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THE UNIVERSITY OF WASHINGTON TYEE i i ) )) . I i = QflcUe yCtcA , 1 Vi ' . . A JoWt PERSONNEL DIVISION 14 Adminisfration Section 16 Schools and Colleges Section . . . 26 Classes Section 44 ACTIVITIES DIVISION 96 Student Governnnent Section .... 98 Seasonal Activities Section 128 Cultural Events Section 166 Publications Section 1 82 SPORTS DIVISION 198 Major Sports Section 204 Minor Sports Section 260 Wonnen ' s Sports Section 272 ORGANIZATIONS DIVISION .... 282 Honoraries Section 284 Department Clubs Section 304 Living Groups Section 330 Campus Organizations 448 EDITOR Peggy Mace BUSINESS MANAGER Jim Power ASSOCIATE EDITORS Joan Smith Laurel Lund Bill Knight Joyce Foster Copyright 1953 by fhe Asioelated Studentt of the University of Woshlngfon i Why do we, at Washington, regard these four years of our lives as annong the fullest — not In the sense that our calendars have always been full, but considering the great degree of values and unforgettable experience we have gained? All aspects of our environment come Into view and our attention Is turned to something wh ' ch Washing- ton and no other school could have given us — its unique location. Th; mountains on one hand and the bays and lakes on tho other have provided a broad horizon for our interests and activities. In an atmosphere of fun, we have unknowingly acquired traits of character expected of col- lege graduates. It Is this informal ty woven through an extremely broad field of opportunities In which everyone can find an interest that has characterized Wash ' ngton for us. IF you, the reader, can feel this mood as you look through the pages of your 1952 TYEE this year and in the years to come, then our purpose has been accomplished. —THE STAFF Mt. Rainier looms to the south above Frosh Pond. Lake Union in the background and Lake Washington tn the foreground form the boundaries of the campus. Before The Husky Yacht Club with its own fleet, gives instruction and sponsors races for University students. Seniors spend finals week at Madrona Beach drowning their sorrows and themselves. The Gold Cup, significant of the inter- national hydroplane championship, was won by Stanley Sayres and his Slo-mo- shun on Lake Washington. Geometric patterns are made by skiers on Mount Baker, judged by many to have the most beautiful slopes in the Northwest. 1952 marked the opening of the University Ski Area three miles below Stevens. Good use of these facilities was made by ski classes under the Men ' s and Women ' s Physical Education departments. Chartered buses carried future skiers to class five Saturdays out of Winter Quarter where they received instruction from Marlys Waller. Buster Campbell, John Woodward, and Karl Stingl. « Water skiing exchanges give some a chance to try the sport, others to kibiti. With the greatost of case! With Seattle In the background, salnnon fishermen enjoy their favorite sport In the salt water of Elliott Bay. A network of rivers In the SeaHle area give fisherrr en a chance to battle the trout. The Skykomish River with Mt. Index rising above It Is pictured. Rated by Unlvarsify siudents as one of the best ski areas in the northwest. Stevens Pass, boasts a T-bar and six rope tows, overnight accommodations for 50 men and 25 women, a warming hut. and a ski shop for equipment rentals. Time out for coffee at the Sevens Pass Ski Lodge. SItr Acres, famed for its sicl schools sponsored by the Times and the P. -I., is located one-half mile past the summit of Sncqualmie Pass. Parking space and a chair lift are added attractions. .!i?S « J F fl iPB WiJff- The AqL heate a-Follies from Minneapolis was pre help Seattle celebrate its centenn! ented in iho Green Lake Aqua- al anniversary. Hey! Watch where you ' re going. The nnany inlets and quiet waters of Lake Washington provide canoeing possibilities. The 261-acre University Arborteun other trips. is used for Botany and T Overlooking Lake Washington, which provides a 26-mile sailing stretch, is the Seattle Tennis Club. Three of the large number of courts are shown here. " The most Important single factor in a modern liberal education is the education which students receive from one another. " JAMES B. CONANT, President Harvard University With this philosophy in mind, students, faculty, and alumni have worked for more than thirty years to give the Associated Stu- dents of the University of Washington their " living room " on campus. The year 1952 has seen the completion of the Husky Union Building or HUB as it is known by all. With the addition of 12 bowling alleys, pool, billiards, and ping pong facilities, a ballroom, barber shop, coffee shop, bring-your-own-lunch room, and a post ofFice this year, the HUB offers a complete program of activities with an interest for every student. The sun-deck with a view of Mt. Rainier and Laite Washington is a good place to go to dance or drink cokes. Modernistic meeting rooms upstairs are equipped with kitchenettes and some can be divided in two by means of folding doors. The main lounge on the first floor is a comfortable center of student dis- cussions and informal meetings. The HUB CoHee Shop, giving strong competition to the Comnnons since its opening this ye r, features pick-up service instead of long lines. The HUB Ballroom has been the scene of four major dances since its com- pletion in February. Testifying to its popularity was the crowd of 1100 couples which turned out for the Varsity Ball. With a national pool expert-instructor to help celebrate its opening, the pool and billiards room occupies the spare time of boys and girls alike. Providing a service not many universities have installed. HUB planners in- cluded a Barber Shop in the new wing. The bowling alleys have been used both cation classes this year. i recreationally end for Physical Edu- I The longer one is away fronn the University of Washington the nnore one feels a part of it. It ' s sort of a home plate. Right now you stu- dents are at bat, sizing up the field, waiting for the right pitch that ' s going to mean success for you and your team. But once you ' ve connected, once you ' ve gotten that diploma you ' ve trained for long and hard, you don ' t stop running. You can ' t afford to. The young fellow who graduates today but stops learning tomorrow is uneducated the day after. Tomorrow ' s problems require new answers and renewed spiritual strength, and the man who comes up with the right answers is the man who regards his college educa- tion as a starting point rather than a finish. You students are in an enviable position. You have the tradition and compiled knowledge of a great University behind you. You have the driving force of opportunity to make this world a better place to live in behind you, pushing you, challenging you. You have the people of the state behind you, too, for we know that within you lie the latent, potent ideas that are able to conquer the distorted ideas of those who would destroy our freedom. It may be years from now when you ' re coming into home stretch, straining for the plate, that you begin to realize fully how important it was you were wide awake when you stood at bat. You ' ll realize another thing, too. Education gave you the fundamentals of the game, but it took spiritual guidance to play it square. Grantland Rice put it this way: " For when the One Great Scorer comes to write against your name. He marks — not that you won or lost — but how you played the game. " 12 rniffumi Faculty Members William M. Dehn Capt. Raymond Forrest Farweli Nathan Huey Robert W. Jones Moritz Rosen Students Charles Z. Eddy Gene C. Edwards Paul S. Fetzer Edward M. Harrison Morris C. Knight John W. Richmond George R. Waiss ' " " -i ), ' ,- ' - it , " (S - Administration 16 1 Seated, discussing University problenns. over which If had jurisdiction since the latter part of fall quarter, Is the Executive Committee. This five-man com- mittee with Prof. Harold P. (Dicic) Everest as chairman took the place of a president. They are, left to right, Dean Harold E. Wessman, Dean Lloyd S. Woodburne, Dean Gordon D. Marckworth. Prof. Harold P. Everest. Dean Edward L. Turner. mjJi iH tmMAttiL Acting President HAROLD P. EVEREST. Docfet Dr. Allen ' j family as pictured In the summer of 1951: Barbara, 9; Charles A. (Tony), 18; Mrs. Allen; Dorothy. II; and Raymond B., Jr., 16. This message will appear some months after I have left the campus to assume the Directorship of the Psychological Strategy Board in Washington, D. C. For this reason it must be a beleted and an exceedingly regretful farewell to the students of this great University. It Is a d ' fficult thing to leave the kind of associations I have enjoyed with all of you during the last five years. As I observed at your Christmas Sing last December, how- ever, this Is not really a goodbye, for In a very real sense all oF us arc but a part of a larger company of men and women of goodwill the world over who are as one together In the search for truth and freedom. Certainly, my new duties are deeply concerned with the search for truth and w!th tho struggle for freedom for men everywhere. And, as long as you are dedicated to the ideals of your University, you too will be a part of this noble cause. The students of this University should take great pride in the part they play in their own preparation for life. Education is a participating process. Learning comes from doing, and the students of this University, through their highly devel- oped system of student government and by the manage- ment of their own affairs, gain an education in business and social effectiveness that cannot be duplicated in the class- room. I am proud to have been a part of an institution that has put this principle to work so effectively. RAYMOND B. ALLEN 19 The Board of Regents Is the governing body of the Universlfy. The members, who serve without compensation, are appointed by the Governor for terms of six years each. Left to right: Grant Armstrong, Charles F. Frankland, John L. King, Former President Raymond B. Allen, Thomas Balmer and Winlock W. Miller. Not pictured: Dr. Donald G. Corbett. ' kmL (j m k. John L. King, PRESIDENT, Seattle: graduated from the University of Washington with an A.B. in 1925 and an M.A. in 1941. Taught school from 1925 to 1937 and served as State High School Supervisor from 1937 to 1941. Member of Board of Directors, Radio Station KIRO, in charge of Public Relations. Term as regent expires in 1952. Winlock W. Miller, Seattle: Yale graduate; received his LL.B. in 1892. Businessman and financier. A regent almost continuously since 1913, his present term expires In 1953. Charles F. Frankland, Seattle: graduate from the University In 1922. Served as Director of University Athletics from 1933 to 1936 and as Acting Comptroller for several months in 1936. President of Pacific National Bank. Term as regent expires in 1957. Grant Armstrong, Chehalis: University Law School graduate In 1929. Is at present time an attorney In Chehalis. Term as regent expires in 1956. Thomas Balmer, Seattle: Class of 1909, University of Washington. Now Vice President and Western Counsel for Great Northern Railway Company. Term as regent expires in 1953. 20 GLEN T. NYGREEN. with a marveloui ability for understanding students and their problems, is the EXECUTIVE DI- RECTOR of the Office of Student Af- fairs. COUNSELING SUPERVISOR of the Of- fice of Student Affairs is LEE SAUN- DERS, who enjoys her work as nr uch as people enjoy working with her. R?laKing during a busy day in the Office of Student Affairs are the ASSOCIATE COUNSELORS, PAT BOBROW. ROP ERT PORTER, and WANDA BROADIE Pat Bobrow is also Counselor to blind students. Helping foreign students to feel af hom? at Washington is the responsibility of JIM DAVIS. FOREIGN STUDENTS ' AD- VISER. 21 ETHELYN TONER Registrar NELSON A. WAHLSTROM Comptroller Responsibility for the many behind-the-scenes duties Involved in the administrcation of a great university is a trust. This trust is readily accepted by the men and wonnen who are separately charged with specific aspects of university administration. A glance at their various titles suggests a little of the major areas of university interest and influence ex- tended by each. EDWARD H. LAUER Ex-Dean of Students CHARLES C. MAY Superintendent, Buildings and Grounds e. p. HORTON Executive Officer Correspondence Studies MARGARET E. TERRELL Director. University Food Service MARTIN N. CHAMBERLAIN Executive Officer Dept. of Extension Classes ' M ERNEST M. CONRAD LLOYD W. SCHRAM Assistant Comptroller Director, Division of Adult Education DONALD K. ANDERSON WILLIAM M. READ Director of University Relations Editor of Press J. ARTHUR PRINGLE Director, Campus Housing PATRICIA McCLURE Head Counselor Women ' s Residence Halls EDGAR M. DRAPER Executive Officer t. of In-Service Teaching Training ERIC L. BARR Director, Summer Quarto HARRY C. BAUER Director of Libraries JOHN W. HARDING Purchasing Agent CURLY HARRIS, secretary of the Alumni Association, is probably the best known of all the officers since his office is located in the HUB. Curly has been nicknamed " Minute- man of the Alumni. " due to his speed in getting things done. BYRON LANE, as president of the Alumni Association, is responsible for furthering Alumni activities. KT ' PffW - Alfred Strauss received the Alumnus Sum- ma Laude Dignatus award at fhe 1951 commencements, an annual award given to an outstanding alumnus. The Alumni Association of the University of Washington, having offices on the third floor of the HUB, provides a way for graduates of the University to remain in close contact with the student activities. Membership is not re- stricted to local alums for some retain mem- bership for years while living in far corners of the nation. This is more indication that Wash- ington ' s spirit is undaunted by time. Their own activities include Sunday evening firesides. Homecoming celebrations, and a commencement tea in June honoring graduat- ing seniors. The " Alumnus, " quarterly publication of the alumni association, and the Husky song book Is their means of receiving the current news of the campus and campus life and maintain- ing the strong, progressive spirit, found at Washington. MRS. DAYTON DAVIES. adding glamour to the Alumni Board of Trustees as well as acting as vice-president of the association, looks over a quarterly business statement. TALBOT Carroll, treasurer, is checking his financial statement before submitting it to the Alumni Board. : . V 3 ROBERT ABEL, also a vice-president of the board, reads over the minutes of the previous meeting to assure that no suggestion or motion goes unchecked. The actl»ltloi center o the HUB w as the setting for the leglslati luncheon prior to the WSC-UW game in 1951. Past presidents of Alumni Association— from left to right: Frank Preston. Byron Lane. Curly Harris (kneeling), President Allen, William Ferguson, Donald Douglas. The annual welcoming luncheon (or the new Alumni Board of Trustees and their wives w«t given last jummer at the Seattle Tennis Club. ' yna tt The ALUMNUS editorial board. From left to right around the table are Jim Sneddon, official photographer: Edwin Adams, director of radio education: Mrs. Edith Korres Robinson, women ' s director of Northwest civil defense: Mrs. Dorothy H. Lister, Tal Jones, ALUMNUS business manager: Mort Frayn, print- ing advisor: Curly Harris: Mrs. Saion Watson, ALUMNUS editor: Don An- derson, public information director: Irv Blumenfeld. manager of news service: Harry C. Bauer, director of libraries. 25 Schools and Colleges 26 m Cik ot (Ijti: i 5c» The quad with its many well- worn paths, at this season, dry. 28 DR. C. L HITCHCOCK Executive Officer Botany Department PROFESSOR ARTHUR P. HERRMAN Director School of Architecture V. «i:v .. DEAN LLOYD S. WOODBURNE Under the direction of Dean Lloyd S. Woodburne, the College of Arts and Sci- ences offers training and specialization for more than seven thousand students. Most recent addition to the College Is the newly formed School of Communication, which includes Journalism and Radio Education. There are thirty-three departments In the College with subjects ranging from zoology to classical languages. DR. PAUL C. CROSS PROF. THEODOR S. JACOBSEN PROF. WALTER F. 1 Executive Officer Director Director isfry and Chemical Engineering School of Ajtrononny School of Art DR. ROBERT B. HEILMAN Executive Officer English PROFESSOR GLENN HUGHES Director School of Drama DR. RICHARD FLEMING Executive Officer Oceanography DR. JOHN B. McDiARMID Executive Officer Classical Languages and Literature DR. J. RICHARD HUBER Executive Officer Economics PROFESSOR HAROLD P. EVEREST Ex-DIrector School of Communications DR. RICHARD VAN CLEVE , Director School of Fisheries PROFESSOR WILLIAM G. LUTEY Director Goneral Studies DR. WILLIAM S. HOLT Eiecutive Officer History DR. G. DONALD HUDSON Executive Officer Geography DR. HOWARD L. NOSTRAND Executive Officer Romance Languages DR. HORACE G. RAHSKOPF Executive Officer Speech DR. SVERRE ARESTAD Executive Officer i Scandinavian Languages DR. KENNETH COLE Acting Ex. Officer Political Science DR. STANLEY CHAPPLE Director School of Music DR. EVEREn NELSON Executive Officer Philosophy DR. PHIL E. CHURCH Executive Officer Meteorology and Climatology The BROWN BEAR, complete w.rn eiecTronic equipment, is used by the oceanography department for research. DR. ROGER BROWN LOUCKS Eidcutive Officer Psychology PROFESSOR RUTH M. WILSON Eiecutive Officer Women ' s Physical Education A DR. ARTHUR N. MARTIN Ekccutivo OHicer Zoology DR. JOHN H. MANLEY Executive Officer Physics DR. CHARLES A. EVANS Executive Officer Microbiology PROFESSOR R. K. CUTLER Eiecufive Officer Men ' s Physical Education rw 1 COLLEGE OF FORESTRY DEAN GORDON D. MARCKWORTH The College of Forestry, under the leadership of DEAN GORDON D. MARCKWORTH, has been active in re- search, training leaders, and cooperating with industry and governmental agencies. Located In the heart of one of the outstanding timber producing areas of the world. Its graduates readily secure employment In the various fields of timber production, timber harvesting, and timber manufacturing. Puzzled forestry students are gaining valuable knowledge and practical experience in their field. FAR EASTERN INSTITUTE DR. GEORGE E. TAYLOR The Far Eastern Institute, directed by DR. GEORGE E. TAYLOR, provides opportunity for students to obtain a good background knowledge of Far Eastern countries as well as a thorough command of their languages. Lan- guages offered are Literature in Chinese, Japanese, Rus- sian, Korean and Mongolian. Various social sciences deal- ing with all Far Eastern countries are also offered in co- operation with other departments. COLLEGE OF EDUCATION DEAN FRANCIS F. POWERS The College of Education, headed by DEAN FRANCIS F. POWERS, has a large enrollment of students training to become teachers, administrators, and educational spe- cialists. Emphasis is laid upon the practical phases of the teacher ' s work. There are many graduate students work- ing for advanced degrees and doing research on practical problems of teaching and administration. SCHOOL OF LAW ACTING DEAN ALFRED HARSCH The University of Washington School of Law, currently under the leadership of ACTING DEAN ALFRED HARSCH, was founded in 1899. The Law School is on the approved list of the American Bar Association and is a member of the Association of American Law Schools. The school occupies a separate building designed exclu- sively for law school use. The building contains the largest law school library west of the Mississippi and the tenth largest law school library in the nation. i GRADUATE SCHOOL DEAN HAROLD W. STOKE DEAN HAROLD W. STOKE, newly appointed Graduate School director, succeeds Dean Edwin R. Guthrie. The Graduate School, as an organization, is university-wide, and it is responsible for the direction of programs leading to master ' s and doctor ' s degrees in almost all divisions of the University. It is also through the Graduate School that many of the extensive basic research activities are carried on. FRED S. EASTMAN Aeronautical Engineering PAUL C. CROSS Chennlcal Engineering i " " v f: F. BURT FARQUHARSON Experiment Station DRURY A. PIFER Mineral Engineering A. V. EASTMAN Electrical Engineering ROBERT B. VAN HORN Civil Engineering 36 K M M V itM-W " Mil COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING BRYAN T. McMINN Mechanical Engineering E. R. WILCOX General Engineering EAN HAROLD WESSMAN The College of Engineering, under the direction of Dean Harold E. Wess- nnan, ranks high among engineering schools in this country. It is fully accred- ited and offers both Bachelors and advanced degrees in aeronautical, ceramic, chemical, civil, electrical, mechanical, metallurgical, and mining engineering. An active research program is carried on by the departments In cooperation with the Engineering Experiment Station. Many special research facilities are available. Freshman engineers take a common curriculum in the Department of General Engineering, and a comprehensive program in humanities is provided by the Humanistic-Social Studies Division for Engineers. Tremendous need for highly trained engineers and scientists in Industrial firms and governmental agencies has Increased the emphasis on graduate study and research. This year ' s enroll- ment has slightly increased over last year with approximately one thousand five hundred registrations. Engineering students are observing a test F ' strength of a piece of Douglas Fir. OFFICE OF DEAN AUSTIN GRIMSHAW The College of Business Administration, the second largest collcgs on the campus, Is under the direction of DEAN AUSTIN GRIMSHAW. This college is divided ' nJo four separate departments covering all phases of business. The major divisions within these departments are: General Business; Accounting, Finance and Statistics; Marketing, Transportation, and Foreign Trade; and Policy, Personnel Relations and Production. In addition to these major divisions is the Bureau of Business Research which does research for business and government agencies on request. This service provides reports on topics of current interest to the community and to the school. Students in the school get a background of business fundamentals, a broad general background of non- business subjects, plus a major field of specialization in one particular aspect of business. Each of the major fields is broken into specialty majors. For ex- ample, students in Marketing may elect to specialize in Wholesaling, Retailing, Advertising, or Marketing Research. The faculty is augmented by outside lec- turers, and maintains close relationships with local business enterprises, thus keeping abreast of current trends in their fields. GENERAL BUSINESS Joseph Demmery ACCOUNTING. FINANCE AND STATISTICS Donald Mackenzie r K ' V BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION MARKETING. TRANSPORTATION AND RDREIGN TRADE Henry A. Burd Instruction «t Northgdte helps these students apply marlceting principles. The Management Club ' s skit entitled " Selling Yourself " shows correct and incorrect methods of obtaining a job. POLICY. PERSONNEL RELATIONS AND PRODUCTION Edward G. Brown 39 SCHOOL OF MEDICINE DEAN EDWARD L TURNER Educating physicians Is big business and more than fills the time of DEAN EDWARD L TURNER and his faculty of the School of Medi- cine. Enrollment averages three hundred, with seventy-five in each class. Plans and drawings are now being completed for the first hos- pital and laboratory Increment to the Health Sciences Building, which will eventually house not only the Basic Science departments, as at present, but also the University Teaching and Research Hospital — one goal in helping establish one of America ' s outstanding medical schools at the University. 40 PEDIATRICS Walter B. Seelye ASSISTANT DEAN RADIOLOGY James W, Haviland Frederic E. Templeto OBSTETRICS AND GYNECOLOGY Rusiell R. deAlvdfoz SURGERY Henry N. Harkins PHARMACOLOGY Jamos M, Dllle PSYCHIATRY Herbert S. Ripley PUBLIC HEALTH LeIand E. Powers MEDICINE Robert H.Williams BIOCHEMISTRY ANATOMY H. Stanley Bennett PHYSIOLOGY Theodore C. Ruch • ■ ■ SCHOOL OF NURSING In addition to directing the basic and post graduate programs In nursing, DEAN LILLIAN B. PATTERSON has been developing a new program in the field of Nursing Service Administration under a grant from the Kellogg Foundation. Research has also been under way in poliomyelitis nursing under a two-year grant from the National Foundation for Infantile Paralysis and Cardiac Nursing. These research projects will be reported in the first research journal to be published by the nursing profession. DEAN LILLIAN B. PATTERSON " Practice makes perfect " Is the motto of these student nurses as they try out their " book- learning " upon one another. ASSISTANT DEAN MARY S. TSCHUDIN NURSING In addition to regular university activities and student advising, ASSISTANT DEAN MARY S. TSCHUDIN has been participating in the work of the National Nursing Accrediting Service as chairman of the Collegiate Board of Review. This service Is sponsored by the five national nursing organizations and is responsible for approving all programs in nursing education through- out the United States. SCHOOL OF DENTISTRY The School of Dentistry, under the direction of DEAN ERNEST M. JONES, has now completed the expansion of Its facilities to accommodate six divisions of training for dentists and allied hea ' th workers. A recent addition to undergraduate training has been the formation of a department for the training of Dental Hyglenlsts. Graduate work has been expanded In several of the specialized areas of dentistry in addition to augmented programs in Postgraduate and Refresher Courses. DEAN ERNEST M. JONES Fear of the dentisf no longer seems tc hold the threat it once did, as shown by this Dental Clinic patient. DEAN FOREST J. GOODRICH COLLEGE OF PHARMACY The College of Pharmacy, under the direction of DEAN FOREST J. GOODRICH, is training Its students to participate fully In the public health professions. In addition to preparing young men and women for the practice of pharmacy, the college provides opportuni- ties for many graduate students to perform research in the specialized areas of pharmacy. Splendid oppor- tunities are available to these graduates In industry, with governmental agencies and in the various scien- tific, academic, and professional fields. Classes 44 GRADUATE SCHOOL ALLEN, FRANK E. ANDERSON, HAROLD F. ASAHINA, MAE S. BARBER, LEOG. BEDTANIAN, VARTAN M, Journalism Aero-Engineering Social Work Architecture Civil Engineering BIHLMAN,GEORGENE BOTTINELLI, FRANKIEJ. BRANDICOURT, CLAIRE M. BROWN, EDWARD J. CAMERON, RICHARD W. Phys cal Education Nursing Drama Education Finance CHANG. RICHARD Y. CHENOWETH, THOMAS D. CHIANG, STANLEY CHOW, TUNG-WHEI DAVIDSON, ANNA M. Accounting Marketing Chemistry Chemistry Home Economics DELZELL, ATHOL EDWARDS, DALEH. EISENBREY, CARLR. EKLUND, RISTO ELLIOTT, ELAINE A. Industrial Education Personnel Industrial Education Logistical Engineering Social Work ELLIS. GRACE K. ERNST, JAMES H. EVANS, HOWARD D. FADISH, BURTON E. FAGER, DONALD A. Home Economics History Accounting Accounting Dentistry FAKHARZADEH, MEHDI FORSYTHE, MARGARET G. GABY, GEORGE E. GOETZ. WALTER L. HANDORF. LALA L. Foreign Trade Far East Social Work English Nursing HANSLER. Don HANSEN. EDWARD A. HARRISON. FLORENCE M. HARVEY, P.HOPE HEINEMANN. MILDRED E. Fisheries Music Zoology Public Health English 46 HENRY, M. C. HITCHCOCK, HOWARD G. HOLM. MARGARET M. HOPSON. CLIFFORD A. HOWE. JAMES M. HSIA, HUNG HUNT. GORDON J. IRIE, EDWARD JONES. ALBERTO. JONES. DOUGLAS C. KANE. THOMAS KELLY. EARLR. KERR, RICHARD KIMBALL, KENNETH V. KNOTT. RICHARD E. Educdtion Fine Arti English Geology Business Administration Civil Engineering Aero-Engineering Economics Fisheries Psychology Dentistry Drama Pharmacy Music Far East KOBAYASHI, ALBERTS. KOMORITA. SAMUELS. KOROSI. JOHN J. LIAO, SAMMY YU LIASKAS, AGORITA L. MADDEN, MARILYN I. MARTIN, HELEN F. McGRATH, JAMES A. MINSKY. ROBERTA. MISHIMA, TOKUJI Mechanical Engineering Psychology Forestry Political Science Psychology Librarian Creative Drama Fine Arts Engineering Foreign Trads MOORE. JAMES G. Geology MORRIS. JAMES F. Education MULFORD. KENNETH W. Education NAKAGAWA. WILLIAM S. Zoology NASH, JAMES G. Industrial Engineering NOLTIMIER. ROSSL. O BRIEN. IRENE E. OKANO. ROBERT T. RACHO, ILENEM. RICHSTAD, ROBERT J. ROSLANSKY. JOHN D. SHAWCONSUELOH. SHERSON JERROLD K. SINGH, RAMRAJ P. SMILEY. HERBERT G. Mee Bus hanical Engineering Physical Education Pharmacology ness Administration Economics Anatomy Zoology Music Education Anthropology Chemistry 47 SNYDER. FORREST M. Social Work STEINBRUGGE. MARGARET M. Phy icdl Education STRANG, JAME S H. Logg ng Engineering SULLIVAN, JOSEPH B. Pharmacy THORNHILL, DON E. English TUEL, MARGRETHEC. Social Work VARMA, KRISHNA Pharmacy WANG, LILLIAN French WANG, MARIAN H 3me Economics WAYLAND, WILLIAM R. Finance WENG, CHENG K. Production WILLIS, SHIRLEY J. Sociology WILSON, LEO J. Education WITTMEYER, KEITH A. Music WORTHEY, LAWRENCE 1. Speech WYLIE, MURRAY Retailing YOUNG, WILLIAM A. Chemistry YOSHIMI.YOSHIAKI Chemical Engineering The Executive Board of +he Graduate Students ' Association gets together to discuss and plan the group ' s ac- tivities. 48 A Senior ldv student! Curriculum Includes trying an actual case in the Condon Hall practice courtroom before a judge of the Superior Court. Students graduating from the University of Washington School of Law will receive their degrees fronn one of the rnost highly regarded professional schools in the nation. Washington ' s Law School is a member of the Association of American Law Schools, and is approved by the Committee on Legal Education of the Ancrican Bar Association. The Condon Hall ste of the legal college is a separate building designed exclusively for law school use. The I 16,000-volume law library is the largest west of the Mississippi River, and it is the tenth largest in the United States. The integrated student body of the law school is self-governed in many areas. The Student Bar Association administration in- cludes moot court competit ' ons, social functions, service to the Legal Air Bureau in cooperation with the Seattle Bar Associa- tion, and the publication of a quarterly legal newspaper. LAW SCHOOL CRADS NOT PICTURED: FALL QUARTER Albert. Douqids Chadwick, Stephen, Jr Hurwiti. Elihu WINTER QUARTER Boddingtoi, Rodney Brown, Lawrence Brown, Ramon Crollard. Homer Hamilton. Jay McClure, Hugh MljicK, Joiepn Nicholson. Arthur Parker. Wayne Patterson. Harold Petersen, Raymond Skidmore. Robert Sr-iith Irving Webb, William White, Barrett SPRING QUARTER Aaron, Joseph Bodther, Willard Bowden, Allen Briqgs. Robert Br!tt. Dennis Buchanan. Richard Buol, Melvin Burrows. Kenneth Callow, Gordon Callow. Keith Culp. Calvin Dolvin. Phyllis Dwyer, William Focht. Richard Gagliardi. Thomas Gibbons. John Goodwin, Dan Haglund, Victor Hamilton, William Hansler. John Harty, Benjamin Heath, John Hoffman. Oswald Hoffman, Paul Hunsaker, Harold Jones, Hubert Kelleher, Richard Kvangnes. Myrtle Livengood. Gordon McDonald. Alan Mikkelborg, Jacob Milligan. Robt. J. Milligan. Robt L. Mucklestone. John Oswald. Richard Raymond, John R ' ley, John Shannon. Larry S-nith. Dean St:ckles Milton Taber. Duane Taylor. James Therriault Lawrence Wetherholt. Robert Wetiel, Thomas Zelasko. Ted Brink. Daniet Dollive ' ' . James Echols ' jd Gordon, Dave Grimm, Keith Guterson, Murray Hansen, Georc;e Holtmann. Rolf Humpheries, Willian Huston, John Ireland, Donald Litchman. Mark Longstreth, Robert Love, Melvin Mines, Michael Moats. Paul O ' Gorman, Robert Olson, Dan Slater. John Stickles, Milton Stinnete. William Swanson. Raymond Swayie, Tom 49 NANCY LEE files dway her college life with a frenmedous " back-log. " It began with AWS Fresh Standards and ASUW Public Relations and then Soph Leader- ship Conference secretary. Among other things in her junior year were the AWS treasurer ' s job and cha ' rman of the ASUW Honor System committee. Nancy completed her service as Mortar Board prcxy and secretary to the Bookstore Board o5 Trustees. ABBEY. George L. Sigma Phi Epsilon Varsity Track Oval Club Big WClub AGTARAS. Mildred S. Scandinavian Languages ALLEN. Everett H. ABERGE, Carrol L. Education Delta Upslton AHEARN, John J. Electrical Engineering ALLISON. C. Jay. Jr. Ctiemical Engineering Alpha Delta Phi Tau Beta Pi AICE Ammonti Socir ADAMS, Donald R. Pre-Mediclne Sigma Nu AtEE AINSLIE. Hugh W. General Business Zeta Psi ALLOIN, Jacques L. Transportation Theta Chi ADAMS. Ernestine K. Elementary Education Phrateres W-Key YWCA ALEXANDER. Daniel W. Journalism Phi Gamma Delta ALLYN. Richard Mac regor Houie Mechanical Engineering ADAMS. John F. English ALHADEFF. Betty Far East Phil Beta Kappa ALTIMUS. Juanita Drama ADAMS. Rick C. Personnel Phi Kappa Psi ALLEN. Bill E. EnGlish Delta Sigma Phi AM A BE. Emiko Pharmacy Lambda Kappa Sigma American Pharm. Association AMUNDSON. Merle H. Foreign Trade Phi Kappa Sigma Pan Xenia ANDERSON. A. Kenneth Zoology Sigma Alpha Epsilon ANDERSON, Betty Ann Nursmg Delta Gamma Alpha Tau Delta ANDERSON, Clarence R. Cnemical Engineering Ammonii Socii Luther Club AICE ANDERSON. Donald R. Accounrtng Sigma Phi Epsilon ANDERSON. Eugene C. Psycnoiogy Phi Sigma Kappa ANDERSON. Evelyn L. Engiish Alpha Chi Omega ANDERSON. Gene L. Varsity Crew Personnel Phi Kappa Sigma Varsity Boat Club ANDERSON. Gerl Elementary Education Gamma Phi Beta Totem Club Rally Committee ANDERSON. Helen V. Speech Pi Beta Phi Zeta Phi Eta ANDERSON. Jean D. Nysing ANDERSON. Kenneth R. Foreign Trade Phi Kappa Sigma Big WClub Pan Xenia ANDERSON, Mary L. General Business Alpha Gamma Delta ANDERSON. Phyllis J. Nursing YWCA Cabinet Westminster House ANDERSON. Shirley E. Zooloay Phi Mu Rally Committee Alpha Epsilon Delta ANDREWS. Nick D. General Business ANDREWS. Robert J. Electrical Engineering Institute of Radio Engineers ANGLE. Grant A. Advertising Acacia 50 Active " Hi-man " on the Totem Pole of the senior ASUW officers is MARVE " casual " DURHAM, president of the stu- dent body. Marve changed his IFC gavel last year to take over the job. Next in line Is JOHN " bashful " PIPER who has successfully held down the floor at Or- ganizations Assembly as Its chairman and First Veep of the ASUW. Supporting the other two is LOIS " giggles " GUNDER- SON who stepped up from junior class secretary to take on the same position in the ASUW. AUSE. Ory«l PhyjicS Cdscade Hall eAINBRIDGE. Robert F. Marketing Club Alpha Kappa Psi AUSTIN. Alan F. Law PsI Upsllon AMS Executive Board BAIR. Oarthea H. Nursing Graduate Nurses Club BALE, Oicli R. Business Administration Sigma Alpha Epsilon Big W Club Interfraternity Executive Council Spike and Shoe Club BARBER. Wm. F. Business Administration Adelphi Beta Gamma Sigma Aipha Kappa Psi BARRERE. William E. Production Alpha Tau Omega Junior IFC BARTIN Robert W. General Studies Kappa Sigma Boxing Debate Music BCCC. ftobart L. Journalism Varsity Hall BrLLAMY. Faye Nurstna V esleyClub BALLEW. Joseph Economics Delta Ch! BARGER, John E. Mathematics Phi Beta Kappa PI Mu Epsilon Zeta Mu Tau BARRETT. Richard Jou ' nolism BAUER. Wolfred English BECKER. Rolf A. Zoology S.a -!! AiDia Mu BEMOER. N t B. Beta Theta Pi ANTES. Alai E. Trantportation Alpha Kappa Lambda ARMFIELD. Reginald L. r 1 r-eerinq ARNOLD. RobarlC. Enqmrcrinq n , T ,. O " !! ARNOLD. Stdnlay I. Engineering AICE ASHWORTH. Jo H. Architecture AUGUSTINE. Webiter. Jr. Mechdnical Engineering Delta Kappa Epsilon BACKLUND. Carl V. Arts Science Larnbda Chi Alpha BAIRD. William D. Arts Science Delta Kappa Epsilon BALTHASER. Maribath E. Journalisrn Chi Omega W-Kev Totem Club Theta Sigma Phi Daily BARKER. John N. Personnel Manage- ment Delta Chi Management Club BARROW, C. Joan Hc e Economics Delta Delta Delta Omicron Nu V.P. Sigma Epsilon Sigma 6CARG Gract K. Mathematics Synadelphic Br.LtJEN. Marjoria R. Mursing Sororla Nurses Club BACKLUND Doris Nursing BAKER. Jacqueline Arts Science Wesley Club BANK. Sandra Sociology Alpha Gamma Delta BARR. Kenneth J. Forestry Delta Upsilon BART. ft9) art E. Mecljanictil Engineering A.S.M.E. BEAnY, Earl C ' vil Engineerinq ASCE BCLL. Don L. li-urance Alpha Oel ' a Phi 51 BENJAMIN, BENOIT. BENSON, BENSON. BENSUSSEN, BENTSON. George D. John W. CharleiT. Nancy S. Isaac Paul C. Mathematics Industrial Personnel Art Industrial Education Personnel Manage- Arnold Air Society Engineering Theta Xi P! Beta Phi ment Eager to cool things off after four active Scabbard and Blade Rainier Hall Zeta Mu Tau President Luther Club Sigma Xi years is HUB mentor, GORDY FISHER. Pi Mu Epsilon Tau Beta Pi Campus Chest, All-U Show and Mala- mutes are some oF the things he has par- BENZON. BERDAN. BERG, BERG, BERGLUNO. BERMEJO- George L. Donald G. Donald R. Robert R. Martin ZOMUDIO, ticipated In. Gordy adds to this Song and Foreign Trade Kappa Sigma Far East Alohi Kappa Far East Sigma Chi Industrial Education Club Chemical Engineering Alejandro Administration Stunt, Frosh Day committee, publicity Pan Xenia Varsity Boat Club Lambda Alpha Phi Omega Sigma Phi Epsilon Cascade Hall chairman for Homecoming and Oval Alpha Phi Omega Club. This past year he served as Mala- BERNI. BERSON. BERST. BETTS, BIANCO, BICCUM, • 1 Michael F. Robert F. Bob Newton R. Lois Malie H. Frank M. mute presiaenr. Marketing General Srudies Retailing Mechanical Home Economics Retail Marketing Alpha Kappa Psi Phi Kappa Sigma Caductans Phi Kappa Psi Engineering Kapoa Phi Winter Sports Club Home Economics Scabbard and Club Blade Arnold Air Society BIGGE, BILLINGTON. BISHOP. BJORKSTAM. BLACKBURN BLEESE, BLISS. BLOHM. BLOMBERG, Lou Ann Don E. Robert A. Les John R. Verle M. Dawn C. Ralph Alice C. Journalism Business Pharmacy Mechanical Law Pharmacy Music Personnel Nursing Zeta Tau Alpha Administration Rho Chi Engineering Sigma Phi Epsilon Kappa Psi Mu Phi Epsilon Alpha Sigma Phi Harborview Hall Baptist Pellowsh p Chi Psi APHA American Pharm. House Assn. BLOOMER. BLUMENTHAL. BOCEK. BOCK. BODE, BOGUCH, BOGUE, BO LAN, BONHAM. Donna L. Joseph Albert J. Fred Neale Carl Frieda Arnold Don Bruce Elementary Real Estate Economics Business Sociology Pharmacy Mechanical Mariceting Industrial Education Education Zeia Beta Tau Phi Kappa Sigma Administration Honderich House Hlllel Engraving Alpha Sigma Ph ' Arnold Air Society Independent Phi Delta Theta Huskv Swim Club APHA ASME Tyee Industrial Education Women ' s Assn Track Inter- Fraternity Club Totem Club Council Pi Lambda Theta ASUW Athletic Board of Contro • ' .__ .— T- Committee Weaving her way through a maze of ac- tivities. AUDREY LINDGREN has found her place in AWS. ASUW. Independent Council, and the Y. As president of All- Phrateres. Audrey held a seat on the Board of Control. Membership cards to W-Key, Totem Club and Mortar Board are standard equipment for Audrey. BOUCHER. Bilti J. Nursing Delta Delta Delta BOYCE. Richard H. Art Chi Pii Varsity Boat Club Arnold Air Society Crew BRACE. Barbara Political Science Delta Garnma Panhellenic Board of Control AWS President Totem Club Mortar BoAfd BRAND. Tina Journalism Theta Sigma Phi Associate Editor, Daily Sigma EosHon Sigma Totem Club BRAZIER, Don H. Law Ph! Gamma Delta Varsity Boat Club BREWE. Walter E. V ' l jrij Sciences Phi Kappa Sigma 8RITTELL. Kanntth Fo e. n Trade Sigma Pi BROWN. Floyd C. Economics Delta C ' BOWDER. Jerry La Music Phi Mu Alpha BOYD. Ida M. Heme Economics Wesley House BRADLEY, Fennimora N. Ceramic Enqinec-ing American Ceramic Society BRANDNER. Gary P. Journalism Phi Sigma Kappa U. W. Dall BRECHTEL. Charles E. Mining Mines Society BRIDGE. Robart L. Advertising Zeta Beta Tau BROCK. Charles H. General Business Phi Kappa Sigma BROWN. John L. Art p: k pp BOWERS. Barbara Music Kappa Delta BOYDSTON. Blair D. Mechanical Engineering Tau Beta Pi Zeta Mu Tau Sigma Xi BRADLEY. Mary L. Home Economics Kappa Kappa Gamma BRANDSTROM, Batty A. Spanish Phi Sigma Iota BREIVIK, Herb Real Estate Sigma Alpha Epsiton BRIM. Armand E. Public Health Arnold Air Society Alpha Phi Omega Caduceans BROOKE. Etiiabeth A. Nursing Alpha Gamma Delta BOONE, Daniel Eu Disomies Sigma Alpha Epillon BOONE. Gordy - J iphy 1 Alpha BOONE. Paul T, . i J Alpha DSilcn SME BOROUGH. Howard C. ■-d and Clue BOSCH. Calvin H. Journalism Chi Phi BOSTICK. Wallace M. Insurance Phi Gamma Delta BOWERS. Donna J. Nursing Kappa Delta BOYNTON. James S. Journalism Sigma Alpha Epsllon Columns Sigma Delta Chi Oval Club BRADY, Gene A. Prelaw Alpha Tau Omega Ski Team BRAY. John Transportation Sigma Alpha Epsilon BREKKE. Eugane N. Accounting Beta Alpha Psi Management Club BRISTOL. Richard W. Architecture Theta Xi BROSSARD. Kenntth M. Wr:oiesal!ng Marketing Club ma 53 The +WO happy faces belong to BAR- BARA BRACE and DICK MORGAN who have just connpleted their terms as AWS BROWN, William C. Finance BRUHN, Stanley K. Law Sigma Chi BRUMMITT, Charles W. Arcnitecture MacGregor House BRUNER, Russell E. Forestry Acacia Forest Club BRUNHAVER, William H. Econom.Ics Sigma Nu BRYAN, Enoch Morgan General Studies Sigma Phi Epsilon and AMS presidents respectively. As W- Key treasurer, chalrnnan of the AWS Constitution and By-laws committee, and on AWS Cabinet, Barbara proved her ability. Barb is on the Mortar Board, BRYANT, Imogene S. Microbiology Sigma Alpha Sigma lota Sigma PI Phi Beta Kappa BRYNJE. Lars O. Production BUCHANAN, John L. Forest Management Tau Phi Delta Forest Club BUCKLEY, Lawrence Mechanical Engineering ASME BUHLER, Joan General Business Sigma Kappa BULL. Leiand Pharmacy Lambda Chi Alpha Totem CI ub and Pi Sigma Alpha roles. Dick jumped into the top spot in AMS via the vice-presidency. Carrying out his duties at Board Control and attending Oval Club meetings has kept Dick busy. BULLOCK, Carol E. Music Education Mu Phi Epsilon Kappa Psi BURCHARD, Harold W. Art Zeta Psi BURDUE, Jesse Advertising Acacia BURDUE. William Business Administration BURGE, William F. Mechanical Engineering Arnold Air Society BURK, Marsin D. Retailing Marketing Club euRKE. Stanley J. General Business Phi Delta Thete Football Scabbard and Blade BURLESON, BURR. Derek Lee Arthur L. English Forest Management Rofcfe Forest Club Phi Delta Kappa Education Club BURRUS, Carole D. Home Economics PI Beta Phi BUSEMAN, Ralph H. Pre Dentistry Zeta Psi BUSEY, Ann Home Economics Home Economics Club BUSWELL, Myron C. English BYAR5, Wanda J. English Literature Alpha Chi Omega CADY, Howard H. Chemistry Delta Tau Delta CAIN, Mary E. Speech Pi Beta Phi CALDV ELL, CAMANDONA, Shirley Harold B. Art Marketing Phrateres Marketing Club Phrateres Cabinet CAMPBELL, Kenneth K., Jr. Mechanical Engineering Sigma Chi CANNAN, Larry J. Business Administration Alpha Sigma Phi Insurance Society CAPRON, Mavon Nursing Alpha Tau Delta CARBO, Donna E. Psychology Phi Mu CARKEEK, Robert S. Zoology CARLO, Delores Elementary Education Kappa Alpha Theta Sigma Epsilon Sigma Pi Lambda Theta Panhellenic Execu- tive Board Wielding the stick as head man of the YM. JACK URNER has a long list of ac- tivities In that area. He has also been Veep of Adelphl, Prexy of Pi Alpha (Far East Club) and a nnember of Phi Sigma Alpha (political science honorary). Last year Jack was sent by the Y as a delegate to its national convention in Oxford, Ohio. Carlsen. Gladyi F. Eklind Hall CARLSON, ftlrbro V. Alpha Ph; CARLSON. Edward E. Biology Huiky Camera CLl Education Club YMCA CARLSON, Janat J. • " olitical Science Chi Omega Education Club Political Science C ' ji CARLSON. Leo J. Journalism Thota Chi Tyee Purple Shield IFC Executive Council Sigma Oelt] Chi CARLSON, Roy L. Anthropologv MacGregor House CARLSON. CARLSTEDT, CARLSTEDT. CARNEY. Sidnay 1. EIsi Paul A. Robert E. Transportation Marketing Alpha Phi Aeronautical ?re Medicine Engineering Theta Chi AE Open House Alpha Epsllon Dell Chairman Interfraternity Tau Beta Pi Council CARPER. CARRAS. CARROLL. CARSON, Robert T. Evangeline Harriett Ann Carolyn A. Architecture Spanish A ' t Sociology Theta Delta Chi Tennis Club Alpha Chi Omega Alpha Phi Panhellenic ASUW Social Even Committee Totem Club COSTIGAN, CASTOR. CAVE. CEDARHOLM. Sidney Myrene R. Virginia L. Saralette Journji:sm English History Home Economics Delta Zela Zeta Tau Alpha Kappa Alpha Theta Theta Sigma Phi Pi Alpha Sigma Totem Club CHAMBERS. CHAN. CHAPMAN. CHAPPELL. Robart J. Shugar Keith R. Jacques Mechanical Electrical Personnel General Business Engineering Scabbard and Engineering AlEf Beta Theta Pi Kappa Alpha Psi Blade Rofcre Arnold Air Society CHARNLEY, CHER8ERG, CHETLAND, CHIN, Frances E. Clyde R. Marcia F. Fred Soc ' oiogv Accounting General Business Chemistry Zeta Tau Alpha Sigma Alpha cpsilon Alpha Chi Omega AED YWCA Cabinet Mortar Board Alpha Kappa Psi Totem Glut Beta Alpha Psi Alpha Kappa Delta Scabbard and AW5 Cabinet Blade CHING, CHINN. CHRISTIANSON. CHRISTENSEN. Ernest K. Willard E. AlwinT. Beverly Ann General Business Pharmacy Chemical Drama Rainier Hall Theta Xi Engineering AlChE Engineering Council Arena Tau Beta Pi Zeta Mu Tau CHRISTENSEN. CHRISTIE. CHRISTOPHER- CHROBUCK Chal J. Thomas C. SON. Raymond Mary C General Business Transportatlor Business Education General Studies Lambda Chi Alpha Sigma Cni Alpha Kappa Psi Malamutes Bujiness Education Yell King Club CLARK. CLARK. Byron E. Mary Ann Phj ' macy History APHA Kappa Delta 55 This isn ' t the only time FRANK GUISNESS and DUANE ENOCHS have tamed a CLARK. Richard C Fisheries Lambda Chi Alpha CLARK, Sue Political Science Delta Gamma Mortar Board Totem Club YWCA Officer Pi Sigma Alpha CLEGG. M. Jane Speech CLENDENIN. Bob D. Business Administration Beta Theta Pi Skiing CLEVELAND, Richard L. Political Science Alpha Delta Phi CLOSE. Paul D. Business Administration Theta Delta Chi Compass and Chart Scabbard ana Blade Cougar. Both are three-year lettermen in basketball. Frank is a two-year man on the All-Coast team. Off the Casaba court Duane was Athletic committee chairman, COBB. Joanne V. Elementar Education Delta Zeta Silver Fishes COCHRAN. Elaine C. Education Delta Zeta CO EN. Janet D Home Economics Chi Omega Home Econcmics Club COFFMAN. Russell Accounting Wesley Club Alpha Kappa Psi Delta Alpha Psi COHRS. Pearl M. Nursing Harborview Hall COLE, Serena J. HlsTo-, Kappa Kappa Gamma Panhellenic Delta Phi and president of the Junior Class. The two hoopsters are members of Oval Club. COLLIER. Boy N. Sociology Delta Tau Delta COLLIER. Helen C Drama Arena COLLINS. Robert H. Electrical Engineering IRE CONRAD, Jean Music Alpha Omicron Pi Mu Phi Epsllon Madrigal Singers CONROY. Marilyn Socloloav Sigma Kappa Homecoming Dance Committee COOK. Everett E. Physical Education COOK. COOKE, Melvd R. Sidney L. Economics L. McLean House Arts and Sciences COPE, Barbara M. Retailing Zeta Tau Alpha CORKE. Elaine Sociology Pi Alpha CORLEH. Richard Cnemical Engineering AlChE COSTELLO. Fred J. General Business Kappa Sigma COTTIER, Shirley English Gamma Phi Beta conoN. Barbara J. Art Phrateres COTTON. Fred General Business Varsity Hall COULTER. CRABS, Marthd A, Jack M. Nursing Arcnitecture Alpha lau Delta Tau Sigma Delta CRAMER, H. William ProducTion Kappa Sigma Forest Club Scabbard and Blade CRANE. Frances A. Sociology CRASE. Res English Phi Kappa Psl CRAVENS, Charles T Mecrianical Engineering ASME ASUW Parking Committee CREEDON, John W. General Business Alpha Delta Phi Husky Swim Club Big WClub CRITES. Arlene M. Nursing CRITES, Norene H. Nursing Ekiind Hall 56 CROHN. Charmalee A Tolef AWS. Board o ' L-onl ' ol Phi Bete PAT QUINN rests on her laurels CROSBY. after serving on junior Pa nhellenic, the Betty Scography Women ' s Discussion Squad and the YW Silver Fisttes Cabinet. Pat has also been chairman of CROTHERS. Marilyn A. the Y Forunn committee, the ASUW Inter- a ' " ' . ' national comnnittee and on the Program CROWE. Panel. Senior Panhellenic, Mortar Board, Lois A. Psvchologv Totem Club and Pi Sigma Alpha all claim Canterbury Club Campus Religious her as an act ive member. Council Phrateres CROWLEY. Dolores Art$ and Science Delta Zeta CUBBAGE. Kenneth Accounting Honderich BAY CUNNINGHAM. CURTIS, CUSHEN. cuns. Wniidm f. Maryntll P. Robart A. Rollin E. T ' ansportation Drama Zoology Chemical Kisppd Alpha Austin Hall Sigma Chi Engineering Scabbard and Acacia Blade AlChE Alpha Epsilon Arnmonii Socil Delta Washington Engineer OAHL. DAHLQUIST. DAM, DAMON, Grdc« S. Maurica P. Stephen M. Marlene f. Elementary Pharmacy Architecture English Education Kappa Psi Tau Sigma Delta AusTin Hat) Sigma Kappa RhoChi Interhall Council YWCA Cabinet Totem Club DARLING. DARNELL. DAVIDSON, DAVIS. John Fr.d W. Roy A. David A. Bu incis Real Estate Forestry Political Science Administration Sigma Chi Management Tau Phi Delta Sherwood House Varsity Hall Scabbard and MOHC Blade Forest Club DAVIS. DAWSON. DEAN. DEAN. Thomas J. Don A. Barbara M Marilyn P. Political Science General Business Home Economics Psychologv Theta Chi Sigma Nu Kappa Phi Alpha Phi Purple Shield Scabbard and Wesley Club Totem Club ASUW Committees Blade Home Economics Lambda Rho Beta Gamma Sigma Club DEANE. D.CAN. DEIBERT, DeLABARRE. Louis C. L wr«nc« A. Ruth E. Maurice A. Anthropology Insurance Home Economics Transportation Sororla Alpha Delta Phi Alpha Kappa Psi Insurance Society Gamm, Phi B t., Alpha Tau Omega Purple Shield DEL SALLE. DEMING. DEMPSEY. DE SOTO. William David Helan P. John Roy P.-c Maior Speec.i General Studies Sociology Delta Kappa Zeta Phi Eta Pi Kappa Alpha Sigma Pi Epsilon Radio Television Guild Satling Club DETHMAN. DEVIN. DEXTER. DIEBENOW. Garelh W. DanH. George F. Julius F. Far East Psychology Zooiogv Accounting Delta Tau Delta Arnold Air Society Beta Theta Pi Canterbury Club Glee Club Beta Gamma 5iian- Beta Alpha Psi DILLON. OILS. Nancy A. Dorothy Business Drama Administration Alpha Omlcron Pi Alpha Delta Pi Totem Club 57 The newly elected vice-chairman of the Organizations Assembly continues his DIMOFF. Roderick Far East Arnold Air Society Russian Language Club Organization Assembly Campus Foreign Committee DINES. Robert H. Political Science Alpha Tau Omega DINGS. Robert K. General Business Sigma Nu Big W Club Ski Team DIXON. V illiam E. General Business Phi Delta Theta Big WClub DOE. Patricia Home Economics Pi Beta Phi DOERR. Jack H. Rejl Estate Pi Kappa Alpha climb on the " totem pole. " ART MARTIN Chess Club has been chairman of the ASUW Student Organizations, OA Steering and YM Campus Co-op committees. He served DOLAN, Robert W. General Business DOLVIN. Phyllis L. Law Delta Delta Delta DORRIEN, Gaynor E. Nursing Harborview Hall Alpha Tau Delta DORSEY, Martha C. Commercial Art Gamma Phi Beta DORSEY. William P. Civil Engineering Beta Theta Pi ASCE DOST. William A. Forestry Kappa Sigma Forest Club both Alpha Phi Omega and Pilgrim Club as vice-pres ior Board. dent and was on the YM Sen- DOTY. John Allen English DOUGLAS. Dale Journalism Kappa Kappa Gamma DOUGLAS, Richard M. General Business Phi Delta Theta DOYLE. Douglas C. Arts and Sciences Sigma Nu DRACAPAULOS, George History Husky Winter Sports Club DRAHE. Edward G. Forest Managemen Tau Phi Delta Forest Club DRUGG. WarrtnS. Sigma Gamma Epsilon Scabbard and Blade Arnold Air Society DRUMMOND, Allan T. Gene ' al Business Alpha Delta Phi Managerial Council DUBSON. Alan Marketing Alpha Epsilon Pi Marketing Club DUENSING, Paul H. Enq.sti YMCE Club Encore DUFOUR. Peter R. Political Science Kappa Sigma Big W Club Varsity Track DUKLETH. Lowell Cherriical Engineering ASCE DULIN. LeeT. Ciw 1 Engineering ASCE DUNN. Kenneth M. General Business Beta Theta Pi Big WClub DURLAND. Jane English Austin Hall DUXBURY. Ouane M. Music Education Wesle Club DYKEMAN Anita M. Nursing Alpha Delta Pi DYSART. Dixie Nursing Eklind Hall Alpha Tau Delta EASTMAN, James S. Mechanical Engineering Theta Delta Chi Engineering Council ASME ECKARDT. Ivan C. Electrical Engineering AIEE EOGERS, Robert B General Studies Phi Kappa Psi Radio Television Guild EGAN Julia A. Journalism Theta Sigma Phi EKHOLM, Howard E, Arts and Sciences Delta Kappa Epsilon ELANDER. C. Richard Pre-Medicine Delta Tau Delta ' 58 Starting ouf as every ambitious frosh should, DAVE WOOD was a Malamute, then W-Book editor and on to Purple Shield mennbership. An alert eye on cann- pus life Vepi Dave informed during his stint as DAILY editor. The journalistic urge swept him along as a member of Publications committee and Sigma Delta Chi, journalistic honorary. ELLS. Warr.n W. Socioiogv MacGregor House ENDERSBY. (toy Paul Advertising Marketing Club Univertitv Concert Band ENSLIN. Jdmes E. Mathematics Alpha Sigma Phi ERICKSON. Jamts N. General Bui ' t Chi Psi ESTIGOY, Ooloros Jou-nallsm To t, " n Cub Thcia Sigma Phi Phrateres Council EVERSAUL. Mtlvin Geology Varsity Hall Sigma Gamma lps!lon FAIRSERVICE. Alston R. F -i-:e )Dpa Sigma ' . ! •- .asters FARRELL. Donald E. Marketing Delta Tau Delta Alpha Kappa Psi ELMQUIST. Leroy W. Marketing Alpha Delta Phi Marketing Club Luther Club Varsity Boat Club ENDSLOW. Ma E. Advertising Kappa Alpha Theta EPSTIEN. Maurice M. Law Alpha Epsilon Pi ERICKSON. Robert Gencal Studies Beta Theta Pi Alpha Epsilon Delta Scabbard and Blade EVANS, Bill C. Marketing Marketing Club FAGAN. Richard P. Transportation Delta Upsilon FALK, Rol H. General Business Phi Gamma Delta FELLOWS. Barbara M. Education Kappa Alpha Theta ELORANTA. Owen E. General Studies Radio Television Guild ENOCHS. Duane C. Business Administration Phi Delta Theta Oval Club Big W Club Varsity Basketball ERICKSON. Barden G. Art Beta Theta Pi Columns Sta ERICKSON, Shirley L. Nursing Alpha Tau Delta EVANS. Douglas I Botany FAHLSTROM. Ardelle A. Sociology Zeta Tau Alpha YWCA AWS Concerts Committee Activity Pool FANUS. Calvin p. Forestry Products Tau Phi Delta Forest Club ELDER. Raymond Personnel ELLEXSON. Stanley E. ELLINGER. Paul B ELLINGSON, Norbert M. Industrial Arts Industrial Educa- tion Club ELLINGTON. Emma R. Nursing Sororia Graduate Nurses Club ELLISON. June A. Pharmacy APhA EMORY. Lane Pre Law ENOCHS. Harry Sigma Alphj Epsilon Inter Fraternity Council ERICKSON. James L. General Business Marketing Club ERIE. George F. Accounting Pi Kappa Alpha EVANS, Robert M. Far East FAIRFIELD. Homer R. Electrical iqpn AIR FARLEY. Dale L. Forestr Alpha Delta Ph; 59 Though coming to the U late, MURRAY WYLIE got out from behind the " eight- FENTON, Donald C. General Business Chelan Hall Marketing Club FERGUSON, Murray G. English FERGUSON. Neal D. Speecn Alpha Tau Omega FERGUSON. Russell E. Foreign Trade Beta Theta Pi Alpha Kappa Psi FERNYHOUGH, Stanley G. Engineering Delta Upsilon FICKEL, Margaret D. Education Delta Delta Delta ball " long enough to become a Hubber. He was an Organizations Assembly dele- gate and on the Steering committee and served a year as vice-chairman of the FINCHAM. Helen N. English FINICAL, Irvin E. Architecture Phi Gamma Delta FISHER, Edward L. Business Administration Zeta Beta Tau FISHER, Gordon K, Business Administration Delta Upsilon Malamutes FISHER, Lawrence J. Marketing Alpha Epsilon Pi Marketing Club FISK, John D. Mechanical Engineering OA. Murray also belongs to Alpha Kappa PsI (commerce) and Markel was president of his house of the IFC. ing Club and and treasurer FITZGERALD, Clement J. F-i-ie-|es 1- Club FIX, Oliver W. Electrical Engineering Arnold Air Society Fellowship House AIEE FLACK, Barbara L. Economics Alpha Phi FLAUGHER, Donna D. Zoology Blaine Hall Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship FLETCHER, John T. Insurance Phi Delta Theta Big WClub Varsity Boat Club FLICKINGER, Ruth A. Elementary Education Phrateres Phi Chi Delta Phrateres Council FLODIN. Donald D. Drama Delta Chi FLORNES, Bruce J. Mectianical Engineering SAE ASME FLORY. Cecil E. Radio-Television Honderich Alpha Phi Omega Radio Television Guild FLORY, James F. English MacGregor House Alpha Phi Omega FOOTE, Don J. General Business Varsity Boat Club FOREMAN, Ann M, Art Chi Omega Orchesis FORHAN, William P. Finance Rainier Hall FORSTER. Joan 1. General Studies Delta Gamma Women ' s Rally Committee AWS Standards Totem Club FOSTER. Joan General Studies Delta Delta Delta FRASER, Ann P. Elementary Education Kappa Kappa Gamma Totem Club ASUW Committeei AWS Committees FRASER, Virginia K. Dental Hygiene Alpha Chi Omega FREDERICKS, BobS. Mechanical Engineering Theta Chi ASME Washington Engineer FREDERICKSEN, Neil M. Art Kappa Sigma Industrial Designers FREDSALL. Russell M. Forestry Management Tau Phi Delta Forest Club FREEBERG, Albin Ceramics Cascade Hall FREIDLANDER, Ann Elementary Education Alpha Delta Pi FRIDRIKSDOniR, Sigrun K. Food Technology FRIEDMAN, Gloria M. Sociology Alpha Epsilon Phi Panhellenic Execu tlve Board Totem Club Hillel M m. V 60 i FRIEDMAN. Laurence General Business Zeta Beta Tau FUJIKADO, Kei " Branching out " from classroom activities, ■ . i.acy ■ . ; J Psi ArhA SUE SCHERNER also managed to include Tyee office manager, AWS Concerts chairman and AWS veep in her climb. FULLER. Jack R. Music Education Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia Other " twig s " are W-Key, Zeta Phi Eta and Mortar chairmanship retary ' s job Board. Sue also of Senior Week of Totem Club. took on the and the sec- FugUA. Raymond L. Transportation Phi Sigma Kappa Propeller Club Scabbard and Blade FURUKAWA. Ervin K. General Business Synkoa FYALL. Andrew Mechanical Engineering ASME GAASLAND. T- P GABY. Elizabeth J. Education Sororia GABY. Walter D. Far East Pi Alpha GALLOnE. Dave W. Pre Major Alpha Delta Phi GARDNER. Jodn E. Alph« Phi GALLAHER. Elizabeth N. Nursing Eklind Hall Alpha Tau Delta GASTON. ShirleeC. Nursing Kappa Delta GATES. E. Diana General Business Alpha Omicron Pi Totem Club GATES. Josaph M. Public Health Sigma Phi Ep:ilon GAT7KA. Charles A. Personnel Management Scabbard and Blade GAY. Betty L. Nursing Education Sororia Alpha Tau Delta Graduate Nurse ' s Club GAY. Robert A. Foreign Trade Chi Psi Homecoming Dance Chairman Inter-Fraternity Council GEERTZ. Gordon L. Insurance GEHRING. Harry F. General Studies GEISERT, Otto Accounting Sigma Nu GELLERMAN. Dianne Elementary Education Delta Delta Delta Mortar Board Totem Club Panhellenic Pi Lambda Theta GEHMAN. Marilyn General Busineis Gamnna Delta GIBSON. John M. Drama Theta Chi Children ' s Theatr- Theatre Guild GIBSON. Melville Sociology Zeta Psi Sociology Club Varsity Golf Arnold Air Society GILBERT, Bobbette D. Speech Kappa Delta Speech Association Tyee YWCA Radio Guild GILES. Merlin D. Accounting Pi Kappa Phi GILL. Charles D. Pnysicai Education Kappa Alpha Psi Newman Club GILL. C. Clark Electrical Engineering Phi uTappa PsT Scabbard and Blade Engineering Council GILL. Virginia R. Music Mu Phi Epsilon GILLAM. C. Harold Civil Engineering Theta Xi GILMER. Anne M. Marketing Alpha Phi GILPIN. Phyllis S. General Studies Alpha Omicron Pi GINGRICH. LeeC. Pharmacy Alpha Delta Phi Alpha Phi Omega Managerial Councii GLADFELTER. Jo Ann Elert Cfttarv Education Weslev Club Kappa Phi Pi Lambda Theta Zeta Phi Eta GLASSMAN, Clyde A. Business Administration Sigrr.a Alpha Epsilon Big W Club 61 TED HOLZKNECHT was " fired " up for four years on the football field. His hon- ors include All-Coast for two years and All-Annerican " specialist " in Colliers. Ted was also chosen as a Distinguished Mili- tary Student and elected to mennbership in the Big " W " Club and Oval Club. His teann voted him captain in ' 51. GLAZEft, Richard Commercial Art Sigma Alpha Mu GOLD. Helen Pre-Maior Alpha Epiilon Phi GORDON. Joanne L. Dental Hygiene Delta Gamma Totem Club GLEED, Betty D. Far East Kappa Alpha Theta GOLDEN. George Art Sigma Alpha Mu Delta Psi Omega GOSSARD. David W. Political Science GLENN. Virginia L. Music Sigma Alpha lota GOLDSTEIN. Robert History Sigma Alpha Mu GOUGH. James D. Architecture Atelier GLICKFELD. Sidney P. Foreign Trade Pan Xenia GOLLOFON, Art Transportation Phi Gamma Delta Intramural Sports GOULD, Donna J. Home Economics Alpha Delta Pi GOARO. Willard V . Journ " Band GOODFELLOW, Gail M. Socio c :: , Pi Beta Phi GRABCZAK. Wanda Arts and Sciences University Yacht Club GOGGIO. Charles, Jr. Mecnanical Engineering ASME GORDON. Donald K. General Business Delta Chi GRAHAM, KenO. General Business Phi Kappa Psi Husky Swim Club GRAHAM. Robert L. Civil Engineering Sigma Phi Epsilon ASCE GRANDE. Wesley E. Finance YMCA GRANQUIST. Richard C. Accounting GRANT, Joan Art Delta Zeta GRAVES, Clarice A. Elementary Education Alpha Delta Pi GRAVES. John T. General Business Campus Toast- masters Club Management Club GRAVES, Shirley R. Psychology GREEN, Richard C. Economics Sigma Chi GREENGARO, Joseph S. General Business Zeta Beta Tau GREWE. Fred D. Psychology Intramural Sports GRIBAS, Paul J. Geology Varsity Hall GRIFFIN. Marian B. Home Economics Home Economics Club GROVER. James R. Chemistry Phi Beta Kappa Phi Lambda Epsilon Zeta Mu Tau Ammonii Socii GUION, Frank M. General Business GUISNESS. Frank S. Econonnics Phi Delta Theta Big WClub Oval Club Varsity Basketball GUMM. Emmctt H. Industrial Arts GUNDERSON. Joseph M. Chemical Engineering Ammonii Socii Washington E.Tgineer AlChE GUNDERSON, Lois A. Advertising PI Beta Phi Mortar Board Totem Club Beta Gamma Sigma 62 Kdthy Oliver has traveled on four wheels since frosh days and AWS Frosh Stand- ards. AWS Concerts, Ushers and House Announcements took her interest along with the Y and the Tyee. Kathy rolled through Y cabinet and Senior Board, sec- retary of Campus Religious Council, Phi Sigma lota and served as treasurer for Mortar Board and Scholarship chairman for Totem Club. HAAVIG. Cdrman D. Business Administration HAGEN. Gtorgia Home economics PI Bets Phi Panhellenic HALEY. Elvin W. Music Pni Mu Alpha HALLOWELL. Eliubath L. Home Economi Alpha Delta Pi HAMMEK, Kennath F. Mechanical Engineering Delta Tau Delta Zeta Mu Tau HANCOCK. Frank E. Markettng Marketing Club HANSEN. Betty Lou Nursing Delta Delta Delta HANSON. Pearl M. Home Economics Luther Club Phrateres HABERLE. Mary M. Biology Phrateres Newman Club HAGEN. Lois A. Elementary Education Gamma Phi Beta HALEY, Jolin J. Business Statistics Thefa Delta Chi HALVERSON. Archie T. Industrial Arts Industrial Arts Club HAMMERSMITH. Robert J. Mechanical Engineering ASME SAE Zeta Mu Tau HANNAFORD. Vernon L. Mechanical Engineering ASME HANSEN. Reid V . Physical Education Sigma Ctti HARA. Mutsuko Nursing Harborview Hall HACKEH. Outton P. Sociology HAGEN. Priscilla D. Elementjry Education HALL. Eugene B. Electrical Engineering AIEE Arnold Air Society HAMES, Ted E. Pre-Medicine Ph; S ' T " 3 Kappa HANBERG. Donald F. Foreat Products HANOVER. Jamas W. Forestry Products Tau Phi Delta Forest Club ROTC HANSON. David C. Electrical Engineering AIEE GUST. Nicholas A Civil Engineering ASCE GUSTAFSON. Helena L. Home Economics GUTHORMSEN. Sylvia J. Nursing GUTHRIE. Frank J. Cnemistry Ammonii Socii GUTHRIE. M.Carol Nursing Sororia Management CluL Graduate Nurses Club GUTMANN. Addis. Jr. Pre-Major Zeta Beta Tau HADDON. Deane W. Economics Alpha Delta Phi HAHN. Richard F. Advertising Phi Kappa Ps! HALL, Patricia A. General Studies Phi Chi Delta Westminster House Phrateres HAMILTON, William D. Speech Wesley Club Speech Association Toastmasters Club HANBY. Wayne G. Pharmacy Alpha Delta Phi Kappa Psi HANSEN, Arlane M. Home Economics HANSON. Karen E. English Delta Gamma 63 HARDY, HARFORD. HARRIS, HARRIS. HARRIS. HARRISON. Diane A. Mary Alfred T. Randy Ruth L. Beatrice E. Sociology Totem Club Pharmacy Industrial Arts English Home Economics Nursing Alpha Phi Masonic Club Alpha Omicron Pi Home Economics Harborview Hall Her college life an open book, SUE Campus Toast- mistress Club Rho Chi AMA Industrial Arts Club Chelan Hall Club Alpha Tau Delta CLARK has spread it out in many areas. Lambda Kappa Sigma It was first Frosh Standards and House Announcements, then W-Kev and AWS • HARTLEY. HASTINGS, HAWKES. HAWKINS, HAYASHI. HAYES. Concerts. A ong with this was YW com- Wayne A. Jane Ttieron H. Eric K. Lillian M. James W. Retailing Architecture General Studies Marlteting Health Education Economics mittees and then cabinet, ASW council. Sigma Chi Tau Sigma Delta Delta Kappa Epsilon Zeta Psi Marketing Club Phi Chi Delta Valeda Phi Delta Theta Scabbard and Y National c elegate, and Pi Sigma Alpha. Blade Seu closed with Mortar Board, Totem Club, YW first vice. Political Science HAZEL. HAZEN, HEADRICK. HEDGES. HEDWALL. HEGGBLOM, Eugene W.. Jr. Ruth M. Charles Marley Donald S. Ruth E. Club prexy and Regional Y council. Whoiesalinq N larlceting Club Sociology Phrateres Arcn-tecture Atelier Drama Arena History Sigma Chi Home Economics Austin Hall HEGGIE. HEIGHTON, HEIKKINEN, HEISER, HEKKAMEN, HELGEN, HELGERSON. HENDEilSON. HENDRICK. Leslit D. Roberts. William H. Eldon W. Eero M. Robert C. Warren A. Alexander D. Wayne Physics Chemistry Mechanical Busiriess Civil Engineering Afcnitec ' L re Mathematics Mining Retailing Delta Tau Delta D. ■ ' Phi Engineering Administration ASCE Atelier Theta Chi Engineering Council Sigma Phi Epsilon Compass and Ctiart Rainier Hall Varsity Boat Club Zeta Mu Tau Varsity Boat Club ASt E Big WClub Compass and Chart HENDRICKSON. HENNES. HENNINGS. HENRIKSON, HERGERT. HERNS. HEROLD, HERTZOG, HESCH. Dale Randolph Gerald Gordon F. Clinton L. Larry S. James H. Donald E. Donald J. Industrial Education History Speech Industrial t anage- Real Estate Political Science Forestry Civil Engineering Chemistry Industrial Education Theta Cnl Alpha Sigma Phi ment Sigma Alpha Mu Tau Phi Delta Washington MacGregor House Club Compass and Chart Acacia Big WClub Forest Club Engineer Phi Delta Kappa Varsity Boat Club ■ Alpha Kappa Psi Varsity Baseball ASCE ii jiii;f 64 " Miss Personality of •49. " GERI ANDER- SON adds a few notes before ending her active stay at the U. She has been a Cheerleader, Rally Girls ' treasurer, and AWS secretary. She has also been on the Honnecoming Dance committee and this last Homecoming served as secretary, A member of Totem Club and W-Key, Geri is a charter member of the Air Corp Sponsors. HIRE. Nacia M. History Campus Toast masters Sororia YWCA HOFFMAN ChdfUs W. General Business Phi Gamma Delta holladay. Gloria J. Speecn Westminster Club Phi Chi Delta HOLMES. Joseph D. Poiiticai Science Phi Gamma Delta HOOVER. Nancy R. Music Delta Delra Delta Mu Ph! Epsilon HOUT. Richard A. General Business Phi Kappa Psi Arnold Air Society HOWE William B. Civil Engineering Phi Sigma Kappa HUFF, Gvorge R. Law Phi Kappa Psi Alpha Kappa Psi Arnold Air Society HIRSH. Sidney History Zeta Beta Tau HOIBY. Glenn A. Arts and Sciences Chi Phi HOLLAND. Robert Business Education Students ' Co-op HOLMpUlST, Lenore D. Journai sm Btaine Hall HORN. Lee H. Business Administration Lambda Chi Alpha HOVOE. Leroy Insurance Slqnna Alpha Epsilon HUBBARD. Dick J. Retailing Marketing Club HUGHES. Barbara R. General Business Chi Omega HOARD. Donald £. CHemistry Phi Beta Kappa Phi Lambda Upsil Zefa Mu Tau HOKANSON, Joan 1. English Austin Hall HOLMAN. John R. General Business Psi Upsilon HOLT. Mary Anne E. Dental Hygiene Zeta Tau Alpha HORNE, Ardith M. Sociologv Phi Chi Delta Westminster Club HOWE. Connie Education Alpha Ph! HUBERT. Barbara D. Geogranhy Alpha Omicron PI HICKEY. HICKMAN. Robert W. Alpha ■ -uamma HILBORN Suo J HILDEBRANT Floyd J. Meteoroloqv Rainier Hall HILL. T. Richdrdson Chemistrv HIRANO. Yutdka Journalism Sigma Delta ' HOCKETT. Norman W. Cberr.istrv AlChE Ammonii Socii HOLCOMB. Fred D. Pre-Medicine Rainier Hall HOLMES. John R. Commercial Art Grapha Tcchna HOLT. Stanley P. Forestry Products Students ' Coop HORROCKS. Philip J. Mechanical Engineering Big W. Club Varsity Bolt Club Arnold Air Society HOWE. Loren D. General Studies Spanish Club HUDSON. Robert L. Economics Sigma Nu ' W,% ; X i r 65 SHIRLEY WILKESON has really cut Into campus activities at the U. As she fin- ishes her year as YWCA president, Shir- ley can look back on four busy years as a member of Mortar Board, Totem Club, and W-Key. Shirley also found time to serve on the AWS council, the Campus Religious Council and the Health Service Advisory Board. JACOBS. Donald B. Mecnjnica! Engineering Engineering Council Tau Beta Pi Zeta Mu Tau Sigma XI ASME Board of Control JANSSEN. Lambert R. Economics JACOBSON. Beverly A. Home Economic; Chi Omega Mortar Board Totem Club Omicron Nu JARDINE, Charles A. Accojnting Acacia Alpha Kappa Psi Inter- Fraternity Council JAEGER, Arthur F. Real Estate JARED. Myron S. Marketing Theta Chi Scabbard and Blade Arnold Air Society HUGHES. Victor C. PsYchotogy Delta Upsilon HUTCHINSON. Douglas Coinrnc-rcial Art Sigma Phi Epsilon INKSTER. Lewis J. Marketing Alpha Delta Phi JEAGER, Robert B. Foreign Trade enia Foreign Pan Xen JASBERG. Joan D. Home Economics Totem Club HUMPHREY. Richard L. Production Acacia HUTCHINSON, Jack C. Art Delta Chi ISOM. Jessie M. Elemenlary Education Kappa Koppa Gamma JAEKEL. Haile Industrial Art Industrial Education Club Arnold Air Society Union Bay Village Councilman JENSEN. Donald J. Accounting Pi Kappa Alpha HUNKIN. Helena E. Mathematics Delta Delta Delta HUTCHINSON. Leslie D. Accounting IVANROVICH, Virginia J. Speecn Radio and Television Guild AWS Frosh Stanc- ards Committee JAHNKE. Sue G. Elementary Education Kappa Alpha Theta YWCA Cabinet ASUW Campus Chest Policy Committee JENSEN. Jean L. Sociology Alpha XI Delta Class Officer Alpha Kappa Delta Panhellenic Totem Club HURLEY. Raymond F. Pharmacy Kappa PsI HYDE. Kathleen E. Elementary Education Sigma Kappa Rally Girls Totem Club IVERSON. George Aeronautic Rainier IAS Engineering Council JAMES. Albert J. General Business Chi Psi JENSEN. Ray F. Art Lambda Chi Alpha Grapha Techna Columns HURLEY. Wylie E. Marketing Marketing Club ICHIKAWA, Etsuko Home Economics Phrateres Valeda Home Economics Club Omicron Nu IVERSON. Louis L. Economics Pi Kappa Alpha JAMES, Dolores A. Nursing Alpha Omicron PI Ekiind Hall JENSEN. Walter E. Speech Alpha Sigma Phi Speech Club HUTCHINS, Carolyn A. Spanish Wesley House Wesley Club Kappa Phi Phi Sigma lota INGRUM. Joann R. Home Economics Home Economics Club IWASAKI. Marine t. Nursing Valleda JAMES. Shirley L. Nursing Zeta Tau Alpha Pilgrim Club Alpha Tau Delta JEPSON. Robert L. Public Health Theta Delta Chi ■. ' %h± 66 Tune In on BILL LUCK ' S campus life and you get a versatile program. Bill kept the records straight as AMS and Purple Shield secretary. He served on the ASUW finance and budget committee. As a finale, the presidency of Beta Alpha Psi, membership in Oval Club, Phi Beta Kap- pa, and Beta Gamma Sigma filled out his activities program. JOHNSON. Earl W. Hiitory Gamma Delta Phi Beta Kappa JOHNSON. Jerald R. General Business Pt i Kappa Psi JOHNSON. Ralph H. Mechanical Engineering ASME SAE JONES. Beverly M. Elementary Education JONES. Myfanwy Nursing Harborview Hall JOR6ENSEN Leroy Economics Lambda Chi Alpha Malamutes Purple Shield JOSUND. Gilbert J. Transportation Propeller Club Luther Club YMCA Camera Club Yacht Club KAMISHIMA. Mary N. Mathematics Valeda JOHNSON. Guy p. Mechanical Engineering Delta Kappa Epsilon JOHNSON. John Arts and Sciences Phi Kappa Psi JOHNSON. Rochne H. Mechanical Engineering Alpha Kappa Lambda Big WClub Scabbard and Blade JONES. Clark E. General Studie Oval Club JONES. Warren W. Music Wesley Club JOSEPH. Harriet M. Psychologv Phrateres Phrateres Council Sigma Epsilon Sigma Totem Club JUDO. Myron V. Pre-Law Theta Delta Chi KANDA. Kiyo Business Administration Valeda JOHNSON, Harold S. Communications Radio and Television Guild JOHNSON. Judy Elementary Education Kappa Alpha Theta JOHNSON. Sallv A. Microbiology Kappa Phi JONES, Douglas K. General Busine $ Pi Kappa Phi JONSON, Norman L. Chemistry Luther Club Arnold Air Society Ammonii Socii JOSEPHSON, Roy Cnemistry JURY. R. William Journalism Phi Delta Theta Sigma Delta Chi JESSUP, Louis S. Pharmacy JEWELL. Carlyn H. Sociology Alpha Gamma Delta JOHNS. Kenneth W. Transportation Management C Pfooellcr Club JOHNSON. Allan H. Industrial M 1 n J 11 e ri ' JOHNSON. Charles D. Ci il Enkjineerinq Tau Kappa Epsilc - ASCE Arnold Air Socle ' . JOHNSON. Don L. General Business Senior Class President Chi Psi Oval Club Arnold Air Society JOHNSON, lla M. Nursing Ekiind Hall JOHNSON, Marilyn L. English Wesley Club Kappa Phi Pi Lambda Theta JOHNSON, Vern H. Public Health Alpha Tau Ome:; JONES. Geraidine M Music JORDON. Richard N. Forestry Beta Theta Pi Varsity Boat Clu: Big WClub JOSLIN. Morten T. Chemistry Lambda Chi Alp ' Ammonii Socii KASS. Ranald B. Economics Chi Psi 67 KARGE. KATO. Ronald L Zenichi J. Psychology Pharmacy MacGregor House Hho Chi APA KATZENBERGER. Eva J. Sociology KAWAMOTO. Akio M. Accounting Synkoa KEENE. George H. Pharmacy Alpha Kappa Lambda KEIGWIN. Ann 6. Anthropology Pi Beta Phi KEN HAMMER fook over a committee near to every student ' s heart when he became chairman of the Food Services committee. For extra nourishment during his four years at the U, Ken was chairman of the Operating committee, a member of Tau Beta Pi, Purple Shield, and Sigma Xi. The presidency of Zeta Mu Tau and ASME rounded out Ken ' s activities diet. KEIM, Robert E. Accounting Lambda Chi Alpha Beta Alpha Psi President. OHA KELNER. Richard W. Production Slgrna Phi Epsilon KEITEL. Glenn H. Washington Engineer Tau Beta Pi Zeta Mu Tau Sigma Xi KELSEY. W! I lard G. Industrial Management Chi Phi Malamutes KELLEHER, Dan Psychology Alpha Tau Omega KELLER. Elaine M. General Business KENDALL. KENDRICK. Diane Joanne B. General Studies Home Economics Kappa Alpha Theta Alpha Omlcron Pi KELLER. Clin Earl General Business Beta Theta Pi Campus Chest KENNAR. George A. Chemical Engineering AICHE Ammonii Socii Scabbard and Blade KELLOGG. Howard B. Zoology Phi Delta Theta Varsity Boat Club KENT, Herbert Speech Education KERBEL. Donald W. Finance Phi Sigma Kaopa KETCHAM, Charles D. Industrial Management Ps! Upsilon KIEBURTZ. Bruce Electrical Engineering Arnold Air Society Sigma Xi Tau Beta Pi Zeta Mu Tau KIELY. Paul D. Civil Engineering Delta Sigma Phi KIMERER. Ronald L. Psychology Chi Psi KING. Be mice W. Journalism Theta Sigma Phi KING William T. Chemistry Ammonii Socii Phi Beta Kappa Phi Lambda Epsilon KIRKMAN. William J. Finance Phi Kappa Sigma Beta Gamma Sigma KIRTLANO. Elaine Sociology Kappa Delta Tyee Totem Club YWCA KISKADDON. Joyce Pre-Major Delta Gamma KIYOHIRO. Hiroshi Phorn-iacy APHA KLEIN. Rita Elementary Education Phrateres Counc KLUSHKAN. James Music Education KLUZEK. Richard B. Advertising KNAPP. Gene H. Law Beta Theta Pi Varsity Boat Club Scabbard and Blade KNAPP. William C. Economics Phi Kappa Sigma KNIFFEN Donald W. Pharmacy Kappa Psi American Pharma- ceutical Assn. KNIGHT, William G. Journalism Theta Chi AMS Vice-President Oval Club Sigma Delta Chi Tvee Sports Editor Hub Dedication Chairman 68 KNOWLES. Gloria L. Meoicine Austin Hall KNUDSEN. Helen £. Education All set for a little outdoor activity is PEGGY MACE who spenf long indoor KODAMA. Yuri hours as Tyee editor. 6u t not all of Martjorvtew Mall Peggy ' s four years were spent in 118 KOMORITA. Lewis. She found time for Silver Fishes, Norl 1. Nufi.nq Mortar Board, Totem Club, and W-Key. Hjrborview Hal ' Mpha Tau Delta She had a major too, and was named the KOPPEL. outstanding girl in the Women ' s Physical Arnold S. Education d epartment. nistration . 1 Epsilon Pi KOSIN. Heartha J. Radio Alpha Epsilon Phi Radio-Television Guild Zeta Phi Eta Pi Alpha Sigma Totem Club KOTKINS. Htrbert 0. Advertising Alpha Epsilon Pi Marketing Club KRAFTENBERG. Edwin W. Accounting Beta Gamma SIgn.i KROESING. Lloyd F. Real Estate Theta Xi KROGZEMIS. James R. Chemistry KROPF, Marilyn E. Elementary Education Kappa Alpha Theto KRUSE. Ann P. Horre Econo-nlcs Alpha Phi KUBOTA. George Arts and Sciences MacGregor Hou ' .e KUIST. Jean Music Delta Zeta KWON, Ohton Foreign Trade LA BREE. Mary Lou Socioiogv LA CROSS. Margaret 8. Element J rv Education Zeta Phi Eta LAKE. Harold R. Mechanical Engineering Psi Upsilon LAMBERT. Donald G. Pha- j;, Kapcj P : APhA LAMBBERT. Gerald M. Electrical Engineering LANDWEER. Marjorie A. Physical Education Phi Mu Physical Education Club LANGLEY. Walter E. Marketing Chelan Hall Marketing Club MOHC LARSON. Jeannine M. Home Economics Wesley House Kappa Ph! Campus Religious Council LAItSEN. Leonard C. Mechanical Engineering Arnold Air Society ASME SAE LaRUE. Doris R. Interior Design AlDha Delta fi LAUHON, Thomas C. Art Phi Sigma Kappa Grapha Techna Industrial Design Club LA VOY. Yvonne A. Busincii Administration AlD ' J O-nicron Pi LAWS. Dick E. Accounting Sigma Phi Epsilon LAWS. Robert K. Dentistry Sigma Phi Epsilon LAWSON. Willard Forest Managem_ Tau Phi Delta Forest Club LEBO. Jack M. Pharmacy LEBO. Maxine E. History LEE. Allen M. Pre-Maior Sigma Nu Husky Swim Club LEE. FayH. General Business McKeeHall LEE. Nancy English Kappa Kappa Gamma Totem Ctub Mortar Board AWS Cabinet Bookstore Board LEE. Raymond General Business Beta Theta Pi Vice-President. Senior Class Arnold Air Society 69 Although she Is planning to teach kinder- garten, DIANNE GELLERMANN per- formed In a very business-like way as sec- retary of the Bookstore Board, Business Manager of the AWS Concerts connmlt- tee and as Panhellenic Relations chairman. DIanne was really rolling when she was awarded the Mortar Board Plaque. She slowed down long enough to become a member of Mortar Board, Totem Club, Sigma Epsilon Sigma, W-Key, and Pi Lambda Theta. LILES, Robert Electrical Engineering LIND. Jeanne M. Personnel Luther Club Phrateres LINDBLAD. Warren C. Pharmacy Beta Theta Pi Kappa Psi LITTLE, Robin E. Secretarial Training Macgregor Rofere LIU, Paul Mechanical Engineering LIVINGSTON. Donald W, Psychology Pi Kappa Alpha LEE. LEEK. LEIN. LELAND. LENOIR. LEONG, William Y. M. Edner J. M. Joan Alan J. Joseph Z. Bill Education Personnel Sociology Journalism Retailing Electrical Synkon Management Gamma Phi Beta Sigma Delta Chi Marketing Club Engineering Tau Kappa Epsilon Management Club AIEE LESLEY. LESLIE. LEUTHY. LEW. LEWIS. LEWIS, Earl B. Shirley E. Coleman S. Kenneth H. Charles R. Harry B. Personnel Nursing Botany Accounting Investment Logging Sigma Nu Chi Phi Beta Alpha Psi Financing Engineering Varsity Boat Club Big W Track Scabbard and Spike and Shoe Blade Club University Promenaders LEWIS. LEWIS. LEWIS. LEWIS. LEWIS. LIKNES5, Harry H. Hildegarde Mary A. Robert J. Robert S. Jerry C. Sociology Sociologv Mathematics Mechanical Journalism Pharmacy Kappa Kappa Kappa Alpha Theta Engineering Sigma Alpha Kappa Psi Gamma Epsilon Orchesis LINDGREN. LINDLEY, LING. LISTER. LIHLE, LITTLE, Audrey R. Ellen B. Shun Mei Janet S. David T. Robert A. Sociology Nursing Psychology English General Studies Mechanical Phrateres President Caduceans Gamma Phi Beta Sigma Nu Engineering Totem Club ASME Alpha Kappa Delta LIVINGSTON, LOCKER. LOCKWOOD LOFTUS. LOH. LOKEN. Ronald D. Shirley L. Wallace Thomas D. Jeanne T. Donald L. Civil Engineering Music Economics Political Science Music Transportation Delta Sigma Phi Alpha Omicron Pi Adelphi Theta Delta Chi Austin Hall Men ' s Organized House Council Mu Phi Epsilon Synkoa Graduate Scabbard and Mu Phi Epsilon President Blade University Glee Club Speech Association 70 LONG. Chtitar L. Mechanical Engineering ASME Engineering Council There should be no mlssir g letters in LONG. Robert DICK BALE ' i life. As a polevaulter and ird and member of the Varsity Trac k team, Dick - !s entitled to wear the Big " W. " Three LONG. other big letters in Dick ' s life were IFC, William G. Political Science Pilgrim Club of which he was vlce-pres dent. Purple Campus Toait masters Shield memb ership and Ova 1 Club treas- YMCA urership gave the XYZ to Dick ' s activities. LONGMIRE. Ooriey A. Architeclu ' c Atelier LOPP. Ronald J. Arts and Science YMCA LOPP. Thomas G. Fisheries YMCA LORENTZENK, LOUDON. LOUDON, LOUGH, BobH. Richard S. Rob ert A. James A. Chemistry Architecture Theta Chi General Business Delta Kappa Alpha Delta Phi Speech PI Kappa Alpha Epstlon Compass and Ch Big WClub Zeta Mu Tau LOVSTEO. LOWTHER, LUCKS, LUEBKE, Clrl M. Lawranca L. William G. James A. Bustneis History Accounting Political Science Administration Phi Beta Kappa Phi Delta Theta Phi Delta Theta Phi Sigma lota Beta Alpha Psi Purple Shield Big WClub Oval Club Oval Club Varsity Boat Club Phi Beta Kappa LUMM. LUND. LUNGHARD. LUSK. Joanna E. Laurel Fred J. Joan Nursing Journalism Accounting Personnel Zeta Tau Alpha Alpha Delta H Beta Alpha Psi Delta Zeta Pi Alpha Sigma Panhellenic Theta Sigma Phi LUSK. LUTES. LYt AM. LYMAN. Norman M. Elaanor M. Harry E. Helen V. Commercial Drama Civil Engineering Nursing Alpha Tau Delta Phi Kappa Tau McKee Hall Theta Chi Business Education Club McBRIDE. McBURNIE. McCARRON. McAULEY. Ruthora M. Joan R. James W. Katharine L. Hom.e Economics Nursing Accounting Elementary Edu- Pi Beta Phi Alpha Tau Delta Pi Kappa Alpha cation Silver Fishes Scabbard and Calvin Club Blade McCORMACK. McCOY. McCRAE, McCULLOUGH Marilyn J. Jamas M. Agnas 1. Patricia Elementary Edu- Pharmacy Business Admin- Dentistry cation Kappa Psi istration Pi Beta Phi Alpha Omieron Pi McCUNE, McDERMOn McDonald McDonald. J Dtnver Noelle Barbara J. Jean A. Adve-tismg Speech General Studies Economics Zeta Psi Kappa Kapp3 Gamma Delta Delta Delta Delta Gamma Campus Masonic Panhellenic Mortar Board Club Totem Club Compass and Chart AWS Cabinet Scabbard and Blade McDOUGALL, McGAFFEY. Martin Barbara B. Economics Home Economics Beta Theta Pi Tyee 71 McGILL, McGINN, MclNROE, McKAY. McKENZIE. McKINLEY. Sheila M. Harry L. Gerald B. John D. Robert A. Marilyn E. English Delta Gamma Transportation General Business Chemical Engi- Arts and Sciences Home Economics RUTH-ELLEN SULLIVAN is right at home Pi Kappa Pni Husky V inter Sigma Nu neering ASCE Delta Upsilon Delta Gamma behind a microphone. Sh s was president Sports Club of Zefa Phi Eta, speech honorary, and McKINLEY, McKINLEY. McLaughlin. McLAUGMAN. McLEAN. McLEAN, vice-president of Soeech Association. William William R. Muriel J. Pierre E. Archie M. Janet K. ' M jtnematlcs Civil Engineering General Studies Accounting General Business Political Science Ruth ' s well-trained voice las been heard Varsity Hall ASCE Delta Delta Delta Kappa Sigma Scabbard and Pi Beta Phi at meetings of Totem Club, W-Key, Blade AWS Cabin et, and the B oo kstore Board. McLEOD. McNAIR, McNAMARA. McNAMEE. MACE. MACHIDA. As chaiiman of the Senior Song and Thomas T. Civ.l Engineering Stephen Y. Education Margaret Nursinq Richard F. Sociology Margaret J. Physical Education Calvin T. Pharmacy Stunt Night, she let the seniors speak for Pi Kappa Alpha Alpha tau Delta Alpha Delta Phi YMCA Cabinet Gamma Phi Beta Tyee Editor Kappa Psi APh A Mortar Board themselves. Totem Club Silver Fish Phi Epsiion Chi MACK, MacPUARRIE. MADDOCK, MAGNUSON. MAHAFFEY. MAHONEY. MAHURIN. MAIN. MAIR. Ch«t Francis J. James 1. Charles H. Rodney B. Sally G. Edvivd A. Richard F. Will Mechanical Engi- Home Econor ' fCS Law Economics Drama Journalism Chemistry Logging Arts Sciences neering Zeta Tau Alpha Phi Kappa Tau Phi Gamma Delta Theta Sigma Phi YMCA Engineering Alpha Sigma Phi ASME Big " WClub Newman Club Caduceans Psi Upsilon Grapha Techna SAE (Cbrmn) Engineer ' s Council Board of Control Adelphi MALLOY, MALONE. MALONEY, MALONEY, MANDLEY. MARCOE. MARINO, MARSH. MARSHALL, Alice Richard D. Genevieve B. Peter J. W. James Bill Eleanor F. Mervin W. Nissim J. Home Economics Electrical Engi- Accounting Accounting Mechanical Engi- Real Estate Sociology Accounting Chemical Engi- Delta Zeta neering Sigma Epsiion Pi Kappa Alpha ROTC neering Delta Sigma Phi Zeta Tau Alpha Beta Alpha Psi neering Pi Kappa Alpha Chi Psi Rainier Hall Marching Band Managerial Council 72 The campus activities of CHARMALEE CROHN and DICK WALKER just can ' t be kept in the shade! Charnna ' ee has just finished her term as Panhollenlc president, but she began with Silver Fishes, YWCA Sophomore Council, Totem Club, Board of Control, and AWS Cabinet. Dick pre- pared for the presidency of IFC by work- ing on the Sophomore Carnival commit- tee, in Purple Shield, and as social chair- man for IFC. Oval Club claims him as a member. MARTIN. Marf R. Nursing MASSEY. Robtrl B. English Literature Beu Theta Pi MATUSUSAWA Jun N. Nuriing Alpha tau Delta Totem Club MAWSON. Thomas J. ElccT ' ical Engineering AIEE IRE IktEAGHER. Nancy A. Aitnropologv Zeta Tau Alpha YWCA Iw ESHER. Shirley Ann Journalism Toastmistress Club Tyec Management Club ME2ISTRANO. Leon Pharmacy APhA MILLER. Dorothie H. r-entary Education ' WCA Dese-et Club IwtARTIN. Sherwood Soeecn Wesley Club University Yacht Club Toastmasters MATHESON. Alvin A. General Business Alpha Kappa Lambda MAHESON. Glynn E. Pharmacy MARTIN. Tom T. General Business Beta Theta Pi Big WClub MATHESON, Robert Architecture Atelier MAHHAIS. James S. Forestry Tau Phi Delta Forest Club MAXFIELD. MAY, Patricia J. Gloria J. Art Speech Kappa Alpha Theta Alpha Gamma Delta MEHAN, Gerald E. Political Science Club Daily MESSINGALE. Bruce I. Retailing Marketing Club MILBRAD. Robert L. Pfta ' m .cy Delta Tau Delta Kappa Psi MILLER. Keith H. General Business MEISTER. Ardean L. Nurse ' v School MEYER, James Sociology MILLER. Alice H. Nursing Leary Hall MARSHALL. William Economics Sigma Chi MARSTON. Joyce E. Nu ' inq MARTIN. Arthur H. nel ■ Sigma Phi Phi Omeqis ■r. ' _A MARTIN. Eliiabath A. Home Economics Alpha Chi C-r a , MARTIN. Glenn H. Mechanical Enqineering ASME MARTIN. Leonard J. Business Administration Sigma Chi MASTON. Carolyn F. Speech Alpha Delta Pi MATHRE. Paul G. Sociology MAWER. Marguerite W. Arts and Science MAYFIELD. Don General Business Phi Kappa Psi MEISTER. Valma M. Nursing MEYERS. Lois B. Literature Delta Zeta Canterbury Club MILLER, Allan R. Mechanical Engineer Tau Beta Pi Washington Engineer ASME Sigma Xi . ! ■ ♦ . tmM I . 1 73 MILLER, MILLER. MILLER. MILLER, MILLER. MILLER, Leonie F. Mardelle Marlene Owen J. Roger M. Roger N. Political Science Nursing Radio Meteorology Far East Mining Engineering Pressing the finishing touches of her ac- Kappa Alpha Theta Radio and TV Guild Associate Editor Phi Kappa Psi Varsity 6oat Club Pilgrim Club Mines Society Tau Beta Pi tivity life is DONNA BLOOMER, IWA Columns Zeta Phi Eta Totem Club president and nnember of the board of control. Her past is filled with IWA and MILLER, Sally G. MILLI50N, Beverly D. MILLS. William R. MILNER, Barbara MINCH. Hargow J. MINNEMAN. Paul Inter-hall council, AWS work and cabinet. Personnel Kappa Delta Elementary Education Engineering Delta Kappa Elementary Education Electrical Engineering Pre Meoicine AdelphI Management Club Phi Chi Delta Epsilon Delta Zeld Sigma Phi Epsilon YMCA and O.A. Besides being a Phi Bete, Donna Sig.Tia Epsilon Sigma Scabbard and Luther Club Blade Husky Camera Club is a member of Sigma Epsllon Sigma, Pi AIEE Lambda Theta, Totem Club and Chairman MITCHELL, MODAHL. MOEHRING. MOEHRING. MOEN. MOFFETT. of the Publications committee. James V. Donna J. LeeC. Melvin H. Robert Ralph E. Marketing Music Education Management General Business General Business Pharmacy Phi Kappa Sigma Mu Phi Epsilon Theta Delta Chi Theta Chi Phi Gamma Delta APhA Alpha Kappa Psi Pi Lambda Theta Arnold Air Society Oval Club Beta Gannma Sigma Wesley Club Scabbard and Varsity Baseball Scabbard and Blade Big W Club Blade MOLINE, MONAHAN, MONSEN. MONTGOMERY, MONTY. MOORE. MOORE. MOORE. MORAN. Donna L. Joe E. Rodney J. John D. Joseph E. Alberta M. James D. Shirley C. Stanley E. Transportation Forest Management Pharrracy Ft r East History Art Mechanical Home Economics Economics Forest Club Sigma Alpha Epsilon Delta Garr ma Engineering Alpha Delta Pi Lambda Chi Alpha Phi Kappa Tau Home Economics RhoChI ASME Club APhA 5AE MORFORD, MORGAN, MORGAN. MORRILL. MORRILL, MORTON, MOSKELAND, MOUGHTIN, MUCKLESTONE. James Daniel Richard B. Howard J. Sally P. Robert S. Mary J. Jean M. Robert S. Busine ' .j Architecture General Business History Personnel Art Home Economics Transportation Law Administration Atelier Chi PsI Sigma Phi Epsilon Alpha Phi Delta Sigma Phi Sigma Kappa Phi Mu Delta Tau Delta Delta Upsilon President AMS Secretary Varsity Boat Club Fir Tree Purple Shield Oval Club Senior Class Oval Club AMS Board Board of Control Totem Club Inter-Fraternity Council Toastmasters 74 MUELLER. K«nn th 8. Invetfment Bdnhtng MULLIGAN, (ill No landlubbers are crewmen CARL LOV- STED and " LiniE " AL ULBRICKSON. Carl was Commodore of the Varsity Boat Club and holder of a Big W for crew. He left his oars long enough to be AMS FIsffest chairman, a member of Purple Shield, and Oval Club. Not coasting on his oars, Al was president of the Big W Club and crew captain. He also belongs to Purple Shield and Oval Club. MYHRE. R«lph D. Zoology lambda Chi Alpha NELSON. J«an E. English Alpha Chi Omega Newman Club NEWCOMB. Carol Lea Elementary Edu- cation Totem Club NIELSEN. Shirley Sociology Kappa Delta NIESZ. Clair E. Marketing Marketing Club NORGARD. Oorolhy L. Speech Chi Omega Speech Association OAKLAND. Marylu A. Music Alpha Chi Omega Madrigals O ' CONNOR. Baverly A. Speech Alpha Phi NELLISH. Marlyn A. Mechanical Engl ' neering Kappa Spgma NELSON. Roald M. Geography Chelan Hall Board of Control NEWTON. Richard W. Mechanical Engi- neering Sigma Nu Big WCtub Oval Club Purple Shield Husky Swim Club Arnold Air Society NIELSEN. Thomas H. Civil Engineering Beta Theta Pi NOMIYAMA. Frank R. Mechanical Engi- neering Synkoa ASME NYBERG. Richard M. Accounting Sigma Phi Epsilon OBERKOnER. Marjoria A. Home Economics Phrateres Home Economics Club Luthe- Club O ' CONNOR. Robert Jay Re 3 ' -riq Kapoa Sigma Scabbard and Blade Varsity Boat Club Managerial Council Alpha Kappa Ps! NELSON. Bavarly M. Transportation Kappa Delta NELSON. William Transportation Sigma Alpha epsilon NIELSEN, Margaret M. General Business Kappa Delta Management Club NIEMELA, Edna . Economics Blaine Hall Zootogy Delta Chi MULLIN Tarry M. Speech Alpha Delta Phi Husky Swim Club Oval Club MUNSON. Ray E. Law Phi Kappa Psi Alpha Kappa Psi Arnold Air Society MURAKAMI. Nothio Ctemical Engi- neering Synkoa House MURPHY. Marilyn A. Journalism Theta Sigma Phi Newman Club NELSON. Conrad N. Business Adminis- tration Theta Xi NEVILLE. Jack General Business Zeta Psi Inter-Fraternit. Council NIELSEN. Roger F. Economics Alpha Delta Phi Football NtEMELA. Wallace D. Accounting Lambda Chi Alpha Compass and Chart NORDHOFF. NORELIUS. Arthur E. Marvin General Business Mechanical Engl- Phi Kappa Sigma neering Compass and Chart ASME NYREN. David L Finance OBILL. Pat Speech Delta Zeta NYSTUEN. Patricia J. Geography Cosmopolitan Clut ,- O ' BRIAN. Charles D. Drama Arena « - wi l --Ffr IM 75 If it ' s an engineering problenn CHET MACK will solve it. Chet was a member of the Engineering Open House commit- tee and the Engineering Council. He has served on the Hub Operating committee and Board of Control. Chet also engi- neered time to be president of Adelphi for two terms. OHASHI. Maridn A. Nursing Harborvlew OLSEN. Elmer R. Arts and Sciences Sigma Nu OSTEN. Ann L. Speech Kappa Kappa Gamma Totem Club Zeta Phi Eta OIE. Nancy Elementary Edu- cation Alpha Delta Pi OLSON. Delfred Electrical Engi neering Tau Beta Pi Engineering Council Sigma Xi Zeta Mu Tau Pi Mu Epsilon OSWALD. Joan C. English Delta Gamma OKEEFE. John T. History OLSON. John General Business Sigma Nu OTTEN. Adrian A. Retailing OLACON. Victor B. Journalism Sigma Delta Chi OLSON. Ralph G. Architecture Lambda Chi Alpha OLIPHANT. Manford M. Chemistry Theta Delta Chi OLWELL, Gerry M. Sociology Gamma Phi Beta OWEN. Arthur K. Chemical Engi- neering Delta Chi Compass and Chart OZANNE. Urban B. Political Science Phi Kappa Sigma OLIVER. Kathleen L. Language Alpha Omicron PI Totem Club Mortar Board YWCA OSBURN, Geneva R. Spanish Christian Fellowship PAGE. Gloria Physical Education Phi Mu PAGE. PALMER. PANKHARD. Victor R. Jack W. Donald M. Aero- Engineering General Business Retailing IAS YMCA Marketing Club PAPRITZ. PARENT, Jack Margaret M. Zoology Engineering Honderich House Phi Mu Husky Winter Delta Mu Sports Club Mines Society Washington Eng neer PARENT. Sidney Mechanical Engi- neering Sigma PI ASME PARIS. Tiane H. Speech Phi Sigma Sigma President Hillel PARKER. Wlllard E An Tyee Art Editor Grapha Techna PARKINSON. Russell J. ttistorv Acacia Alpha Phi Omega PARKS. Minor R. Production PARTLOW, Mary E. Institution Man- agement PI Beta Phi PATE. John B. Chemistry AmmonIi Socii P: Alpha PATERSON. Flora Radio Radio Club PATON, Pattie N. Sociology Alpha Phi Husky Winter Sports Club PATTEN. Donald W. Geography PAHY, Dale F. Mines Delta Chi PAULSEN. Gunther Transportation Propeller Club PAVLOVSKY. Edward A. Sociology 76 BARBARA STOWE chairmanned the very successful Song and Stunt Night this year. A High Scholarship Certificate winner, Barb belongs to Sigma Epsllon Sigma, Totem Club and Mortar Board. FRED " Astaire " WILLERFORD sparked the first- place Junior Stunt with his dancing last year. His energy has also been expanded on Yell Team, Malamutes, and Club En- PAYNE. Hirb T. Economici Delta Tau Delta PEARL. lu«H I. PENCE. Thomas O. Marketing Delta Tau Delta PETERS Glenn M. Aero- Engineering IAS PETERSON. Robert J. Mechanical Engi- neering Phi Gamma Delta Oval Club Big WClub PHELAN. Sharon H. Elementary Edu- cation Kappa Phi Wesley Club PICKRELL. Keith E. Physics Phi Sigma Kappa PIERSON, Donald K Marketing Sigma Chi PINCKNEY. Clay A. Arts and Sciences MacGregor PLUMB. Betsy Home Economics A:o a Phi PERKINS, PERTEL. Richard L. Richard EduCiition Chemistry Phi Kappa Sigma Alpha Delta Phi Compass and Chart Epsilon Phi rnic PEARSON, E Dolores Enqhsh Zeta Tau Alpha PEARSON, John H. Education MacGregor House PEDERSON. Muriel K. Nursing Harborview PEDERSON, James E. Chemical Engl neering Chi Psi PESZNECKER. David Industrial Education Pi Kappa Phi Industrial Education Club PETERSON. Dale S. Production Pi Kappa Alpha PETRIE. M. Elisabeth Alpha tau Delta PHILLIPS, Edwona E. Sociology Lcary Hall PIERCE. James C. Finance Beta Theta Pi PIERSON, Franh M. Physical Education Theta Delta Chi Husky Swim Club PINTER. Henry R. Arts and Sciences POLLOCK, Donald D. Sociology Rofcre PETERSON. Gordon Alpha Tau Omega Atelier PETTI BONE. Carol J. Ho.T.e Economics Omicron Nu Home Economics Club PHILLIPS. Harry L., Jr. Economics Canterbury Club Scabbard and Blade MOHC PIERCE. PIERCE. Louis F. Merle F. Civil Engineering Zoo ' ogy Compass and Chart Lambda Chi Alpha ASCE PETERSON. Priscilla J. English Delta Gamma PEHYGROVE. Richard N. Accounting Beta Alpha Psi PICK. Donald W. Foreign Trade PIERSON. Gordon K. General Business Theta Chi PIPER. John T. Political Science Alpha Sigma Phi Oval Club ASUW Vice Pres. PIHA. Jake General Business Alpha Epsilon Pi PITZER, Robert W. Advertising Marketing Club 77 Maybe JIM BOYNTON and BILL JURY are discussing ASUW committees. Jim, as COLUMNS Editor, and Bill, as Editor-in- chief of the DAILY can both speak fronn experience on all campus topics. Both are members of Sigma Delta Chi, of which Bill has been president. They also belong to Oval Club. Bill was winner of the Bob Doble Memorial Scholarship for journal- istic achievement. PUCKEn, Dave G. Economics Phi Kappa Psi PUGMIRE, Harold Kay Accounting Delia Tau Delia Husky Swim Club Inter-Fralernily Council PURO, Lee Rerailing Phi Kappa Psi Varsily Boal Club Marlreling Club POLLOCK, Herbert G. Pre-Denlislry Phi Sigma Kappa POTTS, Drusilla N. Speech Zeta Phi Eta Fellowship House POV ER. James Jou njllsfn Doily Staff Tyee Business Manager Alpha Delia Sigma OUEVLI, Dee Psvchoiogv Gamma Phi Beta Panhellenic Alpha Kappa Delia POMERENK. Glenn Retailing Beta Gamma Sigma Marketing Club pons. V illard C. English Sigma Alpha Epsilon PRAH. Patricia Drama Alpha Xi Delta QUINN. Patricia G. Political Science Alpha Omicron Pi Mortar Board Totem Club Phi Sigma Alpha Panhellenic POPLACK. Alene R. Speech Phi Sigma Sigma POULSEN. Eric W. Engineering Delta Tau Delia PRICE, Polly Pat Home Economics Kappa Kappa Gamma QUINN. Richard K. Production Phi Gamma Delta POROSKY. Mike Journalism Phi Kappa Psi POUND, Carey General Business Delia Chi Compass and Chart PRINGLE. Arthur Ervin Personnel RABY, Bruce A. Chemistry Thcta Delia Chi Phi Lambda Upsilon Arnold Air Society POST. V allace E. Accounting Sherwood House POWELL. David T., Jr. Mechanical Engi- neering ASME Engineering Council PRITZA. Mike Accounting Beta Alpha Psi RADER. La Verne R. General Studies VVestr- lnster Club Phi Chi Delta Mu Phi Epsilon POST. Warren R. Accounting Beta Alpha Psi POWER. Alfred D. Forestry Forest Club PROCTOR, Joan R. Nursing RADWICK. Robert V. Economics Delta Chi RAINEY. Dennis R. Political Science Chi Phi RAMALEY, Robert L. Architecture RAMSAY, Charlotte A. Art Education Alpha Chi Omega RAMSAY. David O. Retail Marketing Delta Kappa Epsilon RAMSAY, Martin J. Retailing Delta Kappa Epsilon Alpha Kappa Psi RANDOLPH, Phillip Physics Rofcre Scabbard and Blade RAPP. Quenlin W. T ' p-,1 D?ltj Chi Marching Band RATCLIFFE, Charles A. Electrical Engi- neering Phi Delta Tnela AIEE IRE REED. Herbert Civil Engineering ASCE Arnold Air Society 1 n a - 78 Overlooking the campus from her " perch " is the president of Totem Club. BETTY STAMBAUGH ' S record covers such things as AWS office personnel, Frosh Song and Stunt and ASUW Activity Bureau. She has chalrmanned AWS Father-Daughter Banquet, Scholarship committee and the AWS-AMS Social Education. Betty has also been in Zeta Phi Eta, AWS Council and Cabinet. REINHAROT. Richdrd D. General Busine i RENZ. Rdy H. Economics Ph! Delta Thela Scabbard and Blade RiCKEn. Mabel S. Public Health Sororia REISWIG, Patricia A. Home Economics Sigma Kappa RICE. Sanderson A. Education RICKS. Cappy R. Journalism Alpha Delta Sigma RIDGWAY. RIESS. Dave K. Arden Industrial Education Transportation Theta Chi Delta Chi RINGMAN. Diana Music Zeta Tau Alpha Panhellenic ROBERTS. Muriel M. Hotre Economics Tyee Austin Hall ROBINSON. Daniel C. Mathematics Sigma Phi Epsilon ROBINSON. Shirley A. Speech Alpha Xi Delta ROBBINS. Esther A. Far East Phi Sigma Sigma Hillel Organiiations As sembly ROBERTSON. John L. Political Science Alpha Sigma Phi Inter-Fraternity Council ROBINSON. E. Ross Wholesale Mar. keting Marketing Club ROBINSON. William R. General Business Marketing Club RELF, Geoffrey Journalism Sigma Alpha epsilon Columns RICHARDS. Bill Sociology Theta Cm Big W Club Varsity Track RIDENOUR. Donald G. English RILEY. John O. Finance Psi Upsilon Alpha Kappa Psi ROBERTS. Geoffrey Forestry Sigma Phi Epsilon ROBINSON. Bruce E. Sociology ROBINSON. Ray A. Far East MOHC Pi Alpha REEO. Raymond F. Civil Engineering ASCE Winter Sports C ' -i University Yacf ■ Club REED, Robert S. General Buiinr REEVES. Richdrd A. ler Club .da Socit ■. . Lpi ' lon RIECHARDT, Hugo J Pre-Medicine Zeta Psi REIGHTLEY. Donald R. Mechanical En -; neerinq Tau Beta Fi Washington Er.. neer ASME REIGHTLEY. Gretchen B. Journaliifn Totem Club Theta Sigma Phi Pi Alpha Sigma im- « Ate REMALY, M. Judith Pi Beta Phi RICKARD. William H. Finijnce Oe a Kappa Epsilon RIDGEWAY. Marilyn M. Speech CHi Omeqa Zeta Phi Eta Speech Association RINEY. Patricia E. Home Economics Blaine Hall ROBERTS. Helene L. Speech Alpha Delta Pi ROBINSON. Buddy H. General Business Zeta Beta Tau Scabbard and Blade ROBINSON, Richard F. Pre Medicine Delta Kappa Epsilon Purple jhietd 79 ROE. ROE, ROGAWAY, RONASKO. ROSEHE. ROTHFUS. Edward W. PatL. Jack R. Dave p. Gerald H. Paul C. General Studies Physical Education Journalism Mechanical Engi- Mechanical Engi- Business Adminis- BILL KNIGHT has really got+en around in Sigma Nu Synadelphic Physical Club Zeta Beta Tau Daily Staff neering Scabbard and neering ASME tration Alpha Sigma Phi activities. A journalism major, he was Arnold Air Society Blade Alpha Delta Sigma Freshman DAILY Editor, later DAILY Sports Editor, and TYEE Sports Editor. ROWLAND, Ramona C. ROWLEH. Tom ROYSE, Charles H. RUBENS. Richard D. RUDNICK, Fred C. RUFF. Suzanne Giving politics a whirl, Bill won the AMS General Studies Production Personnel Manage- Industrial Manage- General Business Home Economics Delta Gamma Management Ctub ment ment Chi Psi Home Economics Toastmasters Alpha Phi Omega Sigma Alpha Mu Big W Club Club Vice-Presidency and served as chairman Arnold Air Society of the AMS Advisory Board. A member of Sigma Delta Chi and Oval Club, Bill RUGG, Bernice RUPP. Glen L. RUSSELL, Donald J. RUTH, Charles Vtr. RUTLEDGE. Anne M. RUnNER. James B. wound up his senior year as chairman of Sociology Marlceting Fisnenes General Business Elementary Edu- Business Adminis- Alpha Xi Delta Phi Kappa Sigma Alpha Delta Phi Phi Delta Theta cation tration Alpha Phi Omega PI Beta Phi Sigma Chi the Hub Dedication committee. Marketing Club YMCA Cabinet Alpha Delta Sigma Compass and Chart Pi Lambda Theta Varsity Boat Club Marketing Club RUUD, RYAN. SABOE. SAEGER, SAKAI. SALVINO, SAMS, SAMUELSON. SANFORO. Marvin F. Patricia Ann Donald B. Richard Yacko Noreen T. Burnett H. William T. Marian H. Political Science Romance Lan- Dentistry History Nursing Journalism Physics Music Education Public tnealth guages Delta Upsilon MacGregor Alpha Delta Pi Tau Kappa Epsilon Nursing Delta Delta Delta Daily Business Manager Totem Club SARANTINOS. SARGENT, SATHER, SAVAGE. SCALES, SCANLON. SCHAEFER. SCHEFSTROM. SCHEIDECKER. Katheren Richard Mildred K. Edward H. Richard L. Seraphine J. Donald J. Ruth 1. Arthur W. Pharmacy Office Management Sociology Accounting Architecture Home Economics Forestry Pharmacy General Business APhA Phi Sigma Kappa Phi Kappa Sigma Sororia Wesley House APHA Alpha Delta Phi Varsity Boat Club Home Economics Forestry Club Leary Hall Mountaineering Newman Club Club 80 SCHERNER. Suzanne M. Spcocn Alpha Delta Pi Mortar Board Totem Ctub Zeta Phi Eta AWS Vice Pre. SCHEVING. Nancy Mae Drama A ' cna BEV JACOBSON can smile ierenely when she looks b ack on a crowded college life. First came Sigma Epsilon S gma and W- SCHEYER. Ellen S. Arts and Scie ' Key. Then in her quiet wa Bev held a Blaine Hall position on AWS Cabinet, served on Pan- SCHIMEL. hellenic, an d presided over Omicron Nu Lucille K. Pharmacy Lambda Kappa meetings. She also got to Totem Club Sigma APhA and Mortar Board meetings SCHMID, George W. Civil Engineering Rainier Hall A5CE SCHNEIDER, Stuart A. Marketing SCHOEN. SCHOENFEUD. SCHORZMAN. 