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' Af-255555135 :23iQ323 1f'j,3'f',f' f., f3f'1f'1' , it iii..--:Mir-7--wing ' ' - Q:-7 if 1-'k.1'f-21.1iibfifiit--.f"'v+-ff -.-P-,Lt-75:15:v9+f-:'.:zf5, , Id V- - ' r""'- --r J -'.'-A-fv,v'f? --:vr,'.-ff-.-4'-! I i3fi1f'?:fi3iEf3-'gg .X ii? uf - -- f .2-2.f'i-'S-265'-5-,ig:312E224,5'1Z1:.::iff,L5,'aff'grEf"'-' LSQQQQQSQS.'.K.l.:g'?G,g-gEL.,:5.4,- .-f fm ' ? L22g2-' f:j,z?f9ffl2TjQ?15f"i'iig.-,g1': 1:gqf1 ,f'?Ej:5',.ff55' . ,, , 2Q,'ggf,f-2EL:ffffQ'1i9jg2 ,C -5-21' " -a-3.X,-.5-,,g-,,,1fw7g- .-ap. - g., ,QF , ' if 1 "c'.-4.2?::q,v Jz,'-xr-.1 f-.":5.:T'-9' -", -'.1-1,352 "-'Q','5fZ, 42 "-41.1 '. . ,' ' " '.-- 'i,J:-151114:-frgvl-'51:. Pr ffl, f- N ,fi -T.'.',-1.Lnxk-i,"'f1a'h-1.q?'1".g- , ' V . '-G 41--f.::p '1f'15.p'H.- V-f!4ff"-'Pg-1-cfqxiafv'-51.21 1-17, f73,.q,1:-,--A-,ff A -7 f 4-ff? 15.7 1,5 -11'--A-'-r'--' 'J' ' " w:?fzf:1-:'a3ff 1 .f ff ' - Zi:-.'-I-'?-'ff--'S-13 "'?r-15"-Z' -NLS I - ' z -"1-"-f5?'1'u..f' ' -.4222-f ,-,..., ,- .V :hi f :wg -5-,.'.1.-.31-?:Y,3.4a .'E'g3if-.g3Yl'5,."a' al ,fgdj-1325,-2E,,',i..-14---1--C'?i -,,..ji',q.:f if ,.:T-f' 1.7 ' 1 'A ' - 31.5" ' 1 b Itlfk J 1 'xii . . X l w.- 1 1, ,Wf ' j' 'LL 'tx' N I I ll, ' Q 43 S . ' I 1 . 1, Q V ' - - I 0 Q ., , , , ' - " , 0 Q, 1 Z Q Mlm, 4. - I A V ' X 'ga , 'll 0 ' ' '40 ,x' lq,' ff ' X 1 Z" I . 9 . . , X x Q - - Q 'll I K' , , , l . s. . V Q S .. x ,fa N N . N ' ' 4 N J ' A , , rg V .V 1 ' - Fill, 1,-T1?5 '.i535723-iii'ffffiiiiiiQPeEzrlif?Q2:a+:e1f-QQ, ww.-5 --.2--V -- , . - 1 D ig' ,121-gf1if327:35:-,155-"ell-IZ:-,.:2'f:?5'g,,gi:iL-'2ws-,:5:5-Taz:-v-:Eg-2'L'S1'ii'.1 9:46.-E3 f:.5'.-Qing-.2-. L ,- -ix., liig.-,, -2:1-Z5fggiigX1s:354fS-:iiEEf?Sfiiffzgjyf--fgflfffszii W"12521'h-:'1-gl:-?ji-iii?257,61-5'122:31 --53 L' l , gg, V WF mil vi-2 sf-l ,,, D Xmfv g? 1' 1 K f Q 1 X X i -S f ,ff . ff presenfed by fhe associa+ed siudenis A X of ihe universify of washingion 2 ff! ,df Z X -:H-'Y Jim Hennes, ecllfor Marallyn Frame, bus. mgr. Clyde Robinson, adviser Pai Riney, ar+is+s Carol Allen, B Q X... QLQBEL B ... -Q- ,. GJ! sA"lH2EE-H-H L l N-x"K3l"4 ' 1 in memorium faculty JOHN A. FINLEY mefalurgical engineering VERNON R. FROST iournalism WILLIAM JEFFERSON, Sr. physical educafion JOHN B. SHOLLEY Iaw DAVID THOMSON classics s f u d e n 1 s EUGENE H. HULL WILLIAM LANG JENS W. PETERSON grad M adivl G orgm P spori JA living BI Index academic editor MYRNIE HOEY adivifies editor GINNY HILL organizafions editor PAT NELSON sporis editor JACK HENNES living groups asst. editor BEV NELSON index confenis SECTION' PAGE Administration. . . . 17 Schools .... . . 25 Seniors . . . . 45 Government. . . . . 93 Communications . . . . 131 Seasonal .... . . 149 Queens. . . . . 181 Cultural .... . . 195 All-University Honoraries ..... 209 Department Clubs 81 Honoraries. . 225 Campus Organizations . .3 .... 255 Spring . . . . 281 Fall. . . . . 301 Winter . . . . 319 Minor . . . . 331 Fraternities . . . . 349 Sororities . . . . 413 Independents . . . . 453 ..478 5 all hail o washingfon fhy sons and daughfers sing glad mlm A uid JA vxwu:-f G., '-42305 E wiwv' Li.: 'J H ' ,, . . . ::.'-:'?l f , : . ,' -7'fffSff-T"'Ti"31?7fE'!?I B O w l 1 I Q N 4 l 3 1 5 5 through years of yqg in honor fhy tower: :rs at youth and loyalty fill in age we sing thy tame: ph, towers stand, thy ba1'1'Iemen1's shine in dawning light ' 4,2..--244' Aa. - -.54 -. , .54 .H i I I .. 9 'ij n sf l' - ' and glow again in sunset rays Q.. ,. nn Q..- 4x I .f I2 ff g - ,,,:.a4n'3-if 95. A s.., Q 'M My .ly ,vas Q 4 'iv' - - A--'S---11 'X W! ,Aw , 'I ,W ' L ,.,,,..,, f..v.,mf4.,mf gf ff aw... "' 5 . M 5 v....,...,g-,gi K 7 Alb' 4 L ,il il : 1 ,- .v fu 465 ,' ' ' ,a ff' J: n 'rf 4 1 45 g' 1 F N. ' ffl" .f . af -4-.1 be A +.- .r .. , V-.r .1 ,gg Y-fn.. ' , 9' can f 1 f,-,-,nj I .4711-TE. -K, , 1 ' n..' 5 'v.f"' v Y V Fil' ,C 0 if F-I , wx , Y, 73 1 4 .5Q2.iu,.-:-., ' ,, ' - iL'83ifLLiP' .. 6 444A ml .L 934 ,ga- X. 573:52 1 ,- ,Y 13. 'fs- ... S all hail oh wa hingfon. 5 O 0 alma mater Q :Km agile Q 2 lower campus in fall seen from lhe administraiion building: physics, electrical engineering, stadium, frosh pond, and johnson 4 .. - . ..... - I i il Q 41 I I F if I T M l I - 1 1 1 w "'D 'ND 6 7 4 f 'T' X -'V P' N 1' 4 f XJ 1 A A g , I -. g, V x R T Y W XJ X , , X X . xxx Xi Q, X ,V v jg" Q Y gxd i VV fx' N! K l 4 governor's message Each year I look forward fo fhis oppor+uni+y of expressing my good wishes fo you of fhe Universify of Washingfon and sharing wifh you a fhoughl- or fwo abouf whaf appears fo me fo be fhe ulfimafe goal of educafion. Call if success or happiness or service or leadership. The words, l believe, are inferchangeable, for success depends upon happiness which in furn grows from service. And where men serve fhey become leaders whefher in small communifies or around nafional council fables. No maferialism can bring fhe sense of safisfacfion fhaf a spirifual dedfcafion fo doing fhings for ofher people can bring. Today you are receiving 'rhe educafion and fraining which equip you fo serve beffer, fo live more fully, fo love more ferevenfly, fo lead more forcefully. Whaf of infegrify, honesfy, humilify, courage, effecfiveness, sfafure? All of fhese manful affribufes follow nafurally when serving, when making fhis world a beffer place, becomes fhe fheme of a young man or woman's life: lnfegrify, because he has one purpose, honesfy, because he believes firsf in ofhersg humilify, because he has no shame fo cover wifh false pride, courage, because he knows his cause is jusfg effecfiveness, because he fills a need, sfafure, because God exalfs fhose who humble fhemselves. Service answers every quesfion, and whafever human endeavor you choose fo pursue, if is your key fo suc- cess and your passporf fo happiness. 1 Governor FRF' ' W7 presidenfs message No+ long ago, when I was inviled fo presenl' +0 a high school reunion a man l had known a+ fhe Universily, I Iurned again 'ro my copies of TYEE for lhe years l9l4 and l9l5. I 'Found 'lhere whal I wanled. Bu+, as usual, l found much more. For in lhe TYEES of my own Uni- versify years is no+ merely 'rhe record buf 'rhe spiril of 'lhe Universify +ha+ l remember. Nowhere else can 'lhis spiril' be found, because TYEE, above all, is a record of you+h and of hope. I+ is land l know l risk being lhoughl' an old man fumbling among his memoriesl a permanenl' piclure of a lime 'rha+ is among +he finesr we are privileged +o live. All of lhis is merely Io say 'lhal' TYEE, l lhink, is a singularly significanl' producl of siudenf acfivily. The volumes change from year +o year, bu+ each is an expression of +he Universi+y as we know ii, as we live il, and as we like 'ro remember i+. ln such a record, a universi'l'y presidenl has only a suppor+ing role. He may be honored in posifion and in con+exl', bul' he knows +ha+ +he pages 'rhal will be mosl' frequenlly examined are 'rhose +ha'r pre- senl' +he faces and ac+ivi+ies oi sfudenls. And he knows, as l know, +ha'r +ha+ is as i+ should be. To all of you who consull TYEE for i954 I say only 'rhal I am ceriain you will find here a book +ha+ springs from fhe heari' of a much-loved Universi+y. The Universi+y has done i+s besl +o lrain you for produc+ive work and for +he responsibililies of ci+izenship. ll' has 'fried fo s+imula're you, lo make you aware of +he world, 'ro give you new apprecialion. I+ has 'fried +o show you, loo, how much man sl'ill does NOT know, in l'he hope 'lhal' you may yourself con'rribu're 'l'o knowledge. ln counlless ways, 'rhe Universily has shaped your loves. Bu'r 'lhe +raining and rhe shaping have been accomplished by a 'lolal Universify-by all of your con+ac+s wi+h 'rhe people and even+s 'rhaf TYEE gives you. As you l'urn 'lhese pages you will be lurning, for +he 'firsl' lime, pages +ha+ will seem 'ro grow more irnporlanl' as The years go by. And by furning lhem you will share, l +hink, +he pleasure and +he sense of loyally +ha+ have been fell' by o+hers lhroughoul 'rhe succeeding generalions of Universily his+ory. Presidenl' 4... The Board gf Regen+s, governing body of +he Universi+y, are ffeff fo righfj: Board PreSider1+ Charles Frankland, Mrs. Herberi Gardner, Charles Harris, Grani' Armsirong. MPS- Helen E- HOBQIBDCI. SeCfeia"Y +o 'Phe Board, Thomas Balmer, H. P. Everesf, Vice Presideni' of UW: Dr. Donald G- C0Fbe++I DV- HSVWY Schmifz, Presideni of UW, Nelson Wahlsfrom, Compirollefl and W'nl0Ck M'ller' board of regenfs By s+a+e law, 1'he governmeni' of ihe Universify is vesied in a BOARD OF REGENTS consisfing of seven members 'voolnred by rhe Governor, wirh +he approval of 1'he S'l'ai'e SL They serve for 'rerms of six years each, wifhoui' pay. All final decisions concerning Universiiy regulafions and policies mus+ come from +his body. r HAROLD P EVEREST Vice Pre 'cl 1' F h - . Sl en o 'I' e Universiiy of Washingfon, was appoinied +o 'rha+ posiiion in I9S2 affer serving as Acring Presideni for +he preceding six monihs. He ioined ihe Universi'l'y faculfy in i938 and be cl' ' - came lrecior of +he School of Journalism ID I944. 20 - V Y V- L - ,wee-v.-.1--v-w---1:-rr-ew-r.:fqisr-e if. tlvvvirf-"f-'ifS'K+1-'f.1"'T-"YW ---vf- .:fA-,,A -.:' --is-11-sez: 4.2 ,es-Z-exe-,-:,f::-':se:1::-:ws:rf fri ' --:mo-'f"--- f ' " -r - -N ' . . ' ' f A , s N S in B mIecI They isioni from Igfonl idenf i938 office of sfudenf affairs DEAN OF STUDENTS Dona ld K. Anderson 'va-J EXECUTIVE OFFICER ASSISTANT DEAN OF STUDENTS COUNSELOR FOR INTERNATIONAL GIen T. Nygreen Leona Saunders SERVICES Jim Davis 'NW T! N N" w '77' --fm ASSOCIATE COUNSELOR ASSOCIATE COUNSELOR ASSOCIATE COUNSELOR WancIa AIexancIer Thomas Hodgson Roberi' Porfer 2I Iwiu COMPTROLLER Nelson A. Wahlsfrom ASSISTANT COMPTROLLER Ernesi M. Conrad No ins+i+u+ion can funciion well wiihoui a capable and efficieni adminisiraiive sfaff behind ii. Piciured here are Ihe I7 members of Ihe Universi+y's sfaff 'ro whom goes all credil for I'he smoo+h func+ioning of our school. Their various posiiions necessarily cover a wide range of duiies. A glance ai' Iheir various 'rifles suggesis 'rhe broad areas of Universiiy inieresi and influence exiended by each. The adminislraiive siaff are each charged wiI'h specific aspecI's of adminis+ra+ion and are well 'Irained 'ro give wise direciion I'o Ihe operafion of 'rhis Universiiy. Under I'heir leadership falls 'rhe com- prehensive responsibiIi+y of mainraining and improving 'rhe finan- cial, physical and educalion well being of 'rhe UniversiI'y and i'rs s+uden'rs. dmini tration EDITO R OF PRESS CORRESPONDENCE STUDY WI I """m M- Read Dmecrok, Foon SERVICE G eorge P. Horion Margaref E. Terrell EXTENSION CLASSES Mariin N. Chamberlain CAMPUS HOUSING 1 J. Arfhur Pringle DIRECTOR OF U. RELATIONS Neal Hanes IN-SERVICE TEACHER TRAINING Edgar M. Draper REGISTRAR EII1eIyn Toner DIRECTOR OF INFORMATION Irv Blumenfeld vcr' DIRECTOR, SUMMER QUARTER Eric L. Barr XSSES arlaifl LIBRARIES DIVISION OF ADULT EDUCATION PURCHASING AGENT WOMEN'S RESIDENCE HALLS Harry C, Bauer Lloyd W. Schram John W. Harding Pafricia McClure ALUMNI ASSOCIATION PRESIDENT Arlhur Gerbel, Jr. The Deans' Luncheon is a Iradifional Homecoming evenl popular wifh gradu- afes. Held in fhe Hub, if gives alumni an opporfunify fo renew friendships wi'lh 'their 'former professors. The Senior Recephon is given annually In The Sylvan Theafre immediaiely fol- lowing Commencemenf and honors rad- alumni - . ' 9 uahng seniors and 'Iheir families. M ALUMNI ASSOCIATION DIRECTOR R. Bronszlon "Curly" Harris The "Golden W" Reunion of Ihe Univer- sf+y's 50-year class is one of ihe mosl popular evenfs sponsored by Ihe Alumni Associafion. Alumni who gracluaied 50 or more years ag: are presenfed wilha "Golden W" pin a+ a recepfion in Iheir honor during Commencemenf weelr. The Sunday Evening Firesides presenl lou' lec+ures during Ihe winI'er qUBg4Zn:!HZQ d adu- . arandgrlm' inleresled alumni. An Alumni selecfs ouIs+anding professors ales as spealcers. Leff, MF Fr Clyde Robinson: Dr. George T-Wlo" a Ray Easl professor: and Mr. and Mfs' Eclcmann discuss plans for Ihe Series- I fxf e Q 4? N Gab -x. 'QV CJ -JN., 9 college of arfs an The College of Arls 8: Sciences includes eighl schools and forry deparfmenls, 'rraining over len lhousand sludenls for varied occupalions. The College's lhree main divisions, Humanilies, Social Sciences, and Sci- ences, offer courses ranging from pure science ro classical li'I'era'rure. Also in lhe College are sludenls under 'rhe General Sfudies program and 'l'hose prepar- ing for enlry info professional fields such as law, medi- cine, denl'is'l'ry, nursing and leaching. The School is headed by Dean Lloyd S. Woodburne. Sludenis of our campus may 'Find a weaH'h of opporlunify in lhis College of s'rudy. cl sciences DEAN LLOYD s. woonaukue ENNY HALL f -I am: iar I . v 1- d h- I . andmark of our campus, will be reno- G 6 'l is Year ln The h0Pe of preserving il as fhe firsi' building Of our Universily. 26 ANTHROPOLOGY ARCHITECTURE Erna Gunfher Ar+I1ur P. Herrman eno- :Iing ART BOTANY CHEMISTRY CLASSICS WaI'rer F. Isaacs C. Leo Hi'rcI1cocIc Paul C. Cross J. B. McDiarmid COMMUNICATIONS DRAMA Vernon R. Eros? Glenn Hughes 313 ""'l"l-camp-' C C college of I ECONOMICS FAR EAST FISHERIES GENERAL STUDIES J. Richard Huber George E. Taylor Richard Van Cleve W. Glen Lu'I'ey 3 ENGLISH I I Roberl' B. Hellman I MAT:-IEMATIC: GY 5 C I B. All cl . MUSIC l ar en Geller Phul E. Church S+anley Chapple S METEOROLOGY and CLIMATOLO aris and sciences 3. 'x I GEOGRAPHY GEOLOGY GERMANIC LANGUAGES HOME ECONOMICS Donald Hudson Howard A. Coombs and LITERATURE Jennie I. Rownfree HISTORY W. SIuII HOII' Curiis C. D. VaiI TIER- Il' 3' It 1- - I 37,24 ' "Af", "' OCEANOGRAPHY PHILOSOPHY POLITICAL SCIENCE Richard H. Fleming Ar+I'1ur E. Murphy Kennefh C- Cole 29 wg-A WOMEN'S PHYSICAL EDUCATION MEN'S PHYSICAL EDUCATION . Russel K. CuIIer Rufh M' W'Ison UQ PHYSICS PSYCHOLOGY ROMANCE LANGUAGES John Manley Roger Brown Loucks and LITERATURE Howard L. Nos+rancI I I SCANDANAVIAN LANGUAGES SPEECH and LITERATURE SOCIOLOGY Sverre Ares'I'acI Horace G' Rahskopf ROIDGFI E. L. Faris I 30 ZOO LOGY Nw Arfhur W. Marfin in f DEAN FRANCIS F. POWERS ANDERSON HALL DEAN GORDON D. MARCKWORTH college of educafion Under fhe direclion of Dean Francis F. Powers, 'rhe College of Educafion frains s'ruden+s for posi'I'ions as leachers, principals, and adminisirafors afler grad- ualion. One of +he facililies of our college is 'I'he exfensive program of cadel' reaching. H' provides an excellenf 'lraining program for 'ihe na+ion's fufure educalors. 'P 11 .1-vrwrrvf' " college of forestry The College of Foreslry, headed by Dean Gordon D. Marckworlh, is of major imporlance in 'lhis region of logging. The school offers specializalion in loresl managemenf, logging engineering, and foresl prod- ucls. The possibilily of placemenf affer graduafion is greal wifh posilions available in lhe Foresl Service, logging companies, and wood, plas+ic, and paper induslries. COMMERCE HALL The College of Business Adminislralion, coordinaled by Dean Auslin Grimshaw, is divided ini-o 'four main deparlmenls: Accouniing, Finance, and Sl'a'ris'I'icsg Marlceling, Transporlalion, and Foreign Trade, General Business, and Policy, Personnel Relalions, and Pro- duciion. ln addilion +o ihese major divisions is The Bureau of Business Research, doing research for business and governmenl' agencies on request This service compiles reporls in iopics of currenl inleresl' io 'rhe school and 'lhe communily. Dean Grimshaw is cons+an'l'ly seeking new fields of in+eres+ in which 'rhere may be sludenl demand, in order 'ro keep +he College of Business Adminislralion a lop school in our Universily. C0 sg, llege of DONALD H. MACKENZIE Accoun+ing, Fina nce. and Sfafisiics ffl business adminisfrafion HENRY A. BURD EDWARD G. BROWN JOSEPH DEMMERY Markeiing, Transpor'l'a+ion, and Policy, Personnel Relafions General Business Foreign Trade and Produc+ion Siifiiiifliifilil e L"A ns Q.-'A-41' iq" s "dw k ht of WM gym Q 4. -av f,.,,.., .. 4 www W. .W DEAN HAROLD E. WESSMAN . STUART W. CHAPMAN Humanisiic-Sccial Siudios The College of Engineering, headed by Dean Harold E. Wessman, is one of fhe fasiesf growing schools on fhe campus. The college, wi'rh nine divi- sions of specialized sfudy, has become one of fhe besr in Jrhe counfry. The Engineering Deparimeni had i+s beginning fifiy-lwo years ago in Denny Hall, growing rapidly, un'ril i'r soon ouigrew ifs faciliiies. I+ was +hen 'rransferred 'ro lower campus, where More Hall and +he Elecfrical Engineering building were buil+. The addiiion of much new equipmeni' and an increasing inieresi in This 'Field have caused ifs con- 'rinual growih in receni years. VICTOR M. GANZER R W Aeronaufical Engine-erin g Chemical Engineering C I ivi Engineering E. R. WlLCOX General Engineering , N MoULToN ROBERT B. VAN HORN - i ax if 1 JI ,J V , ' W i 3. , " - -fqrgff , , ,iqmtbgrg fs sh -.1 . 3- Q ,, 7 , N ' .rx j-R1 sg, - V? fi -V 1N:3,5,:. N 'Wy mix 44, ww? as , ' . ., f - - '-,. .Q V 1-fwgas 4 25' E? -.', , . n -we 3 fgw11?',r:,:,' ,.,,g if" BRYAN T. MCMINN Mechanical Engineering X M ' 1 us, Aix we s 'fn LgQ,Tf'l"i ,, . 'Z ,, sf ' LH S N 'gi X' GP X -if 1 mv T ' ' X. 1 1 L 1 ,Q 'r Q-. X V 1 2- , ll' he + Q , ' , -1 s . s- 4, N ,, , , X X 'W X- 7 1 4 Y 2 r fs' gf 1 , M 'gs X. eg ' ff Y vsXg,,n' fi, 1 as x W me sm. . .vw -sh' ,fi if 4 zrikgrx 'N 3 1 s 3s iies wc' XMB ii' wif I 3, sw Y? 'wx V S 'ui s i , N M. ,, f Q v f ,A ,, 1 we Q ix 'RW is 5 'az -I vs-f wigs Kr , 1, Q. ,S XXL' ,Q 4, X V ui.: gr 1 ,,,v:: ,:.sQ,,. ., " 'fi Q " uw gy rf- 'vom v 'K 3 sf.,,z s.-rj, ,.,-+ .wg 'rg , , - s-if' , was 'am Her.: sikv T " r "f s 'fix' ' fy! .mfs-"1,'-vis -sais'-, - A x X .1 f xr- X x in . 1 1 f-as if ' .sw 1 1- ' A swsziwu , i 2 'Q - .Jvc ,mg ve Ax.. .M :M The Elecfrical Engineering building, beHer known as 'rhe "Double-E" building, is a fribuie +o ihe engi- neering genius on The Universiiy of Washing'ron campus. The Uni- versify can well be proud of +his oulsfanding slruclure. college of engineering AUSTIN V. EASTMAN F. B. FARQUHARSON DRURY A. PIFER Elecirical Engineering Engineering Experimen+s Mineral Engineering X",, f T L school of librarianship The School of Librarianship, a graduafe school, offers fhe degree of Masfer of Librarianship. The courses are designed fo prepare graduafes for fhe various dufies which professional librarians are called upon fo perform. The Bachelor's degree which is required for enfrance may be falcen in any major field. Sfudenfs wifh a variefy of backgrounds are needed as specialisfs in libraries de- vofed fo law, engineering, medicine, business, and ofher fechnical fields. graduafe school fm Our Universify has an excellenf Graduafe School headed by Dean Harold W. Sfokes. H' is Universify-wide so as fo give sfudenfs fhe opporfunify fo earn a Masfer or Docfor degree in almosf every division of fhe Universify. This degree assures fhem of a beffer posiiion in fheir field. The Graduafe School faculfy has fhe responsibilify of coordinafing graduafe sfu- denfs in all deparfmenfs of fhe Universify info one division. I DEAN HAROLD W. STOKE MEDICINE BIOCHEMISTRY H W.Il. ANATOMY h Rober+ . I lams H. Sfanley BenneH Hans Name+ school of medicine ACTING DEAN James W. Haviland SURGERY RADIOLOGY PUBLIC HEALTH Henry N. Harkins Frederic E. TempIeI'on Leland E, Powers I I MICROBIOLOGY Charles A. Eva ns Ac'Iing Dean James W. Havi- land and Ihe facuII'y of 'Ihe School of Medicine are Iaking rapid s'I'rides in helping esfab- Iish one of America's ou+sI'and- ing medical schools. Comfori- ably si'IuaI'ed in I'he recenI'Iy compIe'red HeaI+h Sciences Building, I'he School of Medi- cine will evenfually house no+ only Ihe Basic Science deparI'- menI's, bul' also Ihe Universi+y Teaching and Research I-IospiI'aI. PSYCHIATRY Herloerf S. Ripley x I OBSTETRICS AND GYNECOLOGY PEDIATRICS Russell R. deAIvarez Waller B. Seelye 1 PHARMACOLOGY PHYSIOLOGY James M. Dille Theodore C. Ruch The School of Nursing is carrying on a research pro- gram under foundalion granls from Kello99v Nallonal Foundalion for lnfanlile Paralysis and +l1e .Unlied Srales Public Healrh Service. This research MlIll.COl'1' 'rribure 'lo +he developmenf of nursing on 6 l16l'0"'al scale as well as in 'rhe S'l'a+e of Washinglon. The en- rollmenr of ihe school has recenrly expanded rapidly in bo+h rhe basic and 'l'he mas+er's program- DEAN LILLIAN B. PATTERSON school of nursing . Q Q Q X. r 2. L , , n . - 5, I ' ,... .ln-mm... .W is i BAGLEY HALL, lower campus home of many Chemislry and Phar- macy s'luden'l's, overlooks Frosh Pond, Rainier Visfa, and on a clear day commands a breafh-faking view of Mi. Rainier. college of pharmacy DEAN FOREST J. GOODRICH A drug service deparrmenl' 'l'o serve o'l'her schools and deparfmenfs on lhe campus is mainlained by l'he College of Pharmacy. The School of Den'l'is'rry and 'lhe School of Nursing provide service courses. The college is a member of 'ihe Division of Heallh Sciences which also includes 'lhe Schools of Medicine, Denfislry, and Nursing. I+ was cons1'i+u'I'ed 'lo coordinai-9 'fhe 'reaching and services of 'rhe four members. school of denfisfry "5 FIXED PARTIAL DENTURES PERIODONTOLOGY OPERATIVE DENTISTRY John L ,we Gerald D. STibbs rid V ORTHODONTICS DENTAL MATERIALS PEDODONTICS AlTon W. Moore l'lerberT L. Gaslrill David B. Law DEAN ERNEST M. JONES Occupying a prominenT place among The denTal schools of This counTry, The School oT DenTisTry insTrucTs over Three hundred and TiTTy sTudenTs in The various phases of denTisTry. This year The TiTTh graduaTing class will receive de- grees Trom The school. STuclenTs Trom The DeparTmenT oT DenTal Hygiene and graduaTe sTudenTs in The specialized areas oT denTisTry will also receive degrees. WA' fr F- ,onli ....--f ,T x "-E '-r-TT 'Tn A A1 181 N c . VI - saw ' . .. bgej, T-3-L . .,.3Yf,1-Ml llj- wgspsyzfv V, .K 5: I .lim ,. Mic.-:-'H..w , . -- ' -E'-'UT I ' ,I . . ,V ,-f-,igrsgfffkxri 1-A uQx,a- ..- ., . .: - 6:39-'MZ'-7 .RQEER 3261:--.,f4 ff f" img '54 TVQOEQQ-'Q5g::.' 4,4 N A 1.1, A 'I .fEr'5235f?9'a.,'. Ali- - " 'N . KJ..-'-..lstlf, R, L- if . - gg gf! Nw. -. -1 A A .ss -,T eggs 5 if PROSTHODONTTCS ORAL DIAGNOSIS AND DENTAL SCIENCE AND Hwy A. Young TREATMENT PLANNING LITERATURE Frederic L. Jacobson Bel"l'0l'l E- AHCTGFSOFI '3- ,' - ,f.i:'1-, " . 1 4' N, . 1 1 Z3 I, gf! .. . 91.1. ORAL SURGERY RoberT E. Johnson 4l baccalaureale ll0H0f5 1952-53 , , . I b d on fhe Baccalaureale honors are awarded lo sludenls receiving a 'llrsl bachelor S degree and are age reclPien+'s enlire scholaslic record. Summa cum laude is awarded fo sludenlzs whg give cozzliii four full years al lhe Universily of Washinglon and have a minimum ?l'6de'P0""l' 0 ' ' :gag m laude requires an average of 3-6' and cum laude requires a grade poml' average. of 3.35. agna cu laude and cum laude are awarded lo sludenls who have compleled nol' less lhan ninely quarler hOurS al' The Universily of Washinglon in addilion lo work carried wilh dislinclion al' inshlullons previously al'- lended. summa cum laude Baugh, Margarel' Rae Cummins, Diane Pogge, Ernesl' Chrislian magna cum laude Ballanline, Charles Beachner, William Frederick Bixler, Janel' Traver Brenchley, Ben L. Bryanl, Imogene Susannah Burris, Marvelle Benelia Chillenden, Robin Ann Chrislensen, Ellen Karolyn Forsman, Einar Viclor Freeman, Mark Phillips Gamble, Donna Lois Giblin, Mildred Olive Girard, Roberl' Alan Go, Sumio Graves, Helen Hope Gusfafson, Leslie Alvin Hardy, Joyce Mae Harris, Quinlon Smilh Howard, Weslon Morgan Howell, Margarel' Louise Johnson, Wilbur Vance Koczarski, Woiciech Jan Lohman, Harry William Lowfher, Lawrence L. McAllisler, Richard C. McBelh, Ronald Douglas Machgan, Faye Willene Malfick, William Eugene Meyer, Susi Rulh Mueller, Fred Jack Myers, Elizabelh Jean Nall, William Edward Nielsen, Thomas Harold O'Neal, Eslella Louise Park, Barbara Jeanne Pricco, Bernardo Felix Prlenda, George Ernesl Russell, Armand King Ryan, Elaine Sakai, Yaeko Schear, Barbara Shank, James Donald Smilh, Joan Phillis Sfanley, Roberla Louise Tappe, Rila Dorolhy Thorslen, Carl Andrew Tolias, Chrisllo Tolias TripleH', Belly Jewel Walker, Winslon Glenn Workman, Richard Gordon Zimmerman, Mary Louise cum laude Abrams, Maria Frank Andersen, Lorraine Mae Bacon, Marilyn Heriella Baker, Marilyn Jean Brooke, Elizabelh Anne Broswick, Roberl Bruce Buchanan, Violel' Louise Burgess, Donald Raymond Burns, Alfred Canfield, Bellie Lou Clausen, Blanche Mariorie Clauson, Carolyn Lulher Colhran, Eslher Ann Dack, Edward Bruce Davis, Nancy Sawyer Deegan, Gerald Paul Delzer, Nancy Kay Divelbiss, Charles Levi Downing, Carl Gordon Dunsmoor, Carol Leslie Evey, James Arlyn Farris, Margarel' Lucille Freeman, Rulh Alice Fries, Donna Marilyn Funk, Kalhryn Ann Gillefle, Harold Lawrence Grililin, Shirley Ann Hill, Harriel Hire, Necia Marie Hiorlen. Alvin Peder Hong, Soon Oh Horn, Lee Henry Hovila, Harry lsham, Edwina Kulowsda Jacobs, Harry Graham Jardine, Charles Allward Kakela, Rila Hope Kolars, John Francis l-aml3"l9l1l'. Roberl' William Lawlon, Alberla Frances Ledakis, Gusl Angelo Lee, Jr., Harry Rees Linharl, Jr., Russell L. McAllisl'er, Alan Bailey Macdonald, E. Pafricia Madsen, Viclor Arviel Milburn, Winifred June Miller, Carmen Delighl- Miller, Shirley Lou Moore, Barbara Jean Munson, Verne Edwin Nauralil, Donald Raymond Okiyama, Toyoko Miyazaki Padvorac, Nicholas Roberl' Pearce, Samuel Folsom Perko, Hedwig Elsie Peferson, Ralph Richard Phelan, Bur'l'on Noel Poppens, Irene Kale Proclor, Doris Anne Rader, LaVerne Rae Reekie, Elagrace Reese, Berl' LeRoy Roberls, Joyce Elizabelh Rovison, Paul Crisl' Rogers, Dale Graham Schow, Darwin Andrew Schuler, Anne Cecelia Scupholm, Evelyn Carol Sevan, Joanne Bererly Sewell, Marlha Mae Shaw, Eslher Dian Simkins, Dick Lee Smilh, Frederic Eudell Sprague, Richard Severn S'l'eele, Sydney Morris Slenquisl, Donald Ray Sl'irre'H', Frances Marie Sfrandberg, Jr., Arlhur Frederick Thorsen, Pamela H. Timberlake, Chrisfy Alice Tissell, John Roberl' Toda, Meriko Volpone, Roy Webb, Vivien Everone Widrig, Richard Donald Wiffkopf, Warren Alberl Yamada, Amy Masako Yoda, Telsuya Young, James Roy wifh honors in Novack, Edward Julius I GW presidenfs medalisfs Faculfy Medals are awarded 'ro sfudenis in 'rhe sophomore and iunior classes during 'l'heir fresh- man-sophomore, and freshman- sopsomore-iunior college years, respecfively. A+ ihe i953 com- mencemenf exercises, 'rhe recip- ien+ of +he Faculiy Medal in +he iunior class was Wal+er Eugene Fagerburg, righr, who is maioring in engineering. Sophomore Fac- uli'y Medalisi' winner was Bryce Leon Munger, lefi, a Zoology major. 43 Annual presenfafion of 'rhe Presiden+'s Medal was made by Presidenr Schmifz al' commencemen+ ceremonies lasi spring +o Margarei' Rae Baugh, leff, of sociology, and Ernesl' Chrisiian Pogge, righi, of engineering. They fied for +he I'-753 award conferred upon ihe graduaiing senior who has mainiained ihe highesl' scholasiic record over four years of his undergraduaie course. faculfy medalisfs 5 , r 4, x I 3+ 1 J feel-f' K - M57 's.. Mebust, Winston undergraduate honors The undergraduate honors are compiled of those students whose names have ?+PPea"e:eEnaiwiwj more of the quarterly scholarship lists of the preceding year at the Umversi Y as i . - +h es thirds of all quarters here. Transfers appearing on those lists are those who entered wil Bgilaiih- approximately equivalent to those of the students who have attended only the University o 6 ington. Beachner, William Yearsley, Julienne Swanson, Arlene JUl1iOl'S college of Corthell, Eleanor Yorke. Joan Weld, Wayne arts and sciences Freshmen Adams, Thomas Anderson, Beverly Barragar, Harvey Bendixsen, Karen Biggs, Jack Bliss, Joanne Blomquist, Anita Bratton, Nancy Brinkerhoft, Jesse Brown, Ronald Buck, Jean Cahill, Margaret Chipman, Dennis Christ, Virginia Clark, Gilbert Cole, Pemberly Crosby, Mary DeFord, Marlene DeSpain, Marianna Engstrom, Donald Ewart, Terry Fetterolf,, Diane Fluharty. Arvan French, Stephen Gibbs, Janet Gillis. Murlin Goings, Richard Goodfellow, Marlene Greene, Mollie Guterson, Lewis Hill. Nancy Howe, Walter Hogle, Elizabeth Hurlbut, Elizabeth Husted, Mary Jacobsen, Dawn Johnson, Mariorie Johnson, lvene Kampmann, Kathleen Korn, James LaRocque, Mary Lonn. Lawrence Mclntyre, David Manning, Helen Matzkind, Marian Misch, Hanna Moldenhour, Jan Newman, William Nitta, George Oberkotter, Marilyn Owens, Nancy Priebe, Duane Rambo, Thomas Rice Roy Robinson Marilyn Roselll Louis Senda, Margaret Simpson, Pauline Swisher, Donald Vail, Van Wallerius, Lynn Waterhouse, Myra Whitney, Leland Wiel, William Williams, David Wilson, Gloria Zolbrod, Leon Sophomores Adams, Wendy Bartke, Richard Berglund, Phyllis Cassels, Colleen Ceder, Jack Dale, Anna Davieson, Peggy Dietz, Warren Draper, Diane Dreyer, Alvin Egan, Evelyn Erickson, Jack Faltico, Patrick Ferguson, Jean Harding, George Joukovsky, Natalie Kahan, Naomi Karshner, Paul Korn, James Luvera, Anita McDonagh, Patrici Maddox, Oscar Malone, Patricia Melang, Ralph Munger, Bryce Nixon, Monte Parvey, Dona Relling, Pearl Roach, Richard Rockey, Dean Rogers, William Ross, Ellen Strieff, Mary Trieger, lrwin Turner, Laurie Tyson, Ray Williston, Anne Woods, Sally Yearsley, Julienne Juniors Adkins Ronald Bartke Richard 6 Dermanis, Paul Dickinson, Marilyn Enlund, Beverly Giblin, Mildred Girard, Robert Gla nn, James Graham, Phyllis Griffin, Robert Hawkins, Richard Hein, Shirley Johnson, Wilbur Ketzlach, Evelyn Kinkade, Marvin Larson, Duane Lauver, Edward Lavenson, George Lehne, Donald Li, Lindy Martin, Jim Mills, David Olving, Gerhard Rockey, Dean Roaf, William Rufer, Jacob Thompson, Patricia Triplett, Betty Watkins, Barbee Whitman, Sylvia Seniors Anderson, Paul Baugh, Margaret Beachner, William Broswick, Robert Burris, Marvelle Cardwell, Rodney Chittenden, Robin Christensen, Ellen Clark, Louise Giblin, Mildred Girard, Robert Gustafson, Leslie Hoy, William Miller, Shirley Myers, Elizabeth Naff, William O'Neal, Estella Park, Barbara Russell, Armand Schear, Barbara Stanley, Roberta Stirrett, Frances Triplett, Betty Walker, Winston Zimmerman, Mary college of business administration Freshmen Johnson, William Dye' Roberi, Kernan, James Gillanders, James Nelson' Carolyn King' John Parker, Frank Knatz, Mary Mullin, J. Shannon Ulvestad, Roger Sophomores Bryan, Laurel Cassin, Thomas Tate, James Juniors Barron, John Brix, James Field, Jerald Goggins, Shirley Hutchinson, David Peabody, Robert Prevost, Donna Shank, James Slover, Jay Seniors Bixler, Janet Elder, Raymond Kakela, Rita Kumasaka, Roy McAllister, Alan McAllister, Richard McBeth, Ronald Mueller. Fred Pricco, Bernardo Shank, James college of education Fl'eSl'llTlel'l Howard Margaret Barnes Lucille Ross Linnea Campbell Joan Schafer Ronald Sophomores Alyea, Lorene Buller, Suzanne Donart, Marilou Hawkins, Judith Jones, Leona Shafer, Shirley Tubbs, Margaret Danielson, Patricia Leaf, Carolyn Love, Glen Slater, Winifred Softky, Maxine Tubbs, Margaret Seniors Gillette, Harold Mattick, William college of engineering Freshmen Belden, Jerry Chang, David Crim, James Fisher, Franklin Hammer, Ellis Larson, Donald Luschei, Loren Meldahl, Kenneth Merchant, Howard Metcalf, Donald Metz, Peter Murakami, Robert Nordman, Arnold Schwabel, Donald Tashiro, Satoru Tionneland, Elling Sophomores Ashmore, Richard Donald, Bruce, Eckton, Wallace Henkel, Harold Hofbeck, Russell Kepler, Don Mar, Brian Ray, Bernard Saugen, John Stewart, Harley Juniors Betts, Gerald Costello, Charles Danielson, Donald Fagerberg, Walter Smith. Jerome Strout, Frank Walther, James, Yoshinaka, Kenii Seniors Forsman, Einar Hale, Richard Hiorten, Alvin Howard, Weston Lohman, Harry Otterbein, Glenn Phelan, Burton Pogge, Ernest college of forestry Seniors Nilson, Allan school of nursing Freshmen Seniors SQHIYY- l-075 Rosanoff, Margaret Sophomores Lister, Marian Cbllege of pharmacy Freshmen Jun,o,.5 Ramsey Richard Gerness Sylvia Thurmond Albert Runlkls Janis :Amp W AA A M A Q0 I M32 AA pb A 2-f' ra K1 f W' v. ,C Y ' f ' , .,..,,..-1 V . , ,V . A Zi ' gf' 5 1... ,V - -. f ' . wg., . , :fx .i A ,y aw, , A 1 Jigqzf ' fn V I i 4. ' f , ' 6 ff 9 f y Q? 4 Ac s A f , f f f fu f er '6 f X f 'A , f 4 W1 J! f ffm? ' cc f' ' -ffifwsfr . gm., ,1 ' -' , .4-, , 4 1.2. .f5fffz,,ff Q . f ' My Ivy? , is A C ,f, f fy f f ABLOTT, Gene E. B.A. BECKMEYER, Theodore Education CHRISTENSEN, Ellen K. Music HAMMOND, Richard R. Educalion KING, Tracy D. B.A. AHOLA, Anneli Chem. Engr. BEUMER, Delber1H Finance I CORSILLES, Josefina V. English HARDEN, Thordis D. Urban Plan KLINGENSMITH, Ruth G. Educarion ALBRIGHT, Alto O. Ind. Arfs BIRKELAND, Evelyn S. Medicine DAVIS, Thomas J. Pol. Sci. HIDALGO, Elsa S. Educalion KOCHENDARFER, Donald B. Physics ANDERSON, Roger H. Physics BURNEY, Mahmud A. Producfion ENGLAND, Charles J. B A. INGRAM, Mary Lou Markeling KUYKENDALL, Gladys B, Bus. Educalion ARKSEY, Leon English CARPENTER, Edward L. Pol. Sci. GLADSTONE vaienfin M.' Chemistry JACO BSEN, Carl E. Accou nii ng LINDELL, Rocky Law AUSTIN, Russell A. Gen. Bus. CHAYKIN, Slerling Bio. Chem. HADDON, Deane W. Chem. KIEMLE, Siegfried F. Fisheries grad l K school MOLONEY, Eugene I. Medicine ORR, James E. Physics SAMMARTINO, Raquel English THOMPSON, Arlene N. Nursing LINDEN, Glenn M. Educalion MUELLER, Fred J. Accounling PARENT, Mlargarel M. Engineering SCHECHTER, Lea Pre-Med, TOOTHAKER, Joel H. Pre-Med. Mccumocx, Thomas C- Hislory MURAKAMI, Momoko Librarianship POWER, Belly Jane V Nursing SHAW, Jerry Music VLERY, Nelda M. Home Ec. MARTING, Fredric W. BA. NELSON, Reber? B. Geology RASU L, 4Abdur-Rah Civil Engr, SHEFTEL, Rose Psychology VARMA, Gireesh C. BA. man S. MILLARD, Waller E. Psychology OLAFSSON, Arni P'o:lu:rion RICHMOND, Volney Econowcs STARK, Donald B. Psychology VARO, Helen B. Social Work MISHIMA, Tokuii Foreign Trade ONISHI, Masalo Econorcfcs RILEY, Phyllis A. Soanish STEPHENSON Eldred C. BA. WILDE, Douglass J, Chem. Engr. -'N .sa ' v'--- 1 Q ,.v, L .Ar lu. fn .." A ' ' x '-j, W' - 44. . 1 I GW school ll". BARKER, Suart D. Delta Kappa Epsilon Phi Delta Phi BOX, Gary D. Alpha Delta Phi Phi Alpha Delta HUPPIN, 'Charles E. Sigma Alpha Mu, Pres. 48 Writ- ss., 1 Q .J 4' f f .wr 7 .. F. ...w..,.... ,V , Z 7 , fi .Z NA ,Q vb 1 in .v ,,L, V . ,,, , -. Mr QQ ..,.,, 15 - 1 ,. he at 1 A BERRIER Billy e-. Sigma Pi BRAZIER, Don Phi Gamma Delta Phi Delta Phi Varsity Boat Club INSLEE, Evan E. Theta Chi . ,,..," N . Q.. V .1 1 S? 5 g fa 1, t ' 5-a-e -LE. w School was established on our campus in l899, it has grown a member of the Association of American Law Schools and is approved by the Council of Legal Education and Admissions to the Bar of ciation. The Law School maintains the +enl'h largest law Since the La until today it is the American Bar Asso D school library in the United States, according to the August I'-752 American Law Schools Directory. ll' is the largest law school library west of the Missis- sippi, containing l23,50 volumes. Our Law School has the advantage of being close to both the federal and state courts here in Seattle where law students can observe trials of actual cases. Their Practice Court Trials have gained national recognition in the field of legal education. They give the senior law students an opportunity to try actual cases while still in school. BLACK, David S. BROWN, Kenyon F. Beta Theta Pi University Boat Club Purple Shield JENSEN, Roberta J. SAVAGE, Anthony A Delta Kappa Epsilon FOREMAN, Richard M. Sigma Alpha Mu LA FROMBOISE, .Richard R. Sigma Alpha Eps SCHWARTZ Ed G Zeta Beta Tau ilon FURNM, T Erlest M. a T E 'I Phil Diiifivhaps' on Qval Club Big W Club LUKE, Wing C. Oval Club Pres. Soph. Class Pres. YMCA STINNETTE William S Phi Kappa Tau GLANN, L Jagces D. 6 Ch' Al h Manliamiites I p a Scabbard and Blade MINES, T Mfhael ap app E 'I Phi Delta Phipsl on Washington Law Review THORESON S Donald L IQ Alh E I Phlnailialihi 'won Pur le Shield Ma amutes HEDGES, Donald H. Dlelta Theta Phi Pi Delta Phi MUNSON, Ra E. Phi lzappa Psi WEBER John R Delta Theta Phi HORN, Raymond L. Phi Kappa Sigma Beta Gamma Sigma Alpha Kappa Psi Delta Theta Phi SATTERBERG, Richard A. Delta Upsilon WHITAKER Ronald F Phi Kappa Psi Delta Theta Phi 'IV' lf: HCIEV ,s ft!! .lv- 'PQ ' '19 Q fr. ALDEN, Alfred M. Alpha Epsilon Della COTTINGTON, Malcolm G. Nu Sigma Nu KATZNELSON Gordon ANDERSON, Arden O. COULTER, James A. Phi Chi Newman Club KELLER, Daniel M. ANDERSON, Arlhur A., Jr. Thela Chi Nu Sigma Nu DALE, Howard M. KELLER, Marcia M. ANDERSON, Arfhur M. DEFENBACH Roberl' B. Nu Sigma Nu KITCHING, Richard Phi Chl medical school BALYEAT, George E. Kappa Sigma Phi Chi DOTY, Donald J. KRAFT, Roberl A. denial chool NUGENT, PRICHARD, REICHELT. THOMPSON- Jack L. Paul D. Carrol rg. John '-- . Phi Gamma Della Della upsllon Phi Kappa Sigma Big "W"C1ub Della Sigma Della Varsily Boal lub Oval Club BROOKS, Thomas P. DOWLING, Harold B. KUHARIC, Henry A. Nu Sigma Nu .LJ ,' 71 -P1 CAILLOUETTE, James C. Sigma Chi Phi Sigma Nu Sigma Nu Alpha Omega Alpha DUNG, William M. H. LARSON, Duane R. Phi Bela Kappa Alpha Kappa Kappa BARTH, G. Dean MOLONEY, Eugene l. Phi Chi ,Q CAREY, Thomas, Jr. Phi Bela Kappa Alpha Omega Alpha FAU LKN ER, John M. LARSON, Wyllis G. NOTHSTEIN, Donald L. Alpha Kappa Kappa SHIELDS, John P. , 5 I ,Afhm-h y f,,. 4 M 53 Y A .rf medic I school ., Mx, , 3 'kaqe K? 'ew '45 12' 'Ira-f f Q AR I 'i 11 ,W axis MQ aa? N--vruw sa xg EN RQKN 9 ,NX Q W A Q Nl Ag NX fix was RSX -f-'xg C+.:- 2 x ff 'ls CASE Aushn M Slgma Chu Alpna Kappa appa GRANT Rlchard E Della Upsllon Phu Ch LAVENSON George S Phu Bela Kappa Alpha Kappa Kappa NUTLEY Eugene SHIELDS John R Nu Slgma Nu COON Duane GREGG Harry W LAYTON Ruchard H OLSON Lloyd L SIDELL Alvln D GRIEFF Marvin H Zela Bela Tau A pha Epsulon MAAS Louus P PALMER arguerlle SLEIGHT Russell F Alpha Della Della L HEISTER George J Alpha Epsllon Della Phu Chl MANIRE John E PATON Richard R Phu Bela Kapp Nu Srgma Nu TOLLS Roy E HOLEMAN Charles W MANSY Alexander PORTELANCE Herberl J Alpha Della Phu Oval Club Blg W C ub Husky Swlm Club VANDENBERG James J Alpha Kappa Kappa HOOVER Galen H MARTINIS Andrew J REEBS Fredernck W Kappa Slgma Phu Chl Varsuly Boal Club VOEGTLIN Joseph W JOHNSON R Holmes Alpha Kappa MERRILL Clmlon Nu Sxgma Nu SHULL omas E Nu Slgma Nu WILSON Arlhur N Phi Chl Kappa JOHNSON Roberf C MINOR Hugh Nu Slgma Nu SENZ Kellh M Phu Chl YOUNG James A W ' ' F .A gym o- A .3 If I -4 , I V1 I , 'I -fi!" I if ' " . ,.f-.eiffif . L I K' I Ig! I p Vinum, , . K . X sg ' 2, , ,Iish . vs7q ' 7 A . N . - if I III .WI .1 .,e. , iii. N 'Ig . , W , W ' Wigs , 'I f' . M- . ' ' TQ F- 1 , 1 ' ..... W4 M 7 , we-,X ' I 2 ' ' WWQ Xxx. A iw ' ' ,eff M . Ns, se xr wi, f ,, . J ,U ,.-K +253 I -.-Q . ' wif SES. H, Q, ,,..:. ' ,, aj, IXXII ' If If iI f - IIQM . ' , ' I I I-I - .sg ' T I. - a , '. .-If ,,.I I I. A I s I 'gf ' Q X ij AW, . -. .. -5 J I ,W f, s, -K I . ' , -f--fl . I J ' x-mx. V I x I , 1:7 1 ' 'AAA we If ' I A '. V - ' I .' ,. N-, I .arf i l 4'f'Xff' - , QQ ' F ' P" 1' , ' f, Y "mf I . ff' I , S I . . . . I . . I. . . . . . I I ' ' ' . I . I. . . . I . . ., Jr. . . . W. . F. ' ' ' . . ' ' I , 1 1 A. . M . , . . I . Th . , a . . . . - .. .. I . . I . . , I I I I ' Phi ' - - ' ' S1--'N fff . 4,21 'ff N . A 45,1 ' PNK. ' fQQ,Q,.,'-Af-4 ,, Y it I fn' ,. K , xf 'wi-1 . f QVz"'f,4 fyf , ,,- if, 2 f A I ,M 1 ,, , ,f If ' x xgfy ' , f ,. ,fy ff' Midi.. , 1: x ,, , 'ix ,,:f: Q M k+ hWmy::51y2lw .111 A, Ml, f K f" 'Aw-M .A " U wx 955 'f9'W"UWf"'WhQwa M .,,. , W .xx . " ' m'fxf2-am-.MW,.W, A ,M x 3 K , ,L x E .- 'SAM'- Y' rw -,.,.., ,.,.,..-,..,, -,.,..,x-W... v ,.4..,.-,.. --.,.., .N-. ,, . ff, if 5 A Y ' 5 1,65 li: ' " sp, I . r 1 ag . ' , , lj.: " . ' ' I I --- "" A39 X HN 'f' if .ms f . .,.-- 'f . . sqgsfff- ff 1 ' 12. Z ., J if f 4 93 gf ' ,fws azziiiaw ' 017 -Qi! 5 fs ,I . ' ' -s. .Xin ' 513. f C' il. vs iii i -. .s . f, i lwff . Z S Q' s: s gs , ' - . ,. . W A 4 ' 0 .X ' S. x ii' I N4 X. . Si V i . . . . . . L 'iw' 1 fycs w if ' R ss mx. ' . , if as .1 ,s as E X. . . " S. im s " +V,- iaf A 'Swaeaasss -.-- - . U, - gh . ., ,, .,. fly? ,. Us . ssfzpigs ,aiffii .TSSQ f X N Ei 5 f x X g Z S X . X S X ag l E Qx gx -wx S 1 X N 1' QSQZMY. as ia? X X XX 9 9' ss 3 ,V , f css the pasf four years? . . . od 1950 . . . ADAMS, Charles C. Gen. Business Theia Chi AMUNDSON, Charles T. Educafion Sigma Chi ARNO, Norman L. Civil Engr. Phi Kappa Tau A.S.C.E. AUSTIN, Charles W. Malhemalics Lambda Chi Alpha Compass and Charr O. A. BAKKALA, Richard Fisheries Fish Club Olympus ADAMS, Shirley A. Home Ec. Promenaders ANDERSON, Anifa K. Swedish Kappa Della ARNSTEIN, Sam D. B. A. Sigma Alpha Mu AUSTIN, Phillip H. Hislory Lambda Chi Alpha BARGER, Jeanelle C. Pol. Sci. Kappa Delia Morfar Board Tolem Club Sr. Class Treas. ADAMS, William R. P. E. Educalion Alpha Sigma Phi ANDERSON, Arfhur W. Insurance Sigma Nu Sr. Class Pres. ARPKE, Cynlhia L. Far Easr Leary Hall AVERILL, Carolyn P. Ari Leary Hall BARKER, Jane'l Gen. Sludies Kappa Kappa Gamma ADAMSON, Myra A. Nursing Swedish Hosp. ANDERSON, Joyce Sociology Kappa Kappa Gamma ASK, Charles W. Markeling Delia Sigma Phi IFC BACAS, Evan G. Foreign Trade Phi Della Thela Pan-Xenia BARKES, Mary Hisfory Zeia Tau Alpha Kappa Phi Pi Lambda Thefa Wesley Club ADKINS, Ronald J. Psychology Dolson House ANDERSON, Earl E. B. A. Alpha Tau Omega ASLAKSON, Rberl' H. Journalism Thela Chi Purple Shield Compass and Char? BACK, Sangho B. S. Chemical Engr. A.l.Ch.E. BARNARD, Ronda D. French Sigma Kappa Morrar Board Tolem Club W-Key Orchasis AGNEW, J. Coreen English Educalion Kappa Alpha Thela ANDERSON, Laurel R. Nursing Harborview Hosp. ASPEN, Marilyn L. Far Easl Kappa Alpha Thela BACKER, Sue M. Elemenlary Educ. Kappa Alpha Thela BARNES, Gordon D. Accounling Zela Psi Beta Alpha Psi Alpha Kappa Psi Bela Gamma Sigma AGTARAP, Mildred S. English Educalion Sororia ANDERSON, Marlin M. Mechanical Engr. Thela Chi A.S.M.E. ATHERTON, Edward H. B. A. Phi Kappa Sigma BACKMAN, Donald B. A. Phi Della Thefa BARNES, Roberf M. Gen. Business Sigma Pi D 1 ihef AMYAMA. TAQ Florence T. i Ed Educalion ' L Leary Hall ANDERSON. o. All-en ,AN Economics . l Lambda Chi Ala ER IFC U9 i ri ' C ATTEBERY, Sca Cnsfance G. B Philosophy Chi Omega AT, lv 1- Ee l a BADGLEY. l ill Carole HisloryK K a appa 655mm H51 l Blog. BARN ETTE. Toll Mack J. T. l Orr Banking .N Alll Tau Kappa EPSQ P l wg- l Elei l lfisl R ...,,.'r Q 2 a if ' - -. -'.,?.gTiff-6... 3 li 5' I . J -s W' aff, 'A u ,f if ll I . .. in I .N , 1 V Q . 1' . ,, . 3 A ' . -,E A fr' .N , I. A 1 ,4 r fig . ' E 1' ljgggl r vjfj , . K Nga! .1 ,-. ' ' sf , ' ' ' 1, . W . . ', ' - . ' A 3,-45,5 Nw . 'I .i"'fvT' if . "-'Q e class of 54 arrrved. . . ALEX ALLEN ALLISON Consfanline Richard G Jerry L Educallon Civil Engr Archileciure Phi Kappa Psi Alpha Della Phi Malamules Yell Team ANDERSON ANDERSON ANDERSON Chl A Roberl R True Wlllldm Engineering Archirecfure U Scandanavian Phi Kappa Tau Tau Kappa Epsilon Language - Big W Thela Della Chi I Scabbard 81 Husky Swim Club Compass B: Char? ,Ce G. Blade Tau Sigma Della Pan Xenia ATWATER, ATWOOD, AUGIUSTINE. Nancy J. Marilyn Dfllfdfe .Gen. Sluclies Denial Hygiene Sociology KGDDG Kappa Alpha Xi Della KGDD6 Kappa Y Gamma Tolem Club Gamma ' Tolem Club Sappa BAIRD, BAIRD, BAKER, V13 Jean E. William A. Eleanor J. Home Ec. B. A. Pol. Sci. Pi Bela Phi Sigma Chi Gamma Phi Bela VTE Tolem Club Tolem Club J Omicron Nu Sr. Class Secy. ' AWS, Vice ma gps Pres. BARREA. BAYH, BAZ, Ralph Wilfreda J. Waller W- Elec. Engr. Sociology Far East lnslilule of Radio Engr. AMOS Helen M Nursing Harborview Hosp Alpha Tau Delia ARMITAGE James H Accounling Pi Kappa Alpha Bela Alpha Psi AUSTIN, A. JAMES Mechanical Engr. Thela Della Chi BAKEWELL, John M. Foreslry Tau Phi Delia Foresl Club BEARD, Chesler L. Hislory Delia Tau Delia . . MUQN , ...-Q Taking lime our for a chal are SYLVIA WHITMAN and JIM NOE, bolh 'Frequenlly seen working in lhe HUB. Sylvia, who is majoring in General Sludies, has earned her way info Mor- lar Board, Tolem Club, W-Key and Sigma Epsilon Sigma. She served as Presidenl' of 'rhe Alpha Chi Omega house, second vice presidenl of Panhellenic, secreiary of Managemenl' Club and Y.W.C.A. Cabinel. Jim, a member of Oval Club and Big "W" Club, is busy wilh Varsily Foolball in fhe Fall. A well known figure on lhe gridiron, Jim also finds lime io work as lnler-Relalions Councilor for l.F.C. and is a pasl presidenl' of his fralernily, Della Upsilon. ....-M--f""':'4f.i, Examining l'he morning Daily DOROTHY CASTONIA, who was Daily Eclilor during her Senior year, poinls oul one of her own edilorials lo ROCKY LINDELL and EVELYN KATZLACH. A Journalism maior, Dorolhy is Vice Presiclenl' of Thela Sigma Phi, a member of Raclio-TV Guild anal on l'he KUOW s'l'uclen'r sl'a'l:f. Roclcy, who is s'l'uclying Law, was lFC Presiclenl, Presiclenl of 'lhe Delce house, a member of Phi Della Phi, Law Honorary, Oval Club and on 'lhe Board of Con'l'rol. Morlar Board Presidenl Evelyn is a member of Phi Sigma Sigma Sororil'y, Tolem Club and Hillel. She also belongs lo Alpha Kappa BEATY, Harry N. Zoology I Phi Kappa PS1 BERGERON. Jimmie L. Mechanical Engr. Psi Upsilon BITTORF. Don G. Archileclure Tau Sigma Della Allier BORELLA. Bellie A. . Tra nsporlalion Della Gamma BRADEN, Marvin R., Jr. Markefing Thela Xi BEAUCHENE. Jeanne M. Sociology , Alpha Della P1 BERGH. Arnie R. P.E. I Bela Theia Pi Oval Club Big "W" Club l.F-C. BLACKLEY, Virginia M. Sociology Toaslmisiress O.A. BORIES, Henry V. Pol. Sci. Zela Bela Tau BRAINERD, Dolores A. Psychology Kappa KBDPB Gamma BEAUDOIN, Philip E. Eleclrical Engr. A.l.E.E.-I,R.E. O.A. BERGMAN. Roberl D. Finance Thela Delia Chi, Pres. Varsily Boaf Club BLOMBERG, Alice C, Nursing Harborview Hosp. BOSTAIN, Gilberl O. Med. Tech. Mu Tau BREAR, Roberl L. Physics BEAVER, S Helen L. ociol Ausfinolglgli Alpha Kappa Della BERKEN, Joan W. Nursing Delia Gamma Swedish Hosp BLOOM, Ronald E. B'.A. Sigma Nu aounuen, P, Le Roy, Jr, Educafion Y M.C.A. Cab. O'val Club Pilgrim BREWER, Waller L. B.A. Zela Psi Alpha Kappa Purple Shield Malamufes we became engulfed Della, Nalional Sociology Honorary. 6 P 'G V16 S D. Jr. ab. 16 Ps' d s 1+ , , r e 5 x 0 BEDFORD. Carma J. Gen. Business McKee Hall Y.W.C.A. Calvin Club BERNI, Judith A. Gen. Studies Kappa Alpha Theta BLYTH, Ronald M. B.A. Alpha Sigma Phi BOUSE, Joanne K. Nursing Delta Delta Delta Swedish Hosp. BRIX, James A. Accounting Phi Beta Kappa Beta Gamma Sigma Beta Alpha Psi Alpha Kappa Psi BEHAR, Albert O, Marketing Alpha Epsilon Pi BESELIN, Marylin J, Nursing Swedish Hosp. BOHART, Milton H. Mechanical Engr. Sigma Chi Big "W" Club BOWEN, Robert L. Civil Engr. A.S.C.E. BROTMAN, Daryl M. Education Sigma Alpha Mu BELCOE, Gene E. Mechanical Engr. Phi Delta Theta Scabbard 81 Blade BETZ, Anith M. Art Zeta Tau Alpha Totem Club Program Panel BOLDT, Virginia A. Education Kappa Alpha Theta BOYER, Priscilla P. Geography Austin Hall BROWN, Annabell S. Education Zeta Phi Eta immediafely in ,, . x' .F Q 6 -5 'i' y if X X' e ',- '-C . .al .. 17" v fs ' liar' 'K '59 99 A1','i .. I' I in J yfsf. 1. vom, . 1, , L BENEDICT, Delbert V. Gen. Business BICHENBACH, Frederick M. Pharmacy Kappa Psi A. Ph, A. BOLGR, Patricia A. Speech Kappa Alpha Trefg BRACE, Gordon N. Gen. Business Sigma Chi BROWN, Fred L. Personnel Alpha Sigma Phi Oval Club lFC Program Panel books l ' 1 , G i 1 I x,Tf'f 59' BENJAMIN Lloyd D. P.E. Tfefa C-2 HWSC BINGHAM, Lawrence M. Gen. Business Theta C-T BOMSTEAD, Karen K. A. 21 S. Alpha P'7 BRACELIN, Mary G. English Alpha Gamma Del BROWN, Mary Jane Pol. Sci. Kappa Kappa Gamma BENNETT, Warren L. Pc . SQA. 9' Gemma De 'a C,-p BIRD, Betsey Home E:. Def: De 'a Def: C"":'cn N- Kappa P-T Tvcm C -: BOND, Jerry CA ' 'nn .C gs Dena Ta- De ra Pix: e S' e.: Va's7f', Boat C -E BRACKETT, Doreen L. Speech Kappa Kappa Gam'-wa Morta' Boarc Tofefn Club W'Ke,' BROWN, Sally Gen. Business Pi Beta Phi . . . fesis . 33 inli- X.- , S -'Z'-'Q Q47 X ,. du. Q Q7 E9 . 1 N- XT '-' 1 X' 3 . A BERELSON, Marvin G. Rad:-TN Ee'a Se-'e Ta BIRKELAND, lvar W. A. E- S. ms -s qsaq I O- ai-.. -Cs Sp ' N'-' C ap lia's"i. Sze' C -c BONNAR, EdithJ. Pol. SC. Cc' Cmeaa BRADBURN, Arlita J, Soeoicau BRUS, Robert E. Gen. Business Zera Psi Alpha Kappa Psi BERGER, Elaine Da--1 H, N a BISHOP, ADonald, E. can 5-5-R655 C,-.,s... O C Clif 'M ' BORDSEN, Lorraine M Home E: Doha Zora Home EQ. C a BRADBURN, Wilbert C. N-., .l Ecu. ea. Ena A.l.E.E.'I.R.E BRYANT, Charles F. Civil Enor, Sforva Chi A.S.C.E. dafes 'is 1 rg "Nj, we 1 .Q ji K + . 5. ef. Y 'Sd ss'- ., V, BUCKINGHAM, Jack R. Physics Quanlum Clum O.A. CAMPBELL, Keren L, Geography CHAMBERLIN, Charlolle F. Nursing Della Della Della CLAPP, Marlha A. Educalion Chi Omega, Pres. COLBY, Raymond A. Pharmacy Kappa Psi BUCKLEY, Harry P., Jr. B.A. CAMPBELL, Richard W. Mechanical Engr. Sigma Phi Epsilon A.S.M.E. CHANG, Roberl N. Journalism CLARK, Mariliyn M. Home c. Kappa Della COLE, Jack E. Eleclrical Engr. A.l.E.E,-l.R.E. BU LM ER, Ronald L. Zoology Della Kappa Epsilon CAMPBELL, Shirley A. Journalism Della Zela Thela Sigma Phi CASS, Sleve B. Foreslry Tau Kappa Epsilon CLARK, Sally Journalism Della Della Della COLEMAN, Charles B. P.E. Phi Della Thela P. E. Club BUSH, Frederic W, Chemislry I Alpha Della Phi Zela Mu Tau Big "W" Club CAMPBELL, Thomas C. Chemislry Tau Kappa Epsilon Ammonii Socii CHESNUTT, John L. Accounling H Alpha Kappa Psi Markeling Club CLARKE, Conslance C. Educalion Alpha Xi Della Y.W.C,A. COLLIER, Helen C. Drama Arena CAHILL. John L. Zoology , Sigma Alpha Epsilon Varsily Boal Club CARN EY, Richard E. Psychology CHETLAIN, Joanne A. P. E. Eclucalion Tolem Pole Women's P. E. Club CLARK, George W. Sociology Phi Della Thela Varsily Boal Club Big "W" Club COLLINS, Suzanne E. Eclucalion Alpha Phi CALLAHAN, Charles L. Eleclrical Engr. Phi Kagapa Tau A.l.E. . CARSON, Jimmie L. Mechanical Engr. Ol mpus A.S.M,E. CHHABRA, Brii M. En ineering A.S.M.E. CLARKE, Lelilia M. Gen. Sludies Gamma Phi Bela COLWELL, Eleanor Gen. Business Kagpa Kappa amma CALLISON, Sharon L. Gen. Sludies Kagpa Kappa amma CARSON, John B. Eleclrical Engr. l.R.E.-A.l.E.E. CHINN, Hing W. Far Easl CLAYBERG, Ca rl D. Bola ny SCA-Rofcre COMPTON, Elhel Mae Geography CALLISON, Tony Anchileclure Psi Upsilon, Pres. l.F.C. CARTER, George J, A. 81 S. Scandla Club Pirominaders Slgmq Gamma Epsilon CHITWOOD, Thomas E. A. 84 S. Scabbard 81 Blade CLAYPOOL- Jacqueline A, Sociology Pi Bela Phi Tolem Club l CONDON, P-lglarguerile N, homecoming signs . . . inframurals . . . coffee daefes CALVERT, Ralph D. B.A. . Phi Kappa SIQVHG CASSELS, Colleen C. Sociology Kappa KBPP5 Gamma Rally Girls, Pres. CHRISTENSEN, Thelma J. Gen. Sludies McKee Hall, Pres. Miss Varsily, '53 CLIFFORD, Nalharn S. Economics Kappa Sigma CONDON, Roberl P. Geography Kappa igma - ...,, 1 . i CAMERON Roberl J. A. 81 S. Phi Gamma Della CASTONIA, Dorolhy l. Journalism Thela Sigma Phi Radio-TV Guild CHRISTIANSEN, Belly J. Arl Della Della Della Rally Girls COAR, Richard O. Pharmacy Alpha Della Phi A. Ph. A. CONNER, Diane Educalion Della Della Della Air R.O.T.C, Sponsor CAMFIELD, Roland E., Jr. Pol. Sci. Alpha Tau Omega Varsily Boal Club Big "W" Club CATON, Geraldine L. Home Ec. Home Ec. Club CHRISTIE, Ray R, Pharmacy Phi Kappa Tau COCHRAN, William T. Markeling Della Sigma Phi CONTRERAS, Eligio, Jr. Chemislry CAMPBELL, Henry G. Foreslry Foresl Club, Vice Pres. CEDERBLOM, Edna L. Psychology Blaine Hall Tolem Club O.A. Toaslmislress CHRISTY, Theodore Adverlisinq Della Chi Alpha Della Sigma IFC COE, Frank C. B.A. CONVERY, Fred R. Chemislry Phi Kappa Sigma bull sessions c.,,x Hx K "There musl be one girl in lhis phone book who'll go oul wilh me," says SKIP JONES as lovely JEAN ROSS lries lo fix him up. Skip was lhe inspiring builder ol sludenl spiril al alhlelic evenls lhis year by his well known crazy oulfils and anlics. He is commodore of lhe Varsily Boal' Club and a member of lhe Big "W" Club, Oval Club, and SAE lralernily. The noncommilal observer al lhe iff S g -i 'X lypewriler is FRED BROWN, pasl chairman ol Program Panel and presidenl ol Alpha Sig lralernily. He has also served as presidenl ol JIFC and as Homecoming dance chairman. Miss Ross has won lame lhrough being Homecoming queen and NROTC Ring dance queen. She is presidenl of her sororily, Kappa Alpha Thela, and has been lhe AWS recording secrelary, Panhellenic Slandards chairman and a member of W-Key and Tolem Club. Ah . . . Ah . . . Ah! Don"r louch lhose cigars! Accomplice KAY MILLER seems lo be conl'en'r allowing lhe honesl' polilician FRANK PARKER 'ro make a smoolh gel'-away of ASUW cigars. Kay has held such responsible posilions as AWS Presiden'l', AWS Treasurer, and Chairman of AWS Freshman Council. A mem- ber of Alpha Phi Sororily, she also belongs lo W-Key and Tol'em Club. Frank has legilimale reason for faking a cigar of con- gralulalion for l'he fine iob he has done as ASUW Presidenl. He is a member of Zela Bela Tau, lvlalmules, Oval Club and Bela Gamma Sigma. ln his Junior year Frank served as class presidenl. Now aren'+ l'hey l'wo of lhe hardesl' working lhieves you ever saw? 1' SX -Xf- n wwe J l sr 5 ,.. ,X Q . L, A X my uf , if v, Q Z 557.582 Q fb 1 U f. - . JR . ' 'W .M ., D if . fi' l' ' ,Wy Y., I ,-.,.-,Q ,r f A , as-'l!', 1 - ,. ' f Q 4 444 W X 1 f X' V QR f y 4 f , f frosh day we O O I COOK, COOK, COOLEY, COOMBS, Bernard L. Jo Ann William W. Earl R. Civil Engr. Speech Correclion Eleclrical Engr. Personnel D Adelphi Alpha Della Pi Adelphi Alpha Kappa Psi A.S.C.E. IRE CREAMER, CRESAP, CREWDSON, CREWS, Parhcla L. John W. Alex Charles Spclology Gen. Business Radio-TV Foreign Trade Sigma Kappa Pan Xenia Thela Chi Thefa Xi Alpha Della Sigma Radio-TV Guild DAHLQUIST. DAILEY, DANIELSON, DANIELSON, Milfgaref A John J. Donald H. Pafricia J. S9C'0l0QY Radio-TV I Civil Engr. Educalion Sigma Kappa Pl Kappa Phi A.S.C.E. McKee Hall DELMAN, Jay S. l'lis'lOry Zefa Bela Tau DIENER E Paul Engineering C Scabbard and Blade Radio-TV Guild Newman Club DEMETRE, James S. Produclion Adelphi Varsily Boal Club DIRSTINE Gay J Gen Business Zela Tau Alpha Wesley Club Badmlnlon Club DENZER, Ronald E. Mechanical Engr. Della Sigma Phi A.S.M.E. DITZ James P Eleclrical Engr Alpha Sigma Phi Pi Lambda Thela DERMANIS, lnara A. Pharmacy Lambda Kappa Sigma A. Ph. A. DODDS BELAN GER E Marguerlle P E b Phi Epsilon Chl Orchesis J f ' , I r , fa' I 4 ' ,ve EW 'aj 1 5 , Q' ,xx V f ,f ' 4 K .. f- .. .,.. ..,--.N,,,-,.-y- I f 4 ,,.f , -5 fs-v Q-Q . xt '-1 .,-Q be JG, QQ' 1,. .N ' ... X . A -. -Q, I5 . a L :,, .il ii -. li 6 fl, l A i beaf fhe COOPER, Joan M. Home Ec. Alpha Chi Omega CRONK Jerry R. Economics Alpha Della DAVIES, William T. Journalism Thela Xi DE SELMS, Roy C. Chemislry Slqmq Alpha Epsilon Amonii Socii DODGE, Nafalie H. Educalion Della Della Della CORL, Helen C. Home Ec. Alpha Omicron Pi Home Ec. Club Newman Club CROOK, Dorolhy L. Pol. Sci. Synadelphia DAVIS, Ann J. Dielelics Kappa Della Toiem Club Tyee DE SPAIN, Joye Nelson Wriling Radio Guild DOMAN, Sharon L. Sociology Phi Chi Della Y.W.C.A. f .,,i ' 1,-,.., . 93 A ? faux. i J Y: A -5 is soph COSMAN, Charles E. Speech Alpha Sigma Phi CUMMINGS, Jack C. B.A. DAVIS, Joseph J. Journalism Sigma Della Chi DEUTSCH, Carolhea M. Sociology Alpha Epsilon Phi Alpha Kappa Delia DONALDSON, Joann L. Home Ec. Pi Bela Phi COSTELLO, Charles P. Mechanical Engr. A.S.M.E. Tau Bela Pi CUMMINS, Charles D. Chemical Engr. Zefa Psi A. l. Ch. E. DAWSON, John B. Electrical Engr. Della Kappa Epsilon Scabbard and Blade lnler-Fralerniiy Council DEXTER, Darlene M. Music Kappa Della Orchesis Mu Phi Epsilon DORSEY, Barbara B. Public l-lealih Calvin Club Q-A - I " - "ti I ':: ull l an , li W 5 ' I " 1 xgois -5 :15. , ' .xf i i. P " 5 lc- .1 gt., . :hx CE 'nt iii' lx: li 'S ' N" 2 ' is-'?,w10 ,i5ilg-i:'lZ . Ns -.-. 11 4 l ,S 'TA 1 1. D' w ..'- ' 1 , R!! . xx K X QQ fa .XT l'f lmsfig .ir 1 .m 1.5 .M, F. f i i . .1 a l l l orge harding as presidenf COURTER, Gerald F. Personnel Sigma Phi Epsilon, Prs. IFC CUNNINGHAM, Maureen M. English Blaine Hall Newman Club DAY, John E. English Acacia DEXTER, Richard C. Eleclrical Engr. Lambda Chi Alpha DORSEY, Donald A. lnsurance Phi Della Theia CRAIN, Donald L. Pol. Sci. Chi Psi lFC CURRY, Marian P. Home Ec. Alpha Gam DE FORD, Winfon E. Pharmacy Kappa Psi DICK, Lufher Psychology DOUGLAS, Darrel D. Civil Engr. A,S.C.E. ma Della CRAIN, Richard W. Mechanical Engr. Acacia A.S.M.E. Tau Bela Phi CURTIS, Joanne Music Mu Phi Epsilon DE GROOTE, Carolyn E. Ari Chi Omega DICKINSON, Lewis E. Civil Engr. Alpha Kappa Lambda A. S. C. E. DOWD, Joyce R. Sociology Managernenf Clu CRAMB, Robert S. Mechanical Engr. Alnha Della Phi A.S.M.E. Tau Befa Phi DAHLGREN, Ed Chemistry Della Chi DE KRAAY, Virginia R. Education Alpha Della Pi Ofche-:Es DIEFFENBACH, Palrick A. Wholezalina ifiafveiing Club DRISCOLL, Thomas J. Log. Engr. Phi Sigma Kappa Foresf Club A4 ,, wa DUCKERING, Donnamae Pharmacy Lambda Kappa Sigma EGTVET, Phillip A. Transporlalion ESTABROOK, Fred C. Pharmacy Kappa Psi A. Ph. A FERLUGA, Joseph J. Chem. Thela Delia Chi FOOTT, William H. Geography Lambda Chi Alp ha - . yz.. . , Q X ' X S1 . Q' e xx. X., . f . .AA . we ig , 5 EQs.....,f,S,h m ' I ralph flannigan ai fhe varsify ball O O O DUGGAN DUMETT. DUNCANSON, DYE, DYE, EBERLEIN, EDMISTON, Roberf Ray E. Neil P. Bernice J. Royal M. Barbara J. Anne Economics History Zoology Nursing Sociology Denial Hyg. Sociology Thela Della Chi Della Kappa Phi Kappa Psi Morfar Board Rally Girls Della Della Della Della Gamma Epsilon Alpha Epsilon Delia Phi Bela Kappa Scabbard Xi Blade Alpha Tau Della Purple Shield ELIE, ELLIOTT, ELLIOTT, ELLIOTT, ELY, EMERY, ENG, David K. Oliver C. Roger.H. William E. Roberl' C. Yvonne O. Frances L. Transporlaiion B.A. Accounling Medicine Gen. Business English Far Easl Della Sigma Phi Sigma Nu Alpha Kappa Psi Bela Alpha Psi EVANS, EVANS, EVANS, FAGERBERG, FAHEY, FAIRSERVICE, FARMER, Harry G. Roberl' E. Roberf L. Waller E. Barbara L. Ari Kappa Sigma FERRY, Frank S. Elec. Engr. A.l.E.E. FORCE, Jerry J. Mech Engr Alpha Tau Ome res A S M E Q5 Music Tau Kappa Epsilon Phi Mu Alpha FESSLER, Ida C. Comm. Arl' Pi Alpha Sigma FORNIA, Roberl F Ceramics Bela Thefa Pi E i' ii ciii iii FESTER, Harry S. Hislory Bela Thefa Pi FOSTER, Carol J Sociology Alpha Gamma Della Panhellemc Vice res Aero. Engr. Tau Bela Pi Engr. Siudenls Coun. ms. FIELD, Jerald W. Accounling Phi Bela Kappa Bela Gamma Sigma FOSTER, Ellzabelh A Home Econ Pol. Sci. Sigma Kappa FIELDS, Douglas A. Hislory Phi Kappa Sigma FOSTER Roberf B Gen Business Della Kappa Epsilon Emmie Lou Gen. Sludies Alpha Phi FISHER, L. Donald, Jr. Gen. Sludies Della Kappa Epsi FORTIER John J Insurance Alpha Kappa Psi I lon Kay M. K B.A. I Kappa Kappa I Gamma y I FITE, I Julia R. Sociology Kappa A pha Thei FRANKLIN Laurel G English ASUW Housing Comm YWCA Cab I 'Cty' Q i .iff . N" s .V mf' ' ei 2 FH -f 4 ,ic 1. ' c 3, . ABN' 0' S1 'SNK E D W- ww 'fJ,ro'Z 1 gi Q9 ' ls: if i 1 :Ah f lass' ' ii i? ., Y' fh EDWARDS, Arlhur L. Chem, Engr, Sigma Chi Compass and Charl Scabbard and Blade ENG, Jimmie S. Archifeclure Atelier FELTON, Roger Ari Sigma Chi FLEMING, Carol E. English Sigma Kappa Pres. Panhellenic FRASER, Terry R, Gen. Business SgmaNu E .l, 4 11.1 - ,. ai." 1 gr,-I' new sfadium ' EDWARDS, Harold L. Accounfing Bela Alpha Psi ENSZ, George S. Accounting Scabbard and Blade Compass and Char? FERGUSON, Barbara J, Mafhemafics Della Zefa Morlar Board Tofem Pole FLEMING, Frederick C. Mech. Engr. A.S,M.E. FREDERICK, Ann Ari' EELLS, Curlis M. Foreslry ENTZ, Roger D. Aero. Engr. I.A.S. FERGUSON, Roberl F. English Compass and Charl FOO, Eng Aero. FREE, Theo Lan Engr. dore E. A.8iS. EGAN, Consfance T. Sociology Phrareres Tolem Club ERICKSON, Phyllis J. Arr Alpha Xi Delia FERGUSON, Roland C. Elec. Engr. l.R.E. FOOTE, Donald J. Archifecrure Della Upsilon FREIDMAN. Michael R. Hisfory Zela Bela Tau 6 l "l like coffee, l like lea," "so drink chug-a-lug, chug-a-lug," say 'rhis happy lrio in l'he HUB. On lhe lefr is KATHY LONG, a Sigma Kappa, who was chosen lhe oulslanding senior woman on campus by 'rhe AWS. She has served as ASUW firsl' vice presidenl, chairman of Organizalions Assembly, and secrelary lo her sophomore class. She is a member of W-Key, Tolem Club, and Morlar Board. CONNIE EGAN has been aclive as presidenl of Phraleres, and a member of lhe Board of Conlrol, Tolem Club, execulive commillee of AWS Slandards, and aclivilies bureau. Good nalured ROLAND HALLE from lhe Bela house was on lhe varsily baseball and baskelball squads. He was presidenl of 'lhe Big "W" Club, presiclenl' of Purple Shield, and a member of Oval Club. -qi. ,.ff" Ars Peering over 'lhe balcony WOODY HOGAN, SHIRLEY SOG- GINS and DICK SAUNDERS gaze wifh inferesf upon fhe chaos and confusion of fhe Hub's acfivifies cenfer. All fhree have done fheir share of Hub acfivifies in fhe pasf four years. Woody, a Befa, is a member of Oval Club, Purple Shield and Befa Alpha Psi, accounfing honorary. ln addifion, he was chairman of several commiffees. Shirley, who is Presidenl' of 'l'he Alpha Xi Delfa house, is a member of W-Key, Tofem Club, Morfar Board, and Befa Gamma Sigma. She received fhe Morfar Board Award for being fhe oufsfanding Sophomore Woman. Shirley served as Chairman of Universify Prevue and worked on many ofher commiffees. Dick has been seen around 'lhe Hub fulfilling such dufies as U. W. Rally Chairman and AMS-AWS Scholarship Banquef Chairman, fo menfion only a few. He is majoring in Journalism, and is fre- quenfly seen racing fo meef deadlines as Sporfs Edifor of fhe Daily during Winfer quarfer, '53, Dick is Treasurer of 'l'he Jour- nalism honorary, Sigma Delfa Chi, and Presidenl' of his house, Alpha Delfa Phi. He is a member of Oval Club and Vice Presiclenl' of Purple Shield. 62 FRENCH. Shirley E. A 81 S U Pi Befa Phi GAW. J. Wilson Gen. Business Sigma Alpha Epsilon Alpha Kappa Psi Scabbard 8: Blade I Purple Shield GINGRICH. Lee C. Pharmacy . Alpha Delfa Phi Managerial Counclsil Ka a si Alpliillina Phi Omega GRAFF. Margery M. Sociology U Alpha Delfa Pl GRUNEN, Gerfa Z. Drama Phi Sigma Sigma Arena FREY, CaroEM. HEPES EQ Club GEE, Darrell E. Far Easf I Thefa Chl GLEASON. Thomas A. Comm. Arf Pa rnassus GRAHAM, Jacqueline L. Sociology Kappa Delfa GUENTHER, Fred G. Sociology . Alpha Delfa Phi Big "W" Club FRIARS. Roberf Personnel Delfa Tau Delfa Tnack-Spiked S Club GERNESS, Sylvia A. Pharmacy Lambda Kappa Sigma Rho Chi GLOEGE, Marvin E. Sociology YMCA Pilgrim Club GRAHAM, Phyllis M. Music Kappa Kappa Gamma . Mu Phi Epsilon GUPTA, Harkrishan Chemical Engr. hoe FRIES, Donald J. Mechanical Engr. GEVERS, Thea J. Biology Presidenf YWCA Morfar Board Pi Lambda Thefa GOERTZ, Roberf D. Log. Engr. Tau Phi Delfa Foresf Club GRANT, Wayne G. Aero. Engr. Tau Kappa Epsilo IAS U. Flying Club GUSTAFSON, Charles J. Hisfory Husky Chrisfian Fellowship heinrich and fl QF. A ta llOn FRIZELLE. Theobald E- Gen. Studies Management Club GFELLER. Alfred M. Pharmacy Kappa Psi GOGGINS, Shirley L. Secretarial Alpha Xi Delta Mortar Board Totem Pole GRAY. Mariorie Education Pi Beta Phi Mu Phi Epsilon HADLEY, Douglas N. Accounting Delta Tau Delta FROST, Ted Physics Theta Chi Big "W" Club Varsity Boat Club Crew GIBBS, Charles V. Civil Engr. A.S.C.E. Pres. Tau Beta Pi GOLDFARB, Alvin I. Gen. Studies Zeta Beta Tau Malamutes GREEN, Stanford K. Gen. Business Alpha Delta Phi Big "W" Club HAGER, Marilyn P. Home Ec. Kappa Phi mc elhenny I l l l I i Y l X A + s . X :S icqf J FUJ ll, Irene M. Accounting Valeda GIBBS, Gale C. Sociology GOLDMAN, James Gen. Business Zeta Beta Tau Hillel GREENWAY, Jerry E. Finance Delta Upsilon AMS Vice-Pres. AMS Treasurer Senior Prom Chrm. HAGGARD, Pegge Lee Drama Phi Mu Arena GALLETLY, Patricia A. Sociolo y Calvin Club YWCA GIBSON, Jean Education Delta Delta Delta GOLDSTEIN, Norton H. Mechanical Engr. A.S.M.E. Washington Engr. GRIFFIN, Dayton G. English Alpha Delta Phi HAGGEN, Donald E. Marketing Delta Upsilon GALLINGER John W. Prosuction Management Pres. GIDDINGS, Shirley J. Education Delta Zeta GOLLER, Ethel C. Secretarial GRIFFIN, Jean L. Gen. Studies Kappa Kappa Gamma Rally Girls Yell Queen HAKANSON, Clarkia J. Sociology Alpha Phi GAMIDO, Lolita S. Parmaz. La'-rosa Kappa cg'-a S. A. Pr. A. F.lmfsf Ciub GIERKE, , George E. 'CZI..CC!7.0T7 GOLLER Vernon L. Chcrnistry GROEEY, John H. Forestry Alpha Delta Phi Big "W" Club HALDER, Janet L. Sociology Alpha Delta Pi . . . second place in p.c. . '- A ,,f!, Q 4 I 15 f- N'-1" ' fy, - x ,s l fl 1 e. 5- - c dt, rw-4 :' Q5 .,- ,' .,----av 5, 6 'Il f 1. 1- "r. 'ff 7 ' I , pf ,.J L J . T. .Q .Eff ga. x fell, I it ',4'9, "UB vi' 1. X svtfhv ' i Al ' i GARNER, Marilyn E. xi QA: t-':i3o7E:s'c1 Wes e. C ,e Cog Kappa P4 GIERKE, La Verne J. E:-:a'ion GORDON, Alix L. Art Dc1'a Gafnfrta Larvwoca Rao GRUNDELAND, Roy 8. Transportation Lambda Cixi Alpha HALEY, Bruce E. English Theta Delta Chi Managerial Coun. GATES, Diana V. Home ::. GILLILAN. Patricia E. Jo.-nalisn' ln?c"a.. Com: Tfcas. GORDON, James W. P'ta'ttuaCy Rho Chi AIKJTMI Epsilon Delta Phi Beta Kappa GRUNDY, Clifton R. B. A. Adelphi Intcr-Oroaniz. Coun HALLE, Roland K. Pcfsonncl Beta Theta Pi Big "W" Club c. football . . . I 3 - A lf' ao. .7-,T l ,.,. .. fpyrr , . -32. if-7 2 ,-'ii ' Q V 1 W 3'K'o'z-ts. ' ': x - i v. ' n ' - i X . gh .xx ,gt.3Y J . -g....a ...W , 4, . "' W. ,n , my . .....x ' r 1 GSL 1 ' ,,,:.,f"!3 a 2 rf F, .. 4. . f-1 f. N ,. . ., . tg x Vi ' .si if ii if . 5 I' . X ,wt na? . 5 N 5. :VI R . i. ta .. I K ik " i , gf., , K XIQI7 . 4,1 5 Two Pol. Sci. majors s'l'op by l'he Hub piano for a song and a char as WARREN BENNETT and ELEANOR BAKER are pic- l'ured here. Warren is a hard working pillar of IFC, having served as Vice Presideni, Secreiary and Greek Leller Edilor. Warren, a Phi Gamma Della, is also a member of Oval Club and Chairman of several ASUW Commillees. Eleanor is a Gamma Phi Bela, a member of Tolem Club and Senior Class Secrelary. She has been Chairman of ASUW Publicalions Com- milrlee and Chairman of AMS-AWS Social Educalion Com- millees. .,4P.uq. " .eff www 3.551 wow coasi baskefball HAMBLIN, Roberi C. Sociology Bela Thela Pi Big "W" Club Oval Club Husky Swim Club HANSON, Roberi C. B.A. Bela Thefa Pi Big "W" Club Varsily Tennis HARVEY, Mildred Med. Tech. Mu Tau McKee Hall HAZELTINE, Hobart B. B.A. HENDERSON, Larry E. Foreign Trade Kappa Sigma 64 HAMLIN, Carol D. Hislory Tolem Club Morlar Board HARDING, George F. Economics Bela Thela Pi Purple Shield Oval Club, Pres. HARTWIG, Alan F. Chem. Engr. Zeia Psi A.l.Ch.E. HEALY, Pafrick S. Pol. Sci. Alpha Sigma Ph Husky Swim Club HENSLEY, Frank M. B.A. Alpha Tau Omega Pan Xenia HAMM, Wilfried D. Physics Quanlum Club HARLOW, Bruce A. Gen. Business Cascade Hall HASEGAWA, Naoko R. Alpha Tau Della Harborview Henees, Patricia L. A 81 S Wesley Club Mu Phi Epsilon HERB, Frances A. Gen. Sludies Kappa Kappa Gamma HAMMANS, Beniamin G. Accounling Acacia HARMON, Jay H. Produclion Phi Sigma Kappa HASTINGS, Roberf D. Accounling Phi Kapp S' a Alpha kaisplagrigi Bela Alpha Psi HEDGES, Wallace H. Accounling Pi Kappa Phi Wesley Club HEIN, Shirley M. Home Ec. Omicron Nu Home Ec. Club "fs '2- I 'iii-I. . 5-4 . . ..,K , y. Ar-, champs . HAMMOND, Evelyn M. Education Alpha Chi Omega Home Ec. Club Rally HARRIS, Belty C. Home Ec. McKee Hall Home Ec. Club Omicron Nu HATTON, Patricia J. Sociology Kappa Delta HEDRICH, Vivian J. Journalism Blaine Hall Theta Sigma Phi HERMAN, .Ralph P. CIVII Engr, A.S.C.E. Tau Beta Pi Zeta Mu Tau HANBERG, Vernes A. Home Ec. Alpha Chi Omega HARNISH, Richard M. Architecture Lambda Chi Alpha HAUGEN, Helen E. Nursing Harborview Hosp. Alpha Tau Delta Luther Club HEDRICK, Worth G. English Theta Chi HERRINGTON, Barbara L. Med. Tech. Mu Tau ' 'fx I 1 . 1 I' V.: in., N27 'Ni ICA! V -1 ' a ,. vii xy! X NJ Q- . i X A .. ' X x s Q 1 -5822. X i I I fi is 'l"F?f5 I av' A I . ' .J X P' 1 l P' .v., ' - 'T ' ' 'ilk W 2 4 ' ' -5? ,.' .Qi : . v v, We A he xx ' I I' 1 5 '- 3. ' 1 3 n 1' 'I 5 S k 4 "" W if A A 1, P -. .fx-'.' 4.1 . . v . . guisness and houbregs . . . HANDLEY, Leo M. Journalism Sigma Delta Chi Assoc. Ed. of Daily, Columns Stall HARRIS, Cecil B. Education Ind. Ed. Club HAUSMAN, Edward H. Economics Della Kappa Epsilon HEFTY, Edward R. Accounting Tau Kappa Epsilo HERZOG, Frank L. Marketing Delta Chi Marketing Club Tl HANSARD, James M. Advertising Alpha Delta Sigma Marketing Club Columns HARRIS, Gerald F. Pharmacy Theta Della Chi A. Ph.A. HAWES, William J., Jr. Civil Engr. Baker Hall A.S.C.E. HEIMAN, Jerald L. Gen. Business Hillel Education Club HEYERDAHL. Torius B. Civil Engr. A.S.C.E. Yacht Club HANSEN, Earl B. History Sigma Alpha Epsilon Big "W" Club HARRIS, Wayne M. Chemical Engr. Sigma Pi A.S.C.E. HAWKINS, Richard D. Radio-TV Radio-TV Guild HEINZ, John A. Mechanical Engr. Alpha Della Phi HICKENLOOPER, Monle P. Chemislry HANSEN, Judilh L. English Leary Toastmistress HARRISON, Arthur E. Sigma Xi HAYES, Nancy L. Sociology Chi Omega HELGELAND, Richard C. Insurance Della Upsilon HILL, Howard GJ Economics Kappa Sigma HANSEN, June A. Sociology Pi Bela Phi HARPER, Guy M. B.A. Phi Kappa Psi Varsity Boat Club Big "W" Club HAYES, Larrie G. Education HEMINGER, Murray V., Jr. Theta Della Chi Varsity Boal Club Mountaineers HILL, Verna Nursing Alpha Kappa Alpha Harborview Hosp. springtime HANSON, Jean E. Pharmacy Lambda Kappa Sigma A. Ph.A. HART, Don W. B.A. Phi Gamma Della HAYNES, Frances Kappa Kappa Gamma HENDERSON, John I. Transportation Tau Kappa Epsilon Propeller Club HILPERT, Edward T., Jr. Sigma Chi HILTON, Charles G. Accounling Bela Alpha Psi HORIUCHI, Arlhur W. Pharmacy Kappa Psi Rho Chi A. Ph. A. HUBBERT, William H. Elec. Engr. Alpha Sigma Phi ITO, Jessie K. Sociology Alpha Kappa Della JOHN, Skip B.A. Sigma Alpha Epsilon Big "W" Club Oval Club Varsily Boal Club HILTS, Elizabelh E. Eclucalion Auslin Hall HORN, Charles A. Accounling Alpha Sigma Phi Compass 81 Charl HUBER, Lilly Ella Educalion H.W.S.C. Ed. Club IVERSON, Anlhon B. Elec. Engr. Wash. Engr. A.l.E.E. JOHNSON, Belly P, Home Ec. Alpha Phi HOBBS, Leon D. Pharmacy Lambda Chi Alpha A. Ph. A. HORN, Georgene A. Transporlalion Kappa Della HUGHBANKS, James R. Pol. Sci. Alpha Sigma Phi IWASAKI, Dorolhy A. Malh. Slal. Valeda JOHNSON, Birula lnlerior Design HODGES, Merrill E. P.E. . Alpha Della Phi Oval Club Big "W" Club Husky Swim Club HORNE, Mary E. Nursing Harborview Hosp. HUIE, Nine L. Blaine Hall Home Ec. Wah Kiu Club lWASAKI, Tsuruko S. Pharm. Lambda Kappa Sigma A- Ph. A. JOHNSON, Carol F. Educalion Alpha Phi HOEFER. Eileen F. English Sigma Kappa HOROWITZ, Jonalhan B. Wholesale HULET, Russell N. English Thela Chi JACOBSON, Philip S. Gen. Business Alpha Epsilon Pi JOHNSON, Elizabelh A. Sociology Della Della Della Tolem Club Morlar Boiard Alpha Kappa Della HOFF, Burlon Gen. Business Chi Psi HORTON, Richard Pre-Med. Della Upsilon HUPP, Jack S. Sociology U Sigma Phi Epsilon Oval Club Presidenl, AMS Board of Conlrol JACOBSON, Richard C. Miech. Engr. Phi Della Thela A.S.M.E. JOHNSON, Evalyn L. Nursing Swedish Hosp. Alpha Phi Alpha Tau Della HOFFMAN, Winslon N. Drama Arena HOSSFELD, Wall Insurance Bela Thela Pi Big "W" Club HUTCHINS, Wesley S, Archileclure Phi Gamma Della JAGOE, Alison M. Arl Alpha Omicron Pi JOHNSON, Everell C. Educalion Wesley Club Scandia Club HOGAN, Elwood D. Accounling Bela Thela Pi Bela Alpha Psi HOUCK, Ray J. Markeling Sigma Alpha Epsilon HUTCHINSON, lrene C. Educalion Kappa Kappa Gamma Morlar Board Tolem Club Sigma Epsilon Sigma JALLIE, Elizabelh N. Sociology Della Zela W-Key Tolem Club Morlar Board Omicron Nu JOHNSON, Gerrell L. Civil Engr. Lambda Chi Alpha A.S.C.E. Varsily Boal Club fhen we were wise sophomores . . . anofher year . Q: W Si ' ' ss.. yea, Q f . S. - .- .wc f yew .. 45 of . yu s '. fs sf' V' gm yi, wffvvf 5 x KS . X Kgs Sc 9 X AX A Xf 37 .V . M X ff Q AI sy 5 X . X Q ns? . ' A , My .. Q.. .. xf , I ,S If , e H 5 43 .Q X. N34 Q 6 4 l i HOLBROOK. Frances F. EngllSh Chi Orneqa HOWAY. Edward J. 3 lub Vacrisily Boar Clu Oval Club Mafhwngc HUTCHINSON, Muriel l. Nursing Swedis Hosp. JAMES. Alberl A. Pharmacy Pi Kappa .Alpha Kappa Psi JOHNSON, Gordon W. Cgvirl Erkgr. A p a appa Lambda A.S.C.E, Weslminsler Club HOLLAND, Virgil K. Chemical Engr. Della Chi A.l,C.E. HOWE, Lue A. Gen. Business McKee Promenaders Yachl Club HUTCHISON, Fred J. Educalion Baseball JANDERS, George Markeling Alpha Kappa Psi JOHNSON, Joan D. Gen. Sfudies HOLMES, John B.A. Phi Kappa Tau Alpha Kappa Psi HSIAO, Ching-Hwa lnlerior Design Lambda Rho ICH I KAWA, Kazura Psycho ogy Synkoa Caducean JENNERSON, Mabel W. Denial Hygiene Alpha Omicron Pi JOHNSON, Lynn E. Mechanical Engr. A.S.M.E. HOLT, Ralph L. Gen. Business Alpha Della Phi HUANG, Donald T. Civil Engr. Sherwood House ASCE lNGRAHAM, Marilyn S, Sociology Pi Bela Phi JOHANSON, Paul H. Gen. Business Bela Thela Pi Big "W" Club Oval Club JOHNSON, Ronald D. Educalion Rofcre Bus. Ed, Club of work and play xv, -ls. 3 if 1 5 BN A 9 . X . . .,,- X. Mx, . 5, . .. skfiek. K 5 BENQ X 4" Sending in lheir box 'rops for "Space-Palrol Badges" are Jllvl WARSINKE, BARBARA FERGUSON, and JEANETTE BARGER. Jim, a Sigma Chi, has played varsily 'foolball for 'rhe pasl' lhree years besides being May King in l95l, Vice Presidenl of lhe Senior class and an aclive member in Big "W" Club and Oval Club. Barbara has been Presidenl of Sigma Epsilon Sigma, Vice Presiclenl' of lvlor'l'ar Board, and ac'l'ive in W-Key, Tolem Club, Zela Mu Tau, and Della Zela besides holding several imporlanl chairmanshfps. Jeanel"l'e challcecl up W-Key, Tolem Club, Morlar Board, Treasurer of l'he Senior Class, Chairman of lhe Senior Song and Slunl' Nighf, and Chairman of 'rhe AWS elec- lions. Jeanelle is a Kappa Della. :' 'f -,:s.4i 4:.:..-ga ! -nof-f'.Q:,g+.:.::Q:+f-'i?l'::i55i'i'fisii-+'-'-f""f-T-5--23" ' ' ' .. '- -- e---fmrimqm7'mr'21ffw1S17 T , ,, -rm,gn',m?3?E'?E.F?..'5!2:.5F1-2gay:1,411 -',z.-H'.,...w. AL L. .A M 3. A :atv ,,.-,gu.s.::':2. - . C. . -v AJ, J , A- . ,... -we-amen. ' ' J533""7"' 1 , f Q- .., ' f f , . 1 f , 1 ,f ,s, Yr' .' I E f 7 Ak. 1 ,,, 1.14 - .ll si , A if . . at Str? .f 5 xv N K K as A' . Q, . X9 KZ K ' , S tx .. Z.. ss 1, as f V W . XXX 3 s 2? we Q , x QP W X ,. . fall . . . winfer . . . spring hurried pasi JOHNSON, Sheila M. Gen. Bus. Gamma Phi Beta KAMLA, John G. Education Theta Chi O.A. lnd. Ed. Club KELLER, Marcia H. Marketing Kappa Kappa Gamma KING, Robert B. Art Sigma Alpha Epsilon KOTZERKE Donald F C Engr Council JOHNSON, Warren C. Mechanical Engr ASME Tau Beta Pi KAMM, Joan C. Nursing Eklind Hall Swedish Hospital KELLEY, William L. Civil Engr. Phi Kappa Sigma Purple Shield Zeta Mu Tau A.S.C.E. KIRBY, Craig L. Accounting Sigma Chi Alpha Kappa Psi Beta Alpha Psi KRAFT Janet H Gen Studies Kappa Kappa Gamma JOHNSON, William R. Accounting Alpha Kappa Psi Beta Alpha Psi Beta Gamma Sigma KAMPE, Wynn E. Civil Engr. A.S.C.E. KELLEY, Lawrence J. Husky Flying Club Propeller Club KIRKENDALL, Carol J. Education Alpha Phi KRAMER Robert B Po Sci Delta Chi Scabbard and Blade JOHNSTON, G. Robert B.A. Phi Kappa Sigma, Pres. Oval Club Malamutes Yell King KANE, Donald B. Accounting Beta Theta Pi Beta Alpha Psi Beta Gamma Sigma KELLEY, Edgar R. Economics KITTINGER, Edmund B. Gen. Business Sigma Alpha Epsilo KREKOW Marilyn C Education Delta Delta Delta l'l JOHNSTON, James G. Gen. Studies Lambda Chi Alpha KAUFFMAN, Mary E. Education Pi Lambda Theta Mu Phi Epsilon Austin Hall KETZLACH, Evelyn Sociology ' Phi Sigma Sigma Mortar Board, Pres Totem Club Alpha Kappa Delta KITTLESON, Raymond J. B.A. KUCINSKAS Stan K Marketing Phi Kappa Sigma Big W C ub JONES, Floyd U. For. Trade Pan Xenia KAWACHI, Jean A. Education Education Club Valeda KEY, Florabel Gen. Studies Kappa Delta TYEE KLASSEN, Donald B. Zoology KUEBLER Robert L History Phi Gamma D Pres. elta JONES, Thomas K. Mechanical Engr. ASME Compass and Chart KAWAGUCHI, George K. lnd. Ed. Phi Delta Kappa Education Club lnd. Ed. Club KIEFER, John B. Gen. Business Sigma Nu KLAUS, Dona G. B.A. KU DO George Fisheries Synkoa O I I JORDAN, David C. Journalism Lambda Chi Alpha KAWAMOTO, Pat Nabata Education Mortar Board Totem Club KIME, Jim D. lnsurance Lambda Chi Alpha Scabbard and Blade KNOWLES, Patricia M. Sociology Delta Zeta Alpha Tau Delta Luther Club KULSETH Janie I Education Alpha Chl Omega .N , 1-' , 9 .,:...-g S5-gg 'NY' 1.-va ' M . Ewikimmmmmn ' ' ' . ' I I , - A.l. h. E. . ' I, ', ' -' - ' . . . ' - .. .. I l l A. -fe ' 'if " :.,,,,g5gv-af1-- 5,2 ':f--- .fav -si. -V f Q , V if .L -'ff 14:2- .?:?.'f-" -1 .. .i??....... ..... 3 .---. ,.. L1-rg-"ZZ-'F . - -JY 3 .5-2 , L, .,-an ' M .- 1?1:.?iiE9:"J-. - " -.-Hifi -er -- - - . - - . , .,g,...,- ,, . .- , , ' - - H "' i ' ----------""' -- n--f- . -V ---W f ' -- -- - A :-..-f-- --:A-,Y--. --- .- . .-.J -M .- wa- ' 7, J - " ' ,V . 1130, 013 Z. 1. J of I KE 1 Z I fit gifs' ,, 'I Y up Nils I . Nj, 'ii ' I I ' , ,L , - , .fp ' .rr 55 9,4 , . ,gy V ,:, , .... , W IT' lpha 5 293 sophomore carnival JOWETT, Bill Mathematics Sigma Nu KAZMIER, Lorraine H. Education KING, David E. Retailing Chi Psi KOENIG, Richard C. Forestry Tau Phi Delta Forest Club KUNIYOSHI Richard S. Marketing Synkoa Arnold Air Marketing C Soc. lub JUDGE, Evelyn L. Education I.W.A. KEEPER, Dave C. Chemical Engr. Olympus A. I. Ch. E. Washington Engr. KING, Frances J. Nursing Swedish Hosp. KOETIE, Evelyn M. Education Austin Hall KUNKEL, Norman C. Education KALVISTE, Aavo Electrical Engr. l.R.E. KEFAUVER, Elizabeth A. Gen. Business Alpha Phi KING, Jerry F. History YMCA Cab. KOON. Charles W. P.E. Sigma Alpha Epsilon Oval Club Big "W" Club KUSAKABE, Chiye Nursing Harborview Valeda KAMINSKI, Alexander Education KELLER, M. Faith Personnel Kappa Kappa Gamma KING, Robert A. Accounting Beta Theta Pi KOPF, Irving Geography Denny Annex KYLE, Allison R. Home Ec. Pi Beta Phi 69 BOB McBRlDE takes time out trom his Daily duties to drop down to the Hub for his Senior Prominent's picture with MARILYN LOW. Bob is Editor ot the Daily, Vice President ot Sigma Delta Chi, Professional Journalism Fraternity, and a member of Oval Club. Marilyn, a Sociology major, is Totem Club Prexy, on AWS Cabinet and O A, and a member ot Delta Gamma Sorority. ln addition Marilyn has been busy with many other I-lub Committees. 1" E 1 ...Q-ll. ,LL "Grea'l'!" says JACK HUPP as he 'Finds himself as usual wilh a girl on each arm. The girls, ALICE MORSE and BETTY MAC- DONALD, seem less 'rhan enlhusiaslic. Alice has served as ASUW Secrelary and is a member of Morlar Board, Tolem Club, Alpha Kappa Della lsoc. honoraryl, AWS Cabinel' and Tri-Dell' sorori'l'y. Jack, 'rhe besl' known man on campus, rounded oul his decade in school by being elecled AMS presidenl. He has served on lhe ASUW Alhlelic commillee and is a member of Oval Club and Sigma Phi Epsilon fra'l'erni'l'y. Belly, beller known as Bea Rae, is a DG who finished her college career as ASUW second vice presidenl. She has worked on eleclions and is a member of Tolem Club. KYTE, Lars Civil Engr. A.S.C. E. LARSON, Lowell A. Sociology Thela Xi LEE, Joyce G. P. E. Auslin Hall Phi Epsilon Chi P. E. Club LINDSTROM, Lauron E. A. 84 S. Sigma Nu LONG, Kalhleen D. l-lislory Sigma Kappa A.S.U.W., V. Pres. Morlar Board Tolem Club LAGGER, Fred M. Educalion LARSON, Mary O. Educalion Pi Bela Phi LEE, Virginia Home Ec. Gamma Phi Bela LINES, Marlene D. Sociology Alpha Xi Della Tolem Club LOOMIS, Laurel M. Personnel Cosmopolilan C Y.W.C.A. lu LAHTI, Norman A. lnduslrial Design lnduslrial Designers LARSON, Roberl Accounling Rofcre Ya chl Cl u b LEHMAN, David A. Chemislry Thela Della Chi Scabbard 8: Blade LINN, Leland K. Aero. Engr. Della Kappa Epsilon l.A.S. LORD, Gilberl M. Far Easl' LAMB, Frank H. Mechanical Engr. Bela Thela Pi l LARSON, Sluarl M. Physics Della Upsilon Alpha Epsilon Della LEISY, David C. Aero. Engr. Phi Kappa Sigma 1 LINTON, Frances C. Sociology Phi Mu LOUDON, Richard S. Civil Engr. Alpha Della Phi Big "W" Club A.S.C.E. spud "common man" '53 MAB l ,F'l9r. 'il lflma Phi lb I LANSER, Sally.L, Pol. Sci. Delta Gamma LAUKKONEN, Charles J. Gen. Business LESHGOLD, Richard D. Psychology Zela Bela Tau ASUW lnler- viewers Mu Nu Omicron LIPPMANN, Garfh W. Aero. Engr. IAS LOUIE, Kenneih L. Ind. Design lnd. Designers LARGIS, John E. Finance Phi Kappa Psi LAURIE, Ellen C. Education Sigma Kappa LEWIS, Barbara T. Nurser School Delia Gamma LITTLE, Bryce, Jr. Accounfing Sigma Alpha Epsilon Oval Club IFC LOVE, Glen A. Educalion Alpha Sigma Phi Varsity Boat Club LARIZA, Frank T. Hisiory Sigma Nu sig "W" LAVIN, Pafricia A. Sociology Phi Mu LEWIS, James R. Commercial Ari Lambda Chi Alpha LOCKE, Paul B. A. LOW, Marilyn Sociology Delia Gamma Toiem Club AWS LARSEN, Edward A. Journalism Alpha Delia Sigma LEAF, Carolyn J. CiviCS Arusfin Hall Pi Lambda Theta LICHTENWALNER, Marion B. Sociology Alpha Gamma Delia Panhellenic Pres. Toiem Club LOEB, Elaine Nursing Phraieres l-larborview l-losp. LOWNDES, James B. Finance Phi Kappa Sigma LARSEN, Lauriffs R. Markeiing Tnefa Chi Markering Club LEANDERSON, M. Pimp Personnel Fir Tree Big "MV" Club Oval Club Varsity Boat Club LIGHTBODY, Palricia A. Economics Kappa Delia LOEB, Richard Accounting Sigma Alpha Mu LUCAS, Edgar W. Industrial Aris lnduslrial Ed. Club LARSEN, Ray W. Real Estate Alpra De1'a Pe, LE DREW Maxine V. Soc. Alpha Gamma Delia RallyGir1s LIGHTLE, Jeanefie D. Education Cal-.lin Club Music Eg. Club LOFGREN Boyd R. B. A. Phi Gamma Della LUCHT, Donna M. Educafion Delia Delia Delia LARSEN, William E. Mecnanical Eng- Sigma Cai LEE, Agnes B. Sociology Alpha Xi Delta Silver Fish LINDBLOM, Julia J. Educarion Zera Tau Alpha YWCA LOGAN, William G. Transporfarion Delia Sigma Phi LUNDY, Margarel M. Personnel Managemen1Cl Calvin Club ub LARSON, Durmoni A. Geogfapnv De"a Ta- De"a LEE, Georgia J. Gen. Business Dara Dena Dezfa LINDGREN, Charles G. Gen. Business Delia Tau Delta Compais S- Char? LOKKEN, John R. Accounting Delia Sigma Phi LYNAM, Claudine P. NursinCl Alpha Xi Della Swcciish Hosp. bunker became presidenf . . . governor's day . . . fi- X . 4 e, -e . E.- ir- in Q i ee- 1 as iii. 1 . . if I . V .Y ' - s 'QL 'N - ' "1 ' "r ' A, D I V 3 vw? ll Olga, ,Ji J A 9 j" .VJ V A ,4 . .e 4 , M. 4 Sli! .'1 1 , Ti 5 H M -.' T A ll P A 2 ' 'xrl , L " ar Q X7 - if i an .el ff : .. -w s K -'n r . .y 4 XXX Y ,R if 1 . ri SN R 'XNEC YE! A 3 it x FN ss.a- . R. . S .. ....,a,.:.,..,a..s.z.,a faf: X ,ii f E 4.2: ., .Q . ,.,,E -A Xf f z x S Q ff - S -F , ...K ' K r .1 . i ai:--f' i , 5 x 'S 17' 'Ti-T4 ' .e""' i ra' ..f gf , . 'Ci'-1 .c A-.J 5 X .. -36 Q ,-,. -.K ,,,A i 1 . .iv-. if , Q - 1 , .X K an .., A . "x l, i .. , m3au5'.5,e11z'ea1EP5eg...z:f .,,.. r .... 1 I I 1 QU, , nmnrvllgrvffvvvl ll ,. , s.. ,.. ff-.fee-Q-g::g,:'fi 44- F2:3'423'i's ' "L 3 'in L P 1 U I ,Wi . ..1,,,,. e: 1.1 , .- .gh .1 M... f Q4 - - 1pf,:g5fys3gQg k?E92e.i-Q frame?-:fe'1 1 ------ "-' ' ' Taking 'rhe pause lhal refreshes are ANN VAN ARSDEL and EDNA "EDDlE" CEDERBLOM. AWS Slandards Chairman, Mor- lar Board, Tolem Club, YWCA Secrelary, YWCA ln'l'erna'rional Banquel' Program Chairman, ASUW Conlesl' Commillee Chair- man, and YWCA Frosh Club Advisor ra'le as some of Ann's ac'rivi'l'ies. "Eddie," ln'l'erhall Council Vice Presidenl, has received 'rhe Morlar Board Alumni Scholarship. She is in Tolem Club and also Secrelary 'ro 'rhe ASUW Presidenl. , K lffffff .WWA Q 'ckimroania GRANGE fs: .M - 1 1 Q! E K T spring sporfs MCBURNEY, Roberf J. Transporlarion Pi Kappa Alpha McKEE, Roberl' E. Chemical Engr. AICE MAINWARING Anifa R. Gen. Sludies Kappa Della Morlar Board MARTIN, Humphrey J. Jpurnalism Sigma Della Chi MELLOTTE, Ted W., Jr. Gen. Business Managemenl Club I O O MCCARTER, McCLARTY, MCCLENAGHAN Shirley J. Willis R. Donald S. Denf. Hygiene Architecture Finance I Tolem Club Phi Kappa Psi McKlBBlN, MCKINSTRY, McKAY, Bruce H. Jeanne C. Donald A. Transporlaiion Sociology Journalism - Phu Gamma Delia Della Gamma Alpha Della Phi MAKFINSKY, MALONE, MANKOWSKI, Joseph R. .Palricia A. Vera M. HISTOFY Hlslory Pharmacy Mu Phi Epsilon Auslin Hall Lambda Kappa Sigma . MARTIN. MARTIN, MARTIN, Jim Tom E. Val D. Journalism . Gen. Sludies Gen. Business Ph' Kappa Ps: Alpha Sigma Phi Thefa Chi Purple Shield Oval Club Managerial Council MERLWETHER. MERRIFIELD, MERRITT, Julla G- , Rufh A. Janice K. Spanish Educallon Sociology Education Alpha Omlcron Pl Alpha Gamma Delia Pi Bela Phi - ::--r":""'1:z:'::.i-.-,jr 2-.guise-,1.v:A":',:'.4- - ..- - .cy-,gf ,., , . - .- 4 , nada- Y "PN f " waiters .. :EIwf:s-'g:i..-:2f?::s.w. - 'fg,f :.:-vgzauefz-ge T 4.3, ' fi'T'iiP5'i" ' seer1-w 'i. a:i "'iiaa 4",' me , yn, w 4 Zi, f 1 , 9 1 'I 'W l K .. f 'lo 4, . 5 , . . , A Qi ? A as 7 493 N. . 7 I 6 , ,, f X r '2 rg '-". , , '25-fs "rw" -1 0 ihmw .,1- q .. ...HQ i PW' , . . . J Q -x . 'T , . . in A 5 . K if ., I A ,, A . " 's . . 1 'i . , is PS fi If 'I bi Q , ff . R1 .. . 'si te' 'al , ,, H f'-Q! A .,, ,A . ' I, -,W H l!M,f,, V. Q I Q. -:Q 2.54. X .ix as .21 1 af. f , S . A. ' . . f A , aj, ' Lv , 5,2 'gg ' ,f ' T .4-4, ., Lf . -A L P. f s. .il K f' llc., - . tsl... . f.2i'ff.' champions in baseball . . . golf . . . a McDONALD, Janel J. Radio-TV S'9ma Kappa MCLAUGHLI John A. Arlsland Sciences N. Della Upsilon MARBLE, Duane F. Geography Gamma Thela Upsilon MARTN EDT Heclor O.: Jr. A. 81 S, Wesley Club METHVEN, Helen C, Buislinigg ee Kwcaf McDONALD, Joe L. Psychology Chi Phi MCLAUGHLIN, Ross W. Gen. Business Della Kappa Epsilon Varsily Ski Team MARCKS, Annelore Educalion Phraleres Phi Chi Della Weslminsler Club MASUHARA, EMIKO A. Arl lnler-Hall Council Kappa Phi Valeda Parnassus MEURER, Conslance L. Educalion Della Della Della Zela Phi Ela MCDOUGALL, Bruce E. Gen. Business Alpha Della Phi Varsily Boal Club MacDONALD, Belly R. Secrelarial Training Della Gamma ASUW Second Vice Pres. Tolem Club MARKEN, Rulh E. Geography Blaine Hall Phraleres Morlar Board Zela Mu Tau MATHISEN, Raymond H. Gen. Business Della Chi Malamules Lulher Club MEYER, Louise E. Sociology Kappa Della McELENEY, Phyllis J. Educalion Pi Bela Phi MacFARLANE, Marian M. Home Economics Pi Bela Phi Tolem Club MARKOW, Gilberl G. Educalion MATSU MOTO. John H. Accounling Synkoa. Adelphi MEZISTRANO. Roberl J. . Alpha Epsilon Pi MCFADDEN, Roberl H. Gen. Business Della Upsilon MacPHEE, Nick L. Insurance Phi Della Thela MARSH, Muriel R. Home Ec. Phi Sigma Sigma Home Ec. Club Hillel MATTHEWS. Mariorie C. Sociology MICHELS, Marianne E. Personnel Alpha Gamma D ella McGOVNEY, Anne Nursing Harborview Hosp. Alpha Tau Della MADSEN, Arlhur J. Zoology Alpha Tau Omega Malamules MARSHALL, Dean A. Markeling Phi Kappa Sigma Markeling Club MAUZEY, Marlha L. Meleorology Zela Mu Tau MIDDLETON, Michael English Phi U silon P Young Republicans McGUlNNESS, James B. Insurance Alpha Kappa Psi MAGNUSON, Richard E. Real Eslale Alpha Della Phi Lulh. Slud. Ass'n Oval Club Big "W" Club MARSHALL, Don W. Bela Thela Pi MAY, Virginia Lee Zoology MIHAILOFF, Vadim V. Chemical Engr. AlCE nd lennis McJUNKlN, Sam E. Adverlising Rofere Scabbard 8: Blade Alpha Della Sigma MAHOOD, Mary E. Microbiology MARTENSON, James A. Chemical Engr. Zela Psi AICE MEISELS, Slanley D. Speech Sigma Alpha Mu MILLER, Fred D. Gen. Business Pi Kappa Alpha MILLER, MILLER, MlNA,RD, Kay J. Myrna L. Palricla J. Educalion Sociology Home EC- Alpha Phi Della Zela Della Della Della AWS Pres. YWCA Board ol Conlrol Promenaders AWS Cab. MOORS, MORGAN, MORGAN, Carolyn E. Alvin C. Marlorie A. Educalion Chemislry Educalion Sigma Nu Thela Upsilon Lambda ol Phraleres Weslminsler House Cab. Phi Chi Della MOSBY, MOTT, MOUNSEY, Wayne G. Nancy K. Sally M. Pharmacy Hislory - Educalion Kappa Psi Gamma Phi Bela Kappa Alpha Thela A. Ph. A. Zela Phi Ela NELSON, NELSON, NELSON, Beverly J. Charlolle A. Doris M. Educalion Educalion Nursing Leary Hall Pi Bela Phi Harborview Hosp. TYEE Alpha Tau Della NICHOLS, NIENDORFF, NILSON, Palsy T. William W. Allan E. Sociology Engineering Foreslry Kappa Alpha Thela A. .M.E. Tau Phi Della Flying Club Foresl Club Xi Sigma Pi f '5 2 ' ' OC . . . I Unl0fS , 1 Tis N V. 5. Ai 5' P lii' 1 r f - A I 'efefs ' P ' 'KE' 1 is yyy. . if ' , If., ' x if ' 'Pi' .W 2 " fx .:-"w'f4 .gy V l MINNICK, Jack Engineering MORGAN, Reid A., Jr. Archileclure Phi Kappa Tau MOUNT, Layelle F. Commercial Blaine Hall Marlceling Club Daily Slall NELSON, Edward A. Zoology Cascade House NILSON, Edward L. Ind. Ed. lnd. Ed.Club MIYAZAKI, Julianne A. Med. Tech. lvlu Tau MORIARTY, Timolhy G. Pol. Sci. Phi Della Thela Pol. Sci. Club Young Rep. Club MURDOCK, Roberl V. Civil Engr. Honderich House Scabbard 81 Blade A.S.C.E. NELSON, Janel D. Nursing Eklind Hall NIMS, Shawn B. English Gamma Phi Bela MOBBS, Belly A. Educalion McKee MORRILL, Jack J. Gen. Business Alpha Della Phi lvlarkeling Club MURPHY, George A. Gen. Business Psi Upsilon NELSON, Lorraine L. Accounling NIPPER, George L. Geog ra pyh Sigma Alpha Epsilon MOLLICK, Frank N. Economics Della Upsilon O. A. MORRILL, Juslin Gen. Sludies Wesley Club MYERS, Marilyn J. English Gamma Phi Bel NELSON, Lynn B. Com. Arl Pi Alpha Sigma Parnassus Club Auslin Hall, V. NOE, John A. A. 81 S. Della Upsilon Ei P. MONNIE, Janel I. French Sigma Kappa MORRIS, V. James Phi Gamma Della H.W.S.C. NARTE, Jaime P. Fisheries Sludenl Co-op A55 Honderich House, Pres. NETH, Sylvia A. A 8: S Women's Rec. Council Women's P. E. Club NOLTE, Elaine L. Educalion Lulher Club . . . old hands by fhis fime . . . x X., ,. , f ,ZIV :iz ,---- ,.-- A P L , .,... ' P , ' P . -"' ASNE ' 752 r , ,ss ""' NX , ' si xy - ' ,f sy' ' ' iii'w.c..,..f W I f X ,f -1 . Q... f if . ,is law . N. .vioxx Q ,N lx. E , f PQ... 1 , 'S' . f We , H K z, M.. 1" 'E M I K 6.5 0 as X 7 X 1 N X, f Fw , . y X I X X V. A X P i 143 , Y f, xg YI' A ie I N . i S XE w s 1 Q., . we f 'si sos. fy 5 Gxmgf . Sf Qf...........'5 ...- lk, --iw. ' , ' .... I N . . f X X 4 . f X at me as - ,-rw.-e1..'.s 1, - 5 :figs I Q 1, , gg.. A 45415, .K A QW, .. ,s I ...ew ss -A w i.f iifikiil - if. 3 he 4,5 , '1 'R X sus' .,zQa,..: B sANro. MOODY- MOORE. Moons Mgilesa M. Ellrabefh Nafhaniel H. Roberi w. Pharmacy POI- 5CIk Educafion Foreign Trade Ja Blaine Hall Kappa appa Pan Xenia Lambda KGPPG Gamma Managemenl Club Sigma A, P . A. . , - o er . Al' N. ID It Edzigglon Chemical Engr. Gen. Business I Socichiggy e Kappa Della Acacia Alpha Della Phi Della Della Delia Omicron Nu Alpha KOPPO Psi ASUW Secreiary Morlar Board Tolem Club EAL' NEQLAY, NELSON, NELSON' NPa'rricia L. Dick Alwin Anne G. Educafion l POl- SCI.. Aocounling I Philosophy Alpha Della Pi Zela Psi Phi Kappa Sigma McKee l-lall OD A: Home EC. Club Bela Alpha Psi Universily Singers We Cab. Phil. Club NEUBAUER, NEVILLE. NEWGARD, NEWSOM' Ronald G. S BQVFTBTG A. A Freggins A. H Helen J. E ' ocio ogy . r E , ,C Z2PalBefa Tau Gamma Phi Bela liafppacglpbha Thela Aliarlig Phi - - o em Rally Girlls E. NORTOIZ, NgTl'liLEIl-N. NljGElGI-T, ODLAND, Ph'I'p . oina . ac . Ag s Ma ' Archliieclure Medicine Denlislry Educalion me Sigma Chi Alpha Kappa Kappa Gxavrnrrg liella Alpha Chi Omega ig u Oval Club song and sfuni . . . f MU' 'pf ' "-' ,ii l' L J Q-Ll r. . 11.1 '- sy I . as V, , l fi 3 l .SHN V' . frxzvfa-i ' ' V , - , "5"v-:area ,.,:,,.,,,- , ' - A - K" 1 'O ,. ' 43- , U 0, yi : MOORE Glenn A Gen. Business Sigma Chi 6 "Who's gol' a dime?" asks vivacious MAXINE SOFTKY. GEORGE HARDING and DENNY MEY- ER loolc lhe olher way. George, a Bela, was presi- clenl- of Oval Club, and his freshman ancl sopho- more class. He is an economics maior. Maxine, a chemislry major in educalion, is a member of Program Panel, Morlar Board, Tolem Club, Sigma Epsilon Eigma, Zela Mu Tau lmalh honoraryl, lola Sigma Pi lchemislry honoraryl and Sigma Kappa sorori'l'y. Denny is Washinglons' oulslanding lrack man ancl a member of Oval Club. He has placed in bolh 'rhe P.C.C. and NCAA 'lraclc meels. i X X . its 'if'- . 4... ,va , Y ..,..-.----1- 5' S.,,4v X 4 if fff I, Z, ri-lb: . ' 4 1... - - . i fvfw-7 4 -" -i f fi ., ,, ,gf -,1 Bagsyisyf W ff. ,P ,M i .Q 4- . fs V as X L fire gf 1 4,47 ,J 4 2 ff 1' -24 aw ,. ,..',ff.22f"f'f4 Q .fm , V A '4 ' We ffwi fy.-aye' 5 4 -1 V , f J. .ajfwj f . - 3. We fi, - . . ,,,, ,xuzuv , yf 1 XG f, f f f f f . f' aw ff x 9 A f fr wg of 1 's- QSQQ4 4 ff 1 X I I AH ...fp f f 41h ranked baskeiball ieam . . . frank parker l OFELT, O'HALLORAN, OKAMOTO, OKUMOTO, OLDEN, OLIVER, OLSEN, OLSON, ' James A, Pa1G. Takayoshi Royal Delmar F. Margarel B. Fred A. Alan S. B.A. Civil Engr. Accounling Accounling Mech. Engr. Sociology Ind. Ed. Pharmacy A.S.C.E. Bela Alpha Psi Adselahe Sororia lnd. Ed. Club Eaglpaisi OLSON, OLSON, OLWELL, O'NEAL, O'RlELLY, ORMSBY, ORR, i OSBORNE, Ralph C. Richard L. Genevieve H. Terry Philip C. I Roberl E., Jr. Louise Roberl J. Gen. Business Accounling English l-lislory . Transporlallon Bolany Gen. Sludles Journalism Chi Psi Phi Sigma Kappa Gamma Phi Bela, Della Kappa Epsilon Propeller Club U. W. Yachl Club Pres. of Leary . Della Upsilon. Alpha Kappa Psi Pres lnlerhall Council Alpha Della Sigma Compass 81 Charl Panhellenic Sigma Rho Alpha PALMER, PALMER, PANCHENKO, PAPRITZ, PARKER, PARKER, PARR, PASSEY, Marguerite L. Mary Jane John I. Gordon R, Frank Richard H. Raymond A. Richard l. Medicine Radio-TV Pol. Sci. Educalion Pre-Med. Pharmacy Pol. Sci. Transporlalion Alpha Omicron P Alpha Phi Omega Rofcre Zela Bela Tau Tau Kappa Epsilon Phi Kappa Psi Propeller Club Zela Phi Ela Compass and Charl Pres. ASUW Kappa Psi Radio-TV Guild Scabbard and Blade Oval Club A. Ph, A. Pres. Jr. Class Phi Bela Kappa PAUL, PAULSEN, PEABODY, PEARSON, PEARSON, PEDERSEN, PEDERSEN, PEEL, Redmond V. Suzanne M. Roberl L. Dorolhy J. Roy E. Carolyn J. Muriel K. Sharon l. BA- , pl'l5Vm3CY Relail Drama Eleclrical Engr. Sociology Nursing B.A. , Della Kappa Epsilon Lasmbda Kappa Phi Gamma Della Arena l.R-E- l-larborvlew Hall Alpha Omicrori Pl igma Rho Chi Society PERRY, PETERSEN, PETERSON, PETERSON, PETERSO John W- Finn R. W- Clifford A- Dale 5- DoloresNA. PED'ld:a'l4d J. PF,EhlnE'lli?D' Plsliiglla A Transporlalion Transporlalion Foreign.Trade Produclion Nursing Mech. Engr. Gen. Business Spanish . Sigma Pi Della Tau Della Pan Xenia Pi Kappa Alpha fgklplga Ejmigrq? Ti QC?iLaE McKee pi Baia phi we is ospi a . . . . W, 'I . 