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jf jfjf - - -¥--¥■ -¥-¥-¥■ ' r m 81 !! Hi i » III i ■iop ' i . -yt i uniuERSiTy OF uinsHinGTon if ■ U 9 niRETEEn FORTy-THREE n x FOREWORD This year Wasliinglon .students have seen their University o int t a liigh-speed program i»i wartime echuation. The tra(h- tional pattern of eollege life has chan || spring quarter more than two thousand Washington men, faculty and stu- dents, had answered the call to arms. Special war courses quickly trained men and women lii f ilj civilian defense and war industry positions. The University opened its doors win- ter quarter to include specialized army and navy training courses, so that the sight of men in military formation march- ing to and from classes has become as familiar as the Chimes tovver or Denny hall. The year has been one of disconcerting change, hasty re- adjustments. The spirit of this yeari, with the scene of events unfolding in kaleidoscopic fashion, has been hard to catch and portray Ijetween the co ers of a bpok. We have tried in this yearbook. Volume XLIV of The Tyee, to present not just another year in the history of our inijve sity. but the storv of a year which typifies he spirit of 4iH?w V ' ashington — a uni- versity pledged to shaVp i and temper rts pcient weapons so that it ma) help to win a ecut ecCenx " THxncfAZct " Padei ct Representing the lastinj; traditions of scliolarshii). the Dean of the (Grad- uate Scliool and professor of English ronnded ont forty-one years at the University . . . years in which he won an enviaMe place in the world of scholarship, especially in the field of P]lizahethan literature. Here was the kindl educator, tiu ' piddic spirited citizen, a man who reniaincti pro res- sive and rich with stimulating suggestion. He has Nrillcn liis er ice in the " tradilioiud " cliaplcr of the I ' niversitys narrati e. TiJecCecUccitc cutcCta a itam 4C ent . Seemaa The first T ni » ' i ilN [)r(ift ' ssor to fjive his life in the ser ice of his eountry. Captain Seenian mifilit well syniholize the IniNersitys ser i(e to the war effort. An associate professor since 1939 in physical and political fieo- gra[)liy. he ser e(l as consultant geographer on the (iolunihia Hasin Sur ey and specialized in Latin-American geography. Coninii sioned as an ad- ministrator the slow-smiling, friendly professor entered llie iiieterological hrancli of the Signal Corp.s. l J9431cfcc ON THE DRILL FIELD.. N THE CLASS ROOM : f, " V. y WE PREPARE FOR WAR %. AND FUTURE PEACE ' T ,. ' €a :: W i m - WE USED TO PARK OUR CARS AT FOOTBALL GAMES .. . NOW WE HAVE GASOLINE RATIONING WE USED TO GO CANOEING OR PLAY BRIDGE NOW WE TAKE COMMANDO TRAINING AND WORK ON WAR ACTIVITIES ■•v ( f ' r mm 1 «■ 1y CONTENTS The University . . 17 II. Campu sLifl in. Atliletics 177 ] . r)r ' i;aiiizationf X 2:«5 ?? •immmmmomtcmimKmKimail I«V;»4 • ?4dm n stration % .- % JHHHP H flHHHIi ■v ' -w.. - TED Sizemorh: -- n the Quarterdeck TO THE TASK OF MAINTAINING THE VAST ADMINISTRATION OF A GREAT UNIVERSITY NEW PROBLEMS HAVE BEEN ADDED. ON THE FOLLOWING PAGES ARE PICTURED MEN AND WOMEN WHO SHOULDER THESE BURDENS . . . WHO CHEERFULLY DOUBLE AND TRIPLE THEIR TASKS SO THAT THEY TOO MAY SHARE IN THE BATTLE FOR A WORLD IN WHICH THE PURSUIT OF LEARNING IS THE RIGHT OF EVERY MAN . . . TO BE ENJOYED IN PEACE AND SECURITY. ;4cUpU(€c4t tatca(t In llii,- cnicial vciir. l ' ' 4.S. I ' oniicr family iiiemlx ' is and slinleiits of the I nivi-rsily of Washiiifiton aro (listin ;iiishiii ; thenis( lvcs on llic fightiuf; fronts of llic woilil. ami on the proihuiion and scientific fronts at home. The war has r(M|nircd many college stndents lo |ii(sl|ion - llic ()in|dcliiin ol llicir education until afti-r victory lias been won. This is rcf;rctlal(lc. Iiiil when i- i-onsidcr tiial what we are fi ;htinf; for is. ainonp other thinjis. the ri ;iit of a free people lo pive their sons and daufililers a college education at institutions of their own clioos- iufi. it will lie periiived that any teni])orary sacrifices made hy the |(reseut collcfie generation will inure to the ultiuialr lienefil of therusilves. llieir youu ' ier hrothers and sisters, and mankind in general. Akiiii k H. La (;i.ik (JoM-ruor of W ashiiigldu M V Df VH Sri i i: r : llavf iii l |i|Mil III n;ili i- llial in a uai-loni umld main ul von arc till licrt-, ciijoyiiifi om- iiT llic |iri ili ;;is laiili ' d you by this ;rcat (Ifiiiorracy of ours — tlic |)ri- vik ' fTL ' ol fioiiiLi Id llir lli{;c ol oiir choice and stu(Iyin j: the snl)jccts of your choice? That privilcfii ' ha- now liccoinc an oI(lif;alion lo fi iht as you have never r )Ui;lit he- fore. our light will ih ' cide if tliose follow ini; you are to have freedom in education. If you fail now, not only will you he lost hut all those who are yet to come will find nothinj; in ,-tore for ihern liiil slavery. So let all your efforts, holh you youuf!; men and you young women, he directed toward inunediate service lo your country. With hest wishes to all of you, I am Sincerely yours, L. P. SiKc; PresidenI I ' UII.IF ' 1). MACHRIDE REGENTS The Board of Regents, which i.s the legally constituted governing hoard of the Uni%ersity. consists of seven memhers who are appointed hy the (Governor hy and with the consent of the state senate. The memhers serve for six years and tlieir terms are staggered so as to axoid a complete change of personnel at any given time. The regents receive no financial compensation whatsoever, contrihuting their time and effort as a pidilic ser ice. PHILIP I). M (:HRII)K: Alti.rney. SiMllIe: Pre i(lenl HnKid of Ref;,nl : (;r;iH- iiale I niver il (it louci. ulurr his f;illicr wai- |)rofe -or jiul presidenl f(ir many iais. Term oxpircs I ' Ut. THOMAS BALMER; AHoiikn. Seallle: University of Washington Law School ItdV: Vice-President and Western Counsel for the Great Northern Railway Com- pany. Term expires 1947. MRS. L. O. ANDER.SON: Chelan; Nebraska Wesleyan 1910: M. A. Iniversity of Washinston l ' )2(i: Ph.D. University of Vi asliinsiton. 1937. Past President Washington Eiliicatioii Association: Cirls " Adviser Wenatchee High School; State Supervisor of Ailull Education: Countv School Superinteiulenl Douglas Countv: Superintendent Wal.rville Pnl.lic Schools. Author: A Child ' s Siorv of Washington. Dog Team Doc- tor. Chief S..attle. Child " - Story of Oregon. Term expires 1916. W IM.OCK W. MILLER: Allorney and real estate invistments, Seattle: Graduate .i|e I ni rsit . " Dean " of I niversity regents having served 22 years and most of thai time as Chairman of thi ' C(Mumittee on Buildings and Grounds. Is also Over- seer of S hilinari Cidlege. Term expires 1947. WERNER A. RUPP: Publisher Aberdeen W. rld; (iradnal,. of ' Whitman College of which he is now serving as Overseer: Has a rei ord of fifteen ears as a regent of the University to his credit. Teriu expires 194.5. LFRED SHEMANSKI: Seattle business man: Vice-President Board of Regents. Co-owner Eastern Outfitting Company. W ill kiiowTi for his civic and philanthropic act ' vities. Term expires 1941. EUGENE A. WHITE: Tacoma: Engineer: (;raduate University of Washington School of Mines I9IIK. Manager Tacoma Smelter of the Aiuerican Smelt- ing ami Refining Comparn. Mendier .I.M.E. and acliveU interested in civic, indus- trial and professional org;niizations in Taiom.i .iiid Norlhwesi. Term expires 1946. TIKtM S im.MER MRS. 1.. (». WDERSON W INLOCK W. MILLER WERNER A. in ri- ALIRED SHEMANSKI EUGENE . W 111 IK HERBERT T. CONDON S.-crelarv of ihe Board ADMINISTRATORS Ht ' iiry Biird . . . ina ;na cuiii laiidt- •rratliialc of Illinois Weslevan. Kav- moiid (i. Da i . . . i()rm ' r Itankinj; man. canic lo I nixersity in 1 936. ir in Hoff . . . was teafher. school superintendent, cattleman before he- coming registrar. Charles May . . . has " closed campns " worries added to regular duties. Charles Wesley Smith . . . head k. |)rr of TiOClMtO hooks . . . Harry E. Smith . . . responsihie for extension work of thousands aroiuid the worltl. RAYMOND C. DAVI- (loniplroller IH IN HOI I Resist rar CHARLE.S WESLEY SMITH Librarian CIIAKIK- M Siiperinlendfiil of Buililinc! and ( niiiiifls HKMn lil HI) Director of the Summer Quarter IIARR ' i E. SMITH Director of Kxlciisioii Service Warliiiic ilutifs liavi- hccii cliccrtully shouldered by iiieiii- i)ers of tJie University ' s admin- istrative staff in spite of in- creased (liffi ' idties in carrying on rcgidar work due to sbortage of help. Difficulties have been overcoiiii- 1 loufier liours. hard- er work. Toil row. Dean Judsoii K. lalkiior. Law; Dean Forest Goodrich. Pliarniac : Dean Edwin R. Guthrie. Grail iiale Sdmol: Dean Kilw.inl II. I.aiier. Arts and Sciences; Dean Edgar A. Loew, Engineering. Bollom ron : Dean Iraneis F. Power-. I ' llueatinii ; Dean Howard II. I ' re-ton. Economies and Business; Dean Mihior Roherls, Mines: Dean Hugo Winkeiiwerder. Forestry. DEANS Dean Falkiior . . . head of law siine 1 . ' U) . . . took B.S. (legree at I . .. thence over.sea! in World ar I. hack to oraduale from I .W. law schooL Dean Kolierts . . . arri e(l in 1901. shortly after jjradiiation from Stanford . . . heen here ever ■ ince . . . head of mine.s more than 10 ears. Dean Powers.. . Phi Hete head of Education . . . studying study hahils of stu- dents is hohhy No. 1 . . . wrote " How to Sludy and Like ll. " Dean Preston . . . hecame dean of K (!v B after teaching in nine colleges and sjiending 16 years at Washington. Dean Winkenwerder . . . Forestry head . . . fellow in American Society of Foresters — highest di liiictioii for |irofe,s ional ser ice in fores- try. Dean Lauer . . . Phi Bete . . . heads College of Arts and Sciences . . . came here in 1934. Dean Loew . . . hecame dean of Engineering in 1936 . . . nation- ally known for work on electric power transmission . . . wrote hook on same. Dean Guthrie ... outstand- ing i) choIogv j)rofessor chosen this year to fill post of dean of (Graduate School left acant hy Dean Padclford ' s death ... a Phi Bete. Dean Goodrich . . . former niemher of Roose elt s " Itrain trust " . . . now head of PharmacN . . . mendter of U. S. I ' harm- acopoeia Society. I ' icHired above: Ueaii of Men Uean Ne» house; al right A-isistaiit Dean of Men Glen Nygieen. Dean Newhoiisc . . . affahle, hanl-workiiif;, f ets re- siills . . . Graihuilcd liom W asliiiij ' ton, laiif lit several years, did i;railiiale work at ( lohiinliia. Bijjf esl liead- aelie of the yt ' ar: aiisweriii;; EK(] questions, clieekiiif; l ' ' ,H(l stantliiige, gettiiif; EK( off lo eaiii]) ... to put it IduMlly — the ERG. Gleii Nygrcen . . . cjuiet — lill you know liini . . . likes jx ' ople. Aeted as adviser lo Inler- fralernity (Council, helped with ERG worries, other Dean of Mens prol)lenis. DEANS OF MEN AND WOMEN Dean of Women May Dunn Ward I right I ... a Uni- versity graduate and army daughter . . . friendly, help- ful . . . spreads her talents wide . . . had distinction of serving on first (Jffieer Selection Board for X AA(L Mary 1. Bash (helow), assistant Dean of Women . . . poised, has keen sense of humor . . . advises Fanhel- letiie and Totem Gluh. SCHOOL HEADS AND rir l «..,,; Kincanl. Kaill. Hulrliiii„,M. ,■ ,wir Hon : W ,.i ,-. i.-r. W I. (:..!.■ (;riflilli, N(.-lr;iri l. IliinI H,.h : Win Horn. Itnik.l. ickn.-r. Cai n.-iil.r. B.-iiMin Tr.-vor Exr,iitl%.- ()fli,.-i l ' liysii)l..}; an. I ..,,l,.f;v Effif I. Rain, l)ii -.tor. School of Home Kioiiomirs Mar (;. Hiil.lii oii. Ks.MiitiM ' Olfi.-.-i ,.ni.„-. IMi -i,al John Worci-li-r. Kx.-. iilivr Olliior. naloniv Carl I ' aiji.- U-oo.l. Uirertor Sdiool of Music Ki-nnclli l ole. Actint; Excculive Officer. Deparlinenl of Political Science l)inlle I), (iriffilh. Executive Officer. Va ll.maril ,,;- o tra .l. E e.uli e Officer. Honiuiiic l-,an{£iia es Hol.erl It. an Horn. Executive Officer. Civil En;:ineerint; llenr ISrakel. E e.nli e Officer. IMnMc. Edwin ickner. Executive Offi Scandinav ian Lan iia;;e Mien I ' . Car|ienlir. Exe,iili e Offi Mathenialic Henry K. Ii.n oii. Executive Officer Clii-nii .|ry. Chemical Encineerint; DEPARTMENT HEADS First ?()«■: Wilcox. Eastwood, .Smilh. Eden. Second Row. Ciinllior. Thomp- son, Orr. K( nn.dy. Hitrlirork. Thirrl Hoir: ail. Sonl.-. Ki sI.t. Bair. T-aais. E. R. Wilcox. Executive Officer, (General Engineerin(i Everett Eastwood, Executive Officer, .Aeronautical, Mechanical Engineering Stevenson .Smith. Executive Officer, Psychology Col. John R. Eden, Executive Officer, Military Science Erna Gunlher. Executive Officer. Anthropology; Director, Museum William F. Thompson. Director, School of Fisheries Frederick Orr, Executive Officer, Speech Fred W. Kennedy. Acting Director. School of Journalism C. l.eo Hitchcock, Executive Officer. Botany Curtis Vail, Executive Officer, Germanic Languages and Literature Elizaheth S. Soule, Director. School of Nursing Education Henry Foster. Executive Officer. Men ' s Physical Education Eric L. Barr. Executive Officer, Naval Science and Tactics Waiter V. Isaacs. Director, School of . rt SCHOOL, DEPARTMENT HEADS First Row: Quuinton. Martin, Weiser, Sleiiier, Huplies. Second Roiv: Wordeii, Witte, Eastman, Goodspeed, Michael. (;. Edrn Qiialnton. Acting Exec. Officer, CU ' un Ilugl hes. Dir. ' clor Austin Eastman. Executive Officer. Hi lory .• , h.M.I , ,1 Electrical Engineering Howard If. Martin, Executive Offiier, Geography Ruth % (,r(l en. Direclor. George E. (Goodspeed. Executive Officer. Ru ell Weiser. Acting Execulivc, Scluiol of I .ihrarianship Geology Bacteriohigy Steiner, Exccuti e Ernest Wit: le. Director. l- ' rancis Michael, Acting Executive Officer. Sociology (Graduate Schoo 1 of Social W . )rk Ear Eastern Not Pictured: Herbert E. Cory, Exec. Officer. I.iheral Arts; (:ilnl. n I llerl.a. k. iliiig Director. Oceanographic Laboratories; Harvey B. Densniore, Exec. Officer. Classical Languagi ' s and biliraturc. Ch.iirniaN. Sludics; E lher K. Harris. Dircilor, Nursery School. JOCK RU»»P ;4 x ccatecC StucCe tt RAY L. ECRMANIN A S U W The year in A. S. I. W. headquarters was hi liliglited hy the re iu;nati n in Decemher of Ray Eekmann as Director of Stiuh ' nt Ac- tivities. Foothali star and cain|iii lca ler in 1919. 1920 and 192 1. later an a sistant f(.ot- hal! coacli and I ni ersity district merchant. Ray Kckniann ha l headed tlie A. S. U. W. orjianization since 19. ' i6. He felt war condi- tion. ' - Ie sened his campus dnties. demanded his return to his I nixersity district husiness. Named acting head of the A.S.U.W. upon his departure Decemher .31 was Nelson ahlstrom, assistant com|itroller of the I ni- ersity. loni time o erseer of A.S.l.X . finan- cial acti ities. To Dean of Men Dean S. New- wa deleirate ! the joh as Actiuf; Direc- tor of Student Affairs, overseeing; some of the non-athletic activities of the A.S.U.W. Doinj: an out.-tandinji joh as Manager of Ath- letics throughout the year after he took over for (iarl Kilgore in Septemher was Roland E. " Bill " Belshaw. Bill Montgomery, one-time student hody President, who had heen ticket manager for several years, came hack from " retirement " to direct the huge ticket joh during foothali season, then returned to his law practice. M R(; RET DONAHUE 1 E R V ' iMER DAYI.E HO (;i, M) MILDRED I ' AI.MER IRENE I.VON OFFICIALS Fred Carlin. long-linic off ire ni;in;i ;( ' r for the A.S.n.W.. left in Septeinlier. just as scliool started, to take a position with a large real estate and mortgage firm. He was suc- ceeded It) A. T. " Addy " Powell. Tragedy of the year was the death in March of Margaret Donahue, popular, efficient Manager of the A.W.S., after an operation and a lengthy illness. She was replaced hy Faye Raynier, who carried on through the Imsy spring con- cert season. Top: Nelson W alil-lnmi. Ainlil.ii. Setimtt Ron: Roluiul E. ■Hill " Hi-IsIkiw. Manager of Allilelio; J. E. McRae. Manager University Book Store; Wendell Brovles, Manager Athletic News Service. Bottom Rotv: Clyde A. Robinson, Man ' ager of Pid)licati .ns : A. T. " Addv " Powell, Office Manager: Norin.ip Hillis, Manager Eiiiplovment Office. STUDENT KIRRY TORRANCE, President Jl NE HELLENTII AL ended n smress- ful year as eorrespondinp and record- irif: MMTelary 1) y niarryinp Navy l.ii ' iilenanl Kn Iare ' ynne. LfiidtT ot a war-time campus. Kirhy was noted for suggestions and jmtting them into effect. His crnsades were for maximimi student participa- tion, joint student faculty administration, and all iini ersity programs. The most photographed man on the campus, the smiling SAE is going into training to heconie a marine corps pilot. DICK PUI.VER, Vice-President, assisted kirliy in all his campaigns and was able chair- man of Elections Committee. LEADERS HOMECOMING The cominittee counted $2600 raised in the Honieeoniin : drive. itli si ' ins ruled out. a war chest taji sale, rally. Greek row open house, movie. fot)thall game, corsage sale, and alum dance and luncheon. Seattle College and Seattle Pacific students were in- vited. Left to Right: Bob Waldo, Mariem Murfin, Mary Helen Birchfield. Merrill Haagen, chairmun. FRESHMAN DAYS This year ' s Freshman Days schedule was revised and hased on voluntary attendance. The need for numerous small social gather- ings hetween registration and the ojiening of school was met, and the educational orientation of freshnu ' ii was turned over to tlie coui])osition department. Rack Rim: irpiiiia McCalliim. Jovi-e Fislihein, Adeline l.inklelter. Friint Ron: Caml Sinilli. chalrnian. 1 Srlirader. ( „ . Row: Bol) Howisey. May Dunn W ;ir,l. Tdyuve Ekrom. Howard L. Nos- lr;iri(l. Ruth M. Wilson. Clyde Robin- Miii. Marnarcl C. Walters. Bruce Brie- Ikimi. Jim 0 erlo(k. Dean Newhouse. Ikiiii Ron: Mary Roberts, Paula Cole, Carol Sniitb. Ruth Si ' tinker. Margaret le and.T. .V,.( RUlur d: Craiil 1. Bul- IitIi.uicIi. (liairnian. STUDENT AFFAIRS BOARD OF STUDENT FINANCE Ruth Weinker, Raymond C. Davis, Nelson A. Wahlstrom, chair- man, Kirby Torrance, Rudolph H. Nottleman, Carl Dakan. Stiiclciil (loiiiicil inojcfts lliis y ' ar iii(lii(lf(l : K " visiii the war- lime social |nof;raiii. hriii iiif; tlic cDiisI iliil ion u|i lo (lair, sporisorinj; |i| !.(:oi|.s. arsilyNi}!;lit, S ra|) (loll. •(■lion. Jim Overlock. Ruth Weinker. W;illy Grav - . Eleanor Comeaiix. Chuck MtOmber, Kutii- leeii O ' Hare. Boh Howisey. McnihiTs: Kirhy Torrance, chair- luaii. June ll.-lh-nlhal. Diik I ' ulv.T. Hnlh Wcinkcr. Kalhlcn (VHar,-. Don Lniuharl, Don Schniiill, Boh Howisey. Karl Klopfenslein, Jim I ' rencli. Dick .Sampson, An Morten- sen. Chuck McOmber, Jim Over- lock, Eleanor Comeaux, Bob Wal- do, and " ftally Graves. STUDENT COUNCIL BOOK STORE BOARD Left to Right: J. E. McRae, chairman, June Hellenthal. Ben Lindsay, Jim Partner, Dean David Thomson, iNelson A. Wahlslrom. Kirli Torrance. Dean Ilerlierl Condon. r BOB WALDO. War Cionliruilci RED CROSS S] iinf; quarter ' s Red Cross Drive totaled S137]. far over the quota, whieh was sent to the national fund. Most of the money eanie from tag sales made hy uniformed LARCS. and hv the ednesday night eleetion danee in the Women ' s gym. The drive was sponsored hy the LARCS. with the assistance of the Bookstore, the Alala- tniili ' . and the rally anil election committees. WAR MANPOWER Ihc W ar Man|Miucr ( ' .ommis ioii sas formed in ordei- to iiicourage students to make the maximum use of their lime nil a twelve-hour liasis. with studies first, war em] lovment second, and war-time campus activities third. A survey con- (hicted hy Manpower Commission nien diers early in the year showed that 49 of the student i)ody are engaged in wartime uork jdus carrying their required studies. lldt k Roil. H.iirii-i I i-ki II N.ii.ilif Dick Duiininclon. Jackie FiflitT. ili.iirnuii. I rout Ron. Aim J.iiicll Bfikpr. irjiinia Mans. Lor- raine Peterson. Killv Rees, Phyllis Prentice. STUDENT FORUMS riic Sluiliiil (MiMrnnicnl Korum . sponsored hy ihe .Student Council, held a i - cck discus- sion forum open to the student hody. I opics were " Student Council— So What? " , " A.S.U.W. Fees — Where do they go? " , " Student Publications, " and " Posl-Vi ar Planning. " Don I r(|uharl was Moilcralor and. with Roger Ryi-. iliiclK icspoii- mIiIc lur lliiir cyccllcncc. 38 APPLE CORPS C()-( !li;iiifiirn Dciiii Maik.a and I ' al Jlo(li;iiis .-end sludents to the orchards to save Eastfiii ashiiijilon ' s apple irop in ()(l )l)er. Dean and I ' at organized an Apple Corps lliat picked over 200,000 boxes in four davs. Pat Hodiiiiis and Ma(ka LARCS i i . Il Hanks in the Ladies " Auxiliary lor Ked Cross Service range from Ensign Tor ten hours service to Admiral for one thousand hours. LAKC S wear uniform of white ] inafore over navy hlouse. Vi ork in hasemeni of Condon Hall consists of sewing, knitting, making sur- gical dressings, and raising funds for th ' Red Cross. Back Row: Harriet Fisken, Lynn Rilil, Kay Goodfellow, Marjorie Finaii. Front Roiv: Jarkie Fisher, (•ommodore, Elizabeth Malhay. POST WAR SCHOLARSHIP The I niversilv Memorial Scholarship Fund is the .nnihined I ' adelford Fund and A.W.S. Chimes Fund, in memorial of Margaret Dona- hue. An editorial hy Vi ally MacKay pro idcd the incentive for Professor Mander to make a lirst contrihution. and for the Student Coun- cil to hack the project. B ' roni twenty-four dol- lars in the first nmnth of its existence late in fall quarter, the fund has grown to five thous- and dollars, which will he used to providi- scholarships for students returning from the war services and other deserving students as the money becomes available. D.Mi L niidiarl (haiiniaii. Wally MacKay, Linden A. Mand.r. (ilen .Nygrcen. I Hack Rou: J;ick Duitcli, Ruth Howell, EI.Min.r Hinj; nml lion liirli Thoiiui!.. Cuiinie Halliday, Charlotte Ann Thompson. Howard L. Nos- trand. Gavin Lawson. CAMPUS DAY Caiuptis Day tradition was revised this year, and two thousand students niaile im- provements on the six hundred acre i ani- pus. ( r ani .ation. planning, and ecpiip- nient were provided liv ( )val !hih. Buck « »•: Wally Snlherland cliairniari. Dirk Sampson. Helen W ins- lo«. Art Kinf!. I ' roni Hon: Riilh HoMell. Lola Mayer, Audrey Kreihin. Rollie Wilson, Jaekie Fisher. W S S F I ' lie S2 ' M) coiitrilMilioii of llii ' I iiiversity ol W ashiiif;toii students lu the World Stu- diiit Si-rviee Fund made them the iar ;est e ntrihlltor on the west coast. A Meek-h)nf; lai; sale preceded a Greek Kow open house, ( ' hief aim of the orjianization is to promote universal interest in learnin;!. to raise money amonj; students for ctintimiinj; llie eihnation of refugee stmlents. American prisoners of war, students in war-torn coun- tries. Kol. It. l. Hint. Ml. ii.In I..iIIm.ii|Ii STUDENT GOVERNMENT l{ecenll orfianized posl-«ar plaiinin;! committee is a research ;;r( iip lo sludv prohli-m.s of student fiovernmcnl on a s ' ien- lific iiasis. Its (dijective is to formulate a prof;ram for post-war cairipus acli itie . concerning n ider re|iresenlation in student affair ' s, more student participation, and more student contr(d of stiidiiil affairs. 7{J vi ;4ctc(Actce ( ii a Tliuisdav altfriioon in ( )(tol)t ' r. oni ' - sixth of Washiii{;toirs student body iTovvdcd into two " college speeials " headed by Dean of Men Dean Newlunise and Professor Merritt E. Benson, and trained across the state to heljt save Eastern Wasiiinfiton ' s unpicked apple crop. The Ap]ile Corps, in cords and slacks, marched into four days of 6:30 a.m. arisings, backaches, sore thumbs, long rows of empty apple boxes and orchard tree-top song sessions. Living with hospitable ranchers. Ap])le Knockers found they couldn ' t get rich on len- cents-a-box wages and shifting 20 foot la lders, but cleared away with gusto mountains of meat and potatoes and farm cooking. Country telephones buzzed at the () p.m. qiiitinp time, and flavs events were swapped in neii;liborin : farmhouses. Saturday niplit everyone migrated in farmers trucks or hitch- hiked into towns for the hi;;; dance. Monday the student-pickers, organized by Dean MacKay and Pat Hodgin, climbed back into trains, leaving behind them a half milliun dollars worth of boxed apples and raves in local papers. The Apple Corps ]»icked over 200,000 boxes in four days, each student aver- aging from 60 to 70 boxes a day. But most important the Corps i)roved that the Iniversity had gone to war — set a prece- dent and established a re] utation for hard work and willing spirits tiiat eastern farmers uili never forget. MRUS [{i infj: to the occasion when BiiihHn ; and (ironntls (hpaitnicnt was down to a maintenance crew of only three men. dry lea e engnifed tlie 60 t acre campus and cru(h mud trails cri cro ed in wild ahandon. T ashinjiton ' s tudent took time out Armistice Day for a " " Campus Cleanup Day. " Ori anized liy the Cla» Officers ( " ouncil. headed h) Don I rtjuhart. 2.(K)() students and 30 faculty niemhers hied them- seKe on campus at 8:30 a.m.. raked leaves into neat piles for haulinu; away, laid and stamped down ( ia llic Con ;a chain route) one and a half mile of traif;ht. cinder i)ath . S indin up cam|)n cleamip CLEANUP toil at 12:30 p.m.. cleaner-uppers started cleaning tools. Late afternoon found all tools hut two shovels safely liack to V. W. greenhouse and U. S. Forest Ser ice owners. Not a new idea. Campus Day origin- ated way hack when, was annual affair until its 1932 death — for reasons not quite clear. Students turned out for Camj»us Day — on so-called Armistice holiday — hetter than for elections, finished day off with free nn)vie in Meany hall, compliments of AWS. Sharing resj)onsihilit with (ilass Officers Council on plan- ning and expediting were Big W Cluh. Oval Cluh. Malamutcs. More th;in 4(10 Universit tii(liMil . iniliiiliii iliniiia majors, singers, niii-ic i:iii- .mil ,i iikii lonk oM-r (lourilnuii i( inrx . " ihkui ' Inr iiKirnin;: and evtMiinf: iifrldrnianci ' s on Navy Day. October 27. Program was divided three ua s: drama, music, marchiiif; exiiiliitioii. . " Students sold bonds, won plaudits for themselves and alma mater. Scrand ling iiiadl ' through pooled Thela foot- . wear for right kind of shoe and right sizes fol- lowing shoe rationing order are Theta ' s (left to right) HIiss Nelson, Bobbie Nelson. Mar- jorie Schenck. Miniature replica? of Chime lower collected students ' pennies to the tune of $700 plus for AW.S-sponsored " Husky Jeep Fund " — later incorporated with Padelford I ' ostW ar Schol- arship fund. Result of liundicd of liidcnl- icgi lcriii uith Share-the-Ridc . ommillce. headcl li Don Schmidt: rides to sclnxd : januned car sup|)lementar gas raliciii? ami tire orders fo -Imlcnl driver-. IN WHICH WE SERVE lins llie campus along wilh spring;, llie anjuial Rod Cross ve, chairnianeJ this year liy Dirk Dunniiij lon and Jackie her, lopped its quota of $1,000 b several hundred dollars, thod: campus tag sales by LARCS. Red Cross service group; iritation of donations by campus groups; admission to Victory ice and election announcements by Red Cross tag only. Typical " twelve-hour war il.i " -Imiiiil Louis iM.inlii. juiiim in journalism, grasps books and lunchbucket firmly, dashes madly from Daily shack and is off to work. Along with hundreds of other U. W. students, March! carries full academic schedule, works on activities, works four hours daily, eight hours Saturdays and Sundays at shipyards. hryn Ivna| p displays «iirk of (iroductiun stration class — given under supervision of eon Kramer of Boeings to prepare stu- cms for practical work in the industry. Six U. W. Minute Maids, attired in trick M.M. uniforms, gleefully aid Movie Star Barbara Stanwyck in downtown bond drive for Second War Loan. 10-day, AVi S-sponsorcd book drive garners more than 1,000 books in strategically placed red. white and blue barrels, for men in serv- ice at home and overseas. COMMANDOS The llni t ' i ily of Washinj?t »ii olislacic coiiix- iiii- liatt ' d last ( )(l(tli» ' r was patteriUHl aflcr llic St. Marys jire-tlifjlit course. The eommando run. loeated east of the paxilioii in frosh field, is 440 yards of fourteen foot walls and fences, hroadjumps. sandpits, hurdles. lofi runs, and rope swinjjs over water. The record runnin ;; of the 16 ohstacle course is 2 minutes. 24 seconds. Once a week the course is run hy all male students enrolled in ])asic activities, the ( om- mando training!; ha in ; heen added as the third hour a week to the F. I . | rojjram. Enthusiastic response to the ohsta 4e run caused it to heconie a part of the intramural sports program. ;4 A( ccatecC amat StucCcHt I ;i( Hodfiin. Exeoiilivo Cliairni; Litis Ransom. Trea. ' -uror (larpiMitcr. St ' crolary AWS CABINET The AWS cabinet is made up of all the AWS committee chairmen and their assistants. Their joh is to carry out the arioiis duties that the AT S has assumed. This year new var acti ities conunittees were added. Activities Shirley Nash Art (Carolyn Luther Chimes Fund Miriam Jacol)s Coed Counselors Katlilren O ' Harc Concerts Jackie Fisher Freshmen . ' tandarfls Bttty Day Lectures Nancy Finkelstein Office Receptionists Helen Winslow Patrons iin Meeker Point System Marion Dore Publicity Virginia Taylor Red Cross Carolyn Clark Scholarship Gloria Whitesel Salvage Jerry Schillreff Scraphook Margaret Morrison Social Retty Batchelder Speakers liuth Wienker Francella Bryant War (]orsaf;cs Marie Carroll War Recreation Margaret Alcxanrlcr ar Slainps Margar.l liip|i.r Movies at Meany Slcphaiiif ( ! (• .Shirl.N N:isli CiirMlvii I.uiIk .Miriuiii JiHobs Cliime I ' liiul Kathleen O ' Hare Coed Counselors Jackie Fislier Concerts Betty Diiy I ' V ' shnien Suuida Helen in,-.lo» Office Recei)tionisl Marian Dore I ' oinl System ir inia Taylor Puldieily Carolyn Clark Red Cross Ruth Adi ' le Hedgerock i.-,-lV,-l,l.iit Sclic,lar liip Jerry S.liillr.-ff SalvMse Miirjjnrel Miirrisci Scraphook Hrli l!.ilcli..|,l,jr S,„ Riilli W i.riker Speaker. l-rancelhi Hr ant Staii(lar ls Marie Carroll ar ( ' or af;es Maigar.l Mexaiider Hecr.-ali.m Marf:ar,.| Ti.pper President Joan Haltmi Ridgway A. W. S. AWS — cciitrr of tlif woiiifiis world was ficanMl to war-time activity uiidfr Ioval)lf. I)rowii eyed " Joaiiv " Hattoii Ridfrway. The loiiiifie eoiilimied to be a ])laee where fresliiiieii flocked to ■■fiet-oii-a-coiiiiiiiltee. " AWS brought a brilliant array of speakers and con- cert artists to the cain| its and a (|iiainted fresiiiiien with " how things are done at the University. " But new connnittees appeared — Red Cross, salvage, war recrea- lion. var corsages, jeep fund. W omen students gathered lor all-coed war assemblies to be introduced to government recruiting programs. And AWS, inider .loan Hiclg ay. chalked up a record mimhcr of coii- li ' iliiil iuir- Id liii- campus war effort. W ar Slanii) Stephanie Coe Movies at Meany SPECIAL WA R RED CROSS Ciirolvii (jlark. Viijiinia Mans. Mary Ann Bishop. Today AW S slanils ont anionj; west coast collt ' iics vit)i its war-slantfd activities as the ( " .hirk Hall h« ' ehivc tnrns ont a hailiwick of busv ' coed workers. hen President Joan Hatton Ridgwav retnrned from the lntercolle jiate Associated Women Students conlercnie In Salt Lake (iitv last summer, she revamped, revilali .ed and founded some six committees. Three thousand women students cnfiafied in the new Washington war effort. Margaret Alexander headed the war recreation com- milte which organized service m« ' n " s dances on campus, in chapter houses, at the downtown servicemi-n ' s cluh. The group provided intermission entertaiiunent and co- operated with pre-flight and meteorology personnel. " Black out Hitler " drives and |)ersonal pledge cards were a part of the war stamp committee wor k. captain« d hv hirgaret Tupper. Stamps were sold on campus on Tuesdays and in organized houses hy comely coeil sales- girls. The Chimes Jeep Fund, guided hy Miriam Jacobs, hi-- came a suh-committee of the University Memorial Fund, anil the mone c dli ' cted originally for the ji-cp was given in the name of Margari t Donahue to the new posl-«ar s holarshi]) collection. WAR STAMPS Margaret Tupper. Hollic W ils. n. Aim Malhieu. Delores Osgood. Helen {{ichardson. WAR RECREATION Front Hon : Belt Holernmnd. Marian Feldman. Margaret Mexander. Bark Hoir : Amic Heaudin. Eleanor Scheece. 52 COMMITTEES IJi ' liinil I 111- (cn - ill tlic I iiiv T.-it Kfd (!r«is work was Mrs. Eric Barr. Condon Hall ' s bastMiii-nl liccaiiic the headquarters for knitters and menders. ( ld elollies drives «ire sponsored and lalei- in llie i ' ar llie I.AHdS were lorined of the fiirls u ho had worked in I hi ' Keii ( lioss roonr-. The ar eorsafie eonunillee eaiiie In the fore when the University ruled oul flowers for danees. Special " fiovern- nient gardenias " heeanie the eorsajje to wear at all-lhii- versity fun ' lions. The committee, under Marie Carroll. took orders and displayed a varielv of samples to cuslom- ers in their third floor Clark Mall office. Piles of silk stockiufis. tin cans. ))erfnnie hollies, coke hottles and every kind of glassware littered the Louiifie ilurin i the myriad of .salvage drives. Barbara ( " oen. i-liair- nian. had charge of coordinating the campus chapter with the Seattle salvage commission. So AWS is no longer just an organization of workers lor campus ocial functions. The tinsel and the glitter has been ])olished off, and the college glamour gal mav not be so useless after all. 7 Mii, SALVAGE Barbara Coen. Kav I ' omerov. Jerrv Schillreff. WAR CORSAGES Front Ron: Marie Carroll. Frances McKechnie. Gloria Fox. Betty Cook. B(trk Ron : Klaine Fisher. Doris Carrington. Harbaia (iandile. Kay Linde. I ' at Iripple. CHIMES JEEP FUND Mariam .lacobs. ( Ihairman. COMMITTEES WORKING ACTIVITIES Marjorie Mclflruni. Shirk-y Nasli. Rollie Wilson. COED COUNSELORS Alarjoiii ' Davis. Kathleen O ' Hare. Cliainiiaii anil Harriet I ii p ART ( arohti i.ullier. (Ihairiiian CONCERTS lackii- I ' i-lnr. (Miairiiian. ati l Killv Hces FRESHMEN STANDARDS r!.ll D;iv. .Icaiinr W Vsterlaml. Kditli TTciriian PATRONS Ann Jaiu ' tt Becker, Chairman LECTURES Nanev Fiiiklentcin. Kav Tall)ot OFFICE RECEPTIONISTS UnUUir lallMil. Dorothy SholL Mrl.ri W ins|„w. Betsv Bloom AWS POINT SYSTEM Marian Dore, Aiiiie Beaudin. Ahirjorie Brazi Mary Ami Bishop. Virfcinia iNlaus PUBLICITY Virsiiiia I ' aNlor ami Vniie Beaiulin SCHOLARSHIP Marie Carroll an.I Gloria Wiiitesol SPEAKERS Alicia Lam- ami Kiilli Vt ioiiker SCRAPBOOK Marf arct Morrison and Jerry Laii AWS STANDARDS Fraiicella l{r aiil ami Jean llarl)aii;:li SOCIAL kav All. ' n. lietlv HaK ' liel.l. ' r. Harliara Jolin l..n MEANV MOVIES Stephanie doe. Marjoric |{ia ier. Su .ariiie Trover, Marv Jane Connor, Gloria Anderson PHI BETA KAPPA J.rlirrl ll.ilirr ' Colli. I ' ishcr Johnson Kells Lin{lsn Phi Bchi K;i|)|)a is iIh ' oldest and most famous scliolastic lion- orary and tlie first (ireek letter society orjjanized. An aca- demic ratinfi of at least 3.; " i is anionji the mend)ershi|) recjnire- m -nts. Its purpose is the encoiira ' j.cmeMt af lilieral scludar- siiip. Prt ' sidenl: A. R. Jerlxrl; Srrn ' lury: Mary K. Haller; Treasurer: Rulli Hale; Fmiilty: Sylvia Anderson, ictoiia Anderson, J. P. Ballantine, Mary Bash, Maude Beat, A. S. Beardsley, R. A. Beaumont, A. R. Benhani, J. Cohen, K. C. Cole, Agnes Colton, Helen Copenhagen, C. M. Cramlel. Belli Curtis, Grace Den- ny, H. B. Densniore. E. M. Draper. E. H. Ehy, Madeline Gilchrist. H. H. Gowen. H. E. Gregory. E. R. Guthrie. Amy . Hall. J. H. Hanley. J. B. Harrison. Mer- cedes Hensley, T. Kincaid. E. H. Eauer, A. N. Eorig. C. C. More, V. A. Mund, E. J. Nelson. H. 1, Noslrand. R. H. Noltelman. Rulh I ' eiinington, F. V. Powers. M. Rader. W. M. Read, H. B. Savery. C. F. .Schniid. Bernice Shorrack. L. P. Sieg. t,ur- line . Sinlll on. M. M. Skinner, H. E. Smith. E. B. Stevens. E. N. Stone. E. C. Stowell. 1,U( ile Stuhhs, David Thomson. Lena L. Tucker, A. M. I Ihrickson. E. J. Vickner, Margaret Walters, E. WagenkTiechl. Marigale O. Watson, C. E. Wea- ver. Mary B. Wenke, Lois J. Wentworlh. W . B. W hilllesey. R. F. Wilkie. Clolilde Wilson. Wm. E. Wilson. Wm. R. Wilson. R. M. Winger, A. M. Winslow. H. B. Woolsloii. Joyce Wright. L. J. Zielnian. Students: Curtis C. Aller. Jr.. Caroline Laura Baetke. Allan Ingvold Benson. Sally Bruie Blackford. John Mirgin Braad- liciil. Catherine Gertrude ( ihh, James Wood Corcoran, Worthie Lefler Doyle. Helen Wright Emmons. Edward Roherl Ester. Sarali Dorolhy Fisher, Lillian La- aughii l ' ' rank. Marjorie Maire Gain. Rolierl Frederick (Coring. Anne Margaret Goodlellou. Martha Ellen ( aham. Eii alMlh Anne Greene. Florence Eileen llaag, Lyman Lee Handy, Irving Leonard Herman. Marjorie Gillmor Hibhard, Mayheth Harris, Myrtice Josephine Hait, Edgar Laurence Howard, Marshall Hul- herl, Marion Hicks Hughs. Cleone Maxine Johnson. Norman John Johnston. Alice Loretla Josl. Elsie Marie Kansala. Margaret F:dilh Kells. Milton Carlisle Kells, Judson Warren Kilpalrick. (;eorge Kumusaka. Dougia- Howard Lawrence. Alexander Leaf. Benjamin ISurket Lindsay. Edith Mre .l.ack Lake. Philip Ma -- I. ride. Doroihea Eli ahelh Miltz. Charles J(dnislon Ne« laiuL. Frances Adelia Owen, John Marshall Peterson, Harold Friese Plank. Nichcdin Jane Plank, Vel- nia Dena Redmond. Maxine Roliinson. (;ilson Henry Rolirhach. Jane Louise Rosshack, Elwin Dwiglit Sterling, Jean Louise Swale. Mary H. Torihara. Ka .uko Umino, Ethel Helen an Liew. Virginia Wilma Vo. ks. William Roherl Wallace. Mary Shanafelt Week . Mvo-hi t amashita, Doroiln iiui. The Society of the Sigma Xi is a National Honorary Society fonnded in 1886 to promote research in pure and applied science. Active membership is therefore earned only by those ulio have demonslralcd the abilit to carrx (Hil orifiinal in- ( ' sli;ialion in some braiicli of x-ience. SIGMA XI - McMinn I ' resiilent: Howard A. ( i)iiil(s; Vice-President: James M. Dille; Secretary: Ar- thur W. Martin; Treasurer: Bryan T. McMinn ; Recorder: Erling J. Ordal; Members: H. K. Benson. W. I.. Beus.hlein, Z. W. Birnl)anni. H. I.. Brakel, R. Q. Brown, A. F. Carpenter, H. A. Coombs, C. R. Corey, J. A. Craig, C. M. Cramlet, E. H. Dahlgren, Joseph Daniels, F. A. Davidson, W. M. Dehn, J. M. Dille, L. R. Donaldson, H. A. Dunlop, August Dvorak. A. V. Eastman, E. O. Eastwood, R. H. ( ' .. Edmonds. E. A. Esper, F. B. F ' arguharson. Louis Fischer, F. F. Fish, T. C. IVye. R. E. Fuller. M. R. Geer. F. J. Goodrich, G. E. Goodspeed, B. L. Grondal, Erna Gunther, E. R. Guthrie. R. C. Hack, D. C. Hall, M. E. Haller. C. W. Harris, M. H. Hatch, G. E. Hawthorn, R. G. Hennes, C. L. Hitchcock. (,. L. Hoard, R. E. Haffstadt, J. W. Hotsoii, R. R. Hunter, M. Jacoh.s, T. S. Jacoh en. Alfred Jensen. A. R. Jerbert, E. .A. Kelly, Trevor Kincaid, F. K. Kirsten. E. C. Lingalelter. J. L. McCarthy, B. T. McMinn. J. H. Mackin, Howard Martin. A. W. Martin. A. L. .Miller, C. C. More, Wells Moulton. H. Mullemeister, L. I. Nickirk. E. R. Norris, E. J. Ordal, J. A. Pask, Elmer Plein, .Sargent Powell, E. I. Rain. . I ' . Ray. G. B. Rigg, L. W. Rising. Milnor Roberts. Rex Robinson, Jennie Rowniree. L. A. San- (lernian, G. S. Schaller, O. H. Schrader, Sergius Sergev, G. R. Shuck. L. P. Sieg, . Siverlz, F. C. Smith, G. S. Smith, Stevenson Smith, P. B. Stewart. C. A. Stor- ick, D. E. Sluntz.Arthur Svihla, H. V. Tartar, A. H. Taub, T. G. Thompson, W. F. Thompson, J. R. Tolmie. R. G. Tuler, S. R. Tymstra, C. L. Utterback, R. B. an Horn, F. M. Warner. C. E. Weaver. E. R. Wiliox. G. S. Wilson. R. E. Wilson. m. R. Wilson.Hugo W iMkciu.rder. A. M. Winslow. Julni W , rcc le . Heber oungken; Associates: . . . nderson, Don Anderson, .Mary C. Armour. I.. D. liarter, Jessie Burdi. Ben Davies, Esther Duchow, Elizabeth Elliot. H. W. Elliott. J. A. Ghormley. R. . Harris. Betty E. Hawthorne, C. J. Hcnniker. B. L. S. lloli- day, F. B. Hurd. Jr.. C. P. Idylk L. H. Jensen, R. E. Jentoft, M. (;. Jolnison. C. K. Juhola. W. E. Kaiuind ,. M. C. Kells. Eloise Kuntz. Earl Larri.-on, Jr.. T. H. I..»is. R. E. l.indbloni. J. . Mclntyre. J. C. Mathies. Virginia May, A. L. Mottet, I.. 1.. .Neir. R. J. Nunner. G. T. i green. R. B. Oliver. F. . Owen. W. G. Peter- -on, Marian Pettibone. R. O. Petrich, Nicloin Plank. II. F. Plank, Evamaria Rieg- ger. Victor Seeberg. C. I). .Shrckels. K. G. Skimicr. R. T. Smith. 1,. M. Stanford. T. E. Stephen-. Tlioni.i. Tli„r-o„. J. B. Trainor. J. J. W ,dcl. I. . , ii-b-r. li.irln jMhol.l Kells OlJNCI BETA GAMMA SIGMA Purpose: Scholastic honorary for K and H students. Highest 10 ' , of tlie seniors and 2 ' , of tlie junior class are eligible for nienihership — mininuini grade requirement is 3.2 — pur- pose is to promote good relationships between business men and graduates from tiie Iv and . Sclnxd. Edwin Sinitli President Melvin Mylaiul lice-Pre idenl JosPi)h H:, ,.ll Secrelniv Ben Lindsay Treasurer I ' rrsKtrnI: Kduiii Siiiilli: I I, e.l ' resiilinc. M,l in M l,; Srnrlnrs: Joseph Ilj ,.ri; rr,;,s„r ' r: lt,-n l,iri(l :i : l.uiill : ,;uy Hurd. C. 1. I!ul Ir, l..ui(;ll. W . E. Ci.x. C.irl l);,k;Mi. viUUi- K.ivU: il..,i„i Cr.-finiN. Mou,i,,l Mnrliii. .•ri.on Miind. D.M " II. II. rri-lciri. II. K. Sinilli: Mnnhi ' rs: C: iiili 11.t. Ma-oii CailMMi. EI.Mn,.r Eld.T. J.i .pli lla-...i. I..,u i r,i, ,■ ll„»,,nl. Mmmmi .I,.ii,-. li.-ri l.i.i.Uav. Mrlvin Mvland. Eduii. .- niilli. Willijrn M.iliiif;. J.dii. Sv«,rl. l.uir.Ti W alk.r. TAU BETA PI I- ' oiiml. ' d ill IH.S. ' i at Lehi li rni fi ily. Tan H la Pi lioiior.- eiifiiiH ' criiif; sludcnls lop-rankiii; in tlicir rc.sp ' cli c fieldj . Maislitn Wiiifgar I-rrsi,l,;,l Carl Juhcla I ice-Presi liiii l.auiaiM.- MrKu.- (Iftrrcspondinii (iraiimiK ' s: Arvid Anderson, Melvin Flint. Verne Loop. Neil Twelker; Seniors: Janie. Braniiian. Milton Broikinan. Earl Cook, William Cotter. Edward Dalliy. Han, 1.1 (.r.-.nliild. rnold Harman. Ward Harnian. icior Martin. Donald Hiiey. Carl Juliola. N.irniaii Kelzhuli. Oliver Latter. Milloii l.iui-. lainan.e McEwen. Jack MrinlNre. .lolin Hennins: Nel on. Rasnioml Oliver, Raymond Pe- tri. Ii. R.,l,.n r,,|..,M. James Pyper. John Keddie. Kol ert Ridgway. K.inielh SiliiTi...-. r..iii ii ri-l. Donald Styer. Joseph Sutter. Warren Swanson, Turn- .|ui-l. W .111- in-on. Harry Warkter. John Wedel. Mareus Westlinp. Dav i.l Whit- l.iu. Mar-i.iM inegar, Harry Yaplee; Junior: Homer Hadley. Helming Nelson Recording Secretary Jack Mclntyre PRESIDENT ' S MEDALIST DONALD SETH BEACH .■ni,r,-,l il„. Iniv.i-iiv in the fall of 10.S7 from Broa.luay liifiii s.l.u,,! wii.rr li, ' iiiaiiilaini ' il a liai lil 1.0 a cra;;i ' for four iai . II. ' won ihc lii li . liolarslii|) auanl a a fitsliiiian. wa a fa(iill iiirdalisi as a so |p li o in o ic. anil aiiain as a junior. Donalil i vr.l lii Hacli.lor of Science in CluMnical Enfiiiieerinf:. in DeeeinJMr. I ' M I. Meuilierof Tan Beta Pi. enjiineerinf: honorary he jiraihiated with liifrhest honors, suninia cum laude. with a . ' 5.9. ;ira(le averajre. During; his junior year Ik- was awariled ihe sword of the So i.l of Vnicriian Mililarv Eiifiineers for his «ork in orihiaiice am) military eiifiineeriiif;. Commissioned as an Ensijiu in the V. S. Naval Reserve in June I ' Ul hi- now serves u ilh ihc T ' . S. Baltic Fleet, FACULTY MEDALISTS VIRGINIA VOEKS. |.syhulo;:N ruaj..r»il a 3.97 firade averajje. is affiliated with Si in Kpsilon Si ma. Phi Beta KapiKi. anil I ' i Cli |isMholojiv honorary, of hich she i [ires ilcnl. ir inia has also fuund lime In he | res dent of hersororil . lpiia Delia I ' i. ihis la-l l) II) M.ll I)KIF. serving; with the l. S. nn since winlci- i|iiarlcr. was valedictorian of his 19 K) gradual in;: Clascal (;arficld. Major- ing in economics he has iiiainlaiiicd a ;:railc averaf;c. attaining; hoiiois of scholaishi|i cei-- lificalc inncr as a Irc-hrnaii. and laiiill incilalisi a a i)|diiiiiM rc ,nid junior. CERTIFICATE WINNERS (icrlificalo ol lii;:li cli(il;n lii|) ci-c ;i ;ir l -il I ' all (|iiai ' t -i ' al llii ' | r( ' i(l(-iil aiiniial com oral ion as! « ' iiil)l . I„ii: l.rji i„ Hiiihl: MrMillan. Hi,.,, I. Crnh ' i: Skc.ii.-. TcrniiHc. IVlrr-Miri. HadlcN. Itollom: Moon-. I,in ls:iy. Milm n-. Krnn.MK. Frrshitirn: Aiiin " AiiU ' lio Beaudiii, William Alexander Kohinann. Frederiek Austen McMillin. William Oscar Maildock. Hdliiit Kii ' icii. ' Paciin.v. Doiolln .lean Rood. W illiam Craerot ' t Siler. Briire Marlin Siiiitiis in. Alice Pauline Webb, Harry C. on . Sfe Soi,hom„rrs: Ronal.I W iidiejd Vn el. Jos.-piiinr Mar- jiaret Bailev. liriam Franei-s (TeisendorlCr. Kit ' iiard Homer Hadlev. Peter Nels Halgren, Jobn McDonald Lyon. Lorraine Evelyn Peterson. Barbara Jean Skom-. Danitd James Torrance. R(d)ert James W vsc. .Iiiiiidrs: |{ell ISiiiiadeltc- Bleiclincr. C.alberitie ( icddi. Worlhie l.cfler J)o lc. Paul Timotiiy Kenneily. Ben- jamin ISiirket Tjtidsav. J din Armin Mclntvre. Donald A. Moore. iola I ' .rle ( (u.ien. Jobn Jerome W e,b I. Jr. EARI. KER(;rSON COOK W M(Kn S.liolar-liip in MiriiiiE M RJ()KIK MVKIECMN W LL (:E JOSEIMI Mn(k ' l Tho .lverii-iMf; Cliil. . Tlir I!..!. I»nl,l,- .li..l,ir-lii|, CVRMEN SKAMFER iiKi Ep-il(in Sis;m;i Silmlar-liip SCHOLARSHIP WINNERS I ' HM.EIS MAR(; RET CONSTANCE CVROIA N JANE fIOI)(;ES l ROR JOH NSON TURM RE HM.LIOU Tli.- I rii or-il ..f Vl ;i-liiiif;lnM Thr Kapp;i Mplui Th,l;i lu.i Th.- (;;inini;i I ' lii H,-ta S,h,,lai -liip Tlir CiU I ' arili.-llrni,- Srli,,lai -liip l lar --o,iiiinM .linlar-lMp , liolar-liip " 1 l, I HR TRl Til,- Mm I ' lii Ep-il.,ii Mil,, rll,,lal-llip W RRE W l KER Til,- IM,, M„ lplia ,l,,-l,ip JOCK Rupp J ( 4e4 SENIOR CLASS Norlli Bum served as president of llie riass iif l.i diirinji its lir l luii years. As f ' reslimeii they were iiraiUeil a represenlatixe on the Sliideiit Board ot (ioiitroU. (ie »r ie l)a ie liead«-d llie oplioinore lieard firo iii ; coiilol. wliili ' Kirli Porraiiee directed the uplioiiiore earniNal. I ' orraiiee retliM ' d to lake a liaek eal and lieeaine junior president, appointed Dean McKay, wlio saw lliroii;:li a siieeesslid I ' roni. (ienial Don I rcpdiart look over llie lii ii cla» office in llii final year, watciii ' d launcliinf; of the all-senior radio lio produced o cr KIK( . directed li Bolt Wiiiteiev, and Boh Hoonan. UNIVERSITY AT WAR AliKiil ( : ' M) | Maicli 1:2. riiilin -lii l fil |i( iir il Idtlli li ' Dni Mrany hall exclainiinf;. ' " Swrll -liiiw rcalK ll( we ' ve gone to war. " Iiisiilc l aii . Iiakini: IkiiiiIs right and li ll. alini) l -imwid imilir l( coiigralulatioiis. Boh llooiiati ami l?oli WliilcK. whose hraiiu ' hihl (anil soriicl iiiies ln ' a l- ac ill ' i llie Senior Hadio Show " " our I ni ersil al W ai was. fii(iile li said. " )li. we dreamed it u| ev.i a eiip (d ' (die,. ' i ' lodiieed an l lir. ' el.(l h ill.- lloonan-W iiileis ham. ' " our I niversil al ar draiiiali ed transition (d pre-Pearl Harhor rah-rah ' ■-ludetits " t i war-tuned, earnest students thinking and acting in terms of war. Serious, yet with a light touch, the show, recorded for broadcast over KIK . was dedicated as a " so long " to seniors and EK(1 men. Working with Directors Hoonan and Whitelv were Music Director Bob Vinson, Faculty Adviser Ted Bell. svni|)bonv orchestra under Prof. George Kirschner. Swing Band. Pi Phi chorus, cast and [iroduction staff too long to enumerate. Right: Hoo- nan and Whitely exchange handshake: below: scenes from the show. SENIOR RADIO SHOW i in iii:iK niHi:iii-iEi,u i.i..iui. iHiil.lookiii;; II.. oiiiiii $) ( ' relar .... S ;Mli ilic riKiiiTiKiii and coiiiinlltfi »(ini:iii .... oii iioiiic lier i ' lnshing smilr . . . . ni.MiJHr ol T.,lriri Club. Mortar Boar.l .11x1 (;.illiina rili Beta. POPPY ACNEW .4 S Kappa Kappi: Phi Mu Gamr KOBUi ) AIKEN E H THOMAS ALLEN E B Compass Chart A S Delia Deil Zela Mu ■• na tlpha,, EUGENE ANDERSON E ■ B Beta Thela ' . ROy ANDERSON .4 S SHEHLIE ANDERSON .4 6k S Gamma Phi Beta Thela .Sigma Phi W EI.DdN ANDERSON E B Tail Kappa Epsilon GEORGE APOSTOL .1 S CARLTON APPELO E B Alpha Delia PAT ARNOLD 4 S Alpha Chi ROBERT AXELRAI) E B Sigma Alpha Mu Qaanermaslei (,„, PATRICIA ASHCRAFT A S P. E. Club BARBARA ASSELN I .S Pr,- .W,.. i, I lul, GEORGE ATHANS 4 S Sigma Alpha Ef Oval Club Big •■« " Club PEGGY AUSTIN A S Kappa K,ipi ROBERT BALL DOUGLAS BANKSON 4 S Thela Chi i JOHN BARINAGA Tau Phi Delta f (Tf SI Club »A1,TKR ALLEN lUl MCMiTNhH BAl SCHKR Law F. H Ih-lln Tcm Delia HELEN BARRY ■( S Chi Ome a DORIS BEACH A S .l()ll HRAMAN Chi I ' si Uiw maidr nn.l inpUihi (il the wrestliii); teiim .... (hi|i|piT ;iiiil ili ' ;i i,iting .... nuiiiitaiiis lirttii lluiii .1 :i. .ivrr.,;;,- .... in llic lii-lirr ,inl, ol the CkI.-I Ullicers ' a. ccialidii .... iiiniilMr c,f lri»li Debate squad. I ' lirplr Slii.lil. Oval .lull. Seal. bard and Ulad.-. ami Miiuu- W rlub .... MM ,.s on Law Rfvicu board. FI(IRI-,N( h BKAM A A S ToUin I luh r.m„„-, ;•. f.. Club THOMAS BARTLETT E A B Sigma Kappa Phi Chi Delia P. E. Club RONALD BEATTIK Engineer I.A.S. DOI ;i HATES .1 S JOSEPH BEALDIN E U Theia Vi Pmi ,;im Er.MER balim ;art.m:r E B CO. A. EKED BECKER A S ROBERT BEH.NKE E B Phi Delia Thela l mor -r " Club Capl. of Ski Team Inler-Fralernily H Manapers Asso.. P BONME JEAN BERTCH 1 S Delia Zein ROBERT BIESIOT A S Phi Sigma Kappa S.iihlmnt Blade MARY HELEN BIRCHFIELD A S Monar Board NORMA BERCQUIST A S VERNE HJORKLUND A S Alpha Tau Om, DICK BERNER E n S.gmn ! ,. „, •. . .;.. , I ' i 11,1,1 Phi A ( .0 liRl CE liRl(;iIUl Si.libard and lilade pre ideIlt niajoriiij: in rrrjiive writing .... nr anizalion leader fur llie pple Corps.... Malainute luiit ( ' liainiiaii .... menilier of C.O.A. dance riiniinillee. arsity Bo.nt club. Oval cluli. I niversilv Riding club. h MJ (. DHAMll M I t: II K„,,,,„ Al,,h Tolfin C.lnh liOMI l I.S.M.t. „hh„„i ;»... . LOUISE ORIN A S Thela of Phral, .4 S Delia Delia Delia Phi Mu Camma, Pi DOMIMCJ BRACK A S Phi Delia Ih.i . CAu abh,i„l Ula.le Oval Clul. Big ••»••• Varsity B.. MlI rON BKOCkM AN Tau Beta Pi Zeta Mil Tan A.I.E.E. Pi Ml, Epsilna ST KM.I, HKl NM;ii .1 S KEITH BROWN f B Oval CM, Pan Xenia yanilyBo Kir IT 111(1 Ns I .S IRANCfl 1 A liRYANT 1 S Chi Omega Mo ■ Board Engineer Compass Clin Srahharil Bhi Totem Club WILL BRUC M N WAYNE lUU MBA(H ■ Wines 1 - eum j Zeta Mil r.,H M geor ;k NORTH ■ UlRKHKIMKK lURN ■ Enpineer A S I Sigma tlpha Ep Hon Sttiitent Couft ■ Oval (Auh ■ . rr . KKIIH BROW liv,«ii. ' cosMvnin nl 111.- re Tdiillireaking Ja Mi- mid ,-enior ■la i.k r- .... Iiiirigii iradc iiuijor .... drivf!- a Imi- .iiiil liiilds dov n iiieiid erslii|i! in Mi-il H....I ilnl., Scabl.ard and Blad.-. Oval rlid,. Pan X.iii.i, and . it;nia Plii E|i il(Hi .... Icli «illi Advanced rniy ERC in piil . . . . uilc Lillian hold- d„«„ j,.l, in llic I riiv.i ily (■ - Service. li I I I I K DOHA lAMKKO.N Eilmalion MASON 1 ARLSON A. B D,ii,i r„„ ii.ii, llnl,,, } i JAMES DOLI.IE c ARMS ATH I AKI ' KMKK Kngineer 4 A ,S Tau Kappa f psilon Zeta Tau Alpha I. AS. Theta Sigma Phi Daily Tyee Kiippa tiplui lh,l„ (li,,n,- of Phrule. W 11,1-1 Wl f: i:i I vssKi.i. iiiirwi h. It I s Ihltn Kappa F.psilan Uplia in Alpha Delia Sifma itega Alpha i Delta Murlar Hoard Totem rial, Kappa Kappa Gamma I ' hi Ue I arsily lloal lah ANCY CLEMENS .1 .S ' li A ii SHIRLEY CLEMENSON A S Sigma Epsiloa Sigaia I ' hi Chi Delia .C.A, C.ouacil ■ - . . IK (:KI,I, ,„i..l.,;;v :in.l iclirii.ili .i|i.i -in;;l.-,l .ml in Coll.- i- W ho " - W liM .... i.HinlHr of Morlar hoard. Toi. ' in rliih. l|,h.i K:i| l ' ' Ui-ll:! . ■ ■ . » S i.ihirii ' l lor I o i-.irs, chuiniiaii of r.iin. -,-, r.lar of Morl.n hoard and Red (;ro ,lri .-. " 12 and " H . . . . Chi OMio{;a »ilh horl. dark nirls .... I)ail n.-« -lafl. lanilaril.-. roiiinilllee rhairnian. V. KHI ( I.ODKtl n F E B -,■„, Tnu llnhn BARBARA COLLINS E H Kappa tlphn The I.KOKCK 1(11. 