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. Wv ( ( ' .. i. i i -aa OF UJflSNinGTOn 1950 roni that day in 1897 when a low-wallow- ing, heavily-laden ship plowed from the Far North to the nearest and best port, cargoed with a " ton of gold, " Seattle has been the main port for in-and-out Alaska commerce — the Gateway to Alaska. The growth of Seattle began in earnest dur- ing those Gold Rush days from a small town on Puget Sound of «,000 in 1890. to a bus- tling community of 80,000 in 1900, a boom city of 237,000 in 1910, and forty years later the roaring metropolis of half a million — a main channel of trade, commerce and trans- portation of the nation. In this booming city a university had been established. This university was to expand as the city expanded, grow as the trade between the city and the Far North grew. And this 1950 TvKK.with an Alaskan theme, commemorates the growth and development of the Alaskan territory and the ever-strength- ening ties which bind the University of Wasli- ington with the Far North. We of the 1950 staff not only have attempted to publish the fifty-first edition of a yearbook reflecting the many activities of the school year, but also to bind this yearly record with a timely and artistic theme, a .SOO-page thread stretching from cover to cover. Our thread — Alaska. ■ S 1 Pth W|«Y|S vSbriii wj)) ■MKIf {for m ii ■Hi CI laska -a mafiic word not only lo us of the Uni- versity. Seattle and the Pacific Northwest, but a name reflecting to all. a land of snow-cajiped mountains, hearded jiioneer sourdoughs, gold miners, salmon fisher- men, and sealers, as well as eskimos. igloos, dog sleds, totem poles, polar hears and the Midnight Sun. Ever since " Seward ' s Folly " in 1867, the word Alaska has symbolized eithe rcold grandeur, economit ' exploita- tion or romantic adventure to the average American. The jiresent years, however, call for a new portrayal ol the territory to our north. Alaska is no longer the land of 1867, many months away and far removed from our lives, but is today an integrated part of our economic, political and military thinking. No longer are her flour- ishitig cities the small northern outposts of yesterday. New industries have been born and old ones developed. Her farm lands are tilled, new mineral resources tapped and her economy stabilized. Many misrepresentations and delusions concerning Alaska have been corrected during these eighty years, but many more still remain lo be swept aside before Alaska may be appreciate l for her true assets, both present and potential. in the hoppers of the United Slates (iongress lie bills for the admittance of the Territory of Alaska lo the Union as the Wth stale. The I9S(» ' ' :e is dedicated lo this state of Alaska, lo tier citizens, both |)ast and present, who. as America ' s true " Last Krontiersineii, " remind us in the i ' acific Northwest of the days of the Oregon ' I ' erri- lory and the pioneer spirit wliich lirought us into the Union as the 42nd state of Washington. 1 fv Ci— ft r J L y TZ? ( jyj y mme its ba 1 w Ml i w influencing the " ITs " location in Seattle The Alaska Yukon Exposition of 1909 n 1922 the Husky mascot was adopted, W ;.«; : . V Jx k . " " B ' fen- Wm iti._..wAa. BBi£ Ie MMi u ' m H ' -i- - BJF Wp ? - 3 pi r m|| .y ■ m ■fyfsv A r •vs: . -,. ' ' .--«;i m i .m m permanently linking the ' ' IT ' with the North.. - . .--r . ' -rV ' .V • ?5, ' m " ' x . Z Vi ' ,1M w ..A ' ' ' ' ! ' ' ' ' __ ___ €0 " F _lV .J H • sat. Hl wrm mn TWfSfF «i Lii J Mltf i „4 " ' «» ' ?- ' ■«s ' f; : v 3Q?i jinn (. ' eronionial 4 r iin«l, tail, Jc Others know Alaska through military cruises Approaching Pel«Tsl)iir ? P ' ' - ' ■ ff -?? € ' ■ CM ' - and Glee Club tours to the Territory THT C ' £?5r 4 kv ' j ' f • •- One hundred students from Alaska enrolled n n 1 um 111 1 " ' " ' 1 ' ' ' ' ? ?Cj 111141 Jl . " fr-- in the University of Washington ther Alaskans choose to spend thei college days at the University of Alaska . . . ym¥ F.Mirih Avenui ' , Anchorage ' -5(N» -t ' -W jf . ' ' ■ ' XSL fy . -. ilJ X I A4l «j3i •?■ n ketrliikan U ;ii«r( rtuil ' » • ..t Vloiii; lh« ' Alaska lli!;h va I ' clershiii-; ■ ' V4 -wfrv-4- » n ■r„ „v..v .i. ' ( " V ii " ' ' " " A BILL „.,; (,„ ihe «, " 0 ' f " " ' ' " " " ' :•. ' Hk.. a; a,:. ,«. ... . ' " , ,, „„„ ' " " ■ ■ ' ■ ' " • ' ■ - ' " „ -.,u ..,., » " ■ ' ' ■ neighbor into the Union as the 49th State Sitka aiifl IVlt. K lge -iiml)e - » ,« .«««fr ' ? !sa , ' . - :£ r taae- conteiits INIVEHSITY Adiniiiistratioii 27 Schools and Colleges . . .... . ' i7 STUDENTS Honoraries 97 Classes 117 Greeks 183 Independent Living Groups 275 SPOKTS Sports Organizations 303 Women ' s Sports 312 Crew 318 Baseball 327 Golf 330 Tennis 332 Track 331 Football 338 Swimming 3.52 Skiing 35( Minor Sports 360 Intraniiirals .362 Baskell»all 368 ACTIVITIES ( (tveriunent .379 Publications 1().5 S«»cial Season 121 Tliealer an l llie Arts M9 liil.s 167 INDEX AND ADVEI{ riSINC; 192 Administration Schools and Colleges Departmental Clubs ' ihim w. A i M " ' " ' f ■ ' oU - Administration Editor: Mary Lou Bessor 27 Governor ' s Message This 1050 kihiiov of Tvkk. dt ' dicalcd id Alaska, is a salute to the fearless, adventurous men who have urilleri her history and to the m en of vision and faith uho are building her future. Impressive as has heeii Alaska s past, her polenlialilies fire the imagination even more. Throughout the TerritorN nature has bestowed a lavish hand, and the Alaskans of today are building their fiilNrc ihls asl reserxoir of natural resoinces. With characleri-tic inilialiw. energv and eiileipiise. the people of Ala-ka are forging steadily f rwai l, W r of Washington kni w llic challenges they ha e ra( c d. ihr idislach ' s thev lia e overconie. We stand read . as alwa s. lo as-ist uliene er we ean. knowing llial lhe (dfer u- ihe same liiendlv coo|)eralion. The citi ens id Washington lake pride in Alaska ' s record. W e are graleful for llie contributorv role we have been |iri ib ged lo p!a in laskan development; and we appreciah ' ihe iniporlatil eonlribulions which the Terrilorv has made lo oni own eeonomi - advance. Nhi ing ahead as a mutnallv helpful learn. Washington and Alaska have made rapid progress. ' I ' he future pos- sibilities, as we continue pulling logellicr. ate iiluall unlimited. Auriii li li. I (.i ii: 2H President ' s Message This YEAK " s Tike, declicated to our nei.dihors of the Territory of Alaska, will have special significance for all of us. now and in years to come. The geographical, industrial and cultural ties between Alaska and the State of Washington are obvious. The University of Washington reflects these ties in many ways, especially in its emphasis on natural resources with which both the Territory and the .Slate are richly blessed. But the kinship between Washington and Alaska has an even stronger and more significant link in the hardy men and women who opened up and pioneered these last great frontiers of the North American Continent. Alaska and Washington both are closer to the physical frontier than most of America, and, by this token, their pco|)le are less removed from the traditions and ideals that have made this nation great. They retain qualities of initiative, self-reliance and independence that are the essence of true Americanism. These are qualities, unfortunately, that seem to have lost favor and strength for many Americans. In my opinion; they are qualities that we must retain with full vigor if our way of life is to survive and if our nation is to continue its role as a vital and progressive leader in world affairs. 1 cannot give stronger counsel to my fellow students than that they not only keej) these priceless qualities alive in themselves, but that, by virtue of their privileged ]3osition as educated men and women, they encourage these traits among their friends, their families and their associates. IUymond B. Allen 29 Left to ri rlit: Dave Heck. John L. King, George R. Stuntz. Herl)ert T. Condon, secretary to the Board; Thomas Ralmer. Joseph Driiniheller. president of the Board; (-larence J. Coleman. W inK)ck X . Miller. Nelson A. Wahlstrom, comptroller. Not pictured: President Kavmond B.Allen. Board of Regents 30 t M M - y-j Administrators Herbert T. Condon Dean of Students Nelson A. Wahlstrom Comptroller Charles C. May Suiicrinlrnilfnt. Buildings and Crnunds 31 arry ( .. RatUT Director of Libraries University William M. lica.l. I)ir,;u,r - I ' irss Kinr,l M. C.inarl. As isluiu (:„wi,li„llr, I.lovii W. Sdinnii, l)iir l,„. Ailiill lulu, uli,. Ilr,„l ( nlnisrl,,, II ,mirn Hr.i,lr,i,r Hull- Marliii N. (Iiaiiilx ' ilain r.xrruli,,- Ollir.r •. ' ((7Im ' i H r7ll. .« ' . 32 Leland E. Powers, Director University Health Services Margaret E. Terrel, Director University Food Service Offictah Donald K. Anderson, Director Olfice of Public Relations Universitr Relations G. P. Horton, Executive Ojjic Currespendence Studies Eric L. Barr. Director Summer Quarter F dfiar M. Draper, Executive Ojjicer In-Service Teacher Training John W. llardinf: Purchasini; Agent 33 Al umni Organized in 1891. tlie Aluinni A (Kiatioii lia uorked lo promote hy orfjaiiized effort the hest interests of the University of Vi ashington. This Association looks toward the future hy iniliatinp long-term projects of importance to the liiixersity and liy aidinj; future graduates through the awarding of scholarships. One of its many projects is the development of the foundations for research at the lUiversity of Washington. Serving as a link to college days and |)resentiiig oppor- tunities to renew old acquaintances are the Alumni Class Reunions. Homecomings, and other Alumni fetsivities. University of Washington chilis afford pleasant times as does the reading of the various Alunuii iiuMications. The Washinpon Alumnus, coupled with the other |)ublica- tions. serves to keep the alums posted on current events at the University of ashington. William ii. Vryiiu- I ' re.sitlrnt ' - - lJ u ' ngTcm J «.v;. ,■;•;..■, i m . f B f if v " fl Fv -v- ' 1 - ' S m illi- I hi rii|ihOii, Viir-l ' residvnt H. H. ICurlyl Harris. Sriri-tiiry TallMin (iiirojl. TrrasiiuT AI.DMNl HOAHI): Sliimling .link W.sllaii.l, K.lilli K..nrs. Arlliui t;.Tl.rl. l llll rirks..n. A. M. l.iiiKiin. DoiuiM l)nii»:las. i. MinkoN. M. lUrnn l.anr. Tallmll Cairrill, (harli-s HnlilMl: yratrd H.Tiiiir Smilli, ,l(ilin SvIm-sIit. l.iirilji- Tlioinpsun. ClliK llaiii . William l ' ' rl -u-mi, Draii lvil,-.| Imics ( lirMI. 34 Activities An outstanjin student is presented a srliolarsliip nf $250 l)y the women ' s group. A cruise to the California Regatta sponsored liy llie men ' s group. Basketball alumni crown their king at a testimonial dinner. The tolling of Denny Bell, a familiar " call to campus " heard each year at homecoming time. The recipients of the " Outstanding Club of the Year " award, the Manila Chapter, are pictured here with their recent gift to the Uni ersity. riip " Alumnus Suninia Laudt " Oignatus " honor is bestowed upon an outstanding alum at commencement. Tlie alinn,-, arnnii- the first to contribute to the new cbimes. Once a familiar lanflmark. 35 Ojfice of Student Affairs COUNSELORS: jront. Miriam Erirkson, WanHa Binailie. Leona Saunders, Blamlic (Mini-: liark. Ben Wine, James Davis. Glen Nygreen, Tom Hodgson, .lake B..I. Al.-dort. TnK OlKlCK OF Stidknt Af imrs is an e |iro.-si(iii of the I ' niversity ' s coriccrn for the oul-of-class life of its shideiits lis fiiiictio:is include workine with individual students am organized groups, special services, including loans aru scholarshi|is. pro i(ling resource leadership he!i reipiested and conducting ongoing research in the area of the I versity community. .Student Affairs is the place vou take your questions alioiit the L ' niversity and yourself — tlie place hi ' re the onK loolisli fpiestion is the one vou don t ask. Jiiinis .M. Davis. AJiisir In ' (imi b i Sliiiliiili I.euna Suiiiiilers, .issociiilc Dircrlor (,lcn Nv;:r.Tii. Dirrrl, 36 Schools and Colleges Edih ors: Eleanor Garrett Ardice Burnhani Al_1_ C(_| 37 College of Arts and Sciences IVaii K.luani H. Dr. Hiinifs ni )t fiinn niphy slums n mnilfl « Ailniinillv Inlet Each year the (College of Arts and Sciences has grown UTilil today it enihraces eight schools and forty administrative iniil with over ten thousand students. Some of the students are pre- paring to enter such | r()fessional fields as law. medicine, dent- istry, nursing, and teaching. Others are registered in (General Studies, a field originated by Dr. Lauer in 19. ' i5. The field aims to provide a broad cultural college course without spe- cialization in any single subject. Aside from students going into professidnal lields or (General Slndies. llie college consists ol llncc main lields Humanities. Social Sciences and Sciences — which embraces all fields of study from Classical Languages and Literature of liberal arts to the ])ure sciences. Dean Lauer is vell-|)re|)ared to head llii important college. His list of degrees reads like the alphaliet. and he has contrib- uted a number of ideas which liave been incoroprated in the curriculum. Above all. the Dean is a warm, friendly jjerson who is interested in each of his students, it is his foremost aim 1(1 help pro i(lc a full college life f()re er student. 38 Anthropology 0 THK 1.1.1 ' i ' is Krna (Hinllier, Executve Ofticcr of the Aii- thropolofiy l)( ' |i;utnient. On the rifiht is a [lictiire taken while some of the anthropol- ogy students were on a field tri|i to Friday Harhor. This trip was one phase of the ex- tensve arrheologiical surveys of the state whieh are heins made hy the students in the lepartnient in cooperation with the Smithsonian Institute. Botany Chemistry Pi(TlRI.U on the left is C. L. Hitfhiock, Executive Officer of the Botany Department. On the right is a picture of bot- any students applying their classroom learning to actual life. Practical application groups or " traveling classes " were originated in 1934. Since then students have journeyed from Canada to Mexico in search of rare and exotic sam- ples. Patterning after Wash- ington, nearly all western schools have instigated such touring groups for their students. Paul C Cross, Executive Of- ficer of the (Chemistry Depart- ment (left), is responsible for coordinating and supervising the instruction which annually prepares large numbers of well-trained industrial chem- ists, government laboratory scientists, teachers, and re- search workers to fill the ris- ing demands for chemists in the industrial field. Pictured at right is a tvpical chemistrv class in Bagley Hall. Classical Languages On rm: i.KKr is .lohn B. Mc- Diarniid, Executive Officer of the Classical Languages De- jiartment. Of s()ecial interest this year in the department is a new class. Antiquities ISld. This is a course in the Eng- lish derivatives from Latin and (Jreek. It is intended primarily for students who have not studied the lassical lan- guages, with the aim of broad- ening the student ' s vocabulary and increasing his understand- ing of the words of Latin and Creek origin in the F nglish language. 39 Economics J. Kkiiahd HiFiKR (rif;hli. has l)i-en responsible for care- fully super ising the growth of the new " (■urriruluni hild, " tli - Department of Eronomiis. iliiring this past year. The liirlh of the rollejie came alioiit with the scrappinj; of tl Id " E B " school last year. Majors can look forwaril to jolis as consultant or ana- lyst in private liusiness, in consultative work for federal and state ageniies. and in for- rif;n service, amonf; many oth- er positions. On the left is I ' rof. Vernon A. Muml and a firaduate seminar. 0 TiiK RIGHT is Robert B. Iliilnian. Executive Officer of I lie Enfilish Department. On tlic rif;ht is a picture of the Walker Ames Room in Par- ritij:ton Hall which is reserveil ciilirely for Enf-lish majors, upper division and firaduate stuilents. Here students of Enjilish may browse through literature of all ages while (dinfortablv seated in over- Miiflcl , Hairs. English Geography Till WORLD in which we lixe lias been made much clearer III thousands of students lliToiigh the conscientious ef- lorls of the well-equipped staff of the C.eography Department. Washington is one of less than a dozen American schools piii|ierly staffed and enuipped III offer training through the iliiclorale in geography. I ' ic- liiicil on the right is Howard 11. Martin, Executive Officer. ();i ihe left is a picture of a class studying Asia. Tin Ci.ui.iK.Y Di I ' AR r iKN i lias been gradually evpanding cai li year to meet the growing need fur research workers in the major industrial fielils. ( ' .. v.. V. Ispee.l is Executive Of- licer of the de] artnient I he is piciuri-d at right I. There an- six branches of the field iifli-red at the llniversit . Among these is the stiiily ol luck strata, fossils, economic geiilogy, and the study ol earth miivenients. On the left aic sliiilciils working in the laii. 44) Germanic Lang. I ' m ti 111 II al till ' li-lt is Curtis 1). ail, (lin.L.r .,1 Ofniiailir l.arr;iKm.-s. Thrcr iirimaiv ,ruisi,.iis comiiiisiiit; tlif ili|iarlnicnt oi- ler a diversity ot suhjeets t(i s ' .ucients of the German lan- {Itiasje. The first division leailies tile prai ' tical uses of tlie lan;;ua!;e. The second, philosophy, teaches dialects and historical forms of Ger- man. The third, literaturi ' , of- Ir-rs an ac(]iiaintancc with (German uritinj- ' s. History Unai lis, rii.s throir.dunit the countrv teaili history from books written hy U. of W. professors and former students refer in their classes to re- search done through the Uni- versity, and the teachers them- selves are in many instances former sludents of the Univer- sity of Washington. William .Stull Holt, Executive Officer of the department, is carrying on in the fine tradition estab- lish ed liy Edmund Maeny, the lirst director of the depart- ment. Under his direction stu- dents learn everything from aiiiieiit to miideni historv. Mathematics Ii ALL adds up to scientific wfn ' k, teaching and research, riiat is what graduates from the Department of Matheniat- i -s may look forward lo doing after school. Mathematics is essential in almost every fie ' d and for this reason, the department is one of the largest on the campus. It had its l)e;,innings as early as 1875, and since then it has been steadily growing to meet the rising demand for knowl- edge of mathematics in prac- tically every field today. Pic- tured on the left is R. i l. Winger, Executive Officer. Meteorology Tnori.ii only three years old. the Meteorology and (Climatol- ogy Department is " rocketing " upward. Evidence of accomplishment is the observation tower pic- tured at the right. It is used lor obser ation of vertical temperature distribution and rate of change of wind direc- tion and speed, with height. It is a new method of observ- ing certain important meteor- ology develo[mients which can be iLsed for student instruc- tion and research. Pictured at right is Phil E. Church, director. 41 Microbiology ■ " Onk objective of the Micro- liiolofiy Department, " arrord- iii(; to Dr. (Charles A. Evans (rifihtl. heail of the deparl- nienl. " is to integrate the hasir liiolocical s ien es with niedirai learhinc and re- search. " The 250 students, who are hoth medical and non-medical, study the micro- si ' opic organisms found not only in infected patients hut also those of and industrial importame. Philosophy Willi illsinuv nl alnidsl lifl years, ilalin;: from a one- Mian (Icparlniciil. the philos- (ipliy and psNihology depar t- ment, the philosophy depart- ment is now a firmly eslah- lished pari of L ' W. Profes,sor William Savery was the guid- iiii; genius who exerted his ef- lorls in the cause of Plato ' s dear delight. " and the hall thai now hears his name is a Inliute to him. Numerous ad- anrcs have heen made sinie I ' l. ' i. including its iinicpie spe- lial fund for isiting lecturers. W nil the sixtyinch cyclotron uhiih was just completed this scai. the I ' hysics l)e|)artmenl. iindcr the direction of tilintoii I.. I ' tterhack (rightl, has made enormous strides in the Held o( research. During the ai the department was iii- sliuiuental In aiding iia al iirdnaiice prolilcnis along with I iisnilc ray research. Now they an- directing their activities in the fields of gaseous anil spark discharge. (!erenko ra- diation, and sea mud radio activity. Political Science M 1 1 1 I 1 1 I po lllnll aualt graduates ol the I ' oliti- ral Scli ' iice Department. I n- dcr the direction ol Dr. ( :has. K. Martin. Dire.tor of ih.- De. partnieiil. pictured on (he light, the deparlmcnl has -leailllv grown to include law and jiii l pruilcni-e. inleriia- tional relations and law. poli|. Ii al theory, piihlic admlnistra- tiMii. ami political parties and public opinion. On the h-lt I-. .1 Tell -.., " cN, " nnd. ' r the dllr.lHHl ul I ' m.I. ' s.,,, Dell I.. llll.llIU I. 42 Psychology ' ' . Psychology 1)i;part- Mi.NT of the University offers a wide anil varied schedule of classes for majors and non- majors. There is a chihl de- velopment clinic, a testing and f!uidance bureau, access to the U. S. Puhlic Health Service clinical training facilities, and an animal behavior clinic for exiierimental work. Roger Brown Loucks (left), is Exec- utive Officer of the Depart- ment. On the right .students are learning by prai ' tical ex- perience in a child p.sychology Radio Education With thk newly developing TV as an important field branching off from radio, ra- dio, too, has become exceed- ingly important. With the idea of providing practical experi- ence in radio work, the Radio Education Department was established. E. H. Adams, pic- tured on the left, is Executive Officer of the department. On the right is a class under the direction of Ted Bell. They are examining a dummy radio scene conii)lete with sounil cl- fects. Romance Lang. Thf. Romanck Lancuagks DiPARTMKM affords students an opportunity to live and ac- tually carry on their daily life using only the language they are .studying. Students live in a Spanish or French House. On the right is pictred a typi- cal fireside held by these liv- ing groups. Pictured are Mr.s. Georgette Giegoire Steisel, Di- rector of the French, 1950, and Mr.s. Ernest B. Nel- son, Director of the Spanish, 1950. On the left is Dr. Howard Nostrand. Ex- p.uti c Officer r,f tlic depart- Scandinavian Lang. CuRRKMl.Y handling depart- mental controls loi ' the .Scan- dinavian Department, is Sverre .- restad. Executive Officer (left). The University of Washington can now boast of having the largest enrollment of any Scandinavian Depart- ment in the country. .Students not only learn the languages but also the culture and the customs. On the right is a pic- lure of the students celebrat- ing the Lucia Bride festival last year. Peggy Brandstrom, their queen, is officiating. 43 Sociology Astronomy () III! 1.1.1 I is ■I ' licoilor S. .Iai(il)s.-n. As-(iiuili- I ' l ofcssor of .AslroniiTin. I ' rai ' tii ' ul astronomy is inipoitant to- clay in navitiatinn, cnjiineciini;, licM aslidnoniy and advancnl suivryin;!. Kli ' nicntary, advanced and ri-si-anli sliiilrnis ha f Ix-cn larryinK on tliiii sliidi ' s in (III- sami ' l nil(lin;: Im fifly-fivc yrars. ' I ' lic ()l siT al()H i. tlir sr. ' ond old.-st hniKlinc on ' llir ■ ainpiis and was liiiilt l)V llir ,|iim-|iIi . 1. lavlor »lio also rondu.l.-.l ll..- lir-l .iass. ' s. Thr si t.-l. ' sro|..- used loduv is llii ' original our MJiirii lias hrrii iisrd all llirs.- yrars. ll is Klill ronKldi-ri ' d a niiidcrn instriinit ' iit. Tilt. SiiridUiGY Dkpartmknt. under the direction of Cfeoriie A. I.iindherf;, Exeeutive Offi- cer I left I. is a relatixely new and rapidly t;rowinj: school. It was estalilished shortly after World War I. Anionii other studies, the stuilenis in this field concentrate on problems of the Pacifii- Northwest and lest hypotheses for llie piililic opinion lalioratory. Piitured on the left, is Dr. Calvin K. Si hmid conductinf; a firaihiate st-minar. AiTlNG on the principal that " Siieech is a fundamental and distinctive proces.s of human liphavior, " the Speech Depart- ment offers study, training and guidance to all students. .Majors in this swiftly-firowin field of study can look for- ward to jolis in radio, sales- manship, speech correction and education. Non-majors benefit from course.s in public address, discussion, oral inter- pretation and (iroup dynamics, I ' ii tiired on the ri ht is Dr. Iliirare (;. Kaliskii|if, Kxecu- ti i ' f)ffici-r of till- department. ■|lll nill.lK.I Dl.I ' MilMIM. iiiider the direiiion of Arthur W. Martin (ri}:htl, deals with the whole ranf;e of animal forms, extinct and livin;;, in- vertebrate and vertebrate. The siience of .oolo};y has the re- sponsibility of desiribinc and naniiii;; all forms of the ani- mal world. Also, a study of ibc field is valuable to those pieparint; tn enter medicine, iliMlistry, pharmacy, physical I ' llucation and fisheries. The picture on the left was taken while some of the students were on a field Iri|i to Kridav ll.iibor. Zoology Oceanography Tmovivs i ' .. rMllVlCsox llinhll di- icilin of the School ol t )ceanoj;ra- pliy. has the distinction of beiii(; the recipient of the At;asi . waril, one ol science ' s hi;;liesl awards, in l ' )m. Students in this sclioiil study Dr. Tlionipson ' s ipiantilative inelhod for ili ' lcrminin trace elenienls ol the sea. and his improved method of de li ' iniinin;; the major constituents ol sea water. Ilie llniversilv ol Wash- in;:tiiii school is unii|ue in that it has lalioratories both on campus and oil. One laboratory is loi aled mi a UK) acre trad al Kridav Harbor in the San .luaii Isluiids, u Architecture On thk le ft helow is Artlmr 1 ' . Herrman, Dircitor of . v School of Architpcture. The school was instifiated in 1914 at which linn- fimrtci !■ stiiilcnts took advantasjc of the school. Since that time, the enrollment has srrown to more than four hnndred students. ' I ' he department is still -elchratin ; the late change in name of the ••| ' hvsinl(i;;v Building " to thi- " Anhiteiture Bnildlnj;. " On llic ri ' ht l.dou is a mmmIcI of a town huill h some „f ilie anliitcl stnrlents. Art Drama Thk iiRAND IVF.W nuiLDl.NC with all its modern lijihtinf; and other conveniences has lieen an added incentive to the many art students on the campus this past year. Pictured helow is Waltei F. Isaacs, Director of the School. Foi their convenience and for further study, the students have the Henry Art ( allery. which is a branch of the school, where they can display their talents. Look on Broadway or in Hollywood and you will find many previous students of the University of Washington .School of Drama who are now making a name for themselves in the world of the theatre. Glen Hughes, jiictuied helow on the left, is Director of the School. On the right below is a picture of a class in iheatre make-up. 45 Fisheries PirTlRED ON THK LEFT is Kicliaril oil IJinr, Aitiii(; Dim-tor o( the Sriiool o( Kisln-rii-s. Students find many job opportunities in this field whiih represents one of the liigt esl industries in the I ' aeifir Northwest. On the right is a miero-projeclor used for projeilin;: sperimens for (■lassr(n ni study. eneral Studies :s .!;™r ' .vi:: Thk Gknf.rai. .Stidiks Dk.parimkm ' . instigated in IW.S liy Dean I.auer. is aimed at pro- uial course for those students who do not wish to speeiialize in any red on the lef t is Clenn l.iitey. hi-ad of the ilepartment. Home Economics Nm KIN MiVHii iii. i i II l»i . li Mi I. l{in uiHM aiiiiiKili pri-paifs sliidfiil for posi- lion- as achciliMM ' .. Ifac JuMs. ijirliliaiis. csi-i iil i i-. .mil lioini-makers alter graduation Iroin ihr SrJHiril i)l ll.iinr Kinnonii.s. Slinuii lirlinv i- a |.i. Iiiir mI a nutrition elass in |iro!; 16 Journalism Thk SrnDoL OF Journalism has achieved fame in a varied niimher of ways sinre its beginnings. It has prodiieed some of the top-notch writers of our day, anil the school itself ranks as one of the finest in the nation. Each year the school sfionsors a nnnihcr of journalistic conferences. While H. P. Everest, director, was in Olympia assisting; the f;overnor, Merrill E. Benson had iharfie of the school. Everest is pii-tnred on tin- rif;ht. On the Ic-fl is a inurrialism class. Music " Music is the universal language. " This is the with this in mind, students are given a liberal and under the direction of Stanley ( Ihapple ( right I . workshop, chamber music, symphony orchestra, con idea supported by the Music Department, and well-rounded education in music. The school is Among the educational endeavors are o|iera ■ert band, a cappella and glee clubs. Physical Education Every (,iri. in .school !)enefits from the Physical Education Department, as all women students are required to take six quarters of P.E. activity. Majors in the department have job opportunities leaching in schools, recreation agencies, lonuiuinity centers, and in personnel work. Kuth M. Wilson is Executive Of- ficer of the depar;ment. " A MAN FOR every si ' ohi and a sport for every man, " is the aim of the Men Physical Education Department. With ihis in mind, the department at;emp:s to present to each student the necessary recreation which he needs, and yet pio- ide him with a s| ort which he really enjoys. .Majors are offered in general hcahli education, recreation and teacher train- iim. The department is under the super- vision of R. E. Belshaw, Executive Of- ficer. 47 J s .t i.i ' ii Dkita .Sigma, men ' s iialii)iuil ))ri)l ' o -si(iiial aiKciiisinj; lia- leriiily, is an organization of men interested in the lielil of adverlis- irif: as a profession. To keep in line with an advertisiiifi thftiio. plcd ' cs carry " sandwich board " signs with | aid advertisements on them lo provide a source of revenue with which the fraternity carries on its cain|ins advertising functions. ADS helps other campus orga- nizations conduct their advertising and promotional campaigns. examples being: Homecoming. Tyee and Columns subscription cam- paigns, and the Ali-l-Show. Clyde Hobinson, manager of ASUW pui)licalions. is the faculty advisor. Hiilierlson. Howie. Prrsidint Mien. Frank .Anilerson. Cllifford Baldwin. James Harry. C erald Hi ' hrens. Byron BliM her. Roliert Dysarl. John Kader. Ronald Rklnnd. Bvron F.n-eho. G.-rald Hamanaka. Joe Mausien. Jack Helms, Ken Higgins. Ken llnliner. Ralph llnlmstad. Ralph Huntington. William llv.le. James Innes. B. 1. Kimerer. Keith .Kralt.Wain-n l.ea.h. Dm..; Maillan.l. IVlr, Merritl. Fred Miller, F.l TOY . ' ls„n. James Quiekstad. Boh Sharpe. Ceeil ' Preiser. Ray Walker, George Watters, Charles .V „( ' -.7, ,e, ; ■ ,knman. V alla.e Nor. ' M. Bud Rahl.. Riehard ()strnc..l..w, Ni, k HUuistein. Bernar.l Ostrow. Frank Dean, Lawrence l et.-rso ,, Harrv F-hrig, Frank Pirkrell. Boh Jacohson, Harrv Root. Bc.h Johnson. Roher ' l Sawver. Jim Kneadler, Jerry .Sharkey, l.eo .Mansfield, Thomas Walfors, John Alpha Delta Sigma 48 Alpha Kappa Delta An lerson, Shirley Austin, Beverly Barager, Darce Bigelow, Eileen Not Pi r Hired: Merklinghaiis. Otto Anderson, Harvey Miles, Frank Burr, (Charles Morse, Harold ( ' arras, Mary Miovski, Sophie Cavenaugh, Joseph Nygreen, Glen Chertok, Ely Pederson, Gordon Crosetti. Al Schram, Norma Bishop, Robert Dickson, Lenore Shanley, Free Green, Barbara Foreman, Melvin Shannon, Lyle Heitzman, Joyce Gaby, George Sirkin, Monroe Howe, Alice Graalfs, Heinz Svalastoga, Kaare Graalfs, Marilyn Williamson, William Griffiths, Keith Dr. Joseph Cohen Griswold, Manzer fiirulty Advi.sor Kalbach, Warren Kerby, Bernard Larsen, Otto President Magnuson, Mary McKinley, Donald Mueller, Martha Willis, Shirley Ammonii Socii was founded at the University of Wash- ington in 1921. Membership is now composed of chem- istry majors and chemical engineers. New members are pledged in the fall and spring from students of sopho- more and junior standing. The organization has an annual tug of war across Frosh pond with the Pharmacy Club. This event is held in the spring before the annual Chem Shack picnic. The academic year 1949-1950 marks the twenty-fifth anniversary of the L ' nited chapters of Alpha Kappa Delta, sociology honorary. In addition to various social functions. Alpha of X ' ashington has sponsored forums for the exchange of ideas, in the promotion of scholarship and the development of sociology as a science. The Howard Brown Woolstone Award of $50 is offered annually by the chapter for the best research paper in sociology submitted by an undergraduate student. Ammonii Socii Alli.son, C. Jay, Jr. Loop, Earvin Anderson, Clarence Marander, Myron Bush, Frederic Meredith. Robert Blvckert, Warner Messer. Paul Caldwell, Robert Miller. Emmet Corlett. Richard Montheith, Lee Cruirkshank, Philip .Morris, Rex Cutts, Roliin Naden, Edwin Doren, George Pearson, John Dvoracek, Louis Perry, Ronald P ' ranklin, Frederick Phoutrides, . ristides Franson, Hubert Pigott, George Fullam, Harold Roth, Clifford Groves Donald Samuels. Robert (iruger, Edward, Jr. Sedell. Rulcher Hackell. Norman .Shepard. James Hand, Howard Thomas, Lionel Hawthorne, Robert Young, Frank Hughes, Michael Isaacson, Raymond King. Carl Knudsen, Harold Kopel. Richard l.cP ' ever.John 49 Arena, drama honorary, was established on this camjjus only one year ago. Members are chosen from students in the School of Drama active in student productions at the Penthouse and Showboat theaters. The honorary has regular meetngs and undertakes many |jrojects within the department. Social gatherings and rece|)tions for visiting artists are common occurrences. Arena sjxjnsors an awards day each s|)ring honoring outstanding drama students. Officers for the jjast year have been: Mary Jasperson, president; Rob ( ' ass, vice-|)resident ; Sandi Gore, secre- tary; Virginia Moulaiid, treasurer. layperson, .Mary President Badda, Lucille Dinsmore, Robert Kenton. Merrie Virginia I ' liskint, Mary (lore, Sandi drover, Carol lliil.bard, Helen Mae Israel, Joe Kronick, JoAnn Khimp, Will M)arii.l. Muriel Rivet. John Tautfest, Mary Vander OudermuUen, Joan ' arey, Shelia Walker, Joan . ul Pictured: Breen, Saranii Cass, Robert (!urrie, Stuart Harper, Carol Miner. Marley Nowell. Barbara Rotter. Catherine Rowland, Virginia .Svlliaasen, Terry Jory, Jean M.Cusker, Bill Vestuto, Louis Zimmerman, JoAnn A rena 50 Grapha Techna Not Pictured: Hanslow, Ralph Holm, Oscar Reynolds, Virgil Sherwin, Richard Steele, Clarence Tlion.|.s„n, Donald ' ,■. , ,• ,( Ansil, Kenneth Behymar, Howard Brown, Ernest Cheney, William Hnrd, Roland Imayanagita, Ossie McLean, Willian Messmer, Fred Owen, Richard Prindle, Virgil Schwarz, Henry Sprague, Harry Grapha Techna, men ' s art honorary, was organized at the University in 1938 to stimulate the interest of students and alumni members in the methods and techniques of the arts, as well as to provide contacts with professional people in the field. Movies, speak- ers, and exhibition of members ' work help accomplish this objective. These works of art are brought to the meetings, discussed informally and exhibited in a local business establishment. Once a year the group has an initiation banquet and a part in the Bellevue Arts Fair. Home Economics Club Carrigan, Marjorie St. Rep. Chandler, Barhara .SV. Re,). Gonld. Gloria Vice-pres. Herman, Nena .Secretary The Home Economics Glib of the University was organized in 1910 and has been affiliated with the American Home Economics Association since 1924. Members raise funds for a for- eign student scholarship through the annual cookie sale and have brought Miss Eva Hwang of Ghina to the campus this year. She is a graduate student in foods and nutrition. One of the club ' s .service jirojects is a yearly drive for food and clothing for Eurojjean stu- dents. The club is proud of it.s growing membership which this vear has reached one hundred fiftv. Not Pictured: Glenn, Joyce Hill, Charlotte Hopper, Gloria .lacohson. Beverly Long, Ann McNutt, Betty Morris, -Mexandra Paradis, Marion Pettibone, Carol Rowe, Lois Shofner. Janet Tada, Norma Taylor, Kleanor Tucker, Phyllis Vorheis, Donna Olierkotter, Marjorie Wells, Dorothy Ann Selig, Joy, Jr. Rep Spike, Marilyn, Soph. Rep. Surry, Gretchen, Soph. Rep. Poolton, Martha, President 51 1 5. 3 Thk I ' l Ki ' iiSK i i ' tlie Industrial Designers is to further industrial dcsig;n liy puhlicizinu: the training in this field available on the rampus and by bringing design students into closer contact with the profession. Monthly meetings are held with speakers and films of interest to the club. The organization also works with the High School Public Relations Office, enlightening high school students as to the opportunities in industrial design. Industrial Designers Johnston. IV.I Prfsidfnt Hfhynu ' r, Howard Boileaii. Ray Brandrnlmrp. Charles Hrown. Ernest Kriiiricksen, Neil (Iriffith. Martha llashitiiichi. Hachira Kjcnilff. Marvin l.aulion. Tom Mathis. Ronald Mitsui. Sam Rneter. John Thomas. Albert ' I ' uttle. Clark W arp, Thomas . of Piriured: (!lemenl, (!arl Erickson. W. C. I.owrv. .Stella Olin. ' E.I Olson. MeUin Vaughn. X ade Woo. Ceorge Del Ciudice. Fran Adiisor Peninpton. Rulh Advisor Pi Alpha Sigma Pi Ai.i ' ha Sigma, women ' s professional advertis- ing honorary, was founded at the University in 1917 and is sponsored by the Seattle Sales and Adverlisinu (Hub and the Pi Alpha Sigma Alumni Association. The purpose of the honorary is to in- terest in advertising as a profession among women, to bring about mutual benefit to ihc women on campus interested in advertising iiiid to make personal cotUacIs uilli people onlslaiid- inu in (•a h ( ( llic arioMs lirbU of ad cilising. Not Pictured: Arhak, l.iirile liovie.tirace KklurHl.Clarire I ' rasl,. Kila I liompson. Mary Ann Wolf, Joanni ' Malloy. Mario,, Oshorne. I)n,„tl, ' T„-d,-, Virginia Wil«e,din .Jo:,i 52 i Pi Sigma Lambda l.aiiih.-rt. K(iy. V. ' .s . r« AMrich, K.-itli Banne-nnan. Kduanl Holland, Miiinonette Maxwell. Mary Not Pictured: Hilde, Don Matheson, John Miller, Howard Portteus, Paul Pope, Lester Srhwartzmann, Mischa Skarsten, Arlin Smith, Donald Weston, Tom Wellein, Lawrence Associate Members: Lamhert, Ruth Lyle, Lenore Risley, Mal)el Honurury Members: Benham, Dr Allen R. Stevens, Arthur W. Faculty Advisors : Bostetter, Dr Edward Harris, Markham Parks, Theron Tartre, Joanne Tref finger, Enid Weeks, Dolores Pi Sigma Lambda is one of the few rec- ognition societies in the nation which honors scholarly achievement in the field of English. Grade point require- ments include a 3.5 in English and a 3.01 overall; provisional membership is open to students in their junior year, full membershi]) to seniors and gradu- ate students. Any student majoring in English I literature or advanced writ- ing) may becoine eligible. Sigma Delta Chi Sigma Delta Chi. professional journal- ism fraternity, has been active on the campus since 1910. Based on ajjtitude and character as well as scholarship, the fraternity honors with membership those men who show the greatest ])romise in newspaper work and related fields. Front row — Leonard Saari, Charles Jacobson, I.. L. Jermain, advisor; Ralph Holmstad: sec- ond row — Glen Larson. Al Cromhie, Frank Wet ,el. Ken Monson. John Thompson; third n-K — Bill Merrv, Jim Vince, George Walker. John Gihson, Ken Helms. Bob Pirkrell. Bill (Jark; fouith row — Vanre Taylor. Bob Benson. Bob (,)uiikstad. Jim Smith. Frank Allen. Bob Ailing. Bill Ray. S3 The Speech Association is open to majors, first minors, faculty and graduates, and is designed for the purpose of stimulating pro- fessional interest in the field of speech as well as interest in current develo|)ments in all phases of speech and related fields. Speech Association l.a Russo, Dominick President Aiken. Barbara iininiin ;s, Kolicrt Collins. Bol) Dark. Marjor ' Dickey. Stan D l t in.Jolin Klijah. Lester C.ladfelter.Jo (ireen. Barbara Hamilton. Bill Harvey. Bill Johnson, Jackie l.ogan, Marilyn Manner. Edie Manning. Sally Jo Maston. Rosalie Mattila, EIna May, Barbara Mc(!onnell, Dorotliv Odenhall. Pat Pollitz, Gerd .Shangro, Joan Taylor, Winnifred Thomas, Don Yantis, Phil ot PUlured: . dtnanson, Don Antz, Jack Arnhart, W arren Baskeriille. Barret Bouinan, ( hapin Brown, Sholie Oowell, l.aiira Dawson, U arren Elston, Bob Enquist, Lucille Kathingill, Bob F ' ischer, Dick Gerbrick, Jo Gerbrick, Tom .Mrs. Ghram Facultiy Advisor Handlin, Ining Hile. Fredrick La Oos-s, Margaret Loschen, Janice Lower. Peggy Mews, Martha Morrison, Doug .McMillan, Bill Nashland, Frank Dr. Pen. e Faculty Advisor Ranck, Gloria Ree es. Scott Starr, James Sugarman. . 1 Wane, Leonard Wilson. Ed Zschack. Vl ' arren Theta Sigma Phi Ai.i ' HA CHAPTEK of Theta Sigma Phi. a national women ' s journalism honorary, was founded on this campus in 1909. Prospective members must have a top scholastic record and a ])rofessional in- terest in journalism. Kach spring .Seat- ties .500 most prominent women are honored at Matrix Tahle, s|joiisored by the organization in conjunction with the Alunini cliupter. Bjork, Amy President 51 Maines, Bonie. President Anderson, Mary Bemis, Sue Boner, Gladys Carman, Elaine Condon, Margaret Crawford, Janet Dodds, Jean Erickson, June Flower, Lorraine Galber, Janet Griflin, Katie Hallvar, Daisy Hereim, Eleda Hiebur, Pat Jelleberg, Em Kammeyer, Shirley Larsen, Marie Lowe, Coleen Mace, Peggy Milligan, Frankie Neely, Evelyne Nelson, Shirley Ratchford, Janet Steele, Barbara Strand, Betty Thompson, Beryl Wall, Jan Not Pictured: Anderson, Joan Fink, J. Fitzpatrick, Mary Jane Hope, Lillian Lang, Nanci Morrison, Beverly Schollmeyer, Margaret Sharp, F. Thompson, Dorothy In the fall of 1919 the Physical Education CHuli was started for all physical education majors. The purpose of the club is to bind its members more closely together in their social and professional inter- ests. A plaque is awarded to the outstanding senior student each year, and a loan fund is maintained to be used by students in physical education. Women ' s Physical Education Club 55 Toastmasters Rollow. Joliri Presidvnt Allizer, Beiitlcy Friend. Robert (Harrison, Joseph Hirks. RoLert Iloppp. Arlluir Kamps. Bert Kidder. I ' errv Kolde. Eiulel ' ( l Pirlured: Barne.«, Don l.on mate. John Kunsrth. Kenneth Matlice. John Groner. . mund Miller. Walter Gross. Roliert Payne. Dnane Hensel. Robert Pedersen. William Kinj;. Wayne Rolstad. Donald Linn. Bruce .M.Donald. Mal.olm .Saffel. Walter Petersen. Erik Tan ' . Kenneth Roberson. Frank Wallinder. Keith Sihellhase. T. an Natter. William ukeliih. Lawrenee Affiliated with Toastinasli-is liiteniational. (iam])us Toastmasters adopts the goals of speech excellence, leadershijj. and education. The desire of a |jei " soii to improve his abilities of speech is the only requirement for menihership in the club. Zeta Phi Eta Zeta Phi Eta, national women ' s professional speech arts honorary accepts majors in speech, speech correction, drama and radio who have a 3.0 in their major courses and show outstanding ability and interest in the field. Its activities include informal meetings with the faciiltv in the speech arts field, and the Oeative Dramatics program. Not Pirlured: Oook, Elanor Jean Palmer, Mary .Spengler. Ellen Shattiick. Mary .Sylliaas«-n, Terry Walker, Joan Presiden t Aiken, Barbara Badraun. Belle Brink, Bertha Dark. Marjory Ilolevas. Dorothea llollaiKl.Miiiiionell Johnson, Jaequelin Loewer, Peggy Lowder, Elaine Malgrem, Nancy Manning, .Sally Maston, Rosa Raport, Timniie .Sihiilt ,. Nuiirv .Sullivan, Riilh .SiiMiiners, Wamh W iUe, Leonnr 56 School of Law Acting Dean Alfred Harsch The University Law School, another vital institution of the University of Washington, is one of the few in the nation that provides a four-year course. Under the excellent leadership of acting-dean Alfred Harsch. the Law School is doing a superb job of training its students for a future in the courts and law offices. The Law School is so organized that the students may spend from two to four years in undergraduate work, depending on which course they intend to follow. For the more advanced students, a " mock court " is held each week throughout the quarter to test them and give them a preview of what lies ahead. This court is presided over and judged by a prominent lawyer or judge. The students participating are given the facts of the case and from these facts a " mock court " is held. To enter Law School, a student must either hold a degree of Bachelor of Arts or Science from a recognized college or university, or have completed 90 academic credits, with a 2.5 average. 57 College of Business Administration Last year the College of Business Administration broke away from the College of Economics and Business. The result has been most gratifying. The college boasts a variety of courses and departments that would do justice to any campus in the country. ' The new college is divided into five main de])artments. They are Accounting, Management, and Statistics under the direction of D. H. McKenzie: Banking. Finance, and Insurance suj)ervised by Howard H. Preston: Marketing. Foreign Trade and Transportation directed by Henrv A. Rurd: (fCneral Busi- ness under the direction of Joseph Demmery: and the Bureau of Business Research directed b% Xathanael H. Engle. As coordinator of these five departments. Austin Grimshaw. Dean of the college, finds it one of his duties to keep abreast with all new fields and developments for which there may be a student demand, and to add them to the constantly expanding curriculum. Assistants to the Dean are Mrs. Catherine . rmand and Mrs. Louise L. Martin. Drun Austin ( riiiiKliiiu Nalli.iiiarl II. Kii l. Huriiiu ( liu inrss Rtsi-iifch 5K Donald H. McKenzie Accounting. Management. ! tatistic. ' s Howard H. Preston Banking, Finance. Insurance Henry A. Bind Marketing, Foreign Trade, Transportation Joseph Demnieiy General Business 59 Smith, Vem President Anderson. Rirhard Andrews. V ' illiam Buruh, LouLs Berghegcr, Wilmer Biani-o. Roherl Blatz. Carl Bowmer. Jack Hurdiie. William (!nle, (Iharles Dean, l.awrenre DeBon. Georjie Diikey, William Dunning. Earl Kborall, William Kn :er. Otto Kiifiliind. Alliert Krskine. William Fantz. Richard Farr. Robert Fix. Bill Garrison, J. B. Haines. Roger Johnson. Howard l.iice, Harold Mangels. John McDonald. Dixon Mobley, Leighton Nave, John Nord, Eric Overman. Donald Palmer. James Parker. Delbert Powell. Thomas .Scholz. William Williver. Davton Wilson. Robert Not Pictured: ( " adzow. Thomas Cook, Cfilbert Geisler, C. C. Glomstad, John C.iiichard. Keneth Keller. Lyle D. l.aBerge. Martin O. McCaffery. James McDonald. Clordon (VBrien, X ' erne J ummers, Eeo Thompson, James Watters, Francis Webb. William ' i.l ' i! Km ' I ' v I ' si is a iirdlVssioiial I ' ralcniih in liuliii all liclds 111 iiusiricss and ()iiiiiicrcc. M( ' tiiliiMshi|i consisls l oiilslaiiilitif. ' sliidcrils iiiajoriiif in tlu ' se courses in HA. The |)ur|)osi ' s of tlif orfianizalion are lo |ir(i i(le conlacl lietween students and llie Imsiness world and to iinnnolc eonira(lesiii|) Ijetween its memljers. Alpha Kappa Psi 60 (Jarhart, Ralph President Bengsten, Carl Bergheger, Wilmer Bergman, David Bowmer, Jack Briggs, Vernon Carsten, Philip Christensen, Robt. Cooper, Jack Cope, Kenneth De Bon, George Dootson, Thomas Drebin, Leonard Eborall, William Englund, Albert Erskine, William Haines, Roger Hunsaker, L. Don Jacobson, Paul Johnson, W. Roger Jones, Roy Mangels, John Mickelson, Glenn Mobley, Leighton Moyer, Homer Olson, Wallace Overman, Donald Parker, Delbert Pedersen, John Pincus, Melvin Powell, Thomas Raaum, Gustav Rawlinson, Donald Richards, Robert Skidmore, Clel Suess, Floyd Treibel, Wallace Wahlen, Howard White, Pitt Willizer, Dayton Zier, Vernon Not Pictured: Johnson, Raleigh Logan, Wilfred McDonald, Gordon Morehead, Richard Murphy, Neal Provencher, Ron Reed, Ronald Replogle, John Sheriff, Robert Squire, John Strandberg, Stephen Tomita, Robert Van Houtte, Henry Vellbreoh. Warren Beta Alpha Psi is a national professional accounting society, members selected on the basis of professional promise and scholastic attainment. Prospective mem- bers must be upperclassmen who have attained a grade average of B — in all subjects and a B in ac- counting courses. The five-hour competitive entrance examination covers accounting and business law sub- jects. The organization, among otiier things, serves as a contact between active members and employers in the accounting and law fields. Beta Alpha Psi 61 A NKW CAMi ' is OKCAM ATION this year i s the Business KHucalion (Iluh. open to secretarial science majors and students planning on hecomiiif; commercial teachers. At monthly meetings with out- side speakers, the club promotes the professional development of business education. BUSINESS EDUCATION CLUB: sealed — Trfiia Pflz, seiretar -: Raymond ( ' .alder, treas- urer: Bruie Blaikstone. faiulty sponsor; Lio- nel Biissell, president: Keith Hiilse, pulilii- relations: Darlene Tlioni[ison, vice-president: standing; — Marparet Shannon, Clarence Bar- nett, Lola .Mooney. Frank Thomas, Burl Ahel, Beverley Nauherl. Frank Morris, Lowell Fen- ton. Madeline Hall. .Sherman Dahl. Jack Dol- stad. Mar};aret Alexander. Boh Holland. Wil- liam Welch. Esther Stevens, David Doeltx, Maxine Trevethen, Ed Stiles, Jean I.ockwood, Jan Isakson. Business Education Club Marketing Club A Cl.UB for those stiuiciits interested in marketing; and related fields. MAKKETINC; CLUB; from Bernard Dili- hert, William Breen, Malcolm Blackhall. Harry Parsons, Mrs. Joan Klima, instruc- tor; Marion Lundi-, Phyllis Ann Graham. Ronald Ballard. William Worstell, Prof. Thomas Boyne: 2nd row- — Earl True, Wil- liam Broadhent, Prof. I.. (!. Warner, ad i- .sor: Lawrence Dean, Peter Culos, W. Earl Reavis, Elroy Miller, Valen Kramer, How- ard Drake, Harry Harkness; . ' Jrd row — Rudolph Padvorac, .S. Weinn .Shipley, pres- ident; Stanley Oherc, Mark Metz.ner, Jim Kirkwood, Richard Wilson, II. Leland Fin- nick, Elden (iarlson, Clari ' iice Bjorlinn, Prof. William J. Stanton. ;V» I ' irlurnl: Grace Bovee, Rohert Bunne, (larnian (Jeis- ler, Harold Gregory, William Hinnston, Richard Kay, Martin Norcn, Chuck Parke. Vern .Smith, Riihard Todhunter, William Johnson, Don Kinj;. Earl Scliiill, Clarcnc r Johnson, O.scar Bishop, Minor Dale lla .cri. 62 l ot Pictured: Brewer, Stanley Faculty Advisor Beuschlein, Warren Brink, Katherine Brown. Roy Dun, Henry Fawcett, John Finely, Ralph Fugua, Raymond Gratis. Henry Hannon, John Ikeda, Victor Lane, Douglas Lewis, Del Morgans, John Morris, Leonard Neiderhauser, Wni. Tellefson, S. R. C.iles, Alan President Batts, William Boothe, Paul Carlson, Maurice ( ole. Ken Crawford, Williai Di ' key, William Dibble, Darwin Dolph, Richard Doyle, Thomas Duclas, Al Epstein, Maurice Guthrie, Gene Ingram, Victor Kirkland. Ralph Kobyashi, John Lotz, Oakley Lyness, Harry Martin, Charles McNeill, Manford Minor, Dean M , Do nor, Don O ' Neill, Ed Peterson, Don I ' rcchck.John .Scholl, Earl Smith, Richard Tonkin, George Veys, Maurice Walther, Russ Warren, Charles Wasson, Jean Watson, Alfred Whisman, Walter The Propeller Club, Port of University of Washington, is number seven, having been chartered in 1929. The club has continued to operate, having as its objectives the better under- standing of transportation in all its phases — to promote, fur- ther and support a strong American merchant marine. Tlie club invites guest speakers from various fields of transportation to its meetings, held every third week througliout the year. Mem- bership is open to all students interested in traiis|)orlalion and related fields. Propellor Club 63 Management Club lill.r. alt.rll.. ' f.M .nf Smith, Hiinirr. I iri ' -iirfsidenl Mallice. John. Treasurer Westin, Martha. Rec. Sec. Pearson. Carole. Corr. Sec. Friend. Boh. Sgt.-at-Arms liliiii hcl. Juni-. Stcinlnrshii) Mciilirott, Bill. Hruniotiuna MiC onnell. Orondo. Com. Coord. Kinley, Carl. ]ob Semii ar I iin hard. Fred. Bus. Direrlory .Suess, Floyd. Arliiities Bureau lllman. Tom. Org. .4. Delegate Ballard. Jes. By-laws and Constitution Reii-sions La erquist. Lester, Personal Data Sheet Hiedbreder. Kathy. Inter Org. Council Pedersen. Bill. Inter Org. Council Hooker. Barbara. Meeting . otice Anderson, Gordon Arnold, Everett Austin, Glen Beck, William Berghejier, Wilmer Brisss, Donald Brooks. Ka iii()nd Bullock, DeForest Cooper, Jack Davenny. Dick Davis. Kenneth Densliarii. John DiMilaii, Olisc Kii.kM.n. HoIm-m l!|islein, Aaron t.ilman. Gene llackett, James Hamilton. Wilson Define. Allen llill.l ' rosper Holm. Betty llop|ie. Arthur, Jr. Dinner mectinn at the Commons. ()H(.AMZKI it) 1 )W for tlie jtiirposf of assisliiif: tin- stii- tli ' iil ' s im liMslaii(liiif; of ami ahilily to coiif willi tlif ]iriilili ' iiis of maiia ciiii ' iil. tncmlu-rs imisl Ix ' iiii(lcr irail- Kilcs of acK aiiccc) so|i|ioiiiorr slaiuliii ' : with a iiiiiiiiniiin of 7.S hours atiil a radc | oliit of 2..S. or a faciilu iiicmbiT or " radualc sliuii ' iil. H " u,-. Ruth Jackson, Kfx linsdn, K.l»anl iiliiison. Mary Lmi Johnson, Robert Jones, Arthur Jones, Roy Koenig, Caroline Lattin, Victor Lori ' iniate. John Ma.unuson.Wilhur Mangels, John Mclntyre, Harry Matzke. Wni. A., Jr Minar, Anthony Mueller, Emilie Ray, Burke Reavis, Wm. Karl Saflel, Walter Smith. Howard Still, Cecil Marvin I ' hompson, Wm. — Trosper, Mary Sue Wailinder. Keith W eidkemp, Kenneth illiver, Dayton Wolf. August CuggenI Not Pictured: Barnes, Don Bauer, Wesley Buck. George Brauer, William Cheever. Eugene Colasurdo. Dominic Diltz. Edward Dixon. Raymond Douglas. Ruth Fenn. Margaret Kugate. Robert Garrett, James Goetsch, Edward Gorski, William Greenleaf. David Guthrie, ( arol Hoffman. Doris Hughes, Richard Jelusich, Pete Kuest. Irvin I.ielie. Theodore Meier, Donald Olsen, Ralph Osterle. Robert Pelto, Gail Pennock, Ray Peterson. Erik Potter, Lee Provencher, R. E. Ratti, Richard Rieketts, Donald Ringstad, Wesley Roherson, Frank Sandvick, Harry Schandle, Malcolm Sellaud. Harry Semke. Robert Smith. Richard Wilson. Eugene Winipfthelmer, Alice Woodard. Len Barnnwe. Dr. T.J.. .- ( i ■|ln i not to get a job " 65 Pan Xenia la (iiiiiitc. I.a i-rnc. President Blum, William Biivick, Norman Gil.son. Mark Ilalpern. Gerry Hatfield. Harlan Kirwin, flarrv txixP I-vden, Fremont l ' ol.l. William I ' rimoiich. Frank ,-lls. RoLert S,ott-M.-ver, Nils Slieniarya. Joshua Stiet. Robert Talnio, Donald Uziel. Manual ,V() Pir tared: Cunningham. Edward Henning, (Charles Louien, Richard Meyer, W. H. Fan Xknh is an internation- al foreign trade honorary fraternity, founded to de- velop fellowship and high scholarship in the field of international trade and is composed of students in for- eign trade or closelv allied fields. Husky Highlights Campus chest ( ! ! ! ) 66 Graduate School 67 College of Engineering i)eari Harold K. Wessnian Taii.oked to the requirements of todays busy industrial world. Washington ' s College of Engineering is tojj-grade. Students have an op|Jortunity to specialize in one of eight fields. During his first year, the student will he given " general " engineering instruction, after which he is ready to specialize. Perhaps, in other years, he ' ll be checking theory with an elec- tron microscope, or with Washington ' s new and costly 2,500.- 000-pound universal testing machine. Today the accent is on specialization. As a man of science, the student-engineer must know — and know well — the materials and power at his com- mand and how they can be made useful to mankind. The College of Engineering began its career on the Wash- ington cam|)us fifty-one years ago in Denny Hall ' s attic. When students began spilling over into Denny ' s basement, the college began its exjjansion with lower campus buildings. That expan- sion has carried through to the modern million-dollar build- ings including More Hall and " Electrical. " A far cry from the simplicity of its beginnings, the I ni- versity ' s College of Engineerit g has licconu " one of the biggest and best in the nation. 6H Aeronautical is the youngest of the well-rerognized branches of engineering. It was horn as a result of the persistent and rapidly increasing demands for highly trained men to explore unknown fields and to develop new knowledge and techniques in all aspects of aircraft design and operation. Princi]ial features of the aeronautical laboratories are the several wind tunnels, varying in size and purpose, with speeds ranging from 100 to 2,000 miles piT hour. Fred S. Eastman (right, below) is head of the department. Aeronautical In.structiun in Chemical Engineering is offered at the University by a faculty of six men who together hold some fifteen degrees from nine different universities. Study includes extensive training in industrial chemical calculations, chemical engineering unit operations, industrial chemistry, and chemical research. Daniel Bagley Hall, a large and recently con- structed building houses the lecture rooms, laboratories, shops, and a library. Shown below is Paul C. Cross, head of the department. Ch emica I All students of Civil Engineering receive basic training in highway and transportation engi- neering, hydraulic engineering, irrigation and reclamation engineering, sanitary engineering, and soil mechanics or foundation engineering. Robert B. Van Horn (below, right) is head of the department which is located in More Hall and the Hydraulics Laboratory. Pictured below is a sanitation lab in operation. Civil 69 Electrical ' rs. Slpkbvisinc a full-limr faculty of twenty-three and a part-time faiulty of ten niemlier . arraniiinj: the ciirri- n for some 175 students, and coordinating; courses in economics, liusiness law. psychology, history. h. art. and Enpilish with Electrical Enjiineering is all part of the responsihility of A. V. Eastman, head he department. Graduales are in consideralile demind l y lar;;e cM ' . ' in -erln_ ' .r« iliniiiL-hnnl the niitry. incliidin;: (leneral Eli-clric and K( A. General Thl K.NOINKI.Iil.M. SIIDI.M dues Ills I i i-!-liMiaii Vs. Ilk ill ilic dcparliiient ol Ccncral tiicincci in;;. Urn- he i counseled by a meml er of the faiulty and liy the end of the first year, he will ha e had plenty of lime to explore the requirements and opimrtiinities in the various fields of work and to intelliiiently make a choice id liis major. He will have had training in analytical thinking- and acquired familiarity with engineering infcirniation and operations. Head nl this important departmeni i- K. H. ili ii . pictured helow. Humanistic-Social I Mil K nils ui.i ' AHl MINI is ini lulled an iiilcgrated succosion of courses doigiicd to develo|i facility in comprehensive reading, in analysis of lliought, and in oral and written expression. To ensure right establish- iiieiit and proper maintenance of those skills, the courses are begun in the freshman year, and continue in unliroken sequence through the three years following, . " stuart W. Chapman (lielow I is head of this department which is intended to acquaint the cnv.ineerin sindenl with the broad niiiline of human knowledge. 1 1 ■ Bi 1 1 L - " fl Uj w 51 H n ■(, fl| Ihv 1 ( ' " J w ' ' LW 70 No OTHER BRANCH of Engineering offers employment oppnrtiinilies in siiih a wide field as does Mechanical Engineering. The department offers courses in design, construction, testing, and oper:i- tion of machinery which provide practical experience as well as classroom lectures. Pictured at the right is Bryan T. McMinn, head of the department. Mechanical Studknts of thk School of Mineral Engineering learn ahoul iron and steel production, assaying for gold, and how to measure temperatures of molten materials. With such hackground materials as this, they are qualified to enter any of the many Northwest metallurgical industries. Head of the depar ' .ment is Drury A. Pifer. Mineral m ■? s ' ' J ' a l J5r i xj m IBI The purpose of THr. Engineering Experiment Station is to aid in the industrial development of the state and nation by scientific research and by furnishing information for the solution of engineering proi)- iems. The results are then published in the form of bulletins and reports. On the right is F. Burt Farquharson, head of the department. Experiment Station 71 Engineering Open House The Civil Etifiineers left loncrete evidence that the Open House trophy had rome to EE. ( Hattenberg, R. L. Tan- ner, V . J. Siddons. ) ,950 Ol " ' " " When a thoisam) eiilhusiastic engi- neers put their heads together for a single purpose and then turn the clock to the wall, something liig can he ex- pected. Add untiring leadership and a dash of competition, and the results are likely to push the H-homh out of the headlines. Such has lieen the record of two post- war F.ngineering Ojien House exhihi- tions. (!hairnian Mike Hughes and 1949 chairman Jim (.ovinglon have set a bril- liant standard for the years to come. The engineering hat is off to them — and to the many students who contrihuled their time and their talents to the Kngi- necring ()|)en House. 72 nngtneertng Council Representing the interests of seventeen hundred lower-campus students, members of the Engineer- ing Council meet under the chair- manship of oarsman Francis Nor- ton to coordinate the activities of seven student engineering socie- ties. The council is the connecting link between the upper and lower- campus governments. Highlight of the year is the council-sponsored Engineering Open House which plays host to over 15.000 visitors in a brilliant campus display of technical achievement. Nut Pictured: Carroll, Henry Hale, Bob Hughes, Mike Irelan, Clyde Lovell, Stuart E. Professor McMinn Monahan. Joe Terrialt, George Professor Wilcox Cliffor.i 0. Roth Business Mamiger Donald R. Reightley Publicity anil Circulation Manager NurUm. Kr;uiri. Chairman Bihbins, (iaretli ( iovington, Jim Doren. (ieorge , Eastman, Jim Endiiott, Eugene Ferguson, Warren Gallagher, Robert Johnston, Ralph Kean, Wally Schmidt, Dick Schneider, Ed Summerfield. Ed Thomas, Lionel Webb, Sanford Woodhouse, George James M. Hewitt Editor-in-Chief Eugene A, Levin Managing Editor W ' arren J. Fergus Assistunt Edito W. C. Hewitt. Jr. Jack I.eFever Photography Editor Advertising Manager The W.ashington Engineer, quarterly maga- zine published by the Engineering Council of the University, has just completed its second year of publication on campus. The magazine fulfills the needs of lower campus students with articles of a technical nature dealing with Corlett, Richd. F. Crisler, Delia F. Cummins, Diane Dick, Diane Dimmer, John Douglas, Dale Keitel, Glenn King, Jo Ann Leathley. Frank Linge, Jack McLean, Bill Parent, Margaret all phases of engineering and allied studies. Through the efforts of well-qualified edi- tors and staff, the quarterly has taken its |)lace as a recognized, highly-regarded campus tradition, not only on lower campus, but even to the ste|)s of Raitt and Denny. Smith, Gordon H. Udell, Joyce Vanderspek, John Wolfe, Marion L 73 Baker, Kenneth PresiJcnl Alberts, James Allison, C Jay Baker, Thomas Blv.kert. Warnei Clark, Walter Clark, Ruby Doren, George Dvoracek, Loui; Fisher, Jack Franklin. Frederirk Fullam, Harold Groves, Donald Hauck, William Hau " en, Eugene llawtlionie, Riihl. Ilix kett. Norman Hughes. Mirhael Isaacson. Ravnioml Jack. Waller l.ihnson. Paul King. Carl Knudsen. Harolil Kopel, Richanl LeFever. John Marander. Myron Meredith, Robert Mcssrr, Paul Miller. Emniett Morris, Raymond Perry, Ronald Phoutrides. .S. A. Samuels, Robert Thomas, l.ion Tracy, John UdelLlovce Wolfe, Mario Woods, Jack Thk Ami;hica Institute or Chkmicai. Kncinkkks, founded on campus to serve its student menil)ershi|) throufjh the fellowshii) usually found in a homogeneous group, also fills in other non-aeademie K ' lps. One ol its most ini|n)rtanl fmuiions lo a sindeni enfiineer is seen in its program iii lirin inji Id (he nniversiU inleresliiit; specialists in the field of chemical en ineerinf;. Not Pictured: Arnold, Stanley Bennit. Neville Bieknell, (!harles Blake, Carl Boelter, Ed Broiilette, James Button. Edward Cam|ibell, Thomas Chong. Antonio Christianson. Alvin Cook. Marshall Corlett. Richard Cutts. Rollen Degroot. Lawrence Elgert. O. J. Evans. George (iinnett. Lewis Gruer, Edmund Hand, Howard Heitman. Joseph Hutchinson. Robert Istas, Lawrence Jones, Wayne Kalayama, eichi Kennar, George Lash. Earl l.ovell, -Stuart Mallov, W illiam .Marshall, Willliam Marshall, John Moore, Arthur Morris, Raymond Norton, Alva Otakie, ictor Pearson, John Petersen, Eugene Peterson, Donald Pigott, George Pratt, Paul Richards, John Runciman. Donald Salsbury. Douglas Schoening, Peter Sedell. Rulcher Sliimizu. Torn Siuilb, John Smith. Kenneth .Smith. Kenneth Soderburg. . rthur .Stanton. Lyman .St ' ele. Norman Tanaka. Tom Tavlor. Allan rru.-sdcll, Galen Icrv. Ilovd an( Icxe, William Werry, Arthur oung, Richard American Institute of Chemical Engineers 71 Not Pictured: Anderson, Don Anderson, Lloyd Becker, Ed Bonner, Richard Bryant, Walter Burghardt, C. R. Burstahler, Cyril Chin, Ark Clarke, PVank Coffelt, A. J. Croy, Wallace Cummins, Robert Dickson, W. B. Drawsky, Ronald Duggan, J. P. Fairbanks, W. W. Floodeel, Eldon Fridline, Wallace Funseth, K. Greathouse, Ed Habel, John Hansen, John Holderman, H. H. House, Thomas Hubbard, Harold Johnson, L. P. Klute, Kenneth LaByer,J. R. Latimer, Norval Lee, Harold Lindstrom, John Louie, Henry Luther, F. D. Major, D. W. McCullough, Floyd Miller, William Montgomery, W. J. Nelson, James Olson, Kenneth Oram. Walter Parker, Ivan Parker, L George Pearse, Robert Porter, Boyd Putnam, R. D. Qualheim, B. J. Ramsey, W. G. Ratti, Dean Robbins, K. C. Rogers, Lyle Sandusky, Charles Slyter, Louis Smith, David Soldano, N.J. Strome, Don .Supansick, Gail Swenson, Don Symons, Richard Taft, Wesley Thunem, B. R. Veldee, Roy Vermilion, Milton Walker, Donald Wells, Jack Whiting. E. M. Willet, Robert Winters, E. Woods, C. J. Wright, W. L. Young, Herbert LaCross, Leon PresidetU Allen, Richaril Bannister, R. E. Berglund. Wes Brown, D. H. Chase. William Christensen, ¥tei Clay, Richard Dow, James Edmonds, Carl Eller,Jack Fager, Earl Flynn, Patricia Haddad, Anwar Harris, Frank Hawkins, Robert Hawthorne, J. E. Hendricks, Wallai Hildebrandt, Ros, Hogan, Donald Isaac, Paul Isted, John Jartun, Kjell Jasper, J. W. Kean. Wallace Lawrence, John Lowe, William Mallory, Ted McMaster, E. R. Nelson, J. M. Newton, James Norton, Francis Peterson, Jack Price, A. I. Reed, Herbert Sato, Robert Sawhill, Roy Savikko, Elmer Seabloom, R. W. Steltz, George Stiansen, Bjorn Suzuki, J. Tang, Kenneth Therriault, G. W. Thompson, Fred Tokola, Alpo Uhlig, Glen Watts, Ray Wilder. Ronald Winter, Dennis The Civil Engineers Society has a policy of sponsoring student organizations to provide a contact between the student and the practicing engineer. Local branches are nucleus groups, primarily concerned with field trips and other activities that will give student engineers the chance to see and understand the practical problems encountered by the engineering profes- sion. Each year trips are taken to Coulee and other dams, industrial plants, sewage treatment plants and water sheds. The orsanization can be of real value to civil engineering students. American Society Civil Engineers 75 " TH m y Maur.-r. Kolly. President sp. Kmanuel Baker. Jark Brrtier. Jules BiTiilund. Roger Bo, k» .ldt. Walter Bothun. Kic ' harii Bi.M.n. V, illiam )orst, Stanley Draper, Otto Dver. RoLert Kri. kson, Robert Karrell. Romane Frederiik. Wesley Ferguson, W arren llalin, Alvin Hainniersand, Fred Johnson. Ray Johnston. Ralph Jones. Wilbur Kenoyer, Howard Kenoyer, Leon Kreekon. Nicholas Kline. John Koenig, Walter l,e in. Eugene I ' etrie, David Pollard. Ray Peterson. James I ' vle. Stoddard Ri hey. Robert Rothenbuhler. Jark Schoenman. Richard Scott. Clarence .Scott. James crniillion. Everette ernon, Everelte Ward. Herbert Vi estron. Fredrick Slialen, Michael W ilbeck. Lewis (lodhouse, George Wri bt.Willard (lunglove. Virgil Two TKCHMCAi. ORGANIZATIONS on campus e,s])ecially designed to .serve the cliaiiiieled iiilcrests in electrical engineer! iif; students are the American Institute of Kleclrical Kngineers and the Institute of Radio Engineers, liolh are the local student branches of recognized tiational professional societies. DiH ' to common interests while in school, the student branches are merged into one group wilh louunon oilicers. AIEE was chartered by the EE department December l.i. 1412. to dcNclop the interests of power students. IHE. a group concerned willi electronics and its iiulustrial application, received recognition December 17. 1017. The grou|)s are open lo all sophomores and above. Due to space limilalinns only seniors are |)ictiire l hen-. Brandenliurger, (i. Brown. Maurice Bystroni. Albin Ciiauvin. David Dannell. Paul Demasler, Louis Dixon. Joseph Hammond. EdsrI Hart. Roy Hawkins. Ernest Hewitt. James Haney. William Hunsberger, Wayne Jarvis. Burton Jensen, George Jensen, Oscar Lloyd. Harold Lomax, John Magnuson, Roy Maxwell. Roliert Meyer, .•Mien Novak, Edward Olson. John Olson. Wavne Palladino.Michac Siddons. Wilfred Silven. John Smith. Gordon Sorenson, William Stewart, .Man St rohecker, James Strom. John onTabbell. Robert anOrsdel, Kenneth No I ' itliirfil: Fickerson. Rov Hofterber. William Palmer. Phil Sando. Jack Wal.lron. Bender American Institute Electrical Engineers Institute of Radio Engineers Jk 76 Reynolds. Dean.Clui Allsiip. John Blue, William Brown, Robert Cothern, George Cowgill, Robert Evans, Kieth Galibert. David Gallaelipr, Robert Ginter, Henry Haase, Richard Holt. Donald Keeton, Donald Kolesar, Rirhard Kumasaka, Kazuo Leathley, Frank Light. Russell Mele. John Papapostolou, Constantine Rogers, Basil Smith, Willard Speaker. Ward Torgerson, Fred Wiltsie, Philip Not Pictured: Aoki, Yoshio Bach, Lester Carroll, Harry Chhabra, Sat Pal Chu, Victor DeLaVega, Eli, Cursahaney, Heman Shimizu, Akira Johson, Philip Smith, George Johnson, Clinton Kolesar. Charlie Logan, Roy Lomax, Ted Marsh, John ang, Hsun-Tiau Zeller, Rudolph.Ji Ganzer, Victor Faculty Advism Eisenhart, Robert Moyer, Albert Faupell, Lawrence Osborn, James Fisher, Robert Prouty, Raymond Gintz. John Seehafer, Don The Institute of Aeronautical Sciences is a scientific membership society, the purpose of which is to advance the art antl science of aeronautics. The student liranch is organized to lake advantage of the information disseminated by the Institute, the facilities of the Institute and to give the aero- nautical engineering student an opportunity to meet leaders in the aeronautical field through the presen- tation of s])eakers at the student branch meetings. Members of the student branch are automatically transferred to the grade of Technical Member in the parent society upon graduation. Institute of Aeronautical Sciences 77 Reis. Stanley. President Adams. ' William dolphsen. Theodore Mien. Arthur llen. Georpe Ifaer. Reid Heck. William H.ede. Ralph Berpman. Kenneth l i;:ford.Ja.k Binns. David Brown, Douglas ( arl.son, Fred Chalk. William Chandler. Russell Concannon, James Cook. Clayton Courtney. John Covinpton. James Crain. Riehard DeBolt. Hubert Detwyler, John Dimmer. John K.astman. James ? ndi(ott. Eupene llippins. Peter lliiphind. Paul Horroiks. Phillip Hunter, I). L. lohnson. Paul Kidder. William I aush. Frank l.drvick, Robert Moore. James MrGrath, Daniel Mcllraith. Jay Newton. John Nye. Howard yland. F. B. I ' aulson. Owen IVrry, Glenn IVterson, Robert I ' liwell, David I ' lipel, James lifhn. Glenn Kiley. Robert Schmidt. Richard Scolt. Georpe Smith, Ernest Snider, William Sundquist, Oscar Thwinp, James Torgerson. Frederick I ' hlip. Glen aiiiii. c, Luther W.Ml Sanford W ' 1 " . Lawrence Wci.l.ct-, Ross, Klovd Wriiilil.Jam.-s ' Vcit. Kciih X oods. Ace Wybornry. Harry Till-; STl I)K T HHWCll of lilt ' Ariicricaii Society of Mfciiaiiical Kiif;!- iieers provides the cliaiinel ( " or tlie preparioiis insliiu-ts of University students in mechanical engineering. A professional consciousness is the dotninant goal of the national organization and to this end the society s|)onsors research contests aiul invites proniiiicril nu n in tiic field to Icrtiirc lieforc ihc student hraiiciiis. ' rypical ol the services sporisord hv tlu ' sludciil iiruiuh iu. ' field Irips. weekly movies, weekly seminars. |)articii)atioi in liir iiiarniiial I nj;inccriiig Open House, and intramural sports. American Society of Mechanical Engineers 78 Russian Club Nnt Pictured: Gnagy, Walter Harper, James Henthorne, Josephine Itskoff, Jack Iverson, George Karpinski, Irene Lee, William Liao, Yu Tluirlow, Gary Lowe, Leo President Bailey, Natalie Blager, Morten Follick, Charles Harris, Frank Hughes, Beverly Morrow, Marjorie Sergev, Tatiana Stradley, Donald Thomesen, Genevra Urner, John West, Gerald Znovenko, Paul The Russian Club is designed to afford students a vivid knowledge of the language and culture of Russia. The club has Russian language films, holds a traditional Russian Christmas festival featuring Russian singing, dancing and delicacies. Lambda Kappa Sigma liphiison, Marilyn President Acteson, Ruth Benson, Evelyn laghan. Patricia adwick, Phyllis miltdii, Lnherta nlahl.Jan tuUtcl, Edith «,.l. Ruth . .,( Pictured: Kay, Marble Rirhdale, Barbara Vincent, Muriel Lambda Kappa Sigma is a national sorority for pharmacy majors created to develop char- acter through social activities. Chi chapter, University of ' ashington. was installed April, 1941. There are twenty-two chapters. 79 Far Eastern Institute Gkokge E. Taylor, pictured above, is director of the Far East- ern Institute, which is concerned with all aspects of the coun- tries of the Pacific Rim. The other jiictures are of students using soundscribers to study the Japanese language, and a jncture of a Chinese history project made in connection with student research in modern Chinese history. The College of Pharmacy boasts an extensive drug garden, plant laboratories and green houses besides laboratories and classrooms in Bagley Hall. Below is Dean Forest J. C.oodrich. The other pictures are of a jiharmacv lab. and Dean ( Goodrich, who is state chemist, examining the equipment for the study of the determination of acid and alcohol in ine. The other gentle- man is Bill Boss. Assistant State (ihemist. Dean Forest J. Gnodriih College of Pharmacy Martin, Fiedeiick, Preside Alleson, Robert Bauguess, Rohert Forslund, Vernon Frlan, John Crpijjer, Robert Geil.John Hoaglanfl, Floyd Hof;l)erg, Lester .[ackman, William Johnson, Acle Kelly, Robert Kusler, Donald Lashua, (Jyde Lindley. Henry Look. Robert Marshall. HaroUl McBride. Charles Mehaffy, Donald Milbred, Robert Miles, Hally Rirhardson, David Rirhter. George Rigby, Rodger Sidie, Alexander Simis, Aldo Snyder. Lloyd Thomson, Gerald Van de Vord, Theodore Kappa Psi The national pharmaceutical fraternity, Kappa Psi, granted a charter in 1916 to twenty pharmacy students. This group, known as the Beta Oniicron chapter, has as its aims the fostering of pharmaceutical research, high scholarship, and the improve- ment of professional standards of pharmacy. Beta Omicron chapter has reached its full strength and is ex|)aiHling its scope of activities both professionally and socially. KAPPA PSI: front row — Peter Simmons, David Richardson. Rodfier Rigby. Aldo Simi, John Christensen, Robert Kelly, Dr. A. C. Neva, fac- ulty; Dr. Miller, faculty: second row— Donald Mehaffey .Donald Kusler. William Briggs, Garland Cavanaugh, Drumniond Foster, John Krip- paehne. Robert Allison. Richard Kerr, Theodore Tan de Vord; hurk row — Frederick Martin, James Wood. Calvin Mower. William Jaekman. George Talbot, Robert Bauguess, Acle Johnson, Valdemar Hansen, Alex- ander Sidie. KAPPA PSI: ln„ , ,,.„ 1.. Lyle Clerget, James l, l;ih. Sable; second row — John Kenneth War, Clvde Allen. K, Her, Frank AKau. Harold Marshall, aniey Mclnnes, Richard (leil, William (111. Frank Jovani(h, Thomas Johnson, Frlan, Alexander Sidie, John Curry, Philip Blaknev; fmck r -i(— Kenndh Wil. ox. Frank Kamey. Robert Gei- ger, John Baker, Hally Miles. Bernard ll..o ,r, Lester Hogherg, Charles McBride, . rthur Ferris. 81 Richardson. David Vi . President Allison. Roht-rt Aril-son. Ruth AndiTson. Kdniiind Ba.if:urs-.. Kolirrl Harnhousc. X ' illis B ' l krr. Raymond m LLii. Thk UmVKHSITY ok VVashINCION slndcnl liraricli (it llii- American Pharmaceutical Associalion was cslaMislicd in 1916. one of many national hranches. I ' rimariK llic asso- ciation liepan for the advancement of |iharmac in liu- scientific and retail fields, litit the social atifrle has not heen left ont. The firoup has many social activities dur- ing; the year frosh week. (Christmas | artv. nicnic. tn-r-o- uar and a hanquet. These acli ilies plus alumni and pharmacy news are |)uhlished in the associations ■ " I ' liarm I ' horuni. " ! ' .• n on, Evelyn I ' .l.ikney, Philip I ' . .l:iic. Martha ' " ir. Klaini ' ..nnvall. Ralph l)jniplson. June Davis. Darrcll Dick, Georfie Frlan. John (ieiuer. Robert (.ell. John l.oshi), Talsuo Hamilton, l-alierta llanhy. Wayne Harford. Mary lloadand. Floyd il.iLiherj:. Lester hikawa, Joe Jacknian. William (ihnson. Aile Johnson. Marilyn Jiissila. .Martha Kat .. Jerome I amiiert. Donald ! a hiia. Clyde I .aiifer. Barliara l,a«son. Allan Liridlev. Henrv ' I ook. Robert ' I.oiiie. Alice I.vle. Gordon Martin. Fredrich Martin. Robert M. Cowan. Daniel Mehaffey. Don Messmer. Don Nitta, Thomas Perkins. Ri.hard Pii niire. Tracy Roetcisoender, John .Sarantinos, Katheren S.bmad. Robert Scid. Ruth Slialii, Bonnie . imi. Mdo SinipMin. riicinias S;iarlin , l.orraini ' S.mdsted. Edith Thomson, Gerald I veda.I.iiana W )mner. Jack Vi hitn ore, Jac pieh ri W ilkin . James iil Pii lured: le ander, Donald MIen.tJyde Al an. Frank Bar. I.a»renie Barton. (!harles Baii;;uess, Robert Bleese. erie Bo uch. Frieda Borella.Sid Bradshaw. Robert Bri;;us. William Bu kley. Harold (iavanau h. Garland Cliff. David Cornell. Richard Damascus. Jim De oun;;. Dtirav F.llis, Ray Fnrney. Robert Gehlen. ( Jiarles Ghormley. Vi ' illard Gustafson. Emery Hall. Richard Hanson. James Hans«-n. aldemar Harris, (!harles Ho liind. Lester Jensen. Wallaie Johnson. Thomas Jovano iih. Frank Karvonen. Harlev Kerr. George Kono. Marian Lee. Leo Ocheltree. Robert Odpers, John Pasche. Raymond Penny. Daniel Petty. Charles Power, James Prilchetl, John Piilsifer. Duane Ramey, Frank Richey. ( ' harles Roscoe, ( ' harles Schofield, John Sim, Stephen .Sims, David Spanjer. I ' aul Slaniih, John Stilham. Nadine Sloll. Roth .Sulli un. Georye .Sullivan. Joseph Takahashi. Eveline Isuchiva. Jai ' k Nan D.- ord. Theo. in. enl. Muriel W ard. Kcnn.lh Wilc.v.Kciinclli Wood. J B. Woo.l, James L. American Pharmaceutical Association »2 Forest Club (iiininiins. 1 atrick. Anderson, Eric Bay, Charles Bevan, Jack Casad, Ben Critchfield, Elmer Devoe, Al Fare, Glenn Halme, Glenn Hanlin, Richard Howard, Vince Johnson, Ray Krystad, Arild Leaf, Albert Lewis, Lowell Maib, Charles Martinson, Kenneth McCartney, Robert Michelotti, Fred Mills, Bob Peterson, Milo Rave, Richard Schneider, Ed Sun.merfield, Ed Tandy, Don The Forest Club aims to keep in touch with everyday prob- lems in forestry and lumbering, and with the leaders of those industries, thereby promoting unity of purpose and good fel- lowship among students and instructors. Regular meetings are held at which prominent men from Forest Service and the for- est industries speak. The Forest Club dance is held annually, and then there is the " Loggers ' Brawl " in the fall. Also intra- mural events are scheduled regularly. Caduceans An educational organization de.signed to inform and inspire members in all fields of the Health sciences. Wilson. Arthnr President Birk. Thomas Birkeland. Evelyn Born, Bernice Boyd. Emit Bryant. Imofiene ( !hand erlain. Jo Cooke. .Shirley Coulter. James Davis. John Fetty. Robert Fonkalsrud. Eric (jCss Pat (iarrelt. Mary Haba, Leonard Hampton, Karl Hanson, vonne Kan da. John Johnson. I.lovd Johnson. Robert Lawrence, Donald I. aw son. ernon I.eiblv. Helen Liltlcliehl. Barbara Loeb. Elaine Lover. Vi ' illiam M older. John Okano. Robert I ' aiMilchis. Helen Olmsted. Pamela l ' altis(in. Patricia Peck. JoAnne Porter. Bonnv Posner. Jerry Proctor. Doris Rofioway. Jack Schuler, . nne Stone. Dorothy Stone, Vi ' esley Swanson. Betty Wanamaker. Robert Wolfe. William Wood. Thomas 83 College of Education Thk College of Edi cation |)re|)ares student? to enter ]»o, i- tions as teachers, principals, and professors after graduation. Shown above is Edward Bechthold interviewing a prospec- tive teacher. Below is a picture of the education library. Here in the Northwest, tiie possibility of job placement after graduation is exceedingly good for the forestry major. There are positions with the Forest Service, logging com- panies and indiislrics related to forestrv and forest products. Dran Conlon 1). MarckvM.illi College of Forestry 84 Hniri.ll. DcMiiia I ' lrsidrnl Althoff, Betty Anileison, Betty Riittinelli. Fiankie Hra.ll.-v. Kdna Bra... I. K.litli Brown, Viola Bungay, Joan Campbell, Sheila De Spain, Irene Dysart, Dixie Feola. Norina Gale, Beverly Gallaher. Elizabeth Harrison, Beatrice llorkct. Frani ' es lliiMtiri iton. Vi ian Jaikson, Evelyn James, Shirley Lou Jansen, Cathy Johnson, Phyllis Jylha, Margaret Kistler, Mary Korte, Betty Matsusawa, June MiBurnie. Joan Miller, Marie Mitchell, Joan Morisset, Carolyn Pitzen, Ruth Pritchard, Shirley Reekie, Elagrace Rieck. Charlotte Roos, Elaine Sawyer, Barbara Stave, Norma Stover, Jo Anne Simondson, A. M. Taylor, Edith Teller, Sally Ward, Patricia Yule, Valerie Zinke, Diane Not Pictured: Baba, Margaret Blackburn, C. Bradford, Mildred Cowan, Frances Cottrill, Imogene Eppink, Henrietta Erickson, Shirley Floyd, Myrtle Freese, Marianna Fruits, Dorothy Gustin, Eleanor Haney, Donna Hannaford, Shirley Hardke, Barbara Hopkins, Audrey King, Dorothy Moor, Doris Nakamura, Laura Pearson, Eleanor Rattray, Helen Warfield, Bonnie Wright, Priscilla Wise, Frances Young, Alison Thi; Dki.ta Chai ' Tkr of Alpha Tau Delta was organized on campus in 19a6 and installed by Dr. Kdith Bryan, founder of Alpha Tau Delta. The membership is made u|) of stu- dents from cam|)iis and student nurses from the Swedish and Harborview divisions. Alpha Tau Delta 85 Schools of Medicine .lanirs W. IhiNilariil Dean K.luaid 1.. I ' l I ' lcsidfiit Allen an,] Dean Njulr ol .Nui h,;;, I ,li,. Ii .,1 I ' liaNna. . limps ol Dentistry, and Turner of Mediiine watch tiovernor I nj;lie lay llie eornerstone at the dedication of the Health Sciences Riiililin . A BRIGHT ITiTlKE is the oiiliook i ' or the .School ol Medicine. W itli the icceiitK liiiislied Healtli Sciences Huilditig conlaiiiiiiL ' a(iininistrali e ollices. lecture rooiii . Ial» and a iilirarv: with the |)romise of more ina;s to lie liuilt and the addition of a 50()-lied teaching and research hos|)ilal. besides nearly $. ' 00,000 in gifts and grants for research work, the school is at last realizing the dream it has cherished for many years. This s|)ring the first class will have been graduated and the pioneer groundwork will have been laid for the eventual admission of . ' 00 undergraduates and l. (l to 200 graduate students |ier year. The School of Medicine coordinates its instrnclion uilli llii- Dentistry. Pharmacy and Nurs- ing Schools, as well as offering fourteen de|iartnients uhich include anatoiin. snrgerv. pediat- rics, microbiology and psychiatrv. as well as |)hysiologv. public lieallli and |iliarinacologv. K6 Dentistry The College ok Dentistry is busily expanding its pro gram and taking advantage of the modern new class rooms and clinics provided in the Health Sciences Build ing. Two years of pre-dental study are required first and then students admitted to the school are offered clinical and didactic instruction including o ral surgery, ortho- dontia, pedodontia. oral diagnosis, and prosthetic den- tistry or dentures. Graduate study in orthodontics and pedodontics and dental hybienics are offered too. At the end of the full four-year course, students are given a degree of Doctor of Dental Surgery. « ' Dean Elizabeth .Sterling .Soiile Assistant Dean Mary Tsihuilin For more than twentv-five years young women entering the University have been able to study for a career in nursing. Two years ago the school became the only state school in the nation to be accredited by the National League of Nursing Education and the National Organization for Public Health Nursing. This accreditation entitles the student to enter any first level position in nursing after completing her college course. Elizabeth Sterling Soule is dean of the school. She is assisted by Mary Tschudin. Assistant Dean. Students have a fine opportunity to put their learning to while still in class. The .school offers cadet training at Harhorview Hospital, and Swedish Hospital. After graduation, the studetits may go into actual .service in these two hospitals. Also they are trained at Children ' s Orthopedic Hos- pital. Doctors ' Hospital. Firland Sanitarium. Northern Sttae Hospital, and Western State Hospital. Nursing 87 ROTC () KK A THOLSAM) graduates of the L ' liiversity of Washington have been commissioned in the regular and reserve components of the I nited States . a y and Marine Cor|)s since the inception of the Naval Reserve Officers " Training Corps Unit at the University in 1926. Proud of the role it has played in assisting to safeguard our nation ' s heritage from foreign aggression in the past, the R()T(] Unit of the I niversity is confident that by intensifying its close identification with miiversitv scholastic standards and cultural ideals it will continue to provide the Navy with the highest type of officer perosnnel. Under the HoUoway Plan, designed to supplement the Naval Academy as a means of |)rocuring naval officers, graduates of the NKOT(] may earn commissions in the Regular Navy. Naval Reserve, Supply Corps. Supply Cor])s Reserve. Civil Engineering Corps. Civil Engineering Corps Reserve. Marine Corps, or Marine Corps Reserve. Although presently located in the Good Roads Ruilding. the NROTC Unit looks forward to celebrating its Silver Anniversary on the campus by the occupancy of new quarters in Clark Hall, which is in the process of receiving extensive alteralioiis. An integral ])art of the University for a half-century, the Army Reserve Officer ' s Training Corps is part of the daliy campus life of nearly 1,200 students in all the academic departments. Sensitive to the needs of a modern defensive force, the Army ROTC here provides officer training for students in six branches of the service: Infantry, Artillery. Engineers. Quartermaster Corps. Transportation Corps and Medical Corps. During the first year of training, instruction is given in military organization, map and aerial ])hotograph study, leadership and drill. In addition, there are about ninety hours a year of study in specialized sub- jects pertaining to Army ROTC. Graduates who have an (lUlstaMiling niilitar and scholastic record tnay earn a commission in the regular army or air force. Other graduates may elect to go on a competitive tour of duty, not in excess of two years. Regular army commissions are given to the ones picked by army selection jioards. These graduates, as reserve or regular Army officers, will provide an important part of ground force leadership in anv future conflict, as as so effectively demonstrated in combat during World Wars 1 and 11. Ai-THOiGii the United States Air Eorce has maintained an Air Force ROTC Unit at the I ' niversily of Washington since 1947. the school year 1919-1950 marked llie iiitiiHliictlnri ol the Department of Air Science on a co-equal statM uilh the (le|iarlnieiil of Military and Naval Science. (!oiuses in Admiiiistralion-Su|)ply and Aircraft Maintenance Engineer- irij;. leading lo eoininissions in the USAE Reserve on a non-flying status. ueic iilfered to over one hundred juniors and seniors. More than fi e liiniiired basic studenl ( fre binen and sophomores I were ollered such subjects as organization ol liie National Military Establishment, aerody- namics, navigation and nieleoKilogy. Jmiiors and seniors, in addition to liieir |ie(ialized courses, studied Personnel Management and Teaching Methods. Eighty seniors recei e(l commissions throughout the year. Oulslandiiig cMnl- dming the school year included field trips for Air ROTC Cadets to r.(Miiig Aircraft Company in the fall quarter and l Me- (ihord Ail I ' ciiee liase during the spring (piaitei. The -iliiinl ear a cliniaxed b) the Governor ' s Day ceremony on Jniie 1. I ' Till. uhen tlie entire ROTC contingents of all three .services passed in review before the governor and state and university officials. iMujor Douglas W. Spuwn 88 The National Society of Scabbard and Blade is an honorary organization of Army, Navy and Air Force upper-division cadets and midshipmen on each of over one hundred campuses. Members are selected on the basis of academic achievement, military leadership and the recommendations of their respective commanding officers. Applicants must be in the ujjper third of their military class and must have qualities of leadership, integrity and honesty. On the so- cial side. Scabbard and Blade held a dance for members and guests February 17th. and sponsored the annual Cadet Ball at the Fort Lawton Officers " Club April 7th. Wrhh. Sailfeinl C.umnunulrr I Im inn, James, ,s . ,(. I lawforil. William, if ' u .(. Ilililjpi-t, Bernard, ht Sal. l,.linson, Ncls. ' . .a U.vvey, Wayne, 0).C7er c llailford, I.oren, Pledge Tr. Allison, C. Jay iii|prson. Dale n icrs()n. P arl VndfrsdM. Ki-mii-lh n-l,-. llrrlM-rl Bayard. William li.M-stn)m, l)„nald Hfmliarilt. William Hmkwoldt, Waller Boren, .Samuel Browning, Bnire (Carpenter, Archie riieney, William I ..les, Alan I Iran, (lordnn Densliam, John I)enson, Elev Dewey, Wil Mam Kader, Ronald Khorall, William F.ndieott. Irvin I. rant. Howard lla|,py.John llenehman, John Hibson, Leo Horsfall.John Hunter, Charles Johnson, Guy Johnson, Rockne Jones. Kenneth Kahler, Robert Keeney, Frank Lambert. Donald Misener, Jack .Mulder, John Newton, Jack Pliska, William Reis. Stanley Ronald, Robert Russ, Jack Sawyer, John Strandberg, .Arthur Thompson. Glenn ' est, Robert Whisman, Walter Williams. Royer Williams, Ross Backstrom, Major B. H. (leismann. Lt. G., Aihixur James. Major R. B. Advisor Sot Pictured: Applestone. Allen .Armitafie. Thomas Blessing, William Degsinger, Charles DeLong. Charles Gosslee. Norman I.indstrom, Roland Parkinson, Joseph Pigott, George Riley, William .Shifrin. Franklin Smith, Richard Trafton, Berl Scabbard and Blade 89 Inkantkv — The oldest of the six Army branches represented on the campus is the infantry, known as the ■■( ueen of Hattles. " Three combat eterans inspect a heavy machinegun. From left to right they are James A. Klein. Houston M. Myers and Archie K. Carpenter. ANTiAiKCK tT Aktii.i.kkv Kxaniin- ing a 9(l-mm. anti-aircraft gun are the following advanced students: M. T. Palmer. W . C. Lindblad. (;. L. I ' .olland. K. (;. Hlomster. T. W. Conk- lin. L. i:. Radford. D. R. Richk..ff. I. K. I ' .iidicoll. R. K. Haui;eii. J. H. Ciirley. 1). H. l)re«. Major Hert H. Backstrom instructs. Engineers — Captain Frank W . Rhea describes construction of a model bridge to future officers of the hard- working and hard-fighting Corps of Kngiiieers. ( ' adets are: H. I,. Steph- etis. K. (). Burrows. B. A. Traflon. G. M. Pigolt. and John C. Horsfall. fft mHm ( 1 auti:kma.sti.h (Johps i ' our futuK officers who will one day be chargci with supplying ihc troops look oxci a model warehouse willi ihcir in structors: Louis .Sicrribcrg. Army Sgl Filch, William addinglon. (!harliv Johnson. Jack I ' roclor and Lt. V.o Rob.Tl I,. Sriv l«T. ri NSI ' l)KT TI()N CoKl ' S Their joii I- U Miiive troops and su|i|ilies over laud .iiu inland water. Three cadets prepare li operate a " ] " boat al ()ccanographi( dock: Jack R. Slorrs. Dale M. nilcrsoi am! Paul ( ). ilkciisoii. Mkdicai. Coups Newest .Army branch represented on the campus is the Medical Corps. The cadel at work in a Uicdical science laboratorv are: (ilidon N. Bcall. William B. Baker and Robert F. Bri.l;:. ' . 90 Air Rote 91 Compass and Chart „ I ' iriun;!: ()ls„n. V. ,S|i,-|,i,anl. |{. 1., Supply Graduates , - yO Bauns ard, P. E. Blerk. R. (;. Ciif ini. A. Dewey. W. I). Eckmann. J. I,. Ilurlmel. 1). E. K.crMV. Y. W. Wa.ldell. 11. I.. Williams, H. 1 ' . Marine Graduates I ii infiton. J. F. PrcsiJvnl Ha.h. L. E. Hail.G. L. Ho.kwnldl. W. II. Hi « ler.J.I,. ( avanu. ' . J. W . Dirk, R. S. Dnison, B. F. Foster, I). T. Cerhardt, (;..!. (iriffin, I). C. Line Grads k s (!(iMi ' ss i) CiixKT. rir.-i MiOTC fra- ternity, was founded in 1926. Member- ship, now as then, is open to midship- men who fulfill high mental and moral standards as set by the U.S. .Navy. Com- |)ass and ( hart. traditionally navy- liound. parallels many romantic customs and traditions. The popular Ring Dance is held each spring. .Another poi ular formal is the Sword Dance. Miniature suords carry out a nautical theme. Other acli ities include the spring ini- tiation. Helm and Halyard, sailing chii . the liinmwlc. navy glee club and all intramural sports. Members are also |)r()ininenl in campus and varsilv ath- Iclic activities. Most midshipmen are recjuired to serve two years active duty in the Navv. the Supply Corps. Marine Corps. Line or ( " F.( ' . Others will enter the ranks of ihc " Weekend Warriors. " .■Ml will form the alumni class of 1050 and will join some ()(l(l (Compass and Chart alums scattered over the world. 92 Compass and Chart h Class Allison, C.J. Anderson, C. I.. Anderson, K. N. Ant;lp, H. G. Berdan. I). G. • Cdinirk. R. P. UfllOT Doll, R.N. Fuller., I. R. Frant. G. K. Frant, H. M. Haekett, I). 1 ' . Happy, J. H. Hihson, L. A. Holman, D. R. .jolinson. G. 1). .lolmson. R. }1. Krippaehne. .1. . Levvi.s. J. I). MeBurney, W. J. McCoy. R. B. MeQuinn. D. E. Meade, P. R. Milbrad, R. L. Morellato, T.J. Nanevifz, S. J. Owen, A. K. Peak, D. E. Not Pictuml: Armitafie, T. K. Ause, O. L. Browning, B. E. Carlson, J. H. Haugerud, A. R. Hendershot, T. R. Hunter, C. W. Jones, K. D. King, G. K. Lindstrom, R. N. McLaren, D. B. Mulder, J. R. Myers, T. L. Pierce, L. F. Plimier, D. T. Staff Officers Russ, J. E. Strandberg. A. F. Walsh, J. E. Williams, R. I.. Board of Control Staff Assistants ll 1 ' 1 b i »r! ' : , - BOARD OF CONTROl,: seated (left row. bark t.i In.iiti ■Du. " .Sienier. Harry . ankey. R. H. Dickinson. Diiane Peak; (right row, back to (ront i Dave Miscock. Dick .Matson. Jay Jones, Don McQuinn, Bill Kirkman. Jack Walsh; standing — Jim Covington, president. STAFF OFFICERS: seated — Captain C. D. Emory, Commander A. K. Tyree; standing— .Major L. G. Ditta. I.t. A. H. Jerbert, Lt. F. A. Butler. I.t. j.g. B. Wright. I.t. Minnick. I.t. G. Gcismann. .STAFF ASSISTANTS: back— BMC (;. II. .S|„nc: () 1C ( ;. J. Kozd l. BMC T. P. Henrlkson. T.Sgt. J. Kolesar. SKC ( .. I.. Piigli. .SOC H. M. M( ( Jcnaban ; front — VN2 C. V. Walling, FCI. C. E. Fields, (IMl.SS T. C. Southern. 93 Compass and Chart Sophomore Class g Tun i--. II. M. W e r. J. A. Whilmor. ' . D. J. ■i -itri. O. E. MI2 Joliiini i-9. C W. Jones. D. M. Ki-lncr. R. W. Kinecry. D. F.. Kirkman. W. J. Kn.ori. W. D. l.oki-n. D. L. Lough. J. A. Lviiian. H. £. Mancll.y. W.J. MatMin. E. E. MiCuno. J. I). Middl. ' kauir. R. Miller, . . R. Miller, P. Mil ,J. W. Nielsen. R. F. Nordhoff. .K. E. Odernint. V. D. Olson. R. G. Perkins. R. L. Rupp, C. L. Russell. D. J. Shsw, A. L. Sherry. R. A. Siemer. H . Sot Pictureti Belleman. C. W. Bishop. D. M. Close. P. D. Colby. D. A. Duckerine. D. W. Farnsworlh. C. VT. Collolon. A. f. Graham. R. H. Hawes. D. W. Heno(. J. A. Hesch, D. J. Johnston. J. I. Jorsenson. J. D. Laflin. .M. F.. .Malsan. R. L. Millar. C. .Moe. R. K. Moss. D. W. .Nielsen. T. H. Olson. J. G. Porosky. M. H. Pound. C. Sarcenl. J. R. Slale. D. M. Sniilh. I). W. Smith. J. C. Slemiuisl. 1). R. Sutherland. J. A. Tanner. J. W. Thoniet.. F. M. Tiniberlake, W. Wilbum. R. D. Glee Club Binnacle Staff (;i.KK ( I.I II: horn lanii ' s W Juck Walsh, rtmdu.lor: Imck K Quinn, I ' aul Clo§e, Wayne Ucwrv 1 l, ( „ I-. J.ihi llll;iln M. Ituill. I ' oMli.,..,! l, HINN.M I K s| 1|.; ...iir.l 11. I„ M.Oiiiim, .■.lilm : lirls. W. S. liuloi. 1. I . M .-.s. 1). !•;. IViik, . KiiiliiN Cimccr. H. N I ' lii ' lnn, H. 1.. Mulson. .A. K, Nortllioff. nn: Iw. k W. 1. 94 Freshman Class Compass and Chart ■%:■ ■- • • ' W ' - ' ▼•• f! -f . FRESHMAN CLASS: hack row—1. A. Williamson, W. S. Taylor, F. N. Bieslich, H. A. Cowman. 1), B. Cliff. 1). M. Waldorf, 1). I. .1. A. Heinz, W. F. Hiirlbut, J. V. Wilson, W. .1. Cummings, W. M. Conner, H. W. Sankey, K. B. K,,vs, A. Kinlays.m; jnmt row — Lovf, G. 0. Williams. P. E, Gallasher, K. B. .lefferts, J. A. Whitberk, M. A. Werfel, W. W. Champion, R. H. Liikens. S. Nrisun. I). L. Dunran, V. .1. NotPirtureil: Glauner, D. G. Nelson, R. E. Ahrescia, L. Gwilym, H. H. Niemala, W. D. Andersen, E. J. Halverson, R. K. OT)onnell,T. F Boye. R. G. Heminger, M. V, Phelan, B. N. Briggs, I. C. Hillyard, G. L. Postma,J.W. Butler, J. K. Holland, V.K. Pritchard, G. G. Canup, P. C. Jangard, D. A. Randolph, P. L. Carter, J. G. Jones, M. E. Ranken,J.A. Claar, K. M. Jones, W. A. Ro.strom, R. W. Coate.s, E. E. Kinkade, E. D. Theriault, R. R. (!opeland, I). G. Kinnear.l.F., G. G. Crystal, M. H. Lannint;. G. R. Wiley, S. R. Dankenbring, G. G. Loschen. R. T. Winther,G.A. Emiliano, M. Lytle, D. E. Wiprud, G. C. Fahringer, R. C. Morehouse, C. W. FROSH PLEDGING CEREMONY RIFLE CHAMPIONS ,r«.f.,.fi RIFLE TEA.M: II. A. Colbv. T.I.. Mv.-r R. S. Ditk, T. A. Williams K. B. . lcCov, 95 |)Mhl in..lnlin l ' r,si,l,;it ri ilrrs()n. K. J. Ilnrrii. Saimn ' l l!r;ikke. Arnold Hiirlien, Kayiniiml Cook. Kcimins. Clare ( i.-,s. Robert KIm. rail. William K.k. Charles K.l-ers. Kol.ert (iarilner. Edwin (ireen. Elmer llat;;;l)loom. Paul Hyde. James Johnson. NiJs Kahler. Rohert kern. Alhert Kelly. Eufii ' ne Kin;;. Charles Knvshinoff, Boris Maiev. James Miller. Owen Nerland. .Siciart I ' inter. Henry I ' liska, William Rirhardson, David Skelton. Cliff .Snder, Norris Swartz. Howard rhiimpson. C.leii ' Idnkin. James Walker. erii Walther. Noel Wehh. Sanfor.l Wilkinson. Ceor e Miller. Major Danfo .l,ll, n, 11. rnold. I AK i l PirliireJ: Horen. I ' hillip l)o{;f:etl. Rohert Dixon. William Enjiland. Dean Kerdfilia, William Johnston, C.ilhert l.antz. David I ' atlerson, Oria .Siedhand. Melvin lanner. W illiam Arnold Society Sgi mw l!l nl lln- uuliujiul Arnulil Socicly was cslali- lislied Dti rampiis in March of 1 ' )! ' ). Naini ' d lor Goiu-ral Arnold, one of tlu nations champions of air power, the sociclv is open to iJU ' inluMs of the Air l{()Tl " enrolled in upper (li isiipii courses of the reserve. The clnh proxides a social iiackfiround and fraternal organization for men who will liecome olticers in the air reserve. .Semiweeklv nieelinus arc held at uliich speakers and films of interest 111 llic iiM ' tnlicr- appear. SQUADRON 96 Honoraries Classes Greeks Independent Living Groups Ba»; . ; •3-: v T 1 MM vJMfe n l ii nt Honoraries Editor: Pat Folsom 97 Brock Adams Faculty Medalists Huth Tucker Pellori, junior medali l. is a M S|iaiiisii major in Arts and Sciences. Hulii is also seirclary ol I ' lii Sifima Iota, and a memluT of Homantic Language honorary. S])anisii and Italian clujjs. A senior this year, Huth |)lans to take graduate work and then teach foreign languages. (ialvin D. Thimsen. witnier of both sophomore and junior scholarship medals in one year, is a 4.0 vet in mathematics. Arts and Sciences. His honoraries include I ' hi Beta Kapjia. Sigma Xi. I ' i Mu K|)silon and Zeta Mu Tau. Calvin is the father of ' ■ ' sr)ns. 10. 