldo, Robert. 18 1ValdrEp, Sharon G.. 267, 461 Waldron. Carol M,, 289 Waldron, Dean, 442 Walgren, Gordon, 48, 21421, 475 DINNER JACKETS- White, Blue, Pink TUXEDOS DANCING GOWNS COMPLETE WEDDING APPAREL For Men and Women ffl 4716 UNIVERSITY WAY Fllmore 4100 Special Rates to University Students natty, 'L ' LINGERIE ' CORSETS 2 .2 ' HOSIERY g 1- A' MElrose 0311 .... -.,-, l N 521 A . 2" 12 1 l L., 4308 UNIVERSITY WAY Wa Walker. Bruce A, 245, 2151, 354 Walker, Delores Jeanne, 249 Walker, James R., 248, 458 Walker, Lee H.. 2111 Walker, Loren. 511 Walker. Nancy P., 57. 287 Walker, Phil W., 2111 Walker, William, 5141 Wall, John 21115 VVall, Patricia A,, 4214, 442 Wallace Wallace , Gordon G.. 21215 .Jim VV., 2157, 428 Wallace. Minor, 457 Wallace, Richard IJ., 21221. 465 Wallace, Tony. 212111 1Vallb0 Connie 2711 m. 2 ,.. . VValler. Barbara. 1821 Wallerius. Lynn A.. 245. 277, 47 482 Wallgren, Charles R., 21421 Wallin, Karen A.. 287 Wallin, Karl A.. 21115 Wal lin2 Myrna R.. 2411 277 Wallingfortl. Judith L.. 21111 Walsh. Mike P.. 2127 Walsh, Richard T.. 215111 Walsh. Shirley A.. 1118. 2721 Walters, Carla. 77 Walters, Jack L.. 2111 VValton, Be11y,:ss1,41s7 Walton, Joan IG., 451, 277 Waltz, Winifretl A., 2184, 4451, 472 Wamba, Jon M.. 11111. 2145 Wanamaker. Barbara B.. 269, 4511 Wanamaker. James N.. 2116. 427 Wang. Hugh H.K.. 2411 Wanlacc. Nancy I.. 285 Ward. Audrey J.. 2411, 4214 Ward, Janice R., 21117. 4411 Ward, Neoma, 2411. 285 Ward, Thomas I11.. 71, 1114, 1218, 154, 155, 345, 454 Wardell, Shirlee A., 2184 Ware, Jim IC.. 21117. 4111 1Varfield, Robert I... 246, 5127, 416 1Varing. Helen G.. 271 Warmenhoven Paul. Jr.. 2187 Warnek. Ross S., 2411. 2155 Warner, John I1., 115. 821, 246, 2 465 2. 4711. 1110, 4121. Professional, Industrial, Graphic Arts, and Verifax Photographic Supplies. 2619 Second Avenue, Seattle 1, Washington Telephone MAin 9072 'famous for quality Diamonds for 52 years" Hard 's Diamonds As diamond experis . . . only diamonds of finest color, cut ond clarity meet our high standards. 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Tim VV. 71716 WASHINGTON ENGINEER STAFF, 417 Wasmund, Thomas L.. 249, 7119 Wassberg, Charles, 47171 Wassenaar. I-1et.ty S., 4071 Watanabe, lid.. 115 Watanabe, James I.., 209 Waterhouse, Leona A.. 281 Waterhouse. Myra, 246. 464 Waterman, Alvin W., 246. 416, 481 Whisenantl, lJonna L., 246 Whisman, Archie L.. Jr.. 246, 468 White. Vortex A.. 7169 White V1'l1ite. 1Vhite. White. llniit-Il. f1,o. 4 7-1 Donna K.. 291 Dorolliy L.. 621. S1821 Doug. 4271 ..,- -. Vlfhite, G. Dwayne. 21571 White, James ll.. 7116 White. Jerry li., 452 White, Leo C., 251. 71218 White. Leon A., S169 White, Virginia 'I'. 246. 482 Whitehead. Page M.. 260 VVhitehead, Sandra -l.. 80, 285 Whitehead, Virginia A.. 57. 260. 249 Vvhitelev Flora -l.. 440 Waters, George, 420 Waters, Louellen H.. 246 Waters, Wayne G., 190, 246, 307. 427, 469 Watkins, Sue. 442 Watkins, William W., 21711, 480 Watne, Edwin M.. 71171 Arch VV.. 48, 71716. 430 Watson, Watson, Bert. 107 Watson. Edward. 717121 Watson. Watson. Watson. Watson, Watson, Gwen M., 2721, 461 James I1.. 