5CHULT. Vir9!n!« Walter E. Donna M. LeoD. Secretarial General Business Home Economics Physics Training Zeta Beta Tau Phi Mu Slqma Phi Eosllon Alpha Kappa Psi Home Economics Club SCHUMACHER, scon. scon. sconoN, MargaratJ. Clarence Evelyn W. Dean S. Elementary Edu- Zoology Personnel Manage- Transportation cation Alpha Epsilon Delta ment Sigma Phi Epsilon Westminster Club Caduceans Westminster Club Plii Chi Delta Phi Chi Delta SECORD, SECOY, SEELEY. SEHMEL, Robar F. Harry R. Jack K. Donald A. English Zoo.ogv General Busmcss Pharmacy Sigma Alpha Mu Delta Kappa Epsilon Alpha Sigma Phi Kappa Psi SEIFERT. SEIM. SHAFFER. SHAPLEY. Richard J. Jack H. Ronald H. Richard Architecture Electrical Engi- Marketing General Business MOHC neering Aloha Tau Omega Sigma Alpha Epsilon Newman Club SHAHO, SHEETS, SHELDON, SHELLEY. V.rlyn G. Michael J. Charles H. Mary A. Transportation Business Adminis- Biology Dental Hygiene tration Alpha Delta Phi Pi Beta Phi Kappa Sigma Husky Swim Club Big W Club Oval Club SHELTON, SHIOSAKI, SHOJI, SIDDONS. Gloria Ann Floyd S. Samuel F. James G. Home Economics Acco ' inting Psychology Mechanical Engi- Wesley House neering Omlcron Nu Westminster Club Home Economics ASME Club SIEMENS. SIKKENS, SILBERMAN. SINCLAIR, Abraham Gaiina J. Diana E. Esther J. Accounting E3 jCJ ' On General Studies Interior Design MacGregor Phi Sigma Sigma Panheflenie ec. Alpha Xi Delta Board SINCLAIR. SLACK. Patar C. Rober» L. Meteorology Wcc-anical Engi- Theta Delta Chi neering Arnold Society ASME Scabbard and SAE Blade 9 Oi l Ji 81 SLOTNICK. David Industrial Design Sigma Alpha Mu Industrial Design Club SLYFIELD. Dick Industrial Manage- ment Beta Theta PI Inter-Fraternity Council SMALL, Mollis B. Foreign Trade Sigma Nu Pan Xenia SMITH. Beryl J. Fisheries Fisheries Club SMITH. Charlone L. Nursing Alpha Tau Delta SMITH. Donald E. Business Adminis- tration That ever grinn ' ng JIM MORRISON caused many a frown on the brow of the Husky baseball opponents. Jim, a stalwart at first base not only held down the Ini- tial cushion, but captained the team. Wij-h characteristic hustle, Jim was a member of Oval Club and the Big W Club. SMITH. Irving D. Law SMITH, Vernon F. Chemical Engi- neering AChE Ammonil Socll Fellowship House SMITH. James G. Chemistry Alph a Sigma Phi SMITH. Virginia P. Home Economics Blaine Hall Sigma Epsllon Sigma SMITH, John B. Meteorology SMITH. Von Business Adminis- tration Sigma Alpha Epsilon Husky Swim Club Big WClub SMITH. Margaret M. Nursing Education Alpha Tau Delta Sororia Graduate Nurses Club SMYTH. George A. Geography SMITH. Robert Art Del a Upsilon SNAPP, Robert Sociology Delta Sigma Phi SMITH. Roger S. Economics Sigma Nu SNURE, Clark B. Political Science Alpha Sigma Phi SNYDER. David E. Denrlstry Theta Delta Chi SNYDER. Eloise Chemistry Wesley House Kappa Phi lota Sigma Pi SOLDANO. Michael J. Accounting SOLOMON. Mervin E. General Business Zela Beta Tau SOMPPI. Delores T. Political Science Alpha Gamma Delta Totem Club SPAFFORD. Lexie M. HiiTorv Alpha Phi SPANGLER. Robert J. Banking Phi Kappa Sigma SPEGEL. Josephine B. Public Health Gr- diiate Nurses Club Gamma Delta SPELLMAN. Donald F. Jou ' nalism Sigma Delta Chi SPELLMAN, Richard A. General Business Zeta Beta Tau SPERLINE. Marilyn J. General Business Alpha Phi SPOONER. Marilyn J. Elementary Edu- cation Alpha Xi Delta SPRAGUE. Mary L. Elementary Edu- cation Alpha XI Delta Panhellenic STACEY, Robert W. Accounting MacGregor House STALLWORTH. Leslie. Jr. Accounting Kappa Alpha Psi STAMBAUGH, Betty C. Speech Alpha Cnl Omega Totem Club AWS Council AWS Cabinet STANNARO. Newton K. Mecnanicai Ena ' neerlng ASME STARK. Gerry L. Pre Major Zeta Psi 82 STARK. June E. - Mus.c Alpha Phi STARKS. G ' Jnt You don ' t see JEAN M :DONALD just ' .no 1 ' Alpha sitting very often. Jean was Vice-Presi- Epsilon dent of K ortar Board, a memb3r of STARR. Totem Club and W-Kev. This transfer Virginia A. ' fcamance Lan from Smith College didn ' t take long to fit quages in the activity picture as chairman of the STAVROU, ASUW Pro gram Panel, c hairman of the Nicholas J. Hiilory AWS Scholarship Banquet . Summer found Jean busy as chairman of the ASUW STEELE, Johna Mixer committee and Op en House. Sociology Kappa Kappa Gamma STEGIN. Fred M. Industrial Arts Education Club Phi Delta Kappa Industrial Educatio Club STEI0L6Y. STENQUIST, STENSLAND. STEPHENS. Oorlit M. Donald R. Lois L. Donald L. Drama Eng. fleering Elementary Edu- Mecr.3n-cjl E ' . Blaine Hall Alptia Delta Plii cation neering Arena Phrateres Delta Kappa Epsilon ASME Tau Beta Pi Sigma Xi SAE STERN. 5TERRY. STEVENS. STEVENS. Mertin M. W. tb ichael David H. Donald W. Far East Ceramic Engi- Health Education Meteorology Arnold Air Society neering Delta Chi ACS STEVENSON. STEWARD, STEWART. STINGLE, John H. Pel.r C. Ann C. Joseph M J f h e rrn 3 1 ; c s Pre Medicine Psyciioloqy Business Adminis- Delta Tau Delta Psi Upsilon Alpha Phi tration Malannutes Big W Club Varsity Track Lambda Chi Alpha STIRREH. STOKES. STOLL, STONE, Frances M. Lyit S- Walter H. Cecil C. Home Economics Electrlcal Engi- Transportation Mecnanical Engi- Blaine Hall neering Alpha Tau Omega neering Omlcron Nu IRE Tau Beta Pi Zeta Mu Tau Pi Mu Epsilon Propeller Club ASME STONE. STONE, STOROSH, STOVER, Harold R. Richard E. Mike Joann Personnel Manage- Sociology Far East Nursing -ent Daily Tau Kappa Epsilon Tyee Club Encore UW Sailing Club Russian Club STOWE. STOWE. STRACHAN. STRAND. Barbara L. Douglas Jacqueline Gloria N. Enoitsn Ciectrtcal Engi- Pre-Ma|0r Swedisn Pi Beta Pl i neering Kappa Alpha Theta Scandinavian Club Totem Club AIEE Ptt! Beta Kappa STRAND. STROM STRONG. STRYKER Robert N. Helen M Mary Alice Janet A. Electrical Engi. Publ.c Health Business Adminis- Nursing Graduate Nurses tration Delta Zeta Club Alpha Gamma neering Delta Panhellenic STRYKER. STUHLER. Virqinia George R. Retailing Geology Theta Chi 83 Doing more than her share for school STY5KEL. Edward F. tvlechanicaj Engineering Chelan Hall U. of W. Yacht Club ASti IE SULLIVAN, John P. Journalism Sigma Delta Chi SULLIVAN. Ruth Ellen Speech Zeta Phi Eta Totem Club Bookstore Board W-Key SUMMERS. Wanda M. Speech Zeta Phi Eta SUNDBERG. Paul L. Who.esaling Marketing Club SUTTON, Margaret B Nursing Ekiina Hail spirit was JOAN FORSTER, President of Rally Girls. Joan first displayed her pep as a Yell leader, then as Yell Queen. AWS Concerts committee, YWCA Fire- SUZUKI. Hiroshi Accounting Synkoa SUZUKI. Todasu T. Accounting Synkoa SVENSON, Pearl L. Speech Alpha Delta Pi SWANBERG. Jacqueline A. Speech Alpha Chi Omega SV ANSON, Kenneth E Forest Management Rofcre SWANSON. Roy 1. Industrial Arts Alpha Tau Omega Industrial Educa- sides comm ttee, and Program Panel are tion Club among Joan ' s activities. She is a member of Totem CI ub. SWEDIN, BertN. Pharmacy Beta Theta Pi SWENSON. Jacks. Chemistry University Chris- tian Union Zeta Mu Tau SWETNAM. Robert L. Aeronautical Engineering Sigrr a Phi Epsilon Compass and Chart SYRON. Scott P. Political Science Zeta Psi TAFT. Charles H. Mathematics Mayor. Union Bay Village TANABE. Bill M. Mechanical Engineering Synkoa TANAKA. Frdnk Foreign Trade TANIGUCHI, TANNER. Ray A. John K lechanical Foreign Trade Engineering Phi Kappa Psi ASME Tau Delta Pi Sigma Xi TAPPEN. Beverly A. English Leary Hall TAUSCHER, Joseph E. Metallurgy Mines Society Engineering Council ASM TAYLOR. Cecil K. Electrical Engineering IRE TAYLOR, Donald History Student Co-op TAYLOR. Edward W. Law Beta Theta Pi TAYLOR, Winifred R. Political Science Phrateres Management C Toastmistress C TEEL. Janet Elementary Education Kappa Alpha Thet; TEIGH. THERRIAULT. Mary Lee Lawrence E. Finance Law Sigma Epsilon Sigma Beta Gamma Sigma THIEL. Shirley English YWCA Cabinet Pi Lambda Theta Mortar Board Totem Club THIELE, Martha E English Kappa Kappa Gamma THOMAS. Marvin C. Pharmacy Kappa Psi Rho Chi THOMPSON, Alice Home Economics Delta Delta Delta THOMPSON. Dale W. Fo ' est Management Forestry Club THOMPSON. Glen R. English Gamma Phi Beta 84 PETE SALMON and CHUCK SHELDON were two standouts on the Husky Swim team during their college days. Pete made quite a splash as a National Inter- collegiate Champ, ' 51, on the All- Ameri- can Team for three years, and as Varsity Inspirational Award Winner, ' 51. This pre- med was a member of Purple Shield, Big W Club, and Oval Club, to name a few. Chuck, always a strong contender, presid- ed over the Husky Swim Club this year. He backstroked into the capta ' ncy of the Varsity Swim team and devoted time to his Oval Club membership. At the end of the year Chuck was chosen to receive the Inspirational Award. THOMPSON. Hugh O. Accounting THOMPSON Virgil THORESON. Donald L IH0R50N, Sigurd Political Science Alpha Sigma Phi TREMAINE. Gtrald D. Business Administration Phi Kapoa Tau TRUSCOn. Ruth Journalism Delta Zeta Theta Sigma Phi TURNBULL, Bonny L. Geoqrapny Alpha Omicron Pi TWEIT. Gordon E. Pharmacy URNER. John B. Political Science YMCA President Adelphi Pi Alpha Pi Sigma Alpha VALICOFF. Victor S. General Business Alpha Kappa Lambda VAN LEEUWEN. Margaret L. Pc ' iOn e Alpha Phi Marketing Club TODA, Mariko Nursing Alpha Tau Delta Harborview Hall TRONDSEN, John M. Mechanical Engineering L imbda Chi Aloha TRZESNIOWSKI. George T. Accounting Beta Alpha Psi Scabbard and Blade TURNER. EC Enqi.ih Sigma Pi TYLER, Shirlar J. Home Economics Pi Beta Phi UTNESS. Gilbert L. Art Adelphi VAN BUSKIRK. Dave W. Drar-ia Alpha Tau Omega Arena VAN NAHER. Jim H. Acco rit ' ig TOMITA. Kay Journalism Theta Sigma Phi TRONSON, Edgar M. Accounting Tau Kappa Epsilon TUERKE, Virginia English Literature Siama Epsilon Sigma TURNER. Joanne Speech Austin Hall ULBRICKSON. Alvin E. Physical Education Alpha Delta Phi Big W Club Purple Shield Varsity Boat Club UnER. BobF. Law Theta Chi VAN CLEVE. William Mechanical Engineering ASME Arnold Air Society THORESON. Lavtrne G. insurance Sigma Alpha epsilon THORNTON. R,ilph E THORP. Diana Sociology Kappa Kappa Gamma Totem Club AWS Council Mortar Board TONKIN. Ronald B. General Bu Zeta Beta Tj Scabbard an : Blade TRULLINGER. Jacqueline History Delta Delta Delta TULIN. Charles E. Law Alpha Delta Phi TURPIE, Hugh M. Marketing Chi Psi Compass and Chart UNDI. Roland O. Wholesaling Marketing Club UZIEL. Mayo Chemistry Ammonii Socii VANLANINGHAM Glen E. Indust rial Educati?- A ' r- 1 C ' ' ' ! Phi ' ' ' • " ' ? , ' • opa 85 A gal whose activities score has been VASLEF. Nicholas P. Far East Chess Club Arnold Air Society Russian Language Club VAUGHN, Wade Industrial Design Industrial Designers Club VAUGHN, Warren General Business Alpha Sigma Phi VEATCH, Fred Engineering Beta Theta Pi Scabbard and Blade VIBOREL, Jean M. Econ omics Pan Xenia VIKE. Joanne Nursing Ekiind Hall high is SHIRLEY MESHER. Shirley started making points as AWS Frosh Day " Prexy, " chairman of ASUW Christmas Party, and co-chairman of the Junior Dance. The author of the widely read " Caffeine VINTON, Janet R. Hor e Economics Alpha Xi Delta VITOUS, Walter T. Geography VarsSy HaM VOGTLIN. Margaret Ann Sociology Wesley Hall VORWERK, Bill J. Marketing Ph; Kappa Psi WAGAR. J. Alan Forestry Management Lambda Chi Alpha Forest Club Compass and Chart Scabbard and WAHL, Terence R. Marketing Comments " was President of the Toast- Blade mistress Club. She also worked on the AWS Council and the TYEE. WAKEFIELD, Claude E. Pre-Law Phi Delta Theta WALFORD, M. Alison Music Zeta Tau Alpha WALKER. Alton B. General Business Kappa Sigma WALKER. Barbara R. Music Mu Phi Epsilon WALKER Patricia B Sociology Alpha Gamma Delta WALKER. Richard E. Delta Kappa Epsilon Purple Shield Inter-Fraternity Council WALLACE. WALTON, WANG. Don 5. Roy Feng Hui Archifecture Electrical Geology Engineering Rainier Hall AIEE WANGSNESS, M. Karen Psychology Caduceans WARD, Darrel D. Sociology Sigma Nu WARK Robert G. Journalism Lambda Chi Alpha WASSBERG, Charles E. Pharmacy Rho Chi APhA WATERS, Charlotte L. English Chi Omega WATKINS. Benjamin W. Pharmacy APhA Alpha Delta Sigma WEAVER. WEISS, WELCH, Edward A. Stuart Donald L. Business Electrical Mechanical Administration Engineering Engineering Pi Kappa Phi AKHEE ASME Arnold Air Society Phi Theta Kappa Scabbard and SAE Blade WELLS. David L. Transportation Alpha Sigma Phi Propeller Club WESSEL, Louanna E. Home Economics WETZEL. Thomas J. Law WHALEN. Mary Ann Ele .entary Education Alpha Phi Newman Club Pi Lambda Theta WHITE, Houston Business . Administration Psi Upsilon Malamutes WHITE. Norman E. Foreign Trade Pan Xenia Scabbard and Blade Alpha Kappa Psi Arnold Air Society I r iTi 86 JIM WILEY contributed lots of thrills for Husky football fans with his outstanding work as a linebacker. A three-year letter- man, Jim tackled the job of Vice-Pres- ident of Oval Club. Of course, he ' s a member of the Big W Club. WIDEN. C«rlG. Foreign Trade Pan Xenia WILEY. L. Joyce Ho- e cconomici Delta Gamma WILKINSON, Alberta Journalism Delta Delta Delta WILSON, Donald E. MdTr.ernatics Cascade Hall WILSON. Muriel J. Comme ' -ctai Art WINTERMOTE. Mary Jo Nu-iin 3 Kappa Delta Ekiind Hall WISE. Kenneth G. Marketing Ctii Phi Varsity Boat Club WIZER. Shirley Anne General Studies Pt i Mu Totem Club Tyee Husky Winter Sports CluO WIELANO. CarlT. Accounting Alpha Kappa Psi Beta Alpha Psi Adelphf WILKES, Dan Pre-Medicine Sigma Alpha Epsilon Purple Shield Caduceans Scabbard and Blade Arnold Air Society WILLIAMS. Alden J. Sociology WILSON. Howard E. PersonneJ Manage- ment Alpha Kappa Psi WINDERS Robert Mec " aniCat cng ' - neerlng Zeta Mu Tau ASME SAE Tau Beta Pi WINTER. Helen R. General Studies WISE. LewU C. Transportation WIKSTROM. James A. Personnel Alpha Tau Omega WILKES, Herbert R. Geography Scabbard and Blade Arnold Air Society WILLIAMS. Carle F. Chemistry Theta Delta Chi Varsity Boat Club WILSON. Howard O. General Business Chi Psi WINGATE, Joan Soc ' otogv Delta Gamma Totem Club WINTERS, John R. Fre-Medlcine Delta Upsilon WITHERS. Pete A. General Business Phi Delta Theta WHITE. Peter C. C ' vil Engineering Pht Gamma Delta WHITMAN. Marjorie L. General Studies Alpha Chi Omega WHITMORE. D vid J. ...u ■ pais and Cha ' WICK. Linda J. Arts and Sciences Zeta Tau Alpha WICK. Louis A. General Business Big W Club Management Club WICK. Mary A. Nursing Alpha tau Delta WILEY. James Pre- Law Sigma Nu Oval Club Big WCluB Varsity Football WILKESON. Shirley J. Socioloqv Kappa Delta YWCA President Mortar Board Totem Club WILLIAMS. John R. Mining WILSON. Lois A. Home Economics Zeta Tau Alpha Baptist Student Fellowship WINGROVE Philip C. Aero-EngineC ' nQ MacGregor APO WIPRUD, Glenn Electrical Enqi neering Phi Kappa P y inKOPF. Warren A. Chemical Engi- neering Tau Beta Pi Phi Lambda Upsilon AlChE Zeta Mu Tau WONG. Kenneth G. Pharmacy Rho Chi Scabbard and Blade APhA 87 LIBBY GRAVES CHARNLEY was chairman of Mortar Board ' s Tolo this spring, successfully combining marriage, school, and activities. Libby was prominent In the Y, in Totem Club, and Sigma Epsllon Sigma. Winning All-Coast recognition as a defensive tackle, JIM O ' BRIEN was a stalwart for two years on Howie Odell ' s varsity football team. He is a member of the Big W Club. As an electrical engineering major, Del Olson has really kept busy. Del served as chairman of the Engineering Council, was a member of Sigma XI, Zeta Mu Tau, AlEE-IRE, and was made a member of the Oval Club. The phone isn ' t any busier than MARI- V ONG. Richard B. S. WOOD, Dave G. WOODARD. Lane B. WOODBURY. Mary Mae WOOLFOLK, Mary Pat WORLEY, Ross E. BETH " MAC " BALTHASER, Campus General Business Journalism Tau Kappa Epsilon Sigma Delta Chi Proauction Nursing Delta Delta Delta Elementary Edu- cation Alpha Gamma Foreign Trade Beta Theta PI Correspondent, TYEE Ski Editor, publicity DAILY Delta chairman for the Varsity Ball, and a mem- WRIGHT, WRIGHT. WYLIE. WYNN. YAMAHA, YAMAMOTO. ber of MADEMOISELLE College Board. Jean L. General Business Priscilla Nursing Turrell J. Far East Charles C. Art Harry R. Foreign Trade Richard Microbiology Zeta Tau Alpha Alpha Tau Delta Chi Psi MacGregor House Pausing for breath, we find " Mac " was a Calvin Club Varsity Boat Club Oval Club Managerial Council DAILY reporter and feature writer. She Board of Control covers W-Key, Totem Club, and Theta YAMASHITA, YEE, YOSHIDA. YOSHIOKA. YOUNG. YOUNG. Fumiko James S. Kenji Arthur H. Richard K. Ronald W. Sigma Phi meetings in her busy schedule. Sociology Physics Civil Engineering Architecture Chemical Engi- Forestry Products Phi Chi Delta MacGregor House Synkoa neering Forest Club Valeda ASCE AICHE Xi Sigma Pi Alpha Kappa Delta Ammonii Socil Engineering Council YUTANI, ZARKIN, ZEIGER, ZELIOS. ZEVEN BERGEN. ZULUAGA. ZWIRN. Nobuo Sam Dallas E. Ethel Z. John W. Jose Darle Mechanical Advertising General Studies Psychology Electrical Engi- Production Home Economics Engineering Sigma Alptia Mu Delta Upsilon neering Honderich House Home Economics ASME Husky Swim Club Tau Beta Pi Club Zeta Mu Tau Managerial CouncI Zeta Mu Tau Tau Beta Pi Sigma Xi let Former Frosh Council membar. DON JOHNSON, wenf on in his sophomore year to bigger and beHor things. He put in a term as president of Purple Shield and served on the 1950 Homecoming commit- tee. A member of Oval Club. Don wound up his college career in his usual friendly fashion as President of the Senior Class and a Board of Control member. Ray lee has been an activities man since his Freshman year when he was a member of the Frosh Day committee. As a Sopho- more, he was elected Treasurer of AMS and trained the Frosh on their day. Ray con- tributed to school spirit as a member of the Homecoming Committee. This years Vice-President of the Senior Class co-chair- maned the AMS-AWS election in ' 52. SALLY MORRILL, Senior CUss Secretary, has put in man y hours on numerous and sundry committees. Chairman of the May Day committee, 1951. Sally ' s hard work helped make the event a success. She su- pervised the AWS art committee, worked on ASUW News Bureau and was elected into Totem Club. Handling Senior finances was JEAN JEN- SEN. A Soc. major, Jean practiced human relations on Panhellenic for two years, on the AWS Standards committee, and at Or- ganiiations Assembly. She was an active member of Totem Club and Alpha Kappa Delta. e iotd The Class of ' 52 bowed out of college life with the traditional Ivy planting ceremony during the HUB dedication weekend, the Senior Prom at the Olympic, and Com- mencement at the Pavilion, the last long line a Senior will stand in. The Seniors leave a campus more beautiful than they found it, a Championship basketball team, and a union building that would be the envy of any campus. 89 J X Guiding the Junior Class through a busy year, FLOYD McCRACKEN served on Board of Control and as chairman of the Junior Stunt. Lanlty Floyd eased Into Oval Club, but not before he has worked hard on Sopho- more Carnival. Vice-prexy PETE TOUHY was chair- man of the Homecoming Sign com- mittee, Varsity Ball Entertainment, and helped out the frosh as chairman of the Freshman Election Rally. The Ideal secretary, LIZ LOVSTED also took notes for the Freshman Class in her initial year. She has worked on the AWS Concerts com- mittee as chairman and W-Key, and was recently elected president of Zeta Phi Eta. speech honorary. Taking care of the pennies was Rally Song Queen JOYCE McCORKLE. Joyce was also Rally chairman. She is a member of W-Key. MfU Already for the big year ahead, the Junior Class can look back with pride on its ac- complishments during the year gone by. With members in activities, sports, and politics, the juniors are well-equipped to continue the best of Washington tradi- tions and maybe start a few new ones. The Junior Dance featuring Dick Jergens helped break in the new HUB ballroom. More than holding their own on the basket- ball team, junior players can be counted on to provide thrills next year. I 90 Judging from the smilos, we don ' t think BARBARA PARK h really se- rious dbout cutting 6EV BEHAR ' s hdir. Barb was a serious worker at the Y, however, serving on many committees. She was chairman of the Thousand Voice Chorus and a member of W-Key. Bev put in a busy year as president of W-Key. She also found time to work on AWS committees. ■111 BOB STORY Is usually seen against a HUB back- ground where he has worked on numerous committees. Bob took care of the Rally for the Homecoming Game. Here ' s a playful trio. VAL WHITTAKER. chairman of the Junior Dance and Homecoming Regis- tration; J. V. WILSON, mter-relations counselor of IFC and Purple Shield, and KRISS KODAMA. president of the Women ' s Rally committee, say that all work and no play, etc . . . and what ' s more fun than pool in the HUB? Inspecting the new rugs in the HUB are BILL BOHLIN and DICK SPRAGUE. Bill expended much energy as Yell King, chairman of Junior Song and Stunt, and in Club Encore. Dick found sports taking up his time with letters in football and basketball to his credit. He is a member of the Big W Club and Purple Shield. This happy trio has helped show the campus what the Juniors can do. First is JOAN SMITH, assistant relations chairman of Panhellenic. Joan divided her time between TYEE section editor, W-Key member, and AWS Council member. MIKE McCUTCHEN, Oval Club and Big W Club, co-captained the great Husky basketball team. Really adding to the games was Yell Queen, DIANE CUMMINS. She was chairman of the Campus Chest drive and a member of W-Key. •S m r That Ud with the friendly grin is Sophomore president, GEORGE HARDING. He got experience as frosh prexy. A mennber of Board of Control for his second year, George also belongs to Compass and Chart. Another happy sophomore is FRANK PARKER, the vice-president. Besides taking over when George isn ' t around, Frank participated In Malamute ac- tivities. KATHY LONG kept minutes for the sophomores. She Is a member of W- Key, News Bureau, AWS Concerts committee and the Scholarship Ban- quet committee. ft (s In addition to her duties as Sopho- more treausrer. BETTY MacDONALD worked on various AWS and ASUW committees. This past year has been crowded with ex- periences for the Sophomore Class. The asscnnbly for entering frosh was first on the agenda. At Song and Stunt night they walked off with first prize for the best song stunt. This was followed by the Sophonnore Leadership conference at the Hub. All of these, plus Sophomore Cabinet at the Y have afforded opportunities for the Class of ' 54 to learn the important fundamentals of leadership and organization. Sophomore Carnival, even more spectacular than be- fore, brought the year to a very successful close. 92 Looks like a friendly game between KAY MILLER. DOM OIRANO and DOUG HANSEN. Kay took care of AWS finances during the year. As tf being treasurer of AWS wasn ' t a big job. Kay was also chairman of AWS Freshman council and a member of W-Key. Dom was publicity chairman for the Varsity Ball, Sophomore Carnival chairman, and publicity chairman for the Campus Chest Drive. Doug worked on the High School Leaders ' conference, Sophomore Leaders ' conference and Tyee. JOAN PACKARD, EILEEN GREEN and BUZ BURKELAND are catching a little of Seattle ' s elusive sunshine. Among the busier Sophs. Joan was program chairman for the AWS concerts, an Activities Bureau member, and a member of the Frosh-Soph Council at the Y. Eileen did a big job as chairman of the Sopho- more Leadership conference, secretary of the Campus Chest Drive, and secretary of the Students ' Organiiatlon committee. Buz put forth for Washington as a member of the Frosh Crew. JIM PORTLANCE and PAT NABATA are taking a pause that refreshes. Jim Is a member of the Husky Swim Club and a promising free -stylist on the Swim Team. Pat ' s diversified activities list reads: W-Key secretary, secretary to Program Panel, DAILY classifieds manager and AWS Scholarship Banquet committee. Comparing bowling scores In the new HUB alleys are JACKIE CLAYPOOL, JIM NOE and MAXINE SOFTKY. Jackie was chairman of the Sophomore Song and Stunt and chairman of the dance for Sophomore Carnival. Jim ' s name is familiar to football fans and this sophomore promises more good work as a Husky tackle. Maxine was secretary of the Sophomore Song and Stunt. She was co-chairman of AWS House Announcements and a member of AWS council. 93 h v( .4 y }jjr Bill Wilson. Alpha Delta Phi. capably took over the top executive position In the Freshman class. Bill has had much experience In the position of President because he has held this office m each of his four classes at Seattle Prep. Be- sides leading his classes, he found time in high school to win the State Oratorical Contest. hierb Mead, Theta Chi. In his job of Vice-President, guided the social life of the class. A graduate of Lincoln high school, where he was student body president, HHerb was in many activities throughout his high school career. Herb won his numerals on the University of Washington swimming team. Joyce Hershey has a very buslness-lilce air about her as she works on the secretary ' s minutes. Joyce attended Olympia high school and held many activity positions, including President of Quill and Scro ' l and editor of the school paper. Joyce is a member of the Delta Gamma sorority. This is the Class of ' 55 who will soon be old timers at the University of Washington as they enter their sophomore year. When they put away their green beanies the frosh seemed to put away their " green " ways. The organization of the fifteen mem- ber Freshman Advisory council helped their officers decide the many problems that faced them. The frosh were more than pleased when they won first place in Song and Stunt night, but the highlight of the year was Frosh Day. Complete with a tug- of-war, a queen contest, torch parade, and the " hlula hi op " as the finale, the frosh had a chance to show what they could do. This year has been a big one for the fresh- man and they now have next year to gain more recognition and to add to their list of activities. «V Laura Leigh Havllna, Gamma Phi Beta .5nd a Roosevelt graduate, Is entrusted with the funds of the Freshman class. Laura Leigh ' s many high school activities included student body secretary; Spurs, girl ' s activity honorary; and the advisory council. Activities have been the center of ettrection for, left to right, Kurt Kermin, Ken Erlckson, Arlene Van Oerveer, end Frenk Gustin. Kurt wes cheirmdn of FrosK Ddy dence end on the Activities Bureeu committee. Ken was chairman o the Athletic committee for Frosh Day and President of tht- Freshman Compass and Chart. Arlene was chairman for the Frosh Torch parade, and chairman for the script fc the Freshman at Song and Stunt night. Frank has been Master of Ceremonies for the Freshman at Song and Stunt night, and Frosh Day dance. The climai of Frosh day was the announcing of the Frosh Queen, Ann Smith, who reigns over all Frosh activities. She is affiliated with the Kappa Kappa Gamma sorority. Heading the big events for the Freshman class this year have been Harriet Kreps. Norm Calvo, and Margot Campbell. Harriet and Margot took charge of Freshman Song and Stunt night, Shirley Bell, not pictured, and Norm were chairmen of Frosh Day. The main function of the Frosh Council, organized this year, is to advise and assist the officers in planning class activities and help decide class problems. They are from left to right: Graham Moletor, Barbara Grell. Phil Skutt, Marlon Hendreckson, Herb Mead, Laura Leigh Havlma. Westly Magniscn. Jr. (standing). Bill Wilson. Joyce Hershey. Dicit Ryan, Jean Roscoe. Kathy Bode, Shirley Chase, and Ted Zylstra. Outstanding this year In the field of sports are Dick Elliot and Steve Roake. Dick, a graduate of Franklin, has broken the Freshman record In Swimming. He was Northwest champion, and went to three national meets. Steve is from Barrlngton, Illinois, where, In high school, he made the all-American football team. Now he is quarterback of the J.V. football team and is on the J.V. basketball team. Student Government 98 LOIS SUNOERSON. well-known as W-Key president last yedr. ddded to her many interests ttie job of ASUW secretary, a job performed with customary ease. Besides recording events at the Hub. Lois heads Activities Bureau and is a representative on Board of Control. She claims membership in Totem Club and Mortar Board. Workers at the Hub always welcome the sight of Lois for she is an enthusiastic and eager organizer. MARV DURHAM, a Seattle boy. can point to a long line of achievements in his past four years at the Uni- versity. He topped off his activities with election as ASUW president, a job which he has held down with his usual enthusiasm. Marv was Inter-Fraternity Coun- cil preiy last year and worked on the IFC Inter- Relatlons Council. ASUW Discipline Committee has claimed his attention as well as membership in Oval Club. Besides carrying out the manifold tasks of ASUW leadership Marv still finds time to head Board of Control and to do his part on the Finance and Budget Committee. Best remembered will be his ready assent whenever a job was waiting to be done. JOHN PIPER decided as a frosh not to let any grass grow under his feet, and in past efforts has lived up to that promise to himself. His election as first vice- president completed four years of willing work In ASUW activities. Acting as ASUW preiy when Marv can ' t make it. John also heads Organizations Assem- bly, a position earned through energetic work as a delegate last year, and Is a Board of Control member. BEN HAYES, who somehow manages to eat between activities. Is this year ' s capable second vice-presi- dent. With real Interest In ASUW accomplishments he keeps himself busy with chairmanships of Elections and Legal Interpretations Committee and Program Panel. Ben is on Board of Control and lends his time to the Building and Operation Committee. 101 Board of Control members are, front row: George Harding, Sophomore Class President; Audrey Lindgren, Phratcres President; John Piper, 1st ASUW Vice-president; Charmalee Crohn, Panhellenic President; and Bill Wilson, Freshman Class President. In the back row are: Dick Walker, inter-fraternity Council President; Lois Sunderson, ASUW Secretary; Ken Doty, President of Men ' s Organized House Council; Eilone Risegari, faculty adviser; and Chet Mack, President of Adelphi. wvL i Delegates from all campus organizations gather to discuss and vote upon problems and issues which they hold in common. Chairman of Organizations Assembly is John Piper, 1st ASUW Vice-president. This sounding board has heard a variety of discussions this year, among others, the parking problem, the political speak- er ' s ban, and election proceedings. After deciding by vote its stand on an issue, Organizations Assembly recommends its decision to the Board of Control. iiii klj r M-W I Also seated on the Board oi Control are, front row: Floyd McCrackon, Junior Class President; Donna Bloomer, President of Independent Wonnen ' s Association; Don Johnson, Senior Class President; Barbara Brace, President of AWS; and Ben Hayes, 2nd ASUW Vice- president. Back row: Dick Morgan, President of AMS; Don Jacobs, Engineering Council President; Joseph McCarthy, faculty adviser; Harry Cross, faculty adviser; Dr. Shipman, faculty adviser; Marv Durham, ASUW President; and Mildred Gellermann, faculty adviser. Not pictured are Ruth Wilson, faculty adviser; Harry Yamada, President of Managerial Council; Harvey Cassill, ASUW adviser; Glen Nygreen, ASUW adviser; and Chuck Owens, ASUW adviser. Each spring, the outgoing Board o ' i Control joins the incoming Board and the Publications Editors in a house party, last spring held on Whidby Island. Between swimming, eating, playing baseball, eating, square dancing, croquet games, and eating, the old Board members acquaint the new members with prob- lems in the administration of ASUW. Maybe CHUCK OWENS feels that being Man- iger of ASUW Activities sometimes puts him jehind the eight ball, but as the administra- tive head of HUB Activities he has helped to nake Washington ' s student government one of he most outstanding in the nation. JIM OVERLOCK, Assistant Activities Manager. is in charge of the operation of the HUB facilities. ASUW Program Advisers. M,r,,Nlb HARRIS, MABEL McCORMACK. SYLVIA NILSEN and SHIELA Mc- MURRAY are assigned to aid the work of the stu- dent committees. MILDRED GELLERMANN. Administrative Assist- ant in charge of Program Supervision, coordi- nates the functions of the advisory staff and the ASUW. (jhW]K " Yes, it ' s available DOROTHY PURCELL handles room reservations for all groups desir- ing to use HUB facilities. GENE PIERCE (right). Accountant, and his as- sistant, RAY COLE, see that ASUW expendi- tures keep within the budget. I CLYDE ROBINSON takes a minute off from managing ASUW Publications. He looks happy: did someone make a deadline? New to the administrative staff this year. MAR- JORIE TIERNAN has planned those fabulous meals that have made HUB banquets a success. Keeping d fighf hold on the ASUW purse strings, Audrey Lind- gren. Kathro Kidwell. Harry Cross, chairman; Mildred Gellerman, Harvey Cassill. Charles Owens, Bill Lucks, Clyde Robinson and Donald WolleH of the FINANCE AND BUDGET COMMIHEE prepare the annual budget, recomnnend additional expenditures, changes in salary and approve admission fees for ASUW affairs. While the BOOKSTORE Is strictly business, a professional- student-faculty board docs exist to give the real owners some control of the management. Relaxing over dinner, H. Martin, Chuck Owens, Ruth Ellen Sullivan. Curtis Vail, Nancy Lee, Donald Mackenzie, Lyie Goss, Helen Blackwood and Ken Doty discuss the running of the concern. Not pictured are John Kurtr and E. G. Brown. fl.c§.U.VIf Comwiiltieu Legislative- Administrative The LEGISLATIVE-ADMINISTRATIVE division of ASUW makes the rules and enforce; fhem; well might this be called the " red tape " department of student government. The powers of the following committees are delegated by the Board of Control to those groups in an effort to spread responsibility among the students. SOCIAL EVENTS of all student organizations are under the supervision and regulation of Nola Winter. Jeannine Hunter. Marie Sharp. Shirley Caldwell, Kay Foi, Donner Buchet. chairman, and in the second row. Mike Jared, Carolyn Carson, Shirley Mesher, Art Martin assisted by Stewart Chapman. Leona Saunders. Kenneth frey, Richard Crain. Marilyn Low. Mrs. Gellermann. Carol Hobert. Redtord. W. D. Lutey, L. A. Sanderman and Dick Knott de STUDENT ORGANIZATIONS will or wont be entitled to use th name and facilities, subject to approval by the faculty committee. M. McCaf- Art. Grant cide which e university 1 -■V 1 JKcc:iHd I 4 ost people would go to jail for painting up the sidewallts, but in this se it ' s legal. These students are advertising the Campus Chest Drive, Comwiilfeu Every fall and spring Elections and Legal Interpretations Committee under Ben Hayes goes to worlt. George Karglanis, Jacltle Richter, Muriel Squlllace and Ben representing the Law School. ASUW and the students supervise and man- age all ASUW elections which Is some job if you talte your work seriously. Floyd McCraclten. chairman of the ATHLETIC COMMITTEE. Sordy Fisher. Bob O ' Conner, F. Hayden Williams, standing, and Bob Hutchinson, Jack Hupp. Harvey Casslll and Dayle Hoagland, seated, collaborate in reviewing athletic budget proposals, supervise athletic awards and encourage student support of inter-collegiate events. Once you have the money something must be done with It and that is what Sue Jahnke, Marian Pherscn. Diane Cummins and Bob Nollan, chairman, look into. As there Is only one drive a year CAMPUS CHEST POLICY must decide which agencies shall get funds from his pool. To save Board of Control Time, CONSTITUTION AND BY-LAWS members Roy Moceri. chairman; Jean Anderson, secretary; Ben Hay res, Rolfe Becker and John Fery interpret the ASUW constitution and pass on proposed revisions of that organ or he constitutions of any related committee. The functions of the CONTEST Comittee. ted by Richard Fox. need no explanation due to the thorough examination conducted this year by the Columns. Not only do members Dorothy Cunningham, Mike Jared. Mabel McCormlck, advisor, Richard Fox, Thea Severs. Ann Van Arsdel and Shirley Ann Wiier pass on congests but also on mer- chandise and sen icai solicitations on campus. If yol want a PUBLICATIONS official discharged see Donna Bloomer of said commit- tee. Aided by members Ruth Wilson, Ben Watkins. Pele Bement. Bob Ohashi, Clyde Robinson, Joan Smith, Donna Bloomer. Jim Power. Noreen Salvtno, Minnie Harris. Dave Wood, Birdie Wilkinson and Marlene Miller, the committee hires as well as fires. In addition to reviewing general policy relating to all campus publications, Through the cooperation of faculty, alumnae and student mem- bers, the BUILDING OPERATING committee annually pro- pares a budget to provide for the running of the HUB. Headed by Ken Hammer, the money-mlndod members arc: First row: Jeannine Hunter, Chet Mack, Ken Hammer, Sally Hagenslck. Back row: J. J. Goodrich, W. E. Rogers. Ben Hdycs, Jim Sullivan. Chuck Owens, Gene Pierce. Not pictured: Hank Loss, R. Bronsdon Harris. Barbara Stowe with Tom Davis, Ray Horn, Eilene Rlsegarl, Rob Rogers, Barbara, Luverne Rieke, and Glen Nygreen have the duty of exercising the JUDICIAL power under the ASUW constitution perti- nent to elections and the general well being of the Association. Not pictured: Don Jacobs. PROGRAM PROGRAM AREA h that section of ASUW that provides for the cultural and social needs of the students. It is perhaps the most easily understood and nnost clearly defined of all the ASUW areas, including Music. Dance, Film and Games committees all func- tioning under the supervision of the Pro- gram Panel. PROGRAM PANEL serves as a coordinating body for the related connmlttees grouped under It In the ASUW structure. Headed by an ASUW officer Ben Hayes, the attending committee chairmen are Barbara Park, Patricia Quinn. Marilyn Dean. Larry Erickson, Wendy GIbbs, Pat Nabata. LeRoy Jorgen- sen, Ralph Thornton, Mllte Tyrone, and Ben. Students owe thanks to Virginia Ivankovich, Pat McCarthy, Jack Cowger, chairman, and Jeanette LIghtle of the Music Program for the general overseeing of the AWS concerts program and the Christmas sing. Aside from such specific duties these students co- operate in providing music for other ASUW program agencies. One of the committees under Program Panel is LECTURES, FORUMS AND DISCUSSIONS program which seeks through the assistance of Its members Sue McPherson, Kay Miller, Sheila McMurray, advisor, Larry Erickson, chairman, P.iscllla Prickette, Diana Thorpe, Tom Loftus and Jack Haley to provide a balanced program of oral activity. COMMITTEES Blow hard. Marv! The fiftieth anniver- sary of Board of Cortrol is a big event. Pat Quinn, chairman, and Dorothy Dlls. Ed Gruger. Anita Luvora. Connie Lu, Ruth Geiss- mar. Roland Kumasaka. Leonie Miller and George Meshke promote bettor understanding by foreign students of the American wjy of life through the services and programs offered by the INTERNATIONAL COMMIHEE. New responslbiitfies attending the opening of the HUB Games area add to the duties of Barbara Park, as GAMES chairman, In coordinating and maintaining an active program. Assisting her are Joan Bacltand, John Ogden, Marilyn Wagstaff, Marilyn Lowe. Terry Mullin, Jo Anne Tallman. Lloyd Alton. Lew Walker, and Brian Comstock. Keeping within the allotted budget for movies and avoiding du- plications of presentations among ASUW agencies keep FILM Committee members, Leroy Jargensen, chairman, Barbara Zer- back, Larry Henderson, and Ed Atherton busy. Not pictured: De- lores Cowden. Joy Jackson, Jane Snebley, Jeanne McKinstry, Janet Barker. Ed Hogan. 109 PROGRAM SUB-COMMITTEES In a nutshell the task of the FIRESIDE DISCUSSION group is to arrange Informal discussions on various subjects between faculty and students. Arranging this Informality is Audrey Catren depending on Ida Fessler. Doris Turner. Audrey. Joan Lucker, Sallie Sue Hurd, Miss Dorthalee Home, Willldm Phillips, Richard Ball and Dick Huber for assistance. Sue Mcpherson and Mrs. Catherine Root. Jim Glann. Susie. Ed Rakeman. Kay Smith, Marjorie Whitman, Professor N. W. Cornish and Mr. Michael Hogan are not concerned with pro- viding entertainment, as many expect at ASSEMBLIES, but rather with supplementing the academic courses on campus. Until this year MIXERS were sponsored through Dance com- mittee. Perhaps because of improved facilities in the HUB for dances a separate committee has been formed. Led by Virginia Haldeman, Virginia. Donna Schorzman, secretary. Pat Hatton, Ida Fessler, Jimmie Arrington, Audrey Catren. Kay Hardy, Eric Fonkalsrud, Les Vv ' ilson and Joyce Jenness are drumming up increased interest in these events. Not an informal discussion, nor a lecture, but a CAMPUS FORUM is the ambition of this group. Searching for partici- pants who represent the student Interests and come from campus are Major D. P. Miller, Jack Haley, chairman. Miss Ca herine E. Vavra, Mr. K. M. McCafFrco. Mike Dunn, Lloyd Alton, Rod Dimoff. Joan Francis, Eleanor Corthell and Georgia Bigelow. Not pictured with this group arc Leone Johnson, Myra Utness. Dr. Oliver Nelson. Mr. W. L. Garrison, Nola Winter, Art Ford, and Jackie Trullinger. SERVICE COMMITTEES v ommiTTee memDors on Acf(viTies bureau help cTher students enter ASUW, AMS. and AWS activities. This personnel service receives appli- cations from aspiring " wheels " and rnakes recommendations to commit- tee chairman. Seen working on their latest problem are. left to right, ASUW Program Advisor Sylvia Nilsen. Chairman Lois Gunderson. Rita- jean Hartung. Bob Story, Ray Lundy, Ronda Barnard. Donna Knudson, Marilyn Lockwood. Rita Tappe. Shirley Miller. Not pictured: Phil Randolph. Liz Jollie. Seeking the best workers for ASUW committees, this group interviews candidates for various activity posts. In their spare time the Interviewers Committee makes recommendations based on meetings with interested prospects. Seen here are Mike Tyrone, Jeanette Barger. Lou Clarke, Bob Osborn. Ray Lundy. chairman. Not pictured: Georgene Horn. Jackie Graham, Allen McGregor, Carole Good. Formerly known as Activities Pool, this new Freshman Pool is Interested in freshmen only. Keeping their eyes on promising frosh and making recommendations to committees for short-term jobs are the plans of these members. Front: Marie Odiand, Vernice Hanberg. Chairman Mari- lyn Lockwood. Irene Hutchinson, Marallyn Frame, Ann Smith. Back: Mike Jared, Jerry Ramey. Lyie Kirkby. Not pictured: Ouane Baker. Services commit+ees are the backbone of ASUW affairs and the unsung heroes of the HUB. Providing the backbone are the connnnittees under Activities Bureau — Activities Pool. Interviewers, Clerical — that place students in the ASUW program. While being responsible for no legislation, policy or definite program, the remaining groups perform gen- eral services for the other ASUW committees and the students. These people on the Clerical Staff are some of the busiest at the HUB. They do the clerical work behind the functioning of Activities Bureau, which includes a complete record of all participants in HUB activities. Here ' s the staff in one of its quieter moment: First row: Anne Morrow, Joan Packard. Chairman Rltajean Hartung. Eleanor Corthell, Mary Kay Morrissey, Birgit Carlson. Second row: Pat Lee. Barbara Grell. Jean Anderson, Virginia Lou Lamberton, Jean Wil- son, Carol Bafchelder. Shirley Overby. Jackie Van Clute. Jan Bronnicke. II These girls, Ronda Barnard, chairman, Mabel McCormicIc, JoEllen McComb, Joanne Williams and Mary Kauffman are only a handful of fhe great number of volunteer SECRETARIES who take minutes at the ASUW committee meetings. Supervising the ASUW Blood bank, cooperating with the physical edu- cation departments and providing publicity for the compulsory x-rays for students are some of the more specific duties of Eugene Brim, Dave Stephans, chairman, Jan Keller. Eric Fonkalsrud. Bill Ellis, Walt Brewer, Mabel McCormIck, Ken Williams. Dr. B. C. Houghton of HEALTH SERVICES COMMITTEE. Not pitcured are Walt Kondo. Dick Neal. Jacque Mayo. A great way of meeting people Is by serving as a Receptionist. Ask Margie Gill, Georgia Cooper, Sylvia Whitman. Helen Zobrlst. Eileen Green, Jackie Claypool and Shirley Goggins. chairman, for they are the girls always on duty In the HUB offices giving Information and keeping the ball rolling while their bosses have coffee. Realizing that a place to sleep Improves any delegate ' s visit to the campus CONFERENCE HOUSING COMMIHEE. Donna Prevost. Nancy Thompson, Windy Hurlbut. and Chairman Barbara Black figure where to put the visitors. Not pictured are Dick Crain, Ken Erickson, Barbara Zer- bach and Joan Smith. Working In conjunction with a faculty committee Bob Lewis, Phyllis Graham, Bernadlne Berry, Sam McJunkln, and Donna Fries, chairman, promote SCHOLARSHIP, keep records on all those students granted scholarships and appoint those that are not assigned to a partic- ular group. Serving as public relations personnel for ASUW is the general function of Daisy Beech, Mary Pat Tross, Gladdy Paulson, Evona Harford, Clar- ence Anderson, Wendy Gibbs, chairman, Joe Smith, Minnie Harris, advisor, Dick Ven Ee, Peggy Davison, Janet Pearson, Barbara Lewis, standing, and seated Gloria Wahlgren, Gail GIbbs, Penny PIgott. Myrna Utness, Clara Sender. Pat For+in, Marlkate Tarblll. More specifically. The NEWS BUREAU publicity chairmen for ASUW committees, send news releases to home town papers, publish HUBBUB, the HUB organ, keep a scrapbcok on ASUW activities and newspapers In the HUB lounge. One of the very few ASUW commiHees that function the year around i$ CAMPUS GUIDES. Tours are planned during the summer while Sallie hHurd, Doris Turner and Marianne Michaels in the first row and Peggy Lawton, chairman. Joe Smith. Vera Erickson, Mary Pat Tross and Laurie Sullivan talte care of tours during the school year. Down in the catacombs under the HUB this committee did their duty organ- izing the Student Directory sale. RESEARCH-EDUCATION COMMITTEES EDUCATION-RESEARCH is the broadest, most elastic, of the divisions of ASUW. The committees under this head tackle any educational problem that arises. As these people have no set program they may at times have much on the agenda and at other times very little. An example of their work, and their most recent activity, was the set+ing up of a general education curriculum. It ' s a miier. an autograph It ' s at hHutchinson. It ' s an elimination dance. The prlie is ed football. What else can be said? After the flurry caused by the new regime this year just about everyone on campus knows what duties Susan Keaton, Elaine Ryan. Pat Lee, Bob Arltell. Joanne Williams. John Robertson, Bob Doty. Chucic Cravens and Bill Durfee, chairman of the PARKING COMMITTEE have to perform. Whether campus parking problems were solved and alleviated " this year or not Is a moot question. Many students come to the University each year for the first time not knowing the cannpus and very few of the students. WELCOME WEEK, held each fall, attempts to acquaint these students with their new school. Kay Miller, Maxine Softlcy. Alice Morse. Virginia Brown, Diane Cummins, chair- man, Dave Novak, Rita Tappe, Dick Reinhardt. Nan Knudsen, Bev Behar. Bob Kuebler and Peggy Lawton worked out the 1951 program. Attempting to pass on the vast knowledge our advanced years have gained us. the University holds each year a HIGH SCHOOL LEADERS CONFERENCE. This year Ray Lundy. Doug Hansen, Rita Tappe, Dick Crain. Ann Hawkins, chairman. Nan Knudsen and Barbara Black introduced these younger leaders to the inner workings of the school. HUB RECREATION 14 In the first few days that the new Games area the HUB was open many Interested students tr out the new equipment. Getting the " word " from a true expert, Ch Peterson, this group took advantage of his advice on the art of billiards. Peterson ' s presi was an added attraction ai the area openin Coordination of all women ' s campus activities Is the job of the Associated Women Students, an Integral part of the ASUW. This active group provides opportunities for all interested women students to serve the University through social, cultural, and educational means, and in this way helps them to develop new friendships. Throughout the year, AWS committees work on projects such as the annual Scholarship Banquet and the Spring Style Show. Joint AWS- AMS projects are the Vocational Conference, May Day, Faculty-Student Rela- tions and the Art committee. The AWS " Music at the Meany " concerts bring famous artists to the campus each year. The coveted positions on AWS coun- cil mean invitations to the house party which concludes the year ' s program. AWS officers this year were Barbara Brace, Robin Chittenden, Sue Schemer, Peggy Baugh, and Joanne Torney. BARBARA BRACE culminated three years of leadership in campus activities with her election to president of AWS. Barbara served as chair- man of the Constitution and By-Laws Commit- tee of AWS prior to her election, and was awarded the outstanding senior woman plaque by AWS this year. This Mortar Board counts as her greatest thrill the honor of being one of Seattle ' s " I Am an American Day " speakers. A full schedule of activities kept SUE SCHERNER busy even before she toolt over her duties as AWS vice-presi- dent. Sue was chairman of the AWS Concerts Committee last year and was tapped for Mortar Board at the end of her junior year. AWS secretaries ROBIN CHIHENDEN and PEGGY BAUGH keep the min- utes and correspondence in apple-pie order. Corresponding secretary Robin served on the Handbook Committee and was frosh YWCA prexy prior to her election. Peggy. AWS recording secretary, worked on the Big Sister Com- mittee. She was awarded the Mortar Board Plaque for the uotstanding sopho- more girl. AWS finances are under the care of efficient JOANNE TORNEY who worked on the Father-Daughter Banquet Committee before her election as treasurer. With Joanne Is SYLVIA NILSEN, ASUW advisor for AWS. AWS COUNCIL QM t Tappe, Rita Thorp, Diana Whitman, Marge Whittaker, Val Beti. Anita Bird, Bptsy Black, Barbara Brackett. Doreen Charnley. Francis Clarke. Lou Follis. Harriet Forster, Joan Fraser, Ann Gates, Haiel Helwiq. Kathy Kakela. Rita La Crosse, Margaret Lawton, Peggy Lee, Pat Lovsted, Liz Kadoma, Kriss McDonald, Jean Mdinwaring, Anita Miller, Kay Meyer, Liz Smith, Barbara Smith, Joan Softky, Maxine NOT PICTURED: Brown, Virginia AWS leadership is centered in three executive bodies, Council, Cabinet, and the officers. Chairnnen and assistant chairmen of stand- ing committees form the council, which is presided over by president, Barbara Brace; vice-president, Sue Schemer; secretaries, Robin Chit- tenden and Peggy Baugh; and treasurer, Joanne Torney. The Council meets every two weeks, when the Committee chairmen report their functions, asking for suggestions from the Council as a discussing body, thus determining the program and policy of AWS. 116 i The AWS Cabinet meets at icait once a quarter to discuis problemj and matters which concern all women students. Representatives and presidents of major organiiatlons are (front row) Robin Chitten- den, Barbara Braco, Sue Schemer, Peggy Baugh, Shirley Willerson. Donna Bloomer, Audrey Lindgren; (back row) Mickey Ournan, Beverly Behar, Helen Bucher, and Nancy Lee. fiM GrnivMiHe Another of the three executive divisions is the AWS Cabinet, which consists of presi- dents or representatives of all women ' s groups on campus. The Cabinet meets at least once a quarter to discuss problems and matters of concern to university women. The committees, however, are the determining factor in a successful organization. It is their duty to conduct their meetings with harmony and with consideration for AWS policies. Besides keeping the const itution and by-laws up to date, the Constitution and By-laws Committee requests changes to the Executive Board, interprets the con- stitution, and ccnducts special constitutional voting. Joan Smith, chairman; Ardith Arndt, Charlenc Friedman, and Bernadine Berry. 117 Working with the ASUW Activities Bureau, the AWS Activities Committee meets with house representatives, promotes women ' s activities, recommends and records the placement of members. Joan Packard, Rita Tappe, chairman; Deldre Augustine. Eileen Green, Laurie Euchner and Peggy Allen. Editing, coordinating and presenting announcements of current activities to organized living groups is the function of the House Announcements Com- mittee, which includes Marilyn Krekow, Kathy hielwig, chairman; Maxine Softky, assistant chairman; Helen Zobrisf. and Sally Sue Hurd. The Freshman Council, freshman representatives from the organized women ' s houses, discuss standards and opportunities for freshmen. (First row) Judy Cameron. Sally Parrish, president; Jean Ross, assistant chairman; Kay Miller, chairman; (second row] Jean Wallach. Jean Glerfdlnning. Allceon Mclnrow, Shirley Shafer. Doris Turner. Charlene Friedman, Naomi Kohen. Jackie Tjossem, Lois Williamson, Mildred Brown, (standing) Joy Moran, Judy Hawkins, Anita Luvera. Hope Glasscock, and Mary Weaver. 118 The Community Service committee. Eldine Carman, Evelyn KetilacS. Jean Rue. Doreen Brackett, chairman; Hazel Gates, Patty Pigott, and Shirley Campbell, places volunteers for community service projects, and arranges interviews for Girl Scouts, Campfire recruits, etc. As an AWS money raising project, the Football Corsages Committee buys and sells football corsages and boutonnieres at games. [Too row) Nancy Anderson, Nancy Seeley. Joan Donaldson, Jackie De Groot, Joyce Anderson, Jane Krilseth, (front row) Toffy Haynes, Garie Grunen, Kay Hardy, (seated) Lou Clarke, chairman; Kay Smith, and Dorothy King. Not pictured are Arlene Benson, Janet Short. Pat Rodman. BeHy White. Jackie Doucette, and Lois Wingett. Planning the annual Scholarship Banquet to honor outstanding women on campus, was the Scholarship Banquet Committee ' s task. (Seated) Kathy Long, Sue McPherson, Jean McDonald, chairman; Liz Myers. Pegglns Newgard. (standing) Arlene Benson. Pat Nabata, and Wendy GIbbs. The Election Banquet jointly plans and puts on an annual AMS-AWS election banquet on election day. Peggy Ballard. Bill Baird, Mary Pat Tross, and chairman. Hazel Gates. Not pictured are co-chairman, Al Nelson; Donna Lou Webster. Ed Atherton, and Judy Hillis. . 119 Choosing fashion boards for local department stores Is the main function of the AWS Fashion Board. Pat Lee, Laurel Stevenson, Barbara Smith, chairman; Marilyn Loclcwood, Liz Jollle. and Violet MIchae ' . The Big Sister committee works out a big sister program to help Interest girls In campus activities. Liz Jollie, Barbara Bryce. Jackie Steffan, Liz Myers, chairman; Ida Fessler, and Shirley McCarter. The Orientation committee was " on the ball, " introducing incoming freshmen women to campus activities and the AWS. Chairman Krlss Kodama, and Shirley Wizer. A V| H I ' Vi Modeling spring apparel for the annual Spring Style Show sponsored by AWS and AMS is Laurel Stevenson, 120 Ben Hayes rr.odeU slacks and sport jacket in the annual Spring Style Show sponsored by AWS and AMS, The annual Parents ' Banquet to which all women students and their parents are Invited is the function planned by the Parents ' Banquet Connnnltteo. Members are Irene Hutchinson. Deidre Augustine. Marianne Otoshl. JoAnne Tallman. Barbara Black, and Peggy Lawton. chairman. The Servicemen ' s Entertainment Committee Is comprised of Joan Francis. Ed Key (posing as serviceman). Margaret La Cross, chairman; Lorraine Pllon, and (not pictured) Mary Jane Palmer and Shirley Campbell. Acting as hostesses and sponsors for AROTC functions are sponsors. Robtn Chittenden. Liz Lovsted. Lou Clarke. Jane Durland, Jean Jensen. Joanne Torney. Sally Luther. Barbara McDonald. Barbara Brace. Barbara Black, Carol Turner. Sue Jahnke. Christy McCaskill. Peggy Baugh, Beverly Behar. Rita Jean Hartung. Kathleen Hyde. Geri Anderson. Nancy Lee. and Harriot Follis, chairman. Not pictured: Barbara Park. Sue Schemer. 121 m ■ m Decorating the HUB for holidays and special occasions are Gordy lies, co- chairman; Sheila Southard, Val Whlttaker, co-chairman; Tom KIrldand, and Don Worlund, members of the HUB Decorations Committee. The Style Show committee plans and presents the annual Style Show m the spring. Frank Graham, Pat Lee, and Milce Jared, co-chairmen; Sue Weaver, and Ron Gordon are pictured. Together, the AWS and AMS have uflllzed their talents on commit- tees which operate most successfully through a mixed group. Co- chairmen led the committees in their functions. This arrangement pertains to the following committees: Hub Decoration, Style Show, Vocational Conference, May Day, Social Events, Art, Elections, and Student-Faculty. Drawing up plans which arrange successful social functions Is the duty of the Social Events Committee. Betsy Bird, co-chairman; Byron Dodge, Chucic Graham, Bill Reed, Ralph Holt, chairman. The Art Committee handles all requests for art work and posters which are requested from campus organizations. (Front row) Laverne Fenton. Virginia Brown, chairman; Anita Malnwarlng, assistant chairman; and Anita BeH. assist- ant chairman, (back row) Ida Fessler, MimI Shanks, Carole Berger, Marion MacFarlane. Mary LaRue. Anita Smith. Jackie Tjossem. Pat Toole. Joanne Wahlstrom, and Rayda Pomroy. The AMS section of the Art Committee Is not pictured. Chairman. Pat Riney; Ray Turner. Lloyd Benjamin, Tom Costlch, Tom RIchey, Roger Felton and Al Painter. )fM (WwuXtu Tri(» Vocdt.ondt Conference Commiftee puts on the fall Vocational Con- ference. Pictured re: Ann Van Arsdel. Mary Pleroth, Laurel Stephenson, Barbara Black, co-chairman; Ray Hanna, Donald Haggen, Elmer SIcold, Ned Adams, and Robert Gay, co-chairman. Planning May Day in the spring is the function of the May Day commit- tee, Larry Erickson, co-chairman, Jackie Richter. Margie Vv ' hitman, and Gordy lies. i III m iiHia The Elections Committee, (front row) Mimi Zuanlch, Robin Jensen, Joanne Schwary. Bet+y Capeluto, Anita Simon. Rita Kakc!a, and Karol Hammer, (back row) Elwood Hogan, Nick McPhee. Ray Lee, and Bob Lewis, are responsible for the high quality found in AWS-AMS elections. The Student Faculty Committee sponsors a program designed to have students and faculty meet !n an in- formal out-of-class gathering, and helps promote de- partmental activities. (Front row) Frank Williston. Diana Thorp, chairman; Barbara Ferguson, (back row] John Clise, W. Joseph Smith. Albert L. Franzke, Deird ' ' e Augustine. Fred Brown, and Richard York. Not pictured are Lii Kefauver, Jackie TruHinger. C. A. Mills. Kathy Tynes, Bob Massey, co-chairman, Bev Harrison, Dick York, Mary Ann Clark and Dr. Mai Lovln. 123 President DICK MORGAN has lived and slept AMS since he was a frosh, serving as secretary to the board, corresponding secretary, and vice-president before talcing over the top office. He sits In on board of control meetings as the AMS representa- tive and has his thumb in numerous campus activities. Treasurer JOHN KURTZ kept a tight hold on the strings of the AMS moneybags but managed to find time to take over the Campus day chairman- ship fall quarter. Keeping the AMS committee wheels rolling is vice-presid ent BILL KNIGHT. He wields a wiclted gavel at advisory board meetings, heads the AMS public relations program, and takes the presi- dent ' s place when he has to go to the dentist. Since Its beginning seven years ago, the AMS has developed info one of the leading organizations on campus. It is composed of all men students enrolled at the University and is designed to furnish a program of activities expressly for men. Intramural sports sponsored by AMS furnish team and individual competition in a wide variety of sports satisfying the need for competitive physical activity for those who do not participate in inter-collegiate athletics. Virtually every living group on campus participates and trophies are awarded to winners. Bowling tour- naments will be held In the HUB with the opening of the new alleys there. The AMS-sponsored Fistfest in the spring is one of the big events of the year. Our leading boxers vie for superiority before the largest audiences drawn by any University event. AMS, with its rapid expansion, is making an ever increasing contribution to its part in the ASUW. Secretary HANK EDMUNDS played an active role in AMS activities despite a heavy load of pre-med scholastic work. Law student AL (Curly) AUSTIN, board mem- ber at large, kept meetings In a lively state of affairs and provided a deciding ballot in close votes. Knight. Bill ChairmAn WKerry, Ken Ogden, John Addmj. Rick McMilldn. Al Riney. Pat Lee. Ray Goldnnan, Jim Cherberg, Clyde Brown, Fred Graham, Franit Say. Bob Nelson, Al Levitch, Dave Jared, Mike Reed. Bill Hupp, Jack ADVISORY BOARD Jim Wynn. secretary to the Board, also holds down the posi- tion of secretary to the Board of Directors o( AMS officers. To stimulate more Interest and participation In AMS activities is the purpose of the Advisory Board. Under the Chairmanship of AMS Vice-President Bill Knight, the board is composed of all committee chairmen and representatives. Meeting regularly throughout the school year, the group has been a sounding board to the AMS officers who make up the board of directors. Committee heads thus have the opportunity to suggest nev fields of expansion for AMS activities and are able to discuss common problems in carrying out their respective jobs. 125 ( Rv Crvwm bW Al McMillan, Chairman; Ed Bland, and Marty McDougal are nnembers of the Sports Movies Committee. They arranged showings of the Husky games. Cen Wherry and his committee of Bill Reed, Paul Teel, and Von Gundlach were n charge of the AMS athletic program. A very successful Fistfest was planned by the Fistfest Committee consisting of Rick Adams, Chairman; Chuck Magnuson, Publicity; Marilyn Wagstaff, Secretary; and Dick Allen, Al Nelson, and Frank Gustin. 126 2rvlng on the Billiards Committees are Jim Winn; Brian Comstock, Chairman; and ew Walker. Not pictured: Dick York; Ken Williams. Supervising the Bowling League are Guy Kuns; John Ogden, Chairman; and Bruce Haley. Not pictured are Alan Seegar and Doug Putnam. Pictured below at the left are the men who ran for AMS offices this year. At the right Is John Ogden presenting the bowling championship trophy to the winning team: Jack White, Allen Capps. Ron Shaffer, and Don Stark. Seasonal Activities 128 nyi . ) V) % J -o te V .k rk;-. 6 iSf - ' fwW A x7 ' ,- . ■ ' ,c { .i} cuf mmm ' ' mm A nedr cdpticiTy cjwa waicned the House of Allen, faculty baseball team, and the Hub Heidlebergs in action May Day afternoon. Dr. Raymond B. Allen, umpire, had some pretty tough decisions to malte; the teams were so evenly matched that the final result was a tie ballgame. The Heldleburg All-Stars, student team, line up for their tintype. SPRING — 1 951 Marv Durham. ASUW president, and Lois Gunderson. ASUW secretary, crown the royal pair with daffodl ' s and Iris. The coronation ceremony climaxed a noon parade through Greek row. Noontime festivities Included a pie-eating contest. Alan Warnicic eating for Zeta Beta Tau pushed his way through an apple pie faster than any other contestant, and was awarded the pie-tin medal. iMiA Barbara Wakeman Dick Slyfield 131 J ir mj .f ' sr,ir-T •T7 f The appearance of NROTC cadets in white mid- dies, with paint-spotted faces, and carrying oars, anchors, and other tools of the nautical trade, announces the beginning of Compass and Chart initiation. During noon ceremonies, above, the scum bow to King Neptune and his court. At left is George Harding, the " Greatest Lover " ? Below, Swabs enjoy a refreshing dip in their favorite swimming pool. 132 Each year in the middle of May chapter members of Delta Delta Delta hold a brealcfast to honor senior women. Highlights of the breakfast are the presentation of two Tri Delta scholarships and the pansy ring ceremony. Each married or engaged senior steps through the ring made by the chapter members from thousands of pansies, lower left. Chairman Carol Schreuder, below. Is one of the first introduced. Timmlo Raport. President of Mortar Board. Gall Zener, and Diane Whitam. chairman of the dance, are satisfied with the effect. The Mortar Board Tolo Is a traditional event, a turn about where girl- takes- boy, and where pledges are formally introduced. Both pledges and actives pitched In to make the elaborate decorations for last year ' s Tolo. The foil marshes and the swamp-like atmosphere carried through the theme " swampfire " and completely transformed the Civic Auditorium. s-f; Wh, ■»_ 7 PfV A. -4 1 ! • r ' » h Small Ensemble — Blaine Hal Mixed Ensemble — Wesley Club Last year ' s All-University Song Fest, jointly sponsored by Rally Girls and Malamutes, was held in the open air theater between the Music and Art buildings. Judged on Interpre- tation, tone, technique, and general effect, four of the fourteen competing groups were chosen winners. Blaine Hall received the trophy for the small ensemble division, while Wesley Club received the award for mixed groups. Zeta Tau Alpha and Compass and Chart won the Women ' s and Men ' s groups respectively. Men ' s Group — Compass and Chart Women ' s Group — Zeta Tau Alpha Song Fest Committee In the fronf row are Jean Holman, Kathy Hyde, Co-Chairman Barbara Smith, Chalrmdn Bob Story, Harriet Follis, Diane Cummins, and Pete Tuohy. In the back row are Soapy Kumasaka, Janet deForest, Fred Willerford, K. Halland. Ken Kraft, Roy Correa, and Pete Judd. l-J ' " V " ' - ' ■jySjiE I } 9 i « iMx J TrI Delta and PsI Upsllon fake first place in the mixed division with their " Black Magic. " The Gamma Phis and the Fijis with " Down by the Station. " " Annie Get Your Gun " was the theme for the Thetas and the D.U.s. J I Wtm The Hec Edmundson Pavilion was overflowing the nighf of the Sophomore Carnival — forty booths, a giant merry-go-round, test-your-skiil games, and thousands of spectators. Following the carnival activities was a dance — a new addition to the annual affair. In the dance in- termission the trophy winners were announced. The judges decided that first place honors would go to Delta Delta Delta and Psi Upsilon, Alpha Xi Delta, and Sigma Nu. Spring Feve, " Giant player-piano carried ouf the Kappa and SAE ihcme. The Sigrna Chi ' s did great business with their eager beaver booth. ( (PvmhoL J " Here s How " with the Alpha Chi O ' s and the Theta Chi ' s. Sophomores of Alpha Xi Delta pose with the trophy for their winning pie-throwing booth. Ann Frost, Sylvia Wiper. Ann Lennan, Connie Nielson, and Pat StoHery look very proud. The Sigma Nu ' s received a similar trophy for winning the men ' s division. ,..,,„, MIND .1 , ' — " Out of Mind. " a psychologist ' s dream, vi as the theme of the Silver Fish-Husky Swim Clubs ' I95I show. The spec- tacle took place in the Men ' s Pool, double-diving being a highlight. The duet featured Ina and Peter Salmon; in the quartet were Dick Simmons, Bob Miller, Llla Argo, and Lillian Hope. r 137 First of its kind on our cannpus, the Recognition Ban- quet honored two hundred students who had done consistent work in University activities, without re- ceiving sufficient merit. Fifty guests chosen for their outitanding work received scrolls of merit. Four of these are pictured above: Tom Loftus, toastmaster at the banquet, Ritajean Hartung, Virginia Brown, and Bob Koski. The committee members are: stand- ing — Roy Jorgenson, Ray Lundy, Dick Luther, and Stanley Fernyhough, chairman. Seated — Wendy Gibbs, Ruth Ellen Sullivan, and Joanne Torney. Sii " All girls are pigs " said the SAEs devoting a whole weeic in Spring Quarter to " hdting women. " They showed their contempt by their sloppy appearance (no shaving allowed), by dunking any unfortunate gir! who might near their premises in a tub of water, and by general scorn. The gi;ls were not the only ones punished, however, for those weak brothers who could not maintain unfriendly relations with the opposite sex were thrown in the stocks. Caps and go- -t parf of the election. Morfar Board pledges were also tapped during this busy week. Elections take the campus spotlight soon after the beginning of spring quarter. Loud signs, spontaneous parades, songs, and chants all lend gaiety and confusion to the cannpaigns. Taking advantage of the warm spring days, campaigners roller-skate, twirl batons, dance, and sing in the Quad. The line outiide the administration building forms at the crack of dawn on the first day of fall registration. Once inside sections the waiting is almost over. 1 Pages and pages I ENTRA " Would yoj like to pay your fees? " ' Oooooh, would I! Is it thdt painful. Dick? " o WMl Early last fall steam shovels and bull dozers quickly trans- formed the wooded area on 17th N.E. and 45th into a new parking lot. Although many studtnts were enthusiastic about the new arrangement, no one shall forget the " park- ing problem " issue. One of the satisfied ones is the campus policeman: he not only has a new brick shelter, but a snappy new uniform as well. Friday afternoon along Greek Row , KAPPA ALPHA THETA takes first place in the women ' s division with their theme " I. Washington, Take Thee, Stanford. " Cancan girls provide something new in Rally entertainment. McElhenny In new role; Master of Ceremonies at Home- coming Dance. Queen Marilyn arrives at the dance via Stratocrulser. (Cour- tesy of the Decorating Committee.) « • atwc. ' ca ( 4 «lt M r. Huikies return for sacond half through traditional blanket line. Former University athletes torm the line with their Big-W blankets •«»e«J«%i s i SIGMA NU. with the aid of Daughter Nell, walks off with first place in the men ' s division. ' ItrwMi cm l ' V Homecoming Chairman, Jack Ehrig, points to the handwriting on fho wall for the benefit of his general committee chairmen. Seated: Val Whittaker. registration; Barbara Park. tOOO-voIce chorus; Jack Ehrlg. T 6 Geri Anderson, secretary. Standing: Geoff Relf, publicity; Ben Caley, Queen contest; Bob Gay. Homecoming dance; Jim Austin. half-time entertainment, and Bob Story, rally. Featured foursome: Marilyn Spooner. Queen of Homecoming, and escort Bob Gay, dance chairman; Homecoming Chairman Jack Ehrlg and wife. Gloria. Grand Finale of the Homecoming festivities. 2? weeks Jim Austin — Mastermind behind the card stunts. Mustard? Climax of rally — snalte dance through the Avenue Bonfire and spirit blaze at pre-game rally. Alphd Epsiion Pi encouraged Campus Chest donations by erecting a pi throwing stand in the Quad. Result? S30 and many gooey taces. Hordworking Campus Chest Committee — Dom Driano. Woody Hogan, Shirley Miller, Eileen Green, Jean Ross, and chairman, Diane Cummins. " hlow about a red feather? " " Another signature for the Crusade for Freedom. " says Chairman Bob Leghorn. Spon- Pla id -shirt ed salesgirls talk Jim Boynton into buying a juicy apple. Profits sored by Alpha Phi Omega, men ' s service organixation, the drive supports the mcs- go to Pi Alpha Sigma, women ' s advertising honorary sage of truth sent to Red-dominated countries. c5AmK(wiI8 Y-sponsored, the International Banquet honored University students from many lands with a " Friendship Feast. " The turkey dinner was followed by cosmopolitan entertain- ment. The students put on skits showing the dances or songs typical of their country. Upper left, representatives from our countries join In the finale; middle left, dele- gates from the Philippine Islands dance a Philippine folk dance. 146 Highlight of Fall Qudrtor — Frosh elections. This rally was the climai of three days of heated campaigning. No. not forestry majors, but eager students cic Old Chimes Tower site. iq .1 f ' uking area at the Seventeenth Avenue was a scene of fevered activity. Here Lois Gunderson, Marian MacFarlane, Marianne Merritt, and Janice Merritt rake leaves. Faculty and students turn out in a revival of Campus Day, originated in 1904. Raking, sweeping, chopping, digging — everyone pitches into cleaning and polishing the campus. Here Campus Day royalty. Queen Laura Crowell and King William Lutey. do their share. 147 Forestry students, all sporting jeans, plaid shirts, and a 3-weeks ' growth of beard, took over on November I for their annual Garb Day. The day ' s activities Included tree- climbing, double-bucking, and chopping contests, and lastly the log rolling competition on Frosh Pond. This event was highlighted by two coeds who entered to " call the foresters ' bluff. " At the Foresters ' Brawl that evening Fred Michelotti was named King of Garb Day. King MIchelottI had more points than any other forestry major in the day ' s contests. wU vU B cm i f ' i.; Students crept away from their books and preparations for finals long enough to join the faculty for the Christmas Sing. The traditional program, held in the Quad Wednesday afternoon, included the Navy Glee Club, the story of the birth of Christ told by Bill Hamilton, and group singing accompanied by a sextet and the chimes. Busy putting up green and silver trees to form the backdrop for the Christmas Sing are members of the committee: Bill Hamilton. Derek Burleson, Joan Lucker. Karen Russel, Arlene Thompson, Jane Piper, Paul Close. Kathy Bode, general chairman. Kathy Bryant, and Bob Leghorn. Highlight of the program and faculty. The addiess governmental position. President Allen ' s farewell message to students his official goodbye before assuming his new Joining in the Christmas spirit Mortar Board members Kathy Oliver, Jean McDonald. Audrey LincJgren, Pat Quinn and Barbara Brace sell candy canes to Jim Hennes. Proceeds from sale are used to provide Mortar Board scholarships. bM T AJM. The donating of blood was an all-campus effort to serve our country. The drive, built around the dona- tions of ROTC students, was supported by the rest of the student body and faculty as well. President Allen, before leaving for his new duties in Washington, D. C, was a willing donor. The capacity of the University ' s mobile unit is 350 pints a day. Donations are encouraged by generous offers of coffee and donuts to each donor. The much-needed blood is flown to wounded soldiers in Korea. vr yrvs,,. Supersonic Centennial was the theme for the 1952 Varsity Ball. Lee New- comb, chairman, and Jack McLaughlin, finance chairman, show how stu- dents will dress In 2003 A.D.. while committee members Barbara Smith and Jack Hupp watch in more conventional apparel. Everett Southwick represents Big W Club as he poses with the Miss Varsity finalists. The beauties are: first row, Carrllou Ward, Gerl Anderson, and Joan Strandberg; second row, D ' Arlene Day and Anne Rolfe. Big W Club members had the difficult task of making final choice. Committee members Barbara Smith. Jack Hupp, and Evelyn Betr take care of last minute arrangements. The dance was the first University affair to be held in the new HUB ballroom. Decoration committee members make supersonic lightning bolts and jef- propelled rocket ships to set off the futuristic theme of Varsity Ba (boil M JUU Hi-poinf of the Navy ROTC socidi season is the Compdss and Chart annual Ring Dance. Crowning of the NROTC Queen is the climax of the dance which is steeped in tradition dating from Class Ring Day At Annapolis. Queen Jean Ross was presented the " royal scroll " by staff officers. The dinner-dance was held at the Ingle wood Golf and Country Club this year. 1 The midshipman kisses his best girl after he has dipped his junior class ring in water imported from the " Seven Seas. " Over a hundred NROTC students pose in front of the giant ring. ktei4 6dL The annual Architect ' s Ball, sponsored by the Atelier Club, was held in traditional fashion this year. " Forbidden Fan- tasy, " the thenne, is Inadequate to describe this affair. Though costumes were original, judges decided that Bill Phlpps and his date were unique and awarded them the prize. Richard Bouillon was chairman of the dance which was held again this year at the Inglewood Country club. I SnmmA. O mJhmt Engineering students plan during Winter Quarter for their biennial Open House. 30,000 visitors attended the show, sched- uled for April 4 and 5. The Open House, completely student planned and operated, featured displays by each of the nine engi- neering divisions, with a trophy for the best exhibit. The chemical engineers attempted to keep the trophy which they won In 1950, but they had heavy competition — the me- chanical engineers are a modernized Stan- ley Steamer, and the aeronautical engineers gave a wind tunnel test to a student- designed aircraft. The electrical engineers won the trophy, however, for their over-all presentation in the Electrical Engineering Building. Cnnoiadtes for the title of Honorary Colonel ' ot Scabbard and Blade line up to shoot for the title. Trying their aim are Shirley Giffin. Janet McDonald, Diane Draper, Ginger De Kraay and Joyce McCorltte. ROTC members of all the campui units attended the Military Ball held February 29th at the Fort Lawton Officers Club. Scabbard and Blade members and their favorite campus co-eds danced to the music of Vern Mallory and his orchestra. Before the Ball, finalists learn about the Campus ROTC units. Queen Janet McDonald made her formal en- trance under a march of swords dur- ing intermission. Will he make !t7!! Mariin Anderson aHempts to pass one of the obstacles in the obstacle race. Leigh Rebel gets caught in a nnaze of rope in the obstacle race. Pat PaHon, member of the ski team, successfully crosses a wooden horse In the obstacle race. The Queen and her Court: Joanne Cook, Nancy Petraborg, Queen Tina, and Barbara Schmid. Not pictured: Ann Edmiston. Over the fop goes Leigh Rebel, somersaulting a ladder in the obstacle race. I 157 reshman class president Bill Wilson discusses plans for Frosh Day Ith acting university president Prof. H. P. Everest. They are malting plans for the Frosh Day mixer. This Vocational Conference display shows mineral formations. Winter Quarter sees the old Music Building torn down. ' SOLID COMFORT " say the Tri Delts about the old easy chair »vhich someone left on their front porch. No more studious looks are seen during finals week, than on the faces of chess players in the University chess tournament in the HHub. Z f The Junior Ddnce committee gets in the spirit. " Jobs Unlimited " is the slogan for the Vocetionel Conference This booth displays llbrerianship. " Come gef acquainted at Washington ' s first Nickle Hop. ' Fireman battle fire at Union Bay Village. Sweetheart of Sigma Chi officiates at Saturday pledge duties. Students support March of Dimes drive on the Avenue. 159 JOAN STRANDBERG 160 Hoiwomfi Q M MARILYN SPOONER 161 IMskfmiM Queen TINA JACOBSEN 162 SweetM MARIE SVENDSEN 163 i :.;- Moonlight Girl of Phi Sigma Kappa FRANCIS FARRELL Pi Kappa Alpha Dream Girl JO HOLMES I 164 I r Ring Dance Queen JEAN ROSS Scabbard and Blade Queen JANET McDonald Cultural Events 166 Although it Is the largest vocal group, the University Singers ts found on television, radio and in many other Informal performances. Climaxing a successful year was the annual Winter Concert, In which Dr. Chappie combined orchestra and chorus. Perhaps the most authentically traditional music group Is the Madrigal Singers, which performs music of the 16th century on. Miss Helen Hall, director, has them singing around the table in the early madrigal custom. Many new music groups, organized by students, have come Into existence in the past year. This one was originated by Danny Moe, a graduate student In conducting. tk UliLlLi TtttliUtS Music and non-music majors alike enjoy the activities of A Cappella Choir. During the past few years, Prof. Lawrence ' s group has become widely known throughout the city for its many appearances at group meetings, on radio and in concert. It is the largest unac- compjnied choral group on campus, number- ing about forty among its members. Acquisition of an Imported harpsichord for the music department early In the fall of 1951 gave promise of even greater achievements throughout the school year — a prom- ise which was easily fulfilled. Although the climax of the year came with the annual Christmas Concert, It was the less traditional which contributed to the success of 1951-52 as a music year. Presentation of the work of a faculty member. Professor Verrall, In the opera work- shop, formation of new music groups among the students themselves, and radio and televi sion performances were some of the accomplishments which indicated the ever- broadening scope of musical activities. Despite a heavy extra-curricular schedule. Dr. Stanley Chappie directed the entire year with confidence and success. Prof. " Chuck " Lawrence, director ot the A Ceppetia Cho!r and the Men ' s Glee Club, in his favorite directing position. The men have it to themselves at last! Un- hindered by female competition, the Men ' s Glee Club has been one of the most popular and publicized groups on the campus. In the spring of 1951 they were sponsored by a local group on a tour through Alaska. The past year has been accented by many local appear- ances, several In conjunction with the A Cap- pella Choir. 169 Actlvlfles shown on these pages are only a small part of the complete instrumental program. Behind the scones, students and faculty are constantly participating in In- formal recitals, open to anyone who Is interested In good music. Classes In piano and brass, woodwind or string Instruments are offered and required of many music majors. Graduates of these classes may participate In an " experimental " orchestra. Each year initiates new faculty or student groups, which, though temporary, add a great deal to the life of the department. Ity members join with students In the Sinfonietta, or " little symphony. " )Ite limitations on practice time, the Sinfonietta appeared on the " Malting ic Series " and In concert many times during the year. The mere " serlous " band i riitrumi ' nidlists find the Concert Band a good place to satisfy their " frustrations. " Directed by Mr. Welke, it has not only per- formed in concert but often provided musicians for smaller groups. Prof. Walter Wellte Is the man behind the baton at all football games, as well as the head of all band and related instrumental activities. 170 Open to students of all departnnents, the University Symphony Orchestra under the direction oF Dr. Chappie became a well unified group, demonstrating Its success in concert and in the well-known " Making Music " series. Approximately fifty students are members. Throughout the football season, the marching band was a colorful addition to the halftime entertain- ment. An unusually successfully feature was the story of " Little Mai, the Maladjusted Malamute, " told by Al Brevlk, with ihe aid of the band and card section. V i i Jit dfooiuai Mje rt. 45 . C nwitS mm The AWS Concerts Committee devoted its program this year to a " parade of pianists " for the Music at Meany Series. Solomon, critically acclaimed as one of the world ' s finest pianists, opened the series with his January 15th recital. In addition to his gracious manner, Solomon ' s fine technique and sensitive touch captivated his audience. On March 31st, the unique First Piano Quartet performed before a capacity crowd with the wizardry and coordination that have made them nationally famous. The AWS Concerts CommiHee planned the presentation of these artists. Connmittee members: back row, Kathy Oliver, Alice Morse. Kathy Long, Jean Ross, Nancy Walker; front row, Virginia Brown, Muriel Squllace, Chair- man Lii Lovsted, Geri Andorson. and Joan Packard. Not pictured: Wendy Gibbs. Opmi ejdb n Within the five years since its conception, the Opera Workshop has become a meet- ing place for students and faculty of the music department, presenting masterpieces of light opera on a small budget. Directed by Dr. ChappI " -, the workshop this year per- formed two comic operas on the same bill: Pergolesl ' s " La Serva Padrona " and Menot- ti ' s " The Telephone, " a modern opera with English libretto. Even more outstanding was the world- premiere performance of Professor Verall ' s opera, " The Cowherd and the Skymaiden. " Based on a Chinese legend, the opera offered opportunity for unusually colorful scenery and lighting effects by the drama department. Joyce Weeks seems to prefer the telephone to her future fiance. Don Thulean, In Menotti ' s " The Telephone. " Don Thulean Phyllis Graham uses the deaf-mute, Alfred Wheeler, in winning over her em- ployer. Professor August Werner, in Pergolesi ' s subtle comedy opera, " La Serva Padrona. " 173 J?acilc January 14, 1952, marked the occasion of fhe first broadcast of the University ' s Station KUOW, cli- maxing 18 years of radio on the University campus. The new FM station, originating from Radio Hall, provides valuable experience fo r Communications majors as well as bringing unique programs to Se- attle listeners. News casts, cultural talks and unusual, semi-classical and high-brow music are among the variety of programs given in the first five months of the station ' s existence. A group of budding thespians emote over +he KUOW microphone. Besides " live " broadcasts. KUOWs membership in the National Association of Educational Broad- casters entitles the station to use tape recordings of programs of high cultural value. Owen Eloranta, HHal Johnson and Nancy Bender work busily on radio scripts. Most of KUOWs programs originate in the control room, where Chucit Mahaffy, Al Roberts and Owen Eloranta are preparing a tape recording for rebroadcast. Checking KUOWs already extensive collection of records are Bill Hevly and John Clarke. After all, what ' s a radio station without a disk jockey show? l! O f: f A MADWOMAN OF CHAILLOT L to R. Martin Ingerson, Gloria Morris. Tony Riendeau, Dean Melang, Robert Cjip. Bennett Castlebcrry, Delores Bagley, Elayne Carroll, John Boynton, (loregroundj Betty Kosel, Adellca Rey, [background) Mike English, Lester Gibbons. Playhouse Theater Newest of the University ' s three theatres, THE PLAYHOUSE was first opened in 1930 as the Seattle Repertory Theatre under the direction of Mr. and Mrs. Burton James. Purchased by the University In December of 1950, the theatre was re- decorated and equipped with the most modern stage-lighting equipment for its formal opening as The Playhouse, November 15, 1951. The theatre completes a trio of University theatres envisioned In 1931 by the School of Drama ' s Executive Director, Glen Hughes. This long range program provided for the establish- ment of three theatres, each with unique physical character- istics and a di stinctive artistic pol ' cy. The Playhouse will provide a home for unusual programs of an artistic nature and on Its stage will be presented classic and modern plays of exceptional aesthetic and intellectual distinction, opsras produced In col- laboration with the School of Music, original manuscript plays presented under the sponsorship of Tryout Theatre, Inc., and plays for children, sponsored by Seattle Junior Programs. THE MADWOMAN OF CHAILLOT Elayne Carroll. Alv;r Kaufman. THE MADWOMAN CF CHAILLOT L to R: Adella Rey, Elayne Carroll. Betty Kosel. PENTHOUSE THEATER Most unique of the University theatres, the Penthouse Theatre is the first theatre ever designed and built for the presentation of drawing room plays in circus style. The theatre was a climax of eight years ' successful expe- rience in arena type theatre which began in the penthouse of the Edmond Me any Hotel in 1932. This season marks twenty years of this popular form of theatre for University audiences. MR. ANGEL — Marilyn Armstrong, Peter Montgomery. THE CURIOUS SAVAGE— Top to bottom; William Culpepper, Jean Scharfenberg, Joan Loye. Mary Macdonald, John Hinds. MODESTY— Schyler Williams. Lucille Badda, Earl Kelly. PEG O ' MY HEART— Joegil Krogh. Peter Montgomery. SHOWBOAT THEATER Oldest of the University ' s theatres and a familiar campus land- mark, The Showboat Theatre is in many respects a model theatrs in a marine sotting. Though It resembles its nautical namesake in external appearance, its interior boasts such modern stage facilities as a revolving stage floor for rapid scene changes and an electronic remote control lighting system. THE WINSLOW BOY— Jean Jory, Gerald Jacobs. THE STING IN THE TAIL— Dusty Reeds. John Reeds. DAMASK CHEEK— Natalie CoHin. Dorlis Sfeldley. Theodore LaBarr, Mary Foskei, Robert Culp. BON VOYAGE— Gerald Jacobs. Natalie Co«in, Robert Culp. 177 AURORA VALETINETTI Puppetry Director : " sst -r ' l A puppetry class works on construction. THEATRE FOR CHILDREN The story comes to life !n a creative dramatics class. Director of Creative Dramatics. AGNES HAGGA, and her assistant. GERALDINE SIKS. feM« »» A Julian Theatre class eiperiances play production. nee upon a time, . RUTH PRINS Director of Julian Theatre Long a national leader In a comprehensive program of theatre for children, the University of Washington took another step forward this year with the Extension Service ' s creation of a division known as " Junior Theatre. " This program, under the direction of Ruth Prins, offers primary and high school students classes In formal theatre, radio and television. Locally, the School of Drama, In cooperation with Junior Programs, Inc., produces a series of plays for children at the Playhouse Theatre. The series, entitled " Children ' s Theatre, " is under the direction of Kenneth Carr. Also for local children, students of the puppetry division of the School of Drama give puppet shows for school and church groups. Under the direction of Agnes Haaga, the creative dramatics division has taken Informal theatre to thousands of Washington children, and has trained students to serve as instructors in creative dramatics in many for- eign countries. Children ' s Theatre productions like this one are seen at the Playhouse Theatre. KENNETH CONN Director of Children ' s Theatre Because of the Board of Regents ' political speaker ' s ban, General Douglas MacArthur ' s speech on Nov. 13 in the Hec Edmundson pavilion, which opened Seattle ' s Centennial cele- bration festivities, caused much controversy on this campus. General MacArthur said little about Seattle, but a lot against the present Democratic administration, and much in support of Senator Taft ' s Republican campaign. Sponsored by the YWCA Forums committee, Senator Robert A. Taft spoke to a capacity crowd at Eagleson Hall on Feb. 12. He seemed to be confident of v inning the G.O.P. nomi- nation for the forthcoming elections; and he asserted that the Republican ' s policy of free competition of ideas v ould mean increased opportunities for both working men and farmers. 180 lecto World-famous scholars and lecturers are obtained to speak on campus through the efforts of the Institute of International Affairs, which was formed under Dr. Raymond B. Allen in 1947. The present director is Dr. Charles E. Martin. Its purpose is to bring people who are well informed on international affairs into direct contact with University students and faculty. Informal talks by University professors were given throughout the year, by means of Thursday Noon Specials and Fireside Chats. Such notables as Angelo Pellegrini of the English department, who has written several books, Dr. Stanley Chappie, Director of the School of Music, and Dean Harold Stoke, the Dean of the Graduate School, participated in these events. Dr. Josephine Junge, on Feb. 28, brilliantly discussed " Complex For- mation in Immunochemical Reactions (Light Scattering Untracentri- fuge and Eniymic Inactivation Studies) " at the Health Sciences building. Norman Thomas, former socialist candidate for president of the United States, spoke here on Feb. 16. Ho stated, among other things, that religion is no cure-all for world problems today. The Y ' s EHecflve CHiienshlp commitfee sponsored such local speakers as Pomeroy and Devln, and Henry Jackson, Congress- man from the second congressional district, who !s pictured here. Michael Howe of England Francis Charbonnier of France, act- ing as Council President, and Vartan Bedjanian of Iran, discuss the " Iranian Oil Crisis " for the campus obesrvance of United Nations day, which was sponsored by the ASUW Interna- tional committee. 181 Publications 182 mj ' - ■ Starting out as ASUW political reporter and serving as chairman of the ASUW News Bureau prepared DAVE WOOD for the Daily EDITORSHIP the first half of this year. Dave, a senior, hasn ' t " time on his hands " but instead, a " girl in his arms " — a baby girl, that is. who was born to them In August. No time out for coffee here! Between EDITING the Daily the second half of the year and writing sports news for the P.