1, INS Kngin.-.r HARK1 (OLI.IN- f: II ( OMHF ■ i: X. II Kappa Kappa Cantata Kap EARL COOK RUTH CROSS H A n l-hi III, lirh, Alpha llaii.ran I .eta Mu Tail Pi Mu Kpi ilon Panhellenic. Pre BETTY LEE CONNER A S Kappa Alpha The Morlar llaard Tou-m (I III, I ' ATRK I CKOWl.EV A S Aaslii, Hall JANE DAKAN A .S Chi Omega Omieran a il Sigma Epsilon . ' larsils ll„„i ahlmril A ;»„. ,■ BRLCE COOK A S Delta Kappa hj l-hi I p ilan Klt V ' NdlMII BURN poli . i iiuijoi wiih ., i. .iMrM;;r .... troll and sDph cla pirxy .... (tNal clnl and Purple Shield ealiiiiel lor Wsx years .... .orhairiiiaii i.l W SSI cirlse .... vilal inlere-l in u.irM -lll.leni M-rNir,- ork. ROBERT D.WEM ' ORT ■1 S PETER DAVID A S Airh.i T,. (iFORGE DWIES ■ B Purplr Shiehl llliha Delia I ' hi WILLIAM DONLEY A S Alpha Delia Sifm, Compass Chart Srahhard lllii.le PAl L DAVIS •I S Compass Chan Scabbard Blade MRGIMA DONNELL .1 .S PAULINE DOOTSON A S .eta Tan Ali ' ha Seahbard « !.( • I ( K Dl ITCH .( ■ Hillel F„iii„lalt„t, Alpha Kappa Delta iiin ;i - h: X II f. B Colin il Psi I psiiott Bin ■■IT " Chil, Scabbard Iliad, Oial Club tarsity Boat CI ah STANLEY DURHAM Pre Med l.aiahda Chi tiphn ROSE DOYLE ( S Thela af Phrater, KENDALL DRUBV A S GEORGE DYSART A S Ma Ph Karra , fr.da,, ,l,da The .?? KOf.KK m K luniiilr,! il.r U;iil -Im(U .-inn- hi- lii t i|iKirliT luri- .... ;imaze(l everyone- li liis ji iiiiKili lic ' ;iliilil and rapidly rose frciin ihe rank.- In ediliiiji .... lopped ofl a lopnotch Daily (arerr by being winter (|iiarter editor-in-eliiel .... appears to be In-I 1(1 hold coveted po.-ition for the duration .... iiiiiiil er of Sigma Delia Chi, journalism lioiiiirarv .... ( lainied liy the Army in April. MAKY LIU KARIINC. M RTI1 I ' DMONDS TRYGNF FKROM ELEANOR ELDER JAMES ELLINGER 1 ' M 1 Fl 1 1- NORMA ELMER 1 RANK FNGFlSIl .-1 .S Alphi rill 1 .t .S Home i . Club .1 S Compass t Char, Scabbard Bla.l,- Studenr Affairs Com at. f ■ B F X B (una, 11 Pharmacy Pharmacy CM, 1 .V N A S Alphas, 1 ' arsiry B Purple S „,a ri,, „l,l HAROLD ENGMAN ,10HN FN G.MAN ERNESTI.NE ERIKSON RdBKKT EVANS ROBERT FAHEY !■ T 1 1 F ROBERT FARBER JAMES FARNSW (IKTII E B Phi Knppa Ttiit Allihn Kap,H, r i .U,-, i. Eiie. Slpma Kappa A S Engineer A. I. Ch. E. AmmoniiSoill E B Lambda Chi Alpha Pan Xenia 1 . - ;). ., i.,„„ iS,- B na Sigma tipl, " 1 py,l,, Compaq ' , iV 1 h ' ,rl Alpha lhl,„ s,s,„„ Malan,,,,, Enf:ineer n Siabbard .t ».,-( Cadet Off U ' i, A. I. Ch. 1 M RJOKIL FAY IIFLKN FKFK .N NM GS FFFIX l.ARFrA FFNGLFR ELEANOR FERGUSON 111 - H F 1 II 1 11- MARY k FISCHFH Jl N FI-HFI! A ■ S .Si ' pnio Tun tlf ' li ' i Lnmbda HI,., G„n„„aAlpl,.,l 1., 1 „„■ 1 „„ s. .,...; i% Vi 1 ... .( (Ill- l sn 1,11. Ui.rn Uoxlni: FRANCES FITTS .1 t .S 1 .S Kappa Kappa damn „7:n " " .•1 .S Harhori,,,, Hall Alpha Tai, ll,-l,„ (■„,„„,„ rh, ii.,„ r„i.,„ 1 i„i, SALLY FISHER Dclrti Delta It, h ' , L. n. FITCH , F RY . NNF FFEETW OOl) DONALD FLEMING IFTOR FOMO BETTY JANE FOREMAN M RV ELLEN FORHAN A S Kup „i Mphn ri„l TolLlit Club ri„„„,.„y S,„l,l„„,l ,1: IU„,I, ' CO- 1. 1 S l ' l,r,il,.res 1 ,- ;.),;(.( lhll,i Dell,, E B Alpha Delia Sifa,,, Pan Xenia E - B C„an,il 1 ,S llpha S,fr, . 1 A S a Phi S,,„lenl Co-op .1 . M.Kce 1. all f ' Mm a- " 5 .yr Iplta Omicran I ' i r. RRF.TSON Phi Cnmma Dflla llig " If Club Spiked Shoe Purple Shield ROBEHT FRIEDMAN A S Sigma Alpha Mu Big -W Club Oval Club ANDREW CALBRAITH A S Phi Gamma Delia Vartity Boat Club llvnl Club JOHN GODFREY A S KAY C H ITT KNUEN-viie-piisi. 1.111 . YWC A. head of llie nursery sihool . . . T .r . ui Daily Imsiiiess staff .... lioiii rooiiiiiiiics m;ii(ir .... AWS coniniilti " woiiian . . . .meniher of Mortar board. Totei iliil), Vi-Key, and Pi Lambda Theta . . . e Tclar of Alpha Xi Delta.,, I),h„ I ' clla MARY ALICE GOODWIN A S JOHN FRODESON Scabbard BIndv JOHN GAMBLE I ,S ■«, ( pfiiinn HFIMAK FKOI, r B IS.Ia llphn ;• Pan Xiuia DOKOTH ' l GriiKDNS E II Sigma Tau Al,,h,i :. RKHARD GOSS I S (;,mi Cku CYRIL FROL M RVI FF FRY E B Beta Alpha P-.i 1 .s Kappa Kappa FAYE (;arber IRGINIA (; RHART A S Sijima Kappa Pharmacy Chi Omega Totem Club Lambda Kapp MARION GIl.HFFM ' WILLIAM (ill.LESl ' IF 1 .S Kappa llpha Them Tnlem Club 1 -S ( „„,,„« CI A.I.M.K. Kl TH GOl I.DIN KATHERLNE GRADY 1 S A ft S Aci.mon Hall itk H I.M a %. [ ' AULA COLE dark, dramatic-looking pri idfiil III I ' lir:il ' re .... general studies iiKijiir .... mcnilifr ot Totem club .... MTM-d III! .- tuiliMit . f lairs and Standards coniniillees. CKAHAM l;(lSh MARY l.H HAM BERMCK GRAVES ROBERT GREEN ELIZABETH GREENE Engineer 1 ,S l„«(7! Hall .1 S ■llphi rhi 1 S Alpha Tan Omega A S H K ir,n GRFKM IF.LD i:ng,nrer Vila Ml. r.ili Tint Hela Vi JOSKl ' H GRFFH K U I elfa Kiipi ' ii Ep tlon SUSAN EDW RD CROIT CRIBTF A 6 .S f.- B Kappa Kfiiii ' it Camilla Phi Kappi. ROY Gl STAFSON A ' A B tiphn Kappa Psi MERRILL HAAGEN A S Phi Delta Thel I ' arsilv Trark Homeromine C ALVIN HACEN E B Pan Xeni DAPHNE HAILEY A S PAUL HAINS, Jr. A S Theta Xi Compass Cha WARREN HAI.LGREN A S iibhard Bliul,- ta Tan ilpha ,rlar Rnnrd. Pr, lem CInh nterburv Cluh imming Club iibbiinl 111,1,1,- MARNY HAMMER .4 5 Chi Omega riERGITTE CAROF HANSEN HANSEN FAl RA H NSFN 1 S A .S Delia Cimiiu, 1 S H„rl„.,,„„- H, ROBERT HORDING RNOLD H RMAN VIRGINIA HARRIS f, a ( . m,m.« P,m enia Pngiii.-ir Chan Tan ll,la Pi .1 S Sifima Kappa B omen ' s KeiiL f r I KENNETH HOGAN E B Delia (hi 1 li VNK HM(I f: II LAILA HOLDER E B Beta of rin. RUTH ADELE HEDGCOCK A S Totem Club Mortar Board lice Pre,. I. r. K „i,,,„ K„,.pa G Alpha Chi Omega Totem Club .C.A. Mortar Board lilll iKtNI.EV |M,.i,l,„i „l C.iMiKi-- an. I Cliail .... fr...|i l,a., ' lMll and l.a kclhall Irani- .... and Itladc ami l| lla Delia . ' i;;ina .... pidi mI iiia.iin- .... Ia l iiMi r -erved a lliird niali ' mi llii- Ma-k.i run (il llir merchant niarint ' . j.VMKS mil IK IK K C E AKI, OHI.ITZl II 1 „r,■,lr 1,11, ri,, II, ' ■ ' i-. ' i. ELAINE HOLMES A S Alpha Delia Sigma Siabhard llh„le llpba Delia Ph, hele.n mae hat :her A .S RICHARD HOERNER A S Delta Vpxilo noRis mai: HATLEN HAI.I ' H HAWK.S A S Mines Kappa Sicma ARNOLD HERMANN ilOll mini Eneiaeer Tau Beta f, E A- II Alpha Sifma P Propellor CM. BARBARA HOFFMAN ROBERT HOFFMAN A S MiKee Hall Chimes Phrale, Tolem Club Student All- Cumn Inler-Hall Prea. E B Thela Chi Oval Club HELEN HORNBECK SHIRLEY HORR E - B Austin Hall A .S t . ' ■:■■ -t J i ' j ' .. m ' - i r ' ▲ .-. 1 COMME HAL1.IUA1 M..,lur board prexy :inil antliro[ olo : major .... holds posilions on WXCA and S calMn,!- .... cliainiian ot .S Icrlure t ' rit ' .... iiieiidter ot -uininiiiig cluli and ( anlirhury club . . . . bidongs to W-Kc . Toi in ilub. Phi Sigma .■ ifinia and Zela Tan Aliiha. Ih.m n.luit hi DON HUEY Kn liiifiTiniz SiahharJ lllade 1, IN HOW AlilJ t: II I ' hi Ku iptt Tall M, hn Kappa ln„.,-l,aur„i,y CEORGE HILL t: A u Beta Alpha l s va Alpha Fp-il.,,, I ' hi tpsilnn Chi Oaiega S n.FKf I) HI M1 HR1K.- K II I ' an enia FERN HUNGERFORD E B McKee Hall C.ATHERIM HUTCHlMo A S Austin Hall I ROBERT HITTO.N K B Chi I ' sl Oiai Clul, Scabbard Blad,- Managerial Cnum i CO A.. Sludm C, M KI Kl I,A JEA s Delta Delia Delia A S n -Key Tnlem Clah ROBERT IVES A S Alpha Delta I ' hi Tyee Sport Stalf Alpha Delta Siga, ! Delia Beta Ihela I ' , RUTH JACK A S McKee Hall OLIVER JERSTAIJ A S r..,- Kappa III, I:., D.I, a Phi ERNEM JACOll ; n Fhi Delia II I arsityCnII Totem Club Thela nf Phraleres All Phrnteres Counril Sisma Kpsilun J l OBSEN Alpha Kappa Delia rhi Knppa Sif-ni CLEONK JOHNSON •I c6 S .liislin Hall Phi Beta Kappti Siem„ £,,,,7,.n Sip,, Kl III UELE IIEUGECOCK-iiMil.ulou - l KK ' ii ' iii ' d chairiiKin (it War .Studciu I ' hwim- (: )iiiml ion .... Kiippa house and . W. ' arc liir " first lo i " " .... Totem clul). Mor. l)oaril and AWS vioe-presideiil . . . . j;eiiiral studies and speech major . . . . pa--inri for clothe- and California. II I nil I Jllll x(l E X It ISABKL JdHNSO.N -I S Kappa n.lta J NANCY JOHMSON iNOHMAN JOHNSON h:,l„,„li,m Compass Chart Scahhur,l Blail,- t ' hi Ki,ppa Sipii l.,„., If Club Alph,, K„i,i.„ Delta I HANK K. JONES r„- .„ee,ins FKANK R. JONES Engineering Compass Chf, ,lm„,„nii Sn.ii I , ;. Ch. E. GLENN JONES E B Theta Ch 0,„l Ch, liOlil liT W. ,;„ I ' hi Dell, BEVERLY KELLOGG A S Phi Mu DORIS KELLS A S ahhant Blu.l,- tnpneerine Tau Beta Pi Seabbaril Bla.le A.I.E.E. I.R.E. Sigma Xi ELMIRA KALAHAN .1 S SAM KATZ E B RONYA KEOSIIF A S Phi Sijima Sipmn ' : 1,1 EM.A KET(:Ht: A S Tau Beta Hi Zela Mu Tau .IINE HELl.ENTHAL - SUW seirelar ulii f alllpui ll va? l)ased on a friendly " hi ' " .Hill :i f:fiifrini tiriii .... " Juner " majors in [nTxMiiiel iiKiiKi t ' intMU .... loves to talk .ilxiiit her liuat and sailing .... member ot Totem chill and Gamma Phi Beta . . . . married " Nkipper " Sunnv ynne in .4pril. rhi Delli, The Phi Delia Them Students Sr. Mar. Oa- ' iketl.all Oiiil Club DOROTHI KIRBV A S Kappa Kappa Gan Theta Delia I In M. KV KOBRY- 1 1 M.C.A. Cabine I ' urnle Shield i (;a in I.AWSON f I! Tnii K appa Epsilf f ' r, tnlerlralern, ' II H BUHIilK HOLMKS VWCA MTr.l;,i mn iiifinlM ' i- of exe iili e coiuicil .... Iirowii- haircd with sweel siiiilf .... lirnd of ;ir- r;iiig ' iniMits for ToNi .... iniiiiliir l Tolem ' liil A,u Mortar uKH,l .... pridr and jov i.f Alplu, Chi OiiMCH .,r.,ril .i l,r . A S Phi Kappa Psi r.Ve Pres. Big -W Cluh MIl.TOiN LEWIS Enpinevritifi Pres. HUM Band WUXIAM LEWIS A S Sl ' LAMITH LIFE Kappa Sipnia Bif -ir •■ ;,u6 Oval Club Phi Delia Kappa 1 INKLKTII K . ( ■ Tlu-ia .. rhr„leres " ■ " I .uh Hi. I. .. Phraieret I „,„l.,l„ Hho (lrs,i,i,:„t„.f, Council l..i,„„i„ llphaChi tr.,1,. Il„ . am. BEK.MCE ' ' — lARION LONKE LO.NSBERin ' . lu Uptil,,, ■■la Ihi Tai, s ,„„ ,. Phriit.-, rhnil.rr. I „iiii,i Alpha Kappa Ue i DIXON LIVINGSTONE A .S Alpha Delia Phi Srahhard Blade 1 KKI) Marl MU.VNE t: B ;).■ (.. Taa Delia Siahliard Blade PE(;(;v liiM)sp: ' » .„i mnor .iif.i in c„ - Icjie Mi(.V Wh.i uli..-r ,l,rss designs luivr iiuulf naliiiiKil iiijf; .... member of Toleiii rinl.. .i,n, ,.h Hho. (;.niMn;i Alpha Chi .... M,.-|,i.-i,l.rii ol ihi ' k.iiM ' a Alpha Thela hou .■. r ;),(;,! r;i; ; ,( . i. i., ). I ois .M. Kt:HA.M .■ A S Tlu:,i n,U,i ( In I ' lii l),li„ Tl„-i I Ki.hni: I h,l, lll.itn, ll.ill. ' r... n Siema ll,,l,„ T,in Kiippn Alpl,,, I ' lu Chi [lelln MrAKTHl Fi ISvi,, Th.l,, i; PAUL MACY A S Pi K,ii,i,„ I ' hi RUTH MARTEN A S MARNIK McCAI.T,UM A S Delia (..imrnn riu K..;. ..i l , M KTIN ( ,1: II 11,1,1 li.l„, Cs ( ,.(,.. K.ii.nn l-h, .. ,.,.., T„ I IM)S ' | Mrl;l. : I ' hnrma, Pi K,n,,„, I ' ll, Tnn Bftn Pi Phi lMmh,la (1 0Sl 0 t..„ % ■ ill ir i N k i jp t " 1P s r I?: 7- i Alk 1 W l,l, ' l MACK V ' l l.ill iin .irlrr rdilor ..I ill.- D.iiK .... OK. ' ..I ..111 lii-l nil. ' ,i..iirii,il- i l .... iMnied lii |..l ili.lll l. ..ikiiic mi ill. ' I):iii more lli.iii lu.i ..n . .i iii;; I...1I1 •IS iiijilil .(lilor, ill. 11 iiKiii.i iii!; .-.1 .... Sif;iii.i ),U., Chi. journali-iii li. ii..iMr .... in lli. ' Mniiii. ' r. ' serves, li.- will f; 1 .- iliil llli MiiiiMier. miRIS N M,KM(;Mr 1 1 V ,l, l c 1 .Hl.l.N .1 i i i in -i ■KSicni ' I Tmi Alpha i,.l. „l Co-f ) 4 (H RI.ES MFTZCER ic: 11 11 LSON 1 .S S.nhhanI lU.uir 1 1 ,V It li , . ■ Cluh boal Club l RGARET N Mll.LER ARII.VN ri.LER .1 S tJmiufin I ' hi 11,11, s 5BWI rn IIOROl 111 McCRLc.OK A St S llpha Dvlla Pi Vu I ' hi Epsilon Delia I ' hi Mn Bis II ■■ .(. 7.1.. (.(.. ' . I „r .M (.. i. . ... „hl:„r,l X: ;»... .• S;... .■;. I ,;, I ........... ,V- ( i..rl Ei,i:u,.,,,„- ,.„a,il . „(. ,„., iV- llhnU- Sl„ „l I I.W.K. I. ........ : (,.,...., .7 -..r.-.i (:it,i, MMIl S I M 1 Mil 111 1 11 kh 1 Sll 1 ,t ,s ; .V It lub rh,„i,-,r, 1 1,1 l ,h„ Th.i ROBERT B ODNEV MILLER IILLER A S E nginerr C oittptixs • Chart S alibaril Blade .S .ur.s Club Alpha 0.;... ..... C. EHVIN MILLER ; ,t- II l; I ' hi I ' bi i;.. ....... S.s..,„ 7 ,. ,. sh„„i,.,„i. r.uih,. ff y I f p ,1 (:K McINT RE ol-Mlr ical engineering HKijor ttitli top f;rjfle .... acts on engineer- in); ninriril .... Iirighl light in the lower ranipu- .... member of Sigma Xi, Tau Beta I ' i. Zela Mn Tau. Pi Mu Epsilon, and Purple Shiel.l. ■ ; IKK GLORIA H AKOI.l) WILLIAM MINKKK MINTER mit :hf,i.i. MOORE f i.r,.( rv .1 .s ' K H .( .S Tm, I ' h, I vll.i ;, Hall f,, m,., i Char I ' u tp ilnr I ' re-Meih, KOBEKT DKI.BFRT JOSEPH M AHk MO.SHER MOTTEI.EH MOl NT MlIN .4 .s .1 S 1 S A S Delia Tau Delia Delia Chi I ' si ( luuh Sigma Delta Chi Managerial Coun Sludent Co-op Hie ■If ' Club W 11.1,1 M MOKSF h: X II ri.i Karimf DONALD MllRPH A S Delia Cpsu SLl.IAM Ml ' RRAV F H hhnni llliule E B 7.,-la Beta To E B Conn. Itl li i Sinma Phi ARTHIU NELSON [ ID NELSON f; ) Zela Ma Tau Tau Beta Pi r ' fr, fit. : HYMIE NEMETZ A S Signia Alpha Mn House Mgrs. Couneil t .l JK r i M,KI1NMK i.n-.iiir.l i.ui.j,.r ;irli%,. Ii, V work .... memlpor iil l,:iiiil l;i Kj|.|ki Siciiui. Morlar boni-.l, Ti.l.-iii iliili. Si!;iii;i l ' .|i- ilciii Siiima .... Cnnipii (:iiri li.iii Ciuiiiril rrpn-ciilative .... Dill.i (ij ui. JiiiiiiM I ' liiin riiiiimiltet . A s 1lr ' " Chi Omega I ' lttthfllenic I.EANORF OFFER A AS Alpha EpsUo. 1 llllMAS JOYCF Ml II OLSON -IVIES hnc,n,er .1 A- ,S,,, Phi EpMon Phi Chi D,l immi.niiSoM (;i,Ai i LYNN OIF OLASO.N ■ labliard Blntle i;ko ER NORI.ES A A .S Alphn Sigt, ■ rabbard Blade !■, A.,,,,,„ Phi Engineer A.S.M.E. Zela »u Ta MARTIN I ' Ar.MQllSI Engineer K.W MOM OLIVFH Engineer Engineering (Umnril Zela Mu Tan Tau Bela Pi Phi Mu Epsilon Sigma Xi Inst, of Aero Seienec, GWYNETH OWEN A ,S ;).■ ;.. C„„im,i I ' ll, hai, ,,, r„i, Prr . PreMedi., Club Pb, Mu (hi n.ln I b,l„ P, Sb„:d n„.i,ii,„ii R. V. PALMER .1 .s Compass Cha Morlar Board ! .1 ,. ..! sma Phi , Daily RICHARn I ' All.SON E B Kai,p i Alalia Tb, ARTHIR PEDERSFN Tau Phi Delia Forestry Forest Club 1 1 H k I H A ii Hi M KIKM I I H II -iHTih major on de- I.MII1 . . . . W (ul.iii.l. Campus Chri;.- li.iM (ioiiriril rcprf fnliiliv e, Honieroniiiif; ( oiiijiijtii ' r. ;i r ( ! Ii i ' . I drive secre.iiry ' 42 .... iiirinli.r of Mokir lioard. Totem lul), .I. I IMii Kl.i. and i ' i l.,Mi.l.,l.i Thela. now KI) ,il,b„nl (».;, . RA MOM) I ' KTKICH tnpin.-cr r,,,, Item It y.i-lu V u Tmi .4.1. E.E. I ' i Ml, 1,1. EN I ' KTKIF i: ) iii,h„ r„ tlpha Kanim Di-lla M,K,;- lln.l NOIiM.A PILLING .4 S .S .ilpha Epul.m I ' hi Kappa Sifinia Managerial Cattni il Zeta Ma Tau Ui,i,n II, In, r, riu I aml„l,i I I ir-Kev t. (r. S.Cahinf Panhelle, PHYLLS PRENTK K .( .S Kappa .III ' !, II 11 RICIIVRD PRICK A S Compass Chart S,ahhard BId.l.- (msilv Rifh- T,„,„ l,l„ir,l A lll„.l, IRANK PKI n EIMII) i: II ,1 Miirlar ll„a„l RICHARD pll p:r E II Sifnia i, I „e -r,-.. Sl„. It,,, Bus. Mcr. „ t:„hi„ i;,i ' .. f.,,M. ' ,„ ll.lta riu Ml, Sieiiia h:,,.a Siliiilarship U , HIHTON KOBBINS I S pfn T „n MXUCAKET OSTRANDEK ' u- V. Inis iliiric much I iii(i]ii)lizc ' till ' jiiiriliiiii 111 l:ill. s|Kirkling lVl;irni Oslumlii. Iliis yiaiV |MI■ illl■llI .... niso fr.ish aiKiMT ;lll l MT- n ' lur l(. Campus Clirislijii Coiiiiril .... nii ' iiiliiT of Mortal ' liouril. rMlnii iliili . m Tii-D. ' li. .1 M 1 M K I,EO HVMMiLI ' H HiM.HlET HASKlNri I s I .V l: E IS tli.h.i Chi Omeaa ••isn,,, tiplui f;;.si7 .n liella Delia ■Ilia Alpha I Club. B ' -Ke ' ll,,li,i Thela llif 11 ■■ ( .,(, (.= -ir ■ Cluh. Vr Oral Cluh l-iir,,!,. Shi.hl I .,rw( Fiiiill.nU HDIU in IIIIF ll.llii Kiiiiim I Italian .,l„ ll,.(n Tn, MAliCiMiFT HI1 [ ' (1N Alpha Chi Om III Veairfpnt l. . U(IHI SON I .V- N 1 1, 1 III Hall A S Sigma Chi Editor „f Cola Tyee Slaff 1,1 TTY ANN n.lti, IHIiit n.ha Chi l i I .;rsi7 !....( i:liih GEORGE ROYAL E B Di-lla Vp iloa BETTY JEAN Rl THSTROM E H Touin Clah Kappa of I ' hrat I ' lllMI ' hinnim; F. II C.I). A. Kille r,;im Alpha Kappa I ' s W 1,1 I 1 M STRUM f. II ll iha t i { 1 i€! fi fiife« u t C ' D |f% ri f: ri ;.- . I JIM OVERLOCK Interfraleriiity Council lirtsidt ' iil who sponsored ihe first all-fraler- nily asMinlily and inlerfrati ' rnily-Panhellenii daiiii- .... scrap metal drive chairman .... student affairs conunittcc. Oval cluh .... cMsy Inn •■ffi riritl !;(iin{; Sigma Chi math major. 0RM.4 .SWAGE Engineer Compass Chart Scabbard Blade Engineer Alpha Delia Vh Compass ■ Cha KOBKKT SCHNOOR E B Compass Chan Siffma Alpha Epsil SCOTT Tau Phi Delia H,-ta Thel,, Pi MOLLY SHANNON PATR1CL SHANNON A S McKee Hall Sigma Epiilnn S. Delia Ph, llphn SHERIDAN A .S Delia Delia Delia ROGER SKARSTON E B DOROTHY JEAN SMITH A S Pi Bela Phi Y.W.C.A. wp (; ' KTH O KN ,l;iiklK,in-,l. ,liiiipl.-.l (;u ritili lias been mimi in nuin ASl i V ;irli - ilic- .... was nircliiry (if the Varsily Ball .... Iki been a i-iinpn!- qiu ' en (in more iban oiii- (p((a .ion, hi(;bii!;blod by a rcijin omt iIu- " 11 ({(iniieoming (iibbralion .... iiiajuicd in lilt ' ialiire .... inoidcnl nl Delia (;.innna. .1 AMKS SMTZLER L MAN 7 UpsUon fi i Oamma Sigm i Ji B C„„n,il rnhhnr.i Ula,le EDWARD STOTSENBERG Ii,tn Alpha Hit Cm,,,,.. X. 1 ., PEGGY SPECK A S W II.LI M STERL1 (, K IS Th.nt l. , .« ■ . CHARLES STRAl ' HAI. £ « tii ' ltn Knppa Epsilon a „m.„ I ' , t:. Club l„n,l,d,i l.h, h, riu £,.».;.. HAMONA SOLBERC •1 .s Phrnlt-rc, €.„in Lambda „ fhr. THOMAS STAVE £ B fan eni, C.O.A. ROBERT STEm RT £ A n Sicnia i, S,nbbar l BIwU- ROBERT STII.ES £ B •i.ahhnr.l Blade DONALD STVER F.nsinerr laa Beta , £ A? £f J HS % JEAN PARKER— seroiid ;:irl editor of Col 11111115. man ■ ■ • • jouriKili-iii major with threi vcars Daily ireilit .... iU photographei l,,r all |)lllllil■alion .... of Thel. Sinnia I ' hi and Zeta Tail lpha .... pul, liiilx iliairiii.iii Icir Jiiiiiiii I ' rom and Varsil liall .... ilrmralioii- for Publication Party. JEANETTE JOSEPH I)(1 1IM( K l, 1 GENE 1 h( 1 , 1 1 T WARIUN JOHN SISTAD SITTER (llt.MCH S OlilNllH SWANZEY N ON S S ANMIN SW LET A S F.a ineer 1 .S 1 ,S A S 1 Engineer F H Sludenr Co-Oil lad. House lis. t ompass Churl Srabbard Btad- niaine Hall Home Er. Club Beta Theta Pi Big " B- ■• Club Purple Shield Theta .S.j. , a Phi I.A.S. lUla Thetu I ' l Purple Shield E BC Spike Shoe Club Alpha K iri.a P JANE DOLORES . h HELEN Rlc HAR[) JIM 1 H(l l THEODORE DIANE TAUBMAN TAYLOR TAYLOR TEMPLE TEMPLEMA.N 1 E N N N 1 TEl EFEL TEWELI .4 S l.atv 1 S 1 A N A S I ' h.irm,,. Eng:neer Lull ' Kappa Kappa Cant ma Beta of Phratere Kappa Delta Delta Kappa Ep,iloti Phi Kappa Tau Pharm,,, lub Alpha D ■h„ l-h Panhellenir C HAROLD BETTY MARVIN JACK B. JACK R. l- l 1, RUSSELL SHIRLI THAL THATCHER THEISS THOMAS THOMAS THOM r THOM S HUM A S ■( ,s Forestry Eduration E B A B E B 1 Alpha Delta Sifima Kappa Alpha Theta S,„blHir,l Blade Phi Delta Theta Beta Upb, Psi Delta 1 hi ;,. „ ,„u„ rh S,gm„ Delta Ch ' CZllrr ' " ' CHARLOTTE ANN 1 RED Hh.HARD HARVEY IILLIAM HOIIERT IRCINIA IESLEY THO-MPSON THl RMONU THLRSTON TIBBALS T I ETON 1 IMM TOMLINSON THOMPSO.N A S A S Eoreitry Mities A S 1 S A ■ Pre-Medici Pi Beta Phi Compass Chart Beta Theta Pi Compass Chart Sigma Alt Sifmn Upha Epsilo „ Pi Beta Phi Theta Delta Chi Mortar Board Totem Club Sipma Epstlon Siama Si ma Su Poreit Club Mines Society Sigtna iVu Panhelleni, o c P4 i f% Cj fTv O p f .rv _-i h ¥? h ' ILsj 1 f Sm i)h:i !■: 1 lilKS( H f ASi II I ' reiiJent J Sifmn itphaEptC 0,„l ( ,116 r ,v s I),- (.; (. ■ " " " " HETSV I F ' I ' FK I IM ' KH 1 " I .V s HOBERT INSON W 1 1 1 1 .( S Itella T,m Delta I . Ilan.l „„ It, ' , , ;., 1 , a Pi Tmt IK NK PRITCIIVHI) -ni ' .-ipnlili. .,. lin- rfllin " I iji who lurk- J I lllr pu»,-l ;ni(l Ills iiperatoi litliimi e i ' r (irirk iMrii piijiri .... his r,nuli(l;ile iii-vcr Iom- .... K .mil |{ major .... memher of Ov;il cluli .mil lMiirfraleriiii ( ' .DUiicil .... ' •Piilih " i llir lirii;lit-eyed iiracle 011 .Stii(lfiil ( )iin( ' ll. iM USSL ' L 111 h TRUEBI ixill I Kl hMib I I A S th.wm,,, illihn i-.nmmn Delln nella Tau Ih-lla, 11, III, ' . -.In Wu Tau i IIW K[ N l-l VVIIMIMiri M s .in Tn„ il,,h,i l.,in,l,il„ Ch, Alph,, C.nmpasi Clia iniKTON WALDO £ B De In Tmi Delln Inlerjralernily CaunrU .Ci p o j .0 -J DICK I ' l L ER -polilir,, ;ind a.l nuiii . icepresideiil of student l ody. president " I lph;i Delta Sigma adverti ing honorary... Iiii-iness manager of Columns .... meinl)e of Compass and Chart ;iricl 0 al rliih . . . -iiper-smooth Sigma IV u. MARY WERNETTE A S Newman Club Archery Club MARION WESTBV A S I ' hi Kappti Tail KOBEKT WHITEI.Y A S Delia Tau Delia Sr. Frosh Manager DAVID WHtTLOW Engine er Zela Mu Tau Tau B,u, Pi I.A.S. Mu Ep ilon ROB WHITTLKSt 1 Engineer Purple Shi, 1,1 Compass Chu A.S.M.E. Kappa Si emu eu■man Cluh Oval Club Bie •■»■ " ( ' " ' • HERBERT WIEI.AND {• S B I ' hi D,lla The !ILCOX A S Camm,, I ' hi B,: CATHERtNE WILKINSON A S Chi Omega THOMAS WILLIAMS ; B Slu,l,nl C„- JOHN WILSON K .V- « U,,h„ ll,ll„ I ' h, llfhn ll,li,i ie - TALBOT WILSON I S MARSTON WINEGAR Engineer Tau Beta Pi A.S.C.E. SAMIEL WINOGRAD Mines Mining Club IS„ Delia Gamma Manor Boar,! Tolem Club O i {. MADIE (00 IIWII) WOOD CEHARD WOODWAnn FDMOM) WOHKOSKV ,l (.k S YARD MARRY YAl ' LEE 1) IIF1 RA RR() i J IAN 1 oi (: Vharmav Hho Ch, Chinese Pharmiu: ImUnt Club Club £ 1! Si iun Alpha Epsilon En i„ecr Knppn Sigma M KTHA YOl NC 1 S l ' hi In Ihhu E Ji n ni( K Z TIMSH1 :H ;■ ,. Run, " 1 ' - ' Enpin4 er -I.S.M.E. MARVIN I ' haruwcy Enpm,-er Phi Lambda ( ,,s,7,.. Ammoaii Socii A. I. Ch. E. Tau Beta Pi Zfia Mu Tau HKI.EN ZFDMCK E « .ila Tau AInha E B r. i,.r, ,•( r ,v N 1 ir . 1 . Ihiih lUtam,- - Olfirc , f s llarlmri MARGARETTA RAMSEY — red haired drama major with well founded UolK«ood aml itiiiii . . . pla ed lead- in SliMuhoat and V hou e | r( iui ' tiiHi .... characlei role . ingenues, and menaces . (larire drama .... JOAN HATTON RIDGWAY AWS president, unopposed . . poli sci major, 4. average . . . Mortar board. Totem club, W-Key, Sigma Epsilon .Sigma. Pi Sigma .41pha . . . Varsil BalL.Tri Dell wilb mellin " brown eves, a " ' Mrs. " in DeciMuber. THRON RIGGS — football larki cited in College Who ' s Wlm . . . I ' laherty Inspiration winner . . . engineering major .... member of Purple Shield. Oval club . , Rig " W ■■ man .... marine ervist. (;ENE SWAINZEY track team captain .... ran up a record as a member of Purple Shield, Oval dub. Beta Theta Pi .... Big " W " man .... Advanced Army member .... from wav out in West Seattle. CHARLOTTE ANN THOMPSON I energetic blond bombshell Pi Ph ; house president .... A S trea urer. WSSF council lag chairman assistant on Tolo .... Sigma Epsi Ion Sigma. W-Key, Mortar boaril Totem club, personnel major. HA I, WII.LITS — crew caiilain. maintains better than a 3. avi ' ragr in la« -cho.d . . Beta Theta Pi bon- IiresidenI . . member of Purple Shield. Ova! club slow, friend ly grin .... reniendier- name- after i)ne inlrodnclion. J (;K W II.SttN Alpha I). It K and li major who migral.-s lo dame comniillees .... lplia Delia Sigma, arsilv Boat dub. Oval dub. and C.O.V head ii-lier for A S concert- . . . . crewman . . . . Managerial (lou n ci I . . . . JERRIE W Old- with aspirations to be a writer, this smiling, brown- haired Delta (lanima majored in coiiipo-ition . . . has written sucees- fill pla s for OPA and war purposes .... YWCA abinet .... Totem club. Mortar board. JUNIOR CLASS , .u Treasurer; i- - Jim FreiH-li. who cliainnaned the class ' s Sophomore Beard (irowinj: Con- test, held junior | re ident jtosition. The class of " 1 I meiidMr filtered throii :h alhletio. (iiieeii (diilests. politico deals, and ASl ' W acti ities. Hard hit hy man- power shortafie. juniors had to {live up tli ' idea of the Prom, looked hack lo days of a successful S(»|)homore Carni al. headed t H(d) Waldo and astute businessman Bruce Walter, and frosh assend)lie.s and lu;i-of- ars. , EW CRt-lTCHER ... ' " » ' ° ' ] .r started when he «on an art :::::t. h n.eH Uno f,r service about oampn . • ■ " «• ' ;,: Purple hi-W- ' ' l ' ' ' " ' f»T " " " ' ,?arhuec,urentajor. bership . ■ • J " , poster? he has P- -tr ' VwS an paigns ■ " • ' r:;:cialis avy. where he h;:;:nt:o citations and rowed on ,he intramural crew. C ROL SMITH . . -. " r a ' ' ' ' ' L.An " ' - efficient in her la s. busiest, most e»» e. . . . finds time to do - ' ' " ' g ,des ,ies and -» ' " ' ' " " . l ' ded Freshman i " .io " -- " ' ' l ' fTi--- T.S the gavel Days this fall • • • captured the r. ' " rr::BoarrawardJor Junior Morta i ,ti„,„ has her class . ■ • ■ p „ and un- edited the ome sPa e , j5i,,, der the new DAIL -,, " Editor erack at benig Mana|mg _ Sigma. honoranes Sigm- ' " Theta Sigma rni- HARRVUOLLAM). -!- ; habba. habba ... one of the I ,ersity ' s best yell kings tor two dri " s the cheers out ■ ' ' ' " ■ ■ ' dark, wavy of the rooters . • • " • " ' ' haired Ueke . • • JH Malamutes. Compass ana Chart. Naval ROTC. LOL MAYER - • ■ " " " " ' ' t !: combination that luis.- places on the eampu a.d - ...ihnral committee . . • " ' - , cultural ,i„i,.,ie . member :;;? ' ;;S her first college year at the U of London. has made MH-e - . , over . . . - ' ' a - member ■ of Campass and Chart • , ; , of Phi Delta Theta ... d.irk lia operator from Spokane. , i v X H . • dark-haired. HIlHlbA 7,|.;ij,, 1,,, .he has law niajor . . • chairmanships A b and ASt j._ , , V ' " " ' uc " s:i;e ' vears. she has also ' Md Vir ' i.y hall, the Sopho- lr:lr ' an;;:al an. the P i ent s reception comm.ttee ... we W-key and DO anchor. B11.1. uEiiN . . •• ' ' ■■;- l crew, frosh. then ' , . ,iiv have made ' " ' . . Var- ure down at tbe and ,i,v Boat Club, furpK , , ,he Navy ' s " ' " J " , he stiU claim his member hip . • keeps up better than 3 P " „„„ chemistry major . . • I " ' Delia. ANN J ANCTT BECKER ■ ■•-- ,.r.,n WS leader, AJ l " .1,P chinet for two year. • • • on the .aline y of ar- si.y eoed emergen. y ' ■ ' ' " ' " ' " " ■■ Victory committee... - " ' " " " ' •pti wde smile baeked Camma Un . . . . „ ;„ m up by plenty «« enthusiasm. 95 SOPHOMORE CLASS I M ,„ler Secreun- - ' ' ' _ PresideiiU - ' lui IVloriensen, Tall Idond trt-winan Art Mortenson a|)taiii( ' (l tlic soplioiiiore class this year ) stiidciil coiimii a|)|)uiiitm nt wlit-ii prt ' Fed ( iliristcnstMi failed to retiirii to school. Annual Sopiioniorc C.arnixal funfcst was cancelled dne to manpower shortafie hut the clas rallii ' d 27 {) to enter llie lamed Beard (irowiii Contest. |{(»h l a ne chairmaned the Feliruary hair-raiser which was won l»y hlack- hearded Jim Branian. Phi Bete g " -, " , " :,?,- smile and -■.Vr ' " ne.Vto k delights both Alpha Om.cron P f . belongs ,„ oomnuttee h ad, ._ and Or- to ignia tp lo» J- ,..„„e ,.heM danre honorary . from Philippi " - - BOB PA NE. •• ) ' - ,,-,MaU . Club. t.« " P RX a. Nvell a, the mutes clann Boh, a . TO ' s . . ' o " " , lip- 1 • ,Uo 1 boxing champ • ■ • ' J« ' «- ■ ' It let Us. Bob has entered sides athleiii ■ . j , ,,ass activities, ' l " ' l ' % ,.in vear-s sophomore W ard . , " ■ ' ' " ' :nd-i; ■for varsity crew. - ' l ' T ' ' : fu ' urer. and rVW Xr ' eisameinber ;. the cabinet-counci . • . k ,il there . ■ ■ " ' • ' " (;amma Phi Beta. BILL TAM.OR-- ■ ' " ' " " ' " ' „rin . ■-•■ ' " " ' ' " ' ' ' " ' ' " " vllitv ' ba ke.ball team .hi. : he «a the lir.l sophomor ' t ' lrl in a championship series his ball wielding is uncanny another of those Beta athletes member of marine reserve. CARL EN ON.. -las. activi. «es have kep. .hi- Mala " H..e man took time t " bu,v this year . • • .row the most distinguished bear.. i„ ,he Soph beard contest . . • - ■ ' pre-law major and lives a. Rofcre ..nrs in intramural crew races. hind much of .. Ihi. -pring.- •,•■ ' ' " ■ ' (liairman. ,.,.rk with keep- other AW ' " ■ " ■ " " • " ;„ a.rouMting activity recreation " he has entered into war ' Tomagiou- enthusiasm ,!.„ has headed i.nunneral.l. A VS committee- high grade po " ' Delta Gamma. ROL .N LI TIIEK ;,„1 friendly . . ■ »■■ . ,„,! the ■■ • ' " ■ " ' SLiW coiumilt noli sci. sh trade average ,al Rclal nation prex: Dell; of W-Ke . ..flinenl , holh AWS is in many majoring " ' keeps a l " ! ' - " " ' ' ; ' ' andhcad.theln.c.- lub . ■ Wpha al- " ,,MHKI TMHlll all, has cornered a 1 tation in athletic, . varsity football . ■ heavyweight boxing nnins rated him an ITyee doe Irll the rm , . familiar to „,,. notch repu- as guard in . and as all-U champ . • ■ " " 1- grade in ath- . in iironiinencc )„,i.,i in pril- FRESHMAN CLASS . ., Vi.e-V ' re UKMU: A record ilumlier of iicarh 1000 political minded fr(t li went to tlie |»oll to elect Dick Sain|)son and three other (Greeks to office. I ' he (.la .- of 16 initi- ated the fir t Frosh Swing (Concert and formed a fro h council to ell tickel . Jitterl iif: and a nejiro l)a!id liel|)e l 1200 lMdents keep warm dnrin : the Jan- nary snow scene, and the freshmen turned o er nearK S 1 00 in jiate receipts to the Padelford l o-t- ar Scholarship fund. PERRY NELSON -•:„; i • :Sror e " .r.U. basket. b Jf ! " " ' ;:,• e ' I have a big « " ■ lure w th the HusKies . . .eronaulical engineering wUh ' " n " for a pair of Navy w.ngs in eve oul 1 ' ' 1 ' 1 PKiri • member of Compa- and Char,. MARY MERCER .,.;- ' l -;f J energy and enthu.a.n t o ' :: ' F :j::; con,nti.ion president ::Jentered into the, .OK- directed with -;P« , t . ' any . . . .old more TB bangle . person on campus . ■ • " i Omega majoring in history. jlM GREENE . . • :]J: " Z coin il a u, ,. , of hi. jobs . . ■ " 7 •„, better fro.h -rewman m ila- " than a 3 point m gr ule . the Navy ROJC blue _ friendly worker J™ ft, ,,1 1 ties in and out » ' " ' j hajls from all year . . - a riji Wenatchee. ' ™ ' 4i5 W ' inXdrati potential big name stepping V „ „,,, „ 8:3(V and Emily in T . Xwite " • • • aUo Sed ' a,! Xwed in costuming. LEO RLBSTEl.l.O IVta bro.bers i are proud of promising track star Leo who sprints and broad jump, for .he varsity team . • • always ha. ,i,„,. for a friendly wise crack or u»„ .. .majors in EngU.h. ' ' ATosTKooT , ai :,::r- ™ ' " ' " ' ' ' ' n gr Jes in creative " - large share of debate nearly 1 , ..riling and .pend :,1, the !tomen " " " ■ " one of the up and coming team . . • one j alread (re.hmen there s " ,, made trips " " - " ■ " Urpsbnien AN WS cabinet and " ; ' ' ;;; ' ; ' ,„, („, commission works . u, r publications. ' " ' ' ' :id nI:nyf::::hactivitie. ,1,„ year . . __ j , ,„„ ,.l,.,irical engineering Chi Psi wb Cook on lb ,j;o as major vrar ... a big job, ' l,a- worked on other „i,l, the same energy rativeiie. KATHRYN UNDE od ilb B ' ' uar .laiiil ' ' " llii . majn s in 1 work- e AWS project •11 done commit- and CO- FROM FIRST TO LAST Left: So|ilioiiR)it ' .Sam stiliiif; liiiiiscll ii|) lor llic annual BcanI (ir()winf; (lonti ' sl . . . spring (|uarlii- caiKliciali ' s lor ASUW | r(f iil(nt. juniors r ' l-lu ' a led " VT " Ta lor ami " ' Louf; John " Bracken at tlie |)olls. Hi ilit: frosh election hosli . . . " fiive it these " — seni(u- radio show reliearsal . . . the last litw ' Tnarcli. senior swan son " :. AMPUS LIFE tilb. ' Wt x fft T oday Is Ours COLLEGE IS NO LONGER A SMALL WORLD, SUFFICIENT IN ITSELF. OUR WORLD HAS GROWN TO INCLUDE THAT GREAT AND DISTURBING WORLD BEYOND OUR CAMPUS PATHS IN WHOSE PROBLEMS WE TAKE PART GLADLY AND COURAGEOUSLY. SaccaC Se M VARSITY BOAT . ' CLUB DANCE Two spotlighted hot and sweet hands, a Hollywood o(alist. and government gardenia eorsages typified this year ' s VBC danee. Complying with the rule of no off-eampiis dances, chairman Jack W ilsoii took o er the ROTC Armory. Loyal Shoudy. the four years imheaten racing shell, was part of the traditional nautical decorations. Crewmen turned all out for a final fling on the eve of training season. ClKiirniMM .lark W will prize lMiHi ' r Cniio Warner W.ilh -,.1, I ' aiainiiiiiil pi -incrr. Kvi-lyn DinMiiiMi MORTAR BOARD TOLO Six liiimlrecl coedj ner oU5 1y pushetl doorliell?. January 29 and waited for dates who would be-ready-in-a-niinute before the annual Tolo dance. Sponsored hy Mortar Board, the turnahout affair was held in the women ' s gym. ( icnter (base ' s orchestra dressetl in cap and gown played for the woman-pavs dance. This war-time tolo was characterized hy the appearance of de- fense stamp corsages and j)rograms plus the earlier dancing houses of8:30 to 11:30. Francella Bryant, assisted hy (Charlotte Ann Thompson, was general chairman. CADET BALL Sponsors: E lfreiie Siefeitsoii. Kitty Rt-t ' sc. Joan Peters, PhvllL- Hai.ii. Marv Helen Birel.fiel.]. (; ' V agner. Crested white leather profiranis. eorsages and formal dress marked the Cadet Ball, sponsored April 30 by Scabbard and Blade, as the first, last and only all-University formal of the vear. Reigning over the world globe, to which the ROTC Armorv was transformed bv hard-working Decorations " Chairman Harry Clark, were Honorarv Colonel Kitty Reese and Honorary Officers Joan Peters. Mary Helen Birchfield, Grace Wagner, Phyllis Hahn and Elgene Siefertson. Di- rected by General Chairman Hank Meador, those respon- sible for Cadet Ball ' s success were Committeemen Bob Ross, Harry Clark. Trig Ekroni and Bill Johannesen. VARSITY NIGHT Triiiiiiu ' d from annual ])re-war Varsity Ball. Varsity Nipht was held on-canipiis December 4 to meet slim gas ra- tions and wartime campus ref-ulations. In line with {ieneral trimmiuf; was chanf;eover from strictly formal to semi-for- mal, ban on flowers, okav on war stamji corsafxes. early hours of 7:30-11:30 p.m. 600 couples danced ha])pily to Muisic of Boi) ( ' hester in Women ' s fiym — bad f;ood time des|)ite lackinj; frills. Thanks went to Chairman Bob Lynch and coniniitlec of Barney OX onnor. Jack Greenewald. Ann Janette Becker. Kof;er Rice, Ruth ienker andMariaiuia Jones. Highlights of the first all-l ' fall mixer s|)onsored by Adelphi: 100 specially invited. a lmission-free. Sand Point sailors; 100 coeds cooperatively signed up by AWS; several hundred other stutlculs: new hours 8 lo 10:30 p.m. — to clear campus ' ar]y: music i)y Ken ( " Jouil: special prize danci- for the iiav) oidy. ADELPHI MIXER PIE DESSERT From afflc Breakfast on a week-end to Pie Dessert on a Wednesflay night — another successful wartime transition of traditional all-l affair. Instead of gob- l)ling waffles. (lri] |)y with syrup, stu- dents gohl)led |)ie — with coffee and ilancing as usual — March 3. Sponsored l y ' X CA. chairnianned hv Pattv Houck. OPEN HOUSE Clinuixing .$2,()()0-g )al .hive for VV orM Students Scivice Kunil was open house night Feiiruary HI on " Vietorv Wav, " ro- uauied from (Jree k How for occasion hy (Ihairman (ionnie Halliday. (landid shots show Phyllis Winder Stacy I seated I , Jeanne McCrew and Sisi Lewis selling WSSF-ad- mission lags, stair scene at intermission of juke-box dancing. 1 { VI -r« SOPHOMORE CARNIVAL Ideal dral ' tet ' Joe Poi levin and Earl Carrol- jiid ed, (Jiieen Marv Mai- Sriiilh ruled over the .imiiial Sophomore Carnival held last sjiring in llie Pavilion. Chairnianed h Boh aldo. the elass-spon- sored event had a " National Offense " theme. Barkers, hallyhoo. hahy honds. hlondes. siren factories, fun houses, howlinj; jianies. and dart leals played a one night stand. Thirty-two or- janized rou| s worked like beavers setting up loolhs. and the crowd came and veiled as usual It the same old funfest stunts, now with a war- ime interpretation. During intermis ion iiilitig royally drafted the viniier ol a hahv defense hond. 1 1 1 1 1 4 1 1 4 m 1 1 j jyy m . 1 -...-..! i ' m iiM iiBr p rtt[t h-jl : v . rii.lM I ' i. lili ' r- x imii r il i ici- 1 ■ A l h a iIki i Liiriil). ' () ( liiilil: S n;i lil|)li- w oiiicii- lii-l plaii ' uiiintM. C.inhr: S I :im iIkmIci- sou;; fil Mllin; . I.ijt: W (• l. Cluh gii n;i lv lo " (I on. Cup capturers left to right: Dick Blaker. Phi Delia Theta. men ' s runiier-up; Barbara Lamb. Gamma Phi Beta, wonieir ibird plaie: Hal ' illii . Bela Theta Pi. men ' s first place; Rosamond Hirschorn. Synadelphir. uuniiTr lir l place: ami Pat Renlini;, Wesley Club Girls, women ' s runner-up. For the May 1942 Seventh All-University Son ' fest. a kerchiefed and newspaper-covered audience of 2. 00 sat in the Sylvan Theater despite overtones of drip- ping censored weather to hear Beta Tliela Pi frater- nity and Synadelphic sing their way into men and women ' . " , first place. Tlie Betas, led iiy red-haired jniiior Barliara Landi. who also guided the (ianima Phi Betas in women ' s third po itioii. rang out with ■■,|(din Peel " and the fa- orile ■■l (» ing (iiip. " Rosamond Hirschorn ' s direc- tion of S nad(lphic ' " Smoke (rets in Your Kyes " won the fir l place tropliy for the women ' s group. Perpet- ual cujis. gifts of the University Bookstore and ASUVi . went to the first placers, with hronze trophie.s to the other winners. Women ' s and mens runners-iip were the Wesley Clnb Girls and Phi Delta Theta. Gamma Phi Beta and Phi (ianmia Delta were third placers. Other entries in the finals were Pi Beta Phi. Alpha Phi. Theta C.h ' i and Kaj pa Sigma. Judges from the music department were Professors August W erner and Bertha Dow Jacohson. Student music judges were Elizabeth Oshorne and Robert Wil- son. Dean of Men Dean Ne who use presented the awards. Sandy Mackie chairmaned the Songfest which is annually sponsored by Malamiites. men ' s service and activity honorary. r FORESTERS GARB DAY W.aiiii rid Iki1 . caiilkcil llot•s and tin pants. 200 Foict-liy nn ;t ' lebiati ' il tlifir animal Garh Day early in INovcniljer. The enib o Paul Bunvans clinihcd trees, tested fire-fightinfi efpiipnient. roLiI and 1.,-. Due t(i reiiiinine irdlneiici ' onK seven enlcred tile lieard |j;ri wig lunlesl won l( Hni) Li injistone. Mtir the strong, silent men of the I ' oresi rolled lo s in i ' rosh p d and eonipleted li lit eontests. t;eneral eliaif man Art Peder;ii. chalked up the most points to win the eoveli-d title d ' " " ( )le. " kinpf the ioresl. ilh i;inf;hani jiow ned dates the foresters wound up the day wh ihe Lojiiiers " Brawl in the eluh rooms of Anderson iiall. where va- ner I ' edersen was presentee] with a seven foot hnekinji saw. y l 1 . , ■ " " V i ama, ' De ite. ' THu ic. cctccieA TONIGHT AT 8:30 itefPti ' Hands Across the Sea " Mariimn. " altfr kirrli.-ii tal telfphon.. from Chris Hun- iMilwiiiiim Barrie Filzimnin Ralph Rosiiihuni sits dreanii Three of Noel (iu aid ' s |ila s from tills series " jave the Penthouse patrons a ;liin|tse of three stratas of Hritish life, eleverly presented within the confines of the cireular stasie. Fumed Oak Joyce Mill. r. I ' auliM.- O ' liar.-. Harold rctl.rsitl. Esther (ialis lirrakla-l in llliir ti-iial iiiariiii-r. Family Album I ' hil Walk.-r walihos Marjoric Warren. icioria Swan. Kov Srhii- mann. Hal IVllersen. Ralph Rosinl.n.n. Dorothy Hardman. .lark Hillshury. i ' liiff :h..rl pl.v al " rrinee and i ' rin,..s " foll,.«. ing deatll of delesled falli.r. UK TIic li (I in i ci (I ;i I (l(iini: id wo ni;i i l ' ii aunt- i ii llirir- iro vii l« ii( ' inaii iuii cvuki-tl iiif contimiuu rliinkN ' . Doii- il Ilai rinjiton direrlcd lii fine (;! ! w itii finesse tliroii li lie iiilricacies ot corpses in he wiiidnw hox. atleiiipled iiiirder l( tlie ■teclied " Boris Ivariotl nephew, and poison- ing with ehlerherry wine with iiist a pinch of arsenic. Eloi.-p I.overidge and Rich Hoerner ire coiijiraliiLili ' d on en ga f;fiiienl by Vweel " Id aunls " (Gertie Kinnell and iVIar -tMia W oi-rner. HB B t ■H 1 BIV ' T i BT I H K " A ' A B - 1 WM HK ! i W ' 1 i 1 M i Bai ILm ARSENIC AND OLD LACE Marcena Woerner and (ii-rlir Kinni-ll nlil ' in Iriumpli .1- Hill r{o«le llicir t li i rl c.-n I li victim. Rich Hocrnrr awail- ih.- knife frcini Jim Vn-nlnn uliilc •■piltplic- pla-lic -nrjicon licdi Colin teadic? hi- nir c . IL POMEROY ' S PAST Tlif flowering of a maiden gentleman into an ardent lover throngli the a j)i)earan(e of an nnexpected j)aj-t is the theme of this gay Penthouse comedy. Be- fore the sister-dominated Pome- roy finished the third act he liad adopted a child, assisted in its kidnapping, and proposed to two charming ladies, hoth of whom accepted, lint one elopes with the kidnapper, so all ciid well for Pomcrov. Bud Weher and VAvn Pfau admire Latin Caroline Shaw while Dorothy Hardinan ,iealou l «al.hrs. nriT B paPs Betty Wa»hl)iirn i- pu . hcl l.v the shenanigaii of chi i- anil Ilardman. Happy family group Kurt (Bud Weberl plays, his ohildren Dorothy Spellman. r)j i(l Herald and Bob Cass sing and grandniothfr Fannv (Gertie Kinnell) listens. What liappeiis when a peaceful Ameritan home is iiiAaded l)y sin- ister Nazi elements hehl Sliowhoat patrons hreathless (hiring the six weeks rnn of this powerfnl anti- Nazi drama. ell east and thonght- fidly directed hy Michael Ferrall it was among the best of the sea- ()n dramas. II,. l.. .iimI Knri ni.ik. ' Ii i. ' ixU u ilh I ' anny ' ii III. ill. I . ' Ml. I III. ' ki ,-u ..I h. ' i- honir (Minnl de Braniovis. the Nazi nienare. pla ed li Jim threatens his frightened, ex- patriate wife. .Margaretta Ramsey. WA TCH ON THE RHINE " Show nie the foxe . (he litth ' foxe that spoil the ines " iives the title t Lillian Helmaii!- Iirilliant ]»lay o white-tra h Iirijjands at the turn of th century. The ugly spectacle of a siste and two hrothers fighting for the profit of a sla e-wage project and their sidijei tion and e entnai nuirder of the gent ones who oppose them engrossed Shov ])oat patrons in a " best of the year drama. W ilk.T jn.l .hi.U IIill-lMir . MM. ,n„r hr. !li,r . iiiMruil R il|ill R.. in- hiMii in tin. ' | .Mnl of liircoin. THE LITTLE FOXES One of tlio penile ones, Biir- l ;ira IJerger, treniMes before wanclin;: of rlie pre(hilor family. ;ioria Miller, I ' liil Walker, and Jaek Hill l iir . " TlK.t ' s rii;ht. lake a little rria ali e. " Bell W a li- Imrn a- ( " arol Arden, sexy movie star, lures Ralph Mo- Colin. lln ' iiumrenl Wdrkinj; to ; but CaroIiTic Shaw MS Aiiiil Kate kri ' p-- a izrini »• »• iti ur i carryin SMHi. 3 PERSONAL APPEARANCE Director Donal Harrington made an hilarious farce of this slightly shopworn vehicle and pre- sented it to Penthouse theater goers Aviio rocked with laughter at tlie undoing of a Mae Westy movie star trying to clamp onto the fiance of a sweet vmni " : thin " . A " tiny (iiiriiicnt " savt-s llir (l;iy as Iicr piil). lieity man, Dirk Hoyt, pulls all tin- stop- for Carol Ardi-ii ' s benefit. Daiighlpr Jeanne Iletherington listens to c|iiarrcling of neiirolic mother Marianne Wallerskinlien arul srnsilil.- Ainit Kale. Caroline Shaw. (]luK ' k Ilarrader ai Puck the mad sprite presides i er lliis jiiddy eoinedy of fairy land. Director Micliae! Ferrall and art di- rector J. Asliy (ionway created tlie frotliv. ijav condiination of Iwinklin j: star-studded skies, mysterious fairy jrlens and magnifi- cent court scenes lliat Sliakespeare called a " dream " and Seattle called " the hest theatrical production of l ' 12! " ' r na " A MIDSUMMER NIGHT ' S DREAM Obcron nnil Til;ini:i qiinrrpl: Kiilli l$eiir- lctli, J:i(k llilMMir . ChiK-k H;iriii(lcr. Mary K,l i ,;i Im-i li K.-IU. Ciimliii,. Shaw. Dorolliv li. ' vnafl. iimI Dorolln Siirllrnan. Tin- wp.lfliiif; of ill.- ama iin O n uilli lovers. Dorotliy llardmaii. (;ii-nn Plan. Cracr Si i i M i n }: and Ricli Hoer- n.-r. ihc Connl (;oi(lori l ' o anil ina oii «.lil.-en Mar tmi Walhr-kinlon. OFF STAGE 1.(1. llic (Iraina major in lii.s nati c liaiml . . . tile jmifilcs of fourlli floor Dt ' iiiiv. Hfloii : Hill Bowles designs for revolving stage . . . Doris Warren clieck I a-ling list for her name while " Fluff " Chorlton and Bol Culm x.iM | i in old stage mag. liollom tit lo ): Habs Abel fits aiitlieiilic piriiid costume for a Boat show . . . Margarelta Ram- sey and llerliN Rogers work ii |iu| |ic!s for spring show . . . Jean CaftVe wails the (Jo signal from Kov Sbunian in radio lab . . . Jeamie Hetherington and Rieli lloiMiier emote as Director Michael Kerrall looks on and Professor Glenn Hughes watches Vi arner Brothers scout, Solly Biano (the legs) for favorable re- action. DANCE DRAMA War in the vVmericas was the theme of this spring ' s annual danee drama re- cital directed by Mary Aid de Vries. A Martinique number. La (juiahlesse. fea- tured a brilliant Peruvian dancer, (bar- men Nelson, and Marjorie Warren, tal- ented Seattleite. Bar- . the western number, portrayed simple amusements of wartime America, while " Seattle Stands " laujibed at the trial of this na- tion, dumped rudely to its feet to stand interminably in ration book lines at gro- cery counters and on buses. Roseniarion Simoiitoii, (.eorgiaiia McKay. Daplme Hailey, Carmen Nelson, Rosella Steiiicr, l.aurii- Huck. Marj.iii. ' Warriii, liiiiiiii- lalalc iii l.a (JiiiahlcsM ' . Uirns a pro ooal ive shoulder lo the audience. PUPPETRY In the basement of Denny a ehiUrs para- dise is hidden. Rohin Hood and his Merry Men surround Maid Marion. Ali Baha and his forty thieves ghiat over their treasures in the magic cave. Cinderella smiles through her tears at her fairy godmother. University Puppet shows troup con- stantly over this part of the state, play to thousands of school children each year; also take their productions to children ' s hospital wards and large childrens parties. Cassie Mills explains ii-i- of hand saw. invaluable in creation of sets for puppet produitions ... a class in pup- pel c onstruction. They make marionettes, hand puppets and stick puppets . . . the show goes on in crowded quar- ters behind stage. Caroline Shaw. Bill Bowles. Helen Ham- ilton and Doris Warren put the little actors through their tricks for the eager grammar schoolers out front. PUBLIC D M ARC RF.T S (; R Distussinf!; the " Role of the (iixilian in Total ar. " the wonien piihlie discussion group this year spoke lief ore more than sixty audiences. Their various en- gagements took them to eastern Washington. Idaho. Oregon and (California. Audiences were mainly service organizations, commercial and community clubs, high schools and colleges. Margaret Sagar. student manager of the group, and Shirley Peek participated in di cus- sions with eight California universities. hen Dr. in S . Bird went into the service in mid-year. Charlotte Fitton agner took on the coaching duties. Third year memhers are: Marjorie Marinakos. Shir- ley Peek and Margaret Sagar. Second year: Virginia Smith. Lola Mayer. Mariem Murfin and Darlene Si- grist. First year: Jane Fisher. Pat Ostroot. Marilyn Quint and Jane Watt. SHIRLEY I ' EEK Sealetl, Left lo Rijihl: Ann Murinakos. Virpinia Sniilli. Marjorie Murinki Ostrool, Darlene SigrisI, Jane I ' " istier, Mariem Murfin. Margaret 8apar. -liiil.- I ' .Tk. Dr. Win Kink Sliuulinii. It ' ll !• Hiiihl: V: SCUSSION Twelve members of the men ' s public discussion team toured Washington, visited Portland. ancouver, B. C, and Los Angeles this year speaking on the sub- ject of " How we can better gear our economy to the war effort. " Appearing before a hundred different au- diences, both public and forum discussions were held. The Victory Tax was also a subject of consideration in various panel discussions. Don Urquhart was stu- dent manager of the group, with Henry Perfield assist- ing. Prof. A. L. Franzke was faculty director and Wade Kniseley was assistant director. Squad members are: Keith Krueger. Bill Young. Donald Hochberg. Gordon Campbell. Hugo Oswald. Rodman Miller. Bob Rey- nolds. Da id Woodbridge. Keith Campbell, Oren Rabin. Henry Perfield and Don I ' r juhart. DON lR(,ll HART HENRY PERFIELD Sedleil, Left to Ripfhl: Keith Krueger, Bill Yonnp. Donald Hochberg, Wade Kniseley, A. L. Franzke, Gordon Campbell, Hiiro Oswald, Rodman Miller and Boh Reynolds. Sltindini:, Left to Right: David Woodbridge, Keith Campbell, Oren Rabin, Henry Perfield and Don I rquhart. n BEECHAM INVASION N Famed En};li h lon- (luftor Sir Thomas Beecham came to tile rumpus to rehearse the l ' ni ersil svni- l.hony fo ram with the Seatl yiiiphoii . The Pei lie ' s concert. The University synijjhony under the direction of George C. Kir-eiiner coniliined with tlie Seattle oreliestra under Sir Thomas Beeehain in the ( ' i ie auditorium. The annual (ihristnias eoneert. usually given for the Times JNeedy Fund dri e was given this year for the USO. $; 21 was raised. All instrumental and choral groups participated in the program. In Fehruary the symphony presented a concert in Meany hall, and again the audience contrihiited to a charity, this time, the W SSF. almost SI 00 wa- realized. The Fehruarv concert honored Ahraham Lincoln, and featured four student soloists: Phyllis Hader. iolinist: and Vi arren alker. Ruth Harris and Llo)(l Hunt in a jiecial Irio for cellos. ARTIST ' S MUSIC The nuisic department and the Henry Art gal- lery (((operated in a series of Sunday afternoon and Tuesday e ening programs. The series held in the galier iucliuled piano, choral, and instrumental group |)resenting iM(lh IU(lenls and facull mendxrs, ( iie program feaUiiid l ' ofe or Moritz K((sen ' s string ((iiarlel. Mendiers are I ' lnllis Kadcr. first violin: ShirlcN (Jreelv. second i(din: ,Iac(pic- line (iedariiolm. ioia: and h ' litli Harris, cello. I .id WE SING WOMKNS CHORUS MEN ' S CHORUS The woinens cliorus diroclt ' d hv Au- gust Werner sang at the (llirislmas pri - grani of the music de])artiiii ' nl in Meany hall and at the deiiartnienis (Christmas party. In June thev took part in a nnisie program for the combined choral groups. The nuMi ' s chorus is und ' r the ilirrclinri of Professor Lawrence. Highspot of the coral groups unilir (]liarles Lawrence was their ](resentalion of Earl Robinson ' s " Abe Lincoln Comes Home Again. " First sung on the eve of LiiKidn ' s birthday, tlicv rc cived re- (|uests for the number from grou|)s out- side the cami)us. They sang for the I ni- versity ( loiiinicrcial club, ami at the Na- val hospital. riii ' y presented a Christmas program for Sand Point ' s sailors, and took part in the Navy day program at ' ictory sunaic. CLEE CLUB P|BAND PLAYS ON Jejn I?,r niiil Tiiin W ilty hcliirr tlir «iii(; coiicert for somr inarncaN prnclice. The busy University Concert band sehefluled almost monthly outside eii- ;agcnients besides their five Meany hall concerts. Meany concerts were lii ;hli :hled by the innovation of eoninuniily sinfiinfi un- der ibe direrlioii of Ciiaries Lawrence. Whistles, shouts and jieneral approval met the baud after their December swiu;; concert. Kutii Welke performed tiie ini- usual arraufzement of Gershwin ' s " Rhap- s )d In Hlue " ' with the band at the March prof;rani. Tile baud lift ibc campus to perform at the Naval hospital, in Brenu-rlon. Vancouver, B. C, and Victory Square. PEP-SWING-JAZZ O- ALLEGRO Miss Hall ' s Madrigal Singers took pari in the Christmas t-oniert and gave a spring coni ' ert of their own May 2. Mildred Townsend anil Mary Uurniiig sell surkers to hiiy records for soldiers. Mu Phi Epsilon sponsored the drive, ( )iil ol the a|)|)ar( ' iit coiifusioii ami discord.s that issue from the open windows of the music buihling eoino harmonious resuhs such as the madrif;al singers, a group which sings 16th century music seated around a table according to the old English custom, (group tradition I. The department aided the countrys war effort with their innumerable concerts at Victory Square, in Naval Hospitals — wherever music could help. Allegro, the squirrel, did his part too. He cheered up the music department, with his regular 2:20 p.m. call at the window sill for sweet-meats. One of the groups under Miss Hazel Gertrude Kinxella thai performed early American music in the Henry An gallery. Earl Robinson ' s " Ahe Lincoln Comes Home Again " given in .Meany hall by all University choral groups. Five singers relaxing after a performance. ri sMh STARS IN MEANY • JOSEF H( )FFMAN ZINO FKANCESCATTI As iisiKtl wlii ' ii AW S takes over Meaiiy liall. the nights are hright sith liij; names — stars of tlie eoiieerl worM. Slioiitin;;. histliii ' ;, sweet singiiif; Don Cossacks proved so )(ojndar tliev scheduled two concerts to accomodate the first night ' s overflow. The 27-man chorus deliglited the audience with Russian songs that ranged from religious hvuHis to the ever popular Song of the Volga Boatman. The " Cinderella girl " of song. Helen Jepson was AW S " second star. Blond, heautiful Miss Jepson showed great ver- satility in her interpretation of soprano arias. Her reper- toire included English folk songs, modern classics and selections from her extensive operatic roles. First instrumentalist was Zino Francescatti, French vio- linist. The great Bach interpreter thrilled the full Meany hall audience with his precise mastery, his full satisfactnrv interpretations of the master ' s prehule. Loure and (iavolle for violin alone. Josef Hoffman, supreme |iian ) irtiKiso. iielil lii audi- ence for more than two hours with his ](erfect renditions of the best in piano classics. High spot was Beelhoven ' s W ald- stein sonata. Screen and concert star .Nelxin I ' .ddx cliiiuiM-d ihe series. Tickets were sold out a month hefore the show. The hand- some baritone presented a j)rogram that wound between Mozart. Handel and folk songs such as Frog Went a-Cour- tin " . Encores such as Danny Boy and well loved Marie kept the audience cla|)ping. HELEN JEPSON • FliLTOA LEWIS. JR. LOUIS FISCHER HOW ARU PIERCE DAVh LISTEN AND LEARN " MADAME VINCENTE LIM (Scnle.I) First lecturer in the AWS series, Howard Pierce Davis spoke with the authority that comes from a career as news commentator and newspaper man. A contributing editor of Newsweek, he once interviewed Hitler. Davis suggested an immediate organization of Allied nations into a basic international democracy. A second radio news commentator followed in the lecture series several weeks later. Fulton Lewis. Jr.. spoke in a smooth flowing Noice of national affairs before an almost capacity Meany hall crowd. Season ' s highlight to many was the appearance of crusa- der Louis Fischer. Speaking fervently on the Indian crisis, Fischer pleaded for India ' s cause. More than two thousand persons climbed Meany hall ' s steps to hear one of Nation ' s editors. Petite, ciiarming Madame incente Lim. emancipator of her Filipino country-women, was the final AWS series jieaker. ifc of a brigadier general, the former Univer- silv of Pbili|ipiiic maliicnialics professor and leader of pro- gressi c women ' s mo emenls spoke sadly of her country now, bravely of its future. 