1 and 1 years-old. and hesidcs his studies he manages io lie active in ( x Scouts vvork vvilli his oldest son. Janet Louise Kithian. 1.0 psviliology major and sr)|ihomore medalist, supjtorts herself lOO ' l while all ' iiding school liy working in the lilirary and |)sy- chology department. Janet is a junior and memher of Sigma Kpsilon Sigma and (iamma I ' hi Heta. She plans to he a medical secietarv upon her gradualion. Janet I ' .lcrie JoIj. l.H sophdtnorc incdallsl. is a major in elementary educalion. She is a rnrmlier ol Sigma i ' .psiloM Sigma and ( )rgarii alions AsscmhU represen- tative for Kappa Alpha Tlieta. Janet plans to teach the first grade when she graduates. Presidenfs Medalist BROCK ADAMS. ASL ' Vt president last year, was presented ilie Presidents Medal at commencement. June I ' J 19. in recognition as the graduating .senior who had maintained the highest record o er the four years of his undergraduate course at the University of Vi ash- ington. Adams set an accumulative grade point of 3.97. An economics major under Arts and Sciences, . dams was named faculty medalist in 19 IM as higliest-ranking junior and in 1947 as top sophomore. He was awarded a high scholarship certificate his freshman year with a 1.0 grade point. Adams entered the I niversit) in 1944 from Broadway High School. He spent two vears in the Naw and returned to college in 1946. at present he is attending Harvard Law School. Outstanding not oidy scholastically hut also in activities, his hon- ors include: ASl W |)resident. 1919: ]ireside!it of Pacific Student Body Associations of Pacific (!oast: Phi Beta Kappa: Purjde .Shield: Oval Club, and Fir Tree. He was president of his fresh 1944 and ASLW vice-president in 1911- ' .. man class in 98 High Scholarship Not Pictured: Juniors : Anderson, John Back, Leonard Badten. Norljert Beall, Gildon Britton.Willard (lanipliell, Byron Denney, Donald Furno, Orlando Gess, Jerrold Hallman, Theodore Harting, Darrell Lasater, Jasper Mai-kliet, Vernald M(,ri;;in, Cluirlotte I ' ahni ' r, John Petersen, (Charles Rochlitz, Imre Schweitzer, Robert Spaulding, Wallace Thompson, James Tracy, Joan Whitely, William Wortman, Richard Yorks, Samuel Vniinc, Dulcie Juniors : Hcrjjstrom, Harold DcHon. George Knglish. Jane Kithian. Kohert Garhart. Ralph Hawthorn. Rohert Hewitt, James Johnston, Ral|ih Jones. Arthui ' Lane, Lyle LaRussn, Domini Lund, Ronald Mackliet, Cleon Norton, Francis Novack, Edward Reeder, Carolyn I laines, Roger l.aRusso, Dominic Keinelt, Herbert Wells, Dorothy Ann I ' rcslinien: Dement, William Krickson, Robert Heggie. Leslie IcIiiUawa. Elsuko Kistler, Mary Miller, Alfred Oliver, Kathleen Ouinn, Georgia liahv. Bruce Sahoe. Don Srivdcr. Eluisc Stephens. Donald Certificate Winners Not Picture J: Sophomores : Aakcrvik, Martin Basfonl. Robert Cannady. Dale Dawson. Josephine Dolslad. Harold Edwards, Clarence Ilolcomb, Dayis Johnson, Don Pedersen, Gordon Pruter, .Alonzo Ray, LaVerne Rimlinger, Gaston Rochlitz, Imre Rowe, ( " eorge .Shield, John .Staley. Dean Wells. Dorothy Freshmen : Astell.Zelda Bates. James Benoil. John Brenchlev, Ben Engler. Elwood Games, Jack Goard, Williard Gordon. James Grover, James Hoard. Donald Johnson. Earle Johnson. Warren Kcserii h. Charles King. Vi illiam Kirkham. Lawrence Lennstroni. (Charles Livingston. Ronald l.owlher. Lawrenci ' Norgord, Carl Olson. Delfred Prichard. Kenneth Reeves. Ri hard Replogle.John Rimliniger. Gaston Stowe. Barbara Takano. James Tsukui. Robert ickery, Michael Wagner, John 99 Honors List, 1948-1949 Undergraduate Honors Freshmen Aakervik. Martin Ahraiiis. Maria Alhadeff, Betty Andersen. Lorraine Barj er, John Bates, James Bloomer, Donna Born, Bern ire Bourne, Sliirlie Brand, Tina Brenehley, Ben Browne, (!lair Bryant. Imojirne Carlo, Delores (Jeveland. Kirliard Cottier, .Shirley Crow, William Oawson, Donald Dement, William Engler, Khvood H)ri(kson, Harold Kriekson, Kohert Fox, Marion Games, Jack (iellerman. Dianne (;oard, Willard (Gordon, James Graves, Frances Grover, James Gunderson, I.ois Ilc(;f;ic, l..-slic IhrMrom, Bohert Hoard. Donald l.hikawa, Ktsnko Jitodai, ' I ' l-d Johnson, Karle Joseph, Harriet Keserich. Charles Kini!. William Kirkhani, Laurence Kroetch, Frank Kumasaka, iikio Lc inc. Sidney l.ockcr. Sliirlcv Mi.idlekaull. Itoherl Mill.T, Alfred Norheru, Louis Olason, Victor Oliver, Kalhli-i ' n I ' alrick. Adrian rcltihonc. Car d I ' olicar, .Susan Prichard, Kenneth Arls and Sciences Quinn. Georf;ia Kaliy. Bruce Beeves. Richard Kendall. Doris Bimliniier. Gaston Sahoe. Don Seeley. Richard .Shelton. Gloria Smith. Virf-inia Snyder. Eloise .Stowe, Barhara Takano. James I ' hiel. .Shirley Thomsen. Kali)h Tinkey. Marilyn Tsukui. Roher ' t Urner, John Viikery. Michael Warner. Mary West. Kenneth arhorouirh, Alice Sophomores Aakervik, Martin A I den, Alfred Anderson. Rosier Bailey, Ruthe Barker, Philli|. Basford, Roliert Bemis. .Suzanne Brown. Ramon Camphel l, Kniil Carey. Thomas Crahs.Jack Cruickshank. IMiilip Dew.-v. Wdl.Mrii Dun;:. William Kdwards. Clarence Kklund. Rita Finder, Elizalieth Fithian, Janet (rcllcrmann, Nancy Gellermann. William llansl. ' r.John Hoar, Rosali, ' Jasmin. Margie Jet.r, Mihon Jol,, Janet La Rnsso. Dominic l.-l ., larilvn l ' . ' lci .. ' n. ;oi.lon I ' cllon. llaroM I ' erko. Margaret I ' riiter, Alonzo Ray, La Verne Reilley, Carol Reinelt, Herbert Rimlinp;er, Gaston Rosenzweig, James Sager. John .Shield, John .Staley, Dean Thimsen, Calvin Weaver, Donna Wellings, .Sefton Wells, Dorothy Willis. Shirley Juniors Anacker. Rohert Beall.Gildon Benton, I ' aul Bleakney, Thomas Brown, Jack Calene, John Carlson, Eric ( ashman, Ben (!heney, George (!ohn. .Sarale Crimmin, Williur Dawson, Clayton English, Jane Fithian. Robert Fujioka, George Furno. Orlando ( reen. Barbara Harlow. Francis Harnisli, Alan Lslitzer. Norman Jacobson. Beverly Lane, l.vic La Riisso. Domini. ' Lund. Ronald Lyden. Fremont Lyon. Jaci|ueline Macklicl.Cleon Mey.r.J.iyce loyer. Homer Palmer, .lohn I ' rrrv, Dallis Radford. Loren Rci-der. ( iarolyn Ryan, Edwanl .Sackman. .Shirli-y .Samson, Werm-r Scribner. Edward Sliichl. J.din Skaislcn. Arlin Smith. Jiidson .Smyth, I ' hilip Solliday, Ethel Spauldinp, Wallace Stastny, Charles Stenson, George Swift, Wayne Tartre, Joanne Thimsen, Calvin Weston, Thomas York, James Yorks, Samuel Young, Dulcie Seniors Adams, Broekman Anderson, Adolph .Anderson, Carlyn Baudin, Philip (!aples, Barbara Cashman, Barbara ( ' ashman. Ben Duell, Gwendolyn Eberharl. Dec Fedor. Elizabeth Ferguson. Alan Flint, Victor Ginsey. Denver Harnish, .Alan Holm. Oscar Hudson, Frank Jameson, Margaret Julian. Ji ' an Kennewick. Richard Kilburn. Pi-lcr Kobbi ' ivik. Karl Koiip. Ferilinand Lantos, Thomas Lawton, Nancy Love, Nadine Alartin, John Myers, Arlo Parker, Gorilon Pitcher, Tom Pope, Lester Power, James R.doff. Joy.e Ryan. Edwanl Sip... K d.erl .Skokan. Otto Smyth, Philip Tannir. Bruce Thornton. I .cnore cal. ' h. H. ' Icn W.ber. Lau ' i.l tork. Jame s Orks, ,Suniuei Business Administration Freshmen Barber, William Fedash, Sophie O ' Conner, Robert Replogle, John Stedham, Virginia Teigh, Mary Sophomores Blatz, Carl Evans, Betty Haines, Roger Rochlilz, Imre Selioennauer, .AKreil Sinclair, Warren Treibel, Wallace Juniors Borgstrom, Harold Britton, Vi ' illard Croy, Lu Willa De Bon, George Drei.s, Mildred Gess.Jerrold Keeney, Frank Maekliet, Vernald Miller, Norman Nor.l, Eri.- 0|i|)erman, John Palmer, James Petersen, Donald Rochlitz, Imre .Sihoennauer, Alfreil Thompson. J ami ' s Whitely. William Seniors Britton. Willur.l Brunei, Burrie ( ' llthill, James Fidton, Jaik Ges.s, JerroM King, Mary Messing, Waller Myers, William Oppernian. John .Sabin. rnobl Stief. I, EnieM Wasser, idma Whitelv. William 100 Education Freshmen Astell.Zelda Lovvther, Lawreiu-e Norpord, Carl Ridder, Robert Sophomores Aunes. Helen Hoyle, Ruth Johnson, Don Thompson, Charles Juniors Badten, Norhert En{;lund, Roy Havill, Marilyn Holland. Mignonette Johnson, Bonnevieve Mayrand, Karyl Tracy, Joan Seniors Lanphere, Loren Stein, Robert Engineeriiifi Fresh mm Benoit, John Day, Richard Dulin, Lee Hainmer, Kenneth Johnson, Warren Lennstrom, Charles Livingston, Ronald Lon;;, Chester Lorentzen, Bob Mills, William Nielsen, Thomas Olson, Delfred Smith, Jerome Stephens, Donald Thorsten, Carl Wagner, John Sophomores Brown, Daniel Detwyler. John Franklin, Frederick Katayama, Terry Lennstrom, Charles Montan.Donabl Olson, Waviie I ' eterson. Knbert How.-, William Juniors Back, Leonard Bonner, Richard C!arlson, Dale Hallman, Theodore Handler. Harry Harting, Darrell Hawthorn, Robert Johnston, Ralph Kline, John Miovski, Louie Norton, Francis Novack, Edward Olson, Wayne Qualheim, Bastian Scott, James Silven, John Vermilion, Everette Seniors Back, Leonard Hanks. Robert Baufib. Knbcrl Uraman, James Harrison. Ilouanl Miller, Harvey Nece, Ronald Rodman. Robert Streater, August Thon, William Tupper. Howard Forestry Freshmen .Stephens. Paul Wagar.Jobn Law S ' e( nd ) ear Locke. Jo Ann Nursing Sophomore Moor. Doris Junior lluMtiii;itcin. ' i ian Senior Balm, Margaret Pharmacy Freshmen Harford, Mary Kalo. Zenicbi I ' aua. (;uido Sophomore l..,llic. Alice Dentistry First } ear .Smith. Neil Seeond 1 ear Vaughn. John Baccalaureate Honors, June, 1949 Summa Cum Luude Adams, Brockman Julian, Jean Robin Streater, August LeRoy Magna Cum Laude Anderson. Adolph Vernon Anderson, Carlyn Frederick Back, Leonard Arnold Barrett, June Opal Baudin, Philip Ramon Baugh, Robert Harold Braman. James d ' Orma Brinsfield, Shirley Delonas Britton, Willard Price Brunei, Barrie Pirk Campbell. Robert Eugene Cashman. Ben Clancy. William Emmett, Jr. Cook, Marshall Wayne Cuthill, James Masfarlane Darvill, Fred Thomas Denker, Arthur Oilman Diers, Paul Anton Duel], Gwendolyn Eberhart, Defle Richard Elder, Blair Randall Erikson. Jay Arthur Fedor. E lizabeth Joan Flint, Victor Paul Frue, Howard Francis Fulton, Jack Bruce Furno, Orlando Frederick Hadlev, Roy Thorleif Handlin, Irving Harnish. Alan Harrison. Howard Lent Hiebert, Richard David Holm, Oscar William, Jr. Horn, Willis Barton Hudson, Frank Peter Hunt, John Kane, Harry Joseph Kenyon, Bruce Allen Kilburn, Peter Carleton King. Mary Elsie Kobbervig, Karl Irving Kumm, Lorraine Lanphere, Loren Dale Larson, Robert Richard Lawton. Nancy Elizabeth Lomax, Clarence Wayman Luft, John Herman Martin, Joanne Vass Martin, John Watson Mayer, Nadine Louise Messing, Walter S. Miller. Harvey Lincoln, Jr. Myers. Arlo Kenneth Nece, Ronald Elliott Nielsen. Norma Kathleen Nollmeyer. Edward Max Olson. Roger Leslie Opperman. John C. Pitcher, Tom Stephen Pope, Lester Enos, Jr. Risley. Mabel Palange Robinson, David Kay Roloff, Joyce Elaine Sabin, Arnold Evans Schmidt, Robert Henry E. Schweitzer, Robert Berton Sipe, Robert John Skokan. Otto Roland Smyth, Philip Nie Solomon, George Edward Soule. Donald Marion Stiefel, Ernest Rafael Tanner, Bruce Mansfield Thornton, Lenore Eileen Veatch, Helen Cora Wasser, Velma Lois West, Theodore Clinton Whitely, William Ellsworth Williams, Roger Lawrence orks, Samuel . . Cum Laude Ackley. Norman Blaine Ahlquist. Norman Ekrolli Anderson, Effie Irene Anderson, Marvin William Armstrong, Janet Ann Barney. Patricia Ruth Barnum, Walter Keith Bartholomew. Donald Wavne Bell. Walter Reid Bergh. Martha June Bitar, Alexander Paul Black, Donald John Blankinship. John Douglas Brewer. Lee Allen Bridge, Robert Eugene Brown. William Dixon Buck, James Harold Caples, Barbara Ann Chan, Warren Chittinanda, Chalerm Clark, Myra Lee Corwin, Rudolph Evo Custer, Lois Marjorie Dawson, Warren Roliert Dean, Kenneth Ray Devine, James Dawson Donovan, Clifton Floyd Doren, George Albert Dow, Betty Leona Downing, John Richard Dunn, John Edward Dyer, John Davis Elmer, Glenn David Ferguson, Alan Blakely Fisher, Sol Fitterer, Mary Lou Flower, Margaret Lorraine Flyg, William Theodore Garvin, Mary Jane Gates, William Henry Gess. Jerrold Porter Godfrey, Thomas Goodfellow, Robert William Gordon, Marietta Elizabeth Brass, Richard Burton Graves, Charles Robert Hager, Wallace Burton Hardman, Richard Lynden Hazlett, Herman Henry Henry, Kenneth Albin Heitzman, Robert Edward Hill.Harley A. Holder, Donald Robert Holter, Howard E. Home, Jean Lois Howard, Aileen Ann Hyer, Richard Bryan Tcenhower, Paul Lester Jameson, Margaret E. Johnson, Elsie Wilbebniiia Kane, Henry Anthonv Kennewick. Richard Emi! Kleinman, Shirley Rickles Knechtel, Earl Dennis Kolstad, Janet Gilbert Koop, Ferdinand William Kretzler, Jarry Hamlin. Jr. Lambert. Roy Eugene Lantos. Roy Eugene Larimer. Robert elson Lawton. Jean Marie Lee. June Handeland Lee, Stanley Oliver McComas, Robert Hoadlev McGuinness, Dolores Adarc Magaw. Kathryn Lois Marquardt. Mary Lou .Michel, Genevieve Ann Mitchell, David Charles Monaghan, Ralph ernon Moon, Argyle James Moseley, Spencer Altemont Nelson. Russell Paul Nessly. William Francis Newland. John Hamilton Ninomiya, Calvin Nollmeyer. Edward Max Ochs. Florian . nton O ' Hearne, Isobel Anne Olds, William Arthur Oles, Stuart Gregory Olson, Leonard Andrew Orlob, Gerald Thorwald Parsons, Theran Duane Pass, Bertram Ronald Paige. Gene F. Parker. Gordon Paulsen, David Frederick, Jr. Power, James Wayne Ralph, Jesse Clyde Rama, Leighton Clark Rathbone, Patricia Jean Regal, Laurence Davis Reindel. Grace Loraine Rieke, Luvern Victor Robinson. John Franklin Roddy. Thomas Roch Rodman. Robert Emmet Rush, Margaret Kreide Ryan. Edward Everett Salisbury. Eugene Sato. John Hidemitsu Seelhoff, Norman Kirby Sekijima, Haruto Sherwood, George Edgar Silver, Ester Ernestine Simons, Eva Ruth M. Smith, Barbara Joanne Squire, Kdalice Marjorie Stange, Irene Ida Stanton, Antoinette Margaret Steffens, George Paul Stave. Kenneth Victor Steiginan. June Claire Stiles. Vernon Everett Swift. John Da id Swinehart, Ralph Henry Tamada, Henry Shiyoso Tanigiu hi. Theodore Tetsuo Thon. William Thorlakson. Delores Anne Titus, John Warren Van Krevelen. Keith O. Wall. Robert Edgar. Jr. Waniiik. James Shuman W ilicr. Laurel .Ann Wi ' llciu. Lawrence T. Welzbarger, Elmer Dale York, James Orison m L nM • y 8 101 ( f The RKQi IKEMKNT for im ' riiliei lii| in tliis national pre-meiliciiie lion- orary are 75 lioiirs of premed work with a srafli " point of 3.01. ,il I ' ll liin l)(Hinlas,(;.-orne Kiimasakc, ukio I. avion, Richard l.ovell. Norman Nixon. John Ovprtiirf. Wesley IVarson, Koger .Sunde, .Arthur Wiseblatt.Sandford Mines. Harold Advisor .Slenlierp. Osbom. President Akivama. James Alden. .Alfred .Anderson. .Arthur Anderson. Kenneth An-le. HerlM-rtC.Jr. Balleu. Donald Bloomstroni. .All ert Cooke. .Shirley .Ann (!ral tree. Rol ert Dun . illiam (irieff. Marvin Haa ik. .Arne llartui):. James Horita. Aki llourlum. Oris Kanda. John Konj;. (.lenn Paul l-arsen, Marion Overlurf. Glen Petersen. Walter Reinelt. Herhert She[iler. Jark Sidell.Alvin Skalley. Thomas Smith, Mackenzie Sos.s, Siedell Strandberg, .Arthur Thelin, Gordon Zai ' krison, Ronald Alpha Epsilon Delta The nation. l honor.ary for women in chem- istry chooses members from women who have had i O hours of chemistry, and who have a grade point of 3.2 in chemistry and .3.0 in other subjects. Iota Sigma Pi finances two annual scholarships i)y sponsoring a large- scale lab apron sale at the beginning of each quarter. Edwards. Tl»-.„l,„ I ' n-sidcnt a M •Donald, Rosa Ma. Viif-iiresiilvnl L ml. ■r,. hirlc cretury Andrew...! .Si 7 .- i.siif, Mrmlwrs: A;;ar, Hilda Ford. Lillian Scully, Lois Allan, Barbara Greef, Frances Short, Zella Anderson, Margaret Harrison, Florence Softky, Don-.- 1 May Bell, Mary Holmes, (!arol .Sfiargo, I ' hvll s Bessernian, Marion Julian, Jean .Stc«arl. D.iri- Cleveland, Doris Keigcr,(;eral.line . Ici.ling.T, M uioM IJorpat, Klarese Larson. Alarion Tunirr, MiM. •d Kaston, Ina I.Mj uc. ImiI,- IM.ll, loN.r Iota Sigma Pi 102 NonI, Kric. I ' r,-sl,!v„t Berglipger, Wilmer Blatz, Carl Bluecliel, June Borfistmm. Harold Bowman, Jack Brock. William Cope, Kenneth Croy, I.nWilla DeBon, George Dickey, William Dunning, Earl Garhart, Ralph Haines, Roaer HatfielJ, Harlan Hogg, Marilyn Johnson, Walter Keeney, Frank Mclntyre, Harry Miller, Norman Miyake, Peggy Moyer, Homer Palmer, James Peterson, Donald Pratt, Vernon Shipley, Samuel Skidmore, del Smith, Vern Treihel, Wallace Zier, Vernon Not Pictured: Dixon, Raymond Evans, Betty Eyerdam. John Goetsch, Edward Gove, Barbara Hatfield, Allen Martin, Robert Middleton. Alfred Osterle, Robert Replogle, John Rochlitz, Imre Rowe, George Russell, Myron Schoennauer, Alfred Sinclair, Warren Spaulding, Allen Thompson, James Tomita, Satoshi Varney, Bernard Top HOiVORS for majors in Bu.siness Ad- ministration or Economics is membership in Beta Gamma Sigma, national scholastic honorary The highest ten per cent of the senior class and the top two per cent of the juniors are eligible for membership. A miniminn grdae jioint of H.? is required. i Beta Gamma Sigma 103 Ji i ' i ' iiscti. Koliert Kaldal. James Kohinson. Civile. Advisor McCarthy, Charles McGovern. Vt ' iiliam Palmer. I ' liilli|i Samijson. Hichaid Soriano, Max ' alter. Bruce A ' o Pill II red: Hatieii. Hicliard. President Fol M)Kl) IN 1907. FlH Tkkk is an organization, llie eicclion to uliich confers a reward for services rendered the University l v undergrad- uates in athletics, debate, journalism and other worthy student activi- ties. To dislinguisli Kir Tree from other organizations, its purpose is not In serve the University as a body, but rather to designate those ulio have alrcadv shown unselfish dcvntinn and service to Vi ' ash- i n li I o n . To make it essentially a Washington societv. membership is lim- ited Id undergraduate stndenis who have taken all their college work at this university. Tin- 11 r Inc was chosen as an emblem because it is particularly indigeMiMi Id diir slate and reaches its greatest height and liixuriousncss ulicn groun frdin llic bcgirmirig in unc place, sMironiided iiy its fellous. Fir Tree 104 Kai Andersiin, Wiiiil ' icd Davis, Marianne Finn, Paulini ' Oe ' iliTTnann. Nancv I. Iloyt, Klaine .lolinson, Phyllis Nakaniura, Toshi Sliiinaya, Mal)el Niil I ' irliireii: Mil Kai, Lily Scholastic art honorary. Lamlula l lio recognizes out- standing women art majors. Its purpose is to promote an interest in fine arts and to elevate art standards. New members are chosen from among women with a grade point of over 3.0 and who have completed five quarters of college work. Recommendations must come from the Art faculty. Lambda Rho Not Pictured: Boulton, Barbara ullock, Peggy Carter, Florence Conley, Carol Durst, Norma Fapp, Jean Hamilton, Henrietta Haynes, Elna Hunt, Patricia Martinelli, Jean Moynikan, Patriiia Nilson, Marie. Prrsitlrnt Baker, Joan Balmer, Betty Bliss, Dawn Bowman, D:)rotliy Deacon, Jo Anne C-utschmidt, Evelyn Hoar, Rosalie Hoover, Nancy Inrk.-r. Shirlev Marshall, Delores Mttialle. MarvJane Mrtiill. Edilli ' Miller, Patricia Modahl, Donna els„n. Ardelle . III,,. II. Klizalu-lh I ' rirls,,,,. Jani.ic I ' l-rku, Marf arct Kingman, Diana Sackman, .Shirlev Moravek, Anka .Marie Kays, Katie Sears, Norma Tarve. Marian Sorenson. Alice, Fui iillv OuT.STWDiNc. musical performance and high scholarship identify members of this national women ' s music honorary. Junior women with a grade jjoint of 3.01 and who are outstanding in musical performance arc eligihlc for member- shii). Mu Phi Epsilon 105 Langer. Helen. Prrsident Bjork, Amy Dahl, Monica Hollanij. MiiinonHte Holm. Bc-.ty Husk insun, E.lsie Els Ivarsson. Solveig Joslin. Frances Knudson, Helen I.uvera, Phyllis Maxwell, Mary Poolton, Martha Powers. Margaret Proctor. Patricia Tartre, Joanne Trueblood, Janet Weeks, Delores Advisors: Mrs. Raynuinil B. Al Miss Ellen Waters Miss Wanda Broilie Whitehead. Barbara In 1910 THK CLUB that later hecame Mortar Board was organized as Tolo (Hull. In 1925 it was admitted into Mortar Board, a national service honorary now on 78 cam|)uses. as Tolo. the thirteenth chapter. Mortar Board sponsors the Tolo dance that hase hecoine an animal tra- dition at ashiMi- ' ton. It also gixes a yearly s(h(ilarshi|p to the sophomore and junior women that most iicarK iiil- fill Mortar Hoard ideals. Members are chosen during their junior year from coeds picked as outstanding in service, leadership and scholarship. A grade point three- tenths of a point ahove the campus average is reipiired. Mcmiiers arc lapped in the tradilimial cercMioiix each spring anil picilucs wear caps ami ;jinMi oji caiiipu lii|- one (lav. Mortar Board 106 .Stearns. Duiis. ' ( Boyer, Dorothy Covvell, I ' atriria Fonrnier. Ellen I ' ddlton. Manila Rowe, Lois Rulien, Barbara Scott, Betty Steven.son, Bettv Nut Pictured: Bergh. Martha Jameson. Marf;aret Perkins, Beverly Since its establishmiiNT on this campus in 1922. Onii- cron Nu. Home Economics honorary, has heen honoiing 12 per cent of the seinor women and 8 per cent of the junior women in that department. Its members are chosen from those showing outstanding leadershi]) and ability. The purpose of Omicron Nu is to promote scholarship, leadership and research: to further the world-wide move- ment of Home Economics. Omicron Nu Carls.. n. Kuth Marie President Allan, Barbara Flower, Lorraine Hodges, Ernestine Huntington, Vivian Johnson. Phyllis Johnson, Olive Maxwell, Mary Moonev. Lola Nordale. Marilyr Tulfln;;er. Enid Members of this national women s education honorary have shown a professional interest in their chos- en field and have an accumulative grade point of 3.0. In order to be eligible women must have earned at least seven credits in education and have been in residence at the University two of nine quarters. utP,. lured: (,(ill. lar Anderson. Astrid Hayden, Alice Anionsen, Nanna Ba.klund, Evelyn Heiherg, Malvina Hoffman. Kathryn ' I oun. love. Margaret Baionovirh.Altamae Hunt. Patricia Batie. Harriett Jameson, Margaret Benedirt. Thelma Jamison, Laura Beeni, Helen Jenks, Elizabeth Betz, Betty Johnson, Pauline (laniphell, Joan Johnson. Virginia O ' Hare, Kathleen Sundberg. Pauline ( iowan, Frances Leahy, Kathleen Olson, Alberta Tschudin, Mary Dressier, Marguerite loughlen, .■Vmie Ordal, Gladys Tracy. .loan Durlee, Andrea Mackenzie. (Jennvall Pearce, Bari)ara Vopni. SvMa Durvvay, Nan Mail), Frances Pelz, Freda Waldron. Helen Felton, Virginia Maughan, Lorraine .S.henck. Carol Wilt .. Kuth Fiedler, Modean McAdams, Laura .Smith. Harriette Woogerd. Kuth Floyd, Myrtle Lee Mor.ison, Ellen S.mle. Elizabeth Wybourn. Marjory Cilison. Fern Murray, B. Louise .St e enson. Betty Wood, .Marianne TOI Pi Lambda Theta 107 Ilraney, Georpe I ' resiJeni Aiiilett, John Kehnki-. Joliii Borrson, Stan Burke. Jack Buvii ' k. Norman CooiMT. JoM ' ph (!o in ton, jiin Kislier. Frrd Foster, Jim Gilison. John Hardman. Wah llrnsey. Jark Hewitt. Jim Hoff. Ernest Johnson. Roger Kletsrh, Chui-k Klukis, Al Koenig, Laird l.andon. Don I jrherg. Don l.iidwigs, Howard Macgougan, D ' nny Mallor) ' . Jim M( Arthur. W. Thad McCarthy, (iharles Mcdredy, (!larenie Mcrgens. Jim Morgan, llrn Mucklestone. Boh Newton. Jack Norton. Francis Oliver. Fhnd Olson, (!huck Pahiier. I hil I ' rcchcck. John Haauni. ( " »n ' -Ia Kehn. Bruce Rohinson. Bill Rosenzueig, Jim .Sampson, Dick .Scholz. William ,Seth,Jack .Stanley, Sam .Stein. Ernie Tohiason, alt Westlund. Warren Williams, Ross Wilson, l!huck Young, Boh Zema, Gene OvAi. (j.i li is the ii|)|ici(lassim ' ti ' s a(li ilv liiiiiorary. otily qtiaiilicatioii is .service lo llie liiixersity of Washiiifiton. Formed in 1907. the clul) has preserved ihe traditions, the ideal.s. and the liistorv of the University. Members are selected l)y the active chapter from junior men, usually, whose academic records ha e heen ahove avcra};e. and who have shown coiitiruiiiif; interest in some phase or | of undergraduate University activity. .- Pi, lured: Arneson. Hal Brewer. I ' hil Brimmer, Andy Burnett. Bill Grevelinig, Joe Draper, Ed Gates. Bill Johnson, Rod Luke, Wing Makus, Jack Nygreen. iMen ' ickery, Dong White, .Sammy v rol - Oval Club 108 Fall 1949 Student initiates. . . Requirk.mknts: Grade point of 3.5 for 160 hours of which 115 were earned at U. W., or 3.7 for 135 hours, all earned at the U. W.. and who ()ass a general culture test. Blt ' akney, Thomas Da»son, Clayl IiitnsriK ( alv in Initiates not pictured: Anderson, John Buck, J. H. Cheney, George Denney, Donald Harting, Darrell Rochlitz, Imre Scribner, Erward Stenson, George Avtiie chapter officers 1949-SII: Edward G. I.ingafelter, )re.v(Wen( Frank G. Williston, vice-president Ruth H. Gershevsky, secretary Lauren M. Walker, treasurer Herschel L. Roman, council member William E. Wilson, council member Active Members: Anderson, Arthur G., Jr. Anderson, Helen Cornelia Anderson, Sylvia Anderson, Victoria Avann, Sherwin Ballantine, John Barksdale, Julian Beal, Maude Beaumont, Dr. Ross Benham, Allen Bostetter, Edward Buechel, Henry Burns, Harry Cady, George Chapman, Stuart Cohen, Joseph Cole, Kenneth Colton, Agnes Cornu, Donald Cramlet, Clyde Creel, Wilhelniine Cross, Harry Curtis, Elizabeth Dauben, Hyp Joseph, Jr. Davis, Merrell Denny, Grace Densmore, Harvey Dohie, Edith Draper, Edgar Duffy, Lucille Eby, Edwin Edwards, Allen Engle, Nathanael Esper, Erwin Frost, Vernon Fuller, Richard Garber, David Geballe, Ronald Gellerman, Mildred Gershevsky, Ruth Gilchrist, Madeline Green, Milton Gregory, Homer Griffith, Dudley Guthrie, Edwin Hall, Amy Haller, Mary Hammarlund, Edwin Harrison, Joseph Heatlie, Roland Hemenway, Isabel Henderson, Joseph Hensley, Mercedes Hilen, Andrew Holt,W. Stuli Howell, Erie Irvine, Demar Jacobsen, Theodore Jensen, Helen Jerbert, A. R. Johnson, Walter Kastner, Ethel Katz, Solomon Kincaid, Trevor Kinscella, Hazel Lauer, Edward Lewis, Laurel Fang-kuei, Li Lingafelter, Edward Lorig, Arthur MacDonald, Catherine Melden, A. Irving Mund, Vernon Nelson, Everett Nilsen, Sylvia Nottelman, R. H. Parker, Marion Penington, Ruth Piatt, Virginia Powers, Dean Francis Rader, Melvin Ray, Dixy Read, William Risegari, Eilene Rivenburgh, Viola Roller, Julius Roman, Herschel Rupp, Natalie Sauerlander, Annemarie Schniid, Calvin Shefelman, Harold Sheldon, Charles Shih. Vincent Yu-chunfi Simpson, Lurline Skinner, Macy Smith, Bernice Stevens, Edwin Stuntz, Daniel Thayer, Ralph Thompson, Wilda Thomson, David Ulbrickson, Alvin Vickner, Edwin Walker, Lauren Walters, Margaret Weaver, Charles Wentworth, Lois Whittlesey, Walter Wilkie. Richard Williston. Frank Wilson, Clotilde Wilson. William C.E. WiU„n. iiilIiamR. Winger, R. M. Winslow, Arthur Woolston, Howard Yaai. Funiio Zillman. Lawrence Zuckerman. Herbert i:A OBK Phi Beta Kappa 109 Im)| M)i:i) in 1925. the So(ifi ol ilu- l ' iii|ilc Sliiulil lias f iiiiclioncd oil campus as the uiutpiclass incii s activity and scholastic honorary, (iorresjionding to the uomeiTs W Key. the orfiaiiization honors those men in their first two years of college rank ahove the averaf- ' e scholasti- callv and still find time lo actively |)artici|)ale in ASIIW activities. Menilierslii|i is ii :i|i|il iciilioii liiriii ihc fall ;in(l s|)riiig of each vear. Men { less than ' )(! hours and a u ' rade a erage of 2.67 iitli a VO one (jiiailer. plus active participation in camjius activities are elijiilile for mem- liership Emanuels, Don President Anderson, Ken Burklund, Stan rherl erg, C lyde Clarke. Sam Cole, Ken l)eilK-no«. Jules l onald.son. Jack Englert. Jack Ent;lish, Mike Erikson. Bu.l Kerv. John Grant, Howard Griffin. An Griffin. Tren Hale. Rol»rt Hall. John Hop|)er. ( lare Horn. Kay Johnson. Donald Johnson. Rofier Lurks, Bill Meyer, Roper Morford, Jim Murklestone. Boh N ' ollan, Fred 0 " Brien, James Ot)onnell,Ja k Piper. John Peterson, Jim Peterson, Wall Pufiniire, Harold Quicksla.l. Bol) Radeke. Dirk Reinelt. Herb Ridder. Robert Rosenzweig. Jim Sager. John Salmon. Peter Smith. Mac Strandherg. Art Thompson, (ihurk Thoreson. Don Timberlake, Vi ' avne I n.riikson, Al ' anlaningham, G Walker. Dirk Whitner. Bruie Wood. Dave Yamada. Harry . iil I ' ll lured: liaiihohney. Don Canipliell, Jack ( laikf. Sliiiut Enoihs. Diianr lluhbard.John Matson. Kirhanl Michael, Mike Purple Shield 110 Lashua, Clyde. President Bernhoft, Riidolpli Bishop. Kohcrt Frlan. Jciliii Hoaiiland. Floyd Kat .. .leronie Kuslor, Donald Lam, Viola Louie. Alice Martin, Robert Netta, Thoma.s Ricliardsoii, l)a id Seid, Ruth Simp.son, Thomas Swartz, Gloria E. Tonder, Paul Wagner, .lark Wood. KutliSti.ll Not Pietured: .iVIvau, Frank Biekmore, Joy Christensen. John Clergett, Lyie Damascus. James Erickson, John Foster, Drummond Tonder, Paul Cehlan, Charles Kerr. Richard Mower, Calvin R. Sherman, Eruin Simmons, Peter Theriault, Richard Vincent, Muriel Wilcox, Kenneth White, Lowell Dr. L. W. Risins: F iitilt Adriso The itrpose of Rho Chi is to ( ' irther the ideals of ])harmacy and promote high scholarship. The requirements are a 3.0 grade average and junior standing in pharmacy. The honorary ' s activities include an annual banquet and initiation, and monthly meetings of a cultural nature. Rho Chi Meml,ei.s: Alhadeff, Betty Anderson, Lorraine . stell, Zelda Joan Bailey. Ruthe Barney. Patricia Bjork, Amy Bloomer, Donna Born, Bernice Brand, Tina Brooke. Joan Browne. Joan Bryant, Imogene Carlo, Delores CarLson, Loretta Cottier, .Shirley Eklund, Janice English, Jane Evanson, Nedra Fedash. Sophie Finger, Elizabeth Finn, Dorcas Fithian, Janet Gellermann, Diane Graves, Elizabeth Harford, Mary Heitzman. Joyce Hogg. Marilyn Holland, Mignonette Jacobson, Beverly Job, Janet Joseph. Harriet Locke. Jo.Anne Louie, Alice Madison, Barbara McCarthy, Clair Neubert, Elizabeth Pettibone. Carol Pnlicar, Susan Reilley, Carol Roe, Anita Simpson, Patricia Smith, Virginia Snyder, Eloise Stanton, Antoinette .Stedham, Virginia .Stowe, Barbara Takahasi, Irene Tartre, Joanne Teigh, Mary I ee Thiel, Shirley Warner, Mary Jane Weaver, Donna Weeks, Dolores Wells, Dorothy Yarborough, Alice Zener, Gail Willis. Shirley, President Hoar, Ro.salie. Secretary Keister. Patricia, Treasurer HickoN. Carolyn, Historian Millis. Linda. ire-president Ki.KCTioN TO Sigma EIpsii.on Sigma is the highest aca- demic honor for freshman women on campus. A • ' grade average for more than 45 credits is required for membership. Members serve as hostesses at the presi- dent ' s tea in the fall for outstanding freshmen. F.ach s|)ring thev sponsor a Silver Tea to honor girls with a high academic record and outstanding career women. Annually the honorary presents a scholarship to the freshman woman with the most outstanding scholastic record. Sigma Epsilon Sigma 111 OlTSTANDlNC ACHIEVEMENT ill fields of scientific reisearch identify members of Sisjma Xi. national science honorary. Asso- ciate members are seniors or graduates who. besides having iiigh sciiolastic stand- ing, have been nominated by two full mem- bers, passed on by an electoral board and elected bv the membership. Full member- ship involves publication of research. i ' rvs,dii,l Members — Spring ' 49: Chaml)ers, Vrlma Cliipps, H. Davis Hill Jr.. William Neva. Arnold Ricker. Walter Tanner, Robert Tsao, Daniel Associates : Anselm, Courtenay Back, Leonaril Baldwin, Benjamin Beck. Theodore Berglund, Rof;er Blood, Howard Braman Jr., James Chang, Cheng-Hsiu Chen, Hsing Chittinanda, Chalerm Chu, Wen-Hwa Clifford, Douglas Cole, Henry Crosby, Coburn Dean, Kenneth Berglund, Roger Bleakney. Thomas Blue. William (jannon. Joan Detwyler, John Domandich, Anthony Doren, (ieorge Fritz, Betty Haase, Richard Hammersand, Fred Herrman, Art Johnson, Paul Johnson, Ray Johnston, Ralph Kenr)yer, Leon Kline. John I.omax, John Miller, Emmett Miller. Allen Minor, Dean Minor, Don Nelson, Richar.l Newton. Jack Norton. Franco Nova.k. E.J.. ' cs , c Phonlrides, Arislides Prather, .Sam Radford. I. oren .Sfoit, Jumes Silven.John .Sparks, lianr-e Sp ' nier, Lillian ' I ' himsen, ( iaUin Vannice, I.ulher Vermillion, Kverr-llc I „ , -,„, s , ,V„ DotvJr.. Ralph Orlob, (;erald Downing. John Osborn, James Elmer, (;ienn Osborne, Allan Feliietta. incent Palmer. Philip (;ii k, Robert PastelLJohn (loheen, David Penning, John (Jordon.l.vle Pitcher, Tom llarland, lames Prindle, James Ilarri on. Howard Rama, I.eighton Harrison, MeU in Reaville. Eric Harting. Darrell Roberts, Norman Holder, Donald Rodman, Robert Hornbeck, Robert Rowse, Robert Hu, Ling-wen Sandstrom. Wavne Knapp, Russell Saxton, Walter l.atourette, Haroldl Selfridge. John Lauber, Shirley Shain, Irving Leach, Paul Skjell)reia, Lars Lindell, Frank Smallwood. Herbert Linquist. Robert Stine. Howard Miller Jr.. Harvey Tapay, Harold Murphy. Stanley Taylor, Louisa Myrvik. Quentin Torrence, Gerard Nece, Ronald Wall Jr., Robert Nishitani, James Wang, Alexander Wilson, Lewis Wilson. Ri. hard Wu, Tze .Sun Members F(iir49: Boguslavsky. Boris Faubert Jr.. Edward Kirchheimer. Waldemar Poole. H. Cordon Shuck Jr.. (lordon ' l ii ing. Allan Associates : Bleakney, Thomas Carlson, Dale Cheng, Henry Chow, Tung-Whei Chun, Ke-.Sang Corbett, John DeHollander, William Elder, Blair Gardiner, John Haddad, Anwar Hammersand, Fred Haney. William Hunt, John Johnson, Howard Kenoyer, Leon Kline. John Liang. Hsiao-Tien , Loo, Tsu Tao Mark, Richard Miovski. Louis Nakamiira. Kenjiro Nelson. Kurt Norton. Francis Prather. Samuel Qualheini. Bastion RawlingsJr., Flovd Reed, John Rolbiw. John Schoenman. Richard Scott. CfCorge .Shaw. Horace .Shen. Chia Short. Rolierl .Silven. John .Sirken. Monroe Smith, Wayne .Snider, William Thimsen. (!alvin Tingey, Fred Turner, Jay ermillion. Everelle Vi eingarten Jr.. Harrv W hiteley. Helen W biting. James ang. Hsun oung, Herbert oungman, Edward u, Pao Chuan Sigma Xi - Nomination to Mi:.Mlii,iiSiiU ' in liii niideigradnalc niallirmalics honorary is based up( character rc |uirenu ' nls and an ac( iinnilativc grade point above :?.() |)lus an above 3.0 iti inatics courses anil llic coniplclion of lun (piarlers of calcnins. in general all mallie- Zeta Mu Ta u 112 Norton. Francis President Berglund, Roger Bisford.Ja.k Blue, William Bothiin, Richanl Brown, Harvey Button, Edwani Carlson, Dale ( otliern, Georsie Cowgill, William Crosby, Col)urn Detwyler, Jolin Dorst. Stanley Evans. Allen Gallagher, Eugene, Richard Haddad, . ' Vnwar Hammersand, Fred Haney, William Hawthorne, Roherl Herrman, Arthur Hewitt, Martin Hoglund, Paul Isaac, Paul Johnson, Paul Kenoyer. Leon Koenig, Walter Kline, John Kumasaka, Kazuo Lomax, John Lowe, Wilher Meyer, Allen Miovski, Louie Novak, Edward Ol.son, Wayne Palmer, Phillip Phoutrides. A. Prather. .S. A. Pugel, James Riley, Robert Rollow, John Rothenbuhler, Jack Scott, George Scott, James Shoenman, Richard Silven, John Skoglun, Merrin Smith. Gordon Snider, William Sparks, Ranee Therriault, George Vermilion, Everette Webb, Sanford Westrom, Frederick Not PiriureJ: Bank, Robert Bonner, Richard Buckingham, W. 11. Chin, Ark Chong, Antonio Cook, Lawrence Cox, James Dore, James Evans, George Fickeisen, Frank Grisell, Charles Gudger, Jack Hallman, Theodore Harting, Dareli Katayama. Terry 1 W ' p ' Blniiii 1 III 1 Kolesar. Charles Laws. James Maguire. lames Miles, John Montgomery, W. Nakamiira, Kenjiro Noland, Lyie Pastell, John Peter.sen, Eugene Qualheim, Bastian Ralston, Charles Ratti, Dean Scuitto, Thomas Stanton. Lyman Symons. Richard Weingarten. Harry Election to T. u Bet. Fi, nalioiial engineering honor society, identifies undergraduates and alumni of high scholarshi]) and exemplary character who have shown promise in research. An accumulative grade average of 3.2 for seniors and 3.6 for juniors is required. Tau Beta Pi was founded in 1H S5 at Lehigh University. Alpha chapter on campus, now one of 72 chapters, was founded in 1912. It s kc . the Bent, has typified Tau Beta Pi " s original imr- pose to become an active an polcnl force among undergraduate engineers. Tau Beta Pi 113 l{Mliins(in, B.n.Tl fri ' sidenl Bacr, Patricia Bigeluu. F-ilrcn Bjork. Amy Boyer, Dorothy Burmasler, Riitlir (!iiniins, ( jiria Dalil, Monica liilLr. B.-itrir.- Cr,!,,!. lliilland. MifinotH-tle Holm. Betty Holt. Joanne lliiskinson. Elsie Ivarsson. Solveis; loliM-on. Ann loslin, Francis Kiiuclsnn. Helen l.arif;cr. Helen l„max. Marsiic l.iivcra. Phyllis Mueller. Emily Mnlvey, Ann Parker, lacntieline I ' .inltnn. Martha I ' cuers, Margaret Proctor, Patricia Raniaker, Nancy Reeder. Ardene -Shiiltz. INane Tart re. Joanne Triielilood, Janet iele. Barliara Weeks. l)elor.-s Whitehea.l. Barliara A()( Pirlurfil: Bent lev, Anne ToTKM ( j.l 1! was fouiuicil ill 19.)2 1(1 i i ' roiofiiiilio;! to a wider jiroup of uoiiien leaders lliaii had lieeii done in tlie past. It was ihou ' lil that there was a need for an u|)| er(lass women ' s aclivily honorary, similar lo the () al Cluli lur men. Coeds are la|)|)ed lurin}. ' the sprinj; ol ihrir jiiiiiir vcar li piese.itation of a miniature totem pole (liniii;j class. Kadi ear llie !iih sponsors Soiil ' and Stifit Ni ' dil and joi ' ilh spoMsdis ilic Ijcui- ors Han()uel. Totem Club 114 U„ ,i,mU. k is.l ' rfsl,lrni Not Pictured: Bovee, Grace Goff, Margie Anderson, (ie Baker, .loan Brace. Barluir Carl ja,-,|u.-lin,. Cavin, Ann Clawson, Mary Ann (lleveland, Mary .lo Gocliranc. Marv .lane Davis, Marianne Frankland, Nanii Gellerman, Diane Gilhreath. Iris Gordon, .loanne Graham. Nancy Graves, Frances Giinderson, Lois Hickox, Carolyn Latimer, Betty Lee, Nancy Lemieux, Mary Lindgren, Audrey MeCorkle, .lane Metz, Marilyn Miller, Kay Miller, Patiicia Newton, Nancy Olson, Jarine 0.sten, Ann Price, Kathleen Raport, Timmie Schemer, Sue Spring, Sally Stowe, Barbara Thorpe, Muriel Tucker, Phyllis Whitham, Dianne Wiley, .loyi ' e Wilkeson. .Shirley Willis, Shirley Witt. Temple Zener, Gail ' y -«fe The W-Key Emblem has been symljolic of loyalty and service on campus since the honorary began in 19. ' 33. Coeds are chosen from every phase of cami)us activities and to be pledged a girl must have a minimum of 28 academic credits with a 2.5 grade average. Members are active through ibe second quarter of their junior year. W Key 115 Husky Highlights Honors Banquet CI a sses Editor: Helen Anderson 117 IfWl c Graduate Abies, TlioiiiUH I„ ( Ill-Ill iMrv I ' lii Kai.|.a IM Ball, Tboma .S. P v,hol..s:v (hil ' lii Allen, MurKiirel J. 1 .Uar.l M. Knini.iiii.s (hi ()iii. ' ;:a KM;:li li Aiulerson, MuriUn J. Ilistoiv MlillaOimrroM I ' i Barr, !Neal M. l.le.,,j.% Delia liisiliin Arlliur, ChiirlesI). I ' nliti. al Siii-nci- n.ha lii ilmi Belden, Arvold VS ' . l ' syrliolo};y Kaird, John E. lr|.-Mn,l,. N Itainii ' i Mall Bosley, Anita M. I ' hysiial Eiliiealion Ka|i|ia Delta l{ .ii.liaril. J..I111 N. 1 )raina H.ifiir CaMn, Roberta Kiliiraliiin Syiiailel|.hi Kowslur, Kobe:! S. Matli.nialir. Si;;ma I ' i Carlson, Rutli Marie Kn-lish Branton, Sliirley A. (!liun, Ming 8ui Library Srience (Chemical Enplneerint: Broom, John Hu im-ss Xclniinislralion .■ta I ' sl Button, Edward K. (Ihemiral Encinerrins Tail Ka|i|ia F.psilon Charbonnier, Franeis M. I ' hysies MaeGrefior House ( " .ope, Kenneth . Business Ailiiiiiii traliciii Ciilos, I ' eterR. Markftiiif; Kesearcli Alplia Tail ()mi-;;a Davis Wilbur Psy(lioloj;y Chelan Hall Doren, (ieorjie A. (iheniiral Kii):iiieerin$; I ' i Kappa Al|iha Edwards, ThetMlora (ihemislry Dean, Lawrence II, Advertisinj; Fisher, Frederi. k H. I ' llVM,. lplia Delta I ' hi Dearin;;, W illie M. l,il,ra,ian lH|, M. l.iaii Mall Flower, M. Lorraine I ' hysii al Kiluiatiiin Diaz, Ruth F. Smial Work Wesley House ForsTlbe, Margaret G. Far Kast Blaine Hall Eoster, Forrest D. I ' nMir ll.allli Hcifcrr Haddad, Anwar (ixilKufiineerin;: (;ilpatri ' k. Tlionias S. MlMllri,.,- Zrla I ' si llauer. W alia, e B. law ( leed, Thomas Kankiii;: anil Finaiue I ' .ilVMlim (...ildard. Shirlev 1. ( irali eWiitins; na.l,■l|.hl, Hansen, Clara V. Malhenialii ' ■ Hart ., Josephine 1.. Hisliirv .M.l. -an Miriiil ' «. (ileiiii Si-ina l|ilia K|isili.ii Heuiiey, (ieorge F. Cheinislry llieber, Patri.ia A. riiysiral KiliM ali.iii Jelleberg, F.iiiiua M. I ' hvsi, al K.ilin alu.n Delia Zela Undoes, Eriiesliiie . Kiliiralion J..liMs. n. Howard A. Mela II in;; ii a 1 Kii):iiieeriii;; i aiia lUieli. Hum ( Iiiim It.l.lkll,;: liiifnr, . Murila lliillie Kiiillolllies lliiiisaker. 1,. Don J.dinHon, Mauriee II. . ' . ' i.iiiiliii- llrla ' i ' hria l-l ( eraniie Kii):iii °eriii|: Jiiiobsoii, lloMard Johnson, .Sinione I ' ar KasI MaiCiiTor Hi.iisr lliillle Keiinuniies Mpha Oiiiieriiii I ' i Students Jones, Belly J. Kolde, Endel J. Kiifilisli Business Adniiiiistralic Kofire Jones, Frances B. Korkkinen, Brila Botany English .Syna,l.-l|,l,ir Auslir. Hall Kaviuh.s. I ' iiiil 1 ' . Eamberl. Roy K. Hisioiv English Literature Varsity Hall Klunip, Will H. Lauber, Shirlcv M. Drama Botany Knox, James H. Liolier, Jean Pierre K.hiration Physi.s 1 ' , Ka|.|,a l l,i Zeta Psi Miiiirer, Charles F., Jr. Messingale, Jean Insiirancf Elementary Education Alpha Delta I ' lii Austin Hall MeDonald, Rosa Mae Miller, Slanley F. Cliemistry Engineering Chelan Hall MrElhoe, Forrest, Jr. Minor, Ralph H. C.eography Pre-Medicine Sherwood Floiise Delta Tau Delta McGalliard, Sarah Jane Mo, Yeh Eduiation Mathematics Delta Zeta Merrill, Jark A. Newlon, John R. Librarianship Mechanical and Rainier Hall Industrial Engineer Nordale, Marilvii K. Porler, Diane Education Law Blaine Hall Austin Hall Papaflessa, Dora Quinn, Phyllis R. Social Work Education McLean Austin Hall Parker, Thomas Reindel, Grace L. Enf;lish Elementary Education Sijinia Alpha Epsilon Pealh, Jean M. Rogers, Mary Lee Liluarianship Mathematics Leary Hall Pelile, E. Dale Rowse, Dennis J. E.lucalion Fisheries Alpha Tau Omega Riilien, Barbara Stevens, Esther E. Home Economics Education Education Austin Hall Leary Hall Sale, H. Edilh Stensen, Joan L. English Librarianship McKec Hall Sampson, Richard I. Su, Kendall L. Law Electrical Engineering Phi Gamma Delta MacGregor House Solomon, Paul D. Thompson, Glenn F. Law Far East Zeta Beta Tau Spargo, Phyllis . Thomson, Stewart R. Chemistry Law Leary Hall Alpha Delta Phi Van Dyke, Barbara J. Yaniamolo, Kiyoo Librarianship Accounting Synkoa Van Dyke, Marilyn J. Yasuda, Ted T. Lil)rarianshi|i Librarianship Synkoa VanlNaller, William J. York, James Law Ec„n unh-s Thela Xi Weiss, Lawrence Industrial Engineerint; and Mechanical Ensineerin While, Charles R. Civil EnninecrinK SIAIOH (l.ASS OllKKKS: Al Klukis. presidenl: Ruiliara Vieli-. Tieasiirer: Ardenc Hcedt-r. seciTlary; Denny Mai ' ( ' ()Ufran. vice-president. Seniors l ' 2() Wheels . . . HAHHAI! WIIITKIIKAD- Vi a,i(.Lis Hai " l)aia has s|K nl an aftixc four years, ilimaxins; licr slay l)y holdirif; tlir of- fice of second vice-president of AS L)W. She is also a member of Mortar Board and Totem Club. |{KAl,l ,l r. the responsibility ested in senior oliicers. this year ' s graduating class elected as its campus representa- tives Al Klukis, president; Denny MacGougan, vice-presi- dent; Barbara Viele. secretary, and Ardene Reeder as treasurer. With the capable leadership of these people the senior class left Washington with a trail of memor- able events to their credit. As the winner of the stunt in Song and Stunt night, they began their last year with a star on the door. The remainder of the year was also studded with similar success including the never-to-be- forgotten final ceremonious ivy i)lanting. The final year was not the only eventful one in the history of the class of ' 50. From the time of " freshmanhood " they have been renowned for their participation in campus activities. The cumulative efforts of all the members of this class have resulted in their attainment of standards and goals which are, and will be, admired and respected by all succeeding classes and faculty memljers. I ' llll. I ' M II;K Kc I kih.vwi lor the Irrrilic jnli he did as [jresiiient of AS UW. Phil also has to his honor Tail Beta I ' i and Sisiina i. (Kal Club and Kir Tree also claim I ' hil as a member. 121 (5 ■ft flliifli Abbolt, Maclyii Industrial Manaiiciiii-nt Acliesoii, R. Gary Tianspniialion Siiinia Nil Arkley, Rirluircl Acrolllltill}; Al|iluil)rllal ' lii Ai-teson, Ruth A, I ' harmacy Leary Hall Adams, Paul H. Acoountiri!; Adams, William H. Mechanical Engincerin}; Adolphsen, Theodore J. Mechanical Enj, ' ineering Afdeni, Lloyd E. A -countinii Allsup, John Aeronautical Kniiini-crin ' j Chelan Hall Anderson, Ariun M. Industrial Manaiieinent Acacia Anderson, Beverly Nursinj; Eklind Hall Anderson, Clil lord Advertising ' Alpha Tau OiiicLia Anderson, Dolores General Business Alpha Phi Anderson, Donald G. Accountini; Delta Upsilon Anderson, Edward Pharmacy Anderson, Eniil E. Mechanical Eii ' iineerin ' Baker Hall Arnislronji, Dorres A. General Studies Kappa Alpha Tlu ' ta Arneson, John R. Geography Arney, Pat W. Zoology Sigma Nil Arnold, Everett Personnel Mana; ciiient Art, James W. Scientific Management Phi Gamma Delta Arwine, Robert M. Marketing Sigma Chi Asp, Emanuel G. Electrical Engineering Aslel, William J. Personnel Management Pi Kappa Alpha Aiken, Barbara Speech Airis, William 1.. I ' ersoiinel Management Delia Sigma IMii ' Akerluiid, I ' iiid Is. Histdiv Kcluiation Akiyania, James Zoology Synkoa Alberts, James R. Chemical Engineering Albrecht, James A. Transportation Alpha Kappa l.amlida Albright, Alto (). Elementary Education Aldrieh, Keith English Sigma Pi Anderson, Erie Logging Engineering Alpha Sigma Phi Anderson, Gordon Industrial Management Theta Chi Anderson, Henry N. Finance Zeta Psi Anderson, Kathryn I. Nursing Anderson, Reese L. Physical Edmation Theta Delta Chi Anderson, Richard Ad ertising Phi Gamma Delta Anderson, Shirley J. Sociology Kappa Delta Anderson, Vernon General Business Atkinson, Frank (;eoi;rarihy Baker Hall Atlwood, Stanley W. Electrical Engineer! Eamhda C.hi Alpha Austin, Glen M. General Business Phi Kappa Tau Austin, B. Jean Sociology Auvil, Kenneth Art Babcock, Merril English Zeta Tau Alpha Barkman, Gordon J. Accountini: Sigma PhiEpsilnn Badda. Lucille M. (reneral Studies DehaZeta Alexaniler. David G. l ' - cll..logN Pi kappa I ' lii Allefier, Margaret Home Kconomics Kappa Delta Allen, Douglas A. Personnil MaiKmcinenI Psi Upsilon Allen, Deborah Sociology Kappa A ' l| ha Theta Allen, George L. Mechanical Eniiineering LamhdaChi Al|iha Allen. Richard J. (!ivil Engineering Allen, Robert Drama Sigma Chi Allison, Robert E. Pharmacy Anderson, illiani li. Music Anderson, Winifred D. Art Andrews, Dorothv Political Science Kaiiiia Delta Andrews, Jean Chemistry Alpha Chi Omega Andrews, William B. RetailiuK Andring, William Accounting Alpha Kajipa I-amlida Anschell, Girard English Zeta Beta lau Anthony, Harriet General Studies Kappa Kappa Gamma Baer, Donald D. Physics Zeta Psi Baer, Patricia L. Sociulo-y Delta Delta Delta Bailey, Alfred F. Education Chelan Hall Bailey, Janiee B. Political Scienc- Kap[ia Al|ilia Theta Bain, W illiam A. General Business Theta Chi Bair, Jane E. Speech lpha(;aninia Delta Baird. Donald T. Real-Estate IMii Delta Ih.-la Bakenian, Charles D. Industrial Management Sigma Phi Epsilon JOANNE TAKTKE — Blond Joanne has both heauty and brains shown by her varied activities. .She served as president of .Sigma Epsihm Sigma. Historian of W-Key. and president of AWS. Extras inr hide Totem Club and Mortar Board. CHI ( K 01 SON ( buck is a top ath- lete and one that Washington is proud to claim. Vice-president of Oval (Jiib. secretary-lrea.surer of Big " W " (Jiib. and captain of the football squad top Chuck ' s activities. A-B 123 J i-A%rii i t arf iii Baker, Oariiien I,. .So,-i„l,.f:v Alplu. Onii.Kin I ' i Baltzo. Ralph M. .,H,lnf;N Kappa Sii;n,a Barokas. Morgan A r.uci:;,, Tra,le Alpha Kps,l„„ I ' i Baker. David G. l). ' ltall|.sil n Bunneeker. William B. Law Alpha Tan Onu-a Barr. Robert IVI. Cencral Sluili. ' s Phi(;aninia Delta Baker, Herbert Crnrial Business Bannister, Robert E. (!i il Kn ineeriiif ' Tlieta Xi Barrett, Betty II. Transportation I ' hi Mn Baker. John K. ri.arnia.v AI|.l.aSit;nia IM.i Baraser. Darre R. Snci„lo y Barron, Mark M. Economies PsIUpsllon Balilwiii. James 1). CrlMial Sluclirs I ' lii Kappa Sii;iiia Barehencer, Willard K. Interior Dcsisiu Barrv, (;eral.l T. Speech Delta Kapiia K|isih Ballard, Jesse C I ' ersontiel Manaf;cnif iit Barlow, Doreen T. Business Kducalidii I.eary Hall Barth, Perry I„ Music Kducation Alpha Si nia I ' hi Ballard, Robert K. Insurance Barneeut, Leo J. (leneral Business Sifinia Alpha Kpsihin Barthel, W. Bnrr Psycholoj;y Chi Phi Balnier, Betty C. Music I ' i Beta Plii Baroh, Loo is cc„nntin?: Bates, David R. Ceneral Business Theta Xi Bauer, Wesley W. I ' erscmnel Maiiat;enienl Beaudreaii, Charles A. Chemislrv Kappa Si.iima Behnke. John F. K.on.imi.s I ' hi Delta Tln-la Baii uess, Robert B. Pliaimacy Beek, Palri.ia I„ .Inurnalisni Zeta Tan Alpha Behrens, Byron G. Advertisinj; Theta Chi Baiiniaiiii, Bert O. Matheiuat.s Beek, William A. Me.hanical Kn.L ' inccrin ' Belirens, Rirliard ( Physics ' I ' heta Chi Banmgardner, Aliee Elementary Eihieatinn I.eary Hall Baiinsgard, Marilyn J. Eliinentarv E lueatinn Alpha Xi Delta Bay, Charles B. Forestry Beam, Riehard J. Korei}j;n Trade Alpha Delta Phi Bean, Warren H. (General Business Phi Gamma Delta Benedict, William H. Speech Delta U|isilon Ben$!;lsen, Carl A. Accountinji Benson, Evelyn M. Pharmacy Benson, Robert G. Marketini; Berber, Jules Electrical Enj;ineerin!: Alpha Epsilon Pi Bergheger, Wilnier J. Accounting Berglund, Roger O. Electrical EnLMueerins; Beeker, Jerry Mechanical Enfiineerini Sigma Al|iha Mu Becker, Stanton L. General Business Sigma Alpha Mu Beckett, Jack B. Botany Chelan Hall Beede, Ralph W. Mechanical En " ineerinu Beeler, Hartley M. Spanish Bergman. Kenneth R. Mechanical En ineci, Bergstroni, Donald W. Ceneral Business Berkley, John H. Ceneral Business Bernard, John Architecture Delta Kappa Epsilon Bernhardt, W illiani F. Psychology Phi Sigma Kappa Bernhol ' l, Ruilolpii i ' harmacv Bertoliu. James W. Hist.uv Behymer, Howard J. Industrial Design Belisle, Arleiie E. (ieneral Business Synadelphic Bell, Edward C. Politiial Science Phi (iamma Delta Beloit, Ellen V. yXccountint; Delta Zeta Bender, Wilbur Music Educati.Ml Bianco, Phyllis D. Far East Gamma Phi Beta Bibbins, Garelli L. Metallurgical Engineerin;; Bigelow, Eileen D. Sociology Zeta Tau Aliiha Bigford, Jack N. Eniiine, Bilello, Michael A. Meteondogv Mac(;regor lliuise Billings. Kathleen E. Eniilish Kappa Mpha Theta Bilsten. George Zo.dogv. Pre-Medicin,- SAM STANLEY— His swan song Is usually sung at the Organizations As- sembly, hecause Sam is ihairman of this group as well as vj e-presi(lent of ASHW. a memher of (hal Cluh and the Board of Contr.d. l KMK POWERS Ihe HI B »as Mamies " home away from home " «hile she served as vice-president of AWS. a if Mortar Board. W- Key. Tf)tem (!lnh and Organizations Assent I h. Bergman, David Ac ' ounting Bevan, Ja k S. Forestry Tau Phi Delta Birchlicld. Rieharil I. Medi.iru- l|dia Delta I ' hi 125 Bishop, RobrrI r ' liainia.v RIaknev, Phillip R. I ' lianna.x Rlomdahl, e irK ' !!■ .Ifuiriialisin Bjork, Aiiiv .loiirnallsni McK.rllall Blu -k. Donuhl FamliNl. AlpliaSimTia I ' lii BUk kluill, Bonila S„ri„l„ v Blazer, Morion B. Antlim|M l(inv Alpha Epsil.M. I ' i I luir, James D. Forestry Blake, Buel B. Foreipn Trade Delta Kappa F,|isil„ii Blaine, Belly Zoology Austin Hall Boon, John AeiDuritinn Boone, Howard Aci-oiinlinK Booth, Floyd W. Insuraiue Phi Delta Theta Boothe, Panl W. Transportatinn Theta Xi Boren, Philip Radio Pi Kappa Alpha Boren, Samuel R. Iiisiiranfc Pi Kappa Al|iha Boreson, Stanley Personnel Management Beta Theta Pi Bor strom, Harald E. Aecountinj; Brannen, Sii .:inne Elementary Ft 1 neat ion Pi Beta Phi Brashem, Martin H. Ee(monii( ' s Zeta Beta Tau Brazeau, Phillip S. General Studies Delta Tau Delta Breen, Vi ' illiam L. Marketinir Breidenbaeli, A. J. Art Phi Kappa Sigma Breitenber ;, Donald Politiral Seien,,- Beta Thela Pi Brennan, Lawrence A. English Chelan Hall Brewer, Robert C Aei Dunling Blankenship, Donald Aceonnting Bliuher, Robert V. Hanking Baker Hall Bleakney, Thomas P. Ahitheniatiis Chi Psi Blue, W illiam M. rr„nauli. al Fn::i Blerk, Robert (;. Banking ami Finam. ' Chi Psi lilueehel, Juiu- (jeneral Business Bleeken. Roh.rl Real Estate Phi Kapi.a Psi Blum, William I. Foreign Trade Bleneoe, Harry A. Jr. Boeek, Donald E. Industrial Management Varsity Hall Industrial Engine, Phi Ka|iiia Sigma Blessinj:, William J. F ' orest Products l.andKlaChi Al|.ha Boileau, Ramon C. Art Bliss, Edward S. Politiral Seienee Booek, Howar.l 1. Aeronnliiru Boroughs, Robert Statisties Zeta Psi Bothwell, Janet Far East Gamma Phi Beta Bothun, Riehard Eleetrical Engineering Chelan Hall Bowen, William L. F.leetrical Engineering Bowman. Eliyiabeth K,o,lnmi. Alpha i Delta Bowmer, Jaek 1,. Aeionnting Boyer, Dorothy Home Economics Education Kajipa Delta Boyle, Charles Economies Theta Chi Brieker, Kay Elementary Education Alpha Xi Delta Brings, Donald W. Industrial Manaiicment Briggs, Vernon R. Accounting Brincken, Glen . Personnel Manai:emenl BrintzenlKd ' e, Rieluird Meteorology Brooke, Ravinond Inclustrial ' MauagenieMl Brooks. KieliunI I. Brooks, Thomas P. Zoology Sigma Nu Box, Merton D. Civil Engineering Acacia Bradbury, Doris L. Nursing Brandstroni, Rodney Forestry Brock, William Banking and Finance Bradish, Richard D. Ciiemislrv Pi Kappa Phi Brady, Robert (ieneral Business Brandenburg, Charles M. Industrial Design Chelan Hall Brandenburger, Charles M. Electrical F.ngineering Brown, Doiigliis S. Mechanical Engineering Brown. Edward J. Journalism Delta Chi Brown, Edward R. F " ar F ast Delta Sigma Phi Brown, Hugh ( . Electrical Engine-ring Kappa Sigma Brown, Maurice H. Fllectrical EniiiTu-erini; Brown, Ralph A. General Business Kappa Sigma Brown, Robert E. Foreign Trade Theta Delta Chi Brown, Vitila J. NursinL ' Kklind Hall ACK NEWTON —Jack is one of the boys that make Jack Toreny ' s swim team come out on to[i. He has Ix ' en president of the Husky Swim Cluh. and a memher of Big " W " Clul., () al Cluh. Pnrple Shield and Zeta Iu Tan. M WW l WW El. I. -She iliiin ' l sit on the hoss ' lap. he ' s mar- ried, hut she efficiently exei-uled eyery other requirement of seiretarv of AS rW. She ' s also a memher of ' M.ular Board. W-Key. Totem CInh. and Pi l.amhda Thela. 127 1 f 1M Browne, Katlilvii H. Ccnci-al Stiiilics HaTau AlplKi Briidevdld, Si iiiiind . . Aicliiteitiiii- Delta Sifinia I ' lii liiii ' k, Marjoric S,„inl „j;v Kappa Si ;nia lUiiiin ' . Ruben A. larkrlin ; Kappa .Sit;nia Biiizer, Jerry Forest I ' lodiicts Bull, Harlan C. Industrial Maiiaiii ' niiTil Biillo. k. L)eFc.r l A. Inanstrial Mana ' cincnl Bystrom, Albin Electrical Enjjineeriri Culderhead, James S. Keal Estate Phi Delta Theta Caldwell, Robert G. Cliemistry I ' i Kapfia Al|ilia Calene, Jolin Journalism Sijjma (!lii Callahan, R. Dan Eniilish Kappa Sijxma ( ' anibrid e, Rieliard Music Sifiina I ' i (Campbell, James R. Economics Phi (iamma Delta Capelolo, Robert General Business Sli;ma Chi Cassill, Seotl H. Economics Phi Delta Theta Cavaiia li, ' illiam Personnel Manai .-ment Theta Chi Cave, H. Tyler Personnel .Mana ;pnient Alpha Delta Phi Cerejihino, Cliarles Personnel Management Theta Chi Chadwirk, Phyllis R. Pliarniac Chamberlain, Robert General Business Theta Xi Chandler. Barbara J. Hotne Economics Chandler. Russell E. Mechanical EnL ' ineei Bunj;ay, Joan I.. Nursinf; Delta eta Iturdiek. Carl General Busitiess Si ma Nu Burdue, William Accounting; Acacia Burs, Maelyn P. Far East Chi Phi Burke. Doris PliNsi.a! E.lncalion uslin Hall Burke, Jaek M. Mechanical Enjiinecritiii Phi Delta Theta Hurkland, Billie Far East ( :hi Omcfia Burmaster. Ruthe I ' .. PsN.hohmv (lard, Marian A. Sociology Zeta Tan Alpha Carlson, Dale A. (avil Encineerinj; Carlson, Elden P. Marketini: Carlson, Fred T. Mechanical F.n!;ineeriri Carlson, Maurice Transportation Alpha Delta Phi Carpenter, Archie E. Architecture Carpenter, William Finance Delta Tau D.-lta Carr, Eric Geoloav Chaiitller, V ' estoii Forei-n Trade Chaney, Norman I ' reDental Phi (iamnia Delta Chapman, William A. Personnel .Manat ' emcnt Delta Chi Char, Lincoln S. Keal Estate Chase, Janus W. Education Phi KaiipaTau Chase, William ( . Eni;iiieci in;: Theta Delia Chi Chauvin, David Electrical Eni;inecrin;j Chavez, Ambrosio F. I.atiiiuajies Burnev. John E.lncalion P.cia Theta Pi Burns. R«iberl Pcrsonn,.| Mana ;cn Sifima Alpha E|.silo Burrus. Fletcher R. Pre-Medicine Alpha Tau Orne-a Itiiller, Biirbara Home Economics Ka[ipa Aliiha Theta Butterl ' ield, Ansel Physics Bnvick, INornian Foreif;n Trade Theta Chi Byers, Barbara Journalism Zeta Tau Alpha Byrd, W inifred General Studies Chi Omcua Carras, Vicky N. Home F onomics Carri an, Marjorie J. Home Ecoiumiics Carsten, Philip E. Acconntinji Delta Uiisilon Carter, Joanne G. English Pi Beta Phi Casad, Benjamin C Forestry Case, Matthew H. History (Uiseboll, Thomas G. JieniicaI En ineerinL: Chelan Hall Casserd, M;irviii History Zeta Beta Tau Cheney, W illiam R. Commercial Art Delta Chi Chenier, Robert C. Drama Christensen, Frank C Accounting; Delta Sigma Phi Christensen, Fred G. ( ' i il En;;ineering !liristciiseu. Keniu ' th D. In.lustrial Manaiiemcnt Christensen. Robert M. Acc ' ounlinii Baker Hall (Christian, Gordon L. Political Scienie Zeta Psi Cbristianson, Zoe English Alpha (hi Omega AL KI.UKIS — Al is one of tho-c people who writes warning slips about borrowing ASUW cards, but he ha- a pleasanter side as president ol the senior class, Purple Shield, and Board of Control. ' Ty PKOCTOR — Model Patty is not only a fashion model hut a model -tudent. She relinquishes acli e jiar- ti. i|Kilion in Mortar Board ami Totem (lull. c 129 Christie, G. Douglas General Studies Delia Chi Christie, James K. Accoiinliiit: Clark, Elsie A. F,lenientar Kdinalii Clark, Pamela J. (General Biisijies; Delta (iaiiiina Clark, Willis Clarke, Barbara M. Elementary Educalinti (ianiina Phi Beta Clarke, Jean K. Niirsin;; Ekli.1,1 Hall Clarke, Robert Physiral E liieation Kappa Si ina Clavlon, Dixon I ' rr.Major H„lrr. ' Corhran, ISriiee Bnsiiiess Adiniriistralii Si iiia Mplia Kpsilon Coekbiirn, John Raiikinfi and Finance Delta Tau Dilta CillVy, Robert A. Clleinisliv I ' i kappa I ' hi Co lilaii,, J ' iin Nursiiii; KklindHall dole, Charles T, FinatuT LamhaChi Alpha Coles, Alan M. Trans[nntati(ni Phi Sijiina Kappa Collier, Richard l ' ..liti al SrU ' urv Collins, Williuni Speed, Sif;nia Alpha Kpsilon Coneannon, James It. Mi-elianieal En iiiieeri Cone, Margaret Art Austin Hall Conklin, rh(»nKis Z ;rv Delta Tau Delia Conrail, Itlaillvn V. Edu.ati„u Al|.l.a i Delta Cook, Clayton (!. Mechanical Kni;ine Cook, Cordon T. Creneral Business Chi Psi Cook, Riehard II. Oneral larkcli, Sif;ma Clii Cook, Thomas D Aeconntiiif; Cooke, James A. Pre-Major Cooper, Jaek L. Aceountini; Cooper, Joseph T. General Business Varsity Hall Cooper, William Accounting Kappa Si(;ma Corey, Annebelle Speech Cornelius, Berta Psychology (!hi Onie a Corrigan, Robert E. Accountini; Con, Donald L. Korei};n Trade Phi Ka[ipa Psi Coryell, Donald Physical Education Beta Theta Pi Costaeos, Jerry A. Real Estate Cothern, George Aeronautical Engineerinii Cascade Hall Cotter, Edward E., Jr. Tr ' ansportatitui Alpha Kappa Landxia Coulter, James Chemistry Courtney, Donald (General Business Covell, Birney S., Jr. Mineral Faiirineerini; Covington, James Mechanical Engineering Alpha Tau Omej a Cowell, Patricia Home Economics Delta Delia Delta Crabtree, Robert Zoology Alpha Tau Ome " !a Cragg, Philip Industrial Mananenu-nl Cramplon, Betty L i Nursiu " Crawford, Terrell J., Jr. Accountinji Ka[)pa Si ina Crimmin, Wilbur B, Music Oisler, Ferguson B. Foreign Trade Phi Ka| pa Psi Criteli field, Klmer Forest Produits Culp, ;ord ui C. Ea» Alpha J ' au Omega Dabbagh, Zein A. Political Science Crittenden, Charles Far East Alpha Delta Phi Cumins, Caria C. Anthropology ( Jii Omega Dahl, Moni.a B. Spanish Sigma Ka|i|)a Croly, Ruth O. Cunimings, Robert C. Dahlberg. lionise Journalism Speech C;hi Psi Art Kappa Delta Crombie, Allen W. Cummins, Harold G. Duhlgreen, Allen K Journalism Tau Kaiqia Epsilon Economics Forestry Crosby, Coburn Mechanical Ent;ineerin5; Phi Gamma Delta Cummins, Kathryn E. H.mieKcniunics Daily, Leo K. Sociology Croshaw, ( herene Home Economics Cummins, Patrick J. Forectry Management Dale, Kathleen E. Home Economics SOLVEIG IVARSSON— This husy gal started in her freshman year as a TVEE section editor and graduate.l with Mortar Board and Totem Cluh to her credit. HELEN LANGER — Activities is Helen ' s middle name for this versatile lass has heen president of Mortar Board and ASUW Women ' s Rally Ccmimittee. a meniher of Totem (!lul). W-Kevand ASUW Athletic Committee. Croy, LuWilla C. Accounting Curtis, Fred A., Jr Industrial Manage Dalos, Walter Elei-trical Engineering Cugini, Alex, Jr, Industrial Management Kappa Sigma Cyr, (iharles D. Industrial Geography Phi Kappa Psi Daly, Dolores Ad ertisiiig Austin Hall D 131 m M . Oiinnell. Paul Klcdriral F,ii};iiit ' rrin ' 4 Thcta Delta Chi Uark, Marjorv Radio AljiliaXi Drita Dasc ' Iier, Arlliiir K. IVrsoniipl MaiKifiCMicnt Sijirnu Pi Davenny, I owene H. Kai East Davidge, Robert N. Marketing Tlieta Xi Davie, Earl ( ' hemistry Davis, Bruce HistdTv Pi Kaiipa Alpha Davis, Clifford G. ( " rftieral Business TliotaChi DeMasler, Louis KliMtrical Kni;iii( ' i-iin, Denting, William A. Industrial Mana; enient Delta Kappa Epsilon Dennian, William R. Pre-Medicine Alpha Sigma Phi Denning, Edward K. Ei ' ononiiis Phi Delta Tlieta Dennison, Charles R. (ihemistrv Delta Chi Denshani, John Wni. Industrial Management Denson, Eley P. Political Science Theta Delta Chi Derickson, Wallace A. German Doebele, William C.eneral Studies Dohoney, ( ' liarles Economies Psi Upsilon Dolph, Richard Transportation Rainier Hall Dolstad, John History Education Dolvin. Phillis L. Law Delta Delta Deha Domandich, Anthony Mathematic Statistics Chelan Hall Donaldson, Edith K. Psychology Alpha Xi Delta Doney, Patricia M. Music Davis, Don W. C-enei ' al Rusinrss Davis, Kenneth K. Industrial Managcmi ' iit Davis. Konahl ZoologV Zcia Psi Da He, Ernest (jeneral Business Sigma Nu Dawson, Clavton Ear East Day, John C. Industrial Management Phi Delta Theta Deacon, JoAnne M. Music Dean, Lewis Management Alpha Delta Phi Derniody, Eileen Nursing Harhorview Hall DeSpain, C Irene Nursing Harhorview Hall DeVoe, Albert H. Forestry Tau Phi Delta Dewey, Alice Speech (!hi Omega Dewey, Wayne Personnel Management Diamond, Donald E. Pharmacy Diamond, Paul D. Pharmacy Dick, Roland Civil Engineering Sigma Alpha Epsilon Dootson, Thomas L, Accounting Sigma Alpha Epsilon Dorfner, Donald E. Foreign Trade Phi Sigma Kappa Dorst, Stanley J. Electrical Engineering Phi Kap|ia Tau Dotson, Ben F. Mathematics Acacia Douglas, D Miald K. General Business Beta Theta Pi Douglas, John Pre-Dentistry Alpha Kappa Lamliila Douglas, Patrick J. Economics Phi Delta Theta Doust, Laura Economics Kaiipa Kap|ia (lamina DeBolt. Hubert ( . Mechanical Eniiin. Tl.cta D..|taChi DeBoii, George Accounting Deerv, (lerahl R. Psvcholngy Phi Sigma Kappa Degler, Hugh A. General Business Delta Upsilon Deissler, Riuiald Political Scicn.c Delta Tau l) ' lta Dekker, John Geology Theta Chi Deligan, Edward . Real Estate Educatii DeLong, Charles Personnel Management Alpha Tau Omega Dickey, W. Harlan Transportation Beta Theta Pi Dickey, Stanley E. Speech Acacia Dickinson, Ruby E. Mathematics Leary Hall Dierck, Wallace M. Foreign Trade Theta Xi Dillon, David M. Sociology Dimmer, John C, Mechanical Engineeri Tau Kappa Epsilon Dixon, Joseph A. Electrical Engineerin; Dobbin, Jolin H. Speeidi Pi Kappa Alpha Dow, James P. Civil Engineering Tau Kappa Epsilon Doyle, Thomas A. Transportation Drager, Otto V . Electrical Engineering Drake, Howard A. Marketing Theta Delta Chi Drcbin, L( in iird Accounting Dreis, Mildred Accounting l|phaOmJcron Pi Dreitzler, Ralph E. Ai ' countin;: Mpha Delta Phi Dtibson, Samuel A. Pharmacy Alpha Delta Pi PETEli MKI.ITZ - President of IFC, Board ol Control, Purple Shield- an iinpn ' ssi e li t 111 a ii iliis for anyone to i]|itain. BE EKl. ' l KOBINSON — Be long he remernljcrecl for her fine work a presiileiu of Tolem Clidi. and as a pillar of AWS ...uncil and .ahinet. 133 M ar Diiclus, Alo ' Kiii!« G. Tran.s|i(ntation DiierlVlilt, Cliire .S„ri„l ,t:v Aliiha I ' hi Dun, Henry W. ■l ' ratls|i(Mlati(ill Duiilap. Olivf S. I ' rrsunnel Mariaiicmeiit Dunning, Earl Accoiintiii!; Pi Kap[ia Phi Diisenberrv, John W. I ' sv.hoioiiv Dvorafek, L »iiis ( ilicniical Kiiuinrri-iivj DHVor, William I.a» Si nia Alpha K|isih ri Kkins, Riclutrd W. Sociology Aiai ' ia Ekitind. Byron joiinialisni Elj;erl, Osfar (Iheniical Kniiiru ' erinu Elijah, Lejster E. Spr.Th Eller, Jack L. (iivil Enaineerinc Ellingsen, Mary French Elliott, Gordon J. KrcTich Elliott, INanoy A. Sociolo. y Delta Delta Delta Esfeld, Donald Economics Zeta Beta Tan Espclveil, Arlene Psyi ' hologv Phi Mn Estep, DonI R. Chemistry Alpha Tan Ome.aa Estep, Max H. Chemistry Evans, Keith A. Aeronantiial Ermine Evans, Margaret I, aw Kappa Kappa Gamma Evanson, Nedra Exendine, Frances E. Economics I.eary Hall Dyer, Robert G. Electrical Kniiir rin;; MacGrc-orllous,- Dvsart, Itenjaiiiin ' Political Science Sit;ma Nn Dvsart, John A. ■joninalism Tan Kappa Epsilon Eader, Ronald ( ' .. Insnrancc Alpha Delta Phi Eakin, Robert J. General Bnsiness Eblin:;, Marilyn G. Home Economics (iamma Phi Beta Eborall, W illiam Acc(nuitina Cascade Hall Echols, Ted M. I ' hiSi Ellison, William O. C,i-neral Bnsiness Chi Psi Elmgren, G. Elaine Anlhropoli v Blaine Hair Endtenian, Berniee Crcneral Stndies Alpha Epsilon Phi Eiidieott, Irvin E. Mechanical En iirn ' cr ' inij Enger, Oito Acconnting Alpha Delta Phi England, Jack Radio Delta Chi English. Jane French Kaii|ia Alpha Theta Enghind, Albert H. Acconnting Face, Glenn S. Forest I ' rodncts Fagan, Panline J. Psycholo-y Gamma Phi Beta Eager, Earl W. Civil Engineering Rainier Hall Fairbrother, George E. Sociology Faick, Ednion A coniiting Fantz, Richard W . ,,nunting Phi Sigma Kappa Farrell, Romane S. Electrical Engineerin " Felton, Samuel Chemistry Eckles, Jewell I,. General Sindies Kap[ia Delta Eckniann, James Retailing Beta Theta Pi Eder, H. I ' hilip Physical Edn.alion Zeta Beta Ian Edgers, Bart (ieneral Bnsiness Phi Kappa Psi Edgren, Roger G. Pharmacy Sigma Alpha Epsihni Edmondslone, Maryond;i (Chemistry Edwards, Jack Romance Eangnages Sigma Alpha Epsilon Eerkes, Jerry E. General Bnsiness Delta U|)silon Engslroni, Harold Electrical Engineering Indnstrial Engineering Epstein, Maurice Transportation Alpha Epsilon Pi Erickson, D. Glaire Nnrsing Harhorvieu Hall Erickson, James Foreign Trade Sigma Chi Erickson, Robert W. Electrical Engineering Varsity Hall Erickson, Robert W. Industrial Management Cascade Hall Erskine, W illiam G. Acconnting Erwin, Ralph l . Electri ' al Engineering Olympus Hall Felty, John Psychology Sigma Pi Fenton, Merrie Virgiiii;i Drama Education Feola, Norma A. Nursini; Ekiin.l Hall Ferini, Robert K. Industrial Management Finger, Elizabe th M. General Studies Delta Delta Delta Finn, Panline D, ( Commercial Art Wesley Hous.- Finnegan, Joe Marketing Alpha Tan Omega Finnigan, Janice Elementary Education Kappa Delta Al, MORGAN— Al has been a familiar face around the crewhouse for several years and has rightfully earned his Big " W. " He is a memher of Oval (!hd) and treasurer of the Varsity Boat CInl). KK AN(.IS M)i; I l) — Fianci. is another og in the wheels of the Uni- versity, a member of N ' arsity Boat (;lnl . Oval did) and on the Engineer- ing Council and Board of (Control. E-F 13= Finiicane, John H. Fisheries Fix, W ilbnr J. InduMrial Management Pi Kapi.a Alpha Flower, B. Eileen Anthropology Sigma Ka|ipa Fischer, ( " .. Alan Industrial Management Alpha Tau Omega Flaherty, Shirley R. Nursing Flynn, Patricia Ann Civil Engineering Fiseher, Donna J. Elementary Ediiration Zeta Tau Alpha Fleischman. Marjoric Nursing Edu.atio , Forepaugh, (:hrisl .i hcrS English Fiseher. Richard Spee,!, Delta Tau Delia PTeniiiig, Barbara Sociology (Jamma Phi Beta Forristall, Floyd F. K(uest MarKigement Fisliback, Lorraine English Kafipa Alpha Theta Fleming, Delaine A. Art Forslund, Verncti Pharmacy Fisher, Jack ' . (Chemical Engineering Fletcher, Robert J. General Business Phi Delta Theta Forssell, Curl F. Pre-La» Sigma Nu File, Ralph D. iMeehanieal Engineering Theta Chi Flint, Shirley Retailing Alpha Chi Omega Foster, Douglas T. General Business Psi LIpsilon Fithian, Robcrl Psyehologv Alpha Delta Phi Flory, James F. Pre-Major MaeGregor House Foster, James General Business Sigma Alpha Epsilon Foster, Marion History Blaine Hall Frasier, Marilyn L. Home Economics Sigma Kappa Friend, Robert C Industrial Management Fournier, Ellen M. Home Economies Frazee, Mary E. Pharmacy Fritsche, Dwayne E. Electrical Engineering Sigma Chi Fowler, Philip E. General Business Frederick, Wesley G. Electrical Engineering Frost, Murray A. Marketing Phi Kappa Sigma Francis, John W. Industrial Management Freeborg, Edward M. Interior Design Pi Kappa Alpha Fruechte, Mark B. General Business Chelan Hall Franson, Hubert E. Ghemieal Engineering Freeman, Robert B. Forest Products Fujioka, George S. Chemistry MaeGregor House Fraser, James T. Advertising Phi Gamma Delta French, Bob D. General Busines:- Phi Delta Theta Fullam, Harold T. Chemical Engineering Fraser, Nadine General Studies Friar, Lee Mechanical Engineering Fuller, Beatrice B. Sociology Delta Zeta Fraser, Thomas General Business Friedman, Paul Anthropology Zeta Beta Tau Fuller, Dorothy G. Anthropology Bla ine Half Funk, James B. Far East Sigma Nu Garhart. Ralph Accounting Gellatly, Bruce A. Insurance Beta Theta Pi Gabbert, David Aeronautical Engineering Garrett, James R. Industrial Management Gellermann, William Economics Delta Tau Delta Galber, Janet E. Physical Education Garrison, Maxine A. Personnel Management Thomeson, Genevra J. Kussian Gale, Beverly J. Nursing Gaston, John Personnel Management Theta Chi Genther, Gharlcs Commercial Art Theta Chi Galeno, Fred J. Finance Phi Kappa Sigma Gauvin, Albert L. Personnel Management Delta Kappa Epsilon (ierard, James C. Physical Education Alpha Kappa Eamhda Gallagher, Robert E. Aeronautical Engineering Phi Kapiia Psi Gei ' jier, Robert G. Pharmacy Gerbel, Mary J. Radio Delta Delta Delia Gallagher, Roderick M. Architecture Theta Xi Geil. Hojn R. Pharma.y Gerrodetle, Vi illiaiti K. Architecture DehaCpsilon Galloway, Floyd L. General Marketing (;eismann. Elinor Puhlic Health (;el ., Donald Sci,-nee Pi Kappa Phi f WARREN WESTLUND — As a mem- her of the four-man crew, Warren participated in the Olympics and hidped to hring the U.S.A. to a vie- tiny. He ' s popular on the home front also as a memher of 0 al Clul , Bi -W, " and Varsity Boat CInh. ROSS W 11.1,1 MS — Mos; of his time is spe-!il in the mountains as a memher of the L Ski Team. Seahhard and Blade, Big " W Cluh and arsity Ski Cluh take most of Ros.s " time while in 137 H »: . 7 m i m% .: ' ' J IIMI Geyer, Donuld G. Transpiirtatidii Alpt.i. KaiMia Gibb, Willitim K. Mftalliiifiical KiifiiiiftT ( ibboiiM, Dim .S,»;i„l,.f.y I ' lii Ka|i|ia Tan (•ibsuii, Ghcirlyii Krifilish Ka|i|ia Alpha ' I ' licla Gib ion, John R. Jiiurnalisin Chi Psi Gilbert, George Aeronautical Eiifiiiieeiiny Alpha Delta I ' hi Gilbert, Ja.k IN. Mechanical Kuiiinceriniz Rainier Hall (Filbert, Wiirren J. I,au I ' hiCainina D. ' lla Goodwin, Daniul G. I aw Delta Chi Goree, Paul Meteorology Goslio, Tatsiio Pharmacy Gosslee, Norma ii A. Insurance I ' au Ka|)pa E|isilcin Guiild, Gloria Home Economics Alpha Delta Pi Graham, Byron H., Jr History Delta Sifima Phi Graham, Evan D. (!ieneral Business Chi Psi Graham, James Electrical Ens ineerins; Gross, Warin Accounting; Pi Kappa Alpha Grossman, Mary Lynne English Grove, Beverly A. Accountini; Grover, Carol IXaii Elementary Education Sijima Kapi a Groves, Donald (!lienii -al Enirineeriii Giidmiindson, Desa F. Ceneral Business (ihi Onieiia Gulstad, Harold A. Marketing; Giistafson, Robert Ciuiitnercial Art Gilbv. Alton R. Industrial Marui-cnr Pi Kappa Alpha (;ilrhrist. Waller K. Acccuintin;; ' I ' heta Delta Chi Gildow, E. Cork Architecture Theta Xi Gilnian, Eugene W. Imlustrial Manaj cn;. Kajipa Si nta Gilniore, Duane G. Industrial Manaf;em( Phi Kappa Sigma Gingrirh, Harold (ihemistrv Alpha Delta Phi Ginsey, Denver Mathematics Gird wood, Barbara J. History Pi H. ' la Phi Graham, Phyllis Retailing Alpha Delta Pi Grandstaff, Darold Art Theta Chi Grashin, George Business Administration Sigma Alpha Mu Gray, Gilbert Chemical Engineering MacGregor House Gray, Harold Industrial Management I ' si Upsilon Greata, Henry L. Zoology Green, Barbara J. Sociology Greenbaum, Norm W. Creneral Business Zeta Beta Tau Guthrie, Gene E. Air Transportation Acacia Haase, Riehard H. Aeronautical Engineer! u Tau Kappa Epsilon Hackett, James W. Industrial Management Theta Delta Chi Hagan, Owen G. Office Management Phi Sigma Kappa Hagen, Ann A. General Studies Gamma Phi Beta Haggard, Paul K. Retailing Phi Kappa Psi Haggard, William E. Personnel Managemi ' Mt Phi Kappa Psi Haggbloom, Paul R. Glad, Arlene F. Slalislics (.ladlVllcr, Barbara A. Home Ecuuunlc. (;lanl. Merlon Kadio Writing and I ' ro.h.di,, Zeta Beta Tau (ilenii, Joyc ' Home Kconoinics Goehring, Gtiie Logging Engineering Goldberg, Larry S, Marketing Sigma Alpha lu Goleeke, W illiam R. Music Education Phi Kappa Sigma Goodfellow, Eli ibelli English Eearv Hall Gregory, Mary Lou Education AliihaXi Delta Oielf, Marvin H. Zoolo-v Zeta Beta Tau (;ril tin, l)e V ill C. Mechanical Engineering Zeta Psi Griffin, Katherine Physical Education Gamma Phi Beta Griffin, Patrick Accounting Griffith. Martha E. lu(iustrial Design Gronlund, John R. Accounting Gross, Stephen G. Engineering Haglund, Delores A. Sociology Zeta Tau Alpha Hagman, Elaine General Studies Alpha Omicron Pi Habn, Alvin C. Electrical Engineering Haines, Roger A -counting Hall. Beverly J. Home Ei-onotnics McKeellall Hall, Donald Adyertising Maitiregor House Hall, James R. Physics Kappa Sigma Mall, Janet L. tieneral Studies Zeta Tau Alpha CUSTAV RAAUM — Gus hails from iNorway and like most Scandinavians he is an excellent skier. Best known is his ahility at ski jumping, and he is active in Big " W " Clul., Purple Shield ami Oval Cluh. I! I.PII IIOI.M.STAD Art and edit- ing are Ralph ' s claim to fame. He has heen a contrihulor to campus hunu»r for many ipiarlers and has served as editor of c.oi.imns. He lists two hon- oraries. Alpha Delta .Sigma and .Sigma Delta Chi. H VM) rwji MiimJ .Li isiM i ft { UL. HallKlroni, Tlior A. .loiirnalisiii Haline, Glenn J. Fnipst I ' loducts Hiilverson, David W. IVrs..rinrl ManaL-enu Hamilton, Wilson A. Accdiinlitif; Haniniersaiicl, Krvd G. Klectrical Kiif;iiifciini. ' Piii Ka|i|ia Tan Hanmieriila, FUncI K. S|„-,.,l, Haney, William K. Kli ' ctric-al F.rif;iiici- ()lym|l l Hall Ilanlin, Kirhanl I.. Koifst I ' I ' au IMii Drlla Hanna, K(ili -rl J. M.-rlianiral KnjiiiM Halvorsoii, Donald R. .Sn,i,,l„f;y Hamanaka, Joseph U. Marketin;; and Journalisn Haniel, Roderick V. Eroniiinics Phi Ka|i|ia Slfiiiia Hamilton, Mildred So.itil(i::y Hamilton, William L. Elertrical Engineering Pi Kappa Phi Hanson, Beatrice (°. History Hanson, Gerald L. Chemistry Hiuison, Marlow General Marketins Hanson, Nancy Lee Spanish Chi Omega Hardman, Margaret Elenientary Education Alpha Phi Hardman, Walter M. Real Estate Zeta Beta Tan Harkness, Harry L. General Business Harman. Barbara J. Journalism Alpha Omicron Pi Hatfield, Harlan Foreign Trade Hatlen, Jack B. Public Health Hauek, William B. Chemical Engineerinu OlymiHis Hall Hang, Clarence A. Accounting Haugen, Eugene Chemical Engineering Haugen, Jack General Studies Chi Psi Haiigen, Mary Jean Sociology Sigma Kappa Haiismann, Betty Literature Kappa Kappa Gamma Hai in:on l. KdscI L. Electrical Engineering Hancock. DonaM K. R l.,n Hancock, William O. Economics Hand, Donald E. Accounting Hand, Howard F. Chemical Eni:ineerin:j Harpel, Donald E,, Jr. Forest Pro(hicls Harrington, Philip N. Business Administration Phi Kappa Psi Harris, Frank L. Ci il Engineering Delta Sigma Phi Harris, Joan Sociology Kappa Kappa Gamma Harris, Robert A. Transportation Chi Phi Harrison, Donn English Phi Gamma Delta Harrison, Harve H. Political Science Hart, Richard E. Economics Phi Delta Theta Hausmann, F dward General Business Beta Theta Pi Havlin, Donald Sociohmv Chelan Hall Hawkins, Ernest R. Electrical Engineering Hawkins, Robert Economics Sigma Nu Hawley, Virginia Music Austin Hall Hawthorn, James ( j il Engineering Hawthorn, R »bert (Chemical Engineeririij Hayakawa, Pauline M. Home Economics Hansen, Arnold C. Accounting Phi Kaiipa Tan Hansen, Doris Mae Home Economics Leary Hall Hansen, Edward A. Arts and Scienc{ ' s MacGregor House Hansen, Vernon History Education Hansen, Wilbur F. Transportation Kappa Sigma Hart, Roy E. Electrical Engineering] Hart, Shirley Elementary Education Alpha Phi Hartford, Dorothy Sociology Chi Omega Hartford, Lyie Personnel Management Hartman, Margaret English I )e!ta (iamma Hartman, Meralyn History Alpha Xi Delta Harvey, William W. Speech Hashiguchi, Hachiro Industrial Design Synkoa Haynes, Elizabeth English Kappa Alpha Theta Hazen, M. Dale General Marketing Head, William R. Geography Kappa Sigma Heflin, Eleanor Far East Kappa Aljiha Theta Heg, Robert Fisheries MacGregor House Hegge, Allen M. Industrial Mana:;emenl Heglar, Rodger Anthropology Heidbreder, Kathleen Transportation Austin Hall I.AIRD KOENU; — Headers of col- IMNS are familiar with Laird ' s artistic- talents for he has contrihuled to the magazine for most of his college life. His talents aren ' t all artistic for he has served as an officer of Oval ( luh. rilAl) M( AKTIll K s one of the mainstays of the s»imming league, riiad is a well known fiirure. His ac- tivities include Big ••«•■ ' ■ Club. Oval (lub. Iluskv Swim Club an l I ' uride Shield. 141 i: i ' MS% Heiliiiid, Williani Kroridniirs AlliliaSifima I ' lii Ihiniirli. Conrad G. I ' iiiar...- Helwi-i, MiirstTV Music AI|iliaXi Drha Hemp, I ' eler I.. C.cnpial Stuiliis Beta Theta I ' i Henderson, Henry F. (ieiieral Biisiiu ' ss Hendrirks, Walhire R. Civil Ensiinccriii ' ; Hennin s, Larry Gciifra! Business Si;j;iiia Alpha F,|isilon Hcndriekson, Aliee lln,n, ' F..-..nn,ni.s Austin Hail Hin Alon, William (;fnpral Marketing Al[ilia Sis nia Plii Hinderer, ErnesI Mechanical Enyineeiin ' j Theta Xi Hinken, Edward W. Forest Products Hintz. Phyllis (leneral Business Blaine Hall Hirabayashi, Edna 8. Far East Hoaghind, Floyd V. Pharniaev Hoeketl, E. Frances Nnrsins F:klin(l Hall Hodsdon, Paul W. Economics Holnier, Kalpli U. Advertising; Pi Kappa Alpha Holmes, Sandra Home Economics Kappa Kappa Ciamnia Holt, Joanne V. Elementary Education Hooker, David W. Electrical En ' iiieerini; Hoonaii, Charles General Studies Beta Theta Pi Hoppe, Arthur Industrial Mana ' ement Hendriekson, Joe j. ( !hemistr Hen lrii ' kson, Orville Mecluiiiical F ufiineerin I ' lKla i Henry, Calvin L. Accountin ' ; Henry, James It. Forest .Mana-em Henry, John A. llislorv Hensev, John Physics AI|ihaTau()m(-a Herrmjin, Arthur ( ' hemical Engineering; Heston, Robert C Mechanical F2n};ineerin.L; and Industrial Enuineeriiif; Delta Llpsilon Hoejih, Dayle General Studies Kapiia Alpha Theta Hoeppner, Carr »ll Mechanical En:;inec Hoff, Ernest P. Physical Education Phi Kap[)a Si " ma Hoff, William M. Accounti:r; Hoffman, William, Jr. History Alpha Kappa Landida Hogberg, Lester Pharmacy Pi Kappa Phi Hogg, Marilyn F. Accountini; Leary Hall Hogland, Paul Mechanical Enuineerirr Delta Chi Hopper, Robert J. Personnel Mana ' ;ernent Phi Kappa Psi Hopton, Robert Physi.-s Mac(iregor House Horita, Aki Zoolo£;y Horiiyak, George F. Commercial Art Sifinia (!hi Horowitz, Arnold Political Science Alpha Epsilon Pi Horsfall, John C. (!eraniic Eniiineerin Hewitt, James M. Kle.trical Enf;in( Higgins, Kenneth (ienei ' al Business Alpha TauOmc-: Higgins, Peter F. Mechanical En " ir Hikida, Ray M. (ieneral Business Synkoa Hildilrh, Charles S. I ' ersoniH-l Maiia cri Delta llpsilon Hill, Barbara History Hill, Prosper 15. Personnel Mana eni Hill, Warren T. Art Hoke, Mary I. Home E. ' onomics Kapi)a Delta Hoke, Walter M. I ' onimercial Art Holevas, Dorothea Elementary Education Alpha (!hi Omega Holland, George Political Sc ience Sigma Aljilia Epsilon Holland, Mignonette English Sigma Kappa Hollinshead, Donald J. Forestry Holm, Betty E. General Studies Phi Mu Holm, Fred W. Fisheries Cascade Hall Houe, Kulh Accountin ' ; McKeeHall Hubka, William L. Mechanif-al En gi nee fin; Htiffman. Dona English Alpha Phi Hughen, Lindon G. Accounting I ' i Kappa Alpha Hughes, Beverly Far East McKeeHall Hughes, Donaldl Political Si-ienci- Pin 1,1. IS I.Li ERA — She ' s the viilli every rushing rule memorized, the president of Panhellenic. Phil knows more than that, too. as she " s on Mortar B.)ard. W-Key, Totem Cluh, and YWCA. JOHN (;iBS() -Head it in llie OMLV " was John ' s slogan as editor of the DMi.Y. John had lots to write ahout from his other activities of Sigma Delia (hi. senior foothall manaiier. and Purph ' Shield. Hoppe, Frederick Mechanical Engineering: Hopper, Robert ; Transportation Sigma Chi Howard, V incent M. Forestry Howe, .Alice Sociology Gamma Phi Beta Hume, Rollin Education Alpha Delta Phi Hummel, Irvin D. Mechanical Engineerin U3 %P1£AMJ: mm r% Hunsberger, Wayne W. Elerti ' ical Eiifiineciin " Hunter, Dale S. Psy,-Hnlo}.y PhiCainnia Di-lta Hiinler, I). I.. Mechanical Kiiiiinceriii!; ■I ' hcta Xi Hnntinj;lon, Vivian Nursiii}; Hiinlingtun, William Advpiiisiiif; Zeta Psi Hurtl, Robert Real Estate Sifima Clii Hurd, Roland Art Hiirlbut, W. Fred General Business Sigma Alpha Epsilon Iverson, Melvin H. Acroiintinj; Delta Upsilon Ives, Byron W. Cicneral Business Phi Kappa Psi Iwashita, Mae English Blaine Hall Jack, Geraldine M, English Alpha Chi Omega Jack, Walter Q. Chemistry Theta Chi Jacknian, William R. Pharmacy Delta Tan Delta Jackson, Evelyn M. Nursing Eklind Hall Jackson, Rex Banking Phi Sigma Kappa Jolins, Loren Electrical Engineerinti Johnson, Acle Pharmacy Johnson, Ann O. Art McKccllall Johnson, Anna l.aiira Public Health Sigma Kai pa Johnson, Anthony Accounting Johnson, Bonnevieve M. Elementary Eihication Johnson, Carl R, Psychology Johnson, Edward P. Industrial Management Hiiskinson, Elsie M. Inlcriiir Design Alpha ChiOm. ' ga Huston. John C. I.a» Sigma Chi Hutchinson, Jack Art Delta Chi Hyde, James Eciinoniics Delta Kappa Epsilon Ichikawa, Joe I ' harrnacv lllnian, Thomas W. Industrial Management Imai, Takeshi (Chemistry Iniuyunajiitu, Osaniu O. Art Jackson, William K. Pre-Medicine Pi Kappa Phi Jacobsen, Charles H. Journalism Jacobson, Paul E. Accounting Phi Gamma Delta Jacobson, Thomas M. General Business Beta Theta Pi Jaques, Guy Banking and Finance Alpha Tau Omega Jartun, Kjell Ci il Engineering Jarvis, Burton H. Electrical Engineering Jensen, Donald F. Physical Education Tau Kappa Epsilon Johnson, Elynor S. Economic Geography Johnson, Gloria Art Johnson, Inga Nursing Ecklind Hall Johnson, Joseph A. C eology Rainier Hall Johnson, Lloyd E. Industrial Management Zeta Psi Johnson, Mack B. Personnel Management Zeta I ' si Johnson, Marilyn A. Pharmacy Johnson, Mary I.. Sociology Wesley House Ingram, Ernst M. Law Phi Kapjia I ' si Ingram, Victor P. Transportation Ingran, Williiim I.a« Beta Theta Pi Ingstad, Dean Business Administration Zeta Psi Irish, Russell L. Insurance Ka|)pa Sigma Israel, Joseph Speech Sigma Alpha Mu Isaacson, Raymond E. Chemical Engineering Pi Kappa Phi Ivarsson, Solveig Psychology Gamma Phi Beta Jensen, George W. Electrical Engineerinij Jensen, Mary Jane H. Sociology Alpha Xi Delta Jensen, Neal S. Zoology Jensen, Oscar W. Electrical Engineering Honderich House Jentoft, Arthur P. Civil Engineering Jewell, James L. General Studies Tau Kappa Epsilon Joachim, Richard J. Marketing Delta Clii Johansen, Marion C. Accounting Johnson, Meryl General Studies Austin Hall Johnson, Oscar L. Engineering Varsity Hall Johnson, Paul A. Chemical Engineering Sheruooil House Johnson, Paul Mechanical En inecrin Delta Sigma Phi Johnson. Phvllis Art Johnson. PlivllisG. Nursing Johnson, Ray J. Electrical Engineering Johnson, Robert D. Personnel Management NORMAN BUVICK— Crew is Norm ' s main interest, hut not his only as his list of activities indicates — Big " W, " Oval Cluh, Varsity Boat Club, Purple Shield and Pan Xenia. DENNY MacGOU(;AN — A sense of humor which far ex ' eeds the average is the trademark of Denny. Mis per- sonality has awarded him honor as (.OLUM.NS editor and vice-president of the senior olas-s. I-J 145 John!ion, W. Roger Acrounliiif! Chi Psi Johnson, Wayne Forestry Manafienipiit Johnson, Willard K. Mathematics Zeta Psi Johnson, Williuni L. Marketing Lambda Chi Alpha Johnston, Elisabeth J. Psychology Alpha Xi Delta Johnston, Garrell S. Industrial and Mechanical Engineering Johnston, Ralph Electrical Engineering Johnston, Theodore Industrial Design Johnstone, Robert K. Ceneral Business Jidtnstone, Robert V. (iheniislry IMii Kappa Sigma ones, Arthur H. Economics Rainier Hall ones, Donald K. General Studies Phi Delta Theta ones, Douglas C Psychology Chi Psi ones, Eugene R. Industrial Management ones, Fred A. Law Phi Sigma Kappa ones. Jewel E . Home Economics Phi Mu Jones, Kenneth K. K..rcst MaiKmciic Tail Phi llclla Jones, Lester D. Zoology Sigma Ni. Jones, R. G »rdoii History Chi Phi Jones, Robert Vi . Geology Chi Phi Jones, Roy H. Accounting Jones, Wilbur L. Electrical Engine Jorgensen, Walter IN. Art Lambda Chi Alpha Joslin, Franees J. English Literature Sigma Kappa LUCILLE BADDA— Mo.lern dance is one ol Lucille ' s first loyes as shown by her interest in Orchesis. Drama is another interest and she is a member of Arena, drama honorary. Josi, Nora F. Spanish McKee Hall Jourdan, Roy Accounting Judson, Richard Economics Alpha Sigma Phi Jungster, Hans Forestry Management Jyiha, Margaret A. Public Health Nui-sing Kahn, Jack A. General Studies Zeta Beta Tau Kallander, Donald H. Industrial Management Theta Chi Kanips, Bert Foreign Trade Kanda, John M. Zoology Kane, Connie Interior Design Alpha Omicron Pi Kaninieyer, Shirley J. Physical Education Kaspar, Robert V. English Kato, Shuzo C Chemistry Katz, Dorothy Elementary Education Phi Sigma Sigma Kean, Wallace Ciyil Engineering Delta Chi Keen, Bruce A. Banking and Finance Delta Upsilon Keeney, Frank Accounting Beta Theta Pi Kellelier, Rirhard Law Alpha Tau Omega Kelley, Roberta Home E -onoinics Alpha Phi Kelly, Eugene J. English Kelly, Robert W. Pharniai y Kemp, Phyllis A. Law- Kennedy, Joan L. English Alpha Xi Delta Kenoyer, Howard W. Electrical Engineering BETTY HOLM— Betty ' s friendly spirit and to help won her the honor of being presi lent of WCA, Mortar Board and Totem Club mem- ber, and Delta Mu. Kenoyer, Leon A. Electrical Engineering Kent, Lucy Nan English Delta Gamma Kepka, George M. Ceramic Engineerin Delta Chi Kern, Albert E. Insurance Kerry, Harold E. Foreign Trade Kappa Sigma Kerltula. Jalnier Pre-Medicinc Keyes, Gilbert W. Industrial Management Chi Phi Kidder, William R. Mechanical Engineerin;: Kilgour, Mary E. French Kinder, Alan J. Ceramic Engineering King, Carl E. Chemical Engineering King, Charles N. Meteorology King, Donald G. Marketing Phi Kai)pa Sigma King, Paul E. Inilustrial ManagcnuMil King, Virginia E. .Sociology Gamma Phi Beta Kinley, Carl F. Transportation Kinney, Beverlyrae Music Austin Hall Kinney, Jack E. Accounting Theta Xi Kirkland, Ralph Transportation Kirkpatrick, Robert L Electrical Engineering Kirkwood, James C. Marketing Sigma Chi Kish, William E. Dramatics Kjerulsf, Marvin C Industrial Design Klein, James . . Forestry Delta Sigma Phi .ll l KO.STKB Football fans haye hcaril .lim ' s name for seyeral seasons. Along with athletics. .lim is active in the Bii: -W " Club and Oval Club. K 147 • ' f Kleiiiz, Marilyn Home Economics Delta Zeta Kletiich, Charles F. Trans|ioitatioii Vaisity Hall Kline, John R. Electrical Knulneci Kliikis, Alan H. History Sigma Alpha Epsilon Knapp, J. William Kar East Delta Kappa Epsilon Knight, Doreen Art Alpha Chi Ome :a Knight, Robert Business Administration Theta Xi Knight, William L. Personnel Delta Sigma Phi Kopper, Paul K. Geology Kraft, Warren E. Journalism Alpha Delta Phi Kramer, Robert W. Geography Kraiis, Joanne General Art Kappa Kappa Gamma Kreekon, Nicholas Electrical Engineering Kreidel, Samuel Aeronautical Engineerin Kretzler, Allen R. Chemistry Sigma Nu Krives, Frederick C. General Business Sigma Alpha Epsilon Larberg, Donald W. General Business Phi Delta Theta Larsen, Eric R. Chemistry Larson, Dorothy J. Geology Larson, Glenn I, Journalism Larson, Helen O. Nursing Eklind Hall Larson, John W. Accounting Theta Delta Chi Larson, Lewis R. Political Science Theta Xi Larson, Phyllis Speech Correction Alpha Gamma Delta Knoll, Richard K. Industrial Managemcnl Knox, Evalyn So..iology ChiOmiga Knudson, Helen K. Kar East Alpha Xi Delia Knudson, Rodney Logging F .ngineering, Frank T. Electrical Engineering Knutson, Mack Psychology Chelan Knuetsen, Gordon General Business Sigma Nu Kocher, Albert Economics Alpha Tau Omega Krystad, Arild J. Forestry Products Tau Phi Delta Kuhn, F. Blaine Accounting Kumasaka, Kazuo Aeronautical Engineering Kuriyama, Takashi C hemistrv Synl oa Kurth, Robert Industrial Management Delta Kappa Epsilon Kurrle, Robert L. Accounting Rainier Hall Kuvshinoff, Boris W. Political Science LaChance, Robert F. Art Alpha Tail Omega Larson, Ruby F. Nursing Eklind Hall LaRusso, Dominic A. Speech Lasliua, Clyde B. Pharmacy Lasswell, Roger A. Economics Sigma Chi Latimer, William L. Economics Phi Gamma Delta Lattin, Victor E. Accounting Laufer, Barbara M. Pharmacy Phi Sigma Sigma Lauritsen, Alfred C. Forest Products Phi (iamma Delta Kodama, Dorothy Y. General Business Koebler, Vcrii R. Art Delta Chi Koenig, Laird Commercial Art Beta Theta Pi Koenig, Waller A. Electrical Engineering Kolesar, Richard 1 . Aeronautical Engineerinij Koontz, Robert W. Psychology Koppa, Charles D. Cliemistrv Koppel, Howard General Studies Sigma Alpha Mu Lacounte, La Verne A. Foreign Trade Lagerquist, Lester D. Personnel Management Lambert, Donald W. Mechanical Engineering Landon, Donald F. Forest Products Theta Chi Lane, Lyie F. Political Science Chi Phi Lane, Rolland H. Architecture Langer, Helen Journalism Delta Gamma Lantz, Mary ( alheryn Elementary Education Kappa Kappa Gamma Laush, Frank 1. Mechanical Engineering Lawrence, John P. Ci il Engineering Chelan Hall Lawson, Allen C„ Geography Lavson, Howard 1). Zoology Leach, Douglas S. Journalism Leaf, Albert L. Forest Management I.eathley, Frank D. A ' ronauIical Engineering Ledingham, Margaret Elementary Eduiation Alpha Phi ' UEA FULLER — Mrs. Howard Ke- Moyer, our liyely associate editor of Tyee, really kept herself husy licing in Totem Cluh. AWS Council ' . | cations hoard, president of Delia lu. and chairman of Activitii ' s on I ' araile. The first two years for this cued wen- spent at WSC. CLARENCE McCREDY Not many Irllows can hoast presiilency and vice- presidency of AMS, lull sure enough Mac has held both time-taking offices. Besides these he lists Oval Cluh. Pur- ple .Shield, and Junior IFC. His col- lege years were husv ones. U9 Lee, Robert E. Scientific Mana crncnl P ' ' ! ( " .ainma Delia I.eiblv, Helen MIrn.blnloCT Levin, Eiig» ' ' ie A. Kleclrical hi. !:ieerini! I ewis, Lowell L. Forestry Management Lewis, Mack W., Jr. General Business Phi Kappa Psi Lewis, Robert J. Sociology Lewis, William C. H. Banking and Finance Phi Delta Theta Liddell, William A. Economics Chi Phi LiKliI, Russell B. Aeronautical Kng LiKlitl ' oot, Cliarlotle History ItlairM ' llall Mglillool, James T. Industrial Maruigernent Psi Upsilon Lighiront, William Mining Engineering Lilleoren, Iniz I Nursing Lindblad, Warren C. Pharmacy Beta Theta Pi Linden, Glen M. History Delta Chi Lineks, Kalherine M. Journalism l inge, Jaek IL Klectrical Kngineering Acacia Hall Little, Alexander Sociology Little, Gene R. Forestry Managcnunl Lloyd, Harold E. Electrical Engineering Locke, JoAnn R. I.a» Loewer, Peggy General Studies Chi Omega Loelfel, Robert E. Fisheries Lomax, John B. Electrical Fnginecring MONICA DAHL— This gal with flaxen hair was vice-president of YWCA, treasurer of Mortar Board. Phi Sigma Iota. Totem Cluh. and Sigma Kpsilon Sigma. Lomax, Margery J. Elementary Education Pi Beta Phi Lomax, Russell E. Accounting Pi Kappa Phi Longniate, John F. Industrial Management Loop, Earvin K. (Chemistry Loran, Clarice Music Education Chi Omega Lorvick, Robert R. Mei ' hanical Engineering Lotz, Oakley C. Transportation Delta Upsilon Lotzgesell, Paul Accounting Zeta Psi Lougheed, Gerry A. General Business Theta Delta Chi Louie, Alice Pharmacy Loutzenhiser, Richard H. Speech Pi Kajipa .Mpha Lowder, Elaine B. Speech Alpha Delta Pi Lowe, Leo Commercial Art Chelan Hall Lubbe, Ruth E. Art Lucas, Richard H. English Luce, Harold L. .Accounting Ludwick, Willard 1 Industrial Manai;e Chi Phi Ludwigs, Howard I General Studes Phi Delta Theta Liiechauer, Martha Zoology Chi Omega Lund, Lois M. General .Studies PhiMu Lvind, Ronald Medicine Lundman, Patricia Personnel Manaiiemeiit McKeeHall Lurie, Norman J. Accounting .Sigma . ' Mpha Mil Luvera, Phyllis M. English Zeta Tau Alpha MIGNONETTE HOLLAND — As a memher of Totem Chili. Mortar Board. Sigma Epsilnn .Sigma, " Miggs " man- aged to keep herself hiisy during her college career. Lycette, Jack Law Delta Ka|ipa Eiisilon Lyda, Thomas B, Education Kappa Sigma Lydgate, Lois Far East Gamma Phi Beta Lynden, Fremont J. Political Science Lynch, Sarajean Home Economics Kappa Alpha Theta Lynde, Charles R. General Business Delta Upsilon Lyness, Harry Transportation Lyons, Patricia J. Psychology Alpha Xi Delta Lyons, Patricia R. .i rt MacCreary, Phyllis E. Anthropology MacDonald, Jack E. Marketing LamhdaChi Ai[dia MacGeorge, James . Radi(i Phi Gamma Delta MacGeorge, Tom H. Pre-Dentistry Phi Gamma Delta MacCougan, Denny L. E. (ieneral .Studies .Sigma Nu MacKenzie, Brad Mathematics Alpha Tau Omega MacLean, Jean F. Nursing Alpha Delta Pi Mack, William A. Mechanical fjngineering Mackliet, Cleon . . Physics and Mathcmatic Mackliet, Vernald E. Economics Madden, James M. Psychology . ' igma Phi Epsihin Maddox, William Accounting Pi Kappa .Alpha Madsen, Vernon Accounting Alpha Ka|i|ia l.anilida Madson, Glenwood L. Forest Products Maeshiro, Clarence .S. . ccounting JACK MAKUS — After being a mem- her of the Board of Control, Purple Shield and Oval Cluh, and president of the junior clas,s. Jack can cope with anv situation. M 151 Mas»T, I ' alricia Ann Elenifntaiy KiliK-aliiiii Aliiha Xi Drlta Magnuson, Janirs L. Accounlini, ' Mas;niison, Mary L. Sociolofiy Masnnscin. Roy W. Klrctriral Kimiiici ' iiiis; Magnnson. Wilbur F. Iiiiliislrial Mana enifiit Masuwan, Donald R. Koifimi Tiaclr Phi Delta Thrta Maliurajli, Basdeo O. Zoolofiy Maib, Charles Forest Manasieinent Marsli. Philip H. Mechanical En ' ineering Tail Kappa Epsilon Marsh, Richard J. General Business Marshall, Delores M. Miisii- Education Alpha Oniicron Pi Marshall, Harold D. Pliarnia -v Marshall, John Chemical Engineerin Rainier Hall Martin, Barbara J. Art Wesley House Martin, Charles F. Transportation Martin, Donald D. A ' countinL ' Pi Kapi.a Phi Maxon, John R. Ccneral Studies Acacia Maxwell, Mary Enfilish Kappa Kapiia (ianinui May, Stephen T. Personnel Manacement Chi Psi Mayrand, Karyl French Education Maxwell, Robert 1.. Electrical En ' iineerini; MeAbee, Robert R. Political Science MeArlluir, Tliad W. Industrial Management Sigma Nu McBride, Charles S ., Jr Pharmacy Maines, Bonnie Physical Education Camma l hi Beta Maitland. iVter 1.. :(imincrcial rl ' I ' au Ka|ipa Epsilon Malcolm, James B. Civil En;;ineerinK l.amhdaChi Alpha Mallerv, Frances A. En:;lish Zeta Tau Al|.ha Mallory, James Accountin}: Sijima Alpha Epsilon Mallory, Theodore W. ( . ' il F ngineerinu Malloy, Marion J. Journalism Delta Zela Maloney, Patrick Transportation Sigma Chi Martin, Frederick S. Pharmacy Pi Kappa Phi Martin, Robert Pharmacy Martin, Roger A. Logging Engineering Martin, Thomas T. Accounting Phi Sigma Kap|ia Martin, Mary R. Nursing Eklind Hall Martinsen, Nell History Martinson, Kenneth R. Forest Management Mathers, Harold M. Mechanical Engineering Kappa Sigma Mctlabe, Mary Clair Art Kappa Kapiia Gamma McCabe, Mary C. Home Economics Delta Gamma McCalluni, Barney General Business Phi Delta Theta McCallum, Marilyn Sociology Chi Omega McCarroll, Patricia R. Nursing Harhorview Hall McCarthy, Charles H. ( eneral Business Phi Gamma Delta McCarlncy, Lawrence D. Insurance I ' hi Gamma Delta McCartney, Robert T. Forest NIanagement Tau Phi Delta Maloney, Robert M. Ecorujniics Alpha Sigma Phi Manchester, David E. General Business I ' i Alpha Mangels, John Accoimting Manning:. Roducr I . Forestry Management Manston, Patricia Marander, Myron P. (Chemical Engineering Rainier Hall Markey, Joseph H. Mechanical Engineerin Marks, Emanuel G. Real Estate Phi Delta Theta Matheus, Gale S. Drama Pi Beta Phi Mathews, Martha G. Puhlic Health Matson, Alan L. General Business Alpha Kappa I.amhda Matson, Roger M. Geology Sigma Nu Matsunioto, Dan T. Marketing Matzke, William A., Jr. General Business Lamhda Chi Alpha Matzkind, Ruth L. Spanish McKee Hall Maurer, Rolland A. Electrical Engineering McClenaghan, Jinimie D. General Business McConahay, Douglas T. Industrial Management Chi Phi McConnell, Dorothy D. Speech McKee Hall McConnell, Orondo T. Accounting McCorniick, Douglas E. (!iyil Engineering Sherwood House McCorniick, Glenn F. Finame McCoiniick. Thcrcsc I ' l rsonnel Mana:;cMu Delta Delta Delta McCoy, Gretehen L. Sociology Alpha (!hi Omega DEI.ORES WEEKS- With all her aitivities. Delores still manages to he an important element in Silver Fishes. She also maintains memhershi|i in Mortar Board. W-Key. .Sigma F-iisiion Sigma, and Panhellenie Executive Board. (Ill ( K WH.SON C:huck started early in his college life to participate in campus activities as president of the freshman class. This was followed hy Oval Cluh. Board of Control, and chairman of Homecoming and Campus Chest. 133 r ' wt u , v - 1« 1 : , Mc-Crackeii, IVlnrsarel A. Home Economirs Delta Zeta McCredy, Clarence R. Law Acaria Hall McCuIIoiikIi. Uoiialcl B. Joiirnalisrn McDaniKilcl, Naiu-y J. Sociolojiy Gamma Phi Beta McDonald, Dixon K. Personnel Manaaenient McDonald, Howard A. Ceramic Knfiineerini; Olympus Hall McGee, Jerry L. Business Administration Kappa Sigma McCinniis, James J. General Business Phi Delta Theta M (;ralli. Daniel F. MiThaniral Kii;:ii.. ' M (;iilnn, Cliarles W. ■r,a„s|„„,.,i„n Pi Ka,, pa Alpha M -Giiinnos$ , Sally J. Nursing Ilarhorvieu Mall MeKvoy, Palric-k C. Business Administraliun Sigma Nu Mellraith, Jay Mechanical Engineering Melnni.s, Malcolm A. I ' Psi LIpsilon Mcintosh, Sarah L. Nursing Harbnrvicw Hall Mclnlyrc, Harry J. Industrial Management McKai;;, Arthur B. Givil Engineering Tan Kappa Epsilon MeKav, Thomas F. I ' lcNledicine DcltaLipsilon McKee, Kenneth I,. English Phi Sigma Kappa McKeever, Helen R. I ' olilicalScienc,. Alpha (Januiui Delta McKibbin, Kenneth R. Accounting Pi Kappa Alpha McKinley, Donald G. Sociology McLean, Robert B. Accounting Chi Psi McLoiid, Malcolm Fisheries Honderich House r . WING LUKE — Wings always ready where there ' s work to he done as is shown hy his memhership in Oval !luli. Purple Shield, Pi Sigma Alpha, and M(!A. also Publications commit- tee chairman. McMackin, Edward C. Chemical Engineering Tau Kappa Epsilon McMasler, Eiigen R. (iivil Engineering Delta Sigma Phi McNally, Robert C. Mathematics McNaniee, Elizabeth General Studies McNeil, Harold A. Speech Education Sigma Chi McNeil, Manford R. Transportation Kajipa Sigma McNeil, Verle W. Economics Sigma Chi McNeilly, William J. General Business Alpha Epsilon Phi McNerlhney, Thomas F. Advertising Psi Upsilon McNult, Clara E. Home Economics McPherson, Harold V. Accounting Pi Kappa Phi McVey, Claude A. Electrical Engineering Tau Kappa Epsilon Means, Mary Sociology Means, Robert E. Chemical Eniiineering Tau Kappa Epsilon MedlicotI, William J. Industrial Management Alpha Tau Omega Meilicke, Joyce F. Art McKee Hall Mele, John Aeronautical Engineering Sherwood House Melitz, Peter W. Economics Theta Chi Melovidoff, Alanxunder Econonii ' S Theta Chi Menashe, Beulali Education Plii Sigma Sigma Mendenhall, Joan E. Sociology Delta Zeta Mendes, Raniona P. History Alpha Epsilon Phi Mercer, Eugene W. Economics Phi Gamma Delta Meredith, Robert G. Chemical Engineering FRANCES JOSLIN — Frances is one of those few girls who has push and drive to become the backbone of cam- pus work. Mortar Board and Totem ( ' luh take a lot of her lime. Merriman, Kenneth P. Electrical Engineering Ca.scade Hall Mesher, Franklin Pre-Medicine Zeta Beta Tau Messer, Paul L. Chemical Engineering Messmer, Harry H. Pharmacy Delta Sigma Phi Metcalfe, Mary Jane Music Meyer, Allen L. Electrical Engineering Meyer, CIevelan«l History Education Meyer, George P. Personnel Management Theta Chi Michaels, Paul S. Art Phi .Sigma Kappa Michel, Christine A. English Mickelson, Glenn E. .