-l.. BILL JURY was kept pretty busy. Serving as President of Sigma Delta Chi. National Journalism Fraternity. Bill proves to be a promising future journalist. Daily Editorial A loyal newspaper woman, TINA BRAND resigned her position as President of Austin Hall to devote more time to the Daily, serving as ASSOCIATE EDITOR for the first half of the year. Tina ' s many hours of work spent each day in Lewis Hall brought her an outstand- ing achievement award for 1951. Free lance writing tops the aspirations of this journal- ist, but MIKE SPELLMAN ' s position as ASSOCIATE EDITOR took up most of his spare time the second half of the year. Milce was also selected for an out- standing achievement award in 1951 for his work on the Daily. ' ». ' Beck. Robtrt Bigg«, Lou Ann Br«ndner, Gary Brier, Warren Carlson. Leo Dederer. Michael Getting ready for a " busy day at the office " has been an everyday occurrence with George Astel for the last nine years. As present advisor to the DAILY staff he likes to recall the days he ed- ited the Daily bacit in ' 21. " The Eyes and Ears of the Campus, alias THE DAILY, was brought to you four times a week, Tuesday through Friday, at your favorite pick-up spot on campus. News coverage ranged from world affairs to th latest pinnlngs on Greek Row, and studen opinion was voiced through pertinent " Letters to the Editors " column. The atmosphere of the Daily news room was always one of bustling activity as J. J. ' s hustled to meet the 5:30 deadline. Professor George B. Astel ( " Mr. A. " ) was general overseer, always on hand to offer needed advice and keep t hings running on schedule. Sometimes staff members found the Daily work somewhat of a grind, but the J. J. ' s kept in mind the good experience, which many plan to relate to future work after graduation. Delter. Nancy Egan. Julia Douglas. Dale Donetioo, Ann Garver. Rictiard Goard. Willard Henson. Jeanne Holmquist. Doris Jacobsen. Joan Loschen. Roger Lynch. John Miller. Shirley Olacon. Victor Porosky. Mike Slaughter. Bonnie Walker. Robert Wark. Robert i NOT PICTURED: BarreH. Gary Borgford. Thomas Breuer. Joanne Bunker, Forrest Bush. Thomas Carlson. Mtlvin Comstock. Allison Delkin. Fred Hamilton, Doris Hoff, Per Holmes. Joe Preston, Jeanne Sanden. Vivian Sires, Peqqv Smith. Kirk Sorgenfrel, Jack Trowbridge. Richard Turray, Kenneth Watanabe, Osamu 185 Working on the Daily staff for at least one quarter gives all JJ. ' s good expe- rience in the journalism field. Running clockwise are the FALL QUARTER J.J. ' s. including Jack Rogoway, Tom Koenninger, Jim Power, Maureen Callaghan, Cal Bosch, Ken Kraft, Hal Newsom, Dick hlarris. Mary Brum, Joanne Sussman, Catherine Neckas and Wayne Jacobi, center. The WINTER QUARTER JJ. ' s pictured are: Back row. Joe hHolmes, Leo Carlson. Mike Dederer, Kirk Smith, Jack Lynch, Tom Bush, Mike Porosky, Tom Borgford, Bonnie Slaughter and LouAnn Bigge. Front row. Osamu Watanabe. Joanne Breuer, Shirley Miller, Julie Egan, Dale Douglas, Nancy Delzer and Jeanne Henson. Known around the Daily office as " Mac. " Maribeth Balthaser is reader and grader for Mr. " A. " A member of the Daily editorial staff and the A.S.U.W. Publica- tions committee in ' 50- ' 5l. " Mac " now writes a weekly campus column for the Seattle P. -I. Mel Gellemore and his seeing-eye dog came regularly to Lewis Hall where Mel gained prac- tical experience which will help him reach his ambition to be a re-wrlter for a Seattle paper. He received his M.A. here at the University In 1947 In creative writing. Hoping to get some good scoops on the football scores are the Fall Quarter DAILY SPORTS WRITERS, includ- ing Hal Newsom. Fred Delkin, Fred Cichy, Bill Knight and Ken Kraft. The Winter Quarter SPORTS STAFF. Leo Carlson. Mike Dederer and Joe Holmes, get together to discuss the basketball results. DAILY ADVERTISING MANAGER, MONTE SOLKOVER, was ajsigned to cover the Journal- ism faculty-student baseball ganne last Spring quarter, but returned without a story clalnning he could not write an impartial article because they were all his close friends. He said they would understand. Monte was also a contributor to Columns in ' 50, " 51 and ' 52. Also serving as DAILY AD MANAGER during Fall and Spring quarters. RUTH TRUSCOTT was kept pretty busy as promotion manager of the Columns. President of Pi Alpha Sigma and a member of Theta Sigma Phi, Journalism Honorary. Much of Ruth ' s success in jour- nalism was gained through experience by working for a year in a New York Publishing House in ' 49. Selling ad for the Daily and serving as Publicity Chairman for A.W.S. Concerts in her junior year, gave NOREEN SALVINO plenty of practical ex- perience before filling the position of BUSINESS MANAGER for the Daily. Treasurer of Pi Alpha Epsilon. advertising honorary, is another of Noreen ' s activities. DAILY BUSINESS Being one of the largest classified ad de- partments annong college newspapers, the Dally Business Staff works completely apart from the Editorial Staff. It is under the direction of the A.S.U.W. Publications Committee and its activities include selling advertising, making up ads, and placing na- tional advertising. Although the business office is run for the profit of the Daily, it provides opportunities of training for jour- nalism majors, especially those in the adver- tising sequence. Bosch, Calvin Cdlldghan, Maureen Chittenden, Robin Kraft, Kenneth Neckas, Katherine Relf, Geoffrey Rogoway. Jack Sustman, Joanne Wllkinion, Alberta The DAILY OFFICE STAFF, Including (clockwise) Peggy Davison. Signe Holm, Molly Rehm, Chairman Pat Nabata and Virginia Hill, has the job of sending out papers to advertisers, typing out classified ads and filing. Not pictured: Brum, Mary Cichy, Fredric Harris. Richard Jacobi, Wayne Newsom, Harold Palmer, Mary Ricks. Cappy Taylor, Richard 187 " Recreation In the Pacific Northwest " skipped through the pages of the 1952 Tyee as Peggy Mace cleverly combined her major in Recreation wi th the time consuming job of editing the Tyee. Recreational activities such as skiing, boating, swimming, and fishing were emphasized in the art v ork and the various divisions in relation to the University. Of course the editor can ' t do all the work alone, so a large staff was appointed to add to the general confusion of things. But after many headaches, much figuring, meeting and not meeting deadlines, the 1952 Tyee emerged com- plete. Filling some of the important positions on the staff were Bill Knight, Sports Editor; Joan Smith, Activities Edi- tor; Laurel Lund, Organizations Editor; and Joyce Foster, Personnel Editor. Returning with one of the hundreds of the panels which flowed through the Tyee office all year, PEGGY MACE, Tyee Editor, pauses for breath. Starting out as office girl in her freshman year, Peggy worked up through the ASUW Section Assistant and Activities Divi- sion Editor to the position behind the Editor ' s desk. TYEE EDITORIAL Art Editor, DAVE STARR, gained experience for his Tyee worit by editing his high school annual In his senior year and serving as art editor In his junior year. Dave in- vented the bewildered figure on the Personnel and Sports Section pages. WILL PARKER, another of the Tyee art editors, served as art di- rector of the Brochure Committee for the Art Department last year and is a member of Grapha Tech- na. art honorary. Will did the Ac- tivities and Organizations Section pages. Tyee Art Editor, JOY JACKSON, is applying her creative talent to the broken-down radio in the Tyee office, in hopes of relieving it of Its usiess condition. Joy. a Com- mercial Art major, is a member of Pi Alpha Sigma, and also a mem- ber of the YWCA Cabinet. The hand-lettered heads were done by Joy. ART HANSEN certainly lives up to his first name, because after two years of art work for the Tyee, much can be credited to his creative ability; as one of the four art edi- tors of the Tyee, and assigned to the job of designing the cover. Art had a good op- portunity to apply this talent. ACTIVITIES DIVISION The ACTIVITIES DIVISION workers are shown hard at it in the Tyee office. Pictured are Editor SHAWN NIMS and Jane LeCocq. Seasonal Activities; Editor MARY MORRIS. Dorothy Mills and Joanne Curtis, Cultural Events: Mary Wilson and Editor SHIRLEY WIZER. Publications. These AWS, AMS and ASUW Section Editors look over old Tyees for helpful Ideas. They are Joan Jacob- son. Editor RAYDA POMROY. AWS: Editor DON PEARL. AMS: Editor MARILYN MacDONALD and Sharon Montgomery. ASUW. This busy gal. pictured Af the right, is really " up in the air. " working out one of the problenns that confront an ACTIVITIES DIVISION EDI- TOR. Besides devoting time to the Tyee. JOAN SMITH was chairman of the AWS Constitution Committee, Panhellenic Asst. Relations Chair- man, and a member of Sigma Epsilon Sigma, scholastic honorary. PERSONNEL DIVISION EDITOR JOYCE FOSTER, takes a break in her busy schedule. Her second year of Tyee work. Joyce has also been active on the House Announcements Com- mittee, the ASUW Red Cross Committee, and has served as assistant chairman for the YWCA Special Projects Committee. PERSONNEL DIVISION Some of the editors of the Schools and Colleges section of the PERSONNEL DIVISION include Co-Editors Ann Davis and ELAINE KIRTLAND: the Administration includes Jean Anderson and Jim Bergeron: not pic- tured is NANCY LYON, editor. The Classes section has an interesting, yet time-consuming job; pictured are Editor ELAINE KIRTLAND, and Jean Anderson, seniors; Georgene Horn, juniors; Shirley Shafer, sophomores, and Marilyn Brown, freshmen. Not pictured is Shirley Mesher. seniors. awi SPORTS DIVISION CLARK NOLAN, Swimming, shows DREW MILLER, Basketball, some of their proposed layouts. Not pic- tured are Bob Hamblin, Swimming; Ray Dummett, Base- ball; Jim Affleck. Tennis; Martin McDougal. Football. A flashing smile like this from BILL KNIGHT. Sports Division Editor, can mean only one of two things — the sports section is well under way, or a notice for dismissal has been issued. Bill has been active in journalism as Sports Editor of the Daily fall quarter of ' 51. and is a member of Sigma Delta Chi. Pro- fessional Journalism Fraternity. He is vice-president of AMS and a member of Oval Club. No. it isnt ' a sections line, but close to it. These " loyal " Washlngtonians are anx- iously waiting for their Tyees. Glancing over some of the past Tyee sports sections are BOB ROSS (seated) and WARREN MILLER, Track; JIM HEN- NES, Crew. With a feeling of relief after completing a few more pages for the Tyee, " MAC " BALTHASER. Skiing; DON BOLAN and JACK WARNICK, Intramurals, take a break for coffee. ISABEL HENLEY, Women ' s Sports and PAUL TYCHSEN. Minor Sport ' s Assistant, discuss the difficulties en- countered in getting people together for pictures. Enioying a little of this Washington sunshine are RAY TURNER, Golf. and TED VAN DYK, Minor Sports. 190 Tsig wm] ORGANIZATIONS DIVISION Sitting on old Tyaes has a certain inspirational effect on LAUREL LUND. Organizations Division Editor. Besides spending a good deal of her time In the Tyeo office, Laurel is a member of the Daily staff, the Daily ad staff, a contributor to Columns and Vice-President of Pi Alpha Sigma, Women ' s Advertising Honorary. Some of the more tedious jobs on the Tyee are handled by the Layouts and Lists Staff, comprised of Gerry Carlson. Jackie Tjossen. Barbara Lewis and Helen Corl. Not pictured is Anita Mdinwaring. Before settling down to work, members of the Copy Staff hang up their coats in the Tyee Office. Pictured are Dianne Griffith, Chairman Betsy Decan and Giorla Whalgren. Not pictured are Marilyn Allen and Mar- garet Backshies. These Tyee Office gals don ' t often get an opportunity to look over the past annuals, because the filing of end- less names reaHy keeps them busy. Seated are Manager Florabel Key, Suzanne Stout and Shirley McCarter; standing are Carole Good, Virginia Hill and Jackie Tjossen. Some more of the Tyee Office girls who left the hard labor of filing to take time out for a picture are Nancy Mace. Joanne Walstrom. Eleanor Baker; (top) Olive Lee and Joan Lucker. Donna May Walley and Mary Pat Tross work over a layout of Presidents Informals for the Living Groups Sec- tion. Checking the bulletin board for dead- line notices are Betty Ackerman and Peggins Newgard. who are In charge of the Pin-cuts. 191 Last year ' s editor really gave his tellow-worktrs m the Tyee office a surprise when his " hidden talent " was revealed in a number of drannatic productions at the Showboat. But MIKE ENGLISH managed to squeeze in time serving as Business Manager during the first part of the year. Mike ' s previous experience in the Tyee included Sports Editor In 1950, and Editor-in-Chief in 1951. Assuming the duties of Tyee Business Manager the second half of the year. JIM POWER found plenty of opportunity to exercise his organizational ability. Jim ' s many joLrnallstic activities in- clude: Daily Business Manager in ' 51, Daily staff. Publications Committee and President of Alpha Delta Sigma. ) TYEE BUSINESS Again fhe past Tyee Editor was promoted to the office of Business Manage? " . Such was the case of Mike English, last year ' s Tyee Editor, who took over the Business Manager ' s position at the beginning of this year. Mike got the ball rolling in the Business Department by selling pages In the Tyee to all organized houses and organizations on campus. At midyear, Business Managerial duties were assumed by Jim Power, who stepped right into the swing of things and got advertising space sold In record time. The ad staff that accomplished this feat included Mike Mignacco, Grant Angle, Merwyn Lodwig, Lou Ann Johnson, and Marallyn Frame. A lot can be credited to Marallyn, who organized the office staff and really kept things running smoothly. The final undertaking of the year was the compilation of the index found in the back of the Tyee. For just a freshman, MARALLYN FRAME has served her University through many activities. Besides being a member of various com- mittees, such as AWS Concerts. ASUW Ac- tivities Pool and the Fresh dance. Marilyn combined her major. Advertising, with the job of Tyee Office Manager. Part of the Business Staff, including Angle Trucano, Ellen Ross, Jane Trojan, Lou Ann Johnson and Shirley Moore, show how it can be done — efficiency, that is. Even though this life isn ' t as glorious as it may look, everyone has a good time, because there are plenty of people to talk to while slaving awdy. Escaping from the confusion and confinement of the Tyee Business Office, these members of the Office Staff enjoy a brea th of fresh air. Seated are Shirley Wlzer. Dianne Link, Lynn Bovlk, Marian Ashe and Donah Lee Hougar, ERSITY OF WASHIHGTOM mr- SfATE dHo,. BUD E«,«SON .. A« Ed,,o, .nd •roriY-SAR ' T ' F r;:;° -» BEN WATK,NS .....i " , ch„„ Winter and Spring quarters. , I . MARLENE MILLER decldei ♦© I . „n awav comment tor the Columns, ' h ' oriATE Editor during II Quarter d,dn t .top Mar ' ene j • I J I —omhershio in ie ' rni Ca resor Fall Guild and liHle time " or such exhib.t.ons. -r RT ' E iit;, Last ve ._ ;;;; X:1o::d ' :;;ng 6 .umos worUrs. -C this con- 193 These Columns Contributes. Bill Jury, Ralph Holmstead. Monte Solltover and some joker ' s feet (whose girl made him a pair of argyles) are having a good old-fashioned conflab on the Columns ' pin-ups. Not pictured are Ed Baker and Gene Hufeisen. Surveying some potential Columns art material with a critical eye are Ray Jensen and Jack Brown, members of the Columns ART Staff. Not pictured is Geotf Relf. COLUMNS EDITORIAL Caught at the annual Publications Banquet In May of ' 51 are Jim Boynton, Marlene Miller, Mr. Brier. Columns Advisor (any resemblance between Brier and " Major Hoople " is purely coincidental), George Lowe and Bob McCain. Lost In the madness of artistic creation, Don Farnam, Engineering major, works feverishly over the drawing for the Columns ' Chest Guessing Contest — he won too. 194 COLUMNS BUSINESS Occupying the least glamorous position behind a publ cation Is the Business Sta ' f. When the latest edition is hot off the press the writer receives the glory, but without the smooth functioning of a busi- ness staff behind h ' m, even his most In- spired efforts would be In va ' n. And so we find the hard working Columns busi- ness staff unnot ced behind the more creative journalistic activities. A compe- tent group of Advertising Representa- tives trudge the Ave. each month selling ads to merchants and businessmen; a Circulation Manager spends much time and effort overseeing the sale of Col- umns and trying to think up better ways to promote sales. And the final word on business matters is given by the Business Manager, who carries the load of re- sponsibilities involved in the business of Columns. Did Harris, Maureen Callaghan and Birdie WiUlnjon. winfer quarter ADVERTISING REP- RESENTATIVES, discuss »he posslbllHies of ac- quiring new ld;:as on s?lling ads. JOHN DYSART Isn ' t trying to get out of work by hiding his typewriter . . . he ' s really going to pawn it to help support his wife and daughter. Managing the business end of the Daily for 49. ' 50 qualified this ex- marine for the position of Columns BUSINESS MAN- AGER fall quarter. John Is also a member of Alpha Delta Sigma, Advertising Honorary. A BUSINESS MANAGER has to count more than money . . . just ask BEN WATKINS. who took over the job for winter and spring quarters. During fall quarter, Ben was an advertising representative for Columns and pledged Alpha Delta Sigma also. A student In the School of Pharmacy, he plans to combine advertising and pharmacy in post-graduate work. CIRCULATION MANAGER, MARIANNE MERRITT, feels she spends so much time in Lewis Hall she " may as well bring a cot and coffee pot and start boarding. " Last year Marianne devoted her time to editing a section for the Tyee. This busy gal also served on the Homecoming Com- mittee and worked on the script for Song and Stunt Night. The fall quaHer ADVERTISING REPRESENTATIVES, in- cluding Dick Luther, Janet Johnson. Ben Watkins, Jerry Harris and Jack Ehrig. aren ' t really as frustrated as they appear to be . . . they just like the jokes. i t » 195 A.S.U.W. Through rain, hall, sleet, snow, and +he usual spring mud, ASUW photographers transverse the cannpus, capturing scenes of typical college life In the lenses of their cameras. Although their work Is professional, each one of these " camera fiends " does It for his own enjoyment, always experimenting with the latest Inven- tions In the photographic fields In hopes of Improving his pictures. The efficient staff of photographers manages to do all the photographic work for the Daily, the Tyee and the Columns, and although it may at times involve some pretty close scheduling of pictures, the staff always manages to " put out " at the right time. The work Is divided fairly evenly so that everyone gets equal experience In field, studio, and darkroom work. Bill Staley Is Chlef-of-Staff and Tom Cohen Is his assistant, with Don Schaefer, Don Erlckson, George August, Carroll Gllbertson, Roger Knoop, Paul Thomas and Sandy McAusland comprising the rest of the staff. Their adviser Is " Corny " Root. These busy photographers are relieved of much routine office work by two secre- taries, Margie Walsh and Kelly Martin, who file negatives and log reports, and sometimes come In handy as drawer cleaners and floor sweepers. Chief-of-Staff Bill Staley received most of his training in photography when he served as aerial photog- rapher In the U. S. Navy. Bill specializes in nnultlple flash. A Junior in Engineering, Carroll Gllbertson, strangely enough, spends much of his time on upper-campus. This is his second year as all-round staff member in the photo lab. Formerly a staff photographer at Renton High, Frosh Don Erlckson plans to apply this experience in his future years at college. George August, who hails from Chicago and Is a Graduate Student in B.A., has started to operate his own photo business; he hopes to develop it more in the future. Sandy McAusland Is a Junior In Mechanical Engi- neering, and as a former U. S. Marine for several years. he learned the basic principles of photography. A B.A. major, Paul Thomas has proved himself to be a promising photographer. Paul plans to go into photography work after graduation, but he hasn ' t yet decided what to do with his B.A. degree. (PkctoQ iie tL isistant Chief-of-StdH and a junior in Physics, m Cohen specializes In Daily work and fash- 1 shot. Tom transferred from Gonzaga where was Public Relations Photographer. rector of the Photo Lab, Cornelius Root, bet- r known as " Corny, " has been active in jour- I Ism for many years. Several of his more In- resting jobs Included publishing a newspaper m 1932-49, and flying a plane as a commer- il pilot. iger Knoop. a junior majoring in Con- mporary Civilization, transfered from estern Washington where he was staff lOtographer. Don Schaefer is a senior in Forestry and has been a pho- tographer at the U for two years. After glancing through the Queens ' section in the Texas annual. Don wished that he could have devoted at least a year to " photography " down South. Margaret A. Walsh and Carol Lee " Kelly " Martin served as receptionists in the photo lab and filed negatives for the photo staff. The Athletic Section ... in Memoriam to GEORGE R. " BUD " WAISS (DECEMBER 19, 1929-JULY 23. 1951) " A born leader of men ... an inspiration to all who knew him. An athlete who was more than an oarsman. ... A sparkplug and a driving spirit in everything he did. He will live in the hearts of Washingtonians for a long time. " ALVIN M. ULBRICKSON, SR. I . 201 Washington ' s modern athletic plant, including the pavilion, stadium and shell house, .naltes the perfect picture with beautiful Lake Washington In the bacVground. ATHLETIC DEPARTMENT The man behind the Huskies ' rise fo fame in national athletic circles is HARVEY CASSILL. hard working director of athletics. Helping publicize UW athletes is BERT ROSE, head of the athletic news service. Accountant ROBERT STEINER and Administrative As- sistant CHUCK BECHTOL take a breather at JOHN ' S by the pavilion. DAYLE HOAGLUND, Administrative Assistant, and IVAN TRAV- IS. Ticket Manager, help keep things running smoothly In the department. whooping it up for the Huskies are yell leaders BILL BOHLIN, NANCY LYDON, BOB CONNELL, King TOM CHRISTIE Oueen DIANE CUMMINS MARTY N U D EL MAN NANCY SMITH end BOB JOHNSTON. CHEER LEADERS Yell King TOM CHRISTIE, powered by a pair of seenn- ingly unexKausttble tungs. kept Husky spirit at a high pitch during the athletic year. Queen DIANE CUMMINS, not only in title, held up the feminine end in proper fashion and more than made up for football disappointments. NANCY LYDON and NANCY SMITH. Husky cheer girls, turn on the sparkle while rally girls at right are: Back ro PATSY ERWIN ROYAL MOWER. DANA VAN GILDER, Chairman HARRIET FOLLIS. LOYE ZUNDEL, NANCY SPAFFORD, and JEAN HOLMAN. Front row, KRIS KODAMA, JANET DE FOREST, ARDIS SMITH, and KATHY HYDE. Major Sports 204 { o i NORTHERN DIVISION CHAMPIONS First row, left to right: Charlie Koon, Will Elliott, Jerery Kirk. Sam Mitchell, Joe Cipriano; second row: Duane Enochs, Mike MeCutchen, Frank Guisness, Dick Sprague. Bob Houbregs; third row: blank, blank. Doug McClary, Bill Ward, Dean Parsons, manager Harry Yamada, Coach Tippy Dye. The University of Washington Huskies are the 1952 Northern Division Basketball Champions, but it would be hard to find a Husky player or fan who is very excited over that fact. Coach Tippy Dye molded a squad that ranked among the top ten teams in the nation all season, and showed strong prospects of representing the West in the National Collegiate Athletic Associa- tion playoffs. The Huskies lost but four games in twenty-oight at the end of the regular season, but in the Coast playoffs against UCLA in the Bruin gym they dropped the odd game in a two-out-of-three series. The California team then proceeded to lose both games in the NCAA regional playoffs in Corvallis. It was the second successive time that the Northern Division Champion traveled to the UCLA gymnasium with powerful teams only to come home on the short end of the scores. In 1950 WSC lost two stra ' ght to an underdog Bruin five. Through the gloom of disappointment, however, Husky followsrs look forward to next season when again the prospects will be exceedingly bright. Washington loses two men to gradua- tion — All-Coast Frank Guisness and Duane Enochs. Although the loss will undoubtedly be felt, such players as Bob Houbregs, Mike MeCutchen, Joe Cipriano, and Doug McClary will be back. COACH WILLIAM HENRY HARRISON " TIPPY " DYE DICK SPRAGUE— Junior Forward SPRAGUE clears the boards for the Huskies. MIKE McCUTCHEN scores on a behlnd-the- backboard lay-in. ma scoring crown The Pullman jinx is still very nnuch alive as evidenced by the loss suf- fered by the men of Tippy Dye at the BOB HOUBREGS casts off with his fannous hook shot that accounted for hands of an underdog Cougar five. ny of the points that led him to his second successive Northern Division -j. Huskies simply did not play at their usual level, and WSC took ad- vantage of the situation and bopped Washington 56-50. The fellas roared back the next night in more normal fashion, walloping the country boys 67-43. Bob Houbregs led the basket attack with 34 points for the two games. In6 a king ' s X series, after Washing- ton had won the championship, the Huskies scored heavily to win two more by scores of 75-37 and 82-51. Coach Dye used substitutes freely, but then the score mounted even faster as nearly everyone got into the scoring column. 50-56 W U 67-43 A 75-37 82-5t C If no ofher way. outnumber em. TIPPY DYE has seven men !n the fray, from left to right; DUANE ENOCHS. DOUG McCLARY. DEAN PARSONS, MIKE McCUTCHEN, FRANK GUISNESS. SAM MITCHELL, and WILL ELLIOTT. Double exposure has defied the rules of basketball. DEAN PARSONS— Freshman Center In the firs-f conference game of the seaso n against the highly rated Vandals, the Huskies fell before excellent shooting and precision floor play 56-51 — the first defeat suffered at honne by the Huskies under Coach Tippy Dye. It was near the end of this contest that Bob Houbregs Injured his heel, caus- ing the ace scorer to be sidelined for several games. The home forces came back with a vengeance the next night, however, and blanketed the Idaho club under a full court pressing defense for almost the entire evening, ending on the high end of a 61-42 score. Frank Gulsness and Joe CIprlano played brilliantly, scoring 21 and 18 points respectively, more than making up for the absence of Houbregs. Later In the season Washington traveled to Moscow and wrapped up the Northern Division Champion- ship by twice overwhelming the second place Idahoans, 79-64 and 75-66. Houbregs, back In action and at his season ' s peak, scored 26 points each night, followed by Gulsness with 38 for the two games. The Moscow series was marred somewhat by rough tactics on the part of an Idaho player. JOE CIPRIANO drives hard with a one-handed jump shot as BOB HOUBREGS maintains position for the rebound. u w 5t-56 61-42 79-64 75-66 I D A H O u w 46-37 49-41 69-56 54-37 o s c ll FRANK SUISNESS hooks from a circle of Oregon S+aters while MIKE McCUTCHEN watches. Wia ELUOTT- unJor Guard Minus +Hs services of tall Bob Houbregs, the Huskies headed for a dangerous assign- ment in tangling with the potential Beavers at Corvallis. But the other tall boys, Duane Enochs and Doug McClary, took over masterfully in leading Washington to victory in two slow-down ball control games by scores of 46-37 and 49-41. McClary was high first night with I I points followed by Enochs with 10. Duane was high Saturday night with 13. The Huskies completed the series sweep a few weeks later in Edmundson Pavilion when they stormed through the badly outclassed Beavers 69-56 and 54-37. Frank Guisness led the victors Friday night with 20 points, while Houbregs, back In uniform, put 30 points through the net on the second night. JOE CIPRIANO and DOUG McCLARY clear the boards with thres OSC players looking on. 74-36 U 64-39 W 71-63 63-57 o R E G O N Washington ' s renowned defense stole the show from the offense when the Oregon Ducks visited Seattle for their first meetings of the 1952 campaign. Oregon scored but 75 points In the two contests, while the Huskies were collecting 138. The scores were 74-36 and 64-39. The Ducks were completely outclassed In every department, Including their specialty, rebounds. Frank Guisness and Duane Enochs led the scorers with 36 and 26 points respectively for the two-game series. Washington added two more important victories to their string at Eugene by scores of 71-63 and 63-57. Bob Houbregs increased the tempo of his attack on the conference scoring record by placing 30 points after his name the first night, and 28 on the second night. DOUG McCLARY nearly loses his arm as DUANE ENOCHS and JOE CIPRIANO stand by. Oregon s Bob Peterson pushes BILL WARD in a scramble for the ball. BILL WARD — Junior For-a-d SAM MITCHELL— Junior Guard Freshman giant DEAN PARSONS hugs the ball tor dear life as a UCLA Bruin prepares to drop in. BOB HOUBREGS, DOUG McCLARY. and DUANE ENOCHS jump high for a rebound against Call fornla at Berkeley. WILL ELLIOTT watches from the foreground. uw 6! 60 60 76 52 65 58 55 73 83 52 45 Opponent Utah 62 Utah 44 UCLA 52 UCLA 61 CaHfornla 50 California 43 St. Louis 53 Minnesota 51 Ohio State 43 Northwestern 60 Wyoming 50 Wyoming 55 JOE CIPRIANO vainly frlss to i»op a UCLA jhot as DUANE ENOCHS (12) and DEAN PARSONS (24) mov« in to clear tha boardi. JERRY KIRK— Junior Guard NON-CONFERENCE All-Amerlcan BOB HOUBREGS tips the ball back in the basket against Northwestern. The Universify of Washington ' s 1952 bas- ketball team lost Its first game of the sea- son to Utah 62-61 after an impressive pre- season buildup, but the Huskies bounced back and went through the remaining pre- conference games true to form, winning nine in a row. In the longest basketball road trip in UW history, the Huskies swept four games from California, St. Louis, and Minnesota. The closest game of the season was an overtime victory over California, 52-50. Will Elliott led the scoring with one point — a free throw In the last seconds of the game, bringing Washington up to a tie and forcing the overtime period. During Christmas vacation WSC and the UW met and defeated two representa- tives of the Big Ten, Ohio State and Northwestern, In two double headers, trad- ing opponents on succeeding nights. Later in the schedule the Huskies split with the Skyline Champions, Wyoming, 52-50 and 45-55. ' TW ' || " -jH4-a 1(1 The Huskies, Champions of the Northern Division, nnet UCLA, the Southern Divi- sion leaders, in the playoff for the Coast kff i ' i--;i i a xi Hl crown, and the opportunity to enter the NCAA regional playoffs in Corva!lis. The series was held in the Westwood gym, a location highly noted for the difficulty of visiting teams to play good basketball. True to form, the Bruins played the best ball they had all season, and Washington just couldn ' t shake the throes of a slump. Nevertheless the Hus- kies did win the middle game of the series, 53-50, while losing by 65-53 and 60-50 scores. Above — Scene showing the UCLA gym on a Bruin fast break. Notice the Husities on the bench wince as the ball is laid up. Below — DOUG McCLARY shoots a one-hander from the side. FRANK GUISNESS (II) fights for rebound position, and DUANE ENOCHS drives In to help clear the backboard. BOB HOUBREGS tips the ball up in the series against UCLA played in Seattle. Washington won both pre-season games. P.C.C. PLAYOFF 214 NCAA FINALS Kansas, led by unstoppa- ble Clyde Lovellette, won the NCAA title at Ed- mundson pavilion over a driving St. John ' s team, 80 to 63. Ron McGllvery (15) the spearhead of St. John ' s attack goes in past the basket for a fast bit of action. At the top right, the great Lovellette jumps high for a two-pointer in the final playoff game. The Kansas squad gained the finals by walking away from the Cinderella cham- pions of the Pacific Coast, Santa Clara, 74 to 44. The Broncs double up on the Jayhawk pivot ace (16) as the all - American point- maker trys to get loose for a shot. Clyde Follmer (33) of Illinois goes up for a leaping two-hander in the 67-64 lllinl win over Santa Clara In the preliminary game of the second night of the playoffs. St. John ' s upset the ex- ports to move into the finals by dumping Illinois, 61 to 59, in the closest of the four contests. Ron Mc- Gilvery (15) passes back out to Bob Zawoluk (30), St. John ' s all-American, at the far right. A pair of Illinois performers team up on an unidentified Santa Clara player in the third place playoff game. DUANE ENOCHS— Senior Forward JOE CIPRIANO— Junior Guard BOB HOUBRESS— Junior Center FRANK GUISNESS— Senior Forward The Unlversi+y of Washington basketball team earned for themselves much credit as a team, but also as individuals, rna.iy of the players gathered more laurels. Bob Houbregs was chosen to the All-Northern Division team, to the All-Coast team, and also to many national All-American second teams. For the second consecutive year he led the Northern Division scorers, and was not far from the record In spite of missing several games with an injured heel. Bob counted 251 points in conference play, and the record is 265, set by another Husky, Jack Nichols, in 1948. hloubregs is a junior and will probably better his already impressive record next season. Frank Guisness, the only graduating starter, compiled a most Impressive bit of basketball during his four years at the University. A three- year letterman, Frank has been picked on Coast Conference All-Star teams all three years. Twice he has finished second to Houbregs in scoring, and he Is undoubtedly one of the best defensive players ever to come out of Washington. In this, his senior year, Frank was elected co-captain along with Mike McCutchen. Duane Enochs, the other graduating senior, and the sixth man on theclub, was elected inspirational player by his teammates. Enochs is also a three letter man, and has an enviable record to his name. MIKE McCUTCHEN— Junior Guard DOUG McCLARY— Junior Forward CHARLIE KOON— Junior Guard JUNIOR VARSITY Front row, left to right: Ron Wesfover, Bill Stuht, Roland Halle. Steve Roalce, Larry Ramm. Don Apeland; second row: manager Jim Johnston. Larry Watson. Bill Woods. Jerry Johnson, Harvey Jarvis, Paul Blowers, manager Dick McKeniie; third row: Assistant Coach Duane Berentson. John Elt, Ed Schaeffer. Rod Wallter. Don Tripp. Coach Bill Morris. Coaches Bill Morris and Duane Berentson JV OPPONENT 68 Skagit Valley J. C. 25 49 Grays Harbor J. C. 46 50 Whidby Island 33 67 Sand Po ' nt N. A. S. 56 73 Olympic J. C. 50 77 Centralla J. C. 34 45 Fort Lewis 48 63 Olympic J. C. 40 62 Centralia J. C. 47 75 Skagit Valley J. C. 56 76 Wenatchee J. C. 57 59 Everett J. C. 48 57 Sand Point N. A. S. 66 55 Grays Harbor J. C. 83 84 Port Angeles A. A. U. 37 44 Port Angeles H ' gh 41 55 WSC JV 57 62 WSC JV 53 The Husky Junior Varsity, composed of both freshmen and sophomores, completed a very successful season under coaches Bill Morris and Duane Berentson, winning 14 and losing 4. The JV ' s were somewhat han- dicapped in their preliminary game per- formances preceding the varsity games, bec ause several of the games were cut short due to a curfew imposed to prepare the floor for the next game. Two of their close losses came under such circumstances. Next season some of these players will be stepping up, and wearing the white warm- ups with their name on the back. 217 1951 FOOTBALL " •f-v.-;..,., II. ,1 I ..,,. h HOWIE OLr ,1 ; , : Huskies through the 1951 season which proved d disappointment to even the most pessimistic UW grid fans. MORRIS " RED " BADGRO tutored the Wash- ington end forces as a popular member of the coaching staff. HOWIE ODELL, J. NEIL " SKIP " STAHLEY, backficid coach; REG ROOT, lino coach, and JIMMY DeANGELIS. line coach, are all key members of the Washington football board of strategy. JOHNNY CHERBERG coached the UW Jayvees to an unde- feated season to add to an already impressive win-loss record. PERRY MOSS, backfield coach, resigned his Washington job to take a backfield coaching post at Louisiana State University. ., ' , ti ItT . I ' » HUSKIES GRIZZLIES 55 . 7 Mi u . • There were no signs that the loss of Don Heinrich would hurt the Huskies in the season to come. Sam Mitchell and Dean Rockey guided the UW team to a rout over a completely outclassed Grizzly. Montana was held to three first downs and a net 20 yards rushing. With Hugh McElhenny and Bill Earley sparking the ground attack and Mitchell and Rockey pass- ing effectively, Howie Odell ' s Hus- kies Rose Bowl hopes remained high. The Purple and Gold scored almost at will with the only obvious offensive weakness being the lack of a conver- sion kicker. j.€ ' r Quarterback SAM MITCHELL picks up a nice piece of yardage against Montana in the UW season ' s opener. DAROLD TALLEY played his final year in a Husky uniform at a defensive end post. BILL ALBRECHT was a regular de- fensive back and saw considerable action on offense. FRED RUDNICK showed rapid im- provement as a Husky lineman and returns for 1952 action. TED HOLZKNECHT captained the 1951 Huskies and was a key man in the middle of the defensive line. m — ; ilwil All-Amerlcan HUGH McELHENNY takes the ball with SAM MITCHELL (25) and BILL EARLEY (19) looking on. ' ■ :y ' = -.— ai .:.%. HUSKIES. GOPHERS 25 20 ft y 5? ■j-:z: .. S. Although far surpassing the Gophers in the statistic department, the Hus- kies were extended to tho final min- utes of play to eke out a narrow victory. Marching deep into Minne- sota territory late in tho fourth quar- ter, the Huskies took the lead and final victory on a bootleg pass from Dean Rockey to McElhenny. One of the Washington scores came on a 56- yard dash from scrimmage by McEl- henny. Sam Mitche ' l won the job of regular Husky quarterback by com- pleting 19 passes, an all-time Wash- ington record. A surprise play came when tackle Dean Chambers tallied a conversion. Husky quartf rbdck DEAN ROCKEY cuts loose with a long pass as he ' s being charged by Stanford defenders. DOUG McCLARY was a top VERN LINDSKOG moved into the start- CLYDE SEILER saw plenty of action as pass receiver aM?r winning a ing offensive csnter position on the 3 lineman for the 1951 football Huskies, starting end berth. UW eleven. Occupants of the Washington bench played tense roles during the season as typified by the Illinois game. The In ' ured SAM MITCHELL (wearing jacket in the center) looks on helplessly. PHIL eiLLIS was a dependable end performer, winning his sec- ond varsity letter. »A» W,5 DICK SANDBERG (41) moves In for the facHe (left), and DAROLD TALLEY (7). JACK NUGENT (31) and JIM NOE (52) stop the Ducks in another play (right). y 1 Ik BRIEN ZUREK played a regular offensive guard GEORGE BLACK, offensive end, won considerable FRANK LARIZA shined as a fleet footed full- position for the second year. acclaim as a soph pass receiver. back JIM WARSINSKI (2) closes in as an unidentified Husky tackier holds tight against the Oregon back. HUSKIES ... 63 DUCKS .... 6 The Huskies completely outclassed the Ducks in their opening conference ganne to rack up victory number three. Hugh McElhenny booted nine straight conversion attempts and rolled up a rushing average of 15 yards per carry. He had one 64-yard scoring jaunt nullified by a panalty. Bill Albrecht went 65 yards to paydirt for the fifth Husky score while substitute Jack Nu- gent raced 70 yards for the final tally of the day. Oregon discovered a new passing threat In the form of fresh- man George Shaw who showed signs of a great football future. 222 V .Si : " -.O s . t iv HUGH McELHENNY dodges a USC tackier on the start of his fourth-quarter, 100-yard touchdown dash. m ' «i GENE NORTON started out as a back but switched to the line to end his grid career. JIM WILEY won all-coast acclaim as a junior and sen- ior as a standout Husky linebacker. n d fourth down touchdown plunge against the Troians. STAN KUCINSKAS won his first varsity letter as a sophomore on the UW defensive platoon. HUSKIES ... 13 TROJANS ... 20 Undefeated thus far In 1951 play, the hluskies fell before the bonecrushing attack of Pat Cannamela and his Tro- jan team mates. After taking care of UW stars Dick Sprague and Sam Mitchell — injured after the play had stopped — the Men of Troy went on to w!n by a touchdov n. The Trojans were penalized 102 yards. The high- lights of the contest for Husky fans came in the third quarter when Hugh McElhenny took a kick in his own end zone and went 100 yards for a score. Lineback Jim Wiley sparkled on de- fense for Washington. 223 HUSKIES ILLINI . 20 27 Out for victory after the close loss to use, the Huskies couldn ' t meet the all round strength of the Big Ten champions to be and lost another game by a single touchdown in the final quarter. The passing of Tom O ' Connell and the running of Dick Ratlovits and All-Amerlcan candidate Johnny Karras sparked the lllini to the winning touchdown with less than three minutes to go in the fourth quarter. Highlights of the contest were a 6 1 -yard run by Dean Rockey and a paydirt play for 77 yards from Sam Mitchell to Hugh McElhenny. In a freak play, Mitchell was caught by two tacklers but threw the ball back over his head for a completed pass. JOHNNY KARRAS (48) of Illinois bulls through the line with two Huskies holding on. I DICK SPRAGUE played regu- larly on offense and defense and was elected 1952 capfain. MILT BOHART won a varsity " W as a sophomore center and figures In UW future plans. LOUIE YOURKOWSKI played iron man duty as a facltle to garner his second varsity letter. BILL EARLEY starred as a regu- lar offensive halfback and a con- slstant pass receiving threat. CHUCK BOERIO (52) and HERB NEATHERY (45) stop a UW pass play (left). TED HOLZKNECHT (66) moves in on JOHNNY KARRAS (right). ' ' • • ' - • ' « " --— HUGH McELHENNY breaks loose against Stanford with DEAN ROCKEY (23) looking on. HUSKIES ... 13 STANFORD . . 20 The grads who came back in hopes of seeing a Washington victory left the stadiunn disappointed as Rose Bowl bound Stanford won another close victory. The passing of a vastly improved Gary Kerkorian and the all- round play of All-American Bill Mc- Coll proved too much for the Hus- kies. McElhcnny had the fans on their feet with a 69-yard touchdown gal- lop. But the men from Palo Alto came back in the closing minutes of the game to remain in the lead of one of the most surprising Coast Conference races in recent years. SAM MITCHELL won his second varsity letter as the leading passer and regular quarterback. ERNIA FURNIA saw action in the Husky backfield to win his varsity award. JIM MANGAN was a top defensive tackle in his second year of varsity competition. JIM O ' BRIEN won considerable post s son acclaim for his play as a defensi tackle. Stanford ' s BILL McCOLL gets ready to take a pass with Huskies BILL ALBRECHT (40). DICK SPRAGUE (39). and DAROLD TALLEY (7) in on the play. ' • •;t . Huskies and Beavers go after a loose ball following a Washington fumble. JIM LUCE (71 ) moves in for the UW. HUGH McELHENNY was the individual stand- out of the UW team, making the AP Ail- American team. HUSKIES ... 14 BEAVERS ... 40 Suffering their worst defeat in recent years, the Huskies were humiliated by a surprising Oregon State team. While Sam Baker and his OSC team couldn ' t do anything wrong, the Pur- ple and Gold could do little right. The Huskies drove inside of the OSC ten-yard line twice but couldn ' t score. Hugh McElhenny ' s touchdown streak was stopped at eight games. With both Sam Mitchell and Dean Rockey on the injured list, Arne Bergh did most of the UW signal calling. Bill Albrecht made a nice catch of a Mc- Elhenny pass for one Husky score. 226 DEAN CHAMBERS played standout football as a soph- omore and looms as a top tackle prospect. JIM WARSINSKI won his varsity letter as a sophomore and also figures in future UW plans. DICK SPRAGUE (39) skirts past two OSC tacklers, one bright spot of a gloomy afternoon. HUGH McELHENNY (32 carries for seven yards against the Bears (left). DOUG McCLARY leaps high through the rain and mud to catch a Mitchell pass. TRACY KING nnoved into a starting left end DEAN ROCKEY saw considerable action as a passer berth and took over kickoff chores for the UW. and signal caller as a sophomore. DICK SPRAGUE (39) returns Cals second half opening kickoff. HUGH McELHENNY leads the way. DUANE WARD LOW, another sophomore, showed standout promise in his play at tackle. HUSKIES ... 28 BEARS 37 Displaying a great comeback after the OSC game, the Huskies out- downed the Bears 1 7 to II and out- gained them statistically 406 yards to 381. It was McElhenny once again for the Huskies, this time to the tune of 22 points scored and a 65-yard touch- down run. Dick Sprague got into the picture with a 56-yard kickoff run- back. Besides playing as a stalwart on both offense and defense, Cal star Les Richter booted a crucial second half field goal. As usual, Jim O ' Brien played a bangup defensive game at tackle for Washington. 227 HUSKIES . . 20 BRUINS ... 20 Hugh McEihenny showed Southern California sports fans why he should be Ail-American by scoring all of the Husky points on three touchdowns and a pair of conversions. In the Los Angeles Coliseunn, McEihenny ram- bled for 48 yards and one touchdown and picked a pass Bill Earley bobbled out of tha air and dashed 25 yards more for another score. In his day ' s work, Hugh Mac broke the all-time UW scoring record of 14 touchdowns with a total of 16. The statistics were practically even as total yardage fig- ures showed UCLA with 352 and Washington with 345. The Uclans had 16 first downs to the Huskies ' 15. WSC backfield ace BUD ROFFLER scores against he Huskies In a line plunge. CLYDE SEILER |78) and JIM NOE (52) of Washington and HAL LOKOVSEK (80) DON STEINBRUNNER (84) and BY BAILEY (5) are in on the play. 1951 PCC Standings W L T Pet. Stanford 6 1 .857 UCLA 4 1 1 .800 Calif. 5 2 .714 use 4 2 .667 WSC 4 3 .571 OSC 3 5 .375 WASH. 1 5 1 .167 Oregon 1 6 1 .143 Idaho 3 .000 PETE ELICH played on the UW defensive platoon to letter as a sophomore. DICK SANDBERG saw enough action to earn a letter before being lost for the season with an Injury. HUSKIES ... 25 COUGARS . . 27 In the traditional battle for the mythi- cal championship of the state of Washington, the Cougars got re- venge for the drubbing handed them a year previous. The Huskies were outgained in all departments of play and actually lost the game on three unsuccessful conversion attempts, two of the kicks being blocked and a pass play failing. Washington rooters were on their feet for a 50-yard gallop by halfback Bill Earley and a 5 1 -yard jaunt by McEihenny. Backfield star Bud Roffler played one of the best games of his career for WSC and ends Don Steinbrunner and Ed Barker lived up to advance notices. LARRY SMITH saw considerable duty in the Husky line and seeks his second " W " in the 1952 sea- son. ARNE BERGH, reserve quarterback, played most of the OSC game to win his varsity av ard. NEIL BOYD played stellar ball as a de- fensive end in his final season In the UW uniform. JIM NOE received a varsity let- ter in his sophomore year and returns for more action In 1952. t « " • " Here is the before and after of the first Washlnqr: " j- . it ot the season when the Huskies dropped a hard fought heart breaker at the hands of USC. The Purple and Gold followers weren ' t so happy either. JAYVEE LETTER WINNERS ENDS— PAUL FARRAR, BERNIE HANCOCK, KENT BECKMAN. JIM HOUSTON, BOB ROGERS. TACKLES— JACK BRUCHMAN, WARD KELLER, BILL LARSEN. JOHN ROTH, GARY SALMON. GARY WOODCOCK. GUARDS— VINCE BARONE, JIM FLETCHER, TOM MAGEE, LARRY RHODES FRED ROBINSON. DICK RYAN. DICK UNRUE. CONRAD WALKER. CENTERS— JACK LINDSKOG. AL SITTNICK. JOHN VAN HORN. OUARTERBACKS— STEVE ROAKE. CLARENCE ROBERTSON. HALFBACKS— JERRY AIKEN. DALE BROWN. STEWART CROOK, KENNY DUNN. WALT HOSSFELD, GENE HUNGAR, DICK IMER, LEE LEVY, JACK NUGENT, ED RUSSELL, BOB SIEGEL. TOM SPRAGUE. JUD SWANCY, JERRY THORNTON. FULLBACKS— JERRY LANGER, JACK KYLLINGSTAD. ROGER NIELSON served as sen- ior football manager for the 1951 Washington team. Sophomore managers are DENNY PEDERSON. DICK CRAIN AND BOB BEMENT. Missing is Rusty Young. JACK KING. VAL MARTIN AND JOE FER- LUGA won awards as Junior managers. MAR- TIN is senior manager for 1952 while AL ROSSI is the new Senior frosh manager. -?lp? -- . " : .- • iSf - ' .i.r ■ " .,- -tf sr ■ - ?.:i?£v •-. ' r: ' ...JUf- CREW 1951 The smooth stroking crews of Coach Al Ulbrlckson from out oF the west again proved their superiority in the spring of 1951. Winning a sweep from the Golden Bears of California in Seattle, the Huskies were able to pull out two seconds and a first In the Inter-Collegiate Rowing Regatta at Marietta, Ohio. On May 12, the tall men from Washington met the California crew on wind-blown Lake Washington and came away with th-ee impressive victories. The varsity, stroked by Roger Balrd and coxed by Tren Griffin, were able to get open water on their southern neighbors in less than three minutes, and were never headed again. Th- ' HHuskies won the two and three-fourths mile race by two lengths in the time of 15:38.8. The jayvees, after trailing the Bears most of the way, pulled out in front with a quarter mile left to go and finished a length and three- fourths out in front going away. Rowing on smoother water, the JV ' s, stroked by Doug Putnam and coxed by Art Griffin, were able to best the varsity time by winning in 15:29.0. Back on the turbulent Ohio River, flood conditions for the second straight year forced the varsity and junior varsity races to be shortened to two miles. In the varsity race, the shortened course and an inspired Wisconsin crew proved too much for the Huskies. Rowing with the same boat that took Cal ' s measure back home, the Huskies opened up a slight lead only to fall behind the Badgers at the mile mark. Despite a valiant effort af the finish by Washington, the Badgers were able to finish out in front by two lengths. In the jayvee race, after close jockeying for the lead between Cornell, Washington, and California, the Huskies went out in front at the mile and a half mark only to lose to the Bears In the last 200 yards by the very narrow margin of fifteen feet. GEORGE POCOCK— master shell buMder The brains behind the Husky crew — co.swAm TREN GRIFFIN, sfroko ROGER BAIRD, and coach AL ULBRICKSO ' J VARSITY CREW Head crew coach— AL ULBRICKSON With the last of the four-year lettermen gone, varsity coach Al Ulbrickson was still able to put together an experienced group of men for the 1951 season. There were but two seniors in the boat — stroke Roger Baird, and number two man and Captain Ken Walters. Two sophomores — Bill Cameron and Jim Callaghan — were able to boost themselves straight from the 1950 victorious frosh to the var- sity. The rest o? the boat — Joe Mclntyre, A! Ulbrickson Jr., C arl Lov- stad, and Jack Fletcher — were all juniors. Coxswain Tren Griffin, like his brother Art at the jayvee tiller, is going into graduate medical school and so saw his last year as helmsman. JIM CALLAGHAN— Bow CARL LOVSTAD— No. 3 JOE MclNTYRE— No. 7 JACK FLETCHER— No. 5 v - . , 1% ?», H - ■ " " ' , " ?■ VARSITY LETTERWINNERS Roger Baird Joe Mclntyre Al Ulbrlckson Jr. Jack Fletcher Bill Cameron Carl Lovsted Ken Walters Jim Callaghan Tren Griffin KEN WALTERS— No. 2 BILL CAMERON— No. 4 Tho men at the hclm -coxswains TREN and ART GRIFFIN. PRICKSON JR— No. 6 COKMBBAR 6..A tf,.« A half length from the finish of the Washington-California The Conibear plaque hanging on the wall of the Husky crew house. The JV crew saw several shifts o ' : the seatlngs made during the 1951 season, with four boys being moved in between the California and Marietta re9at- tas. The victorious JV boat that rowed to victory over the Bears on Lake Washington had but one senior in it — stroke Doug Putnam. There were two sophomores — Dick Wahlstrom and Dave Nielsen — wh ' le the rest of tho boat — Phil hHorrocks, Warren Helgerson, Dick Jordan, George Waiss, and hlowie Kellogg — were juniors. The boating for the Marietta race saw three sophomores — Matt Loanderson, Erv Johnson, and Eric Fonkalsrud — and jun- ior Gene Anderson replacing Putnam, Helgerson, Kellogg and Nielsen re- spectively. With fourteen out of the first 22 men back and two boats up from the championship frosh, the outlook for the 1952 season seems fairly bright. The JV crew at the California race— DOUG PUTNAM, DICK WAHLSTROM. DAVE NIELSEN, PHIL HORROCKS, WARREN HELGERSON, DICK JORDAN, GEORGE WAISS, HOWIE KELLOGG. ART GRIFFIN. ERIC FONKALSRUD— Bov. » - ir ■-s_i» •= ' - i- — ' ra e — Washington won by one and threo-fourth lengths. JUNIOR IRV JOHNSON— No. 4 VARSITY CREW LETTERWINNERS DOUG PUTNAM DICK WAHLSTROM DAVE NIELSEN PHIL HORROCKS WARREN HELGERSON DICK JORDAN GEORGE WAISS HOWIE KELLOGG MATT LEANDERSON GENE ANDERSON ERV JOHNSON ERIC FONKALSRUD ART GRIFFIN MAn LEANDERSON— Stroke GENE ANDERSON— No. 6 The varsity boat before a turnout— ULBRICKSON, CAMERON. BAIRD. CALLAGHAN. WALTERS. GRIFFIN, FLETCHER, LOV- STED, MclNTYRE. 235 Head frosh coach— STAN POCOCK LETTERWINNERS Roland Camfleld Keifh Riely Ted Frost William Hohn Ivar Birkeland James Howay Don Backman John Cahill Martin Anderson Gerald Bond Larry Brown George Clarke Gordon Harper Guy Harper Glen Love William Stevens Richard Swanson Bob Witter FROSH CREW Coach Stan Pocock ' s Husky yearlings, during the 1951 season, ex- tended their amazing win streak to thirteen consecutive victories over a ten-year period. The trosh took the measure of both the California and Stanford frosh during the season, and won the coveted Marietta race. After trailing the Stanford frosh for half the distance on Lake Washington, the Husky Pups forged ahead at the mile mark. Stroked by Roland Camfield and with Bob Witter at the helm, the Pups were never threatened after that and won going away at two and one-half lengths. Guy Harper, stroke, and Gordon Hardy broke into the lineup for the trip back east to Marietta. There, the swamping of the Navy plebes forced the Freshman race to be postponed until the end of the day. Then when they finally started, the Princeton crew swamped, nearly taking Washington with it. MIT ran very strong in the early going, and with a quarter of a mile left, the Huskies were the only other crew in contention. The Pups were forced to take the stroke up to the unusually high beat of 40 strokes a minute before they were able to pull passed MIT. Twenty yards from the finish, Washington went into the lead, and they won by a quarter length still pulling away. Despite a somewhat smaller than usual turnout. Coach Pocock was able to put together a boat that averaged 6 ' 2I 2 " in height and 184 pounds in weight. freshmen boating for the California regatta— ROLAND CAMFIElD, KEITH RIELY, TED FROST, WIL- M JOHN, IVAR BIRKELAND, JAMEES HOWAY, DONALD BACKMAN, JOHN CAHILL, BOB WITTER. LIGHTWEIGHT CREW The lightweight crew displays their regret over the ceasing of lightweight activities: they are STU BARKER, RON WALKER, TOM THIES, JERRY ROGERS. JIM RUTTNER, LEE ELMQUIST. BILL GROSS and BILL HEIK- KINEN (JACK RUSS, not shown, was also a regular). If was with regret that the lightweight crewmen watched the 1951 season come to an end, for it saw the last of the Washington light- weight crews take to the water. Rising expenses and limited turnouts forced the athletic department to cease lightweight crew activities. Under Coach Chuck Moriarity, the Husky crews swept to five vic- tories over Oregon State and the Vancouver Rowing Club during the 1951 season. Washington first met the OSC varsity on the Willamette and came through to win by two lengths. The lightweights later re- peated with a three and one-half length edge over the OSC Beavers on Lake Washington. A preliminary race the same day found the second boat coming in behind the second Husky frosh boat, with the OSC junior varsity third. Another day of racing an placid Lake Wash- ington found the first lightweight boat stroking to a six-length victory over the Vancouver Rowing Club. Races earlier the same day found the second lightweight shell pulling out to a five-length win over the Vancouver JV; and the Husky four-oared boat defeating their Cana- dian opponents by four lengths. For the eleventh straight year. Washington ' s four-oared shell without cox won the Henley Mile In the Canadian International Regatta at Kelowna, B.C. Shown at right are the oarsmen: stroke. STU BARKER; TOM THIES: ERIC FONKALS- RUD: and bow. CHARLES WYNN. WYNN. rowing with a Canadian boy. also won the doubles chan pionshlp. Head lightweight coach— CHUCK MORIARITY. LEITERWINNERS Stuart Barker Dick Boyce Lee Elmqulst William Gross Bob Morton Stanton Rennlnger Jerry Rogers Jack Russ Jim Ruttner Tom Thies Ron Walker MANAGERS BILL HOULAHAN Senior Manager BOB O CONNOR Senior Fresh Manager Junior monogers— DEAN KALLANDER, MEL3 LINDTH, JIM ENGLAND. JACK RIGSEY. FALL TURNOUTS Freshman managers— JIM TAYLOR, DEL STOUTENBURG. WALLY SMITH, ROY SWANSON, FRED KORTMAN, RUSTY THYGESON (not plciurod— PHILIP BROV N). Sophoinoro managers— BILL THRAILKILL, CHESTER BEARD (not pictured— JOHN RUTTAN). CREW TURNOUT «•■ I ' . BASEBALL 1951 Tabbed as favorites to cop their first Northern Division championship In 19 years, the Husky d amondmen stumbled In the home stretch and finished a disappointing third. The Huskies wound up the conference season with ten wins and six losses behind Oregon State and runnerup Wash- ington State. Bright stars of the season were Bob Peterson, who pitched fojr straight ND wins, Including a no-run, no-hit masterpiece against Idaho; Jim Morrison, peppery first baseman who won the 1952 captaincy, and the Washington outfield of Tom Absher, Gordy Rodland and Larry Herns, the best in the league. In an attempt to insert more punch into his infield, Coach Warren Tappin shifted regular catcher Sam Mitchell to shortstop and inserted improving Dave Lewis behind the plate. The mid- season move proved successful but the Husky pitching staff didn ' t hold up under the late sea- son pressure. Varsity manager was Bill Bailey. The 1951 squad shows; Coach Warren Tappin, foreground; front row, Gerry Kimmerle. Kenny Anderson, Dave Lewis, Chuck Magnuson, Bob Moen, Bob Bell, Mai Waite, Carl Wells, Marty McDougall; back row. Dick Williams. Will Elliott, Irv Lobaugh, Jack Englert. Len Tucker. Lome Hurlbuf. Bob Houbregs. Jim Morrison, Reed Hansen. Gordy Rodland, Tom Absher, Don Hansler, Larry Herns, Gene Norton. Coach WARREN TAPPIN led the Huskies to third place in the Northern Division standings. BOB MOEN captained the diamondmen and southpawed three wins during the 1951 season. Versatile SAM MITCHELL. hard-hiHing catcher who wds switched to shortstop In mid-season, bangs out d hit In a 1951 conterence game. Husky heavy hiHcrs shown above are GORDY RODLAND. GENE NORTON DON HANSLER and LORNE HURLBUT. BOB HOUBREGS. Carl Wetis Bob Bell Gerald Kimmerie Bob Peterson Dave Lewis Wilbur Elliott Tom Abshor Clydt; Glassnnan Bob Houbregs Jim Morrison Sam Mitchell Gordy Rodland INDIVIDUAL STATISTICS BATTING Larry Herns 16 62 10 15 G AB R H Pet, ' " Lobaugh 7 16 6 3 3 2 1 I 500 ' ' Englert 12 29 3 5 4 5 12 400 Lome Hurlbut 14 41 3 7 y g I 3 375 ° °° " 7 18 6 3 6 17 3 6 .353 ' - " " " = 8 25 4 2 14 42 10 14 .333 PITCHING 3 3 1 .333 VV L 15 49 13 15 .306 B b Peterson 4 12 46 8 14 .304 Bob Bell I 8 23 I 7 .304 Bob Moen 3 2 13 49 II 14 .286 Chuck Magnuson I I M 32 8 9 .281 Mai Walte I 2 16 64 10 18 .281 Carl Wells I I Hard-hitting CLYDE GLASSMAN (top) and outfielder LARRY HERNS were reg- ulars on the Washington nine. Hustling JIMMY MORRISON strides for first base in an effort to beat out an infield roller. GENE CAMP of Washington State males the play. .242 .187 .172 .171 .167 .080 ERA 3.28 2.70 4.82 3.65 3.48 2.85 Pitcher MAL WAlTE nearly trips on d bat as he crosses home plate for a score in one of the Hus- kies ' honne conference games. BOB PETERSON (top) was the Leading hurler on the Husky mound staff while DAVE LEWIS (boHom) was the regular catcher and JIM MORRISON (right) the number one flr t ba emon. 1 1 SEASON ' S RECORD Washington 6. Washington State Winner — Moen Loser — Wilkinson Washington State I I, Washington 6 Winner — Keogh Loser — Waite Washington 7. Idaho Winner — Peterson (no-hit, no-run game) Washington 6. Idaho 2 Winner — Moen Loser — Schiller Washington 8. Oregon 7 Winner — Peterson Loser — Hanns Washington 9, Oregon 6 Winner — Mo:n Loser — Aune Oregon State 12, Washington 3 Winner — Brehm Loser — Wells Oregon State 5. Washington 2 Winner — White Loser — Moen Washington 7. Oregon 6 Winner — Waite Loser — Auno Washington 13. Oregon 6 Winner — Magnuson Loser — Krause Oregon State 8. Washington 3 Winner — Brehm Loser — Moen Washington II, Oregon State I Winner — Peterson Loser — White Washington 5. Idaho I Winner — Peterson Loser — Anderson Washington 9, Idaho 3 Winner — Bell Loser — Hinckley Washington State 13, Washington 5 Winner — Keogh Loser — Waite Washington State 6, Washington 5 Winner — James Loser — Magnuson FROSH NUMERAL WINNERS Bob Crook Don Sperry Maurice Preston Bill Stuht Bob Richardson Larry Watson Rilph Hudson Chuck Adams Tom Sprague Don Cosgrove KenjI Yoshlnaka Roland Halle Jack Barrett Fred Hutchison Chuck Horn Bertram Uddenberg 243 r » - m m »t- ■ V ' ,% -. - GEORGE WIDENFELT is shown going over the high-jump bar as he captured second place in the NCAA meet, held in the UW Stadium last spring. 1951 TRACK The Huskies ' hurdling duo of PETE STEW- ARD and CAPTAIN JOHN DONALD- SON consistently ran one-two in both hurdle events, and finished second and third in team scoring. COACH HEC EDMUNDSON guided the unexpectedly strong Husky cinder- dusfers to a 3-1 record in Northern Divi- sion competition. Veteran PAUL McCONKEY. d sen- ior lettermAn, once again was a valuable asset in the broad-jump division. -• « w rv EVERETT SOUTHWICK ihowed much promise di d sophomore desh mdn. 9u«rter-miler PETEE DUFOUR con- sistently racked up first and seconds in his first year at Washington. BILL RICHARDS helped Washington capture the two-mile event in every Northern Division meet. Senior managerial positions were filled by KEN ANDERSON, senior manager, JAY ALLISON, senior freshman manager. Junior managers were TODD DRUM- MOND and STEVE LEWIS. Versatile GEORGE WIDENFELT led the Huskies in scoring with 63 ' ; points. Sohpomore ROD VANDERHOOF gave the Huskies a big boost in the distance department. DICK LOUDON was a handy mid- dle-distance man for the Purple and Gold. Although not expscted to show much power, Wash- ington ' s 1951 tracksters upset most pre-season fore- casts by showing surprising strength in winning three out of four Northern Division meets during a season which was further brightened by the brilliant Indi- vidual performances of George WIdenfelt. In addi- tion to jumping 6 feet 6 Inches for second place In the NCAA high-jump, the former Swedish decath- lon champion competed in the discus, broad jump, high jump and mile relay. He racked up 63I 2 points in pacing the Huskies ' surge. Gathering many of their points In the hurdles, half-miie, and two-mile events. Coach Hoc Ed- mundson ' s clnderdusters overpowered three straight Northern Division opponents — Oregon, Oregon State, and Idaho — before succumbing to the talent- laden Washington State Cougars. The Purple and Gold forces also dropped an Inter-dlvlsion meet to the California Golden Bears, although the Califor- nians ' margin of victory was slight. Consistent In fhe point-getting department, be- side WIdenfelt, was the hurdling duo of Captain John Dona ' dson and Pete Steward. The talented timber-toppers repeatedly dominated the hurdles events, finishing onc-tv o In all regular season meets, in addition to qualifying for the NCAA meet, which was held in the UW Stadium. They followed WIden- felt In the scoring parade, tallying 46 and 51, re- spectively. Other Husky reliables were Ken Morgan, who captured the half-mile four times before com- peting in the NCAA, and Bill Richards and George Abbey, who alternated as two-mile winners. The Huslcies ' top shof-puHer. LORAN PERRY, was d vdiudble point-winner. A soph speed-merchant, BOB HUTCHISON. carried the Husky banner in the sprint events. Comprising half of Washington ' s potent two- mile combindtion was senior GEORGE ABBEY. Providing unexpected power in the 880 was KEN MORGAN, who racked up four firsts. Husky grid Captain TED HOLZKNECHT bol- stered Washington shot-put strength. Junior EARL LESLEY was a dependable miler for the Husky cinder forces. A junior p ' oved 6 transfer, worthwhile pole-vaulter DICK BALE acquisition. Senior shot-putter BILL DIXON again was a dependable nndnnbcr of the weight corps. I lam:: Veteran pole-voulter CHARLES BR 13 feet 4 inches in setting an all-t IGHAM soared me U W record. HUSKY DUAL MEET RESULTS NORTHERN DIVISION Washington Washington 74 84 Oregon Oregon State 57 47 MEET Washington State Oregon 501 2 34 Washington 571 2 California 731 2 WASHINGON 28 Washington 83 Idaho 48 Idaho 27 Washington 581 2 Wash. State 721 2 Oregon State 251 2 Standout among the freshman cinder- men was DENNY MEYER, whose scin- tilatting distance performances made him a key man In Coach " Hec " Ed- mundson ' s future plans. i Pictured below are members of the 1951 freshman track squad. Eolow are: Coach Percy Egvet. Bill Kerry, Charles Graham, Don Kane, Gerald Allison, John Ruggles, Bob Friars, Dennis Meyer, Bob Janisch, Nathan Clif- fo-d, Wilson Gaw, Bob Johnson, Bob Fornia, Gerald Peabody. Rod Nystrom, and Coach Clarence " Hec " Ed- mundson. Absent numeral winners are: Milt Bohart, Don Houvene-, Andrew Ryan, Don Tripp, and Orbey Wieland. ■i HUSKY FROSH MEET RESULTS Washington 88 Olympic J.C 41 Washington 66 Oregon 44 Washington 74 St. Martin " s 44 U.B.C. 34 247 TENNIS 1951 Coach Windy Langlle ' s varsity tennis forces breezed through another undefeated sea- son, winning thoir twelfth straight championship and their fifteenth title in the past sixteen years. The Husky nctmen swept aside all competition, winning four of their six matches without lo;ing a point. In the northern division meet in Seattle the Huskies proved to be rude hosts as they c aptured both singles and doubles honors to win handily. Providing the spark of the Purple and Gold cause was diminutive Wally Bostick, the squad ' s top performer and number one man. Bostick won the ND singles title by beating Tom McDonald of Oregon in the finals, 6-2, 6-2. In the doubles competition, it was an all-Husky finale with Glenn Linden and Lou Wick combining to edge team- mates Jerry Kirk and Bostic ' ;, 6-3, 15-13. Linden and Wick were unseeded before the meet. The Huskies opened the season with an easy win over the Olympic Tennis club. The only other team to take a point from Washington was Oregon State that fell before the Huskies by a 4-to-3 margin. Oregon, Western Washington, Idaho and Washington State lost to the UW forces by 7 -to-0 counts. The season ' s record brought to 50 the string of dual match victories o; Husky teams. The local tennis forces haven ' t lost in dual competition since 1937. WALLY BOSTICK NORTHERN DIVISION MEET Washington Oregon Oregon State Idaho Washington State 18 7 5 I JIM MANDLEY, Manager WINDY LANGLIE. Coach •M p: LOU V ICK WALT HAGEMAN DANNY LIM SEASON ' S RECORD UW 7, Olympic Tennis Club I, UW 7, Oregon 0. UW 4, Oregon State 3. UW 7, Western Washington UW 7, Idaho 0. UW 7, Washington State 0. FROSH NUMERAL WINNERS James Amende Brian Comstock Bob Hanson Ed Osborne Al Pedersen Al Wong GLENN LINDEN ED BENNETT GOLF 1951 After losing the season ' s opener to Oregon, 19 to 8, the Husky golf squad journeyed to Corvallis where they downed OSC in a close match. Taking this as th?ir cue, the Huskies turned in decisive vic- tories over Idaho and WSC to complete the season ' s match play. Idaho went down, 14 to 3, and WSC was defeated, 2OI 2 to 6 ' 2- Sparking this year ' s varsity squad were the men up from last year ' s championship freshman team, along with Tom Barwick and Ervin Furu ' tawa, both from the 1950 varsity squad. Barwick repre- senteed Washington in the NCAA meet at Columbus, Ohio, failing to qualify by two strokes. However, In an East-West contest among the NCAA golfers, Barwick won his match. Under the eye of Coach Bill Jefferson, Jr., the players steadily improved throughout the season, as their scores will bear out. Man- ager of the 1951 golf squad was Bob Lorentzen. Culminating the season was the capture of the Northern Division Medal Play crown. Washington finished 6 points ahead of Oregon to avenge the early-season defeat handed out by the Ducks. OSC fin- ished third, followed by WSC and Idaho. Individual honors went to Washington ' s Paul Johanson and Don Russell, who tied with Fred Strebel of Oregon with a score of 146 for 36 holes. COACH BILL JEFFERSON led the Husky golf- ers through a successful 1951 season. PAUL JOHANSON f TOM BARWICK NORTHERN DIVISION MEDAL PLAY Washington 604 Oregon 610 Oregon State 612 Washington State 653 Idaho 691 JIMMY BOURNE VARSITY eOL- bgUAD. caclt rc ' J.m-ny Bodrnc. To-n Bdr -;cR. Gordy Swanson. Don Russell, and Paul Johanson; front row — Ervin Furultawa, and Jim Hynds. FROSH NUMERAL WINNERS Kim Blunt Jay Friedman Jerome Sreenway Earl Hansen Robert Holdrldge JIM HYNDS ERV FURUKAWA DON RUSSELL 251 DALLAS " TEX " ZEIGER, Senior Manager BOB BUCKLEY. Diving Coach JACK TORNEY, Head Coach SWIMMING 1952 In looking over the pasf season one finds that the Husky sw ' mming teams have a record that no other UW teann can match. The Torney-coached teams have been the power of the conference for many years. This year ' s team was led by three Ail-Americans: diver Merrill Hodg3S, breaststroker Dick Magnuscn, and Pete Salmon, National 150-yard Indi- vidual Medley Champion. This trio, aided by several outstanding freshmen and sophomores extended the consecutive dual meet victory string to the phenomenal number of thirty-one. The last team to beat a Washington team in a dual meet was Oregon in 1944. In winning the Northern Division Title the Huskies made it eight champion- ships in their last len years. The 1952 edition of Purple and Gold swimmers ranks as one of the all-time greats as far as overall team strength goes. Nine of the twelve fastest times recorded for the past season are held by Husky mermen. The wearers of the Purple and Gold also captured six of the Northern Division individual crowns. Outstanding times were turned in by several of the Huskies which would compare favorably with those recorded by swimmers from the eastern powerhouses. Losing only three men by graduation, Coach Jack Torney can look forward to another great season next year as his teams continue to be the power of the conference. A consistent point getter throughout the season. CHUCK SHELDON finished up his eligibility with two fourth places in the Northern Pacific Division Meet. He was doubly honored this season by his teammates as they showed their confidence in him by electing him as the team captain. At the season ' s end they selected him as the one to receive the Inspirational Award for the past season. The other senior on this year ' s varsity is BOB CLAYTON who finished up his swimming career as he anchored the 300 Medley Relay to a Northern Division title. He also placed second in the 440 and third In the 220. His best meet of the season was against W.S.C. where he won the 220 in the good time of 2rl7, and the 440 in his best time of 4:56. 252 Freshman sensation DICK ELLIOTT specialized in the 100 and 200-yard freestyle events. Against Oregon he set a conference record of 2:11 in the furlong. He set a 200 yard medley record at O.S.C. and won the 100 yard freestyle and placed second in the 220 event at the Northern Division meet. Coming up from last year ' s frosh squad to att aln varsity prominence Is FRANK GRAHAM. He picked up his share of points by swimming on two winning relay combinations against Idaho after getting off to a slow start. Former Oregon high school All-American back- stroker is JOHN GOODE. Changing events, he swam the 100 and 220 yard freestyle races and led off the 400 yard freestyle relay team for the Huskies. Starting off the season by losing a disputed de- cision in the first conference meet. BOB HAM- BLIN played a key role in the success of UW swim fortunes. He won the 100 and 200 yar;] backstroke races and swam a leg of the vie torious medley relay team. MERRILL HODGES, af far right. Washington . All-American diver, finished up another success- ful season by winning the Northern Division high and low board titles. He got keen compe- tition against Oregon but showed championship qualities under pressure. Freshman BOB LEWIS showed his worth In the frosh meets and earned a crack at the ND meet where he garnered a pair of third place ribbons in the two backstroke events. With three years of competition remaining, he figures prominently in UW plans. DICK MAGNUSON won All-American recogni- tion for the Huskies in his specialty, the breast- stroke, as a sophomore and continued his win- ning ways this season. He topped all dual meet competition and in the ND meet he took second in the 200 yard event and was first In the 100. He also captured third In the conference 50 yard freestyle race. VARSITY MEETS VARSITY SEASON RECORD Washington Washington Washington Washington Washington Washington 70 UBC .. 22 69 WWCE 15 59 Washington State 25 511 2 Oregon 321 2 62 Oregon State 22 58 Idaho 16 Graduating from last year ' s frosti fo the 1952 varsity was TED MILLESON, who proved to be a consistent point getter for the Huskies. At the ND meet he missed a turn and knocked himself out against the wall but managed to finish out the race. Sophomore JIM PORTELANCE set several national frosh records for the 1500 meter distance last season but failed to better his marks this year. At the ND meet he placed second in the 1500 meters, third In the 440 freestyle and fourth In the 220 freestyle. NORTHERN DIVISION MEET Washington 137 Washington State 105 Oregon 69 Oregon State 23 Idaho I I A freestyler who was converted to the breastroke this season and found it to his liking is DICK SIMMONS. During the year he turned In some good times and at the ND meet placed third in the 200 yard breastroke. hHe returns next season. In his first year on the high board for the Huskies, BOB THOMAS came through like a veteran In an event where exper- ience counts most. He proved able to carry his share of the load and returns for more duty in 1953. One of the hardest workers on the 1952 squad is MYRON SO HALL. His seriousness paid off In the long run as he won third place In the 200 yard indi- vidual medley at the Northern Division meet with a year of eli- gibility remaining. Swimming his last year under the colors of Washington is PETE SALMON who ranks with Husky all-time greats in the world of swimming. He has been All- Amerlcan for four seasons and cap- tured the National 1 50 yard Individual medley title. He managed to partici- pate this season despite a heavy Medi- cal school scholastic load, being limited to the home meets. 254 Freshman ERIC JUBB showed why he was se- lected on the Canadian Olympic team In 1948 in his first year at Washington. He wound up with a second In the 50 yard freestyle event at the NO meet along with being the squad ' s top spirit builder. DOUG STEWART made up for a slow start by finish- ing up with a spot on the winning medley relay team at the ND meet. He also placed third In the 100 yard breastroke and returns for the ' 53 season. JACK TORNEY III finished the season strong by swimming on two winning relays against Idaho. In the Northern Division he finished fourth In the 200 yard Individual medley and siith in the 200 yard breastroke. FROSH SWIMMING With the brilliant performances turned in by the freshmen last season, this year ' s team had much to live up to. Proving themselves equal to the job, the yearlings completed a successful season against college frosh and h ' gh school competition. The Husky Pups v on eight of ten meets, going into action several times with their top competitors performing for the varsity. With Co-Captains Bob Lewis and Eric Jubb along with Dick Elliott and John Goode leading the way, a considerable number of the 1952 frosh squad will swim for the varsity next season. FRESHtvlAN MANAGERS; Dick Johnson, Jim Sutler, Don Baldwin. FRESHMAN SEASON REC ORC Frosh 38 Stadium 37 Frosh 48 Everett 26 Frosh 37 Aero 29 Frosh 62 Longview 13 Frosh 49 Lincoln 25 Frosh 28 Stadium 47 Frosh 56 Aberdeen 18 Frosh 60 HIghllne 15 Frosh 24 Aero 42 Frosh 38 UBC 37 Frosh Mount Vernon FRESHMAN SWIMMING TEAMr Standing— Don Bald- win (Manager), Warren Spangler, Bob Lewis (Co- Captain). Dick Elliott. Dale Jewett. Jim Dykes. Don Johnson (Manager). Kneeling — Jack Torney (Coach), John Goode. Eric Jubb (Co-Captain), Ron Taylor, Skip Tatom, Jim Butler (Manager). Sitting — Merle Prim, Floyd Geller, Tom Harding. 255 € l kttii... . I s K I I N C 1 9 5 2 At the start of the season, there was hope that Husky snow flyers would again cop the Northwest intercollegiate ski championship crown they had worn for five successive years. But heavy odds embodied in a Scandinavian-bolstered WSC team proved too much for the Varsity squad. Phil Gillls, Gene Brady, Pete Withers, and Norm Welch kept Husky heads above Ice water In the downhill-slalom competition, but Palouse jump- ing strength nosed out Jan Klaer, Asbjorn Lundteigen and Kjell Bakke in the classics. Furthermore, Huskies found themselves In a tough spot near the beginning of the season. Veterans Olie Lie, Tor Heyerdahl and Per Pederson didn ' t return this winter while Ted Hill, top slalom and upper-bracket cross-country artist, broke his leg during training. Footballer GIllIs moved Into Hill ' s spot while maintaining first position as downhill man. But Husky hopes look promising for next year. Already established on the squad is a strong group of frosh skiers: 4-way man Kjell Bakke, 3-way ' men Ted Hill and Art Chetlaln. Also back with the team will be Lundteigen, speedsters Gillls and Welsh, and sophomores Johr Grobey and Ross McLaughlin, snowmen In downhill and slalom. Hard working team managers this year were Bob Wikeen, seniors; Chuck Conway, sophomores, and Leigh Rabel and Bill Calvert, frosh managers. BUSTER CAMPBELL Team Coach BANFF RACERS: Front row — Jan Kiaer, Coach Campbell. Ass ' t Coach Stlngl, Kjell Bakke. Back row — Norm Welsh. Bob Wikeen (senior mgr.). Gene Brady, Ted Hill. Phil Gillis, Asbjorn Lunteigen. Art Chet- iain. Missing — Ross McLaughlin. Intercollegiate Meet Wena+chee, Wash. 1st WASHINGTON 2nd Wena+chee JC 3rd Seattle U 4+h Seattle U " B " 5th Whitman 6+h WASHINGTON JV 7th CPS III Meet Rossland, B.C. Tie WASHINGTON WSC 3rd Red Mtn. SO 4th Montana State 5th U British Colunnbia 6th Wenatchee JC KARL STINGL Ass ' t Coach KJELL BAKKE 4-way GENE BRADY Team Captain ART CHETLAIN 3-way A 4 J NORTHERN DIVISION 4.WAY MEET EmidO Idaho 1st WSC 2nd WASHINGTON 3rd Oregon 4th Idaho JOHN GROBEY Downhill-Slalom PETE WITHERS Downhill-Slalom JAN KIAER Classic 258 TEAM RESULTS Northwest Intercollegiate Championships UW Sid Area, Stevens Pass 1st WSC 2nd WASHINGTON 3rd Seattle University 4th Whitman 5th Montana State 6th Idaho International Intercollegiate Meet BanH, Canada 1st WSC 2nd WASHINGTON 3rd UBC 4th Wenatchee JC 5th Montana State 6th Portland U NWISA Classic Combined Leavenworth, Wash. 1st WSC 2nd WASHINGTON 3rd Seattle U 4th Whitman 5th Montana State 6th U of Idaho NORM WELSH Downhill-Slalom ASBJORN LUNDTEIGEN Jumping ROSS McLaughlin Downhill-Slalom Minor Sports 260 A frio of cross-country performers who double as varsity track distance aces are. left to right, DENNY MEYER. BILL RICHARDS and ROD VANDERHOFF. Coach HEC EDMUNDSON talks with nnembers of the cross-country squad before a sta- dium workout. Left to right, EDMUNDSON. ROD NYSTROM, FIELD RYAN, DENNY MEYER, BILL RICHARDS, ROD VANDERHOFF. CROSS COUNTRY Coach Clarence " Hec " Edmundson and his squad of cross country perfornners turned In another creditable showing during the fall quarter season. With sophomore Denny Meyer leading the way, the distance team breezed to second place In their only Inter-colleglate test of the season at Vancouver, B. C. Meyer pushed Bill Parnell, Canadian Olympic Games performer, all the way to take runnerup Individual honors. Other Husky competitors were Rod Nystrom, Field Ryan, Rod Vander- hoff and Bill Richards. Training site of the Husky runners is a special course through the arboretum. All of the squad members also belong to the UW track squad. Varsity letters were awarded Denny Meyer, Bill Richards, Rod Nystrom, and Field Ryan. RIFLE TEAM With Captain Dwain Colby leading the way, the varsity riflemen brought more honors to the University during the 1 95 I - ' 52 campaign. The Huskies compiled a season ' s record of 44 wins and 7 losses. Highlight of the rifle activities was the setting of a new national four-man team scoring record In the Hearst state rifle matches. The Huskies captured the regional collegiate shootoffs and wound uo as the nation ' s third ranking team in NRA telegraphic competition. In the individual regional stand- ings the UW riflemen dominated by taking the first five places. The Huskies also captured the small bore rifle league of the Puget Sound Rifleman Association with Captain Colby establishing a national four-position Iron sights record. Varsity letterwinners are Dwaln Colby, Guy Belleman, Ed Osborne, Bob White, Gordon McAllister, Richard Tyler, David Moline, Leroy Hovde, Ray Graham and Jack Radnlch. Members of the Varsity Rifle team are, front row, Bob White, Cap- tain Dwaln Colby, Guy Bellem an; back row, Mapor V. Doss Wood, officer in charge; Ray H. Graham, Ed Osbcne, Richard W. Tyler, Sgt. Raymond Strojny, coach. Members not present are Gordon Mc- Allister, David Moline, Leroy Hovde, Jack Radnich, Earle Jewell, Jerry Smoot, Tren Williamson, Robert Kramer, Ryle Radke. BOXING Highlight of the University boxing season was the thrill-paclied Flstfest, sponsored by the Associated Men Students. Varsity Minor " W " awards were pre- sented the victors of the eight matches on the card. In the unlimited heavyweight division, Joe Mclntyre punched his way to an easy decision over Nat O ' Day. In the semi-windup event Con Walker won a verdict from John Crawford. Archie McLean, the only de- fending Flstfest champion, retained his title by taking a T.K.O. verdict in the second round from Dick Berry. Ken Erlcksen turned in a relative upset by downing Ed Redkey to win the 155-165 pound division. Erlck- sen was also presented with the AMS Inspirational Plaque from last year ' s winner, Don Roos. Battling Ben Hayes, the punchy politician, won over Fuat " Terrible Turk " Turanciol in one of the most colorful bouts on the card. In the 135-145 pound division Bill Brady was the victor over Kent Kammerer, while Grant Moyer beat Dick Hall and Lee Contreras fook the nod from Gene Okamura in the first two bouts of the evening. ARCHIE McLean, winner of the 175-185 pound division, iakes one on the JOHN CRAWFORD. McLEAN won by a T.K.O. DON ROOS. first winner of the AMS Inspiration Boxing Plaque, receives the ward fronn CARL LOVSTED, chairman of last years Flstfest. This year ' s winner and chairman were KEN ERICKSEN and RICK ADAMS. BILL BRADY moves in on KENT KAMMERER 1 his quest for the 135-145 pound division fitie. BRADY was the winner. The Terrible Turke, FUAT TURANCIOL, connects a gainst BEN HAYES in one of the evening ' s top bouts. HAYES took the decision. JOE MclNTYRE and NAT O ' DAY mii it up in their unlimited heavyweight match which cli- maxed the Flstfest festivities. Volleyball team members are: Front row, LEN TUCKER, NARTE JAIMA, AARON VEDERHOFF. MILTON UEHARA. CARL BODE, Coach NORM KUNDE; back row, AAVO KALVISTE, KENT BECKMAN, STAN ELLEXSON, ED APSITIS, KEN PIM. VARSITY VOLLEYBALL Husky volleyball forces, under the guidance of Coach Norm Kunde, completed another successful season during the 1 95 I - ' 52 school year. The Huskies compiled a match record of I I wins and 4 losses and played a total of 58 games. Sparked by lanky Stan Ellexson, the UW team came down the homestretch of the season with five match victories. Ellexson carried the brunt of the offense after Jan Robins was lost to the squad through Illness and a shoulder Injury. The season marked the first time in UW history that the Huskies were beaten by another college squad. The Portland University Pilots toppled the Husky team In the Northwest Intercollegiate Invitational tournament. Missing from next year ' s lineup will be four graduating seniors: Captain Carl Bode, three-year letterman; Len Tucker and Stan Ellexson, two-year lettermen; and Jan Robins, one-year letterman. Other squad members who were awarded circled W ' s for 1 95 1 - ' 52 play are: Kent Beckmai,, Aavo Kalvlste, Jim Narte, Ken PIm, Milt Uehara, and Aaron Vederhoff. Coach NORM KUNDE and Captain CARL BODE check over the team schedule during a turnout session. STAN ELLEXSON, the Huskies ' offensive star, goes high in the air for a running spike effort. INTRAMURAL ADMINISTRATION Head of Jhe intramural department LEN STEVENS l«ft, talks things over with hli assistant ERIC HUGHES. ■ .. L -J — ■ m c T ' ' i m m » 4 " ' ! tl " ;i 9 mty ' h • m m k ■ ' ■ Left, Junior managers JOHN KURTZ and JOHN OGDEN loolc over the chart of organizations which have been cited because of forfeits ' n intramural play. Other managers (right) are: Front row, DICK KOMEN JACK ANDERSON, BRUCE HALEY: middle row, AL SEEGAR, BILL SCOH, LEONARD McCLARY, DAVE LARSEN; back row. STUART SMAILES, GUY KUHNS, JIM SWIFT, CLYDE POWELL. LEE GINGRICH served as Senior Manager of Intramural Sports during the l95l- ' 52 school year. SOFTBALL — Chi Psi — Front row, Jim Furber, Bua bona, nugn McElhenny. Keith Baunnsgard, Scotty Church, Dennis McFeely; back row, Bob Smith, Dick Paynter, Herb Carson, Dick Erickson, Gordy Cameron, Howard Wilson. SPRING INTRAMURALS TENNIS— Alpha Delta Phi— Walt Peter- son, and Don Mahatfey. GOLF — Delta Kappa Epsilon — Bill Balrd and Jim Paul. HORSESHOES— Compass and Chart— Andrew Hulshof and Edward Ober. )ifia •w 1. WATER BASKETBALL— Beta Theta Pl_Front row. Pe e Salmon. Bob Hamblin. Bob Minard; Back row. Bob Regan. Jim Ingram, Bill Dorsey, Ray L»» and Jim Piarca. CREW — Delta Upsilon — Morse Johnson, Morris Swan, Dick Ryno. Bill Shaw, and Jim Travis, coxswain. TRACK — Phi Delta Theta — Front row, John Hartley. Phi Kappa Sigma, mile run; Don Berg, Compass and Chart, 100-yard dash: Joe CIpriano. Sigma Alpha Epsilon. 440-yard dash; Bud McGinnis. Phi Delta Theta, 880-yard relay: Frank Gulsness, Phi Delta Theta. high jump; Chuck Coleman. Phi Delta Theta. 880-yard relay: Second Row, Bob Harmon, unattached, 880-yard run; Walt Hogle. Com- pass and Chart, shotput; Doug McClary, Phi Delta Theta, 880-yard relay: Ted Jones, Phi Delta Theta. 120-yard low hurdles and 880- yard relay. Not pictured are Ken Jones, Phi Delta Theta, broad jump, and Jim Iddings, Kappa Sigma 80-yard high hurdles. SWIMMING— COMPASS AND CHART— Front row, Al Christie. Keith Jetferts, Keith Roys, Jerry Akers; back row. HHarry Sanltey, Bob Ferguson, John Wagar, Edward Lyon, Bob Loken and Joe Donoghue. FALL INTRAMURALS FOOTBALL— PHI GAMMA DELTA— Front row, Bob Garvin, Ted HHulett. Al Johnson, Jim Men. Bill Riley, Tom Keubler; back row, Dean Saffle, Bob Moen, Bruce Mauser. Ron Kirtland. Chuck Magnuson, Art Gollofon, George Casperson, and Joe H olmes. BILLIARDS— SIGMA ALPHA EPSILON— Len Tucker and Dave Caslagno. All Star Intramural Football Team Jack Pjdrick, Air ROTC End Dean Saffle. Phi Gamma Delta End Art Gollofon. Phi Gamma Delta Guard Don Meltvcdt. Phi Sigma Kappa Guard Chuck Magnuson. Phi Gamma Delta Center Dick Murchy. Beta Theta Pi Back Gary Stark. Zeta Psi Back Del LaFdce, Acacia Back Jack Hupp, Sigma Phi Epsilon Back VOLLEYBALL— ALPHA SIGMA PHI— Front row, Don Bolan, Bill Mair Jim Enslin: back ro , Harry Groger. Ken Burrows, Bud Poison, and Pat Healy. PING PONG— RAINIER HALL— Winfred Lim, Danny Lim, and Nissim Marsha WRESTLING— INDIVIDUAL CHAMPIONS— Fronf row, Elwood Madsen. Forest Club; HIroshI Kajlmura. Synkoa; Bill Tanahe. Synkoa; John Bailey, Sigma Chi; Back row. Dick VanDerscheldon, Sigma Chi; Fred Michelotti. Forest Club; Dick Imer, Phi Kappa Sigma; Jack Bruchman, Phi Kappa Sigma. BASKETBALL— BETA THETA PI— Front row, Ken Dunn, Tracy King, Jim Morrison, Don Marshall; Back row, Arne Bergh, Hal Newsom, Bill Earley. WINTER INTRAMURALS BADMINTON — PHI DELTA THETA Edmunds and Wendell Niles. Hanit HANDBALL— KAPPA SIGMA— Archie McLean and Harrison McKay. FENCING — Dave Kingery receives +he individual trophy from Al Nelson, Intramural manager. SKIING— THETA CHI— Lloyd Benjamin. Mike Jared. Tom SU son, Dave Rldgway. BOWLING— RAINIER HALL— Howard Ringoen. Bill Heiklcinen. Harry Butcher. Jack Marlowe. ARCHIE McLEAN receives the team boxing trophy on behalf of Kappa Sigma. BOXING — INDIVIDUAL WINNERS — Lee Contreras. Grant Ericksen, Archie McLean, Connie Walker. Joe Mclntyre. Moyer, Bill Brady. Ben Hayes, Ken Women ' s Sports 272 I RECREATIONAL COUNCIL Kuhn. Eva Lou President Allen, Peggy Barlow, Marjorie Carmen, Elaine Cochrane. Jean Hein, Shirley Henley, Isabel Kennedy, Candaee Knowles, Pat Laing, Nanci Lou Nelson, Barbara Neth, Sylvia The Women ' s Recreational Council is the reigning hierarchy for women ' s sports on campus. The group governs and coordinates all recreational activities. Membership In the organization consists of the presidents of all sports clubs and the managers of women ' s athletic tournaments. Miss Dorothy MacLean is the faculty adviser of the counc ' l. Sutherland. Delores WOMEN ' S " W " CLUB Members of the Women ' s " W " Club have earned the honor by having a junior standing in school. They must have a grade point of at least 2.2 and have participated in at least five sports and belonged to one sport club In six quarters. WOMEN ' S " W CLUB— Members pictured, left to right. Peggy Mace. JoAnne Cobb, Eva Lou Kuhn, presi- dent; Marg Landweer and Helen Bucher. Not pictured are Marilyn Kropft, Francis McQuarrie. Ann Osten and EldGrace Reekie. 274 Members of BIdine Hall who took championship honors in women ' s intrdmural com- petition are: Front row, Martha Hickerson, Luella Armstrong, Alyce Hauler, Eleanore Ludeman; Back row, J a n e 1 1 e Thompson, Nanci Laing, Dot Seivers. Molly Pohlman. Bon nie Rebb, Clara Olson, Lois Swanson. GARHART TROPHY WINNERS During the I950- ' 5I school year, Blaine Hall proved its athletic prowess to capture the coveted Garhart Trophy. Blaine girls took the trophy away from Gamma Phi Beta, the previous year ' s winner. The trophy is awarded the women ' s organization accumu- lating the most points In intramural sports competition. Sports Included are volleyball, basketball, skiing, swimming and softball. VARSITY SKI TEAM With freshman Tina Jacobsen leading the way, the women ' s Varsity Ski team completed another suc- cessful season. Highlight of the season was the trip to Whiteflsh, Montana, where the squad finished second in the meet competition. Miss Jacobsen garnered fop individual honors in the racing. Members of the women ' s »cjrsi y ski team for l95l- ' 52 are. left to right. Marlene Beck, Tina Jacobsen, Pat Patton and JoAnne Chet- lain. .S ' f--i H - SOFTBALL— OPEN CLUB— Winners of the soft- ball tournament for the intramural title are: Front row, Pat Roe. Priscllla Boyer, Shirley Nel- son, Sylvia Neth, Marilyn Rodgers, Scott Mc- Laughlin; Back row, Velva Lou Moore. Mary Monot, Retha Williams, Marg Condon, Eva Lou Kuhn, Francis Saunders, Betty Strand. k DASKETBALL— LEARY— The basketball championship was captured by the Leary Hall team, front row, Evona Hart- rd, Gloria Gibson, Joy Thrallkill. Nancy Dealy, and Myrna Cameron; back row, Eva Lou Kuhn. Sally Straub, o nne Bosshard, Marjanna Hillman. and Barbara Hanson. SWIMMING— AUSTIN HALL— Members of the championship team are, left to right, Virginia May, Barbara McBride, Blllie Atherton. and Joan Hayes. WOMEN ' S INTRAMURAL CHAMPIONS SKIING — Members of the mural ski team that captured the championship are, left to right, Marlene Beck, Margaret Bush. Joan Krakovsky, and Candace Kennedy. VOLLEYBALL— Blaine Hall — Left to right. Bonnie Robb. Marcia Swan. Cla ' a Olson, Alyce Hauser. Nanci Lou Lalng, Dorothy Seivers. Anita Higa, and Eleanor Stafford. CLUBS RIFLE CLUB — Members of the club with Adviser Raymond Strojney are Arlene Hall, Charlene BarocchI, Margaret Forsythe, and Laura Lobdell. BADMINTON CLUB — Participating In badminton activities were: Bacit row, Miss Helen Clark, adviser. Mary Fitzpatrick, Dot Cunningham, Joy Thrailltlll, Barbara Ferguson, NancI Lou Latng, Elaine Carmen; Middle row, Eleanor Stafford. Anita Higa, Priscilla Beyer, Eva Lou Kuhn. Barbara Brown, Retha Williams, Carole Wilson, Robin Jensen, Helen Bucher, Janice Jensen; Front row, Ilene Benshoot. Barbara Nelson. Delores Suther- land, Jan Higbee, and Nina Woo. HOCKEY CLUB — Front row. Joan Hayes, Janet Slauson. Jan Higbee, Delores Sutherland, Barbara Nelson. Kneeling. Mary Jane FItzpatrick and Sylvia Neth; Back row. Marilyn Rodgers, Jean Cochran. Barbara J. Brown. Joy Piehl, Helen Porter, Retha Williams. Helen Bucher. Tressie Armitage, Eva Lou Kuhn, Mary Pleroth, Margie Landweer. Pat Roe. BOWLING CLUB — Front row, Pat Knowies. Lois Swanson, Eleanore Lude- man; Back row. Dorothy Seivers, Alyce Hauser. Kathro Kidwell, adviser. Billie Bayh. Bonnie Robb. WOMEN ' S SPORTS INFORMALS One of fhe favorite pastimes of Univeristy students, when the weather permits, is ten- nis. Isabel Henley, president of the tennis club, sharpens her serve on one of the many courts next to the women ' s P. E. building. Highlight of the women ' s swimming season is the annual Silver Fish show which has always been a top drawing attraction. Members of the swim organization practice regularly in preparation for the show. This year the show was jointly presented with the Husky Swim Club in the Men ' s Pool. Bowling has always been popular with a club, regular intramural petition, and P.E. classes. During the winter months when outside activities sometimes have to be curtailed, bowling tatces the spotlight. s:A% ■ ' ' ' Members of Silver Fish take time o in one of their regular practice se sions. The girls work +ogether to ir prove their form, skills and rhythm coordinated group swimming. SILVER FISH Silver Fishes is composed of an outstanding group of women swimmers who are chosen for their swimming techniques. Each spring the year ' s activities are culminated by a water ballet which displays the swimming talents of individuals In Intricate formations. SILVER FISH— l95l- " 52— Back row. Barbara McCloud. Barbara Allen. Peggy Law ton, Nancy Mace, Marilyn Nederlee, Charmalee Crohn, Peggy Mace; Middle row (sitting on board ) , Betty Crosby. Joanne Tallman, Jean Ander- son. Peggy Lee, Tina Jacobsen. Joanne Wahlstrom. Marilyn Allen, Marilyn Wuest, Joanne Patton, Miss Kilby, adviser; Jane Young, Virginia May, Peggy Allen; Front row, Betty Lou Rust, Nancy Callaghan, Donna Burlingame. Olive Lee, Ann Morris. Isabel Henley; In water. Nancy Creswell, Pudge Knutzen, Billie Atherton, Casey Condon. Climaxing the year ' s work are members of the club as they relax on the edge of the pool after the 1951 show, " Four Winds and the Seven Seas. " 280 I wmmkii SiHing. left to right: Jenlse Elliman, Jan Bronnlcke. Elaine Elliott, Phyllis Yambao, Donna Blackman, Gladys. Gardner. Ist row: Monty Snider. Agnes Yambao. Bllllc Snnith. Marilyn Rogers, Jean Roscoe, Shirley Adams, Miriam Phcrson, Amarylis Shanatell, Margaret Grubbe. Shirley Hein. Pal Doyle, Al Wager. 2nd row: Hank Cannon, Francis Krsch, Randal Potter. Bob Hinman, Russell Parkinson. David Hutchinson, Nunilly Johnson. Dean Connelly, Frani Mohling, Gordon Olson. Promenaders Is a co-educatlonal foil dance group which dances for fun, for exhibitions, and sponsored the All-U folk dance mixers. ORC H ES I S Orchesis, the modern dance honorary, meets twice a week to create dance patterns and further develop the abilities in dance techniques of the individual members. The members of the club are: Lois Bill, Emmy Lou Leedy, Ronda Barnard, and Marjorle Barlow. DANCE DRAMA To be eligible to participate in Drama, girli must turn out in a modern dance class during fall quarter and then be selected. Girls participating dur- ing the 1951-52 year were: Marjorle Barlow Lois Bill Isabel Henley Patty Steward Wary Carrigan Nancy Mace Helene Tsutsmoto Royal Mauer Adrienne Wright Pat McDonagh Ronda Barnard DeNeece Marker Peggy Ballard Emmy Lou Leedy Darlene Oeiter Billie Johnston Nancy Cope Virginia De Kraay Shirley Chase Top to right: Jean Roscoe, Walt Curtis, Amarylis Shanafelt, Gordon Olson. Shirley Hein, Francis Krsch. Marjorie Barlow, Monty Sneider. FOLK DANCE FESTIVAL The International Folk Dance Festival, an All-University miier, was held on No- vember 30, and featured Mrs. Helfrid Ruud of Norway conducting Norwegian dances. Mrs. Ruud and her husband were guest instructors at the University fall quarter. Mrs. Ruud taught Norwegian Folk dance in the Women ' s Physical Educa- tion department. Honoraries 284 (j r3 f AWARDS JUNIOR FACULTY MEDALIST A chemistry major In the College of Arts and Sciences, JAMES ROBB GROVER, of Sutherlin, Oregon, was awarded the Faculty Medal for outstanding scholarship. He Is a High Scholarship Certificate winner and is a member of Phi Lambda Upsilon, chemistry honorary. Presentation of the President ' s and Faculty Medals high- lighted the annual President ' s Fall Convocation for 1950-51. The President ' s Medal was conferred uDon the graduating senior who had maintained the highest record over the four years of undergraduate work. Faculty Medals were awarded to students in the sophomore and junior classes who had made the be ' .t scholastic records In their classes during their freshman-sophomore and freshman-sophomore-junior college years, respectively. SOPHOMORE FACULTY MEDALIST DARREL ELWOOD STAVIS, now a junior in premediclne, received the Faculty Medal at the close of his sophomore year and has also won a High Scholarship Certificate. PRESIDENTS MEDALIST JANET LOUISE FITHIAN, above, receives the President ' s Medal and congratulations from Dr. Raymond B. Allen. Twice a winner of the Faculty Medal, Janet is a graduate in psy- chology and has received a Fullbright scholarship to continue her studies in psychiatric social worlt. She was a member of Phi Beta Kappa and secretary of Psi Chi, psychology honorary. 