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OFWASHIflGTOn k THIS IS Hlfi. BiGOyLE HfHDOfflBfiOOOOfSTflOffGURfS UIHICH P«R ffiOm THE fflVtS Of CflillPUS eU LDIOGS AT THE Dflliy LIVES Of inflSHIHGTOn STOOfHTS. UJ TH PICTUIifS HHD PRIOT, Hf ' U GUOf you THROUGH yOUfi 1942 Tyff TO SHOUI UIHRT Hf ' S SEffI ■RHO HfRRO THf PRST yfRR w S; d_l N 4r -atam - x. ' itar.Vr - «- ' «• . - ' « •%. fe m V ' : r -) - . A4- - ' THd.rij ' j ■tl [•■ j (jEuioeD: This annual, like all Tyees before it, was destined to be a book of memories ... of hoarse voices and muddy dirons, of walks through a moon-lit campus, of nights bent over a cranky typewriter, of sleepy eight o ' clocks, wonderful nights with sweet music and shimmery formals, of midnight coffee on the ave . . . and so Tyee „.,gan its work with a pattern already designed — recalling with print and picture what made 1941-2 a great year. We were going to dedicate Tyee to the State this year and show how we worked and played, how we make repayments for our education. ' ' DJ But without warning came historic December 7, and suddenly " the State " took on a broader meaning. As the nation settled itself into the greatest battle of its history, so the University became a fighting force. And, necessarily, Tyee becorT es the index of our contributions to the State, to the people. Hn It is ' a guarded campus now, and lights burn all night in science and engineering halls as professors and stu- dents work feverishly against time to unravel the puzzles which hold back our progress. With increased speed, the University turns out doctors, lawyers, economists, teachers — the men and women who must guide the nation through a long war and a longer peace. Enrollment declines and our Roll of Honor grows and grows — • they have mode payment in full. flu It is In that spirit — the feeling which inspires these thousands to return their profits to the University which has given them humanity and knowledge — that we dedicate Tyee and the students it represents to the unend- ing advancement of the stoteand nation. - • »r » r- j -? , 1V ..• kfe- • 7f -i. ! «IU.- fOfifsifiy... DH Saving the State ' s greatest resource, cutting trees so there will always be trees. Already seven years at the job, the University advises the State and private lumber com- panies in " Sustained Yield Management " — the West ' s first real attempt to put the program over. . wP- JL.J|F ' W yofg W ' ■1 It i»3- ' „ • ' 1 % TW ' " izl ' V nH Restormg the f ormeily-great salmon run oi Fiaset Rivei ' . An International tieaty between Canada and United States put Fisheries ' Dean Thompson in charge of biological research. At work five years, the commission tags and numbers the salmon, removes the obstructions which stopped the run. ' ■ .. ■ • i I f ' C? miots... lU Leading the way in research of iron ore and coking coals. Students in mining metallurgy and ceramics harness the Northwest ' s industrial resources to make the tons of hot gushing steel which pour doily from the State ' s great blast V.-: i K S Vv-.VC -- CHflHISTRy... HD Solving the structure of lignln, second largest waste material in the world. It ' s a " Jig-saw puzzle behind a cur- tain. " Professor Bailey " shoots at the curtain and the pieces fall out. " The structure discovered, waste from pulp- wood may become a vital force. i " nfffiioG... iiiii ri.LB.UxRXI plane design — a test pilot on the ground. Most elaborate laboratory for student instruction in the country, the wind funnel has a top speed of 250 miles per houi ' , can accom- modate models with an I I -foot wingspread. mtUHMH. ' H ms(iiiifliioJiCjjMM iw««ii I I .Jf .M DH Training the men to defend the State. Our best-known contribution — and our greatest. Every year, 2300 wear the blues oi basic ROTC; 250, the khaki of the officer. This year, I 15 get commissions, an immediate berth in the nation ' s new armed forces. " L I HOUGH IHf OflRl nfSS k ' Ray for Us . . . Deans, Faculty, ASUW, AWS Graveyard Shift Classes The Grist We Grind . . Scholarships, Honoraries HiLf Ronf mn 90 Applause That Refreshes . . . Drama, Debate Scaling the Clefts . . . Music, Concerts, Lectures Deadlines and Datelines . . Daily, Colunnns, Tyee V-Men Arnny, Navy urn IHf VICTOR ' S FOLD 152 Mitey Are the Men Minor Sports Crazy For Gynn Women ' s Sports IV siflno Bfsiof m 238 Hack-kneed Fraternities, Sororities V fOR ALL GOOD MW 316 In the Public ' Aye ' Organizations The Royal Family . . . Queens, Photo Contest Keep ' Em Filing Index I] il II H V H T O THE STUDENTS: I am told that this year Tyee Is going fo feafure the part which the University plays and can play in the development of our state resources. That ' s fine. No other subject could make as much of an appeal to me as this. Our resources are broader than just ores and lumber and fish. They include human resources — the citizens of this Commonwealth. A big part of our job is to cultivate and develop these men and women of this state. We think we are doing a rather good job, but we know we must do an ever better one. After these we have the vast physical resources of this state, most of them yet undeveloped. Why must we develop them? Well, they mean livelihood for our citizens; they mean adding wealth to our state and to our nation; they mean supplying much needed raw mateiials to national defense. To develop any of these resources we need research, study, experiments. These are part and parcel of our university equipment. Our faculties are made up of persons who know what the job is and how to do it. And latei ' , you students will also be turning your hands to this self-same job. So developing our human resources ultimately results in developing our physical resources. That is the only way. With kind greetings to all of you, I am, Sincerely yours. G ji s Iembers of the student body, university of washington: The wai- and bloodshed which now engulfs the world Is not an abnormal condition, for the history of mankind has largely been the history of wars, invasions, and boundary changes. It is true that the expansion of national interests has made this war more widespread, and the developments of science have made it more destructive and terrible, but the underlying motives, the factors which, together, constitute the urge for war, ore not substantially dif- ferent from any other time in world history. We should not, therefore, regard this great struggle as some terrible, new ogre preying upon humanity, but rather as the natural culmination and inevitable result of all the weaknesses of mankind; of its selfishness, greed and lust for power. College men and women, despite the woe and travail which is about us now, should face new vistas with optimism, not pessimism. They should work, not worry. They should, with cour- age and energy, idealism and hope, prepare themselves for the mighty role they are cast to play. Governor of Washington RfGtnTS JH THE UNIVERSITY BOARD OF REGENTS Is made up of six public-minded residents who serve the State without recompense. They are elected to office every four years. Secretary is the Dean of Students, Herbert Condon, who superintends all financial affairs of the University, elects the faculty, and is final authority in courses of study. President of the Board, Thomas Balmer, is a prominent Seattle attorney, mining engineer, and broker. Philip Macbride and Winlock Miller, chairmen of buildings and grounds, are also Seattle attorneys. Werner Rupp, publisher of the Aberdeen World, is well-known to Grays Harbor residents. Edward P. Ryan, noted Spokane businessman, repre- sents Eastern Washington. Alfred Shemanski, Seattle businessman, is known for his civic and philanthropic work. Thon Bain Edward Ryan Philip Macbride Alfied Shemanski Winlock Miller Herbert Condon Werner Rupp flDfoinisifioiofls Ttn JIM HUNTER, jovial head of University News Service, is a former news- paper man .... Henry Burd, director of summer school, graduated magna cum laude from Illinois Wesleyan .... Charles May has charge of air raid shelter added to his duties as Superintendent of Buildings and Grounds .... Raymond C. Davis was formerly timekeeper for construction crew that built the Stadium, spent 14 years in Seattle banking business before he came to the University as comptroller in 1936 .... Horry E. Smith, inveterate bow tie wearer, heads world-wide seivice to 7000 people taking extension work .... Registrar Irvin Hoff is former cattleman, teacher, and school superintendent .... Library head Charles F. Smith has been in library work since high school days. Jim Huntei " Henry Burd Charles May Raymond C. Davis Harry E. Smith Irvin Hoff Charles Smith h JU DEAN WARD .... bom in Montana . . . . has bachelor of science degree from University, master of arts degree from Columbia .... past president of Seattle chapter of A.A.U.W pet project is getting more scholarships for needy stu- dents .... " alum " of Mortar Board .... hobbies are music and reading, and land- scaping her home in Edmonds. JU DEAN NEWHOUSE has completed second successful year as Dean of Men .... likes his job because he likes people .... University his alma mater — taught at Sno- homish and Renton, then took graduate work at Columbia .... returned here to be assistant dean of men .... a family man, with two small children. 20 Dfoos Of inouifn «ltom effom Seottle ij JJecfis Jm MARY I. BASH faculty adviser of Pan- helienlc and Totem Club .... helps bewildered freshmen through rushing .... graduate of the University .... twenty-one members of her fam- ily have attended school here also .... helped design her new Cope Cod cottage out in Blue Ridge .... has a Persian cat for a pet .... has a keen sense of humor and likes to recite apt bits of poetry .... liked by all who work with her. Dfflns Of fnfo cierea iuote .)obe I mod, U[[ HAROLD ADAMS .... working for degree of Doctor of Education .... adviser for High School Leaders ' Conference every year . . . . used to be a music major .... a Compton encyio- pedia salesmen .... but finds work as assistant dean of men much more interesting. JK glen NYGREEN .... quiet scholarly ad- viser of Interfraternity Council .... was formerly graduate representative on the Student Council .... majored in chemistry and is now working for his doctorate in that field. Zl v JJI DEAN LAUER .... came here in 1934 from University of Iowa .... formerly a German professor at the University of Michigan, his alma mater .... genial and sympathetic, he is one of the country ' s out- standing educators .... hiking is one of his hobbies .... collects records and spends the evening listening to them. JU DEAN POWERS, hlecd of School of Education .... has made studying the study habits of students his hobby .... wrote a pamph- let on " hlow to Study — and Like it " .... national secretary of Phi Delta Kappa, education honorary .... relaxes by going fishing as often as he can. [m DEAN WINKENWERDER .... nationally known forestry instructor .... was acting president of the University for a year .... fellow in American Society of Foresters, highest distinction that can be awarded for professional service in field of forestry .... species of dogwood named after him. f ' « IJTJ DEAN LOEW .... became dean of engineering school in big shakeup of 1936 .... formei ' ly was professor of electrical engineer- ing, and still teaches classes .... has written a book on electric power transmission and now spends all his spare time revising it ... . relaxes on the golf course. [JJJ DEAN PADELFORD .... has been here since 1901, serving as head of English department, dean of faculties, and now as dean of graduate school .... cited in Encyclopedia Brittanica as one of country ' s foremost Spenserean scholars .... a senator in national Phi Beta Kappa assembly .... discovered original manuscript of one of Spenser ' s works .... well-liked by all who know him. JJJj DEAN FALKNOR .... come to Uni- versity to head law school in 1936 .... formerly a prominent lawyer and legislator .... received his bachelor of science degree in chemistry here, went overseas in World War I, and returned to graduate from Uni- versity law school. JJj DEAN GOODRICH .... dean of school of pharmacy .... former member of President Roosevelt ' s " brain trust " .... loves to play bil- liards at Faculty club .... has a cas- cara forest sixteen miles north of the campus .... believes this product can make logged-over land pay again. JlJJ DEAN ROBERTS .... genial dean of mining school .... graduated from Stanford and taught there a year before coming here in 1901 .... has been here ever since .... on advisory board of the Wash- ington Planning Council .... he and his sister give a party each year In their garden for mining students. JQjj DEAN PRESTON .... become deon of E and B school after teaching here sixteen years .... special field is money and banking .... believes in possibility of turning out for athletics without lowering scholar- ship .... likes many sports himself and still ice skates and hikes .... used to play football in college and is an ardent rooter at every University game. fifiy foii us WE ' RE ALL IN THIS TOGETHER ... THE ASUW . . . ASSOCIATED STUDENTS ... A CORPORA- TION OF EDUCATION . . . AND BIGGERN ' ALL OF US 4.4. + 4. + i m Hi ■H V ml ¥ mi 1 f T V 1 1 A f 1 H ' VilH ' 1 1 B ' ' mi i J J no RAY ECKMANN Director of Student Activities sum officiflLS m DON PUGNETTI, Athletic News Service Manager MARGARET DONAHUE, Graduate Manager of AWS nn CLYDE ROBINSON, Director of Student Publications CARL KILGORE, Manager of Athletics BILL MONTGOMERY, Ticket Manager NORMAN HILLIS, University Employment Service Head m NELSON WAHLSTROM, ASUW Auditor LYLE GOSS, Assistant Bookstore Manager FRED CARLIN, Office Manager J. E. McRAE, Bookstore Manager 27 Jim Bingay, Vice-President I tflDffi Dempster D. Drowley, President JIH " THIRD TIME ' S A CHARM " woiked again last spring when Dempster D. Drowley was elected to the ASUW presidency after a storybook election in which over half of the student body voted. For Dempster is the third successive engineer to take over the presidential reins. In addition to carrying out his campaign promise of having more adequate representation of all campus groups in ASUW committees, he has created several new committees to deal with problems the war has raised on the campus. Vice-President Jim Bingay assisted him with his program besides taking charge of elections. Barbara Harrison, who will soon forsake the campus for married life, was secretary. BOARD OF FINANCE— Back Row; Charles May. Nelson Wahlsfrom, Byron Chris- tian, FRONT ROW: Carl Dakan, Ray Eckmann. and Shirley Robbins. STUDENT COUNCIL — Back Row: Bob Rose, Kirby Torrance, Dempster Drowley, Dick Pulver and Irving Herman, FRONT ROW: Joon Hatton, June Hellenthal, and Annette Buckholdt. IITt KEEPING HIS PROMISE of giving moie campus groups a voice in student affairs, President Drowley enlarged the council to include representatives from Adelphi, Phrateres, the Engineering Council, Panhel- lenic and Interfraternity council. Othei ' accomplishments this year include the formation of a coordinating committee for all campus defense activities and the start of on investigation of Oval club. The Student Board of Finance, made up of the AWS president, ASUW president, and several administra- tive officers approves the ASUW budget and all ASUW expenditures. BOOK SIORf BOflfiD nn Carl Dakan, Bob Purdue, Dean Condon, Ray Eckmann, Dean Thompson, Barbara Harrison, Dempsfer Drowley. and Paul Pedersen BACK ROW; Tom Allen, Bob Rose, Marilyn Loop, Kaf Hu+chings, Shirley Greaves, Mary Hoig, Jim Frits FRONT ROW: Glenno Williams, Marion Gilbert, Shirlee hlooker, and Sally Claghorn. nn HIGH SCHOOL LEeD(fiS 30 STUDfni flffflIRS COHimilTtf H m BACK ROW: Clyde Robmson, Mrs. Wilson, Grant Butterbough, Irvin Herman, Barbara Richords, Hurst Clark, Barbora Hoffman, Prof. McMinn FRONT ROW: Mrs. Hart, Morion Quesnell, Mrs. Mann, Marjorie Guenther. Ruth Adeie Hedgcock, ond Paula Cole. Adeline Linkletter, Bill Root, and Phyllis Thiel, nn fRfSHmflii Dfiys 31 Inset: Shirley Robbins, President Charlotte Anne Thompson Treasurer Joan Hotton Executive Chairman Shirley Greaves Vice-President Betty Lee Connor Secretary fllUS 32 CflBlflEI HU The AWS cabinet .... made up of all the AWS committee chairmen and their assistants .... Includes some of the busiest girls on the campus .... their job is to carry out efficiently the various duties that the AWS has assumed. Activities Mary Helen Birchfleld Art Margaret Worth Clothes Commentafop- Shirley Nash Coed Counsellors Francella Bryant Concerts Betty Shaw Confidential Files Marcella Jeans Frosh Standards Margaret Alexander Football Corsages Ann Shoemaker Guest Nights Moyde and Nell Clemen It Is Done Connie Halllday Office Managers Sally Claghoin Patrons Marjoiie Brownell Point System Ruth Fullen Publicity Loienc Inglls Scholarship Betty Kllnkam Scrapbook Jane Lund Social Shirleo Hooker Speakers Elizabeth Anne Greene Standards Marjorie Guenthei ' Defense Ruth Adele Hedgcock FIRST ROW: Mory Helen Birchfield, Shirley Nosh, Betty Shaw, Marcella Jeans, Margaret Alexander, Ann Shoemaker, Moyde Clemen. SECOND ROW: Nell Clemen, Connie Hollidoy, Moriorie Brownell, Ruth Pullen, Lorena Inglls, Betty Kllnkam, Jane Lund. THIRD ROW: Shlrlee Hooker, Moriorie Guenther, Ruth Adele Hedgcock, Betty Palmer, Elizabeth Anne Greene, Francella Bryant, Sally Cloghorn. SOCIAL — Front Ro : Dorothy Haidmcn, Shirlee Hooker, Dorothy Dick, and Shirley Greaves. Back Row: Solly Stewart, Margaret Rippon. Phyllis Prentice, Sally Marion, and Corinne Carpenter. IT IS DONE: Betty Anderson, Juliette Schwalen, Vernice Monsey, Connie Holllday, Chairmon, and Elaine Eberle. Tifr AWS — the center of the woman ' s world on the campus .... something doing in their lounge every minufe .... freshman girls fry their wings on college activities here .... main work of the year is on the concert series given each winter .... other activi- ties include bringing well-known speakers to the campus, giving friendship luncheons for incoming freshmen, and having freshman standards programs every month. CONCERTS— Back Row: Pat Hodgin, Anstie Sundberg, Virginia Garhart. Front Row; Barbara Hardman and Betty Shaw, chairman. FOOTBALL CORSAGES— Front Row: Juliette Schwalen, Pot Osborne, Betty Marie Ross. Bock Row: Ann Janette Becker, Vivian Crosby, Ann Shoemaker, chairman, and Betty Lou Woodman. fl Uj S COfUfHIIKES SPEAKERS June Forrest, Elizabeth Anne Greene, chairman, and Martha McGovern. m STANDARDS Lois Ransom, Marjorie Guenther, chair- man, and Patty Houck. on SCHOLARSHIP Connie Hallldcy, Alice Palmer, Betty Kllnkam, chairman, Virginia Bird, and Pat Russell. ACTIVITIES Giddy Charles, Kitty Rees, Mary Helen Birchfield, chairman, Doris Lee Smart, Sally Marion, and Ann Mathieu. 