•Vccounting Chelan Hall Middlekauff. Barbara Emzlish McKee Hall Migaki, Thomas T. Microbiology Chelan Half Millen, Earl T. Political Science Miller, ElrovI . Advertising Miller, Gordon R. Advertising Miller, Marie Eldoris Nursing Education Miller, Richard G. Mathematics Miller, Waller H. Personnel Matumenu nt Miles, Harry E. Personnel Maiuigenu ' iil Sigma Chi Millay, Ernestine Food Technology McLean House Miller, Enimett R. Chemistry .Sigma Phi Epsihui Miller, Jack (General Business Alpha Tau Omega Miller, MacKinnon W. Marketing IIKI.KN KM DSON ll(dcn, as a member o( I ' lilem (Jub. Mortar Board and National Students .V.ssociation. has acquired a reputation as a girl of ca- pabilities and warm personality. 155 Miller, INornian S. Ketailiiif; I ' hi Ku| |ia Tail Miller, Piilriciii J. Knt;lisli Alpha OniicKin I ' i MilliKUii, Jerry I ' l-rscinrifl Maiiafii-riK-rit I ' i kappa Alpha Millis, Max R. General Business Alpha Tail Oniefia Mills, Robert E. Forestry Delta Kappa Kpsilon Miliar, Tony Ai-countins; Minnieii, Harold F. Fiirest Manafienient Minor, Dean Transportaton Delta Tan Delta Moore, Beverlee A. General Art Delta Gamma Moore, Marvin K. Accountins; Phi Kap|ia .Sij;ma Moore, Marvin K. Phvsies Moore, Norniand L. ( ' ivil Enf ineerint; Delta Chi Moore, Ward Forest Produrts Morberg, Carl S. Transportation Alpha Kap|ia Lamlida Morgan, Allen J. General Business Chi Psi Morgan, Wallace M. Forestry Myers, Arthur O. General Studies Zeta Beta Tau Myers, Harvey A. P. Psy ' hology Alpha Delta Phi Myhre, Philip E. Zoology Lamlida (!hi Alpha Naelilwey, Edward P. General Business Chi Psi Nailo, Tokiiko Nursing Nash, James R. Transportation Alpha Kappa Lamlida Neer, Marilyn I,. Speech MeKee Hall Neils, Gerhard F. Industrial Management Alpha Delta Phi Minor, Uon Transpcirtalion Delta Tail Delta Miovski, Louis Klertriral Kllgilieeri Misener, Jack M. IVrsoMi.el Managemenl Misterek, Esther M. Zoology Blaine Hall Mitrhell, Faith L. Psvehologv Mitchell, Fred W. Economies Theta t:hi Mitchell, Iris M. Piihlie Health Mittelstaedl, Albert, Jr Insurance Pi Kaiipa Phi Morgans, Gerald W. Personnel Management Morisett, Carlyn E. Nursing McKeeHall Morris, Rex Chemical Engineering Morse, Llewellyn D. Physical Education Beta Theta Pi Mossnian, Mary E. Personnel Management Alpha Phi Moyer, Homer M. Economics Chelan Hall Miicklestone, John P. Law Phi Gamma Delta Mueller, Enielie J. General Studies Delta Delta Delta Nelson, Beverly Home Economics Delta Delta Delta Nelson, Everett F. Mining Engineering Pi Kappa Phi Nelson, James Insurance Delta Tan Delta Nelson, Joseph Ceramic Engineering Nelson, Marolyn J. Commercial Art Sigma Kappa Nelson, Richard W Insurance Sigma (!hi Nelson, Susan M. Psychology Sigma Kapjia Nelson, Wilniot B. Economics Alpha Tau Omega Mivake, Malsuc Foreign Trad.- Moen, John l . Money and I ' inancc Sigma Phi K|isiloii Moergeli, Nadine E. History Mobely Leighton E. Accounting Varsity Hall Moll, Carolyn M. C eneral Studies Leary Hall Montchalin, Mitchell I.. Retailing Pi Kappa Alpha Moon, Donald K. Industrial Management Sigma Phi Epsilon Mooney, Lola G. Education Muf fly, Robert N. Advertising Pi Kappa Aljiha Mulford, Kenneth W. Mathematics Rainier Hall Mulvey, Anne Home Economics Alpha Gamma Delta Mundt, William G. Personnel Management Psi U psi I on Munson, Paul F. Economics Alpha Sigma Phi Murakami, Kenneth K. Chemistry Education Synkoa Murphy, Harriett Nursing Harborview Hall Myer, Robert J. General Business Chi Psi Nelson, Winifred F. Public Health Leary Hall Nerland, Stuart G. General Business Chi Psi Newland, Joseph G. Cheniistrv Theta Xi ' Newton, Jack R. Physics Sigma Nu Nicholas, Horace A. Accountin;; Nichols, Bertha K. Economics Nichols, Robert B. History Erliication Sigma Nu Nieson, Joan H. General Studies Delta Gamma AMY BJORK — Amy ' s position as editor of daily gave her an insight into the goings-on at the " U, " but Mortar Board, Theta Sigma Phi, To- tem (!lub, Sigma Epsilon Sigma, and vice-j, resident of l paM-.l .he «ay. 1 ROGER JOHNSON- linger helped in making many liecisions as a member of the Board of Control, as well as being a member of Purple Shield. Oval Club and Beta (lamma Sigma — to N U7 Niltii, Thomas Pharmacy Niwii, Carl S. Music Nixon, Edwin A, Zoolofjy I ' lii Gamma Delta Nord, Eric A. Arroiintiiifj Nordquist, Bruce H. General Stmlies Alpha Sipma Phi Noreni, William Minin " Eneineerin Noren, (clarence M. Arlvertisiiif! Pi Kappa Alpha Norton, Francis A. (!i il Flnfiineerinii Olsen, Robert i). Scientific Management Phi Gamma Delta Olson, Charles R. History Beta Theta Pi Olson, John Electriial Engineerins; Olson, Maryin E. (Ihemistry Phi Mil Olson, Noel I. Forestry Management Olson, Ruth General Studies Kappa Alpha Theta Olson, Wallace S. Accounting Olson, Wayne D. Electrical Engine Owen, Nancy R. General Studies Delta Delta Delta Owen, Richard E. Art Owings, John O. General Business Sigma Alpha Epsilon Ozsezen, Yalcin K. Civil Engineering Ozuna, David N. Spanish Pacher, Jane Art Alpha Gamma Delta Palfrey man, Edward L. Personnel Management Phi Sigma Kappa Palladino, Michael J. Electrical Engineering Norton, Dorothy R. Nursing HarhorviewIIall Norton, William J., Jr Economii ' s Novack, Edward J. Electrical Engineering Nunn, Robert E. General Business Theta Xi Nye, Howard H. Mechanical Engineering Kai pa Sigma Nygren, Suzanne A. (leneral Studies Nyland, Francis B. Mechanical Engineering Nylin, Walter P. General Business Onstott, Howard Economics Beta Theta Pi Oppie, LeRoy W. Accounting Theta Xi Oreck, George I. Sociology Zeta Beta Tan O ' Reilly, Mary Ruth O. English Orme, Jesse General Business Orr, Gene S. Foreign Trade Orlh, Thomas M. Forest Products Tau Phi Delta Osborn, Elizabeth L, Journalism Palmer, James R. Aci ' ounting Papapostolou, Constantine Aeronautical Engineering Rofcre Parke, Charles B. (ieneral Business Parker, Delbert F. Accounting Parker, Herdenia (i. Nursing EklindHall Parker, Jacqueline A. General Studies Mpha Epsilon Phi Parker, John J. Economics Phi Delta Theta Parker, Richard W. Personnel Management Theta Chi O ' Brien, Eileen . MalhciTKilics Mpha Delia I ' i Udell, Richard K. Fisheries Phi Sigma Kappa O ' Donnell, Nurnuin A. English Sigma Phi Eiisilim Ogilvie, Robert E. Metallurgical Engineering Olanie, Francis X. Political Science Phi Sigma Kappa Oliver, Floyd A. Journalism Theta Chi Olsen, Donal L. General Business Zeta Psi Olsen, Edwin A. General Business Delta Upsilon Osborne, Dorothy R. Journalism Delta Zeta Ossewaarde, Michael D. Architecture Sigma Phi Epsilon Oslerlund, C. Robert Finance Chi Psi Ostroot, Mary P. Art Delta Gamma O ' Sullivan, Joan English Kappa Kappa Gamma Otteson, Barbara Sociology Austin Hall Overman, Donald E. Accounting Overturf, Phyllis Nursing Eklind Hall Parkhurst, Walter A. Personnel Management Alpha Delta Phi Parkins, Dean I. Economics Parkins, William English Educatioi Parks, Thayne Zoology Education Parks, Theron English Blaine Hall Paton, Richard R. Physics Sigma Alpha Epsilon Patton, Lee G. (ieneral Business Alpha Sigma Phi Paulsen, Thomas A. General Business Theta Xi CHARLIE McCARTH ' l A .r.«man lirst and last, Charlie has earned the honor of varsity stroke. Other activities include. Fir Tree, Oval Cluh. Varsitv Boat Club and Big " W " Cluh. (;i.EN THOMPSON— There arc lew spare moments for this hoy with activ- ities such as president of Adelphi, Arnold Society, Scabbard and Blade, and Management (!lul). 0-P 159 2Mm M Paulson, Owen D. Mei-haniral K.n};iiii ' Payne, Donald W. Marketing i hi Kappa Tau Payne, Dwavne 11. Soiioloiiy ' Aoaria Hall Pearce, Grela L. Elementary Education Fi Beta Phi Pearee, Pamela R. Politic-al Science Phi Mil Pearson, Carole Secretarial Trainin;; Wesley House Pearson, Eugene O. Banking Honderich House Pearson, John L. Chemical Engineei-ing Olympus Hall Pear.s n, l arrv K.oriomics ThctaChi Pease, Frank 1). Pcrsonu.-l Mana ciiiciil Phi Sigma Kappa Petlersen, V illiani ( ' .. Pcrsonni-I Maiiagciiiciit Pedersou, John R. Accounting Pi Kappa Phi Pehon, Rulh T. Spanish Phi Mn Pembroke, John M. Pre-iMajor Aljiha Tau Omega Penn, Homer J. Sociologv Zeta Psi Peraha, Fred O. Political Science Chelan Hall Perkins, Robert C F ' oreign Trade Perry, Dallis K. Psychology Phi Sigma Kappa Perry, David M. Zoology Sigma Chi Perry, Glenn R. Mechanical Engineering Lambda Chi Alpha Perry, Ronald E. Chemical Engineering Peszneeker, Vfallaee J. Logging Engineering Tau Phi Delta Petersen, Donald F. Transportation Peterson, James E. Electrical Enineering Theta Delta Chi WALT TOHIASON - As president of Malamutcs, Wall did a s|,lendid iol,. He also uorkcd in I ' uinlc Shichl. Peterson, Milo A. Forest Products Tau Phi Delta Petrie, David M. Electrical Engineeriii Pettersen, Rieliard W. Wood Products Alpha Tau Omega Phillips, Lila Home Economics Austin Hall Phoutrides, Aristides S. Chemical Engineering Pieree, Bobbette V. Speech Alpha Camma Delta Pieree, Riehard Banking and Finance Pieree, Sally K. English Alpha Phi Piggott, Douglas Journalism Delta Chi Pigott, George M. Chemical Engineering Lamhda Chi Aljiha Pigott, Joyee B. Home Economics Pilalian, John M. Sociology Chelan Hall Pineus, Melvin S. Accounting Sigma Alpha Mu Pinkerton, John B. Forestry Management Pinter, Henry Meteorology Plaskett, Jack W. Psychology Pliska, William Industrial Management Plunkett, William R. Journalism Delta Kappa Epsilon Polk, William H. Foreign Trade Pi Kapjia Phi Poll, David J. General Business Alpha Epsilon Pi Pollard, Raymond Electrical Engineerin Pollitz, Gerd Sjieech Poolton, Martha A. Home Economics Chi Omega Poor, Quinee T. Psychology JOHN MUCKLESTONE — Friendly John is known hest around the cam- pus for his work as senior crew man- ager. Much of his time is taken up with the Varsity Boat Cluh and Purple Shield also. Potter, Jessica Sociologv Powell, Thomas Accounting Power, Robert R. Geology Power, Walter R. Geology Powers, Margaret A. General Studies Delta Delta Delta Prather, Samuel E. Mechanical Engineering; Phi Kappa .Sigma Pratt, Sanders Industrial .Management Psi Llpsilon Pratt, Vernon Accounting Sherwood House Pratt, William D. Engineering Delta Kappa Epsilon Preehek, John L. Real Estate Kappa .Sigma Prestridge, .Sally English Kajipa Delta Price, Arthur I, ( !ivil Engineering Delta Sigma Phi Prince, Richard D. Psychology Kappa Sigma Prince, Stanford D. Zoology Kappa .Sigma Prindle, Virgil M. Art Proctor, Patricia E. Personnel Management Gamma Phi Beta Pufl ' ert, Lawrence Physics Education Pugel, James D. Mechanical Engineerin-; Theta Delta Chi Punnett, John M. Real P tate Zeta Psi Putnam, Ruth M. Elementary Education Au.stin Hall Pyle, Philip Chemiial Engineering Pyle, Stoddard H. Electrical Engineering Quesnell, Lowell F. Physical Eduiation Raauni, Gustav F. Accounting .Sigma Nu CHCCK K1.K1 ( II lph.i I ' hi ga, Oyal Cluh. and Mens ' Organized House Council occupy most of his " spare " time, when not in Board of Control meetings. Q-R 161 Radford, Lori-ii Marhrmatiis, Miirv J.., CliiOin. ' a Kuiiis. ihiiii (;. Inilu-trial Ma.ia;;nnriil Thcla D ltaClii Raniuker, Nuiicy General Studies Delta Delta Delta Raniber , John C Si;;nia Nu Raniiiiinis, Raymond P. Genei ' al Business Ranislad, Kenneth Elei-tiical Kniiiiieeiini: Randall, Barbara Coen Soriology Reeves, Margaret Elementary Eihnation Rehn, Bruce L. Erononiies Sigma Alpha Epsilon Rehn, Glenn E. Meclianiral Eni ineerinp Reichardt, Jaek H. Pre-Medicine Zeta Psi Reinelt, Jeane A. Nursing EkIintI Hall Reinhardt, Donald Aciounting Reis, Stanley R. iMeehanical Engineering Zeta Psi Rennord, Mark General Business Greylork Hall Riley, Robert Merhanieal Enineerin Rainier Hall Riley, Roger R. Ceramie Engineering Riley, William R. Accounting Alpha Delta Phi Ringstrom, Adelle E. So,-i.,l„gv Ristine, William C. Accounting Phi Delta Theta Ritchie, Patricia L. Music Alpha Xi Delta Robblee, Lois E. Music- Alpha Ghi Omega Roberts, Haydn G. Sociology Randall, William S. I hiiiiical Engineering Kappa Sigma Kankiii, Piilri ' ia K.lncation Mplia (.III Omega Happ, Marvin E. (countirig Thela Delta Chi Rave, Ricliar l Forestry Raver, Riilhella Hecrealiiin Chi Omega Rawlinson, Donald M. Accounting Alpha Tau Omega Ray, Burke F. Transportation Ray, William H. Economics Chi Psi Rerucha, Marjor Home Economic Reynolds, Arthur Aeronautical Engineering Rhodes, Richard C. Genei ' al Business Delta Upsilon Rhodes, Robert Accounting Richards, Ramona M. English Chi Omega Richards, Richard E. Accounting Richardson, David W. Pharmacy Richardson, Paula M, Sociology Robertson, Howard F. Journalism Delta Upsilon Robinson, Beverly J. Elementary Education Alpha Xi Delta Robinson, t!larence A. Accounting Robinson. W illiam K. Mathematical Statistic. ' Sigma Alpha Eiisilon Robson, John General Studies Rochester, LeRoy Mathematics Rockey, Fred W History Delia Chi Roduell, Bonny L. Nursing Harborview Hall Raymond, George F. Management Lambda Chi Alpha Raymond, Robert G. Kori ' st Products l.andidaChi Alpha Read, (jeorgc Sociology Reavis, W illiam Retailing Redman, Robert R. Foreign Trade Phi Gamma Delta Reebs, Frederick W. Pre-Medicine Kappa Sigma Reeder, Ardene General Studies Kappa Alpha Theta Reeder, Carolyn Philosophy Kappa Alpha Theta Richey, Robert Electrical Engine Richmond, Harold Physics MacGregor House Richstad, Robert J Economics Pi Kappa Phi Ricketts, Donald E. Personnel Management Riddell, Gordon D. Forestry Products Tau Phi Delta Riese, Ravmond L. Music Pi Kappa Phi Rigby, Roger L. Pharmacy Riley, Richard J. Economics Phi Gamma Delta Roe, Charlotte L. Meteorology McKee Hall Roe, Philip Geography Phi Kappa Sigma Roetcisoender, John Pharmacy Rainier Hall Rogers, Basil B. Engineering Rogers, Clair A. Speech Delta Gamma Rogoway, Ned A. Sociology Zeta Beta Tau Rogstad, Iteltv Ann English Alpha Chi Omega Rolfe, John H. English Phi Gamma Delta RUTHE BURMAS TER— As president of Phrateres Ruthe doesn ' t have too much time but she does include other activities as AWS Cabinet, Board of Control, and Organization Assembly Steering Committee on her long list. BOB Md.EAN When b.i-cball -cas„n is here. Bob doesn ' t haye much time for studies. He ' s senior manager in baseball and president of Managerial Council. 163 n ' iM i Rollow, John C. Mfilianioal Engineering Beta Theta Pi Rolslud, Donald J. Soeiology Rose, All ' reda V. Physical EdiicatiDn RosenbhitI, Paul G. Pre-i Ie,li(ine Sigma (llii Rosenkranz. Rieliard (.art Matlieniatiis Rollierbiihler, Jack A. Engineering Chelan Hall Rowe, Lois W. Home Economies Riinimel, Richard M. Personnel Administration Psi llpsilon Schell, Arthur R. Forest Products Scherer, Jack L. Accounting Schlcnker, William H. General Business Sigma Alpha Epsilon Scliniad, Robert S. Pharmacy Russell, Joann Anthropology (.hi Omega Ryan, John L. Ai-iounting RySS, June Home Economics Ednia Austin Hall Sacknian, Shirley Ann Music LearyHall Saflel, Walter G. General Business Salmon, Ina-Marie English Leary Hall Samuels, Robert M. Ghemical Engineering Sandall, Donald B. Pre-Denlislry Alpha Tail Omega Scliolz, William F. Industrial Management Varsity Hall Schroeder, Charles H. Zoology Schroeder, Robert H. Psychology Delta Tau Delta Schuster, Stanley W. Accounting Sandall, Raymond F. Personnel Management Alpha Tau Omega Sangster, Martin A. General Business Kappa Sigma Sarras, Fulhemios Law Sawhill, Roy K. (.!i il Engineering Sawyer, Harhar;i A. Nursing Ekiind Hall Sawyer, John T. Wood Products Alpha Sigma Phi Savre, E. Phillip Political Science Phi Kappa Sigma Scarff, J. Bowen General Business Phi Delta Theta Schweitzer, Mary L. Personnel Management Scott, Betty C. Home Economi Scott, Clarence Electrical Engineering Scott, Donald G. Personnel Management .IIM MALLOin - Height is uscl to its fullest adyantage in this goll and liaskethall star. Because of his aliility in sports, Jim is a member of the Big •• V Cluh. Schmidt. Philip C. Law Phi Kap|)a Psi Schneider, John E. Forestry Management Schwab, John A. Meteorology Schwarz, Henry A. Commercial Art Scott, George A. Engineering Chelan Hall Scott, James H. Electrical Engineerins; Schoenman, Richard L. Electrical Engineering Scholl, Warren English Seaberg, Richard Mechanical Engineerini; Seablooni, Robert W. Ci il Engineering Seal, Margaret C. Education Searless, Charleen General Studies Kappa Kappa Gamma Secor, Gordon B. History Lamhda Chi Alpha Secoy, Clyde Zoology Delta Kappa Epsilon Segersten, Russell H. Mathematics Acacia Hall Seigley, Geraldine L. General Studies McKee Hall Schweinler, Marienne Far East Schweitzer, Lamar T. Industrial Management Alpha Delta Phi Sells, Robert D. Foreign Trade Tau Ka|i[)a Epsilon Selvidge, James N. English Chi Phi Sergev, Tatiana G. Music Settergren, Blis N. Accounting Severson, William H. Accounting Beta Theta Pi Shafer. Paul D. Mathematics Shane, Robert A. Industrial Management Zeta Psi Shangrow, Joan L. Speech Scott, Polly J. English Theta Upsilon Scuderi, John Meteorology Sharp, Carol J. Elementary Education Alpha Delta Pi Sharpe, Cecil A. Journalism Acacia Hall Sheard, W illiam F. General Business Phi Delta Theta Shearer, Marv Jo Nursiut; Ekiind Hall Shedden, Janet A. Art -McKee Hall Shemarya, Joshua J. Foreign Trade Alpha Epsilon Pi Shepard, Dorolhie E. Speech Shepard, James D. Speech ROD JOHNSON — Rod specializes in crew and is a memlier of the Big " W " Clul). Oyal Club, and Varsity Boat Clul). s 165 m ,i jj Sheppard, Lenore M. Psychology Sigma Kappa Sliiel, Dorothy L. Ecoiunnii ' s ( " .annua I ' lii Beta Shifriii, Frank L. Retailing Alpha Epsilon I ' i Shiniasaki, Dorotliv (!hemistry Leaiy Hall Shioyania, Belly K. Nursing Harhoivieu Hall Shiplell, Keilh E. Electrical Engiiieeriii Theta Xi Shipley, S. Ewing General .Marketing Shride, Judith Education Blaine Hall Skindlove, David O. Personnel Management Alpha Tau Omega Skoghm, Mervin Electrical Engineering Slater, John T. Law Delta Tau Delta Sliva, LuAllen A. Accounting Delta Sigma Phi Skok, Frank Forestry Management Slack, Ida Mae Personnel Management Small, Daniel B. Transportation Phi Delta Theta Smeltzer, Shirley J. General Studies Smith, Thomas E. Foreign Trade Smith, Vcrn M. Marketing Smith, Willard A. Aeronautical Engineering Smith, William E. Accounting Theta Chi Snell, Roy G. Political Science Alpha Kappa Lambda Snider, William L. Mechanical Engineering Snodgrass, Ernest D. General Business Shultz, Nancy A. Speech Alpha Phi Siddons, Wilfred J. Electrical Engineering Sidell, Alvin D. Zoologv Sidie, Alexander S. Pharmacy Sills, Betty J. Home Economics Synadelphic Silven, John W. Electrical Engineering Silver, William M. General Business Zeta Beta Tau Simi, Aldo J. Pharmacy Smith, Ardelyn E. Far East Delta Zeta Smith, David L. Fre-Major Phi Gamma Delta Smith, Donald K. Piano Chelan Hall Smith, E. Mary Elementary Education Alpha Omicron Pi Smith, Ernest A. Mechanical Engineering Pi Kappa Alpha Smith, James Journalism Chelan Hall Smith, Joseph Logging Engineering Honderich House Smith, Giles Mechanical Engineerini; Solar, William M. General Business Solle, Don J. Accounting Sonimer, Janet E. Personnel Management Alpha Delta Pi Soper, LeRoy W. English Sigma Chi Sorenson, William Electrical Engineering Sorrel, Frank A. Marketing Sparke, Ranee Electrical Engine Simmons, llciiry J. Accounting Sims, Vern F. Aciounting Kafipa Sigma Simundson, Murjorie A. Nursing Sinclair. Donna D. English Alpha Phi Sizemore, James I,. Ac-counting Skalley, Thomas W. Chemistry Chi Psi Skarperud, Robert E. Zoology Skidmore, (ilel A. Accounting Smith, Gordon Electrical Engineering Smith, Harold Economics Smith, Homer S., Jr. Personnel Management Phi Sigma Kappa Smith, Jane M, Literature Alpha Chi Omega Smith, Mary Lou Speech Smith, Patricia J. Home Economics Phi Mu Smith, Robert Keyes Art Delta Upsilon Smith, R€ y W. Mathematics Phi Sigma Kappa Sparlin, Raymond Forestry Management Speaker, Ward Aeronautical Engineering Spearman, Austin E. Industrial Management .Sperling, Lois N. Music Zeta Tau Alpha Speyer, Paul R. Political Science Zeta Beta Tau Spof forth, Fred Mechanical Engineering Pi Kappa Alpha Sprague. Harrv Art JIM HEWITT- As editor ol uAsii- iN(.T(iN KNCINKKR, Jim did 3 l)ang-up joli. His grades didn ' t fall either as he is in Tau Beta Pi and A.I.E.E. FRANK THORPE — He spends his time down at the VM where lie ' s president. Frank ' s also in Purple Shield and on the .Assemblies com- mittee. Snyder, Lloyd E. Pharmacy Sparks, Sally Nursing Eklind Hall Spring, Clifford V. Marketing 167 I ' l ' M ivj Sprinkle, Richard C.fiu ' ial Biisinrss Phi Delta Theta Squibb, Earl R. Klcrlriral Kriiiitife Steele, Mary l.iiii Personnel Man;ii:r Phi Mm Sleltz, George ». (iivil K.n lnt ' crin;; Sleiii, G. I- iie l Political Science Phi Kap|ia Si};nia Slerlev, Ralph Klec ' Knuiin ' c Slaab, Rodney V. Klectrical Knf ineerin}; Theta Xi Stamos, Solerios Aceountitif; Stanley, Sum Philosophy Alpha Tail Omega Stastny, Charles I. Political Science Sigma Alpha Mu Stave, Norma Y. Niirsinu EklindHall Stearns, Doris L. Home Economics Pi Beta Phi Stiles, Edward V. Education Still, C. Marvin Management and Accounting Alpha Sigma Phi Stinison, Douglas History Chi Psi Stinson, Robert G. Electrical Engineering Stoeekert, Frances J. Music Education Kappa Delta Stoffer, Maurice Meteorology Acacia Stolesen, Rolf Industrial Management Delta Kappa Epsilon Stone, Francis journalism Chi Psi Suttell, Neil Forestry Swanberg, John Personnel Managament Swanes, Mary Music Alpha Phi Swartz, Gloria E. Pharmacy Sigma Kappa Swearinger, Ron E. English Swegle, Glen General Business Swezea, Patricia English Alpha Omicron Pi Swininie, Wayne M. Physical Education Stemwell, Jane F. Home Economics Sigma Kap|ia Stenberg, Osboru ( !hemislr Stensrud, Russell K. E ' orest Products Stephens, Jacquelin L. English Literature Leary Hall Stephenson, Dreda English Kappa Alpha Theta Sternberg, Louis E. Sociology Zeta Beta Tau Stone, Joseph L. General Business Sigma Alpha Epsilon Stone, Wesley B. Chemistry Beta Theta Pi Stover, Charles D. Psychology Acacia Stradley, Don General Studies Streissguth, Karl H. Engineering Rainier Hall Stroliecker, James P. Electrical Engineering Zeta Psi Strom, John Electrical Engineering Stroud, Gerry D. Music Pi Beta Phi Syverson, Durothie English Education Alpha Omicron Pi Szambelan, John General Business Tabor, Joann History Alpha Phi Takano, Betty S. Nursing EkIindHall Takei, Kazuye English Education Talbott, James G. Economics Phi Gamma Delta Talbott, Wilson S. General Business Phi (lamina Delta Talniox, Donald H. Foreign Trade Stevens, John IJ. Accounting Delta Sigma Phi Stevenson, Frances P. Nursing Eklind Hall Stevenson, Herbert Zoology Delta Kapiia Epsilon Stewart, Alan Electrical Engineering Stickles, Milton J., Jr. Pre- Law Pi Kappa Alpha Stief, Robert A. Foreign Trade Delta Chi Struckrath, Lester W. General Business Alpha Kappa Lambda Stroud, Merland D. Far East Phi Kappa Psi Suder, Norris General Business Suess, Floyd R. Accounting Chelan Hall Sullivan, Gloria Elementary Education Alpha Xi Delta Sullivan, John D. Statistics Sherwood House Sundquist, Stanley A. Far East Sigma Alpha Epsilon Sundsted, Edith E. Pharnia -y Tandy, Donald Forestry Management Tang, Theodore Chemical Engineering Theta Xi Tartre, Joanne M. English Pi Beta Phi Tate, Harold W. Accounting Phi Sigma Kappa Tate, John (ieneral Business Beta Theta Pi Talhani, Thomas H. Physics Phi Kappa Psi Tautfest, Mary Drama Sigma Kapiia JOHN DVSART — As Biisinc a ' .er of the daily, John takes care of all money matters. Advertising is his main interest and he is a nn inher of Alpha Delta .Sigma. lOHN STE ENS— .Senior Intramural Manai er. Managerial Council, M(.A. and Alpha Phi Omega top John ' s ai- Taylor, Don Forestry T 169 ' mJil iml, 1 Taylor, Georfte Vk ' . (lencral Business I ' hi Caniina Delta Tovs, Joan 1,. Chemistry Zetal ' au Alpha Tluinipsoii, Caroh-c English K.du.ali.m Taylor, Jack F. Transportation Therrien, John P, History Phi Gamma Di ' lla Thompson, Bervl Physical Education Taylor, Jerome Electrical Enfiineerin;; Therriault, George W. Ciyil Engineering Thompson. Donald K. rt Chelan Hall Taylor, Lucy E. English Pi Beta Phi Thies, Joanne English Kappa Alpha Theta Thompson, Fred J. Civil Engineering Pi Kappa Phi Taylor, James M. Law Thimsen, Calvin Mathematics Thompson, Glenn O. Personnel Management Tau Kappa Epsilon Teller, Sally L. Nursin;; EklindHall Thomas, Frank D. Commercial Education Thompson, John S. Fisheries Alpha Delta Phi Templeton, Mary Far Eastern Kappa Kappa Gamma Thomas, Lionel E. K. Chemical Engineering Thompson, Judy E. Art Zeta Tau Alpha Terras, Ida Elementary Education Thomas, Nancy C. Journalism Alpha Omicron Pi Thompson, Mariana N. Advertising Pi Beta Phi Thompson, Vern A countint; Tobiason, Walter General Business Alpha Tau Omega Torgerson, Frederick Aeronautical Engineering Chelan Hall Thompson, William General Business Todd, Zook Business Administration Alpha Tau Omega Torkelson, Janet Literature Alpha Phi Thomson, Claire General Studies Kappa Kappa Gamma Todhunter, Richard V. General Marketing Torrance, William H. General Business Phi Delta Theta Thomson, Gerald S. Pharmacy Tollenaar, Janet E. Sociology Phi Mu " Towie, Marjorie English Kappa Delta Thornburg, Charles Physics Tolles, Willard E. Physics MacGregor House Townsend, Ivan Electrical Engineering MacGregor House Thorpe, Franklin K. Political Science Chi Phi Toothaker, Joel H. Architecture Alpha Delta Phi Traeger, Phyllis M. Home Economics McKee Hall Thorp, John Meteorolo.ny Top, Barbara J. Music Zeta Tau Alpha Traf ' ton, Gerald B. Forestry Management Tau Phi Delta Thulean, Donald M. Music Torenson, Gladys General Art Kappa Delta Traub, Helen A. Radio Chi Omega Trauton, Gerald B. Forestry Management Tau Phi Delta Tufts, LaRene English M.Kee Hall Urbach, Lawrence General Business Zeta Beta Tau Treffinger, Enid English Education Tuggle, Virginia General Studies Sigma Kappa Van de Wetering, John E, History Sigma Alpha Epsilon Treibel, Wallace Accounting Turnell, Robert General Business Van de Wetering, Lee R. Mathematics Sigma Alpha Epsilon Tremblay, Richard Chemistry Sigma Nu Twedt, Homer F, Chemistry Sherwood House Vannet, David Industrial Management Varsity Hall Trosper, Mary Sue Personnel Management Kappa Delta Uddenberg, Patricia M. General Business Vannice, Leslie L. Mining Engineering Tau Kappa Epsilon Trueblood, Janet Elementary Education Alpha Phi Uhlig, Glen E. Mechanical and Civil Engineering Van Orsdal, Kenneth A. Electrical Kngineering Tubbs, Robert R. History Sigma Chi Ulloa, Edward Banking and Finance Alpha Sigma Phi Venables, Mollie Home Economic s Delta Gamma Tucker, Beverly M. Physical Education Synadelphic Underkofler, Donald B. Chemistry Vermilion, P verelte Electrical Engineering PHIL SAVKE He doesn ' t liaNc much spare time with the following list of activities: Organizations Assemhly, Regional Vice Chairman of NSA In- ternal Affairs Committee. Alpha Phi Omega, D.P. .Student Committee, and YM prexy. MAKIOiN MALI.O ' i — This journalism major has much to her credit heing MADF.MOiSKl.l.K College Board repre- sentative. Business Manager of idi.- IMNS. and Pi Alpha Sigma. U-V 171 Vernon, Kdward Electrii-al Knfiineeriiiji Waddinglon. Itill History Sigma . l|.ha K|isil,„i Wallen, Bruce N. Economics Phi Kappa Signui Versoi, Kicliard P. A.-eounlin-; Chi Phi Waechler, John H. (H-neral Business Phi Delta Theta Wallinder, Keilli K. Personnel lanagem,-nt Veys, Maurice General Business Alpha Sifima Phi Wasner, Jack E. Pharmacy Wallers, John L. Pre-Dentistry Phi(;aniina Delta Viele, Barbara Sociology Chi Omei;a Wa-jncr, Robert W. Geology Tau Kappa Epsilon Ward, Herbert F. Electrical Engineering Voinol, Paul F. General Business Phi Delta Theta Wahlen, Howard O. Accounting Ware, Leonard History Delta kai)pa Epsilon Vollbreehl, Warren Aciountirii: Delta Tau Delta Waldron, Wilnia I. (leneral Studies Synaclelphic Warn, W. Dale Zoology, Education Phi Kappa Sigma Von Tobel, Robert En};ineerini; Walfortl, Alison Music Zeta Tau Alpha Warner, Lloyd Forest Management Waddell, Herbert L. Eionomies Alpha Sigma Phi Walker, Joan L. Drama Gamma Phi Beta Warren, Charles W. Transportation Sigma INu Warren, James W, Personnel Tau Kappa E|isiIon Webb, Sanlord E. Mechanical Engineering Well, Doris Home Economics Alpha Omieron Pi Wasson, Jean L. Transportation Synaclelphic Weberg, Russel Speech Education Wells, Jean English Alpha Chi Omega Watkins, Lura Sociology Webster, Frank L. Geology Wehls, Duane Mathematics Education Watson, Albert Transportation Weeks, Delores English Alpha Chi Omega Werstiuk, Howard S. Economics Sigma Nu Walters, Charles E. Journalism Weidkanip, Kenneth M. Industrial Management Wescott, Charles M. General Business Sigma Alpha Epsilon Waxman, Robert C. Accounting Weil, Dorothy Zoology Phi Sigma Sigma West, Robert F. Accounting Delta Upsilon Weaver, Michael, Jr. General Business Psi Upsilon Weir, William R. Personnel Management West, William L. Business Administration Personnel Management Webb, Cecil H. Journalism Phi Gamma Delta Weissberg, Ross O. Mechanical Engineering Zeta Beta Tau Westin, Martha L. Accounting Austin Hall Westland, Warren Scientific Management Phi Gamma Delta White, Geraldine English Alpha Phi Whitney, Hugh T. General Business Phi Kappa Psi Westroni, Frederick Electrical Engineering Delta Tau Delta White, Isabel Grace Nursing Harborvieu Hall Wichman, Robert A. Advertising Beta Theta Pi Wetzel, Frank R. Journalism Phi Kappa Sigma White, Phyllis Nursing Harl,orvie« Hall Wilder, Ronald W. Engineering ' arsityHall « lialen, Michael J. Electrical Engineering W hile. Pill ■ cc(Uinting Delta Tau Delta W ilev, Donald F. Sociology Whaley, Paul M. Economics Sigma Alpha Epsilon While, Thiirman Logging Engineering Wiley, Victoria Law Kappa Alpha Theta Wharton, John R. General Business Whitehead, Barbara J. Zoology Pi Beta Phi Wilcox, Milo I. Marketing Chi Psi Wheeler, Arlliur Sociology Kappa Alpha Psi Whitman, Lawrence Accounting Williams, Frances Marie Psychology Whisman, Walter C, Jr. Transportation Delta Upsilon Whitney, Henry M. Accounting Psi Upsilon Williams, Grant Economies Psi Upsilon BOB OSTERLUND— The ads in hack of TYKK were solicited hy Bob. Busi- ness Mana ' jer of rvi and a mcndicr of the Publi ati..ns cninniiltec. BiaiCE REHN — He is one of the boys we cheer for on the football field and a member of Compass and ( ' hart. Oval Club, and Big " W " Club. now i;ii II h h.- lii,. an acti e niendier ol t» al Club and Varsity Boat Club. Ho vie was also senior manager of crew in ' 49. w 173 171 Williams, Harvey Zoology Williams!, Robert English Pi Kappa Alpha Williams. Ross F. General Business Delta Kappa Epsilon Willis, Loreii A. General Business Kappa Sigma Williver, Daylon C. Accounting Wilson, Charles Banlcing an l Finanr Beta Theta I ' i Wilson, Marclieta Home Eionomics Austin Hall Wilson, Richard G. Retailing Sigma Chi Woods, Ace Mechanical Engineering Woods, Jack L. Chemical Engineering Woods, Verne Personnel Management Worstell, William A. Marketing Wolton, W. P. Economics Alpha Sigma Phi Wriggle, Gordon P. Physics and Mathematic Wright, Alford Speech Education Wright, Clare Elementary Education Alpha Delta Pi Younglove, Margaret S. Elementary Education Younglove, V. Preston Electrical Engineering Younie, John Physics Betal Theta I ' i Yukawa, Junji Mathematics Yule, Valerie J. Nursing Harborview Hall Yutani, Masako Chemistry Zackrison, Ronald A. Pre-Medicine Chelan Hall Zema, Eugene Architecture Alpha Tau Omega Wilson, Ruben H. Accounting Wilson, Wayne R. Zoology Delta Tau Delta Wilwerding, Joan P. journalism Winkley, Marian E. Elementary Eiluiation Winter, Einar Civil Engineerinij Witbeck, Lewis H. Electrical Engineering Wittmeyer, Keith A. Music MacGregor House Wiviott, Leonard General Business Sigma Alpha Mu Wright, James B. Mechanical Engineering Wright, James Psychology Chelan Wright, Lawrence Economics Phi Kap|)a Sigma Wright, Richard C. Management Delta Chi Wright, Willard Electrical Engineering Wyborney, Harry A. Mineral Engineering Tau Kappa Epsilon Wynne, Richard Journalism Delta Sigma Phi Yada, Joe J. Foreign Trade Zemke, Harold Forest Prorlucts Zerr, Jerold Real Estate Rofcre Zerr, Pius English Zier, Vernon Accounting Zinke, Diana Nursing Harborview Hall Znovenko, Paul Far East Baker Hall Wittc, H. Calvert Civil Engineering Zeta Psi Wolf, August R. Personnel Management Wolfe, Bettv Art Alpha Omicnin I ' i Wolfe, Marion K. i ihemical Ermincering Wood, Dorothy K. NursiuL ' EklindHall Wood, James W. Fisheries Wood, Ruth E. Pharmacy Woodhouse, G. Harlan Electrical Engineering Yamamoto, Seiichi Economics Synkoa Yantis, Phillip A . Speech Yett, Keith Mechanical Engineerinj Young, Barbara F. Spanish Chi Omega Young, Bradley Journalism Alpha Tau Omega Young, Frank J. Chemical Engineering Phi Kappa Sigma Young, Janet L. Home Economics, Education Sigma Kappa Young, Robert A. Insurance Delta Upsilon jIM ECKMANN — Jim ' s best known around campus as a basketball player of several seasons. He is also a mem- ber of Big " W " Club. FAE PALMER — She is kei)t busy taking care of ASUW president hii.s- band, but did a top job as president of Independent Women ' s Association. Y-Z 175 Jl MOU CLASS OM ' ICI ' .KS: I ' ... I. Muckl.- lcim-. : nli llroun. mvivKh Jiiliri Sa t-r. v ict ' -|)ri ' si(lcril. ol iiictuicd MMiiKn Mel . licaMiicr. Juniors 176 Herb Klli on Chi I ' si A MS SeclKaiy Well- Week Tiinniie Ruporl Alpha Epsilon Phi — Editor, AWS Handbook tm Assoeiate Editor, Tyee WKev Hal Arnusun Si nia Alpha Epslion Oval Cluh Varsity Baskethall, Basehall Bis W C.luh Katie Price Gamma Phi Beta AWS Correspondi Secretary Tyee Section Edit W-Key ASUW I ' ro-rani I Ken Cole Psi Upsilon Editor-in-Chief. Tv Purple Shield Pnlili.ations Comr Louie Soriano Zeta Beta Tau Varsity Basketh: Roland Kirkby Phi Gamma Delta ' arsity Football Performing the duties of junior officers were Bob Mucklestone. presi- dent; John Sager. vice-president; Ardis Brown, secretary, and Marilyn Metz, treasurer. These four lead the class of ' 51 farther along their path of achievement. Taking top place in the " song " of Song and Stunt Night was merely the beginning for the progressive juniors. They fol- lowed this honor with many more, including the successful prom, and their active participation in campus activities. The juniors sponsor the prom at which the ideal couple is presented. This is an annual affair and many pinned and engaged couples compete for the title of the most ideal couple. Besides organizing the prom, the juniors are espe- cially active on committees and class work. They comprise the majority of committee chairmen, committee secretaries, and often hold smaller offices under the seniors. Even though each class has only a specific amount of traditional material to handle, it is always inspiring for each to seek new activities and perhajts establish traditions of their own. Prominents 177 Dayis Holeonib Chairman, High School Leaders Conferenci ' P resident, W-Key Tyee Section Editor Women ' s Discussion Group JinHlook Si nia Chi AMS Treasurer Malamiites Board of Control Yell Chairman SOI ' HOMOHK CXASS OFFICKKS: Doug Doyle, vice-prcsidenl: Ann l.ol . treasurer; Pat Africa, secretary; John Fery. president. Soph omores I7« Gt ' ri Aii(ler.soii Gamma I ' lii lietu Rally Girl W-Kpv i ' Lradrr I i " (i,ur-ani Panel (larl Markworth Tlieta Gin Malamiites Kally Gi)mmittce (o-Eilitiir. Greek Lette Elaine Coar Delta Zeta Gliairman, Sopli-Frosli Assemljly Sophomore Song, and Stunt Night Sigma Tau Alpha Columns Business Staff Tyee Ofiiee Staff Frank Guisness I ' hi Delta Theta Varsity Basketball Cecil IVlillei Sigma Glii Malanuites ASUW Rally Chairman Chairman, Sophomore Song and Stunt Night Lois Giinderson Pi Beta Phi Tyee Section Editor Sorial Events Committef Seeretary.HUBBnildin- Committee Prominents Aktek such a successful freshman year, the class of ' 51 again elected John Fery as president and placed Doug Doyle as vice-president; Pat Africa, secretary, and Ann Lotz as treasurer. This year the class, along with the usual sophomore activities, instigated the new leadership committee which was formed to give guidance to inem- bers of both freshman and sophomore classes. Naturally, the Sopliomore Carnival occupied the main attention of the majority of sophomores. The carnival, which solicites the active participation of many people, is not only excit- ing for this class, but also for the freshman, juniors and seniors. Another project that the enterprising sophomores undertook was the frosh training program. Many thought that the green beanies had vanished with the small uni- fersity, but the sophomores revised the old tradition and distributed the little sreen hats to ail the newcomers. Hugh McElhe nny Chi Psi Varsity Football Sam Clarke Alpha Delta Phi VMCA Cabinet Welcome Week Pnri)le Shield Sduhnmore Carni ;! oanne Cobb Delta Zeta Tyee Office Manager .Silver Fishes Sigma Tau Alpha AWS Office Personnel ASUW Activity Files Freddy Williford Rofcre .Song and Stunt Night Entertainer Club Encore Choreographer, All " U " Show Frances Graves Zeta Tau Alpha Welcome Week Chairman Freshman Orientation Sigma Epsilon .Sigma W-Key Bob Edgers Phi Kappa Psi Chairman. .Sophomnr Carnival Discussion Group 179 UKMIMW (.I.A. ()l IICKHS: Tmn W I . vi.r-pr.-si.l.-nl : Kli al.rlli l.oxMa. secretary: John Tomlinson. luoidnil : .hmrl l)cl ' ( ii l. ircaxirrr. Freshmen 180 Nadiiie Piitiiian Pi Beta Phi ASUW Rec.-i.iioiiiM International Ban(]uii Freshman Sonji and Stunt Night Jack Nugent Phi Gamma Delta Frosh Foothall Frosh Trai k Freshman Day Myriia Blondlieiin Gamma Phi Beta Song Writer, Song an Night Chairman, Freshman Receptionists Sam Mitchell Tliela Chi Frosh Foothall Frosh Basket l)al Frosh Baseliall Itob Kuye Delta Tmii )rhj ChaiiMKUi. Knsli Peggy Baiigli Kaiipa Kajipa Ganinia Chairman, Freshman Dav Kallv ASUW House Announ.i-menis Jerry Kirk Alpha Sigma Phi (_!o-Chairman. Freshman Siuiii and Stunt Niglil Donna Fullon Delta Zeta Columns Business Office Manager YWCA International Bancpiei Early I the iall tlie Ireslinian class enterlained the campus old.sters with their original and spirited campaigning resulting in the election of John Toinlinson. president: Tom X oods. vice- president: Liz Lovstad. secretary, and Jeanette DeForest, treas- urer. Inspired to make a place for tlieiii.selves at the heginning of their college career, one of the freshmen s main ohjectives was to orient and interest everyone in the various campus acti ■ ities. Becoming acquainted with all aspects of student and aca- demic endeavors is naturally of primary concern to all fresh- men, and as the class becomes more integrated wtih universil) life they will assume their rightful position on campus. The class of " 53 is already well on its way to fulfilling the dream of all classes, that of taking an active interest in the school and becoming a body which helps to mold the laws and principles governing: the institution. Joan Bowman Delta Zeta Columns Office Staff Co-chairman. ASUW Activities (.Committee VU(!A Leadership Training Committee Tvee Office Staff Protninents 181 Krosli (.)ii.-.n. Portia Thornlon Husky Highlights 182 Greeks Editors: Raniona Smith Sororities Andy Harris Fraternities LL c_cl_ 183 }0 Panhellenic EXECUTIVE COUNCII. rii lli« l.ii era. President Icrril Kulx ' ork. Vicr-i resident hiiirt ' Criicliload. V ire-president ir):inia Kin , Relations Chairman I ini ' t En(;c, Secretary I ..lil Kasmiissen, Treasurer ( ' M ' Gilison, Assistant Helatinns Chairman lii-tty Barrett, Aclirities Chairman ' ranees Joslin, Fulilic Relations Chairman Ddlorcs )X ' ft ' ks. Srhiilarship (Chairman lair Ann Kopers, Sorial (Chairman rine MiiUey. Standards Chairman ( ' oMPOSKD of a delffjule. usually the presi- (Ictil. from each tiationall) rfro-znizfil so- rority oil campus. I ' anlu ' llt ' iiic i the co- onliiiatiii body of the sorority system. The major areas in the I aiihelleuic ))rograni are the Traitiiuf; (lonfereiice for the presi- dents at the Km|)ress Hotel each spriiifr; in order to ( ' ordinate the year ' s aclixities and to evchaiiL ' e ideas, the presidents of l A. i ' lirateres. AW S and the i ' anhelleiiic presi- dents from WSt;. Whitman. Ci ' S. Oregon and ()S(! are invited to attend the confer- iMce. The installation banquet is held the lirst week in spring quarter for incoming and outgoing officers and presidents: the iiH ' miier hip program prior to autumn ipiarter: the traditional pledge l)aiu|uel: iiiinl meetings with Phrateres and iWA: Kound Mohin dinners and limcheons all aic part of I ' anhellenic activity on campus. The delations Hoard did an excellent job of counseling in the fall, and had the large responsibility of acting as judicial body in regard to infractions of rushing rules and standards, (diairman ol the board was irginia King and mendiers in- cluded: Mrs. Donnel Fisher. Mrs. A. M. Hoos. Mrs. Herbert !.. Plumb. IMiyllis l.u- era. Janet Knge and (Jae Hasnni.ssen. I ' anhellenic awards a scholarship cup to the sorority showing the greatest scholastic improvement for the year. .Sponsored by ihc organi alion arc Jmiior I ' anlicllciiic anil Stra (.recks. uu Junior Panhellenic Manlvn C; J ' l-csidciil ALPHA CHI OMECA. Nancy Janson ALPHA DELTA PI. JuJv Skaggs ALPHA EPSILON PHI, Beverly Behar ALPHA (:;amma delta. G.nnie Schan:cnbach ALPHA 1 ' )MIC:R0N PI. Pat Quinn alpha phi. Jean Rupp ALPHA XI DELTA. Sylvia Wiper (.HI OMEOA. Velma McReynolds DELTA DELTA DELTA. Shirley Wagnc DELTA CAMMA. Carole Turner DELTA ZETA. Inan Bowman CAMMA PHI BETA. Diannc Dick K ' APPA ALPHA THETA. Alice Erii KAPPA DELTA. Katrine Kohne KAPPA KAPPA GAMMA. Luu Cla PHI MU. Fli.rence Munnoch PHI SIGMA SIGMA. Louise Ail Pi BETA PHI. Connie Gunderson SIGMA KAPPA. Kathy Hyde ZETA TAU ALPHA. Bonnie Porter ALPHA CHI OMEGA Dolores Weeks ALPHA DELTA PI Carol Sharp ALPHA EPSILON PHI Timmie Rapport ALPHA GAMMA DELTA Anne Miilvey ALPHA OMICRON PI Elaine Hajiman ALPHA PHI Janet Truehl.Md ALPHA XI DELTA Betty Bowman CHI OMEGA Billic Burkland DELTA DELTA DELTA Nancy Owen DELTA GAMMA Claire Rogers DELTA ZETA Sandra Apple GAMMA PHI BETA irgiT ing KAPPA ALPHA THETA Barbara Butler KAPPA DELTA Sally Prestridge KAPPA KAPPA GAMMA Mary Maxwell PHI MU Betty Barrett PHI SIGMA SIGMA Bculah Menashe PI BETA PHI Greta Pcarce SIGMA KAPPA Frances Joslin THETA UPSILON Catherine Davidson ZETA TAU ALPHA Kathlyn Browne House Presidents 185 Weeks, lielorcs. President 1616 K. Vlth Simi FOrNDKI) DKPAUW UMVKHSITY I liittrndcn. Kuliiii I liristiansoii. .oi- I ramner, Barliaru I riithers, Marilyn I Irlzer. Nancy Diinstan. Lorraine IKHn am Alpha Chi Omega Kilo (IIMTF.R 1910 Biii-rslatte. Alic (lorwin, Maria I)crl)y, Pat Krasir, ir};inia Huskinson, Elsie Harlow. Barbara Moiinl, Dorothy Holmstad. Elaine Nicliolls, Margaret Edwards. Marv I. on Flint. .Shirley Fros -th. Dorothy Joanne Garrett. Jeanne Gehman, Joann Hamlin. Quinneth Hedhind. G4irol Hole as. Dorothea Hooper. Kloe eret!e hes. Marilyn Janson. Naniv Johnson. Arlene Knight. Doreen I.eVander, Sharon I.ipsett. Mary I. yon. irjiinia MCGov. Greteheii M.Kechnie. Beveily Mandery. Pepgy Mnrray. Joyce Nelson. Jean Newromh. Marilvn Oakland. Marylu dlson, Jarine raiilus. .Sally l ' i|icr. Katherine inner. Mary Hainsey. ( ' harlotte Haiikin. Patricia Keichman. Mareia Kol.l.lee. I.ois Roherts. Joy,-e Kogstad. Barbara Rogstad. Betty Ann .Scully, .Susan Shigley, ' era Mae Sideres, Marguerite Siinpson. Garolyn Smith, Jane Morrow S|iencer, Donna Slainbangh. Betty Swanlierg. Jai ' q ' liin ' Swanson, Janet lallinan, Joanne I ' linnipson, Elizali ' th oii Grossman, P. W.IU. Dolores Wells. Jean c i, Barbara billiani. Dianne Wbilinan. Marjnrlc 186 a . . Hg .. 4.S47 IKlh Avo. N.E. FOUNDED AT ESLEYAN FEMALE COLLEGE 1851 Sharp, CiiKil, I ' rcsidvn i Hartliolmey, Mary J. Hcaih, Daisy BiMider, Nancy fi.-i-. May Hi„»n. Arlis ButtfrHortli. Joan Cluirrliill. Mari-ia (!lark, Diane Cole, Mary Ellt-n (Iraver, Jody Dillon. Nancy Doak, Timmie Dykenian, Anita Eason, Janice ALPHA THETA CHAPTER 1917 Alpha Delta Pi Ejde, Karen Eriedrich, Grace Faber, Katlierine Gehlhoff, Dody Eollis, Harriet George, Carolyn Friedlander, Ann Golay, Jacquelyn (iould. Donna Gonid, Gl.nia Graham. I ' hyllis Grant, Helen Graves. Clarice Hallowell, Elizabeth Jensen, Karen J entoft. Mildred Johnson. Val. Vesta Lutz, Marlene Kostick. Pauline MacLean, Jean l.owder. Elaine Mair. Isohel l.nnd. Lanrel Mason, Carol Meisner, Marilyn Miller, Lois Moore, .Shirley O ' Brien, Eileen Roe. Anita Russell, Shirley .Sadlier. Patricia Salvino, Noreen Soninier, Janet Svenson, Pearl Wall, Joann Wange, Joanne Oie, Nancy Pardue, Dona Patch. Eleanor Roberts, Helene Scherner, Sue Short. Phyllis Skaggs, Judy Snyder, Sally Welch. Dode Whitaker, Ann Whittendale, No Wright, Clare Not Pictured: Wells, Mary Jo t 5 ' ' ' 187 C " Am Hu likin. Lfi- Urown, Nancy ( assrril, Helen ( !lieim. CartA (xi)hn. ( ;harnilee )a is. Kleanor F.nHelman. Bernire Kndelman. Frieda Fields. Shirley Friedman, Gloria lit! IKlli Avr. N K OLNDKI) AT liAKNAHl) COLLKGK Alpha Epsilon Phi ALPHA I) 1.1 CIIAITKK 1 y.S2 Niil Pictured: (lolin, Sharlene Lewis. Joan Packoiiz, . ' nnctte Wolfe. Joanne (;erliei-. Milzi Gold. ll.Jen Goldher;:. Doroll Hynian. Marilyn Kleiner. Mona I.e in. Marian I.exin. Nailine Marjorie . Wilma Ka Lippinan. Marrow. Mi :non Masin. .Sally Mendes. Kaniona Parker. Kdvllie I ' Pearl. I.i.ella Plant. MariUn Kosenli. ' Id. Joanne .Srluil ark. Carol .Solomon. Joanni ' .Sorskv. Sallv Saul. Karliara l ' ol in.l.ila Wolfstone. Uell DroM, Jaekie i Il S) 188 4.S1,S 21st Ave. N.K. Mulvey, Anne, Presitlcnt Aakervik. Diiris Africa, Pat Ahlberg, Shirley Anclerson. Marv Hair, janie Rank, .Sandra Bartch, .lean BerjiKnian, Carol Bills, .Inv Bl.dsde, F.lcan BInnii-. Nanrv Brink. Berllia Brink, Jeanne Brooke, Belsv ©(! FOUNDED SYRACUSE UNIVERSITY 1904 Alpha Gamma Delta IOTA CHAPTER 1909 Case, Fay Case, Val Catren, Audrey Cooke, Mar{;aret Cooper, Margie Donahoe, Patrieia East, Lorrie Fainleigh, Sally Jo Cammell, Joyce Golden. Delores Grant, Sally Henderson, Barh Henderson, Lsabell Henson, Jeanne Hopkins, Carol Hoyt, Elaine Johnson, Aileen Keller, Janet Ke.ssler, Diane Kobhervig, Minda Larson, Phyllis McKeever, Helen May, Gloria Mayes, Ann Mullens, Shirle (),len " hal, Pat Parker. Jane Padoshek, Mary A. Pierce, Bohbette Poitras, Nancy Powell, Jacquie 1 ' regent, Beverly Raniey, Gwen Rhind, Marcia Rowe, Phyllis Rowland, Mary .Schanzenbach. ( ' . Sherwin, Joy .Shrewsberry, Patss Sonippi, Dolores Strong, Mary Alice Theisen, .Sue Wellington. Tei rv W.dfe. I.eonne Woolfolk. Mary Pal Nol Pictured : Blethen, Fran Brewster, Betty Peterson, Jackie W ' ITA 189 % i% % o ap Alpha Omicron Pi Ha nian. Elaine, President l ' anilfr, Joan n.|it iiti. Jane r].lirMin. Marilyn i-lanilcr. Blossom 1. ikiT. ( arnirn i;.,,ll, H.-IIN I ' .i.kflan.l. K .-lvii I ' .r.xikr. Cliarli-rn Kiown. Maryarel Brcwn. Man ' ( arincin. Ann ( ionrail. Ji-an Dils, I)i)rothy Drtis. Mildml VX h K. l.Slli Sir.-.t i()iM)i;i) HAKNAHI) COI.I.KGK l;: ' »7 Not Pictured: Thomas, Nancy Christopher, Anilra Thomson. Katherine i a t ' ' EV HI. UPSILON CHAITEK 1915 K(l wards. Joy Fairless. Roberta C.ates. Diane ( " fellerniann. Mar;:!, (lellerniann, Nanev Cilpin. Phyllis (fmeliih. Mar Jo Mall, . ally Ann ilarnian. Itarliara Harris. KamK H(ii ' fenspert;er, A. Morn. Doris lliil rrt. Rarliara llnliharil. Helen Mae Ilnff. Joanne James. Dolores Johnson. Kennita Johnson. Simone Kane. Connie Keller. Marilyn Kenilriek, Jo Anne Kerr. Wilma Korsmeyer. M. I.a ov. Yvonne I. oeker. .Shirley l.loyil- oun . I.. Marshall. Delort-s Mathews. J aiqiieline Mclnnes. Doris .Miller. Marilvn Miller. I ' at Mcxeri. Cloria Neu.lorler. Heu-rlv (Oliver. Kathleen I ' ap ' . iSaney I ' onil. Janel I ' orlner. Harliara I ' reston. Jeanne (,)iiinn. I ' alrieia Seale. ir;:inia Seaman. Jnne .Selij;. Jov .Sn.ilh. Vlarv Stramllierj;. Sonjia Surry. (Irelehen Swi ' .ea. I ' aiti I ' illanv. I ' alriria I ' ren.hhn.juclv I ' uinl.nll. It.mnie amlerwill. Joanna on llailen, nn Wells. Doris Wells, Ma. j.nie W oUe. Iletly 190 lynO E. 47tli Strt-et FOIINDED SYRACUSE UNIVERSITY 1872 ■I ' l u.-ljl(Knl, Janr-t, Pn-sldcnl iHl.rsnM. I). Mari iiM-.|. Katherine Haikir. Rfbeoca H.iurr. Donna lUiinett, Hazel Am ( ianicion. Jam- Carlsnn. Harln.. Carlstedt, Elsie Carson, Carolyn Ann Dean, Marilyn DeCiarmo, Mardette Duerfeidt, Clare Eokas, .Shirley Ann Alpha Phi SIGMA CHAPTER 1914 Not Pictured: Bolger, Jean Magarinsky, Galena Atwood, Marjorie Jory, Jean Mullin, Katlierine Ellis, Lael Ellison, Beverly Flack, Barbara Fritz, Beverly Gardner, Joan Gilmer, Anne Grabow, Barbara Grove, Janet Halliwell, Doris Hardman, Barbara Holmstrom, Marj ' rie Hardman, Margaret Howe, Constanee Harford, Mary Huffman, Dona Hart, Shirley Hynenian, .Sally Hazen, Helene Jaquet, Joan Kellerman, Jean Kelley, Roberta Kohl. Joan Ledingham, M. Jean Loudon, Patricia Lowman, Rosemary Merrihew, Ciarol Meuller. Joyce Miller, Kathryn Northfield. Evelyn Miller, Patricia O ' Conner. Beverly Morrill, Sally Petranoff, Gloria Moyer, Janet Pierce, Sally Mossman, Mary Plumb, Betsy Sinclair, Donna Rhodes, Barbara .Small, Charlollc Rupp, Jean Smith, Monterrey Schroder, Janet .Solibakke, Gilberte .Shultz, Nancv Spafford, Nancy Sperline, Marilyn Stover, Joanne Sullivan, Ruth Swanes, Marv Tabor, Joanne Terrill, Katherine Thees, Marilyn Thompson. Vivian Torkelson, Janet White, Geraldine Verrier, Norma White, Ruth Whalen. Maryanne Young, Patricia 191 BiS ' l Prriidrni Adam.. Jirkir Andrrwn. Barbii ndrrion. Lomi rlhur. Marilyn Conrad, Madlyn Cuwdfroy, Janet Datl. Marjurir Dark. Mareir DawKon. Barliara 4541 19lh Ave. N.K. lOL.NDKD LOMI ' .AHD COLLKCK 1893 Alpha Xi Delta AU CHAI ' TKH 1907 V Ma ' W ildir. Naida W ilM.n. Dnlurra W.l ' -r. SvUi. « .ii ' lall. Marlirn 192 1717 E. 47lli Street FOUNDED UNIVERSITY OF ARKANSAS 1895 Binklaiul. Rillic. Prcsidnu Acker, Mary Allen. Margaret Aliiiqtiist, Brita Anderson. Marie A|i|jlinf;. M. Ruth lialtliaser, Mariljeth liarnliardt. Beverly Ucirhnie. Patricia Bondv, Joan Bradford, Marilyn Brown, Carol Byrd, Winifred ( iallaghan, Maureen (larlson. Doretta ALPHA CHAPTER 1909 Chi Omega Not Pictured: Malloy, Patricia Carl.son, Janet Crawford, Janet Carlson, Madeline Cummins, Caria Charles, Barbara Curtis, Marjorie Coon, I.aura DeCroote, Carolyn Cornelius. Berta Dewey, Alice Diinri, Janet Griesinger, Grldine, Kisher, Jerene Gudmundson, Desa Foreman, Ann Hanistrom, Jeanne Gilison, Gae Hanson. Nancy Goodwin. Hazel Hartford. Oorothv Hibhard, Frances Keller, Constance Ingram, Ida Kelly, Patricia Jacobson, Beverly Knox, Evelyn Johnson, Jacqueline Lamoreux, Shirl Juntti, Myrna Larson, Nancy Lee, Joan Lepsoe, Ingrid Loewer, Peggy Lohr, Eleanor Loren. Clarice Olson. Dorothy Poolton, Martha Quigg. Elizabeth Radovich, Marv Raver, Ruthella .Shofner, Janet .Straley, Norma Traub, Helen Viele, Barbara Witt. Temnle Luechauer, Mart Mattson, Karen McCallum, Marilyn McReynolds. Lorna McReynoIds. Velma Richards, Ramona Ridgeway, Marilyn Russell, Janet Ru.ssell, Joann Rychard. Barbara Word. Bettv Wroth. Sallv Wyckoff, Karrol oung. Barbara 193 msjs Owen, Nanry. President r--- . ' -, Baer, Patricia j ' ' .: linker. Marilyn hmg K ' - -i .% Haiinspard, Joanii ' Bl BSgj ' " - " - ' -- ' •- Uaiir. Palriria M Hournp, Shirlie wSt tmr- ■ -s . House, .loaniir Mrooke. Janet H.„r,k,-..|,Mn 1 l!r..«ne.Joan " Hurt. h. Carol 4527 21sl Ave. N.E. ( adwell, Ann I iirroll. .Suzanne 1 nwell. Patrieia lOlNDKl) BOSTON 1 lavies, Dorothy IMVKR. ITY Delta Delta Delta (it f ' ii liinil: Diiwiiini;, Joan (ainliv. Paula Kvan. Patr Styles, Kalli. HL B r v OiM a it i Ml UMitm MM MitMk M £l £2l i M£ a£jyi,i AAA THI;T M.I ' II ( lUITKK 1909 DdKin. I ' liyliis Finger, Elizabeth Eikley. Beverly Kohes, irginia Elliott. Ann Foster. Joan Klliolt. Naiir Franklanil. Nancv Kelt. li, .■ Ha.- Carton. C.eraliline Harris. Jane Cellerrnan. Dianne lleiilin er. Joan llelwic Kathryn llajien, tin Hoar. Rosalie llalleran. Bonnie lloo er. Naniy l.oiian. Marilyn Jolianson, Margaret I. unci. Patrieia Kersliner. l.a erne lainiljiren. Joy Ki ' onirk. JoAnne l.ynrli. Janet Kuinni, Marian Mat:ei ' . nn Mrl.aui:hlin. Murie Mav. Barbara Met .. Marilvn MrCiM-miik.Terese Morgan. Patrieia McDonald. Barbara Mueller. Emily b Donald. Bonnie Mulbern. Mary l.ou KaniaLer, Nancy Peterson. Mollv Keid. Virginia I ' m Kc. Shirley ' Kiuns, .Shirley Plcrson. t bervl Schreuder. Carol Po».r.. lari:arei S|.ikc. MaiiKn Towers, Lucille I ' liompvon. Alice M.lianel. Joanne I lirasber. Joan I ridlin):i ' r, Jac | ' lne I ' odil. Nanitlc Tulhill, Patricia rorni- . Joanne N ' idrii ' ksnn, NatiriieWoodlniry, Mary M. Wajiner. Shirlev Workoskv, Joanne W ilkinson. AllMila 191 2012 ¥.. 45tli StreH FOUNDED LFAVIS NATIONAL SCHOOL 1874 BETA CHAPTER 1903 Eldridge, Marilyn Erholm, Joanne Forster, Joan Goodwin. Joan Gordon. Joanne He{!S. Sandra Uovland, Margaret Hovland, Marilyn Issacson, Jane Kent. Lucy Hansen, Margaret Hansmann, Mary Hanson. Karen Hartnian. Margaret Kiscaddon, Joyce Kristoferson, Maii Langer. Helen Leavitt. Margaret Lee, l atriria McCarthy, Rhea Lowe, Gloria McCorkle, Jane MacFadden, Martha McCrae. Jean MacLeod. Barbara McDonald, Jean McCahe. Mary McGill, Sheila Niesen, Joan McKinley, Marilyn Norquist, Sue Moore. Alberta Ostroot. Mary Mooi ' e. Beverlee Oswald. Joan Mvers. Elizabeth Peploe, Betty Peterson, Prised Phelps. Marilon Poole. Jane Reswick.Geri Sampson, Barbara Schwab, Joanne .Smith. Barbara .Strandberg. Joan Sutherland. Camill Wiggins. Barbara Wiley. Joyce Wingate. Joan Zener. Gail Roberts, Katherinc Rouse, Patricia Rust, Margaret Rvan. Elaine Swain. Jeanne Turner. Garol Venalbes. Molli. Werttemberger. Not Pictured: Baird, Joan Rogers. Clair, HrrslJrnt cklcn,Joann; llen, Peggy Babbe, Joyce Henolt. Then-, Berkcn.Joan Bra.e, Barbara Cahoon, (ierrv Calvert. Bcllv Church, I ' eggy Clark, Jacquelini Clark, Pamela Clark, Suzanne ( ' ronkhite, Marji DeForest, Janet Delta Gamma 9,c?,f J ' ■m- ' .P 9 AIP 195 Apple. Sandra, B 13 « I annul 111 li.iwnian, Joan I ' .uylp. Man ia 111 own. Dolores Hyron. Lois ( ain, Joyi-e allow. Joanne Delta Zeta (|2bllg;i2 it FOl.NDKD MIAMI UMVKKSITY 1902 " iH ' • ' KM ' ' A ( HAPTKH 1914 (.oar, Elaine Cobb. Joanne Costijian. Sidney Ooshaw. Clierene ( " rosse. Bonnie Koss. Barbara Francis. Joan Kredriikson. Shirley Kenoyer. Bealriie Fulton. Be erly Fulton. Donna Ciddinjis. .Shirley Gill. Pat Grant. Joan llilikr, Mary llirsc h. Barbara Kriihn. lovie lelleber;;. Km Kleinz. laril ii Kuist. Jean l.usk. Joao MeCru.keii. Marj;rt. 1, Donald. Barbara McCalliard. Sarah lallov, Aliee lallov. Marion Maurer. JaiMl bnei, ( herrill Mendenhall, J Miller. Dolor. ' Milnor. liarba Moist. Mary (Kborne. Doro I ' arr. Chri lin. Si,o . II. In, Sniilh. Ardelyn Sorjienfrii. Frani Stroble. Shirley St ryker. Janet I arbill. Barbara Wijicers. Gloria ' (i I ' irliirfil: Katehel.ler. Beyi Bungay. Joan ( oidd. Joanne MaeDonahi. Dor Moek.(;reta 196 Anderson, Geri liadraun, Bettc Barnrs, Darro Ann He r, 11,-lc Hianio, Pliyllisl). lilo . Mv 4529 ITtli e. N.F.. FOUNDED SYRACUSE UNIVEHSITY 1874 BdtliuMll. .|an.-l Unyle, Patricia Brehm, Ellen Myington. Ann ( iarlson, Joanne { ' ai ' prnter,Jacq ' lyn ( Jarke, Barbara LAMBDA CHAPTER 1903 (Jawson, Mary Ann Dorsey, Martlia (dottier, Shirley Ehling. Marilyn Oaven, Sinclair Ellison, Francine Dick, Diane Fithian, Janet Diebert, Ruth Pleming, Barbara Gates, Ann Goodrich, Carol Good vin. Gwndlyn. Griffin. Katberine Griffith, Raylenc Hagen, Ann Hagen, Lois Hartley, Janic e Hartman, ( ' arolyn Ivarsson, SoKeig Heneghan, Mary M. Lein, Joan Hinckel, Susan Lovsted. Elizabeth Hoak, Betsy Lydgate. Lois Howe, Alice Lydgate, Margaret McNerthney, Marg. iace, Margaret McNerthney, Vri:. Mauerman, Ethel Miller, Marilou McGarter, Martha Miller, Patricia McDannold, Nancy Moore, Donna Naden, Ann Morris, Ann Newton, Deidre Morrison, Patricia Olwell, Geraldine Murrow, Helen Peterson, Janine Myers, M. Gail Pickard,Jn(K Rowan. Joyce Price, Kathleen .Sandall. Sally Proctor, Patricia Schwaegler.Virgini; Proctor, Terry Shiel, Dorothy Quevli, Dagniar Simonson, Aldalee Steiner, Phyllis Smith, Aldene Trexler. Joanne Smith, Barbara Walker. Joan Smith, t:iarissa Williams, Nancy C. Not Piclureil: Kirk, Jacqueline Baldwin, Sally Roth, La Rae (Connelly, Beverly Simila, Norma Jean Gamma Phi Beta ti-m eimCi m AcnfW. Mariluu Allrn, Drbbi.- Ariiiiui!.-. J«nri Arni.lrant. Dor., Bail. y. Jaiik.- Hailiy. Rulhc BnliUiii. Joan Billing. Kilhy Budingrr. Mary BuJinet-r. Nell Ciilo. Dec Cav. Vireinia Cavin, Ann CliamberlaiD, Jill t.SlM ITth A lOLNDKD m: V l I MVKHSITY l. ' lTd Kappa Alpha Theta M.I ' I.VMI ' .DA (HMTl.K 191)8 CU-v,lan.l. Mary Cochrane. Mary narrouph. Anne Uu.tarJ. Pal Duiiluril. Bonnie Ea.lerbruuk. Sally Eklun.1. Janine Enelish. Jan.- Kri.kson. Alice %mMLm , i:a„,ly | r. Marilyn nberlon. Joan W .ik.nian. Barbara Wilet. Vicloria UhII. Viriinia Wiighl, Nanrv O ' Caia. r.harlnll ;-v:5F g ' - x ' iJaMHMH r i 4n S Wj p«-- Ss - " 4 v! |||| S|| H I ' restriilye, Sally, Presiden t Allan, Barbara Alleger, Margaret Anderson, Shirley Andrews. Dorotliy liaciir. Diina Baker, Joan Ba lies. Joyce Barger, Dorollr Bessor, Mary Lou Blytlie, Beverly Bosley, Anita Bowers, Barbara Bowers. Donna Boyer, Dorothy J . i% •DUNDED VIRGINIA STATK 1897 NOHMAI. SCHOOL Kappa Delta SIGMA IOTA CIIAITKK 1922 Brown, Marilyn Conlon, Kathleen flopeland. Donna (irater, Shirlee Crook, Mary Ann Foster. Joyce Freeman, Joyce Cess, Patt Gilbert. BobbetK Gnffy, Frances I.o Ide, Jo Ann Isaacson, Mar Jacobsen. Joan Jensen, Eleanor Johnston. Be erlev Loreriz. Ann Lowry, Belly Lyon. Nancy Manner. Edith Mannini:. Sally Jo Miller. .Sally Moore, Barbara Moore. Margaret Morrison, Corrina Nelson, Beverly .Schreiner. Theresa Sharp. Donna Short, Jaequelyn Smith. Ardis Smith. Joan Toreson, Gladys Towle, Marjorie Treadwell, Joann Trosper, Mary Sue Vike, Jeanne Dewitt. Katherinc Dynes, Betty Jean Ekies, Jewell Falk, Donna Finnigan, Janice Gntschmidt, Evelyi Hannah, Allene Harries, Sarah Jani Hoke. Mary Holmes, Dolores Kessey, Marjorie King, Jeanette Kirtland, Elaine Kohne, Katrina Landin. Charlotte Manring. Billie McCorkle, Joyce McKinney, Jacq ' lini Mergens, Maribeth Miller, Margaret Nennsberg, Zena Nielsen, Shirley Peck. Jo Anne Robbins, Jo Ann Sayre, Marjorie .Smith, Marilyn Smith, Ramona .Sparling, Lorraine Stoeckert, Frances Thomas, Beverlv Whitlaker, Valeria Wilkeson, Shirley Williams, Ada Lon Williams, Janet Wintermote, Mary 1 i 4 If W1 ISA lax«rll. Mdn. I ' rr.siilriit Miliott. Barbara Anthony, Harrirt Barlli-lt. I ' atty Rau li. IVgpy Hcan. Susan H.r cr. Mlison Hradlrv. Mary l.mi Clark.-. l,„uis.- ( !ol« . .SiTcna Covl.-. lvrna (risl.-r. lii-lla Kayr ( ummins. Diani ' I)aiilipnl)i ' r);, Adflc l)a is. Marianne 4.S04 IKlh s,: N.K. KOL l)i:i) MONMOITH (:()LLi:(;i; 1870 Kappa Kappa Gamma r.KTA PI CHAI ' TF.H 1905 Dillon, Marilyn Fraser. Ann Douijlas. Dale Fry, Eleanor Doiist, Laura Grimm. Marv Doust, Janet Gross. Marilvn K.vans. Marfi aret Hail. Alice llillman. Marprelta Harris, Joan Holmes. .San.Ira lluisman. Beltv Ilorjes, Rarliara ll.acllev. MarvJani ' llurlluit. Klizahetli lli.kox, Carolvn Uoin. Jesse Irpsen. Gloria lones, Naniv keith, Bexerlv Kin;;. Jo Ann Knipe. I ' atsy kraft. Janet kraus. Jo Ann I. ant?. Marv Gatlir n l.a«ton. I ' e;;;:y Met .al)e. Mary lee. Nancy Mcl ' lierson, Susanna l,»is. Hilile;:anl Molelioir, Molly I i.lliart.(;eor;:etle, Mary K.ilen I M, k»oo.l. Maiilvn g MMLm ffilSJp Inoers. Maria NeiU. Jeanetle i lon. NaniN Nnliles. Marjori (Klin. rin s,,un,lers. Mari.ui s.iiles. Cliarleen |.iin . .Snlh Meel.-.Jolnia Sl,„„.. M:Mie W.ilcliie. Marion W ililiie. Kila W.axer. Sne O.Sullivan. Joan ri;;oll. riieiline I ' ri, e. I ' oliv I ' nt Keif.l. Betty lemi.leton. l.ii ! ' lioni| ' -.n.( lane Iniiliolnie. nn 1 iiliiMU-l. Vnn I . Wliile. (..lle. ' n W illianison. Ka Xitco. ' Ma iil I ' iiliirnl: Neilrml. Mary Ann t ;o(f, Mnrjorie (,)uiclev. Kosemary Mrl)o«ell.Kli j l.elli Biil.ieani, Denise Mnirliead, ( ' nroli ' 200 453(1 I Till Ave. N.E. Es|.,-tM-it, Arl.-nc. Alrxa, ,| AndtTsoii. Barlmi n(lcrs„ri. Shirlr. Ariar,-v s, l),„,itliv AmI.-s. .Ii.arin.- Viisiiri. Kv.-lvri Barrett, Betty Bemis, Suzanne Brazeati, June Brunner, Harriet Camjiion, Joanne FOUNDED WESLEYAN COLLEGE 1852 31X0 Phi Mu ETA BETA CHAPTER 1917 Campion, Patricia Carbo, Donna Clapp, Eleanor Cunningham. B. Dexter, Janice Halliday, Barbara Henwood, Marie Hill. Merrily Holm, Betty Jones, Jewell Jones, Phyllis Kamm, Joan l.andweer. Marjorie l.avin, Pat Lawrence, Chellis Lund, Lois Maness, Glorietta Meaker. Jackie Moujihtin. Jean Munnoch. Elorenc( Olson. Marilvnn Parent, Marjiaret Pearce. Pamela Pelton. Ruth Seastrom. Helen .Smith. Barbara Smith. Pat .Steele, Mary l.ou ToUenaar. Jaiici Wilson, Joan Wizer, .Shirley Not Pictured: Anderson. Mar - Brinsfield. Eloi ' sc Erton. Barbara Jones. Elaine • m 201 f % M.riasli.-. Burial.. I ' m nwiiislr. Ra.- I ' m iicNilz. Nicloria Itrr rr. .loanii. ' I .qilan, Florence I ■iluMi. (!arolf K. khan-. H.iiv riak-. loan I rii ' dman, Dorothy 1- link. Natalif ( -lashini. .Shirley llu|ipin. Betty Rose llii|i|iin. Thelma llnruitz. Florence loi i)i I) HI vn;H (:()I.i.k.(;k vn?, Phi Sigma Sigma 15KTA RKT. CHAITKH 1940 ,. m T IT ' ( i At f 1 1 . ' r? q| Ilurwitz. Muriel .lenkins, Ida .|oscphsoii.K cIyn Katz. DoKilhv Laufcr. Barliara I.evey, Recia Levey. Shirley l.ntzkar. Frances 1II1,T. Muriel Mills, Maiiaii K,i-.„u. a.lcll Nu.lcUnn. K.lith Pari-. Tiann.- Uiliack. Frail, cs Kivkiii. .Shirley li.,-cn..lo .e Sliaiii. Bonnie Shore. .IikIv SiH- •arnicn Sillii ' inian. Dian. .Siissinan. .loannc S«ei,llik..l.ian Tall. Alic.- Warshaw. Roli.-ria W. ' il. Dnrolhv elikinskv. F.slher 1I)S2 202 4.S;k ITth A r. N.E. KOLINDKI) MONMOUTH COLI.KCl i;;67 Pc-an.-. Clicta. I irsl,lriit rkrnnim. kn .i An.i. ' isnn. Ilcl.ri Anilcrsoii. ! ' (■;;(; Bensdn. NaiuA BeiKcr, Carol Brannen, Suzaji Burnain. Doiirui Bulls. Clinic Cain. Mary Cani|ilipll, Carolyn Carlson. M. l.oiiisi- (!arter. Joanne Davidson. Barbara Dohoney, Joan Pi Beta Phi ASHINGTON ALPH. CHAPTKK 1907 Folsom. Patricia Gunrlci ' son. Lois Circhvooil. Barbara Ila cn. CcorL ' ia (;raliam, Nancy Hniltloff. Janet (ireenleaf.Geraldine Humes. Ann Ciinderson, Connie Ivy. Patricia Jenness. Joyce loliannes. Carolyn Johnson. Shirlee Keiiiwin. Ann Lnufihlin. Joanne MacKenzie. Nanc Marshall. Cara Matheus. .Susan Maver. Janice I ' arllow. Mary Poska, Barbara Prentice. Nancy Putnam. Nadine Heams. Julia Sennett. Mary .Shell.-y. Mary .Stearns. Donna Stearns. Doris .Stowe. Barbara Kizer. Helen Kusak, Janet Leniieux. Mary Loniax, Marjiery McBride. Rnthora McCormack. M.J. Miller. Shirley ()|i| erTnan. C.ayle Kcclor. Shirley Reniaiy. Jiiditji Rue. Barbara Rutledile. Anne Stroud, Gerry Stuhbs. .Suzanne Tart re. Joanne Tavlor. I.ucv MIM ' t J ' bonipson. Mariana ' Sard, . nnelte Thiirpp. Muriel Weaver. .Annette J ' yier. Shirley Whitehead. Barbar Von l.o.ssow. Janet Willis. Shirley Walrath, Geor xiann iV()( Pictured: Hallock. Patricia Breene, Saranne Hansler. Ida Chose. Sally I.ind ren. ( ' aria Ganl. Bonnie Lou MacMath. Janet ISHI L ' l ' ii.l Aw. N.K. Ffti M)i;i) (;()1.i.K(;k i;;7i Sigma Kappa Xal Ficlurrd B Ml (IIM ' TIK 1910 F.lmquisl. Donna KloHcr, Eile« n Ford. Nancy Fowler. RoaalJF ll.irri,on. Joaiuif Haiicrn. .Man Hi-thrrinKlon. Lu Ann H.iarr. Fl..r.nci- llullanil. Mienonrllr Hopkin . Ilirbaia Kalhlrrn Ililan(. ' l ll. Rulh 1 . r«,n. Dolor.-. l..l„„on. Anna I.. I..l,n n. Nant ' V on. Slrphiiiir E. Jnni-a, Kay J,.nf.. Marilyn A. Krnnrlly. Hannah Kin«-y. Tricva ndrrn, Marria Lunil ' . ' . Marion Macr. Patty M.ih -r. Patriria Mrlntyrr. Kalhl.--n|MMl. U.ui I ' ri,.-. Carol. I ' r... t..r. Joan Sli. ' p| aril. l.rnor Slioltrnt. (iluria Sli.K-makrr. Joy ««rt,. J,M.nna i. oll. ' .t. Mar Tr.rrau. Virtlnia I l...„,p.on. Jan I " lial.-. Vii.inia Wr.ili.-. i:i,ril.- Wi. kuHV.. Ilotty Wnll... Coll.m ..nm. Janri 204 i(i i:iii ' FOUNDKD UNIVKHSITV OK CALIFOHMA 1914 Davidson, Catherine President KHO CHAPTER 1929 Theta Upsilon Anderson, Marian Bremner, Margaret Home, Jacqueline Jensen, Sarah Nelson, Joan Oderniat. Rita Pitzen, Ruth I ' richard. Shirley ScoU, Polly Sorenson, (ladacc Steelman, Lucille Tilden, Doris 205,. J.,,,.- Biilry. Naiha Ilierl.. .. Kil. ' . ' llc.ullllM. Kl. ' lll lliirhan. Ilmlii P. ' J.I ' P, loi M)i.i). ii{(;i i sr Ti; NOHMAI. SCHOOL 1898 Xeta Tau Alpha PS I CHAi ' TKH 1917 Ciillrc. : illr. ' n Craieiir. Andrra llalla). Dianr Daughter . Carl haviv. Noinia K. km. BrvprI) Kinrry. Palricia Kricksoa, June Fall. Kalhrvn Kiirhrr. Donna 2 ' y ' 2()6 l ' MIKI.I,KM(.-Sr(l S()liK|] or- j aiii alidti ol mial I i I ialcd sorority women Iroiii oilier campuses. Originated at the I ' niver- sity of Washiiii- ' toii in lOIC). Carolyn Fiilz. I ' lesideiil I ' i BHa l lii, MciMtana State C.nWeiie Stray Greeks Nut I ' irlurctl: Haldwin. Joan Alpha Phi, Montana State Barager, Gret ehen Alpha Delta Pi Brown. Ann Kappa Kappa Gamma. Louisiana State Ely. Margaret .(Vlpha Phi, Oregon State Emerson, Sue Kap| a Kappa Gamma. Whitman Burgin, Genevieve Kappa Kappa Gamma. Idaho llanielson, June Beta Epsilon Phi Hawley. Virginia Kappa Kappa Gamma, Whitman Johnson, Ann Delta Gamma, Montana State Jones. Betty lane Delta Delta Delta. Wyoming Kershner. Ruth Ann Alpha Xi Delta, Utah Meilieke, Joyce Delta Gamma, UBC Olson, Bonny Alpha i.W Omega, Whitman OReilly. Mary l.aml.a Delta Sigma. ( ;on.-,ii(lia ( .olle Pal, ' o. Joyce Kappa Alpha ' I ' heta. ( Colorado Reed, Nancy Delta Gamma, Washington State Reeves, Margaret Delta Gamma, Washington State .Smith, Mary Lou Delta Gamma, Wa.shington .State .Stone. Dorothy Pi Beta Phi, Mcmtana .State Van Lcuwan. Margaret Alpha Phi. Oregon State Evans. Margaret Alpha Xi Delta, Utah Finning, Joanne Gamma Phi Beta. UBC Johnston. Helen Delta Delta Delta. Whitman Lundeman. Patricia Sigma Epsilon. Colleiie ol Idaho O ' Day, Meryl Sigma Kappa Rogers, Lee Kappa Kap|ia Ganuna Schmitten, Dolores Delta Delta Delta, Washington Slate Sorenson, Lois Delta Delta Delta, Washington Stati- Walsh, .Shirley Alpha Gamma Delta, UBC Wrench. Nancy Delta Gamma. Colorado g P_ 207 Executive Council Inter- Fraternity Council Krnrst Slif rinan Inler-Rdations Cuunselur Tmk Intkk-Fratermtv Coi.ncii. is composed of presidents or representatives of the 89 fraternities on cam|)us. One of the ])rimary efforts of the IFC this year has l)een to revise the rushing rules in an effort to formulate a more e(]uitalile rushing system. The responsibility of the V( ' .. to hoth the rushee and fraternity, is embodied in this effort. Srholar- shij) and conduct standards are also maintained liy the WC. which has the power to discipline offending fraternities and individuals. The IKC seeks to educate fraternity men for citizenship, for social com|)etence and for successful human relations as well a to sup[ ort the I iiixersitv ' s olijeclive - - intellectual (li- cl(ipincril. K K( I Tl 1 ( it l ll I IKK I .111 Markwortli. Co-Kilitur (ircrk l.rllrr I. . W ilsoii. Cti-Eilitttr Crcvk l.vlirr n w,- CrIlalK. Huiulhook loliii Hrlinki ' . Kiishinn liiil, Kiiy Horn, Srhiil ir hii 111 i Niirlini!, Siirinl Inn MMiror.l. hfcnihvrshii, ImIiii l ' i|iri. (tif:(ini iiliiin .(v.srmWi ll.illi- I ' liM. (Iiniiiiiziitiiiii . .is riiht Inn llr.-iN. lirumrl, 20H ACACIA Howard Johnson ALl ' HA DELTA PHI Warren Kraft ALPHA EPSILON PI David Poi: ALPHA KAPPA ALPHA SIGMA ALPHA TAU LAMBDA PHI William Andring John Sawyer OMEGA Calvin Gulp BETATHETAPI CHI PHI Warren Lindblad Richard Versoi CHI PSI W. Roger Johnson LAMBDA (111 ALPHA Stanlev Moran PI KAPPA PHI Merlin Giles DELTA CHI Norman Moore I ' ll! DELTA THETA JohnBehnke PSI LIPSILON William Mundt DELTA KAPPA EPSILON DELTA SIGMA DELTA TAU PHI DELTA Richard Walker Lu Allen Sliva Dean Minor PHI GAMMA DELTA George Taylor SIGMA ALPHA EPSILON Mar iM Durham PHI KAPPA SIGMA PHI KAPPA PSI Ferguson Crisler l.aury Wright SIGMA ALPHA MI) RolfeBecke SIGMA CHI Fred Merritt DELTA UPSILON pgf " ALPHA j; j ppj SIGMA Phil ( " arsten PHI KAPPA TAU Douglas Jones PHI SIGMA KAPPA mcMA NIT SIGMA PHI SIGMA NU EPSILON llouui ' d Werstiuk (Jiarles Bakeman Harold Mathers PI KAPPA ALPHA Linden Ilughen SIGMA PI Charles Walter TAU KAPPA EPSILON Lester Vannice TAU PHI DEI,T Thomas Orth ITIKTA Clli (ieorgeMever THETA DELTA CHI ETA BETA TAU IT! EPA XI James E. Peterson Joseph Newland Paul Solom ZET PSI John Broom 209 ZKTA BKIA TAl . Mene E. Solomon. I ' rfiiiltnl ( . Cerald Hall l I ' ll DKI.TA I ' HI. Fred G. Guenther Jr. Mill KI ' SII.ON PI. Sid Ruvptiskv ll ' ll kAIM ' .A LAMBDA. James M. Macy l I ' ll SIGMA I ' HI, Andrew Kaddas l I ' ll TAl () IE(;A. I.a«renre J. Whipple BKI niKTA !■!. Imimy E. Hynds ( III I ' lll. K..I..II A. Wanamaker t III I ' sl. AIL.-rt J, Jame l)KI.T ( III. I,.if C. ()verl)y DELTA KAPPA EPSILON. Jai ' k A. ( hrislianson IlKLTA SIGNL PHI, Alvin G. Johnson DKI.TA TAU DELTA. Donner D. Bu.het DELTA UPSILON. Donald Hajien K ' ' SIGMA, Robert A. Hanson I WIHDV CHI ALPHA. William G. Moore I ' lll DKI T TIIKTV. Hank Edmunds I ' lll (, l l DKI.I . Kuit Owen Jacobson I ' lll K 1 ' PA PSI. James G. Fnitchey I ' lll K I ' PA SIGMA. Bernard K. Hayes I ' lll K M ' l ' A TAU. John Poiloek Junior Inter-Fraternity Council ' ■Illsl(. l l ' IK i ' l ' I ' l k i ' l ' I ' lll I ' M II ' MI.ON l(; l ll ' ll ll, l ll ' ll s|(. | (H| s|(. l .M KAPPA ALPHA Knun.ii D. kink.L.I. D,i,ll.% S|;,,, KI ' .MI.ON Ml K;m llii luik- Bud Kiefer Frank I). Priis Dean Kiillanrlcr I- i n.- l I n- Pi iir l,ri lai -lia. k SIGMA Pill TAl KM ' I ' V Till T HKI I EI ' SILON SK.MA I ' l T i: Pill DKI.I KPSIION IIIKTXilll illl TIIKTVM ET PSI linliaid 1. Nyl,r,l ( ;.-.,r. .- Pi.-re Cnal.l I ;. Tra-k I liml. S,,l nltka Luna- I )aM linn r IJ. ,1.x I Iran I .. Dnm an Konold M. Da in FoK HAi.K A centmy Acacia fraternity has made oiitstaiirl- ing achievemenls in tiie major colleges tliroiifihout llie United States. Acacians liave licon distinctive in scholastic accomplishments. cani|)us acli ities. social recoi;nition and in the field of sports. Acacia is now a regular college fraternity, luit was originally founded hv a grouj) of Masonic students at Ann Arbor, Michigan, in 1901. Acacia, like nearly all college fraternities, derives its name from the Greek: however, it goes a step further in that the combined letters have a symbolic meaning. Acacia is further sym- bolized by the Hellenic evergreen, an emblem of the fraternity. X e believe that a well-rounded program is essential in preparing for the life outside of college and have endeavored to obtain this goal. FOUNDED UNIVKHSITY OF MICHI(;A 1901 Acacia WASHINGTON CHAPTER 1910 Dickey, Stanley, President Anderson. Arian Angle, Grant Box, Merton Bruner, Russell Burdiie, William Cornish. Brare Cowger, Jack Grain, Richard Cults. Rollin Dotson. Ben Ekins. Richard Graham, Norman Guthrie, Gene Hall, George Hall, .lerald Hammans, Ben Hansen, I oren Hendry, Ronald Henrikson, Gordon Humphrey, Richaid Johnson, Howard A Johnson, Howard C Lajambe, Jerry Id Lampert. Willi Lang, Virgil Lawrence, Don Linge, Jack Love, Virgil Maxon, John McAllister, Alan McCredy, Clarenc McKeller, James Payne, Dwayne Randall, Charles Segersten, Russel Sharpe, Cecil Stevens, John Stoffer, Maurice Stover, Charles Thornton. Ralph Thorp.J, hn Turnbow. Donald West, Jerry Wood, Gordon V„( Hirturrd: Bttnney. Oren E ans, George Moran, James Richards, John Sonner. John 211 Acacia ii i i 4 Kraft. U arrf n. President Arklev, Richard Allison .C. Jay. Jr. Mtiin. John .Anderson. KcnnHh iislin. Rus.sell Haird, Rogrr Barwiik, Thomas Bi-am. Richard Hi-ri;c. ' R illiam Kir. hficld. Richard H..n.M.-cl. Richard |{.. . (;arv Brown, Harold Bush. Fredrick ( ' .arlson. Maurice (.avp. H. Tylor (ilarke. Sam ' l J. Jr. Cleveland. Richard ( reedon. Jack Oiltenden. (.harles Davis. Jack Dean. Cordon I wis Dean, Sidney Dc(!an. Lawrence l)(inuld iin. John Dou;:las. David Doll. RolK-rt Dreilzler, Ralph DriMnmonil. Mian Ka.lcr. Hnnald Klniquist. l.cniy En;:er. Olio Farley, Dale Fisher, Frederick Filhian, Robert Fonkalsrud, Eric Callolte. David (iilliert, George (lin riih. HaroM (.in rich, Lee Creen. S. (!lark (.riffen, Kenneth (luenther, F. G. Jr. (.uesl. Joseph Alpha Delta Phi ' I ' m: siiiN(.r(i Cmm ' TKr of Aljilia Delia Phi luTame ;i(li f ill l " »21. W ilh ihc t ' Ncoptioii of till " war years, it has liriii coiiliiiuoiisK a(li e ever siiu-c. The firsi chaiilor was Inu ' idctl as a lilcrarv smicly. aiul llic house has always iiHleavdred to maintain liifjii s(iiolarsiii|i stutulards wilh- iMi! iicfilecliiif: aclivilies. aliilelics or social aspects which adil lo the le elo|iMUMil of a well-roiiiuled collejte man. The University scholarship cii|i spent last year in our lihrary next to last year ' s second place Sonjifest trophy and three intramural cups swimming, track and had- nii ' ilon. Dnriiij; the year nine Alpha Dells won l?if; Vis and se i-ral more of (hem won freshman and miiuir sports numerals. The social hi-ihlifihl of the year was the annual Winter Kormal, held at the San Point Country (lull. Dales wt-re j;i en orchid Icis in keeping; wilh the I lawaiian theme. FOUNDED HAMILTON CO LLK(;K 1832 ' ' A m r»L. WASHINGTON CHAPTER 1921 2106 E. 47th Street Hageman, Walter Hale, Robert Hall. John Hamshaw. Wesley Han by, Wayne Heinz, John Hodges, Merrill Hume, R. Dale Inkster, L. John Jr. Jangard, Donald Knight. Wayne Kraft, Kenneth Louden, Riehard Magnuson, Richard Mahaffey, Donald Manning, Derald Maurer, C. Fred.. Jr. McElroy, D. K..Jr. MacLane, William McNamee, Richard Miller, Alfred Mounsey, Ross MuUin, Terry Myers, H. A. P. Natchwey. I). Stuart Neils, GerhardF.. Jr. Nielson, Roger Parkhurst, Walter Petersen, Walter Quickstad, Robert Richards, Malcolm Riley, William Russell, Donald .Sanders, Donald Scheidecker, Wayne Schweitzer, Lamar Smith, MacKenzie Sheldon, Charles Southwick, Everett, Donald Thompson, John Thomson, Stuart Toothaker, Joel Ulbrickson, Alvin Umsted, Louis F., Jr. VanLanningham, G. Warren. James Willson, Edward Wilson, James Not Pictured: Bricker. James Brookbank, John Buchanan, Rich., Jr. Gellein, Donald Hays, Richard Miller, Robert Smith, Donald 213 iXA S ' ill l ' ..ll. David. I ' rtsiilent Harokas. Mor{:an H.r .T. Jules !!la(; T. Morton I ,i|«-lotii. Joseph I ,.|.elllln, Morris Diilison, Alan Diilison, Samuel Kpslein, Mauriie Kiilerman. Haroiil Ki»l)er. I wrenie Kuvon. I ' aul llurouiiz. Arnold la. ' ohson. Phillip kalz, Jerome K pp -I. Arnold Kolkins. IlerlM-rt Kowals, Mvron riha, Jarob I ' osner, Jerome Kuvensky, Sidney Shemarya. Joshua Sliitrin. Franklin Sinfier, Howarti I rri-er. Raphael : (it Pictured: Uolgoff, Lawrence llanan, Samuel Ludmer, Michael Poll, Harold Roiisso. Louis (lalante. Raymond Leeser. Kurl Nash, Gerald Raphalowitz. Arthur Zuck. Donald FOl ADII) M.W ()HK I MVKHSITV Alpha Epsilon Pi 45 1 1 IHtli Ave. N.E. (Ill 1)1 I 1 1 U(i (II M ' I ' I I ' M: ' ' : M Ti:i(Mr ' s sdiiui caJi ' iiiiur is well Kniiitlftl with lOnual (liniicrtlaiico ft-lcs, cxcliaiifii ' s. cmklail [larties, ami lir()iif;lil li a IVslivf close |iy ||u " Siiriii-; ookoiid. (•(»iii| iisiiif; a loriiial diiiiuT daiii-e. siiicfcdt-d jiv a piciiif till ' l ' i)llowiiif; day. In llic lifld of atlilftics, Harry I ' oll holds till- iiiii crsitv liaiitaniuci ' ilit l o iii (-liaiii|iioTislii|i. ill addition tlic Iralcniitv has licldt-d siiccfssfiii It-aiiis in toiK ' li fooll.all. I askfti a ' ll. aiul sol ' lhall. Siliolaslic achirvfiiu ' iil is crfdilaliK-. llif cliaiilcr lia ■ iii placed si lli aiiioii (he or iani ed houses. lliereh earnin i ineiilion on llie Koll of Honor In addilion. si nieinliers lieloii " lo lionoraiie of llieir clio-cii fielil-. m Al.l ' HA Kaim ' a LaVMBda. one of llif more jjrogressive fraternities at the University, enjoyed a fnll season of spirited intratnural activities and many siiccessfnl sorial events. Autumn quarter social activities included a nunilicr of exchanges and firesides, the latter bringing forth much " home " talent in entertainment. Outstanding soc ' ial func- tions of " AKL " during vinter quarter were a Costume Ball and Pajama Dance. For sjiring quarter, besides cus- tomary exchanges, several picnics and beacii parties were enjoyed. Our Spring Formal was held late in May. " AKL " has traditionally been recognized as exempli- fying the fraternity ideals of Christian brotherhood and scholarship, its members becoming leaders as well as participants in many worthy organizations. ;,S17 17ih v.. N.K FOUNDED UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA 1914 Alpha Kappa Lambda THETA CHAPTER 1929 Cornwall, Ralph Cotter. Edward Jr. Douglfs. John Gerard, James Geyer, Donald Hoffman, Win. Jr. Johnson. Rockne Keene, George Madsen, Vernon Matson, Alan McBurney, William Maeey, James Morhers, Carl Morgan, J. Maurice Nash, James Ott, John James Jr. Oswalt, Clarence Jr. Paul. Roger Phipps, William Snell, Roy Swofford, Peter Stevens, Donald Stuckrath, Lester Wiethuechter, Dnld. Andring, William, President Not Pi cm red: Albrecht lames Antes, Alexan Berdan, Donald Bowen ( hailos folln Du nil Adams. Vaughn Eck, Charles 215 I£i Sawyer, John, President Alhano, Ray AiidiTson. F2rii- Andrpws, Jaik Bariii-s. Kamoii Barlh. IVrn Hla( k. rWial.i HIili.-. Wavnr lilohin, Kal| li It ' ilan. Donalil l ' " iit(in. W ' ayiir ' iiiaan. I.arry I III i i) ' ii iri. I)ur»iti I larki ' , John I iicini, Siro I )i ' nnian, Kirhanl I l. ;: rl. Kolx-rt linhrn. Konahl Dr. -v., John Knslin.Jani.- lliilanil. William Hrnnin;; , Ji ' rry llin;:ston, A ' illiani RoLrrl Jai-olison. l an Irnson. Waller |..n -s. Hill lonrs. Di.k Johnson. Mrl Jiulson. Dirk , Jiulson, (iage Kaddas, Andy ri Kennedy, James Kinj " , George il Kin};, r.frr ' ' Kirk,Joh ■ kirk. Jerrv Alpha Sigma Phi v i. I ' ln uiis riiiiiuleil ill 184.S at e I ni ei- -iU li a siiKill i:i(iii|i (il rollojie iiu-ii who i-iulfaMiictl In |iri ' s(M c llic fNcrlastiii; lies nl ' true Inollu-i IkmhI. Soiiu ' of the |ii ' oiniiK-iit alimis .still rnmu-cli ' il «illi W asliiiifilon arc Al I lliiicksoii. crt-w coach: Kcrt Kosc. iiiaiiajjiT oC llilctic News Sci ice, ami Dr. John Cccliuii. Ir.nn |ili slriaii lor llir llii-kic-. ()iir ol llic iiioic |j|oiniii(:il imii in |iolilics is Lcc I ' al- lo ' i. wlio is cliairiiiaii ol ilir SI I ' To-iram I ' uiicl. This rniiiinill ' c is coiisidcrcil In l r mic ol the more iiii|i()rlant sluilciits firoiips on caiii|ius. Iiilraniiirally s|ieakinf " . the Alpha Sifis won tin- volley- l .ill title and were tiiialisls in loolhuil and | iii i |i(iiio. l| ha . ' i iiia I ' hi is a ueli-knit iir; aiii .ati«in uitli lii) h scholastic attaimiients. FOUNDED YALE UNIVKHSITY 1845 MU CHAPTER 1912 4554 19th Avp. N.E. Ladd. .lames Lee, Nels LeMoine, Ken Lindstrom, Roily Luecken, Donald MacDonald, Donal I Maloney, Robert Marek, Richard MrBean, Jark McKinnen, Dan McLaiit;hlin. Janie? McNeilly, William Milligan, Donald Moccri, Roy Munson, Paul Neklason, Victor Nordqnist. Biuc Park, Ralph Patton, Lee Petrey, Jerry Pierce, Larry Piper, John Rasp, Boh Roberts. Lee Rotheus, Paul Smith, Jim .Snure. Clark Still, Marvin Thorson, Sig UUoa. Ed Vaughn, Warren Veno, Fred Waddell, Herb Wallace, Dune Wells, Dave Werner, Ken Wilkin, Boh Wotlen, Willy Yourkowski, Louiu 217 I iil| , Gonloii, President ilHis. Kennelli Anderson. Clif fori! Anderson. Kenneth Ancell. I)a e Kair.l.Jim Bannecker. W illiani Harr. Ro;:er Kelinken. Vi illiam Cene Bruunin;:. Kii-liard Uiirriis. KleleliiT I ovin nn. Jim • riniin. Diiane ( ulos. Peter Dana. Lee I lei. on;;, (!harli»s Dines. K.iliert F.hri;:.Ja.k Kn;:land. Dean K |.|.. Don ' l Kvans. Kus,s,ll Ker uson. Neil Kinne;ian. Josi-ph Kisiher. Alan Koote. Frank C ' .ates. John (lehrke. Kred Cerson, Jerrv C.ood. I)e«ey ( ' .rant. Donald Cross. .Skook Hansen. Mori llensey.Ja.k Ili lL ' ins. KiMuie Howell. Boyd Jaijues. C.ny Jarosek, ( " .onion Johns ' in. Vernon loiies. K. Dennis Kohert Daniel Krll.lier. Rirhard K.M-her. M Kolini ' r, Josepli Alpha Tau Omega Till: MMi ■! ' »•■.■)() ii.iiiul l|ilui r;iii Omepa arliw in all [iliascs (il iMiii|iiis life, lipoimiino with tlie high-light of s|iiiiif; i|[iarlcr activilii ' s. llic .Sdplioniore (lariiival. .ATO pill its lull wciiiht into ImiiIi activity and social life. Vlilh a Imolli l asf(l on llu- I ' yramid C.liil) crazi " . and four I ' .gyp- tiaii hcaiitii ' s dangling from u twenty-fool revolving pyru- inid. the Tans won first place for the hest nien ' s single ciihy. lall ipiarter licgaii with a hectic Kiish Week which cmliil illi VTO pledging a fine class of twenty-six men. I.iiler ill the (jiiarter the annual Pledge Dance feature. I costume theme which hroiighl out an array of likenesses from vcs|enla " s Maggedy Ann lo today ' s Schmoo. Willi -[Mill- (|uarlcr here, llic Tail house looks for- ward III nil li ' liliiuii ill Inn or in i radc piiinl. FOUNDED VIH(;iNIA MILITARY INSTITUTE 1865 GAMMA PI CHAITER 1006 IBOII !■;. 17th Mnri Nut Pictured: Davidson, Keith Hale. Steven Maguire, Fred Barrere, William Fisher. James Heath. C.N. Ralliffe. Paul Crahtree. Rohert ( • n A: Hnek.-n.loil. DoruiM lii. Iim.I.m,,, |r, Sherwood, John Thorpe, Pete .Snow. Gorden Wilks, Jerry IVideman. Henry Wilkstrom, James LaChance, Bob Lantz. David Levander. Phillip Lobaui h, Irv. MarKenzie, Brad Martin, Todd Matthews, Duane McGovern, Jim Me.lliiott. Bill Miller, Jack Millis, Max Mulinski, Don Nelson, Bill Nollan. Fred Nollan. Robert Pembroke. John Peterson, Gordon Peterson, Richard Pettersen, Dick Rawlinson, Don Reinelt, Herb Robinson, Charles Rowse, Dennis Sandall, Don Sandall. Ray Skindlov, Dave Smith, Richard Stanley, Sam Stenstrnm. Thomas Stoll. Waller Story. Robert Strandberi;. Arthur Swanson. Roy Swartz, Richard Tobiason, Robert Tobiason, Walt Tobiason. Walter Todd, Zook Tonkin, James Wheeler, Andrew Whipple, Larry Wikstrom. James Wilk.s. Jerry Young, Bradley Zema, Gene IP® 219 Ket-nf y. Frank President Anderson. Don An(J Tsi n. (iillx-rt Bon-son. Slanlcy Bourne. ( !. James Boyd. Neil Breitenlierp, Donald Heier. arren Hroun. kenyon ISurnev. J ark ( arlso ' n. Carl (hapman. Keith Clendeniin. Rol erl ( ..rvell. Donald,,, |),.ui;l,.- |l..,-,. . William rill Karley.J.Willard Krkniann. James Klliott. Williur Kri. ks„n. Harden Krirkson. Robert Karr. KoLerl Karra. John Kernuson. Ru-sell Franklan l. Walter Cellally. Bru.e llaiismann. K. Bryec Hemp. Peter llohi. Mi.hael Hoonan. (!harles Murllmt. Wendell llynds. Jimmy Ingram. James Ingram. William Ionian. Rirhard k.11,-1. Olin kin-. Donald Kna| p. (iene Koeni . I.aird Kostakos. Giislav Larson. Donn lee. Ravnionil Lindhla ' d. Warn-n l.undher . Donald Beta Theta Pi Thk Hki " s. up (111 tree-lined Greek How. added another I)if; yciir In lluir list that fjoe.s hack nearly half a century nil llie cain|jus. Iloniecoming heraine an almost entirely I ' lila celehration when three of the brothers were rhosen li llie canipiis to fill the to|) spots. Honieeoininfr flame ' s cMpliiiii (Ihiiek Olson stepped into the same spot hrother (iordy lliinuar filled last year. Vi Orking with all-rampiis chairman (!hiick N ilsoii and Alumni chairman Jim Lewis. ;i inciiilicr of licla ' s Alumni Association, the trio did asliiiijiidii piiiud. The intramural crew trophy spent a ycai in llic lioii-r lii|c some of the hrothers stajji ' d the liist licla ski mrcl for the high schools of the slate. W ith a social and activity proftram full of si-renades and ex- changes to formals. the men of wooglin still placed scholasticalK uel! illlin llic lop 20 |icr cent of the fralernity wmlil. FOUNDED MIAMI UNIVERSITY 1839 BETA ()ME(;A CHAI ' TER 1901 1 1 . Ka t 47lli StriTt Ilinipson, Frank Miller. Max Wr enrr. Stiles 1 HuliMin Thomas O ' l eais DdiiaM MacDougal, Martin McGowan, Tlionias McRae, Ronald Martin, ' I ' homas Minard, Robert Moran, Kenneth Morrison, James, Myers, Donald Mulhauson, Zano Nield, Harry Nielson, Thomas O ' Brien, James Olson, (Iharli s Olson, Dan Onstott, Ilowar 1 O ' Riellv. Clarke Palmer. Marshall Pieree, James Regan, Robert Rounan, John Rollow, John Rose, Jack Salmon. Peter Severson, William Shipmaii. (li ' cir -e Shotvvell, Iruin Skelton, Kenneth Slyfield. Riehar.l Stewart, C. l)ou.!;h Svane, l.awreiicr Swedin, Berl Talley. Darol 1 Tate, John Taylor, Edward Teutseh, John Timherlake, Wayii Torney, John Wiehman, Robert Wilson. Charles Worlev. Knssjr. 221 ]B®m (m.M iTsoi, Rii ' liard. ' resident Hall, Thriinas Harlh.1. W . Burr K.Tuliinii. Knii •• RdikI. James Burs;. Mailyn ( rosirr. Duane .M.„l(.-llo».li.. ' " iifili. Alan Harris. KoLrrl llr.iliy. ImIiii ciii. Nrls l..n,s. HolH-rt I " lies. Cordon K.lsey. Bill K.vps. Gil Ian.-. I.vl.- I.nn; Bnl. Mrdonahav, Doiij; 1. Donald.Joe MoffHI. Boh N.-»lan l. Bill Sffli-y. Stuart Sclviil;:f. James lior|ie. Franklin anamaker. Koliert V esll er . Alfre.l Wise, ken Matlieny, l)a iil Turner. DonaK: Raymond, Howard W ' hitI, John Taylor, Richard roi M)i:i) I ' MINCITON iMVKK.srn 1821 Chi Phi feM iS21 I ' Jih Ave. N.E. HITA l)l.l.T CliAITIK EvKK SIM i: its fsl;iI)lislimoiit oti caininis ( ' . Piii oarii year luis liirllicr t ' |iaiiilc i lis aclixilit-s. The iioiisc has always sircsscil s(li()larslii|i iiiaiiilaiiiiiis: a lii-ih local as v as iiatiiiiial slaiidiiif;. I " )l ' ) saw llu ' luiusc v in!iiii :. lor liic siroiid time, tiie ll ' C Mollier " s Cliilt Seliolarship Tropliy. The hijih poiiil of the year socially is the l.hi I ' hi (!oiiil of Honor ( liieeii contest (lliinaxeil hy the coro- nation and winter formal, this contest has urown in |io|in- larily e er since its hejiinninf; two years a o. Majors in almost cM ' ry !e| artmenl f;i f (!hi I ' liis a divi ' rsitv of interests. mi-nd ers coinini; in conlact with many dillerent fields id knowled;:e. Our uoal is the wellriiuinli ' d indivi- dual aide III i.iaiidain liiin ell socially and iidelleilnally . The Golden Anniversary of Delta Si nia I ' hi uas cele- brated on December 10. 1949. At the of the first fifty year.s of progre.s.s. the fraternity numbers sixty-four chapters scattered throughout the nation and in ( " anada and has over 16.000 memliers. Active agaiii. our Sailors Dance is the annual cos- tume party of the fraternity, based on a nautical theme. Another traditional function is the formal (tarnation Ball held every spring by the cha| ter. A chapter tradition is the Homecoming Dance s|)onsored by the Alumni chapter. FOUNDED COLLEGF. OF THE CITY OF NEW YOU ' k 1899 HM l. ' itli Am-. N.K. ALPHA OMEGA CHAPTER 1926 Sliva. Lu. I ' n-sid ent Airis, Bill Allen, Bill Anderson, Diik Bentley, Ron Brown, Ed Brudevold, .Sii; (!arter, Jim Cliervenak, Biili (!hristensen. Kraiik (looley. Donald Day, Abe I ' in.h, Dwi-lit Graber. Wayne (Iraham. By Hautala. Rich .lohnson. A! .lohn.son, PanI Johnson. Williar Kershner. Dan Kielv. Paul Klein. Jim Knight, Bill Larson, Lyle Larson, Sam Littrell, Jim Messner. Harry Morton, Bol) Munko, Tony Price, .i rt .Safely. Dick .Sandsmark. Jii Skourtes, Bill Smith, Jim Snapp. Boll Stevens, John Triiax, Don Walton, Joe Ward, Bob Wynne, Dick Harris. Frank McMaster, Gene Delta Sigma Phi 223 I..rt:an. Allrn president Baillii-. Richard lt,ninst:ar l. Kritli I ' Mllin ' lon. D.iiiul.l Hl.-,k. KoLert Bond, Hohart Bovre. Rirhard Hiirdi. k. Ri. hani k. (;..rd.m Kiran. riiniiia Klliwm. II.-rlH-rt Kllixjii. William K.nn.-ll. William (.ay. Rol..Tt ( ' ili on. Jiilin I iiiwman. Thomas Ev Maucrn. Jaik Mill, (iordon James. Alhrrl Johnson. Donahl Johnson. W . Roue Jones. David Jordan. Rohert Kinierer. Keith Kimerer. Ronald l.anf;. Jackson Mandlev. James Chi Psi r 1 in: i;m of ils 2Mlh vear on the campus. Chi Psi may well lie |ir(iiul oi ils record. We may boast leaders in all campus activities and sports. Hepresentin ; pulilicatious are H. I). (mI.som. Hill McLean and Hob Oslerlmid. Aenonj; campus politicians are Dick Morfjan and l?ol McLean. Oulstandin}; in athletics are Hol Smith, rif-hl tackle: J. 1{. Savafie. end. and Hufih McKlheemy. hack. Al Morgan and Dick Hoyce were crew coxswains, in iiilrannirals a successful Lodge team cojtped the softliall cliainpioiiship. The social season was highlighted hy the siiiii loi immI Pledge Dance, the ainiual Hunter ' s Frolic. Iiil l al . liaiiv Ucach, and an unusually successful Spring I ' ormal al the Tennis (!luli. As usual, the Koinan lliilida was a roaring success complete with i{oman-style lian(|uel L.-lnrc llic d:nic. ' . FOUNDED UNION COLLEGE LStl ALPHA THETA DELTA CHAPTER 1921 1600 L ' 2n(l Ave. N.K. Not Pictured: Bratz, Louis Campbell. F. Lee Fiirher, James Cole, Paul joy. Doufrlas Pangello, Richar.l Smith, Roberl Savage. J. R. Taylor, John May. Stephan McElhenney, Hugh McLean, Robert McLean, William Miles, D. Keith Morgan. Richard Mosbarger, E. F. Jr. Myer, Robert Nachtwey, Edward Nerland, Jerald Osterlund, Robert Pasco, (Charles Pederson, James Phelps, Howard Poison, Robert Ray, William Rudnick. Frederiik Skally, Thomas Smith, William Stimson, Douglas Strand, Howard Turpie, Hugh Watne, Raymond Wells. Carl Wilcox, Milo Wilson, Howard Wynn, Charles Zarkades, William S® 22o Brown, Eilwaril. President M.rl. KnU-rl .lani . Ki. Iiur.l rmstrori;;. Arlliur liall.-». Dunal.l Barker. John Barnhousr. Willis Blancliarcl. Ku--.ll Brown. (Iiarirs ( !lui|inian. William ( Ju-ncy, William ( ilirislii ' . (iforj;! ' lirislv. Tlifodorr ( iirliin. Donald Corni-lt. Allrn :os.«r. John i rni k. RoImtI Drnnison. Rolirrl llinniston. .Saninal Drvsdal.-. William Kr,;:lan.l.Jark Fanklums.-. jlarnlcl Kl.xiin. Donal.l Cooiluin. Danial (forilon. Donalil (iraham. Kaynioml Granat. Frank (frand(|iiist. Kirhard CriiM) . Kil«in (.rubhr. Thomas Harris. Rol.ert llavdahl, Bernaril Hillvaril. Cordon llivock. David llodson. Chaiirs llo-land. I ' aiil llMJIand. Viruil Delta Chi Tlll ».s llWK HKKN lioominn; lifn- al llic D. ' lla Chi lioiix ' • Imiiiu llif year. Tweiity-sevfii now | lf»lj;f.s addt-tl new s|iiril and lire al llip start of fall quarter. I ' IccIl;! ' iii-ilil l)Cf;aii the fall soriai season willi a lively dance in limior uf the new men and I ' ealnrinf; the niusie of " The Onesliontnarks. " Tiironuhoul the (|narler. eo x firesides and exehanues were iielil on ihox- ni|i|i fall exetiin-js. The iniderelassinen enjoyed workiiis; on the Home- ( luninL; si jn which drew laijic crowds, lliiihlifihliiif; the vviiilci s.Ms.Hi was the winter ionnal li. ' ld at the Sand i ' oini Coll and Conntry Cluh. i{e|iiesenlalion on the Colunnis inclnde Kalph llolni- slad. I ' dilor. and four ineinhers on the staff. Other activi- ties include Malanniles. s|iorls and caui| us or uni alions. w fiOMf lAPSZ FOUNDKD COMNKLL UMVEHSITY 1890 WASHI (;T() CHAITF.R 1908 ffiiwnif ' • ilr »»T«T1I | 1819 E. 47th Street Not Pictured: Ballew, Joseph Jenks. Edward Hohnan, Diinald Holmstad, Ralp Hutchinson, Jack Joachim, Ri hard Jones, William Jorgenson, Jack Kean, Wallace Koehler, Vern La Belle, Edward Linden, Glenn Mayo, Jacqne McCord, Bennet McDonald, Edward Miller, Allen Moore, Normand Overhy, Leif Owen, Arthur Parthemer, Russe Patty, Dale Peterson, Raymond Pigfiott, Douglas Pound, Carey Radwick. Robert Richards, Eugene Vanderspek.John Ward, Mi.Jiael Whitmore, David Whitner. Bruce Whitney, Kenneth Williams, Roger Wright, Robert Zuanich, Louis Vl ' illiams. Ross. President Aumistinr. WrM. Rair.l. William Barry, J Tr ' Barker. Stuart Branlslry. James BirnariJ, John Blake. Bee. Il HI.M k. Tim llravmer. Jim Biai Ino el. Max Bri. n. Te.l Bnlmrr. K.mal.l Burr, (.rant ( liiistiansiin. Ja k I onnell. H. l.ert Demiti . % illiam Dick. .Sam Mrajier. Frank I )reu. Donald Dnmetl. Kaymoml Kkliolm. Ilouar.l Krvr. Tom t.ainin. Alliert :iii-lione.Jolin Crief. John Harmon. Pat Hawkes. Brooks Harris. Andrew Happy. John Hayes. James Hyde. James Johnson. I)a i l Kelly. .Sam Knapp. William Knowles. Tom Kurlh. Roherl Delta Kappa Epsilon Dki.ta Kai ' pa Ki ' Sii.on fraternily was fouiidoti in It ' ll at ' ule University. Tliri)ii ;li the sucreeiliiig century it has ■irowii to iiiclutie fifty chapters tlirou :hont the l ' nit ' l Slates and Canada, and is known a suite of the Immortal Hi,!. ' , I ' diir wliicli lia e always enjoyed a reeo-ini e ! pres- tii;e in the coUej;e world. Ka|)|)a Kjisilon chapter rode the lieifjlils (hiring the l ' i| ' ' l ' ). ' i() year to add ain)llier oiilstandino year to Delia Kappa hipsilon ' s fine record of aehievemenl on llic Washinfjlon canipns. DKI " . participation duriiif; the pasi year in campus activities has lieen rewarded l y Makes l.ein ; ele led lo Maletiitile.s, Varsity lloat (iliih. I ' nrple Shield and Oval Clnii. Needless to say. social life played its traditional i}iorons and eiilhiisiuslie part in the DKf. year. FOUNDED YALF. LKMVFSJSITY 18-14 KAPPA EPSILO. CHAl ' TFK 1910 tSl ' d L ' Ui ,.. N.K. Nol Pirtiin-il: Ciillitnn, William Frye. Monte McCurdy, Thomas Clarkf. Jack DaiUn, W ' alt.-i- Hawkes. Kclicrt Peterson, Raymond Lindell, William Lindell, Rocky Lorentzen, Robert Lycette, William Lycette. .lack Mills. William Mills, Robert Naden, Thomas Nelson, Ronald Orkney, Bruce Parker, Thomas Plunkett, William Pratt, William Radeke, Richard Ramsey. Martin Ratrliffe, Arthur Rirkard, William Robinson, Richard Rudow, Ted Secoy, Clyde Shorett, Larry Stephens, Donald Sterling. John Stevenson. Herb Stewart, Bruce Symons, Tom Stolesen, Rolf Vammen, Flovd Walker, Richard Walker, Robert Ware, Leonard Weaver, Donald Wiley. Stan AES 229 lt|-fliT r.y Minor. Oean. I ' resident rnolH. KoImtI IVlrr H.-allv. RnlM-rl Hrrc Kr.-.l.ri. k R.Mk»al(ll. Wall.r H.mrlirakr. IIc.«ar.i Bm%,-. Jam.- Boyp. K..l«-rl Hraz -aii. I ' hillip liiirliet. Donner Bursi-tt. Phillip ( amtTon. Doiiaiti I amiili !!. (Irai;: ar|ii ' nlrr, K illiam I lia|inian. Nicolas I lark.Rii ' haril I lark. Willis ( loidl. Joseph (iui ' khiirn, John Collier. Bov !onklin, Thninas Dcish.r. John l).i«v|,r. Konal.l |)i.l,.no».Jiil.-s Dnckcrinf;. DnnaM Elandrr. Kolx-rt Farrell. Donald Fischer. Bradley Fischer. Richard Friele. Rolfe (iaston, l.ynn (Jellerman, William (iraham. Roliert Hammer. Kenneth Hejijiie. David Delta Tau Delta l)i;i I T l |)i;i.l ;i l.niiulcil ill llic siiriii-; nl ' l; ' ..S ) al Ut ' lliuiiy (iolle-ic. N ' iiginiu. Kniiii this small lu- iiiiiiii ; nearly a (■ciiliirv apo Delia Tan Di-lla has gniwii and ma- lured 111 ils |iiiscmiI li e. Today. Dell is one of the nation ' s lai;:est li Mieniilies, ll has spread from ils liirth|ilai ' e In inure lliiiii ei hlN c illej;i ' s and iiniv ersilie in ihc I nilcd Slate- and (Canada. Tiie ashinfitdii ehapler has Ion-; worked to earry out llie |Minei|iles of Delia ' I ' an Delta so thai it may hetter he a eredil to the fraternity. Itnilt on soimd prineiples there is no donlit as to why Delt has risen to il.s present re- s|MMtcd |)(i-ilicMi ill the Cliek world. F()LM}i;i) l!l•:Tll (;()i,lf,(;e GAMMA MU CHAI ' TFK 1908 HWIIilMHWMMHMWHHBHMMilHHMWMMI ■1524 lyih Ave. N.E. nt I ' irlure,!: Burriss. John Hrif.f;s. Steuart Diinliam. For Hendrirkson. John Kpllt-r. Richard Jarknuui. W illian. Nashland. Frank Holsinyer, Roland Hunter, Thomas Jellison, Walter Jones, John Learh. Jerry LeRoux, (jene I.nst. Vernih- Milhra.l. l!„l„Tt Milne, James Minor, Don Minor, Ralph Morrow, Robert Muckelstone.Robfrt Murray, William Nelson, James Norlini;, Gerald Parker. James Pearson, (Conrad Pearson, James Pence, Thomas Pierce, Albert PouLson, Eric Pujjniire, Harold Pusimire. Tracy Redfield. Bartlett Schroeder, Robert •Schwabland, John Slater, John Spence. Robert Stevenson, John Thor, Richard Thompson, Lenox Vanderhoof. Rodney Vollbrecht, Warren Walters, Kenneth Watson, James Watts, Raymond Westrom, Frederick White, Pitt Wilson. Vi ' avne Johns, Mrs. Louise, Housemolhcr AITA 231 Hildilrh.Clllirk I ' rcsiJrnt Mier;: . (Jirol .II.T.Ja.k nilcrscin. Don yr.-s. A I rtlnir. Doii Harr. kin Barr. Nral Itrn. ' .lirl. Bill Hofzaril. Don ( ;arslrn. I ' hil ( lark. Tom I nvfy. Don I rnniMiin . .I(H ' |).-l.-r. Iliicli |)iTn.-nl. Bill l)r«ar. KocI Kcrk -s.J.-rry Kacen. Dirk KiTnvlioujjh. Stan Ki.krI. Donaiai.. Kisher. ( " .only Kletrhcr. Ken Foss. Bnl. ( " .allowav. R.r.. ( " .ardniT. (.-rro.l.ttr. Bill Chick. Jark Ciranl. Howie Ha!is:en. Don Hpston. Boll lliihliaril. .lini Hupli« ' s. ' ic Iverson. Mel Johnson. Morse Keen. Brine Delta Upsilon V " ! ' ' » ' Till. M 11(1111 I li l ' )|0-M).S() was un fxlia luisy and cMnirul |ii-ii(iil 1(11 the W asliiii liiii cliapler of Delia llOlloM. Mici llic l( lli(i(iks ;iii(l slide rules were taken care of in |)r(i|ici JMsliioii. llie liien of Dl liirned to li-iliter pas- lime-. (ilalile aiiioiii; llie-e was their annual iid ' orinal cos- luiiic (l;iri(C. the ■ ' liraui. ' " their 1)1 ' formal, which was held al (he Seallh ' (lolf and Country (llnli. and the house party which look place at Kopachuk l.od-ic. The men also adopted an eiuhl-year-old I ' lcnch refu;:ee -lirl liy --iiliscrihin ' ; for her financial and throuuh a I ' .iMdpean i(l or- ' ani ralioii. National sii;nificaiil men of DU inrlii le the former president. James Carfield; Supreme Court Justice (!harles I ' .vans Mufihes. and l)a id I.ilienlhal. (arclakcr of ihe atom. FOU DEL) W ILIJAMS COLIJ-X; washi. (;to chaptkk 1910 nnH Kast 45lli Str«t Nut t ' iclurcd: .Mullen Kn Ruiulall. llcatoa Kostelyk.lolin Lee. Bol) Lottsfel(!t. Carl Lotz. Oakley Lothro|). niik Lyntle, Riek McKay, Tom MoKenzie, Bob Miller. Al Miller. Dallas Morford, Jim Murray. Bill Neal. Dick Nederlee, John Olsen. Ed Pethley. Lowell Phelan. Don Plummer. Ralph Randall. Bill Rhodes. Richd. C. Robertson. Howie Rogers, Fredk. K. Rowlee, Roht. K. Saboe, Don Schollmeyer, Jim Scott, Ray Seller, Clyde Shields. Dick Smith, Harry Smith. Robert Tillman. Russ Tuohv. Pete Turner, Jim Vannice. Darrell Walther. Dan West, Bob Winters, John Woodworth. Bud Young. Bob Young. Jack Zaar, Bob Zeiger, Tex 233 Jones, Douclas G. President Hallard. Allien R. Will. G. I ' ve. Nelson R. . lalhvorlll. Leslie,!. alldll. Klinelle Wlir.lrr. Arthur I). Not Pictured: Braxton, Roht. W. Hill. N.-K,,,, .jniics. Ira 1,. I.vles. Lenn K. Bvr.I, Chester .Jefferson, .|oli„ keiniier. l.ouisA. Mereilith. V. .1. F. llailey, Daniel J.ines, ( ;iiflor,l Kin , Hniinan 1 .. Hoherl-, (liarles FOl I)KI) I M r.H,S|T i OF INDIANA 11)11 t 1 Kappa Alpha Pst Jl Saaiirmt (;am i ita l ' )l! CM MTF.K (Jamma Kta Chai ' TKR of Kapjia Alpha I ' si was eslab- li.shed on the Ifiiiversity of ashiiifrtoii oaiiipiis. May 22. 1918. Ill spile of its infancy Oaninia Kla is •rroMiii ' ; hy leaps and hounds. The nicinhership and pledge cliih has increased over .SO per cent in the two years. As ( ' aninia 1,1a chapter prows in streiiplh and spirit she will lieconie lictler known and will lake more of an active part in ranipiis activities. The ( ' reole Kitchen. ( ' aninia Ktas " con- Iriiiiition at the So|ihoinore (!arni al. was a drawin-; attraction to all those in attendance. Diiriii-: Vi el come Week, (fainina I ' .la was on hand to do her part in wcl- ciinuMf; and introdticirif; freshmen to the IniNcrsitv, The Mniiual Kajipa Alpha I ' si Scludarsiiip Dinner-Dance, in Dcccniiier. uas one of the hijihlijihts of the chapter ' s winter social calendar, at which the scholarship award was fiiven to l ' !iif;ene Walton, a freshman at the I niver- sily of W ashiiifjlon. The traditional Kappa . lpha I ' si lilack atid W hili ' I ' ormal. at which the Kappa Sweethearl i- iiouiicd. is llic clinia to ihc school car in Ma . E © ISr-f-if ii ' - Anothkk year of menioiies lor llie iiu ' ii ol I ' lii kappa Tau . . . the aniiouiiceinenl thai we were amoiifi; the top three fraternities in scholarship dnring 1948-49. gave us a warm feeling. Then came rushing and new pledges Pollock, the Weston brothers. Wilde and Gilhertson. We carried House Manager (iibbons over to the AOPi house to explain why Carmen Baker wore his Phi Tau pin. Our pledge dance at the Koosevelt Hotel in Novem- ber was a big night. The Beta Oanima .Sigma plaque was awarded to RIat for beitig the highest ranking sopho- more in BA. During the vear we hehl exchanges w ith Phi Mu. Delta Zeta, Chi Omega, and Alpha Omicron Pi. Somehow, we found time for a " Speakeasy dance and a " Mardi (jras. " Yes. it has been a busv vear for the Phi Tans. I ITlli .