1 AA., l s i' A . 2 ...- ig v II. Sign ,lphe an 1b ron I W I v. f V f , , f if 4, f f AA. "See you in lhe funny papers," says THEA GEVERS and became p OLSON, Bonnie J. Med. Tech. Mu Tau OSTERHOUT Jane L. ipeechm h an Thleiaa p a PATELLI, Jo Vanna M, Pharmacy Rho Chi I-Grnbda Kappa Sigma A. Ph. A. PELLETIER, Kennefh F. Markefing Della Sigma Phi Marketing Club FIYInq Club PIEROTH, Pfgary H, Slgfna Kappa Tolem Cl b P- E. Club' OLSON, Eleanor C. Sociology Kappa Della Cosmopolifan Clu OTOSHI, Tommy Y. Elecfrical Engr. Synkoa A.l.E.E.-l .R.E. PATON, Richard R. Medicine Phi Bela Kappa Nu Sigma Nu PERKINS, John E. Gen. Business Sigma Chi POLSON, R. Alex Finance Chi Psi b . . 'm , Q . A, Q ' resideni OLSON, Jean Journalism I Thela Sigma Phi OTTEMAN, Lloyd G. Civil Engr. Zela Mu Tau A.S.C.E. PATRICK. Roberl' J. Civil Engr. Compass and Char? Scabbard and Blade Honderich House PERLIN, Bernard L. Gen. Business I Alpha Kappa Psi POMERENK, Waller R. Mefalurgical Engr- M.O.H.C.' Tau Bela Pi Gamma Della OLSON. Lloyd W. Foreslry Tau Kappa Epsilon Xi Sigma Pi Managerial Council Foresl Club OVERBY, June C. Home Ec. Alpha Phi PATTISON, Maryln H. Speech Chi Omega PERRY, Bruce T, Markefing Chi Psi Marketing Club POMROY. Rayda L. Ari Kappa Delia 77 MARION LICHTENWALNER in a 'rrile old phrase. The 'Iwo seldom have lime 'lo read 'lhe comics rhough. Thea has been Ireasurer and presiclenl' of YWCA, secrelary of lhe UW Yachl' Club, on 'lhe O.A. Sleering commilrlee, chairman of Counly Fair, and is a member of Morlar Board and Pi Lambda Thefa educalion honorary. Marion, an Alpha Gam, has served as Panhellenic presidenl and is a member of AWS Slandards board and Tolem Club. J., 4,Q."f' ,L amy! I ' ,H 5 655 157' ,f QWMXP yi gr J - -s..-af. . .-r M'.:zr.. - rf-.. -..a -.- .1 .3-Y.-. Af- 'H--r.-f-.-.'r1:.:-.1-:, ,--S--.1-' .L::,::1.-s.. 11..--.-.-::.:-an -":.:-:.-. zz- f-- . ,. " i T' V- - M25 --ff fav.. -1-2.237212-.D-..-.1-...ggi---f'gg-,eggigfzge-L: .E5l3!?sfl.l'Ml"?lrl'?lf"3?5!!L'llk'f! i33L?3fF..eiiED: 'i -lu' ' 1 i I' y . ,. . . ---Q ., ..-- W ,A-,:., --,,,....e1 5,5-,J i 1- fi ' 'P' ' ' 'L U ., , ,s rf- i s v I . ,., ,.. , . - -.-.L-1-L.: ,-.-.:.LgL'i.4a ..- -,fa ...J ' :A---4" -:L-,---'j"g',-1-ei-:fl 5'4-" j':f1.1'g4'fg-L'-2-1'-.-'-" :-7-.4-,,,.--:-T f,.e-me .- rv-H: ,elgqyqqyzx L rw -- ,' 452 " :.- .a.-me ' "r-'-v--W 1-u:-za-: f-:jg-gi-Eg :L-f--,M f f f " Y A ' -----'-L' L4 .L 1- -"' . -z... -azu- , . ,, -..few -V.-we-.aye-fvfg I ' af Tyr? Ci P3 I . A in T, ' 0' f . Remember back one year, lo Song and Slunl Nighl, when lhe mighly Junior Class produced lhe slirring drama ol lhe discovery ol a new, vilal Roclcel Ship luel. Here Senalor BOB ASLAKSON congralulales lhe mad scienlisl, FRANK PARKER, on his amazing new luel formula. An accomplice lo lhe discovery was helper BARBARA PASCO, who looks on. 78 PORTELANCE, HerberlJ. Pre. Med. . Alpha Della Phi Oval Club Big "W" Club Husky Swim Club QUAN, Corinne E. Far,Easl Leary'Hall REISCHLING, Bernard J. Radio-TV Sigma Nu RIELY, Keilh M. Transporlalion Della Kappa Epsilon Big "W" Club Oval Club A.M.S. Hislorian Varsily Crew ROFINOT, Ensley N. Pol. Sci. Sigma Alpha Epsilon PORTER, Helen P. P. E. Ea. Club QUINLIVAN. Raymond M. Drama - Phi Upsilon Arena REUSS, Cameron, Aero-Engr. RIGGS, Shirley M. Med. Tech. Della Della Della Mu Tau ROGERS, Marilyn H. P. E. Promenaders Recrealion Council Women's P. E. Club Women's W Club PORTER, Joanne M. Nursing Swedish Hosp. QUINN, Michael P. Drama Arena RHOADES, Luis F. Nursing Harborview Hosp. Alpha Tau Della RINEY, Hal P. Comm. Arl Thela Chi Alpha Della Sigma ROGERS, Mark B. Real Eslale finally . . . we wer PORTER, Mary Jo A. Speech Sigma Kappa Zela Phi Ela RADOVICH, John C. Markeling Phi Gamma Della RICHARDS, Ann H. English Kappa Kappa Gamma RISDAL, Ralph E. Aero. Engr. UW Yachl Club Lulheran Sludenl Ass'n ROGOWAY, Jerome H . Accounling Zela Bela Tau Bela Gamma Sigma Bela Alpha Psi eil f-2 :'ifL1-.':."::11'::-...-:f .,....,... .-- . , -"'-'a-'- NM- -2:11.-'--....F-.I-.zaredaak-..fee-54:1-af:-3f5e::z:,2L-aef.f....,.,,,,,v,, ..----.,,,- , W A ' ' " f-'ref'-rags-ff 'fre-grfenfrff ,i S. OSNER' POST, Phrbara pn EdGord.on J. 8' 5 ucalion Qmh., Epsilon ina. Ed. Club Phi AKEMAN. READ- R Edward A, Farra L. Markeling Foreign Trade Thefa Della Della Chi Chi Pan Xenia Scabbard and Blade Compass 81 Charl RDS, RICHARDSON, Rigljliiard W. Harold Zoology Malhemafics Sigma Alpha Epsilon R' RITCHEY, Rlgieolyn Kennelh M. Journalism Radio-TV U Kappa Delta Radio-TV Guild Pi Alpha Sigma ROGSTAD, ROLFE, Barbara M. James.A. Nufgin Accounling Swedish Hosp. Thela Chi Organized House Ass'n O S E ll I 0 I' S . . f , I I I I fi K 113. X.,.,, I. alll- .,"'7 ii: f 'Fifi .- , ' A 'af 'Q 1, H ii ' i i -iii. fi: ' ,f T, , ..,..,.....,7-,,:,..,.- POWELL, Gordon S. Physics Alpha Tau Omega REDFORD, Alex J. Civil Engr. A. l. C. E. RICHMOND, Jean B. M. Arl ROAF, William E. Hisfory Phi Bela Kappa ROOS, Donald A. Hisfory Della Tau Della Purple Shield vu-1' PRATT, Frederick V. Managemenl Tau Phi Della Foresl Club REEBS, Frederick W. Medicine Kappa Sigma Phi Chi Varsily Boa? Club RICHSTAD, Jim A. Journalism Sigma Della Chi ROBERTS, Anifa M. Home Ec. Leary Hall ROSAAEN, Dorofhy C. Nursing Zela Tau Alpha Alpha Tau Della I-Iarborview Hosp a year of PREVOST, Donna M. Gen. Business Della Zefa Torem Club Sigma Epsilon Sigma Bela Gamma Sigrra REED, William R. Archileclure Pni Upsilon RICHTER, Jacklyn M. Denial Hygiene Della Zeta ROBINSON, James H. Production Radio-TV Guild Arnold Air Soci Radio Slaif ROSE, Richard H. Speech Zela Bela Tau Gly PRUETT, Jeffrey W. Geri. B,s'mess Alera Tau Omega REGAN, Jack B. Pol. Sci. Bela Vera Pi l'IuShy Swim Club RICKERSON, Douglas K. A. 8 S. Sigma Alpha Epsilon ROBINSON, M. Zoe Spanish Alpha Della Pi Pi Lambda Thcla ROSEBERRY, Lynn Geography PULLEN, Thomas N. I-l's'o'. A :'a Som, r REICHELT, Carrol E. Devfsfr. DeI'a Ucsi ow Deira Sa'--a Deira RICKMAN, Janice L. Journalism Zeta Tau Aloha Daily Pi Aipna Sioma Thefa Soma PM ROBINSON, William B. Pre-Law Tau Kappa Epsilon ROSS, Jean G. Home Ec. Kappa Alpha Thela W-Key Tofem Club Home Ec. Club PURDY, A Frances M. Sci: sa. Soma Karr: REID, Richard R. !'PxJ'.C"i:iTTJ T"e'a X' RIEDINGER, Thomas R. .loxnaller Siama Chi Soma Deira C ROCHE. Cornelia A. Arr Pi Alpha S' G. IJ ROSS, Roberf F. Journalism Phi Sigma Kappi Siqrrfa Della Chi parfies . . . skung . . . ...Qs :. .b ,,. War .L A I ' - 'T 'Q Ffa, L I 7112? ,',.x 7-5 . VJ . 'Q 7 Q. I J x N 6 . M .. X rv .' , -4: ...f 'WE -55 9... . ft 3 s i' .Lf 2 115 bf Ready fo fhrow a hard leff info unsuspecfing BOB JOHNSTON is ELISZABETH lPUDl JOHNSON. Bob, a BA maior, is well known around campus for his school spirif and enfhusiasm. He has been yell king for fhe lasf fwo years and is a member of Malamufes, Oval Club, IFC, Phi Kappa Sigma frafernify and, of course, fhe Bachelor's Club. Pud is a very busy Soc. major. She is a member of Morfar Board, Tofem Club, W-Key, Alpha Kappa Delfa and has been an AWS officer. She has also found fime fo serve as presidenf of fhe Delfa Dell-a Delfa sororify. occassional sfudying . . . ROSS, Shirley L. Sociology Alpha Delfa Pi SABERHAGEN, Ann Ari' Kappa Alpha Thefa SATTERFIELD, Clyde F. Geography Alpha Sigma Phi SCHRUM, Louaine M. Sociology SELDEN, Roberf W. lndusfrial Design Phi Kappa Sigma ROSSI, Al Educafion Delfa Chi Oval Club Big UW.. Fir Tree SALLEY, James L. Law Sigma Alpha Epsilon SAUNDERS Janis E. Nursing Harborview Hospifal SCHULZ, E. Mary Nursing Harborview Hospiial SELF, Richard E. Mechanical Engr. Thefa Chi ASME ROUSSO, Azaria Archifecfure SALZER, Kay Nursing Alpha Tau Delfa Swedish Hospifal SAUNDERS, Richard T. Journalism Alpha Delfa Phi Purple Shield Oval Club Sigma Della Chi SCOTT, Dayle H. Gen. Sfudies SENZ, Keifh M. Medicine Phi Chi RUBENSTEIN, Jerome B. B. A. Zefa Befa Tau SAMPSON, Jack H. Transporfafion Alpha Sigma Phi SAVAGE, Richard H. Accounfing Phi Delfa Thefa HWSC SCROGGS, Dick E. Gen. Business Alpha Tau Omega SESLAR, Charles W. Civil Engr. Adelphi Managemenl' Club ASCE RUI Vl EdL SAl ll RGC Alp Pl KU! SCC Fi Nur SWE SEA A R, Picii Arn Si SEX Phi' Adf i W! x . fc 7 , , - , Q F., ,,,,, ,, .V , , lf 4 -s V. M . 1 1,55 4' . A . . ,x .,,.,..' Aux' 4 ' ' il . l .... Q. A l ,im .ax 'as A if 'Vii .g . I .ga y .b c D. I -. ., I x.Ll' rl, si' S o .no-X 'Z ' ' .4-'Q K 11 2413 'S' . me -'R . X A, IB., f , 1 .34 f 4, V' l 1 . dances...homecoming queen iean ross... MWF, esley L. Educalion SAMUELS, llalne J. Radio-TV Alpha Epsilon Phi KUOW Slalf SCOTI' Frances A. Nursin Swedish Hosp SEAMENS, Ralph C. gxciouniing I Arnfiliflpfiiimph 50Ciely SEXAUER, R0berl R, Physics A elphi 6 RUGGLES, John A. Mechanical Engr. Sigma Alpha Epsilon Y SAMUELS, Slanley M. Law Sigma Alpha Mu SCARFF, Carroll E. Real Eslale Phi Della Thela SEASTROM, Helene Ann Nursing Phi Mu Tennis Club Swedish Hospilal SHAW, William S. Physics Della Upsilon Quanlum Club RUSHTON, Belly A. Educalion Alpha Xi Della SANDBERG, Oscar Accounling Pi Kappa Alpha IFC SCARRAH, George B.. Transporlallon 0 Tau Kappa Epsilon Compass 81 Charl SEAVEY, Jo Ann Relail Yachl Club SHEARER, Suzanne W. Nursing Alpha Tau Della Swedish Hospilal RUSSELL, Donald G. Insurance Bela Thela Pi Big HW.. Oval Club SANDERS, Charles J. Physics SCHEIBEL, Ernesl A. Eleclrical Engr. AIEE-IRE Lulher Club SEEFELD, Ralph L. Chemislry Zela Mu Tau SHEPHERD. Frances Doreen Arl I Pi Alpha Sigma RUST, Belly Lou Arl Chi Omega Lambda Rho Silver Fish SANDO, Frank J. Archileclure 1 Tau Kappa Epsilon SCHEIENE, Arlhur L. Archileclure SEHMEL, George A. Chemical Engr. AICE Dolson House SH IGENAGA, Henry Y. Finance RUST, Helen A. En .Lil. DeTla Gamma Silver Fish SANTO, Margery E. Gen. Business Della Zela SCHILLER, Ba rba ra M. Sociology BOSA SEIKE, Rulh S. Nursing Harborview Hosp. SHORT, Henry W. Personnel Managemenl Club RUTHERFORD, Roberl D. Malh Della Kappa Epsilon SATER, Richard N. Eleclrical Engr. Adelphi AIEE SCHIMANSKI, James A. F. Accounling Lambda Chi Alpha SELBY, Jane B. Home Ec. Kappa Alpha Thela SHORT. Janel L. English Alpha Della Pi RYAN, Dick J. Personnel Chi Psi Varsily Foolball SATTERBERG, Carol A. Nursin Sweclisi Hosp. SCHMITT, Doreen R. English Panhellenic Alpha Phi SELBY, Parker H. Engineering Psi Upsilon SHUPE, Jack W. Pharmacy Kappa Psi A. Ph. A. SIDELL, Sheldon Psychology SMITH, Jerome E. Civil Engr. ASCE Tau Bela Pi Zela Mu Tau Yachl Club SMITH, Nancy A. Nursing Della Della Della Alpha Tau Della Harborview Hosp. STEINKE, Richard E. Mechanical Engr. Yachl Club Washinglon Engr. ASME STROUD, Marden M. Educalion Ind. Ed. Club f M X! X f fi! ff, 1 if fb f Af , f f , , ., ,O V , A.. fan rv. - ,yay SIMINSKI, Joan F. Home Ec. lnlerhall Council IWA SMITH, Kay Educalion Kappa Kappa Gamma Morlar Board Tolem Club Pi Lambda Thela Zela Phi Ela SPIDELL, Gary F. Real Eslale Della Tau Della STEVENS, Louis W. Pharmacy Kappa Psi A Ph. A. Oval Club STROUT, Frank G. Mechanical Engr. Tau Bela Pi ASME Sigma Alpha Epsilon woody SIMON, Shirley R. Gen. Sludies Wesley Club Kappa Phi, Pres. Alpha Kappa Della SMITH, N. Joel Foreign Trade Thela Della Chi Pan Xenia SPRAGUE, Tom E. Radio-TV Sigma Alpha Epsilon Big "W" Club STEVENS, William T. C. B. A. Psi Upsilon Varsily Boal Club Compass 81 Charl Insurance Club SULLIVAN, Roger J. Transporlalion Lambda Chi Alpha SINSHEINER, Waller John Law Zela Bela Tau SMITH, Wall O. Foreslry Tau Phi Della Foresl Club SRIBHIGHADH, Arporna Fisheries Cascade House STEVENSON, James E. Gen. Business Phi Gamma Della I-IWSC SUNDQUIST, Arlene M. Gen. Business Alpha Chi Omega SISLEY, Drake H. Foreign Trade Pan Xenia Managemenl Club Markeling Club Pilgrim Club SMITH, Wynn L. Civil Engr. ASCE STAFFORD, Beverly K. Nursing I-larborview Hosp. O. A. STEWART, G. Douglas Slalislics Bela Thela Pi Husky Swim Club SUNDSTROM, Waller E. Medicine SLEIGHT, Russell F. Pre Med. Alpha Della Phi SOFTKY, Maxine Educalion Sigma Kappa Morlar Board Tolem Club Zela Mu Tau W-Key STAFFORD, Brien M. B.A. Phi Della Thela STEWART, Jon W. Journalism Sigma Della Chi Della Sigma Phi Malamules SUSS MAN, Howard Speech Zela Bela Tau SLIPPER, Thomas G. Gen. Business Psi Upsilon SORENSEN, Howard D. Eleclrical Engr. Sigma Alpha Epsilonx AlEE A STAFFORD, Shannon E. B. A. STICKNEY, Carol Nursing Swedish Hosp. SUTHERLAND, Delores L. P. E. P. E. Club SMALLWOOD, Joan B. Journalism Pi Alpha Sigma Thela Sigma Phi SOUTHGATE, Roberl H. Transporlalion .ella Chi STALEY, Dean O. Meleorology STONER, Richard T. Markellng Alpha Kappa Psi SVEEN, Menlon H. Transporlalion Phi Kappa Psi herman and ihe varsify ball . . . fiv- W MW f I l l l I 4 Mn SAIW I C iiief SPE! 'S M M51 STAI Jed Socuc Alph STR! Soi Gen. Alnli Pi Penh Cc SWA Be' N urs Eklin Swec 5MITH. Alvin E- Eleclrical Engr- Ales-me SPEARMAN. Irene M- Med, Tech. Mu Tau STALEY. Jean C. Sociology Alpha Phi STRANDBERG. Sonni K.. Gen. Sludies Alpha Ornlcron Pi Panhellenic Ex. Council SWANSON. Belly C. N Ing Eklliiid Hall Swedish Hosp. SMITH, Eugene H. B. A. Oval Club Alpha Kappa Psi SPEECE, Daymond R. Eleclrical Engr. AIEE Sherwood House STARR, David C. Gen. Business Della Kappa Epsilon STRANDNESS, Donald E. Medicine Alpha Kappa Kappa SWANSON, Lois Personnel Blaine Hall SMITH, Gloria L. Nursing Harborview l-los p. Alpha Tau Della SPELLMAN, Wesley J. Gen. Business Zela Bela Tau ROTC Bancl STEELE, Richard G. B. A. Della Chi STRATFORD, Joyce A. Malhemalics Canlerbury Club SWANSON, Richard D. B. A. Thela Chi Thela Chi Varsily Boal Club SMITH, Gordon W. Educalion Bela Thela Pi Ind. Ed. Slub SPENCER, Charles W. Mechanical Engr. ASME Tau Bela Pi STEFFAN, C. Jacklyn Educalion r.w ea- i 3 . l fs. KW Della Della Della Zela Phi Ela STROMME, Shirley L. Personnel Zela Tau Alpha Panhellenic SWANSON, Rollin J. Mechanical Engr. Acacia ASME Scabbard 81 Blade ll. . parenfs' weekend . . . i Two 'fralernily brolhers slop lo pass lhe lime of clay near lhe HUB as BILL ANDERSON and DEAN ROCKEY are pic- lurecl here. Bill, a Sigma Nu, is Senior Class Presidenl. He was co-chairman ol Senior Song and Slunl. Bill, a B.A. maior, is sludying lnsurance. Dean is known chiefly 'lor his aclion on lhe gridiron. A Varsily 'loolball man, Dean also played JV Baseball and earned his membership in Big "W" and Oval Clubs. ln lhe scholaslic field Dean, who is in lirsl year Medi- cine, is a Phi Bela Kappa. SKYLSTAD, Kermil J. Della Chi 5 fi s..,,,,v senior ball . . . affernoons ai fhe beach . . . SWETT, Dan S. Foreslry Tau Kappa Epsilon Foresl Club THOMAS, Roberl C. Accounling Bela Alpha Psi Husky Swim Club TOLL5. Roy E. Medicine TUTTLE, Jack K. Civil Engr. Sludenls Coop. Ass'n Engr. Sludenls ouncil ASCE VANDERHOFF, Rodney D. Economics Della Tau Della Oval Club Purple Shield TALBOT, Richard B. Educalion THOMPSON, Frances A. Drama Radio-TV Guild TOWNSEND, Georgia-Mai Drama Arena TYCHSEN, Paul E. Archileclure Della Tau Della Alelier VAN GILDER, Dana A. Educalion Alpha Della Pi, Pres. TANAKA, John M. Microbiology Synkoa THO M PSON, John W. Archileclure Thela Xi TOWNSEND, John K. Engineering Tau Bela Pi TYTLER, Morlon M. Pol. Sci. VAN PELT, Charles M. Marlceling Phi Kappa Psi Varsily Boal Club Markeling Club Managemenl Club TARR, Alan K. Mechanical Engr. Della Upsilon THOMPSON, John L. Denlislry Phi Kappa Sigma Varsily Boal Club TOZER, A. Jane Psychology Morlar Board Tolem Club YWCA TYTLER, Warren F. Insurance Alpha Kappa Psi VAN TYEN, Helene Educalion Della Gamma Tolem Club Program Panel TAYLOR, Sally L. Gen. Sludies Kappa Kappa Gamma THOMPSON, Mary Carol Hislory Gamma Phi Bela TRAMM, Rodney W. Mechanical Engr. ASME UDDENBERG, Berl Gen. Business Sigma Chi Malamules Compass 81 Charl VAUGHN, Earnesl Lowell Mechanical Engr. ASME TEEL, Charles W. Economics Sigma Nu THOMPSON, Palricia Music Kappa Della Mu Phi Epsilon TRIPP, Don E. P. E. Phi Della Thela Oval Club Big HW.. UEHARA, Millon K. Accounling Honderich Hou VED ERO FF, Aaron Gen. Business se TERAOKA, Chrislina T. Home Ec. Auslin Hall Valeda THOMPSON, Theodore B. Civil Engr. . ASCE TRONSON, Mary J. Educalion UNRUH, Lois E. Gen. Sludies Alpha Gamma Della VELDEE, Suzanne Microbiology Auslin Hall THAL, Ben Chemislry Zela Bela Tau THONN. Jerry E. Accounling Lulher Club Debale TRUAX, William F. Foreslry Tau Phi Della Foresl Club VALLEN DER, Carol D. P. E. Phi Chi Della Weslminsler Club P. E. Club VENA, Molly J. Journalism Pi Alpha Sigma. Thela Sigma Phi DAILY S' i I 29 THA Ja Tran THO SE Fore Fore Ski T TSAl Ma Med Mu'l VAM ,Ch Final Sigm who llgf P. E. l l I sci." l THOMAS, K' Marilyn E. Sociology Ph' Mu 75 if M In R' , ,,, y EX- Rh' X af' ft YUM, V A . fn- . ' , 4, .. pw ., 'JZ'-'W . hifi! l , , ll llll ff vi. 'o3r.f'!3f va: I , .... 4,4 in . fm fhen graduafion THAYER, James A. Transporiafion THORBJORN- SEN, Eyvind Foreslry Foresf Club Ski Team TSALAKY, Magdaline B. Med.T h. Mu Tauec VAMMEN, -Charles P. Finance Sigma N u VILOUDAKI Piglargaref P. E. Club THAWLEY, Roberl E. Tra nsporfafion Lambda Chi Alpha THRAlLKlLL, William R. English Lil. TUBBS, Margaret J. French Kappa Della Mu Phi Epsilon Sigma Epsilon Sigma Toiem Club VAMMEN, Floyd A. Gen. Business Delia Kappa Epsilon VINCENT, Gordon A. Mechanical Engr. ASM E THEODORSON, A. Ronald Mechanical Engr. TILLMAN, Russell l. Gen. Business Delia Upsilon lFC TUCKER, Barbee W. Food Tech. Alpha Chi Omega Morlar Board Tofem Club Omicron Nu VAN ARSDEL, Ann Hisfory Kappa Alpha Thefa W-Key Tolem Club Morlar Board VINES, Davene S. Educalion Alpha Epsilon Phi Universily Puppeleers 3. A. . W3 1' af . xg M THOMAS, Kay H. Hisfory TlTUS, Leon E. A. 8: S. Phi Della Thefa TU RN ER, E. C. English Sigma Pi VANDERCOOK, Grelchen Home Ec. Gamma Phi Bela VOEGELEIN, Donna M. Home Ec. Pi Bela Phi F If JERRY FORCE is pleading for mercy from DOM DRIANO in lhe Law Building Courl' Room, he doesn'+ appear loo worried. Dom praclices a iucliciary look for his fulure in law, as he hears Jerry's pasl record. Jerry is a lower campus engineering sludeni when he is noi busy being Presidenl' al lhe Alpha Tau Omega house. He was bolh Junior Dance and Senior Prom Chairman, as well as being a member of Managemenl Club and working on Song and Slunl Nighl. Dom is a member of Purple Shield and Oval Club, as well as being Chairman of Soph. Carnival and Homecoming. fo wx f' .F-T'-' rgdl -A """'s+-.C ALEX CREWDSON and JACKIE CLAYPOOL believe lwo heads are beller lhan one when il comes lo planning scripls 'For Song and Slunl nighl Jaclcie was Tolem Club s Chairman ol lhis year s evenl, and Alex, a Rad o TV maior, served as MC Alex is a mem ber of Thela Chi Alpha Della Sigma and lhe Universilys Radio TV Guild Jackie, a Soc maior, is a member ol Pi Bela Phi and Tolel Club Jackie has been aclive in many HUB commillees VON GOHREN. Edward V. Meleorology Thela Xi Yachl Club WARASHINA, Emily E. Med. Tech. Mu Tu WEIBEL, Erika Sociology Sludenls Co-op Assoc. Synadelphic VISA Council Cosmopolilan Club WHITENACK, Donald C. Chemislry Sigma Phi Epsilon Alpha Epsilon Della WILLIAMS, Jo Ann Arl WAGNER, Norman K. Meleorology Cascade House WARDLOW, Clyde D. Markeling t Bela Thela Pi Big NWI. Oval Club Varsily Foolball WEIDEMANN, Joanne C. Med. Tech. Kappa Della Morlar Board Tolem Club Med. Tech. Club WHITFORD, Carolyn J. Educalion Blaine Hall, Pres. lnlerhall Rally Girls WILLIAMS, Relha P. E. P. E. Club WAISS, Terrill E. B. A. Phi Della Thela WARNICK, Alan E. Educalion Zela Bela Tau WEINSTEIN, Sanford B. A. Sigma Alpha Mu Hillel WHITMAN, Sylvia J. Gen. Sludies Alpha Chi Omega, Pres. Morlar Board Tolem Club Panhellenic WILSON, Alex Educalion Ind. Ed. Club WALKER, Peggy A- Sociology Alpha Della Pi WARREN, i Richard A. Transporlalion Tau Kappa Epsilon Arnold Air Soc. IFC WELCH, Marybelh Arl Kappa Alpha Thela WHITTENDALE, Nona Nursing Alpha Della Pi Swedish Hospilal WILSON, Arlhur H. 4 Medicine Phi Chi ouf info fhe I Sv 'S ilk 4 XX SX swwfsaa X QQXX xx J 43? ya' bi RSNSNMQ lil WALKER, Nancy L. Sociology Gamma Phi Beta WARRICK. Robert E. Elec. Engr. Adelphi Scabbard Z: Blade AIEE-IRE WELCH, Ray O. Mech. Engr. ASME Wash. Engr. Staff WHRZBURG, Leah J. Sociology WILSON, George H. Forestry Tau Phi Delta Forest Club WALKER, Robert B. Pharmacy Delta Tau Delta WARSINSKE, James A. P. E. Sigma Chi Big "W" Oval Club Varsity Football WENTWORTH, Jack M. lnd. Educ. Ind. Educ. Club WICKMAN, Elizabeth A. Sociology Delta Zeta WILSON, John P. B. A. Adelphi Cascade House world . . are x .az s ' 'W '7'5 Q 4 1 Q . ls t i 'wif' WALLACE, Minor R. Mechanical Engr. Pi Kappa Alpha Arnold Air Soc. ASME WASHBURN, Dexter A. Far East Phi Kappa Sigrr-.a Corrpass Zi Chart WESTMAN, Walter Electrical Enqr. AIEE-IRE Engineering Council WIDRIG, Diana Pol. Sci. Alpha Chi Omega Cosmo Club WILSON, Robert L. Transportation Sigma Nu "I 'f . I E I gg T fin A . "s X 3, ' J Ea. K ba! XX X ffl., -52 K WALTERS, Connie J. Ec-ca'7oj . Gamma rr Sena PELa'1sda T'f-'f- Torerv Club ROTC Ssonso' WAUGH, Wallace C. Retailing Theta Chi WHERRY, Ken. A. Economic: Sigma Nu WIENIR, Rochelle J. Dental Hygiene Alpha Epsilon Pni WILSON, Whitney S. Production Delta Chi Alpha Kappa Psi WALTERS, Emily 6. A E- S C" Cmega '-'t'e:.e. C1.p Un','.Sf1?on'e' V, P-' Essf WEBER, Ruth J. E3-:a"o1 A Va Kacca A ::'e" C.-o WHETSTONE, Emily-Jean Denfal l'l,QiQ!1'2 A'pna Ovfic'on WIGGINS, Joan E. Pol. Sci. Newman Club Daily Women's Riile Club Pre Law Club WINGFIELD, Harvey J. Finance Theta Xi wALteRs, -Jampes J., Jr lice' T ' WEBERT, James H. A::cx"r,: 5e'a A :na Ps D:'5:' Hoge WHITE, Bruce OCR. DJETXEJE i.1t..-,.s--...- Q WILBUR, Donald W. Fo'estry Tau Phi Delta Forest Club WINN, V. A. James Production Sigma Chi WALTHER, WALTON, James E.. , Margaret J. Tlajiaia fi Belief Ha Riff' Hone A. I. Cn. E. :V LA"c:a Urs WEBSTER, WEHMANN, Richard M. George A. S- S. h'e'e:'o :ai T-'e'a Dafa Cm AMS L'..'L':-1 fxxcalv Shionia S'-'sfetva WHITE, Wl'llTE. Jerry Shirley E. Tfgnsgggrtafon Med. Tech. P--I Sam.: Kappa Mu Tau WILDE, WILLARD, Robert F. Harold E. Engineering Tau Beta Pt Manaqement Club Mines Society WITTER, Lee Economics Austin Hall Foreign Tracie VJestrrttnstcr Club Pan Xenia WITTER, Robert N. Forestry Phi Delta Theta Big "W" Oval Club Varsity Boat Club is real, life is earnest" . . :agp 5 ln, ,V 237, A at . s',' ... .1 le Q fe. . ,X ,S f 4 - 3 NA.: I .y,. ll , Q N 1 . Ln, ' Q K' 'nigh iv H V,'k 'b as..:.,N 1 'I y l l ,ff I Li T t,iQ:7:Q,x" 1" 1, .. iff! ft t . l : S . - ' , one 'K qw Qjm N 1 , Q xa V' if ..,, ' ff 1 . s -.nzvwh . A . sz: I, K oft :fv- , J, 7 ,gal or M U 4 I f f l ff 1,5 ,- i in ', J, I X ff S f , qi I ff f , ff , .ff I ff Z -M, f , W 2 , ,Z Z 1 M r, C I ,X f 1 'Nf 4 V My f 1 1 W f J fgffff 1 W remember WOHL, lngeborg A 81 S Cosmopolilan Club HWSC Yachl Club WYNIA, Roberl E. Zoology Rofere YOSHINAKA, Kenii Elec. Engr. AlEE-IRE Tau Bela Pi Zela Mu Tau YOUNG, William E. Accounling Alpha Sigma Phi ZAEPFEL, Charlene M. Educalion Alpha Ornicron Pi 88 WOOD, Verna J. Eng. Lil. Alpha Gamma Della English Maiors Club YAMBAO, Phyllis S. Arl Lambda Rho YWCA Cab YOSHIOKA, Tomi Home EC. Valeda YUNKER, Roberl J. Chemical Engr. ASCE ZEIDMAN, Howard l. Adverlising Sigma Alpha M U Alpha Della Sigma Markeling Club A - QT. l gf 'iQ2Qiw. l ,.W ' rf:lcV L' f, , uf , .s, A . Q . , ,.,. f f .. A ., K ff rf I ,, ps, ,W .,l 353. Gfzizffgi g r. ' N .L if Q- ..g....,.:..hZZuJ3.M1- v WOO, Paul N. Civil Engr. ASCE Managemenl Club YATES, Dale L. B. A. Phi Kappa Psi YOUNG, Donald J. Foreign Trade Pan Xenia Alpha Kappa Psi ZAAR, Roberl G. Accounling Della Upsilon ZERBACH, Barbara M. Educalion Mu Phi Epsilon WOOD, Leighlon P. A 81 S Della Kappa Epsilon Varsily Ski Team HWSC YATES, Diana H. English Alpha Phi YOUNG, James A. Pre-Med. ZABEL, Toelle Nursing ZUNDEL, Loye Y. Journalism Alpha Della Pi Pi Alpha Sigma Rally Girls DAILY Varsily hoopsler DON TRIPP and All-American lv1lLT BO- HART pause for a Tyee phol-ographer on lhe sleps of lhe Hub aller a successful season of sporls. Don, Caplain of lhis year's Varsily Baslcelball leam, is a member ol Phi Della Thela and Big "W". He was also Treasurer of Oval Club. A Sigma Chi, Mill' won his All-American lille for being an oulslancling sporls figure on lhe foolball field. He is a member ol bolh Oval and Big "W" Clubs. F G 4 1 I ,, M M ! extracurricular activities play an important part in a student's education and may include such things as christmas sing, committee meetings, song fest, elections, drama homecoming and queen contests FOR SAW f 3 ml CLCLCC Hvifies ig ll!! 4 A1 E i E 1 N 1 4 1 , , la ,Qi w ,I L: vu 1 '1 4 , I 1 1 I I X4 V fl s 1 5 1 W I i 1 I 1 ...on me-ones...- aoeoonfaoqnoeo nn.a....nve.. onaeqoaagoesou ....n.uQ.......eeoonae. nance... ...yuan---nanusnn ne-.n....eoue.o..a..f..-uv. . a.enan......o.qvenoaueu....... aqennaaaneeaqufooooe .......... ... .... ........... ..... ....... ..........................::?1 ........................,1..a ..... ...............f:q.q.p 11010 In 1'lDuIl .....La... ...yg... ....., .5...r ..'... 00 lieu ..Y..1. ..,.U. 005- Q of .Q once. 'Que ...noun nu...-. .a..... ..-noone... Qosgusonno .no-.ov-Q -oe...-4 one-Q.. .suse . fix. o . ... . ... . ... . -0. . ... . ... . ...Q . ,... . ry. . pu. Q 0.5 6.!.,'.q Lq..4 ounnn X:0!l"o . -... ..... ..... . ... . .. . ..6 - ..L . .eh 0 ocI'O . ...u . ...N . .-1-N . ..l.y . .wo- . Q . JZ, u :ntl ... .. .. .. W3 .vw www C7 Q7 C7f U QUE' W www-www TQ7 Q7 Q? 5' CS ff? W in Q If mf! . 0 Q . - 1 i o . 0 w Qu .w . . n c a u n 1 ? . Q . . . . Q. .. .. .0 .- .- .. .. .. .- 'Q .- . 7 o 'Q -v .J . . .. .q .p qu bl oh on a 9 . .a ov .. Q. . on a. J .. .. .. . ff. .. .. In . .. .. -E .- .Q .. . 5. vw fi .I- . . g...,, h 4 :ga-lf: . ... .na ... -un . . . . . ...M . 4 'wvbb 55574, ,nz ww 'czfbb vV7k' E xx' iv WM-QT ' 'bfwrfvj .W E PPJ,.Nffx..rXx. fx U vw ,A 1 ,M N - E27 Q7 C7 r-.. N-' 5, x- ' A w M . Q . . . . . -6 ," asv' .fygnmj :W Q .-, A ......,, .,,,, in 6 , 1 1 I L w . 5 k,,,,4p" F .. 11 X .--' . . D,-f" ,ft ,:, QQ, FRANK PARKER, ASUW presidenf, +oolc office in May of I953. Dynamic Frank presided over Board of Confrol meeiings and mainfained an efficieni' adminisfrafion during I953-54. When free from his dufies, Frank relaxed a+ fhe Zela Bela Tau house and parficipafed in fhe aciivi'l'ies of Befa Gamma Sigma, a business adminisfrafion honorary. He also held membership in Oval Club and Malamufes. KATHY LONG, popular Sigma Kappa. did an oui- sianding iob as ASUW Firsf Vice President She has been aciive on campus as a member of W-Key, Moriar Board, Tolem Club and fhe AWS Conceris Commiffee. A maior in hisiory, she was also secre- fary of her sophomore class. asuw officer is 1- LX I 'P S BETTY RAE MACDONALD, ASUW Second Vice President could be idenfified by her pleasing man- ner and ever-preseni' smile. Her ofher acfivifies have included Toiem Club, W-Key and Delia Gamma sororiiy. '13 T1 ALICE MORSE, ASUW Secrelary, lrepf an efficienf record of all +he commiHee chairmanships open fo ASUW siudenis besides doing any imporianf corles- pondence. Alice busied herself wifh oiher proiecfs. including Tri Delia sororify, Morfar Board, Tofem Club and Alpha Kappa Delia. 95 4 -yysawywwgrvs-1 96 .5 1 3 X . 'f - 'QZWWQKJS Q -:iw ws.. , X72 of 1 , -I WS' -L s., fi 1 K aya? 41 " ,f ., ff:---7 1" f' ' 1 Q flwfkzgbiiz? ,s, 5' ra 4. .Ms rf ' .Za11.,sss.Msu f- 'wuz A 0 - Chuck Owens ASUW Manager 'CQ Members of 'lhe Board are: from lefl lo righ+, siandingz John Malsumolo, Jack Hupp, Bill Anderson, Dick Leon, Herb Mead, Jim Wallher, Jerry Pelerson, Dudley Pancho+, Dean Donald K. Anderson and Chuck Owens. ln 'lhe middle row from le'f+ 'ro righ+ are: Connie Egan, Waller L. Rielly, J. B. Morrison, Ruih Wilson, Marion Lich+enwalner, Alice Morse and Rocky Lindell. Lefl +o righi in +he froni' row are: Mildred Gellermann, Kalhy Long, Kay Miller, Ann Libby, Belly Rae Macdonald and Frank Parker. Noi' picfured are facully members Kalharine Fox and William Slanfon. Models BILL ANDERSON and FRANK PARKER show off fhe old and new sfyles in Yell King swealers. John Ma'I'sumo+o Waller Riley RUH1 Wilson Adelphi Facully Member Faculfy Member board I I l i. as ii -'Q' Egan, Consfa nce Phraleres Hupp, Jaclr Presiden+ Leon, Richard Freshman Class Presideni f- Libby. Ann A lndependeni' Women's Associarion Lichienwalner, Marion Panhellenic ,,SAw9,f , Lindell, Roclcy Long, Kalhleen 0 lnler-'fraierniiy Council ASUW Isl' Vice-presicleni Macdonald, Elizabeih ASUW 2nd Vice-presideni confrol Junior Class Presideni' Miller, Kay tl ui' V of , 'infix fw The essenfial power which mofivaies and drives on rhe wheels of 'rhe man ASUW ac+ivi'ries is 'rhe Board of Confrol. H' generallly supervises and acls as a govern- ing organizaiion over lhe many and varied commiH'ees. By meefing every Wednesday affernoon, ihe Board of Con'l'rol keeps in close conlaci' wilh ils componenl paris and is empowered wi+h 'Phe iurisclicfion fo add proposals and make amenclmen+s +o ihe Cons+i+u'rion. Nof Picfured: Anderson, Donald Anderson, William Cassill, Harvey Davis, Merrill Fox, Caiherine Gahegan, Monna S+an'l'on, William WolleH', Donald AWS Presidenl Morse, Alice ASUW Secrefary Pa rlrer, Fra nl: ASUW Presideni' Peferson, Jerry Managerial Council Sfevens, Louis Men's Organized House Council Waliher, James Engineering Council i ,,cX Q . f X. Y S X ' N 1 as FRANK PARKER, ASUW presidenf, is one of many oufside speakers who appear before OA fo give fheir opinions on a fopic. Here he speaks on a proposed consfifufional amendmenf while KATHY LONG, OA chairman, presides. Organizafions Assembly is fhe ASUW's house of represenfafives. Made up of delegafes from fhe some 250 recognized organizafions on campus, OA acfs as 'l'he sounding board for all Universify sfudenfs. Mofions passed by fhe assembly are faken direcfly 'ro fhe Board of Confrol by OA chairman, Kafhy Long, ASUW Firsf Vice-Presidenf. A fwo-fhirds vofe of fhe Board is now necessary fo defeaf any recommendafions senf fo if by OA excepf fhose dealing wifh financial maffers. As fhe only official organ of fhe ASUW which, fhrough clubs, honoraries and living groups, is direcfly represenfafive of fhe sfudenf, Organizafions Assembly has discussed many proposals and broughf ouf fhe facfs on a variefy of issues. Such fopics as Columns magazine, fhe UW ski area, yell king elecfions, fhe inframural program, fhe cosf of fuifion and fhe price of cokes were all aired af fhe assembly fhis year. Subiecfs ranged from such major issues as fhe speakers ban, fhe consfifufional amendmenf, sophomore carnival and school spirif fo reporfs and mofions on fraffic lighfs, iuke boxes and one-way sfreefs. Frank Parker, Harvey Cassill, Don Wolleff and Bill Morris were some of fhe people who appeared before fhe assembly fo presenf fheir view- poinfs. Before each elecfion fhe candidafes were infroduced fo fhe delegafes and asked quesfions. Organizafions Assembly, which was originafed in l948, is now in ifs sixfh year and each year has grown in presfige while gaining fhe respecf of sfudenfs and adminis- frafion alike. Chairman Kafhy Long was aided in fhe guidance of fhe assembly by fhe Sfeering commiffee, headed by vice-chairman Gene Smifh. 98 JANET OSWALT and DORIS LOKKEN made up fhe Vofe and Tally commiffee and affended every OA meef- ing fo hand ouf vofing cards, counf ballofs and fake affendance. P2 X f ' f ,.A 7 4 ' . '15, 52 E , if A, F 1 'fi l -...N l i , 3 'Y .525 ' ' li Q "N-N Q Q 1' .i The duly of fhe Sfeering CommiHee is 'io plan ihe agendas for +he Organizafions Assembly meefings. Sealed leff +o righl' fhey are: Amy Barfow, Erica Schalk, LaVerne Biorklund, secreiary, Gene Smiih, chairman, Kafhy Long and Edna Cederblom. Slanding leff +o righf are: Jack Hennes, Barbara Boyd, Siu Jones, Tom S+. Pierre and Jack Geraghiy. Noi piciured are: Julie Hungar, Don Bishop, Joe Taller, Vaughn Gundlach and Don Cook. l x organizafions ssembly Organizaiion Assembly secreiaries keep hack of fhe minu+es of +he meefings and send ouf agendas for ihe nexi meefings. Sfanding leff To righl' are: Mary Lee Davidson, Carol Ann Neises, Molly Shinninger and Lucille Barnes. ln fron? is Barbara Kemp, chairman. It . l f Conslanfly working io improve fhe efficiency of Organiza- fions Assembly is 'rhe Evaluaiion Commifiee. Sealed leff 'fo righi' are: Dick King, Ann Fauchild, Ann Cole, chair- man, and Neil McReynolds. Sianding leff +o righf are: Tom is Dobson, Marilyn Low and Joe Kosai. PG ill .1 if Z-Q The 'friendly smile of MABEL MCCORMICK does more 'Io encourage sfudeni' inferesf in ac+ivi+ies 'Ihan all 'the honor awards on campus. Mabel served as Program Secrefary. In charge of ASUW Publiciry was MINNIE HARRIS, who worked +o co- ordina+e bofh 'Ihe Universi+y DAILY and +he down'I'own papers wifh 'Ihe ASUW Ac+iviI'y Program. LOU CLARKE refurned +o her Alma Ma+er +his year +o serve in an advisory capacify. Lou worlred wi+h such commiH'ees as AWS Fash- ion Board and Frosh Day. JODY SHAW, from 'rhe Universiiy of Arizona, was 'Ihe eagerly awair- ed "new" adviser. She worked wirh +he Eleciions CommiHee and was rhe official censoring board for AMS ac+ivi+ies. Ng! r f wiiim In charge of 'rhe advisers who are in charge of 'fhe 'H is CHUCK OWENS. Manager of ASUW AC+ava+aes. flies dufy of coordmafing all ASUW acfiviiies. USUW JIM OVERLOCK, Assis+an+ Manager. was in charge of HUB opera+ing. Whenever a big iob such as moving chairs in and our of +he ballroom for concer+s and dances came up, Jim was on hand Io see +haI' i+ was done properly. '19 f X ox! ,Ji . advisers CLYDE ROBINSON, ASUW Publicafions Manager, gazes fondly al' one of fhe many producfs of his efforfs. MARJORIE TIERNAN, HUB Dieiician, has her hands full planning 'lhe meals for 'rhe HUB. lOl GENE PIERCE. Accouniani, balances fhe budgef and lreeps lhe finances -vifhin fheir respeclive limils. 471' LORRAINE BRISTOW, Assislanf Personnel Manager, efficienlly fakes care of inlerviewing and hiring prospecfive lcilchen employees. MILDRED GELLERMAN, Program Supervisor, works hard 'lo coordinafe HUB acfivilies besides advising Organizafions Assembly. E 2 E 'za' if I la I" asuw commlifees The Freshman Eleclions Banquel commillee is piclured al lop lell. Members are lefl lo righl: Dorolhy Smilh, Bob Horchover lchairmanl, Don Loclxwood and Sandra Segale. Nol piclurc-d are Nancy Hill, Pal Nelson and Belly Frangan. Al middle lell is lhe Freshman Aclivilies Pool commillee. Members are lell lo righl: Mary Jane Fergson, Mary Louise Balmer lchairmanl and Joyce Fowler. Nol piclured is Leona Eisner. , fo., f. ,, 5 Members ol lhe ASUW lnlerviewers commillee who inlerviewed sludenls lor posilions on ASUW commillees are from lefl lo righl sealed: Susie Rindler, Bessie Dubiclr, Marlene Lines and Claire Diclc. Slanding lell lo righl are: Bud Haugen, Nal Kuhns, Arl Balmer, Georgia Lee, Don Black- slone and Al Johnson. Thos year lhe Homecoming Dance commillee was split from lhe Home- coming commillee and lunclioned under lhe chairmanship of Graham Moliler. Belsy DeCan was secrelary. Members are, sealed lell lo righl: Niclr Freeman, Moliler and Rusly Young. Slanding lell lo righl are: Naomi Kahan, Miss DeCan, Ann Panchenlro and Nancy Hill. Bill Wilson was chairman of lhis year's Homecoming commillee and Carol Balchelder was secrelary. Sealed lell lo righl are: Jerry Peler- son. Miss Balchelder, Wilson and Diclc Saunders. Slanding lell lo righl gerfared Backer, Jim Glann, Warren Bennell. Jim Marlin and Sandy or e. ' The members of lhe clerical slaff were: From' row fleff fo righfl, Belly Gill, Joan Caslillo, Carol Marlin lchairmanl, Jean Weigel, Lynn Albin. Claire Weineniin lsecreraryl. Second row fleff fo rignfj, Sally Nelson, Jo Ann Meyers, Sue Karr, Sherry Tagg, Dede Drandas, Sally Jovlch, Carolyn Schulrxz, Carherine Hempler, Judy Johnson, Saundra Hollander, Susie Rrndler, Par Richardson. Nof picfured: Jacqueline S+ru+hers, Shirley Thompson, Diana Mafhewson. This year 'ihe Alhlelic CommiHee was composed of 'rhe following: Fronf- The Blood Bank funcrioned successfully under 'lhe work of: Fronf row-Tom Dr. S. Howard Kaufman, Bob Lewis lchairmanl, Joseph L. McCar+hy. Sec. Rafcliffe, Barry Evans lchairmanl, Celesre Frolich. Second row-Joan Wass- ond row-Connie Waliers, Jack Hubb, Wilson Arnold, T. D. Harden, muncl+, Bev Beeson. Noi picfured-Wall Brewer, John Boling, Sue Karr. Georgia Bigelow. The Hub Dance Commilfee for 'this year was: From' row-Elaine Doll, Dave Valenline, Claire Sreincipher. Second row-Nancy Smilh, Arla Locke, Liz McEachern. Third row-Rich Beich, Doug Pefers, Doug Clarke, Bill Kewman, Don Dahlgren. i l 3 I. L 5. I 4 12 h - ,, ,i Q :,l.' jy F. Af l jg,-f-ugly ' K. i- X ' V y ,. 57, , Y ,rg 5,-,gn ff x J , f 51 vi ,qi A- G . br r .L vi 1 .' -' 2' 4 5 T f 3 'I . Z 4 ' 3 . "I 77' Q Y M 1 - ' ' 'J fs 1 P J x 'J ' C, v 1, f' . 'ki D, Acfivifies Bureau members were: chairman, Marjorie Gill and secrefary, Barbara Schniher lseafed al' iablei, from row: Joyce Tye, Judy Messenger, Carol Mar+in, Doris Turner, Joan King, Barbara Kemp: baclc row: Alice Morse, Lou Clarlr, adviser, Shirley Shafer, Renee Rousso, Linea Ross, Jim Warsinslri, Carolyn Garred, Gran? Willson, Marlene Lines, Ari Balmer, Mary Louise Balmer. suw commiffees Sfudenis who comprised fhe Recogniiion Banquef commillee were, leff 'lo righl, Aylene Laughnan, Marilyn Brown, Lyle McCullough, Jean Sheppard, Jacl: Hamilfon, Helene Van Tyen, chairman, Virginia Hill, and Jamel Hassen. , 4 1 , if J a if -. i 4 'T-Q. ,g ,. , ,M . e " ' ,V 3.LQa,13L4LrilLLC1lL14-2114- - - ' ' ' ' flhe Opera?- Operahng +he Sfudenl Union Building WHS H19 b'9 lob 0 ing Commillee. Sealed, leff fo rlglll. afe -James Wal+her- Rall? Pomerenk, Anifa Luvera, Don, ChalrmanI.D0l'0l'l'ly Purcelg Bill Snell and Roberl' Lampman. Slandlng. lefl' lo rIgl'1l'. 6I'92'Cl1UC Owens, Jackie Claypool, Ann Ross and Gene Pierce. No+ picfured are: Jim Gillanders, R. B. Harris and Prof. Waller Rogers. ,ll - f asuw commiffees The Judiciary CommiHee members hear cases of alleged viola+ions of elecfion rules and decide penalfies. They are: Dolph Kleiner, Barbara Calverf, Marilyn Alwood and Monna Gahegan. The Campus Chesf Commi'r+ee conduc+ed a campus drive similar +o 'l'ha+ of Uniled Good Neighbors. Sealed are: Grefa Simmons, Joanne Bower and Nona Peferson. Sfanding are: Don McCandless, Chairman, and Carol Glancy. Noi picfured are: Ann Ross, Jim Moeller, Frank Gusfin and Barbara Waller. The commillee de+ermining Campus Chesf Policy consisfed of: Mrs. Herfa Murphy, Dick Allen, Chairman, Barbara Silver, Dr. Eric Barr, Mrs. Mabel Turner and Lyman Louis. Nor picfured is Joan Earls. The ASUW Secrefaries formed a pool fo do secrefarial work for various ASUW commillees. ln The back row, lefl lo righf, are: Rosie Hanson, Mimi Dunn, Nancy Smifh and Sally Brown. Fronl row, leff fo righfz Barbara Kemp, Chairman, Mary Lou Davidson and Sue Harrison. D rQ"7 C---fa i , i 1 ff 2:14 . . Help. , Bug. :sz-ri,-4.13 .S-5, ,ur-. Y , -3 fx I 2 E ff' Members of 'rhe Health Services CommiHee are: Sealed, lefl io righl: Jack Cahill, chanrmang JoAnn Marlin, Mary Louis and Bob Doly. Sfanding, lefl io righf, are: Larry P, Lonn, Ron Jones, Larry Jerue and Mel Freeman. , . ...IRL an ov r L5 r A aff . r,,. ,..g-,f.., .r'I.i SF: a be is 'K if.s 9 Top leff: Laurie Miller and Neal Phillips were lhe lwo members of lhe Personnel Relaiions Commiflee. Cenler, lefl: Members of lhe lnfernalional Commillee are: Leif lo righfz Dave Gallop, Connie Lulre, Gay Dirsfine and Robin Ryan. Boflom, leffx The Rccognilion Banque? Commiilee each year worlcs on 'the banquef which honors sludenls oufslanding in acfivilies each year. Seaied, left io righf, ihey are: Lynn Alben, secrelaryg Peggy Cahill, chairman, and Mary Hoalc. Slanding, leff 'fo righl, are: Gene Nommensen, Ann Dicfzen and Alclen Buchles. The siuclying of the parlcing siluafion boih on and off +he campus fakes up +he 'rime of Parking Commirfee members Bob Horchover, Diclr Loudon and Av Turk. 4""'? , . - I h f H' +h ASUW budge? are 'rhe members of 'lhe Finance and Budgef Members of ihe. Hlgh Shool Lefadeglup Solnfeikence Sorgggljg Ex: crorrimiil-'?eZ.oSesjredTi1rdrli',1 lea' +o riqhr, +hey are: Rocky Lindell, Prof Arrhur Cannon Carol seaied' len' to nghh Pegg.YhCahlll', Javi agnwglre Elleanor Kershner Ba+chelder, Mildred Gellermann, secrefaryg Prof. Don WolleH',. chairman Frank Parker auxin iiandmg' lil, xii rl? ard n25eo?gialCooper ' Prof. Harry Cross and Prof. Lauren Walker. Sfanding, lefi' +o rlghi' are Charles Owens a me ampman, a ale o - - N. A. Wahlsirom, Don K. Anderson, Harvey asuw commiHees Securing necessary DAILY ar+icles and iciures besides fakin care of Lynn Wallerius, Ron Celrie, Diane W ,..., , .,... : ,....,T Casslll and Clyde Robinson Planning exhibirs of arf for display in rhe HUB are members of i'he HUB Gallery commlH'ee. Sealed, leff +o righf, rhey are: Carol Allen, Marie Odland chairman and Lynn Nielson. Sfanding, are Don Lockwood and Sylvia Sims Noi' plcrured are idrig and Bill Newman P 9 posiers and ofher publicify is lhe iob of rhe Publicify Area sfaff. Sealed, lefl' 'lo righl, are: Cornelia Fifch, Noel Ring, Barbara Locknane, Sally Sawyer and Janel' Holm. Sianding, lefl' fo righ+, are: Belh Flower, Sharon Mickey, Nancy Burrows, Shann Pra'H, Dick Nelson, chairman, Judy Lidslone and Marian Hawkins. IO8 WW 'i hz' rf , ff ff 44 f I Y is 5 F, 5. f' 'T gi 9,5 r S F 6 I l L'- 1 The Campus Guides led lours showing places of inferesl fo visifors of The Universily. Sealed. leff fo righf, lhey are: Mary Zoe Molleler, Nalalie Joulrovslry and Joan Campbell. E1 .mx ri I E 1 h3."'-L Jr., L. -1-ua 3 1- . 3 ff' , I if A .wif . , 4 1 - n L P I 4 The Scholarship Granls Comrnilh-Q malu-s recom- menclalions for ASUW scholarships. Hs rn:-mba-rs ari-, sfanding: Jean Buclr and Richard Allen. Scored is Kalhie Kampmann. Noi picfured are: Nancy Braffon and Gene Smifh. Selling up The record, bool: and magazine library are- fhe members of The HUB Library Commillee., , f feff fo righf, fhey are: David Fowler, Marilyn A+, . 'N' wood and Helen Johns. Sfanding, leff lo riqhf, they are: Jan Semler, Audrey Redford, Fir-d Lcng. Ernii- Palola, Jean Buck and Mary Jane Fr-rguson. The Campus Sing Commillee planned fhrr Chrislmas Sing which was held in fron? of lhf- HUB. Sealed al lhe piano is Judy King, chai'man. Slanding, leff fo rigfrf, are Wayne Buclr, Pal Pinclrney, John Cool:-s, Sharon O'Conner and Jan Nelson. Noi piclurr-d a'e Jerry Melselh, Win Mebusl, Barbara Bigley and Jerry Beresford. Dance lnslruclion has become one of lhfp rnosl imporlanl comrnillnes in The ASUW slruclure since 'rhri complelion of the ballroom lwo years ago. Sealed, feff fo righf, are: Pa? Davis, Sherry Aiken, Belly Benson, Rosalee Hansen and Barbara Holman, Slanding, leff fo righf, are: Myra Bergman, Dan Malrisciana, Larry LaFolleHe, Buryl Payne, Gail Weld and Arlene Nelson, X, . .. y , . . ...J-1-v""" ' "' -,U P ., ,vpn .I - ' 'wifi Q . , , ,, N.. N... .I i "Lay down 'lhaf ax, molherl We'll clean up Columns," say members of lhe Publicafions commiifee. Sealed lefl' 'I'o righl' ihey are: Prof. George B. As'l'el, Ginny Hill, Eleanor Baker, chairman, Loye Zundel, Carol Giedi' and Sue Smifh, secrefary. Sianding leff +o righi' are Paul Reeder, Jim Hennes, Miss Ka+hleen Leahy, Miss Rufh Wilson, Molly Vena, Bob McBride, Clyde A. Robin- son and Ralph Saclcman. asuw commifiees l a Members of fhe Educa+ion commiiiee are from leff io ri hi' sealed The Universify Prevue commiifee which infroduced 'lhe freshman io Washing- +on ac+ivifies and fradiiions was composed of fhese members: Safed leff 'lo righf are Noel Ring, Shirley Goggins, chairman, LuVerna Hammel and Joyce Hershey. Sfanding leff fo righi' are: Ron Bly+h, Jeane'He Barger, Ellen Ross, Marilyn Afwood, Naialie Joukovslcy and Dave Valen+ine. All sei' here 'lo pu+ fhe "show on 'lhe road" are Cabarei' dance commiH'ee members. A+ lop is Ed Schofield and Larry Grossman, chairman, is holding 'l'he +rayg also sfanding is Dede Drangas, and kneeling, lei' +o righf, are Lois Sperling and Polly Carpenfer. g : Ann Fauchild, Sharon Leander, Lorraine Pilon. S+anding are Wayne Cooke, chairman, and Tom Dobson. i .XX R 1 -'T 1 9 ge S5 1 :xx . x w-. 7 e 1 P A Xf- Fx X 5 Q 'F' JEAN BAIRD is 'the girl wifh fhe felephone. As vice presidenf of AWS, Pi Phi Jean could be 'Found in 'ihe Hub mosf every day . . . beaming, full of humor. Super-busy KAY MILLER, who gained plenfy of AWS experience as las+ year's freasurer, fhis year handled fhe gavel governing ihe ASUW's women sfudenfs. Kay is also in W-Key, To+em Club and Alpha Phi, and is a member of +he Board of Conrrol. IM 'HUB Keeping +rack of all 'ihai' elusive money was lreasurer JoELLEN McCOMB'S iob. A Tri Dell and member of W-Key, she guarded her ledgers well againsi' foo in- quisifive commiHee chairmen and eager AMS officers. Oufsfanding on +he AWS agenda during 'rhe I953-54 season were rhe acliviries of rheir frosh council af Chris'r- mas lime when fhey deco- rared +rees for underprivi- leged youngsrers and 'l'l1e fashion board which pre- senred a siyle show in 'Phe spring. Togeiher wirh fhe AMS rhey sponsored 'rhe Scholarship Banquel' in De- cember where campus lead- ers bo'H1 in scholarship and ac+ivi+ies were lauded. I 4 JOANNE WILLIAMS, recording secreiary, has 'ialxen an acfive in'l'eres+ in UW acfivi- fies. She is a member of W-Key and Kappa Kappa Gamma. aws officers , MARY KAY MORRI S , ' - The duhes of LUCILLE BARNES, secrerary 'ro refary, planned mariiy EZF izbrefwglliesffi 'rhe board included raking minuies af council She also is a W-Key member a Gamma Phi meeimgs' Befa and a member of Rally Girls. . 1 1 , .Si-"1 'G J, M ' X M It '27 -of na "' -. 7 , . 'fe' ' 5, A , ' -1 . 'S ' L j, ' TQ 'T f A I fir' i f 'Qf ' Q . ,A lf' ' 'il K 'ki' , Seiya? E5 ' ,, A T ' ' so f iflfss All Q H , , 3 ex '- .qkmu . s:f"T'--'H':"'-'-"-mv T A K TT in T " I . .. , ,.:' s I . S1 " 1 . rl . .sr J V ' S S? f 4 "" .T Q TJQQ' - ,T G 'F fniifx, 1 ii - K g V 4 .21 , - Il I li., 'Z' , V I 1 if if "' . ', 3,0 ' K, lun. ,-."5'g' . , A V .tl RK , f gas.-. .,.c..--. ' T Q -5 ,, .ff .ai l s if ,Vi rg fa,-,gm , fx 5 25, new SE- T J' X 4' 3 'T' E5 g if T '-1 ,,.. fl T57 3 . N fu f' ' f ,1 X7 W - sr' . I X " vii X i 'af --N., X' ' .sg Q Bigelow, Georgia Hobi, Ann Pinch, Milzie Taylor, Lois 'n I 'f.,,! Bafchelder, Carol Hammel, Lu Verna Owens, Nancy Van Arsdel, Ann z Brannelly, Joan Holm, Janef Ring, Noel NOT PICTUREDZ Cahill, Margarel Hurlbuf, Belsy Rose, Marilyn CWS Carlson, Birgit Lidsfone, Judy Ross, Ellen N.. .4 .i MAJ' , v . , . f . .- iicv....a.- Cole, Ann Loomis, Jeri Rousso, Renee Demsay, Susan Milhalland, Gail Sawyer, Sally Hall, Muriel council T-17 '52- 5 is Members of fhe AWS Cabinef which coordinafed fhe aclivifies of all fhe women's groups on campus were: lefl fo righf, sealed: Mary Kay Morrissey, Connie Egan, Jean Baird, Kay Miller and Anne Libby. Sfanding, lefl +o righf, are: Joanne Williams, Evelyn Kelzlach, Marilyn Low, Shirley Shafer, Alice Morse, Marion Lichfenwalner and Befsy DeCan. The A. W. S. Council is composed of fhe chairmen from 'rhe various A. W. S. commiffees on fhe cam- pus. lf is presided over by a presidenf, Kay Miller, and fhe Vice-Presidenf, Jean Baird. Af fheir meefings fhey discuss fhe problems of fhe organizafion and fry fo help each ofher run a more efficienf organizafion. The council was composed of 'rhe following commiffees: Concerfs, Social Edu- cafion, Servicemen Enferfainmenf, Hisfory, May Day, Orienfafion, Communify Service, Billiards, Vo- cafional Conference, Scholarship Banquef, House Announcemenfs, Foofball Corsages, Bowling, Air R. O. T. C. Sponsors, Table Tennis, Elecfions Ban- quef, Frosh Council, Hub Decorafions, Sfudenf- Faculfy Program, High School Relafions, Elecfions, Acfivifies, Ari-Posfer, Fashion Board, and Sfandards. ll3 O'Brien, Barbara Shafer, Shirley E 2 2 S S S 1 E s E . E .Nw .gxk -X . , N v "X--4. Wa-.N NIVXJL1 f H IJ 'JA' D' 'if-:rf wma 5, 1 ... WJ. ,... 1 A P" ' u . I Q I 1 1 1 ' , i. .-1 J f .A ' .N I Q I Q .. f - ,,.-. - .' ' ,' V J- . ' n '. , -4 - . , ,V , . V- H ' ' Q 1 f, ' " y ... .. 'I v , ,,. ,. .. ' .t . . " '-r... ""' . .al i, . -'. Il -ut' - H' 1. ' . v 1 A ,.- z . 3,9 Sf' ff . V 1 - " ,,,.w 1' yy I .v I . ,....."A's 'll' N-.,g.. 1 r ...ur .1 lm q.'4'.,,. 1' , f """'., .. ....wo- 1. ' ' , A-I' , "" ,. ......u y 3 f .1 . ,f.,.. 'H -v , ....Q s ' ' 'V - . -Q , ,- .1 1 , D ..v-' ,I - . . ' , , 1' ' .' ',. ....f H , "' 'q . X ' ,' f' . , ,vi -n ...vo.1l .E , . .-n.H" -., Vg 1: ',1 , , . ,, nn.. ......on 4 - f-11 , 1 .Q 1. ',',. ' -n tl ""' ,4, ' e-o-.vps..-- gh' -,v . ,N-.. , ' r---"r" ' -.. ...,... . .y , .-.3 . r . ' ---u. , ' ,.f-ff f . . .' , ' ll-U' .... ...fa . 1 - f ,uf ,h -,.- ......----. ,Y I . . . . ., ..,,'. . H . , ...,... ,gf 1 5 ..i- , I . , , "-'1 ...n.--'- 0 . dv, . . - ... . V . -- - M, ,ti 4,1 . .,4.,..,.h'. - . ......-My ..., H ,,,,,, .,.J1g. ,fxxy I ...'..'., ' .4,.. - .Q-,q'H'.'. --...... ,,.......n sg -Q , Q-Q3 "-,, ' ' """' I-",',,, -..... .on-sown 2 1 '-, Nj -1., "-."rvfv-Q.. " -4 5. 'icq' ...,v ' s -' . , .. H. ' '---M --r" -- "' A J.A.,...,. H: L! nag ., '-.,U. --H . Nw - "'f:.A.J......... ,gi .. f Y . A. 'f-... . ,.-- , , -' .,,g...4-.dc " v , '----- . --... -..--'.. .........- ' 5+ . - f -...... .. . ---.... Q g'.,1",QA.,,,.-.- -I-, f . -....,..,.. - -... ' .." J' xx- -...---" ei: . ,, ' ,, HHH, "9 ' "",-v' ,.Nw. ......-6' N -.5 -- I-. .. In ... .4', ,.5M .. .-I' x , ,I -4 . ....,.,.. ... U01 , ,,- ' . f ' A..-un xx ,.k.- , -n.,,.-a.A...... . .1-.,,.,, ..,5l N ,S Q - -.a.I,., f.....- :la-..,,, .,' . '.,....,..,u . ' , --.- 4o.......r- ' ' ' . I,n4.v...4., 14, -' A....,..., ' ' '---.n -., 1 , ,,,. 1535. -. ,... ... " '-----...... .., ' . ' - ......- I """' ls....... ' ... , E X ... .-.-............ - .. . .. -, s-, X a -. ' " V, """r ,.. . ' I " "'- ""-vu, A i .., ,-n..,, -..f....,. H.. -.,. - 21-:UT ' "w,,, " - -. ....,..-1 "... "--uw. " ""'r """' ' , . . .Ju """"-u A"4-I -..-1 5 ' ' '-,.,. . ,l ' ... aus. " ., f. ' A :-n-Q.. .,,.' 1 --... H011 .l ,.k,.vqX'xu, t'-4..- ... ,x l ..,.. , ,M -,..,.....o . iw-n.'kx,xXn.,,,N fx -'-. . ' --.....-f-- 'x,,'u.. K . . h. xl It H . m.H,,,,,.f ... ...,hx-. ,H . ,A I ' .,.. ,,u,,....u' - -'hh ' N ll -...... ,L""' " --......u-.QD AA.,' ,' Nw ' f'--...,A " ' ' " n-N. .Xl-1-' ' '-... " 1 '-fg- ..,., ' " " .,........-' v ' - t 'f' ... X-. K w ......www ' . M", .,, ,'-... I." '-' A ..-.r-""' . , '-. ' I , . ""-- 4... ..n'..........v . "- '-. " --- .n '. " , W. Q, ' M... .1 . ...,. . ..,.". .N.,v' I., .HL ., X.. -- . ... -v- ' v,- ., Vu., . ""v- . ,. "' x ' y 'ixll-I . , -I , VM L M, , ........ AA A. , l .wsl.. , ,ull li V' .. ' ,VI --.Ml-. ,W .. . 'f'W,,."1 Q -. 'gi . ,l , n A '-. ... ,K 1 ,.. .,4.'w - . ' . . -' . " .' "-.Q-.-. .v '. '-M. ,5,f.,.."'. 'f... tfmll ...-f Q, , uh. lx ,YU 1 .. N' -. A .,,. " N ' I .,., 'g ... v A , . X1 ... 1 ., . ,, ,Q .-. , ... N- ,- . X, .. M . Q . .X .. .- , , ..,' ' . v x' mg V..,.A1 ' E? . - 'Q rv , Q . -.l . y , v. . "n, x ' nk, 'sl ' "n.. ' ' M, . I L, I a . .,- X '-n,, 1 , 3 X' . alll? FQSICIPII ., . . P 4.x ' ' ' "l4 . 1 X , Holding fhe office spring quarler of his iunior year, DU JERRY GREENWAY, helped +he AMS presidenl' sei up 'ihe program for +he following year. The Veep was an ardenf golfer and chairman of +he senior prom. BRIAN COMSTOCK 'look over 'lhe office of vice- presidenl' fall and winfer quar'ier and did a com- pe'I'en+ iob of presiding over 'lhe Advisory Board. Com- n his 'unior ear was secre'l'ary of Purple s+ock, duri g I y . Shield and a member of Thela Xi fralernily. ams officers AMS, wifh membership open 'ro all men srudenrs on campus, had a busy and evenrful year. Wifh i+s main obiecfive of carrying ou'I' wor+hwhile aclivilies 'For +he s1'uden+ body in general, AMS also coordinafed all men's ac'rivH'ies and organlzahons. ln November, +hey co-sponsored wiih AWS, a fun-packed Sludenl'-Faculry Talenf Show. Olher high- lighrs of lhe year were Paren+s' Weekend, Eleclions Banquel and Vocarional Confer- ence. ln December 'I'he AMS-AWS co-sponsored lhe Scholarship Banque'I'. The blggesl, mos'l' colorful evenr on lhe AMS calendar was Fisi' Fesr in which campus boxers com- pefed for lrophies. JACK HUPP, ihis year crowned his long lisl' of campus aclivifies by heading AMS. ln spile of 'rhe dufies of 'ihis icb, Jack found +ime for membership in Oval Club, Board of Con'l'rol, 'Phe ASUW A'll'1le+ic Commi'H'ee and Sigma Phi Epsilon 'fra+erni+y. Amiable FRED ERICKSON, a iunior our of 'rhe Phi Delia Theia house, held a +igh+ grip Hislorian KEITH RIELY divided his lalenls befween crew, where he is a big-W man, and 'lhe AMS, where Dividing his lime belween Tyee and AMS, JIM HENNES handled lhe iob of AMS Secrefary cien'Hy. Besides laking care'of all correspond- ence, Th:-'ra Chi Jim, used his Radio-TV maior +o advan+age when he co-chairmaned 'Phe AMS- AWS felevision show. fo 'lhe AMS purse s'irings. He also served as he acfs as file keeper a d d ' K "lh DEKE ' TO ' an able adviser +o several of +he AMS also a member of +he Cgvai Clsuelg, +heel Bi: W Clilbi +0 meilihzgggj-id Zi? Dgiliiolhgil Ejlzijdafhgeriigljlz Commmees- and 'lhe Varsi'l'y Boa+ Club. and agendas. in.: P VY es ,Q I 'V-er Y--W-S? , '-f nav, JKQU., J W...-.JV Q fl? fra' ww' Jack Cahill Jerry Decker 5 John Marhn Shan Mullen NOT PICTURED: Larry Cleek Rick Dideon Ted Oliver Graham Molifor Sayre Boyd Bill Burch Roger Felion Hank Gaffner Dick Galbrailh Jim Moellar Neal Phillips Dick Richards John Slaninka Gene Smiih Joe Taller Dave Valenfinc ams advisory board Brian Comslock, vice-presidenl' of AMS, presides over +he Advisory Board which is composed of fhe chairmen of all AMS acfivifies. Officers use lhe board as a guide and as a way of reaching all commi'r'I'ees. II9 - 'L' ' ' new Q ,', 'Yay nv. L 1 Q 4 nh' 1' ams commiffees I Figuring ou'I' plans for +he ATHLETIC COMMITTEE are S'I'anley Gillman, Sayre Boyd, chairman, Chuck Merfel, and Bob Frayn. r I I I Sealed le'f'r fo righf for FIST FIST COMMITTEE are Ken Erickson, Sharon , Leander, and Bill Burch, chairman. Slancling are Ted Van Dyke, Paul Lychsen, and Jim Broderson. N-ii 145. N .gy 3 V Pu I - - C ' gg ' 'NN Responsible 'For olcrlaining SPORTS MOVIES were Jim Broderson, chairman Neal Phillips, and Sonny Howe. Conscienliously keeping +he CONSTITUTION and BY-LAWS Efeaeglll Ryan, Gene Smilh, chairman, Charles McClure and o rees. l20 Planning lhe annual Scholarship Banquef are Ann Hobi and Roger Felron, co-chairmen. Sealed are Bessie Dubich, Ann Hobi, Roger Fellon, and Nancy Hill. Sfandingz George Riedinger, Walfer Howe, John Marlin, Kaihie Kampmann. L UWS'GlII LuVerna Hammel and Slian Mullin were co-chairman of lhe Vocalional Con- ference commiffee. Sealed are, leff 'lo righlz Beih Nieman, Mullin, Miss Ham- mell, Frances McLean, Lynn Wallerius. Siandingz Dorolhy Coolc, Jerry Wind- ham, Naydina Leonard, Dave Davies, Liz McEachern, Don Lockwood, John Selh. The commiHee which handled AMS-AWS elecfions was composed of co-chair- men Graham Molifor and Jeaneffe Barger, sealed. Also sealed is Sandra S'l'owell, secrelary. Sfanding, lefl +o righl, are: Sally Sawyer, Margie Gill, Bob Murray, Donna Meagher, Ed Frodel, Marlene Times, Tom Frelheim and Ba rba ra Schnirzer. I2 l nano'- I 6 Ju my JI-l 55 F GW ,,,. . W.,,s.,. Q, , irmfln AMS-AWS BILLIARDS commlllee: Sealed are John Marlin, Rlclc Dideon, Chairman, and Granl Wilson. Slanding, leff fo righf, are Joan Williamson, Lois Sabin. Muriel Hall and Anne VanNess. AMS-AWS ELECTIONS BANOUET commilleez Sealed, leff fo righf, are Jerry Windham, Bobie O'Brien, Co-Chairman, John Marlen and Lynn Albin. Slanding are Georgia Bigelow, Arnie Nordman and Sue Howard. Nol picluredz Grelchen Slroh, Voclii Middlelon. AMS-AWS HIGH SCHOOL RELATIONS commi++ee: Sealed, leff fo righf, are Alison Jagoe, Diclc Richards, Chairman, Pal' Grefsheim, Co-chairman, Sherry Ber- nard. Slanding are Bill Kinzel, Liz IvlcEachern, Pele Shoudy and Phil Nowell. ioinf commiffees AMS-AWS TABLE TENNIS commi+'lee: Leff fo righf are Diclc McCar'I'y, Ron Rhine, Richard Galbrailh, Chairman, and Don Slooliey. The Arl Commillee lceeps 'Ihe ASUW supplied wiI'h poslers and burma shave signs +o publicize social and scholaslic evenls. Sealed, leff fo righf, Ihey are: Helen Creesy, Pal Gavey, Diane Zbinclen, Valerie Walker, Joyce Sanderson, Laura Ross, Mae Lee Brown, Sally Sawyer, chairman, and Margo Lageson. Slanding are JoIQnB'Slarn4nilca, Dolores Ehlin, Doris Kubala, Vic Ziuzin, Howard Day, Roy Slrom, an 1 1 es. sw-X0 LS v uv -xg The AWS Communify Service Commifiee fool: charge of organizing ihe campus for Civil Defense and of worlcing in ihe March of Dimes booihs on lhe Avenue. Sealed, leff fo righf, ihey are: Margie Slephens, Sue Dempsey. chairman, Rosalee Swedberg and Lollian Olcamura. Sfanding, leff fo righf, are: Ann Dieizen, Sue Johnson, Sally Brown, Marilyn Robin- son and Bev Balch. The Communiiy Service Comrniilee worlred in coniunclion wifh als feminine counlerparl. Sealed, leff fo righf, are: Ed Lindmarlr, Jim Moeller, chairman, Jim Davis and Bob Reiner, ioinf commiffees x . The May Day Commifiee planned iis acfivifies fo coordina+e wiih ihose of Parenfs' Weelcend. Sealed are Carol Semmern and Alice Wilson. Sfanding, leff fo righf, are John Reed, Dave Valenfone, co-chairman, and Ralph Quass. Noi piciured are: Birgif Carlson, co-chairman, Bill Eubanlrs, Doug Clarlze, Sandy Ogden, Mimi Dunn, Sandy Adlrinson and Rolland O'Dell. IZ3 A . .i I ff, - Fife s fx Parenis' Weelrend was handled by one of lhe largesf, smooihesf-worlring commilfees in ihe AWS-AMS siruclure. Sealed, leff fo righf, are: Sue Dempsay, Carol Marlin, Shirley Shafer, assisianl chairman, Joe Taller, chairman, Nancy Bralfon, secrelary, Karen Drurv and Jim Hennes. Sianding, feff fo righf, are: Laura Crowell, Don Mc- Candless, Birgii Carlson, Marilyn Aiwood, Ted VanDyl, Mildred Gellerman and Eleanor Evans. Noi piclurod are: Chuclr Owens, Waller Rogers, Dorolhy MacLean, Sfanley Gessel and Dave Valenfine. 1 J Ht A W-1 Uk- 1 " ini' 1 'Q 0' I freshmen The numerous and varied dufies of presidenf of fhe freshman class have occupied mosf of Alpha Dell' DICK LEONS Spare momenfs This year. A graduafe of Franklin High School. Dick has zoomed righ'I' 'l'o fhe fop. He also found 'rime for freshman swimming. One of fhe greafesf assefs fo fhe class is JANET DAILY, 'freshman class vice-presidenf. Her enfhus- iasm for work may be seen fhrough her parficipa- fion in Silver Fish in addiiion fo being a member of Aciivifies Bureau, House Announcemenfs com- miffee and Pl Befa Phi sororify. IZ4 A very well-known aH'rac+ion on fhe foofball field is SHERRY TAGG, freshman class sec- refary. Never a spare momeni' is granied her, for befween Alpha Phi Sherry's secre- farial dufies she pracfices 'rwirling her bafon as head maioreffe and serves as a recep- fionisf for fhe Acfivifies Bureau. Enfrusfed wifh fhe funds was JUDY MESSEN- GER, freshman class freasurer. Judy. an ADPi, hails from Sfadium High School in Tacoma. where she was sfudenf body freasurer. CampUS Chesf and Acfivifies Bureau are also on her college acfivifies lisf. .P ,ex Dofiing lheir hais fo fhe sophomores are frosh prominenfs: Rhea Whifman, frosh day, Sue Harrison, apple sale: and Elaine Doll, scrapboolc chairman. ,f 1 , J,J"'x , I . v V s ! I ul, -,. .. . Xi is his sm A long, hard day calls for re- laxaiion in fhe HUB on lhe pari of fhese freshman prom- inenls. Leff io righf are John Reed, frosh day: Rollie O'DeII, frosh day, Milchell Aires, eclifor of lrosh Daily: Jim Balreman, adminisfraiion chairman, and Howie Jones, frosh clay. frosh prominenis Discussing freshmen aciivifies are Loy Harvey and Gery Nunne- lee, seafed, who were co-chairman of frosh song and slunl nighfg and Bowen King, chairman of frosh day. Wafching 'lhe second floor Hub bee-hive are prominenfs Don Sunilsch, baslceiball player, and Bill Till, 'foolball player. Some more acfive members of ihe class were: Carol McKins'lry, frosh day, Tom Carscaclden, 'frosh day, and Sally Joviclc, frosh day. X' ,a v-f lndependenl' MONNA GAHEGAN slepped info 'lhe 'rop posifion in rhe sophomore class afier servmgias vice-presidenl' of her freshman class. The greaf lob ihal' she did during her 'freshman year gave Monna ample experience +o guide The aclivilies of +he sophomores. ophomores Always willing fo lisfen 'lo sophomore gripes, Alpha Xi Delia PAT HARRINGTON was well qualified for her posilion as vice-presideni of fhe sophomore class. She had been presidenl' of her YWCA Frosh Club and an ac+ive mem- ber of fhe AWS Freshman Council. l26 Talcing 'lime ou'r from her Rally Girl-Song Leader acrivifies, JOYCE TYE, Thefa, did an able iob as sophomore class secre'l'ary. 'Hers was ihe iob of lalring minu+es al' sophomore council meefings. Joyce was also a member of W-Key and Air Force Sponsors. A mem during posi+ion member ber of +he Communi+y Service commiHee her 'freshman year, BEV BEARD held The of sophomore class 'l'reasurer. She WGS 3 of W-Key and Alpha Delia Pi sororily. .f Hgh" -X a-f-lu 'r . - .... fix.. 1 I ,, , is xv -r '- M., .41 'v .I -TE cli- 's '-12 . f-W n faux., 5 7 gi, i L Prominenl in sophomore acfivifies were: Gary Sisler, JlFC presidenlg Jill Neergaard, Rally Girls: Joyce Tye, sophomore secrefaryg and Shan Mullin g who look over as sophomore vice-presidenl' af fhe beginning of winler quarler. I iii ophomore prominenfs A camera-shy class prominenf was Sandy Lederman. Trying lo bring order inlo 'lhe silualion are prom- "l956?-Yup! Thal"s us," say lhese prominenls: Dave inenlsz Nona Peferson, who worked on lhe campus Velenline, sophomore carnival publicily chairman: chesfg Roger Gavin, song and sfunf nighl chairmang Judy King, chairman of Chrislmas sing, and Jack and Elizabeih McEachern, a fransfer sfudenf who Geraghfy, sophomore carnival chairman. has become aclive in flre sophomore class. More aclive sophomores were Lou Hammell, who worked on sophomore leadershipg and Doyle Pefkins, basket- ball player. Hiding in fhe Hub Valenline free are: Jim Moeller, communify service chairmang Mel Freeman, an acfivc parficipanf of The classy Kafhy Kampman, who re- ceived lhe oulsianding sophomore women's award: and Nancy Hill, well known for her commillee work. The social funcrions of ihe class were capably "l'r's a deal," says Herb Mead, Junior Class Presideni. In addirion +o his class office, Herb is lcepi' busy wirh fhe A School Spirif and Social Rules and Regulaiions CommiHees as well as being an aclive member of Oval Club, Sigma Rho Alpha, and Theia Chi. juniors Worlring hard io lceep The 'Financial problems in apple pie order was Joe Taller, Junior +al:en care of by Gordon Walgren, Junior Class Faifhfully recording lhe minuies is 'lhe iob of Dody Class Treasurer. Joe's oiher experience in vice-president Gordon has been aciive on 'lhe Turner, Junior Class Secrefary. W-Key, Alpha +he acfiviiies 'Field has exlended 'io The IFC Council, in Malamufes, and in Della Up-' Gamma Delia, and Air ROTC sponsorship can ASUW Scholarship Banquei' Commilfee, silon. claim her supporf, 'I'oo. Oval Club, and Phi Kappa Psi. l28 ?-uk-A.-:Li42,?T ,Qf4 :H-, - T L ., it xc,-fx -.-- ... , - 'T Hs'P"'f ' :sm- N.. aff fl fra. "U" ll- Loolling over a book are BILL WILSON, Homecoming Chairman, and SHIRLEY SHAFER, Co-chairman of ParenI's Weelrend, bofh familiar faces around fhe HUB. II Ioolts as Ihough JACK KYLLINGSTAD, Varsify Foofball half- baclc, is going 'fo ge? fhe Ines? of fhe ice cream. However, CAROL BATCHELDER and FRED ERICKSON are noi willing Io be aced our enfirely. Carol is Chairman of ConcerI's Commiiiee and Fred is Ihe newly eIec+ed AMS Presideni. Brewing up a cup of coffee are BILL QUILLIAN, Norlhern Divi- sion Iennis champ, WARREN MILLER, Varsify Ball Chairman: BILL BURCH, Fisffesi' Chairman, and JERRY LANGER, Varsify Traclr and Fooiball man. Nof picfured: DEAN PARSONS, Varsify baslceiball and Iraclr. junior prominenfs Tyee Sporfs Edi+or JACK HENNES seems Io be gefiing AMS Vice Presidenr, DON McCANDLESS all crossed up. Pouring fhe mill: pifchcr for Don is ANITA LUVERA, Program Panel Chairman. Sfanding af a safe disiance is JOANNE WILLIAMS, Ihe new AWS Presidenf. Ready wifh a +oweI for mopping up operafions is Tyee Edifor, JIM HENNES. NWN nj? Q l 1 l l I I Efficienf JEANETTE BARGER, Senior Class Secre'rary, handles ihe no+e 'raking business of 'ihe class. Jeane'H'e's in+eres'l' in aciiviries is proved by her membership in W-Key, sub-chairman "Business before pleasure" seems io be 'rhe mo'H'o of BILL ANDERSON, Senior Class Presidenf. Besides having ably shouldered rhe many responsibiliries enfailed by ihis posiiion, Bill has found +ime fo parficipaie in Oval Club, Sigma Nu fraierniiy and assisf on +he Boolcsrore Board. ln 'l'he pas'l', Malamufes, Songfesr Publiciiy, and acfing as Junior IFC Represen+a+ive claimed 'lhis ouisfanding boy's 'l'ime. of 'lhe Junior Class Dance, and AMS-AWS Elecrions Commii- ree. JeaneH'e is a member of Kappa Delia sororify. Q 15-'- I i i JIM WARSINSKE, a Sigma Chi, well lcnown for his fooiball prowess, served as Senior Class Vice-President Jim's our- i sfandingness has been demonsfraied by his eleciion 'lo May Day King lasi year, and lhrough his par'ricipa+ion in Big "W" Club and inframural fraclc. i w l I30 SElll0fS Friendly ELEANOR BAKER, Senior Class Treasurer, has had her hands full ihis pasl' year siraighiening our 'ihe class fin- ances. However, a very full acfiviries schedule in which she numbers 'lhe Junior Class Dance Commi+'I'ee, has been man- aged by Gamma Phi Eleanor. She was also an Air ROTC Sponsor and a member of AMS-AWS Social Educaiion Commihlee. -Q? M'f 5- gi bfgvi Lssvfbvf bb iv 56 TY 5.8 58 MH 'U bb Uv 'v 'PU "'L' v b sw 5 by 1 V V . . 55bv v V U 'f:ff-- " " bcbv: 7"7?'f'1,Ee Jiffy" 9. ,V ' Y. ff,.w,,wy ,. , , '-wziiflv i' , :,,,g:,w:',f,, ,Z .ff Q 'wg f ,ff f., , 2,55 LWSQW, gy, ,,,f,,. , 6-1571, i",f,.' JV., f""r9'M' mi 3 4 Lxffniffm V iff ,, ,, J 4. ,g,4.7.,:, 0 Mile., ' ,gf en. 1,2 f.. uf' ' rf?iy52Q'7f Ly, .61-QL l. I H . Always smiling DOROTHY CASTONIA ediled The DAiLY during +he firsl half of 'rhe year. A Here she is surrounded by her consfanl aids -'rhe phone, a boHle of aspirin and 'lhai' ever- presenl coffee cup. BOB MCBRIDE fool: over The DAILY during 'lhe second half of 'lhe year. Bob is a member of Oval Club and vice-presideni of Sigma Del+a Chi, men's professional iournalicm honorary. daily as Dividing her Time befween Lufheran s+uden+ ac'I'ivi+ies LEO HANDLEY a 'lransfer from S Hl U 'i' 1' '32 and The DAILY was JEAN OLSON, assisiani' edi+or d. ' ea 9 -I WGS BSSIS BI1 ,the 'asf half of me Year. Jean is presidem of Theta 2. :for Shi HEL half of The Year. He is Presideni' of - lgma e a i. S'9mG Phi. WOmen's journalism honorary. GEORGE ASTEL ns by far the DAILYS most experienced hand. Mr. As pafience good-nafured ways and good iudg- meni when if came io maiung decisions won him fhc friendship and admirafion of all DAILY siaffers. Aff Y It ' Q 1 K o 0 , edlforlal 2 1 L r au '-s. 'X ,pi -I A 2 . iz ,. do A " i 3' ., 'lat , 'V i" V'v A,-I .X 5 1- A 'x,A , . C RR 'TED VAN DYKE+ in 'rh f JIM LEHDE, BOB ROSS and FRED BAKER fool: 'hme ou+ fail q'Uar+er DON MCKAY' HAROLD A harm d f H If H1 boo. oier 5590: S . , , - - 1 d rfmenf when 'rhe DAILY c ange s a s a e Eglhfilhg o win er from 'Their adverhsnng courses +o spend long hours wrmng compllmen s qjsier' They fumed om wp inhamural and baskwball amclesl abouf +he grid squad. I33 The fall DAILY siaff 'From Ieff Io righf Isfandingiz Jim Lehde, Dave Jordan, Jan Rickman, In charge of 'Ihe DAILY classified ads were Nancy Wilson, Delores Doug Muir, Nick Pelers, Bob Willey, Bob Ross, Bruce Baker and Kaiie Tarbillp Isealedl S+one, Amy Novakovich, Joan Wiggins and Sally Sanborn. Noi' pic Loye'He Moun+, Befsy DeCan, Evelyn Egan, Howard Rosenfhal and Ann Ross. Noi pic- 'rured were Virginia Larson and Barbara Welch. Iured were Will McCracken, Wayne Carfer and Marallyn Frame. daily staffs -5? 2 e 1 ??,,?,,A,, . ,L M , , .plqmii N r. -I uf AL ' --1' ,' .lx Qzjfe, f ,IRQ .,4. 1' iff Silva' C fQ-425' Al'.f.4hf1-mixer, If IWUIAIJ. Zyl? ' 3' rf-'A iff!! J fm?-9-'34-f i 28:33 3 ,f,.,A Ihe winrer s+aH' of fhis year's DAILY was Iaround Ihe circlel, Nancy Baine, Carol Giedl, Ann Huson, Jim Richslad, Sian Reed, Joe Davis, Bill Woods, Bob Aslakson, Dan Meride'I'h, C-Iiff .Fry, Judy Hanson, Janice McCIeIIan, Mary Wilson, Virginia Hill and Claudia Sims. No'I' piclured were Sally Clark, John Tewkesbury and George Comsfock. The .5P"If1g DAILY sI'aFF was Ilefl' 'Io righI'I, Joanne Doyle, 'Ienme S'I'5I9Y..Pa'r Dye, Hulda Humala, Joan Wagner, Less Parr. J0I'lf1 Nell. Jerry Nelson and Ron Sisson. I34 'I '+h The phone is MOLLY VENA, who Irrieglragwdusiness Manager during fhe firsf ha gf fhe Year' I9S-9 saw ED LARSON serving his firs? lerm as Adverlising Manager. ED had previously served on The Adverlising Slaff. LOYE ZUNDEL served her second ierm as Adver- fising Manager during fhe firsf half of fhe year and her second 'ferm as Business Manager during lhe second half. Loye had previously been Adver- 'fising Manager in I953 and Business Manager of fhe summer DAILY. daily business . - RIE WARREN, BOB Selling lhe adverfising which lcepf fhe DAILY in business fall quarfer were MA LACKMAN, ED LARSON and ELEANOR CORTHELL. l35 Edi+or in chief JIM HENNES lcepi +he phone lines busy wiih his worlc in AMS, TYEE, and Theia Chi fra+erni+y. NN I36 X ix ,l r U fyee diforial , Academic division edi'l'or MYRNIE HOEY 'lakes 'rime ou+ from her woflc and her sororiiy, Kappa Delia, for a quick lunch. fl These iwo smiling youngsfers did 'Phe fabulous arf work for 'rhe TYEE. PAT RINEY, Thela chi, mmea li ou+ +he cover, 'lhe +i+le pages, and all of 'ihe 5 sec+ion pages CAROL ALLEN Al ha Del'l'a Pi, did r - I P 'rhe wonderful wafer color division pages. 1 i 5 Working on lhe Adminislralion and Colleges Seclion were: Sealed- The Senior Slall was composed of Sharon McCord fseafedl Dinnie Brady, Judy King and Shelby Schuclr. edllofi Sfdhding-Belly and Karen Kruse, edilor. The Senior Prominenls Slall were Newcomb, Judy Benson, Sally Browun. Margafel .Hesse, and Jane Marlene Braun and Ardylh Arndl, edilor. Nol piclured are Noble. Nol piclurecl are Donna Sloclung. Sharon M'cl'9Y. Jean Marlin. Bev Balch, Joan Lamson, Marilyn Coolz, Toni Sinkunas, Muriel Pleil, Bobbie Jacobs and Brooke Townsend. . academrc Chief of lhe Aclivilies Division GINNY HILL, The Organizalion Division called lor lhe lull allenlion Caughl by surprise in lhis piclure, JACK Alpha Della Pi, shared her lime among lhe of Della Zela PAT NELSON. She also was in charge HENNES la manl because of bolh lalenl and DAILY, the TYEE, lhe HUB, and her boy friend of lhe Living Group Division. nepolism was adilor ol lhe Sporls Division. ther boy friend camelagll, He is a physics major who spends his lime al lhe HUB and Thela Chi. 1? gf Members ol lhe Malre-up slall ol lhe Tyee were: Kneeling-leff 'fo righl -.Karen Ramhorsl, Karen Wahl, Gail Milhalland, Glenda Melvin. Joan Melin, Carol Marlin. Sealed-lefl lo lighf-Pal Gill, Bonnie Jean urison Emelie Holcomb Barbara Loclinane Pal Sylling and Myrna . . M 1 ' ' - The hard workmg oiilce Slaii were Mae Lee Brown' Belle Eckert Mary Peierson Wallin. Nol Piclured were Joe Anne Wingel and Helen Warir19. incl Hazel Coppess, head. Nol piclured are Nancy Chamberlain and Sandra Ogden. v--Q g, . e ,X mf Q 'f The Governmenf Sfaicf worked many long hours phofographing officers and commi++ees down ai 'l'he HUB. Seaiecl is Marian Hawkins, ediior of 'lhe sec- fion. Sianding, leff fo righf, are: Alice French, Sally lllman, and Mimi Siocking. Noi picfured are Mary Ann Guiherless and Connie Hoare. Taking care of ihe Queens and Culiural seclions of this year's Tyee are Ann Van Ness and Cornelia Filch, respecfively. Missing is Sally CIif+. i -QQ-"" 'id' xl'--p"'Hrw Running fhrough fhe corridors of Lewis Hall 'Frying +o ca+ch elusive edi+ors and sfaff members was 'lhe Pub- licafions s+aFf of 'this year's Tyee. Seafed, leff fo righf, +hey are: Beverly Buller, Connie Campbell, Janei Henkel, and Mary-Pai' Tross, edifor of ihe secfion. Working on +he Seasonal seciion look up much of Fall and Winler quariers for Pai Keagle, head of +he Fall Ac'iivi+ies, and Donna Marie Smifh, ediior of ihe secfion. Noi picfurecl is Arlo Baker, whose recenl' marriage ferminafed her work on 'rhe Tyee. adiviiies organizafions Working hard lo meef 'rite ever presenf clead- Marcia McCreery really had her hands full schedulin B ' ' . . La ou+ edifor for +he O ' +' d' ' ' n lines for 'rhe Snaps and 'fhe Pun Cufs were and faking picfures of +he r' ' i' ' h g emg Y 'igamza 'ons lvlslo' Barbara Hansen and Isabelle Fosler. on Campus, va 'ous organize Ions ouses girieijilfiaefg-:Zi Liifgije of her hme laken up bY her I? sporfs Jon-adm TFAMMOLDd and HAROLD CARR are eep y engrog ' f- ,- . h +fsCa+e FooTBALfepra'Q, 'qu 'ng DUI an "' SWIMMING and BASKETBALL are wc-II under conI'roI in +I1e hands of BILL SEMON and GEORGE NICKLE. SPRING and MINOR SFORTS are appar- en'IIy no cause for concern 'ro JACK HENNES and TED LEONARD. In'I'enI' on baIancing fhis minafure skier a'e WOMEN'S SPORTS edifors LINN CONK- LIN and KATHLEEN CONNOR. BOB BOYD was SKI ecIIIor. l39 "N -vs E9 MJ!" Ln in x L4 Besides wrifing copy for 'rhe Academic division, Talring in lhe scenery from in 'fronf of Lewis. lplall Joyce Mullen also managed +o be fhe only one on is Carol Ann Neisiss, who worlred on fhe AC'l'IVllIeS 'lhe sfaff +o have her picfure falren. Noi picfured Copy Sfaff. Missing are Nancy Burrows and Pegge- are Barbara Lange and Judy Lovejoy. Lee Haggard. copy edifors and siaff Claire Sfeincipher was 'fied up wifh a lol of oufside acfivifies buf sfill man- aged fo 'furn oul a heap of copy as 'the Sporls Copy Edifor. Susan Dempsay worlied af her iob of Copy Edifor for +he Acfivifies division of 'lhis year's Tyee. ?'Q Posing in fhe lypical cheesecalce-Type manner +aughl' her by fhe hard working edifors is Lucinda Champers, Academic Copy Edifor. Answering phone calls also enfered info lhe numerous dufies of Carol Tonlrin, who served as Organiza+ions Copy Edifor. ? .4,4 CZ' Eff-,-' 1 Gaihered around +he 'lypewriler reading some newly wriffen copy is +he Organiza+ions Copy Slaff. Sealed is Mary Peferson. Sfanding, leff fo righf, are: Judy Callison, Darlene Peferson, George Ann Thompson and Mary Morganfhaler, Missing are Sandy Ogden and Doug King. Q..- Barbara Snider and Chris Severson idenfified many of fl'1e -Sporls picfures Thai fhey wroie copy 'For while worlung on +he Sporls Copy Sfaff. Nol piclured is Donna Power. Q L -V 41 as fyee Alfhough a member of boih ihe Daily ediforial and adverfising siaffs, Theia MARALLYN FRAME did an oufsfanding iob as Business Manager. Marallyn's fraining in adverfising made her an excelleni person for +he job and helped her io lreep 'ihe bool: in ihe black. The main duly of 'ihe Tyee Business siaff was fo answer phones ancl search Lewis Hall 'lo find someone who could supply 'l'he righl' answers +o fhe people on 'the phone. They are: seafed, Toni Rembeg sfanding, leff fo righf, Phyllis Vulcano, Sue Moe, Jo Beeson, Mary Lou Hoy and Teddy Braunschweiger. Wakefield, Mary 'N 'VN Y 'K+ .E business sfaff ,V X 1 , Omega As office manager, Alpha JEAN FERGUSON did a conscien- +ious iob of keeping fhe iurmoil of +he business office from exfending info The ediforial office. '1 i if 1 li I l ediforial RAY JENSEN held ihe posifion of arf edllor for HHS YGGFS Columns. The con- tgrapiion in fhe background is noi a flif un. JOE KEARNEY was +he man responsible for 'l'he sporfs feafures. Q, 0 1' ln charge of much of lhe phofography worl: +his year was BILL DOWNEY. Wafch ouf for 'rhai' darn birdy. Ar'lis+ TOM CHAPMAN was fhe man who puf fhe curves in much Some of 'lhe Columns' s'l'af'F of wri+ers are Ron Sisson, . Janice McClellan and Evelyn Egan. of +hls Years Columns' thug fs 50 ig- 'kswr . l 1 My , W , L l 7:-Mft' 1 ge? ay: w e '11 1 j '-P.Fs,:Ef,:f , ln charge of 'lhe ASUW phofographers is CORNELIUS ROOT, beHer lcnown 'lo his sfudenfs as "Corny." His main inferesfs are farming, flying and fofography. Besides over- seeing 'rhe eighf members of his s+aFF he +ook 'rime our in ihe fall +o manage +he Phofo Shorl Course held on 'Phe Universify campus. 'x A J 3 PAUL THOMAS is the phoio lab's Chief of Sfaff affer serving lwo years on lhe sfaff previous lo his appoinlmenf. Thomas produced lop-nofch phoios and never los? hos sense of humor while dealing wifh lhe requesls of DAILY, Columns and Tyee reporfers. .gif BL C phofographers , , Always willing fo false picfures of skiing Llxidbgyhlmill. lllebberel 'S HMM Mcll2EESa Mclfjs H was fo BILL DOWNEY 'thai +he Columns owed meefs was CHUCK STOY, an avid member wah Th 5 lime elween P Olo wir aT slnqefg much of H5 fine poriraif worlr. Downey had phofos ofufhe Husky Wmler Sporfs Club His fav Hom e als' ones quarlelle 'n na 'Ona comp published in Several naifional magazines, orlfe assugnmenf was of lhe slu queen N eg 144 J Egllfl '1 4 .........., ,nz Julie Hungar sludenl' slaff chief' Dale Good roduclion asgigfam l . ' ' . . N f 1 T nf sg eff' Ps. -S , Q -5, 'QGQK '-Q.. Members of 'rhe facully and managemenf s+al'f of Radio Hall are from Q. lefl' fo righl: AI Roberis, chief engineerg Ed Adams, srafion manager. 4 l I p I Shirley Haclrelf, secrelaryg Bruce Calhoun, program manager, and Ken Kggar, producfion manager. RADIO HALL is lhe 'focal poinl for all lhe acfivilies in 'rhe radio area. radio Announcers for fhe slaff are: Alex Crewdson, Dick Hawkins and Milre Luclcy lcneeling. Slanding 'From le'F+ 'ro righf are John Croghan, Keilh, Ofher announcers are Eric Palmer, Louie Rcedel, and Jael: Jenkins kneeling Lollis, and Sam Levenson. Richard Cornwell, Diclc Hughes and Boyd CJrlis are slanding. x"""'i K -as 1 Radio Playhouse is one of KUOW's besf liked programs. Pu'Hing il' on fhe air are Sherman Baile , Mar Mims and Bill Baker a+ 'lhe mike ln Y Y ' fhe confrol room are Bud Meyer, Janef McDonald and Lily Forbes. The sporis siaff loroadcasi' SeaHle hugh school games as well as Unl- versify sporfing evenis. Sea+ed, leff fo righf, are: Dick Ross, Dick Clark, Boyd Cur+is, Tom McNay, George Baldwin, Sam Levinson, Tom Sprague, Dick Hawkins, Clinf Howard and Ken Kager. Chief Engineer Al Roberfs shows s+uden+s such as Dale Good how fo run 'fhe various con+rol boards and iape recorders so fhey can do fhe all-imporianf iob of geffing fhe program on +he air. Dick Cornwell headed lhe Music Deparl' men'r which was responsible for +he many hours of soofhing music which weni' ou+ over KUOW. l if bm?"-f bv 3 Sr ybf xv v' 277, ' burn 3 5 uns' 'Q 'U sv' DDQ U 9 C. 5 x tafycbgff 'S D mi' 0 QQQQA9 Us NL LYUU vv' sts J".,v E r JYYY yYVY Y vi Irv? -tri rf Yr Y V ' V f Q' C 'I,:':5.,'1.', ,,, Y .Vr ca v 'bv' .Ns .af , agw ce' 4 . 1 K u ,M Qu 1 an P ! 4 . ni H U 1 , Q 5 -v 4 ,a Qin Q if ff :LL ' REL: unffli ffriA I '2-I Y w 53: 1 '-l -. 1, 5, azigg fgf: 5 rig ' -'Ff. bxggg :K , 5 , ., if-4 413 lik 'Q ' ,U ... 1' ' w yfg,l , LLC 1 1 PM mff gxw' vii I Q , 1 1 .Y4 , fl 7 ,w ' Wy 51, if W .J3 1 -, Uv. ' A I L1 .4 Q 5 ii? F 1-' 55 4 . '1 12 A C i .1 A f. 4' .1 53 , 1, rv 1+ r', Eli . -i P. 1. 5 X - '1 on CRE'A 1 9 i 1 I Q 3 T s ' 4+., , elecfions S+uden+s carrying colorful banners iurned our during noon fo lisien fo rally speeches and cheer 'lheir favorifes. Poliiical rivals line sfeps of Library 'fo faire iheir place in fhe +radiiional eieciion rally. . U . - " Q r..nKi' , . - Th 'eni figure in fhis picfure is no? a fypical sfudenf of fha ?oTmonfsLgli1:'Nl?sGlEJeg.?V:I iiake .sleighilagnfheigclkomiidgeliozsuvisi Uneiveii'ZiTy?!lnFigures in. background are supporfers of KATHY LONG who ggsirsuo carry' g ran for Firsf Vice-Presldenf of A.S.U.W. un. 'XX Qs f?i-fs 5 old 'Fashioned form of punlshmenf IS being used o WARREN MILLER, chairman of Soph Carnival commiffee. Surrounding him are his commiHee members from lefi' io righf: TREV BRYANT. DORIS TURNER, JACK NULL, GRA. HAM MOLITOR. TED VAN DYKE, CAROL BATCHELDER, Q' fiM'l"G?.3 MEETS 153 gp'0NZQQ Carrying oui' 'lhe 'lheme of going sighl' seeing, +he Pi Befa Phis and 'l'he Della Upsilon's banded 'logeiher for second place in 'lhe mixed sec'I'ion of The Soph Carnival. Alpha Epsilon Phi came up wifh a winner 'lhis year carrying our lhe +heme of "Flower Garden." I52 ANN PANCHENKO and MARIKATE TARBILL. Flicker Flashbacks drew fhe applause of many as fhe Alpha Chi Omegas and 'lhe Psi Upsilons banded +oge'l'her and won a 'firsl' place. Whaf goes on "behind 'lhe 3-D" is shown as 'rhe Phi Delfa Thefas and fhe Kappa Alpha Thelas ioin wifs fo produce fheir show for Soph Carnival, These fugifives from fhe African jungle happen fo be fhe Delia Gamma's The "Wizard of Oz" was depicfed by lhe Phi Mu's and carried ou? in such and lhe Della Tau Delfa's who won a ihird place wifh fheir unusual a way as fo win for 'rhem fhe lhird place frophy. Della Zola won second fhcme! place in ilte wor-nen's division. more carnival Th " i " f S' N 'th' cl l ' th n's division Wish+rhfiriS+ii12meoofl'?nZns+Zrw!il1ley.l'lZzfgciaelfnauiawewon second "Come Baclr Liffle Sheba?" No, if's fhe Befa's "Come Baci: Lifile Sheep place. Dip!" which won a firsf place. - I A is 1.-J K l 7 I 1-:WX ff W 5 ll. ,. fN I ' I53 I 1 I ,li p a n s y I A group of Tri DeI+s are shown decora+ing fhe pansy wreaih , ' r e a f 'for +he annual Pansy BreaIcfas+ which honors engaged cou- I ples. To +he righf, slepping +hrough +he wreaih of pansys N ' io her 'finance is JULIE YEARSLEY. I and I ff recognifion banquef r 4 I I I I I I' i ,. I 1 e el' I I fl ,I Each year a banquei is given in honor of 'ihose who have worked hard on various commiffees, bum' were noi' ihe chairmen. Piclured a+ 'rhe Iefi' is a scene falcen af The dinner which was held in +he Hub banquer room. Sealed around +he lable are members of +he Recogniiion Banque+ com- miHee. Leif +o righi are: LYLE MCCULLOUGH, AYLENE LAUGHNAN, MARILYN BROWN, JEAN SHEPHERD, HELENE VAN TYEN, chairman. JACK HAMILTON, GINNY HILL, and JAMEL HASSEN. fi-'f 'suw""' AX , ., ,.. ., .,.. H4 s vii ' llll - ll ll lll '5 2 Yagi qw' "" uid-Lk ' .il ' u wi The sclcclion of NANCY PETRABORG as a Miss Universe confesfanl was a summer highliqhl buf lhe edifor lilred lhe picfure so here's Nancy in fhe spring sccfion. .,f" l'n 'X Par? of fhe Sophomore Carnival leslivific-s was flnc Clown Conlesl. HOBIE BILLINGSLEY and MERRILL HODGES were presenled lhe lrophy by chairman CAROL BATCHELDER. spring highlighfs Below: Cheerleaders were eleclcd for l953-54 by lhe Rally Girls and Malamules. Lefl fo righl sealed are: BARBARA SCHMID, BOB JOHN- STON, CLAIRE STEINCIPHER. Sfandinq are: JAMEL HASSEN, JERI LOOMIS and PAM BRAlNERD. 5, Q, 0 ,.,f"l Above: King Neplunes courf and girl pirafos lhrcalened f'cs"rnan mid shipmen during lhe Compass and Chad inilialion in May. I55 1 ...,::,,--' x X Wesley Song Feslival for l953. House's mixed chorus won firsi' in 'll'1e mixed division al +l1e annual song f esi Firs+ place in 'lhe women's division was won by lhe Della Gammas. Members of l'l1e Song Fesl commi'H'ee are, lefr fo riglrl, sfandingz GARNER BUC- HANAN, GLADDY PAUL- SON, GARY GAYTON and JERI LOOMIS. Sealed: JEAN RUE and, lefl' +o rigl1+, lcneelingz, PAT HODSON, BILL DOUGLAS, MIDGE The Alpha Delfa Phis won a firsi place in 'rhe MOFFAT and RAY MATHI- SON. Blaine Hall received flue per- . . . . men s division. pefual 'lrophy by faking firsf in 'lhe I953 Song Fesr, 'lheir lhird conseculive win in +l'1e women's division. , R 'T ,Y Y .A--I-2' e - 77,7 , -f":'.-',...' A - .,,..,.,..--11-2.'?'...."4..f-.:e --,-.A -A- 417012- fini -- ,-- ,.- ,---..- -- ,,.... . .. , Y Y 1- " ' ' """"' ' ' """"""" a'f'.i1-:1::: :::-:vm 1:1-..:-"Tl-2:41--,r-1-."l,L:.'.C-" "' ""' H ' -'N-'V ' ' , -. ,-,. . . ,- -W , A , ,, .- ....-- -, -.....,1-1....-, -- ---- - , cg. . ::.-. .. --5-iq:-QE?-1 fj fffggnr. f-51-:-g.pQy-2-:Le-.f,:,.-, .v.?-.f.r , A warm hand shalre is being given fhe award winners on Govenor's Day during presenfafion of awards. , . 1... ,, .- A . ll ., . ' 1 P' -' 4' '. 1 , v' ,. . ' .h wax , sa ,ggi X I .' ' N 'skl ' N .-.typ -.A :tif-,':i. ' Lx ix - -1: ggxgvd.. ag U This is Govenor's Day?! The Navy Color girl is piclurcd with O. " ' "' winning Navy ROTC uni? commander. This he gels for a prize. .pu f governor's day Marching cnergelically along, fhe Air Force drill leam passes in review in fhe Quad. inf- .W ,-.,-.. ,. The members of +he Parenfs WeeIcencI com- miHee can be seen busily cIisI'ribu+ing Ieaflefs concerning Parenfs Weekend. The s+uden+-faculiy game began as JACK HUPP, capiain of +he An in+eres+ing varia+ion was +he ScoHish Bag Pipers who per- siudenr 'ream and DR. WIN BIRD, capiain of +he facuI+y 'Ieam formed in 'Ihe program. 'rosseci 'the buf fo see who would ba'I' firsi. The highIigh+ of Ihe May Day pro- gram was fhe crowning of fhe Queen and King, MARY LOUISE HINES and WALLY WAUGH, re- specfiveiy by 'rhe co-chairmen, JOE TALLER and CONNIE WALTERS. I58 '-'uf may A i "' f day DR. SCHMIT1 is slnown fhrowing flue firsl ball in flue annual sfudonl faculfy baseball game which ended in a lie. For fhe fTrs+fimeinfl'1e annual May Day program a group of co-eds performed flte fradilional May Day dance. . by 4 "2 --'lf 3' 1 13' VS. l59 swim how Shofs from 'l'he annual swim show which is held in 'Phe spring disclose ihree fishes swimming gayly along. Acfually ihe "fishes" are members of 'I'he Silver Fish and +he Husky Swim Club. Carrying oui +he fheme of "Tropical Cruise" 'rhe Hub Ballroom was decorafed wi+h palm +rees, cannibals, and various 'rropical vegi+a'l'ion. 224' folo Senior members of +he Morlar Board honorary bid farewell fo +he iunior pledges af fhe annual Spring folo. 1:"'1iJii.,. V in gc.. :HV 'ail- 'iiiwl' --,T 15 " ggi!! Two prospecTive graduafes are shown above examining a posfer Telling of The annual Senior Prom given each year in honor of The seniors. The graduaTes are PETE TUOHY and JANET DeFOREST. ,,-" 1"":g-- L-4 Q- Ji U. Q' T The aTTernoon of The big evenT, graduaTion, The seniors now gracluaTcs since They have received Their diplomas Tile back To Their seals To awaif The closing of The graduaTion exercises. graduafion The prospeclivc graduaTes are Taking Thaf long, iasT final sTep To compleTing Their cducaTion here aT The Universify by waifing in a long line To receive Their hard-earned diplomas. I6I DR. SCHMITZ, presidenT of The UniversiTy, is given The iob of awarding The diplomas To The gracluaTing seniors each year. This was DR. SCHMITZS T'irsT year aT The Universily and consequenTly The firsT year he performed This duTy hcre nl The UniversiTy. ff' A ff' fa ,,......-.M -'-.Lu - gg 'afar H A fcxxf- f gf ff, - 1 1 Trix -', gg-,-.1-.:-..,.,. gzii-12,1-. : .... -1 A new self-service boolrsfore was one of fhe improvemenfs which faced refurning sfudenis. ?Vy ' AL lnfense concenfraiion is displayed by enfering freshmen as fhey ialre iheir enfrance examina+ions . 1 f . One of fhe rare mid-affernoon slumps in fhe fee line. I . 1 15" T ,Jag W, ,JL Wife! Wm Q RE brim Dick Leon emerged viclorious in +he presidenlial race from a group of I0 candidafes in l'he freshman eleclions held Oclober 29. The ofher fhree posilions on +he freshman slale wenl' +o 'rhree girls, Jane'r Dailey, Sherry Tagg and Judy Messenger, who won lhe posilions of vice-presidenl, secrelary and Jrreasurer. Enfhusiaslic spiril complele wilh signs, speeches and rallies marlced 'lhe day and a half campaign. Sw? During fall quarier +he Juniors sponsored +he annual Junior Dance which was held af 'lhe Palladium ihis year. Those who worlced on +he commiH'ee for 'rhe dance were: Chairman Sayre Boyd, Joe Taller, Herb Mead, Ted Van Dylce, Doris Turner, and Gordie Wahlgren. The highlighf of The eve- ning was fhe crowning of 'rhe Ideal Couple, Barbara Curwood and Mike Monroe. O+her finalisis were Dolores Sfengle and John Barre'r'r, Angela Pellegrini and Jay Busch, and Miclcey Gooch and Frank Gus+in. 7 fx - J - 1 junior dance Lambda Chi Alpha and Sigma Alpha Epsilon were declared co-winners of 'lhe 2nd annual Village Band Confesr. Here The Lambda Chi's are shown delivering fheir prize-winning music. homecoming The band and card siunfs swung info 'fancy formaiions as old members of 'lhe Big W club lined up wifh fheir blanlcefs fo herald 'lhe appearance of +he 'l'eam a'F+er ihe half-Time. signs An increased spending limil' in- Spired a gay display of homecom- ing signs. An honorable menlion was given +o fhe new Men's Dorms for 'rheir window display. Here are fhe iudge's choices: Righf: Thela Chi's Technicolor "Cougar, nel," presenfed on a giant TV :ol com- plele wilh dials and frosled sc een, "copped" firsl place. Leff: The D.G.'s won firsf place in The women's division by serving Chcrbergers and Cougarbergers, bofh made ou? of Washingfon Sfale Cougar meal. Righf: Zeia Bela Tau and lheir "Husky Houdini" were able 'ro predici fhemselves info second place. Leff: Dancing candy canes, suclrers and licorice sficlrs were The candy +ha'r lhe Kappa's Husky Tool: from The WSC baby. Righf: Those crazy Sigma Nu's cooled Third place wifh fheir real gone lesson from "Jasbo Columns." if was The mosf. Leff: The Alpha Gam's gianf record al- bum feafured a band. a cheering sece lion, yell leaders, maioreffes. a Char es- ion, and a Tcoiball 'learn for a 'eC9'd Third place. 169 ,na Nxfil' I v ' 5' x I-1... T'r:'..i 1 LT' 33H NJSQ 27 is ml.. -eu: Us-. A was 2: fa T Ll' Q One of ihe mosl' popular 'feafures of +he annual Counly Fair pre- senlecl by The Women's Residence Halls is +he chorus line shown here in high-slepping formafion. As would be expecied, men are +he mos+ avid frequenlers of lhe shoof- ing boo+h. counfy fair infernafional banquei The banquef, sponsored by 'fhe YW-YMCA was held in Eigh+ foreign sludenfs exhibifed one of lheir na'l'ive dances for lhe 'lhe Hub Ballroom. All lhe foreign sfudenls on campus enioymenl of sludenls who a'H'ended 'lhe ln+erna+ional Banquet were invifed 'lo a'H'end in 'lheir nafive dress. Frosh pond was ihe scene of Yhe log-rolling comics?-one of the highlighis of each year's Garb Day celebrations. .nsq,f ' I'- I Y.,z l fb J .4 2, 4 Z' ,Q germ a Some of fhe girls 'rhougl1+ 'rhe disc icckey needed a liH'le help on his choice of records so fhey dropped down fo help him. campus chesf Sludenls had a chance +o donale +o Campus Chesf bolh inside 'rhe build- 0 mckel hop l Nickel Hop comes buf once a year and +his lucky boy seems +o be capilalizing fund Campus Chesf sei up fheir main headquar'l'ers in +he Acl'ivi+ies Cen'l'er of fhe HUB where solicifors furned in 'Full cans for empfy ones. ings and as 'rhey walked across cam- pus belween classes. Twic laloo l72 :El- 50 Yi, 1 vi raising drives Above: Members FRANK PARKER Leif: Junior IFC as a conlribulion Twice as many sludenls as were expecled donaled blood fo an exlremely successful campus blood drive held in Oclober. al, , M rv I Q ,J .w 3? 4 ,jf ' I . " ga , 1' , ,',il- Q A. S f 7 A y 1 of Sigma Epsilon Sigma appeal lo llnf :wcel loofh of ASUW Prosidonf and sell him a scholarship suclrer. and Panlwellenic collecled about cighf Tons of cloflwing from fownspl-oplo 'fo "Operafion Sanla Claus" in Korea. AMS Presidcnl JACK HUPP did his bit lor llwc Morfar Board candy sale when he purchase:-d fha-so candy canes al Clwrisfmas lime. IJ,- ,- fi V J V- V! ' - 'Q v',wyQ ' 'Ma . Y' if E'-Hifi isp: 'idx' qs ., x Fam Q sg C , rn 41,5 4 , 1 a fig , I 5? ,.? 1- 7p I- , f' f:..,,M ,A ,,,1,f'-' 'L inter - 1 + 4 3 I i v 5 X 3 1 I 5 l x ' 2 Q ,i -1 WO., H c snow varsiiy ball Varsily Ball finalisls were: Sealed, leff fo righf: Shiela Soufh- ard, Nancy Anderson and Connie Wallers. Sfanding, leff fo righf, are Marie Jaclcson and Janef MacDonald. Woody Herman and his Third Herd played fo d capaci+y crowd despife SeaHle's heaviesf snowfall in several years. Members of lhe Varsify Ball commiffee were: Seafed, leff fo righf: Jim War- sinslre, Warren Miller, chairman, and Bill Nichols. Sfonding, leff fo righf are: Doris Turner, Nancy Cope, Na+- alie Joulrovslzy, Mary Kay Morrissey and Ann Ross. Noi picfured is Kay Smilh. "Top of lhc Town" was lhc lhcmc of lhe Varsily Ball which was held Jan. 22 in fhe HUB Ballroom. C3xohTj'Q'.Ql Ni W T1 . WA.