35 fl HI s comfniiiffs FRESHMAN STANDARDS Lola Lewis, Corinne Carpenter, Marga- ret Alexander, and Phoebe Quigley. nn DEFENSE Ruth Adele Hedgcock, chairman. Lynn Hobrock, Betty Marie Ross, Carolyn Brislawn, Corinne Carpenter, Jeanne Fisher, Ann Janette Becker, and Jean McKinney. on CONFIDENTIAL FILES Eileen Wambo, Ruth Jack, Marcella Jea ns, chairman, Barbara Wakefield, and Ruby Watland. GUEST NIGHT Gloria Whitesel, Betty Morgenthaler, Moyde Clemen, chairman. Morion Dore, Nell Clemen, chairman, Margaret Tup- per, and Lynn hlobrock. 36 fl iij s conniiiB PATRONS.- BeHy p,r COED COUNSELLORS, j ' " ' ■ance lo Bryant 1, • ■ ' " onneiie Susfad i ' ---.. E,.„„s.:„ ::--..«,. PUBLICITY,. Lo, ' ■ ' " ' " 5 " ' -d v;,.,,„;, ,„ , ,. I I ES COMMENTATORS , ' -O " . °nd Audrey Gerfh. 37 fiiijs commiiiffs m i t OFFICE MANAGERS Barbara Shaw, Neva Willett, Eleanor Mitchell, and Sally Cleghorn, chairman. SCRAPBOOK Georgia Lee, Doris Totten, Jane Lund, chairman, hiarriet Race, Libby McCar+er, and Alice Buschlein. POINT SYSTEM Maxine Cody, Ruth Pullen, chairman, Margaret Gray, Marianna Jones, Kay Chittenden, and Eileen Wamba. ART Helen Peek, Margaret Worth, chairman, and Marguerite Tannler. 38 GRflVtyflRD SHIFT THIS IS LIFE ... OF EMPTY EIGHT O ' CLOCKS . . . BALDING PROFESSORS . . . AFTERNOONS IN THE LIBRARY . . . TWO HOURS FOR LUNCH. Marie Stack, Treasurer; Dorothy Stom, Secietoiy; Cai ol Jean Peeples, Vice-President; Ted McKay, President. sfnioRS JH The class of ' 42 in its freshman year aroused the sleepy campus by making the traditional Frosh dance a gala affair. During its sophomore year, Jim Bingay headed the annual beard-growing contest and Vice- President Irving Herman chairmanned a highly successful sophomore car- nival. Last year, Chairman Warren Badioun succeeded In bringing Duke Ellington to the campus for the Junior Prom. After a record-breaking elec- tion, Ted McKay v as chosen president of the class. Plans now ore being made for the class ' s last social event — Senior Week. 40 SfdlOfiS Im Although the threat of war has been hanging over us all for nearly a decade, the class of ' 42 is the first college graduating group of the present war to go out into the world with the din of warfare at their very doorsteps. And to you, class of ' 42, goes the task of meeting this situation squarely — no faltering or turning aside from realities. The job of seeing this war through and then planning the best way for preventing its recurrence is on your shoulders. It will be a long, hard road ahead, but you can come out on top. Good luck! TOP — Dempster Drowley and Sylvia Berg LOV ER — Barbara Erickson and Barbara Richords DEMPSTER DROWLEY— Known to most of the campus as DD, Dempster was the engineers ' nominee for ASUW president lost spring, and on April 18 became the people ' s choice for the school ' s highest office after a record-breaking election. He graduated from Van- couver high school when he was sixteen. After working year for Western Union he came here and entered the engineering school. He was houseboy at the Kappa Delt house, but now works and lives at the University exchange in Philosophy hall. In addition he malnfoins o 3.5 grade overage. He has made the Student council a more representative orgoniiation and has revamped ♦he method of ASUW committee appointments. His straightforward manner and excellent sense of humor have won him numerous friends. A cadet captain In advanced ROTO, he will get his commission in June. m BARBARA ERICKSON— Since entering the University, Barbara has been active in YWCA work. During her freshman yeor she was a member of the freshman com- mission, and in her sophomore year she wos a member of the soclol committee. At this time she started flying, and It has been her passion since them. In 1940 she was chosen western delegate to the flying races In Wash- ington, D. C. and reached the seml-finols there. In her junior year she continued her work in YW ond was elected president of Mortar Boord. This last year she has spent most of her time as o flying Instructor. She has gone as far in flying as any woman in the country, now holding both a private ond a commerclol license. In June she Is to marry a test pilot for Lockheed. m BARBARA RICHARDS — ADPi can point proudly to the second Richards girl to win her laurels in campus activities. Last year Bobbie was elected Ponhellenlc president and successfully guided its fortunes through a more-hectlc-thon-ever rush season. In addition she choirmoned the Northwest Panhellenic conference held here. As If this weren ' t enough, she took over the editorship of the octlvities sections of the Tyee. Even ai Broadway, Bobble was active. She was pres- ident of Volen+es, girls ' activity honorary there, and ranked third in scholarship In her grouatlng class. She has maintained a 3. overage in Home Ec here and plans to marry when she graduates in June. 41 SfniOfiS 1942 DON ABEL MARYAN ABRAHAMSON SAM ADAMS DOROTHY AGOR JOY AHRENS THOMAS ALBERG MALVIN ALEXANDER YVONNE ALEXANDER Law Delta Chi Purple Shield Varsity Boat Club Arts and Sciences Theta Sigma Phi Arts and Sciences Pi Mu Chi Prasident, Pre-Med Club Arts and Sciences Sigma Kappa Totem Club Arts and Sciences Gamma Phi Economics and Business Forestry Phi Kappa Psi Arts and Sciences Alpha Delta Pi MAXINE JANET ALFORO ALLEN Arts and Science; Arts and Sciences Kappa of Phrateres Phrateres Council LLOYD ALLEN BEHY ALLISON DOROTHY ALLISON DON ALLYN AMY ANDERSON ARVID ANDERSON Engineering Arts and Sciences Arts and Sciences Arts and Sciences Arts and Sciences Engineering EO ANDERSON Engineering Cadet Officers Association Scabbard and Blade RALPH ANDERSON Arts and Sciences Kappa Sigma ROBERT LEE ANDERSON Arts and Sciences MYRTLE ANDERSON Pharmacy JANE ANDREW Arts and Sciences Sigma Tau Alpha 6LEND0N ANDREWS Engineering Tau Beta Pi Ammonii Socii MINORU AOKI Arts and Sciences Pi Mu Chi Japanese Students ' Club MINORU ARAKI Arts and Sciences Japanese Students ' Club MARGARET ARASE Arts and Sciences Sigma Epsilon MARIJANE NORMAN ARGUE ARNOLD Arts and Sciences Engineering Kappa Kappa Gamma GEORGE ATHANS Arts and Sciences LOIS ATKESON Arts and Sciences Alpha Xi Delta TOM ATWATER Economics and Business Alpha Delta Phi Purple Shield PEGGY OUENTIN AUSTIN AVEY Arts and Sciences Arts and Sciences Kappa Kappa Gamma Lambda Chi Alpha ELAINE AYER Arts and Sciences Alpha Xi Delta LeROY BARTER Engineering I.A.S. CAROLINE BAETKE NELDAMAE BAKER MARY BAKUN BARBARA BANDY LEON BARBER WILLYS BARDEN LEOLA BARON Arts and Sciences Theta of Phrateres Arts and Sciences Arts and Sciences Arts and Sciences Chi of Phrateres Arts and Sciences Scabbard and Blade Arts and Sciences Arts and Sciences Home Economics Council President, Omicron Nu CAROLYNE BARTO FRANK BARTA EDWARD BASSE LOLA BATES TED BAUMEISTER BEnY BEARDSLEY BRUCE BEATTY Arts and Sciences Gamma Phi Beta Mines Economics and Business Arts and Sciences Lambda of Phrateres Economics and Business Arts and Sciences Pi Beta Phi Arts and Sciences ARTHUR BECK RICHARD BECKER RICHARD BEHR KEN BEIL BETTY BELL FRANK BELL AUGUST BELLMAN MARY FLORENCE BENDIX Engineering Ammonii Socii Arts and Sciences Forestry Tau Phi Delta Inter-Fraternity Council Arts and Sciences Phi Kappa Psi Arts and Sciences Alpha Gamma Delta Engineering Economics and Business Phi Kappa Sigma Arts and Sciences Alpha Gamma Delta HUDSON 8ENNER RICHARD BENNY HILDEGARD BERG MARTIN BERGER VIRLA BERGMAN BARBARA JEAN BERLIN RUTH BERNNARD SUZANNE BERNSTEIN Economics and Engineering Arts and Sciences Pharmacy Arts and Sciences Arts and Sciences Delta Delta Delta Arts and Sciences Women ' s W Club Arts and Sciences Alpha Epsilon Phi Cadet Officers Association BOB BEST Engineering Sigma Chi MURIEL BIBBY Arts and Sciences Delta Zeta PETER flIESIOT Arts and Sciences Phi Sigma Kappa JIM BINGAY Arts and Sciences Theta Chi Inter-Fraternity Council NANCY GOODFELLOW— level-headed president of uni- versity YWCA .... winner of AWS scholarship plaque .... This prominent Kappa also be- longs to Omicron Nu, Phi Beta Kappa, Mortar Board, Totem Club, W-Key, Sigma Epsilon Sigma. BRYCE BLACK Arts and Sciences Delta Kappa Epsilon SALLY-BRUCE BLACKFORD Arts and Sciences Kappa Alpha Theta Women ' s W Club TED GARHART — One of Washington ' s great crewmen, stroked his boat to victory at Poughkeepsle lost year .... Never sat in a losing boat .... powerful and quiet, this Fiji was elected president of Big W club .... keeps fit by working on his father ' s farm. FRANK BLACHLY Arts and Sciences Phi Sigma Kappa PEGGY BLACKSTOCK Arts and Sciences Delta Gamma m ■ - it ' IL ■ ' « 1 SfniOfiS 1942 WARANNA BLAISDELL RICHARD BOAS LEE BODDY Arts and Sciences Arts and Sciences Engineering VIRGINIA LEE GEORGE HELEN NITA BODDY BOLINS BONEY BONNER BOOTH Arts and Sciences Arts and Sciences Economics and Arts and Sciences Arts and Sciences Ldmbdd of Lambda Ctii Alpha Business Sigma Kappa Phrateres Alpha Delia Phi Varsity Boat Club Totem Club Vice-President Mortar Board RODNEY BOOTHROYD VIOLA BORCHARDT HELEN BORTON RON BOSTWICK CLYDE BOVEE GERALD BOVEES ELLEN BOYD MILDRED BOYLE Engineering AIEE Economics and Business Arts and Sciences Home Economics Club Arts and Sciences Chi Psi Sigma Delta Chi Mines Engineering Tau Beta Pi Zeta Mu Tau Arts and Sciences Alpha Xi Delta Arts and Sciences Alpha Phi GENEVIEVE BRODLEY Arts and Sciences Mu Phi Epsilon JOHN BRACKEN Arts and Sciences Phi Kappa Sigma Varsity Boat Club HENDERSON BRADDICK Arts and Sciences GEORGE BRAIN Economics and Business JEAN BRANCHFLOWER Arts and Sciences Delta Gamma HAROLD BRANDRUD Arts and Science SYLVIA BRATRUD Arts and Sciences RALPH BRAY Arts and Sciences Alpha Sigma Phi KERMIT BRENDEN CALDER BRESSLER STANLEY BREWER IDA BROBACK BILL BROWN CHARLES BROWN EDWIN BROWN ISABEL BROWN Engineering Phi Kappa Tau Arts and Sciences Economics and Business Arts and Sciences Law Delta Kappa Epsilon Pharmacy Sigma Nu Law Delta Tau Delta Arts and Sciences Zara Koda of Phrateres JESS BROWN MILDRED BROWN BETTY BROWNE BETTY BRUCE HUGH BRUEN BONNIE BRUNSWICK CAROLYN BRYANT JEAN BRYANT Pharmacy Arts and Sciences Arts and Sciences Arts and Sciences Phi Chi Delta Arts and Sciences Arts and Sciences Economics and Business Mortar Board Zeta Phi Eta Totem Club Phi Chi Delta Arts and Sciences LOIS BUCKMAN BETTY BUETTNER FRANK BUEHLER EVERETT BURKHART BOB BURNS ALEXIS BURSO PEGGY BURTON LYLE BUSBY Arts and Sciences Arts and Sciences Arts and Sciences Phi Delta Theta Minor W Club Engineering Chi Psi Compass and Chart Economics and Business Beta Alpha Psi Arts and Sciences Sigma Phi Epsilon Arts and Sciences Engineering Compass and Chart RAYMOND BUSCH RICHARD K. BUSH SHIRLEY BUTLER PATRICIA BUTTERWORTH DAN BYSOM D. K. CALLOW GRACE CAMERON EUGENIA CAMPBELL Arts and Sciences Scabbard and Blade Law Arts and Sciences PI Beta Phi Arts and Sciences Arts and Sciences Phi Kappa Sigma Compass and Chart Arts and Sciences Arts and Sciences Alpha Chi Omega Mortar Board Totem Club ROBERT CAMPBELL Arts and Sciences Phi Delta Theta Cadet Officers Association AHHA CANTLON Arts and Sciences JOSEPH CANWELL Arts and Sciences MARIE CAREY Arts and Sciences Kappa Alpha Theta HERBERT CARLTON Engineering Cadet Officers Association MARY JANE CARPENTER Arts and Sciences Gamma Phi Beta HERBERT CARLSON Arts and Sciences LORRAINE CARLSON Arts and Sciences Chimes of Pharteres MELVIN CARLSON Engineering PAT CARLSON Arts and Sciences Zeta Tau Alpha KEN CARTWRIGHT Economics and Business Malamutes 0»al Club Varsity Boat Club DOUGLAS CARMICHAEL Arts and Sciences Scabbard and Blade ELSPETH CASE Economics and Business nn DONALD CHAFFEE Enqineering Ammonnii Socli RAY MEREDITH — affable senior football manager .... member of Student Council ond Student Board of Control .... Beta from Raymond .... likes oil sports .... going into offi- cers ' training school for the Marine Corps this spring. TED McKAY — hondsome senior class president . . . . upheld FIJI laurels In Intramural boxing .... also played varsity foot- ball .... forsook oil others for Theta Gloria Taylor this spring .... air corps to claim him this summer. HAYWARD CHAPLIN Education GAGE CHETWOOD Arst and Sciences Alpha Tdu Omega p 6i, ■ V- iiETiiilidli m ML hf% C: 46 SflllflfiS 1042 ELMER CICHY Economici dnd Business Zetd Beta Tau CATHERINE CLACK Arts and Sciences Alpha Gamma Delta HURST CLARK Enqineerinq Phi Gamma Delta Enqineerinq Council Compass and Chart WILLIS CLARK Arts and Sciences Theta Chi E. B. CLARKE Arts and Sciences Zeta Psi GWEN CLARKE Arts and Sciences Pi Beta Phi HERBERT CLAYMAN Arts and Sciences Siqma Alpha Mu NANCY JANE CLEARY Arts and Sciences ELMER CLEES GORDON CLINTON LOUISE CLOES MARGARET ANN CLOES RAY W. CLOUGH WALLACE COCHRANE MURRAY COE HAL COGSWELL Economics and Business Delta Upsilon Law Arts and Sciences Arts and Sciences Enqineerinq Arts and Sciences Phi Kappa Tau Arts and Sciences Siqma Delta Chi Mininq Chi Psi Intramural Manaqer RUTH COLBURN BRUCE COLE FRANCES COLE RICHARD COLE JACK COMSTOCK ROGER CONDON PHYLLIS CONNER BETTY LEE CONNOR Arts and Sciences Delta Gamma Enqineerinq Siqma Alpha Epsilon Oval Club Biq WClub Arts and Sciences Alpha Gamma Delta Enqineerinq Tau Beta Pi Economics and Business Delta Upsilon Economics and Business Arts and Sciences W.Kev AWS Secretary BOB CONNOLLY Enqineerinq STANLEY CONRAD Arts and Sciences BRUCE COOK Arts and Sciences Delta Kappa Epsilon HILDUR COON Arts and Sciences Mortar Board Totem Club PAT COOPER Arts and Sciences Gamma Phi Beta WYLLIS COPENHAGEN Enqineerinq Tau Beta Pi Zeta Mu Tau JAMES CORCORAN Economics and Business Beta Aloha Psi Beta Gamma Siqma CORKERY Arts and Sciences JOHN COUSE Arts and Sciences CLAUDE COVINGTON Enqineerinq PATRICIA COWAN Arts and Sciences Delta Gamma Totem Club EVELYN CRAIG Arts and Sciences Phi Mu CLYDE CRAWFORD Arts and Sciences JEANIE CRAWFORD Arts and Sciences Delta Gamma JUANITA CRAWFORD Arts and Sciences Independent House Council PAUL CRAWFORD Arts and Science PATRICIA CRELL Arts and Sciences Alpha Xi Delta FRANK CRMP Economics and Business Theta Chi CLEORE CROSBY Arts and Sciences VIRGINIA CROWE Arts and Sciences Delta Gamma Totem Club HENRY CRUVER Enqineerinq BILL CUNNINGHAM Economics and Business Phi Delta Theta JAMES CURRIER Arts and Sciences Beta Theta Pi ED CURTIN Arts and Sciences MARGARET CCISHNIE JACK DAMUS ALFRED DANIELS CAROL DANIELS RUTH DAUBENSPECK CHRIS DARIOTIS EVA DANE DON DAVENPORT Arts and Sciences Samma Phi Beta Arts and Sciences Delta Upsilon Enqineerinq Economics and Business Phi Mu Arts and Sciences Zeta Phi Eta Arts and Sciences Alpha Tau Omeqa Arts and Sciences