•rule N. E. FOUNDKD MIAMI INIVERSITV 19(16 Phi Kappa Tau Not Pictured: Ander.son, Howard Cavers. John Bouson, Herb Einerson, Don Sample. Don Wallinder, Keith ALPHA PI CHAPTKK 1929 Dorst, Stanley President Anderson, ( ' ,. Rol Austin, Glen Bailey, Richard Barber, Leo Blatz, Carl Carlson, Gene Chase, Jim Gibbons, Don Gilhertson, Carrol Hammer.sand, Fred Hansen, Arnold Hattendorf, Jerry Hinch, Jark Lusk, Norman McAssey, Bruce Miller, Norman Morrison, Harry Moore, Jim Payne, Donald Pollock, John Tremaine, Jerry Weston. Daniel Weston. Don Wheeler, Rod Wilde, Ted 0 I£ Mathers. Harold. President Mlison. Rirhard rmslronf;. Wavnr Haluo. Ralph lialyrat. Grorjie Hatliii. Kolicrt Bi-auilrrau. (!harlr» Kiaudreau. Dave lirnzon. C.porpe lln.un. IIu»!h Br.nui. Ral|ih !fii-s:e. RoIktI :.rki. I allahan. RoImtI • ameron, Richard I ameron. William I ariienter. Kdward ( jiii|i -r. Vi illiam ( ramiT. Henry (rawforil. Terrrll ( riniih. (:harh Cti ini. Alex . Delkin. Frederick -■ IHirham. ielor Kurman. MeUin Kii ' dericksen. Neil t.ilnian. Eu iene (iordon. Richard r.nstafsnn. Don James Hansen, Anton Hansen. Roliert Head. William Herzo;;. Jerry Hopkins. James Howson. Clifford lliirlmrr. Donald Kappa Sigma Hi;ta Psi Ch M ' TKk of Kappa Sigma is about to celebrate its fiflifth year on campus. In .scholarship the chapter points with pride to the fact that for the past ten years it has been amt)ii ; the top ten men ' s orfiani .ations on the -ilMilarslii|i li-l. On the football field play Kappa Si-is John I ' n-i Ink. Dcv (Jossetl a id K.rliiif; Johnson. In intra- mural sports the chapter has won the bo in ; trophy five consecutive years, in addition to enterin ! teams in every sport. Mike Mohinniro was recently elected president of Forestry Club and Stan I ' rince was Homecoming Kally chairman. Socially. no elly costume dances and week-einl ski parlies have lent spice to the traditional chapter so ' ial program which includes the annual pledge dance and .Stardust Hall, togclher with a number of sorority e chanj:cs ami numerous lircsidc parlies. FOUXDED UMVKKSrn OK li;(;iMA BETA PSl CHAPTER 1903 Huntington, Dan Irish, Russell Jarobsen, William Johnson, Carl .lohnson, Don Kerry, Harold Klinkenberg, Arnold Lunke, James Lyda, Thomas Matchett, George McCormack, Jame: McGee, Jerry McLean, Archie McNeil, Manford Mohundro, Willian Monohan, Gerald Mover, William Nellist, Merlvii Nye, Howard O ' Conner, Robert Prechek, John Prince, Richard Prince, Stanford Ranken, John Reebs, Frederick Renshaw, H. Byron Schemer, Roger Scholen, Douglas Seagale, Richard Sheets, Michael Sherry, Robert Sims, Vern Smith, Sydney Stewart, Edgar Stocker, Alfred Tibbot, Brian Walker. Alton We t, George Wilburn, Richard Willis, Loren Winter, Thomas 237 loran. Manley, President llen. Gforj;i Altwood. Stanley Rarklund. ( rl Blrssinc William lto l.-. Ki. ' lianI Bnl.-s. Ilar ,!,l rlrnii ' iil, Joseph Cnhl.. William (jmlry. illiam (!ooper. Ti-rranre Dedercr. Mirhael Dcnnv, Arthur ll. t.r. Ki.hard Kraeti. Franklin l.rundeland. Roy llai ' kctt. John llanrr. l)nu la llarnish. Richard llar| i-r. Robert ll " |.kins. Stafford lloiisi ' . James Hov. William |.-n.rn. Ray |iilin i n. X illiam l ilin iin. (Barrett lcihn im, Richard Icilin ion, James lofficnsen. I Rov Jort;ensen, Walter Keim. Robert Lambda Chi Alpha l l ' )II . Alplia I ' lii cliapler of I.aiiii cla ( lii Alpha joined llic Iratt-rtiity faiiks at W asliiiifrloii. Since that time we liave attein|)ted to provide soniethin-; extra in the way of livinfr (]iiarters. feMowship. entertainment, rerreatioii and the a(i antaf;es of •iroiip or-ranizalio ' i to a tiieml ership of yoiint; men slrivinj; for a hiulier ediieation. In addi- tion, our efforts have iteen direeted towards parlieipalion in llie various activities and sports of the I ' niversitv. • lon social lines, each piarter is marked with one spe- ial ,lan,-. ' . In ihc fall, it ' s the JMedfie Dance, fol- lowed ill wiiiici ipiMiU r liy the Prison Dane;-- desijiiiated iMuiiiila (Jii " Mpliaira . " " and i ' l the spri ' i-; it is ajipro- prialch called ihc Spring Formal. Scallcrcd ihroufihoul the year arc the I ' ounders " Day ltaiii|iiel. lioiiscparlv. firesides, exchan-ies and improtnplu affairs. here iloe all this end summer vacation followed hy uiiuther ear. FOUNDED BOSTON I M V|;K.SIT 1909 ALPHA PSI CHAPTKR 1918 lillV l ' )tli m: N.K. Not Pictured: Almquist, Axel Bigley, Jack Bosak, Emmrtt Cech. Franklin Cowman, Harold Dean, Orlan Hansler, John Helton, Langton Isted, John Kirksey. Donald Meyer, Donald Nelson, Russell Nicholson, Patrick Sterne, Richard Swank, Harold VanArsdol, Donald Killmer, Wayne Kramer, Valen Kreide, Harry Luck, Terrance Malcolm, James Matzke, William McCallick, Robert McKeen, Douglas McKeehen, Donald Minniti, Joseph Moore, William MacDonald, Jack Myhre, Philip Niemela, Wallace Olsen, James Olson, Ralph Pedlar, John Perry, Glenn Pigott, George Raymond, Robert Raymond, George Samples, John Stewart, Donald Stingle, Joseph Straley, Cecil Throop, Warren Wagar, Alan White, Russell AS 239 fi ,. r % » Torrance, William, President Baird. Don Bar.lay. Kon Barllrson. Jack B.-hnk.-. John Bliini)-. % illiam Bock. Ncalc Bn.Mic. W illiani Booth. William Burke. Ja.k Burke. Stan ( ahlcrhead. James ( allachan. James (;a sill. James Cassill. .Scott Chrislensen. Donalil (!ros.son, Joe Day. Jack Denninf;, Bus Divon. W illiam Dono-hne. Joe KilmoniU. Hank Fletcher. Koherl Flet.her.Jack French. Roherl Goo.lfellow.Jack Graham. James Griffin. Arthur Griffin. Tren Guisness. Frank Hart, Richard Hayes. James Isaacson, Henry Jack. Kim Jones, Donald Jones. Ted Jurv. illiam J lr . Kol.crt Keliot;;;. Howard KIner. Donald Kvle. Kenneth Lewis. William Lewis. Harry I.indscog, Vernon Lovested, Carl Phi Delta Theta Till lui-is (liiwri ;il the I ' lii Dell house cut loose willi oiii- ol llic niosl coiiiplflc social faleiitlars of tlie season lliis |i;i l cai ' . in ' sidfs llic usual fiiosiiles and » ' cliauj:es, the year ' s activities were iiiau. uratcd early in llic fall with the annual pledge dance. l ( hristinas time ( ) ' i(k ili.i|p|icd in to help the I ' hi Drll- throw a (ilnistnuis pait) and dinner lor the kids licirn SMcrcd lleart orphanage thai proMil to In- one of llic In|i liniclions of the car for all conccrruMJ iiil III llic prlrii;. ihc lip idinini: I ' umcrN liraul. a loll! ' Iiiiic I ' aMiritc with the W asliin;:t ni chapter, roimded mil llic Ncar ' s social acti itics and li ' ft still more parties and daiKCs in llic MncpiinI -lai c lot the liilnrc. FOUNDED MIAMI LiNIVKKSlTY 1848 WASHINGTON ALPHA CHAI ' TKR 1900 2111 E. 47tli Strfct Nol Pictured: Davis, Evan Enochs. Diiane Hughes. David MacDonald. Donald Reid. William Waiss. Hwd Backman, Hany Dorsey, David Glen, Robert Isaacson, Henry McConkey, Paul Root, Donald Wiilri , Rii hard Brandenlnirg. Dick Douglas, Richard Halleran, John Larberg, Donald jMorgan, Richard Shepperd, Robert Williams, Joe Brown, Richard Douglas, Pat Henton, Chuck Lewis, David O ' Flaherty, Pat Tucker, William Wilson, Peter Lowe, Wilbur Lucks, William Ludwigs, Howard Magowan, Donald Marks,Sonny McCallum, Barney McClary, Douglas McGinnis, James McGinnis, John Moss, Kenneth Moore, Charlie Nelson, Gene Niemeyer, Ted Norden, Robert Parker, John Pederson, Ronald Ouinn. James Ratcliff, Chuck Renz, Ray Ristine, William Rogers. James Ruth, Chuck Scarff, Bowen .Scheyer, Warner .Shannon, Chuck .Shauh. Sandy Sheard, William Small, Daniel Storms, Sandy Titus, Leon Titus, Paul Theis, Tom Voinot, Paul Wakefield. Claude Waechter, Jack Weisman, Craig Wheeler, Richard Wright. Howard Young, Holly ©A® 241 Mcxanilcr. Oan nil Ts in. Kiriiard rl.Jam. Barr. Kol»rt Bran. )X arrcii Bell. Kduarcl BiiriJfaiiv. J ts ' |ili Biirklanil. Joliii aniiTon. KdJHTt Caini.lH-II.Jani.-. Casiierson. Crorcr ( halicli. Gforpp (ilianfv. Nurman ( horltcin, K Coles. Palri.k ( ' riishv. (!oliiirn DulcliiT. Charles F.iinlerl. Jdlin Kiniral. Ir in Fraser, .lames Ganin. KoIhtI GilLrrt. W.l. Gnllnfon. Arlliiir Grant. James Ha ien. Geralil llelsliy. I ' Mi iiins. IVler Hoffman. (!liarle llnlnies. Joseph Jacolisen. Kiirl Je| son. Charles Johnson. Allan lohnson. Don;: lohnson. Erv Kirkl.v. Kolan.l l.ajala. Roherl I allm. ' r. William Lanritsen. .Ml Ice. Kohert MaeGeor};e, James Maitieorjie, Thomas Mapnnsson, (.harles MrCarlhy, Charles Mi ' (.arlnev. Ijjwrnr. Mc Kay. iVonaM Men er. Ku;;en ' Murklestone. John Phi Gamma Delta (!i:i,KHH TI (; its fiftielli anniversary on thf rniver.sily (•am|ius. Sijima Tan of IMii (lanima Delta vorke«i hard to riKikc I ' l. ' ill llic hest year since 1 )()(1. .Sixteen pledge-s. ini luiliii ' j llic licsliinan class president, five fvDsli fool- liall |il;i ci . ilii ' Siiidcni (ioveiiior of W ' ashinfiton and main iain|Hi- aili il iiii-n j;aM ' llie l ' " iji " s a fine |ded}ie class, luniiil ami .Hlivc alliered at an aimiial fiel- lo};elliii 1(1 riiicw nlil I riiiiiislii|is ami (ii-alc m« ones. riic la-l mmitli dl llic s|.rin i|iiarlcr sau llic Kijis lia ill;. ' llicii liiiiisc |iarl and lireakfasi for :radnatin -ciiliiis. Ii «M with rcfirel that these !radiiatin : niendiers Icll llicir M hool ami fralcniilv. KOUINDKU JKFl F.KSON COl.l.KCK 18 IH SIGMA TAU CHAPTER 1900 4ri03 17tli Ave. N.K. Null ' irlured: Apostolou. Julie Bostick. Wallace Burns, Edward Cardinal, Ken Coles. B..I. Eells. Charles Ellis, .lolni Cilliert. .lolin Hansen. William Hatch. Fred Haves. John Huhhard, John Jacohsen, Paul Jorgenson, Rohert Kane, Robert I. owe, Richard Mallov.John Mawvell. Man McLean. Luther Michael. Michaf Peek, Donald Peek, Douiilas Peek. Rohert Prentice. Howard Kichner, Geuriie Sanliorn. William Shell, Howard Smith. .Sidney Solid. Edwin Stenshoel. Hi, hard Stoms. Paul Thom|isen. Rolicrl Murphy, Joseph Nixon, Edward Nugent, Jack Olsen, Rohert Ovenell, David Peterson, Rohert Prescott, Loren Quinn, Richard Redman, Rohert Riley. Richard Riley, William Robertson. ( Jarence Rolfe. John .Sail Ic. Dean .Sampson, Richard .Samuel.son. Ryron Sandbers, Richard Smith, David Smith, I awrencc Swift, .Stewart Talbot, James Talbott, Wilson Taylor, George Therrien, John Thomason, Dale Tomlinson, John Walters, John Webb, Cecil Welch, Ralph Westhind, Warren While, Peter (0)IPA 243 ( risler. Kerpuson, President Mill ' s. Thomas ilams. I)a iil ilanis. Rirhanl lt.-ll. R.-ml H.TSI. K.,l,.Tl lil.M k ll. KnixTl Krink. Danirl ( iirl. Donald Tawford. John I ritrhfield, Pat ll.l (, r. Cliarl- ' - haxirs. Mik.- Davis. Donald Dirtz. DonaM F.d rrs. Hart Kdnprs. n.iliirt F.nj;land. Janii ' s h .tly. Rolirrt Krutihey. James (.allafihrr. Kolirrt Gill. Clark Graham. Ki ' nncth Grasplt. Darley Happard. Paul Haggard, Williani Hahn. Rirhanl Hannah. Harrington, l ' hili| Haskell. Brii.p Hi ' iser, George Hill. James Hop|..T. RoImM Hoiil. Richard Huff. (;.-orue lliillnian, William Ingram. Ernest I es. Byron Jamieson. Roger Phi Kappa Psi Whethkr it ' s .knowing. rainin r. or ju. t plain colH nil- .side. Phi Psi ' .s continue to gatiier around the radio, the fireplace, or inayiie a card taiiie and hash out the hap- peniiifis of the dav. Thus docs I ' ll! I ' si hoast of conge- nialil and friendship ctdianced liy the appropriateness of the chaplcr house interior that (d ' warmth and i;enil- inc coniforl. Ill iiKiic ailivc MKiinciits. men of I ' hi I ' si are enfiaged in (Mill pus ai ' liv llics. iiilianniral sports aiul arsily sports. Ill iKinic :i feu. ot N ithslaiuiiu . ' the fact that active par- iKip iliiin In so luativ fiehls takes time atid ■ ' alliiul " cHiiiI. -tiulying is given its due witli a large pdrlicoi df lacli i la set aside for that purposi-. ( otuliining scritnisness with gaietv. work with play. I ' lii Kappa I ' si enihodies a well integrated group of men I ' liiiscicntioiis in their ideals. FOUNDED WASHINGTON AND JEFFKHSON COFI.KCF, 1852 ALFHA CHAI ' TFK 1 )1 1 2120 K. ITih N Not Pictured: Jarvis,Bill Ma l,.UI,l)„„al,l Miller, Thomas MacFarlane. Douf; I,lle,, .Str»a,t Nolan, Frank Olson. William Zelasko, Ted Johnson, Charles Johnson, Jerald Johnson, John Johnson, Ross Krekow, Gordon Ladum, Larry Lewis, Maek Loop, Herbert Mangan, James McClenafihan, Jo Miller, Owen Morrison, Munson, Ray Noble, John ' O ' Keefe, Danic Patten, Ronal.l Porosky, Mike Puckett, David Pnro, LeRov Qiiick.John Raymond. Ref;inal Sihult ,. CeraM Sehmidt. Philip .Shideler, Harland Short, Robert .SIade,John Smith, Robert Stevenson, Rober Stroud. Merland Tanner. John Tatham. Thomas Taylor. George Thrailkill, Willia Villesvik.John Vorv erk. Bill Whitaker. Ronald Whitney. Thomas Winthers, Grant Ziirek. Brvan a© 245 W Hz«-1. Frank. President Amundsun. Merle Anderson. Kiijiene Anderson. Kennelli Ralls. William Bald»in.Jani. Baumjiartner. Vt . Hennel. Kduard Rerni. Mi.liael Bo, ek. MImtI Borek.llonal.l [ radley. Donald Breidenliarh. . Brewe. X alter Broik. (Iiarles ( arler. Max Co, hran. Koherl ( iulliertson. Tom Danlorlli. Kolierl Dunsire. ( !liii k Kvre. Kennelli Fairser ire. Alston Frost. Murray Cfaleno, Frederiek Calta ara. (iene r.ilmore. Duane C.oleeke. William Hamel. Koderi. k Harllev. David Hartley. John Haslinjis. Robert Hayes. Ben Hendrickson, Fred. Hiirn. Raymonil Huelmer. Joseph Hunt. John Jenner. Earl Johnston, Robert Johnstone. Roliert Karrow. (!iirl Kinp. Dojaleil Kirkman. Vi ' illiam Kurt .. John l.affa«it , S. 1 ' . I.owndes. James Phi Kappa Sigma ' I ' m; Sm I.I. IJDi si; ha l one of llio most MUicssl ' iil years in ils liislorv will) luaiiy ineinhiMs |iroiiiiiieiit in caiiiinis orfiaiii alioiis. several hij: " W ' " winners, ami an ini|ii)siiit: soeiai ralendar. Onlslaiulin}; in caiiiiius ailivilies were Hixl Hanu ' l. (!lni(k lirock. (!iirl Karrow. ami IVtl Selilen of Mala- mules: l{a Horn, seholaslie cliairinan of llie I.K.( ' .: Hen Hayes, chairman of llie N.S.A.: l?oli ' onn•;. l{a Horn. Hill Kirkman. aiul Hoji Danforlli. aetixe in I iii- iisil .M.(!. . work; I ' al l.owiiian anil Hen lla es of llie Jr. 1. !• ' .(!.; and I ' lii Kaps were represented oti eaiii|ins |iiililiealions i)V I ' rank Welzel. assoriate e lilor of llie DmIIv. lull sorlai ealeu.lar in. Iixl. ' .l the ple.k ' e danrr al iIh ' S;Mhl I ' oiHl Coif (:lni : the annual " All •lololn-ll " I. ill inliMiiKil and liiiallv llie annual sjirin week-end I11111-.1 ' |i.n I on I .ake (,)iiinaiill. FOUNDED UNIVKHSITY OK IMvWSVLVAMA ALP IA I I ' SII.ON CHAPTKH 1919 4711 17th Ave. N.K. Lowman, Pat l owery, Richard Meade, Phillip Mftzdorf, Dewey Mitrhell, James Moore, Marvin Morelloto, Teo Mottern, Tom Miinter, Robert Myers, Willis Nordhoff, Arthur Olson, Richard Olson, Donald Ozanne, Urban I ' acher, Chuck I ' ailcn. David Pence, Mark Perkins, Richard Prather, Sam Putnam, Robert Rogers, Phillip Rose, Jon Rupp, Glen Sayre, Phillip Scales, Richard Schricker, Frank Seldon, Ted Sherwood, Jack Somerville, Gordon Spangler, Robert Stein, George Thackston, Dale Thomas, Roy Tomsek, Bud Towne, Arthur Wallen, Bruce Worn, Dale Wright, Laury Young, Frank oung, Robert 247 nrrr -, Gerr ' . I ' residrnl Anderson, ( ' •rnv Bi-rf;. Enin;; H.rj:. Ki. Iiaril Brrnlianlt. Kill Hla. k. Kos. Biiller. Jim (!arlsnn. Jim Coirs. A I Dorfnrr, Don East. E.I East. Gorilon E.hols, T.-.l Floyd. . |).-nr - Gordon. Dick Granherf;. Gcrrv llallrt. R..l llaines. ' IVd Haskell. Don Jaekson. Ke Johnson. I.oren Jones. Fred Kerl)el.D.m Kin . John l.auhon. Ton) Phi Sigma Kappa ' liiK (liiwii ( HM ' iiii 111 riii Sigma Kiijipa fratt ' riiity was (tiiiiulfil ill luT. ' i at Massacliiiselts Stale (lollegf. Aiiihcrsl. Massachusetts. Sitiee that dale some sixty chapters ha c l eeii estahlisheil throii-ihoiil the nation of which l.amlida DiiiliTon. estalilishcd here at (he I nixcrsilx of ' ashiiiii- Inn ill Wl . is ihc thirtv-Cil ' lh. Diiiiiii; its cars on lhi cainiiiis j ' hi Sijznia Ka|i|ia lias I ' liill ii|i a rc|iulali(iii of frieiulliness and con ieiiialilx kiiimii the camims over. I ' hi Sifjma Kafipa has al a s idarcil firm emphasis on scholarship and as a result she lias always placed hi-jh on the scholarship roll. I ' hi Si :ma Kuppa has maintained a rounded pro -rani to aid in the success, not only of the fraternity system, hut of collc;jc cdiicalion lliroiiL ' liDiil llic I iiilcd Stales. FOUNDKD MASSACHl ' SKTTS STATK COI.I.IK;! ' ; 187H LAMBDA DEUTEHON CHAPTER i923 - ' 104 K. 4Sth Strcfl Lein. Ralph Lembo, Dick Lindley. Don Martin, Tom MrKee. Ken Mehlman. ( ;iiarlc Micliaels, Paul Minert, Jai-k Oflell, Dick Palfreyman, Eii Pease. Frank Perkins. Don Peiiy, Dallis Pirkrell, .lini Pirkrell. Keith Reeti. Boh Russ. jack Sankev. Harold Scholl. Earl Sehueler, Carrol Smith, Homer Smith, Rov Tate, Harold Taylor, Don S)Sia 249 Ilu|;lii-n, l.indr President Armilajio. Janio Astel. (KM.rj:.- Aslrl. William Barker. I ' liilip Kri »ri. I luirl.-v l!r »M. Dmm Hn.«n. hi.k Blair. Karl Borrn. Philip Boren. .Sam Biirkinolf. ( " .i-or;;r .jdhnson. Keilli KallaiultT. Dean Pi Kappa Alpha .SiiKs nil. DitKWi CfIKI. I ri K A. tluil ' s vnIkU all tin- I ' i Kaps . " iaii-; to Dec Carlo. (Iui ' iii i the 1019-50 year at llie Dream Girl Dance in (he Oylnipic Howl. The governor ' s rc|iri ' i ' iilaliM ' . eale Ordayiie. daru-ed with Dee. whom lie cli( led IKun over .seventy contestants, while the I ' i l a| s serenaded them. Hack to school found the I ' i Ka| s al llieir first fall parly dressed in Kiddie klothes. l- ' .very- line lia l fun pluyiii ; Tiny Tot frames and winning: all kinds of prizes. The I9.S0 pledfje dance was terrific. IimiimIci |).i round us all al the 82iid hanquel, honor- in; (III- (li-ni(l president. Orin Ninin-;. Seattle Har .Association prcsidi ' iil. Plans for the new iioiise at K. ISth and 2(llh N.l ' .. have liei ' ii completed and work will liegin uc l M ' ai on a linuse which will he ' " oul of this world. " FOUNDED UNIVKHSITY OK VIHCIMA 1869 HKTA BETA CHAl ' TEH 1914 ISKI 21st Ave. N.E. Nut Pictured: Caldwell, Robert Edberi:. B,il, Armitaee, Thomas Davis, Brant Gross, AU in .|.-ns,-n.,liin Hill Rickey, Charles Shankland, Donn Kenknian. I)nn Lake, Charles Linde. El wood Lough, James Loutzinkescr. Dirk Maloney. Peter Manchester, l)a id Martin. Krcd Matson, Ir in McCarron, James McGuinn, Charles McKenzie, Fred McKihhin, Kennetl Mead, James Milburn, Charles Milligan, Jerry Montchalin, Mitch ' Muffly, Robert Mulder, John Noren, Clarence Norman, Allen Olson, Edward Perrson, Leon Peterson, Dale Sobin, Lee Sandbnri;, Oscnr Siioflnrlh. Krc.l Tonkin. Ccnrur Walther. Husscll Williams. Robert Zimmer, Gregory mis 251 Cilrs. Merlin. Prcsidvn t Alrxaniler. I)a iil IVrrw ( " rlrnn »ink% Kra.l ' i h. Ki. hanl Hrain. W arrcn l?ro»n, Mnliart arras. John I arlsiin. Miiun off.- . R(,l..rl ! lornian. krn Dunriiii;:. Karl .etx. Wrii Ilaldorsfn. Kalpli H.-.l;:. . Dnnalrl Hr.l e . % allv H. ;:l rrn. l-estrr Naaison. Kaymund laclvson. W illiam Johnson. Janifs Johnson. K« ' n Johnson. Holx-rt ki ' fton. Don kcllin;;. i-rn Kim aide. Dnani- Knox. Jamrs l.omax. Kiis rl l.nwr. William Maddux. William Marlin. Donald Martin. Krrdri.k M.I ' h.-rM,n. Mi.k.v Mrs,,r. I.ouis Millrlsla. ' dl. Mhrrl Nelson. I ' al Nelson. R.m I ' ayne. Roland IVdersen. John resm-.ker. David I ' rause. I.vie Hi hsiad. ' Rol«-rl i " ()i i)i:n coi.i.Kr.F. or CHAh ' I.KSTON. s. c. 1001 Pi Kappa Phi 1.504 16th Ave. N.K. w siii (,T() ( n ni ix 1921 Tin; I ' ) 1 ' ). 1 ' ). " () .s( iioiii. K { has lit ' iMi a year of many sdcial eveiils and fxtra-cui riciilar activities fur I ' i Kappa I ' lii. The fir st major sorial event was the lli meri min : l!aiii|iiel al the IVnjamin Franklin Hotel. This event iiKiuulil aiiMiis trom all over tlie I nited Slates liaek to llicii Mnia Maler li iiieel the new niemhers of the fraler- nil anil In icneu cil l I rietidships. ( )iitstaiiilini; iM ' iil.- uere the semi-formal I ' leiiiie Dance at the Lake Forest ( " .oimtry ( " iiih. the winter Din- ner Dance, numerons exchanges with sororities, and the (i)ncla e at ihe University of Oregon. Ili ' jiilifililini; the school year is the annual " Kose Hall " held in llie spriiif;. .Al this e ent a (]iieen is picked In ii|ircs(iil (III chapter at the Nalional Convention. if Nearing the coni|)lelioii of almost a quarlei-centiiry. Sigma Alpha Mu takes pride in its past year ' s activities. A highlight of the year was the election of Jack Freeman as national president. P ' or the first time in the fraternity ' s history, a man from the Coast was chosen. In intramural sports Larry Goldberg. Larry Herns and Kohert (Jold- stein combined efforts to win the i)ing pong champion- ship. At the convention in Pullman. Washington ' s Krnest Sherman was elected president of the Western Hegion I.F.C. In local LF.C. activities. Ernie is Inter-relations counselor. The annual Alumni Dance held at the Olympic Bowl spotlighted the year ' s social calendar. FOUNDED COLLEGE OF THE CITY OF NEW YORK 1Q()9 h ii -Ah Alpha tvlu 4714 17th Av.-. N.K. - Sigma Alpha Mu SIGMA NL CHAPTER 1926 Goldberg, Larry. President Becker, Jerry Becker, Ray Becker, Rolfe Becker. Stanton Epstein. Arnn Geller, Harley Giashin. Georgi Herns. Larry .laffe. William lafle. Ralph Koppel. Howard Levitch, Dave Lurie. Norman Marshack, Jerry Pincus, Melvin Rof;ell,Joe Ho. ' ers. Robert Rubens, Richard .Sherman, Ernest .Slotnick, Dave .Stasney, Charles W alker, Norman Wein.stein, Sandy Wiviott, Leonard . ' i l Firliiifd: AInieleb. Dave Barer, Allen Elyn, Alvin (foMen. GFeor-ie Goldstein. Robert Israel, Sam l,e in, Wallace (iros-snian, Nate Jermnlowski, Jerry Petel. Marvin Gurian, Len Kuznetz. Mort Secord. Robert Guterson. Murrav Kuznetz. .Sanily .Sherman. Erwin Israel. Joe ' Lawson, Mian ' E W 253 Whilney. Hrnn-. President .-MUln-.l. Haiul.l Mlrii. I)r.ut:las Vndcrson. Paul Vn lr. Ki. ' har.l ii(:lr. Ht-rlwrl |i| lin . I ' aiil ii (iii. Mull Harron. Mark lie riirrnn. Hanry Bronsilnn. Milliiii Browder. Ray Briiwn. Robert Biirrin lon. Palrirk Clark. R..l..-rt ( :iilr. kenni-lli Collard.Jaik I )nhonry, Nare Kllicrin Inn. Donn h.ry. John liislt-r. Doiifilas liliolson. (iiiiMin liU ' fd. Thomas (ioodwin, Riihard C.rav. llaroM Havens. Douglas li-lnis. Ki ' iiiirlh llolmaii. John l.insmi. Diiinan kcmifdy. Mil had I I ' wis, William hllool. Jaiiirs Psi Upsilon I ' si I ' l ' SiLON. not a mere place lo live while " oin to col- U ' j;c. oreater than a name, more than words ... If you asked what liein-; a Psi L ' means lo each of us. you «ould receive man v. many different answers. iJnt woven into eacli rc|ilv would lie the love. rcs|ie t. admiration, and cv. ' li ;iu. we ;ill led lor llcr. Inmnneralile nunioric.-. lie hchind cxery lace, and 1 -peciaily keen are those of the I ' ledfie Dance, Vi inter I (irnial. and Meachcondiers " Urawl. We have the hond of li iciiilshi|is sliiniillicncd in siiorls. actixilics. and scliolar- lii| . Tli.-r uill cndMic. riiis year llie first |iosl war iiicd-ie class to graduate as a -iroiii) will lea f us. Tliev will lie missed, hut the excellence of their suc-cessors will carry on ihe I ' si I ' tradition. K.ach of classes lea es its mark, hut I ' si r|isiliin remains, as ever, the symhol of characler. frieinl- -■lii|i, w i doin and learning:. FOliNDKD UMON COIAAT.E THKTA TUKTA CdAI ' TKK 1916 ■• ' " • » ? ' ; W,« _ I 1K18 E. 17tli Stirfi Luster, Cari Main, Riihartl Mclnnis. Malcolm McNerthney, Thos, Mundt, William Murphy, Georiie 0-Neil,Jamrs Peyton, (Irani Pratt, Sanders Price, John Pritchard, Grahan Proctor, John Qiiinlivan, . li,ha.-l Ragsdale, Robert Riley, John Robbins, Clarence Riinimel, Richard S hlosstein, Russell .Shannon, Gerald Shannon, William Stair, Dudley Steward, Peter Swanson, Ralph Toci.el. William Walker, Ronald Wallerich, Peter Weaver, Michael White, Frank Huston Whitman, Chester Williams. Grant X ' odil, Theodore 255 Helm. Bru.r f ' r,-si,lent . kfiihausen. Kcilil. lf an lfr. Rold. ti»Ji r «in. Jamr Aiulersdii. kennfth n JiT on. rriirr lidlr. Ri. lur.l Barnr. ut. Uu Barnrcut. Rav Boone. Dania ' l Boon.-. (;or.lon Bovnion. Jaiiif Br K. Brevik. Hrrlx-rt Bridcrs. AlLrrl Burns. Rolirrl ( alahan. James laples. William ( herlierti. ( ily.le ( orhran. Brine Dean. Dnnalil Denliv. Roller! Di.k. Rolan.l Dootson. I liomas I ' lirliani. Mar%in I iwyer. William hilfiren, Roj;er Kilwarils. Jaik Foster. James Classman, f ' .lyde (lordon. Olyde Cormly. Glenn (iraham. Jaik Craves, IVter llenninjis. I rrv Holland. George lloNde. I.eRov IhirllMil. Krederiek Keller. (;eor(;e Kittinf;er. Kdmond Kliikis. Alan k rives. Krederirk I anser. Martin Da ell I itile.Jol.n Sigma Alpha Epsilon Sigma Alpha Ki ' sii.on. despite a sonieuhat restricted fall social season, has enjoyed another gratifying year of fra- ternal friendship. The ineii of W ashingloii Alpha carried out. as their lirolhers ha e liefore ihcin. an exceptionally active participation in all phases of I niversily and fra- ternity life. In athletics, activities, inlraniiirals. and soci- ally. SAI divided its eflorts eipially. each hrother findiiif; special interest on campus and in fraternity while, al the same time, helpin-; to maintain the scholarship prestige ,.1 ||,e clKiplcr. Il luiiii; Milivi- ill ;illilcllis. . " Al•.■s «cri- pidvidcd willi iiKiiiN s|Mrilc l .illiiiKKins and evenings, for not only were lli( (hc ijii- loi ihc Washington team, hiit also for their iDiiiiimales as «cll. Thus. I ' lm-lTid niiiiplcU-s aiiolhci page of hislorv in W asliiii ' .. ' loii ' - IrMlcTiillN life. FOUNDED UNIVEHSITY OF ALABAMA 1856 washin(;to. alpha chaptki; 1906 ir ll( 17th An.-. N.K. Not Plrllirnh Appel. .lanu- Briggs. William Cipi iano, Joe Ilolinan. I )„riaM KucliPr. Ariiason. Iluiolcl Brown, Clyde Collins, William Hiirllnit. Lau leri, ,• McGoldiick, Cai Bonli-ievlTik, I ' . Brigham, Charles Kinlev. rii.i.( Irnsen, Raymond Steele, Roliert .eM.-niust. Rirliaid Lyie, Gordon Mallory, James Martin, Charles MeCusker, Kohert McKinley, Moore Nelson, William Odegard, Edward Owings. John Parker, Thomas Paton, Richard Patton, Robert Price, Lee Raabe, LaVerne Raisler, Gordon Richter, Walter Robinson, Williai Rumsey, Wayne Sankey, Harry Sihaefer, Steven Schlenker, Willian Seth,Ja(k Shapley, Riihard Shinn, Herbert Smith. William Starks, Grant Stone, Joseph Strandin, Ronald Sprague, Richard Sullivan, James Siimmy, Gene Sunde, Douglas Sundquist, Stanley Thompson, Charles Thompson, John Thompson, Mark Thoreson, Donald Thoreson, Laverne Tucker, Louis Van de Wetering, J. Van de Wetering, L. Vann, Gerald Waddington, Wr Whaley. Paul Wood, Thonuis S S 257 Mrrrill. Frrdrrick President Allen. Ki lHTt rwin.-. Rc.ImtI licl,.«n. Kml Harnt-s K-.U-rt Harni-s. V an) Hale John K. ' ll. Kolx-rl lirr . I tonal. I Ki.lHtl H.rrv. Janit- Kra. Kill Krannrn. KoLr-il Briink. Earl (iaienr. James Calene. John ( ani|i|iell. ken (apelnl. K..l.erl iarleton, kennelh (iliaslain. Kiilianl (!liristie. Tlioinas (link. James Conk. KIrlianI (!iimminj;s. Kolierl ( iiishen, Rojierl Darnell. Kre.l DeBard. Ri.liar.l Diioliltle. James Kriikson. James Keeney, Donalil Kinnigan. % illiam Fischer. A. Jarksnn Flodin. Rof-er Foreman, Donii Fritsrhe. Dwayne Fritz. Vt ' illiam (.ardner. Ron (.eary, Donald (.inesi. James I ' .oodfellow. (ieor); Craves. Arthur (Ireen, Riihard t;riil lis. Joseph llanieker. Lewis Sigma Chi This l-vsr m: h lias ln-fii an oiilsiamliiii; (iiic lor . " iuiiui (ihis al ashitifiloii. The (lisliiiclioti of lieinj; aiiothcr V ' a.shiii . ' loii All-Anu ' riraii iliiriiig the pasi decade came lit liioliuT VA Hcariiif . who lias heeii ihe ahle how man of l Mi f;ieat crews. L ' nder Art Gra es. ihe wreslliii} ' trophy uas hroufihl to rest in our iil)rary. (iiiickly follow iii}- the fiolf and track trophies. Throiifih the efforts of such men as .liin (look. Mill Mylitis and (!ec Miller, many Si}!s took pari ill a(li ities. llomecomiiij was one most .salisfyinfj. willi (iiic 111 the most lieaiitifiil sifjns ever displayed show- iiiu (Mil efforts, ilifihliiihliti ' ; our social events was the annual SuccIIiimi 1 ISall IicM ' al llic OUnipi. ' Motel. MaiiKii I ' l ' cdii vsas ih.i cn limn .i LiriMip id thirty f;irls as llic SwcclliiMi 1 liii llic ((iiiiin:; M ' ar. FOUNDED MIAMI I ' MVKKSITV 1855 UPSILON I FSILON CHAPTER 1903 1716 E. 45tli Street Not f ' irlllJcd: Hmzoviih, Kichard Gillis, I ' liil (!ral)tree, Lairy King, (iliarles Dore, James Kin ;. Wanen Knight, John McMahon. John Martin, Paul Perry, Peter Tomihlk. Josc|jIi Lainhart, Donald Marshall, James Meenach. Ralph Pierson, Donald Wallis, William Mclntyre, Joseph Marsha ll, William Morgan, Kenneth Piatt, Joseph Whiteaker, Jack Hansen, Steve Hedwall, Donald Hopper, Rohert Hurd, Rohert Husten, John Jones, Rohert Kidder, John Kirhy, Craig Kirkwood, James Knap|i, Robert Lasswell, Roger Latta, David Lewis, Victor Lokovsek, Leo Luckenhach, Har McNeil, Harold McNeil, Verle Maloney, Patrick Marinkovich. Don Miles, Hally Miles, Harry Miller, Cecil Moore, Glenn Murjihy, Sam Mylius, William Nelson, Richard O ' Donnell, Terrence Patterson. Richard Pedersen. Wesley Perry. l)a id Pickett. Ned Pierce, Frederick Pierson, Donald Ronald, Rohert Rosenblatt, Paul Rothnie. James Rumberger, George Ruttner, James Soper, Leroy Tubbs, Robert Turnure. Rolfe Wilson, Douglas Wilson. Ri.hard 259 Wri tuik, liouard President I isher, Thomas i lieson, RoIhtI lanis. Dnnalil Mien. I ' liny Apkint:. Krnlcrii l rncv. I ' al Harilii.-. I)a l.l KI.M k. HaroM Kloom. James Hrask. I, ore liroi ' kman. krnniMli Brooks. Thomas liiinJi. ' k. (jirl liiitlrruorlh. Krnl ( ;ahoon, al Can. Thomas (!orlptl. Kii ' haril Dawr. Ernrsl I )auson. Donahl Doylr. Douglas I ' ' -art. Benjamin 1 ..rssell. Carl Kraser. l)oii);las Kiink, James (.eliherl. John Cillingham. Douglas llanley. Terence Hansen. Arthur llar.iv. Donald ll,i»kins. Kohert ll. ' inri. ' h. Donahl llill. Ki. ' hard Il..l7.knerhl. I ' anI llopper. ( ' larenre Hudson, Koherl Hull. Kirk Hunt. John herson, James Jardeen, Richaril Jones, Lester Kiaer. Jan Kiefer.John Kilhorn. William Kiuimerle. Cerald Kin aide. James knudtsen. Kretzler. Allen LeKever. John Sigma Nu Vasiiin(.I(i " s first oijiatiized fraternity. C.amma (llii of .Sifitiia Nil, i- cfk ' liratiiig it.s fifl -fourth year of service to tlie caiiipiis. Since its inception as u local clia| ler in W)U. Sifinia Nu. with the exception of the war years, has constantly aided students seekinfr a more coTiiplcli ' cid- le-ie life tliroufih a fraternity. This vcar Sifjnia u uas evccptionaih well repre- sented ill ashiiifitnii ' s athletic profirani. Varsity swim- mill ' ;, track, hasehall. and foothall sipiads were atifi- mented liy the ahilities of Si-inut Nus |iarticipatin in these sports. The futuie hopes of Washington ' s athletic liclure will indeed depend iipun llic prowess of return- in;; Si;;ina u Ictlerincn. Scholarship rates e(|ually lii;;h with the men of Si -ma Nil. V ihoroii;:}! study pro irain has held Si;:nia Nu well aJioNc colli ' Lic " radi ' a era " es. FOUNDKD VIK(;iMA MIIJTAH I STITllTI■; 1868 GAMMA CHI CHAPTKI 1896 KiKi K. ITth Stife-t Lencld.KolxTt Lesley, Karl Liste, Geoifie Little. David Loveless, Warren MarGoupan, Denny Mallory, Glen Matson, Rot;er MiArtlmr, William jMrBri.le. Harold McCiillum, Richard McCraiken, Floyd McEvoy, Patrick Mrlntyre, Richard Murray, Ernest Newton, Richard Newton, Jack Nichols, Rohert Olsen, Elmer Olson, John Ovens, Rohert Personius, Gordon Peterson, John Peterson, William Raaiim, Gustav Raniage, Walter Ramherj;, John Ridgway, Hugh Rising, Richard Roe, Ed«ard Ruhicam, Nicholas S,-hlicker, Wilfred Schroeder, Gordon Sholl, John Schiiltz, Harrel Small, Hollis Smith, Cal Smith, Harold Smith, Roger .Sunde, Douglas Swanson, Gordon Swenson, Rohert Thomas, David Thompson, Donald Thompson, Ronald Tremhlay, Richanl Vehrs, Jack Wallace, Richar-.l Ward, Darrcl Warren, Charles Wiley, James Williams, Ri.hard Woodlan.l. David 261 Rakeman, ( liarlrs President AIiIm ' V, { " .eor f AlU ' ii. Arthur Andrrsnn. Dnnalil Anfielrs. Jnlin iis«-. ()r al Hacknian. (rordiui Hrr hin.l. Martin KlarklMirn.John Itryan. Knoch aniphrll. I)a - 1 leucy. ' itliani Dippniito. William K ans. (Iharlt ' s Farnsuorth. (leiiri Mamai ' k. RolK-rt Hrn.lrick. (alvan Hupp, Jai k Jolinson. Clifford kanr, Thomas Kelner. Kirharcl l.a« . HnlHTt l.okrii. Donalil I.ukens. RirhanI Mattson. Jaiix ' s Mcloy. William l(l.ess. Jami ' s Miller. Kmmrtt Min. h. Harlo» .|).ui.l I. Donald ill. Ho»ar.l Nvli, ,-. Kirhard ( 1 liMiiiirll. Norman () " . u.iarde. Miilii-I Hani);. David Ross. Mirl roi M)K1) KICIIMOM) c()llk(;k. viucimx 1901 Sigma Phi Epsilon t.S ' l.S 17th Ave. N.K. v. siii (;to hf.t (mm ' ti k 1422 SiG Ki ' S can look Ixick upon the year 1919195tt with many smile.- . The IMedfje Dunce started the social year roiliiifr. The " Nipht (lap ( ' apper " iheiiic made for informality, as we all came in pajamas. llome( ' imin : was next with a i oroiis cam- paign to Iniild the hesl sign. Our animal Christmas " Tie I ' arly " jirovidcd the hrolhers with pri c-w iiming ties. The open house. Iield jointly liv the chapter and the mothers ' cliih for parents. alums and friends, will not sotni he forgotten. Winter tpiarter saw our informal dance held at ilcdiday Inn. I ' iresides antl (■ hanf;es rounded out the social program hetweeii main dances. Our annual spring formal. ■ )iieen of Hearts " " Rail, is ah ii s the main attraction of the iicar. The house part) held nil W liidli Island made a grand clima to a year " s activities. leaving pleasant memories for all who attended. S1i S Sigma Fi enjoyed a full, wellhalaiiceil year of activities in almost every field. In intramural athletics, in the so- cial field and scholastically. Sigma Pi enjoyed a frnitlul year. In intramural sports. Sigma Pi participated in such sport.s as football, basketball, handliall. horseshoes and others. The fraternity is looking forward to an even big- ger and better year next year in intramural competition. Scholastically. Sigma Pi ranks well with the other fraternities. Such men as Keith Aldrich. Months liesl editor, helped to keep Sigma Pi ' s grade well above aver- age. Several Sigma Pi men have also been accepted into honoraries on the merit of their scholastic achievements. FOUNDKD VINCKNNES UMVKb ' SITY 1897 Sigma Pi ALPHA (;amma chapter 1926 Ni)l Pictured: ( erus. To Christensen, Harry Koliison. Geor Aldricli. Keith Rowsher. Roljert Brittell, Kennetli Bryan, Allan (Cambridge, Kiihanl Dascher, Art Frlty, John Furbai-k, l.rn Haralson. Ron Kettula, Jay Oxsezen, " aid Pierce, George Reeves, William Rex, Charles Turner, E. C. Woodard. Lane Wolter. Charles, President 211 26.3 licaih. Koherl li...-. l„l„-l li.,,-.,. H.,Urn riimia. Ernest Smilh. I )ran un.l.l. Ki-nnr-lli Tau Kappa Epsilon 47W) 21si Ave. M.E. annirr. Ij lir. President Ml. Keith n(lers4tn. Turt Itrnson. John U ' r ' vr. Daniel Brii. ,• Kranijstrom, John Rutlun. K l»ar.l I romliie. Mien Dimmer. Ji hn Dorsey. Janie Dow. Janie Drujzpe. E erell Dvsart. John K.ilis. John Kinnii ' k, Harry t ' .os-slee. Norman Haa.v. Kirharil Harris, Riehanl llenilerson. John llujihes. John lies, (rordon lames. Da%iil lensen. DonaM Jewell. Jimniie Johnson. Donalil Kiihler. Kunene leek. Kilner Maitland. IVter Marsh. Philip MeKai;:. Arthur UMaikin. F.dwanl Ir ey. Claude . leVey. Ceorpe Means. Rohert Novak. David I ' ederson. Roper Samuelson. W illiani .Sells. RolM-rt .Sigle. Rohert Sohottka. Huph . " torosh. Mike l ymes, ( " .eorpe Taylor. James Vi ' arren. James W elier. James Wood. Da id WMinrnev. Harrv lie. Murray ynstra. SeotI Zeiensky. Eupene FOl ' NDKI) ILLINOIS WKSLKVAN I ' NIVKHSITY ] .S ) ) (III CilMTIii l " L ' ( i ' ::M; mkmiikus |i;iili(i|i;ilinf; in iain|iiis activ ilii ' s iiu-lmlc Davi- Wood. Purple .Sjiit-ld. W -H.iok. and Malaniuto.s; (ienrfie McVey and Jim Vi elier. Malunuiles: Ki ' ii handle. ManaLicrial (!iiiiiHil; jdliii Diiiiiiifr. W ashiiioloii Knj:!- iieir: J,, 111. I) sarl aiui M Cn.nii.i.-. Oaily staff. Ilcinin.ii its art- ic|ire.sfntt ' d l y Holi Sells. I ' " ( ieif;ii Trad.-: I ' .tc Maillaiid. Advertisiii}! : Diek Haase. Mnthe- nialiis and Kn-iiiieerinf; : annice. Mattietnalirs. I niversitv sports lia e Liiiie I ' lirnia. fimlliall; Purr Anderson, freshman swimmiiif;: Dick Harris. Irr iunan crew ; .lim .jewel! and J(diti Dimtiier. olle liali. 11.-1,1.- all llii- III.- T.les fifth ainon;; all fra- I. ■null. -s in scii.ilarship. ss Thk Washington Alpha Chapti:k of iho Tau I ' hi Delta is one of the few social-professional houses on campus. Our professional standing, however, does not })revent us from takinfj part in many of the scholastic, athletic, and social activities at Washington. Many house members will look back upon 1950 as a year filled uilh much enjoyment. Tau Phi Delta has traditionally ranked high in schol- arship. This year the house |)laced second in I.F.(]. .stand- ing. First place was missed bv a scant ().21.H points. We feel that next year the coveted scholarship cup uill again be ours. roU.NDED UNIVEKSITY OF WASHINGTON 192.:! WASH Orth, Thonia.s. Presiden t Anderson, Roy Bergman, Morris Bevan, Jack Buchanan, John Burks, .lark Devoe, Al Drake, E,i Ericksori, Don Fretlsall, Kuss Hanlin, Ricluin Heinz, .lames Herold, .lames llintz, Kicliaid llowaitli. Julian Hunt, Kxeielt .lones. Ken Kennedy, .lolm Krystad, Arilil Kry.stad, .lack Lani;. Norm Mathias, .lames McCartney, Robert Micheloiti, Fred O.strowsky, Prospect Pe.sznecker, Wally Peterson. Milo Powell, Bert RidelKH.rdoii Scott, Robert Smith, Joe Smith, Vincf Summerfield. Rclid. Tindall, Richard Trafton, Jerry Trosk, Jerry Weatherman. (Irdn. Wren. Bert ' lp(S)A MrytT, George, President Mexaiuler. V illiani MIoin. Jarque;. Aniler iiii, Dunald ii liTs iii. (inrilon iiiliT-i)n, Rolit. iiili-tl. Jiiliii liaiii. Xilliuni ' .. hnirr Harrow. J. Wal.l.n lirliren-.. lUroii Briirriis. Ki. Iiar.l Bla. k. Waller Hoyle, (Iharles Brnwnliruliie. Rnlit. Buviek. Norman (iarlson. Leo (barney, Rol)l. (!avana li. William (!eret;liiiio. ( !liarles ( ' lirislianson. Jolin (iimmiii . illiaiii Davis. CIKfonI Davis, Tliomas IVkker.Jol.n Doiimit. Mil liael Kre.leri.ks. Rol.t. C.aston. Jolm Geisler, (iarv (ientlier, (.harles (lese. l.eo Gilison, Jolm (;il son. Ron Ci.- rr. Charles Cranilslaff. Dal Heifierson. Warren Melm. Donaia Henrliman. Jolm llenne . Ran IIIII.Donal.l Mill. Doii-la-. k on. Koiuue Ja ' ohs m. Dale Ja.ol.soi.. Keith Jareil, Mvron Theta Chi ' rin;i (ilil ' s ( I. IM Id |iroinini ' rirc on llii- ( mi|iu-- 1i;ImmI oil stMoiid |il;ict ' ill lilt ' . ' ii|ili( iiioif (!ui ' iii ul. lirst in llu- water haskcthull ( ' liani| ii)nshi|i ami first in tin- Homo- coniiiig sifiii coiilfsl. ' I ' iicla ( ' .his |irominfiil in i-ain|iiis ac- tivities iiiflude l?oli AiitlcrsDii. prcsidcnl of Associated Men Sliiiii ' iils. I ' l-li- M.ill . |ii isiilcMl of llic Inter- I ' I iilc ' i iiil (iiiiiiiil .111(1 Niiiiii l u ii ' k. I ' Dinnioilnre ol llic Varsity lioal (iluli. i e |iresiileiil of the ( rf!ani alions Asseniiiiv is l.arrv Pearson, and h ' loyd Oliver was . sso- ciale IMilor i.f ill.- DalK. In llu- fi.-l.l .if allileliis Norm iMni.k. KiHJ JnlinMin. J.ilin Xu.l.ll .in.l l)..M l.andon nuM-d nil llie varsity crew, and Warren Helj;erson in the friisli. Oiilslaiidin;; frosh arc .Sam Milchell and Dick Siiiiin.iii-. ivi FOUNDKD NOinXICH UMVKKSITY AM ' HA HHO CHAI ' TKI, ' 1925 T V: 111 i. b. ,- ' ..■ ' W r 1 r . .. Ci 4i Nnl Pirlitmh Kosmiii, Al Kichards. Williai Mathf ws. Nfirnian .S|irair . I ' lnlli|, 453.S 17tli Ave. N.E. Johnson, Rod Johnson, Virgil Jones. Kodney Kallander, Donald Knif;ht, William Koih, Rodney Laird, (:iaren e Landon, Don L. Lindskog, Grant Loudon, Rohert Lough, Gene Lehman, Donald Markworth, Carl Martin, Val McCoy, George McCoy, Rohert McDonald, Donald .McEachran, Dick McKinley, David Melitz, Peter Mitchell, Frederick Mit,-hell,Sam Moehring, Melvin Moore, Thomas Mossafer, Al Nelson, . lherl Parker, Richard Pearson, Larry Pierson, Gorily Kidgeway. Daviil Roherts. Ken Roehke. Louis Schejer. Richard Simmons. Richard .Simpson. Tom Skelton, Clifford Skelton, Stuart Smith, William Stone, Larry Stuhler, George Thomson, Henry Tracy. John Tracy. Ray Walker. Mickey 267 IVlerson, Jamt»s President An.lersnn. Dalr ■ nilcrson. Ret ' x ' uslin. Jumi-s Hainlcr. Jaiiirs Karl ». Jnlin Kian. n. Kolxrl Hrif:t:s. In.nj: Hrookr. (flfiiii Kal|.li Hr.iun. KciLcrl (arpcr. KdImtI ( liasc W illiain ( i.liv. Fr.-.l ( :lnsi-, Paul Danrll. Taiil l .-B..ll. lliilH-rl I )rnsnn. Kiev Drak.-. H..war.l Kastman. Jaiiu-s Kikrrsoii. Jnliri Kili-linan. Siilnry Kllrvson. Staiil - Krickson. I.aurfin Kalslad. John Kerhifia. Joseph Fowler, Joseph C.alla.ri. William Hackett. James Haley, John ll.ii -rii, Frank Theta Delta Chi l, si m: h ua-- a iar (il IcMTisli a(li ily for ihe iiu ' ii nf 1 DtiitrroM 1)1 Thfla Delia (ihi. In spite of a louflli sludy schedule, which led lo our heiii iiieluded on the llnivei- sitys Honor Ixoll, we inana-.-ed lo have a well-rounded social and aliiU ' lic- |iri L!rain. Sch(ilarslii|i lia aU a s heen an itn|) " rlanl mailer with 11 . .111(1 f |ini ' il | ride lo our record and lo the 1 licilar lii|i lio|iliics uhicli rest oi our niantel. This last year our inlraniural ht)wlinf; leain mim llic — ocialed Men Students " liowlin -ilroidiv for tin- tail (|uarler and our other teams have coni|iclcd with success ill maiiv other intramural sports. As many students rememher, we are the s|ionsor ol the annual street danie held the ni :hl hefore spring elec- lion-. Ill wliiili llic |Mi|ilic VNMs inxiled. FOUNDED I M() (:()lli;(;k 1817 XI DEUTEKON CHAPTER 1913 Mwai 15:}2 19tli An.-. N.E. Nut Pirturrd: ri.mtlip. Bruce l);ni , I ' hil Larson. Jnliii Palme-r, Don Munson.Krniiril, H,,,-, F.duard Hauiiey. I.rn Hendersliot, Ted Hilleran. Richard .lepson, Roliert Johnson, (!arl Jones, Roliert Jones, Wayne J 11(1(1, Myron Kelm. Melvin King, John Langlois. Bruce Leanderson, l hilli| Lee. Robert Leho. Jack Loftus, Thomas Lougheed. (Jerahl Luther, Richard McCoy, Rohert Moelirinj;, Lee Montgomery, I ' ete Nelson, Nels Ogden.John Peter.son, Roliert Pierson, Frank Prophet. Jerry Pngel. James Raby, Bruce Rapp, Marvin Rapp, Quentin Rallis, Dean Riess, Arden Schaeffer, John Sedell, Kugene .Smith, R(j|iert .Snyder. David Treber. Cerald Waldeii. (den Williams. Carle 269 Nrwlanil, Jo!4-|ih ' resident Mlison. KoImtI riilci on. Dalr l .inni .t T. RoIntI Kates. l)a id Ifrnsun. Jiarl - Blarkstork. Rrurc liiiiithr. Paul Brrlall. KonaUl Hrislol. Ri har l Brondrllo.John Burrows. F ' remonI asiilaro. Joseph (.lianilx-rlain. Rolil. ( liinn. WillarH ( lonnor. Rojier ( !orrea. Rov l)ai):ler. Clirr David;:.-. R il»-rl Dierfk. Kriinelli Dirnk. Wallv DuMian. Dean rcn. I.nyal Kilzpalrirk, Bniiy (iailaplirr. Rudnrv (; Td.-s. KIlis C.ildou. Kllcm Cnrdrr. KoImtI Haves. Joseph Hendriikson. ). Herzo . RoKerl llinderer., Honald Hunter. I). I.. Jeffries. Vi ' arren Jenkins. R-.I.ert Jensen. Kiluanl Theta Xi (till li; were |iriiiiuMfiil in tlic Malaiiiiilcs. I)ail . anil Scahhard and Blade. Ititratnural achiovfiiu ' tils in scull- in;;, row in-;. fcnciii ;. skiin-;. foolhall. and lioviiifi i)laf;iied llll- lldlJst-. Oui iinlslaiuiin social |)rof;rani lu-jian with llif l li-(lf;f -luak. iriclndcd llic nislii- l,o ;f. ' (-rs Mrawl. and t-ndcd with llic S|Miiijj ronnal al ihc Inuh ' wuod (iinnilry C.luh whieh cvrccjcij all .-xim-. lalioii-. 1- aUo cnjovi-d nuint ' roiis rirt-siilcs and r i ' lian fs in 1)111 loniriiilalilt- chaiilcr liotisc. Knlcrtainiiicnl and niiisir was |iro id(-d l) our lalt-nted lioiisc inoinhrrs and wi- licranic a -i|tiainti-il with olhrr ( ' ani| tis orguiii .utitins in u (li ' li ' -litl III anil ili ' . ' Miliril manner. FOUNDED KENSSKLAKK I ' OL TKCIIMC INSTITUTK 1H61 I ' PSILON CHAPTER 1915 ir.1 ' 2 19ili Ax,-. .K. Nnl Pictured: Carr, Douglas Molntvie, Joe Merritt, Truman Nixon. Russ VeriPto. M. Oi-aii Arnold. Winton Gerdes, Glenn Loknvosek. Leo Mullin. William Ridgeway. Rolit. Wellmrn, Di.n Brace. Don Graves. John I.cveless, Rod Newromh. Duane Tana. T. K. Welliorn. Tom Kinney. Jack Knight. Roliert Koski. Kennetli Kroesing. Lloyd Larson. Lewis Long. Roherl McCain. Rohcrt Mclntyrc. Charl Nichols. H. K. Nnnn. Robert Oppie. Roy Paulsen. Thoma Pepin. William Reid. Dick Shiplett, Keith Smiley. Herb Staal). Herb Stellwagen. Bill Urdahl, Carl Walker. George Ward, Ron Wiiilbir.l. Homer Whitlord.LWm. ork, James ' t oung, Pat 271 Broom, John, President Adams. I i-onurd Ainsli-e, Hupli Amlcrson. Henry Rarr. Donalil B.niinl. IVliT lilan hard. llaroM Hurmii:h . K-.U-rl Hurcliard. Ilarnid lUiseman. Kalph ( liristian. Cordon • ourlnry. John (!iinimin-.. Skip l)a is. Ronald l). o.-. KolM-rl Knianni-ls. Donahl Krickson. Kfilh Kanl. Ralph Kinlay. Janii ' s Cilpatriik. Tloma-; Crant. (Gordon Grrnlan.l. Hrrh.rt Hahn. Kril . Ila«kin . Krii llav, John ll. ' al.Jack llunl.r. RoWrrt Hiinlitit;lon. C.rrahl Hiitrhinson. Brrl In;;slad. IVan Johnson. I.lov.l Johnson. W illard l-arni-r, Thomas l.iolif r. Jean Marhurj;rr. Kal|ih Mav. Delhrrt McCoy. Alhi-rl Zeta Psi Tin; kii;,s priih ' llifiiisoKfs on liavirif; a vwllrniiiuliMi iiiciiilMMsliip composed of students from all walks of rrii ' rsily lilf. A conservative house naturally, the stress in the local cha|ilcr is placed on a relatively small, well- kiiil f;rc up of sliidciils whose interests, thou-jh diversified. .iH (Mn|Ki-s 11 |ili;iscs id ' social, allilclic an.l scholastic lilc on llic (MMipns. One of llu- main di-lin-iii -liccl nicinlici- is CK.Ic Uoliinson w lio is manaf;cr of A. l I ' lihlii alioiis. The hi " ; soc-ial c cnl-- of (he year are tlic llanimScanim. ihc Winter I ' onnal. and the Marili (ira-. riic tiatcniiU i-nioiii- llic rule ol lirollu ' rU io c with- nil! Kuaid lor hai kiinnind or rcli ' jioiis licliel. V a.a •()LM)I.;i) M.: YOlik I ' MVKKSITY 1HI7 m 3t PHI LAMBDA CHAPTER 1920 M t ' w p ' f. ■ , ' f .. 4703 21st Ave. N.E. McCiine. Denver Meyer, Roger Neville. Jack Norton, Donald O ' Donnell, Jack Olson. Donald Ols an;:. Kav I ' anchot. Dudlev IVnn, Homer ' I ' unnett. John Keichardt. Jack Reis. Stanley Rohinson, Carleto Sager, John Shane, Robert Stark, Gerry Stebbins, Darrel Stone, Josejth Strohecker, James Tallman, John Thwinf«, James White, George Wilder. Charles Williams, George W illiamson. Kenneth -J 273 Px-iiJcm Anx ' bcll. CcMiJ Bender. Sunlcv B,r.lM.n. M«vin H..I Hci HnJijc. R.ibcrl ;i»Mrd. Mirvin ( ohn, Iwin I runnan. Larry 1 Jcr. Philip i: i. ' IJ. DunalJ Ki.lur. EJwjrJ icldman. Paul :Unl. Men M.ldlarh. Alvm :rccn. Rulxrl irrrnitard. Ji»cph nhaii Nn ;rn((. Ma, Hardman. Waller Hirsch. Sidney Kahn. Jael Levin. R.Klncv Le«k. il:. Jerry Mayers. Benii Mnndschein. Larry Myers. Arthur Neuhaiier. Ronald i reek. Ceoruc Rubinson. Billy R..hinsun. Buddy R.moway. B,rl RiiRoway. Ja,:li RoKuway. Ned Ruhen. Al Willi, Sol.. , Me, So». SIdell Spellman. Ruhatd Spcyer. Paul Sicrn. Bruce Sternberg:, Louis Tobias. RoK-rl Tobin. Gordon Tonkin. Ronald Urbaoh. Larrv Warniek. Al Weisblatl. Sand.rd ol i-.crlurcd; Rivkin. Norman AnschcM . Grove Rochliti, Imrc Crohn, Jerry Rosenthal. Roy Dceginger, Charles Shapiro. Howard Coldfarb, Royal Sidcll, Al Goldman, Al Soriano, Louis Meshcr, Fraik Stcincr. Sam Nudlcman. Jirty Wolfe. William I ' OUNDK.I). COI.I.KCK OI ' THl- CTIY OK l. VOKK 1898 Zeta Beta Tau 4626 2Ut Ave. .N.K. M.IMI Ml (MM l ' )2l " IK 1595 ZRT ' s CA lie fdiirul ill aliniist t ' ( ' i aclixity on camims. l.oii Soriano is a ai il liaskflliallcr. uliilc Wall Haiil- man i.s senior baseliall nianaf;t ' r. Don Wollslonc is prt-si- (lent of Malanuites which also claims Holi Taliior. How- ard Shapiro, and Alvin C.oldfarli, Merv Solomon heads Ihc .IlKC. while Sanftild Weislilall. Si Soss. Al Sidell and Mar iii Oriel ' helon ; to Alpha I ' .psilon Delia, linre Hocliiil is a I ' hi l?ete. ami Norm Oreeniiaiim com- manils ihc llusk Sailinj: (!luli as ice-commodore. Merl (.Liiil " e mcced " ihe •MM ' Show. Iiesides workiii!; on ihe III 1! I ' olicy commillee. Man Oidilinaii previewed the liiiiliiall season on ihe Daih sports slal ' l " . Willi a con- rcilcd clliul in all intramural activities, eta Rela Tau lias iiiiMiilcil mil what is considers to have heeii a " pood " eai , © Independent Living Groups Editors: Virginia King and Dolores Pearson, Dorms Beverly Bartleson and Mary Sue Hallowell, Independent Women Charles Jacobsen, Independent Men 275 I ' llm ■r. Ka I. ran .• I ' r,- i,l,n, M( Hrrk M. mryi-r Lean . Mart ■a. • hristman Elino r. W ' csl.-y ( onr Marjiarcl. Austin Co(i| rr. Sally. M •l an Ferguson. MrKee Madel ne. Hooker. Barliara. Syna(lel|ilii - Horsl. Bexerly. I.eary Maston. Rosalie. Klaine Manila. K.lna. Blaine Miil.llekauf. Barliara. M.Krr Oslioin. Belly. n lin Piderit, . nielia. Wesley Powell, . nn, lx " ary ' I ' m; lMii.i ' i: i)i; r Womkn ' s Associmidn i h [- mcm- lici lil|i Irdin all iiHlcpi-inlciil Miiin-n li iii -iroiiiis on (■arii|iiis. A (iiiiiiiil arls as llu ' cfnlral ciiDnliiiatinj; iiody (,r llic L . .. iilaniiiii ' ; the assiK-ialioirs at-tivitii-s and cndcaMirin- In linil a plare for all indi ' | i ' iidt ' iit women in cainiMis ailiv ilii ' s. Ml iridciK-ndenl residence s;r(iii|is arc coordirialiil li lliis iindx : non-residents who wisli to alTilialc ail- |pr(i idcd uilli asxiiialf rnenilicr-hip-. Independent Women j Association 276 Inter-hall Council In 9 ' .VA this cooudin ti (, niRlfUs of the assdcialldn ol the Woman ' s licsiileiue Halls was formed with an aim to secure the greatest benefit ami fullest enjoyment of group-living in the four halls. The Inter-hall Council acts as a clearing house and control agency for hall policies and jjrocedures. and helps lo (iiordinalc the aili itic ' s of the halls with the activities on campus. - ' V()( Pirtiiifd: I.ona.sen, Nelanie Leary Miller. Gloria Rlaiiu- Festin, Asjnes Austin Resner, Bailiara McKee Rygg.Jun,- Austin Hall, lV Pilv McKee Tults, La Ken McKec. Lif;htfoot. Charlotte Blaine, Betty, I ' resident Blaine Austin Wallace, Katliy I,, ■an Alens Organized House Council Not Pulured: Riehard Blakely, Greylork Tony Sniitli. Greylnck Howard Jacohson, MaeGre ;or loliii Southerland, Ma C Donald I.ytle, Varsity Donald Wood. Mac(;re ( The Me " s Organized House Council is open to all men in independent organized houses. It ' s function is to act on matters which may he too cumbersome, proiilenis too large, for an individual imit to handle. Through its structure, member houses are re| resented on the iM)ard of Control. Darling, Jack Varsity Hall Tick, Donald Kanda, John .Synkoa Hanlord, Donald Rofcre Kidney, Bryan Rofcre Kletseh, Charles Varsity Hall Wilder, Konald arsitv Hall l-arriek, Lee Honderieh Mons Yamamoto, .Seiehi Ridder. Rolierl. I ' lexideiit Svnkoa Honderieh House 27: ll..iMn«.n l. Mn.l. ' v. II.Hvl. ' N. n;:iiMa llr- liulh llrl.llH.Mlrl. kllll ' ll. Il.nn.ksuh. Mi. ' . ' llrll. ' r. ' M. I. iis lliMij;, Siiok 27H Ton.son, Bessie Jasberg, Joan Johnson, I). Leone Keterson, Rosemary King, Virginia Kinney, Beverlyrae Korkkinen, Brila Porter, Diane Powell, Corinne Prescott, Jaqueline Prortor, Doris Quinn, Phyllis Ranson. Gloria Rettkowske,Yoland Holier};. Bettv Ann K. Kers. Jackie Kulien. B Uiiucl, Gloria Rvtifi.Jiine Scluiler. Elen Soil. Marjorie Stanley, Roberta Stave, Marlys Steel, Talbot, Donna Uyeda, Luana Voelz. Golleen Westin, Manila Not Pirlurfil: Adams, Marilyn Ainswoi ' th, Norma Bennett, Diane Branton, Shirley Brown, Ann Gady, J. Ellison Causton. Phyllis Dooley. Roberta Edelman, G ' rgianna Eriekson. Karen Finke, Nancy Ann Flaumenhaft, Helen Forrest, Lila lleernuins. Johaniu Hoffman. Doris Hiilett, Mary Jacobs, Irma Jecklin, Ghristine Johnson, D. Leone Laakso, Jeanine McCulloiigh, Fat McGovnev, Ann Miller, Helen Moore, Hanah Morency, Mary Morri.son, Beverly Olson, Elaine I ' alin.Joy.T Paul], Patrii ia Reed, Nancv Rogers. f;ieta Saarie, Elen .Sexsmitih, ( larle ' Shontz, Lois Stcihain. .rf;iiiia Stitham, Nadine .Strom. Greta Tatone, Delores Thnn, Dorothy Tyler, Elizabeth VanLeeuven, Mar ctter, B.-alrir,- Watkins, Joan Wellman, Shirley Wilson, Marcheta Wold, Inez Wood. l.aVonne Putnam, Ruth 279 MSWSM . l.-on. Kiitli Harlow, DorPiMi Haiimfiardner, Alirc H.rk. JoAnne lt. y.l. Ilia Biir;;in. Cen ipvr I lianilH-rlain. .In ollar. Jean Daniclson, Jii 1 la is. Kathcrini- Uiik. (.arolvti l)irkiii.« n. kuhv Dillow. Lorrlla Dorricn, Oaviior K.k. Man ■ KjiiHTson. Marian K ans. Kalhlrcn Ki.-l.|. Nan.v Not Hichiml: llosl.-llrr, Sally I.iin.lsliom. Minrcl. W arh.M. Itonny Biinch, Jamcsinc l-cwis, Kowena McCJary, Joan Kendo. MaUi l wrenre, Harriot Janet lyle.Jean MrCrae. Agnes Marvin. Marilyn Mason. Franii ' s Miller. Marlene l-oii Moll. Carolyn Morris, Alexandra Moses, Sally Ann Nelson. Winifred ONeel, Olive Oreik. Jan nier, l-onise riiilllps, Eduina I ' liiiM ' s. Ali.-e Sue Clara Ann ixanisay, ( ' carina l{e|i|i, Velnia lio-ers, Mary l,ee Saiknian, Slii •salmon, Ina-Marie liearer. Sue Sliimasaki, Dorolliy Sielcr, Mavon .Sparjio. Phyllis Slipiiens, Juri|uel n Str rn , Ksler Stills, lionuie Si one. Dorothy Si rand, Gloria W allaee, Kalhrvn i.l. Beverly •im Ar.nslniiic l.iirlki Bishop, DoiDtliy Biidenstine, Mania Callaghan. Pat Cedarholm, S. (loulter. Martha (lox, Mercedes Darland, Margaret Elmffren, Elaine Hunkin, Helena Kirkland. Lyle Koontz, Beatrice Laing, Nancilou LaRue, Doris Lightfoot, Charlotte Lockwood, Jean Ludeman, Eleanore Maston. Rosalee Matilla. EIna Misterek, Esth.T Mitchell. Faith Nordale. Marilyn President Olson, (!lara Parks, Theroii Pohlnian, Molly .Schacherer, .lean .Schick, Doris Schman. Bhradi .Seivers, Dorothy .Selfors. Sherry .Serka, Marie Shride, Judy Thompson, Janetti Wilson, Lorraine Zanon, Vivian Not Pietured: Alter, Janet Anderson, Jean AylsHorth, Aileen Basta, Rosemary Besas, Florence Bickmore, Joy Bigler, Helen Bond, Beverly Brower, Irene Brown, Lynn Carleton, Joanne Christen.son, Ann Clement, Lucia Colvvell, Sally Davi.s, Joan Diaz, Juanita Dorren, Bernice Epstein, Ida Fairfax, Mercedc Ferguson, Rosie Ford, Lillian Fritz, Carolyn Hansen, Bettv Hart, Bettv Haukins. Beth llaynes. Molly Herman, Kathryn miller. Susy Iwashita. Mae .lentoft. Virginia Jones. Dorothy Kawasaki. Katy Kerley. Betty Krantz. Eloise Krieger. Delores Langaheer, Janet Lieneschi, Lucy Luschei, Janet Medina. Maria Meyer. Boldiy Miller, (iarmen Miller. Gloria Nelson, Winifred Pepper. Frances Perkins. Jean Pitcher. Pat Ouintus. Bernice Schindle. Patsy Scott. Petie Sewell, Martha Shearer, Lorraine .Shumate, Barliara Silverstein, Lois .Smith, Lynn .Smith, irginia Spotts, (Juirlolte Stidham, Louise Thorgaard, F ' lora Timmins, Emily Vermilion, Pat Weiss, Jacquelyn oung. Kay dung. Lois 281 Al.lri.h. Cl f-f Kahay. !Mai};airt Feeder, Maiilvn snis FtT usoii. Maili ' liiK- I .lav. Jtaii Hall. B. ' V.Tly Harris. Itellv lli-reiin, Klfila tlofman. I ' earl ll( »e. Killh Hum. Janire Kankmicli, ir iiiia ItOinsoii. Aiii) I..I11.-011, Nan.v I..M. Nora liilieii. Kli ahetli hi ' .li. ' r. Hillie K.iki ' la. Kila knliy. Dixie ktiiix. I ' alrieia l.awreiire, !urolvii 2»2 l,roiiMr.K,Sll l.iimlnKiM. I ' alrl. ' ia l.ulrs, Klcanor Mai-Ouanic. K. McCoiiricll. Ddlntl M((;ull(M.(;li. I ' at Mid.llckaiif, B. Moraii, Joan Morrisset, Cailyn Morrow, Julia Morrow, Marjorie Neely, Bar!)ara Neely, Evelyne Pappas, Elaine Resner, Barbara Roe, Charlotte Salo, Edith Sarantinos, K. Schroeder, Lorna Seigley, Geraldine Sharp, Marie Shearer, Sydney Smithwick, Julia Townsend, Janet Traeger, Phy Tufts, LaRene Winters. Helen . ,il PiriumI: Aim, Dorothy Alvis, Patricia Balaniz, Monica Bargquist, Pauline Cheleden. Dnlnrps Duval, Eliza I ii-t I) Eagan, Joan Figlenski, Barbara Flaherty, Shirley Frantilla, Eileen Gall, Jean Hair. Dolores Harrison. Beatrice Henderson. M. Holfnian. Mary HcllinL ' shead.H. Il..n-.t..n. Billie ll,lL:ll.■ . BeveHy laii .cn. Patricia Kcaton. Susan Kenifer. Margaret Neeh. Barliai Sihniitlen. Doroles Kingsbury. June Leedy. Eniy Lou Martinelli. Ji-an Meyer, Dorothy Minton. Eugenia Moar.Jean Neer. Marilyn Nielsen. Barbara Nielsen. Eiina No«ell, Barbara Powers. Elizabctli Presslcr. Margarc Janet )iane Shedd. Shield Shields, .loan .Sorenson, Lois Sublett, Ceorg lurlledove, Al U alker, Luise Weber, Lorraine 283 AriliitiM ' M. Nanna Jciliiisun, Virjiinia I ' a. 11(11. M.-. President Hitchock, Mary Ocstreiih, Phyllis Shelton. Gloria l!a. on, Marilyn Christman, Elinor Hutchins. (Carolyn Pearson, ( ' arol Tuki-i. Kazie Bak.i. .l„y,,- Diaz. Kulii Justus. Kuniii- I ' iderit. Amelia Weii .laff. Nane; Haws. r.lla Oules. M. Druzilla .Sniutz, Koselyn Raker. .lai(|ui ' line Deye, Harliara .Johnson. Marv l.ou Phillil.s. Lorraine V(i;;llin. Vnn U. ll.nutir Finn. Dorcas Martin. Barbara Haxer. l.ois Wolf.l.-annc Hellan.y. Kaye Keller. Margaret I. arson, jeannine Halrhfonl. lacineli Werlnian. KnsenKU Wesley House ■IL ' O. ' ' , l. ' ith Am-. N. 284 Synko a 111 I I.Slh Ave. N.E. Akiyaiiia. James Hashiguchi, Hacliir Kim. Rol)eit Mitsui. Sam Okano, Kolicrt Tsutsumoto, Ben Yasuila, Ted Chiiij;. I.loyd Isliitani, Henry Kuriyama. Takaslii Nakagawa. Bill Srln. Br)l. Fiinikaua, Erwin Katii. Sliiizii Matsiunotc). Dan Nomiyama, Frank Suzuki, James Yamamoto, Se iiehi Binf o. ' rosjijniilau Hikida. I{a Kumasaka. Uiiland Murakami, Ken •Sasaki, J(,e Ki.liard ..v|,i„k:,, ,ll„,, Kukimia, Mieliael hvasaki, (;avlonl I, ee. Willie ' Nakamura. F.duai, .Selo, Paid Kanda.J.din I ' reside lit Fujii, Frank Kaino, Frank Maeshiro, Clarenee Niwa, Carl Suyama. Kazuo Yamamoto, Kiyoo Hara, Williiun Mik Mi-aki. Tll..ina- Oluishi. Knberl Tanal)e. Bill Yamane, Tony Not Pictured : Ha.shiguelii, Nasuo Hata, Joshya Hata, Seiji lehikawa, Satoru Ideta, Akio Ikeda, Junichi Inouye, Kiichiro Iseri, Edward Jinguji, Manabu Jitodai, Ted Kodama, Robert Komorita, Samuel Kozu, Shigeru Mamiya, George Matsuda, Nelson Mayeno, James Miyahara, Takashi Murakami, Yoshio Nishimoto, Tad Obata, Henry Okiyama, Yeirhi Sasaki, Edwin Sato, Frank Suzuki, Tadasu Tada, Shigeru Watanabe, Masao Yoda, Shuji orozu, Arthur nrnzu, Henrv Mi 285 Students Cooperative Association Haavitk, Arne Holt, Stan MiC oriiiirk. I ' at Millay, Ernestine Newman, Harry Sliansen, Bjorn l " ( )i M)Kl) IN l ' ).i.{. ihe Sliidenls " Coo| eralivi ' Asso- ciation, a c-ost-saviti}; liviiif; organization, is owned and operated liy its student members, and is gov- erned liy a representative hoard of directors assi.sted and advised l)y a board of faculty meml)ers and Seattle businessmen. The association ' s main objec- tive is to give its members complete organized house activities at the most reasonable cost. Meals for its six member houses — McLean. Synadelphic. Honderich. Sherwood. Hofcre and Mac(jregor — and other participating groups on campus, are prepared in one central kitchen and delivered to the respec- tive grou])s. Nt)l Plrturrd: Huniplireys. Beverly Inalia. Taiiiaki Matsiiiniira. Toshi Nelson, Beverley Smitli, Mary Westvik, Dena tSlT lyih Ave. N.E. Berkniever, Martha Cooper. .Sallv Dearint;. Willie Mae Harlz. Jo Presidfitt Millav. Krnestine Morris. Barliara PaiiTH-r. l- ' ae Palm. r. SlKirori Papaflessa. Dora llshijinia. May Wells. loHene McLean House Synadelphic Mot Piiturotl: Altinius, Elaine Altinius, Juanita Backman. Estelle Bearg, Grace Rel I.Joan (laley, Virginia ( ianaday, M. Rae !oates, Marilyn Dixon, Evalyn Engstroni, Verna Heinemann, Mildrei Johnson, Shirley Kaffer, Dolores Liu, Nancy Lyman, Helen Mitchell, Marilyn Peterson, Marjorie Powers, Bonnie Reither, Shirley Sharp, Frances Swartz, Alice Thomson. Dorothy Upson, Ora Welter. Phvllis .ishiiKika. Takiko Alvord. Llr};eni Hates, Kathrvn Hclislc. Arlene Hncher. Helen Calvin, Roberta Diaz. Rnlh Goddard. Shirley llaihar, Daisy Hardy. Joyce Hooker. Barbara JoM.-s. Krances Knchl. Harl.ara Larsen. Marie Larson. Margaret Mellotle. Barbara Metzger. V. Nadin. McCormick. Patricia Nystnen, Patricia Sills. Betty Steele, Barbara Trcick. lionnv ■I ' licker. HcNcrlcv Waldron, Wilnia, f ' n-sidrni Wasson, Jean 287 Blankrrs.Z. I..-e. Al len I ' ,-t.T«.n. Daniel Cruiikshank. Phil McLeod. Thomas Kidder. Rnlierl Kevnnlds. Richard Not Pictured: Cox, James Hogle, Clark Ciibbage. Kenneth Rowberj;. X Hard Engeho, Gerald Silvestre, Jose Hiue, Jimmy Taylor. Donald .Stevens. Louii Holland. Kol.rri Moe. Kohert I ' rata. Roliert Jensen. Osear. President Narle, Jaime Verzosa. Tanireilo Larrirk. Inland Pearson, Gene Honderich „l I ' iitiir,;!: Hums, Maurice Davis. K dMrt Ed»ards, Karl Elder, Clarence Franz, Geor;;e Hoffer, (!aspar Mull. Garry l ersoii. William 4718 ITlh . e. N.K. Kirschncr. Holicrt Kvlc. Slanlrv l,c»an. I ' aul l.ooft. Donald Mahhitl. Claude Tarkhuist. Uol. ' -rl I ' ost. Wallace Tclreau. Ki-nnclli Mcl ' .lhoc. I ' onrsI McCorinick. Dmi;.l.; .Sidlivan. John Sherwood Rof. ere Mitt PUttircd: llanirk. H.ii Kray. Alvin Anilnsiin. Kriim.-lt llansl„u. Halpli Lonsi. K.-niM.tli An.lnsi.n. Oilan.l lluM ara. llaioM Metcalf. Cliail.-s liakcT. ■riidiiias Int;va,ss„n, l ' alM,i Minriick. .hick li Mil Hra.ll. K.Mlnrv .la.ksMn. llii :li ri,H,ii Kra.lint;. H,.,l„rN 1 Hurll. (Iiail.-s .hlKK ' S. Ilainhl K. U„u.-ll. .vv Ciih.-n. William .Inn. ilouar,! .Srhalfim,. H(,Im-i 1 Doiilliwaitf. (Ifolfipy .|.,luiMn. ' s„r., Kiriar .Sni(I.T..I.S. Dwarsliiiis, Fivd ,l„linn.s. Clcni. .Stivn. Hal Kiiisvtl.e. William A. .lohnsm. Kicliar.l Vaiifiiin. LowHI Hall. Kut;r-ne Koliavaslii. Bob Warm. (.:l en-(:lK 11 fi Collie, Ronald Holt. .Stanley Lawson, Vernon Romano, Alliert Baker, Daniel Kn};lund, Harold Hovis, Lowell McCarty, Dennis ' I ' ait, Rnlierl Clayliei!;, Carl Hansen, Donald Larson. Roliert Randolph. Philiii Anderson, Monty Eliason, Herlierl Hsieh, Philip Lynam, Harry Swanson, Kenneth Ballard, Robert Farmann, Stanley :ensen, Lorrin Meyer, James Timbers, Richard President Brim, Eiifjene Foster. Forrest Kensler. Harold Paris., I oe Wifihtman. Fhi Carr. Haav Kind. Papa Z Michael ick. Arrie em. Mar in [lostoloii. C. " k Allen, Frank (;liarl onnifr, Fran Florv. ,lanii-s llanp.-ruil, AllMTt Johnston. Kolicrt Bernslcn. Dean (lopelanfl, DrlhiTt (lalimanis. Sti-|ilifn Hi-mIi. Donahl Ko|..-l. Kirhanl liil. Ilo. Mli ' luo ' l Davis, .lohn llalio. I.fonani llopton. HoImmI Kiihola, llcil.i ' it iilo.k. A. Flint Dyer, Rol.ert Hansen. Kilward Jarobsoii, Howard l.oselien, R " j:er Arms. W irillirii|i Coins, i.tnr Furnioka. (ieor}. ' Ilrii, Koherl Jone.s, Albert Bickford, Tlionias (:ross,.la -k ;ray. Cillierl Mickey, David Kidiota, (;eor;;e li.auiiiM,. Kav Dl.k.Cror . ' Mali. |)..,iald II..II-I1MII. ItuMoM l.iltle. Holxrl Rriimmill, (luirles Felrou, DonaUl llansler, Donalil Jameson, kennelli Marsh. Vi -llin):lon MacGregor House 20a . „l hrliir,;!: IliiMev, Ri.har.l .Sa..f:, ' r, Kirl.nion Allen. Everett Jasper. Ronal.l •Saetv. Stan Allyn. Kirhard Jones, Clifford .S, holle. Bill Anderson, Diiane Kenini. ' rer, Waller .Se son. Donald Austin, William Kanl.llaroM Siemens. Ahrahai Barclev, Reginald l.akin. Masuell Stevens. Paul Bryant ' , Walter l.oflin. Milton Shdo, Jose (larrillo, Franeisco l.uhhe, Fred Staeey. Robert ( ' aley, Lloyd Madden, James Sntniners. Leo. 1 ' , ( :arley. Virjiil Matthias. F.dward Sntherland. John Cnwden, Robert M,(,)iieen, Halton Taylor. D,-an Carlson, John Miller, (ierald Trowbriilt;.-, Riel Doufilas, Barrel Moore. Nat Varty. Darrel Kndow, Richard Mnllineanx. Donald Warner. Herb.-rt Kriekson, Stephen Nirholson.John Webert, James (;allear, Darell Rehm. Jliomas Wifigen, Dan Gerwig, Alfred Roberts. Frank Yonn;;, William Heintz, Edward Rovee. (;erald Znlna a.Jose .S()I2 22nd Ave. N.K. M.Chie. Robert Riswold. PanI T(dles. Willard Woods. Donald Neff. Williar -Selo. Arthnr True. Farl llai Mathers, Robert Riehmond, Harold Thompson, John Wittmeyer. Keith Miller, Leston Scott. Arthur Town.send. Ivan Wren, Donald Pearson. John Stiansen, Bjorn Whvte. Koiial.l Olson. Brine Smith, lb. »ard ril.rl„. ,.|. i;,„l 291 University of Washington Schools of Nursing Eklind Hall. . . Swedish Division Swedish Hospital are stil Dials. 1 1 Kklind mcnini ' rs icnics ami Hall. Thk I ' l ki ' (pf ihf I iii i-isit Nursing School is not only to pro- side earh girl with a thorough knowledge of nursing arts, hut to ui e her a well-rouiuK ' d collcgi- iiie. Di isiori i one ol the two units where students get their |practicai training. For varied ex- perience they affiliate with Chil- dren ' s Orthopedic Hosi ital. Kir- lands Sanatorium and ' isiting Nurse Service, . fler satisfying all re(|uireinents. students receixc their Bachelor of Science degree and are graduate nurses of the I niversity of Washinglon School of Nursing. Though off campus, the students )f the ASIW. Besides taking part in campus " gah tests are an important ])arl oi liie stndt » fir I - .- L? IT 99 rlfr JL- MM Kklin.l H all i activities. | arties. nt nurse ' s educalio for- n at I, ill {„ v ' ljiUt Kit. inline .S,, rrliiiv. ll.-IU Takaiin; ( Idi h-iii.imIii,;.; ( harlMiir U.Irk: A.Kisoi. Miss Klnv.l: i,.- |.i.-vi,|riil, K.lilli HuiimI; fi -..II : .iiii rri ' siiliiil. I).■ ..lllli:. 292 Eklind Hall Anderson, Betty Anderson, Beverly Anderson, Marian Bailey, Elaine Bennett. Dotina BnttilM-lli. Knuiki, ' Brand. Edith y ice- President Brown, Viola Christensen, Dolores (llarke, Jean (ios;hlan. .lean (_lrani|iti n. Bclty De ' ldun.;. Iniogene Treasurer Dysart, Dixie Eeolo, Norma Folin, Pauline Gale, Beverly ( " .allalier. Elizaheth Hindley, Barbara Mockett, Edna Hunter, (!arol Jackson, Evelyn Johnson, Phyllis Larson, Ruhy Lilleoren, Inez Lind, Marion Leslie. Shirley Loomis, Maren Martin, Mary McBurnie, Joan Miehels, Janice Moherj;, Josephine Naito, Tokuko Overturf, Phyllis Parker, Herdinia Parks, Billie Reinelt, .lean Rieik, Charlotte Sawyer, Barbara Shearer, Mary Sparks, Sally Stave, Norma President 293 Oi ' rii( ' ra| y requires an ap|ilicali(in of (:iii-riii li ;iii l I ' l ( haiiel Startin;; llir ,lay witl (.ii,r li.-l| (;arl)()liV(lrates, Fat-. I ' mi, ,,,-. !ii..iaU. ari.l Tlie li ' jliler side in riTn-atimi Kniltiii;; and lal. ■-.■--i,,!, m ,i -lu.lrnl ' - I lia.l a »..n.l. iliil li 294 Sirvenson, Franci ' s I ' alriiia CoTrespondin ii Scirrliiry I akano, Betty .Siimiko lierordinf; Sccrclarv Teller, Sallv I..11, ' I ' jepkerna. . iulie) Valley. Margaret Vike,.loanne W,M„I. I)„i„ll,v F. elyn k Md Nut Pirlun-il: Bovven, Amy Manlike. Barliaia Ann Nylin. K.sther Doris Ottcisiin. ,Siri Nannie Saiiski.jus. Kiitli Marjiaret Al ' FlLlATlONS play a lai ;e role in cvi ' iy sliidcrils luiiscs ' curriculum. They afford training in .special fields oi nurs- ing and broaden the students outlook. At the left is the (Children ' s Orthopedic Hospital, one of the affiliations. .Special (leparlnicnts „l Sue.lish Hn.,|.ilal inrlml,- . . . Tiunni liiMiliil. ilrltl. i ' lusiial Tliera|iy (ri;;litl. I.earnini: tlie art iif ruirsin Di.-t is vital I " healtli 295 Harhorview Hall . . . Harhorview Division :-u Hospital H KH()K ii:u iiiMSioN ol ' llif- I niverj-ity of W ' a.-ihington School of .Nursiiif; ua (■.•-talili hf l in 19H1. The current program includes approximately two and one-half years on campus in preparation for two and one-half years experience in either Swedish or Harhoryiew l)i isioM. On estalilishinji residence in Harhoryiew Hall the student has her own room and also rereises meals, tuition, and laundry. The i;o erninji hody of our student nurse organization is the council which is made up of its odicers. committee chairmen, and one representatiye from each class. Social actiyities during the year include exchanges with I niyer- sity groups, a (Christmas party in our lounge, and a yariety show in the spring. Po|)ular off-duty recreation consists of bicycle riding. liasketball. tennis, swimming, placing in the recreation rotmi and sunbathing o!i the root. In addition to the program at Harboryiew. students go to North- ern State Hospital. Kirlands Sanatorium. Seattle ( ounty-t ity Public Health Nursing Deparlment and Doctor ' s Hospital for experience in ]isycliialry. tuberculosis. ])ublic health and for work in a |)riyate liosjiilai. Brengan, Nancy CamiiNell, .Sheila Derniody. Eileen DeSpain, C!elia Erickson, (Claire Jansen, Mary Jones, Myfanay Kistter, Mary Korte, Betty Matsusawa, June MrCarroll, Ruth Mcintosh, Sarah MoGuinness, Sally Murphy, Harriett Norton, Dorothy OXonner, Mary Pitzen, Ruth Pritchard, Shirley Rodwell, Bonny Roos, Elaine Shioyama, Betty Taylor, Edith Ward, Patricia White, Grace White, Phyllis Yule, Valerie Zinke, Diana Not Pictured: Cohrs, Pearl Hannaford, Shirley Hara, Mitsuko Kienholz, Lorraine Millhouse, Shirley Nelson, Irene Sanvidge, Patricia Stadler, Clara Van Soelen. Marilyn Williams, Margaret 297 K.illcT SkntillL ' Kxrivisi-. ()itll,i|.rili. Firsl Intiudui ' tioii t(i Motlici. Nur On Duty II. nn- isil In-tiiiinc III NuiM-, Siiipr) 298 I ' ul.lwlllll th,- ■Chlunir Cnllipl Off Duty Coffee Time riiMi,il ( hristmah f anl Sale Fireside with Meiliial Students 299 KmitM- IVrall.i Srnilh. Allsuii.John ( asel)olt. Thomas Koopman, Richard Pilafian, John Strani, Stanton Baily. Alfn-il Domaniiich. A. Lyhecker. (Charles Royse, (Charles Surss, Floyd Bothiin. Rirhard Furuka«a. Er»in .Mi{;aki, Thomas Simmonds, Wilfred Tor erson. Fred Itniinan. Lawrence Ha Iin, Donah] Moyer, Homer Slate. Joseph Armour. Stewart Davis. Wilher l.aHrcnci-. .lolin Hclhcnlnililr,, .lack Su-kcl. Beckett, .lack Knicclilc, Mark lickcl,(,n.(;icn . ..itl.Cc,,,-,- riH.„,|,M.„. Do.Kiid Brandenherp. i ' .. Mara, illiam Miller. .Stan Skarperud. Kol« X rijiht. James „l I ' iriurnI: (iln isliiiMjji. Warren Clark. Oorne !ram[ ton. I.oris Knuel, Anton Gibbons, John Oreen, ( irdon .Middlcloii. Clarence Petersen. Donald Stanley. Kd«ard Tre ,esni(twski. (ieorj e Vedder. (Jene Wehr, Wesley Chelan Hall Campus 300 Rainier Hall EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE: .■ m«( m — William llnkkin.-n. Wi Slock, serretary-lreusurer : Rolifit Lewis, athlvlir iiKiniifHT : ). .Stev- enson. Rol)eit Kurrle. Art Jones, resident advisiir: {.. A. Turner, Ijresident: sitting — Karl Streissfiuth, vice-i resident: R. N. Pettygrove, Dan Jensen, social chairman; Jim Tripp, Don Campbell. Anilnis. Kicluud Dickinson. R. H. Jones, Arthur Merritt, Jack Robinson, Carleton Berkuith. D..MaM Dnn;;. William lealhley. Frank Mulforii. Kenneth Streissiiiith. Karl Campbell, Donald ? (lin{;er. Raymond Lucht. Robert Ostrowski. Prosper Wills. Charles. Jr. Concannon. James. Harrison. Harve Mackliet, Vernald Anderson. Kenneth Da is. Darrel Johnson, Joseph Marshall, John Riley, Robert W.. J r Raird. John Dolph. Richard Kurrle. Robert Moffett. Robert Roetcisoender, John Breuer. Edward Dye. David Lewis. Robert Olson, Wayne Wilkin.son. Charles ( Jioi. Jimmie Eager. Earl Lum, Henry Richards. Ray Wiltse, Philip Darling. John Hill, Prosper Marander, Myron Gilbert, Jack President 301 m r f , 1M 1 ' i£M %.% v.) Pi, lured: (•rilias. Paul l.yll.-. Dunalii OiMreich, KnlM-rt I ' l-ti-rs. ( " .Iciin Sparks, H«-rl iTt Taylor, Dorman tlAM WiMor. HoiKil.lW. Rjoilir. :. Clar.Mi... HI.-n.-.„.. Ilanv ( :,K,iM-r. .|..-.i|.l. Prrsi.lrni I lii li.- . I )(,nal.l .l,,[ins..M. O-rar«. I ' aill Kiclilrr. (;ror r S.Ik.Iz. William arinrl. I)a i.l Molilry, L.-iiiliKMi I ' owcr. W allrj Varsity Hall Kri. ksun. KuIrtI LanfiHorth. Monty Darlinji. John Kletscli. Charles Kversaul. Melvin Look. Robert 4732 21st Axe. N.F.. Hi W m W Sl Inside our UW Bookstore Husky Highlights 302 AS.UW. Officials Sports Organizations Womens ' A thletics Mens A thletics n. : T -n ' 1 . ■ ' T 4| ,e w « sports Editors: Women ' s Athletics, Polly Pat Price and Val Whittaker Men ' s Athletics, Mike English It A.S.U.W. Athletics Roliert A. Steincr Ai t fitintttnt Ivun ' I ' lavis liiixinrss Maniigir Bert K. Kosr, Jr., Manager Athletic News Service Mil W t-stlunil, Warren ' resident Mil)ey, George An.lrinf;, William Apkinc, Kred AiKJett. John Baird, Roger Baruick.Tom Boyd, Neil Brady. Eiigene Breitenhurj;, Don Brown, Harold Burke, Jack Biirney, John Biivick, Norman ( larpenter, Edward Cliorlton, K Cloidt. Joseph Corvell, Donald Donaldson, .lohn Dunn, Kenneth Erkmann. James Eder. Phil Englert, Jack Fisher, Frederick Foster, James Griffen, James Harrison, Donn Heaney, George Heinrich, Don Hensey, John Herzog, Robert Holland, George Holzknecht, Paul Hoppe, Frederick Hurd, Robert Johnson, George Johnson, Rockne Kimmerle, Gerald Landon, Donald l,arberg, Donald Lowe, Wilbur McArthur, William McCartney, L. McCarthy, Charles McElhenny, Hugh Mclntyre, Richard Mclnnis, Mac McRae, Donald Mallorv, James Miller, ' Robert Moen, Robert Newton, Jack O ' Brien, James Olsen, Elmer Olson, Charles Parthemer.Riissell Precheck. John Raanm. Gustav Regan. Robert Rehn, Bruce Rosenzweig, James Salmon, Peter .Seth, Jack .Sprinkle. Richard Swanson. Gordon Talbott, Wilson Tallev, Darold Tucker, I ouis Walters. Kenneth Webb. Cecil iley. James illiams. Ross ■ oung, Robert Zurek, Bryan B I G W C L U B Not Pictured: Arnason, Harold Bartholmey, Don Bayer, Harold Bostick, Wallace Brewer. Philip Briggs, William Brigham. Charles Brink. James Brown. Richard Burnett. William Davis. Melvin Dings. Robert Draper. Edgar Eberharter. Richard Gasson, Charles Giovanelli, Gordon Cosset, Thomas Hatch, Larry Hayes, John Henson, George Heyamoto, Hiromu Hughes. David Jefferson, Ollie Johnson, Carol Jorgenson, Robert Kirkby, Poland Lewis, John McConkey, Fred Matland, Conrad Metzger, IVfarcus Michael. Mike Norton. Roy O ' Leary, Donald Olson. William Perry. Loran Putnam. Douglas Reynolds. Sewall .Savage. J. R. .Sawhill. Roy Smith. Robert Soriano. Louis Tiedemann, Henry Vickery. Douglas White. Sammy Wilkinson, Trevor Willson. Edward I. l{ V,-,s;, M Allison. Jay n.l.-rs..ii. krnn.-tli Bailry. Di.k A N Brlink.-.J..Iin (;al lcrli.-a l. James ( assill, Jami ' s A G Davis. Cliffdr.l DnII. R..l,e-rt En..£ " r. Olto. E Enslin. Jim Gilison. John R I Johnson, Ro er Lowery. Richard Matthews. Duane Moore. Thomas R. Myer, Robert A L Murklestone. John Nachtwey, Edwanl Nachtwey, Stuart Neils, Gerhard Neilsen, Roger C Olson, Ell Smith, Mai-kenzie .Steven.s, John Strand, Howard ■rootliaker,Joel U N ::;: rtiirr, : W ' ri-hl. llouu,,! Clark C L Tin; Sri |)|;m M n xckhi i. CoiNni, was fnrnu-fl U assist manaficrs anil | ii mi l( ' iiilercsl in holli athlflic ami mariamTJal ailix itics. |i|)iiiiiliiu-iils are made |)y the ASLIW allilctic coiiiinilloi ' froni rfc-ommfmlalii)iis liv tin- |)ast senior inanaper and the coach of the sport. One of the oiilslatidiiif; activities of the council is to contact schools before their teams plav here, offeriiifi assistance in fiirnishin;; nianafiers for them. At the annual spriii!: l aiii|uet the Darwin Meisncst tri)|ihy is |)resented to the year ' s oiitstandiiif; inaiuifier. At this lime a| |(i)inlmcrils fur the cumin;; vear are made and keys and sweaters arc | rcscnlcd In sii|diiirniiri ' . jiiniur and senior managers. After liradiialion senior managers whu lia e scrxed fiMn- ears arc pi eii a Hi W Maiikct and a fi eyear | ass to all llnsk alhlelic events. :wu N,-Kt().i, Jack Prcsiilfiil Anderson, Tura Armstrong, Arthu Birk, Thomas Koflf. Carl Biit;tis.Sti-«arl Caii.r.iirr. Kduani Chalk. William Cdihian. Bruce Crpedon, John CrJtchfield, Richard Dutcher, Charles Enser, Otto Forsell, Carl Craham, Kenneth Hall, John Haney, George Hodges, Merrill Hoff. Ernest Hoppe. Fred Hidl, Kirk Ingram, James, Allan Magnuson. Richard McArthur, Thadius McCormack, James lclnnis, Malcolm Miller, Rohert MuUin, Terry Newton, Richard Pierson, Frank Regan, Robert Roys, Keith Salmon, Peter Sheldon, Charles Simmons, Richard Stewart. George Strand, Howard Svane, Larry ThornhilLDon Torney, John Vamnien, Floyd Wager, John Woodland, Dave H U S K Y S w I M C L U B To GREAT?: E iTHl SIASM for swimming and a.ssociatecI sports at the University of Washington is the purpose of the Husky Swim ( ' .lub. Membership in this aquatic club is by unanimous election of all members present at membership meetings. By the constitution, ses- sions must be held at least three times per quarter. In order to further sportsmanship and effort among its members, the club awards an inspiration medal to both a frosh and senior. Not Pictured: Clayton, Robert Downie, William Evans, Thomas Kelly, Robert Kennear, Ian Kosmin, Alex McKinney. Earl .Strangroom. Robert Tallman, John Thompson, Ted Willson, Theodore 307 V A R S I T Y B O A T C L U B Buviik, Norman President Ablrs, Thomas Anderson, Emil Anderson, Eiipene Anderson. Gordon Audell, John Baird, Royer Beardsley, James Bleakney. Thomas Breitenherp. Donald Brorkman, Kenneth Brown, Harohi Carter, Max Fletcher, Robert Griffin, Arthur Griffin, Tren Hayes, James Hewitt, James Johnson, G. Rodney Johnson, Loren Kean, Wallace Knapp. William Kretzier, Allan Landon, Donald Lowe, Wilbur l-iuhvifis, Howard McBride, H. Dwain McCarthy, Charles McGinnis, John Mcllraith, Jay Maurer, Charles Meyer, Roger Mitchell, Fred Montchalin. Mitch Morean. Allen Myer, Robert Nachtwey. F.d Naden. Thomas Norton. Francis Olson. Kd Olson. Dan Richey, Robert Rising. Richard Riva. Santo Rod.!ers. Phil Roberts, K. Km Hnss. Jci.k Skalley. Thomas Smith, Mac Toothacher, Joel Tiirnnrc, Rolfe Walters. Kenneth Westlund, Warren Wichnian. liolx Nntl ' irturril: Batterton. Ri.hard English. I..J. -Mike ' Graham, Jim (Jutlebo, Rudy Henderson, H. F. Joss, Mali-olm l.illel. Robert l.i.nd rcn.l.arrv Olson. Robert I ' utnani. Douglas ' I ' hwinn, JJMi Walker, Ron Walsh, I ' anI %%mis Itr.lliMi llic asliiiij;t()ii vn-w Iraclilioii is llic cort ' or !uiii uliuii - — llic X ' arsity Boat ( luli, heii oniaiiizi ' d iti the earlv 19(K) " s. the club aiiiicd to promote rouiti " in the Northwest, and to provide livitifr and ealiiif» quarters for the crew. Today the cliih provides social adivilics lor the men in adihlion to their work, h■nd ership in the cliili is hy elerlioii. Only men who ha e rowed six (piarlers or lia e arsily or .I ' letters arc eli ihlc for initiation. ' I ' lie eommodoic of the Boat (Mnli is second to the crew ca|)tain. The cliih spon.sors u last fliiifj dance hefoic sprinj; traiiiint- and usually they end the season with a picnic. 30» ,»f Tobiason. Walt. Pn:id,;,i Ar.TiVKS; Alexander, Koliert Baird. James Berge, Bill Bloom. James Brork. Charles Cook. James Cort, Donald Diebenow, Jules Eerkes, Jerry Ferguson, Russ Fernyhough, Stan Hamel, Roderick Hultman, Bill Jarohsen, William Kelsey, Willard Lewis, Harry Loftus, Tom MacGougan, Denny McVey, George Manning, Derald Nichols, Harold Nollan, Fred O ' Donnell, Jack Prince, Stan Roe, Edward Ronald. Robert Schlicker. Bill Scotton, Dean Stevenson, John Thoreson, Don Tobias, Bob bite, Huston W ood, Dave Wolfstone, Don Wright, Howard Pledcks: Austin, Jim Callaghan, Jim Connell, Bob Correa, Ray Fagan, Dick Goldfarb, Al Gorder. Bob Hahn, Fritz Jones, Bill Jorgenson, Roy Judd, Pete Karrow, Curt Kraft. Ken Kuniasaka, Roland Latta, Dave Leach. Jack Marckworlh, Carl Mossafer, AI O ' Donnell, Terry Peterson, Jack Quinlivan. Mike Renshaw. By Riswold. Paul Saflev, Dick Seldon, Ted Stewart, Ed Story, Bob Thompson, Li Tuohy, Pete M A L A M U T E S Nut Pictured: Pi.kiicks; Actives: Holland, Kay Beall. Gildon Kelly, Sam Blair, Earl Peterson. Bill Clarke, Stuart Shapiro, How ie 309 R A L L Y C O M M I T T E E Wumkn ' s H i.i. (Com- mittee was organized in 1920. The purposes of llie {iroiij) are to up- hold the traditions of Washington, create stronger intercollegiate friendship for the Uni- versity and to assist A.SU X and Malamutes in foiitrihuling to bet- ter college spirit. TT RALLY .V( ( l ' i lured: liaird. loan Hurlliiit, Owen .Sic!;ly. Jerry Scotl, Mary l.jiit;iT. Hfltii I ' rcsitlrnl Aiulerson. Sliirlrx Anderson, Geralilim Hro«n. Artis Hriiik. Bertha HriM ' k. Irmy Cleveland, Marv J : (-lawson, Mary Ann Forster, Joan (iolden, Dolores Hail, Alice Johnson, Aileen Icihnson, l hirh ' v Miller, Lois McNerlhney, V Kaniaker, Nancv Sihreuder, (iarol .Sliultz, Nancy Sniilh, Raniona S|iring, Sally Workosky.JoAn Wolfe, Virginia Husky Highlights Ernest Norlinj;, thi master painter. HUB main loun|;e Evergreen Room " Will the meeting pu- 1-e-a-s-e come to order? " Recreational Council A ' i)( I ' iitured: Caley, Virginia. Rijlcry Gall, Jean, Badminton Gerke, Marilyn, Ski Meets Hughes, Jean, Basketball Lloyd. Olive, Promenaders Slierwodd. Anne. Suim Me The Women ' s Recreation Council, the govern- ing body for women ' s sports on the cam])us, is composed of presidents of each club and man- agers of each tournament. Miss Dorothy Mac- Lean is the faculty advisor of this group which stresses interest in recreational activities and en- courages good fellowship. ' ' W " Club Women ' s " W " Club members earn this honor by having ju- nior standing, a grade point of 2.2 or higher, six quarters of participation in at least five sports, and niembershi|) in one club. w o M E N S S ■■W CI.LIB MEMBERS: Mania Boyle. Margaret .Stantmi, Eilitli Salo, Anita Bii li ' V. prrsi.lent: Katie Grilfin, Ellen Rowley. a(l i?-or: Shirley Kanimeyer, Lorraine Flower, Emma Jcllelierg. Uoris BurUe, Marilyn Nordale. Dorothy Aim. Not pictured : Virginia Caley, Olive Dickson, Bonnie Maines, Delores Weeks, Jean Dall. 311 H0(;KP:V CLI H: Slaruling- Bea Harrison. Clad}- Hrmir. Km in. BHty Strand. |)rjrutli Marie Lar- sen. Anne .Shuler, Shirley Kammeyer, . Iarcia Boyle, .Marie Bakke. Dorothy .Mm: kitfeiing — Nancilou I.ain . .Margue- rite (London. Shirley .Nelson. Eleanor Ludeman. Evelyne Neely. Jeanne Lelli. . rlene Belisle. Mai ' Jane Fitzpatrick. Delores Thompson, ' ay Jeanne Fink. TKNMS ( 1,1 H: 1 1 r,,i, KmiI. II..u.II. ( l,arl.,ll.- H..,-, 1,,IU I ' olilm.iri. l, M n Kn.|.l. ( harlolt.- Small. Helen Burhc-n. Joy.,- llard , Willie Mai- Ih-ariii ; 2ml n.u Wyr ILumm. Kli-anor l.iuK-man. Martha l.iu-.haiu-r. Alhewa Franks, Corrine I ' owrll, Anfjie ( arras, Jo Anne Tallman. Betty Strand, Mary Si-hollmeyer, Janel l!rau(ord: 3rJ ruw — Randy Harris, Barbara Whitehead, Nancy Laing, .Mary Grimm, Jo Kraiis, Namy Spafford, Fackie Rocers. Dorothy Sewers. KI.K CI.UB; Front — Mereedes Cox, Charlotte Spoils, Marjorie ins; n(A- Marie .Serka, Marnarel Forsylhe, .Sgl. Slrnjney, visor. 312 Clubs BADMINTON Cl.UB: hi roic — Ruth Howe, Nancy Lpnuin. .lanel Crawford. Jacky Kalilifor.l, Janetti " Thompson. Margaret Fahay. Ronnie Jean Stilts: 2nil row — Billie Manring, .Marjoric Olier- kotter. Hazel Goodwin. Shirley Lou Rohson. Loretta Stihre. Joyce Hardy, Alyce Hauser, Daisy HalKar: huik row — Edith Salo. Klaine Carman, Marie Bakke, Frances Sharp, Nanci Saing, Jean Dodds. Eleanor l.ndiman. Elp(ia Hereini. Shirley Nelson. 313 1949 Garhart Trophy Winners l. ST VEAK (iarnma Phi Hfla |)roved their athletic skills hy accumulatiiii; the most pninls in the intramural fiames. The s|i;)r!s includetl in this ciim| eti- tion play arc vollcyliali. Imskel- liall. badminton, swimmin-;. ski- ing, and softliall. All women s orpani ed houses participate in striving for this honor of winning the (Garhart Trophv. (; 1!H ART TROPHY WINNKRS OK lyiK-W: Sc„t,;l P, --y Ma.f. Rarhara Klemin;;. Alice Howe, Ronnie Maines. Solveij; Ivarsson. Dorothy Shiel. Helen Miirro«. irfiinia Kinfi; stiiniling — Pally Proetor, Phyllis Bianoe. Janet Bothwell. Janire Hartley. Katie Griffin. Betle Bailraun, Mary .Xnn Cilausson. IN T R A M U R A L S Railrauii. katie ( ' •ritii xeMea.l. Diana Ml-ko- Ol.l K ' l U l I : Inml n.u IN- v la. e, Rett Ni. ii.ia Knv-. t,H.L ,„» .lii.K I ' i.kar.l. I.i . I nlMM); Ivarsson, Ann Gales. This year ' s vollcYliall winners are Synadelphir. who ilefealed ( ' anin I ' lii R. ' la ' for the hani| ion-.hi|.. Delta eta look third plaee. SWIM MEET WINNERS: Aria Tan Alpha an.l Gamma Phi Rcia tied for first |ilaie in intrujiiiiral swimming. Front rouJ- Frnnky Mil- liKan and Junet Hall, Zela Tan Alpha; iiiidillr row- Jiiily Prililiard, (Jamniu Phi Riia: Vernadeen llnrnilli-. Ruth Von (ioertz and l.inda Wirk. eta Tail Alpha; hiiih rou Janire Hartley, Gamma Phi It.-ta; Carlyn l)aiit;hlers, .eta Tau Alpha: Pecpy Maee, (Jainnia Phi Rela. Vh« iiictiiri ' d Katie (.riffin, Viruinia Kinn and Joanne Naden, (Jumma Phi Rela; Mitzie Nissen, Theoda Gjelslcen, Lois Rnndell and Ella Grare lie, lue. ..-ta Tan M|.lm. .-{I I 4f m The winner of the women ' s intramural ski meet was Delta Gamma, second place went to Kappa Kappa Gamma. The races took place at Snoqualmie Pass. Mary Maxwell had the hest time for all the girls who participated. Standing — Mary McFadden, Patti Rouse and Mary McCabe, Delta Gamme; kneeling — Georgette Lockhart, Mary Maxwell and Harriet Anthony, Kappa Kappa Gamma. Intramural Win ners ' , " ---sw7:?. ' -- ' - " on ' " ? " »■ ■ ' • ' .»,„; ' ' - - viri ni ' L : " ' " - -- o ;;. -; ' His,; The w ER of the liaskethall tournament for the 1949-50 season was .Synadcl- phic who defeated Gamma Phi Beta. The score was 25 to 13. First row — Mar- genia Alvord, Marie Larsne, Virginia Caley; second row — Phyllis Young, Helen Bucher, Arlene Belisle, Olive Lloyd. 315 re bests In addition to an iiil ' oniial rccilal early in llit- fall. Orchesis. iiioiifin dance fjrou|). prcseiiled as this year ' s |)rodiiction. " ■Sahdji. " it was the story of the favorite wife of the chief who fell in love with the next heir to the throne. According to tribal custom the favorite wife must kill herself when the chief dies. Sahdjis struggle was between her loy- alty to the death vow and her desire to live for .Mrabo. the new chieftain. (iirls must turn out in a Modern Dance class during the fall quarter and perform in the dance |)roductioti before they can be considered for Or- chesis membership. Kay Flicker is tliis year ' s presi- dciil. The gioup is liirecled bv Mary Aid De Vries. 7 ' -. • ' " ' i;,. " " A , Promenaders ritllMIN |l|:HS: lirst r.-ir Mill Ciavnr. Miirjorir ll;ili, l,,v ll.Un. |{..y Nyl«ii I.T, I ' al K..i..rls. i.. Willi I iiilis. Ilii tar(l Wiililt ' ii: srniml ntu ( ' .onion Triirii-, ilrl - l ' aa o. Si. waul .S«cii i n. la iii. ' Ti. rlli.-n. I ol.Miian I . ' (illi . limy .Strinlinil. Krnnilli Klxriianl. hoiiilliv I ' liiiii; thiiil r,iw .loliii Carlson. i ian an, .11. San, hi Vppl,-. Mania H. l.-. ()«.-n Hn-an. Hill l.illlr. lolin laiilx-i. Clrnn Kakn. { ' n-.l (ll-rn: Iniiilh r,ii( Cliailiiltr Hiookr. Kalliiyn riiininins. hirjorir Caiiiiian. Mar): () ' .Sii!|i aii. Maiv l.vcin, lt.ul,ara n,l. ' is„M. 310 ■ »«»■ , ► i SILViCR FISH MEMBERS: B« A- row— Con int- ( ' ,,u,-il. HMu- Mam m;;. Hrii Aiannri , (,an.i i liinii. I ' c,i:i:y l.auinn. i .uing. joann.- CoUh. Charmalee Chrome. Anne Trenliolm, ( arlyn Daughters, Jean MacDonald, Ann Osten, Ina Salmon: middle row — Miss Phyllis Jones, Judy Pritcharil, Janice Hartley, Janice Jacobsen, Ann Morris, Cuffy McNamee, Claire Thompson, Joanne Torney. Joan Neisen, Lael Ellis. Ann Hume. Mike McHriilc: fniril niw — Marg Kristoferson, Lila Phillips, Mary Grimm, Ann Eraser. Kiki Roherts. Mae Louise flarlson. Boliliie Steele. Katie Griffin. Lillian Ho|pc. Bessie lonson, Elinor Christman. Peggy Mace. Silver Fishes — Silver Fishes is an outstandinj; iironp of to)) swimmers picked for their swimming and diving techniques. They work together to improve their form .skills and rhythm in coordinated group swimming. Each spring a water pageant displays the swimming formations and individ- ual performances of the group. Officers are Lila Phillips, [jresident; Lillian Ho vice-president: Cuffy McNamee, secretary-treasurer. The advisor is Miss Phvllis Jones. ' ' " ' 317 At righl. members of the 1949 Washington crews in one of thf final tnrnniits hrfore movin ; into the new shellhouse. 777 New.,. I ' ljKirk. till- liill liiiil.l.-i. |.ri-|iati his ni-H i-onsliiictiiin sluip in the Cuniljcar Shellhoiise. For thk i ' ikst timk the oarsmt-n of W ajhiiifrtoii now occupy a ImlKl- iiig desifined and liuilt for them. This 8: 25.000 s truclure — named after tlic Icfiendary Hiram Conibear — is equal to any shellhouse in the country. The upper deck of this two-story buildinu; contains a hundred- foot-lon r dininft and social room, finished in birch paneling on three sides. The fourth side is of glass that leads to a tiled terrace over- looking the lake. The dining room is served from a modern kitchen llial boasts steam tables, cooking and refrigeration facilities. The large coaches ' office is ad antageouslv located to su| ervise activities. Behind this are located the study room and (leorge Po- cock " s shell-building shops. Downstairs are the crews modern tile-finished loeker. drying, and shower room facilities. The shell racks allow storage space for 42 eight-oared shells. In every way it is a great building for Washington ' s great crews. Below, crewmen inspect their new hcllli iii-c 3IH 1949 Crew Season The Huskies started their 1949 season in October, took two months vacation during the coldness of December and January, and resumed daily turnouts from February until they left for Wisconsin and Foughkeepsie in June. The A.S.U.W. Sliellhouse was being used for the last time by the crew, while oarsmen Ed Hearing. Gordie Giovanelli. Rob Will. Charlie Brown and Don Rreitenberg were rowing their last year lor Washington. The Conibear Shellhouse was occu- pied for the " 50 season, but fall turnouts had to be forfeited because the launching docks were not built in time. Besides the new shellhouse. other new crew equipment included two new Pocock-built shells, the " Tyee " and the " Totem " for the varsity and frosh crews. The first race of the season showed the class of ' 50 as juniors winning their third Seattle Times class-day race. The next race was against Califor- nia. After the Huskies led the Bears over the Sew- ard Park course by a safe margin, the Husky boat faulted by a misstroke. and California won by one quarter of a length. After a clean sweep at Madison, Al Morgan was thrown in for the sixteenth time since he started taking free rides as coxswain with the Husky crews. Ill the com|3etition at Poughkeepsie, Washington The coaches jur the 1949 W ashinglon crews — Gus Erirksoii, Inisli: Al Ulbriokson, varsity; Stan Pooock, lightweights. came away with every trophy except the arsity challenge cup. Cal won this, and Washington was second in a race of twelve college crews. When the ' 49 season was over, and the inanagers had docked the launches " Connie " and " A.O.B. " for the last time, Cus Erickson left for his new job as varsity coach at Syracuse. Stan Pocock took over frosh coaching, and Don Landon assumed his posi- tion as lightweight coach for the ' 50 seaso:i. Another season had passed and once again, Washington crews had turned in a fine perform- ance for a vear ' s competition. Varsity by 1 4 length by l o length by 1 4 length second Junior Varsity liv 11., lengths bv 7 le by 3 lengths . . . and the old Varsity Boat Club Located near the ])resent Showboat, the Varsity Boat Club was built for the Alaska-Yukon Exposi- tion of 1909. During that same year, it was con- verted to house the ashington crews. A.S.U.W. Shellhouse The building at the right was designed as a sea- plane hanger for the first World War. It has served as the home of Washington crews since its occupa- tion in 1918. 319 I lie 1949 Washington crews in action on Lake Washington Norm Buviik. No. 5 1949 Crew ( plain 320 At li-lt i- llw .lass., lay ran- ( s|,,,iis„ir,l In llic- Sraltir Tinifsl .-liiiwliij; llie junior linal alii-ail iii ' ar llir (inisli of the 2000 nirtPi race. Tlic juiiims lia.l «on tliis ra,-.- as freshmen and as sophoiniMi-s. M Morgan, coxswain for the ictorioiis juniors, ets hmke.l. nacli and oarsmen disru s the day ' s turnout. liiicl Inlinson. No. 1 Morjian. Cnx 1 iirsily Leilvrs : John Aiiilclt Kojicr Bainl Doll Breilf nherj: Harold BroiMi Norm Buviik (iordv (iiovaiu ' lli Ton Griffin E.i Hearinfj; K nl Johnson Bill Joost Don Landon Wilhur Lowe Charlie MrCarthv ( harlie M. ( artli ' I.ctler W itiners Al Iorcan Doii I ' lilnani Ken alters Warren Westhind Boh Will Roh oun): J. V. Letters: Gene Anderson Ken Rrnekman (Charles Brown Boh Klet.her Husky Crews The Varsily Norm Crew: Al Bin irk. Br Moriiaii. (Ji b Will. Boh iriie McCarlhv. Rod Jnlinson. Don l.aii.lo Young, John Audetl and K.,1 Hrarinc. Thr . . I , ( ,ru : Mnikr In li.,u Hhm.-i ll.lini, Wdl.NI l,,,u,-. K.I. .,ll.-|-, (.,,1,!..,, (.,,,»,,,,, Ill, U I ' litiium. Don Bni ' I iiImm . Wurrrn e llNnd, Hal mu . vvilli rovsuaiii Inn (.iiiliii. I ' ii likef|»8ie Uc alta ' I ' l-opliy ■JMi; I ' oi (iiiKKKi ' .sii; Im i.iu 111 I ii.i Ti: UlcvTTv ' rKoi ' llv was (iii;;iiiuU ' (l in I ' M? liy Lucky IMult iintl (l(iiii|iaiiy, ami is awurtled to tlu- school acciiMiuiatiii;; liu- highest iiiinilicr of points in the ai- sity. J. ' . and frosli races. avv won tlic tropliv in I ' ) 17. In l ' )l!! llic Huskies won h a clean swcc)!. and ill I ' M ' ) tlir did it a ain with two liisls uiid IX second. 322 mm{ The Wasliinjiton-Califoriiia varsity race o er the heaiitiful Seward Park course, with California winning the race iin-ni ,iii led all the way hy the Husky crew. The Wi-stern |)ickle hoal. »ith Husky alternates Oueii Miller, N... T. Euf;ene Anderson. No. 6: Ken Brocknian. No. 7: .Stroke l,i ri Flodi and (!o suain Warren Bean. ■yft ||. - ' S i C- - " i The Kennedy Challenge Trophy — The .1. . Pou hkeepsie visitor ' s cup. The arsil ecu Ural- W i-ciiMr, Ia li.ill ., Im-ili al l,hhs,„i. W iscon.sin 323 1 9 4 9 The Frosh Krmaiii UiilH-alen The 1949 Fkosh were large: six Ixialloads of men 6 feel 2 inches or over could be boated. L nder the guidance of Gus F.rickson. the yearlings shaped up very well, and met their first test against the Cali- fornia frosh. Stroked by Anderson, they won by a length and a quarter. The second frosh victory was by the second boat over the LJ. Vi . lightweights and the Vancouver Boat Chill. H. Clark. D. Foote. B. Hastings. G. Knapp. W . Knight. P. Maloney. and X ' . Bean earned their numerals in this race. On the tri|) Fast, the frosh beat Wisconsin by 21., lengths. Then came the big race at Poughkeep- sie. and once again the Husky pups lead the way. a length and a half ahead of the clo.sest shell at the finish. .At the end of the 1949 season Gus Erickson accepted the varsity coaching job at Syracuse. .Stan Pocock is now coaching the Vt ashington Ircslunaii oarsnu-n at the new shellhouse. The Frosh Oew: Charlie .Anderson, stroke: John llf l her, o. 7: Al Ulhrickson. .jr.. No. 6: Diik Jordan. No. S: Warren Hel-er- on. No. 4: Ciu-I No. ;C Ceorfze WaUs. No. 2: llo«anl The Ste«aicls " (up lor the l ' .Mij;hki-i-|wic iilor... Itov. ' t:rN .liinked alln the lio.h «irH ihi ' California larc. The ' )V) lro h .ir« |,i.|.ai. loi InrnnnI al l ' ont!hkei ' |isir. 324 Th. l.i htufii;ln Varsity Clew: Dinvain McBride, l,o« : i;,l ((l ,,n. P,.,!, n ,.u. Jim Art, Jack Russ, John Tlierrian, Tom Naden, Bob Wiihman. stinkc: ami i(i Karl Jenner. Another Successful Season The lightweight varsity of the University of Washington enjoyed another undefeated season in 1949 against outside college competition. The vic- tories included double wins over Oregon State, and a win over the LIniversity of British Columbia. In triangular races with the lightweights and the frosh of Washington meeting with outside competi- tion, the races narrowed to a battle between the two Husky crews, with the frosh winning by a narrow margin. In the ainuial lightweight interclass race over the 2()()0-meter course, the so])homores, stroked by Jim Beardsley. won by a scant length over the seniors, with the juniors a close third. The Washington lightweight four captured the inlernational four-oared championship at Kelowna. Canada, during the summer quarter. In doing so, the crew set a new record for the one-mile course on Lake Okanogan, covering the distance in 5:38 seconds. The 1949 season was the final season for Stan Pocock as lightweight coach, as he has assumed the leadership of the frosh. Former varsity oarsman Don Landon is the new lightweight mentor. The following men earned their lightweight let- ters during the 1949 season: Jim Art. Earl Jenner. Robert Lee, Kuwain McBride. Tom Naden. Ed Olson. Bob Olsen. Santo Riva. Jack Russ. John Therrien and Bob Wichman. 1 hf sictnrious lour-oared ' Tew wliicli retained the Fiillertnn Per|ietiial I ' ropliy at Kelowna, Canada: Bud MeGinnis. stroke: Tom Naden. No. . ' 5: Fred .Manrer. No. 2: Duwain MeBride, Ijow. L I G H T W E I G H T w- homi ' from the Fhiatiri.i; Hrid-e Junior Manaccrs: Mar Smith and rtnl. Mv.-r B ■m Not Pitlurcd: Joel Tor.tliakir H m Siiplidtiion- . lana;:ers: silting — Hull O ' Conri.r and Jim Stirret: slan.lin;:. I.onis Koebke and Bill Iloulahan. m 1 Krosli Manai;ers: Jacii Rigsliy, Clnirk Pasio. Dean Kallander, Jim Kncland and Nels l.indh. |] J ' ) ' J S.-nio Howie 1 r Manap-r iidwips l )5n Sr. Krosh Manajit-r John Mucklestonf msn Sr. Varsilv 11 Nat.h Manager ;J2 . Baseball 1949 327 Huskies Win Six Gaines on the Diamond LlKK MANY Other " 49 Husky teams, the varsity diamuiid squad was high in crowd appeal but low in standing. .Although Coarh Art McLarney ' s afigrepation came out on top of five contests in which they piled up runs into the double figures, they only scored one other win during the season to find themselves one step above the cellar in orlhern Division cham- pionship play, which was topjjed by veteran Ruck Hailey ' s Washington State (iougars. The loss of catcher-first baseman Sam White and third-sacker Andv Opacich to the pro-semipro ranks hit the Huskies hard, but the youngest squad ever fielded seemed to indicate an upward trend in Purjile and (»ol(l baseball stock, ewcomer Rill Andring pounded the |)ellel for a .4.S.S average, which was good enough for third |)lace in the league. Big Rill also showed plenty of speed in stealing 11 bases to lop the circuit in that department. (Icnterfielder K (ihorlton showed great promise in his .second year of collegiate ball, but be gave McLarney more worries at the end of the .season whe!i be donned |)ro spangles to join White in the play-for-pay game. f- ' roni an initial turnout of t ' orty-six hopeful aspirants, the Macmen were moulded into fifteen letlerw inners. who were ca|)tained bv junior twirler Hal Arnason. Inspirational award recipient was second-.sacker Hob Tate, who led the league in triples. An 1919 BASKHAI.I. SCOHKS Washington 2 W.S.C. ... 9 .T 8 Washington 24 Idaho .... 4 11 i: IM 4 .T 8 Washington 19 Oregon ... 1 1 6 12 .S Washington 7 O.S.C 17 « 18 3 7 6 5 328 ■ sfPp. Bill Andiing Hal Arnason Bill Briggs K Chorlton Jack Englert Hiromu Heyamoto Gerald Kimnierle John Lewis Lawrence McCartney Bob Moen Max Soriano Bol) Stephens Gordon Swanson Boh Tate Louis Tucker 1949 FROSH BASEBALL TP;AM: lm,k rou — Ray Renz, Dwayne Good. Doug Feck. Larry Herns. Koss W Holnian. Boh Bell anil Boli Lajala: middle row— Jim Rothnie, Buz Thorenson. Rav Lee. Gene Grant. Dale Don Stenqnist: Irani oh— Don l undherg, Jim Morrison. Max Zoretic, Chuck Magnuson. Larry Canaan Jellv Anderson. orley. John Farley and and l oach 329 Golf 1949 Jim Uillc.r K.a |)i;M " M (; -,■ Holland Hill Jeff.Msnn. Cmrh 1M)I MHI I. Mvniii.s Washiiifildii Id Wasliinj;li.M 21)1., W ' usliiii ildM 12 Vasliin};li)ii I«l._. O.S.C 2 " Idaho (.ij W.S.C 15 Oregon Hi., NOKTIIKKN l)IV W.S.C. . Washington O.S.C. . . Orcfion Idulio . . Montana . ISION MKKT .S72 .S7.S ,SH1 .S91 III 1 330 Washington golfers win three out of four Beginning the season in the middle of April, againsi O.S.C. on the U.W . lair- ways, the uskies trounced the lieavers by a satisfactory marign. Traveling to Moscow. Idaho, the Huskies had little trouble subduing the Vandals. r5ut. remaining in enemy territory, the Huskies were understroked by a strong W.S.C. squad. Returning home. Washington met and defeated the Oregon Webfoots, to complete their regular matches. In the 1949, 36-hole orthern Division meet, ' ashington placed second to W.S.C, followed in order by O.S.C. Oregon, Idaho and Montana. Mallory joined with Yost to .set a new course record of 65 on the Idaho links, and Draper set a new record on the nine-hole course, coming in with M on the first nine. After completing Northern Division play. Mallory and Draper went on to play in the N.C.A.A. tournament. Tom Barwick John Rawlings Manager: Stuart Clarke 1949 Krosl. (lolf ' IVain: -,;rA r„w- Kn in Furukauj Jark (TDonnell; Iroiil niM— Darrcl Wajil. .laik Nc Huh [.