- I Y. 1' ff 09-:M ff? 1 I ff' J I , ' 'Q Ygsa X 1 +' , fa S . K- 1 v' 5 '. :Www NN Kaihleen lCaseyl Conner was chosen ski queen from a group of finalisfs consisfing of Marie Jack- son, Muriel Phiel, Miss Conner, Cameon Hughes and Sally McGee. IlTT7c'm7I2 ' winfer carnival Dick BaHen won 'l'he men's division +rophy of +he classified slalom a+ 'I'he HWSC Ski Carnival al Slevens Pass February 27 and 28, and Susie Mayn and Doro'l'hy Campbell 'lied for firsi' place in ihe women's division. Novice awards wen'I' +o Gary Salmon and Suzanne Franzke. The main even+s of 'lhe 'Iwo-clay Carnival were Safurday nigh'I'. They began wilh ihe Torchligh+ Parade and crowning of Queen Casey Conner. Earlier in 'rhe day Queen Casey helped Karl S+ingl presenl' awards al' +he lnleicollegiafe Racers Banquet Coach S+ingl's Husky skiers 'I'urned in 'lheir +op performance of fhe seazon finishing a close second 'io Idaho in fhe Norfhwesi' NCAA regionals. Publicizing fheir dance by prefend- ing +o be 'Fierce pirafes are Diana Marhewson abouf io srab Don Dahlgren and Ben Mason. lim GMM igbfllofyg 9-396:35 mm Ollr 00 Soi 'h 'X Mn Really exeriing a lo+ of efforf in ihis miniafure 'lug of war are Shan Mullin, Soph Vice-President Sherry Tagg, Frosh Secreiary, and Diclc Leon, Frosh President , Many siudenis waif in aniicipaiion for fhe big evenf of 'lhe day, fha Frosh-Soph Tug of War frosh day A difficuli' decision is fhe one +ha+ mus'r be made in choosing +he fairesf and handsomesf in fhe freshman class. Finalisfs for Queen were Maxine Felzer, Diane New- inger, Evie Hamilfon, Rosemary Anderson and Mary Kaye. King finalisrs were Robbie Wollin, Chuck Merfel, Pere Sobich, Dave Ibea and Don Dahlgren. Miss Ander- son and Sobich were winners of 'the crowns. huge A ih- ing Queen Peggy Cahill was escor+ed ihrough +he ring by Capf. A. C. Woods, Naval Science professor. The BE some l Midshipmen and 'rheir dafes danced 'lo +he music of Bob Hawkes and his orchesfra a+ 'lhe formal dance held in 'lhe Spanish Ballroom of fhe Olympic Ho+eI. , Junior class rings were dipped in fhe wafer from 'I'he Seven Seas by I 'Phe midshipmen's dafes. Their reward? The 'lradifional kiss in 'lhe ring. ring dance 4-5 Represen+a+ives of +he Seven Seas and Frosh Pond appeared a+ A e dance +o pour +he wafer info +he compass binnacle. Leff fo righf are 'lhe represenfalives from fhe Red Sea, Soulh Pacific, Q Frosh Pond and 'rhe Mediferranean. l' A huge mural drawn by Bud Erickson decorafecl one wall dur- ing fha cosfume dance held by +l1e Arclwifecfure sfudenls. The Barclay Girls, 'famed for 'llweir appearances during Wel- come Lane fesfivifies, provided en'rer+ainmenf. U . In ,rl . -401 archifecfs ball The lbesf parl of every Arcl1ilec+'s Ball is fhe variefy of coslumes worn by fhose arlending. 1 I of-1'1f' If NN if of 1 CMJ Wm I, fjjfj, -3, Sleeping Beau+y" was lhe freshman 'lheme for "Once Upon a Time," To+em Club's I0+h annual Song and song and funf nighi The juniors presenied a iived up version of "Jack and 'I'he Beans'l'allc." Their song, 'l'o lhe l'une of "Oh! Swee+ Mama!" won 'lhe song con'fes'l'. "Cinderella" found herself all mixed up wi+h 'lhe Reds in +he sophomore acl. The I954 winners were +he seniors wilh an infernafional seHing for "Hansel and Gre+el" which 'look 'lhe viewers +o England, Japan and 'lhe Deep Soufh. 5 ' f M0715 I aj , Z,, .. xii ideal couple orfraif by lrennell-ellis barbara curwood-gannna phi In-la nnike lnonroe-beta theta pi hornecolning queen jean ross - kappa alpha theta porfraif by lrennell-ellis varsity ball nancy anderson kappa kappa galnnna frosh day rosemary ander on and pete sobieh kappa alpha theta and theta chi Qwvwy? kv , Q 5 I 1 fag 'fx 'Q K, .wrvvlluulrl of signaa flu iii g g ,X ' QD, june-I nc-Ison Q 'X 1 -3 Af' fg Q , ,411 M55 X5-ki '.1w,--.,i': clvlla delta llvlla I I87 winfer carnival ski queen casey conner alpha delta pi , fm p ,,. V 1 5 p, sv , V v 3, moonlight girl of phi sigma lsappa nnarilyn phaler leary hall poriraif by lcennell-ellis informal phofo by Jack Broolro J' on A11 'WQHWS in' "Y ,Y 4 .x,.o 4' r .. P . gg .U oi. 2' , ' f Nl, sn K gi. - .S- il , I - Q " tin 5 Qc .K,- "1 ,VJ . ' s'5Q xr-' .N . ,.,. . ff as 'F 2 A , l . f N :Yi ' fy v :feta beta tau queen Shirley hurwitz l92 nrotc ring dance queen peggy calnill gamma phi beta 1" po afbyl: III! laappa sigma .Stardust queen charlotte dean kappa alpha theta ff M Z Leif Phofo Jlm McLees Righf Phofo George Augusf tj I ff f' , " loye zundel - enior sophomore - irene peart alpha delta pi alpha xi delta editors' choice queen nancy petrahorg - junior alpha pi Leff Phofo by James O. Sneddon Riglwf Phofo by Paul Thomas freshman - dotty 'alpha gamma .W provine delta ie CEN X T f Rik M U11 rw 5 The Universily Singers under 'lhe clireclion of Dr. Slanley Chapple loolr par? in +he annual Chrislmas Concerl in Meany Hall. Their major work of fhe year was fhe Bach B minor Mass which was presenled in June. mf W , ic ., A ,Mk ..,, - ., ,.- . ,f f iz Q3 17 2 wh ' - fjkfqgw i ...W ...-. ,.wN--H , . ...pu-mauve 5 ,,.....--n-vt ,-,-an-m N l The A Capella Choir, direcfed by Professor "Chuck" Lawrence, also 'roolc parl in fhe Chris+mas Concerf choral groups a r l r f . l 2 w a g r Madrigal Singers, unique because lhey do all llweir singing while silling around X a lable, are direcfecl by Prof. Helen Hall. L xl -lv l l F I . n l r l l 5 4 Q The symphony orclweslra performs under ine balon of Dr. Slanley Chapple. They held many perform- ances inclucllng lhe Cllrislmas Concerl' and flwe one in June with llae Universily Singers. ' 4 1 l , o E 5 . ,., -ro .LJ . .f ,Ly ', I .... , ! ,..... , .'o-"7 K. 1 aC7'l7'm., .1 QQ g 5 2 , . A- N, .,,. 2, gtpxf ,5- nr Ja 9 - If gg A'Q . Q5 X JM af' 1? . ' W ' ' ' " ga? fs. ff Rx 'Sf 0,1 .,,-Q k f ff Q sq' x S 2 1 Q , , S . Jw' ' - ' A,,e I ' ,J R," h . I , Q , W .wi ,QQ 'U' gn V 5: .gl .Q 5 . Qs J - eb . r 1 "-uf z fb .L f !' - .7 PN wi' 2. fy 1' f - gf". fm" ? Q 1 i, .X . , 5 4 is I , A X .1 4- , .-mf f if - . , ' I-, ' - 4-Jw -X Ji K ' . . ' w- 5--A 3 'f f bs- .A . .. 5 ' v Q 'h ' . - n - K .' ' g W i gr, " ,L at u ' " H .aw I l Q-A - cv' Q' E A 4 i 'Sas 1 I I l ' A A F2 N E 1 .. , g gi 5 E , .N na. D' A N 1 'A, .L,v,:V . V I as I 1- 4 - . - A 1 1 ag In I ' JA, 4 J' 3' a , f 2 K ' , ' A f' 'x 'N v A2 , 0 Q '9' .. :fn ' "" fx 'X 6 N1 I-N14 cs' ' I 5 . .. l Q' A Iggy , I 4 .5 .. A w . Q, k,..x , V '91 . ' Q" ' ' , f' ' 'Q -1 vi - J' h n c Q . . . . ' 8 , K , -P A .--.... . . -----.....1..--W W, 1, ' E '- "V -.rn . Woody Herman and his Third Herd were heard January 22 in a concerf sponsored by The Associaled Women Sfudenfs. The mobile exhibif was one of fhe oufslanding fealures of fhis year's Henry Ari Gallery program. .A.,,,M aws concerts Operafing for fhe purpose of bringing good music lo The Universiiy campus is lhe AWS Concerls Commiifee. This year, under Carol Bafchelder who co- ordinaled lheir aclivilies, the commiflee feafured Woody Herman and his famous name band. Evelyn Hamilfon, Barbara Walley Margie Gill, Marie Svendsen, Birgit Carlson, and Mary Louise Baker comprised lhe membership. Pleased as punch with her selecfion of one of Woody Herman's records is Carol Balch- elder, chairman of AWS Concerls Commil- tee. henry arf gallery The Henry Ari' Gallery was erecied fo house a collecfion of ninfeenfh- cenfury painfings given +o fhe Universify by Horace C. Henry. Today fhe gallery has become one of 'fha cenfers in Sea++le of arf and adulf educafion acfivifies. The permanenl' collec+ion is supplemenled by consfanfly changing exhibifion of ccnfemporary pain+ings, prinis, sculpfure, archi'I'ecfural drawings, and examples of lhe decora+ive aris. The showings include noi only campus painfers, buf also Norihwesf and nafionally lrnown arfisfs. Showings may vary from lndian exhibils and bool: designs +o posfers, indusfrial designs, children's arl' and mobiles. Anolher well lrnown feafure is +he weekly "Films in Your Gallery" series which presenfs fine one and fwo reel films free of charge 'ro fhe public. I99 ll : ,,".f , - 'Q' J' . V f ' " , L ,f V., f, I M. :',,.,y,l,.fQln,,,4I 4, A zip? '07 . V.,LfL-:.,f:,Zj fp gr? W. ,ff ff '-"I, 1 'f 1 ' ' f li, 1' 'in .10 JB' 4 z .' .iff ff' Amadeus S+ring Quariei 'iunes up for iheir performance on campus concerfs Pari of a dance series presenied by 'ihe Universiiy of Washingion are Suiaia and Asoica ariisiicaiiy poriraying +i1e gesiure ianguage of India and Tibet and ledures Ai 'ihe peaic of one of her more dramaiic mo- menis is ANNA RUSSELL, lniernaiional Conceri' Comedian. algusi opera From lefl fo righl are Will Ellioff, Dave Humphrey, Phyllis Graham, Adele Meisner and Jim Callaghan in a scene from fhe opera "Sunday Excursion," which was presenfed in December under fhe dirccfion of Dr. Chapple. "Amanl and fhe Night Visilor" was given in December wilh Russell Marshall, Alhena Lampropulous and Mr. Rosinbum porfraying fha leading roles. 'Nix X 0 Q 'fo N '49 l'X Q ...."l:?' 1 'siegzbi 5 Q. leigh at 0. sfsxoi PN Ii' "'n Poriraying ihe Medium in fhe opera by fhal lille is DOROTHY COLE. This producfion was presenfed in February under fhe direcfion of Dr. Chapple. 2OI 1 E7 s-s MIRIAM GULAGER sfars in "Afzimori" which was direcfed by Dr. Chapple in February. Er. i - 1 N , 3 I ,x X ...mania , Direcled by Kennefh Carr, "LO AND BEHOLDH was PlaYeCl l9Y Don Af-l'3m5 Elaine EllioH', Charlo'l'+e Swan, William Culpepper. RlCl1f"'d Wahl- JOY Dllllng' ham and Jay Foresfer. Charles Baldridge, Kendal Kelly, Alan Cummings, Don Henry, Ann SchnaH'erly, Charles BurlceH', James Yealer, John Farmer, Barbara Farrell, Alberl' Ma'H'us, Bob Edberg and Pafricia O'Brian in a scene from "MlSS LAMPLlGHTER" by James Bridie. Direcfed by Roberl Gray. l Chrisfopher Fry's "A PHOENIX TOO FREQUENT" was direcled b - . . . y Roberf Gray and fealured Nancy Davis, Wllllam Culpepper and Kendal Kelly. .X The successful comedy "THE HAPPY TIME" by Samuel K ' X Taylor, was presen'l'ed wiih Kei'l'h Sexson, Marion Ma'l'hi- , son, Gerla Grunen, Don Cus+er, Jay Foresier, Jack Vaughn, Dean Melang, Warren Pepperdine, Barry Prifch ard, Carhy Welander, Phyllis Anderson and James Yealeri k Direcled by Vaniclc Galsfaun. - F . Roberf Gray direcfed "POlNT OF NO RETURN" by John Marquand. Shown here are Joy Dillingham and William Culpepper. penthouse Georgia-Mai Townsend is ihe central characler in "MIRANDA" presenled af lhc Penlhouse. The play by Peler Blackmore and direcled by Roberf Gray fafured Jane Woare, Charles Baldridge, Miss Townsnd, Dorothy Pearson, Frederick Rider, Verna Ness and Barry Prifchard. "SEE HOW THEY RUN" had a casl of Lesler Bibbons, Arlene Benson, Joseph Presuflo, Florence Luderus, George Caldwell, Gerla Grunen William Culpepper and Michael Quinn. An all-women cas? was seen in "WOMEN ONLY", a series ol four shorl plays by Glenn Hughes. Direclod by Roberf Gray, lhe casf included Elizabelh Benedicf, Marilyn Armslrong, Bar- bara Farrell, Pegge-Lee Haggard, Judifh Dofy, Arlene Benson, Adalyn Gardner, Belly Mullen and Ella Dunlap. "FANCY MEETING YOU AGAIN" by George Kaufman and Laureen MccGrafh, was direcfed by Kennelh Carr. In lhe cas? were Elizabefh Benedicf, Robcrf Hobbs and ' Barbara Farrell. George Bernard Shaw's "MlSALLlANCE," wilh a casf including Pegge-Lee Haggard, Richard Roach and Sherry Selfors, was direcled by Danal Har- ringfon. pla house Kennefh Carr dlrec+ed a large casf in TROJAN WOMAN by Eurlpldes Shown here are Don Adams, Virgil Myers, Roberf O Nell Bufler, Dorlis S+eldley, Grera Grunen, Barbara Farrell, Georgia-Mai Townsend, Phyllis Anderson, Le+ha Mefchicas, Edeane Tobias, Kafhryn Bode, Joei Wyman, and Aven Johnsfone. A casf of Nancy Davis, Kleve Leshilca, Marfin lngerson, John Farmer, Joan Krakonslcy, Clu Gulager, and Kendal Kelly are seen here in a scene 'From HVISIONARY FARMS." The play was wriH'en by Richard Eberharf and direcfed af 'lhe Playhouse by Roberl' O'Neil-Bufler. U ,Fee Hi'H'ing fhe open road in fhis scene from "DOCTOR KNOCK" ' by Jules Romains are Joe Firpo, Keifh Sexzson, Zoanne LeRoy, ,gn fr and Roberf Lee. . "AX, .J If "THE FATHER" by Augusi' Sfrindberg was direcfed by w Dorlis S+eidIey. Seen here are Zoanne LeRoy and Berry 5 "fi Kosel. , M.. r may ,WN E 'X Gay cos'rumes and lighi' comdey were seen ' 5 ll HARLEOUINADEH wi'l'h a casf including Ddll adams, Michael Hemingway, Roberf Edberg, Henry D ammaclr, and Barbara Farrell. xN" 5 . er D Y' Eunpidi . OI'llSSfeidIE IS Anderson ,I rson, John Farms re seen here in wriHen by Riche- O'Neil-Builer. Docron moc- Lon' Zoanne lei? direfmg -g was Es I9 LGROY and gh wefd 'se -qdey I cluding I. cliff lgabefg' H: 0 .l 1 Ave dw' n Johnqm ew .fs.f9' fm- .- 1 L V. l' X, S A ,Q Ill, cwlwlu... 1 ,l -32-'ig ffm 'EJLLJQ -' I I -Hr 1- " . ,Z 551. --::t,.- - ff- X K - cms? " ' x K st., . ,- 4. is . 5 Q e flflif 575 Sli.:-13:9 Q f -, ' r ,rx 31. 'QM84 F-. -E department honoraries, campus honoraries, and department clubs are formed to provide recognition of service, industry, scholarship and similar interests among students .qi fi, 355365 J' I "' .,-IP" 4? lr. V f I Hi dlbfy ,422 I'-1- ?Y I If II , -I III III II II II II I 1 I I I I, I I I I .I If I, I, II fI I II II IJ I I II I II III II I I III III I II II 'I II II II I I I I I QI I II I I 'I II I I I ,I I I II 1 I I I II I , I II II II I I 'Il I I I I I I 19 I I I I I fx I I I I I I II II II III MI I II I 5 I ,II II II III I, , - ,. I III Q , ff-1.f f ,ffxfx '10 5' ,4 1 v w W I . Y K N XX I Q II 4 xNEY f 1,1 11 5 I 41 4 I l l 'l l l l l l I 1 1 1 l 4 1 l l 1 l Kefzlach, Evelyn, Pres, 5 2 ,s . . 4 e morfar board Barger, Jeanelfe Barnard, Ronda Brackell, Doreen Dye, Bernice Ferguson, Barbara Gavers, Thea Goggins, Shirley Hamlin, Carol Hutchinson, Irene Jallie, Liz NOT PICTURED Schoening, Mary Lou' Deufer Mor'l'ar Board is lhe Nalional Senior Women's Honorary organized 'ro provide for 'l'he coopera'l'ion belween soci- elies, lo promole college loyally, +o advance 'lhe spiril' of service and fellowship among Universily women, 'ro main- l'ain a high slandarcl of scholarship, l'o recognize and en- courage leadership and l'o slimulale l'he developmenl of a finer lype of college woman. lvlorlar Board members are chosen in +he spring of 'lheir junior year. Membership is based on scholarship, leader- ship and service. The candidales' accumulalive grade poinl' musl' be al' leasl' 'four-'lenlhs of a poinl' above 'lhe all-Univer- sil'y average. Morlar Board presenls iwo plaques each year al- lhe AWS- AMS Scholarship Banquel-one lo lhe oulslanding sopho- more girl of l'he year, and one 'lo l'he oulslanding iunior girl. Morlar Board also presenls a scholarship +o a worlhy girl. The money for lhis scholarship is raised by 'lhe candy cane salefwhich is held in December. Morlar Board members, in addilion 'l'o lhese acl'ivil'ies, live up' +o 'rheir crilerion of service of assisfing al Universiiy funclions whenever needed. Johnson, Elizabefh Kawamofo, Pal Nabafa Long, Kalhy Mainwaring, Anifa Marken, Rulh Morse, Alice Smifh, Kay Soffky, Maxine Tozer Ja , ne Tucker, Barbee Wafkins Van Arsdel, Ann Weidemann, Joanne Whifman, Sylvia hr free it ,574 4 xx 9-'ir A-eu ff kjxgzxlgl-Alxx . T' ll a'N' ,y P "?f1'f',- If 4 Cipriano, Joe Fery, John Houbregs, Rober? Leanderson, Fil McCIary, Douglas Olason, Vicfor Rossi, Albert Toofhaker, Joel NOT PICTURED Brady, Eugene Mifchell, Sam Muckleslone, Robe Piper, John Ulbrickson, Al, Jr. rf Widenfelf, George Fir Tree was founded al' 'rhe Universify of Washinglon in l907 lo recognize men who had rendered oulsianding service io fhe Universiiy in lhe field of exlra-curricular aclivilies. lls members are chosen in fhe spring of fheir senior year. Membership in Fir Tree is limiled lo undergraduale men who have ialcen all 'their college worlr ai lhis Universify. The symbol of a fir 'free was chosen because il' reaches i'rs greafesl' heighi and luxuriousness when grown from lhe beginning in one place, surrounded by ils fellows. we s i ,M ,M U ,Q , ,sn ,, . ,, Q, .-, ,N 4 S , . i n ,Cm me if " h,,:g',",'5h ,3i1Z Z if E px We -1 5, - .J M .- I Sw, 3 ,X I - A " x - f,.1-M21 I ".f,.,m,Qfw V7 I :' 1, MA 5 o Xi sq, -3: i i W , if 'V' , ' r' a Q x, fj " 5 ef--X ' s ' ' . 1 'asc f .,f A Kg, S5 NJ' A '. 15 jify- , , ,.,' 1.1 ' f f 'Zap ,, , 1 ,ry f 4 ,. , ii W-'f ,' ,g:,,s2, i ' 171 ' A w e A ffm' - Www: . f - i ,, , ,,,, , I , , V, .V H55 f , Ns,jm,?- 4, . , 4 ..,, ' ' ,, s. g . 'f -1' . as" an J r is L 'L A A ff or J 4 N ,V 4 , ' .N .. , jf ,1,- - 1. . rs X -N , ,fi Z f 'L "ln, ' " ' 34? 7' 'X , XQ- -V 1 , ""' , ' at gags.-EQ: up A Q k , .g4.J..Qi43, I 4vm.,fwM..,,. . We . . , . .-1,: I- ,134 ' 'f 4 'P , fs? -ff? 5, K , 0, f S .. i ' , . ,.,..,.2 51, V , V -L .ff fo ,is i : Q E N Q, . ', ,fr '. A , I f Y -f 3.92 M-1 Q, I gg X f' Q MR, .,, by , v-, 2f,f,f, 'f!.,, .r,:,:f,:' ' fag, , My 1 ef as , ,mf H 4' 4 N 4 fr .1 , rr fofem club Tolem Club, lhe senior women's acl'ivi'ry ancl serv- ice honorary, was founded al' lhe Universily in l93l2 'ro provide. recognilion of service for a larger num- ber of women sl'udenl's 'lhan was previously- possible. To be eligfble for membership in Tolem Club, a woman mus+ have l20 credils and a 2.0 grade poinl- average, plus a record of oulslanding service 'ro 'rhe Universily. Members are lapped in 'rheir Uni- versil-y classes wilh 'rhe presenlalion of a minialure 'l'ol'em pole, 'lhe symbol of lhe organizalion. NOT PICTURED : Merrill, Marianne NEW FALL MEMBERS Barnard, Rhonda Boyd, Barbara Fosler, Carol Haffon, Pafricia Libby, Ann Lines, Marlene Mainwaring, Anifa Masuhara, Emiko Miller, Kay Odlin, Marie Sfromme, Shirley Zundel, Loye 2l2 McCarl'er, Shirley Morse, Alice Newgard, Peggins Pierofh, Mary Pomroy, Rayda Prevosf, Donna Low, Marilyn Presidenl Afwood, Marilyn Augusfine, Deirdre Baird, Jean Baker, Eleanor Barger, Jeanelle Belz, Anifa Bird, Befsey Brackeff, Doreen Cederblom, Edna Cheflain, Joanne Claypool, Jacqueline Davis, Ann Egan, Connie Ferguson, Barbara Goggins, Shirley Hamlin, Carol Hufchinson, Irene Johnson, Elizabelh Kawamolo, Pal' Kelzlach, Evelyn Lichlenwalner, Marion Long, Kafhleen Macdonald, Belfy Rae MacFarlane, Marian rum li CMI Ross, Jean Smilh, Kay Soffky, Maxine Tozer, Jane Tubbs, Margarel' Tucker, Barbee Van Arsdel, Ann Van Tyen, Helene Walfers, Connie Weber, Johannelfa Widemann, Joanne Whifman, Sylvia Harding, George President Anderson, Arthur Bennett, Warren Bergh, Arne Bohart, Milt Bourlier, Roy Brown, Fred Burch, Bill Cahill, Jack Carpenter, Ted Christy, Ted Crain, Dick Halle, Roland Hamblin, Robert Hennes, Jack Hermes, Jim Hodges, Merrill Hogan, Elwood Howay, Edward Hupp, Jack Johanson, Paul John, William Johnston, G. Robert King, Tracy Koon, Charles Leanderson, Fil Lewis, Bob Lindell, Rocky Little, Bryce, Jr. McLaughlin, Ross Magnuson, Dick Mead, Herb Munqer, Bryce Noe, Jim Nugent, Jack Par er, Frank Peabody, Bob Quillian, Bill Riely, Keith Rossi, AI Russell, Don Saunders, Dick Smith, Eugene Sprague, Dick Taller, Joe Tripp, Don Vanderhoot, Rodney Walgren, Gordy Wardlow, Duane Warsinske, Jim Wilson, George Wilson, Bill Witter, Bob NOT PICTURED: Brady, Gene Buchet, Donner Calla han, Jim Chamtiaers, Dean Cohn, Tom Comstock, Brian Driano, Dom Forina, Bob Garner, John Hynds, Jim Kurtz, John Lindskog, Vern McBride, Bob Meyer, Dennis Mitchell, Sam Mucklestone, Bob Nielson, John Olason, Victor Parsons, Dean Peterson, Jerry Piper, John Portelance, Herbert Stuht, Bill Tomlinson, John Walker, Dick Ward, William il-Q' sf M'-1 lf"l'. fig:-1 ' rr 1 1 K-JF S QW! oval club "Service to Washington" is the principal purpose oi Oval Club, upper- classmen's activity honorary, established 46 years ago on this campus. Members are bi-annually selected by the active chapter from iunior men who have displayed outstanding interest and participation in activities, athletics, and in the academic tield. This undergraduate honorary pertorms many large and small services tor betterment ot the University throughout the year. Oval Club activities and proiects this year included an alumni banquet and an initiation dance. w-key 1 .' ,Zz IV' f "v I treks' Wiz Gmini? f 3 A l' Shafer, Shirley Barnes, Lucille Balchelder, Carol As an underclasswomen's aclivilies and scholaslic honor- ary, W-Key s'l'rives lo carry oul ils purpose of "Service l'o Washinglonf' As well as being a goal which under- classwomen may work ioward, W-Key gives ils members lhe opporlunily of meeling and working wilh women sl'udenl's in many differenl phases of sludenl' governmenl. During 'l'he pasl' year, W-Key members have cooperaled wilh ofher organizalions on sophomore carnival, lhe presi- denl"s lea, lhe scholarship banquel, and many ol'her acl'ivi'l'ies. NOT PICTURED: Luccesini, Gladyne Tross, Mary Pal' ,il 'X x 'fi ' s i J" ffl X e ' . f - ,N .- ir Y .,- 1 X fl . if asi a i :N f ii ima L Q 5 J 2 as i i' Q5 W 5 Q 5:0 . nav l 5 ss iwxglfb. c 1 . NVQ ,X is as 5 -.Q , W ,, if Q X X BX X X S vga, Q J as Beard, Beverly Bigelow, Georgia Braflon, Nancy Cahill, Peggy Cameron, Judy Cosby, Karen Davison, Peggy DeCan, Belsy Dempsay, Susan DeSpain, Marriane Draper, Diane Dunn, Mimi Dye, Pal Fahle, Virginia Friedman, Charlene Gill, Margie Hammell, Lu Verna Harpole, Jean Harlley, Sylvia Hershey, Joyce Hill, Nancy Hobi, Ann Joukovsky, Natalie Kahan, Naomi Kampmann, Kafhleen King, Judy Locke, Arla Luvera, Anifa McComb, JoEllen Morrissey, Mary Kay Neil, Pal Ofoshi, Mary Ann Owens, Nancy Pelerson, Nona Lee Ring, Noel Ross, Ellen Ross, Linnea Sawyer, Sally Sue Siursen, Marriane Tarbill, Marikale Turner, Doris Tye, Joyce Wahlslrom, Joanne While, Joan Williams, Joanne Wilson, Sally Zobrisl, Helen The Purple Shield is a unique organizalion of college under- classmen. ll' was organized in l925 by a group of sfuden-lg and facully leaders fo recognize achievemenf in scholarship and lhe accomplishmenl of leadership in lhe exfra-curricular life of 'the Universily. lls purpose was lo be an underclass- man scholaslic and aclivily honorary designed lo bring lo- gelher l'he calibre of men who have shown fhemselves lo be leaders in lheir respeclive fields. The Purple Shieid iniliales new members lwice a year and requires lhem +0 have a 2.67 or beller cumulalive grade poinl, wilh e. 3.00 one quarler, and a sufficienl number of aclivily poinls. Bryan, Bob Calvert, Bill Cash, Gordon Cruickshank, Collen Daniels, Don Dobson, Tom Egan, Dave Ericksen, Ken Flohr, Bob Freeman, Mel Gaffner, Hank Gaw, Wilson Gillanders, Jim Guslin, Frank Halverson, Fred Harding, Tom Hennes, Jim Hennes, John Hogan, Elwood Howe, Sunny Johnson, Jerry Karmin, Kuff Lindell, Bill Lindskog, Jack Lockwood, Don MacLeod, Gary McCandless, Don McClary, Dave McNamee, Robert Miller, Warren Moeller, Jim Moore, Leon Morris, Ralph Morris, Roberl Mullin, Shan Munger, Bryce Niles, Wendell Parker, Bill Pelerson, Jerry Ramsey, Doug Reams, Bill Riley, Ed Sedlacek, Charles Senna, Jim Sfavney, Bud Slookey, Don Taller, Joe Taylor, Ron NOT PICTURED: Apeland, Don Green, Dick Pearl, Bill Perry, Len Schaffer, Chrislian Tucker, Keilh ii . i.!,l..,.i purple shield i II5 I ony? ,. U -I' gr 1'- Sf Thompson, Dick Valentine, Dave VanDyk, Ted Walker, Rod Wilson, Bill il FW fi 5 'lu .QI A, i"" Q 'W'-r Bartke Richard W Brix James Alexander Costella Charles Pierce Fagerberg Walter Eugene Field Jerald Wayne Glann James Dean Larson Duane Ramon Lavenson George Stanley Olvlng Gerhard Parker Frank Peabodv Robert Lee Roaf William Edgar Strout, Frank Glenn Yoshinaka, Kenii Em 'XXXXXX XXXXXXXX ,ycvcax kxxxxxux 17 ff 2 3 N' a 33 5 5 2 xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx-C Nor PICTURED: Griffin, Robert Glaye Hein, Shirley Marie Larson, Willard Alvi Lauver, Edwin Frank Rockey, Dean M. phi beta kappa President, Donald W. Treadgold Vice President, Edwin Hewitt Secretary, Bernice Smith Treasurer, Barnet Baskerville Trustees, John M. Maki, Laura Crowell L R-rar SENIORS: Aunes, Helen Viola Anderson, Lorraine Mae Ballantine, Charles Beachner, William F. Birkeland, Evelyn Sylvia Bixler, Janet Traver Broswick, Robert B. Burgess, Donald Raymond Burns, Alfred Burris, Marvelle Venetia Christensen, Ellen Karolyn Clarke, Louis Covell Clauson, B. Mariorie Clauson, Carolyn Luther Crow, William Ray Dack, Edward Bruce Davis, Nancy Sawyer Deegan, Gerald Paul Delzer Nancy Kay Downing, Carl Gordon Faler, George Kenneth Forsman, Einar Victor Freeman, Mark Phillips Fries, Donna Marilyn Gamble, Donna Lois Giblin, Mildred Olive Gillette, Harold L. Girard, Robert Alan Gustafson, Leslie Alvin Hardy, Joyce Mae Hill, Harriet Hiorten, Alvin Peder Howell, Margaret Louise lsham, Edwina Kukowska Jacobs, Harry Graham Johnson, Wilbur Vance Kakela, Rita Hope Keller, Janet Lee Koczarski, Woiciech Jan Larsen, Elaine Mae Lee, Harry Rees, Jr. Leimback, Clifford E. Lohman, Harry William McAllister, Alan Bailey Machgan, Faye Willene Meyer, Susi Ruth Miller, Shirley Lou Mueller, Fred Jack Naff, William Edward Nelson, Carolyn Joanne Okiyama, Tokoyo Phelan, Burton Noel Pricco, Bernardo Felix Prlenda, George Ernest Proctor, Doris Anne Reekie, Elagrace Riveland, Dale Rufer, Jacob, Robert Russell, Armand King Ryan, Elaine Runikis, Janis Olgerts Sakai, Yaeko Schear, Barbara Schuler, Anne Cecilia Shank, James Donald Shannon, Charles W. Slater, Winifred Mary Smith, Edmund Arthur Smith, Frederic Eudell Steele, Sydney M. Sullivan, Sybil M. Trevethen, Maxine H. Triplett, Betty Thomson Volpone, Roy Walker, Winston Glenn Weise, Beverly Bartleson Wittkopf, Warren Albert Young, James Roy Zimmerman, Mary L. n Erik lin Phi Beta Kappa, founded in I776 at the College of William and Mary, is the oldest Greek letter society in the United States. The University chapter, Wash- ington Alpha, was founded in l9l4. Election to Phi Beta Kappa has been a recognition of intellectual capacities well-employed, especially in the acquiring ot an education in the liberal arts and sciences. The emblem is a key. Phi Beta Kappa Board: Back row-Ted Ruch, Stuart Chapman, lglerflnchel Roman. Seated-Jack Maki, Don Treoelpald, Bernice mi . managerial council The Managerial Council acls as a co- ordinaling body over all managers in various sporis. The council's obieclives are lo promole inl'eres'r in bolh aihlelics and managerial aclivilies, and lo assisl individual managers in all problems lhaf may arise in lhe performance of 'lheir dulies. .. 1, r r . Q, ij.. ,' ' . . ,F :+- . '.'s. NOT PICTURED: Allen. Barbara Anderson, Beverly Bfifglund. Phyllis Bliss, Joan gu"'0U9l1S. Marilyn ES"i'Lifl.PRulh n' eggy Slowafd. Margarel JORES. Leona Jghnsoll. Mariorie L nslon. Irene kfkoeqlle. Mary alone. Palricia MFXSDET, Adele Much. Donna lllilfilhouw c el Qleson, Jranelary Ann gffvfmi Prliyllis . . ary J ggsgen. Priscilige Tugbi. Marge.-ef T S. Marge,-ef vsrnefl Laurie Wahlqren. Gloria . alerhouse, Myra Crain, Richard W., Arnold, Wilson O. Dullon, Roberl J. Haley, Bruce McClary, Leonard Olson, Lloyd W. Pulnam, Douglas NOT PICTURED: Fleming, Clive L. Heily, Raymond A. Peterson, Jeremy M. Rabel, Leigh Scoll, William R. Thygeson, Earl S. Young, Edwin R. Pres. 9. bg. Schuberl, James E. l Smilh, Wallace T. - ig' Windham, Jerry L. 4 X sigma epsilon sigma msg N i gk Y L Li! , 2 .gg s .5 ss 'es i 6, vllzislff , ,M De Can, Belsy, Pres. g R ' ' " QTY' Adams, Wendy yr I Bendrixson, Karen ' Blomquisl, Anila . Boyd, Barbara J. Sigma Epsilon Sigma is composed of all sophomore women who have mainfained a 3.5 grade poinl' average during lheir freshman year. The big evenl' of 'lheir year is 'lhe Sigma Epsilon Sigma's suclcer sale. The proceeds from lhe venlure go - Brallon, Nancy f v- , Bryan, Laurel s . r Buck, Jean loward providing a scholarship for some deserving freshman woman. . i . . ' f L, J, Buller, Suzanne ,..' . f g , - .4 . ,.. E . .. Q, A is ss s , . ..m,,..,,...., --ff, xi '!',- ,, Cahill, Margaref Ann Carlson, Carla Chrisl, Virginia Cole, Ann De Spain, Marianna .vga , K X .X . "'f.4r1..' .L E .. '1 .AL . .1 H: 4 r 'vu 1 ax' ' s , 'T Y 1 effax. M.. L, ,i . --.V I. xy . 1 Ni, .1 kt. . . , H g I . A V , xxx Ll? ,.L . t X , Lag? +34 LTQRQL-A L... , ,L y J, s ,V , ,, -lu - Y -rs lp .. Q.: .x Q4 E 'lc' .- V. or . rs: s, Q X! 'Tl 'sa X-sw-1 Lrg -L- as - Fellerolf, Diane H, Griffilh, Diane Hansen, Barbara - 4' Hill, Nancy , f , Hodson, Susan ' -L Hurlbul Belsy g 4:11 ' ' f Husled, Mary Belh .. 15, U- 1 1 . ,df - -Q Q - Kahan Naomi Kampmann, Kalhleen King, Marilyn L- .2 via, ' ' . . Eur: -g i X 45 4' l . 1 L, ,Y Joukovslry, Nalalle A . K Y Knalz, Mary Ellen V Lisler, Marian A S Fw- Luvera, Anila 'V F - ' -' Myers, Allison ' . it Q Q? w .QA . , . . . . , 5 , , gi sf K :-L Q -.5 . , be A-L .res ' Lfia.-3Zf:':i f L s'..f'f.L,.eLl - .. -- ., 7 Oberlroller, Marilyn S - "-- in 'S' "fs O'Neill, Sally Oloshi, Marianne 'L 31 --,ff ' , L - Malzlrind, Marian .. , we . Q i B 1" il . ks L ' X , 3. . - kgs, . . , I Relling, Pearl Robinson, Marilyn - - Ross, Linnea I ' ' 1 ' Ross, Ellen L ' 9, Rofous, Helen ,V 1'.,' ' - 1 Wallerius, Lynn - . f . s TX "-eff 'X Wilson, Gloria , . f,-Q K, xg! 41 Schallr, Erica J 'ka -A . L- 4 - as :A - - ,L . u k x L. B ' ki' 2, .. L - Q . . ., Q. .K g A --As, sm- Y -. ,, Si? I A A X ff' ' "1" .- XX XM 9 'Q K . , Q Y 1' i X I '- 'J 1 .1 ,ff Not Pictured: Christiansen, Nikki 2l8 rally girls I' Cassels, Colleen., Sr., Pres Zundel, Loye. Sr., V-Pres. LeDrew, Maxine, Sr., Sec. Rue, Jean, Jr., Treas. Founded in l920, Rally Girls has assumed a position of prestige on the University of Washington campus. The white skirts and white sweaters are seen working throughout the year in every' phase of campus life. Fall brings the girls 'lo the football games to sell pom-poms, lead the cheering ancl singing and help the Malemutes arouse school spirit. The girls play a part in greeting incoming teams at the airport or depots and show them our spirit at Washington. They also add color at rallies and sencl-offs 'For our own Washington team aciives Beeler, Diane Bigelow, Georgia Brainard, Betty Brainard, Pam Burks, Joan Dick, Claire Dye, Royal Egtvet, Barbara Fortin, Pat Francke, Lynn Halbert, Jackie Hassem, Jamel Hodson, Pat Klassel, Joanne Knapp, Sally Kreps, Harriet S A -N Z R Q ,adv xxx ' ' . C-if - si s -fy g My ' f . -,g fr :,," .M ei' 5 K wiv is MP s ,M 'S 4 f Zi V L: Q2 ', 1 :V f. A if -suv. -' Wm. .. " 1, x ,Mgt S Vx ..., Q its as Q f a y sl-Q Q xx -. X X. N-as -' :F , .sef , , .. X C f, us' gi 2 f me Y X Q X as J X 4, 4 I cm as WP f .Sie-. QQ Hia' as , K ,. X S ' ,fs -A V- X - ,W wr Q ,xx X 1 x X X ' ,g Q , as X Xing s 1 SN X S vi X' 2 at ,is :V .. .sea N ii law - Q is ,-' rf""":j. -f, vu' V f ax, Q - Sf 2 , : Q , :LN .P X X so ' T ,.sl.l, S J Larson, Sonya X T X ' f Loomis, Jeri ' gil -J 5 2 , g Madsen, Emma . 6: artin, Ca rol-Lee : Q, X s -. li 5. lei. ,, Y McLean, Judy sy ' 1" Moffat, Midge fwffvag- ' -s Morrissey. Marikay l f , T -errs Neergaard, Jill 4 l ily.. .V.v': a " , p .' " ,ff ,.., 5 -1 ,VV 'szlvvusggfzsx s X A A , ,,,,,,5 , gaulscgn, Glglddy I j etra org, ancy . '- lriichkards, Kay 1 oc ey, Helen '. QQ ' ' A in - ,i Sanford, Sandy i Sawyer, Sally iifgf' X' Schmid, Barbara I ' gg Scott. PeQ9Y Q, . .i J Searles, Marikay Semmern, Carol Smith, Anita Steincipher, Claire Svenson, Marie Tye, Joyce Whitford, Carolyn mvrfes Albin, Lyn Allison, Sue Barnes, Marilyn Barlos, Mary Jo 'L Barlow, Amy I - Bedford, Audrey ha... ' Bing, Clarice 'yds Bond, Carol ,A-' Brandeis, Fanila 'A Cadwell, Clare Carpenter, Polly 1 2: ,la-C 1 1 mv. . 9 . 9:'r' 4 1 s. 15, .f . 1 .sv ' 'H 'lr . Q I 4, u , , , l 'EJ' Q' ,,.A : 5 ar' , M dy.. B, gl ff.:-f 4... 4 - ,.4,.. 4x C' T! 4, ,. L. sf' 'N if af. 1:31 ' ,f , Chrysl, Hazel I ' . Collins, Nancy 5: A Q , ,- Conqdon, Roberia B gig Q Af- K 5' F11 Q32 Ecklon, Dawn ' 5' 4.'4' ' . will Y Q, 31 - " Esdale, Gloria ' f B' Kira 1 Friegman, Roslyn 2 ' ,flh .. ,RX . , Gar ner, Joan f' ' ' -l Z , iff - ' - rx - any bw . I rf 1 ,K 1 Q e Q lv A ' HamiI1on,Ey7ie A , , fn , .A Hansen, Bar ara , ".. - t '- , r ,-7, Harrison, Edna ,, , . 7: ff- ,- i, l' ' ' . , I "' Hari, Barbara if f 1 ' ' 5 , fl ' ' '- Hedenslrom, Jane ' 44- ,X 'f -.. -' 'r " Henderson, Kalhy Q 1- '-' 44 - ' , ,. Hollander, Saundra 6 lA'l -- -- ' Vs, 1 ff . is n... Xia, Y 5 Q X , yi .Q wvww , k D qw ly l Holmslrom, Jan W W .lx 5. my Y Iverson, Bev ' X V ' - ' is '- Jennings, Belly . at , ,K Johnson, Judy ' s ,Q My Jovick, Sally ' Q V L, 1 Karr' Sue nw. ,ix ,, - Y ... x Kaye. Marv ,, C B. r r l ,I . -if rl X L - Wie 5 - . A 'B 4 "r Kerzle, Donna , A - - Leonard,dNoydena , H , , Levin,Ju y ,f ,ph ' K- ' f' " Mackenzie, Mary i ' -1 y L Ai ' ll Markham, Marilyn ,,f-LIP ' 'C',f' . 4 sg--5. f 51,71 McBealh, Ginger 'I x ' ff, 4, "' ,' McKee, Margarel A I. r' I i .ei X fl . . , ,f lid MSL 4 , ' . if , E 4 it 5 I M A 4 . , ' ' McKimmey, Jean ' Q ,G .3 ' , 53: in ,. Merrill, Par fa af, w -' gr 1 'K Moe, Mary ' . 'gy fs 5 , 'K rs- , . A , 'V ' Murison, Bonnie -ve-f-.V 'I -J 1 ic? I - I Q? N winger Diane W 4 ' ' . . ,,-A1 '. ' 9 r 3' if V '-.. inf V' 1 Tgg-MA. Nudelman, Isabel 3 55 .17 'Q S' v elf' Ogden, Sandy Y Q - " Olman, Phoebe 31'-,f 2, wk Olson, Marilyn ,-j 1'l,.iL af " - N- ' ' My ' , X f Oman,Joanne V' ,sq f 2 If f Ollevaere, Ginny ' j X, ' "' , ,V , fr ' S. , - Packard, Pally fi -ex ' 1 4 ,fi ' l 1 4 A 'Q' . -A Parsons, Dale ff: W .Vi ' - ji-"' Q. We 'W ' U ,W ' V, 'Q Parson, Peggy QQ . ' gc- ,sir -sy' . N" ' . YQ' ,M Pearson, Jean 3, I as T J. , ,, ' 5' 1 J.. . A Pearson, Lois 7 4,,, N f fl . ,N F3 ' , ' Peterson, Darlene - il 'F as , ' A Provide. DOHY 1, ,' l4-- -1-' ' - i W X' Ouiclrslad, Karen + .. Ranson, LoreHa ' B B N , Rdhbdzn, Myrlis , ' r 5' "? 1 12, Qszasksazio. l , f ' A, ' gp r ,A Schuck, Shelby nr . ,fx ,, ' n. ' Schweizer, Caryl 1 X 5 , - 'K' 1 N Sinlrunas, Toni J X y G ' A ML., vie. - ' . Slrarperud, Muffie r ua. Q ylfyy Ai- .-A ' f Q ' Slogitl. Sally V - C' C Smirh, Barbara 5, ' '- I. Smilh, Margie 7: 4 ,I 2 I 3, r , som, spmdy 5- -.gk l 3,3 Q -I Q4 gr fgyf Sf. Aubm, Jody .Q-i::" - V -Ag-7 6 if 1' . ' R Srone, Delores -N '3 is , f 'I l 1, f , N 4 .., Slroh, Gretchen 'W :SN Q, fm f, , 1 ' -,Q ff gi ' Swensen, Maxine if R I , - l CV f , Tembev. Shiflev s B , B E r 2 S i an ii , e H A lx , ,- V fasis ' ex. P ' 4 I 'B 'il W Thomas, Sue ii.. "" Q 1 A Tonkin, Carol , Xa N , ,, Torlicll, Molly K' Tucker, Karen ' - ' " , '., ,J --, Q3 Underwood, Sharon , . , , W' ' 1 ' xt-,, Wahl. Karen ff. qt D gif. Woodford, Wendy H , malamuies acfives Madsen, Ari Presidenf Aronson, Henry Barbee, Gail Bennell, Sumner Bryanl, Trev Carler, William Cash, Donald Donnan, Tom Gayfon, Gary Glann, Jim Louis, Lyman Morford, Don PickeH, Duane Saunders, Dick 2 if Sfewarl, Jon 21923 Wick, John Q Wilkins, John X , msszi mis gf giygggaj Q 4 js 12- f 4 Building school spiril is lhe primary purpose of lhe Malamules. They allempl lo 'fulfill lhis purpose by sponsoring l'he yell leam, pulling on 'rhe Homecoming and several olher rallies, as well as panning and pre- senling card s'lunl's during lhe foolball season. ln many aclivilies lhe organizalion works wilh 'lhe Women's Rally Club and several olher campus organizalions. Membership is open lo freshmen, who are 'raken in fall as "inviles." Aller one quarler of service, pledges are chosen. Aclive members are selecled during 'l'he sophomore year. pledges NOT PICTURED: Brofnov, Warren Buchanan, Garner Davis, Wall' Fletcher, Jack Johnson, Bob Shape, Ralph Silberman, Sian Siolselh, Jack - ,. ' . if'imv.ff- , .g ,L . - fgf"f,V-,ri " ' L if .Q 5 Anderson, Lloyd Bakeman, Jim Buckwaller, Dale Chapman, Howard Chrislensen, James Cunningham, John Davies, Dave Day, John Erickson, Roberf Hanson, Harold Johanson, Larry Kane, Dick Lofzkar, Marry McCullough, Dosse Miles, Bill Oually, Lloyd Reiner, Roberl Shelfon, Dick Slroh, James Van, Eric Weeks, George if Halle, Roland President Bakke, Kiell Banks, Henry Bergh, Arnold Birkeland, Ivar Bohart, Milton Bridges, Corky Brinkman, Peter Camfield, Roland Carpenter, Ted Chetlain, Arthur Crook, Stewart Dykes, James Eakin, William Gayton, Gary Goode, John Grobey, John Guenther, Fred Hanson, Earl Hanson, Robert Hamblin, Robert Harper, Guy Hossteld, Walter Howay, James The Big "W" Club has as its objectives the furthering of interest in athletics at Washington and the creating ot closer bonds between athletes ot the various sports. Membership in the club is open to all men who have won a varsity award in a major sport. lt holds meet- ings twice a month and sponsors an annual picnic and dance. NOT PICTURED: Albrecht, William Apeland, Donald Arrivey, Peter Black, George Brady, Eugene Burney, Jack Chambers, Dean Dunn, Robert Elich, Peter J. Elliott, Wilbur Esser, Jerry Flye, Don Fornia, Robert Frost, Ted S. Graham, Frank A. Green, Stanley Hill, Ted Hod es, Merrill Hyngs, Jimmy E. Jubb, Eric Keller, Gene W. King, Dennis T. Lariza, Francisco T. Larson, Orval W. Lederman, Sandy Lindskog, Jack A. Lindskog, Vernon L. McCIary, Douglas Mitchell, Samuel E. Parsons, Marvin D. Redmond, Gerald Revere, William A. Riely, Keith Rockey, Dean Rose, Jack Ryan, Andrew F. Skartvedt, Darrold A. Sprague, Thomas E. Stuht, William B. Tripp, Donald E. Velling, Roy Ward, William S. Watson, Larry x f l If " ' igldggz, 1- 132 Houstin, James Jarvis, Harvey Jewett, Leonard fl Johanson, Paul John, William Koon, Charles Kucinskas, Stanley Kyllinqstad, Vernon Lacy, Dick Labonge, Carl Langer, Gerald Leanderson, Fil Magee, Thomas E. Moore, Leon Noe, James Nugent, Jack Portelance, Herbert Ouillian, William Reams, William Richards, Robert Roake, Stephen Russell, Ronald Sage, Edward Spangler, Warren Stewart, George Stocker, Al Wardlow, Duane Warsinske, James Witter, Robert Bush, Fred Clarke, Whit Lewis, Robert McNamee, Robert Monlux, Earl ig " " club 1 N. ll, .a, ,., 9 '--7 li P. u ul TTY J , 4-9 Niles, Wendell rf .I x ! 22I Anderson, Clarence Regan, Jack President Brinkman, Peter Carpenter, Ted Dalrymple, Lawrence Dykes, Jim Flaherty, Donald Goode, John Hamblin, Bob Harding, Tom Horchover, Bob Jewett, Dale wif Q-3 husky swim club NOT PICTURED: Hodges, Merrill Magnuson, Dick Howard, Dave Milleson, Ted Jubb, Eric Prim, Merle Larsen, Orvel Revere, Bill Lewis, Bob Stewart, Doug Thomas, Bob Membership in Husky Swim Club, which is organized mainly to create enthusiasm tor swimming, is open to all boys who attend membership meetings. ln recent years the club has gained campus tame by its production ot the Aqua Follies, presented in coniunction with the Silver Fish Swim Club. The club also sponsors the yearly State-wide Coaches' Swim Clinic. Each year an inspirational medal is presented to the club's outstanding freshman and senior members. This medal is presented to further sports- manship and effort. Normann, Soren OGalIigan, John Papin, Ed Peyser, AI Portelance, Jim Spangler, Warren Taylor, Ron Thome, Donald John, Slrip Commodore Adams, Ned Anderson, Dave Andonian, Paul Arnold, Wilson Backer, Hans Baker, John Birkaland, lvar Brown, Larry Cahill, Jaclr Clarke, Douq Camlield, Roland Demolro, James Donnan, Tom ' Ford, William a Q French, Douglas , Frosl, Tod Gallnar, Hank Granl, Bob Hanson, Neil Harper, Guy l Haven, Hugh Howay, Jim Ingham, Nod Jacobson, Paul Johnson, Morse Johnson, Tom Kachloin, George Eacy, Richard varsify boaf club The Varsify Boa? Club, composed of crewmen who have eilher rowed for six quarlers or have earned Varsily or JV le+'lers, provides social aclivilies lo sup- plemenl' lhe hard work of lhe oarsmen. The Commodore and members sponsor dances lhrough- oul' lhe year, and a banquel' for all crewmen in lhe spring. Membership in lhis elile club is by eleclion and enables lhe oarsman +o wear lhe well-known VBC crew jaclcel. Nol Piclured: Eaqon, Dick Gibbons, Bob Harl, Arlhur Procler, Gary Turman, Jerry Wrighl, David Scheumann, Dick 3 Lamb, Lynn Lane, Peter Mann, Spencer Mehl, Roger Mielde, Carroll Moore, Leon Olson, James Pelerson, Ted Prall, Dave Purncl, David Richards, Dick Rieley, Keilh Rogers, Bob Salmi, Leonard Srnilh, Wally Slaples, William Sloclxcr, Allred Toed, Ron Thomas, Burch Thompson, John Thyqeson, Ea'l Wailes. Ron Walers, Wayne Q-cv SENIORS: Anderson, Robert R. Belcoe, E. Gene Calvert Ral hD . P - Chitwood, Thomas E. Dawson, Bruce J. Diener, E. Paul Edwards, Arthur L. Ensz, George S. Gaw, J. Wilson Kime, Jim D. Kramer, Robert B. Lehman, David A. McJunkin, Samuel E. Murdock, Robert V. Papritz, Gordon R. Parker, Frank Patrick, Robert J. President Read, Farra L. Starr, David C. Swanson, Rollin J. Warrick, Robert E. JUNIORS: Alexander, Douglas M. Allison, Thomas L. Baldwin, Donald W. Burch, William J. Dietz, Warren C. Farrell, E. Robert J. Friet, James E. Hackman, Robert B. Hennes, James D. lngman, John F. lngraham, Gale A. Johnson, Nunnally J. Krause, Marvin J. Lay, Richard O. Mandery, Avard D. Mielde, Carroll V. Perry, John W. Phifer, David W. Ramsey, Richard E. Staples, William B. Toole, Clyde R. Williams, Robert B. Aslakson, Robert H. scabbard and blade The National Society ot Scabbard and Blade is an honorary organization ot Army, Navy and Air Force upper-division cadets and midshipmen. At present, there are active companies on the campuses of IZ? American colleges and universities. I Com- pany ot the First Regiment was organized on this campus in l9l4. Members are se- lected on the basis ot academic achievg- ment ancl military leadership. Applicants must be in the upper third ot their military science class and must have qualities ot leadership, integrity and honestry. On the social side, Scabbard and Blade revived and sponsored the traditional Military Ball at the Fort Lawton Officers Club. NOT PICTURED: SENIORS: A Beumer, Delbert H. Burke, Ronald R. Callaghan, James R. Church, Campbell S. Crosby, Ardon W. Glann, James D. Hayden, Larry N. Loken, Robert B. Lyon, Edward A. Tollefsrud, Gerald W. Wilson, William E. JUNIORS: Arndt, Bert K. Barnette, Mack J. T. Crain, Richard W. Dickson, Robert J. Eng, Edward Forrey, Arden W. Hale, Jay G. Hermann, Rex A. Lang, William A. Nelson, Arthur A. Olson, Harvard R. Peterson, Roland K. Ratcliffe, Thomas L. Swanson, John D. Willman, Russell J. Yutani, Kazuo J 1, -, 0 'a1'JQf110llf2ll - lu 5-fl. H0110 H1409 alpha delfa signna Alpha Delfa Sigma members, for fhe mosf parf, are maiors in jour- nalism, business adminisfrafion, commercial arf and radio-l'elevi- sion. The prime requisife for mem- bership is 'lhe desire fo follow ad- verfising as a profession affer graduafion. This year ifs members handled 'rhe Seaffle publicify cam- paign for 'l'he Crusade for Free- dom as fheir adverfising acfivify. NOT PICTURED: Baker, Bruce F. Lehde, James F. Lewis, James R. Thomas, Paul V. Zeidman, Howard l. Osborne, Roberl' J. Pefers, Nicholas J. Ramsey, Doug Riney, Hal P. Rosenfhal, Howard K. Simpson, John W. . , , g S1 H ' sry 7 -uw Sgkyg, 3.1 'gi' E 3 .XS . iffxbi. .. s Sgfzisg ,. Q,-Q 3 .1-., ,v- Larsen, Edward A., Blosl, Thomas Carler, Wayne C. Christy, Theodore Crewdson, Alex Erickson, Kennefh J. Griffin, Fredric H. Hansard, James M. Jordan, David C. Lackman, Roberf M. Pres. MacPhee, Nicholas L. McJunkin, Samuel E. S . +- iiafi' J I we I . is V 1 6' s , W- '2 ' , 1 fs. My r W4 X N fd-Y 6 xx f 1 K f is ' T , Yfi ., X W . f' S 2, , ii? Y 'QN'-rf. A . J NXNQS, fx F .Q Gyms X , s XXX Y' P3 0 " s is --. X x Wesfman, Walfer, Chair. Barrea, Ralph Beich, Frederick Beaudoin, Philip Bemenf, Roberf Boundy, Bruce aiee iref Bradburn, Wilberf Brown, Larry Callahan, Charles Carson, John Cole, Jack The Elecfrical Engineers on fhe campus are represenfed by fwo Dalrymple, Ted Dawson, John Dexler, Richard Dielz, Arfhur Eckfon, Wallace Edwards, Thomas Eide, John Ferguson, Roland Ferry, Frank Hammer, Ellis Hobbs, Gilberf Hong, Leslie' Iverson, Anfhon Johnson, Nunnally Kalvisle, Aavo Kieburfz, Richard Magnuson, Wesfly Malmgren, Arfhur Palmer, David Pearson, Roy Pellefier, Basil professional sociefies: fhe Amer- ican lnsfifufe of Elecfrical En- gineers and fhe lnsfifufe of Radio Engineers. Wifhin fhese organizafions is a common group of elecfive offices. The funcfion of fhe AIEE-IRE is fo promofe sfudenf acfivifies and fo develop a sound rela- fionship wifh fhe professional sociefy. Some of fhe acfivifies' include field frips, a prize paper confesf and ioinf meefings wifh fhe professional group.' Roos John 226 521' fr ti! - A ' Safer, Richard A Scheibel, Ernesf Smifh, Alvin E Speece, Daymond - Vogel, Roberf I Warrick, Roberl' X Yoshinaka, Kenii , alpha silon delia ie' fl," .. .- 1. Washingl'on's Befa Chapfer of Alpha Epsilon Delfa was esfablished in I948. This nafional pre- medicine honorary seeks fo sfimulafe inferesf and encourage excellence in pre-medical edu- cafion. Requiremenfs for membership in Alpha Epsilon Delfa are 75 quarfer hours of pre-med- ical work wifh a grade poinl' average of 3.I. NOT PICTURED: Barner, Rick Harding, Tom Larson, Sfuarf Lundh, Henrik Maio, Joseph O'Neill, Sally J. Whilanack, Donald GFEIIG ,gf Pearson, Dorothy Ouinn, Mike D Quinlivan, Mike I Roach, Richard Sweef, Sherry L. I Townsend, George M. Birkeland, Evelyn, Pres. Duncanson, Neil Ford, William Fullinqlon, Frank Karshner, Paul Kleinberg, Henry Mebusf, Winsfon Morse, Ronald Munger, Bryce O'Lane, Michael Parker, Frank Rolous, Helen T Sfavney, Lufhard Taylor, Ronald Tinling, David Haggard, Peqge L., Pres. Adams, Don Anderson, Phyllis Baker, Bill Collier, Hellen Grunen, Gerla Hoffman, Winslon NOT PICTURED Armslrong, Marilyn Benson, Arlene Caryle, Warren Dillingham, Joy Dore, Bill Edberg, Roberl Gibbons, Lester Halhway, Charles Hobbs, Roberf Melang, Dean Selfors, Sherry Sleidley, Dorlis NEW PLEDGES: Harvey, William Hobbs, Elizabefh Kilrell, Kil Jonslone, Avon Smilh, Don Sucko, Belh Wahl, Richard Yealer, Jim Arena, Professional Drama honorary, was founded in I949, and has as ifs moffo, "ARENA-fhe encompassing arf." lfs obiecfs and purposes are four-fold: fo provide a pro- fessional organizafion for sfudenfs of arfisfic and fechnical abilify in fhe School of Drama, fo coordinafe fhe exfra-curricular deparf- menfal acfivifies of fhe sfudenfs of fhe School of Drama for fhe advancemenf of fheir arf: fo coordinafe drama wifh fhe allied arfsg and fo esfablish a high "esprif de corps" befween member sfudenfs and fhe sfaff of fhe Univer- sify of Washingfon School of Drama. 227 Wilson, Whitney S. - Abel, Doug H. Barnes, Gordon Brewer, Walf Brix, James A. Brus, Roberl Foriier, John J., Pres. Chesnulf, John L. Gaw, J. Wilson Hasfings, Roberl D. Holmes, John Janders, George X Q X W Xi' ,ng Johnson, William R. Kirby, Cragi L. Morrison, Roberl McGuinness, James B. Mueller, Fred J. Olson, Richard L. Perlin, B. L. Roberls, Del C. U Smilh, Eugene al p a ap pa ps: .9 ."L' Sfoner, Richard T. Tyfler, Warren F. v I . Alpha Kappa Psi is fhe firsl' and oldesf professional business frafernify in fhe fields of commerce, accounling and finance. Founded Ocfober 5, l904, af lhe School of Commerce, New York Universify, il' has expanded sfeadily unfil if now has 76 acfive collegiafe chapfers and I2 alumni chapfers. Members are pledged affer achieving sopho- more sfanding and have shown proficiency in fheir sfudies. The aims of Alpha Kappa Psi include fosfering fhe welfare of 'lhe indi- vidual members, encouraging scienfific research in fhe fields of com- merce, accounfing, and finance, and educafing 'lhe public 'lo appre- ciafe and demand higher ideals fherein. Rho chapfer al- Washingfon has a full program of professional and faculfy- speakers, including panel discussion cenfering on informing our men on fhe characferisfics and requiremenfs of fheir prospecfive fields. Our annual program also feafures field frips, sfag parfies, disfricl convenfions, and ioinl' dinner meefings wifh 'lhe Seaffle Alumni chapfer. The Alpha Kappa Psi scholarship award is presenfed each spring fo fhe senior in business having fhe highesf accumulafive grade poinf. 228 Young, Don J. Elliol'l', Roger NOT PICTU RED: Amundsen, Roberl C. Beariaulf, Douglas Blumenfhal, Joseph Brewer, Walfer L. Broughlon, John K. Bubb, Wesley A. Carlin, William H. Caslor, Ronald J. Coombs, Earl R. Dixon, Roberl' E. Douglas, John E. Hartson, William E. Hazelline, Hobarf B. Jensen, Leo E. Jensen, Roberi H. Lambrighf, Roberl W Linhar'l', Russell L. Nagasawa, Shigeo Nemefz, Alvin S. Norlon, Leland R. Ouehrn, William A. Raynor, John C. Reed, Charles A. Riddell, Roberl L. Rigsby, Jack W. Rosallo, Emanuel E. Salmon, Harry S. Slralfon, Bill J. Van Pelf, Charles M. Yoshihara, Bob Y. Harford, Evona President Adamson, Myra Amos, Helen Cosby, Janice Dye, erncie Fowler, Mary Hasagawa, Naoko Haugen, Helen Johnson, Evelyn Kaas, Sharon Lister, Marion Loser, Joan alpha tau delta 'UQ Alpha Tau Delta was founded in I936 and was named in honor of Mrs. Elizabeth S. Soule, first dean of the University of Wash- ington School of Nursing. Girls eligible for membership are either girls worlring for their degree and graduate nurse certificate or those who are already registered nurses and are now working for their University degree at the University. A 2.75 grade point is necessary to be eligible to ioin. The professional sorority participates in va- rious activities throughout the year. Some of them are: records and record cart to Tacoma Indian Hospital pediatrics department, nurs- ing magazine subscriptions to nursing schools in India and Israel, layettes to Harborview obstetrics by the pledge class, stationery for patients at Harborview, and boolcs for Tacoma Indian Hospital. McGovney, Ann Maekawa, Nina Porter, Joanne Rhoades, Lois Rosaaen, Dorothy Roscoe, Jean Salver, Kay Smith, Gloria Smith, Nancy Not Pictured: Agee, Lucille Arakawa, Fuki Backstrom, Alice Bailey, Gwendolyn Barbey, Mary Brennan, Mary Brown, Mildred Bough, Martha Burkhart, Barbara Byles, Leah Carney, Evelyn Cowden, Delores Davis, Peggy Dixon, Rosemary Hudson, Geraldine Hyatt, Gloria Holstad, Marilyn Ishitami, Toxhiko Koph. Peqqv Kolb, Jane Krueger, Kay Lanigan, Ann Ludlum, Esther Mahatty, Susan McCann, Marliss Michalelr, Helen Molinero, Eileen Monson, Myrtle Moore, Margaret Noble, Nancy Peterson, Olive Powers, Betty Scott, Shirley Skare, Evelyn Splits, lrene Steward, Justine Strodman, Shirley Svendgard, Jo Ann Thomeson, Lois Tielta, Tomine Trauba, Mary Warner, Pat Warren, Dorothy White, Mariorie arnold air ociefy The Arnold Air Sociefy, a nafional or- ganizafion, was esfablished on fhis cam- pus in I949. The Squadron was formally dedicafed in honor of ie'l' pilof Douglas Mafheson, former Universify of Wash- ingfon sfudenf who was killed in Korea, in l95I. A frafernal bond among men who will become officers in fhe Air Force Reserve and a well rounded social background are fhe goals of fhis group. Meefings and acfivifies are held semi- weekly for members who are enrolled in fhe advanced A. F. R. O. T. C. pro- gram. NOT PICTU RED: Anderson, Ralph Benson, Lonnie Buley, George Carney, John Egglesfon, Sidney Fleming, Pefe Hahn, Daril Hale, Jay Hawkins, Vern Hildebranf, Pefe, Pres. Hogle, Cliff Johnson, James Kasfllahn, Don Lusis, llmar Nelson, Bennefl Prim, Merle Richmond, Earl Sifko, Dennis Tulinfseff, Nick Turner, Bob Williams, David , ..,. lar Anderson, Marvin Branderburg, Dick Brown, Ray Dime, Gary Fry, Cliff Gaw, Wilson Gould, Jerry Harris, Al Johnson, Nunnally Komen, Dick Kuniyoshi, Dick Melander, Dennis Miller, George Miller, Larry Peferson, Don Sheets, John Sfock, Gene Sfoner, Dick Wallace, Minor Whife, James Windham, Jerry Von Gohren, Ed american insfifufe of Q chemical engineers V ' ' V. 5 Cf? ,g A Valenfine, Ralph, Pres. swgtw Birks, William ,l Edwards, Arfhur ff Back, Sangho X uw-nn Harfwig, Alan Holland, Virgil Burnie, Roberl' Kofzerke, Don McKee, Roberf Marfenson, Jim Mihailoff, Vadim Cummins, Skip Nelson, Richard Rufledge, Gerald Sehmel, George Sfanderfer, Frank Dahlgren, Ed s, QQ? 'S ' 3 ii 1 - ' Q X . 4, S, , , ., Q ' , -of ' Sfewarf, Harley Waffs, Charles Walfher, Jim Roofvik, Gordon Klem, Augusf Willard, Sfanley The American lnsfifufe of Chemical Engineers was founded in l908. The sfu- denf chapfer was charfered in I940 af fhe Universify of Washingfon. The ob- iecfs of fhe lnsfifufe are fhe advance- menf of fhe professional sfanding of ifs members, fhe mainfenance of high pro- fessional sfandards among ifs engineers and fhe furfherance of chemical engi- neering in fheory and pracfice. NOT PICTURED: Avery, John Beard, Sam Bierman, Laurence Breeding, Donald Bofhel, Roy Chaney, Charles Coofes, John Glenn, Kirk Hoff, Knuf Keffer, Dave Koop, Rodney Krause, George Lukk, Harry Marr, Brian Maffhias, Mesdag McTee, Roberf Morgan, Wally Murakama, Roberf Nelson, Harold Sargenf, William Shimizu, Massaru Smifh, Roberf Taa, James Tuffle, Jean Warner, Eugene Williams, Harold Brindle, Harold The University ot Washington student branch ot the American Society ot Mechanical Engineers was established on the campus in l9l7. The primary aims ot the organization are to broaden the students' acquaintance with the practical side ot mechanical engineering and to meet graduate engineers engaged in active practice ot mechanical engineering. NOT PICTURED: Baller, Dave Bishop, Ralph Balke, Robert Boydstum, Richard Campbell, Walter Carlson, Angrim Cunningham, James DeMice, Max Dotson, Ben LaPlante, James Leuba, Richard Lyon, E. A. Marks, Clark McAlister, John McAusland, Robert McDonald, Glen Meador, Henr Munro, Donald Campbell, Richard Carson, Timmie Chhabra, Brig Costello, Charles Crain, Richard Denzer, Ronald american society of mechanical engineers ' Fletcher, John Paige, Edwin Flcmlnq Ffed ' as q Flynn, George Par er, Vernon Fofce- Jfxeph ,df Forsman, Bert Phillips, Joseph Goldtimnf Nofion 'Oy Fredell, Richard Gould, Ramon Hageman, George Hall, Howard Harris, Allred Hines, R. C. Kautz, Vernon, Secretary-Treasure Y Scott, Frank Sparrow, John Taylor, Spencer Taylor, Charles Tsuiikawa, George Turner, Howard York, John Young, Lloyd Haven, Hugh Jacobson, ichard Johnson, Warren Johnson, Lynn Landweer, James Meagher, Michael 1 Ashmore, Richard, Chairman Klein, Donald Yutani, Kazuo Melander, Dennis Mettlev, Ulrick Nelson, Maurice Petram, Donald Spencer, C. W. Swanson, Rollin Swanson, Stanley, Corresponding Secretary 5' Strout, Frank sr, Tramm, Rodney, Vice Chairman Vincent, Gordon beta alpha psi Beta Alpha Psi is a national professional accounting tra- ternity chartered on this campus in l920. Candidates must be upperclassmen with a 3.0 in all their subjects and a 3.0 in accounting. They are given competitive examinations covering accounting and business law. The organization serves as a contact between active mem- bers and employers in these tields. Mueller, Fred, President Ablott, Gene Armitage, James r Barnes, Gordon Beaton, Blair X if ' Brix, James Eastman, John Edwards, Harold Elliott, Roger Field, Jerald Hastings, Robert Hefty, Edward Hilton, Charles Hogan, Elwood Jacobson, Carl Johnson, William Kadoshima, Harry -.9 .f J . .3 3, Kirby, Craig S 'asv A 5. I QQ ,i K .Jil ' , Nelson, Alwyn , , W Okamoto,Takayoshi 'r Pelan, William ,, Y ' 5" - Rogoway, Jerome ,H 5 i , 1 Sackman, Ralph Jw s. f . . 1. - i Q smith, Robert -3, f J 3 3. ff, R , " 3 y Y fs. .' Stevenson, Walter if D if L ' -A I Thomas, Robert N ' rj,-.. ' Uehara, Milton 3, , Y f - ' e Webert, James . h sf 5 , f I 1 .L l si ' r 'A is NOT PICTURED: Beariault, Douglas Bells, Gene Bubb, Wesley Crompton, Wilson Herrell, Lindsey Hutchinson, David Kernan, James Kumasaka, Henry Kumasaka, Roy Loschen, Lestey Mahoney, John McAllister, Richard Sandstrom, Walter Senn, Allan Vaughn, William Williams, Kenneth Yoshihara, Robert 23l american pharmaceuiical associa ion The Universily of Washinglon sl'uden'l' branch of lhe American Pharmaceulical Associa'l'ion was eslablished in I946. The primary purpose of ihe associalion is l'he elevalion of 'lhe professional principles in 'lhe fields of wholesale, rel'ail and scienlific pharmacy. , 2' ff' 21? NU - H qv, F- f s A' ef 2 aw. be sq-, 'W - w w ,S 232 Nelson, Carl Olson, Alan Palola, Ernesf Pafelli, Jo Vanna Pori, Paul Ramsay, Richard Ryan, Mary Kalhleen Sabin, Lois Shupe, John Sfefson, Ross Sievens, Louis Tavis, James Esiabrook, Fred, Pres. Anderson, Benneff Bickenbach, Frederick Brown, Ray Chikala, Florence Coar, Richard Colby, Raymond Deford, Winlon Dermanis, Inara Dobkin, Melvin Gamido, Loliia Gerness, Sylvia Hanson, Jean Harris, Gerald lngel, Donna lwasaki, Sherry Lindberg, Norman McBride, Harold Mankowski, Vera Marshall, Richard Martens, Larry Monsanfo, Teresa NOT PICTURED: Allan, Donald Ashe, Helen Bogh, Gary Ceichners, Inese Day, Eugene Donaldson, Donald Eisenmann, James Fischer, John Forsslrum, Ulla Galufia, Ches'l'er Gilman, Derrold Hamilfon, Belle Harris, Charles Johnson, Elinor Kay, Marble Knoshaug, Marilyn Kudalker, V. Landa, Jorge Maddock, Gary Miller, Charles Milner, Howard Noble, Gerald O'Connor, Bernard Quam, Ann Rilchie, Margarel' Runikis, Janis Smifh, Verna Weigelf, Bernard Wong, Ciang NOT PICTURED: american sociefy of civil engineers AMERICAN SOCIETY Of CNI. DBIKZUB I 9415 052 Mosf civil engineering studenfs af fhe Universify of Washing- fon hold membership in the sfudenf chapter of the Ameri- can Sociefy of Civil Engineers, fhe oldest nafional engineering sociefy in fhe Unifed Sfates, founded in l852, wifh head- quarters in New Yorlr. Members obtain special rafes on all ASCE publicafions, and false parf in fhe following acfiv- ifies: field frips, parficipafion in fhe Pacific Norfhwesf Con- ference for ASCE, and meef- ings held for hearing profes- sional engineers. Adams, Theodore Blue, William Braun, Richard Brewer, Sidney Buley, George Granelr, Philip Hawes, Bill Hibbard, Richard Hill, Don Holbeck, Russell Hogan, Dwian Hugan, Donald Kemph, Donald Koelie, Edward Kuchenreuther, David Lambert, Robert Lorvick, A. L. Long, Richard MacDonald, R. F. Mclntosh, Jack Nelson, Robert Okazalmi, Frank Ott, Charles Pacey, John Pedersen, Albert Peterson, Damon Peterson, Wallace Peterson, William Plunhe, James Popoff, Alexander Rogers, Philip Roth, John Strom, Biorn Suwabe, Akira Thompson, Raymo Webb, Russell Yuhl, Mike nd Smith, Jerome Smith, Wy nn Thompson, Theodore Walters, James Woo, Paul Arwine, Roy Gibbz,Charlc1,Prcs. Berschauer, Walter Bowen, Robert Cook, Bernard Danielson, Donald Diener, Paul Gibson, Gordon Gunlaugson, Arthur Herman, Ralph Johnson, Garrett Johnson, Gordon Kampe, Wynn Kelly, William Loudon, Richard O'HaIloran, P. Otteman, Lloyd Partington, Richard Rafter, Jack Redford, Alex "sa- - Fi", , l 1 5 ' , '15 9.2m 2. . '51 L., r 12? --4 ---..---- , vw , we 'f .-..,-.-:A '-- ' ,l line graduates S 'WY M LINE GRADUATES SUPPLY GRADUATES NOT PICTURED: NOT PICTURED: Austin, Russell Brace, Gordon Christie, Allan Grobey, John Lewis, Donald Lindstrom, Lauron Massick, James Papritz, Gordon Redkey, Edwin Washburn, Dexter 234 Brotherton, Curtis Johnson, Kenneth MARINE GRADUATE NOT PICTURED: Donoghue, Joseph he Anderson, William Callaghan, James Camfield, Roland Cottingham, Wayne Dawson, John Edwards, Arthur Ferguson, Robert Halle, Roland Horn, Charles Jones, Thomas Kramer, Robert Lindgren, Charles Little, Bryce Loken, Robert Long, Lyman Lyon, Edward Mortvedt, Hector Murdock, Robert Olander, Carl Parr, Raymond Patrick, Robert Post, Gordon Schwendeman, George Shaffer, Richard Southgate, Robert Spidell, Gary Stevens, William Uddenberg, Bertram Vammen, Charles Wilson, William f fa, M 4 ,lT3'f,'Rf Armitage, James Bennett, Warren Brewer, Walter Enz, George Erickson, Richard Harding, George Hensley, Frank Herzog, Frank Hogan, Elwood Hutchinson, Timothy 'A '7 Moriarty, Timothy Olson, Rtchard Read, Farra Rolfe, James Scarlt, Carroll Scarrah, George battalion staff Battaluon Commander J. R. Callaghan Front row John Dawson, Robert Patrick, Robert Pugh. Back vow Bryce Little, Robert Kramer, Robert Loken, Timothy Moriarity. 'Z 7 e compass and chart marine graduates Haines, Frederick King, Robert Martin, Thomas Pugh, Robert Roos, Donald Stoy, Charles compass and Chdff RIFLE TEAM Back row: Larry Laycock, Frederick Haines, Ronald MacDougall, George Eas+man, William Sargeni, Roger Seeger, Wayne Eshelman. Fronr row: David Phifer, Gordon McAllis+er, Rober+ Kramer, John Coffin. HELM AND HALYARD Arden Forrey, Hugh Cheesman, Ronald MacDougall, Wayne Weld. 'M-lfafff' ,ffl-1f'?i55'f :gag T A l ,, , . PISTOL TEAM David Phifer, Gordon McAllisier, Roberi' Kramer, Darryl Olson, John Coffin. .',., .NWA r. . , A ,VMI b LF, N i, . S BOARD OF CONTROL Compass and Charly Washingions Naval fraferify, conlinued lo advance ifs presfige upon campus during fhe pasf year. Recognized naliondlly in Navy circles as one of 'rhe leading unifs, lhe Clark Hall organizafion is composed of all NROTC members who desire fo be- long. Membership is noi' compulsory, yef nearly all midshipmen join. C 8: C sponsors many acfivifies during 'rhe year. The "Binnacle,' unil' newspaper, is one of fhe mosf polished NROTC papers in lhe nafion. A large inlramural program is carried on and af fhe pres- enl' C 8: C holds several Universify frophies. The glee club is known ihroughoui campus. and +he sailing club, Helm and Halyard, regularly holds sailing parlies. Ofher acfivifies in- clude fhe rifle and pisfol leams, Radio Club, bridge 'rourneys and noon lime enferfainmcnf. Compass and Char? also has an aclive social calendar. During +he year E+ sponsors a fall in- formal, occasional picnics and beach par+fes, and fhe well known Ring Dance. One of The Campus' largesl' formals, fhe Ring Dance is held during +he winfer quar+er. ln connecfion wifh The dance, a queen is chosen from among lhe dafes of 'rhe midshipmen. Compass and Charl, in ifs 28+h year on lhe Washinglon campus, can well be proud of ils posilion. Back row: Charles Horn, Wayne Weld, Arden Forrey. Fronf row: Richard Shaffer, Robcr? Pafrick, Presidenfg CHAMPION INTRAMURAL SWIMMING TEAM i r u n G George Ensz. Donald Fsher, Robe? So fhgafe, Roberl Lokc , eorge Easlr-nan. k 'X f. . .,', 'QV fe., , . . 3'-'T Rogoway, Jerome, Presidenf Barnes, Gordon Brix, James Field, Jerald Goggins, Shirley Johnson, William Kane, Donald Mueller, Fred Parker, Frank Prevosl, Donna Rogoway, Jerome befa gamma sigma A goal requiring exlra eflorl' is exlendecl lo business adminis- lralion maiors by Bela Gamma Sigma, nalional scholaslic hon- orary. The final charler for 'rhe Universily of Washingl'on's chap- 'l'er ol Bela Gamma Sigma was received in l923. This well known nalional honorary has 55 chaplers 'rhroughoul 'rhe Uni'I'ecl Slales. Lisled among ils group of members are 'lhe 'rop ranking iuniors, seniors, and gradua'l'es in 'rhe school of Business Adminislralion. Juniors musl' have a 3.5 cumulalive grade poinl' average 'l'o be eligible 'for membership, while seniors and graduales are required 'ro have a minimum of 3.3. Qnly lhe 'lop 'ren per cenl of The senior class can be ini'lia'l'ed. NOT PICTU RED: Beariauli, Douglas Clinkenbeard, David Herrell, Lindsey Hufchinson, David Kernan, James Kumasaka, Roy Linhari, Russell Nelson, Carolyn r l 238 ' home. f V: e C 0 n 0 nl I C S S'L'Ji'iiE2iZl1 cabinet 1 1 2::z.i?'sL.., Founded in I9l0, the Home Economics Club is a professional, as well as a departmental, organization and is affil- iated with the American Home Eco- nomics Association. Membership is ex- tended to all Home Economics ma'ors. A cookie sale, the proceeds of which are placed in a special fund to be used in helping a foreign student attend school in this country, highlights the year's activities. Social functions include a Christmas party, Mothers' tea, and Senior ban uet. Services given are a Foreign Padlrage Drive in the fall quar- ter, which supplies food and clothing to needy persons in foreign countries, and aid in the department's annual Open House program. Duncan, Kathleen Harris, Betty Kahn, Naomi Lew, Shirley r' it Kaye, Mary Louise Neal, Patricia .1 graduate nurses club The Graduate Nurses' Club of the Uni- versity of Washington, organized in l920, is open to all graduate profes- sional nurses registered in the School of Nursing. These nurses are enrolled in advanced programs, majoring in nursing education, public health nursing or industrial nursing. The group is pri- marily interested in promoting closer relationship between students, other campus organizations, and the nursing faculty. l r. l 1 v Benson, Ruth Biger, Helen Biornson, Dorothy Boone, Rosalie Bough, Martha Curtis, Linnea Doctor, Jeanne Geer, Meredith Hammerly, Aloha Hanson, Dorothy Hartnett, Jill Hemphill, Charlotte Hennig, Gunvor Hiatt, Wilma Keefer, Margaret King, Esmer Koenigswald, Joan Ludlum, Ester Macchi, Margaret McCann, Marliss Moody, Eva Ouchi, Margaret Paterson, Harriet Singer, Lorraine Sterling, Doris Trowbridge, Grace Thompson, Arline Tielta, Tornine, Pres. Turnball, Norma Ulmer, Nettie Waterman, Patricia Wright, Jane Smith, Harriet, Advisor 239 .iw . . wa hingion engineer Spence, Marilyn . Valenline, Ralph f "' as M . fail - Welch, Ray V! W .-V, gf ' wwf nf The Washinglon Engineer is a semi-'rechnical magazine published by l'he Engineering Sludenjs' Council. WriH'en and organized en'l'irely by en- gineering sl'udenl's, 'l'he magazine appears six limes during lhe school year. Arlicles published are selecled from malerial submiHed by These sludenls al all levels. Now in il's fifih year of publicalion, lhe magazine has become a neces- sary parl' of 'l'he life of many of i'ls lower campus readers. Ashmore, Richard Crain, Richard Bedford, Audrey Cash, Gordon Cosfello, Charles Cramb, Roberl Dexler, Dick Feasler, Dick Finch, Earl Ganly, Wallace Goldslein, Norlon Haven, Hugh Iverson, Anthon Keffer, David Minahan, Mike Oloshi, Tom Payne, Donald Pellifier, Basil Sfeinke, Dick Slewarf, Harley NOT PICTU RED: Adair, Francis Adams, Ted Allen, Ted Buley, George Beggman, Mike Holmberg, Niel Johnson, Margie Mar, Brian Munro, Don Rolla, AI Jack K. Tuille, Edilor-in-Chief engineering sfudenf Fagerberg, Waller Kolzerke, Donald Tullle, Jack Valeniine, Ralph Wallher, James Warrick, Roberl Weslman, Walter 240 NOT PICTU RED: Carlson, James Christensen, Max Donald, Bruce Fiskee, Ty Gibbs, Tom Good, John Lybyer, Dean Meador, Henry Munro, Donald OH, Charles Pacey, John Slewarl, Harley council The Engineering Sludenfs' Council is 'rhe link belween l'he upper and lower campus in sludenl' governmenl. I+ is com- posed of 'l'he presidenl, and a iunior and senior represenla- five from each of lhe sludenl' branches of lhe nalional professional socielies, l'wo sophomores, one freshman, lhe edilor of l'he Washinglon Engineer and 'rhe presideni of Tau Bela Pi. . - The principal aclivily of The Council is lhe biennial engi- neering Open House ll also publishes 'rhe Washinglon Engineer. A , .. , I- foresf club ,. 3 1 2.0, 9- 9 'S l KG' Mfr x - .I""'i' Ar"5g!'V ,R f- A A, r, Abrahamson, Denny Allen, Gary Anderson, David Anderson, Harry Anderson, Jim Andreen, Marvin Atkins, Richard Austin, Charles Bailey, John Baker, Bill Baker, Frank Bakewell, Jack Ball, Bill Barrows, Blair Beauchamp, Verne Beckinq, Rudy Beckwith, Wayne Behrens, Jack Benson, Stanley Berq, Carl Berry, Bill Beymer, Robert Blanchard, Jack Bodinqer, John Breitsprecher, Art Brockman, Frank Brown, James Brown, Marlin Browne, Harry Bryant, Ben Burcombe, Dave Burks, Marvin J. Butler, Charles Campbell, Henry Carey, Wallace Carlson, David Cass, Steve Challield, Douqlas Cheek, Lee Roy Christy, Allen Clark, Donald Clark, Kent Coffin, Lawrence Cole, Dale Converse, Howard Cooke, Phyllis Critlendon, Robert Culbertson, Richard Dalrymple, Lawrence Davidson, Robert Davis, Ray De Hall, Fritl De Zarn, Don Dick, Larry Dixon, Ainsley Driscoll, Tom Donnelly, Robert Donovan, James Hautala, Dave Dullield, J. W. Eells, Curtis Ellis, lan Erickson, Harvey Faqerberg, Keith Finqerson, Lowell Flora, Don Floyd, Spence Forristall, Floyd Foster, Gordon Franklin, Ray Fredrickson, Dick Gessel, Stan Giske, Ken Goertz, Robert Gracey, Bob Grande, Alphonso Grayson, Ken Greene, Bob Grobey, John Grondal, Bror L Grove, Byron Guiditti, Albert Haase, Jack Hahn, Elmer Hansen, Mark Harding, Rodqer Harrison, Bob Hebrank Al Heinrich, Serdello Henke, William Hines, Pat Hoelll, Walter Hunt, Everett Jackson, Willis Jacobson, Albin Johnson, George Johnson, Howard Johnson, Peter Johnstone, Howard Joyce, Robert Kanq, Sherwin Karlsson, Eric Kellie, Wesley Koenig, Richard Krystad, Jack Lambert, Greg Lansing, Paul Larson, Richard Lazara, Michael Lau, Alec Lebeduft, Stanley Lee, Ronald Leibel, Jim Lepavsky, Juel Livingston, John Luisiqnan Guy MCClary, David McFarland Jack McGrath James Marckworth, Dr-an Mason, Ben Merritt, Richard Michelotti, Fred Michelotti, Nello Milllin, John Millpointer, Robert Milo, Clyde Morrow, Clinton Moulton Eddy Moyer, J A Moyer, James Moyer, Mariorie Murdock, Jerry Nelson, George Nilson Allan Nord Fred Nunan Allan Nyberq Mildred O'Brien Gene Oikawa Atsuxhi Olson Lloyd Olson Crvilln Pardo Richard Parnell Les Partee Duane Pearce J Kenneth Pederson Jim Peters Richard Pick:-tls Bill Pir-r',On, Darrell Pikr- Charlr--. Po'll-y Gordon Pratt Fred Radnich Jack Rayno' JOl'm Rr-id Jerry Robertson J C Roqf-rs Bob Rotlr-r Ernr-'.t Rouqh Paul Rush Don Sanford B ll SCl1ar-tte' Wriltr-r Schmitz Dr Hr- Sfhuler Dfw' Schufniickrr' EW' n Sr'rraf1O LOLJ '. Sharpe Chin? Sh fir., QW, Sn-ith Eaqr-nf. Srnth Theodore Srnth wear SOi1"qlnr VV-l"f-" Str-f-n Harold Sterqr-l Qnrgrqr- Str-phens Fref-rvvir' Strwnnnon Bob Maqill, Arthur Petrone Ed Strvr' Ern r- , 9 .', s 1 Q' " t L Q' ITTLTI' 1-an liliiffa 1. 1-Y- '57 Q . 'll f if-A Sw.-rv Dan larkntt L-:dell 'lliqqavt Ph lip la cali- Dr-nny lhorr'fi'.rJn Daln Thfurbiirirnzr-n E l'u-in Bill V.iitlii,'. Ben V rtor Art V ll,,qv' Harolrj'. F'l"l Willtr,n Peti- W.irr1 szsszggg in '3 5 'bu' Don l'rirh Carl 'ann Boyd lzun Cr-orqe lzrm C'-rald Winer Bob Wottnn lvivhn Zr-llre Cl-sir lviyr-". .lr-'ry indusirial designers . IX l f , h 5 ,, ,f f ' ' f i K, . 1,5 . S WF Qy 2 . 1:4 . fa "f V . ' X pf. Y f W , s .. ff ?fQ?f5?i'f 'f' sf ' 4... .. 3 inf as , C, ,,.. f - S1-fs: A ."iifff'Y Q 'ws ss are, andi bauer, egan forsgren, dale gibson, gloria gleason, fhomas kifer, harlan knox, bill lalzii, norman louie, ken l., pres. mc pherson, don melsefh, marvin nelson, darrel olson, lwarold faculfy advisors: . T f 10 .,, STN ' , I I 2, A W I Q. X Q X 5, 'f 1 X We-W f Q Q f y Q15 pierce, fred raper, charles reyes lawney richardson, jim ruflrford, carol selden roberf noi picfured bundy, bruce cheadle, gordon forsfer fred lam, roberf peferson, warren frank del guidice s i. d., rufh penningfon indusfrial d ucaiion club The lndusfrial Educafion Club was founded in l95l by fhe sfudenfs who were maioring in lndusfrial Educafion in fhe College of Educafion under fhe guidance of Dr. Afhol R. Baily. The purpose of fhe club is fo pro- mofe social and professional affifudes necessary for success in feaching 'lhis field of educafion Shop courses such as woodshop, mefalshop, general craffs, mechanical drawing, and ma- chine shop are among fhose generally faughl' by sfudenfs who graduafe in fhis field of educafion. The l953-54 officers include: Presidenf, Jack lvl. Wenfworfhg Vice-Presidenf, Cecil B. Harris: Secrefary-Treasurer, Edgar W. Lucas. 242 Erickson, Corlney L. Greig, Lawrence Griffin, W. H. Wenfworlh, Jack M., Pres. Hackman, Roberf B. Harris, Cecil B. Hill, Claude Kaminski, Alexander Kamla, John G. Kawaguchi, George Lucas Ed ar W. . 9 Mahaffey, Terry Mielde, Carroll Nilson, Edward Olson, Fred Posf, Gorden J. Smilh, Gordon NOT PICTURED: Albrighf, Allo Hammond, Richard Magnason, Earl W. Maus, Roy J. Nelson, Floyd, Jr. Sraffer, Win Siodin, Karl J. Sfroud, Marden Wilson, Alexander Horiucf-ii, Ari 5 1 kappa psi "ak 0 N 0-0 X 0? N' ' 'go 08:5 NOT PICTURED: Anderson, Ralph Bickenbach, Fred Colby, Ray Eslorbrook, Fred BVOWU. RBY Fisher, Dr. Louis 5 Geerhen' Jerry Gilman, Derrold Kelly. Don enum, Al Marshall, Dick Mosby, Wayne Pacheco, Gilberl Parker, Richard Soidlor, Phillip Shupo, Jack Slevons, Louis 'ri X, rv ws OFFICERS: Mosby, Wayne, Regent Bickenbach, Frederick, Vice Regenl Monohan, Jim, Secretary Seidler, Phillip, Treasurer Olson, Alan, Hislorian Fischer, Dr. Louis, Advisor Lambda Kappa Sigma, a nafional sororily for women in pharmacy, seeks fo promofe professional inleresl' and prepare ils members for service in 'rhe medical profession. The sociely was organized in l9l3 wilh l'en members. ll' now has 32 aciive chap- fers wilh fourleen graduafe chapfers, wifh l'o'ral membership of aboul' 3000. Monahan, Jim Olson, Alan Sfelson, Ross Welherby, Bill The nafional pharmaceufical frafernify, Kappa Psi, was granfed a charfer in l9I6 lo fwenly pharmacy sfudenfs. The organizafion has as ifs aims fhe fosfering of pharmaceufical research, high scholarship, and fhe im- provemenl' of professional sfandards of pharmacy. Befa Omicron chapfer has reached ils full slrengfh and is expanding ifs scope of acfivifies bolh professionally and socially. ll' is one of lhe 44 collegiafe chapfers localed 'rhroughouf lhe Unifed Slafes. lambda kappa sigma :uvlfllyk-Jill? ' s f - , wg rl' T 7 ids' ' b , :ami fav xx ' Y ' f - . y ., V I N N., 4 I J , , if 4 QL X? 5 , .QE:,Qf,1'11 ' ' 7, 2 4 ' aff xe- Mankowski, Vera, Pres. Chikala, Florence Dermanis, lnara Duckerinq, Donnamae Fedash, Slella NOT PICTURED: ' , sf M in Ceichners. lnese ii 7 'I f - L Q' I Collins, Loyle Collins, Marcia A K 1 ' Forslrom, Ulla V A Plein. Job 1, , Gamido, Lolita Vincenl, uriel - ,Q 19 4. .. 545, Gerness, Sylvia as . i V, is - , Hanson,:-glean X T7 Jn "' X ' lwasaki herr .f f A s ' Y is A ENE. J .. -x " 1-Z1 1 ' ' 1 . 'if A X . W Q: Q f I A 1 5 - Monsanfo, Teresa ' . " , , Le, 4 .1 Pafelli, JoVanna M I ' 5 Za, , .' Paulson, Suzanne ...I-7 ' ,, .rx ':, ' Sabian, Lois yi I N ' g AK Q. I 'sw V Waiff, Rulh 243 Nemefz, Alvin S., Pres. Brown, Frederick L. Brown, Roberl Cresap, Wendell Dowd, Mrs. J. M. Force, Jerald Frizelle, Theobald E. Gallinger, Jack W. Grundy, Cliflon R. James, R. L. Lundy, Margarel' Mellolf, Ted Moore, Roberl' W. Peferson, Clifford Seslar, Charles W. Shorl, Henry W. Sisley, Drake Van Pell, Charles While, Bruce Whifman, Sylvia Wilde, Roberl Williams, Karen Woolen, Ronald Young, William Olafson, Arni managemeni club Managemenl' Club was organized in April, I948, by Dr. T J. Barnowe. During l'his school year lhe club has held sev- eral banquels fealuring prominenl' speak- ers 'From business concerns in lhis area. The purpose of lhe club is 'ro bring 'rogelher sludenls inleresled in 'lhe field of managemenlg 'lo fosler 'lheir own professional qualificalions as fulure managers. NOT PICTURED: Dickson, Ralph S., Jr. Everell, Thomas S. Hall, Eugene H. Holland, Jack T. Hudson, Arley Hurley, Timothy Lamb, Keilh Manlel, Richard D. Olberding, Harold H. Pickering, Wayne Poller, Roy Randall, Charles F. Shellenbager, Roger M. Twing, Roberl Vail, Charles Walers, Norman 5.599793 .Q C o ,QFD ' f lambda rho Membership in Lambda Rho is open 'lo only lhose women majoring in arl' al' lhe Universily of Washinglon who have a high scholaslic record. Allhough il' is a local organizaiion, il has become nalional in a sense lhrough ils members who have eslablished lhemselves lhrough- oul l'he Uniled Slales. ln 'lhe Norlhwesl probably lhe maiorily of women who have allained nolice in lhe field of arl were once members of Lambda Rho. The facully of 'lhe school of arl' is also eligible for membership. NOT PICTU RED: Kyle, Donna Lee Powell, Mary Jane Tiossen, Jacqueline Hsiao, Ching-hwa Gordon, Alex Yambao, Phyllis Rusf, Beffy Lou, Pres. f, I 1 24 ' J greg ,wil x f .f ...Ov V. S ii I ,I i pn. is nf f 4 R' ri, U' ,f f -14, mu phi epsilon Mu Phi Epsilon is a national music sorority in the professional field, having as its purpose the recog- nition of scholarship and musicianship, and promo- tion of friendship within its sisterhood. Membership requirements are a 3.0l cumulative grade average, a year of music theory, musical ability, and faculty recommendations. Tau chapter is active in the music department, sponsoring concerts, social func- tions, and serving as hostesses. ,f K, x I i .Nik Adams, Wendy Christensen, Ellen Curtis, Joanne Damitio, Nancy F l , ' I Dexter, Darlene .,i A , TQ, Garner, Marilyn ' , ,gl 1,512 ., Glasscoclr, Hope A Kr Q 1-1' Graham, Phynn ' ' A ' ' 'X Jie 3' gray, Magiorie . " - ' X e es, atricia NOT PICTURED' f' , nga, ' A ' fr 'A Kauliman, Elizabeth Elliott, Katherine if ' J Freeman, Ruth ' 3, s, Y r 'f , 1' V gall, Eleanor --A ,' ' ' 1 , I eggie, ancy P Morrison, Joyce 4 ,. , A i' lr, smnh- Joann Q ralone, Pgtricia " 4 ' ' eterson ara ae , Salmon Laura R. 5, Thompson Patricia ' ' ,,, ' 7 Tubbs Margaret f Walters Emily , ' Zarbach Barbara , K , V Mueller, Floyd, President Barrett, Richard Diffenbach, Patrick England, James Gaw, Wilson Gregory, William Hausmann, Thora Kuniyoshi, Dick Larsen, Bud Morrill, Jack Mount, Loyette Nemetz, Alvin Pelletier, Kenneth VanPeIt, C. M. marketing club The Marketing Club helps students bridge the gap between school and the business world by sponsoring talks by out- standing business men, field tours of marketing organizations in the area, and joint meetings with the Puget Sound chap- ter of the American Marketing Association. This gives the students an opportunity to become better acquainted with members of the faculty and leaders in the business pro- fession. The Marketing Club is afiiliated with the American Marketing Association, the leading professional organization sponsoring the development of more scientific practices in the distribution field. Membership is open to students interested in marketing as a career - NOT PICTURED: Anderson, Richard Carlin, William Gillis, Donald Goggio, Carol Gorans, Virgil Hansen, Millicent Hazeltine, Hobart Hirst, Bernard Hurley, Tim Ingram, Mary Lou Kenneally, Albert Kirchner, Harry Konecny, John Lillegard, Clarence Olberding, Harold Opheim, A. S. Oswald, Edward "7 Overholser, Otho Rosenzweil, Jim Schlaefli, Wayne Snodgrass, Marilyn Tischer, Mark Wilson, David Shaw, Geraldine, President 6 3' f fr Q' if f ,X W x - l, f . 1 . A 1 . ir fx f S5 1 Q X if WV' f X X GRM A . .. . , ,:,f ff f f f f f . W Y, X X 2 X N x 3 xdfbk ii 01 5 4 f x A J, x Q X f 353 x 1 f X v ' ' G 1,L.,9f.,'.,'.0,E' Q .g',,7,0Q . ,ge ' 4 1 'f If 1 ,I ' - Z .Q N. , eg, f mg --mf - M omicron nu Members of Omicron Nu are selecfed from quali- fied second quarfer juniors and seniors majoring in home economics wifh a 3.02 cumulafive grade poinf. Omicron Nu recognizes superior scholarship and promofes leadership and research in fhe field of home economics. ln fhe Spring of each year a Honor Tea is given for all 'lhe girls wifh high grades in fhe deparfmenf. Parficipafion in fhe high school open house, a iam sale, a cook book proiecf and many more acfivifies are carried on by Omicron Nu. Sfearns, Donna, Pres. Baind, Jean Bird, Belsy Harris, Beffy Morris, Mary EV' t WX? AA V 3 1 Weidemann,J0ar1r1e. PreS- Gosfain, Gilberf O. Forfin, Pafricia D. Harvey, V. Mildred Harringfon, Barbara L. Lee, Olive K. LeVesconie, Grace M. Libby, Ann I. Lok, Hwa Ching McLennan, R. Marlene Miller, Marilyn A. Miyazanki, Julianne A. Nolan, Eve Olson, Bonnie J. Ofoshi, Marianne S. Policar, Sally Relling, Pearl L. Riggs, Shirley M. Sherbina, Marie Spaefh, Carolyn S. Spearman, lrene M. Tsalaky, Magdaline Uyeda, Fusaka Warashina, E. Emily Loden, Beffy Weirmac, Susan R. Whife, Shirley E. K' ' R -' V -'ll Ross, Ellen 5 - EA' 121 Siemens, Helen H Z Tucker, Barbee A 5' X ffm" Willislon, Anne wi fi V if i ,s , 246 mu fau Mu Tau was organized on fhe Universify of Washing- fon campus November I4, l952 and is open 'ro all med- ical fechnology maiors who have complefed five quar- fers of work in fheir field. The purpose of 'lhe organi- zafion is fo become beffer acquainfed wifh medical fechnology and fellow sfu- denfs. Af 'l'heir monfhly meefings, speakers from professional groups presenf informafion 'lo aid fhe sfudenfs in 'lheir academic obiecfives. Mu Tau also affends meefings of 'rhe Seaffle Sociefy of Medical Technology. ' NOT PICTURED Burkhardf, Joan Richardson, Ru'lh Zeeb, Janef WOM en's recreational council .-cf ,, NOT PICTURED: Manning, Helen Basketball Robb, Barbara Orchesis Tsutsumoto, Helene Winter Sports Weld, Gail Fall President Neth, Sylvia Tennis Bratton, Nancy Softball Chrixlenxon, Li Ilian v . is, . o . 'P u Y ff U Pan Xenia is an international foreign trade honor- ary and professional fraternity. lts members are upperclassmen maioring in foreign trade and re- lated fields, who evidence interest in the promotion of the group's obiectives and good scholarship standing. NOT PICTU RED: Derbyshire, Leslie Hopkins, Bryon, Jr. Huang, David Hung, Chia-Chuh Kelso, Barton Lee, James Livingston, Derrald March, Miles Onstott, Howard Petropoulos, Anthanessios Rice, Marshall Sanders, Irving Sequin, Richard Smith, Walter Terushi, Nakamura Albaum, Jerry Anderson, William Bacas, Evan Baz, Walter Burney, Mahmud Chinn, Hing Cresap, John Duggan, Robert Hensle ,Frank Jones, floyd Kopf, Irving Mishima, Tokuii Moore, Robert Nemetz, Alvin Olafsson, Arni Peterson, Clifford Read, Jerry Sisley, Drake Smith, Joel Varma, Gireesh Willard, Hal Young, Donald . Jr " r ' f. Promenade-rs Howe, Lue Boulin Lid1t?9ne, Judy Swim Meet McDaniel, Arlene Silver Fish Mace, Nancy Rillery Mills, Barbara Hockey Roqers, Marilyn Volleyball 1hfanunl,Joy Badminton Zachary, Shirley Winter President Slauson, Janet The Women's Recreational Council is the women's sports organization on campus that governs and coordinates all recreational activities. Membership consists of the presidents of all sports clubs and the managers of women's tournaments. The faculty advisor is Mrs. Waller. pan xenia .FI V -mx pi lambda fhefa ' f f' g fl V L. .,., V . V yi X as ' sp, ff W" . X Q f 2-Mfg: ff f 41 is nf ,S lm , QW A5 X if K AS ffwff ' Kay Smilh, Presiclenf Pi Alpha Sigma, women's professional adverfising honorary, promofes adverfising as a profession among women. Pledging fakes place in fhe fall and offen in spring, foo. Women pledged musl' have af leasf a 2.5 grade average and musf plan adver- fising as a profession. Pi Alpha Sigma fradifionally sponsors fhe annual campus Apple Day in fhe fall, parf of fhe proceeds going fo some organizafion such as Campus Chesf. NOT PICTURED: Brewer, Virginia Corfhell, Eleanor Ingram, Marylou Goggio, Carol Safley, Marie Warren 248 ce Presidenf Ma ry Ba rkes 2 er A' Corresponding Secrefary 1 ,,,,, is Carolyn Leaf . W Q' A Recording Secrefary Margaref Tubbs Vena, Molly, Pres. Bouse, Palricia Capelufo, Beffy DeCan, Befsy Dempsay, Susan Egan, Evelyn Farmer, Sunny Sue Fessler, Ida Frame, Marallyn McGralh, Pafricia Madsen, Emma Nelson, Lynn Richman, Janice Risser, Carolyn Roche, Connie Shepherd, Doreen Smallwood, Joan Tarbill, Kafie Zundel, Loye NOT PICTURED: Treasurer Freda Pelz Women, in order fo be eligible for membership in Pi Lambda Thefa, nafional women's educafion honorary, musl' have shown professional inferesf in fheir chosen field. They musl' have an accumulafive grade poinf aver- age of 3.0. They musf have been in residence af fhe Universify fwo ouf of nine quarfers, and have earned af leasf seven credifs in educafion. pi alpha sigma ra X ,PW If 7 ' fax., . v 'xx B 5' 'xx N l is f . , X , 0 f X A - ' iv'-., ilk: or f Fi- ii, ,, 7 ff? . r., " , ' - ,f 'G' ,XM A m a -W 1.5 5. gan! I Y-:i ' .. .kr . rx fi 'ie - .... N "N X ,V v W ' Q. Q A . . ' ff QV., We 1 . -G 4' . 2 ' X ,. Q' . 5 lf Wil' fhefa sigma phi Jean Olson, Presidenf ,yt wr wi 1? Baine, Nancy V 6 '- I Campbell, Shirley Casfonia, Dorofhy ,. .sh 1 V Dye, Paf i 2. if Giedf, Carol ,f , K N ., H Hin, virginia ,, ,K 3 Huson, Ann Helen i ' fi ' McClellan, Janice - in -' Monfgomery, Sharon ,VY-7, ,"' Risser, Carolyn 'fy 3 ' W! Smallwood, oan 'f,L, 'W , . ff . ' i 'ii' Thela Sigma Phi is lhe professional iournalism honorary for women. lf was founded on 'rhis campus in l909 and has since exlended i+s membership all over ihe Uniled Siaies. Membership is based on scholarship and a desire io go info iournalism as a profession. Thefa Sigma Phi works in coniunciion wiih Sigma Delia Chi io bring speakers 'ro 'rhe campus 'ro discuss iournalisiic problems. Each spring il sponsors i+s annual Mafrix Table dinner io which il' inviles lhe l00 oul'sl'anding women on campus. sigma delia chi , "a, L -v-y ' YS' xx X I ,, , v 7. . ,,,, Q vs . A , X I Le' E -X. K 15 .. ' . ,.l . 5 SN N , 5 as fc f' 'J ,Vw .., . Vena, Molly V Wilson, Mary ' '-3 Zundel, Loye , 1:17 c. 'Cd A 1 ' AN X 1 . i , I .,.,-J. Y , i Nor Picruizeoz Qlfgirf Corfhell, Eleanor 5253: Dobson, Beverly .62 .5 Hedrick, Vivian J Faffi , Warren, Marie 1 'rid ' Sigma Delia Chi, a professional iournalism honor- ary, has been aciive on campus since l9l0. Fra: 'rernify membership is based on scholarship, char- acler, and apiifude among men who show l'he greaiesl' promise in newspaper work and relaied fields. The chapfer works closely wiih men acfively en- gaged in fhe profession, giving ihe siudenis an opporiuniiy for improved insighi info iournalism 65 6 CBl"eEl'. .T sspialx NOT PICTURED: Brouileffe, Geoffrey Carr, Harold Comsfock, George Dederer, Mike McBride, Roberi Monaghan, Dick Olcson, Bob Sisson, Ron Tewkesbury, Don Thompson, William Turay, Ken Handley, Leo, Presidenl Riedinqor, Tom Aslakson, Robert Davis, Joe Fry, Clifford Henncs, Jim Marlin, Humphery Meredith, Dan Neal, John Reed, Slanley Richsfad, Jim Saunders, Dick Sfewarl, Jon Van Dyk, Frederick Woods, William York, Dick is ,lg 1 Elmer Plein, MAY, l953 . I 2 X. W. IX x ff 1 ff Y X 4. 2 W. fa A . A ' , .lu .Sf 1 X X fx Z A X f 1 .sl M.. ., 9 '?z.+w?y.,wK.f A ...-.L,.,,a J fp. ' , 2.1-' 2' 323'-W, s. 1. 1' Y 5 . fs Q. Z A Brown, Ann, Presidenf Buller, Suzanne Davis, Cafherine Meurer, Connie Mounsey, Sally Palmer, Mary Jane sociefy of Presidenf Arfhur Harrison Vice-Presidenf Heber Youngken Secrelary H. Slanley Benneff, Treasurer Elecforal Board: Harry Bauer Phil Church W. R. Hill Kennefh Clark Roberf Slreef 250 ' S S sigma xi b MEMBERS FULL MEMBERS "Caulfield, Pafrick H. "Chow, Tung-whei D. de Alvarez, Russell R. "Gardner, John D. Hara, Reinosuke 'Li, James C. M. Lin, Cheng-sen Lowman, Frank G. Moore, Horace G. Nyhus, Lloyd M. i'Reid, Elberf H. Richards, Francis A. "Rofh, William Schmifz, Evereff J. Seymour, Allyn H. Sinqlefon, Jack H. Sfevens, Richard F. "'Slulfs, Frederick C. "Tang, Pei Chin ASSOCITE M EM BERS Arends, Charles B. Barber, Harfley E. Barr, Neal M. Bryanf, Bruce H. Bryanf, Charles R. Cady, Howard H. Chhabra, Saf Pal Chin, Edward Choudhury, Probafendu P. R. Crain, Richard W. Dalin, Donald A. Davenporf, Marie E. Porfer, Mar Jo feffan, Jackie Walker, Low Ann zefa phi efa Zefa Phi Efa, fhe nafional professional speech arfs frafernify for women, was founded af Norfhwesf- ern Universify, Evansfon, Illinois, in I893. Member- ship is based on scholarship, professional affifude, and exfra-curricular acfivify as evidence of pro- fessional excellence. Zefa Phi Efa mainfains and supporfs fhe Lois Beal Sandall Scholarship Fund for fhe benefif of oufsfanding sfudenfs in Speegh Arfs. The scholarship is available fo any senior or graduafe majoring in Speech, Radio, or Drama. ln addifion ,fhe Zefa Phi Efa plaque. is awarded fo fhe oufsfanding graduafing senior man and woman in Speech. NOT PICTURED Brockman, Rena Brungard, Jackie Hurley, Carolyn mgfhl Kay McCartney, Nancy Peferson, Sallie Rae Phifer, Carol Siursen, Mary Ann Tuffs, LaRene Wallace, Elizabefh Elmer Plein Arfhur Harrison lMrs.l Davis, William R. Downing, Carl G. Eafon, Norman R. Fisher, Richard V. Forsman, Einar V. Good, Charlie M. Guild, Roberl' E. Hiorfen, Alvin P. Howard, Wesfon M. Hoy, William J. Johnson, Wilbur V. Kalbach, Roberf M. Kiddle, Roberf F. Koch, Pefer Lee, Harry Rees, Jr. Leukel, Francis P. Menefee, Andrew B. Monahan, Joseph E. Nelson, James W. Nelson, Richard C. Owens, Berl W. Pelfon, Harold A. Peferson, Ralph R. Phelan, Burfon N. Reid, Rolland R. Roddick, James A. Runikis, Janis O. Schmidf, Dwighf L. Simpson, Charles L. Subbarao, Eleswarapu C. Tiossem, Theodore Vance, Joseph A. Worsfold, Cafharine E. Wyman, Charles M., Jr. Young, Roberf A. Zimmerman, Mary Ll national science honorary DECEMBER, l953 MEMBERS "Anselm, Courfenay D. Beder, Oscar E. Beffelheim, Frederic R. Bueffner, Konrad Champion, William M "Chang, Yi-Chung Fairbairn, James W. Fisher, Edmond H. Horifa, Akira Hoffa, Susumu 'Jenfoff, Ralph E., Jr. Kaufman, S. Howard Kiriluk, Lawrence B. Liddicoef, Thomas H. Looney, Franklin S. McNeese, Donald C. Mifsuhashi, Hiroshi Regli, Carl P. Sfarr, Theodore J. "Siem, Joseph Aaron Sfewarf, Ross Sfibbs, Gerald D. West, Theodore C. ASSOCIATE M EM BERS Albrechf, Genia S. Anacker, Roberf L. Aron, William I. Arora, Indra K. Basford, Roberf E. Bobb, Y. Dolores Bowie, M. Taylor, Jr. Chaykin, Sferling Christie, Joseph W. Cosfello, Charles P. Cushman, Charles S. Davie, Earl W. Dunne, Thomas G. Forbes, Homer R. Forrisfall, Floyd F. Gaub, Margarel L. Gersfner, Rufh A. Haffrup, John S. Hilby, Noel E. Hofbeck, Russell T. lshimaru, Akira Johnson, Lynn E. Johnson, Paul A. Johnson, Warren C. Kerlee, Donald D. Kiziufa, Zina Koh, Chao-Yao Leuba, Richard J. Mai, Klaus L. Markovifz, Alvin Maxum, Bernard J. Miller, Thomas W. Minfo, Roberf W. Nilson, Allan E. Oakes, Glenn K. Pederson, Alberf L. Pederson, James E. Phillips, Lyle L. Porfer, Roger S. Pumroy, Donald K. Pumroy, Shirley S. Randolph, Philip Lee Robins, Janis Slaugh, Lynn H. Smifh, Jerome E. Sfevens, Donald W. Sfrouf, Frank G. Wafson, Warren K. Weems, Samuel Wesfman, Walfer W. Jr Yasunobu, Kerry T. Herman, Ralph Crain, Richard, Pres. Ashmore, Richard Costello, Charles Cramb Roberl Edwards, Arlhur Ecklon, Wallace Fagerberg,Wal1er Gibbs, Charles Grant, Wayne Johnson, Lynn Johnson, Warren Oloshi, Tommy Olleman, Lloyd Pomerenk,Wal1er T44 fau befa pi Tau Bela Pi is an all-engineering honor sociely, founded al Lehigh Universify in l885 lo commend lhose engineers who have conferred honor upon fhe Alma Maler by dislinguished scholarship as un- dergraduales or by fheir afrainmenfs as alumni. There are now ninely-l'wo chaplers and 77,000 members. Alpha Chapler of Washinglon was esfab- lished in l9I2, and many oufsfanding en- gineers are among ils alumni. Hs member- ship is limiled lo male engineers who sland in lhe upper one-fiflh of 1'he senior class or lhe upper one-eighlh of lhe iunior class. NOT PICTURED: Buller, James Dalin, Donald Donald, Bruce Gerberg, Joe Hilderbrandl, Peler Lybyer, Dean Mar, Brian Marks, Clark Meador, Henry Risdal, Ralph Smilh, Jerome Speece, Daymond Spencer, Charles Sfewarf, Harley 'Hia Miller, Thomas Nelson, Roberl Oakes, Glen Ollerbein, Glenn Pederson Alberf Sauqen, John Waldorf, Daniel Weems, Samuel Srroul, Frank Townsend, John Walfher, James Weslman, Waller Wilde, Roberf Yoshlnaka, Kenii rho chi Rho Chi's obiecl' has been lo promole lhe advancemenl of 'rhe pharmaceulical sciences 'rhrough 'rhe encouragemenl' of recognilion of scholarship. ln adclilion lo demanding high scholarship of il's members lhe sociely brings undergraduale and graduale sludenls logelher for enioymenl and lhe exchange of ideas. Rho Chi's grealesl' value is lhal' il' makes ils members more professional and more useful as pharma- cisls. The Greek lellers "Rho Chi" were selecled as emblems of lhe prescriplion sign. lN ITIATES: Berman, Larry Bulls, Jeanne Galvfia, Chesier Geerfsen, Jerry Knonpaski, Ronald Kudalkar, Vasanl G. Lindberg, Norman Long, John W. Ramsey, Richard Siedler, Phillip Zimmerman, Waller Seefeld, Ralph, Pres. A h ,o' k 3 33513224 'C f QP Ecklon, Wallace f X , XI X f X Z5 is :W 1 Ferguson, Barbara ' I X Hennes, Jack 5 'ff Marken, Rulh ' 5' Mauzey, Marly ,.,:, Slanderfer, Frank M .K 55:51 -. -' X s Q asf -5 Parlinglon, Dick Smilh, Jerome Soflky, Maxine Speece, Da mond Yoshinaka, lienii NOT PICTURED: Plein, Joy, Grad Taylor, Joseph, Grad Paulsen, Suzanne, Sr., Presidenf Fedash, Slella, Sr. Gerness, Sylvia, Sr. Gordon, James, Sr. Horiuchi, Arlhur, Sr. ' Palelli, JoVanna, Sr. efa mu fau fi T Zela Mu Tau, undergraduale mal'hema'l'ics hon- orary, selec'l's ils members on l'he basis of suili able scholaslic record and general characler re- quiremenls. ln addilion members musl' have an accumulalive grade poinl above a 3.0 and a clemonslralecl proficiency in malhemalics upon lhe complelion of 'lwo quarlers of calculus. F I' was 5, . .Y J. If ff . . . .Y .ff.f:' 1' TZ? 104 Berglund, Phyliss Cunningham, James Hale, Jay Koefie, Edward Salmon, Gary Tao, James air force drill feam SENIORS JUNIORS SOPHOMORES Williams, David B. DoSclms, Roy C. Ruqqlox, Jack Lusis, llmars Uonxon, Lonnie D. Donald, Bruce E, Johnson, Nunnally Gundlach, Vaughn Dcmilriados, Paul Hackman, Robert Wyborncy, Clillord D. Dwinell, Donald W. Grulchfield, Viclor H Wing, Donald W. Konichek, Dorland P. Slawson, Tom R. Hill, Claude E Davis, Craig Wood, Stephen J. Smilh, Slcphcn 8. Wouwcnaiir, George Gillman, Jan Carlson, J-umm N Dicfz, Arlhur H. Connf-ll, C Rfchwd This fourlh year of exislence is anolher mighiy sfep in acquiring lhe goals sei by lhose sludenls who organized lhe Drill Team. The leam, wilh iis spirii of unil', has become precise in basic drill and has maslered many inlricale drill maneuvers. Their aclivilies have included Parenls Nighl, inferslale com- pelilion wilh Washinglon Sfale, parade drills in Wenalchee and Tacoma, Disfricl compelilion wilh our of slale leams and a lrip lo Soulhern California, which was lhe highlighl of Spring quarier. Drill Team worlc is all exlra lime. The men lurn oul every Thursday evening for lwo hours lo pracfice and discuss leam problems. The men slrive for perfeciion in command- ing as well as in marching. Caplain Valenline look over lhe posilion as leam advisor when lvlaior Clarlc was promoled lo anolher assignmenl. To show lhe spiril' radialed by lhe leam, Caplan Valenline lefl l'he hospilal where he was under doclor's care lo allend lhe Parenls nighl' exhibilion. FRESHMEN Slevens, John W Mnddocll, Gary N M-:Koo-fn, Fmnli J Fl!