136 " Pu Ucatcoit 137 DAILY EDITORIAL STAFF W . . 1 (,kAY -F;ill Ou iil.i E.lilc.i. l ill. Iiiii|ir uiini- Don Quixoli h iiusadtr. Hrilliiinl. Il.i-li . irii|ii li jirin. Loves lo nieandfr nil in li,ilM-|nMr,iM (juoles, dabbles in realms nl sin- dent llion(;bl. R0(;ER HVE — Winter Quarter Editor. Writes best copy under pressure, with finesse. Ponders makeup, meticulous, yet takes a fliiif; at the Ica- lurish. Worked on every publication. Left «ilb the ERC. A safe and sane DailN was this year s ll - v • (l as a new plan rolled iiitii effeet fall quarter using a coniplele junior-joiunalisni staff. Durino the year a few non-ma- jors, registered for " 199. " filtered into the shaek. Fall quarter Wally MaeKay oeeupied the well-worn editorial chair, made radical make-up changes, (lidiunn rules came in (which Bye inevitahly took out again). The Daily was noted for excellent campus co%erage as MacKay fought to make the puhlieation a students jtaper. Editorial policy seemed to follow trends in stmleiit thought and the (qjinion-mill idea was encouraged. Roger Bye, the winter wonder, went to work on the hack page, made it one of features and ojjinions. no slop-overs. The women ' s [jage was cut to two days a week. " Rog " faithfidly studied " ' what students read. " slipped into the old type of editor- ials — campus prohlems in general. Both Bye and MacKay kept the campus well informed (»n all military actix ities and recruiting programs, heralded all Washington ' s war efforts. Through FAHl and draft inductions the Daily lost man|(ower. .lack H)an. ()i in Nordness. Jack (Jreenwald. .lim Hiinlley. Ray Broughton — all left. Spring (]uarter — came the re ( liUion whicii had heen r ii in h I i ng ail ear. iNo Daily editor. A rotation |)ian of editors and slafl mendicrs was adopted with a dil- ferent faculty overseer sitting on tlic desk ' ery day. .Ms sulked. After several weeks Ted Morello, student instructor. to(d . oxer the joh of g ' iieral adviser and consultant. As ' I ce goes to press. th ' re is no iiidicaliun llial llie DaiK will iilow out of its quiet dignified doldrums. Old-timers sit around and sliak ' their In-ails as coeds edit the sjiorls page and the Shack has an aura of a female assemhly. Ihe Daily has gone to war. X ' , NEWS HOUNDS •„;, („ Hottom: WOMEN ' S STAFF: Amu- BtMiidin. F;iy.- Si. Join.. Elizuheil. Pi.krell. Pal Russell. NIGHT EDITORS: Russ Holt, Virgiiiia Taylor, Cliarl.s Hinc- hani, Margaret Swanson. Wally Graves. Ted Morello. -SPORTS STAFF: Mark Muin. An Harlvig. Bill .S,„iil,. H,„A Rotv: Gordy Greiiues. Denzil Walters. Cliff Marrioll. SPECIAL REPORTERS: Virginia Taylor, Ann Taylor. Wally Graves. Margaret .Swanson. GENERAL REPORTERS: Front Row. Dorothy Beulow. Rosella Steiner, Bunny Ross. Second Row: Jean Allen, Fraii- cella Bryant, Rhoda Sussman. Third Row: Gib Austin, Bill Bates, Louis Marihi. Left: CHARLES BINGHAM Wire Editor — Winter Quarter. Rii:ht: RUSS HOLT Managing Editor — Winter Quarter. Left: LOLA LA PA UGH Women ' s Editor Fall Quarter «; , : HAZEL MILLIKIN Managing Editor — Fall. Winter Quarter. Ufi: MARK MUIN Managing Editor Fall. inter Quarter. Ki if: DWIGHT SHEARER Sports Editor Fall Quarter l.efi: GENE SCHROEDER Sports Editor -Winter Quarter. Riiihi: CAROL SMITH omen ' s Editor — Winter Quarter. V DONALD FLEMING, Business Manager DAILY BUSINESS STAFF Selling; aiKertising va, i a lianlcr joh than usual this year and it re qui red the eoni- hined efforts of a hard v()rkiiig husiness staff to keep the Daily on a paying basis. Don Fleming was the sparkplug husiness manager throughout the year working with a nearly all girl staff. Helen Rowland was offiee manager and Barbara (bustard in eharge of the classified advertising. Others on the office staff were Marilyn Lonon, Ma- rian Sparks and Dorothea Pappe. Bruce Walter who left with the ERC was in charge of national advertising. Cinul.ili.iri Si.ili STEVE CALLENDER and RAY COBLEV BRUCE WALTER N ' aliiinal Advertisin); Manaci-r Office Staff: Barbara Custard. Marian Sparks, Dorothea Pappe, Helen Rowland. Advertising Staff: Jack Shea, PVanceUa Bryant, Betty Ross, Donald I ' leniin . Rhuda Sussnian. Bruce Walter Rose Doyle, Ted Morello. ' ' avi.!ILJ. i TYEE BUSINESS STAFF Despite the wartime iips and downs whieh caused the Tyee business staff to lose its mana- ger. Bill Christensen. with the ERC and tiie ad salesmen to walk (no pas I. tiie business staff stuck it out successfully for the year. Lois _Mc- Connell. originally the circulation manager who topped all previous records on subscriptions sold, turned to and headed the advertising staff, then took over coni|)lett ' management when Christensen left. After proving herself backbone of the staff, she was elected business manag ' r for next year. Other hard-working staff members in- clude: Of fice Manager Dorothy Saunders: Nor- ma Fritz. Evelyn McLean. Donna Cults. Pat Bacheldor. Frances Waldron. Miriam Davis. illette Moak. Marily Druck served on the ad- vertising staff. BILL CHRLSTENSEN. Business Manager LOIS McCONNELL Advertising Manager Office Staff: Betsy Bloom. Dona (iene Moberg. Willetta Moal, Evelyn MiLean. Advertising Staff: (.Standing I. Lois McConnell. Evelyn McLean. Marilyn Drnik. Miriam Ja(()l». I Sealed I Wil ella Moat. TYEE EDITORIAL STAFF Spring. 1943. and another Tvec goej to J)res . . . to add (iliune No. 44 to the record of student life at W a liington. This second war year sees the pro- duction »f a Tyee whicli has not heen cnrtailed in size, or. we hope, the quality which has made the University ' s yearhook outstanding during past years. With the exception of a few minor disappoint- ments, nece ssary materials have heen availahle in spite of wartime conditions. The [)inch has heen felt mainh in curtailment of staff personnel. Rutti Waller . Editor Seclion Hdilnrs: M.c 15 rii lu I. ;. r li . W „mrn Siiorl ; Miirfian-lta Rain ey. Drama; Riilli llnu.ll. Mumc. Oflicv Sniff: Jo »i illiams, Mary Lee t ' ri e. kay I ' omc- roy. olfir.- nianag -r. anil Mar arel I ' oore. (,,;„T„I Staff: Barl.ara W alker. wlio covered the ASUW .eitioii: Kay Mai Arlliur. «lio a»i Ie(l »ilh dark room »ork: I ' at Rll»elk «llo helped (■lioo e rla- prom- illenl . Siilly Fleming. AsMxiale Editor J;u(|lli ' Rlljip. rl Kdilc Tetl Sizeiiiore. Artist In tlie Tyee editorial officer a skeleton staff, pared to the niinimuni dne to the demands of I nele Sams armed forces and war time johs, has worked to record the story of a university at war. On the pages of this volume yon will find their work . . . Jacques Rupp. who did all of the art work except the four divisional sections . . . the publications photographers, hacklione of the staff, and especially Steve Johnson and Boh Sil- erman. who know that making a picture entails far more than just tripjiing the shutter . . . Mar- jorie Da is. capahle freshman who has a hig fu- ture on Tyee . . . Lola LaPaugh and Dolly (Car- penter, journalism seniors, whose talents will he loaned to the Armv when thev enter the WAAC in June . . . Hid I es. who worked long hours, put Tyee first before all other demands on his time, is still covering spring sports for next year ' s Tyee as this one goes to press. To these faithfid members of the production staff, we. the editors, owe a debt of gratitude. We are gratefid also for the contrijjutions of those staff members who were not able to carry through to the end ... to Russ Holt, sports editor until he was called with the ERd . . . Walton Kirk, managing editor under Editor Hartnng. whose work on layouts we missed after he entered the Army winter quarter . . . Marlowe Hartnng. who planned the book, had to gi c iq) the editorship th - middle of winter (piarter due to demands of a -7 program antl scholarship retpiirements. Marlnui- Hartllll 143 Ru s Holt, Holi lve . Sports E.lilor- Marjoric Davis. Dolli.- CarpciiI.T. I.ola I,al ul ll THE COLUMNS GEORGE SKLVIDGE . . . serious first issue editor . . . idea man supreme . . . autlior of down to earth humor . . . maf; felt iinfiilahie ' a]( whe n Army ehiinied one of liesi editors in years . . . Si;;ma Deha Chi. JEAN PARKER . . . attractive, aiii- mated editor of (lohimns . . . s| ent 1 no vears on llie Dailv . . . ])refers tail l)h nds anil rum cokes . . . with war-ri(hlh d staff ahnost ahine she workeil lonfi and faitli- fiilh hut not in vain . . . her ma ; was a lit on ihe campus. f . :J m- JACOUES RUIM ' . . . editor for two issues . . . top cartoonist for four years . . . his ;:a s and humor artieh-s were re- printed in otiier niajis . . . Gohiuuis ami Sii:nia Ciii will miss deiionair .locko. A f lA LOK . . . ,i.-.Mmv clal.hlrr in .olico,. |Hir.i..r . . . -riiloi III ioiiriKilisiii . . . ;i Tri Dill li -liaiil whosr sluirl sluiirs cnlivciifd many an issue . . . Iicr lieart wears Navv win s. IKDSIZKMOKK . . . I ' lii Deli lioily hoy ...In rneil on I lo |) llifilil cailoons linl cried lor ser- ious illustrations . . . interests centered about art, boojiie woo- fiie piano, and women . . . Col- umns loss and the Arniy " s fjain. Columns year was one of fjross upheavals. First editor George Sehidge put out the Oetoher issue while on two weeks furlough after Army physieal. Sueeeeding Selvidge were arty eartoonist Jaeques Kupp and Daily memher Jean Parker on an alternating editor basis. Studying Navy 7 elaimed Rupp after two issues. Left with the reins was Jean Parker. Next loss was Rohert INIansfiel 1. journalism professor and ad iser to the magazine. Taking o er in her hushands place was Mrs. Norma Mansfield, short story writer for national magazines. With a skeletcui staff Editor Parker carried through Winter and Spring quarter. In an office enlivened hy the tunes of editor ' s radio playing recordings from its one sta- tion, copy featuring e ery part of the campus took form for puhlication. A more seri- ous war time theme was brought oiU in many cartoons, stories and articles. Reminis- cent fiction from coed typewriters longed for the college life before the war. HAZEL MILLIKLN . . . I ' l I ' lii pixie . . . three-year Daily veteran . . . lent a much needed hand to olil pal Parks . . . |ii(iali ,e ill article-. iiilir lews, loothall player.s. MAHI.OWK 1IMMI.N(, . . . .Is. 1 1{(, IMA TA ' LOK ... journalist l )Uchy praetioner of pen and hrusli turned ASI W prexy . . . snooped ar- . . . most versatile associate i-ditor in ticles lor (lolumns while covering ears . . . his philosophical apjiroach i-am])us for P-I . . . journalists ' claim captivated Martha . . . Oval -luh. Siji- to political success. . . ke|)t away from ma Delta (Ihi. -7. President and Psvch on nia;r. X i V %a- HAROLD THAL, Business Manager COLUMNS BUSINESS STAFF Hardest fleatlline of the year for the Cohinins business staff was tliat (hiriiif; " the big snow. " Cohunns came out ibal iiKHitli and lias i i-rv iiionlh siiici-. cvcii tboufih nearly all the staff has fione Id war. Lcavinf; for the services were Georf;c Knowles. Bill Hunl. I)i k Hcacli. Staff iiicinbers who put in a whole year ' s work are Harold riial, business manager: Dorothy Buelow. advertising manager: Shirley Bower, office and circulation manager. Two firsts were es- lablishe l: Dorothy Buelow. the first girl advertising man- ager and Shirley Bower, firsi to take over both the office and circulalion jobs. UOROTH Bl El.OW. Adverlisiriji Manam-r A fiver I i sing Stalj: Dick Beach, Bill Kelly. George Knowles. Bill Hunl, irginia Draper. Jean Linton. SHIRLEY BOWER. Officer Manager Oj ir,- Slajj: HikI, Hon: BelU W alkin . Betl Rolermmnl. C. ' .mu Anderson. Jean l.inlon. I ' ronI Hon: Mnri.l Da ie,. Kav Ma.Arlliur. INanev Mall. I ' atsv I ' oller. Circulation Slujj: Dorothy Dick, Mary Ann Bishop. Frances Me- Keclinie. c John Uu ' Ur,. D.aii I ' jImk Sieve J.ili Professor Boli Mansfiel.l PHOTOGRAPHY STAFF (ihief ;iitle lo e(lil r of oaiiipus |)iilili( ' ati iii.s are the men lieliiiid tlu- cameras. In that three rin eir- cus on tile second fh)or of Lewis hall known as the piililieations photojirapliy de|»artnient. a series of photographers ha e oonie and gone during this war year, making their contrihutions to The Daily, Tyee and Columns. Chief-of-Staff Dean Palmer and Fac- ulty Adviser Boh Mansfield were called hy the Army at the close of winter quarter, leaving Herb Liukin in charge. Herb ' s reign was short — exactly one week until he got his call from the Army Air corps. (ihet Ho ey entered the armed forces in .January, John Hieber went with the KRC early in A])ril. and (iil Baker, who joined the staff during spring vaca- tion soon followed. Steve Johnson, chief-of-staff spring nuarler. carried the heavy Tyee production load in addition to Daily and (lohunns work, assisted by Bob Siherman and Stanley Mott-Smith, the hoys from Hawaii. Doug Billmeyer and Mike Bradley, veteran newspaj)ermen who returned to take jour- nalism courses spring quarter helped oiU. Bob Block. Summer Daily staff photographer, also man- ned a camera during the early part of fall qiuirter. Slanlev Molt-Smilli LAW REVIEW The Law Revikw is the official or-iaii of liotli lli ' law school ami the W ashiiif;ton Stale IJar Associa- tion. The magazine first piihlislied in )2r . is issued (|iiarterly. It reaches state lawyers. ju(l ;es and other law schools. Left to Right: Melvin K. lirmiington. James D. MrCiilcli.Mn. Jr.. Lucil.- Ixmien. Don C. l„-l. JmIim li. I iilr, li. (..i i I ' re-i.l.-iil i . Rolierl L. T;i lor I Editor in Clii.-f). Frank l.alcliaiii. John C. ISranian. ol in I ' irlurr: H. II. NoiilrinanM. ll.rH kaslnor. Charles ( J. I ' laiiagan. Jr., Charles C. (Jleiser, Lawrenie Howard. FOREST CLUB QUARTERLY The Forest (iliili Onarterly places hefore readers the newest and most useful information arising from Forest Industries of Western America. Begun in 1912 it is the ord technical magazine juil out hy a forestry schtK)l. I ' Rniv: diaries Alexander, ediior; John Barinaga. irior Harrv. Irank Cr.ok. Cord. .11 Craxuni. Srroini Ron: Norman Hansen. Phil Johnson. Arthur Pedersen. John IVri.e. Richard Thurston. ,il in I ' irlnrr: Paul T. Kerniedx. Thoma- ner. lien Bryant. Henry IJaudistell. Jack DeNoiiia. Howard Millan. Ted .Steeidierpen. Ja k Todd. Rohert Torheiui. Carl Zet t eri.e r };. .Ni.k Juliano. Fncully Reprcsfnlntives: Bror L. Crondal, O. H. Sehrader. Jr. -» C=,.i 11 .U ' THdctmif ■: ' h w. " x THE ARMY Washington ' s Reserve Officers " Trainin}; (lorps l ej:an instnution of some 2.000 men at the heginning of the xhool year. Basic enrolhnents sur- passed all times. Enlistments of a(l aiice(l tii(lent iipped ninety |)er cent. Colonel .lohn R. Eden. Connnandant. added two new units — the Quar- termaster (ior|»s and the Signal Corps in the spring and fall of 1942 — to the existing ( oast Artillery and Infantry organization . The ROTC made the switch to (J-Ts and oli e drah tlii car as hlues went out for the duration. By spring (juarlcr the Eidisled Re er e Corps and other hranehes of service had claimed men. m) lluit ni MnlKM;-hi|)s siiowed a drop to 617 hasic slu iculs and U)0 advanced M H ' C seniors, liic latter In 1m- called in .luue. II Colonel Jiilin R. Eden, professor of in tary science and tactics. Graduate of De Pauw University. Indiana in 1910 and the Infantry officers ' school at Fori Benninj;. Georgia. Served in X Drld War 1. Came to ihe University in May 1942. The Infantry unit, the largest on campus, boasted 113 advanced students and 110(1 liasic enrcdlees in tin- fall. Courses include studies of weapons, comlial, leadership, field fortifications, and care of vcliicle . Major H. C. ' i ■ho i ihc in trucl(ir. SIGNAL CORPS Li. William . Kocnin cornm.ind- llic ii.-« Signal Corp- unit of SO acKanccil :,„ ] 200 liasic nn-ri. TraiTiinf; incln.le- adniini-Iraliv work, radio code, and regular c(|nipnn ' in .-tud . Lcfl: Stndenis nsiiif; alk -lalk (|niinncnt. Rifilil: Op. ' ralion of llic field radi( ARTILLERY (■.,K, [ Xrlill. ' i ' v Ul. i I.KulillK lliriT-iiicli ant i-j i remit gun. Colonel H. B. Joseph is the heat of the Coast Artillery ixnit. F ' nroll ment includes 904 hasie students ant 123 upper-di ision. Military admin istration, gunnery, military law, anc defense against chemical warfare are included in the curriculum. GOVERNOR ' S triiiii llic rf i.- vinj: laiul a recdrd rrowd walcli.d iiiaiieii (■r . (Governor Arthur B. Langlie presents the infan- try saber to radet Captain Arthur S. W. Chantry. iiS lfitttimiBSi ' i ' ' -- • ■ ' ia i ' imiaimsnif ' QUARTERMASTER The (Juarlt ' iiiiiister (]orp8 of 48 strong. (lirtMtcd li l.ieiit. P. M. Har- wick. was estahiislied on the eanipus last spring. The new unit turns out ])rospeeti e officers wlio Avill have llie joh of feeding the army. QMCls take food management and luocure- ment courses plus regular studies. Courtiiiartial sceiip in mndl i luirl — culniination of a military law course. Quarterniaslpr lorjis members took course winter quarter. DAY 1942 lli jii rur l.iiiil. (!(il iiiel Margaret Joyce Hani- iiier pre elll the guidon to Ouarlermaster corp color hearer. .S ) ;i.s irs. Left to Right: Infantry. Dori Klenikaski ; Coast Artillery, Virginia U ilfler; Quartermasters, Margaret Hammer; Navy battalion. Belle Muir; and Honorary Colonel of the provisional brigade. Carol Elizabeth Jahns. FROM CAMPUS TO CAMP WITH THE E. R. C. £. « 1 fiiufinfr- ' n l III ni III Dean Newhouse. armed ser iee represen- tative, last fall hegan a reserve recruiting program which hy March had netted over a thousand reser es. In Decemlier. enlistments were closed for the ER(]. Winter quarter was full of s])eculations as to when the call would come. The last of March. 200 air corps reser ists left for pre-f light centers. Early in April ahout 100 unassigned V,JH ' . memhersand 200 ROTCi juniors " got the word to leave the campus. Pre-medics and engineering ERC students went ahout a week later. Below: Reservists receive identifieatioii tags. Right: First group receives " GI " uniforms. Despite orders for departure sans fanfare, the University hand was on the scene. Coeds slipped through the gates for last minute goodhves with Joe-College-(ione-To-War. Mothers, dads, and the girl-friend heat paths to the Fort Lewis induction center for a week or more until Joe ' s new " private " life took him all over United States. Bow Down to Washington may he whistled in camps in Jersey. California. South Carolina and Vir- u;inia. The fellows ha e tjone to war. ];i|»l;Mn Erie Barr «Kmii o ii t ra t e s u e oi tlie x ' xtaiU. Picture taken almard the " Cirre. " fall (luarter. 1942. THE NAVY i Navy R()T(; licadctl Ity (laptaiii Kric Barr. witiit ' sM ' d tiirolliin ' iit of 380 men in Navy, coniniissionin of 52 seniors, announcement of war-time cliange in set-iip to begin July 1. I luler the new |)lan 320 of NROTC men will go on active duty, receive additional training, will lie stationed on cam- pus — frozen in uniform and paid l»y I ncle Sam. During the year Navy men have rej)orted daily, going to classes in Navigation. (Junnery. Seaman- ship. Naval Organization three times a week and executing close order drills twice weekly. In spare time Navy men practice on firing range, sail and row Navy vvhalehoats. hone up on the extra courses in math. })hysics and astronomv that most take. ON PARADE Top: Washington ' s sniail-looking TV. R.O.T.C. unit jnesents iinns during one of their field drill parades. Bottom : Tiie naval hand stands solemnly at attention ready for the coiiimand to supply the music for the colorful drill. iNavv iiH ' ii stiulv iiavi ;ation. i;unnery, seaman- ■ Iii]), naval organization in thrice-weekly classes. IN THE TRADITION S+ack Arms . . . Ill .lo-c (.r.j.r ilrill lui.r u.rUlv Indents practice lor corniKiin corn- |pclilion. inninfi cniii|Piin carries ,-,.l,.r oil Vdniir.iJV i);i and (iov- criior s l)a . THE DOCK ()(i ' anofiia[)liy dock, slartiiij; point for Navy hoat drill, sailiiij; practice. Students also take train- iiii; cruises on Navv vessels. On beautiful Lake Washington Navy men practice sailing and rowing, pre|)are for spring sailing competition and pulling races. SAILING COMPETITION Tliiec ( ' orn|)anies vie for ])oints in sailing COM I pel i I ion, one of a scries of competitions throughout the year. Third (Company came in first in I94. ' i sailing competition . . . First Company led in number of points for the year. NAVy PREFLIGHT (:m.I.1 W iliii.r W .Ihi ;iii(I Lucky Gocl.l ixplaiii inlricacio iif lln-ir NP-l Irairiir h Pre-flighl " (iiiifM- " (;ail Scalilooin. MnrN Thoinu- and .Iran Stocksill. hoo The long talked of Navy Pre-Flight school came to Washington Jainiary 6. when the first ISO of 600 cadets arrived, took over Women ' s dorms, marched ihrongh (jnad with now familiar " eyes front. " Through three months " training here, cadets " schedule calls for rise, clean, eat. classes, classes, eat. study, sleep. P.S. — They get time off e ery second week-end. Tilt ' taiiiiliar ' " (ine-Iwo-thrt ' t ' -foiir " rinf: out a- I ailil- iiianli I ' rciin liarraiks lo ilai-srooni. Iarn ll.uir- a (kn -priil in ,la M- Mlrli a- llli- [.■acll cailrl- iMiidaiinnlal- uf lhiii : lielori ' llii ' t ' i ' r rlinil iiil» a pkinr. ARMY METEOROLOGY They ' re in the army now, but they are still going to college. Meteorology stu- dents arrive at fraternity house bar- racks. Army Comes to Washington Re-naming four iornie-r fraternity houses Barrack.-. 1. 2, 3, 4, 200 men of Army Air Force Meteorology School arrived March 20 for 6-nionth courses at U. W. Meteorologists have 49-hour academic week, plus 12 hours weekly of drill — all under strict military discipline. Former college men, they live on (Jreek Row, eat at Commons, study c eryplace. Lieut. Roy H. Turbyfill, Jr. istandingj puts embryo meteorolo- gists through calisthenics and drill. Lieut. Charles D. Cable I sealed I is in charge of the unit. Non-commissioned officers take turn al ciffiic ilein CIVILIAN PROTECTION Since the War Department established one of its six Civilian Protection schools on the University campus last June more than eight hundred military men and civilians have graduated and are making use of their training not only in the I nited States hut in Europe. North Africa. Alaska, the South Seas and the Far p]ast. Ciuirses are given in technitiue of protection, forest protection, protection of industrial plants, staff training and for gas specialists. Students are selected from the leaders in civilian defense work in Washington. Oregon. Idaho. Mon- tana and Wyoming and from the Army. Navy. Marine corp and (ioast Guard. Classes are given in Bagley hall an I are taught hy a detachment of seven offi- cers and twenty-five enlisted men from the Chemical Warfare Service, directed by Lieut. Col. Thomas G. Thompson. INCENDIARY BOMB PRACTICE r ' i i:. .J S :. " Port Socoina Hotel " with oil lank l)iiriiiii l)fi ..iii.diilnation Exercise 16S Compass and Chart Uppprchiss I :i men piil llieir 23(1 Coiiipii ami Chart pI hIj;c through the paces April 9- much In pledges ' pain and everyone else ' s mirth. Pledges paraded around campu in cpieer garh. orated memorized speeches loudl . olieyed all orders without question, performed many goofy feats. INITIATION DAYS Mardi r, uas llie dale of Scal hard and Blade ' s informal initiation of The Cho-cn. l r class army and na men enjoNfd ihc day of " hazing " the unfortunate initiates, who. in linii. Look said " hazing ' " wiliionl a mnrmin ' except wlieji indered lo niiirnuir. Scabbard and Blade 166 SCABBARD AND BLADE Scahhard and Blaile is a national mili- tary sotiety. Men of Company " I " ' . I t Kofiinicnt arc })ickf(l Iroin the lo|) ot tiu ' ir Infantry, (ioast Artillery. Sij nai. Qnartcrniaster. and Na al classes " ... to de elo|» those qnalities of good and efficient officers . . . . " Captain: Bruce Alan Brishani; 1st , .: Henry Thomas Meador; 2ml Ij.: John Martin Frodeson; First Siit.: Fred Stanley Linn; Comjxiuy ( ' .Irrk: (Jeorjie Kenneth Hogan: Reporter Sgt.: H. Edwin Smith; Members: Charles J. Alexander. Harold W . liaeon. Rohert L. Bangs. W illiam S. Bandy. Joseph R. Beiniett. I ewis J. Berg. John C Braman. Wayne R. Brand. Bruee A. Brigham. William C. Bunch. Herherl I ' . Carlton. Arthur Samuel W. Chantry. Harry E. Clark, George F. Collins, Franklin W. Cook, Donald R. Corlett, IJouglas 0. Crane. Paul H. Davis, )i illiam B. Donley, Barton Douglas, Dean S. Duffy, Trygve Ekrum, James H. F ' arnsworth, Lyn- don B. Fitch. Jr., John M. Frodeson, James J. Gang- ler, Guy A. Graham, Alfred D. Harvey, Jr., Joseph A. Hasson. Reed R, Hansen. Arthur N. Hansen, Joseph H. Heywood, George K. Hogan. (;e..rge H. II I. Doiial.l R. Hiiey, Rohert W . ilulton. W illiam A, Juhanne on, Rohert A. Johnson, tvirsttii Jorgen- sen, Carl K. Juhola, Rohert L. Kummer, F red S. Linn, Jr., Dixon B. Livingstone, Frederick O. Mac- Farlane, Nelson McGoun, .Michael P. Molnlrye. Rohert H. Madden. Henry T. Meador. Charles R. .Metzger. Rodney B. Miller, William J. Murray, Jr., Mathusalem L. Olason, tveitli F. Oles, R. . Palmer, John A. Pence, James . Peterson. John C. Potter. Lawrence H. Price, Rohert B. Price, Jack E. Priehe, Gray M. RandalL Robert B. Ross, William C. Seher- mer, Dixon P. Schively. Michael J. Scott, Hugh D. Sheridan, H. E, Smith, Rohert G. Stewart. Joseph F. Stiley, Jr., Rohert B. Stiles, Dominii ' Svoriiich. Marvin Monroe Theiss. y: JAiM i iL fW M-t " f COMPASS I ' irst Row: Donely. Uriihy. Peterson, Mcliilvre. Haiii-. S, („n(I Ron: Al- liri lil. liarrDs. Ekrorii. I)avi . Holes. Conipa? s and Chart was organized to unite its niemlters oeially. to promote an " esprit de corps " in the unit, and lo cooperate with all military and naval organization in adxancing the interests of the na al service. Seniors: Tlioma E. Allen. Robert N. Bell. Douflas H. Bates. Dominic Bra.e. Jr., Wayne R. Brand. James F. Brinkley. Jr.. Wil- liam (1. Munili. Douglas G. Crane. George R. Dangel. I ' aiil II. Davis. William B. Donley, James 0. Diihuar. Trygve Ekrom, Roliert L. Karber, Robert N. Gates, William L. Gillespie, Charles R. Goss, Guy A. Graham, Paul W. Hains, Reed R. Hansen. Robert C. Hard- ing. Robert P. Hart. Joseph H. Heywood. William A. Johannesen. Robert A. Johnson, Frank R. Jones. Ward A. Kemp. Roliert L. Rummer, Robert D. Fechner. Robert H. Madden. Douglas W. Mason. Miihael P. M Intyre. Henry T. Meador. Rodney B. Miller. Harold R. Mitchell, Thomas W. Nicholson. Walter M. Novak. Arve W. Pande, John .S. Perriii, James V. Peterson. John C. Potter, Richard E. Price, Richard E. Pulver. William C. Schermer. Robert W. Schnoor, Warren H. Smith. Joseph H. .Sutter. Doniinick F. Svornich. Fred A. Thurmond. Jr.. Harvey L. TibbaU. Jr.. Janie- M. Wenck. Robert W. Willett. Daniel G. Woodward. Juniors: Ronald V. Adam. Aubrey W. Allirighl, Mark E. Andersen. Ernest L. Anderson. William B. Baker, David A. Barclay, John P. Barron. Joseph A. Barto. Robert M. Beil, Kermit B. Bengtson. Alexander T. Bishop, Russell N. Braley, William W. Brinkley, Ernest W. Broadbent. Jr.. John W. Butlerfield. :!rd. Leonard . Carey, Thomas W. Clarke. Henry A. C(de. Fexvis P. Crulcher. W il- liam R. Cunningham, William M. Dehn. Kendall D. Druby. Frank A. Dupar. Jr., Donald P. Ebrighl. Harold C. Enger. Jr.. Robert A. Eveleigh. Henry A. Each. .Addison , E. Fenton. Gor lon W. Fox. Edward D. Franz, Jefferson P. Fulton. Jr.. Robert C. (iilardi, Ira A. (JIass. Jr., Thomas Q. Gorton, Clement A. (Jreenleaf. James S. (;riffith. James R. Hammon.l. Robert L. Ha . Robert A. Hen el. Harold S. Hilton. llarri ori M. llollaTid. Robert A. Ilol l lronl, i.lor W. Ilorgan. John I.. Holes. Richard W. iionsir. Charles I). How... Jr.. Donald H. Ilullin. Harry A. Kircliror. (;ordon W . I.iinl- .kog. Donald II. Lougbridg... Jr.. Robert W. I.owniiii. Scot H. Mac- Williams. Walter F. Magers. Robert I). Mathis. Brian I). MiDon ough, David 1.. Mclntyre, Edwin T. Merrill, Charles S. Na-li. Thonla W. Nicholson, Keinnth H. Olsen. Norman H. Pedersen. Axel J. Petersen. Donaald I,. Peterson. Charles K. Phenicie. Clar- ence W. Porter. John A. Pringle. Marvin L. Reeves, Jacques F. 11. Robertson, Donald F. Rogers, Ray E. Russell. Michel H. Saad. Peter (;. .Schmidt. Jr.. Ray F. Shahan, Clifford A. Smith. John T. Tenne- son. Jr.. Richard F. Turnell, Maynard A. K. Turner. Frederick C. W ait.-. Jr.. Max C. ii a k.-. Herbert M. W illey. D.inald T. W illiams, Harry A. Wilson. Jr.. (;.-..rge E. Winkels. ,Sii ) iomore.s: David G. Anders. ii. Fred C. .Andrews, Gerry D. Aus- tin, Joseph Baer. Jr.. Jack R. Barros, Morton W. Barros, William B. Barton, Clifford G. Broman. Stanley W. Bryan. Perry N. Burk- hart. Sterling E. Campbell, Charles D. Canfield, Edwin F. Carlberg. Jr.. Conrad C. Carlson. Frank E. Cavanaugh. Paul E. Chapman. Jr.. James R. C.dlier. Francis J. Cooper. Jr.. Robert C. Corbet ' . James R. Craig. Thoma L. Craig. Lawrence P. Crosetti. (Charles H. Cross. Theodore J. Cross. Richard W. Danieyer, James S. Darling. Harold C. DePuydt. James T. Doyle. Norman L. Durocher. Preston P. Eddy. Marvin W. Eidinger. George A. Ewart. Dale E. Fisher, John (;. Fischer. Jr., Arthur H. Frost, Andrew Fyfe. Herbert L. Gaskill, J. dm A. Godfrey. Jr.. Ellery L. Hall. Marven C. Hansen. Charles F. Har.ling. Jr.. Frank C. Hebert. Ray Vi . Hin.-a. Jr.. John P. Hopkins. Charles T. Hutson. Jr.. Harry .M. Jacob,en, Henry T. Ja.-.disen. Max F. Jacobson, William T. Jacobson, George A. Keeney. Harold S. Keeney, Dean R. Kirkpatrick. Verlin C. Lane. Jack LaRue. Ri.hard T. Loew, R. bert A. Loney, Irving A. Lowell. Samuel S. Lythgoe. Jay W. M.Afee, Jack E. McCorkle, Milton L. McKenna. Clint. n M. McMahaii. (Jrant W. Roger M. Melr.ise. R.d.erl II. Merryman. R.d .rt W . Millar. Daniel L. Milliken. J. Min er. Carl W . Mi kinn-n. Jr.. Hallett S. Mi ner. Jr.. K..b.rl k. M.db.N. K.iin.lli I). M.,rri,-...n. Felix I ' . St.-».irl S, Mnll.ii. Jr.. B. Myer . Jr.. Jerry A. .Nel ..n. I). N.-l ..n. Russell W. Newman. F.lward S. Olason. Allen (i. 0 b.,rn.•. Hug.. E. Oswald. Robert C. Paym-. Charles Percich. Earl L. Powell. Jr.. kermit J. R..e.l. Frank C. Rees. . Stanley W. Rli ..les. Philip A. Roe. l ' M. Kohrl.ack. Frank A. Sak a. James A. Schader. M. Sb.-a. Willis L. S. rvell. Jr.. William J. Smith. William R. Si. (;,.,rge. Jay E. St.)n... W . Thomson. Barney C. Tr..v.-r. R..b.rl E. Updike. Rob.rl II. an Eaton. William S. B. Vve. J.dni I). Wliil... Max B. iihitll.My. K..bert R. Wilde. Ra m..nd . W illi . j.din K. W ingen.l.r. Ri.har.l C. Wis.-. I,e lie I.. W ...hI .. I rrshni,;,: D.mabl L. mbnni. Kay J. Ander-en. P.l.r (;.,. I..U. R. Arn.s.i.i. Fr.-.l W . li.cklun.l. R..bert M. Bailey. James G. Mal.lwin. K..b.rl li. lial. h.I.l.r. D.inal.l J. Berard. Alfred Berg. Jr.. Harry W. Berr . Il..w ir.l 1. lii.olg.ll. Earl I. B.. d. William J. Brandmei ' r, Charl.■ k. Broun. J.iin,- . lin.kbam, Leiand J. Bur- cham. S.,ulli H. Burn. N..r.loii . lU r.l. W illi.ini II. CarKon. AND CHART TlmiiKi ;. (:iiar(.iilia . Dc.nalil I.. C.lii iM,.ll.-iM)n. I ' niiikliii M. Clinlmi. Kicluiiil C. Collin-. RoIhmI K. Coiin.lly. RoImmI A. Da li I (iii i-l. Hi.liar,! H. Daiifiel, Rii M-ll H. Dean. Donald H. D.liti. Hitu- sler C. Denny, Terry L. Donoghne. David L. Dye. Charles W. Elieker, II, James W. Engels. Allwyn B. Erirkson. Samuel A. Fleleher. Douglas II. I ' ord. William B. Fountain. Harald B. Friele. Thomas 11. Callirailh. Vt ' illiam R. Garland. David L. Glenn. John W . (irahani. James M. Greene. Jr., John W. Griswold. Theodore J. Hackell, Norman .S. Halvor- sen, Henry I. Hansen, Alexander H. Hargis, David W. Harlowe, Donald G. Harshnian, David H. Hawkes, Laurence C. Hawkes. Richard C. Hesscrt. V illiam C. Hoekendorf, Frederick R. Hokanson. Frank W. Holsinger. Morton L. Home. Edwin C. Howard. Jasper V.Howard. Harold R. Inuis. RoImti M. Ingram. Jr.. John ' . Irvine, Joseph R. Janie-. Rud(dph Johs. Jr.. Bruce C. Johnson, George A. Jcdnison. illiam J. Jones, Eugene L. Kacson, Wil- liam J. Kenne . Martin D. King. Donald E. Klein. Dillis Knapp. Mark E. Knoell. R d ert E. Kunz. Loys Land). Everard H. Lee. Floyd R. Lee. Logan L. Long. William H. Macdonald. Donald L. Mac- Lane, Donald A. MacQueen, Harold R. Maine, Rob- ert D. Martin, Howard L. Mathisen. Harold J. Mc- Clellan, James G. McCurdy, Donald A. McMillan, Patrick McNamara. Henry J. Melusky, Bruce F. Meyers, Ralph H. Minor, Stanley P. Mott-Smith. Donal R. MuUineau.v, Albert M. Nash, Jr., Charles R. Nelson, Jack E. Nelson. Perry W. Nelson, Alfred E. Noreen, Duane U. Norgren, Donald W. Nulle, Harley D. Nygren, Frank A. Orrico, Jr., Omar C. Ostensoe, Henry W. Parchen, Arvid S. Peterson. V ' illiani S. Peterson, Lewis R. Picton, Marquis E. Pitman. John H. Powell, Virgil R. Quillin. Laurie R. Radner, Peter R. Rawn, John S. Reid, Calvin A. Roberts, Mark W. Rosen, Richard I. Sampson, Jr., Perry H. Scarlatos, Antonio F. .Scarpelli, Jr., Wil- liam H. Scholes, Milton F. Sessions, Thomas P. Sheffield. Hallam C. Shorrock, Jr., Glenn B. Simp- son. Francis J. Sines. Roderick K. Smith, Han- M. Smith. Roderick M. Steele, Waller D. Stewart. Warren P. Stewart, Kenneth A. Story, John E. Swanson, Jr., Thomas L. Toomey, Holcombe T. Tuggle. William G. Vandeidjurgh, John M. an Eaton. Philip S. Voorheis, Robert F. Wenkc. Don- ald P. Wancker, Clyde C. Whisman. William I. Whitesel. Ernest R. Whitmore, Jr.. Richard W . W hitney, Harvey C. Wills, Alexander K. W ..Hen- den, Robert J. Zech. First Row: Allen, Ball. Bates. Brace. Bran.l. Brink- ley. Second Row: Bunch, Crane, Dangel, Davis. Donley. Dubar. Third Row: Ekrom, Farber,, Gates, Gillespie. Goss, Graham. Fourth Row: Hains, Han- sen. Harding. Hart, Haywood, Johannesen. Fifth Row: Johnson. Jones, Kemp, Kummer, Lechner, Madden. Sixth Row: Mason, Mclntyre, Meador, Miller. Milchell. Nichol-on. ,S , c,i , Row: Novak. Pandy. Perrin. IVler-on. Porter. Pri, e. Eighth Row: Pulver. Schermer. Schnoor. Smith. Sutter, Svornich. Ninth Row: Thurmond. Tibbals, Wenck, Willett. kk§L_ M d J: l CADET OFFICERS ' ASSOCIATION l.. ' ll I,, ndtl: l)„iialil K. Cirl.-ii. iin-siiU ' ul : Harrx K. Clark, vkv- ,,r, ' si,lvnl : .um R. . I ' alnirr. lr,;is„r,T. The Cadet Offieers ' Association was organized to foster friendslii]) and fellowship among the (ladet Offi- cers and in the Advanced ROTC course and to further knowledge of the United States Army hy use of train- ing hidletins and official films. Officers are chosen from each hranch of the service represented on the campus. President: Donald R. Corlett. Infantry; f ice-President: Harry W. Clark, ( oast Artillery Corps; Secretary: E. V. Floyd. Ou tIt ' " ' ' ! - ItT Ciprps; Treasurer: R. V. Palmer, Signal Corps. INFANTRY: .S,.»i„rs: rmil(l V. Anderson. John C. Braman. Bruce A. Brighani, Donald R. Corlelt. Robert W. Duncan, Lyndon B. Fitch, William A. Calliraith, Ronald B. Garretson, Richard E. Greg- ory, Roger J. Gunther. George H. Hood. James M. Klontz, Jonathan F. Ladd, Ralph W. McGee, Ernest E. Martin. Charles R. Metzger. William J. Murray, Philip E. Running. Thomas C. Stave, Thomas E. Tennant, Duane L. Tewell. I ' Inlip C. VanSoelen, F. L. T. Wilson, John C. Wilson. David W. eat ; Juniors: Douglas F. Alherl, Roy A. Anderson, Roy W. Anderson, Kenneth F. Aust, William L. Bail- lie, William R. Bannirk. Samuel C. Berry, (i. Robert Bird, Frank A. Blasi. Donn T. Iio d. I remonl I,. CaMiph.ll. l.yle M. Clark. John A. Clynch, George S. Cr r. Rolierl I. ( hnnmiris. William J. Eilertson. James W. Elzey, Reid W . Kri, ksoii. l,arr J. E ans. Jennings 1 ' . Felix, Nelson N. Gale-. Howard W . (;.. Id. Waller W . ; I«in. Ilenr W. Haigh, Peter N. lialgren. Walleii W . Ilaiison. Sleuart M. Ir«i,i. Daniel L. Larson, John II. l,ichlen«aliier. Cliarl,- . ,M. I.anghlin. Conrad M. McMahill, Richard G. Mar(|uar(ll. Clie-i.r R. Mattson. John A. Metzenherg, Norman F. O ' Shea. Renjamin L. Pacheco. William T. Perry, Arthur W. Pctrey, Robert H. Peyton, Alan C. Pratt. James B. Sanchez, E. Dale Schlager, Keinieth F. Schlilaty, J. Carlton Schroder, Hugo A. Seren, Starr S. Sutherland, Charles V. Swanson. Walter II. Toschi. Robert C. Wells, Robert W. wick. COAST ARTILLERY CORPS: .Seniors: Charles J. Alexander, Wil- liam S. Bandy. Elmer R. Ba uni ga rl ner. Victor R. Ben. Lewis J. Berg. Harry E. lllark. Bruce K. Cook. Franklin W . C.o.k. Francis A. Draves. Dean S. Duffy. Robert W . Evans. James H. Farnsworth. John M. Frodesen, James J. (iangbr. Harold Greenfield, Kristen Jorgensen, William F. Koch, Michael P. Lazara, Fred S. Linn, Sher- man L. Merriam, M. L. Olason, Keith F. Oles, John A. Pence, K. Raine, Herbert I. Rosen, Dixon P . Schively, Hugh D. Sheridan. Bernard B. Thompson; Juniors: Richard H. France. Pete S. Green- uo,.d. William I,. Hauks. H. Cyrus llogberg. W illiam M. Home. Robert J. Kidder. Richard A. L i ii .1 I r ,. ni . Wilmarlli O. Mootz. Thomas C. Smyth. SIGNAL CORPS: Seniors: J pli R. Bennett. Jack E. Chambers. Robert J. Lucas. Archie D. McDonald. R. . Pal- mer. W illiam R. Sterling. Donald L. Wylie; Juniors: W allis D. Ar- .li.i. Paul K. Brown. QUARTERMASTER CORPS: Se;ii«r.s: Jay |{. Adams, Allen Bauscher, Robert P. Burns. Edward B. Floyd. (Wril M. Frol, .Samuel Furer, Raymond T. Hughes, Bernard M. Jaf- fee. Leonard E. Johnson. Victor L. Lyon. Jean P. Mitirew. J. C. lilbr. lel in 1vlarid. I rclerick J. Orlli. Janic- W . I ' .irhirr. Raskind, George .S. Royal. H. K. Smith. E.Iu.ird J. .MlMa ,.n. TiJc " Pxe it aa eten SWEETHEART OF SIGMACHI 172 HOMECOMING QUEEN - • PREFLIGHT QUjEEN 18 ' jT ' ' ' ' .v R . CANTEEN DREAM GIRL. . - w «lr d Itei aa SHIPWRECK SHUFFLE QUEEN M ighty Are the Men ISO LONGER IS THE BATTLE HERE . . . OF VAST IMPORTANCE. WITH OVR MEN ON OTHER FIELDS WHERE TACTICS LEARNED IN FRIENDLY STRIFE ARE PUT TO STERNER USE GOES OUR REFRAIN: ■VICTORY THE CRY OF WASHINGTON " ' PaodcM i M MH(IN PETER 11 AI.CHUNAS 1942 VARSITY j m{ f!7yp «£1 19 2 FOOTBALL ' mm Above: Erickson is pulled down by Cardoza, College of the Pacific center. Right: Coacli Amos Alonzo Stagg with liis assislani Larry Slemering watch the " Tigers " in ihe opener againM the Hu kie . Opixisilr int ' f. Hainliliiin l S„hn i of U. C. I,. A. nears the end of a run as Walt Harrison l,,■ar (lo»n on liiin. Olhcr Huskies roniiii}; up are Neil Brooks, .iO; Hoi, IViechnan. (id; ami Frank Sak-a. II. In anotlnr phn Gene Wallers run irMo two Bruins and is huslled onl ol l.nund-. lie injured lii shoulder on the pla and didn ' t see action the ri l ol llie };anie. SEASON 1. COLLEGE OF PACIFIC l ' . |ili (liti Willi llinr liiucliclou IIS ill a licclic lliird i|iiarl( ' r, 1912 Husky loolballers opened lliiii- home season with an ini| iessive 27-0 wliil -- wasliinfi of small, fianie Coll ' i;e ol Paeilie. ■ " FJiuisinfi " Bobby Erieksoii ran llie second- hall kiekoff back 50 yards to the Pa ili - .{(). and Iwo ]days later tossed a 12-yard pass to Arnie Weinnieister for six points. On two lonp: gainers. Sub Halfback Johnny Wingender counted on a 62-yard ramble around left end and ' ' Buckshot " ' Freddy Provo wiggled 35 yards to |)a -dirt on a brilliant punt return. First Husky touchdown came when Mark Mc- Corkle climaxed a first -period power drive, plunging over from four vards out. Fred Olson succeeded on three of four trv-for-])oints. It was sophomore day for the Huskies, with Provo, Weinnieister, Wingender, Sam Robinson, Frank Saksa and Dmitri Tadich giving fine per- formances in their first varsitv game. SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA Purj)le and Gold stalwarts knocked at the door all afternoon, but stout Troy defenders pushed the Huskies back from their gates each time, rode home with a 0-0 tie. Five times Washington drove inside the ITSC I5-vard-Iine — twice to the four, once to the ten, and twice more to the 14- — and five times USC imrled the Huskies back. Unable to push the ball over on previous at- tempts, Huskies called on Fred Olson for a field- goal try from the 18-yard line late in third quar- ter, but the angle was bad and his kick went wide. Walt Harrison was nuiu of the hour for ash- ington, interee| tijig a pass in third period that almost led to a touchdown, and play ing bang-u| defensive ball. " Sambo, Bov Commando " Robin- son and " Bullet " Bob Erickson led the Huskv attack, but had to share ground-gaining honors with USCs Bob Musick. %, " ■-■- - J ■ 0%H ■ % ? 11., 1(1 I h UmIiiIi Welch IcciiI.tI iioiiils out some prac- liee field action while chiil m-oiiI Tiihhy (iriives (left and line coach Herh Dii{:f:iti ]o4»k on. OREGON Stout defense and clever rnmiiiif; hy Halfbacks (ieiie Walters and Sam Robinson •;ave asliino;- ton a smashing 15-7 victory over Oregon in Port- land, the Huskies ' first conference win. Oregon took an early lead in the opening stanza on a 20-vard touchdown i ass from Bob Reynolds to Jim She|i]iari]. P ' loyd Rhea convert- ing. Washington returned in second period on Wal- ters ' 27-vard gallop to Oregon ' s two-vard line and McCorkles touchdown plunge. Olsons suc- cessful trv-for-])oint knotted the score. In third quarter. Robinson sprang through right tackle from the Oregon 43-yard stripe, go- ing over standing up. Olson kicked wide. Huskies stopped Oregon ' s desj)erate final-(juarter ])ass flurry cold, and Bob Friedman tackled Revnolds Ixdiind the ( )regon goal line to add two points and put the game on ice. MONTANA Montana s])irit was willing, but the flesh was weak, and Washington scored at will in taking a .3.5-0 decision from the (rrizzlies. Three times Huskies ' rossed Montana ' s goal line in first quarter — once when Bob Ericksnn { Sophomore Sam Robinson breaks into the clear for yardage against Oregon in Multnomah Stadium before he ' s cornered by a trio of Ducks. |dunged over from the ten-vard line after Sam Robinson set up the score with a 35-yard end run. Again when Erickson passed 44 vards to Robinson. And again when " Boom Boom " Neil Brooks bulled his way 24 yards to a touchilown. In second |iiarter Gene alters tossed a 41- vard pass to Bill Hovt on the four-vard line where pass interference was ruled. Mark Mc- (]orkle took it over in one lunge. Walters shot off on one of his long louciidowii jaunts in third period, breezing 61 vards tiirougb a befuddled (rrizzlv team for the final asbing- ton score. CALIFORNIA It was a sad Homecoming for thousands oi grads as California handed Washington her first defeat of the season. 19-6. Superior reserve strength told the story. Huskies l rokc the ice with an early first-ipiar- Icr touchdown. Bob Frieilman recovered a funi- bb ' d punt in the ( al ten-yard line, and three plavs later Neil Brooks crashed over from the one-yard marker. California ' s Jim Jurkovich sparked a second- half Bear drive, scoring the first touchdown froiti one-vard out after a long |)ower drive. Earlv in fourth quarter Brunei Cbristensen. Bear center, intercepted Gene W alters ' ] ass and romped 57 yards to touchdown-land for the sec- ond ( al score. Then, in the dying moments. Gene Pickett spun 28 yards off right tackle ibroiigb a Washington tiam too tired In tackle him. An Ml ' roysc- a drow.-.y Husky ' r ...i. . a the ilriun neaf I ' orllaiul while two panions uiu cmiJtiI. .lach " Pest " Welch .loes his sleiclu of lund nil kn as Erickson, Hiirri-..n. Peikv. Tadich, I and Walters l.. " k ..n. r . Another scene on the train, sou. Decks, Larx.ii, ' R einir ters grouped nround Wi-lch. Harri- Game Captain Walt Harrison leads the Huskies through the traditional lineup of ■■ ' " " Chili alumni at the beginning of the second half of the Hom. ' roming game. FullbarU Neil Itrooks fights his way into the line and is cor- nered and downed liy four Trojans before he can make murh progress. OREGON STATE Halting OSC ' s flefending champions colfl in their tracks. Huskies rang up two long-gainer touchdowns on a muddy Sta«Huiii field to win 13-0 and remain in Rose Bowl contention. Late in .second quarter. Gene " Punchy " Wal- lers hroke loose on a fake pass play, and with lirilliatit ilownfield hlocking by Thron Riggs and the rest of tlie Husky line went 57 yards for the first Vi ashington score. In tliird ])eriod Bohbv Erickson raised his magic arm and found Sam Robinson for a 19- yard pass to the OSC 26-yard line, ' " Sambo " ' rambling tlie remaining yardage unmolested. Carl Falk kicked the trv-for-point. Elected Honorary Captain of the 1942 Washington team at season ' s end was star lentei Walter Harrison. Hero of many a Washington game. Harrison played every posi. tion but guard and halfback during his four years, won greatest fame as center. Ai Roosevelt High School be was an honor student as well a brilliant football player. He won the Flaherty Medal. as greatest inspiration to his team, in his junior year. Was voted all-coast center in 1942. rl Falk and da crnrial play in th bridge game. Hobinson inieat i i rcverbial Pnllm Once again late in final (piarter. the Husky touchdown machine rolled deep into OSC terri- tory, but a fumble stopped the drive on the six- vard line. 1942 I ' ACIl-IC COAST CONl ' ERENCK STANDINGS cn.-ar W L T II. C. L. A. - () " W. S. C. - 5 1 1 r. s. c: 4 2 1 Suiiifortl 3 2 II 0. S. C. 4 I W .4SHINGT0N :5 :S 2 California . . ' i i H Oreson 2 3 Idaho 1 . ' ■) (1 Montana » " tl„,,r. llM-k N.ll lir.M.k- .- I.i..i,lIiI h. Ih. ..Mill l.v 1.. 1,1, 1.1,1 afliT a f;ain ol M-vt-ral NanI-. I)i,k Boxmikim k! i .mi. I Don I ' ox (63), (Jri .zli.-N close in on the plav. «.- ,., : lln Ui. an.l Hears lancle in nii.llield (hiring Honi. ..mine Cann-. Wall Mar- ri-.,n an.l Halll.a.k Bob Erickson ..I lln- ,ir. ' ri;ilil in lln ' lllick .,1 il. STANFORD Wasliiii . ' toirs Kiisc Huul ilicams wi ' iil ;;liiii- iiii ' riiifj: a.s a Stanford clcvfii mi lln- ii|iMirf;f liaii.l. ' .l lln- I ' lnplc and (ioM s(nia.l its s.iuii.l ddVal. 20-7 in San Fraiuisco. Hu.skirs opi ' md .■.corinf; in iirsi |MM-i()d as Bol) F rickson suddenly lurned rfccivcr to take a 14- ard loiiiliilou n pass from Pete Snsiek. Starr Siilli.rlan.l I I.d tlie extra point. riiiii Slanfonl ( luartirliaek Hay Haniniett put on an aerial slioxs reminis.fiil of Ml- A rneiiean Frankie Allnil. piteliin; to on. ' toiieliilnw ii and settinfi lip an.itlier with hrilliant ])assinfi. Behind ' A-h. asliin ton coiinlered with a de- termined ilrive to the Card four-yard line where Hoss Dana intereepti ' d Flriekson " s running. ' it hack to midfield where he was brought down hv Boh Frieflnian and at the same time l rcaking Husky spirit. A few phiys later Stanford reeov- ered a Wasliinf;ton fund)le deep in Pur])h -Gold teiiilory and ranj up her third touehdown. NAVY PRE-FLIGHT Navv r.liif was liif; winner as St. Mary " s Navy I ' li-Flifihl Ml- Xiiiirieans tnrne.l nut to he just another huneh of hall players to the Huskies. AX ashini;ton uutfiained. out harj;ed the Fliers from whistle to whistle, forjied within scoring distance four limes, hut could not hreak a H-O lie. I ' limhies. losses, stray | asses am! ha. I link ( .)sl the Huskies victory. I ' igiiiing to lose, and plavinf; " just for fun. asliinglon woiilil have upset the dope chart ami won li a singl.- touchdown iiiil lot thi- sail- .1.-1 hreak of the season. In seconil quarter |{ ddi I ' rickson maile one of his gicalisl runs. Illuming a a punt . " i.S arils for a loiichdown. hill a W .ishingloii offsid. ' nullifi. ' d ih.