286 1951 BACCALAUREATE HONORS SUMMACUM LAUDE Fithlan, Janet L. Job. Janet E. Replogle, John L Jr. Rimlinger. Gaston V. MAGNA CUM LAUDE Aakervik. Martin R. Anacker. Robert L Andenon. John Barker. Phillip Bates. James E. Bentley. Frances M. Blati. Carl G. Brown. Daniel H., Jr. Buff Eliiabeth N. Campbell. Byron A. Carey. Thomas F.. Jr. Coyle. Nyrna K. Cruickshank, Philip Dahl, Monica B. Davis. Lance E. Edwards. Clarence W. Engstrom, Robert A. Finger. Eliiabeth M. Franklin, Frederick C. Getlermann. Nancy L. Gellerman. William Hallman. Theodore M. Bdccalaureafe honors are based on the entire scholas- tic record of the graduate. The distinction of sunnnna cum laude signifies a mini- mum grade — point average of 3.9; magna cum laude an average of 3.6; and cum laude an average of 3.35. The honor summa cum laude is awarded only to students who have completed four full years at the University of Washington; magna cum laude and cum laude are awarded to those who have completed not less than ninety hours at the Univer- sity of Washington, together with a record of distinction at institutions previously at- tended. Hatfield. Harlan D. Hawthorn, Robert D. Herrman. Arthur J. Highton, Alexander A. Hungate. Robert P. Isaac. Paul H. Jasmin. Margie Mae Jayne. Towner A. Johnson, Don N. Jones. Albert C. Jr. Katayama. Terry T. Keeney. Frank W. Lennstrom. Charles O. Locke. JoAnn Ruth Luschei, Janet J. MacDonald. Fred M. Meti, Marilyn Jo Miller. Alfred E. Morris. Donna J. Nanevici. Joe E. Pruter. Alonzo T. R3illey. Carol Jean Reinelt. Herbert R. Reynolds. Judith A. Rosenzweig. James E. Rowe, George H. Rowe. William S. Sackman. Shirley A. Scribner. Edward E. Selfrldge, John L. SImundson. Aleen M. Smith, Robert C. Smith. William R. Steele. Robert L. Stone. Marie E. Swift, Wayne L. Tracy. Joan t. Wagner. John T. Wells, Dorothy A. Wells. Jack T. Willis. Shirley J. Zlnk, Constance CUM LAUDE Anderson. Roger H. Barnett. Henry F. Basford. Robert E. Bassett. Georges E. Bemis. Suzanne H. Benton. Paul Berge. Richard W. BeHger. Richard H. Blanco. Robert N. Bigley. Robert H. Bonner. Richard R. Bowmer. Jack L. Brooke. Joan E. Brown, Billings Burghardt, Cornelius R. Byitrom. Carl A. Cannady. Dale W. Carroll. William F. Chin. Ark G. Clutter, Robert I. Coney, Byron 0. Cook. Gilbert E. Cox. James E. Dassow, Ethel Daubonberg. Adolo M. Day. Neil L. Detwyler. John M., Jr. Egtvedt. Myron D. Eklund. Rita J. Erickson. Dorothy J. Fiscus. Louise McKee Flower. Joanne M. Gehlen. Charles J. Goodwin, Willow V. Grannis. Florence V, Guichard. Kenneth R. Haase. Richard H. Haney. William E. Hansen, Edward A. Heitiman. Joyce L. Hewitt. James M. Hoar. Rosalie L. Hoyt. Elaine L I nabd. Sheane Jacobs. Donald H. Johnston, Ralph W. Kidder. Perry E. Kong, Glen P. Konlck. Willis Layson. Ethel S. Lee. Harold C. Lerchenmueller. Werner Levine. Sidney Lindseth, Elmer I. Lowe. Wilbur G. Lyness. Virginia B. McCarthy. Rhea C. McKay, Melba N. Madden, Ethel K. Matthews, Bobbie J. Miener, Karola Moceri, Roy J. Moor, Doris J. Murray. George Q. Nakamura, Toshi Nelson, Elizabeth A. Neubart, Elizabeth A. Overturf, Wesley S. Parker, Ivan G. Pederson, Gordon E. Pellon. Harold A. Pennock. Ruth E. Peterson, Clifford L. Peterson, Daniel E. Pitcher. Patricia M. PorHeus. Paul H.. Jr. Report. Betty M. Ray. La Verne C. Rizza. Joseph P. Roe. Anita T. Rupp, Agnes I. Sager, John Schelp, Donald A. Seid, Ruth Simpson. Patricia Smith. Wesley D. Spada, Benjamin Strickler. Luella Therriault, George W. Thompson. Charles E. Thomson, Henry E. Thulean, Donald M. Torseth. Owen Townsend. Priscilla A. Trelger. Raphael L. Tupper. James W. Tuttle. Evan C. Verhoef, H. Marie von Tobel. Robert Walters. Barbara B. Wellings. Sefton R. West, Marian L. Whitaker. R. Jean White. Pitt F. Wllbanks. Hoyt M.. Jr. Wiley. Thomas Glen Willhite, Virginia L Wolf, Virginia M. Wood. Robert L 287 PHI BETA KAPPA FALL QUARTER INITIATES NOT PICTURED: Keserich, Charles Gordon, James Alhddeff, Betty Barber, William Barqer, John Genolt. John BlooTier. Oonna Miller, Roger Olson, Delfred Quinn, Georgia Sams, Burnett Stephens. Donald OFFICERS Richard F. Wilkle. President Stuart Chapman. Vice-President Bernice S. Smith, Secretary Mildred Gellermann, Treasurer William E. Wilson, Trustee Haisl Kinscella, Trustee a»BK I xwxvxv j Phi Beta Kappa Is the oldest Greek letter society In the United States, founded in 1776 at the College of William and Mary. The object of the society Is to recognize out- standing scholarship In the liberal arts and sciences. Washington Alpha Chapter was founded In 1914. 288 The 175th anniversary of the founding of Phi Beta Kappa was celebrated on December 5, 1951. At the Initiation ceremony, a program of Eighteenth Cen- tury music, played on the Eighteenth Century Instru- ments, was presented by Mrs. Else Geissmar a the harpsichord and Miss Eva Helnlti at the viola da gamba. Dr. Stanley Chappie and Mr. Richard Witkie, president, are looking on. SIGMA EPSILON SIGMA NOT PICTURED: Alyaa. loran Garnest. Sylvid L pold, Pern Thompion. Pdt Rydn. El«in« Vice-Pr«tid nt Miller. Shirley Secretary Myeri. Etiidbelh Trediurer Pdrk, Bdrbdrd Hiitoridn Amsbduqh. Jedn Bowmdn. JodH Durndn. Mildred President Cldrlte, Louiie Ciduien. Mdrqorle Corthell, Elednor Ferguion. Bdrbard Gdub, Margaret Giblin. Mildred Hein, Shirley Hutchinson. Irene Johnson. Marilyn Kaufman, Mary Mdlnwarlng. Anita Mlynarski. Betty Prevost. Donnd Sims. Pdtricid Sigma Epsilon Sigma, the underclasswomcn ' s scho- lastic honorary, is composed of all sophomore women who have maintained a 3.5 grade point average during their freshman year. Members are considered active only in their sophomore year, but membership continues throughout one ' s entire college career. On their fall calendar, members serve as hostesses at the annual President ' s Tea honoring outstanding fresh- men. But the big event of the year is Sigma Epsilon Sigma ' s sucker sale. The proceeds from the venture go toward provid ng a scholarship for some deserv- ing freshman woman. o Softky, Maine Whitman, Sylvia 4 ALPHA EPSILON DELTA (|) Alphd Epsilon Delta, national pre- mediclne honorary, established Washington ' s Beta Chapter in 1948. The ainn of this honorary is to stimulate an interest and en- courage excellence in pre-medical education. The requirements for membership in Alpha Epsilon Delta are 75 quarter hours of pre-medical work with a grade point average of 3.01. Anderson. Shirley Blrkland. Evelyn Born, Bernice Carney. Robert Ericttson. Robert President Edmunds, Hank Ewy. Vincent Fonkdisrud. Eric Gdbrielson, Tryqve Hesch. Don Hoy. William Johnson. Lloyd Orup, Hani Roberg, Betty Ann Scott. Clarence NOT PICTURED: Clark, Sam Hoshiwara. Isao Houglum, Bert Larson, Willard Lee, John Pearson, James Staving, Darrell 289 MORTAR BOARD Lee. Nancy President Brace, Barbara Charnley, Frances Clark, Suzanne Gellermann, Dianne Gunderson, Lois Jacobson. Beverly Lindgren, Audrey Mace, Margaret McDonald, Jean Oliver. Kathleen puinn. Patricia Schemer, Suzanne Mortar Board is the thirteenth chapter of the National Senior Women ' s Honorary now found in 78 university campuses. The organization promotes college loyalty, advances service and fellowship among college women, maintains a high stand- ard of scholarship and encour- ages leadership qualities. Members are chosen in their junior year as examples of co- eds outstanding in service, lead- ership and scholarship. A grade point three-tenths above the all- university average is required. Mortar Board sponsors the an- nual traditional Tolo dance and honors the two outstanding sophomore and junior girls of the year by presenting two plaques at the AWS Scholarship Banquet. Besides these activities. Mortar Board lives up to its criterion of service by assisting at Univer- sity functions whenever needed. Mortar Board girls act as host- esses for the President ' s Recep- tion for freshmen and usher at the Convocation Assembly in the spring. NOT PICTURED: Saylor. Linda 290 FIR TREE B«ird, Rog r Cdiiill, J«m«i Olton. Chdrlel Praiident Cloidt, Joseph Dondldion. Jack Durham, Marv Henion, LeDon Mucklestone, Robert Regan. Robert Salmon, Peter Slate, Joseph Toothacker, Joel Walters. Kenneth NOT PICTURED: Michael. Mike Stein, Ernie Fir Tree, founded in 1907, is an organization which rewards under- graduates at the University who have performed services in athletics, debate, journalism and other worthy student activities. As a distinguishing feature, Fir Tree is not organized to serve the University as a body but to designate those who have shown un- selfish devotion and service to Washington. Membership is limited to undergraduate men who have taken all their college work at the University of Washington. The fir tree is a fitting emblem because it is indigenous to our state and reaches its greatest height when grown from the beginning In one place, surrounded by its fellows. 291 TOTEM CLUB q,rm M Stambduqh. Bet y President Anderson, Gerdldine Balthaser. Marlbeth Brace. Barbara Bloomer, Donna Brand. Tina Carson, Carolyn Charnley, Frances Clark. Suzanne Crohn. Charmalee Dahl. Grace Dlls. Dorothy Dorrien, Gaynor Estigoy. Dolores Forster. Joan Fraser. Ann Friedman, Gloria Gates, Diane Gellerman. Dianne Gordon, Joanne Gunderson. Lois Hardy, Diane Jacobsen, Beverly Jahnke, Sue Jasberg. Joan Jensen, Jean Joseph. Harriet Kirtland, Elaine Kosin. Heartha Lee, Nancy Lindgren. Audrey Mace, Peggy Matsusuwa, June McDonald, Jean Miller. Marlene Morrill, Sally Newcomb, Lee Osten. Ann Oliver, Kathleen Quinn. Patricia Salvino. Noreen Schemer. Suianne SomppI, Dolores Stowe, Barbara Thiel, Shirley Thorp, Dianna Truscott, Ruth Whitman, Marjorle Wlllteson, Shirley WIngate, Joan Wiier, Shirley NOT PICTURED: Conlon, Kathleen Costigan, Sidney Dear , Marilyn Hyde. Kathleen Sullivan. Ruth Ellen 292 Totem Club was founded at the University of Washington in 1932 to give recognition to a wider group of women leaders than had been previously possi- ble. The club is an upperclass women ' s activity honorary com- parable to the Oval Club for men. Coeds are tapped during the spring of their junior year by presentation of miniature totem poles. Totem Club spon- sors the annual Song and Stunt Night and jointly sponsors the Honors Banquet. OVAL CLUB Ol?? Oval Club on the University of Wash- ington campus is a self-perpetuating organization whose motto is " Service io Washington. " Continuously active since 1907, Oval Club has preserved the traditions, the ideals, and the his- tory of the " University of a Thousand Years. " Above average grades and upporclassman ' s status in the Univer- ;ity are the basic requirements for membership. Fulfilling these, members are elected to tfie club on the basis of the service to the University of Washington. This athletic and activity Tonorary performs many large and imall services for the betterment of fhe University throughout the year. Among the school services are a Fac- jlty Banquet, honoring all faculty members with more than 30 years of service at the University, which is put on with Totem Club. Intermission en- tertainment at athletic events is spon- sored by this organization, and many Dther small projects. In addition to Dther activities, Oval Club holds dances, banquets, picnics, and other events of its own. Abb«v, Gftorg 8 la, bich Boitick. W lly Muchlsttone, Bob PfAsident Boynton. Jamat Brady. Gane Diion, Bill Dunn, Ken Enochs, Dudne Fisher, Gordy Guisness, Frank Hayes, Ben Melgerson. Warren Herns, Larry Horrocks. Phil Johnson, Don Jones. Clark Jordon, Dick Jury. Bill Knight. Bill Lovsted. Carl Lucks. Bill McClary. Doug McCracken. Floyd Moen, Bob Morgan, Dick Mullin. Terry Newton, Dick Peterson, Bob Piper, John Sprague, Dick Tomlinson, John Ulbrickson, Al. Jr. Walker, Dick Widenfeldt, George Wiley, Jim Wood, Dave NOT PICTURED: ll ft Bdtterton. R Boyd. Neil Brigham. Chuck Carpenter. Ted Clayton, Bob Dean. Sid Durham, Marv Ellison. Herb Ehrlg. Jack Emanuels, Don hard Ih English, Mik Fisher. Fred Griffin, Art Griffin. Tren Heaney. George Holzknecht. Ted Houston, Jack Lowe. Wilbur McConkey. Paul McCutcheon, Mike Michael, Mike Miller. Robert Morrison, Jim Mucklestone, Jo in Olson. Chuck Olson, Bud Perry. Loran Peterson, Ray Rodland. Gordy Roseniweig, Jim Salmon, Pete Soriano. Max Stanley, Sam Stewart, Don Talley. Darold Tiedemann, Henry Ward, Jack Yamada. Harry 293 W-KEY Whitman. Sylvia Whittaker. Valeria Wiper, Sylvia Zimmerman. Mary Lou NOT PICTURED: Cummins, Diane Hanstrom, Jeanne Jollie. Elizabeth Behar. Beverly Preiident Bdird. Jean Barqer, Jeanette Baugh. Peqqy Bird. Betsy Black, Barbara Bonner, JoAnn Brackett, Doreen Callaghan. Maureen Cassels, Colleen Chapman, Gloria Chittendon, Robin Clarke, Lou Claypool. Jackie Davis, Marilyn Deuter. Mary Lou Frost, Jackie Gibbs, Wendy Gogqins, Shirley Green, lleen Greisinger, Geraldine Haldeman. Virginia Jepson, Gloria Knudson, Nan Lawton. Peqqy Long, Kathleen Louden. Pat Lovsted, Lii MacDonald, Betty McCorkle. Joyce Micnael. Violet Miller, Kay Miller, Shirley Moore, Barbara Morris, Mar Morse, Alice Myers, Elizabeth Nabata, Pat Park. Barbara Putnam, Nadine Smith, Joan Smith. Nancy Sussman, Joanne Tappe, Rita Torney, Joanne Since W-Key was organized on the University campus in 1933, their ennblem has been symbolic of loyalty and service. Members for the honorary are chosen from every field of campus ac- tivities and, in order to be pledged, a girl must have a minimum of 28 academic credits and a 2.5 grade average. Mem- bers of the club are active through the second quarter of their junior year. W-KEY 294 PURPLE SHIELD The Society of +he Purple Shield honors those men who, in their first two years of college, have maintained outstanding scholas- tic records, while at the same time have been active in stu- dent activities. Purple Shield was founded on this campus In 1925 as the underclassmen ' s activity and scholastic honorary. During the fall and spring of each year pledges are accepted. To be eligible for membership men must have less than 90 hours, a grade average of 2.67 with a 3.0 for one quarter and active participation in campus activities. Alliton. Jerry Anderion. Gordy Anderson. Mdrtin Bennett. Ed Tomlinwn. John Pretident BItfck. Wdit Bond. Jerry Bourller, Roy Cdllaqhan, Jim Crain, Dick Dederer. Mike Dumett, Rdy Edmunds. Louis Erickson. Larry Fonkalsrud, Eric Gaw, Wilson Glann. Jim Graham, Frank Graham, Ken Hageman. Watt Haley, Bruce Halle. Roland Hansen. Doug Harding. George Hayes. Ben Hutchinson, Bob Jacobsen, Kurt Jones. Bill Kane. Don Kumasaka. Roland Loschen. Roger Martin. Val McClary, Doug McCracken, Floyd Newton. Dick Olson, Lloyd Pedbody. Bob Roos. Don Sandberg. Dick Saunders, Dick Simmons, Dick Southwick. Chuck Sprague, Dick Thrailkill. Bill Vanderhoof. Rod NOT PICTURED: Barclay. Ron Boren, Jim Comstock. Brian Fornia. Bob Jack, Kim Janlsch, Bob Johnson, Virgil Kirk, Jerry Stewart, George Trowbridge. Dick Yourkoski, Louie 295 BETA GAMMA SIGMA NOT PICTURED: Austin, Willard Evey. James GrdhI, Robert Hadley, Richard Horn, Raymond Hungate, Robert Jaedicke, Robert Kakela, Rita McBeth, Ronald Moothart. Francis Strong, Mary Dawson. Donald President Barber. William Biccum, Frank Diebenow. Julius Gollofon. Arthur Gunderson, Lois Jardine, Charles KIrkman. William Draftenberg, Edwin Lucks, William Lunghard, Fred Mitchell, James O ' Connor, Robert Pomerenk, Glenn Siemens. Abraham Teigh. Mary Lee Thompson, Hugh Thornton, Ralph i Beta Gamma Sigma is the national business admin- istration scholastic honorary. It is sponsored by the American Association of Collegiate Schools of Business for the purpose of honoring outstanding students in the field of business administration. Invi- tations for membership in Beta Gamma Sigma are extended to students in their senior year who have maintained a grade average of 3.3 and to advanced juniors with a record of 3.5 or better. Graduate students also may be eligible. The well-known honorary has 55 chapters throughout the United States. In 1923 the Commercial Club, which had petitioned the national organization for membership became the Alpha of Washington Chapter of Beta Gamma Sigma. Officers for the current school year are Don Dawson, president; Lois Gunderson, vice president, and Bob Jaedicke, secretary-treasurer. Harry BIythe Is faculty adviser. 296 IOTA SIGMA PI NOT PICTURED: Aq«r. HildJ Cdrlien. Emily Clevcldnd. DorJf Crotby. Jan Oouqidt. Gertrude Edwardi. Thaodor Julidn, J«dn Lewji. Jean Lutchei, Janet Mortanion. Linnea Paradii. Charmaina Pearce, Helen Saylor. Linda Vice-President Short, Zella Stewart. Dorit Stytlinger, Marion Symonds, Marytyn Secretary Takahathi, Irene Wllliamt. Imogene Zimmerman, Mary Louisa Harriton, Florence Praiidenf Snyder, Eloise Treasurer The National honorary for women In chem- istry chooses members from women who have had 30 hours of chemistry, and who have a grade point of 3.2 in chemistry and 3.0 In other subjects, lota Sigma PI finances two annual scholarships by sponsoring a large-scale lab apron sale at the beginning of each quarter. MU PHI EPSILON NOT PICTURED: Bukowtky. Marilyn Durit, Norma Elliot. Mrs. Roselyn Harriai. Sarah Jana Larkin. Patricia Leopold, Fern Mdckeniia. Mrs. Clemewell Mawrar, Marguerite Monnett. Jo Anne Raymond, FranceJ Swarti. Joanne Thompson, Patricia Mu Phi Epsilon Is a national music sorority in the professional field, having as Its purpose the recognition of scholarship and musicianship and the promotion of friendship within Its sisterhood. Sophomore standing and a 3.01 cumulative grade average are required as well as faculty recommendations. Tau Chapter has assisted at several departmental functions In the School of Music during the year and also cooperated with Seattle alumnae in programs for various organ- izations in the city. Bacon, Marilyn Bliss. Dawn Bullock. Carol Christanten. EMen Conrad. Jean Freeman. Ruth Alice Garner. Marilyn Locker. Shirley President Gill, Virginia Graham. Phyllis Holm. Margaret Johnson. Ruby Kohne, Katrina Loh. Jeanne Modahl, Donna Jean Perko, Hedy Quickstad. Nanc Rader. LaVern Rettkowiki, Yolanda Ringman, Diane Stanley. Roberta Stark. Patricia Walker. Barbara 297 OMICRON NU Jacobson. Beveily President Barrow, Joan 41 Harris. Rulh NOT PICTURED: Beck, Ruth Bradstiaw. Kav Russ, Arlene Stirrett. Frances Ichiitawa. Etsuko Kendrick. Jo Anne Omicron Nu Is open to second-quarter juniors and seniors majoring in home economics. The grade-point necessary for election to this hon- orary Is 3.02 accumulative. The purposes of Omicron Nu, the promotion of scholarship, leadership and research in the field of home economics, are carried out by many and varied interesting activities. Some of these activities are the presentation of the annual Honors Tea given the spring of each year for all girls with high grades in the department and participa- tion In the High-school Open House, a semi- annual Jam sale, a cook book project, and many others. PI LAMBDA THETA Bloomer, Donna Carlo, Delores Gellermann, Diane Gladfelter, Jo Ann Johnson, Marilyn Modahl, Donna-Jean Rutledge, Anne Marie i Pi Lambda Theta, national women ' s education honorary, has js members women who have shown professional Interest In their field, hlav- ing an accumulative grade average of 3.0, they also must have earned at least seven credits In education and have been In resi- dence at the University two out of nine quarters. NOT PICTURED: Aienander, Margaret Batie, Harriett Belcher, Helen Campbell, Joan Collins, Mrs. E. E. Cota, Mrs. P. S. Felton, Virginia Fernald. Mrs. Honor Glenn, Dorothea Goodwin. Willow Gordon, Mrs. M, E. Hayden. Dr. A. H. Heiberg, Mrs. Malvina Hoffman, Katherine Huntington, Vivian Elizabeth Jenks Johnson, Pauline Kuchenbecker, A. E. Laurie, Mrs. G. M. Leahy, Kathleen Lockwood, Marian Loughlen, Mrs. A. S. Lowder, Elaine Luti, Frances MacDonald. Cecilia Mackenzie, Mrs. C, McAdams, Laura McDowell. Elizabeth ewton, JoAnne Pell. Freda Reddie. Virginia Sunohara. Mrs. T. Thompson, Carolee Tschudin, Mrs, M. S. ' Vavra, Catherine Wilkins, Dr. E. M. Wybourn, Marjory 298 PHI MU ALPHA SINFONIA Bloch. Eliol Bowdsr, Jerry Lee H l«y. Elvin Pr«tid«nt Elliott. Wilbur Evans, Rob«rt Fuller. Jack Greenstreet. Vernon Hansen, Ed Kimball. Kenneth Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia, music honorary, tries ♦o advance the cause of music in America and foster the brotherhood of students of music. Members of Sigma Chapter, founded in 1921, present a spring concert featuring University School of Music composers and advise the annual Songfest. In honor of the late director of the School of Music, the chapter presents the Carl Paige Wood Memorial Scholarship of two quarters of private instruction to a deserving under- classman. NOT PICTURED: Curtis, Dean Eddy. David GirouK. Paul Goleeke. William Hanich. Benjamin Hickman, R. W. Houle, Glen Moy. William Skinner. Wilfred Zarr, Clarence 299 TAU BETA PI PiiB Miller, Allen President Benoit. John Boydston, Blair Carlstedl. Paul Christiansen. Alwin Dukleith, Lowell Eastman, Jim Hammer, Kenneth Hammersmith, Robert Johnson, William Deitel. Glenn Kieburtz, Robert Long, Chester Miller, Roger Murakami, Yoshio Olson, Delfred Pogge, Ernest Reightley, Donald Stenqulst, Donald Winders, Robert Wittkopf, Warren Election to Tau Beta PI, national men ' s engineering honor society, identifies undergraduate and alumni of high schol- arship and exemplary character who have shown promise in their field of engineer- ing. A grade-point average of 3.2 for seniors and 3.6 for juniors Is necessary to fulfill one of the membership require- ments. Tau Beta PI was f ounded In 1885 at Lehigh University. Washington ' s Alpha chapter, now one of seventy-two chap- ters, was founded in 1912. Yutani, Nobyo Zevenbergen. John 1 . nl 300 NOT PICTURED: Carr, Warren Ellis. Samuel Hdds. Hammon Inouya, Howard Kirkwood. Roderick Lovell. Stuart Montan, Donald Roth. Clifford Stokes, Lyle Thorsten, Carl Peg Reese, engineering students adviser, Is called " Our Pal " by these lower campus fellows. RHO CHI This honorary strives to promofe better pharmacy ethics and grad- uate research funds for pharmacy students. Members of the highest 20 percent of their class in the College of Pharmacy are eligible to become members of Rho Chi. NOT PICTURED: Bickmor . Elltn Joy Brown. T«rr nc« Jdckton. J4m«t Jonai, Daniel Kuiltr. Donald Pomarcnk. Earl Taylor, Joi«ph Thvriault. Richard Vincent. MuritI Witt. Joieph Yoshina, Keith Barlell. Georqe BIthop. Robert Dahlquiit. Maurice Dahlquiit. Maurice President Davis, Darrel Dodge. William Harford. Mary Eller Johnson, Byron Kdto. Zenichi Kerr, Richard Monsen, Rodney Ostrom, Harry Thomas. Marvin Varma. Krishna Wassberg. Charles Wong. Kenneth ZETA MU TAU Hammer, Kenneth F.. Prelldent Benoit, John W.. Vice-President Ellinqer, Paul B., Secretary » Winder!. Robert C, Treaiurer p ¥% y MLi J Nomination to membership in Zeta Mu Tau, undergraduate mathematics honorary, is based upon general char- acter requirements and a suitable scholastic record. Requirements In- clude an accumulative grade point above 3.0 and a demonstrated profi- ciency In mathematics upon the com- pletion of two quarters of calculus. NOT PICTURED: Ballantine. Charles Barger. John Boydston, Blair Christiansen. Alwin Conner, Edward Curtis. Walter Engler. Elwood Gerberg. Joe Green, Elmer Grover, James Hammersmith, Robert Hayashi, Harry Heggie, David Helser, Leon Hjorten, Alvin Inouye. Howard Kalbach. Robert Keltel. Glen KieburtT. Bruce Kingery. Dan Livingston, Ronald Lehman, Harry Minto. Robert Munson. Verne Murakami, Yoshio Norgord, Carl Olson, Delfred Rawlings, Wayne Roos, Ronald Sams, Burnett Stenquist. Donald Stockley, Charles Stokes, Lyie Thorsten, Carl Toskey. Burnett Von Torbel. Robert Waldorf, Daniel Wiprud, Glenn Wittkopf, Warren Yutani, Nobuo Zevenbergen, John 301 SOCIETY OF SIGMA XI Spring Quarter 1951 MEMBERS Allen. Harry Allen. John Anderson, Thomas Beck, Theodore Bierlein, Theo Boelter, Edwin Ddy, Emmet Djdo, Er Hung Handy, Lyman Krebs, Edwin Koo. Swei-yen McKernan, Donald Minor, James Moltrecht, Karl Mukherjee, Naltni Nelson, Jerry Pifer. Drury Slipp. John ASSOCIATES Anderson, Harold Andrews, Leslie Bates, James Bauer, Eugene Bevan, Donald Bolst, Albert Bone, Jack Brewer, Philip Brooks, Marjorie Campbell, Gordon Clemans, William Clutter. Robert Cohen, Jay Colley. William Cruickshank, Philip Detwyler, John Dobell, Joseph Dore, James Edwards. Robert Ekiund, Melvin Ernlund, John Farris. Glen French. Grace Gilhousen. Philip Gintz. John Hallman, Theodore Hansler. Donald Hartt, Alan Harwood, Charles Highton. A. A. OFFICERS — 1951-1952 Prof Mary E. Hdller President Prof. Harry C. Bauer Vice-President Prof. Arthur E. Harrison Treasurer Prof. Elmer M. Plein Secretary Hitch, Henry Ho. Timothy Chi-i Iddins, Donald Innes, Kenneth Jacobs, Donald Jenkins, Ted Jones. Albert Julian. Jean Kenworthy, K. J. Lamphere, Arthur Li. (James) Chen-Min MacDonald, Miss Clarice McDonald. Howard Magaw. Kathryn Miles, John Moskin, Arthur Myers, Arlo Myers. Barbara Mylroie, Mrs. Willd Ordway, Girard Peterson, Clifford Pleger, Leiand Pruter, Alonzo Ridgway, George Rogers, Calvin Rollins, Francis Rotter. John Rowe, William Salo. Ernest Sawyer, Charles Stewart, Doris Towe, Arnold Trefny, Richard Varma. Krishna Wagner, John Wortman, Richard Zevenbergen. John Fall Quarter 1951 MEMBERS Badgley, Franklin Hail. Nathan Latourette, Harold Lin, Tung Chi Martin, Harold Meyer, Donald Moore, Alton Steinbrenner, Eugene Vincent, Muriel ASSOCIATES Albrecht, Andreas Anderson, Roger Benoit, John Boydston, Blair Brooks, James Brown, Billings Brown, Terence Byrne, John Danielsen. Edwin DuBois, Robert Dulin. Lee Duvall. Frank Dvoracek, Louis Eastman, James Ellis, Sam Feniak. George Fischer. William Franklin, Frederick Fuquay, James Gibbins, Sidney Green, Elmer Guidon. Michael III Haas, Hammond Hammer, Kenneth Hammersmith. Robert Herrman, Arthur Inouye, Howard Jacobs, Donald Johnson, William. Jr. Keister, Glenn Keitel, Glen Kieburtz, R. Bruce LIddicoet, Thomas Maerov, Sidney Miller. Allen Morrison, James Olson. Delfred Osborne. Phillip Ratti, Dean Rippi, Ben Rowland, Bertram Staley, Dean Stephens. Donald Sweeney. William Tang, Pei Chin Taniguchi, Ray-Akira Tiedemann. John Veldee, Roy Wagar, John Winders, Robert Yutani, Nobuo Before and efier mid-quarters " or " You, too, can be in an honorary! 302 The L Drary center of higher leerning, pledge :;.-,-.,d.-pu, r. end budding romances. papers, lime phosphates, 303 Department Clubs 304 i " : ARNOLD AIR SOCIETY Fix, Oliver W. President Benjamin, Donald Bonham. Bruce Bourlier, Leroy Brim. Armand Candiotti, Joseph Chambers, Robert Dimoff, Roderick England. C. James Ferluga, Joseph Gibson, Melvill Hall, Eugene Horrocks. Phillip Hout, Richard Hutchinson, Douglas Jaekel, Haile Jared, Myron, Jr. Johnson, Charles Johnson, John V. Jonson, Norman Kieburti, R. Bruce King, John Kreide, Henry Larsen, Leonard Raby, Bruce Rogoway, Jack Seim. Jack Sinclair. Peter Smith, Delford Stevens, Donald Vaslef, Nicholas Weiss. Stuart NOT PICTURED: Anderson, Henry Anderson, O. Allen Arneson, James Barr, Ted Beckman. Marvin Benoit, John Bernsten, Dean Bourne. Claire Boyce. Richard Boyle, Charles Bradt. Rodney Brier. Warren Brinker. Robert Brown, Ga!l Bucknell. Richard Burge, William, Jr. Cichy. Fred Collier, Boy. Jr. Cotten, Stan Detham, Gareth Eastman, James Edward. Dale Elckhoff, Kenneth Eide, Ralph Ellinger, Paul Genereux, Paul Greenway, Eugene Grundeland, Roy Hansen. James Harris, Richard Hoffman, Donald Howard, David, Jr. Howard, Larry Jackson, James Jones. Leon McKee. Robert Minnick, Jack Moore. Charles Mossafer. Albert Murphy, Jeramiah, Jr. Newton. Richard Pence. Thomas Perkins, Edward Peterson, Robert Reed, Herbert Rogers, Robert Smith. Burrel Smith. Norman Van Cleve, William, Jr. Vaughn, Ernest Warren, Harry White, Norman JR. ARNOLD AIR SOCIETY Squadron B- 1 of the national Arnold Air Society was established on cam- pus in March of 1949. Named for General Arnold, one of the nation ' s champions of air power, the society is open to members of the Air ROTC enrolled at the University. Social back- ground and fraternal spirit for men who will become officers in the air reserve are the goals of this group. Semi - weekly meetings are held, at which speakers and films of interest to members appear. NOT PICTURED: Balser, Richard Cornwell, Jim Doyle, Mike Hdke. Fred Harris, Al Hildebrandt, Pete Commanding Officer Jessen, Ted Lundberg, Ted O ' Lane, Mike Snider. Monty Davis, Dwiqht Shiveiy, Zorn Stanley, Dan Tuttle, Jack Williams. Dave 306 SCABBARD AND BLADE NOT PICTURED: Biccum. Ffdnk Bulmer. Rondld Burke. StdnUy Cdmpball, Ldurenc Cherberq. Clyd CUfk. Gill Cloi . Pdul Cook. William Copeldnd. Delbvrl Cuihen, Rob rt Odrnell, Fr»d Del Vdlte. Witli«m Diebenow. Juliui Dru99. Wdrr«n Edwdrdi. Robtrt Erickion. Rob rt Evdns. John Flodin. Roger Grdv }. Arthur Hdll, John Hdutdld. Dondid Hdyci. Btrndrd Horn Rdymond Hoy. Wilfldm Johnson. Alldn Jones, Ddniel Kdti, Jeronne Kellogg. Howdrd Kndpp. Gene Ldrson. Willdrd Lee. John Long. Robert Lotchen. Roger Miller. Phillip Mitchell, Jdmes Moehrinq. Melvin Montieth. Lee Munko. Anthony McAllister, Cldr«nc«, Jr. McCdffey, Byron McCdin, Robart McCdrron. Jdmes McMilldn. Jdmts Nedl. Richdrd Nelson, Jdmes Nelson. Rondld Nielsen. ThomdS Nilton. Alldn Nord, Stephen O ' Connor. Robert Pope. Willidm Rdndolph, Phillip Renz. Rdv Rigsby. Jdck Ritchie, Victor Rudnick, Fred Sanders. Donald Sineins, Dick Smith. Burrle Smith. Donald Strdtton, Gene Stuart, Ronald Thoreion. Donald Tonkin, Ronald Trask. Gerald Veatch. Fred Vermilion. Milton Wdger. John Wolfe. William Wong. Kenneth B«n{amin. George Black. Walter Borough, Howdrd Gordon. ThomdS President Brier, Wdrren Chambers. Robert Conitantine, John Davis, Darrel Dawson. Donald Dumett. Rdymond Fuqud, Raymond Gdtzka, Charles Hayes, James Hutchinson, Douglas Jdred. Myron Kenndr. George Leuthy. Coleman Loftus, Thomas Minch, Harlow McAllister, Alan McCune, Joe McLean, Archie Phillips, Harry Pogge, Ernest Robinson. Buddy Romasko, David Shibdta. Fumio Sinclair, Peter Smith, Robert Tonkin, George Weiss, Stuart Wilkes. Herbert The National Society of Scabbard and Blade Is an hon- orary organization of Army, Navy and Air Force upper- division cadets and nnidshipmen on each of over one hundred cannpuses. Members are selected on the basis of academic achievement, military leadership, and the rec- ommendation of their respective commanding officers. Applicants must be in the upper third of their military class and must have qualities of leadership, integrity, and honesty. On the social side. Scabbard and Blade holds a dance for members and guests and sponsors the annual Cadet Ball at the Fort Lawton Officers ' Club. 307 COMPASS AND CHART Battin, Robert Berg, Donald Bishop. Daniel Blohm, Rdlph Bocek, Albert Bridge, Robert BupII. Charles Duckering, Donald Ellexson, Stanley Jr. Emanuels. Donald Gill. Chester. Jr. Hackett. Paul Hdsenwinkle, Earl Hawes, David Hawkes, Theron. IV Heggle, Leslie Helgerson, Warren Hennes, Randolph Hiscock, David Hogle, Walter Humphrey. Richard Jacobson, Keith Johnston, James Kelmer, Richard Klngery, David " E " Loken, Donald Lynam, Harry Mandley, Wilfred, Jr McCune, Joe Miller, Phillip Moe. Roger Nielsen, Roger Nielsen, Thomas Perkins. Richard Rosette, Gerald Russell, Donald Siemer, Helmuth, Jr. Simpler, Richard Slate. Daniel Smith, Donald Smith, James, Jr. Sutherland, John Jr. Swetnam, Robert Tanner, John Thometz, Frank. Jr. Turpie, Hugh Waqar, John Whitmore, David Zelger, Dallas NOT PICTURED: Porosky, Michael LINE GRADS Jorgenson, Jack Middlekauff. Robert Odermat, Victor Colby. Dwain Graham, Bruce Graham, Raymond Hovde, LeRoy MARINE GRADS Christensen. Derwyn Close, Paul Diebenov , Julius Gollofon, Arthur, Jr Gordon, Donald Herzog. Jerome, Jr. Jones. Daniel Kirkman, William Lough. James Matson, Eldred Matson, Richard Miller, Allen Pound, Carey Rupp, Glen Sargent. " J " Richard Washing+on ' s " Naval Fraternity " was organized in 1926 with the idea of promoting brotherhood annong NROTC students. Twenty- six years have passed since the origin of Compass and Chart, and the midshipmen are carrying on toward the half-century mark In the traditional Navy manner. Compass and Chart, basically a democratic organization, is founded on the principle of voluntary participation by members. The grouo sponsors an active Intramural athletic program, a popular on and off campus social calendar, a weekly newspaper, " The Binnacle, " and the ever successful Navy rifle team. Members also have access to unit boats and a powerful amateur radio station through " Helm and Halyard " and the " Radio Club " respectively, groups within and sponsored by Compass and Chart. Spence, James Stenquist, Donald SUPPLY GRADS 308 COMPASS AND CHART Abr«icid, L ondrd And«rs«n. Ernott B«M«m«n, Guy Boy . Robart Sietlich, Frdncis. Jr. Brigqs. Irving Butlar. Jdm«t Cdnup, Philip Cdrt«r. Jdr i«t Champion. William Cliff. Ddvid CoAt«t. Edward Conger. Wrrt.. Jr. Cooqan. John Copeland. Dolbert Cowman. Harold Cummlngi, William Dankenbring, Gene Duncan. Dean Fdhrinqer. Richard Gallagher. Patrick Gwilym, Herald Halvarton. Richard Heini. John Hemingar, Murray. Jr Hillyard, Gordon Holland. Virgil Hurlbut. Wendell. Ill Jefferts, Keith Jonei. William Kinkada. Emmett Kinnear. Ian Lanning. George Loichan. Roger Lytle. Donald Millar, Graham Morehouse, Charles Nelson Gene Nelson. Ronald Niemela. Wallace O ' Donnell, Terrenca Phalan. Burton Pitcher. Bert, Jr. Pritchard. George Randolph, Philip Rostrom. Richard Roys. Keith Sankey. Harry Thariault. Richard Trask. Gerald Waldorf, Daniel Williams, George. Jr Williamson. Tren Wilson, James, Jr. Winther, Grant Wipryd, Glenn - trfff ' t Mrs. Grace Woodward Secretary Jane Dalthorp Assistant Secretary NROTC STAFF 309 COMPASS AND CHART Anderson, William Austin, Russell, Jr. Backman, Donald Bennett, Warren Brace, Gordon Brewer, Walter Brotherton, Curtis Callaqhan. James Camfield, Roland. Jr. Cottingham, Wayne Dawson, John Donoghue, Joseph Edwards, Arthur Emrlch, Linn Ensi, George Erickson, Richard Ferguson, Robert Freltaq, Jack Gooch. Aldon Grobey, John Gross, William Haines, Frederick. Ill Halle. Roland Harding, George Harris, Robert Hensley, Frank Herzog, Frank Hogan, Elwood Horn, Charles. Jr. Hungar. Gene Hutchinson. David Johnson, Franklin Johnson, Kenneth Jones, Thomas Karstetter, Jared Kilham, Richard King, David King, Robert Kramer, Robert Larsen, Raymond Lewis, Donald Lindqren, Charles Llndstrom, Lauron Little, Bryce. Jr. Loken, Robert Lottsfeldt, Peter Lovejov. James Lyon, Cdward Mackenzie, Malcolm Martin, Thomas Massick, James McKeever. Robert Mortvedt, Hector, Jr. Murdock, Robert Newlan. Philip Odegard, Harold Olander. Cart Olson. Richard Paprltr. Gordon Parr, Raymond Patrick, Robert Phelps, Stanley Post, Gordon Pugh, Robert Read. Farra, Jr. Redkey, Edwin Rolfe, James Roos, Donald Scarff, Carrol! Scarrah, George Schwendeman, George Snypp, John Southgate. Robert Spidell, Gary Stevens, William Stoy, Charles Uddenberq, Bertram, Jr. Vammen, Charles Wallace, Minor. Jr. Washburn, Dexter Whitney. Richard Wilson. William. Jr. SOPHOMORES NOT PICTURED: Armltage, James 310 COMPASS AND CHART Affleck. Jdmei Alliion. Thom i. Jr An d«rion. Grahdm Arndt. Bart Aildkion. Robert Bdher, Thomdt, Jr Bdldwin. Donald Bdrbes. Gdle Bdfd Burton. Jr. Binvfield, Harvty Bowers. Donald Bfown. Cheitar Brown. Robertf Burch, Willidm Buth. Ronald Coffin. John Crdin. Richard, Jr. Dickion. Robert Dieti, Warran Ditty. William Dugua, Regit Duke. Jdmei Elidton. Loyd Erickion. Kenneth Farra. Donald Farrell. Edmond, Jr. Fitigerald, John Flohr. Robert Forsander. Donald Fratier, William Gerstenberger. Duane Gibbor i, Robert GIMman, Stanley GiHinger, Ddvid Gohlman. William Goodman. Robert Goodrich. Henry, Jr, Gorfkle. Sanford Grant. Alan Griggs, Everett. Ill Guyer. Robert Hanson, Carl Harvey. John Haynes. Richard Hennes, Jarres Hennes, John Henry. Jack Hoskins, Blaine Jackson. Gerald Johnston, William Karmin. Kurt Kinq. Harley Kirkiiam. Cameron Klasell. John Kurttila. Richard Lanq, William Lay. Richard Levy. Lee Lohr. James Long. Lyman Magnuson, Westly. Jr. Mahdffey. William McNamee D. E. Mjelde, Carroll Nelson, Donald Nelson. Maurice Newgard. Gerald Ott, Albert Petersen. Jeremy Phifer. David Phillips. Frank Price. Letter Rabel. Leigh Reams, William Richardson. Gordon Riley, Edward. Jr. Roake. Stephen Robertson. Ronald Routh, Richard Schoonover, Stanley Shaffer. Richard Smith, A. £.. Jr. Stafford. Shannon Standerfer. Franklin Stevenson. Byron Thiessen. Wayne Thrailkill, William Tracy, Ronald Turner. James Vandenbcrg. Russell l riii Ig l Wahlin. Bernard Walker, James Wetmore. Richard WIcknick, Fred Wllkins, John Williams. Richard Winn. Velmer NOT PICTURED: Aker, Gerald Attebery, James Austin. Charles Bailey. Lawrence Baker. oJhn Beery. Richard Brumbaugh, Ronald Burgess. Neil Christy. Howard Coleman. Arthur Greider. Hallack Greenleaf, Stephen Hahn, August Harris. William Houston. James Jordan. Richard Lancer. Gerald Massena, Wm. McAllister. Gordon McCreery. Hugh McGarrigle, Walton McGhee, Ronald Morlarty, Timothy Nolan. William, Jr. Oldow, Peter Packard. William Priebe. Wesley Ryan, Raymond Setrer, Robert Stubbs. Carl Trammell, Adrian Vogel. Robert Wilson. William Yeasting. Robert York. Richard FRESHMEN 311 ALPHA KAPPA PSI Mitchell. James V. President Bainbridqe. Robert Bale, T. Richard Barber, William Bennett, Edward Biccum, Frank Cherberg, Clyde Coffman, Russell DeCan, Lawrence Erickson, Lawrence Eriksen, Walter Farrell, Donald Furukawa, Ervin Haley Jack Henrikson, Gordon Horn, Raymond Jardine. Charles Ledakis, Gust McAllister, Alan Mavers. Benlamln O ' Conner, Robert Ramsay, Martin Rigsby, Jack Riley, John Sato, Frank Schoenfeld, Walter Thornton, Ralph Trask, Gerald Wieland, Carl W ' Kon, Howard Wilson. James Wylle, Murray Serving as a means of contact between students in all fields of business and commerce and the business world, Alpha Kappa Psi Includes outstanding majors in Business Administration. Mem- bership in the professional fra- ternity offers, In addition, a chance for friendship between members In various fields. NOT PICTURED: Adair, Fred Soothe, G. Bruce Chesnutt. David Curren, James Grahl. Robert Kahler, Robert Linhart, Russell Matson, Eldred Munko, Anthony 312 ALPHA TAU DELTA Born, Bvrnice Cdpron. Mdvon {Si«l r) Lymdn, H«l n Pr«iidanl Cdvandugh, erdldine Coulter. Mitzi Dorrien, Gaynor Erickson. Shirley Hdrrison. Beatrice James, Stiirley NOT PICTURED; Anderson. Helen Advisor Bottinelll, Frankie Cdllagti . Nadine Eaqen. Margaret Gamble. Donna Grant, Sally Hacker. Garnet Hall, Barbara Lambrecht, Maiine Lind, Marion McGovney. Ann McNamard. Margaret Mitchell. Joan Morrow. Evelyn (Wright) Pruit. Bet h (Kistler) Reekie. Elagrace Richart. Frances (Trackwell) Sawyer. Barbara Schaaf, Kathryn Schuler, Ann Stenvaog. Sonia Warfield. Bonnie Wick. Mary Ann Komorita, Nori Matsusdwd. June McBurnie. Joan Smith. Charlotte Stover, Joanne Toda. Meriico Wright, Priscilla Yamada, Amy The Delta Chapter of Alpha Tau Delta was organized on the University campus in 1936 and Installed by Dr. Edith Bryan, founder of Alpha Tau Delta. The nnembership Is made up of students from campus and student nurses from the Swedish and Harborvlew divisions. 313 ALPHA DELTA SIGMA Power, Jdmes Allen, Frank Bement, Pete Bosch. Calvin Bridge, Robert Cichy, Fred Kraft. Ken Levitch, Dave McCune, Joe PItzer. Robert Power, James Relf. Geoff Ricks, Cappy Ritchey, Thomas Rogoway, Jack Rupp, Glen Watkins, Benjamin AMERICAN INSTITUTE OF CHEMICAL ENGINEERS Alpha Delta Sigma is a men ' s national pro- fessional advertising fraternity, whose mem- bers are interested in the field of advertising as a profession. Carrying through with the advertising theme, pledges carry " sandwich boards " with paid advertisements on them to provide a source of revenue with which the fraternity carries on its campus advertising service. Chapter activities include addresses by prominent advertising men, visits to local advertising departments, an annual Agency Banquet to which all professional advertising men are invited. The National Western Re- gional Convention Is planned for Seattle this summer. Clyde Robinson, Director of Publica- tions, is the faculty advisor. NOT PICTURED: Christensen, Derwyn Ehrig, Frank Harris, Richard Helms, Kenneth JacobI, Wayne Kirkwood, James Marburger. Ralph McCain, Robert Newsom, Harold Ostrow, Nick Solkover. Monte Gunderson, Joseph President Anderson. Clarence Arnold, Stanley Christiansen, Alwin NOT PICTURED: Back. Sangho Downing, Carl McKee, Robert Thorsten, Carl Bdllo. John Hammond, James Marble, Duane Valentine. Ralph Botfeld, Bernard Hockett, Norman Mihailoff, Vddim Walther, James Brooks, Edward Kingery, Michael Murray. Jack Dr. R- W. Moulton Broulette, James Knudsen. Harold Northy, Ray Adviser Chamberlain, Harry Koop, Rodney Smith, Kenneth Corlett. Richard Lomax. Archie Stroebel. A. T. Cutts, Rollin Kennar, George Murakami, Yoshio Pederson. James Smith, Vernon Wittkopf, Warren Young, Richard The American Institute of Chemical Engineers, founded on campus to serve its student mem- bersh ' p through the fellowship usually found in a homogeneous group, also fills in other non-academic gaps. One of its most impor- tant functions — to a student engineer — is seen in its program of bringing to the University Interesting specialists in the field of chemical engineering. Their talks are the highlights of the AlChE year. 314 NOT PICTURED: Addmi. L«lt«r Drummond. Nedl Farquion. Roldnd Fiadlor. John Hddl, Hdmmond Johnion. Orldndo Johnion. OHo Stedrnt. Gaorq Stow«, Douqldl Svenion, S en Vockrodt. Glenn Two technical organizations on cannpus espe- cially designed to serve the channeled Inter- ests in electric al engineering students are the American Institute of Electrical Engineers and the Institute of Radio Engineers. Both are the local student branches of recognized national professional societies. Due to common inter- ests while in school, the student branches are merged Into one group with common officers. AIEE was chartered by the EE department In 1912 to develop the Interests of power stu- dents. The groups are open to all sophomores and above. AMERICAN INSTITUTE OF ELECTRICAL ENGINEERS Ah«drn. John Andrewi. Robert Br«dl, Rodnoy Cootey. Wlllidm 6«noit. John Protidcnt Collins. Robtrt Ddvis. Wdvne Eckhardt, Ivan Fdirfield. Homer Fix. Oliver GIdst, John Hall, Eugene Hdnion, David Keitel. Glenn Kieburtz, Robert Mawson, Thomas Minch. Harlow Newman. Gilbert Olson. Delfred Pearson, Roy Ratchliffe. Charles Safer, Richard Smith, Ouane Taylor. Cecil Warriclt. Robert Weiss. Studrt Wiprud, Glenn AMERICAN SOCIETY OF CIVIL ENGINEERS NOT PICTURED: Arness. Carl Lee. Harry Bailey. Merrill Lyon. Charles Chick. Frank McLaren. Duncan Collins. Chester Mathews, Laurence Countryman. Charles Nielsen. Thorras Engel. Delmar Peterson. Garvin Frank, Lcs Purdum. Gerald GianoHi. Wilton Roller. John Hansen. George Reed. Herbert Hildebrandt, Peter Sullivan. Cecil Hunter, John Vermilion. Milton Hyer. Richard Vogel, Peter Ittn, Robert Yale, Robert Kemph. Don The Civil Engineers Society has a policy of sponsoring student organizations to provide a contact between the student and the prac- ticing engineer. Local branches are nucleus groups, primarily concerned with field trips and other activities that will give student engi- neers the chance to see and understand the practical problems encountered by the engi- neering profession. Each year trips are taken to Coulee and other dams. Industrial plants, sewage treatment plants and water sheds. The organization can be of real value to civil engi- neering students. Anderson, John Beatty. Earl Doriey. Willldm Dulilelh. Lowell President Dulin, Lee Grdham. Robert Hekkanen. Eero Hertzog. Donald Johnson, Charles McKay, John McKinley, William McLeod. Thomas Perry. Jack Pogge. Ernest Reed. Raymond Tutlle. Jack V ilkerson. Wallace Q o n Yoshida, Kenji 315 AMMONII SOCII Gruqer, Edward President Agar, James Anderson, Clarence Brown, James Grover. James Gunderson. Joseph Guthrie. Frank Hockett, Norman Jonson, Norman Joslin, Morten King. William Maki, Arthur Pate, John Ratcliffe, Arthur Smith. Vernon Uziel. Mayo Young, Richard NOT PICTURED: Anderson, Gerald Anderso.T. Robert Hammond, James Josephson. Roy Kingery, Michael Landreth, Jay McDougall. John Shields. William i Ammonll Socii Is a social-service organ for professional Chemistry and Chemical Engineering students with at least sophomore standing. The faculty adviser is Dr. R. W. Moulton. The group tied for sec- ond place in the All-U Blood Bank during spring quarter, 1951, held their annual Tug-of-War across Frosh Pond with the Pharmacy Club, and planned the yearly Chem Shack picnic. ARENA Kelly. Earl President Anderson, Patricia Chrtstensen. Beverly Collier, Helen Elliott, Elaine Flodin. Donald Hedges, Marley Martin, Helen Scheving, Nancy NOT PICTURED: Bagley, Dolores Bowen, V illiam Brown, Hobart Coffin, Natalie Collard, John Cro;set. William Fo.-ester, James Herzog, Ruth Hjert, Jerry Howell. William Jacobs, Gerald Jory, Jean Leedy, Emmylou Lindquist, Robert Loue, Joan Rev, Adelka Rotter. Catherine Scharfenberq, Jean Wheeler, Alfred Arena, professional drama frater- nity, was established on this cam- pus in 1949. Members are chosen for outstanding artistic and techni- cal ability in the School of Drama. The objects and purposes of the club are to serve the department, to coordinate extra-curricular ac- tivities for the advancement of the students of the department, to ar- range social gatherings and recep- tions for visiting celebrities, and to sponsor the annual Award ' s Day honoring outstanding drama stu- dents each spring. 316 AMERICAN PHARMACEUTICAL ASSOCIATION Lambert. Donald G. President Amabe. Amy Andenon. Clarence Barnhouse. Willii Barton. Charles Bishop. Robert Bleese. Verle Boguch. Frieda Davit. Darrell Dodge, William Ellison, June Fujikddo, Kei Gamido. Loltta Hanby. Wayne Harford. Mary Jussila. Martha Kato. Zinrchi Kerr, Richard Kniffen. Donald Likeness, Jerry McCoy, James Monsen. Rodney Sarantinos. Katheren Schefstrom, Ruth Schimel. Lucille SeSTiel. Donald Sullivan, Joe Tweit, Gordon Uyeda. Luana Wassberg, Charles Watklns, Ben Wilkins. James Wong. Kenneth The Unlversi+y of Washington student branch of the American Pharmaceutical Association was estabi shed in 1946. This group is afFillated with a national organization bearing the same name, and is composed of members of the College of Pharmacy. Primarily the association began for the advancement of pharmacy in the scientific and reta ' l fields, but the social angle has not been omitted. The group represents the only organization to which all of the members of the college may be bound into a unified group. The group ' s activities and alumni and pharmacy news are published in the association ' s " Pharm Phorum. " NOT PICTURED; Bogh. Gary Bradberry, Jerry Forler. James Harris. Charles Hoglund. Donald Jackson. James Madison, Glynn Messistrano, Leon Oldright, George Pomerenk. Earl Shuster. Jack Theriault, Richard Vincent. Muriel Whitmore. Jacquelyn 317 AMERICAN SOCIETY OF MECHANICAL ENGINEERS Stephens, Robert, Jr. Styskel. Edward Welch, Donald Wheeler, James Welch, Donald L. President Allyn. Richard Armfield, Reginald Boque, Arnold Boydston, Blair Buckley, Lawrence Campbell, Kenneth Campbell. Richard Cravens, Charles Eastman, James Fisk, John D.. Jr. Flornes, Bruce Fredericks, Bob Fyall, Andrew Hammersmith, Robert Hannaford, Vernon Harlock, Ralph Holi, Thomas Horrocks, Philip Johnson, Ralph Larsen, Leonard Little, Robert Long, Chester Martin, Glenn Miller. Allen Miller, Thomas Ncltimier, Ross Nomiyama, Frank Norellus, Marvin Parent, Sidney Peterson, Robert Reightley, Donald Siddons, James The University of Washington Student Branch of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers was established on the cannpus in 1917. The objectives are: To broaden the student ' s acquaintance with |-he practical side of the nnechanical engineering; to give each student member the journal of the society. MECHANICAL ENGINEERING, informing him of engineering progress, and to make available the periodical publica- tions; to develop the student ' s initiative and ability to spealc In public, and to familiarize him with the parliamentary procedure and organization of learned societies; to enable the student to establish fraternal contact with his fellow students In engineering, and to meet graduate engineers engaged In active practice of mechanical engineering; and to hold regular meetings of the student branch. The U of W Student Branch sponsors frequent field trips to inspect local industries, movies of general Interest, student talks, and teams to compete In intramural sports. Membership Is open to any student enrolled in the engineering college of an accredited school. The office Is In 416 Guggenheim Hall. NOT PICTURED: Adams, Vernon Baneriee, Amiya Bucknell, Richard Busse, Herman Campbell, Bruce Carr. Warren Comins, Clare Conner, Lonnle Cook, George Courtney, John Crain, Richard. Jr. Fiander. W. M. Fikse, Tyman Fleming. Frederick Flynn, George Gibbons, James Hernely, Kenneth Hoppe, Douglas Inouye, Howard Jacobsen, Gordon Klein, Donald Mack, Chester Mllburn, Boyd Morrison, James Nagai, Carl O ' Brien, James O ' Bryan. Harvey Clausen. Olaf Olden, Oelmar Osgood, Merle Padrick, Bennie Peterson, Ralph Rafter, Jack Rhoades. Carlton Robinson, Pierre Shaw, Leonard Smith, Francis Stanley, Edward Store. Jonas Strout, Frank Tinkler, Terence Trondsen, John Varon, Harry Wierlo, Edward Willard, Charles Williamson, Sylvanus Wyman, Charles 318 NOT PICTURED; Bdrkey. Victor Burdu«. Wiltidm Butler. Jotin CIdrke. Jolin Cole. Leondrd Deppman. Edward Evans. Howard Evey. Jame Flodin. Roger Hedrict . Rictiard Jaedicke. Robert Kattner, Lewis McCarron. Jamei Smith. Gordon Beta Alpha Psi, national profes- sional accounting fraternity, was chartered on the campus in 1921. The purpose of the group is to encourage and foster the ideal of service as the basis of the accounting profession; to promote the study of account- ing and Its highest ethical stand- ards, and to act as a medium between professional men, in- structor, students and others who are interested in the dev- velopment and study of this pro- fession. Their goals are high morale, scholastic and profes- sional attainments and cordial relations among Its members and the profession generally. Selected on the basis of profes- sional promise and scholastic accomplishment, candidates for membership must be upperclass- men with a grade average of B- In all accounting and business law. The organization, among other things, serves as a contact between active members and employers in these fields. BETA ALPHA PSI Brehlie. Eugana Cherbarg, Clyde Coffnridn, Rusttll Cubbag . Kvnnath LucVs. Wiltidm PrAsident Diobanow, Julius K«!m. Rob rt Krdftonbft. ' g, Edwin Lttw. Kenneth Lucks. Willidm Lunghdrd. F.ed Mdrsh, Mervin Pettyqrove. Richdrd Post. Warren Prltzd. Mike dM4f. O BKft ib4k Siemens. Abfdhdm Thornton, Rdlph Triesniowski, George Wieland. Cdrl ENGINEERING STUDENTS COUNCIL Representing the interests of all lower - campus students, mem- bers of the Engineering Students Council met this year under the chairmanship of Del Olson. The council is the connecting link between the upper and lower- campus governments. Highlight of the year is the council- sponsored Engineering Open House which plays host to over 15,000 visitors in a brilliant cam- pus display of technical achieve- ment. Benoit, Jack Christiansen. Al Duklelh. Lowell Olson. Del President Eastman, Jim Gill, Clark Iverson, George Jacobs. Don Kieburti. Bruce Long. Chet Mack. Chet Miller, Al Powell. Dave Rae. Bill Reightley. Don Tauscher. Joe Wiprud. Glenn NOT PICTURED: Bowen. Bob 319 FOREST CLUB The purpose of Forest Club Is to better acquaint the students with l-heir Instructors and with prominent men from the Forest Service and the forest Industries. In addition to the quarterly dances and Intra- mural athletics, the most outstand- ing event is the day of chopping, bucking, and rolling contests called " Garb Day, " which climaxes with the " Loggers ' Brawl. " NOT PICTURED: Boise, J. F. Brockman, C. Prank Brumbaugh, Ronald Brynestad, Ken Buchanan, John Burgess. Neil Bustamente. L. Bryon, Art Campbell, H, G. Cranston, R. B. Drake, Ed Flemer, T. A. Floyd, Spencer Foss. L. S. Fournier, E. A. Lee. Bob President Bakewell. Jack Baldwin, Don Barr. Ken Beckman, K. M. Brown, Mickey Burns. R. E. Burr, Art Cramer, Bill Davidson Roy Dost. Bill Farley, Dale Fredsall, R M. Gracey, Bob Hanover. Jim Fredriksen. Dick Galloway, L. L. Gessel, S. Gosset, D. L. Gronvold. O. G. Haddock. P. Hanson, Dick Harrison. Bob Harrison, Larry Hautala. Don Hawley. G S Hebrank, Al Helland, Wayne Henke. William Jorgenson, J. M. Herold, Jim Houchen. Ray Johnson, Don Jordan, Dick Kongkatong. P. Korosi, John Lawson. Willard McClary, Doug Matthias, Jim Michelotti, Fred Monahan. Joe Pardo. Dick f Petrone , Ed V Powers Al d Schaeff er, Don Fw jA Sheldon, JucI rSto-41 Thomp on D. W. ■ l Young. R. M. Joyce, Robert Nord. Fred Smith. Walt Ketchum, Rod Oberg, Byron Strang, J, H. Kidwell, Tom Olson, Floyd Strum, Ernie Kvinge, Harold Olson. Orville Swanson, Jim Lambert, Greg ORellly R, R Talbot, Paul Leaf, Albert Orr, Pete Thomas, Dave Lohr. J. R, Pangborn, John Thomas, D. P. Macdonald, K M, Pederson. James Truai, Bill Mclntyre, F, L. Price, G, W, Vail, Stan Marckworth, Dean Prochnau. Jim Van VIeet, Dan Mehlman, Char es Recto, Caesar Welsh. David Meltvedt. D. F. Robertson, J C H Wilbur. D. W. Mollett, Orville Schneider, A, E, Wilson. G, H. Moore. Bob Schuler, Don Nelson. Jim Smith, Bruce i 320 GRADUATE NURSES CLUB NOT PICTURED: Brock. Edith Corwin, Ltwdnnd Curtii. Linnea Dearlovtt. Phyllis EMinqlon. Emma Purnari, Mary Mooiey. Salley Naqareda. Mie Baabana Sevan, Joanna Watarman. Patricia The Graduate Nurses ' club of the University o Washington is an organization open to all graduate professional nurses registered in the School of Nurs- ing. These nurses are enro ' led in advanced programs, majoring in nursing education, public health nursing or industrial nursing. The primary aims of the groups are to promote closer relationships between stu- dents, other campus organizations and the nursing faculty. Two members represent the club at the reg- ular faculty meeting; Miss Virginia Olcott is faculty adviser of the club. fi , TOP ROW: Ketsler. Mdry Gay. Joan Belcher. Helen Guthrie, Carol Publicity Chr. Bair, Dorthea Shepherd, Gladys Betben, Marjorie Milei. Florence Hauge, Florence Strom. Helen Bregger, Emily Olcott, Virginta Adviser Stewart. Lucille O ' Boyle, Myrtle Brothers, Lucille MIDDLE ROW: Smith, Margaret Hutchlns, Althea White. Commorah Borchard, Lorna Scott, Afdis Gull, Olga Gaurnier. Hazel Waddlngton. Ruth Scholtz. Johanna Schaaf. Kathryn Kennedy. Betty FRONT ROW: Dandis, Margaret Secretary Stein. Zelia (hidden) Buchanan. Viol«t Axelson. Avis Holdsworth, Vivian Treasurer Wang, Mei-lin (Rosalind) Lucas. Pauline Orsi. Corrine President Fulmer. Irene Hacker, Garnet Spegel. Josephine Vice-President Swanson, Myrtle Steyaert. Helen CRAPHA TECHNA Grapha Techna, men ' s art honorary, was organized at Washington In 1938 to stimulate the interest of student and alumni members in the methods and techniques of the arts and to provide contacts with professional people in the field. Movies, speakers, and exhibitions of members ' work help accomplish this objective. These works of art aro br ought to the meetings, discussed Informally, and exhibited In a local business establish- ment. During the past year Grapha Techna members have exhibited as a group at the Bellevue Arts Fair, the Orcas Island Festival of the Arts, and the Puyallup Fair Art Exhibit. The annual Initiation banquet and picnic are highlights of the spring quarter. Anderson, Gordon Brown. Jack Holmes, John Presiden Jensen, Ray Lauhon, Tom NOT PICTURED: Brewer, Glen Chalk, Earl Claussan. Loyde Colqren. Monte Dierck, Kenneth Droste, Howard Hamack, Frank Herard, Marvin Johnson, Frederick LaFebvre. David Lennon. Robert Lindstrom, Ronald Willamuth, Richard 32! HOME ECONOMICS CLUB CABINET Pettibone, Carol, 5r. President Bianco, Lois, Sr. Bird, Betsy, So. Busey, Ann, Sr. Carriqan, Mary. Jr. Cooper, Georgia, Fr. Gustafson, Helena. Sr. Lawton, Peggy, Jr. Lockwood, Marilyn. Jr. Martin, Carol Lee. Fr. Moore, Barbara, Jr. NOT PICTURED: Jallie, Elizabeth. So. Founded In 1910, the Home Economics Club Is a profes- sional, as well as a depart- mental, organization and is affiliated with the American Home Economics Association. Membership Is extended to all Home Economics majors. A cookie sale, the proceeds of which are placed in a spe- cial fund to be used In help- ing a foreign student attend school in this country, high- lights the year ' s activities. Social functions include a Christmas Party, Mothers ' Tea, and Senior Banquet. Services given are a Foreign Package Drive in the fall quarter which supplies food and clothing to needy per- sons In foreign countries, and aid In the department ' s an- nual Open House program. INDUSTRIAL DESIGNERS 9i Lauhon, Thomas C. President Are, Andi Frederickson, Neil Gibson, Gloria Kortman, Frederick Lefebure, David Nelson, Darrell Slotnick, David Vaughn, Wade NOT PICTURED: Durfee, Bill Forester, Fred Knappett, Donald Lantt, Norman Louie, Kenneth Nilson, Erick Nystrom, Rodney Page, Bert Ransom, Jack The purpose of the industrial De- signers is to further industrial de- sign by publicizing the training In this field available on the U of W campus and by keeping design stu- dents In closer contact with the profession. Monthly meetings are held, with speakers and films of Interest presented to the club. The organization also works with the High School Public Relations Of- fice, enlightening high school stu- dents as to the opportunities In Industrial design. 322 KAPPA PSI Anderson. Cl4f«nc« ( C B fnhous«. Willij U- r ' Mr w. ' •- B rt«ll. G«Ofq«. Jr Im Bdrton. Chdrlai ,« V — • Monien. Rodnty J ■ s Pr«lid«nt 2 V Bl««i«, Verle Ddhlquist. Maurice Dodge. Willldm Enqlund. Ldn Everett. Harold Finney, Frank Fujikado, Kei Gaines, Lloyd Gfeller. Alfred Hanby. Wayne Hurley. Raymond Johnson. Byron Kerr, Richard Kniffen, Donald Lamberf. Donald Likness. Jerry Lindblad. Warren Machida, Calvin McCoy, James Milbrad, Robert Milner. Howard Monsen, Rodney Olson, Alan Oitrom. Harry Schmidt. Gordon Sehmel. Donald Sheppard, Virgil Sullivan, Joseph Swedin, Bert Thomas, Marvin Trier, Jerry Twietmeyer, Charles WilkJns. James The national pharmaceutical association, Kappa Psi, was founded on this campus in 1916 as Beta Omicron chapter. Carrying on the purposes of the twenty pharmacy students who were charter members in 1916. the organization aims to foster pharmaceutical research, h-gh scholarships, and the improvement of professional standards of pharmacy. NOT PrCTURED: Ellis. Raymond Jackton. Jamet Kutl«r. Donald McGhe«, Charles Tomchalk, Richard 323 INDUSTRIAL EDUCATION CLUB Steqin, Fred Swanson, Roy Thompson, Virqll Walbruch, Walter NOT PICTURED: Delzell. Athol Dfdcopoulos. George Bonham, Bruce President Bensuisen, Isaac Berg, Robert Eisenbrey. Carl Ellexson. Stanley Ellingson, Norbert Gumm, Emmett Hdlvorson. Archie Harris, Alfred Hendrickson, Dale Jaekel, Haile King, James Maqnason, Earl Pesznecker, David Siodin, Karl President _.: Vice Presidanf Secretary Bruce H, Bonham James M. King Dale Hendrickson The Industrial Educational Club is an organization founded in 1950 tor the promotion of common interests and goals of student studying Industrial arts in the College of Education. Both majors and minors in industrial arts are welcome and urged to attend the regular Friday noon coffee hour. Dr. Athol R. Baily, Asst. Professor of Industrial Education is the faculty advisor. Programs of pertinent value to prospective Industrial arts teachers, are planned on a bi-monthly schedule and include noted speakers In the field, demonstrations, dis- plays, and field trips. LAMBDA KAPPA SIGMA Amabe, Emiko President Harford, Mary Iwasdki, Sherry Jussila, Martha Reeder, Billie Schimel. Lucille Uycda, Luana NOT PICTURED: B ' ckmore, Joy Vincent, Muriel Whitmore, Jacquelyn Organized by Ethel J. Heath at the Massachusetts College of Phar- macy in Boston In 1913, Lambda Kappa Sigma is a national sorority for women in pharmacy. Its pur- poses are to promote professional interest, act as a center of friend- ship and culture and to prepare its members for wide and wise human service, in the medical profession. In 1913 the sorority had 10 mem- bers, but ' it now has 25 active chapters and 12 graduate chapters in the United States. Chi chapter at the Un ' vers ' ty of Washington began as the " Anti- dote Club " for women in phar- macy and was installed on April 20, 1941. 324 MARKETING CLUB NOT PICTURED: BrAnst«tt«r, K«nn th Burr. M«rvin Chriitophar. Robsrt Cook . Wdndd Curry, Cdrl Oidmond. G. Evdni, William Helms, K«nn«th LdMdrr. Willijm McJdnnvt. B«ttv Nordstrom, John Roit, Clinton Skinttdd. Jdm«s Stdnford. Jdm«i Whitmor . William The Marketing Club Is affllia+ed with the American Marketing Association, the lead- ing professional organization sponsoring the development of more scientific practices In the distribution field. The main purposes of the Marketing Club are to help students bridge the gap between school and the business world. It sponsors talks by out- standing business men, field tours of mar- keting organizations In the area, and gives students an opportunity to become better acquainted with members of the faculty. Membership Is open to students Interested in marketing as a career. And«rion. John Anderson. Mdry Bdinbrtdqe, Robert Brossdrd. Kenneth Elmquiit, LaRov President Cdmdndond. Harold Colpron. Ronald Erickson. Jdmes Fenton. Dondid Gitmar. Anne Hdncock, Frank Hawkins. Eric Hdzel, Eugene Hendrick, C. Hurley. W. Langley. Walter Lenoir, Joseph Metsingdle, Bruce McCune. Joe Muellar, Floyd Niesz, Clair Pankhard, Donald Pitier. Robert Pomere nk, Glenn Puro. Laroy Robinson. E. Robinson, William IS Sundberg, Paul Undi. Roland van Leeuwen. Margaret Whitney. Wlllldm MANAGEMENT CLUB NOT PICTURED: Arord, Andy Chang. Kuo-liu Diamond. Warren Fumari. Mary Green. Robert Howe, Jarres Jadake. Robert Kennedy, David Knast. Harry Knott Richard Krai. Kenneth Lundy. Ray Maclean, Robert Mcllhaney, Virginia Miller. Mdrgaret Simpler, Richard Skevig, Charles Smith. Howard Solie. Gordon Sullivan. James Triiise. William Twetem. Leonard Walters, Alberta Williamson. SyWanus Management club was organized in April, 1948. by Dr. T. J. Barnowe. At the first meeting about 30 were present. Within a month the club had mushroomed to 70 members. The club Intends to bring to- gether those people on campus interested in the field of management to foster their own professional qualifications as future managers and to provide a means of co- operation between schools, business organ- izations and the University. Barker, John Brekke. Eugene Dean. Harlan Rowlett. Thomas President Graves. John Grundy, Clifton Guthrie. Carol Hagaman. Floyd Hall. Eugene Johns. Kenneth Lenoir. Joseph Mesher. Shirley Miller. Sally Orr Dwight Taylor. Winifred Teigh, Mary 325 PAN XENIA NOT PICTURED: Chapman, Arthur Fdkharzddeh, Mehdi Mallett, Richard Moyer, Grant Shepardson. Robert Spielman. Heinz White. Norman, Sf . President Anderson. Kenneth, Sr Davis, Paul, Jr. Gay, Robert. Sr. Glickfeld, Sidney, Sr. Jaeger. Robert, Sr. Pick. Donald. Jr. Small, Mollis. Sr. Tanaka. Frank, Sr. Tuohy, Peter. Jr. Viborel, Jean. Sr. Widen. Carl. Sr. Pan Xenia Is an International foreign trade honorary and professional fraternity. Its mennbers are upperclassmen majoring In foreign trade and related fields, who evi- dence Interest In the promotion of the group ' s objectives and good scholarship standing. The fraternity was founded In 1918 to pro- mote good will and better trade relations and practices throughout the world. The group has received special recognition from the Carnegie Peace Foundation as being a factor able to Improve international rela- tions. It Is the oldest International college fraternity. PI ALPHA SIGMA Salvino, Noreen. Sr. Sussman. JoAnne, Jr. Wilkinson, Alberta, Sr. NOT PICTURED: Costigan, Sidney Jackson, Joy Truscott. Ruth, Sr. President Callahan, Maureen, Jr. Chittenden, Robin. Jr. Kosin. Heartha, Sr. Lund. Laurel, Sr. Neckas. Cathy, Jr. Relghtley, Gretchen. Sr. PI Alpha Sigma, women ' s professional ad- vertising honorary, promotes advertis ng as a profession among women. It was founded to bring about mutual benefit to the women on campus Interested in advertising. Mem- bers are enabled to make personal contacts with people outstanding in the various fields of adverllsing. Pledging takes place In the fall and often In spring, too. Women pledged must have at least a 2.5 grade average and must plan advertising as a profession. PI Alpha Sigma traditionally sponsors the annual campus Apple Day In the fall, part of the proceeds going to some organization such as Campus Chest. The spring project is taking charge of arrange- ments for the ASUW publications banquet. 326 SIGMA DELTA CHI Sigma Delta Chi, a professional journalism honorary, has been active on campus since 1910. Fraternity membership Is based on scholarship, character, and aptitude among men who show the greatest promise in newspaper work and related fields. The chapter works closely with men actively engaged in the profession, giving the stu- dent members n opportunity for improved insight into journalism as a career. Along with recreational activities, the group ' s regular meetings provide discus- sions by leaders In such fields as television, radio, and general newspaper production. Jury, Willldm Pr«itd«nt Bdrr«M. Richdrd Boynton. Jamai Brier, Wdrr«n Cdrlion. L«o D«derer. Michdel Hirano. Yutdkd Holm«i, Joseph Knight. William Leidnd. Allen Lotchen. Roger Lynch, John NOT PICTURED: Bdrrett, Gary Borgford, Thomds BunVer. Forrest Christensen, Derwyn CIdrke, Willidm Relf. Geoffrey Spellmdn, Donald Sullivdn, John Wood, Ddvid Lucero. Andy Oldson. Victor Smith. Jdmes SolVover, Monte Trowbridge. Dick Turay. Kenneth Jermain. Leonard Advisor THETA SIGMA PHI Alpha Chapter of Theta Sigma Ph!, national women ' s journalism honorary, was first founded in 1909 at the University of Wash- ington. Today student and alumnae chap- ters stretch from Oregon to Maine. Pro- fessional interest in journalism and a high scholastic record are necessary for member- ship eligibility. The Matrix Table banquet is an annual spring event honoring Seattle ' s 500 most prominent women, jointly sponsored by the Active and Alumnae chapters of Theta Sig. President Delzer, Ndncy Bdlthaser. Maribeth Brand. Tina Costigan, Sidney King, Berenice Douglas, Dale Egan, Julie Estigoy. Dolores Mahoney. Sally Miller, Shirley Murphy. Manlyn Reightley, Gretche- ' 090 Tomita, Kay Troscott. Ruth NOT PICTURED Bradshaw, Kay Preston. Jeanne 327 I U i ■ 1 Reightley, Donald Editor-in-Chief In the short time since 1948, the undergraduate engineers on lower campus have established a magazine that has received wide recognition among engineering and publi- cation groups. Through the support of the student engi- neering societies and the untiring efforts oF the editorial and business staffs, the magazine has increased in size and frequency of publication. The outgoing staff can justly feel proud of their part In establishing this highly-regarded campus tradition. Hertiog, Donald Business Manager Keitel, Glenn Managing Editor Johnson, Herman Associate Editor Parent, Margaret Associate Editor Lake, Kenneth Photography Editor Benson, Jack Makeup Editor 328 Cutts, Rollin Iversen. Tony Hobert. Carol Martin, Jim Perry. Jack Wheeler. Jim NOT PICTURED: Ballo, John McVey, George Courtney, John Publicity Manager Local Advertising Hen. Bob Manage Millar, Allen Roth, Cliff National Advertising Manager Sailor, Dale Professor S. W. Cha 3m an Gunderson. Joe Circulation Manager Faculty Advisor Professor Jack R, CI anton Faculty Advisor WOMEN ' S PHYSICAL EDUCATION CLUB Armitdge. Trviti Barlow. Marjorte Bdyh, Wilfrcda Banthoof. liana Bradihaw, Barbara Buchar, Halan Pratidant Brown. Barbara Jana Brown. Barbara Joan Bucher. Halan Cochran. Jaan Cragin, Barbara Oautar. Mary Lou Fifzpatrick. Mary Jano Fry, BeHy Hayat. Joan Higbta. Jan Huiton, Janat Jacobsan. Tina Jantian. Janica Kuhn, Eva Lou Landwaer. Marjorie Larrabea. Barbara Mace, Margaret Mager. Marilyn Nelion, Barbara Nelson. Shirley Neth. Sylvia Paulson. Gtaddy P;«hl, Joy Pieroth. Mary Porter. Helen Roe, Patricia Rogers. Marilyn Sutherland. Oelore; Thompson, Jean Wallace, Barbara Williams, Retha Wilson. Carole In the fall of 1919 the Physical Education Club was started for the benefit of the physical education majors. The purpose of the club Is to bind Its members more closely together in their social and professional interest. A plaque Is awarded to the outstanding senior student each year, and a loan fund is maintained to be used by students in physical education. NOT PICTURED: Carman. Elaine Chettain. Joanne Pujii. Jean Lee, Joyce Neely, Janice Neely, Jean O ' Brien, Irene Quadland, Grace Simpson, Odinc Slauson, Janet Sfeinbrugge. Margaret Stroud. Donna Tsuttumoto. Jean Vallender. Carol Dawn Viloudaki. Margaret Yamboa, Agnes 329 ZETA PHI ETA Sullivan, Ruth-Ellen President Anderson, Helen Deming, Helen Kosin, Heartha LaCross, Margaret Lovsted, Elizabeth Mattila, EIna McCasklll, Christy tvliller, Marlene Osten, Ann Potts, Drusilla Ridgeway, Marilyn Schemer, Sue Shattuck, Mary Ellen Stambaugh, Betty Summers. Wanda Ze+a Phi Eta, the national professional speech arts fraternity for women, was founded at Northwestern University, Evanston, Illinois, in 1893. Mennbership is based on scholarship, professional attitude, and extra-curricular ac- tivity as evidence of professional excellence. Zeta Phi Eta maintains and supports the Lois Beal Sandall Scholarship Fund for the benefit of outstanding students in Speech Arts. The scholarship is available to any senior or gradu- ate majoring in Speech, Radio, or Drama. In addition, the Zeta Phi Eta plaque is awarded to the outstanding graduating senior man and woman in speech. The engraved plaque is then displayed in the Walker-Ames room of Par- rington Hall. A plaque for the outstanding graduate in radio is also awarded. I The buildings pictured on this page show the difference in architec- ture between upper cannpus and lower campus. Liberal Arts subjects are taught on upper campus in buildings such as Savory and Hutchin- son, while engineering, forestry, chemistry, physics, medicine, fisheries, and dentistry are concentrated on lower campus, in buildings such as the Electrical Engineering building shown below. An over-all view at left further points out the distinction. Living Groups 332 PANHELLENIC Crohn, Charmalee President Friedman, Gloria 1st Vice-Pres. Silberman, Diane Activities Chr. Gellermann. Dianne 2nd Vice-Pres. Chapman, Gloria Publicity Chr. Smith, Joan Asst. Relations Chr Carlo, Delores Scholarship Chr. Bradford. Marilyn Secretary Carson, Carolyn Social Chr. Hammer, Karol Treasurer Lusk. Joan Standards, Chr. " T. W 4 Whitman, Marjorie Alpha Chi Omega Hallowetl, Betty Alpha Delta Pi Pearl. Luetta Alpha Epsilon Phi Strong, Mary Alpha Gamma Delta puinn. Patricia Alpha Omicron Pi Carson. Carolyn Alpha Phi Jensen, Jean Alpha Xi Delta Jacobson, Beverly Chi Omega McDonald, Barbara Delta Delta Delta Brace, Barbara Delta Gamma Lusk, Joan Delta Zeta Quevli. Dagmar Gamma Phi Beta Carlo. Delores Kappa Alpha Theta Conlen, Kathleen Kappa Delta Cole, Serena Kappa Kappa Gamma Landweer, Mar{orie Phi Mu Sitberman, Diane Phi Sigma Sigma Hagen. Georgia Pi Beta Phi Chapman. Gloria Sigma Kappa Ringman, Diane Zeta Tau Alpha 334 Panhellenic is the coordinating body of the sorority systenn. Beside the regular meetings, this year ' s Panhellenic program included the rushing program prior to autumn quarter, round robin dinners, and the annual training conference held dur- ing the first week of spring quarter for incoming and out- going officers and house presidents. Mrs. Herbert Plumb, executive secretary oF Panhellenic, works closely with the officers and executive board in an advisory capacity. Junior Panhellenic advisor is Mrs. J. R. Damus. Outgoing president Charmtalee Crohn hands the gavel to the new president. Marilyn Bradford. From left to right; Joan Smith, second vice president; Karol Hammer, vice president; Gloria Friedman, outgoing vice president; Charmalee; Marilyn: Marion Lichetenwalner. secretary, and Carol Foster, treasurer. JUNIOR PANHELLENIC NOT PICTURED: Saundtrs. Elizabeth Delta Zetd Handrlckson. Marlon Alpha Chi Omega DeKraay, Virginia Alpha Delta Pi Mondscheln, Faye Alpha Epsllon Phi Hasscn, Jamel Alpha Gamma Delta Johnson, Elizabeth President Pilon, Lorraine Alpha Omicron Pi Hadley. Sally Alpha Phi Harriion, Beverly Alpha XI Delta Nolan. Polly Chi Omega McComb. Jo Ellen Delta Delta Delta Lewis, Mary Delta Gamma Baker. Eleanor Gamma Phi Beta Wright, Patricia Kappa Alpha Theta Weldemann, Joanne Kappa Delta Anderson. Nancy Kappa Kappa Ganr a W Thornas. Marilyn Phi Mu Siegel Joyce Phi Sigma Sigma Poska. Janice Pi Beta Phi Baumgarten. Ann Zeta Tau Alpha Joukovsky, Natalie Sigma Kappa 335 ALPHA CHI OMEGA l ( p ' f f % % £ AXfi Wdtkins. Barbee. Fr. Whitman, Marjorie, Sr. Whitman, Sylvia, So. Widrlg. Diana, So. Wilcox, Mary, Fr, Wright. Mickey, So. NOT PICTURED: Oliver. Marilyn, So. Rhea. Jayne. Sr. Stevenson, Laurel, So. Weeks, Joyce, So. West, Kay. Fr. Wuest. Marilyn. Sr. 1616 E. 50th Whitman, Marjorie. Sr. President Anderson, Evelyn, Sr. Bales, Marion, Jr. Beck, Marlene. Fr. Bigetov , Georgia. Fr. Brevick, Janet, Fr. Byars, Wanda, Sr. Carroll, Harriet. Sr. Chittenden. Robin. Jr. Cooper, Joan. So. Craft, Shirley, Fr. Cranmer. Barbara. Jr. Crothers. Marilyn, Sr. Delier, Nancy, Jr. Dixon, Diane. Fr. Dunlap, Margery, Fr. Eraser, Virginia, Sr. Gawley, Jill, Fr. Gllbertson, Pat, Fr. Gray, Pat, Jr. Gravesen, Noreen, Fr. Greer, Mary Jane, Fr. Hammond. Evelyn, So. Hanberg, Vernes, So. Heister, Joanne, Fr. Hendrickson, Marion, Fr Hibbard, Sharron, Fr, Hov e. Ellen, Fr. Jensen, Alice. Fr. Kemp, Gloria, Jr. Jones, Patricia, Fr. Johnson, Ariene, Fr. Kulseth, Jane, So. Lynch, JoAnn, Fr. McCloud, Barbara. Fr. Mandery, Peggy, Jr. Marker, DeNeece, Fr. Martin, Elizabeth, Sr. Martin, Sharon, Fr. Nelson, Jean. Sr. Newby, Darlene. Fr, Nickerson, Joan, Fr. NiemI, Miriam, Jr. Norgore, Betty, Fr. Oakland, Marytu, Sr. Odiand. Marie. So. Peterson, Lorane, Fr. puinn, Jeanine, Fr. Ramsey, Charlotte. Sr. Reichman, Marcia. Sr. Roberts. Joyce, Sr. Schmidt. Cheryl, Fr. Sigman. Jacqueline, So. Stambauqh, Betty, Sr. Swanson, aJnet, Jr. Tallman, Joanne. Jr. Thompson, Elizabeth, Jr. Tjossem, Ann, So. Tjossem, Jacqueline, Fr. Trojan, Jane, Fr. Van Derveer, Ariene. Fr. 336 ALPHA DELTA PI 1805 East 47th All«n. Carol. Fr. Allen. Marilyn. Fr. And«rion. Carol« Jo. Fr Backiclai. Marqartl. Fr. Babcock. Barbara. Jr. Barnelt. Edna Loulia Fr Baach. Daily. Jr. Hallowtll. Eliiabath Sr PretidanI Baazar. Rosa. Fr. Bingham. Donna. Fr. Blair. Barbara. Fr. Brannan. Palaricia, Fr. Brunt. Patricia. So. Brui. Bavarly. Fr. Buttarworth, Marilyn. Fr. Cunningham. Garaldine Fr Dahl. Jeanatta. Fr. Davis. Catherine. Fr. Dawes. Joanne, Fr. DeKraay. Ginger So Dillon. Nancy. Sr. Dykeman. Anita. Sr. Falk. Inqa. Fr. Fehrenbacher. Nadine. Fr. Felt. Marlene. So. Follis, Harriet. Jr. Friedrich. Grace. Jr. Friedlandar. Ann Sr Giedt. Carol. Fr. Gould, Donna. Sr. Graff, Margery. So. Graves. Clarice. Sr. Haider. Janet. So. Hallowell. Elizabeth. Sr. Hallowell, Mary Anne So Hester. Patsy. Fr. Hilborn, Sue, Sr. Hill. Virginia. Fr. Huntington. Belle. Fr Knight. Marilyn. Fr. Lancaster. Shirley, Fr. LaRue. Doris. Sr. Loomis. Jeanne, Fr. Lund. Laurel, Sr. Mair. Isobel. Jr. Martin, Forest, Fr. Mason. Carolyn. Sr. McOonagh. Patricia Fr Miller. Carolyn. Fr. Moore. Shirley. Sr. Neal. Patricia. So. Oie. Nancy. Sr. Olson. Ardis. Fr. Parthemer. Louise Jr Pigott. Moreita So Rallii, Helen. Fr. Rettkowski. Yolonda Jr Roberts. Helene. Sr. ' Sadliar. Patricia. Jr. Salvino, Noreen. Sr. Schemer, Suzanne. Sr. Schmidt, Evelyn, So. Short, Janet. So. Smiley, Jeanne, Fr, Staab, Dolores, Fr, Svenson, Pearl. Sr. Swinburne. Evalie. Jr. Thompson, Joan, Fr. Thwing, Joanne, So. yan Gilder, Dana So Virkelyst, Lily, So. Walker. Peggy. So, Warburton. Alberta So Wilhoit. Geri. Fr. Woodruff, Adelaide, Fr Zundel, Loye, So. NOT PICTURED: Ballard, Peggy Fr Bergh, May, Sr! Clark, Diana Jr, Short, Phyllis. Sr. Stahl. Marilyn. So. The A.D. Pis are all smiles on ground-brealr- ing day. %Q ' vt - AAH 337 «a ALPHA EPSrLON PHI 4534 18th Ave. N.E. Pearl. Luettd. Sr. President Almelah. LucMie, Fr. " ehar, Beverly, Jr. ' .rtishen, Marlene. Fr. Capeluto. Betty. Fr. Crohn, Chdrmalee. Sr, Davis. Eleanor, Jr. DeLeon, Leatrice. Fr. Deutsch, Dorthea. So. Dias, Carrolle, Fr. Dobry. Beverly. Fr. Endelman. Frieda, Jr. Friedman. Charlene, Fr. FriedTian. Gloria Sr Gold, Helen, Sr. Goldbei-q, Dorothy. Jr. Gussman, Lois. Fr. Israel, Emily. Fr. Klatzker. GjI, So. Kosln. Heartho. Sr. Levlnson, Mar;o-:e, Jr. Moloff, Marilyn, So. Mondschien, Faye. Fr. Myers, Annette, So. Olman, Berta, Fr. Pearl, Luetta, Sr. Pinch, Barbara, So. Posner, Barbara. So Samuels, Maine, So. Simon, Anita, Fr. Solomon, Marsha. So. Stern, Rosanne. Fr. Sussman. Nancy, Fr. Tobin, Lila. Jr. Vines, Davene. So. Wienir. Rochelle, So. Wolf. Lore. Fr. NOT PICTURED: Anschell. Sydney Fr Barlov , Rivella, Sr. Burnett Bette, So. Kaye, Naomi, So. Stone, Sandra, Fr. AE D " Stiip ahoy " a» the AE Phi spring boat dance. 338 ALPHA GAMMA DELTA 4515 21st Ave. N.E. Anderson. Mary. Sr. Bdnk. Sdndrd, Sr. Bledtoa. Eleanor. Jr. Bracelin. Mary, So. Burlingame. Donna, Fr. Cdflson. JoAnn. So. Strong, Mary Alice, Sr. President Cdtren. Audry. Jr. Crookall. Pamela, Jr Curry, Marion. So. Davis, Betty, So. Davis, Lee, Fr. DeGrout. Jacqueline. So. Donahoe, Patricia. Jr Feeley. Sylvia, Fr. Foster, Carol. So. Gibbs, Janet, Fr. Harlowe, Trudy, Fr. Hassen, Jamel. Fr. Henson, Jeanne, Jr Holland. Lora. Fr Hunt. Nancy, Fr. Jewell. Carlyn, Sr. Kast. Marcia, Fr. Kronschnable. Gloria. Fr. Lambertson. Virgy Lou, Fr. LeDrew. Maiine, So. Lichtenwalner. Marion, So. lievero. Louise. So. May, Gloria, Sr. Mayes. Margery. Jr. McLaughlin. Kathleen. Fr. Michels. Marianne, So. Monson, Myrtle, So. Moody. Sharon, Fr. Newell. Marilyn, Fr. Odell, Mollie. Fr. Overman, Mildred, Jr. Peterson, Theo. So. Powis, Sharon, Fr. Schehndler. Agnes. So. Schmid. Barbara, Ff. Schuette. Carol, Fr. Schultz. Lillian. Fr. Seeley, Nancy. Jr. Sjursen, Eva. Fr. Slater. Winifred. So. Somppi, Dolores. Sr. Stewart, Patricia. So. Strong, Mary Alice. Sr. Sullivan, Laurie, So. Thompson, Nancy, Fr. Toole, Patricia, Fr. Tross. Mary Pat. Fr. Trucano, Angeleen. Fr. Tullock. Carolyn, So. Turner, Doris, Fr. Turpening, Barbara. So. Unruh. Lois. Jr. Walker. Lou Ann, Fr. m Walker, Pat. Sr. Weldon. Maureen. Fr. Wood, Verna Joyce So Woolfolk. Mary Pat! Sr Zieber, Janet, Fr. Alpha Gam ' s go south seas style ai Sophomore Carnival. ATA 339 ALPHA OMICRON PI 1906 E. 45th Willis. Chdrlene. So. Winter, Gloria. Fr. Zaepfel, Charlene, So. NOT PICTURED: Cduqhron, Carolyn. Fr, Hopfensperger, Audrey, Jr. Mcceri, Gloria. Sr. Preston, Jeanne. Jr. Von Harten, Anne, Jr. Aon puinn, Patricia. Sr. President Benson, Arlene, So. Birkeland, Evelyn, Jr. Conrad, Jean, Sr. Corl, Helen. So. Davis, Mary, Fr. Davis, Murlane, Fr. DIls, Dorothy, Sr. Elllman, Jenise, Fr. Gates, Diane, Sr. Gellermann, Joan, So. Gilpin. Phyllis, Sr. Hale, Lynn, Fr. Hamilton, Genita, Fr. Hanson, fvlartha, Fr. Harris, Randy, Sr. Hlrsch. Barbara, So. Horn, Doris, Jr. Hubert, Barbara, Sr. Hurd, Sallie Sue, So. Jagoe, Alison, So. Jennerson. Mabel, So. Kendrick. Jo Ann, Sr. Kennedy, Janet, Fr. Kerttula, Esther. Jr. La Voy, Yvonne, Sr. Lee. Patricia, Fr. Liaskas, Mary, Gr. Locker, Shirley, Sr. Lundberg, Anne. So. Manwaring, Arde.i, So. McCrae, Agnes, Sr. Meriv ether, Jul a, Jr. Nelson, Nancy, F. ' . Oliver. Kathleen, Sr. Palmer, Mary Jane, So. Peel, Sharon, So. Pilon, Lorraine, Fr. Quinn. Patricia, Sr. Richey, Zoe, Fr. Rodman, Patricia, Fr. Russell, Karen, Fr. Scribner, Suianne, Fr. Sims, Patricia, So- Squillace, Muriel, Fr. Sloneburq, Jackl, Fr. Strandberq, Sonjia, Jr. Thomson, Katherlne, Jr. Turnbull, Bonny, Sr. Van Huystee, Beverly, Fr. Wellcome, Frances, Fr. Whetstone, Em ' ly Jean, So. White, Bettie, Fr. Anyone for tennis? — « 340 ALPHA PHI 1900 East 47th Andvfson. Elinor. Jr. Bdin«. Ndncy, Fr. Bdtch ld r. Cdrol. Fr. Bed). Bdrbdrj. Fr. B«rtili. Mdrdlyn. Jr. Biddl«, Nancy. Fr. Blethen, Joan, Fr. Cdrson, Cdrolyn, Sr. President Bonnstedd. Kdr«n. So. Brown, Jodnne. So. Brown. Mdrilyn. Fr. Bryant. Nancy. So. Cameron, Judy. Fr. Carlson. Bdrbro, Sr. Cdrlson. Birgit, Fr. Carlsted. Elsie, Sr. Carson, Carolyn. Sr. Clifford. Florence. Fr. Condon, Karen, Fr. Dean. Marilyn. Sr. Dickmdn, Sdlly, Fr. Djerf. Mdrgareta. Jr. Doucette. Jackie. So. Ellison. Beverly, Jr. Ensch. Jackie. Fr, Fairservice, Emmie. So. Flack, Barbard, Sr. Frink. Patricia, Jr. Gilmer, Anne. Sr. Hddley. Sally. Fr. Hakanson, Clarkid. So. Harford. Evie. Jr. Hdrford. Mary. Sr. Howarth. Pat, So. Howe. Connie, Sr. Hyneman. Sdlly. Jr. Johnson. Betty. So. Johnson. Cdrol, So. Kefauver. Elixabeth. So. Kirkenddll, Carol. So. Knution. Mary Ann. Fr, Kruse, Ann, Sr. Lee. Jane. Jr. Loomis. Jerdldine, Fr. Loudon, Pdtricia. Jr. Mdder, Ann, Fr. Marshall. Marilyn. Jr. McElhaney, Mdrilyn, Fr. Milter. Kay, So. Minard, Johanna. Fr. Morrill. Sdlly. Sr. Moyer, Cdrolee, So. Nystrom. Carole, Fr, O ' Connor, Beverly. Sr. Overby, Shirley. Fr. Parsons, Shirley, Fr. Petraborg, Nancy. Fr. Plumb, Betsy, Sr. Quistorff. Beverly. So. Rovig. Dorothy, Fr. Rupp, Jean, Jr. Schmitt. Doreen, So. Scripps. Sally. Fr. Smith, Monty. Jr. Snider. Gail. Fr. Spafford. Leile. Sr. Spafford, Nancy. Jr. Sperline. Marilyn, Sr. Stark, June, Sr. %V O . ' , 5 ? i Q Q ' %0 O. Stewart. Nan, Sr Sullivdn. Ruth Ellen. Sr. Thees, LeJeune. Fr. VanLeeuwen. Margaret. Sr Whdien, Mary Ann, Sr. Whyte, Margaret. Fr. Wingett, Lois. So. NOT PICTURED: Grdbow. Barbara. Jr. Kennelly. Patty, Jr. Northfield, Evelyn. Sr Spanjer. Joyce, io. y f . Taking advantage of spring weather, Al- pha Phi ' s get In some batting practice. A l 341 ALPHA XI DELTA Qqq NOT PICTURED: Johnson, Barbara, Jr. Luther, Georgia, Fr. Stallery. Patricia. Jr. AHA JH Alpha Xi gets in the Home- coming spirit. 342 4541 19th Ave. N,E. Adams, Jacquelin, Jr. Arthur, Marilyn, Jr. Ballew, Mary Beth. Fr. Barber, Maryann, Fr. Bronnlche, Jan, Fr. Bryan, Betty, Jr. Campbell, Karen, Fr. Carlson. Jean, Fr. Cooper, Georgia. Fr. Conlin. Sue, Jr. Cowden, Laurie, So. Davison, Peggy, Fr. Dolan. Ellery, Jr. Egger, Phyllis, Sr. Erickson. Phyllis, So. Flourney, Judy, Fr. Ford, Phoebe, So. Frost, Ann, Jr, Gaub, Peggy, So. Gibson, Marilyn. So. Goggins, Shirley. So. Gregory, Carol Jean, Jr. Gruver. Elaine, Fr. Hansen, Miriam. Fr. Harrison, Beverly, Fr. Holm, Birgit, Jr. Holm, Signe, Fr. Jensen, Jean, Sr. Johnson. Janet. So. Knudson. Nancy. Jr. Kurack, Genie, Fr. Lee. Olive, Fr. Liebe, Carol, Jr. Lines, Marlene, So. MacFarland, Jeanne, Fr. Mann, Donna, So. May, Patricia, So. McKay, Darleene. Fr. Nielsen, Connie, Jr. Newcomer, Jeannine, Fr. Nyberg, Joanne, Jr. Pattison, Patricia. Jr. Pennington, Joan, So. Petram, Joy. Fr. Pratt, Patricia, Sr. Robinson, Shirley, Sr. Ruple, Marilyn. Fr. Rushton, Betty, So. Rugg, Bernice, Sr. Salvino, Patty, Fr. Shugard. Helene. Jr. Sinclair, Esther, Sr. Shaw, Barbara, So. Sims, Claudia. Fr. Smith, Gerrie. So. Spooner. Marilyn. Sr. Sprague, Mary, Sr. Strom. Grace, Fr. Strom, Karia, Fr. Tappe, Rita, Jr. Trembley, Dawn, So. Van Antwerp. Sharon, Fr. Van Clute, Jackie. Fr. Vinton, Janet, Sr. Wag ' .taff, Marilyn, Jr. Webster, Donna Lou. Fr. Weller, Marlene, So. Wilson, Dolores, Jr. CHI OMEGA J? J 1717 East 47th Jdcobion. Beverly, Sr Prei-dent Agee, Luclle, So. Bdlthdser. Miiribeth. Sr. Beck, Mdry Ann, So. Bonner. Jo Ann, So. Bonner. Pduline. Fr. Ooye Ndnette. Fr. Bradford. Marilyn, Sr Brown, Romay, So. Butler, Marilyn, Fr. Callaghan. Maureen, Jr. Carlion. Diane, Fr. Carlton, Jenet, Sr. Chilton, Jeanne, Fr. Clapp. Marfha, Jr. Clark, Marguerite. So. Coen. Janet, Sr. Coryell, Louise, Fr. Cosby. Janice. So. Dickerman, Ann, So. Dolman, Adete, Fr. DuClos. Joan, Fr. Dugwyler, Shirley, Fr. Foreman, Ann, Sr. Fraxer. Jo Ann, Fr. Freeman, Ruth, Jr. Fullager, Jacqueline, So. Goodwin, tHazel, Jr. Griesinger, Geraldine, Jr. Hammer, Karol, Jr. Hamstrom, Jeanne, Jr. Hayes. Nancy, Jr. Heckman, Phyllis, Jr. Hobert. Carol. Fr. Holbrook, Frances. So. Holman. Ferol, So. Holman, Jean, Jr. Jacobson, Beverly. Sr. James. Mary Lou. Jr. Kamb, Harriet. So. Klassel. Joanne. Fr. Lohr. Eleanor. Jr. Maute. Joyce. Fr. McCullough, Patricia, Fr. Mower, Royal. So. Munson, DeLee, So. Nolan. Polly. Fr. Norgard. Dorothy. Sr. Olson. Janet. Fr. Pattison, Maryin, Jr. Reed. Joanne. Jr. Rehm, Mollie. Fr. Rrdgeway, Marilyn. Sr Rust, Betty Lou, So. Scheyer. Ellen Schooley. Kaye. Fr. Slasor. Peggy. Fr. Taitte. Janis, So. Tarbilt. Marikate. Fr. Taylor, Jocelyn. Fr. Taylor. Susan, Fr. Thutean, Joan. Jr Ward. Carritou, Jr. Waters. Charlotte. Sr Zuanich, Mary Jane, Jr il ojmo, ( 0 ■J NOT PICTURED: McGalfey, Alytanne, Jr. Wdlt«ri. Emily. So. Chi O ' s swing their partners at the Barn Dance. xn 343 DELTA DELTA DELTA Vearsley. Julene. So. NOT PICTURED: Barrow, Joan, Sr. Fickel, Margaret, Sr. AAA A Tri Del tradition — the Pansy Ring. ' fPf - 4527 2ls+Ave. N.E. McDonald, Barbara President Anderson. Norma, So. Baker, Marilyn. Jr. Barbey, Mary, So. Bargreen, Sharon. Fr. Bauer, Barbara. Fr. Bell, Beverly, Fr. Bird. Betsey, So. Boetticher, Nancy, Fr. Brook, Janet, Jr. Carlson. Sheila, So. Cavers, Betty. Jr. Conner, Diane, So. Conner, Mary, So. Dean, Dawneil, Jr. Dodge, Natalie, So. Dolvin. Phyllis, Sr. Dootson Beryl, So. Dorsey, Barbara. So. Dykeman, Roella, Fr. Eberlein, Barbara. So. Foster, Joan. Sr. Gellerman, Diane, Sr. Gibson, Jean. So. Gov , Jeanette. Jr. Hagen, Ann, Jr. Hankins, Diane, Fr. Hanrahan, Nancy. So. Hansen, Betty Lou, Sr. Helwig. Kathryn, Jr. Hoover, Nancy, Sr. Hunkin, Elizabeth, Sr. Jackman, Gv en. So. Jackson, Marie, Fr. Johnson. Elizabeth, So. Jones, Joanne, Fr. Jones, Leona, Fr. Kershner, Laverne, Jr. King, Marilyn, Fr. Krekov , Marilyn. So. Kreps. Harriet. Fr. Lee, Georgia. So. Lind, Karin, Fr. Longpre, Barbara, Fr. Lucht, Donna, So. May. Barbara, Jr. Marshall, Geneanne, Fr. McComb, Mary, Fr. McDonald, Barbara. Sr. McLaughlin, Murial. Sr. Meurer, Connie. So. Minard, Patricia, So. Moffat, Mariene, Fr. Moon, Beverly. Fr. Morgan, Patricia, Jr. Morse, Alice, So. Ostrom, Patsy, Fr. Potter, Allen, So. Richardson, Joan, So. Riggs, Barbara, Fr, Riggs, Shirley, Jr. Ross, Ann, Fr. Rue, Jean. Fr, Ryan, Mary, Fr. Ryan. Patricia, Sr. Sharpies. Monica. Fr. Smith, Nancy, So. Steffan. Jackie, So Thackston, Joann, So. Torney, Joanne, Jr. Trulllnger, Jacqueline, Sr. Thompson, Alice, Sr. Waller, Barbara, Fr. Wilkinson, Alberta, Sr. Wilson, Jean, Fr. Wilson, Mary. Fr. Woods, Joan. Fr 344 DELTA GAMMA 2012 Edit 45th All«n, P«gqv, Jr. Bftdvar, Helen. So. Berrymdn. Betty, Fr. Borelld. Betty. So. Brdce, Bdrbard. Sr. Brown, Bdrbara. Fr. 6urrou:3hs. Vddine. Fr. Cdrlion, Gerdtdma, Fr. Brace. EUrbara President Chdie. Kdthryn. Fr. Cldrk, Jdcqueline. J.-. Cidrk. Suianne. Sr. Coner. Nancy, Fr. C ' eswell, Ndncy. So. Ddnz, Pauline. So. Davis, Marilyn. So. DeForest. Janet. Jr. Durand, Mary Jane, So. Eastmdn, Jodnne. So. Edmiiton. Anne, So. Freeman. Adrienne. So. Forster. Joan, Sr. Frayn. Suzanne, Jr. Girling, D ' ane. Fr. Gordon A ' .t. So. Gordon. Joanne. Sr. Hammond. Sally, Fr. HansTiann. Mary. Jr. Hanson, Karen. Sr. Hershey. Joyce, Fr. Hodion, Patricia, Fr. Jonet, Carol, Fr. Kdas, St dron. Fr. Keller. Ann, So. Kiskaddon. Joyce. Sr. Lee. Patricia. Jr. Lewis. Barbara, So. Lewis, Mary, Fr. Loughnan, Aylene, Fr. Low. Marilyn, So. Lydon. Nancy, So. Mdcdondld. Betty Rae, So Mdrtin, Jodnne, Jr. McCrae. Jean, Jr. McDonald. Jean, Sr. McDonald, Jean, Fr. MacDonald, Marilyn, Jr. McEdctiern, Joan. Fr. McGill. Shiela, Sr. McKinlty. Marilyn. Sr. McKinstry. Jeanne. So. Moore, Albertd. Sr. Myers, Elizabeth, Jr. Norman. Marlene. Fr. Oswdid, Joan, Sr. Peterson, Priicilla. Sr. Phelps, Marilou, Jr. Piper. Jane. So. Prosser, Linda. Jr. Rust, Helen. Fr. Ryan, Elaine. Jr. Ryan. Kathleen. Fr. Schwab. Joanne. Jr. SelfofS. Sherry, Jr. Shafer. Shirley. Fr. Shannon. Sallie, So. Strandberg, Joan. Jr. Turner. Carol, Jr. Turnquist, Coralie. F- Udall. Marleigh. So. an Tyen. Helena, So Walley, Donna Mae, So Wdlih. Margaret, Fr. Wiley. Joyce. Sr. Wingate, Joan, Sr. NOT PICTURED: Bridgert. Barbara, So. Cahoon, Gerry, Jr. Cruver, Shirley. Sr. Erwin, Patricia. So. Flohr, Joan, Sr. Hegg, Sandra, Jr. Hovland, Margaret, Sr, Reswick, Gerdldine. Jr. Werttemberger. Joyce, Jr. AT D.G. ' s greet Santa at the an- nual Christmas Party. 345 DELTA ZETA Ki ... l BH||r Q w[ " pr 1 4535 18th Ave. N.E. Lusk. Joan, Sr. President Amsbaugh, Jean, So- Anderson, Jeff, Jr. Beck. Joanne. Jr. Blye, Carol. Fr. Bowman, Joan. Jr. Brandriff, Joyce, Fr. Brown, Joan, So. Buncfi, Sherrll, So Burkhart, Barbara. So- Burkhart PHyIIIs. So. Chase. Betty. Fr. Cobb, Joanne. Sr. Cockran. Elaine, Sr. Collins, Polly, So. Costigan. Sidney. Sr. Crosby. Joanne. So. Crowley, Dolores, Sr. Darnell, Mary, Fr. DeRousse, Shirley. So. D ilworth, Jo Ann. Fr. Etikorn, Joan, Fr. Evans, Nancy. Fr. Fenton, LaVerne. So. Ferguson, Barbara, So. Francis. Joan. Jr. Frank, Joanne, Jr. Gates, Hazel, So. O ' ddinqs. Shirley, So. Grant, Joan, Sr. Hipke, Mary. Jr. Jallie, Lii, So. Jenson, Robin, So. Johnson. Gloria. Jr. Johnson. Jan, Sr. Knowles, Pat, So. Kress, Arlene, Fr. Kuist, Jean, Sr. LaRue, Mary, So. Lusk. Joan, Sr. McCredy, Harriet. So. Malloy. Alice. Sr. Meyers, Lois, Sr. Milner, Barbara. Sr. Miller, Dolores. Fr. Moran, Joan, Jr. Moran, Joy, Fr. Murdock, Suzanne. Fr. Murray, Joan, Fr. Nelson, Beverly. So. O ' Bill. Pat. Sr. Olson, Pat. So. Pherson, Marian. Fr. Prevost, Donna, So. Richter, Jackie. So, Rothrock, Suzanne. Fr. Salter, Joan. Fr. Santo, Margie, So. Saunders. Sandy. Fr. Shanafelt, Amy. Fr. 0. ? .0, Snyder. Janet. Fr. Stevens. Carole. Fr. Straw, Florence. So. Stroud. Donna, Fr. Truscott. Ruth. Sr. Vyvey. Dolores. Fr. Woodward, Mary. F Wright. Jerrie. Jr. NOT PICTURED: Batchelder. Beverly Campbell, Shirley Delta Zetas and fhetr dates having a wonderful time at the Winter Formal. 346 GAMMA PHI BETA 4529 17th Ave. N.E. Anderson. Jaan, So. Ates. Junic . Fr, Baker. EUdnor. So. Borqenddle, Glen. Fr. Brown. Bdrbdfd, Fr. Buflirul. Melon, Jr. Cdnnon. Audrey, Fr. Quevll. Ddgmdr, Sr. Cdrlion, Jojnne. Jr. Cldrke. Letitid. So. Cook, Jo Anne, Fr. CoHier, Shirley. Sr. Critchfield. Peggy, Jr. Oeibert. Ruth. Sr. Dick, Didne. Jr. Dorsey, Mdrtha. Sr. Fletcher. Sdlly, Jr. GdFes. Ann, Jr. Hdgen. Lo!s. Sr. Hdllin. BeHy, Fr. Hdrtung, Ritdjedn, Jr. Hdvdlina. Ldurdleigh, Fr. Hillit, Judith. Fr, Johnson, Sheila, Jr. Lashbdug, Jodn, So. LeCocq. Jdne. So. Lee. Mdrgaret. Fr. Lee. Virginia, So. Lein, Joan. Sr. Lemon. Jenice. Jr. Lewii, Evelyn. So. Lister. Jdnet, Sr. Lovsted, Elizabeth. Jr. Lydgate. Joan. Fr. Mdce. Margaret. Sr. Mclnroe. Aliceon, Fr, McLdllen. Frances, Fr. McNerthney, Margaret, Jr. Michael, Emily, So. Michdel. Violet. So. Middleton. Victorid. Fr. Montgomery, Shdron. Fr. Morris. Ann, Jr. Morrison. Pdtricid, Jr. Morrissey. Maryi. Fr. t forrow, Anne. Fr, Mott, Nancy. So, Murrow. Ndncy, Fr. Myers. Gdil, So. Myers, Mdrilyn. So. Ndd«n. Jodnne. Jr. Neville. Bdrbdrd, So. Newton, feleenore. Fr. Nichols. Mdrjorte. So. Nims, Shdwn. So. Noldn, Eve. Fr. Olwell. Genevieve. So. Olwell, Geraldine, So, Proctor, Terry, Jr, puevli, Dagmar, Sr. Quilliam, Susan, Jr. Rivenburg, Charmian. Fr. Scudder, Joanne. So Simonson, Aldalee. Jr. Smith. Barbara Jr. Sowell, Sally. Fr. Stanton, Sandra. Fr, Thompson, Claire, Fr. Thompson, Genevieve, Sr. ;l 1 Thompson. Marj Ca ol. So. Treiler. Joanne. Jr. Trovani. Jean, Fr. Vandercook. Gretchen. So. Walker, Nancy. So. Walters, Constance So. Witter. Charlotte. Jr. Wuest. Joanne. So. Gamma Phi ' s all drinlt milk for a " friend-winning Gamma Phi smile. " NOT PICTURED: Anderson. Geri, Sr. Baldwin. Sally, Sr. Craven. Sinclair. Sr. Harms. Gretchen, Fr Hlnckel. Susan. Jr. Mace. Nancy, Fr. Ivarsson, Karol, So. McCarter, Martha, Grad. Miller. Patricia. Jr. Moore, Donna, Jr. r DB 347 KAPPA ALPHA THETA ? O © € v 0. m fq oq m €) Q a f ' . Welch. Mdrybeth, So. Wright, Pat, Fr. Zimmerman, Mary Lou, Jr. NOT PICTURED: Anderson, Barbara, So. Burke, Anita, So. Cutler, Bea. So. Forler, Molly, Jr. St. John. Glenda, So. Thomas, Barbara, Jr. KAO 4521 17th Ave. N.E. Carlo. Delores, Sr, President Ackerman, Betty, Fr. Agnew. Corrine. So. Agnew, Marllou. Jr. Allen. Barbara, Fr. Allen, Marilyn Jane. Fr. Aspen, Marilyn. So. Bernard, Ann, So, Bolger Pat, So. Bovik, Lynn. Fr. Buller, Suidnne, Fr. Carlo, Delores, Sr. Cauffield, Mary, So. Cave, Virginia, Sr. Cooke, Colleen, Fr. CulIIton, PattI, Fr. Darrough, Anne Lynn, Jr. DeCan, Betsy, Fr. Easterbrook, Sally. Jr. Fellows, Barbara, Sr. Frame, Marallyn, Fr. Frost, Jackie, Jr. Frost, Jill. Jr. Hansen. Jude. Jr. Haskell, Nancy, Jr. Hav kins, Judy, Fr. Hicker, Carol, Jr. Hill, Harriet, Jr. Hullquist, Karen, Fr. Ives, Joanne, Fr. Jahnke, Sue, Sr. Johnson, Judy, Sr. Johnson, Lou Ann. Fr. Keller, Janice, So. Kellogg, Ann, Jr. Kendall, Diane, Sr. Kennedy, Candace, Jr. Kropf, Marilyn, Sr. Latimer, Avalee, Jr. Leavitt, Janice. Jr, Lewis, Mary, Sr. Lindsey, Betsy Ann, Jr. Link, Diane. Fr. MacGouqan, Peggy, So. Malone, Sally, So. Mauk, Catherine, Jr. McCaskill, Christy, Jr. MIddleton, Molly So. Miller, Leonie. Sr. Moore, Rhoda, So. Moore, Shirley, Fr. Mounsey, Sally, So. Newqard. Peggins, So. Newsom, Joanne, Jr. Osterhout, Jane, So. Paton, Joanne. So. Rolfe, Ann, Jr. Ross. Ellen, Fr. Ross, Jean, So, Saberhagen. Ann, So. Selby, Jane, So. St. John, Deborah, So. Stout, Susanne, Fr. Strachan, Jackie, Sr. Svendsen. Marie, Fr. Teel, Janet, Sr. Thurston, Diane. Fr. Van Arsdel. Ann, So. Wakeman. Barbara, Jr. 348 4524 17th Ave. N.E. Allan. Bdrbdra. Jr. Anderson. Anitd. So. And«rton. Berth , Fr. Anderion. Phyllis, Fr Apostolou. Mdrrid, So. Arndt, Ardythe, Fr. Bdlcunds, Doris. So. Bdrger, Jednette, So. Conlon. Kathleen, Sr. President Berggren. Pdtr!c!d. Fr. Bowers. Barbara. Sr. Braun. Marlene. Fr. Carson. Mdry, So. Chdbot. Patricia. Fr. Clark, Marilyn. So. Clark. Mary Ann, Sr. Conton. Kathleen, Sr. Cooley. Jean, So. Davis. Ann. So. Draper. Diane, Fr. Dye. Patricia. Fr. Echern, Dian, Fr. Emerson. Elten. Jr. Ernland, Beverly. Jr. Fitipatrick, Mary, Jr. Gilbert. Bobbette, Sr. Good, Carole, So. Graham, Jacqueline, So Hdlderman. Virginia, So. Hansen, Inger, Fr. Hanson, Marjorle. So. Hdtton, Patricia. So. Horn, Georgene. Jr. Isaacson, Mary Lou. Jr. Jdcobsen, Joan, Jr. Jonson. Georgid, Jr. Kauffman, Elizabeth. So. Key, Ftorabel. So. Kirtland. Elaine, Sr. Kohne, Katrina. Jr. Landin, Irene. Jr. Lyon, Nancy, Sr. Mdinwaring, Anita. So. Martens. Carol. Jr. Martin. Carol Lee, Fr McCorkle. Joyce, Jr. Meyer. Louise, So. Miller. Sdlly, Sr. Mills. Dorothy, Fr. Moore. Barbara, Jr. Moore. Margaret, Jr. Morris, Mary. So Nelson. Beverly, Sr. Nielson. Shirley, Sr. Padgett, Sonya. Fr. Pomroy. Rayda, So. Robbins, JoAnne, Jr. Roicoe. Jean, Fr. Schappert, Eltxabeth, So. Smith, Anita, Fr. S-iith. Ardis, Fr. Smith, Joan, Jr. Thompson, Patricia. So. Tubbs. Barbara. Jr. Tubbs Margaret, Fr. V e ' demann, Joanne. So. Whittaker, Valeria. Jr. NOT PICTURED: Fosfer, Joyce. Jr. Harries. Sarah Jane, Jr. MacLennan, Patricia, Fr. McGuinnes. Betty. Fr. Peterson, Gloria. Fr. Rissef. Carolyn, So. Seavey. Joanne. Jr. Turner. Laurie Ann, Fr. Walgren. Gloria. Fr. Warren. Janet, Fr. KAPPA DELTA Wilkesoi. Shirl Williamson. Lot " a K. D.s see double at a bIg-llHle sister party. 349 KAPPA KAPPA GAMMA 4504 18th Ave. N.E. KKr Turner, Nancy. Fr. Unbewust. Ann Louise, Jr Weaver, Sue, Jr. Williams, Joanne, Fr. Witliamson, Kay, Jr. NOT PICTURED: Donner. Edythe Ann, So. Klopfenstein, Karen, Fr. Mcpherson, Suzanna. Sr, Molchoir, Molly. Jr. Spencer, Kathryn, So. Warner, Joyce, Sr. Wright. Janet, Jr Xitco, Zita. Jr. Cole. Serena. Sr. President Abbott, Barbara. Jr. Adams, Wendy. Fr. Anderson, Joyce, So. Anderson, Nancy. Fr. Atwater, Nancy, So. Augustine, Deirdre, So. Bddqiey, Carole, So. Barker. Janet, So. Bauqh. Peggy, Jr. Brackett, Doreen. So. Bradley, Mary Lou. Sr. Bralnerd, Dolores. So. Brauns, Elsa. Fr. Callaghan, Nancy, Fr. Callison. Sharon, So. Campbell, Marqot, Fr. Cassels, Colleen, So, Clarke, Lou. Jr. Cole, Serena. Sr. Coles, Helen, Fr. Colwell, Eleanor, So. Christy, Marigold, Jr. Davis, Sally, Fr. Dillon, Marilyn, Jr. Douglas, Dale. Sr. Farmer, Kay, So. Farmer. Sunny Sue, Fr. Fraser, Ann. Sr Fry. Eleanor, Jr. Funk, Ann, Jr. George. Polly, So. Giese, Marilyn. Jr. Graham, Phyllis. So. Gray, Diane. Fr, Griffith, Diane, Fr. Hartley, Gloria, Fr, Haynes. Frances. So. Herb, Frances. So. Hobi. Ann, Fr. Hutchinson, Irene, So. Isom, Jessie, Sr. Jepson, Gloria, Jr. Keefe, Jeananne, Jr Keith, Beverly. Jr, Keller, Faith, So. Keller, Marcia. So. King, Dorothy. Fr, Knipe. Patsy. Jr. Kraft, Janet. Jr. Lav ton, Peggy. Jr. Lee, Nancy, Sr. LeHan. Joyce, Fr. Link, Jean. So. Lockwood, Marilyn, Jr. Lewis, Hilly, Sr. Lucckesini. Glad lne. Fr. McDermott, Carol, So. McDermott, Noelle. Sr. Moody. Eliiabeth, So. Morris, Barbara, Fr. Neuman, Paula. Fr, Newton, Ann, Fr. Osten, Ann. Sr. Peek. Joanne, So. Peterson, Sara Mae. Fr. Pigott, Theiline, Jr. Price, Polly Pat. Sr. Rockey. Helen, Fr. Shanks. Mimi. Fr. Smith, Ann, Fr. Smith. Kay. So. Soha, Marianne. Fr. Steele, Johna. Sr. Taylor, Sally, So, Thiele. Martha, Sr. Thorp. Diana, Sr. Kappa ' s and Theta Xi ' s lietp out with the blood, drive. 350 PHI MU 4540 t7th Av«. N.E. Anderson. Shirley. Sr. Carbo. Donne, Sr. Clepp, Eleanor, Jr. Landweer. Mariorie. Sr. President Elliott. Molly, Fr, Emery, Cathleen. Fr. Gainer. Bonnie, So. Gleason, Gloria. Jr. Guernsey. Kathleen, Fr. Haggard. Pegge. So. Landweer, Marjorie. Sr. Lavin, Patricia, So. Linton. Frances, Jr. Lucker. Joan. Fr. Maness. Glorietta, Jr. MerrlH. Oonna, Fr. Moughtin, Mary Jean. Sr. Olding, Joanne. Fr. Page. Gloria, Grad. Parent. Margaret, Sr Schonman, Donna. Sr. Snell. Marlyn, Fr. NOT PICTURED: Campion. Patricia. Jr. Petersen. Lorraine. Sr. Seastrom. Helene. Sr. Thomas. Marilyn. Fr. t M 351 PHI SIGMA SIGMA 4530 17th Ave. N.E. ' Silberman. Diane. Sr. President Bender, Roberta, So. Berger, Elaine, So. Berlat, Martene, So. DuBonne. Lucille. Fr. Goldberg, Wilma. So. Golombeck, Selma, So. Grashin, Shirley. Jr. Greenbaurn. Shirley, So Grunen. Gerta. So. Harnish, Jacqueline. Fr. Harviti, Barbara, So. Kat7. Shirlee Ann. Fr. Katzky. Margaret. Fr. Ketildch, Evelyn. So. Marsh, Muriel. So. Martin, Barbara. So. Moshcatel. Nancy, Fr. Paris, Tianne. Sr. Poplack, Alene, Sr. Prupis, Janet, Fr. Rosenblum, Sharon, Ross, Marilyn, Fr. Ross, Therese. So. Schwartz. Lesley, Fr. Sidell, Sylvia. Fr. Slegel, Joyce. Fr. Silberman, Diane. Sr. Soble. Shirley, So. Steinqold, Sandra. Fr. Sussman, Joanne, Jr. NOT PICTURED: Glazer, Sandra, Fr. Stusser, Dorothy, Fr. Wolfstone. Polly Ann, Jr. Capeloto. Sytvla. Fr. Rosenberg. Hilda, Fr. Rosenfeld, Bernice, Jr. Benueniste, Rae, Jr. Hf- ; Sf :;..