(.re-m f ill.-, .lolin Kil l)a p Barclay and and Ernie Tullis. 331 Tennis 1949 Hir li Preston Bill Reid Fred Fisher 5 8 f Hcplliiin Iall(lill ;: .laik l.owc, Joliii 0|i|icrniuii, Jim Kiilrv. Kill Fred Fisher .tiid Jim Hrink; from row; lliitih I ' res Inn, IoikIi Windy l.iin lie. Wiilly llosii.k and ' all Caxanaunh. SS2 Husky netmen tops aga in ,Iai.-k Oppeimai: Thl Washijngton ' Tennis Team, defendina champions for over ten years in the Northwest, were the team to beat during the 1949 season. But they proved that it couldn ' t be done. The talent-loaded Husky netmen opened the season in Oregon, with matches in Eugene and Corvallis on successive days. Neither the Oregon Ducks nor the O.S.C. Beavers were able to win a match from the ashington team. Returning home, the Husky team proved their strength by defeating both Idaho and W.S.C., turning in a perfect score for the entire season. At Corvallis, for the Northern Division meet. Washington again came out on top, despite torrential rains which sent the squads to shelter before the finals had been played. In post-season tournaments, members of the squad handled themselves well also. Brink and Lowe both reached the third round of the N.C.A.A. singles tourney, and together gained the N.C.A.A. doubles championship. Fred Fisher won the Portland city men ' s tennis cham|)ionship. and Jim Brink reached the quarter finals in national competition, where he was defeated by Pancho Gonzales, first- rankins U. S. amateur netman. 1949 Fiosh Tennis Team: back row— Bill SchoUe, Archie Mc- Lean, Dick Widrig, George Huff, and fiosh manager Jim Mandley: front row — John Lee. Derwyn Cliristensen, John Slade and Louit Wick. Jack Lowe Wally Bo.xtick Manager: Jim Paley 333 Track 1949 Cmcll lirr K.lllMllnKnr. , MrtlU ' t " ' ' " ; ,,„„t l " » 334 rrinsn. " .n " " " " bw «■ ' " Desimtk the fact ihat the 1949 track tt-ani ditlirt quite measure u| to hopes, there were a number of high jjoiiits in individual victories. On April 16th the Huskies travelled to Corvallis, Oregon, where they were edged hy a strong Beaver team. 66-55. The highlight of this meet came when Jack Hensey won the half- mile event in the good time of 1 minute 54.3 seconds. Two weeks later, the Washington cindermen rolled over Idaho. 86-45. Phil Brewer was in top shape as he won the lOO-yard dash in the excellent time of 9.8 seconds. Jack Burke showed his heels to the Vandal hurdlers when he toured the 12()-yard high hurdles in 14.7 seconds. Conrad Matland established him- self as an 88(1 threat by winning the event in 1:57.5. Don Bartholomey won the broad jump with a leap of 22 feet. H-i inches. In their first home meet. Washington lost to Oregon. 70-61: the Ducks showed strong possibilities for the Northern Division championship. Late in May the WSC Cougars invaded the Husky stadium to trounce the Washington trackmen. 72-52. However, several Huskies turned in excellent performances. Jack Burney won the 440 in 49.2: Andy Tuson cleared the high jump bar at 6 feet. 4 ' 4 inches: Doug Robinson threw the javelin 184 feet, 8■Y inches: Charles Brigham pole vaulted 13 feet, and the Husky mile relay quartet squeezed out a victory over the Staters in a thrilling climax with a time of 3 minutes. 24.7 seconds. In the Northern Division meet, held in Seattle, Bill Steed won the two-mile race in the amazing time of 9 minutes. 32.3 seconds, and Cajjtain Andy Tuson tied for first place in the high jump. WSC won the meet. The highlight of the season came with the holding of the Pacific Coast Conference meet at the UW Stadium. A crowd of 12.000 sat beneath sunny skies to watch such Olympic cham- pions as Mel Patton and Craig Dixon help the California schools walk away with the lion ' s share of the laurels. ■t ll t ■nK ' i-r ' ' " Bud Bond Phil Breucr 335 MiG J BiU Ol on Don Larberg VARSITY LETTER WINNERS George Abbey Don Bartholmey Phil Brewer Charles Brigham Diek Brown Jack Burke Jack Biirney John Donaldson Donn Harrison Jack Hayes Jack Hensey Bob Hurd Rockne Johnson Don Larberg Conrad Matland Paul McConkey Ronald McRae Bill Olson Herb Reinelt Doug Robinson Bill Steed Andy Tuson Trevor Wilkinson T,ev Wilkinson Frosli Coach Percy Egtvet r fsX S VH ' t l-KDSIl ri; (J lEAM: back row— Bob Sherry, Dave Baker, Hugh Ainslie, Dick Loudon, Pete Steward. Fred Busb, Eail Leslcv, Leo Carlson, Graham Millar, Bob Short and Gordon Krekow; front row — Chuck Cardinell, Doug Hagans, Jim Carton, Craig Weisman, Glen VanLaningham, Dick Neal, Jim McCarron and Neal Bock. EROSH LETTER WINNERS Hugh Ainslie Dave Baker Neal Bo ' k Fred Bush Leo Carlson Frank Guisncss James Garton William Hagans Walt H,.gl.- Tcdllolzkiicht Gordon Krckou Earl Lesley Dick Loudon Bill Lindell Jim .McCarron Kenneth Morgan Dick Neal Bill Bob Sherrv Bob Short Peter Steward Paul Swedin Andrew Taggart Glen VanLaningham Craig Weisman 337 HOWIE ODELL; I he quiet, affable headman has won the hearts of Washinfiton fans and players with his wide open style of football. Football Beset BV SCHEDI i.e difficulties. injurie . and inex- perience, the ashington Huskies completed one of their most interesting seasons last fall. Meeting the Hocky Mountain Champion Utah Redskins in the opener, the Odell men then went ten successive Satur- days without rest. Included on the slate were Notre Dame. Mituiesota and California jilus the remainder of the major coast conference squads. In spite of their record of three wins and seven defeats, the purple and golds set an all-time attend- ance record for home games. herever they played, the Huskies were always good copy, in defeat or victory. A slam bang scoring |)unch and a wide open passing attack made the 1949 varsity edition a con- stant crowd pleaser. Among the high points of the season was a brilliant 28-27 victory over the highly rated Oregon Ducks. Paced by the deadly passing arm of sophomore quar- terback Don Heinrich. the ' ashingtonians nudged the V( ebfoots in a stirring contest at Portland. Another victory, but of the moral type, was the 27-7 defeat administered by the Fighting Irish of Notre Dame. Scoring midway in the first period, the Huskies led llic National Cham|)ions until Leon Hart scored the lying louclidoun late in the second quarter. The sec- ond half found the purple and gold bouiim under the superior reserve strength of the visitors. However, a few breaks would have given the Huskies at least one more score. The sweetest victory for the Odellmen was their 31-21 conquest of the ' ashington State Cougars. With Kirkby and McElhennv recovered from early season injuries, the Husky offense clicked like clockwork. The closeness of the score was not iiulicali e of the character of the game. It was the Huskies all the way. Four members of the sauad were signally honored at the season ' s end. Joe Cloidt. junior end. received the coveted Flaherty Inspirational Award. Chuck Ol- son, senior winsiman. was voted the Honorary Cap- taincy for 1950. The two co-captains selected for next fall ' s campaian were Joe Cloidt and Mike Michael. The other Husky receiving recognition was George Haver, senior tackle, chosen to represent the West in the Shrine Kast-Vi est game in San Francisco. Senior Munat er John (iilison: Hard workin):. direct, John ably manaiied the 1949 Husky siridders. MAN (;ehs; r,,!, Irr: b .llnMi II..;:r: ;$;{}{ 1949 Click Clark — Official trainer for a University sports. " ' g ' u hi. ' ' iff .. rilK I (1 ( llf : n.ii, Flr.nini:. I.a.klr.l.l ,,k„Ii: 1;. KmmI. I Red liadgio. ciul coarh: and .lohiiiiN ( lierl., M. II. IImUI, M,| rshinaii .(pari,. 339 Huskies Nip Utes 14-7 MAC OFF TO THE RAC;ES: Hiirri.ane llii}. ' li MrEllunny off on one ot his many loni; runs ai;ainst tlir Ulali Redskins. I W U Yards Gained Hushinc; 202 80 Yards Lost Husliing 17 16 Net Yards Rushing 215 64 Passes 14 18 Passes Completed 6 5 Passes Interce])ted 1 2 Net Yards Passing 143 50 Net Yards Hush and Pass .... 388 114 First Downs liushing 13 2 First Downs Passing 1 2 Penalties 11 5 Yards Lost Penahies 80 25 HANK TIKDKMANN: niinnin;: (rum lull- liack. Hank niMcd for sixtv yards ajiainst Ulali. M TxHitEU AS a warm-up game, tlie Utah till proved to be much more than that. A stub- horn crew from Salt Lake City evidently had forgotten to read the pre-game dope sheets. as they fouglil viciously before houing to the Huskies. 14-7. The highlight of the game was Hank Tiede- mann ' s sixty-yard sprint through the L ' te de- fense with but two minutes remaining. Utah kicked lo Tiedernann. and he gatiiered in the ball and went from his own forty lo score. Several key blocks paved the way for this thrilling run. F.arlier in the battle, hard-hit- ting Jack Seth smashed through for the first Husky touchdown to climax an eighty-yard drive. Little Don 0 " Leary was the ashington offensive leader that afternoon. The tiny quar- terback hit his receivers for a total of 118 yards on passes. Seth led the Husky ground gainers with his thrusts off tackle. Old Re- liable Jim Rosenzweig kicked both try-for- |)oiiits. Cloidt. Holzknecht and Michael stood out for the Odellmen on defense. ith the Rocky Mountain Champs disposed of. the Huskies began to prep for their nine- week grind. The next opposition on tap was luiglilv Miniiesola. Dame Fortune limited VI asliington injuries lo minor bruises in tlie opener. BOH SMITH ul the la. M. -I Ill- liiial MIKK Nn( IIAKI.: A viiious lilockt-r and lopfliidil o(fi ' iisi ' c iiitiT, Mikr was tlir lliiskirs steady man. :no Gophers Maul Huskies 48-20 Fdl.l.owiM, THKiu CONQLILST of Utali. llic lluskifs eiiiliuikcd lor MiiinL-u|)()lis to vie with the (Joideii (;o|)her.s of Minnesota. A tni h Mirniesota line, iiovveied liy All- Americans Leo Nomellini and C.layton Tonnemaker made the day a miserable one for Washington rooters. The top thrill of the day was provided by Hugh McKlhenny on the opening kickoff. Mac took the oval on his own four yard line and raced 96 yards through tlie whole (;o|)her team with the aid of some marvelous downfield blocking. Stung by the u|)start Huskies " score, the highly touted easterners swung into action and piled up a HS-? halftime lead. Billy Bye and Dick Gregory led the attack for Min- nesota. Inlercejited passes, a blocked kick, and key fumbles materially aided the Gophers in their touchdown surge. The second half was even, with the duke going to Washington, 14 points to 12. Don O ' Leary passed to Dev Gossett for one touchdown and Jack Seth accounted for the other Husky tally. The Huskies made a game of it all the way throughout the third and fourth quarters, but that fatal second period edge piled up by the Gophers proved too much to overcome. The injury jinx began to work its hex on the pur|)le and gold when Hugh McElhenny was carried off the field with a badly injured ankle. No other serious injuries were sustained, but the loss of McElhenny threw a heavy burden on the green sophomore backs. Olson, Bayer, Coryell, Holzknecht, and Cloidt sparked the Washington defense while OT eary, Seth, Kirkby, and McKlhenny all showed well on offense for the Huskies. Yards Gained Hushing Yards Lost Hushing . . Net Yards Hushing . . Passes Passes Completed . . . Passes Intercepted . . uw 122 27 95 29 l.H 2 M 280 11 269 11 7 2 Net Yards Passing ... Net Yards Pass and Hush First Downs liushing . . First Downs Passing . . Penalties ards Lost Penalties . . , uw 126 6 67 101 :17() 12 7 9 78 Don tloryell: Riigyed, ai fjressive " (lorky " ilemon lineliaiker of tlie ' 49 Huskies Jack Seth: This linec racking ace wa.s heading his greatest year when a fractured collar bone slopped him. Rehn; Another defensive ace, Bruci hangup ball in his final season. jdayed Ilufih McElhenny: The ' " California Ciimct, " slowed hy injuries, came fast at the sea- son ' s end. )ouj; Vickery: Big Doug won his (oiirlli Washington letter at a tackle post. 341 Huskies Hold Irish— 27-7 National Champions, undefeated in 29 slraijilit ■. ' anii-s, ihe inifrhly I ' ifililirif. ' Irit li of Notre Dame rolled into Seattle October 1 to do battle w ith an underdog Washington team. Powered bv All-American Sitko. the green-clad Irish drove deep into Wash- ington territory only to be halted by a stout Husky defense and some timely ])enal- ties. Midway through the first half, the Washington offense began to click under the able generalshij) of Don Heinrich. Vi ith the hall on the Husky forty. Hcinrich faded back and threw a perfect strike to Kollic Kirkliy. Kirkby outraced the otre Dame secondary to give the Huskies a six-jjoint bulge. Jim Hoseiizweig kicked the extra point and Washington went ahead 7-0. The Husky lead held up until three minules before the halftime gun. when gigantic Leon Hart stormed over on an end-around. The second half was all otre Dame, with Gay, Coutre, Sitko, and Hart ambling through the Washington defense. The final count stood at 27-7 in favor of the Irish. There was much solace in the Husky defeat however, for they held one of the greatest of all .Notre Dame teams to a twenty-point edge. Heinrich. Cloidt, Olson, Seth. Kirkby. Baver and nurnett all plavcd brilliant ball for Washingloii. p-RITZ Al ' klNG; llu- lanky California JaycLc IJU.N Ul.E.Mi ' l : in -tali transfer ilid a lot of fanry pass snaring for the ability, little Don proMil tii Odellmcn. coast ' s top passers. I l„n- . ' ol til JOE CLOIDT: great defensive end and a liril- liant pass rereiver, the l)cspectarled wingnian was chosen on many all star teams. t W M) Yards Gained Rushing 85 S21 ards Lost Hushing 68 24 Net Yards Rushing 17 297 i ' asses 15 15 i ' asses Completed 9 9 I ' as.-ics Intercepted ct Yards Passing 1.% 108 Net Yards Pass and Kush .... 15: -WS First Downs Hushing 3 1 ' First Downs Passing J 4 Penalties 1 11 Yards Lost Penalties 20 1: 5 Down (bill ' s .Spaniel I liK I : llayer hunt; iin grimly u CimncII i •■ In to l,i llic nulii r. Iliil knnhl I ( ( and Kchn I.S(i) are harking up the Vi ashinglon delenHe. !S ' o. 38 for Notre Dame is Jim .Martin, .Ml . merican Taikle, 312 Beavers Halt Huskies 7-3 DUNN FROLICS: Kenn Dunn (331 preparf for yardafje against Oregon State, block an eai;er Beaver. Mel Davis, (Ul OuTDOW.NED, OUTGAINED. but not outlucked. a Itand of orange-clad Oregon State Beavers took the measure of the Huskies T-. ' i. The Corvallis eleven never seemed to l e in the ball game except for a brief moment in the fourth quarter when an intercepted pass spelled defeat for Washington, Throughout the first half, the pur] le and gold ground methodically through the Oregonian ' s defense, only to be thwarted within the ten-yard stripes by fumbles and penalties. Clearly, the issue seemed to belong to Washington, The Beavers were listless as they relied on a purely defensive game, Don O ' Leary was the offensive siege gun for the Huskies as he completed fifteen passes for a total of 179 yards; yet the Huskies could not generate a scoring drive. In the third quarter Washington drove deep into OSC territory, and were repulsed once more, with fourth down coming up and an outside chance of a score, Odell sent in Jim Rosenzweig to try a field goal for three points, " Rosey " came through as usual and the Huskies were nursing a three-point lead going into the fourth |)eriod. Early in the final stanza, O ' Leary dropped back to throw and was rushed hard by the burly Beaver line. He got the pass away hurriedly where it was picked up around the Washington forty by an Oregon State lineman. For the first time in the contest, the visitors seemed to come to life. Powered by the passing and running of the heralded Ken Carpenter, they scored several plays later, Mel Davis and Jack Seth turned in top ])erformances on the offensive side for the Huskies, while Cloidt, Gasson, Olson and Rehn earned defensive honors. IVV OSC Yards Gained Ru.shing 221 119 Yards Lost Rushing 29 27 Net Yards Rushing 19,S 92 Passes 26 11 Passes Completed 16 5 Passes Intercepted 3 1 Net Yards Passing 184 58 Net Yards Rush and Pass , , , , .S79 l.SO First Downs Rushing F ' ) 6 First Downs Passing 7 2 Penalties 3 5 Yards Lost Penalties 14 35 KEN DUNN: This stocky little sophomore looms large in next year " s hackfiehl jilans. Operates from the fiillbaek slot. LOKAN PEKRY: Rated as one of the finest JIM PXkSTER: The fastest lineman on the tackle prospects in the nation. Perry was a stellar team, the big senior earned three varsity letters I M ' K performer all fall. at guard and tackle. hu k 343 Indians Scalp Huskies 40-0 KAlil.INC; JOHNSON: Taking over a de- fensive jil) in mid-season, Johnson figures lar-e in OdelCs 1950 plans. OcTOHKR 15 i) WNKi) as a colli, pray day. and i( was even blacker for the Huskies. Huiininp into a red-hot Stanford clul). the jmrple and golds just couldn ' t do anythinfi right, and howed before the (Cardinals. 40-0. The size of the score is not indicative of the general trend of the contest. The first (juarter found Washington plowing up the field for great gobs of yardage as they did the |)revious week against O.S.d.. but that scoring punch was still lacking. The second quarter began to show the general trend of the game when Stanford tallied twice. That injury bugaboo struck twice, with the recently recovered Hugh McElhenny reinjuring his ankle early in the game. The most serious loss was that of Jack Seth. The bone-crushing right half i)roke his collarbone in the second quarter, sidelining him for the remainder of the season. Sophomore Gene Norton abh filled in for llic powerful Seth. but his loss was felt all season long. The voung team rfom Palo Alto passed and ran the exhausted Huskies into the ground in the second half. After four straight weekends of the toughest schedule in the nation, the W ashinglonians were just ])lain worn out. Nothing seemed to click once the Huskies hit the (Jalifornians ' twenty-yard strijies. Oddly enough, they outdowtied the Indians 20-17. but they don " t pay off on first downs. Benson, DeYoung, V( hite. Kerkorian. McColl and Klein scored for Stanford. Klein went over twice, giving him scoring honors for the afternoon. Norton. Gossett, (iloidt and Seth played outstanding ball for Washington. Ouarterbacks Heinricli and () " Leary filled the ozone with passes, completing 16 out i)f 32 attempts. uw s Yards Gained Rushing 205 299 Yards Lost Rushing 25 16 Net Yards Rushing 180 28:-i I ' asses 32 14 Passes Completed 16 8 I ' as-cs Intercepted 3 II .l Passing Ill 106 Net ards Pass and Rush .... 291 389 First Downs Rushing 13 11 First Downs Passing 6 5 Penalties 6 7 Yards Lost Penalties 35.5 55 CHUCK GAS.SON: This hip. good nalured so|)homore did a grand joh at guard for the Huskies. HK ' i i.i;i,(,()i:: i, i;i.iiKNN " and , .Miki- .Mnhuel (fill eonie-. up last sll, ' IN rnldll. ' l.l vvliil. ' :he play. .MKI. DAMS: I h ' Kallard lmnd er uas one ol the Iriikii-sl l)ai ' ks on the varsity. 311 Bears Stop Huskies 21-7 Yards Gained Rushing 176 310 T f ' ' vk. y - -V i Yards Lost Rushing 18 33 i | B»lf ■ Net Yards Rushing 158 277 ' J l , f ' I Sr Passes Completed 10 9 ' ' ' x. Bt ' ' - W- ' ' Passes Intercepted . . 4 !• ' ' fjr, . ' x ' B HCi. .4 j, ' « Net Yards Passing 93 ' mW : Z l ' ' JA Net Yards Rush and Pass 251 117 iJW • ' E ' K j v- ' . First Downs Rushing 4 3lV ' ' jM Bw MSi m First Downs Passing 6 B Ba B i D Af Penalties ' T Jir r BBBC ' Yards Lost Penalties Mp, i9 ' (tKttt itl BlllL- ' ' •Jf ' ' _ • ' • ♦. ROLLIE AND THE THREE BEARS; Rollie Kiikhy runs into a trio of Californi- " Tri. ' - » " »4ii «,- , ans. The southerners are Baldwin (34), Lemmon (89) and Nelson (2). He got |». ►■■ ' • ' V away ior live more yards. JjBr r ' ' ' ' Vjr The often-beaten Huskies embarked for Berkeley to meet the un- nNK - J KS ' beaten California Golden Bears. The Bears entered the fray thirty-point " ' ? B i M favorites but a fighting Husky team refused to concede and went down ▼»-■.» H VVt ' • ■ ' ' hard way. The conference champions were hard pressed to eke out : ' iM B ' ' . ' ' " - a 21-7 win. t B I BL ' ' % ' « T % 7 »• ' ' ' game ended the X ' ashington touchdown drought, as Mel Davis ■ ' ' H| B I M — • • . _ scampered over in the closing minutes of play, and Jim Rosenzweig H H|[ VV T M( converted. The powerful Cal offense, led by Bob Celeri, clicked and fc a KM«|lllllllllllllllllll sputtered its way through a stubborn Washington defense. The Huskies I ' SI B were so of backs that one time the contest there were four 1 I H " playing on defense. Gene Norton, the big sophomore right half, L _ -. - d l filling in for the injured Jack Seth, did a great job of bucking through |H H MH| H Bear H H Cal quarterback Celeri on a show and the ™ factor in the ' ashington defeat. His famed bootleg play proved almost UP AND AT -EM JOE: Joe Cloidt goes high into the air after impossible for the Huskies to stop. Davis, Norton, Kirkby. Gossett and one ol Heinrirn s aerials. Ine two Bears were just along for ' the ride. That ' s Talley (7), Washington end. " Cloidt were the purple and gold stars. This rugged sophomore ran we roni the right half post. JIM O ' BRIEN: Big, aggressive Jim worked his way into a starting defensive tackle herth. DAROLD TAI.I.EY: Another of those golden sophomores, " Dor " is rated as a real comer. 345 Captain Cliiirk Olson: Three ' i-ear Ici Iterriiar 1 anil ironman performer, the big end ' s select ii m as Homecoming: captain was a fitting finale to a brilliant football career. I ' W use Yards (Gained Rushing . . 17: U: Yards Lost Rushinp; .... 18 •?7 ISS 116 25 • T) Passes (ioiiipleted IQ Passes Intercei)ted 1 Net Yards Passing 197 29:; Net Yards Hushing and Passing 3,S2 109 First Downs Rushing . . . 10 10 First Downs Passing . . . :- s Penalties ri ■? Yarrl l.n-l I ' cruillies . . . Id ?0 Trojans Win A I 1CHT1 G Vi ASHINCTON TEAM roused to a fever pilch by the Homecoming s|)irit. gave the Trojans of Southern California a rousing battle before bowing out 40-28. Led by Don Heinrich ' s deadly |)assing. the Huskies stormed back from a three- touchdown deficit to a orie-|ioiiit lead within a quarter. The Trojans scored earlv in the first period, and they picked ujj two more before the bemu ed Huskies came to life. From then on it was a battle royal with the ashingtonians actuallv holding a 2M-27 lead in the fourth period. The heal and the enormous U.S.C. reserve power iipgan to tell toward the end of the game, and the Huskies were defeated. It was one of the highest scoring games in Stadium history, and definitely one of the most exciting Homecoming contests ever staged. It seemed incredible to the forty thousand people present that the hapless purple shirts could fight their way back into the contest, but thev did. on sure drive and heart. Kollicking Kollie Kirkby was on the receiving end of two Heinrich touchdown passes. The slender halfback outraced the Trojan secondary just as he did against Notre Dame. One |)ass was good for 55 yards: the other, for H9 yards. Mel Davis and Heinrich got the other two ashington scores. Moral victories are cheap, but the Huskies won a first rate one with their show of fire against the touted Trojans. The entire Homecoming program was a pleasant, well-planned operation, en- joved ii thousands of returning grads. The thousand-voice chorus was in fine voice for the halftime festi vities, and the card section. (Iloria and the Marching Hand, and the nianket Parade all added to the color of the afternoon. Six for the Huskies: The Trojans look (li tn;i c(l as Mol Davis drives over for a score l.civ I ' ire it np ) .-{ I( Wild One 40-28 J(l|| I ' KKi II aggressise [il i!l he missefl next year. ALL AMERICAN: Washington ' s nwn All American baton tuirler Gloria Elickson made KOLLIK KIKKB : Tills game little speedster half times easy imes. ranked as the Huskies ' learling seorer. 347 Huskies Tar Ducks 28 - 27 No Formal Intmiluctiiins Hrrc: Mel Davis makes a l)rief aciiiiairilanre «itli iv.ral Oregonia i A Q DICK SI ' KINKI.K: lioliliT, this bin senior (lid year. ker ami pinee kirk 1 fine job liis {inal Yards Gained Kusliiiif; . . . . IHl 26. ' i Yards Lost Kusliing 20 . ' 7 Net Yards Husliitif; Ill 226 Passes I fi IS Passes Completed 12 ' ) Passes Intercepted Net Yards Passing 17(» 71 ci Yards F ' ass and Rush . . 2f:i 2»)7 I ' irsI Downs Ifusliing 7 Id I ' irst Downs Passing ' 12 2 F ' cnalties 2 3 Yards Lost Penalties 20 IS Paced by the accurate passing of quar- terback Don Heinrich. the precision place kicking of Jim Koesnzweig. and the brilliant defensive work of ends Ol- son and Cloidt. the Huskies edged the Oregon Ducks. 28-27. Tasting victory after a six-game fam- ine, the X ashinglonians really earned their will. It was the ground attack ver- sus the Husky aerial arm. Heinrich threw fifteen passes and completed twelve. Cloidt and Olson were on the receiving end of many of these throws, but their contributions came in the .sec- ond half, when they almost single- handedly turned back the Oregon run- ning game. The offensive fury of the contest can be tallied by the fact that there was but one punt in the first half. Each team seemed almost defenseless in the first two quarters, but the second half saw a complete reversal of form. The ' ash- ington ends started turning in the Ore- gon runners, and they slopped rambling for that yardage. In turn, the Duck sec- ondary began to check down Heinrich ' s effectiveness. The payoff came on those vital try for points. That old reliable Jim Hosen- zweig produced when the chips were down, and kicked all four try for points, while the Ducks were able to convert after only three of their touchdowns. Heinrich scored two touchdowns on quarterback sneaks: McKlhenny and Norton notched the other two scores. After six fruitless weeks, and after in- numerable heartbreaking injuries, the green Huskies had finally begun to show their real potential. v. ' .l Ic.r III. ' ■ lie (op llu West ill III, kv oHensiM ' Uclans Sweep Huskies 47-26 Down from the North to Los Angeles came the Huskies to battle the UCLA Bruins. Still flushed from their victory over Oregon, the purple and gold eleven ran into a California heat wave, and a red-hot Uclan club. After the smoke had cleared, Washington was on the short end of a 47-26 score. Playing in 90-degree heat the Huskies left their game in Seattle. They tired easily and the Bruin backs, with a big line in the van- guard, poured through Washington all day. The lone bright spot for the Huskies was their ability to score. The standout for Washington that afternoon was Dev Gossett, the made-over end. The black-thatched senior racked up three touchdowns. Hugh McElhenny ripped through the UCLA team for a thirty-odd-yard touchdown jaunt early in the second quarter. Norton, Gossett and McElhenny turned in top performances in the backfield. Foster, Bur- nett, Prechek, Vickery and Michael did well in the line for the Odellmen. UW UCLA Yards Gained Rushing 186 .361 Yards Lost Rushing 6 21 Net Yards Rushing 180 340 Passes 28 17 Passes Completed 16 7 Passes Intercepted 2 1 Net Yards Passing 262 166 Net Yards Pass and Rush 442 506 First Downs Rushing 7 17 First Downs Passing 10 4 Penalties 4 4 Yards Lost Penalties 20 30 DOWN GOES MR. WILKINSO, : A ,m,,„u I. l. ■,„!,■, ,,,.. k- Jnu as Wiley (49 1 and HoyrI (.-i ) come in U unm I. lil; I i;Kk; i tins I.I- -uanl Irll Ills GENE NORTON: Hard running right half, gave Husky offense a much-needed boost in mid-season. TED HOLZKNECHT: One of the smallest guards on the roast will draw regular duty next fall. 349 Huskies Trounce Cougars 34-21 NOVEMBER MLD: Some of the slam liaiif; liiw artion that Icil tn w Husk Bll.l- BIJKNETT: A spiikm-, »- lii lil ra|, Hl ' l) OI.SKN: .i n. llu ll.i.k n( il RUard was one of the steadiisi iiini in lln- Husky at an .ml |mi I. line. 1 W WSC Yards Gained IJiisliin " w; ' , 216 Yards Lost Hushing 1 I ' Nel Yards Hushing • ' «!! " - Passes II 1 Passes (ioniplcU ' d ' ' Passes Intercepted - • ' Nel Yards Passing VA W. Nel Yards I ' ass and Hush Il ' » K " ' Firsl Downs Hushing I ' l ' Firsl Downs I ' assing l 2 Penallies ' 9 Yards Lost I ' .-nallies 50 55 350 W ITH MiTHlNG more al slake than the state championship, the Washington Huskies de- cisively thumped their (Cougar cousins from Pullman. 34-21. The Cougars opened the scoring when a iiigli pass from center got away from Hein- rich on fourth down early in the game. The Huskies stormed right back with Hollie Kirk- by and Hugh McElhenny breaking through the Cougar line for long touchdowns. The Huskies left at halftime with a two-touchdown d. They tallied twice more in the second half uilii the final Vt ashington touchdown coming on a reco ered W SC goal line fumble. Dave Hughes, reserve center, pounced on il. giving the Huskies their final six points. With ten seconds remaining. Fran Polsfoot. Cougar end. grabbed a long aerial and gave the Stat- ers their total of 21 points. In the line Chuck Olson played excellent ball in his final contest for Washington, as did seniors John Prechek. Doug Vickery. George Baver. Bill Burnett. Bob Smith. Jim Foster and Bruce Hehn. Dev Gossett captained the Huskies from his halfback post in his last game for the Huskies. Don Coryell and Dick Sprinkle did yeoman defensive work in their final appearance in purple and gold spangles. Also outstanding were Loran Perry, sopho- more tackle, and Neil Boyd, unsung end starl- ing in jilace if injured Joe Cloidt. It was not a contest of individual stars, but of the X ash- ington team functioning as a deadly, efficient unit. A most pleasant end to a dilficult season. Pups Undefeated, Untied Undefeated, untied and barely scored upon were the 1919 W asluiifilon I ' rosli- ' i ' lic Pups, under the tutelage of Joluuiy Cherhe rg, ran over five opponciils. scoring 206 points while holding the opposition to a mere 26 counters. The yearlings opened against a tough Idaho team. Mitchell, Karley. and Nugent stood out on the offensive side for the I ' ups. Karley and Xubent each scored, with the final Washington tally coming on a blocked punt and recovery by guard Dick Pangello. The highly-touted Olympic Jaycee eleven was the next victim of the With a powerful ground attack, they drove to a 43-0 victory. The Oregon Ducklings paid a visit ot the stadium, and the Pups proved to be poor hosts, as they ground out a 59- IH win. The next week, Cherberg ' s eager young men sallied deep into the Oregon country and came home with an OSC Beaver pelt. ' I ' lic Pu|)s ran roughshod over the Orange rooks to the tune of 48-0. Three of the asliiiiglon touchdowns were called back due to penalties. The junior civil war with the X SC freshmen was strictly no contest, as the Pups took the Cougars into camp 86-6. Once again three Washington touchdowns were called back because of rule infractions. It was a great year for the freshmen, and Washington fans should be hearing from the likes of Mangan. Pangello. and McClarey in the line next year. That hardhitting backfield led by rifle-armed Sam Mitchell, booming 15ill Karley. and elusive Jack Nugent should also garner their share of headlines next fall. COACH JOHNNY I 1IK1!BKK(.: I, game in two seasons, Cherberg ' s charges [lileil u|i 206 points in five games last fall. ' ashington Frosh . . . 20 Washington Frosh . . . 43 ' ashington Frosh . . . 59 ' ashington Frosh . . . 48 ' ashington Frosh . . . 36 1949 FROSH SEASON SCORES Idaho Frosh 7 Olym| ic Junior College .... Oregon Ducklings 13 Oregon State Rooks ashington State Frosh .... 6 Keep Driving Bill: Bill Earley (42 goes (or yanla the Oregon Frosh. Earley was the top frashman groiinil averaging eight yards per try. gainst ainer. 1949 FRO.SH: Back row— Dick Scheyer, Assistant Coach Joe Minitti. I ' hil Gillis. ernon l.inilskog. Boli .loncs. Dong McClary. filyde .Sciler. Lome Yonrkowski. .)im C.enesi. and Trainer Percy Kgtvet : middle row -Dick Kyan, Head Coach .John Cherherg. IVte Bemont. jerry I ' elerson. Dick Spragne. Jim Mangan, Jack Nugent, and Jim Watson: front row— Leo Lokovsek. Dick Pangello, Bol. .Minard, Jim Quinn. Clarence Kohertson. Dick .Sandl.erg, Ph il Sprang, Sam Mitchell, Bob Short, and Joe Tomchik. Not Pictured; Bill Earley, Ken Skelton, Ken Moran, Lloyd Burki, Bud Alldred, and Dick Brozovich. M M I N G I lloppc and Dirk Ncwlon There was none of the usual pre-seasoii cockiness in the 1950 University if " ashinp:ton swimming squad as the ojiening dual meet with Washington State College approached. WSC was loaded, with unquestionably the best team in their history led by All-American By Canning. The Huskies weren ' t to take no for an answer, however, as in upset after upset they rose to the occasion, to defeat the Cougars by the lopsided score of 61-23. The first event saw Miller. Hoppe. and Vi ' illson swim sensational legs of the .-tflO-yard med- ley relay to give Washington a commanding lead which they never relinquished, (lanning won the 220. followed closely by Washington ' s Hob Clayton, but the .SO-yard freestyle was the Torneymeirs meat, with Hruce Cochran and ( ai)tain Bob Regan attacking the finishing line in one-two order, truly the best perform- ance e er turned in by either. Jack Newton won the diving, just edging teammate Hoy Sawhill: an Smith turned in a very good 53.3 in winning the 100-yard freestyle, and Hoi)pe and Dick Newton thoroughly crushed the Cougar ' s spirit as they took first and second in the 200-yard breast stroke. The rest of the season saw the Huskies in easy wins over Idaho. OSC and Oregon: to close with a record of 23 straight dual meet victories, not a loss since 1942. Van Smith set a new record of 1:38.3 in the 150- yard individual medley for the Northern Division, and won this event and the 100-yard freestyle in the (ionfercncc Championships at Pullman. I ' rcd Hoppe became Washington ' s other Northern Division Champ ;is he uori ihc l(lll- ard breast stroke. ll.a.lC.iacli .lark T.irnry I I. ' (I I Divin- Coa. Itoh Ilinklr lri " lll I 352 ' Iliad McArlliur (left) was elecled liy tli ' s(|iuul to receive the annual Varsity Inspirational Award. Tliad tnicly has heen an inspirational standout hejiinnin with his frosh year, his hard work in practice having consistently earned him a hi h spot in the 220 and UO, anil four Ws. ' Captain Bob Regan (right), sprinter and member of the 440-yard relay team, won his second W this year, has one more year of eligibility. THE VARSITY SOUAI): Ba k- row — Bob Buckley (Asst. Cuurh). John Tallman, Chuck Slicld,)n. Frank I ' ieison. an .Smith, ' led Carpenter, Bob Clayton, Stuart Briggs. and .lack Torney (diuch): middle rotv — Olln Enger (Sr. Mariiiftfr). Malcolm Mclnnis. Terry Mullen. Carl Forsell, ' led Wdlson. Dick Newton, Bob Miller, Al Lee and Jack Creedon; front rou ' — Bill Chalk, Roy Sawhill, ' I ' had .McArthur, Jack Newton, Bob Regan (Captain), Fred Hoppe and Bruce Cochran. 353 334 arsi y Se usoii l{( ' -or l WasliiiiiJhiri Stale . Idaho . . . 2. . . . U. Washington 6. ' . Oieiion Slate . . . . . . 21 Vi ' asliin " loii 59 Oieaoii . . . 25 iXorthern Division Meet Washington State .... 100 asiiington 88 Oregon 34 Oregon State 21 Idaho 9 Montana 4 F R E S H M E N Standouts were universal among the members of this squad of the class of ' 53. which is probably the best in Washington ' s history, and which promises to provide many champions for future varsities. The Outstanding Freshman Award was presented to Merrill Hodges. Season St ores Stadium . . . 36 Lincoln . . . 15 Frosh 80 WSC Fresh . 27 Frosh 57 Western Washington . 11 Frosh 64 University of B. C. . . . 15 Frosh 51 Aberdeen and Grays Harbor 24 Frosh 51 Western Washington . U. Frosh 59 Everett . . . 10 Frosh 65 i ' HK FK().SH SyUM): Bark f„i ' — Cciadi .la.k Tornfy, Ian Kinnear. Keith Roys. Tiire Aniler.son. (lluuk Dutoher, Dick Magnuson. Kirk Hull and . ss " t Coarh Bol) Bnikley: fnint row — Ted Thomp- son. Tom Burk. ,laek Torney (Cn-Capl.J, Doug Stewart (C-o-Capt.), .Merrill Hodges. Bob Fouty and Diek Simmons. 355 SKIING Uill Tulbuit (JL ' iiu llrudy KuM Williuina Uol) Uiii|i Again Coach " Buster " Cambell has finished the season with the top team in the Northwest. The skiing Huskies of 1950 started the season by winning the International College meet in Rossland, B. C, for the third time in the last three years. Washington then downed the WSC Cougars in a dual meet at Leavenworth, but were edged out of first place in the Northern Division meet by WSC. The Cougars had been beaten twice in a row by Wash- ington earlier in the season and to prove they could do it again, the Huskies downed WSC and six other colleges in the Northwest Intercollegiate Four-Way Champion- ships at Snoqualmie Pass. The team finished the season by taking third place in the National Intercollegiate Championships at Arapahoe Basin, Colorado, which again rates the U. of W. as one of the top three teams in the nation. Washington will suffer its worst loss in a long time in seniors Gus Raaum, Ross Williams, Bill Talbott, Allen Fischer, and Chuck Welsh, but will see the return of Gene Brady, number 1 cross-country man and top four-man Tom Martin. Up from this year ' s strong Frosh team will be such top men as Gordy Mills, Wayne Max- well. Phil Gillis, and Eric Fonkalsurd who will con- tribute much to a winning team next season. Coarh " Blister " Canii ' licll John Belinkr.SV. Muniigf Hank Isaacson, Manager Gustav Raaum Giinnar Liindc Gordy Mil Jan Kiaer Vm SOl ' AI): Ciarli -Hiisi,.,- ( ,;,iti|.Im-II. Bill TallM.ii. C.r.h lill . K„ss Williams. Gene Brady ICrn Martin. U..I. ( Irndrniii. Iiitcriiatiuiial liilt-rcoll) •:ial - M«fl Ko-i slaml. K. (.. |- ir t u. ' -hiiigtun Second — L BC riiird -- WSC I ' ourlh - - Idaho Fifth — .Montana Slate Dual .Meet U. of V, . vs. WSC First — Washington Second — Vi ' SC IVorlhern Division Meet First — W SC Second — Washington Third — Idaho Fourth — Montana Fifth — OSC 358 Northwest Intercollegiate Ski (Championships First — Washington Second — UBC Third — WSC Fourth — Montana State Fifth — UW ( No. 2 team Sixth — Idaho Seventh — Lewis ( " lark National Intercollegiate Ski (Championships i ' irst — Dartnioutii Second — Denver U. Third — Washington Fourth — Western State ( Colo Fifth — Colorado Sixth — WSC Seventh — Montana State fjghth — Wyoming Ninth — Nevada Tenth — Harvard .Ihorr: Mill Talholl !{,, Williams 359 NOLLK ' BAI.I. TEAM: Hurk hjh — Manaf:tr Bob Doll. Krosli Manager Bob Knapp, Robert Evans. Mal.olni Waite. Kdwin Bishop. Jim Jewell, Kiihard Allen. (!arl Bode and Coaeh Norm Kiinde; front row — George Kul)ota. John Dimmer. .Milton Orphan, Bill Waddington. Bill M.NVilly, Walter Walker, and Al Rehn. Varsity Volleyball MINOR A SUCCESSFUL TRIP to the Univer.sitv of British Columbia climaxed the Varsity Volley- ball season for 1950. Having met defeat earlier, the Huskies were out to revenge what otherwise would have been a perfect record in college competition. Before a crowd of over 1000. the Varsity club defeated a fighting Vancouver squad. The team also won the invitational college division tournament at Portland. Oregon, defeating Reed, Lewis and Clark, and Portland University without a single loss. Strong ronii)etition was also found in the AAU (My Volleyball League, but under the leadership of Coach Norm Kunde. the squad gave a good account of itself. Minor " W " awards were given to Richard Allen. Carl Bode. Jim Jewell. Bill McNeilly. Milton Orphan. Al Rehn, Mel Waite and Walter alker. The loss of four of this year ' s squad will make com|)etition for starting positions keen next year. uiKi 1-: SOI i): ;, . , ,,.,. Slroinev, ,m:, . lonlf. I ,,-,■ ard AndruN |{„|,ril M.C.v, Knlnrt MrCMjIiK ' N and riinrn Monlrill, and ( Mor r CiIkuI; j, and Iti. Iiaid l.anipson. Not | irlnn w 1,1,11, ■ IIW Sgl Dwain C dbv. Rirh B. ' J ' arsity Rifle Team BovsTiNC. a seasonal average of .T.SO. llie I ' X ' iO version of the Husky Rifle sepiad emerged irntn a successful season to cop vcll-earned 1 ire led " W " awards for its members. I ' lider llic direction of Sergeant Sliojny of the KOrC staff, the borcmeti conducted a sched- ule lliroiigli llie mail as ihey shot all their meets with ' he leatling schools of the IJ. S. and r.ngland by proxy. The National Rifle Association meet al Pullman. Washington, was the oidy ride for the Huskies as ihey shot iheir wav lhrou ' :li a loii and excellent season. ;u () Varsity Handball Competition has been very keen for the Varsity Handballers in the Piiget Sound League this year. Although winning only seven of their twenty-four games. Coach " Augie " Auernheimers team has had one of their best seasons. Playing against such league competition as the Viashington Athletic Cluh. the Seattle and Tacoma Y " s, which are composed of many e.x -Washington players, it can easily be seen that more eveidy matched competition is needed. Hope for an In- tercollegiate schedule is very high. Those receiving minor " W " awards were Don Rubantino. John Hindrum. Morris Salob, and George Taylor. The last three men will probably be lost due to graduation, but with a number of the " B " squad returning, prospects for next year look very good. Those not pictured who will be back next year are Roy Ek- rom, Howard Schpelland, and Jack Don- aldson. HANDB.-M.L TEAM: Rack row;— Coach Aucrnheimer, Marve Durham, Don Ruhantino, Dick Hayes, ami Manager Bob Doll; front row — Archie McLean, George Taylor, and Frosh Manager Boh Knapp. S P O R T S Varsity Boxing Under the sponsorship of the AMS. the 1950 " Fistfest " saw seven new all-University boxing titles taken out of the Edmundson Pavilion boxing ring, with only Scott Wallis retaining his lightheavyweight crown with a decision over Chuck Crouch. The only knockout saw Leo Lokovosek tip over Stan Burke, the " 49 heavvweight winner, in the third round. The other bouts resulted in decisions for bantamweight Bill Drysdale over Harry Poll, defending champion; featherweight Bill Kawanioto over Grant Moyer; Bill Lee over Rod Strassburger, ' 49 lightweight titleholder; welterweight Dvvayne Fritsche over the 1948 winner, Don Peek: senior welter- weight Arnie Kiinkenburg over Ray Xonacott; and middleweight VVally Ruthruff o er Archie McLean. Chuck Crouch and Scott Wallis . rchie McLean and ' ally Ruthruff Dwavne Fritsche and Don Peek 361 Intramural Administration SOl ' llOMOlUC MAN Ai.U, KK1-:MIM AN M AN A(.i:i{ Back row — Steve Jellum, Bill Myers, and Bark row — Bol) Ciimniincs and Herli Wap- I,ee Gingrich: front row — Tom Culbert- ner: front run— Boh Knapp. (!iirl Karrow. son anil Don Hrduall, Mike Ward. Hon John Ogden and Al Nilson. 1949 Spring m amf ■ ' .NMS; Itclla ( lii N.ui.K Mnnrv. ( .Irnii l.jndrii ami I ini U.ilr ■ (lOI.F: Sitinia Chi — George Hornynk and Don l.ainharl 362 Ar,Al THIS YE Mi. intrainiirals played a lar-ii- jiarl in the life of canipus men. Under the ahle leadership of Len Sifvens and assistants Wayne Hrumhach and Ivan Suisher. and with the hel|) of student managers, a total i)i 2. ' !()(l different men — about a fourth of the male stu- dent Ixidy — had the opportunity to participate in seven- teen different sports. This is a sulistantial over last year. This year, in addition to the circulating trophies awarded to the winning organizations for each sport, each individual team member as well as winners of individual sports received a gold medal awarded by .A. M.S. at the conclusion of each sport season. CREW: Beta Theta Pi— Frank Hampson, Howie Onstott, Pat Tate, Chuck Wilson, and Earl Jenner. BASEBALL: Chi Vsi— Back row: Bill Zarkades, Steve May, J. R. Savage, Bob Smith, Joe Patterson, and Jim Turner: jront row: Jim Furber, Chuck Tal- mage, Gordy Cook. Jack Haugen, and Johnny Christensen. Intramurals INDIVIDUAL TRACK WINNERS: Back row— Corky Bronsdun, liigh jump; Doug Allen, mile run: Bill Dixon, shot put, and Joe Bordeaux, 880-yard run; middle roiv— Boh Tubbs. 80-yard high and 120-yard low hurdles: Otto Enger. 440-yard run: Ralph Dreitzler. 100-yard dash: Charley Mulavey, broad jump, and G. Gordon, high jump; Irnnt rote — Sigma Nu 880-yard Relav Team. Gus Raaum, Bud Olson. Doug Dovle. and Jack McCarthy. Not Pictured: J. Flolierg, 220-yard dash, and R. Schemer, high jump. WATER BASKETBALL: Theta Chi—Back nm : John (;ibson, Tom Doruni. John Tracy, and Art McCarty: jrunt nnc: .Mike Doumit, AI Kosmin. Don .-Vdams, and Dick Parker. 363 KOOTBVl.I.; I ' hi t.nmmu Delta Hack i( » ; l.airv llatrli. I?uil () t-nell. Toiu Ma.C.-oicf. I ' aiil StDiiims, I$iiil Smith. |{(.l) Irji-i-ii-iii. it Ccillofdn. anil Dick OniriTi; fioiit row: Clunk Ma-iuison. Warren WVstliind. l)i k Nixon. Boli jia. John Wahrr-., OUm. an, I ( liaiiir K.-IU. ()i I K-l ini I : Mplu, ,«»,„ fhi Kioni ro»: K.l I h oa. Ilili M.N.ilK. an. I lrl John- sun; hai k row: Ki ' n llurniwn, lloh lliinhrcKs, ami llurr GiO|ji-i. 364 HANDBAI.l,: Phi Gamma Delta— B.ii y W.-lcli an. I Dick Hagen. Intramurals BILLIARDS: Sigma Alpha £ « .-n — Len Tiii-kcr an. I George Keller. SWIMMING: Alpha Delta Wit— Back row: Wayne Handby, Don Russell, and Fred Mauer; front row; Terry Mullin, Merrill Hodges, Dick Magnuson, and Chuck Sheldon. 365 W III - II IM. ; . I I, I MiuUru. Jim Srholl. liill l „iaka. :in,l Don Slaii. .- , I., a l)„ii li.ij;, y,cii Mich.lalti. kfitli MK;oiit:ill, ami Richard llavs. WINTER KII.N(; riii (,ainnia D.lla: l.oir-n rn-scolt. Slan HinkliuKl, an. I InliT, H„lf,-. inDMIMON Alplia Delia I ' lii: Di.k I .im " .| iiiwl 1 ' i.mI ' i. 366 BOXING — Bill Drysdale. Clunk CrMudi. Mike Kawamoto. Dwayne Fiitsc he. Bill Lee. Ariiie Klinkenb. Wallv Riitlirufl. ami Leo Lokovsek. INTRAMURALS BASKETBALL — Phi Kappa Sigma — Bac i- row: Bob Spangler, Tom Mottern. PhiU Meade. Bud Tomczuk, and Duane Myllenbeck; jront row: Dale Thackston, Gene Gattavara. Ernie Stein, Uuane Gilmoie, and Dave Hartley. 367 Art Mcl.arney, N ' aisity Baskit- liall Coach, charts out a play tor thf team. V ' arsilv Letter Winners iLi VARSITY BASKETBALL % Hal Arnasoii Duaiie Enochs Frank (Jui.sness LaDon Henson Keith Jefferson Ku.-is Parlhemer Louie Soriano Don Stewart Jack Ward Vro »i Coac , , U.U N " " TIIK VAK.SIT RA.SKETBAU, S(,)LAI): Bark row H„s I ' artlicmci. Ja.k War.!. I.ce Vt aile. D.ianc Kno, hs. Marcus MetZficr, and Hal Arnason: second ruiv — Jim (ialdcrhcail (senior manat;crl, Hon Stewart. Bob Moen, Frank Guisness. Jim Eckmann, and Coach Art McLarney: front row — Boh IVck. Louie Soriano, Keith Jeffer- son. LaDon Hens on. Dale Thomason, John Rosinan, and George Chalich. liKKOKt: THK oi ' iCMNG of the 1919-19.S() Northern Diivsion season. the Huskies were picked hy most hasketlial! experts as the team least likely to succeed. The Husky " ironnien. " composed of cap- tain I, a Don Henson and Jack Ward at forwards. Louie Soriano unci i ' rank (luisiiess at tlie f;uard |)ositions. and Duane Knoclis at center, nearly upsel the pre-season dope sheet as the Huskies lore through the first half of the schedule with a yenpeance. Hacked up hy such stellar reserves as " Hamhliiif; " I{uss Par- llicnier. Don Slewarl. Keith Jefferson, and Hal Arnason. tlie U. of W. varsity led the pack throufrhoul the early contests, hut faltered in the later stages of ihe season. Sophomore seiisalioii I ' rank (iuisncss was responsilde for many of the Husky wins illi twisting, twirling shots " a la Sammy hite. " C.uisness womid up the season with second place honors in the Northern Di ision scoring race hehind ashiiiglon Stale ' s sophomore center. ( " leiie (ioidey. Fearless Frank was named on Look Magazine ' s N.C.C.A. District 8 team, on the I ' liiled I ' ress All-Loasl second learn, and was chosen for the Northern Diyision second team liy Northern l)i ision coaches. l.(Hiie Soriano, ihe firehall of the Husky casalia cause, was the crowd-|)leaser and op| onent displeaser throughout the title race. Soriano not otily garnered high-poini honors in several contests htil was a demon on defense, iireaking up countless plays through his close-checking and hall-hawking tactics. .Si)riano was mimed All-Coasl hy the L ' liited Press and also gained recopiiilion as the coach ' s first choice for first team Northern Division guard. 36H ;vH • ' ■ " ' " ■ Non-Conference Non-( !onf « ' reiife Scores () ii)iiriil Score u v oi ' p Sand Point V.I ' .-5 . . . 61 10 Vancouver tlloverleafs 59 19 University of ! . C. . . Si! 41 C.P.S 58 42 Western Washin-iton . H2 52 Alpine Dairy Mi SO Minnesota 5S 55 Minnesota 53 46 Stanford 62 56 Columbia 60 56 Columhia 49 46 Wyoming 29 49 Wvomiii " 37 H6 Thk HrsKiKS racked up a remarkable record against non-conference op|)onents as the " Big W " hoopsters tackled one of the most imposing lists of non-conference teams in the I ' niversitys history. Washington played 13 games outside of the regular schedule and lost only two — one to Wyoming s Cowboys, and one to the Lniversity of Minnesota. Fans who saw the two-game Wyoming series are sure not to forget it for quite awhile. In the first game of the series Wyo- ming ' s famed iron-clad defense held the Huskies to 29 points while John Pilch and company scored 49 points. In Saturday night ' s contest the McLarney strategy was turned on full force as Duane Enochs held John Pilch to one field goal in the first half and Washington went on to win. 37-36, in the closing seconds. 369 i il Prm I 1- ' r K Wl ft K -- t 1 " ' i I ' anhemn (l ' 4l rlr from the WSC liacUhoiiid The i.akgkst mjmbkk of Itasketliall fans to ever ell)() v their way into llic Her F.dmunrlson Pavilion viewed the first battle of the Washinjiton-Wash- in ton State home series. Over 12.000 patrons saw the Coufjars put on a display of sharpshooting and stone-wall defense as the Palouse Polecats walked over the Huskies. 54-46. The game was ni|) and tuck for two a-id one-half minutes. From that point on it was all V ' S( ' . Ted Tap|)e openec the eveninfTs scoring with a foul shot, a result of I ou Soriano ' s over- guarding. Mangis added a field goal for the (!ougars. giving his team a . ' VO lead. Duane Enochs came hack for two quick field goals to gi e the Huskies their only lead in the contest. 4-.H. Easy Ed Gayda sparked the Staters throughout the coutesi with luil- liant defense work and several timely hook shots from the key area. On the purple and gold side of the ledger Duane P nochs was the shining light, holding hig (Jene (Donley down to one field goal in the first half while gathering 17 jioints himself for the game ' s high. Trailing . ' 1II-20 at the half. Washington put on a spurt that just fell short of catching the (lougars. With 8 minutes to |)lay the score was 41-H5, hut two twirlcrs hv Conley and one by Gayda cinched it for the Frielman. WSC Tiir: IMvERSiTY ok Washington Hiskif.S saw their lO.SO hon| title hopes go down the drain as the Vi S(] lioop.ster.s swamped the purple and gold liip (il slate. 60-12. The Huskies were ice cold on their shots and the IW lloor plav was of the same ipialitv. as the (iougars set up a defense that would have made some of the historic seiges of past centuries (|uail in comjiarison. After l.ou Soriano ' s field goal and Henson ' s free loss, the Huskies went 11 minutes non-stop without again finditig the range on the ( Irinison aiul Orav basket, it was Sl-21 when the two centers shook hands 1(1 iipcti the second half play. A few momeiUs later. I.eon Mangis and Jack Ward ( ' (dlided and bv the time the smoke had cleared Ward was on the beiuh. Mangis was on the foul line, and the fans were on the referees neck. This was tvpical of the wild and woollv second half as the Huskies never got closer than ten points lo the I ' alousers. The I W shooting average was far below normal with a .20!i from the field, in conlrasl lo Stale ' s .M?). Ed ( " rayda carried awav 21 of the (iougars " total point- with J.aDon llenson sec()n i best with a total ol 11. .•{70 The Hismics hit llie road for I ' ulliiian in llieir lirst jauril away I roiii llic ] uri)le and gold floor. In the first contest of the VVSd series the Huskies couldn ' t find the range and went down to a 56-42 defeat. The Washington five hit only 15 out of 60 of their attempts from the field, although ratigy Duane Enochs and LaDon Henson dominated most of the hackhoard play, dene Conley ' s deadly hook shots were matched by fast-breaking lay-ins by Henson and Keith Jefferson in the first half as the lead swayed back and forth. Ed Gayda and Conley jjoured it on in the closing minutes of the first period, giving WSC a 29-22 lead at the half-way mark. The Cougars continued to set the pace at the outset of the second half. Willi five mituites gone, the Staters led 36-28. At this point the Huskies went to work. Shots by Guisness, Soriano, Stewart, and Henson brought tiie score to 38-all. From then on, the Cougars couldn ' t miss and led 56-42 at the gun. Conley ' s l. ' i was high for the game with Soriano ' s 12 pacing liic Husky scorers. A FIGHTING Hi SK " ! i-n E turned the tables on the Cougars as the cross-state rivals squared off in their return engagement. The starting five of Arna- son, Henson, Enochs, Guisness, and Soriano played 39 minutes and 20 seconds of the contest without a substitution and earned a decisive 52-37 decision over Jack Friel ' s double-|)latoon. The Husky ' s tight defense held the Cougars to 19 points in the first half while the pur|)le and gold was compiling a total of 24 in the scoreboard, chiefly through the efforts of LaDon Henson, who sank five field goals from outside the key. The Crim- son and Gray came back fast in the second half and edged in front. 25-24. The Huskies, hovsever, began to show the form they possessed in the first half and pulled out in front, 36-27. Sensational shots by Arnason and Henson. combined with frequent tip-ins by Enochs, gave the Cougars too much to handle, and Washington ' s Palouse invaders found themselves with a 52-37 loss when it was time to call it a night. In the scoring column, Duane Enochs led the way with 13. Close behind with 12 apiece, were Henson and Soriano. Conley topped the Cougars with 10 points. Ilul Aniascin, sciiiiir. playi-d his List year (if liasketljall as a lif(]ucnt slartrr at the for- ward spot. Scores Home I Road Washington . . 1 46 42 42 52 1 Washington State . . . . . 1 54 60 56 37 1 Jolin K i!;nan «as one of tlip reserse forwa on the Husky team. Enoilis and Henson attpnipt to {;et the liall auay from ' SC " s star renter. Gene Conley 371 Husky BASKicTBAr.i. !■ s saw the closest and most spine-tingling contest of the IQI ) season when the 0S( Beavers were edy out in the closing seconds. 47-45. in tht first game of the Husky-Heaver series in Seattle. The lead changed hands several times in the first ten minutes of the con- test, but then the |)ur|)le and gold quintet, led by Louie Soriano and Don Sleuarl. caught fire and lari the UW lead to 2. ' VU) at one |)oint late in the first period. Stew- art played his best iiall of the season, scor- ing 10 points while clearing the back- boards as though lu- owned them iieforc fouling out late in the game. Ill the first eight minutes of the .second half, the Huskies led by six points. 1()-. ' 51. Meaver reserve I?ay .Snyder came into the contest at this point and sparked the Cor- vallis sipiad until lliey tied it up. Ifvall. The Macinen set up the deep-free e for the III t t (i and one-half minutes arul it paid nil ill the ictorv as (Juisness and Soriaim l.ntll MiMcd a fivi- tlunu I,, the llu kv Intal, liiii Krkmanii ( »), foiwiinl, iiikI ].,;■ W iiiii- (111. inilir. -land iiailv In ii-sisl Mil .;;ai a- in- lake- llir l all oil iIk ' lmi ' kl.oai.1. Ill iMin.a ,n,M.- than .l.-iH-n.lal.l.- as iitir anil |iarl-timi ' (or«aril. riii: W vsHiM.TiiN niaplemen poli.-lied tiff llicir l ' )l ' )-19.Sn hoop season on a high iKite as they handed defeat number two to the OSC Heavers. 57-54. As a result of the two-game series sweep, the Huskies wound up the season in a second place tie with ()S(;. both teams having a win and loss record of H-8. If the number of fouls in the game was any indication, then the game was the roughest in the l ' avilion " s history; the lioopslcrs were whistled down no less than .S; ' ) limes, a record number of infractions. itii onh one and (Uiehalf niiiiiites re- maining in the contest, the Huskies led by 11 points, and it looked like an easy win. by Jim Padgett, the Hea ers closed the gap to two points but Huss Parlhemer stepped to the fold line and potted one in the last H seconds to iiiil the game on ice loi llie home team. ashinglous guard combination of So- riano and (iuisness clicked througlunil the contest and I.oii tallie l 15 points while (iiiisness racked up Id for the e ening. .Soriano wound u|i with I OS points for the season to make him the second highest scori-r in I W hislorv. Jack Nichols hold- ing the . ' ill-lime high of seasonal totals. .{72 Scores Home Road X ' ashington . ... 1 47 1 57 1 46 52 1 Oregon State .... . ... 1 45 1 54 1 56 44 1 Lou Soriano, junior guard, shared high scoring honors with Guisness throughout the season. Keith Jefferson, guard, known to fans as " spider, " fre (piently provided the spark that [lulled the Huskies out of a tight spot. (luisness goes up for another liasket. with Henson (2(11 and Stewart (1 ' I moving in lor an assist if necessary. In thk riRST mketing of the sea.son between the two schools, O.S.C. downed the Washington I)oop.sters 56-46 in Corvallis. Tlie Heavers ' offensive quick- plays threw tlie Huskies off lialance as tliey had one of their infrequent off-nights and missed a large percentage of their shots. Frank Guisness was the only member of the U. . .squad who didn ' t seem to be affected by the Oregon State style and led both teams in the scoring column with 1!! points. The Gill-inen were exceptiotially hot. and two unsung players. Jim Padgett and Jack Orr, proved to be the difference between the two teams. The Staters had a 31-26 halftiiue margin and iiad built up their lead to ten points in the first four minutes of second-half play. Lou Soriano took an early shower in the first half due lo an over-abimdancy of personals, which considerably weakened the Huskv cause. itli the Husky regulars tiring and listless imder the backboards and Oregon State reserves pouring in and out of the game, the Beavers continued to lead the way without being seriously threatened through- out the remainder of the contest. Oregon States total points were fairly ucll divided anmn;; all of ihe players with Jim Padgett ' s 15 and Jack Orrs 12. high for the flat-tails behind Guisness ' s 18. The Hliskies closed out their nearly disastrous jaunt into the Viillamelte Valley on a high note as they troimced the Oregon State Heavers 52-M for their first victory on the O.S.C!. floor in five years. The boys who looked like lead soldiers the night before, turned on the speed and ran the Staters ragged from start to final gun. It was see-saw basketball in the opening minutes Init the Huskies managed to pull in front and inaintain their slender margin to lead 25-21 at halftime. ' ith Soriano making the points along with LaDon Henson and Jack Vt ard. and Duane Enochs clearing the boards like a master, the Huskies continued to roll and led 41-.i4 with seven minutes to go. Orr and Payne turned on the college try for O.S.C. cutting the Husky lead to 1!!- 10. ith just three min- utes to |ilay the iron-men em])loyed the dee|) freeze and from then on. it was only a question of how many times the Beavers could foul the Huskies. Next in line for scoring honors behind Soriano with 19. was Enochs with 13, as Orr paced the orange and lilack willi 12. 373 IDAHO I ' lli; Idmio (, i intkt was a diftereiil hall clul) in the setomi night " s fracus. and tlic contest was a pulse-quickener from tip-ol to final iiuw. The Vandals settled down t( a more deliberate style of |)lay and slowe( down the fast-hrcakin Huskies. It was touch and po Ijasketiiall from hepinnirig to end and the score was tied nine times with the lead cli;inginp liands seven times throufihout the evening ' s hostilities. .Shar, !Oiooling iiy LaDon Hensoii and Keilh Jef fersoti gave the Huskies a 2■ 2I edge at liie hall-way point. .Sjjarked hy Louie .Soriano. Vi ashinglon kept pace with the visitors in the second half, and with ten minutes gone hy had piled up a . ' ?7-27 lead. Idaho ' s are forward. l!oh I ' rilchelt. kejit the V,vm Stat- ers in the hall game with a series of count- ers, and with four minutes remaining, (he Vandals closed the gap to ll-: ' ,Q. iih the aid of the Iwo-miuute rule and a fine exhi- hilion of hall-free .ing. the men of Mcl,ur- ney went on to win. 11-10. High poinl man ' )r (he Vandals was I ' ritchcll with 1.1. while Soriano led the Husky S( orers with 10. Tfik Hi skiks celebrated their dehul into I9.S(1 Noilliern Division haskelliall Ity rolling up a 67-4- ' ' ? victory over the invading Idaho ' an- dals. Frank Guisncss and Louie Soriano |)aced the L Vi five hy racking up IM and 17 | oinls respecti ely. Vi ashington pulled steadily away from the N ' andals with a red-hot deluge of baskets by Guisiiess. Soriano and Knochs. who couldn ' t seem to miss the twine, and left the floor at halftime with a •■57-18 lead. The sec- ond half was a repetition of the first, sensa- tional shots bv the Huskies and excellent de- fensive play jjroved too much for the visitors, and the U wound up on the long end of a 67-18 score. Nick Stallworth and iiob i ' rilch- elt shared Vandal scoring honors with 10 points eacli. " 1 1,;.. .niioi i- ' " " " Ja.k Vai,l «a a li.M|miil larl. ' (luring till ' lalli ' i | art 371 In a SEC:OM)-H i,l- ku.i.v. tin- Idalm Vandals snuffed out all Husky hopes for the Northern Division title in the first night ' s contest on the Vandal floor. The final score was 57-40. hut the bulk of the contest was a .see-saw battle. The Huskies managed to ])ull in front in the first half through the efforts of Louie Soriano and Duaiic Enochs and left the court at half time with a 20-2. ' :! edge. The Vandal rally was initiated with six minutes of the second half gone. Idaho had their troubles in the first half, trying to break through the U zone defense, but began to hit on their long shots from all corners in the later stages of the contest. ith the score •■i ' :)-29. ashingtoii. Pritchett laid up two tip-ins from under the basket and Bob ! ' heeler tipped one through the twine to give Idaho a 35-33 lead. Reserve Bob White came in at that point and sank two howitzers to make it 39-33. In eight minutes Idaho had piled up a 19-])oint lead and the Husky cause was a lost one. Wheeler had 16 and Pritchett 14 for Idaho, while Lou Soriano ' s 9 topjied the Huskies. ' ■ ' .Henson 1 ' 0 ), a„,l K„„X •J ' ' nil .rt ' • " ' " ' ' ' " ■ ■■ " ' ■ ' -l.. -.l„-M Scores 1 Home Road 1 Washington .... 1 67 1 44 40 1 45 1 Idaho .... 1 43 1 40 57 1 48 1 Dktermimcd to stay out of the Northern Division cellar and at the same time doing their best to put Washington in it. the Idaho Van- dals eked out a 4i!-45 win over the Huskies in the two teams " second meeting in Moscow. The first half of the ball game was slow paced, with both squads employing a man-to-man defense. The Vandals drew first blood and led throughout most of the first half, compiling a 25-17 lead at halftime. Coming back strong in the second half. Chuck Kinley ' s charges boasted a KS-jioinl It-ad illi only lour min- utes of the period in the books. The Huskies began to spark at this point, chiefly through three ■straight shots by Lou Soriano from far out. LaDon Henson and Frank Cuisness teamed up and narrowed the margin to 3 points. The Vandals wouldn ' t lie down and went on to win. crushing the Husky rallv in llu- luid. Soriano led the scorers with 15. Captain I.aDon Hensciii. forward, uas oiii- of tin- iiKist sistent starters, anil always a ciiol anil ili-|ifnilal)le |il 375 I Home I Road Washington 1 69 66 1 49 1 60 1 .... 1 49 51 1 57 1 63 1 OREGON W iTll SH Kl ' -SHOOTlNG Frank Cuisni-ss leailiii-: llif way. llif Wasliinglon five rolU-d over llie Oregon Ducks in the first meeting of the two teams. 69-19. Guisncss. ' aneou er ' s conlrihii- tion to Husky basketball, was in lo|i form for the Huskies as he notched 27 points during the contest. It was a tooth and nail battle in the opening five miinites of the contest as the Ducks ' ace center. Jim N ' ranizan. potted six straight points. From thai point on the Mac- men began to find the range, and Soriano. Heiisoii. atid Guisness all took turn.s in dis- playing pin-|)oint accuracy. ith ten minutes of the first half gone by. the L ' W (juintet had piled up a 19-8 l)ulgc. Coach John Vt ' arren sent in a complete new reserve unit to halt the Husky attack, and the X ' cbfoots. |)aced by guard Jack Keller, slowed down the |)ur|)le and gold offense in the re- maining minutes of the first period. ashing- ton had a •■57-2. ' -5 halftime lead. It was more of the same in the second half as the Huskies continued to control the back- boards and sink field goals from all corners of the court. No member of the Husky squad was left on the bench as the L Vi went on to win. with a 20-point bulge. Will I rban was ' A for lemon and ureen with li points. Km- I ' .uiImm l. ' llr, lllls .1 In- M-, MM.I II..I. II.....M ni, .n Ih hiM u:u uill. ll»- ,lls|| |,|ii ri| lis a ;;iiaicl. IN THE SECOND home stutui iil llif W ashinglon squad against the Oregon Ducks the visitors from Fugene almost pulled an upset, but the Huskies pulled the game out of the fire and won handilv. 66-51 . The Duck defense was iniuh lighter than it had been in the previous night s encounter and it took reserve forward. Huss I ' arthenier to inject the necessary adrenalin in the Wash- ington attack. W ith Oregon ' s Jack Keller and Will llrban leading the way. the Webfoots commanded the game tiirough the first half. Oregon led 20- 1 .T with six minutes to go in the first half when I ' arlhemer was placed in the lineup. Immediately Kuss began to hit the Oregon twine for three straight field goals and the Huskies ktiotled the score. 21-21. Washington closed oul the first half with a Hurry ol counlers and led ;il ihe inlerinission. 2 ' ).2.1 ( )iegon closed the gap to 29-27 at the see- (Mill half ' s (Uitset. but this was the last time they came close to the Huskies. Washington continueil to draw awav and led (i. ' V 1 1 with a lew minutes remaining. The rcser es then en- Icred llii ' game and look uvci wlicif llie inni- men lefl off. Tlic Ducks had a remarkable average from llic foul line. 1 ) iMit of 21. ami Jaik Keller was high for both sipiads with Id. closelv f«d- lowed by Soriano with 1. . and I ' arlhemer with 1 I. ' S76 Opening a four-came jaunt into tlie Willamette Valley, the UW suceiimlx ' d to a devastating Oregon attack in the first game of the series at Eugene. The Huskies put up a valiant stand against the Ducks, tying the contest several times, hut the I ' W defense was not staunch enough to ward off the red-hot Ducks. Oregon raced to an earlv lead in the first half through the efforts of Paul Sowers and Will I rban. and held a half-time margin of 2o-2.H. The extremely tight Oregon defense forced the Huskies to shoot wildly from far out and Washington made only eight of thirty-eight attempts from the field in the first half. Early in the second half the Webfoots raced to a hig lead and the Huskies never recovered. Jack Keller and Bob Amacher set the |)ace in these early minutes and the Ducks had a l. ' V29 advantage after five minutes of the second half had gone by. At this point, (!aptain LaDon Henson led the purple and gold five in a gallant comeback and the Huskies brought it up to 43-. ' i8. Oregon, with ten minutes to go. but the Ducks tightened and went on to win with the aid of the two-minute rule, 57-49. Keller was high for the game with 16 points and Henson |)aced the losers with 14. Duaiif Knnclis. ct-iitcr. was one nf tli( Husky liit;li sic.irers. Huskies a Beavers !nei- ' re ao battle ior eon.r 7;;?.bebau. In the most heart-breaking contest of the current casaha season. Oregon handed the Washington maplemen a second straight defeat on MacArthur Court. 63-60. In winning, the Ducks exhibited a brilliant bit of clutch ballplaying, with the contest in doubt up to the final seconds. Oregon started to run away with the contest in the opening minutes, and led 13-3 before the Washington five caught on fire. The UW defense tightened and with Lou Soriano pacing the Husky sharpshooters. Washington pulled out in front. 23-22, midway in the first half. The Huskies continued to dominate the remainder of the first half and left the floor at halftime with a 33-26 advantage. The Ducks came back strong in the opening minutes of the second half as Keller and Sowers hit the twine with a volley of field goals and Oregon cut the Huskies " lead to 40-39. At this point the Warren strategv was put to work as the Ducks switched from a man-to-man defense into a tight zone, and with five minutes to go led 57-51. Little Lou Soriano then declared a one-man war on the Webfoots with a barrage of long-shots and Washington closed the gap to 57-58, then to 60-61 with 35 sec- onds to play. Oregon ' s Jack Keller picked up a loose ball and drove in for a lay-in to close the scoring and ice an Oregon victory. Soriano took high-point laurels with a total of 22 while Jack Keller totaled 18 for the Ducks. Chaliili, sophomore, was one of the Huskies ' reserve forwards. 377 The Frosh Season Hailku ti MAN as llie l e l Frc liniari liaskelliall It-ani in Washington ' s liislory. the Husky yi-arlin ' ;s played 22 games. losinp only one. Coach Bill Morris " rharpes scored 1.405 jioints lo llieir o| |)oneiit% 97H and compiled a team offensive average of O.S.Q points per game. Bob Houhregs. sky-scraping center, led the Krosh in reason scoring honors, followed closely liy Joe (lipriano. The F ' rosh ' s one loss uas to the Cnmarranos. 75-51. In the second meeting of the two teams the Huskies retaliated with a 62-2!) win over the Camarranos. Among the lietter teams the Freshman downed were the Vi.S.(!. freshmen. Olympic Junior College, and the Seattle I Diversity I ' a- pooses. Several of the freshmen starters will undoubtedly play a major role on next year ' s varsity five. THE FK().SH .SIAKIKK-S: C of uj se— Joe Cipriano, Dirk .Spiajiuc Boh Houhipcs. Coarh Bill Morris, -Mike .McCutchcn, and Sam Mitchell. nu- I. o " " ; ; Mascot Brva " Ko - w villi Till-; l-liOMI Mtl l) llowir Wright; ; „ ;, si-timd riiw Holi lliiii- r«U) — Will Kllioll, (;ci ttiri-d- Diik .Siiiacin- uml Mhmuhit Claik Ini„.n, Iriis Kiik. Itill Waul. Kim la. k .liiii . Hull JlniiliirKs. D.m McChirv. jVlc Nrl..,m, Mikr M.( Ii.n, Mark Th.iiiips.i h Kill . .111.1 h. ,.,;.,.| Diiii-laii. an. Nlin Mil. li. ' ll: rsnii, iin.j |)a • Uiillaiii; Iriinl 1, IIMll .I.H ' Ci niaiKi. No pi.- 1950 fro.s;h scores Opporifiit I ' lips Op. W enalehee JC 85 27 .Skagit Valley JC 5« -W Cenlralia JC ()4 45 Vakiina JC 66 -12 r.irl Law ton 55 45 liuchcinV Bakerv .50 47 I ' osi Office Clerks 71 4 . Seattle V. Frosh 65 52 Seattle U. Frosh 71 61 F cr.-ll JC i: 4f. I ' .iil l.a lon •) ) ( .S ( iaininaranos 51 75 Grays Harlu.r JC H9 A ' Z C entralia JC 76 36 .Ska-jil N ' allev JC 73 4 McChonl Field 17 22 (iravs Harbor JC 55 M W .S.C. Frosh 55 .H5 W.S.C. Frosh 6,H -13 Olympia JC (4 .5H Cammaranos 62 2M Olvmiiia JC 72 .39 :{7» Government Publications Social Season Theater and the Arts Clubs K Mil k I WP ' " fWf Aff! •flAtw i ' J A .x= Government Editors: A. S. V. W. Katie Price A. M. S. Bob Beatty A. W. S. Lois Gunderson 379 DvwMif: and profrrcisive Phil Palmer, president, injccicd new life into the A.SL1V( ' . Under his guidance many iicu com- mittees Ikim- liiin added, such as News Bureau, Games, Program I ' ainl and Activities Bureau. Many new jirohlems arose wheti the students ' activity center moved from Clark to the Hl ' B. All of them were calmly solved and it was mil long hefore everyone felt at home in the new quarters. Phil, or " The Iieard, " also was a nicmlier of the Temporary Operating (iommittee. Tau Beta Pi. Associate Sigma i and Kir Tree. Because of his husy s(li( liilc. he and liis wife. Fae, usually cram lunch and dimicj into a leu odd momenta ulienever ihcv can find them. Maky Maxwici.i.. the A.Sl W secretary, is affectionateh known as " Giggles. " She justly deserves this nickname for she is always smiling ami willing to lend a hand. Marx .s|)reads her talents wide, holding memlicrshi|) in Pi l.amlida Theta. education honorary. Mortar Board. Tolcm Cluli aiid is cha irman of ASl W Slu lent Organizations Commillci ' . On top of all this she has i.ccn aide to maintain a M.H grailc average. Although Mary is Inisy. she al»a fi-ids time to stoji and say, " Hello. " Associated Students 380 _j University of Washington Vivacious, efficient Barbara X hitehead. the second vice- president, carried out her campaign promises by smoothly handling the campus elections. Along with being the chair- man of the Elections and Legal Interpretations Committee. " Auntie Barb " was a member of Mortar Board. Book Store Board and Women ' s Rally (Committee. Aside from all this, she is cadet teaching at Lincoln High School. Her present office climaxes a long list of other cam| us activities, one of which was secretarv of the Junior (iJass. Sam Stam.ey, the first vice-president, kept the meetings lively for he occasionally burst into song. For this reason he has been tagged " The Voice. " His University activity career started in the fall of 1948 when he became a delegate to the Organizations Assembly and served on the committee that drew u|) the by-laws for the Assembly. Aside from doing a " bangu|) job as chairman of O. A., he also served on the Temporary Operating Committee, was chairman of the Organizations Assemblv Research (Committee and a member of Oval Club. In spite of the many controversial subjects at 0. A., Sam managed to stay on good terms with both sides because of his businesslike maimer and amicable jiersonality. 381 Activity Staff Churk Owens Manager ul .ISf U Artiiii, Jim () .• l,, k A.ssislitnl Manager iif ASVW Anilities (lydi-Rol.iriM.n Manager ul ASl H Pul)lirali i Ku ' fiie Picnr ASl ' lf Ar( uiinlani ASl ' li A islanl Arriiiinlunl H„l, W liiln.-y FiHid Direelor Mildred Gellermann ASCII Program Siiiieniaor :•.:t;• rfe " 382 Board of Control Phil Palmer Sam Stanley Barbara Whitehead .Mary Maxwell Al Klukis Bob Muoklestone John Fery John Tomlinson Jim (look Joanne Tartre Frank Norton Peter Melitz Fae Palmer Rnthe Bnrmaster Phyllis Luvera Bob Koontz Charles Kletseh Roaer Johnson ( Jiuck Owens H. P. Everest Harvey Cassill Glen Nygreen Mildred Gellermann Robert Sylvester Harry Ooss 383 Student Union Opening A Dream of Thirty Years Materializes 384 Organizations Assembly Clorkvvise — Picking up the votini; canls Sam Stanley railing the meeting to order A motion is put on the floor Discussion of the motion The final vote 385 ASUW Committees Finumv and Budpi ' t: (rifilill Donald Woll -tt. Bill ( at.--. Eiijjcnc I ' irrcf, I ' liil I ' almir. Mary Maxwrll. Mildml (h lermann. Marry (toss, iliaii- man: Kathro Kidurll. John Corlially. (Jyde Koliinson. Nelson Wahlslrom, Dean Marckworth. Glen Nygreen. Cditiiius (,uidcs: (al)0 -l front — Iris (iillircath. JcMrinc rriMclvMll. la.kic Tni linger, Lorraine Anderson, i ' ejijiy Mare: liark Hon l)hl „ Srniia ( olr, J. Caniliotti, Koixer Meyer, John (Whson, Koh Koski. ' I Scholur-ihiii: 1 lielow front — Ramona .Smith, Barhara iele, Carol Keilley. ehairman: hack — Frank Norton, Wil- lis Koniek. m 1 s M ' 1 9 KJ R if n I U1 3»6 A ' .S. ; (rinhtl front — Diianc Knoclis. I.ois Miller. Phil Sayre, Ben Hayes, Helen Kniiilscm, cliainnan: back — John Fery. Campus Chest: (below) front — Laird Koeni;;. Lee Patton, Ardene Reader: haek — Bill Robinson, Gordy Fisher. 387 I ' l HIICATION.S (al)ovel: frunt—Utf I ' lof. Minni. Harris. Nell Biid- ilirificr. X in Luke, hairnian : Amy Bjork : iiiiilillc — (_!arolyn Hitkox. lOUaiior C.arrett, Bea Fuller, Al Oomliie. l.cota Willi;:: hurk — Clydr l!i)iiiris(in, Boli Osterliind. Jack Price, (;eor!:e Astel, Phyllis Luvera, Vance Taylor. Ken Cole, John IHsart. MIIIKIK M) ACTIVITY CARD ( left l : Don Wall, Chet Mack, Al Kliikis, chairman. Nol pictnrcil: Boli Nnnn. (TI ri hllKS lal o el: l,„nt loaiin.- Moll, cliaiiinan: Marian Mills. SiiliMV Coslifian. Joanne Sii- ' inian. Joanne Colili; Inn I, Kvi-lvn ltd , l),,i,,ll,v liar-er. Ilarrv IMullips. Chel Ma.k, Dick Bovce. Marilxlli ler;:eiis. Muriel llur»il .. Kit I I ' llOMMS (l.ltl: v. ' ,i e( --Nuncy Del .er. C.loria Hopper. lanicc l:i ii: sltmilitin Marian Kiiinni. .Sjiaron Hui:erly. INTO M.iMilrry. IVusy Bauuh, Betty .Stainliuu):h, clinirnuin. 3»B HOOK. STOKE liOAKl); (ahuve)— Chuck Owens. Fae Palmer, Nelson Walilstioni, Cm I Vail, Lyie Goss, chairman; Vernon MeKenzie, Beverly Moore, Henry Burd, John Fery, Joe Cooper W BOOK: (right)— Lois Hagen, Jark Ehrig, Barbara Brace STUDENT ORGANIZATIONS: (ahovcl Scatcil—Mihhed Gellerman I ' hil Palmer, Shirlie Bourne, Margaret (ione: sluruling — Prof. Law rcnce Zillman. Arthur Martin. Hap Myers. HEALTH SERVICE ADVLSORY BOARD: (right) Seateil—Vnt Hall. Mary Mossman, Ann Johnson, chairman; Gloria Shelton; standing Art Griffin, Roger Meyer, Dr. (Jharles Lester, Vernon Tyler, Bert Houghum. 389 IIOl SE (OMMITTEF.: (Irftl 5 uf«- — Don Hanford. Pamela Pearce, nilv Hrimmrr. ihairnian: Anlcn Riess: standing — Jim Oxerlock, l .,nll.- .li. Esther Hc.lman. M.rl C.lanl. Jffi . U ' £J I OOD KK I( K: drill f(iliil KoImtI J. Hilliunl. ilwiiiinun; Nil- inia Sliiilry K. AmlriMHi: Mamlinn Kolit-rt N. KniliHB, I. mil-. !• ' . l- ' liiiv. KalliiNii Ciininiiiis. Diiiit; Di ' vin. .{«)() MIXER: (rifihl) Sliirlfv, Timniif Haiiorl. Huss FAans, I ' al Milli-r. iliairnian: l.cnoii- Au ii il, Taiil Kiivrui. • CONFERENCE HOUSING: Iripht) seated— John Piper. Lois M Artis Brown, chairman: Janice Eason: standing — Laurel Lund. May Berf;h. 391 S0C;IAL EVENTS: IjronO Marjor - Welier. Mildred Ccllcrman. Helen llaffman, Ixiis Gun- derson, (Carole Pearson, I ' am CJark. (Mair Ann Kopers. Leona Saunders: Imrk — Henr) ' Tal- sunii. Ralph Thorn, Jerry Norlinj;. Jim Sel- vidye, Bill Beck, ihairman: George Riehter, Robert Mansfield. ELECTION AND I.K(; 1. INIKUI ' liK r A- TIONS: (al.ovel .se«(e( — Barhara Whileh.-ad. | ehairman; stundirif; — Mildred Gellerman, Ray J Petersen, Marjorie Weber, Glen Thompson. ASllW BIII.DINC; I ' l.ANNINC;: (rinln) (MindersoM, Elcila llen-ini, Dorcas Finn, Don l.ylle. Iaiy l.o.i Scli«cil ,(T, t lli.r. k ()»ens. ' .nianiiels, cliaiiniaii. 392 Program Panel: ( right I seated — Lee Patton, chairman; Marianne Davis, Joan Thrasher, Jerald Jail: standing — Vir- ginia Jones, Walt Tohiason, Harry A. Holloway, Pat Miller, Katie Price. Cultural Events: (below) seated — Nancy Lou Gellerman, Virginia Jones chairman: Corky Cochran, Mary Ellcr Moody; standing — Deon Scotton, How ard Nostrand. 393 •M) I Bob Anderson. H . Herb EUison, seo ' " " ' ' TanT n enrber-a..Ur.e. The Associated Men Students, as ati integral part of the ASUW, serves as a coordinating body for all men ' s activities. Early on the year ' s agenda was the jointly si)onsored AWS- AMS Vocational Conference, bringing representatives of many fields of business and industry. Students interested in anything from the FBI to fashion desi gn heard of the o|)portunities ahead. Of interest to the ])ool room sharks were the AMS-sponsored Billiards Tournament and the appearance of nationally-known Charley Peterson, whose trick shots entertained a large crowd at the HUB in December. Always a big event of the year, the i ' istfest. held in Februarv. drew a large crowd to watch the mayhem in the ring. The proceeds from the modest admission fee for the Fistfest were used this year to award individual medals to the intramural teams. This was the first year that the plavers ' medals were given in addition to the AMS-spon- sored trophies given to the teams. Other AMS activities included sjionsorship of the intra- mural bowling leagues, and the showing of football movies, in cooperation with the Department of Intercollegiate Athletics. Further activities were added and dro])|ied as the needs arose, in order lo best ser e the men students at the I niversitv. 395 BILLIARDS TOl KNAMKNT (OMNNTTKE Ja.k Hal.-y i-rn Hall, i liairnian Bud Cornish MHI.ETIC AWARDS ( OMMITTKK (Front) Dnn Bart hoi nu-y (icor r Taylor, hairniaii iBmk) Pete W liiu- Bill Murray W li;U ( UM l COMMLI IKK Jim Rrifscs I iinis Rorlikr, rliairninn Iton kiiniio ' rrr ..( I ' i.luinl Don .lolul oll John Ni-lti-rlcf 396 ROWLING LEAGUE COMMITTEE (Front) Dale Anderson Kay OTarrell Bill Batts (Back) Bill Lurks, chairman Bud Shidelcr VOCATIONAL CONFERENCE COMMITTEE (Front) Bob Cushen Clare Hopper, chairman (Back) Dave Hiscock Jim Bloom Not Pictured Jerry Leach Ralph Blohm HIGH SCHOOL SPEAKERS COMMITTEE Don Johnson Clyde Cherberg, chairman Don Thoreson 39: Carolyn Hit-kox Kri iirding Sccretiiry y„,-i r,:,,t,nt Katie I ' riii- Corrt sixfndinf St ' crrltity Stkkssinc oi ' POHTl MTIKS for vvoiiu-n oil the cum|iiis was llic main olijective of the Associaled Women Studenls. This year the AWS licf- ' aii with an orienlatioii tea for freshnian women, and throuffhoLil the foolhall season sponsored corsaj e sah-s al f- ' aines. Later in the year their ari(iiis projeels were llie Kathei- l)aii;ih!er IJaiKluel. the Molher-Daiij hler Tea. a styh- show hehl in tlie spriiif; and a (ionncil House i ' arty. Tlie (loneerls (loin miltee pre.sented siicli well-known artists as kirslen I ' lai slal I . Arliiro Miehaelaiif- ' elii and Ifior (iorin. ' I " he h-a h-isiii|i of WX S is diiciled into three t e(iili e JMidies: tlie Council, which is made ii|i of the eliairmeii and as-islaiit ehairmcn ot llie i ominiltees; the (lajiinel. eoniposed ol all women ' s f;rou|is on eampus. and the ollieers. who meet uilli ihc Caliinel to form a poliey-inakini; hody. I ' roidenI Joanne Tartre re|)resenls .WX S in ail eani|ius arlivilies. Mamie Powers. ice-president, siiperx ises S flee- lions and lakes o er in Joanne ' s aiisence. Katie I ' riee. eorrcs- |)ondinfi secretary, handles correspontlenee, while the reeordiiift secretary, (iarolyn llickox. keeps records of AWS meetinf-s and files. The treasurer. Ann CaNin. handles all WX S finances. .{« » Bcssor, Mary l.ou Brink, Biiil o u N c I L Clevelanil. Mary J Conlon, Kathleen Cumins, Caila Johnson. Ann Jiidd, Mimi McCorkle, Jane Miller, Pat Mossman, Mary Olson, Jarine Opperman. Gayie Raport, Tinimie Robinson. Bev Rue, Barbara Spring, Sally Thrasher, Joan Willis, Shirley Witham, Dianne Council Not Pictured: Baker, Joan Bradford, Marilyn Brehm, Ellen Byers, Barbara Davis, Marianne Ebling, Marilyn Garrett, Eleanor Gibson, Charlyn Gerbel, Judy Gregory. Mary Lou Ferguson. Madelaine Fuller. Beatrice Hail, Alice Johnson, Shirley Johnston. Betty J. Kronick. JoAnn Lemieux. Mary Lightfoot. Charlotte McNamee, Elizabeth Middlekauf, Barbara Miller, Kay Miller, Lois Moody. Mary Ellen O ' Brien. Eileen Parker, Jackie Ramaker, Nancy Schrouder, Carol Smith, Mary Smith, Ramona Surry, Gretchen Swartz. Gloria Viele. Barbara Witt. Temple Wolfe, Leonne Zener, Gail Front: Alice Phipps. Helen Langer. Mary Maxwell. Katie Price, Mar- nie Powers, Joanne Tartre. Back: Bev Robinson, Martha Pool- ton. Dorothy Cunningham. Bonnie Maines. Ann Cavin. Carolyn Hick- ox, Shirley Willis. Phyllis Luvera, c A B I N E 399 KM) MASTER FILES: Marian Kiiinni, Carol Sluiha.l,, Mary Mossman, chairman; Eleanor C.arrrtt. Delores Holn es. Serena Cole. HONOR GUESTS Shirley Johnson Carla Cummins Marianne Davis 401 102 HOUSE ANNOUNCEMENTS: Diane Gellerman, Marilyn Hicl;. ' eHav, Ann I.onj, .larine Olson. Joanne Kronick, Joan ■ Hulleruorlh. Jan llartl.-v. Pat Ilol(lerl)y. I ' -OOTBALL CORSAGES Joyee Wiley Mary Lou Bessor, chairman Eileen O ' Brien COED COUNSELORS Judy Gerbel Mary Lou Gregory Timniie Raport. rhairman Pe-Siy Mace Nancy Lyon EASHION BOARD Nancy Newton Betty Latimer Bojay Proctor lane McCorkle, chairman Janet Cowderoy 403 l -l. J , ORIENTATION: Nan. y I.ep. Deloros Sompii. Lois Millei. Mary Jo (!lc eland, cliairnian: Nancy C.raliani. Mariiii-tli Mertiens. .MarilH th Kallliascr. FROSH STANDARDS: Row One— Alice Mailov. Kathleen Olixer. An- ilrey I.ind icn. Sue (lark. Row Two: Marihcth lialthaser. Kay Miller. Minii Judil. cliaimian: Klizal)ctli McNamee, Barbara Slowe Row Tlircv: Nancy Lee. Mariliell; Merj-ens, Gerri AnderM)n. Mary Anne Holt, Betty Brandstrom. How Four: Iris Gillireath. Virfiinia Ivanko itch. Frames Graves, I ' liyliis Tucker, Marilyn Dean, Shirley Moore. OFFICE PERSONNEL: «- A— Shirley Meslier. Marilyn Kropt. .lackie Carpenter, chairman: Joanne Colili. Ann o{;tlin. Diane Hardy. Marjorie Whitman, Jackie .Swanliurt;; mn - Nell Budinger, I ' al Boyle, . nn Friedlander, Barhara Scholl. STANDARDS (left) : Nanne Mulvey, Lee Saunders, Jackie Parker. A nes Festin, Harhara Middlekanff. Pani Clark, chairman: Joanne Tarlre. Liz ELECTIONS (rij;li|l: I ' lunl NLiriKn M,t . M.i.l.line Fer-uson. |)e (,)ue li: (-;. , CmsI. ' i.nn.nL . Liii im.mi. 101 Publications Editor: Margaret AUeger 405 EDITOR mcHlEB Ldimr. s,;ui,,l hall: .lolin K. (;il)Mn: Editor, first half: Amy Bjork Hi;iNC KDITOK OF THK Daii. is no iiiiri ' liiiriniiiiy lillr as hoth Amy Bjork and John (Jilixin cMri Icll nu. The cdildr is the master-mind hoth in kee|iiM the liiiT rnnninj; Mrmnllilv Mrnl the cam|nis readers ha|i|)v. As editor lor the first half of the year. Amy Itjork helil a uni(|iie position amorif; Daily editors. She was the first woman to hold the position dnriii ' any [leriod (d peace. Acti e outside o( the Daily shack Amy is a memher (d Mortar Board. Totem (!ImIi. president of Theta .Sij;ina I ' hi. and Sif;ma I ' .psilon Sifrma. as well as campus coluimiist for a downtown paper. I.ikaliic .lohn (iilison edited tin- paper during the second half of the school year. JAcn thmijih Senior Inolli.ill Manager. John filled iji as associate editor at the end of the half. Oyal (!lul . Purple Shield. Si ;ma Delta (llii. Managerial (louneil and hi I ' si claim John as a memlu ' r. Daily worker all throujih colU-e. lio d Oliver handle.l the associate editor ' s joli dtirin;; the first half. He is also a memher (d () al (duh. Siiima Delta Chi and Theta Chi. ! ' rank Wet el served a .issociate editor dnrinj; the second hall id the year. Idle a luemlier of Sigma Delta Chi and I ' hi K.ippa Sigma I ' rank did the j(d of writing editorials and checking ' op for the l)ail . Mr. " A. " or William Aslel aiKisi-.l the stafl on the inanv pr ddcms eonlronting a large campus newspapei, 406 Top to bottom — Floyd Oliver. Associate Editor, first half. Franl Wetzel. Associate Editor, second half. William Astel. Faculty Advisor. 407 I.cjl to right — Ken Munsuii. John Auran. Helen Lander. Muriel Kelly, Urad ounp. Joe Slate. F " rank Slone; ron — 1 ■■.,i Mr.i Saari ami Riilh Crolv. - " tu r g " — lark C.reen. Sherman Mitchell, Kiith Simon, Naney Jo Thorn- ;i . Hetty Osborne, Don MeCiillofih, Fred Unilin, E l Brown, Kr»in Jensen, Mar- iM IVtal, Te l Caillier, Rark Kii C.recnlaw, Joe Hamanaka, Nick ()slro olo«, Dick Anderson, tieeil Sharp: front - I ' at Heck, Clarice Ek- liin.l. Rvn.n Kklund. 408 Front — Jerry Engebo, George Walker. Bob Quiikstad, F " ied Me fcac c— Bob Ailing and Bob Pickrell. Front — Jim Vince. Vein Mathews. Kay Bradsbaw, Vanie Taylor: back — George Blomdahl. Frank Allen, jobn Thompson. Bob Ben- son, Jim Smith and Bill Merry. Junior Journalists To i.EAK.N ihe many phases of newspaper work all third year journalism students work on the Daily staff at least one quarter. Editorial majors divide their time between newspaper writing, magazine writing. r nV ing and photography lahs. and radio writing. Advertising JJ " s spend two quarters selling ads for the Daily and Columns and one quarter writing for the Daily. Throughout the year a 3.0 grade point is required of ail JJ-s. 409 Hii lnrss Miiniigcr Julin Dysarl D Aiir. BUSINESS Operating apart from the editorial staff of the Daily, the business office is under the ASUW Pul - iications Coniniitlee. Its activities include sellieii; advertisirif. ' . making up ads. and placing national advertising. It has one of the largest classified de- partments in college newspapers. hile the business office is run for the proift of the paper and its advertisers, it provides training positions for seniors in journalism. John Dysart. this year ' s business manager, is looking forward to a career in newspaper advertising. Al (Irombie. the advertising manager for the first half of the year. is graduating in edilorial journalism. Moth (!harles Wallers, the secoiul half aiKertising manager, and I ' lill (ilark. llii ' national manager, will look for lliiii tulurc In -lime form of adverlisini:. Illllir sinll fin ( li.jr, I ' m .Ic.aimr Nylirrc Hfr- iiiii ' Kill;);. .Siisiin SIiiih. ri Vc iiiiinani-r : Aim KniM, Mini- Kn Va);s|{iff. MiuIImi rllii Kllnv Diilaii. Nan Knii.l-.Mn All iiiiiinril Sylvia i|n l r 11.1 Itill I laik IIU 411 COL V M N S Kal| h Hulin-.(ud : lill liiiiM.-i aixl Knin .S| km m Mu 112 There were many h a. :;3 stirring the Columns ])ot this year, Init the biggest set of knuckles belonged to the edi- tor. Ralph Holmstad. Joining the editor in making each issue a " special " were Jim Durgan. writer of funny stories; Bob Root, writer of funny articles; Chuck Ma- haffay. a stand-by in the music and entertainment depart- ment; Bill Collins, wiiter of football stories. Other writ- ers rating by-lines were Nancy Thomas. Russ Austin. Mischa Schwartzman. Dean Goodman. Bob Wright. Bruce Nordquist. Robert E. Jones. Cecil Webb. Vance Taylor. Chuck Cockelreas. Chuck Dunsire. Fran Stoeckerl, Bill Merry. Gordon Rothwell. Ken Calkins and Joe Slate. Artists enlivening each Coumns ' page were Gordon Anderson. CAen Mickaels. Dick Allison. Ernest Schwiddc. Mac Burg. Bill McLean. Pat Critchfield. Bill (lallacci. Carolyn Hickox. Dick Larsen. Don Gibbons. Laird Koe- nig. INancy Lou Gellerman. Bob Quickstad. Elaine Holm- stad. Bob Cram and Don McKeehen. Hal Kaminske and Leonard Saari worked with Vic Lattin of the ASL Vi ' Photo Staff in providing unique [(hoto shots for the Columns. An stall — (left) Laird Koenij;. Pat Ciitilifiild. Nancy Lou Gellerman, Bill Gallaici. Mar Bin;;. Bob Quickstad. » (er.s— (below) Cecil Weblj, Bob Wrijilit. Mischa Schwartzman, Bruce Noiil(|iiist anil Ko!i- ert E. Jone.s. Other writers — (bottom) Chuck Maliaffay. Nancy Thomas, Chuck Cockelreas ami IViss Austin. 413 ASUW Jim Green way t ;. ' .,-. ' lilnin.lalil. I.uh Mniwur Si. I I).;,n h I illin 414 photographers Serving the ASUW with cameras and men for any time and place is the job of the ASUW photos;ra])hers. With new equi])- ment and more lab room this year, the " Photographers " have been able to meet deadlines of all three ])ublications — Daily. Co umns and Tyee. Managing the lab for his second year is George Blomdahl, a graduating senior in journalism. While busv with his many activ- ities George can always be depended upon to have contacts or enlargements out for the most hard-pressed editor. Putting in his third year on the staff, Sid Dean combines his job of keeping equipment in top shape with his major in political science. Vic Lattin, Daily photographer during ' 49 summer ses- sion, does freelance work while not shooting a Columns " model. Using his experience in pictorial advertising. Jim Greenway works both for the ASUW and downtown i)a])er:;. Being the youngest staff member. R. H. ' " Andy " " Anderson did his apprenticeship dashing to the pavilion for sports shots. DeWayne Sharp, known in both the men ' s and women ' s gyms, will use his talents in teach- ing high school journalism. Two more newcomers to the lab are Bill Staley and Bob Bergere. both with experience in high school photography. The most useful member of the lab. however, is Gerhard C. " Joe " Johanson. chief engineer in charge of lab fumi- gations. No one else hangs up more negatives or dries more jirints than faithful " Joe. " Robert Bergere " Joe " Johanson workini; in the lal). 4i: t lulilnr: Kcii (mI,- Assn, iuir Eililui : Itra ImiII Assiiciulv Eilildi : TiriiiMii- Uiiinn I 416 Ojjice Manager fniternine Raroona Sororities Pat Loudo " Social Season PeggV Maiiiaret . Publico " " " ' Eleanor Gavrell ,,,,ooU and Colleges ,;,U.n Anderson Classes patYoWotn lonoraries Ar lkeBurn -v n sl,oIsandCoUer MarvLouBessor Adnunistrat ' " " SVW Ass ' S Managing to keep his 3.0 while editing the Tyee seems like a big job to anyone but Ken Cole. An eager Tyee man from way back. Ken has capably handled all female editors and printers with the utmost of ease and journalistic kno s-hovv. While not tuning his mystery two-part radio. Ken pulls a Simon on us. letting " llie whip " sail through the air with the exclamation. " It ' s got to go to [iress on time! " Majoring in transportation. Ken plans to use his talents in the business world after graduation next winter. Ken is the first junior man in many years to edit the Tyee. Serving as right and left-hand women were Bea Fuller and Timmie Raport. asso- ciate editors. While not conversing about her marriage plans or working on activities, Bea guided the office staff with amazing dexterity, as well as scheduling " picture days " at Gradys. Timmie. another activity gal. combined the presidency of her house. AV( S and speech work with her many Tyee hours, spent reading copy and keeping things running smoothly. These girls earned a lot more than their eagerly-awaited (pant, pant) monthly checks indicated. The versatility of Bill McLean ' s artistic brush is seen in the beautiful opening section. Bill spent his Christmas vacation producing the first twenty-five pages of art. Doing the work of two. or even more. Mike English, sports editor, kept his twelve workers at a constant pace turning out si)orts copy and contacts. Joey Cobb did a good job getting office workers for the Tyee. Working hard to give the Creek section a new slant were Ramona Smith and Andy Harris, which they did. Pat Loudon con- verted the social seasons " section into an outstanding one. Katie Price and her assist- ant. Peggy Mace, did an equally good job «ith the huge ASLW section. Keeping track of ' lournalists. junior and otherwise, was Margaret Alleger. Following Eleanor Garrett ' s footsteps. Ardie Burnham turned schools and colleges into a major section. Helen Anderson kept the large section on classes out of chaos. And keeping up Tyee standards. Mary Lou Bessor edited the administration section. Patty Folsom did " honor " to the honorary section. 417 r t a I Ai. v s 1 ii.i.Ki) with people the Tyee office in 118 Lewis offered aclivily points for freshmen as well as dates for the next weekend. I5ut many hard- sorking people with as many hours to their credit together sent this years Tyee to |)ress. In the ii| per left-hand corner are the office girls: Pat Morrison. Joan Heck. (!arol Merg. Uexerly Ful- ton. Shirley W izer. Joan Francis. I ' al ( ' .ill. Joan l o man. .Sidney Cosligan. Other girls givi-ig their time hut not pictured arc Joan (fallow. Greta Mock. Dolores Miller. Mary Tipke. Homiie Oosse. F " .laine Coar. joamie Hlake. Helping to |)roduce the large s|)orts .section is no small jol). Working on the section were l oh Mever. crew: (!huck Dunsirc. haskcthall: Harvey licrgcron. sports or- ganizations: Leo (larlson. track. The next picture in- cludes Doug Devin. skiing: Ghuck Hoonan. foothall: Dean Scolton. intramurals: I ' ollv Pat Price, women s|)orts. At the hottom of the page are Kuss Austin, social .season: (iharles Jacohson and his assistant Hob Mathers, independent men ' s section: and Mike Dcderer. haseliall minor sports. ol pictured arc (ieorgc llcancy and Hill Downie who res|iectively edited at d photographed the swimming sec- lion. Also, the golf section owes its existence to Norm Knudscn. Ill ihc ccrilcr arc Jacipiic f ro-l ami M;ii I. on ini- nicrman who edited the chili.- section: next arc Joan son. puhlicalions: anil Hill ( allacci. another mem- ■r of ill! ' art staff. Hill ' s work is seen on the minor l lon pages. 418 Assistants Top left are Bob Beatty and Lois (junderson. editors of the AMS and AWS sections respectively. Next are Kalhy Oliver. Audrey Hopfensperger and Gloria Moceri who produced the radio and discussion and drama sections. Art Hansen, in the upper right (inside), is another tal- ented artist. Art ' s beautiful work is seen on the four major division pages. (Don ' t spend all your time, like we did, admiring the double spreads of his. ) Bill Lycett, next to him, assisted with the fraternity section. In the next group are Virginia King and Dolores Pear- son who edited the women ' s dorms section: and Beverly Bartleson and Mary Sue Hallowell. editors of the inde- pendent women ' s section. Assisting with different phases of Tyee work are Pat Gilpin, schools and colleges; Peggy Lawton. AWS; Se- rena Cole, music; Beverly Blyth. sororities: in front are Joanne Russell, schools and colleges: and Alberta Wil- kinson. AWS. Other Tyee assistants are Jewell Kckels, ])ublications: Joyce McCorkle, sororities; Anita Dykeman. social sea- son; Nancy Delzer, publications; Patsy Knipe. music; Elaine Ryan (editor of music section), and Val Whitta- ker of women ' s sports. 419 MvMd.rM. the financial headache of ihe Tyee was Boli Oslerlund. a Tyee worker from way hack. With the aid of his slaff Hoh managed the advertising, suhscrijitions. indexing, and page contracts of the Tyee. Workina with him were Klroy Miller as advertising manager and the staff of Henry Whitney, keith McKen ie. Hexerlv John- ston. Laura Ann (;oon. Vivian (iriffilh. Dehora Lenci. Diane Dick. . ony Clark. (Carroll Davis, and Jackie Short. The office staff was headed by Sue Schemer an l lidlv I.alirncr. Biislnrss MdiKi er, (M.Tluri,! YE E B U S IN ESS Ailiriiisini- Miijl li,-M-ih .li.linslori. n laii (.nllilli. hniia iiii (..on II.mi Wliiln.-yan.lKriil, M.K.n .ir. Ojlire Mdiiaitrrs U.iiy l.alimrr ami Su.- rici . Ollirr k (7,v Im.Im-I Mail. Kianr l)i,k. SvKia i|M-r. joaiiii I r.a.lvv.ll I,,,, in, N.-WSDIII. Advfrli.sinn M,w,i !rr Klri. lillr, 420 Social Sea so n Editor: Pat Loudon Queen Photographer: Donn Shaw Studio 421 f y hfj ' fr ( V vr Ulfly (lUt£I1...1949 HOfllECOflllflG (jUftfl ; W miss veRsiiy nOOnUGHI GIRL Of PHI SIGl iPPfl Jiff (j ufjjf rr fffj? PI Heppe fiLPHfl mm m. y t ' O ' imiay ca ■ ii ' rrlnr ' UJIOItR CflROlVflL OUftfl %mmm of siemfl chi CHI PHI OUEfll ty (fjinf . (ff { . ' )J0 IV V ' lair (O ' .yai ' H ' JfJ ' jf) [iflvy BUfffis 430 n e jjia 1 ilryiei nom SCflBBflfiO m BLADE OUffO Sophomore Carnival Willi i:i. ui (. I ' . A. systems and l)rifihtly painted signs, the 1919 Soplio- niore (Carnival again attracted record crowds to the pavilion. First ])lace winners for the doubles were Aljiha Phi and Delta Tau Delta (lop left I . Al|)ha Tau Omega (lower left) won the men ' s singles while (iamma Phi Beta (lower right) took top honors in the women ' s singles. Placing second 111 the doubles were Delta Zeta and Phi Kappa Tau (center right). The committee for the 1950 (Carnival (center left) includes (front row ) : Nancy Lee. Rob Edgers, Charlotte Small. Marilyn Bradford: (back row) Dirk alker. Sam (!lark. Jim Bloom. John Proctor. Dick Morgan. Wayne Tinilicrlake was camera shv. I. ' {2 Songfest and Mardi Gras It iniini ' .s Diiisiim lliiinrrs: Leader, f-luuliitte ll.iu h land; front; Alyssc Oehsner, Ardclle Nelson. Iris (iil- breath, Gwen Felkins, Jo Anne Brotherton, Ann Lonii. Francis Joslin, Shirley Peterson, Ruth Ihlanfeldt: hack: Lorraine Young, Marilyn Jones, Nancy Ford, Mary Jean Hausien, Geneva MeKinstry, Gloria Swartz, Lenore Shep pard. Eileen Flower, Barbara Raher, Patricia Roja . Men ' s Diiisiiin II i unci i: Leader, Don Thnlean; front: Duane Duxhury, Russell .Stensrud, Warren Jones, ken Peterson, Ray Adams, Frank Clinton, Don Best, Glifton Stear: haik: Ceoijie Talhot, Don Toevs, Peter Rinear- son, Russ Coffnian. I ' hilip Laudan, LeRoy Kirsop. Ken Dean, Van Sherman, .Art Summers. 