-1-Chr-rl Albnfi A O4COh'1O',RlCl'1ilFd L onehocinf,Cr.1 l Wnidfrzlrom Be-, Linde- Fred om- C 5 M ' women's physical ducafion club The Physical Educalion Club origin- a'l'ed in l9l9 for lhe purpose of binding 'rogelher more closely ihose socially and professionally inleresled in physical educalion. The club di- rec'rs a Sporis Day for high schools and a parenls' nighl. Highlighl of +he spring banquel' is l-he awarding of lhe Mary Gross Hulchinson Me- morial loan fund and a plaque 'lo 'lhe oulslanding senior of ihe year. NOT PICTURED: Anderson, Conslance Benshoof, llene Cafhey, Barbara Fisher, Marcia Lahey, Dorolhea Ann Lindgren, Patricia Logan, JoAnn Maley, Sharon Menefee, Roberfa Moore, Velva Lu Nelson, Barbara Nelson, Shirley Nieffield, Marilyn Robb, Barbara Schear, Marcie Tsursumofo, Helene 254 Avery, Jacqueline Banks, Nancy Box, Marilyn Pierolh, Mary, Pres. Buchholfz, Gladys Burgy, Margie Chellain, Joanne Chrisfensen, Lillian Clark, JoAnn Claussen, Jean Cochren, Jean Condon, Marguerile Dodds-Belanger, Edilh Farnell, Dorofhy Fuhring, Geraldine Fuiii, Jean Fulfon, Mariorie Gamido, Marion Grage, Josephine Green, Palricia Grey, Pearl Holberg, Pafricia Hunlling, Lou Ann Kanikeberg, Nancy Keagle, Patricia Lee, Joyce McDaniel, Arlene Mills, Barbara Monnol, Fern Neil, Mary Lee Ne'l'h, Sylvia Panzica, Merilou Pilman, Nancy Porfer, Helen Rogers, Marilyn Schweizer, Caryl Sinkunas, Tonia Soflky, Sara Sulherland, Delores Thomson, Pal' Thrailkill, Joy Thurmer, Harriell Underwood, Sharon Vallender, Carol Viloudaki, Margarel' Websier, Gerrie Williams, Relha 6 waver- g Cams ommrions 9 -' .f adelphi lndependeni men siudenis have an opporiuniiy 'lo en'l'er inio social and siudenl' aciiviiies 'ihrough Adelphi. The aim of ihe club is io give each of iis members 'rraining in leadership and 'io promoie social acliviiies, ihereby filling iheir college years wilh warm friendships and good limes. llszygc, Osborne, Roberl Pailerson, Alex Safer, Richard Seslar, Charles Sexauer, Roberi Suder, Waller Ward, Gene li Warrick, Roberi , X J Wilson, John Ziuzin, Vicior NOT PICTU RED: Andreika, Minlaufs Avery, John Bennel"l', Edward Bosse, Ronald Brannan, Roberl' Carslensen, Larry Chriesf, Julius Clark, John Cooley, William Crane, James Cruickshank, Ray Davis, Glen Egglesion, Sidney Falconer, Maynard Fox, Richard Gaidsick, Harold Ginnell, Clifford Hood, Don Kennedy, Charles Malakoff, Burion Mayo, Ronald McMaken, Ray McQuay, Don Moore, Anlhony Morgan, Horner Neumann, Wesley Peierson, Allen Peierson, Les Rogers, Virgil Rumburg, Gary Schloredf, Conrad Smiih, Joel Vadsei, Harold Vaderweken, James Will, Arlhur Wilson, Roberi Bame, Roland Brundson, Harry Cook, Bernard Cooke, Wayne Daniels, Donald Demefre, James Dickey, Alfred Dunlap, Richard Gillman, Jan Grundy, Clifion Jones, Siuari' Kosai, Joseph Marik, Raymond Maihison, Arihur Malsumolo, John Mueller, Bruce O'FIaher'ly, John Olden, Delmer alpha phi omega Alpha Phi Omega is a nafional service frafernify whose purpose is fo assemble college men in fhe fellowship of fhe Boy Scouf Oafh and Law. Gamma Alpha chapfer af Washingfon was founded in I939. There are over l8O chapfers and more fhan 22,000 members in fhe nafional. Alpha Phi Omega is one of fhe firsf groups fo be called upon when service fo fhe Universify of Washingfon is needed. The moffo of Alpha Phi Omega is "Be a leader, be a friend, be of service." NOT PICTURED: Oilrawa, Alsushi, Policy Porlar, Roberl, Chairman of Advisory Com. Allen, Raymond Block, Eliol Browne, Harry Cosper, Roy Creglow, Richard Dowl, Thomas Hunl, Byron Ima, Paul Kuhn, Blaine Lane, Robert Levy, Sol LeWarne, Jack Marlin, Arlhur Ollinq, David Panqle, Clarence Popplelon, Phillip Reece, Alan Sainsbury, George Sharpe, O. D. Dobson, Richard Givens, Roy Gollaher, Larry Green, Jerry McCandIess, Donald Meredilh, John Reiner, Roberf Slevens, John Walson, John Dobson, Thomas, Pres. Kuniyuki, YUKIO, Membership Frccman,MeIvin,P1oieclx Panchenko, John, Program Nelson, Maurice, Social Erickson, Roberl, Publicily Weatherford, David, Finance A-or ' I , 1 meer' u,.,f N ,-- ' lr lg-r S. V 4? Q7 bapfisf disciple siudeni cenier " ' v WZQWKUTJ' " s MK , T 2 1 , The Bap1'is'r-Disciple S+uden+ Cenier provides an opporiunily for siudy and discussion of fhe Chris- iian faiih in a coniexl' of social awareness and per- sonal developmeni. The program ouilined by 'lhe sludeni- cabinei includes Sunday morning class, Sunday evening forum, Thursday dinner and For- umeH'e, proiecis in social aciion, and banquets, pariies and picnics. The Cenier, sponsored by +he Bap+is+ and Chris- +ian churches of Washingion, is affiliafed wi+h 'rhe nafional siudeni' movemenis of 'rhese churches. The S+uden'r Cenier welcomes all s1'uden+s inferesfed in iur'l'hering il's program of Chrisiian undersland- ing and responsibiliiy. QM X 'N ".. we-,fx Nfif- CABINET lleff 'l'o righfl: Sylvia Blain- ey, Laurie Loomis, Wing Luke, Myra Bergman, Bernie Coolr, Shirley Laing, Barbara Schillen. Noi picfured are: Carol Wolf, Marilyn Thacksfon, Jack Remnei, Dayle ScoH', Jim Crim and John Ross, direcfor. I5+h N. E. and E. 45+h Luke, Wing, Presideni' b'nai b'riih hillel foundafion E ' Na", . Back row: Maurice Levin, Susie Rindler, Susan Seaman, Shirley Greenblaff, Marv Flalrs. Fronf row: Merielle Levey, Naomi Kahan, Esfher Buschlre, Chuclr Goldberg. 258 , .,,.,,,:, 4745 I7+h N. E. The B'nai B'ri+h Hillel Foundafion a+ +he Universily of Washingion is a unii' of +he Naiional organizaiion ai' colleges and universifies devoied +o religious, educa- iional, culiural and personal service among Jewish sfu- denfs. I+ was organized a+ fhe Universify of Washingion as a full iounclalion in March, l94I. B'nai B'ri+h has sponsored Hillel since I923. Today il' mainlains Foundaiions and Counselorships al' over 200 colleges and universifies in 'rhe Uniied Siafes, Canada, Cuba, and lsrael. fu'-,o,"x. .A wjfn K safe ,Ag if N my gf' canferbury club . Q. . . Ass f 1 33155152391 ,bf.Qff.S?v,,,A te:-if ,, 1-1 Q-+ . fb " f vs zz,-12' J rg " " 1 'iw 111+ i v. lg, 0 . 74, Ysf. Coq' Bishop Donald, S , GQBURY Hines, Connie, Soph. Jessef, Fred, Soph. . .r 1 , ,Vs of ef' Fosler, Buffy, Sr., President , r. g l .,, . . i s , V.- ,1 f . mrs I ,! ' ' 'a 4 Kreelr, Peler, Jr., 4. Vice President French, Joan, Jr. Person, Elna, Jr., Secy. Slralford, Joyce, Soph. AJ Nor PICTURED: A Dixon, Alice, Soph. Wesllund, Larry, Fr. Canferbury Club is for persons who lilre fo lrnow each ofher, do fhings, and worship fogefher. There are no ofher resfricfions. A new building for fhis Episcopal group is now under conslruc- fion in connecfion wifh fhe Chris? Episcopal Church, 47th and Brooklyn. Meanfime fhe acfivifies have fheir headquarfers af fhc J Chrisl' Church's parish hall. These acfivifies range as far as inframural sporfs, social service proiecfs, sfudy groups, refreafs, weekly Evensong and services of ' Holy Communion. if E 'ivhrfkl A l . . 1' .V . J g l Y . Qs- . ,fu ' Leff: The Canferbury Club in an informal moefing. , Righf: The Club offices are frequenlly a favored place for discussions and gab sessions. ,yi z"f' y gi l l 0 0 l I 1 a l li l 4305 l5'rh N. E. Chrisrian Science organizafion ar l'he Universily of Washinglon was formed in I9l7 by seven siudenls, guided by- 'lhe provisions in The Molher Church Man- ual of Mary Baker Eddy. Then, as roday, rhe s'I'uden+s were "Consecral'ing Themselves, rheir 'l'houghl's, words and acrions ro rhe service of humaniry, and +o +he sacred course of Tru'rh as +augh+ in Chrisrian Science." The organiza'rion's primary ac'l'ivi+y has always been iis weekly religious meefing, which includes reslimonies of healing rhrough rhe applied underslanding of Chris- 'rian Science. These meerings are held in Eagleson Hall every Thursday evening of rhe school year, in- cluding examinarions week, ar 7:45. S1'udenl's, faculry members and friends are also wel- comed al' 'rhe organiza+ion's annual lecfure, given by a member of +he Board of Lecrureship of The lvlorher Church, Firsr Church of Chrisr, Scienrisr, in Boslon, Massachuserrs. The organizarion siudeni' house a+ Easr 43rd and I5+h N. E. was purchased in l945 wirh 'lhe help of alumni and friends. A+ 1'he house, sl'uden+s may read or bor- row l'he Bible and 'I'he wrirings of Mary Baker Eddy, srudy rheir Universiry work, ear rheir lunches and enioy sarisfying friendships. The presenl' slrucrure is soon 'ro be replaced by a modern building which will provide adequare space for all organizarion ac+ivi+ies, including lhe Thursday evening meerings. 260 chrisfian science organizaiion The organizaiion house is an ideal place 'l'o spend a quiei' evening of srudying. Presidenf Dick Ossinger is al' rear lefr. esfonian cl The Esfonian Club was founded on fhis campus in November, I952, and parficipafes in mosf sfudenf acfivifies, especially fhose offered by fhe Foreign Sfudenfs' Office and fhe Cosmo- polifan Club. The group was parficularly acfive during lnfernafional Fesfival Weelc. OFFICERS Presidenf Clving, Gerhard Vice-Prosidanf Kalvisfe, Aavo Socrefary Are, Andi Facully Advisor Koldc, Endel Delfa Mu, an organizafion for Job's Daughfers, a Masonic order, was founded on fhe Univer- sify of Washingfon campus in I'-745. This year, under lhe leadership of Presidenl' Doris Loklren, Gamma chapfer has provided a wide program of many acfivifies and social life for ifs members. ub , lx gi all " 3? Ita 1 ' -f", .F . ' ., sv' : ..f'n3hgVA, X L ' A' ..--qu LL-, s..,,.. Are, Andi Sumburu, Salme Liikane, JJuhan Liiliano, Marl Kalvisle, uri Kolde, Mrs. Endel SEATEDi Kalvisle, Aavo Gorshlmov. Kennelh Nurlr, Enid Nukk, Iivi Likk, Harry Olvinq, Gerhard Vispas, Uno Kolde, Endel delfa mu Lolrlren, Doris Birkell, Marilyn Box, Marilyn Crosby, Joanne Lislman, Joan Loser, Joan Oswall, .lanel Slanley, Carole NOT PICTURED: Cole, Sylvia Force, Norma Fuhring, Gerry Goode, Carole Gilberlson, Laura Jean Hannilin, Marilyn Olson, Janice Poller, Mary Louise Harris, Carol Wheeler, Shirley NOT PICTURED: Beyer, Dorothy Chamberlain, Nancy Dixon, Geraldine Yvonne Holcomb, Joy Kincade, Dale Kincade, Darlene Pomerank, Ralph Kenneth Carlson, Carla Doreen Eastman, Donald W. Ficken, Patricia Meta Galber, Harriet Jeanne Mettler, Ulrick Henry Pomerank, Walter Robert filunist club The Filunist Club is composed of Filipino students whose pur- pose is to get better acquainted with foreign students on campus, to draw the individual group of Filipino students closer together and to encourage other Filipino students to study at the University of Washington. One of the highlights on the social calendar for the group is their participation in the annual lnternational banquet. Though the group is a small one, it is active in many areas of campus activity. Bernardino, Adeline Diokno, Benecia Estonactoc, Ernestina Gamido, Lita NOT PICTURED: Gamido, Marian Bucsit, Castor Conlu, Mansueto Corsilles, Nina Estigoy, Romulo Farinas, Dick Hidalgo, Elsa Sibonga, Martin Tacel o, Dr. Ted 262 Gonzalo, Fernalane Monsanto, Teresa gamma delta Gamma Delta was organized on the campus in the fall of I946, the name signifying the purpose of the Lutheran group -Christian knowledge and Christian service. The club is affil- iated with the lnternational Association of Lutheran Students, and is active in the affairs of the Northwest Region of Gamma Delta. The club meets weekly under the guidance of the Rev. A. L. Hillmann at Messiah Lutheran Church. Natre, Jaime, Pres. Simon, Shirley, Pres. Beach, Meredilh Benedicl, Rulh Bigley, Barbara Chase, Shirley Coale, Bonnie Creesy, Helen vi : l ' 5- , I kappa phi Kappa Phi provides an opporlunily for Chrislian fellowship lo Melhodisl and Melhodisl prelerence college women. The yearly program includes spir- ilual, cullural and social aclivilies designed lo fur- lher lheir purpose: "every Melhodisl woman in lhe universily world loday a leader in lhe church ol lomorrow." Kappa Phi meels al Wesley House, and recognizes lhe value of olher Wesley foundalion aclivilies, and lhe worlr of lhe church encourages parlicipalion of ils members. NOT PICTURED: Allgire, Marilyn Bar es, Mary Bird, Belsey Blue, Sharon Dawson, Viola Deming, Carolyn Garner, Marilyn Glass, Barbara Hager, Marilyn Hall, Eleanor Hardy, Pal Hedgies, Pal Hulc ins, Grace Jenkins, Mariel Kim, Pearl Laing, Shirley Lopp, Kay McNeese, Donna Marr, Ann Masuhara, Emilio Meyer, Belly Jean Nomura, Sylvia Oll, Janel Rislow, Belly Simmons, Elaine Tennanl, Janice Ward, Carol Wellinglon, Kalhry ll Y A A V..-L: i Q T t -X . i ll . s ,4 R. My l'f.qv ' ix'lX J Q ff'-zQ ,, .fs 3 1 rs i . xg 'if qi ,Sgt 4 f K A fi ff? . 1 ini Y, . fl I ." ,K f i. I, Al 1 ls u Curlis, Edna Damilio, Nancy Dolloll, Virginia Freliqh, Alice Gamon, Mardy George, Joan Glass, Merrillann Glasscoclr, Hope Kawaquchi, Marlha Kennedy, Janel Kniqhl, Mariella Layson, Marilyn McCammon, Jane McPherson, Pauline Marlin, Roberla Merrill, Pal Neisen, Carol Ann Nelson, Bernice Olson, Glenda O'Neill, Sally Pelerxon, Marilyn Popwell, Virginia Rosenquisl, owena Rolous, Helen Slanley, Carole Tarbill, Kalie Temby, Shirley Ann Trimble, Marilyn Vaughn, Lelilia Alice Warashina, Emily Ward, Carol Willislon, Anne husky wmfer sporis club A+ upper lefl' is a view of Sfevens Pass. The building is Govern- menf Lodge, a favori+e of chilled skiiers. Above, 'four of +he five Husky Win+er Spor+s Club's Winfer Carnival ski queen candi- dafes line up wi+h carnival chairman Nancy Pe+raborg during 'l'he lnfercollegiare Banque+ given a+ Governmenl' Lodge. The queen candidaies are Muriel Pfiel, Marie Jackson, Sally McGee and Queen Casey Conner. Noi' piciured was Cameon Hughes. Below, some hardy hickory cans line up ai' 'l'ow number one io begin 'rhe long ride up +he moun+ain side. S R! V. ll Above, clufiful paizs of slciis hziddlc fogzlher for companionship while iheir owners are inside pariy- ing if up and golfing lheir spirils up. Upper righi, flue Univ:-rsify ski ieam deparis for ihe NCAA inlorcollegiafe mcef. Lower righi, compefiiors in fhe slalom race help paclc ihe course before race fime. The Husky Win+er Spor+s Club is one course, was 'rho Win+er Carnival. The races. The ASUW ski area, managed by 'the lasi year when 'lhe area budge? was S I i egg, . W ,W of ihe busiesi' organizafions on campus during fhe winfer monfhs. Their big evenf, of l954 Carnival queen was Casey Conner, who presenied fhe frophies for 'rhe various HWSC wi+h John Woodward of fhe Book S'rore as area manager, suffered a sefbaclc ouf from +ho I954 ASUW budgef by rho Finance and Budgei' commiffee. The increasing s'ruden1 membership in HWSC insures Hs sucCeSS in The years fo Come NOT PICTU RED Graham Anderson, Vice Presidenf Jane Rehm, Rec. Secy. Ross McLaughlin Ralph Heins sonding Secy. Jean Sfaley, Corre- Wendell Waiie, President Mary Loe, Treasurer ' X F E.-fy Bill Calverl, Sergeant-af-Arms Nancy Banks, Repre- Arla Locke, O. A senfarive-at-Large Reprexenfafive lufheran sTudenTs associafion Magnuson, Dick, Pres. Bell, Anifa Carlson, Owen Clausen, Dierk Cooke, Wayne ElmquisT, Dick Hoehne, DieTa Holm, Signe Johns, Ron Johnson, Shirley Nolfe, Elaine NordsTrom, Phyllis OberkoTTer, Lynn Olson, Jean Q Walker, Con , , Woods, William The LuTheran STudenT AssociaTion is one of 400 LuTheran sTudenT groups on college and universiTy campuses. LuTher House is The cenTer of many of The club's acTiviTies- noon lunch, Bible sTudies, Thursday noon mediTaTions, and Friday nighT socials, as weil as always being open Tor Tun and fellowship. The Sunday evening supper meeTings, The highlighT oT The week, are held aT The UniversiTy LuTheran Church. NOT PICTURED: Arp, Arfhur BrandT, Ken Budd, Bill Carsfens, LamonT Freberg, Helen Gibson, Arlys Kiemle, Sieg Klingensmifh, RuTh Nielson, Carol Rafhburn, Phil Reep, Erland Sheley, Jim Sherman, Ginny Shiebel, Ernie Sorenson, Ari STrom, Oddny Thonn, Paul Walker, Ann Winder, Leona OFFICERS TronqueT, Alice .,............................................ Presidenl' Campbell, Mary ...... Langen, Frances ..... ,..,.,........................Vice-PresldenT ...,..........................Treasurer Schrickengosf, Eileen ,,,,,,.,,,,..,A,,.,, Recording SecreTary Smifh, Viola .,.......,..., ,.........Corresponding SecreTary Pebley, Bob WirTh, Norm sororia AgTarap, Milded S. Heiss, CharloTTe Kuriyama, Sue Oliver, MargareT Thompson, Arlene Varo, Helen B. NOT PICTURED: Anderson, Elsie BriTTain, Elaine Bullock, Nancy Campbell, Mary M. Colsion, GereTha Dooley, Clara K. Dreher, Helen Emmick, Laura Gaslon, Nafhalie Hansen, Mary B. Henke, Ina E. HearTy, EsTher Hurley, Carolyn lshifani, Toshiko lfiner, Gladys S. Jones, Marie 266 Koenigswald, Joan M. Kolb, Jane Langen, Frances McCarTy, Doris Millsaps, WaniTa Oxwang, Margaref Plall, Florence Porter, Cassandra Rice, Virginia B. SchrickengosT, Eileen Smilh, Viola M. Syfford, Kaihryn Tracy, Ida Weidinger, Mary A. WesT, Doris Whaley, Evelyn R. Sororia was organized aT The UniversiTy of WashingTon in l9l0 Tor older women sTudenTs, enrolled Tor eiTher graduaTe or undergraduaTe sTudies. lTs purpose is To promoTe Triendship, muTual educaTional inTeresTs, and To parTicipaTe in ASUW acTiviTies. A woman 'foreign sTu- denT is given an honorary associaTe membership each quarTer To TurTherinTernaTional acquainTance and under- sTanding. A Woman oT AchievemenT Award is made annually To an ouTsTanding member. The group is TosTered by a sTrong alumnae which aids in The social program, sponsoring an annual Tea To which prospecTive members are inviTed, a ChrisTmas parTy, a summer picnic and a graduaTe breakTasT honoring The currenT year's gracluaies. universiiy of washington yacht club 5 qi fl i , . ,sg "Painfer in her feefhu The U. of W. Yachf Club was organized in May, I948 by I5 sailing enfhusiasfs, and has since grown fo IOO members. The organizafion encourages sfudenf parficipafion in sailing wifh six boafs of ifs own. Recenfly fhe club has become a fhreaf fo fhe presfige of Pacific Coasf collegiafe clubs by winning fhe P.N.W. sailing championship regaffa and placing second in fhe Pacific Coasf lnfercollegiafe Rc- gaHa in California. Sparlred by Bill Buchan, ace of fhe Washingfon feam and high poinf man on fhe Pacific Coasf, Washingfon sailing has risen from obscurify. Wifh summer, and fhe nafional championships ahead, all fhe sailors lool: forward 'ro anofher successful boafing year. in lg- Omcers: Harlow, Bruce, Commodore Morse, Ron, Vice Commodore Seavcy. Joanne, Secrefary Church, Frances, Treasurer Heclr, Joe, Fleef Copfarn Howe, Luc, Hisforion A Puff 2 ,L V Confesf MacFarlane, Ron, Rear Commodore . 6 I ,., -1--. 'fe , .1 7' N. 34622, 1 Mx L 'J , f ,ffi?'i Q5 f gsm 12,1 ', W V155 Z1 1 Ah , I sf Z ' d w " if ' ,.f TF, 1 1.2 1 " Q , -Nj . , Q ,1 s 1.4 s ,,, .' 1,5 ,f x L, ,, . s f 4 is S1523 ,.1 :J f is K , s T ,Q ff . Axon COUNCIL Egan, Connie, Pres. Marken, Ruth Boyes, Fern Lokken, Jean , ,W ,M 1 ,f .Y -. 111.1 .4 , 1 'LT' , fm NW UAW, Eiill Q. if !,1f1,,,,W?, ,x f f 1 if X! f 7 2? J 'ff'ff71,15'1a11 -jx? 1 ' ,fr far . iff, Wye My 1 BETA SU B-CHAPTER: Garner, Ronnie Ha es, Kathy Hoilmer, Margit Marken, Ruth Nordstrom, Phyllis Rogers, Ilene Stephens, Margaret Whittier, Lois Williams, Karen CHI SUB-CHAPTER: Egan, Patricia Koiima, Aki Oberkotter, Marilyn Siverson, Marie Softky, Lois Todd, Glenda KAPPA SUB-CHAPTER: I Arlowe, Laureen Barlett, Doris Bartleson, Sylvia Bensleg, Donna Bing, larice Brooks, Marillyn Buck, Jean Cloud, Cecilia De Spain, Marianna Eckton, Dawn Egtvet, Barbara Francke, Lynn Galber, Harriet Iverson, Beverly Listman, Joan Lokken, Doris Lokken, Jean Person, Barbara Popwell, Virginia Scott, Ardis Suder, Rowena Sylvester, Marcia Underwood, Sharon f M ,, ,f if 11" Mg. - 7 fe' ff f X 4 Vfy 1 'fm 1 , f ' '11 , 5,7 4 in , I-.54 1 , f ,MV Ie Niue s.: , , c X . we 1, , 1 ' 1, , 1. L 1 2.1 . ...L sf, ,. ,. -7.1. . f , 1 1 My ,'1 y , I , ff , . 1 X ,r ,. ,XX ,? .y x 'f 5 A ,W --1 .v , 1 ff i ,f ,11 ,I 1 11 , . s ,1 S1 ff a,1 - f 1' I :1 ' -- 2 15.1 , , 4 , , f - Nl I 1.sg2a.,s: 1. ,1 1, -- is ,'w, f , 1 .11 1 11 f f' 5.16 J fa f ,, ' X is f fl f Q' i 1' s ,f ' , w--:Z -,f 1 4 '1 ,gl 4' 5 1- " ' f- ""' 1 'X ' I 4 ., ., Z i If , K 1' I . ' '1 4 1 f ,, WZ! f. , ,W , -MQW .x.,s1,wf+fss,, QW 5 WA. l , M ff" 57 ? 2 '- b ' 1 1 - 11 11 1 ' 1-1 Q ww f . Aff: .14 1. ' phraieres X 0 XS a x ? .A fl if f ' 114 .6 Brooks, Marillyn Suder, Rowena Ferguson, Mary Jane Oberkotter, Marilyn Sylvester, Marcia Buck, Jean De Spain, Marianna Francke, Lynn Hunt, Diane Cloud, Cecilia Carmen, Anne Clark, Rosella Barnhart, Shirley NOT PICTU RED: COUNCIL Anderson, Jean Gardiner, Mary Ellen Bogardus, Louise Winder, Leona BETA SU B-CHAPTER: Chamberlain, Nancy Newman, Jackie Sherry, Carolyn St. Louis, Virginia Temby, Shirley CHI SU B-CHAPTER Einlis, Elizabeth Hedwick, Carolyn Jennings, Suzanne Provost, Gloria Schmitz, Donna KAPPA SU B-CHAPTER: Bower, Joann Eidal, Sue Garred, Kay Hodges, Noida Summerfield, Betty Swenson, Maxine NOT PICTURED: LAMBDA SUB-CHAPTER Ackelbein, Dorris Bullock, Susan Hamilton, Bette Ricklmyer, Sophia Strain, Sandra Ward, Audrey Waterman, Patricia SIGMA SU B-CHAPTER: Elgin, Lois Hansen, Gail Luke, Ruby Peterson, Carol Wise, Joanne . Wollum, Wanda THETA SU B-CHAPTER: Brandeis, Fanita Lahey, Joann Marcks, Annelore Money, Patricia Pottle, Ellen I' -i 1 ' ' 'V as 5 45,453 , ,. N , , ,, X . Y N -g 1 A ,g ci .. . X if - ' i ff L 5 - ' . , - ' g,s51 , s1,fff X I. , X by ,gwifk x ,J 9. Ns. 9 were-i 5 2.22 Q, x A ,flir- Y,-4 ,S 4 yr Q -s 5 w A ... -L L, , 3' .lf . R 5 f f I S " 2, , , ,-... An informal bunch af lhe Phralares office in lhe HUB. g Q Q i, V ' J' 'A I V A . i ffl? "Famous for Friendliness" is lhe mollo which fhe Phra- lereans have no lrouble al all living up lo. ll' comes almosl' aufomalically-al' barn dances, slumber parlies, ski week ends and well, you name if. Open 'fo all women on 'rhe campus, Phraferes participa- 'rion in sporl, social and service affairs means an added "some'rhing." Phraleres is an inlernalional social and service organizalion, and al' lhe Universify il' is composed of six subchaplers, each having ils l'radi+ional aclivilies and social evenls. A lillle social harmonizing by Phraleres. ,al rn-, K za ' f ,"'.fr-N . ,M S Q: 'Li 4 T .., 'lf Ji 1 l N J i ,Y kk . . V F X7 , s ,I . ai, i :- "i?3?"'?l'T M i' cQK.'s V ,i y S .fx K Q D I 4 if ,- Q .' V 'Nc VZ: 1 ll. rl I as r. . - ii , -. . 1 .rf",r' x n -..: -lr r-11 1' LAMBDA SUBCHAPTER Boye1,Fern Carman, Anne Eldrady Julioanne Karr. Winnilrod Lao, Donn.: Morqan, Marqorie SIGMA SUB-CHAPTER Andcrxon. Joan Carl1on,Laurloino Clark, Roxella Gardiner, Mary Ellen Harris, Donna Sloan, Junio Slanlon, Shirley Weirmac,Su1an Wil1,Holon THETA SUB-CHAPTER: Allan, Mariorirs Anderson, Joanne Barnharl, Shirley Budil, Marlene Clark, Mary Jann Ferquzon, Mary Jane Flood, Charleen Graqo, Jo Graham, Palricia Hunly Diane Millery Mary Pallerson, Carole Ransom, Lorella Roholl, Helene Slarl, Shirley valeda Though it was organized on this campus only seven years ago, Valeda has made great progress in 'furthering its purposes. lt has stimulated the social and intel- lectual interests of the Japanese girls on campus, and it has also encouraged their greater participation in campus activities. lts program includes a wel- coming tea in the fall for 'freshman girls, and a formal honoring the grad- uating seniors. - e Okawa, Arlene Otoshi, Marianne Sugimoto, Setsuko Suzuki, Tomiko Teraoka, Christina Uyeda, Fusako Uyeda, Martha Yoshioka, Eleanor Yashioka, Tomika 270 l Not Pictured: Fukeda, Alice Funamori, Takiko Hayashi, Polly Higo, Kinuko Hikida, Gloria Kitamoto, Lilly Miyoshi, Kiyoka Nomura, Sylvia Okada, Carolyn Saida, Evelyn Sakai, Midori Senda, Margaret Seto, Grace Shimomura, Terrie Takayoshi, Mieko Takiguchi, Katsuko Toshi, Joyce Tsutsumotol, Helene Urakawa, Marianne Uyeda, Fumiko Yoshioka, Janet Fuiii, Irene President Chikata, Florence ruin, Jean Hamano, Kathryn lwasaki, Dorothy Kashiwage, Pat Kawachi, Jean Kawaguchi, Martha Kawa moto, Pat Kuwada, Nancy Nakamura, May Okamura, Lillian Noi Piclured: Ackerman, Connie Allison, Jan Arara, And Barnhouso, clillis Blainoy. Sylvia Erickson, Gordon Hain, Shirley Hirano, George Luka, Wing Nakaqawa, Yosh Pollock, Dick Rodda, Rouollo Schooninq, Mary L Wolf, Carol Woods, Theo Yambao, Phyllis Zaroh, Mahmood ym-ywca cabinet OU Gevors, Thea President Pollor, Randy Prosidenl Beeson, Jo Pourlior, Roy Boyd, Barbara Burke, Beverly Curry, Kalia Do Spain, Marianna Draper, Diane Elioll, Jan Evans, Caryl Friel, Jim Franklin, Laurel Glooqe, Marvin Hamlin, Carol Jallio, Liz King, Jerry Lyman, Louis The YMCA-YWCA of fhe Universify of Washing- fon has complefed an acfive and meaningful year having carried ouf ifs obiecfives: social responsi- bilify, religious undersfanding, personal develop- menf and effecfive organizafion. A fun-filled weekend af Frosh Camp in Sepfember acquainfed new sfudenfs wifh fellow sfudenfs and wifh fhe Universify. Elecfion year broughf a crowd- ed, non-parfisan forum program in which candidafes presenfed fheir views for inferesfed sfudenfs. Ofher acfivifies were fhe Nickel Hop, lnfernafional Ban- quef, Jesfer's Jubilee, firesides, religious discus- sions and many worfh while proiecfs. These fhings wenf fogefher fo complefe an enjoyable and worfh while program. l 1 Miller, Myrna Olson, Eleanor Oswall, Jan Oloshi, Marianne Packard, Joan ' V fl Po r" . rl. Y ,554- ln lg H - A nf 'I S , A l Rellinq, Pearl Ring, Noel Ross, Ellen Soflky, Lois , 1 5 Q Q lg I . V ru V iz - .. ,-ff F . ,J is . ' Jgg.. 2'-iff?-.s,.:,,i f .Qi-vim s ,Q l Suzuki, Tomi Swisher, Don Van Arsdel, Ann .1 Zobrisl, Helen Cosmopolifan Club is a group of American and foreign sfu- denfs. Their aim is fo sfrengfhen fhe 'ries befween fhe individual foreign counfries and America by sharing fheir cusfoms and ideas wifh each ofher. 27l 1 l I +1 A am -',AV5 ' l we 'f' - .,.. 4 4 pq, zwszgl , X X f , Q ww fqs 1 wziwifr fi! Q, W! M mga? 'w jf X jf els fe eff f f 14 A Magnuson Weslly Nelson Janel Olson Glenda Tougaw Monie Trimble, Marilyn' Ward, Carol Willislon, Ann Willman, Russ A 'ali x Morrnl Juslin Presldenl Carnahan Slan Curlis Edna Gamon Mardy Garner Marnlyn Layson Marilyn McCammon Jane wesley club council Wesley Club is lhe official sludenl organizalion ol lhe lvlelhodisl church on slale college and universily cam- puses. ll promoles Chrislian fellowship, worship and de- veloping ol lhe Chrislian lile lor all sludenls, bolh men ancl women. Sunday evening liresides, Thursday noon chapel service, sludenl led, and olher aclivilies during lhe week all lead up lo lhis idea ol Chrislian fellowship, play and learning. New members are welcomed inlo Wesley Club al an annual 'Fall "Relreal." Olher special aclivilies include a Chrislmas banquel lor foreign sludenls, alums and mem- bers. Gills colleclecl al lhis lunclion are senl lo lhe Everell Child:-en's home. NOT PICTURED Angel, Bill Baldwin, George Corner, Marian Demming, Carol Greenslreel, Vern Hulchins, Grace Hulchins, Graham Jenkins, Mariel Knowles, Dewey McCammon, Jane McPherson, Paulin Meyer, Belly O'NeiI, Sally Pedersen, Jim Rislow, Belly Smilh, Floyd Tennanl, Janice VanNoy, Ron 272 E 'U 4 G 'f , , -Q ff fe. r . Q fw, 1,-D' - aj D I 'af ! - li , ' 'f 515, ,T ,, 13243 . , L'QJ.i.3..f., as i -P f 2 I 4 l ,r 5 .ar 5, 1 K1 Q, . , I.. r l' ' JJ' , r - ' a , 'IP' 5 Q W' wg , 1 . if A , J , ,V if 'L 10,6 ' In A Emi -li l X . -if ' Represenfing fhe Wesfminsfer Fellowship of fhe Pres- byferian Church on fhis campus is Wesfminsfer Club. Oragnized for Presb ferian sfudenfs and fheir friends, if is fhe cenfer of ghrisfian acfivifies. lf provides an opporfunilry for spirifual and menfal growfh in fhe areas of Chrisfian faifh, fellowship, cifizenship, wif- ness and oufreach. Chrisly, Ted, Pres. T Hackman, Don Bennell, Warren Brazier, Don Coleman, Chuck Koarnej, Adrian Hanson, Bob Kurlz, ohn Murphy, Mike NOT PICTURED: Anderson, Bill - Harding, George , 'x H pp, ack 1 " V, Jdlhanson, Paul V l John, Skip Xt f Johnslcn, Bob ' 5, . . .' 2 lv ' I Xa King, Tracy Kifhn er, Bud MacP?soo, Nick Moriarly, Tim Parker, Frank Peabody, Bob Riel , Keilh Roalre, Sieve Rofinol, Ensley Saunders, Dick Scroggs, Dick Vammen, Chuck Weiss, Terry Waugh, Wally Wherry, Ken Noe, Jim Bachelors' Club gained ifs official Universify recognifion in February, l954, and celebrafed by having a cosfume parfry fo which if invifed, of all fhings, women! Buf, neverfheless. nfs sfafed purpose remained fhe prevenfion of mafrlmony among some of Washingfon's mosf eligible young bachelors. f My Q 'lg' . 5 . Y .. -44 A P Xl 1 Z1 ,, iq. l f ,ai , T .ie 1:29 J 8 q A . GJ, 1 X121 J Willard Hal, Pres Arlo-re, Laureen Fr Aspenvall, Donna, Fr Ballinger, James Jr, Beach, Meredith, Fr Boyd, Barbara, Jr Buchholh, Gladys, Fr. Davis, Earl, Jr, Donnelly, Bob, Jr Duncan, Kalhy, Fr Dysarl, Lloyd, Soph Fisher, Phil, Soph Gallop, Diane, Soph Harrison, Edna, Fr Hartley, Sylvia, Soph Hill, Calude, Soph Johnson, Gordon, Sr Keisler, Mariorie, Soph Dysarl, Lloyd, Soph Klinqler, Dan Knighlon, Jim, Soph LeCocq, Andy, Fr, Lislman, Joan, Fr Lokken, Jean, Jr, McCoubrey, Bill, Fr McKimmey, Joan, Fr Marcks, Anneloro, Sr. Morgan, Mariorie, Sr, Morley, Dick, Fr. Neil, Pally, Soph, Newcomb, Belly, Fr. Ransom, Lorclla, Fr. Rehbein, Myrlis, Fr. Searlo, Evelyn, Fr. Whilclay, Flora, Fr. Willard, Sian, Soph, Williams, Karen, Soph, NOT PICTURED: Arskey L1-ori,Grad Barnerl, Nancy, Fr Sorell, Sc-He J., Soph Suchholr: Joyce, Soph Caddell, Priscilla, Soph Cook, Doro1hy,rJ. Crosby Ma'y L Soph Cunnin4?han1,Pal,S! Davis, Pxaly, J' Daylon Ronald Soph Eie LaVerrie Soph Eisner, Leona Finley, Beverly, Seph Finley Peter, Jf Fran: Sylvia, Fr Gaheqan Mon'-a Soph Ha'din, T. D. Harvey Fred J Han-nberq, Henry Fr Hellman, Lois, Sr Horsl, Chris, Fr Hullin Deane, Soph lr-in, Marsha, Soph Kidder, Georgina, Soph Klinqlor, Dan, Soph Long, Barbara Soph McOuay, Don, Fr, Madison, Bud, Sr Morrison, Joseph, Fr, Noyes, Jim, Soph Olivier, Denny, Soph Ronqren, Arnold, Jr Flunchoy, Barbara, Fr. Sharpe Sarah, Soph Sherrard, Sally, Soph Shorrard, Marqarel, Fr, Slaples Bill, Sr Thorn, Rod, Fr, Vallendor, Carol, Sr Velaxco, Joso Wenger, Carol, Jr Wilson, Duane, Soph wesfminsier club '54 i pn Y il. ,-1 2 9'-as "":s .ef lf? . T4 in 1 '2 .x'J, Q I f w v , 4 bachelors' club 273 quanfum club sigma rho alpha Looking back over an evenfful year, fhe members of Sigma Rho Alpha have again advanced fhe causes of sfudenf relief. Through endless endeavor fhe goals of fhe associafion have been accomplished wifh ever increasing enfhusiasm as more and more sfudenfs fake acfive inferesf in fhe numerous club projecfs Affer only fhree years on fhe Washingfon campus, SRA has become a prominenf organizafion, making ifs appear- ance for fhe firsl' fime in fhe TYEE. Growfh and fellowship are a parf of 'lhis reservoir of joyous experience and we are ever guild Quanfum Club is fhe undergraduafe physics majors' deparfmenfal club. Affendance af fheir meefings is open fo all, while membership is open fo inferesfed sfudenfs wifh 20 hours of physics. The club, which is governed by an elecfed rou of six known as fhe Nucleus offers looking forward fo newer and brighfer horizons. Anderson, Bob Aslakson, Bob Barger, Jeaneffe Berger, Carol Buchef, Donner Brewer, Bob Harding, George Hennes, Jack Hennes, Jim Hill, Virginia Jacobsen, Jana Knighf, Bill Olander, Diane Osborne, Bob Parker,.Frank Pascoe, Barbara Pufnam, Nadine Roebke, J. Roaringham g P u , . . . an opporfunify for sfudenfs fo meef ofher phy- gfgj,fQ5,j"jQck,e 'ff,,'jlf'jf5,ma'y Lf 2,i2lf,'Ql"i3'2fi5aCfla"e sics majors and fo learn more abouf opporfun- greyd5r0n.AleX mggajljffew Maf' ifies and developmenfs in science. Speakers on D2!:,'H?ariian Merfji+,Jani9e Turnerjnadelyn a variefy of subjecfs, movies, demonsfrafions, F0'Ce'Je"Y H,f,jf'f,",gC",fa"a" Turner' ar frips and social hours have been parl' of fhe Quanfum Clubs' program fhis year. radio - fv The Radio-TV Guild is an organizafion open fo all fhose infer- esfed in any phase of radio or felevision. The Guild holds meefings and has guesf speakers from fhe indusfry. Led by Presideni Boxy Crewdson, fhe Guild fhis year confinued fo grow in size and performance. Brooke, Glenn Gyles, Frank O'Conner, James Casfonia, Dorofhy Hawkins, Richard Olsen, Barbara Caffon, Edward Hennes, James Palmer, Eric Clark, Dick Hill, Virginia Rifchey, Ken Cornwell, Richard Hungar, Julie Robinson, James Crewdson, Alex, Levinson, Sam Roedel, Louis President Lollis, Keifh Seeger, Alan Curfis, Boyd Lockey, Mike Smifh, Paul Dailey, John McDonald, Jane? Thompson, Fran Dlempsey, Susan McKay, Don Wilcox, Mary Virginia Elffe Pafy Williams, David , Meyers, Glenn Moeller, James in appreciation There were many 'limes during fhe pasf year when l fhoughf fhaf fhis book you are now reading would never gef published. ln fhe end, fhe credif for geffing fhe TYEE ouf goes fo all fhose whom l found 'lo be jusf as inferesfed in doing a good job and meefing deadlines as l was. To all of fhese people: fhis is your book. l can'f fhank you enough, buf l'm sure fhaf fhe public approval of your book will be a full reward for your efforfs. For fheir pafience over our fardiness and fheir fechn'c l h l ,fhank f DARREL TAYLOR f fh F P ' f' STEVE LEA of Sferling Engravings. I a e P S O O e rayn rm mg Co" and +0 And fhanks also fo ED KENNELL of Kennell-Ellis phofographers and fo his number one man on TYEE work-PALMER. To publicafion advisor CLYDE ROBINSON goes a large parl' of fhe cred"l' f k ' f f d ' f ' d pace. Thanks also fo SUE SMITH and MRS. LENORE SHECKELS in fhe pmiblisdfioigpdfficeofrgffhteir gioodrhihwofeduassibfxmfe. Appreclafions go fo 'Corny ROOT, PAUL THOMAS, and RON and DON LOPP and fhe res'l' of fhe h f f fff h dl' fhe never-ending assignmenf requesfs And more appreciafions fo fhe Universify Sfill Phofo Lab and fheofiimseasavicrir ibfuirei of WHITEY MARTIN and JAMES o. SNEDDON. 9 P ljxifcirlgo MARALLYN FRAME, fhe business manager, goes a special orchid for geffing more organiza-j-ions .Hman ever had Thanks also fo MARK MCCOLM af fhe Balfour Company for fhe loan of fhe greek pins And fo JACK BROOKEf fh 6 ' ' - . , , , or e us Zlgnhtjl gagjnijertgcjjrjjjpjrjlmjgjijaujrgllsidance plcfures. Also 'l'o GEORGE AUGUST for his wlllmg cooperafion in all sorfs of hard fo gel F f ' I ' b d l ' CcXRebjprgAjeELna cover jo an some cever sechon pages,'ll1anks fo HAL RINEY. And for wafer color work, fhanks fo Buf mosf of all, fhanks fo fhe members of fhe sfaff h f 'H1 long hours fhey puf in on fheir secfions can'f be fro ohiphl Us WI 'nfedlong enough +0 mm Qui a book worlh reading' The PAT NELSON cj JACK HENNES O g y pprecra e . To fhe division edifors MYRNIE HOEY, GlNNY HILL, , h f d - - , . . , and +0 EMM-Y Hag'-FZOMB and DjNNjEwBjgASQ1gor rjjgppjjjzclgecjf pjlfricieij my 6P.Pfeclafron and graflfude for fheir hard work! HAWKINS for coming in and finishing a d'ff' l-l-' b ' 1-I-, a eimc dlvlsmn done before H19 0'l'llerS: 'l'0 MARIAN 'l'he hard job of seasonal acfivifies edifor in lrcifid-jlcearignfo tBli3l?Vl?llEnLrSlgitI Sciliiisns so men' and +0 DONNA.SMl-I-H for 'raking oyer layoufs in nofhing Na+, and fo CLAIRE STEINCIPHE ' me OW managed +0 Wh'P Qui +he or anlzahon R and eeorzee Nicki. 9 To all fhese and 'l'o all fhe ofhers who worked so well, my deepesf fhanks and ifnngrgfujgfffs sfaff. b k , Ions on your oo . Jim Hennes, edifor. I Lgfha Bnef, have NOTE Club PUS- ear- are EVST El'- ds 9Y Po Lhed. fob fhe d fo Eff ing Jres ad se e+ fo 6 L. k: PJ I' I I 'I ,I I II I I is?rv lg3f:-v4esnuu I . ,9,g,w,:5.-.-..,b,,lL, ,amwvmw I I I n-C11 a:. ,inn I Z2 1 I II I' :I yu: II IM SVI FII II If yf .I i: I I I iI I I J , I I EI ,I I1 ,I , ?I III S I ! I I 1 A I 1 I. Ii In rg . I ..- - ,gg I A -lin 5 1 , , in-1 , A 4,7 -xf -1, .-4.Hfu--s- .ff I -1 victory the cry of washington in the many and varied athletic fields found at the university of a thousand years -JN?" . fi sie-4-M-'fa.r y fl 'X Xxx .4.v.,,... ---..,,,.:-tau., - 3' .5 fs ,V 'Q Q .. xx M rgirggga ,rr , I I .LM lk if Y A W ,.g-mf., ' "rl " 1-H3f'ik?'i:'I" 4 X . ..- ,V it " ," , 4'f Wk . , Q-N383 2 xv 'Q k,m.gf9QI:iwQ-i::'w .., ' . 'xK"""'-fi-tw... -,. , . , 1. . . , . . - , K N ,I . - . . . Q ... ,I 4 Q,-A Q-gy-' ,,.v-,- ,,..,1.fu-f" ,,,,,.,.,,.,....-1" .UML f" 0, rv A ' ' ' ' 1, X , 'Z Ori' g NL., Xu'-. x GUN!! f '4-f, .mf ". I of pf-ldv' T 1 ll 'K J 1, ll w- A ,..14..2r' N - ., afhlehc As Afhlcfic Business Manager. TUBBY GRAVES fleffj handles fha ficlcl sales, while BERT ROSE fbc-lowj double, d, bofh Assisfanl Dircclor of Afhlefics and Alh. lefic Publicify Direcfor. 'A wi J- 5 T1 Above are IVAN TRAVIS, Alh- lefic Business Manager, and DAYLE HOAGLUND, Adminis- iralive Assisfanf fo fhe Direcfor. . VNNT S21 in-Q ROBERT STEINER handles Husky finances ui ing ha- Hu ly 1 lo u as Office Manager. VEY CASSlLL Dr cf ol' A hl Yell King BOB JOHNSTON and Yell Queen JERI LOOMIS CAROL SMMERN, BETTY CHRISTIANSEN, SONJA LARSON, HARRIET KREPS, JILL NEER- GAARD, JOYCE TYE, and BETTY BRAINARD were 'rhe song leaders 'Ihis year and, wi+h Harrie? Kreps as Song Oueen, led Washingfon roo+ers a+ fhe games. Yell leaders CLAIRE STEINCIPHER and GEORGE NICKLE aren"f fooled by SKIP JOHNS gel-up. Skip was made an honorary Malamule Ihis year for his efforls in keeping Wash- ing+on's roofers hoarse. Husky yell squad members are DON MORFORD, GEORGE NICKLE, BOB JOHN- STON, JERRY ALLISON, and VAUGHN GUNDLACH. Missing is BILL ZIRBEL. " I Washing'fon's school spiril was high 'Ihis year, parfly due 'Io yell 'Ieam members PAM BRAINARD and CLAIRE STEINCIPHER fbockj and BARBARA SCHMID, JERI LOOMIS and JAMEL HASSAN ffronfj. M -E-. BILL EAKIN, ouifield, and BILL REAMS, pi'l'cI1er 1 ,x 's BILL STUHT, 3b and '54 cap'I'.: JOHN GARNER, Ib, '53 cap+. and Inspiraiional Award frighfj Coach WARREN TAPPIN flefij SAM MITCHELL, caicher fabovel DON VAUGHAN. ss A season of more losses ihan wins was fhe faie of 'rhe I953 diamond squad. Buf even ihough +he Huskies didnl' have an impressive record in fhe Norihern Division siandings, 'rhey deserve a greai' deal of credif and praise for lheir unfiring efforis. As game scores will relaie, +he 'ream was no easy one 'ro tea? and many of lhe Husky losses came aboui' afier closely confesfed aH es. Alfhough The Huskies did noi' fare so well in lhe wine-lose column, ihere was no lack of ialeni' on fhe +eam. Sam Mi+cheIl, versalile ca'rcher for Washingfon, pui' in some nofeworihy performances ai' ihe plaie and was named +o 'rhe All-Coasf +hird +eam. For 'rhe second sfraighi year ihird baseman Bill Sfuhl' was selecled on ihe All-Coasl firsl' ieam and was also named 'io fhe All- Norfhern Division feam. ln addifion he received fhe honor of being elecied capfain of +he I954 squad. Firsl' baseman and capfain John Garner was highly raied al' his posifion and was honored by his fellow +eam mafes who vo'red him 'rhe receiver of +he inspirafional award. A+ +he keysfone sack Roland Halle handled his duiies wi'rh grea'r finesse, and, along wi'rh seven oiher refurning leH'ermen, will provide a good nucleus for +he I954 baseball squad. Pi'I'cher Bill Reams shui' oui' fhe iough Cougar nine wifh a score of 6-0 io give fhe Washingion 'l'eam ifs one conference win. This season saw 'rhe loss of Warren Tappin who, af+er four years as Wash- ingfons head baseball coach, announced his resignaiion. Taking 'rhe pos? nex'r season will be Bill Marx, ihis year's Frosh coach for +he UW foofball ieam. baseball 1953 LETTER W Tom Absher Bill Eakin John-Garner Roland Halle Harvey Jarvis Sam Mifchell Dick Murchy INNERS Bill Reams Bob Richards Bill Sfuhl' Don Vaughan Roy Velling Larry Wafson ROLAND HALLE. 2b LARRY-WATSON. o ff ld Sa' BOB RICHARDS, ss HARVEY JARVIS, 2b NUMERAL WINNERS Tom Archey Ardell Barnes Max Euleneier Homer Green Don Hill Kay Jones Dave McClary Bill Parker Rod Pressey S'I'an Scheyer Teruo Shibala Charles WaH's NORTHERN DIVISION STANDINGS W. L Oregon 9 3 Oregon Sfafe College 8 3 Washinglon Slalc College 8 8 Idaho 6 7 Universify of Washinglon I I2 .. ...B.. Pcl. 750 727 500 462 077 The Frosh baseball foam cornpleled Ihe season -ahh fs 6-6 r co d ad Oo I'-'III Idfh p'ch'g IH Pressey fool: baffing honors n n i 0 Wie, X . . Z - z , 9 f f 5 ' " if .UM ff Wifi X ,L X I 1 f-t , V. N ,4 X , , f f X ' -, v 1 fr, 7' I . .I Z2 , A 1 1f- A ,f A, . '44 'Zh V ff I f f , , f ' f 'yn ,f,, . X ,, W!! ,W 4 'I , Mi? M 4 fx- 1424 ra V33 - , X, , -,.....1, NSWWT ' ff, ,ff f 5 1 f f,. 1 X, 1 n L f ,aw 2 2, 'f y, f, I ,,f , M 7 X 1 QQ' ,V .ff ,ff , , nf yiff W, 2. ,f 'f V7 ,fr few, wk . Q AL ULBRICKSON, Washingfon's crew coach, has builf winning crews consisTenTly and has been a quid. ing force in The Husky crew sTory. GEORGE POCOCK, shell builder for mosf of The counfry, is one of WashingTon's sfaunchesf and ablesf supporfers. WashingTon's VarsiTy and JV crews, afTer a disappoinTing '52 rowing season, came back To make Their 5Th year of rowing one To be remembered. Led by six reTurning leTTermen and Coach Al Ulbrickson, They were deTermined To regain for Wash- ingTon The long-held repuTaTion of being Top compeTiTor. The season goT off To a fine sTarT wiTh good weaTher condiTions, buf as The WashingTon-California race approached in May The weaTher changed and TurnouTs became difficulf. Conscious of The power of The Bears, Coach Al pushed The JV and VarsiTy over lengfhy disTances during lafe TurnouTs before The Bear regaTTa. The JV and VarsiTy showed power as They wenT on To sweep The day's evenTs. Following The Frosh's easy vicfory The JV oars- men sTroked Their shell To a record seTTing margin of ll lengThs. ln The laTe affernoon The VarsiTy fin'shed The regaTTa eighT lengThs ahead of The Golden Bears. This made iT The l2Th WashingTon sweep in The hisfory of The Cal.-WashingTon compeTiTion. ln Syracuse for The IRA naTional championships on Lake Onondaga, WashingTon was named as The Top opposifion for lasT year's IRA champs, Navy. The regaTTa sTarTed ouT wiTh The UW Frosh again finishing well ahead of oTher compeTiTors in The Two-mile opening race. The JV followed paTTern and swepT Through To a powerful five-lengTh margin in Their Three-miler, followed by Navy and Cornell. The Three-mile varsiTy race had Navy, WashingTon and Cornell maTching sTroke for sTroke and desperaTely sTruggling for The lead. FighTing for an exTra bursT of speed The Washingfon boaT looked like iT could do iT, buT one of The sTrongesT Navy crews of all Time held The lead and finished one and one-fourTh lengThs in fronT wTih a Time of l5.29:6. The Cornell eighT edged ouT The Husky oarsmen for second place. WiTh Two firsTs and a Third The WashingTen crews were given The Trophy as Team champions. Despife The VarsiTy's Third place in The IRA regaTTa The l953 Husky crew again showed The rowing power Thaf has been credifed To Al Ulbrickson's oarsmen for many years. The Varsify boaf during The Cal race consisTed of WiTTer icoxi, Leanderson, Riely, Sfocker, Wahlsfrom, Harper. John, Lacy and Howay. I-Jfn Lamb: if A4-Fl ,W 5' 3 g f ilu! ROLAND CAMFIELD DICK WAHLSTROM BILL CAMERON 43,7 SKIP JOHN BOB WITTER "KK -fum.. TED FROST DICK LACY was-va JACK RIGSBY and DEAN KALLANDER senior managers KEITH RIELY Nb Q Q. X . 'V 15217 in gg :gg Y'-'S X DON VORIS BUZ BIRKELAND AL ROSS! F ,LQ ' Q45 ts? A -sn , 1-'ggs , '3f7f3z" K 'Ewa . Pg,-A ff., .1 g-L .L- M:,.'a-t:.,fj:,. ' r,.:42.'qjfff fx Us ' ERIC FONKALSRUD Sophomore managers: RON TAYLOR, WALLY SMITH, TOM REHM, RAY HEILY and EARL THYGESON. Nof picfured-WILSON ARNOLD. ,ao ' Q 'S' ' ' 'Ml' I 3. 5 FI L LEANDERSON GUY HARPER AL STOCKER R73 -5483 IT , 1 1 ,wwf """ .W 'Ana A BUD MOORE 35- ,ws LW? 5 Llghfweighf second boaiz Don Roos, Bruce Nords+rom, Jim Olson, Jim Vik, Lighfweigliffirdb0a+1J0l1n Baker.Ror1 Teed. TQ? Tl1l6S-.B0b D0+y. Carroll Neil Jones, Jack Rogers, Bill Ford, Warren Peierson, Dick Wefmore, cox. Mlelde. Jim F0Tl99S. Sian Rennlnqeff Bob 515005. -lim Del'f1el'Fe.Cox. The lighfweighr crew, disconrinued in I952, came back info ihe shell house lasi' year when siudeni response showed ihai +he demand for compeiiiive rowing was greaf enough 'io suppori' ii. A large number of aspiranis were on hand +o greei' Coach Rod Johnson, veieran Husky oarsman and four- year leiierwinner. Throughour ihe season ihe boais cons'I'ani'ly showed iheir enihusiasm and abiliiy, insuring 'ihe coniinuance of lighiweighi' crew. The l65-pound crew's firsi race was wiih 1'he James Bay Rowing Club of Vicioria, B. C. Even ihough Lake Washingion was rough and choppy, 'l'he Husky oarsmen covered 'rhe course in good +ime and were easy viciors. In June 'rhe lighiweighis mel' wi'rh OSC on ihe Willame'He River in a race 'Thai' was pari' of rhe Poriland Rose Fesiival. Again 'I'he Huskies swepi' io an easy win, compleiing ihe season wiih a perfecl' record. varsity lvar Birkeland Bill Cameron Joe Mclniyre Leon Moore Roland Camfield Keiih Riely Eric Fonkalsrud Al Rossi Ted Frosi' Al Siocker Guy Harper Jerry Treber Jim Howay Don Voris Bill John Dick Wahlsfrom Dick Lacy Bob WiH'er Fil Leanderson iunior varsity Jack Cahill Jerry Treber Clayion Robinson - 'N F arrol? con fresh crew STAN POCOCK, Washingfon Freshman coach, ha lad The H sky yearlings fo many vicfories in The pax? years and II I y one of crew's ablesf supporfers. The i953 Fresh crew, coached by Sian Pocock, again se+ fhe pace for fhe UW crew as il' showed spirif and devofion 'lo fhe sporl of rowing. Sfarfing our 'lhe year 'rhe Frosh had frial races againsi fhe varsify crews, finishing second, +wo lengfhs behind fhe firsf boat The Fresh eigh+'s 'firsl compelifive meei' was fhe Cal. race in May. The freshmen swepl' fhrough wifh a win of 7'f2 lengihs over +he sfrong Baby Bears.. Affer +ha'r +here was no sfopping fhe Frosh. Traveling +o Syracuse for fhe nafionals, 'ihey again copped firsi' place honors as fhey rowed away from lhe pack. The race proved fo be more like a parade as ihe Husky eighi' paddled +he course wi+hou'r a challenge. Vicforious in 'rheir fwo compe1'i+ive races, fhe Frosh assisied fhe ofher Washinglon crews fo make a sweep of 'the Pacific Coasf regaffa and +o capfure ihe IRA feam chapionship frophy af Syracuse. Frosh firsf boaf: fbackj, Andonian lcoxl, Purnell, Backer Pole son Wallet ffronfl, Harf, Thomas, French, Lamb. Frosh second boar: fbackl Wafers lcoxl, Kachlein, Ingham, Hanson Scheumann. fFronfI, Eagon, Clarke, Walker, Praff. ease X Some of The Varslfy Boar Club +urns fo on 'l'l1e shell house Slnp John dedicales 'rhe new living quar+ers clurmg a flag raising ceremony Spiri'l' of 'lhe U. of W. crew was bolsfered 'This year when ihe crew members conver+ed fhe recreafion quarlers of fhe crew house info living faciliiies. The shell house, home of +he crew, is s'rreng'rh- ening unify among 'rhe men. Sleeping, eaiing, and siudying a+ rhe shell house has helped +he rowers +o live crew 24 hours a day. This new plan has long been advocaied by George Pocock, a guiding force of 'Phe Washinglon crew. I+ was ini+ia+ed by Fil Leanderson, Dick Wahlsfrom and Coach Al Ulbrickson. The coach said, "You can noi' excepi' 'lo have 'rhe men live crew only a few hours a day and Then expeci- fhem 'ro be a winning crew. This new arrangemenr makes fhem aware of rowing every minul'e." numeral Paul Andonian Hans Backer Doug Clarke Dick Eagon Doug French Neal Hanson Ari Hari' Ed Ingham George Kachlein winners Lynn Lamb Ted Peierson Dave Pra'H' Dave Purnell Dick Scheumann Harlan Thomas Ron Wailes Bruce Walker Wayne Walers The Washingfon 'freshman boaf during fhe California race K 1 ' suv:-nl!-F-1 ' 'iii ,3.,-,........-- iii! .,-hi-4 il.,-..--.1 -n ' f'-' "" 'N - ' I Aff? ,, , .frnnrllsli ..-if W . f Llp,-I5 13 ':..,.......' .' H.-ai rr.iii...J 4-.- . ,,,, ,. ,f-J 0 I - V ,,u ,. , X , , ',. . -. A X- -'ig - s ' - 1" H34 ' A "S .- f Lie- 41, - 1'.N BOB FORNIA, mile. IIIX U '.1.'2:,:ia: 5. ff -- '.n'0 4 ' ,QL-,Ku HEC EDMUNDSON, Husky Head Track Coach mum GEORGE WIDENFELT, Washingfon's versafile capiain hack 1953 G L Opening fhe season wlfh a sfrong winning performance agalnsf OregOI1 H19 Washlngfon powerhouse nexf succeeded In ouf running and ouf fhrowlng fhe Webfoofs from OSC WSC had fo go fhe llmlf in defeaflng fhe Washlngfon fraclcmen and Idaho suffered a crushing loss af fhe hands of fhe avenging Huskies fo wind up Dual compehflon for fhe year. Placing a close second in fhe Norfhern Division meef af Eugene, Washingfon boasfed fwo imporfanf firsfs wifh fwo-miler Denny Meyer, and speedy miler Bob Fornia. George Widenfelf, Washingfon's versafile capfain and a busy poinf-geffer, caused fhe opposifion a few worried momenfs. Darrold Slcarfvedf furned in a brillianf performance, as well as Duane Wardlow, shof pufg Fred Guenfher, high hurdles, Rod Vanderhoof, 880, and Bob Hufchinson, sprinfer. Shorfly affer fhe Norfhern Division meef, Coach "Hee" Edmundson said, "We've come a long way since fhe beginning of fhe season and we expecf 'ro go a lof far+her." Af fhe P. C. C. meef in June, Washingfon, for fhe firsf fime in five years, had fwo winners as Fornia and Slcarfvedf fool: firsf places in fhe mile and broad- iump. Meyer, affer a record seffing season, was held fo sixfh in fhe fwo-mile. FRED GUENTHER, Hurdles DARROLD SKARTVEDT PCC Broad Jump Winner DENNY MEYER Two-Miler and Capfain in l954 DENNIS CARLTON, Broad Jump 294 STAN GREEN, Dashes FIELD RYAN. Mile 'i In :M NORTHERN DIVISION 5 I V2 4021, 34V2 zoy, I7V2 DEAN PARSONS, shof ancl discus GARY GAYTON, Iwo miIe PERCY EGTVET frighfj, Husky ' assis'ran'I' 'Irack coach UW 77 .... ...... O re- UW 93 .... ...... O C5 uw 5 I V2 ........ ......... W SC UW 83 .... ,,.... I daho DUAL MEET RESULTS 54 39 79V2 48 NUMERAL WINNERS Abe Angell Gene Hammermasfer John Brazier Jim HiII'on Bob Bryan Dick King Charles Caldwell Jim Leibel Dave Cavaness John LeacIIaeHer Jim Crim Bill Monson Tom Dobson John Schwedes John Fi'I'zgeraIcI Terry SI'rom Charles WorI'hing'ron - N 296 Frosh 'Irackmen JOHN LEADBETTER, BOB BRYAN, and JIM HILTON gave indicafions 'I'ha'I Ihe Husky 'Irack fu+ure is bright Taking 'Ihe lows are Frosh cinclermen CHUCK WORTHING- TON and BILL MONSON while DICK KING paces 'I'hem. JIM BOURNE, anofher fhree-year lefforman was all-Universify champ. Coach BILL JEFFERSON again coached the Husky golf squad fo a successful year. Sfarfing fhe season wifh four fwo-year leffermen, fha Husky fee squad coppcd 'rheir 'rhird consecufive Norfhern Division crown, besides sending fwo golfsfers fo fhe NCAA fournamcnf. Capfuring fhe fop four link spofs fhis season were Capf. Paul Johanson, who 'fied for second in I952 NCAA medal play and co-medalisf of fhe l953 Norfhern Division fourneyg Don Russell, co-medalisf in fhe '52 ND links fournamenfg Jim Bourne, ali-Universify champion, and Jim Hynds. Those four seniors finished fheir 'rhird year of varsify golf compefifion. The golf season gof under way wifh fhe UW golf squad's onl defeaf of fhe season-Oregon I8'f2, Washingfon Blfg. Russell and Williams were fhe only Huskies fo beaf fheir Oregon opponenfs in fhe opener. Un- deferred by 'rhis sef-back, fhc Huskies frounced Oregon Sfafe, Idaho, and WSC fo finish second in regular season play. The linksfers won fhe Norfhern Division crown by edging ouf fhe Oregon feam 596-597. Represenfing fhe UW af 'rhe NCAA fournamenf in Colorado Springs were Johansen and Russell. Bofh were climinafed before fhe finals. Q0 If 1953 JIM HYNDS oarncd his lhird vanily loffnr on fha greens. PAUL JOHANSON was co-modalisf in fha Norfhnrn Division Oournarnonl. DON RUSSELL, a fhree-year lefferman, was co-medalisf in fhe l952 ND fourna- menf. . .-51002-'+ J- I .it '. Wy, H ,, .,,, IE'-:ir-ri"-ff . ' U N , .., fag 'ey' . X-r ,..:A ns,. --Is , ' "'f , f-5. --' 5, .Af f M, .3 V '.xj4g4 -- "I 'E' " 5 .W - " .M .' sf-.LI 1 ST 'nw'k73' f, '- ,gi 1 -- N- X -0- A A ' f , fm.:-, fig:-IMQI. Y. I' 'C ' if 'Y "'f""'57I , 11 .fx-Q5 -kg, 1 fennis 1953 WINDY LANGLIE Husky Head Tennis Coach For fhe l4fh consecufive year Coach Windy Langlie's fennis feam has won Norfhern Division honors. Led by fhe oufsfanding fennis com- binafion of Bill Quillian and Don Flye, fhe Husky neffers were a fough feam fo beaf. Besides fhe l4fh sfraighf dual-meef fournamenf crown, fhe neffers raclced up fheir fofal number of championships fo sixfeen in sevenfeen years of division compefifion. The Washingfon raclref squad launched fhe season by defeafing Ore- gon 7-0. They wenf on fo cop addifional honors during fhe ldaho. Washingfon Sfafe, and Oregon Sfafe meefs. Aside from scheduled college duals, fhe fennis feam had fime and energy fo score defeafs againsf fhe Seaffle Tennis Club and Madigan Army Hospifal squads. The Huskies were also able fo boasf sending Coach Windy Langlie, Quallian, Flye, Albano, and Kirlx fo fhe NCAA meef where bofh Quallian and Flye were able fo reach fhe quarfer-finals before being eliminafed. DON FLYE BILL QUILLIAN JERRY KIRK 299 N ', xv: L xxx sg. X -:HE RAY ALBANO SEASON RECORD 7 Oregon 0 6 OSC I 7 IdaI1o 0 7 WSC O BOB HANSON JACK ROSE NORTHERN DIVISION Washingfon OSC ......,.. Idaho MEET Frosh Iennis +eam included: ffrom' row, lfo rl HAROLD MOLDSTAD, HERB SMETHERAM, PAUL PROCTOR. DOYLE PERKINS. fBack row, I fo rj JERRY WIND- HAM, RON OERTLI, RON OLSON, ROGER KNIGHT- CLIFF SCOTT, JIM GETCHELL. No+ pic+urecI: MII-T LEW. WSC Oregon A I mi X mr R-f ji4,.4-"""' ... A -pa-Y' 1 1 !T,:2,-I 0 1 i 9 4 4 gag! in 'ii gli x r 2 I coaching siaff Hop leffl LOU SABAN, Baclfleld. ffop righfl RED BADGRO, End Coach. Hffiddlel JOHN CHERBERG, Head Coach. Cher- berg, a Universify graduafe who served as asxislanl on fha Huslry sfafl since I946, replaced Howie Odell las? year. fBoHom leffl JOHN BAKER, Lino Coach. fBoHom righfj BILL MARX, Frosh Coach. BOB DUNN llbl gels away a luck desplle 'Polorados a'Hemp+ +o block 1+ wash 20 colo 21 Washington September 26, 1953 Michigan Washlngfon September 19 1953 Nei' yard ge gained rushmg Ne+ yardage galned rushmg Ne+ yardage gamed passmg Nei yardage gamed passmg To+al fursr downs Tofal hrs? downs Passes aH'emp'red Passes aHemp'red Passes complefed Passes com pleled Fumbles Fumbles 8 Number of penalries 6 60 Yardage losl on penallies 70 Yardage losl' on penaH'ies 40 36 Average puni- yardage 35.l Pun'r average 38.4 Washingfon H ssv,,ss,,,,,s,,,As,,,,,,,,,, 0 0 Washlnglon ,.sss..........s.....,.ss..... 7 0 6 7 20 Mlchlgan ,,,,sss A,,,,,,,A I 3 I8 Colorado ...... ,..... 7 O I4 O 2I Colorado 65 27.6 0 0 0 I3 6 50 wash. 0 mich. 50 SANDY LEDERMAN l20l and JACK NUGENT l3ll can only hope Michigan's Tad Sfanford lendl drops +he pass. He did. ARNIE BERGH, fullback 48' BOB DUNN, halfbaclc SANDY LEDERMAN . qua fcrbagk wash. 28 ogg 0 PETE ARRIVEY JACK KYLLINGSTAD lwiih balll brealxs for an opening as VERN LINDSKOG l55I, MILT BOHART I66I, and JIM NOE Iszl help ou'I. Ofhers piciured are CHAMBERS I74I, BLACK SPRAGUE my and LEDERMAN Izol. In Iheir Coasi' Conference opener, 'rhe Huskies, having dropped Iheir firsl' Iwo games of 'rhe season, suddenly broke info 'Ihe win column wiI'h a decisive viciory over a visifing Oregon S'ra+e con+ingen+, 28-O. Jack Kyllingsiad opened Ihe scoring mid-way Ihrough 'rhe ini+iaI quar+er, driving over his own Ief+ Iackle from 'rhe Ihree yards line. Wendell Niles, who had a perfecl' aflernoon wiI'h four conversions in four af- +emp+s, booled Ihe ball 'rhrough Ihe uprighrs. Six min- u'Ies Iafer Sfew Crook also hi+ Ihe Iefi' side of 'rhe Iine, Charging in'ro Ihe end zone from The I4, making Ihe haI'F+ime score I4-0. Affer a scoreless 'Ihird quar+er, Kyllingsfad resumed Ihe Huslcy march by crashing over his cenfer in+o fhe end zone from 'Ihe seven yard Iine. Wifh only 'rhree minu'I'es remaining in Ihe game, Dean Rockey rounded Oul' Ihe Washingion Iallying, scoring on a quarI'9I'ID6CI1 sneak from The one yard Iine. Washington October 4, 1953 304 Nei' yardage gained rushing I27 Nei' yardage gained passing 29 Tofal Iirsf downs 25 Passes aHemp+ed I5 Passes complefed 6 Number of penalfies 60 Yardage IosI on penalfies 3 Balls Iosi on fumbles 40 Average pun+ yardage Washingfon Oregon Sfafe 0.S.C I 66 4 I6 5 3 Il I 35.5 7 7 O I4 28 O 0 0 O O Washington U.S.C. Nef yardage gainecl rushing 5l Nef yardage gained passing 40 Passes affempfed I2 Passes complefed 5 Tofal firsf downs 4 Number of penalfies 6 Yardage losf on penalfies 50 Balls Iosf on fumbles 2 3l 3 Punf Average 38.0 Washlngfon .s,s ..........,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, 0 I3 0 O I3 U 5 C -........a ...... 0 0 6 7 I3 Complefely oufplaying fheir heavily favored oppon- enfs, fhe Huskies came wifhin fhe narrowesf possible margin of pulling fhe upsef of fhe fhen young season, fying fhe Universify of Soufhern California Trojans, I3-I3. Washingfon managed fo push across all fheir poinfs in a sfirring second quarfer rally. Jack Kyllingsfad plunged over his righf fackle from fhe fwo fo sfarl' 'rhe Huskies moving. Jusf fwo minufes affer fhaf Sandy Lederman sneaked over from his quarferback spof on fhe one yard line. Bob Dunn's successful conversion made fhe halffime score I3-0. The Troians never gof a susfained drive rolling. Their fwo TD's came on a 69 yard punf refurn in fhe fhird quarfer and a 79 yard pass infercepfion in fhe fourfh quarfer. Sam TsagalaIci's poinf affer fouchdown proved fo be fhe equalizer. Washingfon sfops a USC drive wash. I3 usc I3 JERRY REDMOND quarferback JIM WARSINSKI, end JACK KYLLINGSTAD, halfback MILT BOHART guard 'F l l ED SAGE, hallback JIM HOUSTON ond wash. 14 ore, 6 SANDY LEDERMAN l2Ol and JlM HOUSTON l7l close in on a Duck. Oufplayed by a scrappy Duck squad in fhe firsf quar- fer, fhe Washingfon Huskies were forced +o use all available power fo hall' fheir +radi+ional in+ers+a+e rivals, I4-6. ln fhe firsl' half, despife fhe Duck's "fumblei+is," 'rhey were able fo collec+ a fouchdown, scored by John Reed. The Huskies, however, beffered fhaf mark on The sfrengfh of Bob McNamee's firsf TD of fhe af+er- noon and Wendell Niles' good conversion. From fhis poinl' on, +he Huskies were never ac+ually headed. Never+heless, fhe men in Green and Gold gave Coach John Cherberg and his boys +heir share of worries, confinually seHing up scoring oppor'run- ifies in a game buf fu+ile aHemp'r, as +he Huskies held fheir ground and fipped fhe Ducks, I4-6. Washington Oregon ll2 Ne? yardage gained rushing lI4 98 Nei yardage gained passing IOS I2 Tofal first downs I2 I5 Passes affempfed 28 8 Passes complefed IO 3I Number of penalfies 5 2 Balls losf on fumbles 2 38.4 Pm average 28.7 Washfnglon 0 7 O 7 I4 Oregon 0 6 0 0 6 307 Washingfon Ociober 24, 1953 Sfanford 89 Nef yardage gained rushing 56 lI2 Nef yardage gained passing l62 I2 Tofal firsf downs I2 35 Passes affempfed 23 I2 Passes complefed I2 6 Number of penalfies 5 60 Q Yardage losf on penalfies 45 3 Balls losf on fumbles 4 38.6 Average punf yardage 36.3 Washingfon ..,......... .............. 0 0 7 O 7 Sfanford .Y .... 4,,,,.,. 7 6 O 0 I3 Playing before a home crowd of some 39,000, fhe Husky eleven sfaged a courageous comeback in fhe second half, buf fheir efforfs weren'f enough fo sfop a fighfing Sfanford squad, which eked ouf a I3-7 vicfory. Led by fhe sensafional passing combinafion of Quar- ferback Bob Garreff 'ro ends Sam Morley and John Sfeinberg, and The able running of halfback Ron Crook, fhe powerful Indians rolled fo a I3-0 halffime lead. In fhe second half fhe Washingfon pass defense fighf- ened up, and Sandy Lederman began spoffing his receivers. The Huskies moved deep info Sfanford fer- rifory before Jack Nugenf finally scored and Wendell Niles converfed, making fhe score I3-7. An Indian affempfs fo ouf-maneuver BOB MCNAMEE f34l and ED SAGE l46l. wash. 7 sian. 13 STAN KUCINKAS, fackle JERRY LANGER, guard GEORGE BLACK, end JIM NOE guard ANN.. , CORKY BRIDGES. halfback DEAN CHAMBERS hckle wash. 21 BOB MCNAMEE. halfback VERN LINDSKOG, cenfer ufah 14 BOB McNAMEE plunges ahead for a shorl' gain. JIM HOUSTON I7I and MILT BOHART l66I are oul' of rhe play. 2I,OOO ardenl Washingron roorers warched +heir Hus- kies, afrer puffing up a gaIIan+ second half rally, 'rurn back rhe visiring Urah Ures, 2l-I4. Trailing 7-0 ar I'he half, 'rhe reiuvenared Huskies fied Ihe counr ai' +he end of 'rhe 'rhird quarrer. Afier Ihar, borh reams opened up. Washing+on wen+ ahead I4-77 on one of Lederman's rouchdown passes, only ro have Max Pierce's TD knoi' Ihe score. In Ihe con'res+'s clos- ing minules 1'he Huskies managed 'ro pass +heir way +o a 'rhird and deciding ffouchdown. Washington I8O Nei yardage gained rushing I50 Ne+ yardage gained passing I4 Tora! firsr downs I3 Passes aHemp'red 8 Passes complered 2 Number of penalries 30 Yardage Iosl' on penaliies 4 Balls Iosr on fumbles 38.7 Average pun+ yardage Washingfon ,.a,a s.,...s. .ss......sssasssssasssassss 0 0 7 U+ah .vc.... ..,es. Ufah I39 I75 I8 I8 I3 I2 80 I 28.2 ill I4 2I II 7 0 O 7 I4 I 309 Washington California I35 Nef yardage gained rushing 224 228 Nef yardage gained passing 349 I6 Tofal firsf downs 22 30 Passes affempfed I9 I6 Passes complefed I4 9 Number of penalfies 9 40 Yardage Ios'r on penalfies 60 I Balls Iosf on fumbles 2 3l.4 Punf average 36.7 California ,...... ,,.,.......,..,.., I 3 20 20 O 53 Washingfon ......, ,,,., 0 6 6 I3 25 CaIifornia's Golden Bears scored I3 poinfs in 'Ihe inifial quarfer, and added 20 in bofh 'l'he second and fhird periods 'ro beal- Washingfon 53-25 al' Berkeley. California's Jim Dillon and AI Talley hif pay dirt Iwice and Paul Larson, Jim Carmichael, Don Marks and Cliff Wrighf fallied single TD's. The Huskies were able fo score only fwenfy-five poinfs. George Black, Sandy Lederman, Sfeve Roake and Tom Sprague each scored for Washingfon. Wendell Niles, fhe Husky conversion specialisf, made good one ouf of four conversions. Jim Dillon is sfopped by fhe HUSKY defense of All-American MILT BOHART l66l, STEW CROOK l4Il, while DEAN CHAMBERS l74I comes up. wash. 25 cal. 53 DEAN ROCKEY, quarferback MIKE MONROE, halfback JACK LINDSKOG, cen'l'er DOUG MQCLARY end .- -...-4llm. flung W PETE ELICH, end W ENDELL NILES, halfloaclc JERRY ESSER, 'raclcle STEVJ CROGKI halfback wash. 6 ucla 22 UCLA's Paul Cameron is off as JIM NOE l52l and DOUG McCLEARY l8l give chase. BaH'ling hard agains'r rain, mud, and U.C.L.A., +he Washinglon Huslcies +oolc a decided lacing from 'rhe Coasl' Conference Champs, 22-6. Paul Cameron crashed over guard from 'lhe 8 yard line in +he second quarler lo make 'rhe score al' half- 'rime 7-O. ln +he 'rhird quarfer U.C.L.A. increased 'lheir margin 'lo 22-0. ln l'he final slanza, Washinglon managed +o score 'rheir lone louchdown Jim Houslon caughl' a I7 yard 'louchdown pass in +he Bruin end zone from Sandy Lederman Washington November 14, 1953 I3I Nel yardage gained rushing 83 Nei' yardage gained passing I0 To+al firsl' downs 8 Passes aHemp+ed 7 Passes comple+ed 4 Number of penallies 5l Yardage los+ on penallies 2 Balls los'r on 'fumbles 26.63 Average punl yardage Washmglon U C L A l l U.C.L.A. 296 53 I3 8 3 7 77 2 36 Washington W.S.C. 7I .............. Ne'I' Yards Gained Rushing .............. I77 I3I .............. Nei Yards Gained Passing ............,. 32 I3-.. ..... .......... T oI'al Firsl' Downs .,.,..... .,.., . 32 24 ........ ........ P asses AHemp+ed ....... I2 I3 ........ ........ P asses Complei-ed .....,. 3 5 .................. Number of Penallies .........,.. .. 8 45 ................ Yardage Los+ on Penalries ..,...,,..,, 60 2 ........ ............. F umble ...,,,.,.........,. ., I 27.5 .......,. ...... P un'r Average .............,,,,.,-,, 36,I Washinglon .. ,.s.., O I3 7 0 20 W. S. C .......... ..,,.. I 3 0 6 6 25 Much Io Ihe disappoin+men+ of some 40,000 Homecoming fans, ihe Washinglon Huskies were edged by Iheir cross-sIa'l'e rivals, 25-20, in Iheir annual Big Game. SI-a+e losl' no lime in building up a I3-0 firsi quarier lead. Affer Chuck Beckel had opened I'he scoring following a 77-yard Cougar march, Chuck Srone iniercepled one of Sandy Lederman's passes and raced 45 yards 'Io a TD. The deiermined Huskies kno++ed Ihe score in Ihe second quarier as a resuli' of Corky Bridge's I8-yard Iouchdown run around lefi end, Nile's conversion, and Lederman's I8-yard pass Io George Black in I'he end zone. The halfiime scored read: Washingfon, I3 and Washinglon S+a're, 'rhe same. ln 'rhe 'Ihird period Bridges again skirI'ed his lefl end Io score. Nile's successful 'fry-for-poinl' placed Ihe Huskies in command of a 20-I3 lead. However, in 'rhe quarIer's closing minules, Sfaie scored, bui' Iheir failure 'I'o converl' kepl Ihem on I'he shor'I' end of a 20-I9 score. WiI'h Ihe final sfanza bu'r 3:44 old, and Ihe Huskies in possession on Iheir own 4-yard line, Bridges sfood back in Ihe end zone 'ro punf. Afrer S+aI'e's Iackle, Tom Gunnari had pariially block Ihe kick, quarferback Frank Sarno pounced on +he ball on +he 4. On 'rhe nexl play Beckel plunged Ihrough Ie'f'I' 'Iackle in+o Ihe end zone Io score ihe decider and give his Cougar +eamma'res a hard-earned 25-20 vicfory. SANDY LEDERMAN l20l I d bi' WSC d .MILT BOHART 66 d A KYLLINGSTAD l45l are alZoaiIns:I'heepiil:'IT1Iie. an a score I I an J CK wash. 20 wsc 25 DUANE WARDLOW. +ackIe sTEvE ROAKE, quarferback EARL MONLUX, guard Led by fhe brillianf passing of Bob Cox, and fhe consisfenf ball carrying of Jim Thomas, fhe Washing- Ign frosh foofball feam beaf fhe ldaho frosh, 25-0, af Husky Sfadium. The freshmen lumped fo a quick firsf qua,-Ier Iead when Cox pifched a TD aerial fo Dean Derby, and Rich Hammermasfer recovered a fumble in 'rhe Idalfib end zone. The score remained I3-0 fhroughowf 'H1e remainder of fhe firsf half. Bill Norfon drove over his own righf guard for a fhird quarfer fouchdown. Ted Fleming ended fhe game's scoring by cafching a pass from Cox. The win over Idaho enabled fhe Huskies fo finish 1-heir abbreviafed season wifh a I-I record. Washington Idaho l63 Nef yards gained rushing 90 '20 Nef yards gained passing 7 2 I5 Tofal firsf downs 3 20 Passes affempfed I I 9 Passes complefed I 5 Number of penalfies 3 35 Yardage losf on penalfies 35 3 Balls losf on fumbles 4 35-0 Punf average 25,l WaShin9+0n s..... I3 o 6 6 25 Idaho ..s.,, ,,,--, 0 0 0 0 0 frosh 25 idaho 0 I I l I I ,,,.... ...Q-.gnu ' f s . ' '..., . f ,W,.sss-ew, .,.. frosh 7 wsc I3 ln fheir season opener, fhe Husky frosh dropped a fhrilling grid baffle fo Washing- fon Sfafe's Coubabes, I3-7. The Coubabes broke fhe ice early in fhe sec- ond period when quarferback Knufe Suldiord drove across from fhe four yard line. Vince Lupien's successful fry-for-poinf made fhe halffime score 7-0. Led by Dean Derby, fhe Husky frosh sfaged a game fhird quarfer rally fo 'lie fhe score, 7-7. Derby, affer making several large gains, crashed over from fhe five yard line. Lafe in fhe final period, Bob Miller complefed five passes fo lead his feammafes deep info Husky ferrifory. Wifh buf eighf seconds re- maining in fhe game, quarferback Kevin Scan- lan plunged over fhe goal line fo give fhe WSC frosh fheir I3-7 win. W 514' , 5 5415 , A - , N9 - Freshmen fooiball ieam from leff fo riglwf: Isl' row-Dan Michel, Bill Nor'l'on, Babe Bafes, Ed Laiala, Paul Luvera, Keiih Hanson, Wes Nelson, Ron Mensinger, Darryl Bradshaw, Dennis Durnam, Bob Johnson, Ari Kearney, Gene Pedersen, George Sfrugar. i 2nd row-Tom Walker, Ted Fleming, Jerry Brady, Brian Beebe, Mike Perringer, Jack Hayes, Floyd Bender, Bob Gandy, Darrow Nelson, Pele Wesiermark, Don Taylcr, Larry Dalzell, Bud Green. 3rd row-Merle Nicholson, Bob Cox, Jim Thomas, Rich Hammermasier, Bill Till, Ed Sheron, Bob Herring, Gary Nunnelee, Don McCumby, Chuck McAninch, Bud Simpson, Gary Lundergreen., 4+h row--Dave Larin, Dick Smifhson, Bob Miller, Rich Weinbrechr, Corky Lewis, Gordon Johnson, Don Harfwig, Les Pe+er- son, Gene Olson, Ed Walker, Dean Derby, Chuck Juergens, Doug BarreH'. Sranding-Gene Yish. fLefU SENIOR MANAGER, Dick Crain: frighfj SOPHOMORE MANAGER, Don S+oo- keyg fbelow, leffj FRESHMAN MANAGERS, John Woodruff, Tom Dowd, John Such, Jim BurH, Dave Daivies, Norm VanSkyhawk, Dick MaHsong fbelow, righfj SR. FRESHMAN MANAGER, Rusfy Young. 'ik' RX ,NX .Va N,--f"N-Q... .4 A , ,Nl V :1"- Q. . A ' x, swimming RON TAYLOR, medley Team Capfain BOB HAMBLIN, bacicsiroke Winier +urnou+s are long and hard. Diving is John O'Galligan. Varsify Season Record Washingfon ,,..,,, ..,,., 5 O Oregon ,,... ..... 3 4 Washingion ....... ...,.. 6 8 WWCE ..... ..... i 4 Washingion ....... ..,... 6 6 Idaho ,,,,,. ..... I 8 Washingfon ....... ....., 5 0 WSC ,-,,,, ..... 3 4 JACK TORNEY, head coach BOB BUCKLEY, diving coach Jack Torney's Universiiy of Washingion Husky Swim leam again capfured 'rhe Norihern Division championship as 'rhey swepl 'lhrough all compe+i+ion easily. This is 'lhe +en+h +ime in 'lwelve years 'rhal' The Huskies have copped +he ND +i+le and ihe mermen's 42nd siraighi viciory. I+ was Washing'ron's meei all 'rhe way as ihey capfurecl four iirsl' places our of a possible seven. Top man of 'I'he ND mee'I- was Jim Porlelance wil'h lhree wins, ihe l500 meier, 200 and 440 free s'ryle. Leading 'lhe Husky swimmers coniinually ihroughoui 'rhe season were Bob Hamblin and Dale JeweH'. The ieam will lose several keymen fhrough graduarion, buf wiih record-breaking 'Frosh such as Dan Cramer anoiher well-balanced leam should be on hand , nexf year. Bob Hamblin and Jim Porielance represenfed Wash- ingion al- +he NCAA meel' in Syracuse, New York. ORVEL LARSEN, backsiroke, relay DOUG STEWART, breasfsfroke Bob Thomas led ihe Husky divers ihroughouf fhe season JOHN GOODE, disfance, relay Northern Division Me Washing+on .....,.,... ,,,,,, Washingfon Siaie .... ...... Oregon S+a+e ,...... Idaho ............... WARREN SPANGLER, backshoke 3 I 7 61' I6l IOI 40 33 LARRY DALRYMPLE, frees+yle JIM PORTELANCE lrighfl, diS'far1Ce DON FLAHERTY, breas'fs+rolce DALE JEWETT, breasfsfrolce DON THOME lbelowi, 'Free s+yle, relay sos THOMAS, diving JOHN o'eALLleAN. diving The i954 Frosh swimmers no+ only had a good season in 'Phe win-loss column, buf also brolie many long-s+anding records. All eyes were on Dan Cramer, +he phenomenal yearling freesfyler, as he broke many records and lhen wen'r ahead 'lo be'r'l'er his own lime. Phil Henry, freesfyler, was oui' during 'rhe early par'r of 'rhe season wijrh an iniury, bu'l' on recovery enrered +he record- breaking circle. Phil Drips caplained 'rhe Frosh swimmers. The feam includes lbaclcl Dave Brusch, George Easfman, Bob Frankland, Merle Nichol- son, Don Fisher, Wall' Davis. lFron+l Ramon Hanes, Sam Eng, Phil Drips, Dan Cramer, Tall' Ring. Noi' pic'l'ures are Rod PoH's, Dave Cowan and Phil Henry. BOB LEWIS, freesfyle, relay ERIC JUBB, medley, relay f W WM QF His RM, -..N g I 4,4 I I . I I husky baskefball 1954 I I II I II II I I I' II II! I III I I II I I II iv, H :I II III II6 II"I Ig!" Coach "Tippy" Dye 320 ashf 5 6 61 7l 71 75 6E 67 48 54 49 5 I 76 48 79 55 65 70 47 5I 59 67 66 76 56 65 SEASON RECORD Washlngfon Opponemis Sfanford Sfanford Kansas Sfafe Kansas Sfafe Oklahoma Kansas Sfafe Colorado Sainf Louis Washingf'on Sfafe Washingfon Sfafe 5 Oregon Sfafe Oregon Sfafe Oregon Oregon Brigham Young Brigham Young Idaho Idaho Oregon Sfafe Oregon Sfafe Oregon Oregon Idaho Idaho Washingfon Sfafe Washingfon Sfafe Wonss8-Losf.. I 8 nonconference Jerry Johnson shoofs a leff handed hoolc in fhe Brigham Young game as Niclc Mafelian and Karl Voegflin move in for a possible rebound. Coach "Tippy" Dye lead a green feam of mosfly sophomores fo fourfh place in fhe Norfhern Division 'Iifle chase. The I954 Huskies sfarfed slowly, drop- ping nine sfraighf games before fhey finally broke info fhe win column. Affer losing fourfeen of fheir firsf fiffeen games, fhe Huslcies finished sfrong, win- ning seven of 'rheir lasf eleven games, including a double win from Idaho and defeafing 'Ihe champion Oregon Sfafe Beavers. Big Dean Parsons lead his feam-mafes in rebounds and scoring. Dean sef a Norfhern Division free 'rhrows affempfed record of I86, and a free 'Ihrow converfed record of II5. Capfain Don Tripp and sophomore Karl Voegflin were also high scorers. FINAL STANDINGS Oregon Sfafe .,,..s ..s. I I Idaho ...,,s Oregon ...........,. .s,. WASHINGTON Washingfon Sfafe ...... Losf 5 7 7 9 I2 32I huskies 49-61 51-54 47-70 51-47 beavers Opening fhe I953 conference games af home, January I5 and I6 found a young Husky squad working hard ROLAND HALLE JOHN EK RON PATNOE DAVE MCCLARY fo boffle up Oregon Sfafe's 7-foof 3-inch "Swede" Halbrook. Coach Tippy Dye's sfrafegy paid off as Halbrook was held fo 23 poinfs for fhe fwo nighfs, buf fhe Ducks fook bofh games, 6l-49 and 54-5l. Wifh a predominanfly sophomore and iunior feam fhe Huskies lacked fhe necessary experience fo sfop 'rhe sfrong OSC affack. If was a differenf sfory aslfhe Huskies in- vaded fhe Corvallis floor during fhe Second series. ln fhe firsf game fhe Huskies fook a drubbing 70-47, buf Safurday fhe crowd saw a much improved Husky squad come from behind fo win 'rhe final game 5l-47. Top: Dean Parsons baffles wifh "Swede" Halbrook, 7-foof 3-inch Beaver cenfer for a rebound. Looking on are Jerry Johnson, 3l, and Roland Halle, I3, for fhe Huskies and Oregon S+a+e's John Jarboe. Boffom: Dean Parsons clears a rebound off fhe Oregon Sfafe backboard and is albouf fo pass fo Jerry Johnson as Bill Toole, I7, Tony Vlasflica, 23, and Swede' Halbrook of fhe Beavers break down fhe floor wifh Karl Voegflin, 32, of fhe Huskies. 322 huskies 76-77 48-64 59-63 67-59 webfoofs The Huskies, in lheir firsl series againsl Oregon, showed a good defense bu'l' had poor luck wilh shols in losing l'wo +o +he Ducks, 77-76 and 64-48. On +he homecourf Dye's five spli'l' 'lhe Jrwo-game series. A +igh+ decision Friday nighl' found lhe Ducks viclorious, 63-59, bul' Salurday 'rhe Huskies were winners, 67-59. Dean Parsons galhered in 39 rebounds during 'rhe home games 'lo sel' an all-'rime Washinglon record and a new single-game record. The Husky you'I'h movemenl paid off as Karl Voegllin, a sopho- more, dropped in 35 poinls in 'rhe 'rwo days. The olher Husky s1'ar'l'ers were sophomores Perkins, Palnoe, and Coshow. Top: Doyle Perkins, Sophomore. Ron Olsen, Sophomore. Boffom: Bob Bryan, Sophomore, Jerry Johnson, Junior. Top: Big Dean Parsons lays if up B5 Oregon Ducks' Jerry ROSS' Max Anderson and H d Page look on. . Bociglkjrh: Ron Pafnoe and Jim Coshow close in on a fallen Duck- Zfis ff Q 'iw A ' 'YO , R' , , P 3, Zf7Q2f" " 3 . K' ,,.-4 , g n ffVW.?44,LL"A V huskies 65-59 70-69 66-74 76-77 vandals Washinglon found 'rhe secrel' needed 'ro defeal a highly raled ldaho five as l'hey swepl' lhrough +heir second home series winning 65-59 and 70-69. The Vandal-Husky games provided plenly of 'rhrills for Husky roo'rers when Doyle Perkins pul' on a lasl quarler sl'all Friday nighl, and when lhe Huskies came from I I poinls behind in lhe 'rhird quarler of Salur- day nigh+'s game. ln Moscow lhe Huskies were less forlunale as 'lhey dropped 'lwo lo lhe Vandals, 74-66 and 77-76. ln 'lhe Salurday con'res'r ldaho pu'l' 'rhe winning poim' in wilh only 8 seconds remaining. Four sophomores and a junior s'rar+ed 'rhis series as pros- pecls for fulure seasons confinued +o look good. Bob Morris, Sophomore Karl Voegflin, Sophomore N 11 ' rx TA 41" Aff, ' 1, W -sy .gf X v f . s X Ex Jim Coshow, Sophomore TO55DKQ"lhV0e9l'lln. 32. Cliives in for a lay-in as Dean Parsons of +he Huskies ,if X' an W'9 l Morrison of fhe Vandals look on Boffom: Doyle Perkins pu+s up 6 xxifiggf 'i'i jump shol' ou+ of 'lhe reach of an ldaho defend +5 gs ,Ls ef- f' 5 , sri GSA '55 X X X f. N is huskies cougars Traveling +o Pullman +o open conference play, Washingion hi+ pay dirl Saiurdayi nighl' as +hey beal' l'he Cougars, 54-44, +o win lheir firsl' game of 'rhe season. WSC won lhe Friday fill, 56-48. Don Tripp led 'I'he Huskies 'lo vic'l'ory wirh 2l rebounds besides playing a good defensive game. Finishing his Husky career during 'rhe relurn series in SeaH'le, Tripp again sparked his +eamma1'es lo a iwo-game viciory, 56-48 and 65-56, pulling Washinglon in fourih place in Norrhern Division sfandings. Dean Parsons led 'rhe scoring wi+h 33 rallies and was +op man on 'lhe l954 Husky slarisiical heap, breaking several records. swf! Dean Parsons, Junior Mike Monroe, Sophomore , ,.,,,.,,,, .., W..,,.,,-www-4 f .- f-,rf Q rf' .. ,M 'rw if, ,Qi 4, V, .. 7 f ,wf,.,,,, fp, as 1 63? f aff jyf wpz xx , , gy, ff-, . 42 , Q 2. ,IM ,, f fr Z Lf Capiain Don Tripp, Senior ff -i om-l's around ihe guard of 'lwo Cougars TOP: Karl Voegllln drives in or wo P ' C h 03, move in. BO-I-TOM a +ea maies Dean Parsons l30l and Jim os ow . ' Dson Tiiipp 'lakes a jump sho+ and Jim Coshow seis 'For a possible rebound- 9115 .I 'a vee Jayvee players are: ffroni rowj Manager Bob DuH'on, Bob Dunn, John Carrol, Ron Brown, Gene Sroclc, Don Apelancl, and Harvey Jarvis, fback IOWJ Coach Charlie Koon, Larry Ramm, Bill Lindell, Bob Campbell, Bill Parker, Larry Warson and Coach Paul Blowers: The Universily of Washingron Frosh won eighl our of 'lheir 'ren games in a 'rough schedule wifh Junior college and service Fives. Led by Pere Sobich, Gary Nelson and Don Sunirsch, rhe frosh srarled slow, dropping 'rwo of rheir firsr four games. Finish- ing slrong wirh six srraighr wins, 'rhe Pups climaxecl 'rhe season by whipping 'rhe Washingron Slale Yearlings rwice. Coached by former All-American Bill Mor- ris, rhe Pups have 'l'he makings of srrong Varsily in lhe furure. 326 dh ...... The Washinglon Junior Var- si+y baslcerball 'leam won eleven our of 'rheir seven- reen games. Coaches Charlie Koon and Paul Blowers broughr 'rhe 'ream rhrough 'rheir rough schedule which included rhree games wirh 'l'he srrong Forl' Lawlon leam. Larry Ramm scored almosl 20 poinrs per game, orher high scorers were Don Ape- land and Larry Warson. The resulrs of rhe 'ream's efforrs should be seen on rhe varsiry nex+ season. Frosh players are: ffronf FOWJ Ron Lund Rod Hudson Bob He ' . , i - . . rrlng, D S '+ h, D G , Don r2:i12org5:?gderCEZZh BEIIH Meir? flmddle VOWJ ASSIS'lan'l Coach Joe Kegiineyl,nl'?ul Luielsa, JedDl'ir?eKirbY. Eric Holmkvisy Gary Negljonn arrjnpeiariyibflpccllil rpwl. Qllanjger Diclg Crain. Don Miksch, Tom Oxwan9. ' O 'C ' 0 P'C Ure are Bo Cox and Darrow Nelson. season records v Jayvees Opponents 55 Forl Lawlon ,,,,w,, ,s., 7 6 bl Clympic J. C .ee,.,, 7l 8l For+ Lawlon sos.. .. IO4 69 Cascade Linen .,e...,.ee 53 67 Skagi+ Valley J. C .,.,. 45 62 Skagi+ Valley J. C ..,,. 50 83 Sand Poin+ NAS .,6e.... 6l ee Madigan Hospilal .lll 40 74 Forl' Lewis ..,., ...,.., I Ol 97 lv1cChord Field .eew,,,, 76 90 Forl Lawlon 95 78 Iv1cCI1ord Field ,......e., 64 57 Forl Lewis ,,,...,..,,....... 74 53 Whidby Island NAS.. 55 70 Sea++Ie Pacific J. V..- 59 65 Federal Old Line v....... 59 7I SeaI'I'Ie Pacific J. V... 50 as Madigan Hospilal ..,, 48 Frosh Opponents 66 Everell' J. C ............... I 63 56 Grays Harbor J. C... 68 66 Grays Harbor J. C... 56 69 Forl' Law'I'on .... 74 58 Olympic J. C ............. 53 70 Everell J. C ........ 5I 62 Olympic J. C ............. 47 64 Whidby Island NAS.. 5l 5l W. S. C. Frosh ............ 4l 76 W. S. C. Frosh .... 50 KARL STINGL, Washlngfons skl coach GENE BRADY lboffoml, assisfanf coach TED HILL hem KJELL BAKKE lrigh+l Picfured af Banff are ski feam members lback row, from leffl Karl Sfingl, coach: Ross McLaughlin, Bill Baldwin, Ted Hill, Kiell Bakke, Evon Thorbiornseng lfronf row, from leffl Marf Lukane, John Grobey, Graham Anderson, Jack Haase, Leigh Rabel. Nof picfured are Gene Brady, assisfanf coach: Jim Franklin and Ben Grevsfad. Top performers of fhe l954 Ski feam coached by Karl Sfingl were Ted Hill, slalom, Bill Baldwin, down-hill, Kjell Bakke, iumper and cross- counfryg and Jack Haase, four-way. ln 'rhe Banff lnvifafional meef af Banff, Alberfa, Hill won fhe gianf slalom over 47 enfries. Sfarfing ouf fhe season, fhe Husky skiers fraveled fo Rossland, B. C., for a 7-feam meef. Besides compefing in fhe Banff lnvifafional meef, fhe ND meef af Idaho, fhe Washingfon Sfafe lnvifafional meef, and fhe Norfhwesf NCAA regionals, fhe l954 Ski feam compefed in fhe Nafionals held af Reno, Nevada. EVON THORBJORNSEN McLaughlin prac'rices a run a+ Sun Valley during win+er +raining. ski 1954 L KST! GRAHAM ANDERSON JACK HAASE ROSS McLAUGHLIN JOHN GROBEY BILL BALDw1N LEIGH RABEL, +eam manager Jack Haase fleffj during Hwe Banff lnvi+a- Honal mee+. fRighfj Karl Sfingl ai' ihe S+evens S+andard in March. 93? A""'-NM, xv. . ' X xx .yt . -.Q BEN GREVSTAD MART LUKANE JIM FRANKLIN w r S i J x 1 5 .554 f I. 'Vi H Q. If fy, Li N :ez 'ff f wi f EL- Kr , i n 'Z N. .- aan ... anna-one .nous 4 . a nun- -un. .anus n-.- n-on .nun ...- rv... ...u.-. 0-..... ...fu-.-. ...-...... , .-..-. .....- ...--.. ......- ..-...- un 0... -. .- .- '- 1- f an . un. .no on- - .ann .1-u .funn ua-no au.:- .venue o vu.. ann-1 fu-ana of. ,. ua 1 -1. ..- -. -Q, n. --- . lik .. nu no as 1 nf ' .- auf .., .env --ff no - - nu. otunnv - ann..- n I I . -aauuan no . :sooo fu-no . .un -non.. 1 .Q---. n-snna -0 .. -ul-..- -.neun I ...una unnnun -n--n -..--.---. 1-.--.- 0- anna- -....- . fn... ...neu uf ups... Q-4-sn. nun-- -.-.-n- un- -...-.. ff. wana- --. ...on --- -n--U Q... wan.. --nn -on -a ..- .au . - ...Q- sen n-nf -. 0 . ol: ,. .nn- . .... ..... ..... .. ...... .. ...... ....... ....... ........ .. ........ . ......... . ......... ... """" " ulliiitlllfllllllun-. """" " .100hllllulcluilllllollloloallu, """5" " .IlllllillllcllIlulllllllobllilooc I "'0"'5' 1lulillitlllolllollllltllilollbllllll ll- """"' l00ll0lllllI00llltlllOlo tliccloooll all l"""4' llolcunblnun cllunooloil lsaolnlolcn ous. H----U ............ .......... ........... .... ll'9"" lliillllllv llllllilil Jllliloo slr! l'9" ltlilllltio illllllltll nluliull alll 'Ill' cllllillll ltlbllilli ollll I line .. ...... ........ ........... .... . .... . ..... -....... ........ ............ . . . ..... 'Of' " 9' III!! lilclllullltl I locally ""' llolculliilcll I cool ---- ................ .. .. .. ... ................ .... .. .. .... ............... ,.... ..... .. .. ...... ................. .... ..... .. .. ....... ........ .................. .... .... ... ll llolllll llcIlllllliulllllilllcionloilll Illo ll ' lc .......... .............................. .... .. ... . ........... .............................. ..... . . ... . ......... ............. ................ ..... . . .... ....... ............. .............. .. ...... .. ... ........ ............ ............. ..... ...... .. ... ......... ........... . ............. .... ...... .. ... ..... ............ ............. ... ..... ....... ........ ............ ............ .. ..... ....... ....... ........... ............. . ...... ........., ...... ...... ............. . ................ ,, ... ... ....... .... . ............ ..... ... .... . ... , .. ............. , ...... .. ... . ............. ,,, ...... .... ... . .............. ,,,, ....... .... .... .. .............f ,,, .......... .... ..... .. ............. HU .............. ............ .... .. .............. un, - ............................... ...... ... ... ............., ,nu ................................ ....... ... ... ............. HH, .................................. ........ .. ..................- H, ,................................... . .......... . ................. '. cltlllllllloll rllloclnitoicllitll furllci Ill 0 llllulcllllliil """. 1.0-nu-ne..-on .....-.......--0 ...anna 0. 4 nfnuonvnu-una., -""".'. ,, .pf 4-.-Q-Q-. .4-....-...n-. -. ofnufun -f --""", ... .. . .......... .............. .. ....... . .............- '.'....... :Ol ll iitlicnotlillcn 0010 It cool ll 9 ooollill 0 I lullclllllulli """"", .- oo 1. .nn-4.... ...Q . . ..- an -can--on-un .. ....q.--..o- """".'.'.', ... s an Q..--Q ff- . Q. Q. anna.-nv.-n ..- -...anna-0 '..... ' Ol' all Clic Ol OO in l OIOIDOOOIOI all! lllillll .... .... ...H .. .. . ........... ..... ......- ... .... ..... . .. .. ........... ..... U..- .... ... .... .. . .. ........... ...... - ..... .. .... .. . . . ........ ...... ..... .... . . . ......... ..... llllt lil! ll I c I li lllillclcln lilo! ..... ... .. . . .. ............. .... ...... . ... .. . . .. ................... ...... ... .. .. . .. ................... .... . .. .. . ...................... U... . .. .. . . ........................- ...... . .. .. .. .. .... ................. ...... . .. . ....... ..................... ...... .. ... ...... .................., -..... ...... ................................ -...U ..... .............................. .... .... ................................. ... .....................................- -............................................- ..........................................., -........................................- -......................................f ....................................- ..................................f ................................- -.............................- ...........................- ........................, -..................... ,................. -.......... .- .....- xy TRACK: PHI DELTA THETA. lndividuel winners lfronl rowl, Jack Ruggles, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, 220-yard dash, Kir+ Kaynor, Phi Delia The+a, I20-yard low hurdles and relay, Noel Jernigan, una'H'ached, 880- yard ancl mile rung Mall Grimes, Sigma Chi, high iump. lSecond rowl Don Tripp, Phi Della Thela, broad iumpg Joe Cipriano, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, 440-yard dash: Chuck Coleman, Phi Del+a Thela, relay: Laurie Miller, Phi Della Thela, IOO-yarcl dash ancl relay: John Filz- gerald, Phi Della Thefa, relay. spring inframural CREW: THETA DELTA CHI. lS+andingl Doug Berg an Jim usi C rky Erickson K l' g Bolo Thors son Murr Hemm' ge . 332 SOFTBALL: AlR FORCE ROTC. lFronl'l Don Schmi'l"l', Bob Dolan, Paul Codd, Wayne Rolh, Jack Cecler, Larry Sherrill. lBackl Doran Cornelison, Ted Dalrymple, Wallace Pec+on, Kennelh Sandburn, Dale Becker, Pal' Fallico. I I I I I I I I 4,9-we GOLF: DELTA KAPPA EPSILON. WaI+ Krengel, Jlm Paul. I TENNIS: CHELAN HALL Idoublesl. Julian Mark, Jim Lee. DELTA UPSILON Isinglesl. Jack Erickson. I I I WATER BASKETBALL: SIGMA ALPHA EPSILON. II:ronI'I PeI'e Brinkman, I John Ek. IBackI George Peck, Dale Jewe'H', Charlie Koon, Tom Sprague. HORSESHOES: PHI DELTA THETA. Tom Archey, John Fihgerald. 49 I , I Y Wm . X f X J M x BOXING: SIGMA NU lleam winnerl. Individual winners are pic'I'ured above. IBackI Tom Pang, I55 lb.g Roy Kicker, I35 Ib.: Gene Giger, I45 Ib., Keilh Hanson, unIimi+ed. lFron+l Jeff Pascoe, unlimiledg Charles Kandle, l75 Ib.g Vic Madsen, l65 Ib.: Nafe Clifford, I85 Ib. HANDBALL: ISingIesI ENDOMORPH, John Beahm. IDoubIesI ALPHA DELTA PHI, Bill Wilson and Graeme Bre+aII. winfer inframural Xvgs' WRESTLING: Igackl Ben Box, Wayne Carfer, Skip Nor'I'on, Dick Pefers. IFron+I Mike McKinney. Fred Gunfher, Jim McGa+Iin, Yufaka Saifo. LAMBDA CHI ALPHA Ifeam winnerl. 336 Nw If IS xx' ogy' SKI PHI GAMMA DELTA Tom Brazier John SweH' John PrescoH' BOWLING ALPHA TAU OMEGA IFrom Ief+I Frank Klepser Dave Tuell Don ' S+arIc, PheIps Fisher. BASKETBALL: BETA THETA PI. IBack rowl Tom Fish, Bud Green, Jim Pe'I'erson. IFron+ row, Jim Leibel, Chris Sievers, Donald Marshall. All-Sfar Basketball Team Jon Erickson, Campus house George S+rugar, Army ROTC Morey Johnson, Delfa Upsilon Tony Savage, Res Ipsa Bob McNamee, Alpha DeI+a Phi iniramural adminisirafion INTRAMURAL MANAGERS: Hopi Jim Moeller, Sieve French, Chuck Flower, Dick Feasfer, Frank Moll. fMia'dleI Jim Abbo'H', Bob Hos'l'e'Her, Ed Froclel, Roger Hulbush. fBoHomI John Erickson, Wally Peierson, Jack Biddle, Tom Rambo. Ez if sf i I 51 li ,, 'Q L. W. Srevens, Supervisor, lnrramural Sporrsg Ru'l'h Pel'l'on, Secreraryp l Eric Hughes, Assisfanf Supervisor. The inlramural sfaff aclminisfers +he Universi+y's year-round sporfs program, open +o any campus organizarion. i Head managers are: Hop leffj Len McClaryg frighfl Bruce Haley, Senior manager, fboffom leffj Bill ScoHg frighfj Doug Pulnam. 338 'Q Consisienlly playing winning ball, 'rhe varsi+y volleyball squad rolled up an enviable win-loss record under 'lhe coaching of Dr. Norm Kunde. A 9-l'eam lournamenl' al rhe Husky pavilion in mid-season found rhe Washingron squad playing rheir besi' game as rhey were defea+ed by l'he highly raled Porfland 'ream +o end up in second place. Sl'ar'I'ers on lhis years squad were Vispas, Vehara, Kakarnis, Vederoff, Kalvisre, and Harlow. Three of +he le'Her win- ners will be gradualing, Mill' Vehara, Aaron Vederoff and Aavo Kalvisre. Members of 'lhe UW Varsiiy Rifle Squad are: ffronfj Harlow Ahlslrom, Ron MacDougall, Gordon McAllis+er, Doug Burk, Clyde Laughlin: fbackj Roger Jackson, Bob Kramer, Ralph Shape, John Coffin, Yukio Kumiyuki, Mas'l'er Sergeanl' H. K. Lemcke, coach. Crossscounlry 'rrack men are Denny Meyer, Field Ryan, Pere Camgromh A+ righr are coach Hec Edmundson, Dave Cavaness, Gary Gayfon, and George ouc man. Volleyball leam members below are: ffronfl Uno Vispas Aar n V d Fi M'I+ V h J' G'-lslafsoni lffflddlel Tom R6fT1lD0. SI'-. manager: Jerry Bond, Daon greed-for: Jirln PeTl,all2:lwal3 WeS+. Jack Biddle: fbackj Dr. N. F. Kunde, head coach: Juri Kalvisie, lke Cakarnis Bruce l'lBFl0W. Ross Wood, Dick Erven, Aavo Kalvisle. I . minor sporis Denny Meyer, Husky disfance runner, rerainecl his Pacific Norlhwesl' Cross-Counfry championship when he led l'he pack in Vancouver on November 26. The cross-counlry +rack squad coached by "Hee" Ed- mundson placed 'lhird in 'lhis meer. The squad, all members of fhe UW 'lrack ieam, 'lrained again 'this year on lheir special course 'lhrough 'Phe arborelum. T . ?' uxxmq Qklivirr y , my ..,. .,,, , ,,., 2 l Fis+fes+, an AMS-sponsored program, was 'firmly anchored onro +he Universily sporls schedule lhis year as 600 fans +urned oul' for +he seven malches. ln 'rhe I85 pound class Con Walker foughr his way 'ro a TKO over Nale Clifford. The bou'I' was slopped al I:23 of lhe second round. Ourcome of 'rhe o+her mafches was one splii- and five unanimous decisions. The winner of each weighf division is awarded a minor spor+ leHer, while lhe 'lop placer from an organizarion becomes +he inframural champion. Team winner +his year was Sigma Nu. 340 The Universily of Washingfon bowling +eam sfarled +he season by bowling good scores in fheir lelegraphic meels. They were able +0 bowl in The Firsl' Nalional lnfercollegiale Bowling Tournamenf sponsored by 1'he Associarion of College Unions. The UW also sponsored' several billiard feams. One placed sixlh nafionally in 'rhe ln'rerna1'ional 3 Cushion Billiard Tournament Thirly- +wo bowling 'reams made up of s'ruden'I's were enlered by 'lhe Universiry in +he ABC +ournamen'r held +his year from March lhrough June in Sea'H'le. Bowling ieam members ai' le'H are: ffronfj Ron Alles, Bob John- sion, Dave Tuell, Don Bushell, Ted Oliver: fbackj Dick Schonfz Howie Ringoer, Bruce Pearson, Larry Reagan, Don Minaglia Fislfesl' winners are: fbockj Charles Kandle, I75 pound: Tom Pang, I55 pound: Don Roos l45 pound: S+eve Smilh, l35 pound: Hronfj Con Wallrer, I85 pound: Keiih Hanson, unllml'l'ed Don Zaleslcy, l65 pound. WOM en's sporf r The Garhiarl' Trophy, awardecl +o +he organizafion accumularing +he mos+ poinis in womens lnframural compelrlion, was won by Blaine Hall for +heir 'rhircl year. The winners are, leff fo rlghf: Elaine Carmen, Carolyn Whifford, Eleanor S+af'Forcl, Marcia Q Swanson and Anila Higa. i S 47 'S Tennis Singles Champion-Kappa Kap- pa Gamma: Joanne Williams, above. Doubles Champions-Joanne Williams and Virginia Johnslon, Del+a Della Della, of righf. Soffball-Synadelphic: Back row-Pal Roe, Jean Wendell ancl Helen Bucher, Fronf row-Mary Jane Fi+zpa+ricl:, Velva Lee Moore, Refha Williams, Grace Bearg, Carol Sfanley ancl Janice Treanor. 