«-?• Phi Sigma Sigma ' s batting 1000. 352 PI BETA PHI Amei. Shdron, Jr. Anderson. Haltn. Sr. Anderson. Mdrllt . So. B«io. Kdthtrine Fr. Bdin. Mdrq rat. Jr. Bdird. J«dn. So B«rison, N ncy. Sr. B«rq«r. Cdrol, Jr. Brv n. L«ural. Fr. Burk h«lmtf. M«rgdr»f. Fr. Burrus Cdrol . Jr. Butts. J«jnn« Jr. Cdin. Mary, Sr Campbetl. Cdrolyn, Jr. Carson, Jtanni . Fr. Claypool. Jdcki . So. Clynch. Kdr n. Fr. Cragin Barbara, Fr. Crtswetl Jdne, Jr. Demptvy. Mdrjy. Fr. Doc. Margaret, Sr. Ocnatdson, Joann . So. Draper D!ana. Fr. Ekstrom Virginia. So. Frtnch. Shirley. So. Goodfellow. Gail. Sr. Gray. Marjorie. So. GriHith. Jean, Fr Gunderson. Lois, Sr. Hagen. Georqia, Sr. Hcaly, Mary, So Heathcote, Jerrie. Fr. Henivy, Isabel. So. Hopper. Gloria. So. Huston, Janet. Fr. Jacobsen. Tina. Fr. Jennass. Joyce. Jr. Johannes. Carolyn. Jr. Johannes. Margery. So. Keigwin. Ann. Sr. Kyle, Allison, So. Larson. Mary. So. Lawrtnce. Patricia. So MacFarlane. Marion. So. Martin, Ann. Fr. McBride, Ruthora. Sr McCormack. Marilyn Sr McEleney, Phyllis, So. " Merritt, Janice. So. Merritt, Marianne So. Miller. Shirley. Jr. Parrish. Sally. Fr. Partlow. Mary, Sr. Paicoe. Barbara. So. Phillips. Sue. Fr. Pierce, Priscilla. So. Postta. Barbara, Jr. Poika. Janice, Fr. Putnarri. Nadine. Jr. Remaly. Marilyn. Sr. Rutledge. Ann. Sr. Schnebly. Jane. So. Sennett. Mary. Jr. Shelley. Mary. Sr. Smith. Pat. Fr. Stangle, Dtlores. Fr. NOT PICTURED: Gunderson. Connie. So. Mayer, Janice. Jr. Q o; ? Q i " 0 QOQOiiu CkQoo O O Q 9M Q Q ' a Stevens. Corley, Fr. Stewart. Georgia. Fr, Stowe, Barbara, Sr. Straight. Barbara. Fr. Thomas. Jere Ann. Fr. Tyler. Shirley, Sr. Tynes. Kathleen. Fr. Voegetein. Donna. So Weaver, Annette, Jr. Yeasting, Judy. Fr. Wolfe. Sharon, Fr. T nsd) 353 SIGMA KAPPA 4510 22nd Ave. N.E. Chapman. Gloria, Jr. President Anderson, Doris. Fr. Ar+us. Joan, Jr. Barnard, Ronda, So. Black, Barbara. Jr. Brenner, Patricia, Fr. Buchanan, Joyce. Fr. Buhler, Joan, Sr. Chapman. Gloria. Jr. Clauson. Marjorle. Jr. Conroy, Marilyn. Sr. Cope, Nancy, Fr. Creamer. Patricia Lynn. So. Currens, Miriem, Jr. Dehl. Grace. Sr. Dahtquist. Peggy. So. Danlelson. Nancy, Jr. Fahey, Barbara. So. Fleming. Carol. So, Glendinning. Jean, Fr. Goodman, Barbara, Sr. Goodman, Beverly, Fr. Graves, Gene, Jr. Guffey. CharloHe. So. Harris, Mary Jo, Jr. Haugstad, Lucie, Fr. Hlrvas, Nancy. Fr. Hoefer, Eileen. So. Hubberb. Barbara. Fr. Hyde, Kathleen. Sr. Johnson. Marilyn, So. Joukovsky. Natalie, Fr. Knudson, Donna, Fr. Landeen. Marcia, Jr. Langlow, Jean, Fr. Larson, Anne Marie. Fr. Laurie, Ellen, So. Likeness, Clarice. Fr. Logen, Jo Ann, So. Long, Kathleen. So. McClellen, Janice. Fr. Moffat. Patricia Ann, Fr. Monnle, Janet, So. Moskeland, Mary Janet, Sr. Offer, Carol. Fr. Panchenkom Anne, Fr. Pieroth, Mary, So. Porter. Mary Jo, So. Reiswiq, Patricia, Sr. Rone. Donna, Fr. Ross, Patricia, Jr. Schwary, Joanne, Jr. Slaucon, Janet, Fr. Smith, Jackie, Jr. Smith. Joan. Jr. Softky. Maxine. So. Swan, Charlotte, Jr. Thompson, Jan, Jr. Trauba, Ann. Fr. Wahlstrom, Joanne, Fr. NOT PICTURED: Comstock, Adele, Jr. Jovick, Anne, Fr. Lenti, Beverly Ann, Jr. Likeness, Doiita. So. McDonald, Janet, So. Randolph, Helen. Sr. Seth, Mary, So. Smith, Shirley, Jr. Strygen, Gwen. Fr. Swerti, Joanna, Jr. £K 354 4731 18th Ave. N.E. Ringmdn. Oidn«. Sr Presidsnt Bdsisfltt. Halcyan. So. Bdumgartvn. Elisdbttth, P 8«rry. Phyllij. Jr. B tz, Anitd, So. Beti. Evelyn, Jr. B!gg«, Lou, Jr. Sill. Lo;s. So. BIdndt. Cdthtrine. So Brydnt. Kdthleen, Fr. Cditor. Myr«n«. Sr Chdrnlty, Frances Sr Cocks. Dorothy. Jr Coldwell, Clare, Jr. Cope. Barbard. Sr. Creevey. Lorraine. So. Dubick. Bessie. Fr. Enery, Yvonne, So. Fahlstrom. Ardella. Sr. Ftynn. Chartene, Fr. Gtbbs. Gdil. Fr. Gibbs. Wendy. Jr. Gilpin, Patricia Ann. Jr. Gielsteen. Theoda. Jr. Holland. Kathryne. Fr. Haqgardt. Donnd, Fr. Holt. Mdry Ann, Sr. Kovacs, Irene. Jr, Laidlaw. Dorothy. Fr. Lemieui. Eloise. Fr. Lindblom, Julia. So. MdcQudrrie, Frances. Sr. Marino, Eleanor, Sr. Meagher. Nancy Ann. Sr McCarthy. Patricia, So. Meyer. Marlene, So. Mock. Helen, So. Neckas, Catherine, Jr. Nederlee, Marilyn Ann. Sc O ' Berry. Karla. Fr. Pantley. Margaret, Fr. Parcel, Jean. So Paulson. GIdddy. Fr. Payn. Betty-Lou. Fr. Pearson. Dolores, Sr. Pigott, Penny Lee. Fr. Ouackenbush. Dartene. J- Racho, llene, Grad. Rask. Janet. Fr. Rlngman. Diane. Sr. Rose, Beverley. So. Sdbin, Lois. So. Sdlmon. Laura. Fr. Schiessl. Evelyn, So. Shoudy. JoAnn, So. Snyder. Jeanette, So. Stromme, Shirley. So. Swisher. Ellen. So. Ulsh. June. Fr. Utness. Myrna. Fr. ZETA TAU ALPHA ? i Qaap. 5. 1 Walford, Alison. Sr Waller. Mary Joan, Jr Wick. Linda. Sr. Wilson. Lois. Sr. Winter. Nola, Jr. Wright, Adriene. Fr. Wright, Jean, Sr. NOT PICTURED: Booker. Martha Jedn, So. EHeison, Gloria, Sr. Field. Eleanor-ann. So. Luvera. Anita. Fr. Morrison. Marian Let, Jr. Pettibone, Diana. Fr. oa - . . ? ZTA ZTA s stop over for lunch on their spring cruise. 355 INTER-FRATERNITY COUNCIL WALKER, DICK President EXECUTIVE COUNCIL BALE. DICK Vice President BENNEH, WARREN Secretary WILSON, J. V. Inter-relations counselor WYLIE, MURRAY I reasurer Carlson, Leo Social Chairman Robertson, John High School Orientations Chairman Washburn. Dexter Junior IFC Representative Schaffer, Jim Scholarship Chairman Little, Bryce Organizations Representative Molitor, Graham Greek Letter NOT PICTURED: Slyfield. Dick Handbook 356 Inter-fraternlty council Is made up of the presidents or representatives of the 39 national fraternities on cannpus. IFC conducts fraternity rushing, and has made an effort to revise the rushing rules to Improve the system. Scholarship and con- duct standards are also maintained by the IFC, which has the pov er to discipline offending fraternities and Individuals. IFC seeks to edu- cate fraternity men for citizenship, social competence, and to support the University ' s objective of intel- lectual development. NOT PICTURED: Kanaan, Larry Alpha Sigma Phi Gordon, Don Delta Chi Stallworth. Leslie Kappa Alpha Psi Soudder, Robert Sigma Chi Drake, Ed Tau Phi Delta Bretall, Ronald Theta Xi Cohn, Irwin Zetd Beta Tau Hendry, Ron Acdcid Elmquist, Leroy Alpha Delta Phi Fisher. Lawrence Alpha Epsilon P! Johnjon, Rockne Alpha Kappa Lambda Wickstronn. Jim Alpha Tau Omega Knapp. Gene Beta Theta Pi Wanamaker, Bob Chi Phi Poderson. Jim Chi Psi Augustine, Webster Delta Kappa Epsilon Klely. Paul Delta Sigma Phi Pugmire. Kay Delta Tau Delta Covey, Don Delta Upsilon McLean. Archie Kappa Sigma Clark, Richard Lambda Chi Alpha Bock. Neate Phi Delta Theta Kuebler. Robert Phi Gamma Delta Edgers. Robert Phi Kappa Psi Brock, Chuck Phi Kappa Sigma Rae, William Phi Kappa Tau Hames. Ted Phi Sigma Kappa Livingston. Don Pi Kappa Alpha Kinkade, Duane Pi Kappa Phi Main. Dick Psi Upsilon Hovde. Bud Sigma Alpha Epsilon Golden, George Sigma Alpha Mu Bloom, Jim Sigma Nu Laws, Robert Sigma Phi Epsilon Dingwall, hiarry Sigma Pi Wylie, Murray Tau Kappa Epsilon Carney, Bob Theta Chi Williams, Carl Theta Delta Chi Buseman, Ralph Zeta Psi 357 Harford, Gunner President Phi Kappa Sigma Curtis, Jack Acacia Skutt. Phil Alpha Delta Phi Kotkins. Bud Alpha Epsilon P! Stetson. Ross Alpha Kappa Lambda Brown, Fred Alpha Sigma Phi Camfield. Roland Alpha Tau Omega Kane Mike Beta Theta Pi Gordon, Ronny Zeta Beta Tau Kramer, Carl Zeta Psi Anderson. Jerry Chi Phi Skold. Elmer Chi Psi Canup, Phil Delta Chi Ask. Chuck Delta Sigma Phi Staples, Bill Delta Tau Delta Wdlgren, Gordon Delta Upsilon Meuli. Bill Lambda Chi Alpha Fittgerald, John Phi Delta Theta Riley, Chuck Phi Gamma Delta Moate, George Phi Kappa Psi Arno, Norman Phi Kappa Tau Taylor, John Phi Sigma Kappa Rice. Sandy Pi Kappa Alpha Barber, Hartley Pi Kappa Phi Watson. Larry Sigma Alpha Epslton Agranoff, Efrem Sigma Alpha Mu Sauls, Don Sigma Chi Pitcher, Clyde Sigma Nu Carter, Robert Sigma Phi Epsilon Nye. Bill Sigma Pi Worlund, Don Tdu Kappa Epsilon Davidson, Roy Tau Phi Delta Schoonover. Stan Theta Chi Mackey, Dan Theta Delta Chi York, Dick Theta Xi NOT PICTURED: Clise, John Delta Kappa Epsilon Mayberry, Donald Kappa Alpha Psi Carr, Harold Kappa Sigma Reams. Bill Psi Upsilon JUNIOR IFC 358 ACACIA S004 17th N.E. Strengthening the ties of friend- ship, one with the other, means much to Acacians the world over. Founded at the University of Michigan In 1904, Acacia fraternity has since been distin- guishing itself in scholastic accomplishments, campus activ- ities, social recognition, and sports on the campuses of all major universities in the United States. The 1951-52 season has been one of fond memories for all members of the local chapter. A new policy of " informallzing " on many exchanges has won the hearts of the sororities; victo- ries in intramural sports, espe- cially football and baseball, have kept the group in the cen- ter of the sports scene; a high scholastic rating, second on campus, has been a great source of pride; but best of all is the feeling of friendship and accomplishment that has always been the mark of Acacia. Hardly a weekend went by that the Acacians didn ' t have a party, but the real highlights were the Pledge Dance, Cos- tume Ball, Barn Dance, " Night on the Nile " Party, and Spring Formal, a perfect ending for a wonderful season. Hay! Hay! The gang ' s all here. Alton. Lloydi. So. Andrews. Mark. Jr. Angle. Grant. Sr. Birki. William, Fr. Bruner. Russell. Sr. Jdrdine. Ctiarles, Sr. President Burbdch. James, Fr. Burdue. Jesse, Sr. Burg. Gerald. Jr. Grain. Rictiard. Jr. Curtis. Jack. Fr. Cutts. Rollin. Sr Davis. Darrell. Jr. Devery. William. Fr Friet. James. Fr. Gibbs. Charles. Jr Gould. Jerry. Fr. Gowing. Burton. Fr, Hake. Fred. Fr. Hall. George. Sr. Hall Jerald. Jr. Hendry. Ronald. Jr. Henrikson. Gordon. Sr. Hostetler, Clinton. Jr. Humphrey, Richard. Sr. Jardine. Charles. Sr. LaFace. Oelbert. So. Lavenson. George. So. Lorig Glenn So. McAllister. Alan. Jr. McGee. Bovd. Fr. Melander. Dennis. Fr. Moran, Paul. Jr. Morrison. Jf ry. So. Mulligan Richard. Fr. Nelson. John. Fr. Parkinson Russell Sr. Petram. Donald. So. Proctor, William. So- Randall. Charles. Jr Ray. Loren. So Ray R ' chard. So. Scott. Frank. Sr, Sieael. James. Fr Stahle. Howard So, Street. Lester. So Q 1 Ci C: ■ f ■ ' J ii in 9. ' i %%g ' Sutter. Edward. Jr Swdnson, Rollin, So Thorton, Ralph. Sr. 9 ACACIA 359 ALPHA DELTA PHI Elmquist. LeRoy, " r. President Allison, Jerry, So. Austin, Russell. Sr. Bell. Donald. Sr. Bement, Robert, Fr. Breslich. Nicholas. Jr. Bretall, Walter. Fr. Brown, Allen. Fr. Butler, James. Fr. Butler, Thonnas. Fr. Christenson, William. So. Cleveland, Richard, Sr, Coar, Richard. So. Cramb, Robert, So. Creeaon, J. W.. Sr. Cronk. Jerome, So. Davis, John, Jr. DeCan. Lawrence. Sr. Drummond, Allen, Sr Elliot, Richard, Fr. Ellis, William, So. Elmquist, LeRoy. Sr. Farley. Dale, Sr. Farrell, Edmond, Fr. Fonkalsrud, Eric, Jr. Freigang, Clark, Fr. Gallotte, David, Sr. Gerber, Norman, Fr. Gingrich, Lee. Sr. Graham. Charles, So. Green. Stanley. Fr. Griffen Dayton, So. Guenther, Frederick, Jr. Grobey, John, So Gustafson, James. Fr. Hdddon, Deane, Sr. Hageman, Waller, Jr. Hanby, Wayne, Sr. Hansler, Jerry, Fr. Harding, George, Fr. Hartung, Frank. Fr. Helm, John, Jr. Hodges, Merrill, Jr. Hunter, Samuel, Fr. Inkster, Lewis, Sr. James. Francis, Fr. Johnson, Richard, Fr. Jolin. Glenn, So. Karshner, Paul, Fr. Kraft, Kenneth, Jr. Landweer, James. Fr. Larsen, Raymond, So. Lochart, William, Fr. Louden, Richard. Sr. Louqharey, Blaine, So. Lyall, Ronald, Fr, Magnuson, Richard, So. Mahaffey, William, So. McBride. Robert, Fr. McDougal, Bruce. So. NOT PICTURED: Clarke, Samuel. Sr. Holt. Ralph, So. Janisch, Edward, So. Kargianis. Georqe, Sr. Manning. Derald. Sr. 360 With its 30 years tucked securely under its already heavily be- decked belt, the Washington Chapter of Alpha Delta Phi rolls toward an even brighter future with a deep sigh of satisfaction. Not only does A. D.Phi clainn the presidents oF Big " W " Club, Husky Swim Club, and Freshman Class, but also ownership of the University scholarship club for the third straight year, a strong record in intramural sports competition, and a high finish in Song- fest. Oval Club, Purple Shield, IFC, Malamutes, Managerial Coun- cil, and Big " W " Club total over 30 Alpha Delts on their member- ship rolls. 2106 East 47«ti The chapter ' s 29 new pledges launched a tremendous social cal- endar with their highly successful " Hawaii Calls " Pledge Dance. A snow theme Winter Formal, a spring House Party, an exchange dlnner-danco with the British Columbia Chapter, and a Kappa Alpha Theta Christmas serenade were among other house functions. Despite their wide array of interests and fields of endeavor. Alpha Delts are proud of their high degree of Internal unity. Attesting to the cooperation and willingness of the chapter are Its effective study program and intensive Intramural and Songfest participa- tion every year. The last class of men! Class of ' 52 as they looked in ' 48. Moffill. John. So Morrison. Robert. So. Mull«n, Tarry Nielsen. Roger. Sr. Nolan. Clark, So. Northfield. Walter, So Pertal, Richard. Sr Peterson, Jeremy, F ' Picchena, Joseph. Pr Portelance, Jarnei, So. Rasanen, Richard, Fr, Robbins. William, Fr. Russell, Donald, Sr. Salmon, Gary, So. Saunders. Richard. So. Scheideckcr, Wayne. Sr. Sheldon, Charles Sr. SkutI, Phillip, Fr. Sleiqht. Russell. So Smith. Laurence, So Smith, Donald, Sr. Soulhwick. Charles, Jr Spangler, Warren. Fr, Standerfer, Francis, Fr. Stenquist, Donald, Sr. Tatom, John, Fr. Tullin, Charles. Sr. Ulbrickson. Alvin, Sr. Vanlanningham. Glen, Sr Widenfelt. George. Fr. Wilson, James, Jr. Wilson. William. Fr. %: AA D 361 ALPHA EPSILON PI Fisher. Lawrence, Sr. President Amen. Irving. So. Behar, Albert. So. Blusztejn. Maurice, Fr. Blusztejn. Max, So. Brunoff, Dave. Fr. Calvo, Irving, Fr. Calvo, Norman, Fr. Dubson, Atan, Sr. Efren, Phil, Fr. Epstein, Maurice, Sr. Fisher, Lawrence, Sr. Green. Jerry. Fr. Jaffe, Jerry, Fr. Koppel, Arnold, Sr. Kotkins, Herbert. Sr, Levy, Lee, So. Meiistrano, David, Fr. Mezistrano, Robert, So. Pearl, Warren, Jr. Plha. Jake. Sr. Spitjer. Steve, So. Steinberg, Mickey, Jr. Steinberg, Stanley, So. 4547 17th Ave. N.E. Alpha Epsilon PI, as a progressive and spirited fraternity, has prided Itself In Its outstandingly successful progrann this past year. In no previous year has the fraternity met with so nnuch success in its many endeavors. Perhaps the outstanding feature of the 1951-52 program was the well-balanced social calendar. Among the many and varied social affairs were included the formal Pledge Dinner-Dance, the AEPi Den of Iniquity, a New Year ' s party, and many house parties, climaxed by the annual Spring Formal and the spring picnic late In May. These events were supplemented by numerous firesides, ex- changes, and cocktail parties. The chapter ' s athletic program has proven to be as suc- cessful as the social, AEPI fielding winning teams in bas- ketball, touch football, volleyball, and table tennis. Indi- vidual members have participated In three of the school ' s major sports — crew, football, and boxing. Alpha Epsilon Pi is known campus-wide for Its many unique ideas, perhaps the most famous being the AEPI- throwing contest, used as a fund-raiser for the Campus Chest. Members are active In such campus activities as Malamutes, Club Encore, etc., and, among others, the chapter claims hiarry Poll, who was associate producer of the All-U Show. Treiqer, Irwin, Fr. Vanqler. Harold, Fr. NOT PICTURED: Btaqer, Morton, Sr. Capeloto, Ike, Fr. Gorelick, Donald, So. Poll, Harry, Sr. Posner, Jerry, Sr. Russo, Louis, Sr. Schwartz. Bernard. Sr. White, Richard. Sr. AEPi ' s and dates arrive for one of he house ' s numer- ous social functions. AEn 362 Hold the phone! Looks like the AEPi ' s are up o mon- key business. ALPHA KAPPA LAMBDA 4637 21st Ave. N.E. In its fourth year since the reactivation of Theta chapter, Alpha Kappa Lambda has done much to advance its ideal of Christian brotherhood. A well-rounded social calendar, combined with activity in intramural sports, is only a part of the many ways in which we laid the groundwork for lasting friendship. Of course scholarship retained its posi- tion of prime importance in student life through the sin- cere effort of every member. The school year was also highlighted by after-dinner forums with prominent alumni in the Seattle area. Antat. Al«idnd«r, Sr. Johnson, Rockn . Sr. Pratidvnt Be ddn. Donjld. Sr. Blin«, Mdrshall. Fr. GIdSl, John, Jr. Johnion. Rockne. Sr. Keene, George, Sr. Mdtheton. Alvjn. Jr. Miller, Raymond. So. Mitchell, Lawrance, So. Smoot, Gary, Jr. Stetson, Ross, Fr. AKL ' s ready fKelr Home- coming sign. i Valicofl. Victor. Sr NOT PICTURED Littlt. Putnam BaHer up! AKL ' s put in some batting practice. AKA 363 ALPHA SIGMA PHI Bolan, Don. Sr. President Adams, William, So. Albano, Ray, So. Alksne, John, Fr. Andrews, Jack, Jr. Bdker, Art, Fr. Bjerke, Eugene, So. Btohm, Ralph. Sr. BIyth, Ron, Jr. Bolen. Don, Sr. Brown, Fred. So. Canaan, Larry, Sr. Clarke, John, Jr. Cleek, Larry, So. Cline, Burr, Jr. Denny, Richard, Fr, Dobson, Wyman. Fr. Dchrn, Ron. Jr. Elvins, Larry, So. Enslin, Jim, Sr. Frances, Rowland, Jr. Garver. Richard. Jr. Gohlman. William, Fr. Gorringe, Jim, Fr. Haddon, Bill. Fr. Harris, Alden, Fr. Healy, Pat. So. Hennings, Gerald, Sr. Horn, Charles, So. Home, Jim, Fr. Howard, Norm. Fr. Houbregs, Bob. Jr. Hubbert, Horton, So. NOT PICTURED: Culbertson. Don, Fr. Fletcher, Jim, Fr. Luce, Jim, So. Rychard, Bob, Sr. With the addition of 37 new pledges in September, Mu chapter of Alpha Sigma Phi started out to enjoy a well- rounded year of social func- tions, intra murals, and scho- lastic achievement. The Pledge Dance started the Alpha Sig social calen- dar off in high gear, and was followed by the tradi- tional Barn Dance In No- vember. A highlight of the Homecoming weekend was the very successful alumni Homecoming banquet. Fall quarter also brought many exchanges and firesides. In February the annual Winter Formal was held at the Olympic Bowl, while spring ' s two main events were a house party and an informal dance held at the chapter house. John PIpsr, A S U W vice president, and Bob Hou- bregs, all - coast basketball center, kept the Alpha SIg name well before the public eye. Alpha Srg " card sharlts " gather round for a hand oi bridge. 364 brothers get together for poo) practice. le out for ping-pong on the Alpha Sig front porch. Hughb«nki. Jim, Fr. Jsnten, Wdlt. Sr. Jonei Bill, Jr Kent. G«ry. Pr Koutlas. Fotis. Jr. L«mon, Hdrold. Fr L t, LArry, F. . Love, Gl«n. So Lucliay. Mikt. Fr Mdir. Bill. Sf. Mdrek. Dick, Jr. Martin. Art, Sr. Martin. Olno, Fr. Martin, Tom. So. Mtredlth, Dan. Fr. McTighe. Darwin. Fr. Mesierl«y. Edward. Fr. Milligan, Don, Jr. Monty. Jim, Fr, Money, Richard. So Nelson. Art. Fr. Newgard. Jerry, Fr. Oljar, Don. Jr. Pearl, Don, Fr. per, John, Sr. Poison. Charles, So. Richardson. Gordon. Fr Ridenour, Don. Fr. Roberts. Del. Fr. Roberts, MarshaM, So. Robertson, John. Sr. Rose, John. So. Rothfus, Paul. Sr. Sampson. Jack, So. Satterthwaite, Bob, So Schwedop, Ken, So. Seeley. Jack, Sr. Smith. Jim. Sr. Snure. Clark. Sr. Snyder, Allan. Fr. fi JiMi . i Thorson, Siq. Sr. Vaughn. Warr«n, Sr Weill, Ddvc. Sr W»itph«l, Vic. Fr, 4554 I9fh Ave. N.E. AZ D 365 sk. ALPHA TAU OMEGA IPm Wikstrom. James. Sr. President Ackerman. Gale. Fr. Anderson, Karl, So. Apeland. Don, Fr. Bailey. Larry. Fr. Baker, DIx, Fr. Barr, Ted, Jr. Barrere, William. Sr. Barrett, John. Fr. Bates, Steve. So. Berquist, Charles, Fr. Brady, Gene. Sr. Buck, Gaylord. Fr. Bush. William. So. Caley, Calvin, So- Camfield, Roland, So. Capps, Allan, So. Christy, Jack. Fr. Dines, Robert, Sr. Erickson, Melvin. So. Ferguson, Neal, Sr. Force. Jerry. So. Ginnever, Edward. Fr. Gross. William. Jr. Heily. Raymond, Fr. Hensley, Frank. So. Houvenor, Donald, So. Johnson, Vern, Jr. Kelleher, Dan, Sr. Klein, Dick. So. Klepser. Frank, Fr. Kraabcl, Paul. Fr. LaBo.Tqe. Carl, Fr. Lovdahl, Jerry. So. Mddsen. Arthur, So. Maqee. Thomas. Fr. Mitchell. Richard. Fr. Whoopin ' it up di an ATO informal (VERY informal! NOT PICTURED: Aiken, Jerry, Fr. Anderson, Arlen, Fr. Barr, Roger. Sr. Buchan. Allan, So. Hale. Steve, Sr. Lobough. Irvine, Jr. TV 301 class in session. 366 1800 East 47fh S»r««t The " great big hairy-chested men " came through once again with flying colors to finish high among the ranks of Washington ' s fraternities. It was clear sailing through- out the year for the ATOs, who had a swell time working together in their many activities. Just ask ' em, and they ' ll tell you. Always ready for a good time, the men threw many big parties and dances, ail tops in entertainment. Adding more prestige to their illustrious chapter, the Taus bowled over opponents on practically every intramural field at the University, in addition to participating in most of the major sports. Scholastically, too, the fraternity main- tained an excellent average. Internally the house did well with a sizable, promising pledge class. In years to come, these freshmen will be particularly able to carry on the fine tradition set by many strong classes before them. Taylor. Rikk. Jr. Tobidson. Robert, Jr. Tracy. Ronald. Fr. VanBuikirk. David, Sr. While. Jack. So. Wikitrom. James, Sr. Nollan. Robert. Jr. Nornberq, Hank, Fr. Peterson. Gordy. Jr. Pickett. Dwiqht. Fr. Powell. Gordon. Jr. RamrT . Larry. Fr. Roether. Douglas, Fr. Scrogqs. Rictiard. Fr. Shaffer. Ronald. Jr. Sittnlck. Allan. Fr. Smith. Armour. So. Smith. Richard, Jr. Sparks. Ken. Jr. Stark. Donald. Jr. Story. Robert. Jr. Swanson. Roy. Sr. i M ATfl 367 BETA THETA PI This fall, when rush week began another school year for Beta Theta Pi, enthusiasm was at a peak around the house as the chap- ter prepared to ennbark on the second half of a century of " Beta " at the " University of a Thousand Years. " After pledging an unusually fine group of nnen, Beta Omega chapter began getting up steam for the big year that lay ahead. First came Homecoming festivities with the usual hustle-and- bustle of sign making and preparing the house for visiting grads. The Betas ' intramural program was started by the footballers who prepared to defend their 1950 title, while on the Varsity gridiron the fraternity ' s nine lettermen were kept busy by Coach Howie Odell. On the social calendar Betas enjoyed their fall pledge dance, the annual Beta-Phi Dcit pajama dance, along v lth numerous exchanges and Christmas caroling with Delta Delta Delta so- rority. The winter formal was the biggest hit of th? year while the informa I " Thug " dance was a close second. During winter quarter the Betas ' biggest project was their an- nual " Beta Cup " greater-Northwest high school invitational ski meet. The competition was started in 1 9b0 and has grown tc be one of the top prep gatherings in the Northwest. The fact that Betas are prominent in every walk of university life is proof of the fraternity ' s well-rounded and closely inte- grated group of men. Beta Theta Pi is continuing to keep the high standards and reputation that it has built in over a half century on this campus. 1617 t. 47th " " Q Knapp, Gene. Sr. President Anderson, Don. Jr. Barrett, Richard. Sr. Bender, Nat, Sr. Brier, Warren, Jr. Castile, Ken, Jr. Chapman. Keith, Sr. Clendenin, Robert, Sr. Devin, Dan. Jr. Dorsey, William, Sr. Dunn, Kenneth, Sr. Elliott, Wilbur, Jr. Erickson, Bardon. Sr. Erickson, Norm, Fr. Erickson. Robert. Sr. Farra, Donald, Fr. Ferguson, Russell, Sr. Fraley. George, Fr. Halle, Roland. So. Hamblin. Robert. So. Hancock. Bernle. Fr. Hanson, Robert. So. Harding. George. So. Hogan, Elwood. So. Hossfeld. Walter. So. Hull, Gene, Fr. Hungar, Gene, Jr. Hurlbut, Wendell, Jr. Hutchinson, Robert, Jr Johanson, Paul. So. Jordan. Richard, Sr. Kane, Donald. So. Kane, Michael. Fr. 368 Keller. Olin. Sr King. Donald, Jr K!nq. Robert. So King, Trdcy, Jr. Kndpp. Gene. Sr Ldmb. Frank, Jr Lee, Raymond. Sr. Lindbidd, Warren. Sr. Marihall. Donatd. So. Martin. Tonr T.. Sr Maiiev, Robert. Jr McOougall, Martin. Sr. McGowan. Thomai. Jr McLdchlan, Kent. Fr McMillan. Alan. So Miller. Robert. Jr. Minard, Robert. Jr. Mulhauten. Zjne. Jr Murchy. Richard. Sr NIelien. Thomas. S Nord»trom, Pinky, F Pierce. James. Sr Price. Lee, Pr. Rhodes, Larry, Fr. Russell. Donald, Jr. Schneider. Michael. Jr. Skellon. Kenneth, Jr. Slyfield. Richard. Sr Smith. Gordon. So Stewart. Douglds. J ' Stewart. Roger, So Swedin. Bert. Sr Taylor. Edward. Sr. Tinlinq. Ddvid, Fr. Torney. Jack, Jr. Veach. Fred. Sr. f CK wm% ' ? ' 3 ( Walker. Rodney, rt . Westad, Richard, Ff. Wikeen. Robert, Jr. Worley, Ross E. Jr . Sr NOT PICTURED; Anderson. Gilbert W. Sr. Matson, Kenneth. So. Bourne, James. Jr. Morrison, James. Sr. Capithorne. Frank. Grad. Rose. Jack, Jr. Earley, J. Wiltard. Jr. Rognan. John Fornia, Bob, So. Talley. Darold, Sr. Gillis, Phil. Jr. Timberlake. Wayne. Sr Goelti. Frank, So. Wardlow, Duane, So. Glowoike, Stanley, Fr. Four of the brothers take time off from football practice for a hand of bridge. f ' £ ? l.Kjy K USE Betas and their dates park their shootin ' Irons at the door at the Barn Dance. USE ■BtM BWTi ' " r Bon 369 CHI PHI Wandmdker, Robert. Jr. President Anderson, Jerry, Sr. Bosch, Calvin. Sr. Carlton, Lynn, Jr. Corey, Herbert Jr.. So. Davis, Max, So- Hoiby. Glenn, Sr. Kelsey, Willard, Sr. Leuthy, Coleman, Sr. Lonqstreth. Robert, Grad. McDonald, Joseph, Jr. Rainey, Dennis. Sr, Renninqer, Stanton, Jr. Seeley. Stuart, Jr. Wanamaker, Robert. Jr. Wise, Kenneth, Sr. Youdtt, Donald, Jr. As a chapter of Chi Phi, the first social fraternity founded still In existence, Beta Delta is proud to carry on the tradition of a conservative national organization. With numerous social activities, the high point of the year is climaxed by the Winter Formal. Members of Chi Phi feel that the keynote of fratcrnalism is the brotherhood of men with diversified ma- jors. The chapter ' s goal Is to help mold well-rounded individuals who are able to maintain themselves both socially and intellectually. X(D NOT PICTURED: Barthell. W. Burr, Sr. Conger, William Jr., Jr. Goodfellow, Robert Jr., Sr Guthrie, Richard, Grad. Kdhler. Robert, Sr. Lydon, Kenneth, Fr. Metheny, David. Sr. Pendras, Jerome, Jr. Raymond, Howard. Sr. Taylor, Richard, Sr. Turner. Donald. Sr. 4521 19th Ave. N.E. 370 DELTA SIGMA PHI Kitiv, Pdul. Sr Prftiidant Allan. Bill. Sr Armitrong. Fraderick. Aik. ChdrJAt. So, Cdtlell. Bryon. So. Cochrane. WMIidm, So Flaming, Cilva, So. Haiqhton. Robart. Sr Hoitetier. RIchdrd. J Johnion, Willidm. So Kdrstattar. Jarad. So. Kialy. Paul. Sr. Littrell. Jamas, Jr. Livingston. Ronald, Sr. Logan. William. Jr. Lokkan. John, So. Marcoa. Willard. Sr. Morton, Robart. Sr. Purdy, Edward. Jr. Rtvaland, Ddla. Jr. Robartion. Francis. So NOT PICTURED: Handlay, Leo Jennings, Bill Kerschner. Daniel. Gr. Oswald. Art Walton, Joseph. Jr. Safley, Richard, Jr. Schmiti. William, Jr. Snapp. Robert. Sr. Sonmore, Lowell. Fr. Stebbins. Walter. So. Stewart. Jon. Jr. Wdlthers. Edward, So All aboard! Delta Sig ' s and dates get ready for their spring cruise. Time out for eating and loafing on th.- L ' • i During the comparatively short period since its foundation in 1899, Delta Sigma Phi has grown and expanded until It now Includes over 70 chapters In the United States and Canada. Alpha Omega chapter has been working steadily to keep in stride with the national progress since its reactivation at Wash- ington In 1947. This year was no exception. As a basis for the chapter ' s progress, scholastic achievement is stressed with social life and activities following a close second. Recreation time Is divided between Intramural sports and cam- pus activities and clubs. The highlight of the year was the Sailor ' s Dance, held annually by all Delta Sig chapters. When this eventful year comes to a close, the members of Delta Sigma Phi will look forward to their return to Washington and Alpha Omega where the bond of friendship is close. 4737 18th Ave. N.E. AZ D 371 CHI PSI Pederson. Jdmes, Sr. President Adams, Edwin, Fr. Baker, John, Fr. Balcom, Ralph, Fr. Baunsgard, Keith. Jr. B llington, Donald, Sr. Boyce, Richard, Sr. Brady, Edward, Jr. Burdick, Richard, Jr. Cameron, Gordon, Jr. Carson, Herbert, Sr. Church, Scott, So. Clement, Kenneth, Fr. Crain. Donald, So. Erickson, James. Sr. Evans. John, Fr. Fennell. William, Jr. Ford, William, Jr.. Fr. Gay, Robert, Sr. Goodman. Robert Gowman, Thomas, Jr. Griffin, Leon, Fr. Harberg. Don, Fr. Hoff, Burton, So. Hungerbuhler, Dan, Fr. James, Albert, Sr. Johnson, Donald, Sr. Jones, David, Jr Brother McElhenny is congratulated on his selection to Ail-American by Governor Langlie. Despite the occasional raids on the brothers by Uncle Sam, this was another big year at the Chi PsI Lodge, hlere as in all our chapters there Is a wide variety of interests and so we participated in all phases of campus activities. The foremost politicos were Dick Morgan, president of A. M.S. and senior class president Don Johnson. Several of the brothers satisfied their interests in sports. Hugh McElhenny, Fred Rudnick and Dick Ryan were on the varsity football team, and Hugh Mac climaxed his record-breaking season by being selected to the A. P. Ail-American. Incidentally, the big sports event for the Lodge is the annual football game with Zeta Psi which we won this year 7-0. As usual we had much social life, which was highlighted by the Pledge Dance, the Hunter ' s Frolic, the Roman Dance, and the Spring Formal. The Formal, which was held at the Tennis Club, was preceded by the traditional cruise or Lake Washington. Naturally some of the best times were had at the spontaneous parties and ski jaunts we whipped together. 372 NOT PICTURED: La Mdrr. Willidm, So. McElhanny. Hugh. Jr. Motbdrger. Erntt, Jr. Samuelson. Peter. Jr. Sennd, Gene. Sr. 4600 22nd Ave. N.E. Kads, Ronald, Sr. Kimerer. Ronald, Sr. King. Ddvid. So. Kinsella. Norman, Fr. Knudson, Harlan, Fr. Kotson, Jerry. Fr. McFeely, Dennis, So. Mandtey. Wilfred Sr. Melville. William. Fr. Morgan. Richard. Sr. Myers, Jerry. Fr. Norland. Andrew. So. Pasco. Charles. Jr. Paynter. Richard, So. Pederson, JaTies, Sr. Richter. Eddie. Fr. Rudnich, Fredrick, Sr Ryan, Richard, Jr. Sanders, Paul, Fr. Sheets, John. Fr. Skold, Clair, Fr. Smith, Robert, Jr. Styskel. Alan. Jr. Turpie, Hugh. Sr. Valeion. John, Fr. Watne, Edwin. So. Webber. John Fr Wells. Carl. Jr. Wilson. Howard, Sr. Wynn, Charles. Sr. I m q; r i %M . 373 DELTA CHI Gordon, Clyde President Abel, Douglas, Fr. Abbott, Dale, Fr. Anderson. John, Fr. Anderson, William, Fr. Ballew, Joseph, Sr. Barker, John, Sr Barnhouse, Willis, Jr. Beatty. Bruce. Fr. Bigley, Charles, So. Bodine, Don, Fr, Bowers, Don, Fr, Bright, Ronald, Fr Brown, Ed, Grad, Brown. Floyd Canup. Phil. Jr. Cassutt. Richard Cesser, Jack, Jr. Dahl, Greg. So. Dahlgren. Ed, So. Davis. Wayne. Jr, Demetre, Vic, Fr, Drysdaie. George. Jr. Flodin. Don. Jr. Gallagher, Don, Jr. Gallagher. Pat. Jr. Gordon. Don, Sr, Grubbe, Tom, Jr. Harper, Roland, Jr. Havdahl. Ben, Jr. Hazelgrove, Bud. So Henog, Frank, Fr, Hillyard, Gordon, Jr, Holland, V, K., Jr. Hutchinson. Jack, Sr. Irons, L, H,. So. Kaivola, Bob, Fr. Delta Chi, originally founded as a law frafernity, now is nnade up of majors in almost every field. The chapter has tried to give some- thing extra in the way of living quarters, fellowship, recreation, and the other advantages of a fra- ternity to a group of young men men striving for a better educa- tion. This year, as always, the house as a group, pledges and actives alike, participated in all the major in- tramural sports and were always favorably represented on campus, politically, socially, and athlet- ically. Social activities were highlighted by the annual Founders ' Day Ban- quet, Barn Dance, Pledge Dance, Winter Formal, and finally the spring weekend party. Along with these, many enjoyable evenings were spent at firesides and ex- changes. The whole chapter has a lot to look forward to, with a fine pledge class of 27 men. This well-rounded freshman class will be able to carry on the fine traditions of Delta Chi, and to represent them in the years to come. In spare hours Delta Chis gather around the radio, fireplace, or a card table and hash out the events of the day. Thus does Delta Chi boast of a feeling of fraternalism and sincere friendship in the warmth and genuine comfort of the spacious Washington chapter house. Volleyball in the Delta Chl ' s backyard is a favorite sport. 374 t for d picture at the Deltj Chi Winter Formal. Lay, Richard Fr. Lottjfeldt, Peter. So. Mansfield. Jamei. Jr. Mathison, Ray. So. Mayo. Jacque, Jr. McCord. W. B.. Jr. Miller, Allen. Sr. Mulligan. Bill. Sr. Myers, Bud. fr. Olschewslty, Bob, Fr. Osborne, Ted. So. Overby. Lief. Jr. Owen. Arthur, Sr. Pattlson, William, Fr. Party. Dale. Sr. Petry. Paul. So. Pettelin. John. So. Pound, Carey. Jr. Radwick. Jerry. So. Read, Jerry. So. Rossi. Albert, Jr. Rumerv, Erwin. Fr. Southgate. Robert, So. Skylstad. Kermit, So. Stevens, Dave, Sr. Thorn. Robert. Fr. Walter. Charles, Fr. Whitmore Dave Sr. Wlike, Herbert. Fr. Wilson. Whitney. So. Zimerman, John. Jr. Zuanich. Louis. Jr. NOT PICTURED: Able. Robert. Jr. Gtyer. Peter, So. Goodwin. Dan, Sr. Graham. Ray Hiscock. David. Sr. McNeill, Roger. So. Wing, Court, Fr. AX 375 DELTA KAPPA EPSILON The boys down at the Deke house cut loose with one of the nnost connplete social calendars of the season again this year. Always reedy for a good time, the brothers were found " bar- reling " their ways through such big annual events as the Pledge, Informal, and Spring Formal Dances. But party times come and go, the Dekes found, and study times are here to stay. They pounded the books with much vigor, at the same time managing to maintain a good average in cam- pus elections, athletics, organizations, and other activities. Many members have been rewarded for their enthusiasm by election to Big " W " Club, Malamutes, Purple Shield, Varsity Club, and Scabbard and Blade. Now approaching tho half century mark of its existence on the Washington campus, the DKEs look forward to more good times as only their fraternity can provide. SS 8S Our one o ' clock ' s were called off. Augustine. Webster Jr., Sr. President Ames, Harry, Fr. Augustine, Webster. Jr., Sr. Baird, William, Sr. Barker, Stuart, Jr. Bennett, Phillip. So. Brachvogel, Max, Jr. Bulmer. Ronald, Jr. Christiansen. Jacl;, Jr. Connell, Robert. Jr. Dawson, John. So. Del Valle, William. Sr. Derby, Alfred, Fr. Dumett, Raymond, Fr. Eckholm. Howard, Sr. Fisher. Lloyd. So. Foster. Robert, So. Gilbert, Gary, So. Gilmore, Robert. Fr. Grant. Alan. Fr. Griggs. Everett III, Fr. Hall. Richard. So. Harmon, Schell. Jr. Hausman, Edward, So. Hdwkes, Theron, Sr. Hill, Leonidus, Fr. Irwin, Richard, So. Johnson. Guy, Sr. Kelley, Samuel, Jr. 376 Kilhdm. RIctiird. So. Kcenqle. Wilier. Fr. Lorentzen. Bob. Sr. Lycatle. Willi m. Jr. Milll. Willitm. Sr. Ntlton. Rondld. Jr. Noldn. Willi m. Fr. Parkar. Latter. Jr. Paul. Redmond, So. Phelpi. Stanley. So. RarTMdy. David. Sr, Ramiay. Martin, Sr. Ratcliffe, Arthur, Fr. Richrrond. Volney III, So. Rlckard. William, Sr. Riely. Keith, So. Robinson, Richard, Sr. Savage. Paul, Fr. Secoy, Harry, Sr. Starr, David, So. Symonj, Thomas, Jr. Walker. Richard, Sr. Walton, Lawrence, Fr, Wayland, William, Sr. York, Arthur, Fr. n t s? NOT PICTURED: Bvcker. Dd1«. fr. Clist, John. So. Coogdn. John. So. Foss. Laurence. So. Frye. Georq . Sr. Griffith. Merritt, Fr. Harrri, Andrew. Jr. McLaughlin. Ross. So. Painter, Alan. Fr. Radeke, Richard. Sr. Rutherford. Robert, Sr. Stirrat, John. So. Thwtng, Robert. Fr. Walker. David. Fr. Walton. Peter, So. 4520 21st Ave. N.E. AKE 377 DELTA TAU DELTA 1 Pugmire, Kay. Sr. President Anderson. Gordon, Jr. Arnold, Robert, Sr. Arnold, W;ison, Fr. Bacon, Frank, Fr. Beachner. William, So. Beard, Chester, So- BenneU, Donald, Fr. Ben ' .on, Merrit, So. Bodinqer. John. Fr. Bond, Gerald. Sr. Brigqs, Richard, So. Brown, Gale. Fr. Buchet, Donner. Jr. Bursett. Phillip, Jr. Cady, Howard, Jr. Campbell, Craig, Jr. Chapman, Nick, Jr. Collier. Boy, Sr. Corbett, David, Fr. Crandall, Bruce. Fr. DIebenow, Jules, Sr. Driano, Domlnick. So. Duke. James, Fr. Blander, Richard. Sr. Eskelin, John, Jr. Farrell. Donald. Sr. Fiscus, Grant, So. Friars, Robert, So. Green, Richard, Fr. Hadtey, Douglas, So. Hammer. Kenneth, Sr. Heggie, David. Sr. Henkel, Harold, Fr. Jastad. Donald. So. Knox, William. Fr. Kuckelhan, John, So. Larson. Durmont. So. Lindgren, Gerald. So. Lucker. George, So. Lundquist, Donald, Fr. Milbrad, Robert, Sr. Miller, Warren, Fr. Monahan, James. Fr. Macklestone. Robert, Sr. NOT PICTURED; Boye, Robert, Jr. Boye. James. Sr. Carter. Frank. Sr. Delsher, John, Sr. Duckering, Donald, Sr. Nelson. James, Sr. Pearson, Connie. Sr. 378 The term of 1951-52 proved to be another big year for Gamma Mu of Delta Tau Delta. The chapter ' s 25 new pledges found a very enjoyable and eventful year awaiting them. They quickly discovered how well they fitted into the chapter ' s program, which included ex- changes, dances, serenades, intramural teams, and th:; annual pledge-active football game. The Pledge Dance, given by the actives in honor of the neophytes, was the high spot on the fall social program. However, the annual Barn Dance and several firesides and guest dinners also were memorable occasions. As always, Delts were found participating in all forms of campus activity. Delt was well rep- resented in all major sports, Oval Club, Pur- ple Shield, Malamutes, scholast ' c honorarles, and various committees. Despite this heavy social and activity program, they found time to maintain a high scholastic average. This year ' s graduates can well take with them the fond memories of Delta Tau Delta and col- lege life. Payne. Herbert. Sr. Pence. Thornaj. Sr. Peterson. Finn. So. Poulion. Eric. Sr. Puqmire. Kay, Sr. Redfield. Bart. Jr. Roos, Donald. So. Rule. William. So. Slater. John. Grad. Spidell. Gary. So. Staples. William. Fr. Stevenson. Jotin. Sr. Stock. Gene. Fr. Ttiompson. Lenard. Jr Tychsen, Paul. So. Vanderhoof, Rodny. Jr Vanderveer, Robert. F- Walher Robert. So. West. Allen. So Wilklns, Jolln. Fr. Windtiam. Jerry. Fr. Woodcock. Gary. Fr. 4524 19th N.E. Delt spirit is high at the pledge-active football game. f Mf r.ii ATA 379 DELTA UPSILON ' . I III III I Lifii in II 1818 East 45th ■ ' " m 1% " r Barr, Kenneth, Sr. President, 1st Half Covey, Don, Sr. President, 2nd Hal Aberqe. Carrol, Sr. Banks, Henry, Fr. Barr, Kenneth. Sr. Barton, Thomas, Fr. Bohlin. William. Jr. Boyles, Donald, So. Burwell, William, Fr. Chesney, Douglas. Fr, Covey, Donald, Jr. Gumming. Joseph, Jr. Davies. Donald. Fr. Donnan. Dallas. Jr. Eiford, Raymond, Jr. Eide, Jack, Fr. Erickson, Jack, Fr. Eskridge, Richard, Fr. Fagan, Richard, Sr. Fernyhough, Stanley, Sr. Fisher. Gordon, Sr. Foote. Donald. Jr. Greenway, Jerry, So. Guthrie, Robert, Jr. Haggen, Donald, Jr. Hanna, Raymond. Fr. Haskins. Joe, Fr. Hauman, Art, Fr. Hayden, James, Fr. Helqeland, Richard. So. Hendry, William. Fr. Holdridqe. Robert, So. Hubbard, James. Jr. Hughes, Victor. Sr. Larson, Stuart. So. Lee. Robert. Jr. Lohr. James, Fr. Marks, Stanley, Fr. 380 C ' rnon you pledges — we ' ve got to win this thing. The DU Brawl brings natives trom all over the world. Members of the Washington Chapter of Delta Upslon leave the 1951-52 school year with rich memories of a triumphant season In both campus activities and social life. DU Is well represented In many major campus activities, such as Malamutes, Oval Club, Yell Team, and the many other Important fields that help make the University out standing. Prominent, too, are the men who actively partici- pated In the major fields of sports — football, track, baseball, crew, and bas- ketball. Intramural sports also won a healthy and noteworthy support from the DU Chapter. The annual Pledge Dance, Pajama Dance, Spring Formal, and " Brawl " were the major highlights of the well-rounded, complete social program. The house Itself, located on 45th Street and furnished with completely new blond furniture In every room, a stream- lined recreation room, and " Hall of Fame " for prominent brothers on cam- pus, has the distinction of being one of the finest in the nation. Malum, Barnard. So. McFadden. Robert. So McKaniie. Robarl. Sr McLaughlin, Jack, So Monan, Jerry, Fr. Morford, James, Sr. Murray. William. So Noe. Jamas. So. Nutter. Glenn. Fr. Oales, Willard, Jr O ' Day, Norman, So. Osborne. Robert. So Pethley. Lowell. Jr. Plummer, Ralph. Jr. Randall. William, Jr Reichelt, Carrol, Jr. Ryan, Field, So. Ryno, Richard. So. Saboe, Donald, Sr. Satterberq, Rictiard, Jr rs ' 1!- Stiler. Clyde. Jr. Shaffer, Chris, Fr. Shdw. William, So Smith, Dr. Harry Smith, Robert, Sr. Smith. Ronald. Fr. Tdber. William. Fr, Tdrr. Alan, So. Travij, Jamet, So. Tuohy. Peter. Jr. Uttigard. Gary. Fr. Van Dyk, Ted. Fr. Velte. Oonn. Fr. VoqtIIn. George. Fr. Wdlqren, Gordon. Fr, Winters, John. Sr. Yeasting, Robert. Fr. Young. Wayne. Fr. Zarr. Robert, Jr. Zeiger, Dallas, Sr. NOT PICTURED: Donham. Robert. Sr. Evjen. Robert. Sr. Ficket. James, Sr. Home. Douglas. So. Lottsfclt. Carl. Jr. Lundy. Raymond, Sr. Swan. Morris, Jr. Tillman, Russell, Sr. Unrue. Richard, So. AY 381 KAPPA ALPHA PSI Stallworth. Leslie. Jr. President Anderson. Clarence. Fr. Chappell. Jacques. Sr. Gill. Charles. Sr. Jones. Douglas Jorden. George. Jr Pratt. Russell. Jr. StaMworth. Leslie. Jr.. Sr. Thomas. Howard. Sr. White. Leon. So. Wilson, Howard, Sr. Gamma Eta Chapter of Kappa Alpha PsI starts the new school year proud of the activities of the last. A diamond is shining very brightly at the University of Washington. Despite the unquestioned success of the annual " Biack and White Ball, " and the pride which Kappamen have in their social program, our main activities are in other directions, of these " Guide Right " is the most pertinent. Guide Right Week was culminated with a special program in the com- munity. Our Guide Right Program for 28 years has made youfh the starting point, the center, and the end. Kappa Alpha Psi affords Its members an opportunity for concrete and tangible success in group action. Within her sacred realm members exchange ideas; work for common ends; and consecrate themselves at the same altar of high manly endeavor. She has created a new home life for the men of her fold. She has by this means turned inefficient individual efFort into efficient fraternal effort for common good. " We wear the diamonds. " NOT PICTURED: Armstrong. Jerome Hailey. Daniel Hailey. Donald Hayes. John Hollinqsworth. Raft Jackson. Herbert Johnson. Henry Johnson. Orville Justice. Earl Jennings. William Kemper. Louis Lynch. Bill t ason. George Mayberry. Donald Parks. Montell Robinson. Fred West. Ray Woodson. Fred 1621 29th Ave. N.E. Kappa Alpha Psi ' s present their queen at their annual formal dance. KAMJ 382 Pr KAPPA ALPHA a Peterion, 0«le PreiidenI Armour, Gary H. pr Aihbey. Dick. Jr Ail«l. Gtorge, Jr. Bdlling.r. Rich rd So Brown, Jack. Sr. Colcock. Edward Fr Cunrilnqham, William. Sr. Ovmitriddes.Pdul. Fr. Dempiey. John. Sr. Ooerr. Jack. Sr. Erie. George. Sr. Green. Willard. Jr. Harkonen. David Jr Huber. Richard, jr. l»erson. Louis. Sr. James, Albert, So. Jensen. Donald. Sr. Hallander. Dean Jr Kelly. Donald. So. Livingston. Donald. Sr, Lough. James, Sr. Lunberg, Craig, So. Malone. Dick. Sr. Maloney. Peter. Sr. Marshall, Joe, So. McCarron. James. Sr. McDonaqh. William McNair, Stephen, Sr ' Miller. Fred. Jr. Miller. George. Fr. Miller. Lawrence. Fr. Norman. Allen. Jr. Person. Leon. Jr. Peterson. Dale, Sr. Kice, Sanderson, Sr. Sanberg. Oscar. Sr. Seamens. Ralph, So. Smithson, Luther So Wallace. Minor. So. Weston. Patrick Jr NOT PICTURED: )unlap. Richard, Jr. ydgate. Mort. Fr. abln. Lee. Jr. hepardson. Rod. Jr aylor. Ron, Fr. hornberg. Robert So Iger. Willis. Sr. 451021st Ave. N.E. Beta Beta chapter of Pi Kappa Alpha, one of the more than one hundred chapters located throughout the na- tion, passed through tha 1951-52 school year with Its usual active social calendar. The outstanding events en- loyed by the brothers were the Underworld Party, Dream G:rl Dance, Frontier Daze Dance, Shipwreck Party, and Pledge Dance. Exchanges with neighboring sororities es- tablished friendship among the campus groups. Pi Kaps were active in all Intramural sports and have shown sports- manship and friendliness throughout the school year to make their house rank high In the fraternal world at Washington. P! K. A. ' s pjt the fmishin g touches to their Homecoming masterpl, piece. nKA 383 KAPPA SIGMA McLean. Archie, Sr. President Ames, Robert. Jr. Atkinson. Ross. So. Battin. Robert. Sr. Below. Charles. Jr. Bcnzon. George. Sr. Bergeron. Clifford. Jr. Cameron. Richard. Grad. Cameron. William. Jr. Carlbom. Curt, Fr. Carr Harold. Fr. Chcadle. Gordon. Fr. Clifford. Nathan. So. Cogan. John, Fr. Condon. Robert. So. Con-.tantine, John, Jr. Costello, Fredrick, Sr, Cramer, Henry. Sr. Dost, William, Sr. Dufoor. Peter. Sr. Dyrnes, Stephen, Fr. Eriksen, Walter. Jr. Evans, Harry, So. Evans. Paul. So. Fager, Donald, Jr. Ftedrickson, Neil, Grad. Gordon, Thomas, Jr. Hall. Richard, Jr. Henderson. Lawrence. 5o. Johnson. Donald. Sr. Kuhns. David, Fr. Lottsfeldt, Ernest, Jr. Lukins, Thomas, So. NOT PICTURED: Allison. Richard. Jr. Brown, William, Fr. Delkin. Fredrick. Sr. Gustafson Donald. Jr Harvey. Lincoln. Fr Howson. Clifford. Sr. Huntington. Kanlel. Jr. Iddings. James. Fr. Lunke. James. Sr. Miller, Donald. So. Moyer. Grant, Sr. Moyer. William. Sr. Olson. Orville. Jr. Schemer. Roger. Sr Sherry. Robert. Grad. Williams, Kenneth. So. Wight, Lee, Grad. to aid Sig ' s give blood the blood drive. 384 4722 2lsl Ave. N.E. After finishing off its 49th year In neat fashion, Beta Phi Chapter of Kappa Sigma Is enthuslasitcally looking forward to Its " golden year " of 1952-53 with the hope that life will be as smooth as the past season has shown It to be. " Smooth " will hardly suffice to describe the group ' s fine pledges, who were snared In fall rushing; the tra- ditional chapter social program, which Included the Pledge Dance, Stardust Ball, and Spring Informal; or the many BMOCs (big men on campus), who took part in such organizations as Malamutes, Purple Shield, Scabbard and Blade, and others. Scholarship wasn ' t neglected during the past year, and a few of the brothers even knocked on the very ex- clusive Phi Bete door. Heaven only knows what the " golden year " will bring at the Kappa Sig club. McCr««fy, Hugh. Fr. McGh««, Rondid, Fr. McKay. Harrlion, Fr. McLean. Archit III. Sr Nelliit. Merlyn. Sr O ' Connor, Robert. Sr Renshdw, Hdrold. Jr Seeger, Richard, Fr. Sheets. Michael, Sr. Sielk, Robert, So. SrT ith. Sydney. Jr. Swayze, Thomas, Grad. Is everybody happy? Looks like they are at the annual Kappa Sig pajama dance. ( Tibot. Brian. Jr. Walker. Alton, Sr Wood, Rom Jr., Fr KZ 385 LAMBDA CHI ALPHA Moran, Stan, Sr. President Anderson. Allen, Fr. Asp, Jar: es, Fr. Austin, Charlej, So. Austin. Philip. Jr. Backlund, Carl. Sr. Barbee. Gale, Fr. Bland, Edwa rd, Fr. Brandon, Harry. Fr. Brett, Guilford. So. Burns, Robert. Fr. Chrlstensen, Chal. Sr. Clark, Richard, Sr Collins. Mel, Fr. Cowman, Hal, Jr. Davis. Paul, Jr. Dederer. Mike, Jr. Douglas, Bill, Fr. Dunlap, Don, So. Dunn, Gordon. So. Foott, Bill. Jr. Forster, Fred, So. Freeborn, John, So. Fuller, Donald, Fr. Glann, James. So. Green, Bob. Fr. Hamman, Bill. Jr. Harnish. Dick. Jr. Harper, Rockne, Fr. Hobbs. Leon, So. Horn, Lee, Sr. Hoy, Bill. Jr. James. Cliff. Fr. Jensen, Ray. Sr. Johnson, Garrett, Jr. Johnston, Jim, Jr. Jordan. Dave, Fr. Jorqensen. Leroy, Sr. Josfin, Morten. Sr. Keim, Bob, Sr. Kime, Jim, So. Kreide, Harry. Jr. Well, Lambda Chi is still around as indi- cated by the following excerpt entered by the brothers: " We didn ' t do much this year. Had a few parties — Prison Dance and hlouseparty and a stuffy old Winter For- mal. Also the usual firesides and exchanges. Not much to brag about though. Scholar- ship was ' bout average. A few guys flunked out, but we ' ve got a couple of brains so the house average looks good. Won a cou- ple intramural champion ips, but most of the time we were just out for kicks. Any- way, everybody got to be on the teams. Got some sharp singers, and did pretty well in Songfest, but then everybody gets lucky once In a while. Also have a few guys wandering around campus trying to look like politicians. Not much else, though. Oh, by the way, we ' re also the largest Na- tional Fraternity, but who cares about that; we don ' t see much oF the other brothers anyway. 386 :n Ave. N.E. This is a prison? Where can we commit a crime? Lak«, K«nn«th, So. L wit. Ron. Fr. M«uli. Bill. Fr. Moor . Bill, Jr. Moran. Stan, Sr. Myhr . Ralph, Jr. Nicmtla. Wallv. Sr. Olson. Ralph, Sr. Pi«rc . Marl . Jr. Ranhin, Fr d, Fr. Robinson, Frdnk, So Rots. P t . So SchimanskI, Jim, So. Shannon. Dav . Fr. Stingl . Jo . Sr. StraUy. Dick. So. Sullivan, Rog r, So. Th! n s, Paul, Jr. NOT PICTURED: F!ck n. Dick Grund«land, Roy. Jr Han r. Dougals. Sr. Lur d. Dean. Sr. McKeehen. Don. Sr, P dlar. John, Sr. Thawley, Robert, So. Willey Fred. Fr. Wolfe, Carvel AXA 387 PHI DELTA THETA i 2111 East 47fh Bock, Fredrick, Sr. President Anderson, Graham, Fr. Anderson, Ted, So. Baker, Earle, Fr. Belcoe. Gene, So. Bock, Fredrick, Sr. Boone, William. Jr. Boyd, Sayre, Fr. Brown, Robert, Fr. Burch. Bill. Fr. Burke, Stan, Sr. Cain. Charles, So. Callaghan. James, Sr. Calvert. Bill. Fr. Chetlain, Art, Fr. Christy, Bruce, So. Christy, Allen, Fr. Clark, George, So. Conway, Charles, So- Crosson. Joe, Sr. Crutkshank, Collin, Fr. Dixon, William. Sr. Donoqhue. Joe. Sr. Dorsey, David, Sr. Dorsey, Donald, So. Douglas, Richard, Sr. Downs, Barry, Sr. Eakin. Bill, Fr. Edmunds, Hank, Jr. Enochs, Duane, Sr. Errckson, Fredrick. Fr. Farr, Fredrick. Fr. Fitzgerald, John, Fr. Fletcher, John. Sr. Guisness, Frank. Sr. Gustin, Fr nk, Fr. Hamilton, Jack, Fr. Hayes. Walter, Sr. Hinson. Dave, Fr. Hunter, Dana. Fr. Jack. Kim, Jr. Johnson, Jerry, Fr. Jury, William, Sr. Kaynor, Kirk, Fr. Keller, Ward, So. 388 NOT PICTURED: Bdckman, Donald BdrcUy, Ronald Brdnd«nberg, Rich Coleman, Charlas Covert. Robert Isaacson. Henry Lowe. Wilbur MacGregor. Alan Miller, Drew Moss, Kenneth Scheyer. Warner Stornns. Edwin Thacker, Rick Tripp, Donald Widrig. Dick Kellogg. Howard. Sr Kerry. William. So Lewis. Harry, Sr Lewis, Robert. Fr. Lindikog. Jack, Fr Lindtkog. V«rn. Jr Lovsted. Cart. Sr. Lucks. William. Sr. MacPhee. Nick. So McClary, Douglas. Jr. McDonald. C. H.. So Madin, Bill. Fr. Miller. Laurie. Fr. Moore. Charles. Jr. Morlarity, Tim. So. Morris. Frank. Fr. Nelson, Gene. Jr. Nichols. Bill. Fr. Niles. Wendell. So. Parsons. Dean. Fr. Peters, Gene, Jr. Rdbel, Leigh. Fr. Renz, Ray. Sr. Ruth. Charles, Sr. Scarff Carroll, So. Scott. Taylor. Fr. Stafford, Brian. Fr. Steiner. Griff. Fr. Stuht. William. So. Teague. Joe, Fr. Thies. Tom. Jr. Waite. Wendell. Fr. Wakefield. Claude. West, John. Fr. Westover. Ron. Fr. Wheeler. Dick. Jr. Williams. Joe, Jr. Withers, Peter, Sr. Witter, Robert, So, Woods. William. Fr. Young. Rusty, Fr. Young. Holly. Jr. ' kMi M .n ° A f i. M tmtk ' " It ' s a great life, " Washington ' s Phi Delts agreed as they concluded a season as gay and proiftable as could be wished for by any fraternity on Greek Row. The brothers feel that if they had 1951-52 to live all over again they ' d pledge just as tine a frosh class as they did this year; they ' d hold the same swell parties and dances; they ' d conne through just as brilliantly in campus activities and athletics; and they ' d be as closely integrated a group as the past year has shown them to be. In other words, perfection! Who can ask for more? Phi Delts pidy Santa Claus a their annual orphan ' s Christmas Party. (DAO 389 PHI GAMMA DELTA d Alexander, Dan, Sr. Allen, Tony, Fr. Bennett, Warren, So. Black, Ray, Fr. Bostick, Wally, Sr. Brazier, Donald, Sr. Brazier. Thomas, Fr. Campbell. Pete, So. Casperson. George, Jr. Dykes, James, Fr. Falk, Rolf, Sr. Fletcher, James. Fr. Flye. Donald, Fr. Finical, trv, Sr. Gaffner, Hank. Fr. Garvin, Robert. Jr. Gibbons, Jerry, Jr. GoMofon, Arthur. Sr. Hoffman. Bud, Sr. HolTies, Joseph. Sr. Holt, Alan, Fr. Hopf, Willidm. Fr. Houston, James. Fr. Huelett, Charles, So. Hutchins, Bud, So. Jacobson, Kurt, Jr. Johnson, Alan, Sr. Jolinson, Ervin. Jr. Kirkby. Thomas. Fr. Kirtland, Ronald. So. Kuebler, Thomas. Fr. Kuebler, Robert, So. Langness. James. Fr. Latimer, Al. So, Latimer, James. Fr. MacLeod, Gary, Fr. Maqnuson, Charles. Sr. Mdher. Ed, Fr. Mauser, Bruce, Fr. MacKibbin, Bruce. Fr. 4503 17th N.E. NOT PICTURED: Benson, William. Fr. Burkland. Stan. Grad. Coles. Pat. Sr. Lowe, Richard, Grad. Nystrom. Jack. Jr. Prescott, Loren. Grad. Radovich, John, So. Swift, Stew, Sr. Talbot. James. Grad. 390 Men from the " Castle on the Corner " con- tinued their leading pace in the facets of college life during the year. Like the pro- verbial knight who leaped upon his horse and rode off in all directions, the Fijis strode off with honors on the social, ath- letic intramural, and campus political fields. In jungleland atmosphere, the Cannibals — the nickname has no anthropological evi- dence to support its use — staged their an- nual Grass Skirt Dance during spring quar- ter. Fijis and their dates, girded in hand- made grass skirts, point to the dance as one of the most successful. On the same plane, they place their Winter Formal and the Pledge Dance held during fall term. In intramural competition, the Phi Gams made use of their athletes to protect tro- phies already won and bring new ones to rest on tho shelves of their library. Cannibal fingers sneaked into the campus political pie as the Fijis continued their roles in student government and pledges began their apprenticeship in helping to handle school affairs. Mtndel. Robert. Fr. Mtrz. James. Jr. Metldorf. Dewey, Jr. Moore. Bud. Fr. Mocn. Robert. Sr. MurphY. Jerry. Jr. Newman. Dan. Fr. Nugent. Jack. Jr. Peterson. Robert. Sr. Peabody. Robert. So. Ouackcnbush. Stan. Fr Qullllan. William. Fr. puinn. Richard. Sr. Revere. William, So. Rilev. William. Jr. Riley. Chuck. Fr. Robertson. Clarence. Jr. Robertson. Ron, Fr. Sandberg. Richard, Jr Schaeffer, Ed. Fr. Smith, Bud, Jr. Smith. Larry K.. Jr. Stoddard. James. So. Swegle. Robert. So. Thornton. Jerry. Fr. Tomlinson. John. Jr. Turman. Jerry. So. Turner. James. Fr. Wells. Ned, Fr. While. Pete. Sr. Aii r J 5 fjg gTT M ' L 391 PHI KAPPA PSI " ' ?0 " ' " ' » ' i " » ' »V x ' rl « v v Phi Psi ' s put the finishing touches on their Homecoming sign. 2120 East 47th bi . Ma f 1 Edgars, Bob President Adams, John. Fr. Adams, Rick, Sr, Allen, Dick. Fr. Arkell. Bob, So. Beaty, Harry. Fr. Berst, Bob. Sr. Berst, Charles, So. Carlson, Alan, Fr. Crawford, John, Sr. Critchfield, Pat. Jr. DeLaurent, Bob, Fr. Doescher. Don, So. Doyle, Tom, Fr. Duncanson, Nell, So. Edgers. Bob, Sr. England, Jim, Jr. Fahlstrom, Jack, So. Petty, Bob, Jr. Fiedler, Jim, Fr. Gibbons, Bob, Fr. 392 Gill. CUrk. Sf. Grdhdm, Dick, So Grdhdm. Kan. Sr Gratiet. Ddrley. J ' Grtider. Hdl. Pr Hdhn. Dick. Sr. Hdntford. Jo«. Jr. Hdrpor. Guy. So. Hdlkell. Bruce. Jr. Houldhdn. Bill, So. Hout, Dick, Jr. Howay, Jim. So. Huff, G«org . Sr. Humphrey. David. Sr Jamieion, Roger. Jr. Johnson. Jerry, Sr. Johnson. John. Sr. Kortman, Fred, Fr Krekow. Gordon, Sr. Largis. John, So. Loveioy, Jim, So. Martin, Jim, Fr. McClonaghan, Don, So Moate, George, Fr. Miller. Owen, Jr. Munson, Ray. Sr. Parr. Ray, So. Porosky. Mike, Sr. Puckett. Dave, Sr. Puckett. Lance, Fr. Puro. Lee. Sr, Ready, John. So. Salmi. Len. Fr. Simkins. Dick, So. Smiley, Nathan. Fr Smith, Bob. Jr. Sveen, Menton, Fr. Tanner. John. Sr. Taylor, Jim. Fr. Thygeson. Earl, Fr. Thrailkill. Bill, Jr. VanPelt. Chuck, So. Van Pelt. Ed. Fr. Winther, Grant. Jr. Wiprud. Glenn, So. Yates. Dale. So. Zurck. Bryan, Jr. NOT PICTURED: Atterbury, Jim Mangan. Jim Slade, John Smith, Wally Phi Psi pledges " watch the birdie " at the Pledge Dance. CDKV 393 PHI KAPPA SIGMA 471 I 17th Ave. N.E. Nordhoff. Arthur, Sr. President Allison, Thomas, Fr. Amundsen, Merle, Sr. Anderson, Eugene, Sr. Andersen, John. Fr. Anderson, Kenneth. Sr. Anderson. Robert, Fr. Andersen, Robert. Fr Atherton, Edward, So. Bard, Richard. Fr. Bennett, Edward, So. Berni, Mrchaet, Sr. Bocek, Albert, Sr. Brewe, Walter, Jr. Brock, Charles, Sr. Brockman, Nicholas. I Bruchman, John, So. Calvert, Ralph, So. Campbell, Frank, Fr. Cliff, David, Jr. Cochran, Robert. Jr. Cowan, William. So. Craswell, Bruce, Jr. Dickinson, William, Fr. Draper, Thomas, Fr. Dunsire, Charles, Jr. Earley, John, Fr. Edenholm. Roy. Fr. Elliston. Roy. Fr. Fairsorvice. Alston. Sr. Fields. Douglas, So. Ford, Arthur, Fr. Harford, Gunner, Fr. Hastings, Robert. Jr. Hayden. Thomas, Fr. Hayes, Bernard. Jr. Hendricksen, Frederick. Sr. Holt. Frederick, Fr. Horn, Raymond. Sr. Imer, Richard, So. Johnston. Robert, Jr. Kastilahn, Donald, Fr. Kelley, William, So. Klrkman. William, Sr. Knapp, William. Sr. 394 World worliers — Phi Kaps and Alpha Gams at Soph Carnival. Getting in step for Ben. NOT PICTURED: Bovey. Paul. So. Cutbertson. Thomas, Sr. Hunt. John. Jr. Kucinskus. Stanley, So. Leicester. John, Fr. Ruhl. Owen. So. Herqert. Gary, Fr. Barone, Vincent, Fr. The Phi Kappa Sigma Fraternity, stemming from the revered Harvard Skull Club, was founded at the University ot Pennsylvania in the year 1850. The 101 years of existence is In itself a tribute to the strength of the organization which was founded on the tradition of brother- hood, with the aim of providing an environment In which college men could grow In social and cultural stature as well as in academic knowl- edge. This year, as in the past, many of the brothers have made outstanding achievements in scholarship, athletics, and campus activities. A rise in scholarship, numerous big " W " winners, and respected positions In student government including ASUW second vice-president, treasurer of the Associated Men Students, and president of Junior IPC mark the recent path of the Phi Kaps at Washington. The all-important house functions reflect the social prominence of the Phi Kaps during the last year. The annual Orphans Christmas Party, this year for the children of Sacred Heart Villa, Pledge Dance. " Aw- Go-To-Hell " Dance, Winter Formal, and House Party highlighted a social calendar enjoyed by all members. Komen. Richard, Fr. Kriegler, Joseph, Sr. Kurti, John, Jr. Lawrence, Frederick, S: Leisy. David. So. Lowman. Charles, Jr. Lowndii. Jarries. Sr. Luthy. Ronald. Fr. McClary. Leonard, Fr. Mitchell. James, Sr. Molttor. Graham. Fr. Nelson. Alwin. So. Noble. Ddvid. Jr Nordhoff, Arthur, Sr. Oianne. Urban. Sr. Perkins. Richard. Sr. Putnam. Douglas. Fr. Putnam, Robert, Jr. Rupp. Glen. Sr. Scales. Richard. Sr. Scott. William. Fr. Selden. Robert. So. Spangler, Robert, Jr. Sundfelt, John, Fr. Thompson. John, So. Thorneburqh, Dale, F ' Washburn. Deiter, So t KE 395 PHI KAPPA TAU t ' a ■ 1 Rae, William, Jr. President Agar, James, Jr. Amende, James, So. Anderson. C. Robert, Sr. Anderson. Robert R., Jr. Arno, Norman, So. Barber, Leo, Grad. Borde, Philip, So. Brandes. John, Fr. Callahan, Charles, So. DuCharme, Paul. So. Gilbertson, Carroll, Jr. Hawkins, James V., So. Holmes, John, So. Lusk, Norman, Sr. Maddock, James, Sr. Moore, James, Sr. Morrison, Harry, Jr. Rae, William, Jr. Stinnette, William, Jr. Tremaine, Jerry, Sr. NOT PICTURED: Bradbury, Jerry, Jr. Christy, Ray. So. Craig, Grant. Fr. Fromback. Harold, Jr. Lamb, Robert. Jr. Miller, Norman, Grad. Sample, Donald, Sr. Stevenson, Ronald, Jr. Wheeler. James R., Jr. Phi Kappa Tau again proved i+self a great service organi- zation as well as social fraternity. Mennbers entered every phase of University life with great enthuslasnn. But this zest did not stop with activities, for the men scored ex- cellently In scholarship, one of the main stresses of their fraternity life. The 1951-52 season will stand out in the nnlnds of Phi Kappa Tau men as one of the most successful. Eagerly fhey look forward to another grand year at Washington. 4551 17th N.E. Phi Kappa Tau ' s gather around to help tame " Tabu, " their pet skunk. DKT 396 2 1 CHE. 47th PHI SIGMA KAPPA The year 1952 marks Lambda Deuteron ' s 29th year as a rep- resentative of Phi Sigma Kappa on the University of Washington campus. The Grand Chapter of Phi Sigma Kappa, founded in 1873 at Massachusetts State College, Amherst, Mass., has grown to include 73 chapters spread from coast to coast. Stressing Phi Sigma Kappa ' s Cardinal Principles, The Promo- tion of Brotherhood, Stimulation of Scholarship, and Develop- ment of Character, Phi Sigs have taken an active part in campus life. Highlights of the Phi Sig social calendar during the past year included the annual " Moonlight Girl " formal dinner-dance, the winter quarter Pledge Dance, the unique Sunrise Dance held late in spring quarter, and a number of successful exchanges, firesides, and cruises. Following the Cardinal Principles laid down by its founders. Phi Sigma Kappa will strive to meet whatever challenge the future may offer. NOT PICTURED: Andtrton, B nnttt. Fr. Fundingsland. Frank, Jr. Granbcrg. John, So. Kampc. Wynn. So. Keytl. Harry, So. Lana. John, Fr. Lembo. John, Jr. Onqarato, John, Fr. Schulthsls, Harold. Fr. Siegal. Robtrt, So. Gary Bradner (the lucky dog!) entertains Fran Far- rell — our Moonlight Girl for 1952. Abbey. Ken, Fr. Anderson, Charles, Jr. Anderion, Eugene, Sr Bedridult. Douglas, Sr. Hames. Ted., Sr. President Black, Amos, Grad. Brandner, Gary, Sr. Butler. James, Jr. Copeland. Delbert. Jr. East, Gordon. Jr. Echols. Ted, Grad. Forsmark, John, Jr. Fuqua. Raymond. Sr. Grotjahn, Fred, Jr. Hames, Ted. Sr. Hebert, John, Grad. Howe. William. Sr. Johnson, Franklin, So. Johnson, Nunnally, Fr. Johnson, Richard. Jr. Kerbel, Donald. Jr. King, John, Jr. Lauhon, Tom, Sr. Mayor, George. Jr. Meltvedt. Donald. Jr. DIson. Richard. So. Plckrell. Keith, Sr. Pollock. Herbert. Sr. Reed, Robert Sr Richards. Robert. Jr Ross, Kenneth, Fr. Savage. Edward, Sr. Taylor, John. So. Tjcker, Stevens, So. ■ " Gohren, Edward. S- DZK PSI UPSILON Austin, Alan, Sr. President Anderson. Paul. Jr. Austin, Alan, Sr. Bergeron, Jimmie. So. Bishop, Peter, Fr. Callison. Anthony, So. Conner, William, Jr. i»L m L J. " irM nta ' lit i it - ' Dempsey, Birney, Fr. Dodge, Byron, Fr. Dotson, David, So. Dracobly, Ferris, Fr. Eisen, Rick. Jr. Erwin, Link, Jr. Faye, Alan, Fr. Ferguson. Elliot, So. Fery, John, Jr. Flohr, Robert. Fr. Halverson. Fred, Fr. Holman. John, Sr. Janson, Duncan, Jr. Karman. Kurt, Fr. Ketcham. Charles, Jr. Kuhn, Edward, Fr. Lake, Harold, Jr. Lane, Peter, Fr. Ldrsen, David, Fr. Lewis, William, Jr. Lumley, Donald, Fr. Luster, Jerry, So. Main, Richard. Sr, McKenzIe, William. Fr. McMillan, John, So. Olson, Nick, So. Parsons, Pete, Fr. Proctor. John, Jr. Reams, William, Fr. Reed, William. So. Riley, Edward, Fr. Riley, John, Sr. Roake, Stephen, Fr. Robbins, Clarence, Jr Rogers, Robert, Fr. 398 Tri Delt ' s and Psi U ' s brew up some " Black Magic at their prize-winning Soph Carnival booth. liACr. Some Psi U ' s and their dates left by a high tide at the Beach- comber ' s Brawl. 1818 East 47th Since the founding of Psi Upsilon I 18 years ago at Union Col- lege, Psi U has grown to 30 chapters in the United States and Canada and has been on the campus of the University of Wash- ington since 1916. Highlights of the year at Psi U have included the traditional Pledge Dance, Winter Formal, " Beachcombers ' Brawl, " and second annual Spring Formal. The Yule Season brought with it another Christmas party for 30 orphans of the Seattle Chil- dren ' s Home. This year again nearly half of the group was engaged in Uni- versity activities and athletics. The intramural sports program received enthusiastic support from the fraternity. In September Psi U was proud to announce the pledging of 21 outstanding men, and by Spring the chapter had increased considerably in number. Schlosttein. Rusicll. Jr. Sedlacek, Charles. Fr. Shannon. Richard. Jr. Slipper. Thomas. So. Solonrionson. James. Jr Stevens. William. So Steward. Peter. Sr Taylor. Dorman. So. Walker. Huqh. So Wallerich, Peter. Jr White. Houston, Sr Wilkey. Thomas. Fr NOT PICTURED: Collard. Jack, Jr. Etherinqton. Donn. So. Gholson. Gibson. Sr. Haines. Rick. Jr. Joy. James. Jr. Pritchard. Graham. Jr. Pulsifer. Duane. Jr. Redman. Robert. Jr, Stair. Dudley. Jr. Toopel, William, Sr. VY 399 PI KAPPA PHI 4504 loth Ave. N.E. -f -• •« -.» J Kinkade, Ouane, Jr. President Barber, Hartley, Jr. Betts. Art. Fr. Brown, Fred, Jr. Clark, John. So. Crase, Rex, Sr. Dailey. John. So. Giles, Merlin, Sr, Johannes, Cliff, Jr. Johnson, Robert. Jr. Jones, Doug, Sr. Kinkade, Duane, Jr. Konopaski, Ron, Fr. McGinn, Harry, Sr, Olllla, Jeff, Fr. Pesinecker. Dave, Sr. Priest. Dick, Jr. Richstad. Robert, Grad. Smith, Marion. Jr. Weaver, Ed, Sr. Whitman. Norm NOT PICTURED: Colby, Ray English, Tom Hunt, Charles Kingery, Dave Partain, Lowell Pike, Doug Seguin. Dick Alpha Delta of Pi Kappa Phi was established at the Uni- versity of Washington in 1924. It is a relatively snnall house on this campus, a fact very conducive to a more intimate, closely knit group. Pi Kaps believe firmly in the educational values to be attained in college. Consequently, a goodly portion of each member ' s time is spent in serious studying. Yet, members do not overlook the social and extracurricu- lar side of collegiate life. The many social functions of each year are topped off by the annual Rose Ball, held late each spring. The year has been a grand one for Pi Kappa Phi, and the charge looks forward eagerly to future years of col- lege life. nK D PI Kaps and their dates sit one out at the Pledge Dance. 400 SIGMA PI Sigma Pi came up with a bigger and better program than ever be- fore with members excelling in many campus activities. As usual, the social season was packed with excitement, being built around at least one big dance each quarter. Included in the schedule were many exchanges, firesides, and ski parties. Grade averages were usually slightly better than average among the Sigma Pis who, though they " hit the books " regularly, did not neglect the athletic side of collego life. Ail in all, it ' s been a great year for S ' gma Pi at Washington, and the boys all seem to be " hot " for next season and more good times in their fraternity. OingwAll, Hdrry Prtiidtnt B«rri«r. Billy. Sr. BrY«n, AlUn. Sr. Cdrttr, (9«o g«. So D«rricli, H«rb«rt. So D«Sold. Roy. Sr Dingwdll. Bruce. Fr Dinqwdll. Hdrry. Jf Dollay, Odvld. Fr. Frainty, Georga, Jr. Harrrj. Wayne, So. Jdhoda, Jamet. Fr. Love. Hal. So Nye. William, Fr. Orr. Dwight, Jr. Parent. Sidney, Sr. Perry. Jdck. So. Rhine. Ronald, So. Ross. Donald. So. Ryan. Richard, So. Thomas. Paul. Fr. f f V. 3 M. Turner. E. C. Sr. Wetmore. Richard. Fr. Woodard. Lane, Jr. NOT PICTURED: Auda, Daniel, Sr. Anton, Myron, Fr. Bryan. Allen, Sr. Fadich. Burton. Grad, Kerns. James. So. Morrison. James. Jr. Oseien, Yalcln, Grad. 1-llAJ Having d wonderful time at the Sigma Pi Orchid Ball 4547 17th Ave. N.E. ct .■ zn 401 SIGMA ALPHA EPSILON 0i9 f: Q 9 Hovde, LeFoy, Sr. President Anderson, Dave. Fr. Anderson, Ken. Jr. Bale, Dick, Sr. Benson. Norman, Jr. Boone. Daniel, Sr. Boone, Gordy, Sr. Boynton. Jim, Sr. Brevik, Herb, Sr. Brinkman, Pete, Jr. Cahill. John. So. Calahan, James, Jr. Carlson, Larry, So. Castagno. David. Jr. Cherberg. Clyde, Sr. Cipriano, Joe, Jr. Cochran, Neil, So. Cressey. Gary. So. Crook, Bob, So. DeSelms, Roy, So. Ditty, William, Fr. Doty Robert. So. Ek, John, Fr. Enochs, Harry, Sr. Felt, Dick, So. Fleming, Pete, So, Gaw, Wilson, So. Gittinger, David, Fr. Glassman, Clyde. Sr. Graves, Pete, Jr. Guttormsen, Richard. Fr. Hallberg, Pete, Fr. Hansen. Earl So. Houck, Ray, So. Hovde, LeRoy, So. Humes, Lee. Fr. Jarvis, Harvey. Fr. Jewett, Dale. Fr. John William, So. Jubb. Eric, Fr. King, Robert, So. Koon, Charles, So. Larsen, Bill. Fr. Leis ner, Joe. Fr. Lewis, Robert, So. Little, Bryce. So. Lyie. Gordon, Jr. Mandery, Duane, Fr. Mangold, Carl. So. McKeever, Barry, So. McKinley, Moore. Jr. Nelson, William. Sr. O ' Brien, Douglas, So. Odegard. Ed. Jr. Orlob. Lloyd, Fr. Parks, George. So. Patterson. Walter. Jr. Peck. George, Fr. Potts, Willard. So. NOT PICTURED: Anderson Vernor. Sr. Jackson, Don, Sr. 402 Pric , Lee, Jr. Ramey, Gerdid, Fr. Rdndle, Neil. Fr. ftelf. Goffrey. Sr. Richards. Bob. Fr. Richdrdi. Dick, So. Rofinot, Ensly. So. Ruqgles, John. So. Salley, James, So. Schaefer. Steve. Jr. Scheuch, Brian. Fr. Shapley, Richard, Sr. Smith, Van, Sr. Smyth, Dagne. So. Sorensen. Howard, So Sperry. Don, So. Sprague, Dick. Jr. Sprague. Tom, So. Starkt. Grant. Sr. Summy. Gene. Jr. Taylor, Ron. Fr. Thorcson, Don. Sr. Thoreion. Lavernc. Tice. Vilray. So . Toole. Clyde. Fr. Vann. Jerry. So. Walker. Robert. So. Watson. Larry. Fr. WitVes. Dan. Sr. Wood. Tom, Jr. 4506 I7»li N.E. Through the guidance of their chosen leader, Genghis Khan, the hatchet-men of Sigma Alpha Epsilon tong have once again manged to successfully muddle their way through another year. " Wo point with pride to the fact that our house bills are the most fantastic on campus as our alumni assoc ' ation is headed by a gent named Scrooge. Our chapter meetings are tops in chaos and are run by a small clique of 85 brothers, who have somehow managed to remember each other ' s names. We drink beer and sometimes take girls on wild parties following which none of them will ever speak to us again. We have a standing rule that all the athletes muts take at least three Chlorophyl tablets per day; and none of us has ever attended an all-University function. " We don ' t have anybody in campus politics because we can ' t stand coffee and be- sides it interferes with our fooling around. We hold open house on closed weekends, and sometimes, through sheer boredom, go to class. We hang our sox in the trophy case because we haven ' t got any trophies, and pictures of former all-Americans we stole from other houses decorate our walls. In fact, we don ' t do anything; but we have loads of fun. ZAE 403 SIGMA ALPHA MU -i fi f Golden, George, Sr. President Agronoff, Efrem, Fr. Almeleh. Dave. Jr. Arensberg, Richard, Fr. Becker. Rolfe. Sr. Bordon, Richard. Fr. Brotnnan, Daryl. So. Canty. Dave. So. Flaks. Marvin, Fr. Foreman, Richard, So. Geller, Floyd, Fr. Seller, Harley, Jr. Glazer, Richard, Sr. Golden. George. Sr. Goldstein, Bob. Sr. Goodman, Douglas. Fr. Gorfkle, Sanford. Fr, Grossman, Larry. Fr. Grossman, Nathan, So. Herns. Larry. Sr. Huppin, Gene. Fr. Kraft, Howard. Fr. Kregal, Irving, Fr. Levin, Wallace, Jr. Levitch, Dave, Jr. Loeb. Richard, So. Mdiurosky, Sanford. Melsels, Stan, So. Miller, Bill. Fr. Porad, Ronald, Fr. Rogers, Robert, Jr. Rubens, Richard, Sr, Samuels, Stan, So. Schacher, Edward. Fr. Schneiderman. Jerry. Fr. Securd, Bob. Sr. Slotnick, Dave, Sr. Stern, John. So. Weinstein, Sandy, Jr. Williams. Sandy. So. Zarkin, Sam. Sr. Zeidman, Howard, So. Zukerhorn. Herbert. Fr. NOT PICTURED: Poha. Marvin. So. 404 IT - ' 4 iZMt. Alpha Mu. 4714 17th Ave. N.E. Fraternity and fellowship are synonymous. The core of Sigma Alpha Mu is the fellow- ship of its members. Through the combined efforts of its membership, Sigma Alpha Mu strives for high achievement. This is in one way evidenced by the chapter ' s excellent scholarship record. Participation in campus activities and intramural athletics are other examples of SAM ' s eager determination to show what it can do. In the meanwhile, not neglecting the social aspect of college life, the " Sammies " enjoyed a well-rounded program of formal dances, including their annual Pledge Dance, Winter Formal, and Spring Alumni Dance. Through the years S!gma Alpha Mu has endeavored to translate its ideals into action, pursuing high standards and promoting significant and constructive projects. . ' S. % A group o " the brothers " caught before the Winter Formal. 405 SIGMA CHI 1716 East 45th St. kf a Hedwell. Donald President Amundson, Charles, So. Ashdown, Fred, So- Bailly. John, Fr. Baird, WMIiam. So. Baker, Tom, So. Barnes, Ward, Jr. Berg, Donald, Sr. Bohart, Milton, So. Brace. Gordon. So. Brown, Gail, Jr. Bruhn, Stan, Sr. Brunk, Earl Campbell, Ken, Sr. Capeloto, Victor, So, Christie. Tom, Jr. Cunning, Jim, Gr. Cushen, Robert. Sr. Darnell, Fred. Sr. Dolling, Thomas. Fr. Edwards. Arthur, Jr. Felton, Roger, So. Fischer, Jack. Jr. Fitzpatrick, John. Fr. Foreman, Donn. Jr. Eraser. Richard, Jr. George, Jim. So. Green, Richard, Sr. Hartley. Wayne, Sr. 406 The primary objective of Sigma Chi is to enable its members to derive the maximum benefit from their educational opportunity. To acquire this, members feel a student must maintain a balance between scholarship and participation In activities, both on campus and In the fraternity. The long list of Sigs taking part In Varsity sports, Malamutes, IFC. AMS, and other University organizations Is evidence of the chapter ' s active interest in this institution. The tradi- tional Sweetheart Bail, at which Washington ' s Sweet- heart of Sigma Chi Is named, Is only one of their many and varied social activities. Members of Upsi- lon Upsilon chapter feel that they have achieved their objective. Hadraen. Mike, ft. Hadwdll. Don«ld. Sr. Hill. Dick. Sr. Huifon. John, Jr. Jaiten, Ted. So Kirby, Crdig. Jr. MArtin, Lenard. Sr. McCormick, Jerry, Jr. Murphy. Sdm. Jr. Nelson. Robert, So. Newman. Albert, Fr. Nichols, Dougldt. Jr. Perkins. John. So. Pierson, Donald. Sr. Reynolds, Jim, So. Riedinger. Thomas. So. Robinson, Larry. So. Ruttner. James. Sr. Sauls. Donald. Fr. Scamfer, Ronald. So. Shaffer. James, Sr. Tyrone. Mike. Jr. Uddenberg, Bertram. Fr. VanDerschelden. Richard, Fr Warsinske, Jim. So. Winn, Jim, Fr. Zilka. Lewis. Fr. NOT PICTURED: Cook, James. Sr. Cummlngs. Bob, Jr. Dohm. Otto Ebeling. Bud. Fr. Flodin. Roger Fritl, William Kyllingstad. Jack Lenihan, William Marinkovich, Donald Marshall. William Mills, King Newman. Robert O ' Donnell. Terrence Peabody, Gerald Richardson. Larry Shaver. Deane Sowder, Robert EX 407 SIGMA NU T f. r c r c c c= 3 Mclnroe, Gerald. Sr. President Absher, Thomas, Jf- Adams, Donald. Sr. Affleck, James. Fr. Anderson, Arthur, So. Black, George. So. Bloom. James, Jr. Bloom, Ronald. Jr. Brunhaver, William. Sr. Carpenter, Alfred. Fr. Carpenter. James, Fr. Coward, James, Fr. Cravey, Charles. So. Dawson, Donald. Sr. Dings, Robert, Sr. Doyle, Douglas, Sr. Eagle, Blake, Fr. Eastes, Gary, Fr. Eland, Sidney, So. Ely, Robert, So. Farrell. Charles, Fr. Fraser. Terry, So. Gebert, John. Jr. Geisert, Otto, Sr. Goodrich, Henry. Fr. Gundlach, Vaughn. Fr. Hardy, Donald, So. Hart, George, So. Hedbera. Charles, Jr. Hudson, ' Robert, Jr. Hull Kirk, Jr. Kiefer. John, Jr. King, Donne, Fr. Korn. James. Fr. Kotick, William, Fr. Lacy, Richard. Fr. Lariza, Francisco, Sr. Lee, Allen, Sr. Lesley, Earl. Sr. Lewis, Robert, So. Lindstrom, Lauron, So. Little, David. Sr. Lursen, Robert, Fr, McCollum, Richard, Jr. McCracken, Floyd. Jr. Mclnroe, Gerald. Sr. McKeniie. James. Fr. Mebust, Winston, Fr. Morgan, Alvin, So. Munger, Bryce, Fr. Newton, Richard, Jr. ' - O ' Connor, Edward, Jr. Olsen, Elmer, Sr. Olson, John, Sr. Onkels, Peter, So. Ott, Albert, So. Ovens, Robert, Jr. NOT PICTURED; Hanley, Terence. Sr. Heinrich, Donald, Sr Hillman. Myron. Fr. Rockey, Dean, So, Tullis. Rodney, So. 408 The year 1896 marked the beginning of fraternity life at Washington. In that year Edmond S. Meany brought to the Universi y its first national fraternity by aiding in the founding of Gamma Chi Chapter of Sigma Nu. Ever proud of its pioneer Inception, Gamma Chi has re- mained alert to Its responsibilities to Washington, to camp life, and to the men who each year are welcomed into the brotherhood of Sigma Nu. Sigma Nu is well represented in varsity and frosh ath- letics and stands well above col lege grade averages in scholarship. In campus activities the White Star gleamed brightly as Floyd McCracken won the Junior Class presi- dency and the men of Sigma Nu gained first place in Homecoming sign competition and the Campus Chest Drive. The Pig Dinner, long recognized as the highlight of cam- pus social life, is a typical sample of the social calendar enjoyed by the men of Sigma Nu. Thus, Gamma Chi Chapter is represented in every phase of campus service by men who, ever mindful of their heritage of leadership, proudly wear the White Star of Sigma Nu. Pdrtlow. Jdm«t, So. Pc«te. Aldridge. Fr. Paterion. Dennit. Fr. Peterion. John, Jr. Pitchtr. T«d. Fr. Rica, M r h ll, Fr. (to . Edwdrd, Sr. Rotchford, Mdrli. Fr Schaffnit, Edward, Jr Small, Mollis. Jr. Smith, Roger, Sr. Smithson, Richard, Fr. Stoddard, Wayne, Fr Teel, Charles, So. Tcel, Paul, Fr. Thompson. Donald, Jr Thompson. Ronald. Jr Vammen, Charles, So. Walker. Conrad, Fr Ward, Darrel, Sr. Wherry, Ken, So. Welsh. William. So Wiley. James. Sr. Williams, Richard, Jr. Williams. Robert, Fr Wilson, Robert, Jr. 1616 E. 47th ZN 409 SIGMA PHI EPSILON g — - W Laws, Robert K,, Grad. President Abbey, George. Sr. Allen, Aft, Jr. Anderson. Don, Sr. Anderson, John. Jr. Berqlund, Martin. Sr. Blackburn, John, Grad. Bryan, Morgan, Sr. Campbell, Dick, So. Carter, Robert, Jr. Chenoweth, Thomas, Grad. Claudson, Tom, Fr. Clements, Merv, Jr. Dippollto. William, Jr Edwards. Justin. Fr. Evans, Charles, Jr. Evans, Richard, Fr. Fletcher, Paul. Fr. Gates, Joseph, Sr, Graham. Robert. Sr. Grenell, Robert, Fr. Hamilton, James, So. Hendricks. Wayne, Sr. Hobbs, Clyde, Jr. Hupp, Jack, Sr. Hutchinson, Douglas, Sr. Johnson, Richard. Fr. Kane, Thomas, Grad Kelner, Richard, Sr. Koenninqer, Thomas, J ' Laws, Richard, Sr. Laws, Robert, Grad. Lukens, Richard. Jr. McCoy, William. Jr. Mcintosh. Gordon. Jr. McLees, James, Jr. Minch, Harlow. Sr. Sig Eps ready heir Homecoming " nickel machine. ' 410 Actives And alumns get ijgether at the Founder ' s Day Banquet. Morrill. Howard. Sf. Mu«ll«r, Frank. Fr. MuelUr. John. Fr. Nybsrg. Richard, Sr. Powall. Felii. Fr. Rariq. David. Jr. R««d. Charlat. Jr. Raid, Frank, Jr. Roberts. Gaoffray. So. Robinson, Daniel. Sr. Roll. Donald. Jr. Schulti. Leo. Sr. Scotton, Dean, Sr. Smith. George. Sr. SIryker. Mark. So Swetnam, Robert, Sr. An architect ' s drawing of the new Sigma Phi Epsllon house. This past year has marked the 50th year of progress for Sigma Phi Epsllon fraternity. From a spark Ignited by 12 men at the Uni- versity of Richmond, Va., in 1901, SIg Ep has grown to the size of a bonfire, with 109 chapters throughout the country and more than 39,000 members. Memories of the 1951-52 season will remain with Sig Eps for years to come. The social calendar was never found wanting. The Pledge Dance spotlighted fall quarter, while in February the chapter held Its Winter Informal. The social year was cl.maxed with the annual " Queen of hiearts " Ball In the spring. Furthermore, numerous fire- sides and exchanges made the weekends more enjoyable. The pledge class, numbering 22 men, was full of spirit and contributed much to the group ' s success. SIg Ep Intramural teams were outstanding, with the flag football team racing to fourth place in the all-U playoffs and taking two berths on the all-star team. In scholarship, the basis of college life, SIg Eps made one of the greater improvements among University fraternities. As time marches on unheeded, Sigma Phi Epsllon shall also march on to new and greater accomplishments. ?l i: ,;l. Witenack. Donald, So. Whitney. William. So. I u Z DE 411 TAU KAPPA EPSILON k J 4547 i9th Ave. N.E. TKE NOT PICTURED; Brdndstrom. John, Sr. Deller. Stephen. Fr. Evens, Robert. Jr. Harris, Richard. Jr. Long. Richard, So. Weber. James. Jr. x. M U Wyiie. Murray. Grad. President Anderson, Ture, Jr. Barnette. Mack. So. Benson, John. Jr, Bramhall, Douglas. Fr. Campbell, William. Jr. Cass, Stephen, So. Couch, Willdfd. Fr. Doupe, Guy. Fr. Eiseman. Jack, Fr. Funk, Hugh, Jr. Grant, Wayne. So. Hefty, Edward. So. Henderson, John, Jr lies, Gordon. Jr. Johnson, Charles, Sr. Kirkland, Thomas, Fr. Kohl, Philip, Jr. Lanning, George, Jr. Leek, Edner, Jr. MacDougall. Bruce. Fr. MacDougall, Robert, Jr. McVay, George. Fr. Mines, Michael. Grad. Nilsson, Erick. So. Novak, David, Jr. Parks. Donald. Fr. Pylman, Jerry, Fr. Reed, Eugene, Fr. Robinson, William, So. Samuelson. William, Sr. Sando, Frank. So. Scarrah. George, So. Sobottka, Hugh, Jr. Storosh, Mike, Sr. Swanson, Donald. Fr. Swett. Daniel, So. Tronson, Edgar, Sr, Warren, Richard. So. Wood. Dave, Sr. Worland. Donald. So. Wylle, Murray. Grad. Time out from studies for a spring picnic. Setting out at a hearty pace and taking everything In their stride, the Tekes concluded a tremendous season of activity and gaiety on the U of W campus. Their schedule, which Included everything from " soup to nuts, " was one of the hottest ever experienced by the chapter. The other campus kings have nothing on the Tekes. who turned out like mad for University activities and sports. The house was repre- sented on such ASUW groups as the Hub Operating and Dance Committee. Other activities such as Organizations Assennbly and IPC numbered Tekes annong their officers as well as members. The boys were active in the University Band, Malamutes. and the Wash- ington Engineer staff. Even though their heads were in the clouds with activities, evidence shows that their feet were flrnnly planted on the ground when it came to scholarship. All this goes to show that Tau Kappa Epsilon Is heading for another big year at Washington, and Is mighty glad of It. 412 TAU PHI DELTA At the completion of a quarter-century, Tau Phi Delta takes pride in its past events and activities. The social calendar began with the annual Honne- connlng Dance, which was regarded by many alums to be the " best ever. " Other social functions in- cluded a Christmas Party, Winter Formal, various exchanges, with the Spring Picnic rounding out the year. Scholarship has always been an Important matter with Tau Phi Delta, and members point with pride to the ' r record and to the trophies which adorn their mantle. Being a social and professional forestry fraternity does not prevent the charge from taking part In most University-sponsored events. 4616 2U ' Ave. N.E. B kawall. John. So Drdli«. Edward, Sr. President Bvckmdn. Kent. So. V Brown, Mickey, Jr Buchanan. Jotin. Sr, Curry, Richard. Jr. Davidson, Roy. Sr. Drake, Edward, Sr. Fanus. Calvin, Sr. Fredsall, Russell, Sr Gracey. Robert, Fr Hanover, James. Sr Hebrank, Albert. So Herold, James, Sr. Korosi, John, Grad Lawson Wlllard Sr Lee, Robert, Jr - Matthias, James, Sr Michelottf, Fred Jr Pardo, Richard, Fr. Pttrone. Edward. Fr .,. ,cy Strang, James, Grad P ' M NOT PICTURED: Brumbaugh. Ronald Hayes. Paul Hautala, Donald Schuler. Donald Scott, Robert T t A 413 THETA CHI Carney, Robert. Sr. President Adams. Charles. So. Alloin, Jacques. Sr. Anderson, Donald. Jr. Anderson, Martin. So. Anderson, Robert. Fr. Anderson, Roderick, Sr. Aslakson, Robert, So. BatschI, Jerry. So. Beck. Richard, So. Cenjamin. Lloyd. Jr. Bingham Merrill, So. BIdch, Walter, So. Burnham, Richard, Fr. Busch, Jay, Fr, Carlson, James. So. Carlson, Leo, Sr Carney, Robert S ' Casey, Thomas. So. Cotton, David. So Crewdson, Alex, So. Davis, Thomas, Sr, Dean, Harlan, Sr. Dunstan, James. Jr. Farrar. Paul, Fr. Fredericks. Robert. Sr. Frost, Ted, So, Gee, Darrell, So. Geisler, Gary, Sr. Gibson. John. Sr. Graham, Frank. So. Gray, Larry, Fr. Guyer, Robert. Fr. Heathman, Michael, Sc. Hedrick, Worth, Fr. Helgerson, Warren, Sr. Hennes, John, Fr. Hennes. James, Fr. Hennes, Randolph, Sr. HitI, Douglas, Jr. Hirst, Gordon, So Hogan, Wayne, Fr. Holt, Arnie, Fr. Hulet. Russell, Jr. Inslee, Evan, So. Jacobs, Robert, Jr. NOT PICTURED: Barrow, Wally, Sr, Brewer. Robert, Fr Carlson, Herb, So. Clark, Kenneth, So. Cummings. William. Sr, Dufresne, Robert, Sr. Genther, Charles. Sr. Gibson. Ronald. Sr. Graham. Frank, So. Jacobson, Dale. So. Jacobson, Keith, Sr. Kosmin, Alex, Sr. Lawrence, Joseph, So. McDonald, Donald, Sr. Mitchell. Samuel, Jr. Olson, Donald, Fr. Parqeter, Thomas, So. Parqeter. William, Fr. Reese, Willi am. So. Skelton, Stuart, Jr. Wolgemuth, Bruce, Sr. 414 MM. Ill II " ttt LiSf J ' After dn impartial survey of active members, the boys up at the Theta Chi house are proud to announce they have the " red-hottest frat club on the Washington campus. " To quote . . . " We are loaded with athletes who have gone inactive after initiation; our kitchen puts out the best bread pudding on campus; our Intramural football squad can beat any soror- ity around; we go on wild parties, sing dirty songs, and our Friday night club is just about tops. " We have a rushee who can ' t make up his mind living in the chapter room; we go out with sorority girls when wo can ' t get dates with independents; we win intramural athletics with professional ringers; we have the captain of the varsity checker team and 597 alums who hate us like crazy but show up for free meals. ' We have a 4 1 -year-old pledge named Howie who comes to parties and owns a vacuum cleaner; we drink beer and boast of three Gamma Phi houseboys. And as for campus leaders, we have a reader in Soc. 100 and a transfer from WSC who eats at the HUB because he ' s allergic to food. ... All In all we ' re a grand bunch of fellows. " 4535 I7th Ave. N.E. Jartd. Myron. Sr. Johnson. Virgil. Jr. Kamld. John. So. Kdmp . Kl«ment, So. Ldwrenc«. JoiAph, So Knight. William. Sr. Lanqer. Jtrry. Ff. Larson. Richard, So. Lanti, Richard. So. Loudon. Robert. Sr. Manut. James. Fr. Martin. Val. Jr. Massar. William, Jr. Mau 39, Richard, So. Mead. Herbert. Fr. Merrick, David. So. Moehring. Melvin, Sr. Nash, James. Sr. Null. Jack. Fr. Oakland. Richard. Fr. O ' Galllqan. John, So. Parsons. Ted. Jr. Pierson. Gordon, Sr. Plummer, Robert. Fr. Rich. Rodney. Fr. Richards, William, Sr. Ridgway. David, Sr. Riney, Patrick, Fr. Roebke. Louis. Sr. Rogers. Gerald, Jr. Rondeau. James. Fr. Rolfe, Jamas, So. Schoonover, Stan, Fr. Simmons. Richard, Jr. Spielman. Robert. Fr. Stuhler. George, Sr. Swanson, Richard, So. Thome. Donald. So. Turner, Raymond. So. Tremain. Robert, Jr. Uller, Robert. Sr. Vormejtrand. D«nnis, Fr Walker. Robert. So. OX 415 THETA DELTA CHI Williams. Carle. Sr. President Anderson. Bill, So. Austin. Jim, Jr. Baldwin. Don. Fr. Bergman. Doug. So. Carper. Robert. Sr. Close. Paul. Sr. Cootes, John. Fr. Eastman, Jim, Sr. Elleison, Stan. Sr. Ericlison. Corkey. Fr. Erickson. Larry. Jr. Ferluga. Joe. Jr. Frasier, Bill, Fr. Hackman. Bob, Fr. Haley, Bruce. So. Haley. John. So Hamilton, Ray, Fr. Hansen, Douglas So. Harris. Gerald. Jr. Hcminger. Murray. Jr. Hepburn. Jack. Fr. Jepsen. Bob. Sr. Judd. Byron. Sr. Kelm. Mel. Jr. King. Jack, Jr. Kruse, Hank, So, Lapham, Joe, So, Leanderson, Phil. Jr. Lohman. Dave. So. Lottus. Thomas. Sr. Luther, Dick, Jr_ Yynam. Harry. Sr. Mackey, Dan, Fr. Massick, Jim, Jr. Mercer, Wendell, Fr. Moehring. Lee, Sr. Montgomery, Peter. Jr. Nelson. Jack. Jr. Oqden. John. Jr. Olane. Mike, Fr. Oliphant. Manford, Sr. Peters. Nick. Fr. Pierson. Frank. Sr. Pim. Ken. Fr. NOT PICTURED; Brooke, Glenn. Jr. Falastad. John, Sr. Holi. Thomas. So. Johnson. Carl. Grad. Nelson. Ben. Sr. Tarr. Ronald. So. King. Bruce. Grad. Jones. Robert. Fr. 416 II !■ HI ■! I ■ !■ !■ I I III I I ■ T . • The Theta Oelt ' s pep band helps put Huskies m the rally spirit. 4532 19th Ave. N.E. The+a Delfs, proud of their 104 year old heritage of leadership among college fraternities, finished their 39th year on the Washington cam- pus with their banners flying higher than ever. Members believe in well-rounded social, athletic, activity, and scholas- tic programs. Featuring the Pledge Formal, " Singapore Sling, " Spring Formal, and numerous firesides and exchanges, there was always something on hte social calendar. The athletic seasons found men in varsity crew, football, swimming, and volleyball, as well as in every intramural sport. On the activity scene, men represented the charge in Malamutes, Columns, Tyee, debate, band, and many honoraries and committees. The house participated in Homecoming, Sophomore Carnival, and Songfest, organized the student pep band at football rallies and games, and sponsored the spring pre-election street dance. However, scholarship still received its proper emphasis. For the second con- secutive year the chapter ranked fourth highest among fraternities on campus. The continuing progress of Theta Delta Chi at Washington points to even greater years ahead. Raby. Bruce. Sr. Rdkeman. Ed, Jr. Rapp. Quentin. Sr. Rieis, Arden, Sr. Sinclair, Rett, Sr. Smith. Bob, Jr. Snyder, David, Sr. Sw.ft, Jim. Fr. Thrailkill. Bill. So. Tountat. Tom, Jr. Treber. Jerry. Jr. Wahlin. Mort. So. Wahljtrom. Dick, Jr. Waldon. Glenn. Jr. Williaml. Carle. Sr. OAX 417 ZETA PSI The Zetes and their dates " live dangerously " at a costume dance. Scholar Dave Snowden finds time to smile for the roving photographer. Buseman, Ralph, Sr. President Ainslie, Hugh. Sr. Barnes, Gordon, So. Bement, Peter, Jr. Brewer, Walter. So. Brock, Richard, Fr. Brown, Larry, So. Brus, Robert. So. Burchard, Harold, Sr. Buseman, Ralph, Sr. Cummins, Charles, Jr. Davis, Dwiqht, Fr. DeVoe. Donatd. Jr. Petty, Eugene, Fr. Gibson, Melville, Sr. Greenleaf, Steve, Fr. Greenwell, Warren, Jr. Greenland, Herbert, Jr. NOT PICTURED: Courtney, John. Sr. Dingerson, Gary, Sr. Emanuels. Donald, Sr. Exley, Robert, Sr, Grant. Gordon. Sr. Hay, John, Sr. Marburger, Ralph, Sr. McCoy. Albert. Sr. Miller, Graham. Jr. Nunamaker, Tom. So. Olswang, Kay, Sr. Raymond. Edward, Jr. Sherman, Thomas, Sr. 418 The Zetes of the Phi Lambda Chapter pride themselves on having a well-rounded mem- bership. Attending college also includes maintaining a scholastic record, and each year the Zeta Psi Educational Foundation makes a scholarship and achievement award to the outstanding member of each chapter. Last year the house average was above the all-university and the all-fraternity average. The Zetes were also active in intramura l sports and campus activities. The Zeta Psi- Chi Psi football game, in which members vl; for the Theta lamp, is one of the out- standing sports events of the year. Socially, the Zetes, as always, had a varied and full year. Two costume dances, and the Winter Formal at the Olympic Bowl were the big events of the year. Also, there were many exchanges and firesides. With the closing of another terrific year, Zeta Psi will be looking forward to fall and the beginning of another outstanding year. Griffin, Fred. Fr. Hdhn. Auguit. So. Hdnjcom, Robert. Ff Hdwkins. Eric. Sr. Johnion. Richard. Fr. Krdmer. Karl. Fr. Krduse. George. Fr. MdcLeen. Odvid. Fr Mdrtinion. Jdmes, So. McCune. Joe. Sr. Negldy. Richard. So. Neville. Jdcii. Sr. Niion. Monte, Fr. Pearion. Kenneth. Fr. PhilCps. Rondld. Fr. Reichardf, Hugo. Sr. Richdrdson Hdrold. So. Rodch, Richdrd. Fr. Rogers, Robert. Fr. Setter. Robert. Fr. Stark. Gerry, Sr. Stockley. Charles, Jr. Syron, Scott, Sr. Tilner, Arthur. So. 9B% Williams, George, Jr. Townsend. Norman. Fr 4703 2 I St Ave. N.E. ZV 419 ZETA BETA TAU Activlty-mlnded as the Zeta Beta Tau boys are, nothing less than wholehearted devotion to the U of W could be expected or was given during the 1951-52 season. The fraternity fielded successful teams In all the intramural sports, and members won recognition throughout the campus by participation In organ. - zations, scholastic honoraries, and committees. Featuring the annual, mildly sensational " Brawl " and Winter Formal, the year was socially complete. As a climax to a fine year, members celebrated at their exotic Orchid Formal at the Olympic hiotel. This event, at which the chapter ' s Orchid Sweetheart Is chosen, has received national recognition through- out the fraternity for a number of years. With one eye on next year and the other on the world situa- tion, the brothers of Zeta Beta Tau pray for peaceful years throughout the world and hope for another successful year on the University of Washington campus. Louis Soriano receives the National Zeta Beta Tau " Best Athlete " Award presented by Larry Monos- chein, 1951 president. Erwin Cohn. Sr. President Backer. Fredrick, Fr. Bader. Sidney, Fr. Behar, Salvo. Fr. Berelson, Marvin, Jr. Blumenthal. Joe. Sr. Borles, Henry, So. Bridge, Robert, Sr. Coe, Marvin, Fr. Delman. Jay, So. Fisher. Edward, Sr. Friednnan, Jay, Fr. Friedman, Lawrence, Sr. Friedman, Raymond. So. Gillman, Stanley, Fr, Goldfarb, Alvln. Jr. Goldman, Jim, So. Gordon, Ronald, So. Greengard, Joe. Sr. Gutman, Addis. Sr. Hirsh, Sidney, Sr. Mayer, Albert. So. Mayers, Ben, Jr, Mesher, Ronald. So. Neubduer. Ronald. Jr. Nudelman, Martin, Jr. Parker. Frank. So, Pearl. Alvln, Fr. Robinson, Buddy. Sr. Robinson, William. Jr. Rogoway, Jack. Sr. Rogoway. Jerry, So. Rose. Richard. So. 420 ti! ■!■ » " f ■I 11 I t I 4626 21st Ave. N.£. NOT PICTURED: Goodglick, William, Fr. Kl«in. Arthur. Jr. Kltinberq, Henry. Fr. L«shqold, Richard. Fr. Ndon, Jack. So. Shor«. Gary. Fr. Woron, Paul. Fr. A group of ZBTs and ♦heir dates smile for the camerman at the annual Winter Formal. Roienthdl, Howard. Fr Rubenstein. Jerome, So Schoanfeld. Walter. Sr Schwarti, Edgar, So. Schwarti. Kenneth. So. Shapiro. Howard, So. Sinsheimer, John, So. Solomon. Mervin, Sr. Spellman, Richard, Sr. Spellman. Wesley, So. Steinhaur, Norman, Fr Susman, Howard, So. Tonkin. Ronald, Sr. Warnick, Alan. Jr. Warnick, Jack, Jr. Weiifitld. Douglas, Fr Wolff. Walter. Fr. ZBT 421 THETA XI The+a Xi ' s 36th year at Washington was marked by a very successful social season. The annual Pledge Dance, traditional Loggers Brawl, Winter Fornnal, and memorable Spring Informal were the high points of the year with numerous exchanges and firesides to round out the social calendar. Not forgetting on-campus activities, Theta Xi ' s partici- pated in Malamutes, Columns, Daily, Tyee, Compass and Chart, Scabbard and Blade, intramural athletics, and vari- ous honoraries. However, the 1951-52 season will best be remembered by the brothers for the informal get-togethers, bull ses- sions, and lasting friendships formed. 4522 18th Ave. N.E. Jones, Morgan, Fr. Kroesinq. Lloyd, Sr. Long. Bob, Sr. Manroe, Jim, So, Menconi, Ralph, Sr. Monroe, John, Fr. Nelson, Conrad, Jr. Nolan, Oick, Jr. Rothumel, Dick, Sr. Ruttan, John. Jr. Spangenburq. Paul, Staley, Herb, Sr. Staler, Bill. Sr. Stallman, Don, So. Thompson, John, So. Whlfford. Homer, Jr. OH NOT PICTURED: Blunt, Kim Brace, Donald Chesley, Frank Coble, Ronald Comstock, Brian Dovies, Williiam Ge.