- pla . H.iiii all hill 7.0(1(1 of 2. ' .l)ll(l I a ,i Iroiii ihe f;amc. hill i a v relief netted $;?o.o(Mi. U. C. L A. VMsliin t iii IkkI | I ' iiI oI IikL nil of il hnil — af!;aiiist L CL A in llir l.os Aiificlcs ( ' .nliscuiri. canu ' lioiiic hurit ' d in llif paik wliili ' tin- l niiiis rolled niorrilv along tht- Rose Bowl palli. Purpl. ' and (;old,s lagfied 11-10 I also llie final scori ' I lien lliev steamed downfield lo the I elan l vo- ai(l line and a seemingly inevitable winning score. Hut. uilli llie hall on the Hinin 2-yaid line, just over a mitnile to go. the hall eame hack, fiotn eenler. faileil to find the wailing hands of Fullhaek Neil Brooks, and was recovered on the lO-yard line hy ITXA end. Milt Smith, and the Iliisk threat was over. Bobbv Erickson put on the greatest one-man show .seen all year in the Coliseum, galloping 48 vards for one touchdown and setting up a field goal with running, passing and receiving. A 58-yard drive in first period and a long Wa- terfield-Weiner |)ass brought UCLA her scores. WASHINGTON STATE Huskies ground Rose Bowl hopes of a i)ower- ful SC eleven into Stadium turf when they held the Cougars to a scoreless tie in the last con- ference game for both clubs. ' ashington was so busy watching Cougars she had little chance to score herself. (Quarterback Fred Wehde sjiarked one drive that |)etered out only when WSC End Jelly Anderson blocked Fred Olson ' s attempted field goal on the last play of first half. Cougars lost two fat chances lo land in the Rose Bowl, once when their field-goal try from the Husky 13-yard line slithered off to one side, and again in last quarter when Nick Suseoff let a long, arching pass from Bob Kennedy trickle through his fingers in the end zone. Sam Robinson pulled Washington out of ibc Inilr ihrii- liuies. interce])ting two |)asses at cru- cial moments and catching Jay Stoves from In- hind when the fleet (Cougar halfback elud ' d the rest of ihc lfii-k team. Above: Lieutenant Gerald (Tex) Oliver (center) anil players Nlanrl inlly j;arl e(l for tlie rain while watcliiii;: the Huskies and Navy rre-Flif;lil do lialtle. fScloii-. Bol. Kennedy, prize Cougar l ark. j.repares lo haul Boh Erickson lo llie ground. Husky Wall ll,irrl-on .,ihI Con .:,,- Mck Soseoff move in. Thron RigRS, winner of the llaherty Medal for heiii;; the most inspirational niemher of I he squad, finished his foolhall competition this year. Coach Welch felt thai Risss had heen overlooke.l wh. ' i. all-coast selec lions were made. A heller than 3 point grade average in Engin- eering is another achievement of tackle RIggs. r Stunl commitleemen A 1 Fentnn. Bruce Brigham and Ouenlin Koenig work out the elaboratp rliarts for student rooting section card stunts like the " CAL. " in lilue and gold, pictured below. - a A ' ■ ' ' LiA im ' - jfe Harry Holland, yell king (center) and his acrobatic yell dukes. Paul Davis. Earl Hornstein- Jack Hunt and Bob Payne perform for the cameraman. FIFTY-YARD Yell staff and women ' s rally committee com- bine efforts to bring forth a mighty cheer. Rooters spell oiil " Cal " Washington ' s Hoi miiij; opponents. Sisi Lewis, Jeannie Davis and Harriet Raci are vastly amused at the homecoming game LINE aipfl|: Drum IVLijoress Norma Ki-lley steps (lut l)riskly Ici load iiiajcn I ' ttes Phyllis Scott. Peggy Storey and Patty Hoiiik In an r i , lion drill as the Husky marching hand plays an umiianiiMiiil. Washington liiotliall managers: Standing Quinhy Bingham. Jim Elicr- hardt. Nick Healy, Wright Arnold, Boh Pitt, Terry Burke; Kneeling — Norm Handlin, John Scott, Senior Manager; Boh Poison, Senior Frosh Manager; AI Roth. Boh Leach. Not in photograph Bill Wickman. Jav Sullivan, John Holt. Pete Bush. Joe Hurla.har. Howard Mills. " tlic ■■) ;■[,■• ,,,r lln,l-on. Dax i-. Bramhach Sutler ami (iriliin of the iall% commillee Mtcrnalc smiles and si owls indicale divided loyalties in the service nuMi ' s si ' ction. The homecoming rally atlraited one of the largest student assemhlagi ' s of the season. Hale, in forejiiound. misses ;iii Oregon back as Tninlnill (28) closes in to (lump him on the 45-jard line. Wall Siilcn (1)7 I hcariii? (h.uri on a Dnck pass receiver as Brain- aril ( Kii anil |- ' inri u ( 22 1 cut in. FRESHMAN FOOTBALL ROY SANI)BER(; I ' Veshman (loach Rov " SaiKlv " Sandljerg joiiipfl tlii ' staff tliis fall to coach tlic Frcsliiiieti. A liiadiiatc of asliinjitoii State Collcfic. Saiidl)er ; lias coached |)rc|) and collei; ' foothall in half a dozen schools in ashinj;ton and ( )reijon. He came to the campus from the superintendent y of Stanwood schools. His first Husky frosli squad showed a smoothness that in- dicated a thoroufih -iroundinf; in fundamentals, and a spirit that is a fine trihute to coachinf; leadership. The Husky Pups opened their season auspiciously hy thrashini; the Port Aujieles Commando team by a 19-0 score. ( )n Novemher 7. the Orepon Ducklings, on a well-executed screen pass plav. outfoxed the Frosh to win 7-6. Friday. No- vemher 13, was another unlucky day for the yearlings who took the short end (d a 26-7 score in their game with the ( " ougars at Pullman. Outstanding players were Gail Bruce end. and Larry Hatch, halfhack. Other varsity prospects are Ronald " Red " Hale, end; Rohert " Boho " loore. Chuck Perepski. Don Lintott. Walt Siden, Dale Duvall and Bill Lloyd, all hacks. In the line were these noteworthies: Jim Berwick, Gene Schmidt. Jack Davis. Bill Scott, Will Graves, Bob Souju. Bruce HiMlreen, Dick Hagen and George Armstrong. It may well he that their varsity careers will await the end of the war. hA -. -. - ' mjk u M ki ' M «Jjl aJk , From Row. 1., ' fl lo Hii lll: iTil linrou. Koj.crl I- ri-lo. . KilM .ravc . ( .cii, ' chnii(ll. .Inn licrv. i,k. ,|,,liii liar I.., (I I, ■. Kill Uiainaril. UmI. oM|ii. 1 Mar tin. (iail Hrnce. Donplas l ' .. l. Frank Daviil on. Hill Sci.M. CcorKc rm lroiij;. Kllon Klein, anil Jack Mope. «■,■„;„ li,„i. l.rjl to Riy.hl: Neil I ' oss Charles I ' erepski. Itill l,li, il. Wall Siilcn. i ' lnn W alirs. Hi.nald Hale. Don I hiloll, ayne Sloyer, Kohert Moore, Norman Snirnu Jack Davis. Johc Mola. I.arry Halcli. Mike Coli . Ted (mij;!:. Ward TiMiil.iill. and Dale Diuall, Sa etd siU THE LEADERS HEC EDMl NDSON . . . Just completed his 23rtl year as head haskethall coaeli. Led Washington to ninth Northern Division title and fourth Pacific Coast crown this year. Believes his 1943 squad is the gamest and most de- termined gang of plavers lie has ever had. Hec turns his attention to the track scjuad in the spring. Outside of athletics, his interests lie in classical nuisic and drama. TUBBY GRAVES . . . Been here just ahout as as Hec. Develo|)s strong freshmen haskethall timher each year, his 1943 yearlings heing undefeated in 15 games. Busy all year around as assistant foothall coach, and head liascliall mentor. WALLY LEASK . . . Ended his three-year varsity regime hy captaining the Huskies to their first haskethall crown since 1936. Hails from Lincoln High in Seattle. Left for Army Air dorps hefore Kansas City trijt. Outstanding guard and expert court general. i«wAlKPA! THE SQUAD i) I nwi Hoir: I., ' !! In Hi:Jil: l!..l. Itircl. Cip iMin W.illv l.-M.k. 1)...! Imi-.I. Clui.U Cil- iMiir. M.rliri ( ;ill„-rt-..ii. Kill M„rri-. .uu Hill (;i -l .Ti:. Mkldh- Ho„: l.fjt (oKi.c ic Jnrk Mclnlyro. Bill OKoii. Hoi. Cummins, I In BicvMi. Clunk SIumII ' .t, Dale Grons- ,!;,!, I. I ,u lc.iM ' . aii.l Hiiii; Dahl. Bocfe •„,(: ,. ii, Risilti: Kii;; lr( m. Ja.k Markliain. l Slrnpc. Hill laxinr. Van v.. I. and Coa. ' h K lnuniil . ii. ALL-AMERICAN BILL MORRIS Frinii a cliainpionsliii) season caiiie ashiiifiton ' s second lias- kethall All-Ameiican Hill Morris. Morris, who comes from Bremerton, made every All- Northern Di ision team the last two years with his aggressive- ness, hard-driving, and high- seoring. climaxing the latter hy placing second in Northern Di- vision sct)ring this season with 180 points. The ciirly-haired Senior ranks as one of Washington ' s greatest and heconies a wortliy holder of haskethalls highest honor. After a se%cn year drought, (ioach Hec Kdnuindson returned the j)rize of hasketiiall wars — the Pacific (ioast (iiiampionship — to the Husky lair. Hec had everything to his liking this year. Chuck (rilmur. Bill Morris, and ally Leask. all seasoned veterans re turned for their last years competition, (lomliined witii them, were Big Doug Ford and Boody (nlhcrtson, juniors from last years team. Hecs charges were classed as the team-to-heat hy fans, coaches and news- })apers throughout the N »rthwest long hefore the sea- son started. Hec did not ha t ' a one-man team; it was all fi e men working together as a unit. The scoring was well di ided: high point honors going to different men almost e t ' rv same. All fi e Huskies finished f ahove the 10()-[K»inl mark during the regular season. Perhaps the greatest (juality of the champions was their gameness and spirit in o ercoming their oppon- ents with a dri ing finish. Fastly. Ednuindson had ca- pahle reserves in Bohh) Bird. Bill Taylor, liill (riss- LeU: JnMlaiil tu.l (l»Mit- lor the Oreg It- ;il Ihc nilK pf..-,li 1 Sl.ll,- nilh. Hi ' hl: e ; llir Oregon State Champion-liiji gJiiic. DuUi ' Harry Holland pleads lor lung cxe r: Ma from r. ' llr I.M 1 Ihe l a he crowd. 1 aroiiiiil llie i ' anipii lo rollecl stii- THE 1943 PACIFIC lierji. Dale (,l•u (lalll. (iliiuk Sheaf tVr. Hec Brown and Perry Nelson to add strength to his elid). X ashington played most of its pre-season contests at home. They hegan to impress the local fans last De- oemher with a series of wins o er Bill Lohrers Sport Shop, a team comj)osed of former ashington greats; Alpine Dairy, the Ahnnni. W hitman (College, and Serv- ice ontfits. Later that month Hec took his sqnad on a six-day harnstorming trip around the state, where they tw ice defeated the strong ancouver Kamhlers. a team of former Oregon State stars that won the title for the Beavers in 1942. 4S-39 and 39-38. Their next stop was in Spokane, where they turned in the largest score against Gonzaga Bidldogs this season, 62-41. The Huskies then journeyed to Pasco, staging a second half blitzkreig to heat the Navy Flyers 40-27. On the way home they stiunbled into a surprisingly strong Central ashington College aggregation, losing 53-49. ashington avenged this defeat hy trouncing C. W. C. in a later engagement in Seattle. 58-30. The Huskies closed their preliminar play with a decisive victory over the colorful Harlem Glohe Trotters 49-30. OREGON STATE SERIES The Huskies started their conference round in Cor- allis. January 19 and 20. against the defending cham- pion Bea% ers. In the first game the Bea ers " tight man- to-man defense and under tlu ' ha kel play gained them a 42-39 decision. Late in the first half, the Bea ers took the lead antl were atop 27-20 at halftime. Midwav through the sec- ond period Washington closed fast on baskets hy Gil- nuir. Gilhertson. and Morris, bringing the score to 39- 42. Oregon State wound its man-to-man web around the Huskies tighter and the attack fell short. O.S.C. ' s Anderson led the scorers with 15 poiiUs. followed b Morris with 13. The next night. W ashington jumped into an earl lead and stayed there to win 14-39. The Huskies " un- canny accuracy, which had failed them the ] re ious night, was the deciding factor as they c(»mpleted 13 out of 29 field shots, giving them a 28-22 halftime lead. Don Durdan staged a one-man dri e to pull the Beavers even in the second half. With one minute to go he made the score 39-42. but W ally Leask caged a lias- ket to make the Huskies safe. Durdans 20 points was high mark for the e ening. Gilmur was second w ith 1 1 . The Huskies and Beavers resumed their argument in Seattle March 5 and 6. with Washington winning bt)th games handily to cop its first Northern Division crow n since 1936. Washington won the title in the first contest, in which they played their best game of the season. The score was 53-33. They scored almost a point a minute, and their defense was the most effective seen on the floor all season. Captain ally Leask was the bright light in the Huskies title-clinching victory. His 18 MANAGERS Managers: Left li Riiihl: Cjil Klii|ilfii Iiiii. ( ' iiiiir Manaser; Dean Brokaw, Jim Snyder. Al Na li. and BdIp Slitel.r. in front. Absentee Managers: Dick Gilliert, Don D»innell, Jim Baldwin, Bob (ioss, and Al l.evinskv. RLIE GILMUR COAST CHAMPIONS jMiiiil- lii li cainc lar cK from near mid-floor liow il- zcr topptMl all scorers. Doiij; Ford prt ' . ' -stMl him (•lo «dy for honor with If points. The Purple and (iold completed its iNorthcrn di i- sion schedide hy winninj: the Saturday nijiht amc I I-3.T. which f:a e them 12 wins. I losses. ashinjiton ' s ensational riiard Hill Morris suffered a severe knee injury in the fir t two minutes of the fjame and was re- lie ed h) sophomore Bill Taylor, who led Husky -corers with ten points. The Huskies were ahead at halftime 16-12 and at one time at the second half were roasting on top of a 37-17 score. OREGON SERIES Hu k) l(a ketliallers failed hy an eyelash to take its first clean sweep in seven years from the Oregon eh- feet. The series hegan in Eugene. January 22 and 23. with ashington chalking up two victories. In the first game S ashington made a valiant second iialf comehack to win 52-48. Oregon had led safelv at halftime 31-2.5. continuing a scoring drive well along into the second half. hen the scorehoard showed Oregon in front 39-32. with less than twelve minutes to play. ashingtons Doug Ford. Boody Gilhertscm and Chuck Gilmur went l)asket-crazy to overtake the eljfeet 42-41 with seven minutes left. Washington stayed there. Gilmur was high with 20 points. On the following night the Huskies again spotted the S ehfeet to an early lead, turning the game into a hlistering pace to win 31-30. It was the seasons lowol score, play l)eing spotty and lackadaisical throughout except for the late IIu ky drive sparked hy Bill Morris. Morris ' s charity toss won the game in the final minute. Oregon had a 16-11 halftime lead, staying in front until the last six minutes. a hington " s ictorv ga e them the league lead. ashington and Oregon placed their final series on the Husky court a week later. January 29 and 30. The Huskies powered their way to a 46-31 win in the first game. Oregon set up a strong I id during the first half hut S a hington held a 19-16 halftime lead. The Hus- kie terrific surge in the opening seven minutes of the second half decided the verdict. Gilmur and (iilhert- son led the quick assault with the latter connecting for 12 successive points, (rilmnr led hoth teams once more with 1.5 points while Gilhertsons 12 was second hest. Oregon salvaged the final contest 47-44. with a hril- liant second half rally. Washington was coasting on top of a 37-27 score late in the second period when the out- classed Wehfeet started their rally. Fidirman. Dick and Williamson sank five successive haskets and a free throw to overtake Washington 38-37. The game was turned into a wild melee in the closing minutes with (iilmur. Morris, and Ford trying desperately to return the tide. Morris scored 17 points, while Ford tallied 12. WASHINGTON STATE SERIES Washington found its toughest opposition of the season in its cross-state rival, the Washington State Cougar.-, olitaining no hetter than an even hreak. The Huskies met the Cougars first in Seattle, Feh mary 5-6. CHUCK SHEAFFER Gilinur puis up hcil ;l iinxious Coiif;;irs wnK ' h anfl pray. ' ilniiir works n relioiiiid in i -crinnljli ' of Oiepoii playi ' ri THE SEASON Tlie first i aine saw tlif (loujiars far Mipfrior in wiiinin;: I l-.HT. Their speed, excellent floor work and passin r lironjilit them a 28-17 halftinie adxantajie. Dnrin the first five minutes of the second half. W ashinjiton rallied desperately with (nlnuir. Mor- ris and (iilhertson clickinj: for 1. ' 5 points to tie the score at M) all. Then the Huskies fell into another lull. ;ioin i scoreless for the next 12 minutes. ( (wen Hunt of ashin ' ton State was the fiame hi h man with 1(1 points. The Huskies, fi htinj: to keep their title hoi)es ali e. hounded })ack into the pennant picture the next nij;ht. hy com[)letely suh- duinji the leaj;ue leadin : Coujiars 72-31. it was the larjrest tally rolled up in the Northern Di ision this season. ith Boody (hI- liertson and Bill Morris leading the way the Huskies went into the lead early in the ;ame. They had a 39-20 halftinie marjiin. Gilhertson led the scorers with 18 points; IMorris had 1 1. Washington staged the greatest rally in all Husky cage history during the first game of the return series at Pullman. Fehruary 12 and 13. and scored a 61-52 victory. With less than five minutes in the first half remaining, the Cougars were on the long end of a 32-12 score, (iilhertson. Leask. and Morris started the amazing drive that after seven minutes of the second half, found Washington well out in front H-33. The Huskies had scored 29 points in eleven minutes, while Indding the Cougars to a single free throw. The Cougars never threatened after this point. Morris scored 16 points and Ford tied with the Cougar captain. Hunt, for next highest with 11. The Cougars regained their first place })osition the f(dlowing night with a 53-19 victory. As during the previous night. Jack Friels men estahlished an early lead, going in front 33-21 at half time. Washington actually outscored the Cougars in the second half 28-20. hut the hig deficit was too much for the .Seattle hoys to o ercome. They pulled to within three jtoints of W.S.C. with eight minutes left hut the Cougars settled down and played steady hall. Akins of .S.C. led scorers with 18 points, while Morris fidlowed with 16. IDAHO SERIES «i W ashinglon scored her only clean sweep of the season. li tak- ing all four games from the cellar-scraping Idaho andals. Teams met for the first time in Moscow. Fehruary 15 and 16. with the Husky machine rolling smoothly to a 17-26 win. S ash- ington set a new season low for op|)osition scoring in this conte t. as the Purple and (iold concentrated on defense during the fir t half to hold the (iem Staters to three scattered field goals for nine points, while they c(dlected 21. Procedure was re ersed in the second half as the Huskies centered their attention more on the Idaho hasket to score almost at will. Bill Morris again led the pack with M points while Fred Quinn of Idaho had 12. Washington moved into a first place tie ith .S.C. as a re- sult of their 72-34 victory the following night, also tieing the conference liigh game scoring record, estahlished earlier in the sea.son hv the Huskies. W ashington ' s offense worked effec!i el against the andal defense, as Morris. Leask. Cilliertson. and Gilmur were allowed to sift through for lay-in shots. Morris, hy virtue of his 20 points. tno ed into first place in con!cr ' nce in- dividual scoring, (iilhertson also had 20. The Huskies renewed their onslaught against the loul Nan- dais in Seattle. Fehruar 27 and 28. Fdmundson ' s men pulh ' d awav at the end of the first fixe minutes. mo ing along leisin-cl to win 57-.37 in the first game. Washington had a 30-16 halftinie IN REVIEW lead. Caplaiii W ally Lcask t()|»| tMl tlio M()r.M whh I I jxiints lol- lop cd li Idaho ' s star ccnler. Fred ( )iiinn. who had . Saturday nifihl ' contt ' st was the best of the whole series. De- spite the lopsided Husky win of S9-39. it was anybody ' s hall wame well into the second half. The Huskies liad led at the rest period with a scant 24-22 lead and after ei ht miinites of the seciuid half they were whistling ' to keep a 36-3. niarftin. After that they ke[)t the basket sniokinj!; hot. scoring 23 points to the andal ' s 4. Bill Morris ran wild for 22 counters. SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA PLAYOFFS (hie of llec Kdnuindson ' s great teams now rules the Pacific Coast Conference by irtue of its two sensational victories over Southern Cialifornia in Seattle. March 12 and 13. It was the first Conference title for the Huskies in seven years. The first contest was one of the most torrid donnybrooks ever witnessed in the Pavilion, with the Huskies scoring a last minute basket to win .53-.t1. It was a battle played at a l)listering pace, with neither team able to dominate play. Nine times the lead changed hands: eleven times the score was tied. Five times the Huskies took the lead away, and four times the Trojans came back to forge ahead. The widest margin between the teams was six points. After a 27-27 half time tie. Morris and Taylor sent Washing- ton to the front, only to have Jim Seminoff and Gene Rock rally 1 to swing the score in fa or of the Trojans. Back came Morris and Taylor to battle the Trojans to a 51-Sl tie with a minute left. Then. Taylor tossed in a push shot from the side to win. Morris played outstanding ball to lead with 16 points. Saturday night saw the Huskies mo e into the throne room with a . ' )2-l. " ) ictorv. Flashy Bill Taylor erased a Trojan halftime lead of 24-22 with two baskets at the start of the second period. Later in the period .Jim Seminoff and Alex Omalev fattened the Trojan side of the scoring board with some dazzling swishers. Captain Wallv I Leask and Bob Bird pulled the Huskies to 43-all with seven 1 minute- left and Washington coasted in. Leask and Seminoff sliared scoring honors l i points each. KANSAS CITY PLAYOFFS ashiiigtoirs quest for national honors was rudely halted by a vialaiit hand of Texas Longhorns. 59-.55 in Kansas City. March 26. in the first round of the N. C. A. A. Western Sectional plavoffs. The P. C. C. chanipions had the baskets well heated in the first half, largely through thr marksmanship of Bill Morris and Doug Ford. They h-d at halftime 33-28. The Huskies increased their lead ot 4.1-35 midway thri)Uf;li thf seeond canto. Then Joliiuiy Haifiis. llie giant Texan, peppered the hoop consist- ently with an effective one-handed push shot, sending the Longhorns ahead for the first time. .t3-.52. Morris and Gissberg scored to return • the lead to ashington. hut Roy Cox. Texas freshman scored three baskets in the last two minutes to burst the Husky hid)hh ' . Hargis ac- counted for 30 i)oints. wliih- ashington ' s star. Hill Morris had 22. ashin ;ton was sorely handicapped hy loss of W ally L ' ask who was called to the Armv Air dorps. By stafiing a sizzling sccoikI half drive, the Oklahoma Sooners squeeze ] past W ashington 48-43 to take third ])la e in X estern |)lay- offs, the following nifrht. First half action was a ding-dong affair with the score knotted eifrht times and lead chanficil on five occasions. Okla- homa led at intermission 24-21. Led hy their AIl- meri an center (ierald Tucker, the Sooners were quick to tart their -eeond half vi(l(.i drive. Set plays under the hasket with Tuck«-r in the star role pnt Oklahoma ahead 43-30. (;issherg and Bird tried valiantly to close the gap. hut the Husky rallv fell short in the closiu " minutes. A. fe [jM - . " H 4 Front Row. Harold Dodge, Glenn Young, Jack Getaz, Donn Sibold, and Jim Madison. Back Koit: Huh Siitclor. Senior Frosh Mgr.. Evert Pitman, Jack Davis, Stuart Thompson, Don McMillan. Bill Vandenburgh, and Art McCarl . FRESHMAN HOOP Like their hi " ; lirothers. the varsity, the frosli hoopsters experienced a ehampionship season, winning 15 games witli no defeats. Blessed witli no singh- standout, ( ' ouch Tuhhy (irave molded his yearlings to win games as a unit. Twelve men received numerals. Tubby ' s starting fixe for most of the .-ea .oii iiiciuded Glenn Young, the highest scorer. Don McMillan. Rav Volz. Jack (yetaz, and Jack Davis; while rchcrves. K ert Pitman. Stuart Thompson. Donn Sibold. Jim Madison. Harold Dodge. Art McCartN. and W illiaiii aiidcid.iirgli all saw considerable action. Two ollur kev plavcr . Perr Nelson and Les Eathorne, were dropped from the regis- ter early in January with the former advancing to Hec Kdmundson for varsity action. Nelson became the first lre hmati in modern history to comj)ete on a ashiiigtoii varsity team. The latter. Eathorne. wa ruled ineligible. Tile freshmen Ixtasted two wins over the .Strong Hrem- crtoii All-Slar . orlhvvest league cntrv. ' 9- ' l at IJrem- erton and .il-i l in Seattle. Also, victories were chalked up again t Joiinson ' s (Jrocerv of Kenton. 18-27. Everett .limior College. Y.M.Ci. A.. Hr iiicrl )ii pprentices. Hal- lard (.(•a t (itiard. and various olltcr S ' rv ice condtina- !i«tii . Mnlibv l.iiidh. lofiiicf Hu kv lar. handled thi- coach- ing rein ii fall w liih- (Graves was occupied on the fool- ball staff. cctcfttmi t 1943 NORTHERN CO (;H IKlli l!l CKI.II B(il) Biicklfv Ix ' came the shortest li e(l swim mentor in Hii ky history. Former frosh head and assistant arsity coarh. Buckley filled the position vacated by Jack Torney a year afjo. At the close of the 1943 campaif n. Boh joined the Na y. lea ing: an envial)le record — one year; on e championship. Co-captain Pete Powlison. freestyler. learned his swimming; in lionie-touii Hono- lulu before coming to Washington three years ago. Was a consistent record breaker as a frosh. but was forced out of competition last year because of illness. Came into real brillance this year by smashing records in the ( )regon meet : taking honors in the North- ern Division meet; and |)lacing high in the N.C.A.A. contest. George Athans. the other half of ashing- ton ' s captain duet, came to Washington four years ago from Canada. Being the best diver in the history of Washington. Athans has held the Northern Division crown for three years. He placed third in the National A. A. V. meet in New York this season. I ' KTK I ' OWMSON (;f.()K(;k th ans DIVISIONAL RULERS Dethroning the defending title-holding Oregon Dncks, llie 1943 Washington swimmers went throngli their sea- son undefeated to capture both the Conference dual meet and Northern Di ision meet ehanniionships. (ioath Boh Buckley, in his first and last year as head coach, teamed nine returning lettermen with three out- standing freshmen to give the Huskies one of their -trongest squads in recent years. Led hy Co-captains Pete Powlison and (ieorge Athans, the Husky seamen hung up easy away-from-home victories over W.S.C.. 63-12. Cl.KM lvi A 1 KAi k ASlil K ' i BILL HELOTE JIM BELOTE JIM nENNi. (; JOE MILLER BOB TRACER FRANCIS COOPER JAY FOLLRICH CARROLL HOEPP ER HUSKY ACTION (Li ' ll): Atlians dciuo ii t ra 1 1• uli ir is Norlherii Division (li ini; kiiii; (Bclowl: Powlison shows the style lliat kept him undefeated all season. and Idaho. 65-9. and defeated Oregon, 44-32. in their only home appearance. Powlison Jjroke two conference marks in the Oregon engagement, setting new records of 23.4 seconds for the .50-yard freestyle, and 53 seconds flat for the 100-yard distance. Freshman Boh Trager asserted himself hy es- laiilishing a new University pool record of 2:21.5 for the 220-yard freestyle while taking first place for Wash- ington, and swam one lap on the champion relay team along with Jim Denning, Jay Follrich, and Powlison. The Hnskies ran away with the final All-Northern Di- vision meet in Pnllman, Fehrnary 27, collecting six out of nine first places to score 74 points. Oregon. Washing- ton ' s only serious competitor during the year, was second with 61. The hosts. Washington Stale, fini-iied in third place with 23, followed hy tin- cellar-entrenched Oregon State and Idaho cluhs with 6 ajtiece. Powlison. and (4em Akina. frcshniaii from Hawaii, shared scoring honors in the meet, each coming np with two first places. Akina led the jiack in the two distance events, the 220 and 440- yard freestyles. while Powlison swept the sprints with victories in the 50 and 100-yard freestyles. George Athans. retained his title as Northern Di ision diving king hy going through the season undefeated. At the end of the regular season. Powlison and Athans were sent to the N.(].A.A. meet in (iolumhus. Ohio, where the former i)laced third in 50-yard freestyle and finished fourth in the 100-yard e ent to win further acclaim for Purple and (iold actpiacaders. Athans failed to place in the Columhus meet, hut went on to New York where he showed u|) third hest in the National A.A.U. diving event. The following twelve men received letters: Clem kina. George Athans, Frank Ashury. James Belote, Wil- liam Belote, Francis Cooper. Jim Denning. Jay Follrich, Carroll Hoeppner. Joe Miller. Pete Powlison. and Boh IVager. NORTHERN DIVISION MEET 3(»0A AKD MKDLKY RELAY — Won by Oregon; second. Vi a.shinfiton: ll.ird. Vi .S.C.: fourlli. Maliu: fifth O.S.C. Time. 3:16.2. 220.YAKD FRKK.STYLES— Won l.y kina. Wash.; Nelson. Oregon, second: Smith, Oregon, third: Trager. Wash., fourth: Cooper, Wash., fifth. Time. 2:25.2. 50-YARD FREESTYLE— Won by Powlison, Wash.; Denning. Wash., second; Allen. Oregon, third: Fox, Oregon, fourth; Campbell, O.S.C, fifth. Time 24.4. DIVING— Won by Athans. Wash.: Worrell, W.S.C, second; Dodge, W.S.C. third; Asbury. Wash., fourth; Willet, W.S.C, fifth. lOO-YARD FREESTYLE— Won bv Powlison. Wash.; Follrich, Wash., second: Siiiilh. Oregon, third: Trager. Wash., fourth; Hoffman, Oregon, fifth. Time, 54.3. 15()- ARD BACKSTROKE— Won by Nels.m, Oregon; Prow- ell. Oregon, second; Denning. Wash., third: Daughtry, W.S.C, fourth: Miller. Wasii.. fiflli. Time, 1:47.3. 22()- ' AKI) BREAS rS ' lROKE— Won by Heustis. Oregon; Mc- Aiiliff. Oregon, second; J. Belote, Wash., third; Woodward, O.S.C. fourth; B. Belote, Wash., fifth. Time. 2:38.8. 440- ARD FREESTYLE— Won by Akina, Wash.; Smith, Ore- gon, second; Coo]ier, Wash., third; Nelson. Oregon, fourth; Allen. ( )regon. fifth. Time. 5:24.7. 4()()-YARD FREESTYLE RELAY— Won by Wash. {Denning, Follrich. Prager, Powlison); Oregon, second; W.S.C, third; O.S.C, fourth; Idaho, fifth. Time. 3:54. SWIMMING SQUAD Front Row: George Athuiis. Bob Ilolmstrom, Bill Flagp, Don .S|;irk, Jim Belote, Jim Denning, Joe Miller, Bill Belole, and George Henderson. Hack Roic: Frank Asbury. Walt Sbiel, Bob l.indberg. Jay Follrich, Pete Powlison, Francis Cooper, ( lem Akina. Boli Trager, ami Bob Kopia. MANAGERS Irniii R,m. Lfil l„ Ri:Jil: Jirn ll,-r.,lri,k-. ll,,u,i. Jim MclJoiioupli. .uu IVn M;iltlie« . Back R„n. l.ffl In Rii:ht: Barne OX;.inniir. Ralph I,; on. Rudy Kiilui- neii. Earl McCarlhy. Senior Manager, and Bill Blecken. FROSH SWIMMING liOh K(UT J (:k SINK- l. l RKNCK l H KKI{ Eric Kirklaiid, in his first year as frosli swiinminn; foarli. pruiu ' tl tli ' 1943 vt ' arlings to chaiiipionshi]) ' (lf; ' with four wins, one k)ss. The ])ahes defeated Everett Hifih twice, 48-16, in the Husky pool. Feb- ruary 12; and 41-21 in a return enfiajjenient in Ever- ett, a month later; Bremerton Navy Yard, 27-21. February 26; Lincoln Hii.di of Tacoma, 47-19. Their only defeat came from Stadium Hi;;h of Tacoma, .35-31. February 23, in the C.ity of Destiny |)ool. with the winners nosin;; out the Huskies in the re- lay to take the honors. asbiiifiloii led 31-27 be- fore the relay. Outstandirif; jierformances were turned in all sea- son by Hob kopta. Bill Flapg, Don Maclane. ami Gordon .Stubb in the 50 and 100-yard freestyles; Jack Sines. lOO-yard backstroke; Noah Showaller. KKI-yard brcasi Park (;ioyd. 22(l- ard Ircc- st Ic. and Laurence Sirakir. ' Pin- rila liain i Slidd). MarlatH-. kopla. and I ' laitj; a uiidi Icalrd except for the Sladiiini iiicdunlci ' . Besides llio-c iiiciil iuncd. lln- fullduiiif; men re- (•(•i (i nnmcraU: (Mirdon Baker. aller Sliiel. and llunlcr- Sliced. lii %ac 1942 NORTHERN (ilarencf " Hec " Edinimdscdi. t ' t« ' ran Wasliiiifiton track ((taili and former Idalu) star wild Wfiit to tilt ' (M iii|)ic (James in 1 ' I2. fulfilled a ten-year ambition with lii,- l M2 cinder aspirants. Last season, I ncle Hec saw his squad win dual meets from Oregon. Oregon State and ashing- lon State: take the jNorthern Di ision meet held in Seattle; and place fourth in the Pacific Cioast Clonference contest. Percy Egtvet, capable assistant coach, is the builder of Washington thinclads. He guides the frosh through their first in- tercollegiate competition and tutors the arsit) during winter turnouts. Earl " Click " Clark, trainer, is the " muscle God " to all Washington athletes. Formerly a University of Montana foot- ball loach, (ilick came to Washington in the early 2(rs. A wide grin and clever wit have made him one of Washington ' s most bclo ed athletic figures. fAhovei CI ARENCE " HEC " EDMUNDSON (Br-lowl PERCY EGTVET EAKI. -CMCK. " CI. AUK DIVISION CHAMPIONS foi X . I5RUCE COLE UICK Iil(;ELOW RU.SS BRA LEV LYLE CLARK Nine years of " almost " cliampions. and finally Uncle Heo comes up with a winner, (iaptnrin " ; the dual meet championship with three easy conference wins, ontdis- tancing the field in the Northern Division championships and placin i fourth in the Pacific Coast Conference finals, the l r2 Uu ky iracksters fulfilled Coach Hec Edniun.l- on Id-year ision (tf a top-notch cinder scjuad. ith " Bullet " Boh Smith, (iene Swanzey and Johnny Lctuf: proving consistent winners, the Husky thinclads mea ured )reg )n 85-44 in the season ' s opener at Eugene, triunipiied 83-48 over the Oregon State Beavers in the Stadiinn the fcdiowing week, and husted the long-stand- ing SC jinx hy rolling over the Cougars 711 3 to 59 2 3 at Pullman in the last dual meet of the season. Smith was undefeated in the lOO-and 22()-yard sprints in all three meets, winning individual scoring honors each time. Swanzey, too, was undefeated in the half mile, and Long was the class of the quarter-milers. Scoring in 13 of 15 events for a total of 50 points, the Huskies showed their collective heels to Northern Divi- sion foes in the division chann ionships in the Stadium. Idaho ran a poor second with 30 points, followed closely hy WSC with 281 2: then came OSC 20%, Montana 18, and Oregon 17%. Smith and Swanzey again were the hig guns of the Husky with the former contrihuting 11 1 4 points to the Husky cause through ictories in hotli sprint events and running one lap on the winning Washington relay I r i I " IRED I ABER RON LI) (; RRETSON MERRILL HAAGEN JOHN LONG MIKE RECTOR. ROY ANDERSON and JIM BRINKEEY team. Long won the 440. and dole tied for top lionort- in the high jump. ashington was still l)est of the noithfin di ision in the PC(; finals in the Stadinm. hnt the hest was good enough for only a fourth plaee hehind the mighty USC Trojans, (California Bears and Stanford Indians from the southern division. Totaling more points than all the northern disision sehools together — 79 — the Trojans had just too mueh elass for the rest of the field. (California, with " Hurrying " Hal Davis eopping the 100 and 220-yard dash titles, got 4.3I 2 points, followed by Stanford with 251 9, Washing- ton 21 1 .3. Idaho 141 4. (3SC 10 1 . " ?. WSC 9. Montana 9, UCLA 71 2 and Oregon r, 1 3. Swanzey was the only Husky aide to win a first plaee. breezing through the 880 in front of the best the South- ern Division eoidd offer. Smith met more than his mateh REVIEW in sprinters, however, and was foreed to lie eontent with two fourth jilaees in the sprints, and a leg of the seeond plaee ashington relay team. (iliff Bourland. I SC power runner, took individual seoring honors with I0I4 points garnered from a win in the 440. seeond plaee in the 220. and anchor man of the winning Soiuhern Cal relay team. Other S ashington men who figured in the .--eoring were Long, third in the 1 10; Freshman Fred Faher. fifth in the 120-yartl high hurdles: Jim Brinkley. fifth in the two mile; Merrill Haagen. fourth in the javelin throw and Cole, tie for fifth in the high jump. McLean. Swan- zey. Smith and Long comprised the seeond place relay team. Coach Hec Kdmundson recommended that letters be awarded to the following 22 men: Bob Smith. Gene Wal- ters, and Ru s Braley. sprints; Lyle Clark. Fred Faber, and Ron (jarretson. hurdles: Roy Anderson and Mike Rector, mile run; Jim Brinkley. two-mile run; John Long and Sutherland McLean, 440-yard dash; (yene Swanzey. Bert Joachims, and Howard Naee. half-mile run; Dick Bigelow and Merrill Haagen, Javelin; Briu e C de. high and broad jumps: Joe Nail. ])ole vault: Walt Harrison. Dick Robinson. Ray Russell, and Dick Yantis. discus. McLean. Swanzey. Smith, and Lctug comprised the relay team. Kjell ( vale. honorarv captain, was scheduled to lead the 1912 s(puid l)ut was called to the Army ir Corjts just before the season started. He became the Pacific Coast 100-yard dash champion in 1941. ( vale. a senior last year was formerly a star at West Seattle High. lliiW AHI) N ACE iiinl (;E.NK SWANZEY SUTIIEKI.AM) M.I.EA.N 1; -i i;i S.sELI, l!()l! SMITH Jill OF THE SEASON r ' ■ -v ' ' -■ ' t J! , «« ♦. .V t - ,A ' ♦•.1 S- V . iAt: THE SQUAD Fron Ron, Ia i to Rinhl: Jim liriiikle . John Lom;:. Geiii ' S»aiiz.- Roliinson, Howard Nate, antl Mike Rector. Back Row. Left to ?, i(: Gene Wallers. Fred Faber, Coach EdimiiHl Bannirk. Berl Joachims. Jaik Barron, and Russ Bralev. Cole. K. Roy Anderson. As ' l Coach Eptvet. Bill NORTHERN DIVISION RESULTS MILK HI N Won hy W iUiains (WSCi ; Fischer ( OSC I . .sec- oiul: W ilson lOi. third: White ill, fourth. Time, 4:20.5. WO- ' ARD DASH— Won hy Long iWl : Kanipf ( M 1 , second : Bhiir I OSC I third: Ray I O I . fourth. Time, 49.5. 100-VARD DASH— Won hy Smith (Wl; Clark (I I, second; Garretson iW . third: (iray ( OSC i . fourth. Time, 10.3. 120-VARD HIGH HURDLES- Won hy Haley iWSCi: But- ler lOl. second: Clark (Wl. third; Faher I i fourth. Time. 15 flat. 880-VAKD RUN- ' Won h Suanzey (Wl : Nace (Wl. secon.l; Thomas ill. third: Joaciiims iW I. fourth. Time, 1:54.4 220- ' A RD DASH— on hy Smith (Wl: Scott (Ml, .second: Kanrif ( M (. third: Kramer ( O I . fourth. Time. 22.1. TWO- MILE RI ' N— Won hy Drypall (II : Dwyer ( 1 1 . second : Chapman (I (.third: Williams ( WSC I . fourth. Time. 9:28. 220- ARD LOW HIRDLES— Won hy Haley ( WSC I : Bull.r lOl. second: Faher i W I. third: Garretson i W i. fourth. I line. 23.8. MILE RELAY— Won h W ashin -lon (M( Lean. Svvanzev. Suiith. and Lonj; I : Oregon, second: Monlana. third: Washing- Ion State, fourth. Time, 3:18.6. POLE VAULT— Thomas (Ol. and Frakes (I I. tied for first, 13 ft.; Nail (Wl, Reed ( I l. and Pozzi ( W SC I . tied for third, 12 ft. 6 inches. HIGH JUMP— Cole (Wl and Findlay I OSC I, tied for first, 6 ft. 214 in.; Pozzi ( W SC I . Mandic ( OSC I . Newlaud (Ol and Walton ( 1 1 . tied for third at 6 feet. .lAVELIN THROW— Won hy Kreiger (Ml, 195 ft. 5 in.: Pied- mont (I I, second, 192 ft. 11 in.: Haagen (W I. thir.l: 185 ft. liy, in.; Kilbuck (OSC I. fourth, 179 ft. 71 2 i " . SHOT PU ' T— Won by Londos ( WSC 1 , 48 ft. 3 in.: Rell ill. second. 48 ft. 1 in.: Harrison (W I. third. 46 ft. 6 ' 4 in.: Rob- inson (W I, fourth, 45 ft. Sy, in. DISCUS- Won by Anderson ill. 151 ft. 10 in.: Clawson (Ml. .second. 1.50 ft. 1114 in.: Yanlis iW I. third. Ill ft. 7 in.: Dodge I WSC I. fourth. 134 ft. 9 in. RROAD JUMP— Won by Findlay ( (KSC 1 . 22 ft. 7% in.: Mc- Rae I WSC I, second. 22 ft. 5% in.; Walton (ll. third. 21 ft. 91 2 in.; Cole (W l, fourth, 21 ft. 51 2 in- .- m .Idhiiiiy 1,1111}; Miap? the la|n- nlii;i(l of Oregon State ' s Itlair ill llie HO-vard (lash. (i. ' iie Suaiizey ( ceiiler 1 stands solemnly on llie platforni after winiiiiii: the Paiifir Coast Conference half-mile rhampionship from California. Soiith. ' rn California. I ' .C.L. .. and Stanford ' s I.esl. FRESHMAN TRACK WashiiiotonV fi() li ciiKlerinen experienct ' d a ill( rt and iiiiiiiij»res!«ive 1942 . ' eason — lomjM-tino; in a sinjile meet, which they lost to the powerful ( ieiitral ashin-jiton (College aggregation, 78 2 ? to 46 1 .i. Sii|)eriority in experience and material spelled the l ' ,ileii l»nrg victory, hut scNeral of (ioacli Percy Egtvets yearlings turned in oiits.landing performances. Leland Hull won the pidc aiilt; Don Decks |)laced first in the dixtis with a liea e (d 121 feet 6 9 inches: and won the shot pill at .{fi feet 1 1 ' j. inches: Bill k dd outdistanced the field in the ja elin e cut with a loss of 16.5 fed iPo inches; Dick Watson took ihe hroad jiimj». going out 20 feel 7 iiK lies. Bruce W alker garnered two seconds in the high jump and ja cl in. Besides those menlioncd ahoxc. ( ioach Kgt cl recom- mended mimcrals to the following: ermui (ihrisleiisen. ](»() and 22()-yard sprints: Ralph Riddell. 220-yard dash: Floyd Swanson. mile run: Diui Schaake. half mile: Dick (dintiui. I IO- ar(l dash : Don Seeley. (Jenc Kavmond. and .John Cook. MANAGERS W ashiugtons J942 track managers include .lim Tre- gaskis. Senior Manager, .lohn Hannah. Scninr-i ' rosh. Frances Magers. Frank Hart. Pete a . Roger Melrose. t-rn Suaiics. F l Camuhcll. and Dick W ilsuii. 212 A m « ' 1 ( teca REGATTA WINNERS AL HLBKICKSON (Rifiht) . . . Probably Washington ' s most famous coacli. A former Washinj;lon varsity stroke, Al became head coach in 1928. HoJils a reeoril of twelve varsity and twelve jayvee wins over Cali- fornia. Also Al is the only mentor to sweep the Hudson — which he did twice. Quiet, affable, and understand iiif:. he is one of Washiniitons ;reat inspirational leaders. WALT BANEV . . . Carrot-lopiied Walt is embarking upon liis seventh year as frosh coach. Rowed the No. 7 seat in AFs varsity from I933-.3. ' i. Also has instilled a winning hai)it in his vi-arling boats, taking fi nr out of the six races from the Goblen Bears. GEORGE POCOCK . . . The master shell builder shows one of his prod- ucts. Came to Washington in 1914 and he has been snplving major racing in- stitutions as well as the Huskies wilb galleys ever since. Formcrh luld ibc sculling championship in Ealon. En;:- laii.l. - . Tlie Husky yearliiis iit ' li(i ui :is llu rulltd aliuif; in ;i i -lrii(;lli i( li the Ii.-ai (llll . ' ■«1-r-! " tf A " i ' i? ' M i WASMINOTOM a-liiMf;l pn jayvees had the closest call cil the ila . Ilni ' lliey are crossing the lini ' wilh only seven feel anil one-half a second to spare. ithe Huskier ihtwe leri;;ili- I., the i;.,.m1 and a .-..r-d of 1S:SI to their credit. John Bracken, Bow; Dave Roderick, No. 2; Carl Schroeder, No. 3; Doyle Fowler. . o. I; Cli.iil.- M.i . No. 5: Wall Wallace, No. 6; Tom Taylor. No. 7; Ted Gaharl. Stroke: and ic I (:ox ain. in Ironl. Washington crews continued to ride the saddle of Pacific Coast rowing supremacy, whitewash- ing their bitter California rivals with three new records over the ancient Leschi-to-Madison course in the 1942 April Regatta. Forced by niilitarv restrictions to row over the Leschi course, uiuised since 1930. the varsity and freshmen boats coasted to lengthy wins, while the ja -vees just ni|(i eil the Cal second boat at the finish. The three course records liroken were all previously held 1 W a,-iiinglon i)oals. Tlie arsitv lowered th. " 1922 record of 1.t:.S8 to l.i:. ' ' vl. and tiie jayvces lopjicd .31 seconds ,df the 1926 j. v. record of 16:26.2. Botii races were over the three-mile run. In the shorter freshman race, the Husky yearlings stroked two miles in 10:20.5. lowering the 1926 record by some 24 .seconds. The prize ii] set of the afternoon came in the jayvee race when the heavily favored Bears failed to match the stretch drive of the Huskies and lost the event by inches. The 1942 National Intercollegiate Rowing championships at Poughkei ' psie were called off because of wartime exigencies. The asbinglon lightweights of ' 42 ha i a ..SOO season, winning from OSC iiere and losing at Corvallis. The lightweight secon ls finished ahead of the Husky first boat both ra es, winning the Seattle race with the. Husky firsts second, and placing second in Corvallis behind the OSC 150 ' s. In Class Dav races the senior boat established aiiew course record (d ' 7:27 seconds over the one and one-half mile LaurelbursI course. I ' lic sophs followed with the rre limen and juniors trailing in that order. In the wimiing siMiior class boat were (iarbart. stroke; Tavlor. 7; alhicc. ( : l ' liornpM n. .5; Fowler. 4: Hrackcn, .3; Soli. 2; I ' edcrson. bow and Fomo. cox. Crew lelterwinuers in 1942 were: Big W " s: Johnny Bracken, captain; Vic Fomo, cox; Doyle Fowler. Teil ( arharl. (iharles May. Dave Roderick. Julius ( " arl Schroeder. Tom Tavlor and Walt Wallace. J. V. Awards: Dave Boals. Tom Curkendall. Bill Dchn. (;albraith. Vr v I ' cd.rson IHiillips. Hal Willits. Keith Brown, cox. and Doug Cuykendall. Frosh Numerals: Keith nd.Mson. B d. Bergeron. Harlwell Hrcsshr. John Corballv. Dresslar, Bob Gunderson. Francis Haskell, Finds, y ll.rr.ll, Frn.-stMiil.r. Fiv.l Mitchell Morl.nsen, Bill N.-w.dl. Bob I ' ayn.-, Bob I ' aylor. Dave Thompson ami Rob Spalir. Warren riiompson won lln ll. nor " W " for varsity crew. l.igbtw. ' ight K.ii Cartwrigbt, Bill Clark. Pete Fish.r. Ja.k K.Uall, Ja.k kri Ja.k John I. Art Jerry Lulher. Colin Mcl.etinati. Don Morris. J.din !V«di. Bob Scherrir. b.d. rvall. Don (t-lroin. Rob Rnth.-rfonl an.I 1 »12 JIMOR VARSITY r. ' dcr.-oii. Bow; A.uly Culliriiilli. No. 2 : D;i o HiKiIs. No. :i; Dou? Ciiykeii- (hill. No. 4: Hal Willits. No. 5: Jack E ' hillip . No. 6; Bill Deliii. No. 7: Tom ( " iirken- ilall. Strokf: ami Keith Hro«n. Cox-uaiii. in front. Vn-i FRE.SHMEN Fr. ' .l Mitclu-ll. Ho»: John I)r,- Iar. N, . 2: Linilsex H. ' rrell. No. 3: Rohert Tay- lor. No. 4; Jack Ervin. No. 5; An Mortensen, No. 6; Ernie Miller, No. 7; Murray Haskell, Stroke; and Boh Payne. Coxswain, in front. LIGHTWEIGHT CREW .Sm ' oikI hoai „.,r-mrn mmI pir- liir.-(l ;.ri-: Ti.m IJartc (;il S,lKiII,-r. I rank l!Lirri . Hill Raley, Hii anl (mmuI. I{..- Aiulert-on, Jack S|i r i n f: a I .• . Leu Berg, and Hank Meadur. A T -c (ioes to i)res . tin- tuo |{-lilu ' i}:ht ...a. ' h- r l li (;n Krik-iiii hav.- I ' Ui .,l,,ri.-- ,n.;- l u- I riiv.T-il nl Itriii.h CMliiniMa. The lir-l .ciiipecl il- race lr.,,1] II., ' liriti.ll ColuilllMa ar-il i.x lime l,„mli- and llie -e, nn,l ImkiI heal lllo lr,,-li liN luo l.n lh . 1913 Li}:linveii;hl Creu — Fir-l Rnal : Slan I ' nc-nck. Ja( k Kiieli.l. .lark KeKall. I),ni O-lmin. Phil lincin h. Hnh Hnt-, Rof;er Ri.-. ' . Hill W i, kinan. and J.rr l.ulher. ( inx.uain. in Ir MANAGERS C.rv s niana!;er uorkin;; omt ihe ciinip- MM-nl are: l. ,;:an la.n . I ' hil Bn-iie. Km!. R. . Seni..i-IVo li iVl):r.. and Ink W il-nri. Senior Mjir. Sa c cdi Dorsett " " Tulil)v " " (Tr;n« ' s. tOrincr Uiii t r- sity t)f Missouri star athlete, has heen loach- ing liasel)all at Washington since the early 2() " s. He won his share of [)ennants during the first ten years, hut the last decade has found liis Huskies without a chaniiiionship. Nevertheless, his teams are always a danger- ous contender, finishing second or third. Tid)hy " s 1942 squad fell into a slunip at the close of the season and jdaced third in the final standings. A keen sense of humor and a vast source of hasehall knowledge com- Ijined, make Tuhby a great inspiration to his players. I!.,h Hird, L;iiirie Heiitli. Bill Cissber)!. f t ' I W 1 1942 SEASOh History repeated itself in 1942 Husky baseball. Like the 1941 nine. Coach Tubby Graves ' team of last spring was almost unbeatable at home but coulfln " t win them on the! road. Tbe record: At borne: seven wins, one loss: on tbe road: seven losses, one win. Led bv six-foul, four-iticli Doug Ford . so|diomore. and All- IVortbern Division hurler. tbe Huskies oi)ened tbeir season wilb two victories on Graves Field over tbe Idaho Vandals. Ajiril 24 and 25. Ford pitched flawless ball in tbe opener. Following this initial success. Graves ' borsebiders trouticed Wasbington State twice on the same field. A])ril 26 and 27. Ford burled a three-bit shut out in the first game, beating tbe Cougars 9-0. He was well assisted by tbe bats of Bill Gissberg, who con- nected for a triple and three singles; Bob Bird, sophomore, wlio bad three hits: and Hal Logan, sophomore, who blasted oul a trijde and a single. Tbe second contest saw Bob Cummins pitch five-bit ball in bis initial Conference start to subdue tbe Cougars 12-3. while Wasbington gathered 15 blows. Veterans Norm Daltborjt and Emmett Watson bit safclv three times out of five trips to tbe j)late. while Big Dave Gordon helped out with a sinfile and a tri]de. Tbe W..S.C. infield made seven errors to further tbe Huskv cause. In the next four-game siretcli. this one on illamctte alley diamonds, the Purple-Gold ])itcbing staff fohled. and tbe Huskio were beaten once by (Oregon and twice by tbe Oregon State Hea- vers. Ford ' s ])itching won tbe first game against tbe Ducks 2-1. on May 1, which gave tbe Huskies their first win in Oregon ter- ritory in three vears. After losing two runs at tbe plate and leav- ing four men on bases earlier in tbe game. Huskv batsmen ] ut on a strong ninth-inning rally to win. The next dav. tbe Huskies met tbeir first defeat of tbe season. Good jiifcbinf; and beavv bitting hel](ed tbe Ducks to a 7-2 vie- torv. Wasbington moved to (iorvallis. May 4 and 5. Glenn Elliott, ace Beaver burler. bested tbree Huskv chuckers. Ford. Cummins, and Hazel, to win 7-3. in the first game. O.S.C. bunched ei lit bits, while Elliott limited tbe Huskies to six bingles. On tbe following day. Wasbington outbit tbe Beavers 13-9. but failed to outscore them, losing 9-6. Tbe OrangenuMi produced a four-run splurge in the third inning that virtually on tlic game. Hal Logan. Cy Stephens. ca|)tain. Dave Gordon, and Hill Gissberg all singled in tbe ninth to score two runs, but Frank Constantino hit into a force plav at second base, cutting off the rally. Back honu ' . Doug Ford outpitcbed Oregon ' s burler. John Bubalo. in a 2-1 duel. May 13. Ford allowed tbe Ducks tbree bits while Bubalo gave tbe Graves men onlv six safeties. Cv Slepliens started tbe Huski( s rolling with a single in tbe fourtb innirif;. He stole second anil scored on Boody Gilbertson ' s center-field bas( blow. Tbe Huskies won tbe battle in tbe eighth wben Gil- bertson doubled and scored on Dave (Gordon ' s two-baser to left fifdd. (Jilbertson led tbe Husky win with a single and double. The Huskies lost tbeir only home contest tbe following day 5-1. wben Oregon blasted out 16 bits off Husky Pit( bi-r Laurie Healb. | wliili ' little Nick Begleries. Du -ks " ace moundman. Ixdd Wasb- iii;;toti to five bits. Neat defensive play by the Husky infield kept W asliiiifiton in the ame all the way. but tbe batsmen could iKit match tbe beav) clubbing of Howard Hobson ' s men. 1? , 1 1 RANK CONSTANTINO DICK II KI. r.(»i! CI M ll - dolk; I ' ORU ( " oacli Kalpli ColtMiian brought Iiis liif;li-ri(liii{: Beavers to Seattle. May 18 and 19. and the Huskies {;reeted them ith two eonvinciiif; wins. Second plaee in IVorthern Division standings was del- initely tinfied with Piir])le and Gold aiti r the 10-2 Husky rout in the first jianie. Diek HazeTs snap curve hall limited ( t. S. C. to six hits, while the Huskies jralli- ered nine. A three-run rally in the third iiniiufr on hits i)y Stephens, (rissher " ;. (Jil- hertson. and (Minslantino rej;istered the llll k vi(lor . Tension was hif;h ami odds «ere j real on the followinj; day when Douf; Ford outlasted Beaver Glenn Klliott 3-2 in one of the greatest piteiiing duels s( en on I he Husky diamond for years. The Huskv hurler set the Beavt rs down with three Mattered blows while Elliott gave up eight. Bobby Bird rapped out a eiuleh single over second base in ih. ' Irnlh frame, scoring Ford with liie winning tally. Maintaining a firm hold on sei-oiid l..-n, ■(: ■■ Sirpilrll-. -Uir .rroricl Iki-.- iiKin. was laplaiii of the 1942 Hiiskif . A coii.sisteiU hiller and a fast fielder. Cy made the All-Northern Division line.iip. The ex rranklin Hij;h of Seattle l)oy was jzradnated from the Iniversity last June, aiid is nou in the Arniv. jilace behind Oregon ' s league-leading Ducks, the Washingtonians headed for the Palouse count r for the season ' s finale with games against Washington State and Idaho. Weak hitting, faulty pitching, ami spotty fielding caused the Seattle liamond warriors to lose all four matches and turned the Husky pennant campaign into a nightmare, dropping 1 belli to third place in final standings with H wins and iS losses. Besides the regular starting 1942 line- up of Dave (rordon. Norm Dalthorp, and Hal l.ogaii in the outfield: Bill (iissberg lirst base; Cy Steiihens. second base; Boody ( ilbertson, shortstop; Bobby Bird, third base: Emniett Watson, catcln-r. and Doug Ford. Laurie Heath, Dick Hazel, and Bob (]uniujins, pitchers; Harry Batt, utility outfielder, and Frank Constantino, reserve catcher, were awarded letters. William Hunter re- ceived an Honor " W " . Watson was voted the inspirational award by the team. HARR ' i HATT NORM DAI rilORl ' DAVE GORDON EMMETT WATSON 4 YEARLING SQUAD • ..9 9 t 1942 FROSH BASEBALL SQUAD. Front Rmv: Bill Taylor, Bill McCoinh. Bill Fink. Tex Warren, Jack Crockett. Ted Cliri l..riMii Walter Chambers, and Kerniit Eiscniolir. Middle Row: Bob Schonin;;, Harry Finney. Jack Woodland. Dick Hamack. and Jack Cnii riinnharn. 11, irk Ron: Bol, ( ioldlMT;;. B.,1, Ccrhc ' ll. Jim Brme. J.,c WcIin. Ed Sclirnidl. Bill Dollix. r ' aiil W I. Tlouard Han. on. Mai nIm Smirli. Jack Toulc. and Coach J,,c J.dliis.oi. MANAGERS Ted Morello. S.