34I ,-xx WOMEN'S SKI TEAM-The Ski Team was again successful in bringing home +he hard- ware by faking firsf place in 'the Pacific Norfh- wesf lnlercollegiafe Meel' for women held a+ Pullman, Washinglon. Miss Lorenz accompan- ied 'l'he 'l'eam. Team members are: Joyce Mul- len, Marlene Beck, Marilyn Bu'Herwor1'h and Muriel Pfeil. INTRAMURAL SKIING-Alpha Chi Omega was 'l'his year's lnframural Ski Champion. They demon- s+ra+ed 'lheir abili+y as fhe winning Team in lhe inframural ski race ai' Slevens Pass which is held annually 'ro defermine 'team members for lhe ln- 'lercollegiale Ski Meet Cameron Hughes was winner of +he individual race. Pic+ured af leH are Alpha Chi Omega 'leam members: Muriel Pfeil, Merilou Panzico, Sally lngraham, Marlene Beck. s CO-EDUCATIONAL SPORTS-Co-eE,l'u'ca+ional acfivifies were co-sponsored for fhe.lfirs+ +ime 'lhis year by ihe Women's Recrealional and Men's Recreafional Deparfmenfs. Co-educa- +ional Bowling Champions are, af lef+: Lois Swanson and Sieve Burleson. PIONS, al' far lef'I', are: Jean Cochren and Jack Barrel"l'. CO-EDUCATIONAL BADMINTON CHAM- BOWLING-The l953 Women Siudenfs' Bowling League Trophy was awarded 'ro Leary Hall by Judy Lidslone, bowling manager. The feam members are: Lor- raine Singer, Joy Thraillcill, Mary Tang and Sue Tang. Miss Kidwell supervises 'rhe League, which is co-sponsored by 'rhe Women's Recreaiional Council and AWS. orchesis ORCHESIS-The modern dance honorary, Orchesis, which develops original dance paiferns and indi- vidual 'lechniques under rhe direc'l'ion of Mary Aid DeVries, annually presenrs a dance drama-recifal. The appearance of l'he Norihwesl' Dance Symposium highlighred +he year and provided fhe members wi+h ins+ruc+ion from 'rhe famous dancer, Jose Limon. Picrured a'l' lefi' is Helene Tsu'lsumo+o, presi- denl' of +he organizaiion. promenaders "Swing your partners!"-a common call of +he co-educafional folk and square dance club. Membership is based on experience. Aciiviries in- clude: Mixers a+ ihe Hub, ins'l'ruc+ion in folk dancing, and exhibi+ion presen+a+ions. The group is direcfed by Mrs. Waller. The members piciured ai' righl' are: Firsf row-Aida Kouyoumiian, Jim Su+'rer, Ru+h Marlcen, Bill Devery, Jo Hessel, Russ Leeds, Muriel Hall, Bruce Viloudaki, Virginia Porrer, Charles Com+e+, Alice Iverson. Second row- Bruce Remillard, Helen Louise Creesy, Doug Grimlund, Myra Bergman, Bill Chambers, Joanie Williamson, Er- nesl' Schiebel, Oddny S+rom, Dave Hufchinson, lnaia Dermanis, Arnold Rongren, George Car+er. Third row- Don Loclrer, Rosalee Hausen, Sran Tauscher, Helene Rohol+, Nunnally Johnson, Carole PaHerson, Neil Holm- berg, Gail Weld, Ed Dahlgren, Carol Hamlin, Larry Kelley, Tabifha Surer, Don Mafrisciana. Y, HOCKEY-From row: Marilyn Weai-field. JOY, Thfailkill- Relhidwllj liams, Pal Boyer, Jean Claussen. Baclc row: Marilyn Rodgers- 'Tess enl' Velva Moore, Arlene McDaniel, Pai' Thompson, Delores S'-1'l'l"e"an RIFLE-Front row: Mary Jo Sorgenlrei, Miclry Wilson, Audrey' Back row: Barbara Mills, Rexanne Rockwood. Louise Manning. WON again ware wesl' Pullm iecl ll len, Murie 1. TENNlS-Fron , , glnla olwnslon Joanne Williams, Susan Dempsey, Jane Tozer, Pal' Nelso P 'I' row: Mary Jane Filzpalriclc Margie Bergliie Vir " J , n, al' Greene, Helen Bucher, Amy NOVBkOVlCl'l. Back row' Mrs. Waller Dor 'l'l1 B . , o y oaglio, Elaine Carmen Helen Porler Phyllis Weise Nanc Bra'H'o Evl , , y n, aou Kulm, Pearl Grey, Mariori Gamiclo, Ei'l'l1ne Mills, Grace Bearg, Pal' Roe, Linnea Ross. .f A , ' . J ,q w-cff.-' ' ' P' .lffui-ff 2. ,faq x Ili' ' P 3 7, J 'gage-f G X Ai ' '-Jfff. ' 57"-' , .. fx-.. , VK lc W ll rr L , V l ' xi I a v-, .i i.. li 'L l,y Y 9" ' r V. N., f BADMINTON-Fronl row: Velva Moore, Jean C0Cl'II'i:iS Jean Zachary, Presiclenlg Lou Beflridge, Genila Hamiony row: Marilyn Weaflield, Joy Tliraillrill, Pal' Thompson' McDaniel, Clarice Torrence. woMEN's "W" cius R - Q , ,, ,, rgdlll' ,L . D equlfornenls for Womens W Club, an l"0.n0"a"Y 0 d Eeggeiigiphyslcal Educalfonlmalors, include parlicipalion in al leasl five Sporis ggi, average MZ n one'club in six quarlers, junior slanding in school, a 2.2 Qfade mens enslwoff Jo gepira-lkglfod 5P0l'lSmansl1ip. Members are: Firsf row-Grace B96l'9ghirloy Nglionl beloyes Srjyhgrlgngoblarlail Jengen, Sara Mae Peferson. Secfnd rolriloanne 'IT 717 , it Vvlllllamsi Hel P I yn Ogers' M ar r f Co don, Sylvld Nei' en orler, Jenel Slauson. ga e n S , S1 Nr l 3 'reweel xf.i""' -X25 lQf: 1f iew 1 QQ Km fs ,rvwfwui f, y ' ' ,, if Q' SV? . , -fS':, K f -, I, 1 Q ' . zrzafgfwmi 1:-:n,f f- - V - ,V ,gum 5315: -, 1,3-51:,,-1-gy-45,,,5:35.,XmQe:q! X ,N-in AML Q H H 1., ,., . ,,.. Shirlef 1, Bac Arlen' n "greek row," an extension in watercolor combining some of the architectural elements of fraternities and sororities ll P f.1,.v- .5 .qi :- ""ff3H11 7" wr: V mfs-::,Qfrv1'-1121 BBW i'sx1lf.0 -x4MMM'R'9 flYv 1ElYfY!fP:4'f"-lr -1 1-f-ef-f-wav,-ua-u-nan llthmetaaliuf 4 M 1 fs E 6 I 5 ih sl I ? I X , E ! fs 5 I Z 'Of 4fes'mWw f afufe' 1 -.M 54. 4-dung ff RSS mics 4 r L ' 9 j A I . J I J 1 'T V fax? NW f 1 X' V! Q - -.'. f 2' : W ,T Q' W .1 ia! ' s " -4- 'Q gag Z " Q 2.172 Q7 -: 'I-1 E14 'f sf if ..,.':. n Z 5: 'C-E1 3' J 0 .- ' 4 f 'g,::',:- E-QA, 25.5 1 ' oz' Nu n s', .- Q Q u' ,O .' n .n Q .- 5 o a'.0'. ,n',l.a ' o .' o o', c Q i H'-.,:.,':. 3236: Q , A . . - ' '- 5 x-.1-F:-"-1-ff' 1 Q 1 9 ' 0 ffiignifie x ff The In+er-FraI'erni+y Council is composed of presi- denls or represenlalives of nalional 'FraI'erniI'ies on campus. IFC is charged wilh 'rhe responsibilily of rushing. I+ regislers all rushees, conducls an assembly giv- ing poinlers on rushing and pledging, sels up rules and helps lhe rushee choose a fralernily which will benefil' him mosl and where he will lil- in besl. Scholarship and conducl' slandards are also main- I'ained by IFC, which has Ihe power 'ro discipline offending fralernilies and individuals. The IFC seeks lo educale fralernily men for cilizen- ship, for social compelence, and for successful human relalions as well as Io supporl' Ihe univer- si'ry's obieclive, inlelleclual developmenl. Wide par- 'licipalion in acI'iviI'ies, aI'hleI'ics, and olher phases of campus life is encouraged. cabinei ALPHA DELTA PHI Dick Saunders ALPHA EPSILON Pl Bob Mezisfrano ALPHA KAPPA LAMBDA Gordon Johnson ALPHA SIGMA PHI Fred Brown ALPHA TAU OMEGA Jerry Force BETA THETA PI Arne Bergh CHI PSI Don Crain DELTA CHI Kay Holland DELTA SIGMA PHI Chuck Ask DELTA TAU DELTA Gary Spidell PRESIDENT Lindell, Rockey VICE PRESIDENT Lillle, Bryce SECRETARY Gorfkle, Sandy INTER-RELATIONS COUNSELOR Noe, Jim TREASU RER Chrisly, Ted SCHOLARSHIP, Nichols, Bill PROGRAM PAN EL Wesf, John PUBLICATIONS Demelre, Vic Van Dyk, Ted JUNIOR IFC Gavin, Roger Sisler, Gary SECRETARY Cosby, Karen infer-fraiernify council DELTA UPSILON Russ Tillman KAPPA SIGMA John Cogan LAMBDA CHI ALPHA AI Anderson PHI DELTA THETA Terry Waiss PHI GAMMA DELTA Warren Bennefi PHI KAPPA PSI Harry Beafy PHI KAPPA SIGMA Bob Johnsfon PHI KAPPA TAU Bob Anderson PHI SIGMA KAPPA Benneh' Anderson PI KAPPA ALPHA Oscar Sandberg PI KAPPA PHI John Dailey PSI UPSILON Tony Callison SIGMA ALPHA EPSILON Howard Sorenson SIGMA CHI John Perkins SIGMA NU Ken Wherry SIGMA PHI EPSILON Jerry Courier SIGMA PI E. C. Turner THETA EPSILON KAPPA Dick Warren THETA CHI Alex Crewdson THETA DELTA CHI Doug Bergman TH ETA XI John Thompson ZETA BETA TAU Marvin Bereison ZETA PSI WaII' Brewer lbea, Dave Acacia Sisler, Gary, Pres. Phi Gamma Della Shoudy, Pele Alpha Della Phi Levy, Josh A Alpha Epsilon Pi Sfavik, Glenn U Alpha Sigma Phi Miles, Bill Alpha Tau Omega Lind, Neil Bela Thela Pi Bergsfrom, Ted Chi Psi Youell, Tom ' Della Kappa Epsilon Clark, Clinlon Della Chi Fonda, John Delia Sigma Phi Peferson, Tom Della Tau Della Hudson, Rod Della Upsilon Lewis, Richard Kappa Sigma Shellon, Dick Lambda Chi Alpha Dobbs, Lary Phi Della Thela Reed, John Phi Kappa Psi Lepavsky, Juels Phi Kappa Sigma PeHy, Gene Phi Kappa Tau Weafherford, Dave Phi Sigma Kappa Bollen, Ross Pi Kappa Alpha Hammer, Ellis Pi Kappa Phi Mafheson, Bill Psi Upsilon Schneider, Ken Sigma Alpha Epsilon Sherman, Ed Sigma Alpha Mu Brown, Floyd Sigma Chi Jordan, Mike Sigma Nu Barnes, Robert Sigma Pi Slevenson, Roberf Tau Kappa Epsilon Carlson, Dave Tau Phi Della McGhee, Kennelh Thela Chi Gerrodeflee, Charles Thela Della Chi Van Gohren, Ed Thela Xi Mayo, Ike Zela Bela Tau Carskadden, Tom Zela Psi jifc Pledge class presidenls or freshman class repre- senlalives from each of Washinglon's fraler- nilies form 'lhe Junior lnler-fralernily council. l'rs purpose is lo aid IFC in ils efforls and ro prepare new fralernily men for service 'ro 'l'he Universily. Junior IFC lakes parl' in such communily proi- ecls as lhe porch lighl- drive for clolhing for Korean children and lhe lransporlalion of shu'l'- ins. Campus proiecls, infer-fralernily exchange dinners, a dance and olher aclivilies keep JIFC members busy and useful lhroughoul lheir fresh- man year. . l l I Wk ,, gy, as B -NU J Nicpfff X S R N 4 K 2 sg fe X X ' X Perry, Chuck Presidenl Adams, Tom Allon, Lloyde Arlowe, Duane Birks, Bill Bye, Jerry Chasleen, Bob Curlis, Jack Day, Ted Devery, Bill Dwinell, Don Gould, Jerry Overheard al lhe Acacia Fralernily one nighl: "All righl, break up lhal game and gel oul ol my room. I wanna sludy." "Whalcha lrying lo do, podunk, raise lhe house grade poinl? How disguslin'. We'll never gel oul ol lhe lop len il we pledge more guys like you." "Anolher lhing, worm, didn'l I hear you calling a gal on lhe phone? A sororily gal al lhal. Don'l you see enough ol lhem on exchanges? ll il weren'l lor guys like you we wouldn'l have lo have dances and liresides all lhe lime. Whalsa maller, isn'l Thor good enough lor you?" And so il goes al lhe Acacia house. Bul lhen, all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. 5004 l7lh N. E. acacia fare... Q . -,?,.'I, 1. -aff' ' . f ' , , . ww ' 1 5. , 4 ' 19, I J- . . .r, -ff.. ,. 5 if ' x me, I - W7 - "1,,.Z'.,.n f' g fail -ifgayigqf a- 5 Kg , wk? 72 iifiiif ik 1 1 ' X 45 L if i -f L5 M4..,., -, -- , , Praclicing lo defend Songlesl honors. me " lr Y x N Q, - Q f . N . , R 4 F X 4 ,YN-Z h f X 35 3 T: ff 1 4591. as X K W 'K K fy? may ff if r ibx, f r 1 . ,, , l ,- 1 rf - Q l NL ' .Q .Sig -K 1 2, :easy gf s r my . . .Q ' ,sV , xi V e ' K deff. , ' fi , wiv Nfl! Q! 1 - 4. l, ' ' 4 B94 M: Z im Z , ,. ,, f 2 ,, 3? , My 'bmw f , ff 29 QW.. 51 li ., , ,sf 4! Uri' , Q wi ,...... Gribble, Mel Hammans, Ben Hosleller, Hall, Earl lbae, Dave Irving, Eldon Keefer, Noel King, Dick Klein, Ed Kneslis, Bill Larson, Jim McCorkle, Verne McGee, Jack Melander, Dennis Migheel, Jim Miller, Ken Millen, Paul Morrison, Jerry Moyer, Jerry Nelson, Gene Opslad, Ed Perry, Chuck Pelram, Jerry Schwarfz, Duane Slable, Lee Suller, Jim Swanson, Rollin Swisher, Donald Weiland, AI lon pi Albaum, Gerald, Pres. Albaum, Gerald, Jr. Angel, Leon, Fr. Behar, Alberf, Sr. Calvo, Norman, Jr. Epsfein, Lewis, Fr. Green, Jerry, Jr. Habib, Sfanley, Soph. Jacobson, Philip, Sr. Levy, Joshua, Fr. Lukoff, Sfanley, Fr. Mezisfrano, David, Jr. Mezisfrano, Eddie, Soph. Mezisfrano, Robert, Sr. Orliss, Ted, Fr. Pruzan, Herberf, Fr Tacher, Sol, Soph. Treiger, Irwin, Jr. Woolfe, Donald, Fr NOT PICTURED: Azose, Alberf, Fr. Benezra, Raymond, Soph Bluszfein, Maurice, Jr. Epsfein, Maurice, Grad. Posner, Jerry, Grad. Posner, Michael, Fr. Schwarfz, Bernard, Sr. Alpha Epsilon Pi, as a progressive and spiriled fralernily, has prided ilself in ils oulslandingly successful program lhis pasl' year. By 'far 'rhe mosl' oulslanding fealure of 'lhe year was 'lhe acquisilion of a home of our own. Olher high- lighls of lhe year were dances, a box social, house parlies, and a picnic. The chapler looks forward 'ro anolher successful and oulslanding year in l954-55. della sigma Ask, Charles, Pres. Ask, Charles, Sr. Cochran, Thomas, Sr. Denzer, Ronald, Sr. Ellioll, Roger, Sr. 4737 l8lh N. E. Ellis, Charles, Soph. Fonda, John, Fr. Greiner, Pele, Jr. . Harden, T. D., Grad. Hardesly, John, Jr. Hildebrand, Larry, Soph. Logan, William, Sr. Lokken, John, Sr. "Ya see, il's lhis way, Mom . . Mallhews, Lorin, Jr. McNay, Thomas, Soph. Moody, Waller, Soph. I Pellelier, Kennelh, Sr. NOTPICTURED: Adsen, Jay, Fr. Barrell, George, Soph. Biddle, Berkley, Fr. Riveland, Dale, Law ph: el l Slewarl, Jon, Sr. Wood, Melvin, Soph. Alpha Omega chapler ol Della Sigma Phi, origin- ally lounded on lhe Universily of Washinglon cam- pus in l926, has experienced much growlh since ils relurn lo lhe campus in I947. Fall quarler was highlighled wilh a Homecoming dance given by lhe alums and a Founders' Day banquel in December. Winler broughl lhe annual Sailors' dance, which is a nalionallradilion of Della Sigma Phi. The spring lormal was dubbed wilh lhe lille, "Car- nalion Ball," and was a big evenl lor lhe chapler. Spring quarler ended wilh lhe annual cruise, which was oceans ol lun lor all lhe members. lnlramural sporls, exchanges, campus aclivilies aqgl scholarship were all a parl ol anolher greal year lor Della Sigma Phi. ' 355 alpha delfa phi Saunders, Richard, Sr., Pres. . Allison, Jerry, Sr. Ausfin, Russell, Sr. Bakeman, James, Fr. Bemenf, Roberf, Jr. Benneff, Sumner, Soph. Brefall, Graeme, Jr. Brown, Allen, Jr. Bush, Frederick, Sr. Bufler, Michael, Fr. Bufler, Thomas, Jr. Carroll, John, Soph. Cash, Gordon, Soph. Coar, Richard, Sr. Cowan, David, Soph. Cronk, Daniel, Fr. Dahlgren, Donald, Fr. Davies, David, Fr. Dodson, Jerry, Fr. Ewbank, William, Soph. Farmer, Guy, Fr. Farrell, Edmond, Jr. Gingrich, Lee, Sr. Goode, John, Jr. Green, Sfan, Jr. Griffin, Dayfon, Sr. Grobey, John, Sr. Guenfher, Frederick, Sr. Gustafson, James, Jr. Haddon, Deane, Grad. Hanke, Byron, Soph. Hansler, Jerry, Jr. Harding, George, Jr. Harfung, Frank, Jr. Heinz,'John, Sr. Hodges, Merrill, Sr. Holf, Ralph, Sr. Hunfer, Irvine, Soph. Hunfer, Samuel, Jr. James, Frank, Jr. Johnson, George, Fr. Johnson, Richard, Jr. Karshner, Paul, Jr. Kinzel, William, Fr. Landweer, James, Jr. l832, fhe year of Andrew Jackson's re-elecfion, marked fhe founding of a nafional frafernify named Alpha Delfa Phi. l953-54 marked fhe 32nd year of fhis second oldesf nafional on fhe Universify of Washingfon campus. lf was a year of hard work, hopefulness, and hilarify. ln fhe fall a record-breaking 58 per cenf of fhe freshman class polled fhe presidency fo Dick Leon. Bill Wilson, pasf frosh and sophomore class prexy, sfepped info a new iob as chairman of Homecoming. Chapfer Presidenf Dick Saunders found fime fo build up Husky spirif fhrough his posf as Rally Chairman. Dave Valenfine, chairman of fhe HUB Dance and Green Beanie commiffees, was placed in charge of fhe annual May Day fesfivifies. Oval Club and Purple Shield claimed a high percenfage of fhe house membership. While fhe polificos foiled, fhe men of fhe gridiron pushed 2 IO6 E. 47f'h Larsen, Raymond, Sr, Leon, Richard, Fr. Lockhart, William, Jr, Loudon, Richard, Sr. McAninch, Charles, Fr. McDougall, Bruce, Sr. McGallin, James, Soph, McKay, Donald, Jr. McNamee, Roberf, Jr. Magnuson, Richard, Sr. Mahaffey, William, Jr. Mielde, Carroll, Soph. Monlux, Earl, Soph. Moore, Thomas, Soph. Morrill, Jack, Sr. Morrison, Roberf, Sr. Mueller, Paul, Fr. Nelson, Wesley, Fr. Nielsen, William, Soph. Norlhfield, Roberl, Fr. Olson, Roberl, Fr. Pascoe, Douglas, Fr. Pelers, Douglas, Fr. Pefersen, Jeremy, Jr. Pefersen, Warren, Soph. Peferson, Richard, Soph. Picchena, William, Jr. Pifer, Drury, Soph. Porfelance, James, Sr. Privafe, John, Soph. Rasanen, Richard, Jr. Robbins, William, Jr. Roselli, Louis, Soph. Saunders, Richard, Sr. Sherman, Roberl, Soph. Shoudy, Pefer, Fr. Skull, Philip, Jr. Sleighf, Russell, Sr. Slifer, Neil, Soph. Spangler, Warren, Jr. Spellman, Roberf, Fr. Sfanderfer, Frank, Jr. Toolhaker, Joel, Sr. Valenline, David, Soph. Wailes, Ronald, Soph. Warner, John, Soph. Wilson, William, Jr. Wheeler, Morgan, Soph Young, Jerry, Fr. NOT PICTURED: Cramb, Roberl, Sr. l'heir way inl'o prominence. Sophomores Bob McNamee and Earl lvlonlux were varsily regulars, while Wes Nelson and Chuck lvlcAninch, l'he Everell' flashes, slarred in lhe frosh backfield. Space forbids a complele lisling, bul lhe A.D.'s infillraled inl'o all phases of lhe Washinglon '53-'54 sporls fronl'-from varsily l'o inlramural. Anolher 'righl' social schedule gave everyone a chance lo relax. The annual gel-'rogelher wil'h 'rhe Brilish Colum- bia brolhers, 'rhe pledge and formal dances, +he Chrisl- mas sing wil'h 'lhe D.G.'s and 'rhe spring house parly were highlighls. The year hardly ended wi'l'h 'lhe close of school, for l'he Washinglon Chapler played hosl' lo lhe Nalional Con- venlion of Alpha Della Phi in lale June. Represenlalives 'From around 'rhe counlry slreamed 'lo Sea'Hle for business and social sessions. Some of 'lhe brclhers lake lime oul from sfudies 'lo design a homecoming sign. 9 I n P I E I . I r H Himmermaster, Richard, r. Harris, Alden, Jr. Healy, Patrick, Sr. Horn, Charles, Sr. Howard, Norman, Jr. Hubbert, Horton, Sr. Hughbanks, James, Sr. Kornbacker, Richard, Soph Kreitzberg, Richard, Soph. Lee, Lawrence, Jr. Love, Glen, Sr. Luckey, Robert, Jr. Martin, Dino, Jr. Martin, Thomas, Sr. McGarrigle, Jay, Jr. Meredith, John, Fr. Messerly, Edward, Jr. Muri, James, Fr. Myers, Late, Soph. Newgard, Gerald, Jr. Nobach, Norman, Jr. Parke, Robin, Soph. Pedersen, Gene, Fr. Piper, Robert, Soph. Plucker, William, Soph. Plumb, James, Soph. Pullen, Thomas, Sr. Purnell, David, Soph. Ramsey, Richard, Jr. Reed, Fred, Jr. Rice, Keith, Soph. Richardson, Gordon, Jr. Roberts, Delbert, Jr. Sampson, Jack, Sr. Satterfield, Clyde, Sr. Satterthwaite, Robert, Sr. Snyder, Allan, Jr. Stavik, Glen, Fr. Stevens, John, Fr. Stevenson, Byron, Jr. Strugar, George, Fr. Wallace, Bruce, Fr. Waters, Wayne, Soph. Willey, Frey, Jr. Wilson, Jerry, Fr. Wood, Stephen, Soph. Yanicks, Milton, Jr. Young, William, Sr. alpha fau omega I800 E. 47+h Force, Jerry, Pres. Ackerman, Gale, Jr. Anderson, Karl, Sr. Bailey, Lawrence, Jr. Barner, Bruce, Fr. Barner, Rick, Jr. Barreff, John, Jr. Berquisl, Chuck, Jr. Berquisf, Pefer, Fr. Blake, Donald, Soph. Brown, Don, Fr. Burion, William, Soph. Bush, William, Sr. Bushue, Paul, Soph. Callison, James, Soph. Cameron, Alan, Fr. Camfield, Roland, Sr. Carter, Lawrence, Soph. Chrisfiansen, Warren, Fr. Conrad, James, Soph. Cronkhife, Leland, Soph Curry, Dan, Fr. Day, John, Fr. Dedo, Darrell, Soph. Erickson, Jan, Fr. Fisher, Phelps, Soph. Fifzgerald, Jack, Fr. Force, Jerry, Sr. Goemmel, Richard, Fr. Grevsfad, Bernard, Soph Griffin, William, Soph. Halvorsen, Kenf, Fr. Hansen, Donald, Jr. Hanson, Kirby, Soph. Harnden, Milton, Fr. Haslam, Thomas, Soph. Hensley, Frank, Sr. ,,f Q Q 2 as 'Y' -H, c V W' 5 5 Some of 'l'he boys +ake fime oul' for a hol hand of poker X S44 X Q ' :ev as .3 f 2 ,sw ae: nf ' , Q . WNW NOT PICTURED: Erickson Jan G. Sr. Nolan Roberl M. Sr. Foofe Frank R. Sr. Prilchard Barry Soph. Gleason Richard Soph. Ruble Slanley D. Soph. Knoff Harry Sr. Smi'lh Armour Sr. Kraabel Paul B. Jr. Sparks Kenneth Sr. Knowing l'ha'l' all lhmgs donl come 'lo he who walls, Washmglon Gamma Pl of Alpha Tau Omega huslled :ls way lhrough anolher greal year The husllmg began dur- ing rush week, when 'rhe hairy chesled men look In 38 lop men lo fill 'lhe Tau Temple lo capaclly Having huslled enough lasl' year 'ro win lhe Mo+her's Scholarship Trophy, lhe A.T.O.'s were slill afler lhe grades, bu'l nol' lacking al all in social evenls. The pledge dance, winler formal, house parly, pledge-aclive dance, afler-finals parlies and numerous smaller shindigs loaded lhe social calendar land a 'Few of 'lhe brolhersl lo 'rhe breaking poinl. Academic and social endeavors didn'l make lhe boys forge-l a'rhle+ics. Wilh men compeling in every major sporl for lhe Universily, lhere were slill enough +o form lnlramural leams good enough lo bring home a couple of lrophies. When a group of men live, slucly, play, and work 'rogelher as well and as profilably as do lhe A.T.O.'s, i+'s easy 'lo see why fralernilies exisl. V sa X I sf . Wi .Ig W Kidd John Soph. Klepser Frank Jr. Kyle Paul R. Soph. Labonge Carl Jr. Lofslrom David J. Fr. Lonergan, James F., Fr. Lovering, Francis M., Fr. McGough, James H., Fr. MacDonald, Donald, Jr. Madsen, Arfhur, Sr. Magee, Thomas, Jr. Meline, Roger K., Fr. Miles, William W., Soph. Moody, James A., Fr. Nornberg, Henry, Jr. Osfrander, Michael M., Fr Owen, Eugene P., Soph. Owen, William P., rF. Pearson, Ernest J., Soph. Phelps, Norval, Soph. Pickell, John F., Fr.Jr. Powell, Gordon S., Fr. Pruell, Jeff, Sr. Rasmussen, Ronald E., Soph. Reynolds, Gregg M., Fr. Rindel, Barney F., Fr. Robison, John R., Soph. Scroggs, Richard E., Sr. Scudder, Waller J., Fr. Semon, William, Fr. Sherman, Russell J., Soph. Sisson, Larry W., 5OPh- Slanika, John, Jr. Squibb, William J., Fr. Sfark, Donald B., Sr. Slirrelf, Lee A., Fr. Taylor, David J., Soph. Thompson, Kennelh H., Fr. Tracy, Ronald E., Jr. Tuell, Dave R., Fr. Usher, James M., Fr. Wilskie, Gene Harlen, Soph. Wimmer, Thomas, Fr. beia fheia pi Berge, Arnie, Presidenl' Andonian, Paul Afwell, Bill "Who deall lhis mess?" complain some Bela bridge fiends Bale, Bob Ballard, Jack Barrager, Harv Barrelf, Doug Bennel'l', Dick Bergh, Arnie Brown, Kenyon Buck, Wayne Cady, Frank Clampilf, Mill' Clark, Kenl Conway, Dan Dauberf, Dick Downie, Leon Dripps, Phil Du Clos, Paul Erickson, Norm Farra, Don Fish, Tom Fornia, Bob Fosler, Harry Fraley, George Frankland, Bob Gaizer, Don Geraghfy, Jack Green, Bub Halle, Rolland Hamblin, Bob Hanson, Bob Henry, Phil Hogan, Elwood Horchover, Bob Hossfeld, Bud Johanson, Paul Johnson, Gordy Johnson, Hal Kane, Mike King, Bob King, Tracy Kinney, John Knighl, Roger Lamb, Frank Leibel, Jim Lind, Neil Linden, Gary Lockwood, Don Long, Sfanley McCain, Mel McKinnon, Mick Marshall, Don Marfens, Larry Michel, Dan Miller, Dick Miller, Jack Nordquisf, Clare Nordsfrom, Bruce Odell, Rollin Pelerson, Warren Peringer, Mike Price, Lee Rahe, Bob Randall, Sfewarl' Regan, Jack Russell, Don Sampson, Don Sayre, Mall' Sheridan, Mike Sievers, Chris Simmons, Doug Smith, Ed Smi'l'h, Gordy Sorenson, Dwighl' Sfafford, Dave Tinling, Dave Wagner, Dan Walker, Rod Wardlow, Clyde l , , 0, , X-jW"f ,L .. N 4 f 'X 41 ii Q K5 X X X W S 1 bs X Xi 1 S? .f if I X ' we w:f5,zxQ-:,.g 'M M Q sei WR l953 54 was a greal year for Bela Thela Pi Allhough social funclions lof which we had qui'l'e a fewl are always fun, Belas place 'lhe mosl- emphasis on sludies. All during 'rhis pasl year 'lhe chapler has been slriving +o uphold il's posilion al lhe lop of +he fralernily schol- aslic ladder, an honor which il' earned 'rhe year before. One of lhe primary rules of Bela Thel'a Pi fral'erni'l'y is 'lhal of unily. During 'rhis pasl year lhe "Sons of Wooglin" have worked logelher lo make +he Bela house l'ops in aclivilies, alhlelics, scholaslic slanding, and friendliness. The door +o lhe ivy covered house al lhe head of Greek Row is always open lo you. chi si Crain, Donnell, Presidenl Adams, Edwin H., Jr. Baker, Frank E., Fr. Baker, John D., Jr. Balcolm, Ralph C., Jr. Barnard, Douglas M., Fr. Beresford, Gerald, Jr. Bergsfrom, G. Theodore, Blosl, Thomas L., Soph. Carrinqfon, Roberf, Sr. Clemenf, Kendall S., Jr. Conglefon, Jerold F., Soph. Crain, Donnell L., Sr. Davidson, Roberf V., Jr. Evans, Roberl' L., Sr. Evanson, Richard C., Fr. Ford, William P., Jr. Hansen, Barry L., Fr. Haynes, James M., Soph. Hoff, Burfon, Sr. Huingerbuhler, Danny A., r The year l953-54 was anofher oufsfanding one for fhe Chi Psi frafernify. Campus acfivifies, scholasfic endeavor, afhlefic parficipafion and social life were sfressed as fhey have been every year since fhe founding in l92l. On fhe social side of fhe calendar, fhe pledge sneak, Hunfers Frolic, Roman Dance and fhe fab- ulous Spring Formal were fhe sfandoufs. ln fhe field of afhlefics, Chi Psi was prominenf in bofh varsify and inframural compefifion. They again won fhe fradifional Broken Bone Bowl game, I2-0. The sfudy program, inifiafed in l952, was again a huge success and fhe collecfive grade poinf was above fhe all-men's average. ln every field, Chi Psi mainfained ifs posifion of leadership. NOT PICTURED: Baydo, James R., Soph. Bivins, Earl M., Sr. Church, Campbell S., Sr. Crowfhers, Lee A., Soph. Griffin, Leon, Fr. Johnson, James A., Jr. Marfin, Dale R., Jr. Michel, Mike G., Soph. Miles, Keifh, Sr. Ofsfhun, Neil H., Soph. Pulliam, James A., Jr. Sanders, Thomas, Jr. Smifh, Roberf B., Sr. Swanfz, Sfeven, Soph. Wafne, Edwin M., Soph. Wells, Carlfon M., Sr. McGee, Charles T., Sr. McLean, Richard T., Soph. McMahan, Duane C., Soph. Myers, Jerry L., Jr. Olivier, Denny R., Soph. Schaeffer, Harry G., Soph. Schur, Franklin A., Soph. Sharp, Gerald L., Fr. Sheels, John R., Jr. Skold, Elmer, Jr. Jacobson, Edwin H., Jr. Johnson, Thomas R., Soph. King, F. David E., Sr. Kinner, Leon E., Fr. Kinsella, Norman, Jr. Olson, Ralph C., Sr. Perry, Bruce T., Sr. Polson, Roberf A., Sr. Putnam, Charles S., Soph Ryan, Richard J., Sr. Smifh, Curfis F., Fr. While, Brian W., Soph Chi Psis harmonizing around 'Phe piano-l'hal"s harmonizing? 4600 22nd N. E. delia chi Burgess, Chuck Burff, Jim Caldwell, Michael Cary, James Cassil, George Chrisfy, Ted NOT PICTURED: Abel, Roberf Gallagher, Paf Swanson, Jerry Lay, Dick Presidenf Abel, Doug Bailey, John Bodine, Don Bowers, Don Brandon, Ken Brighf, Ronald Clark, Clin? Clyde Coafs, Dave Dahlgren, Ed Demefre, Vic Diefz, Arf Fielder, Bill Flemming, Gordon Flinkman, Mel Gormley, Mike Hallum, Don Hanson, Hal Harris, Dick Helland, Bob Herzog, Frank Holland, Kay Holf, Arf Hubka, Gordy Kramer, Bob Lashley, Ted 366 I8l9 E. 47+h Sf. This array of bloodshol' and glazed eye- balls surrounding you belong fo fhe various members of 'rhe Delfa Chi Club. The harrassed look on fhe faces of fhe upperclassmen resulfed from fheir ex- erfions in corraling fhe fresh and forc- ing shoes and lies on 'rhem for fhe camera. Aside from fhis bil of frouble, fhe house has faken advanfage of a booming year complefe wifh fabulous social funcfions -known fo 'l'he frade as blasfs-and 6 hosf of acfivify-minded frosh-one sixfh- quarfer freshman was a husfling alfer- nafe on fhe AMS indoor ping-POUQ cpmmiffee. Eighl' ball in fhe corner pocket fx W coz, Lay, Dick The highlighf of fhe social season was fhe annual Delfa She lnifiafions where fhe members' Sophomore Dance clafes are inifiafed info fhis selecf organiza- fion. The gals wifh whom 'lhe real mov- ers in fhe house were fixed up fhoughf if a greaf idea. Then fhey gof fhe house bills. Thus if is fhaf we end anofher year on fhis Universily of a Thousand Beers campus wifh fhe parfiers loving us, fhe profs hafing us and Clyde merely fol- erafing us because we feed him fairly regularly. Louis, Lyman McNeil, Roger Malhison, Ray Myers, Bud' Nelson, Chuck Oldenburg, Dick Owens, Frank Paffison, Bill Rummery, Erwin Sigler, Bernie Skylslad, Ben Skylslad, Kermil' Snyder, Don Soufhgale, Bob Sleele, Dick Sfonehocker, Craig Vaughan, Keith Von Torne, Hal Warber, Jerry Weeks, George Lewark, Blaise Linden, Glenn Phifer, Dave Read, Jerry Reeves, Wally Richardson, Ron Ring, Taff Roberfs, Jack Rockey, Dale Rossi, Al Sfookey, Don Such, John Thim, Niles Va nskyhawk, Norm Whalan, Bill Whife, Jim Wilson, Whifney Sundsled, Ervin 367 delfa kappa epsilon Dawson, Bruce P sidenf re Barker, Sfuarf Birkeland, lvar Brown, Jack Bulmer, Ron Bulmer, Bob Burgess, Jim Burnham, Roberf Campbell, Doug Dawson, Bruce Derby, Alfred Derby, Dean Douglas, Jim Dumefi, Ray Emory, DeWoIf Fisher, Don Fosfer, Bob Franklin, Jim We Franklin, Roy Ganiy, Wally Gragg, Jim C-Jranf, Bob Griggs, Evereff Haase, Jack Hane, Mike Hausman, Hugh Hausman, Jake Hill, Ted Hughes, Paf lngraham, Skip Jacobsen, Paul Krengel, Walfer As anofher year records ifs hisfory in fhe hearfs of fhe men of Delfa Kappa Epsilon, fhe frafernify can look upon if wifh pride, for indeed, fhe year was worfh remembering. ln addifion fo fhe serious affifude main- fained foward fhe ever-imporfanf curriculum, parficipafion in a wide variefy of acfivifies enhanced i-he repu- fafion enjoyed by Dekes fhroughouf fhe nafion. . Acfivifies ranged from fhe presidency of fhe lnfer-Frafernify Council and officers in fhe Associafed Men Sfudenfs fo awards in Varsify and Freshman foofball, crew, baskefball, skiing, frack, golf and fennis. Mem- bers were prommenf on ASUW commrH'ees, and af fhe same fime, fhe frafernify could boasf of a sfrong record in inframural afhlefics. The year was rounded ouf by various social evenfs accenfing fun and good fellowship. These included 1-he fall quarfer's Deke Informal, fhe annual Chrisfmas Serenade, winfer quarfer's pledge dance and -fhe Deke Spring Formal. ' The fufure of DKE will confinue fo be secure if fhe succeeding years mafch fhe .achievemenfs and sfandards mainfained in fhe pasf. H 4520 Zlsf N delfa iau delfa if.. , ig 5 gg. Spidell, Gary, Pres. Jack, Alan, Fr. Arnold, Wilson, Jr. Bacon, Frank, Jr. Beard, Chesler, Sr. Beeks, William, Jr. Bodinger, John, Jr. Bond, Gerald, Sr. Brandi, Richard, Soph. Bryan, Berl, Fr, Bryanf, Trevor, Soph. Bush, Roderick, Soph. Corbeff, Dave, Jr. Davis, Roger, Jr. Donaldson, Frank, Soph. Donnelly, Bob, Jr. Easferbrook, Don, Fr. Elmberg, Jack, Soph. Erickson, Ken, Jr. Friars, Bob, Sr. Galbraifh, Al, Soph. Washinglon Dells moved eagerly lhrough a very full social calendar 'rhis year wi'rh all 'lhe cuslomary funclions, plus several new social innovalions. Leading off 'lhe year came lhe Pledge Dance, followed by l'l1e annual Barn Dance, a series of firesides and exchanges, 'l'he Dollar Parly, and lhe Chrislmas Serenade. Winler and spring quarlers were, as usual, full of memorable evenls, includ- ing Aclive Dance, Alumni Banquel, Houseparly, Picnic Dance, Sophomore Carnival, Songfesl, and lo lop il' off, lhe annual lris Formal in spring quar'l'er. Aclivily-wise, Dells were prominenl in many phases of sludenl- aclivilies, providing chairmen for maior campus evenls, and being represenled in various clubs and hon- oraries, including,Purple Shield, Oval Club, Malamules and Phi Bela Kappa. Thus, Washingl'on's Dell- chapler wilh il's members eighly slrong look back wilh pride on a big year al' l'he Sheller. Garrelf, Len, Soph. Hadley, Doug, Sr. Henkel, Hal, Jr. Hulchinson, Dave, Jr. Johanson, Larry, Fr. S Johnson, George, Fr. ' Johnson, Marshall, Fr. Knox, William, Jr. Langfon, Ken, Soph. Larson, Durmonf, Sr. Lindgren, Charles, Sr. McPherson, Jack, Jr. Maass, Slio, Soph. Macdonald, Julian, Soph. Mehl, Roger, Soph. Muller, Warren, Jr. Nobody sleeps unlil noon. Give him 'lhe l'rea+men+.' 4524 l9+h N. E. myf- ff? f , V 1 Olson Hal Jr. Payne Frank Jr. Pearson Jerry Fr. Pelerson, Finn, Sr. Peferson, Roberl, Fr. Peferson, Tom, Fr. Phillips, Dick, Soph. Pickering, Bob, Fr. Pulney, huck, Fr. Randolph, John, Soph. Rohr, Bob, Fr. Roland, Craig, Soph. Roos, Don, Sr. Roos, Jack, Soph. Schuh, Jack, Sr. Spidell, Gary, Sr. Slaples, William, Jr. Slock, Gene, Jr. Taylor, Don, Fr. Taylor, Tom, Fr. Tychsen, Paul, Sr. Van, Eric, Soph. Vanderhoof, Rodney, S Walker, Bob, Sr. Wefzel, Ralph, Jr. Wilkins, John, Jr. Windham, Jerry, Jr. Woodcock, Gary, Jr. F Worfhingfon, Chuck, Soph Zirbel, Bill, Soph. delfa upsilon Nof Picfu red : Brofnov, Warren Cuffer, Bill Mullen, Ron Travis, Don Ufigard, Gary Wafers, Norm Yanfis, Dick Young, Joseph 372 Nederlee, John Presidenf X , Abraham, John Ayers, Harry ' Banks, Henry i Bargreen, Sam Barfon, Tom V Brady, Jack Brandenburg, Dick Brown, Dick Bryan, Bob Burwell, Bill Carpenfer, Gene Cassify, George Clasen, Dann Davis, Jim Decker, Jerry Erickson, Jack Esser, Jerry Field, Terry Foofe, Don Geiger, Monfe Granf, Richard Greenway, Jerry Haggen, Don Hanna, Ray Hanson, Sfu Hasfings, Gordon Haumann, Arf Helgeland, Dick Horton, Dick Hudson, Rod Jacobsen, Bill Johnson, Morrie Delfa Upsilon, 'rhe friendly frafernify, has com plefed anofher successful year on fhe Universify of Washingfon campus. lfs members have parficipafecl in all facefs of universify life. Prominence in acfivifies, afhlefics and social life are balanced by equal sfrivihgs in scholarship and educafion. Oufsfanding social evenfs include a pledge dance, Brawl, spring formal, spring house parfy and pledge-acfive picnic. Many well known acfivify men and afhlefes are DU's. The chapfer mainfains close relafions wi+h fhe alumni group, and fhe Founders' day banquef and year-end senior banquef are highlighfs of fhe year. Delfa Upsilon is 'lhe only frafernify on campus wifh a policy of non-secrecy. This policy has kepf Delfa Upsilon known as cooperafive and friendly frafernify. The sfrengfh of fhe chapfer is found in fhe qualify of fhe men in if and fheir Spirif of frafernal brofherhood. l8l8 E. 45lh Pass The iam, Sam. .f 5 rg 3' sk Kirby, Vern Larson, Manning Lince, William Lohr, Jim McFadden, Bob McLaughlin, Jack Mollick, Frank Morford, Don Rayburn, Bruce Reichelf, Carrol Reimer, Bob Reynolds, Chuck Seiferf, Tom Shaffer, Chris Shaw, William Siler, Jim Van Dyk, Ted Voegllin, George Wake, Dean Walgren, Gordy Wilson, Granf Wordsworfh, Ken? Yeasiing, Bob ' Zaar, Bob Nederlee, John Noe, Jim Olsen, Ron Osborne, Bob Oxwang, Tom Palfreyman, Lee Pafnoe, Ron Ramsey, Doug Simpson, John Smilh, Gordy Sfaples, Gary Sunilsch, Don Taber, Bill Tarr, Alan Thorlakson, Denny Tillman, Russ Pasf President 4722 2ls+ N. E. , i Cogan, John, Jr. Condon, Bob, Sr. Crouch, Jerry, Fr. Dime, Gary, Jr. Erickson, Lionel, Jr. Evans, Harry, Sr. Flora, Don, Jr. Armsfrong, Allen, Jr Balyeaf, George, Sr. Brindle, Harold, Sop Bunker, Russ, Fr. Carlbom, Curl, Jr. Carr, Harold, Sr. Clifford, Nale, Sr. Gavin, Roger, Soph. Glerum, Rolf, Jr. Hansen, James, Jr. Harwood, Bob, Soph. Henderson, Larry, Sr. Hill Jerr Sr . Y- - Johnsfon, Bob, Soph. E Cogan, John, Pres NOT PICTURED: Duggan, Ray, Jr. Gasaway, Don, Grad. Gillis, Don, Grad. Pearson, Lowell, Soph. Schweinler, Dave, Law Swayze, Thomas, Law kappa This year lhe Bela Psi chapler celebraled Hs birlhday on lhe UW campus. Among ils illuslrious alumni, l'he chapler ral'es 'lhe name of Clarence "Hec" Edmundson, dean of 'rhe Washinglon coaching slaffg This year 'rhe alumni chapler presenled 'lhe "Hee Edmundson" inspiralional baskelball award lo 'rhe ou'rs'l'anding Husky player, a perpe'l'ual award l'o be presenled each year in lhe name of l'he coach. The chapler also made hislory wilh such names as Al Armsfrong, oulslanding Husky reserve fullback: Curl Carlbom, soulhpaw pilcherg John Cogan, house presidenl and a s'randou'r on lhe varsily ski leamg and Al Slocker, who rowed his way 'ro fame on 'rhe crew. Olher "wheels" included Roger Gavin, who co-chairmanned 'l'he successful campus chesl' drive, and Don Moore. ln lhe social whirl il' ranked high wil'h ils many funclions, including lhe 50+h anniversary ball, held al 'lhe Arclic Club, and ending wi'l'h +he choice of 'l'he lovely "Queen of Kappa Sigma." While poinling wilh pride 'lo a successful fifly years, Bel'as.lf'si prepares lo begin anolher half cen'l'ury of carrying on lhe sacred 'lradlllons of Kappa Sigma. sigma A ii Xl Q 4 2 Kappa Sigma Queen finalisls view lrophy longingly. Kelley, Dave, Fr. Leffler, Andy, Fr. Lewis, Dick, Fr. Lulfinen, Carl, Soph.. Lulfinen, Syd, Soph McCreery, Hugh, Jr. McKay, Harrison, Jr. Millard, Wall, Grad. Moore, Don, Soph. Morrill, Kirk, Fr. Myers, lvan, Soph. Odlin, Richard, Soph. Pefers, Sid, Soph. Seagle, Dick, Jr. Seeger, Allan, Jr. Smilhson, Wade, Fr. Slocker, Al, Jr. Swanson, Joel, Soph. Tale, John, Soph. Warren, Bruce, Soph. Williams, Elmer, Soph. Williams, Ken, Sr. VVrighl, James, Fr. 375 lambda chi alpha 4509 l9'rh Ave Pres. Sr. Fr. Anderson, Allen Anderson, Allen, Anderson, Frank, Anderson, Lloyd, Auslin, Charles, Jr. Ausfin, Phil, Sr. Barbee, Gale, Jr. Barrow, Bill, Fr. Curfis, Michael, Fr. Dederer, Mike, Sr. Dexler, Richard, Sr. Douglas, Ron, Fr. Douglas, William, Jr. Fielder, John, Fr. Fooll, Bill, Sr. Fr. Beauchamp, Venne, Sr. Blakesley, L. Allen, Fr. Bode, Richard L., Jr. Brandon, Harry, Jr. Buckwaller, Dale, Fr. Collins, Mel, Jr. Cooper, Terry, Jr. Crooks, Bob, Fr. Fuller, Don, Jr. Glann, Jim, Sr. Greene, William, Fr. Grundeland, Roy, Sr. Hamman, Bill, Jr. Harnish, Dick, Sr. Hobbs, Leon, Jr. Johnson, Gerry, Sr. I wenl up l'he slairs and opened 'lhe door. There she was. I slugged her wilh my Luger. "S+ar+ l'alking," I snarled. She iusl' slared a+ by LXA pin. I lwisled her arm. "You musl' be from l'he UW chaplerg lhey do well in inlramural wreslling," she gasped. I nodded, grinding oul' my cigarelle on her milky-while shoul- der. "Now lalk," I said, slugging her in 'lhe solar plexus. ll' look her brealh away. Like chlorophyl. Her words rushed ouf in a +orrenI'. "l know all aboul your beauliful serenades, lhe exciling Prison Dance, your Formal, lhe Crescenl Girl conlesl, your high house average, and excellenl' 'financial shape. I know-how you operaled lasl- year. Don'l' kill me, I won'l' 'lell. I swear I won'l'l" "How can I be sure?" I asked suspiciously. Her arm slipped around my neck. She kissed me, hard. I was convinced. Then she drew away. "l've gol' somelhing 'lo l'ell you," she said, looking down and loying wilh my lie clasp. "Go on," I murmured. She looked up a+ me wilh her big blue eyes and said il' simply: "My lillle bro+her's hol lo pledge." "Go! Go! Go!" The Lambda Chi swing band in aclion. I I 1 NOT PICTU RED: Clark, Richard, Grad. Hoy, William, Grad. ' Logan, Gene, Soph. , Rankin, Fred, Jr. Ross, Pele, Sr. I I Johnslon, Jim, Sr. Jordan, Dave, Sr. Kime, Jim, Sr. Kleweno, Gil, Jr. L I LaFolleHe, Larry, Soph. I Lewis, Ron, Sr. I Love, Ed, Soph. Luedke, AI, Fr. ' I Lundberg, Ted, Jr. MacNair, Mac, Fr. Mallery, John, Fr. I Marling, Fredric, Grad. I Parry, John, Fr. Pringle, Dwane, Fr. Procter, Pele. Fl'- Reeve, Teg, Fr. Richardson, Jack, Fr- Ridley, Jerry, Fr. Robinson, Frank, Sr. Rogers, Elmer. 50Pl'l- Sullivan, Roger. Sl'- Terna han, Barrg. 50Ph' Th l .B b. F To?:ziYGoc:don, Jr. Vanderslice, GOFd0l'1. 50Ph- Veale, Tem,.SOPh- Wick, Dennis, Soph. Wolf, John. 50Phf Meuli, Bill, Jr. Minah-En. Make. Ff- M , ay, r. Paklilis, Alberfo, Jr. Shideler, Rich, Soph- Shideler, Bob, Fr. Schimanski,J1m, Sr. Schwabel, Don, SOPI1 Shannon, Qave. JI'- Shellon, Dick, Fr. Sipe, Gary, Soph. Slrom, ROY. Fl'- .1 Hfxg:4...lf,-.,s3 -' ,ash-1 , vvzzgrci ,A , Y, . M., ,. . . Q 'grew-S M f NOT PICTURED: Kallander, Dean, Grad. Norman, Allen, Sr. Lundberg, Craig, Sr. Persson, Leon, Sr. Weston, Patrick, Sr. Thornby, Robert, Sr. Smith, Dick, Soph. Livingston, Donald, Grad. MiHor, Saylor, Sr. Gross, Warin, Sr. Hanley, Merle, Grad. Muskowitz, Harvey, Soph Ouren, Rod, Fr. Carroll, Neil, Fr. Dickenson, Jerry, Soph. Jones, Ivan, Fr. Hanley, Monte, Fr. Martin, Dick, Sr. Kerns, Wally, Fr. 378 kappa alpha 4 xl 'iii rv'4"Hs .fi 5255 - LX. 5 c 4 I ,, I, Q 1 'FG' 4502 20th N.E. The brothers soc it up for the camera man. Sandberg, Oscar, Sr., Pres Amidon, James, Jr. Armitage, James, Sr. Ashby, Richard, Jr. Blake, James, Jr. Bollen, Howard, Fr. Demitriades, Paul, Sr. Finke, Stuart, Fr. Fluharty, Arvin, Soph. Hackworth, Clyde, Fr. James, Albert, Sr. Jenne, Don, Soph. Kippola, George, Fr. Lydgate, Mort, Jr. McBurney, Robert, Sr. Miller, Fred, Sr. Miller, George, Jr. Miller, Larry, Jr. Peterson, Dale, Sr. Rasmussen, Thomas, Fr. Sandberg, Oscar, Sr. Seamens, Ralph, Sr. Stone, William, Fr. Strachen, Kenneth, Soph. Wallace, Minor, Sr. Warfield, Robert, Soph. lflllli Anderson, Bennell' Presidenl' Anderson, Benner Blounl, Richard Converse, Howard Fisch, Richard Harmon, Jay Hollingsworlh, Ken lngman, John Johnson, Franklin Johnson, Nunnally Keyes, Harry King, Douglas Lembo, John Miller, Richard Oeck, Emil Olson, Richard Ongaralo, John Quaas, Ralph Rhofen, David Ross, Roberr Schirmer, C. L. Skaren, Arlhur Talbolf, Leonard nan Waggoner, Edward Weafherford, Davi While, Jerry d Wyhorney, Clifford sg-+2 X ,M S, s R ,, . ,4 c, -v, S: 'W' 'N' ' f fz, wwf? N- .- : i' 1XQQ S y , -M, gags. fs Qi fu -4 , as X as Asa ., Q .,..,,sxx ,xc ffxlwnkzl s, , ,sis . is -: Xflleii 3: 11 ' a 3x?:s55'3f J 5, U x ' i , ff ww. f Ww e c, .,- ' lim?" ,... J.QX:S.QI,fTf. -' 'wif NOT PICTURED: Beariaulf, Douglas Black, Roberl' Black, Ross Buller, James Davis, Waller Driscoll, Thomas Floyd, SPSFICGI' Hagen, Waller Hames, Ted Kampe, Wynn Mappin, John Mayor, George Minerf, Jack Richards, Roberl Lambda Deuleron of Phi Sigma Kappa embarked on ils second 30 years of fralernal aclivily al 'rhe Univer- sily of Washinglon wi'l'h anolher aclion-filled school year. The lradilional Phi Sig "lvloonlighl' Girl" Formal again highlighled 'lhe chapl'er's social year. Besides 'lhe win- ler-quarler formal, lhe social calendar was lcepl filled . . . wilh lhe Halloween pledge dance, lhe unique "Sunrise" dance in May, and frequenl' firesides and exchanges in belween. Phi Sigma Kappa was again aclive in all lhe inlra- mural sporls programs, where 'rhe chapler members were aiming 'lo repeal lheir l953 record of firsl' in soflball and 'Fourlh in baslcelball. Allhough a well-rounded program of aclivily is 'lhe chap'rer's goal, lhe Phi Sigs realize 'lhal lhe universily is a place for sludy . . . and acl accordingly. The chapler's l953 scholaslic slanding among lhe 'lop one-lhird of campus fralernilies rellecls 'lhis allilucle. 2 I 04 E. 45+h ka a Some of lhe brolhers pick oul lheir favoriles from among a lhe Moonlighl Girl finalisls. phi sigm PP 372 phi kappa iau 455l l7+h N.E. Ss, Q.: f 3 f - ,, , ' S . A A R ei ff Wifh 'rhe close of fhe l953-54 year, fhe Phi Taus are again able fo look back on a year unmarred by oufsfanding achieve- menf. We enfered as many in'l'ramural ac- fivifies as il' is possible for a frafernify fo enfer, won as many games as we losf, and ended up in our fradifional posifion in 'lhe middle of 'l'he lisf. We didn'+ renl' fhe Civic Audiforium for a single social funcl'ion, buf we all had fabulous 'limes al 'l'he pledge dance, l-he annual Carnafion Ball, and 'rhe series of parfies, firesides, and beach par- lies lhal' we found on 'l'he social calendar every fime we 'rurned around. Though we can'f say we have more gold in our frophy case 'rhan 'rhere is in Forf Knox, we conclude fhis year wifh a feeling of success. We have accomplished 'lhe 'lwo aims which we consider lhe reasons for fhe exisfence of frafernifies - brofherhood among llhe members and plenfy of good 'rimes for all fhe men in fhe house. 380 Q , Anderson, Robert R., Sr. Pres. Anderson, Roberf, Sr. Amende, James W., Jr. Arno, Norman, Sr. Aftwell, Donald, Fr. Callahan, Charles, Sr. Chrisfie, Ray, Sr. Holmes, John, Jr. Killian, James, Fr. Morgan, Reid, Sr. Pefly, Gene, Soph. Price, Richard, Soph. Snell, William, Sr. Sfinneffe, William, Sr. Sullivan, Shelby, Jr. fr, rx ,Iggy any v NOT PICTURED: Allender, James R., Soph Dysarf, Charles, Jr. Miller, Norman D., Grad Merrifl, Roberf, Fr. Rae, William, Sr. Peferson, Clifford, Sr. we s-:ae , Us mms, if' Q "W 'SEX . Q. , -1.- .Q ss N, xl v - N. xv ms N T X., M A WM I AN -M., . 3' W X 'S' -N, ' N. 6, ew.. .- , A , 1 A . M- J X J , Some of 'lhe brofhers drop in for lunch sigma alpha mu 47l4 l7+h N.E. Brolman, Daryl, Sr. Canly, David, Jr. DeGrucio, Conrad, Soph. Flaks, Marvin, Jr. Foreman, Richard, Sr. Forman, Larry, Fr. Herman, Morlon, Fr. Huppin, Charles, Sr. Jacobson, Sfanley, Fr. Kleiner, Dolph, Soph. Koppel, Phillip, Fr. Kraft, Howard, Jr. Kregal, Irving, Jr. Leaderman, Donald, Fr. Hu in CharlesE Pres. PP . -I Agranoff, Efrom Z., Jr. Arensberg, Richard, Jr. Arnsfein, Sam, Jr. Barer, Arnold, Fr. Blali, Norman, Soph. Bockman, Howard, Fr. Freedman, Howard, Sop Freeman, Melvin, Soph. Goldberg, Charles, Fr. Goldberg, David, Fr. Gorfkle, Sanford, Jr. Gross, Leonard, Fr. Grossman, Larry, Jr. Guferson, Lewis, Jr. Loeb, Richard, Sr. Mazurosky, Sanford, Jr. Meisels, Slanley, Sr. Nash, Jack, Fr. Nudelman, Phillip, Fr. Oppenheimer, Leonnard, Fr, Reiner, Roberi, Fr. Samuels, Stanley, Sr. Schacher, Edward, Jr, Sherman, Eddie, Fr. Simon, Norman, Soph. Sleinbock, Richard, Soph. Slurman, Melvin, Soph. Weider, Lawrence, Fr. Weinsfein, Sanford, Sr. Zeidman, Howard, Sr. Zukerkorn, Herberl, Jr. A .,,.., . . J l h. sxwws .,.,. N. fy N v 1. fQ?5,wQi , WX X s ,wa ..-- , X lx? X Xissixkgx 5.737 Nil 'asf - ", Q: SX V . . X. - f' f" N X X X X L X 5, 5 A xi M WT? fx Q X Q NX' - Q ' '2::-' Q.: 1 ,wax .1 ' 'gi . l ' my 4 mg. - X mu sg . izaxq? ' , ' r' L i uf - N ,X A i fa swf, ' il 'Sf' f., W 1x5 ' .e fr, ff? ' 1 . S , E l 15 P, phi delfa fhefa Baldwin, William Belcoe, Gene Boyd, Sayre Boylan, Arlhur Brodersen, James Brown, Roberls Burch, William Cahoon, George Curra ns, E. Thomas Davis, Don Delimifros, Arfie Dobbs, Lary Dodge, William Dorsey, Donald Eakin, William Erickson, Frederick Hanke, Peler Hinson, David Holmkuisf, Nils Howe, Waller Hulelz, Norman Jacobson, Richard Johnson, Jerry Kachlein, George XX ww ,A A 2lll E. 47lh Sl' Waiss, Terrill Presidenl' Anderson, Paul Anderson, Richard Archey, Thomas Bacas, Evan Beckman, Donald Badgely, Don Calverf, William Cheflain, Arlhur Chrisly, Howard Clarke, George Coleman, Charles Corbeff, Roberl Crosson, Don Cruikshank, Collen Euleneier, Max Farr, Fred Filzgerald, John Frayn Jr., Roberf Gandy Jr., Roberl Guslin, Frank Hall, Jay Hamilfon, Jack a.-W" ii- . -,.., Q. SE we 'N K XX Gel' fhose broad shouldersl The While Slar of Sigma Tau again blazed brighlly across l'he Washingfon campus as members of Phi Gamma Della slrove successfully for achievemenls in facels of college life. Fiiimen confinued lo sel' a fine record for 'rhe "Cas'rle on 'rhe Corner" in alhlelics, scholarship, "Hub" aclivilies, and social funcfions. Proof 'rhal Fiii's made Husky headlines was evidenl in every varsily sporl, augmenling l'he lheme of service 'ro lhe inslilufion lhal' foslers lhis fralernily. Fiii in- 'lramural reams added new laurels lo an already impressive record 'rhal' shows more 'rrophies won 'lhan any olher compelilor. There were numerous olher achievemenls made, bul' whal sfood our above all, was 'rhe facl' l'ha+ afler anolher year of college, fhe members of Phi Gamma Della had mainlained l'he same high level sel by 'rheir predecessors and had conlinued +o bind logelher lheir common ideals, inlelleclually, physically and socially. Allen Tony Arney Cliff Barnes Ardell Bench Rick Bennell Warren Brazier Don Brazier John Brazier Tom Byers Wes Cameron Bob Churchill Tom Cunningham Karl Decker Jay Draper Greg Drury Don Dykes Jim Egan Dave Evey Siu Falk Tom Fleming Jim Flefcher Jim Flye Don Gaffner Gary Gaffner Hank Gelchel Jim Hagen Bill Hanson Neal Hart Don Hlgbee Ralph Hlllon Jim Housfon Jim MP1 ,ewa- S Aggie il A SS WW MQ. auf X 4503 l7l'h N. E. xf ,gf N l X Z x X f W Phi gamma delia Noi' Picfured: Arrivey, Pele Coles, Pal Kuelpman, Darrel Olsen, Darrel Perry, Len Quackenbush, Sian Redmond, Jerry Revere, Bill Tomlison, John Turman, Jerry Hulbush, Roger Hunf, Ari Hulchins, Wesley Kaonis, Keilh Kelly, Brian Kirkby, Lyle Kuebler, Bob Kuebler, Tom Laiala, Ed Leefch, Mac Lennox, Sfu Lofgren, Boyd McKibbin, Bruce MacLeod, Gary Maher, Ed Masoero, Ari Mendel, Bob Miller, Rod Moldsfad, Hal Moore, Bud Morris, Jim Mullin, Shan Nugenf, Jack Olsen, Terry Peabody, Bob Peferson, Bob Pelerson, Don Prescoff, John Pressey, Rod Quillian, Bill Radovich, John Ramseyer, Joe Riley, Chuck Schmifz, Al Scoff, Jack Singer, Dean Sisler, Gary Slephenson, Al Sfevenson, Jim Slewarl, Bob Tucker, Fred Turner, Jim Viera, Bob Wallace, Tony Wells, Ned Wells, Sieve Wheeler, Scool Willis, Fred Wilson, Van Woodruff, John ph' kappa sigma Bergman, Pefe, Jr. Briscoe, DeWa ne, Soph. Brockman, Nick, Jr. Buchan, Bill, Fr. Calverf, Don, Sr. Clark, Dick, Fr. Fee, Bob, Fr. Fields, Doug, Sr. Fosier, Gordy, Fr. Frodel, Ed, Fr. Givens, Roy, Jr. Hall, Max, Fr. Hansen, Mark, Fr. NOT PICTURED: Craswell, Bruce, Denf. Draper, Tom, Soph. Eyer, Kenny, Med. Ford, Ari, Sr. Kasfilahn, Don, Soph. Kurfz, John, Sr. Noble, Dave, Sr. Pufnam, Bob, Sr. Selden, Ted, Sr. Strunk, Sian, Soph. Sullivan, Don, Soph. 386 Johnston, Bob, Pres. Abboff, Jim, Fr. Allison, Tom, Jr. Anderson, Bob, Jr. Afherfon, Ed, Sr. Baker, Duane, Soph. Bard, Bud, Jr. Consfans, Tom, Sr. Convery, Dick, Sr. Crim, Jim, Soph. Dickinson, Bill, Jr. Duflon, Bob, Soph. Edenholm, Roy, Jr. Erickson, John, Fr. Feasfer, Dick, Soph. Hasfings, Bob, Sr. Heisserman, Wayne, Higgins, Jim, Fr. Horn, Ray, Law Hosfeffer, Bob, Fr. Hoyf, Bill, Fr. v l953-l954 marked anofher sfep forward for Phi Kappa Sigma, anofher year of greaf and small pleasures: fun, frafernalism, and educafion fo file under memories. Thirfy new inifiafes helped fo carry 'lhe Black and Gold fo vicfory on fhe inframural field, and as always, 'lhe Phi Kaps parficipafed in all campus acfivifies. A few gol' married, a few pinned, buf 'lhe social calendar confinued. The parfies and dances won'f be forgoffen easily-fhe pledge dance, fhe "Go-l'o- Hell" dance, fhe winfer formal, spring informal, and fhaf wonderful wind-up, fhe house parfy. ln befweenifhe big 'limes fhere were a lof of liffle ones-dollar parfies, sere- nades, firesldes, and exchanges. We hil' fhe books, foo-lasf year saw us rise fo fiffh place in grade improvemenf. ln addifion fo fhaf, fhe Phi Kaps iusf plain enioyed life. A wonderful year, a wonderful life, a lof of work, and plenfy of fun made a preffy good recipe for 53-54. 'M fu i"7'-f lf -sl 4' xgiax XX if if .,,A f . "Yef'515i 3625 'S , .Hifi L' .B N221 A., . F! Ax- 3. -J 0 A i ' .-1 I lsr' - ' Y' ik l : lp .3 3' fm Q s x 2' ' v ,ae f 1 if spa X Axe ax X X sg, 3:22552 R .. ea ,X .s ur Bidwell, Al, Fr. Bilar, Sam, Soph. Burrows, Bob, Soph. Burlon, Harold, Soph. Campell, Cloyd, Soph. England, James, Grad Freeman, Nick, Soph. Gamble, Mike, Fr. Harper, Guy, Sr. House, Carl, Soph. Largis, John, Sr. McCandless, Don, Soph. Bealy, Harry, Pres. Allen, Richard, Sr. Anderson, Earl, Soph. Bealy, Harry, Sr. Beckman, Richard, Soph. Belz, Edward, Soph. Chaffield, Douglas, Soph. Chubb, Bill, Soph. Davis, Theron, Fr. Dease, Pele, Fr. DeLauren'fi, Bob, Jr. Doyle, Tom, Sr. Duncanson, Neil, Sr. Obviously, from lhe expressions, lhe Phi Psi's are walching somerhing educalional. McClenaghan, Don, Sr, McKinney, Mike, Soph, Marfin, Jim, Sr, l L i954 marks a sfellar year in progress for Phi Psi al- fhe Universify-one which Alpha chapfer is proud fo add fo ifs record. lfs members found represenfafion in Purple Shield, Oval Club, Big W, Malamufes, Varsify Boal' Club, and marry campus commiffees, besides mainfaining a highly im- pressive scholasfic record. Phi Psi's social calendar included such highlighfs as fheir annual Fire Parfy, pledge dance, cosfume parfy, formal, hayride, serenades, and beach parfies. The Washingfon Alphans have always prided fhemselves on a conservafively conducfed chapfer l-haf sfre-sses in- fernal sfrengfh as 'rhe basis for prominence. Acfive alumni associafions make if a frafernify useful nof only in college, buf one fhal' figures prominenfly in fhe y-ears affer grad- uafion. Wifh fhis year of progress, fhen, Phi Psi looks fo fhe fufure for even greafer successes and a more impres- sive and powerful Washingfon chapfer. Munn, Gary, Soph. Munson, Ray, Grad. Noble, Phil, Fr. Parr, Ray, Sr. Peyser, Al, Soph. Puckelf, Lance, Jr. Reed, John, Fr. Taller, Joe, Jr. Thompson, Dick, Fr. Thygeson, Earl, Jr. Turner, Paul, Fr. Van Pelf Chuck Sr van Pelf: Ed, sdphf Wafson, Arch, Fr. 2 I 20 E. 47'rh Reed, Norm, Soph. Rickdall, Larry, Fr. Salmi, Len, Jr. Schofield, Ed, Soph. Simkins, Ben, Fr. S1ack,Al, Soph. Sveen, Menlon, Sr. Wafson, John, Fr. Wesfbo, Bob, Soph. Whifaker, Ron, Grad. Williams, Dave, Soph. Williams, Rod, Fr. Winslow, Pele, Soph. Yafes, Dale, Sr. NOT PICTURED: Ables, Tom, Grad. Arnfson, Chuck, Fr. Davis, Milfon, Fr. Diefz, Don, Grad. Erickson, Glen Gibbons, Bob, Jr. Graseff, Darley, Sr. Howay, James, Sr. Korlman, Fred, Jr. Mifflin, John, Fr. Schullz, Jerry, Grad. Smifh, Darryl, Soph. Van Pelf, Richard, Fr. Vowles, John, Fr. Warren, George, Fr. Z I .. 4 . -lil 1 N . .Y ' iff 'Zhi ,ij psi upsilon .si5v..54s.,--mp - , .. , ,Jay ,.,,,,,. .1"f,e.,,- W.-, . , .,,. Q. ,, .M . M. -.. H .i ., .. '41'Zi,'I4"f.fL'?' ,iw 1' 'B v 1.5. me- -x- . s Z.. ' . .. YJXU-".:f."-1" . .f.iig,s ,, , . ,,...,,,,. M. .1 - 'f ggi :rl ,,.,. ef ok We Jia 'Z,:s..!TJ1, ff f 1 rw M Y scsi' ' .. V "Q .. mil?" i'Kiff.xas,f ,- '4 awsgg .f 3 iw if-'sv 'if . v - ' Sv Wife' M25-5 f 1 ,V I ,tg .iE".,a:f1' f 'P iii' 1 S' X . aff' fK t'r ix.-x vs? sf . -fe.. rx - 'vs Y f Q.. -' -fe. .l2.-,:. .ell-n ' - . , 4:".f'..'h5.- 'ilvilig 1 falljfflgf .."f.Sf- . - - 4- ' ff' A fi I fkvidat-gl..-' in 4 gW'ls'Q,-Q 21.3. :IFx,3..,,gQ51. , V. . :: ,vt 3- .31533-wgggs-1 3?-2,fz,ti3QQfL.".s viral- AZ" 1, gn.. . 2 -5 -- .,.1 .- 5 ,..M55g,.Qy5,y,, Z:-4 at ' . .muy-fvml 1335. FI-i-:W vcr , X' V' , Ze?-' fs:W..ra2f.ff ff vs-9.t3ss:wW ' "fa-sr , :says L ,. --.l,,1.-pkg v-..'as,. f g:cr's.:, - cya.-,J 1, -. . 1' www 1 ,s,.-.sw :Q ,14- 4 .sm -. , K- ,xf N..-yr..-,-rp ng'-s me c 'mf' sq.-'M'-. - The life of 'rhe undergraduaie during 'rhe early l800's was for ihe mosi pari' singularly dull, filled wiih ihe coun'l'- less delails allendani' 'ro l'he meiiculous scholarship re- quired of college siuclenis in +he dead pasi. To provide a means of social communion, 'fraierniiies were esiab- lished wherein a group of men so inclined migh+ engage in l'he kind of pleasanl' verbal inlercourse lhal' makes l'he 'rime fly and ihe burdens of exislence lighi. From 'ihese innocuous roo'rs grew ihe ini'rica+e, inieriwined, convo- Iuied social iungle in which so many of us hang by our iails foday, peeling bananas and looking lhrough 'rhe bushes lo be cerlain +hai' everyone else is peeling 'rheir bananas. We of 'lhe Owl House a+ Psi U, are currenily engaged in a heroic boo'rs'I'rap pull io relurn 'lo l'he old values- +o see ihe meanings and concepis on which 'rhe fraierniiy was founded come alive and assume vi+ali+y. Avoiding commercialism, we pay our pledges no salaries, spurn- ing name-ga'I'hering, we have hired no nalional figures lo claim l'hey were Psi U'sg shying from a jock colleclion, we insisi' i'ha+ our ai'hle+e.s be fairly- deceni' people who can read and wriie. "Fundameni'alism," we call ii, as summed up in our secrei' Greek mo'H'o, which lranslaled means, "Can +he garbage and lel's have more of 'ihai' crazy verbal in+ercourse." Q Callison, Tony, Pres. N Amoy, Lesl'e, Fr. Baier, George, Fr. Bain, Jim, Fr. Baldwin, Pe1er,Soph. Bergerson, Jim, Sr. Bishop, Pere, Jr. Callison, Tony, Sr. Carier, Wayne, Jr. Cole, Bob, Soph. Dammier, Brian, Soph. Dodge, Byron, Jr. Dowd, Tom, Fr. Drocobly, Ferris, Jr. Ellioff, Ken, Fr. Erickson, Bob, Fr. Espinda, Dave, rF. Faye, Alan, Jr. Flohr, Skip, Jr. Fosfer, Gary, Fr. Garreison, Ed, Soph. Halverson, Fred, Jr. Hellieson, Harold, Fr. Jackson, Dave, Fr. "Oh we're a band of iolly boys fm 'NX l8l8F.47+h wx ik .g 'sV'3f,gj, ' xxx, YN s UBB? Johnson, Forbes, Fr. Judson, Ed, Soph. Karmin, Kuri, Jr. King, Bowen, Fr. Lane, Pele, Jr. Larson, Dave, Jr. Lennes, Al, Fr. Lumley, Don, Jr. McKenzie, Bill, Jr. Marfinson, Al, Soph. Mafheson, Bill, Fr. Midcllelon, Mike, Sr Morton, Jack, Fr. Murphy, Mike, Sr. Nelson, Earl, Fr. Nielsen, Dwighf, Fr. Parrolf, John, Fr. Parsons, Pele, Jr. Pafrick, Archie, Jr. Pell, Jim, Soph. Reams, Bill, Jr. Reed, Sieve, Fr. Reed, William, Sr. Riley, Ed, Jr. Roake, Sieve, Jr. Rogers, Bob, Jr. Sedlacek, Chuck, Jr. Selby, Parker, Soph. Slipper, Tom, Sr. Spencer, Tom, Fr. Sfevens, Bill, Sr. Swenson, Bruce, Fr. Vermilye, John, Fr. Walker, Keifh, Soph Wallerich, John, Fr. Whybark, Clay, Fr. Woolslon, Rod, Fr. alpha kappa 4753 I8+h N. E. Johnson, Gordon, Pres. Arksey, Leon, Grad. Ballinger, James, Jr. Davis, Earl, Jr. Dickinson, Lewis, Sr. Fisher, Philip, Soph. Howard, John, Soph. I '-mg. , W , , vqizvr-tfzt 'Mr sigma, sf X34 1. Tiiv w-..,,,,NE. 4547 l7+h N. E. lambda 4 . I .ay '-4 - f J, . ' .iiifi .. 4 5 39 11 ,,., , 4 4 4,- Johnson, Gordon, Sr. Morley, Richard, Fr. Willard, Stanley, Soph. Wilson, Duane, Soph. ,sig IQ ,' 13 sri! s, 7. 42 Q ss.. ff . X .W .S -as Turner, E. C., Pres. Anfon, Galen, Jr. Ausiin, Charles, Fr. Barnes, Roberf, Jr. Berrier, Billy, Grad. Cameron, James, Soph. Clayion, David, Fr. Galbriih, Richard, Jr. Harris, Wayne, Sr. Hermann, Rex, Jr. Perry, John, Sr. Turner, E. C., Sr. Wefmore, Dick, Jr. NOT PICTURED: Carfer, George, Sr. Kilpalrick, Michael, Jr. McCormick, Charles, Fr McCar+y, Richard, Soph Mueller, Alexander, Sr. Orr, Dwighf, Sr. Rhine, Ronald, Jr. sigma pi fau phi delfa 46l6 Zlsf N E. Tau Phi Delfa is classed as a social frafernify, buf ifs membership is primarily limifed fo sfudenfs inferesfed in foresfry. Briefly, our purpose is fo furfher fhe profes- sion of foresfry and allied fields, 'lo promofe high scholarship by bringing fo 'l'he under- graduafe a more complefe undersfanding of fhe accomplishmenfs of fhese professions, and fo furfher esfablish fhe mufual benefifs fo be derived by cooperafion. Aside from our professional purposes, Tau Phi Delis mainfain a well balanced social schedule highlighfed fhis year by fhe home- coming acl'ivi'l'ies of fall. The chapfer rounded ouf fheir social year wifh such evenfs as fheir winfer formal, spring picnic, numerous ski parfies, exchanges, and firesides. Q ' Y . 4' f ., I ,, ,ff Q WWW.. hrzzg. " .fi ' I . f m'?fs"Z,f 625292 5 , 6 '- Noi Piclured: Blanchard, Jack Burks, Jack Ellis, Ean Krysfad, Jack Lloyd, Calvin Micheloffi, Fred Schuler, Donald Snyder, Richard Bakewell, John Presidenl Bakewell, John Barrows, Blair Benson, Sfanley Carlson, Dave Davis, Raymond Franklin, Ray Goerfz, Roberl Gracey, Roberl' Hebrank, Alberl Koenig, Richard Moyer, James Nilson, Allan Pardo, Richard Pefrone, Edward Pickefls, William Prall, Frederick Raynor, John Sanford, William Shirley, Gray Smilh, Wall Taipale, Denny Truax, William Wilbur, Donald Wilson, George " . . and one for fhe road.' 393 Leo sporls evidence ol nighl visilors. Nol Piclured: Davis, Mike Fell, Dick McCusker, Bob , Peck, George Thieme, Bob EES. 4506 I7lh N. E. This charming lillle group of brolhers whom you see mugged on lhese pages are caged in lhe baslile-like slruclure localed al 4506 l7lh N. E. Top accomplishmenl recorded by lhe chapled during lhe year was lhe pledging ol more freshmen lhan lhere were beds avail- able, which necessilaled lhe inaclivalion ol lhe pool lable during lhe lale evening hours. We don'l use waler during lhe year as we need il lor our Home- coming sign and, as a consequence, can balhe only while lhe sign is going, which makes il exceedingly dillicull lo gel dales lhe resl ol lhe lime. In lieu ol lhal we have a hash-marked med sludenl who lels us look al his analomy lexls and we also lake long hikes in lhe cold air. Our alhleles eal us righl ou-I' ol our budgel and lhen lurn around and borrow money lrom us when lhe Universily wilhholds lheir paychecks because ol inepl perlormances. Even wilh 373 mem- bers we are hard pressed lo supply represenlalives lo all lhe HUB commillees and service honoraries. ln summalion, il can be lruly said lhal we are lhe beller or equal lo any oll-campus ealing club al lrillering away our lime. sigma alpha epsilon Sorenson, Howie Presidenl' Anderson, Dave Backer, Hang Ballaine, Jerry Bard, Frank Belden, Jerry Brinkman, Pele Brown, Ron Brush, Barrie Buckles, Alden Bushell, Don Byinglon, Dick . Cahill, Jack Campbell, Bob Cramer, Dan Cushing, John De Selms, Roy Di'Hy, Bill Doly, Bob Doxsie, Bob Ek, John Enfield, Lloyd Erickson, Glen Fankhouser, Mike Fisher, Pele Forbes, Bruce Frame, Bill Gaw, J. Wilson Guflormsen, Dick Hansen, Earl Harlwig, Don Helms, Jack Henry, Ed Hollingsworlh, Pal' Houck, Ray Jarvis, Harvey Jerue, Larry Jewel'l', L. Dale John, Skip King, Bob Kilfinger, Edmond Koon, Charlie La Framboise, Dick Lamb, Lynn Leisner, Joseph Lillle, Bryce, Jr. McCullough, Dosseil MacMillan, John Mandery, Duane Malhieu, Armand Muir, Doug Nicholson, Nick Nipper, George Nommenson, Gene Nordman, Arnold Nunnalee, Gery Papen, Ed Peferson, Brooks Plebuch, Dick Ramey, Jerry Rasself, Jim Richards, Richard Richards, Roberl Rofinol, Ensley Rogers, Ken Ruggles, Jack Salley, Jim Salero, lvar Scheuck, Brian Schnider, Ken Sheron, Ed Sorenson, Howie Sprague, Tom Sleel, Hardie Slroh, Jim Sugar, Gary Taylor, Ron Thomas, Jim Till, Bill Toole, Clyde R. Walerhouse, Ted Wafson, Larry Wilde, Douglas sigma chi Happy smiles mark 'rhe crowning of lhe l952 "Swee+hear1 of Sigma Chl Gail Slrandberg. l7l6 E. 45+h MN lin- Berven, Don Beumer, Delberf Block, Jack Boharf, Mill' Brace, Gordon Bridges, Donald Erickson, Len Fellon, Roger Fifzpafrick, John Ginneff, Gar Gleeson, Pai Gollaher, Larry 396 Riedinger, Tom Presidenf Aikman, Van Amundson, Charles Babbitt, Doug Bailly, John Baird, Bill Baldwin, Joe Brown, Floyd Burkiff, Hal Burris, Bob Crook, Sfewarl Diefz, Don Dolling, Tom Easfman, George Edwards, Arlhur J The pasl' year has seen Sigma Chi and ifs members garner for fhem- selves recognifion and acclaim for oufsfanding performance in fhe main phases of sfudenl' acfivify-: afhlefics, campus acfivifies, communify service, and a very successful social season. To deVel0P a'9f0UP's capacil-y if is well recognized fhaf fhe develop- menl' of 'l'he mdlvidual's capacify by fhe group is paramounf fo fhe achlevemenl- of fhe goal. Pracficing 'lhe firm belief fhal' fhe "bonds are "eClPl'0Cal." Sigma Chi confinues 'lo develop leaders in all walks of campus life. Sampson, Clark Schwedes, John Sfewarf, Jack Uddenberg, Berf Warsinske, Jim Websfer, Kennefh Welch, Bill Wilson, Doug Winn, Jim Woofon, Ron Zilka, Lew Hardie, Bob Hedreen, Dick Hilperf, Ed Howard, Richard Hughes, Dick Kyllingsfad, Jack Larsen, Bill Laffa, David Lindmark, Ed McCormick, Larry McDaniel, Bob Moore, Glenn Neal, Roger lsham, Don Kern, Ward Kirby, Craig Kirby, John Knapp, Bob Olwell, Pai Perkins, John Peferson, Norm Praff, Shan Quigley, Dave Rainwater, Bob Riedinger, George Riedinger, Tom Noi Picfured: Brady, Jack Brennan, Roberf Garreff, Gerald Liplau, Conrad Mackie, Nick Marinkovich, Don Mills, Henry Mills, Henry Neill, Jim Scraggin, Gordie Shaffer, Jim sigma nu Carlson, Reuben, Soph. Car enler James Jr P . . - Chrislie, Marcus, Soph. Couchman, George, Fr. Dolson, LaVerne, Fr. Eagle, Blake, Jr. Gardner, Brian, Soph. Gundlach, Vaughn, Jr. Hanson, Keilh, Fr. Hooper, William, Fr. Johns, Ronald, Soph. Johnson, Bill, Fr. Jordan, Michael, Fr. Jowell, Bill, Sr. Lariza, Francisco, Sr. Leilhe, Carl, Soph. Leilhe, Charles, Fr. Lepsoe, Finn, Fr. Lewis, Karslen, Fr. Lindslrom, Lauron, Sr. Lisler, John, Fr. McBride, Dewey, Sr. 398 Wherry, Ken, Pres. Alexander, Douglas, Jr. Amis, James, Soph. Anderson, William, Sr. Bloom, Ronald, Sr. Boie, William, Fr. Brown, Warren, Soph. Easles, Gary, Jr. Ely, Roberl, Sr. Farrell ,Charles, Jr. Farrell, Paul, Fr. Forbes, Dorr, Jr. Fraser, Terry, Sr. French, Gordon, Soph. Frelheim, Tom, Fr. Kiefer, John, Sr. Kincaid, Charles, Fr. King, Donne, Jr. Korn, James, Jr. Kolick, William, Jr. Kramer, Waller, Fr. Lacy, Nick, Fr. Lacy, Richard, Jr. l6l6 E. 47+h ll"s dinner ilme wilh som In' h l-, guesls al 'lhe Sigma Nu hiusd? Sc Dol McCoubrey, William, Fr. McCracken, Larry, Fr. awww. McKenzie, Richard, Jr. McKeown, Frank, Fr. Meagher, Michael, Soph. Mebusl, Winslon, Jr. Merfel, Charles, Fr. Monroe Arihur Fr 4 Anolher greal' year of 'fralernily life has been wrillen in 'rhe annals of Sigma Nu. Afler winning l'he Sophomore Carnival lrophy for 'l'he lhird year in a row, lhe brofhers relurned in 'lhe fall and placed lhird in Homecoming sign compelilion. This year 'rhe chapler held up lhe 58 year old lradilion of oulslanding achievemenis by boasling inlramural lrophies, a class presidenl, and commillee men in all phases of campus aclivilies. The social calendar was high-lighied by lhe Pig Dinner which again proved ilself lhe finesl fralernal dinner-dance on campus. Wilh lhe accomplishmenls of '53-'54 behind lhem, +he brolhers of Gamma Chi Chapler look forward lo anolher year when lhey may proudly wear lhe While Slar of Sigma Nu. Racine, Roberl, Soph. Reeder, Paul, Soph. Reischling, Barry, Sr. Richards, Gordon, Fr. Romaneschi, Sfua rf, Fr. Rolchford, Dennis, Jr. Rudd, Douglas, Fr. Sandberg, Phillip, Jr. Vammen, Charles, Sr. Wahl, John, Soph. Walker, Bruce, Soph. Walker, Conrad, Jr. Wherry, Ken, Sr. Williams, Roberl, Jr. Wilson, James, Fr. Wilson, Roberf, Sr. Wolfe, James, Fr. Morgan, Alvin, Sr, Munger, Bryce, Jr. Norlon, Philip, Sr. O'Connor, Richard, Fr Ossewarde, Fred, Fr. Pascoe, Jeffrey, Fr. Pelerson, Dennis, Jr. Pilcher, Clyde, Jr. Smilhson, Richard, Jr. Sfoddard, Wayne, Jr. Sullivan, Frank, Fr. Taylor, Richard, Fr. Teel, Charles, Sr. Teel, Paul, Jr. Trick, Roberf, Fr. Tupper, George, Soph. NOT PICTU RED: Black, George, Sr. Onkels, Pefer, Sr. Parllow, James Rice, Marshall, Jr. Rockey, Dean, Sr. 399 sigma phi epsilon NOT PICTURED: Behrendf, George, Soph. Blackburn, John, Grad. Bray, Mike, Soph. Gall, Phillip, Fr. Hamack, Roberf, Grad. Hobbs, Clyde, Sr. Johnson, Robert, Soph. McLees, James, Sr. McMillen, Kennelh, Fr. Rarig, David, Sr. Rogers, Jack, Soph. Skinner, Ron, Soph. Smilh, George, Sr. Whilenock, Donald, Sr. Courier, Gerald, Pres. Adams, Donald, Fr. Baleman, Harris, Soph. Campbell, Richard, Sr. Cassim, Edward, Jr. Claudson, Tommie, Jr. Courier, Gerald, Sr. Cusler, Donald, Fr. Edwards, Sargenf, Jr. Hobbs, Wayne, Soph. Hupp, Jack, Sr. Ingalls, Roberf, Soph. Logan, Dan, Fr. Miller, Carol, Soph. Miller, Roberl, Fr. Morlon, Lee, Soph. Olson, James, Soph. Pickelf, Duane, Soph. Powell, Felix, Jr. Rarig, Clark, Sr. Requa, Jerry, Soph. Segalla, Bob, Fr. Van Dyne, Bill, Soph. Wallers, Roberf, Fr. Weinbrechl, Richard, F Wesfermark, Peler, Fr. While, Dwayne, Fr. Ah now we can relax! iau kappa silon X , .14 3 NOT PICTURED: Evans, Roberl, Sr. Hengesleg, Peler, Fr 4547 l8lh N. E. Warren, Richard, Pres. Are', Andi, Soph. Barnelle, Mack, Sr. Birl, Jack, Fr. Boundy, Bruce, Jr. Brady, William, Fr. Burd, Dr. Henry A. X ff NX J' Na+ xx 1. ,,,,,, . .f Campbell, Thomas, Sr. Cass, Slevens, Sr. Doupe', Guy, Jr. Dysarl, Lloyd, Soph. Eiseman, Jack, Jr. Filzgerald, Burl, Jr. Furnia, Ernesl, Grad. Gladslone, Valenlin, Grad. Granl, Wayne, Sr. Helly, Edward, Sr. Kirkland, Thomas, Jr. Lunsford, William, Soph. MacDougall, Bruce, Jr. Mallson, Richard, Fr. McClure, Doyle, Soph. Mines, Michael, Grad. Murray, Marvin, Fr. Normann, Siqurd, Fr. Normann, Soren, Jr. Olson, Lloyd, Sr. Parker, Richard, Sr. Parks, Donald, Jr. 1 N Lx as N Peralrovich, Roy, Fr. Pele Phillips, Larry, Fr. Ralcliffe, Ronald, Soph. Ralcliffe, Thomas, Jr. Robinson, William, Jr. Sando, Frank, Sr. 'SZTIQ' Scarrah, George, Sr. Sommerselh, Jerry, Fr. Spencer, Donald, Fr. Slevenson, Roberl, Fr. --.., KmAx,n-H .- Ng' Pele i5n'+ snarling. He's iusl smiling al lhe brolhers. Swanson, William, Jr. Swell, Daniel, Sr. Warren, Richard, Sr. Weyermann, Bruce, Fr. I 1 Keefe, Larry, Soph. Kicker, Ro , Fr. Kukay, Richard, Fr. Landon, Jerry, Fr. Langer, Jerry, Fr. Larsen, Laurifls, Sr. Marlin, Val, Pres. Lawrence, Gordon, Soph. Luehrs, James, Fr. McGhee, Ken, Fr. McManis, Chef, Jr. McPherson, Donald, Soph Marlin, Val, Sr. Massey, Ro ,So h. Mead, Herb, Jr.p Milchell, Gordon, Soph. Nickle, George, Soph. Norlon, William, Fr. Null, Jack, Jr. O'Galligan, John, Jr. Orr, James, Grad. Pargeler, William, Jr. Parker, Sid, Fr. Parks, Elmer, Fr. Pelerson, Dale, Soph. Reid, Jerry, Fr. Rich, Rodney, Soph. Richardson, James, Soph. Riney, Hal. Sr. Rolfe, James, Sr. Rondeau, James, Jr. Sage, Ed, Jr. Schoonover, Slanley, Jr. Self, Richard, Sr. Sobich, Peler, Fr. Slillwell, James, Fr. Sullivan, Price, Fr. Pl IW?- 4535 l7'l'h N.E. Suryan, John, Fr. Thome, Don, Jr. Wagenhals, Waller, Soph. Walbom, Dave, Jr. Waugh, Wallace, Sr. as are 's Webber, Paul, Soph. Wennerslrom, Bruce, Fr. fm 'f Weslall, Ken, Soph. M Whilesides, Dale, Fr. V . :WAP 'V r .1 . .' .-H-i,.2?,ufr?' .b 'J' 5 ,5 E. 3 - Thela Chi is a social 'fralernily and a 'rrue brolherhood. We have our Bowery Brawl and spring formal, our fire- sides and our exchanges . . . "Whal"s her rouline? . . . 'fix me up . . . nol loo impressive a dolly." We also have our al'hle'l'es and our BMOC's . . . "who'll give me a ride lo lhe Pav? . . . here's 'lhe silualion . . . now wail a minule . . . grea+!" We have a Wednesday nighl social club, and a 3 a.m. "who goes lo bed" club. We sludy and we enjoy each ol'her's company . . . "lel"s soc. il' up wilh lhe brolhers . . . il"s Jim Rolfe, boy house manager . . . Jersey Jay, Lub, Deals, Brewsler, Jambalaya, VD . . . anyone for lhe Res?" And like any close-knil organizalion, we have our peculiar jargon . . . "l couldn'l care less . . . is Skalezi in lhe house . . . cusspol . . . wha'r's your slory . . . gel' off lhal squawk box . . . l'm sure glad il"s nol' raining very hard . . . one good lhing lhough . . . oh, really? . . . grannies . . . l'm nol' impressed . . . hope 'lo shoul' . . . OK gang . . . l couldn'l believe il . . . il' isn'+ even 'Funny . . . anyone for l'he Res?" 403 lhela della chi Bergman, Douglas, Pres. Anderson, William, Sr. Armsfrong, Glenn, Fr. Auslin, James, Sr. Axling, Richard, Fr. Baldwin, Donald, Jr. Bardarson, Linne, Fr. Barkley, Rodney, Fr. Barllell, William, Soph. Bergman, Douglas, Sr. Biddle, Jack, Fr. Blackslone, Donald, Fr. Bremner, Eric, Fr. Brooke, Glenn, Jr. Carr, Wayne, Fr. Carroll, Dee, Fr. Chrislenson, James, Fr. Dalrymple, Larry, Soph. Davies, Peler, Soph. Duggan, Roberl, Soph. Erickson, Corky, Jr. Esles, Beniamin, Fr. Ferlhgh, Jo, Sr. Ferryman, William, Fr. Field, Roberl, Jr. Flower, Charles, Fr. Frasier, William, Jr. Gerrodelle, Charles, Soph. Success was lhe keynole ol Thela Della Chi's acliv- ilies on lhe Washinglon campus during lhe i953-54 school year. Rush week slarled lhe year oll wilh a "bang" wilh lhe Xi Deuleron charge pledging 33. The new men gol inlo lhe swing ol social Iile during fall quarler wilh a lull calendar ol exchanges, liresides, and our annual pledge formal. Homecoming and our Founders Day Banquel sup- plied means lor lhe alums and lhe pledges lo gel logelher and meel each olher. We climaxed our lall aclivilies by caroling wilh Alpha Della Pi sor- orily al Chrislmas lime. 4532 I9lh N. E. The pasl' 'rwo quarlers have found lhe new me filling smoolhly inlo l'he daily rouline and social life of lhe fralernily. The Singapore Sling and l-he Spring Formal fealured lhe lighler side of 'rhe l954 aclivilies. l'1 We again sponsored our all-Universily slreel dance on 'lhe eve of 'lhe ASUW eleclions. We concluded a successful year in inlramurals by copping 'lhe crew championship 'For 'rhe second year in a row. R Theres homing +0 fhis slriing business. Jusl' ask 'lhe Thela Dell wilh lhe CfUl'Che5- ,. . P 1 l NOT PICTU RED: Cooles, John, Jr. Pulnam, David, Fr. Thrailkill, William. Sf- Goodman, Roberl, Soph. Hackman, Roberl, Jr. Haley, Bruce, Sr. Harris, Gerald, Sr. Heminger, Murry, Sr. Johnson, Bruce, Fr. Jones, David, Soph. Jones, Garr, Fr. Kifer, Harlan, Soph. Klingman, Ronald, Fr. Lehman, David, Sr. Lewis, Donald, Soph. Lewis, Jack, Fr. Lingenfeller, Roberl, Fr. Lomax, Alan, Soph. McReynolds, Neil, Soph. Mackey, Dan, Jr. Malin, Richard, Fr. Muir, Donald, Fr. Newman, John, Jr. O'Lane, Michael, Jr. Pelers, Nick, Jr. Rakeman, Edward, Sr. - Reddick, Roberf, Fr. Rhineharl, Keilh, Fr. Rodburg, Richard, Sr. Rogers, Ralph, Jr. Schuberl, Jim, Soph. Smilh, Joel, Sr. Slrand, Richard, Fr. Thompson, Dan, Jr. Thorslenson, Roberl, Soph Websler, Richard, Sr. Hlefa xi Wifh a succession of Loggers' Brawls, Paiama Dances, a few firesides and innumerable poker parfies, Thefa Xi managed fo endure anofher year on ye olde Husky campus. Scraping by on a blasf fo blasf basis, Upsilon chapfer managed fo keep a reasonable grade average fo insure social privileges and fhrough caiol- ing, fhreafening and occasional armed rob- bery exforfed sufficieni- house bills +o keep fhe organizafion solvenf. ln spife of fhe combined efforfs of fhe brofhers, a few "birds" 'l'ook if upon fhem- selves fo make college living worfhwhile-woh campus polifical posfs. Ed Von Goren was named commandanf of fhe Air ROTC unif and one unscrupulous bookworm violafed all fradifions fo make himself eligible for Phi Befa Kappa. Thefa Xis were also acfive in campus publicafions, inframural afhlefics and professional sociefies. The house had pledges, foo. Thefa Xi's sfam- ina as a chapfer survived fhis onslaughf, how- ever, and in spife of fhe pledges remained a fraferniiy and sfill confinues ifs exisfence. Upsilon was occasionally fhreafened fhrough- ouf fhe year from anofher quarfer. The fine old organizafion founded in I864 af Troy, New York, and lisfing some 89 chapfers on ifs rolls and known "affec'riona'rely" as na- fional, infimafed fhey mighf jerk fhe charfer from under Upsilon. The combined efforfs of Presidenfs John Thompson and Dick Beery averfed fhis calamify by keeping 'rhe fravel- ing secrefaries "gowed" unfil fhey were husfled off fo Sea-Tac and waifing planes. All in all if was a crazy, mixed-up year which some of fhe brofhers will miss in days fo come when, upon graduafion, fhey enfer fhaf selecf crowd called alums. 406 Q, Q I 'Z' A -FC ' 5'-eysfr - Thompson, John, Pres. Berry, Richard, Jr. Benson, Robert, Fr. Berg, David, Soph. Boyd, Roberf, Soph. Braden, Marvin, Jr. Burmesfer, Jay, Fr. Bush, Curfis, Soph. Coffin, John, Jr. Crews, Charles, Jr. Davis, William, Sr. Diefz, Warren, Jr. "GoHa gef fhe facfs" . . . Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom! is 4522 l8+h N. E. NOT PICTURED: Blunf, Kim, Sr. Cox, H. Warren, Jr. Kaiser, John, Fr. Manro, James, Jr. Moran, Conrad, Sr. Thornfon, Bruce, Fr XSQ N DeDonenico, Paul, Soph. Dull, Harold, Fr. Easlerbrook, William, Jr. Edwards, Leonard, Jr. Grey, Wheeler, Soph. Jessup, John, Soph. Knapp, Nils, Soph. Larson, Lowell, Sr. McKracken, Willard, Jr. Miller, John, Soph. Nelson, Roberl, Posl Grad. O'Ravez, James, Soph. Qually, Lloyd, Fr. Reid, Richard, Sr. Sands, Paul, Soph. Shannon, Harold, Fr. Shoemaker, Roberf, Soph. Spangenberg, Robert, Jr. Tharason, George, Soph. Thompson, John, Sr. Thompson, Richard, Soph. Vail, Van, Soph. Von Gohren, Edward, Jr. Wingfield, Harvey, Sr. York, Richard, Jr. I 407 zefa befa iau Wifh fhe graduafion of I50 seniors lasf year, fhe remaining 60 Zefa Befes blindly sfaggered fhrough fhe year. We showed up for a few inframural con- fesfs, gof some sorf of 'rrophy for bofh sophomore carnival and homecoming, and gladly lbecause of finesl wenl 'ro all girly shows lexchangesl. Alfhough nobody has ever bofhered fo figure if ouf, we know fhaf by fhe process of eliminafion, our grade average lies somewhere befween 0.0 and 4.0. Our ferrific social program was formulafed by our jazzy mofher's club and our cufe alumni associa- fion. lf consisfed of our annual Wednesday before Thursday milk fesfival and a ski hike fo Dogpafch. We can'+ forgel' fhe ZBT nafional convenfion held here al' 'rhe Olympic "Mofel." 4626 2ls+ N. E. Delman, Jay President Allper, Sfan Aronson, Henry Backer, Fred :52:25llQ iff ' X SKS ff XX mx Barokas, Morgan Behar, Salvo Berelson, Marv Block, Ned Bories, Henry Buxbaum, Joel Delman, Jay Friedman, Jay Freidman, Ray Gillman, Sfan Gilman, Bob Goldfarb, Alvin Goldman, Jim ..,... WT 1. Gordon, Ron Grieff, Marvin Hasson, Morris Hoffman, Bill l Kane, Dick X NK Kleinberg, Henry Kleinberg, Larry Lackman, Bob Ladar Jerr . Y Leshgold, Dick Many laryngifis cases were nursed by fhe chapfer following a vigorous campaign for a fellow by 1-Hd name of Frank Parker, who won some 50,-+ of on campus. The fraf is also represenfed in oi-her "Union Building" acfivifies and honoraries such as fhe L. B. A. lLame-Brain Associafionl. office Alpha Mu is looking forward fo anofher zany year here af U. of W. Fufure plans include dirfy rush- ing, subsidizing inframural afhlefes, and obfaining fhe infernafional squash champion from Afghanisfan. "Square cuf or pear shaped, fhese rocks don'f lose fheir shape," say fwo ZBT friends during Homecoming. Levin, Bob Lohn, Larry Lofzkar, Marfin Mayo, Ike Myers, Gordon Neubauer, Ron Newman, AI Parker, Frank Pod, Gary Rogoway, Jerry Rose, Richard Rosen, Byron Rosenfhal, Howard Rubinsfein, Dick Rubinsfein, Jerry Schaeffer, Sfeve Shindell, Bob Schwarfz, Ed Shore, Gary Silberman, Sfan Sinsheimer, John Soriano, Larry Spear, Phil Spellman, Wes Sussman, Howard ff X Tuilk, Avrum -V Warnick, AI X. wouin, Robbie ,. SW Woron, Harold rss, ,K X X i -vi I Q -. 1' . .V J. ' "f . T -':" ! K- ' 5-.' -- .""'- fc- '.. ,Sig W. ,sy - ji I i l l 'l ei ls g be i I NOT PICTURED: Alhadeff, Jerry Bader, Sidney J. Kraff, Manus Mayers, Ben Merperf, Ken Robinson, William Shapiro, Howard Sidell, John Sfeinhaur, Norm Tobin, Gordin Woron, Paul Q ii The Zefes pride fhemselves on having a well round- ed membership, composed of sfudenls from all walks of Universify life. The frafernify inlegrafes 'l'he academic, social, afhlefic and acfivily life of her -men info 'lhe circle of brofherly love. The big social funclions of 'lhe year consisfed of a Paiama dance, ea spring formal, a barn dance, a Harum Scarum and 'rwo cosfume dances. A well planned program of exchanges and firesides filleizl oui' lhe year's social calendar. Parficipafion in varsify sporls was augmenfed by 'lhe house-direc'l'ed inframural program. The Zefe- Chi Psi Broken Bowl game is a 'l'radi'I'ional climax fo fhe inframural foolball season. Zeles parficipafed in a. variefy of campus aclivilies ranging from ASUW blood bank 'lo frosh day and Song and Sfuni' nighf. Zela Psi again looks forward 'ro fall and beginning anofher aclive year. zefa psi Brewer, Walfer, Pres. Anderson, Alberf, Soph. Ballew, Roberf, Fr. Barnes, Gordon, Sr. Belcher, Roberf, Fr. Boling, John, Soph. Brandi, Paul, Fr. Bray, Ronald, Fr. Brewer, Walfer, Sr. Brockhaug, Harold, Fr. Broenkow, Harold, Fr. Brown, Larry, Jr. Brus, Roberf, Sr. Burneff, Lee, Fr. Carskadlen, Tom, Fr. Cook, John, Soph. Core, James, Fr. Cummins, Charles, Sr. Davis, Dwighf, Jr. Elowson, Clifford, Fr. Evans, Barry, Soph. Fleming, Ted, Fr NOT PICTURED: Afwood, Cliff, Soph. Brock, Richard, Jr. Buseman, Ralph, Grad. Cunningham, Alan, Fr. Devoe, Donald, Sr. Finlay, James, Sr. Hahn, Augusf, Sr. Landreth, Jay, Jr. Mason, Edwin, Jr. Modrow, Ronnie, Jr. Tilner, Arfhur, Sr. Wesfon, Larry, Fr. Williams, George, Sr One of fhe brofhers losf his head and gof pinned. Gillanders, James, Soph. Greenleaf, Sfeve, Jr. Griffin, Fred, Jr. Hanscom, Roberf, Jr. Harfwiq, Larry, Fr. Housley, Waller, Soph. Johannesen, Alan, Fr. Jones, Howard, Fr. Johnson, David, Soph. Kramer, Karl, Jr. Marlenson, James, Sr. Mayes, Wayne, Fr. Miller, Roberf, Soph. Neglay, Richard, Sr. Nelson, Richard, Fr. Nufley, Richard, Fr. Nuffing, James, Jr. Pike, Keilh, Fr. Quinn, Norman, Fr. Renshaw, Kenf, Soph. Roach, Richard, Jr. Rogers, Roberf, Jr. Sackman, Ralph, Soph. Scansen, Jerry, Fr. Siverfz, Wells, Soph. Thomas, John, Soph. Walker, Thomas, Fr. Whifeley, Jerry, Fr. Williams, Dane, Soph. E. 4703 2lsl' Ave. N. E. ,M ' 4 WTWWW , H: ig,-2" 47I5 l9+h N. E. Archon Ron Konopaski 'look a deep brealh, lhen a wind swepl' across lhe cake and exlinguished 30 candles . . . 'rhal' was February 23, l954. Alpha Della Chapler of Pi Kappa Phi Fralernily was celebraling ils 30l'h year on campus. This lasl' school year has been significanl' for Pi Kappa Phi. The undergraduales slarled lhe ball rolling fall quar- 'ler when 'rhey moved info a new localion-"47l5" . . . spiril exploded-Firesides, dances, Homecoming dinner- dance, open houses, Founders Day Banquel, Chrislmas Cup . . . a busy quarlerl Then winler and spring quarlersz 'rhe Spring Rose Ball, l'he "Shipside Sorlie," and more firesides following lhe good wealher craze. And how aboul' 'rhe "sludy sorlies" . . . 'rhey can'+ go unmenlioned. Pi Kappa Phi was second among fralernilies for high scholarship in l952-53 . . . a repulalion lhal' we're anxious lo keep. l953-54 has been busy, all righl. We've had a ball! . . . how aboul' you? Carefree hours were spenl making mad music while slashing lhe ivories. pi kappa phi x i i NOT PICTURED: Jacobsen, Carl, Grad. Windgafe, Clarence, Grad. E01 Dailey, John, Pres. Burns, Gordon, Fr. Chapman, Howard, Fr Dailey, John, Sr. Hammer, Ellis, Soph. Kinkade, Dale, Sr. Konopaski, Ron, Jr. V u n U5 WMM Z' Xxx WUDD0 " ff NL fffm. wg! C959 1 .4 4- f fn! 't X I ' 'Jin 'ln ,Qmyi . Q-will 35 .dsx -9 1 A - 4 . i Y Z' U , QE U , 1 - O F-,,... v-A W' mxqfs jf 'yi this In UN- .S me -l'U'4 4L kv v0-oo0' .. J, 45 ' ..,.., Wt-ws'f!:?s2,wf0 1 B- D , Q01 ,Ln uf!!! 'Su FJ Z? V . ew f. V. -C"1'i Wf!'?W'fW,N'W'W3ff' , A X : 5'l0 Zhshf- 'A 'L J X rs. f f ""' -F X . In I f571n'2ft5f,,' " W s '.vl0.,-'..': WG -1' Y ""', 0 75 0 panhellenic ALPHA CHI OMEGA Whifman, Sylvia ALPHA DELTA PI Van Gilder, Dana ALPHA EPSILON PHI Capelufo, Beffy ALPHA GAMMA DELTA Le Drew, Maxine ALPHA OMICRON PI Sfrandberg, Sonni ALPHA PHI Schmilf, Doreen ALPHA XI DELTA Goggins, Shirley CHI OMEGA Clapp, Marfha DELTA DELTA DELTA Johnson, Elizabefh DELTA GAMMA Edmisfon, Anne DELTA ZETA Prevosf, Donna GAMMA PHI BETA Olwell, Jeannie KAPPA ALPHA THETA Ross, Jean KAPPA DELTA Key Florabell KAPPA KAPPA GAMMA Anderson, Joyce PHI MU Snell, Marilyn PHI SIGMA SIGMA Marsh, Muriel PI BETA PHI Gray, Marjorie SIGMA KAPPA Fleming, Carol ZETA TAU ALPHA Sfromme, Shirley , N , . - '- iv , -- , A -:.- A-ff , ..,.,,:,:,, .l-. , ,, - f IE:-T v , y, ,, - - ,.-. , y , , -, fp A .Ge A A,., N. ., I1 -,M ..., , ., A R I 4 , s.f2:se'3R u,.,.,, .wi n ,R X- T-A N. f M m- -ew , I 5. ' 4 f 1.1 5 X R f N3 ,.-:" ' I .J , , To A -My! V, N 'SP f N5 ,f 1 Rm . xi S ig ! N ,X , - T .. Eigisifl' '1 . ..,gvxfs:f' x N f Y X N X A 'R 54' ff X S A R N :R , NW.. ' 'SY T """ I , . R ' 'Q gm? s X S 1 Af - I I W X ez Q , X . N .3 T N' R J R A KY 4 QIXX X R, I va ri ' we A., wifi X W R. A 0 UM so , R NMC . . I gy., 3 My - 5"NM+q..Q 'R w, wg. ,VA ffsssxsw .,. , when ,MIM A S., 'Pi Av,-was , ., 'W-A .ff TS PRESIDENT 2' " Lichfenwalner, Marion I2 .:,.. ,',, VICE PRESIDENT V Fosfer, Carol N ' RELATIONS CHAIRMAN X Whifman, Sylvia 5 ASST. RELATIONS CHAIRMAN Luvera, Anita TREASURER Bell, Beverly SCHOLARSHIP CHAIRMAN Anderson, Joyce I STANDARDS CHAIRMAN Ross, Jean ACTIVITIES CHAIRMAN Van Gilder, Dana SOCIAL CHAIRMAN Schmiff, Doreen PUBLICITY CHAIRMAN Sfrandberg, Sonni ' NOT PICTURED: SECRETARY Jones, Lee Panhellenic is fhe coordinafing body of fhe sororify sysl-em. Besides fhe regular meef- ings, fhis year's Panhellenic program included fhe rushing program prior fo aufumn quarfer, round robin dinners, collecfing clofhes for Korean children, and fhe annual fraining conference held during fhe firsf week of spring quarfer for incoming and oufgoing officers. Washingfon's Panhellenic is known nafion-wide for ifs efficiency, organizafion and fair and single-minded mefhods. Junior Panhellenic is composed of presidenfs or represenfafives of each pledge class. This group meefs regularly- fo discuss problems concerning each incoming class. Joinf meefings and parfies wifh Junior Inferfrafernify Council are among 'Iheir many acfivifies. cabinef 1 V! AA W - A, , . .. ,, g 2 f f 0 svs. fr' I , . "i: 4 A , X, V I 1 , R , rf ' Q1 fi F YHA, 'XX' :EZ 1 J. , I I ,..,..,. , nd WY' ew., :f1.,..4.',i I lr., f Q. ,Q-N Z. ., , , 1 "" ' s-.,: 1 ". 'T'4fff,?'.I, Q A .- 1 X . if ' I If .sz . v 21 1 ,.::,, I 17, , ' M! , ,pg ,EA 41 I 4 i sy, f' -,nf , , 3, 1 J' 2 4 M xx ,,e"' I his 'X I I I 1 I . , A f f, 575, ,. , f Q, rr 3' ' g 'U , ax A ff ,, 1, , N wks I 1 Z' my gf' ffbw Q I 1 41 jx 71 4 I Q I ,Z,,f:--..,5..4Z fr W f f si-,rlu3,A' 4 ,sf A , , 1 h:'2'ifj,' , , 'BA , , , 55 f, Jlfgprx A f: wif W' 4 an rv' K ff' , Lf' 1 8, i 9 , , , W , 5 - na. ,Z 3. , ,M f. lr fi, ,X I- 4 ' fr ,lf 1 X ,,.,': , . 4, ,I ,. 2' A ,129 7 7 f 1 4 5 fy , ef' 'i aff' 1 ' 4- 1 ' f f1,L ,m,, I f 'T , ,,.f' ,.,, '9 A 7' s, Z Vi A X 1 X, M- , WA, 4 K H f '- , 1 'inn E .,,., ,i xif 'Wig s - G We ii V I ' 1 4, - V 4r,. V rf., ,fd If I A f Z ,Y f,,,, f. 4 f X f x ,J Welander, Cathy, Presidenf ALPHA CHI OMEGA Hansen, Carol ALPHA DELTA PI Connor, Kathleen ALPHA EPSILON PHI Friedman, Roslyn ALPHA GAMMA DELTA Church, Befly Jo ALPHA OMICRON PI Thorsen, Pafricia ALPHA PHI Tagg, Sherry , ALPHA XI DELTA I Harvey, Loy CHI OM EGA O'Connor, Sharon DELTA DELTA DELTA Frangen. BBHY DELTA GAMMA Low, Jean DELTA ZETA l Hannafin, Marilyn I GAMMA PHI BETA 2 Poffs, Noreen KAPPA ALPHA THETA Wakefield, Sue 1 KAPPA DELTA , Champers, Lucinda KAPPA KAPPA GAM MA Harrison, Susie PHI MU Hill, Nancy PHI SIGMA SIGMA Feinberg. JOYCE PI BETA PHI McNichoIs, Sara SIGMA KAPPA McCord, Sharon ZETA TAU ALPHA , if V, Raymond, Virginia I 1 ,,,, lr- Panhellenic l6l6E.5O+h ill X is 'I ' fa l l 'f ,f ,, ,WX 11x YH ", as me ' S - - , ss, x X , .. gf - 5' ss, 3 -of-5. fs s Q alpha ch: omega ft 0 2 Ill Q if? ' ian sf A 2 WK - f Q 'Dy X of 'M 1 l I A happy year began for fhe Universify of Washing- 'ron Alpha Chi's when formal rushing ended and Rho chapfer pledged 32 fremendous girls. The year was highlighfed by achievemenfs in various fielcls- scholasfic and acfivifies. Members of fhe Alpha Chi Omega sororify found fheir posifions in honoraries and as campus leaders. Achievemenl' was made wifhin 'l'he house on a scholasfic level. A dance given by 'rhe pledges for fhe acfives high- lighfed winfer quarfer. And, of course, spring broughl' fhe 'lradifional formal dinner clance. As loyal Alpha Chi's fhe chapfer worked fogefher on Homecoming and ofher special evenfs during fhe school year. , As 'lhe year draws fo a close, il- is wifh pride 'l'ha'l' Rho chapfer views 'rhe progress of individual mem- bers and of fhe enfire house. K f X sf ff A522 f X s.s. J, X " l gesif, Q" ,s.a i s X 1.9 sf 1 65 QFX 'V Ns fix vb , X x 1 f s" 55131 3'Qs.-f'j3.I:- -1 2 X Adf 3 X X 4? 0 f 1 fs x X f rf- I, .- b ,,+,,,-s,f,::g,' ge hw,-:1,.gz f f 3 ,s X f w..........-- Q, , . ,w 1 , fs ,1', ' -Q. , ' Lil, , ,V s , s s ju X 1 My Q X f 1' ' f rm 7 15' fs f' sssffg Q 'V X " ,N ,Q ,. . ff 5 j ? sf is l ia, si 'I a-X Wy sq ,A X4 K s J M 0 . x sm' 'Q 'W 1 2 l X YM 'SM r si f lbs , ' fs mfs fm ,' ,' 'fi R f,, , ...sez- ll 5 W 'fr' .. ' Q 1 A""'m WW f., .... . iz , 'QW 5 . z Use x X X . ,ny . .' W N f, re ss .qj ' 'N . l 1 " . are 1 2 ff' ' li ' ff , -sw , ,J .f rr'r jf , iw-me X s, A s jg. s f U " N f ' Y ' ? SNS 4 H LJ Q W fs 1. L U ,NY , ::. 1. X kg, , X, S, g .QI x, 1 , X W X Xin g Zz ,QQ f, X ,gf sys, QQ, f v- 'Q f , W. fs, ,gy ss, ft .' f f f 'M as six , 5 St Xi "N Q 1 a S - ff Lx ' 2 ifgx , QIQXQN flfmf if W . M , . f ,EXW Whifman, Sylvia, Pres Beck, Marlene, Jr. Bigelow, Georgia, Jr. Breivik, Janef, Jr. Surseff, Beverly, Fr. Carey, Sharon, Fr. Cliff, Sally, Fr. Collins, Merrie, Fr. Cooper, Joan, Sr. Corbelf, Mary, Jr. Dick, Claire, Soph. Dixson, Diane, Jr. Dunsmore, Merle, Fr. Earles, Joan, Soph. Erickson, Belfe, Soph. Ferguson, Jean, Jr. Foord, Marilyn, Fr. Fox, Delores, Fr. Frazer, Donifa, Fr. Gage, Kaye, Fr. Gawley, Jill, Jr. Greco, Marie, Fr. Hammond, Evelyn, Sr Hanberg, Vernes, Sr. NDA Hansen Carol Fr Harfley, Sylvia, Soph. ' 4 Hendrickson, Marion, Jr f Henkel, Janel, Fr. Hibbard, Sharon, Jr. , Hilby, Joan, Fr. - A V fs Hoy, Mary Louise, Fr. N - ilcensentyklice, Jr. es , ein, eanor, Soph. Koph, Janef, Fr. N Kulsefh, Jane,.Sr. A5 'V" 1- J ' LaBrache, Sfephanie, Fr '-4' s 'f"Z Lalham, Dale, Soph. Leonard, Betty, Sgph, Looney, Helen, Soph, Lovelov. Judy, Fr. Markham, Marilyn, Fr Marlin, Sharon, Jr. Mickey, Sharon, Soph Moody, Diane, Fr. Noggle, Anne, Jr. Odland, Marie, Sr. Panzica, Merilou, Fr. Perkins, Darcia, Fr. Peferson, Larane, Jr. Pelerson, Nona, Soph. Pfeil, Muriel, Fr. Phillips, Jean, Fr. Phillips, Palricia, Jr. Robinson, Joan, Soph. Sakariasen, Pafricia, Soph. Schullz, Carolyn, Fr. Sconiers, Julie, Jr. Segale, Sandra, Soph. Smilh, Dorolhy, Soph. Speer, Rae, Soph. Spence, Marilyn, Soph. Sfanfon, Cynlhia, Jr. Sunclquisf, Arlene, Sr. Tiossem, Jackie, Jr. Tucker, Barbee, ? Turner, Judy, Fr. Van Derveer, Arlene, Jr. Alpha Chi's have fallen vicfim .1 - an ' , Us .ffl ,, '- 1' ' "'-. ' . 5 v, I f : i r , J . K i J ' ' , X' gi f ' ' -' 'f ,..,. f. J -D :xp XJ' gf .. mr f ' z r' rr'r v be , , ' . X . -"' . 3 , .-f r 'E . if ' S: " "Tv-V, J P Y. L S 5. ...... H J ., if A A - 4 gg ,I f dv hi .., ,gl Q N Y v V HQ! .N gp, y , ' .df , X fin, , .V W , ,. A 5 A iflw ,,, xx ' l .-,.. ...... .. 0 M . I, r X , nr 52, E . JNNJ 2 'LC' N i J my , J -.J . f -1 . r . . S . 35, r Q V . , - 1 1 . . .. ' ' . is ' X it .... ,L e.e..uZf.5fsf.::vW K : f- X L . . Q W I X- ' W' , f fm., .W . ,.-. ' '- ...N M rw' , . ,f"1 me .. W' .. M ef ., r5e35' f A yas . ' Q 3 21, ' xii' , N 'Nm A SRL - . fy ' If" X nm , ' 'f X -5 XM-S r fn f was - . rx g"35,-Q' ' J' f X ' W Xb ' 2 , - ' ' . 13 1 f ' 1 , Q - xv 5,543 V - QV 3, 4. , ' S L , 'Q .... 'F Ns? i 1 . ,Saw '- 9 , .N N Sgt .. . Te XW4 f xg N-rf' "rifle 2. : Q 2-12: Q ' 'N X 'i ,, :ff XE' s N N. 9 5.1 I .2 . L f ,. ' 'N H r Q 1 ,Q ,S T Qjifx ww i .2 -s KQV z J 327 '7' 5 wr , E .. ..e,.-L.-M .... + 'ff Walson, Lynn, Soph. Whifman, Sylvia, Sr. Widrig, Diana, Sr. Wilcox, Ginny, Jr. M,mVWW , .N.,,,s.,,.,,f,w-gf, .. ,,,. y ff, I . Q , 1, .ff . , ' f'f - 5 Qs., ' 7 we x " 4, EZ .,., 4 - ag v. - 2 3, ks N' 57 ig 4' 1 , ge . X. deff ,. if ,. . we Wf e i' 1, .. ,wwf as S J . Q ' ' i ff-A '. "- 'r zfzlijinf 'ro lhe menace. "BI'id9e-" Wingel, Joanne, Fr. .vv-g E. . W, . .V Q in A ., X . .3 ' gg i ' I", 1 2 . N. ' W . .',' 1 X, Sig? K 'Pai r.vl . Ny . .2 vw , Q . -V . 1 . 'Wx 'V' 11- ZYQQ l f ' 'M J ,K j I , ffm 4 a WU 1 . ,, . .35- 1 ? . -1 . -4' ' ir", -"' fu Ak, Q ' ure- wif ., ,gf f df? nls, NOT PICTURED Troian, Joan, Jr. ZZLEKQOD 4l7 f . l 4 H ' L J .. f I rw: 2 l 06 E. 47-lh Formals, elecfions, firesides, housework and ex- changes . . . all fhese funcfions make up fhe life of fhe average Universify coed. The coeds of Alpha Delfa Pi are no excepfion. Their social calendar is filled each year wifh a pledge dance, winfer formal, pledge-acfive dance, and a 'lradifional Dixie Belle formal in fhe spring. The laffer is in honor of fhe founding in Macon, Georgia, in l85l. This makes fhem fhe oldesf secref organizafion for women in flue U. S. Parficipafing in campus acfivifies is vifal fo any house and fhe ADPi's realized fhis when fhey suc- cessfully placed in fwo elecfions. ASUW and AWS commiffees claim many ADPi's for membership. A special inferesl' in publicafions has led many info work on fhe Tyee and DAILY. During fall quarfer fhey successfully defended fhe Columns frophy which fhey had won fhe spring before. Buf, mosl- imporfanl' fo any acfive member of Alpha Thefa is The spiril' fhal' abounds in fhe modern brick house on l8fh. There is always a spiril' of comradeship whefher if's al- song pracfices for Songfesf, work on Homecoming or Sophomore Carnival, or even when doing fhe unglamorous housework which musf be done occasionally. Alpha Delfa Pi is a frue sororify in spiril' and deed. X X X f a N XXX Wy' XX W X . NX :XX J .0 17 X XR 5 SX 2 1 fx W3 'XX' X X X Wf XQX S X X N X XE ,, ,,,, ,ev g X S XXXXQX Van Gilder, Dana Presidenl' Abliff, Aline Allen, Carol Allison, Sue Auernheimer, Nancy Ballard, Peggy Baudendisfil, Mary Anne . 'X gf.J'f5'7W,6t"' 1:uggXjQ-- was s X ...ewes T... JQWWXMQ . . T X ....-Qi. . N .,.. S 5 , - G igi ' 'XX' X ' X l ff A al., XX: -sg f A ', f if ' a XfSnsRXiXtfb 1 QXX ,., if T .,,f, X XX-X M X, , XXX- X y-. , f. , XA: ,e Q 1, ,gg 3- ,... X A , A SX Q X ,,,,,. X 2,5 Q , K . as ..., X Mm.. Y ..X,.. f . . .u:.. :s.XXs,s .X ,JXXXA4 XKXX MX ,X .-,... V XNTX MXXXX-yfN5YNXXwXYNF X, . , . XX U fwX eager? as ' ew, +eXeXX ' .NJN . 1 4 X. ex, L 2 , - X X Xa: -MXX , ' T T 4 ,gn 'yin X ggaXg:ss5XX-,XX A-QQXQ S f .mf Q N- 'f in .... , ., L I r F , V ..,... Y mmmiq' ' ,- . 1 . ,lv 6 3 . . V .,.Q n l Xb . . , . X X is Z W. if - , .,. ,fif -gy: f a ,.,f',,, i' ,X ,,,, y ASC' ' X if ,f X X X X f BX, XX . X T X! E f w X NX i'W3?'Xii X SX , X X A X A f-X- WX ,X 555' Ea . Xa, ,F .C ,W Z 771' 7 T34 ff X X 'I ,YQ S ST XX V- A X N .X' , XXXL . , . age To WXX Q . ,X X X QX XX is X1 X X gi XFX Nj N XX X X X fz X X X ,- . mg. 4 X: 1,5 V X fe W1 W XX X gl X Q Q X xx Q 1 1 X X X X W XX XX X XXX1 fff N 4, J X XXXX XS X Q, Q , 1 X WX WXX wx f J X X K X X X X ,mf V X XX X XXX KOS X X X S X f X X - - -.XXX .X X5 S T Beard, Beverly Beauchene, Jeanne Beeler, Diane Bergquisf, Carol Besf, Joanne Bingham, Donna Bilar, Darlene Black, Donna Blair, Barbara Breuer, Margarel' Brunf, Frances Brunf, Patricia Burke, Cafherine Burns, Pafricia N Marilyn Bullerworfh, Campbell, Nadeia Carlson, Helen Chase, Shirley Conner, Kafhleen ZZXLI,-ual.. "1,,...iLIX2D2212 . .X ..i..XsXMgXXQ .. T .,..., , .. l SV " f 'Ya " ' 4 "5 1 X 'T is V Q' -V9 .... f " X XQXXX. X .... , fl! , -X ,V Q , ., . 1 : 1,9 ,xg XX, X HX ' . W1 , I rg 'f ,Wm :rf - is-ggi 31- X, , ,A , , ,. Xf ff-we X. :sg ,,, , rj X A ,IXXM gisff X ii ... . wf XX SMX! NVSWXXXX ' ' Y " s fe.. . X if 'M XX 1 , ' - ' 1 , nr . f' "X 'mf Xxfe 1: . X, "Y X ,Xm--X.:f-1-1,1-X:X... , 1--f azz.: .. X :.:.. g.,.a.a f ,V .X , , ,521 1. I XX,, , , ,,.,, X..X .,.., eg .. . ,Ur z - - a - 55. XX ,N . 5 XXX, . i fX,,',f f' f Q- ' , ' , , eg , 'Z .X ' Sf? N X "' R X X N . . N X f- f ,f - Xp: NX Qi X ,. a -XX my r iw-' X X s -' r ,ff :XX X , fi-fwfif W e QQ , ' ai' . X .X f in N ' ' 1 . ,- Cook, Jo Ann Cramer, Sally Crays, Shirley Dana, Lorinda Davis, Cafherine DeKraay, Ginger Esdale, Gloria ' alpha delfa pi A.D.Pl's relax while walling Xigggfl for Sanla Claus QQ ewiswmmm 'Qi .Kia ' Marlin, Carol Marlin, Foresl Baker, Arloene Mason Mafhewson, Diana Maurer, Paula Melin, Joan Messenger, Judy Neal, Palricia Pafrick, Nancy Paflerson, Kalhleen Pennell, Ann Pelerson, Mary Pinckney, Palricia Ponder, Eleanor Pooler, Beverly Rallis, Helen Reed, Dorolhy Robinson, Miriam Rogers, Carol Rogers, Virginia Ross, Shirley Rowland, Pamela Sanborn, Sally Scoll, Virginia Shorl, Janef Smilh, Donna Marie Slarr, Alice Slone, Nancy Swedberg, Rosalee Thomander, Shirley Thompson, Evelyn Van Gilder, Dana Verdi, Yolanda Walker, Peggy Walers, Louellen Wilson, Gloria Wilson, Jane Youngs, Colleen Zbinden, Diane Zundel, Loye 5. f r N N N Q ff ia! Q X Ealhk, lnga e renbache ,N cl' Geidl,Carolr a me Graff, Margery G-riffilh, Jacqueline Griffilh, Sandra Halder, Janet Hedenslrom, Jane Hesse, Jo Anne Hill, Gail Hill, Virginia Humphrey, Barbara Huslon, Marcia Kenoyer, Willa Lagerquisl Karen Loorms Jeanne McArlhur, Norlne McDonagh P6'l'FlCI6 Madsen, Emma March Barbara 1 ,. ,w F, i X535 ff, ,Z ,, l ,,i l ' ffmS'7?7 ,.,-c.