-Ses, Ellis Gooch. Aldon Hayes. Joe Jefferson, William Lyon. Edward Manro, James Powell. Glen York, James 422 INDEPENDENT WOMEN ' S ASSOCIATION IWA Is an association for non- afflllcited university women. Any wonnan student who lives in one of the seven organized houses for independent women Is auto- matically a member of IWA; any non-a ' fillated woman stu- dent may bo a member by be- coming an associate member of one of the seven houses. IWA ' s purpose is to represent un- affiliated women in campus gov- ernment, to coordinate the social and service acllvlties of IWA groups, and to orient new women students to campus life. The IWA Council is the govern- ing body. Anderton, Mjry (Syndd lphic) Friet. Donnd (McKe ) Hdfvey, faWic ' ii Bloom«r. Donnd Pratidont (McKee) Holmes. JoAnn (Synddlphic) Kubotd, Irene (McLedn) Lee, Fdy (McKoe) Nienneld. Edna (BIdine) Roberg. Elizebeth (Austin) ftowldnd, Joan (Leary) Siminski, Jodn (Austin) Wycoff. Cdrmin (Wesley) NOT PICTURED: Bridenstine, Mdrcia (BIdine) Gullikson. Annabelle (McLean) Tenndnt, Janice (Wesley) INTERHALL COUNCIL Inler-Hall Council ' s membership consists of representatives from the four Women ' s Residence Halls. The council functions as both a co-ordinating and a gov- erning body, promoting co- operation between campus and hall activities. It sponsors pro- grams which af. ' ect all fojr halls, such as County Fa!r, the For- eign Students ' Banquet, Honors Banquet, Parents ' Tea, and the Spring Formal. The Council for- mulates hall policies In order to gain the best participation and enjoyment of group living. Cederholm, SardleHc Damon, Marilene Elliott. Elaine (Blaine) Lent, Pal President Flaugher, Donna (Blaine) Grizile, Phyllis (Austin) Kahala, Rita Lyncti. Betty Ann (Leary) Roberg. Betty Ann (Austin) Rowland. Joan (Leary) Siminski, Joan (Austin) NOT PICTURED: Dobie, Nancy (McKee) Shearer. Sydney (McKee) 423 AUSTIN HALL Roberq. Elizabeth Ann President Beaver, Helen, So. Bradshdw, Barbara. Fr. Brand, Tina, Sr. Brandstrom, Betty Ann. I Brown, Billy Mae, Jr. Christensen, Ellen. Jr. Compton, Ethel Mae. Jr. Crook. Dorothy, Jr. Curtis, Marynelt, Sr. Damon, MarMene, Sr. Darland. Margaret. Jr. Davidson. Anna. Gr. Dexter, Darlene. So. Ourland, Jane, Sr. Durnan, Mildred, Jr. Elliott, Elaine, Jr. Glenn. Virginia, Sr. Grizzle. Phyllis, Sr. Gutmann. Netly, Gr. Hartley. Anne. Fr. Hayes, Joan, Fr. Healy, Dolores. Jr. Heqgblom. Ruth, Sr. Hokanson, Joan. Sr. Holm, Margaret, Gr. Hudson. Ada, Fr. Hughes, Barbara, Sr. Jasberg, Joan, Sr. Kdwaqucki, Ellen, Fr, Knowtes, Gloria, Gr. Lakeburq, Marilyn, Fr, Lawrence, Harriet. Jr. Loh, Jeanne, Gr, Lok, Hwa Ching. Fr. Luther, Sally, So. Madden, Marilyn, Gr. May, Virginia, So. McKenzie, Carol, So. McNamara, Shiela. Jr. O ' Brien. Irene, Gr. Olson, Carol, So. Pierce, Marjorie. Jr. Pinegar. Wanita, So. Proctor, Doris, Jr. Reid. Dorothy, Jr. Roberq, Elizabeth, Jr. Roberts, Muriel, Sr. Robinson, Carol. Jr, Sdtterthwaite, Judith, So Sevan, Beverly, Sr. Siminski, Joan, So. Stanley, Roberta. Jr. Sutherland. Delores. So. Tdlbott. Donna, Sr. Uyeda, Fusako, Fr. Waqner. Luella, So. Wang. Lillian. Gr, Warren, Janet, Fr. NOT PICTURED: Allen, Vera. Fr. Atherton. Biltie, So. Barnett, Elizabeth. Sr. Bartfeld, Joan. Fr. Berkey, Patricia, Jr. Bllan, Norma. Jr. Brown, Nancy, Jr. Cook, Carolyn, Sr. Damalin. Geraldine. Fr. Dardis, Margaret, Jr. Davies, Joan. So. Edmunds. Susan. Jr. Eyienfeldt, Doris, Jr. Flecker, Gerlinde. Gr. Flockoi. Erlene. Fr. Foreman. Margaret. Gr. Fuller, Barbara. Fr. Gaglia, Madeline, So. Glander. Mary, So. Hollingshead. Winifred. Jr. Johnson. Diane, Jr. Keller, Marcia. Gr. Kesterson, Rosemary. Jr. Krantz. Eloise, So. Krieger, Judith. Jr. Kumasaka, Ruby, Gr. Larson, Lillian. Jr. Lee. Joyce, So. McGuInness, Bette, Fr. McMullin. Elizabeth, Jr. Monglello, Yvonne, Gr. Moore, Marilyn, Fr. Musterer, Dorothy. Gr. Neat, Emily, Sr. Norgaar, Anlne, Jr, Ottaiano. Gloria, So. Patterson, Jacquelyn, Fr. Piquette, Joanne, Fr. Porter, Diane, Gr. Powell, Delores, Fr. Ransom, Gloria, Jr. Rygg, Doris, Jr. St. Clair. Mary. Fr. Scharfenberg. Jean. Gr. Schmitt. Nancy. So. Shaw. Jerry, Jr, Somers, Leone, Fr. Trauba, Mary. Sr. Wesner, Lynne. So. Wieber, JoAnne, Fr. Wiley, Barbara. Jr. Wunburq, Leah. So, • rji rj , AUSTIN HALL Four Austin residents with " that luclty ol ' sun " beaming down upon them. 424 BLAINE HALL NOT PICTURED: Aqranoff. Miriam. So. Andtrson, Nancy, Jr. Bickmor . Joy. Gr. Boditk, Marian, So. 8ridanttin«, Marcia, Gr. Callahan, 8av«rly. So. Dorrtn. Barnica. Gr. Driver. Janail. Sr. Giltatta, Arlana. So. Glasibarg. Lynn. Sr. Goodwin, Willow. Gr. Gwynna. Jaan. So. Hauttr. Alyca. Jr. Haynat. Molly, So. Hicktrjon, Mariha, So. Higa, Anita, fr. Hodgt, Elaina, So. Jacobson, Flora, Fr. Johnjon, Evalyn. Jr. Jordan. Pat, Jr. Kagal, Sylvia. Fr. Kamp. Louiia, Fr. Kontaii. Gaorgia. Gr. Lampropuloi. Athana, Fr. Laathley, Ann, So. Lockwood. Jaan. Gr. Look. Norma, Jr. Ludaman, Eltanort. Sr. Luichai. Janet, Gr. Maas, Brudijaan. So. MacNaaly. Dorothy. Jr. Moore, Mary, Fr. Morris, Gloria, Fr. Mount. Loyette, Fr. Nelson, Winifred. Gr. Nordale, Joann, Sr. Pitcher, Pat, Gr. Robb. Bonnie. Jr. Salver. Dorothy, Gr. Snair, Eliiabeth, Gr. Snow. Jean, Gr. Soransen. Candaca. Sr. Swan. Marcia. Fr. Waitt. Ruth, Fr. Weaver, Mary. Fr. Williams, Byra, Fr. Wilson, Lorraine, Sr. Worsfold, Catharine. Gr. Young, Dorothy, Fr. Young. Kaaelona, Jr. Banshoff, llene. Fr. Butler. Connie. Jr. Calltson, Marian, Jr. Cedarbolm, Edna, Jr- Cadarholm, Saralatte. Elliott. Elaine. Sr. Prasidant Cook, Patricia, Fr. Creighton. Joan. Sr. Crowe, Loii. Sr. Elliott. Elaine. Grad Flaughar, Donna. Jr. Flaugher, Shirley. Jr Forsythe, Margaret, Grad Fryer. Vera. So. Garnes. Margaret. Fr. Grabcxak, Wanda. Jr. Hansen, Arlana, Sr. Hiqbae, Jan. Fr Holmquist, Lenora. Sr. Ito. Yoshi, Jr. Jantzen, Janica. So. Joscelyn, Sarah. So Kamlshima. Mary, Sr. Kelly. Katharine, So. Laing, Nancilou, Jr. Libby. Anne, Fr. Lister, Marian. Fr. Lotzgesell. Gloria. Jr. Mawer. Marguerite. Sr. Mele. Dorothy. So. Merchant. Arlene, Fr. Milburn, June. Jr. Miller. Carmen. Jr. Miller. Marilyn, Sr. Monsanto. Teresa. So. Muqford. Beatrice, Fr. Murphy, Margaret. So. Niemela. Edna. Sr. Olson. Clara. Jr. Riney. Eileen. Sr. Roche. Cornelia, So. Rosenberg, Hilda, Fr. Schacherer, Joan, So, Scheyer, Ellen, Sr. Schulti. Marjorie. So. Sewell, Martha. Jr. Smith. Virginia, Sr. Stafford, Eleanor, Fr. Steidley. Dorliss. Sr, Stirrett. Frances, Jr. Swanson, Lois, So. Taylor. Dora. Fr. Tuel. Margrethe. Gr. Turner. Joanne. Sr. Vogee. Mary Ann. So. Wagner. Joan. Fr. Ward, Carrilou. Jr. Whitford. Carolyn. So Wilson. Dare. Fr. From Informal mixers held In the modernistic recreation rooms to the elaborate Interhall spring formal, the resi- dence halls have created an atmosphere lending itself to social and scholastic achievement. The four halls as a unit present the traditional honor banquet, foreign student banquet, parents ' tea and other outstanding events. Indi- vidually, the halls present mixers, exchanges, date dances. formals, Christmas carolling, and compete In the spring songfest. Scholastic achievement is encouraged by the award of the Interhall scholarship cup to one of the halls. The success of the girls from the halls Is confirmed by several being voted outstanding In their departments. Thus, we look back with pride upon this year ' s accomplishments, and forward to the promising future of the Women ' s Resi- dence Halls. BLAINE 425 McKEE HALL TF Shearer. Sidney, Jr. President Asahina, Mae. Grad. Barnes, Joan, Jr. Barnes, Suzanne, Jr. Berry, Bernadlne, So. Bihiman, Georqene, Grad. Bloomer. Donna, Sr. Bode, Kathryn, Fr. Brandicourt, Claire. Grad. Campbell, Kdren, So. Clegg. Mary Jane, Jr. Dean, Doris. Jr. Deardorff, Valerie. Jr Diamandidou, Helene. Fr. Eney, Eleanor. Fr. Flaherty, Carol. Jr. Franklin, Laurel, So. Fridriksdot+ir, Sigrun. Sr. Fries. Donna, Jr. Gevers. Thea, So. Gould. Joanne. So. Greenberg, Florence. Fr. Griffin, Shirley, Jr. Hague, Susan, So. Halvorsen, Patricia, Fr. Harris, Betty. So. Harris, Ruth, Sr. Helnemann. Mildred, Grad Huson, Helen. Fr. Kakela, Rita. Jr. Karlen, Kathryn, Fr. Koehler, Mary Ellen, Jr. Lambert, Marlene, Fr. LduqhIIn. Margaret, Fr. Lay, Dawn, Fr. Lee. Fay. Sr. LIpsey, Thirell, Jr. Lundy, Margaret, Fr. Lutes. Eleanor, Sr. Marks, Nancy, Jr. McGuIre, June. So. Miller, Mardelle, Sr. 426 Morgan, Mdrjorie, So. Nelson, Anne. So. Newsome, Mary. Fr. Nickel. Wandd. Fr. Pa»on, Betty Ann, So. Pecchid, Benitd, Fr. Pfenning. Annette. Fr. Selldnd. Bedtrice, Fr. Senter. Clara, Jr. Stidrp. Marie. Jr. Shearer. Sydney. Jr. Shorrock, Frances. So. Simonsen, Ann, Jr. Stackhouse, Ann. Jr. Steinbruqge. Margaret, Grad. Tanner. Alice, Jr. y A Thayer, Shirley. Jr. Weiscr. Marie. Jr. Wilson, Muriel. Sr. Wilion, Pat. Fr. Wlier, Shirley. Sr. Wolf. Carol. Fr. Yeager. Mary. Fr. NOT PICTURED; Aihe. Marian. Jr. Barquist. Pauline. Grad. Batey, Marjorie. So. Bidleman. Beverly, So. Biiter. Janet. Jr. Blaser. Dora. Grad. Brown. Lucille. So. DeWj Margaret. Fr. Dobifl. Nancy. Sr. Eagon, Joan, Sr. Ellison, Shirley. Grad. Foote, Clara. Fr. Franklin. Kathleen. Grad. Gillilan, Patricia, Fr. Granitto. Leatrice, Grad. Griffin. Mary. Fr. Grosenich. Janet. Sr. Gustafson, Delores. Jr. Hill. Carol. So Houger. Donna. Jr. Johnson. Alice. Sr. Keaton. Susan, Jr. Kemper, Martha. Jr. Michaelson. Alice. Fr. Nelson. Lorraine, So. Nielsen. Edna. Jr. Parchen, Janice. So. Peterson. Eunice. Jr. Peterson, Lorraine. Sr, Porter. Nancy, Fr. Pressler, Margaret. Jr. Reinke, Mildred. Fr. Riley, Roberta, So. Rippe, Nina. So. Robertson, Joyce. Jr. Rogers. Carol. Sr. Schaurnberger. Ruth. Sr. Schwarti, Anne. Fr. Simpson, Ode e. Jr. Snider, Joan. Fr. Stone. Sarah, Jr. Strandwold. Maiine, So, Tate, La Dean. Grad. Tucker. Shirley. So. Winkler, Barbard, So. Yorke, Joan, So. Zerback. Barbara, So. McKEE 427 LEARY HALL ' % ' WTk m QpM ' ft% Rowland, Joan President Alway, Delores, Fr. Anderson, Shirley. Sr. Boyd, Ida, Sr. Burrell, Patricia. Fr. Cameron. Myrna. Fr. Caverly, Carol. So. Colin. Connie. Fr. Crabi ' l, Ann, So. Curtis. Joanne. So. Dealey, Nancy. So. Feller, Alice Mae. Jr. Ford, Innelda, Jr. Gibson, Gloria Ann. Fr. Godfrey, lone. So. Gooch, Florence, Jr. Good, Eva Mae, So. Hanchett, Margie, So. Hansen. Barbara Ann, Fr, Harvey, Hope. Grad. Hedin, Betty, Jr. Hillman, Marjanna, Fr. Holder, Dorothy, So. Johnson, Barbara, Jr. Jussila, Martha. Jr. Kennelly, Patty, Jr. King, Bernice, Sr. Kondo, Mabel, Jr. Kuhn, Eva Lou. Jr. Larsen. Marlt, Fr Leir. Ruth. Fr. Lent. Patricia. So. Lentz, Beverly Ann, Jr. Lewis, Rowena, Jr. Lundy, Joan, Jr. Lynch, Betty Ann. So Maekawa. Nina. So. Marvin. Anita, Fr. Wasuhara, Emiko, Fr. Matteson, Glynn, Sr. Miller. Alice, Sr. Moses, Sally Ann, Sr. Murakamo, Momoko. Jr. O ' Neill. Marlyn, Jr. Orr, Louise, So. Parker, Verna. Jr. Phillips, Edwina. Sr. Quan. Corinne, So. Reeder, Billie Ann. Jr. RItzau, Elfrieda. Fr. Rowland, Joan. Jr. Sanford. Marian. Sr. Saunders. Janis, Fr. Schefstronn, Ruth, Sr. Sikkens, Geiina, Sr. Slater, Shirley, Jr. Stark, June. Sr. Straub, Sally Ann, Fr, Suckow, Beth, Fr. Tappen, Beverly. Sr. Terao, KikuVo, So. Thrailkill, Marilyn. Fr. Tuck, Melissa. Jr. Tuttle, Jean, So. Uyeda, Luana. Jr. Wang. Marian. Grad, Warashina, Emily. So. Williams, Diane. Fr. Williams, Marjorie. Fr. NOT PICTURED: Bell. Shirley Bennett, Elizabeth Ann Bond. Mary Connell. Clarabelle Cook. Harriet Crane, Edna Crawford, Eleanor LEARY 428 Elkcn, Sonja Erwin, Charlene Fredricks, Lynn Goeti, Shirley Gordon, Patricia Hake, Shirley Harford. Evonna Heino, Bertha Hoerr, Noralee Holm, Ann Jeffries, Mary Ann Jensen, Marilyn Johnson, Ruth Jones, Gratia Jones, Jo Ann Jones, Norma Lee Kent. Pat Lawrence, Lavonne Lemus, Concepcion Lind, Betty Ann Michas. Virginia Murton. Mariel Nettleton, Joanne Quadland. Grace Skoldberq, Phyllis Slaybauqh, Audrey Stanley, Nancy Stark, Virginia Stidham, Louise Stilts, Bonnie Jean Vallson, Katherine Vanlklotis, Vacelia Vincent, Joan Wilhelm, Alice Williams, Jane WESLEY HOUSE BecauseWesley House Is first of all a Christian Student Center and not just d place of residence. It is different. Before the year was very far along, Wesley House girls found themselves in the midst of the busy Wesley Club Co-ed program, but they still had time and energy to have special func- tions of their own. Wesley House, founded In 1935 and sponsored by the Methodist Church, provides residence for college girls of Methodist preference. It is affiliated with the campus through the Inde- pendent Women ' s Association. Arbdk, Elvdline Bdcon. Mdrilyn Bdker, Joyce 0«ve. Mdry Shalton, Glorld Prttidant FowUr, Mary Gdrner. Mdrllyn GIditcoch, Hope Hdger, Mdrilyn Hutchins. Cdrolyn Johnson. Mdrilyn Ldnon, Jednnine on, Jdnet Rdtchford, Mdrilyn Rdver, Lois Rotous, Helen Shelton, Gloria Simon. Shirley Snyder. Eloise Stdrk. Patricia Vogtlin. Margaret n - f f Ghost stories have the gang in suspense at the Wesley House Halloween Pariy. Williams. Elizabeth Wycoff, Carrrin Look what Santa Claus gave me! Noon lunch finds the dinmg room crowded. WESLEY 429 EKLIND HALL School of Nursing Swedish Diyision Nursing is becoming more and more popular with fhe young women of today. In fulfilling the great need for nurses, a young girl is assured of security and a fascinating occupation for life. The graduate nurse has many fields from which to choose. Among them are Public Health Nursing, General Nursing, Specialization, Nursing Education, and several others. The student nurse leads a typical college girl ' s life. There are parties, dances, and University activities to attend. The study time she herself may choose. She lives in pleasant surroundings at Eklind Hall and has the opportunity to make many lasting friendships among her fellow students. In her hospital work she meets the public in their time of need. Affiliations take her to Children ' s Orthopedic Hospital, Firlands Sanatorium, and the Northern State Hospital at Sedro Woolley. This plus two years of campus life fills the 4I 2 years of a student nurse ' s education. 1 102 Columbia A student and graduate nurse prepare a patient for x-ray. Helping care for polio patients Is one of the nurses ' jobs. ?- ' Gdtldher, Nadin Pretidant Andanon. Betty Anderson, Jedn Anderson, Phyllis dacklund, Doris Belldmy. Faye Beselin. Marylin Boucher, BiMie Bowers. Donna Brooke, Elizabeth Bruner. Eileen Chamberlain, Joan Coulter, Martha Crites, Arlene Crites, Norene Dysart, Dixie Erickson. Shirley Gatlaher. Elizabeth Gardner. Joan Gaston. Shirlee Gunderion, Constance Gulhormsen, Sylvia Hughes, Muriel James, Dolores Johnson, Ha Johnson, Frances Leslie, Shirley Lindley, Ellen Litttefleld. Barbara Lund. Carol Marston. Joyce Martin, Mary EKLIND HALL EKLIND HALL McBurnie. Joan McGetttgan, Mary McNamara, Margaret Meister, Velma Nylund, Beverly Pease, Verlene Peterson, Claudine Proctor, Jean Rogstad, Barbara Sakai. Yaeko Seastrom, Helens Shearer, Suzanne Stover, JoAnne Stryker. Janet Sutton, Margaret VIke, Joanne Wlntermote, Mary Zabel, Joelle NOT PICTURED: Adamson. Myra Bailey. Abbie Berken. Joan Bottlnelli, Frankie Boulton. Eleanor Buchan, Barbara Carlson, Gladys Dodge, Dorothy Gannble, Donna Hall. Lois Herron. Joyce Hoover, Helen Hughes, Melva Lepper. Anna Machgan. Faye Mitchell, Joan Nicholson. Mary Oestreich. Phyllis Page, Nancy Poppens, Irene Porter, Joanne Rice Verna RIchart. Frances Rottrup, Elaine Salstrand, Ruth Schuler, Ann Scott, Frances Scupholm, Evelyn Sexsmith, Carlee Stenvaag, Sonia Stickney, Carol Tallent, Helen Whittendale, Nona Woodbury, Mary One of the many places student nurses receive advanced training is at Northern State Hospital, Sedro Woolley. The nursery is one of the best-lilted parts of the Swedish hospital. This student nurse removes sterile In struments fronn the autoclave. A senior student is in charge of nurse duty. 432 These student nurses obtain experience in the diet kitchen. Leisure time is spent in the modern living roonn. Ekiind student nurses welcome new girls. These are nurses? Ekiind dwellers cut some capers. Soaking up sun ' way up on the sundeck. Four future nurses take time off for a trip to the mountains. These gals realty get around . . . now they ' re having a wonderful time at the beach. EKLIND HALL 433 » -.. ■■• -J 1; " ; ; ! ' ■;:; ' ;ji " iMi King County Hospital with Nurses ' Home In baclcground. School of Nursing Harborview Diyision Harborvlew Hall represents residence for University of Washington student nurses who select King County Hospital for clinical experience during those important days of their career from " caps to pins. " The selection between the two hospitals (King County and Swedish) Is made at the completion of 2I 2 years of campus studies which Includes one quarter of pre-clinical work in the hospital by the pre-nursing student. Residence in the hall begins after the impressive capping ceremony when all nursing candidates take the Nightingale Pledge. Living quarters are pleasant, with private rooms and liberal house rules made by the nurses ' own student body which elects offi- cers to represent their student council and student body every six months. The hall Is under ASUW jurisdiction. A comfortable lounge with a brand new television set is available to all who care to use it. Every Wednesday afternoon, the residence director. Miss Hefflne, serves tea. Social and recreational activities are many and varied. Campus activities, exchange dances, and sports are only part of life for the student nurse after classes. Responsibility for " Chronic Complainer, " a biweekly publication, is assumed by each class of Basic Students for a period of six months. The Nurses ' Chorus enjoys Cnrlstmas caroling and sings at important occasions such as capping and pinning. Meditation and Christian fellowship are afforded by the active Nurses ' Christian Fellowship (CNF). Many students have membership and take part In the activities of Alpha Tau Delta, the nursing honorary. Clinical experience in all fields of nursing is obtained at Harborview Hospital and other University teaching units, which Include; Firland ' s for Tuberculosis experience. Northern State for Psychiatry, Seattle and King County Public Health Department for Visiting Nurse experience, and The Doctors Hospital for Partial Obstetrics and Operating Room. At the completion of her work In the hospital, the student nurse receives a Bachelor of Science degree In Nursing from the University, plus a Public Health Certificate of first degree level. She becomes a Registered Nurse after taking National Board exams which gives her reciprocity in every state in the union. 434 Harbofview a or just tdlking. r ipt-na leisure lime reldiing with knitting, a cup of coffee. Time out for a letter home from one of the girls at Harborvie ' O Wednesday teas are a tradition at the Ha These nurses are learning the fundamentals of operating room procedure. The new television set is enjoyed by everyone in the Hall. Harborvlew warblers. .. the Nurses ' Chorus entertains on many occasions. 435 HARBORVIEW HALL Dorrien, Gaynor President Stone. Dorothy President Amos. Helen Born, Bernice Capfon, Mavon Cdvanaugh, Geraldine Cohrs, Pearl Dorrien. Gaynor Fredrickson, Shirley Hara, Mitsuko Harrison. Beatrice Hasegawa, Nacka Home, Mary Iwasaki, Marine 436 NOT PICTURED: Andr«wt. Arleen Ardr«v, Gertrud Bdar. Glddyt Bdhnten. Diiie BcdII. Eliidbeth B«njdmin. Thefaid Blomberg. Alice Con tdbl . Mdrjori Culidk. Jtnnttt Dykeman. Anitd F«1l r, Doroth«« Mirtor. Earlina Gr nt. Sdlly Myer». Varia Hamblelon, Marion Norton, Valma Hauqan. Haltn Oltan. Batty Hav . Katharina Paul, Roberta Hirabayathi. Eithar Pedarian. Muriel Houiar. Mary Lou Reiti. Mabel Lung. Evalyn Shank. Nancy Magnuton. Mary McGovnay. Annfe Smith. Gloria StreeUr, Pauline Theiten, Sua Thun, Dorothy Underhill. Elaine Upton, Ora Warfiald, Bonny Wation. Miriams Wilton. Marion Wilton. Marilyn Wright. Pritcilla Wylie, June James, Shirley Jone$. Myfanwy Kodama, Yuri Komoritd. Nori Kusakabe. Chiye Loeb. Elaine Lumm, Joanna Lyman. Helen Mattutawa, June Ohathi. Mariann Petria. Elizabeth Reekie. Etagrace Selke. Ruth Smith. Charlotte Stone, Dorothy Toda. Meriko Ward. Varna Wick. Mary Ann Yamada. Amy HARBORVIEW 437 MEN ' S ORGANIZED HOUSE COUNCIL Doty, Kenneth. Fr. President (Rainier) Beck, Robert, Sr. (Varsity) Bjodstrup. Frdnk. So. (Cascade] Brim. Armend, Sr. (Rofcre) Bravender, David, Fr. (MdcGreqor) Cedergren. Donald, Jr. (Sherwood) Cravens, Charles, Sr, (Baker) Davis, Dave, Sr. (Sherwood) Flornes, Bruce, Sr. (Cascade) Heiser, Eldon, Sr. (Rainier) Horrocks, Phil, Sr. (Baker) Kumasaka. Roland, Jr. (Synkoa) Lane, John, Fr. (Rofcre) Lanqtey. Walter. Sr. (Chelan) Loken, Donald, Sr. (Cascade) McClenning, Lowell, So. (Varsity) Meshlte. George, Jr. (Cascade) Monti. Ralph, Fr. (Chelan) Morris. James, Grad (Rainier) Robinson, Raymond, Sr. (Rainier) Sherman, Russell, Fr. (MacGregor) Walther. James, So. (Rainier) The Men ' s Organized House Council was reorganized last spring to include both independent men ' s houses on and off campus in hopes of building a stronger and more adaptable v orking group within the independent men. All inde- pendent men ' s houses with more than ten members are invited to petition for membership in the group which now in- cludes nine houses. A major purpose of the organization is to provide representation for all members on the Board of Control; the MOHC president being the holder of a seat on the council. A second purpose is to promote the interests of these groups through the provision of a social and athletic program. NOT PICTURED: Ballasiotes. George (Rofcre) Ingraham. Gale (Rofcre) Kumasalca. Henry (Synkoa) McVey. Wayne (Baker) Royce. Gerald (MacGregor) STUDENTS ' CO-OPERATIVE ASSOCIATION Berntsen, Dean President (Macgregor House) Holmes. Jo Ann (Synadelphic House) Holt. Stan Rofcre) Karge. Ron (Macgregor House) Paprit I.John ( Honderich House) Taylor. Donald Honderich House Young, William Sherwood ) Zulluaga. Jose Honderich House Student Co-operators completed another eventful year of living, eating, and having fun togeth er. The University of Washington group, composed of six houses and headed by President Dean Berntsen, successfully completed its 19th year of group living. Board members who assisted Berntsen with Co-op business are: Ron Karge, Macgregor; Donald Taylor, Jack Papritz and Jose Zulu- aga, Honderich; Stanley Holt, Rofcre; Bill Young, Sherwood; Helen Knudsen, McLean; and JoAnn Holmes, Synadelphlc. A brand new idea In college living was tried out this yearat the SCA. Both men and women lived in separate units of Syna- delphlc House, collaborating on social func- tions and working together on keeping the house in operation. " Coopie, " the SCA ' s ever-active symbolic elf, says: " That ' s real co-operatln ' l " 438 HONDERICH HOUSE Block. Avram Bode. Carl Cubbdqe. K«nn th Pdpriti. Jdck Pf«t dent Farindi. Ricardo Finch, Earl Flory. Cecil. Jr. Haynes. Richard Holland. Robert Iwajoki, Torao Johnson. Peter Kongkatong, Prayoon Liu. Paul Maki. Arthur. Jr. McLeod. Thomas Miihinr a. Tokuji Murdock. Robert Owen. Darrel Paprltx. Jack Patrick. Robert Rots. David Stevens, Louis Taylor, Donald Tuttle. Jack Uchara. Milton Ushijima, Harry Zuluaga, Jose Ia , . Ak. ( In keeping with Its former name of International House, Honderich retains a cosmopolitan atmosphere by having several of its members from the far corners of the world. Students from Siam, China, Japan, the Philippines, India, France, and Canada were among the members this year. Honderich House is proof that people from a variety of environments and backgrounds can live together in com- plete harmony. Further proof of this was demonstrated this year as Honderich men maintained a scholastic stand- ing near the top of men ' s organized houses and carried out a full social program. NOT PICTURED: Chdrbonnier. Francis Chdykin. Sterling Cubbage. Robert Estigoy. Romulo Giltiousen, Philip Hubbard, Harold Narte, Jaime Pavamani. Victor HONDERICH 439 MACCREGOR HOUSE Hansler, Don President Allyn, Frank Arms. John Arms, Winthrop Arndt, Bert Arrtngton, Jim Baird, William Bdkke, Kiel) Benjamin, Don Berntsen, Dean Brummit, Chuck Bravender, David Carlson Roy Circle, Dick Dickson. Bob Ells, Warren Erickson, Al Fitzsimmons, Dale Flory. Jim Galimanis, Steve Gillette, Bill Goertz, Robert Green, Jerome Haglund, David Hansen. Edward Hansler, Don Harlock, Ralph Hickey, David Jones, Al Karge, Ronald Krieqer, George Kubota, George 440 Mdcgregor House, founded in 1933, is the largest of the Student Co-operative houses and one of the most active. Intraneural sports, dinner exchanges, mixers, and the tradi- tional Macgregor Barn Dance helped set a fast social pace. House Presidents Phil Wingrove and Don Hansler have worked hard this year in organizing house activities and emphasizing the principles of democratic living. Mac- gregor House has an excellent educational program and ranks among the top houses in scholarship. NOT PICTURED: AdAmt, Lait«r All«n, Frdnk Auttin. Bill Cdrd. John Cooper. Don C rUon, John Elidton, Lloyd Evani. Jsd Planlli, Arthur Fr!«(. Don Harrod. Stan Honnigh. Larry Hougluni, Bart Kahn. Dal Lightnar. Craig Maai, Norman Nilson, Allan Prica. Gari Read, Georga Rotanbarg, Varna Rowland. Bart Royca. Garald Salagianls, Patar Smistad. Olav Snypp, John Stadrontky. Waldron Stoy. Charlas Sullivan. James Trowbridge, D ' ck Vance. David Van Horn, Bob Wakaman. Roy Walttan. William Walters, Jim Williamson, Gary Kukuk. Jack Laughaad. Lyie Lahmann. Paul Lewis. Don Loschen, Roger Madsen, Victor Maxwell. Dale Olson, Lloyd Pearson, John Phillips, Dwighf Pinckney, Clay Riswold. Paul Saeger, Dick Sherman, Russ Siemens, Abe Snider. William Stacey. Robert Townsend. Norman Wingrove, Philip Wiftmeyer. Keith Woods. Donald Yamada. Harry Yamada, John Yoshida. Ken if_ MACGREGOR 441 McLEAN HOUSE Bernoski. Dorothy President Bernoski, Dorottiy, Jr. Beseda. Molly. Fr. Chaussee, Jean. Fr. eleven, Carol, Jr. Cook, Melva, Sr. Hanich, Marilyn, Jr. y ubota, Irene, So. iodbetter, Rosanna, So. Mama, Janis, Jr. Palmer. Sharon, So. Platts. Dorothy, Fr. NOT PICTURED: Anderson, Bonnie, Fr. Burke. Sally. Grad. Cauqhron. Mary Etien, Fr. Conaway, Sherle, Fr. Cusick, Eloise, Sr. Ferguson, Landa. Sr. Gullickson. Annabelle. So. Knudsen. Helen, Sr. Lawrence. Caroline, Sr. Mandell. Donna, Jr. Maurice. Jeanette, Jr. Palmer. Leda, Fr. Sandry. Evelyn, Fr. Ushijima, May, Jr. Wallach, Jean, Fr. 4547 18th Ave. N.E. Since the founding of McLean In 1947, the house has been growing steadily In size and popularity. Under the leadership of a very active House Council the year has been filled with varied activities and nnuch progress, McLean Is noted for its hosiptality and friend- liness. The Interests vary from athletics to tho fine arts and scholarship. The social program exemplifies ihls spirit with dinner parties, mix- ers, taffy pulls, square dances, and Informal gatherings of other Co-op members and their friends. Traditional to McLean is the big dance of the year, " The Pink Garter, " set in the Gay Nine- ties mood with every house member becoming an entertainer for the occasion. Christmas tra- dition inculdes " Schmoo Week. " Based on the idea of cooperative living, Mc- Lean Is proud of its progress and achievement. McLEAN HOUSE 442 ROFCRE HOUSE 4S32 teth Ave. N.E. Org anized 18 years ago, Rofcre is now one of fho largest men ' s Co-op houses on cam- pus. The name of Rofcre was derived from the title " Robert Owens, founder of Co - opera- tives in Rochdale. Eng- land. " Rofcre men maintain a busy calen- dar of social events with the sub-chapters of Phrateres and all the Independent Women ' s houses on campus. A winter quarter French Dance Is their biggest social event of the year. Interest In intramural sports and campus ac- tivities has steadily in- creased among Rofcre men. Scholastically, the house ranks high among Men ' s Organized houses on campus. NOT PICTURED: Bdlldslors. George, Jr. Bdrtoi. Gilbert. Grad. Btdnk. Dick. Grad Burkhart. Fr«d. Grad. Campbell. Dick. Jr. Churchill. Bill. Grad. Frank. IrVin. So. Frank. Leo, Jr. Frietke, Fred. Grad. Friti. W. H., Jr. Gustavson. Chuck. So. Ledford, George. Jr. Lofthaug, Alei. Jr. Lundgren, Roy, Jr. Mcintyre. Walt, Grad. Mitchell. Malcolm. So. Nell. Lowell. Grad. Palmer. Eric. So. Price. Dick Fr. Reuss. Cameron. Jr. Robinson. Fred. So. White. Don. Jr. Anderion. Bennet, Fr Bdlier. Dick, Fr. Bdumgardnar. Harry, J:. Becker. Charles. Fr. Berry, James. Fr. Brim, Gene. Sr. President Bradt. Rod. Jr. Brim. Gene, Sr. Broughton. John. Fr Buchanan. Garner. F ' Buchanan. George. J Burke. Ron, Jr. Burleson, Derek. Sr. Bush, Ron, Fr. Chambers, Bob, Sr. Chisholm, Rod. Fr. Crawford. Russ, Fr. Dykes, Burke, Fr. Ernst, James, Grad. Farmann. Stan, Jr. Graef, Doug. Sr. Greer. Bob, Jr. Gregory, Bill. Fr. Hansen. Don. Jr.o Henry, Clayton, Grad Holt. Stan, Sr. Hopion, Cliff, Grad. Howard, John, Fr. Hyland. Bob, Jr. tngraham. Gale. Fr. Johnson. Ron, So. Jones, Frank, Jr. Lahti, Norm, So. Lahti. Russ, So. Lane, Jack, Fr. Lee, Ron, Fr. Maki. Jerry, Jr. Mcintosh, Gordon, Jr McJunkin, Sam. Jr. McMains. Gene, Fr. Moore, Jim, Grad. Moore, Jim, Fr. Neilson. Norman. Fr, Oreskovich, Bob. Fr Papriti, Gordon, Jr Pick, Don, Jr. Pollock. Donald, Sr. Preston, Mick, So. Randolph, Phil, Sr. Shafer. Frank. So. Spangler. John, Fr. Strom. Bob. Jr. Swanson, Ken. Sr. Thurling, Don. Fr. Vogel. Bob. Fr. Wagner. Norm, So. Walker. Lewis. Jr. Wingrove. Rod. Fr. li iiL l fl ROFCRE 443 SHERWOOD HOUSE Bdich, Walter President Balch. Walter, So Barnard, Alan, Fr. Carlson, Owen, Fr. Cedergren, Donald, Jr. Duff, Donald, Jr. Ellis, William. Fr. Ferguson, Gary. Fr. Irie, Edward, Grad. Licorish, Ramon. Sr. Pike. Douglas. Fr. Post, Wallace. Sr. Schneider, Walter, Fr. Sequin, Richard. Fr. Seetharam, Nagappa, Sr. Shepler, Donald, So. Smiley. Herbert, Grad. Speece, Damond. So. Ward. Robert Weng, Cheng. Sr. Young. William, Grad. NOT PICTURED: Ctasby, Robert. So. Hubley, Richard, Grad. Kindem, Marvin, Jr. LaPlante, James, So. Lavalley, Jerome, Jr. Tetreau. Kenneth, Jr. Tulmadge. John. So. Tyler, William, Sr. ■1M8 17th Ave. N.E. SHERWOOD With President Walter Balch at the helm, Sherwood House has sailed through another year of college life. Although small, it managed to provide plenty of athletic and social activity for its members. In the spring of 1951 Sherwood was moved from 17th Street to its present location on 21st Street. Last fall quarter members held an open house to acquaint the rest of the Co-op with Sherwood at the new location. Members consider it a quiet and friendly house, a good place to study or relax. 444 ■ » 4550 16th Ave. N.E. In fall quarter 1951, Synadelphic was con- verted from a girls ' to a co-educatlonal house. The Student-Cooperative Associa- tion ' s first experiment in co-educatlonal liv- ing resulted In an enriching experience for Synadelphlc ' s members. In this family-like group situation the boys and girls, several of whom are foreign students, lived In sepa- rate units, eating together, and paratlc ' pat- Ing In social functions. Piloted by presi- dents Mary Hallowell, Blaine Hosklne, and Ron Salt, the boys and girls met together to discuss problems and plan activities. Highest among Independent women ' s houses in 1950-51, Synadelphic members endeavored to maintain an outstanding scholastic average. If the present surplus of men over women continues in the Co-op, the SCA will permanently establish this co- operational venture next year. SYNADELPHIC Andarton. Mdry, Jr. 8jrlow. Marjorie, So. Hallowtll. Mary Sua. Preiident Barnett. Patricia. So. B«arg, Grace, Sr. Brennan, Mary. Jr. Bucher. Helen. Jr. Covey, Donna. Fr. Hallowell. Mary Sue. Jr Holmes, JoAnn. So. Nabata. Pat. So. Novakovich, Amelia, Fr. Yee. May. So. NOT PICTURED: Cho, Changsoo, Grad. Engstrom. Verna. Sr. Fault. Mary, So. Gould. Bonita, So. Hardy, Joyce, Jr. Lane, Anna, Jr. Moore, Jacqueline, Jr. Wendell, Jean. Fr. Dreyer, Al, Fr. Hosklns. Blaine President Hagaman, Floyd. So. Synadelphics play a ast game oi pin9 Dong. My dog has fleas. " ...Synadelphic mem- bers gather ' round for a sing. Hendry. Bill, Fr. MacLean, Bruce, So. Wilson, Robert. Fr. NOT PICTURED: Carroll, Jotin, Fr. Elsev. Roger, Jr. Gusniken. S.. Jr. Hillman. Myron, Fr. Kieburti, Dick. Fr. MacDonald. Jim, Fr. Moore. Bill, Jr. Myers, Ralph. Fr. Oldow. Peter, Fr. Payne, Frank. Fr. Peterson, Daniel, Grad. Reynolds, Richard, Grad. Salt, Ron. Fr. Somers. James. Fr. Sorenson. Art, Grad. 445 CASCADE HALL Uziel, Mayo Wlllldms, David • r Wilson, Donald Wilson, William Meshke. George President Ause. Orval Bauer. Wolfred Bensussen, Isaac Bermejo, Zamudio Bjodstrup. Frank Bohn, Warren Brookhyser, Byron Chappelle Cecil Clement, Kendall Cole, Jar-e Dugqan, Robert Fklund Risto Fnqelhardt. Truman Flornes, Bruce Hammersmith Robert Freeberg, Albin Gerberq, Joe Howe James Humphries, Willian Jackson Gerald Johns, Kenneth Kiemie, Sieofried Loken, Donald Meshke George Miller Warren Miller, Warren Moore. J. L. Popoff, Alexander Reschenhofer. Heinrich RIchter, Eddie Ridenour. Donald Scamfer. Ronald NOT PICTURED: Abbey, Robert Abrescia. Leonard Altman, Pete Atkinson, F, L. Barbero, Charles Bast:da. William Beck. Theodore Bendetto, John Bledsoe. Frank Breakley, Edward Brown, Vincent Bustamante. Leonardo Bucsit, Castor Calhoun, James Callero, Monti Carlisle. Warren Carson, Eugene Cartler, James Chandhurk, A. K. Chase. Joel Choi. JImmIe Chrlstenson, JoSn Cicrlch, J. M. Cole, John Comins. Clare Corvalan. Octavio Denburger, Jerome Diamond, George Diener, Paul Diti. James Dong, Henry Dragness. John Durden. Dennis Easton, Robert Eck, Charles Elvin, Eugene Engkraf. Clarence Engstrom, Robe-t GlanottI, W A. Granek, Phillip Gronemeyer, Vernon Gushlden, Sokoo Gutman, Yoel Haavik. Arne Hardy, Gordon Hase, Nick Hawk. John Hawthorne, Donald Hayward, Richard Helgeson. Paul Hoffman, Robert Hoan, Buu Hong, Soon Hoskins. William Howell, John Hubinger, Harold Hudson, Clyde Hughes, John Hutson, Phillip Ingerson, Mart ' n Iverson, Kay Iwasaki, J. Janes, Leonard Johnson. Gordon Johnson, Joseph Johnson. R ' chard Kalinoski, Jack Keffer, David K ' lloran. Francis King. Harley Kline, William Koetze, Edward Kohl, Michael Koyama, T. Kray, Alvin Kusler, Donald Landa, Jorge Lankiburgy. Gary Larson, Fred Larson, Jim Lee. James Leeds, Russell Lehman, Euge e Leonard, William Leslie, Arthur Lilmata, Intomaine Lloyd, Winston Loether, Herman Loken, Robert Love, John Loy. Robert Lundgren, Roger Lybyer, Dean McDonagh, William McMIMIn, Cdward Madlard, Gerald Marble, Duane Marcoe, Harold Mark, Julian Mashnoff. Nicholas Mattson. James Mlloboiewskl. Bruno Miranda, Beinvenido Missel, Joe Morley. J, J. Mooro, Donald Mouye, Eitaru Nally, Wallace Nation. Arthur Neal, Donald Nelson, Charles Nelson, Norman NomI, Taichi Ogden, Daned Osgood. Richard Outzen, Robert Ott, Charles Page, James Parr. Eldon Parr. Elmer Paup, Martin Pomeroy, Atherton Pope. William Power, Layton Ralston, Marcus Rao, E. C. S. Roberson, Frank Rob!n;on, Jack Rogers. Robert ..o ' h. John Roth, Wayne SaVamoto, Norman Sangesand. Donald Sato, Wade Schultz, Norman Schutt, Ray Shipley, Howard S ' mons, John Stavich, Edward Sparks. George Speck, George Stelner, Rodney Stoner, Richard Strawn, Alfred Strlnden. Duane Su. ' ber, Jerry Suto, Hiroshi Symonds. James Taque, George Thomas, Robert Tramm, Rodney Trie er, Ralph Treiise. William Tryck, Eugene T;uiikawa. George Voelker. Leroy Waller. H. J. Ward, John Weber. Wallace White, David Williamson. Gary Wilson, Daryl Wright, Robert Yuan-shi, Min Zylstra, Ted Cascade Hall, following the adoption of a new constitution, spent the year in an im- provement program, which Included the re- modeling and painting of a large portion of the dorm and the purchasing of several new fac ' lities. Funds were also delegated to a larger social program which was con- cluded with a spring party at a nearby lake resort. On an Individual basis, house members, a large percentage of which are foreign stu- dents, took an active part in such organiza- tions as Organizations Assembly, Interhall Council, Mala mutes, and MOHC, as well as many ASUW committees and scholastic honorarles and intramural sports. hHeading the year ' s executive council were George L. Meshke, Bruce Flornes, Joe Gerberg, Don Loken, Bob hlammersmith, Frank Bjodstrup, Bob hHoffman, Brian Brookhyser, and George Speck. CASCADE 446 ■ i_Tr . .- ,i AA. .Jilt.. ■ :-■ I ■•iin NOT PICTURED Abdir, Floyd, ft. Abarndthy. Hdrlan. Grad. Aho, K«Iio. Sr. Aleiander. Howard. So. Allen, William. Sr. Andarton. Arlhur, Grad Arn. E H Robert, Grad. Beaton, John, Jr Beckman. Robert. Fr. Belt. Euqene. Grad. Berg. Jon. So. Berqitedt. Virgil. Jr. Berman, Lawrence, Grad. Blilie. A- Duwayne, Sr. Bonney. Oren. Sr. Browder. E Ray. Grad. Bumttead. Roy. Jr. Bunher, Forreit. Jr. Castle. Lloyd. Fr Chau. William. Fr. Christianion. Eugene. Grad. Clark, H C . Sr. Collins. T. Lawrence. Grad Oavii. Paul. Grad. Davis. Wilbur. Grad. Dibble. Henry. Sr. Donati. Francis. Grad. Dunlap. Roy. Grad. burden. Dennis. Grad. Eaton. James. Jr. Eberle, Norman. Jr. Engstrom. Robert. Grad. Faler. George. Jr. Fessler. Loren. Grad. Foley, Thomas. Grad. Forssell, Carl. Grad. Freer. Phillips, Grad. Freitag. Jack, So. Frieske. Fred. Grad. Fuquay. Joseph. Grad. Galletly. W. J.. Jr. Geitner. Harold. So. Gelfand. Lawrence, Grad. Gibblns. Sidney. Grad. Gibson, John. Grad. Gleason, Joe. So. Goldsmith. Richard, Grad. Greenway, John. Jr. Harrison. Ernest, Grad. Haug. MeUin. Jr. Hayakawa. Joe, Fr. Hermann. Rei. Fr. Heywood. William, Grad. Hill. Howard. Grad. Holman. Everette, Grad. Hong, Soon. Jr. Hopkins. Bryan. Jr. Hovii. Robert. So. Huntinaton, Darby, Grad. Irving. Donald. Sr. Jackman, Robert, Fr. Jensen. Alfred, So. Johannesen. Harold. Grad Johnson. William. Grad. Johnston. Donald, Jr. Jolley, Blaine. Grad. Jones, David. Sr, Kelly. William. Jr. LaBreck. Clayton, Fr Landberq, Richard, Grad. Larson. David. Jr. Larson, Richard. Sr. Laurier. Carl So. Lisez. Louis. Grad. Loerch. George. Grad. Luke. Fon. So. McClintock, ThoTias, Grad McFadden, James. Grad. McKtnney, John. So. MacColl, Joe. Sr. Mahaffay. Charles, Jr. Makela. Don. Grad. Mallett. Richard, Sr Mann. Albert, Grad Mark. Julian. So Martin, Andrew. Jr. Martin. Richard, Jr. Matsuoka. Jimmy. So. Mayberry, Donald. So Medhen, Makoinen, Grad. Meehan. John, Jr. Montana. Andrew. Grad. Moore Robert. Jr. Morby. Morris. Fr. Morrison. Melvin. Grad. Nelson. David. Jr. Nelson. Torlef. Grad. Newell. Arthur. Grad. Noyes. John. Sr. Nystrom. Rodney, So. Ogle. Dale, Jr. Olin, Julius. Grad. Ostro. Nickolai. Sr. Parks. Jerry. Sr. Parrott. Walter, So. Paterson. Robert. Fr. Perfleld. Henry. Grad. Perrodln. John, Jr. Persen, Victor. So. Peterson, N. Marcus, Grad. Phillips, Lyie. Fr. Piro. James. Sr. Plurrb. Basil. Sr. Prouty. Raymond. Grad. Rademacher. Robert, Jr. Raisler. Gordon. Fr. Reed. Carl. Grad. Reed, John. Sr. Re chert. William, So. Richburg, Thomas. Jr. R ' ach, J. Gaylord. Fr. Robb. Jack. Sr St. Jean. Leo, Jr. Savikko Robert, Sr. Saville. Allison. Sr. Scheiene, Arthur, Jr. Schow, Darwin. Jr. Sey. James, Fr, Shay. William. Grad. Simmonds. Wilfred. Sr. Skeels, Dell, Fr. Slate. Willie. Jr. Smail, Thomas. Fr. Smith. Robert. So. Speckman, Thomas, So. Stanley, Edward. Jr. Stavert. John, So. Stavney, Luthard, Fr. Stearns. George. Sr. Steinke, Richard. So. Strandrud, Theodore. Jr. Tanaka. John. So. Tench, Richard, Grad. Tharalson Thomas. Fr. The:i. M. B.. Sr. ToHefion. Robert, Grad. Tsuiikawa. George. So. Viranuvatti, Vikul. Fr. Watson, Laurence. Sr. Weaver, Donald. Grad. Weiss. Harold, So. Willert. Leonard. Grad. Wilson, Gavin, Jr. Woo. Paul. So. Wood. Chester. Sr. Yim, Woongsoon, Grad. .Young. Paul. Grad. CHELAN HALL To the casual or insensitive student Chelan Hall is a somewhat unin- telligible spiderlike excrescence near the northern border of the campus. To its residents, however, it is a home which provides the matrix for study, rest, and the quiet or doubtful pleasures of celibacy. Although they are nat- urally disinclined to political ab- stractions, Chelan ' s citizens recog- n ' as in its rigid disorganization and settled chaos the best elements of the open society. It should not be necessary to re- mark that Chelan is an aberration from the normal student residence; and this variance is fittingly re- flected in its architecture. With the possible exception of several poorly executed provincial copies. Chelan ' s style is unique, and if the best authorities are to be be- lieved, it is likely to remain so. Brunoff. Odvid. Fr. Chunq. Ktnnath. So. Erickio. ' t, Jdm«t. Sr Ldnqisy, Wdlttr. Sr. Pr«i!d«nt F«nton, Donald. Sr. Hdywjrd, Richard, Sr. Jetar, Milton, Jr. Joiund, Gilbert. Sr. Kawarrcio, Ak.o. Sr. Kiyohiro. Hirothl. Sr. Klushhan, Jar-«;. Sr. Langley, Walter, Sr. L e. William. Sr. Magnuson, Earl. Jr. Montz, Ralph, Fr. twlorris. Jack, Jr. Nelson, Roald. Sr. Nygren, Bruce. Jr. O ' Gorman. Robert. Grad. Okumoto. Royal, So. Par er. Willard, Jr. Parkincon, Russell. Sr. Pratt. Russell. Jr. Ross. Donald, Fr. Royse, Charles. Sr, Shigenaga. Henry. Fr. Styskel. Ldward. Grad. Trieniowski, George, Sr Tu. ' anciol. Fuat. So. Utter. Robert. Sr Van Derschelden. Richard, Fr, Ward. Robert, Fr, %, I ® CHELAN 447 RAINIER HALL i M tiy Aj , mSkM » Ja I fil 4( . . Heikkinen. William President Arneson. James Bedjanian, Vartan Benoit. John Binsfield, Harvey Boque, Arnold Bradley, Fenimore Brlnker, Robert Ching, Ernest Coffin, John Colpron, Ronald Crabb, Robert Oietz, Warren Doty, Kenneth Enq, Kai Erickson. Kenneth Fohan. William Foreman, Bert France, George Helser, Eldon Heikkinen, William Hildebrant. Floyd Holcomb, Fred Iverson, George Jones. Thomas Marshall, Nissin Morris. James Mulford, Kenneth Pettygrove. Richard Robinson, Ray Schmid, George Seifert, Richard Separovich, Anthony Smith, Charles Von Gohren, Edward Walther, James Walton, Roy Ward, James Wilson. Les NOT PICTURED: Anderson, Henry Autor. Kent Bakkala, Richard Barayasarra, Lours Bayliff, William Bierman. Lawrence Boicourt. Galvln Bothell, Dudley Bothell, Ray Boyle, Charles Brown, Kirk Bruno, William Brynestad. Kenneth Burket. George Butcher, Harry Buiard, Kenneth Carson, Jimmie Carson, John Chang, Richard Christiansen, Robert Coates, Edward Connon. Luther Cook, Donald Cox, Harold Crowell, Phillip DeVIck, James Dickson, Ronald Dorothy, Charles Duncan, Raymond Edinger, Raymond Ehret. William Embom, Richard Eng, Edward Forsander, Don Fredericks, Charles Fun glngsland, Frank Furnia, Ernest George, Robert Ghiglione, James Gibson, LaVerne Glendrange, Ted Gossard, David Gustafson, Charles Hatlum, Diedrich Halverson, Richard Hagen. Maurice Hardwick, Jack Hardwick, Thomas Hartwig, Alan Hearn, Ronald Heqre, Harlan Herzer, Melvin Hildebrand, Richard Hogman, Medford Holcomb, Fred Hughes, John Hyer. Richard Item, Robert Jackson, Don Jirawonqse, Vichlrra Johnson, George Johnson, Howard Jones, Floyd Kemper, Louis Klndorf, Gary Kyte, Lars Konq, Glen Krueger, John Larson, Richard Larsen, Orvel Larsen William Leiand, Alan Lenis. Carlos LIm, Daniel Lim. Winfred Lippman. Garth Long, Kenneth Loutsis, John McElvaine, Herb McGrath, Michael Mcintosh. Roger McMurphy, Darrel Maio. Joseph Martin, John Mattick, William Mehmel, Hans Meserve, Belmont Mets. Albert Moore. Carl Nakashlma, Harold Nelson, Donald Newell. Volney Norman, Harold Olson. Donald Olson, William Onqarato. John Payne, John Peters, Ronald Peterson. Derauld Petrie. Duane Phifer. David Phillips, Frank Pickard. Allen Pierce, John Pitcher, Bert Post. James Pratt, Fred Prince, Richard Prince. Standford Richards, Raymond Rimbach. John Ringoen, Howard Ross. Bruce Routh, Richard Ruffin, Walter Russell, Gene Salyards, Thomas Sampson, Albert Schlumpe, William Schultheis, Harold Selkula. Wilmer Sergeant, Webster Slemer, Helmuth Singh. G. S. SIpIla, John Smith, Duane Smith, Wynn Stephenson. Murray Stevens, Robert Stevenson, Ron Takahashl. Masao Taylor, Ray Traynor, William Tucker, Louis Tweeddale, Andrew Ulery. Martin Van 2ee, John Vetters. William Walton, David Watanabe, Osamu Wilbur, Donald Wilkinson, Charles Williams, William Wonq. Walter Woods, Forest Wynstra. Kendall Youth, Wilfred Zuvela, Bernard ..JAl. Wonq. Richard Rainier Hail is one of the largest and most active Independent men ' s group at the University of Washington. During the past year, the hall has been very active in intramural sports. Last fall the table tennis team composed of Danny and Winnie Lim and Ness Marshall won the Intra- mural title. The hall ' s activities have not been confined to sports, for members participated in a full schedule of social activities which in- cluded exchanges with several women ' s organizations. Rainier Hall again upheld its scholastic honors by being ranked near the top of the men ' s living group?. The hall is looking forward to more successful years, RAINIER 448 SYNKOA Fuki«g«, Shoji FuruliJWA, Efvin Ichikdwd. Kdiuyd Idatt. Akio KumAidkd, RoUnd Proidtnl Kddoihimd. Hdrry Kobdydlhl. Albart Koilumi. Thomdt Kumdtdkd. Roldnd Let. Bill Mdttumoto. John Murdkdmi, K«n Ndkdtiu. Lorry Ndkdgdwd. Wlllidn Nomiydmd, Frdnk Okdno, Robert Sdto. Frdnk Sdto, Kenichi Suxuki. Hiroihi Suzuki, Tdddsu Tdkihohi. Dick Synkoa House Is a popular activity center with a friendly and Informal air. Bridge, ping pong, chess, cribbage and after-exam " post mortems " seem to be favorites during float houpi. The club enters basketball, wrestling and soft- ball teams in intramural league play. The club ' s principal activities Include the annual Home- coming banquet and dance, fireside discussion meetings, guest speakers, bridge tournaments with alumni. Informal dances, the annual pre-flnals picnic In spring, a banquet for the graduating seniors and variety of other functions. The name Synkea Is made up of the last initial of club members who gave their lives while serving with the armed forces during World War II. NOT PICTURED: Aral, Don Miyahara. Takashi Arima. Jamet Murakami, Yoshio Edamura. Aia Ndkamura, Ted BInqo. Toihimifsu Okamoto. Gerald Fujn, Shobo OVamura. Eugene Fujita. Ben Ofciyama, Ebo Hara. Nob; Ota. Tuni Hayashi. Harry Otani, David Hayashi. Thomas Otani, Jonathan Ikflda. John Otoihr, Tommy Ito. George Sugaward, Ben Iwasaki. Gaylord Takahaihi. George Jitodai. Ted Takashima. Sam Kajimura, Hiroshi Tanabe, Bill Kdwahara. Robert Tanaka. John Kawamoto, Mike Tokita. Shoi Kodama. Bobby Tsue. Ted Kumasaka. Henry Uchida. Richard Lockwood. Wallace Yasui. James Matsudaira. Francis Yoda, Shuji Matsui, Jack Yothinaka, Ken Matsumoto, Seklo SYNKOA 449 4732 21st Ave. N.E. Although Varsity Hall is one of the smaller men ' s organized houses, it has consistently ranked with the leaders in activity. Behind the capable leadership of President Bob Beck, Secretary-Treas- urer Walt Vitous, Jack Darling, social chairman, and Gene McClenning, ath- letic manager, the members of the house have experienced another beneficial and memorable year. Success in intramural sports, campus ac- tivities, social functions and a general high record of scholarship have made this one of the most pleasant years in Varsity Hall history. Beck. Robert, Sr. Cotton, Rowan, Jr. Darling, John, Sr. Beck, Robert President Eversaul, Melvin, Sr. Franklin, Robert, Jr. Hinman, Robert, Jr. Huntington, Ronald, Jr. McClenning, Gene, So. McKinley, William, Sr. Mitchell, James, Jr. Morris, Jack, Fr. VARSITY HALL P5 " 7TT m . T Soria. Paul, Jr. Strachan, William, So. Vitous, Walter, Sr. Walter, Michael, Jr. NOT PICTURED: Gribas. Paul. Sr. Jeremiah. Raymond. Grad. Langworthy, James. Sr. Webster, Wayne. Grad. q. q 1 Cooperating is easy v hen you ' ve got a couple of gals to dry the dishes for you. Ralph Myers washes while Tanya Johnson and Marjorie Barlow dry. All live at Synadelphic house. Synadelphic was converted from a girls ' to a co-educational house fall quarter. The boys and girls live in separate units, eating together and participating in social functions. 450 Something new on the airwaves recently was the " Music the University Way " program. Here, master of ceremonies Phil Boren interviews rep- resentatives of one of the campus sororities. This program, which each week features members of a different organized house, is heard over KRSC. A unique feature of the program is the weekly spinning of the featured organization ' s favorite records. The preceding week a ballot box Is placed in the organization ' s house, and each member is invited to vote for his or her favorite song. In the spring a young man ' s fancies lightly turn to thoughts of . . . campus elections. With signs to build and paint, campaign songs to learn, and speeches to memorize, it ' s a busy time. With new election rules, electioneering is concentrated into a few hectic days. On election day the Quad is a sound effects man ' s paradise. Drums, sea chants, bag- pipes and every other available type of noise-maker is utilized. •4 I Campus Organization 452 BIG W CLUB 1 1 mi 1 Warsinske, Jim Wick. Lou Widenfelt, George Wiley, Jim Ulbrickson.AI, Jr. President Albrecht. Bill Anderson, Ture Bale, Dick Bennett, Ed Black. George Bohart, Milt Brady, Gene Callaghan, Jim Ciprlano, Joe Dixon, Bill Dunn, Kenny Fletcher, Jack Furukawa. Erv Glassman, Clyde Hageman, Walt Helgerson, Warren Hodges, Merrill Horrocks, Phil Houbregs, Bob Hutchinson. Bob Johanson, Paul Johnson, Rockne Jordan. Dick Lindskog, Vern Lorentzen, Bob Louden. Dick Lovsted. Carl Magnuson, Chuck Magnuson, Dick Martin, Tom McClary, Doug Miller, Owen Noe. Jim Paterson, Bob Richards, Bill Russell, Don Sandberg, Dick Schall, Myron Seiler, Clyde Sheldon, Chuck Smith. Larry Southwick. Everett Sprague, Dick Stewart, Doug NOT PICTURED: Bergh, Arne Bourne, Jim Bush. Fred Cameron, Bill Carpenter, Ted Chambers. Dean Donaldson. John Dufour, Pete Earley. Bill King. Tracy Kirk. Jerry Kucinskas, Frank Lariza, Frank Lim, Dan Lowe. Will Lundberg. Don McConkey. Paul McCutchen. Mike Mitchell. Sam Morrison. Jim Rockey. Dean Salmon, Pete Thornhill. Don Ward, Jack Wardlow. Duane Yourkowskt, Louie Membership In the Big " W " Club Is open to all men who have won a varsity award In a major sport. It holds meetings twice a month and has as Its objectives the furthering of In- terst In athletics at Washington and strives towards a closer bond between athletes of various sports. The club has an annual picnic and dance. It also sponsors a basketball half- time show which Is always well received by the public and students alike. 454 MANAGERIAL COUNCIL lto«bk«. Louii Pr«iid«nt tfduntqdfd. Kaith 0«d«r«r. Michdal Drummond. Todd England. J«m«s F«rluq4. Jos«ph Gdrvtr. Richard Gingrich, Lt« Johnston, Jamet Kdllandvr, D«dn King, John Kurti. John Lindh, Ntis Mdndley. Jdm«s Mdssdr, Edward McCoy. Wiltiam Nielson. Rog«r O ' Conner, Robert Ogden. John Rigsby. Jack Rossi. Albert NOT PICTURED: Houldhan. Wlllldm Lewis. George Martin. Val Nilson. Al Spence, Robert iv ■La. I ' L Yamada, Harry Zelger, Dallas The thrill of intercollegiate athletics is something not exclusively held by varsity athletes. In a very defi- nite way, a student manager feels the sense of pride that comes with a game well played and a victory justly won. Working with the fresh and varsity through their many arduous months of training; assisting the coaches to build a fine team through practice; helping the individual athletes in their personal prob- lems, the manager feels that he Is one of the group and in part responsible for the performance of the team. The Managerial Council acts as a coordinating body over all managers In various sports. The council ' s objectives are: to promote the interests of the University of Washington, to promote Interest in both athletics and managerial activities, and to assist Individual managers In all problems that may arise in the performance of their duties. Senior and senior frosh managers constitute the active members while juniors are the associate or non-voting members. To close the school year, the Managerial Banquet Is held in May. Award of the Darwin Meisnist Trophy for the inspirational senior and announcement of next year ' s managers are made at that time. 455 HUSKY SWIM CLUB Torney, John Walters, Raymond Zeiger. Dallas Sheldon, Charles President Anderson. Ture Bennett, Phillip Bioditrup. Frank Bode, Carl Brinkman, Peter Creedon, John Graham, Frank Hamblin, Robert Hodqes. Merrill Jefferts, Keith Kelley, William Lee, Allan Lewin, Thomas Magnuson, Richard Mullin. Terry Nolan. Clark O ' Galligan. John Pierson, Frank Portelance, Herbert Pugmire, Harold Roys. Keith Rule, William Schall, Myron Simmons, Richard Stewart. George Thome, Carl NOT PICTURED: Brown, Hilton Clayton. Robert Evans. Thomas Kinnear, Ian Milleson, Ted Mood. Gael Newton. Richard Salmon. Peter Svane, Lawrence Walton. Peter Creating enthusiasm for swlmnnlng and associated sports Is the aim of the Husky Swim Club at the University of Washington. Membership in this club is by unanimous election of all members present at membership meetin gs, hiighly acclaimed by the campus have been the Aqua Follies presented In recent years. These have been jointly presented with the Silver Fish Swim Club. Another of the main projects undertaken by the club Is the annual State-Wide Coaches ' Swim Clinic. In order to further sportsmanship and effort among Its members, the club awards an inspirational medal to its outstanding freshman and senior members. 456 VARSITY BOAT CLUB Andvrton, Euq«n« Barker. St«w«rt Boon . William Bovc«. Richard Lov«t«d, Carl Cornmodore Braiiar. Donald Callaqhan. Jamct Carneron. William Ellflison. Stanlay England, James Fletchar, Jack Fonkalsrud, Eric Foote, Donald Grasett. Darley H«lg«r:on, Warren H«nnes. Randolph Heminqer, Murray Horrocks. Philip Houchen, Ray Johnion, Erv Jordan, Richard Kallander. Dean Kellog. Howard Leanderson, Fit Lindh. Nets Miller. Owen Morton. Robert O ' Connor. Robert Puro. Lee Rigsby. Jack Rossi. Al Rutner, James Scales, Dick Theis. Thomas Treber. Gerald Ulbrickson. Alvin, Jr. Wahlstrom. Richard Williams. Carl Wynn, Charles When organized in the early I900 ' s. the Varsity Boat Club ainned to pronnote rowing In the Northwest, and to provide Irving and eating quarters for the crew — next to the SAE house, till the depression. Today the Varsity Boat Club provides social activities for the men in addition to their work. Membership in the club is by election. Only men who have rowed six quarters or have Varsity or JV letters are eligible for initiation. The commodore of the Boat Club is second to the crew captain. The commodore and club members sponsor a last fling dance before spring training and usually they end the season with a picnic. NOT PICTURbD: Beardsley, James Benron, George Dawe. Ernest Elmquiit. Lee English. Mike Flodin, Roger Hastings. Bob Hiekkenin. William Hoskins. William Houlahan. William Johnson, Gerrtt Knapp, Gene Lewis. Harry Littel. Robert Lowe. Wilbur Metidorf. Dewey Nelson, Dave Olsen. Dan Roebke. Louie Simons, Tom Staley. Herb Swan. Morris Trowbridge. Richard Wise. Kenneth 457 MALAMUTES fi irt pi .O, f?4 fe- I . Uddenburg. Bert Walqren, Gordon Warnrck. Jack Weislield, Douglas Wilkins, John York, Richard ZMka. Lewis Mdlamute ' s primary purpose is building school spirit. During the football season it plans and presents card stunts, sponsors the yell team, welcomes visiting teams, and provides send-off rallies and receptions for the Washington team. Other activities include selling rooter ' s hats and training Waski, the Husky mascot. Songfest, one of Washington ' s most cherished traditions, is presented every spring by the Malamutes. in many of its activities, the organization works with the Women ' s Rally Club and several other campus organizations. Membership is open to freshmen, who are taken in every fall as " invites. " After one quarter of service, pledges are chosen. Active members are selected during the sophomore year. Officers are elected from the actives. To round out the club ' s activities, it sponsors several social events each year for its members. 458 Fisher. Gordon Preiident Affleck, James Anderson, Martin Anderson, William Baker. Thomas Barbee. Gail Bergeron. James Brewer, Walter Brock. Richard Buchanan, Garner Capeloto. Victor Caribom. Curtis Christie, Thomas Connell, Robert Correa. Robert Douglas, William Drocolby, Ferris Fitipatrrck, John Foster, Robert Gaw. Wilson George. James Glann, James Gohlman, William Goldfarb, Alvin Gorden, Ronald Hackmen. Robert Haley. Bruce Hayden, James Hedreen. Michael Hennes, James Holland, Virgil Johnson, Robert Jones, William Jorgenson, LeRoy King, Donne Kumasaka, Roland Madsen, Arthur Mathieson, Raymond Mercer, Wendell Meshke, George Moore, William Murdock, Robert Parker, Franklin Pearl, Donald Ray, Richard Ridenour, Donald Riswald, Paul Roether, Douglas Safley. Richard Satterthwaite, Richard Saunders. Richard Scarrah, George Sedlecek. Charles Shaffer, Christian Shaw, William Stewart, Jon Story, Robert Thoreson, Donald Toole, Peter Touhy. Peter NOT PICTURED: Austin. James Bridge, Gerald Ccmstock, Brian Gayton. Gary Gorder, Robert Kuhns. Guy Nilson, Eric Pitcher, Clyde Seldon. Theodore Sithson, Barry Willerford. Fredrick WOMEN ' S RALLY COMMITTEE " H " Women ' s Rally CommiHee was organized tn 1920. The purposes of the group are to uphold the traditions of Washington, create stronger intercollegiate friendship for the University and to assist ASUW Malannutes in con- tributing to better college spirit. Andarion. Geri Brdinerd. Ooloret Campbell Carolyn Cdit li. Colleen OaForett. Jdnet Follit. Harriet Porster. Jo«n Preiidftnt Green. Eileen Haldeman. Virginia Hanr mond, Evelyn Hyde. Kathy Johanet. Carolyn Kamb. Harriet Kn!pe. Patsy Kodama, Kr!st Landin, Irene LeDrew, Maxine Link. Jean y " don. Nancy cCorkle. Joyce Mouniey. Sally Mower. Royal Newgard. Peqgins Olien. Pat Snnith. Artlj Smith, Barbara Smith. Nancy Soloman, Marsha Spafford. Nancy %( . fio i Torney. JoAnn Turner. Carol Walters. Connie Williams. Betty VanGilder. Dana Zundel. Loye NOT PICTURED: Baumsted, Karen Cummins. Diane French. Shirley Holman. Jean Irwin. Patsy UNIVERSITY OF WASHINGTON YACHT CLUB U.W.Y.C. OFFICERS Knowles, Robert. Commodore Harris. Wayne, Vice Commodore Giedhill, Fred, Rear Commodore Wingard, Gene, Fleet Captain Gevers, Thea. Secretary Zerbach, Barbara. Treasurer Thompson, Harriet, Historian Boyne, Tim, Adviser HIscock, Frank, Honorary Albaugh, Edgar Anderson. Harold Barton. Gilbert Beaufort. John Benschoof. Hen Bihiman, Georgent Bolger. Ron Borough. Howard Boyle. Charles Brown. Chester Brown, Ramon Buck. John Bush Margaret Carr. Bill Chambers. Robert Chlvers. Norman Condon. Robert Crevling, Lois Defter, George Dickinson, Lewis Dingwall. Harry Duibury. Alyn Emrick. Lynn Fisk. Ivan Gay. Dick Gill, Virginia Grizzle. Phyllis Gunderson, Joe Hagaman. f. , . ' . ' . ,c. wOW Hamm, Wilfried Nygren. Bruce Hansen, Bob Olstead. Eric Hansen. Cliff Giving. Gerry Hastings, Waldon Piatt. Frank Hewitt. N C. Ponto. George Holt. Stanley Hopkins. John Randall. Allen Ranken, John Howe. Michael Reed, Ray Hunt. Gordon Richmond. Lawrence Hurd, Sallie Sue Ross. Donald Johnson, Alice Sampson. Jack Johnson. James Sando. Frank Joyce. Robert Smith. James Katterman, Ruth Spcnce, Malcolm Kodama. Kriss Steinbrugge, Margaret Krogzenis. James Steisel, Ira Lampropues, A!he-ia Stevens. Jerry Locker. Donald Styskel. Edward MacDougall. Bob Sutermeliter. R, A. Martin. Richard Thiessen. Wayne Martin. Sherwood Thompson. Virgil Masland, Walter Voris. Donald Merchant. Arle-ie Waller. Hardress Messer, Rowland Warren, James Miller. Don Weaver, Mary Miller. Mardelle Worthington. John Muzzy, Ronald Yorke. Joan The U. of W. Yacht Club was organized in May, 1948, and has grown in membership from 15 to over 150 sailors. The main purpose of the organization Is to encourage student participation in sailing. The club has six sailboats which are kept in the old shell house on Union Bay. The highlight In the past year of sailing was the Seattle Yacht Club Opening Day activities in which the six hHuskies took part. An Inter- collegiate regatta was held on Lake Washington in April, and May was highlighted with a moonlight cruise. With the summer just ahead, all of the sailors are looking forward to another successful boating year. 459 HUSKY WINTER SPORTS CLUB Jack Papriti Anne Edmiston Joan Brown Babara Pascoe Dave Ridgeway Dick Knott Ola Roald Vice President Treasurer Corresponding Secretary Recording Secretary Sargeant-at-Arms Adviser President The HWSC has completed another year of bustling activity under the capable leadership of President Ola Roald and guidance of Adviser Dick Knott. The club ' s first activity was sponsoring the John Jay nnovle. This year ' s film, " Alpine Safari, " was presented to an eager and appreciative audience In late November. Mr. Jay photo- graphed the breathtaking Alps in the winter ski season and then went south to Bermuda to catch the summer water-ski season. The weather man pleased the HWSC by providing beautiful powder snow and sunshine for this year ' s carnival held at the new University area. Obstacle races, slaloms, and a lovely ski queen and court drew University students to the event. Many thanks for a great weekend Is due the Carnival Committee. Members are Jack Paprltz, Blanche Patterson, Floyd hiagaman, Anne Edmiston, Marty Anderson, and Jim Johnston. Skiers who benefited by the car- pool and those who enjoyed the movies at the meetings can thanlc Fioyd Hagaman. chairman of the Car-pool Committee and chair- man of the Film Committee. Joan Kraltovslty, Publicity Chairman, writes out some copy for the Tyee by going through the general and well- known procedure of erasing, marking out, erasing, etc. With agenda In hand and a pepsodent smile. Organizations Assembly Repre- sentative, Shirley Wiier, is all set for another weekly meeting. Rounding up her long list of new members, Barbara Pascoe, Mem- bership Chairman, takes a break before reports and committee meetings. Th governing body of HWSC who supported the various club Activities dre Jdck Papritz, Bar- bera Pascoe. Ann« Edmiston and Blanche Patterson; standing are Marty Anderson. Dick Knott and Shirley Wizer. Not pictured is Joan Brown. Not only does it take a lot of time, but if takes plenty of accuracy to be a qualified member of the Racing Committee. Pictured are Anne Edmiston. chief gatekeeper; Don Thome, starter; Martin Anderson, chairman; Jack Papritz. assistant gatekeeper, and Floyd Hagaman, timekeeper. The Social Committee, Blanche Patterson, chairman, and Anne Edmiston, spent long hours planning the winter carnival. Some of us make it and some of us don ' t! Ken Leiman (standing) and Bill Warren pose at the end of a snowshoe trip in the Stevens area. 461 ADELPHI Cook, Bernie President Barbe lill NOT PICTURED: Cannon, Henry Crayne, Bill Dearmin, Dick Fox, Dick Gorton. Doug Hildebrand. Larry Jackman. Bob Lockwood. Ronald Middleton, Clarence Olden, Delmar Parker, Allan Poling, Bill Prentice, Roger Regan. Jack Riner, Jack Ritchey, Tom Ritchie, Vic Romey, Irv Seslar. Chuck Thompson. Ray Tyler, Vern Barber, [ Bduscus. Bohn, Warren Brubdker, Jack Butterfietd, Don Cooley, Bill Demetre, Jim Firth, Don Fletcher, Chuck Freniel, Jurgen Grundy, Cliff Holtmann, Rolf Hutchins, Dick Lockwood, Watly Mack, Chet Malakoff, Burt Matsumoto, John Meshke, George Minnman, Paul Moore, Don Morris, Charles Myers, VIrqII Newman. Doug Orup, Hans Ryan, Raymond Safer, Dick Shively, Zorn Trimble. Russell Utness, Gilbert Warrick. Bob Wayland, Don Welland, Carl Independent men students have the opportu- nity to enter Into social and student activities through Adelphi. This democratic organization is composed of the three clubs. Qui, Taurus, and Tlllicum, which are coordinated by the Adelphi council. The aim of each club is to give Its members training In leadership and to promote social acHvIties, thereby filling their college years with warm friendships and good times. This year, as a special project, Adelphi voted to sponsor the soda! activities of two German exchange law students. Rolf Holtmann and Jurgen Frenzel. Through this service, Adelphi hopes to better acquaint them with Americin customs and social life. 462 ALL-PHRATERES COUNCIL Caldwtll. Shirley Donthoo. Ann L!ndgr n, Audrey Preiident Estiqoy, Dolorei Ftickinqtr, Ruth Swtnsan, Mdrilyn Hanson, Pearl Morqan, Mariorie Ddvit, Rodlyn Elliot. Elaine Joseph. Harriet Brooks. Marilyn Hamlin, Carol Egan. Connie Hunter, Jeannlne Slaughter, Bonnie Kodanna, Kriss Brungard, Jackie Taylor, Lois Klien. Rita It ' s no job at all for Pfiratereans to live up to their motto, " Famous for Friendliness. " It comes almost automatically — at barn dances, slumber parties, ski weekends and well, you name it. Open to all women on the campus, Phra teres- participation in sport, social and service affairs means an added " something. " Phrateres is an international social and service organization, and at the University of Washington it is composed of eight subchapters, each having its tradi- tional activities and social events. Scholastic excellence is still another characteristic measuring-stick in the group ' s program. Among its many other duties, the All-Phrateres Council keeps close tab on this important phase. The council coordinates the work of ten committees in other group activities. 463 PHRATERES Beta Subchapter Brdsen, Barbdrd Carman, Elaine Crosen. Gwen Oias. Carolle Grell, Barbara Hall, Patricia Hansen, Doris Haien. Ruth Hvammen. Evelyn I verson, Arlene Marken, Ruth Newman. Jackie Newsome, Mary Osterberq, Marvel St Louis, Virginia Swensen, Marilyn Taylor, Winnlfred Whitson. Marita Whittier. Lois Yank, Carolyn Chi Subchapter Balocchi, Charlene Hanson. Pearl Johnson. Allodene Knight, Marieta Lind, Joanne Oberkatter. Marjorie Ronken, Jean Weiger, Donna Delta Subchapter Crowe, Lois Fessler, Ida Haberle. Mary Hunter, Jeannine Morgan, Marjorie Pryor, Martha Theta Subchapter Eqan, Connie Kodama, Kriss Brannan, Helen Kappa Subchapter Brooks, Marilyn Cliche, Betty Covey, Donna Davis, Rodlyn Flickinger, Rutn 464 NOT PICTURED: Anderson. Lau ' «l Fr«y. Carol Lartan. Janat Larjan. Mary Ann Maqnusion. Floranca Nalton. Janat Piik. Liibalh Pollicar. Sally Twaton. Carol Kanoyar. Ardyth Paradit. Charmalna Paulton. Suzanna Wilson, Marilyn Wlndar. Laona Bush. Janica Gossar. Nonaan Gustofsen. Mauraan Johnson, Avon Johnson. Norma Rupea. Carola Waatharby, June Choy, Connia Johnson, Joyce Jones, Jo Ichlkawa, Etsuko Mathes, Imoqane Zentner, Verna Jean Adams, Kay Fitiqarald. Edna Reeder. Joyce Reich. Mollie Safely. Marcia Sakai. Midge Ackalbeln. Dons Bouchin. Varya Elliot. Elaine Gorden. Pat Jollie. Eliiabelh Lawrence. Lavonn Robinson. Carol Toulouse. Dot Strout, Sally Donehoo, Ann Elgin. Lois Bryce. Barbara Lotta. Carol Luke. Connie Maiey. Leana Moberq. Serene Standal, Jean Weber. Jan Jonson, Barbara Koehler. Mary Elian Lindqren, Audrey Lokken. Jean Merrick. Jean Miller, Kay Otoshi. Marianne Popwell. Virginia Railing. Pearl Rodda. Revelle Stansland. Lois Taylor, Lois PHRATERES ? A - Lambda Subchapter Brunqart], Jd .ki«t Caldwell, Shirley Caverly. Carol Cotton. Barbara Crabill. Ann Cunningham. Dot Godfrey, lone Klien. Rita Laing. Nancilou Lent. Pat Miller. Marilyn Orr. Louise Reeder. Billie Ann Waterman. Pat Weiser. Marie Sigma Subchapter Adams. Marlene Albrecht. Charlotte Armitage. Tressie Bower, Joann Brahamer. Coralyn Brooks. Phyllis Bryce. Barbara Esligoy. Dolores Games. Margaret Healy. Dolores Joseph. Harriet Nelson. Barbara Patelli. Jo Vanna Pierce. Mariorie Slauqhter. Bonnie Wallace, Barbara Weirmac. Susan Witt, Helen f i , 0 !•— 465 SORORIA Guthrie, M, Cdrol President Belben, Margorle Deane, Louise Ellington, Emma Gaby. Elizabeth Gay, Betty Hire, Necid Hurley. Caroline Katzenberqer, Eva Rrckett. Mabel Scanlon, Seraphine Smith, Margaret Strom, Helen NOT PICTURED: Buchanan. Violet Bromley. Mercy Cerney, Evelyn Dooley, Clarj Fenn, Peggy Garrison, Dorothy Gaurnier, Hazel Gull. Olga Hacker, Garnet Hawthorne, Shirley Ketcham, Betty Kessler, Mary Kuchenbecker, Ardell Loes, Ruby McCarty, Doris Mcllhany, Virginia MacNealy. Dorothy Niven, Eileen OrsI, Corrlne Perkins. Cathie Piatt. Florence Redford, lone Schwerzer, Ruth Shepherd, Gladys Smith. Lena Tracy, Ida Tricinski. Priscilla Varo, Helen White. Commorah Whitham, Louise VALEDA Sororia was organized at the University of Washington in 1910 to bring together mature women students, both married and unmarried, enrolled for either grad- uate or undergraduate studies. Its pur- poso is to promote friendship and mutual interests, both acedemic and social. The group Is fostered by a strong alumnae who aid in the social program with in- teresting functions for the campus group such as getting acquainted, Christmas party for members in the city during the holidays, summer picnic and a graduate breakfast honoring the current year ' s graduates. % %Q Uyeda, Luana Warashina. Empjy Yamada. Amy Yamashita, Fumi Yoshioka, Tomi Hayashi, Pauline I wasalcl. Tomo Ito, Yoshi Kamishimj. Mary Kanda. Kiyo Kawaguchi. Ellen Kodama, Kriss Kondo. Mabei Kubota, Irene Kumasaka, June Kusakabe, Chiye Murakami. Momoko Nabafa, Pa Otoshi, Marianne Sato. Julianne Seike, Ruth Suzuki, Tomi Uyeda. Fusako NOT PICTURED: Chikata. Floience Fujii, Jean Fujil, Irene Hayashi, Lillian HIgo, Kinukc Ichikawa, Etsuko President Iwasaki, Dorothy Kanda, Yone Kawachi. Jean Kihara, Itsuko Kobata, Rose Kumasaka, Ruby Kuwada, Nancy Maekawa, Nina Nishioki. Yo Noji. Betty Nomura Ruth Oba, Betty Osawa, Gloria Sakai, Elaine Sakai. Midge Shimomura, Terrie Shirota, Dorothy Takahashi, Nobf Teraoka, Christina Tsuboi, Esthe ' Tsutsumoto, Holene UshlJIma, May Though it was organized on this campus only five years ago, Vale da has made great prog- ress in furthering its purposes. It has not only stimulated the social and intellectual interests of the Japanese girls on campus but it has also encouraged their greater participation in campus activities. Its program includes a welcoming tea in the fall for freshman girls, and a formal honoring the graduating seniors. 466 YMCA-YWCA CABINETS Cdmput Coop«r«tion ftotv P«t M«rfin, Art Pr t;d«nt YWCA Wllksion. Shirley Prssldtnt YMCA Urntr. Jdck Community Service Winqate. Joan Economic Justice Dedn, Dorii Economic Justice Mahurin. Ed Effective Citizenship Moore. Barbara Sec YWCA Forums Ericksen, Jo Freshman Committee McNamee, Dick Thiel. Shirley Clarke. Lou Intercultural Swisher. Ellen Leadership Training Clausen. Margie Membership Integration Jahnke, Sue BourHer. Roy Sec.-Treas. YMCA Membership Drive Clark. Sue V P YWCA Long. Bill V.P. YMCA Organized House Firesides Griffin. Shirley Glann. Jim Membership Meetings Oliver. Kathy Ericksen. Gordon Men and Women Hopper. Gloria Personnel and Building Kodama, Kriss Personnel and Building Ohashi. Bob Public Relations Betz, Evelyn Religious Cooperation DdhI, Grace Student-Faculty Lopp. Thomas Religious Growth Webb. Vividn Religious Inquiry Charnley, Libby Social Recreation Winter. Nola Sophomore Cabinet Oeuter, Mary Lou Special Proiecti Park, Barbara Treas YWCA Student-Faculty Gould, Joanne Lopp. Ron World Relatedness Myers, Lii The YMCA is one of the University ' s oldest organizations, having been founded on cannpus in 1888. The group Is governed by elected and appointed student nnenribers and has Initiated a number of cannpus traditions — first employment center, housing bureau, Inter- national house, " W " book — to mention a few. The YMCA occupies Eagleson Hall on the edge of the campus with the YWCA. The YWCA offers students a laboratory of human relations and social responsibility to try out techniques and test Ideas. Programs at the University Y bring students face to face with situations which point out the problems of democratic living. Among these are juvenile delinquency, international strife, racial tensions, religious conflicts, political lethargy and self-government. NOT PICTURED: Community Service Hovls. Lowell Effective Citizenship Anschell. Grove Forums Clarke. Bob Hobby and InteratI Pearson. Jim Yambao. Agnes Intercollegiate Jackson. Joy Intercultural Walton, Geie Leadership Training Comstock. Brian Men and Women Richardson. Howard Public Relations Anderson. Al Religious Inquiry Kondo. Walt Social Inquiry Luke. Connie Tyler. Vernon Social Recreation Levin. Eugene 467 ALPHA PHI OMEGA " Be a leader. Be a friend, Be of service " is the moHo oF Alpha Phi Omega, national service fraternity. Its purpose is to assemble college men In the fellowship of the Boy Scout Oath and Law. Gamma Alpha chapter was founded in 1939 and was inactive during the war. Since Its re- activation in 1947 it has become one of the most active organizations on campus. Some of the regular service projects carried on by Alpha Phi Omega are caring for campus bulletin boards, providing maps of the campus, acting as election officials and working for the re- habilitation oF the amphitheater. This n atural theater, situated just north of the Infirmary on the side oF the hill running toward Lake Washington, once held 12,000 persons. It is now overgrown with trees. Former president Taft spoke there during ihe AYP Exposition. Theodore Roosevelt was another notable who addressed an audience In the Amphitheater. Alpha Phi Omega is a national organization of 176 chapters and over 20,000 members. Gamma Alpha was host chapter to a Northwest Sectional conference three years ago. Rupp. Glen President Bakke, Kjell Block, Elliot Cliff, David Erickson, Donald Fery, John Galimanis, Stephen Green, Jerome Green, Jerry Leghorn, Robert Martin, Arthur Morrill, Howard Mueller, Fred Rcyce, Charles Sherman, Russell Stevens, Louis Walker, Robert NOT PICTURED: Ballinger, James Bersten. Dean Carlton. Lynn Couch, Franklin Dong, Bruce Durham. Marvin Frissell, Lloyd Jacobsen, Gordon Knott, Richard Kendo, Hideo Nelson, Farrell Nelson, Maurice ODonnell, Daniel Peffley, Donald Reke ' nthaler, Thomas Robinson. Fred Suchert, Robert Willerford, Frederick Yunker, Richard 468 BAPTIST-DISCIPLE STUDENT FELLOWSHIP Bigg . Lou Ann Wilion. Lo!j Conitdntina. John Curt!t, Jodnne Gould, Jodnnt Mtrrick, Linda Morris. Charles Narowitz, Cathleert Potts, D.usllld Roberts, Del Salmon, Laura Samuelson, Bill Shorrock, Frances Slater. Shirley Smith, Vernon Williams, Jo Ann Established during the summer months of I 949, the Baptlst- Disciplo Fellowship is an organization for Baptist and Dis- ciple young people. Because of the unification of the Baptist and Disciple students ai the University, a student house was purchased. Situated on the corner of East 45th and 15th Ave. N.E., the Fellowship house provides many opportunities for Baptist and Christian students attending the University, The purpose of the Fellowship Is twofold: to pr omote Christian fellowship and leadership among the Baptist- Disciple students and their friends, and to aid students In finding an intelligent and personal religion. NOT PICTURED: Baldwin, Lura Helgar, Roger Schillen. Barbara Beach. Ann Loomis. Laurel Schrader. Bill Berger. Richard Love, Robert Scotf. Loren Bond. Mary McHargue. Barbara Sherwood, Clara Booker. Martha Morgan, Arthur Stannard. Ray Clinton. Glenn Morgan. Avery Stevenson, Betty Eckton. Wallace Reeder, Joyce Stoutenberg. Delbert Fahringer, Richard Roff. Huberf Wahlin. Mort 469 B ' NAI B ' RITH HILLEL FOUNDATION maur:ce levin ACTING DIRECrOR SUSAN SEAMAN ASSISTANT TO THE DIRECTOR The B ' nai B ' rith Hillel Foundation at the University of Washington Is a unit of the National Organization devoted to Religious, Cultural and Personal Service among Jewish students at Colleges and Universities. It was organized at the University of Washington as a full Foundation In March 1941. B ' nai B ' rith has sponsored Hillel since 1923. Today It maintains Foundations and Counselorshlps In 201 Colleges and Universities In the United States, Canada, Cuba and Israel. TIANNE PARIS President 1951 Student Assistant to the Director 1952 SAM ZARKIN President 1952 Members of the Hillel Student Council pictured at a regular weekly Student Council Meeting, around the circle: Bernie Schwarz, Vice President and Alpha Epsllon PI Representative, Mark Pcha, Sigma Alpha Mu Representative, Sam Zarkin, Presi- dent, Merrick Kotcheck, Jeanne Beneviste, Independent Representative, Mr. Maurice Levin, Acting Director, Jerry Rogoway, Evelyn Ketzlach, Student Secretary, Sue Seaman, Secretary to the Director, Art Klein, Zeta Beta Tau Representative, Sunny Stone, Alpha Epsllon Phi Representative, Jerry Bridge, Inclependent Representative. Missing from the picture are Nate Grossman, Treasurer, and Gary Grunen, Phi Sigma Sigma Representative. CALVIN CLUB Allen, Drucilla Allen, Glenna Allen. Sharon Ahlberq, Lloyd Anderson, Chuck Anderson, Carol Anderson, Don Anema, Grace Antovich. Darinka Appel. Ed Aslakson. Bob Auld. Katherine Baily, Wink Barbey, Mary Beck, Mary Ann Bell, Eileen Blackmore, Bertha Boehl. Jenny Bollinger, Mary Bonner. Joann Bradbury, Betty Bradlsh, Dick Brooks. Dan Brown. James Brown. John Bryan, Betty Bryan, Morgan Burnett. Bob Treasurer Carpenter, Lills Carter, Lorraine Chapman, Ted Chesney, Doug Clayton, Max Chapman, Kyle Cocks. Dorothy Coor. Dick Corey, Fred Cooper. Chloris Coryell, Natalie Crittenden, Chuck Crossley. Dave Cunningham, Joanne Cunningham, Pat Daike, Krene Oanly, Herb Darst, Lorraine Dawes. Mary Lou Denny, Dick Diener, Greta Diener. Paul Dolgner, Grace Donaldson, Elbert Deutch. Charles Devln. Dan Dorsey. Barbara DaIke, Marvin Dahlstrom, Delcia Eiseman, Jeanne Farra, Don Field, Jerry Fenson, Clyde FItisimmons, Roberta Flint, Julian Flower, Joanne Freese. John Fulkerson, Alice Gallotte. Dave Gates. Diane Gellatly, Sandra Gill, Margie Goodin, Miriam Graham. Ellen Graves, Barbara Graves, Shirley Greene. Laura Greene. Dick Greenway, Bob Griffin. Shirley Gwinn, Barbara Gwinn, Mary Hackett, John Hackett, Paul Hamilton, James Harlow, Dorothy Hawkins, Jim Hayland. Peggy Helwig, Dorothy Hill, Lou Hoffman, Delorls Holseth, Esther Howard, John Humpherles. Bill Ingraham, Betty Johnson, Bunny Johnson, Fred Johnson. Gordon Johnson. Lloyd Johnson. Ray Vice President Johnson, Ruth Johnston, Jim Jones, Bill Katsanls, Ted Kaufman. Don Kelly, Pat Kelly, Don King, Jerry Kinney, Olive Koehler, Mary Ellen Koopman, Dick Krueqer, John Lang. Jerle Laughbon, Lynn Secretary Lauer, Don Lawer. Jack Larson, Kenneth Lundy, Jo Ann Lorenson, Leonard Lewis, Rowena Lynn. Janice MacKay, Barbara MacQuarrle, Fran McBrlde, Mike McDowell, Charles McFarland, Bill McGunnlcle, Tom McLeod, Malcolm McJunkin, Ted McMorrls, Jean Maas. Carol Major, Joy Meekhof, Dave Meekhof. Don Merrick. Jean Metlin. Caroline Middeke, Faith Mitchell. Bev Mitchell, Sam Morgan, Marjorie Morrel. Joyce Morrill. Jack Morris, Bonnie Moneymaker, Barbara Moneymaker, Dave Moellendorf. Ted Morris, Mary Morrison. Bill Muldrow, Bill Muldrow, Jim Myers, Ed Myers, Kenneth Nard, Karleen Nave, Fred President Nordstrom. Gordon Norman, Marlene Nuelson, Jane Olsen, Margaret Partridge, Carolyn Pearson, Don Perrodln, Jack Piatt, George Postma, Virgil Prickett, Priscilla Pryor. Cecile Price, Dick Reat, Don Redky, Ed Rees, Dee Reese, Bert Rice, Mary Richardson. Howard Reekie, Elagrace Robertson. Joyce Robinson, Elizabeth Rolstad, Jeanne Rundqulst, Marilyn Sanderman, Mary Sarff. Joan SIford. Pat Simmons, Richard Smith, Dwight Smith, Gerald Snider, Monty Sorge, Jack Southard, Sheila Squire. Daniel Stahman, Dave Stiles, Ruth Storhoit, Joanne Strand, Ralph Stevens, Sally Sutherland, John Sutherland. Ruth Svane, Larry Swan, Dorothy Swenson. Jack Swisher, Ellen Symonds, Jim Timberlake, Wayne Tucker. Keith Tuttle. Jean Taylor, Jim Van Alten, Lloyd Van Swol, Lorraine Veatch, Fred Vick, Lou Waller. Lois Warlg. Robert Washburn. Betty Weideman, Jo White, Joannette Whittaker, Velma Whittakef, Wilma Wiibanks, Yvonne Williams, Betty Winn. Joan Wright, Priscilla Wylle, June Yoes. Yvonne Young. Jan Young, Pat Calvin Club members enter enthusiastically into the worit project at Neah Bay. Calvin Club, the collegiate group of the University Presbyterian Church, Is an active Christian organiza- tion with a growing membership of over 200. The main activities that capture the interest and enthusi- asm of the college students are: the Tuesday night dinners, the " sings, " the Bible studies, the Sunday services, work projects and socials, to mention a few. Everyone looks forward to the fall and spring con- ferences, the annual formal banquet, and the fun- flllcd summer activities. 470 CANTERBURY CLUB Thursday Noon Luncheon at Christ Church. The Council; Merril Babcock, Janet Elliot. May Paul (Vice President). Joan Boas. Nancy Dealey (on floor). Lois Crowe, Mary Lee Teigh (Treasurer). Dorothy Holder (on floor). Chaplain Cochran (standing), Ray Phillips (President). Lenore Holmquist (Secretary). The Canterbury Club is an organization of Episcopal stu- dents at the University of Washington. Its purpose is to provide an opportunity for students to receive the teach- ings and life oF Christ through prayer, study, service, giving, evangelism, and unity. This opportunity allows for Christian growth of the student as an individual and as a member of the corporate body of the church. The club has an able chaplain and advisor in the person of the Rev. Canon David R. Cochran, and an assistant advisor, Miss Merril Babcoclt. Both are engaged in full-tinne work with the Episcopal Students. Christ Church at East 47th and Brooklyn Avenue is the headquarters for the club. Membership is open to any student who is interested, and who is willing to participate in its activities. DELTA MU Delta Mu, an organization for Job ' s Daugh- ters, a Masonic order, was founded on the Wa shington campus in 1 945. This year, under the leadership of Jean Amsbaugh, Gamma chapter has provided a wide pro- gram of many activities and social life for its members. Curtis. Joanne Gilbertson. Laura Amsbaugh, Jean President Godfrey, lone Good. Carole Loser, Joan Rosenberg, Hilda Tarbill, Marikate Utnett. Myrna Weideman. Joanne NOr PICTURED: Brannen. Helen Birkeland, Evelyn Runnings, Gloria Rupea. Carole Wetherby. June Whitmore, Jackie 471 GAMMA DELTA Richardson, Chauncey President Cowan. Richard Eckardt, Ivan Flaherty, Carol Gelt man, Marilyn Handorf, Lala Heineman, Mildred Johnson, Earle Roslansky. John Senter, Clara Vogel, Robert LUTHER CLUB f Bcntion, Paul C. President Beti, Anita Beti. Evelyn Carlson, Carla Hacker. Thomas Hanich. Marilyn Hanson. Pearl Holm. Birgit Holm, Siqne Iverson, Arlene Jonson, Norman Kiemie, Siegfried Lind, Joanne Luther, Sally Magnason, Dick Nielson, Carol Odeqard, Eileen Scheibel, Ernest Swanson, Marilyn Tanner, Alice Zellmer, Ernest NOT PICTURED: Active Student Members Berry, Bernardlne Kinkade, Emmett Mettlcr, Ulrich Mundt, Mary Pasche, Ray Reinke, Mildred Associate and Graduate Members Duchow, Esther Eager, Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Glock, Lois Hilgenkamp, Esther Hillmann, Dick Hillman. A. L Koenig, Caroline Mundt, Doris Schattschneider, Betty Schelp, Mr. and Mrs. Don Schoennauer, Al Sperling, Lois Thorketson, Martha Trappe. James Gamma Delta, a Lutheran stu- dent organization on campus, was founded in 1946. The or- ganization ' s main purpose is to inculcate the Lutheran way of life. Meetings are held at Mes- siah Lutheran Church, located at 70th Avenue and 35th N.E. on Sunday evenings. It is also the aim of the organ ' zation to have a student house near the campus. NOT PICTURED: Bjornson. Henry Hendrickson, I. Brown, Mildred Jeter, Milton Colen, Bernice Lorentien, Joanne Dixon, Geraldine Pearson, John Elmquist, LeRoy Scholz, Johanna Friedlander, Delores Winder, Leona " Thy Lord is Truth " is the themo for Lutheran Student Associa- tions all over the country. Luther Club is one of 400 Lutheran Stu- dent groups on college and uni- versity campuses. Luther House is the center of many of the club ' s activities — noon lunch, Bible studies,, Thursday noon meditations, and Friday night socials, as well as always being open for fun and fellowship, study and serious dis- cussions. The Sunday evening supper meetings, the highlight of the week, are held at the University Lutheran Church, in- clud ' ng worship, speakers and discussion. A graduate-student and faculty discussion group led by tho faculty members on their own field as It relates to Chris- tianity, has aroused enthusiastic responses. 472 CHRISTIAN SCIENCE ORGANIZATION Christian Science Organization at the University of Washington was formed in 1917 by seven students, guided by the provisions in The Mother Church Manual of Mary Baker Eddy. Then, ds today, the students v ere " consecrating themselves, their thoughts, words and actions to the service of humanity, and to the sacred course of Truth as taught in Christian Science. " The Organiiation ' s primary activity has always been its weekly religious meeting, which Includes testimonies oF healing through the applied understanding of Christian Science. These meetings are held In Eagleson Hall every Thursday evening of the school year, Including examination weeks, at 7:45. Students, faculty members and friends are also welcomed at the Organiiation ' s annual lecture, given by a member of the Board of Lectureship of The Mother Church, The First Church of Christ, Scientist In Boston, Massachusetts. The Organization student house at East 43rd and 15th Northeast was purchased in 1945 with the help of alumni and friends. At the House, students may read or borrow the Bible and the writings of Mary Baker Eddy, study their university work, eat their lunches, and enjoy satisfying friendships. The present structure Is soon to be replaced by a modern building which will provide adequate space for all Organization activities, including the Thursday evening meetings. 4305 IStli Ave. N.E. A shaded spot on 15th provides a pleasant " campus home " for Christian Science students and faculty members. The second-floor sun porch is a quiet, convenient place for study. One of the frequent student get-togethers at the House. 473 ORGANIZED HOUSE ASSOCIATION Kelm. Robert President East, Gordon Farrell, Donald Green. Richard Hanover, James Kotkins, Herbert Kovacs. Irene McNair, Stephen Moran, Paul Noble, David Orr, Dwiqht Pure Leroy Thoreson, Laverne Vdlicoff. Victor White, Houston Whitman, Homer PHI CHI DELTA NOT PICTURED. HowjOn. Clifford Johnson, Robert McCune. Joe Weber, James The University Organized House Asso- ciation was organized in the spring of 1950 to negotiate annual contracts for the collective purchasing by fraternities and sororities of products and services. Its aims also include inculcation of the principles of sound business practice in chapter finance, and the exchange of information and ideas. Morgan, Marjory Rader, LaVerne Scott. Evelyn Hall. Patty President Anslow, Lois Fllckenqer, Rutfi Holladay, Gloria Home. Ardlth Loser, Joan Mlliison. Beverley Phi Chi Delta ' s purpose is to aid in de- veloping the individual lives of its mem- bers through activities grouped under the general headings of social, social service, missionary education and home- building. The founders of Phi Chi Delta were in- terested in drawing together Presby- terian women interested in the work of their church. Membership is open to both independent and sorority women of Pres- byterian religious preference. NOT PICTURED: Anderson, Annette Quimby, Oramon Anderson, Phyllis Schear. Barbara Baer, Gladys Scott, Shirley Bethea, Betty Stenvall, Vivian Cook, Dorothy Vdlender, Carol Desch, Joann Wesner. Lynn Magnuson, Mary Yamashia, Fumi 474 KAPPA PHI NOT PICTURED: Bradihaw, Nancy Brohdmtr. Cordlyn Cdmpbell, Shirley Corirjjcs, Joiephine Ddvis, Peggy Deye, M. Jo Foote. Clard Kirsop. Jedn Larson. Jeannine Mawr, Marquerlte Milburn, June Minnick, Maiyne Snyder, Eloite Tennant. Janice Willlston. Anne Adami. Shirley, So. Arbak. Elvalene. Jr. Bacon. Marilyn. Jr. Baker. Jacqueline, Sr. Johnto.i. Ma ' iiv " Si- President Baker. Joyce, Jr. Beard. Barbara, So. Bianco. Lolj, Sr, Bird, Betsey. So. Blainey. Sylvia, Jr. Bullock, Carol, Sr. Chase, Shirley, Fr. Cooper, Georgia, Fr. Corthell. Eleanor, So Dean. Barbara, Sr. Garner, Marilyn, So. Giddfelter, Jo Ann, Sr. Glass, Merrillann. Fr. Glasscock, Hope, Fr. Griffin, Marian, Sr. Hager, Marilyn, So. Hein. Shirley, So. Hester, Patricia. Fr. Hutchins. Carolyn, Sr. Johnson, Ruby, Jr. Johnson. Sally. Sr. Knight, Marietta, Fr. Layson, Marilyn. Fr. Marberger, Marjorie. Jr Murakam, Momoko. Jr. Nobol, Lorna. So. O ' Neill, Sally, Fr. Oft, Janet. Fr. Pease, Vcrlene. Jr. Phelan, Sharon, Sr. Pomroy. Rayda, So. Raver, Lois, Jr. Rotous, Helen, Fr. Simon. Shirley, So. f w t vm tZm ' I f? 9 3 f +h IS Stark, Patricia. So. Thompson. Jean, Jr. Van der Wei. Gertrude, Fr Weiger, Donna. Jr. Wllliami. Eliiabeth, So. Kappa Phi Is a national organization for Methodist college women. The aim o group, " every Methodist v oman In the university world today a leader in the church of tomorrow, " is achieved by Individual participation in a variety of spiritual, cultural, and social activities. The club holds regular dinner meetings In Wesley House. At this time devotional services and programs in keeping with the themes are given. Social evenings are planned for other evenings throughout the year. On two Sundays during the year Kappa Phi, in conjunction with Wesley club, sponsors the morning services at the University Temple. All members go to church together and student speakers replace the regular sermon. 475 WESTMINSTER CLUB 1, Holladdr, Gloria President Anslow, Lois Braun. Marlene Hdtl. Patricid Lewis, Rowena Lokken. Jean Loser, Joan Marken. Ruth Marks, Nancy Millison. Beverly Moore, William Orup. Hans NOT PICTURED: Anderson. Edgar Anderson. Harold Anderson. Janette Baer, Gladys Balllnger, James Bethea. Bettye Bettis. Mary Ann Cady. Cart Clarke, John Constable. Marjorie Cullins, Gregory Cunningham. Patricia Desch, Jo Ann Ferguson, Robert Franklin. Kathleen Harvey, Fred Home, Ardith Johnson, Gordon Krueger. John Lundberg, Ellnore Lundgren, Roy Madison. Vernon Malone, Patricia McNabney, Richard Millison, David Monteith, Lee Noyes, James Rader, LaVerne Reeves, Richard Scott, Evelyn Siddons, Gordon Parker, Allan Parker, Jean Phelps, Wendell Richardson, Howard Schear, Barbara Scott, Shirley Sellappah, Sivalingam Smith. Betty Smith, Lynwood Stenvall, Vivian Symons, Thomas Vallender, Carol Wenger, Carol Wesner, Lynne Wilson, John Zelger, William Westminsfer Club strives to serve all Presbyferlan students on the University campus. The club ' s mofto, " Your home away from home, " Is a goal for which all members aim. Weekly activities include a Sunday eve- ning fireside, Bible class meetings on Tuesday, Thursday noon meetings held on the campus, and weekend parties. Membership is open to any students in- terested In this program. IN APPRECIATION From behind the editor ' s desk, publishing the TYEE sometimes looks pretty impossible, but we made it and the credit belongs to all those whom I found to be just as interested in meeting deadlines, being accurate and putting out a good-looking book as I was. For all their help and suggestions as well as correcting my mistakes, I want to thank the people at the Frayn Printing Co., especially DARRELL TAYLOR and MORT FRAYN, and STEVE and DICK LEE of Sterling Engraving. This book is theirs, too. To Mulholland Studio, for all the trouble I caused them and for their efforts to include everyone in the book — thanks. CLYDE ROBINSON found time to give Invaluable assistance in spite of his other publications and his newfound matrimonial duties — thanks, Clyde. To Business Manager, JIM POWER, whose new system of indexing cuts the amount of time and work on that sec- tion almost in half, we owe a great deal. The Recreation theme was supported by the Seattle Chamber of Commerce, Greater Seattle, BOB and IRA SPRING, the Seattle Times and P.-l., and many interested students. To " Corny " ROOT, BILL STALEY, TOM COHEN, and the rest of the photo staff for coping with the never-ending assignments and enlargement orders, and to JIM SNEDDON for his cooperation — orchids as well. 476 For a professional cover job and advice on the art work, thanks goes to ART HANSEN, a veteran of the 1950 TYEE, and for sec- tion pages and handlettered heads artists DAVE STARR, WILLARD PARKER, and JOY JACKSON deserve credit. But most of all, you who read this book and I have the members of the staff to thank — especially those who not only did a terrific job on their sections, but finished up others as well — BILL KNIGHT, photographer and Sports Section Editor; LAUREL LUND, staff comedienne and Organizations Editor; JOAN SMITH, with a large staff to coordinate and countless layouts; SHAWN NIMS, who gave me sympathy as well as the best Seasonal Activities Section in many years; that hard-working pair, ELAINE KIRTLAND and ANN DAVIS, responsible for Seniors and Schools and Colleges, and many smaller unglorious jobs; and fellows in the Sports Section like DREW MILLER and JIM HENNES, who were really interested in making their sections the best; and FLORABEL KEY, our office manager who not only " managed " but did so much of the office work herself. To these and others which space doesn ' t allow me to include, thanks and congratulations on your book. Peggy Mace Editor WESLEY CLUB OFFICERS Hjyward, Richdrd President Lucdt, Evan Martin. Sherwood Arbdk. Evie Oiborne. Norm Vice-President Recording Secretdrv Correipondinq Secretary Treasurer NOT PICTURED: Ddvii, Peqq Logen. Marilyn Shafer. Dick Spence. Malcolm Tennant. Janice Williams. Betty Ann WIHiiton. Ann COUNCIL Sponsored by the Methodist Church, Wesley Club Is a student organization that brings students together to share common convictions and concerns in the quest for Christian living. Membership includes both men and women and is affiliated on campus with the Campus Religious Council, Kappa Phi, and Wesley House, resident group. The program during the year includes Sunday Evening Firesides, religious dis- cussion groups, the weeUy coffee hour, student-led Chapel services, weekend social events, and Student Sunday at the University Methodist Temple. Wesley Club facilities are open for the use of all students and student groups. Bacon. Mdrilyn Fowler, Mary Garner, Marilyn Greenitreet, Vernon Hamitton, Bill Larson, Jeanine Rdvor Lois Schaefer, Don Shelton, Gloria Simon, Shirley Speece, Daymond Stark. Pal Thompson, Jean Turnnan, Ralph Vogtiin, Ann 477 INDEX Aakervik. Martin R.. 287 Aaron. Joseph, 49 Abair. Floyd. 447 Abbey. George L., 50. 237. 238. 293. 410 Abbev. Kenneth. E.. 397 Abbey. Robert. 446 Abbott. Barbara J.. 350 Abbott. Dale L.. 374 Abel. Douglas H.. 374 Abel. Robert. 24 Aberge. Carrol L.. 50. 380 Abernathy. Harlan. 447 Able. Robert. 375 Abrescia. Leonard. 309. 446 Absher. Thomas R.. 242. 408 Achelbein. Doris. 465 Ackerman. Betty L.. 191, 348 Ackerman. Gale J.. 366 Adair. Fred. 312 Adams. Charle. ' i C. 414 Adams. Donald R.. 50. 408 Adams. Edwin. 25. 372 Adams. Ernestine K.. !J0 Adams. Jackie M.. 342 Adams. John F.. 50. 392 Adams. Kay. 465 Adams. Lester. 443 Adams. Marlenc M.. 465 Adams. Ned. 123 Adams. Riik C.. 50. 125. 126. 263. 392 Adams. Shirley H,. 475 Adams. Vernon. 318 Adams. Wendy E.. 350 Adams. William. R.. 364 Adamson. Myra. 432 Affleck. James. 190. 311. 408. 458 Agar. Hilda. 297 Agar. James D.. 316. 396 Asee. Lucille. 343 Agnew, Coreen J.. 348 Agnew, Mary L.. 348 Agranoff. Efrem Z., 358. 404 Agranoff. Miriam. 425 Agtaras. Mildred S.. 50 Ahearn. John J.. 50. 315 Ahlberg. Lloyd. 470 Aho. Keijo. 447 Aiken. Jerrv 229. 366 Ainslie. Hugh W.. 50. 418 Aker. Gerald. 268. 311 Albano. Ray F.. 364 Albaugh. Edgar. 4.59 Albert. Douglas. 49 Albrecht. Andreas. 302 Albrecht. Charlotte A.. 465 Albrecht. William R.. 220. 225. 226. 454 Alexander. Daniel W.. 50. 390 Alexander. Howard. 447 Alexander. Margaret. 298 Alhadcff. Bettv 50. 288 Alksne. John F.. 364 Allan. Barbara L,. 349 Allen. Arthur G.. 410 Allen. Barbara A.. 280. 348 Allen, Bill E.. 50. 371 Allen. Carol. 337 Allen. Dick G.. 126. 392 Allen. Drucilla. 470 Allen. Everett H.. 50 Allen, Frank E., 46. 314. 441 Allen. Glenna. 470 Allen. Harrv. 302 Allen. J.ihn! 302 All-n. Marilvn J.. 191. 280. 337. 348 Allen, Peggy L.. 118, 274, 280, 345 Allen. Raymond. 25, 130, 150, 181. 286 Allen. Sharon. 470 Allen. Tony A.. 390 Allen. V.ra. 424 Allen. William. 447 Allendoerf. Dr. Carl. 31 Allison. C. Jay. Jr.. 50. 237 295 Alli.son. Jerry L.. 239. 295. 360 Allison, Richard, 384 Allison, Thomas L., 311, 394 Alloin. Jacques L,. 50, 414 Allyn, Richard, 50. 318, 440 Almel..h. Dave. 404 Alm.-l.-h. Lucille. 338 Altinuis. Juanita. 50 Altkinson. F.L ,. 446 Altman, Pete, 446 Alton, Lloyd L,. 109. 110. 359 Alway. Dolores W.. 428 Alyea. Lorene. 289 Amabe, Emiko. 50. 317. 324 Amende. James W.. 241. 396 Ames. Harry A.. 376 Ames. Robert K.. 384 Ames. Sharon. 353 Amon. Irving. 362 Amos. Helen M.. 436 Amsbaugh. Jean. 289. 346. 471 Amundson. Charles I.. 406 Amundson. Merle H.. 50. 394 Anacker. Robert L.. 287 Andersen. Birthe S.. 349 Andersen. Doris L.. 354 Andersen. E. Jerry. 309. 358 Andersen. Robert E.. 394 Anderson. A. Kenne. 50. 402 Anderson. Allen. 306. 386. 467 Anderson. Anita K. . 349 Anderson. Annette. 474 Anderson. Arlene. 366 Anderson. Arthur W.. 408. 447 Anderson. Barbara. 348 Anderson. Bennett D. . 397. 443 Anderson. Betty Ann. 431 Anderson. Bonnie. 442 Anderson. Carole J.. 337. 470 Anderson. Charles L. R,, 397, 470 Anderson. Clarence R., 50. 112 314. 316. 317. 323. 382. 396 Anderson. Dave, 402 Anderson, Don, 23. 25. 470 Anderson. Don L.. 368 Anderson. Donald R., 50, 410 Anderson, Donald M., 414 Anderson, Edgar, 476 Anderson, Elinor L.. 341 Anderson. Eugene C. 50. 394. 397. 457 Anderson. Evelyn L.. 30. 336 Anderson. Gene L.. 50. 227. 234 Anderson. Gerald. 316 Anderson. Geri. 50. 65. 121. 147. 1.52. 176. 292. 347. 459 Anderson. Gilbert W. Sr.. 369 Anderson. Gordon L.. 295. 321. 378 Ander.son. Graham S. , 311, 388 Anderson, Harold F., 46. 302. 459. 476 Anderson. Helen V.. 50, 313, 330, 353 Anderson, Henry, 306, 448 Anderson, Jack B.. 265. 394 Anderson. Janette. 476 Anderson. Jean R.. 50. in. 106. 189. 280. 347. 431 Anderson, Jeff, 346 Ander.son. Jerry. 370 Anderson. John D. , 287 315, 325, 374, 410 Anderson. Joyce M.. 119. 350 Anderson. Karl E.. 366 Anderson Kenneth R.. 50. 226. 232. 237. 394 Anderson. Laurel. 465 Anderson. Mari ' ee. 353 Anderson. Martin M.. 157. 228. 295. 414. 458, 461 Anderson, Mary L., 50, 325, 339, 423, 445 Anderson, Nancy L, , 119, 335, 350. 425 Anderson. Norma L. . 314 Anderson. Patricia. 316 Ander.son. Paul E.. 311. 398 Anderson. Phyllis J.. .50, 349, 431. 474 Anderson. Robert L.. 316. 394. 396. 414 Anderson. Rod C 414 Anderson. Roger. 302 Ander.son. Shirley E.. .50. 289. 351. 428 Anderson, Ted O., 388 Anderson. Thomas. 302 Anderson. Ture. 412. 454. 456 Anderson. Vernor. 402 Anderson. Wni., 310. .374. 416. 458 Andrews. Arleen. 437 Andrews. Jack S.. 364 Andrews. Leslie. 302 Andrews. Mark F.. 359 .■ ndrews. Nick D. . 50 Andrews. Robert J.. 50. 313 Anema. Grace. 470 Angle. Grant A.. 50. 192. 359 An.schell. Grove. 467 Anschell. Sydney. 338 Anslow. Lois. 474. 476 Antes. Alex E.. 51. 363 Anton. Myron. 401 Antovick. Darinka. 470 Apeland. Homer D.. 217. 366 Apostolou. Marria. 349 Appel. Ed. 470 Apsitis. Ed. 264 Aral. Don. 449 Arbak. Elvalene. 429. 475 477 Arndt. Ardythe. 349 Arneson. James. 306 Ardrey. Gertrude. 437 Are. Andi. 322 Arensberg. Richard A.. 404 Arestad. Dr. Sverre. 32 Argo. Lila. 137 Aririia. James. 449 Arkell. Bob. 113. 392 Armfield. Reginald L.. 51. 318 Armitage. James. 310 Armitage. Tressie M.. 278. 329. 465 Armour. Gary K.. 383 Arms. John. 440 Arms. Winthrop K.. 440 Armstrong. Fred W.. 371 Armstrong. Jerome. 382 Armstrong. Luella. 275 Armstrong. Marilvn. 176 Arn. E. H. Robert. 447 Arndt. Ardvthe. 117 Arndt. Bert. 311 Arneson. James L.. 448 Arness. Carl. 315 Arno. Norman L. . 358. 396 Arnold. Robert C. Arnold. Stanley I. 314 Arnold. Wilson O. Arnt. Bert. 440 Arrington. James R.. 110. 440 Arthur. Marilvn. 342 Artus. Joan L.. 354 Asahina. Mae S.. 46. 426 Ashby. Richard J.. 383 Ashdown. Fred M., 406 Ashe, Marian, 192, 427 Ashworth. Joe H., 51 Aslakson. Robert H,, 311 414. 470 Ask. Charles W.. 358. 371 Asp. James H.. 386 .i spen. Marilvn L.. 348 Astel. George B.. 185 A-tel. George B.. 383 Ales. Junice V.. 347 Atherton. Billie. 276. 2S0. 424 Atherton. Edward H.. 109. 119 394 Atkinson. Ross T.. 384 Attebery. James. 311 Atterbury. Jim. 393 Atwater. Nancv J.. 350 . uda. Daniel. 401 August. George. 196 Augustine. Deirdre. 118. 121. 123. 3.50 Augustine. Webster. Jr.. 51. 3.57. 376 Auld. Katherine. 470 . use. Orval. 51. 446 Austin. Alan F.. 51. 120. 147. 148. 416 Austin. Charles W.. 311. 386 Austin. James. 458 Austin. Phil. 386 Austin. Ru.s.sell A., 310, 360 Austin, WiUara 296, 441 Autor. Kent, 448 Axel.son. Avis. 321 51. 378 51. 378 B Babcock. Barbara A.. 337 Babcock. Merrill. 471 Backand. Joan. 109 Back. Sangho. 314 Backer. Fred R.. 420 Backlund, Carl V,, 51. 386 Backlund. Doris. 51. 431 Backman. Donald. 228. 310. 389 Backschies. Margaret L. . 191. 337 Bacon. Frank M.. 378 Bacon. Marilvn H.. 297. 429. 475. 477 Badda. Lucille. 176 Bader. Sid J.. 420 Badgley. Carole. 350 Badgley. Franklin. 302 Badgro. Morris. 218 Baer. Gladys. 423. 474. 476 Bagley. Delores. 175. 316 Bahnsen. Dixie. 437 Baich. Walter G.. 444 Bailey. Abbie. 432 Bailey. Lawrence. 311. 366 Bailev. Merrill. 315 Bailey. Bill. 232 Bailly. John R.. 270. 406 Baily. Wink. 470 Bain. Katherine. 353 Bain. Margaret L.. 353 Baine. Nancy E.. 341 Baiocchi. Charlene. 464 Bair. Darthea H.. 51. 321 Baird. Jean E.. 294. 353 Baird. Roger. 223. 224. 225. 227 291 Baird. William D.. 51. 266. 376. 406. 419. 440 Baker. Art J.. 364 Baker. Dix W.. 366 Baker. Duane. Ill Baker. Ed. 194 Baker. Earle M.. 388 Baker. Eleanor J.. 191. 335. 347 Baker. Jacqueline. 51. 475 Baker. John D.. 311. 372 Baker. Marilyn J.. 344 Baker. Joyce E.. 429. 475 Baker. Thomas M.. 406 Baker. Thomas R., 311, 458 Bakcwell. John M,, 320, 413 Bakkala, Richard, 448 Bakke. Kjell M., 256, 2.57. 440. 468 Balcom. Ralph C. 372 Balcunas. Doris L.. 349 Baldwin. Donald W.. 255. 311. 320. 416 Baldwin. Lura. 469 Baldwin. Sallv. 347 Bale. Dick R.. 51. 71. 239. 293. 312. 356. 402. 454 Bales. Marion E.. 336 Ball. Richard. 110 Ballantine. Charles. 301 Ballard. Peggy. 119. 281. 337 Ballasiolis. George. 438. 443 Ballew. Joseph. 51. 374 Ballinger. James. 468. 476 Ballinger, Richard H., 383 Ballo, John. 314. 328 Balser. Richard. 306 Balser. Richard A.. 443 Baltha.ser. Maribeth E.. 51. 88. 186. 190. 292. 327. 313 Banerjee. Amiva. 318 Bank. Sandra. 51. 339 Banks. Henry P.. 380 Baravasaira. Louis. 448 Barbee. Gale D.. 311. 