Alpha Xi Delta Arts and Sciences ALLEN DAVIS IRENE DAVIS M. JEAN DAVIS STANLEY DAVIS GARRISON DEAL JOHN DEAL MARGARET DEAN LEO DeDONATO Economics and Business Arts and Sciences Sylvan of Phrateres Arts and Sciences Pi Beta Phi Pharmacy Phi Kappa Tau Scabbard and Blade Enqinnerinq Phi Kappa Tau Zeta Mu Tau AIEE Enqineerinq Ammonnii Socii Arts and Sciences Arts and Sciences Psi Upsilon Scabbard and Blade DOROTHY DEHN Arts and Sciences Gamma Phi Beta VALERIE DELANA Economics and Business Delta Gamma HERBERT DEHMER Arts and Sciences ELSIE DEUTSCH Arts and Sciences Gamma Alph Chi Lambda Rho ELIZABETH DEWEY Arts and Sciences Phi Mu Gamma ANN DeWITT Arts and Sciences Kappa Alpha Theta Totem Club GORDON DICK Arts and Sciences Theta Delta Chi JANET DICKEY Arts and Sciences Chi Omeqa BARBARA HARRISON— dimi- nutive Kappa who has a flair for wearing clothes .... ASUW secretary until she forsook school for marriage .... wrote rushees ' handbook two years ago .... majored In poli sci and headed campus Willkie campaign. SHIRLEY ROBBINS — has held more positions in AWS than any other girl .... climax was her election as president . . . - first out-of-town girl In years to do th ' s .... not only beautiful and glamorous, but also ex- tremely efficient .... loves to dance. r% i II •«? ' _j f jia MkK mJmMmM 48 SfOIORS 1942 BETTY JANE DIGHAN Arts and Sciences SigmiS Kappa ZELDA DIRECTOR Arts and Sciences Phi Sigma Siqma JULES OODES Engineering WILLIS DONNELLY Law Psi Upsilon LAVERNE DOOLITTLE Arts and Sciences PAULINE DOW Arts and Sciences Alpha Xi Delta Totem Club Mortar Board WALLACE DOWD Arts and Sciences Compass and Chart DONALD DOWLPNG Forestry Tau Phi Delta MILDRED DRAPER DEMPSTER DROWLEY RICHARD DuBRUILLE JOY DUMAR HELEN DUNN Economics and MARY DURNING LEONORE DYKEMAN HELEN DYSER Economics and Business Engineering Oval Club Tau Beta Pi Scabbard and Blade Economics and Business Arts and Sciences Theta of Phrateres Home Economics Club Business Arts and Sciences Sigma Kappa Mu Phi Epsilon Newman Club Arts and Sciences Totem Club Home Economics Club Arts and Sciences Delta Zeta Ammonnii Socii Phi Lambda Ups Cadet Officers Association Ion DON DYSON JACK EARLEY CLYDE EBERSTEIN ROLFE ECKMANN WILLIAM EDMUNDSON GERTRUDE EKDAHL JOE ELLIS RICHARD ELSBREE Engineering Tau Phi Delta Engineering Council Economics and Business Alpha Delta Phi Rally Chairman. Malamutes Engineering Arts and Sciences Compass and Chart Arts and Sciences Arts and Sciences Economics and Business Chi Psi Economics and Business Delta Kappa Epsilon MARTHANNA ELVIDGE Arts and Sciences Kappa Kappa Gamma HELEN EMMONS Arts and Sciences Zeta Phi Eta BETTY ANN ERDAHL Arts and Sciences Chi Omega President. Totem Club BARBARA JANE ERICKSON Arts and Sciences Mortar Board Totem Club ERNEST ERICKSON Economics and Business Beta Aloha Psi MYLES EDSON ROLF ESPEDAL Economici and Business Sigma Chi Alpha Delta Siqma Kappa Siqma Law NELL ESPELAND Arts and Sciences EDWARD ESTER Economics and Business Beta Alpha Psi EUDORA EVANS Arts and Sciences Independent House Council PHILIP ELLIOTT EVANS FAGERBERG Arts and Sciences Economics and Delta Kappa Epsilon Business BOB FALLON CHUCK FANCHER MRS. C. H. FANCHER VINCENT FELICETTA Forestry Psi Upsilon Arts and Sciences Beta Theta Pi Arts and Sciences Arts and Sciences FRED FELLOWS ROBERT FELTHOUS ANDREW FERGUS NONA FINEGOLD GEOFF FINK BILL FISET JAMES FISHER PETER FISHER Econornjcs and Business Sigma Nu Law Compass and Chart Mines Arts and Sciences Arts and Sciences Delta Tau Delta Arts and Sciences Delta Kappa Epsilon Engineering Adelphi Arts and Sciences Beta Theta Pi Purple Shield Varsity Boat Club Cadet Officers Association Intrafraternity Council MRS. PETER FISHER CHARLES FLANAGAN BILL FLOBERG VICTOR FOMO AL FORMO JIM FORNEY ERNAGENE FORTESCUE THOR FOSSUM Arts and Sciences Zeta Phi Eta Arts and Sciences Engineering Economics and Business Alpha Siqma Phi Big W Club Varsity Boat Club Economics and Business Theta Chi Arts and Sciences Beta Theta Pi Arts and Sciences Sigma Epsilon Economics and Business Student Co-operat Association h GUY FOSTER RALPH FOSTER CONSTANCE FRANCKUM LILLIAN FRANK JAMES ERASER MARYVIOLET ERASER NANCY ANNE FRENCH JOE FRIBROCK Forestry Arts and Sciences Lambda Chi Alpha Pi MuChI Arts and Sciences Arts and Sciences Theta Siqma Phi Totem Club Economics and Business Siqma Phi Epsilon Arts and Sciences Kappa Delta Arts and Sciences Arts and Sciences Chi Psi Tyee Business Manaqer FRANK FRIEDMAN RUSSELL FRINK LLOYD FRISBEE DONN FRIZZELL A BELMORE FROL CYRIL FROL VIOLA FROST FRANCESCA FULTON Arts and Sciences Zeta Beta Tau Enqineerinq AIEE Engineering Lambda Chi Alpha Engineering Compass and Chart Economics and Business Beta Alpha Psi Economics and Business Beta Alpha Psi Arts and Sciences Arts and Sciences nn BETTY KLINKAM — pietfy blonde AWS scholarship .... maintains a betfei-than-3. aver- age herself . . . . manager of the Daily business ofHce .... member of W-Key, Mortar Board, Totem Club, and Kappa Delta. IRVING HERMAN— genial, hard -working Inter-fraternity council president .... has been in more activities then any other person in school .... was on frosh cabinet, chair manned sophomore carnival, was junior class vice-president and worked on the junior prom .... headed Red Cross drive last spring and homecoming celebration this fall. 50 SfniOfiS 1942 ROBERT FUNK Mines ROY FUNK Economics and Business Chi Psi FRANCIS GADD Engineering Phi Kappa Sigma GEORGE GAGLIARDI Arts and Sciences Psi Upsilon TOM GAGLIARDI Arfs and Sciences Psi Upsilon MAR60RIE GAIN Arts and Sciences Gamma Alpha Chi Theta Sigma Phi BEHY GALBRAITH Arts and Sciences Chi Omega TOM GALBRAITH Economics and Business Beta Theta Pi Oval Club ELIZABETH GALL ELIZABETH GARDINER JEANNE GARDNER TED GARHART ROBERT GARIN JIM GARRISON ROBERT GASTON DOROTHY GEDDES Arts and Sciences Zeta Tau Alpha Mortar Board Totem Club Lambda Rho Arts and Sciences Arts and Sciences Arts and Sciences Phi Gamma Delta Oval Club Big WClub Pi MuChi Varsity Boat Club Arts and Sciences Phi Gamma Delta Arts and Sciences Economics and Business Lambda Chi Alpha Scabbard and Blade Arts and Sciences JEAN 6E00ES GUNTER GEISMANN SUSAN GELLATLY LLOYD GEORG MARY GELTY BETTY GIBLIN ROBERT GIDEON CLARKE GILBERT Arts and Sciences Arts and Sciences Malamutes Compass and Chart Varsity Boat Club Scabbard and Blade Alpha Kappa Psi Arts aftd Sciences Alpha Phi Engineering Alpha Delta Phi Arts and Sciences Kappa of Phrateres Arts and Sciences Alpha Tau Delta Arts and Sciences Engineering Zeta Mu Tau Tau Beta Pi LOIS ANN GOBLER ELEANOR GONNASON HELEN GOODE NANCY ANNE GOODFELLOW ROBERT GOODWIN CHARLES GORDON CARLTON GOUDGE MARCEL GOULD Arts and Sciences Arts and Sciences Arts and Sciences Arts and Sciences Kappa Kappa Gamma Mortar Board Totem Club YWCA President Omicron Nu Economics and Business Arts and Sciences Big WClub Mines Sigma Xi Tau Beta Pi Engineering GEORGE GRAHAM JOSEPHINE GRAHAM MARCELLINE GRAHAM RALPH GRAHN MARGARET GRANDE ROSE GREENBERG ELIZABETH ANNE GREENE GEORGE GREENLUND Arts and Sciences Arts and Sciences Arts and Sciences Mortar Board Totem Club Arts and Sciences Arts and Sciences Arts and Sciences Phi Sigma Sigma Arts and Sciences Sigma Kappa Mortar Board Totem Club Pi Lambda Theta Lambda Rho Arts and Sciences BOB GREER CHRIS GREGORES ROBERT GREGORY JACK GRIFFIN WINIFRED GROBEL PAUL GROKE WALTER GRONVOLD FLORENCE GUBERLET Arts and Sciences Scabbard and Blade Enginee ring Ammonii Socii Economics and Business Scabbard and Blade Arts and Sciences Phi Delta Theta Arts and Sciences Lambda Rho Economics and Business Pan Xenia Engineering IAS Arts and Sciences Chi Omega MARJORIE GUENTHER BETTY GUION SHIRLEY GUNTER BILL GUYLES MUSETTE HAACK BETTY HAGEN KATHERINE HAGEN GEORGE HAHN Arts and Sciences Delta Gamma Mortar Board Totem Club Omicron Nu Sigma Epsilon Sigma Arts and Sciences Arts and Sciences Sigma Epsilon Arts and Sciences Psi Upsilon Arts and Sciences Alpha Omricon P i Arts and Sciences Arts and Sciences Economics and Business Pan Xenia VIRGINIA HAINES PATRICIA HALE HARLAN HALL VIVIAN HALL WAYNE HALL JOHN HALLER JAMES HAMILTON JANE HAMILTON Arts and Sciences Delta Gamma Totem Club Panhellenlc Pharmacy Arts and Sciences Delta Kappa Epsilon Oval Club Malamutes Education Mines Arts and Sciences Engineering Ammonii Socii Arts and Sciences li JACK HAMMER LYMAN HANDY ROBERT HANF TOM HANIFEN JOHN HANNAH ERNEST HANSEN HAROLD HANSEN HARRIET HANSON Arts and Sciences Education Pharmacy Arts and Sciences Phi Kappa Sigma Scabbard and Blade Economics and Business Alpha Delta Phi Managerial Council Spiked Shoe Club Economics and Business Pharmacy Arts and Sciences im KEN CARTWRIGHT— neve, still a minute .... in light- weight crew ond member of Varsity Boat club .... active in Malamutes and was stunt chair- man lost year .... loves to ski .... member of Oval club, Scabbard and Blade. BILL RUSSELL— president of Tau Beta Pi and outstanding engineering student .... used to climb mountains in the sum- mer , now works In a construc- tion camp .... army engineeis will claim h ' m after graduation .... Oval Club, Cadet Offi- cers Association, Zeta Mu Tau, Purple Shield, and Alpha Delta Phi. i l ll . 52 a: ii SfniORS 1942 RALPH HANSON RAYT. HANSON LESLIE HARCUS SUSANNAH HARDING SARA HARLACHER C C. HARLOW MAYBETH HARRIS MERLIN HARRIS Arts and Sciences Altha Tdu Omeqo Alpha Delta Siqma Enqineerinq Phi Kapoa Sigma Arts and Sciences Arts and Sciences Arts and Sciences Alpha Delta Pi Totem Club Compass and Chart Arts and Sciences Mu Phi Epsilon Law ROBERT HARRIS ROBERT C. HARRIS BARBARA HARRISON HARVE HARRISON PHYLLIS HARRISON FRANK HART ICHIRO HASEGAWA BILL HATCHER Engineering Theta Delta Chi Arts and Sciences Alpha Delta Phi Alpha Delta Slqma Arts and Sciences Kappa Kappa Gamma Totem Club ASUW Secretary Enqineerinq Scabbard and Blade Arts and Sciences Economics and Business Arts and Sciences Economics and Business Alpha Tau Omega WILLIAM HAWKINS Pharmacy RALPH HAWKS Mines Kappa Sigma DONALD HAWLEY Economics and Business LOIS HAWTHORN Arts and Sciences RUTH HAWTHORNE Arts and Sciences Siqma Kappa MIKU HAYANO Pharmacy Fuyo Kai ADELAIDE HAYES Arts and Sciences Delta Gamma LAURENCE HEATH Economics and Business Beta Theta Pi Big W Club WALTER HEIKEL Pharmacy NORMA HEIL Arts and Sciences Delta Delta Delta ELMER HEIMBIGNER Arts and Sciences JONAH HEIMBIGNER Economics and Business EDWARD HEKKANEN Enqineerinq ROBERT HENNING Education Phi Delta Kappa PAUL HEROLD Arts and Sciences Phi Kappa Tau IRVING HERMAN Arts and Sciences Siqma Alpha Mu Oval Club Interfraternity Council WAYNE HICKS Engineering Phi Kappa Tau FORBES HILL Economics and Business Siqma Nu HOMER HILL Arts and Sciences Phi Kappa Psi RUTH HILL Arts and Sciences Home Ec Club HOWARD HILTON Arts and Sciences MARYALYCE HINTON Arts and Sciences Alpha Phi TOSHIKO HIROSHIGE Arts and Sciences MARGARET HOAR Arts and Sciences Kappa Alpha Theta Totem Club GAIL HODGSON Arts and Sciences JERRY HOECK Arts and Sciences Alpha Delta Phi Siqma Delta Chi Oval Club BOB HOFFMAN Economics and Business Theta Chi Oval Club Malamutes Varsity Boat Club RALPH HOAGLUND Enqineerinq Varsity Boat Club Zeta Mu Tau ARTHUR HOLBROOK Economics and Business Chi Psi N. S. HOLLEY Arts and Sciences Compass and Chart JEANNE HOLLISTER Economics and Business Chi Omeqo MONROE HOLMES Arts and Sciences BRYAN HONKAWA Pharmacy Pi Mu Chi CLIFFORD HONVLEZ Pharmacy JOHN HOOK Arts and Sciences ARTHUR HOPKINS Enqineerinq Delta Upsilon JEAN HOPPER Arts and Sciences Delta Delta Delta MARY HOPPER Arts and Sciences Alpha XI Delta BETTY JO HORSLEY Education GLENN HORTON Arts and Sciences Pi Mu Chi ROBERT HOTELLING Enqineerinq Phi Kappa Psi Interfraternity Council RICHARD HOUGEN Pharmacy JOHN HOWARD Pharmacy JANE HOWE Arts and Sciences ROBERT HOXSEY Pharmacy Theta Chi MAY HOYT Arts and Sciences MARION HUGHES Arts and Sciences Theta Sigma Phi Gamma Alpha Chi MINNIE HUGHES Arts and Scii W, G. HUGHES MARSHALL HULBERT WILLIAM HUNTER GENE HUNTLEY ROBERT HUTTON ANN HYATT BARBARA HYDE LOREN HYLAND Forestry Economics and Business Beta Gamma S qma Arts and Sciences Theta Delta Chi Arts and Sciences Phi Delta Theta Law Chi Psi Manageria Oval Club Co jncll Arts and Sciences Alpha Gamma Delta Arts and Sciences Arts and Sciences m DICK ROBINSON — +all, blonde Alpha Delt who was voted ideal boy by campus co- eds last spring .... defected in thrilling election for ASUW president .... 3. law student .... member of Purple Shield .... former Inter-fraternity council president .... now back of Harvard Quartermas- ter school. BETTY SHAW— hard-woi-klng. fun-loving AWS concert chair- man .... has a large collection of closslcal records herself .... was Tyee circulation manager two years ago .... loves swim- ming, golfing, bowling. fiy itt r. r r ' ' mMii iLM u 54 SfniORS 1942 JOHN IlLMAN ROBERT ILLMAN t ATSUKO IMARI LORENA INGLIS TAMAKO INOUYE THOMAS J. ISAAC LILE ISAACSON HENRY ISBELL Arts and Sc ences Engineering Zeta Mu Tau AIEE Tau Beta Pi Arts and Sciences Arts and Sciences Zara Koda of Plirateres Theta Sigma Phi Totem Club Gamma Alpha Chi Arts and Sciences Law Arts and Sciences Engineering Alpha Tau Omega Varsity Boat Club JANET 1ST AS JOYCE ISTAS JERRY JACOBS MARY JAMIESON JEANNE JANIKULA LOIS JANNSEN JEAN JARED MARTHA JEAN JEFFERSON Arts and Sc Theta of Ph encet aterej Arts and Sciences Theta of Phrateres Arts and Sciences Delta Gamma Totem Club ThetJ Sigma Phi Arts and Sciences Pi Beta Phi Arts and Sciences Arts and Sciences Arts and Sciences Phi Mu Arts and Sciences Delta Gamma IRENE JENKINS Arts and Sciences Women ' s W Club JO JENNISON Arts and Sciences Alpha Gamma Delta BARBARA JERBERT Arts and Sciences Zeta Tau Alpha WILLIAM JOHANNESEN Economics and Business Compass and Chcjrt AINAR JOHNSON Economics and Business Pan Xenia ALICE ELIZABETH JOHNSON Arts and Sciences HARLAN JOHNSON Arts and Sciences RUTH JOHNSON Pharmacy Lambda Kappa Sigma W. L. VIOLA JOHNSON JOHNSON Arts and Sciences Arts and Sciences Compass and Chart WALTER JOHNSON Arts and Sciences Z eta Psi JAMES JOHNSTON Forestry JUSTINE JOHNSTON Arts and Sciences Sigma Epsiton Sigma NORMAN JOHNSTON Arts and Sciences Sigma Chi GLENORA JONES Arts and Sciences Alpha Gamma Delta PHYLISS JONES Arts and Sciences Alpha Omricon Pi RICHARD JONES ROBERT JONES CORINNE JONSON HELEN JORGENSEN SARAH JUDAH WILLIAM JUDAH THOMAS KANNO ELSIE KANSALA Pharmacy Forestry Tau Phi Delta Arts and Sciences Beta of Phrateres Arts and Sciences Kappa Delta Arts and Sciences Home Economics Club Arts and Sciences Arts and Sciences Ammonii Socii Arts and Sciences Sigma Epsilon Sigma lota Sigma Pi PI Lambda Theta ROSE MARIE KAPAK Arts and Sciences Nurses Club DONALD KAUFFMAN Arts and Sciences ROBERT KELLAM Economics and Business Sigma Alpha Epsilon Pan Xenia Alpha Kappa Psi MARGARET KELLS Arts and Sciences Omicron Nu MILTON KELLS Arts and Sciences MARY KENEVAN Arts and Sciences Newman Club DON KENNEDY Arts and Sciences Adelphi PATRICIA KENNEY Arts and Sciences Women ' s W Club MARION KERR ED KERRINARD BETTEANNE KIBBE KA2UO KIMURA WARREN KILPATRICK LOIS KINSEY GENE KIRSTEN ALVIN KLEIN Arts and Sciences Arts and Sciences Alpha Sigma Phi Varsity Boat Club Arts and Sciences Alpha Phi Pharmacy Arts and Sciences Alpha Tau Omega Economics and Business Sigma Kappa Arts and Sciences Beta Theta Pi Engineering Alpha Tau Omega JAMES KLEIN Arts and Sciences Alpha Sigma Phi Cadet Officers Association MAX KLEIN Arts and Sciences Delta Chi BETTY KLINKAM Economics and Business Kappa Delta Mortar Board Totem Club JEANNE KNOELL Arts and Sciencos JOAN KNUDSEN Arts and Sciences Delta Delta Delta MISAKO KONDO Arts and Sciences JEANNEHE KOZICKI Arts and Sciences AUGUST KRISTOFERSON Economics and Business Alpha Delta Phi HARUS KUMAKURA GEORGE KUMASAKA RYO KUMOSAKA ROBERT KUMMER DONALD KURTZER LORENZ LAATZ NANCY LANCASTER PHILIPPA LANDRY Ar+s andSclences Pi Mu Chi Arts andSclences Pi Mu Chi Economics and Business Law Beta Theta Pi Malamutes Arts and Sciences Engineering Phi Kappa Sigma Pharmacy Independent House Council Arts and Sciences m RALPH TERRY — since high school days this SAE has had a finger in some political pie .... was junior class president last year .... air raid corporal for his block .... ambition is to retire on a form near North Bend and raise Great Danes. ELIZABETH ANNE GREcNE— blonde, versatile Sigma Kappa .... plonned decorations for record-breaking Varsity Ball .... active in AWS work, and was chairman of the speakers committee last year .... 3.7 ort major. 