22 Larry. 205 Lynne, 17171, 246. 405 Mary L.. 295 Watterson, James R., 7141 Watts Charley Dean, 246, 2192. 414 Watts, Darlene E., 405 Wauldrep, Sharon, 46 Waxdal, Peggy. 260 Weagant. George A., 249 VVeatherl'ord, David R.. 7141 Vlfeatherwax, Ann R.. 260 Webh, Maytielrl li.. 251, 7169 VVeblJei', Charles E., 71171 Webber, Marilyn, 279 Webber, Paul, 457 Webherley, Gerald, 4471 Weber, Gloria A.. 2191 Weber, Wilma J., 260 VVebert. Alton J., 2121 Webert. Carol S., 7120 Webster, Bev W, 54 60. 2771 LV9I'lSIt'l'. Don I.., 2071. 7116 Webster Dortliy L., 7182 1Vebster, George R.. 2141 Webster, Geri. 1671 Webster, Sylvia L., 277 Webster, William S., 7158 Weeks, H. George, 61, 67, 73, 315, 4771, 480 Weidkamp, Larry L.. 717121 Weidman, IJonna L.. 267 Weigle. Prue. 287 Weijanen. Mark IJ.. 31621 VVeinstock. Irwin, 458 Weiss, Glenna J., 1197, 446 Vveitemier, Isabelle A.. 4071, 404 Weitz. Billie I1., 71821 Welander, Cathy A., 165, 215, 246, 290 455 Welch, Charles l'1,, 7115 Welch, Jim L.. 412 Welch, William IJ.. 3149 Weld, Gail L.. 2771 Weld. Wayne. 421 Weller, Forestine. L., 209, 246 Weld. VVayne C., 246. 249, 463 Wellman, Sandra K., 471, 64, 263 Whitely. Gerald. 164 Whitemaek, Donald. 7152 Whiteman, Charles W., 7105 Whiting, Anne G., 2971 Whitlock, Margaret A.. 295 Whitman, Rht-1 ti I.., 281, 462, 477, 479 Whitner, Lonnie C., 151, 7161 Whitney. Jerry IC.. 120 71911, 416 Whitney Leland. 442. 4611 YVhittendale. Jim E.. 7109 Whybark. David C.. 71421. 480 Whyte, Diane I'.. 261 Wick. Dennis J., 246. 1125, 4171, 4621 VVick, Donald R.. 221 Wicks, Mary, 2181 Widmann, Robert B., 2116 Wiechert. Carl S., 2125 Wieder, Larry Z., 249, :247. 414, 480 VViehl, Richard L., 197. 349 Wiel, William IJ., 246. 249 Wieland. Albert G.. 7186. 440 VVies. Kaye A.. 246. 5182. 472 V1'iggins. Charles VV.. Jr., 71715 Wi glit. S hirlee M.. 291 Wilcox, Gail L.. 2871 VVilcox, Robert, 7194 Wilcox, Sydney, 285 Wilder, Jane C., 51871 Wiley, B arbara L., 48, 261 Wiley, Karlin IJ.. 285 Wilkerso n, Lawrence N., 124, 3621 Yvilkey. Tom IJ.. 71471 1Vilkins. John -168 VVilla1'd. Chris. 4471 Willard. W illard, Harrison R.. 248, 249, 458 Nadine I'1.,60. 287,477 479 VVillard Stan, 4471 Willey, Deanna D., 54, 277 Willey, Fredric M., 246, 1107 Willey, Robert J., 248 Williams Williams VVilliams VVilliams VVilliams Vvilliams VVilliams , Alvin C. .Ann VV.. 291 , Buerk. 209 . Dane A., 246.2167.416 . David L.. 246. 71216. 4671 . Deanna M.. 287 462 . Diane, 84, 247. 455 VVillianis, Elmer G., Jr., 247. 71221. 4210 Williams, Gerald Alvin 249 Williams Heather, 64, 287, 462 Williams: ,ian M., 269 Williams , Joan A., 2071, 7183 Williams, JoAnn E., 7184 Williams VVilliams Williams Williams VVilliams . Joanne, 121 . John I1.. 71711 ,John VV,O.. 7141 , Joseph, 7190 . Leland VV., 7119 Williams, Mark, 7106. 7107 Wells Wells Wells Wells , Edwin, 457 Wells, , Norma .1., 57, 267, 477 , Shirley A., 447 , Steve P., 246, 717171 Ned, 33:3 Vlfelsch. Sharron I.., 2871 Welts, David A.. 2116 Wendle, Kay F.. 168. 269 Wene, Samuel M.. 3125 Wenetla, Eugene E., 248 Werberger, Gary R., 7109 Wernentin, Claire I., 246, 277 Werner, Lee Ann, 246, 2182, 465 WESLEY CLUB, 447 WESLEY HOUSE. 