386. 458 Barber. Hartley E.. 358, 400 Barber. Leo G.. 46. 396 Barber. Maryann C. 342 Barber. Wm. F.. 51. 288. 296. 312. 462 Barbero. Charles. 446 Barbev. Mary R.. 344. 470 Barclav. Ronald. 295. 389 Bard. Burton E.. 311. 394 Barger. Jeanette C.. 111. 294. 3!fl Barger. John E.. 51. 288, 301 Bargreen. Sharon L.. 344 Barker. Janet. 1C9. 350 Barker. John N.. 51. 325. 374 Baiker. Phillip. 287 Barker. Stuart D.. 229. 376. 457 Barkay. Victor. 319 Barlow. Mariorie E.. 274. 281. 329. 445. 450 Barlow. Rivella. 338 Barocchi. Charlene. 278 Barnard. Alan. 444 Barnard. Ronda D.. 111. 112. 281. 354 Barnes. Gordon. 418 Barnes. Joan R.. 426 Barnes. Susanne. 426 Barnes. Ward P.. 406 Barnett. Edna L.. 337 Barnett. Elizabeth. 121 Barnett. Patricia . nn. 445 Barnette. Mark J.. 412. 469 Barnhouse. Willis C. 317. 323 374 Barone. Vince A.. 229. 395 Barquist. Pauline. 427 Barr. Eric L.. 23 Barr. Kenneth J., 51. 320. 380 Barr. Roger. 366 Barr. Ted G. . 306. 366 Barrere. William E.. 51. 366 Barrett. Gary. 85. 327 Barrett. John. 235. 366 Barrett. Richard. 51. 327. 368 Barrow. C. Joan. 51. 298. 344 Barrow. Wally. 414 Bart. Robert E.. 51 Bartell. George H.. 301. 323 Bartfield. Joan. 424 Barthell. W. Burr. 370 Barton. Charles W.. 317, 323 Barton. Gilbert. 443. 459 Barton. Thomas B.. 380 Barwick. Tom. 242. 243 Ba.s.sett. Halcyon L.. 355 Bastida. William. 446 Batchelder. Beverlv. 346 Batchelder. Carol J.. 111. 341 Bates. James. 287. 302 Bates. Stephen C. 366 Batey. Marjorie. 427 Batie. Harriett. 298 Batschi. Jerry A.. 414 Batterton. Richard. 293 Battin. Robert W.. 51. 308. 3S4 Bauer. Barbara L.. 344 Bauer. Eugene. 302 Bauer. Harry L.. 23. 25. 302 Bauer. Wolfred 51. 446 Baugh. Peggy R.. 111. 116. 117. 121. 294. 350 Baumgardner. Harry. 443 Eaunigarten. Anne E.. 335. 355 Baunsgard. Keith A.. 266. 372. 455 Bauscus. Frederick H.. 462 Baumsted. Karen. 459 Bayh. Wilfreda J.. 278. 329 Bayliff. William. 448 Beach. Ann. 469 Beachner. William F.. 378 Beal. Barbara A.. 341 Beall. Elizabeth. 437 Beard. Barbara. 475 Beard. Chester L.. Jr.. 230. 378 Beardsley. James. 457 Bcarg. Grace K. . 51. 445 Beariault. Douglas. 397 Beaton. John. 447 Beatty. Bruce A.. 374 Beattv. Earl. 51. 315 Beatty. Harry. 392 Beaufort. John 459 Beaver. Helen L.. 345. 424 Bechtol. Chuck. 202 Beck. Joanne. 346 Beck. Marlene G.. 275. 277. 336 Beck. Marv Ann. 343. 470 Beck. Richard E.. 414 Beck. Robert L.. 51. 185. 438. 450 Beck. Ruth. 298 Beck. Theodore. 302. 446 Becker. Charles H.. 443 Becker. Dale. 377 Becker. Rolfe A.. 51. 106. 404 Becknian. Kent M.. 229. 264. 320. 413 Beckman. Marvin. 306 Beckman. Robert 447 Bed.janian. Vartan. 181 Bedtanian. Vartan M.. 46. 448 Beech. Daisy. 112 Beery. Richard L.. 311 Beezer. Rose J.. 337 Behar. Albert D.. 362 Behar. Beverlv A.. 91. 114. 117. 121. 294. 338 Behar. Salvo D.. 420 Belben. Marjorie R.. 51. 321. 466 Belcher. Helen 298, 32l Belcoe. Elvin. 388 Bell, Eeverlv L,. 344 Bell. Don L.. 51. 350 Bell. Eileen. 470 Bell. Robert. 232. 242 Bell Shirlev. 95. 428 Bellamv. Fave. 51. 431 Belleman Guv. 262. 309 Rellew. Marv Beth. 342 Below. Charles O.. 384 Belz. Eugene. 447 Bement. Peter R.. 107. 314. 418 Bement. Robert K.. 229. 360 Bender. Nancy. 174 Bender. Nat B.. 51. 368 Bender. Roberta E.. 352 Bendetto. John. 446 Beneviste. Jeanne. 470 Benjamin. Donald. 306. 440 Benjamin. George D.. 52. 307 Benjamin. Lloyd D.. 122. 271. 414 Benjamin. Theresa. 437 Bennett. Donald. 378 Bennett. Edward R.. 241. 295. 312. 394. 454 Bennett. Elizabeth Ann. 428 Bennett. Phillip L.. 376. 456 Bennett. Stanley H.. 41 Bennett. Warren L.. 310. 356. 390 Benoit. John. 306 Eenoit. John W.. 52. 288. 300. 301. 302. 315. 319. 448 Benshoof. Ilene L.. 278. 329. 425. 459 Benson. Arlene Y.. 119. 340 Benson. Charles T.. 52. 422 Benson. John L.. 328. 412 Benson. Menitt D.. 378 Benson. Nancy S.. 52. 353 Benson. Norman H.. 402 Bensussen. Isaac. 52. 324. 446 Bentley. Frances M.. 287 Bentson. Paul C. 52. 472 Benueniste. Rae. 352 Benzon. George L. W.. 52. 384. 457 Berdan. Donald G.. 52. 363 Berecson. Marvin. 420 Berentson. Duane. 217 Berg. Donald R.. 52. 267. 308. 406 Berg. Jon. 447 Berg. Robert. 52. 324 Berger. Carol L.. 122. 353 Berger. Elaine. 352 Berger. Richard. 469 Bergeron. Clifford. D.. 384 Bergerson. Jimmie L.. 189. 458 Berggren. Patricia L.. 349 Bergh. Arne. 226. 270. 454 Bergh. May. 337 Berglund. R. Martin. 52. 410 Bergman. Robert D.. 416 Bergstedt. Virgil. 447 Berken. Joan. 432 Berkley. Patricia. 424 Berlat. Marlene A.. 352 Eerman. Lawrence. 447 Bermejo-zomudio. Alejandro. 52. 446 Bernard. Ann W.. 348 Berni. Michael F.. 52. 394 Bernoski. Dorothv J.. 442 Berntsen. Dean W.. 306. 438. 440 Eerquist. Charles M., 366 Berrier. Billy G.. 401 Berry. Bernadine. 112. 117. 426. 472 Berry. Dick. 422 Berrv. James L.. 443 Berrv. Phvllis J., 355 Berrvman, Bettv V.. 345 Berson. Robert F,, 52 Berson. William. 390 Eerst. Bob. 52. 392 Berst. Charles. 392 Bersten. Dean. 468 Bertils. Maralvn J.. 341 Beseda. Marlene G.. 442 Be.sselin. Marvlin J.. 431 Eethea. Eettye, 474. 476 Bettis. Marv Ann. 476 Belts. Arthur. 400 Belts. Newton R.. 52 Betz. Anita M.. 116. 122. 355. 472 Betz. Evehn C. 152. 355. 467. 472 Bevan. Donald. 302 Bianco. Lois Malie. 52. 322. 475 Biccuni. Frank M.. 52. 296. 307. 312 Eickmore ' . Ellen Joy. 301 Eickm.ire. Jov. S24. 425 Biddle. Nancy. 341 Bidleman. Beverly. 427 Eierlein. Theo. 302 Bierman. Lawrence. 448 Bieelow. Georgia B., 110. 336 Bigge. Lou Ann. 52. 185. 186. 355. 469 Eigley. Charles P.. 374 Bihlman. Georgene. 46, 426, 459 478 Bilan. Norma. 424 Bill. Lois D.. 281. 355 Billington. Don E.. 52. 372 Bing. Toshimitsu. 449 Bingham. Donna G.. 337 Bingham, Merrill. 414 Binsfield. Harvey D.. 311. 448 Binum. Taucgu . 446 Bird. Betsey L.. 116. 122. 295. 322. 344. 475 Birkeland. Evelyn. 289. 340. 471 Birkeland. Ivar. 93. 228 Birks. Bill K.. 359 Bishop. Daniel. 308 Bishop. Donald E.. 422 Bishop. Robert A.. 52. 301. 317 Bixler. Janet. 427 Bjerke. Eugene A.. 364 Bjodstrup. Frank A.. 438. 446. 456 Bjnrkstam. Les. 52 Bjornson. Henry. 472 Black. Amos R.. 397 Black. Barbara B.. 112. 114. 116. 121. 123. 294, 354 Black. George E.. 222. 408. 454 Black. Ray 390 Black. Walter R.. 295 Black. Walter R,, 307, 414 Blackburn. John R.. 52, 410 Blackmore, Bertha, 470 Blackwood, Helen. 105 Blager. Morton. 362 Blainey. Sylvia J.. 475 Blair. Barbara P.. 337 Blanas. Catherine. 355 Bland, Edward L.. 126. 386 Blank. Dick. 443 Blaser. Dora. 427 Blatz. Car! G.. 287 Bledsoe. Eleinor O.. 339 Bleese. Verle M.. 52, 317, 323 Blethen, Joan M.. 341 Blilie. A. Duwavne. 447 Bline, Ray A. 363 Bliss. Dawn C. .52. 297 Block. A. E.. 299. 439. 468 Blohm, Ralph, 52, 308, 364 Blomberg. Alice C, 52. 437 Bloom. James N.. 357. 408 Bloom. Ronald E.. 408 Bloomer. Donna L. . 52. 74. 103. 107. 117 288. 292. 298. 423. 426 Blowers. Paul 217 Blumenfield, Irv. 25 Blumenthal, Joseph, 52, 420 Blunt, Kim, 422 Blu. ' f .tein, Maurice. 362 Blusztejn, Ma, , 362 Rlye, Carol. 346 Blyth, Ron M.. 361 Bosis, Joan, 471 Bobrow, Pat. 21 Boddington. Rodney 49 Bo.ek. Albert J., .52, .308, 394 Bock, Fred N,, 52, 357. 388 Bode. Carl. .52. 264. 439, 456 Bode, Kathryn L,, 95, 1.50, 426 Bodine, Donn A,, 374 Bodinger. John E.. 378 Bodtker. Willard. 49 Bndzek. Mirian. 425 Boehl. Jenny. 470 Boelter Edwin. 302 Boetticher. Nancy A.. 344 Bogh. Gary. 317 Boguch, Frieda. 52. 317 Boirue. Arnold. 52. 318. 448 Bohart. Milton H.. 224. 239. 406 454 Bohlin. William L., 91, 203 380 Bohn, Warren R., 446. 462 Boicourt. Galvin. 448 Boise. J. F.. 320 Bolan. Don. 52. 190. 269. 364 Bolger. Patricia A.. 348 RolL ' er. Ron. 4.59 Roling. Bill 462 Bollinger. Murv. 470 Bolst. Albert. .302 Bomsteiid. Karen, 311 Bond. Bud, 2B6 Bond. Gerald E.. 228. 295. .378 Bond. Mary. 428. 469 Bone. Jack. 302 Bonham. Bruce H.. 52. 306, 324 Bonnar, JoAnn E., 294, 313. 470 Bonner. Pauline R.. 343 Bonney. Oren 447 Booker. Martha. 469 Boone. Bill W.. 388. 457 Boone. Daniel. 53. 402 Boone. Gordy. 53. 402 Boone. Paul T.. 53 Boothe. G. Bruce. 312 Borchard. Lorna. 321 Borde. Phillip D.. 396 Borella. Bettie. 345 Borden. Richard F.. 404 Boren. Jim. 295 Boren. Phil. 451 Borgendale, Glen C. 347 Borgford. Thomas. 185. 186. 327 Bories. Henry. 420 Born. Bernice J.. 288. 289. 313. 436 Borough. Howard C. 53. 307. 459 Bosch. Calvin H.. 53. 186. 187, 314. 370 Bostick. Wallace M., 53, 240, 293, 390 Botfeld. Bernard, 314 Bothi-11, Dudley, 448 Bothcll, Ray, 448 Bottinelli, Fr,;nkie J,. 46. 313 432 Boucher. Billie J.. 53. 431 Bouchin. Varya. 465 Bouillon. Richard. 154 Boulton. Eleanor. 432 Bourlier. Leroy, 295, 306, 467 Bourne, Claire. 306 Bourne. James. 242. 243. 369. 454 Bovik. Lynn. 192. 348 Eowden. Allen. 49 Bowder. Jerry L.. 53. 299 Bowen. Bob. 319 Bowcn. William. 316 Bower. Joann P.. 465 Bowers. Barbara J.. 53. 349 Bowers. Don V., 311, 374 Bowers, Donna J., 53. 431 Bowman. Joan. 2S9, 316 Bovce, Richard H,, 53, 229, 306, 357, 372 Boyd, E. Sayre. 388 Boyd. Ida M.. 53, 428 Boyd, Neil, 228, 293 Boydston, Blair D,, 53, 300, 302. 318 Boye. James. 378 Boye. Nanette L.. 343 Boye. Robert. 309. 378 Boyer, Priscilla, 276, 278 Boyle, Charles, 306 Bovle, Charles, 448. 459 Boyne. Tim. 459 Boynton. James S., 53. 149. 193. 175. 194. 293. 327 402 Boy les. Donald R.. 380 Brace, Barbara, 53, 54. 103. 111. 116. 117. 121. 1.50. 290. 292. 334. 345 Brace. Donald. 422 Brace, Gordon N., 310, 406 Bracelin, Mary G., 339 Brachvogel, Max W,, 376 Brackett, Doreen L,, 116, 119, 294, 350 Bradbury. Betty. 470 Bradberry. Jerry. 317. 396 Bradford. Marilyn. 334. 335. 343 Bradish. Dick. 470 Bradley. Fennimore N.. 53. 448 Bradley. Mary L.. 53. 350 Bradshaw. Barbara A.. 329 424 Brad.ihaw, Kay. 298, 327 Bradshaw, Nancy, 475 Bradt. Rodney G.. 315. 443 Brady. Bill. 263. 271 Brady. Ed E.. 372 Brady. Gene A.. 53. 256, 257. 293. 366. 454 Brahamer. Coralyn. 465 Brainerd. Dolores A.. 3.50, 4.59 Bramhall, Douglas G.. 412 Brand. Tina. 53. 178. 292. 327. 421 Brandenberg. Rich. 389 Brandes, John H,, 396 Brandicourt. Claire M.. 46. 426 Brandner. Gary P.. 53. 185 397 Brandon. Harry E.. 386 Brandriff. Joyce. 346 Brandstrom. Betty A.. 53. 424 Brandstroni. John. 412 Bradt. Rodney. 306 Brannan. Helen M.. 464. 471 Brannian. Wm. N.. 422 Branstetter. Kenneth. 325 Brasen. Barbara M.. 464 Brashen. Marlene H.. 338 Braun. Marlene P.. 349. 476 Brauns. Elsa I.. 350 Bravender. David F.. 438. 440 Brav. John. 53 Brazier. Don H,, 53, 357. 390 Brazier. Tom S., 390 Breaklev. Edward. 446 Brechtei, Charles E,, 53 Bledsoe, Frank, 446 Bregger, Emily, 321 Brekke, Eugene N,, 53, 319, 325 Brennan, Mary A.. 445 Brennan, Pat D,, 337 Brenner, Patricia J.. 354 Breslich, Francis N,, S09. 360 Bretall, Ronald, 357, 422 Bretall, Waller G.. 360 Brett. Guilford H.. 386 Brever. Joanne. 185. 186 Brevik. Herb. 53. 402 Brewe. Walter E.. 53. 310. 394 Brewer. Glen. 321 Brewer. Philip. 302 Brewer, Robert, 414 Brewer, Walter. 112. 418. 458 Bridenstine. Marcia. 423. 425 Bridge. Jerry. 458, 470 Bridge, Robert L., 53, 308. 314. 470 Bridgers. Barbara. 345 Brier. M. R.. 194 Brier. Warren J.. 185. 306. 307. 327. 368 Briggs. Irving. 309 Briggs. Richard C 378 Briggs, Robert, 49 Brighani, Chuck. 239. 293 Bright. Ronald E.. 374 Brim. Gene. 443 Brim. Armand E., 53, 112, 306, 438 Brink, Daniel, 49 Brinker, Robert, 306 Brinker, Robert C 448 Brinkman, Pete, 402, 456 Bristol, Richard W., 53, 422 Britt, Dennis, 49 Brittell, Kenneth L., 53 Broadie, Wanda, 21 Brock, Charles H.. 53. 357 Brock. Edith. 321 Brock. Richard K.. 41S. 458 Brockman. C. Frank. 320 Brockman. Nicholas B.. 394 Brohamer. Carolyn. 475 Bronniche. Jan. . ' ?42 Brooke. Elizabeth A.. 53. 431 Brooke. Glenn. 416 Brooke. Janet O.. 344 Br(H)ker. Martha Jean. 355 Brookhyser. Byron B.. 446 Brooks. Dan. 470 Brooks. Edward. 314 Brooks. James. 302 Brooks. Marillyn J.. 463, 464 Brooks, Marjorie. 302 Brooks, Phyllis M,, 465 Brossard, Kenneth M,, 53, 325 Brothers, Lucille. 321 Brotherton. Curtis. 310 Brotman. Darvl M., 404 Broughton, John K., 443 Broulette, James, 314 Brounche, Jan, 111 Browder, E. Pay, ■t47 Brown, Allen K,, 360 Brown, Barbara, J,. 329, 345 347 Brown, Barbara J., 278, 329 Brown, Billings, 302 Brown, Billy M,, 424 Brown, Chester 4,59 Brown, Dale, 229 Brown, Daniel H,, Jr,. 287 Brown. Ed G., 39. 105 Brown, Edward J,, 46, 374 Brown, Floyd C. 53, 374 Brown. Frederick L., 123, 125. 358 365 4(in Brown. Gail E.. 306, 378. 400 Brown. Hilton. 4.56 Brown. Hobart. 316 Brown. Jack 194. 383 Brown. James. 316 47(1 Brown. Joan. 346. 460. 461 Brown. Joanne M.. 3 1 Brown. John L.. 53. 321. 170 Rrown. Kirk. 448 Brown. Larry E.. 49. 228. 418 Brown. Lucille S.. 427 Brown. Marilyn A.. 189. 341 Brown. .Mickey M., 320, 413 Brown, Mildri ' d. 118, 472 Brown, Nancy, 424 Brown, Philip S., 230. 422 Brown. Ramon. 49. 459 Brown. Robert L.. 311. 388 Brown. Romay. 343 Brown. Terence. 301. 302 Brown. Vincent. 446 Brown. Virginia, 114, 116, 122, 134, 176 Brown, Wm. C, 54 Brown, William F., 384 Brubaker, Jack A,, 462 Bruchman. John, 2 ' ZS. 270, 394 Bruhn, Stanley K., 54, 406 Brumbaugh. Ronald. 311. 320. 413 Brummitt. Charles W.. 54. 440 Bruner. Eileen D.. 431 Bruner, Russell E,. 54. 359 Brungard. Jackie M.. 463. 465 Brimhaver. William H.. 54, 408 Brunk. Earl E.. 406 Bruno. William. 448 Brunoff. Dave L.. 3J2. 447 Brunt. Pat M.. 337 Brunz. Marv. 186. 187 Brus, Beverly J., 337 Brus, Robert E., 418 Bryan, Allen, 401 Bryan, Betty, 342, 470 Bryan, Enoch M., 54 Brvah, Laurel, 353 Bryan, Morgan, 410, 470 Bryant, Imogene S., 54, 288 Bryant, Kathv J,, 150, 355 Bryant. Nancy L. , 341 Bryce, Barbara J., 120, 465 Bryon, Art, 320 Brvnestad, Kenneth, 320, 448 Brvnje, Lars O. , 54 Buchan, Allan, 366 Buchan, Barbara, 432 Buchanan, Garner H,, 443, 458 Buchanan, George, 443 Buchanan, John L,, 54, 320, 413 Buchanan, Joyce M., 354 Buchanan, Richard, 49 Buchanan, Violet, 466 Bucher, Hel. n L.. 117. 274. 278. 329. 445 Buchet. Donner D.. 378 105 Buck, Gaylord T., 366 Buck, John, 459 Buckingham, Thomas Buckley, Bob, 252 Buckley, Lawrence, 54, 318 Bucknell. Richard, 306. 318 Buell. Charles. 308 Buff. Elizabeth N.. 287 Buhler. Joan. 54. 354 Bukowskv. Marilyn. 297 Bull. Leland. 54 Buller. Suzanne A.. 348 Carol E.. 54. 297. 475 Bulmr-r. Ronald L.. 307. 376 Biiol. Melvin. 49 Bumstead. Roy. 447 Bunch. Sherill. 346 Bunker. Forrest. 185. 327. 447 Burbach. James C. 359 Burch. William J.. 311. 388 Burchard. Harold W.. ,54. 418 Burd. Henry A.. 39 Burdick. Richard W., 372 Burdue. Jesse L.. 54. 3.59 Burdue. William. 319 Burdu.-. William 54 Burg. Jerry C... 359 Burge. William. Jr., 306 Burge, Wm. F.. 54 Neil. 311. 320 Burk. Marsin D,. 54 Burke, Anita, 348 Burke, R,.nald R., 443 Burke, Sally, 442 Burke, Stanley, 307 Burke, Stanley J,. 54. 388 Burket. George. 448 Burkhart. Barbara. 316 Burkhart. Fred. 443 Burkhart. Phyllis E.. 346 Rurkheimer. Margaret R.. 3.53 Burkland. Slan .TOO Burleson, Derek L,, 54, 150, 443 Burlineame, Donna L, , 28 0, 339 Burneh, Bette, 338 Burni ' tt. Bob, 470 Bui ' nham. Richard C. . 414 Burns, Robert E.. 320. 386 Burr. Arthur L.. 54. 320 Burr. Marvin. 325 Burrell. Patricia A., 428 Burroughs, Vadine M,, 345 Burrows, Kenneth, 49, 269 Burrus, Carole D,, 54, 353 Bursett, Phillip S,. 378 Burwell, William R., 380 Busch, Jay M,, 414 Buscit, Castor, 446 Buseman, Ralph H,, 54, 357, 418 Busev, Ann, 54, 322 Bush, Fred, 4,54 Bush, Janice, 465 Bush, Margaret, 277, 459 Bush, Ronald, 311, 443 Bush, Thomas, 185, 186 Bush, William F., 366 Busse, Herman, 318 Bustamante, Leonardo, 320, 446 Buswell, Mvron C, 54 Butcher, Harry, 271, 448 Butler, Connie K,, 4r5 Butler, James C, 255, 309. 360 Butler. James K,. 397 Butler, John, 319 Butler, Marilyn N.. 243 Butler, Thomas, 360 Butterfield, Donald L., 462 Butterworth, Marilyn M,, 337 Butts, Jeanne M,, 353 Butzirus, Helen R,,3 47 Buzard, Kenneth, 448 Bvars. Wanda J., 54, 336 Bvrne. John, 302 Cadv, Carl. 476 Cadv, Howard H., 54, 378 Cahill, John, 228, 402 Gaboon, Gerry. 345 Cain. Joe C. 388 Cain. Mary E.. 54 353 Caldwell. Shirley. 54. 105. 463. 464 Caley. Calvin B.. 147. 366 Calhoun. James. 446 Callaghan. James R.. 224. 225. 227. 295. 310. 357. 388. 4,54 Callaghan, Maureen, 186, 187, 294, 343 Callaghan, Nancv C, 280, 350 Gallagher, Nadine. 313 Callahan, Ben, 425 Callahan. Charles L., 396 Callahan, Maureen, 195, 326, Monti, 446 Callison, Marion, 425 Callison, Sharon L., 350 Callow, G jrdnn, 49 Callow, Keith, 49 Calvert, Ralph D,. 394 Calvert. William. Jr.. 256. 388 Calvo. Irving M.. 362 Calvo. Norm N.. 95. 362 Camandona. Harold B., 54, 325 Cameron, Gordon L,. 266. 372 Cameron. Judy A.. 118. 341 Cameron. Myrna E.. 428 Cameron. Richard W.. 46 384 Cameron. William D.. 224. 225. 227. 384. 454 457 Camfield. Roland E.. 228. 310. 358. 366 Camp. Gene. 242 Campbell. Bruce. 318 Campbell. Buster. 256. 257 Campbell. Byron A.. 287 Campbell. Carolyn M.. 353. 4.59 Campbell. Craig D.. 378 Camiibell. Frank C. 394 Campbell, Gordon, 302 Campl ' ell. H. G., 320 Campb.ll. J, .an, 298 Campb.-ll. Karen S,, 342 Campbell. Kar. ' n L,, 426 Campbi ' ll. Kenneth, K,, Jr., ,54. 318, 406 Campbell, Laurence, 307 Campbell, M argot P., 95, 3.50 Campbell, Pete. 390 Campbell. Richard W., 318. 410, 443 Campb.-ll, Shirley. 119. 121. 346. 475 Campb. ' ll. William H.. 412 Campion. Patricia. 351 Canaan. Larry J.. 54 364 Candi..lti Joseph. .306 Cannon. Audrey E.. 347 Cann..n. Henry. 462 Canty. Dave. 404 Canup. Phil C, 309, 3.58, 374 Capeloto, Ike, 362 Cape loto, Sylvia, 352 Capeloto, Victor W., 406, 458 Capeluto, Bettv R., 123, 338 Capithorne. Frank, 369 Capps, Allen E,, 127, 366 Capron, Mavon, .54, 313, 436 Carbo, Donna E., 54. 351 Card. John. 441 Carey. Thomas F.. Jr.. 287 Carkeek. Robert S.. 57 Carlbom. Curt C, 384, 458 Carlisle, Warren, 446 Carlo, Delores, 54, 298. 334. 348 Carlsen. Emily. 297 Carlson. Alan. 332 Carlson. Barbo V.. 551. 341 Carlson. Birgit S., Ill, 341 Carlson. Carla D.. 472 Carlson. Diane. 3 ' 3 Carlson. Edward E.. 55 Carlson. Ge.-aldine. 191. 345 Carlson. Gladys. 55. 432 Carlson. G. J.. 414 Carlson. Herb. 414 Carlson. Jean D.. 342 Carlson. Jenet J.. 55. 343 Carlson. Joann. 347 Caiison. Joanne. 339 Carlson, John. 441 Carlson. Larry. 402 Carlson. Leo J.. 55. 185. 186. 327. 356. 414 Carlson. Melvin. 185 Carlson. Owen W.. 444 Carlson. Rov L.. .55. 440 Carlson. She ila S.. 344 Carlson. Sidney I.. 55 Carlstedt. Elsie. 55. 341 Carlstedt. Paul A.. 55. 300 Carlton. Lynn. 468 Carlton. Tom N.. 370 Carman. Elaine E.. 119. 274. 278. 329. 464 Carney. Robert E.. 55. 289. 357. 414 Carpenter. Alfred W.. 408 Carpenter. James A.. 408 Carpenter. Lilis. 470 Carpenter. Ted. 293. 454 Carper. Robert T., ,55. 416 Carr. Bill, 459 Carr, Harold E., 3.58. 384 Carr. Kenneth. 179 Carr. Warren. 300. 318 Carras. Evangeline. 55 Carrigan. Mary L.. 281 Carrol, John F.. 445 Carroll. Elayne. 175 Carr.. II. Harriett A.. 55. 336 Carr.ill. Talbott. 24 Carson. Carolvn A.. 55. 105. 241. 292. 334 Carson. Eugene. 446 Carson. Herb E.. 266. 372 Can-son. Jeannie M.. 353 Carson. Jinunie. 448 Carson. John. 448 Carson. Mary H.. 349 Cart.r. Frank. 378 Carter. George J.. 401 Carter, James, 309 Carter. Lorraine. 470 Carter. Robert T., 358, 410 Cartier, James, 446 Casey, Thomas A,, 414 Casp. ' rson, George E,, 268, 390 Cass, Stephen B., 412 Cassels, Colleen C, 294. 350 Cassill. Harvey. 103. 105, 106. 202 Cassill. James. 291 Cassutt. Richard A.. 374 Castagno. David C. 269. 402 Castile. Kenneth W.. 368 Castle. Lloyd. 447 Castelberry. Bennett. 175 Castor. Mvrene R.. 55, 355 Catren. Audrey R. 110. 339 Catt ' .-ll. Bryon N.. 371 Cauffi. ' ld. Mary E.. 348 Caughn.n. Carolyn. 340 Mary E., 442 Cavanaugh, G.-raldine H,, 313, 436 Cave, Virginia L,, 55, 348 Caverlev, Carol M., 428, 465 Cavers, Bettv, 344 C. ' derblom, Edna L,, 425 Ced. ' rgren, D .nald C., 438, 444 C. ' darholm, Saralette. 55. 423, 425 Cerney, Evelyn, 466 Bromley, Mercv, 466 Chabot. Patricia K,, 349 Chadwick. Stephen, 49 Chalk. Earl, 321 Chamberlain, Harry, 314 Chamberlain, Jo. 431 Chamberlain, Martin N,, 22 480 ltRS fSS- UNIVERSITY FEDERAL U ' ' ' ' " ' " ' ' ' " " ASSOC.AT.ON ' " ■ - ■ ' ' ° ' B ' - ' Hy IGenerol l„su,„„,e BIdg.) ? SHOES to»« ,r CfAZCR • ' lyfoT! ' ' ; . MEIrose 5845 - hl to A " " 1 MOTORS c rifft; -4302 UNlVERSKf WAV D 1 S I I N C M . ! f ; i fASI 4Sil, AT BBOOKIYn ' EV ' grp,n 0400 ACQoss FnoM HOTSt MEANY FROM THE FRIENDLY |l||li JLEtl ' UNIVERSITY DISTRICT ' ' M ' iA?,, %r flRNSTEIN ' S tsiiili S ' lAiUiiii -MELODY MART- BOYS ' MEN ' S 42171 2 UNfVERSITY WAY - MELROSE 0766 CLJ M oo,.- " " - " ' " ' " ' SEATTLE 5, WASH crvwi 339 VJnivei sitV Wuy 4536 Univ. Way , A University W.y MEl rose 6865 M t - 4226 UNIVERSITY WAY K . % - r Sporting (jocuis 4555 UNIVERSITY WAY SEATTLE 5. WASHJNGTON ME. Z321 ftN : ; .v-vu -;. Christensen ' s for Shoes 45)4 University Way • Robert (Bob) Apple, Manager • MEIrosp 1600 UMIVliSiTT WAT SIAOll Moni ANO ro " StVtHiM USA 481 Chambers, Dean, 221, 226, 454 Chambers, Robert J., 55. 306, 307, 443, 459 Champion. William. 309 Chan. Shugar. 55 Chandhurk. A. I., 446 Chang. Richard Y.. 46. 44S Chapman, Arthur, 326 Chapman. Gloria J,, 294. 334, 354 Chapman. Keith R., 55, 368 Chapman. Kyle, 470 Chapman, Nick E.. 378 Chapman. Stuart. 36. 105, 288 Chapman. S. W.. 328 Chapman. Ted, 470 Chappell. Jacques, 55. 382 Chappie. Dr. Stan. 32. 169, 181, 269 Chappelle, Cecil B., 446 Charbonnier, FYancis, 181. 439 Charnley. Frances E., 55, 88, 116, 290. 292. 355. 467 Chase, Bettv. 346 Chase, Joel, 446 Chase. Kathryn L., 345 Chase, Shirley A.. 95. 281, 475 Chau. William. 447 Chaussee, Jeanne H., 442 Chaykin, Sterling, 439 Cheadle. Gordon H., 384 Chenoweth, Thomas D.. 46. 410 Cherberg, Clyde. 307 Cherberg, Clyde R,, 55. 125, 312, 319, 402 Cherberg. Johnny. 218 Chesley, Frank, 422. 193 Chesney. Douglas H.. 380. 470 Che.snutt. David. 312 Chetlain. Arthur L., 256, 257, 388 Chetlain, Joanne. 275, 329 Chetlain, Marcia F.. 55 Chiang. Stanley H. K.. 46 Chick, Frank. 315 Chikata. Florence. 466 Chilton, Jeanne E.. 343 Chin. Ark G.. 287 Chin. Fred. 55 Ching. Ernest K., 55, 448 Chinn, Willard E.. 55. 422 Chiahalm. Roderick. 443 Chittenden. Robin A.. 111. 116. 117. 121, 187, 294, 326, 336 Chivers, Norman. 459 Cho. Changsoo. 445 Choi. Jimmie. 446 Chow. Tung-Whei, 46 Choy. Connie. 465 Chri.stensen. Beverly Ann, 55, 316 Christensen. Chal J.. 55. 386 Christensen, Derwyn, 308, 314. 327 Christensen. Ellen K.. 297. 424 Christensen. Wm. F.. 360 ChristPn. ?on. John. 446 Chri.stlanaen, Robert, 448 Chri.xtian.son. Alwin. 301 Christianson. Alwin T.. 55. 300. 314. 319 Christianson. Eugene. 447 Christianson, Jack A., 376 Christie, AI, 268 Christie, Merigold B.. 3.50 Christie, Thomas C. 55, 203, 406. 458 Christopher. Robert. 325 Christophersen. Ray- mond. 55 Christy. Bruce V., 388 Christy, Howard A,, 311. 388 Christy, Jack A., 366 Christy, Ray. 396 Chrftbuck, Mary C, 55 Chung, Kenneth C, 447 Church. Dr. Phil E., 32 Church, Scott. 266. 372 Churchill. Bill. 443 Cichy, Fredric R.. 186. 187. 306. 314 Cicrich. J. M., 446 Cipriano, Joe A.. 71. 207. 209. 210. 211, 213. 216, 267. 402. 454 Circle, Dick, 440 Clanton, Jack R., 328 Clapp, Eleanor H,, 351 Clapp, Martha A.. 343 Clark. Byron E.. 55 Clark, Diane, 337 Clark, Gill. 307 Clark. H. C. 447 Clark, Helen, 278 Clark. Jacqueline J.. 345 CTark. Kenneth. 414 Clark, Marilyn M., 349 Clark, Marguerite A., 343 Clark, Mary Ann, 55, 123. 349 Clark. Richard C. 56. 357,386 Clark. Sam, 289. 360 Clark. Sue, 56. 64, 290. 292. 345. 467 Clarke. Bob. 467 Clarke, George, 228. 388 Clarke. John. 174. 319. 364. 400. 476 Clarke, Letitia M., 347 Clarke, Louise C, 116. 119. 121. 289. 294, 350, 467 Clarke, William. 327 Clasby. Robert, 444 Claudson. Tommie. 410 Clausen, Margie, 289, 354, 467 Claussen, Loyde, 321 Claypool, Jackie A., 93. 112. 294. 353 Clayton. Max. 470 Clayton. Robert. 252. 293. 456 Cleek. Larrv. 364 Clegg, M. Jane. 56. 426 Clemans. William. 302 Clement. Kendall S.. 372. 446 Clements. Mer yn E., 410 Clendenin. Bob D.. 56, 368 Cleveland. Doris. 297 Cleveland. Richard L.. 56. 360 eleven, Carol. 442 Cliche. Betty A.. 464 Cliff. David B.. 309. 394. 468 Clifford. Florence R., 341 Clifford. Nathan S.. 239, 384 Cline, Burr D.. Jr.. 364 Clinton. Glenn, 469 Clise, John, 123. 358. 377 Cloidt. Joseph. 291 Close. Paul, 150. 307. 388 Close. Paul D.. 56, 416 Clutter, Robert I., 287 Clutter. Robert. 302 Clynch, Dianna K.. 353 Coar, Richard O.. 360 Coates. Edward 309. 448 Cobb. Joanne V.. 56. 274. 346 Coble. Ronald. 422 Cochran. Chaplain. 471 Cochran. Elaine C. 56. 346 Cochran. Neil E., 402 Cochran, Robert. 394 Cochran. William T.. 371 Cochren. Jean E.. 274. 278, 329 Cocks, Dorothy Ann, 355. 470 Coen, Janet D., 56, 343 Coffin. John C. 311. 448 Coffin. Natalie, 177. 316 Coffman. Russell, 56, 312. 319 Cogan. John P.. 384 Cohen. Jay. 302 Cohen. Tom, 196. 197 Cohn. Irwin. 357 Cohrs. Pearl M.. 56. 436 Colby, Dwain. 262. 308 Colbv, Ray, 400 Colcock, Edward F.. 383 Coldwell. Clare C. 355 Cole. James A.. 446 Cole. John. 446 Cole. Prof. Kenneth. 31! Cole. Rav, 104 Cole, Serena J., 56. 334. 350 Cole. Leonard. 319 Coleman. Arthur. 311 Coleman. Charles. 267. 389 Colen. Bernice. 472 Coles, Helen E.. 350 Coles. Pat. 390 Colgren. .Monte. 321 Colm. Connie M., 428 Collard, Jack. 399 CoUard. John. 316 Colley. William, 302 Collier, Bov. Jr.. 306 Collier, Boy N.. 56, 378 Collier, Helen C. 56. 316 Collins. Chester, 315 Collins, Mrs. E. E., 298 Collins, Melvin T.. 386 Collins. Polly. 346 Collins. R. Lawrence. 447 Colling. Robert H.. 56. 315 Colpron. Ronald E.. 325. 448 Colwell. Eleanor S.. 350 Comins. Clare, 318, 446 Comish. N. W.. 110 Compton. Ethel Mae. 421 Comstock. Adele. 354 Comstock. Allison. 185 Comstock. Brian, 109, 127. 241, 295. 422. 458. 467 Conaway. Sherie, 442 Condon, Casey, 280 Condon, Karen J,, 341 Condon, Marg, 76 Condon, Robert P., 384, 459 Coney. Byron D., 287 Conger, William. 309, 370 Conlin, Sue A., 342 Conlon, Kathleen, 292. 334 349 Conn, Kenneth. 179 Connell, Clarabelle. 428 Connell. Robert M.. 203, 376, 458 Conner. Diane, 344 Conner, Edward, 301 Conner, Lonnie, 318 Conner, Mary H.. 344 Connon. Luther. 448 Conrad. Ernest M., 23 Conrad, Jean. 56. 297, 340 Conrov. Marilvn A., 56. 354 Constable, Marjorie. 437, 476 Constantine. John P.. 307. 384. 469 Contreras. Lee. 271 Conway. Charles Q.. 256. 388 Coogan. John. 309, 377 Cook, Bernard L.. 462 Cook. Carolvn. 424 Cook. Donald. 448 Cook. Dorothv. 474 Cook. Everett E.. 56 Cook. George. 318 Cook, Gilbert E., 287 Cook, Harriet, 428 Cook. James, 407 Cook. Jo A.. 1.57. 347 Cook. Melva R.. 56. 442 Cook. Patricia L.. 424 Cook, William. 307 Cooke, Colleen J., 348 Cooke. Sidney L.. 56 Cooke. Wanda. 325 Cooley. L. Jean. 349 Cooley. William W.. 315. 462 Cooper. Chloris. 470 Cooper. Don. 441 Cooper. Georgia V.. 112. 322. 342. 475 Cooper. Joan M.. 336 Coor. Dick. 470 Cootes. John H., 416 Cope, Barbara M.. 56. 355 Cope. Nancy L.. 281. 354 Copeland. Delbert. 307. 309 Copeland. Delbert G. . 397 Corbett. David B.. 37S Corev. Fred. 470 Corey. Herbert F.. 370 Corke. Elaine B.. ,56 Corl. Helen C. 191. 340 Corlett. Richard. 56. 314 Corner. Nancy M.. 345 Cornwell. Jim. 306 Correa. Rov J.. 135. 422. 458 Corsilles, Josephine. 475 Corthell. Eleanor R.. 110. Ill 289. 475 Corvalan. Octavio. 446 Corwin. Lewanna. 321 Coryell. Louise. 343 Coryell, Natalie. 470 Cosby, Janice M.. 343 Cosgrove. Don. 235 Cosser, John M.. 374 Costello. Fred J.. 56. 384 Costich. Tom. 122 Costigan. Sidney. 55. 292. 326. 327. 346 Cota. Mrs. P. S.. 298 Gotten. Stan. 306 Cottier. Shirlev. 56. 347 Cottingham. Wayne. 310 Cotton. Barbara J.. 56. 464 Cotton. David. 414 Cotton. Fred. ,56 Cotton. Rowan, 450 Couch. Franklin. 468 Couch. Willard A.. 412 Coulter. Martha A., 56, 313, 431 Countrj-man. Charles. 315 Courtney, John, 318. 328. 418 Covert. Robert. 389 Covey, Donald J.. 357 Covey. Donna M.. 445. 464 Cowan. Richard J.. 472 Cowan. William P.. 394 Coward. James E.. 408 Cowden. Delores. 109 Cowden. Laurie J.. 342 Cowman. Harold A.. 309. 386 Cowger. Jack. 108 Cox, Harold. 448 Cox. James E.. 287 Coyle. Nyrna K.. 287 Crabb. Bob C. 448 Crabill. An n. 428. 464 Crabs. Jack M.. ,56 Craft. Shirley J.. 336 Cragin. Barbara S., 329. 353 Craig, Grant. 396 Grain, Don L.. 372 Grain. Richard W., Jr.. 105. 112. 114. 229. 295. 311. 359 Cramb. Robert S., 360 Cramer, H. W.. 56. 320 384 Crandall, Bruce P.. 378 Crane, Edna. 428 Crane, Frances A.. 56 Cranmer, Barbara M.. 336 Cranston. R. B.. 320 Crase. Rex. 56. 400 Crasswell. Bruce. 394 Craven, Sinclair, 347 Cravens, Charles T., 56. 318. 438 Cravey. Charles M., 113, 408 Crawford. Eleanor, 428 Crawford. John. 263. 392 Crawford. Russell L.. 443 Crayne, Bill, 462 Creamer. Patricia L.. 3.54 Creedon. John W.. 56. 360. 456 Creevey. Lorraine L.. 355 Creighton, Joan K.. 425 Cressey. Gary M.. 402 Creswell. Jane B., 353 Creswell, Nancy C. 280. 345 Crevling. Lois. 459 Crewdson, Alex, 414 Critchfield. Pal N.. 392 Critchfield. Peggv A.. 347 Crites, Ar lene M., 56, 431 Crites. Norene H.. 56. 431 Crittenden. Chuck. 470 Crohn. Charmalee A.. 57. 73. 102. 280. 292. 334. 335. 338 Crollard. Homer. 49 Cronk. Jerry. 360 Crook. Bob G.. 235. 402 Crook. Dorothv L.. 424 Crook, Stewart. 229 Crookall. Pamela G., 339 Crosby. Bettv L.. 57. 280 Crosby, Joanne. 297. 346 Croson. Gwen M., 464 Cross, Harry. 103. 105 Cross. Paul C. 25. 36 Crosset. William. 316 Crossley. Dave. 470 Crosson. Joe E.. 388 Crothers, Marilvn A.. 57. 336 Crowe. Lois A.. 57. 425, 464, 471 Crowell. Laura. 147 Crowell. Phillip. 448 Crowlev. Dolores. 57. 346 Cruikshank. Collin C. 388 Cruickshank. Philip. 287. 302 Cruver. Shirley. 345 Cubbage. Kenneth. 57. 319. 439 Cubbage. Robert. 439 Culbertson. Don. 364 Culbertson. Thomas. 395 Culjak, Jennette, 437 CuUins. Gregory. 476 Culliton. Patti. 348 Gulp. Calvin. 49 Culp. Robert. 175. 177 Culpeppe r. William. 176 Cummings, Bob. 407 Cummings. William. 309, 414 Cummins. Chas. D., 418 Cummins. Diane. 91. 106. 114. 135. 149. 203. 294, 459 Cunning. James E.. 406 Cunningham. Dorothv E. . 107. 278. 465 Cunningham, Geraldine R,. 337 Cunningham. Joan. 470 Cunningham. Pat. 476 Cimningham, Wm. F.. 57. 383 Currans. Miriam M.. 354 Curren, James, 312 Curry. Carl. 325 Curry. Marion. 339 Curry. Richard D.. 413 Curtis. Dean. 299 Curtis. Jack L.. 358. 359 Curtis, Joanne. 189. 428. 469. 471 Curtis. Linnea. 321 Curtis, Marvnell P., .57. 424 Curtis, Walter. 301 Cushen. Robert. 307 Cushen. Robert A.. .57. 406 Cusick. Eloise. 442 Cutler. Bea. 348 Cutler. Professor R. K.. 29 Cutts. Rollin E.. 57. 314. 328. 359 Dahl, Grace S., 57. 292, 467 Dahl, Gregory B.. 374 Dahl. Jeanette E.. 337 Dahl. Monica B.. 287 Dahlgreii. Edwin H . 371 Dahlquist. Peggy. 354 Dahlquist. Maurice P., 57. 301. 323 Dahlstrom. Delcia, 470 Dailey. John J.. 400 Dalke. Krene. 470 Dalke. Marvin. 470 Dalthorp. Jane. 309 Dam. Stephen M.. 57 Damalin. Geraldine. 424 Damon. Marlene F.. 57. 423. 424 Dandis. Margaret. 321 Danielsen. Edwin. 302 Danielson, Nancy L. . 354 Dankenbring. Gene. 309 Danly. Herb. 470 Danz, Pauline C, 345 Dardis. Margaret. 424 Darland. Margaret M.. 424 Darling. John E.. 450 Darnell, Fred W., 57. 400 Darnell. Fred. 307 Darnell. .Mary. 346 Darrough. Ann Lynn. 348 Darst. Lorraine. 470 Dassow. Ethel. 287 Daubenberg. Adele M.. 287 Davidson, Ann M., 46. 423 Davidson. Roy A.. 57. 320. 358. 413 Davies, Dayton. Mrs.. 24 Davies. Donald T.. 380 Davies. Joan. 424 Davies. William, 422 Davis. Ann. 189. 349 Davis. Bettv M.. 339 Davis. Catherine E.. 337 Davis. Darrel B.. 301, 307, 317. 359 Davis. David A.. 57. 438 Davis. Dwight O.. 306. 418 Davis. Eleanor L.. 338 Davis. Jim. 21 Davis, John H.. 360 Davis. Lance E.. 287 Davis. Lee. K.. 339 Davis. Marilvn E.. 294. 345 Davis. Marv K.. 340 Davis. Max A.. 370 Davis. Murlane M.. 340 Davis. Paul C. 326. 386. 447 Davis. Peggy. 475. 477 Davis. Rodlyn I.. 463. 464 Davis. Sally J., 350 Davis. Thomas J.. 57. 107. 414 Davis. Wavne E.. 315. 374 Davis. Wilbur. 447 DaviSbn. Peggy L.. 112, 187, 342 Dawe. Ernest. 457 Dawes. Joanne. 337 Dawes. Mary Lou. 470 Dawson. Donald H.. 57. 296. 307. 408 Dawson. Don. A.. 57 Dawson. John B.. 310. 376 Day. D ' . rlene. 152 Day. Emmet, 302 Dav, Neil L.. 287 Dealey. Nancy. 428. 471 deAlvarez. Ru.«.«el R., 41 Dean. Barbara M.. 57. 475 Dean. Dawnell C. 344 Dean. Doris A.. 426. 467 Dean. Harlan B., 325, 414 Dean. Marilyn P.. 57, 108, 292. 341 Dean. Sid. 293 Deane. Louise C. 57. 466 de Angelis. Jimmy, 218 DearDorff. Valerie K.. 426 Dearlove, Phvllis. 321 Dearmin. Dick. 462 De Can. Betsy. 191. 348 DeCan. Laurence A.. 57. 312. 360 Dederer. Michael E.. 185. 186. 295. 327. 386. 455 De Forest, Janet L.. 135, 203. 345. 459 de Groot. Jackie D.. 119. 339 Dehl. Grace. 354 Dehn. Wm. M.. 13 Delbert. Ruth E., 57. 300 Deisher. John. 378 De Kraav. Ginger R., 156, 325, 337 Delabarre. Maurice A., 57 DeLaurent. Bob. 392 Deleon. Leatrice. 338 Delkin. Fredrick. 185. 186. 384 Deller, Stephen, 412 Delman, Jav S.. 420 ' del Salle. Wm. D.. 57. 376 Delzell. Athol. 46. 324 Delzer. Nancy K.. 185. 186. 327. 336 Demetre. James S.. 462 Dcmetre. Vic C. 374 Deming. Helen P.. .57. 3.30 De?nitriades. Paul. 383 Denunery. Joseph. 38 Dempsay. Marjy A.. 353 Dempsev. John P.. 57. 383 Denburger. Jerome. 446 Denny. Dick. 364. 470 Deppman. Edward. 319 Derby. Alfred J.. 376 De Rousse. Shirlev. 346 Derrick, Herbert W.. 401 Desch, Jo Ann. 474. 476 Deselms. Roy. 402 De Soto. Rov. 57, 401 Detham. Gareth. 306 Dethman. Gareth W., 57 Detwyl. ' r. John. 287. 302 Deutch. Charles. 470 Deuter. Marv Lou. 294. 329. 467 Deutsch. Dorothea M.. 338 Devery. Bill. J.. 359 De Vick, James, 448 Devin, Dan H.. 57, 368. 470 De Voe. Don. 418 Dew. Margaret, 427 Dexter. Darlene M.. 281, 424 Dexter. George F.. 57, 459 Dey, Florabel, 349 Deye, Mary. 429. 475 Diamandidou. Nitsa, 426 Diamond. G.. 325, 446 Dias, Carolle J., 338. 464 Dibble. Henry, 447 Dickerman, P. A.. 343 Dickinson. Lewis. 459 Dickinson. William. 394 Dickman. Sally E.. 341 Dickson, Robert J.. 31. 440 Dick.son. Ronald. 448 Diebenow. Julius. 307 Diebenow. Julius F.. 57. 296. 308. 319 Diener. Greta. 470 Diener. Paul. 446. 470 Dierck. Kenneth. 321 Dietz. Warren C. 311, 448 Dille. James M.. 41 Dillon. Marilyn. 350 Dillon. Nancy A.. 57 Dils. Dorothy D.. 57. 109, 292. 340 Dilworth. Jo Ann. 346 Dimoff. Roderick D.. 58. no. 306 Dines. Robert H.. 58. 366 Dingerson. Gary. 418 Dings. Robert K.. 58, 408 Dingwall, Bruce A., 401 Dingwall. Harry A.. 357. 401. 459 Dippolito. William F., 410 Dittv. William. 311 Ditz. James. 446 Dixon. Geraldine. 472 Dixon. William E., 58, 293, 388. 454 Djerf, Margaret A.. 341 Dobell, Joseph, 302 Dobie, Nancv, 423 427 Dobrv, Beverly, 338 Dobson, Wvman K.. 364 Dodge, Byron M.. 122 Dodge, Dorothv. 432 Dodge. William E., 301. 317. 323 Doe. Patricia. 58 D oerr. Jack H.. 58. 383 Doescher, Don G.. 392 Dohn. Otto. 407 Dohrn. Ronald G.. 364 Dolan. Robert W.. 58 Dolgner. Grace. 470 Dolle. David. 401 Dolling, Tom .M.. 406 Dolliver. James. 49 Dolman. Adele M.. 343 Dolvin. Phyllis L.. 49, 58 Donaldson, Elbert. 470 Donaldson. Jack, 291 Donaldson. Joanne L.. 119 Donaldson. John. 454 Donati. Francis. 447 Donehoo, Ann. 185. 463. 465 Dong. Bruce. 468 Dong. Henry. 446 Donham. Robert, 381 Donoghue, Joseph, 268, 310 388 Donn ' an, Dallas D.. 380 Donner. Edvthe A.. 350 Dooley. Clara, 466 Dore, James, 302 Dorothy. Charles. 448 Dorren. Bernice, 425 Dorrien. Gaynor E., 58, 292. 313. 436 Dorsev. Barbara B.. 470 Dorsey. David J.. 388 Dorsey. Donald A.. 388 Dorsey. Martha C. 58 Dorsev. William P.. 58. 267. 315, 368 Dost. Wm. A.. 58. 320, 384 Dotv, John A.. 58 Dotv. Kenneth E., 102. 105. 438. 448 Doty, Robert L.. 113, 402 Doucette. Jacquelin A.. 119, 341 Douglas, Bill A., 386, 458 Douglas, Dale. 58. 185. 186. 327. 350 Douglas. Donald. 25 Douglas, Gertrude, 297 482 From this day on . . . YOU ' LL FIND PLEASANT SATISFACTION SHOPPING AT THE BOOK STORE IN ITS MANY SPECIALTY SHOPS r iMik liii| 4 aiiK-ra li(i|) l -n» ami IN |irA ritrrs tri-ilitiu ( aid (iifts I.« ' allifr (i mmI« SlaliuiHTN Tuih-lrir?. ami PcrfiiiiU ' S iirl- " li(ip Mrii « Slid Sports Sho|i — |{ M ' ii ' l Vrli«l« " Sii| |ili) St II I It ' ll I ami M t ice u|i|ilic$ F rfdfrick X Nrl-uii diiiilies The ever-fascinating window displays on the familiar " Ave. " will capture your interest throughout the years- (Jifl rappini: — F ' rii anil and yoiril find the merchandise and ser ico as timely and T pcM rilcr U -paii pleasing as wr hope you ha e through your years on the campus — you ' re always welcome — come in anv time to visit. • • • • « UNIVERSITY OPEN THURSDAY EVENINGS, 7 TO 9 2 Hours FRE; PARKING Shoppers ' Lot North of Meany Owned by the Associated Students of the University 4326 University Way • MEIrose 3400 483 Douglas. Richard M.. 58. 388 Doupe. Craig. 412 Downing Carl. 31 1 Downs. Barry. 388 Doyfe. Douglas L. . 58. 408 Doyle, Mike. 306 Doyle. Tom P.. 392 Dracobly. Ferris E.. 458 Drahe, Edward G.. 58 Drake. Eddie. 320. 357. 413 Drakcisuky. Joan, 460 Drangess. John. 446 Driano, Dom. 149 Draper. Diane D.. 1.56 Draper. Thomas R., 394 Drarapaulos, George, 58, 324 Dreyer, Alvin. 445 Driano. Dominick V,, 93 Driver, Janeil, 425 Dni.-Jte. Howard, 321 Drugg, Warren, 307 Drugg, Warren S,. 58 Drummond, Allan T,, 58, 360, 4.55 Drummond, Neal. 315 Drysdale, George W,, 374 Dubick. Bessie. 355 DuBois, Robert, 302 Dubonne, Lucile M,, ,3.52 Dubson, Alan. 58, 362 DuCharme, Paul D,, 396 Duchow, Esther. 472 Duckering. Donald, 30S DuClos, Joan M,, 313 Duensing, Paul H., 58 Duff, Donald E.. 444 Dufour. Peter R,, 58. 454. 384 Dufresne. Ronald 414 Duggan, Robert D., 446 Dugne, Regis. 311 Dugwyler. Shirley E,. 343 Duke. James A., 311 Dukleth, Lowell. 58. 300. 315. 319 Dulin. Lee T.. 58. 288. 302. 315 Dumett, Rav I., 190, 307 376 Duncan, Dean L.. 309. 422 Duncan, Raymond. 448 Duncanson, Neil R,. 392 Dunlap. Donald P,, 386 Dunlap. Richard, 383 Dunlap. Rov. 447 Dunn. Gordon H.. 386 Dunn. Kenneth M.. .58. 229. 270, 293. 368, 454 Dunn, Mike, 110 Dunsire. Charles J,. .194 Dunstan. James T., 414 Durand, .Marv Jane. 345 Durdcn. Dennis. 446. 447 Durfee, Bill. 113. 322 Durham. Marv. 51, 97. 103 130, 291. 293, 468 Durham, Mickey. 117 Durland. Jane. 58. 121. 424 Durnan. Mildred K.. 289. 424 Durst. Norma. 297 Dutton. Robt.. 207 Duvall, Frank. 302 Duxbury. Alyn, 459 Duxbury. Duane M . 58 Dvoracek, Louis. 302 Dwyer. William. 49 Dye. Patricia. 319 Dye. Tippy. 207. 208. 209 Dykeman. Anita M.. 58 337. 437 Dykeman. Roella D.. 344 Dykesi-. Burke. 443 Dykes. James A.. 255 390 Dyrnes. Stephen L.. 384 Dy.sart, Dixie A,. .55, 431 Dy.sart, John. 193. 195 Eackton. Wallace, 469 Eagin, Margaret, 313 EaKle, Blake, 408 Eagon, Joan, 427 Eakin. William F.. 38S Earlev, John W,, ,394 Early. J. Williard. 220 224. 228. 270. 369 454 East, Gr rdon L.. 397. 474 Easterbrocjk. Sallv. 348 Eastes. Gary C. 408 Eastman. Fred S.. 36 Eastman. James S.. 58. 300. 302. 318. 319 Eastman. James. 306. 416 Eastman. Joanne. 31. " ) Easton. Robert. 446 Eatman, A, V.. 36 Eaton. James. 447 Eberle, Norman. 447 Eberlein. Barbara J.. 311 Eberling. Walter S.. 407 Echols. Ted. 49. 397 Eck. Charles. 446 E kern. Dian R.. 349 Eikhardt. Ivan C. 58. 315. 472 Eckholm. Howard. 376 Edamura. Asa. 449 Eddv. Charles Z.. 13 Eddy, David, 299 Edcnholm. Roy K.. 394 Edgers. Robert B.. 58. 357. 392 Edinger. Raymond. 448 Edmiston. Anne, 157, 345, 461 Edmunds. L. H., 120. 270. 289. 295. 388 Edmunds. Susan. 424 Edmundson. Hec. 236. 237. 239. 262 Edward. Dale. 306 Edwards. Arthur L.. 310. 406 Edwards. Clarence W.. 287 Edwards. Dale H.. 46 Edwards. Gene. 13 Edwards. Justin S.. 410 Edwards. Robert. 307 Edwards. Theodora. 297 Efron. Philip M.. 362 Egan. Connie I.. 463. 464 Egan. Julia A.. ,58. 185, 186, 327 Egger. Phyllis A.. 342 Eglvedt, .Mvron D.. 287 Eg et. Percv. 239 Ehret. William. 448 Ehrig. Jack. 195. 293. 314 Eide. Jack. 380 Eidc. Ralph. 306 Eif..rd. Ravmond W.. 380 Eikhoff. Kenneth. 306 Eis.riian. Jack W.. 412 Eis -nian. Jcanrie. 470 Eisenbrey. Carl R.. 46, 324 Ek, John H.. 217. 402 Ekbolm. Howard E., 58 Ekiund. Melvin. 302 Ekiund. Risto. 46. 446 EkUmd. Rita J.. 287 Ekstrom. Virginia. 353 Eland. Sidney W.. 408 Elander, C, R,. 58. 378 Elder. Ravmond P.. 59 Elgin. Lois. 465 Elia.son. Llovd. 311. 441 Eli.h. Pete. 228 Elk.n. Sonja. 428 Ellexson. Gloria. 3.55 Ellexson. Stanlev E.. 59. 264. 308. 324. 416. 457 Elliman. Jenise C. 340 Ellinger. Paul B.. 59. 301. 306 Ellingson. Norbert M.. 59. 324 Ellington. Emma R.. 59. 321. 466 Elliot. Janet. 471 Elliott. Dick H.. 95. 235. 253. 360 Elliott. Elaine A.. 46. 463. 465 Elliott. Elaine P., 316, 423. 424. 425 Elliott. Mollv A.. 351 Elliott. Mrs. Roselvn. 297 Elliott. Wilher P.. 207. 209. 210. 212. 232. 242. 299. 368 Ellis. Grace K.. 46 Ellis. Raymond. 323 Ellis. Samuel. 300. 302 Ellis. William J.. 112. 360. 444 Ellison. Beverly J.. 341 El I is. ill. Herb. 293 Elli.- (,n. June A.. 59. 317 Ellison. Shirley. 427 Ellisti.n. R(.y F.. .394 Ells. Warren W.. 59. 440 KImquist. LeRov W.. 59. 229. 325. 357. 360. 457. 472 Eloranta. Owen E.. 59. 174 Elsey. Roger, 445 Elvin, Eugene, 446 Elvins, Larry O,. 364 Ely. Robert. 408 Emanuels. Don. 293. 308. 418 Embom. Richard. 448 Em.ison. Ell.-n J.. 349 Kiii.ry. Cathleen R.. 351 Eni.-ry, Yvonne O.. 355 Kiii ' TV. Lane. 59 Eniri( h. Lynn. 310. 459 Endelman. Frieda N.. 338 Enrlersbv. Roy P.. 59 Endslow. Mae E.. 59 Policy, Elinor R.. 426 Eng. Edward. 448 Eng. Kai H.. 448 Engel. Delmar. 315 Ent ' lhardt. Truman C. . 446 Engkraf. Clarence. 446 Eneland. C. J.. 230. 306. 455 England. Jim. 392. 457 Engler. Elwood. 301 Eiinlert. J.Tck. 232 242 Enslish. Mike. 175. 192. 293. 4,57 English. Tom. 400 Eni;lund. Lars O.. 323 Engstrom. Robert. 446. 447 Engstrom. Robert A., 287 Engstrom. Verna. 445 Enochs. Duane. C 56. 59. 207. 209. 210. 211. 212, 213. 214. 216, 293. 388 Enochs. Harry, 59. 402 Ensch. Jackie J.. 341 Enslin, James E.. 59. 269. 364 Ensz. George. 310 Epstein. Maurice M.. 59. 362 Ericksen. Jo. 467 Erick.sen. Waller K.. 312. 384 Erickson. Alfred H.. 440 Erickson. Barden G.. 59. 193. 368 Erickson. Cortney L. . 416 Erickson. Dick. 266. 308 Erickson. Donald A.. 196. 468 Erickson. Dorothy J.. 287 Erickson. Fred C. 388 Erickson. Gordon. 467 Erickson. Jack K., 380 Erickson, James L,. 59. 325. 447 Erick.s(m. James N.. 59. 372 Erickson. Kenneth J.. 95. 112. 263. 271. 311. 448 Erickson. Lawrence E.. 108. 123. 295. 312. 416 Erickson. Melvin T.. 366 Erickson. Norman L.. 368 Erickson. Phyllis J.. 342 Erickson. Robert. .59. 289. 307. 368 Erickson. Shirley L.. 59. 313. 431 Erickson. Vera. 113 Erie. George F.. 59. 383 Ernlund. Beverly A.. 349 Ernlund. John. 302 Ernst. Jatnes H.. 46. 443 Erwin. Cohn. 420 Erwin. Charlene. 428 Erwin. Patsy. 203. 345 Eskelin. John L.. 378 Eskridge. Richard. 380 Estigoy. Dolores D.. 59. 292. 327. 463. 465 Estigoy. Romulo. 439 Etherlington. Donn. 399 Etzkorn. Joan. 346 Euchner. Laurie. 118 Eujen. Robert. 381 Evans. Bill C. 59 Evans. Dr. Charles A. 29 Evans. Charles O.. 410 Evans. Douglas B. . 59 Evans. Harry G.. 384 Evans. Howard D.. 46. 319 Evans. Jed. 441 Evans. John R.. 307. 372 Evans. Nancy. 346 Evans. Paul M.. 384 Evans. Richard L.. 410 Evans. Robert M., 59. 299 Evans. Thomas. 456 Evans. William. 325 Evens. Robert. 412 Everest. Prof. Harold P.. 18. 30. 158 Everett. Harold B.. 323 Eversaul. Melvin. 59. 450 Evev. James, 296 Ewy. Vincent O., 289 Exley, Robert, 418 Eylenfeldt, Doris, 424 Fadish. Burton E,, 46. 401 Faean. Richard P.. 59. 380 Eager, Donald A.. 46. 386 FaKer. Wayne. 472 Fahey. Barbara L.. 354 Fahlstrom. Ardelle A.. 59. 355 Fahlstrom. Jack. 392 Fahrinerer. Richard. 469 Fairfield. Homer R.. 59. 351 Fairservice. Alston R.. .59. 394 Fair.service. Emmie Lou. 341 Fakharzadeh. Mehdi. 46, 326 Falastad, John. 416 Faler. George, 447 Falk, Inga A., 337 Falk, Rolf H., .59. 390 Fanus. Calvin P.. 59. 413 Farinas. Ricardo. 439 Farley, Dale L,, 59, 320, 360 Fartiian, Stanley L.. 443 Farmer, Kay M,, 350 Farmei ' , Sunny Sue, 350 Farnam. Don, 194 Farquhar.son. F. B..36 Farr. Fred J.. 388 Farra. Dom. 470 Farra. Donald G.. 368. 411 Farrar. Paul A.. 229. 414 Farrell, Charles V., 408 Farrell. Donald E., 59. 312. 378. 474 Farrell. Edmond. 311 Farrell. Francis. 164 Farrell. Robert J.. 360 Farris. Glen. 302 Farwell. Raymond F.. 13 Faust. Marv. 445 Feeley. Sylvia A.. 339 Fehrenbacher. Nadine S.. 337 Feller. Alice M.. 428 Feller. Dorothea. 437 Fellows. Barbara M.. 59. 348 Felt. Dick S.. 402 Felt Marlene J.. 337 Felton. Roger. ' 22. 406 Felton. Virginia. 298 Feniak. George. 302 Fenn. Peggy. 466 Fennell. William H.. 372 Fenson. Clyde. 470 Fenton Donald C. 60. .325. 447 Fenton. La Vern. 122. 346 Ferguson. Barbara. 123. 278. 289. 346 Ferguson. Gary G.. 444 Ferguson. Landa. 442 Ferguson. Murray G.. 60 Fereu-son. Neal D.. 60. 366 Ferguson. Robert. 268. 310. 476 Ferguson. Roland 315 Fereuson. Russell E.. 60. 368 Ferguson. Wm.. 25 Ferluga. Joseph J.. 306 Ferluga. Joe J.. 229. 416. 455 Ferna ' d. Mrs Honor. 298 Fernvhousrh. Stanley G.. 60. 134 380 Ferv. John B.. 106. 468 Fessler. Ida C. 110. 120. 122. 464 Fe-ssler. Loren. 447 Fettv. Rob W.. 392 Fettv. Eueene E.. 418 Fetzer. P- ' ul S.. 13 Fiander. W. M.. 318 Fickel. James 381 Fickel. Ma-garet D.. 60. 344 Ficken. Dick. 387 Fiedler. Jim. 392 Fiedler. John. 315 Field. Eleanor A.. 355 Field. Jerry. 470 Fields. Doug A.. 394 Tvman. 318 Finch. Earl. 439 Fincham. Helen N.. 60 Finger. Elizabeth M.. 287 Finical. Irvin E.. 60, 390 Finley, Pete T.. 422 Finlon. Art. 422 Finney Frank T.. 323 Firth, Donald R.. 462 Fischer. Jack. 408 Fi.seher. W illiam. 302 Fisher. Edward L.. 60. 420 Fisher. Fred. 293 Fisher. Gordon K.. 52. 60. 106 293. 380. 458 Fisher. Lawrence J.. 60. 357. 362 Fisher. L. D.. 376 Fiscus. Loui ' e M.. 287 Fisk. Ivan. 4.59 Fisk John D.. 60. 318 Fithian. Janet L.. 287 Fitzgerald. Clement J.. 60 Fitzgerald. Edna 465 Fitzeerald. John R.. 311. 358. 388. 458 Fitzpatrick. John R.. 460 Fitsoatrick. Mary J.. 278. 329. 349 Fitzsimnlons. Dale E.. 440 Fitzsimmons. Roberta. 470 Fix. Oliver W.. 60. 315 Fix. Oliver W.. 60 Flack. Barbara L.. 60 341 Flaherty. Carol A.. 426. 472 Flaks. Marvin A.. 404 Flanik. Arthur. 441 Flaugher. Donna D.. 60. 423. 425 Flaugher. Shirley F.. 425 Flecker. Gerlinde. 424 Flemer. T. A.. 320 Fleminer. C-irol E.. 354 Fleming. Clive L. 371 Fleming. Frederick. 318 Fleming. Peter. 402 Fleming. Dr. Richard. 30 Fletcher. Charles A.. 462 Fletcher. Elliott P.. 410 Fletcher Jack. 224. 225. 227. 454. 457 Fletcher. James H.. 229. 364. 388. 390 Fletcher. John T.. 60 Fletcher. Sallv E.. 347 Flickinger. Ruth A.. 60. 463. 464. 474 Flint. Julian. 470 Flockoi. Erlene. 424 Flodin. Donald D.. 60. 316. 374 Flodin. Roger. 307. 319. 407. 457 Flohr. Joan. 345 Flohr. Robert B.. 311 Flower. Joanne. 287. 470 Flornes. Bruce J.. 60. 318. 438. 446 Flory. Cecil E.. 60. 439 Flory. James F,. 60. 440 Flourney. Judy C. 342 Floyd. Spencer. 320 Five. Donald. 390 Flynn. Charlene W.. 355 Flynn. George. 318 Focht. Richard. 49 Fohan. Wm.. 448 Foley. Thomas. 447 Follis. Harriet F.. 116. 121. 135. 203. 337. 459 Fonkalsrud. Eric W.. 110. 112. 227. 229. 234. 289. 295. 360. 457 Foote. Clara. 427. 475 Foote. Don J.. 60, 457 Foote, Donald J,, 380 Foott, William H,. 386 Foran, William P.. 60 Force. Jerome. 366 Ford. Arthur J.. 110. 394 Ford. Imelda M.. 428 Ford. Phoebe H.. 342 Ford. William P.. 372 Foreman. Ann M.. 60. 343 Foreman. Don F.. 406 Foreman. .Margaret. 424 Foreman. Richard M.. 404 Forester. Fred. 322 Forester. James. 316 Forler. Molly. 348 Forler. James. 317 Fornia. Bob. 239. 295. 369 Forsander. Don. 311. 448 Forsman. Bert E.. 448 Forsmark. John P.. 397 Forssel. Carl. 447 Forster. Fred A.. 386 For.ster. Joan I.. 60. 84. 116. 292. 345. 459 Forsythe. .Margaret. 278 Forsythe. Margaret G.. 46. 425 Fortin. Pat. 112 Fosket. Mary. 177 Foss. Laurence. 377 Foss. L. S.. 320 Foster. Carol J.. 335. 339 Foster. Joan. 60. 188. 344 Foster. Joyce. 189. 349 Foster. Robert B.. 376. 458 Fournier. E. A.. 320 Fowler. Mary A.. 429. 477 Fox. Dick. 107. 462 Fox. Kay. 105 Frainey. George R.. 401 Fraley, George T.. 368 Frame. Marallvn A.. 111. 192. 348 France. Rowland G. Jr.. 364. 448 Francis. Joan. 110. 121. 346 Frank. Irvin. 443 Frank. Joanne, 346 Frank, Leo. 443 Frank. Les. 315 Franklin. Frederick. 287. 302 Franklin. Kathleen. 427. 476 Franklin. Laurel G. 426 Franklin. Robert. 450 Franzke. Albert L.. 123 Eraser, Ann P.. 60. 292. 350 Eraser. Richard L.. 406 Eraser. Terry R.. 408 Eraser Virginia K.. 60. 116. ,336 Frasier. Wm. E.. 311. 416 Frayn. Mort. 25 Frayn. Suzanne A.. 345 Frazer. Joann D.. 313 Fredericks. Bob S.. 60. 318. 414 Fredericks. Charles 448 Fredericks. Lynn. 428 Fredericksen. Neil M.. 60. 322. 384 Frederickson. Shirley M.. 436 Fredricksen. Dick. 320 Fredsall. Russell M.. 60. 320. 413 Freeberg. Albin. 60. 446 Freeborn. John N.. 386 Freeman. Adrienne S.. 345 Freeman, Ruth A., 297. 343 Freer. Phillips 447 Freese. John. 470 Freidlander. Ann 60 Freigang. Clark E.. 360 Freitag. Jack. 310 447 French. Shirley E.. 353 459 Frenzel. Surgen 462 Frev. Carol. 465 Friars. Robert E.. 239. 378 Fridriksdottir. Sigrun K. 60. 426 Friedlander. Ann. 337 Friedlander. Delores. 472 Friedman. Charlene J.. 117. 118. 338 Friedman. Gloria M.. 60. 292. 334. 335. 338 Friedman. Laurence. 4C0 Friedman. Raymond. 420 Friedrieh. Grace E.. 337 Fries. Don. 441 Fries. Donna M.. 112. 423. 426 Frieske. Fred. 443. 447 Friet. James E.. 359 Frink. Patricia. 341 Frissell. Lloyd. 468 Fritz. William. 407. 443 Fromback. Harold. 396 Frost. Ann. 137. 342 Frost. Jackie. 294. 348 Frost. Jill. 348 Frost. Ted S.. 228. 414 Fry. Betty J. 329 Fry. Eleanor R.. 350 Frve. George. 377 Fryer. Vera. 425 Fujii. Jean. 466 Fujii. Shobo. 449 Fujikado. Kei. 317. 323 Fujita. Ben. 449 Fukiage. Shosi. 449 Fulkerson. Alice. 470 Fullager. Jackie. 343 Fuller. Barbara. 424 Filler. Jack R.. 299 Fuller. M. D.. 386 Fulmer. Irene. 321 Fundingsland. Frank. 397 Fungingsland. Frank. 448 Funk. Ann. 350 Fvink. Hugh H.. 412 Fuqua. Ravmond L.. 61. 307. 397 Fuquat. Joseph. 447 Fuquay. James. 302 Furber. James. 266 Furnari. Mary. 321 Furnia. Ernest. 225. 448 Furukawa. Ervin K.. 61. 242. 243. 312. 449. 454 Fyall. Andrew. 318 Gaasland. Dennis L.. 61 Gabrielsen. Trygve O.. 289 Gaby. Elizabeth J.. 61. 466 Gaby. George E.. 46 Gaby. Walter D.. 61 Gaffner. Haines B.. 390 Gaglia. Madeline. 424 Gagliardi. Thomas. 49 Gainer. Bonnie C. 351 Gaines. Lloyd D.. 323 Galimanis. Stephen G.. 440. 468 Gallagher. Donald K.. 374 Gallagher. Patrick E.. 374 Gallaher. Elizabeth N.. 61. 431 Galletlv. W. J.. 447 Gallotte. Dave W.. 61. 360. 470 Galloway. L. L.. 320 Gamble. Donna. 313. 432 Gamido. Lolita S.. 317 Gardner. Joan E.. 61. 431 Garner. Marilyn E.. 297. 429. 475. 477 Games. Margaret. 425. 465 Garrison. Dorothy. 466 Garrison. W. L.. 110 Garver. Richard R.. 185. 364. 465 Garvin. Robert H.. 268. 390 Gaston. Shirlee C. 61. 431 Gates. Ann. 347 Gates. E. D.. 61. 292. 370. 470 Gates. Hazel. 116. 119. 346 Gates. Joseph M.. 61. 410 Gatzka. Charles .A.. 61. 307 Gaub. Peggy L.. 289. 342 G urnier. Hazel. 466 Gaw. Wil.son. 239. 295. 402. 458 Gawlev. Jill D.. 236 Gay. Betty L. 61. 466 Gay. Dick. 459 Gay. Joan. 321 Gav. Robert A.. 61. 1 " 3. 125. 147. 326. 372 Gayton. Gary. 458 Gebert. John D.. " OS Gee. Darrell E.. 414 Geertz. Gordim L.. 61 Gehlen. Charles J.. 287 Gehring. Harry F.. 61 Geisler. Gary A.. 414 Geisert. Otto. 61. 0S Geissniar. Ruth. 109 Geitner. Harold. 447 Gelbert. Bobbette. 349 Gelfand. Lawrence. 447 Gellatly. Sandra. 470 Gellemore. Mel. 186 Geller. Flovd S.. 255. 404 Geller. Harley M.. 404 Gellerman. Nancy L.. 287 Gellerman, William. 287 484 . m. » VELROB Lamieated Water Ski THE BEST SKI OUT " FOR EXPERTS AND BEGINNERS • Strength • Durability • Looks • Conformation NEW TYPE BINDER " .■ ppioicJ b-i if bat skiers in the NorthnesI District " SPECIAL DISCOUNTS GIVEN TO: SKI CLUBS AND ORGANIZATIONS " Last Word in Skis " Write vi:liiob mf ;. o. Box 1 1 20, Everett, Wash. 485 Gellermann, Dianne. 61 78. 290. 292. 298, 334. 344 Gellermann. Joan. 3d0 Gellermann, M ildred, 103, 104. 105. 288 Genereux. Paul, 306 Genther, Charles. 414 George. James C. . 406. 458 George, Robert. 448 George. Priscilla. 350 Gerber. Norman D.. 360 Gerberg. Joe N.. 446 Gerborg, Joe. 301 Gerness. Sylvia. 289 Gerstenberger. Duane. 311 Gessel. S., 320 Gettman, Marilyn, 61, 472 Gever.s, Thea J., 107, 426. 459 Geyer. Peter. 375 Gfellcr. Alfred. 323 Ghiglione, James, 448 Ghol.son. Gibson. 399 Gianotti. W, A.. 315 Gibbins. Sidney, 302. 447 Gibbons. Bob. 311, 392 Gibbons. Gerald E,, 390 Gibbons. James. 318 Gibbons. John. 49 Gibbons. Lester, 175 Gibbs. Charles V., 359 Gibbs, Gail I.. 112, 355 Gibbs, Janet E., 339 Gibbs. Wendy J., 108 112, 119, 134. 176. 294. 355 Giblin. Mildred O.. 289 Gibson. Gloria A., 326. 428 Gibson. Jean M.. 344 Gibson. John M., 61. 414 Gibson. John. 447 Gibson, LaVerne, 448 Gibson, Marilvn J.. 342 Gibson, Melvill E., 61, 306, 418 Gibson, Rcmald. 414 Giddings, Shirley, 346 Giedt, Carol A,, 337 Giese, Marilyn B,, 350 Gietles, Ellis. 422 Gilbert, Bobbette D., 61 Gilbert, Gary M., 376 Gilbertson, Carroll L., 196, 396 Gilbertson, Laura S.. 471 Gilbertson, Pat, 336 Giles, Merlin D.. 61, 400 Gilhousen, Philip, 439 Gilhousen, Philip, 302 Gillian. Patricia, 427 Gill. Charles D., 61, 382 Gill, Chester, 308 Gill, C. C, 61, 319, 393 Gill, Margie, 112. 470 Gill, Virginia R.. 61. 297. 459 Gillam, C. H.. 61. 422 Gillette. Arlene. 425 Gillette, Wm. R., 440 Gillis, Phil. 221. 256. 257. 369 Gillman. Stan A.. 311, 420 Gilmer. Anne M.. 61. 325 341 Gilmore. Robert H,, 376 Gilpin. Patricia H., 355 Gilpin, Phyllis S., 61, 340 Gingrich, Lee C, 61, 265, 360, 455 Ginnever, Ed E.. 366 Gintz, John, 302 Girling, Diane E., 345 Giroux, Paul, 299 Gittinger. David W.. 311. 402 Gjelsteen. Theoda M.. 3.55 Gladfelter, Jo Ann, 298, 475 Glander, Mary, 424 Glann, James D,, 110, 295 386, 4i)8, 467 Glass. John L., 315, 363 Glass, Merrillann, 475 Glassberg, Lynn, 425 Glasscock, Hope, 118, 429. 475 Glassman. Clyde A., 61. 242. 402, 454 Glazer, Richard, 62, 404 Glazer, Sandra, 3.52 Gleason, Gloria J., 351 Gleason. Joe. 447 Gledhlll, Fred, 459 Gleed, Betty D.. 62 Glendinning. Jean D,. 118. 3.54 Glendrange. Ted. 448 Glenn. Dorothea, 298 Glenn, Virginia L.. 62. 424 Glickfeld, Sidney P., 62. 326 Clock. Lois, 472 Glowoske. Stanley, 369 Goard. Willard W.. 62. 185 Godfrey. lone E.. 428, 465, 471 Goeltz. Frank. 369 Goertz, Robert D,. 440 Goetz. Shirley. 428 Goetz, Walter L.. 46 Goggins. Shirley L., 112. 294. 342 Goggio. Charles Jr.. 62 Gohlman, William E., 311. 364, 458 Gold, Helen. 62. 338 Cldberg. Dorothy. 338 (;..lrlberg. WilniaZ.. 352 Golden. George. 62, 357, 104 Goldfarb, Alvin. 420. 458 Goldman, James W.. 125. 420 C.ldsmith, Richard. 447 Goldstein, Robt.. 62. 404 (■...l.eke, William. 299 Goll..f..n, Art E., 62, 268, 269, 296. 308, 390 Golcjinbeck, Selma. 352 Gooch, Aldon, 310. 422 Gooch. Florence M., 428 Good, Caro, 111 Good, Carole J., 191, 349. 471 Good. Eva M.. 428 Goode, John. 253. 255 Goodfellow, Gail M.. 62, 353 Goodfellow, Robert, 370 Goodglick, William, 421 Goodin, Miriam, 470 Goodman, Barbara A,, 354 Goodman, Beverly S., 354 Goodman, Douglas A.. 404 Goodman, Robert F.. 311. 372 Goodrich, Forest J., 43 Goodrich, Henry H., 311, 408 Goodspeed. G. E.. 31 Goodwin, Dan, 49, 375 Goodwin, Hazel A.. 343 Goodwin, Willow, 287. 298. 425 Gorder, Robt.. 458 Gordon, Alix L,, 345 Gordon, Dave, 49 Gordon, Donald K.. 62, 308, 357, 374 Gordon, James, 288 Gordon, Joanne L.. 62, 292, 345 Gordon, Mr.s. M. E,, 298 Gordon, Patricia. 428, 465 Gordon, Ronald, 122, 356, 420, 458 Gordon, Thomas M.. 307. 384 Gorelick, Donald. 362 Gorfkle. Sanford F.. 311. 404 Gorringe. James S.. 364 Gorton, Doug, 462 Goss, Lyle. 105 Gossard, David W., 62. 448 Gos.ser. Noneen. 465 Gosset. D. L., 320 Gough, James D., 62 Gould, Bonita. 445 Gould, Donna J.. 62. 337 Gould, Jerry L.. 359 Gould. Joanne E.. 426. 467. 469 Gow, Jeanette P,, 344 Cowing, Burt R., 359 Gownian. Thomas H., 372 Grabczak. Wanda, 62, 425 Grabow, Barbara, 341 Giacey, Robert B., 320 413 Graef, Douglas. 443 Graff. Margery. 337 Graham. Bruce. 308 Graham, Charles J.. 122. 239, 360 Graham. Dick, 393 tlrahaiu, Ellen, 470 Graham, Frank A., 122, 125. 253. 295. 414. 456 Graham, Jacqueline L,, 111. 349 Graham, Ken D., 62. 295. 395 Graham. Phyllis M.. 112. 177. 297. 350 Graham. Ray. 262, 308, 375 Graham, Robert L., 62, 315, 410 Grahl. Robert, 296. 312 Graibas, Paul, 62. 450 Granberg. John. 397 Grande. Wesley E., 62 Granek. Phillip, 446 Granitto. Leatrice. 427 Grannis. Florence V.. 287 Granquist. Richard C. 62 Grant, Alan R.. 311. 376 Grant. Gordon. 418 Grant. Joan. 62, 346 Grant. Sallv. 313. 437 Grant. Wayne G,, 412 Grashin, Shirley, 352 Grasset. Darley, 393, 457 Graves. Arthur. 307 Graves. Barbara. 470 Graves. Clarice A.. 62, 337 Graves, Gene L., 354 Graves, John T., 62, 325 Graves, Pete, 402 Graves, Shirley R., 62, 470 Gravesen, Noreen, 336 Gray, Diane. 350 Gray, Larry E., 414 Gray. Marjorie. 353 Green. Eileen J.. 93. 112. 118. 149. 294. 459. 464 Green. Elmer. 301. 302 Green. Jerome C, , 440, 468 Green, Jerry J., 362, 468 Green. Richard. 378 Green. Richard C. 62, 406, 474 Green. Robert D,, 386 Green. Stan. 360 Green. Willard L.. 383 Greenbaum. Shirl ev M.. 352 Greenberg. Florence. 426 Greene. Dick. 470 Greene. Laura. 470 Greengard. Joseph S,. 62, 420 Greenland. Herbert. 418 Greenleaf. Stephen. 311 Greenleaf. Steve C. 418 Greenstreet. Vernon R.. 299. 477 Greenway. Bob, 470 Greenway, Eugene, 306 Greenway, Jerry, 380 Greenway, John. 447 Greenwcll. Warien D.. 418 Greer. Mary Jane. 336 Gregory, Carol Jean, 342 Gregory. Wm. H.. 443 Greider. Hallack. 311 Greider. Hal. 393 Grell. Barbara A.. 95. Ill 464 Grench, Grace, 302 Grenell, Robert G,, 410 Grewe. Fred D,, 62 Grier, Robert J., 443 Grieseinger, Geri, 294. 343 Griffin, Art, 223, 224, 225, 227, 293 Griffin, Dayton G., 360 Griffin. Fred H., 419 Griffin, Leon P,, 372 Griffin, Marian B.. 62. 475 Griffin. Marv. 427 Griffin. Shirley A.. 156. 426. 467. 470 Griffin. Tren. 223, 224, 225, 227, 293 Griffith, Diane. 191, 350 Griffith, Jean E.. 353 Griffith. Merritt. 377 Griggs. Everett G.. 311. 376 Grimm. Keith. 49 Grimshaw. Austin. 38 Grizzle. Phyllis J.. 423. 424. 459 Grobey. John H.. 256. 258. 310. 360 Groger, Harry. 269 Gronemever. Vernon, 446 Gronovld. O. G.. 320 Grosenich. Janet. 427 Gross. William N.. 229. 310. 366 Grossman. Lawrence M.. 404 Grossman. Nathan. 404. 470 Grotjohn. Bill. 397 Gro er. James. 301 Grover. James R.. 62, 286, 288, 316 Grubbe, Tom E,, 374 Gruger, Edward H., 109, 316 Grundcland, Roy, 306, 387 Grunen, Gary, 470 Grunen, Gerta Z.. 119. 352 Grundy. Clifton R.. 325. 462 Gruver. Elaine N.. 342 Guenther, Fred a.. 360 Guernsey, Kathleen A,. 351 Guffey. Charlotte E.. 354 Guichard. Kenneth R.. 287 Guidon. Michael in. 302 Guion. Frank M.. 62 Guisness. Frank S.. 56. 62. 207. 209. 210. 211. 214. 216. 267. 293. 388 Gull. Olga. 321. 466 Gullikson. Annabclle. 423. 442 Gumm. Einmett H.. 62. 324 Gunder.son. Connie J.. a53. 431 Gunderson. Joseph M.. 62. 314. 316. 328, 4,59 Gunder.scm. Lois A.. 51. 62. 97. 102. 111. 130. 147. 290. 292. 296. 353 Gundhu-h. Vaughn R.. 126. 408 Gunther. Dr. Erna. 25 Gusliiden. Sokoo. 446 Cusliiken. S.. 445 Gussman. Lois E.. 338 Gust. Nicholas A., 63 Gustafson, Charles J,, 448 Gustafson. Chuck. 443 Gustaf.son. Delores. 427 Gustafson. Donald. 384 Gustafson. James W.. 360 Gustafson, Helena L.. 63. 322 Gustin. Frank J.. 95. 136. 388 Gustofsen. Maureen. 465 Guterson. Murray. 49 Guthormsen. Svlvia J.. 63. 431 Guthrie. Carol. 321. 325 Guthrie. Frank J.. 63. 316 Guthrie. M. C . 63. 466 Gulhrie. Richard. 370 Guthrie, HoI.erl H.. 38 I Gulman. Yoel. 446 Gutmann. Addis. 63. 420 Gutmann. Nelly. 424 Guttorm.sen. Richard. 402 Guyer. Robert E.. 311, 414 Gwinn, Ba rbara, 470 Gwinn, Mary. 470 Gwyiine, Jean. 425 H Haas. Hammon. 300. 302, 315 Haase. Richard H.. 287 Haavig. Carmen D.. 63 Haavik. Arne. 446 Haberle. Mary M.. 63. 464 Hacker. Garnet. 313. 321. 466 Hacker. Thomas W.. 472 Harkett. Dutton P.. 63 Hackett. John. 470 Hacketl. Paul. 388. 470 Hackman. Robt. B.. 416. 458 Haddock. P.. 320 Haddon, Deane W.. 63. 360. 364 Hadley. Doug N.. 378 Hadley. Sally S.. 335. 341 Hadley, Richard, 296 Hagaman, Floyd F.. 325. 445, 5,59. 460. 461 Hagenian. Walter H.. 241. 295. 360. 454 Hagen. Ann S.. 344 Hagen, Goergia. 63. 334. 353 Hagen. Lois A.. 63. 347 Hagen. Maurice. 448 Hagen. Priscilla D.. 63 Hagensick. Sally. 107 Hager. Marilyn P.. 429. 475 Hagga. Agnes. 178. 179 Haggard. Pegge L.. 351 Haggardy. Donna M.. 355 Haggen. Donald E.. 123. 380 Haglund. David . 440 Haglund. Victor. 49 Hague. Susan. 426 Hahn. August F.. 311. 419 Hahn. Richard F.. 63. 393 Hailey. Daniel. 282 Haines. Rick. 310. 399 Hakanson. Clarkia J.. 341 Hake. Fred. 306. 359 Hake. Shirley. 428 Haldeman. Virginia A.. 110. 294. 349, 459 Haider, Janet L., 337 Hale. Lvmi, 340 Hale. Steve. 366 Halev. Bruce E.. 127. 265. 295. 416. 4.58 Halev. Elvin W.. 63. 299 Haley. Jack. 108. 110 Haley. John J.. 63. 312. 416 Hall. Arlene. 278 Hall. Barbara 313 Hall. Eugene B., 63. 306. 315. 325 Hall. George M.. 3.59 Hall. Miss Helen. 168 Hall. Jerald C. 359 Hall. John. 307 Hall. Lois. 432 Hall. Nathan. 302 Hall. Patricia A.. 63. 464. 474. 476 Hall. Riihard K.. 384 Hall. Richard L.. 376 Halland. K.. 135 Hallander. Dean. 383 Hallherg. Pete. 402 Halle. Roland K.. 217. 235. 295. 310. 368 Haller. Marv. 302 Hallin. Betty J.. 347 Hallman. Theodore. 287. 302 Hallowell. Elizabeth L.. 63. 334. 337 Hallowell. Marv A.. 337 Hallowell. Marv S.. 445 Halluni. Diedrich. 448 Halvorsen. Patricia E.. 426 Halverson. Archie T.. 63. 324 Halverson. Richard, 448 Hambleton. Marion. 437 Hamblin. Robert C. 190. 253. 268. 368. 456 Hames. Ted E.. 63. 357. 397 Hamilton. Doris. 185 Hamilton. Geneita B.. 340 Hamiltim. Jack R., 388 Hamilton. James A.. 410. 470 Hamilton. Jay. 49 Hamilton. Ray M.. 416 Hamilton. Wm. D.. 49. 63. 150. 477 Hamlin. Carol, 463, 464 Hamack. Frank. 321 Hamm. Wil fried. 4.59 Hamnian. William A.. 386 Hammer. Karol L.. 123. 334. 335. 343 Hammer. Kenneth F.. 63 68. 107. 300. 301. 302. 378 Hammersmith. Robert. 301 Hammersmith. Robert J.. 302. 318. 446 Hammond. Evelyn M.. 336. 459 Hammond. James. 314. 316 Hammond. Sally E.. 346 Hamstrom. Jeanne M.. 343 Hanberg. Donald F.. 63 Hanberg. Vernes A.. 111. 336 Hanby. Wavne G.. 63. 317. 323. 366 Hanchett. Margie M.. 428 Hancock. Bernie L.. 229. 368 Hancock. Frank E.. 63. 325 Handley. Lee. 371 Handorf. Lala L.. 46. 472 Handy. Lyman. 302 Haner. Douglas. 387 Haney. William E.. 287 Hanich. Benjamin. 299 Hanich. Marilyn G.. 442. 472 Hankins. Diane M.. 344 Hanna. Ray L.. 123. 380 Hannaford. Vernon L. . 318 Hanover. James W.. 320. 413. 474 Hanraman. Nancy N.. 344 Hanscon. Robert. 419 Han.sen. Arlene M.. 63. 425 Hansen. Art. 188 Hansen. Barbara A.. 428 Hansen. Bettv Lou. 63. 349 Hansen, Cliff. 459 Hansen. Donald. 443 Hansen. Doris I.. 464 Hansen. Douglas A.. 93. 114. 295. 416 Hansen. Earl B.. 402 Hansen. Edward. 299. 2S7. 440 Hansen. Edward A.. 46 Hansen. George. 49. 315 Hansen. Inger M.. 349 Hansen. James. 306 Hansen. Jude. 348 Hansen. Miriam L.. 348 Hansen. Reid W.. 63. 232 Hansen. Robert. 459 Hansford. Joe. 393 Hansler. Don. 46. 232. 242. 302. 440 Hansler. Jerry M.. 360 Hansler. John. 49 Hansniann. Mary L. . 345 Hanson. David C. 315 Hanson. Dick. 320 Han.son. Karen E.. 63. 345 Hanson. Marjorie C 349 Hanson. Martha M.. 340 Hanson. Pearl M.. 63. 463. 464. 472 Hanson. Robert C. 241. 368 Hanstrom. Jeanne. 294 Hara. Mitsuko. 63. 436 Harberg. Don R.. 372 Harding. George F.. 92. 295. 368 Harding. George T.. 102. 132. 310. 360 Harding. John W.. 23 Harding. Tom. 255 Hardwick. Jack. 448 Hardwick. Thoma.s. 448 Hardy. Diane A.. 64. 292 Hardv. Donald. 408 Hardy. Gordon. 228. 446 Hardv. Joyce. 445 Hardv. Kav. 110. 119 Hareo. Euona M.. 112 Harford. Gunner D.. 358. 394 Harford. Marv. 64. 301. 317. 324 Harkins. Henry N.. 41 Harkonen. David L.. 383 Harlock. Ralph. 318. 440 Harlow. Dorothy. 470 Harlowe. Trudy A.. 339 Harmon. Robert. 267 Harmon. Schell. 376 Harms. Gretchen. 347 Harnish. Jacqueline L.. 3.52 Harnish, Richard M.. 386 Harper. Guy M.. 228. 393 Harper. Rockne S.. 386 Harper. Roland W.. 374 Harries, Sarah Jane, 297, 349 Harris, Al. 306 Harris, Alden W.. 364 Harris. Alfred T.. 64. 321 Harris. Andrew. 377 Harris. Betty C. 426 Harris. Charles. 317 Harris. Curly. 24. 25 Harris. Dick. 195 Harris. Jerry F.. 195. 416 Harris. Mary Joe. 354 Harris. Minnie. 104. 107 112 Harris. Randy. 64. 340 Harris. R. Bronsdon. 107 Harris. Richard. 186. 187. 306. 314. 412 Harris. Robert. 310 Harris. Ruth L.. 64. 298. 426 Harris. Wayne M.. 401. 459 Harris. William. 311 Harrison. Arthur E.. 302 Harrison. Beatrice E.. 64. 313. 436 Harrison. Beverly M.. 123. 335. 342 Harrison. Bob. 320 Harrison. Edward M.. 13 Harrison. Ernest. 447 Harrison. Florence il.. 46. 297 Harrison. Larry. 320 Harrod. Stan. 441 Hansch. Alfred D.. 35 Hart. Geoi-ge A.. 408 Hartford. Evonna Mae. 341. 428 Hartley. Anne S.. 424 Hartley. Gloria L.. 350 Hartley. John. 267 Hartley. Wayne A.. 64. 406 Haitt. Alan. 302 Hartung. Frank M.. 360 Hartung. Ritajean. 111. 121. 134. 347 Hartwig. Alan. 448 Harty. Benjamin. 49 Harvev. Fred. 476 Harvey. P. Hope. 46. 423. 428 Harvey. Lincoln. 384 Harvey. John. 311 Harvitz. Barbara J.. 352 Harwood. Charles. 302 Hase. Nick. 446 Hasegawa. Naoko. 436 Hasenwinkle. Earl, 308 Haskell. Bruce M.. .393 Haskell. Nancy C. 348 Haskins. Joe L.. 380 Hassen. Jamel. 335. 389 Hastings. Jane. 64 Hastings. Robert D.. 394. 4.57 Hastings. Walden. 459 Hatfield. Harlan D.. 287 Hatton. Patricia J.. 110. 349 Haug. Melvin. 447 Hauge. Florence. 321 Haugen. Helen. 437 Ilaogstad. Lucie. 354 H.minan. Art J.. 380 Hauser. Alvce. 275. 278. 425 Hausman. Hugh. 376 Hautala. Donald. 307. 320. 413 Havashi. Harrv. 449 Havdahl. Bernard G.. 374 Haves. Paul. 413 Haviland. James W.. 43 Havlina. Laura L.. 94. 95. 347 Hawes. David. 308 Hawk. John. 446 Hawkes. Theron H.. 64. 376. 388 Hawkins. Ann. 114 Hawkins. Eric K.. 61. 325. 419 Hawkins. James V.. 396. 470 Hawkins. Judith D.. 118. 348 Hawson. Carl. 311 Hawthorne, Donald. 446 Hawthorn. Robert D.. 287 Hawthorne. Shirlev. 466 Hay. John. 418 Hayakawa. Joe. 447 Haya.saki. Pauline. 466 Havashi. Harry. 301 Hayashi. Lillian M.. 64. 466 Hayashi. Thomas. 449 Hayden. James L.. 380. 458 Hayden. Thomas A.. 394 Haye. Katherine. 437 Hayes. Ben R.. 97. 103. 106. 107. 108. 121. 263. 271. 293. 295. 307. 394 Hayes. James W.. 307 Hayes. Joan. 276. 278. 329. 424 Hayes. John. 382. 422 Hayes. Nancy L.. 343 Hayes. Walter. 388 Hayland. Peggy. 470 486 titptMksf iit rs ia the Huskies Official TEXT and TECHNICAL BOOKS New and Used • A Complete Engineering Department • Science Equipment • Student Supplies • Art Supplies Sarf 3fnn »y Buy F»vd Bonhm otrn OJtx te OJiw. 4316 University Way MEIrose 7783 SEATTLE 487 Haynes, Frances B.. 119 350 Haynes. Molly, 425 Haynes. Richard K.. 311, 439 Hayward. Richard A.. 446. 447, 477 Hazel, Eugene W.. Jr.. 64. 325 Hazen, Ruth M.. 64. 464 Hazlegiove. George C.. 374 Headrick. Charles. 64 Healy. Dolores M.. 424. 465 Healy. Mary K., 353 Healy. Patrick. 269. 364 Heaney, George. 293 Hearn. Ronald. 448 Heath. John. 49 Heathcote. Jerrie E.. 353 Heathnian, Mike W.. 414 Hebrank. Al. 320. 413 Hcckman, Phyllis A.. 343 Hedberg, Charles R., 408 Hedges, Marley. 64. 316 Hedin. Betty E.. 428 Hedreen. Michael. 407. 458 Hedrich. Richard. 319 Hedrik. Worth G.. 414 Hedwall, Donald S.. 64. 406. 407 Hefty, Edward R., 412 Hegg. Sandra. 345 Heggbloni. Ruth E.. 64. 424 Heggic. David. 301 Heggie. Leslie D.. 64. 288. 388 Hegre. Harlan. 448 Heiburg. Mrs. Malvina. 298 Heighton. Robert S., 64, 371 Heikkinen. Wm. H.. 64. 229. 271, 448 Heilman. Dr. Robert B.. 30 Heily. Raymond A.. 366 Hein. Shirley M.. 274, 289, 475 Heinemann, Mildred E. , 46. 426, 472 Heino. Bertha, 428 Heinrich, Don, 220. 408 Heinz. John A.. 366 Heiser. Eldon. W.. 64. 438. 448 Heister, Joanne A. Heitzman, Joyce L Helgar, Roger. 469 Hekkanen. Eero M. 315 Helgeland. Richard C. 380 Helgen. Robert C. 64 Helgerson. Warren A., 64, 227. 234. 293. 308. 414. 454. 457 Helgeson. Paul. 446 Helland. Wavne. 320 Helms. Kenneth. 314. 325 Heiser. Leon. 301 Helwig. Dorothy. 470 Helwig. Kathryn M,. 116. 118. 344 Heniinger. Murray V. Jr.. 416. 457 Henchman. Elizabeth B Henderson, Alexander D.. 64 Henderson. John I.. 412 Henderson, Larry E, 109. 384 Hendrick. Wayne. 64. 325. 410 Hendrickson. Dale. 64. 324 Hendrickson. I.. 472 Hendrickson. Marion J 95. 335. 336 Hendry, Ron L., 357. 359 Hendry, William J.. 380. 445 Henke. William. 320 Henkel. Harold W.. 378 Henley. I.sabel E.. 190 274. 279. 280, 281, 353 Henley. Terence. 408 Hennes. John, 311, 414 Hennes, James D., 150 190. 311. 414. 458 Hennes. Randolph. 64 308. 414. 457 Hennigh. Larrv. 441 Hennings. Gerald. 64. 364 Henrikson. Gordon F 64. 312. 359 Henry. Clayton. 443 Henry, Jack, 311 Henry. M, C. 47 Hensley. Frank M.. 310, 366 Henson, Jeanne E.. 185 186. 339 Henson. LeDon. 291 Hepburn. John W.. 416 Herard. Marvin. 321 Herb. Frances A.. 350 Herbert. John. 397 Hergert. Clinton L.. 64 Hergert. Gary. 395 Hermann. Rex. 447 Hernely, Kenneth. 318 , 336 ..287 .64. Herns. Larry S.. 64. 232 242. 293. 404 Herold. James H.. 64 320. 413 Hernnan. Prof. Arthur P.. 28. 287. 302 Herron. Joyce. 432 Hershey, Joyce G,, 91 95. 345 Hertzog. Donald E.. 64 315, 328 Herzog. Ruth. 316 Hei-zer. Melvin. 448 Herzog. Frank L., 374 Hesch. Donald J.. 64. 289 Hester. Pat I.. 337, 475 Hevly, Wm., 174 Hewitt, James M.. 287 Hewitt, N. C. 459 Heyerdahl. Tor. 256 Heywood. William. 447 Hibbard. Sharron L.. 336 Hicker. Carol M.. 348 Hickerson. Martha. 275. 425 Hickey. David. 65. 440 Hickman. Robert W. 65 299 Hiekkenin. Wm.. 457 Higa. Anita. 277. 278. 425 Higbee. Jan V.. 278. 329. 425 Highton. A. A.. 287. 302 Hilborn. Sue J.. 65. 337 Hildebrand. Larrv. 462 Hildebrand. Richard 448 Hildebrant, Floyd J. 65 448 Hildebrandt. Pete. 306 315 Hilgenkamp. Esther. 472 Hill. Carol. 427 Hill. Harriett. 348 Hill. Howard. 447 Hill. Lou. 470 Hill. Louis D.. 414 Hill. Ted. 256. 257. 376 Hill. T. Richardson, 65 407 Hill. Virginia M.. 187. 191. 337 Hilli.s. Mary J.. 119, 347 Hillman. A. L., 472 Hillroan. Marja D.. 428 Hillman. Myron. 408. 445 Hillniann. Dick. 472 Hillyard. Gordon L., 374 Hinckcl. Susan. 347 Hinds, John, 176 Hinman, Robert, 4.50 Hinson, David R,, 388 Hipke. Mary E,. 346 Hirabayashi. Esther. 437 Hirano, Yutaka. 65. 327 Hire. Necia M.. 65. 466 Hirsch. Barbara C. 340 Hirsh. Sidney. 65. 420 Hirst. Gordon B.. 414 Hirvas. Nancy L.. 35! Hiscock. David. 375. 388 Hiscock. Frank. 459 Hitch. Henrv. 302 Hitchock. Dr. C. L.. 28 Hitchcock. Howard G, 47 Hjert. Jerry. 316 Hjorten, Alvin, 301 Ho, Timothy Chi-i. 322 Hoa ' lund, Daylc, i06 " Hoan, Buu, 446 Hoar, Ro.salie. 287 Hoard. Donald E.. 65 288 Hobbs. Clyde A.. 410 Hobbs. Leon D.. 386 Hobert. Carol R.. 105 328. 343 Hobi. Anne M.. 350 Hoekett. Norman W.. 65. 316 Hodge. Elaine. 425 Hodges. Merrill E., 252 253, 360. 454. 456 Hodson. Patricia J.. 345 Hoefer. Eileen F.. 354 Hoerr. Noralee. 428 Hoff. Burt. 372 Hoff. Per. 185 Hoffman. Charles W.. 65. Hoffman. Deloris 470 Hoffman. Donald. 306 Hoffman. Katherine. 298 Hoffman. Paul. 49 Hoffman, Robert. 446 Hofman. Oswald. 49 Hogan. Elwood D.. 109 123. 310. 368 Hogan. Michael. 110 Hogan. Wayne C. 149. 414 Hoglund. Donald. 317 Hogle. Walter. 267. 308 Hopman. Medford. 448 Hoiby. Glenn A.. 65. 370 Hokanson. Joan 1.. 65. 424 Holbrook. Frances F.. 343 Holcomb. Fred D.. 65 448 Holcomb. Fred. 448 Holder. Dorothy A.. 428 471 Holdridge. Robert. 380 Holdsworth. Vivian, 321 Holladay. Gloria J.. 65 474. 476 Holland. Kathy B.. 355 Holland. Lora V.. 339 Holland. Robert. 65. 439 Holland. V. K.. 374. 458 Hollingshead. Winifred 424 Holm. Ann. 428 Holm. Birgit E.. 342. 472 Holm. Margaret M.. 47 297. 424 Hohii, Signe P.. 187. 342. 472 Holman, Evette. 447 Holman. Ferol. 343 Holman. Jean L.. 135 203. 343. 459 Holmes. JoAnn G.. 164 423. 438. 445 Holmes. John R.. 65. 321 Holmes. John. 396 Holmes. Joseph D.. 65 185. 186. 268. 327. 390 Holmquist. Lenorc D. 65. 185. 425. 471 Holmstead. Ralph. 194 Holseth. Esther. 470 Holt. Alan M.. 390 H olt. Frederick J.. 391 Holt. Gerald A.. 414 Holt. Mary Anne E.. 65 355 Holt. Ralph. 122. 368 Holt. Stanley P.. 65. 438 443. 459 Holt. Dr. William S.. 31 Holtmann. Rolf. 49. 462 Holz. Thomas R.. 318 Holzknecht. Ted. 62 220 224. 238. 293 Hong. Soon. 446. 447 Hoover. Helen. 432 Hoover. Nancy R.. 65. 344 Hopf. Bill D.. 390 Hopfensperger. Audrev. 340 Hopkins. Bryan. 447 Hopkins. John. 459 Hoppe. Douglas. 318 Hopper. Gloria E.. 353. 467 Hopson. Clifford A.. 47 443 Horn. Charles A.. 235 310. 364 Horn. Doris A.. 340 Horn. Georgene A.. Ill 189. 349 Horn. LeeH,. 63. 386. 394 Horn. Ray L.. 394 Horn. Raymond. 107 296 307. 312 Home. Ardith M.. 63. 474 476 Home. Dorthalee. 110 Home. Douglas. 381 Home. James A.. 364 Home, Mary E.. 436 Horrocks. Philip J., 65 227, 234, 293, 306, 318, 438, 454, 457 Horton, G, P.. 22 Hoshiwara. Isao. 289 Hoskins. Blaine. 311. 445 Hoskins. William. 457 446 Hossfeld. Walt E 229 368 Hostetler. Richard G. 371. 359 Houbregs. Robert J.. 207 208. 211. 212. 214. 216 232. 365. 454 Houchen. Ray O.. 320. 457 Houck. Ray. 402 Houger. Donna. 192. 427 Houghton. Dr. B. C 11 " ' Houglum. Bert. 289. 441 Houlahan. Bill. 230. 393 4,55. 457 Houle. Glen. 299 Houser. Marv Lou. 437 Houston. Jack. 293 Houston. James R.. 229 311. 390 Hout. Richard A.. 65 306. 393 Hnuvener. Don. 239 Houvenor. Don. 366 Hovde. LeRov. 65. 262. 306. 357. 402 Hovland. Margaret. 345 Hovis. Lowell. 467 Hovis. Robert. 447 Howard. David C, 306 Howard, John R.. 443 470 Howard. Larrv. 306 Howard. Norman C. 364 Howarth. Pat J.. 341 Howay. James. 228 Howay. John. 393 Howe. Connie. 65. 341 Howe. Ellen. 336 Howe. James M.. 47 446 Howe, Loren D.. 65 Howe. Michael. 181. 459 Howe. William B. W 65. 397 Howell. John. 446 Howell. William. 316 Howson. Clifford. 384 474 Hoy. William. 307 Hoy, William J,, 289, 386 Hoyt, Elaine L.. 287 Hsia. Hung. 47 Hubbarl. Dick J.. 65 Hubbard. Harold. 439 Hubbard, James E., 380 Hubbert. Barbara L.. 354 Hubbert. William H.. 365 Huber. Dr. J. Richard. 30 Huber. Richard B.. 110 383 Hubert. Barbara D.. 65. Hubinger. Harold. 446 14— Tyee Index Hubley, Richard. 441 Hudson. Ada E.. 424 Hudson. Clyde. 446 Hudson. Ralph. 235 Hudson. Robert L.. 65 408 Hudson. Dr. William. 31 Huelett. Charles. 390 Huey. Nathan. 13 Hufeisen. Gene. 194 Huff George R.. 65. 393 Hughbanks. James. 365 Hughes. Barbara R.. 65. 424 Hughes. Eric. 265 Hughes. Prof. Glenn. 30. 1 5 Hughes. John. 446 Hughes. John. 448 Hughes. Melva. 432 Hughes. Muriel I.. 431 Hughes. Victor C.. 66. 380 Hulet. Russ. 414 Hulett. Charles T.. 268 Hull. Eugene H.. 368 Hull. Kirk B.. 408 Hullquist. Karen L.. 348 Hulshof. Andrew. 266 Humes. Lee. 402 Humpheries. Wm.. 49 308 Humphrey, David A., 393 Humphrey. Richard L.. 66 Humphries. William. 446 470 Hungafe. Robert. 296 Hungar. Gene A.. 229 310. 368 Hungate. Robert P.. 287 Hungerbuhler. Dannv 372 Hunkin. Helena E.. 66 344 Hunsaker. Harold. 49 Hunt. Charles. 400 Hunt. Gordon J.. 47 459 Hunt. John. 395 Hunt. Nancy E.. 339 Hunter. Dana J.. 388 Hunter. Jeannine. 105. 107. 463. 464 Hunter. John. 315 Hunter. Samuel J.. 360 Huntington. Belle M.. 337 Huntington. Daniel. 384 Huntington. Darby. 447 Huntington. Ronald. 450 Huntingti n. Vivien. 298 Hupp. Jack S.. 1C6. 125 152. 269. 410 Huppin. Charles E.. 404 Hurd. Sallie Sue N.. 110 113. 118. 340. 459 Hurlbut. Lorne. 232. 242 Hurlbut. Wendell P H ' ' 368 Hurley, Carolyn, 466 Hurley. Raymond F.. 66. Hurley. Wylie E.. 66 325 Hurwitz. Elihu. 49 Huson. Helen A.. 426 Janet. 329. 353 Huston. John. 49. 407 Hutchins. Althea. 321 Hutchins. Carolvn A.. 66 429. 475 Hutcliins. Richard. 462 Hutchins. Weslev S.. 398 liutilunson. Douglas. 66 306. 410 Hutchinson, Douglas W.. 307 Hutchinson. Irene C 111. 121. 289. 350 Hutchinson. Jack C. 66. 374 Hutchinson. Leslie D.. 66 Hutchison. Fred. 235 Hutchison. Robert B 106. 295. 238. 368. 454 Hutson. Phillip. 446 Hyammen, Evelyn A 464 Hyde. Kathleen E.. 66 121. 135. 203. 292. 354. 459 Hyer. Richard. 315. 448 Hyland. Robert A.. 443 Hynds. Jim. 243 Hyneman. Sally J., 341 Ikeda. John. 449 lies. Gordon R.. 122. 123. 412 Imer. Richard L. 229 270. 394 Inaba. Sheane. 287 Ingraham. Gale. 443 Ingraham. Gale 438 Ingraham. Betty. 470 Ingerson. Martin. 175. 446 Ingram. Jim. 267 Ingram. J,,Ann R.. 66 Inkst.r. Lewis J.. 66, 360 Innes, Kenneth, 302 Inonye. Howard, 302 318 Inouye, Howard. 301 Inouya. Howard. 300 Insle. Evan E.. 414 Ireland. Don. 49 Ine. Edward. 47, 444 Irons. LeRoy H.. 374 Irvmg. Donald. 447 Irwin. Patsv. 459 Irwin. Richard A.. 376 Isaac. Paul. 287 Isaacs. Dr. Walter F.. 25 Isaacson. Henry. 389 Isaacson. Marv Lou. 349 Isom. Jessie M.. 66. 350 Israel. Emily. 338 Itara. Nabi. 449 Item. Robert. 315. 328 448 Ito. George. 449 Ito. Yoshi. 425. 466 I nrovich. Virginia J., 66 Ivarsson, Karol. 347 Iverson. Arlene H. 464 472 ' n S° " - George. Jr.. 319. 328. 448 Iverson. Kay. 446 Iverson. Louis L.. 66. 383 Ives. Joanne J.. 348 Iwasaki. Dorothy. 466 Iwa.saki. Gavlord 449 Iwasaki. J.. 446 Iwa.saki. Marine I.. 66 436 Iwasaki. Sherry 324 Iwasaki. Tomo. 466 Iwasaki. T. Sherry. 439 Ichikawa. Etsuko. 66. 289. 465, 466 Ichikawa, Kazuya. 449 Iddmgs. James. 267. 384 Iddms. Donald. 302 Ideta. Akio. 449 Jack. Marious K.. 295. Jackman. Bob. 462 Jackman. Gwen D 344 Jackman. Robert. 447 Jackson. Don. 448 Jackson. Don. 402 Jackson. Gerald E. 311 446 Jackson. Herbert. 382 Jackson. James. 317. 323 Jackson. James. 301 Jackson. James. 306 Jack.son. Joy. 109. 188. 326. 467 Jackson. Marie L.. 344 Jacobi. Wayne. 186. 187. 314 Jacobs. Donald B.. 66 103. 107. 302. 319 Jacobs. Donald H.. 287 Jacobs. Gerald. 177. 316 Jacobs. Robert A 414 Jacobsen. Flora. 425 Jacobsen. Gordon. 318. 468 Jacobsen. Joan. 189. 349 Jacobsen. Joan E.. 185 Jat-obsen. Kurt O.. 295. Jacobsen. Prof. Theodor S.. 2.5 Jacobsen. Tina. 157. 162. Jacobsen. Tina. 275. 280. Jacobson. Beverly. 296 Jacobson. Beverly A 66 81.292. 298. 334. " 343 ' ' Jacob.son. Dale. 414 Jacobson. Keith. 308. 414 Jaedicke. Robert. 296. Jaeger. Arthur F.. 66 Jaeger. Robert B.. 66. 326 Jaekel. Haile. 66. 306. 324 Jaffe. Jerry J.. 362 Jagoc. Alison M.. 340 Jahnke. Sue G.. 66. 106 121. 292. 348. 467 Jahoda. James A.. 401 Jaima. Narte. 264 Jallie. Elizabeth. 322 346 James. Albert J.. 68 372 James. Albert A.. 383 James. Clifford A.. 386 James. Dolores A.. 66. 431 James. Frank D.. 360 James. Marv. 343 James. Shirley L.. 66. 313 437 Jamieson. Roger. 393 Janes. Leonard. 446 Janisch. Bob. 295 Janiseh. Ed. 239. 360 Janssen. Lambert R. 66 Jantzen. Janice M.. 329. 425 488 Jardine. Charles A 66 296. 312, 359 Jared, Myron S., 66. 105 107. Ill, 122. 125. 271 ' 306. 307. 415 Jargensen. Leroy. 109 Jarvis. Harney H.. 217. 402 Jasberg. Joan D.. 66. 292. 424 Jasmin. Margie M.. 287 Jastad. Donald C. 378 Jayne. Towner A.. 287 Jefferson, Bill. 242 •l ' ' Jefferts. Keith B.. 268 ' 456 Jeffries. Mary Ann. 428 Jenkms. Ted. 302 Jenks. Elizabeth. 298 Jennerson. Mabel W.. 340 Jenness. Joyce M.. 110 353 Jennings. Bill. 371 Jennings. William. 382 Jensen. Alfred. 447 Jensen. Alice M.. 336 Jensen. Donald J.. 66. 383 Jensen. Janice. 27S Jensen. Jean L.. 46 66 88. 121. 292. 334. 342 ' Jensen. Marilyn. 428 Jensen. Ray F.. 66. 194 321. 386 Jensen. Robin. 123. 278. 346 Jensen. Walter E.. 66. 365 Jepsen. Gloria C. 294. 350 Jepson. Robert L.. 66. 416 Jeremiah. Raymond. 450 • ' ' ' £Jl ' ' ' ' " - Prof. Leonard. Jessen. Raymond T 407 Jessen. Ted. 306 Jessup, Louis S., 67 Jeter. .Milton W.. 447 472 Jewell. Carlyn H.. 67 ' . 339 Jewett. Dale L.. 255 402 Jewell. Earle. 262 Jirawongse. Vichirra. 448 Job. Janet E.. 287 Johannes. Carolyn R. 353. 459 Johannes. Clifford W 400 Johannes. Margery M.. Johannesen. Harold 447 Johanson. Paul H 242 243. 368. 454 John. Skid. 402 John. William. 228 Johns. Kenneth W. 67 325. 446 John.sen. Allodene. 464 Johnson. Alice. 67. 427 459 Johnson. Allan H.. 67 268. 390 Johnson. Allan. 307 Johnson. Arlene L.. 336 Johnson. Avon. 465 Johnson. Barbara. 342 428 Johnson. Betty P.. 341 Johnson. Bryon F.. 301. Johnson. Bunnv. 470 Johnson. Carl. 416 Johnson. Carol F.. 341 Johnson. Charles D. 306 315. 412 Johnson. Diane. 424 Johnson. Don L.. 67 89 287. 293. 320. 372 Johnson. Donald D.. 103. 384 Johnson. Earle W.. 288 472 Johnson. Elizabeth A. 335. 344 Johnson. Ervin A., 231, 390. 457 Johnson. Evalvn. 425 Johnsi.n. Frances H.. 431 Johnson. Franklin B. 310. 397 Johnson. Frederick. 321. 470 Johnson. George. 448 Johnson. Gerrett L.. 386 457 Johnson. Gloria. 346 Johnson. Gordon. 446. 470. 476 Johnson. Guy D.. 67. 376 Johnson. Harold S.. 67. 174 Johnson. Henry. 382 Johnson. Howard. 448 Johnson. Ha M.. 67. 431 Johnson. Irv. 227 Johnson. James. 308. 459 Johnson. Jan D.. 346 Johnson. Janet L., 195. 342 Johnson. Jerald R.. 67 393 Johnson, Jerry M., 217, 388 Johnson, John, 67, 306 393 Johnson, John V.. 415 Johnson. Joseph. 446 Johnson. Joyce. 465 Johnson. Judy I.. 67. 348 Johnson. Kenneth. 310 I ' ll III -nil II II ,. II iiu : 1 1I ' a ! ii ii n: ' im ' 11 il II ' lllll • i !i ii I ' ll! ■■ H lI ]j irii ' If ■i 1 IT II i IS ii 11 II lit II III III] " ■-■1 III 111 III I Wc hiivc much in cimi- mon, you and wc Yi u ir.- building a career . . . wc arc building a great store. But the materials we both use are much the same : Masterful plan- ning . . . patient study . . . pcrs;stent labor. Today, after investing years and fortunes, we both have aclueved only a beginning. In the years ■ihead your success, ,ind tiurs, will depend upon our capacities serve . . . our abilities meet the demands of of a fast-moving world. Congratulations, class of ' i2! We face the future together. 489 Johnson, Leone. 110 Johnson. Lloyd P.. 289. 470 Johnson. Lou Ann. 192. 318 Johnson. Marilyn L.. 67. 289. 429. 475 Johnson. Marilyn F., 289. 354 Johnson. Morse. 267 Johnson. Norma. 465 John3f)n. Norman. 316. 472 Johnson. Nunnally J.. 397 Johnson. Orlando. 315 Johnson. Orville, 382 Johnson, Otto. 315 Johnson, Pauline, 298 Johnson. Peter W., 439 Johnson. Ralph H.. 67. 287. 318. 328 Johnson. Ray. 470 Johnson. Richard A.. 397. 446 Johnson. Richard E., 410 Johnson, Richard H.. 255, 360 Johnson, Richard T.. 419 Johnson, Robert. 474, 458 Johnson, Robert L.. 239. 400 Johnson. Rockne H,, 67. 357. 3B3. 454 Johnson. Ronald D., 443 Johnson, Ruby A., 297, 425 Johnson. Ruth, 428 Johnson, Ruth, 470 Johnson. Sally A.. 67. 475 Johnson. Sheila M.. 347 Johnson, Tanya, 450 Johnson, Vern H.. 67 Johnson. Virgil. 295 Johnson. William. 447 Johnson, William P., 300. 302. 371 Johnston. Billie, 281 Johnston. Donald. 447 Johnston, G. R.. 203. 394 Johnston. James G., 217, 386. 4.53. 461. 470 Johnston. Willia. 311 Jolin, Glenn F,, 360 Jolley, Blaine, 447 Jollie, Elizabeth, 294, 465 JoUie. Liz, 111, 120 Jones, Albert C. 47, 287, 302. 440 Jones. Beverly M.. 67 Jones. Carol M.. 345 Jones. Clark E., 67, 293 Jones, David, 447 Jones. David A.. 372 Jones. Daniel. 307 Jones. Daniel. 301 Jones. Douglas K,. 67, 382 Jones, Douglas C, 47, 400 Jones, Dean Ernest M., 43 Jones, Floyd, 448 Jones. Francis. 443 Jones. Geraldine M,, 67 Jones. Gratia. 428 Jones. Hubert. 49 Jones. Jo. 465 Jones. Jo Ann. 428 Jones. Joanne M.. 344 Jones. Ken. 267 Jones. Leon, 306 Jones. Leona M., 344 Jones, Morgan M., 422 Jones. Myfanwy. 67. 437 Jones. Norma Lee. 428 Jones, Patricia L. , 336 Jones, Robert W.. 13. 416 Jones. Tal, 25 Jones. Ted. 267 Jones. Thomas K,. 310, 448 Jones, Warren W.. 67 Jones, William A,, 295, 365, 458, 470 Jonson. Barbara J.. 465 Jonson. Georgia H.. 349 Jonson. Norman L. . 67. 306 Jordan, David C, 386 Jordan, Dick, 234 Jordan, George, 411 Jordan. Pat. 425 Jordan. Richaid N.. 67. 227. 293. 311. 320. 368. 454. 457 Jorgensen. LeRoy. 67. 108. 134. 386. 458 Jorgenson. J. M.. 320 Jory. Jean. 177, 346 Joscelyn, Sarah L., 425 Joseph, Harriet M.. 67. 292 465 Joseph.son, Roy. 67. 316 Joslin. Morten T. B.. 316, 386 Josund, Gilbert J., 447 Jolodai, Ted, 449 Jouko ' skv, Natalie M., 335, 354 Jovick, Anne, 354 Joy. James. 399 Joyce. Robert. 320, 459 Jubb, Erie, 255. 462 Judd, Myron V,. 67. 135, 416 Juli ' in, Jean, 297, 302 Junge. Dr. Josephine. 181 Jurv. R. William. 67. 178. 194. 293. 327. 388 Jussila. Martha. 317. 411. 428 Justice. Earl. 382 Kaas. Ronald B., 67. 373 Kaas. Sharon L.. 345 Kadoshima. Harry. 449 Kahler. Robert. 312. 370 Kahn. Del. 441 Kajimura. Hiroshi. 270. 449 Kakela, Rita H.. 116. 123. 296. 423. 426 Kalinoski. Jack. 446 Kallander, Dean C, 230, 455 457 Kaiviila. Ron L., 374 Kalbaeh. Robert. 301 Kalviste. Aavo. 264 Kamb, Harriet J,, 343, 459 Kamishima, Mary N.. 67. 425. 466 Kamla. John G.. 415 Kamp. Gloria. 336 Kanipe. Wynn. 397 Kampe. Kle7iiens H,. 415 Kanaan. Larry. 357 Kanda. Kiyo, 67. 466 Kanda. Y .ne, 466 Kane, Donald B.. 239. 295. 368 Kane, Michael A.. 358. 368 Kane. Thomas V.. 47. 410 Kappa Sigma. 385 Kargc. Ronald L.. 68. 438. 440 Kargianis. George. 106. 360 Karlen, Kathrvn M.. 426 Karmin. Kurt W.. 95. 311 Karshner. Paul H.. 360 Karstetter. Jared C 310. 371 Kast, Marcia, 339 Kastilahn, Donald .M.. 394 Kastner. Lewis, 319 Katavama, Terrv T,, 287 Kato, Zenichi J,, 68, 301, 317 Kat.sanis, Ted. 470 Katterman. Ruth, 459 Katz, Jerome, 307 Katz, Shirlee Ann. 3.52 Katzenberger. Eva J., 68, 466 Katzky. Margaret F.. 3!j2 Kaufman. Alvin. 175 Kaufoian. Don. 470 Kauffman. Elizabeth. 349 Kauffi.ian. Mary E.. 112. 289 Kawachi. Jean. 466 Kawaguchi. Ellen Y.. 424. 466 Kawahara. Robert. 449 Kawamoto. Akio M.. 68. 447 Kawamoto, Mike, 449 Kave, Naomi. 338 K.cvnor. Kirk G,, 388 Keaton, Susan. 113. 427 Keeffe. Jeananne. 350 Keene. George H.. 68. 363 K.-.nev. Frank W., 287 KeFauver, Elizabeth A.. 123. 341 Kelf.r. David. 446 Svlvia. 425 K.iKWin, . nn B., 68, 353 Keim, Robert E,. 68. 319. 386. 474 Keister. Glenn. 302 Keitel. Glenn H.. 68. 301. 302. 315. 328 Keith. Beverly. 350 Ki lliher. Dan. 68. 366 K. 11. her. Richard. 49 K.ll.r. Ann J.. 345 Kell.-r. Elaine M.. 68 K.ll. r. Janice I.. 112. 348 K.ll.r. Marcia. 424 K.ll.T. iMarcia H,, 3.50 K. ll.T, Mary F.. 350 K.ll.r, Olin E,, 68. 369 K. 11. I. Ward. 229. 388 K.ll.y. Sam K.. 376 William L.. 394. 156 Ann E.. 348 K. ' llogg. Howard B.. 68. 227. 234. 307. 389. 457 Kelly. Donald L,. 383, 470 Kellv. Earl R.. 46. 176. 316 Kellv. Katherine J.. 425 Kellv. Pat. 470 Kellv, William. 447 K. Im, Melvin C. 416 K.lner. Richard W.. 68. 308. 410 Kelsey. Willard G.. 68. 370 K ' -inp. Louise, 425 K.niper, Louis, 382, 448 K.-iiiper, Martha. 427 Kemph. Don. 315 Kencfall. Diane. 68. 348 Kendrick. Joanne B.. 68. 340. 398 Kennar. George A.. 68. 307. 314 Kennedy. Betty. 321 K.-miedv. Candaee. 274. 2:7, 348 Kennedy, Janet L.. 340 K. ' nnellv. Patty J.. 341. 428 Kenover. Ardvth. 465 Kent. ' Gary W.. 365 Kent. Herbert. 68 Kent. Pat. 428 Kenworthy. K, J.. 302 Kerbel. Donald W.. 68. 397 Kerns. James. 401 Kerr. Richard. 47. 301. 317 323 Kerry. William M,. 239. 389 Kerschner. Daniel. 371 Kershner. Laverne M.. 344 Kerttula. Esther H.. 340 K.-scrich. Charles. 288 Kessler. Mary. 321. 466 Kesterson. Rosemary. 424 Ketcham. Betty. 466 Ketcham. Charles D.. 68 Ketzlach. Evelvn. 119, 352, 470 Kev, Ed. 121 Kev. Florabel, 191 Keves, Harrv. 397 Kia.T, Jan, 256, 257, 258 Kiiiil.T, Perry E.. 287 Ki.lw.ll, Kathro. 105, 278 Kidwell, Tom, 320 Kieburtz, Bruce, 68. 300. 306, 315 Kieburtz. Dick. 445 Ki.hurtz. R. Bruce, 301, 302, 319 Klefer, John B., 408 Kiely. Paul D.. 68. 357, 371 Kiemle. Siegfried F.. 446. 472 Kihura. Itsuko. 466 Kilham. Richard L,. 310. 377 Killoran, Francis. 446 Kimball. Kenneth V.. 47. 411 Kime. Jim D.. 386 Kimerer. Ronald L.. 68. 373 Kimmerle. Gerry. 232. 242 Kindem. Mai ' vin. 444 Kindorf. Gary. 448 King. Berniee W.. 68. 327. 428 King. Bruce. 416 King. David E.. 310. 373 King. Donne E., 408. 438 King. D. Tracy. 270. 369. 454 King. Donald E., 369 King " , Dorothy E., 119, 350 King, Harley, 311, 446 King, James M,, 324 King, Jerry. 470 King. John A.. 229. 306. 416 King, J ihn A., 4.55 King. J..I111 W.. 397 King. Marilvn E., 344 King. R(.bert, 402 King, Rol)ert A., 310, 369 King, Tracv, 219 King, William T.. 68. 288. 316 Kingery. Dan. 301 Kingery. Dave, 270, 308, 400 Kingery. Michael. 314. 316 Kinkade. Duanc. 357. 400 Kinkade. Emmett D.. 472 Kinnear. Ian. 4,56 Kinney. Olive. 470 Kirbv. Craig L.. 407 Kirk. Jerry. 207. 213. 240. 241. 295. 454 Kirkliv. Thomas L., Ill, 390 Kirkharn, Cameron, 311 Kirk.ndall, Carol J.. 341 Kukland. Thomas E.. 122. 412 Kirkman. William J,. 68. 296. 308. 394 Kirlland. Elaine M.. 68. 189. 292. 346 Kirtland. Ronald M.. 268. 390 Kirkwood. James. 314 Kirkwood. Roderick. 300 Kirsop. Jean. 475 Kiskaddon. Joyce. 68. 345 Kiyohiro. Hiroshi. 68. 447 Klasell. John. 311 Klasell. Joanne E.. 343 Klatzker. Gail F.. 338 Klein. Art. 470 Klein. Dick W.. 366 Klein. Donald. 318 Klein. Rita. 68 Klein. William. 421 Kleinberg. Henry. 421 Klepser. Frank H.. 366 Klien. Rita. 463. 465 Klophenstein. Karen. 350 KlTne. William. 446 Klushkan, James, 68, 447 Kluzek, Richard B.. 68 Knapp. Gene H.. 68. 307. 3.57. 369. 457 Knapp. William C. 68. 394 Knappet. Donald. 322 Kniffen. Donald W.. 68. 317, 323 Knight, Marietta K.. 464. 475 Knight, Marilyn J.. 337 Knight, Morris C. 13 Knight. Wm. G.. 68. 80. 120. 125. 186. 188. 190. 293. 327. 414 Knipe. Patsy R.. 350. 459 Kii.,op. Roger. 196. 197 Knott. Richard E.. 47. 105, 460. 461. 468 Knowles. Gloria L.. 69. 424 Knowles. Pat. 274. 278. 346 Knowles. Robert. 459 Knox. Bill B., 378 Knudsen. Harold, 314 Knudson, Harlan. 373 Knudsen. H.-len. 442 Knudson. Donna S. . 111. 354 Knudson. Nan. 114. 294. 342 Knutzen. Mary Ann G, , 280, 341 Kobata, Rose, 466 Kobayashi. Albert S.. 47. 449 Kodama. Bobby. 449 Kodama. Kriss K.. 91. 116. 120. 203. 4.59. 464. 466. 467 Kodama. Yuri, 69, 437 Koehler. Marv Ellen, 426, 465, 470 Koenig, Caroline. 472 Kf.enninger. Arthur. Jr.. 186. 410 K.ii.tze. Eward. 446 K..hen. Na..mi, 118 K..I1I. Michael. 446 K..hl. Philip H., 412 Kohne, K atrina, 297, 349 K .izumi, Thomas, 449 Komen, Richard. 265. 395 Komorita. Nori I.. 69. 313. 437 Komorita. Samuel S,, 47 Kondo. Hideo. 468 Kondo. Mabel R,. 428. 466 Kondo. Walt, 112, 467 Kong, Glen P., 287, 448 Kf.ngkatong. Prayoon. 320. 439 Konick. Willis. 287 Konopaski. Ronald. 400 Kontaxi. Georgia. 425 Koo. Swei-yen. 302 Koon. Charles W.. 207. 216. 402 Koop. Rodney. 314 Koopman. Dick. 470 Koppel. Arnold S.. 69. 362 Korn. James H.. 408 Korosi. John J.. 47. 320. 413 Kortman. Fred. 230. 322. 393 Kosel. Betty. 175 Kosin. Hcartha J.. 69. 292. 326. 330. 338 Koski. Bob. 134 Kosmin. Alex. 414 Kotcheck. Herrick. 470 Kotick. William O.. 408 Kotkins. Bud. 358 Kotkins. Herbert D.. 69. 362. 474 Kotson. Jerry D.. 373 Koutlas. Fotis C. 365 Kovacs. Irene C. 355. 474 Kovama. T.. 446 Kraabel, Paul B.. 366 Kraft. Howard P., 404 Kraft, Janet H,. 3.50 Kraft, Ken A., 135, 186, 187, 314, 360 Ki ' aftenberg, Edwin W.. 69, 296. 319 Krakovskv, Joan, 277 Kramer, Karl D.. 358. 419 Kiamer. Robert. 262. 310 Krantz. Eloise. 424 Krause. George H.. 419 Krav. Alvin. 446 Krebs. Edwin. 302 Kregal. Irving W.. 404 Kreide. Henrv C. 306. 386 Kreiger. Judith. 424 Krekow. Gordon. 393 Krekow. Marilvn E.. 118. 344 Krengel. Walter F.. 377 Kreps. Harriet D. . 95, 344 Kress. Arlene. 346 Krieger. George T.. 440 Kriegler. Joseph S.. 395 Krilseth. Jane. 119 Kroesing. Lloyd F.. 69. 422 Krogzemi. James R.. 69 Krogh. Joegl. 176 Krogzenis. James. 459 Kropf. Marilvn E.. 69 Kropft. Marilyn. 274. 348 Kronschnable. Gloria. 339 Krueger. John. 448. 470. 476 Kruse. Ann P.. 69. 341 Kruse. Henrv D.. 416 Kubota. George. 69. 440 Kubota. Irene Y.. 423. 442. 466 Kuchenbecker. A. E.. 298. 466 Kucinskas. Frank. 454 Kucinskus. Stanley. 223. 395 Kuc ' kelhan. John. 378 Kuebler. Robert. 114. 357. 390 Kuebler. Thomas T.. 268. 390 Kuhn. Eva Lou. 274. 276. 425 Kuhn. Evalow. 278. 329 Kuhns. David. 384 Kuhns. Guy. 265. 4.58 Kuist. Jean. 69. 346 Kulseth. Jane I.. 336 Kumasaka. June. 466 Kumasaka. Henrv. 438. 449 Kumasaka. Roland S, . 109. 135. 295. 438. 449. 458 Kumasaka. Ruby. 424. 466 Kunde. Norm. 264 Kuns. Guy. 127 Kurack. Genie. 342 Kurttila. Richard. 311 Kurtz. John H.. 105. 120. 265. 395. 455 Kusakabe. Chive. 437. 466 Kusler. Donald. 301. 323. 446 Kuwada. Nancy. 466 Kvangnes. Mvrtle, 49 Kvinge. Harold. 320 Kwon. OhTon. 69 Kvle. Allison R.. 353 Kvllingstad. Jack. 229. 407 Kyte. Lars. 448 LaBarr. Theodore. 177 LaBelle. Edward J.. 374 Labonge. Carl A.. 366 LaBreck. Clayton. 447 LaBree, Mary Lou. 69 LaCross. Margaret B.. 69. 116. 121. 330 Lacy. Richard E.. 408 LaFace. Del T.. 269. 359 LaFebvre. David. 321 Lahti. Norman A.. 443 Lahti. Russell D.. 443 Laidlaw. Dorothy E.. 3.55 Laing. Nancilov. 274. 275. 277. 278. 425. 465 Lake. Harold R.. 69 Lake. Kenneth F.. 328. 387 Lakeburg. Marilyn D.. 424 LaMarr, William, 373 Lamb, Frank H.. 369 Lamb. Robert. 396 Lambert. Donald G.. 69. 317. 323 Lambert. Gerald M.. 69 Lambert. Greg. 320 Lambert. Marlene J.. 426 Lamberton. Virgv Lou. Ill 339 Lambrecht. Maxine. 313 Lamon. Harold. 365 Lamphere. Arthur. 302 Lampropulos. Athena. 425. 459 Lancaster. Shirley J.. 337 Lancer. Gerald. 311 Landa. Jorge. 446 Landberg. Richard. 447 Landeen Marcia L.. 354 Landin. Irene L.. 349. 459 Landreth. Jay. 316 Landweer. Marjorie A.. 69. 274. 278. 329. 334. , 351 Landweer. James R.. 360 Lane. Anna. 445 Lane. Byron. 24. 25 Lane. John W.. 397. 438. 443 Lang. Jerie. 470 Lang. William. 311 Langer. Jerrv D.. 229. 415 Langlev. Walter E.. 69. 32.5 438 Lang ' lie. Windy. 2)0 Langlow. Jean K.. 354 Langness. James W.. 390 Langworthy. James. 450 Lanksburgy. Gary. 446 Lanning. George R.. 412 Lanti. Norman. 322 Lapham. Jo.seph G.. 416 Largiij. John. 393 Lariza. Francisco T.. 222. 408. 454 Larkin. Patricia. 297 LaPlante. James. 444 Larrabee. Barbara. 329 Larsen. Anne Marie. 354 Larsen. Bill R.. 402 Larsen. David P.. 265 Larsen. Janet. 465 Larsen. Lauritts R.. 415 Larsen. Leonard C. 69. 306. 318 Larsen. Marit. 428 Larsen. Mary Ann, 465 Larsen, Ravmond W,, 310. 360 Larson. David. 447 Larson. Durmont A.. 378 Larson. Jeannine M.. 69. 429. 475. 477 Larson. Jim. 446 Larson. Kenneth. 470 Larson. Lillian. 424 Larson. Mary O.. 353 Larson. Orvel. 448 Larson. Richard. 447. 448 Larson. Stuart M.. 380 Larson. Willard. 289. 307 Larson. William. 229. 448 LaRue. Doris R.. 69. 337 LaRue. Mary. 122. 346 Laschei. Janet. 425 Lashbaugh, Joan D.. 347 Latimer. Allan W.. 390 Latimer. Avalee. 348 Latimer. Chester M.. Jr.. 390 Lat..urette. Harold. 302 Lauer, Don. 470 Lauer. Edward H.. 22 Laughbon. Lynn. 470 Laughead. Lyle D.. 441 Laughlin. Margaret J.. 426 Lauhon. Thomas C. 69. 321. 322. 397 Laurie. Mrs. G. M.. 298 Laurie. Ellen. 354 Laurier. Carl. 447 La Valley. Jerome, 444 Lavenson. George S.. Jr.. 359 Lavin. Patricia A.. 351 LaVov. Yvonne A.. 69. 340 Lawer. Jack. 470 Lawrence. Caroline. 442 Lawrence. Prof. Charles. 169 Lawrence. Fred E.. 395 Lawrence. Harriett H.. 424 Lawrence. Joseph C. 415 Lawrence. Lavonne. 428. 465 Lawrence. Patricia A.. 353 Laws. Dick E.. 69. 410 Laws. Robert K.. 69. 357. 410 Law.son. Willard L.. 69. 320. 413 Lawton. Peggy. 113. 114. 116. 121. 280. 294. 322. 350 Lay. Dawn A.. 426 Lay. Richard O.. 311. 375 Layson. Marilvn J.. 475 Lavson. Ethel S.. 287 Leaf. Albert. 320 Leanderson. Phil. 227. 234. 416 Leathlev. Ann. 425 Leavitt. Janice I.. 348 Lebo. Jack M.. 69 Lebo. Maxine E.. 69 LeCocq. Jane F.. 189. 347 Ledakis. Gus A.. 312 Ledbetter. Ro.«anna. 442 Ledford. George. 443 LeDrew. Maxine V.. 33 459 Lee. ' Allen M.. 69. 408. 456 Lee. Fay H.. 69, 423. 426 Lee. Georgia J.. 344 Lee. Harold C. 287 Lee. Harry. 315 Lee. James. 446 Lee. Jane, 341 Lee, John. 289. 307 Lee. Joyce. 329.424 Lee. Larry W.. 365 Lee. Margaret A.. 280. 347 Lee. Nancv. 69. 107. 117. 121, 292, 350 Lee. Olive. 191. 280. 342 Lee. Patricia A.. 111. 113. 122. 340 L " e. Patricia F. 116. 120. 345 Lee. Raymond J.. 69. 89. 123. 125. 267. 369 Lee. Robert E.. 380 Lee. Robert E.. 320.413 Lee. Ronald H.. 443 Lee. Virginia L.. 347 490 ' L , ,, Thousands of university students have established banking connections at the University Branch of the National Bank of Connmerce. They knew these connections would serve thenn well in later years at one of our 35 Washington offices. UNIVERSITY BRANCH NATIONAL BANK OF COMMERCE EAST 45TH AT BROOKLYN MFMRER hEDERAL DEPOSIT l SI K,I (:E (:()RI ' 0I{.ITI0 491 Lee, William Y.M., 447. 449 Leeds. Russell. 446 Le ' (iy. Emmylou. 281. 316 Leek Edner J.. 70, 412 Lefebre. David V.. 322 Leghorn. Robt.. 149. 150. 468 Lehan. Joyce D .. 350 Lehmann. Paul, 441 Lehman. Eugene. 446 Leicester. John. 395 Leiman, Ken. 461 Lein. M. Joan. 70. 347 Leir Ruth H.. 428 Leisner Joseph M. 402 Leisy, David C, 395 L?land Alan J.. 70. 327. 448 Lemarr, William. 325 L mbo. John. 397 Lemieux. Eloise C. . 355 Lemon Janice T.. 347 Lemus Concepcion 428 Lenihan. William. 407 Lenis, Carlos. 448 Lennan. Ann. 137 Lennon. Robert 321 Lennstrom Charles O.. 287 Lenoir Joseph Z., 70 325 Lent Patricia A., 423, 428 465 Lentz. Bev A.. 428 Lentz. Richnrd K., 415 Leonard. William. 446 Leong. Bill 70 Leopold. Fern. 289. 297 Lepper Anna. 432 Lerchcnmueller. W.. 287 Leshgold Richard. 421 Lesley. Earl B.. 70. 238. 408 Leslie, Arthur. 446 Leslie, Shirley E.. 70, 431 Leuthy. Coloman S., 70, 370 Levin, Eugene. 467 Levin. Maurice. 470 Levin. Wallace Z 404 Levine Sidney. 287 Le ' inson. Marjorie A.. 338 Levitch, Dave, 125, 314. 404 Levy. Lee I.. 229, 311. 362 Lew. Kenneth H.. 319 Lewin. Thomas J.. 456 Lewis Barb ra T.. 112. 191 3 5 Lewis Charles P.. 70 Lewis, Dave, 232, 235, 242 Lewi.s, Donald T.. 310. 441 Lewis. Evelyn I. 347 L ' wis. George. 485 Lewis. Harry B.. 389. 457 Lewis. Harry H., 78 Lewis, Hildegarde, 70. 350 Lewis. Jean. 297 Lew ' s. Miry A., 70. Lewis Mary C. 335. 343 Lowis. Robert J., 79, 408 Lewis Robert M.. 253 255, 389 Lewis Robert P., 112 Lewis, Robert S., 70. 123 4C2 Lewis. Ron. 387 Lewis. Rowena M.. 420 470. 476 Lewii. Steve, 237 Li (James) Chen-Miii. 302 Liao. Sammy Yu. 47 Liaskas Agorita L., J7 340 Libby Anne I.. 425 LicVitenwalner. M. B.. 335, 339 Lic ) Ramon L.. 444 L ' ddiroot. Thomas. 302 Lie Olic. 256 Lieb " . Cerol A.. 3 ' 2 Licvero. Lou ' se. 3. ' ' 9 Liprhtner Croig, 441 L ' Thtle Jennette, 108 Likness Clarice I. 354 Liken»ss. Donita, 3,54 L ' ' ' nes ' Jerry C, 70. 317 323 L ' ls. Robert. 70 Lilmate. Intomaine. 446 Lim D ' innv 241. 269. 448. 454 Lim Winfred. 269. 448 Lin Tung Chi 302 Lind. Betty Ann. 428 Lind. Joanne M.. 70 464. 472 Lind. Karin. 344 Lind. Marion. 313 Lindblad Warren C 70 323.369 Lindblom. Julia J., 355 Linden. Glenn. 240. 241 Lindgren. Audrey R,, 53.70. 1C2. 105. 117, 150 290. 292. 465 Lindgren, Charles G.. 310 Lindgren. Gerald. 378 Lindh. Nels O., 455. 457 Linhart. Russell. 312 Lindley, Mrs. Ellen B,. 70. 431 Lindquist. Robert 3 ' 6 Lindseth. Elmer I.. 287 LiiKl ty. Betsy Ann. 348 Lindskog. Jack A.. 221. 229. 370 Lindskog. Vernon L.. 389. 454 Lindstrom, Laurch E.. 310 408 Lindstrom. Ronald, 321 Lindth Nels 230 Lines. Marlene D.. 342 Line. Shun Mei, 70 Link. Diane C. 348 Link. Jean. 350. 459 Linton. Frances C. 351 Lippman. Garth. 448 Lipsy Thirell M.. 426 Lisez Louis 447 Lister. Janet S.. 70 347 Lister. Marian A . 425 Littel. Robert 457 Lit ' le. Bryce. 310, 356. 402 David T.. 70 4C8 Putnam. 363 Robert A.. 70. Little Little Little, 318 Little Robin E . 70 Littlefield, Barbara L., 431 Littrel. James R., 371 Liu. Paul 70, 439 Livengood. Gordon. 49 Livingston Donald W.. 70. 357. 383 Livingston. Ronald D.. 70 3C1. 371 Lloyd. Winston. 446 Lobdell. Laura 278 Lobaugh Irv. 242 366 Locke. JoAnn Ruth, 287 Locker, Donald, 459 Locker Shirley L., 70 297. 340 Lockhart. William L.. 360 Lockwood. Jean. 425 Lockwood. Marian 298 Lockwood. Marilyn L.. 111. 120. 322. 