56 StniORS 1942 ALVIN LARSEN IRVING LARSON W. C. LARSON WILLIAM C. LARSON HELEN LATSHAW ROBERT LAUDWEIN JIM LAWLOR VADA MAY LAWRENCE Engineering Inltitute of Aeronautical Sciences Arts and Sciences Compass and Chart Economics and Business Kappa Sigma Arts and Sciences Economics and Business Phi Kappa Sigma Arts and Sciences Phi Delta Theta Arts and Sciences Kappa Delta Women ' s Sports Council Totem Club Mortar Board Lambda Rho Panhellenlc ROBERT LAYNE Economics and Business Phi Gamma Delta Intertraternitv LILLIAN LeBIO Arts and Sciences FRANK LeCOCO Law PsI Upsilon GIRVIS LEDBEHER Engineering BERNICE LEE Arts and Sciences NELSON LEE Law Phi Sigma Kappa OLIN LEE Forestry Tau Phi Delta WILLIAM LEE Arts and Sciences Psi Upsilon Council JACK LEECH MARTHA LEHMAN ELTON LEITH WILLIAM LeMAY EDWARD LEVEL JOHN LEWIS WILLIAM LEWIS BERT LEINHARD Economics and Business Arts and Sciences Lambda Rho Economics and Business Rofre Co-op Forestry Arts and Sciences Student Co-op Engineering Arts and Sciences Sigma Delta Chi Zeta Beta Tau Alpha Delta Sigma Economics and Business Theta Chi CEDGAR BOBBY LILE LINDBERG Arts and Sciences Engineering Compass and Chart ROBERT LINDH Arts and Sciences Kappa Sigma ALICE LINDSAY Arts and Sciences DORIS LITTLEJOHN Arts and Sciences CARL HUGH LOBE LOCKE Arts and Sciences Arts and Sciences Sigma Alpha Epsilon ROBERT LONG Engineering ASME Tau Beta Pi RICHARD LONGBOTTOM ANITA LOOMIS VERNE LOOP MARGARET LORING JAMES LOSEY ROBERT LUBKER DOROTHY JEAN LUDWIGS ALAN LURIE Engineering Phi Delta Theta Minor " W Club Arts and Sciences Engineering Arts and Sciences Engineering Adetphi Council Mines Arts and Sciences Alpha Phi Arts and Science Zeta Beta Tau VICTOR LYON Arts and Sciences Sigma Alpha Mu BETTIE MADDUX Arts and Sciences Alpha Gamma Delta MARGARET MAGUIRE Arts and Sciences ALFRED MALAK Arts and Sciences Adelphi Pre-Medics Club MADELYN MALLBERG Arts and Sciences JOSEPH MALONE Arts and Sciences DOROTHY MALTESE Arts and Sciences LEONARD MANNON Economics and Business MARY MARBLE Arts and Sciences Alpha Delta Pi JOSEPH MARCUS Engineering AUGUST MARDESICH Theta Delta Chi TONY MARDESICH Theta Delta Chi JANE MARKHAM Arts and Sciences Alpha Delta Pi VIRGINIA MARQUETTE Arts and Sciences Delta Gamma WARD MARSHALL Arts and Sciences WILLIAM MARSHALL Arts and Sciences Theta Cfii I MONA MARTYN ALDEN MASON SYLVIA MATSON TAKASHI MATSUI C. W. MATTHAEI WILLIAM MATTSON GAYLE MATZEN JEAN MAX Arts and Sciences Sigma Kappa Economics and Business Grapha Techna Arts and Sciences Economics and Business Pan Xenia Japanese Students Club Engineering Compass and Chart Arts and Sciences Kappa Sigma Arts and Sciences Alpha Chi Omega Arts and Sciences Sigma Kappa ANN MAY Arts and Sciences Newman Hall STERLING MAY Arts and Sciences Phi Kappa Siqma Interfraternitv Council RICHARD MELOER Economics and Business Compass and Chart HARRIb ' TT MEEHAN Arts and Sciences Newman Club MARY MEHAN Arts and Sciences GRACE MEHUS Arts and Sciences ROBERT MELANDER Enqineerinq Theta Delta Chi RAY MEREDITH Arts and Sciences Beta Theta Pi Board of Control Student Council JERRY APPY — dapper Queen Anne graduate .... stars with equal verve ond finesse as act- or and OS a business and pub- licity man for theatrical pro- ductions .... Penthouse lead- ing man, specializes in sophisti- cated comedies . . . . loud sports jackets betray his love of horse racing. MARY JANE CARPENTER— energetic president of the Gamma Phi house .... YW freshman president .... head of Freshman Standards and Concert committees in AWS .... Mortar Board, Totem Club, and W-Key .... plans to attend Prince School in Bos- ton next year. 1 f- Dr ji MlAi A 53 J 3 .1 SfniOfiS 1942 KENNETH MERKLIN Mines Lambda Chi Enqlneerinq Council AIME JACK MERNER Arts and Sciences YMCA President WENDELL MERRILL Pharmacy Scabbard and Blade ROBERT MEYER Arts and Sciences Alpha Tau Omega Scabbard and Blade STANLEY MICKELSON Economics and Business Phi Delta Thcia CHARLES MILES Arts and Sciences Phi Stqma Alpha CURTIS MILLER Economics and Business Propeller Club DeLAYNE MILLER Arts and Sciences Phi Mu JIM MILLER Arts and Sciences Phi Kappa Tau MARY N. MILLER Arts and Sciences Delta Delta Delta RALPH MILLER Engineering Zeta Mu Tau Compass and Chart SARAH MILLER Arts and Sciences Delta Delta Delta ZANE MILLER Arts and Sciences PEGGY MILNE Arts and Sciences Pi Beta Phi WALTER MILROY Arts and Sciences Alpha Sigma Phi Big " WClub DOROTHEA MILTZ Arts and Sciences Omicron Nu MARCELLA LOUISE MINNIG MINOR Arts and Sciences Education Alpha Gamma Delta Totem Club ARTHUR MITCHELL Engineering Ammonii Socii Tau Beta Pi DOROTHY MITTAN Arts and Sciences ED MOE Economics and Business Phi Sigma Kappa Spiked Shoe Club OLIVE MOE Arts and Sciences Pre-Medics Club RICHARD MOHN Economics and Business Alpha Sigma Phi GERALD MOMEDA Economics and Business ALBERT MONDT HOWARD MOORE ROBERT MOORE ANDREW MORIMOTO HISAYO MORINAGA NINA MORRIS ELLEN MORSE RICHARD MORSETH Engineering Tau Beta Pi Engineering Engineering Economics and Business Pan Xenia Japanese Students Club Arts and Sciences Arts and Sciences Arts and Sciences Alpha Chi Omega Economics and Business Delta Chi GORDON MOSS Arts and Sciences Phi Kappa Tau HOBART MOSES Forestry Beta Thcta PI Cadet Officers Association ROBERT MOTTNOR Engineering Phi Kappa Tau Compass and Chart ELOISE MOZEE Economics and Business E. and B. Council ALICE MUESSEL Arts and Sciences Kappa Delta HELEN MUIR Arts and Sciences Gamma Phi Beta GEORGE MUKASA Economics and Business Pan Xenia Japanese Students Club LEAH MUNROE Arts and Sciences Delta Delta Delta MILES MUNSON Arts and Sciences Siqma Chi JEAN MURPHY Arts and Sciences WILLIAM MURPHY Engineering Chi Psi DONALD MURRAY Engineering Sigma Nu ED MURRAY Economics and Business Sigma Nu Beta Alphi Psi JAMES MYKLEBUST Economics and Business PHIL MACBRIDE Alpha Delta Phi PATRICIA MacLEOD Arts and Sciences Pi Beta Phi ROBERT JOE HELEN JAMES MARIAN RAY MARIAN ALTA MAE MacWILLIAMS McANDREWS McCANN McCAULEY McCLELLAND McCOY McCRORY McDONALD Engineering Mines Arts and Sciences Arts and Sciences Arts and Sciences Arts and Sciences Arts and Sciences Arts and Sciences Compass and Chart Newman Club Theta Delta Ch ' Phi Chi Delta BEHY McDONALD Arts and Sciences Alpha Gamma Delta YWCA Cabinet MAMIFEE McDONALD Pharmacy Tau Kappa Epsilon MERLE McGAHEY Engineering THEODORE McKAY Arts and Sciences Phi Gamma Delta Student Council MERWIN McKEE Economics and Business JEANNE McKINNELL Arts and Sciences Alpha Xi Delta DOUGLAS McLEAN Arts and Sciences Pre-Medics Club MARY ANN McNERTHNEY Arts and Sciences Gamma Phi Beta CHIYO NAKATA MORRY NEEDHAM CORAMARIE NEER JOHN B. NELSON JOHN R. NELSON MELVIN NELSON NEIL NELSON PHILIP NELSON Al s and Sciences Fuyo Kai Totem Club Engineering Compass and Chart Phi Kappa Psi Ar(s and Sciences Alpha Delta Pi Gamma Alpha Chi Arts and Sciences Pre-Medics Club Arts and Sciences Delta Tau Delta Engineering IAS Arts and Sciences Arts and Sciences HILDUR COON— almos+ lives at Eogleson hall .... divides the rest of the time between her home end the Pi Phi house . . . . active in all YW work .... Interested in the Japanese situation on the campus, and was a delegate to the 1939 Japanese-American conference in Tokyo. HARLAN [hall — livewire member of Malomutes and Delta Kappa Epsilon .... made the cord stunts at foot- ball gomes a vital port of in- termission entertainment .... was once a Western Union boy In Hollywood .... pulls down good grades and works at the Bookstore. jI l JM 60 SfniORS 1942 SIDNEY NELSON SIGFRIEO NELSON EMMA NESS CARL NEU LEO NEUSCHWANDER MERCEILE NEVILLE JOHN NEWLANOS JACK NEWMAN Arts and 5c Pi Mu Chi ences Enqineerinq ComDdSS and Ch..rt AIEE Art! and S Alpha Chi ciences Omoqa Economics and Business Phi Delta Th. ' l) Scabbard and Blade Minor " W " Club Interfraternity Council Oval Club Arts and Sciences Arts and Sciences Pi Beta Phi Totem Club Arts and Sciences Enqineerinq DEAN NICHOLS LOIS NIC HOLSON KENYON NIECE CAROL NIES GROVER NOBLES RICHARD NORDEN ROBERT NOVA HAROLD NUNNELEE Afti and Sc Zeld Psi ences Arts and Sciences Alpha Phi Arts and Sciences PreMedics Club Arts and Sciences Phi Chi Delta Arts and Sciences Alpha Siqma Phi Interfraternity Council Forestry Enqineerinq Tdu Beta Phi Enqineerinq NELLE OCONNOR RUTH OGBURN GERALD OGLE JOHN OGLE EMELYN O ' KEEFE HAROLD OKA FRED OLSON VERNON OLSEN Arts and Sciences Arts and Sciences Alpha Chi Omeqa Arts and Sciences Arts and Sciences Pan Xenia Arts and Sciences Alpha Omicron Pi Sigma Tau Alpha Enqineerinq ASME Arts and Sciences Enqineerinq ROBERT ORMSBEE Arts and Sciences Compass and Chart DOROTHY ORSER Arts and Science Alpha Delta Pi DON OSEN Economics and Business Alpha Delta Siqma E. and B. Council LLOYD OSEN Enqineerinq CLARICE OSTERUD Arts and Sciences SUSANNE OTIS Arts and Sciences Kappa Alpha Theta FRANCES OWEN Arts and Sciences Zeta Mu Tau RICHARD OWENS Enqineerinq Siqma Nu DONALD PALMER TED PARE ALAN PARK LOIS PARKER JAMES PARTNER JOHN C. PATTERSON LESLIE PAUL WESLEY PEARL Economics and Business Kappa Siqma Engineering Kappa Siqma Siqma Xi Economics and Business Siqma Alpha Epsllon Cadet Officers Association Arts and Sciences Sigma Kappa Economics and Business Chi Phi Arts and Sciences Pharmacy Pi MuChi Rho Chi Enqineerinq DELMAR PEARSON DICK PEASLEY ALF PEDERSEN PAUL PEDERSEN CAROL JEAN PEEPLES WILLARD PENGSTORFF BONNIE PERCIVAL JOSE PEREZ Law Chi Psi Economics Business Theta Chi and Arts and Sc Pi Nu Chi ences Economics and Business Phi Delta Theta Student Council Interfraternity Council Economics and Business Siqma Kappa Totem Club Mines Arts and Sciences Arts and Sciences Compass and Chart ELEANOR PERRY EVELYN PETERSEN JOHN PETERSON ROBERT PETERSON VERNE PETERSON HARLEY PETRIDGE JUNE PETTIBONE HELEN PHILLIPS Arts and Sciences Pi Beta Phi Arts and Sciences Alpha Gamma Delta Arts and Sc ences Forestry Tau Phi Delta Arts and Sciences Compass and Chart Economics and Business Theta Chi Arts and Sciences Arts and Sciences Delta Delta DeltG JIM PHILLIPS Economics and Business Theta Chi ASPASIA PHOUTRIDES Arts and Sciences HELEN PICHON Arts and Sciences Siqma Kappa Totem Club HELEN PICKENS Arts and Sciences Delta Gamma LOIS PIEPENBRINK Arts and Scienc Chi Omeqa ROSE PINKEY Economics and Business Delta Zeta GLORIA PITT Arts and Sciences Alpha Gamma Delta HAROLD PLANK Arts and Sciences Alpha Delta Phi NICOLIN PLANK GORDON POFF JOE POITEVIN HELEN POPE lONF POWERS VIRGINIA PRESSON LOIS PRESTON ROBERT PREUCEL Arts and Scie.Kos Enqineerinq Delta Upsilon Arts and Sciences Sigma Chi Intertraternity Council Arts and Sciences Arts and Scie.ices Chi of Phrateres Arts and Sciences Fencing Club Arts and Sciences PI Beta Phi Arts and Sciences Sigma Alpha Epsilon Interfraternity Council nn EUGENIA CAMPBELL — her quiet charm earned her the title of most prominent W-Ke member .... was also its pres- ident .... active In AWS work and was YWCA treasurer .... Alpha Chi Orega from Snoho- mish. JIM BINGAY — ASUW vice- president .... smooth campus politico who had to direct last year ' s free-for-all election .... was also head of last year ' s Junior Prom, the only Univer- sity dance to have a big-name band. B,fv ■ ,A! " .-« T tT r 0 . 62 SfniORS 1942 HOWARD PRICE forestry Acdcia Cadet Officers Association ROBERT PRICE Arts and Sciences FRANK PRITCHARD Arts and Sciences Phi Gamma Delta FRANK RUSSELL PURDY QUAY Arts and Sciences Arts and Sciences Compass and Chart MARION OUESNELL DAVID RABAK HENRY RAGGE Economics and Business Chi of Phrateres Phrateres Federation Totem Club Pharmacy Engineering Compass dnd Chdrt WILLIA»w RASMUSSEN Enqineerinq Chi Psi Scabbard ana Blad-; CAROL RAY Arts and Sciences Siqma Tau Alpha KENNETH RAYMOND Arts and Sciences JOHN REARDON Economics ind Business Scabbard and Btade PHYLLIS REEVES Arts and Sciences HAROLD REHKOPF Enqineerinq Tau Beta Pi Zeta Mu Tau Siqma Xi JEAN REPP Arts and Sciences Phi Mu CHARLES REYNOLDS Forestry Phi Kappa Siqma FRANCIS REYNOLDS Enqineerinq 6EKI RICHARDSON Arls and Sciences Delta Zeta EVELYN ROBINSON Arts and Sciences Alpha Epsilon Phi JOHN ROLLIN Economics and Business JAMES RICE Arts and Sciences Theta Chi RUTH RICE Arts and Sciences Zeta Tau Alpha ROBERT EYRLIS RIOGWAY RISTE Enqineerinq Arts and Sciences Enqineerinq Council Zara Koda of Tau Beta Pi Phrateres EDMUND ROBINSON Economics and Business Phi Kappa Siqma JESSIE RORVIK Arts and Sciences Theta of Phrateres BARBARA RICHARDS Arts and Sciences Alpha Delta Pi Mortar Board Totem Club SHIRLEY ROBBINS Arts and Sciences Alpha Epsilon Phi Totem Club AWS President JANET JOHN ROBINSON ROBINSON Arts and Sciences Law Lambda of Phrateres Alpha Delta Phi MINNIE ROSENKRANTZ Economics and Business ROBERT ROSMOND Enqineerinq Compass and Chart WILLIAM RUSSELL ROBERT RUTHERFORD GORDON SADICK FRED SAGE Enqineerinq Alpha Delta Phi Tau Beta Pi Purple Shield Oval Club Zeta Mu Tau Cadet Officers Arts and Sciences Varsity Boat Club Compass and Chart Ammon Association DICK RICHARDS Economics and Business Delta Upsilon ARTHUR ROBERTSON Enqineerinq Chi PsI DICK ROBINSON Alpha Delta Phi Oval Club Interfraternity Council Student Council JANE ROSSBACK Arts and Sciences Chimes of Phrateros E. W. RICHARDS Enqineerinq CARL ROBERTSON Arts and Sciences Beta Gamma Siqma KATHERINE RODARM Arts and Sciences RAYMOND RICHARDS Economics and Business Phi Kappa Siqma EDGELL ROBERTSON Enqineerinq Phi Gamma Delta Enqineerinq Council MARTHA ROEBKE Arts and Sciences Kappa Kappa Gan BETTY JEAN FREDERICK ROSS ROTH Arts and Sciences Forestry Alpha Gamma Delta GERALDINE RICHARDSEN Arts and Sciences Siqma Tau Alpha EDWARD ROBERTSON Enqineerinq Delta Upsilon GILSON ROHRBACK Arts and Sciences Compass and Chart MARIE ROWLAND Arts and Sciences TAKASHI JOHN ROBERT ELBERT SAKUMA SANDELIUS SANDERS SANDGREN Arts and Sciences Enqineerinq Economics and Economics and IAS Business Business Beta Theta PI Scabbard and Blade Minor W Club Propeller Club JOHN SASSER Economics and Business DOROTHY SAWYER Arts and Sciences Delta Gamma Siqma Epsilon Siqma EDWARD FRANCIS SAWYER SCHAFER Pharmacy Engineering Phi Kappa Siqma JOE MARY SCHEIB SCHENCK Arts and Sciences Arts and Sciences Lambda of Phratere ' , RICHARD SCHERRER Enaineerinq IAS ROBERT SCHERRER Arts and Sciences Scabbard and Blade Varsity Boat Club 1 DONALD SCHMIDT ' Arts and Sciences STANLEY SCHMIDT Economics and Business IRMGARD LORETTA SCHOENNAUER SCHULER Arts and Sciences Arts and Sciences Newman Club Nurses Club RUTH JAMES SCHULER SCOTT Arts and Sciences Arts and Sciences Psi Upsilon Big WClub Spited Shoe Club nn ROBERT SEARLES Arts and Sciences MERIKO SEGIMOTO Arts and Sciences Fuyo Kal iP SV V ii r iH| HjV « ELIZABETH GALL — main- spring of the campus WSSF campaign .... also a promis- ing sculptress .... finds time to be active in AWS, YWCA, and Dance Drama .... mem- ber of W-Key, Sigma Epsilon Sigma, Mortar Board, Totem Club, and Zeta Tau Alpha. DICK TRUDEAU— smooth-talk- ing Washingtonlon signalled out In college Who ' s Who .... chairman of successful Interna- tional Relations Club confer- ence last winter .... vorsltv debater .... still manages to pull down a 3. in poll sci, where he is a reader. r V- •J 1 i 1 b MM m ii H ■ A ' ' f2at » 64 SfniOfiS 1942 ANITA SEIDENBERG Arts and Sciences Phi Sigma Sigma LOUISE SEIFREO Arts and Sciences Delta Zeta KENICHIRO SEKIGUCHI Economics and Business INGRID SELANDER Arts and Sciences Home Economics Club MURRAY SENNEn Arts and Sciences BEHY SEVERSON Arts and Sciences Alpha Xi Delta DAPHNE SEVERSON Arts and Sciences Alpha Xi Delta LAURAINE SHANDLEY Arts and Sciences Alpha Chi Omega Phi Mu Gamma RUPERT SHARP BETTY SHAW PATRICIA SHAW LEO SHEHAN EUGENE SHELLEY PAUL SHEPARD KEITH SHERLIE ROBERT SHIPEK Economics and Business Delta Ucsilon Arts and Sciences Gamma Phi Beta Totem Club Mortar Board Alpha Delta Pi Economics and Business Kappa Sigma Big W Engineering Alpha Sigma Phi Arts and Sciences Sigma Delta Chi Economics and Business Student Cooperative Engineering KAZUO SHITAMA Arts and Sciences Japanese Student Club ROBERT SIMMONDS Engineering CONSTANCE SIMONSEN Arts and Sciences BETTE-JO SIMPSON Arts and Sciences Gamma Phi Beta Totem Club DOROTHY SINGER Arts and Sciences FRANCIS VIRGINIA SKEWIS SKILLING Arts and Sciences Arts and Sciences Delta Kappa Epsilon Alpha Delta Pi BILL SKILLINGS Arts and Sciences Theta Xi BILL SLOAN Arts and Science Spiked Shoe Big W Club ELIZABETH SMITH Arts and Sciences Pi Beta Phi ESTHER SMITH Arts and Sciences Theta of Phrateres HOMA SMITH Arts and Sciences LOGAN SMITH Engineering Compass and Chart LOIS JEANNE SMITH Arts and Sciences Alpha Chi Omega MARJORIE SMITH Arts and Sciences Alpha Xi Delta PALMER SMITH Economics and Business OUENTIN SMITH RUTH SMITH CHAN SMYTHE HAZEL SNELSON ROBERT SNOW ALDEN SNYDER FRANK SNYDER HENRY SOIKE Engineering Arts and Sciences Totem Club Omicron Nu TWCACour il Arts and Sciences Theta Delta Chi Varsity Boat Club Arts and Sciences Beta of Phrateres Forestry Economics and Business