7197 Williams, Mary E., 291 Williams, Michael K., 7141 Williams, Philip 429 Williams. Robert C., 248 VVilliams. Ronald, 7190 VVilliams. Victor A., 247. 420 Williamson. Ann L.. 2921, 461 Williamson, Robin A., 209 Williamson, Ron L.. 71271, 473 Williard, Nadine, 58 Willis, Donald H.L., 124, 328 Willis, Fred G., 1115. 3:33, 469, 480 Williston, Anne C.. 248, 458 Willrieh, Carl A., Jr., 248 Wilmot, Jean, 441 Wessman. Don W., 2107 Wessman, Harold E., 26 West, Carl R., 2190 West. Edward L., 5169 West LeRoy F., 119. 2149 Vlfest, Ronald 7167 West, Terry T.. 7155 WESTMINSTI-111 CLUB, 4411 Westall, Ken, 4621 Westall, Richard J., 118, 246, 7111 Westenberg, Christine E.. 267 Westenhaver, I-1arliara C.. 49, 246 Westland, Andrew K., Jr., 246 Westland, Eugene L.. 246. 418 Westman, Thomas 2190 Westphal. Ellis l1.. 51621, 473 Westwood, litluartl C.. 246, 7188. 419 VVetter. Douglas S.. 191. 2116 427,469 Wetzel. Carolyn I.. 2971. 472 Weyantl Jackie L., 289 461 Weyermann, Bruce IJ., 193, 1167, 427 Wheatley. Daniel, 115, 151, 7190 Wheeler. Kaye IC., 291 Wheeler. Imogene M.. 285 Wheeler, Morgan. 120. 246. 7105 Whilt, Joe H.. 21211 Wilmot, Arthur, 7190 VVils0n, Alice R.. 247. 258, 268. 269, 474 Wilson, Brock I1.. 247 Wilson, VVilson Wilson. Donald C.. 717171 Duane T.. 247. 298. 7129. -1411 Gloria A.. 247. 2-19,2671 458. 474 Wilson James, 2150 Wilson, Jane, 2671 VVilson, Lenore M., 4715 VVilson, Lewellyn L., 247 Wilson. Lois, 274 Wilson, Melvin IC., 415 Wilson. Nancy I.., 84, 275 Wilson. Robert K.. 247 Wilson, Ruth. 21 Wilson. Sally K.. 271 Wilson. Vlfilson. VVimme VVince, Sharon. 3184 Van I1.. 217. 317151 r, Thotnas A., 7107 Frank W. Winchester. Norma J., 44, 271 Windell. John, 7192 Winder, George F.. 247. 429 Winder, Leona Mae. 248 Vlfinder. Mark G.. 21521 Windham, Jerry L.. 247. 298, 2119 Winehrenner. Carol. 267 VYineman. Paul It.. 65, 90. 21517 11'ing. llaniel li.. 164 YYing, Donald VY.. 247 Wing. Melinda, 57. 2821 VVing. ltohert J., 21571 Vt'ingrz-n VVinkley VVinn, It Winship. . Marlene S.. 267 . Donald 11.,247. 4210, 466 olmort M.. 2149 Gordon, 62. 67 Winship Sharon I., 2621 Winslow. Inez Jean, 249, 2184 Winslow Winter, , l'i-te, 46, 85. 215, 247, 21317 Roger, 119. 2105 Winters. Marianne 168, 269 1Viper. William A., 3105 VViprufI, 'IR-d l".. 2109 1Yi1'lz lion. 91 Wiseinan. Ted. 442 Wisen. Byron A.. 412 XYisner. Douglas 1... 2186 Witte. Duane M.. 247 389 Williner. l'i-rquilla. 217. 4312 XYilint-r Iaflzi. 271 VVogsIanvI. 111415. 42121 Wolf, Carol Louise, 248' Wolf, llivk, 2124 VVolI'. Frm Wolf, Jol ld. .192 ni A., 3125. 457 VVoll'. John M., 21519 VVolf'e. Belly J., 247. 384 VVol1e, Jaek YV., 5107 1Yoll'e. James lt.. 2187 1Volfe. John. 2171 Vtfoliie. liirke H.. 155. 5116 Wyman, Bradford ll.. 71211 Wyman. Peter lt.. 51231 Wyne. 1Y. Miehael. 5141 Wyngarden. Leonarri. 2190 Wynne. Dirk. 247. 2128 Wynne. Garnet F.. Jr.. 209 Wymie, Mimi A.. 265 YZ YMCA CABINET. 440 YWCA CABINET. 440 Yale. Richard L.. C1511 Yamamoto, George Hideliirlii, 249 Yaxnanouchi. Mai-hiko. 4431 Yznnashiro. Andrew T., 247 Yamauehi. Jean H.. 4?17 Yamhao. Phyllis 248 Yanagana. Betty M.. 3821 Yanagihara, Akio, 120, 247. 