433 I ' lKvuiiKl) foresters vere a coninioii si ilit around cam|nis in llie week precediiif; ( arlt Dav. October 21. The title. " " Oie. king of Loggers. " was at stake. as the higgers showed their skill in contests of hucking. log-rolling. wood-cho|)|iing. tree-climlting and heard-growing. Fred Michelotte is shown at center right, and at center left Jim Herold is having his champion heard measured hy Mrs. (Gordon Marckwf)rlh. Vi ith the highest score of the day. I " . I). .Schmidt, shown at lower left, was crowned Ole. King of Log- ers at the Logners brawl. International Banquet A (doi) oi.D-i vsuroNKi) American Thanksgiving dinner started off tlie fifth International Banquet. More than three hundred students from abroad, faculty members, and representatives from the various organized groups allended. The committee which did all the work is pictured at the right. From left to right are: Sid Dean. Ausil Butter- field. Eleanor Marine, Aristine U ' eed. Margaret Norton, Ray Home. ' ally Lockwood, Carolyn Daughters, Ann Swanson. Vt ' ing Luke, Bob Gibson, Kay Buschmann, and Eileen Bigelow. 43S HOMEC HUSKIES tRldS ,,OJ.,S TRIED ™»t™TEO.»«SL« Rrni OK SIKI BBTTK Tin; LDMMlTTKK. pictiiied at upper lefl worked long and hard to make Homecoming a success. Seated are: Gail Zener. programs: Tom Ortli. chairman, and Charlotte Small, vice-chairman. Standing are: Jack Ekrig. |)ul)licily. and Bob Scott, arrangements. Sally Frcslridge. decora- tions and Bob Loeb. finances, are the missim; links. V( omen ' s DIVISION ' WINNERS of the annual Home- coming sign were the Chi Omegas. Their winning sign is shown at top center. Hecci in;; honorable mention in the women ' s division wore the Zeta Tau Alpha ' s sign, pictured at left, and the Kappa Alpha Thela ' s sian. shown at bollon I. •II. 36 IMING 437 Song and Stunt Night Where else could a person see the four big hits of Broadway but at Meany Hail? " Give My Regards to Broadway " was the theme of Totem Club ' s annual Song and Stunt Night. ith vim and vigor the Frosh rom])ed through their version of ' ' Kiss Me Kate. " Tiie Sophs added their interpretation of " Carousel. " Their tuneful hit " Okla- homa. " won the song award for the Juniors. The Seniors were awarded the sliiril |irizc for tlicir ciilorful version of " Soulh Pacific. " As Usual, the nevs Toleni Club jiledges were introduced during intermi.ssion at Song and Stunt Night. This year ' s ])ledges were Mar- gie L omax, Joanne Holt. Barbara Viele. Bea Fuller. Eileen Bigelow. Jackie Parker. Aiui Beutley. Bullie Burmaster. Judy Gerbcl. Phyllis I.uvera. j ' .li abeth MacNamce. and I ' ae Palmer. 438 It was " Circus Daze " ' at the Sand Point Country Club on February 11 for Arcliilcc- ture students and tlieir fiuests. Clowns, lion tamers, fat ladies, bearded ladies, ringmasters, and eevrything under the Hig Top were every- where in evidence at the annual Architects Bali. Who else but Atelier, that exclusive or- ganization for architects at the Utiiversity of asiiinglon. could ha e llionght of such a thing From all reports liie dance was a regu- lar circus. (See pictures.) Architect ' s Ball Rkmkmbkr the rCHT of the Vari ily Ball when you (laiKcd hij:h above the clouds al " ( luh IVii ' .house " to ihc music of Jackie SouHi-rs and his liand Do yon renieni- lier prelly Marilyn Khiinj; wh o was ( )ueen of ihe Hall? Of course you remember, jusl as if it were last night. And yiiii probably recall the liufre champagne glass with champagne liubbling into it from a giant bottle sus- pended from the ceiling. Do you know, however, the committee, headed by chairman Gordon Schroeder, which put in so much time and effort to make the Varsity Hall a dance to remem- ber? They are pictured below: Hack — George Benzon. torky Gochrane. Jim Bloom. Shirley Mesher. Howard Jacobson: jroni — Janet Von Lossow. Denise Bubicam. I ' livllis Tucker. Barbara Henderson. Gordon Schroeder. 440 Varsity Ball 441 Winter Carnival I ' kwkkk sn(i v M) Bi.iE SKiKS fireeled Husky skiers at Stevens Pass February 18-19 fur the winter sports carnival sponsored liy H SC;. Norma Lea Straley. carnival (pieen. reigned over races, movies, danrinj. ' and a nif. ' ht skiing show a popular two days of fun for everyone. Saturday afternoon two races, the costume and handicap, were held, followed that evening by the crowning of the queen on a ihroiie of ice. covered with fur and lit by colored lights. The queen and her court. Princesses Trieva Kinsey. -Shirley Pierce. (Jeraldine (Jrecileaf. Lois Haver and irgiiiia Schwaegler were entertained b an cxhibitinn of colored pallertis made bv night skiers with colored flares skiing down an unlighlcrl liill (Imi-n .,riii;! I m Stralev closed the dav with awards to the race winners. 442 This m: k ' s Ai.i.-lJ-Smiu. " Ilcrf ' s How. " was a scll-oiil siiiasli liil tliul made money for llic first litiic ill years. Tlie sliou [liayed lo a full house at Meaiiy Hall for two iii lils. I ' roiii Meaiiy the show went on to play to an enthusiastic stiidetit aiiilienre at Renton High School. " Here ' s How " was built around the theme of a college drama class learning how to |imI on a revue type show. Each scene in the show pre- sented a different type of prolilem. To carry out this idea the ]irograins were printed on hlue hooks. This show liad the liiggest and best of every- thing. It had a cast and stage crew of one- hundred and twenty-five, with the best dance line and best costuming of any of the All-U- Shows ever presented. Under the capable guid- ance of student director ally McDonald and choreographers Liz Thompson and Freddie X il- lerford. the show came close to being a profes- sional performance. All US ho w 443 Scabbard and Blade 444 Ring Dance Navy custom and tradition, dating from Annapolis, annually hails the Compass and Chart Ring Dance, this year held at the Sand Point Commissioned Officers " Club. Class rings are di])ped in water im- ported from the " Seven Seas ' " by mates of junior class members. NROTC staff members select a queen from the attending women, and the awaited announcement coincides with the arrival of King Neptune ' s official messenger who bears a scroll extolling the qualifications and virtues of the King Dance Queen. Kay O ' Farrell was 1949 queen and Nancy Lee Newton was queen of the 1950 Ring Dance. Admiral H. H. Good, USN, and Captain C. D. Emory, USN, present roses to Queen Nancy Lee Newton. Joanne Workosky dips the rin;; of Gary. Arheson in the " Binnacle " prior to " the ceremony. " Krnm " Ring Salads " on up. Eight of llii- many lovely lovelies (front) 445 Adelphi Socials PlCTLHKI) are a {iroup of Adelphi nietnliers at Taurus iiul)c-lia|)lcr ' s lliird annual " La Fiesta " dance held at the West Seattle ■ " ' dm April 8. Throughout the year, other chapters iiave tripped the light fantastic at a series of costume dances. Qui sui)- cha|)ter held a " Hoiio Hop. All members were kindly re- quested to wear their oldest duds. Tillicum members danced to the military strains of a " Canteen dance. All sorts of uniforms were ac- ceptable, from (livil War suits to World War III uni- forms if anyone was so in- genious as to rig one up. The annual all-Adelphi Pledge IJall was held in the Meany Hotel following a lavish Initiation dinner. Adel|)his danced to the smooth refrain of Johnny Heitz. Late in the Spring. Qui sponsored a Waffle Hreak- fast for all Adelphis as the last ' cl-lo ctlicr of ihe year. Junior Prom Sthkss was placed on a fun-packed yet inexpensive evening when the Junior Class platnied their ainiual blast enti- tled " It s Madness. " The motto was ti forget finals and have fun. and every- one really did. W hen couples arrived at I III ' .Spanish Castle, site of the affair. lhr were given novelty programs with inii iature beer steins attached. Hecora- tions were carried out in this same theme. Dean Scotton saw to it that there was an abundance of good music, and Joe Stone. Liz Finger and Mary Jo Cleveland arranged for a bew of stunts and intermission entertainment. Jack I ' .hrig also arranged lor entertaiiunent. Marilyn Metz had charge of the budget and finance. Hon Weaver, programs; l ob Quickslad. publicity : Sallv Spring, honored guests: and headin : the whole affair was Art Sirandlicrg with Marbara Uo ' i-iiad as his cfficii-nt secrcl;ir . COMMITTKK: llwl. in„ ll(,l, (»iii,k»l;i.|. I).„i ( IrMl.Hi.l. I.i.k KliM " , rl MriiM.II,, Del. W.av.-i: I, .ml , irii ; Iliii ' imra Rogslml 446 Senior Week Tin; Umvkksity ok Washington ' s mid- (■(■iiliiiy firaduatitifr class was properly fcU ' d duriiij; Senior Vt eek. June. I95(). Festivities started with the Baccalaure- ate Service in Meaiiy Hall, and ended with (iornnienccnient Kxercises in I ' .d- niundsoM Pavilion. In hetween, the liusy seniors waltzed merrily at their Prom planned by Klelcher Burris. chairman, which was held in the Olympic Hotel. They feasted at the annual Senior Ban- quet under the chairmanship of Bev Robinson, and jiarticipated in the tradi- tional Ivy Planting (Ceremony. Then, be- fore they retired to rest their weary feel and carefully frame their sheepskins, thev gathered at a final reception in .Sylvan Theatre to receive congratula- tions from parents and friends. COMMITTEE: Second roM — Fletcher Burris, Denny MacGougan, Al K lukis, Scott Cassill, chair- man; first row — Jeanette Lifihtle, Judy Thompson, Ardene Reeder, Bev Robinson, Barbara Viele. Tolo " Ti ' KN-ABOUT IS FAIR 1 ' lay " particularly when it ' s girl take boy to the Annual Mortar Board Tolo. This year ' s gala affair entitled " Off the Deep End " was held at the Civic Auditorium which was turned into a gigantic ocean floor com- plete with under-water denizens to cre- ate a sea fantasy. A down-to-earth Spring Quarter note was added with diving boards which were extended from the balconies out over the floor. Patly Proctor was general chairman of the dance. Something new in attire was added this year. Girls were decked out in their first cottons of the season and their fel- lows wore sport suits. All the proceeds from the Tolo were given to the Mortar Board scholarship fund. This scholarship is awarded annu- ally to the most deserving junior or sophomore woman. The week before Tolo. the following girls were tapped for pledging, wearing the traditional caps and gowns on cam- |nis for two days: Kay Bradshaw. Jac- queline Carpenter. Ann Gavin. Mariamie Davis. Janet Enge. Carolyn Hickox. Dayis Holcomb. Jane McCorkle, Marilyn Metz, Pat Miller. Timmie Kaport. Carol Heilley, Judy Reynolds. Sally Spring. Dianne Whitham, Shirley Willis and Gail Zener. 447 A. W. S. Sponsors Music at the Meany K.iii; i,(ii;i 1.1,1,. -;,„:; al Ih.- Mr,,, IV W ,, Iil-mIuV evening, April 5, and witli liini ap- peared University soprano Virginia Johnson. KIRSTEN FLAGSTAD — This fa- mous soprano appeared Monday evening, Oitober 24 and performed a brilliant repertoire. jl M AKTl HOMK IIKI.ANGKI.I This young Italian pianist rharmed the eapaiity auilii-nre at Meany Thurs- day evening, February 2. Office of Lectures and Concerts presents . . . ln,.i Trio October 21-22 ll„,,-.,,i.l„ U,l lllrl January 2() 44« Augna Kill, 1- Mar.h I ' ro Miisiia Aniiguii Oitober 2H-2y Theater and the Arts Editors: Audrey Hopfensperger, Drama Gloria Moceri and Kathleen Oliver, Radio, Discussion Elaine Ryan, Music 449 TlIK PKNTIKtrSKTllKVTKK i llio first |p|a liiiusj- CMT to lie lf if!iu ' (l and l uilt (or the presetitatio ' i of drawinp- room plays in circus style. It is prop- er that it should lie erected on the I uiversilv of ashiri !ton campus for it was here that this style of play production originated. Others use this ini-lliod. liut none hayc gone so far as lo create a theater for this special purpose. Our theater is the climax of cijiht years of successful experience. In the autunui of 19. ' i2 the School of Drama made its first production of this l pe in the drawinj;-room of Mr. and Mrs. T. F. Mur|)hy ' s jieiithouse atop the F.dmond Meany Hotel. Un- der the superyision of (ilenn Hu :hes. plans were made in 9 ' Mi for a jter- manent Penthouse Theater on the cani|)us. P e n t h o u s e l. 0 The i)relimiiiary |)laiis for the |iieseiil theater were prejjared by the taf ' f of the School of Drama. The building is a beauliful exaiiiiiie of functional architecture- it is perfect- ly symmetrical. Construction began in September. 19S9, and the theater was formally o|)ened on May 16. 1940. and immediately assumed an important place in the social life ol the city. This unique unit has an el- liptical stage ])laced on the center of the auditorium, wliich seats 170 per- sons in three rows of seats encircling the stage. Top left: The Fatal If eak- ness — played from August 11 to Sep- tember 17. Circle left: The Joyous Season — played from December 8 to January 21. Below left: This Happy Breed — played from September 22 to October 29. Top right: The Beaii ijiil People — played from June ' 50 to August 6. Below: The Girl From Idaho by Glenn Hughes — played from January 26 to March 4. Circle right: Hay Fever — played from No- vember H to December 3. Thr luiKil II Mary Taiitli-st. Terry Wellington, Robert Edheri;, .Saranii Breene. Th eater 451 TiiK Sin MH(i T Tmkxtkh. unique atiil licauliful. is in many respects a niixicl llu-aler. Its sellinj; is ideal, ils ciesifiTi a ha|i|iy hlendin ' : of llie old and llie new. An ideal walerfronl seltinj; with perfect accommodations and complete technical equipment. The theater. althou !h resemhlin;: a vessel, is constructed on a permanent foundation of |)ilin,ir. It is 100 feet Ion-: and 1!! feet wide. The stafie lniildin . ' is ,50 feet hi h. The audito- rium seats 220. The center area of the staue floor is a revol in disc 27 feel in diameter, permitlini; a rapid chaiifre of scenes. A plaster dome at the hack of the stage provides a ])er- manent sky for outdoor effects. An elaliorate switchboard is remotely controlled beneath the stage; and a public address system broadcasts the CI. -la Hn-ds lllltlllc nii ( III ilx-iiscn. Showboat rilr U„sl llnul: l.,.lll» V.Mlllo, (;.-(.l ;ia I ' cll-rl 432 performances through speakers in all dressing rooms and offices of the theater. Combining the intimacy of a small theater and the novelty of a unique setting, the Showboat Theater is known throughout the nation as a highly successful project in univer- sity dramatic effort. Top left: An- other I ' art of ihr Forest — played from December 1 to January 7. Cir- cle left: The Hasty Heart — played from September 8 to October 1.5. Below left: Playboy of the Western World - ' played from October 20 to November 26. Top right : Two Blind Mice — played from January 12 to February 18. Circle right: Ah, Wil- derness! — played from June 2 to July 16. Below: Bon Voyage by (fienn Hughes — played from A|)ril 21 to Mav 28, 1949. Tu,i Blind Mkr: Loiii.s Ve.stiit i, Mary si, Barliara Noucll. Viryinia Kouland Th eater 453 TiiK I ' mvkksity of SHi r.To s Tdi king Thk tkr was established in 1917 to take to Washington comniii- nilies certain of the selected dramas previously availahle only in campus playhouses. The project was sug- gested hy repeated demands from xhools throughout the slate. Touring Theater plays are presented in the local high school auditorium in mati- nee and evening performances. Plavs selected for the first state tour were Mdcln ' th and Slit ' Sloops to Conqui-r. Vor the second .season the repertory included one classic and one modern play Till- Rivals and Hlillw Spirit. This ear the stage hill included The Tiiniin oj till ' Shri ' w. top left: .Had- diii (ind the U ondvrjul Lump, lielow left: and ears .4fit . below. During the first season. 9 |)erformances were given in ninelv-four cities and louns. including two in Oregon and two in British Columbia. The num- Taming oj the Shrew: (Jloiia Miller, Wayne Carson. Patrick O ' Riian, Richard Cooper. To u r t n g Abehlin: Hailon Tiillcfson. Itiirkar.l. llrr.l W lu-.-ler )e ,rs Ann: .I.m m linikai.l. Crial.l lallii . (.Liria lillr, IT) I ber of performances is ever increas- ing. The ])Iayers are on the road from Sejitemher through May. Mem- bers are given sul)sistence i)ay and they are graduate and advanced stu- dents in the School of Drama. A large passenger bus and a semi- trailer van transport members of the cast and the necessary scenery and proi)erties from city to city. Flexible unit settings and special costumes are designed for plays under schedule, ad a portable lighting system is car- ried with the troupe. This year the cast consisted of twelve members, thre of whom were girls. They are their own technicians and often work under great hardships. Top right |jhoto shows members of the cast in make-shift dressing room applying their make-up. Below is an actor dou- bling as a lighting technician be- tween his scenes. Relow right is a group in t he jjrocess of loading the van after a play. Thculie: Wayne Carson, William Crossett. liartim TnlltlsiiTi. Alfred Wheeler, Patrick 0 " Brian. Theater Richard Cooper 455 Thi: (;iim.i)kk s Thkvtkm wcirk of the School of Drama has proven one of the schools most valu- al le activities. The program is the production of plays for the entertainment of children and sched- ules are drawing total attendance of approximately .SO.DOO each year. The Children ' s Theater his stimu- lated interest in the legitimate stage and has rein- forced Washington ' s leadershi]) in dramatic activ- itv. The |)lavs are presented under the auspices of Seattle Junior Programs. Inc. Productions for chil- dren of two age groups — those of grades one to six and those on the junior high school level — are pre- sented each Sunday in the Showboat Theater, on cam|)us and in the Music Hall theater in downtown Seattle. Tall, winter, and spring shows are given for the children and each |)lay runs for five suc- cessive Saturdavs. Children ' s Theater Ik,v.- left: lliirkleherry Finn Biiice Slracluiii. Kolx-rta My -rs. Kill MiCiiskr Left: Pinoivltio and the Indians — Meriie N ' irginia Fenton Below: Master Skylark — Rolicrl Oinsmore. John Iverson. John Itixn lianl 156 A jiioiip of seven and ei};ht-year-olils I Ti ' Ute a scene liaseil un the nUI faniiliai ' ..Iciry of C.indt ' rMd. Two ten.year-ol, icli c tin- story i Ti rii SiniMT. Since the fall of 1947 a crcaliNe dramatics |)rogram has developed, cosponsored by the School of Drama and the Division of Adult Education and Extension Services, under the leadership of Agnes Haaga. One of the most exciting of the new dramatic efforts, the program has a two-fold purpose: to train adult leaders to work with children and to offer chldren an opportunity to partici- ])ale in plays of their own making. A class making the puppets in the lab. Creative Dramatics rX slai£c t-ratioii. Puppetry — the desigti. construction, and manipulation of both hatid and string figures. It is a good medium to use in work with chil- dren. The School of Drama has a we]l-equi|)|)ed mariotiette labora- tory, several portable stages graduated in size, a com|)lete electrical amplifving system and an extensive collection of marionettes. All eqiii|)ment is made iti the lab and the students keep the puppets which they work oti. Productions are taken to schools and other groups twice a week. Puppetry 457 Wo7nens Discussion TllK Toi ' ic 1-liof.en ihis yi-ar liy tin- oiiu-ii " Discussion Oroup was. " How can the American people secure maxi- mum henefils from the economic system? " The group had a successful year, winniii ' : speech honors at the eslern Stale .Speech Tournament at Statiforil. earlv in Novemher, and at the I. infield Invitational Tnurtiament. in March. Ail University women who will atteint meet- it)gs refruiarly. work in the group as a year-long aclivilv. and show potentiality are eligiide and welcome to join llie ■rroiip. ,,■ ( riiiht: Kiitli Kllen Sullivan. Barljara Berk, Tinimie Raport, Alice Malloy, Mary Lynne Grossman, Joyce Udell. (!arol Heilliind. Lejt tu right: 15e erly Barlelson. . ' uzanne Cllark, ] lis.s Janice I.osilun, Instrno- lor: Dnrotliy Slieparil. Mens Discussion Thk Mkn ' s Discussion ( Koip had an itileresting ami suc- cessful year discussing. ' ' What should he our policy in the (Orient? " Kngagemeiils were |)ianned before community, col- legiate, and church groups during winter and s|)riiig quar- ters. The group also traveled to the Western .Slate Speech TourMamcnt at Stanford, in Novemlier. and had another grand lime at the jNorthwest Invitational Town Meeting Tournament, at Portland, early in December. All University men interested in discussion s|)eaking are eligible to join the group. I.i-ll In ri!:ht: Clayton Koch, Harold McNeill. Jim O ' Neill. Glen Austin. Warren Arnliart, John Meyer, Tom l.oftiis. I he t:MMi|. .Ii .ii c a ihall.ii inj: ,|nc.l 458 Social Problems " How CAN wic Bi-:sT iiE i:i,( p tiiio tm i. kksoi hcios of THE Columbia Vai.i.kv Aki: V This was iIk- topic ot the Social Problems Discussion Croup during llie pasl year. Since the proposed question co ers seven states, memhers of the organization have discussed the subject in many parts of the Northwest. This group, not reserved for speech students alone, is open to all at the University. Left tu right: Tom Geibrifk, Jim Blattner. Al Loni;. Greg Ross, Bill Van Natter. I.. I. Worthey, Roy Moceri. Larry Vukelich. yi ' nfii gcr; Bob Fothergill. ' ' % llilll ' .-. i7C J ' , ■■■•■■■ Members talk things over Robert J. Cox, ivarh Relipious 6 Discussion " How can the church become a more dynamic force IN modern society? " was the question presented by the Religious Discussion Group, for four years an active ASUW - sponsored organization. The group appeared before civic, church, school, and college audiences throughout the Northwest. As a forum discussion organi- zation, the group offered a unified, non-debate presenta- tion of their subject. Kalpli l. lnr|.liy. The Religious group in organized discussion Baik. lell to right: Sally Wilson, Hazel Anne Burnett. .Arthur C. Morgan. l)ru.silla Potts. Gene Kidder. Sally Sihear. George Blonidahl; Front row: Robert Gummings, Robert Sprague. 459 R ad to I InMlrll .. I ' lirnlc ( ..MII..I 160 Activities TiiK l i)lo (il ' ll.l) is a new orgaiii alion on rain|)u . llu car licinjj il lirsl lull adivc t ' ar. The main purpose of the Guild is lo oiijaiiize sliideuls on tanipus inleresled in radio work. Sound C ' Ifcc ' s in npnu; H l)l(i Hm.i, lias ra])idly become a paradise for everv ]iotcnlial radio personality on cam|)us. This year, a wide and varied schedle of programs vas |)lan ' !cd to include every form of talent the University had to offer. As an aid to the fine work it is doing. Radio Hall has two complete studios and the latest broadcasting equi])ment. Edwin Adams F.xenitive Ojlircr ml Program Director Bni.c CalliMiiii Assistant Director of Radio Programs 461 I)u, lor Stun l Cliupple, Director of llir N li.,ol ol Musi.- Musical Year Thk School or Mi sh; is no longer liviiii; aiirl uorkirig urulcr ;in urcliilccliiral strain, lor llic (l( ' |iarlrni ' nl can now show its excellence through the most modern facilities. Doctor Stanley Chappie and the music faculty have .succeeded in making this a year of progres.s. New program ideas were combined with old to create wider interest and attract laruer audiences to campus musical acli ities. I ' .i.iilt m- (.(iiiulrl: mill. iliin i l i l: . ' sf. i.ikI ioIim. I.ioiiii- I. inuii: Kir.xl Ninliii: Knimuniii-I ftliii: (Irlin, K ii llcinilz. I ' rofcs.Hiir (!liarlrs , I awri ' iici ' , Mrn ' (Irmili iiinl A ( iiprllii Imir 1 ' rofcs.siir Wtiilir I . W iIIm ' . I iii ri itv ( niitcrl ami Miirchiiii: Kaiuls 462 Mens Group Mens Group: Austin Russell, John Be g, Don Berg, Tom Bickford, Charles Brooke, Bill Carson, Jack Caw- ger, Oliver Chappie, Alfred Cracker, Bert Davidson, Wilbur Elliot. Tom Ferris, Ernest Fiedler, Ken Fletcher, Hugh Funk, Gordon Grant, Accompanist, William Hamilton, Ed Hansen, Don Herrett. Balfour Hill. Jim Hull, Jo Johanson. Vergil Johnson, Jim Keller, William Kiskaddon, Valen Kramer, Don Kusler, Roliert l.oele, Tom Loflus. Carl Markworth, Richard McNamee, David McRae. Don Mehaffey. Paul Michaels. William Parker. Pat Price, Raymond Riese, David Romansko, William Samuelson, Charles Sliedel, Forrest Snyiler Cecil Straley an l Jack Turner. SiNCK 1926 Professor Charles W. Lawrence has directed the Glee Clubs in their many concerts throughout the year. The Men ' s Glee Club sang their way around the campus and Seattle to a final concert in May at Meany Hall. The grouj) included men from the Music Department as well as from many others. Thk nkw Center Theatre is the home of the Opera Workshop productions. Dr. Chai)ple produced the o|)eras with dialogue direction from the Drama Dei)artment. The five operas presented were: Riders to lite Sea, The Devil and Daniel U ebster. The Rape of Lucrelia. I ' riinu Donna, and Venus and Adonis. All were heard by capacity audiences. Opera Workshop Members of the Univer- sity ' s Opera Workshop present The Drril and Daniel Webster. 463 s I N G E R S YIIK MADH .■; « Hg Mur CAI. SIN(;KK.S: standing— {Um Strrrc. Ira Jones. I.ruii Hiarnas.iii. Man ' ! ■ Niflsoii. Carol Aplin. UcM-ily ll.-n. Patricia Hunt. I l.-ili Srliall. Ar.lcth lanli ' A liNiOl ' K GKOIP of talented rml ;i ■iaIls make u|) lliis a capella organizalioii. Each voice is selected for tlie hieiid uliich will hest interpret music of the sixteenth century. During the year the group sano; for various cluhs. and concerts, hoth on and off the cam|)us. That they were another musical success was shown l)y their frequent engajiements. University Football fans know t! ' .e Marcliiiij; iiand udl. After ihrillinji ihe crowds on tiie fiehk their joh is onlv lialfway fiiiislied iiowexer. Professor aUer C. X ' elke directed t!ie Marching I5and tiirough expert drills, then started them on the " indoor track " toward perfection as the Concert Rand. Three concerts were given in Meany Hill f n ' large and appreciative audiences. M U( llINt; I! M) ' I ' lirliiil list) C.n.N,- Ai.Mh.-ll John X . IVltor,! C.i ' or};! ' Benjamin Burr (line Jami ' s Dvrr Slaiilt y Kn.- s ii Kriiir FiciMcr Harry Kilrh W ayne Fix I 1 anrois Ghosn l... ' IIa.WII K.l ani llansrn llo»ar.lll -rri!; ' l ..ln. ' V llirsrh C. ' n.-kiil.l.T DiiaiK ' KinkaiK ' » ' ..dr;;r Kiimpt Pliil l.. ' an.lrrv.:i Lmx " . Liniiuoo.l |lonaMM. ' (;ihra Jani. ' s Ma. ' iiirr MaroMManl. ' v i«Ur,l MrCafhrr Don M.liaffi-v rv Mnnli.-lh l.rrahl Mori. ' llarol.lOMrn I. a I ' ort.-r Dui ' nlin l{ii| | W all.-r K.-r.l . ' nr Kii ' harils Lun. ' s .S- -lrv h. ' r»,.n.l.S.,il.o si.lcll .So s liohnl .Sin.l I h .l Slansliurv Inn I ' allanii K. lUK ' lh IVliran Walla.r W .l.r. I.M.n Whilr I ' anI W rrn V illiani .cicrr 161 Loyd Lindroth llttrpist for the University Concert Band Bands CONCERT BAND Fillies — Lois Raver, Jolin Horsfall. Berniere Jameson, Joy Edwards. Piccolo — Riiliard McNahney. Oioes— Martha Mueller, Marilyn Coates. English Horn — Robeson Allport. Bas- soon — Patsy Hayes. Clarinets — Jarquelin Pres- cott, Barbara Walker, Sarah Jane Harries, Don Wold, Albert Haugerud, Roy Boulier, William Anderson, I)uane Duxbury, Wal- ter Euruchuk, Jaek Fuller, A1 Crocker. George Blomdahl, Herbert Olson, Shirley Giddings. Alto Clarinet — Ardyee England. Bass Clarinet — Maurice Bursett. Saxophones — Egil Smedvig, Harry Schneider, Norman Schultz, Thayne Parks. French Horns — Elna Solberg Hayes, Lowell Hart. Stanley Haynes. Elizabeth ' " oung, Elvin Haley, Stanley Kyle, Mclvin Choate, Clarence Caspers. Cornets — Delores Marshall, Dean Rowbotham, Shirley Sackman, Walter Tianen, Virgil Myers. Trumpets — Richard Nelson, William Hoel- .scher, Keith Phillips. Trombones — Earl (!os- bey, Wilbur Bender, Richard Rosencranz, William Naff, Albert Neal, Richard Ben- jamin. Baritones — Richard Rawson. Harry Case, Kenneth Eickoff, nonn Shanklund. Tubas — Lorin Jorgenson, Maurice Burns. John Selfridge. Merrill Grant, Jack Plas- kett. String Ba.w— Armand Russell, Leon Cot- trell. Percussion— Percy Barth, Charles Mar- tin, Ralph Kamni. Larry McKnight, Stan- ley Krebs. Virginia Gill. Harps — Loyd Lind- roth, Kay MuUin. Member of Marching Band. 465 l l :l( n ll ' H( oki iikstka Urst I i ) n -- Arika-.Marii- MiiraNek. John Morlarotti, I ' aul J. Krvill. Man Jane M.-t.alfr. Marjiar.t Bul- lork. Marilyn Jenkins. Norma Durst, Knln-rt Ki-i- es. Manin Crieff, Marjorie Brook. Second I inlins — Marfiarel Perko, Marfiuerile Hanson, .Xnila MiMiil- li ' ii. Jean Kaltenl arh. Norman Graham. Naney Moo - rr. ir il . ( h ria Vt old. William Vals m, Sophie Fedash. Mary Jane Monroe. Violin — Rol ert IVrrin, .Sharon Palmer, Jean l.aval. Naney Pape. yinhmi ellos — C!arol Swanson, Lois Jean l mon. Dawn Bliss. Ben- jamin Hanich. irjiinia Gill. Don Thiilean. Chester Wood. Garol Bullock, Kay Bradshaw. Siring Basses — Leone (!ottrell. Arniand Russell. Stanley Kreljs. Gharles (!anfield. Hafstmns — K ' illiam Stephensen. Pat Hayes. French Horns — Elizabeth Vounj;. EIna Marie Solliery. Stanley Haynes, Paul Tufts. F2lxin Hale . Lowell Riehard.s. Trumpets — Delores Marshall. Dean Kowliotham. .Shirley Sackman. Tronihoncs — Harry ( ase. Raymond Johnson. Dan Reff. 7 " H Min — Perry Harth. I ' crcnssion Rirhard Galst.-r. Allen Dye. «r,, —Cath.-rinr (:„«!, s. • (»!( rriii — Pat Hull. .Mice U alsoti. Giraldine Dixon, (iarulyn Woodward. Elaine .Salzman. Alyie Hansen, Elinor (ihristman, Lois Rohliiee. Olive Brown. Jean Gundersiin. Secoiiil ndi ' — Alire Watson. Rae Canady. Mar:;erv Helwi;;. Pat Hunt. Barbara Johanson. Carl Niwa. Rich- ard Swartzell. Bill Carson. Jim Core. Will Elliott. ' H.i,l,aia l Lois Riindell, Beltylee Kerl. ' y. Hii(k- ri u — . B. Fitch. lldniiM Paulson, Don Mcliallcy. Don Kusler. Richard , icCullnn!:li. Boh Rank, Lliiiversitv .Sy m|ilioi)y Orrlifslra presented clas.sical and modern orchestral works this In polish ki) and well-prepared concerts, the Don Smith, Bal Hill. Boi. lilt. toii. I)a iil -McRac. William .Samuels Wi lloels.her. A Cat t ella Choir Thk I ' mvicrsitv a (! I " I ' i;i.i. (inoiK includes voices from nearly c ery canipus (Icparlnicrit. All are irilercsled sin ;ers who wish to receive traininu: throiifih clKjii perlorniaiice. The firoiip. under ihe direcliou of I ' rofessor Lawrence. sariL ' Im luinierous sjiecial |iri);jrams. rneelinj;s. and al llu-ir arnuial conccil in Max . Chorus and Symphony year. By his frequent lecture recitals. Doctor Chap|)le stepped n|) interest in the three sym- phonic concerls. rmo IImvkksitv Singers is a roup of nien and woitien from all departments who join each year to present vocal music to Seattle audiences. In their ( " hristmas and spring con- cerls llu-ir ilcli iKiiiiiDnics were ciithusiasti- callv apiilaudcd. LINIVERSIT ' I SIN(,KliS B. Baker, P. Barth, M. I., liclz. L. Hjai- nesoti, I). Bower, J. Bowder. M. Bia.iiM.i. J. Br iwn. (). Brown. M. Canady. K. Christman. E. Clap|i. C. J. ;onrarl. ( . M. Cook. C. Daxidsim. J. A. Deacon. C. Dixon. W. Elliott. K. Fl. ' tcher. E. Fl..»- er. J. Flowir. J. Fren . I). Fulton. . Fosl.T, D. Co.llrev, J. (iore, (;. (nic- sinner. J. (;un.lers..n. P. Hall. B. Ilalli- dav. T. Ilames, A. Haus,-r, E. Hawkins. .S. Ilavn.s. k. Have. M. Helwid. 1). Her- rell. B. lloels.her. J. Hull. S. Jahnke. B. Johanson. J. V. Johnsim. I). Johnston. R. Johnstoni-, W. Jones, B. KaltiTniau. B. Kerly. B. Kichurlz. B. Kirln. V. M. Kniplit. T. Kram.r. J. Kunz, 1). Kusler. V. Lanp. R. Lindquist. A. I.on-nz. G. Lowe. J. Madden. K. M.-Culhuiy. M. M( l)erm. n. E. McKill. E. McKni-hi, D. M.Rae, I). Mehaffey, ! ' . Mi.hacis, 1). Miller. (;. Miller, M. Miller. .S. Mill, , .S. A. Moses. R. Nelson. E. Ni ' I. Ni.holsou. R. Nielson. W. Oaklan.l. II. Paulson. P. Paull. L. Pavette. II. Perko. P. Peters.m, N. Phelps. I). Pr .e. C. Ramsay. D. Reff. I.. Rein.lell. S. Hill kowski. O. Rill-man. I.. R.jl.M.-.-. 1. Rolnrts. l. Rowland. R. Ru.l.dl, li. Sainuelson. S. Sackman. B. .Scliall- s.hneider. B. Schneider, S. Shearer. E. Salzman, M. Soil, L. SperliuM, M. Spooner, R. Suiilz, li. Stanley, L Stavi-. C. Steere, (;. Slrou.l, l. .Swanes. R. .Swartzell, C. Tavl.u, R. I ' liompson, R. II. Toi,, (i. Tn-lier, L. Uyeda. 466 Clubs Editors: Mary Lou Zininierman and Jacqueline Frost Mark. (.Ii.l.yi Miliar. Tony. .Is: I ' clcrsmi. Dim. Qui KirlM ' V. Mm. 77 .»», I in,-,.,|al,„. ■nili.l Van II, .rn. Hill. Tillinin Nan Nallri. Kill. 77 . ilscm. Jiilin. Tillii iini lii iii|i fin. (tifnn. Prrsuh ' nt Koiiiii .. Hull. Vii e-prrsident Knnirk. Willis. Serrelary nclrus. Kii ' hanl, Treasurer liilchie. Vic, Sorial Chuirnian I »irk Fox. Publicity iil Piitured: R( (; " rs, Dexter, Qui Presideiil K.» ne), Bol., Tillii um Prvsijfiit Will, Art. Taurus President Anderson, Paul. Assariule Bi. k. ?«! Dreyer. Dave. Qui Failini-. Robert. Tillirum FeUer, Perry, Asstiriute Firth, Don, Tillieum Forsman, Bert, Taurus (•arin, Amlre, Tillirum C.allarei, RolM-rt. Assnriule Crax.s, l.ilin. ym Harris. „ ,.Qui Hill, lim. r-iHrH,v lliilriiian. Janu-s. Tillii um Howard, l-arrv. Tillirum Koski. HriilQui l..Mk»ood. Walla..-. C „i l. Karlan.l. W ill. Tillirum Ml ..■. ' . Jim. Taurus M.Cinley, Bol..(Ji Miilcllilon, (llaren.e, Taurus Mnlliolland,Dmit;, ; «• Myers, Virgil, Qui Niiholas, Dean, Taurus . ' earles. Foster. Taurus .Sihloredl. (lonra.l. Taurus .Shay, (iharles. Qui .Stinette. Bill. Qui Trier. Tom. Taurus lyli ' r. ern. Qui incent. .lerrv. Qui Wi.lan.l. Carl. 7 " i7 .h:;, oiin;;. John. Tillirum Adici.i ' hi liad il i licjiiii- iiiiifjs on tlie campus in IQ.iO. Tlie organizal ion ' s primary ohjeclive is a provision for sorial ai ' d arlivily outlets for imio- pt ' tideiit men. and a tiieans l)y whieli their senlimenis on cainpiis issues ran l e more readily expressed. Memliersliip in tlie orpa- iii .alion is restricted to men students not af- filiated uilh another na- tionally organized social group at the L ' niver.sily. Adelph i I6K Not Pirlincd: Ahiihanilani. Kiisliiii Anderson, Howard Anderson. Koliert Couch, Franklin Engel, Anton Grove, Byron Hilliard, Robert Huikabay, Durward Koenig, Rirhard Martin, Arthur Palmer, Phil Peterson, Harold Rahideau, Phil Reikenthaller, Thomas Shean, Harold Tuf;gle. Halcomhe Wehert, .lames Wetherholl, Robert Winlermote. Kduin Winir. William Kretzler. Allen President . iris. William Blohm. Ralph Clarke. Robert Cole. Charles Covinfiton, .lames Dohrn, Ronald Flory, Ceeil Florv. James Frissell, Lloyd Galimanis, Stephe Heseh, Donald Horsefall, John .lensen. Neal Jone.s, Myles Jones. William Kershncr, Daniel Kinney. Jack Kirkman, William Klet.sch, Charles Kuhn, F. Blaine Lawrence, John Mathers, Robert McCormick, Douj; Mergens, James Mesher, Franklin Morton, Robert Norton. Francis Paden, David Patton, Lee Pearce, Laurenc Riipp, Clen .Sant, Weldon Sawyer. John Simmond. Wilfred Stevens. John Tang. T. Ken Torgerson, Fred Wingrove. Phillip " Be a leader, Be a friend. Be of service. " ' is the motto of Alphi Phi Omega, national service fraternity. Its purpose is to a.s.semlile college men in the fellowship of the Boy Scout Oath and Law. On campus the organization has sponsored such |)rojects as the clearing of the ex|)ositional amphillieatre. keeping up of the commemorative |)laques. clearing of hulletin hoards of obsolete material, and voting machine watchers. The University Blood Pool, an insurance plan for student hody and faculty, in conjunction with the King County Cenlrai Bldod Bank is a direct result of the club ' s spon.sorship. Alpha Phi Omega 469 koenig, Walter Presiden: Beckmeyer. Martha ohrs, irtor K.lgfrt, Oscar Kn land. Ariiyre I ' laliiTlv. Carol Klali rl .SIiirl -y DallxT. Jaiicl I ifllman. Marilyn Hansen. (!lara ll.-l l.l. ' th»ait.-. Oianr llci.ll.rr.lcr. Kalliy Kocni;;. ( !ar ilitic KM|ipa. DonaM Ir,, . Hetty (Jamma Dki.ta uas or ;ani e(] on tlie campus in llie fall of 1946. the name signifying the purpose of the Lutheran grouj) — (Christian knowledge and Christian service. The • ' •latlsrlineKJir. Hetl dull is affiliated with the international Association of r- • s Lutheran -Students, and is acti e in the affairs of the Western Region of (Jamma Delta. The cluli meets weeklv under the guidance of Rev. A. L. Hillinann at Luther Gamma Delta Not Pictured: Botz, .Arlie (lohrs. Pearl Geisert, Charlene Kraft. Robert l.iml)eek. George I. tike. William I ' asrlie. Raymond Riihardsnn. (!haimeev .Srhelii. Don .Seliwjdiler. Ernest Tliorkleson. Martha inkleman. Don Fuller, Beatrice President Amshaii h. .lean Ante.s, Joann Apple, Sandra Barrett, Betty (brothers, Marilyn Holm, Betty Kelly. Darleni- .Mathews, .|ar,|u,li, Moist. Mary NolPirtured: Parent. Marf.aret , ,. ,, I ' ldent. Amelia M ■ " " ■• M ' ; " " Tarl.iH. Harl,ara MaeDonal.l. Dor.,tliy I „|1,.„„;„ |;„,,, NeUhorpe la„ ia I,!,,,,,,,..; J,,. .|, Oninhy, Draman Wel.l,. Verona ()ni. i i:i) on ihi- W ashingloii campus in l ' )I!S. Delta Mu is an organi alion for incnilicr ' s of Joli ' s Daughters, a Masonic ..r l.M. Ln.lcr ihe leadership of ii.-a j ' tdler. president, il proxiilcs a uide proj iani id ' acli ilies .ind social lilc loi nianv i;irls. Delta M u M 470 NutFictun-d: Allison. Diik Barnette, Mac Booth, Ellen Booth, Don Brovles, Dorothv Bruce, Joan Cassady, Nancy Clinton. C.len Collias, Dorothy Coliias. Kufiene Cropp, .Joyce Davies, Louise Erwin, Gene Fairfax, Mercedes Fix, Rosemary Fix.Ollie Gaylord. Harliara Guptill, Freil Green, Jack Hendrickson, Joe Kelly, Sharon Kelly, Shireen Kirkpatrick. Eleanor Kni{;hton, .-Vonie Man Koski, Joyce McAlister, Bruce McCoy, Pat McC oy, Jim Morf;an, Art Newkirk, Herm an Padvorac, Ray Padvorac, Viola Potf;eiser, Wilma Potts, Drusilla Potts, Ruah Pratt, Deloris Rader, Laverne Rafferty, Don Remlinger, Pefi y Routt, Lloyd Santos, Geori;e Smith, Vernon Thompson, Glenn Thor.sen, Evelyn Towner, William Walters, Arlyne Williams, JoAnn Wine, Ben Rev. Tom Fattaruso Director Rev. Hayden .Stewart Dherior S ' ott, Dayle President Aiiisl.ausih, Jean inlris,,n. Ken Bailey. Alfred Uarafier, Dane Bender, Nancy Bill Black. Don Cornwall. Ral|ih Dye. Mien Klrni;ren, Elaine Erwin. Pauline Ker cson. Holand (iilpin. Patricia God.lard. .Shirl.7 llcil .Tnan. Joyce Hill. Merrily ' Holm. Bettv Hunt, Janice Jacolisen, Charles .lohnson. Boh kellcy. Darlene kiddcr. Gene Mathews. Jackie McBurnev. Bill McDonald. Ann Mehaffey. Don Meisner. Marilyn Miller, Stan Modahl. Donna Jean Morris. Helen Olson. I ' esnecker. Dave Perkins. Don Phi| ps. Alice Phijips. Sue Rin);strom, Adelle Rolstad. Don Royce, Chuck Skaggs. Judy Stanley, Rolierta Stensrud, Bud Symes, George Wilson, Lois Waldron, Wilma Zeiger. Dallas EsT. Bl,lSHi;r) during the siimnier months of 1919. the l aptist- Disciple Fellowship is an organizalion for Bajjlist and Disciple young people. Because of the unification of the Baptist and Disciple students at the University, a student house was ])urchased. Situated on the corner of Elast 45th and LSth Ave. N.K.. the Fellowship lloiisf ])r()vides many ()])portuiiities for Bajjtist and (Christian students at- tendinu the L ' niversitv. Baptist - Disciple Student Fellowship 1421 E. 45th St. w T " W£x :. _ Br ! .XeaBS iBI ' ! ■[ hmU MrMJ. 1 J j l Hi 1 H S Him l ■■I i mm g ClIKISTIAN SciKNCK Ohoaniz Tll) al W a lii II L ' ton Was fi)iiiiefl iti 1917 liy se cii sliidciils. friiicied i)y the |)r() isi()ns in the Mother Chureli Manual of Mary Baker Kfldy. ulio founded the (iliristian Science (ihurch as a " church desi-rneii to coniinenio- rate the word and works of our Master, which should reinstate primitive (Christianity and its lost element of healinj, ' . " ((Church Manual. ])age 17.) The organization ' s primary acti ity has always been its weekly relifiirius meetirifr-lestimonies of healinf; and remarks on (Christian Science. Mectiiifis are now held in Kaj leson Hall cvcrv Thursday cNcninu of the school year. Since 10211. the or ani alioii has s|i(iiiM)rcd an annual lec- ture. o|icri to the student liodv and facullv. hv a member of the Hoard of i.ectureslii|) of the Mother (Church, the first (Church of (Christ. Scientist, in iioston. Massachusetts. The organization student house al K.ast l. ' rd and l.Sth .l.. was iiurchased in 191,S with the help of almmii and friends. The house is a iuiet. conveniei t |)lace where students may read or borrow the Mihle and writings of Mary Maker Kddy. study their university work, eat their lunches and make salisfyiiifi friendships. The |)resent structure will in the future he re- |)laced i a modern liiiilding. i his new Imildini; v ill provide adc(|natc space for all activities of the organization, inciudinj; llic riiui- lav eveniii " meelinus. Christian Science Organization 472 Il,„lr, (, : iil l ' i III All Cli ni-t Krniu-lli Kniiliaiui. Manuel .lnhnsl,,n, Cill.rrt Kaauakaiiii. F.lias Kyrhck, Kdlicrt Miiirheail, Carol Palmer, Pete Stroup. Dixon Wilson. Peter Wony, Richard Fisken, Donald, Achis Hal(l» Hiitler. Barbara Char, Lineolii Chin;;, Lloyd C.hong, Walter Dunford, Bonnie Furukawa, Ervin Hall, Sally Kara, Sunii Ilara, William .lohnson,llo»aid Kawamoto. Mike Kim, Rohert Kinnear. Ian Lee, Robert Lee, William Lydgate, Lois Lydgate, Margaret Limi, Henry Maeshiro, Clarence Mair, Isobel Marshall, Cara Nakagawa, William Uchida, Richard llshijima. May Wilkinson, Alberta Wills, Charles amamoto, Seiehi This ghoi i- ok " Kamaainas. " or former residents of the Hauaiian Islands, iiatlier to reininisce of days when they di|)i)ed their fingers in " " poi " ' and talk of when they will return home. They sing Hawaiian. _ and Chinese songs to ukidele and guitar accompaniment. The W ' J rhih ' s inain purpose is to help acquaint new students from the Islands | u ilh [he University. 1 J Hui O Kamaaina Intkk-Vaksiti ( hkistian ' . affili- ated nationally and internationally, is a unique interdenominational evangelical ( " liristian orga- nization on campus. Formerly University Chris- lion Ifnion, the group unifies Christian students from many backgrounds through common be- liefs and activities on campus. Dye, David, VcmVch Born, Bernice Blomdahl, George Bradley, Edna Brough, Lois Bnizer, .lerry Clay. Dick Fredeen, Lois Freligh, Ruth Hart, Roy larvis, Burt ,li liiison, Bonnie l.iiidberg, Ann Madison, Barbara Morris, Pat Manston, Pat Nordale, Marilvn Reiff. Bill .Stevens. Esther Ti.ssell, John Wilkin.son, Paul „l I ' irliin;!: Diener, Maricm F miliano, Manuel Fleming, Peter Field, Lois Fleming, Ken Have. Kalherine Huin|ihries, Bill lleii!:stad, George llanev.Ted Lindblad,Eltan Nelson, F lizabi ' th Ann Peterson, Clifl Wick, Louis ' tonng, Elizabeth Zevenbergen, John Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship 473 H W BillWurrrn Dorothy Cunnin ;l)am DianeCates President Recording Secretary Correspo nding Secy. c To (;kt THK new ski season rolling on campus and more particularly in the H SC office in the HI B. Dirk Hays, assisted by the officers of the clul). sj)earheaded a successful mem- bership drive. The constitution committee, headed bv Harry Phillips, wrote a new con- stitution. The publicity committee, under Dick Knott, and with the help of Jackie Holt. Jim James and Cordy Sylliaa.sen helped the drive along. The art committee was headed by (lorky Del Missier and assisted by Carol Hicker, Fat Maxfield and Janice Dexter. The winter carnival was su])ervised by Bill ing. assisted by Don Fisher. Lawrence I.aMav. Yvonne Hanson. .Nancy Donaldson. Helen Bonvincin, Marylou Van Cries and Jim Slau- .son. Gordy Sylliaasen and his racing commit- tee did a good job all year long. Janice Dex- ter kept the HUB office in condition. DeeDee Fernyhough took care of the car pool. Carol Liehe look care of club social events. Bill Hamilton sent club news to ski publications. Pierre Henrichsen and Ola Koald organized cross country touring trips. Betty Manring gave free first aid instruction to all club members. Committee Heads fa- I ' ifircll.-niichsrn. Ola K..:.l.l. ' InunnaC. Hurry I ' liillips (iin tiliilioii C.nnin Carol Soviid C.hnirwnn Hi. k ll.ns. M,i,il„; l,ii,i:i,mim,w ( ,„kN K.I Missi. ' r, , r7„„-,m, n I.Hii..- l). l.-r,0 . .• ;„ Gorily .Sylliaasi ' n. Rtii inn ( litiirnuin l i-.-IWFniiylioii;:li H.llx lanrii Car I ' ofil Conini. I ' iist iid Hill ill;:, (arniial C.haiininn Hi. k Knoll. I ' lihlicily Chairman Itill ll.iMiillon, I ' lildiiationa Comm. 474 K K BKI ' ORE snow liad lalleii on tlie groinul the Husky Wiiiler Sports Club had begun its activities. One of the first was the John Jay movie, " Alps to the Andes, " ' which was the first of many movies presented. A training class was offered, emjjha- sizing first aid in ski accidents. A team re|)resenting the club entered the intramural races and a giant downhill was run by the club at Stevens. The club ' s new office in the HUB was busy all year, giving information about skiing, ski areas and road conditions. A car |)ool was organized. The most important date on the HWSC schedule was the Winter Carnival, where the chosen queen and court reigned over a weekend of movies, contests, dances and races at Stevens Pass. IbM 4. ■. H CoLIImt!:, I rry. I ' r, -si (I, III Knilrlinan, Brrni Krii ' ilinaii. (lloria ;«l ll» ' r . Durolfiy (irossman, Mary- Lynni ' lln,„»i| .. . ,l,i,- lli|.|Mn.HHIy Kosp llurwitz. Kliirance Icnkin--. liisiplisoti. Kvelyn K -1. Ilmsi,- M.llri. M.m.-1 Myfison, Zailt ' ll I ' aikcr. .larkic Paris, ' rianrii- nnUr„ . Dirk Krv.-nskx.Siil Sliaiii. Honnir Sillx-rman. Dianr SiKcr. William Staslncy. (Iharlrs Siissiiiaii, Jimniic As I ' VKT of ihc national li ' iuii ITillli llillcl l ' ' (iuii(iation. llic l ' ni ci iiv llillel pnijiraiii iri( luili ' cMlliiral. rclijiioiis and social coutiselinf; scrvitTs fur Jewish and iiilcr-faitli sindcnis. The local fouiujalioii was orsianizcd in I ' ) 11 and is now one of llie 102 foinidalions in llic I riilcd Slates. Canada and Culia. Memherslii|) is open to anyone interested, llillel activi- ties inclnde refj;iilar courses, lectures, luncheons. Friday evenin;; services, socials, dancinj;. in addition students have access to a library of 1. ()()() hooks dealin i with .Juda- ism. Zionism, history, cidtuii ' and firllon. The llillcl huildih}; is located at ICWT-lfnh N. K. i iil Piiiiin-il: Bair, Alan RlarkrirM.Joyr, ' Bo;;ii li. Kii ' ija Golctniaii. Man Golilslcin. I.iiuis r.rfi-n. .SItiilcy Orciiliauni. laril Kosin. Ili ' urllia Seconl. R..I. Sii:,-1. Brssir Zi i. Marge Hillel Foundation 476 -n, I ' irlun KIslirve. I,„ I, aval.. I nan Wliitcomli. B.m.l. Mis. Spunsal Nancy l{ol»rt Thompson, .lancttc P raid en I Brown. IVlorcs Carlson, Ruth Mari. (Chandler, Bar! ara Cooper, Sally .loan Courser, ( ' arol Hili- Croson, (;»i-n Ellsworth. Forsl)erj;. Ixu aK i Hartz.JoseplMnr llipke, Mary Leavens. Doris MacQuarrie, Kranc r • Olmsted, Pamela Page, Nancy Perko, Margaret Rohertson. Patricia Sjaa.stad, .Suzanne .Smith, Virginia Zanon, Vivian Zimmerman, Wynne Sigma Et.a Chi is a national Congregational sorority which hegan with the idea that a few irls banded together in su])|)ort of high Chris- tian ideals would not only strengthen their own lives, hut also help other girls to realize the pos- sibilities of achieving greater happiness aii l serenity through parlicipalion in Christian ac- tivities. Sigma Eta Chi Tada. Norma Presidi-nl Ilara. Snmi llavasHi. I.illi. Ichikawa. Kls lshida.,|can A . K.indo. Mahcl • i Kusakahe. Cliiye Miyake, Peggy Okada, Toshiko .Seiki, Ruth .Shimasaki, I )(ti()lli; Uyeda, Luana Yamashita, Kimii Yung. Rose ■ ' utani. Masako Not Pictured: Hayashi. Florence Higo, Katsuko Hirabayashi, Esther Iwa.saki, Tomo Yamada, Amv Yukawa. Tosiii Vm.kdv was started on cain|)iis during the fall of 1917. and its purjjose was to |)roniote the social and intellectual rclalionship of the .lapanese women on campus and to stimulate their interest in joining other cami)us organiza- tions. Although one of the vouuger campus organizations, Valeda has already established on the calendar a fall tea for freshman girls, graduation formal for seniors and many other .social events. Va leda 477 Siia Pearson, Carole President Uarori. Marilyn Baker. Jacqueline Baker, Joy. e Bellamy. F ' ayr Beiz. Barbara Bowman. Dcirotliy Hrailslia», ka Biirnrtte. Ilau-I I liiiniherlain. Jii I liri tnian. Klinor i !ooley, Dorothy iJavenny. l wene Dean. Barbara Dye. Barbara Diaz. Ktitb Dodds, Jean Evans. Kathleen Keller. Marjiarel Kernyljoii);h. Mar-iaret Kinn. Dorcas (dadfelter. Barbara Cdadfelter.Jii Ha{£ertv. Sliaron Halliwell. Doris Hitih ork, Mary Dowser. Ha llutiblns. Carolyn jiTiven. Nancy Johnson. Marilyn Johnson. Mary l.oii Johnson. Sallv Johnson, Simone Larson. Jeanine l.itllcfield. Barbara laii-lon. I ' atri ' ia Martin. Barbara Ml (Jalliard. Sarah Oistreich. IM.vllis l ' hilli|is, Lorraine I ' oole.Jaiie Ka er. Lois Kaver. Kuthelia Keindel.Crace l{einijt. Jeanne Richards, l)(.lores Ritchford. Jaikic .Snyder, Kloisi- Stenslnnd, Lois .Stover, Joanne Tada, Norma I ' akci. Kazai I ailMll, Barbara I ' honias, Betty rhoni|ison. Jean I iM.-aiiia, Marion NaMOiiuiin. Knth Wc.iiiKin, KMs.-ina Wbiln.Mi, ' . Jackie Woll. Icaniic .Y ( PirltireJ: ntonsen, Nanna Betz. Mary Bullock. I ' espy Burk. Barbara Krford. Armidila Konda. Joyce (■arrett, Virginia (Iraxes. (Jene Hume, Arlene Johnson, Vir):inin Olmsted. Marjorev Oules, Dnizilla Shei-nian. Frances I homa-. Bell Jan.- J bur I. Marilvh Week. .Ari-l NIC Wcio,.,. Dnnna Kappa Phi k rr I ' m i ;i iKilimial (iriiaiii atiiiii for Mclhodisl |iiernfii.f .■.ill -f;e uoiiieii. l{r ' ;- iil.n ilitiiici tm ' ( ' liii an- lirM cycry lir l Au, lliird Tiniis.lay al W • ](■ ll..iisc. ' riii ' M- riiiciiiif s are 8tii lciil-|ilaiiiic l and |(irsfiilfil ill kcepin}; with llic iht ' iiic for tin- year. Olhcr acliyjlics iiiciiiile a |pIi-(I ' ;i ' ilaiiif. Imi social, iiiilialioii liaiii|iicl. and an an- nual conci ' rl iMfMMitiri-: Ka|i|ia I ' lii inusiia! tall-Ill. 478 ;V() Pktured: Alio, Keijo Anderson, Carl Banks, Robert Beri, Gloria Herg, Vernon Betz, Evelyn Brown, Walter Holeman, Donald Hunt, Herbert Hacker, Thomas Heppner, Leo Iverson, Merlin Jones, Richard Johanson, Barliara Johnson, Levon Kaufman. Hans Kienberiier. Walt Kobbervi! inn Knski. Robert Kraltcnbcri;. f:(lwbi l.iiri ' ;. Kcnnilh l.utb.-r. Sally Matbisen, Ole Mathisen, Lance Matbisen, Randi Miller, Robert Minneman, Paul Myrvick, Quentin Obcrkotter. Marjorie Olson. Elaine Koebcri;, Willard .Scheibel, Ernest S ' help, Donald Schoennaur. Alfred .Stavig. Darrell Stovner. Ronald Swanson. Marilyn Thorkleson. Martha Trneblood. Anne Vorrath. Rosemaric Weber. Russel l!atlcii.Jack. Vc.s , c„ UM ' , ()r al Blyckerl. Warner Elmiiuisl. Donna Elnupiisl. l.eKoy En;;land. Ardvce Easier. Earl Eriedlanilcr. riii Er,-dericks(,n. Sbi Elaherty. Carol Calber. Janet Cood. Joe Gorder, Betty Gettman, Marilyn Heidbreder, Kathy Hansen. I ' earl Jentoft. Arthur Johnson, Inga Johnson, Ray Knenip;, Caroline Koenii:, Walter Lenz, Belty Lnnde, Marion Marander, Myron Moehrinp, Peggy Norem. Walter Nordabl. Jan Read, . llen Ringman, Diane Riswold, Paul Roe, Anita Ru|ip, Glen .S(Jiatts ' bneidcr. Belly Sills. Betty .Smets. John .Sperling. Lois Top. Barbara Weberg. Russel Woodward, Pat Woodward, Kay zmf The Luther Club, a campu.s fellowsliip. is the local chapter of the Lutheran Student Association of America. It is an organization in which young people may pursue Chri.stian knowledge, training for Christian service and enduring Christian friendships. A series of weekly pro- grams such as Sunday evening firesides, Bihle studies, discussion groups and .social functions compose the gen- eral LiilluT (ihili iirogram. Luther Club 479 k v i n Ci.nt. the ccnier of CalliDlic ciilluif ul llie Universily lia llic purpose of hrin itif all (lalholic sludenls at ashirif; Ion into a common fellow ' shi|) wlicre lliey could slicnfillici llicir spiritual lives, fi;row in knowledge of iheir Ijiilli. aiu tofielher assist the University in every way possible. All (!alliolic slud( ' !its at the University are considered tin ' ni licrs and any olliers who wish to join may do so with the appro a! of the clnli. The relif ious ser ices of the cluli arc Mass and the Hosary. Activities include the Communion lireak fast, lectures hy the director coveririf; every |)hase of (lalliolir ihoufjlil. firesides, mixers and various oilier social affairs. Hurlos, Aloysious President ( o lilan. Jean ( ipiiiiiir. Koj;rr (ollinr.. Kohert I tail ' . Kallilccn Dirkinson. Riiliy Kcilusli. So|iliii- l ' Vr;;iisiin. Belli Clll.Cliarles IlalM-rl.-. Man Harrison. Bcatriii Hallrran. Bcalriri Hujihes. Michael Jost. Nora Patricia I, Helen l.inrks, Kay Mclntyre. Cliarlcs Means. Mary Means. Rol.ert Milkr. KIroy,k N.«,k ()sl.o«ski. I ' rosi I ' arks. Th.-ron I ' u el.lamrs Kaaiie. I.a rrn Rilev.John Koliliiiis.joAnn Rohinsiin. ( arlelon Ryan, Klaine Sclierer, Jack .■ hort, Ja -(|iielyn Slate, Joseiili Ta|i|ie. Rita ' cr osa. Tancn W liahn. Mary Wii l.l. Iian .n.r. Cail Newman Club looniiv, KoscinaiN TrosiMi. .Mar ■lraynoi,.los. ' |.li InriK ' r. illiain Valenlinr. W illiain Vulenliiic, Di ' ll.eit Vulenlinc. Marv .• iina Vr.ld.r. Ccne ' VoeKllin.Jor Weslun. I ' alrirk Vlialrn..lolin W liile. Kli alx ' lli W hilrlira.l. Shirley illkioli. Warren .ainl.r, ' kie .■|..Mla, 11,-nrv airnlHi..losr|,h it Piilured: A|ilin. anil Hastiila. W illiain Barren. Mar;!UeriIr Bi-aui hrne. Jcancllc RerlH-rt, John Kraun, Marfiarel Bri l»!enian, Jaik Bro»n. l.eo Bernoski. Dorothy (iailahan, Norman (iarroll. I ' atriria (larroll. William Chainin, I ' olly (Irevelin;;. Joseph Cllljark, Jeanrltr ianipanflla, Felix (!lialou . Marie I r.Mello. Anthony l)nrnan,MII tre l Kidler. (ilarence (iarrison. ( " .eorj;e (Jerhe. . Ri.hard (iuesi, Lenore Haley, Mary Harrington, Mar};arct Hel.l,Jani.s Held. Shirley Jalhert. Roland Jasper, Ronald Jensen, Cordon Johnscn, Maude Johnsen, RoU-rt Jones. Dorothy Jones. Robert ' Kearney, Kllen Keim, Arthur Kerkoff, Vinrent Keely, Joseph Kycek. Rol..rt l,ausrh, John l,auton, Jean, ir iina, John l. ' Ksprranie, Da iil l. " Esperanie, Rita 1,1-dwiih, Wileen I.indroth, Lloyd I.ippert, Jane McKwan, Thomas Ma ill, Rernadine Mahoney. Sally Malm, Jean Marino, Dolores Mattas, Frank Means, Klizulielh Medina, Maria Moiidau, Stephen Morrissey, James Nayin, Kduard Nicholas, William OBoyle, Myrtle Olm-y.Cloria Osual.l, Harry I ' aradis. ( I ' aiadis, Marion I ' arr, Krnneth IVrrv, Ri. Iianl I ' ospisil, RolH-it Powers, Frank Railaliau ' h, Jack Ra .en, Jean Rczaliek, Marie Riniando, Rosa Ro. k. Kiiieiv Roeder, Harvey .Sanihin. Roy S had.-, Fianiis .Sherer, Ronnie Srlmarl ., Roherl Sha.key. Mary Shaiijihnessy, .Stanley Sha«, Mar):arrt Sloppy. Claude Stanley, F.duaril Sterl.ick, F.liwilielh Stokes. Rol,.-rt Stnliliins, Rarliara . t slint:er, Marian Siillitan, Joseph Starksi ' n, llarhara Slihie. I.oivtta S»ift. David lahlmli. W ilson I4(U Burmast fT. RuiIk r resilient llolt.JiMMM Seireliii .l„l,ris„n. jnv, ■ Vire-i n-sid,;,l Wea " r. Donna Council: Auf;ust, Lenore (Ihandler, Barbara ( :iark. KIsic Ciiniiiii hani, Dnjctliv Isliida, Jean Jeffords, Joan Kastpt, Darlienne Lindijipn. Audrey Rulien, Barbara Russell, Barbara S ' h veitzer. Marv I Sliepanl. Dorotliic Smeltzer, Shirley Taylor, Winifred MntPirtlln-d: llerzoc. Rutll l.iind. Marv Ann Bradshau. Kay llisliiriiin Phhateres ' seven " Famous for Friendliness subchapters at the University keep a i)ro- ' rani of activities going full steam. Phrateres is an international organization with empha- sis on service, scholarship and fun. open to ail University women. Practicing their niotlo of friendliness, Phratereans. who last year provided food, clothing, education and an ar- tificial leg for their adopted daughter in Poland, sponsored picnics and jdaytinies for orphaned Seattle children, and i)ledged lO.S girls at the annual Fall Pledge Dance. Sul)-chapters spon.sor parties, exchanges, splash parlies, ski weekends, slumber parties and service projects. All-Phrateres Council coordinates the activities of the suh-chaplers and sponsors fall and spring formal dances, an initiation and i istallalion liampicl and an aiuiual house]iarty. Phrateres 481 iifjm Ain -liiiii);li, Jean Hatchrlder. Bevirly FVrry. Janirc Hiiiirhin. arva (aldwell. Shirley I niton. Barbara Oolv. Kiilh (!iinnin;;liani. Dorntliy Hart. I, -c na Jux ila. Martlui KatttTinan. . nnr KI. ' Im. Kiia I iir.lkf. Norma Nilllilon. Jo .Sihmand. BliraiJilr .SlicpanJ, Dorotliie Toulouse, Dorotliy West. Beatrice un;;. Rose K M ' I ' A: ilanis. Kay liurinasler, Ruihe arlson. (ieor;;ia l-li. Ruth l.ali-N. Diaua llokr. Mary Hohe. Joanne l.ffor(ls.Joan lj;ren. Amlrev ' l,l,-nl Morrow. Julia Ann I ' liillips, I ' atri.ia -liil inan. Ileiili lavlnr. I.ois W ikaiuler. Marilvn Wnikl.v. Marian .,ll lone. I ' olly DKl.l ' V: uslin. l -aii ( lian.ller. Barbara I ' rr.sidrni Kllsuorth. Barbara (.ear. Helen la( Donald, Dorothy I ' eterson. I.ei- liowe, Lois IIIKTA: Uradshaw. Kay (lark. Elsie I ' n-sidenI ( liov. (!onnie Kn ; Bettv l.liika»a. Jean Uhida.J. ' an l..hnson.Joyee Mansion, I ' at NiuI.ert. Corky liinrv. Winni Uu M ' ll. Barbara Mirll ,r. Shirley Woodward. KaroKn W.HMlwaid. I ' al No Piriiircd: LAMBDA: nilreassen. Rani Herzoy. Ruth I ' resident l.i ' Nin. Ruth I ' Sherry I ' ressey. Kdilh I ' ressey. Freda aniada. Amy ee. Pauline KAI ' l ' A: Anilers(Ui. Doris Aunes. Helen Bel .. Kvelyn Boilean. (iathy Crafts. Jeanelle Davis, Rodlyn rrarrell, ' ir):inia Hii;;hes. Muriel l.i-nii. Delira Maas. Bruilijean Murk. I.ila Olson. Halena Otolteii. Mary Rei. h. Mollie .Si|,|.el.Janelle Sttish.r. Kllen Weinnuister. Helen al..-l. Joell. ' DKI.TA: Kelton, Betty Jaeobson. Nanry Sav, .-, Jon Phrateres l«2 Not Pictured: SIGMA: Arbah, Elvalene Donehoo, Ann Hartley, Jackie Motzer. Betty Slaughter, Bonnie BETA : Anderson, Laurel (Iranston, Phyllis Dean, Joyce Hall, Pat Iverson, Arlene Lee, Janis Lavas, Carol McClelland, Mary Lou Miller, Frances Morgen, Charlotte Peterson, Palnia Ringwald, Gloria Slyfield, Betty CHI: Fiscus, Louise Hume, Arlene Lindskog, Linnea Lyon, Mary Marcus, Lorelie Naranjo, Maria O ' Sullivan, Margy Ann Powell, Elinore Weiger, Donna Wiese, Mary Lue SIGMA: Constable, Marjorie Cox, Myrtle Conquist, Lorraine Estiquoy, Delorcs Ferguson, Beth Aim Jensen, Nancy Joseph, Harriet Luke, Connie ReindeM, Grace Kulien, Barbara Prfsidt-nt Steinhart, Betty BETA: Anderson, Patricia Anderson. Phyllis Britcher. Marie Croson, Gwen Carman, Elaine Derricot, Pat Forsberg, Rosalyn Giddings, Shirley Ha , Vi Haugen, Ruth Haberle, Mary Hawthorn, June Hill, Mary Jackson, Joy Johnson, Barbara Johnson, JoAnna Knutsen. Diane Larsen, Mary Ann Lingwood, Irene Martens, Carol Nelson, Janet Rogers, Beverly Stokke, Norine Swensen, Marilyn Taylor, Winifred President Tucker, Phyllis Whitmore, Jackie CHI: August, Lenore Drexel, Donna Erickson, June llakanson, Marie Hanson, Pearl llilleren, Lois Justice, Corky Kastet, Darlienne Klutas, Edna May Leonard, Evelyn I.ind, Joanne Loel), Elaine MacDonald, Jean Morris, Helen Reeder, Billie Ann Ritter, Mania •Schweitzer, Mary Lou President Swanson. Betty Weaver, Donna Phrateres 483 Organized on cami ' IS in 1921. tlu- Westminster Club strives to serve all I ' resliylerian students at the LIniversity. The cluh motto is " your home away from home. " a jroal for uhirh its memhers always strive, eekly activities include a . " Sunday evenins fire- side. Millie class, noon meetings and weekend parties. I ittin. ' irlor I ' reiidenl I tfirers and Cuhinel: Ha.r.(;ia.lysKiilh lli-lwyler. John rccn. Rurliura lloliailay, Gloria I.ainont. .loc l.r,- Otteson, Barliara Park. Baibara Schear, . ' •ally Scott. Evelyn Siddons, J. Gordon iit Pirlurcd: (Canary. Mvrlle l ' ark.T. Alian Hie krtt. HolH-rl . ' niitli. l. n oiid Mcmhen: Anistiilz.G.(:liristian Anark.T. H0I..TI AndiTsiin. ilaroM AndiiMiii. Marion Nnd.r.on. I ' liylMs Uiirliiri. ki-ariu-y Danki ' nlirin . (irnr K anMiii. Ncdra I ' iscus. Louise Graf. Donal.l Mall. Ilouar.i Maniillon. Henrietta Ham. Mary Home. Ardilli Janii-sin. Brrnice Jansen. Mary ( jilh. Jeffery. Gonstance Jones. Mririnna Kaualiara. Roliert Kin . ' irj;inia Kliilas. Edna May Larson. Janii-s Larson. illiain L -«i . liovM-na M.Nalin. y. V. I{i, !,, Maltorks. Marilvn Ma.lison. .Tnon M.y.TS. Darr.ll Na aniat-ii. Kin 01. Is. Arnold Petite. Ilal.- Pl.el|.s.Vi.n lell Polilman. Kiclianl Qiiinliy. Oranian Radrr, I j rrne Reeves, Diik .Saylor. Beverly .Sihrar. Barliara Shiiltz, Barliara SiliumarhiT, Mar:;. .Slaufihter. Bonnie .• iirry. Grelrlu-n Thomas. Owt ' ii Thoni|ison. John an Leeuwen.Mar;;. Walker. Carrol eij; T. William Westminister Club ALPHA ALI ' ll Ml : Hark inu K.-v. HoImtI Porl.r. Wilis., r: Dalla- MrMiillin. Don (iraf. Jim Larson. Bill Larson, (iarroi Walker. WVn- dell Phelps, vircjtn-sident: Christian Amstniz: ihird r»« ' --I)i(k Reeves. Lee Monleilh. Kolierl Welherholl, John Delwyler. Harold Andrrson. Tom Symons: seriind row — Allrn Parker, sec- rcliiry: Kearney Barton, Howard Hall. Ken- ni-lh ' roriKiuist. John Thompson. William Zei- j- ' er, Kolirrl Anacker: Irani row — Lynwood .Smitli. pri-sidrnt : Dale Petite, tred.surcr : Yo- kio Kiima aka. Holit-rt Kawahara. Omco Thom- as. iit iiiitiirrd: Dr. Frank M. Warren, jiic- u!l iiiliisiir: Joe l.ainoril. (iordun Sidrlons. Virlor Laniii. Daiirl Mrvcr-. rrnoii Madi-uii, Till ' : NKKI) lor a mens orjiani alion in Westminster (diiii was first fell in l ' »l(, and plans were lai l to licfjin sik li :i cliili llie next fall. Today llie fironp has grown to a membership of 2.S actives. The chill sponsors dances. Iieaeh party and fireside devotionals as well as a sla-; party, father and son lianquil and reiriilar liiweekly nieetiiifjs. Alpha Alpha Mii WW Ndl I ' irUircd: Brand. Tina Canary. Myrllr (;rafls;.lanrllc Kahvhild. AuchvN Kisois. I,..nisr llall.l ' attv Hamilton. H.-nrirtl .laikM.n.Ji.y .lanii ' siin. liiTnic i- Jameson. Martiari ' l .lefferv. (!i)nnii- Ma.N ' eil..lean I ' ark, Barliara I ' atterson. Eli .al; l ' orti r, Diane (,)ninl]V. Oraman Kn(lrr.l,a Verne Saylor. Beverly Scliear. Barbara .Sclmltz. Barbara Schnniaclier. Mar;iaret .SUui:;liter. Bonnie .Stenxall. Vivian Sin IV. (iretrlien .Susiinii. Lillian II. Barlui rsi,lrnl eth iiles. Jnanii An.lrl-.nll. nivlli Baer. Cla.ivs Kvanson. Ncdra Klickinm-r. Until llollailaN.CIoria Home. Ardith Jones, Meirioiia Kni ' .;lit. Doreen Mattork.s, Marilyn Michel. Cliri.stine Otteseon. Barbara S,-hear. Sally Srott. Evelyn l ' oiM)p;i) ON CAMins IN ' )M vviili llie |)tn ' |iose of draw- ing together Preslnteiiaii women irileresled in the work of their church. Membenshij) is open to all Preshyterian women. At |)resent the club i.s helping sujiport several European families. Affiliated with Westminster Clul) and Alpha Alpha Mu. Phi Clii Delta is an acli e camiiu.s organization today. Phi Chi Delta Husky Highlights The Bin Snow ; fc 4«5 Y.MCA. Thk VMCA is one of the UniversilyV oldest orpanizalion. having been found- ffl on camjius in 1888. The {irou() is fjoverned hy elected and appointed stu- dent members and has initiated a num- ber of campus traditions and services — first employment center, housing bureau, international house. " W " book to mention a few. Housed in Kagleson Hall, on the edge of campus the Y has many facilities and services to offer stu- dents — study rooms, library, lounge, information services, recreation room, social hall, cafeteria and meeting rooms. (:A officers for 1949-50 have been I ' rank Thorp, president: Herb Keinelt. ice-i)resideiil ; Dii k l atttTlon. secre- tary-treasurer. YMCA CABINF.T: srati d — Kiank Wri-lit. Hay Erirkscm. Bob Gibson, Duanc Crosier, Ger.l Pollilz, Frank Thorp, Wine I.iikc, l)a r I)illon, Hill Frarn. Cliuck Parke: .standing — Larry Puf- fert, .(ark Urner, Fre l Marken .ie. Wil liartzlei ' . Ray Horn. Dirk Batterton. Herb Reinell. Not Pictured: Tom Orphan. Sam Clarke, Walt Peterson, Diianr Kno. lis. Stan Baer, Jim Selvidge, Sudhir Kana. Cosmopolitan Club (losMoi ' oi.iTW (!i.t H is an orgatii ation of students from abroad and . nierican students which carries out an extensive social and educational |irograrn de- signed It) promote cultural understand- itigs and friendship among students of all lands. Membership is open to all who ;ivc interested. The picture to the Iclt slums: Harry Tang, cultural chair- man, (ihina; Jovce Kirk, secretarv; ein Dabbatigh. asst. chairman. Saudi Ara- bia; Dcnise i ecoultre. Krance; Marilyn liriice. American co-chairman: Margaret .Norton, advisor; (iaston Himlinger. for- eign student co-chairman. France: (iar- li ll;i Arguclles. treasurer. Panama; liiilcl Koldc. Kstonia: l.iana I.ederer. IVrii; Kow 2 Karl Hampton, (ionnie I ' apapostolou. historian. Kgypt; Keinal l ar|i;il. rmkc : msc1 liiitterfield. pub- liiiU: Hiilli Sliiirhi: Kow . ' i Annie Mai Kiiiiiiilon. Iiarbara Johanson. ( JKirlo (!m 1ci. Maiui Jasani. India. Diiiiilliv Tiniiicuk. social cliainnan. is riol iMi ' luiol. 4iib YWCA Lkarmnc by doing — that is the best way to learn. When it comes to human relations and social responsihity. the academ- ic system seldom provides an opportunity to learn through action. The YWCA offers stu- dents a " laboratory of life " to test ideas, try out techniques and crystallize beliefs. The city of Seattle and the state of Washington are rich in opportunities for learning by doing. Programs of the Univer- sity Y brings students face to face with these opportunities in situations which point out the problems of democratic living and indicate possible solutions. Juvenile delinquency, interna- tional strife, racial tensions, re- ligious conflicts, jiolitiral leth- argy, self-government — these and many other issues of our day are dealt with in the Y " s program — not academically from an ivory tower, hut realis- tically through actual exi)eri- ence. Holm. Betty President VndiTson, Harliara lirniis. .Suzaniii ' Hinfliiw. Kili-iMi liiiyi-r. DcMdtliy Dahl, Monica Kiitii ' . janct Ilayakawa. I ' aulini " .Idhnstnn. Bctiv .lonkel, Tlieo Lediiifiham, Pes; l.iindp, Marion Marshall. IIH,-n Mayer. Cli.-ri-ill Olson. Jarine Reilley, ( arol Reynolds.. I Roe, Anita Sperling, Lois Tucker, Phyllis Turtledove, Alice Wilkrson. .Shi Zener, Gail ,V»( Pirtu Kni{;hton. Peterson, rc .- . nnie Phyllis Workin;; hard to make the clothing drive snci-essful A glimpse of Sophomore Council making favors As seen at Seaheck, the locale of the yearly " Y " conference. 487 Council Itiiuman. Dollif l!.a,lslia».Kay liri-triiun. Kliiior Dt ' an, Rarliara Diixliiir) ' . Diianr (;ia Hrll.T. Barl.ara (:ia.Jfell.-r.Jo lliitihins. (ianilyn liilinson. Marilyn I audan. I ' liil l.iira . F. an l.mi.l. Ki.ll Martin. Krc.l () l) illlr. Niillll Harnell. Maryl Pearson, (iamlr Thomas, Nam y Jo Vofillin. Ann " I ' iiliirra : |{.sl, Dnn Unllo, k, IVj:so HiirtniT, Dale FifilliT. Krnio Jones, .Stan l.oniax, Ted Oslmrne, Don Rinearson, IVte Tall.ot,(;eore lorvs. Don Wright, l.enna ales. Don NX ' r. ' l.l li. u stuflcnt organization spoiisort ' d liy the MeliiodisI (iiiiirch. liriiius stii lfiits together to share their coinnioti eoiiviclioiis and coiReriis in the (|iiest for ( liiristian living. Tiic cluli .s a(li ily am ' .social calendar dnring the year are more than lull. K,S|.K " » Cl.l 15 MKMBKK.S: «,„ A ,ou Kay Dixon, rt .Suniniei , Dirk Kisenl ery. llirl) Ni;;litint;ale, aii lin .Sherman, Don Oshoine, Dave Nelsen, Boli krafl. Kxan Luras. Kalph Tiirman: (tlh niu — (by post i Don Btst, Sally Johnson, Barbara l.itlle- fieKl, Donna ' ei er. Donas Finn, Ann No llin. IN-ny Biillork, Lowell Harl, Du- ane Duxl.urv, Dorothy ( ..oley ( heail hi.l- .lenl. Diek Shafer, all Best. Barl.ara Dean, Dale Biirlner, Marilyn Baron, Jaikie Rati ' hford: .1 1 n u — Jeannine Larson, ( ar- ole I ' earson, Mary Ion Johnson, Warren Jones. Eloise Snyiler. Kulh an Ornuni, l)on Yates, Barliara Martin, Jean Doilils: llh ;..»• Alio All.richt, Do.lie, ' ir):inia Johnson, Jean Wolf, Cliiria ,Sliel- ton, Dorothy Bowman, Barbara Dye, Mar- f;arel Feller, Kay Brailshaw, l.eona W ri):hl : ■iril row — DeWayne .Sharp, Meryl I ' arnell, Lois Rayer, ( " .race Reinilel, Faye Bellamy, Ha .el Anne Burnett, Jean Thompson, Buzz Onles: ! ' «( niic Naney Jensen, Kli»il.eth Barker, Marilyn Johnson, Rosemary Wert- man, Mary lli ' leheoek: Jo C.Uulfeller, Billie Bi-nham, Barbara (ilaillelter, Mrs. Cooil- iiou;;h, Ri ' . Frank C.ooilnonnh: Irimi rou F.rnie Fii ' .ller, ken Wi-iilkamp, Russ (ioffmnn, Te.l l.omax, Don Toeys, Don I lin- lian, I ' eter Rinearson, .Sherwood Martin, Man Stanley. Wesley Club 488 Karol and Peter Kennedy pictured skating for the American Occniiation Tr Lake Rissersee in the Bavarian Alps. The University of Washington, as well as Seattle, the Pacific Northwest and the United States as a whole take pride in honoring Karol and Peter Kennedy, world ' s pairs ice-skating champions. The brother and sister pair today hold every title for which they are entitled to compete. They are United States champions of 1917. 1948. 1949 and 1950. They are orth American champions of 1949 and 1950. In 1947 and 1949 the Kennedy Kids were second place winners in world competition, and during the winter of 1950 Karol and Peter captured the world ' s pair championship in Wembley Stadium. London. England. The University takes special pride in honoring Peter Kennedy, a [)re-major so])homore in Arts and Sciences. A Queen Anne High School graduate. Peter is a member of Psi Upsilon fraternity, and 22 years old. Karol is a senior at St. Nicholas and 18 years of age. Again, congratulations are in order for the Kennedy Kills rid " champions. K E N N E D Y K I D S 489 In Alemoriam Faculty Leslie Aver I ' roji ' ssur t.infritus of Lair Deceased May M. 1919 Allen Fuller Carpenter I ' rojessor of Malhi-matics Deceased Octolier 16. 1919 Carl Spencer Dakan pTDJcssor (ij i.urporalion Finn nee Deceased December 1!. 1949 Charles C. More ' roffssor EmiTiliis of Stniclurdl Enginecrinii Deceased XovcihIkm- 19. 1919 Laura P. Si. Clair I iis riictor in Eni li.sli Decea. ed August 10. 1919 Stiuleiils Joseph K. Bordeaux I ' rc-major Dcrasfd !(.. 1 )| ) Hifhard ) . Parker llusinis.s idniinis raliim Deceased January ' . 19.S() Donald R. Wolil Kduciition Dfceased ,1. I " ) 19 490 The day after elections when we all were congratulat- ing " Mac, " " Muck, " Ann and the other winning candi- dates, as well as wishing Larry and Ralph luck in capturing the absentee ballots, this 1950 TYEE was being put to bed. Final deadlines were being met among wild campaign stunts, and the electioneering, combined with. ' ' Ah, Spring! " gave us a rough time. But we made it, as you have seen in the preceding four hundred ninety pages. It isn ' t as easy as all that, however. After a job well done, there are so many people who have given invalu- able as.sistance in putting the book together. There are those who have given their time and patience, asking nothing in return, contributing for contribution ' s sake. e mention a few of these people here now. First of all. the editors thank the 1950 TYEF staff. who put in long hours and came through when and where they were needed. Thanks go to artists Bill McLean, Art Hansen, and Bill Gallacci. all three of whose work has contributed the force and beauty which you have seen throughout the book. To Mike English, sport editor, who carried on through - - - - (crew) and high water. To asso- ciate editors Bea Fuller Kenoyer and Timmie I aport. putting in long hours to see that the editor didn ' t make TOO many slips. The wonderful cooperation the editors received from Donn Grotjahn and Harry Shaw of Donn-Shaw Studio made smooth sailing all year around on the photography angle . . . They really were swell. For the TYEE contract printers sure go through a lot. and Mort Frayn ' s plant down on Western came through with laurels for their first year on the TYEE. Everyone trom the boss on down wanted perfection, and without their suggestions and comments we could never have come out as we did. Thanks go to Mort Frayn. Barrel Taylor and 0. B. Williams of that firm. The engraver ' s lot is not a happy one. but Steve and Dick Lea and Doug Stone of Sterling Engraving assur- edly made this year a ha])|)y one for the T EE. The co- operation around their place came out to meet you. The job of publication manager is no cinch, but (-lyde Robinson always finds time to give sound advice when needed. Thanks. Clyde, for everything. Many of the f)ictures in the book were taken by tiie ASU ' Photo Staff, a group of swell fellows who jiut in their time and effort all year long. Our gratitude for their good will and cooperation is limitless. Since, at the rate of fifty bucks a page, we can ' t go on forever, we would like to acknowledge the a.ssistance of the following people for their much-needed contributions to the book: Ala.ska Steamship Company. Alaska Vieckly. Alaska Life. Ralph B. McDonald. Office of Public Information. Jim Sneddon and hitie Marlin. Tiianks as well as apologies go to those ])eople who we have forgotten on this page, for they are not forgotten in our hearts. Another year gone. Another T EK out. Another sum- mer coming on. See you next fall. Ken ( ole Editor 491 492 University of A Thousand Years 493 INDEX Aakervik. Doris. 189 Aakeivik. Martin. 99. 100 Abbey. George. 262. 305. 336. 337 Abbott. Barbara. 200 Abbott. Maclyn. 123 Abel. Burl. 62 Abel. Robert. 226 Abell. Keith. 264 Aberge. Carol. 232 Abichandani. Krishin. 391. 469 Abies. Thomas L.. 118. 244. 308 Abrams. Maria. 100 Abrescia. L.. 95 Absher. Thomas. 260 Acacia. 211 Acheson. R. G.. 92. 123 Acheson. Robert. 260 Ackenhausen. Robert. Acker. Mary. 193 Ackerman. Barbara. 203 Ackerman. Wallace. 48 Aeklen. Joanne. 195 Ackley. Norman Blaine, 101 Acklev. Rithard. 123, 212 Acteson. Ruth. 79. 82. 123 280 Adanis. Brock. 98. 100. 101 Adams. David. 244 Adams. Don. 260. 363 Adams. E. H.. 43 Adams. Edwin. 461 Adams. Jacki.-. 192 Adams. Kay. 482 Adams. Leonard, 272 Adanis. Marilyn. 279 Adams. Paul. 123 Adams. Ray. 423 Adams. Richard. 244, 226 Adams, Vaughn, 215 Adams, William, 78, 123 Adelphi. 468 Ademino, Mary, 196 Addis, Kenneth, 218 Adler, Jack, 232, 327 Adiey, Dianne, 186 Admanson, Don, 54 Administrators, 31 Adolphsen, Theodore, 78, 123 Aeronautical Engineer- ing, Dept. of, 69 Afdem, Lloyd, 123 Africa, Pat, 178. 179. 189. 400 Agar. Hilda. 102 Agnew. Marilou. 198 Ahlberg. Shirley. 189 Ahlskog. Diane. 197. 314 Aho. Keijo. 479 Aiken. Barbara. 54. 56. Ail. Louise, 185, 202, 476 Ain.slee, Hugh, 272, 337 Ainsworth, Norma, 279 Airis. William, 123, 223. 469 Air Reserve Officers ' Training Corps, 91 Akerlund, Paul, 123 Akivama, James, 102, 123, 285 Albano, Ray, 216 Alberts, James, 74, 123 Albrecht, James 123, 215 Albright. Alto. 123. 488 Alden. Alfred. 100, 102 Aldrich, Keith, 53. 123. 263 Aldrich. Libhy. 282 Aledort. Boh. 36 Alex. Dorothy, 282 Alexa, Joan 201, 387 Alexander, Dan, 242 Alexander, David, 123, 252 Alexander, Donald, 82 Alexander, Joan. 190. 403 Alexander. Margaret. 62 Alexander. Robert, 256, 309 Alexander, William, 266 Alhadeff. Belty, 100, 111 Allan, Barbara, 102, 107. 199 Allan, Doug, 363 Alldred, Harold, 2.54, 351 Alleger Miugaret, 123, 199, 405. 417 Allen. Arthur. 262 Allen. Bi-verly. 464 Allen. Rill. 223 Allen. Clyde. 81. 82 Allen. Deborah. 123. 198 Allen. Douglas. 123, 254 AMen, Everett, 291 Allen, Frank, 18, , ' ■.3, 277, 290, 409 Allen, George, 78, 123, Allr-n, Margaret J,. 118, 193 Allen. Peggy. 195 Allen. Pliny. 260 Allen. Raymond D.. 27, 29. 86 Allen. Richard. 75. 123. 380 Allen. Robert. 123. 258 Alleson. Robert. 81 Ailing. Bob. 53. 409 Allison. C. Jay. Jr.. 49 74. 89. 93. 212. 306 329 Allison. Richard. 236. 413. 471 Allison. Robert. 81. 82. 123. 270 Alloin. Jacques. 266 Allport. Robeson. 465 Allsup, John 77, " 23, 300 Allyn, Richard, 291 Aim, Dorthy, 283. 311. 312 Almeleh. Dave. 253 Almquist. Axel. 239 Almquist. Brita. 193 Alpha Alpha Mu. 484 .Mpha Chi Omega 186 Alpha Delta Phi. " 12 Alpha Delta Pi. 187 Alpha Delta Sigma. 48 Alpha Epsilon Delta. 102 Alpha Epsilon Phi. 188 Alpha Ei).-iilon Pi. 214 Alpha Kappa Delta. 49 Alpha Kappa L;mibda. 215 Alpha Kappa Psi. 60 Alpha Gamma Dr lta 189 Alpha Omicron Pi. 19D Alpha Phi, 191 Alpha Phi Omega. 469 Alpha Sigma Phi. 216 . lpha Tau Delta. 85 Alpha Tau Omega. 218 Alliha Xi Delta. 192 Alter. Janet, 281, 473 Althoff, Betty, 85 Altimus, Elaine, 287 Aitimus. Juanita, 287 Altizer, Bentlev. 56 Alton. John. 212 Alvau, Frank. 81. 82. Ill Alvord. Margenia. 287. 311. 315 American Institute of Chemical Engineers. 74 American Institute of Electrical Engineers. 76 American Pharmaceuti- cal Association. 82 . merican Society Civil Engineers. 75 American Society of Mechanical Engineers. 78 Amonii Socii. 49 Amsbaugh. Jean. 470, 471, 482 Amstutz, G. Christian, 484 Amundson, Merle, 246 Anacker, Robert, 100, Ander.son 101 Andc-rson 211 Anderson, 109 Anderson Anderson 201, 293, Anderson, Anderson, 293 Anderson Anderson 101 Anderson, Andei ' son, Anderson, 93 Anderson, 123, 218 Anderson, Anderson, Anderson, And Adolph, 100, Arian, 123, Arthur, 102, Astrid, 107 Barbara, 192, 316. 391, 487 Betty. 85 Beverley. 123. Carl. 479 Carlyn. 100. Carol 204 Charlie. 324 Clarence. 49. 90 Anderscjn. Anilerson, Andi ' rson. Andersorj. Anderson. Anderson. Ander.son. Anderson. Andersim. Anderson. Anderson, Anderson, Anderson, Anderson, 101 Andi-rsen, . ii lerson. Anderson. Anderson. 216 C. Robert. 235 Dale. 270 Dale. 268. 397 Dale M.. 89. Dick. 223. 408 D. Marie. 191 Dolorrs. 123 Don. r. ' 3. 232 Don. 220 Donald. 262 D..nald. 266 Donald K,, 33 Doris. 4S ' Du.ane 291 Enrl. 89 Edmund. 82 Edwaril. 123 Effie Irene. K. J.. 95. Emil. 123 Knunett. 289 Eric. 83. 123. Anderson. Eugene. 246. 308 323 Anderson. Gene. 248. 322 Ander.son. Geraldine. 310 Anderson. Geri. 115. 179. 197. 391. 404 Anderson. Gilbert. 220 Ander.son. Gordon. 64. 123. 266. 308. 413 Anderson. Harold. 484 Anderson. Harvey. 49 Anderson. Helen. 109. 117. 203. 417 Anderson. Henry. 123. 272 Anderson. Howard. 235. 469 Anderson. Jean. 281 Ander.son. Jelly. 329 Anderson. James. 256 Anderson. Jane. 190 Anderson. Joan. 55. 204 Anderson. John. 99. 109 Anderson. Kathrvn. 123 Anderson. Kenneth. 246 Anderson. Kenneth. 256. 334 Anderson. Kenneth. 21S Anderson. Kenn -th. 301 Anderson. Kenneth. 89. 93. 102. 110. 212. 306. 471 Anderson. Laurel. 483 Anderson. Lloyd. 75 Ander.son. Lorraine. 100. 111. 192. 386 Anderso!!. Margaret, 102 Anderson, Marian, 205, 293, 484 Anderson, Marlene, 193 Anderson, Marviii William, 101 Anderson, Mary, 201 Anderson, Mary, ,55, 189 Anderson, Marilyn, 118, 190 Anderson, Monty, 289 Ander.son, Orland, 289 Anderson, Patricia, 483 Anderson, Paul, 254, 468 Anderson, Peggy, 203 Anderson, Phyllis, 483, 484, 485 Anderson, 123. 268 Anderson. Richard. 60. 123. 242 Anderson. Robert. 94, 266, 395, 469 Anderson, Roger, 100 Anderson, Ronald. 415 Anderson. Rcjy. 265 Anderson. Shirley, 49, 199 123 Anderson, Shirley E,, 390 Anderson, Shirley, 201, 310 Anderson, Sylvia, 109 Anderson, Ture, 264, 307, 355 Ander.son. Vernon. 123. 256 Anderson. Victoria. 109 Andei-son, Winifred. 105. 123 Anderson. William. 123. 465 Andreassen. Rani. 482 Andrews. Dorothy. 123. 199. 201 Andrews. Jack. 216 Andrews. Jean. 102. 123. 186 Andrews, William, 60 Andring, William, 123, 209. 215, 305. 327. 329 Andrus. Richard. 301. 360. 468 Angeles. John 262 Ang.ll. D.ive. 218 Angl. ' . C.r.anl, 211 Angle, llerheil G.. Jr.. 89. 93. 102 Angle. Richard. 254 Anschi ' ll. Gerard. 123. mi 308 Anthony. Harriet. 123. 200. 315 Anthropology. Dept. of. 39 Antonsi ' n. Nanna. 107. 284. 478 Ant .. Jack. .54 Aokl. Yoshio. 77 Apking. Fred. 260. 305, 342 Aplin, Carol, 464, 480 A| ostolou, Julie, 243 Appi-1, Janii-s, 2.57 Apple. Sandra. 185. 196. 316. 470 Applestone. Allen. 89 Appling, Marilyn, 193 Appling, Paul, 254 Arbah, Elvalene, 483 Aiiiak, Liicile, ,52 Architecture, Dept, of. 45 Arena, 50 Arestad, Svern-, 43 Argu.lles, Carlotta, 486 Argenti, Helen, 186 Armitage, James, 250 Armilage. Janet. 198 Armitage. Thomas. 89. 251 Armitage. T. K.. 93 Armour. Stewart. 300 Arms. Winthrop. 290 Armstrong. Arthur. 226. 307 Armstrong. Dorres. 123, 198 Armstrong, Janet Ann, 101 Armstrong, Luella, 281 Armstrong, Ruth, 186 Armstrong, Wayne, 236 Arnason, Hal, 108, 177, 305, 327, 328, 329, 368, 371 Arneson, John, 123 Arnason, Harold, 257, 305 Arnest, Katherine. 191 Arney, Pat, 123, 260 Arnhart, Warren, 54, 458 Arnheimer, Coach 361 Arnold, Everett, 64, 123 Arnold, Mary Louise, 204 Arnold, Robert, 230 Arnold Society, 96 Arnold. Stanley. 74 Arnold. Winton. 271 Art. Dept. of. 45 Art. James. 123. 242. 325 Arthur. Charles D.. 118 Arthur. Doug. 232 Arthur. Marilyn. 192. 410 Arts and Sciences. College of. 38 Artus. Joan Lorraine. 204 Arwine. Robert. 123. 258 Ashdown. Fred. 258 Asp. Emanuel. 76. 123 Associated Men Students. 395 Associated Women Students. 398 Astel. George. 250, 388 Astel. William. 123. 250. 407 Astell. Zelda. 99. 101. Ill Astronomy. Dept. of. 44 ASUW. 414 ASUW Shellhouse, 319 Atkinson. Evelyn J.. 204 Atkinson. Frank. 123 Attwood. Stanley. 123. Atwood. Marjorie, 191 Audett, John, 108, 266, 305, 308, 321, 322 August, Lenore, 391, 481, 483 Augustine, Webb, 228 Aunes, Helen, 101, 482 Auran, John, 408 Ause, Orval L,, 93, 262, 479 Auslander, Blossom, 190 Austin, Alan, 254 Austin, Beverly, 49 Austin, Evelyn, 201 Austin, Glen, 64, 123, 235, 458 Austin Hall, 278 Austin, James, 268, 309 Austin, B. Jean, 123. 482 Austin, Russell. 212. 413, 418 Austin, William, 291 Auvil. K. 51, 123 Avii Sli. 109 L.sli.-, 190 Aylsworth. Aile.-n. 281 Ayres. Al. 232 Baba. Margaret. 85. 101 Babb. Richard. 48 Babbe. Joyce. 195 Babcock. Merrill. 123, 184, 206 Bach, L. ' Ster, 77, 92 Back, Leonard, 99, 101, 112 Backer, Beverly, 188 Backlund, Carl, 238 Backlund, Evelyn, 107 Backmun, Estelle. 287 Backman, Gordon, 123, 262 Backman, Harry, 211 Backstrom, Bert, 89, 90 Bacon, Marilyn, 284, 478, 488 Badda. Luclle, 50, 123. 147. I9(i.316 Hadgro. Red. 339 Hadniun. Bette. 56. 197. 314 Badlen. Norberl. 99. Kil Baehr. Dona. 199 Bacr, Donald. 123. 272 Baer. Gladys Ruth. 484. 485 Baer. Patricia. 114. 123. 194 Baer. Reid. 78 Baer. Stan. 486 Bailey. Alfred. 123. 471 Bailey. Dick. 3C6 Bailey. Elaine. 293 Bailey. Jane. 2C6 Bailey. Janice. 123. 198 Bailey. Natalie. 79 2C6 Bailey. Richard. 235 Bailey. Ruthe. 100. 111. 198 Baillie. Richard 224. 329 Baily. Alfred. 3(0 Bain. William. 123 266 Bainter. James 268 Bair. Alan. 476 Bair. Jane. 123. 189 Baird. D.mald. 123 240 Baird. Jim. 218. 309 Baird. John E.. 118. 195, 301 Baird, Roger, 212, 3C5, 308, 322 Baird, William 228 Bakeman, Charles, 123, 209, 262 Baker, Betty, 196 466 Baker, Carmen L., 125, 190 Baker, Daniel, 289 Baker, David G., 125, 232, 337 Baker, George. 255 Baker. Glenn. 316 Baker. Herbert. 125 Baker. Jack. 76 Baker. Jacqueline. 284. 478 Baker. Joan. 105. 115. 199. 284. 387. 399. 402 Baker. John. 81. 125 Baker. Joyce. 478 Baker. Kenneth. 74 Baker. Marilyn. 194 Baker. Thomas. 74. 289 Baker. William B.. 90 Bakke. Marie. 282. 312. 313 Balaniz. Monica. 283 Baldus. Bruce. 266 Baldwin. Benjamin 112 Baldwin. Georgia. 186 Baldwin. James, 48. 125. 246 Baldwin. Joan. 198. 207. 473 Baldwin. Sally. 197 Bale. Richard. 256 Bales. Marion. 186 Balkow. Connie. 186 Ball. G. L.. 92 Ball. Thomas S.. 118. 222 Ballantine. John. 109 Ballard. Albert R.. 231 Ballard. Jesse. 61 125 Ballard. Robert R.. 125. 289 Ballard. Ronald. 62 Ballew. Donald. 102. 226 Ballew. Joseph. 227 Ballode. Peter. 230 Balmer. Betty. 105. 125 Balmer. Thomas. 30 Baltes. Joyce. 199 Balthaser. Maribeth. 193. 404 Balt .o. Ralph M.. 125. 236 Balyeat. George. 236 Bank, Sandra, 189 Banks, Robert, 101. 113, 479 Bannecker, William R,, 125. 218 Bannennan. Edward. 53. 118 Bannister. Robert E., 75. 125. 270 Baptist-Disciple Student Fellowship. 471 Bar. Lawrence. 82 Barnger. Darce. 49. 125. 471 Baiager. Gretchen. 207 Barber. Leo. 235 Barber. William. 100 Barchenger. Willnrd E.. 125 Barclay, Dave, 331 Barclay, Ron, 240 Bardey, Reginald 291 Bardue, David. 260 Barer, Allen, 253 Barger, Dorothy, 199, 388, 4(10 Barger, Elizabeth, 402, 488 Barger, John, 100 Bar g(iulst, Pauline, 2S3 Barker, John, 226 Itai ' ker, rhlll|i. .50, 99, lllll Barker. Rebecca. 191 Barker. Stuart. 228 Barksdale. Julian. 109. 112 Barlow. Doreen T.. 125. Barlow. John. 268 Barlow. Rivella. 188 Barnecut. Leo J.. 125. Barnecut. Ray. 256 Barnes. Darn. Aim. 197 Barnes. Dr.. 38 Barnes. Don. 56. 65 Barnes. Ramon. 216 Barnes. Robert. 258 Barnes. Ward. 258 Barnett. Clarence. 62 Barnette. Mac. 471 Barney. Patricia Ruth. 101. Ill Barnhardt. Beverly. 193 Bamhouse. Willis. 82. 226 Barnowe. Dr. T. J.. 65 Barnum. Walter Keith. 101 Baroh. Louis. 60. 125 Barokas Morgan A.. 125. 214 Baron. 268 Baronovich. Altamae. 107 Barr. Eric L. 33 Barr. Ken. 232 Barr. Neal M. 118 Barr. Robert M.. 125. 242 Barr. Roger. 218 Barrere. William, 219 Barrett. Betty. 125. 184. 185. 201. 470 Barrett. June Opal. 101 Barrett. Marguerite, 480 Barrett. Richard 221 Barrffi. Neal. 232 Barron. Mark M.. 125. 254 Barrow. J. Walden 266 Barry. Gerald T.. 48. 125. 228 Bartch. Joan. 189 Bartells Joann. 186 Barth. Perry. 125. 216. 465. 466 Barthel. W. Burr. 125. Bartholmey. Don. ICl. 110. 305. 336, 337. 396 Bartholmey. Mary J.. 187 Bartleson. Beverly. 275. 419. 458 Bartleson. Jack. 240 Bartlett. Patty. 200 Barton. Charles 82 Barton. Helen. 278 Barton. Kearney. 484 305. 331 Barwick. Thomas. 212. Basford. Robert. 99. ICO Baskerville. Barret 54 Basta. Rosemary. 281 Bastida. William. 480 Batchelder. Beverly. 196. 482 Bates. David R, 125. 270 Bates. James. 99. 100 Bates, John. 258 Bates. Kathryn. 87 Batie. Harriett. 107 Batterton. Richard. 308. 486 Battin. George. 236 Battin. R. W.. 94 Batts. William. 63. 246. 397 Baudin. Philip. ICO 101 Bauer. Harry C. 32 Bauer. Wesley. 65. 125 Baugh. Peggy. 181. 200. 388 Baiigh. Robert. 101 Robert. 81. 82. 125 Baumann. Bert C. 125 Baumgardner. Alice. 125. 280 Baumgartner. W.. 246 Baunsgaril. Joanne. 194. 402 Baunsgard. Keith. 224 Baunsgard. Marilyn J.. 125. 192 Baunsgard. P. E.. 92 Baur. Patricia. 194 Bay. Charles. 83. 125 Bavard, William. 89 Bayer. Ge.Mge. 342. 348 Bayer. Harold. 305 Bea.h. Daisy. 18? Bealieu. Ray. 290 Beall. Betty. 190 B. all. Glldon N.. 90, 100. 309 Beal. Maude. 109 Bi ' am. Richard. 213 lliain. Su.xan. 200 494 %ri.y iif -:: ■ x ' .TSui h 15 ■ • " Ts -r Bean. Warren. 125. 242. 324 Beam. Richard B.. 125 Beardsley. James. 228. 308 Bearg. Grace. 287 Beatty. Bob. 230. 379 419 Beau! Warren. 323 Beauchene. Jeanetle. 480 Beaudreau. Charles A.. 125. 238 Beaudreau. Dave. 236 Beaumont. Ross. 1C9 Beci, Gloria. 479 Bechtol. Charles. 34 Bechthold. Edward. 84 Beck. Dave. 30 Beck, Joan. 418 Beck. Joanne. 196. 280 Beck. Patricia L.. 125. 206. 408 Beck. Theodore. 112 Beck. William A.. 64. 78. 125. 392 Becker, Ed. 75 Becker. Jerry 125 253 Becker. Ray. 82. 253 Becker. Rolfe. 209. 253 Becker. Stanton L.. 125. 253 Beckett. Jack B.. 125. 300 Beckmever. Martha. 276. 286. 470 Beckwith. Donald. 301 Beede. Ralph W.. 78. 125 Beeler. Hartley M.. 125 Beem Helen, 107 Beezer, Alli.son. 200 Behrens Richard G,. 125, 266 Behymer, Howard. 51, 52. 125 Behar. Beverly. 185. 188 Behnke. John, 108. 125. 208 209 210 306. 3.57 Bernken. William. 218 Behrens. Byron. 48. 266 Betre. John. 463 Bf-Men Arvold W.. 118 Beiford. W. John 464 Beti le. Arlene. 125, 287. 312. 315 BeU. Bob 258. 329 Bell Edward C. 125. 242 Bell. Joan. 287 Bell. Marv. 102 Bp ' I. Reml. 244 B°ll. Waltor Reid. 101 B " linmv Faye. 284. 478 488 Belloman. Guy W.. 94. •SfiO Bellows Howie. 327 Beloit. Ellen v.. 125. 196 Belshaw. R. E.. 47 Bender. Nancy. 187, 471 Bender. Stanley. 274 Bender Wilbur. 125 465 Benedict. Tlielma 107 Be-odict William H.. 125, 232 Bencsten. Carl A.. 61. 125 Benham. Allen R., 53, 109 Repham. Billie. 488 Beniamin. Gporge, 464 Beniamin Richard. 465 Benner. Helen. 197 Bennet Edward 246 Rpnnett. Diane. 279 Bennett. Donna. 85. 293 Bennett. Stanley H 86 Benoit. John 99. 101 Benoil. Noville 74 ?86 Benoit. Theresa. 195 Benson Bob. 53. 125. 409 Benson. Charles. 270 Benson Evelyn M.. 79. 82. 125 Ben.Mon. John 264 Ben.son. Merritt E 47 Benson. Nancy. 203 Bentlev. Ann. 114. 438 Brnlley. Ron. 223 Bentley. Ross. 265 Ri-nton. Paul 100 B envenlste. Rae. 202 Benzon. George 236. 440 Bement. Peter. 272 Bemls. Su.-. .55. 100. 201. 351. 391. 4(K) 487 Bemont. Pete. 35i Berhert. John. 480 Bercovltz Vic ' ' .,(H, 2(2 Berdan Donald G., 93 215 Bcrelson. Marvin 274 Berg. Carol 196 418 Berir. Donald R.. 94, 258. 366. 463 BerK. EwlnK. 248 BerK. F ' n l.-rlck, 230 Bert, ' , May. 187 Bi-rK. Richard. 248 Berp. V ' -rnon. 479 Berge. Bill. 212, 309 Berge, Margaret, 206 Berger. Carol, 203, 402, 403 Berger. Daniel. 264 Berger. Joanne. 2C2 Berger. Jules. 76.125. 214 Bergere. Robert, 258, 415 Bergeron. Harviy. 254. 418 Berggnian. Carol. 189 Bergh. Martha June. 101. 107 Bergh. May. 391 Bergheger. Wilmer. 60. 61. 64. 103. 125 Berglund. Bruce. 222 Berglund. Martin, 262 Berglund, Roger, 76, 112. 113. 125 Berglund. Wes. 75 Bergman. David. 61. 125 Bergman. Kenneth R.. 78. 125 Bergman. Morris. 265 Bergstrom. Donald W,, 89, 125 Bergstrom, Harold, 99 Berk. Barbara. 458 Berkley. John H. 125 Bernard John 125 228 Bernhardt. William F., 89. 125. 248. 471 Bernhoft. Rudolph. 111. 125 Berni. Michael. 246 Bernoski. Dorothy. 480 Bernsten. Dean. 290 Berry. Glenn. 252 Berry. James. 258 Berry. Janice. 482 Berry. Phyllis. 206 Berst. Robert. 244 Bertolin James W. 125 Besas. Florence. 281 Besserman. Marion 102 Bessor. Marv Lou. 27. 199. 399. 401. 417 Best. Don. 423. 488 Best. Walt. 488 Beta Alpha Psi. 61 Beta Gamma Si!?ma. 103 Beta Theta Pi. 220 Betel. Marvin. 253 Betz. Barbara 478 Betz. Betty. 107 Betz. Evelyn. 387. 388. 479. 482 Betz. Mary. 466. 478 Beuschlein Warren. 63 Bevon Jack S.. 83. 125. 265 Bianchi Anita. T-.. 204 Bi-nco Phyllis D.. 125. 197. 314 Bianco. Robert. 60. 268 Bibbirs. Gareth L . 73. 125 Bick Les. 468 Bickford. Thomas. 290. 463 Bickmore. Joy. 111. 281 Bicknell. Charles. 74 Bieelow. Eileen. 49. 114. 125. 206. 391. 435, 438, 487 Bigford Jack N.. 78, 113, 125 Bigler. Helen. 281 Biglev. Jack 239 Bie W Club 305 Rilbrad. Robert. 231 Bilello Michael A.. 125. 290 Billings Kathleen E.. 125. 198 Billington. Joann D.. BilUngton. Donald. 224 204 Bills. J(jy. 189 Bilsten. George. 125 Bingo. Toshimitau. 285 Rinky. 2.52 Rinns David 78 Birchfield, Richard I,, 125, 212 Birk, Thomas. 83. 307 Birkeland. Evelyn. 83. 190 Bishop. DM. 91 Bishop. Dorothy. 281 Bishop. E.lwin. 360 Bishop. Oscar. 62 Bishop. Robert. 49, 111. 127 BItar. Alexander Paul. 101 BJarnascm, Leon, 464, BJork. Amy. 54. 106 111. 114 127. 157. 282. 388, 406 BJorllng. Clarence. 63. 302 Black. Barbara. 204 Black, Donald J., 101, 127. 216. 471 HIack. HoHS. 248 Black. Waller. 266 Blackburn. C. 86 Blackburn. John, 262 Blackfleld, Joyce. 476 Blackball. Bonita. 127 Blackball. Malcolm. 62 Blackstock. Bruce. 270 Blackstone. Bruce. 62 Blager. Morten. 79. 127. 214 Blaine. Betty. 127. 277. 278 Blaine Hall. 281 Blair Earl. 50. 249. 309 Blake. Beech. 228 Blake. Buel B.. 127 Blake. Carl. 74 Blake. Joanne. 196. 418 Blakney. Philip. 81, 82, 127 Blanchard, Russell, 226 Blanchard. Van, 272 Blankenship, Donald, 127 Blankenship, John Douglas. 101 Blankers. Zeger. 288 Blattner. Jim. 459 Blatz. Carl. 60. 99. 100. 103. 235 Blaustein. Bernard 48 Bleakney. Thomas P 109. 110. 112. 127. 308 Bleck. Robert G.. 92. 127. 224 Blecken. Robert. 127, 224 Bledsoe Eleanor, 189 Bleese. Verle. 82 Blencoe Harry A.. Jr.. 127. 302 Blessing. William. 89. 127. 238 Blethen. Fran. 189 Bliss. Dawn. 105. 466 Edward S.. 127 Blilie. Wavne. 216 Block. A. Eliot. 290 Block. Harold 260 Block. Tim. 228 Blohm, Ralnh W,, 94. 216. 397. 469 Blomdahl. George. 127. 409. 414. 415. 459. 465 473 Blomster. R G,, 90 Blondheini, Myrna. 181. 197 Blood. Howard. 112 Bloom Jim. 260. 309. 397. 422. 440 Bloomer Donna. 100. 111. 282 Bloomstrom. Albert. 102 Blucher. Robert V.. 48. 127 Blue William. 77. 112. 113 127 Bluechel Bob. 64 Bluechel June 103. 127 Blume. Nancy. 189 Blum. William, 66, 127 Blume. William. 240 Blumenthal. Joseph. 274 Rlvthe. Beverly 199. 419 Blvckert. Warner. 49. 74, 479 Board of Control. 383. 393 Board of R°frents. 30 Bocek. Albert J.. 94 246 Bocek, Donald E.. 127. 246 Bock. Neal. 240. 337 B .ckwrilrti. Walter H,, 76. 89. 92. 230 Bode. Carl. 288. 307. 360. 473 Bode. Richard. 238 Boehme. Patricii. 193 Boelter. Ed. 74 Bogard. Don. 232 Boggs. Janet. 196 Boguch Frieda, 82. 476 Bogue. Helen. 278 Bogue Mar tha. 82 Boguslavsky. Boris. 112 Boileau. Cathy. 482 Bolleau Ramon C, 52. 127 Bolan. Donald. 216 Boles. Harold. 238 Bolger Ji ' an. 191 Bollnnd. G. L.. 90 Bond. Mrs. Robert. 477 Bond. Beverly. 281 Bond. Hobarl 224. 335 Bond. James. 222 Bondv. Joan 193 Bonebrake. How ird. 230 Boner Gladys, 55, 311, 312 Bonesteele, Dick, 212, 366 Bonner. Richard. 75. 101. 113 Bonney. Oren 211 Bonvlncln. Helen. 474 Boock. Howard L.. 127 Boon. John 127 Boone. Danli ' l. 2! 6 Boone. Howard. 127 Bonne. Gordon. 256 Boone. William. 240 Booth. Don. 471 Booth. Ell.n. 471 Booth. Wllllani. 240 Boothe. Bruce. 269 Boolhe. Paul W.. 63. 127. 270 Borchgrevink. P., 257 Bordeaux. Joseph K.. 242. 363. 490 Borella. Sid. 82 Boren. Phillip. 96. 127. 250 Boren. Samuel R.. 89. 96. 125. 250 Borcson. Stanley, 108, 127, 220 Borgstrom, Harold, 100, 103, 127 Bories, Henry, 274 Born, Bernice, 83. 100, Boroughs. Robert, 272 111, 473 Boroughs Robert 127 Bosak, Emmett. 239 Bosley. Anita M.. 118. Boste ' tter. Edward. 53. 109 Bostick. Wallace. 243. 305. 332. 333 Botany. Dept. of. 39 Bothun. Richard. 76. 113. 127. 300 Bothwell. Janet. 127. 197. 314 Bottinelli. Frankie, 85, 293 Botz, Arlie, 470 Bouchard. John N.. 118 Bouchin. Varya. 482 Boulton. Barbara. 105 Boulton. Eleanor. 206 Boulier. Roy. 465 Boundy. Bruce, 264 Bourne. C. James. 220 Bourne. Shirlie. 100. 194 389 Joanne. 194 Bouson. Herb. 235 Bovee. Grace. 52. 62 115 Bowder. J. L.. 92. 446 Bowen, A,my, 295 Bowen, Charles, 215 Bowen William 76 127 Bower. D. Diane. 191. 466 Bowers. Barbara. 199 Bowers. Donna, 199 Bowie, Jean. 192 Bowman. Betty. 185 Bowman. Chapin 54 Bowman Dorothy. 105. 284, 478, ' iSS Bowman, Elizabeth, 127. 192 Bowman. Jack. 103 Bowman. Jean, 185 Bowman. Joan. 181. 196. 411. 418 Bowmer Jack L.. 60. 61. 127 Bowsher Robert S.. 118. 263 Bovce Richard. 224. 324. 388 Boyd. .349 Boyd. Emit S3, 288 Boyd. Ida 280 Boyd. Neil, 220 3C5. 349 Boye. James. 230 Boye, R G . 95. 181 230 Bover, Dorothy 107. 114. 127. 199. 487 BpvI. . Charles. 127 2K6 Bovle. Patricia 197. 404 Bovle. Marcia. 198. 311. 312. 316 Bovne. Thomas 62 Boynton. James. 256 Boynton Wavne. 216 Box. Garv. 213 Box. Merton D . 127 211 Brace. Barbara, 115, 195, 389, 404 Brace. Don. 271 Brachvoeel Max. 228 Bradbury Doris L.. 127 Bracket t. 258 Bradish Richard D.. 127. 252 Bradford. Marilyn. 193. 399. 400. ■ 22 Bradford Mildred. 85 Bradley, Donald, 246 Bradlev hMii,, s,S 173 Bradlev Mm l.-u L ' lin Bradsln« K n H :i 447, li;i: rv 1-nI ISL ' Rradsbaw H,.b.rt S2 Bradt. Rodney 289 Bi-iidy Gene 218. 305. 3,56. 358 3.59 Brady, Robert. 127 Brain. Warren 252 Brakke. Arnold. 96 Braninn. J ' uii " s 101 Braman M . 466 Brand. Edith. 85. 292. 293 Brand. Tina. 100. 111. 278. 485 Brandenburg. Charles M,. 52. 127. 300 Brailenburg. Richard. 241 Brandenburger. G.. 76 Brandstrom. Betty. 278. 404 Brandstrom. John. 264 Brandstrom. Peggy. 43 Brandstrom. Rodney. 127 Brandt. Arthur. 274 Brannen. Robert. 258 Brannen. Suzanne. 127. 203 Brantt n. Shirley A., 118. 279 Brashem. Martin H.. 127. 274 Brask. Loren, 260 Brass, Richard Burton, 101 Brauer, William, 65 Braun, Margaret, 480 Braxton, Robert W.. 234 Bray. Edward. 256 Braymer. Jim. 228 Brazeau. June. 201 Brazeau, Phillip S.. 127. 230 Breen. William L..62, 127 Breene, Saranne. 50 203 Brehm. Ellen. 197. 399, 400 Breidenbach, A. J.. 127. 246 Breitenburg. Don. 127. 220. 305. 308. 322 Bremner. Margaret. 205 Brenchley. Ben. 99, 100 Brengan. Nancy. 281 Brennan. Lawrence A.. 127. 300 Breslich. F. N.. 95 Bretail. Ronald. 270 Brevick. Al. 382 Brevik. Herbert 256 Brewe. Walter. 246 Brewer. Edward. 301 Brewer. Lee Allen 101 Brewer. Phil. 108. 3C5, 335. 337 Brewer. Robert C 127 Brewer. Stanley. 63 Brewster. Betty. 189 Bricker. Carolyn 192 Bricker. James ?13 Bricker. Kay. 127. 311. 316 Bridenstine. Marcia 281 Bridge. Robert E . 90. ini. 274 Bridge. R. L.. 94 Bridgenian. Jack 480 Bridges, Albert. 256 Brien. Ted. 228 Brier. Warren 220 Briggs. Donald 6 127 Briggs. I, C. 95. 268 Briggs. Jim. 396 Briggs. Stewart. 231. 307. 353 Briggs. Vernon R,. 61. 127 Brings. William 81. 82. 257, 305. 327. 329 Brieham. Charles, 257. 305. 336. 337 Brim. Euge ne 289 Brimmer. Andy. 108 390 Brindken Glen W. 127 Brink. Bertha. 56. 189. 310 Brink. Birdie, 399. • ' • Brink. Daniel. 214 311 Brink. James 3(!5 332 Brink, Jpanne 189 Brink Katherine. 63 Brinsfield, Eloise, 2(11 Brinsfield. Shirley Delonas. 101 Brinlzenhofe. Richard. 127 Bristol Ri.hard, 270 Rrilch.M-, Marie. 4S3 BriHain. Dave 378 Rrittell. Kenneth 263 Britton, Wlllard. 99. 111(1. 101 Broadbenl. William. 62 Broadie Wanda 36 Bidck. Charles 246. 309 Brock Wllll-m 103 127 Brockman Kenneth. 2(io 308 322. 323 Bniede, Wilr-a. 282 Hron.lello, John 2 ' ' 0 Kmrisdon. Corky. ,313 Broiisdon Milton. 251 Br.M.k Mar.|orie 466 Brookbank John 213 Brooke. Betsv. 189 Brooke. Clmrleiie, 190. 316 Brooke. Charles. 463 Brooke. Janet. 194 Brook. ' . Joan. Ill 191 Brooke. Gleiui. 268 Brooke. Ralph. 268 Brooks. Raymond. 64. 127 Brooks. Richard L.. 127 Brooks. Thomas P., 127, Broom, John, 118, 2C9 272 Brotherton, Joanne, 204. 423 Brough, Lois, 473 Broulette, James. 74 Browder. Ray. 254 Brower. Irene. 281 Brower. Phyllis. 204 Brown, Ann, 207. 279 Brown. Arlis. 176. 187. 310. 391 Brown. Carol. 193 Brown. Charles. 226. 250. 322 Brown. Clyde. 257 Brown. Daniel. 101 Brown. D. H.. 75 Brown. Delores. 477 Brown. Douglas S.. 78. 127 Brown. Dolores. 196 Brown. Don. 250 Brown. Edward. 223. 226. 408 Brown. Edward J . 127 Brown. Edward R . 127 Brown. Ernest. 51. 52 Brown. E. Ixiise. 191 Brown, Harold, 212. 3C5, 308, 322 Brown, Haney. 113 Brown, Hobart, 252 Brown, Hugh G,, 127. 236 Brown. Jack. 100. 250. 466 Brown. Kenyon. 220 Brown. Leo. 480 Brown. Lynn. 281 Brown. Margaret. 190 Brown. Marilyn. 199 Brown. Mary. 190 Brown. Maurice H.. 76. 127 Brown. Nancy. 188 Brown. Olive 466 Brown. Ralph A.. 127, 236 Brown, Ramon. 99. 100. 250 Brown. Richard. 241, 305, 337 Brown Robert, 77, 127, 254, 268 Brown, Roy, 63 Brown, Sholie 54 Brown, Viola J.. 85. 127. 293 Brown. Walter. 479 Brown. William Dixon. 101 Brownbridge. Robert. 266 Browne. Clair. 100 Browne. Joan. 111. 191 Browne. Kathlyn. 129. 185. 206 Browning. Bruo ' E.. 89, 93 Browning Richard, 218 Broyles, Dorothy, 471 Brozovich, Dick 259, 351 Bruce, Beverly, 204 Bruce, Joan, 471 Bruck, Irmy. 188 310 Brudevold. Sigmund. 129. 223 Bruhn. Fred, 408 Bruhn, Soren, 262 Bruizer, Jerry. 473 Brumbach, Wayne, 362. 363 Bnmimitt. Charles 290 Bruner. Russell. 211 Brunei. Barrie. 100. 101 Brunk. Earl. 210. 258 Brunner. Harriet. 201 Bryan. Allan. 263 Bryan. Enoch. 262 Brvant Imoeene. 83. 100. 111. 282 Brvant. Walter, 75, 291 BrVd. Chester. 234 Buchan. Barbara. 206 Buchanan. John. 265 Buchanan Rich 213 Buchen. Helen. 312 Bucher. Helen. 295. 315 Buchet. Donner D.. 210. 230 Btick. George 65 Buck. James Harold. 101. 109 Buck. Marjorle 129 Buckley. Bob. 352. S53. 355 Buckley. Harold. 82 Buckingham. W H. MS Buckinoff. George. 250 Budinger. Mary. 198 BiHllnger. Nell. 198. 388. 404 Buechel, Henry. 109 Buell. Charles. 91. 289 Buerslatle. Alice. 186 Bugge. Donald. 129 Bugge Robert A.. 62. 129. 236 Buhler. Ji.aii. 204 Bulzer. Jerry. 129 Bull. Harlnn C, 129 Bullock. Carol. 466 I« 6 1 50 l feanA. A a The Book Store was founded in this cloakroom next to the President ' s office in Denny Hall, January, 1900. 