Economics and Business Phi Sigma Kappa Interfraternity Council Engineering EVELYN SOULES Arts and Sciences Alpha Xi Delta HERMAN SOWELL Education ELVINA SPANGLER Pharmacy PAUL SPARKS Arts and Sciences FREDERICK SPRAGUE Arts and Sciences MARIE STACK Arts and Sciences Alpha Gamma Delta RUTH STACK Arts and Sciences DOROTHY STAM Arts and Sciences Gamma Phi Beta Zeta Phi Eta MARY STANGELAND Arts and Sciences Alpha Xi Delta HARRY JACK STANLEY STARK Arts and Sciences Arts and Sciences Compass and Chart Delta Upsilon LAWRENCE STAY Economics and Business Phi Kappa Siqma NORINE STEENBERGEN Arts and Sciences Home Economics Club FRANCES STEIN Arts and Sciences Harborview Hall BARBARA STEINHOPf Arts and Sciences Phrateres LcROY STEPHENS Arts and Sciences Oval Club W Club ELWIN STERLING JANE STEVENS BOB STEVENSON MARY JANE STEWART WILLIAM STICKNEY KATHLEEN STINCHFIELD MARIE JANE STITH ALICE STOCKTON Law Arts and Sciences Phi Chi Delta Economics and Business Sigma Nu Oval Club Beta Alpha Psi Pharmacy Delta Delta Delta Arts and Sciences Arts and Sciences Alpha Delta Pi Arts and Sciences Arts and Sciences YWCA Cabinet Totem Club EDWARD STOKES Arts and Sciences Alpha Siqma Phi Managerial Council JANE BOB WILLIAM ALLAN BERTRAM JAMES CAROLINE STONE STRAM STROMME STUBB5 STURM SUMMERS SUMMERSON Arts and Sciences Pharmacy Arts and Sciences Economics and Economics ard Engineering Arts and Sciences Delta Chi Theta Chi Business Phi Kappa Psi Business Chi Psi Alpha Delta Sig Oval Club ma Harborview Hall Alpha Tau Delta DO GEORGE FLIFLET— at once the most awkward and the most graceful basketball player on the court .... " Big Fly " also stars on the tennis team .... two years ago moved from Utah to the Beta tong here .... plans to return to his home state as soon as he grad- uates. MERCEILE NEVILLE— Virginia- born vice-president of Totem Club .... as efficient as she Is sweet and dainty .... active in YV CA end AWS .... now married to former yell leader Mac Smith. I; : i Alia ir 66 m m mi VIRGINIA ' .UNDBERG A rts dnd Sciences GEORGE SUNOE Economics and Business Sigma Alpha Epsilon ROLAND SUNOSTROM Engineerinq Ammonii Socii JEAN SWALE Arts and Sciences Omicron Nu KEITH VERA BLANCHE SWEENY SWEESY SWEET Arts and Sciences Arts and Sciences Arts and Sciences Students Cooperative Chi Omeqa Alpha Phi DOROTHY SWEET Arts and Sciences Kappa Alpha Theta Mortar Board Totem Club Student Council BARBARA SYNNESTVEDT Arts and Sciences Alpha Xi Delta RICHARD TAKEUCHI Arts and Sciences HENRY TALLMALGE Arts and Sciences Chi Psi KAY TALLMAN Arts and Sciences Phi Sigma Kappa HARVEY TAIvlMINEN Engineerinq Phi Sigma Kappa t«tARY TARIHARA Arts and Sciences Zeta Mu Tau Sigma Xi FRANK TAYLOR Economics and Business Alpha Delta Phi HENRY L. TAYLOR Economics and Business Pan Xenia MARTHA TEMPLETON Art ' s and Sciences RALPH TERRY Arts and Sciences Sigma Alpha Epsilon MURIEL THATCHER Arts and Sciences Kappa Alpha Theta ELIZABETH THIELE Arts and Sciences HELEN THOMAS Economics and Business Gamma Alpha Chi ISABEL THOMSON Arts and Sciences Kappa Delta STANLEY THOMSON Forestry Tau Phi Delta FREDRIK THORSTEINSON Arts and Sciences PALMER THURSTON Engineering Scabbard and Blade MARY HELEN THYMIAN Arts and Sciences Delta Delta Delta STANLEY TOBIN Arts and Sciences Zeta Beta Tau ALBERT TODD Engineerinq WILLIAM TOOMEY Arts and Sciences Adelphi Newman Club ANITA TOWEY Arts and Sciences Kappa Delta TOM TRESSLER Economics and Business ROSE TROPEA Arts and Sciences Kappa Delta Newman Club DONALD TROTLAND RICHARD TRUDEAU JOHN TUCKER VIRGINIA TUCKER NEIL TWELKER ROBERT TWISS JEANNETTE UDDENBERG TRUDY UFER Engineering Arts and Sciences Mines Arts and Sciences Zeta Tau Alpha Sigma Epsilon Sigma Engineering Arts and Sciences Alpha Tau Omega Arts and Sciences Alpha Xi Delta Arts and Sciences Chi Omega MADELYN UHLIG Arts and Sciences Totem Club Lambda Rho Tfi W Club KAZUKO UMINO Arts and Sciences STUART UMPLEBY Economics and Business Sigma Alpha Epsilon Purple Shield J. DOUGLAS URQUHART Economics and Business Theta Chi Malamutes BEN USENO Arts and Sciences ETHEL VAN LIEW Arts and Sciences ROBERT VAUGHAN Arts and Sciences Compass and Chart CARL VENSTRON Arts and Sciences LEON VERHOEVEN Arts and Sciences H. LOUIS VERHULST Pharmacy Zeta Mu Tau Rho Chi Pi Mu Chi MIRIAM VINES Arts and Sciences Phi Sigma Sigma TOM VOMANSKE Engineerinq Phi Kappa Tau CAROLINE WAODELL Arts and Sciences Harborview Hall MARY ELLEN WAGER Arts and Sciences EDWARD WAITE Economics and Business Sigma Nu ALBERT WALDERHAUG Economics and Business JOANNE WALKER Arts and Sciences Alpha Phi WILLIAM WALKER Engineering MARJORIE WALKER Arts and Sciences Pi Beta Phi TOM WALKRIDGE Forestry Xi Sigma Pi WALTER WALLACE Economics and Business Sigma Alpha Epsilon Varsity Boat Club Big W WILLIAM WALSH Phi Delta Theta WILLIAM WALTER Arts and Sciences Kappa Sigma DeLAYNE WALTON Arts and Sciences EDWARD WARCHOL Engineering AIEE LOIS LUCILLE ROBERT WARD WARD WARTELLE Arts and Sciences Arts and Sciences Engineering Alpha Gamma Delta Harborview Hall PI Kappa Phi Alpha Tau Delta LOUISE WATERMAN Arts and Sciences Delta Delta Delta JEAN WATKINS Arts and Sciences Phi Mu THELMA WATKINS Arts and Sciences WILLIAM WAYMAN Arts and Sciences Pi MuChi nn MARCELDNE GRAHAM— always has o mischievous twinkle in her eye .... secre- tory of the campus YWCA last year . . . , to be married as soon as she graduates in June .... Is now going to school and working ai Boeings .... member of W-Key. Totem Club, and Mortar Board. VADA MAE LAWRENCE— no job Is too h b r d for her to tackle . . . this last year she was president of the Kappa Delt house and chairman of the Women ' s Recreational Council . . . . belongs to W-Key, Lombda Rho. Gamma Alpha Chi, Women ' s W Club, Mortar Board, and Totem Club. " BOB KUMMER— tall, dark, and nandsome Beta .... piesldent of Malamutes .... active in Compass and Chart and went on their cruise to Alaska lost summer .... law student. JERRY HO EC K— smoothie o the Dally shack .... editor of last summer ' s Daily and this year ' s Columns .... smokes a pipe constantly .... loves sports and was on the Daily sports staff for three years .... Alpha Delta Phi and Sigma Delta Chi. StniflfiS 1942 JAMES WEIBERG Engtneerinq DOROTHY ARMOND WEINGARTEN WELCH Arts and Sciences Pharmacy Lambda of Phrateres DOROTHY JANE WELDEN Arts and Sciences Alpha Gamma Delta Gamma Alpha Chi ROBERT WELTS Arts and Sciences Delta Kappa Epsilon JUSTIN WENTWORTH Arts and Sciences Zeta Ps! RICHARD WESTERFIELD Arts and Sciences Phi Sigma Kappa Pi Mu Chi ROBERT WHITELEY Arts and Sciences Delta Tau Delta WALTER WHITMAN Arts and Sciences W. E. WHITNEY Arts and Sciences Compass and Chart R08BNS WHinLESEY Engineering ROBERT JANET DOROTHY ROBERT WICK WICKSTROM WIGHT WILKINSON Economics and Economics and Arts and Sciences Arts and Sciences Business Business Sigma Epsilon Sigma Sigma Nu Kappa Delta Pan Xenia MARGARET WILLIAMSON Arts and Sciences Kappa Alpha Theta MARIE WILLSON CHARLES WILSON DICK WILSON ROBERT WILSON VIRGINIA WINBURNE HARRIET WINDE ROBERT WING JAMES WINGATE Arts and Sciences Engineering AIEE Arts and Sciences Tau Kappa Epsilon Arts and Sciences Tau Kappa Epsilon Phi Mu Alpha Arts and Sciences Chi Omega Arts and Sciences Delta Gamma Engineering Arts and Sciences Phi Kappa Psi BETTIE WINGROVE Arts and Sciences Kappa Delta BOYD WINTER Engineering Student Coperative MARY WINTLER Arts and Sciences EDWARD WISEMAN Arts and Sciences JOHN WITTWER Arts and Sciences Theta Delta Chi CATHERINE WOLF Arts and Sciences DAVID WOLF Economics and Business Sigma Nu LENORE WOLFF Arts and Sciences Phi Sigma Sigma GUY WONG NORMAN WONG WALTER WOODWARD ETHEL WORLEND BETTY WRIGHT BETTY WYLIE LOLA WYNN HARRIET WYSE Engineering Engineering Economics and Business Phi Sigma Kappa Arts and Sciences Zeta Tau Alpha Arts and Sciences Alpha Omicron Pi Arts and Sciences Alpha Omicron Pi Pharmacy Phi Lambda Theta KIYOSHI YAMASHITA ROBERT YAMASAKI KENICHIRO YASUDA LILY YOROZU EARL YOUNGLOVE GEORGE YOUNGSTROM VICTORIA ZA8LOCK1 JEROME ZEIDMAN Economics and Business Beta Gamma Sigma Japanese Club Pan Xenia E and B Council Engineering IAS Arts and Sciences Pan Xenia Japanese Students Club Arts and Sciences Education Delta Chi Oval Club Pharmacy Phi Kappa Pi MuChi Tau Economics and Business Arts and Sciences JIM ZEIGLER ALEX ZEMECK CARL ZIMMERMAN DOROTHY ZINN JOE ZITO EDWARD M. CL RK Forestry Theta Xi Education Alpha Tau Omega Oval Club Big ■W Club Arts and Sciences Theta Xi Economics and Business Beta Gamma Sigma Foresrtv Tau Phi De ta Engineering Campus and Chart m HURST CLARK — tall, red- headed Fiji who favors helnie haircuts . . . . president of Engineering council . . . has on excellent sense of humor .... member of Purple Shield .... active in NROTC and will stay in school another year to get his commission. BILL ROOT— one of the powers behind DD ' s throne .... quiet, efficient chairman of last fall ' s Varsity Boll .... transporta- tion major with a 3.3 average .... works in registrar ' s office, has only profile on his ASUW card . . . . Uncle Sam claims him ofter graduation. KIRBY TORRANCE, President BOB McCARTER, Vice-President DORI KLEMKASKI, Secretary DOROTHY KIRBY, Treasurer HJ Dark Horse North Burn was chosen president In the class of ' 43 ' s first election of officers. He pioneered the idea of having a fi ' osh cabinet, and was again elected president of the class during his second year in school. Kirby Torrance managed the Sophomore Carnival and was elected junior class president. For the first time in the school ' s history, the sophomore class was allowed a representative on the student council. The class of ' 43 ' s Junior Prom, under the able chairmanship of Dean McKay, was one of the most successful University dances ever held. 70 fsnm GEORGE SELVIDGE— has haunted Lewis holl for three years . . . worked up to os- sociote editor of Columns . . . jumps whenever Jeon Porker calls. " Stinkie " . . . let the campus know about Varsity Boll as publicity choirmon ... an ex-Daily sports writer, he was pledged to Sigma Delta Chi this year. JOAN HATTON— vivac ious TrI-Dett who has twice been unopposed for on AWS office . . . last year she was executive chairman ond this next year wilt rule as president . . . reorganized freshmen stand- ords . . . poll sci major with a 4. averoge. DICK PULVER— no campus ' joe " is this good-loking pollticion . . . manoged to hold down three offices this yeor — Columns business manager, junior class representative, and ASUW vice-president ... in advanced NROTC. Sigma Nu. and Alpha Delto Sigma. SALLY FISHER— another of the famous Fishers . . . active in YWCA and Campus Christian council . . . only twice in her school career has she gotten lower than a B ... a French major, she also speaks Sponlsh and Japanese . . . Kappa Alpha Thota. SHIRLEY GREAVES— always looks as if she had stepped from a bandbox . . . has worked for three years in AWS activities, and lost fall became its vice- president . . . member of W-Key ond Alpha Phi . . . college representative at Best ' s last summer. SHIRLEY HOOKER- -■Hook ' s " cheerful grin makes friends for her wherever she goes . active in AWS. was treasurer lost year . . . worked on freshman stand- ards and YWCA frosh cabinet . . . keeps a Phi Bete grade average . . . Alpha Gamma Delta. NORTH BURN— guided desti- nies of h ' s doss for t o years . . . most active freshman doss president in years . . . nephew of Comedian Bob Burns . . . molntains a 3. average . . . member of Malamutes and winner of Purple Shield plaque . . . oct ' ve supporter of the compus WSSF drive. MARCY JEANS— quiet, effi- cient, dependable Tri-Delt ac- tivity girl . . . handled success- fully the tough job of housing high school leaders ' conference dele-otes last fall . . . also works in AWS and YWCA . . . never too bus to help some- one. t GENE WALTERS— best pinch- hltter on last fall ' s football team . . . loves all sports . . . helps the Fijls win honors In In- tramural football, boxing and track . . . registered for the draft but hopes to play varsity football a-,ain next fall . . . v orks In the shipyards In the summer. GEORGE SELVIDGE JOAN HATTON NORTH BURN DICK PULVER SALLY FISHER MARCY JEANS SHIRLEY GREAVES SHIRLEE HOOKER GENE WALTERS JACK ADAMS. President. BETTY BRACE, Vice-Piesident. CORINNE CARPENTER, Secretary CLAUDINE CROFTON, Treasurer soPHOfnofifs I[[I During Its freshman year, the class of ' 44 inaugurated the Freshman council and the Freshman assembly. Headed by Bob Rose early this fall and later by Jack Adams, the two class projects have been highly successful. Jim French was chairman of the annual sophomore beard-growing con- test, and the sophomore carnival was ably headed by General Chaii ' man Bob Waldo and Business Manager Bruce Walters. 72 MARGARET SAGAR— aUoys runs, Is never still a minute . . . Fybofe note- taker . . . has a quick temper to match her red hair . . . dynamic member of the Women ' s debate squod. CORINNE CARPENTER— has made her own place In the sun, and Is as well known as her prominent sister, Mary Jane . . . secretory oi sophomore class and AWS ... an ardent sports fan. BOB ROSE — only a sophomore, but he has held more responsible positions than many upperclossmen . . . chalrmaned successful High School Leaders ' confer- ence lost fall . . . appointed freshmen class president pro tem. JEANNE DAVIS— like her sister, this DG was chosen queen of lost yeor ' s ski car- nival . . . not only beautiful but also one of the University ' s best woman skiers . . . when skiing season is over, she spends most of her time sailing her star boot. MARGARET ALEXANDER — active in Girls ' club work at Broodwoy . . . came out here ond pledged AEPhI . . . worked on Freshman standords last year, ond was a defense work chairman this winter . . . pledged to W-Key . . . likes to ski In winter, play badminton in summer. PETE POWLISON— born In Smyrna, grew up in Honolulu . . . everyone there knows the sensational swimmer who last year broke three notional frosh records . . . starred in all sports in high school. MARGARET SAGAR JEANNE DAVIS JACK SHEEDY CORINNE CARPENTER MARGARET ALEXANDER ART STROM BOB ROSE PETE POWLISON CLARK GIST JACK SHEEDY— author of the much commented-on columns, " Swing ' n Stuff " and " Discs n Data " . . . has a subtle sense of humor , . . once had his own radio progrom . . . writes for Columns, Doily. ART STROM— plays football in the fall, skis in the winter . . , when he wont to Lincoln he was captain of all-city ski council . . . now one of the stars on this year ' s crack ski team . . . frosh class prex last year ... a Sigma Nu. CLARK GIST— good-looking DU oit major . . . studied art lost summer in San Diego . . . specializes In water colors . . . Tyee art editor, helped us through many tough spots . . . wish you weren ' t so shy! 73 CLAY BLACKSTOCK, Piesident. MARJORIE SCHENCK, Vice-President. CIDDY CHARLES, Secretary. BARBARA POMEROY, Treasurer. JH After a revamped Freshman Day program, this year ' s frosh class proved themselves capable of becoming a vital power on the campus. For the second year the Freshman Council successfully carried on the busi- ness of the class. Its twenty-six members, representing nearly every group on the campus, met with the class officers as a governing body. One of the most exciting frosh political races in years was climaxed by Clay Black- stock ' s winning the office of pi ' esident. 