-nior Mpr.. Sluarl rn-ltii.l. Jim H,,«laiid. and Kill Smilh CK U FIFTH-YEAR NORTHERN Jyl2 Vursily Siiiiad l.rll i„ Hii:!,!: Coach Ken R:ili . in hi- lii l year as head coach, adch ' d ihc lillh consecu- li c ncl tillc Id W ,i-liiii(;lcin " s siring. Left for Nav " pliy ical edinalion |,r... firani al the clo e of the M-a-on. (leaded fro-h outfit to.,. Ki lilN Kdeo. li.di Odnian. Art Holl.rook. and Frank Vi ataiial)e. kcii H;il) look oviT coacliiii;; rl•ill wlnre navy-hotiiid Jack Toriii-y (lro| ](tMl tlieiii. and the 1942 Husky tennis (tia l s vi ' |)t tliron ;h another niulefeated season to its lillh slraif;ht ortlieiii Division cliaiii])ion- shi,,. .. ( )|)(iiiiif; af;ainst (deiion. llii ' lliisky ml- iiii ' ii aiiiliiished a liewihh ' red eoMrel ion ol I,itiioii and bellow racketeers on ihe hxal eoiirls l ' t)r a lo|)si(h ' d 6-1 victory. .loiirnevinf; to Whitman, the lotirini; Washin lon leant Irotinced the tindertnan- ned Missionaries liy a ( - 1 cotttil in a tion- ' — ' ' conlerellce lilt. dontiniiiii " tlieir eastward trek lo Mos- t o|(|iosi| ion ill ilic cir tiil. ihe liif;hh -lotiled (!onf:ars tinihled helore ihe Kahyinen in all 7 matchi ' s. ith the liih ' within their grasp, the a|)] arentlv in- vineil)le Huskies a|i|ilieil tjie clincher afiainst Oregon State, 7-0. on the home eotirts. 1 1 was Washington against the field iti tlie orlhern Division finals at I ' tilhnan. Ma 22 and 2. ' i. W itli the exception of the singh ' s lille iiialeli whieli Captain Boh (tdman lost lo hrl, ' Mill.r of W.SC. !-(,. ,-: ,. 10-8. for his first setl)aek of the season, thi ' iiieel re- -iihed in a clean sweep for Washington. So cotn| lete was the Huskv domination that the donhles finals found two Purple and cow. the Huskv raekel wielders vantniished " ' » " »1)M MMJ ». lioli second Near as cal lai,,. the andals liy that same 6-1 score. ' Che win Holds Kastern Interc cdlepiale (;,dd cotnl.inal ions. ( »dniati-Kden and I ' ec k- -iri};Ie- title and was recenth I irmly etilreiiclieil W ashiiiglon in lirsl place ma.le 1 1 • A m er i ea n. liark II oil) took iiin;; each oilier for lite lille. in conference standings. " ' ' " ' ' ' I ' l " ' " " •■ iii,, -(..liinMidii Ijiiiup lor the iiiajorilN Swinging hack homeward the Huskies next met Wash- of the season found Hoh Oilman in the leadoff sjiol. inglon Slate at I ' ullman. Supposed lo furnish the tough- Highly Kileti. No. 2: Don Peek. No. H: Arl Holhrook. No. DIVISION CHAMPIONS ri(;hty euen ART HOLBROOK BOB BUTTERI-IEFJ) 4 and Bo!) Buttorfield. No. 5. Oilman and Righty Edtn were the top doubles combine, while Holbrook and Leflv Eden formed the second doubles team. At the close of the season. Captain Odman was sent to the Eastern playoffs where lie won the Eastern Intercol- legiate singles championship. Odman then tackled the National Intercollegiate playoffs but bowed to Tetl Schroeder of Stanford in a gruelling match. Besides the above mentioned. Coach Raby recom- mended a letter be given to substitute Frank Watanabe. DIVISION MEET RESULTS SINGLES First Round: Ricksecker (Ol defeated Jordan 1 1) 7-5 6-4: Peck (W) defeated Klein ( WSC I 6-4 6-1; Pollock 111 defeated Bruchart (OSCi 6-1 6-2: Holbrook (Wl defeated Kooney lOl 6-8. 6-3. 8-6. St ( and Round: Peck (Wl defeated Ricksecker (Ol 6-2. 6-2: Miller ( WSC I defeated Carlson (I I 6-2, 6-0: Eden iWl defeated Bagby (OSCi 7-5. 6-. ' 5 : Baker lO) defeated Wilson I WSC I 6-4. 6-4; Hatfield (OSC) defeated Rey- nolds 111 6-0.6-0; Guitteau ( WSC I defeated Williams lOi 6-4.6-8.6-3; Odman (Wl defeated Hedberg (OSCi 6-0. 6-1: Holbrook (Wl defeated Pollock (I I 6-2, 6-2. Third Round: Miller ( WSC I defeated Peck (Wl 6-3, 6-2: Eden iWl defeated Baker (O) 6-4, 6-2: Hatfield I OSC I defeated Guitteau ( WSC I 6-8, 6-1. 6-3: Odman I X I defeated Holbrook ( W I 6-2. 6-4. St ' iiii-liiirds: Mi iWSCl dcefaled Eden (Wl 6-0.(1-1 Odman ( W ) defeated Hatfield (OSCi 6-2.6-4. Finals: Miller (WSC) defeated Odman (Wl 4-6.6-3. 10-8. DOUBLES Second Round: W illiams-Rooney (Ol defeated Wilson- Klein iWSCi 6-0,6-2; Hatfield-Brucharl (OSCi de- feated Pollack-Reynolds ( 1 1 6-4. 6-2. Third Round: Odman-Eden (Wl defeated Williams- Rooney (Ol 6-4, 3-6. 6-0: Hed berg-Bagby (OSCi d -- feated Jordan-Carlson ill 6-4.6-3: Peck-Holbrook (Wl defeated Baker-Rieksecker (Ol 5-7, 6-3, 6-4; Millcr-Guit- teau (WSC I defeated Hatfield-Bruehart (OSCI 6-1,6-4. Spmi-fintds: Odman-Eden (W) defeated Hedberg-Bagby (OSC) 6-3.6-1; Peck-Holbrook (Wl defeated Miller- Guitteau I Vi SC I 6-4. 7-5. Fin(ds: Odman-Eden ( W I deiValed I ' eck-Ilolbronk (Wl 6-4. 8-6. FRESHMAN TENNIS STANLEY MOTT-SMITH DAVID PROCTOR DENBV MACKIE Freshmen racket wielders sinasliiMl llii-ir vay to an- other successful season, winning 7 out of K iiiatchis. Ilic ] ' )V2 netster,-. nndir llie ilinctioii of ar.sity Coacli ken Kahy, suffencl lliiir only selhack I ' rorii llie vai ' sity. ' • . in a niatcli tlial sau llie yearlitifis |(i s the more experi- eni-ed plavers all the wav. Highlight of the eonti ' st sas Frosh Hugo Oswald ' s hiilliaiit u|imI of Highly Fdiri. varsilys No. 2 player. The frosh swept through the reuiaiiidii- of the season willl wins over (iarfield High of Seattle, ii- 1 . (Jueen tiiii- High of Seattle, 9-0, Broadway High of Seattle. ' )-{). Roosevelt High of Seattle. 7-2. Lincoln High of Seattle, ' -(). Stadium High of Tacoiua. l-. ' {. and Reed College of Porllatid. 6-11. (tul-ide of the varsitv contest, the frosh experienced their loughe l ro in pi ' I J I i o ii from the Stadium High sipiad. ( rd lirilliani pla hy Dave Proctor. Hugo() - wahl. ami Harr I ' itzer. « ho finished the eason nmle- feated. salvaged llie closeK fouglil malih. (tiller men rccii ing l(llci inchided Holi Simpson. Dick Hrooks. Jim IJramaii. D.nhx, ' . Dick kricgcl. and Ken Stave. lftm n SjlKnt Htn amcc cU 1942 GOLF CHAMPIONS 19(2 (;,.ll S(|u;i l: Barl Tani. Harold Gjolme. Jack Hazlell. and Keilh lls. Back row : (loacii William Jeft ' ersoti Sr.. uho ill hi- 21-1 year a W ' a-h- iiifiloii (;olf head. };a f the llll-kh- aiiolhcr link- title la-l ear. Sharilif; the coach- ins: liiirdeii «iih hi- -on. Wil- liam Jr.. (he Jcller-on- lune lirought {loll doininaiice of the Northern l)i i-ion to W a-hiii tuii ihroiiKhotit the vear . Sliowiiij; absolute lisre ;ar(l for " oM jiiaii par. ' tlie 1942 Husky liuksmen rejiained their usual status as the elass of the fiolfing eircuit hv eapturini; the North- ern Division title. Coaeh Bill Jefferson ' s men laiil claiiii to Oregon as their first victims, defeating the defending ehampions 17 14-9 1 2 at Eugene. The win came as a surprise be- cause the Eugene men were rated heavy favorites to repeat tiieir championship ways. However. Harold " Toss " Gjolme, captain and lead-off man. hurned up the fairway with sub-par golf to start the Huskv upset rolling. Oregon Stale fared no better than their neighbors against the steamed-up Huskies, losing 19 ' 2- V2 • ' ' (lorvallis. Again Gjolme ' s brilliant play featured the match, being medalist with a 71 and teaming witli the Huskies " No. 3 man. Jack lla .lett. to win the best- bail doiddes with the score ol () I eight below par. The increasing power of I ' lirplc and t.ohl clubbers paved the way to a convincing win over their next opponents, the Idaho Vandals, 2.3 ' 2-3 ' , on the IJni- versilv course. The Huskies wound up their season s dual meet lda by thumping the strong ashingtoii State Cougars on the local course. Amazed onlookers at Corvallis shook their heads in disbelief as the Huskies put on a phenomenal exhi- bition of sub-par golf to top their nearest rival by 34 points and siuitch the Northern Division bunting. The final count stood at 577 for ashington. Oregon State, 611: (Oregon, 612: and ' SC. 653. ashington ' s score smashed the Cougars " 1936 Northern Division record of 586 by 9 points. Feature of the division win was that ashington. as a team, was only one over par. (;julme. Bart Tare. Keith Welts, and Jack Hazlett went lo the National Intercollegiate playoffs at South Hcnd. Indiana, last summer and. though not represent- ing Washington officialK. look fcnirth place in na- liuiial cotnpelilion. (FJtdnie icaclnd the semifinals of ibe inili iciiial lourney before bowing out. Litters will ' awartled to the following team iiiciii- b.r : (;i(dine. o. I: Taro. No. 2: Hazlett. No. 3: Welts. No. 1; Nortiian O ' Sbea. No. 5: Boh Meyer. No. 6: Bill S.piire. No. 7; an. I Hub l.ayne. No. 8. 1943 SKI TITLISTS Plafiiiod heavily hy T iiclf Saii s wartime needs, the 1943 University of Wasliin rton ski edition liad little eliance to distinguisli itself as a worlliy defender of the Pacific Coast Chani|ii )tishi|i which it lias iield the |)ast five years. Transportation difficulties caused tlie cancellation of the hifj annual Christmas tournament at Sun Valley, Idaho, and the Pacific Coast classic. Five returninfi lettermen greeted Coach-Captain Boh Behnke. senior veteran, for the only meet of 194, ' i — a three-day dual contest w ith ' ashiiii;ton .State snow riders at Mount Spokane in Fehruary. Art Strom. John Th m|(son. Boh Smith. Gordy Perkins, Boh Lewis, and Behnke administered the prowess as Husky hlades- men to win the slalom and jumpintr events and place heavily in the cross-country and downhill races, scor- ing a decisive victory over the Cougars. Jack Simpson, freshman, who is the outstanding junior skier of the I nited .States, was scheduled to coni])ete for the Hus- kies hut was called to the Army shortly hefore the meet. Washington retaitis the Pacific Coast title and pos- sesses, by far, the most outstanding ski record of any school in the conference. Besides the ahove mentioned skiers. Manager Glenn Jones also received a Minor " " award. I ' M.) Ski Squad. (Ahov.l From Row: John Thompson ami Boh Smith. Bark Row: Boh Lewis and Boh Behnke. Right: Boh Behnke wlii-kinp through the slalom course in a practice run be- fore the Washington State meet. VARSITY WRESTLING r " o mi ' Tsm- -r i , wm irr ? n Wrestling Squad. From Ruw : Earl Moor -. Ron Dartnall. Al Luster, and John Branian. Rai k Ko« ; l),,,i Boh I, ni h. Coach Hal Mad- dock, John Collins, and Mart .Smith. The 9-l ' i varsity wrestlers finished tlieir season witli no victories, one tie, three defeats, and a lie for second place in the Northern Division meet at Pullman. Hal Maddock, veteran f. ' ra|i]der who has held tlie 124 and 131 pound Northern Division titles a year each, wound up his collegiate career as coach of the Huskies this sea- son, replacing Len Stevens who joined the Navv. Maddock found only three returniiifr leltermen in tlie Htiskies " initial turnout last fall. I ' he remaiiidi r ol llie squad was huilt around newcomers and four freshmen. On January 29. the Huskies o|)ened their season against the Idaho Vandals in Moscow, losing 20-l(). Idaho moved into the victory column hv iil f four falls ovrr the Purj)le and (iold. John Mraman. l. ' iK poimils. atid l Lus- ter, freshman at 148 potinds, were the only Husky winners. The Huskies were plasti-red hy Washington State the next day at Pullman. MUH. Again Praman and Ltisler were the only Huskies aide lu siihdiie their opponenls. Pack hotue. the Huskies tasted another defeat at the hands of the Sand Point Naval Base. The disastrous sea- son turned hrighter on Fehruary 16, as ' ashington gained a 14-14 tie illi the strong Lincoln High s(piad from Ta- coma. l- ' acli Ii am -cored a fall and three decision-. The llu k mat men then traveled to Pullman for the Northern Division meet March 30. The Cougars took the crown with 34 points, whil Washington and Idaho shared second jdace with 20 apiece. Ron Dartnall won the 13 ' poiiiiil title and Don ealcli. fre-limaii. ua- liest in the l. ' id poiiiiil (li isiou. while Karl Moore, frosh. placed sec- ond in till ' 121 pound class and Al Luster fiuisheil sec uid hesi among the I 1!! poiimler-. Praman and jlloii Hill weri ' forced out of compelit ion hecausc ol injuries. Letters were awarded to the fidhnsing: Praman. Luster. Hill. Moore. N.atch. Dartnall. Hartwell Press!. f. Pol, Lvnch. and Martin Smith. 230 VOLLEYBALL V olleyball Squad. Front Row: Norton whaler. Maver Baron. Jack Graham. Mark Minn, and Howaril (.old. Ha( k Ko« : Managt-r An Weaver. Stanley Mott-Smith, Bob Schoning. Kenny Thorson, Tom Wetzel. Walter Kirkness, Ralph Lars.iii. Jidni Lichteiiu alner. Peter Halgren, and Coach Reeves. P]ayin i under ihcir third successive coach in three seasons, the Hiiskv vollcyhallers made another creditahlc showinp this year, phtciiif; third and fifth in the Seattle League and tliird ill tlie all-citv roimd-rohin tournament. I Head-man for the 1943 season was curly-haire l. likeable ! ' Spence Reeves, versatile handy-andy of the University ' s physi- ' ' cal education department. Reeves succeeded Len Faurot. last year ' s coach, who in turn iiad rephiced Norm Kunde. founder of Vi ashin ' ton ' s voileyhall varsities. Hotli Faurot and Kiimle are on active duty with the Navy. On ham! to fireet the new coach at the start of the season were seven lettermen, two frosh holdovers and four proniisiiifi newcomers. With such an imposing array of talent availahle. |l Reeves divided his squad into two e(|nally-i)alan ' ed teams ami entered them in Seattle League coni|)el ilion. But the two Huskv s([uads were iinaide to eoinhal tlie supe- 2:!1 rior experience and teamwork of tiie downtown Washington . thletic Cluh and YMCA teams. WAC won the league title, while the YMCA copped the round-robin tourney held at the Pavilion in March. Of the Washington teams, the Purple line-up. paced by the brilliant spiking of Bob Strong, frosh recruit frcun the MC.4, and veteran Kenny Thorson. and the steady |)assing of Pete Halgren and John Liehtenwalner. finished third in league play. The Gold team, sparked by Captain Mark Muin, Ralph Larson and W alt Kirkness. wound ii|) in fifth place. The com- bined Husky varsity captured third [ilace in the all-city. C.aplain Muin anil Kirkness completed four years of play and becaine llie third anil finirlh three-year lettermen in vol- ii l)all history. Strong was the first frosh ever to win a varsity letter. Other letter winners were Thorson. Halgren. Liehten- walner. Larson. Howard (iolil, Stan Motf-Smith. Bob Schon- ing. .lack (rrahani. and .|err etzcl. ALL-UNIVERSITY BOXING Bnxiiif: Si|iiM.I. r rein I H,m : U, , ] n,u-. l l.u-l.T. .,m Herli R.,j;.T . Mi.l.lle Ro» : Clifford S III i I h a n d Art Strom. Bark Row: Andy Wik. iL.-f|i ; Our of ill,. f,.» mo- lliflitf- thai St roiii had lii;; Dmitri harking up. I Ri ht i : Moh Smith -lop one of oll- i.i.-r " » IhuU hl(.u . Tiir.-r (■iiiiiii|.iiiii Micosliilh (l( r.iiilcil ill, ir lilies and four new cliain]).s were crowned in llic thrill- and spill-iiackcd ly 43 All-University boxin r finals. Three of the fijihts ended in TKO ' s. with at least one knock- down in each of the seven title houls. Dmitri Tadich easily defended hi- liia weif:lil title with a third round TKO over fiaiiie Imt liadl out- classed Art Strom. Bol) Smith and (icne Wallers eonliinied lo rei n supreme in the l.S. ' )- and I ' . ' i-pound clas,ses, res))ec- lively. Smith TKOM Neil ..llmer in ihe third round, and W alters ed " ed out l)a e W alker in a close decision. l5ol) I ' ayne provided the onl ups.t of the ev.iiinn. decisively sloppin;; lioli .joliiison. defending; 127- pound lillisl. Ilcrl) Kogers. 12()-pounder. started the nif;lit off with firi ' works when lie hlil .kreif;ed Norm Handlin hv a ri ( I ill the second. l Luster and ndy Wik took top lioiioi- in llieir dixisioiis with clear cut decisions over I l. " )-p( under ,|a , ' lone and I (i. ' i-poiinder Norm Nelson, respect i cK . (Miff Smith «as declared 13i)-pound champ when his opponent. I ' aiil Hicliardson. was confined to the lidiriiiarx and iiiialde lo appear. FENCING Lack of ooiiiiietitioii anil traiisporlaliou difficulties part ' d tilt ' 1913 X ashington foiioiiip schetliile down to a sinjile match — that which the Huskies dropped U-1 to ashiniiton State College at Pullman. Gordon Windsor was the oidy Husky ahle to win a point from the more experienced Cougars. ( )regon State and Idaho didn ' t compete last season. and the Oregon matcii was called off due to transporta- tion exigencies. Coach Augie A u ren liei nier was greeted with hul three men at the l . ginning of the season — Bill Lewis, letterman. indsor. and A. Lennart Lundherg. a freshman. All three received minor " W " awards. R I F L E R y With the mailing system relaying the final outcome of each match Washington ' s varsity rifle team shot through a rather successful season this year. Manager Bill Runciman led the Huskies to three vic- tories against two defeats and seventh place in national competition. The Huskies opened against Stanford in a five-man contest, winning 1852-1719. In their next encounter the Huskies howed to a strong University of Arizona squad 3642-3617. Then the Purple and Gold added an- other niche to their rifles with a 1373-1322 victory over Pittshurgh. The Huskies also defeated Carnegie Tech but lost to Oregon State in a three-wav match. Vt ashington placed seventh in llie Ninth Service Command meet with top honors going lo Oregon Stale. The Huskies entered A and B team. Hnnciman headed the A group which was composed of (tiffin. Ken (iraves. PJdwin Frazer, and Gordon Rasnuissen. Ihc B squall nicrnlier- were: Bill Baker, (i. ( " rosser. and K. Broun. The target shooters dosed the season li placing seventh in the National KOIX] match for the W illiani Randolph Hearst trophy. The teams fired from pr »ne. sitting, kneeling, and standing positions with five rec- ord shots required for eaih target. All matches throughout the season were shot off regulation targets during the week and mailed to op- ponents over the weekend. Besides the ahovi ' mentioned riflers. minor " W " winners re: David Barclay. Charles Howe, Richard Price, James Schader, Robert Smith, and James Mc- Donough. Washington ' s chaj)ter of Scabbard and Blade, hon- orary composed of advanced Army and Navv ROTC students, recently won lli " 1913 national marksman- ship championship cDriipeling i U i r otlu r Scabbard and Blade chaplers. riie Purple and (ndd cliaplei-. cDacbcd by l.ieuten- anl Feller and Cadel-Major Keith Oles, Rifle Match M ' f iter. |)ile(l up 1836 points as a five-man team. Out of a possible s.ore of 100 W asbinglon riflers shot the following: Bill Runciman, C.A.C., 380; David Barclay. Navy. 37ri: Richard Price. Navy, 372; Alfred Harvey. Infatilr . 3( 2: and Dixon Livingstone. Infan- trv, 347. INTRAMURAL WINNERS CLASS A CHAMPIONS BETA THETA PI Knirit K.iu: J;i. k Kriel,..]. Colin Dykeniaii. Bull Van Eaton, and Jerry Wetzel. Middle Row: Fred Prove. Bob Kriebel. Arvid Peter- Min. and Dirk (ira--. Back Row ; John Sweet, Jim Eberhardl. and Chuck Plum. SOCCER CLASS B CHAMPIONS McGregor HOUSE Not pictured. CLASS C CHAMPIONS ZETA PS I Front Row: Al McNiilioll. Frank Dupar. Jack Hope, and J din Nicholson. Middle Row: Art Muss. Mack Smith, Peter Bush, and Gale Peler on. Back Row: Al Rolli. I),.n Cndlins. and Don Baer. 194 2 19 3 I ' 7 ' ' ' ► a • ' . A si A ' ' -M. ' f CLASS A CHAMPIONS BETA THETA PI Ci.lin l) k.iiK.ii, Donn Sihold. Jerry Wet .el, Stan Sutrliffe, Chuck Burchfield, Bob Van Eaton. Jim Eherliardt, Chuck Plum, and John Sweet. CLASS B CHAMPIONS PHI KAPPA SIGMA Not pictured. PLAYGROUND BALL CLASS C CHAMPIONS ZETA PS I 1 roni Ho«: Mark McCorkle. Frank Dupar. Jack Mope, and J ' eter Bush. Middle Row: Art Mugg and Herb Qiiinn. Back Row: Terence Burke. Wallace BaMle. l McNicholl. and AI Roth. TRACK CLASS A CHAMPIONS and CO-UNIVERSITY CHAMPIONS ALPHA DELTA PHI Kroiil Row: Neil Thompson, Evart Pitman, Ad Fenton, Jim Holland, and Harold En{;er. Back Row, Left to Right: Charlie May. Sam Robinson, Jack Shea. Dave Proctor, Frank Youngman. and George Gilbert. Not in picture: Jim Elzey. Jaik 0 mand. Jim Squire. Bob Edwards, and Al Strope. CO-IINIVERSITV CHAMPIONS 15KTA TIIETA PI Front Row: Jack Kriebel, Arvid Peterson. Bob Kriebel. and Bol Van Eaton. Middle Row : Fr.,1 I ' r SutcliliV. Colin Uykeman. John .Sweet, and Jerry Wetzel. Hark Ko« : Chuck Burchfield. I)i( k C. Uonii Sibold. OBSTACLE RACE BASKETBALL CHAMPIONS ALPHA SIGMA PHI Elliott Johnson, Clayton Quackenbush, and Clifford Smith. Not in picture: Fran Lingenfelter and Bob Swanberg. CLASS A BASKETBALL CHAMPIONS THETA CHI Not pictured. CLASS C CHAMPIONS PI KAPPA PHI Not pictured. CLASS B CHAMPIONS SIGMA ALPHA MU Earl Hori-n ltin. Rii Slnniian. Jerr Schni ' ldcrnKiii. Sid Lnckitch, Phil St ra I i n er, a nd Earl J. Horenstein. CLASS B CHAMPIOXS ALPHA TAU OMEGA K(l lnpi iiiii and Bill Fiinsinn. CLASS A CHAMPIONS COMPASS and CHART IVot piclured. HANDBALL CLASS C CHAMPIONS ZETA PSI Front Row: Frank Dupar and Mark MoCorkle. Back Row: 1 ill and Art Mugg. SWIMMING % CHAMPIONS INTERNATIONAL HOUSE Duke Kiiiiieiliki, Bill HiimiUon, Pete Powlisoii. Jolin DcCJiiiiir, and Robin Drake. VOLLEYBALL Not pictured. CLASS A CHAMPIONS COMPASS and CHART CLASS B CHAMPIONS DELTA TAU DELTA CLASS C CHAMPIONS ZETA PSl 239 BOXING CHAMPIONS Kront R( «: B..I) Payne. A.T.O.. l Luster, Sigma Nu, and Herb RdRers. Sigma Alpha Mu. Mid- .Mr Kc.u : Clifford Smith, Alpha Sifiiiia I ' lii. and Art Strom. Si-ma Nu. Hark H. u : And W ik. lii(lrp,Mi l.-nl. Nol in pic- Inn-: Hcili Smith, Beta, Gene Waller-. I ' hi (Jamnia Delta, and Diiiilri Tadich. Zeta Psi. TE. M CH.VMPIONS SIGMA NL MANAGERS Top Row: William Barton. Charles Bogue, Rohert Bysom, Senior Minor Sports Mgr., Lee Campbell, Jack Carlson ,and W illiani Chrislensen. Bottom Row: Left to Right: Franklin Cook, Senior Frosh Minor Sports Mgr., Frank Cumbo, John Hood. Roberl lerr nian. Ray Saarela, .Senior Intramural Mgr.. and .Arthur ea er. tm dM T amexi S kont D Arm In line with the war and what it demand- of llie ei ilian popu- hition. must ol tlie schools and eollej es (d our eountry are add- inji physical fitness eonrses to their cnrricida. Our Uni ersity is up to the times with the much discussed Commando course for hoys and the Physical Fitness projiram for the girls. VOLLEYBALL The Thetajt came gecond year ilii a row ct cij volleyball ' Mw rivals were fne K ' teams pla 4(l eac tW iree t ni In the firs Kame tWe Tiietas vy n, •• " rriMii,. i.aliiii.r ' ' " ' ' ■i ' SWIMMING Bern:i.lin. Buck. Joan li Vl.h. Marv BpIIc MHiee. Jane Slial ' er. Kay Shank. of 2. ' ) to 2. " . ' I ' lm a (! ■ reMiiled. M- |ilia (fainiiKi Drila ranie next uith II |ioiiil . BASEBALL ngmg men ' s orile base- that old (iroii|js of spring i y of Blaine pha in tlic . In the last I hit a home run ir points to the a e them the ciiampionship iSARHART AND COUNCIL TROPHIES Meg Brambaoh, Adrienne Gibbs, Jackie Saw- telle, Margie Scbetick The Garliart and (ioiincil tro- jhies are presented at the close of ' aeh cho(»l year to the winners of he intramural competition. Both ire perpetual trophie and pass ' oni one years winner to tiie next ears winner. Last year, in the • pen cliih competition for the ionni il Trophy, the Ameohas von. In the intranniral competi- ion. Kappa Alpha Theta likewise von the honor of haxing its name nscriiicd on iIh- (iarharl Tropin. Janet Ward. Minnie Eniry, Gloria Deathman, Phyllis Hilborn. FENCING 4i. BADMINTON TENNIS Hiirri uiid Pcg y Lindsay Another spring quarter MX oiAte is tenni Every afterm ()l )ulHninP ever j one of tti six courts arminW the woniVi " .-j jj ni Itusy. I the spriufj intran iiral conipj ti ' oii. ir !;ini Harris of the SijMiia uiua s wcuiilie sni}!;! ( lianipionslun. and T h e t a s r jg y LindstJ and lietty Li ing?H ]pe Nwfui t%e clT wit+f iin|(i(»ns ' Back Row: Florence Thwiiig, Florence Beam. Meg Bramhach, Daphne Hailey, Marion Westhy, Mary Belle McGee. Marjorie Marinakos, Elizal)elli Brown. Janet Ward, Dorothy MacLean. Front Ron: Carohn Shau. Virginia Harris. Patricia A hcrart. [ ' hyllis Stern. Beverly Wi|;hl. I ' iivlli- Hilhorn. MEN ' S W CLUB len are given letters as well as llie iiicii for parliciiiation in sports. Syinhol of this a(ti ity blazer with the juirple and jiold " ' " insignia. To receive tlie jacket, a woman must ha e iiinetK Mioiirs credit in the I ni ersit . a grade point average of 2. 1. niendiersiiip in at least one sport (dtTtr and must lia t ' jiarticipated six quarters in at least fi e diHerent aetiv ities. The owners of the hlazers are antomatiealK niendiers d the omens " W " ( ilid). f r vor: INIrs. Leone Hiilifson. I ' tiiiilly Mcitihcrs: Miss lliilli W ilson. Miss Dorothy MaeLean. Miss Kalhro Kiduidl. WOMEN ' S RECREATIONAL COUNCIL Meg Helen Chirk. Jackie Sautelle. Ri.s.inari.i 11. ,11. Fill Be The W«»men " s Recrcatidiial Council is the overniiifr liody for llic |)orl program for the uctmcn of the University. Council Chairman .Mc;; Brainliacli Voll l.all Helen Clark Secretary Irene Jenkins Swininiini: Jackie Sawtelle - rchery Elizabeth Brown ■■ " Cliilt Representative Betty Moe Bailniinton Mar Ann Davie. ( )rcliesis Rosemary Sinionton Baseball Rntb Ann l.auber Swiiiitnin Mary Belle Alagee Basketball Floren e Fliw in.: Hoekex Florence Beam Tennis ir :inia Taylor r lier Phyllis Conner WOMEN ' S PHYSICAL EDUCATION CLUB First Kon: l.rraft. Bean. Clark. ITailex. Janii-nn. Nvlier;:. Sr.omI l{„„ : l!ani-,x. H i,l.-l„l. Smith. Slanial i-. M. ,,,. W . I, h. W.-ihv. The purpose of the cluh i to liind it nienihers more cioxly tofiellur in their " social ami prolessional in- terests. " President: Jane Lasaler; I ice-I ' r,-sitt,nt : Janet Ward; Secretary: Hilh.nn. Mar H.llr MeCee. Marfan 1 Mnr};aii. Car.,! l!i.h ta.l. Mary Belle McGee; Tietisurer: I ' hyllis Hilhorn; Historian: Phylii- Ihirence Th»in . Jan. I Ward. J. .an .] li. Bexerh Wifiht. Harriet Sl.-rn: Faculty: Dnrnlhy Ma.I.eaii; Grtithmtcs: Irene Jenkins. Pa- Nyherp: Sophontoies: Helen Clark. Beltie Jaine .,n. Ruth l ' .,rler. triria Kenny. B.tty Mne; Seniors: I ' atrieia Asherafl. I ' raneis Kam ev. Rnth Rieli-lad. ;i. ria Stainatis. Mary Stai-p: Beam. Daphii. ' Ilailey. Jane I.asater. Betty Smith. Phyllis Stern. Ireshmen: Biriell Diniielz. I ' atri.ia Karrasih. Nanini MeConas:ill. Marion Westhy; Juniors: (M.iria D. ' thman. Miiini.- Kmry. Phyllis Shirle N.d .,n. I ).,ri. Suan-.,.!. Mary W li.less. 250 RGANIZAT ONS % V s trength in Unity HERE WE LEARN THE LESSON OF COOPERATION . . . IN AMERICAN STYLE WE ORGANIZE, NOT TO DISCOURAGE INITIATIVE BUT TO FOSTER TALENT . . . AND TO ENCOURAGE THE BEST EXPRESSION OF THE INDIVIDUAL. Scncnctce PANHELLENIC l ' ;iiilirll(iiic uas orfianizcd in ordt-r to | r( - iiKilc cooiicratioii anion;: sororities for the iriaintenance of frati-rnitv life in liarnionv willi its l) possibilities. I|.Ik :lii ( tiiie a Mailalynne Newhenv I| Ik Delia I ' i ir-inia ...k- I|.Ik KpsilonPhi Norma Pilling Mi.Ik Camilla Di ' lla Evelyn Pederson AI| Ik (•micron I ' i HillieCahle I|.Ik I ' lii Berniee (;raves I|.Ik i Deha Joyce Brown Chi () me a B.Mty Jones Deha Delta Delta Betty McKintosh Deha (Jamma i ' , viietli ( )wen D. ' lla Zela Lillian Dean ( aiiii a i ' hi Beta Sue Wilcox Ka|p|i 1 Mpha Theta Bett Lee Connor Ka|.|. . Delta Rnth I ' nllen Ka|,,. 1 Kajipa ( amii a Jane 1 anhman iMii n Dorothy ( ' ranier I ' hi s ma Si inia Bertha Klorfein V, He a Phi Charlotte Ann ' rhom] son Si ni; Kappa Mary Durnin Si ' nia Tail Alplia Marjorie Skron.lal ' an Alpha Maxine Cody I ' rvsiilent: Klianorc CDineaux. First Hon: lirinMi. C.oilv, Svcmd How: Ci.niKir. Crumer. Third Hon: DiMii. Diirii ing. Cable, (;rave . lourlU How: Jn„.- . Klorf.i... M( In lo li. Newlx-rrv. I ' i f I !• How: U rn. I ' cln s,,,,. I ' illinj: I ' lillrn. SiMi, How: Skronilal. TanlmiMru TI.oi.i,. .mi. S,;- enth Row: Vo.ks, Wil.ox. ALPHA CHI OMEGA Crndudir: Hiilli Ogburn. Seniors: Pal Arnold, Barl)ara Holmes, Hi ' ltx .lam- l,al)l)itt. Jean Marshall. Louise MoFee. Jane Ran- (l(il|p|i. Ma(Lilvnne iVewherrv. Marf;aret Kijipon. Dorothy Jean Ki in . Jiiiiiars: Dorothy Buelow. Flora ( ainphell. Doris Cook. June llanseth. Marfiaret Fitzpatriek. Winnie Luey, Martha Ann Miller. Hetiv Koterinunil. Dorothy ilson. Sophomores: Anna- helle Airth. (Catherine ( ' ani] l)ell. jane Fisher. Hillee Orphan. Barhara I ' oiiieroy. F,leanor Seheeee. Marilyn Matheson. Pledges: Pat Aiken. FstelJe Beall. Barhara Brier, Daphne Berlin, Helen Cameron. Naney Coulter. Barhara ( oen. Betty Cook. Lois Daniels. Jeanette Ganihle. Jeanne Hefferman. Jean Hynes. Mar- gie Johnson, Connie Lahbit, Jolene Lefifiat. Jean Linton. Doreen Lidgate. Virginia Lee, Irene Lung. Polly Me( oy, Mary Mercer. Jere Metheny. Lueille Myers. Aileen Miller. Muriel Natross. Phyllis eary. Pat Nelson. June ( )lsen. kay Pomeroy. Helen Jean Preston. Merwyn Peterson. Zee Sitton. Naney Smith, Peggy Thi- hert. Shirley Taylor. Gloria illata. Margaret Ann Wilev. Mavme Wilson. Peggy Voo(llan.l. llniversily. Greenrastle. Iniiiniia in U1H5. (■Iia|.li-r. I ' MII. (,| iliapi.T-. H :„ .1 ISM lOLwrn rresideni: Ma.lalymie Newl). ' rr . Ilrsl Km, : iU.ii, Airlh. Arnohl, Beall, Berlin. Bri.T. Bn.-lnw. CanKinn. C. C.aniphill. K. Camp- hell. Second Row: Coen, B. Coi.U. I). V.,„X. Coulter, Daniels, Fisher, Fitzpatrick. f;aMilile. Ilan elli. Ileflernan. Third K(.i : Holmes. Hynes, Johnson, B. Laliliilt. C. I.aliliill. I,ee, Leggat, Lidgate, Linton, Lucey. Maisliall. Mallieson. Fourth Roit: MiCoy. MeFee. Merrer. Metheny, A. Miller, M. Miller. M ers. Natross, IVearv, Nelson. Fijih Ron-: Orphan. I ' omeroy, Randolph, Rippon, Rising, Rotermund, Seheeee, Sillon. Sixrh Ron: Taylor, Thibert, Vi ' llata. Wiley. Wilson, Woodland. ALPHA DELTA PI (rradiKili-. KallilciM Si inclil icid. Siniors: .liaiiiif llftliiriiijilon, Eloise Lovfiidfic June McCorkle. Dori)thy McCirt-iior. (iladys Oie, Marie Pojipv. Virfiiiiia Voeks. Juniors: Norma Fritz. Mar- fiaret HiiiitiiiL ' ton. Arleiie Morgan. Patrice Morrow. Patricia Will- gress. (ieraldine Johnson. Sophomores: Alice Beusdilein. Alary Hammond. Elsie Lindstrom. Barbara Loan. Lois McConnell. Dona (iene Molierf;. Alice Palmer. irginia Pease. Ann Reming- ton. Cliarlotte Sayles. Betty augh. Fri ' shmrii : Kiieen Lncile Alder. Jnne Helen Anderson. Patricia Barton. Eleanor Blotmi, Roberta Bnnten. Helen Cleveland. Barbara Curry, Dorothy Guerin. Genevieve Hathaway, Corrine Latlirop, Evelyn McLean. Phyllis Meyers. Joanne Miller. Willetta Moak. Frances Muir. Darleen Sproull. Jo ce Stowell. Dorotliv Thomas, Doinia Lou Waller. Helen a ler. Margaret Yzernian. l ' ..iiM(l.-,l ;il Vl .-loy;m Ft-male Collocc. M;i,(.n. C.-orfiin in 1851. MjiIki TIu-M iluiplrr. I ' )|7. (ill rluipUT . I ' ri ' sidriil: irginia o.k-. lirsl Hmi: Milcr. Aiulersoii. Barl. lianiinoiul. HalluMvay. Ili ' llii ' riiitildii. lliiiiliiit:l Mi. l.iiuUlrniii. Moak. Moherg. Morfiaii, M.irn.w. r„(irlli l{„u: Oic. I ' imm ' . I ' .. W ' a.ich. W ills;r.- . Vz.-nnan. I. Ifl...iiii. Itiii.rni. Ciirrv. IVitz. Secoml Hon: (iii.-ihi. ilfir. Tliiril Kill, : 1, CnrUlc-. McLean. Meyers. Miller. iMi. Saxle,. Si. , null, nilh How: Tlidinas. Waller, ta jUcut a u cd. cC KA-%acMcC yfrnx n , ALPHA EPSILON PHI Seniors: Lcanoie Offer. Norma Pillin " ;. Juniors: Mar-carct Alex- amlir. Nancy Berliner. ] Iarjorie Foster. Jane Geviirtz. Joye Greenl)erp[, Henrietta Katz. Shirley Selzniek. Herniene Taylor. Sliernia Taylor. Sophomores: Sylvia Brief. Eleanor Esfelf Cohen. Marilvn Druek. Marion Feldnian. Nancy Finklestein. Marion Friedman. Janet Gelh, Rosalie Gillnian. Noretta Haas. Edith Her- man, Beverly Selzniek. Lorraine Sussman, Madeline Tobin, Pa- Irieia alers. Helene Weinstein. Plcdgt ' s: Frances Aiken, Bar- har;i (lohiii. Devera Colin, Joyce Fishhcin, Marjorie Franks, Ktliel P ' ulo|(. Geraldine Greenberf;, Lila Hamerslough. Minnette Hoekfeld. Marion Jaffe. Keah Kinspel. Merriam Michael. Max- ine ] lichael. Bertha Plant. Marilyn ( )iiint. Shirley Robinson. Edna Rosenliial. l)orolii Kotii. Mnri.l Sarhil. Sue Tonkin. Lor- raine ines. Founded ;il Barnard Collesie. Columbia Uuiversily, New York in 191 ' ). Alpha Delta chapter, 1932. 26 chapters. Pn-shlrni: Norma I ' illiii!;. ; . «oi. : Aik.n. Mexaiider. H,i liner. Brief. Cohen. Cohn. DrnrU. S, ' n„,l linu: I ' inkle- -leiii. Ii hliein. rraiik . IViedniini. lulop. Celli. (;e urlz. (iilinian. TliinI Kou: C. (MeenI.eri;. J. ( irei-nherji, Haas. Herman, lloek- fel l. Jalle. Kalz. Kin-pel. Maxine Miihai I. Merriam Mirliael. r, iirth Row. Offer. I ' lanl. Uuiiit. Kol in on. Rosenthal, Rolh. Sarlal. B. Selzniek, S. Selzniek. Sussman. hijlli Hon: II. Taylor, S. Taylor. T(diin. Tonkin. Vines. Waters, Weinstein. ALPHA GAMMA DELTA Fmimlfd al Syra(ii e Uiiiver ily. SyiariiM . N. . lola chapter, 1909. 17 rliajilcr . Srniors: .lane Jeiiiiison. Bt-tty McDoiialil. Evelyn Pt-terson. Vir- jlinia Price. I rsiila Tniehlooil. Juniors: Jean Baiisano. ( allierine Callow. Jo Goodspeed. Joyce Grejiory. Patricia Honck. June Lar- son. Evelyn Partriilf;e. Joan Stanshiiry. Jean Tranlniaii. (Gloria W hitesel. Sophnnxirrs: Shirley Bower. June Everson. Eileen llei- fernian. Jean Holnifiren. Beverly Howe. Jane Kopriva. Phyllis Larson. Carolyn Luther. Marian Dee Mor ;an. erlie Olson. Joan Peters. Marjorie Swanson. Joan Talkington. Frpshnn ' ii: Mice Balkenia. Shirley Binf;hani. Betty Bolin. Sheila Dailcy. Muriel Davies, Audrey Dvorak. Barbara Fritsche. Carolyn (iaillac. Nancy Graves, Evelyn Houek. Shirley Lindahl. Kathleen McAr- thur. Ann MacPherson. Nancv Noel. Eleanore Jean Parker. Patsy Potter. Patricia I ' owell. Majel Rasniussen. Irene Rohertson. Elaine Shepard. Dorothy Thompson. Elaine ert. Marjiuerilc Walker. Mary Julia War.l. Evelyn Westerlin-. O.ldiun W n k . Mary Wing, Margery Wills, Shirley Zoffel. I ' resifleni: Evelyn I ' etersun. First Row: Balki-ina. Bausano. Biiigliaiii. Holin. I!.i»ir. Callow. Dailey. I)avie . Dvorak. Frilsilif. Second Row: Gaillac. (Jood iicfd. (Graves, (ircjiorv. lldliiiKren. E. Hoiiik. P. Iliui(k. Ilimc. Ji ' nMi! un. Kopriva. Third Row: J. Lar- son, P. Larson, Lin.laliL Lnlli.i. McVrlliiir. Mdh.nald. Morgan. Notd. Olson. Parker, Parlridjif. Pelers. Foiirlh Row: PoUer. Powell, Price, RaMiMi-ei.. Ucd.crl-on. .S|„.|,ard. Slan-liiiiv. Swanson. Talkincloii. Thompson. Fiflh Row: Tranlnian. Trueldood. Vert. Walker. Ward. W rslerlinf;. vW; f..i. : W hilrM-l. W irks. Wills. Zoffel. ALPHA OMICRON PI Seniors: Eleanor Coiiieaux, .Maiiaiiiic Davies. Edna Gahel. Bar- bara Milli-r. Juniors: Novsa Elwcll. Eranct-s Erver. Marv (iarvev. Jeaniu ' Mfsorve. Harriil Kouiii. Hctlv Lou Wilson. Soplioniorr: Edith Davisson. F ri ' sh ni rn : Jane Daniel. Harriet Jarvis. Ebha Johnson. Pauline Sallelnieier. Founded :it Barnard College of Columbia Lniversit), ?S " v York in 18 7. Upsilon .liapler. IWi. 4 ' ) chapters. Pri ' sittenl : Edna (Jaliel. First Row: Conieaux. Daniel. Davies, Da ' Johnson, Moserve, Miller, Kowen, .Sallelnieier, Wilson. Seroml Kuu: Khvell. I ' rver. ;arvev. Jarvis. Third K i ccf tcii Md cicMut , cu t cAe ta ALPHA PHI I ' ciiiiiilid at Syracuse University, Syracuse, N. ' . in 1M7 Sigma chapier, 1914. 37 chapters. Si ' iiiors: Dorolliy Dick, lary Lou Earliuf;, Beriiice Graves, Marilyn Huil-on. Dori KIcmkaski, Marjiaret Larsen. Mary Joye Miilliii. Alma Hu litiji. Juniors: Mary Raxlcy. Mary Eiilicr. Mary ,lai i,-. ,!ian .Irs-iip. Joan NicholMHi. Lorraine I ' rtrr.son. Siiirlcv I ' ickcll, Gail an Antwerp. Marjorie oiinfi. Stiplidntores: Bar- liara Baxiey, Mary Ann Bishop, Marjorie Brazier. Jean Busby, Helen Co«lini;lon. Bessv Jovee Fiset. Elaine Fisher. Aliee Harford, Elinor Lauilin. Helen Laujihlin. Florence Maliiio. ir inia Mans. Jean McEarlatie. Marjiaret Morrison. Louise North. irjiinia B.i.l. nn Sehuehart. Mary Jane St -n ler. Mary W .lis Stuehell. Josephine J cell. Louise illiur. I ' n ' shiru-ii : Ann Aj new. (Tladvs Charles. Alavis Gork(-rv. Garolvn Cowan. Beverly Diirlee. Pauline Enger. Harriet Fisken, Gloria Fox. Katharine Gates. Pat Grapp. Mary Heard. Natalie Holnian. Gloria Johnson. Jean Johnson. Mil- dred Johnson. Kathryn McDonald. Louise McGovern. Frances McKechnie. Barbara Moore. Mary Jean Norris, Dorothea Rey- nolds. Dorothy Ruud. Joann Schwalen. Louise Sinclair. Barbara Snielser. Joan Van Antui-rp. Alice alker. Lillian ucco. I ' n ' siilrnl: (;ravcs. I ' iist Row: Agnew, K. Baxley, M. Baxley, Bislicp. Hii-I.n. (Iijrl.-. Coiliiif;!.,.!. Cciki rv. Cowan, Di.k. .s.c.uu Roiv: Durf.T. Karlinf;, Eicher. Kngcr, Kisel. I ' islier. Kisken. u, . C.Hr . Haih.rd. Tliinl Hon: II.mkI. liiilman. Hu.Imim. ,lar i . Q. JohnM.n. J. JoliiiM.i.. M. JolinM n. Klenika ki. I.ausliiin. Malnio. Man.. I„iirll, M.DoiiaM. MrCmvrn. M, K.rli. nie,, Mo„r,-. MorriM.n. Mnllrn. M.liolx.n. ..l•ri . N..rlli. I ' .lcrM.ii. I ' K,U . I ijlh Row: HcnmoI,!.. Hm-Mti . Ku.IiI. S. Inn li an. Schwalen, Sinclair, Slender, Smelser, Tyrrell, G. an Antwerp. ii ' .W i Row: J. an Antwerp, Walker, Wilbur, onng. 262 ALPHA XI DELTA Sritinrs: .|ii cc Brown. K;i ( iliiUciiiltn. iiilil ( .rowihi . I ' ailli l,ai « ii. ( ' flia l ucas. Inez Shaw, (ifrry cldoii. Ji fi or,-. : l.ill ( ' ahhvt ' ll. Klaiiic Eherle, Mary Sue Henry. I ' aulini- Horninj;. Ann MoDade. Janice Sheldon. Colleen Yates. Sophonmn ' s: Mar avel Davidson. Gerry Ernst. Phyllis Seott, Jean Shoff. Mareia Snapp. Marjorie Van Soelen. Edilli W ilson. Plvd vs: Ruth Alk sun. Hay- ward Maker. Katiierine Bellos. Judy Bingham. Belly Bnxktnan. Esther Bu ' kley. Helen Caniozzi, Lorraine Eninott. Jane Eriheri;. Adele Hoeltin :. Phyllis Horak. Lou Johnson. Ruth Jones. Pat Kinj;. Jane McLaren. Bette Munn, Pat Parker. Joan Sampson. Dorothy Shoff. Cathy Standaert. Ruth Stendal. Lola I ddeid)erj:. Joan an Doren. Claire Vaiilj;ren. Jan allace. Helen Vt inslow. Bettv ri " lit. Kathli ' cn " ales. Fdiiiuled al I.oml.aid Coll, ' s;e. (;alt l iiri;. Illiiioi.. in 18 )3. Nu chapter. 1907. 51 chapters. President: Joyce Brown. First Row. Atkeson. Bellos, Bingham. Brocknian. Buckley, Caldwell. (Uiniozzi. Chilleiiden. Second Row: Crowder, Davidson. Eherle, Eninott. Ernst, IVilierfi. Henr . Moelting. Third Row: Horak. Hoorning. Johnson. King. Lar- sen. Lucas, McDade, McLaren. Munii, Parker. Fourth Roiv: Sampson. Scott. Sha». Sliildon. I). Sln.ff. J. Shoff. Snapp, Standaert, Stendal. Uddenberg. Fifth Row: Van S oelen, Wahlgren, Wallace, Weldon. Wilson. W iri-l.i«. W ri;:lil, C. ' i .ilc . K. alc . m ttc ( ua tcfi m tozd a at tcu f UAcat CHI OMEGA Fdiiiidi ' d ;il University of Arkansas, Fayelteville. Aikai lavi. Alpha thapler. 1909. 95 ihapter . Seniors: IMarfiucritc Barker. Helen Barry. Fraiu-ella Bryant. Emma Jane Dakan, Mary Jean Dietz. Virjiinia Garhart. Marny Hammer. KviInii Howe. Bellv Jones. Jean Liltle|iafj:e. Jewel Mil- ler. Dorothy Sliirk. Juan Slye. ' Pef;f:y Sj.eek. Belly Smilli. Cay W il- kinson. y( ;i or.v: Barhara Bennett. Elizalielli Bowin. Mary Aliee i)ine . Florenei ' Leiand. Martha MeGovern. Lois Bansom. Shirley Kov. Mar ilson. St [ li )ni ri ' s: Doreen Barker. Fe jiv Bennion. Fliilfv Ghorllon. Jeaiuie Feiiton. Pattv (rihaut, Eleanor Gordon. Mareianne Hansen. Jill Loekerhy. Mar ;aret Ray. Betty Sehafer. Doris lotti-n. Barhara Tucker. Pli ' d cs : (TWeii Anderson. Pat Brown. Kav Le Losh. irj inia Draper. Jiaii Kddins. Bellv (irav. Marilyn Greene. Phyllis Hahn. Betty Hall. Aime Haus.r. Eliza- hetli Heron. irf;inia llnlliert. Martha Jameson. Doris Johnson. Virfiinia Kendall. J rudv Kineaid. Betty Laws. Shirley Linfjer- man. IVlari MeCliire. Marion MeGrew. Raehiirn Morrison. Ardelle Parks. Kay Pierey. Lorraine Petersen. Janet Sears. Donna Smith. Phyllis Smith, Jean St. George, Elaine Siij;g. Dorothy Trauh. Kathleen Weaver, Virginia Weisel. ' ' iM l ' r, ' si l ' iil : liclly Jones, l-irst Row: Anderson. 1). Barker, M. Barker, Bjirv. It. lui.ii. Bennion. Broun. KrNaiil. Cliorlton. Dakan. Si ' cnml How: l)e l.osli. Dielz. Dines, Draper. Eddins, I ' enlon, Carharl. (.ilMOI. Corilon. (irav. ThinI Hon: Cr.iiu-. Hahn. Hail. Hamni.-r. HaiiMii. Haus.r. H.iw,-. HuHhmI. Jani. ..n. J.din ..n. k.-inlali. loiirlli Row: Kin.aid. l.a» . I.iian.l. I.illhpafic. I.o.k.rhy, M.CInr.-. M.(;.,v.rn. M.Cr.-u. Miil. ' r. M. . rri-on. I ' ark . ' ou V i A ' oic I ' i.r.N. Rails., ni. Ha . Roy. Sears. Shirk. Sly.-. Sp. ' ik. It. Sinilh. D.Sniilh. I ' . Sniilh. ' i z i «.iir : Si. (ieorse. Sup;;. Tollen.Tranh. Iii.k. ' r.W Cav er.W eis.-i. ilson. DELTA DELTA DELTA Seniom: Scotly Amende. Helen Marie Brennan. Helen Feek. Mary Ann FleeHvoofl. Betty Gay. jNlareella Jeans, Betty MaeKintosli. Margaret (Istraiuler. Joan Ridgewav, Lettv Ann Ross, Aiinahelle Schuler. Alary Fran ' es Wallace. Juniors: Sally Riirley, Barbara Carlberg. Helen Diniin. Klizalxlli Krickson. Marv liikster. Norma Johns, Phyllis MeCulloufrh. Ann M.ail. Franees. Mueller. Shirley Nynian. Mardell Wilson. Klaine ittip. Sophomores: Louise Adams. Dorothy Biee. Helen Gary. Jane Dearborn. Marilyn Dempsev. Bettv Easson. Betiv Fairburn. Marion Ford. Ann Ma- thieu. (iraee MoGiiiness. Ann MeGornack. Barbara Shaeklefonl. Janet Sheedv. Dona ilson. Pledges: Gloria Adams. Gloria An- derson. Marv l.ou Anderson. Elaine Bell. Ji ' anne Beiuiet. Beverly Browning. Dorothv Davis. Virginia Ford. I ' riscilla Freneh. Doro- thy Geisler. Arlene Howden. Janet Ingstad. Janeth Lavell. Bettv McDonald. Betty Mill. Kay Murphy. Mary Lee Porter, Betsy Richards. Patricia Stevens. Barbara Sells, Jean Sherk, Julie Thomas. Marjorie Williams. Roberta Wilson. I ' (niii h ' (l nl Ko l(m I iiiM i ii . IJoslon, Massachusetts in 1888. Theta Alpha. 1909. 87 chaixor?. PrcsUh-nl: Ki-lty Ma.Kliilosh. ir.s( ««ii : Adani . iiien !i . G. AikI.tmui. M. ii lir-.,ii. Ii.-ll. lii-nn.-l. Hicr. Bnriiiaii. Brownin-. IJiiil.v. Seciind Ron-: Cary, Carlherg, Davis. Dempsey, Diiiiiii, Ea iii. C. F.iick dii. K. Kriik on. Kairhiirn. Fcrk. Third Row: I ' I(i1 miiiiI. M. 1 ' or.L V. Ford. French. Gav, Geisler. Howden. Inslad. lMk Ier. Jean . J.ihM . Lavell. I ii,rlli Row: Mallii.ii. McCornack. McDonald. M( Guiness, Mead, Hill, Mueller. Murphv. Nordhoff, Nvnian. 0 lrander. Porter. I-ifth Row: Ri(llard . Hidgewav, Ross, Shackleford, Sheedv. .Stevens. Shulcr. Sells. Sherk. Thomas. .S7.v( i Row: Walla.v. Williams. 1). W iUon. M. W ilxni. H. il on. d4(nta lut a Ac(t( ta4t c4A(Mte o aT . DELTA GAMMA rdimil.-d at Lewi, National -School. Oxtortl. Mi •i il)|.i in 1874. Beta chapter. l )(i:5. .il chapters. Si ' tiiars: M;irj iii- HrowtifU. Mary Loii litmtiiif:. Muriel T;ap|i. Patricia Fall. Carol Han sen. Virfiinia Holine.s. Janet Jones. Char- lotte Kuclier. Kathleen Laughlin. Jean MoOea. Jean MeKinnev. Gwyneth Owen. A.lele Tries.h. Virfiinia X il.ler. Jerrie W Ol ' f. Marj;aret Mav McCalluiii. Jiiniars: Mary Barnard. Heltv Hraee. Jeanne Davis. Miriatn Klliol. Fatrieia Ho(l ;in. Marilyn Mohn. Shirley Nash. IJarhara Siefi. Patricia Riis-ell. iHiette I hom|)s )n. Marilyn Walsh. Ar.Ms W inther. .So;, ,nmor ' s : Harhara 1).-1. Jan- ice Bowen. Minii Corner. Betty Day. Rayanne DeChenne. Bernice Harrids. Sue Jenkins. Marilvn Lanp. Marjorie Lewis. Marilyn Martiie.luke. ir-inia McCaJluin. Phyllis (.)ui-lcy. Kay Talho ' tt. lean cslcrland. Hosciiiary Winders. Frcshnicn: Jean Allen. Marjorie Barnard. Sallv Barnett. _Marilvn Brown. ir inia Cal- vert. Lnra Davis. Marjiaret Davis. Mary Doran. Maryaiuiette Kf;f;- ert. Phyllis Feely. Helen Cay. Katherine (iilhert. Marfiaret Haw- kins. Jean Hiitchins. Lael Latimer. Katie McMorris, Billii- Milcli- ell. Pat Ostroot. Mary Annette Peterson. Dorinda Hatlilionc. Mercedes Russell. Louise Siiauh. Marilyn Smith. Corniie l.illiii- der. Bohhie Talhott. Mary Thomas. Helni W iiilc Mai j..rie J,. Worden. Mm M£ ' ±..i a ' - x. -_xi_A ' iB i. " jlr! ib ■. I ' ros.: Gwynclh Owen. lim, . W,,]. Ml,,,. Mai Mariiard. Marjorie liariiarcl. Itrace. Hrowti. Hro»iiell. liiinlinj;. Houeii. Cal « Capp. Corner. J. Davi . I,. I)axi . M. I)a i . DeCheiui,-. Doran. K};serl. Kllioll. lall. T h i i l K ,ni : I ' eeh. Cax. (Jiiherl. Ha. Hawkins. Iloil-in. Holmes. Ilnlchin . Jenkin-. Jon,-. . loiirth ««»•: l.alinier. J.aiDjIllin. I., «i . MarnuMhlke. M. MeC.alluni.N -McCrea. Mi kiinn-N. M( M.nri-. Milchell. Mohn. a h. hiflh H«u: Ostroot. I ' Onich-N. Halhhone. M. Rn-sell. I ' . Kti-ell. .Sniilh. Taffiiider. J!. Talliot. K. Talhot. SiMh Kou: ' I ' hoina-. Tlionip on. Trie-cl,, Wal-h. W e - 1 e r I .1 ml . While. W ilder. W inde " Wuiten. ( cccmtcfi n nctce ciiecC cutu cC DELTA ZETA (,r(i(lii(ili ' : l.iiiiisc Scilricd. .S ' c niirs: llrliti Xiiiick. I.lllijn Draii. Jsalx ' llf 1 ' lalrr. (.Ii ' iiiloiina (Jiiiiiu a . I.ouisr Manrci-. Dclorcs Siciii. ( ' orisucio Striinj;. .1 ii n i ir • : Xniialirl Kiificii. (iluirlotti (;il.l.. . I.c.iiisc Mills. S ) » i.. ;; .rc.s: l ' li lli liii(|uisl.; IJ.a.h. Flora Catterall. Sli.ny (ii-x. Lii.ilr ,|..ti. . H.lli Mid. II.- I. in. Hailiaia J. ' an Nelson. I larf!:ar. ' l Kvn.i. Anna Mai- IIimIm rs Fn ' slinicii : D.ii ' is Hainl. iiarrii-ll.- (lalli-iall. (iail ( ainiiin haiii M.-rilvii llariiion. ,la rii- llai ' rl .iii. Marj;ar.-I ili-.lri.-k. Harhar; Ma.Doutiall. IVlary M..illan.l. an.-y I ' il.-s. Kallil.-.-n Ra.lslifl Maxiii. ' Sniilli. (;.raMin.- Sloiil. Mary Kll.-n ' riiurp. A.l.-laiil. ani,- . r..lir,.l.-.l .11 Mi.iMii nix.-isiix. ()N|„r.l. Oh; KjplKl (:ll;l|)l l ' . I ' ll I. (, rluiplrr- I ' rrsidrni: (;.,n-.i,-l(. Sir,.!.;:. First li,m . liiH|ui-l. XiiiirU. M.iir.l. H,-rl, li. )■ . C.iilrniil. II. ( .jll.r ill. ( aMii.iii liniii. Second Ran-. I)t-;iii. Kii);.-!.. I,-r. (;illl. • . Gijjy, (;rf,-inv;iy, Ihirii Uarii-o.i. I hird H„w: I. k. .|..ii,- . M;i.rivi. li,l,ll,-l,.ii. Mu.l- laiid. Nelson, Ra.Mitf. K iim. Fourth Row: Smith, Stein, Stout, riiiii|i. Fijlli Kan : Tinili.-rs. arii!-. GAMMA PHI BETA II Syracuse Universil . S rui-iiM ' . Nrw York in 1871. Lambda Chapter. I ' Ml.i. 47 cliaiiler-. Seniors: Gwen Albert. Sherlie Anderson, Mary Helen Birchfield. Jean Fisher. June Hellenthal. Barbara Lamb. Elizabeth McCar- ter. Margaret Miller. Betsy Upper. Elinor Upper. Sue Wilcox. Juniors: Betty Anderson. Ann Janett Becker. Winifred Biehl, Corinne Car])enter. Jean Fairweather. Bettv Farley. Sallv Fleni- infi. Maril ii Foxworth. Janet (iirvin. Janet Hartinan. Marv Ross Holls. Carol Jahns. Carol Lidstroni. Patricia Me(iovern. Sally Marion, (jale .Nickson. Margaret Price. Mary Roberts. Mary Ann Shiel. Jean Smith. Catherine Watts. Katherine Scott. Sopho- mores: Suzy Baker. Dorothy Broadfoot. Roberta Bussett. Jean Harbaugh. Constance Johnson. Adaniarie Jones. Margaret Lamp- ing. Julie Legg, Suzie McNaught. Harriet Mabon. Martha Pierce. Kitty Rees. Catherine White, Marion Wiley. Marjorie Williams. Pledges: Joyce Brown, Beverly Bryant. Marly Brewster. Pat Cameron. Nancy Costello. Carol Carpenter. Janice Uavis. Bett Eddy. Jean Emery, Nancy Gunn. Marianne Harrison. Cerrv Haves. Barbara Harsbberg;cr, Shirlev Hart- well. Janie Helleiiilial. ancv Lucks, Marilvn McKay, Marjorie Mrldrum, Mary Mulligan. I ' al Morrison. Pat Odland, Barbara Phillip. Helen Price. Gloria Pellon. Sue Perr . nn Reitze, Pat Shiel, Nancv Webb. Joanne Williams. »res.: Susan Wilcox, R.: B. Anderson. S.Anderson, Baker, Becker, Biehl. Birchfield. lircw.ler. Broadfoot. Brown. Brvanl. Bu -l■ll. Cnncron. Ind R.: C. Carpenter, 0- Carpenter, Clarke, Costello, Davis, Eddv, Emerv. Fairweather, F ' arlev. I isber. I leniinf;. I ox-worth, .in! H.i Girvin. Gunn. liar- bauRh. Hartman. Harrison, Harshberper, llarlwell. Ilax.-. Janie Ibllenlhal. June Hellenthal. Ibdis. Jahns. John-on. If , H.: lamb, lainpinj:. Lepg, Lucks, Mabon, Marion, McGovern, McNaui;hl. Mcblrnni. Miller. Morri-oi,. Mnllipan. f. , K.: Nickson. Odland. IVIlon. Perr . Phillip-. Pier,, ' . H. Price, M. Price, Reitze, Rees. (uli K.: Roberts, .S, oil, M. Shiel. P. Shiel, Smith, B. llpp,r. 7lh K.: E. Upjier, Webb. Wilev. J. William-. M. Williams. KAPPA ALPHA THETA Seniors: Oiuah Albaut[h. Me " : Branihach. Lynn Carpenter, Bar- bara (!!ollins. Jean Colton. Betty Lee Connor. Janice Crowder. Marv Kllen Deniini;. Sally Kislier. Marion Gilbert. Peggy Lindsey, KoseiiKUV Longwood. Muriel Pieree. I ' byllis I ' rentice, Marjorie Raueb. Betty Tbatcber. Juniors: Pat Conner. Jacklyn Fisber. Mary Haig. Tudie Hull. Klizabetb Kresky. Betty Rae Norman. Barbara Jo Paxton. Pboebe ( )uigley. Betty Marie Ross, Jaequelyn Sawtelle. Zoe Ann Steiiding. Soj)liomori s: Jean Ballard. Barbara Brubn. Janet ( " atlin. Betty Davis. Jean Farrell. Mary (iaylord, Adrienne (iibbs. Mary Hoar. Kutli Meltt n. Barbara Jean Nelson, Marv Mar Purcell. Marjorie Sebenek. Janet rurnbuU. Barbara an att-rs. (iraee agner. Barbara bite. I ' lfdgps: Rosemary Bowden. Katberine Brazeau. Pat Calvert. Mary Jane Connor. Margaret Dwelle. Betty Jean Englisb, Barbara Gamble, Kay Gil- lespie. Joan Ho])kins. Betty Jeanne Jackson. Corinne Latimer. Joan Latimer. Norma Lee. Alyra Jean Lindsay. Rutb Magnuson. Suzanne Manning, Bliss Nelson. Lark Puekett. Margaret Simpson. Sallv Skinner. Miriam Van Waters. Fduiuled at Indiana Asbury University ( DePauw) , Greencastle Indiana in 1870. Alplia Lambda Chapter. 1908.65 pliaplers. President: Bolly Lee ( ' .iiMnor. Ursl Rim: Hallard. B p»den. Brambach, Brazeau, Bruhn. Carpen ler. tlatlin. Collins. Colton, P. Conner. Second Row: M. Connor. Davis. Denting. D»elle. English, Farrell. J. Fisher, .S. Fisher. Gamble. Gaylord. Third Row: Gibbs. Gilbert, Gillespie. Haig, Hoar. Hopkins, Jaikson, C. Latimer, J. Latimer. Lee. M. Lindsay. I ' . Lindsey. Fourth Rotv: Long- wood. Magnuson, Manning, Melton. Nelson, Norman. Paxton, Pieree. Prentire. Puekett. Fifth Row: PureeH, Quigley. Rauch, Ross, Sawtelle, Sehenek. Simpson, Skinner. Sixth Row: Thateher. Turnbnll. M. an Sate s. B. Van Waters. Wagner, While. KAPPA DELTA r(iiiiiili-.l r ii!;irii;i Suil.- m■lll;ll Sdii.ol. l " ;iiiiivilU , Viisini: ill y. ' :. iriiKi I. .1.1 (:ii,i|,i,T. i2i. 711 cIkipi.t-. rtiriilly. (iiMc- l) iiii . (rtiiiliiiilc: .hitiic. ' Doliin. Si ' iiiors: M:irllia Ashton. Kathleen D.iilnill. iine Hatcli. Klaiii. ' Holiii . Ualtel Jolinson. Hutli I ' ullcii. llrleii I avlur. J ii n ii r s : (Main- ( ' .ail-uii. Naiiev dole. Saia Kiin . Dorotliv Sehwali. Sophoniorc : u(lrev Ciiureh, Helen Kennedy. Norma Nerdruni, Helen Hdw lanil. Kiitii- anna Saer. Eileen Wainha. Plfdgps: Bcttie Barker. I ' atsy Balzle, Barbara Belsla.l. Kleanor Belvea. Barbara Custard. Elaine Elder. Julia Hafion, Framo Kctiiiedv. Alieia Eane. Marie M(A(it . Ellenor ( )uehl. Marion S|)arks. Harriet Sjieneer. i ' lnllis Stewart, Carolyn Slor . Bell Ti 1 1 i ngliast . Marjorie W elton. Molly W helan. I ' n-si,lr,il: Hiilli I ' ulliii. ' ;;s {,„ : .hi.,,i. lijikor. Iiel l;ul. Cliur. Ii. I..!,-. CiiM.iiil. I ):iiiii,ill. Si;;m,l l{„„: Elder.„ii. Il.ilcli. II.. I,,,,-. .|„liii-„M. Kriiiir,l . Klin .. M, ,Tly. Third Row: Nerdrum. Oiirlii. liouNiiid. Suci. S.liuali. . ' iKirks. Sp.-niri. Mruiil. liHiilli How: Story. Taj lor. Til!iiii:h;isl. V:.iiil)ii. I ' ijth Row: W.-lloii. W jul.iii. KAPPA KAPPA GAMMA Seniors: l ' (f: ii liti. I ' |)|i f;iii . Maijoiii- IJhick. (!;iii l ii (ilark. ji ' aii (! )h fll. Klcaiior Fer i;ii son. Maiv Lre Fry. Susan (Jroiit. Kutli Ailcli- llodficock. Marianna Jones. Dorolliy Kirl)y. Mar Caroliiii ' Knapii. Marv Lou Minor. Jean Slcwarl. Jane Taulinian. ali lii ' W alkinslia« . Hi ' vt ' rl fl li. Ji jiiKr.s : Jianni- Halni.r.A.l.l,- Hat.s. Joc.Iyn Clise. Juditho Doujilas. Marjorir Fn ilfliarl. Janet Grifin. Mary Huf;lu ' s. i ani-v Kerr. Georgia Ma- son. Hetty Palmer. Sally Proctor. Anne Keese. Eleena Torrance. SophoriKircs: Barbara Anilerson. Laurie Buck, Anne Canipliell. Stephanie V.oe. Catherine (ioodfellow. Fllen Keenan. Marian Mahnke. Marj arel Neils. Patricia O ' Sullivan. I ' . fifiv Palmer. Joan Provanch.-. Jane K.i.i. Flizahetli Kcynold-. Barbara Kliodes. Mary Marj;aret Smith. Xirjiinia anderhilt. Frcs ir ie i : Joyce An- derson. Mary Ellen Ayres, Marilyn Crawford. Fransi Davis. Knth Griffin. Jane Hiscock. Patsy Jones. Bobbie LaGasa. Florence Lindeke. Allison Lile. Gretcben Lile. Barbara Price. Patsy Simp- son. Sally Stanton. Jean Stockstill. Mary Helen Strout. Dorothy Jean Tash. Pat Towne. Pej;j;v Trenbolnie. Suzainie Trover. F ' llitb Williams. rr, k£ X tti maJS. Fouiuk-d ;il Munmuulh Cullc ' iie. Moim.oulh. llli Beta Pi Cliapter. 1905. 74 diaptei . f2 ' ' dJ t j d. i ..? j Presitlenl : Jane TuuI iikim. Ursl How. Agnew, Aii lfrson. Austin. Avres, liuliiier. Mali ' s. Black. Burk. ( aiiiplicll. Clark. Second Rnu : Clise. Cue. ColwpIL Crawford. Davis. Enclcliart. Kerfiusoii. Fry. Goodfellow. J. Criffiii. Thirtl How: K. (iriff in. C.roul. Hpdg.ork. His.oik. F4uf;li.