7196 Yanagihara. Mitsue. 401. 467 Yandon. Rirhard, 4051 Yarion, Dave, 324 Yarke, Mary Christine, 249 Yandon, Richard 247 Yanioks. Milt J., 114, 247. 1107 Yeager, JoAnne, 381 Yeatts, Fred L., 7192 Yee. Frances K.H.. C181 YELL SQUAD. 104 Yenne, Rose M.. 405 Yorke. Mary Christine, 232 York, Milton W.. 2155 1Vollim. Bernie A.. 3165 VVoll, l"ranees M.. 247. 295 VYollin. Robert 195. 2165 VVolter, Robert F.. 4721 Wolters. Carla 1... 261 VVOMENS PHYSICAL EDUCATION CTLU11, 4511 WOMENS RECREATIONAL COUNCIL, 42121 WOMl'1N'S SPORTS, 122 VVon, Harriet, 2184 Vvong, Dolores, 2197, 446, 447 VVong. Kenneth KG., 209, 247 Wong. King-Kung. 251. 476 VYong, Yuen K.. 247. 471 Woo, Hazel J., 247 1Voorl, Mary A.. 267 VVoorl. Patricia A.. 21811 Ytioofl. Ii0lll'l'I A.. 1143 Yoshida, Ronald. 5196 Yoshinaka, Jimmy, 414 Yoshinaka. Kenji, 248 Yotsuuve, Elsie N.. 45. 102. 5184. 4517 4218. 440 Youell, Heath R., 247 Youell Thomas, 2116 Young Andrew J., 247, 2169, 457, 4621 Young, Barbara J., 391 Young, Betta A., 2711, 462 Young Ed D., 321. 21211, 4621 Young, Gordon F., Jr.. 21319 Young, Joseph Edward, 249, 2190. 465 Young, Kenneth K.. S189 Young Marcia L.. 1214. 281 425 Young Rohert L.. 1190 Young Rusty. 1213. 247. 475 Young quist. Jim P.. 2109. 418 448 Yowell. Carol E.. 249. 4214 Ytgard. Janice C.. 248. 4.78 VYood. Sallie S.. 57. 277 VVood, St 4621 ephen J., 247, 2107. 428, 4:11. VVood, Thomas, 195, 251. 345 VVoorlIiurne, Lloyd S., 20 Woodmark, Joan D., 259, 295, 461 Woodinark. Marilyn L., 122, 247, 258. 295, 479 VVoodr1lil' John K., 116, 429, 480 Vifoods. Ira. 3169 VVoods, Sally Ann, 248, 249, 458 Vifoocls Shirley, 2184 XYoorlworth. Robert L., 389 1Voogerd. ltofl U., 2107 Woolamai. Gei'aydon M., 155. 349 VVool:4ton, James It.. 463 Worden. J. Rodney. 2127 1Yorley. Jill E.. 2721 Woron. Harold J., 2165 Wort hing, Edgar, 21218 Worthington, Charles F., 74, 211, 247, 2119. 419. 4110 VVortI1ingIon.Joan F.. 277, 462 VVorI hy. Larry. C190 Wot he, Donald E., 319, 423 VVoywL-naar. George F., 247 Wright. David. 421 1fVright.Jessie l'l., 77, 104. 2621. 461 1.Vrigh!. ltoln-rt W., 2125 Wyllie, Carol A.. 2621 Zaeplel, John 313151 Zamelis. Andrejs. 249 Zander. Lynn M.. 285 Zarina, Uija, 49 Zaske, Merlin It., 1194, 447, 465 Zefkeles, John, 4621 Zellmer, Ernest E., 55, 51621 Zerwekh, Janet L., 247 ZICTA BETA TAU, 364 Z1-ITA PSI, 2166 ZETA MU TALL 464 ZETA PHI ETA. 464 ZETA TAU ALPHA. 295 Ziebarth, Robert H.. 3133 Zigler. Janet A.. 2184 Zimmer, Marjorie E.. 5184. 4312. 141 Ziinmerly. Janice M.. 2921 Zimmerman, Drew J.. C155 Zingmark, Joanne D. Zingmark, John R., 247, S121 1 Zirlvel, Bill IJ., 104. 106. 160. 247, 2119 4121. 463, 473, 475 Zoborsky, Alfonso Adam. 249 Zolhrod, Loon lVl., 249, 248 Zobrist, Herbert E.. J190. 4118 Zoffel. George S., 247. 31311 Zolhrod. Leon, 458 Zottnian. Richard E.. 21411 Ztraschlm, Harolyn G.. 168. 275 7 QGILLMA ,SQ Complete Selection of Newest Fashion Fabrics Home Decoration Items and Service I STATIONERS BOOKSELLERS FQ 155 - SEATTLE OLYMPIA Van S. 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