50 YEARS OF SERVICE BUILT ON 50 DOLLARS Your Book Store today — a long cry from the cramped cloakroom in which it was foimded with the aid of fifty dollars leaned by two pro- fessors. It is a source of justifiable pride with all concerned that the property purchases, expansions, and renovations resulting in today ' s fine store have been paid out of the store ' s earnings. Those who served your campus needs hope ycu will come back often — you ' H find the same friendly welcome. : Se ae Ifo . . . Book Shop . . . Camera Shop . . . Pens and Typev.ritcrs . . . Greeting Cards . . . Leather Goods . . . Gift Shop . . . Toiletries and Perfumes . . . Girls ' Shop . . . Men ' s Shop . . . Sports Shop . . . Records . . . Artists ' Supplies . . . Student and Office Supplies 4326 University Way- MEIrose 3400 OWNED BY THE ASSOCBATED STUDENTS OF THE UNIVERSITY 497 Bulluck. DeForeat. 64. 129 Bullock. Margaret. 105. 466. 478. 488 Bulnifr. Ronald. 228 Bunch. Jamesine. 280. 387 Bungay. Joan L.. 85. 129 196 Burchard. Harold. 272 Burd. Henry A.. 59. 389 Burdick. Carl. 260 Burdick. Richard. 224 Burduc. William, 60. 211 Burg. Gerry, 289 Burg. Mac. 413 Burg. Maclyn. 222 Burghardt. C. R.. 75 Burgin. Genevieve. 207. 280 Burhen. Raymond. 96 Burk. Barbara. 478 Burk, Tom. 355 Burke. Doris. 278. 311 Burke. Jack. 108. 240. 305. 335. 337 Burke. Stan. 240 Burki. Lloyd. 236. 351 Burkland. Billie. 185. 193 Burkland. John. 242 Burklund. Stan. 110. 366 Burmaster. Ruthe. 114. 163. 383. 390. 438. 481. 482 Burhani. Donna. 203 Burnett. Bill. 108. 350 Burnett. Hazel Ann. 191. 459. 488 Burnett. William. 305 Burnette. Hazel, 478 Burnette. Vernadeen. 206. 314 Burney Jack. 220. 305. 335. 337 Burnham. Ardice. 37. 278. 417 Burns. Edward. 243 Burns. Harr -. 109 Burns. Maurice, 288. 465 Burns. Robert. 129. 256 Burr. Charles. 49 Burr. Grant, 228 Burrington, Patrick, 254 Burris, Fletcher. 447 Burriss, John, 231 Burrows, Fremont, 90, 270 Burrows. Ken. 364 Burrus Fletcher R.. 129 218 Bursett. Phillip. 230 Bursett. Maurice. 465 Burstahler. Cyril. 75 Burtch. Carol. 194 Burtner. Dale, 488 Buschmann, Kay, 435 Buse, Delores, 282 Buseman. Ralph, 272 Frederic, 49, 212. Bushkin. Lee. 188 Business Administra- tion. College of. 58 Business Education Club. 217 Bu.ssell. Lionel. 62 Butler. Barbara. 129 185. 198. 473 Butler. F. A.. 93 Butler. Jim. 95. 248 Butler. Mary. 278 Butterfield. Ansi-l. 129 486 Butterfield. Au.sil 435 Butterworth. Fred, 260 Butterworih, Joan, 187 401 Button, Edward, 74 113, 118, 264 Butts. Cherie, 203 Buvick. Norman. 66. 108 129. 1 5, 266. 305. 308 320. 322 Byers. Barbara. ,52, 129 206, 399, 402 Bylngton, Ann. 197 Byors. Wanda. 186 Byrd. Winifred 129. 193 Byron. Lois. 196 Bystrom. Albln, 76. 129 Caducean.i. 83 Cadwill Ann. I ' M Cady. r.i-i,vK ' -. 109 Cady. J. Ellison. 279 Cudzow. Thomas. 60 Cahoon. Gerry. 195 Gaboon. Val. 260 Calllier. Ted. 408 Cain. Joyce. 196 Cain. Marv. 203. 391 CalaKan. Jlni. 30 Cnlaban JamcH. 256 CnldiT. Raymond, 62 Calderhead. James. 129. 240. 306. 368 Caldwell. Robert G., 49. 129. 2S1 Caldwell. Shirley. 482 Calene. James. 258 Calene. John. 100. 129. Caley. Lloyd, 291 Calev. Virginia, 287, 311, 315 Calhoun, Bruce, 461 Calkins, Ken, 413 Callaghan, Maureen, 193 Callaghan, Patricia. 79. Callahan. James. 240 Callahan. Norman. 480 Callahan. Robert. 236 Callahan. R. Dan. 129 Callow. Joanne. 196. 418 Calvert. Betty. 195 Calvin. Roberta. 118. 287 Cambridge. Richard. 129 263 Cameron. Donald. 230 Cameron. Jane. 191 Cameron. Richard. 236 Cameron. Robert. 242 Cameron. William. 236 Campanella. Felix. 480 Campbell. ■Buster. " 3.57. 358 Campbell. Byron. 99 Campbell. Carolyn. 203 Campbell. Craig. 230 Campbell. Dave. 262 Campbell. Donald. 301 Campbell. Emil. 100 Campbell. Ivan. 237 Campbell. Jack. 110. 221 Campbell. James R.. 129 242 Campbell. Joan. 107. 382 Campbell. Robert Eugene. 101 Campbell. Sheila. 85. 297 Campbell. Thomas, 74 Campion, Joanne, 201 Cimpion. Patricia, 201 C inaan, Larry, 216, 329 Canaday, M. Rae, 287, 466 Canary, Mvrtle, 484, 485 Candiotti. Joe 386 Canfield, Charles. 466 Cannady. Dale. 99 Cannon. Ann. 190 Cannon. Joan. 112 Cqnup. P. C. 95 Caples. Barbara Ann. 100. 101 Caples. William. 256 Caplan. Florence. 202 Capeloto. Joseph. 214 Capeloto. Robert. 129. Carbo. Donna. 201 Card. Marian. 206 Cardinal. Ken. 243 Carey. Jean. 282 Carev. Thomas. 99. 100. 260 Carleton, Joanne. 281 Carleton. Kenneth, 258 Carley. Virgil, 291 Carlo, Dee, 100, 111, 198, 426 Carlson. Barbara. 191 Carlson. Carl. 220 Carson. Carolyn Ann. 191 Carlson. Dale. 101. 112. 113 Carl.son. Doretta. 193 Carlson. Elden. 62 Carlson. Eric. 100 Carlson. Fred. 78 Carlson. Gene. 235 Carlson. Georgia. 482 Carl.son. Janet. 193 Curlson. Jim. 248 Carlson, J. H., 93 Carlscm, Joanne. 197 C-irl.-ion. John. 291. 316 C.Tis.,n. Lecj. 266. 337. 418 Cjirlson. Loretta. Ill Carlson. Madeline. 193 Carl.son. Maurlci.. 63. 212 CaHstm. M. Louise. 203. 317 Carlson. Ruth Marie, 107, 118, 477 Carlson, Sid, 468 C-irlstedt, Elsie, 191 Carman. Elaine, 55, 313, 483 Carney, Robert, 266 Carpenter. Allen Fuller. 490 Cirpenter. Archie. 89, 90 Carpenter, Edward, 236, 305, 307 Carpenter, .Tacqueline, li, ' ' i. i!i7 rri ' i, int 447 Cai|p. Mi t T. ,1 ;ir,3, 354 Car|.. 111. I WiHiiTii. 230 Carp. I I: t l ' iis Carr, Miiliio.l. 289 Carras, AnKie, 312 Carras. John. 252 Ibarras, Mary. 49 CarruH, Vicky N.. 129 Carrlgan. Mnrjorlc-, . ' " il. 129. 316 Carlllo. 291 Carroll. Ilarrlcl. 186 Carroll. Harry. 77 Carroll. Henry. 73 Carroll. Patricia. 480 Carroll. Suzanne. 191 Carroll. Talbott. 34 Carroll. William. 480 Carsten, Phil. 61. 129. 209. 232 Carson. Bill. 463. 466 Carter. Florence. 105 Carter, Jim, 223 Carter, Joanne G.. 129. 203 Carter. Max. 246. 308 Casad. Benjamin C. 83. 129 Fay. 189 Case. Harry. 465. 466 Case. Matthew H.. 129 Case. Val. 189 Casebolt. Thomas G.. 129. 300 Cashnian. Barbara. 100 Cashman. Ben. 100. 101 Casolaro. Joseph. 270 Caspers. Clarence. 465 Casperson. George. 242 Cass. Robert. 50 Cassady, Nancy. 471 Casserd. Helen. 188 Casserd. Marvin. 129. 274 Cassill. James. 240. 306. Cassill. Harvey. 304. 383 Cassill. Scott. 129. 240. 447 Castno. Lvnn. 230 Castor. Mvrene. 206 Caswell. John. 72 Catren. Audrey, 189 Cau.ston, Phyllis. 279 Cavanaugh, Garland. 81. 82 Cavenaugh. Joseph. 49 Cavanaugh. Wally. 332 Cavanagh. William. 129. 266 Cave. H. Tyler. 129. 212 Cave. Virginia. 198 Cavenny- Lowene, 478 Cavers. John. 235 Cnvin. Ann. 115. 177. 198. 338. 399. 447 Cawger, Jack. 463 Cavanus. J. W.. 92 Chrobuck Marv. 282 Chrome. Charmalee. 317 Chu. Wen-Hwa. 112 Chu. Victor. 77 Chun. Ke-Sang. 112 Chung. Kenneth. 473 Church. Peggv. 195 Church. PhilE.. 41 Churchill. Marcia. 187 Cichv. Fred. 268 Cipri,. no. Joe, 2,57, 378 Civil Engineering, Dept. of. 69 C ' aar. K. M.. 95 Clancy. William Emmett Jr., 101 Clark, B.. 324 Clark. Diane. 187 Clark. Elsie A.. 131. 481. 482 Clark. George. 300 Clarke. Jack. 229 Clark. .Jacqueline. 195 Clark, Lenard, 223 Clark, Mvra Lee, 101 Clark, Nony. 206. 420 Clark. Pamela J.. 131. 195. 392. 399. 401 Clark. Richard. 230 Clark. Robert. 254 Clark. Ruby. 74 Clark. Samuel. 179. 212. 391. 422 Clark. Suzanne. 195. 404. 458 Clark. Tom. 232 Clark. Walter. 74 Clark. Willis. 53. 131. 230. 410 Clarke. Barbara M.. 131. 197 Clarke. Frank. 75 Clarke. Jean E.. 131. 293 Clarke. John. 216 Clarke. Louise, 185, 200 Clarke, Robert, 131, 469 Clarke, Sam, 110, 486 Clarke, Stuart, 110. 309. 331 C ' app. Elianor. 201. 466 Clawson. Mary Ann. 115, 197. 310. 314 Clay. Richard. 75. 473 Clayberg Carl, 289 Clayton, nixon, 131 Clavton Robert, 307, 353, 354 Clefton, Roderick, 2.55 Clemi ' nt, Carl, ,52 CbTuent. Jcseph. 238 Clinieiil. Lucln. 281 Clendemin. Robert. 220. Clerget, Lyle. 81. Ill Cleveland. Doris. 102 Cleveland. Mary Jo. 115. 198. 310. 399. 4IM. 446 Cleveland. Richard. 100. 212 Cliff. Bruce. 468 Cliff. David. 82 Cliff. D. B.. 95 Clifford. Douglas. 112 Cline. Blanch... 36 Clin. ' . Burr. 464 Clint.)n. Frank. 423 Clinton. Glen. 471 Cloidt. Joe. 177. 230. 305. 342. 345 Close. P. D.. 94. 268 Coar. Elaine. 82. 179. 196. 418 Coates. E. E.. 95 Coates. Marilyn. 287. 465 Cobb. Joanne. 179. 196. 317. 388. 404. 417 Cobb. William. 238 Cochrane. Bob. 338 Cochran. Bruce. 256. 307, 354, 356 Cochran. Corky. 393. 402. 440 Cochrane. Mary Jane. 115. 198 Cochran. John. 131 Cochran. Robert. 246 Cockelreas. Chuck. 413 Cockburn. John. 131. 230 Coffelt. A. J.. 75 Coffey. Robert A.. 131. Coffin. Natalie. 282 Coffman. Russ. 423. 488 Coghlan. Jean. 131. 293. 480 Cohen. Carole. 202. 476 Cohen. Joseph. 49. 109 Cohen. William. 289 Cohn. Irwin. 274 Cohn. Sarale. 100 Cohn. Sharlene. 188 Cohrs. Pearl. 297. 470 Cohrs. Victor. 290. 470 Colasurdo. Dominic. 65 Colby. D. A.. 94. 215. 360 Cole. Beverly. 192. 410 Cole. Charles T., 60. 131. 469 Cole. Henrv. 112 Cole. Kenneth. 1. 63. 109. 110. 177. 254. 388. 416 Cole. Mary Ellen. 187 Cole. Ray. 382 Cole. Serena. 200. 386. 403. 419 Coleman. Clarence J.. 30 Coleman. Donald. 479 Coles. Alan. 63. 89. 131. 209. 248 Coles. B. J . 243 Coles. Patrick. 242 Collar. Jean. 280 Collard Jack. 254 Collias. Dorothy. 471 Collias. Euene. 471 Collier. Boy. 230 Collier. Richard. 131 Collins. Robert. 54. 480 Collins. William. 131. 2,57. 413 Colton. Agnes. 109 Colunms. 411. 412 Colwell. Sallv. 281 Comstock. Adele. 204 Compass and Chart. 92 Compton. Ethelmae. 278 C.mcannon. James. 78. 131. 301 Conc.-rt Rand. 465 Condon. Herbert T.. 30. 31 Condon. Margaret. 55. 204. 311. 312 Cone. Margaret. 131. 276. 278. 389 Conger. W. M.. 94. 95 Conklin. T. W.. 90. 131. 230 C..iil. , C.iimI, 105 rilliini. 238 C.. :, 199. 39!). 1011 Connell. Robert. 228. 309 Connelly. Beverly. 197 Connor. Roger. 270. 480 Conqulst. Lorraini ' . 483 Conrad. C. J.. 46G Conrad. Ernest M.. 32 Conrad. Jean. 190 Conrad. Madlyn V.. 131. 192 Conrad. Sue. 192 Conrov. Marilyn. 204 Constabl... Mari.irii-. 483 Cook, R.-rni. ' . 468 Cook, Carol vn. 278 Cook. Clavton. 78. 131 Cook. C, M.. 461) Cook. Ev. ' r.ll. !1B Cook. Gilbirl. 60 CtHik. Gonl.m T.. 131. 224. 363 C.H.k. Jim. 177. 258. 309. 383. 395 Cook. Lawi-ence. 113 Cook. Marshall Wayne. 74. 101 C.i.ik. Richard H.. 131. 258 C.Hik. Th..nms D.. 131 Cooke. James A.. 131 Cooke. Margaret. 189 Cooke. Shirley. 83. 102 Cooley. Donald. 223. 478. 488 Coon. Laura. 193. 420 Cooper. Jack L.. 61. 64. 131 Cooper. Joseph. 108. 131. 302. 389 Cooper. Margie. 189 Cooper. Sally, 276, 286, 477 Cooper. Terrance. 238 Cooper. William. 131. 236 Cope. Barbara. 206 Cope. Kenneth. 61. 103. 118 Copeland. Delbert. 290 Copeland. D. G.. 95 Copeland. Donna. 199 Corbally. John. 386 Corbett. John. 112 Corbin. Donald. 226. 362 Corey. Annebelle. 131 Corlett. Richard. 49. 73. 74. 260 Corley. Bud. 387 Cornelius. Berta. 131. Cornell. Richard. 82 Cornett. Allen. 23G Cornick. R. P.. 93. 226 Cornish. Brace. 211 Cornish. Bud. 396 Cornu. Donald. 109 Cornwall. Ralph. 82. 215. 417 Correa. Ray. 309 Correa. Roy. 270 Corrigan. Rob.rt E.. 131 Corsier. Duane. 486 Cort. D.)nald L . 244. 309 Corvell. Donald 131. 220. 305. 311. 312 Corwin. Maria. 186 Corwin. Rudolph Evo. 101 Cosbev. Earl. 465 Cosser. John. 226 Costacos. Jerry A.. 131 Costigan. Sidney. 196. 388. 418 Cothern. George. 77. 113. 131 Cotter. Coll(»en. 206 Cotter. Edward E.. Jr.. 131. 215 Cottier. Shirley. 100. 111. 197 Ci tton. Barbara. 482 Cottrell. Leone. 465 466 Cottrill. Imogene. 85 Couch. Franklin. 469 Coulter. James. 83. 131 Coulter. Martha. 281 C. urser. Carol Helen. 278. 477 Courtney. Donald. 131 Courtney. John 78. 272 Covell. Birney S.. Jr.. 131 Covey. Don. 232 Covincton. James. 72. 73. 78 92. 93. 108. 131. 218.469 Cowan. Frances. 85. 107 Cowderoy. Janet. 192. 401 Cowden. Robert. 291 Cowell Patricia. 107. 131. 191 Cowger. Jack. 211 Cowgill. R.ib. ' rt. 77 Coweill. William. 113 Cowles. C ' llherlne, 466 Cowman. H. A . 95 239 Cox James 113 288 Cox. M.-rcedes 281. 312 Cox. Myrtle. 483 Cox Robert J.. 4.59 Covle. Mvrna 200 Crabs, Jack. 100 CiBbtree. Robert. 102. 131 219 Crafts. Janelle. 482. 485 Cragg. Philip. 131 Craigue. Andr.-a 206 Craln. Richard 78. 211 Craln. W. L. 72 Cram. B..b. 413 Cramer. H. ' nrv. 236 Cramlet. Clyd... 109 Canmer. Pnrbara. 186 Cram| t..n. B. ' tty L.)U. 131. 293 Loris. 300 Crnnst..i Phyllis 483 rrn ,-r. Sbirl.-.v 199 Craven. Sinclair 197 Crav.M-. Jodv. 187 Crawford. Jan.-t. 55. 193. 312 313 Crawford. John. 244 Crawford. Terrell. 131. 236 Crawford. William 63. Ciayne. Bill. 316. 468 Cieedon. Jack. 212. 307. 353. 354 Creel. Wilh. ' lmlne. 109 Crees. Rob. ' rt. 96 Crevelinig. Joe. 108. 480 Crimin. Duane. 218 Crimniin. Wilbur. 100. 131 Crisler. Delia P.. 73. 200 Crisler. Fergus. n. 131. 209. 244 CritHS. Arlene. 282 Crites. Norene. 282 Critchfield. Elmer. 83. 131 Critchfield. Pat. 244. 413 Critchfield. Richard. 307 Crittenden. Charles. 131. 212 Crocker Alfred. 463 465 Crohn. Charnilee. 188 Crohn. Jerry. 274 Crolv. Ruth. 131. 408. 482 Crombie. Allen. 53. 131. 264. 388. 410 Cronkhile. Marjfirie. 195 Crook. Jean. 56. 316 Crook. Mary Ann. 199 Cropp. Joyce. 471 Crosby. Coburn. 112. 113. 131. 242 Crosetti. Al. 49 Croshaw. Cherene. 131. 196 Crosier. Duane. 222 Croson. Gwen. 447. 483 Cross. Jack. 29T Cross. Harry. 109. 383. 386 Cross. Paul C. 39. 69 Crosse. Bonnie. 196. 418 Crosson. Joe 240 Crothers. Marilyn. 186. 470 Crouch. Charles. 236. 361. 367 Cnjw. William. 100 Cr.iweil. Liura. 54 458 Crov. LuWilla. 100. 103. 131 Crov. Wallace 75 Cruickshank. Phillip. 49. 100. 288 Crumming. Joe. 232 Crvstal. M. H.. 95 Cubbage. Kenn»th. 288 Cugini. Alex. 92 131. 236 Cugini. Sir.! 216 Culbertson. Tom. 246. 362 Culiack. Jean. ' tte. 480 Cullitoii. William. 229 Culos. Pet.-r. 62 118 218 Culp. Calvin. 209 Culp. Gord.)n. 131. 218 Cummings. Donna. 204 Cummings. Robert. 54. 131. 258. 362 Cummings. W. J. 95 Cummings. William. 266 Cummins. Curia. 114. 131. 193 399. 403 Cunmiins. Diane. 73. 200 Cummins. Har.ild G.. 131 Cummins. Kathryn. 131. 316. 390 Cunmiins. Patrick. 83. 131 Cummins. Robert. 75 Cummins. Skip. 272 Cunningham. B.. 201 Cunningham. 399 474. 481. 482 Cunningham. Edward. 66 Curley. J. R.. 90 Currans. Miriam. 204 Currie. Stuart. 50 Currie. Janet. 204 Curry. John. 81 Cushen Robert. 2.58 397 Curtis. Elizabeth 109 Cintis. Fred A.. Jr . 131 Curtis. Marjorie 193 Curtis. Walt. 316 Custer. Charles. 486 Cusi. ' r. Lois MarJ.irie. 101 Cutis. Rollin. 49. 74. 211 Cuthill. James 100. 101 Cvr. Charles D.. 131 n.ibbaugh. Zein 131. 48S Dahl. Grace. 204 Dahl. Monica 106. 114 131. 487 riahl. Sherman. 62 nnhlb..rg. L..uis.- 131 DahUMcn All.-n K.. 131 Paigler. Cliff. 270 Pail Le F.. 131 nailev. Wall. ' r. 229 kail Carl Spenc-r. 490 I... Kilbl.. n. 131. 480 11 J.iin 311 II. Marj. ' iie. 192. 316 i-.Mns. niime. we 400 Dab.s. Waller. 131 Oalv. Polor-.s 131. 278 Damascus. Jim. 82. Ill Dnna. I 218 Danell. Paul. 76. 133. 26S Dniif.irlh. Rolierl. 246 Dani. ' l.son. June. 82. 207. 280 I9« what is this younger generation coming to? We are doing everything we can to make it come here! Building a bigger and better Frederick Nelson to serve you, the graduates of 1950 (and your children) the best way our 60 youthful years have taught us. lOUR 60 ' - ' r YEAR 7 J i5 i5 499 Danielson. Nancy. 204 Dankenbring. G. G.. 95, 484 Dark, Marjory, 54, 56, 133. 192 Darland. Margaret. 281 Darling. John. 277. 301. 302 Darnell. Fred. 258 Darrough, Anne. 198 Darvill. Fred Thomas, 101 Dascher. Arthur F.. 133. 263 Dauben. Joseph. Jr.. 109 Daubenberg. Adele. 200 Daughters. Carlyn. 206. 314. 317. 435 Davenny. Dick. 64 Davenny. Lowene H.. 133 Davidge. Robert N.. 133. 270 Davidson. Barbara. 203 David-son. Bert. 463 Davidson. Catherine, 185. 205. 466 Davidson. Keith. 219 Davie. Earl. 133 Davies. Dorothy. 194 Davies. Louise. 471 Davies. Mike. 244 Davis. Brant. 251 Davis. Bruce. 133. 2150 Davis. Carroll. 420 Davis. Clifford G.. 133. 266, 306. 329 Davis. Darrell. 82. 301 Davis. Don W.. 133. 244 Davis. Eleanor. 188 Davis. Evan. 241 Davis. James, 36 Davis, Joan. 281 Davis. John. 83. 212. 290. Davis, Kenneth L., 64, Davis, Katherine, 280 Davis, Marianne, 105. 115. 200. 393. 399. 403. 447 Davis, Melvin. 305. 344. 346. 348 Davis. Merrell, 109 Davis, Norma, 206 Davis, Phil, 269 Davis, Robert, 288 Davis, Rodlyn, 482 Davis, Ronald, 133, 210, Davis. Tomas, 210. 266 Davis. Wilbur. 118. 300 Dawe. 133, 260 Dawson. Barbara, 192 Dawson. Clayton. 100. 109 133 Dawson, Donald. 100. 260 Dawson. Josephin e. 99 Dawson. Warren. 54. 101 Dav. Abe. 223 Day. John C. 133. 240 Day. Richard. 101 Deacon. Jo Anne. 105. 113. 466 de Alvarez. Russel R.. 86 Dean. Barbara. 478. 488 Dean. Donald. 256 Dean. Gordon. 89, 212 Dean, Joyce, 483 Dean, Kenneth Ray, 101, 112. 423 Dean. Lawrence. 48. 60. 62. 118 Dean, Lewis, 133 Dean, Marilyn. 191. 404 Dean. Orlan. 239 Dean, Sidney, 212. 414. 415. 435 Dcaring. Willie Mae. 118. 286, 312 DeBard, Richard. 258 D.Bolt. Hubert. 78, 133, 268 DeBon. George. 60, 61, 99, 100. 103. 133 DeCan. Lawrence. 212 Dederer. Michael, 238, 418 Deery. Gerald R., 133 208 D.Forest. Janet, 180, 195 DeGarmo, Mardette, 191 Degginger. Charles, 89, 274 Degler, Hugh A., 133, 232 Degroot, Larwence, 74 D.Cn.ote, Carolyn. 193 .Hollander. William, 112 Deibenow. Jule.f. 110 Deisher. John. 230 Deissler, Ronald, 133, 230 Deitz. Don, 387 Dekker, John. 113,266 DeLa Vega. Elins. 77 Dil Cvr. Charles. 244 lh- Gi.Kllic. Frank. 52, Kilward W.. i:w 237 Del Missier. Corky. 474 DeLong. Charles. 89, 133, 218 Delta Chi, 226 Delta Gamma Delta Kappa Epsilon, Delta Mu. 470 Delta Sigma Phi, 223 Delta Tau Delta, 230 Delta Upsilon. 232 Delta Zeta, 196 Delzer, Nancy. 186. 388. 419 DeMaster. Louis. 76, 133 Dement. Hugh. 232 Dement, William. 99. 100. 133. 228 Demmery, Joseph, 59 Dnnby. Robert. 256 D ' -nker. -Vrthur Gilman. 101 Denney. Donald. 99. 109 Denning. Bus, 240 Denning. Edward K,, 133 Dennison. Charles R.. 133 Dennison, Robert. 226 Denniston, Samual. 226 Denny, Arthur, 238 Denny. Grace. 109 Densham. John. 64. 89. 113 Densmore. Harvey. 109 Denson. Eley. 89. 133, 268 Dentistry, School of, 87 Derby, Pat, 186 Derickson. Wallace A., 133 Dermody, Eileen, 133, 297 Derricot. Pat, 483 Derry. Gerry, 248 DeSpain, Irene, 85. 133. 297 Detwyler, John. 78. 101. 112. 113. 484 Devin. Douglas. 220. 390. 418 Devine. James Dawson, ini DeVoe, Albert H., 83. 133. 265, 272 Dewar. Rod. 232 Dewev. Alice, 133. 193 Dewey, Wayne, 89, 94, Dewey, W. C. 93 Dewey. W. D., 92 Dewev, William, 89, 100, 262 DeWitt, Katherine. 199 Dexter, Janice. 201, 474 Dexter. Richard. 238 Deve. Barbara. 284 DeYoung. Durav. 82 DeYoung, Imogene. 292. Diamond, Donald E.. 133 Diamond, Paul D.. 133 Diaz, Juanita. 281 Diaz. Ruth F., 118. 284. 287. 478 Dibble. Darwin, 63 Dibbert, Bernard. 62. 89 Dick. Carolyn. 280 Diik. Diane. 73. 185. 197. 120 Dick, George. 82. 290 Dick. Roland. 92, 133, 256 Dick. Sam. 228 Dickey. W. Harlan. 133. 221 Dickey. Stanley E.. 54. Dickey. William. 60. 63. 103 Dickinson. R. H., 93. 91. 301 Dickinson. Ruby E.. 133. 280. 480 Dick.son. Lenore. 49 Dickson. Olive. 311 Dickson. W. B.. 75 Diebentiw. Jules. 94, 230, 309 Diebert. Ruth. 197 Diener. Marion. 473 Dierck. Kenneth. 270 Dieick. Wallace M.. 133. 270 Dlcrs, Paul Anton 101 Dletz, Donald. 244 386 nun. James M.. 86 Dillon. David M.. 133. 4 86 Dillon. Marilyn. 200 Dillon. Nancv. 187. 404 Dillow Loretla. 280 Dlls. Dorothy. 190 Dlltz. Edward. 65 Dlnuner. John. 73. 78. 133, 264, 360 Dines. Robi ' rl. 218 DInk ' H. RobiMt. 305. 3.56. 359 Dlnsmoicv Robert. .50 IJioilto, lOil. 361 Dippolito. William. 262 Ditta. L. G.. 93 Dixon. Evalyn. 287 Dixon. Geraldine. 466 Dixon. Joseph. 76. 133 Dixon. Olive. 315 Dixon. Raymond. 65. 103. 488 Dixon. William. 96, 240, 363 DMello. Anthony. 480 Doak. Timmie. 187 Dobbin. John. 50. 54. 96 Dobie. Edith. 109 Dodds. Jean. 55, 313, 478, 488 Dodge. Donald. 222 Doebele. William. 133 Doeltz. David. 62 Di.err. Jack. 250 Doggett. Robert. 96, 216 Dohonev. Charles. 133 Dohonev. Joan, 203 Dohonev. Nace. 254 D.ihrn. Ronald. 216. 469 Dolan. Ellery, 192, 410 Dolgoff, Lawrence. 214 Doll, R. N.. 93 Doll. Robert. 212. 306. 360. 361. 362 D(.lvin. Phillis L.. 133. 194 Dolph. Richard. 63. 133. 301 Dol.stad. Harold. 99 Dolstad, John, 62, 133 Domandich, Anthtmy. 112. 133. 300 Donahoe. Patricia. 189 Donaldson. Edith. 133, 192 Donaldson, Jack. 110 Donoghue. Joe. 240 Donaldson. John. 212, 305. 336. 337 Donaldson. Nancv, 192, 474 Donehoo. Ann. 483 Donev. Patricia M.. 133 Donovan. Clifton Floyd. 101 Dooley. Roberta. 279 Doolittle. James. 258 Dootson. Thomas. 61. 133. 265 Dore. James, 113, 264 Doren, George. 49. 73, 74. 101, 112. 118. 250 Dorfner. Don. 133. 248 Dorman. Ken. 252 Dorms. 278 Dorpat. Klarese. 102 Dorren. Bernice, 281 Dorrien. Gaynor. 280 Dorsey. David. 241 Dorsey. James. 94. 264 Dorsey. Martha. 197 Dorsev William. 220 Stanley. 76. 113. 133. 209. 235 Dorum. Tom, 363 Dnt.son. Ben. 92. 133, 211 Dcjuglas. Dale. 73. 200 Douglas. Donald. 34. 133. 212 Drjuglas. Darrel. 291 Douglas. George. 102 Douglas, John. 133 Douglas. Patrick J.. 133. 241 Douglas. Richard. 241 Douglas. Ruth, 65 Dougles, John. 215 Doumit. Michael. 266. 363 Doust. Janet, 200 Doiist. Laura. 133. 200 Doulhwaite. Geoffrey, 289 Dr.w. Betty Leona, 101 Dow. James, 75, 133. 264 Downey. Barbara. 282. 313 Downie. William. 307. 418 Downing. John 101. 112 Dowzard, Pat 198 Dovle. Doug. 178. 179. 260. 363 Doyle. Thomas A.. 63. 133 Drager. Ott.i 76. 133 Drake. Ed 265 Drake. Howard A.. 62. 133. 268 Drama. School of. 45 Draper. EdL ' iir, 33. 108. 109. 305 330 Draper. Frank. 228 Drawskv. Ronald. 75 Drc ' liin, I mini 61. 133 Drels. Mlldri-d. 100. 133. 190 Dressier, Marguerite. 107 Dreitzler. Ralph F.. 133, 212. 363 Drew. Donald. 0. 228 Drew. John. 216 Dr-.xcl. Donna. 483 Dr.yer. Dav. ' . 46S Driscoll. Tom. 265 DiiMrih.-ll.T. Jo. .-iih. 30 Drugge. Everett. 264 Drummond. Allan. 212 Drumniond. Ted. 334 Druxman. Larry. 274 Druzilla. Oules. 478 Drysdale. Bill. 266. 361. 367 Drystad. Jack. 265 Dubson. Alan. 214 Dubson. Samuel A.. 133. 214 Duckering. Donald. 94. 230 Duclos. Alovsius G.. 63, 135, 480 Duell, Gwendolyn, 100. 101 Duerfeldt, Clare. 135. 191 Duffy. Lucille. 109 Duggan. J. P.. 75 Dulin. L.e. 101 Dunnnett. Raymond. 228 Dun. Henry. 63. 135 Duncan, Dean L.. 95. 210. 270 Dunford. Bonnie. 198. 473 Dung. William. 100, 102, 301 Dunham, Forrest, 231 Dunlap, Olive, 64, 135 Dunlap. Ray. 250 Dunn. Janet. 193 Dunn. John Edward. 101 Dunn. Ki-nneth. 220. 305. 343 Dunning, Earl, 60, 103, 135, 252 Dunphv. Burns. 265 Dunsire. Chuck. 413. 418. 246 Dunstan. Jim. 378 Dunstan. Lorraine. 186 Durfee. Andrea. 107 Durgan. Jim. 413 Durham. Marvin, 209. 256, 361 Durham, Victor, 236 Durnan. Mildred, 480 Durst, Norma, 105, 466 Durway, Nan, 107 Dusenbery, John W., 135 Dutcher, Chuck, 242. 307. 355 Duval. Elizabeth, 283 Duxbury, Duane, 423, 465, 488 Dvoracek, Louis, 49. 74. 135 Dwarshius. Fred. 289 Dwyer, William, 135, 256 Dye, Allen. 466. 471 Dye. Barbara. 478. 188 Dve. David. 301. 473 Dyer. James. 464 Dyer. John Davis. 101 Dyer. Robert C. 76. 135. 290 Dvkeman. Anita. 187. 419 Dynes. Betty Jean. 199 Dvsart. Benjamin. 135. 260 Dv.sart. Dixie. 85. 293 Dy.sart. John, 48, 135. 264. 338. 410 Eader. Ronald. 48. 89, 135, 212 Eagan. Joan, 283 Eafcin, Robert J.. 135 Earles. Mary. 204 Earley. Bill. 351 East. Ed. 248 East. Gordon. 248 East. Lorrie. 189 Eastman. Austin V.. 70. 72 Easterbrook. Sally. 198 Eastman. Fred S.. 69 Eastman. James. 73. 78. Eason. Janice. 187, 391 Eastern. Ina 102 Eberhard. Kenneth. 316 Eberhart. Dee. 100 Eberhart. Defle Richard, 101 Eberbarter. Richard. 305 Eberhnrter. Jane. 204 Ebling. Marilyn. 135. 197. 399. 402, 424, 440 Fibnrall, William. 60, 61 89. 96, 135 Ehv. Edwin, 109 Eck, Charles. 96, 215 Eck, Maiv, 280 Erkles, J. ' Well, 135, 199, 419 Eck.-r.son, John, 268 Eckerl, Beverly, 206 Eckhnus, Betty. 202 Eckley, Beverly, 194 Echols, Ted, 135, 248 EckrniHnn, Jim. 92. 135 175. 220. 305, 368. 372 Eder. Philip. 135. 274. 305 Edelman. Georglanna. 279 Edelman. Sidney. 268 Edgers. Bart. 135. 244 Edberg. Bob. 179. 251. Edgers. Robert. 96. 244 Edgren. Loyal. 270 Edgren. Roger. 135. 256 Edinger. Raymond. 301 Edmonds. Carl. 75 Edmt nds. Hank. 210. 240 Edmondstonc. Marvonda. 135 Edmund.son. H.-c. 331 Education. Col leg.- of. 84 Edwards. Allen. 109 Edwards. Clarenc. 99. 100 Edwards. Earl. 288 Edwards. Jack. 135. 2.56 Edwards. Joy. 190. 465 Edwards. Mary Lou. 186 Edwards. Theodora. 102. 118 Eells. Charles. 243. 364 Eerkes. Jerry. 135. 232. 309 Egan. Thomas. 224 Egger. Phvllis. 192 Egtvet. Percy. 351, 337 Ehrig. Frank. 48 Ehrig. Jack. 218. 389. 446 Fichoff. K.-nneth. 465 Einerson. Don. 235 Ei.senbery. Dick. 488 Eisenhart. Robert. 77 Eide. Karen. 187 Ekins. Richard W.. 135. 211 Ekholm. Howard. 228 Ekiind Hall. 292 Ekiund. Byron. 48. 135. 408. 411 Ekiund. Clarice. 52. 408. 411 Ekiund. Janice. Ill Ekiund. Janine, 198 Ekiund. Rita. 100 Ekrig. Jaik. 436 Elander. R.ibert. 230 Elder. Blair. 101. 11 2 Elder, Clar.-nce. 288 Eldridge. Marilyn. 195 El. ' ctrical Engineering. Dept. of, 70 Elgert, O. J.. 74. 135. 470 Eliason. Herbert. 289 Elijah. Lester. 54. 135 Eller. Jack. 75. 135 Ellexon. S. E.. 94. 268. 464 Ellingsen. Mary. 135 Elliott. Ann. 194 Elli.itt. Gordon J.. 135 Elliott. Nancy. 135 194 Elliott. Wilbur. 220. 378. 463, 466 Ellis, Hel.-n. 191 Ellis. J.ihn 243. 264 Ellis. Leal. 317 Ellis. Ray. 82 Ellison. Beverly. 191 Ellison. Francine. 197 Herbert, 224, 177, 395 Ellison, William O.. 224. 135 Ellsworth. Barbara. 477. 482 Elmer. Glenn. 101. 112 Elmgren. C. Elaine, 135. 281. 471 Elmquist. Donna. 204, 479 Elmquist. LeRoy, 212. 479 Elsbree. Lorraine. 477 Elston. B.ib. ,54 Ely. Margaret. 207 Elvn. Alvin 253 Emanuels. D H.. 94. 110. 272. 392 Emi ' rson. Sue. 207 Em. ' rv. Patricia. 206 Emiliano. M.. 95. 473 Etn..ry. C. D.. 88. 93. 102. 445 Endelmnn. B.-rnice. 476 Enil.lman. Frieda. 188 Endicott. Eugene. 73. 78 Endlcott. Irvln. 89. 90. 135 Endleman. Bernice. 135. Endow. Richard. 291 Fng. Betty. 482 Eng. ' , Janet, 184. 192. 447. 487 Eng. ' bo. Gerald, 48, 288, 409 Engel. Anton, 300. 469 Enger. Otto. 60. 135. 212. 306. .307, 353, 363 Engln. ' erlng, Colleg. ' of, 68 Knglni ' .Mlng Council. 73 England. Ardyce, 278. 465, 470. 479 England. Di-an. 96. 218 England. Jack. 135. 226 England. James. 244. 326 Engle. Nalhanael H.. 58. 109 Engl.-r. Elw.od. 99. 100 Englert. Jack. 110. 242. 305. 327. 329 English. Dept. of. 40 English. Jane. 99. 100. 111. 135. 198 Engli.-!h. Mike. 110. 308. 416. 491 Englund. Albert. 60. 61. 135 Englund. Harold. 289 Englund. Roy. 101 Engstrom. Harold. 135 Engstrom. Verna. 287 En. chs. Duane. 110. 241. 368. 369. 371. 373. 374. 375. 377, 387. 486 Enquist. Lucille. 54 F:nslin. James. 216. 306 Enters. Agna. 448 Eomins. Clare. 96 Eppink. H.-nrietta. 85 Epst.-in. Aran. 64. 253 Epstein. Ida. 281 Epperson. Marian. 280 Epst.-in. Maurice. 63, 135. 214 Erford. Armidda. 478 Erholm. Joanne. 195 Erickson. Alice. 185. 198 Erickson. Harden. 220 Erick.son. Claire. 297. 135 Erickson. Don. 265 Erickson. Gloria. 347 Erickson. Gus. 319. 324 Erickson. Harold. 100 James. 135. 258 Erickson. John. Ill Erick.son. June. 55. 206. 483 Karen. 279 Erickson. Keith. 272 Lawrence. 268 Erick-son. Miriam. 36 Ray. 75. 391 Erickson. Robert. 64. 76. 99. 135. 220. 302. 391 Erick.son. Shirley, 85 Stephen. 291 W. C. 52 Erik.son. Bud. 110. 391 Erskine. William. 60. 61. 135 Erwin. Gene. 471 Erwin. Pauline. 471 Erwm. Ralph L.. 135 Erzen. Franklin. 238 Esf.-ld. Donald. 135. 274 Eskelin. J.ihn. 230 Esper. Erwin. 109 Esp.tveit. Arlene. 135. 201 Est.p. Donald, 135. 218 Estep. Max H.. 135 Estiquoy. Del, ires, 483 Eth. ' rington. Donn, 254 Euruchuk, Walter. 465 Evans. Allen. 113 Evans. Betty, 100. 103 Evans. Bill. 468 Evans. Charles A.. 42. 262 Evans. George. 74. 113. 211 Evans. John. 250 Evans. Kathleen. 280. 478 Evans. Keith. 77. 135 Evans. Margaret. 135. 200. 207 Evans. R.ibert. 360 Evans. Rus.s.-ll. 218. 391 Evans. Thomas. 307 E ' anson. Nedra. 54. 111. 135. 278. 484. 485 Ever.-st. H. P.. 47. 383 Ev.rsaul. Melvin. 302 Ewell. William. 237 Exendine. Franc. ' S E.. 135 Faas. Richard. 112 Faber. Katli.rin. ' . 187 Fac. ci.iin. s:i, l: , Faculty;ihst.- 9S Fag. ' n. ' Di.k 232. 3ii9 Fagen. Paulin. ' J.. 135 Eager. Earl. 75. 135. 301, 479 Fah. ' y, Margaret, 282, 313 Fnhrlnger. R. C. 95 Falling, Robert N,, 390. 468 Falrbnnks. W. W.. 75 Falrbroth. ' r. George E.. 135 Falrehlld. Audr. ' y. 485 Fairfax, M. ' rc. ' d. ' s, 281, 471 Falrl. ' lgh, Sally J.i, 189 Falrl.-ss, R..b.-rta. 190 500 BOOKSEllERS TO THE HtJ§KlE Text and Technical Books — Used and New — SAVE MO] EY- BUY USED BOOKS at the 4316 University Way — — — Seattle 501 Fairservice. Alston. 94. 246 Falck. Edmon. 135 Falk, Donna. 199 Fall, Kathryn. 206 Falstad. John. 268 Fang-kUfi. Li. 109 Fankhouse. Harold. 226 Fant. Ralph. 272 Fantz. Richard. 60. 135 Fapp. Jean. 105 Far Eastern Institute. 80 Farley. Dale. 212. 220. 329 Farmann. Stanley. 289 Farnsworth. George. 94. 262 Farquharson. Burt F.. 71 Farr. Robert, 60, 220 Farra, Jeff, 327 Farra. John, 220 Farrell, Donald. 230 Farrell. Romane, 76. 135 Fathingill. Bob. 54 Fattaruso. Tom. 471 Faubert, Edward, Jr, , 112 Fauntz, Kathy, 198 Faupell, Lawrence, 77 Fawcett. John. 63 Fearn. Bill. 486 Fedash, Sophie, 100, HI, 466, 480 Federman, Harold, 214 Fedor, Elizabeth. 100. 101 Feeder, Marilyn. 282. Feeney. Donald, 258 Felicetta, Vincent. 112 Felkins. Gwen, 423 Feller, Margaret. 284. 478, 488 Fellows. Barbara. 198 Felt, Alice Rae, 194 Felton, Betty, 482 Felton, Samuel P., 135 Felton, Virginia, 107 Felty, John, 135, 263 Felver, Perry. 468 Fenn. Margaret. 65 Fennell. William. 224 Fenton, Lowell, 62 Fenton, Merrie Virginia. 50. 135 Feolo. Norma. 85. 135. 293 Fergeson, Roland, 471 Ferguson, Alan, 100. 101 Ferguson, Beth, 480. 483 Ferguson, Madeline, 276, 282. 399. 404 Ferguson. Neil, 218 Ferguson. Rosie, 281 Ferguson, Ruas. 309 Ferguson, Russell, 220 Ferguson, Warren, 34, 73, 76 Ferini, Robert E., 135 Ferluga. Joseph. 268, 338 Fernyhough, DeeDee. 474 Fernyhough. Margaret. 478 Fernyhough. Stan. 232. 309, 474 Ferris, Arthur, 81 Ferris, Tom. 463 Fery. John, 110, 178, 179, 383, 387, 389 Featin. Agnes. 277, 278, 404 Fetherstone, Dick, 250 Fetrow. Donald. 290 Fetty, Robert, 83, 244 Fickcia.n. Frank. 113 Flckel. Donald L,, 232 Fickerson. Roy. 76 Fidler. Clarence. 480 Fiedler. Ernest, 463, 464, Fiedler, Modean, 107 Field. Lola. 473 Field. Nancy. 280 Fields, C. E,. 93 Fields, Shirley. 188 Flglenski. Barbara, 283 Finch, Dwight, 223 Finely, Ralph. 63 Finger. Elizabeth, 100, 111, 135, 194, 402, 404. 446 Finical. Irvln. 242 Fining. Joanne. 207 Fink, J,, .55, 312 Finke, Nancy Ann, 279 Finlay, James. 272 Flnlayaon, A,, 94. 95 Finley, Theodore. 257 Finn, Dorcas. 111. 284. 392, 478, 488 Finn, Pauline, 105, 135 FIniiegaii, J„r, 135, 218 Flnnlck, H. Leiand. 62. 264 Finnlgan. Janice, 135. 199 Finnlgan . William, 258 Flnucane. John H.. 137 Firth. Don. 468 Fir Tree. 104 Fischer. A. Jackson. 258 Fischer. Bradley. 230 Fischer. C. Alan. 137. 218 Fischer. Dick. 54 Fischer. Donna J.. 137. 206 Fischer. Richard. 137. 230 Fiscus. Louise. 483. 484. 485 Fishback. Lorraine. 137. Fisher, Don, 474 Fisher, Edward. 274 Fisher. Fred. 108, 118, 212, 305. 332, 366 Fisher, Gordy. 222. 232. Fisher. Jack. 74. 137 Fisher, James, 219 Fisher, Lawrence, 214 Fisher, Robert. 77 Fisher. Sol. 101 Fisher. Vivian, 193 Fisheries, School of, 46 Fisken. Donald. 473 Fitch. Harry, 464. 466 Fitch. Sgt.. 90 Fite. Ralph D., 137 Fithian, Janet Louise, 98. 100, 111, 197 Fithian, Robert, 99, 100, 109, 137, 212 Fitterer, Mary Lou, 101 Fitzpatrick. Berny. 270 Fitzpatrick, Mary Jane. 55. 312 Fix. Bill, 60 Fix, Jack. 250 Fix. Ollie, 471 Fix, R. B.. 94 Fix. Rosemary. 471 Fix. Wayne, 464 Fix, Wilbur J., 137, 250 Flack, Barbara, 191 Flagstad, Kirsten. 448 Flaherty, Carol, 282. 470. 479 Flaherty. Shirley R., 137. 283. 470 Flaks. Joan. 202 Flaumenhalft. Helen. 279 Fleischman, Marjorie. 137 Fleming. Barbara. 137. 197, 314 Fleming. Delaine A.. 137 Fleming, Don, 339 Fleming. Peter, 473 Fletcher, Jack. 240. 324 Fletcher, Ken, 232, 463, 466, 473 Fletcher, Robert J., 137. 240. 308, 322 F ' lichinger, Ruth, 482. Flint. Shirley, 137, 186 Flint, Victor, 100, 101 Floberg, J., 363 Flodin, Roger, 253. 323 Flodin, Donald, 226 Fluodeel, Eldon, 75 Florv, James F., 137, 290, 390, 469 Fli.ry, Cecil. 288. 469 Flower. B, Eileen. 137. 204. 423, 466 Flower, Joanne, 278, 466 Flcjwer, Lorraine. 55, 101, 107, 118, 311 Floyd, Myrtle, 85, 107, Floyd, Spence. 248 Flyg. Willi Theodo 101 Flynn. Patricia. 75. 137 Fobes. Virginia, 194 Fohn, Pauline, 293 Follick, Charles, 79 FoUis, Harriet, 187 Folsom, Pat, 203 417 F ' onda. Joyce, 478 Fonkalsrud, Eric. 83. Foote, D., 324 Foote, Frank, 218 Ford, Freddie Wilier, 443 Ford, Lillian. 102. 281 Ford, Nancv, 204. 423 Foreman, Ann. 193. 403 Foreman. Donn, 258 Foreman. Mehin. 49 Forepaugh. Christopher S.. 137 Forist Club. 83 Forestry. College of. 84 Forler. Molly. 198 Folsom. Pat. 97 Forman, Melvin, 236 Forrest. Lila. 279 Forrl.atall, Floyd F,. 137 Forsberg, Rosalyn. 483 Forslund. Vernon. 81. 137 Forsman. Berl. 468 Forsaell. Carl F.. 1.37. 260. 307. 353 P ' orster. Joan. 195. 310 Forsylhe. Margaret C... 118. 312 Forsythc. William A.. Foskett. Mary. 50 Foss. Barbara. 196 Foss. Bob. 232 Foster. D. T.. 92 Foster. Douglas. 137. 254 F ' oster. Drunitnond. 81. Ill Foster. Forrest. 118. 289 Foster. Jim. 108. 137. 147. 256. 305. 343 Foster. Joan. 194 Foster. Joyce, 199 Foster. Marion. 137 Foster. V.. 466 Fothergill. Bob. 459 Fournier. Ellen M.. 137. 107 Fouty. Bob. 355 Fowler. Joe. 338. 402 Fowler. Philip E., 137 Fowler, Rosalie. 204 Fox. Dick, 468 Fox. Marion. 100 Fraas. Bob. 223 Francis, Joan, 196, 418 Francis, John W,, 137, 265 Franks, Athena. 278. 312 Frankland. Nancv. 115. 194 Frankland. Walter. 220 Franklin. Frederick. 49. 74. 101 Franson. Hubert. 49. 137 Frant. G. K., 93 Frant, H. M.. 93 Frantilla. Eileen. 283 Franz. George, 288 Fraser, Ann, 200, 317 Fraser, Douglas. 260 Fraser. James. 137. 242 Fraser. Nadine, 137 Fraser. Thomas. 137 Fraser. Virginia. 186 Frazee. Mary E.. 137 Frazier. Marilyn. 137. 204 Frease. Sally. 206 Fredden. Lois. 473 Frederick. Wesley. 76. 137 Fredricksen. Neil. 52, 236 Fredericks. Robert. 266 Fredrickson. .Shirley. 196. 479 Fredsall. Russ. 265 Freeborg, Edward M., 137. 250 Freeman. Joyce. 199 Freeman. Robert H,, 137 Freese, Marianna, 85 Freidnian, Paul, 274 Freligh. Ruth. 473 French. Robert. 137, 240 Freng. J,, 466 Freshman Class Officers, 180 Friar. Lee. 137 Fridline. Wallace, 75 Friedlander, Ann, 187, 404, 479 Friedman. Dorothy. 202 Friedman. Gloria. 188. 476 Friedman. Paul. 137 Friedrich. Grace, 187 Friele, Rolfe, 230 Friend. Robert, 56. 64, 137 Fries, Donna. 282 Fritsche. Dwayne E.. 137. 258. 361. 367 Fritz. Betty. 112 Fritz. Beverly. 191 Fritz. Carolyn. 207. 281 Fritz. William. 258 Frlan. John. 81. 82. Ill Frosberg. Rosalyn. 477 Frost. Ann. 192. 410 Fro.seth. Dorothy. 186 Frost. Jacquie. 198, 418, 467 Frost. Jill. 198 Frost. Joanne. 186 Frost. Murray A.. 137, 246 Frost. Vernon, 109 Frue, Howard Francis, 101 Fruechte. Mark. 137, 300 Fruits. Dorothy. 85 Frutchiy. Jamc ' s G.. 210, 244 Fry. Eleanor. 200 Frye. Monte. 229 Frye. Tom. 228 Fugate. Jean. 192 Fugate, Robert. 65 Fugua. Raymond. 63 Funk. Natalie. 202 Fujil. Frank. 285 Flijloka. Georg... 100. 137 Fukurna. Michael. 285 Fullam. Harold. 49. 74. Fuller. Beatrice. 1. 114, 137, 196, 388, 391, 399. 400. 416. 438. 470 Fuller. Dorothy G.. 137. 316 Fuller. J. R.. 93. 465 Fuller. Richard. 109 Fulton. Beverly. 196. 418 Fulton. Donna. 181. 196. 411. 466 Fulton. Jack. 100. 101 Fumioka, George. 290 Funk. Hugh. 463 Funk. Jarti s B.. 137. 260 Funseth. Kenneth. 56. 75 Furback. Leo. 263 Furber. Jim. 363 Furney. Robert. 82 Furno. Orlando. 99. 100. 101 Furukawa. Erwin. 285. 300. 331. 473 Fuxon. Paul. 214, 391 Gabbert. David, 77, 137 Gaby, George. 49 Galante. Raymond. 214 Galber. Janet. 55. 137. 470. 479 Gale. Beverly. 85. 137. 293 Gale. Nadine. 282 Galeno. Frederick. 137. 246 Galimanis. Stephen. 290. 469 Gall. Jean. 283. 311 Gallagher. Eugene. 95. 113 Gallacci. Robert. 468 Gallacci. William. 268. 413. 418. 491 Gallagher. Robert. 73. 77. 137. 244 Gallagher. Roderick M.. 137 Gallagher. Rodney. 270 Gallaher. Elizabeth. 85. Gallear. Darell. 291 Gallein, Donald. 213 Gallet. Bob. 248 Gallotte. David. 212 Gallowav, Floyd L.. 137 Galloway. R, G., 232 Galster, Richard, 466 Gamma Delta. 470 Gamma Phi Beta. 197 Gammell. Joyce. 189 Games. Jack. 99. 100 Ganzer. Victor. 77 Garber. David. 109 Gardiner. John. 112 Gardner. Al. 232 Gardner. Edwin. 96 Gardner. Joan. 191 Gardner. Ron. 258 Garhart. Ralph. 61. 99. 103. 137 Garin. Andre. 468 Garrett. Eleanor. 37. 206, 388, 399, 400, 403, 417 Garrett, James, 65, 137 Garrett, Jeanne. 186 Garrett. Mary. 83 Garrett. Virginia. 390. 478. 482 Garrison. George. 480 Garrison. Jo.seph. 60. 216 Garrison. Maxine A.. 137 Garton. Geraldine. 194 Garton. James. 337 Garvin. Mary Jane. 101 Garvin. Robert. 242 Ga.sson. Charles. 305 Gasson. Chuck. 344 Gaston. John. 137. 266 Gates. Ann. 197. 314 Gates. Bill. 108. 386 Gates. Diane. 190. 474. 482 Gates, Jean, 192 Gates, John, 218 Gates, William Henry. 101 Gattavara. Gene. 246. 367 Gaul. Vonnle Lou. 203 Gauvln. Albert. 137. 228 Gay. Dick. 250 Gav, Rob.rt, 221 Gm I..i.1, T::irl.:ii.i. 471 Gr ll l Gc ' l.alh llMii.l.l HID Gebb.rl, John, 260 Gehl.-n. Charles. 82. Ill Oi ' hlhoff. Dody. 187 Geliinan. Jonnn. 186 Gehrke. Fred. 218 Gelger. Robert. 81, 82. 137 Cell. Joliii. 81. 82. 137 Geil. Km h.u.l SI Grlsinr. . , .rh%, 206 Gels. 11 ' -hoi 170 Gelsl. 1, I ' ll man 60. 62 Gelsli ' r. Gary, 266 Gelsinann, Elinor, 137 Geisniann. G.. 89. 93 Gellatly. Bruce. 137. 208. 220 Geller. Harley. 253 Gellerman. Diane. 100. 111. 115. 194. 401 Gellermann. Margaret. Gellermann. Mildred. 109. 383. 386. 389. 392 Gellerman. Nancy Lou. 100. 105. 190. 393. 413 Gellermann. William. 100. 137. 230 General Engineering. Dept. of. 70 General Studies. Dept. of. 46 Genther. Charles. 137. 266 Geography, Dept. of. 40 Geology. Dept. of, 40 George, Carolyn, 187 Gerard, James, 137, 215 Gerbec. Richard. 480 Gerbel. Arthur. 31 Gerbel. Judy. 114. 194. 399. 401. 438 Gerbel. Marv J,. 137 Gerber. Mitzi. 188 Gerbrick. Jo. 51 Gerbrick. Tom. 54. 459 Gerdes. Ellis. 270 Gerhardt. C. J.. 92 Gerhart. George. 360 Gerke. Marilyn. 311 Germanic Languages. Dept. of. 41 Gerrodette. William E. . 137, 232 Gershevsky. Ruth H.. 109 Gerson. Jerry. 218 Gess, Jerrold. 99. 100. 101 Gese. Leo. 266. Gess. Patt. 83. 199 Gettman. Marilyn. 470. 479 Getz. Donald. 137 Getz. Vern. 252 Gerwig, Alfred. 291 Geyer, Donald G.. 139. 215 Ghiglione. John. 228 Gholson. Gibson. 254 Ghormley, Willard. 82 Ghosn. Francois. 464 Ghram. 54 Gjelsteen. Theoda. 206. 314 Gibb. William K.. 139 Gibbons. Don. 139. 235, 413 Gibbons, John, 300 Gibbs. Wendy. 387 Gibson. Bob. 435. 486 Gibson. Charlyn. 139. 198. 399 Gibson. Fern. 107 Gibson. Gae. 184. 193 Gibson. Joanne. 204 Gib.son. John. 266. 363. 386 Gibson. John R.. 53. 108. 139. 143. 224. 3C6. 338. 406 Gibson. Mark. 66 Gibscm. Ron. 266 Giddings. Shirley. 193. 465. 483 Gieser. Charles. 266 Gilbert. Bobbette. 199 Gilbert. George. 133. 212 Gilbert, Jack N., 139, 243, 301 Gilbert, Warren J., 139. 242 Gilbertson. Carrol. 235 Gilbreath. Iris. 115. 201. 386. 404. 423 Gilby. Alton R.. 139. 250 Gilchrist. Madelin. ' . 109 Gilchrist. Waller E.. 139 Gildon. Beall. 99 Gildow. Elton Cork. 139. 270 Giles. Merlin. 209. 252 Gill. C. C. 94 Gill. Charles. 234. 480 Gill. Clark. 244 Gill. Pat. 196. 418 Gill. Virginia. 465. 466 Gilllngham. Douglas. 260 Glllis. Phil. 259. 351 Gllniaii. Eugene. 64. 139. 236 Gilmer. Anni ' . 191 Gilniore. Duan. ' G,. 139. 246. 367 Gllpalrick. Thomas. 118. GiTp ' n. Pnlrlda. 206. 419. 471 Gilpin, Phyllis. 190 GInesl. James. 258 Gingrich. Harold. 139. 212 Gingrich. Lee. 212. 362 Glnni-tt. Li ' wls. 74 GIn.sey. Denver. 100. 139 Gioranelli. Gordon. 305. 322 Girdwood. Barbara J., 139. 203 Gitler. Robert L.. 67 Glad. Arlene F.. 139 Gladfelter. Barbara. 139. 478. 488 Gladfelter. Jo. 54. 478. Giant. Merton. 139. 274. 390 Glassman. Clyde. 256 Glassman. Scooter. 327 Glauner. D. G.. 95 Gleed. De,-. 198 Gleed. Thomas. 118. 254 Glen. Robert. 241 Glenn. Joyce. 51. 139 Click. Robert. 112 Glomstad. John. 60 Glueck. Jack. 232 Gmelich. Mary Jo. 190 Gnagy. Walter. 79 Goard. Williard. 99. 100 Goddard. Shirley. 118. 287. 471 Godfrey. Darlene. 278. 466 Godfrey. Thomas. 101 Goehring. Guie. 139 Goet.sch. Edward. 65. 105 Goff. Marjorie. 115. 200 Goff. Mary. 107 Goheen. David. 112 Golay. Jacquelyn. 187 Gold. Helen. 188 Goldberg. Bob. 327 Goldberg. Dorothy. 188. 476 Goldberg. Larry S.. 139. 253. 476 Golden. Delores. 189. 310 Golden. George. 253 Goldfarb. Alvin. 274. 309 Goldfarb. Royal. 274 Golding. Ted. 250 Goldman. Alan. 274. 476 Goldstein. Louise. 476 Goldstein. Robert. 253 Goleeke. William R.. 139. 246 Gollofon. Arthur. 94. 242. 364 Good. Dewey. 218 Good. Dwayne. 329 Good. H. H.. 445 Good. Joe. 289. 479 Goodfellow. Elizabeth. 280. 319 Goodfellow. George. 258 Goodfellow. Jack. 240 Goodfellow. Robert. 101. 222. 338 Goodman. Barbara. 204 Goodman. Dean. 413 Goodnough. Frank. 488 Goodnough. Mrs.. 488 Goodrich. Carol. 197 Goodrich. Forest J.. 80. 86 Goodwin. Richard. 254 Goodspeed. G. E.. 40 Goodwin. Danial G.. 139. 226 Goodwin. Gwendlvn. 197 Goodwin. Hazel. 193. 313 Goodwin. Joan. 195 Goodwin. Willow. 277 Goote. Douglas. 219 Gorder. Bettv. 479 Gorder. Robert. 270. 309 Gordon. Clyde. 256 Gordan. D. K.. 94 Gordon. Donald. 326 Gordon. G.. 363 Gordon. James. 99. 100 Gordon. Joanne. 115. 195. 387, 402 Gordon. Lyle. 112 Gordon. Marietta Elizabeth. 101 Gordon. Richard. 236. 248 Gore. Sandi. 50 Gore. Jim. 466 Goree. Paul. 139 Gorln. Igor. 448 Gorln. Joan. 198 Gorki. William. 65 Gornily. Glenn. 118. 256 Gosho. Tatsuo. 82. 139 ?oss. Lvle. 389 (io.i.- ..H. Dev. 236. 305. 350 Go.-tslee. Norman A.. 89. 139. 264 Gougli. Alan. 222 Gould. Donna. 187 Gould. Gloria. 51. 139. 187 Gould. Joanne. 196 Gove. Barbara. 103 Gownian. Thomas. 224. " .raalfs. Hi ' Inz. 49 iraalfs. Marilvn. 49 Irah.r. Wavne, 223 Irabow, Itaibara, 191 iradiiale Students. 118 iraf. Donald. 484 • rahaiii. B. E.. 94 502 C wo Lyampus C raoii torn THE COLUMNS . . . located in the Sylvan Theatre represent the traditional character of the Univer- sity . . . each of them stands for a trait valuable in the LIFE of an individual . . . L - Loyalty, I - Indus- try, F - Faith and E - Efficiency. These Columns were a part of Denny Hall when the University was located in downtown Seattle NATIONAL BANK OF COMMERCE . . . just a few steps off the University Campus is the University Branch of the National Bank of Commerce — another tradition with University students. N B of C offers you every banking service you ' d expect to find, and more, too. Open a Special Checking Account — with " memory saver " — -and see how convenient this low cost automatic service is. University Branch NATIONAL BANK OF COMMERCE EAST 45th STREET at BROOKLYN AVENUE Six Other Handy Seattle Offices and Friendly Branches Throughout Washington: Aberdeen • Auburn • Almira • Bellingham • Bremerton • Brewster • Camas Centrolio • Coulee City • Edmonds • Ellensburg • Elma • Goldendale • llwaco Kennewick • La Conner • Longview • Montesano • Olympic ♦ Quincy • Richland Vancouver • Wapato • Waterville • Wenatchee • Yakima • Zillah Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation 503 Graham. Byron H.. Jr., 139 223 Graham. Evan D.. 139, 224 Graham, Jack. 256 Graham. James, 139, 240, 3U8 Graham, Kenneth, 244, 307 Graham, Nancy, 115, 203, 404 Graham, Norman, 211, 466 Graham. Phyllis Ann, 62. 139. 187 Graham. Raymond, 226 Graham. R. H.. 94 Graham, Robert, 230 Granat. Frank. 226 Granberg. Gerry. 248 Grandquist. Richard. Grandstaft. Darold, 139. Grant. Bill. 364 Grant. Donald. 218 Grant. Gene. 329 Grant. Gordon. 272, 463 Grant, Helen. 187 Grant. Howard. 89. 110. 232. 395 Grant. James. 242 Grant, Jane. 192 Grant. Joan. 196 Grant. Merrill. 465 Grant. Sally. 189 Grapha Teehna. 51 Grasett. Darley. 244 Grashim. Shirley. 202 Grashin, George, 139, 253 Gratis. Henry, 63 Graves. Arthur. 258 Graves. Charles Robert 101 Graves, Clarice, 187 Graves, Elizabeth. Ill Graves, Frances, lOO, 115, 179, 2U6. 391. 400. 404 Graves. Gene. 478 Graves. John. 271. 468 Graves. Peter. 256 Gray. Gilbert. 139. 290 Gray. Harold. 139. 254 Gray. Jean. 282 Gray. Nancy. 198 Greata. Henry L.. 139 Greathouse. Kd. 75 Green. Barbara. 49. 54, 100. 139. 484. 485 Green, Elmer. 96 Green. Gordon. 300 Green, Jack. 471 Green. Milton. 109 Green, Richard, 258 Green. Robert. 274 Green. S. Clark, 212. 408 Green. Shirley, 476 Greenbaurii, Marilyn, 476 Greenbaum, Norman W.. 139. 274 Greene. Joe. 331 Greet. Frances. 102 Greengard. Jrjsi ' ph. 274 Grenland. Herbert, 272 Greenlaw. Ed. 408 Greenleaf. David. 65 Greenleaf. Geraldine, 203. 442 Greenway. Jim. 414. 415 Gregory. Carol, 192 Gregory. Harold, 62 Gregory. Hdiimi-, 109 Gregory, Mary Lou, 139, 192, 399, 4U1 Greiger. Robert, 81 Gribas. Paul. 302 Grief. John. 228 Grieff. Marvin H.. 102, 139. 274. 466 Griesinger, Geraldine. 193. 466 Griffen. James. 305 Grirren. Kenneth, 212 Griffin, Arthur, 110, 240, 308, 389 Griffin, DeWitt C, 92, 139 Griffin, Katherino, 55, 139. 197, 311. 314, 317 Griffin, Patrick. 139 Griffin. Tren. 110. 240. 308. 322 Griffith. Martha E,, 52, Griffith, Raylene. 197 Griffith, Vivian, 420 Griffiths. K.-ith, 49 Griggity, DudU ' y. 109 Grinmi, Mary, 200, 312, 317 GriniHhnw. Arthur, .58 Grlsr-ll. Cliaili ' S. 113 GrlHwiilcl, Manzei-, 49 Grog.T. Hairy. ,161 Gronir, Aniuiiil, .W Gronlund. R., 139 pill. Slgrid. 192 Gross, Robert, 56 Gross, Skook, 218 Gross, Stephen G.. 139 Gross. Warin. 139. 250 Grossman. Mary Lynne. 139. 458. 476 Grossman. Nate. 253 Grove. Beverly A.. 139 Grove. Byron. 469 Grove. Janet, 191 Grover, Carol Nan, 50, 139, 204, 316 Grover, James, 99 Groves. Donald. 49. 74. 139 Grubbe. Edwin. 226 Grubbe. Thomas, 226 Grubb.s. Joseph. 258 Gruer. Edmund. 74 Gruger, Edward. Jr.. 49 Grundeland. Roy. 238 Gudger. Jack. 113 Gudinundson. Desa. 193 Guenther. Fred G., Jr.. 210. 212 Guest. Jo.wph. 212 Guest. Lenore. 480 Guffy, Fiances. 199 Guichard. Keneth. 60 Guild. Grace, 206 Guisness. Frank, 179, 240. 337, 368, 370, 372, 373, 374, 375, 376 Gulstad. Haroll A.. 139 Gunderson, Connie. 185, 203, 402 Gunderson, Jean, 466 Gunderson, Lois, 100, 115, 179, 203, 379, 392, 403, 419 Gunther, Erna, 39 Guptill, Fred, 471 Gurian. Len. 253 Gursahaney. Heman. 77 Gustafson. Don. 236 Gustafson. Emery. 82 Gustafson. Robert. 139 Gustin. Eleanor. 85 Guterson, Murray. 253 Guthrie, Carol. 65 Guthrie. Edwin. 67. 109 Guthrie. Gene. 63. 139. 211 Gutschmidt, Evelyn. 105, 199 Guttebo. Rudy. 308 Gwilym. H, H.. 95 H . Ah Marilyn. 185, 200, Haag. Erna, 278 Haase, Richard, 77, 113, 139. 264 Haavick. Arne. 102, 286. 289 Habel. John. 75 Haberle. Mary. 480. 483 Habo. Leonard. S3. 290 Hacker. Thoma.s. 479 Hackett. D. P.. 93 Hackett, James. 64, 139. 268 Hackett, John. 238 Hackett. Norman, 49 Haddad. Anwar. 75. 112. 113, 118 Hadley. Roy Thorleit, 101 Hadsell. Joe. 464 Hagaii. OwenG.. 139. 316 Hagaiis. William. 337 Hageman. Walter. 213 Hageii. Ann. 139. 194. 197 Hageii, Donald. 210 Hagen. Georgia. 203 Hagen. Gerald. 242 Hagen. Lois. 197. 389. 400 Hagen, Richard. 104. 365 Hagi ' ns, Douglas. 254 Hagi r. Wallace B.. 101, 118 Hagerly, Sharon, 388. 478 Haggard, Paul K.. 139 Haggard. William E.. 139. 244 Haggblor.m. Paul R.. 96. 139. 244 Ilaggen. Don. 232 HagUlIld. Delore.s A.. 139. 20B Haginall. Elillne. 139. 190 Hagiiian. Janet. 1X5 Hahll. Alvln C. 76. 139 Hahii, Frit ., 272, 3(19 Hahn, Richard, 244 Hail. Alice. 200. 310. 399. 403 Halley. Daniel. 234 Haines. R iger. fill, 61, 99. 1(10. 1113. 139 Hair. Dolores. 283 Hakansoli. Marie. 4x:t Haldorsen. Ralph. 2.V. ' Hale. Robert. 73. 110. 213 Hale. Steven. 219 Haley. Elvln, 465. 466 Haley. John. 2(iK. 3iH Haley. Mary. 480 Hall. Amy. 109 Hall. Beverly, 139, 277. 2!52 Hall. Donald. 139. 290 Hall. Eugene. 2 9 Hall. George. 211 Hall. Howard. 484 Hall. James. 139. 236 Hal l. Janet. 139. 2( 6. 314 Hall. J.-rald, 210. 211. 396 Hall. J.ihn, 110. 213, 307 Hall. Madeline. 62 Hall. Pat. 389. 466. 483. 485 Hall. Richard. 82 Hall. Sally. 190. 473 Halleran. Bonnie. 194 Halleran. John. 241 Halliday. Barbara. 201. 466 Halliwell. Doris. 191. 478 Hallman. Theodore. 99, 101, 113 Hallock, Patricia, 203 Hallowell. Elizabeth, 187 Hallowell, Mary Sue, 275, 419 Hallstrom, Thor A.. 141 Hallvar, Daisy. 55. 287. Halme. Glenn. 83. 141 Halpern. Gerry, 66 Halverson, David W,, 141 Halverson, Donald R., 141. 468 Halverson. R. K.. 95 Ham. Mary. 484 Hamack. Robert. 262 Hamanaka. Joe. 48. 141, 408 Hamel, Roderick, 141, 246. 309 Haines. Ted. 248. 466 Hainiltcm. Henrietta. 105. 484. 485 Hamilton. Laberta, 79. Hamilton. Mildred. 141 Hamilton. William. 54. 141. 463. 474 Hamilton. Wilson. 64. 141 Hamlin. Quiniieth. 186 Hammans. Ben. 211 Hammarlund. Edwin. 109 Hammer. Karol. 278 Hammer. Kenneth. 101. 230 Hammerala. Floyd E., 141 Hammersand, Fred, 76, 112. 113, 141, 235 Hammond. Edsel, 76. 141 Hammond. Mercedes. 278 Hampson. Frank, 221, 363 Hamshaw, Wesley, 213, 367 Hamstrom, Jeanne, 193 Hampton, Karl, 83, 486 Hanan, Samuel, 214 Hanby, Wayne. 82. 213 Hancock. Donald E., 141 Hancock. William O.. 141 Hand. Howard. 49. 74, 141, 468 Handby, Wayne, 365 Handler, Harry, 101 Handlin, Irving, 101 Haner, Douglas, 238 Haney, Donna, 85 Haney, George, 307 Haney, Ted, 473 Haney, William, 76, 112, 113. 141 Hantord. Donald. 277. 289. 390 Hangartner. Croft. 255 Hanglin. Irving. .54 Hanich. Benjamin, 289, 466 Hanlcker. Lewis. 2.58 Hanley. Merle. 250 Hanley. Monte. 2.50 Hanley, Terence, 260 Hanlin, Richard, 83, 141, 265 Hanna, Robert J.. 141 Hannaford. Shirley. 85. 297 Ilaiiiiah, Allene, 199 ll.iMliah. Fid. 244 ll. ' criiM.ri. 63 Hansen. Anton, 230 Hansen, Art, 260, 419, 491 Hansen, Arnold, 141, 235 Hansen, Betty, 2S1 lliiiiHeii. Clara, 118 470 il.iri.s.Mi, Diitmlil. 289 ll.iiis.ri. Doris. Ml. 280 llaM.H. n. Edward. 141. 2!Ki, 4(13. 464 llali.i. 11. Elyce. 466 ll.iMs. 11. Frank. 268 llaiiMiii, John. 75 Hansen. Lmeii, 211 Hansen. Margaret. 195. 400 Hansen. Mort. 218 Hansen. Pearl. 479 Hansen. Robert. 236. 378 Hansen. Steve. 259 Hansen. Valdemar. 81. 82 Hansen. Vernon. 141 Hansen, Wilbur F.. 141 Hansen. William. 243 Hansler. Dod. 327 Hansler. Donald. 290 Hansler. Ida. 203 Hansler. John. 100. 239 Hanslow. Ralph. 51. 289 Hansmann. Mary. 195 Hanson. Beatrice C. 141 Hanson. Gerald L.. 141 Hanson. James. 82 Hanson. Karen. 195 Han.son. Marguerite. 466 Ilanson. Marlow. 141 Hanson. Nancy. 141. 193 Hanson. Pearl. 483 Hanson. Robert A.. 210 Hanson. Yvonne. 83, 474, 483 Happy. John. 89. 93. 228 Hara, Mitsuko. 297 Hara. Sumi. 473. 477 Hara. William. 285. 300. 473 Haralson. Ron. 263 Harborview Hall, 296 Harding, John W.. 33 Hardiiian. Barbara. 191 Hardman. Margaret. 141. 191 Hardman, Richard Lynden, 101 Hardman, Walter, 108, 141, 274 Hardtke, Barbara Ann, 85. 295 Hardy. Diane. 404 Hardy. Donald. 260. 338 Hardy. Joyce. 287, 312, 313 Harford, Mary, 82, 101, 111, 191 Harkins, Henry N.. 86 Harkness. Harry. 62. 141 Harland. James. 112 Harlow. Barbara. 186 Harlow. Francis. 100 Harman. Barbara. 54. 141. 190 Harmon. Pat. 228 Harnish. Alan. 100. 101 Harnish. Richard. 238 Harpel. Donald E.. Jr.. 141. 329 Harper. Carol. 50 Harper. James. 79 Harper. Robert. 238 Harries. Jane. 199. 465 Harrington. Margaret. 480 Harrington. Philip N.. 141. 244 Harris. Andy. 183. 228. 417 Harris. Betty. 282 Harris. Bob. 468 Harris. Charles. 82 Harris, Curly. 34 Harris. Frank. 75. 79. 141. 223 Harris. Jane. 194 Harris. Joan. 141. 200. 347. 427. 437 Harris. Markham. 53 Harris. Mary. 204 Harris. Minnie. 382. 388 Harris. Randy. 190. 312 Harris. R. B.. 34 Harris, Richard, 264 Harris, Robert, 141, 222. 226 Harrison. Beatrice. 85. 283. 312. 480 Harrison. Donn. 141. 305. 336. 337 Harrison. Florence. 102 Harrison. Harve. 141. 301 Harrison. Howard, 101, 112 Harrison, Joanne, 2(14 Harrison, Josepli, Kiii Harrison, Melviii. 112 Harsch, AUr.a. . i7 Hart, Betty, 281 Hart, Leona, 482 Hart, Lowell, 465, 488 Hart, Richard, Ml, 240 Hart, Roy, 76, Ml, 473 Hail, Shirley, Ml. 191 Hartford, Dorolliy, Ml, 193 Hartford, Lvle, 141 Hartung, Darr. ' ll. 99. 1(11. 1119, 112, 113 Hartley. David. 2-16 367 Hartley. Jackie. 483 Hartley. Janice. 197. 314. 317. 401. 403 Harll.y. Robert. 246 Hartman. Cnrolyn. 197 Harlman. MaiKiirel, 141. Hartwig, James, 102 Hartz. Josephine L., 118. 286. 477 Hartzler. Wil. 486 Harvey. William W.. 54. 141 Hasenwinkle. E. D.. 94 Hashiguchi. Hachiro. 52. 141. 285 Hashiguchi. Nasuo. 285 Haskell. Bruce. 244 Haskell. Don, 248 Hastings, Robert, 246, 324 Hala, Joshya, 285 Hata, Seiji, 285 Hatch. Fred. 243 Hatch. Larry. 306. 364 Hatch. Suzanne. 206 Hatfield. Allen. 103 Hatfield. Harlan. 66. 103. 141 Hatlen. Jack. 141. 479 Hattenberg. 72 Hattendorf. Jerry. 235 Hauck. William B.. 74. 141 Haug. Clarence. A.. 141 Haugen. Eugene. 74. 141 Haugen. Jack. 48. 141. 224. 363 Haugen. Mary Jean. 141. 204, 423 Haugen, Ruth, 90, 483 Haug.rud. Albert. 93. 290. 465 Hauser. Alyce. 313. 466 Hausmann. Betty. 141. 200 Hausmann. Edward. 141. 220 Hautala. Rich. 223 Havdahl. Bernard. 226 Haviland. James W.. 86 Havill. Marilyn. 101 Havlin. Donald. 141. 300 Havseii. Alyce. 312 Hawes. D. W.. 94 Hawkes, Brooks. 228 Hawkes. T. H.. 94 Hawkins. Beth. 281 Hawkins, Ernest. 76. 141. 466 Hawley. Virginia. 141. 207. 278 Hawney. Len. 269 Hawser. Ila. 284 Hawthorn. James. 141 Hawthorn. June. 483 Hawthorne. J. E.. 75 Hawthorne. Robert. 49. 74. 75. 99, 101. 113. 141 229. 260 Hazen. Helene. 191 Hazen. M. Dale. 62. 141 Hazlett. Herman Henry. 101 Hay. John. 272 Hayakawa. Pauline. 141. 487 Hayaski. Florence. 477 Hayashi. Lillian. 477 Hayden. Alice. 107 Haye. Katherine. 466, 473 Hayes, Ben, 246, 387 Hayes, Bernard R.. 210 Hayes. Dick. 361 Hayes. Elna Solberg. 465 Hayes. James. 240 Hayes. James. 228. 308 Haye.«. John. 243. 305. 336. 337 Hayes. Joseph. 270 Hayes. Patsy, 465, 466 Haynes, Elizabeth, 141 Haynes, Elna. 105 Haynes. Molly, 281 Haynes. Stanl. ' V. 465. 466 Haynes. Toddle. 198 Hays, Richard, 213, 366, 474 Head, William R.. 141. 236 Headley. Mary Jane. 200 Heal. Jack. 272 Health Service Advisory Board. 389 Heaney. George. 108. 118, 305, 418 Hearing, Ed, 320, 322 Heath, C. N.. 219 Heatlie. Roland. 109 Hebblethwaite. Diane. 470 Hrd i ' s. PmimI.i ■::,-: lle.lf;es WaH .!:•■-• lb 15S 195 Ml. 362 Heermnns. Johanna. 279 Ileflln. Eleanor. 141. 198 Heg. Robert, 141, 2!K1 Hegge, Allen M,, 64, Ml llegge, Mary, 198 Ileggle. David, 231 Heggle. L. D.. 91. 99. Kill lleglar. Roilger. Ml Hegg. Sandra. 195 lleggbloom. Ruth. 27S Ih ' gstrom. Robert. KKI Heiberg. Malvina. 107 Heidbreder. Kathleen. 141, 278. 470. 479 Heidinger. Joan. 194 Heikkinen. William. 301 Heiland. William. 143. 216 Heilman. Robert B.. 40 Heinemann. Mildred. 287 Heinitz. Eva. 462 Heinrich. Connie. 328. 327 Heinrich. Conrad G.. 143 Heinrich. Don. 260. 305. Heintz. Edward. 291 Heinz. J. A.. 95 Heinz. John. 213 Heinz. James. 265 Heiser. George. 244 Heitman. Ji seph. 74 Heitzman. Joyce, 49, 111. 471 Heitzman. Robert Edward. 101 Held. James. 480 Held. Shirley. 480 Helgerson. Warren. 94. 266. 324 Hellcren. Lois. 278 Helm. oDnald. 266 Helms. Kenneth. 48. 254 Helsby. Paul. 242 Heiser. L.-.-. 316 Helwig. Kathryn. 194 Helwig. Margery. 143. 192. 466 Hemeiiway. Isabel. 109 Heminger. M. V.. 95 Hemp, Peter L., 143, 220 Henchman, John, 89. 266 Hendershot. Ted. 93. 269 Henderson. Barbara. 189. 440 Henderson. Henry F.. 143. 308 Henderson. Isabel!. 189 Henderson. John. 264 Henderson. Joseph. 109 Henderson. M.. 283 Hendrick. Calvan. 262 Hendricks. Wallace R.. 75. 143 Hendrickson. Alice. 143. 278 Hendrickson. Fred. 246 Hendrickson. Joe. 143. 468. 471 Hendrickson. John. 231 Hendrickson. Orville. 143. 270 Hendry. Ronald. 211 Heneghan. Mary M.. 197 Hemies. R. Y.. 94. 266 Heniiiiig. Charles. 66 Heiiiiings. Jerry. 216 Henniiigs. Larry. 143. 256 Henriihsen. Pierre. 474 Henrikson. Gordon. 211 Henrik.son. T. P.. 93 Henry. Calvin L,. 143 Henry. James B.. 143 Henry. John A.. 143 Henry. Kenneth Albin. 101 Hensel. Robert. 56 Hensey. John. 108. 143. 218. 305. 336. 337 Hensley. Mercedes. 1C9 Henson. George. 305 Henson. Jeanne. 189 Henson. LaDon. 368. 371. 373. 374. 375. 376 Henthorne. Josephine. 79 Heiitc.n. Chuck. 241 H. nwood. Marie. 201 Heppner. Lt o, 479 Hereini. Eleda. 55. 282. 313. 392 Herigstad. George. 473 Herman. Kathryn. 281 Herman. Nena. 51 Herns. Larry. 253. 329 Herold, James, 265, 424 Herrett. Don, 463, 466 Herrigel, Howard. 464 Herrman. Arthur. 45. 112. 113. 143 Herzog. Ruth. 481. 482 Her og, Robert. 270. 305 Hesch. Donald. 94. 290. 390. 469 Heston. Robert C. 143, 232 Helheringlon, LuAnn. 20-1 Hewitt, James, 73, 76, 99, 108, 143. 308 Hewitt, Martin, 113 H. ' wltt, W. C, Jr.. 73 Heyamoto. Heater. 327 Heyamoto. Hiroinu. 305. lleiv.og. Jerry. 94. 236 llilibard. Fiances. 193 llil.ler. Susy. 281 1 libs. ill. Leo. 89. 93 llieker. Carol. 198, 474 Hickey, David, 290 504 STRAND SONS General Contractors 3939 University Way MEIrose 0920 Seattle Washington 505 Hlckox. Carolyn. 111. 115. 200. 385. 398. 399. 413. 447 Hicks. Robert. 216 Hieber. Pat. 55. 118 Hiebert. Richard Davi.s, 101 Higgins. Ken. 48. 143. 218. 411 Higgins. Peter. 78. 143. 242 Hfgo. Katsuko. 477 Hikada. Ray. 143. 285 Hilde. Don. 53 Hildebrandt. Roseoe. 75 Hilditch. Charles S.. 143. 232 Hit.-. Fredrick. 54 Hilen. Andrew. 109 Hill. Balfour. 463. 466 Hill. Barbara. 143 Hill, Charli.lte. 51 Hill. Donald. 266 Hill. Douglas. 266 Hill. Gordon. 224 Hill. Harlev A.. 101 Hill. Harriet. 198 Hill. James, 244. 468 Hill. Marv. 483 Hill. Merrily. 201. 471 Hill. Nelson. 234 Hill. Prosper. 64. 143. 301 Hill. Richard. 260 Hill. Warren T,. 143 Hill, William, Jr., 112 Hillel Foundation, 476 Hilleren, Lois, 483 Hilleran, Richard. 269 Hilliard, Robert J,. 390. 469 Hillman. Margretta, 2C0 Hillyard. Gordon. 95. 226 Hinch. Jack, 235 Hinckel. Susan. 197 Hindcrer. Ernest. 143. 270 Hindley. Barbara 293 Hines. Harold. 102 Hinston, William, 62, 143, 216 Hinken, Edward W,. 143 Hinkle. Pat. 198 HIntz, Phyllis. 143 HIntz, Richard, 265 Hlpke, Mary, 198, 477 Hlppln, Betty Rose. 476 Hlrabayashl. Edna S.. 143 Hlrabayashl. Esther. 477 Hirsch. Barbara. 54. 196 Hirsch. Sidney. 274. 464 Hiscock. ave. 93. 94. 226. 397 History. Dept. of. 41 Hitchcock. C. L,, 39 Hitchcock, Mary. 284. 478. 488 Hitchner. Dell G.. 42 Hiue. Jimmy. 288 Hixon. Helen, 192 Hoag. Donald. 270 Hoage. Irv. 250 Hoagland. Dayle. S04. 390 Hoagland. Floyd. 81. 82. 111. 143 Hoak. Betsv. 197 Hoar. Ro.salie. 100. 105, 111, 194 Hoard, Donald, 99, 100 Hoare, Florence. 52. 204. 408. 411 Hobi, Michnel. 220 Hockett. Edna. 293 Hockett. E. Frances. 85, 143 Hockett, Norman. 74 Hockey Club. 312 Hodges. Ernestine v.. 107. 118 Hodges Merrill. 213. 307. 355. 365 Hodgson. Tom. 36 Hodsdon. Paul W.. 143 Hc.dson. Charles. 226 Iloegh. Davie. 143. 198 Hoeki ' ndorf. Donald. 219 Hoclscher. William. 465. 466 Hoeppner. Carroll 143 Hoff. P.. 108, 143. 307 Hoff. William M.. 1 13 Hoffcr. Caspar. 288 Hofferbcr. William. 76 Hoffman, Charles. 242 Hoffman, Doris. 65. 279 Hoffman. Helen. 392 Hoffman. Kathryn. 107 Hoffman. Mary. 283 Hoffman. Wm. Jr.. 143. 215 Hofman. Pearl. 282 Hofstetter. L.ils. 192 Hogan. Donald. 75 Hoglierg. Le. t.M ' . 81. 82. 143. 252 Hogg. Marilyn. 103. 111. 143. 280 Hogle. W. R.. 94, 337 Hogle, Clark, 288 Hoglund, Paul, 78, 113, 143. 226 Hoiby. Glenn. 222 Hoke. Mary I.. 143. 199. Hoke. Walter M.. 143 Holc.mb. Davis. 99. 115. 177. 387. 447 Holder. Donald Robert. 101. 112 Holderbv. Pal. 401 Holderman. H. H.. 75 Holeman. James. 468 Holevas. Dorothea. 56. 143. 186 Holladay. Gloria. 484. 485 Holland. George. 143. 256. 305. 330 Holland. Kay. 309 Holland. Mignonette. 53. 56. 106. 111. 114. 143. 204 Holland. Robert. 62. 288. 468 Holland. Virgil, 226 Holland, V. K,, 95 Holleran, Beatrice, 480 Hollingshead. H,. 283 Hollinshead. Donald J.. 143 Holloway. Harry. 391. Hcilni. Bettv E.. 64. 106. 114. 143. 147. 201. 470. 471. 487 Holm. Birgit. 192 Holm. Fred W.. 143 Holm. Oscar, 51. 100. 101 Holman. Donald. 227. Holman. D. R,, 93 Holman. John. 2.54. 329 Holmer. Ralph. 48. 143 Holnier. Rus.sell, 250 Holmes, Carol. 102 Holmes, Delores. 199. 403 Holmes. Josi-ph. 242 Holmes. Sandra. 143. 200 Holmstad. Elaine. 186. 413 Holmstad. Ralph, 48. 53, 227, 413 Holslnger, Roland, 231 Holt, David, 77 Holt, Donald. 77 Holt. Jackie. 474 Holt. Joanne. 114. 143. 388. 438. 481. 482 Holt. Marv Anne, 404 Holt, Mary, 206 Holt, Stan, 286 Holt, William Stull, 41, 109 Holter, Howard E,, 101 Holton, Langton, 239 Holzknecht, 260, 305, 342 Holzknecht, Ted, 337, 349 Home. Jean Lois. 101 Home Economics Club. 51 Home Economics. School of. 46 Homslrom. Marj ' rie. 191 Hondcrich House. 288 Hon. Soon Sook. 278 Honohan, C.erald, 2,37 Hooker, Barbara, 61, 276, 287 Hooker, David W,, 143 Hoonan, Charles. 143. 220. 418 Hooper. Floeverette. 186 Hoover. Bernard. 81 Hoover. Nancy. 105. 194. 466 Hope. Lillian. 55. 317 Hopfensperger. 190. 419. 449 Hopkins. Audrey. 85 Hopkins. Barbara. 204 Hopkins. Carol. 189 Hopkins. James. 236 Hopkins. Stafford. 238 Hoprn Arthur, .56, 64, 143 Hoppe. Fred, 143, 305, 307, 352, 354 Hopper. Clare. 110. 397 Hopper. Clarence. 260 Hopper. Gloria. 51. 388 Hcpper. Robert C. 143 H.ipper. Robert J.. 143. 214. 259 Hopton. Robert, 143. 290 Horlta. Akl. 102. 143 Horjes. Barb:ira, 2C0 Horn, Doris. 190 Horn, Ray, 110, 208, 246, 486 Horn. Willis Barton. 101 Hornbeck. Robert. 112 Home. Anillh. 484. 4S5 Home. Ja(|uellne. 205 Home. Mary. 280 Horni-. Ray. 435 Mornyak. George. 143. 362 Horowitz. Arnnld. 143. 214 476 Horrocks. Phillip. 78. 468 Horsfall. John. 89. 90. 143. 465. 469 Horst. Beverlv. 276. 280 Horton. G. P.. 33 Hosteller. Sally. 280 Houbregs. Robert. 216. 364. 378 Houghland, Charlotte. 423 Houghum. Bert. 389 Hougluni. Burton. 290. Houlahan. Bill. 326 Hourlum. Oris. 102 Hourlum. Oris. 102 James. 238 House. Thomas. 75 Houston. Billie. 283 Hout. Richard. 244 Hovde. L. L.. 94 Hovde. LeRoy. 256 Hovis. Lowell. 289 Hovland. Marparet. 195 Hovland. Marilvn. 195 Howard. Aileen Ann. 101 Howard. Larry. 468 Howard. Vince. 83. 143 Howarth. Julian. 265 Hipwe. Constance. 191 Howe. Alice. 49. 143. 197. 314 Howe. Ruth. 65. 143. 282. Howell. Beatrice. 390 Howell. Boyd. 218 H..well. Erie. 109 Huwell. Ruth. 312 H..wsnn. Clifford. 236 Hc.wser. Ha. 478 Hox!!ey. J(,an. 206 Hov. William. 238 Hovle. Ruth. 101 Hoyt. Elaine. 105. 189 Hsier. Han Chun. 118 Hsieh. Philip. 289 Hu. Ling-wen. H2 Hubbard. Harold. 75. 289 Hubbard. Helen Mae. 50. 190 Hubbard. Jim. 232 Hubbard. John. 110, 243 Huber. J. Richard. 40. 50 Hubert. Barbara. 190 Hubka. William L.. 143 Hubley. Richard. 291 Huckabay. Durward. 469 Hudson. Robert. 260 Hudtloff. Janet. 203 Hudson. Frank. 100. 101 Huebner. D, E,, 92. 236 Huebner. Joseph. 246 Huffman. Dona. 143. 191 Huff. George. 244 333 Huff. Joanne. 190 Hughen. lindon G.. .50. 143. 209 Hughes. Beverly. 79. 143. 283 Hughes. Donald. 143. 302 Hughes. David. 241, 305. , 4.50. 344 Hughes. G 451. 453 Hughes. Joe. 264 Hughes. Jean. 311 Hughes. Michael. 49. 72. 73. 74. 480 Hughes. Muriel. 182 Hughes. Richiud. 65 Hughes. Vic. 232 Hui. O. Kammaaina. 473 Hulett. Mary. 279 Hull. Garry. 286 288 Hull. Jim. 463. 466 Hull. Kirk 260. 307. 355 Hull. Pat. 466 Hulsi ' . Keith. 62 Hultnian. William. 244. 30 ' l lluni,,nist.. S.i. i.-.l Engi- II. . I OIL ' l ' r|i|, .,f. 70 Hum. ' i li ih ITS. 483 lloiu. , loilliii 1 13. 213 Ilnniiii.l. Irviii D.. 143 Humes. Ann. 203. 317 Humphreys. Beverly. 286 Humphrey. R. L.. 94. 211 Humphries. Bill. 473 Hunkln. Helena. 281 Hunsaker. L. Don. 61. 118 Huneberger. Wayne. 76. 145 Hunl, Ever.-ll, 265 tlunliM ;l..n. il.nild. 272 Hunt. H.rl). Ti, 479 Hunl, Janin ' , 471. 282 Hunt. John. 101. 112. 2 16. 260 Hunl. Patricia. 105. 107. 464. 466 Hunter. Carol. 293 Hunter. Charles. 89. 93 Hunter. D. L., 78. 145. 270 Hunter. Dale S.. 145 Hunter. Robert. 272 Hunter. Thomas. 231 Huntington. Dan. 237 Huntington. Vivian 85. 101. 107. 145 Huntington. William. 48. 145 Hupp. Jack. 262 Huppin. Betty Rose. 202 Huppin. Thelma. 202 Hurd. Robert. 145. 259. 305. 335. 337 Hurd. Roland. 51. 145 Hurlbut. Elizabeth. 200 Hurlbut. W. Fred. 145. 256 Hulrbut. Lawrence. 2.57 Hurlbut. W. P.. 95. 220 Hurwitz. Florence. 202. 476 Hurwitz. Muriel. 202, Huskinson. Elsie. 1C6. 114. 145. 186 Huskv Swim Club. 307 Husky Winter Sports Club. 474. 475 Huston. John C. 145. 2.59 Hutchins. Carolyn. 281 Hutchinson. Bert. 272 Hutchins. Carolyn. 478 488 Hutchinson. Jack. 145. 227 Hutchinson. Robert. 74 Hyde. James. 48. 96. 145. 228 Hyde. Kathleen. 185. 204 Hver. Richard Bryan. 101 Hvman. Marilyn. 188 Hynds. Jimmy E.. 210. 220 Hvneman, Sallv. 191 Icenhower. Paul Lester. 101 Ichikawa. Etsuko. 99. 100. 477 Ichikawa. Jean, 482 Ichikawa, Joe. 82. 145 Ichikawa. Satoru. 285 Ide. Jo Ann. 199 Ideta. Akio. 285 leathlev. Frank. 301 Ihlanfeldt. Ruth. 204. 423 Ikeda. Junichi. 285 Ikeda. Victor. 63 lies. Gordon. 264 Illman. Tom. 64. 145 Imai. Take.shi. 145 Imayanagita. Osuma O. . 51. 145 Inaba. Tamaki, 286 Independent Women ' s A.ssociation. 276 Industrial Designers. 52 Ingram. Ernest M.. 145. 244 Ingram. Ida. 193 Ingram. James, 220 307 Ingram, Victor, 63 145 Ingram, William. 145. 220 Ingstad. Dean. 145. 272 Ingvarsson. P. ' »lmi. 289 Inkster. L. John. 213 Inouye. Kiichiro. 285 Institute of Aeronauti- cal Scienci ' S. 77 Institute of Radio Engineers. 76 Inter-Fraternitv Council. 208 Inter-hall Coun ' il ■ 77 Inter-Varsity Chris ' , ian Fellowship. 473 Intramurals. .363 lonson. Bessie. 279. 317 Tota Sigma Pi. 102 Trelan Clydi 73 Irish. Russell L.. 145. 237 Irvine. Demar. 109 Isaac. Paul. 75. 113 I.saacs. Walter F.. 45 Isaacson. Henry. 240. 357 Tssacson. Jane. 195 Isaacson. Mary Lou. 199 Isaacson. Raymond. 49. 74. 145. 252 Isakson. Jan. 62 Iserl. Edward. 285 Ishlda. Jean. 477. 481. 482 Ishltanl. Henry. 285. 300 IsUtzer. Norman. 100 Isoin. Jesse. 201 Israel. Joseph, 50. 145. 253 Israel. Sam. 253 tstns. Lawrence. 74 Tsled. John. 239 itskoff. Jack. 79 Ivankovlch. Virginia. 2S2. 404 Ivarsson. Solveig. 106. 114. 131. 145. 1 . 314 Iverson. Arlene. 483 Iverson. Dolores. 204 Iverson. George. 79 Iverson. James. 260 Iverson. Louis. 250 Iverson. Melvin H.. 145. 232. 479 Iverson. William. 288 Ives. Burl. 448 Ives. Bvron W.. 145. 244 Ives. Marilyn. 186 Ivy. Patricia. 203 Iwasaki. Gaylord. 285 Iwasaki. Tomo. 477 Iwashita. Mae. 145. 281 Jack. Geraldine M . 145 Jack. Kim. 240. 378 Jack. Walter. 74 Jack. Walter Q.. 145 Jackman. William. 81. 82. 231 Jackman. William R.. 145 Jackson. Evelyn. 85. 293 Jackson. Evelyn M.. 145 Jackson. Hugh Vernon. Jackson. Joy. 483. 485 Jackson, Rex. 65. 145. Jackson. Ronnie. 266 Jackson. William 2.52 Jackson. William K.. 145 Jacobs. Irma. 279 Jacobscn. Charles. 275. 471 Jacobsen. Howard. 118 Jacobsen. Janice. 317 Jacobsen. Kurt. 242 Jacobsen. Paul. 243 Jacob.sen. Theodor S.. 44 Jacobsen. Theodore. 109 Jacobsen. William. 237. 309 Jacobson. Beverly. 51. 100. 111. 193. 403 Jacobson, Charles. 53. 418 Jacobson. Dale. 266 Jacobson. Harry. 48 Jacobson. Howard. 277. 290. 440 Jacobson. Ivan. 216 Jacobson. Joan 199. 418 Jacobson. K. A.. 94 Jacobson. Keith. 266 Jacobson. Kurt Owen. 210 Jacobson. Nancy. 482 Jacobson. Paul. 61 Jacobson. Paul E. . 145 Jacobson. Phillip. 214 Jacobson. Thomas. 221 Jacobson. Thomas M.. 145 Jaffe. RalDh. 253 Jaffe. William. 253 Jahnke. S.. 466 jMhnke. Sue. 198 Jalbert. Roland. 480 Jail. Jerald. 393 James. Albert. 224 James. Albert J.. 210 James, David. 264 James. Dolores. 190 James. Frank. 222 James. Harold K.. 289 .lames. Jim. 474 James, R B , 89 James, Shirley, 2116 James. Shirley Lou. 85 Jameson. Berniece. 465. 484. 485 Jameson. Kenneth. 290 Jameson. Margaret. 100 jM- " ' .son. M ' rgaret. 107. 485 Jameson. Margaret E.. 101 Jamieson. Roger. 244 Jamison. Laura. 107 Jangnrd. D. A.. 95 Jangard. Dojald 213 JiMsen. Cathy. 85 Jansen. Mary. 297 Jansen. Mary Catherine. 484 Janson. Dimcan. 254 Janson. Nancy. 185 186 Janzen. Patricia. 283 Jaques. Guy. 145. 218 Jaquet. Joan. 191 Jardeen. Richard. 260 Jnred. Myron. 266 Jaroaek. Gordon. 218 Jartun. Kiell. 75. 145 Jarvls. Bill. 245 Jarvls. Burton. 76. 145. 473 Jasanl. Manu. 486 .lasberg. Joan. 279 Jasmin. Margh ' . KM) Jasper. J. W.. 75 Jaspi ' r. Ronald. 291 480 Jasperson. Mary. 50 Jecklln. Chrlstln. ' . 279 Jeffers. SUn. 250 Jefferson. Bill. 330 Jefferson. John. 234 Jefferson. Keith. 368. 373.374 Jefferson. Ollie. 305 Jefferts. K. B.. 95 Jeffery. Constance. 48«. 485 Jeff(,rds. Joan 481. 482 Jeffri.s. Warren. 270 Jelleberg. Emma. 55. lis. 196. 311. 312 Jellison. Walter. 231 Jellum. Steve. 362 Jelusich. Pete. 65 Jerniulowske. Jerry. 253 Jenks. Edward. 227 Jenks. Elizabeth. 1(7 Jenkins. Ida. 202. 476 Jenkins. Marilyn. 466 Jenkins. Robert. 270 Jenner. Earl. 246. 325. 363 Jenncss. Joyce 203 Jensen. Dan. 301 Jensen. Don. 250 Jensen. Donald. 264 Jensen. Donald F.. 145 Jen.sen. Edward. 270 Jensen. Eleanor. 199 Jensen. Ervin. 408 Jensen. George. 76. 145 Jensen. Gordon. 4W) Jensen. Helen. 109 Jensen. Jean. 192 Jensen. Jim. 251 Jensen. Karen. 187 Jen.sen. Mary Jane H.. 145 Jensen. Nancy. 478. 483. 488 Jensen. Neal. 145. 469 Jensen. Oscar. 76. 145. 288 Jensen. Raymond. 238. 257 Jensen. Sarah. 205 Jensen. Wallace. 82 Jenson. Walter. 216 Jentoft. Arthur. 145. 479 Jentoft. Mildred. 187 Jentoft. Virginia. 281 Jepson. Charles. 242 Jepsen. Gloria. 200 Jepson. Robert. 269 Jerbert. A. H,, 93 Jerbert, A, R., 109 Jermain, L, L,, 53 Jermulowski. Jerry. 253 Jerrerts. Keith. 94 Jeter. Howard. 289 Jeter. Milton 100 Jewell. Jim. 145. 264. 360 Jitodai. Ted. 100. 285 Jinguji. Manabu 2 ' v5 Joachim. Richard J.. 145. 227 Job. Janet Elene. 98. 100. 111. 198 Johannes. Carolyn. 203 Johannes. C. W.. 94 Johanneson. Einar. 289 Johanson. Barbara. 466. 479. 486 Johanson. Jo. 415. 463 Johanson. Margaret. 19-I Johansen. Marion C. 145 Johanson. R.. 466 John. Isted. 75 Johnns. Glenn 2S9 Johns. Loren. 145 Johii.-i.-n. Maude. 480 Jobns.n Robert. 480 Johns.. II. Ade. 81. 82. 145 Joliii. i..n.Aile. n 189. 310 J.ihnson. Al 223 Johnson. Allan. 242 Johnson. Alvin G.. 210 John.son Ann. 114. 207. 282. 389. 399. 400 Johnson. Ann O.. 145 Anna Launi. 145. 2m J.ihnson, Anthony. 145 Arlene. 186 Johnson. Barbara. 192. 483 Johnson. Betty Lou. 400 Johnson. Bob. 471 Johnson. Bonnie. 473 Johnson Bonnevleve. 101. 145 Carl R.. 146. 237. 269 Carol. 305 Johnson. Charles. 90. 245 Johnson, Clarence. 62 Clifford. 262 Johnson. Clinton. 77 J..lins,.M. David. 228 .lolinsoM. Don. 99. 101. 237. 396. 397 Johnson. Donald. 110. 224. ■264 John.son. n.. 279 John.son. Doug. 242 John.son. EarllnK. 99. lOtl. 344 Johnson. Edward P.. 145 Johnson. Edward. 65. 145 506 ENGRAVING COMPANY • • • • t • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • « • • • 2218-5th AVE. SEATTLE, WASH, • • • • • • • • • ■ • • • • It I • • •• • •••• •••, • •• • •••• " • • • • «• ••• • • • HiGH QUAUTY €NGRAViNGS COLLEGE AND HiGH SCHOOL YEARBOOKS 507 Johnson. Elsie Wilhelmina. 101 Johnson. ElynorS.. 14.5 Johnson. Erling. 236 Johnson. Er -. 242 Johnson. Garrett. 238 Johnson, Georgt. 305 Johnson. Gerald. 245 Johnson. Gloria. 145 Johnson. Guy. 89 Johnson. G. D.. 93 Johnson. G. Rodney. 308 Johnson. Howard. 60, 112. 209. 473 Johnson. Howard A.. 211 Jones. Clark. 306. 387 John.son. Howard C. 211 Jone.s. Clifford, 234. 291 Johnson. Inga. 145. 479 Jones. David. 224 Johnson. Jackie. 54 Jones. Dick. 216. 479 Johnson. Jacqueline. 56. Jones. Donald K 147 193 240 Johnson. James. 224. 252 Jones. Dorothy. 281. 480 Johnson. JoAnna. 483 Jones. Douglas. 209. 234 Johnstone. Deane, 206. 466 Johnstone. R.. 466 Johnstone. Robert E.. 147 Johnstone. Robert V.. 147. 246 Johson. Philip. 77 Jones. Albert. 290 Jones. Arthur. 65. 99. 147. 301 Jones. Betty J.. 119. 207. 487 Jones. Bob. 408. 413 K Johnson. John. 245 Johnson. Joseph. 301 Johnson. Joseph A., 145 Johnson. Joyce. 481. 482 Johnson Judy. 198 Johnson. J, V.. 466 Johnson. Keith. 250 Johnson. Ken. 252. 265 Johnson. Kennita. 190 Johnson. Levon. 479 Johnson. Lloyd. 83. 272 Johnson. Lloyd E.. 145 Jones. Douglas C. 147 Jones. D. M.. 94 Jones. Elaine. 201 Jones. Ernest. 34. 87 Jones, Eugene R.. 147 Jones. R. Gordon. 147, 222 Jones. Frances B.. 119, 287 Jones. FYed A,. 147. 248 Jones. Ira L.. 234. 464 , Jay. 93 Johnson. Loren. 248. 308 Jones. Jewel E.. 147 201 Johnson. L. P.. 75 Jones. John. 231 Johnson. Mack B., 145 Jones. Kay. 204 Johnson. Marilyn. 79. 82, Jones. K. D.. 93 218 478. 488 Jones. Kenneth. 89. 147 Johnson. Marilyn A.. 145 Jones. Lester D.. 147 Johnson, Mary Lou, 65, — 284, 478. 488 Johnson. Mary L.. 145 Johnson. Maurice H.. 118 Johnson. Mel. 216. 364 John.son. Meryl. 145 Johnson. Morse. 232 260 Jones. Marilyn A.. 204. Jones. Meiriona, 484. 485 Jones, Myfanay, 297 Jones. Myles. 469 Jones. M. E.. 95 Jones. Nancy. 200 Johnson. Nancy. 204. 282 Jones. Noel, 222 Johnson. Nels. 89. 96. 222 Johnson, Oscar. 302 Johnson, Oscar L.. 145 Johnson. Olive. 280 Johnson. Paul. 74. 78. 112. 113. 223. 288 Johnson. Paul A,. 145 Johnson. Pauline. 107 Johnson. Phyllis. 85. 105. Jones. Stan Jones. Phyllis, 201 Jones. Robert. 480 Jones. Robert. 218 Jones. Robert. 222 Jones. Robert. 2.59, 351 Jones. Robert. 269 Jones. Robert W.. 147 Jones, Rodney. 267 Jones. Roy. 61, 147 107, 145. 293 .John.son. Raleigh, 61 Johnson. Ray, 76. 83. 112. 479 Johnson. Ray J.. 145 Johnson. Raymond. 466 Johnson. Richard. 238 Johnson, Robert. 48, 65, 83, 252, 290 Johnson, Robert D.. 145 Johnson. Rockne, 89. 215. 305. 336. 337 Johnson Rod. 108. 165, 267. 322 Johnsfjn. Roger. 103. 108, Jordan. Robert. 224 110. 157. 306, 338, 383 Jorgensen. Bob. 364 Jones. Ted. 240 Jones. Virginia. 206. 393 Jones. Warren. 423. 488 Jones. Wayne. 74. 269 Jones. Wilbur. 76. 147 Jones. Winni. 482 Jones. William. 227 Jones. W.. 466 Jones. W. A,. 95, 216. 309. 469 Jonkel. Theo. 487 Joost. Bill. 322 Jordan. Dick. 324 Jordan. Richard. 220 Johnson, Ross. 245 Johnson. R, H., 93 Johnson, Sally, 478, 488 Johnson. Shirlee. 203 Johnson. Shirley. 287, 310, 399. 403 Johnson. Sinione. 118, 190. 478 Johnson, Stephanie E.. 204 Johnson. Thomas. 81 82 Johnson. Val Vesta. 187 Johnson. Vergil. 463 Joh nson. Vernon, 218 Johnson, Virgil. 267 John.son. Virginia. 107, 284, 448, 478, 488 Johnson, Walter, 109 Johnson, Warren, 99, 101 Johnson, Wayne. 147 Johnson. Willard, 27J Johnson. Willard E.. 147 Johnson. William. 62, 223, 238 Johnson, William L.. 147 Johnson. W, E,. 92 Johnson. W. Marita. 118 Johnson. W. Roger, 61 147. 206. 224 Johnston. Beverly. 199 420 Johnston. Elisabeth J,. 147. 192 399 Johnston. ' Garrett S.. 147 Julian. " .1 Johnston, Gilbert, 96, 473 Johnston, Helen, 207 , James, 238, Jorgensen, LeRoy. 238 Jorgensen. Lorrin. 289. 465 Jorgensen. Robert. 104. 243 Jorgensen. Walter. 238 Jorgensen. Walter N,. 147 Jorgenson. Jack. 227 Jorgenson. J. D.. 94 Jorgenson. Robert. 243. 305 Jorgenson. Roy. 309 Jory. Jean. 50. 191 Jo.seph. Harriet, 100, 111,483 Jo.sephson. Evelyn. 202. 476 Joslin. Francis. 114. 147, 184, 185, 204. 400. 423 Malcolm. 308 Jost. Nora F., 147. 282 40S Jourdan. Roy. 147 Jovanovich. Frank, SI, 82 Joy. James. 2.55 Judd, Mimi. 399. 404 Judd. Myron. 269 Jud(l.I ete. 309 Judson. Dick. 216 Judson. Gage. 216 Juilson. Richard, 147 100, 1112 lun.iii, ,).-, ' ,ri. RohlTi 1(11 lull. I., Kll ,:,l„.|li. liKi; ll:i 117 ohnstor 262 uhnston. J. I,. 94 Johnston. Ralph W. 73 76. 99. 101. 112. 147 Johnston. Robert. 246 Johnston. Ted. 52. 147 Johnstone. Bette. 2H0 Junlle, Myni;. Jury. Robert. 240 Jury. William. 240 Ju.sslla. Martha. 82. 280. 482 Justice. Billie. 282 Justice, Corky. 483 Justus. Eunice. 284 Jyllia, Margaret. K.5. 147 Kaawakauo. Elias. 473 Kaddas. Andrew. 210 Kaddas. Andy. 216 Kaeger. Ken. 461 Kaffer. Dolores. 287 Kahn. Jack A,. 147. 274 Kahler. Robert. 89. 96 Kaino. Frank. 285 Kakcla. Rita. 282 Kalbach. Warren. 49 Kaldal. James. 104 Kallander. Dean. 210, 326. 350 Kallander. Donald H. 147. 267 Kaltenbach, Jean. 466 Kamey. Frank. 81 Kaminske. Hal. 413 Kamm. Joan. 201 Kamm. Ralph. 465 Kamnieyer. Shirley. 55. 147. 311. 312. 315 Kamps. Bert. 56. 147, 288 Kane, Connie. 105. 147, Kanda, John, 83, 102, 147. 277. 285 Kane. Harry Joseph. 101 Kane. Henry Anthony, 101 Kane, Robert. 243 Kane. Thomas. 262 Kant. Harold. 291 Kappa Alpha Psi. 234 Kappa Alpha Theta. 198 Kappa Delta. 199 Kappa Kappa Gamma, 200 Kappa Phi, 478 Kappa Psi, 81 Kappa Sigma, 236 Karrow, Curt, 309, 362 Karpat. Kemal, 486 Karpinski. Irene, 79 Karrow. Curt. 246 Karvonen. Harley. 82 Kaspar. Robert V,. 147 Kastet. Darlienne. 481. 483 Kastner, Ethel, 109 Kastt, Darlienne. 391 Kata. Zenichi. 101 Katayama. Terry. 113 Katterman. Anne. 482 Katterman. Annette. 280 Katterman. B.. 466 Katayama. Terry. 101 Katayama. Yeichi. 74 Kato. Shuzo C. 147. 285 Katz. Dorothy. 147. 202 Katz. Jerome. 82. 111. 214 Katz. Solomon. 109 Kaufman. Hans. 479 Kavadas. Paul. 119. 302 Kawahara. Robert. 484 Kawamoto, Mike, 285, 367. 473 Kawanioto. Bill. 361 Kawasaki. Katy. 281 Kay. Marble. 79 Kay. Richard. 62 Kay. Mary. 206 Kean. Wallace. 73. 75, 147, 227, 308 Kearney, Ellen. 480 Keaton. Susan. 283 Keck. Ann. 192 Kecly. Joseph, 480 Keen, Bruce A.. 147. 232 Keene. George. 215 Keeney. Frank W.. 89, 92, 100. 103. 147. 220 Keeton. Donald. 77 Keeton. Don. 252 Keiger. Geraldine. 102 Keigwin. Ann. 203 Keim. Arthur. 480 Keim. Robert. 238 Keister. Patricia. 111. 206 Keitel. Glenn. 73 Keith. Beverly. 200 Kelleher. Daniel. 218 Kelleher. Richard. 147, 218 Keller, Constance, 193 Keller, George, 81, 256, 365 K -ller. Janet. 189 Keller, .lini. 463 Kellc-r. Lyle D,. 60 Keller, Marilyn. 190 Kell..r. Olin. 220 Keller, RIehnrd. 231 Kellennan, Ji-an. 191 K.lley. Robi rta. 147. 191 Kejlinn, Vern, 2,52 Kell,,,,-K, Ann, 198 Kellogg, Howard, 240, 324 Kelly. Darlene, 470. 471 Kelly. Eugene J.. 96. 147 Kelly. Muriel. 64. 408 Kelly. Patricia. 51. 193 Kelly. Sharon. 471 Kelly, .Shireen, 471 Kelly. Robert. 81. 307 Kelly, R,,l„-rl W,. 147 Kelly. Sam. 228. 309 Keim. Melvin. 269 Kelms. Ken. 53 Kelner, Richard W,. 94. 262 Kelsey. Bill. 222 Kelsey. Willard. 309 Kemfer. Margaret. 283 Kemmerer. Walter. 291 Kemp. Phyllis A., 147 Kemper, Louis A., 234 Kendall. Diane. 198 Kendrick. Jo Anne. 190 Kenkman. Don. 251 Kennar. George. 74 Kennear. Ian. 307 Kennedy, Candy, 198 Kennedy, James, 216 Kennedy. Joan L.. 147 Kennedy. John. 265 Kennedy. Karol. 489 Kennedy. Michael. 254 Kennedy. Peter, 489 Kennelly, Hannah, 204 Kennewick, Richard, 100, 101 Kenoyer, Bea Fuller, 149. 491 Kenoyer. Howard. 76. 147 Kenoyer. Leon, 76. 112. 113. 147 Kensler. Harold. 289 Kent. Lucy Nan. 147. 195 Kenton. Stan. 182 Kenyon. Bruce Allen. 101 Kepka. George M,, 147 Kerbel. Don. 248 Kerby. Bernard. 49 Kerkoff. Vincent. 480 Kerley. Betty. 281. 466 Kerly. B,. 466 Kern, Albert E., 96, 147 Kerr, George, 82 Kerr. Richard, 81, 111 Kerr. Wilma. 190 Kerry, Harold E,, 147, 237 Kershner, Daniel. 223. 469 Kershner. Laverne. 194 Kershner. Ruth Ann. 207 Kerttula. Jalmer. 147 Keserich. Charles. 99. 100 Kessey. Marjorie. 199 Kessler. Diane. 189 Keterson. Rosemary. 279 Kettula. Jay. 263 Keyes. Gilbert W,, 147. 222 Kfaer. Jan. 260 Kidder. Eugene, 264. 459. 464. 471 Kidder. John. 2,59 Kidder. Perry. 56 Kidder. William. 78, 147 Kiaer. Jan. 359 Kidney. Bryan. 277, 289 Kidwell. Kathro. 386 Kieburtz. B.. 466 Kiefer. John, 210. 260 Kiely. Paul. 223 Kienberger. Walt. 479 Kienholz. Lorraine. 297 Kilborn. William, 260 Kilburn, Peter. 100, 101 Kilgour. Mary E.. 147 Killnier. Wayne. 239 Kim. Robert. 285. 473 Kimerer. Keith. 48. 224. 408 Kimerer. Ronald. 224. 396 Kimmerle. Gerald. 260. 305. 327. 328. 329 Kincaide. James. 260 Kindem. Man-in. 289 Kinder. Alan J., 147 Kiner, Ralph, 240 King. Brennan L.. 234 King, Carl, 49, 74. 147 King. Charles. 96. 147, King, Dojaled. 246 King. Donald. 62. 147. 220 King. Dorothy. 85 King. George. 93. 216 King. Gerry. 216 King. Jeanette. 199. 403 King, Jo Ann, 73, 200, 400 King. John, 248. 269 King. John L,. 30 King. Mary. 10(1. 101 King. Paul E.. 147 King. Warnn. 253 King. Wavtle, .56 King. Wlllliini. 99. KX) King. Virginia. 147. 184, 185, 197, 275, 279, 314, 419, 484 Kingery, D. E.. 94 Kingsbury. June. 283 Kink. Jack. 338 KInkiKl. ' . E. O.. 95. 210 Kincaide. Duane. 2.52. 164 Klnkald. Trevor. 109 Klnley, Carl, 64. 147 Kinnear. Ian. 95. 355. 473 Kinney. Beverlyrae. 147. 279 Kinney. Jack E.. ICT. 271. 469 Kinscella. Hazel. 109 Kinsey. Trieva. 2(M. 442 Kirby. B,. 466 Kirby. Craig. 259 Kirby. Dixie. 282 Kirchein-T. Waldeniar. 112 Kirk. Jacqueline. 197 Kirk. Jerry. 181. 216. 378. 390 Kirk. Job. 216 Kirk. Joyce. 486 Kirkby. Roland. 177, 242, 305. 345. 347, 350 Kirkham. Lawrence. 99. 100 Kirkland. Lyle. 281 Kirkland. Ralph. 63. 147 Kirkman. William J 93. 94. 246. 469 Kirkpatrick. Eleanor. 471 Kirkpatrick. Robert L.. 147 Kirk.sey. Donald. 239 Kirkwood. James C. 62. 147. 259 Kir.schner. Robert, 288 Kirsop. LeRoy. 423 Kirtland. Elaine. 199. 403 Kirwin. Harry. 66 Kish. William E., 147 Kiskaddon. Joyce. 195 Kiskaddon. William. 463 Kistler. Mary. 85. 99 297 Kittinger. Edmond. 256 Kizer. Helen. 203 Kjerulsf. Marvin C. 52, 147 Klein, James A., 90 147, 223 Klein, Rita, 482 Kleiner, Mona, 188 Kleinman, Shirley Rickles, 101 Klemz, Marilyn, 149, 196 Kletsch, Charles. 108 149. 277. 302. 383. 469 Klima. Joan. 62 Kline. John. 76. Kil. 112, 113, 149 Klinkenberg, Arnold, 237, 361, 367 Klukis, Alan. H.. 1(18 120. 121. 129. 149. 256. 383. 388. 447 Klump. William H.. 50. 119 Klutas. Edna May. 483. 484 Klute. Kenneth. 75 Knapp. Gene, 220, 324 Knapp, J, William. 149. 228. 308 Knapp. Rob.rt. 2.59. 360. 361. 362 Knapp. Russell. 112 Kneadler. Jerry. 48 Knechtel, Earl Dennis. 101 Knight. Doreen. 149. 186. 485 Knight. John. 259 Knight. Robert. 149. 271 Knight. V. M,, 466 Knight, Wayne, 213 Knight. William L.. 149 223. 267. 324 Knighten. Annie Mary 316. 471. 486. 487 Knipe. Patsv. 200 419 Knott. Richard E., 149, 474 Knowles, Tom, 228 Knox, Evelyn, 149. 193 Kn. x. James H.. 119. 252 Knox. Patricia. 282 Kmidsen. Harold. 49. 74 Knudsen. Norm. 418 Knudson. Helen E,. 106. 114, 149, 387. 391 Knud.son. Marian N.. 192. 410 Knudson. Rodney. 149 Knudtsen. Gordon. 149. 260 Knutkowskl. Frank T. 149 Knulsen. Diane. ISS Knulson, Mack. 149, 3tKl Koliayashi, Bob, 289 Kolibervig, Karl Irving, 100, 101, 479 Kobbervig. Minda. 189 Kobyashl. John. 63 Koch. Clayton. 458 Koch. Rodney. 267 Kodama. Dorothy Y,. 149 Kodanwi. Robert. 285 Koehler. Vern R.. 149. 227 Koenig. Caroline. 65. 470.479 Koenig. Laird. 108, 141 149. 220. 387. 413 Koenig. Richard. 469 Koenig. Walter A,. 76, 113, 149. 470, 479 Kohl, Joan, 191 Kohne, Katrina, 185, 199 Kolde. Endel, 56, 119 289. 486 Kolesar. Charles. 77. 113 Kolesar. J.. 93 Kolesar. Richard D,. 77. 149 Kolmer. Joseph. 218 Kolstad. Janet Gilbert 101 Komorita. Samuel. 285 Kumasaka. Kazua. 77 Kondo. Mabel. 280. 477 Kong. Glenn Paul. 102 Konick. Willis. 386. 468 Kono. Marian. 82 Koontz. Beatrice. 281 Koontz. Robert. 149. 383. 387. 468 Koop. Ferdinand William. 100. 101 Koopman. Richard. 300 Kopel. Richard. 49. 74. 270 Koppa. Charles D.. 149 Koppa. Donald. 470 Koppel. Arnold. 214 Koppel. Howard. 149, 253. 476 Koppcr. Paul K.. 149 Korkkinen. Brita. 119. 279 Korres. Edith. 34 Korsmeyer. Marguerite. Korte. Betty. 85. 297 Kosin. Heartha. 476 Koski. Bud. 468 Koski. Joyce. 471 Koski. Kenneth. 271 Koski. Robert. 386. 479 Kosmin. Alex. 267. 307. 363 Kostakos. Gustav. 220 Kostelyk. John. 233 Kostick. Pauline. 187 Kotkins. Herbert. 214 Kowals. Myron 214 Kozu. Shigeru. 285 Kraft. Kenn.-th. 213. 309 Kraft. Janet. 200 Kraft. Robert. 470. 488 Kraft. Warren E,. 48, 149. 209. 212 Kraftenberg. Edwin. 479 Kramer. Robert W.. 149 Kramer. T.. 466 Kramer. Valen. 62. 239. 463 Krantz. Eloise. 281 Kraus. Jo Ann. 149. 200. 312 Kray. Alvin. 289 Krebs. Stanley. 465. 466 Kreekon. Nicholas. 76. 149 Kreide. Harry. 239 Krebok. Gordon. 245. 337 Kretzler. Allen R.. 149. 260. 308. 469 Kretzler. Jarry Henilin. Jr.. 101 Kriedel. Samuel. 149 KriegiT Delores. 281 Krippaehne. John V.. SI. 93 Kristoferson. Marjorie, 195. 317 Krives. Frederick C. 149. 256 Kroesing. Lloyd. 271 Kroetch. Frank. 100 Krohn. Joyce. 196 Kronick. JoAnn. 50. 194. 399. 401 Kroon. W. D. 94 Kropf. Marilyn. 198. 311. 312. 404 Krystad. Arlld J.. 83. 149. 265 Kubota. George. 290. 360 Kubota. Herbert. 290 Kucher. Robert. 257 Kuehl. Barbara. 287 Kuesl. Irvin. 65 Kuist. J. ■an, 196 Kuhn, F Blaine. 149, 469 Kumasaka, Knzua. 113. 149 Kumasaka. Roland. 285. 309 Kuma.iaka. Yukio. ItX). 102. 484 Kunun. Lorraine. 101 Kumni. Marian. 194. :t,SS, 403 Kmopf. Ceorge, 464 Kiiiidi ' . .N ' orni. 360 Kuriy.inia. Takashi. 149. 2S5 Kiurle. Robert. 149. SOI Km Ih, Robert. 149. 228 Kurtz. John. 346 Ku.Hiik, Janet. 203 508 Honoring Colleen White, Chi Phi Queen . . . She has been active in ASUW activities . . . participated with the Juniors in Song and Stunt Night . . . Kappa Kappa Gamma Sorority. Honoring also our many friends on the campus who have contributed to the success of the past year. Donn-Shaw wishes to thank you students tor your splendid cooperation. We look forward to next year and to serving the University and residents of the District. 4332 University Way • MElrcse 3779 OFFICIAL A.S.U.W. PHOTOGRAPHERS 509 Kusakabe. Chiye. 477 Kusler. Donald. 81. 111. 463. 466 Kuvshinoff. Boris W.. 96. 149 Kuznetz. Mort. 253 Kuznetz. Sandy. 253 Kychek. Robert. 473. 4S0 Kyle, Stanley. 288. 465 Kyte. Kenneth. 240 Laakso. Jeanine, 279 Latselle. fcjdward. 227 LaBerbe. Martin O.. 60 LaChance, Robert F., 149, 219 LaByer. J. R.. 75 LaCounte. La Verne. 66 LaCross. Leon. 75 LaCross. Margaret Ladd, James. 217 Ladum, Larry, 245 Laffawitz. S. P.. 246 Lagerquist. Lester D., 149 Lagerquist. Kathy, 64 Laing, Nancilou, 281, 312 Lainhart, Donald, 259, 362 Laird, Clarence, 267 Lajala, Robert, 242, 329, 364 LaJambe, Jerry, 211 Lake. Charles, 251 Lakin, Maxwell, 285, 291 Lam, Viola, 111 LaMay, Lawrence, 474 Lamb. Patricia. 206 Lambda Chi Alpha. 238, Lambda Kappa Sigma, 79 Lambda Rho. 105 Lambert. Donald. 82. 89, 149 Lambert, Roy, 53, 101, 119 Lambert, Ruth, 53 Lamberton, Joan, 198 Lamont. Joe. 484 Lamoreux, Shirley, 193 Lampert, William, 211 Lampson, Richard, 360 Landeen. Marcia, 204 Landin, Charlofte, 199 Landon, Donald D., 108, 159, 267, 305, 308, 321, 322, 325 Landweer, Marjorie, 201, 387 Lane. M. Byron. 34 Lane, Douglas. 63 Lane. Lyle, 99, 100, 149, Lane. Rolland H.. 149 Lang. Jackson. 224 Lang, Nanci, 55 Lang, Norm, 265 Lani, Virgil, 211, 466 Langabeer, Janet, 281 Langer, Helen, 54, 106, 114, 131, 149, 195, 310, 390, 399, 408 Langlie, Governor Arthur B., 28, 86 Langlie, Windy, 332 Langlois, Bruce. 269 Langworth. Monty. 302 Lanning. G. R.. 95 Lanphere. Loren Dale, 101 Larson, Phyllis, 149. 189 Larson, RoDert, 289 Larson. Robert Richard, 101 Larson. Ruby F., 149. 293 Larson. William. 484 LaRue. Loris, 281 LaRusso, Dominick, . ' i4. 99. 100. 149 Lasater. Jasper, 99 Lash, Earl, 74 Lashua. Clyde, 81, 82, 111. 149 Lasswell, Roger A., 149, Latimer. Ava Lee. 198 Latimer. Betty. 115. 198, 401, 420 Latimer, Nyrval, 75 Latimer, William L., 149. 242 Latourette. Harold. 112 Latta. David, 259, 309 Lattin. Victor. 65, 149, 414. 415, 484 Lauber, John, 316 Lauber, Shirley, 102. 112. 119 Laudan, Philip. 423. 488 Lauer, Dean tidward H., 37 Lauer, Edward. 109 Laufer. Barbara, 82. 149, 202 Lauhon, Tom, 52, 248 Lauritsen. Alfred C. 149, 242 Laush, Frank, 78, 149 Lausch. John, 480 Laval, Jean. 466 Laval. Joan. 477 Lavin, Pat, 201 LaVoy, Yvonne, 190 Lawrence, Carolyn, 282 Lawrence, Charles W., 462 Lawrence. Chellis, 201 Lawrence, Donald, 83, 211 Lawrence, Harriet, 280 Lawrence, John, 75, 149, 300, 469 Laws, James, 113 Laws. Robert. 262 Lawson, Allan, 82, 149, 253 Lawson, Vernon. 83 Lawton, Jean Marie. 101, 480 Lawton, Nancy, 100, 101 Lawton, Peggy, 200, 317. 419 Lavas. Carol, 483 Layson, Howard D.. 149 Layton, Richar d, 102 Leach, Douglas S., 48, 149 Leach, Jack, 262, 309 Leach, Jerry. 231, 397 Leach, Paul. 112 Leaf, Albert, 83, 149 Leahy, Kathleen, 107 Leanderson, Fillip. 269. 464 Leary Hall, 280 Leathley, Frank, 73, 77, 149 Leavens. Doris. 477 Leavitt, Janice, 198 Leavitt. Margaret, 195 Lebo, Jack, 269 LeCrone, Wynona. 470 Lecoultre. Denise, 486 Ledeboer, Frederic W.. Lanser, Martin, 256 Lansman, Jc rome, 462 Lantos, Roy Eugene, 101 Lantos, Thomas, 100 Lantz, David. 96, 219 Lantz, Mary Catheryn, 149. 200, 402 La,I...L., iMuMldW. II r- I r,i ;mi : ' . " r,. 337 I,;,,iiii I s ■ y. 279 L, ' U irri. T , l;nli ' r1 Nelson, 101 Larner, Thomas, 272 Larrick, Lee, 277, 288 Lar.scn. Dick, 413 Larsen, Eric R., 149 Lar. (en, Marie, 55, 311, 315 T arsen. Mary Ann, 483 Lii Jtlo. 49 ,.ii, :,,„, ...•iin, 220 Lai.-ion, Don.lliy J., 149 Larson. Gl.ri, hX 149 Larson, H.-len O.. 149 Lar,S(jn, James. 484 Larson. Jeanine. 478. 488 Larson, John W.. 149. 269 Larson, Lewis R., 149, 271 Larson, Lyle, 223 Larson, MarKan ' t. 287 Larsen. Marl. ' , 287, 312. Laison, Marlon, 102 Larson, Mels, 326 Larson, Nancy, 193 Lederer, Liana, 486 Li ' dingham, Margaret, 149, 487 Ledingham, M. Jean. 191 Ledwich. Wileen, 480 Lee, Al, 353 Lee, Allan, 307 Lee, Allen, 288 Lee, Darrell, 256 Lee, Harold, 75 Lee, Janis, 483 Lee, Joan, 139 Lee, John. 33. 480 Lee. June Handelanil. 101 Lee, Leo, 82 Lee. Nancy, 115. 200. 404, 422 Lee, Nels, 217 Lee, Patricia, 195, 480 Lee, Raymond, 220, 329 Lee. Robert, 233, 242, 269, 473 Lee, Robert E., 149 Lee. Stanley Oliver. 101 Lee, Virginia. 480 Lee, Wllllum, 79, 285, 361, 367, 473 Leece. Patricia. 192 Leedy. Emy Lou, 283 Leek, Edn.-r, 264 Leeman, Mary, 198 Leeser, Kurt, 214 LeFev. ' r, John, 49. 73, 74. 260 Lehman, Donald, 267 Lelbly, Helen, 83. 149. 480 Lein. Joan. 197 Lein. Ralph. 249 Lelli, Jeanne. 279. 312 Leman. Nancy. 313 L.-mbo. Dick, 249 Lemieux. Mar.v. 115. 203. 399. 400 LeMoini ' . Ken. 217 Lenum, Lois Jean. 466 Lenci. Debora. 420. 482 Lennstrom, Charles. 99, 101 Lenz. Betty. 470. 479 Leonard. Evelyn, 483 Leonardy, Suzanne. 283 Lepsoe. Ingrid. 193 LeRoux. Gene, 231 Lervold, Robert, 261 Lesley, Earl, 261, 337 Leslie, Shirley, 293 Lester, Dr, Charles, 389 L ' Esperance, David, 480 L ' Esperance, Rita, 480 Leuthy. Coleman. 316 Levander. Phillip. 219 Levev, Shirley. 202 Levey. Recia. 202 Levin. Eugene A.. 73. 76. 149 Levin, Nadine, 188 Levin. Marian. 188 Levin, Ruth. 482 L vin, Wallace, 253 Levine. Sidney. 100 Levinson. Marjorie. 188 Levitch. Dave. 253 Levitt. Rodney, 274 Lewan, Paul, 288 Lewkowitz. Jerry. 274 Lewis. Dave. 241. 327. 329 Lewis. Del. 63 Lewis. Joan. 188 Lewis. John. 93. 305. 329 Lewis. Harry. 240. 309 Lewis. Hildegard. 200. 400 Lewis. Laurel. 109 Lewis, Lowell, 83, 149 Lewis. Mack. 149. 245 Lewis, Mary, 198 Lewis. Robert J., 149, 301 Lewis, Rowena. 280. 480 Lewis, Steve. 334 Lewis. Victor, 259 Lewis, William, 149, 240. 254 LeXander. Sharon. 186 Liang, Hsiao-Tien. 112 Liao. Tu. 79 Liberman. Wilma. 188 Liddell, William A.. 149. Liebe. Carol. 192. 474 Liebe. Theodore. 65 Lieneschi. Lucy, 281 Light, Russell. 77. 151 Lightfoot. Charlotte, 151, 277. 281. 399. 402 LiKhtfoot. JiimesT.. 151 Linhtlnot. William. 151 Litihtli, J.-rin. ' tte. 447 Lill.or.-n. In.z. 151. 293 Limbeck, Gi- irge. 470 Lincks. Katherine M.. 52. 151. 480 Lind, Joanne, 483 Lincl. Marion, 293 Lindberg. Ann. 473 Lindblad. E Um. 473 Lindblad. Warren C, 90, 151. 209. 220 Linde. Elwood. 251 Linden. Frank. 112 Lindell. Rocky. 229 Lindell. William. 229. 337 Linden. Glen M.. 151. 227. 362 Lindgren, Audrey. 115. 404, 481. 482 Lindgren. Carla, 203 Lindley. Don. 249 Lindley. Henry. 81. 82 Lindquist. R.. 466 Lindroth, Lloyd, 465. 480 I.indsay. Betsy. 198 Linilskog. Grant. 267 l.indskog. Linnea, 483 Lindskog, Vernon, 240, 351 Lindstroni, John. 75 Lindstrom. Roland. 89. 93. 217 Llngafelter. Edward C, 109 LInge. Jack, 73, 92, 151, 211 Lingwood. Irene, 483 LIngwood, James, 464 Linn, Bruce, 56 LInquist, Robert, 112 Lloller. Jean. 119. 272 LIppert. Jane. 480 LIppman. Raya, 188 LliWftl. Mary, 186 LI.Htle. r.enrgr. 261 Mtt.l. Robrrl, 308 L1I11. ' . AlfXiind.-r. 151 Little. Hill. 316 Little. David. 261 Little, Gene R.. 151 Little. John. 256. 390 Little. Robert. 290 Littlefield. Barbara. 83. 478. 488 Littrell. Jim. 223 Liu. Nancy, 287 Livingston, Ronald. 99. 101 Livland. John, 265 Llovd. Harold. 76. 151 Lloyd. Olive. 311. 315 Lloyd-Young. Larene, 190 Lobaugh, Irv, 219 Locke. JoAnn, 101, 111, 151 Locker, Shirley, 100, 105. Lockhart. Georgette. 200. 315 Lockwood, Jean, 62, 281 Lockwood. Marilyn. 200 Lockwood. Wallace. 435. 468 Loeb. Bob. 436 Loeb. Elaine. 83. 483 Loeffel. Robert E., 151 Loele. Robert. 463 Loewer. Peggy. 56. 151. Loflin. Milton. 94. 291 Loftus. Tom. 269. 309. 458. 463 Logan. Marilyn. 54. 191. 387 Logan. Roy. 77 Logan. Wilfred. 61 Logue, Myrtle. 102 Lohr. Eleanor. 193 Loken, Donald. 94. 262 Lokovsek. Leo. 259. 271. 351. 361. 367 Lomax. Clarence Wayne. 101 Lomax. John, 76. 112, 113, 151 Lomax, Margery, 114, 149, 203. 438 Lomax. Russell E.. 149. Lomax. Ted. 77. 488 Lonasen. Nelanie. 277 Long, Al, 459 Long. Ann. 51. 204. 401. Long. Chester. 101 Long. Kenneth. 289, 479 Long, Robert. 271 Longmate, John. 56. 65. 151 Longstreth, Bob. 222 Loff. Donald. 288, 360 Look, Robert, 81, 82, 302 Loomis. Maren. 293 Lop, Earvin, 49. 151 Loop, Herbert, 245 Loran, Clarice, 151, 193 Lorenz, Ann. 199, 466 Lorentzen, Bob. 101. 329. Lorig. Arthur. 109 Lorvick. Robert. 78. 151 Loschen, Janice. 54. 458 Loschen, Roger, 95, 290 Lothrop, Dick, 233 Lottsfeldt. Carl, 233 Lotz, Oakley, 63, 151, Lotzgesell, Paul, 151 Lotzkar, Frances, 202 Loucks, Roger Brown, 43 Loudon. Patricia, 191, 417, 421 Louden, Richard, 213, 337 Loudon, Robert, 267 Lough, Gene, 267 Lough, James. 94. 251 Loughei ' d. Gerald, 151. 269 Loughlen. Amie. 107 Loughlin. Joanne. 203 Louie. Alice. 82. 101. Ill 151 Louie. Henry. 75 I.oulen. Richard. 66 Loutzenhlser. Richard H.. 151 Loutzinkeser. Dick. 251 Lovsted. Carl. 240. 324 Lovsted. Elizabeth. 180, 197, 314 Love, Nadine, 100 Love, Virgil. 95. 211 Lovel. ' ss, Rod, 271 Loveless, Warren, 261 Lovell, Norman, 102 Lovell. Stuart. 73. 74 Lowder. Elaine. 66. 151. 187 Lowe. Coleen. 55 Lowe, Gloria, 195, 466 Lowe, Jack, 332, 333 Lowe, Leo, 79, 151, 3(K) Lowe, Richard, 243 Lowe, Wilbur, 113, 241, 305, 308, 322 Low. Wllllatn. 75. 252 Lower. Peggy. 54 Lowery. Rlihard. 247. 3116. 329 Lowman. Pat. 217 Lownmn. Rosemary. 191 Lowndes. James. 246 Lowry. Betty. 199 Lowther. Lawrence. 99. 101 L.iver. William. 83. 468 Lubbe. Fred. 286, 291 Lubbe. Ruth E.. 151 Lucas, Evan. 488 Lucas. Richard H.. 151 Luce. Harold. 60. 151 Lucht. Robert. 301 Luck. Terrance. 239 Luckenbach. Harry. 259 Lucks. William. 110, 241, 397 Ludeman, Eleanore, 281, 312, 313 Ludmer. Michael. 214 Ludwick. Willard, 151. 222 Ludwigs. Howard. 108. 151. 241. 308 Luechauer. Martha. 151. 193. 312 Luecken. Donald. 217 Luedke. Norma. 482 Luft. John Herman. 101 Luke. Connie. 483 Luke. William. 251. 470 Luke. Wing. 108. 388. 435. 486 Lukens. R. H.. 95. 262 Lumm. Joanna. 206 Lum, Henry. 301. 473 Lund. Fred, 468, 488 Lund, Laurel, 187, 391 Lvmd, Lois M.. 151 Lunde. Marion. 204 Lund. Mary Ann. 481 Lund. Patricia. 194 Lund. Ronald. 99. 100, 109, 151 Lundberg, Donald, 220, 329 Lundberg, George A.. 44 Lunde. Marion. 62. 479. 487 Lundgren. Joy. 194 Lundgren. Larry. 308 Lundiman. Patricia. 151. 207. 283 Lundin. A. M.. 34 Lundstrom. Margaret. 280 Lunghard. Fred. 64 Lunke, James, 237 Lunke. Pamela. 206 Lurie. Norman. 151. 253 Luschei. Janet. 281 Lusk. Joan. 196 Lusk. Norman. 235 Lust. Vernile. 231 Luster. Carl. 255 Lutes. Eleanor. 283 Lutev. Glenn. 46 Luther Club. 479 Luther. F. D.. 75 Luther. Richard. 269 Luther. Sally. 479 Lutz. Marlene. 187 Luvera. Phyllis. 106. 114. 143. 151. 184. 206. 383. 388. 399. 438 Lybecker. Charles. 300 Lycette. Jack. 151. 229 Lycette. William. 229. 419 Lvda. Thomas. 151. 237 Lvden. Fremont. 66. 100 Lydgate. Lois. 151. 197. 473 Lydgate. Margaret. 197. 473 Lvle. Gordon. 82. 2.57 Lyle. Janet. 280 Lyle. Jean. 280 Lyle. Lenore. 53 Lvles. Leon E,. 234 Lyman. Helen. 287 Lyman. H. E.. 94 Lynam. Harry. 289 Lvnch. Janet. 194 Lvnch. Pat. 198 Lynch. Sarajean. 151 Lynch. William G.. 234 Lvnde. Charles R.. 151 Lynde. Rick, 233 Lynden, Fremont J., 151 Lyness, Harry, 63. 151 Lyim. Jacqueline. 100 Lyon. Nancy. 199. 387. 401 Lyon. Mary. 316, 483 Lvi n, Virginia, 186 Lyons, Marjori.-, 312 Lyons, Patrlila J.. 151. 192 Lyons. Patricia R.. 151 Lvtle. Donald. 95. 277. " 302. 392 MacDonald. Jean. 317. 483 MacDougall. Beje. 198 MacDougal, Martin. 221 Mace. Margaret. 55. 197. 314. 317. 386. 401. 417 Mac-y. James. 96. 215 MacFadden, Martha. 195. 387 MacFarlane. Doug. 245 MacGeorge. James A., 151, 242 MacGeorge, Thomas. 151. 242. 364 Macgougan. Denny. 108. 121. 145, 151, 261, 309. 447 MacGregor House. 290 Macguire. James. 464 Mack. Chet. 388. 468 Mack. William A.. 151 MacKensie. Nancy. 400 MacKenzie. Brad. 151. 219 Mackenzie. Clemwall. 107 Mackenzie, Fred. 486 MacKenzie. Nancy. 203 Mackliet, Cleon, 99, 100, 109, 151 Mackliet. Vernald. 99. 100. 151, 301 MacLean, Jean F., 151, 187 MacLeod, Barbara. 195 MacMath. Janet. 203 MacNeil. Jean. 484. 485 MacQuarrie. F.. 283. 477 Macy. James M.. 210 Madden. Deloris. 283 Madden. James M.. 151. 291, 466 Maddox, William, 151, 252 Madison. Barbara, 111. 473 Madison. Vernon. 484 Madrigal Singers. 464 Madsen. Elwood. 366 Madsen. Vernon. 151. 215 Madson. Glen wood L. . 151 Maeshiro. Clarence S.. 151. 285. 473 Magarinsky. Galena. 191 Magaw. Kathryn Lois. 101 Magee. Ann. 194 Mager. Patricia. 153. 192 Maggard. Lois. 279 Magill. Bernadine. 480 Magnuson. Chuck. 329. 364 Magnuson. James L.. 153 Magnuson. Mary. 49. 153 Magnuson. Richard. 213. 307. 355. 365 Magnuson. Rov. 76. 153 Magnuson. Wilbur. 65 Magnusson. Charles. 242 Magowan. Donald. 153. 241 Maguire. Fred. 219 Maguire. James. 113 Mahaffay. Chuck. 413 Mahaffey. Donald. 213 Maharajh. Basdeo O,. 153 Maher. Patricia, 204 Mahonev, Sallv. 480 Maib. Charles. 83. 153 Maib. Frances. 107 Main. Richard. 255 Maines. Bonnie. 55. 153. 311. 314. 399 Mair. Isobel. 187. 420. 473 Maltland. Peter. 48. 153. 264 Major. D. W.. 75 Makus, Jack, 108 Malamutes, 309 Malcolm, James B.. 153, 239 Malprem, Nancy, 56 Mallary, Jim. 108 Mallery, Frances A., 153, 206 Malloy. Alice, 196, 404, 458 Malloy, John, 243 Mallov. Marlon, 52, 196, 411 Mallov. Patricia. 193 Malloy. William. 74 Mnllorv. Glen. 261 Mallory. Jim. 153. 165. 257. 305. 330 Mallorv. Marion J.. 153 M Maas. Urudijean. 482 Mabbitl. Claude. 288 MacCreaiy. Phyllis. 151 MacDonald. Catherine. 109 MacDonald, Donald. 217. 241 MacDonald. Dorothy. 196. 470. 482 MacDonalit. Jack E.. 151, 239 Mm . Theodo W.. 1.13 Malm, Jean, 480 Malonev, Patrick. 153. 259. 324 Mah.ney. Peter. 251 Maloney. Robert. 153. 217 Mamlya. George. 285 Managerial Council. 396 Manchester. David. 153. 251 Mandery, PeBKV. 186 510 The Joint Council of Teamsters Number 28 . . . extend to the graduating ( lass of the University of Washington . . . est Wishes for success in their chosen professions Dave Beck President Frank W. Brewster Secretary - Treasurer 511 Maiidlev. James. 224. 333 Mandley. W. J.. 94 Maness. Glorietta. 201 Mangan. James. 245. 351 Mangels. John. 60. 61. 65. 153 Manley. Harold. 464 Manning, Deiald. 213. 309 „ Manner. Edith. 54, 199. 420 Manning. Rodger. 153 .Manning. Sally Jo. 54. 56. 199 Manring. Betty. 192. 199. 313. 317, 474 Mansion, Patricia. 153, 473, 478, 482 iMansfield, Robert, 392 Mansfield. Thomas. 48 Marais. Josef Miranda, 448 Marander. Myron, 49, 74, 153, 301, 479 Marburger, Ralph, 272 Mardi Gras. 423 Marek, Richard, 217 Marckworth. Carl, 309 Marckworth, Gordon D,. 84. 386. 424 Mareoe, Bill. 223 Marcus. Lorelie. 483 Marin. Robert. 153 Marinkovich. Donald. 269 Marino. Dolores, 480 Marino. Eleanor. 206. Mark. Lila. 482 Marketing Club. 217 Markcy. Joseph H.. 153 Markov. Vic. 34 Marks. Emmanuel G.. 153 Marks. Sonny, 241 Markworth, Carl, 179, 208. 267. 364 Marquardt, Mary Lou, 101 Marrow, Mignon, 188 Marsh, John, 77 Marsh, Philip. 153. 264 Marsh, Richard J.. 153 Marsh. Wellington. 290 Marshack. Jerry. 210. Marshall. Cara. 203. 473 Marshall. Delores. 105. 153. 190. 465. 466 Marshall. Harold. 81. 153 Marshall. Helen. 487 Marshall, James, 259 Marshall, John, 74, 153, 301 Marshall. William, 74, 259 Martens, Carol, 483 Martin, Arthur.244. 389. 469 Martin. Barbara. 153. 284. 478, 488 Martin. Charles E., 42. 63. 153. 257. 465 Martin. Donald. 153. 252 Martin, Elaine, 279 Martin, Fredrick, 81, 82, 153, 251, 252, 488 Martin, Howard H,, 40 Martin, Joanne Vass. 101 Martin, John, 100 Martin, John Watson, 101 Martin, Mary, 153, 293 Martin, Paul, 259 Martin. Robert. 82. 103, 111 Martin, Roger A,, 153 Martin, Sherwood, 488 Martin. Todd. 219 Martin. Tcni. 153. 221. 248. 358 Martin. Val. 267. 338 MartinelU. Jean. 105. Martinson. Kenneth. 83. 153 Martinson. Nell. 153 Marvin. Marilyn. 280 Masln. Sally. 188 Ma.son. Carol. 187 Mason. Frances, 280 Mastcm, Rosalie, 04, 66, 276, 281 Matchett, George, 237 Mathematics. Dept, of. 41 Mutheny. David. 222 Mathers. Harold. 1.53. 209. 236 Mathers. Robert, 291, 418, 469 Mathe.son, John, 53 Matheus, Gale S., 153 Matheus. Susan. 203 Mathews. Jacqueline. 190. 470. 471 Mathews. Martha G., 163 Mathews, Norman, 267 Mathews, Vern, 409 Mathlas, James. 26B Mathls. Ronald, 52 Mathisen, Ole, 479 Mathisen. Randi, 479 Mathisen, Lance, 479 Matland, Conrad, 305, 336, 337 Matson, Alan L.. 153, 215 Matson, E, E.. 94 Matson. Irvin. 