-s. M. Jones. I ' . Jones. Keenan. Kirliy.Knapp. La Casa. I.indeke. Fimrlh Ron: Malink. ' . Mason. M.Mil- Ian. Neils. O ' Sullivan. B. Palmer. P. Palmer. Price. Proctor. Provanilie. Reid. Rhodes. I ' ijlh Row: Slianmui, SiMi|ison. .Sniilli. SlaTi- ton. Stewart, .Stockstill. Tash. Torrance. Towne. Trenholme. Sixth Ron: Trover. Vanderhill. W alkiushaw. W eh h. W illianis. PHI MU FfKiilly: Elizal)t ' lli Senile. Katliciiiu ' Lcaliv. Koscmarv .McLaugh- lin. Seniors: Nancy Lou (jlcniens, Margaret Keith. Beverly Jane Kellogg. Sigrid Koski. Juniors: Dorothy Cramer. Phyllis Edging- ton. Betty Kitzinger. Jackie Kruni. Mary Lou Masenga. Margaret Nichols. Mary Beth Perry. Barbara Waterman. Sophomon ' s: Helen Clarke. Florence Jones. Marianne MacLeod. Fn-shnifn: Eloise Beldin. Bernadine Buck. F lysaheth (irandali. Rene Crucil. Joan Forsniark, Bettie Jeainii ' Jameson. Patricia Karrasch. Palri- ia Malhieson. Aletha NelL Ruth Price. Pearl Woll. tuiiiMlrd ;il i--U- ari College, Macon. Cfoinia in lH,i2. Isia B.I.I Cliaiil.-l, 1017. (il ell. i -. I ' rcsidvnl: Doioiln Craint-r. Virsl R,m: m(I.t-mii. (.a.h. Clark. ' , CI.-ni.Mis. CraiKlall, Svroml How: E.lf:ii.f:l..ii. I .,i iniik Jones, Kuria-.h. K.iili. k,■ll.,i; . . ,, H„h: K il iMf;.r., Mallii.-son. N.-ll ' , M.I... Is. IViiy. „,„ , ' ,.. •: I ' l i. .-. H. a.l. W a terman, Woll. S t i me ftm( dcc nccutd-t -ta6ie 272 i PHI SIGMA SIGMA r raf Hnfcx: -Mi Idled (JolhtTj;. Lola Lewis. .Seniors: Zelda Director. Ronva Keosiff. Bertha Klorfeiii. Juniors: Shirley Bereii80ii. Ktliil Goldman. Florence Goodglick. Helen Muchniek. Mae XeUoii. Rhoda Sussinan. So phoniores : Florence Barnett. Ruth Ncpom. Beatrice Sussnian. Harriet Bender. Freshman : Annette Altose. Joan Brasheni. .Marilvn Colin. Gloria Feinber;;. Maxine Freeman. Jeanette Kowals. Saralvn Liikowitz. Dorothea Pappe. Sylvia Pin- cus, Rose Pol. Mildred Robins. Joan Rose. Ruth Schilt. Betty Shulnian. Irene Suhotnick. Frances Zoher. Founded ;it Hunter College, New York City in 1913. I?et;i Beta Chapter. 1910. 19 ihapl.-i-. President: Bertha Kh.rfeiii. hirsl Kt,H : itn. e. Barnell. Bender. BerenM)n. Bra-hem. Cohii. Seam, I A ' oii ; Director. Feinhers;. Freeuian, Goldberg. (;oodgliek. Keosiff. Third How: Kowals. Lewis. Murhniek. Nepon. I ' in, us. I ' ol. Hohin-. Rose, loiirlh lime: Schilt, Shulnian, B. .Sussman. R. .Sussman, Zober. c c(date ( Aen ' 7H Mc0zcf.( PI BETA PHI I ' .mmmI.-.I .11 Cnll, ' ;;,.. M,,ii W.l-llinnU.ll AllillM. I ' Ki:. Ih. llliiH.U ill 1K( : F(i iill : M;ii Kli ,;ilMth Sl;irr. hn I. Ka-li. S,;,i(,rs: B. ' ttV |{.iir.l l. . I.ois H. TIN. Jail. ' dill. II.-. Naii. ,|.)linM n. Haz. ' l Milli- kiii. P.-jifiv Miltif. Doiolhy Ji-aii Sniitli. Marjiari ' tta Smith. Marjio Spar t). i). A. riidiii j»sKii. irgiiiia ' romlinson. Juniors: Bol)by Hutler. Joanii Flaten, " irf;iiiia (iarvcr. Audrey Gerth. Jean Liv- ingstone. Lois Preston. Ruth ienker. Sophoniiin ' s: Kay Allen. Betty Bateliel.l.r. Mari. ' Carroll. Barbara Johnston. Dorothy Jon.-.-. Ma.l.-lini- t l ..n. Mary Lou Piatt. Kit Parrolt. Kay Skinner, Sylvia Stoll. Marjorii- Uiul Pli-d gi ' s : Jane Ann Akers. Mary Barn -s. Pat Bat.hi-l.l.-r. Kuth Butler. Theo.late (lams. Juanila (Johlev. Marjiaret (;o])|). Martha Lou Falknor. Phyllis Fiel.l. Elizabeth Free(-e. Ali.-t- Joanne Harris. Frentzel Ht-intz. Fv.-lyn Herrinaini. Belte Iloin.-. Marjiaret Howard. Roberta Hut ' l ' nian. Shirl.y Kell.-y. J.-an Kinj;. Mildre.I J. -an Loin. -ii. Joan Piatt. Rosa- lin.l Hulli.rlor.l. Julia Franc.-s Scott. Mary Klizab.-th Si»..n. J udy Smyth.-. Alma D.-lta Stahlberg. Sally Steele. Barbara Walker. Marv Ann alt.-rskir.-ht-n. fnsiilenl: Churl. ll.- iin TlMnnp-nii. I ir-i H,„i: k.-r-. II.m. li.ii ii.-. I!, Ii.-l.l.-r. 1». Bal.-liel.ler. Be;irilslev. I5.-rrv. 1!. Hiill.-t. I!. Miill.r. (:;irr..ll. Srrinul l{ „ H : Cum-. C.ill.ii.-. Cupp. I ;ilkii..i. I i.-l.l. Kl;il.-n. l-ree.-e. Giirver. (mtiIi. 77iir Kiiii : ll.-iiilz. Il,-i.iii;iiiii. Il.iiii,-. Il.,«;ir.l. Iliillniun. . J.iIimmiii. It. J„liii t,,M. K.-ll.- . Kill);. I , i x i n p I o ii P. I,.imen. Millikiii. ..Kr Zi Koh: .Mill).-. I ' ;irr..n. J. I ' hill. . 1. I ' latl. I ' r.- Hiilh.ifMnl. S.i.ll. i7 i lion: S m,i,. I). .Smith. M. .Smilli. Sun ih.-. Spar- !. ' (). .Slnhlherg. .S .v Knw: Slolj. T liiiM.ii. WalUn. W ul.-i kir. Ii.ii. W i.iiki-r. SIGMA KAPPA Seniors: Marjiiric Aimclicifi. Maiv Diirtiiii . Krni ' sliiic Kricksoii. Favf (iailxr. K Inisc ; i li l l I . irjiiiiia Harris. Moiia Marl ii. Doiiiia jean INclsoii. (ic iic v i c vc Nilcs. Dorolliv Scliadr. Sliirii Thomas. Juniors: Alary Alice Clarke, I ' alrieia Hanloii. Marion Harlwieh. Francis McLaufihlin, Vernice Moiisev. Helen Kicliard- son. Marf;arel Tu|i|)er. irjiinia X ' i old. Sophomores: Marie l.iiise ker . MellN Hronsdon. Kleanor Uruwn. Klaine Davis. Jnn.- For- rest. Marjorie joiiiison. Sn .anne Loniinei. Harriet Kaee. Janet laJMr. ' er t ' es : Flinor Akers. Dorin And.rson. Kulii Henedelti. Hazel Carlson. Hetty Carleton. Mary K. Davis. Cliarlene Diiriiani. Luise Klliot. Mary Eriksoii. Marjorie Esterbrook, Betty (iarrelt. Jiianita (Jrif ' fin. Janet Hartwieh. Shirley Hendrickson. Dorothy Houck. Dorotln Hovey. Carolini ' Jarvi. Hett Kilhoiirne. Helen Kuehdler. (Jleiina Lake. (Jerrv Lanjie. (iloria Mekee. Hetiv nn Miller. Jos.phine Miller. Jo ( ) " Coniior. I ' al Handles. Durolhy Hii- dol|)li. Marjtnie Seiin. Darlene Sigrist, Maureen Adele Smith. Nona Sparkle. Peggy Stephens, Gerry Stevens, ( arohu Thoming. aney Tondinson. Mary Jean Turnbull. Bettv Loii an Roov. Francis W aldroii. Madalvn Walralli. Kathleen V eatherhv. Toni W el.h. Patricia W ills. Barbara Vi irt. |-..iirMlr,l M C.lliy College, ■ft il.T illr. Mm Mu Chapter, 191(1. II . Ii.i|ii.r -. 0 ± ' ii A£iir iS MMB l ' ,rsi l,-iil: Marv Dliiniii;:. I irsi Hon: imI,i ..ii. l!.n.-,l,ll I. Hici-mm. |{r„»n. Ci.r Irlnii. Cl.irkc. E. l)a is. M. I)ini . Dll Klliot. Soiund Him: Krii k-on. I oin-l. (iarli.r. (;iirrelt. (;rifiin. Ifai.lori. Hani,. J. Ilarluiik. M. Ilarl il■k. llcMiliick.on. finn: Hoiirk. Ilovev. JoIimmmi. Kill.oiiriK-. Kiiel.lcr. l.ak, ' . Mill.-r. Moii-.r%. NrNon. O ' C.iiM.-r. Kicliardsoii. Hiulolpli. I„i,,lh Sihatl.-. Senn. Si(:rist. Sniiili. ,,ark-. Sl, iri,. Talier. Thomas. Fifth Hon: Th iii};. Tiipix ' r- Tiirirhiill. Van l!oo . W ; W oM. .S ,7 , h ' ,,„ : ■« VIrl,. W ill-. W i,l. rliaiM. Jhn, Hon: Iralh. ZETA TAU ALPHA (rrnduule: Bfltv Haskell. Seniors: Dollie Carpenter, Maxine Codv. Pauline Doolson. (lonstance Hallidav. Ruth McLeod. Jean Parkir. Marjorie Savajie. Frances agenliielir. Hi ' len Zednick. Jiiitiiirs: PeJi•; (iollins. Maxine File. Jane Julian, Leola Root, Jean Townsend. SDjilunnorcs: Pejigv Nell de Merchant, Dorothy Saunders, (iloiia Sweit. Pledges: Ileen Barnes. Donna Ciitts, Merry Iris Franz. Joyce Hardy, Charlotte Ho| |ier. Mary Lou Kowins. Founded :it irginia State Normal School. Farinville. Virginia in iH ' jy,. r i Chapter, 1917. 63 chapter-. I ' n-sidrnl: Masiii.- Codv. lirsl Kim: Itaiiie . CaipenLer. Cdlin-. tlull-, de Me.(haiil. I) -.,n. Srroiiit Rom: File. Franz. Ilalli day. Hardy. Ila-kell. II r. Ilunl lion: Julian, kouin;:. Mcl.eod. I ' arker. Kool. Savage, l-inirlh liaic: Sannder-. Sueel. W agen fuehr, Zednick. 7i amc(t eatenecC ;4S74 7iJ ctccA. kiaa(ted SIGMA TAU ALPHA Seniors: Eileen Clarke, Marjorie Fay. Dorothy (Jilthoiis, Halli- (lay Lobdell, Margery Skrondal. Mavis Slelli ' lio. Jimiors: Miirii-I Andrews. Alverna Ocker. Betty Orion. Kiitli Siiernian. ( tiii a Petersen. Sophomores: Mary Elizahetli Davis. Nadine llafjer- stroin. Phyllis Hyde. June Keithly. Ruth Miller. Palrieia Murphy, .luanita Newsonie. Ada Paik ' nhani. Kutii Ritchie. Hetty- Rohrer. Jovce Ross, Peggv Scott. Jo Ann Smith. W ilnia Ward. Charnie (lanipbell. FreshtiK-n: Catherine Baldwin. Emmy Beehtold, Mar- garet Brickell, Helen Cratty, Muriel Clark. Janice Dodge, Francis Drange. Elaine Johnson, Lola Mae Joiinson. Jean Karney. Phyllis Keeler. Ilene Olsson, Mary Martha Gibson. h ' nsuhnl: Marjory Skron.lal. FirsI Ron: Aiidirw . Bcilduin. H,rlil,,l,l. l!ri,U,ll. (aMii.lMJI. K. ClarU.-. M. Clnr kr. Crally. .SrcmW Row: Uavis, Uodge. Drange, I ' ay. Gilihoiis, (;il)soii, E. Johnson. I„ JolniM,,!. Third Row: KatncN. K.rl.r. !,,.li,lrll. N.» ..n.r. Ockor. Olsson. Orion, Ritchie. Foiirlh Row: Rohrer, Ross, Scoll. SlirrMi:iri. I ifih Row: SI. 11. I,,,. iniil.. W aril. ta cefr J u cuitci ' ' o tKCf ' corner UMte. STRICTLY CENSORED M.CjIlniTi. ir iiiia W ildir. ;iii l Miriam Elliot! Iiiin.llr,! for llu- ■lilizzaril. " .NiiU li-hrr: i ' .T l.o;;,,!,. mm I Charlie JNasli on I he I.ihrarx snow hunk. Sr Mcr.larv Jnn.- Ili-ll.-n- llial ..M her way In a c-,,1,1 ,la — room. prof fa t.Miili " ill li. ,, urn.l. ' Mlil . ' .l -kin -rli l.v, .-..pliv lull 278 FRATERNITY %atenmtie INTER-FRATERNITY COUNCIL ill. m diM. Alpha Delta Phi E(lmiin l Campbell Alpha Sifinia Phi Bob Herr Alpha Tan ( )niepa Henry Isbell B.ta Theta Pi Hal Willits ChiPsi Franklin Cook Delta Chi Howar.l Rice Delta Kappa Epsilon Charles Strauhal Delta Tan Delta Boh Whileley Delta Upsilon Edwin Smith Kappa Sifjnia Boh Poison Alpha Carltt)n Schroder Phi Delta Theta Merrill Haagen Phi Gamma Delta Frank Pritchard Phi Kai)pa Psi Martin Biirkland Phi Kappa Sifima Bob Byson Phi Kap])a Tail Wendell Howard Phi Sijima Kappa orm F reese Pi Kai)pa Phi Hilden Pryde Psi Upsilon Joe Nail Sigma Aljyha Epsilon Larry Howard Sigma Alpha Mii Victor Lyon Sigma Chi Jim Overlook Sigma Nil Bob Vi aldo Tail Kappa Epsilon Gavin Lawson Tail Phi D ' lta James Hitchcock Theta Chi Dean McKay Theta Delta Chi Edwin Howard Theta Xi Joe Beaii lin Zeta Beta Tan Burton Robbins Zeta Psi Frank Dupar Presidenl: Jim Overlook. First Rote: Beaudin. Burklaiid. Second Row: Caniplioll, Bysom. Third Roiv: Cook. Diijiar. p ' recsc. llaapeii. Fourth Rniv: Hprr. Hilrlicork. . llnw- nnl. K. Howard. Fifth Row: L. Howard, Isb.-ll, Lawson. I ..M. .Sm( , Row: McKay, Nail, Poison, Pritchard. .S i- rnth Row: Rice, Robbins. Schroder. Smith. Fifihth Row: Straiihal, Waldo, Whiteley, Willits. JUNIOR INTER-FRATERNITY COUNCIL I ' rcsidrnI : Jini (in en Srcicldry: Jolin Iv ' id Mplia Delia I ' hi 11 aiokl MeClelh.n Vlplia Sifiiiia I ' lii George Keciiey 1|)1ki Ian ( »iiic;;a Noiden B id TlK ' ta I ' i Fi ank Cavananiih Chi I ' si Ken l(»rrison Delta Chi Kad Mil.hell Delta Kappa Epsih in Dick H..n liiei Delta Tan D.-lla John Kei.l Delta Upsilon AlOshurn Kappa Sifiina Yi ainn Hall Lanihda Chi Alpha Chnek Kyan Phi Delta Theta HovsanI Hlo.l-ett Phi (Jainnia Delta Jim (jreen I ' hi Kappa Psi Ray Criek I ' hi Kap])a Sif£ii!a Don Bocek Phi Ka| pa Tan Ray Blake Phi Sifinia Ka])pa Bob Reeves P-i Fpsiloii Verne Ketts Sijiina Alpha Epsiloii Don N ink. ' Sipma Alpha Mu Earl Hornstein Sipina Chi Bill Stewart Siptna Nil Del Peterson Tan Phi Delta Bob Kalsetneir Theta Chi Jim Putnam Theta Delia Chi Art Werry Theta Xi Bill Kuzcl Zeta Beta Tan George Keiter Zeta Psi Al MeNieoll President: Jim (Jreeii. ;:(li. Bocek. Second R iii.i.icli. Third Knu : K. ■,■,„■ . K.-il.r. Innri MrMcoll. Mil.hell. M liiini, Peterson, Putn: Hiiw: Ryan, Stewart, First nw: B. C r i ,■ i Ron orri oi im. R Werry. Row: Blake. Blod- inichier, Byrtl. Cav- k. Hall. Hornstein, : Ketl-. M.CIellan. .. l-iflh Roir: Os. ceves. K. ' i.l. .S .V 1 CANDIDLY YOURS AWS grinds out coininittee women, acts as the mixing center and get-acquainted bureau for all campus frosh. Coeds and com- mittee chairmen drill in casually in the morning to check on the davs work. Not ntinie hinchers gather for the gah in the lounge. Ahout three oclock tiie |)lace takes on tlu beehive complex and the Big omen on Camjius plot out the week ' s defense activities, concert or lecture schedules. Left panel, top to bottom: noon swing-tune in the AWS lounge . . Basketball men Bob Bird. Bill Gissberg and Bill Taylor j.lan- ning a deal with Malamutes Bob Hass, yell duke Harry Holland and rally girl. Bobbie Butler . . . AWS committee women in for the perennial 3 o ' clock coke in Clark . . . AW S lounge lizzard, complete with books, raincoat, gum. and a smoke. Top: Jeanne Westlerluiiil. nn Matliicu. Margari ' t Tupiier, Anne Beau lin. and Ruth iirikci-. tin- coking qnintit. hack in the lounge. Relow: Shirley Hendrickson. Eleanor Scheece. and Anne Beaudin clipping concert notices. ALPHA DELTA PHI rdciilly: Hmoii H. ( !liii tiaii. l ol)irl llairis. Tliomas Hcriiiaiis. .|„Mpl. M.(:ailliy. Charl.s Ma . Mind Mill.r. Kluiii W il.ox. Hati)l(l Plank, (iradunlcs: Kuln ' tt Kj; cniian. Harris Kiiiinoiis. I.loyd Georg. Seniors: Edmund Caniphtdl. (). tlolnian Chrislof- IVrson. Georije Davics. Rol)ort Ives, (ieorpe Jackson. Dixon Liv- iii ' . ' stono. riiil Machiide. Earl McCarthy. Peter Schmidt. Diiane lewcil. John Wilson. Juniors: Alex Hisho|). Kohert Horst. Har- old Enficr. Addison Fenton. Richard (iilhert. Peter Htdfiren. Vlfred Harvey, (.harles May. Bernard O ' Coinior. Al Strope. Bruce Walter. Sophomores: Ha mond Belts. Tom Curkandall. James Elzey. Cyrus Happy. Kohert Heppenstall. Ray Hinea. Blake Myers. Bill Nauhert. David Proctor. Sam Rohinson. David Ross. John Shea. Neil Thomson. Freshmen: Richard Collins. Lewis Dean. Rohert Edwards. John Fairhrook. Doufilas Finrow. George Gilherl. Jack (irayes. James HoMand. Arthur Hohidund. Dale Hume. George Jeffs. Everts Johns. Harohl M.Clellan. Don- ald .MacLane. Ben Notkin. Evert Pitman. Ken Schutt. Jack OsmaiuL George Shea, James Squire. Crockett Stearns. Stuart Thomson. Jack Van Eaton. Don Williver. Frank oungnian. Founded at Hainihoii College, iNew ' tork, in 18.i2. Washington, 1921. 27 iliaplcrs. f e r r f o r f ' residenl: Edmund Campbell. First Row: Bells, Bishop, Borsl, ChrislofferMiii. (: dlin . Curkandall. Davies, Dean, Edwards. Elzev. .Spro if Ron: Enger. Fairhrook. Fenlon. (;. Cilberl. R. Gilherl. Halgreii. llappv. llarvev, Heppenstall, Holland. Third Row: llolmluiul. Hume. Kes. Ja k.on. J.din . l.iving toi.e. M( Hi ide. Mail.ane. May. MiCarlhy, MeClellan. Myers. ' our A Roic: Nauherl. (CConiior. Pilman. IVoclor. Roliiiis.iu. H,, . Sihiiiidl. Schiill. (;. Shea. J. Shea. Fifth Ron-: Squire, Strope, Stearns, Tewell. Thonip-oM. Van Eaton. Sixth Ron: Waller, illi er. W il on, Youngman. ALPHA SIGMA PHI l.d al Ynle Universit Mm CIi. ; ,l,,,,,t, I ' ddtlly: Ltslic .1. AyiTs. S, ' itii rs: Frank Kiifili li. Holi lltrr. Elliott Johnson. Kolicrt Lowei y, Donald .Mcintosh, Cliailt-s Nash. Grover Nol)les. Arthur Pctrev, Robert Stiteler. Norman Wool- worth. Juniors: Richard Kirk. Howard Randolph. Phil Schwarz, aync Smith. Soplioniorcs: Paul Anderson. Robert Blackbonrn, Robert Bouick. Robert Day. Lloyd Erickson. John Fischer. Oscar Hanson. Harley Kirk, Everett Krippner, Francis Litificrifelter, Ward Moon-, John I ' faff, Kenneth Reisdorff. Russ.l r.n. Pli ' d Ill ' s: Leslii ' Andrews. James Austin, John Bolan, Wesley Budd, Clinton Bucklin, Lynn Cockburn, Donald (nil. Leifih Hill. George Keeney. Thor Liindquist. Donald Mac.Millan. Kichard McCann. Robert Maginissen. Howard Miller. Theodore Million. Albert Nash. Alfred Norlund. Donald Ostrom. Clayton Ouacken- busb. Jack Powell. Frederick Race. Otto Rasnuissen. Allen Rose, Clil ' iord Rudcn. Charles Ruthi ' ord. Jack Shaw. Donald Skoog, Clifford Smith. Kobert Swanber. Robert Swarlz. Larry W ..Id. f - f f f - ( f J " f - PresUIenl : H..I. llerr. I Row: An. In ii-llii. Kl.i, Ul,..iini. I!, .In.. Il.,iii. k. I!.. l.l. Hii.kliii. (:...kl,nn.. Dav. .S..,„;„ Row: Enclisli. Eri.k.M.ii. (Jill. IkiiiM.ii. Hill. K. J..liiis..ii. S. J.ilms,,,,. K.-..i.v. H. Kiik.V i,;, ' -»: H. kiik. k r I ppti.-r. Lingc.if.-hcr. I..,wi-rv. Ma.Milla... .Magi.ii " .-... M.Cai.n. M. li. Mill.r. l lilli...i. M.,....-. I „irlli Hon: . a li. C. Nash, NoIiIps. N..rlai..l. 0 lriini. I ' .-lrv. I ' latl. I ' ,»,ll. ( »iia.lve.ili.i l.. KaMiiii " ,... •■, ( , Ron: U I!.i.l..ii. Hiillil,.i-,l. S,li«a.l . .Shaw. C. Sniilh. W. S.iiilli. Slil.-l.-i-. SImI, H„h: Suaiih.-in. S«ail . W ,i, k. W ..l.l. W i.ii. doomed nee acC e . n zten utce ALPHA TAU OMEGA Seniors: H.-iiiy B. Isboll. K..l .ii Hair.I. Jam.s HIackahy. Donald Blair. Gajre Chetwood. Hohcrt (Jrfcii. (ilt-n I ' ftrie. KiisscI S.linell.. Ricliard Clark. Robert McCarter. Bert Hasselbcr;;. Juniors: Robert Beil. ' orii Bjorkliind. Edward Franz. Vietor Morgan. I ' ndell Lovett. Riebard Moss. Harold Tboni])son. Ed- win y arren. Sophomores: Bob Avery. Stuart Brown. Robert (iatbnian. Thomas Hetzler. Robert Jobnson. Robert Payne. Paul Richardson. Raymond Ryan. Roger Sehnell. John Sturgis. John ingender. Riehard Ervin. Freshmen: Harris Anderson. Robert Austin. Riehard Beach. Herbert Brown. Robert Brownian. bar- ren Burkland. Norden Byrd. Robert Dodge. Carl Erickson. Joseph Finnegan. Samuel Fletcher. William Funsinn. Ed Fun- sinn. Josephy Harlacher. John Haynes. James Johanson. George Johnson. Robert Johnson. Elton Klein. David .Meier. David Mnn- lay. VI illiam Richards. Allen Roberts, William Stanley. Arnold Rukan. George almslev. ( ene ebster. I ' (iuii(li.-d iit irfiinia MiliUirv Iii-tiliilc. I.. in l.iii. 18h5. i DfHirtMi. l n:!. n clupli-r-. I ' residenl: Henry Ubell. first Ron: .i . Aiid.r.nii. Au liii. H.iir.l. H.a. Ii. liril. MjoikluiKl. Blaikabv, S. Bruuii, II. lirown. Second Rniv: Brownian. Burkland. B rd. Clii-lwiMid. :iark. I)(id(;e. Eriik-nn. lirnirjian. Ili ' tchtT. I ' raiiz. Third Ran : Kini.-inii. E. Kunsinn. Grt-en. (;allinian. Haria, h.r. Ila%ri.-.. Ha-cllM-r . II.I .l,r. H..r}:an. (.. J(dni on. R. B. Jolin (in. K. 1 J..hnM n. I ourlh Rmc: Klein. LoveU. MeCarler. Meier. Mn. . Mmnhn. I ' asne. I ' elrie. Riehard-.. n. Rukan. l-iflh Row: Riehard . Roberta. Ryan. S.liMell. Russell. Stanley. Snirfii-. Tli,..n|.-.,n. Sixth R„n : Walni-ley. Warren. W el,.|er. W infiender. BETA THETA PI FoliiKlrd nl Miami liniv. ' r-il . Oslnr.l. Olil,,. in l!!:i ' ». HilJ Oiiwfij. I ' Xll. ' Ill ,ii.,iii.i-. Faritlly: (loloiicl Ames. Major Joseph. Dean Newhoiise. A. M. iiislou. (iradunli ' s: Robert Kuiiiiiier. Charles Faiieher. Sfiiiors: Ku ' eiie Aiiilersoii. Rov E. Anderson. W alter Harrison, (lie Hen- ehan. R..l.erl Hoonan ' . Clill ' onl Jensen. Roherl K.a. Ii. John M - rlhiir. W illiani Olsen. John Scott. RoI.ert Sniitli. (; ne S van .e . Jolin Sweet. Harohl W illets. Jinuars: Don Ahenl)iirg. Rov A. An.lerson. Robert Hir.l. Klliot Bnr.htt. Robert Conner. Riehar.l Dantiherty. ilUatn (iissber . Jack (ireenuahl. Robert, Bert JiKiehinis. ( )nentin Koenii;. Jack Kriehal. Llewellyn Morse, William Hobin on. Kilwaril Sander. So i i o «i ores : rifiht rnold. (;.rr nstiii. Charles Hnrehliehl. Dotiahl CarMpb.ll. Kdward Carlberji. Robert Corbett. James Eberbardt. Richard Grass, Howard Graul. Jack La Rue. Mack AlcCorkle. Robert Munger. Arvid E ' clerMin. Kretl Provo. William Tavlor. Roliert Van Eaton. illiam W idniUMi. Vlcdurs: Jack Harmon. Dt-an Brokau. KraiiU Ca anau;:Ii. Dull l)r ill. KoImtI Crahani. Carl ;roMMil(k. Ma. ' Haw.-.. i(k lleal. ' v. Mar- ..M k.,.n,N. KoImtI k,-r Roli.-rl KrI.nal. William l.aulira.l. William McCormick. Dean ' ll. Koli.-rl Till, i.i-nv Hi.liar.l Shannon. Donal.l Sil.oM. Martin Sorhi-r. Ridiar.l Tlnn-lon. H..lMrl Iniiiirr. William Trrnin,r. Ki.har.l Wal n.. .l.rrx W .tzfl. f ' , .ir r% p |! r 0 ' p f f ,i f ' " ' f eSfS r r e l ' n-si,l,nl: Hal W illel . -irsl K.n. : Caniplnll. Hnrclil ' i.-l.l. Hroka«. liir.l. li.n inon. rnol,l. I!. n ,1 ,■ r ,mi . K. n(l.r-on. Ml.iilnnf;. .SVcon, Kim: Carlhirs;. Cavcnancli. Conner. I )an(;li.rl%. KlM-rhardl. Cissln ' r;:. (;r.ili.nn. Cra -. Cr.inl. ( ;rr,-n«al(l. Thinl Him: (iro-.i.i.k. Ilar- ri on. Mass. Ila«.-. Il.ali . 11 lan. .I.n.rn. Krcn.-v. Ko.-ni):. K.-nliival. J. R. Krirhal. i;,i,rll, Kim: La Rue. Lauln-a.l. I..m 1i. Me- rllinr, M.-Corklr. MiKhi-jl. Mors,.. Miinj;rr. OImii. P. liTson. I ' lnnil.. fill, liftli Kim: I ' rovo. Haxnnmd. .Sander, Scott, Sliannon. Smilli, Sor- her. Swanzey, Sweet, Taylor. Sixlh Kim: Thmslon, Trailer. Treni|icr. an Kalmi. Walton. Welzel. W ichman. CHI PSI Faculty: Dr. Gfoifie 8avaf;c. W iMiilrll Keith. Criiduulfs: .laiiii ' s Dolan. J.).- Frilto.k. Art II.. lino.. k. Hon Hosl Ni.k. W illiaiii Miir- |)h . Seniors: .loliii Hrariiaii. Iliiii (IdIc. Frank (look. Frank Lati ' hani. Bol) Kos . Ted Ttiilck Juniors: Ken Aust. Leo (-anip- bill. Bill Clirisli iisen. (ieorjie Dowliiifj. Allan i.ewi.x. Bob Nord, Rav Shahan. .Mac Brown, .lack Kclsall. Art Weaver. Sopho- niori ' s: James Brainan. Bill ( ' umniin ;s. Bob farmer. AX arren franklin, ( arl (Jobs, (ieorfie (Trabam. Bob (Jriffin. .lack Han.son. Jobn Pelt.-vs. W arren Salt ,. I ' lrilgrs: Bob Alwal.r. Paul Barber. Charles Bofine. Phillip Bo-ue. ,lohn Bowman, .lack Doiloil. Jerry Fisher. Dan Fogard. James Frankin. Dick French. Kichard Fiirber. Jack Hoyt. Frank Htighbanks. W alt James. Kandv Kroin, Elliot Lokan. Lo an Loni:. Don Mack. Del Maine. Ken .Morrison, Don Naylor. Mike Lee. Leon Phillii.s. Di k Phillips. Gordon Rassnuissen. Robert Reid. Richard Sbulken. Fed Smith, Owen Stri ' cker. Bill Himzikcr. lr,l ;lt Iriicll C.llr);,-. S,ll.ll.rl.l,l . Nou ill loll. Aliihii Thelii Di-lui. Wn. 21 rlnipi.i,. € € ' - ? P C G C ' I ' rcMdptil: (:aiii|.l..-ll. ir.s Kou: Alwiiler. ii-l. Itaili.r. H,i t;iie. C. Bofiii.-. li.nMu.iii. J „ li n I! r:i iii ,i n . Jin. Miain:.... It.(.w.i. (:i.ri l.-i.-.,n. »,„ „ «.,. : V,i, ,-. Cook. Ciini.iiiiijiv l)„ll.,ll. l)(,«li.,j:. I ' arm.T. I ' r.-i.rl.. !■ i l.,i-. Third «..»■: (;nlis. (M-aliai.i. Criffiii. lIan oii. II. ,M. lliinlil.a.lU. HlliizikiT. Jain. . Kelsall. K.- I..r, r.mrlh H,m: l,fvvi . I...kc... I.... I?. Ma.k. M.„. M,l),,.ial,l. M...ri .m. a%l.,r. . ..i-.l. IVll.-v-. Fijih Ruu : I.. Phillips. R. I ' liillips. Kas mus en. Kei.l, Sail .. SiMh R,m: Shaha... Sn.ilh. Sir.-, k.r. Tiiif.l. WVaver. DELTA CHI (Jradiiiihs: l.iwi- Ariii.-troiij:. K ) I )iiiw idilir. ir M idiarlson. S,;,i„rs: Don l).l. Hob Connolly. Carl ?alk. Kfn Ho ;an. Fred Olson. Ilouaid HI..-. D.l Motteh-r. Mar tin Squires. Russ.ll Tlioina-. .Iiininis: S.wall A vines. Bob Cuniniins. Bill Flen.r. _Mi-rlin (.illi.rls.n. W inilill .yst.-(lt. Alan Taylor. Sophomores: Di.k Mill.r. Kal].!! Ri.l.l.-ll. Elston Van Slyk.-. Plvil vs: I)ou;;las Car.ll.-. Al.- an.ler Harris. Cliarl.-s Harrinf:lon. Lanv Hat.-li. Gordon Heritage. John A. Holl. K.lrnun.l ,laik .«ii. Bill Lanfi. W illiani Larsen. Bud LeVan. Lawr.-iu. ' K. Ha, I litchcll. Bu.l Nordgren. Winton Olson, Warren Petersen. Jani.s Ralev. W illiani Ral.-v. Georpe Schiiidler. ( ' arter Warren, Lloyd alilf nn. Di.k W liilm.n-.-. W ainn H. W iKon. rni r,-ii . hli.M.i. Nru " lorU. in V) ). I ' rcsideitl: Howiird Rice. First Hon: Aiiii li()iii;. (;;inlli-. CuniinlK. (:lllllllliM . I ' alk. I h-nor. Gilhertsen. Hiirjiis. Sccniul Row: Hiiriiiploii. HaKh. Herilape. Hopan. Holl. Hoiilalian. .lac U-.mi. I,, A an. 7 »;. «..m : M.-n.-r. Mi.haelso.i. Miller. Mil.h.-ll. M.ilt.-l.-r. Nysledt, Olson, Peterson. J. Hal.v. W . Kal. ' v. o,,, , Ron: Ri.l.irjl. S, l,in,ll,r. S,|uire . Taylor. Tl.on.a . an ShUe. lilth Uo„: Watten, Whitmore, Wilxni. DELTA KAPPA EPSILON Sciiiars: Bnuc Cook. (.Iiarlt ' s Sirauhal. Richard Temple. E l- niiiiid « k lsk . Juniors: James Hroaillient, Joe (ireer, Harrison Holland. Robert Murray. Koherl Reid. Lee Rishell. Stanlon Smitli. Keitli Vt ' elts. Donald Williams. Sophi mi rcs: Jay Atkin- son. Donald ( ' reecli. Ja k ' .iiiniin liam. (Jlen (Jordon. Holn ' rl Ham|ison. W illiam Holherton. W illiam Jones. Donald Kiiiii y. Tim Ma(|nire. Jolin Morton. Ricliard Peterson. Louis Snvder. Donal.l St.uart. Ja.k Towle. James W lieel.r. I ' li ' d i ' s: Jam. s Marriek. Bruee Hi-n.-M. Richard Moncher. Leiand Burchan. Herman (Ihristianson. Georfic Kwart. Harold Friele. William Hale. Rohert Hill. Rohert Hnllman. Chantler Hunt, Dillis Knapp. Leo Koski. Rohert Lee. Ja ' k Loveridf;e. Bjorn Lnniler. Daniel Madden. Hoh.rl Mahalley. Jim McCurdy. John AlcNivcn. lioward lills. Rohi ' rl Morris. Paul Nolan. Jim Palmer. Sprajinc Parker, (.harlcs Poehlilz. l.einiox Scott. Bernard Slaugheidiaupt. Donald Small. Ja.k W .hh. Davi.l Weeks. 1 Mjii(l (I il . U- (;i llo!;e. New Haven, Coniiecliciil. in Ifllt. K.iiip.i Ep-doii, 1910. 47 chaplers. !£ £ MJifJ Prpsident: Charles Strauhal. I ' irsI Ron: ISarrirk. Bipnold. lidUclur. Biircliain. Urdadheiit. Ciiok. Creech, Cuiuiiii liaiii. .Scco k Kow: Ewarl. Gordon. Hale. Ham n. Hill. Holherton. Ilidlan. Third How: Hiiffnian. Hinit. Knapp, Lee. Loveridpe. Lun- der. Maqiiirr. Madden. M. Curdy. MrMven. l-ourlh K.m: Mills. MorrI-. Murray. Nolan. l ' alni,.r. I ' elerson. Poehlilz. Reid, Ris- hell, Slaugenhaupt. I ' ijlh Row: Stewart. Teuiple, Towlc, ' el)l . Wells. Wheeler, WilliaiiLs, Workosky. (AaCuHtan.cicf outiacuecC c aCa cciai C e. DELTA TAU DELTA (Jradiuitf. Hurl Waldo. Siniors: AII«mi Bauscli.r. Klvin Carlson. Ben Lin.lsay. Frr,l MacFarlanc Bob MosIht. K.-n Ut ack. Boh Vinson, Bol) liitrli . htniurs: Jack Barnes, Ken Braziel, Ster- ling ( anipliell. Arlluir Carlson, (rcorge Grosser, Dick Dunninj;- tiin. A. H. (ireeninj;, Keitli Kolh. Dick Pfeiffer, Gene Sniitli. Sophnmnrrs: Howard AnjielL Bill Bair. Bob Bifilin. Walh Cameron. I ' li lon Kdd . Jolin Hood. Dave Ketebeson, B d) Kloster. Jack b( ;niIlnes . Bob Shapton. Beck Sbellon, Dick Tncker. I- rcshiiKii : (icorgf ' Bartcb. Jack Brenenian. W il Bren- ton. Jim Bri- is. Hill Frank Carter. Harry Fedrico. Di k Hall. Bill kenney. Jim Milcbell. Bert Murpby. Don Nnlle. Jim OHearne. Ro-er Peterson. Jobn Reid. Bill Robinson. B..1. Rowse. Bob Sowders, Leonard Stoner. Bill Sill. Dick Sweene . Tom ' i..iin bl..od. ilcl al li. ' tlKiiiv Collefic Hetliaiiy. We l iriiinia. in loVI. (minima Mil. I ' MIK. 7(i cliapliM . 1 ' 1, ' sidvnl: Uh WliihI.v. lirsl li„H: m .II. Malr. Hani.-. MaiiMlirr. Hi;;liri. Hia irl. lirrnmiaii. Mrcnl..n. Hri -. .ScmH l m: CadN. ( iaiii.r.iii. ( ;aiii|ili.ll. . Cail-.Mi. K. (arl-uii. (.ail.r. V.v„ rr. I )iinriiii l.iii. K,lih. I idii.o. Third Rnit: Crc.-ii- inc Mall. H..(..l. Is.iin.-v. K.lrli.-nn. Kln-t.r. K.illi. I,in l-av. M.ii larlaiic. M(( iiiinric--. Iil(h.ll. i,- ui. lulirlU Ron: Mlirpln. Null.-. O ' M.-aiii.-. I ' .tcr-cii. I ' lrill.r. I!, ■.•.!. KiiliiiiM.n. K. ,» c. I iltli How: Sliaplon. .Si.-llon. .Sill. Siiiilli. S,)« lers. Tucker. Sixth Row: I sick. iii..,ri. WaMo. " ,,uri;;Mo,„l. Saoft came t tn.e ta ou vi — oiu ttecfi 9 DELTA UPSILON Sriiiors: Willijin 15u1. |{nu Icr. HuU (iaics. Hi.liai.l Hofiii.T. Dick (;c()i-.- Hoxal. David S.-ilx-l. K lwiii Siiiifh. Juniors: RoIhiI Bib. Stev«- Callindar. Paul { ' .hilloii. Ray Cobky. Ward Col.-. Nelson (iates. ,|a k llaidt. John Skillin-. Dan Lyons, Bob W yse. So phomorcs: Artlinr Anderson. Diek Clinton. Ken Gray, Georpe (Juy. Henry Hanson. Tom Hntson. Robert Molloy, Al Mor ' enlhaler. Vern Swanes. Joini old. I ' lcdgt ' s: Jerry Bell. Arthur Benson. Don Bowles. Jaines ( adi an. Ed Chatlien. Frank Clinton, Diek Collier. Robert Cunninfrhani. W illiani Cunniiifjliani. Austin DeFreece, Kerniit Eisenlobr. Miles Ertel. Tom Hawley. Clict Hovey. Ted Lewis. Harry Morrison. Donald Murphv. Parley Norseth. Allan Osborne. Sam Pearce. i runian Price. George Robertson. Bill Shea. Glenn Simpson. Jim Snyder. Dallas X alderon. Clyde Whisman. Boi) W illiams. Don W injirove. Dick W oodbouse. illiam ounii. ii W illi.riii- College, Willinmstown, Massachusetts, in mill. W a-hinpioii Chapter, 191(1. 61 chapters. f: C - ' t ' f ' -f f ' f M (T ' " (T f- ? l T Q fT , Presulpiil: Ethvin Sriiilh. First Rim: A. Anderson, W. Anderson. Hell. Benson. Bil.h. Brewster. Cadigaii. Callender. Chatllein. I ' . Clinton. Secon I Rotr: R. Clinton. Chilton. Cohley, Cole. Collier. R. Cunninfihani. W. Cnnninghani. DelVeece. Eisenlohr. Eriel. Third Row: . (iaie-. K. Cales. (;rav. Guv. Hanson. Hardl. Haulev. Hoerner. Hu-Kui. Lewis. I.vons. Foiirlh R „r: MolloN. Morgenlhaler. Mi rri-ori. lur|di . Norseth. Oshorne. Price. RoherlMin. Ro%al. ,- i ui p - o n . lilth Row: Snvder. .Swanes. Waldero,,. W hi naii. William-. Winproxe. Siyih Rn„: W old. W oodlioi,-,.. tonne . . . ytcted ( UAOctc , cOi tee , %e enM4t KAPPA SIGMA I ' lKiilly. ( ' . S. l Mriniri ls iii. Daviil (1. Hall. Xuriiiaii F. Kuiide, H. H. Martin. K.tin.lli Hal.y. H. M. W iii-.r. Sminrs: Cliarles Hiiifiliaiii. Mai ' cil ( llKiili(iiiniiT. JoliM ioiiilx ' -. Hal|ili Hawks. Joe H.MZ.r. Wiltuii Hill. Fnd Ladd. Mill LaiM.n. 15..1) Linilli. Don Palmer, Martin Falm((iiist. Bol) Fol-on. Koh W liiltl.sey. Jerry Vood ar(l. Juniors: Diek Frame. Bill Hawks. H(d) Heudriekson, (Charles Howe. Antliony Kroha. John Porel. James Rowland, Hnijh Toschi. Boh ells. Si i hf m rcs: (hiinhy Bini liam. Roland Foss. James Fox. Joe Hunter. James Huntiex. Boh Kellev. Fred M.Miliin. Stan Rhodes. Don W e 11 i n -s. Barnelt Whittlesey. rii ' dgcs: Arthur Anderson. Bill Brainard. aile Bryant. (Gordon Caniphell. Jam s Fdniiindson. arren Hall. Peter Hallock. Rieh- ard Hunt. Llovd Landi. Gordon Lin j:. James Liitz. James Madi- son. Jock MeGrew. Peniiel Mathews. Leonard Pace. Del!)ert Peterson. Jack Rowland. Bill Shearer. David Shea. W avne .Slouer. Boh Sonju. Boh W ildr. 1,1., yd Urv. Boh W v, koli. at the University of irgiiiia, Charlottesville, Virfiiiiia ill 1S69. Beta Psi, 1903. 109 chapters. rs e r ' e- f r r p 1? nj fT- ' ' - f ■ n e:? p f W:0 f::. f ' - j f y f. " " W I ' residviif lioh I ' oi-oii. ■ir Hiiu: iiiIer oii. ( .. |{in;:haiii. ( I. Iliiij;liaiii. lirvaiit. iaiiiplM-ll. CharlMiiinier. Coiiihes. Ediimiulsoii. Koss. Cox. .S.vmi Hun: Hall. Hail..rk. H. Hawk-. W . Hauk-. H.ii.lri. k-..ii. HilL Howe. Hiinl, Hiinllev. Third Ron : Kelley. Kroha. l.a.I.l. I.amh. LiMj:. I.iilz. Madi-oii. Malhru-. MrMilliii. l ' aliii |iii-t. IVi.t-om. I,,i,rtli lion: I ' oi.l. Uhoile-. I. Rowlanil. Iaiiie Kowlaiul. Shearer. Sh.a. Sh. er. S.iniii. I ' ijili A ' oic Well,. W .•lliii;:,. W iu.-r. li. W hilllesev. Sixth Riiw: K. Whilth-.v. V lwai.l. NWrkoff. caCiecC ta actcue cUctcf.. " Wiatcfi c ccanten. LAMBDA CHI ALPHA Faculty: Arlliur Beanlslcv. Kavinond Farwi-ll. Joliii llaiili ' v. Paul ili ps. Roy SaiKHuir . Ralj)!! W el.h. ( ' , radunt o : Ilysell Brooks. Sfiiiors: Ouentin Avey. Stanley Durhaiii. Robert Fahey. Jean (-archet. Ro er Skarston. Robert ai;ner. Juniors: Doufjlas Albert. Roy Davidson. W alter Hablen. Ray Huffine. illiam Nicbolson. Fred Ricbardson. Fred Seblietiiig. ( " ,arl Scbroder. Riehie Sterne. es oodeoek. Sophomores: allace Beardsley. Harry Finney. Robert Stack. William McLaughlin. Plrdges: Jobn Arneson. .lames Balzer. James Beck. James Brewer. Gail Bruce. Roltirt Burns. Robert Costello. ( )rlan Dean. Alton Gaston. Viilliani Gallowa . Jack (;ilbero. Alfred (Minim. W alter Haben. Kennetb Iledden. Harolil Huff. Harold Inuis. W arren Jensen. Gerald Kauffman. Donald Kendall. Keitb Lilliman. Miles Llew- ellyn. Albert Moore. James R. Olisen. Ricbard Olson. Frank Owen. Ricbard Puddicond)e. Cbuck Rvan. Roger Rvan. illiam Scott. Kennetb Scbilatv. Calvin Sigrist. William Sigrist. Harold Stahlut. Fouiuled at Boston University. Boston, Massachusetts in 1909. Alpha Psi, 1918. 108 chapters. mJfiM l ' rrsUI,;il : Ircl Hi. hard-,. ii. Hr l Kan: Mliirt. tnc-,,n. Av.-ry. Hear l h-y. B. ' ck. M. n, .-. C.-t.-llo. Davidson. Second Row: Dean. Dnrhani. Kahey. Finney. (Jalloway, Gaslon, Gillherg, Grimm. Third Roiv: Halden, Hed len. Hnlf. Inius. Jensen. Kauff- man, Kendall. I.lewellvn. Nicholson. R. Olson. Fourth Row: Owen. Puddicomhe. C. Ryan. R. Rvan. Sarchet, Schilaly, Schlicl- ing, Sell. ;. Sigri-I. liflh Ron: . i;;ri-l. Skai-lon. Slack. Slahlul. Sleriie. " R afincr. W ,.od,ock. ic Aa 4 Msied ci cUc XecC cu Mte(t ctonw PHI DELTA THETA «Sfr V iil. ' il Ml Minmi rni cr il . Oxlor-,1. (Hi rhiipl.T. I ' Mld. lOd ,ll.l|ilcT: S, ' iii ,is: Hn , IJ.Iinkr. lJi k IJIak.r. Sam Bract-. Mason Carlson. Don Duin.M. Ja.k (,iiliin. M.rrill llaafl.-n. Krnie Jacol.s. Jini I.awlor. John Licli ' nwalni ' r. Sanilx Mackic. Stan Mickclson. Dixon Siliivcly. W ally Soli. Hcil. i.Iand. .Iiini„rs: Day Bar- clay, Pete Cohnrn. Jim Dt-nninj;. Hovd Donh. Jim Fnncli. IJruce (iasfoifine, Mac liillnian. Fiaiicis laij,cis. Mike Saad. Pcd Size- more. John Skadan. John Small. Chuek Stelcher. Jack Tlionias, Don enealjles. Joel X alkins. John Wooden. Sophomort ' s: Lee li( llint; -r. Clay HIackstock. Jim Hrn.e. I ' ark.r Buck. Jack Crock- cll. Dwavnc Davis. I ' hil l)ol . Kav (iardincr. I ' hil llcndcr on, Jrrrv II.ill lMii, John Ull-lull. Bill j ' ;i( nl,.,,ii. Joliii l,.ui.k-. Sl.iii LmIij;..,-. l),-n- liN MaiUif. Roger Melrose. George M. er . Bill N.u.ll. Don Si liaak.-. Boh Siiiip ori. Joe Welly. Freshmen: Jim Bniduin. Boh Bhi(k lo, k. llou.inl Blo.l. gelt. E.l«;iril Buriiiaster, Bill Cal d !■ r h e;i d. Win C:, ,: John Darnell. Jack Davis. Terry Donahue. Stuart Dougla . Bill Doiilph. Jim Kchon. Jack (ietaz, Forrest Goodfellow. Ted Gregg. Red Hale. Rolierl Ingram. Dick Kennedy, Walton Kirk. Allen l.arsen. Craig l.iclenualiur. Bidi Moore. Fred 0 " Neil, Boh Patten. Dolster Rolfe. Eugene Shirk. Bruce Smithson. Lvie Scott. I ' rank Sluhhs, Pat Sutherland. Phil Voorhies. Tom Waters. Boh Zeck. , r- r f f. fT: " ' C ' f f ' " ' ■ f } f . f: fT. t.. ■ . 4iMA r ' r t I ' rcs.: Merrill Haagen. 1 v H.: Balduin. Barclay. It.hrdvc liclliiiger. H. Black lock. C. Black-lo, k. RIodg.ll. lirac... Bruce. Buck. I!uiin.i l.i ( aldei head. 2nd R.: Carlson. Case. Crockell. Darnell. I)a%is. iteming. Donahue DcrdN. Douglas.|ili. D» inell. Kdson. :i «.: {■rench. (;.iidin.i. (,.- roigne. (;elaz, Goodfellow. (;regg. Hale. Ilend.rxm. Ilillman. Jerr llonslon. J. din llon-lou. Ingram. Jai oh-. Jac.dison. Uh H.: Kenn,•d . Kiik. Mo|. fensleiu. I.arsen. I.aucks. C. I.iclemvalner. J. I.i, lenualner. I.Mhgoe. I). Mackic. S. Ma,kie. Mager-. R. Melrose. S. Melrose. Mevers. S i «.: Mnk.Non Moore. Newell, O ' Neil. i ' all.-n. Bolle. Saade. S( haake. Sehi el v. .Shirk. Simp-.m. Si emorc. Ulh K.: Skad.iii. Sm.ill. Smilh-on. Soli. Slolls. Still. I. . eriand. Thomas, llh H.: oorhie . Watkiiis. W alcr . Welly. Wieland. W I, land. ,ck. .r.A. PHI GAMMA DELTA faculty: Prof. Joseph Harrison. Dcati Herbert Condon. IJenl. (loimuander I ' ark Vi eed illis. .Se ii ' ors: Jolin Lonji. Hoi) Davies. Diek Easter. Bill Porter. Frank Pritelianl. Ton. Allen. Jim Brinklev. Ron (Jairelson. Andv (iailn ailli. Diek I ' aiilsoii. IlursI Clark. Juniors: Bill Brinklev. I ' en Carey. Lyle Clarke. Bill Delin. Jim (irii ' litlis. Al Hiif;lies. Diek Kohls. Gene Lanev. Boh Lvneh, Siul . I(l..un. Warnri M.Clur.-. B o I) Paulson, Jack I ' liiliip . R..;;,.!- Rir,-. Dave Ro.leriik. Hiifjci Serrii. Jack Slianstrom. Starr Sutlu ' ilaiKJ. Tim Tiicirk. Hob Viele. So ) i«n! ; ' s: .liin Ruriis, Paul Chapman. B il Harnt-lt. .loliii Dresslar. Bob Goss. Bill Kvdd. Jim Mounsey. Moon Mullen. Jim Mulv.hill. Harry Norton, Hugo 0 vai(l, Bob Randall, Ray Redman. Bi l. Smith. Tom Smith. Jack S pringgate. Uonn Thompson, Uick Trueblood. Tom Lllman. (iene Walters. Freshmen: Pete Apostolou, Charles Ballanl. Robert Barr. Hrook Biddle. Robert Brambach. Bill Carlvon. Gordon Chatterton, Mike Coles. C.)bmn Crosby. Robert Croyle. Donald Dehn. Robert Ellis, Dick Fitz- simmoiis. Bill Ciarhart. Dan (iarhart. Bill Gilbert. Robert Goldberg. Jim Greene. Bill Hagen. Dick Hagen, Jack Howard, Dave Irish, Bill Joost, Bob Lewis, Bob Martin, Pat MacNamara, Jim Mercer, Ken Moores, Sherwood Nelson, Jack Nevers, Dick Oswald, Harrv Pitzer, Fred Plath, Stan Pocock. Clint Prescott, Don Riach. Bud Shiel. Dick .Sampson. Jack Simpson. Bill Taylor. Harry Worley. (led al Jefferson College, Canonsburg, Pe 1848. Sigma Tau. 1900. 74 chapters fp f : r ' r n r M- f; e c .r p p e .e kb . W . Brinklev. Carlvon. Ciiapman. ( :batlciton. Coles. Second Row: Crosby. First ?.„(■: Mbii. i,,b,„. Ballivd. iiariiell. Barr. Bramba( b. J. Brink , „.. Croyle. D. Uebn. W . D.bii. I)re- lar. Elli . Fitzsimmori-. Calbrailb. 1). Gariiarl. V. Garharl, Garretson. Gilbert. Third Row: (ioldberg. Goss. Greene. Griffiths. R. Hagen. Howard. Hughes. Irish. Joosl. kohl-., kvdd. Lewis. Fititrlh Row: Lv rich. Martin. MacNamara. McLean. McClure, Mercer, Moores. Mounsey. Nel.-on. Norton. H. Oswald. R. Oswald. Fijlh How: K. Paulson. Koberl Punl-on. Phillips, Plath. Pocock. Prescott, Pritchard. Randall. Red- man. Riach. Rice. Sampson. Sixth Row: Seren. Shiel. Simpxm. Smilb. Spriniigatc. Sullierlaiid. Taylor. Thompson. Tuerck. Ullman. Viele. Worley. PHI KAPPA PSI I ' oHiuled at Jetler-oii Oollefic. ( ,inciii liiii 1 ' - l .inii ii IHiJ. ■W.i-hin lMn Mpli.i I ' M I. ' . I lia|,l. ' i . Faculty: Donald (.oriiii. Ilorb Dupjiins. Col. John R. Eden. 1 ' itcv Efivet. Harry .1. Mclnlyrc. ( ' Iiarles C. More. Gradiiatf. Ken Bcil. Srniors: Mi-hiii Alcxandi ' r. Morrv ccdliaiii. ( ' .liarlcs ( iltiiiir. Hud l| li Kauliaiiiii. William Lvncli. Norman ) (rland. Ken- neth Wil.-on. Walla.f Lea k. Juniurs: Jack Arndt. Kohrrt H.ll. James Covle. Kennctii Graves. Thomas Lvle. David Pollard. Kiehard Zehniser. So phomorrs: Richard Anderson. William HIecken. led Tracy. Arthur Sannielson. Marty Burkland. Wil- liam Bifieluw. James Hickev. W illiam Jackson. James LotZf; ' sell. Rohert OFarrell. David Taulson. W ilhnr Maden ald. Major Ellendahl. ' ej -.s: C.cil An.l.rson. Bernar.l Auda. B.rnard Boylan, Rolnrl Charatte. Jack Clark. Gordon (Collins. Ted Cooper, Rav (Jrick, Dick Eisinjja, John Flower. Bruce (iillespie, Ronald Gratias. Dale Gunderson, John Jones. Rov Jones. Bob Kennedy. Warren Kinzel, Edward Laduni, Ed Larseti. James Loufiwood, McDonoufih. Jack Murphy. Frank Nolan, Grant Uverby, Mauri P Ito. Kenneth Schmitki-. Milton Shiddt. Jamis Sladen. W illiam Smith. Norman Sm the. Dale Slapp. Kernieth Taylor. Otis Tohey. Arnold Wark.Ja.k W atkins, Macklin W il .n. Richard W illwer. President: Marly Burkland. I ' irsI Hnu: C. AihIitmim. R. Ancl.rMiii. Aiiidl. imoI,I. Hell. Iii};.l„u. t!l..,k.ii.l!., I a ii. Cliarellr. Secmd Row: Clark, C lIin . Coop.r. Cnvl, ' . Crirk. KMiina. Kllciidalil. - ,mrr. (;iliiiiii. (;ialia . Ihinl l „u: (iravo. (; ii ii dc r mm. . Hi(k, . JackM.ii. Jones, Kauhaneii, kin ..!, I.adiim, l.arscn. I..a k, l.(in(;«..i,d. I,(,lz!:. .ll. Iiniril, li„w: l, lc. Mad.ii»ald. M.Doni.iigli. MHaiirc. Mm|pliv. Needham, Nolan, OTarrell. Overhy, Ov.-rland, I ' aiiUon. r.-llo. I ' ilth Ron: I ' ollanl. l{(d),il . l{o ,-. Sa m ii ,• I o n . Sandclin. Savles. Sihmitkr. Sholdl. .Sladen, Smith. .Smyth, Stapp. .Srv( i Ko„: laNloi. I ' ol,. y. Tracy. Wark. I). Walking. J.Walkiris. K. Vil on. M.Wilson, Wittuer. ahniser. PHI KAPPA SIGMA Faculty: Edgar Draper. Graduate: Jim White. Seniors: John Bracken, Bob Bysoni. Dan Bysoni, Al Dorsey, Ray Hanson. Boh Johnson. Lorenz Laatz. Bill Morse, Ray Saarela. Emory Sitts. Bud Stiles. Juniors: Wally Graves, Phil Henry. Sophomores: Bill Barton. Ray Behee. Jack Corhally, Walt Echtenkamp, Paul Madison, George latthaei. Jim Owens. Jack Pryde. Pledges: George Berhanis. Roy Blackhurn. Don Bosic. Jerry Bronian. arren Brown. Elmore Buringrud, (]al Christianson, Phil Coles, John Cook. Bob Crawford. Fred Faber, Boh Fried, Bill Galbrelh, Tom Galbreth, Bill (iarland. Art Greenlee, Ed Greenlee, Jerry iladley. Floyd Halonen, Jim Hall, Elmer Harden, Adolf Kul- ihera. Jack Lee. Al Lewis. Ricky Lowe. Bob Merryman. Jim Phillips. Paul Robinson. Bill Rodel, Stan Siegenthaler, Wayne Smyth. Herb T c,ldlc. I ' .iik W ilii-. l)..i. W inker. Lorry W righl, le.i Michnik. Founded :it University of Pennsylvania, Pliiladt ' lphin, Penn sylvania in 1850. Alpha Upsilon, 1919. :i9 chapters. f ' rrsidenl: Bob nvsoni. First Row: Barton, Beehee. Bcrliaiii!-. Blacknier, Bosio, Bracken. Bronian. Brown, Bnrinpirnd. D. Bvsoni. Second Kotv: Christianson. Cook, Coleman. Coles. Corhally. Crawford, Dorsey. Fried. B. Galhetli. T. (ialhreth. Third Row: Garland. Graves, A. Greenlee, E. Greenlee. Hall, Halonen. Harden. Henry. Johnson. Knlihera. Laatz. Lowe, h ' oiirtli Row: Mad- ison. Malthaei, Merrvman. Michnick. Morse. Owens. Phillip,. Prvdi-. riflh Roir: Rol in-on. Rodel. Saarela. .Siegenthaler , Sitts. Sr.nlh. Sixth Row: Stile-. While. Willis. Wi-c. Wright. PHI KAPPA TAU Seniors: ' t Houiinl. nani l M«( ' .ail . Robert Mottiicr. Del- v II iix ak. Jaiiii ' s Teiiii lriiiaii. Joliii I jihain. Mvron Vt liitc. .Iiiiiiiiis: Harold Engiiian. Edward ( )iiiij,lt ' v. Marieii Stock. Soj)h- iiniiin-s: .lack ( larlson. Jack Ricliard ofi. !• rfshnwii : (Ft ' orfic Arm- strong];. Kayinond Blake. Waller (lliurcli. Wallace Gross. Sveii Jolinson. Donald ( Hson. Arthur Surcrisoii. John Tolnian. Alfred W ri " hl. Donahl Brain. I-miiikIcI .,1 Mi.iiiii I ni .-i--ily. Oxl,,r(l. ()lii„. in MHKi. lpli.i I ' i. I ' I2 ' ». H ,liai)lt r . I ' rvsith ' ul: AKin Hi.u ird. ' iV.s Hon: Hniiii. I!l;ik.-. ( iiKori. Cliiirrli. (;, , .. Kii;;i.iaii. Second Hole. Johnson. M.Carty. Nowuk. Molln.T. OKon. (.)iii;;l.. . Thinl H,m: Ki.liaid-oii. S,,nnvoTi. Toliiian. Innplinian. St,,, k. Whit,-. lonrlU l „n: W ri;;lll. I pnian. aCC fiAa e o coUe e ic . at n xted . . PHI SIGMA KAPPA (Graduates: Robert Biesiot, Ed Moe. Seniors: None. Juniors: Bernard Collins. Floyd Ohlsen, Alan Updike, Ted Westfall. Sophoniort ' s: Don Deeks. Norman Freese, Lowell Hatley, Dale Markliani. Bob Reeves, Joe Ribar, Lewis Roberts, Milton Wester- l)crg. FrfshniPii: Rich Dryke, Rob Dryke, Bob Fielding, Clyde ( llsen. Cecil Peterson, Pete Resoff, Bob Slager, John Toellner. Founded at Massachusetts State College. Amherst, Massachu- setts, in 1873. Lamhda Dueteron, 1923. 41 chapters. Yl " President: Norman Freese. First Roiv: Biesiot, Collins, Decks, R. Dryke, Rohert Dryke, Fielding. Second Rotv: Giovi, Hatley, Markham, Moe, Ohlsen. Olsen. Third Rotv: Peterson, Reeves, Resoff, Rihor, Roberts, Slager. Fourth Roto: Toellner, Updike, Westerherg, Westfall. PI KAPPA PHI Fmiml.-.l ;it iho Coll. . ..Mhiil. i..,, ..iilli C in.liiKi. in 190 I. l|ill;l Drll.i. I ' lJI. :;l .ll.ipirr-. FiKiilty: l)( II. MiicKiiizic. Vic SifviTlz. Seniors: Jaint ' S Chamh.r-. I ' aul Ma.-. . r.hir MrDonal.l. W alt.T Novak. Junior: Kiluani W arlrllf. Sophonions: Hiiward Forix ' s. Harold .la(( l)Mii. CMIIokI Marriott. Wayne Sniil.r. Frrshmiii: Hol.crt IJIakcwav. Mviii Krcdi-rickson. Mfrliii (iilo. Ilerlx ' rt Hanst-ii. Joliti lllias. I)oiif;las Jones. Bernard Maiikertz. Jack Morrison. Keiinitli . " liirni. Xorinan Sliirin. Holierl rripodi. irfiil Walker, riioinas Williams. 1 e ; in SeriKc: l vle Burl. Koiierl (.liarnp. Donal Distad, Hilderi I ' rv.le. Havinond Selienk. H.d.erl W artelle. 1 r .e. r 1 ' (T) f r ' I ' residem: Wiiyiie .Snider. fir.s( Row: l{l;ik.u.i . Cli.itiil,.! . I ' miIm . I r r,l,. i, k..,M. Cilr.. ihiriMMi. S,;mul Knu: lili.i-. .hicdl.Mri. .lones. Macy, Mankcrlz, McDonald. Third Row: Mirrioll, MorrlMin, N.i ak, K. .Sinrni, . .Slnrni, Trip.idi. I ' ourlh Him: W alkir, Willianis. PSI UPSILON Faciilly: Dean David l '| ii. Sviiiors: Kolicrl IJul In li.lil. riioinas Gagliardi. Joliii (iaiiil)li ' . illiaiii Moore. Josepli Moniil. joe Neil. Tom Riipp. Halpli Boekmier. Juniors: Jaek Barron, (rordoii Callow. Henry Ferriss. Robert Howell. Donald Peek. Jaek Traey. John Allen. So phomorrs: ( " aniphell Coe, Wesley Dahl. Jaek Sullivan. Peter Way. fledges: Ko-.m- Anderson. Brnee Benz. Bruee Berji. John Bolinjier. Bill Brink. Allan Browne. Larrv Carlander. Koltert Comfort. Frank Davidson. Carl Frame. Robert Harlan, Edward Howell. Vernon Keatts. Martin Kinj;. Thomas Lane. Thomas MeNerthnev. John Marshall. Cordon Maverman. Bill Ovens. Ted Parsons. James Piper. William But- ter. Norman Sehoonover. Bill Sharuion. Herb Steiner. Robert Turner. Allan Martin. I iniriil:il ul I iiidii College, Siheneclady, New York, in 18.i:( ThriM Tlieln. 1 »16. 27 chnjUer-. J " ' ? f - r ■ - 1 i ri k4 v, dii .iitM IM, l ' r, ' ' iidenl: Joe Nail. First Knii: ri,I.MM.ii. Birron. Benz, Bolin-er, Brink. l{r., vnr. Hultorliild. CmIIou. Srcml lion: Carlan- t!er. Coe. Comfort. Dalil. Davids. n. I Vrri-. 1 ram,-. Gagllardi. Thinl Row: (;amlile. Harlan, E. Ho«elL K. HovmII. kcall . Kinf:. Lane. Martyn, Mc. (Tlliin- . Mar liall. Vinirlh Ron: Maverman. Moore, Mount. Ovens, Parsons, Peck. I ' lper. lUitlir. Fi f i Run: . ' rhoonover, Sliannon. . ' ■ ' teiner. Sullivan. Tracy. Turner. ay. doca LOOO S cOia teed. act ccn SIGMA ALPHA EPSILON Kounded al (he University of Alabama, University. Alal); in 1856. Washington Alpha, I ' M) I. 113 Scnior.s: Riclianl Boriier, George Burkheiiiier. Kulurt Farlx-r. Lawrence Howard. William Klein, Dale Myers. Joliii Kanquel. Kohert Selinoor. Robert Tinini. Kirhv Torrance. Duane Trues- ilell. David Wood. Juniors: William Austin. John Carr. Paul Cressman. Reid Erickson. illiam Hardiiifr. John Hunt. Hohert Jones. Leonard Larson. Roh.rt M.(;oldrick. Cnmad M.Mahill. Carl Stinde. alla.c Siith.rlaiid. John an Hum. .S . ( i-.; i . . n : Kohert Her-eron. John Cannodv. Dale ( ;rotis,lahl. Koh.rl llev- li ' V. (jordon Isaacson, Kussell Newman. Harr Norlhru|i. Marvin Smith. Robert Van de Weteriii-;. Bruce Walker. Paul W ood. Plvdgi ' s: KIdon Anderson, George Athaiis, Edward Attebur . a DC Barrv, Hector Brown. Robert Craig. Charles Davis. Fiatik Douglas. Hohert Evans, Keith Farber, Donald (ioodson, .Ldiii (mc.ii. Jack liite. Warren Hou k. Howard Johnson. Donald Klein. Kohert Large, William McAllisl.r. KoIhtI M,( ;hcc. ( ;,rrv McManama, William Miller. Thomas Parker. Donald Kic,. W il- Ham Scholes, Robert Shoun. Hunter Sneed. James Snvder. Roli- ert Sunde. David Thompson. Robert W eiike, Harry Wilson. « _.«nVCv». pi iT f C " ' ■ ' ■ cs I ' residenl: Larry Howard, hirst Koii : iid r.Min. thaii . Aii liii. Harry, li.rniroii. liirjur. Itrown. HinlJu-im.r. Carr. Craic Sicnd Rdii: Cressman. Davis, Douglas. Erickson, K-vans, K. (;oo(ls.)n. (;rcen. (;roMMl.dil. Harding. T h i , ,1 lion: llilc. Iloiirk. Hmil. KaaiM.ri. Jones, D. Klein, W. Klein. Large, R. Larsen, I,. I.arsen. M.OI Me(;oldri,k. I-Kurlh K,.m : M.Mahi ll. MiManania. Miller. Mvers. N.unian. Norlhrnp, Parker. Kanepiel. Riee. Sehnoor. Seli(de . Shonri. ' i z i Kinv: SiiMler. C. Suiiih ' . U. .Siindc. S ii I h c r I a n d . Tinnn. Thompson, i ' or. ranee. Truesdell. an de Welering, Van Horn. .Sm7 i Koh : Walker, Weiike. W ilson. Wood, I ' . Wood. SIGMA ALPHA MU (irndiKili ' s: iclor Lyon. Max Moss. Si-niars: Holu ' ii Vxclrad. Robert Frit ' diiiaii. Saul Krakovsky. Hy Noiiictz. Herb Rosen, . aron Gorl ' kle. Juniors: Howard Gold, Sid Lockitch. Milan Neslin. Herb Newman. ( )ren Rabin, Bill Ribaek. Philip Stral- iiicr. So ihoniorfs: Hcrnard BariieU. Vi arren Barde. Isadore Bean. Bernie Blanstein. Jordon Cohen. F}eriiard Friedman. Mur- ray Goldman. Merton Goldberg, Earl Horenstein. Len Gurian. Sifrnuind Liberman. Har dd Maine. Bernard Naon. Herbert Rofi- ers. Freshmen: Robert Apte. Sonny Horenstein. Bernie Kosher, Arnold Labi))-, Irv Neusihin. Rov Shnnian. Don Sidelsky, Jerry Selnieiderinan. Rov Slolnick. Arnold Sadiek. , , , II 111.- (...Il. ' s:. ' .r the City of New York In IW). Muma Nil iliaiPtor. 192(). :! I cliMpl.-i-. t - 5» - r r fH a : . ; ' , mk ai Kv i ■HR ' 1 C r ' r W t 1 : fc _, % ki iin w wii,Si HiBni k 4 Hl l ly a s " ' ' o f lLii| » " i nk ii flii ' M- 1 mm, £[k g| f i € iL i 1 1 € ' 1 HI President: ictor Lyons, ' irsf Koic: Apte. Axelrad, Harde. Barnelt. Bran. Klaustein, B. Kriedinaii. K. I ' rit-ilnian. Second Kou: Cold, Goldman, Goldberg. (;orfkle. Gurian. Horenstein, Horenstein, Kosher. Third Row: Krakovsky. Lahhy. Liberman, Lock- itch. Maine. Moss. Naon. Nemetz. Neslin. Nensiliin. Fourth Row: Newman, Rabin, Rlliack, Rogers. Rosen, Sadiek. Fifth Row: Schneideruian. Sidelsky. Sbilnick. Stralirier. Shiiman. SIGMA CHI I 1.I..I .11 .Mi.i.iii i niversily, Oxford. Uhi.. i Lpsiloii Upsilon, 1903. Km cluipl.-r,. Faculty: Dr. Laiui- (Jo aii, Dean Vernon Mckenzie. Professor Kenneth Fierce. Leonard Stevens. Donald H. Weli-ili-r. Seniors: H..1. ]{c l. I ' .t.r Collins. Russell Fiehls. Jack Martin, .lolui Mul- luillan. .liiii ( )verlock.. Joiin Pense, Jacques Riipj). Jiiniurs: Bill |)|.ell. Faxon Carr. Boh Dolson. Bill Eilertson. Jell ' Fulton. Boh llensel. Dick Turnell. Sophomores: Randy Beard. (Conrad Carl- son. Jack Clvnch. Jack (Graham, (n-or e Jack-on. I.lo d Jonc . Tom Le.-. Roy MarNatt. Bill Ma .n. Merle Mas er. Don I ' hini- nier. Dick Poits. Rii .- Rathhoiic. Mickey Scott. Port Seihcrt. Ed Shaw, Malcolm V illesvick. Hal Zimmerman. Pli ' dgi ' s: Monty Bean. Dick Clark. Keith Colman, Hank Daudistal. Brewster Dennv. John Dohhie. John (iivans. Fred (ireaves. Richard Hart. Glenn Hathaway. Sid Howard. Don Hoyle. Shorty Johnson. Sand Johnson. Bill Kini;. Cliii Masser. Ken Martin. ince Mar- tin. Ken Nh ' Cieadv. Fes M i 1 1 ■ l t a.-d t . (;ordon (fllara. Omar (Istensoc. Boh Roman. Gill Schaller. Dale S.honeman. Bud Schwellenhach. Spud Sehwellenhach. Bill Stewart. Phil Walker. Roland Watson. Jim Wiher " ;. Marvin Munvon. hMiM Md ML. diJk4tM P 9 P President: Jim Ov.iI.m k. lirsl li.m: pp.ll. Viiu.Ul. licaii. licinl. Cul-.i,. Ci.i. Cl.i.U. Cilcnian. C.illiii.. ,Sc, ,hi, Ron: Daudistal, Denny. Di.M.ic. D.iU.mi. KII.iImh. Ii.l.l . lulton. Ciyen . (iriMv. ' s. llalhauaN. Third li „ ,v: llcuar,!. HonI,-. Jaekson, Johnson, Maillii, Maivall. M: 1. C. Ma-s.-r. M. Ma-scr. Millcl l-ourth Hou : Mulliollan. , hiii oM O ' Hara, Oslensoc. r.-n.c. I ' lnmnur. I ' ll!.. Koniaii. Hupp. Schaller. Fiflh li„w: Sehoenenian. H. S« el I e 11 ha eh. S. Swelleiihadi. Scott, Shaw, Seihert. .Stewart. Tiniiell. Siuh linn: Villesvik. Walker. al c.n. W ihor};. hnnierniaii. SIGMA NU Graduate: Boh Kidgway. Seniors: Bill Bacon, Goorgc Bartlett, Joe Cutler. Boh ( orlelt. John Galvin. Guv (irahani. Jim McCoy. F.fl Murray, Dick Owens, Howard Pclerson, Dick Pulver, Hugh Sheridan. Boh Stewart, Fred Thurmond, Harvey Tihhals. Bill Tiltoii. Juniors: John Barton. Jay Baumiiarten, Coryell Berry, Mehin Brown. Georjie Dysart. Boh Gilardi. (iordon Perkins, Dick Kohinson, Tommy Sale, Harry Shere, Art Strom. Boh W aldo. Bill X ilson. Sophomores: Jim Craig, Dan Drundieller. Stan Freeth. Cal Knudsen. Rudy Nichols. Jim Rinehart. John Wehher. Pledges: Jim Berwick. Jim Biddle. Jack Cahooii. Boh Cass. Jim Corlett. Vi avne Dunlai . Wallv Funk. Briu ' c Gordon. Carl Hagen. Don Hawes, Jack Henriot. Boh Hoilgson. Bill Hunt. Mill Kelly, George Knowles. Bruce Livingstone, Bill Lloyd, Al Luster. Jack Ma ' Donald, Jack Miner. V ih Morrow. Gil Peder- sen. Boh Roe. Ed Row, Gene Schmidt. Rod Smith. Jack Stude- hacker. Don eatcli. Frank Wehher. itoi • f .v ' flBEflMH BM 1 . •■ ■ ■■;■■■ ■ . - • o m rt ' 3 J ' w I ' duntled at Virginia Military Institute, Lexington, Virginia in 1868. Gamma Chi, 18Q6. Q7 cliapl.-rs. i ( ., I ' rf- i,t,-nl: lioli Waldo, lirsl Ri,h: Bacon. Harll.-tt. Harlon. Bamngarlen. B.rr . lier» i. k. liidill.-. l?io«n. Calioon. Cass. Second Ron: li. Corlett. J. Corlett. Craig. Culler. Drumheller. Dunlap. Dvsart, Freetli. Funk. (Ailviri. Ihirtl Ron: (iilardi. Graham, Ila- gen. Henriot, Hodgson, Hunt, Kelly. Kiiowle-. Knudsen. Livingstone. Lloyd. Luster. Fotirlh Row: Mi-Donald. Miner. Morrow. Mihol-. Owens. Pedersen. Peterson. I ' ulver. Ridgwav. Rinehart. Rohinson. Roe. Fiflh Ron: Row. Sale. Siliniidt. Shere. Sheri- dan. Smith. Stewart. Strom. Sixth Row: Tihhals. Tilton. Veateh. 1 ' . Wehher. J. ' ft ebher, Vi ilson. TAU KAPPA EPSILON Sfiiiors: (Hivcr Jit I;iiI. (iii iii Lawxm. Hiclianl IImhi. Jitniiirs: ( larfiuf Bengston. Edward Gilsoii. V illiaiii Honit% Charles Jos- liii. Vvroii Ross. Liii()sav Ruseh. Sophomores: Marion Clark. Mdcii Krven. Donalil Ilnulon. Lorcii L()f;ii ' . ( arl M i s k. i iiic n. ll).rt MorriMin. Frcshnirn: Wallace Baker. Maleoin Hlarkliall. John tiarler. Frank Cuinlto. Harry Dereiko, Roy Eade. Harve) LaBranelie. Jaek Rassniusen. Warren Seelv, William Stine. I ciiinilid (It Illinois Wesleyan University. Blooiiiin lim. Illinois in IK ' i ' l. Chi. l )2(i. :i7 cliapters. itfiiiirf ihiitiiifii c r f ' I ' residrni : l,in.