- f 1, . . . . M- 1 fy ,Q ' . ' br' , 4 , ', , ,fn ' 4 fg X f 3 X ff 75, XE' 1 3 -. K, i ' ' V ' X ' ,. S J ' -2 ,,,, ,V QM, l Q ,gf ,. If .,,f- , . Qi-. - ' ' x ,.,, As f, 45 fww, V ,Ja . , . , "f:1. ,,,,q.,Af , 5 a 2 .J V - K' iii QW ii ' 'f -E 4 , 5 ' f Q , -- is ' ' 7.1, -M ,,.. i . . xi' A.. ' Q XQZPZZT : A - -4-- V713 ,,,, R r if . 34.4 Me , . , rf 'J - , as i- f J J Mm? gil , , . ' 'fi 1, I. .c4l.?.Lxe.4-1Mn' ' I ,,S..,J-.Ma Q .. .4....,-....... w---f,-v-m--- 4 'GZQL 1 r " ' 1 aff . 5 4 I s ff, 4 1 f I J f 223 if fy 4, ' -. .1 5 v Af zb f 'T I- ' .X 1,15 4, '1 Q zz: QM 1 X 2 1 fi, il If A aw Lf., , , ,Q - V, if ,zffzru 1 ' f , ' ,, , ,,,, ,, ' "m 1 ds, " I 1' l 2 I V Aa' ,Exif K V F' ,Jo X GJ, X I ,a.,,,fsx, M, fn .f 9 l A , 4 a f V f' , .54-, , r, f K . 4,1 ri, 4 7,797 6:1 , '57, Q, ,., wwf? 437- Y ,ff 1 ff f 4 , er 'KL ' f Ziff J f .qyy VW, V, .fl .lull ,-1 4' rl- t JA' 'Sl f , 5, i' ' Kill 7. f .il l i":?"+, iff Q 3 El ' ,i .i ,, ,Wi ' Y 7. f 4 v nw' I , xl Z ,V ,Q 5 FIV , - ., r- ' ,.., . f ,M f f A 'YQ . , -f if me ' K f , f W5 'gf 2 f is , V wi' ' , ,, V ,Wg ,. -2 H l ,. , V ' 5 :ZR ,',J, , f ,Z ,., 1- of .. A i 45, f - - f,,0,1m 2 1, . , if ., ' V' H Q2 Q4 C I V v V fglvv' , fr M, l l 5 , , , if X 4 , 4l9 My 1 , alpha gamma delfa Ninefeen fiffy-fhree and fiffy-four opened a new year, full of spiril' and co-operafion for Alpha Gamma Delfa. This year's social calendar included many' exchanges, fhe pledge dance, 'lhe cosfume dance, and fhe spring formal, also alum dinners and fhe Mol'her's and Fafher's Day ban- quefs. Campus acfivifies have also claimed much fime from bofh Alpha Gam acfives and pledges. They parficipafed ac- fively in such Universify organizafions as Rally Girls, W-Key, Tofem Club, and Panhellenic. The Alpha Gams foolc parl' in 'lhe Foreign Sfudenl' Exchange program, and had an enioyable year wifh fheir guesf, an aeronaufical engineering sfudenf from France. The sym- phony, concerl' and fhea'l'er parfies have increased 'lheir inferesf in fhe culfural opporfunifies offered by fhe various organizafions of fhe cify. This will be a year nof soon fo be forgo'H'en by fhe members of Alpha Gamma Delfa. Le Drew, Maxine, Sr., Pres. Brainerd, Pam, Soph. Campbell, Belly, Soph. Church, BeHy Jean, Fr. Clemmer, Marilio, Soph. Coyle, Cynlhia, Soph. Curry, Paf, Sr. Davis, Doris Jeanne, Soph. Davis, Jo Lee, Fr. Dingman, Margarel, Fr. Drangas, Dorofhea, Fr. Ehlin, Dolores, Fr. Engdahl, Joan, Fr. Feeley, Sylvia, Jr. Foster, Carol, Sr. 45l52ls+N.E. ...ix I 1 X 5 E 'fl sl. X Q mai . mf , X X Ziff -4: X ,W . X W, c, 51. WTR Ny: X QQ Anderson, Carolyn Jr., Fr. Bracelin, Mary, Sr. s X ff 1 A .X Qtr gnx Q 'Q X X 4 wx- x,, .s ...ns Ni y , 1 5 rf! X 1 r T 4 X S X N is N x X X X Sf X XXX X , X , as X N X ,sis , . 4. sf XX . X , N X Xi X 2 , f i is ty . if ,. -' 'v L., L Sz ,a sm- + xv 'I 5 2. 1 T H 3 . Ms...- ., x ' A - ff 5 gs N , 51- . " ' ,Qc X. 'T xg, Q JY? '- I-,QX , ,ab ,X , ,X ..., fm" X g sr- 'f - . QQXSX K. IX Q- ,'X - , , xt N X x ..,, , SN X XT X X X X , .s .IN X S' X XM, . l Ml I' 3 s Frederick, Shirley, Fr. George, Mary Lee, Fr. Gibbs, Janel, Jr. Goranson, Zona, Fr. Green, Nancy. FF' Haehmel, Barbara. Fl'- Harlowe, TrudY- -lf- Hassen, Jamel, JI'- Hawkins, Marian. Ff- Hoare, Connlq. Ff- Holland, Gloria. Ff- Holland, Lora, Jr. H , Lynne. 50Ph- Jouhqifgon Eleanor l-Yflne Ff J h son: Helen.-ln Jgrgenson. Jean- Soph Sk X, f 5 me f af! g Ng f Sinkunas, Tonia, Fr. Sluvie, Rosemarie, Fr. Siursen, Mary Ann, Soph. Turner, Doris, Jr. Unruh, Lois, Sr. Walker, Lou Ann, Jr. Zieber, Janel, Jr. 5 X Na wx X Xe Q X X ' 1 ,X , "J . 9' ' .Sv- 'M' l .--f 7 1-f. 'Q Q 1 f J My 4 4 'Q' 'f. 5"'I,"f+WiY? 7 w is vt a -1 ,., .j13,,2Q,1y run 'B 2 1 H il "Vik .4 , ,MX X,,, . . 1 . 'Qz..Q.,.aAg Awf...y,, fx., x . f 5 . -2 SEV , Q J ,. ,s .r - , ' --" 3 . ? N . -Ll' Z, .wwf 'Q '34 if f- . -Q fa... I 5' X vw X ge xg ., 2 XX 'ie J P .- . 2 f 'QR f 4F ,. . W A Kemp, Barbara, Soph. Lamberlon, Virgy Lou, Jr. Langland, Mary Lou, Jr. Le Drew, Maxine, Sr. Leonard, Karen, Fr. Lichfenwalner, Marion, Sr Lidsfrom, Shirlee, Fr. Lillle, Gay, Jr. McLean, Donna, Soph. Maggioros, Joan, Soph. Merrifield, Rufh, Sr. Michels, Marianne, Sr. Moody, Sharon, Jr. Morgan, Mary Joyce, Fr. Moullon, Shirley, Jr. Moyer, Carol Ann, Soph. Myers, Billie, Fr. Neergaard, Jill, Soph. Nelson, Judith, Fr. Odell, Mollie, Jr. Oman, Joanne, Soph. Ove, Joan, Fr. Parker, Venelle, Soph. Pelison, Jean, Jr. Prov ne, Dorofhy, Fr. Schmid, Barbara, Jr. Schullz, Belly Jeanne, Fr Schur, Marianne, Soph. 'W Z The annual shining of 'rhe 'lr0Ph0e5 alph omicron pl -six Tx 5 Q , gf x , N ge so 1 1 1 J Q -' . N. Ns Y f , , yf.. X.,, , ,,.. ' ,wig , -' . fy . 'ass ' v2 ,fi ,. .Zi Q .VA V? h ,.:s,,:.,,s H -f ,ss U... ..... ,..f::' 4 -1" 'N 1' N wixffw ' fray? - S Q. .. ' ' ' ggi mf- f . ,, 'Z' ' ' f -fl' . ialiizfi ' "4-: ' V. ', X -V . X W " J., -' Y 2" x..f ii ! we 7 X 1 , X sm 1 fiwfff ' -9 ,QQ ffl, wNx x ,WN SS NNN 1 5 f f X X Saw T ' , . .X A ii-sl ' 1 33 .-Em' , ---- ' :WW Y f Wlkllhx - I Ji' Ee? ' S X 0' vi X xi?-: 3 .Q " wi- -P-'2 :si-1:53-Q Sfrandberg, Sonia, Pres. Aiken, Sharon, Fr. Anderson, Darlene, Soph. Beeson, Jo Elaine, Soph. Benson, Beffy, Fr. Beffridge, Lula, Jr. Birkeland, Evelyn, Grad, Boaglio, Dorofhy, Soph. Bresson, Colleen, Soph. Carpenfer, Polly, Fr. Cloud, Dona, Fr. Cochren, Jean, Jr. Corl, Helen, Sr. Duffy, Marilyn, Fr. Eddie, Donna Jean, Fr. Eddie, Marilyn, Fr. Engleson, Joan, Fr. Farrell, Kafhryn, Soph. Gardner, Lynn, Soph. Germaine, Shirley, Fr. Gulick, Gayle, Soph. Hamilfon, Durlene, Fr. Harpel, Barbara, Soph. Henderson, Elizabefh, Fr. Hesselholf, Mary Nelle, J Holman, Barbara, Fr. Holmes, Gudie, Fr. Hughes, Ann, Fr. Jagoe, Alison, Sr. James, Sharon, Soph. Jennerson, Mabel, Sr. Johnson, Sharon, Jr. Kaasa, Barbara, Fr. Ladley, Jo Anne, Fr. Larkin, Sara Jane, Fr. Larsen, Janef, Soph, Lee, Pafricia, Jr. l'. Two weeks of enfhusiasfic rushing gave fhe AOPi's a pledge class of fhirfy-nine. The pledges sfarfed fhe quarfer wifh fheir sneak, leading fhe acfives a merry chase in Bellevue. On Ocfober 3l, fhey hon- ored fhe acfives wifh a cosfume ball. ln refurn, fhey were honored by fhe acfives af fhe annual Formal Rose Ball held af 'lhe Tennis Club.,The lasf dance of fhe year was an informal May Day dance. The AOPi's received fhird prize for fheir homecom- ing sign lasf year in fhe annual confesf. Through rain, fog, snow, and occasionally sunshine, fhe girls faifhfully and cheerfully sold Columns fo fhe un- suspecfing passers by. Many of fhe ASUW com- miffees enjoyed fhe cheerful presence and hard work of AOPi's. Ofher girls parficipafed diligenfly in YWCA affairs. lviounfain families back in Kenfucky were fhe focus poinfs of AOPi's philanfhropic work lasf year. By collecfing old clofhes, making layeffes and organ- izing fund-raising acl-ivifies, fhe philanfhropic work was a success. l906 E. 45'lh l 7 Lindholm, Mary Anne, Fr. McCaffree, Mary Sue, Fr McDonald, lrene, Fr. McKay, Helen, Fr. Meriwelher, Judy, Sr. Moilanen, Loreila, Fr. Moreau, Jacqueline, Fr. Nelson, Arlene, Fr. Nicholls, Winifred, Fr. O'Brien, Kalhleen, Soph. Packard, Palricia, Fr. Palmer, Mary Jane, Sr. Pa'H'on, Joanne, Fr. Peel, Sharon, Sr. Pilon, Lorraine, Jr. Real, Carolyn, Soph. Rehberg, Jeanine, Fr. Rhodes, Sally, Soph. Richardson, Palricia, Fr. Rose, Marilyn, Jr. Schrader, Carole, Fr. Schweizer, Caryl, Fr. Scribner, Suzanne, Jr. Severson, Chrisfine, Fr. Sims, Sylvia, Soph. Smifh, Vergie, Fr. Slrandberg, Sonni, Sr. Slraub, Frances, Soph. Sfrulhers, Jacqueline, Fr Suprunowski, Ann, Soph. Teel, Emily, Fr. Thompson, Shirley, Soph Thorsen, Pal, Jr. Wallace, Bernice, Soph. Wassmundl, Joan, Fr. Whelsione, Emily, Sr. Willson, Marilynn, Soph. Wrighl, Jan, Soph. Zaepfel, Charlene, Sr. 1... fx rf his P ' '- . 122, X . J' X xc 5 X x Y' qc f f is r 'Ny-N -+ 4 13 A 55 7 3 J kia f xXi. 0f S ' ,532 f A s A 5 f, W x: X S A s . W . 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A arf- ' nu ig ' . , Niwpkiscqi X "fi "" ,fr ss.: , - - 'Z 5398, 1c755'fl".R.,.ZW'9iP ' 'f I V f. in f ,. . , I f - ...,, , . , U,..m.21.NN4.M.....-.zs.wLfom4.,. .... ,A 4 . - -. - ...L J-, 4, . -he - 4, Ae. , S ' S 2 f 5" f .5x:a,f'E. 'S V ' QSNNA ' ' .-- 1 . if Assy: .1 fi ,' x 3:-if J , ,,,, , V , ,uggQs4f' if Y P e ' 'N P l '35 ff . A S N 5 '1' NX '::l X " , 4 , 9. we ,, K r ss N . - :R . .- 4 f x ss ,,,, Q ma y - ,,,, . -. "" 1 K 51 'X WNQ N X' w e x SX X fxx Xxfs DX X! ff, S R xy W X, x s X 24 J Q f f R K X xx 1 XX 0 fffgxw X X X X x 'f X V f i X is as Qoh'5 and Ah's greel fhe engagemenl' of a lucky OAPi. M55 -f if W' A 1 Q " x R lv -L V X S4 . , . . . " f ' aff, -- if e " . 1' . PM NA 'f f ,. , , jg, ' 27 5 -' + S X X f Q he X iff: 1522 wb 1. 5 v ev, 1 sf' fig.: , - ze '- VJ' ' --'ay ss ' . , , X' Y .4725 l 'N S Q si -if cf X. ' 4 . , . , c 4.4 it I . H . 4. . 'A . J x sigf, w, ' v , ntl' -' . '. Wife E '. use .F .. . , 2 N, . f .1 , . ... l. 6 t ., . .. 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Cliflor, Florence, Jr. Coleman, Carol, Fr. Collins, Suzanne, Sr. Cook, Marilyn, Fr. Leanord, Noydena, Fr. Loomis, Jeri, Jr. McCoombs, Eslher, Soph. Gill, Belly, Fr. Gleason, Sharon, Soph. Gregory, Margarel, Soph. Groninger, Bev, Sr. Gross, Geraldine, Soph. Hakanson, Clarkia, Sr. ' ,Iwi-Qs be X ,, Q 7 . . ff l' . " Q, X , ef X S IX f l MS as X :Y 1 Xgftfelfrxyswf W l ' Sie V . SKXYW2 J I' 1 f , 'ff M s .1 fp f . ' p V," 7 af sf, N . f 65, A Z ,M Z, I ff 1 1s,..!,Ar w',f.2W9g' .,.. V 4 , A W77 W ' f l" J f , f. 7 I ff, I , ...,, ,,, ..,., K 1 l , -3 I , Q Q ' l ,' Sify, ws f X ' ' sw M, fa., . 5:3 . . A vi'-' rw. - X P f -r ' . ' f f 5 V yy in , . V, f ,X ' S A Wiki.. f 1 , e f ' f. gr A, ,flfl .1 ,g -. I Q? X' ' W, . zz. f f S , X ,, .gg . . if s X Q . A, 4 . Q L Q , wwsex, A A 4, W? - .1-:... . i f . ,f 2 ft.. Nisg x sem, 5 ' f A A fiiix fl K -Q'-1-N, . 1 Q , ,M - .1 ' f ,Q X Q 1 1 -fx ' Am If :Mi-' .Q , U , . A xx 4 P. .J S X , ' " x X W.. N . f X ...Y X s S E N S X .HF r W' . 'fm ,L if ' il' . , f4'Qfq' We . R lvl l900 E. 47lh Founded in l9l4 on lhe Universilyl ol Washinglon campus, Sigma chapler ol Alpha Phi can look back on a successlul year ol eleclioneering, collee hours, exchanges and occa- sional sludying. wilh a new pledge class ol 36, "lhe girls wilh lhe 'Friend- Wlnrrlng smile," selled down lo lall quarler campaigns, Home- Commg signs and alum dinners, lralernily dances, and Chrisl- mas carolling. The pledge paiama dance lealured a new lhe-me, "Slable Slomp," and lhe Kappa-Gamma Phi-Alpha Phi loml Halloween parly highlighled lhe lirsl quarler back lo school. The winler inlormal, Song Fesl, Sophomore Carni- val wilh lhe Belas, and lhe Spring Formal rounded oul 'lhe resl ol lhe year. Campus aclivilies are well represenled wilh Phi parlicipalion In ASUW, AWS, Rally Girls and olher honorary organizalion work. Despile lhe whirl ol house and campus aclivilies, Alpha Phi s manage dlo lind lime lo go lo class and keep away lrom sludy lable. Aller lhe lasl gradualing senior has lell, and lhe lasl sneak has been laken, our girls will remember a year lilled wilh lhe lun and friendship ol being an Alpha Phi al Washing'l0r1- "' 7- ,-X ,, QS XX. . , S , X s s Q as J X 452 be xg? X f 3 5 3? X K . ri g Xa :Xh s se. , . N fiiiff X l-Xxx is gin S f S ,, J Y Xs "' .X M A X Qx ' ' N' 3' UNM N -V , 1 i -A X Nice warm fire on a colcl clay. Meagher, Donna, Soph. Medica, Marilyn, Fr. Miller, Kay, Sr. Miller, Marian, Fr. Moe, Marney, Jr. Neysom, Helen, Sr. Nystrom, Carol, Jr. Olesen, Adele, Fr. Oslerman, Gayle, Fr. Overby, June, Sr. Perkins, Luann, Fr. Pelraborg, Nancy, Jr, Piccirillo, M'Lou, Jr. Peirson, Lynn, Soph. Prevosf, Elaine, Fr. PyeaH', Joan, Soph. Robbins, Nancy, Fr. Robinson, Susan, Fr. Rockwood, Rexanne, Fr. Ross, Mariorie, Fr. Schmilf, Doreen, Sr. Snider, Gail, Jr. Slaley, Jean, Sr. Sfaley, Margarel, Fr. Sri enwall, Carol, Fr q . Sufherland, Valerie, Soph. Tagg, Sherry, fr. Thomson, Patricia, Sr. Theweek, Audrey, Fr. Wacldinqham, Judy, Soph. Wanamaker, Barbara, Fr. Williams, Jan, Fr. Wilson, Alice, Soph. Yafes, Diana, Sr. V , ,- - .,,...,.. , I . rx N , N ir' ' N XX Xv 21. I , Q XX ,' fa Q ' .. -. ' -- 11 , :Q ' Xsf . , Q-cc Q . X sxxasi ,ff f X, ., X. . , X XM , . we f - s N .2 XXX .. F. ,if . - A s W 4, X ff -I - N-Q W3 Q , 4, ff I' ,r X1X.fii.f-.gig X ' , age. 2.5 .2 Q a 5 1. QE'-F., A ,Xe ,W .X , occ, ,ASX , X I , , X! A . W, l , f - --. .. - 1.11, ,, , f ,.3..f.......LmXX ,, ae ...... X 1. ,.., , M. .Is1.:X...4E3fx i2..l.ll.X1i.. .. E., . Q . ' 1 ,fsw-A-M11-vgewi, X-vw-X s-s- '--- - --Q----me X- -- X- -W--H--e..,,.. X. ..X..,........ ...., ,..,.,cXXX.,, . ' -X 5-:J , 2 - ' 'NL ' gi ww' ai Q .3 - 1- - ,ill S X . --559 1 f 'J . is Q' ' J , M r ' Q1 2 N K-X --r-- S ' - 1 I , ,,.. I ay M, W X X, JX M l Q. X, X , , . X X M, , . , . V aww M x , , is 1 ,f 3 . . J, 1, AAN 3 . ,- j 'Q'!:L,,y Q - , N ,ef S - S X-Ss-' N s X . 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"":'- l X1- if V 'X lf!! WH? M Z 7 ff X ' X W' , .e '- -' Q - X ,,f. Mg, M K - I r 5' - r -if " A N gif-X - I X N ' ff . 5 fl, - ,, dw ,ttf ., , ,Q f , , Q, KXXON 1 ,. t 4 .75 ggi L ' ' T jf ,Q I as 5 nl , Sigh , ,X . ' .- y, Ng? ,'.k'l 2 Xf-'S l il R . ft --5 avr! - ' .Aki c NOT PICTURED: Beecher, Joan, Soph. Blelhen, Joan, Soph. Doucelle, Jackei, Sr. Howarlh, Pai, Sr. Marshall, Marilyn, Sr Spafford, Nancy, Sr. alpha xi delta Goggins, Shirley, Pres. Adams, Barbara, Soph. Atwood, Marilyn, Sr. Bayley, Judy, Fr. Bedford, Audrey, Fr. Biorlie, Ma rga ret, Soph. Bragdon, Mariorie, Jr. Bruksner, Janice, Soph. ' Q M' Clarke, Connie, Sr. Clarke, Patricia, Soph. Collins, Nancy, Fr. Cooper, Georgia, Jr. Cox, Betty, Soph. Davison, Peggy, Jr. Day, Dorothy, Jr. Day, Janet, Fr. Dean, Barbara, Soph. Denny, Claudia, Soph. Edmands, Susie, Fr. Erickson, Phyllis, Sr. Farrar, Janet, Fr. Fleming, Joanne, Jr. Gardner, Joan, Fr. Goggins, Shirley, Sr. Hamilton, Pegi, Soph. Hanson, Faye, Soph. - fftf. . X z . , ai X-Q Nik . ' 0:44 , , '54 ,Q ,W- . QQ, AQ, ge ts, 2 X f W , QS 36, X X fx .,-f Harrington, Patricia, Soph. r ' Harrison, Beverly, Jr. Harvey, Loy, Fr. Heay, Norene, Fr. Hempler, Katherine, Fr. Hoehne, Dieta, Soph. Holm, Signe, Jr. Kvande, Sharon, Soph. NOT PICTURED: " , X, Q, 73.5 W W A Alpha , if N X Q X f 1, ' WZ. my 4, 51 2 I .40 Q I K 74 x ,f S f Xi's entertain ' . ,A ' 615' ' l y , 5 ,I , ,,,5zZ,m , 'fr ZZ f x v X wp QNGN J 4 children 1 f 'gs iffy, 5 -,llf ew K Wm v ,QQ, Z. 'Q M .ri .1 f V ,f W , at the 5, .J ir Christmas party. If . -iii?" ' f , f ' 31 9 . , , - 'z A 1 ' , . ,,,,, ,, . , . , Q Q fa . i I .Hfgx ,Q mg! Q Q . s ,, X' -X " ' " " ., 504.9 Q " , F , - ,iw-4 , Q .ce as X , , , . 2 - .fl X B px Nw?-3, J-.5 431 fd, - . 3' -"A f Q ,, " ' ,Y 1 Ns ' - N ., f Q- ta x f BM F . fff, v- , We N X X gi . ff F A fl ff 5 Q , 3 ., , ' , f r f f 3 ,ff f ' AQ S X' , . W if f J if ' ' f f l I l J' f f' . K ...M ,.,. , - .l,. L ..,W,QQQQQmm Q Q c J., - -3 sf . ' l W "' 'Mr ftfttf: 1 ' . f f Q- . . If M i .. l HN ' f as f- -'23, f M., , , . . F A ' ' -T-.,yj.,'1f 'Q Q f ,, sy ' l f r fr, . , ,. , 3. fa I l 1 ' -Q. ,L - J l ,Q 1 as ,- , l P we 3, f M as : ...:- QI, . , - -,gfQ.5, ,Q4 ,al-', , ' ---- a ,, f ' f r"' g.'s?,gf' f K ww, x l'Q,.f'! 'W g .' , QN v t . , W . - A 5 . 1 , - 1 . .MQ3 .... . X -.f..,,1,pif ,S A i. Q , . ,. . Q iQ5QJQqQQ il. . . l, .... ........, . .Q ,..., , ...., .,,,. , . ,mm ,,.,...,, Q A Q Q , XE Q 2 f Q QvfQQ -DQ S , ' , me - - f , . 5 J ,,-'. B 4 - . .V fi , , g , . s. A- . I QQ -e v QQ Q so . . :E s V , . 3, 1 s Z 'Q XV' x - B . - ' ' E .- ' 'I ' ' :V I SK 't' , , 339' K Qag X ,sk , 'Hg D 2 ws, Y , . g Q25 Q Q xv Q QQ Q Q Q . ,533 ' X Wi Ni X ' 5' :ft Q if '-?.L1f7 Si ' ., ....,., .. .... , QQ ,Q N. Q 3 , .Q ' Q , Qs, Si V,-,5,QQ...:a . QQ, F K 5, iiv ' B a rw ..... ga: . A ie X iz. - X 2 Q , X ' " 'Q it EX is X. . A 4, -, - .X S . we we .-,X X ,sy . ra ' New g paws F - Wg: i V .Q X - i Si' :TS ':- Qi Q ' 'P K , ,... . .1 ,,,,, at 1 Q Q uf QQ Q ggniiglfgg gvg, fr . 1 im .f if ss. ' ,i ...Q.Q 2 iw ' I- ' 9-'SW S f i. ' ., Berry, Mary Jane, Soph. Gaub, Peggy, Sr. Kitchen, Sally, Soph Steiner, Fritzie, Fr. 454I l9th N. E. x H mn, ,-,, 1 1 X N x N cs af X ,. XX gf ss Q x i x x. K -Q 4, :N l- f ,, , Nm X A P as SN as xxi X s X 7 X be fps: 5 1 1. 3 . 4,5 Ng . ,g XXX., 1 Afler sending six aclives lo l'he nalional convenlion in Pasadena, California, Nu chapler of Alpha Xi Della began fall quarler wilh above-normal spirilz Diela Hoehne, a German sludenl' here on a Fullbrighl' scholarship, arrived al' 'rhe house early and was quickly sellled in her new surroundings. House ac'l'ivi+ies began early in lhe fall and conlinued righl' inlo June. There were Chrislmas aclivilies, caroling and a parly for underprivileged children, lhe win'l'er coslume dance: lhe senior break- faslg and, finally, 'lhe formal spring dinner-dance. Alpha Xi's were aclive on campus, claiming 'l'he chairman of Welcome Week and lhe vice-presidenl of 'rhe sophomore class. ASUW com- millees, Tolem Club, W-Key, Phi Bela Kappa, Rally Girls, "Y" groups, and vocalional honoraries were high on 'rhe popularily lisl. Scholarship is a primary aim of l'he sororily, nol' iusl' a by-producl. Parlicipalion in aclivilies is encouraged, and alum assislance is gralefully acknowledged. Bul' Alpha Xi's agree 'rhal i'l's lhe unily, pride, and friendliness wilhin l'he house 'rhal makes il' iusl "l'he greal- es'l"' place lo be. Lallemand, Arlene, Soph. Q. X X A X X 0 A 'E' L xt X UOVXX x ,, 9? X s la. Q ,gf a 5.. ,k . WR5wtf f' xg' - .,,1 -,fee if , F . .. i, .,., . , f ei - ,y g b fi . y l I . if 155-'N X wg .L X ,. x M six X Q 2 X- 4 Y J i 5 ., Q g. - A ,.. A. - .S .1 ---- i . waigf, . n 1 . r sss rc. A if I. V, WA X I7 M ,I - ,Ei N' . , X up wwf- .. W Y .xy .Q . " ' ,W - ki V A l Lee, Agnes, Sr. Lee, Olive, Jr. Lines, Marlene, Sr. Lufher, Georgia, Jr. McNeal, Linda, Fr. Manley, Laurine, Fr. Modenese, Dorothy, Soph. Myers, Gayle, Fr. Nelson, Sally, Soph. Olson, Joyce, Soph. Pearl, Irene, Soph. Pelerson, Janel, Jr. Pelerson, Janice, Fr. Pefram, Joy, S0Pl1- Pirlle, Barbara, Soph. Powers, Virginia, Fr. Rushlon, Belly, Sr. Schrader, Carolyn, Soph Semler, Janice, Jr. Sims, Claudia, Jr. Slrom, Grace. -lf' Sfrom, Karla, Jr. Summers, Adelle, 50Pl'l- Vulcano, Phyllis. Ff- Waring, Helen- Ff- Websfer, Donna Lou, Jr Wickers, Belly. 50Pl'l- Wilson, Sally, 50Ph- Zobrisl, Helen. -lf- E A ' omega A V .. I t i , X ..:x.:::s-1. .... ' W' yn A.. " .vw - gs e 'V an X Y X iv , .w,g, ,,3i,, ,. W.. W B xc ,S N 3 1 :WM We Wk sex I f NOT PICTU RED: Hamslrom, Jeanne Maule, Joyce, Jr. O'rl'o, June, Soph. Zuanich, Mary, Sr. Clapp Marlha, Pres. Ambuehl, Margarel, Soph. Anes, June, Fr. Andre, Janel, Soph. Balch, Beverly, Fr. Beeson, Beverly, Soph. Bendixsen, Karen, Soph. Benner, Peggy, Jr. Benson, Judy, Fr. Bernard, Sherrie, Fr. Blackwell, Palsy, Soph. Bonnar, Edilh, Sr. Boye, Naneffe, Jr. Brown, Louisa, Fr. Buller, Marilyn, Jr. Carlson, Diane, Jr. Chrisfensen,Jane1, Jr. Clapp, Marfha, Sr. Cowden, Mariorie, Soph. DeBard, Carol, Soph. DeGroo're, Carolyn, Sr. Dozier, Jeanne, Soph. DuClos, Joan, Jr. Duncan, Beryl, Soph. Fowler, Elizabelh, Soph. Frolich, Celesfe, Fr. Garfshore, Judy, Fr. Gill, Pal, Fr. Gravesen, Joann, Fr. Graybill, Pa1ricia,Soph. G-ufherless, Mary Ann, Fr. Hammerlin, Carol, Jr. Hayes, Nancy, Sr. 428 ii wee X -qi 5 ,X f ,wk Q 5 NWN sd? '-1. if K ' - 3. A Q 5?-, OLLEGE days began wi+h an enlhusiaslic pledge class of "l'hir+y-four." 9 OMECOMING sign won honorable menlion, pledge dance and Chrislmas parfy highlighi-ed Fall quarler. NTEREST in aclivilies and grades was greal' wi+h Chi O's in W-Key, Lambda Rho, Silver Fish, Sigma Epsilon Sigma, Mu Phi Epsilon and Rally P Girls. I7l7E.45+h . . ., . Q, vw, iw -f , , -. . X fi , . ,. ,X - . -f 'arg wwf? " ,WS X X' . -.M s- X fy 55. ., W, 9 ., . AVR .. ,. x . X W . . ., -sa M J Ja ,, . X 9 X ,,.7:I', 1 'B f NX a N Q IQ 1 5 Y +P' 'Fa X I X f In f xr ' e. ,!? ,. V, M. f f Cite Q 1 Ziff: 511, fs Q ' XM gf , Q ,ifxwn . f ff 5.1 ' 411' Q s .- s . ' 'H mm X' ,M ,,. 5 ' ' 14... 1 Q - F SE? , N . X ii s-.1 2? K - ... , f.x9f.f w1': N. . . A , R 50 - sw. -.3 I m m . , J 'M 1 " Z Tis f Q .Q ' . Y ,fm X43 . ff . , as s2.,.,...s ,. . ' Q X si f f f' Wf N X f, 'uv' f Q ,Q f VX ,f R , J -:BX ,vii fs fy, N. Q xx Q32 Y X 'Q B s 5 X , as .J X . L if X X XS X as xx XX X ,. faivgwiai J anim 5 . we 2. 5 l PEITIING winl'er quarler, found slciers on moun- 'raln sides and campus palhg, ERRY-MAKERS clad in comic coslumeg had a real cool lime a+ lhe winler dance. LECTIONS, exchanges and +he Eleclions Banquel' were welcome diversions from 'rhe college cur- riculum. REAT spring quarler sl'ar'red oul' wilh a bang- Soph. Carnival and Dad's Dinner. LPHA Chapler wound up a year of gaeily, and grealness wilh lhe annual spring formal, Chi O's reminisce ' .s ' . , 2 -f.,2fTf'5 . 7515491 ,, , f A gsikggfyf. , Q iff. greg' X Q X, W X 1 wg fx , W Z W X 4 3 f , W 3 K f ,... ,- "" W, fm Q., 2,5 V Q V, .s,,,I, 4 hxxq I - rwf ai: ,ac , 1 sf g.VA,,, 'Ml y f V1 4' Y X ,YA fain, f 5 Hofedilz, Janie, Soph. Holbrook, Frances, Sr. Jacobs, Barbara, Fr. Johnson, Anne, Jr. Johnson, Corinn, Soph. Kelly, Palricia, Fr. King, Judilh, Soph. Klasell, Joanne, Jr. Knapp, Sally, Soph. Lamson, Joan, Fr. Locknane, Barbara, Fr. McCarll1y, Mary, Fr. Nolan, Polly, Jr. O'Connor, Sharon, Fr. Odegard, Carol, Soph. O'Hare, Lynne, Soph. Olson, Janef, Jr. Ollevaere, Virginia, Soph Pallison, Maryln, Sr, Pederson, Phyllis, Soph. Pifer, Pal, Fr. Powell, Barbara, Jr. Ralcliffe, Rebecca, Fr. Richards, Kay, Soph. Ring, Noel, Soph. Rusl, Belly Lou, Sr. Schooley, Kaye, Jr. Schuck, Shelby, Fr. Scure, Palricia, Soph. Skarperud, Marlha, Fr. Smilh, Yvonne, Fr. Sfewarf, Gloria, Soph. Sfrunk, Janel, Soph. larbill, Marikale, Jr, Taylor, Jocelyn, Jr. Thompson, Palricia, Soph Townsend, Brooke, Fr. Van Diesl, Marilyn, Fr. Wallers, Emily, Sr. f . S12-,Q '- .'x' . .. - .ful V Johnson, Elizabelh, Pres. .A I l -3 ,.,., Q ,i ,li Q ,. , 1 . J Allan, Maxine, Jr. wi. " .f ,ic l S 1' -- 5 A V , 4, ",' Bell. Beverly. Jr. -- . f f . ' er . e' Berry, Nancy L., Soph. -r gg-f'ff5i2?!1g 155 e - gl ' 9'r Q ,. 1- Blrd, Belsy, Sr. ,Q is , in i 3 ,wwf , Boelflcher, Nancy, Jr. jrffiie If ii 'Q , :W we r Breshears, Belly A., Soph. ,.,g'jMiuT-" , . ' '- ff 5 A Qjfk fff' MXN, sk , b R4 N Z 'x 4 reajf n M., r - ...,,. . ..., r . l rl ef 4. ,+"5 ,. , - w I . g 'F , V y nv by A , XX , ,.,,,, I , Chamberlain, Charlolfe, Sr X-el , -..- N - , . Q ' 'f ,A Chrisfian Marilyn Fr K ' ' ds' A A B ,ff "fr ' r 'ws 'l , , . ' H ef-. . L 'f .Z gf I .. we . Q .4 .M I Q Yj Chrisliansen Bell' Sr. . Wig? l 9' tg' f' ' Y' N1 ' .we . ' . J SF'-:l-5 22' 2:24 QL l . W "Y ' ' Clark, Sally, Sr. A N. e f. . H ,gl-, Clafker A'!"r Fl' ' ' ' cerrrrer. Drerre. sr. B . x - r ' ' ' l .Zi-Ref: 5 ' ' '4 r ew -eff. , ew 4 ' ' ' K3 . ..,.,..., ,.,,..,3. 1, ei ' I ,771 , M J 1,-1 Ir I f if 1- X ' r M Dodge, Nalalie, Sr. .r r , X, 2 f X ' A f " Doll, Elaine, Fr. ' , r e , 4 , f"'e- . , X, Doyle, Maureen, Soph. a Rf k K, . i n ' A A 1 ff ekfwfz' Z- 1-. Eberlein, Barbara, Sr. Q, ' r r Ze f 'r 1? eg-4, Elw Il Jud Fr. X " 'N ZXQSF' w. WS. A J -r ----r r e ' Y' , N, ' me ,ggi rl I ' el r 5 Fa'me'- Come R" Fr' Q ' r ,J is .eff Forsylhe, Sondra, Fr. l ,. ' Wei 4 6 - Frangen, Belly, Soph. Q ' z b' .3 , A A i R' 3 r L li f ff f - , ea e e -r rrfe l V , M rr r, GibS0n.,Jeaf1.Sf- e f e. . l , Grefshelm, Path, Jr. , ' '- A r. S 3, I' , ' Y Aflsne R-- lf- r r . - me Halvorson, Janice C., Fr 4,2 , X Q , A5 44 , Hammelll Luvema M.. ,, t N I ir 'wks ,S We if Sorel- r 4 B . . Hanrahan, Colleen, Jr. eg rw, eff ' r Q ,z ZW . fl A we--fer 4565. .' QW ees" l ' r aw! Hanson,SJoan,Sopah. r w, -.El .. ee- We , y . .1 r, Illman, ally, Sop . if" - l Y 4 , If ,,,,, l 'L . y Q i ' ' ef 5 ei' rfiflii' 23: . , . ". 'vf' f .,, " .--- "X 'W Jackson, Marie, Jr. l 1" , , iff 'A ., , Jackson, Marlene, Soph. 'X' ' 1 egryr Jensen, Yolanda, Fr. 'QU ,- Johnson, Elizabefh, Sr. W I v , elif' V I, ' .r e, R, l Johnson, Judith, Fr. , e ' ew Johnslon, Vir inia So h. 'l if ..,, Q . p , , . , . , Jones, Joanne, Jr. .Q S ' f -azg Jones, Lee, Jr. ' ,sig-l ' , r . X , W e . J . ,Q gf, , 5 K . r S. 2' , . Kershner, Elenore, Soph. King, Joan, Soph. King, Marilyn, Sr. Kohl, Trish, Jr. Krekow, Marilyn, Sr. Kreps, Harriel, Jr. Kuehl, Marilyn, Fr. Lee, Georgia, Sr. ,'f -,, ,.-,, X5 ef 9 x X S I ,Tm if .. ' s. fi ' ' . greg, - Ag' f ' ea' r ver? ' K ' , Q I X ,f X QQ. 6 , Q X X ,, X X Xx EX 5,5 K 'WZ e xe- "So long l+'s been good 'ro know you," chorus 'lhis bevy of Trl-Dell charmers. A V 4527 2ls'l' Ave N.E. J? .: K NX N Q X N r X N Q x -... f X s .ll ""' f -' X . Q x QS , X . , r . e'?T ""?'R Ati X W- A fi X xX I 5 3, 1' x l R X if I My 'hw e A isa eg 3511, K, -r .- . ef IAQ' T M S f f , , bv ex e 'gf ifggxg we ,, fo.. ,W ,f Q 7 K: ' 4 4 f f' :fir ,r 11 I , f , f V' ff 45 Z, ff f V f f 4 7 . 1 r -br, , W r f W Q .mf . V, fl 34, 'Tr 5? -r r ...if .5 Sf. 7, ' 4 ,r r. ,ae X!" ,Lf ffrzilii all 4. '5f..f,,,., 4: i dj xk 4 sygfwf. m I . l , ., , 6' J y ev 3,1 My .eff 5 r r .5 . f in :'?i'f3,...-.- i X in , if, Q N, 5 X 5:4 l w- ri e 3 .L fir .-... 11" we, . fx 9 N ff' xl we e - 1 l Z' Ties ol silv , , . . p no ony lhe social and inlelleclual dimensions ol college lile, bul de lh in lasl- P ing bonds ol friendship. er, gold, and blue in Della Della Della re resenl l l The kick-oll evenl ol lhe social season was DDD's Spook Spree Hal l0we'en nighl, 'followed by observalion ol Founders Day wilh a brunch al lhe Rainier Club iusl belore Thanksgiving vacalion, lhe Spring Formal al lhe lnglewood Goh' and Counlry' Club, and lhe Pledge Aclive dance held during winler quarler. P Members ol SAE lralernily joined lorces lor lhe annual Chrislmas Serenade ol orphanages, while a Phi Della Thela-Tri Dell leam was lormed lor lhe Soph Carnival. Della Della Della lradilionally honors all gradualing senior Universily women al lhe annual Pansy Breaklasl during spring quarler. Chapler members were linalisls in many imporlanl conlesls lasl year. T 0 Q 0 wo gradualmg seniors are members ol Morlar Board, and Tri-Dell boasls several members ol W-Key and Tolem Club. Wrap logelher nalural inlelleclual growlh, social malurily, sincere and lasling 'Friendship and exceplional aclivilies, and you have a bundle ol wonderlul college ioys wilh lilelime lies. della della della N QT XX A 'y,.,. 17149, l , f 4 .ff NOT PICTURED: Dorsey, Barbara, Sr. as .1 Q Lind, Karin, Jr. Logue, Kalhryn, Fr. Luchl, Donna, Sr. Lumm, Dorolhy, Soph. McAllisler Kerin, Fr. McComb JoEllen, Jr. McKee Margarel, Soph. McLachlan Sandy, Fr. Moore Palricia, Fr. Morse Alice, Sr. Nelsen Janel, Fr. Newlnger Diane, Fr. Dieman Elizabelh, Fr. Norlne Lyn 50Ph- Olsen Barbara, Soph. Oslrom Palricia, Jr. McLaughlin, Nancy, Soph Magnuson, Ann, Fr. Marshall, Geneanne, Jr. Mallson, Marlys, Soph. Meurer, Connie, Sr. Minard, Palricia, Sr. Moffal, Midge, Jr. Moon, Beverly, Jr. Owens, Nancy A., Soph. Paulson, Laura, Soph. Pelerson, Thelma, Soph. Riggs, Barbara, Jr. Roberlson, Wilma, Jr. Rodda, Charlene, Soph. Ross, Ann, Jr. Rue, Jean, Jr. Ryan, Kalhleen, Jr. if Ryan. PSQQY. 50Pl1- Schalk, Erica, Soph. 3 Semmern, Carol. 50Ph- I Smilh, JoAnn, Soph. 5 f . Spaelh, Sue, Jr. sf .,, Sleffan, Jackson, Sr. ' 4 Slowell, Sandra. Fr. ff Sleiber, Sheila, Soph. f A ' Thackslon, Marilynn, 50Ph- ,', f Trullinger, Jane. 50Pl"- ,. H ,f K... , Wilson Af' 4 4 . "3 ,f eff ff Woods' 'f fysvii ' " Ez as ?.wf.f52i'. M zf .ff Q. ik- 1' V Wilson, V, Wilson, , Turk, Priscilla, Soph. ,, ,rf Van Scoyoc, Arlene, SOPl"- 'f f Wagner, Marylyfl. Fl'- Barbara, Jr. .- Waller, ,Jean, Jr. Mary, Jr. Nancy L., Fr. Sally, Jr. 43l Edmrslon Anne, Sr., Pres. Beaver Helen Louise, Sr. Benlon Judy, Soph. Borella Bellie, Sr. Bramard Belly, Soph. Brand Marilyn, Soph. Browne Palricia, Fr. Campbell Carol, Fr. Carlgren Virginia, Fr. Carlson Geraldine, Jr. Carlslrom Margery, Fr. Congdon Roberla, Fr. Connell Marqarel, Fr. Deeprose Blanche, Fr. de la Vergene, Toni, Soph. della gamma 6? 20l2 E. 45lh D. G.'s sel a-pasling records. As lhe l953-54 school year draws lo a close, lhe members ol Bela chapler ol Della Gamma look back on many memorable evenls. Since I903, Della Gamma, lhe oldesl nalional sororily on lhe Universily of Washinglon campus, has been proud ol her consislenlly high ideals ol loyally, lriendship, and service. Thirly-live oulslanding pledges played a key parl in lhis year's aclivilies which included Homecoming, lhe Chrislmas Sing wilh lhe Alpha Dells, and reading lo lhe blind sludenls on lhe campus which is a parl ol lhe lralernily's nalional proiecl. The social calendar was highlighled by lhe lradilional pledge dance, lhe winler lormal, lhe Spring Enlormal and exchanges wilh neighboring lralernilies. ln lhe line ol sporls, lhe oulslanding evenl ol lhe year was, ol course, lhe annual 'Foolball game wilh lhe Alpha Dells. Thus, wilh lhe closing ol anolher year, Della Gamma views wilh pride her pasl achievemenls, and looks forward lo even grealer years in lhe lulure. lg m r f' s,Q,gs X smssssS 'J . PQ .- ..... ' - "' ' ' " , Anderson, Judy, Jr. -f " Auslin, Nancy, Soph. ii N TX Yi? uw., ..., ,. . .. , -,.xwss..Q ! i A "ss" , . I ,fs i X Xe .vg'. Xxx 'Y X! X s K f vma:QsQs.Q x Q x gs ,..... . X NM ' B X ' RN . . ........ A ihthvk g .w i i L R kg W sglx J. 5 'S ix I N ,: .2 ., . ,,,,, . N.,,,,..,.. L-NX gs:---"'g..f:,:.-.1 ,. ., 1?A, K V,,: ,.,. 3 . ,.,,. .,.,. . ,. Zmnrf 41, 2.4! f A- 59 ,Ayr ' . 4.4. X. . fr cg. o r Q ff s ff . Z., J .ef-QQ f 1. sir-1.x3fga.'ri.q -. ' . 3" jf' ua 'S A .-r. -L :Qi X , '5 Ev . , , 5 f N S K X X N mn X . J We Q 1. 2 X LX fa A X 4 N X Q 7 4 2 4 if QW ,, Q f wg Q r -1. ., , .. X 1 . N , , 0 7 , ,I v ji . MR' X. Q sv- - Wy X, iw "' MJ' if x ff 2 . f x X 7 is f f I x S Y f fi " 'ZN',rEr"i::?iQ' 'R 2 Q BC f fx ff XX ff X A X X ff L X Aw 5 'S xx , ,f . . X, 0 X 'wi f X 3, f . - we me-W-W...-.. . . Ms. as ..:' ' I ,iw Q 'Q' 2 s Xe. ' R. , . , , Q, l ,ge X' V. Y i is .f ' ,aff ' - .1 2 , S. , . v 'sf J 4 fe fa? me 3, K A X E. S fa . H 0 4. Yffisgli 'f.'?.""' l . vs-4: I , 1.5.1, X 5, Q :asia .43 YJ I-il " 21.2 2. , :V fl-im, H s..'.0f .ia.2:.a.:..- '.:.:5..--4- ff X46 1 J 1 1 X v X X fe 6 f QS s ,wifi ' Q , 1 s ,sw 1 Q A Af f 'be xx Q 4 isa? Q , . I, . 5' S. . . .. N x . ' f 57, NAS I X' wi - YV E ' vii? 1 .3 2.51 Q- :rx X, , ' . X S- M ep- ' ' 'Q ' f efqwva.. 1, gf 5 is QQ, A: , , rr- ' . xy ,. 'fx l.. ,- ' . X . X S - s A " ' X rcws' . x Q , 5 L g ,, , +. iw ' 7, V - 'SEG Z 7 fx! ' ':.."1.X5:Ee+ "' f ff S r ' V S.. 'W Sgwfixkf a Y xv 7 Y '2:- - 'EM i" 1. il l 'NL ii' 'iiix Lfffifefwv owe? Mfv w .- as I S new . f 5, N i 'f S X' 2 'S nw xg . a s 4 M Nw. if .V .5 111-. ,A S 1 , X- Ia a as . .5 . .N 'R 5 ' , .. X, he rw .ata ...... -. -4 . . . .e.a,....Se3Ar4 ' ,,.. P .... ,,,, . . - X r . --fa-4. 11 . 2 Q Q N.. . - 3 X ,safe . Y NE. , , , .hz -' 5 if' la- , if-il? gg .f J. " -. 55.3 ' ' ' - . .. X X . K .5 .f-Sf if . gaps . . . -. WE MQ jf. J , Ag ' gif ,fldwge - ., e- ' ,...,, Q " S ' , - -as azesva s .Q..T--.e.f- ie' fs:-F' fe- ,Q- M- x - - X, 2 sg-35.1.5 . 'S , ff 5... S ,asf we f , ' -..: 1 -fm: ' , f 3 J 5 f b wx, A. Iii? w 'X fa. Aj ., K gffgklj. Q K Q i I: f K 14 f ,Y . .was .1 .r. s X ax, L e 3 N 4.-, f . . -. . f f r -52 ' .- i--1 .. Q-'f..q.vXS, 2 . . S! f J a . SJ, " ,jf . , "Urs . . . -. J. X. -1:--4 . -'- ir ,..f- - - , ... V. s . ...fx ,V , N 4 X qfzsarpsea--:rrfrmjfa ' - saw . .. ag" -.5 ,,.,...f S, W .- 4 - .:..f-4,.. fy, f . Q 4, 5 ,:I:f:--Q 1. '? 3 fx ' :I- f 'f r-Q 85 SS x X 1 9' " Q x .,g. .-4 S - 1 J i - ' - r f ,A A . P , H ,A A . 1 . -f z. ""' ' X X - 1 . 1 Q . . .. 1 1 F.. M.-. ..,. , .. Q Q. " J' 5. 5 P .1 . . 1 q , fr '- I N, . 1.11 'i' '7'f4 1-X.: ' . ' ' ' .sf f fries. Q. ...YS ' e .. - 1- 5 1' 'Q Y-,. 1. ',..'1 ., ' Q., V X - fm... X ,:,.,' al, ' V aiiff' - . Y M sr, 'fgir 7 A- 'iyifli N . 5 V . . . 1 is gy 5372. ,mix ,, 13,2 . i V ggi .ex wma? , 5 ,u,,, , -y. , yn. f . -ay. .fp . r S 3, . .. . Q.. . me 1, ps. . ,gs . , 4 -, Q 1115 W 1 1PM-lffwef.. -L 'W ...., 1 V ' IM, ,fl ' A ,J . - 2 K, ,. .fr , -,f i ...,,.f ' iffy. ., , , O , .lkl A ..,, ,, : .. v'- .'.- f. If V w ' ' , . e, Z,f,Q I 43, 1 7 A 9 17 ff' VXA' 1 X ..,, i ' I ME X ---- i Q X ,399 l' l ax ' ' 1, A ,. . . -1-' 'f ti' M 1-.f AQ., , a nal J f 1 I V 5152 4-.ifegg-fl '7 Nj . "'G , xx V., , ' LLM... .... .Ya ,iz , " .. 3 ' f . ., , 1 .. ,. J., sirsfw a ,A 131 Q -- V . ...LQ '7' "H f il ' ' . X, ,Q -Q., .wfjfmw . I .- ,+ X ra S "N f' g My 1... ,M 1. :Yi-, ,M ' 5 ' " iz . e fi Dohm, Nancy, Fr. Doyle, Kathleen, Jr. Edmiston, Anne, Sr. Etchieson, Dione, Fr. Frank, lngred, Soph. Gordon, Alix, Sr. Heily, Kay, Fr. Hershey, Joyce, Jr. Hill, Lola, Fr. Hodson, Patricia, Jr. Hodson, Susan, Soph. Hoffman, Shirley, Soph. Houston, Nancy, Soph. Howard, Sue, Soph. Hulbert, Mariel, Fr. Jones, Carol, Jr. Keeler, Marge, Fr. Lanser, Sally, Sr. Larson, Sonia, Soph. Lewis, Barbara, Sr. Loughnan, Aylene, Jr. Low, Jean, Fr. Low, Marilyn, Sr. McDonald, Jean, Jr. NIcEachern, Joan, Jr. McGee, Sally, Fr. McKinley, Marilynn, Fr. McKinstry, Carol, Fr. McKinstry, Jeanne, Sr. Macdonald, Betty Rae, Sr. Merrill, Sahli, Jr. Morganthaler, Mary, Fr. Norman, Marlene, Jr. Nutter, Shirley, Soph. Ogden, Sandra, Fr. Peterson, Sally Rae, Jr. Pigott, Mary Ellen, Fr. Pugh, Joan, Soph. Rust, Helen, Jr. Ryan, Joanne, Fr. Ryan, Kay, Jr. Sargent, Carol, Fr. Schnatterly, Ann, Fr. Scott, Heather, Fr. Sergev, Gala, Soph. Shafer, Shirley, Jr. Shimmin, Sue, Fr. Simmons, Greta, Soph. Strandberg, Gail, Soph. Tamasie, Carolyn, Soph. Thomas, Sue, Fr. van Tyen, Helene, Sr. van Tyen, Miep, Soph. Vedova, Jemma Jean, Soph Wallerius, Lynn, Soph. Wallgren, Bonnie, Soph. Wallin, Myrna, Fr. Walsh, Margaret Ann, Jr Webster, Sylvia, Fr. Wernentin, Claire, Soph. Worthington, Joan, Fr. Youlden, Mariie, Jr. delfa zefa .f - .,,w N ef f X. J ,.,.. 'F . l .J , V H.-. 'S s r?" " 'Wy i Q 0 fee .222 f . l -Mg.,,gN:.,:5,,f .wrfmrii-',y M, ..w,-ff-g:xs,,:,1 l QfZW2,wQzs. , '92 N H 1 ,,...x. ,f ' 1, 1 wi f M Q u o, :kg ,fish X . .. ,,,, V r J y ,. 'Q 1 1, . X J ' Z , , ' , s f. - ,. . ya WM gee 5 is lilfff? N " X' We 3 ,lex Q X N X f Z xx, 75 s ,, X ,, K B .K fy 5 asv: . M . 9 W X f X J 5. g Y 6 , ..,, , , s x if 4. , W V .,w ,,x 7 4' 3 1" Zywjs ,. . M. , M., ,La f 'X I ,tsl Q- . Q 5, ff .gpg ss 5 N o w l I f f X X x f .,.,. , Q 7? 1 - ," K wg XL .1 vi j 4. X, f, I ! f Q ,gg X sw if sf XW 9 4 Xa, X x x X A, X 5 x ff? n OX 'YN if . 1 f f My 4 .?' Prevosf, Donna, Sr., Pres. Baisch, Marilyn, Fr. Banks, Diana, Fr. ,S 'X W A 9 f A ' AN X f X X4 , rr 4 X wee M S ,, .35 F 2 Q 1 .Milli ::-1 'ii "Oh, lhose crazy homecoming signs." . , Q I , X r ,X X W X QD 4 X K' , as X , Qx G s N f A 5 S sy f N Rx X 'MQ X , 1 - ,Q-Q5-ff? , f V. . X W g gxxsliff, 1 .X s W xx awk x A xxx S V' 1 x r'ii ' L .s A X K X f X X ' Q X .1 jf , , Y Qs X ZF - X . -'Sa , if QF' , ex, . eeewf X R so XQ .ff .-:' ' , :ze ":' I 'I ci: x x Bensled, Ann, Soph. Berry, Barbara, Fr. Brown, Mae Lee, Fr. Burf, Margaref, Soph. Cadwell, lris Clare, Fr. Campbell, Shirley, Sr. Chase, Belly, Jr. Cohen, Darlene, Fr. Craig, Joyce, Fr. Creesy, Helen, Fr. Crowley, Dorofhy, Soph. Darnell, Mary, Jr. Davidson, Mary Lou, Fr. Dilworlh, Joann, Jr. Eckarf, Belle, Fr. Emery, AnneHe, Soph. Ferguson, Barbara, Sr. Ferguson, Margaret, Sop Fisher, Marcia, Fr. Giddings, Shirley, Sr. Gordon, Nancy, Soph. Gryfness, Mavis, Soph. Hannafin, Marilyn, Fr. Harpole, Jean, Soph. Hill, Ann, Fr. Holbrook, Joann, Soph. Hul.LGay, Soph. lngle, Donna, Soph. Jallie, Elizabelh, Sr. Jensen, Robin, Sr. Keagle, Pafricia, Fr. Kelly, Colleen, Soph. Logan, Sue, Fr. McCarfney, Nancy, Soph McCredy, Harriell, Sr. Miller Myrna Sr, Moran Glenda Fr. Moran Joy Soph, Nelson Pafricia Soph Noble Jane Fr. ' Olson Elayne Fr. grenosf Donna Sr. en ard L ' 5 Richter Ja2kliI3aS ,oph' Richfer Mary Jane Soph, Ross Glennis Fr. Sanfo Margie Sr, Schafz Nancy Fr, Schoonmaker Ann Fr, Shanafelf Amy Jr, Shipley Louise Fr. Shepler Merrilou Fr. Shrnlnger Molly Fr, Sigurdson Darlene Fr. Slusser Beverly F . , Smifh Margaref Fr. Snyder Janef Jr. Sunden, Janef, Fr. Syllmg, Pafricia, Fr. Torficil, Molly, Fr. Wallbom, Connie, Fr. Walfon, Nancy, Fr, Wrckman, Beffy, Sr. Wilbur, Ada, Soph, Zachary, Shirley, Sr. . Q 2- Za, fvh, . 539- 'Mfizf' A I fl J , 1 f , f Q , X! + ,. W , 9 55,4 XX 4 I Q s 1 f mil Y, W3 2215.3 N .. . ,fs1,,,, sz X I M 992 'Z . X Q X W , , ...,. ,. 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She broughf fun and friendship as well as good-will and knowledge of her own counfry. 4535 'Sfh N.E. lf AZ 435 gam hi befa W, i . f X X x 4, s X.. VX ., Emi, f Nr f J diff' X uf X f f .f , ,,,,, 7 ' X ff ,X X , W af X 1 ef WMU.: Y 'il W W A Q f, K ff si ' w f , , -sf X A ,, ..,: -...gags ' I we .... I " B f ! ff ff B 43 JM X . X , 1, Q - Q f l N f 7 ' M w X WX X 7 ff!-'T' W " 1 if if Q Q rw, 1 f f lm. X 1 , . 922. , X x X l f N I of SV ' L ei f 7 , X S rw, X Wg? ,, .L sy 5 2, ics ww, ef, f f 2 mai , ,f f 'li' gif . W s f fx si ami, ig f, .LE xl E ... A .51 g., 436 c f safe? f UW ,w B 3 4. Y , 6,255 , ' M f .X i Olwell, Jeannie, Sr., Pres. Albin, Lynn. Fr. Baker, Eleanor, Sr. Baker, Mary Louise, Soph. Black, Sylvia, Soph. Borgendale, Glen, Jr. Brown, Annabell, Jr. Brown, Louisa, Soph. Burkilf, Barbara, Soph. Cahill, Peggy, Soph. Cannon, Audrey, Jr. Clarke, Lelilia, Sr. Cramb, Sylvia, Jr. Curwood, Barbara, Jr. Donaldson, Sally, Soph. Egan, Evelyn, Jr. Fauchild, Ann, Fr. Fowler, Joyce, Soph. 7, Wy s-X . , f, xc A SW w N , f-"' "Ginl" "Oh no, 'lhal"s noi' fair." NOT PICTU RED: Jensen, Donna, Soph. Langlie, Jane, Sr. Nichols, Mariorie, Sr. Beginning ils 5ls'l' year al l'he Universily wilh a rush, Gamma Phi Bela pledged 27. Wilhoul' slowing l'he pace Gamma Phis headed inl'o lhe year's aclivilies. ln lhe l'radil'ion of combining sludies and acl'ivil'ies, Gamma Phi was well represenlecl in campus and ac+ivi'ly honor- aries including Silver Fish, Tolem Club, AWS Council and Rally Girls. The AWS secrelary, senior class secreiary, and Silver Fish presidenl' were Gamma Phis. Highlighring 'rhe year was l'he "Ideal Couple" conl'es+, won by 'rhe Gamma Phi enlry, parficipa- 'rion in eleclions, 'rhe annual barn dance, our Homecoming sign, ioining wilh a fralerniiy 'ro sing Chrislmas carols, l'he win'rer informal dance, Founder's Day banquel and lhe Spring formal. Furgeson Barbara Soph. Gaul? Ross, Soph. Glerup, Virginia Fr. Hallln Belly Jr. Harms, Grefchen Jr. Harle, Marie, Soph. Havlina Laura Lee . Henderson, Joan Soph. , E C V rx 1 in ,--.b 3, K I I ,,, . gwf . f I I , I , ill W- ' .. . I I A f X 1 Pl I ' . 4 . . J lla? 'N dw be : fe- ' 'A 'Q J , . . r 2 4 .,, ,Q , i . 'N .. I P Hecker, Jody. Fr. 2 , X X " .. 4 .N fffywg - iff 1 ' Lg f A' 'X . . 'G - ... - cog.. Qi, , , ,Q-51' I X x K fvg,g- mv 'W' V X X , , r. X K Y .er XX , - g W f N Y Xa I , ' X , , . -..Aw 5 Y. j rn:-' 2 X- Z ' r . 5 X .f . ' X ji ' Hilen, Ann, Soph. EM' 'X -- - - X - Hoak, Mary, Fr. 3 -., f . fa. . Howlelf, Evelyn, Fr, X. ,,,2.:, 3- ,WSI ., Jensen, Donna, Soph. l. " . .. I R 1 X. .. .. , X . Johnson, Sheila, Sr. , QQ ,,,, , ri" ' . A . .gi ",, . ' . J Kelley. Mary Kay, Jr. A . .. . r .. ,f.",. , Q f A ' rr ' . Langlle, Carrie Ellen, Fr. "if 5 45 ' Q' 5 . "' "r -X X -3 L C B b ,. fvf f ' A X 'X ' x A ..---ar if x i f f e Ocq. ar ara. Soph. f X X X 3 X., -f SQ. , Y, Lee. Margaret Jr. Q - X N4 ,fm . N ' M K . . . X- if , iz. v ff, ff f We X V . , ' Lee, Virginia, Sr. .4 X .f fm, M M ,X f. . l l I l .-if 2. , ..,, 5 ' Lohrer, Marlorle, Soph. 1" .X l I-Owman. Jean. Fr- " . ,Q ' 39? 2. X , X McDougal, Maryanne, Fr. , f': "' . . 1 X X A . McLallen, Frances, Jr. 25 05 A .9 7, , if M '- McLean, Judy, Soph. N ' . -X , ' , , ' , M N J ,Nm . il ,'Q,fe.....g ., Z. . . P .. i Z . -5 X. , . h h . ace- a"CY- E- .. ,I - .f 'air .,.,.,. f - f -'X X' ' Q X' -' ,.: Mandas. Georgia. Fr. W ' MarSl'lall, Debbie, Soph. ws , Q .s- f s ., 'k:.,Me , ?.f , .7 , X Marlin, Jo Ann, Fr. Q X '- , 'Q X 2 f K Xuga' X 1 r X f ,X , I xx , . .,, . , ,E . . l .' N"-7+ rf .-.. 'V Xr rf' .: l 1 'We ' Marhn, Judi, Fr. - X . F 957 , Marr I f- , 4. , . . .V , .. Mnddlelon, Vickie, Jr. , i hi, , , . ., , H, 1 , . .X f ee" 1 fr . X Monlgomeryl gil' Fr. J l i 1 ' ' -rv. .XX1w.I' ' - 1 :Xe Xa XX E 'Fw .""' X 1 on gomeryr aron' r' f "W F ' l w fs s v 4-2-m f r 6' .' - 1 lsr.. - Marv Kar- Jr- . . r L' .X Xf Morrow, Anne, Jr. - ff . s I Y . , Q Q -,., fXSi...11.i.' .. Molr, Nancy, Sr. f X XX -' ' , ' . V h yx N 2. X X- . Mueller, Anne, Soph. . 2e...,, . 1 X .. , 'F' ' J . ,..,. Murrow, Nancy, Jr. 2- V , ,NNWA , X , ' - "" . fs ' . 4 ..r.eQ.,Ai..w..J . ,.... J ,V by . .. . fi . .--wi J i sa.. 4 X .Q 6 f Q ..:,-, Myers, Allison, So ph. -K V X Q2 N 1: W ' -a sf , Myers, Marilyn, Sr. ,E X ff... f X :F , . - Myers. Sharon. Fr- X--- . X . ' X Q Neville, Barbara, Sr. ., 225 I' Newfon, Eleanore, Jr. , r - X, f XX .X . - - . cs X ' J 5: M, -- My 1 ' , , Vg,-s -: -I-X -I-f X , ' 1 I. X is 'Xen . - f , ,.-f .,,L,sX1-5 Nichols. Marlene. Sr- f ,f, A562 2 . ig . XX .. Nims, Shawn, Sr. -' 2 I . f-'Xfr X ' , N f,flf'5 4, . X., . ' ' ' 'J - X . M, '.X ,.XgL:,2 , X' Q ' . Q . I tx 2 Wei.. X .4-Jxgf HTS' T,'Q'Q"a3Soph' Xi ffr' . 3 5, il. X3,?iiQ. fX1, lj 0 an. e. r- J. c X' ri lr:-X Y s Olwell, Jeannie, Sr. L ..... ,LL ..... , Lai 1 ,af 'l' A 1 ff - ' J- ' I -- , ,ff 'swwg.- . A -rv--sf-r.. -, -.-:-M 9 r .41 a - 12 M I Xi. X-:--rr-2-2-Q, -X -Q '-f'- 7 1 Xe '21 3- Parsons Dale, Fr. . X ' Pele rson, Irene, So ph. A , Polls, Noreen, Fr. . l r , 152 . Richmond, Jan, Sogh. ' H X Z I Rivenburg, Charmaln, Jr. I ,,, I i 1- ,. Ryan' Robin, S0 ph. .A I :anforcl Sandy, ,Soph. V b X." - I 1- B H So h . .X 2 .X ' 2 Q Wiz: as X- - Sargent E Y- P - X . ,f X 5Cl1m"'1- Na"CY- Soph- . . .. ew... , ri X - far- . '3 . 2 X X , 5 ' . . f- . X .- Schmlfz, Palsy, Soph. k ' 3 N K4 f . ... ""' MW,.,..a ,.e.,. ,. . .-X 9 . -4- . . Shullz, Ma ry. SOPI1- ' , . .,.. ' S H F Us " ' X. . 5l0Q9ell- 3 Yr r' """ -.---X -.-.- : " ' .. e - .A"4fJ,ss-' 'E ,,Xra2:4'rx5.:xf-1:4 ' ' ,jr K . . ,. 5Ull'Va"'- Colleen- Fr' - ri " A ' Thompgcnl George Ann, FF. . .... .: .sv S X X ' HA, ,X ., Thompson, Mary Carol, Sr. X5 . , ef M M. , N QT , .,., 1 M X Trovanl, Jean. Jr. R55 X V ' -V 'N N .I 5, Vandercook, Gregchen. Fr. gf 1 'rf Xr Van Ness. Anne. r- ' ' A Xr mil J , s,g,gn"2,?lf Q' " ,fy 4 .91 , . . . X Walker, Nancy, Sr. . lvl M51 451 we iffy, Walker, sud.e,'Jf. Q, 2 I rp: Walrers, Connie, Sr. -- Weigel- -lean' Ff- . ' . 7 I.. 2 12,59 I :hs rf - . A: 4 f r f.. -1 if ' -: I,-If ' Muf Z. , A ..wM.r 'fr . "4- While, Joan, Whifman, Rh Jr. era, Fr. ,,,... ,, ....,,,.,,f.. 1 ,,'z., 4 ,J if Wg wwf MW fy J 2 1 UA 7,2 1. ,- r' LF A N? K f 1X , r l . 1 l af' yr' '. .. J ' f . -vi X! X 44' 'j a' l find. f l T Q39 , Q 4529 l7+h Ave. N.E, l 437 kapp lpha fhefa 452l l7+h Ave. N.E. Ross, Jean, Sr., Pres. Ackerman, Beffy, Jr. Agnew, Aleda-Mary, Soph Agnew, Coreen, Sr. Allison, Joanne, Soph. Anderson, Rosemary, Fr. Arrowsmifh, Janef, Soph. Aspen, Marilyn, Sr. Backer, Sue, Sr. Benner, Virginia, Soph. Bernard, Ann, Jr. Berni, Judy, Sr. Boldf, Virginia, Sr. Bolger, Pafricia Ann, Sr. Bovik, Lynn, Jr. Brackeff, Lois, Jr. Bryan? Nancy Fr Buller Beverly Fr Buller Su anne Jr Burrows Nancy Soph Carfer Josep ne Jr Conklin Ann Soph Cooke Colleen Jr , if fe 'V ' vglflf' i, 1 V-M., N., W., f fs , g jg ,K . Q i 1 ZW! A f ., .. 1' U -- fsmii, - - -S : M is 4 have Q.. a ' .eszyf-'Q :gg : we . . Y .sl ' ,si 1 vii.. 4 9 .. gi? ,. " X ' : .m'2,..'2 -" . T g2g,swfWi -X .' . .W W 1 . ,....,.. ,. IV , N N , x S, fmlwg 'MO Z f .1 ? ..i , X. . yy,-.1 X X. WV 63 X X I S V1 xy Q ,pig gy s f X? N fi fa K sf 1. A. Sy . ' SN..- f . X 1, , i 'ig . , 'W M Q' 1 'ix we ugifzg-' .I - X I, P if X X sf " ,. , A Et . es., ' gs, My X. , , ' Y me . , , .., se . J U . ,rl . '7 .5-: lim Zfiifaf hx 1 . I 5 ' Q - A- 'hifi ....l The Thefas relax a bi+ before dinner wifh self conscious smiles. lf you wanf fo know how a fish feels when hundreds of curious humans are peering info his buggy blue eyes, fhen sfep inside fhe Thefa "fishbowl" and wafch fhe world go by. The only criferion for sfaying more fhan a week is fhaf you play Culberfson bridge and observe sfudy rules from lO:l5 'ro lO:3O fhree nighfs a week. We've had a greaf year-all 87 of us. We've gone fo HUB mixers, yelled af U. baskefball games, won a few elecfions, and now and fhen snared blind dafes wifh fral' men. Looking back on l953-54, we're proud fo say fhaf fhe Universify has seen a greaf year, and we're glad fo have been a parf of if! 1e-- sw . . . xv' W sQ7W'2fY2?i g,51m: Wai- I - A X X. ,y l ,S X ff i sx ' ' 5 . I E, .N gem oy i I .A . 5,i...,:t?. .gs . . i ,T 5 V . JM . ,.Li,4.m wan. .. ie' ..l 3 Q Coppess Hazel Fr H2194 Cosby, Karen, Soph. Dean, Charlolle, Fr. DeCan, Belsy, Jr. Dunn, Barbara, Fr. Dunn, Muriel May, Soph. Dunlon, Anne, Soph. Edmisfon, Jane'l', Fr. Endslow, Virginia, Soph File, Julia, Sr. Frame, Marallyn, Jr. Franzke, Suzanne, Fr. Ganly, Maryiane, Fr. Giere, Nan, Fr. Hawkins, Judy, Jr. Heflin, Mary Jo. Fr. Helwig, Bylieu, Fr. Henry, Ann, Fr. Holm, Janef, Soph. Hughes, Cameon, Soph Johnson, Louanne, Jr. Johnson, Susan, Soph. Jones, Sandra, Fr. Kirsch, Elizabelh, Fr. LaLone, Janel, Fr. Leander, Sharon, Fr. Lidslone, Judy, Soph. Link, Diane, Jr. Loe, Mary, Soph. Longballa, Ann, Jr. McEachron, Elizabefh, Moe, Mary, Fr. Mounsey, Sally, Sr. Mullen, Joyce, Fr. Murray, Gail, Soph. Nelson, Mona, Soph. Newgard, Margaref, Sr. Nichols, Palricia, Sr. Olson, Marilyn, Fr. Oslerhoul, Jane, Sr. PraH', Rachel, Jr. Price, Joy, Soph. Rembi, Toni, Fr. X 1 j x , N X 4.. , X 1- NJN x , A x 1 R ,a my -W1 I.. N , Q X 'ff '75 , . ., 0 Q .1 I f :fi M Jaae 9 . V. Nur, 145, f 'J W Q E fc A X Xx X c 1 x J"-.E.:.I. ' V ll. 'Z 'i .sf ' N , f ft .,,, . , 1 ,- ff u ' ., 6 60.1 Nasa Rx fix 'M' .... . -. , as U x S Si -if . H X 14 Ns r -3 I was 11.33 'i 49' 5 I , ., ..:sx,Ze:S :,. 'i .nf l - f Q ...... . . 4 , i f y gn X 551, ' l .Q , 45195 Q x ., X., QA - A - 'fx .. .N ,E:.- 'C' .U f , . . 'ffm . r A Nw ni e Q 'rr A ' S y ...,., ,...: 4 3 g M-- ' . J v I 'PV X X X X vii ,SQ N X N x A a may Iv: .- -'Kass' 1' ,im V-IRQ 'X :f cg: ,- X f x X x , ,sv X if Vg. X X sb , , .,,, 9 , x., N S. Xxx X fy X N o ff W. ..,, xc X if D .': fl, ' A 'll V Q Q , m ffm XX A x , Q 2 f so ,lifikx x f , - 'aa S sx ,Q A , . ss., , X , ,Eg . W ,X of Q A If -5 -- . ,. J . "7" G f,E:.:i s. "N" 'M ,fr , 1 .. ,X +R , 1 Q- ,mf NN- :yQ5Kx5 - X , ,e .x 1 Q' 'rg WY-N . ., A 5, . Qs , is SQ k . in " 353. fi., 'ii ' its x:-.lf"" 7 N ,,,: , L ,,, . Ce Q 1' i K i X 1 X 4 as lm 'W' my , 1' c 33 X. 3lii'5'..1 .N -. X ,. . , , rf ' , K 1 ' xt: if ,. Q3 ' ' .x J X .. ..Y.. .,,,.., 1 " -I , M 'lk . - -. ""'... f., sl. ,ffg 1, . 'fir X. 5 l 'sf if ,X s f S RMS 'X WWA t., q Y 'f : s 1-f 'ff ,e " f ' , H Esk: -,Z wa' SSS ' li sw- .. J "2' 3 i"i . 'Q - sf, Q if 4 M91 5 . ' A. , Q xg. 1, ,,,,,.,, T: ss ay M ' fd- , if X ferfk- , Q. ' K X , XX fu Y K N X veg.-'ff ,, ,si 1 ' , ,Q .f wfggasff ,W ,,. fx , I N , W , xx ga.. 1 .LQ-GTE X f f ww 4 W ' N2 N1 I rf' , .Q 9, Q. GN? eu 4 X x X x - ' as , f -M194 2 W X 1 xx ,X X9 ...N 4 ,, , wf ,. X mu! .rw as . . of ! . 'Q s e. ' , :lf ,. V" fx, ,W K, vga. A . 1 , .V 'Nw , 2, . . , A gs, 'il , VL Ii ,,.. .lg . J N J N ss a, ,,, R ffuf N ,f'W!: Ross, Ellen, Jr. Ross, Jean, Sr. Ross, Sharon, Soph. Saberhagen, Ann, Sr. Saberhagen, Janel, Soph. Schaffer, Louise, Fr. Selby, Jane, Sr. Shaw, Louanne, Jr. Sfevenson, Dulcy, Fr. Slewarf, Lunn, Fr. Sluhl, Sally, Sohph. Svendsen, Marie, Jr. Thomas, Nancy, Soph. Tonkin, Carol, Fr. Tye, Joyce, Soph. 5 'P' X 5516 Z ,j .,,gv-ff . Q91 gay 5 ssh 'Q 'Q' f. as I X iv '.!, 49' . 6 K x c 1 ' sub ' we .E J ZW ,ff New ,sf I 46 1 1.1 , 1 f 4- ,iff B rf' ,rf f we. X Q W 5 fa f H r, ,X H" ,Mc f it ,A. L' K 1? K' V M ly 1, . l l 1 M , , 1 91,1 Valdeson Joene Soph NanArsdel Ann Sr Wakefield SUSBI1 FF Welch Marne Ellzabelh Sr Welch Sharron Lee Fr Wrlghl Palrlcla Jr x......MH . I A NLM . f i MX r A ,. ,,,. .. if - .. H ww. "r'i 1 f 'V 4 yn Y . WP ,,f 4-f"+f2 . ia., my 4 . , .-.... .Y fig! x 'QXWX REQ, L' ' , kd' . , :, M A 11 ,f I Q W ff Q" . ' N . li - . 'a V . ,MA -afvf' -- Hx ' ' f . A 1 .f .-gf, f. 0, -, .H fm' X-.J , . , . -. ,..... ,N ,fi . ' s V' rf.. 5-:::-1 X. , 1 , gym ::.,.::5.5:5-:a:g- 1 . gay f' N , ,wx fy, .s - mf iid? Q r -M .......,..,... ..... . kappa delia Key, Florabel, Sr., Pres. Anderson, Anifa, Sr. Anderson, Phyllis, Jr. Arndf, Ardylhe, Jr. Banks, Nancy, Soph. Barger, Jeaneile, Sr. Bond, Carol, Fr. Braun, Marlene, Jr. Bueno, Ada, Soph. Burke, Beverly, Jr. Campbell, Joan, Soph. Carlson, Shirley, Soph. Cassidy, Maureen, Sop Chabot, Palricia, Jr. Champers, Lucinda, Fr h. J 'iii T ,L , E353 a- ,Jan , f ' W ,wie . 'PX Q, YM' ' 'nl A yy. 4, 5 QT as ' ., . , 1 f '4 f 'X W. 'K , ' ' . l g r i m ,. ,ggi V' g f ' lie -.-f- ' B ' .. if Q is Clark, Marilyn, Sr. Curry, Cafherine, Soph. Davis, Ann, Sr. Dexler, Darlene, Sr. Denney, Belly, Fr. Draper, Diane, Jr. Dye, Patricia, Jr. Fix, Carolyn, Soph. Furry, Janiss, Soph. Graham, Jackie, Sr. Halberl, Jackie, Soph. Hall, Muriel, Soph. Hansen, Evelyn, Fr. Hafhaway, Ann, Soph. Hallon, Pafricia, Sr. Hoey, Myrnie, Soph. Horn, Georgene, Sr. Jacobsen, Judy, Soph. Key, Florabel, Sr. Koppe, Grefchen, Fr. Kruse, Karen, Soph. Larsen, Dorolhea, Fr. Lembo, Diane, Fr. Lighlbody, Patricia, Sr. E, ...fe-:'4' - 's ,..h 4 .. ., . 1 : X' f' . 4' Qs- fi 1: . .K " C I 3 ' 5 ii ,K W 5 X X I Wi f . -. W. ' W f , , . . . ,V , , 3 - cf: K 2 W "' , ' - - ar g y ' X Y Ti diff: seafarers: f r .X X i f f x " wi lx' 95 X 2 . wi : Z! ' W4 ' ., A A , -N ' . ff 515.522 4 'khvfw' f P' 'f 4 '. Y' ' A 'WXX R 1-2,r'1 ro ,sb 'izygxai 9 A af if . .X .1 ,' '- is -'f-,.:' .- - N 'hm - A .Cie ' -J Q , . - f . aw, P Q . ,,.....f. ,... -4 -r nf.: 4 .... li R 7 if y, ..s l X M 1 ,af .5 , 29 Q If x .ff . I v 'jf N . . A A . - ....,.. -......-,... .. M-.- , me f N az ffwz . 4. ' W..aff2.f::. A- me V 1 E Ty 1 1 fs' , N . .V -, N . . .2:-s:- 5:53 X'-sas: 1.1: Y-:qw ,W I P' - A .. 1 .-.-,-.,... I S I ,. P f X X X Q, ,Z XXX 1 f ,X-3 . ...E-23' PTQ XQ P f " X 'in wr, 4.4 -f ng X' X ' fn 1 X QR, 'Q x N W f . 'L'.'X a.. 1' V 2 li Z s s i ' a i -' .:sz,. " 7 ' , a i 31 9 ff. ng 4 I X X k 7 ww fu "":2-.: .m"" :3- J! K, W K X z v Xu, S..:.1 .... ,.. .. l X., XX 'Yi X xt ' X 4 x X ff N ff u if X 9 "x X X .5 4 . Q., i. ' Y - if . , . er.: T M N wx. N f XV 6 s , . K P , . ss Z 'Mrk I X ,X O I as kk A a il ff X Xb ff axgnff X A f x f , vw. A . ' .wif 52X -V . ...... FX X le. , X A fl -M .... ,,f . 3' K , ' ' 's :ESQ xg Q 2 X xx . Xe so f , +P 'X 4 Q., 6 axfais f, X Q A :E .151 4524 I7+h Ave. N.E. V lr l' l V ' ' ff ' L1 "fi A ' If , W X yi' 9 39- J - 1,1 fs gr, . . , if if ,f:f' 1..-gf A 1 .Wg if 3- ' .wulrfav Ns . v . ff- -. L , , ' 1 .iss 'K 5 1 X' , .- ---- .S .-,:1 . .lx If. I In ,NF , F . . , v - f -,-' . -.s. -bs V '- I-1-:L 4 'fe me i' i E " f . -N : 'fu '-" Y 'Lv 5 rs an . - K x f Xi e. . . ., . if -Ji, x 2. f, "X 'X 6.5 H fx- 'f f ' , gg f ,, f f 5 kfafw , ' s Q fm. . f mx... K ' GMM ? ez ' Q Ns '6 iw X I -' J , - , ,. . M' "' i ra ' ' . . X M X , -V . , Q - , . v . , .N ' V . If gs. Aga., f A .2 arf: 349' - ex f ,i -Qxiwfili ' .3 .ev f Q fame .. - 0 ' gf .Q . I, ,,,.V:,:::,f..-V fri? ,, Nx:...:f ,, 3 .... . ' is 'X 4 'NK' s.. gf5.g5X 'G 7 , ...X X , X, N. 1 ss- X ymfag Q wg.. .59 f. s geese I ' Well known Ada Bueno, a Peruvian exchange sfudenf in Physics, enferfains her sororify sisfers. The Kappa Delfa's found much fo cheer abouf dur- ing fhe pasf school year. There was nofhing sfopping fhe girls in 'lhe whil-e brick house. The social season was a complefe success-beginning wifh fhe annual informal pledge dance in November, confinuing on fhrough February wi'l'h a specfacular cosfume dance and ending in May wifh fhe KD formal dinner dance. Chrisfmas fime found 'lhe Kappa Delfa's addressing cards and decorafing fhem wifh KD Chrisfmas seals -fhe only sororify Chrisfmas seals in exisfence. Proceeds from 'rhe seals go fo 'l'he Crippled Chil- dren's Hospifal in Richmond, Virginia, fhe nafional philanfhropy of Kappa Delfa. High scholarship has long been mainfained by fhe Washingfon Kappa Dell'a's and fhey have frophies fo prove if. However, acfivifies aren'f neglecfed. Rally Girls, Tofem Club, Morfar Board and counfless commiffees have fheir share of Kappa Delfa mem- bers foo. All in all, fhe KD's had a wonderful year, and lwifh 'lhe excepl-ion of fhe seniorsl everyone is looking forward fo Sepfember and anofher grand year on Greek Row. ., K if , Y Q, W f f X 3, XM ,.w l , 2 Q f 1" ' Q Y div , W' We! X 674, X 1 1 .-f ,,,. .A 4.-. 7? A 5.02.4 wwf f ef 4s,.,.xVw , .sw NOT PICTURED: Johnson, Janet, Soph. Roscoe, Jean, Jr. Tubbs, Barbara, Sr. sws2 , ,Y , 'Q 0 . is . T X 'A Q wi, s f '- is 1 X X , f X s?u:,QfyZf?r ,, 4 ,ffmesxxw fy ey , gb f Q4 sw X N Q Nav fy as S 19 f A 1 y, SX 'I', .I ff: sf .5 ff Z . ws., sow ws .es A x . . viii ' ss 'yer Nl , gn, . ie f X ' f A.. ,s eyes! Q s s , Y .AA ' J sv - Q , ', A .M .As x 9 rg, . 2- ,..-. WZ. ' ' , N9 ,gg , 1 ,E -s. ,Y ' ., NN WA , . ,V ,,,,,,.., ' ' 5? f S 7 ' 7 AM,w' ,ss' 5 gn, . f f 45 j' S . Hg ,sg 'T Qy ? . X Wg xr , , , W H35 fs , ex X Q X if - f 4 , Af, , l G fwfr" - '11 i , l ' 4 f , ix ..,, W g ,i' dx ....,. L' 4-, ? Locke, Arla, Soph. Lovell, Bobeffe, Soph. Lyon, Mary Connie, Fr, Mv:Guinness, Beife, Jr. McKeever, Jane, Soph. Mainwaring, Anila, Sr. Marlin, Carol Lee, Jr. Marlin, Jean, Soph. Malfhias, Belsy, Fr. Meyer, Louise, Sr. Milholland, Gail, Soph Mills, Barbara, Soph. Mills, Dorofhy, Jr. Moen, Margie, Soph. Mar Sr Morris, y, . O'NeiIl, Sally, Fr. Phillips, Peggy, Soph. Pornroy, Rayda, Sr. Power, Donna, Fr. Risser, Carolyn, Sr. Rogers, Glenda, Fr. Smilh, Anifa, Jr. Snider, Barbara, Fr. ,SEXA Sorgenfrei, Mary Jo, Soph. Sf. Aubin, Jody, Fr. Sleincipher, Claire, Soph. Swan, Diane, Fr. Swenson, Joanne, Fr. 1 sffi . .... , K' wi J Symes, Virginia, Soph. Thompson, Patricia, Sr Tubbs, Margarel, Sr. Turney, Joanne, Fr. Vincenf, Lois, Soph. Wahl, Karen, Fr. Wahlgren, Gloria, Jr. Ward, Neoma, Soph. Warren, Janel, Jr. Weideman, JoAnne, S Wesfenhaver, Barbara Soph Wheeler, Imogene, Fr. Whifeley, Flora, Fr. Wilcox, Sydney, Fr. Williamson, Joan,f:ODl'l Wilson, Willa Marie, Fr 4504 l8+l1 N.E. Anderson, Joyce, Sr., Pres. Adams, Phyllis, Soph. Adams, Wendy, Jr. Anderson, Joyce, Sr. Anderson, Nancy, Jr. Anderson, Shelley, Fr. Brackelle, Doreen, Sr. Brainerd, Delores, Sr. Braifon, Nancy, Soph. Braunschweiger, Teddy, Fr. Brown, Mary Jane, Sr. Burks, Joan, Soph. Callison, Judy, Fr. Coles, Susan, Fr. Colwell, Eleanor, Sr. Dauberf, Jane'l', Fr. Douglas, Carolyn, Soph. Edmunds, Sid. Soph. Evans, Caryl, Jr. Farmer, Kay, Sr. Griffin, Jean, Sr. Griffilh, Diane, Jr. Harrison, Susan, Fr. Hartley, Gloria, Jr. Haynes, Frances, Sr. Herb, Fran, Sr. Herb, Nancy, Soph. Afwafer, Nancy, Sr. Augusfine, Deirdre, Sr. Badqley, Carole, Sr. Barker, Janel, Jr. Bolan, Joanne, Fr. Callison, Sharon, Sr. Campbell, Margol, Jr. Cassels, Colleen, Sr. Cassill, Diane, Soph. Chamberlin, Kay, Soph. Christ, Virginia, Soph. Coles, Helen, Jr. Farmer, Sunny Sue, Jr. Feilerolf, Diane, Soph Fosfer, Isabelle, Fr. Fraser, Lee, Soph. Fraser, Sue, Soph. Graham, Phyllis, Sr. Gray, Diane, Jr. Kay: Kelli Kelli King Kral Lal? Link Mcl OH: Pele l Prlc. 'I Rich , Rocl ' Ross 9 Sahl Sava flor :fra iayl lrav Nag June marked lhe end of a successful and fun-filled year for ppas on lhe Washinglon campus. We are proud of lhe Ka our oulslanding parlicipalion in campus aclivilies and our scholaslic raling for which we were awarde d, in lhe fall, lhe l953 scholarship l'ray. Lol's of work wenl' inl'o our plans for 'lhe l953 Homecom- ing sign which won second place. Unily and spiril were 6+ - . . . . an all lime high ln 'lhe numerous campus prolecls, in- cluding alhlelic evenls, eleclions and charily drives. We will always have happy memories of our social 'Func- lions which began in 'lhe fall wilh a pledge barn dance honoring l'he new pledge class. This was 'followed closely by our annual roller ska'l'ing par'ly and lhen 'rhe Chrislmas Serenade al Veleran's l'lospi'l'al and Firland's Sanalorium. Shorlly afler Chrisl-mas vacalion we held our Wfnler formal al l'he Olympic Bowl. A brief pause 'For some heavy sludying, 'rhen 'rhe pledge-aclive picnic and dance in lhe spring l'o round our 'lhe KK6 social calendar. Scholaslically, socially and aclivily-wise, Bela Pi ol Kappa Kappa Gamma looks back on anolher rewarding year. Kaye, Mary, Fr. Keller, Faifh, Sr. Keller, Marcia, Sr. King, Dorofhy, Jr. Krafl, Jane'l, Sr. LaH'a, Shirley, Soph. Link, Diane, Fr. Mclnfyre, Marcia. 50Pl"- Olfersen, MGVQY. JV- Pelerson, Sara MGH. JF- Price, Jah, JV- Richards,NaI'1.JV- Rockey, Helen. JV- Ross, Laura, Fr. Sahlin, Karen. Ff- Savage, ROSQFYIHFY. Ff- Slone, Shirley, S0Ph- Slrance. l-aura Jane' Jr' laylor, Sally. Sf- rravis, Beverley. Ff- Nagsfaff, Louise, Soph- Hill, Nancy, Soph. Hobi, Ann, Jr. Hocker, Marilynne, Fr. Holmsfrom, Jan, Fr. Hunfer, Ka'lie, Fr. Hurlbul, Belsy, Soph. Hulchinson, Irene, Sr. Ilschner, Ann, Fr. Marion, Ginny, Soph. Moody, Elizabelh, Sr. Morris, Bargara, Jr. Neuman, Paula, Jr. Newman, Carole, Soph. Newlon, Ann, Jr. Nilsson, Arm. FF- O'Brien, Bobi, Jr. Savage, Sharry, Fr. Sawyer, Sally, SOPIW- SearleS. Ma"kaY- Soph- Seidelhuber, Colleen, Jr. siaeres, elofia, Soph- slipper. Ann, Soph- Smifh, Ar1I'1.Jf- Smilh, Kay. Sf- W ' I ,Prue, Fr. Wledgnier, Shiela. VF- Willard,Nad1ne,FI'- Williams, Joanne, JI'- "Golly, l made fhe sociefy page." The Kappas look 'lhrough lhe house scrap book. 41 f , X 9-Y ' f X U M ne it f 4 ,Q 1 f ' .1 ""'i' W ll'l li ' I fZ"f ,,'1T"Sf s l l l f , 41,04 ,' Nor PICTURED: Callaghan, Nar1CY- J'- If . ag... K gi, , by , , V Wy, phi sigma sigma af .3 4530 I7+h N. E. X, x X .2 X ev Ng? X sf, ,L asks: Phu Sig s al' leisure Marsh, Muriel, Pres. Callin, Lee, Fr. Capelolo, Rosalie, Soph. Chaikin, Norma, Soph. Dolgoff, Velva, Fr. Fineberg, Joyce Flaks, Carmen, Soph. Golub, Bobbie, Soph. Grunen, Grela, Sr. Halpern, Geri Lou, Fr. Hoff, Barbara, Fr. Hollander, Saundra, Fr. Horenslein, Evelyn, Fr. lsreal, Jane, Soph. Jacobson, Carol, Fr. Jacobson, Pauline, Jr. Kadish, Fanchon, Soph. Kaplow, Joan, Fr. Kelzlach, Evelyn, Sr. Marsh, Muriel, Sr. Newman, Beverly, Fr. Nudleman, Isabelle, Fr. Polishuk, Cookie, Soph. Pruzan, Helene, Soph. Rubenfeld, Barbara, Fr. Sapersiein, Taya, Fr. Schechfer, Lea, Grad Sheflel, Rose Silversmilh, Dora, Soph. Sfeiner, Diana, Fr. Weslerman, Sondra, Soph Wolfslone, Louella, Fr. pr Nh A ,, Ulf: mf ,'n.r X 'l , :hx r x ,evfus . an ,J us' f.. 'n:' U NX .X ,H-fir -Qngrf , .. -4 W In ,,+,,,. , . 1 .XS Snell, Marlyn, Jr., Pres. Barnes, Marilyn, Fr. Burnham, Beverly, Soph. Elfendahl, Carrie, Soph. Gavey, Pal, Soph. Graham, Jane, Fr. Gray, Carol, Fr. Guernsey, Kafhy, Jr. Haggard, Pegge Lee, Sr Hill, Nancy, Fr. Hughes, Donna, Fr. Johnson, Joan, Fr. Laskares, Marguerife, So Lavin, Pal, Sr. Linfon, Fran, Sr. Miller, Marilyn, Jr. Paxson, Peggey, Soph. Richardson, Dorcas, Fr. Riley, Phyllis, Grad. Snell, Marlyn, Jr. Sfephans, Esfer, Fr. Thomas, Marilyn, Sr. Williams, Karen, Soph. Woods, Margaref, Fr. P , xv, 4.55. ' Q , . 4540 I7lh N. 1 wg., l 1 E. NOT PICTURED: Anderson, Shirley, Grad Merrilif, Donna, Jr. Pareni, Peggy, Grad. Seasfrom, Helene, Grad f 95 lXj't1 , . . P. f . . , , , . . f 1 . .. , A 2 ,QV5 Y-. 1 as Ha 1 Y.Ie:.,'w.- N -f f x -' ' 1 M 2 s s h a 'l Y. ,ff ' . W ' . ' X - :s X ' ,Nj Q X "" :: ' 1 w"f"" W . , ...... , 'V , - , 5 IQ Qs, .SAL A X., A . . A its 5 1 ff . . N, . Y 4 . 4 f 4 Q ,-YV .X X s Q S ' K1 9 fi . . gee 3+ ' , lg 5 Q .- W , . -V . 4 2 Q Q24 clfbkxwh X S .. ,. .NK 9-V R 713, luv., z ' KP. r , ' 1. rf-Ns? .' . xv T' sf -"' . f ' ' ' - , X- .f ' , - fr- . rg 'J 545 M mr 5. Qi A ' . - f"lliA X . S K V 4 . s 3, 4' I A v J s RN is .. T . T 2' if! . -Wi, ' . 2 if . G Qi Ng' ' ' WK I X- X - . 4 ..-sf 1. 3. N-XXX . -as X1 In-,vgsg ,RM N X. ,- V A - , s 7. 54 R f 5. fy J ' ' Q .M .. 1 Sr S -:.:, ' ' ' - NRSV F rs., N ,r - ' ' QW ss :4 7 fyj s. " is , as ' . 1 . ' N I SX E I ,W W' if ,, 'N -i,i 1 , S 6 4..r f Siszsax iss . - Q 'Z' 5 W. . .,., - sex' '- . Q :J l,. 35,,f4'm . f," l nifli. X- iQx.j1,sQ gl ' . f' ff ' sf , A K i I ,asv , Q A ws Qfi, 5 1.. L . , N ' fm fu., 'S C' A st- A ' x . ,nj v Y ' SQ Y ' ls! 55" s B .. Y . sqm, "5 . It NK. N if fs , J 1 We hr Q- Yfs : l 4'-X ,f Seminars can be fun, can"l' fhey? 445 pr befa phi l ..,..,,,,,.vll Gray, Mariorie, Sr., Pres. Abney, Sharon, Fr. Adkisson, Sandra, Fr. Anderson, Ba rba ra, Soph. Anderson, Beverly, Jr. Bain, Kalherine, Jr. lt 'f Check lhose hungry looks. T'was early in l907 when lhe Pi Phi's slarled here. Wilh only I3 members 'lhey s+arl'ed ou'l' l'he year. Bul in 'rhe fall of '53 when all Rush was done w The Pi Phi house expanded and look in 4l. And so since l907 we have added iusl a few For righl' l'oday our chap'l'er slands complele al' 92. The year began wilh quile a bang and 'rhings were really greal , We won l'he irosh eleclion-Janel' Dailey candidale. Then Jackie Claypool hil' lhe Hub wilh all her sl'rengl'h and T mighl' To do 'lhe iob of chairman for Song and Slunling nighl'. ip Exchanges came, exchanges wenl'-our lives were mad, mad whirls . The Silver Fish for swimmers came and lapped 3 Pi Phi girls. T l The pledges sneaked successfully. And we'll remember yel' Homecoming signs, 'lhe Nickel Hop-well how could we forgel. 2 Aclivilies and honors came 'ro all who earned 'rhe righl' Our Pledge Dance in December-lhe -Pi Phi's shone +ha'l' nighl. - fl, 'L So all in all lhe year progressed: evenliul as could be The Pi Phi's swepl' lhe campus in l953. Baird, Jean, Sr. Barrefl, Susie, Fr. Blossom, Diane, Soph. Bouse, Palricia, Soph. Brandon, Peggy, Soph. ll Brown, Sally, Sr. ' Brown, Sally Lee, Fr. Bryan, Laurel, Jr. Bulls, Jeanne, rJ. Cammarano, Anifa, Fr. Campbell, Connie, Fr. Carson, Jeannie, Jr. Chandler, Marlene, Jr. Claypool, Jacueline, Sr. Cook, Norma, Fr. Cragin, Judy, Fr. Dailey, Belly, Soph. Dailey, Janet, Fr. l Dempsey, Mariy, Jr. , Dempsay, Susan, Soph. ' Dielien, Ann, Fr. Donaldson, Joann, Sr. Draper, Diane, Jr. Eckslrom, Virginia, Sr. Esley, Karin, Fr. Fleming, Barbara, Fr. French, Shirley, Sr. Gibson, Gloria, Fr. Gray, Mariorie, Sr. Hansen, Barbara, Fr. Hansen, June, Sr. Hansler, Grace, Fr. Hesse, Margarel, Fr Hill, Patti Jo, Jr. Holman, Marlene, Fr, Hossfeld, Janel, Soph. Husled, Mary Be'lh, Soph. lngraham, Marilyn, Sr. Jacobsen, Tina, Jr. Johnsion, Donna, Fr. Kienilz, Beverly, Fr, Klinbeil, Karil, Fr. Kyle, Allison, Sr. La Coss, Ann, Fr. La Pierre, Mary Lou, Soph. Larson, Mary, Sr. Liiile, Sheila, Soph. Lundberg, Joann, Soph. McCormack, Janef, Soph. McCracken, Sandra, Soph. McEleney, Phyllis, Sr. McNichols, Sara, Soph. Mac Farlane, Marian, Sr. Merrill, Janice, Sr. Mills, Donna, Jr. Morse, Jane Ann, Fr. Nelson, Charlolle, Sr. Ohlson, Barbara, Fr. Oliver, lleana, Soph. O'l'ley, Nancy, Fr. Parrish, Sally, Jr. Pellegrini, Angela, Soph. Pelerson, Lora, Jr. Pierce, Priscilla, Sr. Poska, Janice, Jr. Rosquisl, Janef, Soph. Sandfner, Kayleen, Fr. Safher, Carol, Fr. Schroeder, Mary Lou, Jr. Scol"l, Peggy, Jr. Smifh, Dnna Soph. Spurr, Marilyn, Fr. 9 NOT PICTURED: Cederwall, Karin, Jr. Dickinson, Anfonia, Jr. Milne, Mari Jo, Soph. Ra mond Llo s So h Zinygmarki, SuzYanne,pSoph. 4548 l7'rh N.E. Sfangle, Delores, Jr. Siewarf, Georgie, Jr. Slocking, Donna, Fr. Slocking, Mary, Fr. Slone, Caihy, Soph. Siraighf, Barbara, Jr. Slroh, Grelchen, Fr. Thomas, Jere Ann, Jr. Tinling, Nancy, Fr. ' Tynes, Kathy, Jr. Voegelein, Donna, Sr. Welander, Calhy, Soph. W Q N .... , X. f-. 7 w Xfels. ,Q . . ' QM., 1 - fi- lf m 5 K . f . - 4 4 Q , T ffg if ,,,.... sy 'M N X Q K . f ,.,, , . F Mi Os, . J .V ,Q .Y ,f ,I ,Y lf, r ., EP, H .4 . u f .Kiwi K' x ywkgfi. I gy 1, Mm X, V, ,,. If fl 2 ,wil ff :Z , 1 .xg ' s Y Q55 if . sv- ,, iw, . , Q , ' ,x Q, If ., ,f ff it f I ., ' 1 . - J f 'vw ,I While, Donna, Fr.,'r if I' Wighl, Shlrlee, Fr. , ,C . ' in - "'. if .ili f in igma kappa Fleming, Carol, Pres. Andersen, Doris, Jr. Barclay, Charlolle, Fr. Barnard, Ronda, Sr. Biorkland, La Verne, Fr. Bradshaw, Joan, Soph. Buckwalfer, Beverly, Soph. Callarman, Sheila, Fr. Coals, Cynlhia, Fr. Cope, Nancy, Jr. Creamer, Lynn, Sr. Crim, Carlo, Fr. Dahlquisl, Margarel, Sr. Drew, Nancy, Fr. Ellinglon, Joan, Fr. Fahey, Barbara, Sr. Fahle, Virginia, Soph. Fleming, Carol, Sr. Fisher, Joanne, Soph. Fifzer, Norma, Soph. Fox, Marie, Fr. Ganfor, Nancy, Fr. Glendenning, Jean, Jr. Gilberl, Pafricia, Soph. Graves, Joan, Fr. Guske, Sharon, Fr. Hansen, Gay, Soph. Hart, Barbara, Fr. Haugsfad, Lucie, Jr. Hoefer, Eileen, Sr. Hubberf, Barbara, Jr. Johnson, Mariie, Soph. Joukousky, Natalie, Jr. Langlow, Jean, Jr. Laurie, Ellen, Sr. Likness, Clarice, Jr. Lindsey, Geri, Fr. Long, Kalhleen, Sr. Luff, Nancy, Soph. McBeafh, Ginger, Fr. McClellan, Janice, Jr. McCord, Sharon, Fr. l I I 4 l McDonald, Janei- Marlin, Dorolhy, MeYe"S. Joanne, Fr, Moeller, Janel, Fr. M0m1ie.Jane+ Sr Molleler, Mary Zoe, Soph. . Offer, Carol, Jr, Oslerberg, Marvel, Jr, Panchenko, Anne, Jr, Plerolh, Mary, Sr, Porler, Mary Jo, Sr, Purdy, Francis, Sr. Rone, Donna, Jr. Rollle, Janice, Fr, Russell, Mary Ann, Fr, Sanderson, Joyce, Fr, Schmidl, Jean, Fr. Sheppard, Jean, Soph. Silvers, Barbara, Fr. Slauson, Janel, Jr, Soflky, Maxine, Sr. Soflky, Sally, Fr. Soflky, Sara, Fr. Slrygen, Gwen, Jr. Sundgren, Solbrill, Fr.' Sylllasson, Shirley, Soph. Trauba, Ann, Jr. Thurmer, Harriel, Fr. Taugaw, Monnie, Jr. Trepp, Belly Lou, Fr. Tullle, Sylvia, Fr. Wahlslrom, Joanne, Jr. Zerwekk, Janel, Jr. NOT PICTURED: Hammond, Carole, Soph. Parson, Marilyn, Fr. Knowles, Adrianne, Jr. ,M 'S v X G, ' X t X X Xe Qs X X X RQ, 0, . Q41 .xv . 5 gi, S ,, j g ,MV - ,:.s':- Q , ' X . 5 fs -es ., .1 5 s gf QM ,M s f 'Z' fs. if ff ,j ,R Q sr . f Q X A s M' .V V W, -4, ,Y . - fi? v l SX. ' X la Beavis f NW V' - YQ' ,-93. 'R ,W fi " A X- . .s , w ..:.:s., .1 N is rf : . X fx S 1 is Y Sf is . W 4- xiii' , pgs n , Q M X . .,,,,, X s.,,,.-s3l.s'-- .. A . yy s X l. ' x sw., re.........Sk:.. M . Aller polishing oll lhis year in cuslomary line slyle, lhe girls al lhe Sigma Kappa house are proud X J., Q . at s .X 5 1, YN, Wife M X XX XX fr X XX za A 5X1 1 s "'A' A' .yn Q1 WX J' s. .X 'xr' ,ze . W s, f , EF: We ss 25 "R Fe-. me A ,sf iv 2 vi 1? mn, . a 4: -A "5-'1f4fS5 1, 1 sy , sg, ,.5.:s.... 'F Ne 'YW , ' Q 3, . 4 ' Q sk f Q We ww' fx X, N WX s x xs 5 , A ii V X ll af ss We E XX jfgxw ary ga? . . YN Z X X Q is K , ,Q lo announce lhal lun, leslivilies, and lrolics were al lheir heighl down on 22nd. There were lhe usual serenades and arlislic embellishmenls on lhe parl ol friendly neighbors. This year a slray pinball ma- chine lound ils way lo a lree in lhe lronl yard, where il dangled carelessly. As a sidelighl lhe girls enioyed Chrislmas caroling wilh lhe Dells. ln lheir spare lime lhey were luloregl in Scandinavian by lheir Swedish exchange sludenl who lived al lhe house. Some ol lhe SK's made il over lo lhe HUB lo lool around a bil in aclivilies lhis year-Kalhy Long look over lhe iob ol ASUW lirsl vice prexy. The girls ghgwed an avid ll'l'l'er6S'l' in 'l'l'le lrl'l'elleC- lual side ol college lile. They burned lhe prover- bial midnighl oil over Dennis lhe Menace and Pogo-finals were a snap. Yes, all in all il's been a greal year! Life Can be beaulilul. SVS. ., N. . .., ,N :G A s . , . A xi X M. x , X V s x x , Awixj, f. Q50 X V X .mv X A f f fi Qs X K9 xg X' . 3 f .3 ss ., x. l RL.-n', 4 ,J iff f - ' . wife si I 5 gg X, l?SiffZK's, - ' c sw xlzxa ji 'A if A s s. "' ., 2-1- .ij , s .44 . . . .. 1 I , ta I il . fp" .i n i 5' , " .... I 9 ' i ,. K f ,X Xi 4 sf'-as .gf W' fy.-I ,sw , ak X il L, , . 4 fs ,- lc T , ,J . s S' E, , 'Q 1,47 A.'p:.sjs X- . 1- .ef-i .fr l + fqff Tk '23 as 1 We , X ,, 3. . f .Q - ,N f5iig,.f"'f . N , 3 - 'Lili-'is . . ' A ,!. . Q? J ll S a' -' jg ,ifalj L ..-4 . 1-,..,, . ,if V it .1 L x fl- N Q -gg, .V-...,,. 1. X13 it .5 Qs' iii fa fe -jf'i"Z"' .,',1 -f" . K m V' r 1 A if , . , I 1 'Z Q .-N, 0' Niv ' ' f f. E 1. -fi-xv' yu' jfggxqxpii ,Big ,J . M , f -aff ,bg I, .fm gi LJ all W, wi E ,lf N.. 'pay' -1 fz.l.'-V' u' ,, up rl? "Q"' C" Nl' gl 'sw' , . Qu' .1-V: , V.: if' 'l v , , 45l0 22nd N. E. zefa fau alpha 473l l8+h N. E. A successful l953-54 school year has been challced up for members of Psi chapfer of Zefa Tau Alpha who parficipafed in fhe va- rious phases of college life during 'lheir fhirfy- sevenfh year a'l' fhe Universify of Washing- fon. Oufsfanding social acfivifies included an in- formal pledge dance, fhe winfer formal, fhe annual Chrisfmas parfy and fhe spring dance. A parficularly enioyable day was spenl' al' 'lhe Zefa annual lnfernafional Fireside, 'lo which were invifed l5O foreign sfudenfs in order 'lo gain an exchange of ideas and friendship. Oufdoor enferfainmenf was enioyed by all Zefas on 'lhe spring cruise among fhe San Juan lslands. Many- Zefas were found parficipafing in dif- ferenf campus acfivifies. They could be found represenfed on W-Key, Tofem Club, Sigma Epsilon Sigma, AFROTC Sponsors, Program Panel, ASUW commiffees and a number of ofher scholasfic honoraries, as well as ofher acfivifies. ln June, Zefas from all fhe 95 chapfers in fhe Unifed Sfafes will be heading soufh fo Miami, Florida, for fhe lnfernafional Convenfion, held every 'rwo years. They'll refurn all sef for anofher big year, full of fun-and sfudies, foo. 450 af , 44,- Q Slromme, Shirley, Sr., Presidenf Allen, Sandra, Jr. Barkes, Mary, Sr. Beach, Meredifh, Fr. Belz, Anifa, Sr. fs fx Q Ik Am 1 'rf ' , -f . . si-rf' . i 'wi f' - , TPQSP i I 'Gb fxkis Nici x Vgb sxi x , " "ki . s 1 Brady, Geraldine, Fr. -P X' S - 3 B r Mar So h N ' U gy' .9Y.' . P ' T X Carlson, Virginia, Soph. 56 - X s Q, D- - 5 mfs 1,74 X.. ' 14 'Q lrshne, Gay, r. 5 2 K . ssfx x NXSS. i ,seg O 2 sc...,,, ,,,, QSSNW, Qfxsii if Q ,, .Ms Ns ,W : 'Wifi ' .- ferfw lea ,A - as , . SER.-5 5 s A Z X . XX .Kgs 'Q ' XSS, . Doloff, Virginia, Fr. DuBois, Margaret, Soph. Fuecker, Margy, Soph. Gibson, Gloria, Jr. ,Q .75 ,T I X - wg 5 3 N x- N S N s h 5 . , ex I ssel J X Q rrre .l,r ,e 1 l. x , ,, . .lfl x 1 I r ,FA 5 .yi K I sq i ,, , . s . .. 2' .A 's A we ,s g, A gm, Y sw , Q s x . 1 H- . , : . f gs, L - Q - ik ' . f f sf sf - sf , ss: f INMP ' w ' . W SSQNSS 'EZ K 1 R939 fff sexy . NJQ' . fri' Fa ff Sffimiziysff?"if'f. s 3 Meg-fees ,S YKCH- s rift? , y y ,,,, V , . rsslsls . T l gg xg' J br X gs- .M ' -ssc ,ne g wg. es 'fi . -' ir - .. ss' 5 4, F ' se-r ' 'A N ' . X f. J X f c 3 P , X wt' . X 5 - Pax " 1 ,I f. . K: f ""' P - s is . x ,x4f.,f4 . s 3.i.,sQ ,, K - Q M .f si Q . -X x, rl in Gleeson, Agnes, Fr. Hadsell, Jean, Soph. Harrison, Edna, Fr. Holland, Kafhryne, Jr. King, Charloffe, Fr. Knafz, Mary Ellen, Soph. Laing. Shirley, Soph. Lee, Carol, Fr. 'ff - ,y , , 'Z , . ,, 112.5 4 ' 1, ' I7 X Q G5 . Q AX 45 Q 5? X f rr ' f 0 it x X f f Nr ., f . .- -. fum- .nz sf , 9 S w sy A' A . axe V WLS, , . ,vlan I 1 - - ' 1 -9' V.. .Q t Q 1. Uri? :Q I ' A 1.5, ,.: 1 S.,-X. , fy ff-1-. ,,, ,, 2 'W W . 'Ta V f A N' ' :III V. V . . , , ,::, , f 1 ' Ki' 'f .s - , elf. ' . ','.'Z,1f. ' -S 4 5, S ., iz . Y -A gh'gfaf' 1,3 I , ,. , K fl-A ,634 1 e. X, 4,3 , . .. iii: gh HY A N K. fy 5g1XfX,q', 'Q--16 . M , af 1 L, -5 ey-V , W ' f , J ,N - 2 - as, aw .. A . , of Me... ' J f si?-if ,M I ' 9--.-,, -. gf., 3,19 N :Q f. ' 4 -f m. ffl.: lm ,. ' "" ' ffis 1 fhlfw , if ' 152 Qffilil' 9 Ruthford, Carol, Soph. Salmon, Lauara, Jr. Sellen, Betty Carol, Soph. Smith, Beverly, Fr. Stewart, Sharon Lee, Fr. Stromme, Shirley, Sr. Terry, Norma, Jr. Thompson, Janice, Soph. Vaughn, Letitia Alice Vincent, Janet, Soph. Wallis, Pat, Fr. Ward, Carolyn, Fr. Whitman, Gwen, Fr. Woll, Fritzie, Soph. Woodmark, Marilyn, Washin ton. ZTA's enioy a day of cruising on Lake 9 , Fr. Soph. LeVesconte, Grace, Jr. Lindblom, Julia, Sr. Luvera, Anita, Jr. Morrow, Patricia, Soph. Olander, Diane, Soph. Payn, Betty Lou, Jr. Pearson, Jean, Fr. Pearson, Lois, Fr. Pigott, Penny, Jr. Radford, Marilyn, Soph Raymond, Virginia, Fr. Rickman, Janice, Sr. NOT PICTURED: Baumgarten, Anne, Jr. Laidlaw, Dorothy, Jr. Olsen, Joanne, Sr. Fettibone, Diana, Jr. Sabin, Lois, Sr. alpha epsilon ph: J' 4' , 4543 l8+h N.E. f. ,V -X W . pf ffl' W f Q 9' X 4 f gfyfg ' ' X341 3' 5, y '10 ' ' X2 ' 15 Q S Q'!':z2Q71 WZ' if fa QQ? .' " A f , ,. ,f sg . ,x .-'. f .Ms , , , we Q Capelulo, Belly, Jr., Pres. Almeleh, Lucille, Jr. Arnslein, Sandra, Fr. Vi' Behar, Esther, Soph. Buschke, Eslher, Soph. Campf, Leah, Fr. Capelulo, Belly, Jr. De Leon, Lealrice, Jr. Deufsch, Dorlhea, Sr. Friedman, Roslyn, Fr. Goldberg, Lyn, Fr. Gordon, Faye, Soph. Gordon, Sharon, Soph. Ehrlich, Arlene, Fr. Friedman, Charlene, Jr. AEPhi's 'lake 'lime oul from lhe social whirl lo ques'l'ion "Whal IS a symphony?" NOT PICTURED: Levey, Me rielle, Jr. Soriano, Marlene, Sr. Slone, Sandra, Jr. Herman, Valerie, Soph. ,i S :Q X A . X XX X gkxx Mes, X s .:s:,1'a Nj ,.-Ng: Q, X S X X X, X QX KW " X X XX, XX Y , Q, . . M5 is . .P.':t,::' iii" o X -QS, ,.:,Xv t ' J S' -1 l" .ee ...X XX X Felzer, Maxine, Fr. Friedlander, Belly Lou, Fr lsrael, Beverly, Soph. Israel, Emily, Jr. Jackson, Carol, Soph. Jaffe, Janice, Fr. Kilby, Lyn, Fr. Landau, Barbara, Jr. Levin, Judy, Fr. Lewis, Elaine, Soph. Loeb, Lore'H'a, Fr. Malzkind, Marian, Soph. Mosler, Judy, Soph. Olman, Phyllis, Fr. Parker, Sandra, Fr. Pinch, Milzie, Soph. Policar, Sally, Jr. Posner, Barbara, Sr. Robinson, Marilyn, Soph. Rodinsky, Rhoda, Fr. Rousso, Renee, Jr. Samuels, llaine, Sr. Schnilzer, Barbara, Soph. Schwarfz, Gloria Lou, Fr. Schwartz, Sandra, Fr. Shapiro, Janef, Soph. Shulman, Francine, Fr. Sigel, Isabel, Soph. Simon, Joan, Fr. Sperling, Lois, Fr. Sfern, Rosanne, Jr. Sussman, Joan, Soph. Vines, Davine, Sr. Weider, Edyce, Fr. Weinslein, Carol, Soph. Weiner, Rochelle, Sr. ,1, ... . .-.. Q .una nn.. ...- I ..... a ,-on s .nun o . Q o .Q nu . o . -1. .--...... .....n...... ........... ..... ..-. f. . . ..-.. .. . . ....... . .. .-...-. . .. ...Q . ..... -........ .....-. ..- 1...- 1.-......... ............ .......-.... ...-..... -2 -S2E32:25:Z:!?g:Z:Z:32323:5I5I3 "" 0+ ..."... : gf' f ' ........ .. J. , I l . . . . . . T. ..... .,.,i,. ' ""' ,, .,... """"""' " E25E3E:E:.':g24E2S2S1:11S15EiEfEi:E:E1:2'1:1 '.""" " ' . .. . , . ------- -:':-:+:".-:-:E-Q:-: .,.... .. .,., ,, I ..... X .... W Sf' .... -.4 ...W X , 5 5' ---- .....,. 1 1 'ff ' ,31111i1:'1f:5i:::11:Gini? IR:R:iiiglzwxzzvi 2.1135121244 4 - I A1I2:u.:,5:01.3.1-1 A . , M...,1.3,3.111g,3:g3:. 4 ,,...1,11.1.g1:g::1: :1.g-:--:- " ' F' .. .. .1-.1A111:1r:gi:'Z:4-1 ' ' ,,.,.,,-.g.,g,g+1:1 -1-11-TH' -' M Q X 4 .,,,,1.3.,1.g5g.:: 1:-i:1271'314'3"T"' " T ,zzizlzz Q 1111- - , ,...,.1....4..14.A4l..1.1 W ' W f A Q fXR.XX kk X I PRESIDENT Slmmskl Joan VICE PRESIDENT Cederblom Edna 'Hier CUUIICI Q-.s.5,L:,. : 1- E.: f 'Q TN , 3 K ' I ' ex V - I x x QX 4 X NF Y? af! I Q' kk Q N . IWA is an associalion for non-aflilialed Universi'I'y women. Any woman sludenl who lives in one of lhe seven organized houses for independenl women is auI'omaI'ically a member of IWA: any non-affiIi- aled woman sludenl may be a member by becom- ing an associale member of one of Ihe seven houses. IWA's purpose is 'ro represenl' unaffilialed women in campus governmenl, 'ro coordinale Ihe social and service aclivilies of IWA groups, and 'lo orienl' new women sludenls in campus life. The IWA Council is Ihe governing body. 454 SECRETARY Masuhara, Emik0 BLAINE REPRESENTATIVE Slafford, Eleanore LEARY REPRESENTATIVE Akiyama, Florence AUSTIN REPRESENTATIVE May, Virginia AUSTIN PRESIDENT Lee, Joyce BLAINE PRESIDENT Whilford, Carolyn LEARY PRESIDENT Orr, Lou McKEE PRESIDENT Chrisfensen, Thelma IWA PRESIDENT Libby, Anne TREASURER Gillilan, Pal PRESIDENT Libby, Anne VICE PRESIDENT Huson, Anne SECRETARY McLean, Frances TREASURER Curfis, Edna Smilh, Barbara Judge, Evelyn Power, Myrna McCammon, Jane Tinsman, Pal Cole, Ann Siminski, Joan Infer-Hall Council's membership consisls of fep senlalives from Ihe four Women's Residence halls. The council funclions as a coordinaling and govern. ing body, promoling cooperalion belween campus and hall aclivifies. Il' sponsors programs why aflecl' all four halls, such as Counly Fair, lhe For. Is' ch eign Sludenls Banquel, Honors Bonquel, Paren Tea and Spring Formal. The council 'lormulales hall policies in order I-o gain 'rhe besl parlicipalion and enioymenl' from group living. X if V si, guy' K, , ---- . . Te. or anized h 9 ouse associahon .-Q: f 1 1 xx f fo Q X7 XZ s fin-f f 1 R Y X ,,v,x::w Qi W X .s The Organized House Associalion is a non-profil' corporalion designed lo represenl l'he economic inl'eresl's of ils members, and I'o lower l'he operal'- ing cosls of each member house. Il' was formed in I95O by Ihirleen sororilies and fralernilies, and has already nearly doubled iI's membership. By considering compelilive bids 'Ihe group nego- 'lial'es advanlageous conlracls for colleclive pur- chasing o'F goods and services. Irs aims also include inculcalion of Ihe principles of sound business prac- lice in finance and Ihe exchange of informalion and ideas concerning efficienl house operalion. NOT PICTU RED: ALPHA KAPPA KAPPA Hoffman, Gerhard H. NU SIGMA NU Williams, Buerk PRESIDENT Smilh, George ACACIA McGee, John B. ALPHA SIGMA PHI Horn, Charles DELTA TAU DELTA Sraples, William KAPPA SIGMA Flora, Don LAMBDA CHI ALPHA Kime, Jim PHI GAMMA DELTA Hulchins, Bud PHI KAPPA PSI Freeman, Richard PHI KAPPA SIGMA Nelson, Alwyn PHI KAPPA TAU Holmes, John PHI SIGMA KAPPA Olson, Richard Pl KAPPA ALPHA Ashby, Richard SIGMA ALPHA EPSILON Nipper, George SIGMA PI Galbraith, Richard TAU KAPPA EPSILON Scarrah, George TAU PHI DELTA Wilbur, Donald THETA CHI Rolfe, James VICE PRESIDENT Knapp,'Bob SECRETARY-TREASU RER Sabin, Lois CONTRACTS COMMITTEE CHAIRMAN Duggan, Bob MEMBERSHIP COMMITTEE Reed, Bill TH ETA XI Larson, Lowell ZETA PSI Sackman, Ralph ausfin hall q,, f it f Mx 1 ,A f s . T' . s 5 vf 2 X 7 , ' fl I X f, 1 f X gg, f f 9. 'f l 3,41-"'.,. 'QF' 1" .V K , 1 WM f ::f25:E. , r 1 Q 437 we 5. c X ' I -bf' X ' , iymags - X? 5 Q ,ZX 5, . awk . -i in I Y in . ..:...zs,. fksyy Xizilizi' 5 i ,. . 'E .I 1 sf M , 0 X 1 . . ' ' WI . S N .5559 ' :s, f. ,Q iz ... . -4 f cf. :sf-.Q ' 'nw' .2 'f -faire i W' Q x. .-.5 Ju. ,. li B . " ' '5ff2T. w"f ' J f. Z- I , VV . ,. . U.. ,.. ,vi ff' , xy , ' . . ' ' mi' 5 . x ki--.,., KT., . I ' , .. - is "ii:-L-::::.m' ., .- ,XX t x. Mfr,-,... ..., M, " f ... f.-. W , 11:52 ,. A rsissfi AS 5, ffmf- . gamma 1 7 ?' x ' Wi A , . l: .A 1 4 " 5 0. Nez Q X A P1 X , 3,0 X, EN 5 re iiflir A . ,, 5 , . ...Wy .. as sf :. 4 -'UU :Nr x? . , 'REM-Q... l ,.,. . . ' Q " W4 ff ,. f ,wg M' wmv? ' Q ' ,f 2 W.-MQ Ni ,, Q . ' . zgzagzr eeei U' '- 'I. .. , fi w e ..,, sw :. ' .,.,: ,.,,. , , L " --as-. fm- Q - .., ff' 1 " '1 'Q , .,,A. as . 2 1' ffffff.. ff .fn 2 " ff, ., .,XN.4,.me.-ss , , ' 4 me-'v .,, Q 2 1. -f f . 1 VE, L ..... - . - ,. L :-.-.-:..., A, .ABQEZ ., ea. 2 e faaiz s 123:21-::'Z"'L . ws:-1-f " 1 gf, J . . .ffii "" : ' ,, ,se X ' ' ' ,M ffvv 22, T , , X 1 . M .L....'.4m rl sails- JZ QRS. 's'iE55:E?i,w.:e:,. I- "' s i r ' if X... B . ., ..,. , . T , 1 1 - X. ' , - ya . f' .sf 'Ne-. XJR -. A. ,- ms 1: .4 6 ,ff 'V . -I .. .- , Q., , ,xy 1 , V 'yy XRS ,xx f . . -- 'fuk A , Q ... - 6 N f .zf ' " if-iiiiag 1- QM .. Z' .5 'K I . .ff L :zap-. a 1 .-ei'v7lgf'5i?f5Z?f5?TB?BS . "" . 3 .' " if Q71 ' , y f: e-aw V J 3 ,.., W..icd,l- vi,.f':rP5f,. - ' ' . . """' QV . .4 We VHP Hi' ff.-- r . ,.,f 4.15 1 . sy .X 1 I, ., . f I .... . ' .P " , ,,,, Ng... .A ---- uf . 0 X gs sf f . .. M...-., Mfgxx f - 'Wa 2. 'U 4 W I 1 1 T v X Ja' 4 N ,. .X P? X X 1 1 f . ' 41 My is as f .ZIV MiV?fr 1 ,e2,,z,-ss . . . .-sw. K A A r' , s. ,W T fll' f-.-- Q ., g , ' Q X 5 , . , . , X-ar f . . ix XM mo? Q R1 X TZ ' X -f ' Sz 1 . , 368.1 X . F ,Q ew' . vu R sf -an X ., Whom. . .,.. .L ,.,, V., ..... ' , . S :i,gxef:.2i11:,,,Ma ' - . , .- -W -" ff 'wiiyff fi' z' ' ' f ax P X ,N Z mg., - . s, A-mx 1 Q J' .1 X sf is XX Lee, Joyce, Pres. Akland, Yvonne, Fr. Arkills, Doris, Fr. Avery, Jacqueline, Soph. Beaver, Helen L., Sr. Bollerud, Elaine, Soph. Buckley, Jean, Fr. Chrisfensen, Ellen, Fr. Coffie, Jean, Fr. Delsman, Lois, Soph. Dennis, Joan, Fr. Doman, Sharon, Sr. Duncan, Kafhleen, Fr. Eng, Helen. Fr. Frederick, Ann, Sr. Fredericksen, Wanda, Soph. Hanson, Dorofhy, Soph. Hausmann, Thora, Fr. Hawley, Mary J., Fr. Hilfs, Elizabefh, Sr. lnsel, M. Jean, Soph. Judge, Evelyn, Sr. Jung, llse, Fr. Kauffman, Mary E., Sr. Koefie, Evelyn, Sr. Leaf, Carolyn, Sr. Lee, Joyce, Sr. Lok, Hwa Ching, Jr. McDaniel, Arlene, Soph. McKimmey, Velma J., Fr. McLennan, R. Marlene, Jr. Mankowski, Vera, Sr. May, Virginia, Sr. Moors, Carolyn, Sr. Nelson, Lynn, Sr. Ness, Verna, Soph. Peferson, Darlene, Fr. Phifer, Carole, Soph. Ripple, Helen B., Soph. Roberfson, Wilma L., Jr. Siminski, Joan, Sr. Spendiff, Anna L., Jr. Sufherland, Delores L., Sr. Teraoka, Chrisfina T., Sr. Tobias, Edeane I., Soph. Toner, Roberfa, Jr. Vail, Pafricia C., Fr. Veldee, Suzanne, Sr. Vlpond, Dianne. Fr. Ward, Loraine, Fr. Warwick, Evelyn, Soph, Wiggins, Joan, Sr. wifaer, Lee, Sr. o l, lng b ,S , Woodford?VV!e?1dyT Fr, J-, 54 X' XX Time ouf from sfudies fo cafch up on fhe news. Group living is fun af Ausfin Hall, where fhe girls enjoy a full college life consisfing of social and academic acfivifies. Democrafic ideals are pul' info pracfice fhrough a well- developed sfudenf governmenf and supporf of fhe Honor sysfem. The girls of Ausfin are looking forward fo anofher year full of fun and wonderful group living. NOT PICTURED: Acevedo, Leonore, Sr. Allen, Barbara, Fr. Boyer, Priscilla, Sr. Bradshaw, Barbara, Jr. Brinson, Mary K., Fr. Bullock, Susan, Fr. Chang, Nancy, Soph. Chu, Winifred, Soph. Cowan, Shirley, Fr. Drake, Diane, Fr. Draper, Gearline, Soph. Eiffe, Helen P., Jr. Espifia, Carmen, Soph. Ferree, Lisa, Jr. Flockoi, Erlene, Soph. Frese, Maren, Soph. Grady, Dolores, Fr. Grizzle, Phyllis, Grad. Gufmann, Nelly, Grad. Hamilfon, Belfe, Fr. Harlow, Marilyn, Soph. Hudson, Ada, Jr. Jacobs, Gall M., Soph. King, Bessie, Jr. Knoshaug, Marilyn, Sr. Kralowec, Kafhy, Soph. Levy, Barbara, Fr. McDonald, Marfha, Soph. Merrifield, Joan, Soph. Messenger, Ellen, Jr. Misch, Hanna, Soph. Naidl, Maryan, Grad. Nieffield, Marilyn, Jr. Norby, Gladys A., Soph. Ober offer, Marilyn, Soph Olesen, Janef, Soph. Olson, Beverly J., Fr. Offaiano, Gloria, Sr. Paflsner, Jane, Jr. Pease, Mina B., Fr. Roal, Delores, Soph. Roberg, Beffy A., Grad. Ross, Louise, Fr. Saida, Evelyn, Soph. Severnak, Claudia J., Fr. Shaw, Jerry, Grad. Shepler, Diane, Fr. Sherman, Geneva, Fr. Sfarmer, Shirley A., Fr. Sufherland, Janef R., Jr. Takiguchi, Kafsuko, Jr. Uyeda, Fusako, Jr. Vallin, Margaret, Sr. Weinerf, Elinor C., Sr. Wesfenhaver, Barbara, Fr. Yoshioka, Janef, Soph. Yoshioka, Eleanor, Fr. NOT PICTURED: V "Thal's greal! Should gel an A." Through cheerful 'Friendly cooperalion of all lhe girls, Blaine Hall allains ils goals. Blaine Hall is aclive in a variely ol campus ac- livilies and holds lop honors in such lhings as sporls, music ancl scholaslic slandings. Many ac- livilies sponsored by lhe hall ilsell include mix- ers, exchanges, liresides, highlighled by lhe Win- ler Formal. ln cooperalion wilh lhe olher halls, lnler-Hall Spring Formal, Counly Fair and lhe Honors Banquel are annual lunclions which incli- cale lhe versalilily, oulslanding lalenls, lriend- liness and inlelligence ol lhe girls in Blaine. Allen, Lucia Barlow, Adaline Barnell, Nancy Benner, Joyce Benshoff, llene Berkeland, Evelyn Bock, Joanne Breckenridge, Donnelle Cakarnis, Inese Carlson, Palricia Clark, Bonnie Conner, Jimie Domenighellie. Diana Domenighelli, Doria Gales, Karon Gooch, Mickey Gunderson, Arlene Hammond, Laila Hansen, Kalhryn Haynes, Molly Hedrick, Phyllis ' Henke, Ina Heiss, Charlolle Holcomb, Emilie Holman, Margarel Johansson, Gail Joscelyn, Sarah Kanikeberg, Shirley Keane, Marguirile Keys, Margarel Knoles, Adrienne Lake, Rulh Lampropulos, Alhena Lannigan, Mary Lou Laura, Arno Lenard, Elizabelh McCann, Marliss McMillan, Anne Moore, Mary Murchie, Sheila Nelson, Gulah Nichols, Grace Parsons, Marilyn Paulus, Sharon Poole, Marla Rerra, Evanlhia Rice, Sally Robinson, Janel Schneiderman, Dory Shea, Ellen Skalbeck, Grelchen Smilh, Barbara Slrieff, Mary Sugimolo, Selsuko Swan, Marcia Swanson, Lois Temby, Shirley Tull, Evelyn Van Deusen, Elizabelh Wagner, Joan Waller, Vella Weaver, Mary Wies, Kaye Zander, Margarel blaine hall Qndreasan, Karen, Fr. - I 1, ar os, ary Jo, F , .. " ef- . , ,Q Barlow, Amy, Jr, r ' " V ' ff, V. , W3 f h B'am"Y- Joan' Jr L 3,5 , ' Whilford, Carolyn, Pres. i s VV ' , Qs. .e M. .. 4, V HTML-L , XX, Q, ' .V Q . V V' 'V Burns, Carol, Soph. l" llr is ' X Bulherus, Jeanell, Fr. " A ' Cedarblom, Edna, Sr. , H e 'f NN Chrysf, Hazel, Soph. ., ,rl Clark, Rosella, Jr. Claussen, Jean, Fr. Cole, Ann, Soph. Cunningham, Maureen, Sr. Dressel, Frances, Fr. Elam, Lois, Soph. Ficken, Pal, Soph. Fullon, Mariorie, Jr. Genllemann, Gerda, Fr. Grohnerl, Sandra, Soph. Huie, Nina, Sr. Hunlling, Lou, Jr. Hunlling, Lou, Jr. Kanikeberg, Nancy, Jr. Kelcham, Virginia, Jr. Klaras, Conslance, Fr. Klein, Joyce, Jr. Leach, Gracee, Fr. Libby, Anne, Jr. Linslrom, Carol, Fr. Lockwood, Barbara, Fr. Luebke, Dorolhy. Soph. McGralh, Palricia, Soph. Maddess, Lorraine, Soph. Marken, Rulh, Sr. Meredilh, Joan, Soph. Miller, Marilyn, Jr. Monnol, Fern, Fr. Monsanlo, Teresa, Sr. Mounl, Loyelle, Sr. Neil, Mary Lee, Fr. Neisess, Carol Ann, Fr. Pederson, Marlene, Fr. Porler, Mary, Fr. Schimke, Janel, Soph. Shirley, Pauline, Fr. Sparks, Shirley, Soph. Slafford, Eleanor, Jr. Tiorslad, Frid, Fr. Waill, Rulh, Jr. Werner, Lee Ann, Soph. Winlerslein, Gloria, Fr. Us ' .se-VV., R Q: . A'-..,:' . , KL? :I-X QM MQ x " rxv .iw 1 s, Q s was X a, 5,63 3 sr I . fs Q-.1-:' . Q x 2' QQZX V XX Zvi! ,... WA we 2 fr Q P R Y ASX i. gldqari .lLA ' Nr A I, x-R 1 V, i 1- X" X A sg. l . six . F :mx V V V . ,- W rf W 'S+ f Y A. . sv' l F ., mi.. ' , Tgz , ,,,.. 5 5,514 mi ' I 7 X1 1 2 X 1' va N V Vow Q.. . f x"V E, ..r . 2 ,H , 5 Q." r " . 1 , , ' , 'I fl 'ilvQ?rfswfNf - " 1 ' l- V ,ff if ' , A . f 1 .. , , ,V .lmsiwf-zifmf' ' ' 1 ,. H' '5'P'5a ' ' A i Z . ,Qfy , , .,, :Elf A, ,g I , :'g,exj 7? 6' v 1' 'iL.5A,,ViV, L. l A,ff3VV'.. V ' --, 1- f V V Ulf qfaf X mar 'L ,tl f- if . if -- P X A .f.:,,V . 'hw K" ...- , I as i. , '5'.T 1. V, . 237. ,,.,.- L fr I f . V V,f V .V N730 -we 1 1fi'gf ff , ,IVV M JZVV., Au fs X Zi' K . . 1 ,Jef - ,f 1. , , 2 vs? Q "W "' ' 'rd' f lla f. . fl AFL ifw 1 1 J , Q - .V 5 P l , L' rj A ,V 125:-,.:V V...VVV . T.g:.,.VzVg..'-. .ff .VE ' ,, 35:1 V 2' WMA" ' ' - fl 1' .4 1-rv ' ' Mem, A Qwffff f f f r ' - 1 if Q fl WQB5-'V5V:...:,' 3 '- ' -' ' A - f' Q! 5' Ny' yf4Q':'-y y. " f 'rr' will 457 .f -. ygfear y hall Leia-ryiglflyall parlicipales in ihe lradilional social evenlsiahhdfalclivilies of lhe lnler-Hall Council. They lake parl in l'he elaborale Spring Formal, ihe Honor Banquel, Foreign Sludenl- Banquel, Parenls' Tea and olher oulslanding evenls. Scholaslic achievemenl is encouraged and l'he award of lhe lnler-Hall scholarship cup is a goal well worrh slriving lowards. The girls of Leary are very proud of lheir achievemenls, bolh as a group and as individuals as lhey have worked in campus aclivilies and in rhe class rooms. I J Q :V ' .. U-Z ' 'rg f 1 ' .T A , - ' ,ffl I . filo S1 XM ,. ,,N7,.V... . .. ' ' s ' l s' 1' sf. ' I s T 4 1 . A .FS V sg 5 sas 5 ' X' H' N X Sp I X L V , , 131 s f JV Z X 1 he S ff' X .,.,, ,g .. . , Q i f 5.4 A -,..,-5 ,sy .Mf- .MJ Jag: I- i . 3-4-S ' K X 1 ' l :f.f't.s is 7' Orr, Louise, Presidenl' Agee, Barbara, Soph. Akiyama, Florence, Sr. Arpke, Cynlhia, Sr. Averill, Carolyn, Sr. Baker, Virginia Lee, Soph. Banks, Susan O., Jr. Barnharl, Shirley, Soph. Berry, Barbara Jane, Soph. Blackley, Virginia, Sr. Chun, Jane Vun, Fr. Curtis, Joanne, Jr. Dixon, Kaihryn Alice, Soph. Drew, Ann, Soph. Evans, Delores, Fr. Gallefy, Pai, Sr. Gorman, Donna Marie, Soph. Hansen, Judifh, Jr. Helmer, Arlys, Soph. Johnson, Jeanelle, Fr. Jue, Jin-Jee, Soph. Leir, Rufh, Jr. Llewellyn, Marian Diane, Fr. McLean, Frances, Soph. Masuhara, Emiko, Jr. Murakami, Momoko lCokeJ Grad. Nelson, Beverly, Sr, O'Brien, Evalyn, Fr. Opland, Marlys, Fr. Pafrerson, Carole Jean Perkins, Maureen, Soph. Quan, Corinne, Jr. Ravsfen, Joanne, Soph. Rehpohl, Bonna Lois, Soph. Reynolds, Elaine, Fr. Roberls, Anifa, Sr. Sammarfino, Raquel, Grad, Siearns, Mar'rha'ane J Tang, May, Jr. I ' r' T?"9- Sue M-iv. Soph. TIQSITIGD, Patricia Ann J,-, Williams, Karen, Sopli, Time our 'For lea NOT PICTURED: Anderson, Beverly, Soph. Anderson, Judy, Jr. Bagchee, Kalyanee iMrs.j, r Berg, Janie, Fr. Blainey, Sylvia, Jr. Bloom, DeVearI, Soph. Bremanam, Eda Louise, Soph. Brodie, Valerie, Fr. Budrl, Marlene Ellen, Fr. Carlson, Janel Lea, Grad. Cayerly, Carol, Jr. Chiang, Ellen, Sr. Church, Frances Ellen, Fr. Cochran, Jane? R., Jr. Cole, Mary Lu, Fr. Darmody, Ruby, Sr. Dixon, Carol Jay, Jr. Dragon, Maxine Lee, Fr. Eaion, Peggy Jean, Soph. Edwards, Sally, Fr. Gallion Darlen . M ' , F . Gilberfson, Joyge, Sad-ish. r Happ, Joan E., Grad. Holder, Belly, Fr. lzumigawa, Elhel K. Grad James, Glenna Grad. i Johnsfone, lverie,Sopl1. Johnsfone, Janice, Fr. Lamberf, Pai, Fr. Larson, Dorella, Fr. LeRoy, Zoaunne, Soph. Long, Barbara, Soph. Maley, Sharon, Fr. Marshall, Audra Dea, Grad. Milam, Marilyn, Soph. Morris, Darlene, Fr. Pedersen, Rulh Ann, Fr. Pfhaler, Marilyn B., Fr. Poage, Pairicia, Soph. Porosky, Pal, Fr. Porter, Nancy Jean, Jr. Prud'homme, Lila, Fr. Ramsey, Audrey, Fr. Rees, Alice, Fr. Rogers, Carol A., Grad. Rofous, Helen, Jr. Salmon, Ina-Marie, Grad- Schuler, Elaine, Jr. Schaffer, Befie, Soph- Singer, Lorraine, Soph. Soneda, Mary S., Grad- Soufhard, Sheila, Jr. Sfason, Mildred H., Jr. Siidham, Louise, Sr. Sfrafhern, Elizabeih, Fr. Sirong, Geraine, Soph. Taylor, Belly Tucker, SOPh Thrailkill, Marilyn JOY. -lf- Tubbs, Barbara, Sr. Tufile, Jean, Sr. Tufile, Joyce, Fr. . Ulery, Nelda Marie, Grad Weber, Jean E., Fr. Wiederrechi, Frances, Sr- Williams, Jean Mi., Jr. Williams, Mariorie, Jr. Young, Doris, Jr. , , Residents ot McKee Hall live in an atmos- phere that is entirely collegiate. What else could you expect when over l0O girls are centralized in the warm and friendly atmos- phere that all ot the dorms provide? While over 400 girls are housed in all ot the dorms, each section has all the comforts and neces- sities of college life. McKee Hall carries on a complete social program of its own, as well as helping to support the high University scholarship average. NOT PICTURED: Ahler, Mary Jane, Soph. Allsopp, Arlene, Soph. Berkman, Jacqueline, Fr. Birkhofer, Nancy, Fr. Blair, Carolyn, Soph. Bogardus, Louise Helen, Jr. Borrell, Betty, Fr. Borrell, Elaine, Fr. Borrell, Joyce, Fr. Bahlman, Beverly, Fr. Call, Marion, Soph. Casperson, Betty, Jr. Capen, Juanita, Fr. Cole, Dorothy, Jr. Cohon, Judy, Fr. Crawford, Barbara, Soph. Dempsey, Charlotte, Grad. Dziedzie, Beverly, Fr. Eastman, Margaret A. Eikenberry, Elsie, Soph. Flaugher, Shirley, Sr. Frazer, Joann, Jr. Gould, Joanne, Soph. Haight, Anabel, Fr. Hilton, Joan, Jr. Howe, Gretchen, Fr. Howe, Shirley, Soph. Huot, Barbara, Fr. Huot Joanne, Fr. Kainion, Edythe Ann, Jr. A Kitamoto, Lilly, Soph. Lampson, Adele, Jr. La Rocque, Mary, Soph. Lay, Dawn, Jr. Lunder, Edith, Fr. Miller, Aileen, Fr. Mobbs, Betty, Jr. Moskeland, Margaret, Soph. 459 Arthur. Nancy Priscilla Fr. Bedford, Ca J S , Bing, Claricelnsiil oy' r Bonlfas, Mary Ann, F,-, Christensen, Thelma, Pres. Boyd, Barbara, Jr. Bertalino, Beulah, Soph. Cannon, Pat, Soph. Calvert, Barbara, Fr. Christensen, Thelma, Sr. Clark, Jo Ann, Jr. Corbin, Colleen, Fr. Clark, Mary Jane, Fr. Danielson, Pat, Sr. Franklin, Laurel, Sr. Fuhring, Geraldine, Soph. Garner, Rachael Ann, Jr. Gevers, Thea, Sr. Gillilan, Pat, Sr. Gamido, Lolita, Sr. Harris, Betty, Sr. Harvey, Mildred, Sr. Howe, Lu, Sr. Huson, Helen, Jr. Iverson, Alice, Fr. Johnson, Elizabeth, Fr. Henderson, Katherine, Soph. Karlen, Kathryn, Jr. Kinkade, Darlene, Fr. Lambert, Marlene, Jr. Loden, Betty, Jr. Luschei, Phyllis, Fr. Matson, Anne, Fr. Mobbs, Beverly, Soph. Methven, Helen, Sr. Packard, Joan, Fr. Pfenning, Annette, Sr. Pottle, Ellen, Fr. Richmond, Jean, Sr. Searle, Evelyn, Fr. Sorenson, Joanne, Fr. Stevenson, Mary Lee, Soph Tozer, Jane, Sr. Tucker, Karen, Fr. Underwood, Sharon, Fr. Walton, Betty Jane, Soph. Walton, Margaret, Sr. Webster, Geraldine, Jr. Whitney, Norma, Soph. Williams, Jo Ann, Fr. Willimont, Virginia, Jr. Witt, Helen, Jr. Wolfe, Betty Jo Ann, Soph. Wyers, Karen, Fr. Yeager, Mary Frances, Jr. Yorke, Mary Christine, Fr. mc kee halls Bottom picture: Musical talent flourishes iw . ,W , . V1 if! , 1 4,.,,, V ,W - 4 - V 1. fe 5.2: . 5 f " is V VA 1' 4 sy , 71 Q, . Y if M 'W - as ,sayfskism -,Vyggig . 1 ..,,., my f I Xe Pj., . f ' f f X X c fxx a Q S .xv .......,,. .. C Q- H4 ,, Trj! g ,Q ' ' 5. 3 cs!" " 'X V . . , I X 'Q 46 . 