74 HAUL RICHARDSON— active in Stadium High School, graduated In 1939 . . . worked for two years, came here and pledged ATO . . . elected president of Junior Interfraternlty council . . . first freshman to get a commission in Morlne Corps. JIM PUTNAM— Yell king, sports man- ager at Everett High School lost year . . . entered E and B school here lost fall . . . pledged Theto Chi . . . out- stondlng Malamute freshman . . . worked on big baseball rally this spring . . . spends his afternoons in Bookstore ship- ping department. BETTY DAY — another younger sister who is earning a name for herself . . . tireless worker In AWS activities . . . promising Doily reporter . . . olso finds time to help In the Tyee office . . . DG. SING DAHL— sleeps and eats at the PsI U house, works and plays basketball at the Pavilion . . . Boys ' Club president, baseball, football and basketball star at North Central lost year . . . played saxophone in the bond there . . . PE ma- jor star of the freshman basketball squad. MIRIAM JACOBS— active in Girts ' Club work and dance productions oi Garfield . . . continuing her work !n dance drama here . . . also active in AWS ond fresh- men women ' s debate . . . won a dance scholarship to Cornish, plans to go into personnel work when she graduates. KIHY REES — black-eyed, block- haired Gamma Phi whose efficiency and spar- kling personality hove mode her on in- valuable oddltion to the AWS office . . . octlve in freshman standards . . . will be assistant concert chairman next year . . . models in a downtown store. PAUL RICHARDSON BING DAHL JOHN THOMPSON JIM PUTNAM MIRIAM JACOBS EDITH HERMAN BETTY DAY KITTY REES LOIS McCONNELL JOHN THOMPSON— wolked away with practically every skiing honor while In the high school . . . active In HI-Y and football at Roosevelt . . . stor of the University freshman ski ♦eom . . . life guard at Laurel- hurst Beach Club during the summer. EDITH HERMAN— Girls ' Club president and outstanding girl in her graduating class at Roosevelt lost June . . . presi- dent of AEPhI pledge class . . finds time also to be active In AWS and ASUW work . . OS well-liked as her popular brother Irving. LOIS McCONNELL — pretty ADPi supersaleswoman . . . won all three Tyee subscription contests and the fall Columns ' soles contest . . . active in publications work at Queen Anne, where she graduated in three years . . . minors In pho- tography and is photographer for city YMCA at their re- gional conferences. m 75 CLASS conscious Frosh pond gives freshman Johnny a frigid welcome to the fold — especially if he plants his pin. Sophomores lend the spice — produce politi- cians and Sophomore Carnival. Here ' s an en- trant in the annual beard-growing contest. 3. JIvin ' Juniors — now " privileged " upperclass- men. Gus Arnheim plays for the annual Prom, March 6. 4. June graduation in the pavilion. Sage Seniors come off the educational assembly line. THfGRISiyytGfilfID THESE ARE THE STUDENTS . . CAMPUS KIERANS THERE ' S ONE IN EVERY CLASS GOOD JOES . . AND MORE . . THEY MADE THE GRADE. HAAKON LINDJORD . . . born in Norway, came to this country via Canada, where he spent most of his childhood. After making a brilliant record at Ballard high school, he came to the University and enrolled in the school of Economics and Business. Since then, the only grades below A that he has received were in PE when he forgot to go to class. While in school he was cadet colonel in the infantry, and is now a lieutenant in the United States Army. pfifsiDtnrs UltDflLIST 1940-1941 m WILLARD SMITH . . . winner of the Beta Gamma Sigma plaque last year . . . Econ- omics and Business major . . . was a reader for Economics I this fall until the Army claimed priorities in January. MILTON KELLS . . . shy, retiring, studi- ous . . . comes from a family of Phi Betes . . . was a busboy -up at Para- dise this summer. fflcuLiy HlfDflLISIS 78 UD Cream of the campus crop of midnight oil burners, these students diagged down an almos t straight A grade average all last year. Reward for their hard work was a certificate of high scholarship and i-ecognition at the President ' s honors assembly last fall. JUNIOR WINNERS: Edward Ester, E B; Robert Gailng, E B; Florence Haag, A S; Gordon Moss, A S; Jack Newman, Engineering; Edmund Rob- inson, E B; John Shaw, A S; Kazuko Uml- no, A S; Delaplane Wilson, A S; and KI- yoshl Yamoshi+a, E B. SOPHOMORE WINNERS: Shirley Halverson, A S; Ruby Inouye, A S; June Leet, Education; Mlla Lift, A S; Ben Lindsay, E B; Jack Mclntyie, Engineering, and Shii ' ley Janet Smith, A S. FRESHMAN WINNERS: David Alhadeff, A S; Robert Angel, A S; Miriam S elsend o rf e r, A S; Mercedes Greenwood, A S; Joan hHovel, A S; Clara Robinson, A S; Robert Wyse, A S. yyiniifRS of CfRIIflCfllfS ABOVE, Bock Row: Milo Liff, Jack Mclntyie, Shirley Holverson. Front Row: June Leet, Ruby Inouye. BELOW: Edword Ester, Edmund Robinson, Koiuko Umino, Florence Hoog, Robt. Goring, Jock Newman. 79 SCHOLORSHIP nilfRS I[[I Every June at commencement exercises, a few chosen underclassmen are awarded scholar- ships to continue their work at the University. Selected on a basis of scholarship and character, they represent the finest type of University stu- dent. Harold Plank Phi Beta Kappa Scholarship Helen Muir University of Vv ' ashlngton Alumnae Assn. Scholarship Richard Jones McKesson-Robbins Scholarship in Pharmacy Marjorle Guenther City Ponhellenlc Scholarship Myrtlce Hoit Iota Sigma Pi Scholarship Andrew Fergus V illlom Mackay Scholarship in Mining Nancy Jane Cleary Kappa Alpha Theto Alumnae Scholarship Ben Lindsay Beta Gamma Slqmo Plaque Marjorle Marinakos Issabello Austin Scholarship Ruth Balkema Gamma Phi Beta Scholarship 80 BETA Um UH The oldest scholastic honorary .... mombeis are humani- ties seniors with a grade point average of 3.5 or more .... founded at William and Mary college during revolutionary times .... pin is an old watch winder. PRESIDENT: A. N. Loiig; VICE-PRESIDENT: A. R .Benham; SECRETARY: Luiline V. Simpson; TREASURER: Solomon Katj. MEMBERS: Henrietta M. Adams, Mrs. Sylvlo K. Anderson, Victoria Anderson. Lester Asheim, John P. Bollantine. Julian Barks- dole. Mary I. Bash, Mrs. Moude L. Beal. Dr. Ross A. Beaumont. Arthur S. Beordsley, Allen R. Benham, Kathryn E. Benson. Dr. H. H. Burns. Dr. G. H. Cody, David B. Carpenter. Joseph Cohen, Kenneth C. Cole, Agnes B. Colton, Donald Cornu. Clyde Myron Cramlet, A. Emerson Creore. Beth Curtis. Grace G. Denny. Harvey B. Dens- more. Edgar M. Draper. E. H. Eby. Dr. Garland Ethel. Walter Firey. Richard E. Fuller. Madeline Gilchrist, Mary Goodner, Herbert Gowen, Homer E. Gregory, Ralph H. Gundloch, Edwin R. Guthrie, Ruth Hole, Amy Violet Hall, Mory E. Holler. Dr. John H. Honley. Joseph B. Harrison. Dr. Ray Heffner, Mercedes H. Hensley. Mrs. Thelmo Holmquist, W. Stull Holt, Dr. John Richard Huber. A. R. Jerbert, Paul Johnson, Solo- mon Koti, Mrs. Sylvia Finloy Kerrigan, Trevor Kincoid. Audrey Nell Kittel. Deon Edward H. Lauer. Mary Loyne, Dr. William Bruce Lockling. A. N. Lorig. John McGilvrey Moki, Byrdette Mason. Charles C. More. Dorothy Jeanne Morrow. Vernon A. Mund. Everett J. Nelson. Dr. Howard Lee Nostrond. R. H. Nottelmon. Frederick M. Podelford, Ruth E. Pennington, Francis F. Powers. Melvin Roder. Dr. Herbert Ronson, William M. Read. Curt W. Reuss. Herbert P. Riley, Mrs. Holley Brewster Savery. Milnor B. Schaefer. Calvin F. Schmid. Bernice Shorrock, Dr. Lee Paul Sieg, Lurline V. Simpson. M. M. Skinner, Harry E. Smith. E. B. Stevens. Edword N. Stone. Ernest Emory Stowell. Lucille Stubbs. Victor Alexander Thompson. David Thomson. Lena L. Tucker. Alvln Ulbrickson. E. J. Vickner, Mrs. Margaret Walters. Edward Wogenknecht. Charles E. Weaver. Mrs. Mary Biiby Wenke. Mrs. Lois J. Wentworth, Walter B. Whittlesey, Richard Wilkie, Clotilde M. Wilson, William C. E. Wilson, William R. Wilson. R. M. Winger, Arthur M. Winslow, Howard B. Woolston, Joyce Mary Wright, Fumio Yogi, Lawrence John Zillman. Arthur Lorig President Lurline Simpson Secretary Solomon Kotz Treasurer ' 81 ,• Wlllard Smith President Donald Payne Vice-President Dorothy Zinn Secretary Kiyoshi Yamashtta Treasurer Bflfl Gflflldlfl 1(11 DH Scholastic honorary for E and B Phi Betes . . . highest 10% of the seniors and 2% of the junior class are eligible for membership .... minimum grade requirement is 3.2 .... purpose is to promote good relatinoships between business men and graduates from the E and B school. PRESIDENT; Willaid Smith; Vlce-Piesident: Donald Neile Payne; SECRETARY: Doro- thy Zlnn; TREASURER: Kiyoshi Yamoshito. FACULTY: Robert Bortels, Henry Burd, G. I. Butterbaugh, W. E. Cox. Carl Dakan, Lawrence Dowd. Frances Eorle, Homer Gregory. Howard tvlartin, Vernon tv und. Evold Peterson. Dean H. H. Preston. MEMBERS: Curtis Aller. Richard Anderson, James Corcoran, Helen Dunn, Edward Ester. Martin Hirabayashi. Marshall Hulbert. Franklin Kilpatrick, James Robertson, Edmund Robinson, Willord Smith, Henry Spiller. Rolph Thayer. Albert Wolderhoug. Kiyoshi Yamoshito. Dorothy Zlnn. 82 SIGdlfl I HH Phi Be+a Kappa for science majors .... requirements for membership include a 3.5 grade average .... members work for the advancement of scientific research. A. V. EASTMAN President J. M. DILLE Secretary PRESIDENT: A. V. Eastman; VICE-PRESIDENT: H. A. Coombs; SECRETARY: J. M. Dille; TREASURER: V. SIvertz; RECORDER: E. Ordal. MEMBERS: Bernard A. Acena, Pharmacy: Jose V. Yap-Chiongco, Fisheries; Malre Weir Koy, Zoology; Helen M. Klpple. Phormacology; Robert Paul Sieg, Chemistry; James B. Gardiner, Jr.. Chemical Eng.; Orvllle H. Miller, Pharmaceutical Chem.; Thomas McKie Rowlands, Naval Arch.; Paul A. Squier, Pharmacology; Daniel Elliot Stunti, Botany; Theodore M. Ober, Mines; Sergius Sergey. Civil Eng.; Frederick Smith, Civil Eng.; ASSOCIATES: Albert Henry Bonner. Zoology; Orland Richard Christensen, Electrical Eng.; Ruby Mae Curtiss, Zoology; Donald Thompson Drake. Electrical Eng.; Rolph Herbert Hoglund. Electrical Eng.; John Edward Jetfery. Chemistry; Peter John Komen. Electrical Eng.; Chorles Sutherland Petty. Pharmacy; Rodney Lowell Boothroyd, Electrical Eng.; Alice Elsie Codling, Pharmacy; Edward Melsjon Dean. Mechanical Eng.; Roland Frank Deery. Chem. Eng.; Henry Wood Elliott, Chemistry; Franklin George Foi, Phormacy; Grover Spencer Greaves, Chemical Eng.; Daniel Taylor Hoyden. Chemistry; Nevin Koy Hiester, Chemical Eng.; Mary E. Hopkins. Psychology, Claro J. Kelly, Botany; Edwin Korpl, Chemical Eng.; Tom Howard Lewis. Zoology; Richard C. Morris, Chemical Eng.; Sigtred Alber Nelson, Electrical Eng.; Lowrence M. Penny, Pharmacy: Soil C. Rogers, Chemical Eng.; T. Edward Stephens, Meteorology; Jock Gorden Wornecke. Chemical Eng.; Donald Heber Balsinger, Forestry; Eugene John Barber, Chemistry; Franklin Joseph Barta, Metallurgical Eng.; Alfred Francis Borg, Bacteriology; Arch C. Gerloch, Geography; Carlton Ernest Goudge, Ceramic Eng.; Wayne Everett Hall, Mining Eng.; Koiuo K. Kimura, Pharmacology, Harold L. Rehkopf, Electricol Eng. H. A. COOMBS Vice-President VICTOR SEVURTZ Treasurer 83 William Russell President Sigfred Nelson Recording Secretary Richard Cole Corresponding Secretary IflU BtIB P HK Goal of every high-ranking engineering student .... each member is an outstanding student in his field .... founded in 1885 at Lehigh University. PRESIDENT: William Russell; VICE-PRESIDENT: Don-l Droke; CORRESPONDING SEC RETARY: Richard Cole; RECORDING SECR:TARY: Sigfred Nelson; TREAS- URER: Spencer Greoves. MEMBERS: Arvid Anderson. Glendon Andrews. Franklin Barta, Donald Beach. Rodney Boothroyd. Gerald Bowes, O. R. Christensen, Ray Clough, Richard Cole, H. W. Copenhagen, John Deal, Frank deVry, Donald Drake. D. D. Drowley, Clyde Eberstein, Warren Flock, John Foster, Gerald Garrison, Clarke Gilbert, Carlton Goudge, Spencer Greaves, Wayne Hall. Ralph Hoglund. Carl Hundstod, Robert lllmon, Carl Juhola, Irving Kornorek. Edwin Korpi, Girvis Ledbetter, Robert Long, Verne Loop, Jack Mclntyre, Arthur Mitchell, Albert Mondt, Richard Morris, Si - red Nelson, Fredrick Newman, Robert Nova, Wesley Pearl, Raymond Petrich. Harold Rehkopf, Robert Rldgway, William Russell, Gordon Sadlck. Neil Twelker. Jack Weigel, Bernard Wendrow, Robert Wing, Sam Yankelowiti. G. Spencer Greaves Treasurer 84 ■ ?sii? v -.4: n ii »-.» .L " You » " " 3 Checking he .P , 2- 5 PWO crin e-YO- ' • iook«We.« V, CFFICE ;_. CovJc M H Mttii i I. Hostess Vada Mae Lawrence and guest Mrs. C. B. Stevens at the thirty years ' service tea. 2 Lorena Inglis and Max Hipkoe in gay ' nineties garb. 3. Marcella Minnig grins and Prof. Cox smiles reminiscently at old timers ' tea. 4. After-dinner speaker Dean Preston at E B banquet. X 5. E B faculty kibitzing at Dean Preston ' s skat- ing pai+y. 6. Hildur Coon and Dean MocKenzie take a turn around the ice. 7. University ' s " first line " invades the v omen ' s dorm on President ' s reception night. 8. Mrs. Langlie pouring, Barbara Richards serv- ing, at the President ' s reception. 9. Mr. and Mrs. Faculty get acquainted at Presi- dent ' s reception. ! F- 3. cfldiPusinG The University — an even larger monu- ment to Seneial George Washington. Condon Hall — southeast sector of the quadrangle. Law students ' santum. Women ' s gym — recreation center. Fos- ters first aid and fencing. Boasts dance studio and swimming pool. P. E. major portals. The Shack — officially Lewis Hall — " home " to journalism majois. Daily, Col- umns and Tyee staff inhabit the base- ment. Looking north to the Physics building and the " lib. " The plot and the plan — from the model ill President Sieg ' s office. Guggenheim Hall ' way down south. Lower campus — engineers ' stronghold. Denny Hall — towered, turieted, totter- ing and teeming with . . . drama majors. Overshadowed by ivy-coveied Education Hall. Ha rbors the Piesident, the Regis- trar, and grade sheets . . . among other things. Home Economics haven — hangout for calorie counters and budget-makers. 5. 6. 9. 10. ! i ' I i i V 1 J - - ' V •■■tr - " m, % Standing: Jim Phillips, ar- rongements, and Morijane Argue. Seated, left to right: Joan Hatton, patrons and patronesses, Carl Ronnig. rambling Romeo from WSC, Doris Totten, and George Sunde, table arrangements. nn Jean Parker and George Selvldge, publicity. E 3 L ' J m Ivi lJ f im Standing: John Fenton, and Elizabeth Ann Greene, decorations. Seated: Bennett Ensley. business manager, Betty Morgenthaler, secretary, Shirley Nash, tickets, and Ed Roberts. r rgssrtnassrrTsrrLnrjTd 1 Left to light: Shirley Greoves and Bill Root, generol chairman. m T L TOP: GliTs Idea of a smooth date: sippinq boisch soup In Russian Samo- var. MIDDLE: Makln ' sweet talk betv een the halves. Note boy on right taking initiative In conversation, as per not Tolo. BOTTOM: Ralph Hanson climaxes evening of drudgery for date Lisa Sill by shaving (analogous to painting face}. Peggy Palmer, Mary Lou Piatt disregard Tolo tra- dition by NOT waiting faithfully for dates, but pilmp themselves a bit. 94 TOP: What most people do at Tolo — just plain dance. MIDDLE: This is the night that the glil puts the dime in the little silver tray. BOTTOM: Thetas Margaret Williamson and Lisa Gill treat dates to a large coke apiece. 95 TOP: Two lonesome Phi Kaps that didn ' t make the grade; went anyway (the girl is really a boy). BOTTOM: Mac Tuesley (dreomy) and Ella Raines (delighted) both hove fun, in their own way. Jean Parker, publ George Selvldge, Duane Truesdahl, ■ sen, patrons and patronesses, and Grattie Walsh. Lou Case, and Bob Poison, b ness monager. Not the " line-up " — they ' re our Junior prominents. l UN OR •nH fj oa r t 1 1 iT Dean McKay, Prom Chairman, and Jeanne Davis dieam one out against o background ot Dean ' s own doing. I ' LEFT TO RIGHT: Yvonne Beretta, Tom Hani- fen, decoi ' a + Ions chairman, Jeanne Davis and Bill Russell, tickets. LEFT TO RIGHT: Meiilyn Loop, Ed Robinson, publicity, Eileen Clyde and Bob Ormsbee, programs. CflDfT LEFT TO RIGHT: Ray Busch, tables, Mary Barnard, Lynne Holbrock, and Bud Harvey, arrangements. 98 fZL i BALL LEFT TO RIGHT: Doug Cormlchael, Wollv Doud ond Ralph Miller, talking it over. George Boney. general chairman, and Virginia Wilder, 99 p VflRSIJy BOOT I nn Couples smile as they enjoy dancing to the tunes of David Ross and his band. The floor was fine. Seymour Standish, Crewman Walt Wallace and his date, Barbara Wooley, enjoy inter- mission refreshments in the Grill. Stairsitters at intermission time were Walt Wallace, Bai bara Wooley, Coxswain Vic Fomo, Dolly Deane, an Chairman Bob Ross with Shirley Roy. The girls are weorin Goveinment Gai " denia Corsages. CLUB um Long John " Jown " Bracken. crew coptain, enjoys a twirl with Borbora Boone. Crewmen sit one out with their dates. Seated are Bob Hoffman, Jane Current, Gracie Wagner. Wally Soli. Standing: Suzy Baker and Holman Christofferson. Gay Boat Club dancers take a brief rest in the lobby. Note Theto Betty Davis, Pi Phi Bette Beards- ley and DG Sue Jenkins. mt Peering over the bolcony ore Bernard Smith, Polly Dow, Alotha CaJnion and Winter Doily Editor Bill Edmundson. 101 The engineers infoimally keep an eye on the kissometer gauge EOGIdEffiS nfORfflflL flPPLflUSt IHfll fitms DRAH-MA AND DEBATE . . . AND THE LOVE OF THE STAGE . . . HARD-WORKING FOLK FROM DENNY AND PARRINGTON . . . THEIR ' S IS THE DREAM OF NAMES IN NEON + + + Left to right: The colonel and the servant girl — Mary Patten and Robert McBride. Suspicion centers around the famous bundling bed. tv elvyn Helstlen, Vene Hansen, James Arenton, LeRoy Weber and Gertrude Kinnell. Romance by way of the window — stars Vene Hansen and Robert Prins. 