|,a Kusdi. First Row: liaiker, Ben«»toii, ISIa.kliall. Cirlrr. Clark. C.umlio. .SV,„, , Hon: K.ul,-. En.n. Celson. H..»l..n. J.-rsla.l. Third Ron: LalJramhe, Lawson. I-opi.-. Mi-kini,n. M.niixni. Ka. niUMM. „„, , Ron: Koss, Se.-ly, Wilx.M. TAU PHI DELTA t ' licully I (ill II on orary ) : Bror L. Grondal. Dr. Froilerick A. aiii:aii(l. Dt-an Hugo Vk iiikoii werder, Eugene V. Zumwalt. Seniors: Charles Alexander. Plioiiias Aiier, Norman Hansen. Janii ' s llilchcoek. Kolxrl Joiits. Artluir IVdersen. Robert Rogers. Carl Seliscar. John Si)aul ling, Albert Warren. Juniors: illiani Bonnell. Peter Greenwood. Jack Mineer, Ray Alunson. No Sopli- omore or Frcslimiin iictivcs. Flcd rs: Jolin Baranoga. ietor Barr . Cordon (iravuni. Roger Kaeseinever. Robert Powell. Founded at the University of Washington in April, 192i! liy fifteen forestry students. I ' rfsiilein: James Ililchtock. lirsl Row. le aiidi-r. Haringa, Barry, Bonnell. (iraNnni. (ireen ood. Spiaiul Ruiv: Hansen. Jones. Kaes,.nn ycr. .Mineer. Muiison. I ' l-derseri. Third Him : Powell, Rogers, .Seliskar, Spauldinp. I iiiirtli Ron: Warren. THETA CHI I ' .uindi ' il ;it Norwich University, orllltil■l(l. ci iiioiil in li;:)(). Alpha RIki. li»2S. (ill ihapl.-r . Gr(uhi(ili ' s: Kirk Kowlaiids. Doiif;las Urquliart. Seniors: Douglas Banksoii. Fred Becker. R l)ert Bennett. James Frits. Warren Hailgren. Frank Hart, (jlenn Jones. Rol)ert Lechiier. Dean Mc- Kay. Donald McNeil. James ,Mosse. illiam Siromme. Juniors: iiliam Baillie. James DeParlee. Huhert Eriikson. Larry Evens. Hoiiert llo. lv. H,.lMrl Ilollman. M JanMii. W a ne Luders. Wil- liam Moot .. John Naramore. Webster Smallev. Barr Kogers. Si i hi)nii r -s: Murray Haskell. Jerry Luther. William Miller, James . a h. W al.len ' Redhead. William Terry. William Varus, D.m-las White. I ' lrtlfirs: Fre.l Backlund. William Bain. Edward Mannerman. W iiliam Boutin. Richard Becktold. W iiliam Burk- IkikIi. John Condon. Jerrv Corkrum. Donald ( ' ,o . H(d(crl Chad- ui.k. BoJMrl Dallon. W alter DeLon-. Leslie Eathorn.-. B.rl Fish- hack. Ralph File. I ' aul (;lenn. Tom (iodlrey. (;ene Halsey. W ard Hull. Josiph James. Tlior Johnson. Kletch Karrow. John Leui- ieux. W iiliam Leek. Al Liddle. Arthur McCartv. W iiliam Morris. Douglas MetcaM. W iiliam els,.n. W iiliam Noland, James Put- nam. Donald Stark. Jack Rusiimore. Jack an (jaskan. Bill W hitocl. Boh (;alla " her. W iiliam est. - i (T) iF 4F t " f ,r ' fH: f„ p ( Ch fj " C f ' iff: -m ' - r I? ti) f. ,., f: f: p- f : G f 1 r: r r |t f:: I ' resiilvnl: Deuii McKav. iirsl H,m : MaiUliiiMJ. IJailiir. liaiii. l!allU ..rl. liaiinn i.i.iri. i;,-.k,,. It.ini.n. I!..iiliii. ( :lia,l« iris. Cmuhin. S,;,mil Row: Corkriim, Cox. IJailon. Dil.i.iif:. Dcl ' arlir. Kalhornr. Kritksoii. Kvaii-. Ii hlia(k. lili-. ilitnl How: l ' ril . (;allaj;hor. CU-iiii. (;,Hllr. . Hallgren, Halsey, Hart. Ha Urll. Iloltniaii. Mull. James. Fourlli li, w: Jaiisiii. .loliri-on. Joiie-. Lerhiier. I.eek. I.en.ieiix. Kiddle. Luders, Luther. Me(:arl , Met.all. Miller. 1 1 How: Moolz. Morris. Mors, ' , ar .•. Na h. ,• „n. Noland. I ' iilii;nii. Hedlie.,,1. Hofiers. Ro»Iand . Hiishiiiore. Sixth Kow: Smallev. Slark. Slr.m.ine, T.rrv, Van Casken. arns, W e.l. While. Wliile-el. o Cft, kioKaecC ta tunxt xm otAcn. t . . THETA DELTA CHI Spiiiors: .laiin ' . Housluii. Joscpli Kli ' ikaiii]i. A. W eslev Tlioin|)- soii. J II n i (irs: Jaiin-s Brown. Harold Hilton. Kdu in Howard. Howard Lifihtle. Sophomores: Charles CanI it-Id. K. Frank Klar- ich. [rvinp Lowell. P cf es: Harold Bnrns. Thomas Evans. W illiain Foil. Donald (.lascock. Donal.l Codar. Koycc Hendrick- son. Mitchell kuljis. Anf;iist Mardesich, Joseph Mardesieli. H d)- ert Minto, (rriffith Nordlin " :. Artluir Werrv, James Voodle . ) J- " ; i SB ■frii« ' 1 i j2a l .umk ' d at Union Collogr. Nrw ,nk. in 1H17 Caninia I ' i. I ' XKj. 2H cliaplfiv. rN I ' rr.i,l,;ir. Kiluiri II. mini. Iir.l li„ii: Itiuuii. Mniii-. Caiiii. ' lii. Kxaii-. I li-niiii, k ..n. llc,n-t..M. S,;„„(l K.-i. : Klaricli. Klfi.amp. Kulji , Li htl.-. Imu.II. a. .Mai(lc. icl.. Third Hon: J. MardcsiLJi, Minio, iNordlinj;, Thonipson. louilli Hon: II rrry, Woodlvy. (4A t tn itm Aaoi i aext cfe vt. . . ;4U THETA XI Foiinded at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institnte. Troy. New ork. in 1864. Upsilon. 191(i. i ' l rlKi|ii.r . Faculty: Gcorjie E. Goodspecd. Irviii Hoff. RoliiMt . O ' Brien. Edtiioiid F. Spellacy. Brents Stirling. Sriiiors: .|(»(|p|i Biaiidin. I.oiiis Bnclian. Paul Haines. Jim Zeigler. Juniors: ISoli ISraekeii. Kay Broiifiliton. Vie Carrol. Roger Dahl. Len Jo1iiim ii. Boh Slo- enin. Don Smith. Dean Verretto. Jack Wagner. Bill ard. Sopho- ni ir ' s: Ted Corning. Keith Harden, Warren Johnson. Don Limd- i)erg. Dick Margraf. Frank Onaekenhush, Boh S|iahr. Frt ' shnion: Gordon Allen. Boh Banister. Jim Elsea. B.d) Khni. W arnii Lay. Charles I ' aiker. M.k Scddano. Rodney Staah. Dave Suart. John Triihan. Don elliom tie. Donjilas Zalin. O ITl MMlh Prosithnl: Joseph licaiKlin. In si Hon: Harniistcr. liraiUcii. Hi i.ii(;hluii. Carrol. Corning. Dahl, »...), Hon : l .uu, . Join Lay, Onaekenhush. Slocuin, Smilh. Tlur,l H«w: .S.l.lano. Spalir. Staah. Ward. W clhorric. ..,,r , , ' ,., : aim. Zeijilc de ien Xe(xf avia(€( ecC c ite % Mt . . . ZETA BETA TAU t ' aciilly: ,losi-|ili Colicri. Crndnulc: Loo Kaskiii. Srniors: Dim Lew. Burton H( l)l)in . IMiillip Kcssler. Juniors: Leu Kilfuherg, Marlowe Goldsby. Herbert Lipinaii, Pliillij) Robinson. Nort Shaeffer. Henrv Schwartz. SophoniDres: Mayer Baron. Norton Helasto. KoI)ert Borisb. Ricbard Biirnette. Rodney ' oben. Don- ald Hocliberj;. Herbert Ha.nniersKiutib. Bill Martin. Bill Rosen- crantz. oel S ' ieol. Frrshnicii : Ted Barde. Dan Barisb. Hubert B. Cohan. Louis Friedman. Jerry Gronfein. Bernard Grief. Dave llornstien. Elibu Hurwitz. George Kieter. Ray La -binan. Henry Oseran. George Riekles. Eugene Robbins. Claire D. Silver, ( )rley Solomon, Stan Stamm, Irv Tobin, Len Wasserman, Bert Walters. Foiiiulrd ;il Columhia Universily. Nfw York, Alpha Ma. 1 )22. :12 chaiilo.-. l iJ ii dbmM President: Burton Roliliins. First Row: Barde, Bari li. Baron. Brlasco. BiirncU. (: ilian. Cohen. Friedman. Serond Roic: Goldshy. Grief, Gronfein. Hanimer..ih)ugh. Hornslein. Hurwitz. Keiler, Lipman. Third Row: Marlin. Myland, Oseran. Raskin. Ressh-r. Rickles, E. Rohhin.s, Rol)inson. Fourth Row: Rosencrantz, Schwartz, Seicol, Solomon, Stamm, Tobin. Fifth Row: Wasserman, Wallers. , , . %ecMc M (Me (fe vi z % cic vd(f-ia(AecC ZETA PSI Seniors: Cyrus Hoizlicifi. Mark McCorklc. Juniors: Jerrv Andrews. Frank Dupar. Arlliur Muj;;;. Harrv Fatton, Kit-hard Pi-rry. (ialc Pfterson. Clayton Poole. Rohert Rogers. Al Rotli. Hen Sniilh. Sophonion-s: Bill Bergren, Peter Bush, Allen Cod- ling. Pierre Dow. (iary pAans. Frpshnicn: Duane Anderson. IJon Baer. Fran is Barrett. Vt allaee Bayne. Joseph Beall. Robert Brown. Terrance Burke, Don Codling. Craig Crawford, (rlen (h.H. Fred Hahn. Charles Haines. David llawkes. Jack Hope. Hal l.ightle. Don Manning. Al MeNictdl. Ilerhert Ouinn. L. Seliu iehert. John Iranlow. Iiarik man. Founcl.Ml ;il ,» York UniN,i il . N. ' w York in UU7 I ' hi l.ailllKhl. l ' »2(l. I ' l cllMpl.T . V -• p a e £ p p p r» If-) Prvskleni: Frank Diipar. ' ( ( Row: Baer, Uarrell, Bayn. Ueall. H.-rjircn. Brown. Burke. Itu li. Scaiid Hmt : A. tloillini;, I). Codlinp, Crawford. Dow. Evans. Goff, Hahn, Hain.-s. ThinI ?»»■: Hofilicrs. Hop,-. Manniii}:. McCorkl.-. McNii-olK Mugg, Nich- oIm.ii. I ' alion. roiirlh Kiiw: i ' cirrv, IVter.-on, Pool. ' , Oninn. Rotli. Siliu irli.-rl, nilli lion: Siiiilli. Tranloii. niaii. TIME OUT Top Rnu: Miliary I |i-. campus (laK- center . . . Joe Collepc fooiballcrs Dick Walsoii. Boli llixmaii. and Jerry Austin startei ' a short-tie fad to ivo the illusion of longer sliirl-tails. liolliin lion: llcl. ' n (;ay anil Kay I ' onieroy uilli Clark hall ci.kc ilalc . . . Iloniecoinins; Queen Carol Jaliiis haniliincer-anil-eiikiii;:. TIME OUT •„ - A ' .. , : .1.1. k (;nri, :, l.r;il. Mil HcM.i ik.t hi- 1 k . . . III. ' (I I ' ' - and li..ii-r iicr. Ml;-. Mar luill. in a It-a Mriic. It„ll„i,i «.. .: Kappa- lak. ' iIu- kililicn. Mike Cknk. and Mars Mar Sniilli. .Iii. ' l ...ok- an.l l.ollh-ua-li.M- . . . Harliara Sii ' f; niakinji c.-nn ' I i.--. 311 oAm aufr AUSTIN HALL . ain. l for n..-,Hi l-.ii.ella Au-tin. ,nuj .il tlir lii-l ,},: at the Uiiiver ilv. 19(17-1915. Seniors: I.iicile Brooksbaiik. Patiiciii (Irowliy. Kliaiior Kldcr. RosiMiuity (iraliam. Bfr j;itte Hanson, llcl.ii Ma.- Ilalclui. Helen K. H()iiilie k. Sliirley Hoir. ]atlierine Hutehiii s. Katlierine Lar- son. Marian Miirfin. Klizaljeth Powers. Allys Koliinson. Betsy Smith. Juniors: i ornia Adams. Betty Dresler. Helen Brewer. Doris Brown. Noreen (]lark. Alarjorie Cievenfjer. Jerry Loii Cau- tis. Janet Flint. Betty (iriiiher. Riitli Haiiawall. Aajiol JeiiMii. Mary Frames Jolin-un. Mareia Jean Jones. Mariloti Kolilir. Syl- via Laiifiilon. Lillian I ' akar. Fleanor Rin . vonne Selile. Loiii«e Stalil. Marv Snransky. Mary Merner. So phomorrs : Sylha Lee Adams. Jean Birley. Rowena Brotherton. Aniielina Brown. Mar- guerite ;iaii . Helen C.ian. Marv Loii C.rawlord. Bettv (iilirinfier. .T. Ma in,- Cii-M.M. Kmilir (;ral. I.Mnaiiu- ll.ndi-ick.oM. W iniirr,! Ma . Ji-n- .Metlieiiy. Jfaiiiw l IiM|iliy. Dorctliv .Siifllinan. Jiiaii SliTii-ll. -Margaret Sldit-N. Freshmen: Jovre AiHltrxin. Marjorie Baiigt-rt. lran e Hi-iimiii. Mai(;arel Brickell. Helen Clevelaiiil. kalhle.-n Dooley. Ruth JacohxM.. Julia Jai.irki, Shirley Jewell. (Jeraldiue Kemp. Jean Kirkwood, Marjorie Louderniilch. Peggy ' MeCornii.h. I ' alriria M, D.nvell. Helen MiGoldrick. Mary Ann Mc- Guinne s. Fhyl!i Malnigren. Belly Merner, Jacqueline Ponlious. Margaret Powlen, E.-ther Selke, Rima Smith. I ' resideni: l!„ emarv Craliam. lirsl ««,. : iider ,,ii. Bangerl. Bir ■ . BriekrII. Br....k lpank. Bn,« ii. Clexiiiger. Cran. Ci.iul.ird. Crow h ' . »,,»(, K„ : Curli-. KIder. !• lint, (i.-rhring. r. ;irM n. ( irulier. liaiiaxvah. Ilari eii. llaliher. llriirickM.n. Iliir,! ' ..,.: IlornI.e.k. Ilorr. Ilul.hings. Jacohe .n. Jen eri. JewelL !. Johns,,,,. M. Johnson. Jo,,..,. Kem|.. Kohler. lang.le. r, „rlh H„u: Loudermilrh, Malmgren. McCiui iies-. Mercer. Merner. Melheii). Murii,,. I ' akar. lillh l{„i, : i ' onliu-. I ovser . King. Hol.ii,-o„. Selke, Smith. Sixth Koii: Slahl. Sterretl. Slorcy. Siira,i k . " Dec. 7 e Zfta ' Wamett ' TH cut TiJand BLAINE HALL Si ' iiiiiis: hlli iilii ' lli Hiowii. ISciiiiic ( ; ilil oi I li . K;i liriiiian. Viliiif Jolinsoii. Marjoric M a r i iia kiis. Sliirh ' v I ' clly. Juniors: Mitiiic Daiiloilli. AnilxT Kuslis. Nallialii ' (Jasloii. Miiiaiii (Jeis- I ikIoiIci. fiii Ualcli. (irace Julinsoii. l.yii.tlf Kint;. F ' j; Klas- xll. Watiila Lofiaii. Patly Lowiliii. Mary LiiikI. Anna McComicll. Kiitli McNaiy. Amialit ' l I ' osl. Ann Key iiolil.-i. . lean liicli. Kiilli Sclnvaiike. Sylvia Svorini ' li. ir !:inia Sii iii nicrson, Ann Tfrk. Kulli an Lifw. Sophomori ' s: Virfiinia Anderson. Kditli Anton- ' en. Sliirltv HIckkink. Ri rnadiiif Bnck. Marjory ( ' .a I . I)oi-otli Carter. Harl.ara Doin.-. D.lores Havaline. Harriet Hills. IMivlli .loiinson. Doris Kinil .en. Lyndell Ludwi . EUenor (,)nelil. l)ori Hifiast. juih Sliride. Harriet Stinson. ir{;itiia liiteond). Hev rlv Zapp. h ' rcshnifii: (iloria Adams. Patricia Anderson. Anette Ar- per. Jean Bri hani. Marjiaret Couse, Lueille Enf;shretson. June (iaie. Ajrnes Hede. Elaine Jensen, Evva Johnson. Bettv Lebns. Doinia Seliniann. ' ettie Lloyd. Ann Alarinakos. Betty Sliteliell. Callieiirie Moon. Pal Moyer. Pat Oshorne. Mar;zarel Periinfj;er. Barbara Kieddel. Marjorie Smith. Jean Snnnnerson. Patrieia See- haler. Lois Tnssler. Edith Wolk. Helen Wahrgren. Barhara Webb, larilvn W eide. Nona A ost. Nnmed for Calhcriiio J. Blaine who came to Seallle in Ili53. First woman school teacher in Seallle. President: Marjori.- hiiiiuiUo-. rs li,,„: ii,l,i -.,ii. Viper. Itii;:h;nn. liiirk. Carter. Daiiforlh. F.n f! s 1. rcl . o n . S,;;„i,l Rnur. Eii li-. (;al.-. Ilal,h. lie,!,-. .|,ii.,m. . .|..1iii-,,m. E. .|..hii (;. .|.,lni-..ri. Thiril Hini: Kint;. Kiintzcn. r..-lini;nin. Mo (l. I.nii- wip, McConncll. Mil, hell. Moon. Mover. ..„; , I ,,i,: I ' ellv. l ' o l. Oiielil. Ke ri..l(l.. Rif:a l. Slini-oii. Fifth l , H : Sinnmer-on. Terk. Volk, Wehli. Whitcomh. cd uced CiAOtfUf ta coect cxt t ctcnm LEARy HALL ;iiiic(I lor Eliza IVrry Leary. ihiiii;luiT nl li, i i,-n ih.r (... ornor. Acihe in D. A.R.. Ri.l ( (., . W (mu.mV (:Iii1, . Seniors: Bettv Bleicher, Mary Frances Borden. Elizabeth Edson. Dorothy Glassberj;. Gloria Minter. Mina Taylor. Juniors: Pe ;i;y Bailey. Ahjxine Carr. Patty Dyal. Dorothy Fuller. Martha (ira- hani. Joan Harfiis. Helen Howard. Eileen Jewell, (ieraldine John- son. Rita Kirehner. Erina Knapjt. Julia Ann MaeDonalil. Ruth Peterson. Frances Ramsey. Louise Reeil. Marf;aret Poore. Jean Sarver. Dolores Spohn, Lenore Talley. Alice Turner. Charlotte ilson. Sophomores: Pefigy Alexander. Marjorie Bruehet. Mil- dred Carr. Jane Clark. Helen Dietz. Roma Elmore. Elizabeth Esehelman. Lucille Fitzer. Phvllis Gunn. h r aret Harrinjilon. Pat Hornall. Eufrenia Howson. Betty Jean Jameson. Floy J ' ffers. (Jloria Jobnxin. Eufienia Little. Erna Lonj;. Mary MacDaniel. Jean Mc au;;blou. Roberta Pufisley. Adri.Mie Reed. Eleanor Rosa. Joyce Rons. era Sawins. Gail Seablooin. Jeanne Shere. Ma- vis Slettebo. Barbara Snider. Lvnn Thode. Ina Tokola. (iuinevere Folev. Fri ' shnu ' ii : _Mar £aret Boettcher. Lilvan Erickson. p]liza- beth Fallis. Lola Mae Johnson. Mar ;aret Kasper. Ruth Lee. Col- leen Mahan. Elizabeth Pearson, Mary Ellen Pyle. Helen Richard- son. Merle Sisson. Claire V aljiren. Bettv ilson. President: Eil.-.n .Iru.ll. I irst ' ,., : l, ,iri(lrr. Iil,i,li,i. Hnnl.ii. 1)1. i . Kl r,-. I.. I. v. II .1 r i i ii I o i, . Il,,rri.ill. S,,,„ul R„„ : Ilowxm, JaiiU ' si.ri. Cloria John Cum ,|,,lni-Mn. I...l,i M.i, ' .|,,lin-un. K.i.|.,r. Kii. Imhi. Kna|.|i. Thiiil l .,„ : .v. Minlrr. IVli-r- son, I ' ujisley, Pylf. RaniM-y. Ross, Sauin-. I ,mrlli ' ,„ : S,mI.I....mi. Slier... M.MI. Ii... Siinl.r. ,( , l „„ : Tall.- . W ai.mvn. mout Caten., ta Aai kne- icc cadets McKEE HALL drdduatc: Lois Hawthornt ' . St ' uiors: Cleo Cartier. Kiidora Evans. Marv Ellen Eorlian. Kiihy Gauthitr, Betty Jean Hatrli. Barbara Hoffman. Iniojiene Horsley. Fern Hniifierford. (iraee Jack. Kulh Jack. Marv Janet Jolly. Elinira Jane Kalalian. J«-an Laughlin. Lois Lealiev. Jane Lund. Jean MeCutelieun. Marjiaret MeDonald. Eunice Nelson. Geraldine Melienke. imi IMiiilips. I ' aliicia Shan- non. Juniors: Doris Andersttn. Mary Earr. Jule Marty. Helen Ji ' an Preston. Pauline Robertson. Siiirley ' I ' i ' wtdl. Sophomorrs: Marcia Barclav. Enid Brix. Christine Crowley. Mary Jane Dyar. Eda May Gilbert. Ruth Goclirs. Marjorie Hart. Pal Hawthorne. Bernice Jack. Josepiiine Kleiner. Mary Jane Meredith. Marjean Morjian, Marv Ellen Oyster. lary Province. Mitzi Schniitz. Peggy Steph- ens. Helen Te«ell. Betty Jo ' aiiHoose. Freshmen: June Anderson. Palricia Cowan. .Marf;arel Dawes. Eva I.ou Dunn. Alice Edwards. Palricia Filer. Au- drey Frechin. Heltiniae (;iln. . Eileen Gorlon. Miriam Goltstein. Patricia Hir ' sdi. Louise Hi lni. Corinne Jariikow ki. Jac(|uline Jardin. Dorotli Jen- ninjis. irginia Jeiniinps. Irene Lapliani. udrienne Farsoii. Marllia Fudwij;. Edilli Meade. Sliirlev Mun{:er. Hernadine Nelson. Harriel Nelson. Isabel Par- son . Palricia Poueli. Shirley Sani-on. Jane Silxerniaii. Nancy Sniilli. Lor- raine Suldan. Mar Elizalielli Swartz. Alice alker. Diana W liite. ¥, lis Nann ' d tor Rnlli Karr McKe.-. first «,nnan oC the I!(k of Ke ent-. Mrndiers of Phi Beta kappa. U. .if W . ra.lualc I ' lrsiilrnl: Jean l,an;:hiin. I- irsi H„ii : D. Anderson. J. Anderscni. Barclay. Brix, Carlier. Couan. Crowley. I)awe . .Se ,;i Hon: Dvar. Edwards. Farr. Filer. Forhan. Frechin. (;aulhier. Gilno. Tliinl Rotv: Gorton, fiollstein. Hart. Hirsch. Hoffman. Hunger- ford, G. Jack. R. Jack. Jardin. Jenninjis. Fnurlh Ron: V. Jenniufts. Kaiahan, Larson, Ludwip, Laund, McDonald. Mor);an. Mun- gcr, Nelson. Niehenke. liflh Hon: Ox-ler. Parson-. Phillips. Powell. Shanin.n. Silverman. Stephen-. Tew.-ll. Walker. While. Mdavi became nnac STUDENTS COOPERATIVE ASSOCIATION I ' lirpox-: To |)n i(lc through coopcratixc li iii i mean? for collc; ! ' iii(lcMt lo !c t ' h)|» their iiitellei ' iiial and o ' ial ( ' a|)a( ' itie8 t(. the fullest extent. HOI SK Ol IICERS: SHERWOOD HOUSE Orrel Riffc. Presirlenl. Pillricia lri h. Sfcrt ' lftry ' Trrdsiirrr. SVNADELPHIC HOISE Nettie Je;in Ross, I ' ri ' siilfiil. Margaret l_)yar. Si creliir}-Trc i: iiri ' r. MACGREGOR HOUSE ■« illiani Tyler. Prpsideiil. Norman Nelson. Sern ' tiiry-Tmi. ' iuier. ROI ' CRE HOUSE (larllon Appelo. Prefiilrnl. Roliirl Poole. J ice-Presi I, ' nl. Don ( liri-tolerson. Sccn ' Hirs -Treasurer. Prrsiilenr. Robert Scott: I h: iiliiir Prinsl. ' : Seirelin Corirail: Hoard ,. Din Ion pp.lo. Wayne Brunilia. Ilaiiser. Marieni Mnrlin. rll Orrel Riffe. Nellie Jean 1! . Scoll. Carl SuenscMi; Advisory W. Den-more. ernon Doison. JKiner. llanU Warner. ■ ' ■Presidt ' itl : •Treasurer : nor-: Carl. ■h. Ri.har.l inr I ' rind.-. ..-. K,,lorl Board II. E. R. I!. MM. First Row: Appelo. lieatlie. Rjorkcpiisl. Hobo. ISrnnil.acli. Hurn. Se, „„, lion: Callow. Cameron. Dniiels, Dartiiell. Dean. Dyar. Third Rou: i:riek on. Korein in. ( imi ions-(M.. Join-s. I.oltes. ,mf7 i -MrEaiiplilin, MeOmber. Marl. ' Il. Miller. Morello. MnllineaMN. Tiilh Row: Murfin. Nelson. Oleson. Park- liiirsl. Petersen. Riffe. .S a7 , Row: Hiplev. Ros.. RuimI. Sii-tad. SNsenson, Tb.)rson. .Serenf . Row: Varlev, Vereoe. Vanile Ver,-. Walls. Wiriea::er, Ze-endi-r. 320 ROFCRE Gra(hiiilc: Jaiiu ' s (iarrison. Scniora: Carlton Appello. Ki)iial l Beattie, Ronald Dartnell. Donald Doan. Richard Houser. Mason Joneii. Rifliard Lottes. Frank Tfrrall. Juniors: Howard Grim. Donald l,of(|nist. Randolph Preston. Alvin Sacks. Marion V il- soii. Gi ' orjic inkcls. Sophomorrs: Warner Bollnian. Howard Brown. Don Clirislofferson. Raymond Dahl. F ' orrost Foster. Joe Gilbert. Joseph Johnson. Dean Kirkpatrick. Warren Moore. rllnir Morlensen. Robert Orrfelt. Dean Palmer. Robert Poole, William Shi|inian. Carl Swenson. FrcshnK ' ii: (itirdon Baker. Frank Bedford. John Collins. Robert Connelly. Raymond Doan, Alwyn Frickson. Fldoii Hall. Robert Heg. Richard Hessert. Robert Kelton. Dayid Kilbonrn. Henry Koetje. Kenneth Kolb. Alan Kinder. Maxwell Lakin. l oren Lan] here. Gordon Lecair, Arthnr Lon-. ' . Chadwick Miller. Robert Miller. Dnane Norgren. W illiam Osbrink. Phil Palmer. alt.r Ruef. Robert Sinex. Rob- ert Towne. Harold ebster. Keniulli W heeler. Vi illiam oun . ROFt:RE hoiiM ' i one ol ih.. lour ,,„ ,„■) miIm-In rii. houses on llif rMinpii-. 9 r r iSi. l ' rf-tit.;it: Don D.-an. lirst Row: App.-lo. Itnktr. Hollnuin. i!,,ll..r,l. l!io«n. Collins, Connalh. .St ' KOi, Row: Ualil. D.uhuill. Doan. Erickson. I ' osler. Garrison. (JilliiTt. Third Row: (Jrim. Hall. Houser, Ileg, Hesserl. J ohnson, Jones. Kilbourn, Kin Icr. Fourlh Row: Kirkpatrirk. Koelje. Kolh. Kiltoii. I.akin. l.aiipliiT ' ' . Lerair, Little, Lonp;. Fifth Row: Lotles. R. Miller, C. Miller. D. Miller. Moore. Morlensen. Norcren. Orf.ll. (»-l,rink. Sixth Row: Poole, Preston. Riief. Sarks. Sliullz. Shipnian. Sinex. .Swcn- -oii. Terrall. Sinrnth Row: Towne. W eh-hr. W lie.ln. WIImoi. W inkles. " ! INTERNATIONAL HOUSE Established at the Uiiiversit d W ill September 1912. Director: Doaii Lcepcr. Fr ' sidi ' nt : Ht " iir riii)mi)S()ii. Graduates: Sfifiio Acfua. Francis Fisher. Frank Norris. Sam Rothstein. David Tsf. Dean I.ceper, William Markrich. Seniors: Robin Drake. Jack Diiilcli. David Rubinstein. Juniors: (herald Guggen- heim. Andrexs Hansen. Peter Powlison. Robert Simjison. Henrv rh iin|isiin. Hohert Walker. Rov ' i. Soi)homores: William Hamilton. ,l din .Ioiks. Jack Newcomer, Rudolph Scliag. Rill Slaeev. Louis Stewart. Albert Straiten. Robert Toinkins. Fresh- nwn: keilb Anderson, Eduardo Galas, John De Guair, Denzel (;al an. Jack Hipwell, Jack Jorgensen, Lorenz Kumeilike, Ming Mar. Julius Sathre. DeiHiie Sullivan. David alker. (Tj C ' - h }M i . k mM ffl ' % r g - ' Wl ' J |I rf L «, :- h ' f - JlkM M President: Hem Hamilton, Han» Sthag, Simpson. Leeper. Markrii y Thompson. First Hoiv: Acena, Anderson, Calas. He Criiair. Diiihli. I i»lnr. (ialycan. (iuggenlieini. Sfcniid Hon-: pn. Hipwell, Jones, Jorgensen, Kumeilike, Mar. I e ( ciiii.r. Third Hon: Norii . I ' owlison. Rothstein. Sathre. .Sia.ey, . ' tevvarl. F.„irll, Row: Straiten. Sulli%aii. Toiiipkin-. I ' m ' . 1). W alker. 1!. W alker. w z i Ho„: i|i. Oniig. HARBORVIEW HALL First Roiv: Summer- son. Briin . Giblin. Fitscher. H:Hi! eii, 8pc- ond Rote: Kennedy. Loomis, Mitldlflfin. Stein, Youne. Founded at Harhorview Hall — 1931. ' " to promote self-j;o ernineiit. soeial developinenl and good lellow- •ship among student nurses at Harhorview Hos[)ital. " Presidetil : (l;iroline Siimmerson ; I ' ice-Presidetit : Jean Hanf ord ; Secretary-Treasurer: Ruby Kanyer. Faculty: Helen Blaekman. Esther Bovier. Jean Boyle, Clara By- ington. Marie Forman, Viola Hejtmanek. Katherine Hoffman, Elida Larson, Dorothy Mudgett, Evelyn Shattutk, Harriet H. Smith. Mary Ossinger Tsrhudin, Solvieg Odde. Post-Gradunte Supervisory Students: Edith Dahlke, Mary Harju, Evalyn Johnson, Florence Sandberg, Armetisa Sigler, Norma Peterson. Kathleen Boeltrher, Roseanne Gray. Marian Livland, Vera E. Campion, Mary F. Damon, Geraldine Smith, Betty Lou Freeman. Seniors: Barbara Beeler. Violet Bruns, June Lumsden Colby, Eliz- abeth Bales Compton, Virginia Donnell, Grace Adele Downie, Mildred Compton Fogarty. Wilhelmina Germann, Elizabeth Giblin, Margaret Gray. Mary Harris Fischer. Jean Hanford. Laura Hansen, Rita Hanzel. Mary C. Jones, Jean Kennedy, Marjorie Kingman, Patricia Lorenzen Loomis, Amalia Ma as sen, Patricia Menalia, Shirley Middleton. Lorene Petty. Helen Perkins, Margaret Rees, Maxine John on Rustuen, Frances Stein, Caroline Summerson. - Hilda Swanson. Enid Swanson, Eleanor Newbill Thorson, Alice Johnson Whilley, Mary Louise Wright, Jean Morrill Young. Juniors: Lucille Marie Anderson, Lorraine Barkost. Pauline Blan- chard, Rosemary Bowie, PeggyAnn Bowers, Virginia Cauthorn, Betty Collyer, Isabel Cook, Barbara Cornell, Patricia Collins, Ruth Danielson, Edith Davey. Gwen Dick, Jean Douglass, Susan Ehr- hardt. Mama Ellsperman, Betty Foster, Sylvia Berg Drowley, Gladys Harvey Frost, Eleanor Godfrey, Barbara Gove, Margery Gealt, Marjorie Graham, Florence (Jray, Margaret Hope, Wilda House, Jean Hitchman, Barbara Hubley, Patricia Kane, Ruby Kan- yer, Mollie Kelly, Alice Kinsman, Jean Leipper, Norma Loyacon, Ruth Lundc|uist. Ann I ustig, Margaret McDonald, Josephine Monk Harbert, Betty Morgenthaler. Lyla Peck Milroy, Ruth Pell, Mary Jane Phillips, Barbara Rabb, Irene Read, Muriel Ream, Wilma Ridge, Betle Roberts. Janet Ross. Harriet Richards, Mary E. Russell, Belly Lloyd Smaby, Ardis Stewart, Jane Spratt, Mary Jane Tooker, Rose Touriel. Pre-Clinical Students: Virginia Anderson, Edith Antonson, Max- ine Carr, Jane Clark. Elizabeth Eshelman, Lucille Fetzer. Nathalie Gaston, Doris Knutzen, Erna Long, Maryjane Meredith, Mary Ellen Oyster, Harriet Stinson, Alice Turner. NEWMAN HALL Absher, Grady, O ' Hare, Perniconi, Redfield, Simonetti, Thompson President: Pauline O ' Har e; Vice-President: Hazel Simonetti; Sec- retary-Treasurer: Nora Perniconi; Standards Chairman: Dori ' Crim; Social Chnirmun: Kay Grady. Graduates: Ethel Method. Ethel Muggli. Seniors: Doris Crim, Kay Grady, Nora Perniconi. Juniors: Mae Cully. Pauline O ' Hare, Vivi- cnTie Rcilfi -ld. Sophomore: Hazel Simonelli. Freshmen: Patricia b-lirr. Dorothy Thompson. OUR DAYS To ) Icfl « ■ find |p; ( .miI- ( ImI Ii.i in. ' Mill Durolliv Hardciiian ami Mancria (iimiu r fxcttin; in a lillli- |ni ' -liaivi lin;; | ia(li(c lOllowiii;: an rKiiUK run III of need for tiiil ' nls lo av ' strinj l)ian croii in early fall. , ■ . sfcontl (loicii — Maxino Conl and llarric Thomas .■(■statiially daiifili ' feet in Iro-li I ' oik diiriii;; campus heat spoil. .(• . third doini — Mavis ( ' orkt-ry and l)oroth Ktiud collect dimes for Red Cross. aitinj; line. id ' men collect kisses for said dimes. Business booms Li ' ji. bottom — Coeds iel tips on wlieres and wliv lores of SI ' AR.S followin i one of " W oni.n Only ' niililary assemblies in hicll W A ACS WAVES l ' RS and Ladv Marines were presented. Coas l.uard lianil in back ;round. Rifihi. o i — Phi Delt Forrest Goodfellow display riiarins in campus queen take-off at I SC hasketbal ralK. And sucli cbarmin;; cbarnisl Hiflhl. bottom — M(d) scene durinj; last rc islratioi i . DonI let all llie men in ibe |iiiluve f Scn Accc oHon tic S25 MORTAR BOARD Tilt ' | iii|ii( f (if Mortar Board is to proN idc for the cooperation between societie.-. to promote college loyalty, to athance the |)irit of ser ice and ftdlo v lii|) anionj; iini ersity women, to maintain a hijih standard of sehol- ar hip. to reeojinize and enconrage ieader hi|). and to stimulate and de- velop a finer t pe of college woman. The object is service, scholarship and leadership. I ' ri ' sidi ' nl: Constance Carolyn Halliday; J ' ice- ' resident: Mary Helen Birehfield; Secretary: Kiancella Bryant; Treasurer: Marieni Murfin. Memhvrs: Mary Helen Birihfield, Francella l!r ant. Katliryn Chittenden, Betty Lee Conner, Jane Criddle. ( ' ,on lan.■e Halliday. Ruth Adele Hedgcock, Barbara Holmes. Janet Jacobsen. Jean McKinney. Mariem Murfin. Margaret Ostrander. Rnlh I ' lill.n. Jojn Hallon Ridgway. Charlotte Ann Tilo l|i on. Jerrie WOII. I ' resident: Con-lance Halliday. •! ( Row: Birehfield. Bryant. Second Kou: Chillenden. Conner. Third Row: ( riihlh ' . lledgrock. Holmes. Jaeohseii. Fourth Row: McKiinii ' V, Murtin, Ostrander, I ' nilen. Fijlh Roic: Ridgway. Thompson, Wolf. FIR TREE Fir Tree, founded at the University of Washington in 1907. is an npper- classmen ' s activity honorary whose memliers are selected for service and lovahv to W ashington. Faculty: Slepheri I). Brown. Byron H. Christian. Percy Egtvet, Gosla Eriksen, Donald A. Macken- zie, Charles G. Padelford. Walter A. Raney. Clyde A. Roliinson. .Alvin Ulbrickson. Members: Lewi- . rni tron5;. John Bracken. Joseph Bnrke. Dempfter Drowley. William Duncan. i( tor Foino. Ted Garhart. Walter Harrison. William Lewis. Robert Lindh, Don Means. Carl Neu. Cy Stephens. Earl dunglove. President: John Bracken. First Rotv: Armstrong, Drowley. Second Row: Fomo, Garhart. Third Row: Harrison, Lewis. Fourth Rotv: Lindh, Neu. Fifth Row: Younglove. TOTEM CLUB Purpose: Totem (iliili is a senior women ' s honorary designed to pre- ser e and IKster a greater W ashing- ton spirit of loyalty and ser iee. Its meetings are planned for the [mr- poses of stimulating discussion and strenglliening friendships. f ' rcsiilinl: Peggy Lindsey; J ice-President: Ber- iiici ' I.iiiikf; Secretary: Mareella Jeans; Treas- urer: I ' eggy Milne; Historian: Jean McKinney; Faculty Advisors: Helen McLellan and Elizabelli Slarr. Memliers: Scolly Amende. Florence Beam. Mary Helen Birchfield. Margaret Braml.aili. Francella Bryant. Amielle Bmkh.dl. I.vnn Car- penter. Kay Chittenden. Paula Cole, Belty Lee Connor. Jane Criddle. Jean Fisher, Sally Fisher, irginia (Jarliart. Mar Alice Goodwin, Connie Hallida . IJoris Hatlin. Joan Hatton (Mrs. Rob- ert Ridgwavl. Ruth . dele Hedgooik. June Hellentlial. Barbara Hoffman, Barbara Holmes, Calhrine lluteliings. Janet Jacobsen, Mareella Jean . nr(.ra Joliannson. Lola La Paugli. Jane La aler. I ' eggy Lindsey. Adeline Linkletter. Ber- nice Lonko. Jane Lund. Loiiisi ' Maurer. Jean Mc- Kinney. IVggy Milne, Mariem Murfin, Margaret Ostrander. Ruth Pullen, Alma Rosling. Betty Ruthstrom, Dolores Stein, Shirii Thomas. Char- lotte Ann Thompson, Jerrie Wolf. President: Peggy Lindsey. Ron: Amende. Bean. Birchfield, Brandiac li. I!i .uii. , , .. iW Uow: Carpenter, Chittenden, Cole. Connor. Criddle. TliinI lion-: J. Fisher. S. lish.r. (.arliarl. (.oodwiii. Halliday, Hatlin, Halton-Ridgway. I ' n,rlh How: ll.-dg.o.k. Il.lbnihal. Hoffman. Holmes. Hutch- ing.s, Jacobsen, Jeans. ' ' I ' f i ?oie: Joliannson, LaPaugh. Liiikleller. Lonke, Lund. Sixth Row: Maurer, McKinney, Milne, Murfin. Ostrander. Seventli Ron: Pullen. Rosling. Uulli troni. Kig ir i Roiv: Stein. Thomas, Thompson. Ninth Row: Wolf. OVAL CLUB Hy M ' liMtiii;; (HI I si ii Mil i II i; iiuii litmi all fields of ciiilcavor at the I nivcrsity. and 1)V lliiis Ijandin}! them together e strive to ii|(- liolil ashinfrfon ' s place of luiiior. her Ira- ililioirs anil e cr seek to increase he|- rise to the inilis|(ensihle position in our natimi which she is last assiiniiiif;. I his ear ( ) a I ( ' In!) has put on (lanipiis Dav ill liich two miles of paths were hnilt. frardens cleared and hushes trimmed. 800 tools. 2000 stndenls. f trucks ( sco])e of job ) . ( al (Hull sells an issue of (.olumns each I ' rrsidenl: T..111 llliium: I ir .l ' n-.i,I,nl: W a 1 1 r r Harri,-on: Secrptary: Dean McKay; Trensiirvr: John Bracken: Members: George Alhans, Ron Bosuvick. John Bracken. John Braman, Bruce Brig- liani. Jim Brinkley. Keith Brown, Roger Bye, Hurst (ilark, ii ' Fomo, Boli Friedman. Andy Galltraith. Merrill Haagen. alter Harrison. Frank Hart. Mar- lowe Harlung, Boh Hoffman, IJon Huey, Boh Hut- Ion, Glen Jones. Rudy Kauhanen, Karl Klopfen- slein. Wally Leask. Boh Lindh. Earl McCarthy, Don Mcintosh, Dean McKay, Wally McKay, Morry Needham. Fred Olson. Jim Overlock. Hal Plank. Boh Poison. Frank Prilchard. Dick Pnlvcr. Buck Karnuicl. Thr.ui Kiggv Burl Kol.l.iri . John Siolt. Gene Swanzey, Kirhy Torrance, Tom Ullnian. Don Urquhart, Gene Walters, Paul Wiatrak, Hal Willils. Ink ilson. I ' n-iirlrnt: Toiii I IIiii.mi. I u sI H, u . llian-. liraikcii. Br.uiiaii. I!ri(;hain. I!i inkl.■ . .S.t.,;i, «,.m : Miouii. Fnmo. Fiii ' ilmaii. i;alhiailh. Ilaa rn. Iluid llariiM ii. ilnl. Ilarlinig. Iloflinan. Ilucv. llulloii. Jones. I ourlli Hnu: kauhanen. KloptVn-lcin. I.ra k. I.inilli. MiCarlhv. lillli How: Ml Inlosh. MiKay, INeedham, Overlock, Poison. Sixth Row: Prilchard. Pnlver. Ranquel, Riggs. RoliliTii-. Set i-nlh Roiv: .Scott. Swanzey. Torrance. Eighth Row: Urquhart. W iatrak. W illils. ! iiith Row: Wilson. W-KEY W-Key, or ' a li i n g t o n " s Key ' oiiK ' ii. is an iindrrrlasswdmen ' scrxicc liMiKirarN. xlidlastic re- (|iiircm -nl of 2.3 i-. nt ' f sar and nKinlxTs are pledged at a lea dance at the end of tlieir freshman vear. Regular W-Key functions are: ushering at haccalaureate and coin- niencenient. and assisting at llie elec- tion polls. This year the cluh look o er the selling of war stamps for one Meek and assisted in arsitv Night decorations. I ' rps„l,nl: Kiill. IhinicK i..nk.r: I ic-l ' resi- (liiil: Shirley INasti; Serr,-iiiry : Sall I ' l.-inipif: : Tr.-oMir.T: (iloria WIiIi.-mI ; Mrmiiers: Juniors: Marfiarel A le a n !.■ r. l)Mnilli nuejou. Salh i-leminp. I ' at H.Mlf:in. I ' aHy Hon civ. Sliirl, a li. Kalhl.rri Ollari ' . Ia Ransom. Elean .i Riiij;. irpinia Ta lor. (iloria Wl)it.- .l. Rutli W i.iik.r: S„i,h„m,ir, ' s: B.-lty Balrlield.-r. iin.- RiMiidiii. li(.. Ii,n-,l.l,in. rl,-M,- Bipfis. Marie C.irrcll. Steiihaiiie (;,,,■. Itarliara Ccii. Mellx h, . Mario,, i-el,l,„a„. a„, ' N I ■i„kel-lei„. Max- ii,e (;irM„,. Mthea .l,,,,e-. (:.,r„K„ l.,ill,er. Mar- garet Morri-,,,,. „„ Malhie,,. Jerr Sehillrell. .1 ,„el Sl,ee,l . Jea„„e W ,-lerla „,l. Marjorie illiain . ' . " " ' ' " " I; l ' - . ' " «l ' ' ' -- MaliheMer.,,. Iie,. ehlei„. ({if;,;.. .S r,m K»»: Be.ilow. Carroll. Cue. .oei,. Thir,l K„„: linkle.lci,,. I Lnii,,-;. (;ir on. Ilo.ljjin. II k. hourlh H o u : .)o„es. I.iillier. MorriM,,!. Malliieu. Nash, liflh Row: O ' llare. Kan.M.iii. Hinc Seliillr.lf Slieeih S v , ««(, : .-terla„,l. Vl liile el, Wieiicker. William . MALAMUTES Malanmtes is organized to It ' iid aissistance to as many ASUW activities as [lossible. The cliil) plans football and basketball stnnts and rallies, assists vitli track niecl and basket- ball jianies. antl sponsors the all-University song fesl in the spring. I ' rt ' sidpiil: Tom Allen: Sp -ret(ir : Jim I ' rils; Treasurer: Hill EilerlMMi. Toi, Men: Tom Allen. Brme Brijjliam. Hiirry Holland. Sandy Mackie, liol) Marlin. .iciives: Cor- yell Berry. Bill Eilerlsen. Jim Frits. Ad I ' enton. Phil Han- nah. Bob Hass, Quenlin Koenig, Joe Skoog. Yell Dukes: Paul Davis, Bob Erickson, Jack Hunt, Bob Paine. Pledges: Jim DePartee, George Guy, Bob Hepiienstall, Earl Horn- -li ' in. Hugo Oswald. Jim Owens. Gil Peterson. Jini Put- nam. Jim Rb.inban. Herb Rogers. Roger Rvan. Uiek Tucker. Uoug W bile. Hill W iiknian. to. fcfc na A ' J " " ' F ' " ! W A ' President: Tom Allen. First Ron: Berry, lirigbam. Davis. Second Rniv: DePartee, Eil- ertson, Erickson. Third Rotv: Frits. Fenton. Guy, Hass. Heppeiistall. Fourth Row: Hunt, Hornstoin. Holland, Koenig, Mackie. Fifth Row: Oswald. Owens. Paine. Peterson, Put- nam. Sixth Rote: Rheinhart. Rogers, Rvan. Tucker. Seventh Row: While. Wickman. PURPLE SHIELD A L dMti P O f: p_ P f f! P I ' nsidvnl: Ilan.M Eii);.-r. ' .v «,.»: Xiidrrson. Aiiiolil. l!;iir,.M. 1?,tiv. Uird. SVro i, ' ,.i(j: Clir li-MMii. CcmIkiIK, Ciiikcn.hill. Driiii. I)ii|mi. I hir.l li„w: Dx miI. Kil.i Imm. ( (iiss- hcrg, ;r.-.-ii«;iM. {,, . i;,i,itli l „i,: lhil;;i,ii. J,..i,liims. Ko.-iii;;. I.., Mil. Mcliuvi,.. Mrl,cim;iii. Melros.-. nflli Kow: Miijij:. My,-i . (» »iil,l. I ' hillips IVsliiuI. K;ilpii.. Kicluii dsoii. Sixth Knw: Rolh, Scliacki-. Siijiist. Sizciiiore, K. Siiiiili. Si ' ifiitli Row: M. Siiiilli. Siiope, Sulherlaiul. Eighth Roiv: Walkir, Walter, Way. Ninth How: Wickniaii. l ' Mi|ilf Sliifld ll•i (• t(» tiicoiiragf (li( l;n lii[ ;iii(l itarticipatioii in activ- ilic li imdcrclassnien. i incmhers are iMl lan liiij; im(liT(lai- m« ' ii with a ,3. poinl firadc a ' ra ;t ' uIki lia f parlici- palcd in an Sl aclix il . Ollicrrs: Pr, ' si,h ' nl : HaroM Eii i.t: lio ' Presidenl : IVt.T IlaUriii: .SV.rc r,; v : ri lit Arnold: Tn;,.s. un ' ri liill Wi.liiM.iii: M,mh, ' rs: Rov Anderson. Tli rit;lil rn..l,l. Jack liarrMn. Corvell Berry. George Biandii. Moll Bird. Kii Brale . Ted C.lirislen.en. Jark Corl.allv. Hnrl..n Cnrnuall. I. ui- Crnlclier. T.nn Cnrk.iidall. Itill D.liii. Iraiik Dnpar. (ieorge l) -arl. Bill Eilerlsen. Harold Enger, Merlin (;il- l " rl Bill (;i sl)ers. James. P. Gould. Jack Green- «aid. Dale (;ron-dalil. liolp Ha . Peler Halgren. Norman Handlin. John llan-on. Rn- Holl. Herhcrl Joacliim . Qiienlin Kc.eni;:. W end, 11 I.on.h. Jack Mclnlxie. Bill B. Ma er. Colin M. McLennan. W il- liani Mikino. R o ;; e r Melro-e. Dick Moore. An Mn g. W. B. Aher-. Ilouar.l Nare. lingo O-ual.l. Gordon Perkin . Jack rhilliii . Slii.irt PreMrnd. Orcn Raliin. Clair R.eve,. Panl Kichar.l-on. 1!„1, Rose. Albert Rotli. Don Sehacke. (Jrenville Scott, Bill Sigrist, Ted -Sizemore. Edwin Smith, Ken Stave, Alva Strope, Wallv Snl hcrland. Marvin Smith. David Walker. Bruce Wall,r . Peter Wav. Bill Wiehman. 332 ampu ;4 cicitc(M MANAGERIAL COUNCIL Tlic tiianajirr i;i I (((iincil i coin- J)(l ■(l (»f tiic senior and senitir- frosli nianaj;i ' rs of all s])( rts. Its |)iir|ioM ' is lo lieli» sol e the proli- Icnis confronted in managing, to make tiie managerial system a uni- fied one. and to represent atldeties on llie stndent eoiineil. President: Uoh Hullnn: S,-ereliir : Bob Pol- son; Sliideiil ( ' .(iiinrll Ki ' iiirsciUiitive: Karl Klo|ilVii.|, ' in: Memhrr,: H,,l, Bv.,,ni. FiMnU Cm,,!.. K(I CnniplM-ll. ,l...k Crillilli. I ' nmU ll.irl. l!ol HolfiiKiii. l!ol Ihillon. KikIv Kuu- Ikmmii. Karl Klopfeiisteiii. Earl McCarthy, T.d Morr-llo. Morry Needham. Hal I ' laiik, Boh Tolson. Boh Ross. Ray Saarela. John Siolt, Boh Steitler, Boh Whitley, Jack Wilson. •; ■«■ ,.;, : IJoh lliilton. birsi H.m: Cook. Can.phcll. Se,„n,l Hon : Crillilh. Marl. Ilollriiari. Thint l ,w: Kauhanrn. kh)i)f.Mistein. McCarthy, Morr.Mo. Iliani. ,„„ , ' „»: I ' lank. r..lM,ii. Ro-s. nillt Knu-. Saarela. .Scott. Steitler. Sia7 i Rotv. hith-y. W ilson. 331 BIG W CLUB Members are athletes who win a h ' v " W " in any sport. Its purpose is to pro- mote an interest in atliletits. PresidenI: Tliroii Ripg ; I ice-l ' resident : WjlLicr I eask; Secretary-Trea. ' iurer: J;irk I ' omfret: Mem- bers: (Jeorge Athens, Gerry Aii tin. Tony Baliliii- na . Jaik Barmon. Chris Barr. Jim Belolte. l)i. k Bigelo«. Bob Bird, John Bra.ken. Jim Brinkl.v. Neil Brooks. Bob Butlerlield, Lyie Chirk. Bob Cum miii . IJon Deeks. Jim Denning. Bar! Doughis. Irnl ! ,iber. Carl Falk. Vic Porno. Boh Kriednian. Ron tiarrelson. Merlin (iilhertson. Chuck Gilniur. Bill Gi herg, Merrill Haagen, Walt Harrison, Bill Hai ter. Jack Henderson. Bill Hoyt, Bert Joachim . l.t-n Larson, Wally Leask. Bob Lindh. Boh Magnusson. Charles May. S. McClean, Mark McCorkle, Jim Mc- Clure, Don Mcintosh. Bill Morris. Howard Nace, Joe ail. Boh Odman, Fred Olson, Don Peck. Del Peterson. Jack Pomfret, Fred Provo, Jack Ranquet, Mike Rector. Ray Redman. Thron Riggs. Sam Rob- inson. Dave Roderick. Ray Russel. Pete .Susick, Frank Saksa, Carl Schroder, Diniitri Tadich, War- ren Thompson, Jack Tracy, Tom Ullman, Gene Wal- ters, Dick Watson. Paid Wiatrak. Dick " aniis. I ' resiilenf Tliron Kigg-. «,.« : lli.Mi . liarnion. Bird, Bracken, Brinkley. .Sec.m « » " ■: Bulterlield. Cnmminv l)eek . Denning, D.n.glas. Third Row: Falk, Fomo. Friedman, (jarret- s,,i, (;i|l„.rl (;ilmur. (;i berg. I ' liunh Ron: Haagen, Harrison, Joachuns, I.arson, Leask, Lindh. Magnu.v-on. ' ( i Ron: May. McClean. McCorkle, Mcintosh. Morris. Sixth Row: Nail, Peck. Pomfret, Peterson, Provo. Seventh Row: Banquet. Rector, Redman. Kitihth Row: R d)in- son, Schroder. Tracy. Ninth Row: rilnian. Vtatson. Wiatrak. VARSITY BOAT CLUB " Designed to maintain ' esprit de corps ' among crew men. tlie Varsitv Boat Clnl) is a social and sports or- ganization for oar nien. Mciidiers gain eligiltil i l l( rowing for fonr jiii f qnarters C.mnuxlor, ' -. ( ; :i I I, ,a i l I, : I ir.-Cinim,,. iliiri ' : Jack Kel all; SleiKirtl: Keith Brown: I) n f r: Hill Dehn; Memhprs: Joe Andrews. Boli H,r;:,r..ii. Alex l{i-lin|,. K.ilii Itrouii. Hii-I Cal- l..». lloliiKHi (;iiri l,,ller .,n. I!,, I, (ioiinnlly. Hill Cl.nk. Jaek CorhalU. tie.loii (;..ri,u ull. Tom CiirkerHhill. Hill DeliM. John l)re-,hii. l:n;;li-li. J.nk Ervin. i. I .nno. n,h ( ;.i ll.r.iilh. Murra Haskell. Jaek KeUall. Ellioii l.oken. Hob Charlie . Ia . Hol MrC.iMrnli. Mrlnlvre. Ernie Miller. Ereil Mileli.ll. I Mor- ri-. rl Morlen-on. Hill Neueil. I). hi (l-!r,,n.. Hoi, I ' aNi.e. Jack rilillii-. Jim Hcinlicar.l. K..f:cr Ri.e. David Roderick. Boh Ross. Carl Schroder, Wally .Soli, Le Coiiie .Stiles. " WalN Sutherland, I ' ele Thomjison. Hrncc W aller-. Hal W illits, Ja.k W iKon. Presideni: niK (.alhraith. 7 ' ;V.s( Kmv: . ndrews. Bergeron. Bishop. Brown. Second Rntv. Callow. Christoflerson. Connolly. Clark. Third Ron: Corliallv. Ciirkendall. Dehn, Enclish. Eomo. Haskell. •«i r i Roiv: Kelsall, Loken. Mav. MiColdrii k. Miller. Newell, liflh Rnu: Oslrom. I ' avn.v I ' hil- li| -. Riie, Ross. Schroder. Sixlh Row: .Soli, .Silles. Sutherland. Waller. Sorenlh R „t: Willits. Wil- ADELPHI Adt ' Iplii was orjiiiiiizcd in 1 )1. ' 5 lo promote iralcnial ami social oji- |Mirliiiiili ' s lor llir iii(li ' |M ' ii li ' nl man. ami to tnrtlirr trifn(l lii|i and fellowship among stndents. mllll ■.,l,l (1,mii-: Srnior.: K,,lierl l)iitu-;in. Roijert Howisey; Juniors: Jolm Hul- uiin, (;u M.Farlana. Edwar.l MrMarkin. I»..ruil.l S.liiui.ll. DmikiI.I Jiewell: S,. ) ,„. mores: Jack Ariil)erg. Cecil Baiiey, Leonard Oate, Ted Chrislensen, James Ewliaiilv, Mar- rev Laragan, Louie Ness. Donald Stay, Sid- ney Palten ; Freshmen: Don Barnes. Jack K. Boyd. Arlo Dunning. Henry F.ngnian. Morlmi Fine. David Fenton. Bill (lore. Robert Har- rington. Blaine Higlif i.-l d. (;eiie Howisey. liiid Iineson, Martin Ives, Willis Katz, Dick | Kennewick, Ray McCormick. Don Meinig. Herl) Meyring. Rodman Miller. John Mill.. Felix Rei-ner. Glenn Rogge. Mnrrav Slunian. Tliotna- Sleinliurn. Ja H. Sulli an. Raymond i,k-. Allan Wright. K..v Bordner. I T ' «? 1 ! 4 V o st%, k M A President: Donald Schmidt. First Ron: Arnhcrg. Bailey, Bordner. Second Ron: Crate, Chrislcnseii, Dunning. Third Row: Fenton, Ilowisev. Iniesoii. Ives. McCurniick. Fourth Rine: McFarland. Meinig. Miller. Mills. Palten. Fijth Ron-: Reisner. Rogge. Slay. ,S7.v7 i Row: Wicks. PHRATERES First Rotv: Anderson. Bell. Biggs. Borin. Briiwn. Caley. Carter. Carlier. Cetlarliolm. (Jhrislie. Second Row. Clow. Cole. Cowell. Ciiniiiiiiigs. Danskin, I. Davis. M. Davis. Dillery. Dickie. Doyle. Third Ron: B. Dye. M. Dye. Edwards. Evans, Finan. I ' itle. Gerlaeh. Gerltuia. Gilherl. Hanson. Foiirlli Ron-. Harmon. Hisken. Hoffman. Holden. Howlell, Hnhliard. Fifth Roic: C. Jacobsen, J. Jaeolisen. Jeffery. Johannson. Jons- son, Kelly. BETA Seniors: I.aila Holden. Mary Helen Mid.el. D(dore Taslor. Rulli Williams. Juniors: Mary Riiliardsoii. I ' lorence Row. ' . Sophomore: Mary Ranken. Pledges: Roberta Buntnn. (Moria Eide. Jean Eldred. Gladys (ireen. Dorothy Lindsay. CHI I ' aciilly: Dr. iola Garfield. Graduates: lone Powers. Marion Quesnell. Seniors: Annette Buekholt. Barbara Gerlac li. Kri-tin Jonsx.n. Juniors: Beverly Dye, Virciiiia Oldiiif;, Sybil Ri|d ' . Sophomores: Phyllis AusI, Evelyn Brown, Carol Crumb, rdis Knudsod. Bettv Lingen, Shirley MoDevitt, Elizabeth Fiekrell. Belly Heed. Bela Shain. I ' ledj;es: Edith Bell. Ethel Bennett. Margaret Brush, Jacqueline Cedarholm, Bernice Evans, Jacqueline Friedman, Patricia Kellelt. Ruth M.Nary. Harriet Nyberg, Arlene Rea.l. CHIMES Imully: Miss Marjorie , lfall. Seniors: Cleo Carli..r. Barbara llolfiiiaii. niic Iranafcll. Juniors: Priie licrlidin. Helen Spiajjue. .S ' ..,. ,..mor«.s: Dorothy Elaine Carter. Dolores Osgood. Dorothy Ro. KAPPA Faculty: Mrs. Martha Flahaul. Graduates: Maxine Alford. Sigrid ,nger. llaii oii. Belts Kulb-lroni. C.irol il v. Smith. ille Jeffcrs. He! Seniors: Paula Cole. P Smith. Margaret Worth. Juniors: Margaret Drummoiiil. Klaiiie Scott. C Sophomores: Elizabeth E-heliiiari. Cath. Winslow. I ' ledfies: Elsie Cadman. adin, ' Colics. Phyllis Cowell. Franc Cummings. Frances Dillers. i.ilvan Frick on. Donna Harmo Marls n Hosvlett. Rosanna Jom-. Kit K. ' ndall. Belts Mae Schil.l I.c(,na Smilh. niia Dell Tapp. Marie Tc.masos ich. iaNiiie Wilso PHRATERES First Row: Kendall. LaPaugli. Liff. Linden. Linkletl.T, I.oi.ko. I. le. Mi(h, l. Miller. Moore. Second Roiv: Nyhorf;. Ol.ling. Olson. Osfioo.l. 0 lerliauf:. Read. Rii li tad. Ripley. Riillislrom. Third Ron: Sample -. Selieni k. .Scliildl. .Scotl. .Selke. Slianafelt. Sinionton, Carol F. Sniilli. Fourth Row: Carol I,. Smith. Sollierg. Staniatis, Taylor, Thompson, Tomasovi.h. Fifth Row: Wade. Walt. Wheeler. Williams, Winslow. LAMBDA Grndioifrs: I.ola Bales. Mary .Srli. ' iiek. Junior: Rainona ShIIht!;. So,dioniorrs: Edith Clow. Roseanne O ' Neill. Lillian Raker. Pegcy . " eoll. Pledges: Arlene Biggs, Ruth Ri(h tad. (iloria Siamatis. THETA Seniors: Rose Ann Doyle. Janet Jarohsen. Aurora Johannson, .Suln- niith Mila I. iff. daliiie l.inklelter, Kathryn Oslerhaug, Ester Julie Smith. Juniors: Marjorie Miller. Rosemarion Simonloii. Sophomores: Harriet Caley. Maxine (Mrtliila. M.irianne Jaii-on. Pledges: Dorothy Bell. Louise Borin. Jeanne Depue. Gleiina Jean Ellis. Lillian Ford, Mary Gilhert, Pal Kelly, Elizaheth Krummel. Jane Watt. SYLVAN Faculty: Miss Martha Mx. (iriuliuite: Irene Davis. Seniors: Vivian Edwards, Frames Fills. Lola LaPaugh. Berniee Lonke. Juniors: Kathleen 0 " Hare. Miriam Wheeler. Sophomores: Vivian Diekie. Margorie lli ken. Jan.t llolleid.eek. Lois Ringstrom, Hope Wade. Pledges: Mary Bliss. Genevieve Christie, Shirley Danskin. Marjorie Davis. Margaret Dye, Betty Grant, .Shirley Irwin, Carol Jaiohsen. Eleanor Litul |iiisl. Harriet Lipp, Jeanne Litrliman. Betty I,yle. EiTiil Marlin. (irace Moore, Gail Samples. Esther Selke, Dorothy Jean Thompson, Jean Waller, Bettie Jean Veo. ZARA KODA Junior: Gloria Baumgartner. Sophomores: Avanelle Olson. Fa e St. J(din. Pledges: Maxime Anderson, Carol Ekren. Marjorie Finan. Marie Gross. Dolores Hulihard, Katherine MeElvain, Donahcl Nelson, liee Sorenseii. PHRATERES COUNCIL Sponsor: Ma Dunn ;ir l; 1 re .itU ' nt : P;iul:i Cole: ire-Presitli-nl: Annelte Binklidlt ; Si ' irrliiry: Kntlilcin (VHarc; TrciisiiriT: RciMMll; men; llisloriim: Ailaliiif COMMITTEE CHAIRMEN Mfmhership: Mary Schenck. Sdcidl Service: Florence Rowe. Sldttdiirds: Dorolliy Carl.T. Room: Ruth William-. I liiities; Bernice Loiike. I ' lihtirin : IJorolhy DaliUlrom. U ir Recreatiim: Marjorie Hisken. Tfdr Service: Belleloii Woodman. So,i„l: l.ola Larall;:ll. SUBCHAPTER PRESIDENTS Beta: Laila Holden. Chi: Beverly Dye. Chimes: ll.-l.-ii Sprafiiie. Kcii Ki: Carol I.. Sniltli. L„n,l,.l,r. K a Sojlo-rf:. Suhiin: l ' r,iro - Kill-. Thela: lirora Joliariu-o,,. an, Koihi: %anelle OI-oM. I ' rrsid.iit: I ' alila Coir. I ' irsI Hon: Carler, l) r. I ill-. .SV,,. 1 Ron: lli-k.n. Hol.len. Jo- lianii-.H,. Third Ron: l.aPaucli. l.iiiklelU-r. I.oiikr. I oiirih R,ih: OTIare, OUeii, Schenik. I ijlh Run: Simonlon. Siiiilli. Solberg. Sixth Ran: W ill.. o,.,lTnaM. 340 WESLEY FOUNDATION . ; ' WESLEY CLUB Prpsidfitl: Marinii Herzog; J ice-President: Harold Slieel; Record- ing Secretary: Lois Roseiioff; Corresponding Secret ir : Marjoric Hodges; Treasurer: Warren Dean, William Sterling. Freshmen: Edward Arnibrusler. Walter Barniun. Robert Beardsley Margaret Blaisdell. Gerald Carroll. Bryre Cliand)ers. Harold Cole Dean Russell. Emmylou Goertz. Patricia Goff. William Gore. Har riet Gowdy. . herwood Hayner. LaNetta Isbell. Patricia Isler. Stan ley Jones. Jtnie Kingston. Evelyn Kniidson. Robert Kraft. Mar Larson. ,lai(|iieline Logan. Kathryn McAbee. Patricia Alerric. Rod man Miller. Hugb Minor. Cathleen Moats. Shirley Nelson, Cbarles Ogburn. Edward Ovenell. Helen Richardson, Mac Paul, Jean Scha- fer. Guy Searls, Marilyn Seefield. Margaret Shelton, Donna Sliepard. Robert Smith, Don Stensrud, Walter Stewart. Warren Stewart. James Trowbridge. Neal Turner, Margaret zernian. Sophomores: Fred Andrews. Edith Anionsen, David Bowman. Wil- liam Burhen. Joyce Davenny, Dean Warren. Gerald Dunlap, Alice Gray. Charles Harding, Glenn Hathaway, Marjorie Hodges. Keith Johnson. Marian La Bole. Elinor Laudan. Margaret Lewis. Joan Libbey. Erna Long, Mina McQuiston. Ruth Miller, Jordon Moore, Eleanor Nazarenus. Ken Nelson, William OXlonnell, Esther Pad- field. Elaine Phillips. Gracejean Quintin. Lois Roscnoff. Barbara Sjoboen. William St. George. Robert Sbafer. Robert Simpson. Claude Smith. Sara Elizabeth Smith. Harold Street, Harriet Slin- son. Mary Toeplet. Nellie Wasson. Hal Zimmerman. Ji Hiors: Eileen Andrews. Wallis Archer, Marilou Beall, Berni e Benson. Howard Campbell. Willard Downie. Vincent Frederick. Marian Herzog. Hazel llinson. ilda House. Marian Kraft. Jacqueline Krum, Duane LaVioletle. Mary McCarty. Patricia Magill. Jacqueline Martin. Howard Miller. Alice Millikan. Elsie Ovenell. Deborah Reed. Mar- garet Sagar, Roland Woods. Seniors: Elizabeth Alexander, Betty Jean Andrews, Eileen Clark. Maxine Cody. John Godfrey. Jane Hodges, Norman Johnson. Helen Libbey, Ruth McLeod, Charles M(Omber, Frank Miller, Ray Oliver. Mary Richardson. Warne San- ders. William Sterling, Janet Warren, Fred Waite. Carol W iinbi.. KAPPA PHI President: ernice Hens(ni; I ice-President : Norma l,o ick; 7; iirer: Lois Rosenoff; Kecnrdiitg Secretary: Elisabeth Krnini Corresponding Secretary: Edith Antonsen. Freshmen: Helen Bjorkquist, Margaret Blaisdell, Kay Cooper Mary Ann DeW ein. Barbara George, June Kingston, Mary Latsen .Margaret Leiper, Jacqueline Logan. Grace McNees, Esther Padfield J ean Schaffer. Beth . ' " rnith. Lila Wright. Sophomores: Edith Anton sen. Shirle Hocchier. Marian La Bole. Elinor Laudan. Joan l.ibbev Lois Rosenoff. Vivian Steele. Harriet Stinson ; Jiininrs: Marilou Beall. Bernice Benson, Marian Kraft, Elisabeth Krunnnel, Helen Libbey, Mary McCarty. Jacqueline Martin, Alice Millikan, Eleanor Nazarenus, Elsie Ovenell, Jacqueline Krum: Seniors: Betty Jean Andrews, Marion Lonsberry. Norma Lovick. Janet Warren, Carol W inden. Mar Kaufman. WESLEY HOUSE GIRLS ' ' " ■ ' ■ ' ' ■ ' " " ' ' " " ' " " = ' - ' ' - ' ' " ' " " ' " -• " ' f= ' - ' - lary: Norjna ..n rk. Elsi.- Ovenell ; Treasurer: Bcll Jean ndrc»-. Freshmen: Margaret Blaisdall. Carol n I ' ornioso. Emmylou Goertz. Patricia (ioff, Patricia Isler, Evelyn Knudsen. Jean Schafer, Mar- garet Shelton: So dKiniores: Mervl Brisky. lhena Capos. Mina Me- Onislon. Esther P.i.lticld. Lois H „,,ff. Barbara Sj.ibcn. Sara Belli Smith. Mar Toepelt. IN ' ellie Wasson: Juniors: Eilcn Anilrews, Marilou Beall, Bernice Benson. Marian Herzog, Alice Millikan, Elsie Ovenell; Seniors: Elizabeth Alexander. Betty Jean Andrews. Mar Kaufman. Marian l.oiisb.rrv. Norma Lovick. Janet Warren. Carol Wiiuien: C.raduale: I ' elrom-lla Renting. CAMPUS CHRISTIAN COUNCIL The (];nii|)ii (ilirii-liaii !(Hin(il fos- ters lictlcr iiii(i r l;iii(l i ii j, Ix-tween llic Pnitolanl r«lif:ioii :r(m|i on the (•ain|»ii and proNJdo oppoiiuiiities for i ' o( |M ' i-ation. rn ' si,l,;,l: Janet Jar( li rn; I irr-l ' ir iilent: KIcarmr Ring: Secrflnry: Hazi ' l HinM.ri: 7 ph,s- ( .■ : Cxrii. H,,f:l„Tj;. (ii(i liiiii ' s: IJarbara Sleinhoff, Francis I ' isher, l.ullnr Jari tii. Se Kors: Rulh Cross. Jaiiel Jacob- .-n. Marcar.-l OMrand.-r. Mari.-ni Murfin. Don li.-. 7, „;„ : k.rMi. ' tli (;ra .-. Marian ll.-r of! Hazel Hill-on. Cvrn- Hofiliorg. Ixari Jarol.M.n Marian Krafl. K.l. ' arior Kin::. I ' raiik S,tI,- . Kom- niarion Sirnornon. Ciiarlr- S».ll. Jann-. I ' niill linl, Walker. .So,, ,,,,,,,. r,.s; (.eorgia Hurinei-ler l!ol, Jaeol,M,n, Callurine JelfreN. I ' al KelN. hrsi H,m: Cro,-.-, I i.-,her, (,rav. . HiwM.n. Svcmd Row: Hosil.erj;, J. Jai ol„en, B. Jaeobsen, Jaii- en. Ihird Row: Jeffrey, Kelly, Krafl, Minfin. Fourth Row: Ostrander, Hiiic. .Seelev, Simoiilon. ( i Row: .Sweel, Truitt, Walker. 312 NEWMAN CLUB President: Vi ienne RedfieUl. hirst Rote: l) her. Breiiiiaii, Brujiiiian. Burll . Connor, Cowell. Second Row: Hede. I " . Heninicn. J. Hennuen, HiMiriiit. James. King. Third Row: McDonald. Meserve. Moherj;. 0 " Hare. O ' INeil. IVrnironi. Reclor. Rii?. nian. I ' ourth Row: Rowsi-. Sessions, Siniiiiiclti. TindxT. Tlionip.-on. Toomey, Wernelte. President: i iirini- Kedtii-ld: First I ' ice-P resi d en I : Pauline O ' Hare; Second I ice-President: Henry Tlionip-on; Recording: Sec- retary: Mar erni ' lle: (.orrespondini! Secreliiry: nna Ma Tini- liers: Treasurer: John Heninun ; issislant Treasurer: Doris Orini. Memh, Faculty: I ' rof. Herh.rl K. Cory. Prof. J. (irallan O ' Hrvan. Prof. H.-Mr S. l.ucas: (irnduate: F lliyll Mucgji; .Spniors: ' Williani Mriinmari. Dori- Crim. Nora Perniconi. Michael Rector, Mar Scliii- lar, Mary Viernette; Juniors: Helen M. Brennan, Onier Conner, Kalherine (irady. John Hemmen. Marv . nn I,arson, Pauline O ' Hare, ivienne Redfield. Henry Tli o ni p so n : Sophomores: Marie (iross. June Hogaii, Suzanne l.indsa . Dona (lene Moherg. Hazel Simon- elli. Jordan Smith. Anna May Timhers; Freshmen: Patricia Ahsher, Elizaheth Barry, Dorothy Bridgeman, Frank Burns. Joseph Burns, Phyllis Co»ell. I ' red Crews, Helen Earlv, Vance (;ril lile. Agnes Hede. I ' Vank Heninien, Jack H« ' nriot. Josephine James. Patricia King. F,lizahe:h Mathe . John McDonald. I ' rank Mcjanelt. Jeanne Meserve, Peggy O ' Niel. Dale Rossman, Rohcrt Ro vse. Rohert Schweitzer, Milton Sessions, Thomas Toomey, Shirley Wcrneke. y.M.c. A. r i.. ' ' ' j ,«i llrsl How: Higher. I!... Iron,. Cliill. ' inloii. ( in-rii. .I.mmI,-,,,i. S.;„if,l ll,,„: Kr.r U. SrrU-y . Sil,-,-. Vuri Mm-om. WillMin-. The Yoiuif; Men s (ihiistian Ashocijilioii of lli - I niversity of Vasliinf;U)ii is a I ' t ' llousliip of sliidciils ami faciilt) lio desire to (liseo er for lliemsel es the liii Iier ideals of (llirislian lixinji and ser iee. and to have a jiarl in making: these ideals o|»erali e on the eani|ins and lhron; hoiit the world. OIIICERS: I ' n-sith ' iil ; uo.l ' rcsi.lrni S, rn-l(iry t ' nilik SeeU-N Kr„ji OUti.l i Ed Van Mason Hxrclllirc (ssn, „ ,• Wnhrr W illiuni . ,lr M. I). W lliiiri H.tImtI r,il,v(;il»ui Dircilor j Inluniulional Ilome DtMii Iji-cper : iiiiMrr memhehs-. l:. x;ll l!i l„ ' ' . lirll l! ,-lr pMl. joliM CIlillrlKl..!!. L.