3.W Lockwood. Ronald. 482 Lockwood, Wallace, 70. 449 462 LodwifiT Merwyn. 192 Loeb. Elaine. 437 Loeb. Richard. 404 Loerch. George. -147 Lo s Ruby, 466 Loether. Herman. 446 Lofh- ugh Alex 443 Lottus Thomas Dan. 70. 134. 307, 416 Logan, JoAnn M , 354 Logan, MTrilyn.477 Logan William G.. 371 Loh. Jeanne T.. 70. 297 424 Lohman. Dave, 316 Lobman. Harry. 301 L ' lhr. Eleanor H.. 343 Lohr. James. 311. 380 Lohr, J R.. 320 Lok HWA Ching. 424 Loken Donald L.. 70. 308. 438. 446 Loken. Robert. 268. 310. 446 Lokken. Jean H.. 465. 476 Lokken. John R.. 371 Lomax Archie. 314 Long Chester L. 71. 300 318. 319 Long. Kathy D.. 92. 119. 176. 294 354 Long. Kenneth. 448 Long. Richard. 412 Long. Robert. 71. 307. 422 Long. William G., 71, 311 467 Longmire, Dorsey A., 71 Longpre, Barbara D.. 344 Longstreth, Robt.. 370 Loomis. Laurel. 469 Loomis Jeanne M. 337 Loomis. Jeri R.. 341 Lopp. Ronald J.. 467 Lopp. Thomas G.. 71. 467 Look. Norma. 425 Lorenson. Leonard. 470 Lor " ntzen. Bob H. 71. 242. 377. 454 Lorentzen. Joanne. 472 Lorig. Glenn A., 359 Loschcn, Roger, 185, 295. 307, 327, 441 Loser. Joan Y., 471, 474 476 Loss, Hank, 107 Lotta, Carol, 465 Lottsfelt, Carl, 381 Lottsfeldt, Ernest T.. 384 Lottsfeldt. Peter F., 310 374 Lotzgesell, Gloria J., 425 Lotus. Tom, 108 Loucks, Roger Brown, 29 Loudon Patricia L,, 294. 341 Loudon. Richard S., 71. 237 360 454 Loudon. Robert A., 71 415 Loue. Joan, 316 Lough James A., 71, 3C8 383 Lous-hary, Blaine. 360 Loughlen. Mrs. A. S., 298 Loughnan, Aylene K. , 315 Louie, Kenneth 322 Loutis. John, 448 Lovdahl Gerald R.. 366 Love Gl-n 228.365 Love, Hal R.. 401 Love Robert. 469 Lov " joy Jim 310. 393 Love John. 446 Lovell, Stuart 3C0 Lovin, Max (Dr,) 123 Lovsted. Carl M., 71. 75 224. 225 227 263, 293 389 " 54. 457 Lovsted Elizabeth. 90. 116. 121. 176. 294, 330 347 Low. Marilyn 105. 345 Lowder Elaine 301 Lowe. George. 193 194 Lowe. Marilyn. 109 Lowe Richard. 390 Lowe Wilbur. 287. 293. 389. 454. 457 Lowman, Charles P., 395 Lowndis. James B., 395 Lowth ' r, Lawrence L., 71. 288 Loy. Robert. 466 Loye Joan 176 Lu Connie. 109 Lucas. Evan F.. 477 Lucas. Pauline 321 Lucchesini. Gladyne R.. 350 Luce Jim. 226. 364 Lucero Andy 327 Lucht. Donna M.. 344 Luc ' -er. George W.. 378 Lucker Join M.. 110. 1,50, 191 351 Luckey. Mike 365 Lu ' ks Wm. G.. 61. 71. 1(15. 288. 293. 296. 319 389 Ludem ' .in, Eleanor, 425, 275. 278 Luelike. James A,, 71 Luke Connie 465. 467 Luk. Fon. 447 Lukens. Richard H.. 410 Lukins. Thomas C, 384 Lu nn. Joanna E.. 7 1. 437 Lund. Carol A.. 431 Lund. Dean 387 Lu " d Laurel J , 71, 188. 191. 326. 337 Lundberg. Anne Marie. 340 Lii " dberg. Craig C. 383 Lundberg. Don. 454 Lundb-rg. Elinore 476 Lundberg. Ted. 306 Lundgren. Roger, 446 Lundgren, Roy, 443, 476 Lundquist, Donald M.. 378 Lundteiiren Asbiorn. 259. 256. 257 Lundy. Joan L., 428. 470 Lu " dy, Margaret M.. 426 Lundy Ray. 111. 114. 134. 381 Li ' ng. Evelyn. 437 Lunghard. Fred. 71. 296 319 Lunke, James. 384 Lursen. Robert L.. 408 Luschei. Janet. 287. 297 Luck. Joan. 71. 334. 346 Lusk. Norman M.. 71. 396 Lutes. Eh.-anor Mary. 71. 426 Lutey. William. 31. 105. 147 Luther. Georgia 342 Luther Richard C. 134. 195, 416 Luther. Sally A., 121. 424. 472 Luthy. Ron K,. 395 Lutz. Fl-ances. 298 Luvera. Anita, 109, 188. 355 Lyall. Ronald N.. 360 Lybyer. Dean, 446 Lycette, William H., 377 Lydgate, Joan M.. 347 Lydgate. Mort, 383 Lydon, Kenneth, 370 Lydon. Nancy, 203, 345 459 Lyle, ' Gordon, 402 Lyman. Helen V., 71, 437 Lyman. Helen V.. 71. 313 Lyman. Harry E., 71, 3C8. 416 Lynch, Betty Ann, 423, 428 Lynch. JoAnn, 336 Lynch. Bill. 382 Lynch. Jack T.. 185, 186. 327 Lyness. Virginia B.. 287 Lynn. Janice. 470 Lyon. Charle. . 315 Lvon Edward. 268, 310, 422 Lyon, Nancy, 189, 349 M Maas. Norman, 441, 470 MacColl. Joe. 447 MacDonald, Betty R.. 92. 294. 345 MacDonald. Cecilia. 298 MacDonald. Clarice. 302 MacDonald. Fred M.. 287 MacDonald. Jim. 445 MacDonald. Marilyn E.. 189 345 Macdonald. Mary, 176 MacDougall, Bruce B., 412 Mac Dougall, Robert D., 412. 459 Mace. Margaret J.. 69. 72. 188. 274. 280. 290. 292, 329, 347 Mace, Nancy, 191. 280, 281, 425 MacFarland. Jeanne N.. 342 MacFarlane. Marian M.. 122. 147. 353 MacGougan, Peggy A,, 348 Machgan, Faye. 432 MacGregor. Alan. 389 Machida. Calvin T.. 72. 323 .Mack. Chet. 72. 76. 77. 102, 107. 318. 319. 462 MacKay. Barbara. 470 Mackenzie. Mrs. Clem- well. 297. 298 MacKenzie. Don. 38 .Mackenzie, Donald. 105 MacKenzie. Malcolm. 310 Mackey. Dan. 358. 416 MacLennan. Patricia. 349 Madison. Vernon. 476 MacLean. Bruce Al.. 445 MacLean. David C. 419 MacLeod. Garv. 390 MacNealy. Dorothy. 425. 466 MacPhee. Nick L.. 389 MacQuarrie. Francis J.. 72. 355. 470 McCoy. Albert. 418 Madden. Ethel K.. 287 Madden. Marilyn I.. 47. 424 Maddock. James I.. 72. 396 Mader. Ann. 341 Madi.wn. Glvnn. 317 Madland. Gerald. 416 Mad.sen. .-Arthur J.. 383. 458 .Mad.-ien. Elwood. 270 Madsen. Victor. 441 Mackawa. Nina. 428. 466 .Ma.-rov. Sidney. 302 Magaw. Katherine. 302 .Vlagee. Thomas E.. 229. 383 .Mager. Marilyn J.. 329 Magnison. Weslev. Jr.. 95 Magnuson. Charles H.. 72. 126. 232. 242. 268. 269. 390. 454 Magnuson. E. M.. 474 Magnuson. Earl W., 324. 447 Magnuson, Mary. 437 Magnuson. Richard E.. 2,52. 253. 383. 454. 456. 472 .Magnuson. Wesley. 311 Magnu.sson. Florence. 465 Mahaffav. Charles. 174. 477 Mahaffev. Rodney B.. 72 Mahaffev. Wm. T., 266. 311 383 Mahe ' r. Ed M.. 390 Mahoney. Sally G.. 72 Mahurin. Edvivd A.. 72. 467 Main. Richard F.. 72 357 .Mainwaring. Anita R.. 116. 122. 191. 289. 349 Maio. Joseph. 448 Mair.. Isobel J.. 337 Mair. Will. 72. 269. 321. 365 Major. Joy. 470 Makela. Don. 447 Maki. Arthur G.. 316. 439 Maki. Gerald D.. 443 Malakoff. Burton. 462 .Mallett. Richard 326. 447 .Malloy. Alice. 72. 346 Malone. Patricia. 476 Malone. Ri. hard D.. 72. 383 Malone. Sally B.. 327. 348 Maloney. Genevieve B. . 72 Maloney. Peter J.. 72. 383 Mandell. Donna. 442 Mandery. Duane. 402 Manderv. Peggv J.. 336 Mandley. W. f. ' , 72. 240. 3:8. 373, 455 Maness. Glorietta. 351 Mangan. Jim. 225. 393 Mangold. Carl A.. 402 Manley, Dr. John H.. 29 Mann. Albert. 447 Mann. D nna R.. 3 ' 2 Manning. Derald. 360 Manroe. James. 422 Mansfield, James B., 375 Manus, James T.. 415 Manwaring. Arden L., 340 Marble, Duane. 314. 446 MTburger. Marjorie A.. 475 Marburger. Ralph. 314. 418 Marckworth, Gordon D. . 18. 34. 320 Marcoe. Bill 72. 371 Marcoe. Harold. 446 Marek. Richard G.. 365 Marinkovich, Donald, 407 Marino, Eleanor F,, 72, 355 Marlowe. Jack. 271 Mark. Julian 446. 447 Marken. Ruth E., 464. 476 Marker. Deneese J.. 281, 336 Marks, Nancv J.. 426. 476 Marks. Stanley G.. 380 Marsh. Mervin W.. 72. 319 Marsh. Muriel R . 352 Marshall. Don. 270 Marshall. Joseph J,, Jr,, 383 Marshall. Donald W., 369 Marshall. Geneanne. 344 Marshall. Mar ' lyn 341 Marshall. Ni. isim J.. 72. 269. 448 •Marshall. Wil ' iam. 73 .Mar.shall. William. 407 Marston. Joyce E.. 73. 431 Martens. Carol E.. 349 Martin. Andrew. 447 Martin. Anne M.. 353 Martin. A ' thur H.. 58. 73. 105. 365. 467. 468 Martin. Dr. Arthur N.. 29 Martin. Barbara T.. 3.52 Martin. Carol L.. 196. 197. 322. 349 Martin, Charles E,, 181 Martin, Dinoe, 355 Martin, Elizabeth A,, 73. 336 Martin. Forest. 337 Martin. Glenn H.. 73. 318 Martin, H.. 105 Martin. Harold. 302 Martin. Helen F.. 47. 316 Martin Joan. 345 Martin. Jim. 328, 393 Martin. John. 448 Martin. Leonard J.. 73, 407 Martin. Mary R.. 73. 431 .Martin. Richard. 459 Martin. Richard. 447 Martin. Sharon L.. 336 Martin. Sherwood. 73 459 Martin, Thomas E., 310. 365 Martin. Tom T.. 73, 369. 454 Martin. Val D.. 229, 415, 4,55 Martin.son. James. 419 Marvin. Anita S.. 428 Mashnoff. Nicholas. 446 Masland. Walter. 459 - Mason. Carolvn F.. 73. 337 Masow. George. 382 Mass. Brudijean. 425 Massar. Edward W.. 415. 433 Massina. Wm.. 311 Massey. Robert B.. 73. 123. 369 Massick. James W. . 310. 416 Mashuhara. Eniiko A.. 428 Mathers. Madelyn. 149 Mathes, Imogene, 465 Matheson, Alvin A., 73, 363 Matheson, Robert, 73 Mathews, Laurence. 315 Mathias. James, 413 Mathisen, Raymond H.. 375. 458 Mathre, Paul G.. 73 Matson. Eldred 308. 312 Matson. Kenneth. 149, 369 Matson, Richard, 308 Matsudairo, Francis, 449 .Matsumoto. John H., 449. 474 .Matsuoka. Jinnny. 447 Matsusawa. June N., 73, 292, 313. 437 Matteson. Glynn E., 73, 428 Matthews, Bobbie J., 287 Matthias. James S.. 73. 320 Matsui. Jack. 449 Matsumoto. Sekio. 449 Mattick. William. 448 Mattila. Elna M.. 330 Mattson. James. 446 Maurer. Royal. 281 Maugg. Dick A.. 415 Mauk. Catherine. 348 Maule Joyce L.. 343 Maurice, Jeanette. 442 Mauser, Bruce F., 268. 390 Mawer. Marguerite W.. 73 Mawer, Marguerite, 297, 425 Mawrice, Jeannette, 442 Mawr, Marguerite, 475 Mawson, Thomas J.. 73. 315 Maxey. Leana, 465 Maxfield. Patricia J.. 73 Maxum. Bernard J.. 381 Maxwell. Dale C. 441 May. Barbara J.. 344 May, Charles C, 22 May, Gloria J., 73. 276. 339 May. Patricia H.. 342 May, Virginia L,, 280, 424 Mayberry, Donald, 358, 382, 447 Mayer, Albert E.. 420 Mayer. Janice. 353 Mayers. Benjamin H.. 312. 420 Mayes. Margery. 339 Mayfield. Don. 73 Mayo. Jacque L.. 112. 375 Mayor. George W.. 397 Mazna. Janis A.. 442 Mazurosky. Santord J.. 404 McAdams. Laura, 298 McAllister. Alan B.. 307. 312. 359 McAllister. Clarence. 307 McAllister. Gordon. 262. 311 McAusIand. S-indy. 196 McBeth. Ronald. 296 McBride. Barbara. 276 McBride. Bobby 383 McBride. Mike, 470 .McKride. Ruthora M.. 353 McBurnie. Joan R.. 313. 432 McCaffey. Bvron. 307 McCaffree. K. M.. 105. 110 McCain. Robert. 194. 307. 314 McCarron. James W.. 307. 319 383 McCarter. Martha. 347 McCarter. Shirley. 120. 191 McCarty. Doris. 466 McCarthy. Joseph. 103 McCarthy. Patricia A.. 108. 355 McCarthy. Rhea C. 287 McCaskill. Christy A.. 121. 330. 348 McClary. Douglas N.. 207. 209. 210. 211. 214. 216. 219. 221. 267. 293. 295. 320. 389. 454 McClary. Leonard W.. 265 395 McCIellan. Janice. 354 .McClenaphan. Don. 393 McClennmg. Lowell G.. 438. 466 McClintock. Thomas. 447 McCloud. Barbara J.. 280. 336 McClure. Hugh. 49 McClure. Patricia. 23 McCollum. Richard J.. 408 McComb. Joellen. 112. 335 McComb. Mary. 344 McConkev. Paul. 237. 293. 4.54 McCorkle. Joyce M.. 90. 1,56. 294. 319. 459 .McCord. Wm. B., 375 McCormack. Marilyn J.. 353 McCormick. Jerry M.. 407 McCormick. Mabel. 104. 107. 112 McCoy, James M,, 317. 32! 492 HONORING! • TYEE EDITOR— 1953 MARILYN MacDONALD Honoring also our many friends on the cam- pus who have contributed to the success of the past year. Mulholland Studios wish to thank you students for your splendid coop- eration. We look forward to next year and to serving the University and residents of the District. • TYEE BUSINESS MGR.— 1953 MARALLYN FRAME • University Studio 4546 Brooklyn Ave. ME. 0095 • Down-Town Studio 1907 Fourth Ave. EL. 2828 493 McCoy. Wm. J.. 410. 455 McCracken. P ' loyd A.. 90. 103. 106. 293. 295. 408 McCrae. Jean E.. 345 McCredy. Harriet. 346 McCreerv. Hugh M.. 311. 358 McCulloUKli. Pat A.. 343 McCune, J. D.. 307. 311. 325. 419. 474 MfCutcheon. Mike. 81. 207. 208. 209. 210. 216. 293. 454 McDermott. Carol. 350 McDerniott. Noelle. 350 McDiarmid. Dr. John B.. 30 McDonagh. Pat A.. 281. 337 McDonagh. William. 446 McDonagh. William J.. 383 McDonald. Alan. 49 McDonald. Barbara J.. 121. 334. 344 McDonald. Charles H., 389 McDonald. Donald. 414 McDonald. Howard. 302 McDonald. Janet. 156. 165, 354 McDonald. Jean A.. 119. 150. 290. 292. 345 McDonald. Jean C. 116. 345 McDonald, Joe. L.. 370 Macdonald, K. M.. 320 McDougall, Bruce E.. 383 McDougall, John, 316 McDougall, Martin. 120. 190, 232, 369 McDowell, Charles, 470 McDowell, Elizabeth. 298 McEachern, Joan K.. 345 McEleney. Phyllis J.. 353 McElhanev, Marilvn J,, 341 McElhenny. Hugh. 219. 220. 221. 222. 223. 224. 225. 226. 228. 266. 373 McElvaine. Herb. 448 McFadden. James. 447 McFadden, Robert, 381 McFarland, Bill, 470 McFeely, Dennis D,. 266. 373 McGaffey. Alysanne. 343 McGarrigle. Walton, 311 McGee. Boyd J.. 359 McGettigan. Marv J,, 432 McGhee. Charles. 323 McGhee. Ronald D.. 311, 385 McGill. Sheila M.. 72, 345 McGinn, Harry L,. 72. 400 McGinnis, Bud, 267 McGovnev, Anne. 313. 437 McGowan. Tom L.. 369 McGrath. James A.. 47 McGrath. Michael. 448 McGregor. Allen. Ill McGuinness. Bette, 424 McGuire. June E.. 426 McGunnicle. Tom, 470 McHargiie, Barbara. 469 Mclihany. Virginia. 466 Mclnroe. Aliceon K.. 118. 347 Mclnroe. Gerald B,, 72. 408 Mcintosh. Gord m. 410. 443 Mcintosh. Roger, 448 Mclntyre. F, L.. 320 Mclntyre. Joe, 224, 225. 227. 263. 271 Mclntyre. Walt. 443 .McJannet. Betty. 325 .M Junkin. Sam E.. 112. 443 McJunkin. Ted. 470 McKay, Darleene M,, 342 McKay, John D.. 72, 315 McKay. Harrison E.. 270. 385 McKay. Melba N.. 287 McKee. Robert, 306. 314 McKeehen. Don, 387 McKeever, Barrv R.. 310. 402 McKenzie, Carol L,, 424 McKenzie, James R., 217, 408 McKenzie. Robert A,, 72. 381 McKernan, Donald. 302 McKibbin. Bruce H.. 390 McKinley. Moore M.. 402 McKinley. Marilyn E.. 72, 345 McKinley. Wm.. 72. 315 McKinley. Wm. R.. 72 McKinney. John. 447 McKinstry. Jeanne C. 109. 345 McLachlan. Kent A,. 369 McLaren. Duncan. 315 McLaughlin. Jack A.. 152. 381 McLaughlin. Kathleen. 339 McLaughlin. Muriel J.. 72. 344 McLaughlin, Ross W,, 256, 2.57, 259, 377 McLaugman. Pierre E.. 72 McLaughlin. Scott. 276 McLean. Archie M.. 72. 263, 270, 271. 307. 357. 384. 385 McLean. Janet K.. 72 McLees, James R.. 410 McLellen. F ' rances. 347 McLeod. Malcolm, 470 McLeod, Thomas T.. 72. 315, 439 McMains. Paul E.. 443 McMillan. Alan. 125. 126. 369 McMillan, James. 307 McMillin. Edward, 446 McMinn. Bryn T.. 37 McMorris, Jean. 470 McMullin. Elizabeth. 424 McMurray. Shelia. 104. 108 McMurphv. Darrel, 448 .McNabnev. Richard. 476 McNair. Stephen Y.. 72. 383, 474 Mi Xamara. Margaret. 72. 313. 432 McNamara. Shiela S.. 424 McNamee. Richard F.. 72, 383. 467 McNeill, Roger. 375 .McNerthney, Margaret M.. 347 McPhee. Nick. 123 McPherson. Suzanna. 108. 110. 350 McQuarrie, Francis. 274 McTighe. Darwin M., 365 McVey, George O.. 328, 412 McVey. Wayne. 438 Mead. Herb T.. 94. 95. 415 Meagher. Nancy A.. 73, 355 Mebust. Winston K,, 4P8 Medhen. Makonnen. 447 Mcdin, Bill P., 389 Meehan. Jolin, 447 Mcekhof. Dave. 470 Mcekhof. Don, 470 Mehan. Gerald E.. 73 Mehlman. Charles. 3C0 Mehmel, Hans, 448 Meisels. Stanley D.. 404 Meister. Ardean L.. 73 Meister. Velma M.. 73. 432 Melander. Dennis G.. 359 Melang. Dean, 175 Mele. Dorothy J,. 425 Meltvedt Donald E.. 269, 320, 397 Mendel. Bob A., 391 Menconi. Ralph. 422 Mercer, Wendell L, , 458, 466 Merchant. Arlene M., 425, 459 Meredith. Dan A,. 365 Meriwether, Julia G.. 340 Merrick. David C 415 Merrick. Jean, 465, 470 Merrick. Linda J,, 469 Merritt, Donna J.. 351 Merritt, Janice K,. 147. 353 Merritt. Marianne C. 193, 195. 353 Merz. Jim A.. 268, 391 Meser e. Belmont, 448 Mesher, Ronald K,, 420 Mesher, Shirley A.. 73. 85 105, 189. 325 .Meshke. George L,, 109. 438. 446. 458. 462, 474 Messer, Rowland, 459 Messerly, Edward B., 365 Messingale. Bruce I.. 73. 325 Messistrano. Leon. 317 Metheny, David, ,370 Metlin, Caroline, 470 Mets, Albert, 448 Mettler. Ulrich. 472 Metz. Marilvn J,. 287 Metzdorf. Dewey W.. 391. 4.57 Meuli, Bill P.. 358. 387 Meurer. Connie L.. 344 Meyer. Dcnnv, 239, 262 Meyer. Donald, 302 Meyer. James, 73 Meyer. Louise. 349 Meyer. Marlene L . 3.55 Meyers. Lois B,, 73. 346 Myers. Verla. 437 Mezistrano. David, 362 Mczistrano. Leon. 73 Mezistrano, Robert J,, 362 Michael, Emily. 317 Michael. Mike. 293 Michael. Violet. 120. 294. 347 Michaelson. Alice. 427 Michas. Virginia. 428 Michclotti. Fred. 148. 270. 320, 413 Michels, Marianne E.. 113 339 Middeke, Faith, 470 Middleton, Clarence. 462 Middleton. Molly. 348 Middleton. Vickie A,. 347 Miener, Karola, 287 Migahara, Takashi. 449 Mignaceo. Mike. 192 Mihailoff. Vadini. 314 Mijick Joseph. 49 Mikkelborg. Jacob. 49 Milbrad. Robert L,. 73. 323. 378 Milburn. Boyd. 318 Milburn. Jane. 425. 475 Miles. Florence, 321 Mile.s. John. 302 Miller. Alfred E.. 287 Miller. Alice H,, 73. 428 Miller. Allan R., 73. 300, 302, 308, 318, 319, 328. 375 Miller. Bill I.. 404 Miller. Carmen D,. 425 Miller, Carolyn E.. 337 Miller. Dolores J.. 346 Miller. Donald, 384. 4.59 Miller. Dorothie H,, 73 Miller, Drew, 190. 389 Miller. Fred D.. 383 Miller. George A.. 383 Miller. Graham. 309. 418 Miller. Kay J.. 93. 108, 114, 116, 118, 294, 341, 465 Miller. Keith H., 73 Miller. Laurie R,, 389 Miller, Lawrence E., 383 Miller, Lconie F,. 74. 109, 337. 348 Miller. Mardelle, 74. 426. 459 Miller. Marilvn A,, 425. 465 Miller. Marlene L.. 74, 193. 194, 292, 330 Miller, Norman. 396 Miller. Owen J.. 74, 393. 454. 457 Miller. Patricia. 347 Miller. Phillip, 307, 308 Miller. Raymond S., 363 Miller, Robert, 137, 293 Miller, Robert R,, 369 Miller, Roger M., 74 Miller, Roger N,. 74. 288. 300 Miller. Sally G,, 74. 349. 325 Miller, Shirley L,, 111, 149, 185, 186, 289, 294, 327. 353 Miller. Thomas B,, 318 Miller, Warren S,. 190. 378. 446 Milleson, Ted, 254, 456 Milligan, Don F,, 365 Milligan, RobL J,. 49 Milligan. Robt, L,. 49 Millisun. Beverley D., 74, 474, 476 Millison, David, 476 Mills. C. A., 123 Mills, Dorothy M.. 189. 319 Mills, King, 407 Mills, William R., 74, 377 Milner, Barbara. 74. 323, 346 Milobozewski. Bruno. 446 Minard, Johanna L. , 341 Minard, Patricia J,, 344 Minard, Robert G,, 267, 369 Minch. Hargow J.. 74. 307. 315. 410 Mines. Michael. 49. 412 Minnernan. Paul, 74, 462 Minnick, Jack, 306 Minnick, Maxvne. 475 Minor, James. " 302 Minor, Earline, 437 Minskv, Robert A,, 47 Minto, Robert, 301 Mir-anda, Beinveni lo, 446 . Iishinia, Tokuji, 47. 439 Mis,-iel, Joe, 446 Mitcliell. Bev. 470 Mitchell, James V.. 74. 296. 307, 395 Mitchell, James N,, 4.50 Mitchell, Joan, 313, 432 Mitchell, Larry H,, 363 Mitihell, Malcolmn. 443 Mitchell, Richard J., 383 Mitchell, Sam, 207, 209, 212, 219. 220. 221. 223. 224. 225. 226, 232. 233. 242, 414. 454. 470 Mlynarshi, Betty R.. 289 Moate. George. 358. 393 Moats. Paul. 49 Mobcrg. Serene, 465 Moceri. Gloria. 340 Moceri. Roy J.. 287 Mock. Helen L.. 355 Modahl. Donna J,. 74. 297. 298 Moe. Danny. 168 Moe. Roger. 308 Moehring. Lee C. 74. 416 Moehring. Melvin H.. 74. 307. 415 Moellendorf. Ted. 470 Moen. Robert. 74. 232. 242, 268. 293. 391 Moffatt. Marlene. 344 Moffat. Patricia A,, 354 Moffctt, Ralph E,, 74 Molchoir. Molly. 350 Moline. Dave. 262 Moline. Donna L.. 74 M ilitor. Graham F.. 95. 356, 395, Orville. 320 Mnliiff. Marilyn D.. 338 .Moltrecht. Karl. 302 Monahan. Joe E.. 74. 320, 378 Monan. Jerry E.. 381 Mondschein. Faye. 335. 338 .Money. James L.. 365 Money. Richard J., 365 Moneymaker. Barbara, 470 Mtmeymaker. Da ' e, 470 Mongiello, Yvonne, 424 Monnett, JoAnne. 297 Montjschein. Larry. 420 Monot. Mary. 108 Monnie. Janet I,, 354 Monroe. John C. 422 Monsen. Rodney J.. 74. 301. 317. 323 Mon.son, Myrtle I,. 339 Monstanto, Teresa. 425 Montan. Donald, 300 Montana, Andrew, 447 Montieth, Lee, 476 Montgomery, John D., 74 Montgomery. Peter. 176 Montgomery. Sharon A.. 189 347 Montieth, Lee, 307 Montv. Joseph E.. 74 Montz. Ralph P,, 438, 447 Mood, Gael, 456 Moody. Elizabeth. 3.50 Moody. Sharon, 339 Moon, Beverly F., 344 Mooney, Sallev. 321 Moor. Doris J.. 287 Moore. Alberta M.. 74. 345 Moore. Alton. .302 Moore. Barbara J,, 29!, 322, 349, 467 Moore, Bill, 445 Moore, Bill, 387, 391 Moore, Bob, 320 Moore, Carl. 448 Moore. Charles, 306, 389 Moore, Donald, 446, 462 Moore, Jacqueline, 445 Moore. James D., 74. 396 Moore. James G,, 47, 443 Moore. James L.. 443. 446 Moore. Margaret V., 349 Moore, Marilyn. 424 Moore, Shirley, 337, 348 Moore, Rhoda, 348 Moore, Verna L.. 276 Moore, Mary, 425 Moore. Robert. 447 Moore, Shirley A., 192 Moore, Shirley C. 74 Moure. William, 458, 476 M.iothart. Francis, 296 Moran, Joan E,, 346 Moran, Jov, 118, 346 Moran, Paul F., 359, 474 Moran, Stanley E,, 74, 386. 387 Morby. Morris. 447 Morehouse, Charles, 309 Morford, James, 74, 381 Morgan, Alvin C, 408 Morgan, Arthur, 469 Morgan, Avery, 469 Moi-gan, Daniel, 74 Morgan, Ken, 237, 238 Morgan, Marjorie A,, 427, 464, 470, 474 Morgan. Patricia A.. 344 Morgan. Richard B. . ,54. 74. 103. 120, 293, 373 Moriarity, Chuck, 229 Moriartv, Timothy E,, 311, 389 Morlev. J, J,, 446 Morell, Joyce, 470 Morrill, Jack J,, 361 Morrill, Howard J.. 74. 411. 468 Morrill. Sally P.. 74. 89. 292. 341 Morris. Ann C. 280. 347 Morris, Barbar a A.. 350 Morris. Bill, 217 Morris, Bonnie, 470 Morris, Charles A,, 462, 469 Morris, Donna J,. 287 Morris. Frank E,, 389 Morris. Gloria. 175. 425 Morris. Jack H., 447. 4,50. 470 Morris. James F.. 47. 438. 448 Morris. Mary E,. 189. 294. 349. 470 Morrison. Bill. 470 Morrison. Harry M.. 396 Morrison. James. 235, 242, 270, 318, 369, 401, 454 Morrison, Jim. 82. 232. 293 Morrison. James. 302 Morrison. Jerry. 3.59 Morrison. Marian L.. 355 Morrison. Melvin. 447 Morrison, Patricia, 347 Morrison, Robert D,. 361 Morrissey, Mary Kav. 111. 347 Morrow. Anne. 111. 347 Morrow. Evelyn. 313 Morse. Alice H.. 114. 176. 294. 344 Mortenson. Linnea. 297 Morton. Robert S.. 74. 229. 371. 4.57 .Moitvedt, Hector. 310 .Mosbarger, Ernst. 373 .Moses. Sally A., 428 Moshcatel, Nancy V.. 352 .Moskeland. Marv J., 74. 354 Moskin, Arthur, 302 Moss, Kenneth, 389 Moss. Perry, 218 Mossafer, Albert. 306 Mott. Nancy K., 347 Moughtin, Jean M.. 74, 351 Moulton, R, W., 314 Mounsey. Sally M., 348, 459 Mount. Loyette. 425 Mouve. Eitaru. 446 Moy. William. 299 Mower, Royal L,. 203, 343. 459 Moyer. Carolee. 341 Moyer. Grant. 271. 326. 384 Moyer, William. 384 Mucklestone, John. 293 Mucklestone. Robt, S.. 74. 291. 293. 378 Mueller. Floyd K.. 325 Mueller. Frank N,, 411 Mueller, Fred J.. 468 Mueller, John D.. 411 .Mueller, Kenneth B., 75 Mukherjee, Nalini, 302 Muldrow, Bill, 470 Muldrow, Jim, 470 Mulfnrd. Kenneth W.. 47. 448 Mulhausen, Zane S,. 369 Mullen. Terry, 361 Mulligan, Bill, 75, 359. 375 Mullin. Terry M.. 75. 109. 293 456 .Mundt, Doris. 472 Munger. Bovce L,, 408 Munko, Anthony, 307, 312 Munson, De Lee, 343 Munson, Ray, E.. 75. 393 Munson. Verne. 301 Murakami. Ken. 448 Murakami. Momoko. 466. 475 Murakami. Noshi. 75. 300. 428 Murakami. Yoshio. 301 Murchy. Richard S.. 269. 369 Murdock. Robert V.. 310. 439, 458 Murdock, Suzanne. 346 Murford. Beatrice. 425 Murphy, Jeramiah. 306 Murphy, Joseph J,, 391 Murphy, Margaret T,, 425 Murphy. Marilyn A.. 75, 327 Murphy, Sam N,. 407 Murray. George Q.. 287 Mijrray. Jack. 314 Murrow. Nancy. 347 Murton. Mariel. 428 Murray. Joan. 346 Murray, William J,, 381 Musterer, Dorothy, 424 Muzzy. Ronald. 459 Myers. Annette S,, 338 Myers, Arlo, 302 Myers, Barbara, 302 Myers, Bud, 375 Myers, Ed. 470 Myers. Elizabeth J.. 116. 119. 120. 289. 294, 345, 467 Myers. Gail. 347 Myers. Jerry L.. 373 Myers. Kenneth, 470 Myres. Lew, 459 Myers, Marilvn J., 347 Myers, Ralph, 450 Myers. Virgil L.. 462 Myhre. Ralph D,, 75, 3S7 Mvlroie, Mrs. Willa, 302 N Nabata. Pat M,93. 108. 119. 187. 294, 445, 466 Naden, Joanne E., 347 Nagai, Carl. 318 Nagareda. Mie Baebana. 321 Nakagawa. Wm. S. 47. 449 Nakamura. Ted, 449 Nakamura. Toshi, 287 Nakashima, Harold, 448 Nakatsu. Larry B, 449 Nally. Wallace. 446 Nanevicz. Joe E. 287 Naon. Jack. 421 Nard. Karleen. 470 Narowitz. Cathleen. 469 Narte. James. 264 Nash, James G, 47, 415 Nation, Arthur. 446 Nave. Fred, 470 Neal. Donald. 446 Neal. Pat. 337 Neal. Richard. 112. 307 Neat. Emily. 424 Neckas. Katherine. 186. 187. 326. 3-55 Nederlee. Marilyn. 280. 355 Neely. Janice. 329 Neely. Jean. 329 Neil, Lowell. 443 Neilson. Norman F.. 443 Neilson. Shirley. 349 Neglay. Richard. 419 Neflist. Merlyn A. 75. 385 Nelson, Alwyn L, 119. 125, 126, 2 0. 395 .Nilson, Anne G.. 427 Nelson, Art A., 365 Nelson. Barbara J.. 274, 278, 329. 465 Nelson. Ben. 416 Nelson. Beverly M,. 75 Nelson. Beverly. 346. 349 Nelson. Charles. 466 Nelson. Conrad N. 75. 422 Nelson. Darrell L. 322 Nelson. David. 447 Nelson. Donald, 311, 448 Nelson, Everett. 32 Nelson, Farrell. 468 Nelson, Elizabeth, 287 Nelson, Gene S, 309,389 Nelson, James, 307, 378. 320 Nelson. Janet, 465 Nelson, Jean E, 75, 336 Nelson, Jerry, 302 Nelson, John E. 359 Nelson. Lorraine. 427 Nelson. Maurice. 311, 468 Nelson, Nancy M,, 340 Nelson, Norman, 446 Nelson, Robert A.. 407 Nelson. Roald M.. 75. 447 Nelson. Ronald E., 309. 377 Nelson. Shirley J.. 276. 329 Nelson, Torlef. 447 Nelson. William. 75 402 Nelson. Winifred, 425 Nelson, Ronald. 307 Nerland, A, R,,373 Neth, Sylvia A,. 274. 276. 278. 329 Nettleton. Joanne, 428 Neubauer. Ronald, 420 Neubert. Elizabeth. 287 Ncuman. Paula. 350 Neurath, Hans, 41 Neville, Barbara A.. 347 Neville. Jack. 75. 419 Newby. Darlene J,, 336 Newcomb, Carol Lee. 75. 152. 292 Newcomer. Jeannine I.. 342 Newell. Arthur. 447 .N ' ewell, Marilyn J., 339 Newell, Volney, 448 Newgard, Gerald A,. 311. 365 ewgard. Peggins A.. 119. 191. 348. 459 .Newlan, Phil, 310 Newman, Albert A.. 407 S ' ewman. Dan. 391. 462 Vewman. Gilbert D., 315 Newman. Jackie. 464 Newman, Robert. 407 Newsom. Hal. 270 Newsom, Harold. 186. 187. 314 New.som. Joanne K.. 348 Newsome. Mary A.. 427. 464 Newton. Ann. 350 347 Newton. Eleanore 347 Newton. JoAnnc. 298 Ne vton. Richard. 295. 306 .Ni ' Wton . Richard W.. 75. 293. 408. 456 .Nickel. Wanda B.. 427 Nichols. Douplas A,. 407 Nichols, Marjorie A., 347 Nichols. William C. 389 Nichol.son. Arthur. 49 Nicholson, Mary. 432 Nickerson. Joan. 336 Nielsen, Carol J.. 472 Nielsen. Connie E,, 137, 342 Nielsen, Dave, 227, 234 Nielsen. Edna, 427 Nielsen. Margaret M.. 75 Nielsen, Roger F,. 75. 229. 308, 361 Nielsen, Shirley A.. 75 Nielsen. Thomas. 307 Nielsen, Thomas H,. 75. 311.315. 369 Nielson. Duane. 457 Nieme. Miriam. 336 Niemela. Edna. 75. 423. 425 Nieniela. Wallace. 75. 308. 387 Niesz. Clair Earl. 75. 325 Niles. Wendell E.. 270. 389 494 STRAND SONS General Contractors Builders of . . . ADMINISTRATION BUILDING CONIBEAR CREW HOUSE DAVID THOMPSON HALL MORSE HALL (C. E. BUILDING) MUSIC BUILDING ADDITION TO ART BUILDING ADDITION TO CYCLOTRON BUILDING ADDITION TO STEAM PLANT ADDITION TO STADIUM 3939 University Way MEIrose 0920 Seattle, Washington 495 Nilsen, Sylvia. 104. Ill Nilson. Allan. 441. 455 Nilson. Allan. 307 Nilsson, Erick. 322. 412. 458 Nims. Shawn E.. 189. 347 Nishioki. Yo. 466 Niven. Eileen. 466 Nixon. Monte J.. 419 Nob3l. Lorna R.. 475 Noble, Dave R.. 395. 474 Nee. James A.. 93. 2-2 228 381. 454 Noji. Betty. 466 Nolan. Clark. 190. 361. 456 Nolan, Eve. 347 Nolan. Polly A.. 335. 343 Nolan. Richard. 422 Nolan. William. Jr.. 311 Nolan. William J.. 377 No ' lnn. Robert M.. 106. 367 No imier. Ros.s L.. 47. 318 Noniiyama. FYank K., 75. 318. 449 Nomura. Ruth. 466 Nord Fred. 320 Nord Stephen. 307 Nordale. joann. 425 Nordhoft. Arthur E.. 75. 394. 395 Nordiitrom. Bruce A., 369 Nordstrom, Gordon. 470 Nordstrom. John. 325 Nor lius. Marvin, 75. 318 Norj aarAnine. 424 Norgord. Carl. 301 Norgard. Dorothy L.. 75. 343 Norgore. Betty E.. 336 Norman. Allen C. 383 Norman. Harold. 448 Norman. Marlene J.. 315 470 Norman. Regert W.. 75 Nornberg. Henry L.. 367 Narte Jaime. 439 Northfield. Evelyn, 341 Northtield. Walter D.. 361 Northy. Ray. 314 Norton. Gene. 223. 232, 242 Norton, Velma. 437 Nostrand. Howard L.. 32 Novak. David G.. 114. 412 Novakovich. Amelia E.. 445 Noyes. James. 476 Noyes. John, 447 Nudelman, Martin E., 2C3. 420 Nu Ison. Jane 470 Nugent Jack L.. 222. 029 391 NuM. Jack E.. 415 Nunamaker. Tom 418 Nutter. Glenn L 38 ' Nyberg. Joanne E.. 342 Nyberg. Richard M., 75. 411 Nye. William S.. 3.58. 401 Nygren. Bruce B.. 447. 459 Nygreen. Glen T.. 21. 1C3 Nylund. Beverly A.. 432 Nyren. David L.. 75 Nystrom. Carole J.. 341 Nystrom. J.ick. 390 Nvstrom. Rodney. 239. 262. 322. 447 Nystuen. Patricia J.. 75 Oakland. Marylu A.. 75 336 Oakland. Richard G.. 415 Gates. Willard M., 381 Oba Betty. 466 Obir. Edward. 266 Oberkotter. Marjorie A.. 75 464 O ' Berry Karla V.. 355 O ' Bill Pat. 75. 346 O ' Boyle, Myrtle. 321 OBrian. Charles D., 75 O ' Brien, Douglas 402 OBrien. James. 88. 219. 225. 318 O ' Brien. Irene E.. 47. 329. 424 O ' Bryan. Harvey. 318 O ' Connor. Beverly A.. 75 341 O ' Connor. Edward. 408 O ' Connor Robert Jay. 75 irfi 23 " 296. 307. 312. 457 O ' Day Norman M.. 263. 381 Odegard, Ed 402 Odegard. Eileen J.. 472 Odegard. Harold. 310 Odell. Howie. 218. 220 O ' D.ll. Mollie. 339 Odland. Marie A.. Ill, 336 O ' Donnell, Daniel. 468 O ' Donnell. Terrence. 309. 407 O streich Phyllis.432 Offer. Carol J.. 354 O ' Galligan. John A.. 415. 456 Ogden. Daned. 446 Ogden. John B.. 109. 125. 127. 265. 416, 455 Ogle. Dale. 447 O ' Gorman. Robt.. 49. 447 Ohashi. Marian A.. 76. 437 Ohashi. Robert H.. 467 Oie. Nancy. 76 337 O ' Kamura. Eugene. 449 Okano. Robert T.. 47. 449 O ' Keefe. John T.. 76 Okumoto. Roy E.. 447 Olander. Carl. 310 O ' Lane. Mike. 306. 416 Olason. Victor B.. 76. 185. 327 Olcusen. Olaf. 318 Olcott. Virginia. 321 Old n. Delmar. 318. 462 Olding Joanne E.. 351 Oldow. Peter. 311. 445 Oldright. George. 317 Olin. Julius. 447 Oliphant. Manford M.. 76. 416 Oliver. Marilyn 336 Oljar. Don L.. 365 Oliver. Kathleen L.. 63 76. 150. 176. 290. 292. 340. 467 OUila. Jeffrey H.. 400 Olman. Berta M.. 338 O ' Neil. Sally. 475 Olschfwsky. Robert H.. 375 Olsen. Betty, 433 Ols n, Margaret, 470 Olson, Clara, 425 Olson, Dale, 76, 88, 293 Olsen, Dan, 457 Olsen, Elmer R.. 76. 408 Olsen Pat 346 ' ' S9 Olson. Alan S.. 323 Olson. Ardis A.. ' Sl Olson. Carol A.. 424 Olson, Charles, 291 Olson, Chuck 293 Olson, Clara S.. 275 Olson Dan. 49 Olson Deltred 76. 288. 300. 301. 3C2. 315. 319 Olson. Donald. 414. 448 Olson. Floyd 320 O ' son. Janet L.. 343 Olson. John. 76. 408 Olson Lloyd W.. 207. 2 95. 441 Olson. Orville. 320. 384 Olson. Ralph G 76. 387 Olson, Richard L.. 310. 397 Olson. William. 448 Olstead. Eric. 459 Olswang Kay -118 Giving. Gerry. 459 Olw-ll. Genevieve H.. 347 Olwell. Gerry M.. 76. 347 O ' Neil. Marlyn A.. 428 Ongarato John. 39 ' ' . 448 Onkels. Peter J.. 408 Ordway. Gerard. 302 O ' Reilly. R. R.. 320 Oreskovich. Bob B.. 443 Orlob. Lloyd. 402 Orr. Jr.. Dwight. 325. 401 , 474 Orr. Louise M.. 428. 465 Orr. Pete. 320 Orsi. Corrine. 321 466 Orup. Hans I.. 289. 462. 476 Osawa. Gloria. 466 Osborne. Edward S.. 241. 262 375 Osborn. Norman E.. 477 Osborne. Phillip. 302 Osborne. Robert J.. 111. 381 Osburn. Geneva R.. 76 Osgood. Merle. 318 Osgood. Richard. 446 Osten. Ann L.. 76. 274. 292. 330. 350 Osterberg. MarvelP.. 464 Osterhout. Jane L.. 348 Ostro. Nickolai. 447 Ostrom. Harry E.. 301. 323 Ostrom. Patricia L. . 341 Ostrow. Nick 314 Oswald. Art 371 Oswald. Joan C. 76. 276 Oswald Richard. 49 Ota. Tuni. 449 Otani. David. 449 Otani Jonathan. 449 Otoshi. Marianne S.. 121. 465 466 Oto.shi. Tommy. 449 Ott. Albert F.. 311. 408 Ott. Charles. 446 Ott. Janet M.. 429. 457 Otten. Adrian A.. 76 Ottaiano. Gloria. 424 Oulzen Robert. 446 Ovens. Robert B.. 408 Ovcrby. Leif C..375 Overby. Shirley A.. 111. 341 Ovi-rlock. Jim. 104 Overman. Mildred L.. 339 Overturf. Wesley S.. 287 Ow n. Arthur K.. 76. 375 Owen. Darrel. 439 Owns Chuck. 103. 104. 105 Ozanne. Urban B.. 76. 395 Packard, Joan, 93. 111. 118.176 Packard. William. 311 Padgett. Sonya. 349 Padrjck. Bcnnie. 318 P drick. Jack 269 Page. Bert. 322 Page. Gloria 76.351 P ' ge. James. 446 Page. Nancv. 432 Page. Victor R.. 76 Painter. Alan 122. 377 Palmer. Eric. 443 Palmer Jack W. 76 Palmer. Leda. 442 Palmer. Mary Jane. 121. 187. 340 Palmer. Sharon L.. 442 Panchenko. Annie M.. 351 Pankhard. Donald M.. 76. 325 Pangborn. John 320 Pantley. Margaret J.. 355 Papritz. Jack. 76. 438. 439. 461 Paprize Gordon 310. 443 Paradis. Charmaine. 297. 465 Prcel Jean M.. 355 Parchen. Janice 427 Pardo. Dick D . 3r (l. 413 Parent. Margaret M.. 76 328. 351 PiT-nt Sidney R.. 76. 318. 401 P rgeter. Thomas. 414 Pargeter William 414 Paris. Tiane H,. 76. .352. 470 P:irk. R-rhnra J. 91. H ' S. 109. 121. 147. 289 291. 467 Parker. Allan. 462. 476 Parker, Frank. 92. 149. 420. 458 Parker. Ivan G-. 287 Parker. Jean. 476 Park-r. Lester. 377 P.arker Verna L.. 428 Parker Wayne. 49 Parker. Willard E.. 76. 188. 321. 447 Parkinson. Russell J.. 76. 359. 447 Parks. Donald C 412 Parks. George L.. 402 Parks. Jerry. ■ ' 47 Pirks. Minor R.. 76 Parks Montell. 382 Parr. Rav A.. 310 393 Parrish. Sally J.. 118. 353 Parrott. Walter. 447 Parsons. Marvin D. . 207 389 Parsons. Shirley J.. 341 Parsons. Theodore D.. 415 Parr Elmer. 4Jfi Parr. Eldon. 446 Pnr= " ns. Dean. 209. 212.213 P-ir ' nin Lowell. 400 Parthemer. Louise A.. 337 Partlow. James Mac. 149 409 Partlow. Mary E.. 76. 353 Partridge. Carolyn. 470 Pasche, R- ' v, 472 Pasco. Chuck A.. 373 Pascoe Barbara M.. 353 460 461 Pate. John B.. 76. 316 Patelli. JoVanna M.. 465 Pat ' rson. Flora. 76 Paterson. Robert. 447 Paton. Bettyann. 427 Paton. Joanne J.. 280. 318 Paton Pa ' tie N. 76. 229 Patrick, Robert J,, 3 ' 0 439 Patten, Donald W,, 76 Patterson, Blanche 461 Patterson. Harold. 49 Pattersr n. JacciUelvil. 424 Patterson. Lillian B . 42 Patterson. Walter. 402 Pattison. Bill 375 Pattison. Maryln H.. 343 Pattison Patricia. 342 Patton. Pat. 275 P itty. Dale. 76. 375 I ' .iul. Jam s. 266 Paul, Redmond J.. 377 Paul. Roberta. 437 Paulgen. Gunther. 76 Paulson. (I ddv W.. 112.329. 355 Paulson Suzanne. 465 Paup. Martin. 446 Paul. May. 471 Pavamani. Victor. 439 Pavlovsky. Edward A.. 76 Payn. Betty L 3.55 Payn. Frank. 445 Payne. Herb ' i ' .. 77. 378 Payne. John, 448 Piynter. Richard E.. 266 373 P.-;iliodv. Gerald. 239. 407 Peabody. Robert Lee. 39 235 P arc ' e. Helen 297 Pearl. Alvin S.. 420 Pe-rl. Don. 189. 365, 438 Pearl, Luetta B.. 77. 334. 338 Pearl Vvarren L.. 362 Pearson. Connir 378 Pearson. Don. 470 Pearson. E. Dolores. 77. 355 Pearson. James. ? 9 Pearson. Janet. 112 Pearson. Jim. 467 Poarson. John. 77. 441. 472 Pearson. Ken E.. 419 Pearson. Roy E.. 315 Pease. Aldridge H.. 4C9 Pease. Ve ' le-e 432, 475 Pecchia. Benita M.. 427 Peck, George B,, 402 Pedersen.A , 241 Pederson. Denny, 229 Pederson, Gordon E., 287 Pederson, James, 320 Pedersen, Muriel K,, 77 Pederson. James E.. 77. 314 357. 372 373 Pederson. Muriel. 437 Pederson. Per. 256 Pedlar. John. 387 Peck. Joann L , " 50 P-el. Sharon I.. 340 Peftley. Donald. 468 Pjha. Mark. 470 Pellegrini. Angelo. 181 Pelton. Harold A.. 287 Pelz. Freda 298 Pence. Thomas O . 77 Pence. Thom s. 30 " 379 P,.nidras. Jerome. 370 Pennington. Joan L. . 342 Pennock. Ruth E.. 287 Perfield. Henry. 447 Perkins. Edward. 306 Perkins Cathie 466 Perkins. John E.. 407 Perkins. Richard L.. 77. 311.395 Perko. Hedy F.. 297 Perrodin. Jack. 470 P rrodin John 417 Perry. Jack C. 315. 328 Perrv, John W.. 401 Perry, Loran 23« 293 Persen. Victor. 447 Persson. Leon 383 Pertel. Richnrd. 77 361 Peszneeker. David. 77. 324. 400 Pi ' ters. Eugene C. 389 PetiMs. Glenn M.. 77 Peters Ronald. 448 Petersen. Raymond. 49 Peterson. C ' audine. 431 Peterson Clifford L.. 287. 302 P -terscm. Dale. 77. 383 Peterson. Daniel. 287. 445 Peterson. Dennis H.. 409 Peterson. Derauld. 448 Peti ' rson. Eunice. 427 P ' terson Gar ' in 315 Petram. Donald. 359 Peterson, Finn, 379 Peter=o-i Gordon, 77, 349, 367 Peterson, Jeremy M.. 311 361 Peterson. John A.. 409 Peter.son. Lorane F., 336. .351 Peterson. Lorraine. 427 Peterson. N. Marcus. 447 Peterson. Priscilla J.. 77. 276 Peterson. Ralph. 318 Peterson, Ray, 293 Peterson, Robert, 242, 306 Peterson, Robert J.. 77. 232. 235. 293. 318. 454 Peterson. Sara Mae. 350 Peterson. Theo L.. 339 Peterson. Walt. 266 Pethley. Lowell S.. 381 Petraborg. Nancy A., 229. 341 Petram. Joy C. 342 Petrie. Duane. 448 Petrone. Eward A.. 320, 413 Petrie, Elizabeth K , 77. 437 Petrie. Mary E.. 77. 437 P try. Paul E.. 375 Peters. Nick. 416 P.-ltibone. Carol J.. 77. 298. 322 P ' -ttibone. ijiana. 355 P.tiilm. John. 375 Pi-tlygrove Richard N.. 77. 319. 448 Pfenning. Annette D.. 427 Ph Ips. Stanley R.. 377 Phelan. Burton. 309 Phelan Sharon H.. 77. 475 Piielps. Marilou. 315 Phelps. Stanley 3jO Phelps. Wendall. 476 Pherson. Marion E. . 106. 346 Phifer. David. 311.448 Phillips. Dwigni it.. 441 Phillips. Edwina E., 77. 428 Phillips Frank. 311. 448 Phillips. Harry L.. 77, 307 Phillips. Lyle. 447 Phillips. Ray. 471 P.iillips. Ronald W.. 419 Phillips. Sue C. 353 Phillips. «illiam. 110 Phipps. William 154 Piatt. George. 470 Pickard. Allen, 448 Picchena. jos o... 361 Pick. Donald W.. 77. 326. 443 Pickett. Dwight C. 367 Pickrell. Keith E.. 77. 397 Piehl. Joy D.. 329 Pierce. Gene. 104 Pierce. James C 77. 267. 369 Pierce. John. 448 Pierce. Louis F.. 77 Pierce, Marjorie M.. 421. 465 Pierce. Marie F.. 77. 387 P:i ' " ce. Priscilla A.. 353 Pieroth. Mary H.. 123. 329. 354 Pierson. Donald K.. 77. 407 Pierson. Frank M.. 77. 416. 456 Pierson. Gordon K.. 77. 415 Pifer. Drury A.. 35. 302 Piggott. Moreita. 337 Piggott. Patty. 119 Piggott. Penny Lee. 112. 3.55 Piggott. Theiline. 3.50 Piha. Jake. 77. 362 Pik.- Douglas H.. 400. 444 Pilon. Lorraine M.. 121. 335 340 Pirn. Kenneth. 264 Pinch. Barbara A.. 338 Pinegar. Wanita. 424 Pinkiiey. Clay A.. 77, 441 Pinter. Henry R.. 77 Piper. Jane B.. 150. 345 Piper. John T.. 51. 77. 97. 102. 293. 365 Piqette. Joanne. 424 Piro. James. 447 Pisk, Lisabeth. 465 Pitcher. Clyde. 458 Pitcher. Bert. 309. 448 • Pitcher. Patricia M.. 287. 425 Pitcher. Ted C, 358, 4119 Pitzer, Robert W., 77, 325 Platts, Dorothy J.. 442 Piatt. Florence. 466 PI at. Frank. 459 P ' .eger. Leland. 302 Piehl Joy. 278 Plein. El- ' or M. 302 Pieroth. Mary. 278 Plumb. Basil. 447 Plumb. Betsy. 77. 341 Plummer. Ralph E.. 381 Plimimer. Robert H.. 415 Pocock. George 223 Pocock. Stan. 228 Pogge. Ernest C. 300. 307. 315 Poha. Marvin. 404 Pohlman. Molly. 275 Policar. Sallv. 338. 465 Poll. Harry. 362 Pollock. Donald D.. 77, 443 Pollock. Herbert G.. 78 397 Poison. Bud G.. 269. 365 Ponierenk. Earl. 301. 317 Pomerenk. Glenn. 78 296. 325 Pomeroy Atherton. 446 Pomroy. Ray da L.. 122. 189. 349. 475 Ponto. George. 459 Pope. William. 307. 446 Popoff. Alexander. 446 Poplock. Alene R.. 78. a52 Poppens. Irene. 432 Popwell. Virginia H.. 465 Porad. Ronald A.. 404 Porosky. Mike. 78. 185. 186 308 393 Portelance. Jales. 361 Portelance. Herbert J.. 93 254. 456 Porter. Joanne. 432 Porter. Diane. 424 Porter Helen P.. 278 329 Porter. MaryJo A.. 354 Porter. Nancy. 427 Porter. Robert. 21 Portteus. Paul H.. 287 Poska. Barbara A.. 353 Poska. Janice M.. 335 353 Posner. Barbara P. 338 Posner. Jerry. 362 Post. Gordon. 310 Post. James. 448 Post. Wallace E.. 78. 444 Post. Warren R.. 78. 319 Postma. Virgil. 470 Potter Alan R.. 344 Potts Drusilla N.. 78. 330. 469 Potts. Willard C. 78. 402 Poulsen. Eric W.. 78. 378 Pound. Carey. 78. 308. 375 Powell. Clyde. 265 Powell. David T., 78. 319 Powell, Del ores, 424 Pnwi-ll. Felix L.. 411 Powell. Glen, 422 Powell. Gordon S.. 367 Powr. Alfred D.. 78 320 Power. James. 78. 186, 192 Power, Lnyton, 446 Powers, Francis F.. 35 Powers. Leland E.. 22 41 Powis. Sharon L.. 339 Pratt. Fred. 448 Pratt. Patricia. 78. 342 Pratt. Rus.sell M.. 411. 447 Prentice. Roger. 462 Prescott. Loren. 390 Prcssler. Margaret. 427 Preston. Frank. 25 Preston. Jeanne. 185. 327. 340 Preston. Maurice A.. 235 Preston. Mick, 443 Prevost Donna. 112. 289. 346 Price. Dick. 443. 470 Price. Gari. 320. 441 Price. Lee. 369 Price. Lee. 403 Pric?. Lester. 311 Price. Polly Pat. 78. 350 Prickett. Priscilla. 108. 470 Priebe. Wesley. 311 Priest. Dick. 4C0 Prim. Ken 416 Prim. Merle. 255 Prince. Richard. 448 Prince. Stanford. 448 Pringle. Arthur Ervin. 23. 78 Prills. Ruth. 179 Pri.hard. George. 309 Pritch.ird Gr.aham 399 Pritza, Mike. 78. 319 Pr..ihnau. Jim. 320 Proctor. Doris A.. 424 Proctor. Joan R.. 78. 432 Proctor, T°rry J. .347 Proctor. William B.. 359 Prosser. Linda. 345 Prouty. Raymond. 447 Pruit. Beths (Kistler). 313 496 Congratulali ii li ! ' (• :?; Maci-, the t-ditor nf l f 10. ' )2 TYKK, on a fine jdh well done. Slic i lin Mi here looking over the first book with Darifl Tayh)r. suiieriiiletuleiil ot the Krayii Printing (lompaiu. alurally, we are jiroud to liave hffii the printers. FRAY.X PRIXTIXG COMPAAY K. MOHT FKVVN. 27. Oumr m„l Utmngi ' r 251« WKSTKKN AVKM K SEATTLE ELiot 4221 497 Prupis. Janet R.. 352 Pruter, Aionzo T.. 287.302 Pryor, Cecile. 470 Pryor. Martha J.. 464 Puckett. Dave G.. 78, 393 Piickett. Lance. 393 Puf, ' h. Robert. 310 Putiinire. Harold Kay. 78. 357.456 Putrmire. Kay. 378. 379 Pulsifer. Duane. 399 Purcell. Dorothy. 104 Purduni. Gerald. 315 Piirdy. Edward H.. 371 Pun.. Lee. 78. 325. 393. 457. 474 Putnam. Douglas K.. 127. 223. 227. 234. 395 Putnam. Nadine. 294. 353 Putnam. Robert T.. 395 Pylman. Jerry R.. 412 Quackenbush. Darlene F. 3,55 Quackenbush. Stan F., 391 Quadland. Grace. 329. 428 Quan. Corinne E.. 428 Quevli. Dee. 78. 334. 347 Quickstad. Nancy. 297 Quilliam. Susan J.. 347 Quilliani. William W.. 391 Quimby. Oranion. 474 Quinn. Jeanine C. . 336 Quinn. Patricia G.. 57. 78. 108. 109. 150. 288. 290. 292. 334. 340 Quinn. Richard. 78. 391 Quistorff. Beverly J.. 341 Rabel. Leigh W.. 229, 256. 311 389 Raby. Bruce A.. 78. 417 Raby. Bruce. 306 Racho. Ilene M.. 47. 355 Radcke. Richard, 377 Rademacher. Robert. 447 Rader. La Verne R.. 78. 297. 474. 476 Radke. Rvle. 262 Radnich. Jack. 262 Radovieh. John. 390 Radwick. Robert V.. 78. 375 Rae. William H.. 319. 357. 396 Rafter. Jack. 318 Rahskopf. Dr. Horace G.. 32 Rainey. Dennis R.. 78. 370 Raisler. Gordon, 447 Rakeman, Edward A., 110, 417 Rallis, Helen, 337 Ralston, Marcus, 446 Ramalev. Robert L.. 78 Ramey. Jerry. 111. 403 Ramm. Larry R.. 217. 367 Ramsay. Charlotte A.. 78. 336 Ramsay. David O.. 377 Ramsay. Martin J.. 78. 312 377 Randall. Allen. 459 Randall. Charles F.. 359 Randall. William T.. 381 Randle. A. N.. 403 Randolph. Helen. 354 Rand.ilph. Phillip. 307 Randolph. Phillip. 78, 111, 309, 443 Rankin, Fred O.. 387 Raver, Lois W., 429. 475 Rankcn. John. 4.59 Ranshaw. Harold. 385 Ransom. Gloria. 424 Ran.som. Jack. 322 Rao. E. C. S.. 446 Raport. Betty M.. 287 Rapp. Quentin W.. 78. 417 Raport. Timmie. 134 Rarig. David. A.. 411 Ra.sanen. Rich A.. 361 Rask. Janet E., 355 Ratchford. Marilyn E.. 429 Ratcliffe. Arthur R.. 316. 377 Ratcliffe. Charles A.. 78 Ratti. Dean. 302 Raver. Lois. 477 Rawlings. Wayne. 301 Ray. La Verne C. 287 Ray. Loren E.. 359 Ray. Richard L.. 359. 458 Raymond. Edward, 418 Raymond, Frances, 297 Raymond, Howard. 370 Raymond. John. 49 Read. Farra. 310 Read. Jerry, 375 Read. William M.. 23 Ready. John. 393 Reams. William. 311. 358 Reat. Don. 470 Rebb. Bonnie. 275 Recto. Caesar. 320 R.ddie. Virginia. 298 n.-dfi.ld. Bart C. 379 R.dford. Grant. 105 R.-dfc.rd. lone. 466 Ucdky. Ed. 310. 470 Redman. Robert. 399 Reed. Carl. 447 Reed. Charles A.. 411 Reed. Eugene A.. 412 Reed. George. 441 Reed. Herbert. 315 Reed. Herbert. 78. 306 Reed. Joanne N.. 343 Reed. John. 447 Reed. Raymond F.. 79. 315 459 Reed. Robert S.. 79. 397 Reed. William R.. 122. 125. 126 Reeder. Billie A.. 324. 428. 465 Reeder. Joyce. 465. 469 Reeds. Dusty. 177 Reeds. John. 177 Reekie. Elagrace. 174. 313. 437 Reekie. Howard. 470 Rees. Dee. 470 Reese. Bert. 470 Reese. William. 411 Reeves. Richard A.. 79. 476 Regan. Jack. 462 Regan. Robert. 267. 291 Rehm. MollieA.. 187. 343 Reich. Mollie. 465 Reichardt. Hugo J.. 79. 419 Reichelt. Carrol E.. 381 Reichert. Wifliam. 447 Reichman. Marcia M.. 336 Reid. Dorothv J., 424 Reid, Frank T.. 411 Reightley. Donald R.. 79. 300. 318. 319. 328 Reightley. Gretchen B.. 79. 326. 327 Reily. Keith. 228 Reilley. Carol J.. 287 Reinelt. Herbert R.. 287 Reinhardt. Richard D. . 79. 114 Reinke. Mildred. 427. 472 Reiswig. Patricia A.. 79. 354 Reitz. Mabel, 437 Rekenthaler. Thomas. 468 Relf. Geoffrey. 79. 147. 187. 194. 327. 403 Relling. Pearl L.. 465 Remaly. M. J.. 79. 353 Renninger. Stanton. 229. 370 Renz. Ray. 307 Renz. Ray H.. 79, 389 Replogle, John L.. 287 Reschenhofer. Heinrich. 446 Reswick. Gerald ine. 345 Yolanda J.. 297. 337 Reuss. Cameron. 443 Revere. William A., 391 Rey. Adelka, 175. 316 Reynolds. James H.. 407 Reynolds. Judith A.. 287 Reynolds. Richard. 445 Rhea. Jayne. 336 Rhine. Ronald J.. 401 Rhoades. Carlton. 318 Rhodes. Larry F.. 229. 369 Riach. J. G.. 447 Rice. Marshall. 409 Rice. Mary. 470 Rice. Sanderson A.. 358. 383 Rice. Sanderson. 79 Rice. Verna. 432 Rich. Rodney G.. 415 Richards. Bob L. 403 Richards. Bill. 79, 237 262. 415. 454 Richards. Dick. 403 Richards, Raymond, 448 Richards, Robert A., 397 Richard-son, Bob, 235 Richardson. Chauncey A. 472 Richardson. Gordon W 311. 365 Richardson. Howard. 467 476 Richardson. Harold L. 419. 470 Richardson. Joan. 344 Richardson. Larry. 407 Richart. Frances. 313. 432 Richburg. Thomas. 417 Richey. Tom. 122 Ridley. Zoe M.. 340 Richmond. John W.. 13 Richmond. Lawrence. 459 Richmond. Volnev. 377 Richstad. Robcrt ' j.. 47 400 Richter. Eddie G.. 373. 446 Richter. Jackie M.. 106. 123. 346 Rickard. William H.. 79. 377 Rickett. Mabel S.. 79. 446 Ricks. Cappy R.. 79. 187. 314 Ridenour. Don C. 365. 446. 458 Ridenour. Donald G.. 79 Ridgeway. Marilyn M.. 79. 330. 343 Ridgway. Dave. 271. 415. 460 Ridgway, George, 302 Ridgway. Dave K.. 79 Riedinger. Thomas R., 407 Riely, Keith, 377 Riendeau, Tony, 175 Riess. Arden, 79. 417 Riggs. Barbara J., 344 Rigsby. Jack W.. 230. 307. 312. 455. 457 Riley. Chuck. 381 Riley. Edward, 311 Riley, John, 49, 312 Riley, William, 381 Rimbach, John. 448 Ringen. Howard. 271 Riley. Charles E., 358. 391 Riley. John O.. 79 Riley. Roberta. 427 Riley. William P.. 268. 391 Rimlinger. Gaston V.. 287 Riner. Jack. 462 Riney. Eileen. 425 Rincy. Hal P.. 122. 125. 415 Riney. Patricia E.. 79 Ringman. Diane. 79. 297. 334. 355 Ringoen. Howard, 448 Ripley, Herbert S., 41 Rippe, Nina, 427 Rippi, Ben, 302 Ri.segari. Eilene. 102 Risser. Carolyn. 349 Riswold. Paul ().. 458 Ritchie. Victor. 307 Ritchie. Vic. 462 Ritchey. Thomas G.. 314, 462 Ritzau. Elfrieda M.. 428 Riveland. Dale. 371 Rivenburgh. Charmian. G.. 347 Rizza. Joseph P.. 287 Roach, Richard R., 419 Roak, Stephen M., 95, 217, 229. 311 Roald. Ola. 460 Robb. Bonnie. 277. 278. 425 Robb. Jack. 447 Robhins. Esther A.. 79 Rohbins. JoAnn. 349 R.ibbins. Wm. E.. 361 Rnberg. Betty A., 289. 423. 424 ' Roberson. Frank. 446 Roberts. Al. 174 Roberts, Del, 365, 469 Roberts, Geoffrey P., 79, 411 Roberts. Helene L.. 79. 337 Roberts. Joyce E.. 336 Roberts. Marshall. 365 Roberts. Muriel M,. 79. 424 Robertson. Clarence E.. 229. 391 Robert.son. Francis S.. 371 Robertson. J. C. H.. 320 Robertson. John L.. 79. 113, a56, 365 Robert.son, Joyce, 427, 470 Robi-rtson, Ronald W., 311.391 Robins. Jan. 264 Robinson. Bruce E.. 79 Robinson. Buddy II.. 79. 387. 420 Robinson. Carol J.. 424. 465 Robinson. Clyde. 104. 105 Robinson. Daniel C. 79. 411 Robinson. Mrs. Edith. 25 Robinson. E. Ross. 79. 325 Robinson. Elizabeth. 470 Robinson. Frank D.. 387 Robinson. Fred. 229. 382. 442. 468 Robinson. Jack. 446 Robinson. Larry E.. 407 Robinson. Pierre. 318 Robinson. Ray A.. 79. 438. 448 Robinson. Richard F.. 79. 377 Robinson, Shirley A.. 79. 342 R4)bin.son. William R.. 79. 325. 412 Robinson. Wm. M.. 420 Roche. Connie A.. 425 Hockey. Dean M., 219. 220. 221. 224, 226. 228. 408. 454 Rockey. Helen M.. 150 Rodda. Revelle M.. 465 Rodeers. Marilyn. 278 Rodland. Gordy. 232 242. 293 Rodman. Patricia. 119. 340 Roe. Anita T.. 287 Roe. Edward W., 80, 409 Roc. Pat L.. 80. 276. 278. 329 Roebke. Louis W., 415. 451. 455 Roether. Douglas L.. 367. 458 Rofinot. Enselv. 403 Roff. Hubert. 469 Rogers. Bob, 229 Rogers, Calvin, 302 Rogers, Carol, 427 Rogers, Gerald, 415 Rogers. Marilyn H.. 329 Rogers. Robert. 446 Rogers. Robert. 306 Rogers. Robert. 419 Rogers. Robert A., 404 Rogoway. Jack. 80. 186. 187. 306. 314. 420 Rogoway. Jerme. 420. 470 Rognan. John. 369 Rogstad. Barbara M.. 432 Rolfe. Anne. 152. 348 Rolfe. James A.. 310. 415 Roller. John. 315 Rollins. Francis. 302 Rolstad. Jeanne. 470 Romaska. David. 307 Roniey. Irv. 462 Ronasko. Dave D.. 80 Rondeau. James H., 415 Rone, Donna M.. 354 Ronken, Jean M., 464 Roos, Donald A., 263, 295. 310. 379 Roos. Ronald. 301 Root. Prof. Cornelius. 197 Root. Reg. 218 Roscoe. Jean D.. 95, 349 Rose, Bert, 202 Rose, Beverly J.. 355 Rose. Jack. 369 Rose. John W.. 365 Rose. Richard H.. 42(] Rosen. Moritz. 13 Rosenberg. Hilda S.. 352. 425. 371 Rosenberg. Verne. 441 Ro.senblum. Sharon J.. 352 Rosenfeld. Bernice. 352 Rosenthal. Howard K.. 421 Rosenzwcig, James E.. 287 Rosette, Gerald H.. 80. 308 Roslansky. John D., 47. 472, Ann E.. 344 Ross. Bob. 190 Ross. Bruce. 448 Ross. David J.. 439 Ross. Donald. 459 Ross. Donald A.. 41 Ross. Donald Lee. 401. 447 Ross. Ellen C. 192. 348 Ross. Jean G.. 118. 149. 153. 165. 176. 348 Ross. Kenneth E.. 397 Ross. Marilyn J.. 352 Ross. Patricia. 354. 467 Ross. Pete. 387 Ross. Therese H.. 352 Rossi. Albert. 229. 375, 455, 457 Rost, Clinton, 325 Rostrom, Richard, 3119 Rotchford, Mark D., 409 Roth. Clifford. 300. 328 Roth. John. 229.446 Roth. Wayne. 446 Rohermel. Richard C. 422 Roriifus, Paul C, 80, 365 Rothrock, Suzanne, 346 Rotous, Helen A.. 429. 475 Rotter. Catherine. 316 Rotter. John. 302 Rotrup. Elaine. 432 Routh. Richard. 311. 448 Rovig. Dorothy J.. 341 Rowe. George H. 287 Rowe. William S.. 287. 302 Rowland. Bertiam. 302. 441 Rowland. Joan. 423. 428 Rowland. Ramona C. 80 Rowlett. Tom. 80 Rowntree. Dr. Jennie I. 31 Royce. Charles. 468 Royce. Gerald. 441. 438 Roys. Keith B.. 268. 304. 456 Royse. Charles H.. 80 447 Rubens. Richard D.. 80. 404 Rubinstein. Jerome B.. 421 Ruch. Theodore C. 41 Rudd. Marvin F.. 80 Rudnick. Fred. 220 307 Rudnick. Fred C. 80. 373 Rue. Jean M.. 119. 344 Ruff Suzanne. 80 Ruff in Walter. 448 Rugg. Bernice. 80. 342 Ruggles. James A.. 403 Ruggles. John. 2,39 Ruhi. O wen H.. 395 Rule. William J.. 379. 4.56 Rumery. Erwin K.. 374 Rundquist. Marilyn. 470 Runnings. Gloria. 471 Rupea. Carole. 465. 471 Ruple. Marilyn L.. 342 Rupp. Agnes I.. 287 Rupp. Glen L.. 80. 308. 314. 395. 468 Rupp. Jean T..341 Rushton. Betty A., 342 Arlene. 298 Russ, Jack. 229 Russell. Donald G.. 80. 242. 243. 308. 361. 369. 454 Rus.sell. Ed. 229 Russell. Gene. 448 Russell. Karen J.. 150. 340 Russo. Louis. 362 Rust. Betty Lou. 280 343 Rust. Helen A.. 345 Ruth. Charles W., 80. 389 Rutherford. Robert, 377 Rutledge, Anne M.. 80, 353. 398 Rutner. James. 457 Rutton. John A.. 230 422 Rutfner. James B.. 80. 229. 407 Ryan. Andrew. 239 Rvan. Elaine. 113. 289. 345 Ryan. Field. 262. 381 Rvan. Kay. 345 Ryan. Mary. 344 Ryan. Patricia Ann. SO. 344 Ryan. Dick R.. 95 Ryan. Raymond. 311. 462 Ryan, Richard G.. 229. 401 Ryan. Richard J.. 373 Rygg. Doris. 424 Rychard. Bob. 364 Rvno. Richard. 267, 381 Saberhagen, Ann, 348 Sabin, Lee, 383 Sabin, Lois, 355 Saboe, Donald B.. 80. 381 Sackman. Shirley A.. 287 Sadlier. Patricia. 337 Saeger. Richard. 80. 441 Safely. Marcia. 465 Saffle. Dean. 248. 269 Saflev. Richard N.. 371. 458 Sager. John. 287 Sailor. Dale. 328 Sakai. Elaine. 466 Sakai. Midge. 465. 466 Sakai. Yacko. 80. 432 Sakamoto. Morman, 446 Salagianis. Peter. 441 Salley. James L. . 403 Salmi. George L.. 393 Salman. Ina. 137 Salmim. Gary Mac. 229, 361 Salmon, Laura M., 3.55, 46 ' .; Salmon. Peter. 85. 137. 2.52. 2.54. 267, 293. 454. 456 Salo. Ernest. 302 Salstrand. Ruth. 432 Salt. Ron. 445 Salter. Joan. 346 S;ilvino. Noreen T.. 80. 107. 187. 292. 326. 337 Salvino. Patty J.. 342 Salyards. Thomas. 448 Sample. Donald. 396 Sampson. Albert. 448 Sampson. Jack H.. 365. 459 Sams. Burnett H.. 80. 288. 301 Samuels. Ilaine J.. 338 Samuels. Stanley M.. 404 Samuelson. Peter. 373 Samuelson. Wm. T.. 80. 412. 469 Sandberg. O-scar C. 383 Sandberg. Richard M.. 39. 222. 228. 295. 454 Sanden. Vivian. 185 Sanderman. L. A.. 105 Sanderman. Mary. 470 Sanders. Donald. 307 Sanders. Tom P.. 373 Sando. Frank J.. 412 459 Sandry. Evelyn. 442 Sanford. Marian H.. 80. 428 Sangesand. Donald. 446 Sankey. Harry. 248. 309 Santo. Marjorie E.. 346 Sarantinos. Katheren. 80. 317 Sartf. Joan. 470 Sargent. Richard. 80. 308 Sather. Mildred K.. 80 Sater. Richard N.. 315. 462 Sato. Frank S.. 312. 449 Sato. Julianne K.. 466 Sato. Kenichi. 449 Sato. Wade. 446 Satterberg. Richard A., 381 SatterThwaite. Judy. 424 Satterthwaite. Robt. D. 365 Satterwaite. Richard. 458 Sauls. Donald. 358. 407 Saunders, Elizabeth, 335. 346 Saunders. Francis, 276 Saunders, Janis E.. 428 Saunders. Lee. 21 Saunders. Leona. 105 Saunders. Richard T., 295. 361. 458 Savage. Edward H. . 80. 397 Savage, Paul A.. 377 Savikko. Robert. 447 Saville. Allison. 447 Sawyer. Barbara. 313 Sawyer. Charles. 302 Saylor. Linda. 290, 297 Scales, Richard L.. 80. 395. 457 Scamfer. Ronald F.. 407. 446 Scanlon. Seraphine J.. 80. 466 Scarff. Carroll E.. 310. 389 Scarrah. George B., 310. 412. 458 Schaaf. Kathryn. 313. 321 Sehacher. Ed O.. 404 Schacherer. Joan E.. 425 Schaefer. Steve. 403 Schaeffer. Ed A.. 217. 320. 367. 391 Schaefer. Donald J.. 80. 190. 197. 477 Schaffer. James. 356. 407 Schaffnit. Edward M.. 409 Schall. Myron R.. 254. 4,54. 458 Schappert. Elizabeth G.. 349 Scharfenberg. Jean. 176. 316. 424 Schattschneider. Betty. 472 Schaumberger. Ruth. 427 Schefstrom. Ruth I.. 80. 317. 428 Scheibel. Ernest A.. 472 Scheidecker. Arthur W.. 80 Scheidecker. Wayne. 361 Schear. Barbara. 474. 476 Scheiene. Arthur. 447 Schehndler. Agnes. 339 Schelp. Don. 287. 472 Sch " rner. Roger. 384 Schemer. Suzanne M.. 61. 81. 111. 116. 117. 121. 290. 292. 330. 337 Scheuch. Brian C. 403 Scheving. Nancy Mae. 81. 316 Scheyer. Ellen S.. 81. 343. 423 Scheyer. Warner. 389 Schiessl. Evelyn A., 355 Schillen. Barbara. 469 Schimanksi. James A. F. 387 Schimel. Lucille K., 81. 317. 324 Schlosstein. Russell O., 399 498 Schlumpe. William. 448 Schmid. Barbara C. 909 339 Schmid. George W.. 81. 448 Schmidt. Cheryl K.. Schmidt. Evelyn C. 337 Schmidt. Gordon W.. 323 Schmitt. Doreen R.. 314 Schmilt. Nancy 424 Schmitz. William J.. 371 Schnebly. JaneO.. 109. 353 Schneider. A. E.. 320 . ,hneid.-r. J. M.. 369 Schniider. Stuart A.. 81 „ Schneider. Walter R.. 444 Schneidcrman. Jerry M.. 404 . „, Schoen. Virginia. 81 Schoenfeld Walter E.. 81 312. 421 Scholtz. Johanna. 321. 472 Schoennauer. Al. 472 Schooley. KayeA..343 Schoonover Stan H.. 311.358. 415 Schorzman Donna M.. 81. 110. 351 Schow. Darwin. 447 Schrader. Bill. 469 Schram. Lloyd W.. 23 Schreuder Carol. 134 Schuette. Carole L., 339 Schuler. Ann. 313. 432 Schulcr. Don. 320.413 Schulthesis. Harold. 397. 448 Schultz. Leo D.. 81. 411 Schultz. Lillian M.. 339 Schultz. Marjorie D.. 425 Schultz. Norman. 446 Schumacher. Margaret J. 81 Schutt. Ray. 446 Schwab. Joanne. 345 Schwartz. Anne. 427 Schwartz. Bernie. 462. 470 Schwartz. Ed G.. 421 Schwartz. Kenneth J.. 421 Schwartz. Lesley J.. 352 Schwary. Joanne. 123 Schwary. Joanne B.. 354 Schwedop. Ken E.. 315. 365 Schweizer. Ruth. 466 Scott. Ardis. 321 Scott. Clarence. 81. 289 Scott. Evelyn W.. 81. 474. 476 Scott, Frances. 432 Scott. Frank W.. 359 Scott. Lorcn. 469 Scott. Rcibi-rt. 413 Scott. Shirley, 474 Scott. Shirl-y 476 Scon. Taylor C. 389 Scott. William R.. 265. 395 Scotton. Dean S.. 81. ■Ill „ „„. Scribner. Edw. E.. 281 Scribner. Suzanne M.. 340 Scripp.s. Sally E.. 341 Scroggs. Richard E.. 367 Scudder. Joanne M,. 347 Scupholni, Evelyn, 432 Seaman. Susan, 470 Seamens. Ralph. 383 Seastrom. Helene A.. 351. 432 S-avey. Joanne. 349 Secord. Robert F.. 81. 404 Secoy. Harry R.. 81, 377 Sedlacek. Charles J.. 399 Seeger. Richard Al. 127. 265. 385 Seeley. Jack A.. 81. 365 Seeley. Nancy J., 119, 339 Seeley. Stuart G.. 370 Seelye. Walter B.. 43 Seetharam. Nagapp e. 444 Sedlecek. Charles. 458 Seguin. Dick. 400 Sehmel. Donald A.. 81. 317. 323 Seid. Ruth. 287 Seitert, Richard J.. 81. 448 Seike, Ruth, 437. 466 Seikula. Wilmer. 448 Seller. Clyde. 221. 228. 381. 454 Seim. Jack H.. 81. 306 Seivers Dorothy. 275. 277. 278. 425 Selby, Jane B.. 348 Selden. Robert W.. 395 Seldon. Theodore. 458 Selfors. Sherry A.. 345 Selfridge. John L.. 287 Selland. Beatrice O.. 427 Sellappah. Sivalingam.. 476 Senna. Gene. 373 Sennett. Mary E.. 353 Senter. Clara L.. 112. 427. 472 Separovich. Anthony P.. 448 Sequin. Richard J.. 444 Sergent. Webster. 448 Seslar. Chaiie. " !. 462 Seth. Mary. 354 Setzer. Robert D.. 311. 419 Sevan. Joanne O.. 321. 424 Sewell. Martha M.. 425 Sexsmith. Carlee. 432 Sey. James. 447 Shafer. Dick. 477 Shafer. Frank. 443 Shafer. ShirleyE.. 118. 345 Shaffer. Chris C. 381. 458 Shaffer. Ronald H,. 81. 271. 367 Shaffer. R. J,. 311 Shank. Nancy. 437 Shanks. Mimi F.. 122. 350 Shannon. Dave. 387 Shannon. Larry. 49 Shannon. Richard J,, 399 Shannon. Sallie A.. 345 Shanofelt. Amey. 346 Shapiro. Howard M.. 421 Shapley. Richard. 81. 403 Sharp. Marie L.. 105. 427 Sharple.s. Monica A.. 344 Shatlo. Verlyn G.. 81 Shattuck. Mary E.. 330 Shaver. Deane. 407 Shaw. Barbara L.. 342 Shaw. Consuelo H.. 47 Shaw. George. 222 Shaw. Jerry. 424 Shaw. Leonard. 318 Shaw. William. 267. 301. 458 Shay. William. 447 Shearer. Suzanne W.. 432 Shearer. Sydney D.. 423. 426 427 Sheets. John K,. 377 Sheets. Michael J., 81, 385 Sheldon, Charles H.. 81. 85. 252. 361. 454 Sheldon. Juel G., 320. 413 Shelley. Mary A.. 81. 353 Shelton, Gloria Ann. 81. 298. 429. 477 Shepardson. Rod. 383 Shepherd. Gladys. 321. 466 Shepler, Donald M.. 444 Shenpard. Virgil W.. 323 Sherman. Russell. 438. 440. 468 Sherman. Thomas. 418 Sh.-rry. Robert. 384 Sherson. Herrold K.. 47. 299 Sherwood. Clara. 469 Sherwood. Martin. 477 Shibata. Fumio. 307 Shilds. William. 316 Shigenaga. Henry Y.. 447 Shimomura. Terrie. 466 Shiosaki. Floyd. 81 Shiply. Howard. 446 Shirota. Dorothy. 466 Shively. Zorn. 306. 462 Shoji. Samuel F.. 81 Shore. Gary. 421 Shorrock. Frances F.. 327. 469 Short. Janet L.. 119. 337 Short. Phyllis. 337 Short. Zella. 297 Shoudy. Joann. 355 Shugard. HelencA.. 342 Shuster. Jack. 317 Siddons. Gordon. 476 Siddons. James Gordon. 81, 318 Sidell. Sylvia R.. 352 Siegel, James R.. 359 Siegel. Joyce A., 335. 352 Siegel. Robert. 229. 397 Sielk. Robert H.. 385 Siemens. Abraham. 81. 2%. 319. 441 Siemer, Helmuth. 308. 448 Siford. Pat. 470 Sigman. Jackie Z.. 336 .Sikkens. Gezina J.. 81. 428 Siks. Geraldine. 178 Silberman. Diane E.. 81 . 334. 352 Simiiiski. Joan F.. 423. 424 Simkins. Dick. 393 Simm mds. Wilfred. 447 Simmons. Richard J.. 137. 254. 295. 415. 456. 470 Simon. Anita B.. 123. 338 Simon. Shirley R.. 429. 475. 477 Simons. John. 446 Simons. Tom. 457 Simonsen. AnnMari. 427 Simonson. Aldalee. 347 Simpler. Richard. 308 Simpson. Odene. 329. 427 Simpson. Patricia. 287 Simpson. Tom. 271 Sims. Claudia J,. 342 Sims. Patricia E.. 287. 2S9. 340 Sinclair. Esther J.. 81. 342 Sinclair. Peter C. . 81. 306. 307. 417 Sineins. Dick. 307 Singh. Gureakash S.. 448 Singh. Ramraj P. 47 Sinsheimer. Walter J.. 421 Sipila. John. 448 Sires. Peggy. 185 Sittnick. Allan F.. 229. 367 Sjodin. Karl J.. 324 Sjursen. Eva C. 339 Skeels. Dell. 447 Skelton. Kenneth M.. 369 Skelton. Stuart. 414 Skidmore. Robert. 49 Skinner. Wilfred 299 Skinstad. James. 325 Skold. Elmer C, 123. 358. 373 Skoldberg. Phyllis, 428 Skutt. Phil. 95. 358, 361 Skylstad Kermit J.. 375 Slack. Robert L,, 81 Slade, John. 393 Slasor. Peggy L.. 343 Slate. Daniel. 308 Slate. Joseph. 291 Slate. Willie. 447 Slater. John, 49 379 Slater. Shirley I.. 428. 469 Slater. Winifred M,, 339 Slaughter. Bonnie J.. 185. 186. 463. 465 Slauson. Janet. 278. 329 354 Slavich. Edward. 446 Slaybaugh, Audrey. 428 Sleight. Russell F.. 361 Slipp. John, 302 Slipper. Thomas G.. 399 Slotnick. David, 82, 322. 404 Slyfield, Dick, 82. 131. 356 369 Small. Thomas. 447 Smailes. Stuart. 265 Small. Hollis B., 82, 326. 404 Smiley. Herbert G.. 47. 444 Smiley. Jeanne. 337 Smiley. Nathan. 393 Smith. A, E., 308 Smith, Anita E,, 122, 349 Smith. Ann F.. 95, 111. 350 Smith. Ardis E., 203, 349. 459 Smith. Armour C, 367 Smith. Barbara E.. 116 12 0. 135. 152. 347. 4,59 Smith. Bernice S.. 288 Smith. Beryl J.. 82 Smith. Betty. 476 Smith. Bob B.. 393. 417 Smith. Bruce. 320 Smith. Burrle. 306. 307 Smith. Charles E.. 448 Smith. Charlotte L.. 82. 313 437 Smith. Dean. 4 9 Smith. Delford N. 306. 391 Smith. Donald E.. 82. 307. 308. 361 Smith. DuaneG.. 313. 448 Smith. Dwight. 470 Smith. Francis. 318 Smith. George E.. 411 Smith. Gerald. 342. 470 Smith. Gloria. 437 Smith. Gordon W.. 319. 369 Smith. Dr. Harry E.. 381 Smith. Irving D.. 49. 82 Smith. Jackie J.. 354 Smith. James G., 82, 308. 327. 459 Smith. Joan. 91. 107. 116. 117. 188. 189. 294. 335. 349 Smith. Joan M.. 112. 354 Smith. Joe. 112.113, 123 Smith. John B.. 82 Smith. Kay. 110. 119. 350 Smith. Kenneth. 314 Smith. Kirk. 185. 186 Smith. Larry K.. 228. 361. 391. 4,54 Smith. L iiia. 466 Smiah. Lynwood. 476 Smith. Margaret M.. 82. 321. 466 Smith. Marion A.. 400 Smith. M(mty J.. 341 Smith. Nancy A.. 203. 294. 344. 459 Smith. Norman. 306 Smith. Patricia S.. 353 Smith. Richard A.. 367 Smith. Robert. 82. 266. 287. 307. 373, 381. 447 Smith. Roger S.. 82. 409 Smith. Ronald. 381 Smith. Shirley. 354 Smith. Sydney S.. 385 Smith. Vernon. 316 Smith. Vernon F.. 82. 314. 469 Smith. Virginia P., 82, 298. 425 Smith. Vun. 82. 403 Smith. Wally. 230. 393 Smith. Walt. 320 Snii.h. Weslev D., 287 Smith. William R.. 287 Smith. Wynn. 448 Smithson. Barry. 458 Smitnson. Luther H.. 383 Smitiison. Richard B., 409 Smitstad. Olav. 441 Smoot. Gary J.. 2b2. 363 Smvtn. Dagne ivi., 403 Smyth. George A.. 82 Snair. Elizabeth. 425 Snapp. Robert G.. 82. 371 Sneddon. James. 25 Snell. Marlyn !•.. 351 Snider. Joan. 427 S nider. Monty. 306. 341. 470 Snider. Wm. E.. 441 Snow. Jean. 425 Snyder. Allan K.. 365 Snyder. Eloise. 475 Snure Clark B.. 82. 365 Snyder. David E.. 82. 417 Snyder. Eloise, 82, 297, 429 Snyder. Forrest M.. 48 Snyder. Janet. 346 Snvder. Jeannette V.. 355 Snvpp. John. 310. 441 Soble. Shirley A.. 352 Sobottka. Hugh. 412 Softkv. Ma.xine. 93. 114. 116. 118. 289. 354 Soha. Marianne. 350 Soldana. Micheal J.. 82 Solkover. Monte, 187, 194, 314. 327 Solomon. Marsha H.. 338. 459 Solomon. Mervin E.. 82. 421 Solomonson. James M.. 399 Somers, James. 445 Somers. Leone, 424 Somppi, Delores T.. 82, 292. 339 Sonmore. Lowell G.. 371 Sorenson. Art. 445 Sorensen, Candace. 425 Sorensen. Howard. 403 Sorge. Jack. 470 Sorgenfrei. Jack. 185 Soria. Raul L.. 450 Soriano. Louis. 420 Soriano. Max. 293 Souder. Robert. 357 Southard. Sheila. 122. 470 Southgate. Roliert H.. 310. 375 Southwick. Charles E.. 152. 237. 295. 361. 451 Sowden. Dale. 418 Sowder. Robert. 407 Siiwell, Sally M.. 347 Spaii.i, I ' .eiijamin. 287 . ' ipMllMi,!, Lexie M.. 82. 203. 341 Spafford. Nancy. 341. 459 Spangenberg. Paul R.. 422 Spangler. John L.. 443 Spangler. Robert J., 82. 395 Spangler, Warren. 255. 361 Sparks. George. 446 Spanjer. Joyce. 341 Sparks. Ken D.. 367 Speck. George. 446 Speckman. Thomas. 447 Speece. Daymond R.. 444. 477 Spegel. Josephine B.. 82. 321 Speilman. Robert L.. 415 Spellman. Donald F.. 82. 327 Spellman. Mike. 178 Spellman. Richard A.. 82. 421 Spellman. Wesley J.. 421 Spence. James. 308 Spence. Malcolm. 459. 477 Spence. Robert. 455 Spencer. Kathrvn. 350 Sperline. Marilyn J.. 82. 341 Sperling. Lois. 472 Sperry. Don W.. 235. 403 Spidell. Gary F.. 310. 379 Spielman, Heinz. 326 Spitzer. Steve P.. 362 Spooner. Marilvn J.. 82. 146. 147. 161. 342 Sprague. Marv L.. 82. 342 Sprague. Richard S.. 91. 207. 208. 219. 223. 224. 225. 226. 293. 295. 403. 454 Sprague. Tom. 229. 235. 403 Squillace. Muriel. 106. 176. 340 Squire. Daniel. 470 Staab. Dolores M.. 337 Stacev. Robert W.. 82. 441 Stackhouse. Ann R.. 427 Stafford. Brien M.. 389 Stafford. Eleanor M.. 277. 278. 425 Stahl. Marilyn. 337 Stable. Lee. 359 Stahley. J. Neil. 218 Stahman. Dave. 470 Stair. Dudley. 399 Stalev. Dean. 302 Stalev. Herbert G.. 422. 451 Stalev. William W.. 196. 422 " Stalfman. Donald G., 422 Stallworth. Leslie Jr.. 82. 357. 382 Standal. Jean. 465 Stambaugh. Bettv C. 79. 82. 292. 330. 336 Standerfer. Franklin R.. 311. 361 St.infor. James. 325 Stangle. Delores M.. 353 Stanlev. Dan R.. 306 Stinlev. Edward. 318. 447 Stanley. Nancy. 428 Stanlev. Roberta L.. 297. 424 Stanlev. Sam. 293 Stannard. Ray. 469 Stannard. Newton K,, 82 Stanton, Sandra K,, 347 Staples, William B,. 358. 379 Stark. Dcmald B.. 127. 367 Stark. Gary. 269 Stark. Gerry L.. 82. 419 Stark. June E.. 341. 428 Stark. Patricia L.. 297. 429. 475. 477 Stark. Virginia. 428 Starr. Dave C. 188. 377 Starks. Grant. 403 Stavenson. John. 379 Stavert. John. 447 Staving. Darroll. 286. 289 Stavnev. Luthard. 447 St. Clair. Mary. 424 Stearns. George. 315. 447 Stebbins. Walter V.. 371 Stedronskv. Waldron. 441 Steele. Johna. 350 Steele. Robert L.. 287 Steffan. Jacke C, 120, 344 Stegin. Fred M.. 324 Steidlev. Dorlis M.. 177. 425 Stein. Zelia. 321 St ' in. Ernie. 291 Steinberg. Marvin. 362 Steinberg. Stanley J.. 362 Steinbrenner. Eugene. 302 Steinbrugge. Margaret M.. 48. 329. 427. 459 Steiner. Griffith R.. 389 Steiner. Robt. 202 Steiner. Rodney. 446 Steingold. Sandra. 352 Steinhauer. Norm. 421 Sleinke. Richard. 447 Stenvall. Vivian. 474 ' Steisel. Ira. iRS Stenquist. Donald R.. 300. 301. 308. 361 Stensland. Lois L.. 465 Stenvaag. Sonia. 313. 432 Stepardson. Robt . .326 Stephans. Dave. 112 Stephens. Dimaki. 302 Stephens. Dona ' d L.. 288 Stephens. Robert. 318 Stephenson. Murray. 448 Stern. John H.. 40-1 Stern. Rosanne. 338 Stetson. Ross C. 358. 363 Stenvall. Vivian. 476 Stevens. Carole. 346 Stevens. Corley V.. 353 Stevens. David H.. 375 Stevens. Dcmald W.. 306 Stevens. Jerry. 459 Stevens. Len. 265 Stevens. Louis. 439. 468 Stevens. Robert. 448 Stevens. Sally. 470 Stevens. William T.. 228. 310. 393 Stevenson. Betty. 469 Stevenson. Laurel. 120. 123. 336 Stevenson. Ron. 396. 448 Steward. Peter C. 236. 237. 399 Stewart. Don. 293 Stewart. Doris. 297. 302 Stewart. Douglas G.. 255. 369. 454 Stewart. Georgia E.. 353 Stewart. George. 295. 456 Stewart. Jon W.. 371. 458 Stewart. Lucille. 3. ' 1 Stewart. Nan C. 341 Stewart. Pattv M.. 281. 339 Stewart. Roger B.. 369 Steyaert. Helen. 321 Stickles. Milton. 49 Stickney. Carol. 432 Stidham. Louise. 428 Stiles. Ruth 470 Stilts. Bonnie J.. 428 Stingi. Karl. 257 Stiifgle. Joseph. 387 Stinette. William. 49. 396 Stirrett. Frances M.. 198. 377. 425 St. Jean. Leo. 447 St. John. Deborah. 348 St. John. Glendi. 348 St. Louis. Virginia A.. 464 Stock. Gene A.. 379 Stocklev. Charles. 419 Stocklev. Charles H.. 301 Stoddard. James W.. 391 Stoddard. Wavne G.. 409 Stoke. Harold W.. 35. 181 Stokes. Lvie S.. 300. 301 Stollery. Pat 137. 312 Stone. Dorothv M.. 433. 437 Stone. Marie E.. 287 Stone. Sandra. 338 Stone. Sarah. 427 Stone. Sunny. 470 Stoneburg. Jacquelvn M.. 340 Stoner. Richard. 446 Slore. Jonas. 318 Storhoit. Joanne. 470 Storms. Edwin. 389 Storosh. Mike. 412 Sto rv. Robert E.. 91. 111. 135. 147. 367. 458 Stout. Susanne I.. 191. 348 Stoutenberg. Delbert. 230. 469 Stover. JoAnn. 313. 432 Stowe. Barbara L.. 77. 107. 288. 292. 353 Stowe. Douglas. 315 Stoy. Charles. 310. 441 Strachan. Jacqueline 348 Strachan. Wm.. R.. 450 Straight. Barbara A.. 353 Stralev. Richard L.. 387 Strand. Betty. 276 Strand. Ralph. 470 Strandberg. Joan L.. 152. 160. 345 Strandberg. Sonjia K.. 340 Strandrud. Theodore. 447 Strandwold. Maxine, 427 Strang. James H.. 48. 320. 413 Stratton. Gene. 307 Straub. Sally A.. 428 Strauss. Alfred. 24 Straw. Florence. 346 Strawn. Alfred. 446 Street Les. 359 Stri ' eter. Pauline. 437 Strickler. Luella. 287 Strinden. Duane. 446 Stroebel. A. T.. 314 Strojnev. Ray. 262. 278 Strom. Grace I.. 342 Strom. Helen M.. 321. 466 Strom. Karla B.. 342 Strom. Bob. 443 Stromme. Shirley L.. 355 Strong. Mary A.. 296. 334. 339 Stroud. Donna. 329. 346 Strout, Frank. 318 Strout. Sallv. 465 Strum. Ernie. 320 Strvgen. Gwen. 354 Stryker. Janet A.. 432 Strvker. Mark S.. 411 Stuart. Ronald. 307 Stubbs. Carl 311 Stuhler. George. 415 Stuht. William B.. 217. 235. 389 Stusser. Dorothy. 352 Styskel. Alan P.. 373 Stvskel. Edward F.. 84, 318. 447. 4.59 500 THE HUB — Actirities Center of a Great Uniyersity nnnnnnnnnnnnn nnnnnTiTinniinii Finally completed. At least this Is al! present plans call for. The University of Washington now has « Union Building second to none among U. S. schools. The latest wing houses game rooms, a coffee shop, lunch room, recreational library, record listening rooms, art gallery, ballroom, postal substation, barber shop, and bowling alley. Best Wishes to ffie ASUW from f ie following Seattle Firms W. E. BEGGS, INC. Heating, ' cnlilaling and Plumbing 234 9th North SEneca 0867 NORTHWEST MARBLE TERRAZZO CO. Incorporated Complete Plant for Building Marble H ' ork Large Stock oj Foreign and Domestic Marbles Alnays on Hand Seattle, Washington 711 Westlalce Avenue North ELIot 1308 STEELFORM CONTRACTING CO. Steel I arms for ( oncrete lloor and Roof Construction 2600 Western Avenue MAIn 4840 J. M. HOOPER ELECTRIC CO. Electrical Contracting and Service — Apf liancc Repairs 222 Marion Street ELiot 5977 1012 Third Avenue ELiot 7012 We are proud to serve the finest of meats to the HI li POLLARD ' S MEATS - GROCERIES 3701 E. 45th KEnwood 3400 For the best in bread buy LANGENDORF — " AMERICA ' S FINEST " Langendorf United Bakeries, Inc. SEIDELHUBER IRON BRONZE WORK " Iron and bron;e in the iicn Slu lent L nion liuildmg " 3693 Duv amish SEneca 4232 SEATTLE BRICK TILE CO., INC. Since 188H Brick — Tile — Drain Tile 9th South and Andover MAin 3285 SEATTLE LIGHTING FIXTURE CO. Established I9IH Residential — Commercial 222 Second Avenue MAIn 4736 501 cxjm pdyriLon he B55 Stvslinsfr. Maritm. 297 Sucli.rt. Robert. 468 Suckow. Laura B.. 428 SuKaward. Ben, 449 Sullivan. Cecil. 315 Sullivan, James, 107, 470 Sullivan, John P., 84. 327 Sullivan. Joseph B.. 48. 317. 323 Sullivan. Laurie C. 113. 339 Sullivan. Roger J.. 387 Sullivan. Ruth E.. 72. 84. 10.5, 134, 292. 330. 341 Summers. Wanda M.. 84. 3.TO Summy. Gene F.. 403 Sundberg. Paul L.. 84. 325 Sundfelt. John A., 395 Sunohara, Mrs, T.. 298 Surber. Jerry. 446 Sussnian. Howard H.. 421 Su.xsnian. Joanne L.. 186. 187. 294. 326. 352 Sussman. Nancy R,, 338 Sutermeister. R. A.. 459 Sutherland. DeUtres L. , 274. 278. 329. 424 Sutherland. John, 308. 470 Sutherland. Ruth. 470 Suto. Hiroshi. 446 Sutter. Edward. 359 Sutton. Margaret B.. 84. 431 Suzuki. Hiroshi. 84. 449 Suzuki. Todasu T.. 84. 449 Suzuki. Tomi. 466 Svane. Larry. 470 Svane. Lawrence. 456 Sveen. Menton H.. 393 Svendsen. Marie. 163. 348 Svenson. Pearl L.. 84. 337 Svenson, Sven, 315 Swan, Charlotte D.. .354 Swan. Dorothy, 470 Swan, Martia. 425 Swan, Martha, 277 Swan, Morris, 267. 381. 4.57 Swanberg. Jacqueline A.. 84 Swanoy, Jud, 229 Swanson, Donald R,, 412 Swanson, Gordy, 243 Swanson. Janet A,, 336 Swanson, Jim, 320 Swanson. Kenneth E.. 84, 443 Swanson, Lois A,, 375, 378, 425 Swanson. Marilyn. 472 Swanson. Myrtle, 321 Swanson, Ray. 49 Swanson. Richard D. . 228. 415 Swanson. RoUin J.. 359 Swanson. Roy I.. 84. 230. 324. 367 Swartz. Joanne. 297 Swayze. Tom. 49. 385 Swedin, Bert N.. 84. 323. 369 Sweeney. William. 302 Swegle. Robert. 391 Swensen. Marilyn. 463. 464 Swenson. Jack S., 84. 470 Swertz. Joanna. 354 Swetnam, Robert L.. 84, 308, 411 Swett, Dan S,, 412 Swift. James. 265, 417 Swift, Stew, 390 Swift. Wayne L.. 287 Swinburne. Evalie J.. 337 Swisher. Ellen S.. 355, 467. 470 Symonds. James. 446. 470 Symons. Thomas C. 377. 476 Symonds. Marylvn. 297 Syron. Scott P.. 84. 419 Taller. Duane. 49 Taber. William E,, 381 Taft, Charles H.. 84 Tague. George. 446 Taittc. Janis C, 343 Takahashi, Dick. 449 Takah.-ishi, Irene, 297 Takahashi, Nobi, 466 Takahashi. Ma.- ao. 448 Takashima. Georg -, 449 Takayaiii.i, Kuni K., 449 Talbot, James, 390 Talbot. Paul, 320 Talbott, Donna L.. 424 Tallent. Helen. 432 Talley. Darold. 222, 225, 230, 293 Tallman, Jo Anne E,, 109, 121, 280, 336 Tanabe, Bill M,. 84. 270. 449 Tanaka. Frank. 84. 326 Tanaka. John, 447, 449 Tang, Pei Chin, 302 Taniguchi, Rav A,. 84. 302 Tanner, Alice B.. 427, 472 Tanner, John. 84, 308. 393 Tappe. Rita D.. 111. 114. 116. 118, 294, 342 Tappen, Beverlv A,. 84. 428 Tappin. Warren. 232 Tarbill. Marikate, 112, 343, 471 Tarr. Alan K,, 381 Tarr, Ronald, 416 Tate. La Dean. 427 Tatom. John P., 255, 361 Tauscher, Joseph E.. 84, 319 Taylor, Cecil K.. 84. 315 Taylor. Donald, 84, 438, 439 Taylor, Dora Lynn. 425 Taylor. Dorman D., 399 Taylor, Edward W., 84. 369 Taylor. Dr. George E., 34 Taylor, Jim. 49. 230. 393. 470 Tavlor. Jocelyn J.. 343 Taylor. John K.. 358. 397 Taylor. Joseph, 301 Taylor. Lois. 463. 465 Taylor. Ray. 448 Taylor. Richard. 187. 370 Tavlor. Rikk D.. 367 Tavlor, Ron, 2,55. 383. 403 Tavlrir, Sallv L,, 350 T.ivb.r, Susan C, 343 Tavlor. Winifred R., 84, 325, 464 Teague, Joseph G.. 389 Teel. Charles W.. 409 Teel, Janet, 84, 348 T. ' el, Paul W., 126, 409 Teigh, Mary L.. 84. 296. 325. 471 Tenipleton. Frederic E.. 43 Tench. Richard. 447 Tennant. Janice. 423. 475. 477 Terao. Kikuko. 428 Teraoka, Christina, 466 Terrel, Margaret, 22 Tetreau, Ken, 444 Thacker. Rick, 389 Thackston, Joann C, 344 Tharalson, Thomas, 447 Thawley. Robert. 387 Thayer. Shirley E.. 427 Thees. LeJeune. 341 Theil. M. B.. 447 Thiel. Shirley. 467 Theisen, Sue. 437 Theriault. Richard. 309. 317 Therriault, George W.. 287 Therriault. Lawrence E.. 49. 84 Theriault, Richard, 301 Thiel, Shirlev. 84. 290. 292. 298 Thiele, Martha E.. 84. 350 Thienes. Paul. 387 Thies. Tom W.. 229. 389. 457 Thiessen. Wavne C. 311. 459 Thom. Robert L.. 375 Thomas. Barbara. 348 Thomas. Dave. 320 Thomas. D. P.. 320 Thomas, Howard R.. 382 Thomas. Jere A.. 353 Thomas. Marilyn E.. 335. 351 Thomas. Marvin C. 84. 301. 323 Thomas. Paul J.. 196. 401 Thomas. Robert. 446 Thome. Carl D.. 415. 456. 461 Thonietz. Frank. 308 Thompson. Alice M.. 84. 344 Thompson. Arlene. 150 Thompson. Carolce, 298 Thompson, Charles E,. 287 Thompson. Claire A.. 347 Thompson. Dale W.. 84, 320 Thompson. Donald H., 409 Thompson, Elizabeth M., 336 Thompson, Gen R.. 84. 347 Thompson. Harriet. 459 Thompson. Hugh O., 85. 296 Thompson. Jan E.. 275. 354 Thompson. Jean. 329. 475. 477 Thompson. Joan. 337 Thompson. John W.. 395, 422 Thompson. Lenox J.. 379 Thompson. Marv Carol. 347 Thompson. Nancv K. . 112. 339 Thompson. Patricia, 289, 297, 349 Thompson, Ray, 462 Thompson, Ronald E,. 409 Thompson. Virgil. 85. 324. 459 Thomson, Henry E.. 287 Thomson. Kathv J.. 340 Thoreson. Donald L.. 85. 403 Thoreson. Donald. 307, 458 Thoreson, La Verne G.. 85, 403, 474 Thorkelson. Martha, 472 Thornberg. Robert. 383 Thornburgh. Dale A.. 395 Thornhill. Don E.. 48. 454 Thorntim. Jerry B.. 229. 391 Thornton. Ralph E.. 85. 1(18. 296. 312, 319, 359 Thorp Diani, So. 108. 116. 123. 290. 292. 350 Thorson. Sigurd. 85. 365 Thorsten. Carl. 301 Thorsten, Carl, 300, 311 Tbniilkill, B ' U, 230. 293. 295, 311, 417 Thrailkill, M. Joy, 278. 428 Thu ' ean. Don. 177. 287 Thulean, Joan A.. 343 Than. Dorothv, 437 Thuring. Donald W., 443 Thurston, Diane M.. 348 Thwinir. Jo Ann. 337 Thwiiig. Robert. 377 Thv.rson, Earl. 393 Thviie.-iai, Rustv, 230 Tibot, Brian R., 385 Tice. Bud. 403 Tiedemann. Henry. 293 Tiedemann. John. 302 Tiernan. Marjorie. 104 Tilger. Willis. 383 Tillman. Russell. 381 Tilner. Arthur. 419 Timberlake. Wavne. 369. 470 Tinkler. Terence. 318 Tinting. David C. 369 Tjo.ssem, Ann M.. 336 Tjossem. Jacqueline M., 118, 122, 191. 336 Tobiason. Robert G.. 367 Tobin. Lila L.. 338 Toda. Meriko. 85. 313. 437 Tokita. Shox. 449 Tolle. Patricia. 339 Tollefson, Robert, 447 Tomchalk, Richard. 323 Tomita. Kay. 85. 327 Tomlin.son. John. 293. 391 Toner. Ethelvn. 22 Tonkin. Ronald. 307 Tonkin. Ronald B.. 85. 307. 421 Toole. Clvde. 403. 458 Toole. Pat M.. 122 Toopel. William. 399 Toothacker. Joel. 291 Tornev. Jack A.. 369. 456 Torney. Jack. 252. 255 Torney. Joanne B.. 111. 116, 121, 134. 294. 334. 459 Tor. ' ieth. Owen. 287 Toskev. Burnett. 301 Toulouse. Dot. 465 Tountas. Thomas. 417 Towe, Arnold. 302 Tifwnsend. Norman W.. 419. 441 Townsend. Priscilla. 287 Tracv, Ida. 466 Tracy, Joan I., 287 Tracy, Ron E,, 311. 367 Tramm. Rodney. 446 Trammell. .-Vdrian. 311 Trappe. James. 472 Trask, Gerald. 307. 309 Trask, Gerald. 312 Trauba. Ann N.. 354 Trauba, Marv, 424 Travis, James O,. 267, 381 Travnor, William, 448 Treiier, Gerald R.. 299. 417. 457 Trefny. Richard. 302 Treiger. Irwin L,, 362 Tremain, Robert, 415 502 Tremaine, Gerald D.. 85. 396 Treniblpy. Dawn E.. 342 Trt-xler. Jo A.. 347 Trt-zisr. WilUaiii. 446 Trli-ger. Ralph. 446 TreiKiT. Raplia.l L.. 287 TrI.T. J. Try S.. 323 Trimble. Ru»s.-ll B.. 462 Tripp, Donald, 217, 239, Trojan, Jan.- V., 192, 336 Trondsrn, John M,. 85, 318, 387 Tronson, Ed ar M., 85. 412 Tro....... Mary Pat. 112. 113, 119, 191, 339 Trovaiii, Jran A.. 347 Trowbridtic Dick. 183, 295. 327. 457, Truax. Bill, 320 Trucano, An i, 192 Trufano. Ankilnn, 339 Trulliniier. Juii|U ' line, 85. no. 123, 244 Trusi-.itl. Ruth. 85. 187. 292. 326. 327. 346 Try.k. Euk-ii. ' . 446 Trzcinski, PrisciUa. 466 Trzr.iniowski. G. ' orKe T.. 85, 319, 447 Tschudm, Mary S,. 42. 298 Tsuboi, Esth.r, 466 Tsuf, T. ' d, 449 Tsujikawa, G.-orge. 446. 447 Tsutsuinota. Helene. 281. 466 Tsutsunioto. Jean. 329 Tubbs. Barbara A.. 349 Tuhl).-.. Margaret J.. 349 Tuck. .Meli.- .- a J.. 428 Tucker Keith. 470 Tucker. Len. 232. 242. 269 Tucker. Loui8, 448 Tucker, Shirl.y. 427 Tucker, Stevens P.. 397 Tuel. Murgrethe C 48. 423 Tuerke. Virginia. 85 Tulin. Charles E.. 85. 361 Tulliwh. Carolyn L.. 339 Tullis, Rodney. 408 Tulniadee. John. 444 Tuohv. Peter A.. 90. 135. 326, 458 Tupper. James W.. 287 Turanciol. Fuat. 263. 447 Turay, Kenneth. 327 Turiiian. Jerry. 391 Turiiian. Ralph B.. 477 Turnbull, Bonny U. 83. 3 40 Turner. Carol F., 121, 345. 459 Turner, Donald. 370 Turner. Doris A.. 110. 113. 118. 339 Turner. E C. 85. 401 Turner. Edward. 18. 43 Turner. Howard R . 415 Turn.r. Jame.-«. 311. 391 Turner. Joanne. 85. 425 Turner. Laurie A.. 349 Turner. Nancye J.. 350 Turnquist. Coralie M.. 341 Tuinur. Ray. 122. 190 Tui ' pening. Barbara J.. 339 Turpie. Hugh M.. 85. 308. Turrav. Kenneth. 185 Tutlle. Evan C. 287 Tuttle. Jack K.. 439 Tuttle. Jack K.. 313 Tuttle. 12S. 470 Tweeddale. Andrew. 448 Tweit. Gordon E . S5. 317 Tweton. Carol. 465 Twietmeyer. Charles J.. 323 Tvchsen. Paul E.. 190. 379 Tyler. Richard. 262 Tyler. Shirlev J.. 85. 353 Tyler. Vernon. 462. 467 Tyler. Willuini. 444 Tvnes. Kathleen. 353 Tyrone. Michael R.. 108. 111. 407 Uchara. Milton. 364 Uchida. Richard. 449 Udall. Marleigh H.. 345 Uddenberg. Bertram Jr.. 235, 310, 407. 458 Uehara. Milton K.. 439 I ' lbrickson. Alvin E.. 75. 85. 223. 224. 225. 227. 293. 361. 454. 457 Ulery, Martin. 448 LMsh. June M.. 355 Underbill, Elaine, 437 Undewust. Anne L.. 350 Undi. Roland O.. 85. 325 I ' nnie. Dick. 229. 381 Unruh. Lois E.. 339 Upson, Ora, 437 Urner. John B.. 55. 85. 46 " Ushiiinii, Harry M,, 439 Ushijima. Mary. 442. 466 Utness. Gilbert L.. 85. 462 l ' ln.-. ' s. .MvrnaA.. 110. 112. 355. 471 Utter. B.ib F.. 85. 415. 447 Ultigard. Gary. 381 Uyeda. Fu.sako. 424. 466 Uyeda. Luana C. . 317. 324. 428. 466 Uziel. Mayo. 85. 316. 446 Vail. Curtis. 31. 105 Vail. Stan. 320 Vahnder. Carol, 474 Valentine, Ralph, 314 Vale.son, John G., 373 Valetinetti, Aurora, 17N Valic.rr, Victor S,, 85, 363, 474 Valtson, Katherine, 428 Vallender, Carol D,, 329. 476 Vaninien. Charles. 310. 409 Van Alten. L.. 470 Van Antwerp. Sherron A.. 342 Van Arsdel. Ann. 107. 123. 348 Van Buskirk. Dave W.. 85. 316. 367 Vance. David. 441 VanCleve. Prof. Richard. 30 Van Cleve. William. 85. 306 Van Clute. Jacqueline. 111. 342 Vandenberg. Russell. 311 Vandercoiik. Gretchen. 347 Vanderhoof. Rodney D.. 237. 262. 295. 379 Van Derseheldon. Rich- ard L.. 270. 407. 447 Van Derveer. Arlene J., 95, 336 Vander Veer, Bob M.. 379 Van der Wei. Gertrude K.. 475 Van Dyk. Ted. 190. 381 Van Ee. Dick. 112 Vangilder. Dana A.. 203. 337, 459 Viingl.r. Harold. 362 Van Horn. 229 Van Horn. Robert B.. 36. 441 Van Huystce. Beverly D,. 340 Vanikiotis, Vacella. 428 VanLaninvhani. Glen E.. 83. 361 Van L.euwen. Margaret L.. S5. 323. 314 Vanii. Jerry. 4(3 Van Nalt.r. Jim H.. 83 Van Pelt. Charles. 393 Van Pell. E l. 393 ' an Swol. Lorraine. 470 Van Tven. Helene. 345 Van Vleet. Dan. 320 VanZee, John, 448 Varnia, Krishna, 48, 301, 302 Varo, Helen, 466 Varon, Harry, 318 Vaslef. Nicholas P,, S3. 306 Vaughn. Ernest, 306 Vaughn, Wade, 86, 322 Vaughn, Warr.n, 86. 365 Vavra. Catherine. 298 Veatch. Fred. 86. 307. 369. 470 Vederhoff. Aaron. 264 Veldee. Roy. 302 Velte, Donn C. 381 Verall. Professor. 169 Verhoef. H. M., 287 Vernuli. ' n, Milton, 307 Vermilion, Milton, 315 Vetters, William, 448 Viborel, Jean M.. 86. 326 Vick. Lou. 470 Vike. Joanne. 86. 432 Viloudaki. Margaret. 329 Vincent. Joan, 428 Vincent. Muriel. 302. 317. 324 Vincent. Muriel. 301 Vines. Davene S.. 338 Vinton, Janet R,, 86, 342 Viranuvatti, Vikul, 447 Virkelvst. Lillv C. 337 Vitous, Walter T.. 86. 450 Vockrodt. Glenn. 315 Voegelein. Donna M.. 353 Voelker. Leroy. 446 Vogee. Marv Ann H.. 425 Vogel. Peter. 315 Vogel. Robert. 311 Vogel. Robert J.. 443. 472 Vogtlin. Geo. E.. 381 V..gllin. Margaret A,. 86, 429, 477 Von Goben. Edward V.. 397. 448 Von Harten. Anne. 340 Von Torliel, Robert. 287. 301 Voris. Donald. 459 Voriiiestrand. Dennis L.. 415 Vorwerk. Bill J.. 86 Vyv.-y, Dolores M., 346 w Waddington, Ruth. 321 Wagar. J. A.. 86. 308. 387 Wager. John. 248. 307 Wagner. Joan. 425 Wagner. John, 287, 302 Wagner, Luella M., 424 Wagner. Ron. 443 Wagstaff, Marilyn, 11-9, 126, 342 Walil, Terence R,, S6 Wahlgren, Gloria, 112 Wahliii. B. M.. 311. 417, 469 Wahlstroni, Joanne A.. 122. 191. 280. 354 Wahlstrom. Nelson. 22 Wahlstroni, Richard W,. 227. 234, 417. 457 Waiss. George R.. 200. 227 234 Waite. ' Mal. 232. 235. 242 Waite. Wendell B.. 389 Waitt, Ruth. 425 Wakefield. Claude E.. 86. 389 Wakeman. Barbara. 131. 348 Wakeman. Roy. 441 Walbruch. Walter L., 324 Waldon, Glenn, 287 Waldorf, Daniel, 301, 309 Walford. M, A.. 86. 355 Walgren. Gordon L.. 358, 381, 458 Walker, Alton B.. 86. 385 Walker. Barbara R.. 86. 297 Walker, Conrad N,, 229. 271. 409 Walk. ' r. David. 377 Walker. Hugh C. 399 Walker, J. R., 217, 311 Walker. Lewi.-iS.. IW. 127. 443 Walker, Lou Ann M., 339 Walker. Nancy L.. 176, 347 Walker. Patricia B.. 86. 339 Walker. Peggy A.. 337 Walker. Richard E.. 73. 86. 102. 293. 356. 377 Walker. Robert B.. 185. 379. 403. 413. 468. 477 Wiilk.r. Ron. 229 W ,11 e e, Barbara B., 329 w ,i;.i. e. Don S.. 86 Wnllaii-. Minor R., 310, 383 Wallach, Jean, 118, 442 Waller. Barbara J,. 344 Waller. Hardress. 459 Waller. H J.. 446 Waller. Marv J.. 335 Wallerich. Peter K.. 399 Walby. Donna Mae E., 191, 345 Walsh, Margaret A., 196, 345 Walsten, William, 441 Waller, Charles H,, 375 Walter, Michael, 450 Walters, Barbara B., 287 Walters. Connie J., 347, 459 Walters, Emily, 343 Walters, Jim, 441 Walters, Kenneth, 224, 225. 227. 291 Walters. Raymond B.. 436 Walther, James, 314 Walther, James E.. 438. 448 Walthers. Edward H., 371 Walton. David. 448 Walton, Gene, 467 Walton, Joseph, 371 Walton. Larry C. 377 Walton. Peter. 377. 456 Walton. Ray. 448 Wanamaker. Robert A.. 357. 370 Walton. Roy. 86 Wang. Feng Hui, 86 Wang, Lillian, 48, 424 Wang. Marian. 48. 428 • FASHION PARK • VARSITY TOWN • z •a Z O a o O o z LU Nl — Z Mariindr Ecktnann • Campus Style Leaders Since 1919 BOTANY 500 BY DAROFF • TIMELY • O O z o z I z TO o c n X m (il O FASHION CRAFT • INTERWOVEN ' UNIVERSITY WAY AT EAST 45TH ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' " surretwill • 503 " Give a Gift ' ROGERS Fine Chocolates liOSVz East 45th EVergreen 2360 200 Hoonis 200 Baths HOTEL EDMOND MEANY " Aivrv Room a dorncr Room " Hkkakkasts l.r.NCHEONs Dinner Meetings Wedding Receptions Teas Dances Bifket Sippeks Banquets Conventions also A First Class Parking Lot I .M KKSlT ' i DLSTHICT SEATTLE. WASH. EY. 0222 Evro Beckel. Managing Director Barney Hougli. Resident Manager Wang. Mei-Iin. 321 Wangsness. Karen. 86 Wara.shina. Emilv E.. 428, 466 Warburtun. Alberta D.. 337 Ward. Bill. 207. 211 Ward. Carrilow. 152, 343, 425 Ward. Darrel D.. 86. 409 Ward, Jack. 293. 454 Ward, Jame.M W.. 448 Ward. John. 446 Ward. Robert D.. 444. 447 Ward. Verna 437 Wardlow, Duane. 219. 369. 454 Wartield. Bonny. 313, ■137 WariK. Robert, 470 Wark, Robert G.. 86. 1?5, 387 Warner. Joyce, 350 Warnick. Alan. 130. 421 Warnick. Jack M.. 190, 421, 458 Warren, Bill 461 Warren, Harry, 306 Warren, James, 459 Warren, Janet L.. 424 Warren. Richard A.. 412 Warrick, RoLert E., 313, 462 Warsinskc, Jnnies A.. 222, 226, 4C7. 454 Washburn, Betty, 470 Washburn. De.xter A.. 310, 356. 395 Was.sberf;, Charles E,, 86 301, 317 Watanabe, Osaitiu. 185. 186. 448 Wa ' erman, Patricia, 321, 465 Waters, Charlotte L., 86, 343 Watkins, Barbee J., 336 Watkins. B-njamin W.. 86. 107. 193. 195. 314 317 Watne, Edwin M., 373 Watson. Lawrence A.. 217. 235. 358. 403 Watson Laurence. 447 Watson, Miriam, 437 Watson, Mrs. Saxon. 25 Wayland, Dc n J., 462 Wavland, William R., 48. 355 Wearer, Edward A., 86 Weatherby. June. 465 Weaver. Annette L.. 353 Weaver. Donald, 447 Weaver, Ed. 400 Weaver. Mary, 118. 425. 459 Weaver. Sue J,, 122, 350 Webb, Vivien E.. 289. 467, Wm.. 49 Webber. John L., 373 Weber, James, 412. 474 Weber, Jan. 465 Weber Wallace. 446 Webster. Donna Lou. 119, 342 Webster, Wavne, 450 Weeks, Joyce. 177. 336 Weideniann. Joanne C 335, 349, 470. 471 Weiger. Donna B.. 464, 475 W.iland. Carl. 319. 4B2 W.instein. Sandv. 404 W.irmae. Sus-n R., 465 Weiser, Marie L. , 427. 465 Weisfield. Douglas 421 458 Weiss. Harold. 447 W " iss. Stuart. 86, 306. 307. 315 Welch, Donald L,, 86. Ills Welch. Marvbe ' h. 348 W.Iden, Maureen E.. 339 W.Ik... Prof. Walter, 170 W.-ll.-.ime. Frances J., 340 Weller. Marlene J., 342 W.-llings. Sefton R.. 287 Wells. Carl M.. 232. 242 373 Wells. David L.. 86 36. ' . Wells. D:.r-othv A.. :S7 W.-lls, Jack T., 2S7 Wells. Ned, 391 W. l-sh. David. 320 W.lsh. Norm. 256. 2,59 W. ' Ish. Willi.-ims M.. 409 W.iHl.ill. Jean, 445 W. 111;. Cheng K.. 48. 444 W.-iiger. Carol. 476 Werner, August, 177 Werhemberger. Joyce. 345 Wesner. Lynne. 174, 476 Wessel. Louanna E.. 86 Wessman. Harold E.. 18. 37 West, Alan F,, 379 West, John A.. 389 West, Kay, 336 West, Marian L. . 287 W.St. Rov, 382 Dick J.. 369 Westlie. Cherie M.. 354 Weston. Patrick, 383 389 Westover. Ron D.. 217, 389 Westphal, Vic B., 365 Wetherbv, June. 471 Wetherholt. Robt.. 49 Wetmore, Dick A.. 311. 401 Wetzel. Thomas J.. 49, 86 Whalen, Mary Ann. 86. 341 Whalgren. Gloria. 191 Wheeler, Alfred, 177, 316 Wheeler, James R., 318, 328. 396. 468 Wheeler. Richard 389 Wherry. Ken A.. 125, 126, 4C9 Whetstone, Emily jean, 340 Whitaker, R, Jean, rS7 Whitam, Dicne, 134 White. Barrett. 49 White, Bettie L.. 119. 340 White. Commorah 321. 466 White. David. 446 White. Don. 443 White, Houston. 86. 396. 474 White. Jack V., 127. 367 White, Joannette, 470 White. Leon, 382 White, Norman E,. 86. 306, 326 White, Peter C, 87, 39 White, Pitt F.. 287 White. Ri ha d. 362 White. Robert. 262 Whitford, Caroline J., 425 Whitford, Homer H.. 422 Whitluuu., 466 Whitman. Homer. 474 Whitman. Marjorie L., 87. no. 116, 123. 242. 334. 336 Whitman. Norman H.. 400 Whitman, Sylvia J., 112. 289, 294. 336 Whitmore. David J.. 87. 308, 375 Whitmore, Jacquelvn. 317, 324, 471 Whitmore, William, 325 Whitney, Richard, 310 Whitnev. William E.. 324, 411 Whitson, Marith, 464 Whittaker. Valeria J.. 91, 116, 122, 147, 294. 349 Whittaker, Velma. 470 Whittaker. Wilma. 470 Whittendale, Nona, 432 Whittier, Lois A.. 464 Whvte. Margaret K.. 341 Wick, Louis A.. 87, 240, 241. 454 Wick, Marv A., 87, 313, 437 Wicknick, Fred, 311 Wicks, Linda J,. 87, 3.55 Wickstrom. Jim. 357 Wid.n. Carl G.. 87, 326 Wid.-nfelt, George F., 2:16. 237, 293. 361. 454 Wulaiid, Carl, 312 Widria, Diana D.. 336 JoAnne. 424 Wii land. Carl T.. 87, 239 Wi.liir. Ho-helle J.. 33 Wi.rl.i. Edward. 318 Wik.-.n. Robert R., 2.56. 257, 369 Wikstrom. James . .. 87, 366. 367 Wilbanks, Hoyt M,, 287 Wllbanks, Yvonne. 470 Wilbur. Donald. 320. 448 Vil...x. E. R,, 37 Wilcox, Virginia M., 336 Wiley, Barbara. 424 Wiley, James, 82, 87. 223. 293. 409. 454 Wiley, L, Joyce, 87, 345 Wilev. Thomas G., 287 Willi. ■Im, .Mice, 428, Geri A.. i,37 Wilk... Herb A., 375 Wilkes, Dan, 87, 295, 403 Wilkes. Herbert R., 87. 306. 307 Wilkeson. Shirley J., 66. 117, 290. 292. 349. 467 Wallace. 315 Wilkev. Thomas D.. 397 Wilkie. Richard F.. 28S Wilkins, Dr. E. M.. 298 Wilkins. James L.. 317, 323 Wdkins. John R,. 311. 379, 458 Wilkinson, Alberta, 87. 107. 187, 326. 344 Willard, Charles F.. 318. 448 Willerford. Fred, 77, 135. 458. 468 Willi-rt. Leonard. 447 Willev. Fred, 387 Willhite, Virginia L,, 287 Williams. Alden J., 87 Williams. Betty, 459 Williams, Byra, 425 Williams. Carle F., 87, 357, 416, 417, 457 Williams, David B,, 446 Williams, Diane E.. 428 Williams. Elizabeth A.. 429, 470, 475 477 Williams, F, Hayden, 106 Williams, George C. 309. 419 Williams. Imogene. 297 Williams. Jane. 428 Williams. Jo-Ann, 469 Williams, Joanne P., 112 113. 350 Williams. John R.. 87 Williams, Joseph L,, 389 Williams, Ken. 112. 127 Williams Kenneth. 384 Williams, Marjorie J 428 Williams. Retha S.. 329 276. 278 Williams. Richard S., 232. 311. 409 Williams, Robert C, 409 Williams, Robert H.. 41 Williams, Sanford C, 404 Williams, Schvler. 176 Williams, William, 448 Williamsen. 1., 118 469 Williamson. Gary. 441. 446 Williamson, Kay. 350 Williamson. Lois. 349 Wiliiam.son, Tien, 262 309 Williamson. Sylvanus. 318 Willis, Charlene J., 340 Willis. Shirley J.. 48. 287 Williston. Anne. 475. 477 Williston, Prof, Frank, 123 Wilson, Carole L., 278, 329 Wilson, Dare A,, 4Z5 Wilson, Daryl, 446 Wilson, Delores J,, 342 Wilson, Donald E,, 87. 446 Wilson, Gavin. 320. 447 Wil.son, H..ward E.. 87. 266. 312. 382 Howard. 313 Wilson James v.. 91. 295. 309. 312. 3.56. 361 Wilson. Jean. 111. 344 Wilson. John P.. 476 Wilson, Lorraine, 425 Wilson, Leo J.. 48 Wilson. Les S.. 110, 448 Wilson, Lois A,, 87, 355, 469 Wilson, Marilyn, 465 Wilson, Marion, 437 Wilson. Marv E.. 189, 344 Wils..n. Muriel J.. 87, 427 Wil.son, Pat W., 427 Wilson, Robert L., 409 Wilson, Prof. Ruth M., 29. 103, 107 WiKs..n. Wesle - W.. 445 Whitnev S.. 375 Wils..n. Will, 310, 446. 462 ils.m. Wm. A., 94, 95. 102, 15S. 311, 361 Wiltamuth. Richard. 321 Wilt..n. Marilvn, 437 Winder, Leona. 465. 472 Winders. Robert, 87. 300. 301. 302 Wingard, Gene. 459 Windham. Jerrv L.. 379 Wing, Court, 375 Wingate. Joan, 87. 292, 345, 467 Wingett. Lois D., 119, 341 Wingrove, Philip C 87. 441. 468 Wingrove. Rodnev C. 443 Winkler. Barbara. 427 Winn. James V., 127. 311. 407 Winn. Joan. 470 Winter, Gloria A.. 340 Winter, Nola A., 105. 110, 355, 467 Wintermote. Marv Jo, 87, 432 Winters. Helen R., 87 Winters, John R.. 87, 381 Winther, Grant, 309 Wiper, Svlvia M,, 137, 294. 342 Wiprud, Glenn. 87. 301. 309 315. 319. 393 Wise, Kenneth G., 87. 370. 457 Wise, Lewis C. 87 Wit.-nack D.mald. 411 With.-r. Grant. 393 Wi ' h.Ts. Pete A.. 87. 2.56, 258, 389 Witt, Helen L.. 465 Witt, Joseph. 301 Witt. Marilvn L.. 342 Witti-r. Charlotte. 347 Witter. Robert N.. 228, 389 Wittkopf. Warren A,. 87, 300. 301. 314 Wi ' tmeyer. Keith A., 48, 441 504 Wiz.r, Shirlov A.. 87. 107. 120. 1S9, 191. 292. 427, lUO, ' 161 Wuir. Cap.l L.. 427 W.ilf. B.. 338 W..lf. J.. 338 Woir. VirtJiniu M.. 287 Wi.lf.-. rarv. ' l. 3S7 W.ilf,-. ShLiroii F., 353 Wolf.-. WilliiiMi. 307 W.ilff. Walter. 421 Wulfatcn.-. Pi.llv A.. 352 Wnlk ' r. ' iiiutli. iirui r. 414 WulFitt. D..iiald. 105 Won«. K ' -niii ' tli G.. 87. 301. 307. 317 Wont:. Riihard B.. 88 VV.irm ' . Walt.T. 448 Woo. Nina. 278 Woo. Paul. 447 Wood. Clu-st. r. 447 Wood. Dav.-G.. 59. 88. 107. 178 293. 327. 412 Wood. .Mrs. Grace. 309 Wood. Roli. ' rl L.. 2S7 Wood. Ro.s.i Jr.. 3S5 Wood. Tom. 295. 403 Wood. V. Do.i.s. 262 W.iod. V.Tna 1.. 339 Woodard. Lane B.. 88. 401 Woodburno. Lloyd S.. 18. 25 Woodbury. Mary Mao. 88 432 Woildcoik. Gary V.. 229. 379 Woodruff. Adelaide. 337 Woods. Donald G.. 441. 468 Woods. Forest. 448 Woods. Joan. 344 Woods. Willinni G.. 217. 289 Woodson. Fr.d. 382 Woo lward. Mary E.. 346 Woolfolk. Marv Pat. 88. 339 Wonc. Al. 241 Worley. Ross E.. 88. 369 Worlund. Donald D.. 122. 358. 412 Worsfold. Catherine. 425 Worthey. Lawrence I.. 48 Worthinjlon. John. 459 Worlman. Richard. 302 Writht. Adrienne L.. 281. 355 Wright. Jean L.. 88. 355 Wright. Janet H.. 350 Wrisht. Jerrie. 346 Wrieht. Lee. 384 WriKht. .Mickey. 336 Wrieht. Patricia L.. 335. 348 Wrieht. Priscilla M.. 8S. 313. 437. 470 WriKht. Roberty. 446 Wu. ' sl. Joanne C. 280. 347 Wuest. .Marilvn. 336 WurxburK. Leah. 424 VVybourn. .Marjory, 298 Wycoff. Carniln J.. 423. 429. 477 Wylie. June. 437. 470 Wyli.-. Murray, 48. 312. 356 357 412 Wylii-. .Miiiray J.. 60, 88 Wviiiaii. Charles. 318 Wynn. Charles C. 88. 229 373 457 wTnii. Williuni. 125 Wynstra. Kenell. 448 WyroMi, Paul. 421 Xilco. Zilu. 350 Yale. Robert. 315 Yaniada. Amy M.. 313. 437. 466 Yamada. Hari-y R.. 44. 88. 207. 455 Yaniada. John M.. 441 Yaniamoto. Richard. 88 Yanuishia. Fund. 474 Yamashita. Funiiko. 88. 466 Yamboa. Agnes. 329. 467 Yank. Carolvn M.. 464 Yates. Dale L.. 393 Yeager. .Mary F.. 427 Yearsley. Julienne R.. 344 Yea.sting. Judy A.. 353 Yeasting. Robert. 311. 381 Yee. James S.. 88 Yee. May J.. 445 Yim. Woongsoon. 447 Yoda. Shuji. 449 Yoes. Yvonne. 470 York. Arthur E.. 377 York. James. 422 York. Richard E.. 123. 127. 358 York. Richard. 311. 458 Yorke. Joan. 427. 459 Yoshida. Kenji. 88. 441 Yoshimi. Yoshiaki T,. 48 Yoshina. Keith. 301 Yoshinaka. Ken. 235. 449 Yoshioka. . rlhur H.. 88. 449 Yoshioka. Tomi. 469 Youatt. Don W.. 306. 370 Young. Edwin R.. 229. 389 Young. D .rothy. 425 Young. Hollisler. 389 Young. Jan. 470 Young. Jan. ' . 280 Young. K.a.loha. 425 Young. Pat. 470 Youni-.-. Paul. 447 Young. Richard K.. 88. 316 Young. Ronald W.. 88. 314. 320 Young. Wavne T.. 381 Young. Wm. A.. 48. 438. 44 ' t Y.iurkowskl. Loul. 224. 295. 454 Y..uth. Wilfr.d. 448 Yuan-shi. Min. 446 Yunker. Richar.l. 468 Yulani. .N ' ..bu.i. 88. 3110. 301. 302 Zabel. Joelle, 432 Zaepfcl. Charlcne. 340 Zarkin. Sam. 88. 404. 470 Zarr. Clar.ncf. 299 Zarr. Robert G.. 381 Zleber. Janet. 339 Zeidinan. Howard. 404 Zeiger. Dallas E.. 88. 252. 301. 3S1. 455. 456 Zehisko. T. (1. 49 Zelide. Eth.l Z.. 88 Zellmer. Ernie. 417. 472 Zener. Gail. 134 Z.ner. R.mald B.. 399 Z.ntner. V. ' rna J.. 465 Zerback. Barbara. 109. 112. 427. 459 Zerwekh. Janet L.. 354 Zevenbergen. John W. . 88. 300. 301. 302 Zeiger. William. 476 Zilka. Lewis J.. 407. 458 Zimerman. John G.. 375 Ziminer. C. Oliver, 417 Zimmerman. Mary L., 294. 297. 348 Zink. Constance. 287 Zobrist. Helen J.. 112. 118. 342 Zuanich. Mary Jane V., 123. 343 Zuanich. Louie A.. 375 Zukerhorn. Herbert M.. 404 Zuluaga. Jose. 88. 438. 439 Zundel. Loye Y.. 203, 237. 459 Zurek. 222. 393 Zuvela. Bernard. 448 Zwirn. Darle. 88 Zylstra. Ted. 95. 446 A FRIEND OF THE UNIVERSITY OF WASHINGTON For a Lifetime of Fun Learn to Dance-NOW! of The Hollywood Dance Studios Our experts will teach you the latest in ballroom dancing so you and your partner can fully enjoy popularity at dances and parties. Courses for: BEGINNERS ADVANCED TEACHERS Studio Hours: 10 a.m. to 10 p. b 4217 University Way MEIrose 6544 505 Front entrance to the Henry Sunallo Library. 506 i( D the Avenue " it ' s IXORDSTROM ' S for thf tiiDsl | ( |nilar campus shoes including the famous jojce casuals Il4»«v Tct K ' ' p Y«»ur % ' ardr« b« ' l r ' Mli X SWIFT ' S CLEANERS 1112 East 45th EV. 0853 Mary Swift, Proprietor UNIQUE and DISTINCTIVE CHINESE FOOD Urn TfKo c n 4318 UNIVERSITY WAY MELROSE 1675 Why bother yourself with the trouble of making res- ervations? At no extra cost to you, we can arrange yourentire vacation includ- ing transportation, hotel accommodations, sightsee- ing tours . . . everything. UNIVERSITY TRAVEL SERVICE 1410 E. 45th " Near 45th and University Way " 507 Denny Hall, the first building on the present campus. 508 — liapture the present, to have a I ways — " Vt ' ddin(, ' 5 a Spcciahx " 4718 UNIVERSITY WAY KENWOOD 1331 Betty Manning r ' m « extends best nislics for SUCCESS a gift of nylon CO " " 0 , Vo e iill-.i: ;;»:Ui.-i. if): mi fe • suits • dresses • blouses • skirts • accessories fresh, youthful styles for today ' s modern coed. Colli ins 4chr.:i •f r,rd m a: — ' 0m This is the PROGRESS Edition of Tyee. And i+ is fitting that The progress of the North End ' s largest printing plant Be also noted on this occasion. We have kept pace with the Growth of the University And the District and we Attribute this fact to Our outstanding SERVICE UNIVERSITY PRINTING CO. 4133 University Way ME. 0075 509 JAN ' S FINER FOODS " The University District ' s finest complete food store " Highest Grade Groceries Fresh Frozen Fruits and Vegetables Dairy Products TELEPHONE EV. 0416 4521 UNIV. WAY Electrical Contractors for . . . • N.E. Utility Tunnel • Fisheries Building • Stadium Addition • Civil Engineering Building • Electrical Engineering Building Agutter ELECTRIC COMPANY 952 E. Seneca Seattle Electrical Engineers and Contractors EASTMAN KODAK STORES, Inc. Everylhins: for the Amateur Photoiirapher Color (iiul Blark and While Prinlint; and F.nlariiini: Servive 1.319 Fourtli Avenue, Seattle 1, Washington Telephone M Ain 9072 General Contractors for . . • Library Addition • New Electrical Engineering Building SOUND CONSTRUCTION L ENGINEERING CO. Seattle, Washington 1952 HUSKY FOOTBALL SCHEDULE HOMECOMING Oregon vs. U of W Plan now ... to attend " Homecoming, " Oct. 17 and 7 8. Sept. Sept. ?0 Idaho Home 27 Minnesota Home Oct. 4 U.C.L.A. Home Oct. 11 Illinois at Illinois OCT. 18 OREGON (H omecoming] Oct. 25 Stanford at Stanford Nov. 1 Oregon State at Portland Nov. 8 California Home Nov. 15 So. Cal. ( at Los Angeles Nov. 22 Open Nov. 29 Wash. St. at Spokane 510 Equipment and Reagents for HIOI.IM.ICM. IMI SK VI. CIIKMICVL MiDirvi . IH)R { TORIES SCIENTIFIC SUPPLIES CO. KLiot 1131 122 Jji -k ( n Strrrl S« ' altl«- 1 C ERAMIC TILE ONTRACTORS FOR . . . • Civil Engineering • Connibear Shell House • Electrical Engineering • Fine Ar+s • Fisheries • Health Sciences • Journalism • Music • Power Plant • Thomson University Brick Tile Co. GENERAL TILE CONTRACTORS 1213 E. 40th St. ME. 0079 THIS PIONEER TRUCK ON THE JOB... MEANS QUALITY CONSTRUCTION When you see the blue Pioneer truck on the job delivering Tru-Mix Concrete, you know long-lasting quality construction is under way. When you see Tru- Mix Concrete used for foundation and other concrete work you know an architect, contractor and builder who demand first class materials arc on the job. PIONEER SAND and GRAVEL CO. 901 Fairview N. MA. 2900 910 W. Spokane I I Contractors for . . JOURNALISM BUILDING fasten Construction Co. General Contractors 5619V2 University Way W. A. BOTTINC Plumbing Heating 5625 University Way 511 DINNER JACKETS White, Blue TUXEDOS FORMALS COMPLETE WEDDING APPAREL For Men and Women TUXEDO SALON RENTAL SERVICE 4112 " U " Way MEIrose 5018 Electronics Sound Equi pment Amateur Radio Supplies Pacific Northwest s largest Stock Seattle Radio Supply, Inc. 2117 Secon d Avenue Sec i+tle 1 SEneca 2345 O. A. Carlson Electric Co., Inc. 2410 3rd Avenue Seattle, Washington The choice of FIR TREE OVAL CLUB ASUW Awards Pacific Emblem Mfg. Co. 308 Prefonfalne Building Seattle 4 MAin 3541 TYEE ADVERTISERS A Friend AguHer Fec+rlc Co. Baker Boy Balcery . . . . Betty Manning Collins Dollie McAssey Eastman Kodak Frayn Printing Co Frederick Nelson . . . . Hollywood Dance Studio HUB Dedication Jan ' s Finer Foods . . . . Lun Ting Cafe Margaret Tapping ' s . . . . Martin Eckmann . . . . Maxine Reinard . . . . Msany Hotel Mulholland Studios . . . . National Bank of Connnnerce Nordstrom ' s O. A. Car ' son Electric Co. . Pacific Emblem Mfg. Co. Parisian Tuxedo Salon Pioneer Sand Gravel . Posten Construction Co. Rogers Chocolatos . . . . Scientific Supplies . . . . Seattle Radio Supply Sound Construction Co. Sterling Engraving Co. . Strand Sons Construction Co. Swiff ' s " U " Cleaners University Bookstore . . . . University Brick Tile Co. . University District . . . . University National Bank University Printing . . . . University Travel Service Velrob Water Ski Co. . . . Washington Bookstore Margaret Tapping s School of the Dance STUDIOS AT 3234 EAST 45th - KEnwood 4843 SEATTLE and Bremerton Moses Lake Aubu Chehalis 512

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