5 ...Z- X X , ff. X, " if as ,, Nm r w f, ss... 'Q WP' ' ' 'iss , V S . H., ' "s V . ' if .,,. V. MV ..VV VV.. N Fi st, i. 25. ,.... Q.. K i Vgxj - v f - 4 , I. yy I , ..f4..,s nj, f V X ,wil 1 in McKee. QKVN., -'P .H X Tw J f 'Y 4: , .V , ,I A i P X .- -J gs: .1 X .li ,, If JMNJ , ' 1 I V 1 2..- ,- , f 'x"'.qVf 4, I " - . .V 1 ' V' ,v'P" 't 'f N' - 4' - , M Q L 4 - U Y I, 1- u ' 4, , fi" , Q i -4 ' Lf. , I 1 I 1 . ,V .aw J ' si QWNVWV " ' . ? , V L' MV, 4354, k mg.: , 74,324 I , lb V, ff Sim 4.17 L, I I , yy. ,u l.w.,,-:Say L an ' ' v .fy , VM, ' , V ,IV , V V L . , aw.. 4. 1. r VV ' ff ' 'J Wa' -. 1 A T 1-f ,fs za V , qv V . , . sf ' ,, - We my s -- ig 3' 2 W- V B., V A, V-' ' I , i 'Wx s ,f - frm N X 1 I ' ' ix L , .,,. 5 . .,,,,,, .. A 1- 1 V 4 , .a.:. 99-. ' "if 1' ' 2 ' ' .4 Iv "f I A , . -.wan .5 .- w, ' .3 ' 4 ,' , z -1 A 1 Y.. . .V -1 1 'YTY 4 - V . . Vw - V ws ' ,Ir .. A 1 J- . ,. .. . .,.. . . . V wa. . .. , ,, - f -. 1 A Q . , , , V'-V ' X A- fv SN if ., . . V VV f ' . ,, ' ,JQBQQQQ Q... I. ly. ' .: H X KJ V+' ' 5 ,Li ' , .V 164 5 XR. .47 4 -V 'vw' " ' '1 "'4' f 3 ' ' X g .- 5, , ,, . aku: lv ff fi" 'iz V V , -. . we-'yr Y " Ka mik. u ' ' V is 1' 1 ' 5.175 ' ' 4 l 2 .. J 5? "' 1 f l i V . .- nf ij? , V M 3.-ffm, ,L ,, .M , E 94? ff' q. fff .cascade hall LTT. Ah... x r if '7l'U"' I SR. NOT PICTURED: Anderson, Donald G. Becvar, Robert G. Bergstedt, Virgil L. Berry, Bill F. Bierman, Laurence W. Bowers, William E. Buchanan, Garner H. Butler, Adrian R. Carmichael, Dean E. Cowell, Roger W. Crawford, Russel L. Creutzburg, Ulrich K. Crow, Edward B. Daniels, Donald G. Dezarn, Donald D. Dreyer, David Dykes, Burke C. Elford, Roy F. Farquhar, David M. Gabelein, Roger F. Giles, Jack Goessman, George W. Gray, David J. Greenstreet, Vernon Harper, Jackson D. Howland, Doyle L. Howland, Morris A. Hubler, Robert K. Jorgenson, Arthur G. Joyce, Clayton R. King, Lowell W. Koh, Chao Yao Kurtz, William W. Lahn, Ernest W. Loether, Herman J. Love, Robert R. Maekawa, Yoshitaka Malakoff, Burton March, Miles B. Mason, Ronald J- Mayo, Ronald D, McElvaine, Herberf Merchant, Howard C Mickelson, Lynn Miller, Ardie G, Morlock, Noel Musial, Walter F, Nelson, Charles R, Nulton, John R, Oldow, Peter A, Olsen, Olav T. O'Neal, Harry E, Ozerotf, William Parks, Robert V, Patten, Roger W, Postma, Virgil L, Prestis, Keith R, Ramsey, James E. Roedel, Louis J. Rose, Thurman H Ross, Darrell L. Russell, James L, Schwinler, David E, Sequin, Richard J. Serrano, Luis Sherman, Jerry L, Smith, Don G. Smith, Alfred Steward, Edgar H, Tighe, Robert F. Vining, Paul E. Webb, Robert T. Whitmore, Don C. Willrich, Carl A. Wilson, Billy D. Wilson, Wesley W. Wu, George Sin-fan Zirkle, Jerry D. lntormal gatherings of the members in their new dorm lounges. KN ,. S Albright, Richard F. Anderson, Donald G Anderson, Roger H. Beaudoin, Philip Brown, Ronald E. Colpron, Merlyn D. Dean, Robert D. Edwards, Thomas E. Ellis, Charles W. Evans, Robert E. Fries, Donald J. Hagen, Maurice E. Hanson, Richard M. Harlow, Bruce A. Heck, Joel Kreek, Peter Kurtz, James H. Le Cocq, Andrew D. Leonard, Ted R. Lippert, George W. McClintock, Thomas C. Mohoric, George D. Morse, Ronald P. Nelson, Edward A. Ofelt, James A. Onishi, Masazo Reuss, Cameron Risdel, Ralph E. Rootvik, Gordon J. Schafer, Ronald H. Sansburn, Kenneth A. Sribhibhadh, Arporna Stoner, Richard T. Valentine, Ralph S. Wagner, Norman K. Westwood, Edward C. Wilson, John P. Chelan hall Presidenl-Phillips. C. Alberl' Modernisl' l ' . , IC s airway al 'rhe new Men s dorms is lhe selling 'for some casual chaffer Secrelary-Mason, Beniamin J. C Treasurer-Saylor, Clinlon B, Advisor-Kelleher, Daniel Richard Ban Derschelden Ed Bochman Donald Burque Marion Bumgarner James Bunce Roberl' Cannell Roberl' Carson Ron Carraher Oscar Chrislianson Tony Cloud Ernesl Corp David Cregan Kennelh Cundy Craig Davis Roberl Dawson James Dean Larry Dich William Donovan Denis Durnan Francisco Eguiluz Roberl' Elwell lan Fairbairn Charles Frilz John Gilevich Alaslair Granl' Kennelh Grealhouse Arfhur Greig Har Gupla Frank Gyles Eugene Hall Habib Hamidi Francis Hamon Leroy Hansen James Harlcen Richard Harper Arlhur Harris Frederic Henninger William Hepler Ronald Hillmer Heinz Hink Dwain Hogan William Horn Blaine Hoskins David Huang Juslin Huang David Hudson Albin Jacobson Reed Jensen Diclc John Howard Johnson Baldev Kalara Wesley Kellie Nils Knapp Taivo Laevaslu William LaFreniere Ronald Lange Alvin Larriclc John LaVilleH'e Richard Lessel Roberl' Liebscher Wayne Livengood Roberl' Loomis James Lorbeer Lowell Lundell Fau Lusignan Gary Maddoclc Herman Mallrid Benjamin Mason Deb Menasvela Jack Meyer Frank Moliene Roger Moll' Evan Morgan Michael Morgan Bernard Nelson Allan Nunan Richard Oerlel Don Olofson Enrique Onoro-C Norman Orlwein SITE Roberl' Peihl C. Alberl' Phillips Ted Pilol' James Plunlze William Pool: Marvin Porler Ben Price Lyle Raaen Warren Ralhien Howard Ringoen Sluarl' Roush Larry Ryan William Ryan Clinlon Sayler Sfanley Scofl Kennelh Shepard Noboru Shinoda Charles Slaler Roberl Slrom Dean Taylor Charles Thompson ll Jack Traverso Frederich Van Horn John Van Horn Ronald Voiles William Wallers Harvey Wiseman Michael WoH'on 46l ' fi t, ftydenfs co operative assocratron 1 l student board of directors Student Co-operators completed another eventtul year ot living, eating, and having fun together. The University ot Washington group is composed ot six houses, Dotson, Honderich, MacGregor, Rotcre and Synadel- phic, and was steered successtully through its 2lst year ot group living by Harley King. 4760 2lst N. E. NOT PICTURED: Allen, Richard Cole, Joe Davidson, Milton Hansen, Selby Harlock, Ralph Harlock, Richard Harvey, Thomas Harvey, William Hafae, Takeo Khani, Nabil LaPlante, James Lee, Gilbert Liu, John McMaken, Raymond McTee, Robert Nicoli, Leland Okita, Richard King, Harley, President Boyer, Patricia, Vice-President Ashdown, Larson, Athletic Chairman Larson, Robert, Rofcre Stana rd, Duane, Dotson Cook, Wayne, Dotson Finch, Earl, Honderich Stanley, Carole, Synadelphic NOT PICTU RED: Moe, Robert, Secretary-Treasurer Wingrove, Philip, Social Chairman Allen, Ted, Dotson McMaken, Ray, Sherwood herwood 5 l l l l i P Pederson, George Shakar, Alexious Sung, Alfred Smith, Joel Houng Sung, Chick Dunlap Richard Huang Donald Speece Daymond f I .... if'- X, , ,r . 5 :B l 1 X ' f' f 'QW X 1 H3 f, ses r X AN A, M ' :A-Ulf:-Q I, W, , ,ssof "---' A QJQKWQN J honderich Ayres, Milchell Balmer, Alfred Bolden, Jerry Guslafason, Roy Johnson, Peler Mishima, Tokuii NOT PICTU RED: Owen, Darrel Priebe, Dennis Rheinford, Herb Sleen, Harold Tucker, Clare ' uw ,, ,N . R Adkins, Ron Baker, Duane Burnie, Robert Caslagna, Frank Cooke, Wayne Dobkin, Melvin Dukes, George Haba, Leonard Hale, Norman Johnson, George McKie, John Rulledge, Gerald Slanard, Duane Tulfle, Jack Walczak, Joseph Walls, Charles Weberl, Jim Bame, Roland Chaykin, Slerling Crowe, Claylon Cubbage, Roberl' Cunningham, George Finch, Earl Gurney, Russell Hamillon, Malcolm Haynes, Harold Haynes, Richard Hing, Gary lwasaki, Ray McMillin, Kennelh Mowill, Jan Murdock, Roberl Narle, Jaime Palrick, Roberl Porl, Paul Pelerson, Donald Powers, Carl Rinne, Allan ' Tang. Chun-YI Uehara, Millon d o 1 s oinirfg Brannian, George Driscoll, Leslie Ferguson, W. J. Halme, Errki Harmon, James NOT PICTURED: 1 Johnson, Lloyd Lovendusky, Roberl Schmel, George Vanderhoff, James .J l f.i' ., f'f.1,.j- 'Q so 1 Trfsiwf Zi rofcre Sano, Tine L. Swan, Edward Tada, Esau Tafsukawo, Yoshio Tavis, James Wynia, Roberf Ashdown, Fred Afkins, Richard Burke, Roberf Carfer, James Clayberg, Carl Chisholm, Roderick Cox, Ronald Fo, Donald Gloege, Marvin Dukes, Slacey Hagmann, Leslie Burke, Roberl Hansen, Nels Harfley, Ralph Grande, Bobby Heidenrich, Ralph Herbinaux, Jim Humphrey, Ronald lngraham, Gale Johnson, Ronald Cleven, Curl' Knighfon, James Larson, Roberf Lunde, Marvin McJunkin, Sam Spangler, John Morris, Alan Palola, Ernesl Paprilz, Gordon Pierson, Darrel Reichenback, Dennis Rooney, Jack NOT PICTURED: Berg, Carl Burke, Ronald Cavaness, Dave Conlu, Mansueffo Dickinson, John Gamef, David Green, Roberl' Hansen, Donald Hodge, Granf Hoeff, Roberf Hudson, Golden Kandle, Charles Kaafz, Frank Lew, John Loffhaug, Alex Mahoney, Phillip McEIray, Roberl Perry, Ronald Rhoades, David Sherry, Sfanley Shorf, Tom Slrom, Roberf Wheeler, Vernon Winqrove, Rodney mac gregor :X- f f P , .- mf Wx 1225-..:gP.4ukS'f ' 'fig ., 1 4 X17 , X , f W f ' 7 ' Z f-f y f J .4 ,., f few ' ,X l iff?" JM WMU. J '4 f ,,..' f ' Bakke, Kiell Chao, Roberl Dodge, Harvey Flanik, Arlhur Galimanis, Harry Holady, Harold Iverson, Ronald King, Harley, Pres. Klingler, Willard Lansing, Paul Marlin, Morris Ogle, Dennis Priebe, Wesley Curli, Vasanl Alleder, James fi X Q M X4 Q Q6 XX X ye X NOT PICTURED Nr XX v X me NX! f "W ff Q XX X fx X121 'A Xfgi' X fw fx Q? 4 Kreger, Leslie Callahan, William Dionne, Gordon Fuiimura, Roberl' Gahunia, Aiif Glovka, John Hallek, Vern Heffron, Lew Hennigh, La on rry Laughead Lyle Lyons, William Maupin, Kerlh Snider, WI Sleln, Micheal Uplon Illam ,J Velde, Lee Wall, Kennefh Johnson, Clarence Kahn, Del s -N M N , f , f Q56 f 1 f X ,ff , f? , f , ff N ,, , ,- , ,pf ,W , X x Z fy XV' H ,mul .XYMWAX 3 X , if X Z ,, , V 'en f X , ,X ,, QR X , 7 I R V me gy . F--5 h A I My , .... .. ,X I .. K r M U . f X 3 - ,rs 1,5 ,QQ X.,f,f ,ff ' Q ,LJ v ,Z -NXXQXX ':'5: . 2zz1i,27:'f 3 ', X L ,M : ofa R I y f , yfymf :Cf L. ,W f 5523221 9 iw f,'z..- Rf 'W '2 e rf W -sxwfw W wwe 2 . - , 5 fri' 1 7 -XXX, P 2 f f f We ,,,..,. '- S , if " illf' 3 R' .,., Www ' XL! I , x X.,, 2 4 W XX?f.XX'lffs?X f sf -Xl may or X W 1 :X ww W. :vw ' ' , -NX-S - f 'MQ Q A? , ogg, "t'Pvf:4Xo 1 If -0 any .fi A , .,.,,,o ....,.. 7 X 1. ! 7, , . In N-if li' 'fi ' 4 V ,, .- "Q KXL 1 .V ' 0 Xb R" t ' we ,X Q j 1 - 'xnxx , it . Q A Wingrove, Phil MNA 1 ,,,,..- 14" f ,g ile s vi? Xa .. 3 NSR , , f A 1 V fi-7' Q X X Q X 13 '7 lm. 5 'XXX , X QQ Q51 X Q XX G K N X XS X xx f . X X X X X NS 1 J S ' X Z i Q Xi Q., X W ' M, gffr 5,-gy.: X N XXS,, synadelphic , r A W, X xml X ,:5:a x - v: Q51 1 5 X Ui, 9 ,, . X XLNXN ,W QNH me Q 'Sf X X 1 X QMS hy "',,,, 3 0 2111, W9 x X A K W ' X Q X X W' Q f xo N X as X X M f 3 Adams, Cora Bigelow, Pal Brask, Bodel Buchholfz, Gladys Crook, Dorolhy Dennis, lda Hoskins, Vada Lee Hunler, Rosemary Lighfburne, Diane Power, Myrna Schrum, Louaine Scolf, Belly Jo Speece, Lula Stanley, Carole Treanor, Janice Weberl, Jo Wrighl, Carla Dean x 'vu NOT PICTU RED: Allen, Mary Bearg, Gracie Benfley, Marlene Boyer, Pal Cook, Phyllis Cunningham, Florence Elsner, Leona Hialf, Joan Hurf, Jean Johnson, Chrislina Klemm, Lu Ella Larson, Geraldine MacFadyen, Merian Maxon, Sall McCowan, anice Morlon, Carol Parenl, Margarel Peterson, Marilyn Robinson, Viola Rogianis, Viia Sunclberg, Marlene Taylor, Helen Van Kannel, Mary Wiebel, Erika Wendell, Jean i n i e r h o u s e . s h A I , -. Q..--M TOP ROW: Paul Zpernick Mark Hergenreder Tom Chang Ralph Foresl Bob Oulzen Henry Hammack Norm Culver Regis Dugue Chel Brown Al Hesse Marlin Roper Bernard Gulhrie FOURTH ROW: Barl Bloom Slan Lill Dennis Burrow Roberl Wilde Jerry Field Frank Wheeler Wayne Hunler Tom Morgan Willy Hamm Richard Boydslun Paul Sleiling Lynn Roseberry Neal Herbison Fual Turanciol Wendell Cresap THIRD Row: Tom Escoll Dick Klingbell Bill Hordan Garlh Lippmann Jim Wallher Wall Pomerink Don Olson Jerry King Jack Mclnlosh Harlow Ahlslrom SECOND ROW: Abdulkir Salgir Don Cook, Pres. Don Breeding Chuck Brenchley Larry Ramsey Lynn Alger Bill Moorhead Bob Spealh Frank Phillips Ken Brandl FIRST ROW: Joe Menlor ' Harry Bidlake, Advisor Slan Burlner Bob Gee Chuck Dorolhy Dick Taylor Don Lundsleldl NOT PICTURED: Ahlslrom, Harlow Anderson, Arl Alkinson, Jim Baldwin, Dick Bells, Gerald Brudevold, Lief Canly, Dave Carvo, Roberl Crellol, Marv Dymenl, Roger Easlerbrook, Raymond Edinger, Ray Embom, Dick Finley, John Fleelwood, David Forrey, A. W. Haley, Don Hamberl, Gary Hammersmilh, Edward Harding, Roger Hawlhorne, Don Herzer, Mel Hinman, Jim Hodges, Floyd Hoge, Phil Hudson, Ron Jaslad, Gary Johnson, Don Kaa, William Kiemle, Sieg Lewis, Roger Liu, John Lorvick, Arnold Lowery, Pal Maio, Joe Marble, Duane Medcalf, Ala Miller, Jerry l"l Munson, Arvid Neal, Jack The slrong, silenl men from Denny Annex lurn arlislic. Howard Albano Dean Andersen Maurice Andries Grosvenor Anschell William Arbeiler Clarence Bakken William Ball John Barr Charles Barlell Blair Bealon Irving Berg Marvin Berman Roberl Berner 466 Herman Beyer Homer Blair, Advisor Roger Bondy Lawrence Bowen Edward Breakey Arlhur Breilsprecher Jesse Brinkerhoff Donald Burgess James Burnell Raphael Burnslein Richard Campbell Kennelh Cannon Peler Cervoni Yung Shen Chao Thomas Chapman Hsien Fang Chen Marlin Chiang Kennelh Chung Dale Cole Edward Conyngham John Crevling David Cumbow Donald Dalin Eugene Day Donald DeZarn Paul Dickson Warren Dielz Lowell Dobyns Earl Enos Ray Enrighl Roger Enlz Melvin Erickson Shirley Esles Thomas Evans George Faler Finn Feroy Frederick Fisher Thomas Foley Nelson, Don O'Keefe, Michael Ofslad, Mary Parmenler, John Posl, Gordon Richmond, Earl Robinson, Ray Roussos, Sleve Sall, Gurbakhsh Singh Salzar, David Sargenl, John Smilh, Charles Snelson, Sigmund Thrailkill, William Traulman, Philip Underwood, John Vilous, Winslon Wailes, Everelle Wills, John Wrighl, Roberl Zuvela, Bernard denny anne Frederick Franklin Harold Fullam Peler Garabedian Donald Gardner James Gasl Harold Geilner Joe Gerberg Douglas Geymer Marlin Gibbons Harold Gillam Jack Gillam Derrold Gillman Lewis Goodfellow John Graf Curlis Gray John Griffilh Clyde Grohs George Halsey Clifford Haverson Ted Hannah Clifford Hansen Richard Harl Edward Haulala Allen Heikinen Lloyd Helliger James Hogenson Waller Holbrook Kennelh Holm Bryan Hopkins Yuan-yu Hsieh Darby Hunlinglon Lowell lng Harold Johannessen Donald Johnson William Johnson Sabhro Kaiimura Chad Karr George Kennar Roberl Knighl Michael Kohl George Kudo Ernesl Lahn Rihcard Landberg George Lange Waller Langley Jon Lardner Gerald Larson Richard Larson James Lee William Lee Roberl Loken Kennelh Long Richard Loucks Bruno Lum George McLellan Clyde Manwell Julian Mark Paul Marsh Peler Mazur Roberl Meeker Hiroshi Milsuhashi Andrew Monlana Jack Morris Paul Names Winfield Names Jerome Nelson Charles Nobbe Royal Okumolo Harvard Olson Glenn Ollerbein George Ozaki William Parker Leslie Parr William Parlridge Roberl Palerson Merle Peak Glenn Pedersen Richard Prince Slanley Prince Paul Proclor Roberl Pugh Tim Reyes Harry Richards Raymond Richards John Rimbach Arnold Rolhslein Jack Ruegg Waller Ruffin Charles Ruggles William Rulledge Andrew Ryan Arlhur Sagle Henry Sakuda Signey Slap Ronald Scamfer Arlhur Scheiene Darwin Schow Alvin Seda Moli Shahani Henry Shigenaga Balwanl Signh John Slonecker Eugene Smilh Roberl Smilh John Slarke Lulhard Slavney Eldred Slephenson William Slewarl Vasanl Surli George Swifl Lloyd Tanabe Jack Tanner Donald Thompson Gary Thurlow Waller Tobin Morris Tolmach Leighlon Tong Joel Toolhaker Eugene Tryck George Tsuiikawa Neil Vancamp James Vanderweken Gireesh Varma Krishna Varma James Walanabe James Widrig Harold Wikslen Frank Williams William Willis Carl Willrich Gavin Wilson William Wilson Duane Wille Kennelh Wong Waller Wong Yuen Kiang Wong Yuan-shi Yin James Young wesley house. . u 1 QQ Vgglas 15532532 lm 2-ima 4205 I5+h N. E. Hunler, Dolores, Soph., Pres. Allgire, Marilyn, Jr. Bigley, Barbara, Fr. Coale, Bonnie, Fr. Cur'l'is, Edna, Soph. Damilio, Nancy, Jr. Gamon, Mariorie, Fr. Garner, Marilyn, Sr. Glasscock, Hope, Jr. Keller, Natalie, Soph. McCammon, Jane, Soph. McMullen, Beverly, Fr. McPherson, Pauline Marlin, Roberra, Jr. Maxson, Carole, Soph. Merrill, Pafricia, Fr. Millman, Patricia, Soph Nelson, Janef, Jr. Pederil, Susan, Fr. Rosenquisf, ROYIEU3- Ff- Tougaw, Monnle. -lf- Gamon, Mariorie, PreS- Wesley House has been providing a unique expe- rience in Chrisiian living as a "home away from home" for universily girls since l935. The lop-floor dormilory, housing 33 girls lhis year, is only one parl of 'rhe building, which also houses Wesley Club and Kappa Phi. The lhree organizalions co- operale lo provide a well-rounded program of social, service, cul'lural, and religious acliviiies for Melhodisl-preference and any olher inleresled young people. Parlies, exchanges, service proiecls and discussion groups are sponsored by 'rhe house girls. Ping pong, anyone, or shall we play 'lable +ennis?" 1 is Q. 2. ,Mes -f if ws, ,V A ' X, 3, X I . .jig fig If AN, 'I X I W1 Q if4?1i?NXL f 23?fLf f 'swZ.aXQEs4SZ , S, 54- MMA EY i NOT PICTURED: Corner Marian. Jr. Deshmukh. Lee'-2. Gfad' George, JOHN. Ff- Hufchins, Grace. 50Ph' Jenkins, Mariel. FV- h Meyer. Be'fiY Jean- SOP ' o'Nem, Sally. Jr- Simon.5l'1lfl9Y. Sf- Tennanf, J6f1iC9. -lf- Trimble. Mafilvf1.50Ph- Ward, Carol. 50Pl"' v., wedish hosPHal Above: Surgery a+ Swedish Hospiral, Below: Nurses 'From Eklind Hall clean u H p a er surgery. eklind hall school of nursing Whaf ev-ery young wife should know. One of fhe sfudenf nurses Qlves a baby bafh demonsfrafion. The lounge is a favorife relaxi l f 1d f af Eklind Hall. ng pace O' 5 L' en S Nursing is a career in which any young woman of foclay can fake parr wifh pride. Her days will be brim- ming over wifh experience which comes onlyp from close relafionshipslwifh people. She enjoys 'rhe presenf securify and promise of confinued learning fhroughouf her life. The pre-nursing sfudenf enfers fhe clinical division of fhe Nursing School following 'rwo and one-half years of sfudy on campus. During her lasf quarfer on campus she has commufed fo fhe hospifal fwo days a week for pre-clinical experience. This period offers her a chance fo become acquainfed wifh fhe hospifal roufine and decide if she and nursing are compafible. A+ fhe end of fhese fhree monfhs she is presenfed wifh a whife cap, fhe badge of a full-fledged sfudenf nurse. Ali work and no play is no fun af all, so fhe sfuclenf fakes 'lime oul' for parfies, dances and Universify acfiv- ifies. Sfudenfs in nursing are all members of fhe ASUW and have fhe same privileges and responsibilifies sfudenfs on fhe campus proper do. Trips fo 'rhe ocean and mounfains, parfies and gef-fogerhers liven up fhe year for fhe young nurses. Af fhe end of her four-year program fhe sfucleni nurse is granfed a Bachelor of Science degree in Nurs- Inga and is prepared fo accepl' firsf-level posifions in bofh insfifufional and public healfh nursing. She re- ceives fhe pin of her school and rhe "W" on her nurse's cap which idenfifies her as a professional nurse. Adamson, Myra. Sl'- Baiocchi, MarllYI'1.-lf- Bargreen, Sharon, Jr. Berken, Joan, Sr. Begun. Mari!vn- Sf- Bouse, Marlin. Sf- Cosby, Janice, Jr- Crosby, Joanne. -lf- Cunninghar11.Ge'aldlne'Jr Fowler, MBQY. J'- Glass, Merrillanfj. -lf' Hufchinsorl. MU"'el- Sr' f ,493 X Q an ,ffjf if This is no'r +he iypical cos+ume of fhese sfudeni' nurses. They are dressed up for fheir Variefy Show rehearsal. Time for +ha+ pause ai' a Pa'+Y- Belowg Two s+uden+ nurses during +he summer fake +ime ouf 'ro VQ1' fhe Gold Cup raC9S- . ,ffiwkgybf may f X -.f 1 ' f Nw ff 7 ' uf, 9 fr 1- sg f X W' Z OKWM: Johnson, Evalyn, Sr. Kaas, Sharon, Jr. King, Francis, Sr. Knighf, Marieffa, Jr. I s K MSE? , Longpre, Barbara, Jr. X Loser, Joan, Jr. Merriff, Donna, Jr. Nelson, Bernice, Jr. ' Nelson, Janef, Sr. Peferson, Delores, Sr Porfer, Joanne, Sr. Rindal, Eihelann, Jr. Top: The Chinese dinner sponSOr6Cl BY llle Basic I3 Class' Cenlerz Corsages for all al 'rhe BoH'om: There were 9'3Y limes on llle cruise sponsored by llle Basic Class Leflz More sludenl' nurses al' Eklind Hall Righ'I': Parl' of lhe class in UU School of Nursing. .ex iform al lhe Swedish HoSPllal Roqalad, Barbara, Sr. Roscoe, P. Jean, Jr. Salzer, Kay, Sr, Sallerberg, Carol, Sr Sco'H, Frances, Sr. Seasfrom, Helene, Sr. Shearer Suvanne S . - , r. Siickney, Carol Ann, Sr. Slroud, Donna, Jr. Swanson, Belly, Sr. Whillendale, Nona, Sr. Zabel, Joell, Sr. NOT PICTU RED Allen, Barbara, Jr. Allen, Marilyn, Jr. Baudendisl'el,Ca1'herine, Jr. Bergen, Audrey, Jr. Bowen, Mary, Jr. Brown, Midred, Jr. Chamberlain, Joan, Sr. Coien, Bernice, Jr. Craig, Jeannine, Jr. Dealey, Nancy, Jr. Dixon, Rosemary, Jr. Duxbury, Faye, Sr. Ford, Hope, Jr. Fowler, Barbara, Jr. Glander, Mary, Jr. Gronning, Karen, Jr. Hall, Margarel, Jr. Hardy, Pafricia, Jr. Holm, Ann, Jr. Holslad, June, Jr. Kealon, Susan, Jr. Krueger, Kay, Jr. Larson, Alyce, Jr. Larson, Barbara, Jr. Leavill, Margaref, Jr. Lisler, Marian, Jr. 1 f if 4 Lorenfzen, Joane, Jr. Lundberg, Lois, Jr. Lynam, Claudine, Sr. Malgren, Beverly, Sr. MgGeHigan, Mary Jane, r. Mock, Helen, Jr. Molinero, Eileen, Sr. Monson, Myrlle, Jr. Moore, Margaref, Jr. Morris, Marilyn, Jr. Nylund, Beverly, Sr. Pascoe, Barbara, Jr. Pelerson, Eunice, Sr. Pfeil, Caroline, Jr. Rose, Beverly, Jr. Scoll, Shirley, Jr. Sheriff, Mary, Sr. Skare, Evelyn, Jr. Splifs, Irene, Sr. Sfewarl, Mariorie, Sr. Svendgard, JoAnn, Jr. Thomesen, Lois, Jr. Tollelf, Jackie, Sr. Trauba. Mary, Jr, Van Anfwerp, Sherron, Jr Vanderberq, Verlene, Sr. universify of wa hingfan school of as harborvrew d KING COUNTY HOSPITAL UNIT NO. I A Harborview siudenl, aliler compleling 'Iwo years on campus, arrives wi'rh cap and quaking knees a+ rhe King Counly hospiial Io complele 'rhe clinical aspecl of her rraining. Alrhough she is removed physically from l'he campus, 'rhe sludenr is slill very much a pari of aclivilies Ihere, being a member of Ihe ASUW. The sludenl' body is a recognized organ- izalion on campus, and as such parlicipales in rhe Organizalions As- sembly. All privileges accorded campus sludenls hold 'Irue for nursing sl'uden+s, loo. The clinical experience includes nursing in medicine, surgery, obsrelrics and pedia'l'rics al' King Counly and Ihe Docl'ors Hospilal. Olher leaching uni+5 which provide 'Ihe necessary experiences are Firland Sanarorium for Iuberculosis, Norihern Slale Hospilal for psychia'I'ry, and lhe Seallle- King Counly Public Heallh Deparlmenl' for Visiling Nurse Service. Al' Ihe end of I7 quarlers of combined campus and hospilal courses, 'rhe beslowing of lhe "pin" compleles Ihe basic work. Al l'his 'lime Ihe sludenl' receives a Bachelor of Science in Nursing and is eligible for firsl'-level Public Heallh posirions. Slale Board Examinal-ions for her Regisiered Nurse Ceriificale lR.N.l follow. I+ is 'Ihen up Io her 'ro use +his 'rraining for her bel"rermen+ as well as for ihe healrh of rhe com- muniiy and 'Ihe nalion. 472 NOT PICTU RED: Arakawa, Fukiko, Sr. Backslrom, Alice, Jr. Bisch, Doris, Jr. Borselh, Jeralyn, Sr. Brennan, Mary Alice, Sr. Burkharr, Barbara, Sr. Byles, Leah, Jr. Carpenrer, Clara, Jr. Clarke, Margaref, Sr. Davis, Peggy, Jr. Dillery, Marila Lewis, Sr. Dodd, Rosalie, Jr. Engle, Arleen Andrews, GS Fogelsong, Virginia, Sr. Fredriksen, Conslance, GS Freeman, Lolefa, Sr. Guslafson, Delores, Sr. Hamblelon, Marion, GS Haney, Elva Strom, Sr. Hill, Carol, Sr. Holmes, Marguerire, Jr. Hudson, Geraldine Vavanaugh, GS Hyall, Gloria, GS Jensen, Nancy Shank, GS Johnson, Alice, Sr. Jones, Grafia, Jr. Jones, Norma, Jr. Kawaguchi, Ellen, Jr. Kellogg. Ann, GS Kelly, Kalherine, Sr. Lanigan, Anne, Jr. Marlin, Florence, Jr. Miller, Genevieve, Sr. Miller, Mary, Jr. Noble, Dixie Bahnsen, GS Pang, Sue Lynn, Sr. Pegues, Thelma, Sr. Raicliffe, Elizabelh, GS Robertson, Joyce, Sr. Salisbury, Winifred Eells, Sr. Slaler, Shirley, Sr. Sregall, Barbara, GS Srevenson, Mariorie, Sr. Tanino, Takae, GS Theisen, Sue, GS Warren, Dorothy, Jr. Wilson, Bonnie Alberl, Sr. Young, Kalharine, GS 47 ' 25' nursing division si 5-. .sx - 1 ' A 'i'ri4'Cl'Jif' ' TJFNT- . X 4. 'QE K, Fl' . 1 Yfiigqg, 7 .Fr Q., . X Q X. f . THROUGH MISS HOFFlNE'S office pass lhe weighly problems of ADRIENNE FREEMAN wri+es home in her colorfully clecoraied room. Each sfu- siuclenl' governmenl, and hall living. Here she discusses TYEE a es Cleni has her OWI1 l'0Om. and lhe inleriors var will-1 lhe s'l'uden+'s 'rasfe and , P 9 , v wllh Anne McGovney, chairman P9FSOi'lalI'l'y. s 'N s. sl'Li 'vrtr Agee, Lucille, Sr. Wilcox, Helen Amos, GS Anderson, Laurel, GS Bachand, Joan, Sr. Barbey, Mary, Sr. Blomberg, Alice, GS Cays, Jean, Jr. Cowden, Delores, Sr. we mi- Dye, Bernige, GS Elken, Sonia, Jr. Freeman, Adrienne, Sr. Good, Eva Mae, Sr. .map- Harborview girls gel' -rogelher for a discussion. S Green, Joan, Sr. Harford, Evona, Sr. Hasagawa, Naoko, GS Haugen, Helen, GS Hill, Verna, GS Holder, Dorolhy, Sr. 474 Horne, Mary, GS Ishii, Irene, Jr. Iverson, Phyllis, Jr. Klule, Margaref, J Kusakabe, Chiye, GS Larson, Louise, Jr. Ea'e Loeb, I In ,GS McGovney, Anne, GS Maekawa, Nina, Sr. ITop Iefll THE RESIDENCE DESK is a popular spol' of lhe girls The sludenls abide by campus poIicleS on hours lMlddIe Iefll MARY HORNE and ELAINE LOEB are off on an evening 'lrip around l'he neigh- borhood Many sludenls bike down lo lhe lake for swimming during lhe ho+ summer monlhs. IBoH'om plclurel TEA EVERY WEDNESDAY is an inslilulion al Harborview Hall. Miss Hoffine "official'es" as graduales, sludenls and ins'l'ruc'Iors 'lake a break from lhe day's work. 'Q lTop righll THE BASIC '45 class has a full iob, pul- ling oul' l'he Chronic Complainer, 'lhe sluclenl bi- monlhly publicalion. This responsibilily changes every six monlhs lo anolher class, so all have lhe opporlunily 'ro make l'he paper "bigger and bel- l'er." llvliddle piclurel TENNIS COURTS nearby allracl- several sludenls, as Doclor Lislerucl wails palienlly for l'he elevalor. Schulz, Mary, GS Seike, Rulh, GS Smilh, Gloria, GS Smilh, Nancy, Sr. Snider, Joan, Jr. Slafford, Beverly, Jr. Vogee, Mary Ann, Sr. Wesley, Viola, Sr. Widell, Anila, Jr. Mgrqan, Palricia Barnell r. Nelson, Doris, GS Pecchla, Benila, Jr. Pedersen, Muriel, GS Rhoades, Lois, GS Rosaaen, Dorothy Cocks, GS 475 New lniliales universiiy chrisiian union house The Universily Chrislian Union was founded on 'rhe Universily campus in l935. ln I937 'lhe UCU moved lo ils currenl- localion during a period of rapid growlh. The UCU is an inlerdenominalional group, organized for lhe purpose of providing a "Chris- l'ian home away from home" 'lor Universily men. An inleresling and varied social calendar, high- lighled loy l'he annual membership banquel, is car- ried on lhroughoul lhe year. The UCU is aclive in inlramural sporls and has also mainlained a high NOT PICTURED: Barnes, Roberf, Soph. Eide, Leonard, Jr. Gepperf, Larry, Soph. Kockendorfer, Donald, Grad. Larsen, Duane, Fr. Prichard, Paul, Soph., Presidenf Sahlin, Edward, Fr. Skieas, Eugene, Grad. Anderson, Alfred, Soph Anderson, Marvin, Jr. Brown, Donald, Fr. Browning, Richard, Fr. Carlson, Owen, Jr. Fanson, Paul, Fr. Fullinglon, Frank, Sr. Hong, Leslie, Soph. Nelson, Carl, Fr. Nelson, Edward, Sr. Oerfli, Ron, Soph. Ruef, M. Raymond, Jr. Searle, Henry, Soph. Uhlman, Donald, Fr. Wagner, Fred, Soph. Synkoa, named in memory of former club members who gave baker house kiss, , F NOT PICTURED: Allen, Gary Blain, Frank Brown, Roberl' Clausen, Dierk Colby, Thomas Dailey, John Daniels, Donald Dexfer, Richard Ekwueme, Alex Fagerberg, Walfer Glenn, Colvin Harvey, John Helser, Leon Hevly, Richard LaFreniere, Oliver Linder, Theodore Lindsfrom, Richard Lipp, Donald Mai, Klaus Parks, Leo Rekevics, Karl Sfockman, Russell Tafe, James Wefhern, Richard Woo, Tse-Chien Picfured are lfronf row, lefl' 'l'o righfl Dean Harlley, Fred Linde, Roberf Welsh, Abdul Hashim Takeo Hafae, LaVerne Eke, Thomas Shryne, David Baller, Doyle Ross, Brad Lowe, Leon Tarranf, James Somers. lSecond rowl Russell David, Charles Kandle, Richard Hicklin, operafions chairman, Charles Piersee, afhlefic chairman, Charles Ayer, freasurerg Earl Swanson, advisor, Theodore Free, presidenfg Erling Lund, secrefaryg Philip Rafhburn, social chairman, Mahmud Burney, Richard Kleparek, Jessie Chiang, Donald Lipp, Larry Wesflund. lThird rowl Charles Bryanf, Sam Uyeda, Alvin Nemefz, Jack Whifely, William Hawes, Leonard Wyngarden, Roberl' Thomson, All Ahorn, Louis Akerman, Douglas Burfon, Bernard Cook, Jerry Thonn, Jack Buckingham. lFour'lh rowl Pefer Cameron, Thomas Wesf- man, Roy Osferloh, Larry Worfhy, John Shibley, David Swineharf, Paul Vidal, Fernand Brambilla, Egon Bauer, Ronald Woofen, Jean Pefer. lBack rowl Ture Anderson, Daniel Mafriscianna, Lee Vaughn, Roberf Marfin, Ralph Gufzler, Donald Bifforf, Charles Kehl, Gary Lundergreen, Su-man Synn, Roberf Caughey, Carl Wiecherf, Walfer Hyden. synkoa Hasagawa, Fred Hisafa, Tom lchikawa, Kazuya Kadoshima, l-larry Kaya, Tomoil Kosai, Joe Kuniyoshi, Richard Maekawa, Donald Mafsumolo, John Oloshi, Tomr1jY Shiroyama. KIYOO Yamad-3. John fheir lives while serving wifh fhe armed forces during World War ll, is an organizafion of friendship among ifs members and wifh ofher sfuclenfs on campus. The club's principal acfivifies include fhe annual Homecoming banquef and dance, bowling, golf, and baskefball fournamenfsg pledging, a banquef honoring fhe grad- uafing seniors, annual spring picnic, and a variefy of ofher funcfions. The clubhouse, esfablished in l920, affords a comforfable and convenienl' living quarfers as well as a popular acfivify cenfer for 'lhe members and fheir friends during fheir floal- hours. The club enfers baskefball, bowling and soffball feams in inframural league NOT PICTU RED: Arima, James Echigo, Keishi Fuiifa, Ben ldefa, Akio Kadoshima, Ponqld Kaiimura, Hiroshi Kaiimura, Saburo Kawamofo, Akio Kikuno, Ray Kumasaka, Roland Murakami, Ken Nakamura, Ted Nakafsu, Lorry Okada, Charlie Onodera, George Saslo, Kenichi Takahashi, Dick Tanaka, John Yamale, George Yasui, James UN Since 1906 it has been our privilcgc ru scrvc :uni Imvc thc umfidcncc of thc Univer- sity of Waxsllirugtcnxl :md thc great community which sur- rounds it. May wc scrvc you? IVERSITY NA Al. BA soo UNIVERSITY WAY M Carlton, Dennis, 294 Bergstrom, Theodore G., 352, 364 Berken, Joan W., 54, 469 Bernard, Ann W., 438 Bernard, Sherrie A., 122, 428 Bernardino, Adeline A., 217 Berni, Judith A., 55, 438 Berrier, Billy G., 271, 392 Berry, Barbara A., 434 Berry, Barbara J ., 458 Berry, Mary Jane, 426 Berry, Nancy L., 430 Berschauer. Walter L., 233 Bertolino, Beulah M., 459 Berven, Donald W., 396 Beselin, Marylin Joy, 55, 469 Best, Joanne A., 418 Beta Alpha Psi, 231 Beta Gamma Sigma, 238 Beta Theta Pi, 362-363 Bettridge, Lula M., 344, 422 Betts, Gerald, 44 Betz, Anita M., 55, 102, 206, 212 Betz, Edward B., 388, 450 Beumer, Delbert H., 46, 224, 396 Beyer, Dorothy, 262 Bibbons, Lester, 203 Bickenbach, Frederick M., 55, 232, 243 Biddle, Berkley, 355 Biddle, John S., 338, 339, 404 Bidwell, H. Allen, Jr., 388 Bierman, Laurence, 230 Bigelow, Georgia B., 104, 113, 122, 214, 218, 416 Bigelow, Patricia Ann, 465 Biger, Helen, 239 Biggs, Jack, 44 Bigley, Barbara J., 109, 263, 467 Big Club, 221 Billingsley, Hobie, 155 Bing, Clarice A., 219, 459 Bingham, Donna G., 418 Bingham, Lawrence Merrill, 55, 402 Bird, Betsey L.. 55. 212. 239, 246, 263, 430 Bird, Dr. Win, 158 Birkeland, Evelyn S., 46, 227 422 221, , Birkeland, Ivar W., 55, 223, 0 368 289, 29 , , Birkett, Marilyn I., 261 Birks, William R., 230, 353 Birt, Jack, 401 Bish, Doris, 472 Bishop, Donald E., 55, 99, 259 Bishop, Peter F., 390 Bitar, D'arlene M., 418 Bitar, Sammy G., 388 Bittorf, Don. G., 54 Bivins, Earl, 364 Bixler, Janet, 42, 44 Bjorklund, LaVerne E., 99, 448 Bjorlie, Margaret A., 426 Bjornson, Dorothy, 239 Black, David S., 271 Black, Donna J., 418 Black, George, 221, 305, 308, 310, 312, 399 Black, Robert, 379 Black, Ross, 379 Black, Sylvia A., 436 Black, Wally, 402 Blackburn, John, 400 Blackley, Virginia M., 54, 458 Blackstone, Don W., 103, 404 Blackwell, Patsy D., 428 Blain, Frank, 477 Blaine Hall, 457 Blainey, Sylvia, 258, 271 Blair, Barbara P., 418 Blake, Donald E., 360 Blanchard, Jack, 393 Blatt, Norman W., 381 Blethen, Joan, 425 Block, Jack, 396 Blake, James K., 378 Blakesley, Allen L., 376 Bliss, Joan, 44, 217 Block, Eliot, 257 Block, Ned, 408 Blomberg, Alice C., 54, 473 Blglmquist, Anita B., 44, 7 Bloom, Ronald E., 54, 398 Blosl, Tom L., 71, 226, 364 Blossom, Dianne E., 446 Blount, Richard I., 379 Blowers, Paul, 326 Blue, Sharon, 263 Blue, William, 233 Blumenfeld, Irv, 23 Blusztejn, Maurice, 354 Blunt, Kim, 407 Blyth, Ronald M., 55, 110, 358 B'nai B'rith Hillel Foundation, 258 Boaglio, Dorothy A., 344, 422 Bochman, Ed, 461 Bockman, Howard M., 381 480 Bode, Kathryn, 204 Bode, Richard L.. 376 Bodinger, John E., 370 Bodine, Donn A., 366 Boetticher, Nancy A., 430 Boie, William R., 398 Bogh, Gary, 232 Bohart Milton H., 55, 88, 213, 221, 305, 306, 309, 310, 312, 396 Bolan, JoAnne M., 442 Bolden, Jerry, 463 Boldt, Virginia A., 55, 438 Bolger, Patricia A., 55, 438 Boling, 0. John, 104, 410 Bollen, Harold R., 352, 378 Bollerud, Elaine, 456 Bomstead, Karen K., 55, 424 Bond, Carol J., 219, 440 Bond, Jerry E., 55, 335, 339, 370 Bonifas, Mary Ann, 459 Bonnar, Edith Jo, 55, 428 Boone, Rosalie, 239 Bordsen, Lorraine M., 55 Borella, Bettie A., 54, 432 Borgendale, Glen C., 436 Bories, Henry V., 54, 408 Borseth, Jeralyn, 472 Bosse, Ronald, 256 Bostain, Gilbert O., 54 Bothel, Roy, 230 Bough, Martha, 229, 239 Boughton, Gladys, 37 Boundy, Bruce K., 226, 401 Bourlier, P. Leroy, Jr., 54, 213 Bourne, Jim, 297, 298 Bouse, Joanne K., 55, 469 Bouse, Patricia O., 248, 446 Bovik, Lynn, 438 Bowen, Robert L., 55, 233 Bower, Joanne, 106, 114, 274 Bowers, Don V., 366 Box, Ben, 336 Box, Gary D'., 271 Boyd, Barbara J., 99, 212, 217, 271, 273, 457 Boyd, Robert W., 139, 402, 406 Boyd, Sayre, 119, 120, 167, 382 Boye, Nanette L., 428 Boyer, Patricia A., 344, 462 465 Boyer, Pricilla P., 55 Boyes, Fern L., 268, 269 Boylan, Arthur H., 382 Box, Marilyn, 254, 261 Brgaacge, Gordon N., 55, 234, Bracelin, Mary G., 55, 420 Bresson, Colleen A., 422 Brewer, Robert, 274 Brewer, Sidney., 233 Brewer, Virginia, 248 Brewer, Walter L., 54, 104, 228, 235, 351, 410 Bridges, Corky L., 221, 309, 312 Bridges, Donald, 396 Bright, Ronald E., 366 Brindle, Harold A., 231, 374 Brinkerhoff, Jesse, 44 Brinkman, Peter A., 221 222, 333, 395 Briscoe, DeWayne L., 386 Bristow, Lorraine, 101 Brix, James A., 44, 55, 216, 228, 231 Brock, Richard, 410 Brockhaug, H. Phil., 410 Brgcgcikman, Nicholas B., Brockman, Rena, 250 Brodersen, James D., 120, 382 Broenkow Harold A., 410 Brooke, Elizabeth Anne, 42 Brooke, Glenn A., 274, 404 Brooks, Marillyn, 268 Brooks, Thomas P., 49 Broswick, Robert, 42, 44 Brotherton, Curtis, 234 Brotman, Daryl M., 55, 381 Brotnoy, Warren, 220, 372 Brouilette, Geoffrey, 249 Brackett, Doreen L., 55, 210, 212, 442 Brackett, Lois H., 438 Bradburn, Arlita J., 55 Bradburn, Wilbert C., 55, 226 Braden, Marvin R. Jr., 54, 406 Bradshaw, Darryl, 314 Bradshaw, Joan E., 448 Brady, Eugene, 211, 213, 221, 328 Brggy, Geraldine L., 137, Brady, Jack, 372, 397 Brady, Jerry, 314 Brady, William T., 401 Bragdon, Marjorie E., 426 Brainard, Betty J ., 114, 218, 280, 432 Brainard, Pam K., 155, 218, 280, 420 Brainerd, Dolores A., 54, 442 Brand, Marilyn, 432 Brandeis, Fanita M., 219 Brandon, Harry E., 376 Brandon, Ken, 366 Brandon, Peggy A., 446 Brandenburg, Richard N. 230, 372 Brandt, Paul L., 410 Brandt, Richard W., 370 Brannan, Robert, 256, 397 Brannelly, Joan R., 113, 115, 457 Brannian, George, 463 Brask, Bodig, 465 123, 214, 217, 247, 442 Bratton, Nancy, 44, 109 Braun, Marlene, 137, 440 Brown, Allen K., 356 Bgcggfn, Annabell S., 55, Brown, Annabell E., 436 Brown, Don P., 360, 476 Brown, Edward G., 33 Brown, Floyd F., 352, 396 Brown, Fred L., 55, 213, 244, 350, 358 Brown, Gordy, 334 Brown, John F., 368 Brgcggzn, Kenyon F., 271, Brown, Larry E., 223, 226, 410 Brown, Louisa A., 436 Brown, Louisa, 428 Brown, Mae Lee, 122, 137, 434 Brown, Marilyn A., 105, 154, 424 Brown, Mary Jane, 55, 442 Brown, Mildred, 229 Briolgvn, Ray D., 230, 232. Brown, Richard L., 372 Brown, Roberts V., 244, 382, 477 Brown, Ronald, 44, 326, 395, 460 Brown, Sally, 55, 106, 123, 446 Brown, Sally L., 137, 446 Brown, Warren, 398 Browne, Harry, 257 Browne, Patricia J., 432 Browning, Richard L., 476 Bruce, Harlow, 267 Bruksner, Janice I., 426 Brungard, Jackie, 250 Brunsdon, Harry L., 256 Brunt, Frances T., 418 Brunt, Patricia M., 418 Brus, Robert E., 55, 228, 410 Brusch, Dave, 318 Brush, Barrie B., 395 Bryan, Bert C., 370 Bryan, Laurel, 44, 217, 446 Bryan, Robert J., 215, 296, 372 Bryant, Charles F., 55 Bryant, Imogene S., 42 Bryant, Nancy, 438 Bryant, J. Trevor, 152, 220, 370 Bubb, Wesley, 231 Buchan, William E., 386 Blighanan, Violet Louise, Buchanan, Garner, 102, 156 220 Bucher, Helen, 341, 344 Buchet, Donner, 213, 274 Buchholtz, Gladys N., 254, 273, 465 Bticglg, Jean F., 44, 109, 217, Buck, Wayne G., 109, 362 Buckingham, Jack R., 56 Buckles, Alden A. V. B., 107, 395 Braun, Richard, 233 Braunschweiger, Teddy, 116, 141, 442 Bray, Mike, 400 Bray, Ronald E., 410 Brazier, Don, 271, 273, 384 Brazier, John M., 296, 384 Brazier, Tom S., 215, 337, 384 Brear, Beverly, 424 Brear, Robert L., 54 Breeding, Donald, 230 Breivik, Janet M., 416 Bremner, Eric S., 404 Brenchley, Ben L., 42 Brennan, Mary Alice, 472 Brggtsall, Gerald, 215, 336, Breuer, Margaret A., 418 Breshears, Betty A., 430' Buckley, Bob, 315 Buckley, Harry P., Jr., 56 Buckley, Jean W., 456 Biiilgwalter, Beverly J ., Buckwalter, Dale L., 220, 376 Bucsit, Castor, 262 Budil, Marlene E., 269 Bulmer, Roland L., 368 Bumgarner, Marion, 461 Bunce, James, 461 Bundy, Bruce, 242 Bunker, Russ E.. 374 Burch, William J., 102, 119, 120, 129, 213, 215. 224, 382 Burd, Henry A., 401 Burgess, Chuck, 366 Burgess, Donald Raymond, 42 Burgess, Jim B., 368 Burgy, Margie J ., 450 Burk, Doug as F., 339 Burke, Beverly A., 239, 271, 440 Burke, Catherine J ., 418 Burke, Robert G., 464 Burke, Ronald, 224, 464 Burkett, Charles, 202 Burkhart, Barbara, 229, 472 Burkhardt, Joan, 246 Burks, Jack, 393 Burks, Joan V., 218, 442 Burkitt, Barbara E., 436 Burkitt, Harold H.. 396 Burleson, Steve, 342 Burmester, Jay A., 406 Burnett, Lee W., 410 Burney, Jack, 221, 295 Blainey, Mahmud A., 46, Burnham, Beverly J., 445 Burnham, Robert A., 368 Burnie, Robert T., 230, 463 Burns, Alfred, 42 Burns, Carol J ., 457 Burns, Gordon H., 412 Burns, Patricia, 418 Burque, Donald, 461 Burris, Marvelle., 42, 44 Burris, Robert E., 396 Burroughs, Marilyn, 217 Burrows, Nancy A., 108, 140, 438 Burrows, R. Robert, 388 Burt, Margaret M., 434 Burton, Harold J., 388 Burton, William D., 360 Burtt, Jim F., 314, 366 Burwell, William R., 372 Buschke, Esther D., 258, 452 Buseman, Ralph, 410 Bush, Curtis G., 406 Bush, Frederic Wm., 56, 221, 252, 356 Bush, William F., 360 Busch, Jay M., 167, 402 Roderick D., 335, Bushell, Don G., Jr., 395 Business Administration, College of, 32-33 Bushue, Paul B., 360 Bushell, D'on, 340 Butherus, Jeanette, 457 Butler, James, 251, 379 Butler, Marilyn N., 428 Butler, Michael R., 356 Butler, Thomas R., 356 Butterworth, Marilyn M., 342, 418 Butts, Jeanne M., 252, 446 Bye, Gerald M., 353 Buitbaum, Joel, 408 Bylngton, Richard H., 395 Byers, Wesley E., 384 Byles, Leah, 229, 472 C Cadranell, Carmen, 423 Cadwell, Clare, 114, 219, 434 Cady, Frank H., 326, 362 Cahill, John O., 56, 107, 119, 213, 223, 395, 490 Cahill, Margaret A., 44, 107, 108, 113, 114, 115, 178, 192, 214, 217, 436 Cahoon, George E., 382 Caillouette, James C., 49 Cakarnis, Ike, 339 Caldwell, Charles, 296 Caldwell, George, 203 Caldwell, Michael G., 366 Calhoun, Bruce, 147 Callaghan, Nancy, 443 Callaghan, Jim, 201, 213, 224, 234, 235 Callahan, Charles L., 56, 226, 380 Callahan, William, 465 Callarman, Sheila L., 448 Callin, Lee R., 444 Callison, James R., 360 Callison, Judy C., 116, 140, 442 Callison, Sharon L., 56, 442 Callison, Tony, 56, 351, 390 Calvert, Barbara M., 106, 116, 459 Cameron, Robert J., 56, 384 Cameron, William, 290 Camfield, Roland E., Jr., 56, 221. 223, 234, 288, 290, 360 Cammarano, Anita L.. 446 Campbell Betty J., 420 Campbell Carol Ann, 432 Campbell Connie E., 114 138, 446 Campbell Cloyd D., 388 Campbell, Dorothy, 176 Campbell, Douglas A., 368 Campbell Henry G., 56 Campbell Joan L., 44 109, 115, 440 Campbell Keren L., 56 Campbell, Mary, 266 Campbell, Margot P., 442 Campbell, Nedeja J ., 418 Campbell, Richard W., 56, 231, 400 Cgrgigxbell, Robert W., 326, Calrgifbell, Shirley A., 249, Campbell, Thomas C., 56, 401 Campf, Leah F., 452 Canfield, Bettie Lou, 42 Cannell, Robert, 461 Cannon, Arthur, 108 Cannon, Audrey E., 436 Cannon, Patricia A., 459 Canterbury Club, 259 Canty, Dave, 381 1 Capeloto, Rosalie A., 444 Caliggluto Betty, 248, 414, Cardwell, Rodney, 44 Carey, Sharon Lee M.. 416 Carey, Thomas F., Jr., 49 Carlbom, Curt G., 374 Carlgren. Virginia, 432 Carlin, William, 245 Carlson, Birgit, 113, 114, 123, 424 Carlson, Carla D., 217, 262 Carlson, David C.. 352, 393 Carlson, Diane, 428 Carlson, Helen J., 418 Carlson, James, 240, 253, 274 Carlson, Jerry, 432 Carlson, Laurreine J ., 269 Carlson, Owen W., 266. 476 Carlson, Reuben C., 398 Carlson Shirley A., 440 Carlsenj virginia R., 450 Calligstrom, Margery L., Carman, Anne Y., 268. 269 Carmen, Elaine, 341, 344 Carnahan, Stan, 272 Carney, Carney, John, 230 Richard E., 56 Carpenter, Clara, 472 Carpenter, Edward L., Jr., 46, 213, 221, 222 Czagrgenter, Eugene W., Carpenter, Polly M. E., 110, 219, 422 Carpenter, James, 398 Carr, H arold, 249, 374 Carr, Wayne E., 133, 404 Carr, Kenneth, 202, 203, 204 Carraher, Ron, 461 Carratt, Harry B., 402 Carring Carroll, Carroll, Carroll, ton, Robert E., 364 Dee B., 404 John T., 326, 356 Neil, 378 Carson, Jeannie M., 446 Carson, Carson, Carson John, 226 Robert, 461 Timmie, 231 carskaliden, Tom H., 125, 352, 410 Carson, Carson, Carsten Carter, 392 Carter, Jimmie L., 56 John B., 56 sen, Larry, 256 George J ., 56, 343, James A., 464 Carter, Jo J ., 438 Carter, Lawrence, 360 Carter, Wayne C., 134, 226, 336, 390 Carter, Cartier, William L., 220 James E., 402 Cary, James E., 366 Caryle, Warren, 277 Cascade Hall, 460 Case, Austin M., 55. 106 Budlong, Jace C., 402 Bueno, Ada G., 440. 441 Buerk, William, 455 Buley, George, 233, 236, 240 Buller, Beverly M., 115, 138, 438 Buller, Suzanne A., 44, 217, 250, 438 Bulmer, Robert E.. 56, 368 Calvert, Ralph D., 56, 224, 386 Calvert, William C., Jr., 215, 265, 382 Calvo, Norman N., 354 Cameron, Alan S., 360 Cameron Bill, 288 Cameron, James D., 392 Cameron Judy, 214, 424 Cameron Pete, 295, 339 Cash, D. Gordon, 215, 220, 240, 356 Cass, Steve B., 56, 401 Cassels, Colleen C., 44, 56, 218, 442 Cassidy, Maureen M., 440 Cassill, Diane T., 442 Cassill, George F. 366 Cassill, Harvey, 108, 279 Cassim, Edward A., 400 Cassin, Thomas, 44 Cassity, George E., 372 Castagna, Frank, 463 Castillo, Joan M., 104, 424 Castonla, Dorothy I., 54, 56, 132, 249, 274 Cathey, Barbara, 254 Caton, Geraldine L., 56 A Il and fam for ini livil Alw in l dise M an Boo P Gres Le: Stud In G P Fre To Spa F , Your Bnnk inrn Continuing r ine A place to return time 5 7 and again to shop in familiar surroundings g 5 for the things you need p in your post-university living - - - i 4 i 1 i i Always top Brand Names 1 in the Newest Merchan- t dise in Your Book Store's Many Shops. 2 Book Shop - Camera Shop Pens and Typewriters i Greeting Cards - Stationery 4 i p Leather Goods - Records Artists' Supplies Student and Office Supplies Im orted anl D t' P 1 omes lc Naturally you will find a continuing newness in merchandise innovations Gifts of Great Variety Frederick 81 NelS0n,S and styles here at the Book Store-anytime you drop in this year, Fresh H . - ome Made Candles or in years to comeg but, you'll always find the same old friendly feeling and service 1 Toiletries and Perfumes i Sports Shop I Men-as Wear pleasant surroundings for leisurely browsing and selecting. 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Gift Wrapping I i Pen and Typewriter Repairs i i 000000000000000O0OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOQUNIVERS g0Oooooooo OPEN THURSDAY EVENINGS' 7 To 9 J fth University ' S ts o 6 2 I-lqug-5 FREE PARKING Owned bythe Assoczated tu en sh9PPe"S' I.of Norfh of M H EI 34Q0 j eanY ofel 4325 University Way M rose 5 48l i I i i Catton, Ed, 274 Cavaness, Dave, 296, 339, 464 ,N - Cays, Jean A., '473 Ceder, Jack, 44, 332 Cederblom, Edna L., 56, ' 72, 99, 212, 454, 457 Cederwall, Karin, 447 Ceichners, Inese, 232, 243 Cerney, Evelyn, 229 Cettie, Ron, 108 Chlalgot, Patrick K., 114 Chaikin, Norma L., 444 Chamberlain, Martin N., 22 Claasigiberlain, Nancy, 137, Chamberlin, Charlotte F., 56, 430 Chamberlin, Kay O., 442 Chambers, Dean, 213, 221, 305, 309, 310 Chambers, William, 343 Champers, Lucinda, 140, 144, 415, 440 Chandler, Marlene J ., 446 Chaney, Charles, 230 Chang, David, 44 Chang, Robert N., 56, 334 Chao, Robert C., 465 Chapman, Howard E., 220, 415 Chapman, Stuart, 34, 216 Chapman, Tom, 143 Chapple, Dr., 28, 201 Charles, Sally B., 424 Charles, Sue B., 424 Chase, Betty F., 434 Chase, Shirley A., 263, 418 Chasteen, Robert W., 353 Chatfield, Douglas E., 388 Chaykin, Sterling. 46, 463 Cheadle, Gordon, 242 Cheesman, Hugh, 236 Chelan Hall, 461 Cherberg, John, 303 Cheshire, James L., 402 Chesnutt, John L., 56. 228 Chetlain, Arthur L., 56, 221, 382 Chetlain, Joanne A., 56, 212, 254 Chhabra, Brig M., 56, 231 Chikata, Florence, 232, 243, 270 Chinn, Hing W., 56, 247 Chi Omega, 428-429 Chipman, Dennis, 44 Chi Psi, 364-365 Chisholm, Roderick S., 464 Chgtenden, Robin A., 42, Cl5g.ZVO0d, Thomas E., 56, Choi, Ted, 146 Clarke. George W., 56, 291, 382 Clarke, Lou, 100, 105 Clarke, Letitia M., 56. 436 Clarke , Margaret, 472 Clarke. Patricia R.. 426 Clasen, Dann S.. 372 Claudson. Tom T., 400. ' Clausen, Blanche Marjorie, 42 Clausen, Dierk Engers, 266, 477 Clauson, Carolyn Luther, 42 Claussen, Jean L., 254, 344, 457 Clayberg, Carl D., 56, 464 Claypool, Jacqueline H., 48, 56, 86, 106, 12, 446 Clayton, David J., 392 Cleek, Larry, 119 Clement, Kendall S.. 364 Clemmer, Marlijo, 420 Cleven, George C., 464 Clifford, Florence R., 424 Clifford. Nathan S., 56, 336, 374 Clift. Sally A., 115, 131. 416 Clinkenbeard, David, 238 Cloud, Cecilia S., 268 Cloud, Dona Nita M., 422 Cloud, Tony, 461 D323 Chi "Dog", Clyde, Coar, Richard O., 56, 232, 356 Coate, Bonnie J.. 263. 467 Coats, Cynthia R.. 448 Coats, David M., 366 Cochran, Jean, 342. 422 Cogglgran, William T., 56, Cochren, Jean E., 254, 344 Codd, Paul, 332 Coe, Frank C., 56 Coffie, Jean B., 456 Collgfgn, John C., 236, 339, Cogan. John P., 351, 374 Cohn, Tom, 213 Cohen, Darlene D., 434 Colby, Raymond A., 56, 232. 243 Colby, Thomas, 477 Cole, Ann, 113, 115. 217 Cole, Jack E.. 56, 226 Cole, Joe, 462 Cole, Kenneth C., 29 Cole, P. Ann, 457 Cole, Dorothy, 201 Cole Pemberly, 44 Cole: Robert L., 390 Cole Sylvia 261 coieinan, Carol A., 424 Coleman, Charles B., 56, Chriest, Julius, 256 Christ, Virginia J., 44, 115, 273. 332, 382 Coleman, Gary, 298 Coles, Helen E.. 442 Coles, Susan. 442 Coles, Pat, 385 217, 442 Christensen, Ellen K., 42, 44, 46, 245, 456 Christensen, James W., 220, 404 Christensen, Janet L.. 428 Cl-agftensen, Lillian, 247, Christensen, Max, 240 Christensen. Thelma J., 56, 454, 459 Christian, Marilyn C., 430 Christian Science Org., 260 Christiansen, Betty J., 56, 280, 430 Christiansen, Nikki, 218 Clgrstiansen, Warren G., Christianson, Oscar, 461 Christie, MarcusC., 398 Christie, Ray R., 56, 380 Cl5g?ty, Howard A., 234, Christy, Theodore, 56, 213, 226. 273. 350. 366 Chryst, Hazel M., 219. 457 Chubb, William D., 388 Chun, Jane V., 458 Church, Bett, 415, 420 Church, Campbell. 224, 364 Church, Frances, 267 Church, Phil E., 28, 250 Churchill, Tom D., 384 Cipriano, Joe, 211, 332 Clampitt, Milt, 362 Cliiip, Martha A., 56, 414, Clark, Clint F., 352, 366 Clark, Gilbert, 44 Clark, Jo Ann, 254, 459 Clark, John, 256 Clark, Ken, 402 Clark, Kent E., 250, 362 Clark, Louise, 44 Clark, Marilyn M., 56, 440 Clark, Mary Jane, 269, 459 Clark, Richard W., 148, 274, 377, 386 Clark, Rosella M., 268, 269, 457 Clark, Sally, 56, 134, 430 Clark, Whit, 221 Clarke, Ann, 430 Clgggce, Constance C., 56, cial-ke, Doug, 104, 123, 223, 298 482 Collier, Helen C.. 227 Collins, Loyle, 243 Collins, Marcia, 243 Collins, Melvin J., 376 Collins, Merrie M.. 416 Collins, Nancy J.. 219. 426 Collins, Suzanne E., 424 Colpron, Merlyn D.. 460 Columns Editorial 8: Business Staff. 142-144 Colwell, Eleanor S.. 56. 442 Compass 8: Chart. 234-237 Compton. Ethel Mae. 56 Comstock, Brian, 118, 119, 213 Comstock, George. 134, 349 Comtet, Charles, 343 Condon, Marguerite N., 56, 254, 344 Condon, Robert P., 56, 374 Congdon, Roberta A., 219, 432 Congleton, Jerry E., 364 Conklin, Ann, 438 Conklin. Linn, 139 Conlu, Mansuetto, 262. 464 Connell, C. Richard 253 Connell, Margaret A.. 432 Conner, Diane. 56, 430 Conner, Kathleen R.. 114, 139, 176, 188, 264, 265, 415, 418 Conrad, Ernest. 22 Conrad, Jim, 360 Constans, Thomas N., 386 Contreras, Eligio, Jr., 56 Converse, Howard F., 379 Convery, Fred R., 56. 386 Conway, Daniel C., 362 Coogan, Mike. 369 Cook Bernard L., 58, 233, 256, 258 - Cook, Don, 99 Cook Dorothy, 121. 423 Cook Jo Ann, 58. 418 Cook John P., 410 Cook, Marilyn J., 137. 424 Cook Maryann L.. 434 Cook Dorothy. 116 Cook, Norma D.. 446 Cook Phyllis, 465 Cooke, Colleen J., 438 Cooke, Wayne, 110., 256, 266, 462, 464 Cooley, William W., 58, 256 Coombs, Earl R.. 58 Coombs, Howard A., 29 Coon, Duane Afton, 56 Coigrger, Georgia V., 108, Cooper, Joan M., 59. 416 Cooper, Terry B., 376 Coote, John, 109, 230. 405 Cope, Nancy L., 114, 175, 448 Cop-pess, Hazel R., 114, 137. 438 Corbett, Dr. Donald G., 20 Corbett, David B., 370 Corbett, Mary L.. 416 Corbett, Robert K., 382 Corbin, Colleen A., 459 Core, James W., 410 Corkrum, Shari D., 424 Cornelison, Doran. 332 Corner, Marian, 467 Cornwell. Richard, 274 Cosby. Janice M., 469 Cori, Helen C., 59. 422 Corner, Marian, 272 Cornwell, Dick. 147, 148 Corp, Ernest, 461 Corsilles, Josefina V., 46 Corsilles, Nina, 262 Corthell, Eleanor, 44, 135, 248, 249 Cosby, Karen G, 214, 350, 439 Cosby, Janice, 229 Coshow, Jim, 323 324. 225 Cosman. Charles E., 59, 358 Cosper, Roy, 257 Costello. Charles P.. 44, 59, 216, 231, 240, 251 Cothran, Esther Ann, 42 Cottingham, Wayne, 234 Cogington, Malcolm G., Couchman, George C., 339. 398 Coulter, James A., 49 Courter, Gerald F., 59, 351, 400 Cowan, David W., 318, 356 Cowden, Delores, 229, 473 Cowden, Marjorie A.. 428 Cox, Elizabeth M.. 426 Cox, H. Warren, 407 Cox. Robert L., 313, 314, 326. 382 Cox, Ronald E.. 464 Coyle, Cynthia M., 420 Craig, Joyce B., 439 Cragin. Judy, 446 Crain, Don L., 59. 350, 364 Crain. Richard W.. Jr.. 59. 213, 217. 224. 231, 240. 251. 314. 324, 327 Cramb. Robert S., 59, 240. 251, 357 Cramb. Svlvia. 436 Cramer Daniel L., 316, 318. 395 Cramer. Sally D., 418 Crane, James, 256 Craswell, Bruce, 386 Crays, Shirley S., 418 Creamer, Patricia Lynn, 58. 448 Crees, Bob, 120 Creesy, Helen L., 122, 263. 343, 434 Cregan. David, 461 Creglow. Richard, 257 Criafap, John W., 58. 244, 7 Crewdson, Alex. 58, 86, 147, 226, 274. 351. 402 Crews, Charles C. A., 58, 406 Crim, Carlo E., 448 Crim. James A., 44, 258, 296. 386 . Croghan, John, 147 Crompton, Wilson. 250, 231 Cronk, Daniel S.. 356 Cronk, Jerry R.. 59 Crook. Stewart R., 305. 311 Cronkhite, Leland J.. 360 Crook, Stew, 310. 396 221 Crook, Dorothy L., 49, 465 Crooks, Bob, 376 Crosby, Ardon. 224 Crosby, Joanne. 261, 469 Crosby, Mary, 44 Cross, Harry. 1C8 Cross, Paul C., 27 Crosson, Don L.. 382 Crothers. Lee, 364 Crouch, Gerry K., 374 Crowe. Clayton T.. 463 Crowell, Laura, 123. 216 Crowley. Dorothy E., 434 Cruikshank, Collen C., 215, 282 Cruickshank. Ray, 256 Cruver, Jim E, 358 Cubbage, Robert M., 463 Cgltgepper, William, 202, Cummings, Alan, 202 Cummings, Jack C., 59 Cummins, Chas. D., 59, 230, 410 Cummins, Diane, 42 Cundy. Kenneth. 461 Cunningham, Alan. 410 Cllggingham, George G., Cunningham, Geraldine R. 469 Cunningham, James, 252 Cunningham, John E., 220 Cunningham, Karl W., 384 Cunningham, Maureen M., 59. 457 Currans, E. Thomas, 118, 382 Curry, Catherine E., 271, 440 Curry, Dan A., 300 Curry, Marian P., 59, 420 Curti, Vasant, 465 Curtis, Boyd. 147, 274 Curtis, Edna M., 263, 272, 454, 467 Curtis, Jack L., 353 Curtis, Joanne, 59, 245, 458 Curtis, Linnea, 239 Curtis, Michael P.. 376 Curwood, Barbara T., 114, 167, 183. 436 Cushing, John F.. 395 Custer, Don W., 202. 400 Cutler, Russel K.. 30 Cutter, William, 372 Dack, Edward Bruce. 42 Dahlgren, Don, 104, 177, 356 Dahlgren, Ed, 59, 230. 343, 366 Dahlquist, Margaret A., 58, 448 Dailey, Betty A., 446 Dailey, Janet L., 115, 124, 166, 446 Dailey, John L., 58, 274, 351, 412, 477 Dailey, Robert K.. 358 Daily Business Sz Editorial Staff, 132-135 Dale, Anna, 44 Dale, Howard M., 49 Dalin, Donald, 251 Dalrymple, Lawrence K., 222, 317, 404 Dalrymple, Ted L., 276, 300, 402 Dalzell, Larry, 314 Damitio, Nancy J., 245, 263, 467 Dammeier, Brian F., 390 Dana, Lorinda, 418 Daniels, Donald G., 102, 215. 256, 334. 477 Danielson, Donald H., 44, 58. 233 Danielson, Patricia J., 44, 58, 459 Darbyshire. Leslie. 247 Darnell. Mary E.. 434 Daubert, Janet M., 442 Daubert. Richard A., 362 Davidson, Mary Lou, 99, 106. 434 Davidson, Milton, 462 Davidson, Robert V.. 364 Davies. David A., 121, 220, 314. 356 Davies, Pete. 404 Davies, William T., 59 Davis Ann J., 59, 212. 440 Davis Catherine E., 250, 418 Davis, Craig, 253. 461 Davis, Don P.. 382 . Davis, Doris Jeanne, 420 Davis, Dwight O.. 410 Davis Earl L.. 273, 392 Davis, Glen, 256 Davis, James W., 123, 372 Davis, Jim. 21 Davis, Jo Lee, 420 Davis, Joseph J., 59, 134, 249 Davis Mike, 394 Davis Milton, 389 Davis Nancy, 42, 262, 204 Davis Davis Pat, 109 Peggy, 229, 472 Davis Raymond A.. 393 Davis Roger O., 370 Davis Theron L., 388 Davis Thomas J., 46, 274, '402 Davis, Walt. 220, 318, 379 Davis. William, 406 Dalggson, Peggy L., 44, 214, Dawson, John Bruce. 59, 224. 226, 234, 235, 368 Dawson, Robert. 461 Dawson, Viola, 263 Day, D'orothy, E., 426 Day, Eugene. 232 Day, Howard W., 122, 402 Day, Janet L.. 426 Day, John E.. 59, 353 Day, John M., 220. 360 deAlvarez, Russell R., 39 Dean, Barbara, 426 Dean, Charlotte M., 193, 439 Dean, Harlan, 274 D'ean, James, 461 Dean, Robert D., 460 Dease, Peter W., 388 deBard, Carol V., 428 DeCan. Betsy, 103, 113, 134, 214. 217. 248. 438 Decker, Jay D.. 119. 384 Decker, Jerry N., 372 Dederer, Michael E., 249, 376 Dedo, Darrell V., 360 D'e Domenico. Paul D.. 407 Deegan, Gerald Paul, 42 Deeprose, Blanche L., 432 Defenbach, Robert B., 49 DeFord, Marlene, 44 DeFord, Winton E., 59, 232 De Groote, Carolyn E., 59, 428 DeGrucio. Conrad, 381 DeKraay, Ginger R., 59, 418 Delaurenti, Bob, 146, 388 Delman, Jay S., 58, 408 Delsman, Lois, 456 Delta Chi. 366-367 Delta Delta Delta. 430-431 Delta Kappa Epsilon, 368-369 Delta Gamma, 432-433 Delta Mu, 261 Delta Sigma Phi, 355 Delta Tau Delta, 370-371 Delta Upsilon, 372-373 Delta Zeta, 434-435 Delzer, Nancy Kay, 42 Demetre, James S., 58, 223, 256, 350. 366 Demmery, Joseph, 33 Denney, Claudia C., 426 Denzer, Ronald E., 355 de la Vergne, Toni, 432 De Leon, Leatrice, 452 Delimitros, Artie C., 171, 382 D'emetre, James, 290 Deming, Carolyn. 263 Demitriades, Paul B., 253, 378 Demming, Carol, 272 Dempsay, Marjy A., 446 Dempsay, Susan J., 113, 123, 140, 214 248, 274. 344. 446 DeNise, Dwight M., 240 Denney, Betty J., 440 Denny Annex, 466 Dennis, Ida E., 465 Dennis, Joan M., 456 D'enzer, Ronald E.. 58, 231 Derby, Alfred J., 368 Dgiglgy. Dean D., 313, 314, Dermanis, Inara A., 58, 232, 243, 343 Dermanis, Paul. 44 De Selms, Roy C., 59, 253, 395 Deshmukh. Leela, 467 De Spain, Joye Nelsen, 59, 214 De Spain, Marianna G., 44, 217, 268 271 Deutsch, Dorothea M., 59, 452 Devery, William J., 343, 353 Devoe, Donald, 410 Dexter, Darlene M., 59, 245, 440 Dexter, Richard C., 59, 376 Dich, Larry, 461 Dick, Claire M., 103, 218, 416 Dick, Luther, 59 Dickey, Alfred C., 256 Dickenson, Jerry, 378 Dickinson, Antonia, 447 Dickinson, John, 464 Dgzgginson, Lewis E., 59, Dickinson, Marilyn, 44 Dickinson, William L.. 386 Dickson, Ralph S., Jr., 244 Dickson, Robert, 224 Dideon, Richard, 119, 122 Dieffenbach, Patrick A., 59, 245 Diener, E. Paul, 58, 224, 233 Digegg, Arthur H., 226, 253, Dietz, Donald O., 386. 396 Digg, Warren C., 44, 224, Dietzen, Ann E., 107, 123, 446 DiLazzaro, Mike N., 402 Dille, James M., 39 Dillery, Marita Lewis. 472 Dillingham, Joy, 202. 277 Dilworth. JoAnn, 434 Dime, Gary E., 230. 374 Dingman. Maggi C., 420 Diokno, Benicia I.. 262 Dionne, Gordon, 465 Dgggine, Gay J., 58, 107, Ditty, William J.. 395 Ditz, James P., 58, 258 Divelbiss, Charles Levi, 42 Dixon, Alice, 259, 458 Dixon, Diane L., 416 Dgxgn, Geraldine Yvonne, 6 Dixon, Rosemary. 229 Dobbs, Lary S., 352, 382 Dobkin, Melvin E., 232, 463 Dobson, Beverly, 249 build your banking relationship carefully Students have often established lifetime associations when they began banking at the University Branch of N B of C. When they were graduated and moved to various parts of the state, they easily transferred their bank- ing to another of the 42 N B of C branches. They are now making their contributions to the growth of the areas in which they live, and are established with a bank which has, in turn, been making its contribution to the growth of the state since 1889. helping you . . . build washingffm Since 1889 national bank universily branch east 45th ,af brooklY" avenue . . cor orclfion member federal deP05" 'nsumnce P iii? 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Beverly, 44 Erven, Richard, 339 Esdale, Gloria M., 219, 418 Eshelman, Wayne, 236 Espinda, David A., 370 Essgr, Gerald J., 221, 311, 37 Estabrook, Fred C., 60, 232 243 Estes, Benjamin B., 404 Estey, Karin, 446 Estigoy, Romulo, 262 Estonactoc, Ernestina, 262 Estonian Club, 261 Etchieson, H. Dione. 433 Euteneier. Max G., 285, 382 Evan, Dave, 327 fil nist Club, 262 Finlbh, Earl C., 240, 462, 463 Fingerson, Lowell, 241 Finke, Stuart W., 378 Finlay, James, 410 Firpo, Joe, 204 Fir Tree, 211 Fisch, Richard E., 379 Fischer, John, 232 Fischer, Dr. Louis, 243 Fish, Tom L.. 337. 362 Fisher, Jr.. L. Donald. 60. 237. 318. 368 Fisher, Franklin, 44 Fisher Jody.M.. 448 Fisher Marcia A.. 254, 434 Fisher, Pete F., 395 Fisher Philip H., 273, 392 Fisher Phelps K., 337, 360 Fiskee Ty. 240 291, 298 Evans, Barry G., 104, 410 Evans, Cary A.. 271, 442 Evans, Charles A., 39 Evans, Clayton C., 358 Evans, Dolores A.. 458 Evans, Eleanor, 123 Evans, Harry G.. 60. 374 Evaggs, Robert E., 60, 401 4 Evans, Robert L., 60, 364 Ev-anson, Richard C . 364 Everest, Harold P., 20 338, 386 Everett, Thomas -S., 244 Evey, James Arlyn, 42 Evey, Stuart W., 304 Ewart, Terry, 44 Ewank, William L., 356, 123 Eyer, Kenny, 386 F Fagerberg, Walter E., 43, 44, 60, 228. 240, 251, 477 Fahey, Barbara L., 60. 448 Fahle, Virginia A., 214, 448 Fairbairn, Ian, 461 Fairservice, Emmie Lou,- 60, 424 Falconer, Maynard, 256 Falk, Inga A., 419 Fitch, Cornelia M., 108. 115 138, 424 Fite, Julia R., 60. 439 Fitzer, Norma, 448 Fitzgerald, Bert W., 401 Fitzgerald, Jack G., 360 Fitgfgerald, John R., 296, 3 Fitzpatrick, John R., 396 Fitzpatrick, Mary Jane, 341, 344 Fix, Carolyn, 440 Flaherty, Don E., 222, 317 Flaks, Carmen, 444 Flaks, Marvin A., 358. 381 Flanik, Arthur P., 465 Fleming, Barbara J., 446 Fleming, Carol E., 61, 414, 448 Fleming, 231 Fleming, Fleming, Fl ' eming, Fleming, Fl in , Frederick C., 61, Gordon A., 366 James D., 384 Joanne E., 426 Pete, 230 Richar H. 2 em g d . 9 Fleming, Teddy, 313, 314, 4 Fletcher, Albert A., 253 Fletcher, Jack, 220 Fletcher James H. 384 Flinkman, Melvin D.. 366 Flohr, Robert B.. 215, 390 Falk, Thomas P.. 384 Faltico, Pat, 44, 332 Fankhauser, Mike 395 Fanson, Paul L., 476 Farinas. Dick, 262 Faris, Robert E. L., 30 Farmer, Connie Rie, 430 Farmer, Guy W., 356 Farmer, John, 202. 204 Farmer, Kay M., 60, 442 Firrgier, Sunny Sue, 248, 4 Ffirnell, Dorothy H., 254 Farquharson, F. B., 35 Farr, Fred J., 382 Farra, Don G., 334, 362 Farrar, Janet M., 426 Fgrdrggell, Barbara, 204, 202, Farrell, Bob, 224 Farrell, Charles V., 398 Farrell, Edmond, 356 Farrell, Kathy M., 422 Farrell Paul J ., 398 Faigris, 'Margaret Lucille, Fauchald, Ann M., 110, 436 Faulkner, John M., 49 Faye, Alan E., 390 Feaster. Richard V., 146, 240. 338. 386 Fedash, Stella, 243, 252 Fee. Bob H., 386 Feeley, Sylvia A., 420 Fehrenbacher, Nadine S., 419 Feinberg, Joyce L., 415, 444 Felt. Dick, 394 Ffggtgn, Roger, 61, 119, 121, Felzer. Maxine S., 177, 452 Fendall, Nancy E., 239 Ferguson. Barbara J., 61, 67, 108, 210. 212, 252, 434 Feliiguson, Jean A., 44, 141, Ferguson, Margaret D., 434 Flood, Charleen L., 269 Flora. Don F., 241, 374, 455 Floyd, Spence. 241, 379 Flower, Charles C., 338, 404 Flower, Elizabeth A., 108, 428 Flower, Mary L., 424 Fluharty, Arvin, 44. 378 Flye. Don G.. 221, 299, 384 Fo, Donald J. M., 464 Fogelsong, Virginia, 472 Fonda. John A.. 352. 355 Fonkalsrud, Eric, 289, 290 Foo, Eng Land CEvanD, 61 Foord. Marilyn, 114, 416 Foote, Donald J., 61, 372 Foote, Frank, 361 Foott, William H., 60, 376 Forbes, Bruce N., 395 Forbes, Dorr, 390, 398 Forbes, Lily, 148 Force, Jerry J., 60, 85, 231, 244, 260. 224 Force, Norma, 261 Ford, Art, 386 Ford, William P., 223, 227, 290. 364 Foreman, Richard M., 271, 381 Forest Club, 241 Forester, Jay. 202 Forestry, College of. 31 Forman. Larry A., 381 Fornia. Robert F., 60, 213, 221, 293, 294, 362 Forrey. Arden, 224. 236, 237 Forrestall, Floyd, 241 Forsgren, Dale L., 242 Forsman, Einar V.. 42, 44 Forsstrum. Ulla. 232 Forster, Fred, 242 Forsythe. Soudra L., 430 Fortier, John J., 60, 228 Fortin, Patricia O., 218, 246 Foster, Bruz. 334 Foster, Carol J., 60, 212, 414, 420 Fgsytaer, Elizabeth A., 60, Ferguson, Mary Jane, 103, 109, 268, 269 Fgigguson, Robert F., 61, Ferguson, Roland C., 61, 226 Ferguson, W. J., 463 Ferluga. Joseph J., 60, 404 Ferree, Lisa, 127 Ferry, Frank S.. 60, 226 Ferryman, William H., 404 Fery, John, 211 Foster, Gary A.. 390 Foster, Gordon H., 241 Foster, Harry. 362 Foster, Isabelle B., 138. 442 Foster, Robert B.. 60, 368 Fowler, David, 109 Fowler, Joyce J., 103, 436 Fowler, Mary A., 229, 469 Fox, Delores C., 416 Fessler, Ida C.. 60, 248 Fester, Harry S., 60 Fetterolf, Diane M., 44, 217. 442 Figgen, Patricia M., 262, Figil, Jerald W., 44, 60 Field, Nancy E., 114, 424 Field Robert E., 404 Fieldi Terrence V.. 372 Fielder, William H., 366 Fielder, John, 376 Fields, Douglas A., 60, 386 486 Fox, Katherine. 96 Fox, Marie C., 448 Fox, Richard, 256 Fraley, George T.. 362 Frame, Bill D., 395 Frame. Marallyn A., 134, 141. 248. 439 Francke, Lynn R., 218. 268 Frangen. Betty M., 103, 415. 430 Frank. Ingrid L.. 433 Frankland, Charles, 20 Frgaagkland, Robert S., 318, Franklin, Jim, 328, 330, 368 Franklin, Laurel G., 60, 271, 459 Franklin, Ray M.. 241. 393 Franklin, Roy G.. 368 Franzke. Suzanne J.. 439 Fraser, Donita L., 416 Fraser. Lee, 442 Fraser, Susan R., 442 Fraser, Terry R.. 61. 398 Frasier, William E., 404 Fravn, Jr., Robert M., 120, Gardner, Adalyn L.. 203 Gardner, Brian M.. 398 Gardner, Joan B., 219, 426 Gardner, Mrs. Herbert, 20 Gardner Lynn, 422 Gardner, Thomas C., 402 Garner, John, 213, 282. 283, 284 Marilyn E., 63, 382 Frederick, Ann, 61. 456 Frederick, Shirley J.. 420 Fredericksen. Wanda M.. 456 Fredriksen, Constance, 472 Fredrickson. Dick. 241 Free, Theodore E.. 61 Freedman, Howard I., 381 Freeman, Adrienne S., 473 Freeman, Loleta, 472 Freeman, Mark P., 42 Freeman, Melvin I., 107, 127, 215, 257, 381 Freeman, Richard W., 103, 388, 455 Freeman h42 24 , Rut . . 5 Freigiman, Michael R., 61, 40 Freligh, Alice A.. 263 French, Alice. 138 French, Douglas E., 223, 199, 245. 263, 272, 467 Garner, Rachel A., 459 Garred, Carolyn R., 105 Garrett, Gerald. 397 Garrett, Len W., 370 Garretson, Charles E.. 390 Gartshore. Judy A., 428 Gasaway, Don, 374 Gaskill, Herbert L., 41 Gaston, Dick S.. 402 Gaub, Peggy, 426 Gault, Ross M., 437 Gavey, Patricia L.. 122, 445 Gagvin, Roger J., 127, 350, 74 Gaw, J. Wilson, 62, 215. 224, 228, 230. 245. 395 Gawley, Jill D'.. 416 Gayton, Gary D., 156, 220, 221. 296, 339 Gee, Darrell E., 62. 402 Geer, Meredith, 239 Geertsen. Jerry F., 243, 252 Gloege, Marvin E., 62, 271, 464 Glovka, John, 465 Go, Sumio, 42 Gocmmel, Richard E,, 350 Goertz, Robert D., 62, 241, 393 Goggins, Shirley L., 62, 63, 102, 110. 210, 212, 238, 414. 426 Goggio, Carol, 248, 245 Goings, Richard, 44 Goldberg, Charles R., 358. 381 Goldberg, David I., 381 Goldberg, Lynne, 452 Goldfarb, Alvin I., 63, 408 Goldman, James, 63. 408 Goldstein, Norton H., 63, 231, 240 Gollaher, Larry Lester, 257. 396 Goller, Ethel C., 63 Goller, Vernon L., 63 Golub, Bobbie J., 444 Gonzalo, Fernalane S., 262 Gooch, Mickey, 167 Good, Dale. 147, 148 Good, Eva Mae. 473 Good, John, 240 Goode, Carole, 261 Goode, John W., 172, 221, French, Gordon L., 398 French, Joan 259 French, Shirley E., 62. 446 French. Stephen. 44. 338 Fretheim, Tom D.. 121, 398 Frey. Carol M., 62, 239 Friars Robert E., 62, 370 Frfgziilander, Betty Lou, Friedman, Charlene J., 214, 452 Friedman, Jay R., 408 Friedman. Roslyn D., 219, 415, 452 Geiger, LaMont J., 326, 372 Gellermann, Mildred, 96, 222, 316, 356 Goodfellow, Marlene. 44 Goodman, Bob G., 405 Fries, Donald J., 62, 460 Fries. Donna Marilyn. 42 Friet, James E., 224, 271 Fritz. Charles. 461 Frgfflle, Theobald E., 63, Frodel. Edward C., 121, Frolich. Celeste J., 104, 428 Frost, Ted. 63, 115, 221, 223. 288. 290. 402 Frost, Vernon R., 27 F15529Clifford F.. 134, 230, Fuecker, Margaret Jane, 450 Fuhring. Geraldine P., 254, 261, 459 Fujii, Irene M., 63, 370 Fuiii, Jean A.. 254, 270 Fujimura, Robert, 465 Fuiita. Ben, 477 Fukeda. Alice, 270 Fuller. M. Donald. 376 Fullington, Frank F., 132, 227. 476 Fulton, Marge E., 254. 457 Funamori. Takiko, 270 Funk, Kathryn Ann, 42 Furgeson. Barbara A., 437 Furnia, Ernest M., 271, 401 Furry, Janiss L., 440 G Gaffner, Gary P.. 384 Gaffner. Haines B., 119, 215, 223, 384 Gage, Kaye L., 416 Gahefran, Monna. 106, 126 Gahunia, Ajit, 465 Gaidsick. Harold. 256 Gaiser, Donald F., 362 Galber, Harriet J., 262 Galbraith, Alan F.. 370 Galbraith, Richard M., 119. 122, 392. 455 Galimanis, Harry G., 465 Galimanis. Jim G., 402 Galutia, Chester, 232 Galvtiak, Chester, 252 Gallagher. Pat, 366 Gaggtly, Patricia A., 63, Gallinger, John W., 63, 244 Gallop, Dave, 107 Gallop. Diane M., 273 Gallop, Don, 102 Galstaun. Vanick, 202 Galt, Phillip, 400 Gamble, Donna L., 42 Gamble Michael I., 388 Gamet. David, 464 Gamido. Lolita S., 63, 232, 243, 262, 459 Gamido. Marian J., 254, 262. 344 Gamma Delta, 262 Gamma Phi Beta, 436-437 Gamon. Marjorie, 263, 272, 467 Gasiggy, Robert J., Jr., 314, 101. 108, 123 Gentemann, Gerda S., 148, 457 George, Dave, 326 George, Joan M., 263, 467 George, Mary Lee. 420 Geppert, Larry, 476 Geraghty, John V., 99, 127, 362 Gerbel, Arthur. 24 Gerberg, Joe, 251 Germaine, Shirley A., 422 Gerness. Sylvia A., 44, 62, 232, 243. 252 Gerrodette, Charles E., 352, 404 Gessel, Stanley, 123, 241 Getchell. Jim A., 300. 384 Gevers, Thea J., 62, 210, 271. 459 Gfeller, Alfred M., 63, 243 Gibbons, Bob, 389 Gibbons, Lester. 277 Gibbons, Robert. 223. 290 Gibbs, Charles V., 63, 251 Gibbs, Gale C.. 63 Gibbs, Janet, 44, 420 Gibbs, Tom, 240 Giblin. Mildred. 42. 44 Gibson, Gloria J., 447 Gibson, Gloria A., 242, 450 Gibson, Gordon E., 233 Gibson, Harold M.. 402 Gibson, Jean. 63, 430 Gicggings, Shirley J., 63, Giedt, Carol A., 110, 134, 249. 419 Gierke, George E.. 63 Gierke. LaVerne J., 63 Giere, Nan, 439 Glger, Gene. 336 Gilbert, Pat A., 448 Gilbertson, Laura Jean, 261 Gilevich, John, 461 Gill, Betty L., 104, 424 Gill, Marjorie J., 105, 114, 121. 214 Gill, Pat A., 137, 428 Gillanders, James E., 44, 106, 215. 411 Gillette, Harold, 42, 44 Gillilan. Patricia E., 63, U454, 459 Gillis, Don. 245. 374, Gillis, Murlin, 44 Gillman, Jan M., 253, 256 Glilllrgian, Stanley A., 120, Gilman, Derrold. 243 Gilman, Robert F.. 408 Gingrich, Lee C., 62. 356 Ginnell. Clifford, 256 Ginnett, Gary M., 396 Girard, Robert, 42, 44 Giske, Ken, 241 Givens, Roy L., 257, 386 Gladstone, Valentin M., 46, 401 Glancy, Carol, 106 Glann, James D., 44, 103, 220, 224, 271, 376 Goodrich, Dean Forest, 40 Gorans, Virgil, 245 Goranson, Zona G., 420 Gordon, 433 Gordon Alix L., 63, 244, Faye Diane 452 Gordon: James W., 63, 252 Gordon, Nancy G., 434 Gordon, Ronald E., 408 Gordon, Gorfkle. Sharon L., 452 Sanford F., 103, 158. 350. 381 Gorman, Donna M., 458 Gormley, Dennis M., 366 Gorshkov, Ken, 261 Gostain, Gilbert O., 246 Gould, Gerald L., 230, 353 Gracey, Robert B., 241, 393 Graduate Nurses Club, 239 Graf, Robert L., 358 Graff, Margery M.. 62. 419 Ggasge, Josephine M., 254, Gragg. James S., 368 Graham, Frank, 221 Graham, Jacqueline L., 62, 440 Graham, Jane, 445 Graham, Patricia J., 269 Graham, Phyllis M., 44, 62, 201, 245, 442 Gramling, Patrick M., 402 Grande, Alphonso, J r., 241 Grande, Bob, 464 Granek, Philip, 233 Grant, Alastair, 461 Grant, Bob, 223, 368 Grant, Richard E., 50, 372 Grant, Wayne G., 62, 251, 401 Grasett, Darley, 389 Graves, Helen H., 42 Graves, Joan L., 448 Graves, Tubby, 279 Gravesen, Joann M., 428 Gray, Carol A., 445 Gray, Diane H., 442 Gray, Larry E., 402 Gray, Marjorie, 63, 245, 414, 446, 447 Gray, Robert, 202, 203 Grayson, Ken, 241 Graybill, Patricia L., 428 Greathouse, Kenneth, 461 Greco, Marie O., 416 Green, Bud, 314. 337, 362 Green, Dick, 215 Green, E. Joan, 474 Green Green Green Homer, 285 Jerry J., 257. 354 Nancy R., 420 Gigieln Patricia A., 254, Green, Robert, 464 Green, Stanford K., 63, 221. 294. 356 Greene, Bob, 241 Greene, Mollie, 44 Greenblatt, Shirley, 258 Gigi-ine, William R., 84, Greenleaf, Steve C., 411 Greenstreet, Vern. 272 Glass, Barbara, 263 Glass, Merrillann, 263, 469 Glggicock, Hope, 245, 263, Greenwa y, Jerry E., 63, 118. 372 Gleason, Richard, 361 Gleason, Sharon P., 424 Gleason, Thomas A., 62, 242 Gleeson, Agnes K., 450 Ganter, Nancy, 448 Ganty, Maryjane, 115. 439 Ganty. Wallace. 240. 368 Ganzer, Victor M., 34 Gizgginer, Mary-Ellen, 116, Gleeson, Patrick G.. 396 Glendinning, Jean P., 448 Glenn, Colvin, 477 Glenn, Kirk, 230 Glerum, Rolf D., 374 Glgyp. Virginia L., 115, Grefsheim, Patti J., 122, 430 Gregg, Harry W., 50 Gregory, Margaret J .. 424 Gregory, William H., 245 Greig, Arthur, 461 Greig, Lawrence E., 242 Greiner, Peter R., 355 Grevstad, Ben I., 328, 330. 360 Grey, Pearl V., 254, 344 Grey, VVheeler, 407 Gribble, Melvin L., 353 Grieff, Marvin H., 50. 403 Griffin, Dayton G., 63. 356 X X i f y f A DIVISION OF ff!!! wzth f'54! 356 Gustafson -- - -- -----'- 'A-' pa-ni ' vs ' ""lf' "A" . - 3-' I -L, I 1- - I - - - .: - - -- 1 -- --.- -' - ' 1: I-f-Z-'I-1: --T-'f.-r.'-1 :I-' ' ff,-5 " Fi -EI-'L' 91'-jf-i'::. ,,:'5:E: :-,E 1522 2'-:Jr-'1.-'-f.-4 49 , , ' 0'-Y-v..'-:e"-1.12, .., 1,-': -.. - 1- . "r-'-: --:'-.-'.. '-- -- --,- -, ..-U-'v!-,:.-,- --'- ..-2,4--v..-'C '.,."'-1' .."-- --'-'-.'- ':'-.F '!J5.?'L?.v 0 "'.,.r."'-'- v-'-- -' '.., - i'- -"".' 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We invite you to become acquainted with the complete banking offered by Pacific National. We offer service that is competent, informed and always friendly. Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation SECOND AT MARION BELLEVU E SQUARE G 'ffi , Fred. H.. 227, 411 Gfiffilri, Jean Link, 63, 442 Griffin, Leon, 364 Grifgin, Robert Glaye, 44, 21 G 'ff' , Shirley Ann, 42 Gfiffiii, William H., 242, 360 Griffith, Diane, 217, 442 Griffith, Jacqueline F., 419 Griffith, Sandra D., 419 Griggs, Everett G., 368 Grimes Matt, 332 Grimlund, Doug, 343 Grimshaw, Austin Dean, 32, 33 Grobey, John H., 63, 221, 228, 234, 329. 326 Groggins, ir ey, Grohnert, Sandra L., 457 Groninger, Beverly J ., 424 Gross, Geraldine K., 114, 424 Gross, Leonard D., 381 Gross, Warin, 378 Grossman, Larry M., 110, 381 Grove, Byron, 241 Grundeland, Roy B., 63, 376 Grundy, Clifton R., 63, 244, 256 Grunen, Gerta Z., 62, 202, 203, 204, 227, 444 Grutchfield, Victor H., 253 Grytness, Mavis Y., 434 Guenther, Fred G., 62, 221, 294, 336, 356 Guernsey, Kathleen A., 445 Gulager, Clu, 204 Gulager, Miriam, 201 Gulick, Gayle R., 422 Gundlach, Vaughn R., 99, 253, 280, 398 Gunlaugson, Arthur, 233 Gunther, Erna, 27 Gupta, Harkrishan, 62, 461 Gurney, Russell W., 463 Guske, Sharon E., 448 Gustafson, Gustafson, Gustafson Gustafson Arlene, 430 Charles J., 62 D'elores, 472 James W., 336, Leslie 42 44 SEATTLE BELLEVUE NAT, ------7+---6 xgxc 04, .1 - I it 'r '- 4 4 its-"i2'4z11g-' ss.-: 1 in rf:-' '.:-1-511125:-f' '4 1 5',3.'5ifET,1,:f:-'f::,f ' m If 'f1.'5:-5-Q1-F..':'L:'1T,-: - +-s..-1-x-1:-:'1-515-uv 1 1. 5 Lb'-'.?.-rfr?f:i-eva: .. i Y . SEATTV 488 Gustafson, Roy, 463 Gustin, Frank J., 106, 151, 167, 215, 382 Guterson, Lewis, 44, 381 Gutherless, Maryann, 138. 428 Glgggormsen, Richard A., Guyer, Robert E., 402 Gyles, Frank, 274, 461 H Haase, Jack A., 3, 241, 328, 329, 330, 368 Haba, Leonard A., 463 Habib, Stanley S., 354 Hackett, Shirley, 147 Hackman, Robert B., 224, 242, 253, 405 Hackworth, Clyde H., 378 Haddon, Deane W., 356 Hadley, Doug N., 63, 370 Hadsell, Jean M., 450 Haehnel, Barbara J., 420 Hafae, Takeo, 462 Hagen, Bill, 384 Hagen, Maurice E., 460 Hagen, Walter, 379 Hager, Marilyn P., 63, 263 Haggard, Pegge-Lee, 140, 203, 227, 445 Haggen, Donald E., 63, 372 Hagmann, Leslie D., 464 Hahn, August. 410 Hahn, Daril, 230 Hahn, Elmer, 241 Haines, Fred, 235, 236 Hakanson, Clarkia J., 424 Hilllgert, Jackie L., 114, 218, Halder, Janet L., 63, 419 Hale, Jay, 224, 230, 252 Hale, Norman M., 463 Hale, Richard. 44 Haley, Bruce E., 63, 217, 388, 405 Hall, Eleanor, 245, 263 Hall, Eugene, 244, 461 Hall, Jay L., 382 Hall, Max E., 386 Hall, Muriel F., 113, 122, 343, 440 Halle, Roland K., 61, 63, 213, 221, 234, 283, 284, 322, 362 Hallek, Vernon, 465 Hallin, Betty J., 437 Hallum, Don M., 366 Halme, Errki, 463 Halpern, Geri L., 444 Hgggerson, Fred N., 215, Halvorson, Janice C., 430 Halvorsen, Kent, 360 Hamack, Robert, 400 Hamano, Katharine H,, 270 Hamleton, Marion, 472 Hamblin, Robert C., 64. 213, 221, 222, 315, 316. 362 Hamcs. Ted, 379 Hamidi, Habib, 461 Hamilton. Bette, 232 Hamilton, Durlenc M.. 422 Hamilton, Evelyn A., 177, 219, 424 1 Hamilton, Genlta. 344 Hamilton, Jack R., 105, 154, 382 Hamilton, Malcolm W.-. 463 Hamilton, Pegi A.. 426 Hamlin, Caro D., 64, 210, 212, 271, 343 Hamm, Wilfried D., 64 Hammans, Benjamin G., 64, 353 Hammack, Henry, 204 Hamman, William A.. 376 Hammell, LuVerna M., 110, 113, 121, 127, 214, 430 Hammer, Ellis D., 44, 226, 352, 412 Hammerlin, Carol J., 428 Hammerly, Aloha, 239 Hammermaster, Eugene A.. 296, 314. 358 l Hammermaster, Richard E., 313, 359 Hammond, Carol, 191, 449 Hammond, Evelyn M., 65, 416 Hammond, Richard R., 46, 242 Hamon, Francis, 461 Hamstrom, Jeanne, 428 Hanberg, Vernes A., 65, 416 Handley, Leo M., 65, 132, 249 Hane, Michael W., 368 Hanes, Ramon, 318 Haney, Elva Strom, 472 Hanke, Byron H., 356 Hanke, Peter, 382 Hanley, Merle, 378 Hanley, Monte, 378 Hanna, Ray L., 372 Hannifin, Marilyn, 261 Hanrahan, Colleen M., 430 Hannafin, Marilyn, 415, 434 Hansard, James M., 65, 227 Hanscom, Robert C., 411 Hansen, Barbara J., 138, 217, 219. 447 Haggen, Earl B., 65, 298, Hansen, Barry L., 364 Halpfsen, Carol P., 115, 415, Hansen, Don L., 360 Hansen, Betty, 115 Hansen, Donald, 464 Hansen, Evelyn M., 440 Hansen, Gay, 448 Hansen, James R., 374 Hansen, Judith L., 65, 458 Hansen, June A., 447 Hansen, Leroy, 461 Hansen, Mark S., 241, 386 Hansen, Millicent Gay, 245 Hansen, Nels M., 464 Hansen, Rosalee, 109 Hansen, Selby, 462 Hansler, Grace M., 447 Hansler, Jerry M.. 356 Haggen, Dorothy A., 239, Hanson, Earl, 221 Hanson, Faye A., 426 Hggison, Harold N., 220, Hanson, Ingrid, 115 Hgpzson, Jean E., 65, 232, Hanson, Joan C.. 430 Hanson, Judy, 134 Hanson, Keith W., 314, 336, 340, 398 Hanson, Kirby C., 360 Hzggifon, Neal D-., 223, 291, Hanson, Richard M., 460 Hanson. Robert C., 64, 221, 273, 300, 362 Hanson, Rosie, 106 Hanson, Stewart A.. 372 Harborview Hall, 472-475 Harden, Thordis D., 46, 104. 355 Hardesty, John, 355 Hardie, William R., 397 Harding, George F., 75, 213.. 235, 273, 274 Harding. George T., 44, 64, 215, 222, 356 Harding, John W., 23, 241 Harding, Tom, 227 Hardy, Pat, 263 Hardy, Joyce Mae. 42 Higilford, Evona M., 229, Harken, James, 461 Harkins, Henry N., 38 Harlock, Ralph, 462 Harlock, Richard, 462 Higtljow, Bruce A., 339. 364, Harlowe, Trudy A., 420 Harmon, James, 463 Harmon, Jay Hu 64, 379 Harms, Gretchen K., 437 Harnden, Milton D., 360 Hgggish, Richard M., 65, Harpel, Barbara A., 422 Harper, Guy M., 65, 221 223, 287. 289, 290, 388 ' Harper, Richard, 461 Harpolc, Jean, 214, 434 Hgggington, Barbara L,, Harrington, Danal, 203 Harrington, Patricia A, 126, 4 6 ' Harris, Alden W., 230, 359 Harris, Arthur, 461 Harris, Betty C., 65, 239, 246, 459 Harris, R. Bronsdon, 24, 106 Harris, Carol, 261 Harris, Cecil B., 65, 242 Harris, Charles, 20, 232 Harris, Donna M., 269 Harris, Gerald F., 65, 232, 405 Harris, Minnie, 100 Harris, Quinton Smith, 42 Harris, Richard W., 366 Harris, Wayne M., 65. 392 Harrison, Arthur E., 65, 255 Harrison, Beverly M., 426 Harrison, Bob, 241 Harrison, Edna V., 219, 273, 450 Harrison, Susan E., 106, 125, 415, 442 Hart, Art, 223, 291, 293 Hart, B arbara J., 219, 448 Hart, Don W.. 65, 384 Harte, Marie 437 Hartley, Gloria L., 442 Hartley, Sylvia, 416 Hartley, Ralph M., 464 Hartley, Sylvia A., 214, 273 Hartnett, Jill, 239 Hartung, Frank H., 356 Haptwig, Alan F., 64, 230, 4 Hartwig, Don O., 314, 395 Harvey, John F., 477 Hirgey, Loy C., 125, 415, 2 Higgey, Mildred, 64, 246, Harvey, Thomas, 462 Harvey, William, 277, 462 Harwood. Robert C.. 374 Hasegawa, Fred I., 354 Hasegawa, Naoko R., 64, 229, 474 Haslam, Thomas R., 360 Hassen, Jamel, 105, 154, 155, 171, 218, 280. 420 Hasson, Morris, 408 Hastings, Gordon, 372 Hastings, Robert D., 64, 228, 231 Hathaway, Ann, 440 Hathway, Charles, 277 Hatt, Jr., Earl, 353 Hitlgon, Patricia J., 65, 212, Haugen, Helen E., 65, 103, 229, 474 Haugstad, Lucie, 448 Haumann, Arthur J., 372 Hausen, Rosalee. 343 Hausman, Edward H., 65, 368 Hausman, John, 368 Higigmann, Thora L., 245, Haven, Jr., Hugh E., 223, 231, 240 Hggiland, James W., 38, Havlina, Laura Leigh. 437 Hawes, Jr., William J., 65 233 Hawkins, Judy D., 44, 439 Hawkins, Marian L., 108, 138. 386 Hawkins, Richard D., 44, 65, 147, 148. 274 Hawkins. Vern, 230 Hawley, Mary J., 456 Hayaski, Polly, 270 Hayden, Larry, 224 Hayes, Nancy L., 65 Hayes, Larrie G.. 65 Hayes, Jack, 314 Haynes, Frances, 65, 442 Haynes, Harold J., 463 Haynes, James M., 364 Haynes. Richard K., 463 Hays, Clair L., 424 Hgigltine, Hubart B., 64, Healy, Patrick S., 64, 358, 359 Heathman, Mike, 402 Heay, Norene, 426 Hebrank, Albert J.. 393 Heck, Joe L., 267, 460 Hecker, Joan L., 437 Hedenstrom, Jane M., 219, 419 Hedges, Donald H., 271 Hedges, Patricia L.. 64, 24 . 263 Hedges, Wallace H.. 64 Hedreen, Dick C.. 298, 397 Hedrich, Vivian J., 65. 249 Hedrick, Worth G., 65, 402 Heffron, Lew, 465 Helggn, Mary Jo, M. J. H.. Hefty, Edward R., 65, 231. 401 He ie, Nanc ,245 Hegdinreicli, Ralph L., 454 ... N wwufmwmmmmmf ..... .M .W -mvfm-M79-WWI., . .V ,,.,, . , STERLING ENGRAVING COMPANY TWO TWO ONE EIGHT FIFTH AVENUE SEATTLE, WASHINGTON 20 395 Hoaglund, Dayle, 279 Holm, Janet E., 37, 108, Hei1xnain,'Rob'ert B., 28 Heily, Kay1A., 433 Helly, Ray, 289 5. . Heiman, Jerald L.,f-65 Hein, Shirley M., 44,-.64, 216, 271 Heinrich, Sardello, 241 Heins, Ralph, 265 Heinz, John A., 65, 356 Heiss, Clalotte A., 266 Heisserman, C.Wayne, 386 Heister, George J., 50 Helgeland, Richard C., 65, 372 Helland, Donald C., 402 Helland, Robert B., 366 Helliesen, Harold S.. 390 Helmer, Arlys E., 458 Helms, Jack, 395 Helser. Leon, 477 Helwig, Bylieu A., 70, 439 Hirfginger, Murray V., 65, Hemingway, Michael, 204 Hemphill, Charlotte, 239 Hempler, Katherine E., 104, 426 Helgigerson, Elizabeth B., Henderson Joan, 437 Henderson John I., 65 Henderson Katherine L., 219, 459 Henderson 374 Larry T., 64, Hendrickson, Marion J., 416 Hengesteg, Peter. 401 Henkel, Harold W., 44, 241, 370 Henkel, Janet C., 138, 416 Hennes. James D., 110, 118, 123, 129, 136, 213, 215, 224, 249, 274, 402 Hennes, John P., 99. 129, 137, 139, 213, 215, 252, 274, 402 4 Hennig, Gunvor, 239 Hennigh, Larry, 465 Henninger, Frederic, 461 Henry, Ann, 75, 439 Henry, Don, 202 Henry, Edward L., 395 Henry, Phil, 318. 362 Hensley, Frank M , 64, 235 247, 360 Hepler, William, 461 Herb, Frances A., 64, 442 Herb, Nancy A.. 442 Herman, Ralph P., 65, 233, 251, 381 Herman, Jr.. Rex A., 392 Herrell, Lindsey, 231. 238 Herring, Bob, 326, 314 Herrington. Barbara L., 65 Hershey, Joyce G., 110, 214, 433 Herzog, Frank L., 65, 235, 366 Hesse, JoAnne M., 419 Hesse, Margaret, 137, 447 Hessel. Jo, 343 Hesselholt, Mary Nelle, 422 Hevly, Richard, 477 Hewitt. Edwin. 216 Heyerdahl, TorJvs B., 65 Hiatt, Joan, 465 Hiatt, Wilma, 239 Hibbard, Richard, 233 Hibbard, Sharron L.. 416 Hickenlooper, Monte P., 65 Hidalgo, Elsa S., 46, 262 Higa, Anita, 341 Higbee, Ralph L.. 384 Higgins, James E., 386 Higo, Kinuko, 270 Hikida, Gloria, 270 Hilby, Joan 416 Hildebrand, Larry D., 355 Hildebrant, Pete. 230, 251 Hilen, Ann M., 437 Hill, Ann G., 434 Hill, Carol, 472 Hill. Claude E., 242, 252, 273, 303 Hill, Don, 285, 233 Hill, Gail M., 419 Hill, Harriet, 42 Hill, Howard G., 65, 374 Hill, James C.. 402 Hill, Lola J.. 433 Hill, Nancy S., 44, 103, 114, 121, 127, 214. 217, 443 Hill, Nancy C.,415. 445 Hill, Patti Jo., 447 Hill, Ted, 221. 328, 368 Hill, Verna, 65. 474 Hill,Virginia M , 105, 110, 114, 134, 137, 154, 249, 274, 419 Hill. W. R., 250 Hillrner, Ronald, 461 Hilpert. Jr., Edward T., 65. 397 Hilfon. Charles G.. 66 231 Hilton. Jim M., 296, 384 Hilts, Elizabeth E.. 66, 456 Hines, Constance E.. 259 Hink, Heinz, 461 Hinson, David R., 382 Hirano. George, 271 Hire, Necia Marie, 42 Hirst, Bernard, 245 Hisata, Tom, 354 Hitchcock, C. Leo, 27 Hjorten, Alvin Peder, 42, 44 Hoagland, Mrs. Helen E., H235 Mary E., 107, 114, Hoare, Constance A., 138, 420 Hobbs, Cylde, 400 Hobbs, Elizabeth, 277 Hobbs, Gilbert H., 226 Hobbs, John F., 402 Hobbs, Leon D., 66, 376 Hobbs, Robert, 203. 277 Hobbs, Wayne G.. 400 Hobi, Ann M., 113, 115, 121, 214, 443 Hooker, Marilynne M., 443 Hodge, Grant. 464 Hodges, Merrill E., 66, 155 213, 221, 356 Hodson, Patricia J., 156. 218, 433 Hodgson, Alexander, 21 Hodson, Susan M., 217. 433 Hoefer, Eileen F., 46, 448 Hoeft, Robert, 464 Hoehme. Dieta, 266, 426 Hoelzl, Walter, 241 Hoey, Myrnie J., 136, 440 Hofbeck, Russell, 44. 233 Hofeditz, Janie A., 429 Hoff, Barbara J., 444 Hoff, Burton 66, 364 Hoff, Knut, 230 Hoffman, Gerhard, 455 Hoffman, Shirley J.. 433 Hoffman, William M., 408 Hoffman, Vwfinston N., 66, 227 Hogan, Dwain 461, 233 Hogan. Elwood D., 62, 66, 213, 215, 231, 235, 362 Hoge, Joyce, 424 Hogle, Clift, 230 Holady, Harold W., 465 Holberg. Patricia A., 254 Hgglgrook, Frances F., 67, Holbrook, Joann H., 431 Holcomb, Joy, 262 v Holland, Kathryne B., 350, 450 Holland, Lura V., 420 Holland, Virgil K., 67, 230, 366 Hollander, Saundra L.. 101 114, 219, 444 Hollgngsworth, Kennan H. 37 Hollingsworth, Patrick G., 113, 114, 115, 439 Holm, Signe P., 266, 426 Holman, Barbara J., 1C9, 422 Holman, Marlene A., 447 Holmberg. Neil, 240. 343 Holmes, John, 67, 228, 380. 455 Holmes, Marguerite, 472 Holmquist, Nils Eric, 326, 382 Holmes, Gudveig. 422 Holmstrom, Jan E., 219, 443 Holstad, Marilyn. 229 Holstrom. Ann, 424 Holt, Arthur E., 366 Holt, Gerald A., 402 Holt, Ralph L., 67, 356 Holt, W. Stull, 29 Home Economics Club, 239 Honderich House, 463 Hong, Leslie Ky, 226, 476 v v Houck, Ray J., 66 395 Houng Sung, Chick, 462 House, Kar T., 388 Housley, Walter J., 411 Houston, James R., 221, 307, 309, 311, 384 Houston, Nancy Z., 433 Hovila, Harry, 42 Howard, Clint, 148 Howard, John R., 392 Howard, Margaret, 44, 217 Howard, Norman C., 359 Howard Richard J., 397 Howard, Susan G., 122. 433 HuDD, Jack S., 66, 70. 96, 97. 104, 117, 118, 158, 171 173, 213, 273, 400 Howard, Weston Morgan, 42, 44 Howarth, Pat, 425 Howay, Edward Jim, 67, 213, 281. 287. 290 Howay, James, 389 Howe, Lue A., 67, 247, 267, 459 Howe, Walter C., 44, 120, 121, 215. 382 Howell, Margaret Louise, 42 Howey, Jim, 223 Howlett, Evelyn G., 116, 437 Hoy, Mary L., 141, 416 Hoy, William, 44, 377 Hoyle, Elizabeth, 44 Hong, Soon Oh, 42 Hood, Don, 256 Hooper, William H., 398 Hoover, Galen H., 50 Hopkins, Jr., Bryon. 247 Horchover, Robert L., 103, 107, 222. 362 Horenstein, Evelyn L.. 444 Horiuchi, Arthur W., 66, 243, 252 Horn, Charles A., 66, 235, 237, 359, 455 Horn, Georgene A.. 66, 440 Horn, Lee Henry, 42 Hogg, Raymond L., 271, 3 Horn, William, 461 Horne, Mary E.. 66. 474 Horowitz. Jonathan B., 66 Horton, George P.. 22 Horton, Richard. 66, 372 Hoskins, Blaine. 461 Hoskins. Vada L., 465 Hossfeld, Janet L., 447 Hoyt, William E., 386 Hslao, Ching-hwa, 67. 244 Huang, David, 247, 461 Huang, Donald T., 67, 462 Huang, Justin, 461 Hubbert, Barbara L., 448 Hubbert, William H., 66, 359 Huber, Lilly Etta. 66 Huber, J. Richard, 28 Hubka, Gordon W., 366 Hudson, Arley, 244 Hudson, David, 461 Hudson, Donald, 29 Htlzrdion, Geraldine, 229, Hudson, Golden, 464 Hudson, Rodney P., 326, 352, 372 Hugan, Donald, 233 Hughbanks, James R., 66, 359 Hughes, Ann J., 116. 422 Hughes, Cameon M., 176, Herman, ArthurP., 27 Hines, Marilouise, 158, 182, Holcomb, Emelie 137 Hossfeld, Walt. 66, 221 362 264, 342. 439 Hermann, Reg, 224 424 . Holder, Dorothy, 474 Hostetler, Clinton L.. 353 Hughes, Donna R., 445 H6I'maI1,Val6Ple.452 Hines, Neal, 23 Holeman, Charles W.. 50 Hostetter, Robert C , 338, Hughes, Erik, 338 H9bI'?I1k, Al, 241 Hines, Pat, 241 Holland, Gloria R., 420 386 Hughes, Glenn. 27 Herbinaux, James A., 464 Hing, Gary B., 22, 463 Holland, Jack, 244 Houbregs, Bob, 211 Hughes, Pat, 368 Archi+ecl"s sketch of new teaching hospital ancl medical-denial building. A General Contractor for which is the . . OSSP UQ Ol ISll"LlCl'lOI'l CO. 1912 FOURTH AVENUE SO UTH SEATTLE 4, WASHINGTON Z 490 X Next Year T here Will Be, , VIRGINIA HILL Tyee Editor DIANE LINK Tyee Business Manager and H our compIe+e sfaff a+ ENNELL ELLIS CREATIVE SHADOW LIGHTING 616 OLIVE WAY Huston, Marcia, 419 Hughes, Richard, 147, ,397 Hugo, Lynne'yK.,"420 pe, I-In-ie, Nina ,LJi,4,.66. 457 YI. Hulb,e-rt, Mar-iel,E., 453 'H' Hulbush, -RUg6l'.W., 338, I - 385- Hulet, Russell N.g,,66.w ' Hulet, Norrnan EQ' 382, ' A 402 ' ' ' Hull, Gay, 434 I-Iumala, Hulda, 134 Humphrey, Barbara A., 419 Humphrey, Dave, 201 ' Humphrey, Ronald Tl . 464 Hung, Chia-Chuh, 247 I-Iungar, Julie, 99, 147, 274 Hungerbuhler, Danny, 364 Hunt, Art A., 385 Hunt, Byron, 257 Hunt, Diane J., 268, 269 Hunt, Everett, 241 Hunter, Dolores J., 467 Hunter, Irvine H., 356 Hunter, Katie B., 443 Hugger, Rosemary J., 114, 4 Hunter, Samuel J., 356 Hhlnrgting, Lou Ann, 254, 5 Hunpin, Charles E., 271, 381 Hurd, Henry A., 33 Hurlbut. Betsy E., 44, 113, 116. 217, 443 Hurley, Carolyn, 250 Hurley, Timothy, 244, 245 Hurt, Jean. 465 Hurwitz, Shirley, 192 Husky Swim Club, 222 Husky Winter Sports Club, 264-265 Huson, Helen A., 134, 249, 454, 459 Husted. Mary Beth, 44, 217, 447 Hutchins, Grace, 263, 272, 467 Hutchins, Graham, 272 Hutchins, Wesley S., 66, 385, 455 Hutchinson. David R., 44, 231. 238, 343, 370 Hutchinson, Irene C., 66, 210, 212, 443 Htltlghinson, Muriel I., 67, Hutchinson, Timothy, 235 Hutchison, Bob. 294, 295 Hutchison, Fred J., 67 Hyatt, Gloria, 229. 472 Jim, 213, 221, 297 ' Ibea, David L., 177, 352, 353 Ichikawa, Kazuya, 67, 354 Ideta, Akio, 477 Illman, Sally M., 138, 430 Ima, Paul, 257 Industrial Designers, 242 Industrial Education Club, 242 Ingalls, Robert L., 4C0 Ingram, Mary Lou, 245. 2'8 Ingman, John F., 224, 379 Ingerson. Martin, 204 Ingham. Edward R., 223, 291, 298 Ingle, Donna L., 232, 434 Ingle, John I., 41 Ingraham, Charles N., 368 Ingraham, Gale A., 224 464 Inlgraham, Marilyn S., 67, 47 Ingraham. Sally. 342 Ingram, Marylou, 46 Insel, Martha J., 456 Inslee, Evan E., 271, 4C2 Inter-Fraternity Council, 350-351 Junior Inter-Fraternity Council, 352 Iraola, Emil E., 387 IRE-AIEE, 226 Irving, Eldon L., 353 Isaacs, Walter F., 27 Isham, Don, 397 Islggm, Edwina Kulowsda, Ishii, Irene M., 474 Ishitami, Toshiko, 229 Israel, Bev fBeverlyJ, 452 Israel, Emily. 452 Israel, Jane P., 444 Ito, Jessie K., 66 Itschner, Ann, 443 Iviggson, Alice I., 222, 343, Iverson. Anthon B., 66, 240, 226 Iverson, Beverly L., 219 Iversen, Phyllis J., 474 Iverson, Ronald I., 465 Ivgazsyaki, Dorothy A., 66, Iwasaki, Raymond I., 463 Iwasaki, Tsuruko S., 66, 232, 243 Jack, J. Alan, 370 Jackson, Carol R., 452 Jackson, Dave E., 390 Jackson, Marie L., 175, 176, 264. 430 Jackson, Marlene E , 430 Jackson, Roger, 339 Jackson, Willis, 241 J afiigbs, Barbara A., 137, Jacobs, Harry Graham, 42 Jacobson, Albin, 241 Jaizfmzbsen, Carl E., 46 231. Jacobsen, Dawn, 44 Jacobsen, Jana, 274 Jacobsen, Judy J , 440 Jacobsen, Paul M., 368 Jacobsen, Tina, 447 Jagzabsen, William J.. 223. Jacobson, Albin K., 461. Jacobson, Carol J., 444 Jacobson, Edwin H.. 365 Jacobson, Frederic L., 41 Jacobson, Pauline, 444 Jacobson, Philip S.. 66 354 Jacobson, Richard C., 66, 231, 382 Jacobson. Stanford L., 381 Jaffee, Janice M.. 452 Jagige, Allison M., 66, 122, Jallie, Elizabeth N., 66, 210, 271. 431 James, Albert A., 67. 378 James, Frank D.. 356 James, Richard L., 244 James, Sharon E.. 422 Janders, George, 67, 228 Jewett, Dale L., 221, 222, 316, 317, 333. 395 Johannesen, Allen C., 411 Jogialnson, Larry O., 220, 7 Johanson, Paul H., 67, 213, 221, 273, 297. 298, 362 John, Dick, 461 John, Skip. 66, 213, 221, 223. 273. 280, 287. 288, 290. 298, 395 Johns, Helen, 109 Johns. Ronald M., 266, 398 Johnson, Al, 103 Johnson, Alice, 472 Johnson, Anne E., 429 Johnson, Benhart, Jr., 387 Johnson, Betty P., 66 424 Johnson, Billy, 228. 398 Johnson, Biruta, 66 Johnson, Bruce W.. 4C5 Johnson, Johnson, Johnson, Johnson, Johnson, Johnson J ohnson: 80, 210, Johnson, 459 Johnson 229, 470 Carol F., 66. 424 Christina, 465 Clarence, 465 Corinne Mae 429 David V., 411 Elinor, 232 Elizabeth A., 66, 212. 414 Elizabeth A., 430, Evalyn L., 66, Johnson, Everett C., 66 Johnson, Johnson, Forbes R.. 391 Franklin B.. 379 Johnson, LouAnn C., 439 Johnson, Lynn E.. 67, 251 Jolgrfgson, Lynne E., 231, Johnson, Marjie A., 144, 217, 240, 448 Johnson, Marshall L., 370 Johnson, Morse K., 223, 337, 372 Johnson, Nunnally J., 139, 224, 226, 230, 253, 343, 379 Johnson, Peter, 241, 463 Johnson, Richard H., 356 Johnson, Robert E., 41, 220. 314, 335, 400 Johnson, Robert C., 50. 374 Joigrlson, Ronald D., 67, Johnson, Ruth, 114 Johnson, Sharon A., 422 Johnson, Sheila M., 68. 437 Johnson, Shirley A., 266 Johnson, Sue, 123 Jogggson, Thomas R., 223, Johnson, Warren C., 68, 231, 251 Johnson, Wilbur Vance, 42, 44 Johnson, William R., 44, 68, 228, 231, 238 Johnston, Donna G., 115, 447 Johnston, James G., 377 Johnston, G. Robert. 68, 80, 155, 213, 273, 280, 387, Jardine, Charles Allward, 42 Jarvis, Harvey H., 221, 284, 285. 326. 395 Jefferson, Bill, 297 Jenkins, Jack, 147 Jenkins, Mariel, 263, 272, 467 .Tenne, Don E. 378 Jennerson, Mabel W., 67, 422 Jennings. Betty J.. 219 Jensen, Alice M., 416 Jensen, Donna, 437 Jensen, Nancy Shank, 472 Jensen, Ray, 143 Jensen, Reed, 461 Jensen, Roberta J., 271, 344. 434 Jensen, Yolanda L., 430 Jernigan, Noel, 3 2 Jerue, Larry G., 107. 395 Jessett, Frederick E., 259 Jessup, John H., 4C7 Johnson, George H., 463 Johnson, George H., 370 Johnson. George D., 233, 241, 356 Johnson, Gerrett L., 66, 233, 376 Johnson, Glenn, 402 Johnson. Gordon W., 67, 390, 391 Johnston, Irene, 217 Johnston, Virginia M., 341, 344, 430 Johnston Robert D. 340 Johnstone, Aven, 204 Johnston, Howard. 241 Jones, Carol M., 433 Jones, David P., 405 273, 362 Johnson. Gordon W., 314, 350, 392 Johnson, Helen N., 420 Johnson, R. Holmes, 50 Johnson, Howard. 241, 461 Johnson Johnson I James, 230, 364 Johnson, Johnson, Iverle 44 Janet. 441 Jeanette L . 458 Johnson. Jerry M., 215, 321, 322. 382 Johnson, Joan D., 67 Johnson, Joan C., 445 Johnson CJoanJ Susan. 439 Johnson. Judith A., 104, 219. 430 Johnson, Ken, 234 Johnson, Lloyd, 463 Jones, Jones, Jones, Jones, Jones, Jones, Jones, Jones, Jones Jones, Jones Jones Jones Jones J onesi Jones Dean Ernest M., 41 Floyd A., 68, 247 Garr M., 405 Gratia, 472 Howie V., 125, 411 Ivan, 378 Joanne M., 430 Kay, 285 Lee, 115, 414. 430 Leona, 44, 217 Ron, 107 Neil, 290 Norma, 472 Samora M.. 116. 439 Stuart D., 99, 256 Thomas K., 68, 235 N . for 17 years Helen Rickert, famous for fine quality and fashion-firsts, has been growing with the University and serving the discriminating tastes of University women. efelz I APPAREL FOR WOMEN 1310 E. 45th MElr0se 0380 492 JIM HEN N ES Tyee Editor-1954 MARALLYN FRAME Business Manager-1954 Gt year oat js QDVO used The production of Tyee requires many factors. A good photographer-a good engraver-a good printer among them, and in Kennell-Ellis, photographer, Sterling Engraving, engravings, and ourselves, printers, we feel that this part has been answered. More important, perhaps, is the ingredient of staff, for there you find the imagination, the work, the responsibility that made Tyee possible. In Jim Hennes, editor, Marallyn Frame, business manager, Clyde Robinson, publications manager you have the leadership that put and held that staff together. But most important is team Work--and this year from staff-to photographer-to engraver-to us, the printer, We had that. There, in short, is the story of Tyee production for 19541. FRAYN PRINTING COMPANY 25I8 Western Avenue - ELiot 422l - Seattle Jordan-, ,David C., 68, 134, 227, 3773- - ' T' - ' 1 Jordan, Mike' M., 352, 398, Jorgensen, 'Jean K., 420 Joukovsky, Natalie M., 44, 108, 109, 110, 114, 214, 217, 448 Jovick, Sally M., 104, 114. 