104 Elyof ' s caught between two wives in the School ot Drama ' s greot- est all-time hit. Margaietta Ramsey. Jerry Appy, Ruth Balkema. .tuffy halt of the vote Lives " marito f some — Morqaietto ' msey and Richard Two sophisticated stars in the famous sec ond act from " Private Lives " — Ruth Bal kema and Jerry Appy. to right) Gordon Green, erine Taylor, Avis Winton, rchen, Lyie Piqort, Mari- Malley, Eva Maria Dane, arilou Smith, Dale Conard. etty Dewey, Sidney Lasher. rd Kirk, Stanley Jennings, obert Sloat, Gertrude Kin- ner (In the Lion), Winston Weber, Marcena Woerner. Steputis, Gordon Fox, Glen the jungle v ith Gertrude Winston Hoffman. CAESAR CONQUERS THE LION— (left to right) Paul Stocker, Mary Ann Walterskirchen, LyIe Pigort, Gordon Green, Richard Hoerner (the Lion), Winston Hoffman, Katherine Taylor, Avis Winton. Dale Conard, Glen Pfau (slightly above), Marllou Smith, LeRoy Weber (Caesar), Gordon Fox, Gordon Bennion, Robert Sloat, Byrle Cass, Mark Hipkins, Marcena Woerner, Betty Dewey and Mary McDonald {stairs right), Richard Kirk, Sidney Lasher, Lee O ' Malley. Top of stairs are; Marianne Bier and Eva Marie Dane. ON THE ROAD TO ROME— Gordon Bennion, Richard Kirk. Glen Pfau, Lee O ' Malley. Marcena Woerner (covered), Winston Hoffman, Robert Steputis {on floor), Robert Sloat, Gordon Green, Paul Stocker, Mark Hipkins, Dale Conard. Katherine Taylor, Gordon Fox. Mary Ann Walterskirchen, Marllou Smith, Mary McDonald, Betty Dewey, LyIe Pigort. 106 OJkllHil l HIIIJ Three Penthouse actors play the parts of octors In " Ac- cent on Y o u t h. " John O ' Hore, Gordon Fox and Gloria Miller. W ' Butler Flogdell cracks wise — Gordon Fox, Melvyn Hel- sfien, George Dudley (Flog- dell), LeRoy Weber, stars Margaret Horth and Doug- as Gordon. flccfni 0(1 youiH W " ' i! the show is over — the cast of " Accent on Youth. " Gordon Fox. Ethyl -Idman, Douglas Gordon, Margaret Horth, George Dudley. Above: LeRoy eber, Gloria Miller, John O ' Hore. 107 Curtain call with Douglas Gordon, Paul- ine Berg, Cleve Richardson, Roberta Twohy, Gloria Miller, Marianne Bier, Robert Sloot, Richard Hoerner, Regina Hoover, Jean Sarchet and Marcia Chat- fins. Love interest in " The 0!d Moid " — Rich- ard hloerner and Moiianne Bier. A tense moment in the la t episode — [above} Marianne Bier, (seated) Gloria Miller and Roberto Twohy — Washington ' s Miriam Hopkins and Bette Dovis. no Colorful costumes mix with drama — Gloria Miller, Cleve Richardson and Rob- ert Sloot. THE OLD mflID 108 Tony comes home in true John Barrymore fashion — Richard Hoyt {arms out- stretched ) getting atten- tion in varying degrees from Annabel Miller, Hal Wein- stein. Byrle Cass, Glen Pfou, Poppy Agnew, stor Mar- garetta Ramsey, LeRoy Weber. Mary Elizabeth Kells. I, Trouble in the romance of a young actress — G I e n Pf a u and Annabel Miller. One of the year ' s top performers, Mary Elizabeth Kells as Fanny Covendish. Oscar caught In action with actor Hal We ' nstein. m fioynL fflniiLy Poppy Agnew. Dorothy Reynard. LeRoy Weber, Joe Mclntyre, Annabel Miller. Glen Pfau, Richard Hoyt, Hal Weinstein. Mary Elizabeth Kells. Margoretto Ram- sey, Ralph Rosinbum, Byrle Cass. Charles Harader. On the floor are 175-pound Carlo (Prince Valiant) St. Bernard star, and actor Paul Stocker. «r 109 DfinCE DfiflUlfl RIGHT: Peggy Monison. UPPER LEFT: Katheiine Rodarm, Mary Belle McGee, Fiancis Scot- foid. LOWER LEFT: Katheiine Rodarm, Belle Muir, Betty Smith. FRONT: Mary Belle McSee. flu Clever satires In dance, depicting America ' s war effort, and a panoramic presentation of a " Northwest Sage " constituted the major portion of the annual dance drama given this year on May I I. Leading soloists were Peggy Morrison and Katherine Rodarm, and their performance together with the able direction of Mrs. Mary Aid deVries made the expressionist dance numbers highly successful. In the club women ' s 1942 project " First Aid " — a satire — Belle Muir lead the dancers. A humorous take-off of American ' s great draft army was the performance of " The YooHoo Bat- talion. " The dance performances were presented at the dance theater of the Women ' s Gymnasium, the only one of Its kind in an American university. no RBDIO t Making finished radio announcers Is not the claim of Ted Bell in relation to his radio classes, but students completing the courses have gone a long way In ladlo. " Learn by actual experience " Is the theory followed and it has been certainly carried out. One show every two weeks Is presented on a local radio program offer- ing the best of practical application of Ideas gained from class. National Defense shows were given on be- half of defense and many short skits were presented promoting army, navy, and marine enlistment. In the productions the students do the acting, writ- ing, and some dliectlng. Thus futuie radio personalities 010 molded in the Unlvei ' slty of Washington, and as for results — well, quite a few people on the large networks once trudged ud the stalls in Denny. puppney Deemed one of the nation ' s best, the University puppetry has had a busy year, piesenting shows never less than twice a week and generally more often than that. Responding to the war program, they entertained soldiers at Fort Lewis and in USO centers in Seattle. They also played before youthful audiences in Tacoma and Seattle grade schools, as well as In valley towns. " King of the Golden Rlvei ' " was the main marionette production for the year. It was presented first at the Washington Athletic Club after the puppeteers had laboied all Christmas vacation to perfect It. Univer- sity students saw and liked it at the Showboat Theater during spring quarter. Hand shows were the fairy tales. " The Princess and the Goblins " and " Beauty and the Beast " delighted their young audiences. This unique workshop is under the direction of Alanson Davis. I II LEFT, front to rear: Bibb, Williams, Kennett, Aller, III- sey, Scrogg. Right, front to rear: Baillie, Robertson, Hardt, Goldade, Wold, Dy- sort, Shaffer, Sherlie, Starr, Sigrist. STANDING, left to right: Franzke, Blom, J. Kilpatrick F. Kilpotrick, Urquhort, Ver- strom. vflRSiiy Jln Intensive discussion of the question, " What steps could the United States take now to cushion the post-war depression? " has taken the Varsity Debate Team as far north as Vancouver, B. C, east to Moscow, Idaho, and south to Los Angeles. Audiences for the 150 programs carried out this year are primarily civic groups, such as chambers of commerce, rotary, lyon, and kiwanis clubs, but the squad has also conducted forums for high schools, colleges on the coast, farmers ' granges, church groups, forum groups, and labor groups. The annual California two-week trip was taken by prominent debat- ers: Jud Kilpotrick, Don Urquhort, Carl Robertson and Curt Aller. Visiting Stanford University, the University of California and St. Mary ' s College, the squad held discus- 112 CURTIS ALLER CAROLYN BRYANT BETTY WALLEN VIRGINIA TUCKER W. CARL ROBERTSON DON URQUHART FRANKLIN KILPATRICK JUDSON KILPATRICK (i DfBflIf sions for the Los Angeles Townholl and the Los Angeles Kiwanis Club, and broadcasted over the radio on the Los Angeles Breakfast Club program. The University of Washing- ton has been honored for the third time in six years with having their University of Cali- foi ' nia debate printed in the " University Debater ' s Annual. " Unique in its presentation of discussion, the Varsity Debate members under the Leadership of Professor Albert L. Franzke, do not debate competitively but present a problem, speak for it and against it and offer a solution. The debates are usually held as student forums, with a questi on-and-answer parley after the debate. This system of debate has been developed by Professor Frederick W. Orr, head of the Speech department. 113 UJOIllfll ' S PUBLIC DI8CUSSI0 JIH The Women ' s Forum Group, using the public-discussion method of speaking, was much in demand this year to lead audiences as far south as California and north to Canada. They are under the direction of Dr. W. W. Bird. Left to right: McDevitt, Martin. Mayer, RIckles, Tucker, Sigrist, Dr. W. W. Bird, Bryant, Moe, Jacobs, Plomondon, Murfln. Standing: Snelson, Wallen, Soger, Peek, Mor- Inakos, V. Smith. Left to right: Hochberg, HIntz. Barnett. Pense, Campbell, Judd, Krueger. ffifSHnifln PUBLIC niscussion Jn The Freshman debate team was rich in talent this year, and in their trips to surrounding schools furthered themselves as potential varsity ma- terial. 114 SCBLinGTHECLtfTS CLASSICS IN SYMPHONY AND SWING CONDUCTOR WELKE AT THE HELM . . . NOTES OF THE SWEET AND HOT . . . FROM BACH TO BASIE. ..AND BACH AGAIN UUIIULDI UnilU Working two days a week under Mr. Weike, the Concert Band has attained such perfection that it rates in the realm of music as one of the naKon ' s best. The mem- bers are very busy people, filling a schedule of weekly radio broadcasts in addition to the six concerts on campus and those out of town, and packing Meany Hall again with the Swing Concert. m Washington ' s Marching Band is probably the only one of its kind on the Pacific Coast. Due to the unique performance of accompanying music with figure formation in marching, the Band has become a feature attraction during football half-times, and holds the dis- tinction of being the only band which has perfected this feat. Mr. WeIke, director. r u UJlMrilUMj UllUMLuIMM a bi illiani program of five formal concerts was presented under ths direction of Professor George C. Kirschner (insert). The orchestra ' s seventy pieces aided the Red Cross in the March 3rd Concert at the Music Hall, played at the Annual Christmas Concert for the Times Fund at Meany Hall on December 7, and entertained enlistees and draftees at Fort Lewis on April I 6. fHfinRKifli infifR IIIMUIIIUIIL UIMULIIU beautifully-blended harmony gi-oup of ten men and women singers, chosen and directed by Miss Helen Hall. Noted for perfect timing and singing without accom- paniment, the Madrigal Singers have performed for the University Christian Church, the Ladies ' Musi- cal Club, and the Sunset Club, during an extremely busy year. I If tr mnmrn ' o pi rr UJUIIILIIU ULLL Sweeping into melody, the Women ' s Glee gave its services to Red Cross in the March 3rd Concert at the Music Hall. They sang at Paine Field in Everett on February 26, on the campus May 12 in the Annual Concert, and at the Mozart Requiem in Meany Hall on May 26. Directed by Professor August Werner, the Glee has become an Indispensable element In campus concerts. m n UnrLLLn UnUin ThnlUng patriots with their Ballad for Americans, " the Choir appeared at the Red Cross Concert In the Music Hall on March 3. They again performed with the Seattle Symphony Orchestra under Sir Thomas Beecham on February 19 at the Civic Auditorium for the Mozart Festival. They " christened " the United Service Organization ' s installation of its Tacoma clubhouse on February 8, sang at the Mozart Requiem on May 26 at Meany Hall and the Bach Laureate on June 7. The Choir is under the inspirational direction of Professor Charles W. Lawrence (inset). u mrn ' o ni rr MILIIU ULLL A combination of rare harmony and informal jollify, under the guidance of Professor Charles W. Lawrence (insert). Combined with the Choir, the Glee sang for the Annual Christmas Concert on December 7 at Meany Hall and again for the Red Cross Concert In the Music HHall on May 3. Performances at Fort Lewis, Bremerton and Sand Point kept the group busy until the grand Annual Concert on the campus, April 30. wnDOiTM nilflRTfT illllUllJ l UIIIIILI Selected from the Men ' s Glee, and working in coopera- tion with it, the Quartet is directed by Professor Charles W. Lawrence. The group made a concert tour of near-by towns, Olympia, Everett, and Bellingham, besides performing for the Washington Day program at the Queen Anne Methodist Church on February 22, and the National Relations Conference at the Commons. LEFT TO RIGHT: Robeit Wilson, George Paiant, Lymon Snow, Robert Harte I M conctfiT EGON PETRI Holding his audience absorbed with his per- fect, precise renditions of the masters, Egon Petri played to o full Meany hall for more than two hours. From Schumann ' s long " Car- nival " with which he opened his concert, through intricate Chopin selections to the Liszt pieces at the close, he never lost his careful and tireless touch. The Chopin waltzes which he played as encores were general favorites with all his listeners. OK PAUL ROBESON A favorite among the University ' s annual guest artists, Robeson again won his aud- ience with the popular " Ol ' Man River, " " Ah Still Laks Me, " and " Shortin ' Bread, " but enthusiasm reached its peak when the baritone ' s negro pianist joined In and sang with Robeson In a seemingly spontaneous manner. His audience encored and en- cored, showing little signs of ever giving up, so Robeson grinned his huge white grin and excused himself. 123 ufiin LILY PONS She sent thrills up the spines of everyone when she cocked her hot of blue bachelor buttons (for her native France) and deftly echoed the notes of her flute accompani- ment In " The Echo Song. " Her audience loved It, and judging from her delighted imiles, she loved It, too. «r RISE STEVENS This lovely auburn-haired contralto looked more like a college coed than a Metropol- itan opera favorite. Her charming smile ond her gay manner won her Me any oudi- ence. Favorite encore of the evening was Miss Stevens ' singing of " The Chocolate Soldier " from her motion picture. «r i fLs CARMELITA MARACCI Transforming drab Meany Hall into o Span- ish Gypsy camp. Miss MoroccI danced to the tune of rhythmically clacking castanets and stomping feet. Opening the program with a seml-serlous number, the star pro- gressed through modern conventionalized dances and fiery gypsy tunes. The climax came In a wild flirtation for which, in the absence of a man, Cormellta substituted a hatrock as object of her Romanic whirls. 121 Uu » ' A LtCTURt SERIES SYDNEY SHURCLIFF With ninety-nine minutes of spectacular full-color ski films, Sydney Shurcllff, American ski authority, entertained a capacity crowd at Meany Hall to open the A.W.S. concert series. The first port of the film pictured racing, slalom, and jumping in Northwest ski grounds — starring the famous Austrian skier, hiannes Schneider. The last part, received with enthusiasm on the part of the spectators, was a comedy sequence, featuring Dr. Quackenbush, an explorer from Africa who attempted to learn to ski by schussing the head wall of Tuckerman ' s Ravine. m LOUIS FISCHER Famed foreign correspondent Louis Fischer spoke forcefully to his interested audience, offering interpretations which yeors of experi- ence in reporting world politics had given him. His opinion was that the Axis powers are hoping, at most, for a draw in their struggle against the Allied Nations. If the Axis powers have victories in the coming year, he told his listeners, they will ask for a negotiated peace, as they will not be able to attack the Allies, nor will the Allies be able to attack them. nn STUART CHASE A packed audience at Meany Hall listened to the famed economist and writer speak on " After the War — What. " With the ease of an accomplished speaker, Stuart Chase spoke clearly and deftly, with rare insight and Informal humor. He told his listeners that they must learn to think in material, physical terms of feeding, clothing, shelter- ing and keeping men employed after this war, rather than m abstract financial terms. After the war, the United States cannot say that it cannot afford to be prosperous, he concluded. 122 DtflDLinfS BOD DfliaiS OUR PUBLICATIONS . . . HOUSE ORGANS OF ASUW ... WE COVER THE WRITER-FRONT . . . AND PRESENT ... THE DAILY . . . COLUMNS . ANDTYEE ■1. 