251 Matson. Richard. 93. 94. 110 Matson. Roger. 153. 261 Matsuda. Nelson. 285 Matsumoto. Dan. 153. 285 Matsumura. Toshi. 286 Mat.susaaw. June. 85. 297 Matlas. Fiank. 489 Matthews. Duane. 219. 306 Matthias. Edward. 291 Mattice. John. 56. 64 Mattila. Elna. 54. 276. 281 Mattocks. Marilyn. 484. 485 Mattson. James. 262 Mattson. Karen. 193 Matzke. William A.. Jr.. 65. 153. 239 Matzkind. Ruth. 153. Mauerman, Ethel. 197 Maughan. Lorraine. 107 Maurer. Charles. 308 Maurer. Charles F.. Jr.. 119 Maurer. Fred, 213, 325, 365 Maurer, Janet, 196 Maurer, Holland A.. 76. 153 Maxfield. Pat, 198, 474 Maxon, John, 153, 211 Maxwell, Alan, 243 Maxwell, Mary, S3, 106, 114, 127, 153, 185. 200, 315, 380, 383, 386, 399 Maxwell, Robert, 76, 153 Maxwell, Wayne, 358 May, Barbara, 54. 194 May. Charles C. 31 May. Del. 272 Mav. Gloria. 189 May. Stephen. 153. 225. 363 Mayeno. James. 285 Mayer. Cherrill. 196. 487 Mayer. Janice. 203. 388 Mayer. Nadine Louise. 101 Mayers. Benji. 274 Maves. Ann. 189 Mayfield. Donald, 245 Mayo, Jacque, 227 Mayrand, Karyl, 101, 153 McAbee, Robert R,, 153 McAdams, Laura, 107 McAlister, Bruce, 471 McAllister, Alan, 211 McArthur. Thad, 108, 141, 153, 307, 353 McArthur, William, 261, 305 McAssey, Bruce, 235 McAulev, Janet. 198 McBean. Jack. 217 McBride. Charles. 81. 153 McBride. Harold. 261 McBride. H. Dwain. 308. 325 McBride, Mike, 317 McBride. Ruthora. 203 McBurnie. Joan. 85. 293 McBurney, William. 93. 94. 215. 471 McCabe. Mary Clair. 153, 195. 200, 315 McCaffery. James, 60 MiCaffr.-.-. Rcbert, 464 MiCaiii. Rolieit. 271 McCallick. R.ihert. 239 McCallum. Barney. 153. 241 McCallum. Marilyn, 153. 193 McCarroll, Patricia. 153 MiCarroll, Ruth. 297 McCanon, Jim, 251, 337 McCarter, Martha, 197 McCarty, Dennis. 289 McCarthy. Charles. 104. 108, 153, 242, 305. 308. McCarthy. Clair. Ill McCarthy, Jack, 363 Ml Cartliy, Rhea, 195 .MiCartmy, Lawrence, l. ' i3. 242. 305. 329 McCartney. Bud, 327 McCartney, Robert, 83, 265. 360 Md ' ailv. Alt, 363 McCiijfkill. Cliilsty, 198 MrClaii. ' . William. 213 McClary, Douglas. 241. 351. 378 McClelland, Mary Lou. 483 McClenaghnn. Jlmnili ' D.. l.M McClenaghan. Jnhn. 245 McCIenahan. R. M,, 93 McClure, Patricia, 32 McComas, Robert Hoadley. 101 McConahay, Douglas T., 153. 222 McConkey. Fred. 305 McConkey. Paul. 241. 336, 337 McConnell. Dorothy, 54, 153 283 McConnell, Orondo. 64, 153 McCord, Bennet, 227 McCorkle, Jane, 115, 195, 399, 401, 447 McCorkle, Joyce, 199. 419 McCormack. James. 237. 307 McCormack. M. J.. 203 McCormick. Douglas E.. 153. 288. 469 McCormick. Glenn F., 153 McCormick, Patricia, 286, 287 McCormick, Therese, 153, 194, 400 McCoy, Albert, 272 McCoy, George, 267 McCov, Gretchen, 153, 186 McCoy, Jim, 471 McCoy, Pat, 471 McCoy, Robert, 93, 94, 267, 269, 360 McCoy. William. 262 McCrae. Agnes, 280 McCrae, Jean, 195 McCracken, Floyd, 261 McCracken, Margaret, 155, 196 McCrary, Joan, 280 McCredv, Clarence, 108, 155, 211, 394 McCuUough, Donald, 155, 408 McCullough, Floyd, 75 McCullough, Pat, 279, 283 McCuUough, Richard, 466 McCullough, William H.. 67 McCullouy. R.. 466 McCullum. Richard. 261 McCune. Denver. 94. 273 McCurdy. Thomas. 229 McCusker, Bill. 50 McCusker. Robert. 257 McCutchen, Mike. 378 McDaniel. Muriel. 50, 283 McDannold, Nancy, 155, 197 McDermott, M., 466 McDiarmid, John B,, 39 McDonald, Ann, 471 McDonald, Barbara, 194, 196, 411 McDonald, Bonnie, 194 McDonald, Dixon, 60, McDonald, Donald, 267 McDonald, Edward, 227 McDonald, Jean. 195 McDonald, Joe, 222 McDonald, Gordon, 60, 61 McDonald, Howard A., 155 McDonald, Malcolm, 56 McDonald, Rosa Mae, 102, 119 McDonald, Wally, 443 McDowell, Elizabeth, 200 McDowell, Louise, 192 McEachran, Dick, 267 McElhenny, Hugh, 179, 224, 225, 305, 340, 341, 344 McElroy, D, K.. 213 McElhoe. Forrest. 119. 288 McEvoy. Patrick. 155. 261 McEwan. Thomas. 480 McFadden. Mary. 315 McFarland, Will. 468 McGalliard. Sarah Jane. 119. 196. 478 McG.M ' . Jerry. 1,55. 237 McGee. Jim. 468 McGhie. Robert. 291 McGlll. Edilh. 105. 279 McGlll. Sheila, 195 McGilvra, Donald, 464 McGlnley, Bob, 468 Mcfilnnis, Bud. 325 McGlnnIs, James, 155, 241 McC.innis, John, 241, :108 McCir r. Don. 334 MiCuldrick. Carroll, 2.57 McCnnglll, K.llh. 366 McC.v.-rn, Jlni, 219 McGov.Tn. William. 104 Mcdovney. Ann. 279 Mi ' Ciiwan. Danii ' l. 82 McGiiwan. Thomas, 221 McCrath, Daniel, 78, 155 McGuinn, Charles. 155. 251 McGuinness. Dolores Adare. 101 McGuinness, Sally, 155, 297 Mcllrailh, Jay, 78, 155, 308 Mclnnes, Doris, 190 Mclnnis, Malcolm, 155, 255, 305, 307, 353 Mclnnes, Stanley, 81 Mcintosh, Sarah, 155. 297 Mclntyre. Charles. 271. 480 Mclntyre. Cick. 361 Mclntyre. Harry. 65. 103. 155 M clntyre. Joseph. 259. 271 Mclntyre. Kathleen. 204 Mclntyre. Richard. 261. 305 313 McKaig. Arthur. 155. 264 McKay. Donald. 242 McKay. Thomas. 155. 233 McKechnie. Beverly. 186 McKec. Kenneth L.. 155 McKee Hall. 282 McKet-hen. Donald. 239. 413 McKeen. Douglas. 239 .McKeever. Helen. 155. McKeller. James. 211 McKenzie. Bob. 233 McKenzie, Donald H., 59 McKenzie, Keith, 420 McKenzie, Fred, 251 McKenzie, Vernon, 389 McKibbin, Kenneth. 1.55. 251 McKill. E.. 466 McKinnen. Dan. 217 McKinlev. David. 267 McKinley. Donald G.. McKinley. Donald. 49 McKinley. Marilyn. 195 McKinlev. Moore. 257 McKinney. Earl. 307 McKinney. Jacqueline 199 McKinstry. Geneva, 423 McKnight, E., 466 McKnight. Larry. 465 McLaren, D. B.. 93 McLarney. Art. 327. 328. 368. 369 McLaughlin. James. 217 McLaughlin. Muriel. 194 McLean. Archie. 237. 333. 361 McLean House. 286 McLean. Luther. 243 McLean. Bill. 1. 51. 73. 225. 413. 416. 491 McLean, Robi-rt. 155. 163, 225, 306, 329 McLennon, Meryl, 192 McLeod, Scott, 286, 288 McLeod, Thomas, 288 McLess, James, 262 McLoud, Malcolm, 155 McMackin, Edward G., 1.55, 264 McMahon. James. 81 McMahon. J.ihn. 259 McMaster. Eugene R.. 75. 155. 223 McMillan. Bill. 54 McMinn. Bryan T.. 71 McMinn. Jean. 198 McMinn. Pr( f.. 73. McMullen. Anita. 466 McMullin. Dallas. 484 McNabnev. F. Richard. 465. 484 McNally. Robert C. 155 McNamee. Cuffy. 317 McNamee. Elizabeth, 165. 399. 404. 438 McNamee. Richard. 213. 463 McNeil, Harold, 155, 2.59, 458 McNeil, Manford, 63, 155, 237 McNeil. Verle W.. 155. 259 McNi-illv. William J.. 155. 217. sun. ■Mil McNertbn.-v. Marg. 197 Mi-Nrrtluu-v. Thiinias, 155, 2.55 McNerthney, V.. 197. 310 McNutt. Betty. 51 McNutt. Clara E.. 155 McPherson. Harold V.. 155 McPherson. Mickey. 2.52 McPherson. Susanna. 200 McQulnn. Donald. 93. 94 McQueen. Halton. 291 McRae. David. 463. 466 McRai ' . Donald. 305 McRaiv Ronald. 221. 337 McReynolds. Vdma. 185. McVey. Claude. 155. 264 McVey. George. 284. 309 Mead. James. 251 M.ade. P. R.. 93 Meade. Phillip. 247. 367 M.agher. Nancy. 206 Meaker. Jackie. 201 M ans. Elizabeth. 480 .M. ' ans. Mary. 155. 480 M.ans. Robert E.. 1,55. 264. 480 M ' -chanical Engineer- ing. Dept. of. 71 Medicine. School i f. 86 M.dina. Maria, 281, 480 Medlicott. William J., 64. 155. 219 h, Ralph. 259 Mthaff v. Donald. 81. 82. 463. 464. 466. 471 M.hlman. Charles. 249 Mei.r. Donald. 65 Meihcke. Joyce F.. 1.55. 207. 283 Meisner. Marilyn. 187. 471 Melden. A. Irving. 109 .Mele. John. 77. 155. Melitz. Peter W.. 155. 383. 208. 267 Mellis. Billie. 206 Mellotte. Barbara. 287 Melovidoff. Alanxander. 1,55 Menashe. Beulah. 155. 202. 185 Mendenhall. Joan E.. 155. 196 Mendes. Ramona P.. 155. 188 Mens Discussion. 458 Men ' s Organized House Council. 277 Mercer. Eugene W.. 155. Meredith, Robert G., 49, 74. 155 Meredith. W. J. F.. 234 Mergens. James. 108. 469 Mergens. Maribeth, 199. 388. 404 Merklinghaus. Otto. 49 Merrihew. Carol. 191 Merriman. Kenneth P.. Merritt. Frederick. 48. 209. 258. 409 Merritt, Jack A., 119, 301 Merritt. Truman. 271 Merry. Bill. 53 409. 413 Mesher. Franklin. 1.55. 274. 469 Mesher. Shirley. 391. 404. 444 Me.iser. Louis. 252 Mes.ser. Paul L.. 49. 74. 155 Messingale. Jean. 119. Messing. Walter S.. 100. 101 Mesamer. Don. 82 Messmer. Fred. 51 Messmer. Harry H.. 1.55. 223 Metcalf. Charles. 289 Metcalfe. Mary Jane. 105. 1,55. 466 .M.-teorcilogy. 41 Caroline. 204 M. ' lz. Marilvn. 100. 115. 176. 194. 446. 447 Metzdorf. Dewey. 247 Metzgar. Marcus. 62. 305. 368. 372. 374 Metzger. V, Nadine. 287 Mever. George. 266 Mever. Roger. 389 M. uller. Joyce. 191 Mews. Martha. 54 Meyer. Allen L.. 76. 113. 155 Meyer. Bob. 281. 418 Meyer. Clevi-land. 1.55 Meyer. Donald. 239 Meyer. George P.. 155, 209 Mever. James. 289 M. ver. John. 458 M. ' v.r. Jovce. 100 Mivers. H. A.. 208 Meyer. Roger. 110. 273. 308. 386 Meyer. W. H.. 66 Meyers. Dnrrel. 484 Michel. Genevieve Ann. 101 Michael. Mike. 110. 243. 305. 340 Michaels. Paul. 463. 460 Michelangell. Arluro. 448 Mlchelotll. Fred, 265, 360 Miikaels, Glen. 413 MIchels. Janice. 293, Paul S.. 1.55, 249 Mickelson. Glenn. 61. 155. 300 Michel. Christine A.. 155. 485 Michelotti. Fred. 83. 424 Microbiology. Dept. of. 42 Middlekauff. R. L.. 94. 100 Middlekauff. Barbara. 155. 276. 283. 390. 399. 404 Middleton. Alfred. 103 Middleton. Clarence. 300. 468 Migaki. Thomas T.. 155. 285. 300 .Milbrad. R. L.. 93 Milbred. Robert. 81 Milburn. Charles. 251 Miles. D. K-ith. 225 Miles. Frank. 49 Miles. John. 113 Miles. Harry E.. 155. 259 Miles. Hally. 81. 259 Millar. G.. 94 Millav. Ernestine. 155, 286 Millen. Earl T.. 155 Miller. A. R.. 94.99. 100. 233 Miller. Carmen. 281 Miller. Cecil. 179. 259. Miller. D.. 466 Miller. Dallas. 233 .Millar. Danford. 96 Miller. Day. 387 Mill.r. Dolores. 196. 418 Mill.r. EIrov. 48. 62. 1.55. 420. 480 .Mill.-r. Enunett. 49. 74. 112. 155. 262 Milltr. Frances. 483 Miller. G.. 466 Miller. Gerald. 291 Miller. Gloria. 277. 281 Miller. Gordon R.. 155 Miller. Harvev. 101. 112 Miller. Helen. 279 Miller. Howard. 53 Miller. Jack. 155. 219 Miller. Kathrvn. 115. 191, 391. 399. 404 Miller. Leonie. 198 Miller. Leston. 291 Miller. Lois. 187. 310 387, 391, 399. 404 Miller, M., 466 Miller, Max. 221 Miller. W.. 155 Miller. Margaret. 199 Miller. Marie Eldoris. 85. 155 Miller. MariUiu. 197 Miller. Marilyn. 190 Miller. Marlene Lou. .56. 280 Miller. Muriel. 202. 476 Miller. Norman. 100. 103. 157. 235 Miller. Owen. 96. 245. Sillier. P.. 94 Miller. Patricia. 105. 115. 190. 197. 391. 393. 399. 447 Miller. Richard G.. 155 Miller. Robert. 213. 3a5. 307, 479, 353. 354 Miller, S,, 466 Miller, Sally 199 Miller, Shirley, 203 Miller, Stan, 119. 300. 471 Miller. Stewart. 245 Miller. Thomas. 245 Miller. Walter. 56. 64. Miller. William. 75 Miller. WInlock W.. 30 Miller. Virginia, 192 Millhouse, Shirlev, 297 Mills, Gordy, 358 Mills, Marian. 202. 388 Mills. Robert E.. 83. 157. Mm.i. William. 101. 229 Milne. James. 231 Milnert. J. W.. 94 Miliior. Barbara. 196 Milligan. Donald. 21 7 Mllligan. Jerrv. 157. 251 Milligan. Frankie. 55. 206. 314 Millis. Linda. Ill Minis. Max. 157. 219 Minar. Anthony. 65. 157. 468 Mlnard. Robert. 231. 351 Minch. Harlow. 262 Mln.M-. Marley. 50 Mineral EnglneerliiK. Depl. of. 71 M Inert. Jack. 249 MInneman. Paul. 479 Miniilcli. Harold F.. 167 MInnlck. Jack Irvln. 93. 289 MInnlll. Joseph. 239. .V.I 512 Ken Cole, Editor, and Boh Oslerlund, Business Manager, look at Copy dumber One rover of the 1950 TYEE. Congratulations to them for spearheading the production of this excep- tional college yearbook. We naturally are proud to have been the printers. FRAYX PRIIVTIIVG COMPA VY 2518 WESTERN AVENUE R. MORT FRAYN, ' 27, Owner and Manager SEATTLE ELiot 4221 513 We ' ll Be Beeln f, yau! It has become quite a natural habit for grads to find their way back to the District. Certainly it is the wish of all of us here that you will ... we hope you have found the same pleasure and satisfaction in knowing us that we have in becoming friends with you. As you carve your career and establish your own home, call on us to provide your needs . . . you ' ll find us always progressive, and with a more than friendly interest in you. REPRESENTING 400 STORES AND SERVICES OF THE DISTRICT Minor. Dean. 63. 112. 157. 209. 230 Minor. Don. 63. 112. 231 Minor. Ralph H.. 119. Minton. Eugenia, 283 Miovski. Sophie. 49 Miovski. Louie. 101. 113. 157 Miaterek. Esther M.. 157. 281 Misener. Jack M.. 157 Misener. Jack. 89. 480 Mitchell. Faith L.. 1.57. Mitchell. Fred. 308 Mitchell. Fred W.. 157 Mitchell, FreiLrick. 267 Mitchell. Ins .M.. 1.57 Mitchell. Jaiiie.s. 247 Mitchell. Joan. 206 Mitchell. David Charles. 101 Mitchell. Marilyn. 287 Mitchell. Sam. 181. 267. 351. 378 Mitchell. Sherman. 408 Mitsui. Sam. 52. 285 Mittelstaedt. Albert. Jr.. Miyahara. Taka.shi. 285 Miyake. Mat.MUe. 157 Miyake. PeKBy. 103. 177 Mij. Yeh. 119 Mcjar. Jean. 283 Moberg. Josephine. 293 Mobley, Leiehton. GO. 61. 157, 302 Moceri, Gloria, 190, 419, 449 Moccrl, Roy. 217, 459 Mock, Greta, 196, 418 Modahl, Donna Jean. 105, 471. 387 Moe. Don, 288 Moe, R. E.. 94 Moe. Robert. 288 Moehring. Lee. 269 Moehrlng. Melvln. 267 Moehrlng. Peggy. 479 Moen. Bob. 327. 329. 368 Moen. David, 262 Moen. John D.. 157 Moen, Robert, 242. 305 Moeigell, Nadlni ' E.. 157 Moffctt. Robert. 222, 301 Mohr, Dorothy, 192 Mohundro, Mik -. 236 Mohundro, William, 237 Moist, Mary, 196, 470 M...lchoir. Molly. 200 Moll. Carolyn M.. 157. 280 Monaghan. Ralph Vernon. 101 Monahan. Joe. 73 Mondau. Stephen. 480 Mondschein. Larry. 274 Monroe. Mary Jane. 466 .Monson. Ken. 53. 408 -Montan. Donald. 101 Montchalin, Mitchell L.. 157. 251. 308 Montgomery, Peter, 269 .Montgomery, W, J,, 75, 113 MonthKith, Lee, 49, 481. 360. 464 Moody. Mary Ellen. 200, 393. 400 Mooers. Maria. 200 Moon. Argyle. James. 101 Moon. Donald K.. 157. 262 Mooney, Lola. 62, 107. 157 Moor. Doris. 85, 101 Moore, Alberta, 195, 403 Moore, Arthur. 74. 237 Moore. Barbara. 199 Moore. Beverlee A.. 114. 157, 195. 389 Moore. Charlie. 241 Moore. Donna, 197 Moore, Glenn, 259 Moore, Hanah, 279 Moore, James, 78, 235 Moore, Joy, 204 Moore. Maigari-t. 199 Moore. Marvin K.. 1.57. 247 Moore. Nat. 291 Moore, Norman, 209 Moore. Normand L.. 1.57, Moore, Sandy, 362 Moore. Shirley, 187, 401 Moore, Thomas E.. 267. 306. 329 Moore. Ward. 157 Moore. William G.. 210. 239 Moran. James. 211 Moran. Joan. 283 Moran. Kenneth. 221. 351 Moran. Stanley. 209. Moravek. Ankn-Mnrle. 105. 466 Morberg. Carl S.. 157. 215 More. Charles C. 490 Morehead. Richard. 61 Morehouse. C. W.. 95 Moiellato. T. J.. 93. 247 Morem. Walter. 479 Morency. Mary. 279 Morford. Jim. 110. 208. Morgan. Allen. 108. 157. 224. 308. 321 Morgan. Arthur C. 459. 471 Morgan. Charlotte. 99. 483 Morgan. Dick. 224. 395. 422 Morgan. J. Maurice. 215 Morgan. Kenneth. 259, 337 Morgan. Patricia, 194 Morgan. Richard. 225. Ml 63 ,M,,i 1. ' , I ;-i,iM, Kit Moii.-i.-i.-t. L ' ai ' .plvn E.. 85. 157 Morrill. Howard. 262 Morrill. Sally. 191. 402 Morris. Alexandra. 51 Morris, Ann. 197. 280. 317 Morri.-i, Burb.ira. 286 .M.iri I.- r.iii :ii;s. 378 .M.,i • I 1-1 ink 112 . I i. II 171. 4X3 .VI. . I I I 1,. ..Ill, Mi. 63 Muni.x. I ' iil. 173 Morris. RayTnond. 71 Morris. Rex. 49. 157 Morrison. Bevi ' riy. 55. 279 Morrison. C.riina. 199 Morrison. Doug. 51 Morrison. Ellen. 107 Morrl.son. Harry. 235 Morrison. James. 221. 329 Morrison. John. 215 Morrison. Marian. 206 Morrison. Patricia. 197. 418 Morrissel. Carlyn. 283 Morrlssey. James, 480 Morrow, Julia Ann, 283, 182 Morrow. Robert. 231 Morse. Harold. 49 Morse. Llewellyn D.. 157 Mortar Board. lOli Mortarotti. John. 466 Morton. Robert. 223. 469 Mosbarger. E. F.. Jr.. 226 Moseley. Spencer Altermont. 101 Moses. Sally Ann. 280. 466 Moss. D. W.. 94 Moss. Kenneth. 241 Mos.safer. Al. 267. 309 Mossman. Mary E., 157, 191, 403, 389. 399 Mottern. Tom. 247. 367 Motzer. Betty. 483 Moughtin. Jean. 201 Mounsey. 213 Mount. Dorothy. 186 Mover. Janet. 56 Mower. Calvin R.. 81. Ill Moyer. Albert. 77 Moyer, Giant. 361 Moyer. Homer. 61. 100. 103. 157. 300 Moyer. Janet. 191 Moyer. William. 237 Moynikiiii. Patriiia. 105 Muckl. -stone, Hob. 108. 110. 176. 231. 383. 390 Mucklestone. John P.. 157. 242. 306 .Mueller. Emilie. 65. 111. 157. 194 Mueller, Martha, 49, 206, 465 Muffly, Robert N,, 157, 251 Mulrhiad, Carole, 200. 173 Mulavey, Charley, 363 Mulder, John, 83, 89, 93, 251 Mulford, Kenneth W.. 157. 301 Mulhau.ien. Zane. 221 Mulhern. Mary Lou. 194 Mulliollnnd. Doug. 168 Mullnski. Don. 219 Mullens. Shirley. 189 Mulli-n. Ron. 233 Mullln. Kntherine. 191. 465 Mullln. William. 271 Mulllneaux. Donald. 291 Mullins. Terry. 213. 307. 353. 365 Mulvev. Ann. 114. 157. 184. 185. 189. 404 Mund. Lois. 201 Mund. Vernon A.. 40. 109 Mundt. William G.. 157. 209. 255 Munko . Tony. 223 Munnoch. Florence. 185. 217 Munson. Ray. 245 Munter. Robert. 247 I. ' u Phi Epsilon. 105 Murakami. Kenneth K.. 157. 277. 285. 390 Murakami. Yoshlo. 285 Murphy. George. 255 Murphy. Harriett. 157. 297 Murphy. Jii-sepli. 243 Murphv. Neal. 61 Murphy. Ralph M.. 4.59 Murphy. Sam. 2.59 .Murphv. Stanley. 112 Murray. Ernest. 261 .Muriay. Joyce. 186 .Murray. Louise. 107 Muriay. Marilyn. 198 Murray, William, 231, 233, 396 Murrow, Helen, 197, 311 Music, School of, 47, 462 Myer, Robert, 157. 225. 306. 308. 326 Myers. Arlo. 1(K). 101 Myers. Arthur. 157. 271 Myers. Donald. 221 Myers. Elizabeth. 195 Mvers. Hap, 389 Myers, H. A. P.. 92. 157. Mvers, Houston M., 90 Mvers, M. Giiil, 197 Mvers, Thoiiuis. 360 Myers, T. L.. 93. 94 Myers. Virgil. 465. 168 Myers. William. 100. 362 Myers. Willis. 247 Myerson. Zaddell. 202, 476 Myhre, Philip, 157, 239 Mvllus, Wlllliim, 208, 259 Myllenbeck, Duane. 367 N Nachtwey. Edward P.. 157. 225. 306. 308. 326 Naden. Edwin. 49 Naden. Joanne. 197. 314 Naden. Thomas. 229. 308. 325 Nadiau. D. A.. 72 Naff. William. 465 Naganiatsu. Ken. 484 Naito. Tokuko. 157. i93 Nakagawa. William. 285. 473 Nakaniura. Edward. 2S5 Nakamura. Kenjiro. 113 Nakaniura. Laura. 85 Nanevicz. S. J.. 93 Naranjo. Maria. 483 Narte. Jaime. 288 Nash. Gerald. 214 Nash. James R.. 157. 215 Nashland. Frank. 54. 231 Nutchway. D. Stuart. 213. 306 Nauberl. Beverley. 62 Nave. John. 60 Navin. Edward. 480 Neal. Albert. 165 Neal. Dick. 233. 337 Neat. Emily. 279 Nece, R..nald. 101. 112 Ned.rlie. John. 233 Nedgard. Palricia. 201 Nedrud. Mary Ann. 2(;0 Nerr. William. 291 Neely. Barbara. 283 Neely. Evelyne. 55. 283. 312 Neer. Marilyn. 56. 157, Neldeilmuser. William. 63 Nells. Gerhard F.. 157. 213. 300 Nells. Jeanette. 200 N. ' lls. Jerry. 334 Nolsen. Joan. 317 NelLsen. Roger. 306 Nellson. Connie. 192 Ni ' klason. VUtor. 217 N.lhsl. Merlvn. 237 Nel.s,,ii, I a e, 488 Nelson, AllM-rl. 267 Nelson. Aidelle. 105. 204, 423 514 Nelson. Ardetli. 464 Nelson. Beverly. 157. 199. 286 Nelson. Bill. 219 Nelson. Elizabeth Ann. 473 Nelson, Mrs. Ernest B. , 43 Nelson, Everett. 109. 157 Nelson, G. S., 95 Nelson, Gene, 241, 378 Nelson, Irene. 297 Nelson. James, 48, 75, 157, 231 Nelson, Janet, 483 Nelson. Jean. 186 Nelson, Joan, 205 Nelson, Joseph. 157 Nelson. Lenetta. 204 Nelson, Mai ' ie, 464 Nelson, Marolyn J., 157, 204 Nelson. Nels. 269 Nelson. Pat, 252 Nelson, R.. 466 Nelson. R. E.. 95 Nelson. Richard. 112, 157, 259. 465 Nelson. Ronald. 229. 252 Nelson. Russell Paul. 101 239 Nelson, Shirley, 55, 312. 313 Nelson. Susan M.. 157 Nelson. Winifred F. . 157, 280, 281 Nelson. William, 257 Nelson, Wilmot B.. 157 Nelthorpe. Marcia. 470 Nennsberg. Zena. 199 Nerland. Stuart. 96. 157, 225 Nessly. William Francis. 101 Netta. Thomas. Ill Netterlee. John. 396 Nettleton. Jo. 482 Neubauer. Ronald. 274 Neubert. Corky, 482 Neubert, Elizabeth. 105. 111. 466 Neudorfer. Beverly. 190 Neva, A. C. 81. 112 Neville. Jack. 273, 331 Newcomb, Duane, 271 Newcomb, Marilyn. 186 Newell. Volney. 300 Newkirk. Herman. 471 Newland. Bill. 222 Newland, John Hamilton. 101 Newland. Joseph G.. 157, 209 Newman Club, 480 Newman. Harry. 286. 288 Newsoni. JoAnne. 198. 420 Newton. Dcidre, 197 Newton, Dick, 352, 353, 354 Newton, Jack, 89. 108. 112. 127. 157. 261. 305. 307. 353. 354, 480 Newton. J. R.. 92 Newton. James. 75 Newton. John. 78. 119 Newton. Nancy. 115. 200. 401. 430. 445 Newton. Richard. 261. 307 Nicholas. Dean, 468 Nicholas, Horace A., 157 Nicholas, William. 480 NichoUs. Margaret. 186 Nichols. Bertha K.. 157 Nichols. Harold. 271. 309 Nichols. Robert. 157. 261 Nicholson. John, 291, 466 Nicholson, Patrick, 239, Nield. Harry. 221 Nielsen, Barbara, 283 Nielsen, Edna. 283 Nielsen. Norma Kathleen. 101 Nielsen, Roger, 94. 213. 338. 466 Nielsen. Shirley, 199 Nielsen, Thomas. 94, 101. 221 Niemela. Wallace. 95. 239 Niemeyer. Ted. 241 Niemi. Miriam, 279 Niesen, Joan. 157. 195 Nightingale, Herb. 488 Nilsen, Sylvia, 109. 382 Nilson. Allen. 291. 362 Nilson. Marie. 105 Ninomiya. Calvin, 101 Nishimoto. Tad, 285 Nishitani, James. 112 Nissen. Mitzie. 314 Nissen. Mildred. 206 Nitta. Thomas. 72. 159 Niwa. Carl. 159. 285, 466 Nixon, Dick. 364 Nixon, Edward. 243 Ni.xiin. Edwin A.. 159 Nixon. John. 102 Nixon. Russ, 271 Noble, John. 245 Nobles. Marjorie. 200 Nolan. Frank. 245 Noland. Lvle. 113 Nollan. Fred. 110. 219. 309 Nollan. Robert. 219 Nollmeyer, Edward Max, 101 Nomiyama, Frank, 285 Norberg, Louis, 100 Nord. Eric A.. 60. 100, 103, 159 Nordahl, Jan, 79, 479 Nordale. Marilyn K. . 107. 119, 281, 311. 473 Norden. Robert. 241 Nordhotf. Arthur E.. 94, 247 Nordquist. Bruce H., 159 217 413 Nordstrom, Betty. 204 Norem. William. 159 Noren. Bud. 48 Noren, Clarence M.. 159. 251 Noren. Martin. 62 Norgord. Carl. 99. 101 Norling. Gerald. 208. 231. 392 Norman, Allen. 251 Norquist. Sue. 195 Northfield. Evelyn. 191 Norton, Alva, 74 Norton, Donald. 273 Norton, Dorothy R., 159, 297 Norton, Francis A., 73, 99, 101, 108. 112. 113. 159. 308. 469 Norton. Frank. 75, 383, 386 Norton, Gene, 349 Norton, Margaret, 435, 486 Norton. Roy, 305 Norton, William J.. Jr., 159 Nostrand, Howard Lee. Nott ' elman. R. H., 109 Novack, Edward J., 76. 99. 101. 112. 113. 159 Novak. David. 264 Nowell. Barbara, 50, Nudelson, Edith, 202 Nudleman. Jerry. 274 Nugent. Jack. 181. 243 351 Nunn. Robert E.. 1.59. 271 388 Nursing. School ot, 292 Nyberg. Joanne. 192. 410 Nyberg. Richard. 262 Nvbert, Richard M., 210 Nye, Howard H., 78, 1.59 237 Nvgr ' een, Glen, 36, 49. 108, 383, 386 Nygren. Suzanne A., 159 Nylin, Esther Doris, 295 Nylin, Walter P., 159 Nyland, Francis B., 1,59 Nylander, Roy, 316 Nystuen, Patricia, 287 Oakland, Marylu, 186. 466 Obata. Henry. 285 Oberg. Stanley. 62 Oberkotter. Marjorie, 51 313 479 O ' Boyle, ' Myrtle, 480 O ' Brien, Eileen, 159. 187. 399. 401 O ' Brien. James. 110. 221. 305, 345 O ' Brien. Verne, 60 Oceanography, School of, 44 Ocheltree, Robert, 82 Ochs, Florian Anton, 101 Ochsner, Alysse. 423 O ' Conner. Beverly, 191 O ' Conner, Mary, 297 O ' Conner, Robert, lull. 237. 326 O ' Day. Meryl. 207 Odegard, Edward. 257 Oden ' hal. Pat. 54. 189 Odgers. John. 82 Odell. Richard K.. 159. 249 Odell, Howie, 338, 339 Odermat, Rita, 205 Odermat, V. D.. 94 O ' Dinnell. T. F.. 95 O ' Donnell. Dick. 334. 336 O ' Donnell. Jack. 110. 273. 309. 331 O ' Donnell. Norman A.. 159. 262 O ' Donnell. Terry. 259. 309 O ' Hare. Kathleen. 1U7 Ohashl. Robert. 285 O ' Gara. Charlotte. I9X Ogden. John. 269. ,362 Oestreich. Phyllis, 284. 478 Oestreich. Robert. 302 Ogilvie. Robert E.. 1.59 O ' Farrell, Kay, 198, 397, 430, 445 O ' Flaherty, Pat. 92. 241 Oie. Nancy. 187, 402 Okada. Toshiko. 477 Okano. Robert. 83. 285 O ' Keefe. Daniel. 245 Okiyama. Yeichi. 285 Olanie. Francis X.. 159 Olason, Victor. 100 Olden. Harold, 464 Olds, Arnold, 484 Olds. William Arthur. 101 O ' Leary. Donald. 221. 305. 342 Oles. Stuart Gregory. 101 O ' Hearne. Isobel Anne. 101 Clin, Ed, 52 Oliver, Floyd A.. 1118. 159, 406. 407 Oliver. Kathy. 419 Oliver. Kathleen. 99. 404. 419 Oliver. Kathleen. 100. 190. 449 Olmsted, Marjorey, 478 Olmsted, Pamela, 83. 477 Olney. Gloria, 480 Olsen, Bob, 364 Olsen, Bud, 350 Olsen. Donal L.. 1.59 Olsen, Ed, 233 Olsen, Edwin A,, 159 Olsen, Elmer, 261, 305 Olsen, Fred, 316 Olsen, James, 239 Olsen, Jo Ann, 206 Olsen, Ralph, 65 Olsen, Robert Q., 159. 243 Olson. Alberta. 107 Olson. Bill. 337 Olson. Bob. 325 Olson, Bonny, 207 Olson, Bruce, 291 Olson. Bud. 363 Olson. Charles. 159. 221. 305 Olson, Chuck, 108, 346 Ol.son, Clara, 281 Olson, Dan, 221, 308 Olson. Delfred. 99. 101 Olson. Donald, 247, 273 OLson, Dorothy, 193 Olson, Fd, 251, 306, .308, 325 Olson, Elaine, 279, 479 Ol.son, Halena, 482 Olson, Herbert, 465 Olson, J .G., 94 Olson, Jarine. 115. 186, 399, 401. 487 Olson, John, 76. 159. 261 Olson, Kenneth, 75 Olson, Leimard Andrew, 101 Olson. Marilyn. 201 Ol.son. Maryln E.. 159 Olson. Mary Lou. 471 OLson. Melvin. 52 Olson. Roger Leslie. 101 Olson. Noel I,. 159 Olson. R. G.. 94 Olson. Ralph. 2,39 Olson. Richard. 247 Olson, Robert. 308 Olson, Ruth. 1.59. 198 Olson. Wallace. 61. 92, 159 Olson, Wayne, 76, 101, 113, 159, 301 Olson. William. 245. 305 Olswang. Kay. 273 Olwell. Geraldine. 197 Omicron Nu, 107 O ' Neel, Olive. 280 O ' Neill. Ed. 63 O ' Neil. James. 255 Onstott. Howard, 159, 366, 221 Opperman, Gayle, 203, 399, 404 Opperman, John, 100. 101. 332. 333 Oppie, LeRoy W., 159, 271 Oram, Walter, 75 Orchesis, 316 Ordal. Gladys. 107 Oreck. George I., 159, 274 Oreck, Jan, 280 O ' Reilly, Mary, 159, 207 ORielly. Clarke, 221 Orkney, Bruce. 229 Orlob. Gerald. 101. 112 Orme. Jesse. 159 Orphan. Milton. 360 Orphan, Tom. 486 Growing with the University and with the District . . . YOUR MEN ' S STORE Martin Eclan ann University Way and E. 45th MEIrose 2250 Serving your personal interest since 1919 515 Rumsey 8C Company is installing a system of tunnels to reach these and all the buildings on campus for your greater convenience and comfort RUMSEY CO. 3821 AIRPORT WAY SEATTLE, WASHINGTON Orr. C.-iii- S.. ir,0 Orth, Thonias. loU. 2U9. 265. 436 Osbakken Jane. 204 Osborn. Betty. 54. 159. 276. 279. 408 Osborn. James. 77 112 Osborne. Allan. 112 Osborne. Don. 488 Osborne. Dorothy. 52. 159. 196 Osborne. Norm. 488 Ossewaarde. Michael D. . 159 262 Osteri. Ann. 115. 200. 317. 387 Osterle. Robert. 65. 103 Osverlund, Robert. 1. 159. 225. 388. 420 Ostrogolow. Nick. 48. 408 Ostroot. Mary. 159. 422, 426 Ostroot. Sue. 195 O.ftrow. Frank. 48 Ostrowski. Prosper. 265 301. 480 O ' Sullivan. Joan. 159. 200 O ' Sullivan. Marpy. 316. 483 Oswald. Gloria. 198 Oswald. Joan. 1M5 Oswald, Harry. 480 Oswalt. Clarence. Jr.. 215 Otakie. Victor. 74 Ototten. Mary. 482 Ott. John James. Jr.. 215 Oltison. Barbara. 1.59. 279. 484. 485 Oltoson. Siri Nannie. 295 Oules. Buzz. 488 Oules. M. Druzilla. 28-1 Oval Club, 108 Oveni-11. Bud, 364 Ovenill, David, 243 Ovens, Robert, 261 Ovi-rlock, Jim. 382. 390 Overby. Lcif. 210. 227 Overman, Donald, 60, 159 Overturf, Glen. 102 Overturf. Phyllis, 159, Overturf. Wesley, 102 Owen, A. K., 93 Owen, Arthur, 227 Owen, Nancy, 1.59, 185, 194 Owen, Richard, nl. 15 ' J Owens. Chuck, 3S2, 383. 389. 390. 392 Owings. John. 159. 257 Ozannc. Urban. 217 Ozsezen. Yalcin K.. 159. 263 Ozuna. David N.. 159 Paaso. Adi-li-. 316 Pacher. Chuck. 247 Pacher. Jane. 159. 189 Packouz. Annette. 188 Paden. David. 217. 469 Padoshek. Mary A.. 189 Padvorac. Ray. 471 Padvorac. Viola. 471 Padvorac. Rudolph 62 Page. Nancy. 190. 466. 477 Paige. Gene F.. 101 Palcn. Joyce. 207. 279 Paley. Jim. 332. 333 Palfreyman. Ed. 159, 249 Palladino. Michael, 76. 1.59 Palmer. Don. 269 Palmer. Fae. 175. 276, 286. 383. 389. 438 Palmer, Jami ' s. 60. 100, 103, 109, 159 Palmer. John. 99. 100 I ' aliMii-. Marshall. 221 Paliiirr. Mary. 56 I ' alMi.T. M. T., 90 P,-.lmcT, Pete, 473 PalMMr, Phil. 76. 104. 108. 112. 113, 121. 379. 3K0, .•iS3. SSK. 389 r.ln,. , SlruMrj, 286. 466 r.i.Mli..! li.i ' l ' l.-v. 273 1-..1I: . II- I ' l. k, .-JSl I ' Mnli.ll.iiic. 184 Papafl.».sa. Dora. 119, 286 Pa|mi ostolou, Constan- tine, 77. 159. 289. 486 Pappas. Blaine, 283 Paputchis, Helen, 83, 206 Paradls, Charmalni-, 480 Paradls, Marlon. 51. 480 Pardue. Dona, 187 I arent, Marjrarel, 73, 201 , 470 Paris, Tianne, 202, 476 Park. Barbara. 484, 485 Park. Ralph. 217 Parke, Charles B., 62. 1.59. 486 Parki-r. Allen. 484 Parkei-. Delbert. 60, 61, 1.59 Parker. Edythe, 188 Parker. I. George. 75. 100. 101 Parker. Herdenia G.. 159. 293 Parker. Ivan. 75 Parker, Jacqueline. 114. 159. 188. 399. 404. 476 Parker. James. 231 Parker. John J.. 159. 241 Parker. Mari4)n. 109 Parker. Richard. 159. 267. 363. 490 Parker. Thomas. 119. Parki ' -r. William. 463 Parkhurst. Robert. 288 Parkhurst. Walter. 159. 213 Parkins. Dean I.. 1,59 Parkins. William. 159 Parkinson Joseph. 89 Parks. Billle. 293 Parks. Thayne. 1.59. 465 Parks. Theron. 53. 15!l. 281. 480 Parnell. M.-ryl. 284. 188 Parr. Christine. 196 Parr. Kenneth. 480 Parson. Hariy. 62 Parsons. Theran Duane. 101 Parthemer. Louise. 280 Parthemer. Rus.sell. 227. 305, 368. 370. 372. 376 Partlow. Mary. 203 Pasco. Charles. 225. 326 Pasche. Raymond. 82. 470 Pass. Bertram. Ronald 101 Pastell. John. 112. 113 Patch. Eleanor. 187 Palon. Richard R.. 1,5!). 257 Patrick. Adrian. 100 Patterson. Elizabeth. 485 Patterson. Joe, 363 Patterson, Oria, 96 Patterson. Richard, 2.S9 192 Patton. Lee G.. 159. 217. 387. 390. 469 Patton. Robert. 257 Patty, Dale. 227 Paul. Roger. 215 Paull. P.. 46 Paull. Patricia. 279 Paulsen. David Frederick. Jr.. 101 P ' Ulsen. Thomas. 1.59. 271 Paulson. Helmer. 466 Paulson. Owen. 78. 161 Paulus. Sally. 186 Pavia. Guido. 101 P-iyette L.. 204. 466 Payne. Donald. 161. 235 Payne. Duane. .56. 161. 211 Payne. Roland. 2,52 Peak. Duane. 93. 94 Pearl. Luetta. 188 Pearce. Barbara. 107 Pearce. Greta L.. 161. 185. 203 Pearce. Lawrence. 469 Pe-irce. Pamela R.. 161. 201. 390 Pearse. Robert. 75 Pearson. Carili ' . 61 Pearson. Carloe. 488 Pearson. Carol. 284 Pearson. Carole. 161. 478 Pearson. Conrad, 231 Pearson. Dolores. 275. 419 Pearson. E. Dolores. 279 Pearson. Eleanor. 85 Pear.son. Eugene O.. 161 Pearson. Gene. 288. 391 Peai-son, James. 231 Pearson. John. 49. 74. 161. 291 Pearson, Larry, 161, 267 arson. Roger. 102 us. Frank D.. 210 Pease. Frank. 249. 161 ath. Jean M.. 119 ck. JoAiini ' . 83. 199 Pedersi ' M, John, 61, 21j2 ' .dersi ' n, Gordon, 99, 100 ' .(l.r.sen. Wislev. 2.59 ' .ders.n. William. .56. 64 G.irdon, 49 Pedt-rsiin, James. 225 PedersciM, John R.. 161 Peder.sun. Roger. 264 Pedirson. Ronald. 241 P.d.rsen. William C. 161 P.-dlar. John. 239 P.-.k. Dimald. 243. 361 P.ek. Douglas. 243. 329 P.-.k. Robert, 243, 368 P.-irc.-, Larry. 217 Pelto. Gail. 65 Harold. 100 Ruth Tucker. 98. 161 Pelt.m. Ruth. 201 Pelz. Freda, 62, 107 Pembr.ike, John M., 161. 219 P.nce. Mark. 247 Pi-iui ' . Thomas. 231 Pi.ninKt.m, Ruth. ,52. 109 Penn. Homer J.. 161. 273 Penning. John. 112 Pennock. Ray. 65 Penny. Daniel. 82, William. 271 Peplii... Bittv. 195 Peppi ' i-, Frances, 281 P.-ialta, Fied, 161, 300 Perkins, Don, 249, 471 Perkins, Jean, 281 Perkins, Richard. 82. 247 Perkins. Robert C. 161 Perkins. R. L.. 94 Pi ' rko. Margaret. 100. 105. 466. 477 I ' . ' rk... H.. 466 Perrin. U.ibirl. 466 Perrson. Leon. 251 Perry. Dallis. 100. 161. 208. 249 Perry. David M.. 161 Perry, Glenn. " 8. 161. 239 Perry. Lorun. 305. 343 P.Miy. Peter. 259 Periy. Richard. 480 Perry. Ronald. 49. 74. 161 Personlus. Gordon. 261 Pesnecke ' r. David. 252. 471 Pesznecker. Wallace J.. 161. 265 Pi-t. ' l. Marvin, 253. 408 Peters. Glenn. 302 Charles. 66. 99 Ray. 392 Cliff. 473 Dale. 251 Daniel. 288 Dick. 378 Donald. 63. 103. 161, 300. Erik. 56. 65 Eugene. 74. James. 76. 209. 268. 390 Janine. 105. Jerry. 351 John. 261 Ken. 423 Lee. 482 Marjorie. 287 Mil... 83. 161. Mollv. 191 P.. 466 Pulmu. 483 Priscilla. 195 Phyllis. 487 Raymond. 227. Robert. 78. 269. .329 Riilmrd. 219 Shirley. 423 Walt. 102. 110. Peter.son. William. 231. 261. 309 Pethley. Lowell. 233 Peyton. Grant. 2.55 Petite. E. Dale. 119. 4S4 Petranoff. Gl..rla. 191 Pelrey. Jerry. 217 Petrlch. Louis... 204 Petrle. David M.. 76. 161 Petlersen. Richard. 161. 219 P. ' ttlbone. Carol. 51. 100. Ill Petty. Charl... . 82 Pettygiov... R. N.. 301 Pharmaiv. College of. 80 Phelan. Audrey. 192 Ph.lan. n. N.. 94. 95 Phelan. Don. 2.13 Petersen. Petersen. Peterson. Peterson. Peterson. Peterson. Peterson. 74. 100. 468 Peteison. Peterson. 113 Petei-son. Peterson. 469 Peterson. Pet ' rson. 309 Peter.son. 110. 161. Peterson. 197 Peterson. Peterson. Peterson. Peterson. Peters..n. Peterson. 265 Peterson. Peterson. Peterson. Peterson. Peterson. Peterson. 229. 392 Pi ' ti-rson. 101. 243. Peter.son. Peterson. Peterson. 516 Phelps. Howard. 225 Phelps. Marilou. la Phelps. N.. 466 Phelps. Wendell. 484 Phi Beta Kappa. 109 Phi Chi Delta. 485 Phi Delta Theta. 240 Phi Gamma Delta. 242. Philbrick. Warren. 72 Phillips. Edwina. 280 Phillips. Harry. 388. 474 Phillips. Keith, 465 Phillips. Lila. 161. 279. 311. 317 Phillips. Lorraine. 284. 478 Phillips. Patricia. 482 Philosophy. Dept. of. 42 Philpott. Donna. 204 Phi Kappa Psi. 244. 245 Phi Kappa Sigma. 246 Phi Kappa Tau. 235 Phi Mu. 201 Phipps. Alice. 280. 399, 471 Phipps. Sue. 280. 471 Phipps. William, 216 Phi Sigma Kappa, 248 Phi Sigma Sigma, 202 Photographers, 415 Phoutrides, Aristides, 49. 74. 112. 113. 161 Phrateres. 481. 483 Physical Education, 47 Physics. Dept. of. 42 Pi Alpha Sigma. 52 Pi Beta Phi. 203 Pick. Donald. 277. 289 Pickard. Judy. 197. 314 Pickett. Ned. 259 Pickrell. Bob, 48. 53, 409 Piderit, Amelia, 276, 284, 470 Pierce, Albert, 231 Pierce. Bobbette. 161. Pierce. Eugene. 382. 386 Pierce, Frederick. 259 Pierce, George, 263 Pierce, James, 221 Pierce, L, F., 93 Pierce, Richard, 161 Pierce, Sally, 161, 191 Pierce, Shirley, 194. 442 Piere. George. 210 Pierson, Cheryl, 194 Pierson, Donald, 259 Pierson. Frank, 269, 407. 353 Pier.son. Gordv. 267 Pifer. Drury A.. 71 Pigott. Douglas. 161. Pigott. Joyce B.. 161 Pigott, George. 49. 74. 89. 90. 161. 239 Pigott. Theiline. 200 Piha. Jacob. 214 Pi Kappa Alpha. 251 Pi Kappa Phi. 252 Pilafian. John. 161. 300 Pi Lambda Theta. 107 Pinckney. Clay. 291 Pincus. Melvin. 81. 161. 253 Pinkerton. John B.. 161 Pinter. Henry. 96. 161 Piper. John. 110. 208. 217 391 Piper. Katherine. 186 Pi Sigma Lambda. 53 Pitcher. Pat. 281 Pitcher. Tom. 100. 101. 112 Pitzen. Ruth. 85. 205, Plant, Marilyn, 188 Plaskett, Jack W,, 161, 465 Piatt, Joseph, 259 Piatt, Virginia, 109 Plimier, D, T., 93 Pliska, William, 89, 96, 161 Plumb, Betsy, 191 Plumer, Mary, 186 Plummer, Ralph, 233 Plunkett, William R., 161, 229 Pocoek, George, 318 Pocock, Stan. 319. 325 Pohlman. Molly. 281. Pohlman, Richard, 484 Poitras, Nancy, 189 Pold. William. 66 Policar. Susan. 100. Ill Political Science, Dept. of. 42 Polk. William H.. 161 Poll. David J., 161, 209, 214 Poll, Harold, 214 Poll, Harry, 361 Pollard, Ray, 76, 161 Pollitz, Gerd, 54, 161, 486 Pollock, John, 210, 235 Poison, Robert, 225 Pond, Janet, 190, 400 Poole, H, Gordon, 112 Poole, Jane. 195, 478 Poole, Sherry, 482 Poolton. Martha. 51. 106, 107. 114. 161. 193. 399 Poor. Quince T.. 161 Pope, Lester, 53, 100, 101 Porosky, M. H,, 94, 245 Porter, Bonny, 83, 185, 206 Porter. Boyd. 75 Porter. Diane. 119. 279, 485 Porter, Ira, 464 Porter, Robert, 484 Portner, Barbara, 190 Portteus, Paul. 53 Poska, Barbara. 203 Posner. Jerome. 83. 214 Pospisil. Robert. 480 Post. Wallace. 288 Postma. John. 94. 95 Potgeiser. Wilma. 471 Potts. Drusilla. 459. 471 Potts. Ruah. 471 Potter. Jessica. 161 Potter. Lee, 65 Poulson, Eric. 231 Pound. Carey. 94. 227 Powell, Clara Ann, 280 Powell, Ann, 276 Powell, Bert, 265 312, 317 Powell, David, 78 Powell, Corrine, 279. 312 317 Powell. Jacquie. 189. 390 Powell. Thomas, 60, 61, 161 Power, James, 82, 100, 101 Power, Robert R,, 161 Power, Walter R,, 161, 302 Powers, Bonnie, 287 Powers, Dean Francis, 109 Powers, Elizabeth, 283 Powers, Francis F., 84 Powers, Frank, 480 Powers, Leland E., 33, 86 Powers, Margaret, 106, 114, 161, 194 Powers. Marnie, 125, 390, 398, 399 Prasch, Rita, 52, 4C8 Prather, Sam, 112, 113, 161, 247 Pratt, Deloris, 471 Pratt, Paul, 74 Pratt, Sanders, 161, 255 Pratt, Vernon, 103, 161, Pratt, William D., 161. 229 Paruse, Lyle, 252 Prechek, John, 63, 108, 161, 236, 237, 305, 347 Pregent, Beverly, 189 Pii-ntir.-, Nancy, 203 Pr.-ntice. Howard. 243 Preseott. Jaquelin. 279. 465 Preseott. Loren. 243. 366 President ' s Medalist. 98 Pressey. Edith. 482 Pressev. Freda. 482 Pressler, Margaret. 283 Preston, Jeanne. 190 Pre.ston. Howard H.. 59 Preston, Hugh. 332 Prestridge. Sally. 161, 185, 199, 436 Prichard, Kenneth, 99, 100 Prichard, Shirley. 205. Pratt, Wyloha. 192 Price, A. I.. 75. 161. Price. Carolyn, 204 Price. Ernest Lee, 210 Price, Jack, 388 Price, John, 255 Price, Katie, 115, 177, 197, 379, 393, 398, 399. 417 Price. Lee. 257 Price. Pat. 463 Price. Polly Pat. 200. 418 Primocich. Frank. 66 Prince. Richard D.. 161. Prince. Stanford D.. 161. 236. 237. 309 Pringle. J. Arthur. 32 Prindle. James, 112 Prindle. Virgil. 51. 161 Pritchard. Barbara. 198 Pritchard. G. G.. 95 Pritchard. Graham. 255 Pritchard. Judy. 314, 317 Pritchett. John. 82 Pritchard. Shirley. 85 Procter, John, 90, 2.55, 422 Proctor, Doris, 83, 279 Proctor, Joan. 204. 401 Proctor. Patricia. 106. 114. 129. 161. 197. 314 Proi-tor. Teriy. 197 Program Panel Committee. 393 Prominents (Sopho- mor.-). 179 Propellor Club. 63 Pldi)het. Jeny, 269 Pi ' outv, Raymond. 77 Proveni ' h.-r. R. E., 65 Provencher, Ron, 61 Pruter, Alonzo, 99, 100 Pryce, Douglas, 289 Psychology, Dept. of, 43 Psi Upsilon, 2.54 Publications. 405 Puckett. David. 245 Pufferl. Lawrence. 161. 486 Pugh. C, L,, 93 Pugel, James, 78, 113, 161, 269, 480 Pugmire, Harold, 110, 231 Pugmire, Tracy, 82, 231 Pulsiter, Duane, 82 Punnett, John M,. 161, 273 Puro, Le Rov, 245 Purple Shield, 110 Putman, Nadine, 181, 203 Putman, Robert, 247 Putnam, Douglas, 305, 308, 322 Putnam, R. D., 75 Putnam, Ruth M.. 161, Pye, Nelson R., 231 Pyle, Philip, 161 Pyle, Stoddard, 76, 161 Quackenbu. ' sh, Darlene, 206 Qualheim, B, J., 75. 101. 113 Quesnell, Lowell F. , 161 Quevli, Dagniar, 197, 404 Quick, John, 245 Quickstad, Robert, 48, 53. 110, 213, 409, 413, 446 Quigg, Elizabeth, 193 Quigley, Rosemary, 200 Quinby, Oraman, 470, 484, 485 Quinlivan, Michael, 255, 309 Quinn, Georgia, 99. 100 Quinn, James, 241, 351 Quinn, Patricia. 185, 190 Quinn, Phyllis R,. 119, 279 Quinn. Richard. 243. 364 Quintus, Bernice, 281 Raabe, LaVerne, 2.57, 480 Raaum. Gustav, 61, 1C8, 161. 261. 305. 358. 359 Raber. Barbara, 423 Rabideau, Phil, 469 Raby, Bruce, 99, ICO, 210. 269 Radabaugh. Jack. 480 Radeke, Richard, 110, 229 Rader, LaVerne, 471, 484, 485 Rader, Melvin, 109 Radford, Loren, 89, 90, 100, 112, 161, 163 Radio. 43. 460. 461 Radovich. Mary Jo. 161. 163. 193 Radwick. Robert. 227 Ratferty. Don. 471 Ragsdale. Robert. 255 Rahskopf. Dr. Horace G.. 44 Rainier Hall, 301 Raisler. Gordon. 257 Raley. Jim. 362 Rallis, Dean G,, 161, 163, 269 Rally Committee, 310 Ralph, Jesse Clyde. 101 Ralston. Charles. 113 Rama. Leighton, 101, 112 Ramage, Walter, 261 Ramaker, Nancy. 56. 114. 161, 163, 194. 310. 399 Ramberg. J. C. 92. 161. 163. 261 Ramey. Frank. 82 Ramey. Gwen. 189 Ramming. Raymond P.. 161. 163 Ramsay. Czarina. 280 Ramsey. Charlotte. 186 Ramsey. Martin. 229 517 Architect ' s Sketch of Medical-Dental Building. General Contractor for which is the J. C Boespflug Construction Co. 807 SECURITIES BUILDING SEATTLE 1, WASHINGTON Ramsey. W. G.. 75 Ramstad. Kennoth. 161. 163 Rana, Sudhir. 486 Ranck. Gloria. 54 Randall. Barbara Coen. 161. 163 Randall. Charles. 211 Randall. Heaton. 233 Randall. William S.. 161. 163. 233 Randolph. P. L 95. 289 Ranig. David. 262 Rank. Bob. 466 Ranken. J. A.. 95 237 Rankin. Patricia. 161. 163. 186 Ranson. Gloria. 279 Raphalowitz. Arthur. 214 Raport. Timmie. 1. 56. 115. 177. 185. 188. 387. 391. 399. 401. 416, 417. 458. 491 Rapp. Marvin F.. 161. 163 Rapp. Quentin. 269. 464 Rasmus.sen. Gail. 184. 192 Rasp. Bob. 217 Ratchford. Jacqueline. 284. 313. 488 Ratchford. Janet. 55 Ratcllff. Chuck. 211 Ratdifre. Arthur. 229 Rathhone. Patricia Jean. 101 Ratllffe. Paul 219 Ratti. Dean. 75. 113 Ratti. Richard. 65 Rattray Helen. 85 Raum. Gus. 36. ' Rave. Richard. 83. 161. 163 Raver. Lois. 284. 442. 465. 478. 488 Raver. Ruthella. 161. 163. 193 Rawliiig.s. John 331 RawlinHon. Donald. 61. 161. 163. 219 RawHon. Richard. 465 Ray. Burke F.. 65. 161, 163 Ray. Dixy, 109 Ray. LaVerne. 99 Ray, Verne F., 67. 100 Ral. Wllllum H.. 53, 161. 163. 225 Raymond, George F., 161, 163, 239 Raymond, Howard. 222 Raymond. Reginald. 245 Raymond. Robert C. 161. 163. 239 Rays. Katie. 105 Razen. Jean. 480 Read. Allen. 479 Read. George. 161. 163 Read William M.. 32. 109 ' Reading, Rodney M., Reams. Julia. 203 Reaville, Eric. 112 Reavis. W. Earl, 62. 65. 161. 163 Rechenthaller. Thomas. 469 Reekie. Ella Grace. 314 Recreational Council, 311 Rector. Shirley. 203 Redfleld. Bartlett. 231 Redman. Robert R. 161. 163. 243 Reebs. Frederick W., 161. 163. 237 Reed. Bob. 249 Reed. Ili-rbert. 75 Re,-d. Nancy. 207. 279 Reed. Ronald. 61 Peed. Walter. 464 Rieder. Ardene. 114. 120. 121. 161, 163. 198. 387. 447 Reeder. Billii- Ann. 483 Reeder. Carolyn, 99. 100. 161. 163. 198 Reekii-. Elagrace. 85. 206 Reeves. Margaret. 161. 163, 207 Reeves, Richard. 99. 100. 484 Reeves. Robert. 466 Rei-ves. Scott. 54 Reeves. William, 263 Reff. Dan. 466 Regal. Laurenci ' Davis. 101 Regan. Robert, 221. 305. 307. 353. 390 Rehm, Thomas. 291 Rehn. Al. 360 Rehn. Bruce L.. 92, 108, 163. 256. 341. 342 Rehn. Glenn. 78. 163 Reich. Mollle, 482 Relchardt, Jack H., 163, 273 Relchman, Marcla. 186 Reick. Charlotte. 292 Reid. Charles. 237 Reid. Dick. 271 Reid. William. 241. 332 Reid. Virginia. 194 Reifel. Betty, 200 Reiff. Bill. 473 Reightley. Donald R.. 73 Reilley. Carol. 100. 111. 386. 447. 487 Reindel. Grace L.. 101. 119. 478. 483. 488 Reinelt. Herbert. 99. 100. 102. 110. 219. 335. 337. 486 Reinelt. Jane. 293 Reinelt. Jeane A., 163. 478 Reinhardt. Donald. 163 Reis. Stanley. 78. 89, 163. 273 Reither. Shirley. 287 Remaly. Judith. 203 Remlinger. Peggy. 471 Remmert. Ted. 391 Rendall. Doris. 100 Rennord. Mark. 163 Renshaw. H. Byron. 237. 309 Renz. Ray. 241. 329 Replogle. John. 61. 99. 100, 103 Repp, Velma, 280 Rerucha, Marjorie. 163 Resner. Barbara. 277. 283 Reswick. Gerl 195 Rettkowske. Y ' landa, Reensky. Sid. 476 Revitl. Paul J.. 466 Rex. Charles. 263 Reynolds. Arthur-. 163 Reyniilds, Dean. 77 Reynolds. Judy. 447. 487 Reynolds. Richard. 288 Reynolds, Sewall, 305 Reynolds. Virgil. 51 Rezabek. Marie. 480 Rhea. Frank W.. 90 Rhind, Marcla, 189 RhoChl. Ill Rhodis. Barbara. 191 Rhodes. Richard C. 163. 233 Rhodes. Robert. 163 RIback. Frances, 202 Richard, William. 229. 267. 337 Richards, Dolores, 478, 488 Richards, Eugene, 227, 464 Richards. John. 74. 211 Richards. Lowell. 466 Richards. Malcolm. 213 Richards. Ramona. 163. Richards. Ray. 301 Richards. Richard E., 163 Richards, Robert. 61 Richardson. Chauncey. 470 Richardson. David 81. 82. 96. 111. 163. 219 Richardson. Joyce. 206 Richardson. Paula M.. 163 Richdale. Barbara 79 Richey. Charles. 82 Richey. Jim. 391. 468 Richey, Robert. 76. 163. 308 Richkoff. D. R.. 90 Richmond. Harold. 163. 291 Richner. George. 243 Richstad. Robert. 163. Richter. George. 81. 277. 302. 392 Richler, Waller, L ' 57 Ricker W;,ll, I 11L ' RicU.M l:..i.,.,i isi Rick. 11 I ihi, i;. " " ,. ii;:i Rlckev. ( ' hall, .s, _ ' . ' ,l Ridd.ll. Gordon D.. 163 RIdder. Robert, 101. 110. 277. 288, 392 Ridell. Gordon. 265 Ridgeway. David. 267 Ridgeway, Marilyn, 193. 401 Ridgeway. Robert. 271 RIdgway, Hugh. 261 Rii ' ck. Charlotte. 85. 293 Rieke. Luvern Victor. 101 ' . Raymond. 163. 252. 463 Arden, 269, 390 Rifle Club, 312 Rlgby. Roger L., 81, 163 RIggs. Floyd, 231 Rlggs, Shirley, 194 Rigsby, Jack, 326 Riley. John. 255. 331. 480 Riley. Richard J.. 163. 24 it Riley. Robert. 78. 113. 163. 301 Riley. Roger R . 163 Riley. William R.. 89. 163. 213. 243 Rimando. Rosa. 480 Rimliiiger. Gaston, 99. 100. 486 Rinearson, Peter, 423. 488 Ringman. Diane. 105. 206, 479 Ringstad, Wesley, 65 Ringstrom. Adelle, 163. 471 Ringwald. Gloria. 483 Ripley. Herbert S.. 86 Risegari. Eilene. 109 Rising. L. W.. Ill Rising. Richard. 261. 308 Risl.y. Mabel. 53. 101 Ristiii... William. 163. 241 Riswold. Paul. 291. 309. 479 Ritchford, Jackie. 478 Ritchie. Patricia L.. 163. 192 Ritchie, Vic. 468 Ritter. Marcla, 483 Riva. Santo. 308 Rivt. John. 50 Kiv.-nliiirgh. Viola. 109 Unkiii, N..rmaii. 274 Ki km. Shiilev. 202 H...d.i. Ola. 474 Robhiiis. Clarence. 255 K..libins. Jo Ann. 199, 480 R..bbins, K. C. 75 Robbleo, Lois, 163, 186, 466 Roberg, Belly Ann. 279 Roberson. Frank. 56. 65 R.iberts. Charles. 234 Roberts. Frank. 291 R..lierts. Haydn C... 163 Roberts. Haydn C, R..berls. Hefene. 1 87 R.iberts. Joyc R..berls. Kntherlnp, 195 R.dierts, Ken, 267. 308 R.di.rls. KIkl. 317 Roberts. Lee. 217 R.iberls. Norninn. 112 U..berlson. Clarence, 163, 243. 351 Robertson. Howard F., 48. 163, 233 Robertson, Patricia. 316. 477 Robinson. Beverly. 114. 163. 192. 399. 403. 447 Robinson. Bill. 108, 274. R.)bins on, Buddy, 274 Robinson, Carleton. 273. 301. 480 Robinson, Charles. 219 Robinson. Clyde. 48. 104. 382, 386, 388, 491 Robinson, David Kay, 101 Robinson. Doug. 336. 337 Robinson. John Franklin. 101 Robinson, Richard. 229 Robinson, Shirley. 192. 402 Robinson, William, 163. Roblson. George. 263 Robson. John. 163 Robson. Shirley Lou. 313 Rochester. LeRoy. 163 Rochlitz. Imre, 99, 100, 103. 109. 274 Rock. Emery. 480 Rockey. Dale, 227 Rockey. Frederick. 163. 227 Roddy. Thomas Rooh. 101 Rodman. Robert. 101. Rodwell. Bonny, 163. 297 Roe. A. G. O., 92 Roe, Anita, 111. 187, 479. 487 Roe, Charlotte, 163, 2K1. 312 Roe, Edward. 261. 269. 309 Roe. Philip. 163 Roeberg. Wilhird. 479 Roelike. Louis. 267. 326. 396 Roeder. Harvey. 480 Roetclsoender. John. 82. 163. 301 Rofcre. 289 Rogell, Joe, 253 Roger. Lyie. 76 Rogers. Basil B.. 77. 163 Rogers. Beverly. 483 Rogers. Clair Ann. 163. 184. 185. 195. 392 Rogers. Cletu. 279 Rogers, Dexter, 468 Rogers, Frederick K., 293 518 Rogers, Jackie. 279, 312 Rogers, James, 241 Rogers, Mary Lee. 119, 207, 280 Rogers, Phillip. 247 Rogers. Robert. 253 Rognan. John. 221. 268. 371 Rogowvy. Pert. 274 Rogoway, Jack, 83, 274 Rogoway, Ned A,, 92, 163, 274 Rogstad, Barbara, 186, 446 Rogstad, Betty Ann, 163, 186 Rojas, Patricia, 423 Rolfe, John, 163. 243, 366 Roller, Julius, 109 RoUow, John, 56, 113, 165. 221 Roloff, Joyce, 100, 101 Rolstad, Donald, 56, 165, 471 Roman, Herschel, 109 Romansko, David, 463 Roscoe, Charles, 82 Rose, Alfreda V . 165 Rose, Bert E., Jr.. 304 Rose, Bryan. 378 Rose. Jack. 221 Rose. John. 247 Rosen. Joyce. 202 Rosenblatt. Paul G.. 165. 259 Rosenfield. Joanne. 188 Rosenkranz. Richard Carl. 165, 465 Rosenthal. Rov, 274 Rosenzweig. Jim. 100, 108. 110. 305. 348 Ross. Bill. 80 Ross. Greg. 459 Ross. Merl. 262 Ross Patricia 204 Rossi. Alex. 338 Rossi. Albert. 227 Rostrom R. W.. 95 ROTC. 88 Roth. Clifford 49. 73 Roth. L iRoe. 197 Rothenhuhler. Jack. 76. 113 165 sro Rothens, Paul. 217 Rothnip. James. 259 329 Rothwell. Gordon. 413 Rotter. Catherine .50 Rouse. Patricia 195. 315 Rousso Lous. 214 Routt. Lloyd 471 Rowan. Jovce. 197 Rowhersr. Willard 2S8 Rowbotham. Dean. 465. 468 Rowe George 99 103 Rowe. Lois, 51, 65 107. 482 Rowe Phvllis, 189 Rowe. Willinm 101 Rowel 1 Lee, 289 Rowland. Marv. 189 Rowland Virginia 50 Rowlee Robert K-.. 233 Rowlev Ei ' en. 3i] Rowntreo. Jpnn ' ° T , 16 Row«e. Dennis J . 119 219 Rowse. Robert. 112 Rovce Gerald 291 Rovs. Koitb 95 S " ? 3 ' 5 Royse Chprl== 300 471 Rozell. C. J , 93 Ruhantino rinn. 361 Ruben. Al. 274 Rubens, Richard, 253 476 Ruhicam, Denise, 200. 440 Rubicam. Nicholas 261 Rudnick. Frederick. 225 Rudow. Ted. 229 Rue Barbara. 203, 399 403 Rueter. John, 52 Ruee, Bernice 192 410 Rulien Barbara ,51, 107, 119. 279. 481, 483 Rumberger. George. 259 Rummel Richard M.. 165. 255 Rumsey. Wayne. 257 Runciman. Donald. 74 Rundell. Lois. 206. 314. 466 RuDD, G L.. 72. 94. 247. 469. 479 RuDp. Jean. 185. 191 Rupp. Natalie. 109 Russ. Jack. 89 93. 249. 308. 325 Ruissell. Armand. 465. 466 Russell. Austin. 463 Russell. Barbara. 390 481. 482 Russell. Don. 94. 213 365 Russell. Joann. 165. 193. 419 Russell. Myron. 103 Russell. Ralph. 227 Russell. Shirley. 187 Russian Club. 79 Rust, Margaret, 195 Ruth, Chuck. 241 Ruthruff. Wally. 361. 367 Rutlcdge. Ann. 203 Ruttner, James, 259 Ruud. Gloria, 279 Ruvensky. Sid, 210, 211 Ryan. Dick. 351 Ryan. Edward. 100. 101 Ryan. Elaine. 195, 419, 449, 480 Ryan, John L., 165 Ryan. Patricia. 192 Rychard. Barbara, 193 Rygg, June, 165, 277, 279 Saar, Leonard, 53 Saari, Leonard, 408, 413 Saarie, Elen, 279 Sabin, Arnold, 100, 101 Sable, William, 81 Saboe, Don, 99, 100, 233 Sackman, Shirlev, 280, 465, 460 Sackman, Shirley, 100, 105, 165 Sadlier. Patricia, 187 Saeger, Richmond. 291 Saety, Stan, 291 Safely, Dick, 223 Saftle, Dean. 243 Saffel. Walter. 56. 65. 165 Saflev. Dick. 309 Sager. John. 100. 110. 176. 273 Saing. Nanci. 313 Salisbury. Eugene. 101 Salmon. Ina-Marie. 165. 280. 317 Salmon. Peter, 110. 221. 305. 307 Salo. H. Edith. 119. 283. 311. 313 Salsbury. Douglas. 74 Salvino. Noreen. 187 Salzman. Elaine. 466 Sample. Don. 235 Samples. John. 239 Sampson, Barbara, 195 Sampson, Richard L,, 104. 108. 119. 243 Samson. Werner. 100 Samuels. Robert. 49. 74. 165 Samuelson. Byron. 243 Samuelson. William. 264. 463. 460 Sanborn. William. 243 Sandall. Donald B.. 165. 219 Sandall. Raymond F.. 165 Sandall. Sally. 197 Sandberg. Richard. 243. 351 Sandburg. Oscar. 251 Sanders. Donald. 213 Sando. Jack. 76 Sandsmark. Jim. 223 Sandstrom. Wayne. 112 Sandusky. Charles. 75 Sangster. Martin A.. 165 Sankey. H. W., 95 Sankey. Harold. 249 Sankev. Harry. 93, 257 Sandvick. Harry. 65 Sanvidge. Patricia. 297 Sandvig. Roy. 480 Sant, Weldon, 469 Santos. George. 471 Sarantinos, Katherine, 82, 283 ! argent, J. R.. 94 I arras. Euthemios. 165 iasaki. Edwin. 285 Sasaki. Joe. 285 Sato. Frank, 285 Sato. John Hidemitsu, 101 Sato, Robert, 75 Sauerlander, Annemarie, 109 Saul, Barbara, 188 Saunders, Lee, 404 Saunders, Leona, 36, 392 Saunders, Marion, 200 Sauskojus, Ruth Margaret, 295 Savage. J. R.. 224. 305, 349. 363 Savery. William. 42 Savikko. Elmer. 75 S awhill. Rov. 75. 165. 305. 353. 355 Sawyer. Barbara. 85. 165. 293 Sawver. Jim. 48 Sawyer. John. 89. 165. 209. 216. 469 Sayce. Joy. 482 Saylor. Beverly. 484. 485 Sayre. E. Phillip. 165. 247. 3 ' i7 Savre, Marjorie, 105. 199 Saxton, Walter, 112 Scabbard and Blade. 89. 444 Scales, Richard, 247 Scandinavian Lan- guages, Dept. ot. 43 Scarff, J. Bowen. 165, 241 Schacherer, Jean, 281 Schade, Francis, 480 Schaeff. ' r, John, 269 Srhaefcr. Steven. 257 Schaffin.). Robert. 289 Schall. Hedi. 464 Schandle. Malcolm. 65 Schanzenbach. Connie. 185. 189 Schattschneider. Betty. 470. 479 Schear. Barbara, 484, 485 Schear, Sally, 459. 484. 485 Scheibel. Ernest. 479 Scheidecker. Wayne. 213 Schelhase. T.. 56 Schell. Arthur R.. 165 Schelp. Donald. 470 479 Schenck. Carol. 107 Scherer. Bonnie. 480 Scherer. Jack L.. 165. 180 Schemer. Roger. 237. 363 Schemer. Sue, 115, 187, 402, 420 Scheyer, Richard, 267, 351 Schever, Warner, 241 Schlenker, William, 257 Schick, Doris, 281 Schiff, Charles, 237 Schindle, Patsy, 281 Schlenker, William H,, 165 Schlicker, Wilfred, 261, 309 Schloredt, Conrad, 468 Schlosstein Russell, 255 Schmad, Robert, 82, 165 Schman, Bhradde, 281, 482 Schmid, Dr, Calvin F,, 44, 109 Schmidt, Philip C, 165, Schmidt, F. D.. 424 Schmidt. Richard. 73. 78 Schmidt. Robert Henry E.. 101 Schmitten. Dolores, 207. 283 Schneider. Alexander, 448 Schneider, Ed, 73 83 Schneider, John E., 165 Schneider, Harry, 465 Schober, Joan, 196 Schoenman, Richard, 76 Schoennauer. Alfred. 100. 103. 479 Schoening. Peter. 74 Schoenman. Richard L.. 165 Schofield. John. 81. 82 Scholen. Douglas. 237 Scholl. Barbara. 206. 404 Scholl. Jim. 336 Scholl. Earl. 63. 249 Scholl. Warren. 165 Scholle. Bill. 291. 333 Schollmeyer. Jim. 233 Schollmeyer. Margaret. 55 Schollmeyer. Mary. 312 Scholz. William. 60. 1C8. 165. 302 School. Earl. 62 Schools and Colleges. 37 Schroeder. Gordon. 261. 440 Schram. Lloyd W.. 32 Schram. Norma. 49 Schreiner. Theresa. 199 Schreuder. Carol. 194. 310. 403 Schricker. Frank. 247 Schroder. Janet. 191 Schroeder. Charles H.. 165 Schroeder. Lorna. 283 Schroeder, Robert H.. 165. 231 Schrouder. Carol. 399 Schuback. Carol. 188 Schueler. Carrol. 249 Schuler, Anne, 83 Schuler, Elen, 279 Schultz, Barbara, 481, 485 Schultz, Darrel 261 Schultz. Gerald. 245 Schultz. Nancy. 56 Schultz. Norman. 465 Schumacher, Margaret. 484. 485 Schuster. Stanley W.. 165 Schwab. Joanne. 195 Schwab. John A.. 165 Schwabland. John. 231 Schwaegler. Virginia. 442 5i, C S lotions! A GIFT of NYLON for the Graduate or the CORSETS • LINGERIE • HOSIERY 4308 University Way MEIrose03ll SEATTLE PORTRAIT By LYMAN MULHOLLAND Glamour or Personality Portraits of Distinction Nenest Modern Shadorf Lighting FORMAL AND CANDID WEDDING PICTURES AT HOME, STUDIO OR CHURCH MULHOLLAND STUDIOS 4546 Brooklyn 1907 Fourth Ave. ME. 0096 EL. 2828 519 We ' re loaded . . . With Washington Grads — and we ' re proud of it! UNIVERSITY PRINTING COMPANY John H. Raid, Honorary ' 41 Roy G. Rosenthal, ' 24 John Heitznnan, ' 24 Walter J. Reid, ' 39 Ellen Morry, ' 32 Harold Thai, ' 43 Barbara Krohn, ' 47 4133 University Way MEIrose 0075 General Contractors for . . . • Library Addition • New Electrical Engineering " ; Biiildin ; SOUND CONSTRUCTION L ENGINEERING CO. Sralllf, W ' iihliiii(;loii Schwartz. Robert. 480 Schwartzniann. Misicha. .53. -113 Schwary. Joanne. 201 Schwarz. Henry. 51. 16.5 Schweinler. Mari enne. 165 Schweitzer. Lamar. 92. 165. 213 Schweitzer. Marv L.. 165. 392. 481. 483 Schweitzer. Rt.bert Berton. 99. 101 Schwidde. Ernest. 413. 470 Scott. Arthur. 277. 291 Scott. Betty. 107. 165 Scott. Clarence. 76. 165 Scott. Dayle. 471 Scott. Donald G.. 165 Scott, Evelvn. 484. 485 Scott. George. 78, 113. 165. 300 Sc,)tt, James. 76, 99, 101, 112. 113. 165, Petie, 281 Scott, Polly J,, 165, 205 Scott-Meyer. NiKs. 66 Scott. Robert. 265, 436 Scotton, Dean, 262, 309 393, 418, 446 Scribner, Edward. 100. 109 Scuderi. John. 165 Scuitto. Thomas. 113 Scully, Lois, 102 Scully. Su.san. 186 Seaberg. Richard. 165 Seabloom. Robert W.. 75. 165 Seagale. Richard. 237 Seal. Margaret C. 165 Scale. Virginia. 190 Seaman. June. 190 Searles. Foster. 468 Searless. Charleen. 165, 200 Sears, Norma, 105 Seastrom, Helen. 201 Secor. Gordon B.. 165 Secord. Robert. 253. 476 Secoy. Clyde. 165. 229 Sedell. Eugene. 269 Sedell. Rutcher, 49, 74 Seefried, Donald. 262 Seeley, James, 464 Seeley, Richard, 100 Seeley, Stuart, 222 Seelye, Walter B., 86 Seethoff, Norman Kirby, 101 Segersten, Russell H,, 165. 211 Seid. Ruth. Ill Seifert, Richard, 262 Seigley, Geraldine L,, 165, 283 Seiki. Ruth. 477 Seller. Clyde. 233. 351 Seivers, Dorothy, 281 Sekijima, Haruto. 101 Seldon. Ted. 247. 309 Selfridge. John. 112. 465 Selfors. Sherry, 281 Selig. Joy. 51. 190 Sellaud. Harry. 65 Sells. Robert. 66. 165. 264 Selvidge. James N,. 165. 222. 392. 486 Semke. Robert, 65 S. ' niors, 120 Sennett. Mary. 203 Si-rgev. Tatiana. 79. 165 Serka. Marie. 281, 312 Seth, Jack. 108, 2.57, 305, 341 Seth, Marv. 204 Sfto, Arthur. 291, Bob. 285 . " ' Im, Paul. 285 ,s, It. r ri-n. Blis N., 165 111. William H.. 221 . ' i w. II, Martha, 281, 313 S. w. i.. , Dcjrothy, 312 .s. ,-jijiith, Carlee, 279 H. x.son, Donald. 291 Shaw, Susan, 410 Shackey, Marv, 480 Shafer, Dick, 488 Shafer. Paul D,, 165 Shafer, Sue, 198 Shain, Bonnie, 72, 202, 476 Shain, Irving, 112 Sh,il.n, Michael, 76 Shane. Robert A,. 165. 273 . ' li.iiilihind. Donn. 465 . ' li lOKi... Joan. 54 , li.iiim..w, Joan L,. 165 Fr-. 49 Shankland. Di nn, 251 Shannon. Chuck, 241 Shannon, Gerald. 255 Shannon. Margaret. 62 Shannon, Lvl.-, 49 Slinmion, Wlllluni, 255 Shanlz, Abiahain C, 3:i2 Shapiro. Howard. 274. 309 Shapley. Richard. 257 Sharkey, Leo. 48 Sharp. Carol J.. 185. 185. 187 Sharp. Donna. 199. 411 Sharp. DeWayne. 415. Sharp. Frances. 55. 287. Sharp. Marie. 283 Sharpe. Cecil, 48. 165. 211. 408 Shattuck. Mary. 56 Shaub. Sandy. 241 Shaughnessy. Stanley, 480 Shaw. A. L.. 94 Shaw. Margaret. 480 Shaw, Su.san. 192 Shay, Charles. 468 Shdo. 291 Shean. Harold. 469 Sheard. William F.. 165. 241 Shearer. Mary. 293 Shearer. Marv Jo. 165 Shearer, Sue. 280 Shearer. Lorraine. 281 Shearer, Sydney. 283 Shedden. Janet A.. 165. 283 SiM-hafer. Don, 77 Sheet.s, Michael. 237 Shefelman, Harold, 109 Sheldon, Charles, 109, 213. 307. 353. 354. 365 Shellenberger. Joe. 265 Shelley. Mary. 203 Shelton, Gloria. 100. 284. 389. 488 Shemarya. Joshua. 66. 165. 214 Shepard. Dorothy. 165. 458. 481. 482 Shepler. Jack. 102 Shepard. James. 49, 165 Sheppard, Lenore, 167, 204, 423 Sheppard, R, L.. 92 Shepperd, Robert, 241 Sheriff, Robert, 61 Sherman. Ernest. 208. Sherman. Ervin. 111. Sherman. Frances. 478 Sherman. Van. 423 Sherman. Vaughn. 488 Sherry. R. A,. 94. 237, 337 Sherwood. Anne. 311 Sherwood, George Edgar. 101 Sherwood House. 288 Sherwood. Jack. 247 Sherwood. John. 219 Sherwin. Joy. 189 Sherwin, Richard, 51 Shiel, Dorothy L,. 167. 197. 314 Shell, Howaril. 243 Shiel, John, 100 Shideler, Bud, 397 Shideler. Harland. 245 Shield. John. 99, 100 Shields, Diane. 283 Shields, Dick, 233 Shi.-lds. Joan. 283 Shifrin. Franklin. 89. 167, 214 Shigaya, Mabel. 105 Shigley, Vera Mae, 186 Shih, Vincent Yu-chang, Sli 109 Do nthv Slun.i, llril,, 11. 257 Sliio.Nama. Betty K., 167, 297 Shiplett, Keith E.. 167. 271 Shipley. S. Ewing. 62, 167 Shipley. Samuel, 103 Shipman, George, 221 Shobi rg, Gloria, 204 Sh.iemaker, Joyce, 204 Shoenman, Richard, 113 Shofner, Janet, 51, 193 Sholl, John. 261 Shoniz, Lois, 279 Shore, Judv, 202 Shorett, Larry. 229 Short. Jncquelyn. 199. 120. 480 Short. Phylli.M. 187 Shorl. Robert. 112. 245. 351, 337 Shoil, Z.llu, UI2 Shorter, Ruth, 486 Shotwell, Irwin, 221 Shoiidy, Joiinn, 206 Showlioiit Thi ' aire, 452 Slinwsb.M ry. Patsy. 189 Sbilde, JiiilHh, 167. 281 Shubach. Carol. 403 Slunk. C.iidon. Jr . 112 Shuler, Anne. 312 Shultz. Nanrv. 114. 167. 191. 310 Shumate. Barbara. 281 Siddons. Gordon. 484 Siddons. Wilfred J.. 72. Side ' ll, Alvin D.. 102. 167. 274 Sideres. Marguerite. 186 Sidie. Alexander S.. 81. 167 Siedband. Melvin. % Sieler. Mavon. 280 Siemens. Abraham. 291 Siem.-r. H.. 93, 94 Si gel, Bessie, 476 Sigel, Carmen, 202 Sigle. Robert, 264 Sigma Alpha Epsiiun. 256 Sigma Alpha Mu. 253 Sigma Chi. 258 Sigma Delta Chi. 53 Sigma Epsilon Sigma. Ill Sigma Eta Chi. 477 Sigma Kappa. 204 Sigma Nu. 260 Sigma Phi Epsilon, 282 Sigma Pi. 263 Sigma Xi. 112 Silberman. Diane. 202. 476 Sills. Betty J.. 167. 287. 479 Silven. John. 78. 101. 112. 113. 167 Silver. Ester Ernestine. 101 Silver Fishes, 317 Silver. William M.. 167. 274 Silverstein. Lois. 281 Sim. Stephen. 82 Simila. Norma Jean. 197 Siniis. Aldo. 81. 82. 167 Sinimond. Wilfred. 300. 469 Simmons. Henry J.. 167 Simmons, Peter. 81. Ill Simmons, Richard, 267. 307. 355 Simon. Ruth. 408 Simondson. A. M.. 85 Simons. Eva Ruth M., 101 Simonson. Aldalee. 197 Simpler. R. L.. 94 Simpson. Carolyn. 186 Simpson. Lurline. 109 Simoson, Patricia. 111. 192 Simpson. Thomas. 82. 111. 267 Sims. David. 82 Sims. Helen. 196 Sims. Vern F.. 167. 237 Simundson. Marjorie. 167 Sinclair. Donna D,. 167. 191 Sinclair. Ester, 192 Sinclair. Warren. 100. 103 Singer, Howard, 214 Sipe. Robert. 100. 101 Sippel. Janelle. 482 Sirkin. Monro. ' . 49. 112 Sizemore. Janx ' S L., 167 Sjaastad, Suzanne, 477 Skaggs, Judy, 185, 1S7. 471 Skalley. Thomas, 102. 167. 225. 308 Skarperud. Robert E.. 167. 300 Skarsten. Arlin. 53. 100 Skelbreia, Lars. 112 Skelton. Clifford. 96. 267 Skelton. Kenneth. 221. 351 Skelton. Stuart, 267 Skldmore. Clel. 61. 103. 167 Sklndlove. Dave. 187. 219 Skinner. Mncy. 109 Skoglun, Mervln. 113. 167 Skok. Frank. 167 Sk kan. Otio. 100. 101 Skourti ' S. Bill. 223 Slack. Ida Mae. 167 Slad.-. John. 67, 245, 333 Slager, W.. 94 SInte. D. M,. 94 Slate, Joseph, 300. 408. 413. 480 Slat. ' r. John. 231 Slaughter. Bonnie. 483. 4S4. 485 Slauson. Jim. 474 Sletti ' n. Marian, 204 Slledel, Charles. 463 Sllva. Lu Allen. 167. 209. 233 Sloppy, Claude. 480 SlosMon, Harry. 227 Slolnlck. Dave. 253 Slve.mre. Jose. 288 Slyfleld. Belly. 483 520 Slyfield, Richard, 221 Slyter. Louis. 75 Small. Charlotte, 191. 312. 422, 436 Small, Daniel B.. 167. 241 Small, Hollis, 261 Smallwood. Herbert, 112 Smedvig, Egil, 465 Smeltzer, Shirley J., 167. 481. 482 Smets. John. 479 Smiley. Herb. 271 Smith. Aldene. 197 Smith. Ardelyn. 167. 196 Smith, Ardis, 199 Smith, Barbara, 195, 197, 201, 387 Smith, Bai ' bara Joanne, 101 Smith, Bernice. 34. 109 Smith. Bud. 364 Smith. Cal. 261 Smith. Carol. 192 Smith. Clarissa. 197 Smith. D. W.. 94 Smith. David L.. 75, 167. 243 Smith. Donald, 53, 167. 213. 300. 466 Smith. E. Mary. 167 Smith. Ernest. 78. 167. Smith. Faith. 206 Smith. Fran. 402 Smith. George. 77 Smith. Giles. 167 Smith. Gordon H.. 73, 76. 113. 167 Smith. Harlan, 291 Smith, Harold, 167, 233, 261 Smith, Harriette, 107 Smith. Homer, 64, 167. 249 Smith, Howard, 65, 291 Smith. J. G.. 94 Smith, Jackie, 204 Smith, James. 53, 167. 223. 300. 409 Smith. Jane Morrow, 167, 186 Smith, Jerome, 101 Smith, Joan. 199, 204 Smith, John. 74 Smith. Joseph. 167. 265 Smith. Judsnn. 100 Smith. Kenneth. 74 Smith, Lawrence, 243 Smith, Lynn, 281 Smith, Lynwood. 484 Smith. Mackenzie, 102, 110, 213, 306. 308, 326 Smith, Marilyn, 199 Smith. Mary, 190. 286. 399. 403 Smith. Mary Lou, 167. 207 Smith. Monterrey. 191 Smith. Neil. 101 Smith. Patricia J.. 167. 201 Smith. Ramona. 183. 199. 310, 386, 399, 403, 417 Smith, Richard, 63, 65, Smith, Robert, 224. 233. 245. 269. 305. 340. 363 Smith. Robert Keves. 167 Smith. Roy W.. 167. Smith. Shirley. 204 Smith. Sidney, 237, 243 Smith, Thomas E., 167 Smith, Tony, 277 Smith, Van, 354 Smith, Vern, 60. 62. 103. 167. 471 Smith, Vince, 265 Smith, Virginia, 100, 111. 281. 477 Smith, Wayne, 112 Smith, Willard, 77, 167 Smith, William E., 167, 225, 257, 267 Smithwick, Julia, 283 Smutz, Roselyn, 284 Smyth, Philip, 100, 101 Snapp, Bob, 223 Snell, Roy G.. 167, 215 Snider, J. S., 289 Snider, William, 78, 112 113, 167 Snodgrass. Ernest D. . 167 Snow. Gorden. 219 Snure. Clark. 217 Snyder, David, 269 Snyder, Eloise, 99, 100, 111, 478, 488 Snyder, Forrest, 463 Snvder, Lloyd, 81. 167 Snyder. Robert L.. 90 Snyder. Sally. 187 Sobin, Lee, 251 Sobottka, Hugh, 210, 264 Sobottka, Joan. 206 Sociology. Dept. of. 44 Soderburg. Arthur. 74 Softkv. Don-en May. 102 Sokol " . Vileni. 462 Solar. William M.. 167 Solberg. Elna Marie. 466 Soldano. N. J.. 75 Solibakke. Gilberte. 191 Solid. Edwin. 243 Soli. Marjorie. 279 SoUe. Don J.. 167 Solliday. Ethel, 100 Solomon, George Edward, 101 Solomon, Joanne, 188 Solomon, Mervin, 210, 274 Solomon, Paul, 119, 209, 274 Somerville, Gordon, 247 Sommer. Janet E., 167, 187 Somppi, Dolores. 189. 404 Sonner. John. 211 Soper. Leroy. 167. 259 Sophomore Class Officers. 178 Sorbo. Sherwood. 464 Sorenson. Alice, 105 Sorensen, Barbara. 192 400 Sorenson. Cadace. 205 Sorenson. Lois. 207. 283 Sorenson. William. 76. 167 Sorgenfi ' ei. Frances. 196 Soriano. Dominic. 227 Soriano. Louis. 177. 274. 305. 368, 372, 373, 374, 375, 376 Soriano, Max, 104, 327, 329 Sorrel, Frank A., 167 Sorskv, Sally, 188 Soss, Sidell, 102, 274, 464 Soule, Donald Marion, 101 Soule, Elizabeth Sterling, 86, 87, 107 Southerland, John, 277 Southern, T, C, 93 Southwick, Everett. 213 Spafford. Nancy. 191. 312 Fall Carnivals . . . Winter at the Lodge . . . Spring Formals Enjoy graceful living by learning • GAY SAMBA • CUBAN RHUMBA • FOXTROT • SMOOTH SWING MEIrose 6544 4230 University Way Next to " U " Post Office F or twenty-eight years it has been our pleasure to serve our many frientis on the campus with fine quality meats. We invite you to visit our conveniently located shop for U. S. inspectetl, g;rade l meats. 4521 University Way MEIrose 5100 200 I oom; w ' 200 liaths HOTEL . CDlllOnD inEflllY -SEATTLE A Revelation in Up-to-the-Minufe Living Standards MARINE DINING ROOM COFFEE SHOP PRIVATE DIN1N(; ROOMS LIMVERSITV DISTRICT SEATTLE, WASH. Evro Beckel. Mana in Director 521 FOR 35 YEARS . . . Serving U. of W. Graduates FURNITURE if APPLIANCES • CARPETS Featuring Nationally-Advertised Brands Tliat You Know and Recognize GRINNELL McLEAN 4315 University Way MEIrose 5400 A FKIEND OF THK univeksity of washin(;ton SpanKl ' T. Riibcrt, 247, 367 Spanjer. Paul. 82 Spargo. Phyllis. 102. 119. 280 Sparks. Herbert. 302 Sparks. Ranee. 112. 113. 167 Sparks, Sally. 167. 293 Sparlin. Raymond. 167 Sparlinfc ' . Lorraine. 82. 199 Spaulding. Allen, 103 Spaulding. Wallace. 99. 100 Spawn, Douglas W.. 88 Speaker. Ward. 77. 167 Spearman, Austin E,. 167 Speech, Dept, of, 44 S[iee:h A-ssociation. 54 .S| elh,Kin, Riehard. 274 S|ieiu. ' . J. T., 94 Sp.iKe. Robert, 231 .Speiieer, Donna, 186 Spensl.r, Ell.-n, 56. 206 Sperline, Marilyn, 191 Sperling, Loi.s N.. 167, 20S. 470. 47!), 487 Speyer. Paul R.. 167, 274 Spike. Marilvn. 51. 194 Spofforth. Fred. 167, 251 Sports. 303 Spotts. Charlotte. 281, Sprague. Harry. 51. 167 .Sprague. Mary. 192 Sprague, Richard. 257, Sprang, Phillip, 267. 351 Spring. Clifford V.. 167 Spring, Sally, 115, 200, 310, 399, 400, 446, 447 Sprinkle, Richard. 169, 305. 348 Squibb, Earl R.. 169 Squire. Idalice, Marjorie, 101 S lUire, Jolin, 61 Staab, Herb. 271 Slaab. Rodney V,, 169 Stjcev. Robert. 291 S-adicb, Harold, 288 Stadler, Clara, 297 Stair. Dudley. 210. 255 Staley, Bill, 415 Staley, Dean, 99. 100 Etallworth. Leslie J., G ambaugh, Betty. 186, 388 Stanios, Soterios. 169 Stange, Irene Ida. 101 S;angro(.ni. Robert. 237 Stanich. John, 82 Stanley, Alan, 464, 488 Stanley, Edward, 300. 480 Stanley. Roberta, 279. 471 Stanley. Sam. 108. 125. 169. 219. 381. 383. 385. 330 Stanssbury. Lloyd, 464 Stanton, Antoinett 101, 111 Stanton. Lyman. 74. 113 . tanton. Margaret. 311 Stanton, William J,, 62 S ' ark. Gerry, 273 Rtarks. Grant. 257 Starksen. Barbara. 480 Starr. D. I.. 95, 366 Starr, James, 54 Stastny. Charles, 100, 169, 253. 476 Stave. Kenneth Victor, 101 " tave. Marlya, 279 Stave. Norma. 85, 169. 292, 293 Stavig, Darrell, 479 P ' . Clair. Laura P., 490 Stear. Clifton, 423 S earns. Donna. 203 Stearns, Doris. 107. 169, 203 ■ " ebbins. Darrel, 273 SUdham. Virginia, 100, 111. 279 •• " leed, Bill. 335. 337 , ' ; ' ec le. Barbara. iiS. 287 Steele. Bobbie. 317 Slei ' l,.. Clarence. 51 Steele. Johna. 200 Steele. Mary Lou. 169. 201 Steele. Norman. 74 PI.. I.-, IImIi. ii 2.57 Sl.-liti.n, l.ih llle. 205 Stilgnmn, June Clalrf 101 Stein. Ernie. 108. 367 Sli ' ln. G. Ernest. 169 Sleln. G -ge, 247 Sti ' ln. Robert. 101 Sli ' lner, Phyllis, 197 Slelner, Robert A,, ;iO Steiner. Sam. 274 Steinhart. Betty. 316. Steinmelz. Chayne. 252 Sleisel. Mrs. Georgette Glegoire. 43 Stellwagen, Bill. 271 Sleltz. George. 75. 169 Steniwell. Jane F.. 169. 201 Stenberg. Osborn. 102. 169 Stenquist. D. R. 94 Stenquist. Donald. 213. 329 Stensen. Joan L.. 119 Stenshoek. R. L,, 92 Stenshoel, Richard, 243 S enslund. Lois. 478 Slenson. Al. 461 Sten.son. George, 100. 109 Stensrud. Bud. 471 Stensrud. Russell K.. 169. 423 S ' enstrom, Thomas. 219 Slenvang. Sonia. 192 Slenvall. Vivian. 485 Stephen. Paul. 101 Stephens. Bob. 327. 329 Stephens. Dunjid. 99. 229. 101 S ephens. H. L.. 90 Stephens. Jacqu lyn. 169. 280 Stenhensen. William. 466 .Stephenson, Dreda. 160 Steplinger. Marion. 10.- Sterbick. Elizabeth. 48} S criey. Ralph. 169 Sterling, John, 229 Stern, Bruce, 274 Sternberg. Louis E,. 163 Sternberg. Louis. 90. 274 S erne. Richard. 239 Stevens. Arthur W.. 53 St:vens. Betsv. 206 Stevens. David. 227 Stevens. Donald. 215 Stevens. Edwin. 109 Stevens. Esther. 62. 119. 280. 473 Sb ' vens. John. 211. 223. 306. 362. 469 S- evens. John B.. 169 Slovens. Len. 362. 363 S ' evens. Louis. 288 Stevens, Pamela. 206 Stevens. Paul. 291 Stevenson. Betty. 107 Stevenson. D.. 301 Stevenson. Dreda. 198 Stevenson. Frances Patricia. 169. 295 Stevenson. Herbert. 169. 229 Stevenson. John. 231. 309 Stevenson. Pat. 292 Stevenson. Robert. 245 Steward. Peter. 255, 337 Stewart, Alan. 76. 169 Stewart, Bruce 229 Stewart Donald. 239. 368. 372. 373 Pewart. Doris. 102 Stewart. Doug. 3,55 Stewart. Ed. 309 Stewart. Edgar. 237 Stewart. G, Douglas, 221 Stewart, George, 307 Stewart, Havden. 471 Sti.m.sen. Bjorn. 75. 2S6. 291 S ' Ibri-. Loretta. 313. 480 Stickles. Milton J.. Jr., 169 Stidham. Louise. 281 Sliefel. Ernest. 100 101 Stief. Robert. 66 169 Stiles. Edward. 62. 169 Stiles. Vernon. Everett. 101 Still Marvin. 65. 169. 217 Stilts. Bonnie. 280. 3 ' 3 Stimson. Douglas. 169. 225 Stini ' . Howard. 112 Stinette, Bill. 4SS St ingle. Joseph. 239 Stinson. Robert G . 169 Stilham Nadine. 82. 279. 313 Slock. Willi " in. 3)1 Blocker. Alfred. 237 Stoeckerl. Frames. 169. 199. 412. 413 Stoffer. Maurice. 65. 92. 169. 211 Stokes. Robert. 480 Slokke. Norlne. 483 Slolesen. Rolf. 169. 22!) Sloll. Ruth. 82 Stoll. Waller. 219 Slollery. Piilrlcla. 192. 410 Sloms. Paul. 243 364 Stone. Dorolhv. 83. 207. 281) Slone. Francis. Hill, lOS Stone, G. H.. 93 Stone. Larry. 169. 257. 267. 446 Stone. Marie. 200. 400 Stone. Wesley B.. 169 Storms. Sandy. 241 Storosh. Mike. 264 Storrs. Jack R,. 90 Story, Robert. 219. 309 Stover. Charles. 169. 211 Stover. Jo Anne. 85. 191. 478 Stovner. R. N.. 92. 479 Slowe. Barbara, 99, IOj 111, 115, 203, 400. 404 Sirachan. Jackie. 198 Slradley. Donald. 65. 79. 169 Straley. Cecil, 239. 463 Straley. Norma. 193. 442 Straley. Norma Lea. 427 Sirani. Stanton. 300 Strand. Betty. 55. 312 Strand. Gloria. 280 Strand. Howard. 225. 307. 306 Sirandberg. Arthur. 89. 93. 102. 110. 219. 446 Strandberg. Joan. 195 Strandberg. Sonjia. 190 Strandberg. Stephen. 61 Strandin. Ronald. 257 Strangroom, Robert. 307 Strassburger. Rod, 361 Stratton, D, B.. 94 Stralton. Dean. 227 Stray Greeks. 207 Sireater. August LeRov. 101 Street. Hal. 289 Street. Jim. 326 Sireissguth. Karl H.. 169. SOI SIroble. Shirley. 196 Sirohecker. James. 76. 169 Strohecker. Martin, 273 Strojney, Sgt, 312. 360 Strom. Greta. 279 Strom. John. 76. 169 Strome. Don. 75 Strong. Mary Alice. 189 Stroud. Gerrv D.. 169. 203 Stroud. Merland D.. 169. 245 SIroup. Dixon. 473 Strygen. Janice. 204 Siryker. Janet. 196 Slubbins. Barbara. 480 Stubbs. Suzanne. 203 Stuckrath. Lester. 169. 215 Students ' Cooperative Assn. 286 Student Organizations. 389 Student Union BIdg.. Stuhler. George. 267 Sluntz. Daniel. 109 Stuntz. George. 30 Stutzman. Heidi. 482 Styskel. Edward. 300 Slyslinger. .Marian. 480 Su. Kendall I.. 119. 291 Subli ' lt. Georgia. 283 Suder. Norris. 96. 169 Sue. s. Floyd. 61. 64. 169. 300. 390 Suess. Gloria. 204 Sugarman. Al. 54 Sullivan. George. 82 Sullivan. Gloria. 169. 192 Sullivan. James. 257 Sullivan. John. 169. 288 Sullivan. Joseph. 82. 480 Sullivan. Patricia. 192. 402 Sullivan. Ruth. ! 6. 191. 458 Suminerfield. Ed. 73 S3 Summerfield. Richard. 265 Summers. Art. 423. t8S Summers. Leo. 60. 291 Summers. Wanda. 56 Summy. Gene. 257 Sumons. Richard. 75 Sund. Robert. 464 Sundb.Tg. Pauline. 107 Sunde. Arthur. 102 Sunde. Douglas. 2,17. 261 Sumhiuist. Oscar. 78 Sundquisl. Stanley A,. 169. 257 Sundsted. Edilli. 79. 82. 169 Sui.iinsi. k r..u . 75 Sunv i;r. I. bill 51. 19). :);i:i loi;, im i.s5 J..aiine. 202. 388. 476 Sutherland. Camilla. 195 Sutherland. J. A.. 94. 291 Siisuml. Lillian. 485 Suttell, Nell. 169 Suyamii. Kazuo. 285 Suzuki. J., 75. 285 522 Suzuki, Tadasu, 285 Svalastoga. Kaare. 49 Svane. Lawrence. 221, 307 Svenson, Pearl, 187 Swain. Jeanne. 195 Swan. Charlotte. 204 Swanberg. Jacq ' Iine. 186. 404 Swanberg, Joanne. 179. 204 Swanberg. John. 169 Swanes. Marv. 169. 191 Swank. Harold. 239 Swanson. Anne. 206. 435 Swanson, Betty. 83. 483 Swanson. Carol. 466 Swanson. Gordon. 261. 305. 327. 329 Swanson, Janet, 186 Swanson, Kenneth, 289 Swanson, Marilyn, 479 Swanson. Ralph. 255 Swanson, Roy, 219 Swartz, Alice, 287 Swartz, Gloria, 111. 169, 204, 399. 404. 423 Swartz, Howard, 96 Swartz, Joanna, 204 Swartz, Richard, 219 Swartzell, Richard, 466 Swearinger, Ron E,, 169 Swedin, Bert, 221 Swedin, Paul, 337 Swedish Hospital. 292 Swegle, Glen. 169 Swensen, Marilyn. 483 Swenson, Don, 75 Swenson, Robert, 261 Swenson, Steward, 316 Swerdlik, Joan, 202 Swisher, Ellen, 482 Swisher, Ivan. 362. 363 Swetnam, Robert. 94. 262 Swezea. Patricia. 169. 190 Swift. John David. 101. 480 Swift. Stewart. 243 Swift. Wayne. 100 SwimniP. Wayne M.. 169 Swinehart, Ralph Henry, 101 Swoftord, Peter, 215 Sylliaasen, Gordy, 474 Sylliasen. Terry, 50. 56, 206 Sylvester, John, 34 Sylvester, Robert, 383 Symes, George, 264, 471 Symons. Richard, 113 Symons, Tom, 229, 484 Synadelphic, 287 Syverson, Daroth Szambelan. John, 169 169 Tabbott, Wilson, 480 Tabor, Joann, 169, 191 Tada, Norma, 51, 477, 478 Tada, Shigeru, 285 Taft, Wesley, 75 Taggart, Andy, 337 Tait, Robert, 289 Takahashi, Eveline, 82 Takahasi, Irene, 111 Takano, Betty, 162, 292, 295 Takano, James, 99, 100 Takei, Kazuye, 169, 284, 478 Talbot. Donna. 279 Talbot. George. 81. 423. 488 Talbott. Bill. 356. 358. 359 Talbott. James G., 169. Talbott, Wilson S., 169, 243, 305 Tallanti, Jim, 464 Talley, Darold, 221, 305, Tallman, Jo Anne. 186, 312 Tallman, John, 273, 307, Talm ' age, Chuck, 363 Talmo, Donald, 66 Talmox, Donald H,, 169 Tamada, Henry Shiyoso, 101 Tanabe, Bill, 285 Tanaka, Bill, 366 Tanaka, Tom, 74 Tan de Vord, Theodore, 81 Tandy. Donald, 83. 169 Tang. Harry. 486 Tang. Kenneth. 56. 75, 169, 271. 469 Taniguchi. Theodore Tetsuo. 101 Tanner. Bruce, 100, 101 Tanner, John, 245 Tanner, J. W.. 94 Tanner. R. L.. 72 Tanner, Robert, 112 Tanner, William, 96 Tapay, Harold, 112 Tappe, Rita, 192, 392, 480 Tarbill, Barbara, 196, 470, 478 Tartre, Joanne, 53, 100, 105, 106, 111, 114, 169, 203, 383, 398, 399, 404 Tate, Bob, 327, 329 Tate, Harold. 169, 249 Tate, John, 169, 221 Tate, Pat, 363 Tatham. Thomas H., 169, 245 Tatone, Delores, 279 Talsumi, Henry. 392 Tatt, Alice, 202 Tau Kappa Epsilon, 264 Tau Beta Pi, 113 Tau Phi Delta, 265 Taiitfest, Mary, 50, 169. 204 Taylor. Allan. 74 Taylor. Carol. 198 Taylor. Dean. 291 Taylor. Don, 169, 249, Taylor, Dorman, 3C2 Taylor, Edith, 85, 297 Taylor, Edward, 221 Taylor, Eleanor, 51 Taylor, George E., 80, 209. 243, 245, 361, 396 Taylor, George W., 171 Taylor, Jack F., 171 Taylor. James M., 171, 264 Taylor, Jerome. 171 Taylor, Lois, 482 Taylor, Louisa, 112 Taylor, Lucy E.. 171, 203 Taylor, Richard, 222 Taylor, Vance, 53, 388, 409, 413 Taylor, Virginia, 198 Taylor. Winnifred, 54, 481, 483 Teel, Janet, 198 Teigh, Mary, 100, 111 Telletson, S, R., 63 Teller, Sally, 85, 171, 295 Templeton, Fredrick E., 86 Templeton, Mary, 171, 200 Terras, Ida, 171 Specialists in Wedding Photographs 4718 University Way KEnwood 1331 Catering Service for Your Special Occasion at the WILSONIAN BALLROOM Wedding Receptions Conventions Luncheons Banquets Teas We make special efforts to have rooms available during rushing . . . We cooperate with Inter-Fraternity Council WILSONIAN APARTMENT -HOTEL Serving Discriminating Residents and Guests of the Un iversity District for a Quarter-Century 4710 University Way Seattle 5, Washington THIS PIONEER TRUCK ON THE JOB ... MEANS QUALITY CONSTRUCTION When you see the blue Pioneer truck on the job delivering Tru-Mix Concrete, you know long-lasting, quality construction is under way. When you see Tru- Mix Concrete used for foundation and other concrete work you know an architect, contractor and builder who demand first class materials are on the job, PIONEER SAND and GRAVEL CO. 901 Fairview N. • MA 2900 • 910 W. Spokane 523 University CHICKEN PIE the place to eat 4321 University Way EV. 0480 Across from the Bookstore GREEN LAKE BOWL FREE BOWLING CLASSES Wednesday and Saturday CHICAGO ALL-STAR ALLEYS 431 RAVENNA BOUIEVARD SEA KEnwood 4244 Equipment and Reagents for BIOLOCilCAL PHYSICAL CHKMICAL IMKDICAL L li O R T OKIES SCIENTIFIC SUPPLIES CO. Kl.ioi W.W 122 .liKksuii SincI S«:illl«- I Terrel. Margaret E.. 33 Terrialt. George. 73 Terrill, Kalherine. 191 Tesreau. Virginia. 204 Tetreau. Kenneth. 288. 464 Teutsch. John. 221 Tews. Joan. 171. 206 Tianen. Walter. 465 Tibbot. Brian. 237 Tiedi ' mann. Hank. 219, 305. 340 Tiffany. Patricia. 190 Tjepkema. Audrey. 295 Tilden. Doris. 205 Tillman. Russ. 233 Timmin.s. Emily, 281 Timberlake. Waym-. 94. 110. 221, 422 Timbers, Richard, 289 Tindall, Richard. 265 Tingcy, Fn-d, 112 Tinkey, Marilyn. 100 Tipke, Mary, 418 Tissell, John, 473 Titterington, Bob. 466 Titus. John Warren. 101 Titus. Leon. 241 Tilus, Paul, 241 Thackslon. Dale. 247, 367 Thay.-r, Ralph, 109 Theater and the Arts, 449 Tliees, Marilyn, 191 Theil, Shirley, 111 Theis, Tom, 241 Theisen, Sue, 189 Thelin, Gordon, 102 Tlieriault, R. R,, 95, 111 Therriault, George W., 75, 113, 171 Therrien, John P,, 171, 243, 325 Theta Chi, 266, 267 Theta Delta Chi, 268 Theta Sigma Phi, 54 Theta Upsilon, 205 Theta Xi, 270 Thiel, Shirley, KJO Thies, Joanne. 171 Thies. Marilyn. 198 Thim.sen. Calvin. 98. 100. 109, 112, 171 Thomas. Albert. 52 Thomas. Betty. 478 Thomas. Betty Jane. 478 Thomas, Beverly, 199 Thomas, David, 261 Thomas. Don. 54 Thomas. Frank. 62. 171 Thomas. Lionel. 49. 73. 74. 171 Thomas. Nancy. 54. 190, 413 Thomas. Nancy C 171 Thomas. Nancy Jo. 408. 488 Thomas. Owen. 484 Thomas. Roy, 247 Thomason, Dale, 243, 368, 376 Thomesen, Gene 79, 137 rtz. F. M., 94 Thcmlirison, John. 243 ThumpsuTi, Alice M., 194 Th..niiisnn. Bervl, .%. 171 Th..mps..n, Carolee, 171 Thompson, Charles. 101, no. 257. 327 Thomp. ' Jon. Claire. 200, 317 Thompson. Darlene. 62 Thompson. David. 109 Thompson. Delores. 312 Tluilnpson. Donald. 51, 171, 261. 300| son. Dorothy. 55, 2X . 312. 315 Tlinmp.siin. Elizabeth. 186. 443 Thompson. Fred. 75. 171. 252 Thompson. Glen. 96. 392 Thomp.son. Glenn. 65. 89. 119. 171. 468. 471 Th..nipson, Jan, 204 TliMropsen, James, 60. Ii;i, liBi. 103 Tlioiiip. ..n, Janette, 281. 313. 177 Tle.Mipson, Jean, 478, 488 Thompson, John, 53, 171. 2, ' ' i7, 291, 409, 484 Tl ipsoii, Judy, 171. L ' nii, 117 Tli.iriipson, L. ' n. 231, 309 Tl ipsoii, Lucille, 34 Tlinriipson, Mark, 257. 37S TlioiMpson. Mariana. 171. 203 Thompson. Mary Ann. Tl ' iomp.min. Hohert. 243 Thompson. Ronald. 261 Thompson. Ted. 307. 355 Thompson. Thomiis G.. 44 Thompson, Vcrn, 171 Thomp.son. Vivij.ii. lill Thompson. Wilda. 109 Thompson. William. 65. 171 Thomsen. Ralph. 100 Thomson. Claire. 171 Thomson. Dorothy. 286 Thomson. Gerald. 81. 82. 171 Thomson. Henry. 267 Thomson. Kalherine. 190 Thomson. Stewart. 119. 213 Thon, William, 101 Thopson, John, 213 Thor, Richard, 231 Thorenson. Buz, 329 Thoreson. Donald, 110. 257. 309. 397 Thoreson. Laverne. 257 Thorgaard. Flora. 281 Thorkleson. Martha. 470. 479 Thorlakson. Delores Anne. 101 Thorn. Ralph. 392 Thornburg. Charles. 171 Thornhill. Don. 307 Thornton. Lenore. ICO. 101 Thornton. Portia, 182, Thornton, Ralph, 211 Thorp, Frank, 391, 486 Thorp, John, 171, 211 Thorpe, Franklin K,. 171, 222 Thorpe, Muriel, 115, 203 Thorpe, Pete, 219 Thorsen, Evelyn, 471 Thomson, Sig, 217 Thorsten, Carl, 101 Thrailkill, William, 245 Thrasher, Joan, 194. 393. 399. 402 Throop. Warren. 239 Thulean. Donald M.. 171. 423. 466. 488 Thun. Dorothy, 279 Thunem, B. R., 75 Thurlow, Gary, 79 Thurston, Marilyn, 478 Thwing, James, 78, 89, 92, 94, 273, 308 Toastmasters, 56 Tobias, Robert, 219, 274 309 Tobiason, Walt, 108, 171, 219, 309, 393 Tobin, Gordon, 274 Tobin, Lila, 188 Todd, Nanette, 194 Todd. Zook. 171. 219 Todhunter. Richard. 62. 171 Todola. Alpo. 75 Toepel. William. 255 Toevs. Don. 423. 488 ToUenaar. Janet. 171. 201. 470 Tolles. Willard. 171. 291 Tomchik. Jo.seph. 259. 351 Tomczuk. Bud. 367 Tomita. Robert. 61 Toniita. Satoshi. 103 Tomlinson. John. 180. Tomsek. Bud. 247 Tonder. Paul. Ill Toner. Ethelyn. 31 Tonkin. James. 96. 219 Tonkin. George. 63. 251 Tonkin. Ronald. 274 Tootcher. Joel. 308 Toomey. Rosemary. 480 Toothaker. Joel. 171, 213, 306 Top, Barbara, 171. 206. 466. 479 Torenson. Gladys. 171, 199 Torger.son. Fred. 77. 78, 171. 300. 469 Torkelson. J anet. 171. 191 Torney. Jack. 352. 353, 355 Torney. Joanne. 194. 317. 403 Torney. John. 221. 307 Tormiulst. Kenneth. 484 Torrance. William. 171. 240 Torrence. Gerald. 72. 112 Totem Club. 114 Toulouse. Dorothy. 482 Towers. Lucille. 194 Towle. Marjorle. 171. 199 Towne. Arthur. 247 Towner. William. 471 Townsend. Ivan. 171. 291 Townsend. Janet. 283 Trade. Gordon, 316 Tracy. Joan. 99. 101. 107 Tracy. John. 74. 267. 363 Traiy. Ray. 267 Trai ' K-er. I ' hyllis. 171. 283 Traflon. Herl. S9. 90 Trafton. Gerald B.. 171.265 Tranel. Joanne. 194 Trask. Gerald G.. 95. 210 Traub. Helen A.. 171. 193 Travis. Ivan. 304 Traynor. Joseph. 480 Treadwell. Joann, 199, 386, 404, 420 Treber, Gerald, 269 Trecarten, Jim, 342 Treffinger, Enid, 53, 171 Treibel, Wallace, 61. 100. 103. 171 Treick. Bonny. 287 Treiger. Ray. 48. 214 Tremaine. Jerry. 235 Tremblay. Judy. 190 Tremblay, Richard, 92, 171, 261 Trenholm, Anne, 200. 317 Trevethen. Maxine. 62. 316 Trexler. Jo Anne. 197 Trezesniowski. George. 300 Trier. Tom. 468 Tripp. Jim. 301 Trosper. Mary Sue. 65. 171. 199. 480 Trosk. Jerry. 265 Trowbridge. Richard 291 Truax. Don. 223 True. Earl. 62. 291 Trueblood. Anne. 479 Trueblood. Janet. 106. 114. 171. 184. 185. 191 Truesdell. Galen. 74 Trullinger. Jacq ' lne. 194. 386 Tsao. Daniel. 112 Tschudin. Mary. 87. 107 T.suchiya. Jack. 82 Tsukui. Robert. 99. 100 Tsutsumoto. Ben. 285 Tubbs. Robert R.. 171. 259. 363 Tucker. Beverly M.. 171. 287 Tucker. Len. 328. 365 Tucker. Louis. 257. 305. 327 329 Tucker. Phyllis. 51. 115. 404. 440, 483, 487 Tucker, William, 241 Tuffinger, Enid, 107 Tufts, LaRene, 171, 277, Tufts, Paul, 466 Tuggle, Halcombe, 469 Tuggle, Virginia, 52, 171, 204 Tullis, Ernie, 331 Tuohy, Pete, 233. 309 Tupper. Howard. 101 Turman. Ralph. 488 Turnbow. Donald. 211 Turnbull. Bonnie. 190 Turncock. Dorothy. 486 Turnell. Robert. 171 Turner. Carol. 185. 195. 301 Turner. Donald. 222 Turner. E. C. 263 Turner. Edward L.. 86 Turner. Jack. 463 Turner. Jay. 112 Turner. Jim. 208. 233. 363. 387 Turner. John. 364 Turner. Mildred. 102 Turner. William. 480 Turnure. Rolfe. 259. 308 Turpie. Hugh. 94. 225. 329 Turrell. Wiley. 367 Turtledove. Alice. 283. 487 Tuson. Andy. 335. 337 Tuthlll. Patricia. 194 Tuttle. Clark. 52 Twedt. Homer. 171. 288 Tvler. Elizabeth. 279 Tyler. Shirley. 203 Tyler. Vernon. 389. 468 Tyree. A. K. 93 u I ' chida. Richard. 285. 473 llddenberg. Patricia M.. 171 Udell. Joyce. 73, 74. 102. 458 Uehllng. Edwin A.. 112 Uery. Lloyd. 74 IThlig. Glen. 76. 78. 171 Uhzoa. Ed. 364 I ' iele. Barbnrn. S99 lUbrlck.son. Al. 34. 319, 324 IMbrlckson, Alvln, 109, 110. 213 IMloa. Edward. 171. 217 I ' lnisled. Louis. 213 I ' nbewust. Ann L.. 21KI I ' nderkofler. Donald H.. 171 I ' niversily Hiiul. 4ti-i 524 University Syniphdiiy Orchestra. 466 University of Washington Bookstore, 302 Unosaura. Mariona. 478 Upson. Ora, 287 Urata. Robert. 288 Urbach. Lawrence. 171. 274 Urdahl. Carl. 271 Urner. John, 79, 100. 468, 486 Ushijima, May, 286, 473 Utterbach, Clinton L., 42 Uyeda, Luana, 82. 279. 477 Uziel. Manual, 66 Vail, Curtis, 41, 389 Valaer, MaryEllen, 206 Valeda, 477 Valentine, Delbert, 480 Valley, Margarei, 295 Vammen, Floyd, 229. 307 VanArsdol, Donald, 239 Vance, David, 291 VanCleve, William, 74 Vanderhoof, Rodney, 231 Vander OudermuUen, Joan, 50 Vanderspek, John. 73 227 Vanderwilt. Joanna. 190 Van de Vord. Theodore, 81, 82 Van de Watering, Lee R., 171. 257 Van Dyke, Barbara J.. 119 Van Dyke. Kay. 198 Van Gries. Marilou. 206. 474 Van Horn. Bill. 468 Van Horn. Robert B.. 69 Van Houtee. Henry. 61 Van Krevelen, Keith O., 101 VanLaningham, Glen. 110. 213. 337 VanLeeuven. Margaret. 207, 279, 484 VanLossow, Janet, 400 Vann, Gerald, 257 Van Natter, William. 56. 119, 459. 468 Vannet, David, 171, 302 Vannice. Darrell, 233 Vannice. Leslie, 171, 264 Vannice, Lester, 209 Vannice, Luther, 78, 112 Van Ornum, Ruth, 478. 488 VanOrsdel. Kenneth. 76. 171 Van Soelen. Marilyn. 297 Varey. Shelia. 50 Varney. Bernard. 1C3 Varsity Basketball. 368 Varsity Boat Club, 3C8 Varsity Boxing, 361 Varsity Crew, 318 Varsity Hall, 302 Varsity Handball, 361 Varsity Rifle Team, 360 Varsity Swimming, 352 Varsity Volley Ball, 360 Varty, Darrel, 291 Vaughn, John, 101 Vaughn. Lowell, 289 Vaughn, Wade, 52 Vaughn, Warren. 217 Veatch. Helen. 100. 101 Vedder. Gene. 300. 480 Vehrs, Jack. 261 Veitschegger, Rod. 291 Veldee, Roy. 75 Vellbrech. Warren. 61 Venalbes. MoUie 171 195 Vermilion, Milton, 75 Vermilion, Pat, 281 Vermillion, Everette, 76, 101. 112. 113. 171 Veno. Fled. 217 Vernon. Edward. 173 Vernon, Everette, 76 Verrier, Norma, 191 Verreto, M. Dean, 271 Versoi. Richard P.. 173. 209. 222 Verzosa. Tancredo. 288. 480 Vestuto. Louis, 50 Vetter, Beatrice. 279 Veys. Maurice, 63, 173 Virkerv, Doue, 108. 305, 341 Vickery, Michael, 99, ICO Vickner, Edwin, 109 Vidrickson, Nathalie 194 Viele, Barbara, 114, 120 121. 173, 193, 386, 402, 438, 447 Vike, Jeanne. 199 Vike. Joanne, 295 Villesvik, John. 245 Vince, Jim, 53. 409 Vincent. Jerry. 468 Vincent. Muriel. 79. 82. Ill Vinocour, M. S.. 458 Vinton. Janet. 192 Vocational Conference Committee, 397 Voegtlin. Joe, 480 Voelz, Colleen, 279 Vogtlin, Ann. 284. 404. 488 Voinot. Paul. 173. 241 Vollbrecht. Warren. 173 231 Von Cleve, Richard, 46 Von Goertz. Ruth, 206, 314 Von Grossman. P.. 186 VonHarten. Ann. 190 Von Lossow. Janet, 203. 440 Von Tobel. Robert. 76. 173 Vopni, Sylvia, 107 Vorheis, Donna, 51 Vorrath. Rosemarie. 479 Vorwerk, Bill, 245 Vukelich, Lawrence, 56, 459 w Waddell, Herb, 92, 173, 217 Waddington, William, 90, 173, 257, 360 Wade, Lee. 368. 3V2 Wadeson, Mae, 192 Waechter, John H, 241 173, Alan, 239 John, 94, 101. Wagar Waear 307 Wagner, Jack, 82, 173, 111 Wagner. John. 99. 101 Waener. Herbert. 291. 362 Wagner. L. C. 62 Wagner. Robert W.. 173 Waerner. Shirley, 185. 194 Waestaff. Marilyn. 192. 410 Wahlen, Howard. 61, 173. 316 Wshlstrom Nelson. 30. 31. 386. 389 Bud. 241 Waiss. George. 324 iVaite. Malcolm. 360 Waite. Mel. 327 Wakefield. Claude. 241 Wakefield. Margaret. 206 Wakeman. Barbara. 198 Walden. Glen. 269 Waldorf. D. M.. 95 Valdron. Bender. 76 Waldron. Helen. 107 Wpldron. Wilma. 173. 287. 471 Wa ' ford. Alison. 173. 206 Walfors. John. 48 Walker. Alton. 237 Wfilker. Barbara. 105, 465 Walker, Carrol, 484 Walker, Donald, 75 Walker George, 48, 53, 271. 409 Walker Joan. 50. 56. 173. 197 Walker. Lauren. 109 Walker. Louise. 283 Walker. Mickey. 267 Walker. Norman. 2,53 Walker Richard, 110, 209, 229 Walker, Robert. 229 Walker. Ronald. 255. 308 Walker. Vern. 96 Walker. Walter. 360 Wall. Don, 388 Wall. Jan. 55 Wall, Joann, 187 Wall, Robert Edgar, Jr. 101. 112 Wallace, Dune, 217 ■ Vallace, Kathy, 277. 280 Wallace. Richard. 261 Wallen. Bruce. 173. 247 Waller. Marv. 206 Wallerich. Peter. 255 Wallinder. Keith, 56, 65. 173, 235 Walling. C, V., 93 Wallis, Scott. 361 Wallis. William. 259 Walrath. Georgianna. 203 Walsh. Jack. 93. 94 Walsh. Paul. 3 08 Walsh. Shirley, 207 Walson, Alice. 466 Walter. Bruce. 104 Walter. Charles. 209 Walters. Arlvne 471 Walters. John. 173. 243. 364 13. Walters. Margaret. 109 Walther. Dan. 233 Walther. Noel, 96 Walther, Russell, 63, 251 Walton, Eugene. 234 Walton. Joe, 223 Wanamaker, Robert, S3, 210. 222 Wane. Leonard. 54 Wang. Alexander. 112 Wang. Chen-Chang. 289 Wang. Tae Eun. 288 Wange. Joanne. 187 War. Kenneth. 81 Ward. Annette. 203 Ward. Bill. 378 Ward. Bob. 223 Ward, Darrel. 261. 331 Ward. Herbert. 76. 173 Ward. Jack. 368. 373. 374 375 Ward. Kenneth. 82 Ward. Michael. 227. 362 Ward. Patricia, 85, 297 Ward, Ron, 271 Ware, Leonard, 173, 229 Warfield, Bonny, 85, 280 Warn, W. Dale. 173 Warner. Lloyd, 173 Warner, Marv, 100. Ill Warnick. Al. 274 Warnick. James Shuman. 101 Warp. Thomas. 52 Warren. Bill. 474 Warren. Charles. 63. 173. 261 Warren. Frank M., 484 Warren. James 264 Warshaw. Roberta. 202 Wasson. Jean, 63. 173. 287 Wasser. Velma. 100. 101 Watanabe. Masao. 285 Watchie. Marian. 200. 404 Watchie. Rita. 200 Watkins. Joan. 279 Watkins. Lura. 173 Watne. Raymond. 225 Watson. Albert. 173 Watson. Alfred. 63 Watson, Alice, 466 Watson, James, 231, 351 Watson, William. 466 Watters. Charles. 48, 173 Watters, Francis 60 Watts, Ray, 75, 231 Waxman. Robert C. 173 Weatherman, Gordon, 265 Weaver, Annette. 203 Weaver. Charles, 109 Weavor, Donald, 229, 446 Weaver, Donna, 100, 111, 481, 483 Weaver, Edward. 252 Weaver. Michael. Jr.. 173. 255 Weaver, Sue. 200 Webb, Cecil H.. 173. 243 305. 413 Webb. Sanford. 72. 73 78. 79. 89. 96. 113 173 Webb. Verona. 470 Webb. William. 60 Weber, James, 264 Weber, Laurel Ann, 100. 101 Weber. Lorraine. 283 Weber. Marjorie. 392 Weber. Russel. 479 Weber. Wallace. 464 Weberg. Russel. 173. 479 Webert. James. 291. 469 Webster. Frank L., 173 Weed. Aristine. 435. 478 Weeks. Dolores. 53. 106 111. 114. 173. 184. 185. 186. 311 Wegner. Rod. 2,55 Wegener, Stiles, 221 Wehls. Duane. 173 Wehr. Wesley. 300 Weidkemp. Kenneth. 65. 173. 488 Weiger. Donna. 478. 483. 488 Weil. Dorothy. 173. 202 Weingarten. Harrv. Jr 112. 113. 336 Weinmaster. Helen. 482 Weinstein. Sandy. 253 Weir. William R.. 173 Weisberg. Ross. 78. 173 274 Weisblatt. Sandord. 274 Weisman, Craig. 241 337 Weiss, Jacquelyn, 281 Weiss, Lawrence, 78, 119 Welborn, Don, 271 Welborn, Tom, 271 WhIcIi. Dode, 187 Welch. Dodie. 402 Welch. Ralph. 243. 365 Welch. William. 62 NORM ' S FOUNTAIN CAFE for " the best ice cream socfa in fhe world ... or any- where else. " BREAKFAST • LUNCHEON • DINNER 4342 " U " WAY MEIrose 6988 If you want a book, any book, we may have it . . . If not, we ' ll gladly sea rch Open Browsers Evenings ' -1 Welcome Monday- Friday BO MH Anytime Books, old and new, bought and sold Single vo umes or complete libraries 1406 E. 42nd MEIrose 0969 oMargaret Tapping ' s School of the Trance STUDIOS AT 3234 EAST 45th - KEnwood 4843 SEATTLE and EAGLES TEMPLE - BREMERTON Athletic Headquarters for the Pacific Northwest Equipment for All Sports Made by SPALDING MacGREGOR GOLDSMITH A " Home of Official Athletic Equipment " thietic Supply Co. SEneca 1 740 Seattle 1 208 Seneca 525 DINNER JACKETS — While, Blue, Cray TUXEDOS DANCING GOWNS COMPLETE WEDDING APPAKKL For Men and Women 4716 LIMVERSITY WAV Fllmore 4311 Special Kates tn IJ niversily Students Rautman Plumbing Heating Co. p umbing Contractors for the Stadium Additio " c V, See Us for Your Plumbi ig Needs 115 Jackson Street MAin 8088 •k Electronics k Audio Equipment -A Amateur Radio Supplies Pacific Northwest ' s Largest Stock Seattle Radio Supply, Inc. 2117 Second Avenue Seattle 1 SEneca 2345 The choice of FIR TREE OVAL CLUB ASUW Awards Pacific Emblem Mfg. Co. 308 Prefontaine BIdg. Seattle 4 MAin 3541 Wplk.-. Walter C. G2 Well, Doris, 173, 190 Wfllejn, Lawrence, 53, 101 Wellings, Seft in, 100 Wellington, Terry, 189 Wellman, Shirley, 279 Wells, Carl, 225 Wells, Dolores, 186 Wella, Dorothy. 99, 100. Ill, 206 Wells, Dorothy Ann. 51. 99 WelKs. Jack, 75 Wells, Jean, 173, 186 Wells, Jo Rene, 286 Wells, Marjorie. 190 Wells, Marv Jo, 187 Welsh, Chuck, 358 Welter, Phvllis, 287 Wentworth, Lois, 109 Wenzlaff, Nancy, 284 Werfel, M, A., 95 Wern»r, Ken, 217 Werry, Arthur, 74 Werstiuk, Howard, 173. 209, 260 Wertnian, Rosemary, 284. 488 Wertteniberger. J., 195 Westberg. Alfred, 222 Wescott, Charles, 173 Wesley Club, 488 Wesley House, 284 Wessman, Harold E,, 68, 72 West, Barbara, 186 yest, Beatrice, 482 West, George, 237 West, Gerald, 79 West, Jerry. 211 West, Kenneth, 100 West, Robert, 89, 173, West, Theodore Clinton, 101 West, William L., 173 Wetherholt. Robert, 484 Westin, Martha, 64, 173. 279 Westlie. Cherie, 204 Westland, Jack, 34 Westlund, Warren, 108, 137, 173. 243, 305, 308, 322, 364 Westman. Rosemary, 478 Westminister Club, 484 Weston, Daniel. 235 Weston, Don. 235 Weston. Patrick. 480 Weston. Thomas. 53. 100 Wi-stron. Fredrick. 76. 113. 173. 231 Westvik. Dena. 286 Wetzbarger. Elmer Dale. 101 Wetzel. Frank. 53. 173. 246. 406. 407. 469 Wever. Marjory. 392 Wbalen. John. 480 Whalen. Marv. 480 Whalen. Marvanne. 191 Whalen. Mici.ael J,, 173 Wbaley, Paul M.. 173. 257 Wharton. Jolm R.. 173. 480 Wheeler. Andrew. 219 Wh.-.-l.-r. Arthur. 173. 234 Wf ler. Richard. 241 AVh.-.-l.T. Rod. 235 VVbitaker. Ann. 187 Whilaker. Ronald. 245 Whitliack. J. A.. 95 Whitromb. Nancy. 477 White. Charles R.. 119 White, C ' llleen, 200, 429 While. Donald. 223 Whit. ' . Elizabeth. 480 White. Frank Huston. 2,55. 309 White. George. 273 White. Gcraldine. 173. 191 White. Grace. 297 White. Isihel Grai White. L(.well 111 White. Lvnn. 164 While, Peler. 213 3il6 While, Pill. 61. 173. 231 While. Phvllis 173. 297 WhII.-. Hi.h.ud 214 Whil.-, Ku.- .- .il. 239 Whil.-, Hulh. 191 ins, ' im 173 Will Will Till 173 59,-, ' ,cl Harbiira. HIU 114, r, ' l. 173 2(13 312, 381, 383, 392 Wlilli ' bi ' acl S ' lirlev. 4KI Whileley, Hel,-n, 112 William, 99, 1(11 Whil I. .id, I ' oni. ' r, 271 Willi ford, J. Wm., 271 Whithain, Diann. ' , 115, 186, 402, 447, 448 Whiting, E, M,, 75 Whiting, James, 112 Willi man. Cheater. 255 Whitman. Lawrence. 173 Whitman. Marjorie. 186. 404 Whitmore. D. J.. 94 Whitmore. David. 227 Whitmore. Jacquelvn. H2. 470. 483 Whitner. Bruce. 110 227 Whitn.-r. Richard. 252 Whitney. Bob. 382 Whitney, Henrv M,, 173, 254, 120 Whitney, Hugh T,, 173 Whitney, Kenneth, 227 Whitney, Thomas. 245 Whipple. Lawrence J.. 210. 219 Whisnmn. Walter. 63. Whitt. ' john. 222 Whittaker. Valeria. 199. 419 Whittendale. Nona. 187 Whittle.sev. Walter. 109 Whyte. Ronald. 291 Wichnian. Robert A.. 173. 221. 308, 325 Wick, Linda, 206, 314 Wick, Louis, 333, 473 Wickman, Pat, 313 Wirknick, Bettv, 204 Widrig, Richard, 241, Wieland, Carl, 468 Wies?, Mary Lue. 483 Wiethuechter, Donald. 215 Wiggen. Dan. 291 Wiggers. Gloria. 196 Wiggins. Barbara. 195. 403 Wichtman. Floyd, 78, 289 Wikander, Marilyn, 482 Wikstrom, James, 219 Wilburn. R, D., 91, 237 Wilcox, E, R,, 70 Wilcox, Kenneth, 81, 82, 111 Wilcox, Milo I,, 173, 225 Wilcox, Prof,, 73 Wilde, Ted, 235 Wilder, Charles. 273 Wilder. Naida. 192 Wilder. Ronald. 75. 173. 277. 302 i ' ' iley. Donald E.. 173 Wiley. James. 261. 305. 345 Wiley. Joyce. 115. 195. 401 Wiley. S. R,, 95, 229 Wiley, Victoria, 173, 198 Wilkenson, Paul G,. 90 Wilkeson, Shirley, 115, 199, 487 Wilkie, Richard, 109 Wilkin, Bob, 217 Wilkins, James, 82 Wilkinson, Alberta, 191. 419. 473 Birdie. 402 Wilkinson. Charles. 3( 1 Wilkinson. George. 96 Wilkinson, Paul, 473 Wilkinson, Trevor, 305, 337, 390 Wilks, Jerry, 219 Wilkstrom, James, 219 Will, Art, 468 Will, Bob, 321. 322 Willerford, Fred, 289 Willet, Robert, 75 Williams, Ada Lou, 199 Williams, Carle, 269 Williams, Frances Marie, 173 Williams, G. O,. 95 Williams. George. 273 Williams. Grant. 173, 255 Williams, Harvey, 175 Williams, Janet, 199 411 Williams, JoAnn, 471 Williiiiis, Joe, 241 Willi.ims, Margaret, 297 Williams, Nancy C, 197 Willi.ims, Patricia, 21 (1 Williams, R. L,, 93 Wilhaiiis, R. P,, 92 Williams, Richard 261 Williams, Robeit H„ S6, 175, 251 Willi,ims, Roger, 89, 99, 101, 227 Williams. Ross. 89. lOS. 137. 175. 228. 3C5. 356. 358 359 Williamson. Kay. 200 Williamson. Kenneth, 273 Willi.iiiison. T, A,, 95 Williamson, WllUani, 49 WiUiford, Freddy, 179 Willis, Li ' ota. 388 Willis, Lon-n A,. 175, 237 Willis, Shirley, 49, 100, 111. 115, 391, 399, 412, 447 Wllliston, Flank G., 109 Wllllver. Dayton. 60. 61. 65, 175 Wills, Charles. Jr.. 301,473 Wills, Dave, 217 Wills, Shirley, 203 Willson, Edward, 305 Willson, Theodore. 307, 353 Wilson, Arthur, 83 Wilson, Charles. 108. 175. 221. 363 Wilson. Clotilde. 109 Wilson. Dolores. 192 Wilson. Douglas. 259 Wilson. Edward. 54. 213 Wilson. Eugene. 65 Wilson. Howard. 225 Wilson. J. v.. 95. 208 Wilson. Joan. 201 Wilson. John. 468 Wilson. Lewis. 112 Wilson. Lois. 206. 471 Wilson. Lorraine. 281 Wilson. Marcheta. 175. 279 Wilson. Peter. 241. 473 Wilson. Richard. 62. 112. 175. 2.59 Wilson. Robert. 60. 175 Wilson. Ruth M.. 47 Wilson, Sally, 459 Wilson, W, R,, 92 Wilson, Wayne R.. 175, 231 Wilson, William C, E,. 109 Wilson, William E,, 109 Wilson, William R , 109 Wiltsie, Philip, 77, 301 Wiltz, Ruth, 107 Wilwerding, Joan P.. 52, 175, 408 Wimpftheimcr, Alice, 65 Wine, Ben. 36, 471 Wing, William, 169, 474 Wingate, Joan, 195 Winger, R. M., 41, 109 Wingrove, Philip, 291. 469 Winkleman, Don, 470 Winklev, Marian E,. 175. 482 Winsl.iw. Arthur. 1C9 Winter. Dennis. 75 Winter. Einar. 175 Winter. Thomas. 237 Wintermote. Edwin ' 60 Wintermote. Mary. 199 Winters. E.. 75 Winters. Helen 283 Winters. John. 233 Winther. G. A.. 95 Winthers. Grant. 245 Wiper. Sylvia. 185. 192, 410. 420 Wiprud. G, C, 95 Wise, Frances, 85 Wise, Ken. 222 Wi. ' ebhitt, Sandtord, 102 Willi, .k, Lewis, 76, 175 Witham, Dianne, 399 Witt, Temple, 115, 193, 399, 402 Witte, H. Calvert, 175 Wittkrofi, Warren, 480 Wittnieyer, Keith A,. 291 Wiviott. Leonard. ITS. 253 Wizer. Shirley Anne. 201. 418 W Key. 115 WoUI. D.mald R.. 465. 490 Gloria. 466 Wold. Inez. 279 Wolf. August. 65. 175 Wolf. Jeanne. 284. 478. 488 Wolf. Joanne. 52 Wolfe. Betty. 175. 190 Wolfe. Colleen. 204. 316 Wolfe. Joanne. 188 Wolfe. Leonne. 56. 189. 399 404 Wolfe. Marion. 73. 74. 175 Wolfe. William. 83. 274 Wolfe. Virginia. 198. 310 Belly. 188. 387 Wolfstone. Donald. 271. 309. 3!KI Wolfstone. Polly. 482 Wollett. Donald. 386 Wolter. Charl. ' S. 263 Wong. Uiihard. 473 Ray. 361 W..iiiens Physical Eduiation Club, 55 Womens --W " Club, 311 Woo, George. 52 Wood. Chester. 466 Wood. Dave. 110. 264. 309 Wood. D.inald. 277 Wood, Dorothy. 175. 29ri Wood. Gordon. 211 Wood. James B.. 82 Wood. James L.. 81, 82 Wood, James W.. 176 Wood. IjiVonne. 279 Wood, Marianne, 107 526 Wood. Theodore. 255 Wood. Thomas. 83. 257 Woodbury. Mary M.. 194 Woods. Ace. 78. 175 Woods. C. J.. 75 Woods, Donald. 291 Woods. Jack. 74. 175 Woods. Tom, 180 Woods, Verne. 175 Woodard. Lane. 263 Woodard. Len. 65 Woodhouse. George, 76, 175 Woodland, David. 261, 307 Woodward. Carolyn. 466. 482 Woodward. Kay. 479 Woodward, Pat. 479 Woodworth. Bud. 233 Woogerd. Ruth, 107 Woolfolk, Mary Pat. 189 Woolston. Howard, 109 Wo rd, Betty, 193 Workosky, Joanne, 194, 310, 447 Worley. Ross, 221, 329 Worn, Dale, 247 Woron, Jackie, 188 Worthey, L. I.. 459 Wortman. Richard. 99 Worstell. William. 62. 175 Wotten. Willy. 217 Wotton. W. P.. 175 Wren. Bert. 265 Wren. Donald. 291 Wren, Paul, 464 Wren, Warden, 222 Wrench, Nancy, 207 Wriggle, Gordon P., 175 Wright, Alford, 175 Wright, Clare, 175, 187 Wright, Frank, 486 Wright. Howard. 241. 306. 309. 378 Wright. James. 78, 175, 300 Wright, Jean, 206, 480 Wright. Laury. 175. 209, 247 Wright, Leona, 488 Wright, Nancy, 198 Wright, Priscilla, 85 Wright, Richard C, 175 Wright, Robert, 93, 227, 413 Wright, Willard, 75, 76, 175 Wroth, Sally, 193 Wu, Tse-Sun, 112 Wvborney, Harry, 78, l75, 264 Wybourn, Marjory, 107 Wyckott, Karrol, 193 Wylie. Murray. 264 Wynn, Charles, 225 Wynne, Richard, 175, 223 Wynstra. Scott, 264 X Xitco, Zita, 200 Yada. Joe J., 175 Yagi. Fumio, 109 Yamada. Amy. 477, 482 Yamashita, Fumi, 477 Yamada. Harry. 110. 291, 329 Yamamoto, Kiyoo, 119, 285 Yamamoto, Seiichi, 175, 277. 285. 473 Yamane. Tony. 285 Yandle. Ken, 362 Yang, Hsun-Tiao, 77, 112 Yantis, Phil, 54, 175 Yarborough, Alice. ICO. Ill Yasuda. Ted. 119, 285 Yates, Dim, 488 Yee. Pauline. 482 Yett. Keith. 78, 175 YMCA. 486 Yoda. Shuji. 285 York. James. 100. 101. 119. 271 Yorks. Samuel. 99. 100, 101 Yorozu, Arthur. 285 Yorozu. Henry. 285 Yoshinaka. Takiko. 287 Yoshioka, Arthur, 285 Yoshita. Kenyi. 291 Youatt. Don. 222 Young. Alison. 85 Young. Allan. 112 Young. Barbara, 175, Young, Herbert, 75, 112 Young, Holly, 241 Young, Bradley, 175, 219, 408 Young, Dulcie, 99, 100 Young, Elizabeth, 465, 466, 473 Young. Frank. 92. 175. 247 Young. Janet, 175, 204 Young, John. 233. 468 Young. Kealoha, 281, 317, 473 Young, Lois, 281 Young, Lorraine, 423 Young, Patricia, 191. 271 Young. Phyllis. 315 Young. Bob, 108, 175, 233, 247, 305, 321. 322 Young. Richard. 74 Young, William. 291 Youngiove. Margaret. 107. 175 Youngiove, V. Preston, 175 CT Youngman, Edward. 112 Yi.unie. John, 175, 221 Yciurkowski, Louie, 351 Yu, Pao Chuan, 112 Yukawa. Junji. 175 Yukawa. Toshi. 477 Yule. Valerie, 175, 297 Yung, Rose, 477, 482 Yutani, Masako, 175, 477 YWCA. 487 Zaar. Bob. 233 Zabel, Joelle. 482 Zackrison. Ronald. 102. 175 Zamberlin, Jackie, 480 Zanon, Vivian. 281. 316. 477 Zarenba. Joseph. 480 Zarkades. William. 225. 363 Zeiger. Dallas. 94. 471 Zeiger. Tex. 233 Zeiger. William. 484 Zelasko. Ted. 245 Zelensky. Eugene. 264 Zelikovsky, Esther. 202. 390 Zeller. Rudolph. Jr.. 77 Zema. Eugene. 108. 175. Zemke. Harold. 175 Zener. Gail. 111. 115. 177. 195. 399. 436. 447. 480, 487 Zeiger, William, 464 Zepeda, Henry, 480 Zerr, Jack. 289 Zerr. Jerold. 175 Zerr. Pius. 175 Zeta Beta Tau. 274 Zeta Mu Tau. 112 Zeta Phi Eta. 56 Zeta Psi. 272 Zeta Tau Alpha. 206 Zetlin. Emmanuel. 462 Zevenbergen. John. 473 Ziel. Beverly. 280 Zier. Vernon. 61. 103. 175 Zilber. Jake. 36 Zillman. Lawrence. 109. 389 Zimmer. Gregory. 251 Zimmerman. Carole. 198 Zimmerman. Jo Ann. 50 Zimmerman. Mary Lou. 198. 418. 467 Zimmerman. Wynne. 477 Zinke. Diane. 85, 175, Zivi, Marge, 476 Znovenko, Paul, 79. 175 Zoology. Dept. of. 44 Zoretic. Max. 329 Zschack. Warren. 54 Zuanich. Louis. 227 Zuck. Donald. 214 Zuckerman. Herbert. 109 Zuluaga. Jose. 291 Zurek. Bryan. 245. 305. 349 CASE -LITTELL Sell less the FURNITURE for ow-overhead way No. End of University Bridge 1013 E. 40th St. EASTMAN KODAK STORES, Inc. X- Everything Photographic f 1319 P ' ourlh Avenue, Seattle 1, Washington Telephone MAin 9072 (Compliments of the DRESSEL-COLLINS FISH COMPANY Pier 67 Seattle, Washington JOHN PAUL JONES - ARCH 715 HOGE — LEONARD TECTS BUILDING BINDON SEATTLE, WASHINGTON y • Blue Jackets • White Dinner Jackets • Tuxedos • Bridesmaids Gowns • Complete Wedding Ensembles ' TUXEDO SALON 4112 " U " WAY MEIrose 5018 527 ( (T If

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