125, 156, 219 Jowett. Bill, 69, 398 Joyce, Robert, 241 Joyner, Joan L., 424 Jubb, Eric, 225, 318 Jugge, Evelyn L., 69, 454. Judson, Edward R., 391 Jue, Jin-Jee, 458 Juergens, Chuck, 314 Jung, Ilse, 456 K Kaas, Sharon L., 229, 470, Kaasa, Barbara A., 422 Kaatz, Frank, 464 Kachlein, George, 223, 291. 382 Kadish, Fanchon, 444 Kadoshima, Donald. 477 Kadoshima, Harry T., 231, A 354 Kager, Ken, 147, 148 Kahan, Naomi Y.. 44, 103, 214, 217, 239, 258 Kahmann, Gayle, 369 Kahn, Del, 465 Kaiser, John P., 407 Kajimura, Hiroshi, 477 Kajimura, Saburo, 477 Kakela. Rita, 44 Kallander, Dean, 288 Kakela. Rita Hope, 42 Kallander, Dean, 378 Kalviste, Aavo, 69, 226, 261,339 Kalviste, Juri, 261, 339 Ksgginski, Alexander, 69, Kamla, John G., 68, 242 Kamm, Joan C.. 39, 68 Kampe, Wynn E., 68, 233, 379 Kampmann, Kathleen J., 44, 108, 109, 121, 127, 214, 217 Kaligiile, Charles, 336, 340, Kane, Donald B., 68, 238 Kane, Michael A., 362 Kane, Richard E., 220, 408 Kang, Sherwin, 24 Kanikeberg, Nancy L.. 254, 457 Kaonis, Keith D., 385 Kaplow, Joan P., 444 Kappa Alpha Theta. 438-439 Kappa Delta, 440-441 Kappa Kappa Gamma. 442-443 Kappa Phi, 263 Kappa Psi, 243 Kappa Sigma, 374-375 Karlen, Kathryn M., 459 Karr, Sue D., 104, 219, 424 Karmin, Kurt W., 215, 391 Karesson, Eric, 241 Karshner, Paul H., 44, 227, 356 Kashiwagi, Pat K.. 270 Kastilahn, Don, 230, 386 Katara, Baldev, 461 Katzlach, Evelyn, 54 Katznelson, Gordon, 49 Kaufman, Dr. S. Howard, 104 Kauffman, Mary E., 68, 245, 456 Kavanaugh, Arlen W., 4C2 Kawachi, Jean A., 68, 270 Kawaguchi, George K., 68, 242 Kawaguchi, Martha M., 263, 270 Kawamoto, Pat Nabata, 68, 210, 212, 270 Kaya, Tomoji, 447 Kaye, Mary L., 177, 219, 239, 443 Kayner, Donn L., 382 Kaynor, Kirk G., 382 Kawaguchi, Ellen, 472 Kawamoto. Akio, 477 Kay, Marble, 232 Kazmier, Lorraine H., 69 Keagle, Patricia S., 138. 254. 434 Kearney, Art, 314 Kearney, Adrian, 273 Kearney, Joe, 143, 326 Keffer, Dave, 230 Keefe, Larry D., 403 Keefer, Margaret, 239 Keefer, Noel L., 353 Keffer, Dave C., 240 Keeler, Marge A., 433 Kefauver, Elizabeth A., 69, 424 Keister, Marjorie E., 273 Kelleher, Daniel, 461 Keller, Daniel M., 49 Keller, Gene, 221 Keller, Marcia M., 49 Keller, Marcia I-I., 68, 443 Keller, M. Faith. 69, 443 Keller, Natalie J., 467 Kelley, David M., 375 Kelley, Edgar R., 68 Kelley, Lawrence J., 68, 343 Kelley, Mary K., 437 Kelley, William L., 68. 233, 387 Kellie, Wesley N., 241, 461 Kellogg, Ann, 472 Kelly, Brian E., 385 Kelly, Colleen MW 434 Kelly, Donald M., 243 Kelly, Katherine, 472 Kelly, Kendal, 202, 204 Kelly, Patricia A., 429 Kelso, Barton, 247 Kemen, Dick, 387 Kemp, Barbara J., 99, 105, 106, 421 Kemph, Donald, 233 Kepler, Don, 44 Kenneally, Albert, 245 Kennedy, Charles. 256 Kennedy, Janet, 263 Kenoyer, Willa, 419 Kent, John P., 382 Kern, Ward G., 397 Kernan, James, 44, 231, 238 Kerns, Wally, 378 Kerr, Winifred N., 269 Kershner, Elenore J., 108, 430 Kerzie, Donna L., 219 Ketcham, Virginia K., 457 Ketzlach, Evelyn, 44, 68, 113, 210, 212, 444 Kewman, Bill, 104 ' Key, Florabel, 68, 414, 440 Keyes, Harry T., 379 Kieburtz, Richard B., 226 Kiefer, John B., 398 Kidd, John W., 361 Kickel, Roy W., 336, 403 Khani, Nabil, 462 Kiemle, Siegfried F., 46 Kienitz, Beverly, 447 Kifer, Harlan E., 242, 405 Kikuno, Ray, 477 Kilby, Marilyn, 114. 452 Kilian, James F., 380 Kilpatrick, Michael, 392 King, Charlotte L., 450 King, David E., 69 King, Dennis. 221 King, Dick, 296 King, Donne E., 398 King, Dorothy E.. 114, 443 King, Douglas F., 140, 379 King, Esmer, 239 King, Frances J., 69. 470 King, Jerry F., 69, 271 King, Joan A., 105, 430 King, John, 44 King, Judith M., 169, 127, 137, 429 King, Harley, 462, 465 King, lllggrilyn E., 114, 217, King, Richard A., 353 Robert A., 234, 335, 6 , 363 Kgggg, Robert B., 68, 69, King, D. Tracy, 46, 213, 273 Kingoff, David, 365 Kinkade, S. Darlene, 459 Kinkade, Marvin D., 44. 412 Kinney, John M., Jr., 363 Kinsella, Norman H., 365 Kinzel, WilliamL., 122. 356 Kippola, George J., 378 Kirby, Craig L., 68, 228, 231, 397 Kirby, John R., 326, 397 Kirby, Vernon D'., 373 Kirchner, Harry, 245 Kirk, Jerry, 299 Kirkby, Lyle, 385 Kijgklendall, Carol J., 68, Kirkland, Tom E., 401 Kirsch, Elizabeth B., 439 Kitamoto, Lilly, 270 Kitchen, Sally, 426 Kitching, Richard, 49 Kittinger, Edmond B., 68, 273, 395 Kittleson, Raymond J., 68 Klaras, Constance J ., 457 Klasell, Joanne E., 218, 429 Klassen, Donald B., 68 Klaus, Dona G., 68 Klein, Ed. S., 353 Klein, Eleanor M., 416 Kim. Pearl, 263 Kimbel, Marv, 375 Kime, Jim D., 68, 224, 377, 455 Kincade, Dale, 262 Kincade, D'arlene, 262 Kgiggaid, Jr., Charles E., King, D. Bowen, 125, 391 Klein, Joyce N., 457 Kleinberg, Henry, 227, 408 Kleinberg, Les, 408 Kleiner, Dolph S., 106, 381 Klem, August H., 230 Klemm, Lu Ellen, 465 Klaegfiser, Frank H., 337, Kleweno, Gilbert H., 377 Klingbeil, Karil S., 447 Glingensmith, Ruth G., 46 Klingler, Dan W., 465 Klingman, Ronald R., 405 Klute, Margaret C., 474 Knapp, Nils W., 407, 461 Knapp, Robert B., 397, 455 Knapp. Sally G., 218, 429 Knatz, Mary Ellen, 44, 450 Knestis, William E., 353 Krliright, Marietta K., 263, Knight, Roger, 300, 334, 363 Knight, William, 274 Knighton, James L., 273, 464 Knoff, Harry, 361 Knonpaski, Ronald, 252 Knoshaug, Marilyn, 232 Knowles, Adrianne. 449 Knowles, Dewey, 272 Knowles, Patricia M., 68 Knowles, Tom, 369 Knox, Bill B., 242, 370 Kclghendorfer, Donald B., Kockendorfer, Donald, 476 Kigzarski, Wojciech Jan, Koenig, Richard C., 69, 241, 393 Koenigswald, Joan, 239 Koetje, Edward, 233. 252 Koetje, Evelyn M., 69, 456 Kohl, Patricia M., 430 Kolars, John Francis, 42 Kolb, Jane, 229 Kolde, Endel, 261 Kolt, Bonnie, 114 Komen, Richard B., 230 Konecny, John, 245 Konichek, Dorland, 253 Konopaski, Ronald L., 412 Koon, Charles W., 69, 213, 221, 326, 333, 395 Koop, Rodney, 230 Kopf, Janet E., 416 Kopf, Irving, 69, 247 Koppe, Gretchen A., 440 Koph, Peggy, 229 Koppel, Phillip I., 381 Korn, James H., 44, 398 Kornbacher, Dick B. J., 359 Kortman, Fred, 389 Kosai, Joseph H., 256, 477 Kosel, Betty, 204 Kotick. William O., 398 Kotzerke, Donald F., 68, 230, 240 Koube, Ronald R., 387 Kouyoumjian, Aida, 343 1. - JU 6 3 Ay, ' V ' 'x"E"'lf!"e---4--la....,, , 1 6 it kan ,M A 7 Q. . HX. :FTW-Q. , 1 ' fer:-'rvrcwafw 3' 1' - ,....---M 7 ..,.. at ., ,. 5 6 . '-7gQQ1Z.- fi' 3,-W .,-.e.4f:n:12:1v.?15.-af4-1-ft-'T' if -J . 1, " ,fx ' I 'ff SEX 'I 'fi l Egfr-5 '241 'Q 1332?-'Q ' f 5- 'f . . , ' -A :rw-ffa? " ' ii' 'xi " .., 4 g -4- .ff 'il t ' 5 '- A ff' 2 sb A5 J . 4 ,134-1' - f . f X If i f Fr N is -eg - ., ,welll 1 .' .G 9 fir 9- ' Tw ff. fe ' 13. -X 3 . 1 37' ' ' . " Y T l ij. 1 V -If g . V. .y , L . , T r,r,,,., N ,, 5, .q,,J,QwK 1 N-.guiiby V, X K. E 4 l 1 Lf' M., - . 'l iff 'sf T7' f -E .2 ' it li www. f . , 3. ,1 Eg! 0 V'-5 , I Jfiww -r ig, - . gg, ,l ..,, A ' "3 'f?'W'-QL ., I. ,.L,e.f.--wifi 'I 'A' 'i"z"i ""r'rf"r" i 'frxr-ztfvlijfzf:4'f":f..':f:.a.:- " 4" -5 ss- Pi ' . . 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Kraff, Manus, 409 Kraft, Howard P., 381 Kraft, Robert A., 49 Kraft, Janet H., 68 Krakonsky, Joan, 204 Kramer, Karl D., 44 Kramer, Robert, 68, 224. 234, 235, 236, 339, 366 Kramer, Walter R., 398 Krause, George, 230 Krause Marvin J ., 224 Kreek, Eeeter, 259, 460 Kggiatzberg, Richard A., Kregal, Irving W., 381 Kreger, Leslie, 465 Krlellgow, Marilyn C., 68, Krengel, Walter F., 333, 368 Kreps, Harriet D'., 218, 280, 430 Krueger, Kay, 229 Kruse, Karen A., 137, 440 Krystad, Jack, 241, 393 Kubota, Doris M., 122 Kuchenreuther, David, 233 Kucinskas, Stan K., 68, 221, 308, 387 Kudalkar, Vasant, 232, 252 Kuebler, Robert L., 68, 385 Kuebler, John T., 385 Kuelpman, Darrel, 385 Kudo, George, 68 Kuehl, Marilyn V., 430 Kuharic, Henry A., 49 Kuhn, Blaine, 257 Kuhn, Evalou, 344 Kuhns, Nat, 103 Kukay, Richard M., 403 Kulseth, Janie I., 68, 416 Kurnasaka, Henry, 231 Kumasaka, Ronald, 477 Kumasaka, Roy, 44, 231, 238 Kumiyuki, Yukio, 339 Kunde, Dr. N. F., 339 Kuniyoshi, Richard S., 69, 230, 245, 477 D Kuniyuki, Yukio A., 257 Kunkel, Norman C., 69 Kuriyama, Sumiko, 266 Kurtz, John, 273, 386 Kurtz, James H., 213, 460 Kusakabe, Chiye, 69, 474 Kuwada, Nancy N., 270 Kuykendall, Gladys B., 46 Kvande, Sharon E., 426 Kyle, Addison R., 69, 447 Kyle, Donna, 244 Kyle, Paul R., 361 Kyllingstad, Jack, 129, 221, 305, 306, 312, 397 Kyte, Lars, 228 L Lzlgimnge, Carl A., 221, 295, La Brache, Stephanie L., 416 Lackman, Bob M., 135, 226, 408 LaCoss, Anne J .. 447 Lacy, Dick C., 221, 223, 287, 288, 290, 398 Lacy, Nichols A., 398 Ladar,Jerrold M., 408 Ladley, JoAnne R., 422 Laevastu, Taivo, 461 LaFollette, Larry, 109, 377 LaFreniere, Oliver, 477 LaFreniere, William, 461 LaFromboise, Richard R., L 48, 395 Laggrquist, Karen J., 114, 41 Lageson, Margo E., 122,' 424 Lagger, Fred M., 70 Lahey, Dorothea Ann, 254 Lahti, Norman Arnold, 70, 242 Laidlaw, Dorothy, 451 Lai5r6g, Shirley, 258, 263, 4 Lajala, Edward J., 314 Lallemand, Arlene J., 427 LaLone, Janet D., 439 Lam, Robert, 242 Lamb, Frank H., 70, 363 Lamb, Keith, 244 Lamb, Lynn R., 223, 291, 298, 395 Lambda Chi Alpha, 376-377 Lambda Kappa Sigma, 243 Lambda Rho, 244 Lambert, Marlene J., 459 Lambert, Robert, 233 Lamberton, Virgy L., 421 Lambright, Robert William, 42 Lampman, Robert, 106 Lampropilous, 201 Lamson, Joan E., 137, 429 Landa, Jorge, 232 Landan, Barbara C., 452 Landon, Jerry E., 403 Landreth, Jay, 410 Laglggweer, James R., 231, Lane, James F., 387 Lane, Peter H., 223, 350 Lane, Robert, 257 496 Lang, William, 224 Lange, Barbara, 140 Lange, Ronald, 461 Langen, Frances, 266 Langer, Jerry D., 129, 221, 295, 308, 403 Langland, Mary Lou, 421 Langlie, Arthur B., 18 Langlie, Carrie Ellen. 437 Langlie, Hap, 387 Langlie, Windy, 299 Langlow, Jean K., 448 Langton, Kenneth P., 370 Lanigan, Ann, 229 Lanigan, Anne, 472 Lanser, Sally, L., 71, 433 Lansing, Paul, 465 LaPlante, James, 462 LaPierre, Mary Lou 274, 447 Largis, John E., 71, 388 Larin, Dave, 314 Lariza, Frank T., 71, 221, 398 Larkin, Sara J., 422 LaRoque, Mary, 44, 217 Larrick, Alvin, 461 Larsen, Dorothea J., 440 Larsen, Duane, 476 Larsen, Edward A., 37, 135, 226 Larsen, Janet G., 422 Larsen, Lauritts R., 71, 245 Larsen, Orvel, 221, 222, 316 Larsen, Ray W., 71, 354 Larsen, William E., 71, 397 Larson, Donald, 44 Larson, Dane, 350 Lagrisson, Duane D., 44, 49, Larson, Durmont A., 71, 370 Larson, Geraldine, 465 Larson, James H., 353 Larson, Louise, 474 Laligion, Lowell A., 70, 407, Larson, Manning, 373 Larson, Mary O., 70, 447 Larson, Robert, 70, 462. 464 Lalgsaon, Sonja L., 218, 280, Larson, Stuart M., 70, 227 Larson, Virginia, 134 Larson, Willard Alvin Erik, 216 Larson, Wyllis G., 49 Lashley, Ted J., 366 Lehde, James, 133, 134, 226 Lehman, David A., 70, Lehne, Donald, 44 Leibel, Jim R., 296, 337, 363 Leisner, Joseph M., 395 Leisy, David C., 270, 387 Leithe, Carl C., 398 Leithe, Chas., 398 Lembo, Diane A., 440 Lembo, J. Richard, 379 Lemcke, H. K., 339 Lennes, Al, 391 Lennox, Duncan S., 385 Lentz, Dick, 402 Leon, Richard H., 96, 97, 124, 166, 177, 357 Leonard, Betty Jane, 416 Leonard, Karen E., 421 Leonard, Noydena M., 121, 218, 219, 424 Leonard, Ted R., 139. 460 Lepavsky, Juel, 352, 387 Lepsoe, Finn B., 398 LeRoy, Zoaunne M., 204 Leshgold, Richard D., 71, 408 Leshika, Kleve, 204 Lessel, Richard, 461 Levenson, Sam, 147 LeVesconte, Grace M., 246, 451 Levey, Merielle, 258, 452 Levin, Judy R., 218, 219, 452 Levin, Maurice, 258 Levin, Robert M., 409 Levinson, Sam, 148, 274 Levy, Joshua, 352, 354 Levy, Sol, 257 Livengood, Wayne, 461 Livingston, Derrald, 247 Livingston, Donald. 378 Llewellyn, Dianne M., 458 Lloyd, Calvin, 393 Locke, Arla M., 104, 114, 214, 265, 441 Locke, Paul, 71 Locker, Ronald, 343 Lockey, Mike. 274 Lockhart, William L., 357 Locknane, Barbara L., 108, 137, 429 Lockwood, Barbara J., 457 Lockwood, Donald A., 103, 108. 121, 215. 363 Loden, Betty M., 246, 459 Loe, Mary E., 265. 439 Loeb, Elaine, 71. 474 Loeb, Loretta, 452 Loeb, Richard, 71, 381 Lofgren, Boyd R.. 71, 385 Lofthaug, Alex, 464 Lofstrom, David J., 361 Logan Daniel J., 400 Logan, Gene, 377 Logan, JoAnn, 254 Logan, Sue F., 434 Logan, William G., 71, 355 Logue 431 Kathryn P., 115, Lew, John, 464 Lew, Milton, 300 Lew, Shirley D., 239 Lewark, Blaise A., 367 LeWarne, Jack, 257 Lewis Barbara T., 433 Lewis, Corky C., 314 Lewis, Don T., 405 Lewis, Elaine, 452 Lewis, Jack R., 405 Lewis James R., 71, 257 Lewis Lewis Lewis Karsten, 398 Richard B. 352 375 ' Robert qisdbi M. se, eb, 104, 129, 213, 221, 222, 318, 377, 382 Li, Lindy, 44 Laskares, Marguerite A... 446 Latham, Dale I., 416 Latta, David F., 397 Latta, Shirley L., 443 Laughlin, Clyde A., 339 Laughead, Lyle, 465 Laughnan, Aylene, 105, 114, 154 Laukkonen, Charles J ., 71 Laurie, Ellen C., 71, 274 Lauver, Edward, 44 Langer, Edwin Franklin, Lavenson, George S., Jr., 44, 50, 216 LaVillette, John, 461 Lavin, Patricia A., 71, 445 Law, David B., 41 Lawrence, Fred E., 382, 387 Lawrence, Gordon D., 403 Lalgvton, Alberta Franccs, Lay, Richard O., 224, 366, 367 Laycock, Larry, 236 Lgyzgon, Marilyn J., 263, Layton, Richard H., 50 Leach, Grace J., 457 Leadbetter, John, 296 Legg Carolyn J., 71, 248, Leander, Sharon, 110, 115, 120, 439 Leanderson, M. Fillip, 71, 211, 213, 221, 287, 289, 298, 299, Leary Hall, 458 Lelglocq, Andrew D., 273, Ledakis, Gust Angelo, 42 Lederman, Donald N., 381 Lederman, Sandy, 221, 280, 305, 306, 307, 310, 311, 312 Le Drew, Maxine V., 71, 218, 414, 421 Lee, Agnes B., 71, 427 Lee, Carol M., 114, 450 Lee, Donna M., 269 Lee, Georgia J., 71, 430 Lee, Gilbert, 462 Lee, Jr., Harry Rees, 42 Lee, James, 247 Lee, Jim, 333 Lee. Joyce G., 70, 254, 454, 456 Lee, Larry W., 359 Lee, Margaret A., 437 Lee, Olive K., 246. 427 Lee, Patricia A., 422 Lee, Robert, 204 Lee, Virginia, 70, 437 Leeds, Russ, 343 Leetch, Mac, 385 Leetsch, Mack. 89 Leffler, John A., 375 Libby, Anne I., 96, 97, 113, 116, 212, 246, 454,-457 Lichtenwalner, Marion B., 71, 96, 97, 113, 116, 212, 414, 421 Lidstone, Judy K., 108, 113, 114, 247, 343, 439 Lidstrom, Shirlee, 421 Liebscher, Robert, 461 Lightbody, Patricia A., 71, 440, Lightburne, Diane I., 465 Lightle, Jeanette D'., 71 Likane, J uhan, 261 Likane, Mart, 261 Likk, Harry, 261 Likness, Clarice I., 274 Lillegard, Clarence, 245 Lince, William D., 373 Lind, Neil R., 352, 363 Lind, Karin, 431 Lindberg, Norman A., 232, 252 Lindblom, Julia J., 71, 451 Linde, Fred M., 253 Linder, Theodore, 477 Liigell, Bill F., 215, 326, Lindell, Rocky, 46, 54, 96, 97, 108, 213, 350, 369 Linden, Gary F., 363 Linden, Glenn M., 47, 367 Lindgren, Charles G., 71, 234, 335, 370 Lindholm, Maryanne, 423 Ligbdzmark, Edwin W., 123, Lindsey, Geraldine A., 274 Lindskog, Jack A., 213, 215, 221, 305, 310, 382 Lindskog, Vern, 305, 309 Linstrom, Carol J., 457 Lindstrom, Lauron E., 70, 398 Lindstrom, Richard, 477 LiLi12e7s, Marlene, 105, 212, Lingenfelter, Robert D., 405 Lindgren, Patricia, 254 Linhart, Russell, 42, 238 Link, Diane D., 443 Link, Diane E., 114, 349 Linn, Leland K., 70, 369 Linton, Frances C., 70, 445 Lipp, Donald, 477 Lippert, George W.. 460 Lippmann, Garth, 71 Liptau, Conrad, 397 Lister, John H., 398 Lister, Marian A., 44, 229 Listman, Joan H., 261, 273 Little, Bryce, Jr., 71, 213, 334, 335, 350, 395 Little, Guy M., 421 Little, Sheila K., 447 Liu, John, 462 Lohman, Harry William, 42 Lohn, Larry, 409 Lohr, James R., 373 Lohrer, Marjorie A., 437 Lok, Hwa, 246, 456 Loken, Bob, 224, 234, 235, 237, 335 Lokken, Doris E., 98. 261 Lokken, Jean H., 268, 273 Lokken, John R., 71, 355 Lollis, Keith, 147, 274 Lomax, Alan K., 405 Loman, Harry, 44 Lonergan, James F., 361 Lcgzgg, Frederick F., 109, Long, John, 252 Long, Kathleen D.. 61, 70, 95, 96, 97. 98, 99, 151, 210, 212, 274 Long, Lyman, 234 Long, Richard, 233 Long, Stanley B., 363 Longballa, Ann C,. 439 Longpre, Barbara D., 470 Lonn, Larry I., 44, 107 Loomis, Laurel M., 70, 258 Loomis, Jeanne M., 419 Loomis, Jeri R., 113, 114, 156, 218, 280, 419, Loomis, Robert, 461 Looney, Helen C., 416 Lopp, Don, 146 Lopp, May, 263 Lopp, Ron, 146 Lorbeer, James, 461 Lord, Gilbert M., 70 Lorvick, A. L., 233 Loschen, Lestey, 231 Lolser, Joan Y., 229, 261, 70 Lotzkar, Martin, 220, 409 Loucks, Roger Brown, 30 Loudon, Richard S., 70, 10.7, 233, 357 Loughnan, Aylene K., 433 Love, Glen, 44 Louie, Kenneth L., 71, 242 Louis, Lyman O., 106, 367 Louis, Mary, 107 Lounds, Jim, 335, 387 Love, Edwin A., 377 Love, Glen A., 71, 359 Lovell, Bobbette V., 441 Lovendusky, Robert, 463 Lovering, Mike, 361 Lovejoy, Judy, 140, 416 Low, Jean M., 415, 433 Low, Marilyn, 71, 113, 212, 433 Lowman, Jean M., 437 Lowndes, James B., 71 Lowther, Lawrence L., 42 Luckey, Robert M., 357 Lucas, Edgar W., 71, 242 Lucht, Donna M., 71, 431 Lucky, Mike, 147 Luderus, Florence, 203 Ludlum, Ester, 229, 239 Luebke, Dorothy G., 457 Luedke, Al E., 377 Luehrs, James G., 403 Luft, Nancy R., 274 Lukane, Mart, 328, 330 Luke, Connie, 107 Luke, Wing C., 48, 258, 271 Lukk, Harry, 230 Lukoff, Stanley M., 354 Lumley, Don D., 391 Lumm, Dorothy E., 431 Lund, Ronald R. L., 326, 382 Lundell, Lowell, 461 Lundberg, Craig, 378 Lundberg, Joann M., 447 Lundberg, Ted R., 377 Lunde, Marvin C., 464 Lundergreen, Gary, 314 Lundh, Henrik, 227 Ltilgaiy, Margaret M., 71, Lunsford, William D., 401 Luschei, Loren, 44 Luschei, Phyllis L., 459 Lusignan, Fau, 461 Lusis, Ilmars, 230, 253 Lutey, W. Glen, 28 Luther, Georgia K., 427 Lutheran Students Association, 266 Luttinen, Sidney R., 375 Luttinen, Carlyle H., 375 Luvera, Anita J ., 44, 102, 106, 129. 214, 217, 414, 451 Luvera, Paul W., 314, 326, 382 Lyber, Dean, 240 Lybyer, Dean, 251 Lychsen, Paul, 120 Lydgate, Charles M., 378 Lyman, Louis, 220. 271 Lynam, Claudine P., 71 Lyon, Ed, 224, 234 Lyon, Mary Connie, 441 Lyons, William, 465 Mc McAllister, Alan, 42, 44 Mglglister, Gordon, 236, McAllister, Kerin L., 431 McAllister, Richard C., 42, 44, 231 Mggeninch, Chuck F., 314, McArthur, Norine M., 419 McAssey, Bruce, 146 McBeath, Virginia Lee, 218, 219, 448 Migetgi, Ronald Douglas, McBride, Harold D., 84, 108,.232, 389 McBride, Bob, 110, 132, 213. 249 McCaffree, Sue, 423 McCain, Mel, 363 McCammon, Jane E., 263, 272, 454, 467 McCandless, Donald K., 106, 123, 129, 215, 257, 388 McCann, Marliss, 229, 239 Mggigrter, Shirley J ., 72, McCarthy, Joseph L., 104 McCarthy, Mary N., 429 McCartney, Nancy, 250 McCartney, Nancy L., 434 McCarty, Richard, 392 McCarty, Dick, 122 McClarty, Willis R., 72 McClary, Leonard W., . 217, 338, 387 McClary, David H., 215, 285, 322, 382 McClary, Doug, 211, 221, 310, 311 McClellan, Janice, 143, 249, 448 McClellan, Janice, 134 McClenaghan, Donald S., 72. 389 McClintodk, Thomas C., 47, 460 McClure, Charles, 120 McClure, Doyle, 401 McClure, Patricia, 23 McCoombs, Esther J ., 424 McComb, J oellen, 112, 129, 214, 431 McCord, Sharon, 137, 415, 448 McCorkle, Verne C., 353 McCormack, Janet E., 447 McCormick, Charles, 392 McCormick, Mabel, 100 McCormick, Larry, 397 McCoubrey, William S., 273, 399 McCowan, Janice, 465 Mgglsracken, Lawrence O., McCracken, Sandra L., 447 McCracken, Willard F., 134, 407 1VIcCreery, Marcia, 138, 424 McCreery, Hugh M., 375 McCredy, Harriet L., 434 McCullough, D'ossett, 220, 395 McCullough, Lyle J ., 105, 154, 387 McCumby, Don, 314 McCusker, Bob, 394 McDaniel, Arlene, 247, 254, 344, 456 McDaniel, Bob D., 397 McDiarmid, J. B., 27 McDonagh, Patricia A., 44, 419 McDonald, Irene E., 423 McDonald, Janet J., 73, 148, 175, 274, 449 McDonald, Jean C., 433 McDonald, Joe L., 73 McDougall, Bruce E., .73, 357 McDougall, Maryann, 437 McEachern, Elizabeth, 104, 115, 121, 122, 127, 439 McEachern, Joan K., 433 McEleney, Phyllis J ., 73, 447 McElray, Robert, 464 THE HUB-Activities Center IV fC o a real- U ll- ll .Ihe university or vvasnlngfon has now compleled 'lhe finesi' Union Building in The nali . F lh b 'l 'F d d ' ' ' ' I during floais and fhe iinesl recrealional equipmenl and service, 'rhe HUB is lops ariiiing ogll sihojis. Sine yoliiilnl?lUnlieFri:riieeiif?iiwI!ICIous refreshmenis Enioy the Fine Food and Services Supplied to the HUB by the Following Seattle Firms: Five Sfar 'A' Qualify 'A' Service 'A' Finesl 'A' All if Ways It GENERAL MEATS Compliments to the HUB rom your CARNATION COMPANY Fresh Milk and Ice Cr-eam Division 3'9 WeS"e"' Ave' EUC" 4247 4oo 5+h Ave. Nonh G-Arfield 0434 Quality Bakers, Supplies Featuring ' ' ' Leading Frozen Food Brands OSCAR LUCKS CO. F PACIFIC FROZEN FOODS 6l'i1 SOUH1 Leary SUn5e'I' 8085 I T Your HUB F S ' C reat . or a Pecza Offee Sound Systems and Equipment DAVIES COFFEE CO. T. G. BAILEY co. IH5 pos., MANY 4675 8l7V2 Slh Norih Amer 4285 Roll Your Own Manhattan For the Finest in Frolen F00d5 Bowling Ball 9 BEARD'S FROSTED FOODS SEATTLE BOWLING AND BILLIARD CO- MUl'ual 3678 2200 ls'r Si'ree+ SEneca I346 H6 Aurora - ex , X ,ii affairs Il' lm 1 I 5 McGuinness 'iBette. 441 g., lll I Ili 1' nu' T' I I I .ml "' an , um' I 'fnunlill Hu Rooms I IW 'lm 'M Baths uilllli grin ii! I.. l . l 1" T ' i 'I ,!.. .. I A ,EEE .mmm I I -1315.411 llllilll .alll I ,.J ll!:4l!4IJ'l.Ia' rn' - I V - J' 5 : -.51P3"" '- "" I "5 'A - '- IJMFW I usf off ' N' Us HOTEL EDMOND MEANY Every Room a Corner Room BREAKFASTS LUNCHEONS DINNER MEETINGS WEDDING RECEPTIONS TEAS DANCES BUFFET SUPPERS BANQUETS CoNvENTIoNs also A MODERN PARKING LOT UNIVERSITY DISTRICT SEATTLE, WASH. EV. 0222 Evro Becket, Managing Director Barney Hough, Resident Manager McFadden Robert H. 73 373 McGarrigle Walton J. 359 McGatlin James R. 336 O McGee Boyd J. 353 455 McGee Chuck T. 365 McGee Sally J. 176 264 433 McGhee Ken B. 352 403 McGlenn Kay 116 McGough Jim H. 361 McGovney Anne 73 229 4 4 7 McGrath Patricia M. 248 McGuinness James B. 73 228 McIntosh Jack 233 McIntyre David 44 McIntyre Marcia L. 443 McIntyre Joe 296 McJunkin Sam E. 73 224 226 464 McKay Donald A. 72 T M133 2745-1357 c ay arrison E. 375 McKay Helen I., 423 McKee Hall 459 McKee Margaret M. 218 Mcgee, Roliirt E., 72, 230 C eever, ar aret J, 431, 441 g ' McKenzie McKenzie McKeown, Frank J., 253, James R., 399 William K.. 391 McKibbin, Bruce H. 72, Ilgcigie, John D. 463 C lmmey. 56811 CVelma , 127, 218, 273, 456 D nllgalglnley, Marilynn, 433 c Inney, Michael , 336, 389 C ' McKinnon, Janet Lou, 424 McKinnon, Michael W., 363 McKInstry, Carol A., C IHS I' ,Jeanne . 72, 433 y C ' McKinzie, Mary, 115 McLachlan, Kent, 298 McLachlan, Sandra L.. 431 McLallen, Frances, 437 Mgggaughlin, John A., 73, McLaughlin, Kent, 334 McLaughlin, Nancy, 431 MacLean Dorothy 123 MacLeod Gary 215 385 MacMillan John C. 395 MacNair Mac 377 MacPhee Nick L. 73 226 273 382 Mader Ann 424 Maddess Lorraine J. 457 Maddox Oscar 44 Madsen Arthur J. 73 220 Madsen Emma M. 218 248 419 Madsen Vic 42 336 Maekawa Donald Y. 477 Maekawa Nina M. 229 Magee Thomas E. 221 361 Marting Fredric W. 47 Martinis Andrew J. 50 Martinson Al 391 Martnedt Hector 7 Marx Bill 283 303 Masoero Art R. Mason Arloene 419 Mason Ben 177 4 Mason Edwin 41 Massey Ro S. 4 Masuhara miko A. 73 212 263 454 4 Mateljan Nick 321 Matheson George W. 114 352 391 Mathisen Raymond H. 73 Mathieu Armand H. 395 Joan A. 421 Maggioros Magnason Magnuson Magnuson 213 222 266 357 Magnuson Jr. Westly W. 226 272 Mahaffey W. Terry 242 Earl W. 242 Ann J. 431 Richard E. 73 Mahaffy Susan 299 Maher Ed M., 385 Mahoney John, 231 Mahoney, Phili , 464 Mahood, Mary ., 73 M ' K1 477 ai, aus, Mainwaring, Anita R. , 210, 212, 441 Makfinsky, Joseph R., Maki John, 216 Malakoff, Burton, 256 Malamutes 220 Maley, Sharon, 254 Malin, Richard O., 405 Mallery, John C'., 377 Malmgren, Arthur L., 226 Malone, Patricia A., 44, 72, 217, 245 Maltrid, Herman, 461 Management Club, 244 Management Council, 217 Mandas, George A., 114, 4 Mandery, Duane A., 224, Manire John E., 50 Mankowski, Vera M., 72, 143, 232, 456 Manley, John, 30 Manley, Laurlne C., 427 Mann, Spencer I., 223 Manning, Helen, 44, 247, Mathewson Diana M. 104 114 177 419 Mathison Arthur G. 256 Mathison Marion 202 Mathison Ray 156. 367 Matrisciana Don 109 343 Matson Anne E. 459 Matsumoto John H. 93 96 256 477 Matthews Lorin R. 355 Matthews Marjorie C. 73 Matthias, Elizabeth C., 441 Matthias, Mesdag, 230 Mattick, William, 42 44 Mattson Marlys J. 431 Mattson, Richard A. 314, Mattus, Albert 202 Matzkind Marian F. 44 114, 217, 452 Maule, Joyce 428 Maupin Keith 465 Mauzey Martha L., 73, 252 Maurer, Paula J., 419 Maus, Roy J., 242 Maxon, Sally, 465 Mayo, Ronald, 256 Mayor, George, 379 Maxson, Carole J., 467 May, Virginia Lee, 73, 116, 454, 456 Mayers, Ben, 409 Mayes, Wayne K., 411 Mayn, Susie, 176 Mayo, Ike, 352, 409 Mazurosky, Sanford J., 381 Mead, Herb T., 96, 97. 128, 167, 171, 213, 274, 403 Meador, Henry, 240, 251 Migfgher, Donna M., 121, Meagher, Michael S., 231, 39 X V N . . and have II' ou ' ' - ' ' Nl . .X 4 .x . . . aboutthe beautiful '.t ,. separates, the fabulous b coats and suits, ancl - . 2, 2, -'IW the adorable co'Hons,all designed for you. And, I in our new store, a f complete line ot formals. lingerie and accessories. WOMENS APPAREL 4546 UNIVERSIIY WAY ME. 5330 McLaughlin, Ross W., 73 213, 265, 328, 329 ' McLean, Donna A., 421 McLean, Frances G., 121 M454 458 ' c ean, Judith L., 218. 437 McLean, Richard T., 365 McLees, Jim, 145, 400 McLennan, Marlene R., M2Iifi3'Ii56 D c a an, uane C., 365 Mclviaken, Ray, 256, 462 MCMHHIS, Chet S., 403 McM1llen, Kenneth A., 400, 463 McMinn, Bryan T., 34 McMullen, Beverly A,, 467 McNamee, Robert S.. 215, 221, 307. 308, 309, 337, 357 McNay, Thomas R., 148, 355 McNeal, Linda M., 427 McNeese, Donna, 263 McNeil, Roger T., 367 Milgchols, Sara L., 415, McPherson, Donald E., 242, 403 McPherson, Jack L., 370 McPherson, Pauline M., 263, 272, 467 McQuay, Don, 256 Migtjeynolds, Neil L., 298, McTee, Robert, 230, 462 M Maas, Louis P., 50 Maass, Clio A., 370 Macchi, Margaret, 239 MacDonald, Betty R., 70, 73, 95, 96. 97, 102, 212, 433 MacDonald, Donald R., 361 Macdonald, Julian, 370 Macdonald, Patricia, 42 MacDonald, R. F., 233 MacDougall, Bruce B., 401 MacDougall, Ron. 236, 339 Mace, Nancy C., 274, 437 MacFadyen, Merian, 465 MacFarlane, Marian M., 73, 212, 274, 447 MacFarlane, Ron, 267 Mackenzie, Donald H., 32 MacGregor, 465 Machgan, Faye Willene, 42 Maddock, Gary, 232, 461 Mahoney, John. 231 Maio, Joseph, 227 Mgggenzie, Mary A., 218, Mackey, Jr., Dan, 405 Mackie, Nick, 397 344 Manro, James, 407 Mansy, Alexander W., 50 Mantel, Richard D., 244 Mappin, John, 379 Mar, Brian, 44, 230, 240, 251 Marble, Duane F., 73 March, Barbara J., 419 March, Miles, 247 Maichworth, Dean Gordon, 3 Marcks, Annelore, 73, 273 Marinkovich, Don, 397 Mark, Julian, 333 Marken, Ruth E., 73, 210, 252, 268, 343, 457 Marketing Club, 245 Mgqgham, Marilyn, 218, Markow, Gilbert G., 73 Marik, Raymond L., 256 Marion, Virginia, 443 Markham, Marilyn J., 416 Marks, Clark, 251 Marlowe, Robert, 383 Marr, Ann, 263 Marih, Muriel R., 73, 414, 44 Marshall, Dean A., 73, 387 Marshall, Debbie L , 437 Marshall Don W., 73, 334, 337, 363 Marshall, Geneanne M., 431 Marshall, Marilyn, 425 Mggghall, Richard L., 232, Marshall, Russ, 201 Martens, Larry L., 232. 363 Martenson, James A., 73, 230, 411 Martin, Arthur W., 30 Martin, Carol D., 137, 419 Martin, 441 Martin, Dale, 364 Martin, Dino E., 359 Martin, Martin, Martin, Carol-Lee, 123, 218, Dorothy-Lea, 449 Florence, 472 Forest, 114, 419 Mgggin, Humphrey J., 72, Martin, M. Jean, 137, 441 Martin, Jim, 44, 72, 103, 144, 389 Mebust, Winston K., 44, 109, 227, 399 Medica, Marilyn J., 425 Mehl, Roger L., 223, 370 Meisels, Stanley D., 73, 381 Meisner, Adele, 201 Melander, Dennis G., 230, 231, 353 Melang, Dean, 202, 277 Melang, Ralph, 44 Meldahl, Kenneth, 44 3 Melin, Joan A., 137, 419 Meline, 'Roger K., 361 Mglllintte, Jr., Ted W., 72, Melseth, Marvin J., 109, 242. 387 Melvin, Glenda, 137 Menasveta, Deb, 461 Mendel, Bob A., 385 Menefee, Roberta. 254 Mensinger, Ron, 314 Merchant, Howard, 44 Meredith, Daniel A., 134, 249, 358 Meredith, John E., 257, 359 Meriwether, Julia G., 72, 423 Merpert, Ken, 409 Merridith, Joan M., 457 Miggill, Pat A., 218, 263, Merrill, Clinton F., 50 Merrill, Sahli E., 433 Merrifield, Ruth A., 72, 421 Merritt, Donna J., 445, 470 Merritt, Marianne, 212, 274 Migitt, Janice K., 72, 274, Mertel, Charles W., 120, 177, 399 Merritt, Robert, 380 Messenger, Judy A., 105, 124, 166, 419 Messerly, Edward B., 359 Metcalf, Donald, 44 Metcalf, James M., 369 Metchicas, Letha, 204 Methven. Helen C.. 73, 459 Mettler, Ulrick, 231, 262 Metz, Peter, 44 Meuli, William P., 377 Meuer, Don, 295 Martin, Jo Ann, 107, 115, 437 Martin, John K., 119, 121, 122, 369 Martin, Judi L., 115, 437 Martin, Morris C., 465 Martin, Sharon L., 416 Martin,Richard, 378 Miggin, Roberta J.. 263, Mgggin, Tom E., 22, 235, Martin, Val D., 72, 403 Meuer Constance, 73, 250, 431 Meyer Betty Jean, 263, 272 Meyer Bud, 148 MBYGPI 294 Denny, 75, 213, 39 , 3 Meyer, Jack, 461 Meyer, Louise E., 73, 441 Meyer, Susi Ruth, 42 Meyers, Glenn, 274 Meyers, Jo Anne, 104, 449 Mezistrano, David, 354 Mezistrano, Eddie, 354 iwtezisiggljxa. Rwbrrl J-- 73- 350- 0 -mm -, kv Hil rn, ...J 4 H HIzi:3I?Da1iiei 314- 353 Michel, Mike. 364' , inicnaiam. Fred- 59,3 T., Mlchcls, lilariannn J.. -- 421 lilickeiigliaron L.. 103. 137. . .QI - 1 t n, Michael. lgigglggdlii, Vicki A., 13. 122. 4 . V - ld , Carrol, 3.17 gigzfliei. John, 389 r Mighell. James L.. 35,3 Mihalioff, Vadim V., 43. Mfffjo,-, Saylorgzgvs MiIcl?itii?i1,DV?ginifr1ed June, 42 K Th. 36 Wfiiliani W., 122. 220. 352, 361 Milleson. Ted- 222 113 Milholland, Gail E., . Miiigiriilwaitel- E., 47. 375 - r, Bob L., 314 Miiigr, Carmen, 42 Miller, Carol I., 400 Miller, Charles R-od. 232 Miller, Fred D.. 13, 378 F Miller, George A., 230. 318 Miller, Genevieve. 472 Miller, Jack I.. 363 Miller, John K., 407 Miller Kay J.. 58, 74, 96. 97, 131, 112, 113. 146, 212. Miggr. Kenneth E., 353 - 1 , L ry, 378 H llbliiilgi, Lgixrie R.. 107. 230. 2, 383 Misllier, Marian R.. 425 Miller, Marilyn A., 246. 445, 457 ,. Miller. Mary L-- 269- 442 Miller, Myrna L.. 74, 211. 435 Miller, Norman. 380 Miller, Richard 1., 363 Miller, Richard O.. 379 Miller, Robert W.. 313. 400. 411 Miller, Rod. 385 Miner. Shirley. 42. 44 Miller, Thomas, 251 Miller, Warren S.. 129, 152. 175. 215, 370 Miller, Winlock, 20 H Millman, Patricia J., 461 Mills, Burbairai J., 24 I' 3-I-1. -1.11 7' 234' Mills, David, -I4 Mills, Donna P., 447 Mills, Dorothy M., 441 Mills, Eithne, 344 Mills, Henry, 397 Mari Jo, 447 Milne, Milner, Howard, 232 Milton, Paul, 353 Minis, Mary, 148 Minaglia, Don, 340 Mignlahan, Michael I., 240, Minard, Bob. 334 Minard, Patricia J., 74, 431 Minert. Jack, 379 Mines. Michael, 48, 401 Minick, Jack I., 74 Minor, Hugh,50 Misch, Donna, 217 Misch, Hanna, 44 Milsilginia. Tokuji, 47, 247, Mitchell. Gordon S.. 403 Mitchell. Sam, 211, 213, 221, 282, 283. 284 Mgigzaki, Julianne A.. 74, Miyoshi, Kiyoka, 270 MJelde. Carroll V., 223, 224, 242. 290 Mobbs. Betty A., 74 Mobbs, Beverly J., 459 Modenese. Dorothy L., 427 Modrow, Ronnie, 410 Moe, Marney, 425 Moe, Marv J., 141, 218, 439 Moe, Robert, 462 Moeller, James H., 106, 119, 123, 127, 215, 274, 338. 387 Moeller, Janet L.. 449 Moen. Margery L., 441 Moggat, Marlene, 156, 218, 4 Mohoric. George D., 460 Moilanen, Loretta A., 423 Moldenhour, Jan. 44, 217 Mggdstad, Harold A., 300, 5 Moliene, Frank, 461 Molinero, Eileen, 229 Molitor. Graham T., 103. 119, 121, 152. 387 Moll, Frank H.. 338 387 Mollick, Frank N., 74. 373 Moloney, Eugene I., 47, 49 Molt, Roger. 46 Monaghan, Dick, 249 Mgnahan, James T., 142, 43 Mgglldud' P-06 E.. 221, 312, Monnie, J Monnot, lgerifntlgz' 5334327 Mfmroe. Arthur 399 oe' Mlke. 167. 183, 225, MOUSHMO. Teresa M., 75, 232, 2 43. 362 457 Monson, M fl Monson. 'T'I,2236, 369 Mggetgomery. Donald N., Mggggomefy. Patricia J., Mgggqggery, Sharon A., Moody, Moody, Moody Eiane.JM., 416 lZa eth, 75, 44 Eva 239 3 Moodyf Jim'A., 361 Moody Moody Sharon, 421 Jr. Walter E 355 Moon, Beverly F., 431" Moore, Alton W., 41 Moore, Anthony, 256 Moore, Moore Moore, Moore, 1 Barbara Jean, 42 Donald W., 375 Glenn A., 397 Leon M.. 215 221 223, 289, 296, 385 ' ' Moore, Margaret, 229 Moore, Nathaniel H., 75 Moore. gagicia A., 431 OOFG- 1 W., 75, 244, 247. 3830 er Moore, Thomas R., 357 Mggie, Velva Lee, 254, 341, Moors, Carolyn E., 74, 456 Moran, Conrad, 407 Moran, Glenda, 435 Moran, Joy F., 435 Moreau, Jacqueline E., 423 Mgrgord, Don K., 220, 280, Morgan, Alvin C., 74, 399 Morgan, Evan, 461 Morgan Horner, 256 Morgan, M. Joyce, 421 Morgan. Marjorie A., 74, 26 . 273 Morgan, Michael, 461 Morgan, Patricia Ann, 475 Morgan, Reid A., 74, 380 Morgan, Wally, 230 Morganthaler, Mary L., 140, 433 Moriarty, Himothy G., 74, 235. 273. 283 Mgggey, Richard C., 273, " n the Avenue" QL' I 1 I 1 g..,aggeegagagazzaeze 1 .X Q--I v - 3. 3.11 Congratulatzons f' ' 1 ti 'xx' and best Wzshes I , fb- ifgaigfigaiit '44 for sUCcEss 1 May We Suggest a gift of nylon , ,- ,..- . ln, .. - ,. 'e.- WY, ' ., 23.5 Y: ydNX!:Q'Z5. .GFS Q cg' Q .1 l 4 '9w,:QX,v. Q ftxf. - coRsETs ge 'C :F:'47LSJg. ay, Ar X , If :via if 2:2355 I f5F,f:3S5,' 4 17 7' "J ,APY-4' . 2 1.3 .-4-1 J .rf -. fi . '- Yfifyt XML' .M . QA -u Q V 3 Q f ft.. X 'T X x - LINGERIE ,.' YW - HOSIERY ,I 2 4308 UNIVERSITY WAY MEIrose 03II For a Lifetime of Fun LEARN TO DANCE..NOW! THE HOLLYWOOD DANCE STUDIOS I . ' -,. .:...,.2'as1'I1212222112121afai25e2a2aQii:Q2e2.2121-2Q1?'.13'i2g?fl. ENJOY EXPRFSSING ' 11? ' 'TI' in .',' 'E YOURSELF IN . . . I Lilting Samba g 2 1 ,C g ' 4, "' cuban nhumba ., I ' A ' F' I ' 7 'rf-fel JI -. Argentine Tango It gay: , , I k I. -5 Exciting Mambo I gm 6.5251 ,swztxi ,gpg N 1,77 W' Q if I 'I 'JI - Fox Trot -11" ' - L 5 Waltz . ,. ,gb ,J In 4 E it ' Smooth Swing I Come ln ToddY for U FREE LESSON ATDQ WI" Ms 6544 . - ' X ' WS 15 the tamous ov.o5T"oNx 30162 N 'cor the oawaxs Xal' 3 I 10051 vopu Ssifloes , . . - W campu Corner 43rcI ancI University S-FIIICT 3 IN THE HEART OF THE U DI ff Y 499 4 'ks 4 ' 'uf : Fifi? ' 1. -,' pr -2- Gsm,-.'. . I S 4 'Q l.-g . .,. N..- T5 , 'uit' f" J fj' R.. H . .. ,N . '-Jr. qs. .,, fssf'. the heart of a diamond, and is symbolic of the traditional quality at Hardy's. QUALITY The penetrating light of the Diamondscope takes you right to 'TRADITIONAL FIFTH AT PINE Harry F. Arnold Ian Laing-Malsolmson Morrill, Jack J., 74, 245, 357 Morrill, Justin, 74, 272 Morrill, Kirk, 375 Morris, Alan D., 464 Morris, Barbara A.. 443 Morris, V. James, 74, 385 Morris, Mary E., 75, 246, 4 Morris, Ralph L., 215, 369 Mgggis, Bob G., 215, 324, Morris, William, 326 Morrison, Gerald E., 75, 353 Morrison, J. B., 96 Morrison, Joyce, 245 Morrison, Robert D., 75, Neal, John B., 249 Neal, Patricia L., 75, 239, 419 Neal, Roger W., 397 Nederlee, John L., 372, 373 Neergaard, Jill C. A., 127, 218, 280, 421 Neglay, Dick V., 75, 411 Neil, John, 134 Neil, Mary Lee, 254, 457 Neil, Patricia A., 214, 273 Neill, Jim, 397 Neisess, Carol A., 99, 140, 228, 357 Morrissey, Mary-Kay, 112, 113, 114, 129, 175, 214, 218, 437 Morrow, Anne, 437 Morrow, Tisha A., 451 Morse, Alice N., 43, 70, 75, 95, 96, 97, 105, 113, 210, 212 Morse, Janeann, 447 Morse, Ronald P., 227, 267, 460 Mortar Board, 210 Morton, Carol, 465 Morton, Jack J. A., 391 Morton, Lee A., 400 Mortvedt, Hector, 234 Mosby, Wayne G., 74, 243 Mosler, Judy F., 452 Mott, Nanlssz K., 74, 437 Motteler, ary Zoe, 109, 449 Moulton, R. W., 34 Moulton, Shirley A., 421 Mgugisey, Sally M., 74, 250, 3 Mount, Loyette F., 74, 134, 245, 457 Mowill, Rolf F., 463 Moyer, Baxter W., 353 Moyer, Carol A., 421 Moyer, James A., 393 Mucklestone, Robert, 211 Mueller, Alexander, 392 263, 457 Nelsen, Janet E., 109, 187, 431 Nelsen, Sally K., 104 Nelson, Alwyn L., 75, 231, 387, 455 Nelson, Anne G., 75 Nelson, Arlene F., 169, 423 Nelson, Arthur, 224 Nelson, Barbara, 254 Nelson, Bernard, 461 Nelson, Bennett, 230 Nelson, Bernice A., 263, 470 Nelson Beverly J., 74, 138 4 8 , 5 Nelson, Carl L., 232, 476 Nelson, Carolyn, 44, 238 Nelson, Charlotte A., 74, 447 Nelson, Chuck, 367 Nelson, Darrell L., 242, 326. 327 Nelson, Darrow S., 314. 369 Nelson, Doris M.. 74, 475 Nelson, Earl H., 391 Nelson, Edward A., 74, 460, 476 Nelson, Floyd, 242 Nelson, Gary N ., 326, 327, 383 Nelson, Gene, 353 Nelson. Harold, 230 Nelson, Janet A., 74, 115, 272, 467, 470 Nelson, Jerry, 134, 142 Nelson, Judith A.. 421 Nelson, Lorraine L., 74 Nelson, Lynn B., 74, 108, 248, 456 Mueller, Anne, 437 Mueller, Bruce N., 256 Mueller, Floyd K., 245 Mueller, Fred J., 42, 44, 228, 231, 238 Mueller, Paul R., 357 Muir, Don R., 405 Muir, Doug, 134, 395 Mullen Bett 203 Nelson, Maurice A., 231, 257 Nelson, Mona M., 439 Nelson, Patricia A., 103, 137, 435 Nelson, Richard C., 102, 108, 230, 411 Nelson, Robert B., 47, 1 Y, Mullen, Joyce E., 140, 342, 439 Mullen, Ron, 372 Mullin, Shan, 44, 119, 121, 127, 177, 215, 385 Muller, Fred J., 47 Munger, Bryce L., 43, 44, 102, 213, 215, 227. 399 Munn, Gary A.,389 Munro, Don, 240 Munro, Robert B., 389 Munson, Ray E., 389. Munson, Verne Edwin, 42 Mu Phi Epsilon, 245 Murakama, Robert, 230 Murakami, Ken, 477 Muggakami, Momoku, 69, 4 Murakami, Robert, 44 Murchy, Dick, 284 Murdock, Robert V., 74, 224, 234, 463 Muri, James R., 359 Murison, Bonnie-Jean, 137, 219 Murphy, Arthur E., 29 Murphy, George A., 74, 391 Murphy, Herta, 106 Murphy, Mike, 273 Murray, Gail A., 439 Milicrfay, Jr., Marvin R., Miaigrray, Robert R., 121, Murrow Nancy A., 437 233, 251, 407 Nelson, Sally, 427 Nelson, Shirley, 254, 344 Nelson, Wes R., 314 Nemetz, Alvin S., 244, 245, 247 Ness, Verna M., 203, 456 Neth, Sylvia A., 74, 247, 254, 344 Neubauer, Ronald G., 75, 409 Neville, 437 Barbara A., 75, Neuman, Paula A., 443 Neumann, Wesley, 256 N eurath, Hans, 38 Ngggcomb, Betty L., 137, Newgard, Gerald A., 359 Newgard, Peggins A., 75, 212, 439 Newinger, Diane M., 177, 219, 431 Newman, Allan L., 409 Newman, Beverly A., 444 Newman, Bill, 108 Newman, Carole, 443 Newman, William, 44 Newsom, Helen J., 75 Newton, Ann, 443 Newton, Eleanore A., 437 Neysom, Helen, 425 Nicholls, Winifred, 423 Nichols, Bill, 350 522251, 55532535zgzgigigfigzgigigif' l 2:1 P 5 R 5 O N A L I Z E D get 'U I Q 0 .- ,.::1::::::z:g5:3 355555-' I I , ahxgnwiimi V. If .-: xy, S, 1,6693 Ei Geese 1 'E- .-555 wlllmu"""'iQ Party Headquarters for University Students :iiiZsizzizizzyzzzzisiiii S 2 ' .,...... 59 S 2 FOR ALI. OCCASIONS 'gsgsgsgsgsgsgsgsgz' 155252 E 5 Wedding Receptions - Banquets - Teas ,Z Q Picnics - Cocktail Parties - Open Houses Tmgg 5555: .... Wlllllllllllhhw -1 2555?'iffziszsfm' SPECIALTIES f 522555. "f:35g:1""-' Hors d 'Oeuvres - Punch - Wedding Cakes ififiiiiifif. '2E1E'. 5.::g:1:::,:::, 2:11, Q:-:':-15-:-:-. '- N E:f:5:5:f:2:2:f: . . illif 15112. I-if 1-112 ,223 500 . tl lrnll NAT 1 I ' I I -l-f Ice Cream - Monogrammed Napkins Wedding Invitations - Hot Coffee Delivery """'E1?f51E' "" ' RENTALS qsome Picturedl Chairs - Tables - Coffee Urns - Glasses - Punch Bowls Silver - China - Tea Services - Chafing Dishes MEIrose 3456 If no answer call VErmont 4608 "U" District Showrooms-4108 University Way ms: nsuvrnv Special Organization Discounts - 415: fi . ,. 'nu-9r"4f7 1121:-. - . .-.-:ffffi -- ,'! ,.,, , ,,,,, , .,,, .3:::3:5:3:3 :-:-:':5:-:-:-:-:':-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-. "i1EfE2irErEf:r52:-.. -N 5- .:1:1:r:f535?5E55E5S?E35E5E5 55E355E3E5E3" "Egi5EgE5Sg55 EISIEIEZIE. 55555555 Ef?3E5E1E5E3S3Z?2E5E55EEEE52frE1i" "" ' -. Muskowitz, Harvey, 378 Mu Tau, 246 Myer, Raymond I., 377 Myers, Allison W., 217, 437 Myers, Billie R., 421 Millers, Elizabeth Jean, 42, Myers, Gayle, 427 Myers, Glenn S., 367 Myers, Gordon J.. 409 Myers, Ivan G., 375 Myers, Jerry L., 365 Myers, Lafe H., 359 Myers, Marilyn T., 74, 437 Myers, Sharon N., 437 Myers, Virgil, 204 Naff, William, 42, 44 Nakagawa, Yosh. 271 Nakamura, May K., 270 Nakamura, Ted, 477 Nakatsu, Lorry M., 477 Nggge, Jaime P., 74, 463, Nash, J ack A., 381 Nauratil, Donald Raymond,, 42 Nichols, Marjorie, 437 Nichols, Patsy T., 74, 439 Nichols, William Conner, 175, 383 Nicholson, Merle M. D., 314, 318. 395 Nickle, George M., 139, 280, 403 Nicoli, Leland, 462 Nielsen, Dwight, 391 N Esau, Thomas Harold, Nielsen, William 357 Nielson, John, 213 Nieman, Elizabeth L., 121. 431 Niendorff, William W., 74 Nietfield, Marilyn, 254 Niles, Wendell H., 215, 221, 305, 307, 310, 311, 312. 383 Nilson, Allan E.. 44, 74, 393 Nilson, Edward L., 74, 242 Nilsson, Ann E., 443 Nims, Shawn B., 74. 437 Nims, Thalia M., 437 Nrligger, George L., 74, 395, Nitta, George, 44 Nixon, Monte, 44 Nobach, Norman P., 359 Noble Dixie Bahnsen, 472 1 Qnnve. 386 irslgglga. Gerald, 232 4 Noble, Jane. 66. 137, 43 Nome. Nancy- 229 Noble, Philip R., 389 Noe. John A.. 74. 303 Noe' Jing, 333213, 221, 305. 5 . Nglglg, Anne, 416 Noam, Eve. 246- 437 Nolan' pony A.. 429 Nolan, Robert. 361 Nolte, Elaine L., 74. 266 Nommergsen, Gene O., 107, 39 . , S l Ia. 263. 270 Igigirdlnign. Xxynie, 44, 122. 395 d ' t, Clarence E.. 363 Eggdgwgm, Bruce A.. 63 . Ngiggsgrom, Phyllis R.. 266 'ne' LVI1 M.. Iltllggrlan, Allen, 378 Norman, Marlene J .. 433 Normann, Sigllfd J.. Normann, Soren F.. 401. 222 . Henry L., 361 Masai., F- 35. NO,-ton, Philip C., 75. 399 Norton. Skip: 336 Norton, William E., 313. 403 Nggtirand, Howard L.. 30 Nothstein. D0na1d L-' 49 75 ' k, Edward Julius. 42 lljlgggliovich, Army. 134- 344 Nowell, Philip E., 122. 298, 369 Nudelman, Isabel J., 219. 444 . d 1 , Phillip M.. 381 ggggnlga? ack E., 49, 75. 213. 221.2223 307 11Sxi'Iiifih'.fQ'1l'E., 152, 274. 403 Nunan. Allan, 461 Nggglelee, Gery, 125, 314. Nurk, Enid, 261 Nutley, Eugene A., 50 Nutley, Richard V., 411 Nutter, Shirley L., 433 Nutting, James D., 411 Nygreen, Glen, 21 Nystrom, Carole J., 425 O Oakes, Glen, 251 Oberrotter, Marilyn J.. 44, 217, 266. 268 O'Brian, Pat. 202 0'Brien. Barbara M., 113, 122, 443 O'Brien, Evalyn E.. 458 O'Brien, Kathleen F., 423 O'Conner, James V., 274. 387 O'Connor, Bernard, 232 Ogacannor, Richard L., 253. O'Connor, Sharon F., 109, 415. 429 Odegard, Carol F., 429 Odell, Mollie, 421 Odell, Rollin W., 123, 125, 363 Odland, Agnes Marie, 75, 108, 212, 416 Odlin, Richard B. II., 375 Oeck, Emil A., 379 Oertel, Richard, 461 O':rtl1, Ronald B. 300. 476 Ofelt, James A., 76, 460 Offer, Carol J., 449 O'Flaherty, John R., 256 Ofsthun, Neil, 364 O'Gal1igan, John A., 222, 315, 318, 403 Ogden, Sandra M., 123, 137, 140, 219. 433 Ogle, Dennis E., 465 O'Halloran, Pat G., 76, 233 O'Hare, Lynne, 429 Ohlson, Barbara A., 447 Olkawa, Atsushi, 257 Okada. Carolyn, 270 Okada, Charlie, 477 Okamura, Lillian, 123, 270 Olgginoto, Takayoshi, 76, Okawa, Arlene M., 142, 270 Okazaki, Frank, 233 Oklta. Richard 462 Cliilyama. Toyoko Miyazaki, Okumoto, Royal E., 76 01afSS0n.Arni, 47, 244, 247 Olander, Carl, 234 Olander. Diane K.. 274. 451 0 Lane. John M., 221. 405 Olason, Victor, 211, 213 Olberding. Harold, 244, 245 Olden. Delmar F., 76, 256 Oldenburg. Richard F., 367 Oleson. Bob, 249 Oleson, Janet, 217 Oliver. nennn K., 447 Olivier, Denny R., 365 Oliver, Margaret B. Oliver, Ted. 119, 340' 76' 266 Olling. David, 257 Olman, Phoebe, 115, 219 Olman, Phyllis A., 452 Olofson, Don, 461 glsen, gdellje, 425 sen, ar ara J.,2 , Olsen, Darrel, 385 74 431 Olsen, Fred A., 76 Olsen, Ronald H., 373 Olsen, Terry, 385 Olson, Alan S., 76, 232. 243 Olson. Bonnie J.. 77, 246 Olson, Darryl, 236 Olson, Eleanor C.. 77, 271 Olson, Elayne, 435 Olson, Fred. 242 Olson, Gene G.. 314. 387 Olson, Glenda J.. 263. 272 Olson, Hal G., 242 371 Olson, Harvard. 224 Olson, Janice, 261 Olson. Joanne, 451 012851. James R., 223, 290, Olson, Janet L., 429 Olson. Jean, 77, 132, 249, 266 Olson, Joyce S., 427 Olson, Lloyd L., 77 217, 327 Olson, Lloyd W., 50. 401 Olson, Marilyn C., 219, 439 Olson, Phyllis. 217 OISOH. Ralph C.. 76. 365 Olson, Richard L., 76, 228, 235. 379, 455 Olson, Robert N., 357 Olilgilg, Gerhard, 44, 216, Olwell, Genevieve H., 76, 414. 436, 437 Olwell, Patrick I-I.. 397 Oman, Joanne M., 219, 421 Omicron Nu. 246 O'Neal. Estella Louise, 42, 44 O'Neal, Terry, 76. 369 O'Neil-Butler, Robert, 204 Ogieill, Sally A., 217, 263, O'Neill. Sally. 227. 272 467 Ongarato. John R., 379 Onishi, Masazo, 47, 460 Onkels, Peter, 399 Onodera, George, 477 Onoro-Cerra, Enrinue, 461 Onstott. Howard. 247 Onheim, A. S., 245 Opland. Marlys L., 458 Oggienheimer, Leonard, Obstad, Edwin A., 353 O'Ravez, James W., 407 Oraanized House Association. 455 O'Rielly. PhiliD C., 76 Orliss. Ted E.. 354 Ormsby. Jr., Robert E., 76 Orr, Dwight. 392 Orr, James E., 47, 76, 403 Orr, Louise M.. 454 Ortwein. Norman. 461 Osborne, Robert J., 256. 373 Osborne, Robert A., 76. 226, 274 Ossewarde. Fred N., 399 Ossinger. Dick, 260 Osterberg, Marvel P.. 449 Osterhout, Jane L.. 77. 439 Osterman, Gayle M., 425 Ostrander, Mike M., 361 Ostrom, Patricia L.. 431 Oswald, Edward, 245 Oswalt. Janet L., 98. 261. 21:21 447 Ot e , ancy. Otosxlii. Marianne S., 214. 217. 270 Otoshi. Tommy Y.. 77. 240. 251 Ott, Charles. 233. 240 Lloyd G., 77. Otterbein, Glenn. 44. 251 Ottevaere. Virginia' 219 429 Ottersen, Margaret A.. 443 Otto, June, 428 Ouchi, Margaret, 239 Ouren, Rod, 378 Oval Club. 213 Ove, Joan M.. 421 Overby, June C.. 77. 425 Overholser. Otho. 245 Owen, Darrel. 463 Owen an I Iam .. gxggsigghuck, 96. 100' 106' 108. Owens, Frank J., 367 Owens. Nancy A.. 44. 113' 114, 214, 431 Oxwang. Tom E., 326. 327. 373 G Overlock, Jlm. 100 P , .1 ,J hn, 233. 240 g35h5ec0,0Gilbergw?4fZ59 pl -k' d, Joan. - Pflikgl-d. Patty J-. 219' 423 ' ' un.. I .. J-r I ---Ill:-I Inu 5. .- -' .. ,, C9 Course You Cam . . . and Should. . , Wye! Save regularly rl lzttle can become a lot Ybur savmgs currently earn ZMW znterestl WASHINGTON MUTUAL - SAVINGS BANK SECOND AT QPRING FIFTH AT OLIVE - E 45119 AT BROOKLYN CALIFORNIA AT W. ORLGON - Norlhweft .r Oldext fr Largest Saving: Imzitulion Member F. D. I. C. 1 . 1 . . . O . . : a ::- --I I'I nl. . Ill ::: III nn QI L l ll: , . . 22 ' ::: I llllllll:l lllllllll I 0 MELY OTI D JEFF 0 TOWNE-KING OR 0 ALLIGATOR 0 L LFS RO K KO 0 HIC EN TZ AN 0 J -n T 3 2 E nf 0 5 Z o-I 9, 3 P 2 vf 5 5 O H 15 1 E E 0 easy 1 2 5 an m WSME , 2 Q5 'H Eli 4 1' , 'QE -4 o gg egmwv 3 3 's 4 wmwsi 5 2 F1 -. .T ee, 2 53, 0 V' lil 1, "4 Ki 24,155 W 4 5 2. TI Q in Lf 4 M 9 , o -I ,U Z 5 2 -I L Q 5 W W 2 O Z 2 U1 2 0 T1lMl.3?Rl1'lS 0 IEIVAIGVILLS 0 HO93H99W 0 EIEGIHHSDOH 0 NVLLVHNVW 0 Pardo, Richard D.. 393 When you see the blue Pioneer iruck on the iob I . , '. Quegnah l I What does Job Printing mean? Answef li means Printing by the job-for you. University Printing is one of the largest, best equipped printing plants in the Northwest. we specialize in FAST, QUALITY PRINTING. niversity Printing Compan 4l33 University Way MElrose 0075 ' ,:22Z.?5i-- ii.. 5525:- .PZ-:1:1i :fi:5' '5:f''":1:I:1:5:2:2Rk1i:f:fz2:2:1:1:l:1: 29'':1:2:1:51z3:1:1:1:1:5:2:I:2:2:I:I:2:I:2:2:2:25.i1::I.2ET-. ulyy, ,mfg--52.51is55g:g:g:ij:g:,2g11:,.,:':g:j:g:f:5259iizE2555252355253-2"f 'ff-.. . .-: . :-:-:-:g ' 1.5: .-:-:g:-:g:g:-:-:-:-:-:-:-'-'-'-'-'-'-'-'-:-'f3'3"-ff-1'5'-'-ff ""' """ f """""' . """'A' .- THIS PIONEER TRUCK ON THE JOB...MEANS QUALITY CONSTRUCTION delivering Tru-Mix Concrete, you know long-lasting quality construction is under way. Wl1en you see Tru- Mix Concrete used for foundation and other concrete work you know an architect, contractor ancl builder who demand first class materials are on the job. PIONEER SAND Und GRAVEL CO. 90I Fairview N. MA. 2900 9l0 W. Spokane 502 Padvorac, Nicholas Robert, 42 Palfreyman, Lee P., 373 Palmer, David R., 226 Eric, 147, 274 Palmer, Palsmer, Marquerite L., 50, 7 Palmer, Mary Jane, 76, 250, 423 Palola, Ernest G., 109, 232, 327, 464 Panchenko, Anne M., 102, 152, 449 Panchenko, John I.. 76, 257 Panchot, Dudley, 96 Pang, Sue Lynn, 472 Pang, Tom, 336, 340 Pangle, Clarence, 257 Panhellenic, 414 Pan Xenia, 247 Panzica, Merilou, M. J. P., 254, 342, 416 Papin, Ed R., 222. 395 Papritz, Gordon R., 76, 224. 464 Parent, Margaret M., 445, 465 Pargeter, William, 403 Parjus, Alberto C., 377 Park, Barbara. 42. 44, 161 Parke, Robin E.. '359 Parker, Frank, 44. 58, 76. 78. 94, 95. 96, 97. 98. 108, 173, 213, 216, 224, 227, 238, 254, 273, 409 Parker, Richard H., 76, 143, 243, 401 Parker, Sandra. 452 Parker, Sid, 403 Parker, Venette R , 421 Parker, Wm. L., 215, 285, 326, 383 Parks, Donald C., 401 Parks, Elmer E., 403 Parks. Leo, 477 Parr, Less, 134 Parr, Raymond A., 76, 234, 389 Parrish, Sally J., 447 Parrott. John D., 391 Parry, Len, 298 Parry, John W., 377 Parson, Marilyn J., 449 Parsons, Dale, 219. 437 Parsons. Dean, 129. 213. 221, 225, 296, 321, 322, 323, 324 Parsons, Peter R., 391 Partington, Richard L.. 233, 252 Partlow. James, 399 Parvey. Dona, '44 Pasco, Barbara. 78. 274 Pascoe, Douglas W., 357 Pagsargoe, Jeffrey W., 336, Passey, Richard I.. 76 Patelli. Jo Vanna M., 77, 232, 243, 252 Paterson. Harriet. 239 Paztlrgoe, Ron E., 322, 323. Paton, Richard R., 50. 77 Patrick, Archie S., 391. Patrick, Nancy A., 419 Patrick. Robert J , 77, 224, 234, 235, 237. 463 Patterson, Alex W., 256 Patterson, Carole J., 269, 343, 458 Patterson, Kathleen J., 419 Patterson. Dean Lillian, 40 Pattison, Marlyn H., 29. 77 Pattison. William M.. 367 Patton. Joanne L., 115. 423 P3153 Redmond J., 76, 333, Paulsen. Suzanne M., 76, 243, 252 Pailigson, Gladdy W., 156, Paulson, Laura T.. 431 Paxson. Peggy, 219, 445 Payn, Betty L.. 451 Payne, Buryl. 109 Payne, Donald W., 240 Payne, Frank W.. 371 Peabody, Robert L.. 44, 76, 213, 216. 273, 285 Pearl, Bill, 215 Pearce, Samuel Folsom, 42 Pearson, Bruce. 340 Pearson. Dorothy J., 96, 203, 227 Pearson, Ernest J.. 361 Pearson, Jean E.. 219 451 Pearson, Jerry M., 371 Pearson, Lois E., 219, 451 Pearson, Lowell, 374 Pearson, Roy E., 76, 226 Peart, Irene M.. 194, 427 Pecchia, Benita M., 475 Peck. George. 333. 394 Pecton. Wallace. 332 Pederit, Susan, 467 Pedersen, Albert, 233 Pedersen, Carol n J.. 76 Pgtggrsen, Gene 314, Pedersen, Muriel K., 76, 475 Pederson, Albert, 251 Pederson, George, 462 Pederson, James, 272 Pederson, Marlene G., 457 Pederson, Phyllis T., 429 Peel, Sharon I., 18, 76, 423 Pegues, Thelma, 472 Peihl, Robert, 461 Pelan, William K., 231 Pell, James C., 339, 391 Pellegrini, Angela, 167, 447 Pelletier, Basil, 226, 240 Pelletier,Kenneth F., 77, 220, 245, 355 Pelton, Pat. 116 Pelton, Ruth, 338 Pelz, Freda, 248 Pennell, Ann, 419 Pepperdine, Warren, 202 Peratrovich, Jr., Roy A., 401 Peringer, F. Michael, 314, 363 Perkins, Darcia L., 416 Perkins, Doyle, 127, 300, 323. 324 Perkins, John E., 77, 351, 397 Perkins, Luann E., 425 Perkins, Maureen A , 458 Perko, Hedwig Elsie, 42 Perlin, Bernard L., 77, 228 Perry, Bruce, 77. 365 Perry, Chuck, 353 Peggy, John W., 76, 224, 3 Perry, Len, 215, 385 Perry, Ronald, 464 Person, Elna J., 259 Persson, Leon. 378 Peters, Dick. 336 Peters, Douglas D., 104, 357 Peters, Nicholas J., 121, 134, 137, 226. 405 Peters, Sidney B., 298. 375 Petersen, Brooks M.. 395 Peatyirsen, Finn R. W., 76, Petersen. Jeremv M., 96, 97 103, 213, 215, 357 Petersen, Warren T., 242, 296. 357. 363 Peterson, Allen. 256 Peterson, Bob, 335, 385 Peterson. Clifford A., 76, 244, 247, Peterson, Peterson, Peterson, 380 Dale L., 403 Dale S., 76. 378 Damon, 233 Peterson. Darlene F., 140, 219, 456 Peterson, Dennie H., 399 Pegelrson, Dolores A., 76, 4 Peterson. Don L., 326, 327, 385, 463 Pgggrson, Donald E., 230, Peterson, Irene A.. 437 Peterson, James. 337 Peterson, Janet E., 427 Peterson, Janice K.. 427 Peterson, Jean L.. 421 Peterson, Les. 256, 314 Peterson, Lora J., 447 Peterson, Lorane F., 416 Peltgrson, Marilyn J., 263, Peterson, Mary J., 137, 140, 419 Peterson. Nona Lee. 106, 114. 127, 214, 416 Peterson, Norman 397 Peterson, Olive, 229 Pelgerson, Ralph Richard, Peterson, Richard. 357 Peterson, Robert W.. 371 Peterson, Roland. 224 Pelggrson, Sally Rae, 250, Peterson, Sara Mae, 114, 245. 344, 443 Pggzrson, Ted G., 223 297. Peterson, Thelma J.. 431. Pe-Ztyirson, Thomas N., 352, Pegtgegrson, Wally, 233, 387, Peterson. William, 233 Petraborg. Nancy A.. 155. 189, 194. 218, 264, 315, 425 Petram, Donald J., 76, 231, 353 Petram, Jov C., 427 Petrone, Edward A., 393 Petropoulos, Anthanessios, 247 Pettibone, Diana. 451 Petty, Eugene. 352, 380 Peyser, Al, 222, 389 Pfeil, Muriel A., 137, 176, 264, 342, 417 Pfenning, Annette D., 76, 459 Phaler, Marilyn, 189 Phlellan, Burton Noel, 42, Phelps Jr., Norval E., 361 Phi Beta Kappa, 216 Phi Delta Theta, 382-383 Phifer, Carole A., 250, 456 Plggryer, David W., 224, 236. Phi Gamma Delta. 384-385 Phi Kappa Psi, 388-389 Phi Kappa Sigma, 386-387 Phi Kappa Tau. 380 Phillips, C. Albert, 461 Phillips, Neal H., 107, 119, 120, 3 83 Philips, Richard H., 371 Phillips, Jean M., 417 Phillips, Larry, 401 Phillips, Patricia J., 417 Phillips, Peggy J., 441 Phi Mu, 445 Phi Sigma Kappa, 379 Phi Sigma Sigma, 444 Photographers, 145, 146 Phrateres, 268-269 Pi Alpha Sigma, 248 Pi Beta Phi, 446-447 Picchena, Bill W., 357 Picciril 10, M'Lou, 425 Pickett, John F., 361 Pickeri Pickeri ng, Robert A., 371 ng, Wayne, 244 Pickett, Duane M., 220, 400 Pickett Pierce, Pierce, Pierce, s, William N., 393 Frederick E., 242 Gene, 101, 106 Priscilla A.. 76. 447 Pieroth, Mary H., 77, 212, 449 Pierson, Darrell E. 244, 464 Pierson, Lynn F., 425 Pierson, William E.. 383 Pifer, Drury L., 35, 357 Pifer, Pat E., 429 Pigott, Pigott, Mary Ellen. 433 Penny L., 451 Pi Kappa Alpha, 378 Pi Kappa Phi, 412 Pike, O. Keith, 411 Pi Lambda Theta, 248 Pilon, Lorraine M., 110, 116, 423 Pilot, Ted, 461 Pinch, Mitzie A., 113, 116, 171, 452 Pinckney, Patricia R., 109, 419 Piper, John, 211, 213 Piper, Robert P., 359 Pirtle, Barbara J .. 427 Pitcher, Ted C., 399 Pitman, Nancy P., 254 Plebuch, Richard K., 395 Plein, Elmer M.. 250 Plein, Joy, 243, 252 Plucker, William H.. 359 Plumb, James W., 359 Plummer, Robert, 402 Pluntze, James, 233, 461 Pocock, George. 287 Pocock, Stan, 297, 298 Pod, Gary A., 409 n Pogge. Ernest Christian, 42, 43, 44 Policar, Sally, 246, 452 Polishuk. Marion F., 444 Pollock, Dick, 271 Polson, R. Alex, 77, 365 Pomerenk, Walter D., 77, 106, 251, 262 Pomroy, Rayda L., 77, 212, 441 Ponder, Eleanor J., 419 Pook, William, 461 Pooler, Beverly J ., 419 Poppens, Irene Kate, 42 Poppleton. Philip, 257 Popwel Port, P Portela 1, Virginia A.. 263 aul L., 232, 463 nce. Herbert J., 50, 78, 213, 221, 222, 316, 317, 357 Porter, 344 Porter, 470 Porter, Porter, Porter, Helen P., 78, 254, Joanne M., 78, 229, Mary J., 449, 457 Marvin, 461 Mary Jo, A., 78, 250 Porter, Robert T., 21, 257, 387 Porter Virginia 343 Poska,' Janice Mi, 447 Posner, Barbara P., 79, 452 Posner, Jerry, 354 Posner, Post, G Potter, Potter, Potter, Pottle, Michael, 354 ordon J., 79, 234 A. Randall, 271 Mary Louise, 261 Roy, 244 Ellen J ., 459 Potts, Noreen, 415, 437 Potts, Rod. 318 Pottschmidt, Louis S., 369 Pourlie Powell, Powell, Powell, Powell, 244 Power, Power, Power, 465 Powers Powers Powers Powers r, Roy, 271 Barbara G.. 429 Felix L.. 400 Gordon S., 79. 361 Mary Jane, 217, Betty Jane V., 47 Donna D., 140, 441 Myrna L., 192, 454, , Betty, 229 , Carl R., 463 , Dean Francis. 31 Virginia D.. 427 Powersi Leland E.. as Piiaggr, David T., 223, 297, Pratt, Frederick V., 79, 393 Pratt, Shannon P., 108, 397 Pratt, Tuckie R., 439 Prescott, John E., 337, 385 Pressey, Rod, 285, 385 Presutto, Joseph, 203 Prevost, Donna M., 44, 79, 212, 238, 414, 434, 435 M2' most. Elaine .. LI-o ggixdco. Bernardo. 42 Price, Ben, 461 Price. Jan A.. 443 Price, JOY Ro 114- 439 Price, Lee M., 363 Price, Richard A.. 380 Prichai-d, Paul.D., 49. 476 Prickett, Priscilla. 217 Raymond, Vir 'inia ea . arra L. J., 235, 247. 367 79' 224' Read, William M., 22 Reagan, Larry, 340 Real, Carolyn A., 423 Reams, Bill H., 215, 221 282, 283, 284, 391 ' iebe, Dennis, 463 ggiebe. Duane. 44 Priebe. Wesley L.. 465 Prim. Merle. 222. 230 Pringle. J . Arthur, 23 Reddick, Robert R., 405 Redford, Alex J., 79, 233 Redmond, Jerry, 221, 306, 385 Reebs, Frederick W., 50, 79 1 Prin le. Dwane A.. 377 Pritcgiard, Barry, 202, 203, Piggdat, John P., 357 Procter, gon, 3333 , ar , Procter P Y 300 Procter , au , t , Doris Anne, 42 ggggtgg, Peter P., 377 Pruzan. Helene. 444 Reece, Alan, 257 Reed, Dorothy E., 419 Reed, Fred L., 359 Reed, John D., 123, 125, 352 389 Reed Norman J., 389 Reed, Stanley H., 134, 249 Reed, Steve R.. 391 Reed, William R., 79, 391, 455 Reeder, Paul A., 110, 399 BIOLOGICAL Provine. Dotty M., 115, 194, 42 Pfilgiz, Jeffrey W., 79, 361 Pruzan, Herbert L.. 354 Psi Upsilon. 390-391 Puckett, Lance F.. 389 Pugh, Joan M., 433 Pu h, Robert, 235 Puien, Thomas N.. 79. 359 Pulliam, James, 364 Purcell, Dorothy. 106 Purdy, Frances M.. 79. 449 Purnell, David D. F.. 223, 297, 298. 359 Reekie. Elagrace, 42 Reese, Bert LeRoy. 42 Reeve, Stanley F., 377 Reeves, Wallace, 367 Regan, Jack B., 79, .53 e ein, yrtis M., 219,27 Rehberg, Jeanine, 423 3 Rehm, Jane, 265 Rehm, Tom, 289 Rehpohl, Donna L., 458 Reichelt. Carrol E., 49, 79, 373 Riggs, Shirle M glgsby. Jaek?'288' 78' 246 Riley, Charles E,, 335 I CY. Ed F., 215, 391 Riley, Phyllis A., 47 445 gifgdlllggalter, 96 ' i HI' Rindal, Ethgle3AF" 361 Rlndle ,S ' nn' 470 Riney.rH ge' 103' 104' 258 226. 4033 " 78' 136' Ring, N 1, 1 214, 2799 42908. 110, 113, Ring. Taft, 318, 367 Ringoer. Howie, 340 461 Rinne, Allan WU 463' Ripley, Herbert s., 39 Ripple. Helen B., 456 21233111 5311311 E., 251. 460 R249 4423 yn, 79, 248, IS OW- stty, 263 272 Ritchey, K ' 79, 274 enneth M., Rltchei, Margaret, 232 Rgvginbufgh, Charmian G., Riveland, Dale, 355 'E' .ia I t N quQ9ment and Reagents for Rivenes, J D, Roach, Ricalilgsd RQ 443 203, 227, 411 ' P-gzig. William E., 44, 79, Roake, Stephe 221 273, 310, 3121391 ' Robb, Barbara, 247, 254 Robbins , Nancy A., 425 Robbins, William E., 357 PHYSICAL CHEMICAL MEDICAL 338, 38 P le Shield, 215 Pgtillam, Bob, 386 Putnam, Charles S . 365 Putnam, David, 405 Putnam, Douglas K., 217. 7 Reichenbach, Dennis D., 464 Reichling, Bernard, 78 Reid, Jerry, 403 Reid, Richard R., 79, 407 Putnam. Nadine, 274 Putney, Charles A.. 371 Pyeatt, Joni A., 425 Q Quaas, Ralph H., 123 Quackenbush. Stan, 385 Qually, Lloyd J., 220, 407 Quam, Ann, 232 Quan, Corinne E.. 78, 458 Quantum Club, 274 Quass, Ralph, 123, 379 Quickstad, Karen J.. 219 Quigley, David W., 397 Quillian, William W., 129, 213. 221, 299, 385 Quinlivan, Raymond Michael, 78, 227 Quinn, Michael P., 78. 203, 227 Quinn, Norman W., 411 Raaen, Lyle, 461 Rabel, Leigh. 328, 330 Racine, Bob E., 399 Rader, LaVerne Rae, 42 Radford, Marilyn J., 451 Radio, 147-148 Radio-TV Guild. 274 Radovich, John C., 78, 385 Rae, William, 380 Rafter, Jack C.. 233 Rahe. Bob L., 363 Rahskopf, Horace G., 30 Rainier House, 466 Rainwater, Bob, 377 Rakeman, Edward A., 79,405 Rallis, Helen, 419 Rally Girls, 218-219 Rambo, Tom, 44. 338, 339 Ramey. Gerald D., 395 Ramhorst, Karen, 137 P-amm. Larry, 326 Ramsey. Douglas A., 215, 226, 373 Ramsey. Richard E., 44, 224. 232, 352, 359 Ramseyer, Joe B., 385 Randall. Charles F 244 Randall. Stuart P. -334 363 Randolph, John J., 371 RaY1k1r1.Fred, 377 Ransom. Loretta M., 219, 269. 273, 303 Ranger, Charles A., 242 Rang. Clark B., 400 Rang, David, 400 Rasanen, Richard A. 327 Rasmussen, Ronald is 361 Rasmussen Thomas C' . ., 378 Rassat, James A 395 Raigl. Abdur-Rahman S., Ratcliffe, Elizabeth 472 Ratcllffe. Rebecca L., 429 Ratcliffe, Ronald J., 401 Rafcllffe. Tom. 104, 401 Rathnen, Warren, 461 Ravsten, Josephine A., 458 Pay. Bernard, 44 R3-Yburn. Bruce, 373 Rayner, John C., 393 Raymond, Lloys, 447 Reimer, Bob W., 373 Reiner, Bob, 123, 220, 257, 381 Reischling, Bernard J., 399 Rekevics, Karl, 477 Relllng, Pearl L., 44, 217, 246. 271 Rembe, Toni, 141, 439 Remillard, Bruce, 343 Remnet, Jack, 258 Renhard, E. Louisa. 435 Renninger, Stan, 290 Renshaw, Kent, 411 Requa, Jerry P., 400 Reuss, Cameron, 78. 460 Revere, Bill, 221, 222, 385 Reyes, Lawney L.. 242 Reynolds, Chuck W., 373 Reynolds, Elaine W.. 458 Reynolds. Gregg M., 361 Rheinford, Herb, 463 Rhine, Ron, 122. 392 Rhinehart. Keith M., 405 Rhoades, David, 464 Rhoades, Luis F., 78, 229, 475 Rho Chi, 252 Rhodes, Sally S., 423 Rhoten, David A.. 379 Rice, Keith J., 359 Rice, Marshall, 247. 399 Rice, Roy, 44 Rich, Rodney G., 403 Richards, Ann H., 78 Richards, Gordon J.. 399 Richards, Kay, 218, 429 Richards, Nan, 443 Richards, Richard R., 223, 369 Richards, Richard W., 79, 119, 122, 395 Richards, Robert, 221, 284, 285, 379, 395 Richardson, Dorcas A., 114, 445 Richardson, Gordon W., 355 Richardson, Harold E., 79 Richardson, James T., 242, 463 Richardson, John H., 377 Richardson, Patricia L., 104, 423 Richardson, Ronald D., 367 Richardson, Ruth. 246 Richmond, Earl, 230 Richmond, Janice L., 437 Richmond, Jean B. M., 79, 459 Richmond, Volney III., 47, 369 Richstad, .Tim A., 79, 134, 249 Richter, Mary Jane, 435 Ricgter, Jacklyn M., 79, 4 Rickerson, Douglas K., 79 Rickdall, Larry L., 389 Rickman, Janice L., 79, 134, 248, 451 Rider, Frederick, 203 Ridley, Jerry M., 377 Riedinger, Thomas R., 79. 249, 396, 397 Ricdinger, George M.. 121, 397 ' I .' M.. 78, 118, Rg?13i'2I.'I1J,lI2Y23, 273, 287. 288, 296 Ricss, William A., 369 Riggs, Barbara J., 431 Roberts, Al, 147, 148 Roberts, Anita M., 79. 458 Roberts, Delbert C., Jr., 228. 359 Roberts, Jack P., 367 Roberts, Joyce, 42 Robertson, Joyce, 472 Rglggrtson, Wilma L., 431, LABORATORIES Robinson, Clayton, 296 Robinson, Clyde, 101, 108 Robinson, James H., 79, 274 Robinson , Joan W., 417 Robinson, Frank D.. 377 Robinson, Marilyn F., 44, 123, 217, 452 Robinson, Susan L.. 425 Robinson M. Zoe, 79, 419 CIE TIFIC PPLIE C0 MU. 3460 600 Spokane Street Robinson, Viola, 465 Robinson, William B., 79, 401, 409 Robison, John E., 361 Roche, Cornelia A.. 79, 248 Rockey, Dale R., 367 Rockey, Dean, 44. 83, 221, 216, 305. 310. 399 Rockey, Helen M., 218, 443 Rciglgwood. Roxann, 344, Rodburg, Richard L., 405 Rodda, Charlene E., 431 Rodda, Reuelle, 271 Rodinsky, Rhoda L., 452 Roe. Pat, 341, 344 Roebke, Roaringham J., 274 Roedel, Louis, 147, 274 Seattle 4 LOCAL GENERAL CONTRACTORS ROFCRE, 464 Rofinot, Ensley N., 78, 273, 395 Rogers, Carol A., 419 Rogers, Dale Graham, 42 Rogers, Elmer R., 377 Rogers, Glenda L., 441 Rogers, Jack, 296, 400 Rogers, Ken B., 395 Rogers. Marilyn H., 78, 247, 254, 344 Rogers, Mark B., 78 Rogers, Philip, 233 Rogers, Ralph W.. 405 Rogers, Robert I., 223 Rogers, Robert P., 411 Rogers, Bob,-391 Rogers, Virgil, 256 Rogers, Virginia L.. 419 Rogers, Walter, 106, 123 REMODELING CONSTRUCTION OF SCHOOLS BUILDINGS ORGANIZED HOUSES SORORITIES R gers, William, 44 Rggianis, V1Ja. 465 Rogoway, Jerome H., 78, 231, 238, 409 , Rogstad, Barbara M., 7.1, 1 Rdlzolt, Helene, 269. 343 Rohr, 33051 E.. W 371 R 1 , ralg .. R832 James A.. 79. 235 3, 455 Rggnan, Herschel. 215 Romaneschi. Stuart W-f 334 399 R d au, James H., 403 Rg2e?Donna M., 449 Rongren, Arnold. 343 Rooney. John R., 454 Roos, Donald A.. 79. 235, 290, 340. 371 Roos, Jack. 5426. 312115 t, C e lus. gggrvikgdlordon 1- 230' 460 ff, Alexander. 233 Rgggaen, Dorothy C-. 79' 229, 475 ff, Margaret, 44 Rggzdgg Jeal5h?29, 441, 471 , .B FV 2322, Jgek, 221, 300 FRATERNITIES INDEPENDENTS POSTON CONSTRUCTION coMPANY 56 I 9V2 Universiiy Way 4716 UNIVERSITY WAY Fllmore 4100 E Jllargaret T appzn g, : School of the Dance Etiir ron , BALLET MODERN ' ' CHOREOGRAPHY EXHIBITION BALLROOM Special College Ballroom Classes Seattle Studio: 3234 E. 45th - KE. 4843 Studios at: Renton, Bremerton, Auburn TYEE FIR TREE DAILY OVAL CLUB COLUMNS PURPLE SHIELD Special Pins Made to Order Pacific Emblem 81 Mfg. Co. l328-6tI1 Avenue Seattle I lvIAin 354I K DINNER JACKETS-Wlnte, Blue, Gra TUXEDOS DANCING GOWN S COMPLETE WEDDING APPAREL For Men and Women , X ranch Special Rates to University Students ' y 1 . ' 4 I f Z w i, Van S. McKenny Company ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING AND CONTRACTING IO4 WALL STREET MAm 4222 506 Smith, Dick, 378 Smith, Robert L., 230, 231, 264, 274 Smith, Steve, 81, 253, 340, 364 Smith, Sue, 110 Smith, Vergie Ellen V., 423 Smith, Verna, 232 Smith, Viola, 266 Smith, Wallace H., 217, 289 Smith, Walt O., 82, 223, 247, 393 Smith, Wynn L., 82, 233 Smith, Yvonne, 429 Smithson, Richard B., 314, 334. 399 Smithson, Wade E., 375 Smmern, Carol, 280 Snell, Bill R., 106, 380 Snell, Marlyn F., 414, 445 Snider, Barbara J., 140, 441 S-nider, Gail L., 455 Snider, Joan A., 475 Snider, William, 465 Snyder, Allan K., 359 Snyder, Don R., 367 Snyder, Janet A., 435 Snyder, Richard, 393 Sobich, Pete S., 177, 186, 326, 327, 403 So3clie,rstrom, Richard M., Snodgrass, Marilyn, 245 Softky, Lois L., 44, 271 Softky, Maxine, 44, 75, 82, 102, 210, 212, 252 Softky, Sally A., 106, 449 Softky, :Sara J., 254, 449 Songinerseth, Jerrold P., 4 Sorensen, Howard D., 82, 351, 395 Sorensen, Joanne J., 459 Sorenson, Dwight C., 363, Sorgenfrgi, Jo, 344, 441 Soriano, Lawrence E., 409 Soriano, Marlene, 452 Sororia, 266 Southard, Sheila, 175 Southgate, Robert H., 82, 234, 237, 367 Spaeth, C. Sue, 246, 431 Spafford, Nancy, 425 Spangenberg, Paul R., 407 Spangler, John, 464 Spangler, Warren E., 221, 222, 317. 357 Sparks, Kenneth, 361 Sparks, Shirley Anne, 457 Spear, Philip, 409 Spearman, Irene M., 82. 246 Speece, Daymond R., 83, 226, 251, 252 Speece, Lula M., 465 Speece, Daymond, 462 Speer, Rae, 417 Soellman, Bob E., 357 Sptleggman, Wesley J., 83, Spence, Marilyn J., 417 Spencer, Charles W., 83, 231, 251 Spencer, Donald B., 401 Spencer. Thomas M., 391 Spendiff, Anna L., 456 Slperling, Lois M., 110, 110, 116 Spidell. Gary F., 82, 234, 350, 370, 317 Splits, Irene, 229 Sprague, Richard L., 42, 213 Sprague, Tom E.. 82. 148, 221, 305, 307, 333, 395 Spurr, Marilyn Kay, 447 Squibb, William J., 361 Sraffer, Win, 242 Spibhibhadtt, Arporna, 82, 460 Stable, Lee, 353 Stack, Albert N., 389 Staqfgord, Beverly K., 82, Stafford, Brien M., 82. 383 Stafford, David L., 363 Stafford, Eleanor M., 341, 454, 457 Stafford, Ronald E., 369 Stafford, Shannon E., 82 Staley, Dean, 82 Staley, Jean C., 83, 265, 425 Staley, Jennie, 134 Staley, Margaret L., 425 Stjgizand, Duane H., 462, Standerfer, Franklin R., 252, 230. 357 Stangle, Delores M., 447 Stanley, Carole D., 199, 261, 263, 341, 462, 465 Stanley, Roberta, 44, 49 Stanton, Cynthia G., 417 Stanton, Shirley J.. 269 Stanton, William. 96 Staples, George G., 373 Staples. William B., 223, 224, 271, 455 Stlaggc, Donald B., 47, 337, Stark, Shirley M., 219, 269 Starr, Alice, 419 Starr, David C., 83, 224, 369 St. Aubin, Joy-Deen M., 219, 441 Stavik, Glenn A., 352. 359 Stavney, Luthard S., 215, 227, 383 Stearns, Donna 246 Stearns, Marthagane, 458 Steele, Ralph H., 395 Steele, Richard G., 83, 367 Steele, Sydney Morris, 42 Steen, Harold, 463 Steffan, C. Jacklyn, 83, 250. 431 Stegall, Barbara, 472 Steiber, Sheila J., 431 Steidley, Doris, 204 Stein, Michael, 465 Steinbock, Richard A., 381 Steincipher, Claire, 104, 140 155, 218, 274, 280, 441 Steiner, Diana G., 444 Steiner, Fritzie, 426 Steiner, Griffith R., 383 Steiner, Robert, 279 Steinhaur, Norm, 409 Steinke, Richard E., 82, 240 Stengle, Dolores, 167 Stenquist, Donald Ray, 42 Stephens, Esther Anne, 445 Stephens, Margaret A., 123 Stephenson, Alan G., 385 Stephenson, Dulay L.,'439 Stephenson, Eldred C., 47 Sterling, Doris, 239 Stern, Rosanne, 452 Stetson, Ross C., 232, 243 Stevens, Corley, 274 Stevens, George, 36 Stggzgens, John W., 253, 257, Stevens, Louis W., 82, 97, 232, 243 Stevens, L. W., 338 Stevens. William, T. C., 82, 234, 391 Stevenson, Al, 385 Stevenson, Byron L., 359 Stevenson, James E., 88 Stevenson, Marjorie, 472 Stevenson, Mary Lea, 459 Stegffnson, Robert L., 52, 4 Stroud, Marden M., 82 Strout, Frank G., 44, 82, 216, 231, 251 Strugar, George R., 314, 337, 359 Strunk, Janet A., 429 Strunk, Stan, 386 Struthers, Jacqueline J., 1 104, 116, 423 Strygen, Gwen L., 449 Student's Co-operative Ass'n, 462 Stuht, Bill, 213, 221, 282 283, 284 Stuht, Sally, 439 Sturman, Mel J., 381 Stuve, Rosemarie, 421 Succesini, Gladyne. 214 Such, John, 314, 367 Suder, Rowena E., 268 Sugar, Gary N., 395 Suder, Walter J., 256 Sugimoto, Setsuko, 148. 270 Sullivan, Colleen S., 437 Sullivan, Don, 386 Sullivan, Frank W., 399 Sullivan, Price W., 403 Sullivan, Roger J., 82. 377 Sullivan, Shelby F., 380 Sumburu, Salme, 261 Summers, Adelle B., 427 Sundberg, Marlene, 465 Sunden, Janet L., 435 Sundgren, Solbritt, S., 449 Sundsted, Ervin N., 367 Sunitsch, Don F., 373 Suliidquist, Arlene M., 82, Sundstrom, Walter E., 82 Sung, Alfred, 462 Sunitsch, Don, 125, 326 Suprunowski, Ann, 423 Sursett, Beverly, 416 Suryan, John R., 403 Sussman, Howard H., 82, 409 Sussman, Joan, 452 Suter, Tabitha, 343 Sutherland, Delores L., 82, 254. 344, 456 Stevenson, Walter. 231 Steward, Justine, 229 Stewart, Alex O., 369 Stewart, Bob, 385 Stewart, G. Douglas, 82, 221, 222, 316 Stewart, Georgie E.. 447 Stewart, Gloria A., 429 Stewart, Harley A., 44, 240, 530, 251 Stewart, Jack, 397 Stewart, Jon W., 82, 220, 249, 355 Stewart, Lynn, 439 Stewart, Sharon L., 451 Stibbs, Gerald, 41 Stickney, Carol A., 82, 471 Stigenwalt, Carol J ., 425 Stillwell, Jim F., 403 Stingl, Karl, 176, 328, 330 Stiglgette, William S., 48, 3 Stirrett, Frances, 42, 44 Sutherland, Valerie J., 425 Sutter, James R., 343, 353 Suwabe, Akira, 233 Suzuki, Tomiko, 270, 271 Sv3Ze,n, H. Menton, 82, 144, Svendsen, Marie C., 106, 218, 439 Svengard, JoAnn, 229 Swan, Charlotte, 202 Swan, Diane C., 441 Swan, Edward W., 464 Swanson, Arlene, 44 Swanson, Betty C.. 83, 471 Swanson, Jerry, 366 Swanson, Joel D., 375 Swanson, John, 224 Swanson, Lois, 83, 342 Swanson, Marcia, 341 Swanson, Richard D., 83 Swanson, Rollin J., 83, 224, 231, 353 Swanson, Swanson Stanley O., 231 William H. 401 Stirrett, Lee A., 361 Stock, Eugene A., 230, 326, 335, 371 Stocker, Jr., Alfred E., 221, 223, 286, 287, 289, 375 Stocking, Donna, 137, 447 Stocking, Mary, 138, 447 Stockman, Russell. 477 Stoddard, Wayne G., 399 Stoke, Stone, Dean Harold W., 39 Cathy L., 447 Stone, Delores E., 134, 219 Stone, Nancy L., 419 Stone, Sandra, 452 Stone, Shirleyann, 443 Stone, William C., 253. 378 Swazye, Thomas, 374, Sweany, Garett G., 387 Sviegberg, Rosalee, 123, Swensen, Maxine P., 219 Swenson, Bruce, 391 Swenson, JoAnne M., 441 Swett, Dan S., 84, 401 Swett, John, 337 Swett, Sherry L., 227 Swift, Ross, 142 Svgggher, Donald P., 271, Sylliaasen, Shirley A., 449 Sylling, Patricia, 137, 435 Stggizehocker, Craig J., 253, Stoner, Richard H., 82, 228, Sylvester, Marcia L., 268 Symes, Virginia G., 441 Synadelphic, 465 230, 460 Stookey, Donald M., 122, 215, 314, 367 Stowe, Barbara, 274 Stowell, Sandra, 121, 431 Stoy, Charles, 145. 235 St. Pierre, Tom, 99 Strachan, Ken J., 378 Straight, Barbara A., 447 Strance, Laura Jane, 443 Strand, Richard A., 405 Strandberg, Arthur, 42 Strandberg, Gail M., 396, 414, 433 Strandberg, Sonni K., 83, 422, 423 Strandness, Donald E., 83 Stratford. Joyce A., 83, 259 Straub, Frances E., 423 Street, Robert, 250 Strieff, Mary, 44 Strodman, Shirley. 229 Stggli, Gretchen, 122, 219, Stroh, James E., 220, 295 Strom, Bjorn, 233 Strom, Grace I., 427 Strom, Karla B., 427 Strom, Odney, 343 Strom, Robert, 461, 464 Strom Strom Strom , Roy E., 122, 377 Terr A 296 369 , Y -, , me, Shirley L., 83, 212, 414, 450, 451 Stroud, Donna E., 471 Synkoa, 477 T Taa, James, 230 Taber, William E., 373 Taceldo, Dr. Ted, 262 Tacher, Sol M., 354 Tada, Esau, 464 Tagg, Sherry K.. 104, 124, 166, 177, 415, 425 Taipale, Denny A.. 393 Takahashi, Dick, 477 Takayoshi, Mieko, 270 Takiguchi, Katsuko, 270 Talbott, Leonard J., 379 Talbot, Richard B., 84 Taller, Joe A., 119, 123, 128, 158, 167, 213, 215, 389 Tamiesie, Carolyn M., 433 Tanaka, John M., 84, 477 Tang, Chun-Yi, C., 463 Tang, Sue May, 343, 458 Tang, May J., 343, 458 Tanino, Takae, 472 Tao, James, 252 Tappe, Rita, Dorothy. 42 Tappin, Warren, 282, 283 Tarr, Alan K., 84, 373 Tarbill, Marikate, 134, 152, 214, 248. 263, 429 Tashiro, Satoru, 44 Tate, John H., 44, 375, 477 Tatsukawa, Yoshio, 464 315 395 223 ?.,l19 31 Uehara, Milton K., 84, 231, 4-4 34 l., 31, 123 line JA' ' 44 ml, ll, 381 44 672 4 35 68 34 1' "5 5 437244 4--24 4 'iii lug nl B1 421 344 ia t, 5, l-LSSIMQ 313 lllqsgy bl' Eu 82 144 lie 403 . H., gg, 2 3 esI,,5gI ie J ., 41' 5343 3333 10.21 . sz, 14-4 f., ws. E02 I1 . 434 44 ,. 83, 431 66 335 I4 342 341 D.. 83 ., 33, 244 0., 331 H.. 401 334 337 2, 123, 4341 Qi ,,2l1, 3,443 3-.45 3.1263 , 441 333 '62 14, 144 393 1 rl 1, 44 . 34 13 f 33 film L-, 4, ln , . 43. le! 53 I I sl lf' 5, 41 44 f Tau Beta Pi, 251 Tau Kappa Epsilon, 401 Tau Phi Delta, 393 Taugaw, Monnie, 449 Tavis, James R., 232, 464 Taulbee, Walter R., 383 Tauscher, Stan, 343 Taylor, David J., 361 Taylor, Dean, 461 Taylor, Don A., 314, 371 Taylor, George E., 28 Taylor, Helen, 465 Taylor, Jocelyn J., 429 Taylor, J oseph, 252 Taylor, Lois, 106, 249 Taylor, Richard L., 399 Taylor Ronald E., 215, 222, 227, 289. , Taylor, Sally L., 84, 443 Taylor, Tom L., 371 Teed, Ronald L., 223, 290, 369 Teel, Charles W., 84, 399 Teel, Emily A., 423 Teel, Paul W., 399 Temby, Shirley A., 219, 230, 263 , Templeton, Frederic E., 38 Tennant, Janice, 272, 467 Teraoka, Christina I., 84, 270, 456 Ternahan, Raymond B., 371 Terrell, Margaret E., 22 Terry, Norma V., 451 Terushi, Nakamura, 247 Tewkesbury, John, 134, 249 Thal, Ben, 84, 409 Thayer, James A., 85 Thawley, Robert E., 85, 377 Thackston, Marilynn J., 258, 431 Tharalson, George D., 407 Theisen, Sue, 472 Theodorson, A. Ronald, 85 Theoelpald, Don, 216 Theta Chi, 402-403 Theta Delta Chi.. 404-405 Theta Sigma Phi, 249 Theta Xi, 406-407 Theweek, Audrey, 425 Thieme. Bob, 394 Thies, Tom, 290 Thim, Niles, 367 Thomander, Shirley M., 419 Thomas. Harlan P., 223, 297, 298, 369 Tlgggrlas, James, 313, 314, Thomas, Jere A., 447 Thomas, Kay.H., 85 Thomas, Marilyn E., 85, 445 Thomas, Nancy L., 190, 434 Thomas, John D., 411 Thomas, Paul, 145, 226 Thomas, Robert G., 84, 154, 222, 231. 316, 318 Thomas, Sue, 219, 433 Thome, Don, 222, 317, 403 Thomeson, Lois, 229 Tlgggnpson, Arlene, 47, 239, Thompson, Charles, II, 461 Tlgginpson, Frances A., 84, Thompson, Dan L., 405 Thompson, George Ann, 140, 437 Thompson, Jan C., 451 Thompson, Joan, 419 Thompson, John W., 84, 223. 351, 387, 406 Thompson, John L., 84, 93, 299, 407 Thompson, Kenneth H., 364 Thlggnpson, Mary Carol, 84, Thompson, Patricia, 44, 84, 245, 344, 425, 441 Thompson, Pat M., 429 Thompson, Raymond, 233 Thompson, Richard A., 215, 389, 407 Thlggnpson, Shirley R., 104, Thompson, William, 249 Thomson, Patricia . 242, 254 L ' 84' Thompson, Theodore B., 84, 233 ggong, Jerry EE, 84 or Jornsen, vind, 328, 329 y 85' Thoreson, Donald L., 48 Thorlakson, Denis P., 373 Thornby, Robert, 378 Thornton, Bruce, 407 Thorsen, Pamela H.. 42 Thorsen, Patti A., 415, 423 Thorsten, Carl Andrew, 42 Thorstenson, Robert M., 332, 405 Thrailkill, Marilyn Joy, 247, 254, 343, 344 Tllggilkill, William R., 85, Thliigmer, Harriett L., 254, Thurmond, Albert, 44 Thwing, Robert C., 369 Tlgyggeson, Earl, 223, 289, Tiernan, Marjorie, 101 Tigla,5William L., 125, 314, Tillman, Russell I., 85, 351, 373 Tilner, Arthur, 410 Tiigberlake, Christy Alice, Times, Marlene. 121 Tigglgng, David C., 227, 334, Tinling, Nancy P., 447 Tinsman, Patricia A., 454, 458 Tischer, Mark, 245 Tissell, John Robert. 42 Titus, Leon E., 85, 383 Tjelta, Tomine, 229. 239 Tjorstad, Frid E., 457 Tjossen, Jacqueline, 244 Tjossem, Jackie M.. 417 Tobias, Edeane I., 204, 456 Tobin, Gordin, 409 Toda, Meriko, 42 Tolias, Christto Tolias, 42 Tollefsrud, Gerald, 224 Tolls. Roy E., 50, 84 Tomlinson, John, 213, 385 Toner, Ethel, 23 Toner, Roberta -J. 456 Tonkin, Carol J ., 140, 219, 439 Tronquet, Alice, 266 Toole, Clyde R., 244, 395 Toothaker, Joel H., 47, 173, 211, 228, 357 Torney, Jack, 315 Torrence. Clarice, 344 Torrey, Gordon H., 377 Torticil, Molly Ann, 219, 435 Toshi, Joyce, 270 Totem Club, 212 Tougaw, Monnie, 272, 467 Townsend, Brooke L., 137, 429 Townsend, Georgia-Mai, 84, 203, 204, 227 Tcggvfisend, John K., 84, Tozer, A. Jane, 84, 210 212, 292, 344, 459 Tracy, Ron E., 361 Tramm, Rodney W., 84, 231 Trammold, John, 139 Trauba, Ann N., 449 Trauba, Mary, 229 Traverso, Jack, 461 Travis, Beverly A., 443 Travis, Don, 372 Travis, Ivan, 279 Treadgold. Don, 216 Treanor, Janice E., 341, 465 Treber, Jerry, 296 Treiger, Irwin L., 354 Tremain, Robert, 402 Trepp, Betty L., 449 Treweek, A d 344 u rey, A. T., Trick, Robert M., 399 Tryeagf, Ilslwinl. 44 rim e. ' Taq. E37 ari yn F., 263, UD 9 . Betty, 42, 44 TTIDD. Don E., 84. 88. 213 221.225, 321, 332, 383 TroJan, Joan, 417 Tlgggnmald, Jr., John P., Tronson, Mary J., 84 Tross, Mary Pat, 138, 214 Trovani, Jean A., 437 Trowbridge, Grace, 239 Truax, William F., 84, 393 Trucano, Angie, 274 Trullingel, Jane G., 431 Tsiliaky, Magdaline B.. 85, Tsutsumoto, Helene, 247 254, 270, 343 ' Tubbs, Barbara, 441 Tubbs, Margaret J.. 44, 85, 212, 217, 245, 248. 441 glwg, Rcibertt M., 327, 387 uc er, ar ee W., , , 212, 246, 417 85 210 Tucker, Clare, 463 Tucker, Fred A., 385 Tucker, Karen L., 219, 459 Tucker, Keith, 215 Tuell, Jr., David R., 337, 340. 361 Tufts. LaRene. 250 Tulintseff, Nick, 230 Tuohy. Pete. 161 Tupper, George A., 399 Turay. Ken, 249 Turk, Avrum M., 107, 409 Turk, Priscilla A.. 431 Turman, Jerry, 223, 385 Turnball. Norma, 239 Turner, Doris A., 105, 128, 152, 167, 175, 214, 421 Turner E. C., 85, 351. 392 Turner, James W., 385 Turner, Judith L., 417 Turner, Laurie, 44, 217 Turner, Mabel, 106 Turner, Madelvn, 274 Turner, Ned, 327, 383 Turner, Paul D.. 389 Turner, Ray, 274, 402 Turner, Robert, 230 Turney, JoAnne M., 441 Tuttle, Jack K., 84, 240, 463 Tuttle, Jean. 230 Tuttle, Sylvia E., 449 , Twing, Robert, 244 Tye, Leah Joyce, 105, 114, 126, 127, 214, 218, 280. 439 Tychsen, Paul E.,.84, 371 Tyee Business and Editorial Staff, 136-141 Tynes, Kathleen, 447 Tyson, Ray, 44 Tytler, Morton M., 84 Tytler, Warren F., 84, 228 U of W Yacht Club, 267 Ucgggnberg, Bert, 84, 234, 463 Uhlman, Donald D., 476 Ulbrickson, Al, 287 - , in 4435?-ye I u3'EE9l'0l o F FIC IA L ,ee u of w RIN c s . Distinctive solid I0 karat gold or 4, sterling silver. Your choice ot 4, precious stone, traternity crests 3' or gold encrusted onyx. From S223 Your Choice of Insignia: B ws p'E'5?J,Zi'9fEi?,'3'4.H?S',5. ur-uvnsnrv Fraternity, Military or Regulation Alumni Ring - 'Ladies Size 4343 UNIVERSITY WAY ME 0730 o f "House of fine fabrics" tor ' Weddings ' Sportswear ' Formals ' Draperies 4321 "U" WAY MEIl'0Se 4450 JOHN PAUL JONES LEONARD BINDON ARCHITECTS 715 HOGE BUILDING SEATTLE, WASHINGTON Ulmer, Nettie, 239 ' Ulbrickson,Jr., Al, 211, 298 Ulverstad, Roer, 44 Underwood, Sharon L., 219 254, 459 , University Christian Union House, 476 Ushev, James M., 361 Unruh, Lois E., 84, 421 Upton, J., 465 l Urakawa, Marianne, 270 SOUND CONSTRUCTION 61 ENGINEERING CO. General Contractors Electrical Contractors for . . ' N. E. Utility Tunnel ' Fisheries Building ' Stadium Addition ' Civil Engineering Building ' Electrical Engineering Building A gutter ELECTRIC COMPANY 5500 14th N.W.-SU 7880 Seattle 1300 AIOHCI 550650 8333 Electrical Engineers and Seattle, Washington Contractors Woron, Harold J., 409 Young. Widell, Anita B., 475 ' Wiseman, Harvey, 461 . ' ' h R.. 375 Utigarol, Gary, 372 vork, Donald V., 221, 289, Warin , Helen G., 106, 137, Westerrnan, sondra J.. 444 Wllllami Kennet , 1,,,, paul, 409 Uyeda, Fusako. 246, 270 296 427 g Westermark, Pete D" 314' VVl4?a3T4ilY Retha' 86' 204' Vvggighin ton, Charles F-. Uyeda, Fumiko, 270 Von Torne. Harold B., 267 VVarner, Eugene, 230 400 3 ,.1 Robert B 224 296, 37? Uyeda, Martha C., 270 vowles, John, 389 Warner, John B., 357 Westland, Larry, 259 Wil lams' R bert c" 378 Worthington, Joan F., 433 . ' -1 - VOYIGS, Diane. 115 Warner, Pat, 229 VVestman, Walter, 87, 172. W1i,15am51 0 " ' Vvotton, Michael, 461 Vu Cano. Phyllis A., 141, Warnick, Alan E., 86, 409 226, 240, 251 3 . R d V 389 Wouwenaar, George, 253 'J 427 Warren, Bruce P., 375 Westminster Club. 273 W11llamS, Ob i-H 38 W,,,ght Carla Dean 465 , ' ' V Vvgarren' gorothyi-539' 472 Vviiesion' I15airI:if:'k413J78 Wiiii32gor13OJrfrfn 12,2 441 Wrightf David, 223 ' arren, eorge, es on, a . . . V. . 1,a A1 459 Wright James An 375 ,. ' ,s-Tiff Warren, Janet L., 441 Westover, Ron D., 383 VVll1lm0l1t. IFF-UU 11 ,. ht' Jane 239 Vaderweken, James, 256 w Warren, Marie, 135, 249 Westwood, Edward C., 460 ?,7VViiiis,L Freghi3l8?5 44 Jan, 2,23 Vadset' Harold' '256 W?gfeffo1RiChard A" 86' Vvliegqoriiriiilgilfs 2329 Williitgg' Anne'C 229 Wright, Patricia L., 439 Vail, Charles, 244 . 9 913 . . " -- ' " ' ne , Clifford E., Vail, ,Curtis c. D., 29 W-Key, 214 Warrick, Robert E., 87, Wetherby, William I.. 18 2631,27,iSe,, 224 W3Qg0Q,79y 'Vail,'Patricia C., 106, 456 Waddingharn, Judy A., 425 224, 226. 240. 256 Wethern, Rlchard, 477 W! man- R Sena, 272 Wynfa Robert EH gg Vail, Van H., 407 Wagenhals, Walter L., 403 Warsinske, James A., 67. Wetmore. D1Ck1 392 VVtHman'G uit M 105 Wyersy Karen, 459 , Vail, Van, 44 Waggener, Edward M., 379 87. 105, 130, 175. 213, Wetzel, Ralph J., 371 Wl,,S0H. Milam ,MR 423 Wymai, Joei, 204 valdason, Joene K., 439 Wagner, Dan G., 363 306, 397 Weyermann. Bruce D-1 401 Wi, 7221 G ne Sf, 3611 Wyma Robert, 464 Valeda, 270 Wagner, Fred J,, 476 Warwick, Evelyn E., 456 Whalen, Wm. C., 367 wilz 1e.A,2X 86-, 1 Valentine, David A., 104, Wagner, Joan, 134 Washburn, Dexter A., 87, Wheeler, Eldridge 12815 Wi,SO2. AHC6 R 123 425 108, 110, 119, 123, 127, Wagner, Marylyn L., 431 387 , I Wheel-er, Imogene -. 1 W.150 ' Arthuriq 56 86 215, 357 Wagner, Norman K., 86, WaShlI1St0I1 Engineer. 240 441 4 S0111 B . Aiberi 472 Y Valentine, Ralph S., 230, 460 Wassmundt, Joan M., 104, Wheeler, Morgan. 357 Wilson' DOHFJQ245 1 . 240, 460 Wagstaff, Louise, 443 423 Wheeler, Shir ey, 261 Wlisoni D-22,4 L 397 CA 271 Vallender, Carol D., 84, Wahl, John A,, 399 Waterhouse, Myra, 44. 217 Wheeler, Vernon, 464 Wi SOD, D0 g -592 YM-YW , k 42 254 Wahl, Karen, 137, 219, 441 Waterhouse, Ted J., 395 Wheery, Ken A., 87, 273, WilsOIl, F3119-A 44 217 Yamada, Amy Masa o, Vammen, Charles P., 85, Wahl, Richard, 202 Waterman, Patricia, 239 351, 398, 399 , Wligorl. G Orla -. . 1 Yamada, John M., 477 234, 273, 399 . Wahlgren, Gloria C., 411 Waters, Louellen H., 419 Whetstone, Emily-Jean, 4, G H 87 213 Yamate, George, 477 4 Vammen, Floyd A.. 83, 369 Wahlstrom, Dick, 287, 288, Wat6FS, NOFIIIS-IL 244- 372 87- 423 W1 S0111 90169 -1 1 1 Yambao, Phyllis S., 88, 24 Van, Eric P., 220. 371 296, 298 Waters, Wayne G., 223, 297,Whltaker, Ronald F., 48, 393 t 122 373 271 i Van Arsdel, Ann, 72, 85, 113Wah1strom, Joanne A., 214, 298. 359 389 , VVl1S01'1i Gran 1 1 Yanlcks, Milt. 359 116, 210, 212, 271, 439 449 Watkins, Barbee, 44 White, Brian Wm., 365 Wilson, James C., 399 Yates, Dale, gg, 339 Van Cleve, Richard, 28 Wahlstrom, Nelson, 20, 22, Watne, Edwin, 364 W'hite, Bruce D., 87, 244 Wilson, Jane A., 419 Yates, Dlana H,, gg, 425 Vandenberg, James J., 50 108 Watson, Archie W.. 389 White, Donna K., 447 Wilson, L. Jean, 431 Yantis, Dick, 372 Vandercook, Gretchen, 85, Wailes, Ron D., 223, 297, Watson, John M., 357, 389 White, G. Dwayne, 400 Wilson, Jerry D., 359 Yasul, James, 477 437 298, 357 Watson. Larry, 221, 284, Whyte. Gordon S-. 383 Wilson- John P-1 87- 2561 46'Yeager, Mary Franoea, 459 Vanderhoff, James, 463 Waiss, Terrill E., 86, 273, 326, 395 White, James, 230, 367 Wilson, Mary E., 134. 249, Yearsley, Julie, 44, 154 Vanderhoof, Rodney D., 351, 382 Watson, Lynne, 417 White Jer-ry 87, 379 431 Yeatey, James, 202 84, 213, 294, 295, 371 Waite, Wendell B., 265, 283Watts, Charley D., 138, 230,White, Joan L., 214 437 Vlilson, Vanderslice, Gordon S., 377Waitt, Ruth, 243, 457 Van Derveer, Arlene J., 417Wake, Dean C., 373 Vandl, Andre, 334 Wakefield, Susan M., 141, Van Dyke, Ted, 123, 133, 415, 439 167, 350, 373 . Walbom, Dave, 403 Van Dyne, Bill, 400 Walczak, Joseph B., 463 Van Gilder. Dana A., 84. Waldorf, Daniel,,251 414. 413, 419 Wahlgren, Gloria, 217 Van Gohren, Ed, 352 Walgren, Gordon L., 124, Van Horn, Frederlch, 461 167, 213, 373 Van HOFI1, -TOhI1, 461 Walker, Bruce A., 297, 298, Van Horn, Robert B., 34 399 , Van Pelt, Charles M., 84, Walker, Con, 340, 399 244, 245, 389 Walker, Conrad N., 266 Van Diest. Marilyn L., 429 Walker, Dick, 213 Van Dyk, Frederick T., 249Walker, Edward, 314, 369 Van Dyke, Ted, 120, 152, Walker, Keith, 391 215 Walker, Lauren, 108 Van Kannel, Mary, 465 Walker, LouAnn M., 250, Van Ness, Anne C., 115, 122, 421 138. 437 Walker, Nancy L., 87, 437 VanNoy, Ron, 272 Walker, Peggy A., 86. 419 Van Pelt, Edward B. 389 Walker, Robert B., 87, 371 Van Pelt, Richard, 389 Walker, Rod, 215, 363 Van Scoyoc, Arlene E., 431 Walker, Sudie M., 437 Van Skyhawk, Norman J., Walker, 314. 367 411 Thomas M., 314, Van Tine, Norman D., 383 Van Tyen, Helene, 84, 102, 125 154 212 4 , . . 33 Van Tyen, Maria E., 433 Varma, Gireesh C., 47. 247 Varo, Helen B., 47, 266 Varsity Boat Club, 223 Vaughan, Don, 283, 284 Vaughn, Earnest Lowell, 8 Vaughan, Keith 367 Vau hn Jack 202 S , . Vaughn, Letitia Alice, 263, 451 Vaughn, William, 231 Veale, Thomas F., 377 Vederoff, Aaron, 84, 339 Vedova, Jemma J., 433 Vehara, Milt, 339 Velde, Lee, 465 Veldee, Suzanne, 84, 456 Velling, Roy, 221, 284 Vena, Molly J ., 84, 110, 135, 248, 249 Verdi, Yolanda L., 419 Vermilye, John H., 391 Viera, Robert L., 385 Viloudaki, Bruce, 343 Vggildaki, Margaret J . Vik, Jim, 296 , 85, Walker, Valerie, 122 285, 463 White. Waugh, Wallace C., 87, 158.White, Marjorie, 229 Wilson. Shirley E.. 87, 246 Wilson, 182, 273, 403 Whiteley, Flora J., 273, 441 399 . Weatfield, Marilyn, 344 Whiteley, Gerald G. L., 411 Wilson, Weatherby, Bill, 243 Whitenack, Donald C., 86 VVilson Weatherford. David R., Whitesides, Dale V.. 403 Wilson 131, 198, 257. 352 379 Whitford, Carolvn J., 86, Wilson, Webb, Russell, 233 Webb, Vivien Everone, 42 Whitman, Gwen F., 451 Wilson, 218, 341, 454, 457 367 Mickey, 106, 344 Nancy L., 134, 431 Robert L., 87, 256, Ruth, 30, 96 , Sally M., 214, 427 , Van R.. 385 Yeasting, Robert O., 373 Yish, Gene, 314 Yoda, Tetsuya, 42 York, Arthur E.. 369 York, Richard E., 249, 407 Yorke, Joan, 44 Yorke, Mary C., 459 Whitner S-1 871 2281Yoshihara, Robert, 231 Willa Marie, 144, Yoshinaka, Kenji. 44 Yoshioka, Janet, 270 Yoshioka, Tomi,,,88, 270 Yoshinaka, Kenji, 88, 216, 226, 252, 351 Yoshioka, Eleanor K., 270 Weber, J ohannetta, 212 Whitenack, Donald, 227, 441 , Weber, John R., 48 400 Wilson, Bill A., 103. 129. Weber, John R., 87 Whitman, Rheta L., 125, 213, 215, 224, 234, 336, 357 Weber, Ruth J., 87, 292 437 Winder, Leona, 268 Webber, Paul A., 402 Whitman, Sylvia J., 44, 52, Windgate, Clarence, 412 Webert, James H., 87, 231, 86, 210. 212, 244, 414, Windham, Jerry L., 121, 463 416, 417 122, 217, 230, 371 Webert, Jo, 465 Whitney, Leland, 44 Wing, Donald, 253 Webster, Dorina Lou. 427 Whitney, Norma C., 459 Winget, JoAnne, 137. 417 Webster, Geri M., 254, 459 Whittendale, Nona, 86. 471 Wingfield, Harvey J., 87, Webster, Kenneth A., 397 Whrzburg, Leah J., 87 407 Wingrove, Philip, 462. 465 Webster, Richard M., 87, Whybark. David C., 391 405 Wick, J. Dennis, 220, 377 Wingrove, Rodney, 464 Webster, Sylvia L., 433 Wickers, Elizabeth M., 115,Winn, V. A. James 87, 397 Weeks, H. George. 220, 367 427 VVimmer, Thomas A., 361 Weems, Samuel, 251 Wehman. George, 87 Weibel, Erika, 86 Weidmann, Joanne C., 86, Walker, Winston G., 42, 44 210, 246. 441 Wall, Kenneth, 465 Wallace, Bernice D., 423 Wallace, Bryce M., 359 Wallace, Elizabeth, 250 Weider, Edyce, 452 Weider, Lawrence, 381 Weiderstrom, Bernie, 253 Weiget, Bernard, 232 Wggace, Minor R., 87, 230, Weigel, Jean A., 104, 437 4Wallace, Wiiziibom, Constance C. , Tony, 385 Waller, Barbara, 106, 431 Wallerich, John P., 391 Weigle, Prue M., 443 Weiland, Al, 353 Weinbrecht, Richard E., 314, 400 Weiner, Rochelle, 452 Weinentin, Claire, 104 Wallerius, Lynn A., 44, 108,Weinstein, Carol J ., 452 121, 217, 433 Wallgren. Bonnie J., 433 Wallin, Myrna R., 106, 137, 433 Wallis, Patricia Y., 451 Walsh, Margaret A., 433 Walton, Betty J ., 459 Walton, Larry C., 369 Walton, Margaret, 459 Walters, Connie J., 87, 104, 158, 175, 212, 437 Wgggers, Emily G., 87, 245, Walters, Jr., James J ., 87, 230 1 Walters, William, 461 Vincent, Gordon A., 85, 231 Walther, James E., 44, 87, Vincent, Janet J ., 451 Vincent, Lois A., 441 Vincent, Muriel. 243 Vines, Davene S.. 85, 452 Vipand, Dianne C., 456 Vispas, Uno, 261, 339 Vlery, Nelda, 47 Vcilelgelein, Donna M., 85, 96. 97, 106. 233, 251 Walton, Margaret J ., 87 Walton, Nancy, 435 Walton, Jr., Peter T., 369 Walters, Robert P., 400 Wiargamaker, Barbara B., Warashina, Emily E., 86, 246, 263 Vciiggtlin, Carl, 225, 321, 323,Warber, Gerald O., 367 Voegtlin. Joseph W., 50 Vogee, MaryeAnn A., 475 Vogel, Robert J ., 226 Vogtlin. George E., 373 Volles, Ronald, 461 Volpone, Roy. 42 Von Gohren, Edward V., 86, 230, 407 508 Ward, Carolyn J ., 272, 451 Ward, Carol J., 263, 467 Ward, Gene R., 256 Ward, Loraine H., 456 Ward, Neoma, 441 Ward, William, 213, 221 Wardlow, Clyde D., 86, 213. 221, 294, 295, 312. 363 Warfield, Robert L., ,378 Weinstein. Sanford, 86, 381 Wgfiiimac, Susan R., 246, Wickman, Elizabeth A., 87,Winslow, Pete, 389 435 Widemann, Joanne, 212 Widener, Sihiela A., 443 Winterstein. Gloria A., 457 Witt, Helen L., 269, 459 Witter, Lee, 87, 456 Wigfnfelt, George, 211, 293,Witter, 'Robert N., 87, 213, Widrig, Diana, 87, 108, 142, 417 Wigwig, Richard Donald, Wiebel, Erika, 465 Wiel, William, 44 Wienir, Rochelle J.. 87 Wiggins, Joan E., 87, 134, Wight, Shirlie M., 447 Wilbur, Ada M., 435 Wilbur, Donald W., 87, 393, 455 W6iS6, Phyllis. 344 Wilcox, E. R., 34 Welander, Cathy A., 202, Wilcox, Helen, 473 415. 447 Wilcox, Mary V., 274, 417 Welch, Barbara. 134 Welch, Marybeth, 86, 439 Welch, Ray O., 87 Welch, Sharon, 439 Welch, William D.. 397 Weld, Gail, 109. 247, 343 Weld, Wayne, 44, 236, 237 Wellington, Kathryn, 263 Wells, Carlton, 364 Wells, Ned, 85 Wells. Steve, 385 Welsch, Sharron L., 439 Wendall, Jean, 465 Welts, David A.. 369 Wendell, Jean, 341 Wennerstrom, Bruce I., 403 W5-zgtworth, Jack M., 87, . Werner, Lee Ann, 457 Wernentin, Claire I., 433 Wesley Club, 272 Wesley, House. 467 Wesley, Viola D., 475 Wessman, Harold E., 34 Wilcox. Wilde, Douglass J., 47, 395 Wiitie, Robert F., 87, 244, Sydney L., 441 Wilkins, John R., 220, 371 Will, Arthur. 256 Willard, Nadine, 115,, 443 Willard, Stanley G., 61, 230, 273, 392 Willard, Harold E., 87, 247, 273 Willey, Bob. 134 Willey, Fred W., 359 Williams, Dane A., 411 Williams, Dick, 298 Williams, David. 44, 230 Wllllams, David L., 253, 274, 389 Williams, Elmer G., 375 Williams, George, 410 Williams, Harold, 230 Williams, Jan M., 425 Williams, Jo Ann, 86, 112, 113, 214, 344, 443 West. Ed, 339 Williams Jo Ann E 343 We t, Joh A., 350, 383 W'll' ' " - Wegtall, Krizn, 403 gilffgi' Joanne P" 129' Westbo, James R., 389 Wfffenhaver, Barbara C., Williams, Karen J., 115, 244, 273, 445, 458 Williams, Kenneth, 231 Wcigtkopf, Warren Albert, Woare. Jane, 203 Wggisl, Tugeberg I. W., 88, Wolf, Carol, 258 Wolf, John A., 377 Wolfe, Betty, 459 Wolfe, James R., 399 Wolf, Carol. 271 Wolfstone, Louella J., 444 Woll, Frances M., 451 Wollett, Don, 108 Wollin, Robert,S., 177. 409 Women's P. E. Club, 254 Women's Recreational Council, 247 Wong, Ciang, 232 Woo, Paul N., 88, 233 Woo, Tse-Chien. 477 Wood, Leighton P.. 88, 369 XVood, Melvin L., 355 Wood, Ross, 339 Wood, Stephen J., 253, 359 Wood, Verna J., 88 Woodcock, Gary V., 371 Wgocglgurne, Dean Lloyd W,iJ5ciJdford, Wendy M., 219, Woodmark, Marilyn L., 115, 451 Woodruff, John K., 314, 385 Woods, Margaret A., 445 Woods, Sally A., 44, 431 Woods, Theo, 271 Woods, William, 134, 249, 266. 383 Woodward, John, 265 W001fS. Donald A., 354 Woolston, J. Rod, 391 Wggozton, Ronald D., 244, Wordsworth, Kent. 373 Work ,R' h d Gorrdloalif 421C ar Yost. Roger, 402 Youell, Thomas P., 352, 369 Youlden, Marjie, 433 Yfguglg, Donald J., 88, 228, 4 Young, Harry A., 41 Young, James A., 50, 88 Young, James Roy, 42 Young, Jerry M., 357 Young, Joseph, 372 Young, Katharine. 472 Young, Rusty, 1C3, 314, 383 William E., 88, 244, 359 Youngken, Heber, 250 Youngs. Colleen D., 419 Vuhl, Mike, 233, Yuki, 146 Yunker, Robert James, 88 Yutani, Kazuo, 224 Z Zaar, Robert G.. 88. 373 Zabel, Toelle. 88. 471 Zachary, Shirley J., 247, 344. 435 Zaiiegizfel, Charlene M., 88, Zalesky, Don, 340 Zareh, Mahmood, 271 Zaunich, Mary, 428 Zbinden, Diane L., 122, 419 Zeeb, Janet. 246 Zefkeles, John, 387 Zeidman, Howard I., 88, 276, 381 Zerbach, Barbara M., 88, 245 Zerwekh, Janet, 449 Zeta Beta Tau, 408-409 Zeta Mu Tau, 252 Zeta Phi Eta, 250 Zeta Psi, 410-411 Zeta Tau Alpha, 450-451 Zieber, Janet G., 421 Zilka. Lewis, 397 Zimmerman, Mary, 44 Zligmerman, Mary Louise, Zimmerman, Walter, 252 Zlngmark. Suzanne, 447 Zirbel, William D., 280, 371 Ziuzin. Victor A., 122, 256 Zotlliriist, Helen J., 214, 271, Zolbrod, Leon, 44 ' Zukerkorn, Herbert M., 381 Zundel, Loge Y., 88, 110, 135, 194, 12, 218, 248, 249, 419 409 rlisp ' I1 F, 4 161 375 ss , ko, 2 77 38, is 425 1- 1: A. 1 S4 373 .401 1 '0 216. 2711 E, 32 225, 3 Sa 88 19 f f iiia. q A Wf-Q Q , f . A V 1 as - . . K V V, V .O ' V , Q E V V I V V 9 , . ' . V Q W""'w v- . I V' , V 'V I 00N 'dll V ' f 'O I A , A A A' A ZlIf1,.v"!' Q ?g f 1 ' V - . V V . Q V V f' ' ' ' A I ' X J 7 5 A ' x ' 0 f "' , ' A .A N5 ' x f ' x' 1 U A ' ' A V - , 1' ' H, . ' 0 R A ' If . A ' K' L ,A - 13 D dl - ,V V . ,V n muu N ,y V V 0 . i ..I VV . , sp:-:iw A V V V NL qw. ll J . Q4 N 9 ' 1' . f ., ,.,- X. 'xg ... " -"f:1'FvJ1,q 1 -.,- .,-, - -., ,MAY :V - 332 - . .-,Ijjx gg 5.11. 'J ' jj--51.434-jfL3.'g.j 441.51-,-'-.-.x , , -'. rx: ..-:" fr -. ,-- -V.-:sa-.-r-A, - -Y-.gwxaz 2,--:,f. - .xx . -,. Af. . Q. 1 S H "", J r' i'L1,4', :.g1,- ig--'jfjhv ,. ' - S --' -,L tw- - 'vffvf .-.', -W '.-V-fr! - .- q...,, - -,-H'--fi. ---,-V--f'--'. 51.13. -- "" - 1 :E :L3 'F.-4,:5f2.',-,-- . "r1ZfI- ii'-"'f gf . . Q, ni--3 , 5 f-. --7, - -P ' ,L 'vis' -X-.:. -,.A. 1 -L5-.'.'-... ,f . , n M I 3 ml Y? ., A K Jw X Xu? D U ' "A . I 1- 5 A-J 0 W Z W A I5 , waz mx! ir- M MQ HZ ' W ' wh G' ' 1 ' M X I I ff 151' - Q S AX .X S- -vs! Iv IW ' W '13 , Q v - x 7 r ' U v r lb X X V Jw' up-N-Q L-...gk

Suggestions in the University of Washington - Tyee Yearbook (Seattle, WA) collection:

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