-h tlikli-liini.K Cor.lui. t.rrvu. .loliii llollijiii. i„U .l;,.nM. Dirk KtmcI,. I),mm l.,-,prr. E,l jM Mm-,,!.. HmImM l.-r. liill Mnkin.i. .liiii Mivallrlii. K.riJI (Iklida. I!..l K..,.-. Ncl S.iiuln. Kr.nik ,-,I,n. Bill Siin,. W .ill,-, Willi.nn-. y. w. c. A President: Margaret Ostrander; I ice-Pro ili ' iit: Ray Chittenden; Secrelnry: BoMi lli.lm,-.: Treasurer: Jane llriddlr. rreshmen Cabinet: President: Mary Mercir ; I ice-President: Dorothy Shoff: Secretary : He erly Browning; Treasurer: Jean Ilfii : Relii;i()iis Education: Roberta Buiittn; Piih lie Affairs: Muriel Moran; Hiiuse: Beverly Anderson; Publicity: Betsy Bronson: Prn- gram: Janet Ingslad; Social: Sue Trover; Freshmen W SSF Re presenlal i ve: Helen Cleveland. C.omniitlee (Jiairrnan: f ictory: Betty Brace; Daily: Pat Russell; Publicity: Shirii Thomas; II SCF: Eleanor Ring; Personal Relations: Scolly Amende; Personnel: Barbara Coen; Public Affairs: Ruth Hanawalt; ff orld Com- munily: Mila Liff; Community Service: Elaine Eherle; Finance: Janice Sheldon; So- cial: Bobby Butler; House: Emma Jane Dakan; Religious Education: Jo Kleiner; Special Methods: Pally Houck: Member- ship: Harriet Ma l)ee: Sophomore Represen- iiitiie: Barbara Coen; Community Relations: Miriam Wheeler; Frosh Representative: Mary Mercer. President: Margaret Ostrander. First Row: Amende. Brace. Butler. Second Row: Chittenden. Coen, Criddle. Third Row: Dakan. Eberle. Hanawalt. Holmes. Houck. Fourth Row: Liff, Maybee, Mercer. Fifth Row: Ring, Russell. Sheldon. Sixth Row: Thomas. Wheeler. 345 PRE-MEDICS CLUB ,.«:lk M.,t;,,ll.i Bai The Pre-Metlics Cluh was t-staMisht ' d in 1918 in order to enable students to hear i)r )niinent physieians speak in llx ' ir various fields and to ereate a closer fell ) vsliij» anionfi the pre-medieal students. President: l).-hvyn Nowak: J Ue-Pretident : Riil.,ri Mat:allon: Se,rei,iry.Tre,i.s,in ' r: Alpha Rail.-y. Fnriilly: Dr. J. I.. W c,rc. l. ' r. Gradiwles: An.lrow lil.. ,iii. Jclin Kaiijilry. IJou ald M. L.aii. Kalli- ryn Rogers. Seniors: Alpha Bailey. Arnold Bildsoe. eriioii Cales. Faye Garher, Wesley Hoskins, Harold Luoken, Briicr Macliilyre. Lin McClenny. William Moore. Winogene Nillson. Uelwyn PMowak. Rohert Roedcl. Michael Scotl. Patrice Scolt, David Smart. Vcy James Valentine. Juniors: Krisii Arnoson. Bruce Bushard. James Carter, Russell Cox. Ernest Creelman, Raymond Ellis. Laurence Evans, Norman King. Rowell Keizur. Marion Larseii, Rohert Lev- anson, Robert Magullon, John Metzenherry, Al Mills, James Moeeri, Hen I ' acheco. l.eit Pratum. U.m Schmidt. Wayne Waddington. jamt- Denning. Soi h„nii,res: Richard Baker. Richard Bell. Hector lirouii. I ' orrol lo-l r. Roger Foster. James Gorge.s, Philip Hen- derson. Rohert llitchman. William Maddock. Wesley McKenzie. I.oiii.- Ness. Thomas Parker. Elizaheth Squihb, John Thoiiip-on. Richard Tucker. Adeline Wright. Freshmen: Anthony Bitar. John Ciiilins. Harold Dodge. Bert Haugum. Herman Kuppler. Richard l.aiice. Mimi McArdle. Jean Meyer. John Mills. Donald Mont- gomery, Wayne Mo.shy. Bernice Mossofer, Mary Weidlick. Steffie Wolt ' fhein. Frank Zovonavach. Honorary Members: Dr. Rachel llollstadl. Dr. Trevor Kincaid. Dr. James E. Dille. Dr. Arlhui Martin. Dr. (»lemi Norris. NURSES ' CLUB y ri Smith Anderson Fritz The j)urpose of the Nurses ' Cluh is to develop |)rofessional interest among; its mend ers and to promote soeial and ediicalional activities among students majoring; in Nursing Education. All students registered in the deparluieiil of luirsing are eligihle for inendtersliiji. President: Jane Kinney .Smith: I ire-President : irgiiiia iid,rson: KepresenliUire: (;.ral(liMc insli.-: Sopltomore Ke iresentntire Secreliiry: Belly Danielsoii : Treasurer: Norma Irilz; Graduate UcIIn Kshclmaii: Freshman Henresenlalive: Bernice Turav. First R(M : Clark. Greenwood. Hansen. Harding, Kelsall, Lin- dell. Second Rotv: Mv- Intyre, MeMillin. Me- O m b e r , Menard. Oliver. ENGINEERING COUNCIL iP " - r ! 1-. ««.f M The purpose of thi?; organization " Shall he to promote a Jtetter Washinf ton spirit, to plare the Engineer- ing, Forestry, and Mines Colleges foremost among eolleges of the Ihiiversity, and to aid in the develop- ment of the engineering students along social and praetieal lines. " President: Harry Clark; Vice President: Charles McOmber; Secre- Jack Mclntyre. Harvey Menard. Juniors: Neil Anderson, James tary: Raymond Oliver; Treasurer: Norman Han en. Faculty: Prof. (iould, Pete Greenwood, Jack kelsall, Harry Lindell, Stanley Over- E. R. Wilcox. Prol. B. T. McMinn. Seniors: Harry Clark. Charles hy. David Pfeiffer. Sophomore: Frederick McMillin. Freshman: McOmber, Raymond Oliver, Norman Hansen, William Hardinf;, (Jeorge Jeffs. First Row: Douglas. Elder, Fleming. Hol- d e n , Lindsay, M c • Gown. Secottd Roiv: Myland. Pulver, Smitli, Sweet. Zednirk. E. B. COUNCIL f-- f |U- The funetion of the conncil is to coordiiialc llie aelixities (»f all the grou|)s in llie college of Kconomies and Business. Selfcted on llic lia-i of lii;j;h (liolar hi| and aclixiu. mcndiers are cliosen hy the faculty and actives. President: Melvin Myland; ] ' ire President: Henjaniin l,ind ay; Fleming. I.aila Holden. Benjamin I, indsay. Nelson McGown, Melvin Secretary: I.aila Hoklen; Treasurer: Edwin Smith; Advisor: Myland, Dick Pulver, Edwin Smith. Edward Stolsenberg, John Stephen C. Brown; Members: Bart Douglas, Eleanor Elder. Donalo Sweet. Henry Taylor, Helen Zedniek. HOME ECONOMICS CLUB 7 « ' A ' ' E.Iiik.ihI . C ILIImu. (;„i„l»iii. Ihirdi-. Il.illin. Ki.,lin.-r. M;icl,.o,l. Sihillntt. Sicimn-. Tlui.iipMMi. To enciniragf friendship anioiif; students (d tlie home eeononiies department antl between students and faculty is the purpose of the Home Keononiies (ihdi. President: M;ir Alire CDdduin: f ire-I ' resideiil : V.nnA Ann Mac- Leod; Secrelnn : Rila Rinlinfr; Treasurer : nrultf TlmnipMin ; Fifth Year Representiitives: Marllui EdnniniK. anl■ (; M)(llt ' ll.i» : Senior Representntives: Belli Harcus. Doris Hallin: Junior Repre- sentatives: Austie Sundberg. Betty Siemens; Sophomore Represen- tatives: Virginia Cameron, Jerry .Srtiillreff; Freshman Representa- tives: Betty Johnson. Celina Mares; Faculty tthisor: Miss Mary Elizabeth Starr. Members: Marie Adams. Elizabeth Alexander, Eileen Andrews. Peggy Austin. Peggy Bailey. Bernice Benson. Eleanor Bloom. Belt) B(dloii. Mar Bridlong. Betty Bright. Shirley Brodein. Evelyn Broun. Sally Burle . irginia Cameron. Kay Chit- tenden, Edith Clow. Catherine Cobb, Audrey Cox, Genevieve Chris- tee, Irene Cruril, Barbara Curtis. Dorothy Daniel. Jane Daniel, Thelma Daniels. Joy Delhman. Helen L. Dietz. Marian Dore. Mary Jane Dyer, Martha Edmonds. Vivian Edwards. Louise Elliott. Lorita Feiigler, Eleanor Ferguson. Janet Hint. Lillian Ford. Betty Jane Foreman. Joan I ' orsniark. June I ' ritz. Frames Gardner. Dorothy Gaunt. Audrey Gessner. ( ;ii..rl..tle Gibbes. Bernire (ioldswortby. Mary Alice Goodwin, (iloria (iriflin. Bettv (iruber. Luella Haggen. Beth Harcus. Doris llatlen. irgiiiia Hi(ks. Barbara Hoifman, Mar- garet Holtz. Mary Hood. Belle Hornc. Margaret Howard. Eugenia Howson, Peggy Hughes, Caroline Jar i. Ruth Jack. Betty Johnson. Lois Johnson. Linda Jorgenson. Marion Kerr. Bellv Kilborn, Rita Kir " hner, June Lager(iuisl, Jane Lawren -e. Frances Laughlin, Lois Lealiey, Margaret Leipper, Mary Logan, June McCorkle, Margaret MciJralh, Grace McGuiiniess. Carol MeLeod, Mary Jane Madison, Eunice Martin, Cleo Niiki Michas, Mary Helen Michel, Ruth Miller. Maria Marinkovich, Evelyn Olmsted. Kathrvn Osterhaug. Bertha Plant. Evelyn Peterson. Annabel Post. Peggy Powell, Marjorie Ratti. Anna Mae Ream. Barbara Jean Rich. Mary Richardson. Barbara Riedel. Allys Rol)inson. Lois Rosenoff. Joyce Schauble. Elaine Scott. Sylvia Svornicli, Jerry Schillreff, Ingrid Icelander. Ruth . ' sbian. Jean Softky. Austie Sundberg. Marilyn Seel ' ield. Belly Tolland. Patricia Tripple. Mrs. Ancil P. Turner. Barbara Wetmore. (Uoria hitesel. Ruth Williams. Helen W inslow, Martha Young. INDEPENDENT HOUSE COUNCIL Marlell. Sustad, Ross, O ' Hare. Rifle. Millikin. The Indepenilenee House (Council is comitosed (d ' it officers and the proideul of cai h iiienii er house with her representative. The purpose is to unite all fjiris in indepcndcnl houses in furtheriuf; friendslii| . stand- ards, and cooperation witli all cam|)Us acti ities. and to reproeiU its mendiers in student o; ) ernment and or- ganization. OFFICERS HOUSE PRESIDENTS Pre idenl Neva Marlell Newman Hall Pauline O ' l larc ice.PresidenI Jeanclte Sn tad Sherwooilll ■ OrrclHillc Secretary Marian Herzog Synadelphic Nettie Jean Ross Treasurer Nettie Ross WC-b y House Mice Millikin a(M ici U€ CMcC " P a caaM ALPHA DELTA SIGMA Alpha Delta Sigma is the only pro- fessional advertising honorary on the ( aiiipu . I pperelassnien interested in advertising are hrdiiglu together to work out tangilile ideas and to meet in the a(l erti in ' i field. I ' r( ' si lent: Dick I ' ulver; I iip-PresiHent: Jim Pnitn.T: S,;r ' lar : ]iuk SIum ; Treasurer: Bob Im-.; «,l, : H.iiry Burd. William Cox. H. B. E%.r. l. R. W . J„i,.-. Chas. MilliT. Vernon Mai-- Kfirzic. Clydf Roliinsoii; Grudiiates: Dirk I.Mpii . Jim rarliicr; Seniors: Carlton Appelo, Hill Hill Donley. Boh Karher. Don 1-le m- iii;;. Roiier (;unllier. Alfred Harvey, Bol. Ives. B(dj McCarler, Dick Pulver. Harold Thai. Jack Wilson; Juniors: Bill Christensen. Henry Ferris. Ja, k Shea. Bruce W aller. Presidenl: Dick I ' nKcr. lirsi Ron: Ap|mI„. ( ,,,--cI. . , .„., «,„.: ( hi iMcri-cn. Dnnlcv. I htnl Koiv: Farber, Ferris. Fleming. Ilarvev. I ourth Hon: Ives. I.vons. McCarler. I ' artner. I lith Ron- Shea. Thai, Waller, Wilson. The AiiK ' riciin Institute of (ilicinical Kii ineers i an or-iaiiizatioii to alfili- ate jituclents of cliemiial enjiint ' erinj: and to advance fellowship and tech- nical trainini; in the fiehl. President: Neill C. 0 lr;iii(liT; I ice-President: Harry S. Yaplee; Secretary : Lauraiice H. Mo- Ewen; Treasurer: Milton Lewis; Advisor: Pro- fessor W. L. Beuschlein; Members: Graduates: Arvid Aiiilersoii. Melviii Flint. Verne Loop. J. Rolvin Petrie: Seniors: Robert Ball. Gordon Bonhani. Lyif Bushy. Ben Butler. Zane Carey. Louis Chri ten. Robert Connolly. Edgar Dalbey. ayne Dykkestan. Robert Evans, James Earns- worth. Harold Greenfield, Ivor James, Frank Jones. Norman Ketzlach. Milton Lewis. Eugene Loop. Hal Maddock. Charles Matthaei. Lauranoe MeEwen. John McKinnell. Neill Ostrander. Cy- rus Richardson. Dixon Schively. John Scott, Tom .Secrest, Carl Siegerl, Cecil Turnquist, Car- ter WatsoM. Harry Yaplee: ]iiniors: Neil Ander- son. William Brinklev. John Chittenden. Leslie Clark, Maurice Davies. Richard Donelson. Gil- bert Drowley. Jay Erikson. Eugene Franz. Wil- liam Gaiser. Robert Gilardi. Ira Glass. John Groesch. B. Haas. Howard Herrigel. William Home. John Huebenlhal. John Hulsell. Robert Johnson. Farrar Kincaid. l)enni Matthews. Guy McFarland. Ed McMackin. Ed Merrill. Robert Milkey. Ernest Mock. Wilniarth Moolz. Ken Mulvaney. Tom Nicholson. Daniel Pastell. Gale Peterson. N. Peterson. John Potter. Kenneth Prestrud. Clair Reeves, iesley Ringstad. Philip Robinson. Don Sewell, Randolph Smith. Glenn Spriggs. Stork. Henry Toellner. Jim Truitt, Jack Voeks, David Whyte; Sophomores: Richard Bechtold. K. Bergston. Leonard Crate, D. Er- bright. Carl Fa Ik. Richard Flickinger, John hitch. Harry George. James (Joheen. R. Spencer Hogg. Charles Howard. Frederich McMillen, Charles McNutt, Tom Naylor, Earl Oliver. " Willis .Sandholte, V. Swanson, Peter Way. AMERICAN INSTITUTE OF CHEMICAL ENGINEERS 9 C f i0 f C l££i ' l President: Neill C. Ostrander. First Roiv: Anderson. Ball, Bonhara. Brinkley. Busby. Second Rotv: Butler. Carev. Chittenden, Connolly, Crate. Third Roic: Dalbey. Evans, Falk, Farns- worth. Kranz. Gilardi. Greenfield. Fourth Roiv: James, Johnson, Jones. Ketzlach, Lewis, Loop. V. Loop. Fifth Ron: Maddock. M.iltba.i. McEwen, McFarland. Mock. Mootz. Nickolson. Si.t( i Rote: Peterson. Poller. Kicbar.l-on. Hi.binson. . ' chively. Seventh Row: Scott, Secrest, Siegerl. Smith. Toellner. Fiuhth Ro„: Irnill. Tnriupii-I. ul-. ri. if i Ron: ' ay. Yaplee. AMERICAN SOCIETY OF MECHANICAL ENGINEERS riic liHlt ' nl Itrancli of the Ameri- liin Soriety of IMccliiinical Kiijii- neers at Washington foundt-d in 1 )I7 to |)roin(»te social and profes- sional intercoiirst among its meni- liers; to achance engineering ?ch(dastic and |irofes ional stand- ards: and severally and in coopera- tion with other entjint-erin " ; soci- eties lo hroaden the nsefnines profession. Ilie enjiineerin C.hfiirniiin : Wuller L. Carlson; J ' ice-Chair- iTKin: l.loyil Hull: Sprrclary-Trpasiirer: Oli- er Latter; r iriilty Adrisor: I.. H. Cooper; ,nitluiiles: Htrlierl W. Carlton. Oarth Dick- en-. rlrii (rooduin; Seniors: Clinlon Ben- iH ' Il. Ct ' Mt ' Bennett. Leonard Bonifaci. Walter Carl-oM. Harvey Chrijtensen. Henry Clausen. William Clark. Donald Dean. Dean Duffy. Join. Knfinian. Mo .l Hull. W ar l Kemp. Lor- eiiz l.aal . Oliver l,a IiT. Richard l.oltes, Dave McCurdy. Charles McOmher. Walter No ak. t ' aul O ' Reilly. Charles Pohl. James Stuart. Harlen Smith. Wayne Van Winkle. Harrv W .„ kler. Jolui W i 1 I i ., ni - ; .Inninrx: Roherl llumphre . W alter John.on. Harry l.iinhll. Jack W yaril. l-ran. is l)ra e . Charles Houe; S„i,liom„rrs: Harold Broomell. Clif- ford Conllorl. Warren Dean. John Dolloff. W.lli.i... l-ireN: hr, ■.),„„■„: Irviiij; Neu-ihin. W illiam Shipuian. I ' resideni: Walter Carlson, l-irsl Hi,,, : lie. unit, l!o..ifaci. ( :l.ristensen. Srciid Ron : Clausen. Clark. Dea... Third How: Dolloff. Duffv. Kncinan. Howe. Hull. Fourth Hon: e, . Kc.p. l.aal . latter. hiflh Ho,r: l.. lte-. McOnil..-r. ensillin. Novak. O ' Reilly. .S w ; Hoir: I ' ol.l. .... W i..kl,-. W ack- ter, W illiams. AMMONII SOCII inadt ' II | i Ainnioiii i Sor chemital tMij;intti and (•licmi l . The or anizalidii inomol »■ jiood icll(i lii| and l ' nrlli( ' r tlic Micial actix ili of il iiicmlHTs. Presiileni: I irMv Minard : ] ir,.-l ' ivsi,lvnl: Hal Ma.ldork: S, ' vreti,ry-Tr, ' asurrr: liill Le»i : Faciitiv: VroL W . L. HoiiM-lilriii. Dr. R. . MdiilKin: (,ni hii,les: A. A. tiiI.i-cmi, Melvin Fliiil. erne k. Loop. J. Rol in I ' f- Irie. Ri.liaril C. .Slorkan: .Seniors: Boh Hall, Dou? Bale.-. Zane Care). Boli Coiinolh. Ed l)all)e . Bob Evan-. Jim Haiiiillon. Iver James. Claude Johnson, Frank Jones. Bill Lewis. Milton Lewis. Eugene Loop. Hal Mad- do( k. J(din MeKinnell. Lawrence MiEweii. Harve Menard. Neill Ostrander. Cy Richard- son. Tom .Secresl. Hugh Sheridan. Uixon I ' . .Shiveh. Ce. Harry Yaplei McMackin. L Ken Mulvane il Turnquist, Carter Watson. •; Juniors: Neil Anderson. Ed eroy Minor, Thornton Mock. y, Tom Nicholson. r f % jf Vresidenl- llar c% Mcianl. lust K«n : nderson. Ball. Bates. .Sero irf Koi : Carey. Connolly. DalI.ey. Third Row: Evans. Jame-. Johnson. Jones. B. Lewis, rourtli Hon: M. Lewis. E. Loop. . Loop. Mad- dock. McEwen. nfth liou: Moik. Niiholson. Ostrander, Richardson. .Secrest. Sixth Ron: Sheridan, ShivclcN. Tiirri.ini-I. Wal-on. t apiee. INSTITUTE OF AERONAUTICAL SCIENCE Tlic Iii titnlf of tli« ' A T«»naii- tical Sciences was orjiaiiized to [troniulc llie a |» |» I i ca t i on of science to the (le elo|iinent of aircraft. «: im mfs m I ' fV ' |-;- ' Chairnwn: Carl HoMilzcll: icM.hmr- ninn: Jci-i-pli SiiUcr; Svirflnry-Treiisurer: I ' ri-il Waili-: Senior Rrpn ' st ' iiliilitc: Ray Oli .T: Junior K ,.rcs. ' i « i .- Jack Kel- -all: rarnllv Ulvisor: Mr. . J. Martin: Seniors William l!.in(h. (ic.MH.- I!arll.-it. Ri.iiaM li.altif. (;.Mirf;. IJurklieiiiicr. Jaiiir- (airnwalli. i 1 1 i a m Colter. Carl Hdhlitz.ll. Uiii Klein. JaMie I.oiiie. Einar I.UM,l(|iii t. W a Mare McLaughlin. Dale Myer . WHodrow Ni UarieM. I.ynn 01aM)n, Ray Oliver. Rol.ert Riflpway, Jo epli Suiter. arrcn SwaUMin. Willis in-on. Ired ii aite. Davi.l Whitlow; Jiiniiirs: Duane Acheson. Joseph . ndrews, Joseph lieiie .ra. James Blarkahy, Wally Ho;;art. Koliert Brown. Arnold Cohen, Henry Cole. F;d«ard Franz. Bernard Crat- zer. Janu ' s Joiie-. Jack Kel-all. William Koch. Rohert l.,(hner. Ridiard l.ederer. Cordon l.ind-kop;. Brian MiUonousjh. Raiololph I ' re-lon, Rohert Reynolds. Viil- liani KiMicinian. Kin Sack.. Frank Ter- rall. Kennclh Tlior-..n. 1 rclcri, Tilus. Thomas Turner. Rowland WaNon. Roy Yip. I ' rosidenl: Carl llolditzell. sf Ran: ndrcw-. BarlKll. Bcallie. Henezra. .Se,o» Ron: Blackah Burkheimer. Carnwath. C.hen. Thtnl K.m: C(de. Colter. 1 rariz. Kelsall. Klein. 1 echrnr. I.wrlh Hon l.undquisl. McDonon h.;;hlin. Myers, iskanen. (lla-on. liflh Ii«u: ()li er. I! i d » a % . Sull.- .Swanson. .S1.V 1 {on: Turner. iiison. Waite. Watson. Setenlh l{ iiv: Whitlow. i|i. 3S4 PA N XENIA P ' ii Xcnia incinlM ' rs arc junior ami .sfiiiors of liijjh scliolarsli i p with a major interest in foreifiii trade. Pur- poses of Pan enia are to promote foreifin trade, to lietter international eonnnereial relati((ns. and to further lii h ideals and improved business .1 E% ■Presideiil: ■iiirer: M President : Ri Myron Little; I ' roppe; Historian: Keith Brown; Student Mem- bers: David Altiadeff. Robert Allen. Rirli;ird Berner. Ro al Bi -hee. u ne Brand. Ilarluell Bressler, Keith Brown, Joseph Cutler. Richard Evans, Don Fleming, Henry Eraser, Harry Fin- ney. Belmore Frol. Paul Groke, Edward Gruhle, Gerald Gukenheim, Alvin Hageii, Bert Hasset- herg. Robert Harding. Jon Hardl. illiani Hay- den. Will Humphri.-.. iiilliani J.diaiineseu, George Knowle.. M ron Little. William Mark- ri( li. Ian McConnaehie, . ' laidey McDonald. Styr- niir Proppe. Darrell Sanders. Robert Schnoor. ja.k Shea. Janie, Snil ler. William Sla ey. Sta e. lleiir Ta lor. Da% id T c. Dick Turnell. Paul Turner. Win Warren. John W liri. © r ' jA. r- O ' P P O f P ir ik i i fir«r Roic: Allen, Berner, Bisbee. Brand. Brown. Cutler. Second Roti: Fleming, Finney. Fraser. Frol. Gruhle, Gukenheim. Third Ron: Hagen. Hasselberg. Harding. Hardt. Hayden. Himiphries. Fourth Row: Joluinneseii. Knowles, Markri. h. McDonald, nflh Row: Proppe, Sanders. Schnoor. Shea. S1.V 1 Rote: .Snitzler. Stacev. Stave. I ' -c .S,.rc(i i Ron: I iirncll. 1 m ncr. Warren. AMERICAN INSTITUTE OF ELECTRICAL ENGINEERS I ir i li,,H . Ivli to ndii: l,l..v,l Kilicll. Srnol.l Har- iiKiii. Mill. .11 HrockiiKiii. i::irl lulu. la. Rav IVlri.h. lliMMjn , ' I-Mn. Rol,,Tt Dnlllrx. I ' rnl,.--,,r I!. E. I, iiidlil. ,111. .•,■,.„, «,.„. ,■ In rifihl: J„liii Mi Ilk, Ml a. WanI Hanilari. liill W ilkiri- Kn„-l C.vrrnr. .|„ll,. M, l),,iial,l. H.n I ' ,mI,t-, ' .i. Ka.i .la,,, I,-. ;,„ , How. Irll In ri-l,l: K,luar,l Klli-. -laii.l ()v,tI, . Ja,k M,In- l n-. I)i n lie. Slaiy Si. J,,liii, Gordon Win?or. The American Institute of Kleelrical Kn ineer i? urbanized lu |iroiiiole iiil re t in the theory and practice of electrical engineering, and the encouragement of further affiliation with the A.I.E.E. Officers: Chmrmim: Rolierl I). l), iil, ' ; li( --(:iuiirmiin: Heiiiiiiis; V. Nelson; Secrelury-Treasnrer: Raynuiiul 0. I ' etrich; Fnciiitu Counselor: Professor R. E. Lindlilom; Members: Ben Bain, Milton Brocktnaii. David Brown, Sidney Cornelius. Roliert Donley. Lloyil Elliott. Ed Ellis, Bill Faris. Ernest Green, Arnold Harmon. W ar,l Harmon, R. V. Harris. Don Hepp, Roger Holt, Ivan Ja,i l, . W illard J„liri.,„i. Carl Jiiliola. Ivan Lee. John M,Donald, Jack Milntyre, Rolierl MiiNeil. John Minkema, Robert Mitchell. Henning Nelson, J,,e O ' Hearon, Stan Overby. Ray Pedersen, Robert Peters, Ray Pe- irich. Jack Reddie, Gene Rogers. Ken Schmoe, Stacy St. John. Joe Slein. Gordon Strandberg, Ernest Thompson, Art True, John Ward, John Wedel. Bill Wilkinson, Gordon Winsor. Don Wvlie. ALPHA KAPPA PSI r First Row: . ' Mkeii. Clianibers. Engman. I erri . ( u lalM ii. Halg Farlane. R. McFarlane, Mr(;uinness, Partner, Running, .Sandeli Alpha Kappa Psi is a professional fraternity for students in conunerce with high scholastic standing. Its pur- poses arc to further the indivi lual welfare of its members and to foster scientific research in commerce. President: Ben B. Lindsay; I ' ice-President: (George A. Knowles; Secretary: Richard W. McFarland; Treasurer: James F. Chambers. r acuity: Stephen D. Brown. William E. Cox, Carl S. Dakaii. Dorial.l II. Ma.kenzi,-. Ilowar.l H. Martin. Charl.s J. Mill.r. crnon . Muml. Macy M. Skinner. Harry F. Smith. l llbrick-on; (;raduntc: James Partner; Seniors: Robert ik,ii. Jam, ' Chamber . Rov (ins- talsoii. Walter Harrison. Laurence Howard, Wendell Howard, Ma- -oM Jones. Ben Lindsay. Fred MacFarlane, Edward Martin, Phillip Running, W illiam Sterling, John Sweet, Henry Taylor. Paul Tur- n.r: Juniors: Mark Carter. Harold Engman. Hcnrv I erriss. Peter ll.ilgr..ii. (;eorge Knoules. .So,, ,»morp.s : KichacI .McFarland. John MiCninness. Ramsev Sandelin. BETA ALPHA PSI First {oil : ik ii. C;irl m. l ' r;i er. B. I ' lol. C. I ' lol. Hull. Martin. Second Ron : I ' llcr-iui. Riuid. SalVliom. Slraulial. Slerliiif:. Thomas. Beta Alpha Psi is an aocountinji lioin)rary wliirli aims to promote the study of aceoiiuting, to act as a me- dium hetween professional men anil the memliers. and to develop high moral, scholastic, and professional ethics of its menihers. President : Edward Sl()l enherf;; Secretary-Trettsiirer: Mason Jone ; Members: Robert Aiken. Robert Burn . Elviii Carlson, Bryee Ells, Henry Eraser. Belmore Frol, Cyril Frol. Richard Fiillerton. Joseph Hassoii, George Hull. Mason Jones. Ernest Martin. Richard Peasley. Howard Peterson, Arnold Ruud, William Safstrom. Leo Sheehan, Roger Skarston, Charles Strauhal, William Sterling. Edward .Stotsen- berg, Richard Swift, Paul Thomas. GAMMA ALPHA CHI Anderson. Baglt ' . Herg(|uist. Feek. La Paugli. Lindse . Thomas. ( amma Alpha Chi is the national women ' s ad erlis.iii r hoiutrary which furthers the interest of ad ertisin{] and ser es as a link hetween the theoretical and |»raclical aspects of the profession. President: l.ida La I ' augh; ice-President: Pegg Lindsey: Secre- tary: Sherlie Ander ui. Treiisnrvr: Fern Bagley: l{r,H,rler: Shirii Thoma-: Memhers: Norma Berg(|ui-t. Helen leek. LAMBDA RHO Feek. MikImx. Tri.-,li. W ;ilkiii-lKi«. W iU.i Pledjjint: to Lainlxla Klio honor:- women with u InH■ial arli ti ahility. having a general " B " average for at least five qnarters. and recommended hy the art faculty. Preaiihiil: Hil.ii Lenore Feek; ] icvl ' residvnl : Winona MacKen- zie; Sf rf t(ir : I ' alricia Davi ; Treasurer: Mary Stuart Wilson: Memhers: Patriria Davis. Helen Feek. Pally Houck. Peggy Jjindsey. W MarK.nzie. Eleanor Mayne. (lele Triesih. Valerie Walk- inslunv. Mary Sliiart Wil-on. Fiiriilry Sinmsor : Kutli Pennington. MU PHI EPSILON l!ralru,l. Durning. Mcl.eod. PelerM.n. Rader. -le Mil Phi Kp ilon aims to recognize scholarship and iniisicianshi|) and to promote friendship with it mem- bership in the field of music. I ' rrsidvnr. Mary Durning; i irr-Presiilent: S K ia liralrnil: He,,r.i. inf! Secretary: (renevieve Bradley; dorresfnituliiti Srcrelnry lie- relia .Slroessler: Treasurer: Rulli MiI.eod: Historian: Ro-aniund Hirschorn; lamlly: Irene lio-lwirk. Miriam Terrv ;rolli. Helen Hall. Ilaz.d (;erlriide Kin cella. Kathleen Munro. I.oui-e an Ogle. Florenre W il-on. Fditll Woodro.k: (, ra,t uat r -. : Ma h.lli ll.irri- Pre-le . Marjorii- Clerni Dongia-. liernie.e Stu-.i. nn.i S.dl Clond: Seniors: Cenex ieve Bradley. .Sylvia Bralrud. Mar Durning irginia 1 ar«ell. R.i-amiind Hirsriiorn. Imogene llorslex. Ruth M leod. Dorothy Ma.(;regor. .Sallie Moore. Mherla Jean »)l-on. katl erine Peterson. Phyllis Rader. Ce.elia Slroe--ler. Mildred Towi -einl. Pelr Ma Rentir.g. OMICRON NU Bowen. (:ol)l . Cridclle. I):ikaii, I)i|Iiiii:im. I-ill . Hallin. Joluiiiiixiii. Siiiilli. ()niicr(iii Nil national lionic ' C(m()ini( honorary aim.-- to proinolf s( ' holarslii|). leadership ami research in the fiehl of lioiiie ecoiioiiiics and to further tlie world wide nio ement of home eeon(»inies. ' resident : Dori llallon: t ire-Presifient : Jane CritMIe; Secretary : Aurora Joliaiiii on; Treasurer: Catlierine Colil); Ediliir: Emma Jane Dakaii; Facility .tdrisur: (Jrace Denny; F a c ii 1 1 v: Jeaniielle BlL.s, Grace D.nnx. Manila Uresslar. Hlamlie Payne. Eftie I. Railt. Jeiniie RnuiUree. Elizalielh Slarr. Clara Storvick. Margaret Terrell; Graduates: Harhara Anderxin. Nani Anne (;()o.llelli)« . a Haw- ihorne, Margaret Kells. IJorotliea Miltz. Jean Swale; Seniors: Cath- erine Cobb, Jane Griddle. Emma Jane Dakan, Joy Dethman, Frances Eitts. Bernice Goldsworthy, Doris Hatlen. Aurora Joliann- son, Dorothy Jean Smith, Sigrid Yeager; Junior: Mary Elizabeth Bowen. PHI CHI DELTA Sexsmith Nies Phi Chi Delta i.- organized to prctmote closer Christian fellowship among Preshyterian women students and to develop leaders for the church of tomorrow. It is under the sponsorship of the Westminister Foundation. Officers: [ ' resident: Ruth Gro... ; i ice-President: Marlba ' icung: C.haitliiin: Joyce Nies; Secretary: Colleen ales; Treasurer: Naii Sexsniilh; Historian: Evelyn MacDonald; Sponsors: Mrs. Earl W. Benbow, Miss Jeanelle Bliss: Patronesses: Mrs. I.. Murray Grant. Mrs. Victor Scheffer. Mi-- Ruth Sherrill: llonorars Miss Effie I. Raitt. Mr-. J. K. Guberlcl; (iradiiales: Kobcrla Dodil-. Betty Hauthoriie. Jean Reeder. Bettv e!)b; .Seniors: Shirley Clem- erison. Rulli Cros.-. Ruth ( ouldin. Sylvia l.angdon. Lois Leahy. Mar- jorie Marinakos. Joyce Nies. Shirley Tuggle, Martha Young; Juniors: Betty Carey, Virginia Houts, Evelyn MacDonald, Margaret Morgan. llelcM Siott, Nancy Sexsmith, Colleen Yates; Sophomores: Bettie Askell, Lois V]oe. Jean Lamoreux, Charlotte Maxwell. Doro- thy Steele, Elaine Stevens, Marcia Stevens. Marcia Swale. Charlotte Young; Pledges: Shirley Blekkink. Belly Deul-cb. Beverlv Jane K.llogg. I.„i Parker. irginia Sunnner-oii. Belly Jean Wil-on. PHI MU GAMMA s ' „, .■». I!, ln|.. . : ,k,T . Ini.T. Uier. ,nn,l R„n: l!.i,k. H„«. •. W.inrii. Phi IMii (ianima iiit ' inhers are cliosen for tlieir (nt tan(lin : contrilmtioii in tlif field of drama. Its ])urj)ose is to honor antl further artistie perfection. I ' rcsidi ' iil: Helen Marie Breiiium; ) i e- Vpv(V e;ir : Je.iiine Baliner: Secri ' tiiry : Pop| Agnew : Treasurer: Marj(»rie Sarren; Historitin : Marceiia iiern : Seniors: Poppy ' u ' . l.iirraine Baglc . Helen Marie lireriiiaii. Margaret Milne. Marjorie Warren. Mareena Woe, Junior: Jearnie liahner: l ' le,li:es: Jane nn rker-. Mariana Bier. Miriam l!i,-li(.|.. Laurie Buek. I ' hitly Cliarll.iri. rlene Howden PI ALPHA firs? Ron: Bipliam. Bisliee. Boelime. Bollinc. Cailv. Cre.l. l)avenp(.rt. Se,on,l Hon: l.adil. lauhvif:. Miehaek I ' iek. IMlIiTi;:. Staeey. riie purpose of Pi Alpha is to promote understanding uilli the P " ar l!asl and ihe study tliereof. Mend)er- hip is liased on high sthohistie staudiu-: and aptiludi . Mendiers are tdeeled primarily from major.s of the department. Ojjicers: President: Bill Starey; I ice. P resilient: R( al Bi-liee: SperK.r. (ieorjie Ta l r. Dr. W illi lon. .Seniors: Royal Bishee. Jon Secreturu: Roberl Boelime; Tretisnrer: Beverly Bollinf;: Members: is I ' iek. Norma I ' illini:; Jnniors: Robert Boelime. Beverly Faculty: Kli .abelli Baeon. Tsn-Yins Ch ' eli. Willielmine Creel. Mr. Bollinj!. Itoln ' rl Davenporl. Ktliel Ka tner: .So i ioniores : l.yn.lell Gershevsky. Herl.erl (;o van. I ' lanz Miel.ael. Virginia I ' re M n. Ivar l.mhsig. Bill .Slaees ; hreslinien: icioria Higliani. M.irj.ns Cads. PI LAMBDA THETA First Ron: Hrilrii BleirhniT. CliilliMili. Oiirnin . Kitl . Srrni, Row: I.ealn. Miirli S,|„.M.k. W .-. Pi Lambda Tlicta is an honor so- ciety for women in the field of edncation. Its pnrposes are to foster profession- al spirit, scholar- ship, to encour- age graduate work, and to stimulate re- search in educa- tion. Officers: President: Harriet Wyse; Viie-Presidenl : Mary SiIuiK U ; Recordini: Secretary: Betty Bleichner; Corresponding Secretary: Sylvia Bratrud; Treasurer: Frances Fitts; Faculty: Harriet Batie. I)r. Alice Haycleii. Elizaheth Jenks. Kathleen Leahy. Prof. Elizaheth Soule; Graduates: Alma Armstrong. Sylvia Bratrud. Lucille Carl- son, Katherine I ' ranett. Helen Goode. Anne Goodfellow, Ellen Koh- ler, Marion McCrory, Grace Mehus. .Sallie Moore, Alberta Olson. Frances Owen, Hesper St. John, Mary Schenck, Jean Swale, Betty X alien. Harriet Wyse: Seniors: Betty Bleichner. Kay Ghittendon. Mary Durning, Frances Fitts. Mariem Murfin; Field Members: Caroline Baetke. Kate Bell. Mae Clark, Charlotte Crawford. Martha Dicknian. Florence Dunlap. Jeanette Evans, Helen Fritsche. Pene- lope Goodspeed, Elizaheth Greene. Carmen Gueffroy, Carol House, Elsie Kansala, Marcella Lawler, Betty McFarland, Esther McKer- cher. FVances Merrynian, Jane Montgomery. Emilie Peaslee, Irene Pulkrahek, Nancy Roherts. Aileen Smith. Helen Sohlberg. Florence Sw. PHI MU CHI - First Koic: Creelman. lloyer. Levenson. McClenny, Millspaugh. Second Row: Nowak, Sackmann. Schmidt, Thompson. Phi iMu Chi promotes a high scholarship, an interest in medicine and greater spirit of unity among premedi- cal students. Membership requirements are upper class standing and a grade point minimum of 3.1. President: Raymond Millspaugh; I ' ice-Presidvnl : Hill lloyer: Sec- retary-Treasurer: Richard Sackman; Faculty: Dr. J. M. Dille, Ur. W. Dehn. Dr. C. A. Hannum. Dr. A. W. Martin. Dr. F. R. Norris. Dr. J. S. Rankin. Dr. T. G. Thompson. Dr. J. L. Worcester: Gradu- ates: Earl Larrison. Leslie Paul. AH Pederson, Joseph Trainer: Seniors: Ronald Dartnall. Bill Hoyer. William Krippaehne. Lind- sey. McClenny. Raynioiul Millspaugh. Del Nowak. Richard Sack- man, Wes Thompson; Juniors: Bruce Bushard. Earnest Creelman. Edwin Hammerlund. Robert Levenson, Fred Maire. James Moceri, John Nesbitt, Norman Rickles. Donald Schmidt, David Zisco. SIGMA DELTA CHI (;r:ivps. (;r..ime . H irHiiif:. MnrK;iy. Morello. Miiin. Sihroeder. Thai. Sifinia Delta Chi lionors tliose male students who sliow the greatest |)romise in the ])r()fession of jonrnalism predicated on their scholastic standing, character and aptitnde. President: Wally McKay; Vice-President: Marlowe Hartung; Sec- retary: Mark Muin: Treasurer: Roger Bye: Seniors: Roger Bye. Marlowe Harliing. S ally MacKay. Ted Morello. Mark Muin: Harold Thai: Juniors: Russell Braley. alK (;raves. Jack Greene- wald. GordoTi (;reiMif . Russell H(dt. Duiclil Schear, Eugene Sihroeil.r. SIGMA EPSILON SIGMA I.rll to ri hl: Sheldon. Jnne-. Buck. Kngland. Sigma Epsilon Sigma encourages and promotes high scholarship among freshmen women in all hranches of learning. Memhership requirements include a 3.,t gratle average for the freshman year. President: Janice Sheldon: ] ' ice-President: Ami Shanafidt: Treas- urer: Laurie Buck: Secretary: Mlhea Jones; Historian: Sall Eng- lanil: Juniors: I ' eggy Bailey. Marcia Castle, Betty Cooper, Iniogene Coughlin, Edith Floyd, Lillian I ' ord, Marian Geisendorfer, Merce- des Greenwood, Mary Haig, .Shirley llaniillon. Meverlv llarlulg. Joan fLavel. Patricia Hedrick. Julia Hills. Naiicv Kerr. I ' AeKn Lord, liarhara Lynn.n. Winona McKen ie. Shirl.-N Ouen. L.nraine IVler- son. Porter. Louise Rohinsori. l.oniM- Srlnnidl. Ilel.i, S, ,,||. nn Shanafelt. Janice Shehhni. Carol Smith. Louise Taylor. Vir- ginia Tavlor: .S„,, ,„ Edith Anlon-en. Barl ara tkin on. nn liean.lin. Laurie Buck. Marie Carroll. Miriam Corner. Mary E. Davis. Sally England. Jane Eisher, Eugenia llouM.n. licalrice It a. KathlcM JolniMm. Althea Jones. Josephine K.rr. Ueva Kclzlach. Snzamii ' Lindsay, irginia Maus. nn Reminglmi. I»,.r..llix Hood, la e Si. John. Marjorie Schem k. JancI Shcedv. Huliv Siroin-lcad. Xnn.i Timh ers. Betl Tolland. ( .illnrim- I mpli.rv. Nellie W ' asson. SIGMA ETA CHI First Row: Bhinchor. C.;iriio. Cuiiniiigliam, Edmonds. England, Franklin. Erati-r, Haggeii. SecoiiJ Kohj: Ilickox, Jel ' fery, Kalin, Kohler, Osgood. I ' ugsley. Snyder. Sigma Eta (Ihi ' s jxirpose is to form a special group among girls of (Congregational | referenoe. in wliieli spiritual development may advance in harmony with education in order that the women of the church of the future may he hotli hroadminded and loyal. President: Martlia Edmonds; Vice-President: Luella Haggen; Sec- retary: Isabelle Frater; Treasurer: Miriam Carne; Seniors: Shirley Blancher, Martlia Edmonds, Isabelle Fraler, Luella Haggen, Phyllis Small. Loualta Vogel ; Sophomores: Miriam Carne, Sally England, Jean Franklin, Peggy Heiforl, Martha Hi«ko . Annalielle kalin. Catherine Jeffery. Virginia Marlatt, Jule Marty. .laniie Miller, Ro- berta Pugsley. Barbara Snyder. Catherine Umphrey; Freshmen: Gail Cunningham, Mary Lou Kohler, Dolores Osgood. THETA SIGMA CHI First Row: Anderson, Bagley, Bergquist, Carpenter, Lamb, La- Paugh, Millikin, Sec- ond Roic : Parker. Ross. Smith, Swanson. Thomas, Torrance. The |) of Theta Sigma Phi is t(t unite women whose conuiion interest is writing. Along with the active alumnae group Theta Sigma Phis sj onsor each year the famous cil)-wi(le ! Talri tahle. President: Norma Bergquist; I ice-President: Lola LaPaugh; Sec- retary: Hazel Millikin; Treasurer: Barbara Lamb; Archivist: Jean Parker; Seniors: Sherlie Anderxin. Fern Bagley. Norma Berg(|uist. Oollie Carpenter. Barbara Lamb. Lola LaPaugh. Hazel Millikin. Jean Parker, Margaret Swanson, Shirli Thomas; Juniors: Betiv Ross, Carol Sniilb. iin Ta b.r. Virginia Taylor. Ebena Torrance. ZETA MU TAU ' ' Z Ck s in p f f PC -. ' jf ■s ' i c P Hliii If - ' a o o f C) . .- ;y; J 4 K K 4. vwi .,. m yiAd . A 1 First Rou-: Amende, Benezra., Brorkman. Brugman, Christoflers. Comeaux. Dupar. (Jreenfield. Howe. Humphrey. Secotul Rmt : kilz- lach. M. Lewis. W. Lewis. Linn, Loop, MeEwen, Mclntyre. Mock, Mugg, Oliver, Petrich. Third Row: Poison. Potter. Stanley, Sultir. Trnill. Tnrnqnisl. inson. Whitlow, aplee. Tilt ' j»iir|i ise of Zeta Mil Tau as an iinder raduatt ' mathematics honorary is to stimulate interest in pure and a|»|(lie(l matliematies. with tlie further aim of f(»sterin ' ; frien(lslii|) and fcHowship among students. Vrv ( c;i : Ka Oliver; I ice-Pn-. ' iiilrnl: Ka I ' riricli: S,, ; • „; : S -,.ll AmeiHl.-: Tre.isurer: David Whillou; l „i,lni : Dr. Mary E. Haller. Dr. R. M. Winger. Dr. A. K. Carpenter; (,rml,inl - : Bettv llawlln.rne. Mihori Kells. Verne Loop. Loren Nell. Frames Owen. Harold I ' lank; Seniors: Sc.lly nieinle. Milton Brorkman. ■« illiani lirugnian. Harrv C h r i M o tie r . Hnr-I Clark. Conn-anx. Martha Ellen Graham. Harold t; r (■ ■ ii I i e I d. Norman ketzlach. Riehard Laster. Milton Lewi-. % i I I i a ni l.ruis. Fred Linn. James l.oni. ' . Lanram-,. M Eweii. Jack Mrlmyre. alenliiie Nelson. Rav Olason. Ray Oliver, Ray Petrich. J. RoKin Pelrie. Rolorl l ' ol on. John Potter, James Pyper, Rohert Stanley. Joseph Sutter, tlecil Turnquist, Willis Vinson, John Wedel, William Wilkinson. Harry aplee: Juniors: Joseph Benezra. Robert Borsl. Rohert Br pwii. Imogene Coughlin, I ' Vank Dupar, Jay Erikson, Homer Hadlev, i|. liam Home. Charles Howe. Rohert Humphrey, Richard Jackson, Ed Merrill, Ernest Mock, Arthur Mugg, Stanley Overhy, Don Pelerscni. Clair Reeves, Virginia Mae Sunimerson, Rohert Thirlwell. Jame- Trnitt. Jack Voeks. Carl Walske, David Whyte; Sophomorps: Ken. mill mlcr-oM. Koh.rl iggers. 1 ' i -.a l J : ' % aU ■♦%% S-. 5 o - C j3 C 2 D PQ H s FOR(;iN(;S play one of the earliest and most important roles in the drama of war ... a fact realized by Isaacson Men and Women. The Spirit that has won for them all the coveted Merit Awards and the vast improvements in methods and equipment will . . . when Vic- tory is won . . . turn to the production for winning the Peace. You can be sure Isaacson I ' orgings will then again assume their role in the drama of American Peacetime Industrv. rile new Jorfst ' iiscn location fills the iiecil for food s ' rvi« ' c cffalcil 1) a fj;n ' aliT |io| ii1ali(iii in llic Uiii- rsitv District. Specializing in . . . ORIGINAL DANISH COOKIES HOME-MADE SPAGHETTI • CRISP CREAM WAFFLES " ir icrc (JiKilily anil Si ' rvi f Kxicls " FIRST AVENUE AT UNION FIFTH AVENUE OFF PIKE THIRD AVENUE OFF MARION SIXTH AVENUE AT PINE FOURTH AVENUE AT STEWART WESTLAKE AT MERCER EAST 45th AT UNIVERSITY WAY INDEX A Ackiiowlc.lfiincnts . . . 380 A.lclphi 337 A.l.lphi Mixer .... 110 .Vdiiiiiiistration .... 21 Ailniinislrat ors .... 25 Advert isiiif; 365 Alpha Chi (»nief;a ... 257 Alpha Delta Phi . . . 283 Alpha 1) ha I ' i . . . . 258 Alpha Delia .Si-ina . . 350 Alpha Kpsilon I ' hi ... 259 Alpha (;aimTia Delta . . 260 Alpha kappa I ' si . . . 356 Alpha Omicron Pi ... 261 Mpha Phi 262 Upha Phi ... 284 Alpha lau (tnicfia ... 285 Alpha Xi 1). Ita .... 263 American Instiliite of Chemical Knf;ineers . 351 American Institute of Electrical Eiifiineers . 356 American .So ietv of Mechanical Kiifjineers . 352 Aiinnonii Socii .... 353 Apple Corps Heads . . 39 Ap|)le Picking . . . 42-43 Arniv Meleorolofiv . . 163 Army ROTC .... 152-157 Artillery 154 A. S. U. W 31-40 A. S. U. W. (Officials . 32, 33 Athletics 177-250 Aii-stin Hall 316 A W S 49-56 AWSCahiiiet .... 50,51 AWS Committees . . 52-56 AWS Officers . . . 50.51 B Band 132 Basehall 219-222 Basket ha 1 1 .... 193-200 Baskelhall. Intramural . 237 Beta Ali)ha Psi .... 357 Beta Gamma Sigma . 60 Beta Theta Pi ... . 286 Bi- W Chil) 335 Blaine Hall 317 Board of Student Finance 36 Boards, Student .... 36 Bookstore Board . . . 37 Boxing 232 Boxing. Intramtiral . . 240 c Cadet Ball .... 198. 109 Cadet Officers Association . . . . 170 Campus .Associations . 333-348 Camj us Clean-up . . 44. 45 Campus Christian ( " otincil 342 (]am|)us Dav 40 Candids " . . . 46. 47. 100. 148. 149. 278. 282. 313. 314. .324 Certificate inners (Scholarship! ... 63 We ' ve Qroum Up,,. From the old Chcm Shack back of Denny Hall to our present location on the " Ave. " — your Book Store has kept pace with the University . . . kept growing up. We ' ve increased in size, added new lines oflmerchan- dise and new departments to the usual text books and notep aper. And just see what happened to our sales — ours because student ovvners share in the profits through yearly rebates. Today, indeed, your Book Store $400,000 is one of the largest and most successful iollege YOUR UNIVERSITYTBOCK STORE tores in the world! $300,000 32|5,000. Started icithout capital in 1900 if From earnings has built up a ne t ivorth of Has total sales of over $9,000,000. ir Owns present building and stock Has returned $90,000 in Reh s ■ Pays student help over $3|X000 annually, if Is controlled by students jnc faculty. if Is operated for yoir convenience and economy. UNIVERSITY P ' ■fe BOOK STORE Oicncd and Operated by Students of University 4326 University Way MElrose 3400 $200,000 $100,000 IM ' 1910 1930 1940 A FRIEND OF THE UNIVERSITY OF WASHINGTON ' ' Campus Queons " Are Some of Uncle !$aiii s Best Helpers! Wakvvisk iiii(K 1,11(1 n liami to lliicle S;im whenever lliey shop or i ook hy hiiyinj: things nuule (lose ;it h;inil! I in po rlii nt ! For I ' reifihl Iriiin- :ire jammed lHil;j uilh military and cixilian -npplir . [ up lo n- to Iveep civilian load- d..ur,! Orescent Manufacturinj; (ainiparn i- proml ihil without hiirdening the lransp M lalioii - -lcm il i in offer the people of the Northwest |n idui|s of pro cn merit. For nearly fifty years the hliie and while Crescent lal.e! ha- I n the - nd.ol of ,pialil . CRESCENT COFFKE • |{ KI (; I ' OWDKK SPICES • FI,AY(»HI (; • MAIM. KINK Chciiiieal W arlar.- 164. 16.S Chi ((iii.-ii 264 Chi Psi 287 Choir 131 Chortis 131 Civilian Protcclioii Scliuol 164.165 Classes 65-99 Columns Business Staff 146 Columns Edit. .rial Staff 144.145 Commanilos 48 Compass and Cliarl 166. 168. 169 Concert Series 134. 135 Contents. Table of 15 Cooperative Association 320 Crew 213-218 D Daily Business Staff 140 Daily Editorial Staff 138,139 Dance Drama 126 Deans 26.27 Deans of Men and Women 30 Debate 128.129 Dedication 4. 5 Delta Chi 288 Delta Delta Delta 265 Delta ( anima 266 Delta Kai.i.a Ej.silon 289 Delta Tati D.lta 290 Delta Ipsilon 291 Delta Zeta 267 Department Heads 28.29 Drama 118-125 E Economics and Business Council 347 Enjjineering Council 347 Enlisted Reserve Corps 156. 157 F Factiltv M. ' dalisls ()2 Fencing; 233 ' She told me she loved me because I was cute— and 4 F. " GOOD LUCK, You Fighting Huskies! MAY WE SERVE YOU WHEN ITS OVER. OVER THERE % w w w f OUR HOME AT EA I i ,il, Mi liHuoKLYN AVENUE UNIVERSITY BRANCH wi f s u The NATIONAL BANK OF COMMERCE OF SEATTLE • M K M H E R FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE C O R 1 ' O R A T I O N A CAMPUS FAVORITE iiotv ill WAR PRODUCTION • FUR THE DIRATION Kiisttn Pipe Company ii? nianufacluriiiji close tolerance. j)rccisioii inacliincil prod- ucts for the «ar effort. KIRSTEN PIPE COMPANY 3120 WESTERN AVENUE SEATTLE, WASHINGTON Equipment and Reagents fo r BIOLOGICAL PHYSICAL CHEMICAI. LABORATORIES S CIENTIFIC UPPLIES CO. ELiot ll:U ]22 Jackson Street SEATTl.K .... 327 Football . . . 181-192 .... 116 .... 150 .... 6. 7 . . . 2:9-312 .... 98 .... 99 G Gamma Alpha Chi .... 357 Gamma Phi Beta .... 268 G a r 1) D a V .... 110 Golf .... 228 Governor .... 22 Governor ' s Day H . . . 154. 155 Handball .... .... 238 .... 323 Honoraries and Profes sionals . . . 349-364 Honoraries ( Service 1 . . . 325-333 .... 348 ' .... 379 hidcpeiideril House Council .... 348 .... 153 Institute of Aeronautical Science .... 354 Int erf rat emit V Council . . . 280. 281 .... 322 . . . 227-240 . . . 234, 235 J .... 94 1)5 " Very moving, but we still have no steak. " DISTRIBUTORS FOR OUTBOARD MOTORS DISTRIBUTORS FOR Wilcox-Crittenden Co., Boat Fittings, Getty Hardware, Columbian Bronze Propellers, Exide Marine Batteries, Fiege Wire Rope Fittings, Trippe Search- lights, Oberdorfer Gear Pumps, Famo Glaze and Fame Wood. ANYTHING MADE OF CANVAS MARINE SUPPLIES OfMPE teM,-S IcOLMANDOCK ( SUN -Pt: JtoJIV A R E ) SEATTLE. WASH. AWNINGS FLAGS COVERS SAILS 371 College-Bred Clothes For Campus . . . come from Martin Eckmann. For more than 24 years we ' ve been the Style Center for the best-dressed men at the University. From Stetsons to socks — with good- looking two-piece suits, colorful sweaters, gay shirts, bright ties. We ' ll outfit you with smart ap- parel for your campus life! martin Eckmann UNIVERSITY STYLE CENTER niO E. 45th -:- MElrose 2250 FUEL OIL QUALITY DEPENDABILITY SERVICE Use Texaco Heating Oil Caff HEMPHILL OIL COMPANY GArfield 1214 WC SUPPLY FRATlRNITItS AND SORORITItS Kappa . lpha Theta Kappa Delia Kappa Kappa (Janinia Kajjpa Sifjma 269 270 271 292 = Lambda Chi Alpha = Lambda Rho = LARGS . . = Law Review = Leary Hall = Lecture Serie.s Livinj; Groups Ma.lrijual Sinj;er.s . . Malaiiiute.s .... Managerial (AJiineil Managers. Intramural McKee Hall .... Medalists (Seholarship Meteorology Military Military Gandids . . Minor Sports Mortar Board . . . Mortar Board Tolo Mu Phi Epsilon . . Music M 293 358 39 150 318 136 31,5-323 . 133 . 331 . 334 . 240 . 319 . 59 . 163 151-170 164-166 227-240 . 326 . 107 . 358 130-135 N Navv Prefliglil 162 av ROTC i «.irii ' Just ignore him and maybe he ' ll go away. " REMEMBER THIS FACE! HE ' S THE BOY THAT SAT NEXT TO YOU IN YOUR ECON CLASS . . . HE ' S FIGHTING NOW; FIGHTING FOR WHAT THAT CLASS STANDS FOR! Kennell-Ellis Your TYEE Photographer New World Life Building Fifth Avenue at Pike Tlianks to asliington Stll(l ' nl for their Generous Patronage V FOUNTAIN CAFE ' Real Food For- Real Proplr 4342 University Wav Nrwmaii Clul. 343 Newiiiiiii liiill 323 Nurs.-s Clul. 346 o Obsla.le Race 237 Omioroii Nii 359 Open House Ill Organizations 251-364 Oval CInh 329 P Panhellei.ic 256 Pan enia 355 Phi Kappa 58 Phi Chi Delta 359 Phi Deha Theta 294 Phi (.annua Delta 295 Phi Kappa Psi 296 Phi Kappa Sigma 297 Phi Kap])a Tau 298 Phi Mu 272 Phi Mu (ianinia 36(1 Phi Sigma Kappa 299 Phi Sigma Sigma 273 Photographers 147 Phrateres 338-340 Pi Al].ha 360 Pi Beta Phi 274 Pie Dessert Ill Pi Ka|.i.a Phi 300 Pi Lamhda 361 Pi Mu Chi 361 Playground Ball 235 Post- War Scholarship 39 7{ e. at Webster- Brinkley Co. oie working day and night, so that fhe privileges of the Amer- ican Educational System — among other liberties — may be maintained. Mnm,U " ' «rf,i and Designer, of t),;k fa. rhinery and Steering Getirs far Arni , Vrti % . and ytaritime Contmifsion hip . GEORGE GUNN. JR ■ 1 WEBSTER-BRINELEY CO ' Damn furriners. " 374 i! ; ' S PRING brings her challenge and inspiration. And each spring we have worked on Tvee it has been with the thought that we are helping to make a finer hook. This new Tvee goes into the world a worthy successor to many fine hooks. We offer our congratulations to the staff on the |»roduction of a Tyee which will challenge the ingenuity of tlioi-c who | io(hice the next ' lyee. ■ DEXTER Co. UNrVERSITY P RINTING COMPANY 4l3:i Lnivcrsily lids JOHN H. REID ROY C. ROSENTHAL MEi.ROSK 0075 The Choice of FIR TREE OVAL CLUB A. S. U. W. AWARDS Pacific Emblem and Mam facturing Co. 407 COLLINS BLDG. 518 Second - Neo James MAin 3541 I ' rrflifilil 162 I ' r.-M.dics Cliil. 346 President 23 President ' s M.dalist 62 Professionals and Honoraries 349-364 Psi ITpsilon 30] Puhlications 137-150 Piil)lic Diseussion 128.129 Piipptlry 127 Purple Sliield 332 Q (, iiarlerniasler ( !nrps 155 •Mieens 171-176 R Rejie n t s 24 Reserves 159 Fiiflerv 233 Hofcre House 321 s Scabhard and Bla le 166. 167 Scholarship 57-64 Scholarship X inners 64 School. Department Heads 28-30 Seniors 68-93 Senior Officers 66 S« ' iiior Radio Show 67 Service Honoraries 325-332 Sifjnia Alpha Epsilon 302 Sifinia Alpha Mu 303 Sigma Chi 304 Sigma Delta Chi 362 Sigma Epsilon Sigma 362 Sigma Eta Chi 363 Sigma Kappa 275 Sigma Nu 305 Sigma Tail Alpha 277 Sigma Xi 59 Signal Corps 153 Skiing 229 Soccer 234 Social Season 105-116 Songfest 114.115 Sophomore Carnival 112.113 Sophomore Officers 96 Sophomore Prominents 97 Sororit ies 255-277 Stinleni Affairs 36 Sinileni i ' .ommillees 36 Student ( iooperative Association 320 PRESSURE TREATED DOUGLAS FIR FOR ALL PURPOSES CREOSOTE CHROMATED ZINC CHLORIDE ' rhe Maferial of Ec West Coast Wood Preserving Co. 1118 Fourth Ave. ELiot 3602 West Seattle Eagle Harbor FEDERAL PIPE TANK CO. Manufacturers of Douglas Fir— Stave Pipe And Tanks 6851 E. Marginal Way RAinier 0582 u ONGRATULATIONS TO RUTH WALTERS AND THE STAFF OF TYEE FOR HAVING, UNDER THE MOST DIFFICULT OF CONDITIONS. PRODUCED FOR WASHINGTON A MEMORY BOOK THAT WILL LIVE— A GLOWING LINK IN THE UNBROKEN CHAIN OF MEMORY BOOKS— T Y E E 19 3. oirin c C ' tcinlorcl inl.)ciini PRINTERS • ENGRAVERS • BOOKBINDERS 377 Th a " Catering to Noiir .Seasonal Tastes 4330 VNU ERSITY U AY BEBB AND JONES ARCHITECTS JOHN PAUL JONES. A. I. A. 71 S HOGE BUILDING SEATTLE A REPUTATION FOR- " CONSISTENTLY GOOD FOOD " MARLATTS CAFETERIA SERVICE IS FASTER SERVICE n 4321 University Way ME. 4600 .Student (jo unci I 37 Student Finance 36 Student Forums 38 Student Government K) Student I eaders 3 1. 3. ' S .Swimmin;; 20]-2(»6 Swimiiiin;;. Intramural 239 S tii|ilion . ( niversilv 130 T Tau Beta Pi 61 Tau Kappa Fv|)silon 306 Tau Phi Delta 307 Tennis 223-226 Theta Chi 308 Theta Delta Chi 309 Theta Sifima Phi 363 Theta Xi 310 Tolo 107 Totem Cluh .328 Track 207-212 Track. Intramural 236 Tvee Business Staff 141 Tyee Fditorial Staff 142. 143 V Var.sitv Boat Cluh 106.336 Var.sitvNipht 110 Volleyhall 231 w War Activities 41-48 War ] Ian])o ver (Commission 38 W Cluh 335 Wesley Foundation 341 W Key 330 Women ' s Physical Education Chd) 2.50 Women ' s Recreational (Council 250 Women ' s Sj.orts 241-250 Women ' s Cluh 249 Wrest lin- 230 W. S. S. F 40 Y V. M. C. A 344 Y. W. C. A 345 z Zeta Beta Tau 311 Zeta Mu Tau .364 Zeta Psi 312 Zeta Tau Alpha 276 JOHN A. WHALLEY CO. General Agents FRANK L. VERNON, Agent 209 Coiman Building MAin 8745 PIONEER SAND GRAVEL COMPANY, INC. 901 Fairview North MAin 2900 SEATTLE 378 1 IN FACULTY MEMBERS 1 r v Doiif;las Bciiifiil Fred ' rick Arthur Oshorn George McPhail Smith R. H. (;. Eilinonds Frederick Morgan Padelford Margaret Donahue Lewis Irving Neikirk Albert L. Seenian STUDENTS Graduate Manager AWS Francis J. K. ■lley Barclay Job n Henshaw W illiam L ell i Joe Antonio SERVICE MEN Gonzales Donal.l P. Baker Carl Heussy Ralph V. Nipper Sidney G. Beniis Albert ( Brick 1 Hoffman Edward Nussbauni. Jr. Robert Keitli Bower Wallace J. Hoskyns Charles Winfield Page Philip Vi eston Breehlel Vernon M. Hoveland Jack M. ( )uackenbush Rol)erl N. Brooks Eniniett Hughes William B. Raabe Hu-1. Robert Kingsbury Huntington Myhs Stanton Ross illiatii (1. Carlson Eugene . Huntley Robert Francis Smith Daviil Kirk Paul H. iPatI Johns Donald E. Spencer llouar.l B. Diiatiisli Russell James Kirkpalrick Irvin Tluunpson Ma (pr Kikiii Lawrence H. Kiskaddon Peter A. Trick Frederick C.l.arlc,. Ficl.IlK k John H. Langdon James Robert Walker Ja.k M. Finley Frederick ( ). Loebrl Frank (Fritz 1 Wascowitz W illia:i] Coakley Haas J. dm Ralph Mavnard Rnd..lpll 1 " . W ei-ei Davi.l (;. Mall. Jr. Rus ell (Wflor.l McCloy Ralph Wilson Cliarles dcManp.i- lla ,cl on (;icn Hoy Mclsker I-aw reiicc 11. oung Mherl Fduard i Bud i Mitchell ACKNOWLEDGMENT Guiding the production of the 1943 Tyee ha heen an experience well worth the work, worry, and sleepless nights it may iia e caused. hat once seemed to he an almost insurniountahle hiirden has dwindled to an enjoy- ahle memory of a |deasant though somewhat arduous task, largely due to the efficient. com[ etent. and willing cooj»crati(Ui of many persons. For their helj»ful contrihutions and cooperation in the production of this yearl)ook, we extend our most sincere gratitude to the following persons : Memhers of the staff who gave unstintingly of their time and energy, sometimes at great j»ersonal sacrifice, to complete work of those called to the service of the nation. Miss Gertrude Allison, of Kennell-Ellis, who handled Tyee makeup for the photographers. Mr. F. G. Pratt. Mr. A. L. Wehher. Mr. Ray Wilcox and Mr. Harry Larimer, of Lowman Hanford. our printers. Our friends who contrihuted needed photographs: Mr. George arnell " " and Miss (Catherine Flood of the Seattle Times; Mr. Ray Holmes of the Post-Intelligencer; Mr. Ray Hyatt of Boeing Aircraft Gompany; Mr. Ron Donaldson of the llni ersity Book store; Mr. Wendell Broyles of the Uni- versity and Athletic News Ser ices. Mr. Glyde A. Rohinson. Manager of Puhlications, without whose capahle aid the I ' .i Tyee would not have heen possihle. Miss Marguerite Zach. Secretary ASl W Pidjlicalions. who has helped greatly in many ways. RITH W AI.TKRS ' • •• ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• " Ai •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••-Ai " A ••• • •• • • ' • ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••-A ' • • ' • • • • •• •• • • • •• • • - -A ' A ' ' A •••••••• ' k- • • l • l [ k- k- k- • k- • l •••• ' k- k- • •••• k- k- , - • • • t »-• • • • • • • • • • • • r r k- k- • r | k- ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••- I

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