4. Lki ' DfliLy Busintss SIflff BILL LEWIS, Business Manager BETTY KLINKHAM Top sales gill WALT WILLIAMS National advertising manager PAUL CHILTON Circulation manager ALICE PALMER Office manager Sales staff, left to right: Jack Shea, Joye Greenberg, Eleanor Mulligan, Sherlle Anderson. Office girls: Standing: Dorothy Gibbons, Alice Palmer, Elsie Llndstrom, Alice Beuschlein; Seated: Merlyn Loop, Nancy Finkelsteln, Barbara Lyman, Anne Beaudin. In case you ' ve been wondering, not Yehudi, but Ray Cobley and Paul Chilton (driving) deliver your early morning Dailies. Bill Lewis, Walt Williams and Mr. Lyie Goss, Adver- tising Manager of the University Bookstore, discuss plans for a nine-page spread. UiJ BILL DUNCAN — Fall quarter editor — Blond, curly- thatched William Duncan, savant of the pinboll machines. Tacoma ' s son who climaxed four years service on the Daily as on editor of the " pick a fight to win an Issue " school of journalism. Grading system was his biggest problem — in several ways. Went almost directly from his own " War Extra " to Uncle Sam ' s seivlce. JPV BILL EDMUNDSON— Winter quarter editor— Small, c bespectacled little " Hector " was another Tacoma r Made a jump to the top after one year with the Del! from engineering beat. Worried constantly — always a problem. Said good-bye to snow pictures. Toes the for pretty, brunette, Atho Cothlon — will toe it after gi uation for Uncle Sam. DfllLI JANICE RICHARDS— " First Wom- an " of the Shack, she was last year ' s Tyee " Boss " — this year managing editor spring quarter on the Dally, Covered " dramah " beat for two quarters and is backbone of the Dally trio. JACK RYAN— Sure he ' s an Irish- man and from Tacoma too. Famous — or notorious — as columnist and feature writer. Did turn about in spring by handling ASUW beat. Avoids Soc desk, since once he forgot the copy. BERNICE LEE— Spring quarter women ' s editor — She faced a staff shortage on worm spring after- noons. Mourned over own- lack of time to ploy tennis. Cute grin — yet worried constantly over Matrix table publicity. MURRAY COE— Handsome, d- eyed Yakima lad who graduc from the sports desk to manac editor. Looks swell with a pipe also with a certain Tri Delt. handles a Speed Graphic. Is let ing Japanese. :0N BOSTWICK— Spring quarter editor— Husky, blonde, orks hard, plays harder. An Olympia product, Ron broke 1 three-quarter hold on the editorship by the Tacomo line. Held practically every post on the Dolly, capped them ' Ith two terms as a managing editor. Soft spoken, eosy loing, practical — held a staff together despite war leth- irgy and spring temptations. Can be defealed only by i onnano — the blue terror. SIflff HARK MUIN— Winter quarter sorts editor — wrote fabulous- •ngth columns for the sports page, etterman in volley ball — shining ght in the JJ class. You could nd him in the dark recesses of 10 Shack playing chess any lorning. BOB TWISS— Foil quarter sports editor — Robert Is the name. He ' s at the Times now, just waiting for the draft board. Pink-haired, hap- py, weother eye for the gols, thinks of himself as a character. Twlsster for short. JERRY JACOBS— Winter quarter Women ' s editor — Delta Gamma from old Wyoming. Last story as on editor was relegated to lost and found. Writes slick stories, likes smooth men. Gave It all up for an Editor of the Dally. Star journalism prospect. But has better prospects. WALLY McKAY— Tall, slender son of Erin with an impish grin. Top notch reporter — handled ASUW, was a managing editor spring quarter. Also wrote War Dloty — but didn ' t live It. Can recite reams from Shakespeare — on occasion. LILLIAN FRANK — Foil quarter women ' s editor — Halls from Spo- kane, treasures a Slg Ep heart. Authority on crew. Brown hair, brown eyes. Threw things but usually ended up smiling. Will join the Kitty Foyles In June. PHIL TAYLOR — Spring quarter sports editor — He ' s small, but packs dynamite in his typewriter. Covered every major sport. Al- ways ready to smile — 107-pound center on sports staff football team — ace In baseball — and still a sophomore. ROGER BYE— Managing editor fall, winter, spring quarters — worked on every publication with III Wind for punctuation. A Pooh- ish character who Is changing his Swedish accent for a Southern one. Even learned a few dark room tactics — owns the dirtiest saddle shoes in the shack. V ».»• 127 IXu DfliLy fDiiofiiei STflff HH Blacker headlines and more datelines char- acterized the Daily, as editors widened the news scope for a changing world. Fall quarter pages bristled with war news, climaxed by the " War Extra " pet brain-child of Editor Duncan. From cheerleader conflicts to grading systems, draft objectors and through dirty politics edits ran the news gamut. Mute evidence of the war scare and its ultimate dismissal were the huge, be-car- tooned, ply-boards that blacked out the Shack immediately after December 7 and were taken down one by one as spring came in. Winter quar- ter editor, Bill Edmundson succumbed as war censorship vetoed features on the first Seattle snowfall in a decade. With spring came a hard fought ASUW election, chief worry of Ron Bost- wick, spring quarter editor. Two editors were among the draftees — Bill Duncan and Bill Edmundson . . . war made its mark on the Daily. Still type-writes-its In the Shack banged out copy for sleepy-eyed students to read in their eight o ' clocks. And Bart labored at the print shop. WOMEN STAFF: Leff to right— Back row: Lola LaPaugh, Dolly Jane Grune, Virginia Taylor. Marge Swanson. Front row — Pat Russell, Betty Doy, Sue Jenkins. NIGHT EDITORS: Back row— Russ Holt. Janice Richards, Hazel Milli- kin, Wally MacKay. Front row — Jean Parker, George Selvldge. SPORT STAFF: Left to right— Phil Taylor. Bud Likens, Dwight Schear. Engene Schroeder. Jim Hicks. Russ Holt. Dove Gordon. Ted Morello. GENERAL REPORTERS: Back Row— Maxine Girson. Pat Coburn. Mary Jo Ramaker, Gordon Greimes. Bernice Lee, Pat Russell. Front row — Orvin Nordness, Jane Sells. SPECIAL REPORTERS: Left to right— Jack Sheedy, Virginia Taylor. Russ Holt, Marge Swanson, Jack Ryan. 128 r i. ' s- Ti fn f J j i j S BUSIUfSS STflff CIRCULATION STAFF: Picture upper left: Shirley Bower, Virginia Wilbur. Dorothy Buelow. Jean Jessup, Dorothy Dick. Insert: Blanche Sweet, Circulation Manager. OFFICE STAFF: Upper right: First Row: Betty Askell. Morjorie Nelson, Shirley Bower; Second Row: Kathleen Winney, Dorothy Wilson, Dorothy Buelow, Insert: Frances Cole, OHlce Manager. Individual, right: Dick Pulver, Business Manager. ADVERTISING STAFF, Lower Left: First Row: Bud Harvey, Bob McCarter, Stan Frieth; Second Row: Jay Friedman. Dorothy Buelow, Dick Dunnlngton; Insert: Harold Thai, Advertising Man- ager. Lower Right: Blanche Sweet, Circulation Monoger; Dick Pulver. Business Man- ager; Horold Thai, Advertising Manager; Frances Cole, Office Manager. W a. r- 1 IDAS OT U f f — : r » nn ■ § JERRY HOECK . . . fair-haired boy of Lewis Hall . . . editor, promoter, writer, executive, even takes time out to think up gags . . . public rela- tions mon par excellence . . . promoted soles with candy kisses . . . presented a magazine (barring two issues) that makes readers come back for more . . . pinned Rosemary Elliott as in- surance against queen contests . . . finds it works remarkably well. m GEORGE SELVIDGE . . . associate editor . . . suave blond author of personal sketches . . . can beat Jean on the perennial run around the table . . . versatile publications man . . . writes clever poetry when urged to do so . . . then promotes it heartily throughout Lewis . . . was found useful for culling the best jokes from ex- change mags. JACQUES RUPP . . . lanky, dark and melan- choly member of the associate editor ' s team . . . which denotes that here is the humorist of the staff . . . the man behind a great number of the gaudy covers ... he howled the loudest when the color plates come out wrong . . . any name from Joq to Jocko . . . it ' s still Rupp and ready for a laugh. coLUdins w MARLOWE HARTUNG . . . editor-of-large . . . should not be left at large for o number of reasons . . . his touch odds much to illustrotions and lay- outs ... on his own for part of the year . . . writes, promotes jokes and coddles a pipe. JACK SHEEDY ... a gentle soul, with the expression of a cherub . . . where he goes also goes controversy . . . many dis- agree with his ideas on swing . . . writes of the futility of life and men ' s strivings . . . but is only a sophomore. %tf Behind Its coloiful face, Columns has this year spread out to covei- all fields In the University. No longer just a humor mag, the tables of contents have Included ai ' ticles from the engineeis, music, drama, the pavilion, social science, plus many good and bad short stories. A war-time magazine, it hit both the humorous and tiagic side. As draft numbers Invaded Lewis Hall, Editor Jerry Hoeck came forth with o brainstorm of nationwide effectiveness, " Kiss the Boys Goodbye, " a stunt to make any publicity man tear his hair that he missed It. The almost melancholy humor staff provided caitoons thot other magazines telegraphed for. DAVE JEFFORDS . . . blue-toned covers with a subtle touch ... on art editor who did his work in minutes and struggled days over his gag lines . . . never satisfied and missed the point of half his gags . . . most recently lost to defense work. LEW CRUTCHER ... an orchetecture major who found time to do both cartoons and some dandy sketches ... a member of Compass and Chort and Purple Shield ... he will fit in next yeor as on oil around art man. RUSS BRALEY . . . writes copy that seems to come from a thug ... is amazingly peaceful and quiet . . . pleads for the big men of the pavilion. ROSEMARY ELLIOT . . . tall, dark, good-looking editor of the up-to-date fashion section . . . cut herself out of queen con- tests by going with the editor who promotes them . . . plays a wicked hand of gin rummy and mokes faces of Jerry. 131 JkM COLUfflOS J Rosemary Elliott, Jerry Hoeck, Russ Broley, Marlowe Hartung, George Selvidge (seated), Dove Jeffords, Prof. Bob Mans- field. TOP ROW: Dick Hart, Guy Searles, Dean Palmer. Bottom Row: Herb Luckin,Ann DeWitt. .-J 132 lyff Busintss sififf UPPER LEFT; Jeanne Jerbert and Moijoiie Englehait. UPPER RIGHT: Tom Sill, Dorothy Saunders, Bill Christensen. RIGHT: Joe Fribrock, business manager. LOWER LEFT: Lois McConnel. LOWER RIGHT: Top row: Catherine Jeffery, Betty Day, Peggy Nelson, Dorothy Saunders, Elsie Lindstrom. Bottom row: Jeanne Westerlund, Marion Jacobs, Carolgoij Boumonn, Jane Fisher. 133 jytt flu Tyee, 1942, tells a story .... the tale of seven or eight thousand students and what they do between September and June. It ' s a story of saddle shoes and dancing slippers, of classes, coeds, cokes and cords. It ' s the story of Washington. But Tyee tells another story, a story hid- den between the lines. This is the tale of hours in front of a typewriter, behind a camera, over a drawing board .... the tale of happi- ness, disappointment and a secret pride. It ' s the story of Tyee, itself, and the little dramas behind each picture, each line of copy. It ' s the story only we ourselves can read. nn EDWIN SMITH, Editor MARLOWE HARTUNG— Left job OS editor of Tyee last fall to work for a commercial orf plant, .... dropped back to offer advice, slams and encouragement .... we ' ll see him next season. MARION GILBERT — Senior sec tlon editor .... spends most c her time in a dither .... our goh star section editor .... first i the front .... and the prlnte .... favors the Fijis who live nex door. r 1 s ■ " 1 1 La 1 W " jk 1 Hl 1 v B ' k ] | Jl , :i w m 1 r ..:m . - •■vm .■ ' ■ ' 134 JOHNNY BIXBY— Special photographer . . . did opening section, division pages, queens and anything that required spe- cial attention .... receives our vote for art In photography .... tragedy of the season was when he ruined his leg taking Tyee ski pictures the day before the Var- sity Ball. DEDE CROWE— Associate Editor— the pretty, anchor-clad DG who did the lion ' s share of the work and worrying .... got a cose of nerves over late sec- tions, lazy writers and Mac ' s tennis . . discovered In April the hours were worth it. CLARK GIST— Art Editor .... known to oil as " Gusty " .... designed Tyee ' s cover .... did all the color work and air-brush- ing .... quiet, unossuminq DU who worked far Into many nights and week- ends to furnish what we consider superior art work. DICK RAY — Editor, campus sec- ion . . . . Easy-going Mo from ivlissouri .... son of Sigma Chi . . . sttll pushes the flashy " Utile , iger " .... planted his pin, and inaily settled down to one major . . . never around when his work MARK MUIN — Editor, men ' s sports .... coma-hound who knows his sports .... dragged away from Doily to work swing shift on Tyee .... wrote reams of copy and got it In on time .... enigmatic. SALLY FLEMING— Section editor, froternities and sororities .... blond and conscientious .... hides after writing particularly stringent " Whispers " .... Gamma Phi to rhyme with Sigma Chi. BOBBIE RICHARDS — Edited Ac- tivities, most nerve-racking section in the book .... she ' s the plead- ing voice on the telephone .... A. D. PI announced her engage- ment In the spring, but she kept right on working (on Tyee). 135 M MEG BRAMBACH — Women ' s sports editor .... Theta ' s bundle of energy . . . . writes women ' s sports, but roots for the men as head pom-pom waver on Women ' s Rally committee. ROGER BYE— Assistant copy edi- tor .... this is Wodge, who has learned not to light three on a match .... wrote best copy under pressure .... wrote all copy un- der pressure .... indespensible to publications .... enough said. RUSS HOLT — Assistant Sports editor .... Sophomore journalist who has a future on Tyee as well OS on the Daily .... as well as on the Times .... Mark ' s right hand man. ANN DEWITT — Chief staff pho tographer .... did a huge job foi o tiny Theta .... changed frorr admiring airplanes to big fat can . . . and yachts . . . and yacht; . . . removed the Delta from Sig mo Delta Chi .... a member o the group. JIM BURTON— Helped with lay- outs and posed for pictures . . . . he ' s the smooth silhouette in the top hat on the second division page . . . quiet DU .... will give up Washington for Annapolis soon. SPECIAL OFFICE STAFF— Left to right: Lillian Frank, Pat Olsen, Ann Remmlngton and Patsy Russell. These did anything that needed special attention .... Frankle helped with re-writes promlnents .... Pat handled the Photo contest .... Ann helped with the senior section .... Patsy was our prize stooge around the office, helping anyone and everyone. STAFF PHOTOGRAPHERS— Left to right: Guy Seorles, Herb Luckin, Dick Hartt, Dean Polmei. Vida Lander, prop. Insert: Roger Belles. These are the film flippers with the dorkroom stare who filled the space where copy wasn ' t. Roger, a brilliant cameraman and one of the hardest working students on the staff, was killed during fall quarter. yf OFFICE STAFF— Left to right: Betty Day, Barbara Jo Poxton, Maxine Giison, Pat Sullivan, Janet Cooper, Marilyn Long and Sisi Lewis. KENNEL-ELLIS- Left to right: Ed Ken- nel, Aldoren Stabler and Dove Iverson. 137 - fOfifST CLUB OUflRTfRLy BU Having the distinction of being the only publication of its kind, the Foresters ' Quarterly magazine has a world-wide circulation. It started out as only a once-a-year magazine in 1912. Since then it has increased its publication to three issues a year. Now, for the first time, Tyee devotes space to this magazine for we feel it merits wider recognition on the campus. SEATED: Ben Bryant, Len Flower, John Allen, Thomas Auer, V olter Hughes, Stanley Thomson, Pat Thomson, Don Heavers, Ivan Dethman, John Pence. BACK ROW: Paul Kennedy, Charles Alexander, Fred Roth, Ted Steenberger. LflUI REV flu The official organ of both the law school and the Washington State Bar Association, the LAW REVIEW was first published in 1925. Under the able editorship of Vern Countrymen, the magazine is published quarterly. Its circulation extends to lawyers and judges in the state and also to all the other law schools throughout the country. INSET: Student editor, Vern Countrymen. IMMEDIATE FRONT: Bob Buck, Henry Kostner. BACK ROW: Nona Fumerton, Art Paulsen, Wally Aiken, Paul Bltar, Herb Droker, Rolf Espedol, Tom Fogg, John Krilich, Vern Countrymen, Alfred Harsch, faculty adviser. Bob Purdue and Jim Gay. Arthur Quigley Is absent. 138 HERE ARE THE BOYS IN BLUE AND KHAKI . . . TRAINED DEFENDERS OF THE NATIONS ... TO- MORROW THESE WILL JUMP TO BUGLES . . . INSTEAD OF BELLS TOP: The flag raising ceiemony, in dedication of our biand-new flagpole, complete with honor guard from University Army and Navy R. O. T. C. Units. LOWER LEFT: Loading and firing practice on the three- inch Anti-Aiicraft gun. And don ' t let ' em fool you, just ' cause they ' re college boys — they know how to fire it. LOWER RIGHT: Infantry drill, company C. Poaahht .... haahms! (Port arms), on one of those rare days that they don ' t have rain trickling down the barrels of their rifles and into upturned sleeves. TOP: They don ' t have any po+a+oes to peel In the University army, so . . . here ' s Herbert W. Nelson, Cadet Sergeant, policing our iltles. BOTTOM: University Cadet offlceis pa- lade past Red Cross building in their annual Memorial Day parade. These boys, after a training period of four years, emerge from the R. O. T. C. with 2nd. Lieutenant ' s bars, all. TOP: Close up of reviewing stand in stadium on Gov- ernor ' s Day: Left to right: Sovernoi ' Arthur Langlie, Col- onel Richards, Capt. Eric Barr, Pat Olsen, Christine Upper, and (rear) Mis. W. K. Richards. CENTER: Governor Langlie awards honor medals to R. O. T. C. cadets on his (Goveinoi ' s) day. BOTTOM: And this is no propaganda picture, either, for we ' ve watched a crew of foui ' machine gunners dash to firing line with parts on shoulders, assemble and " com- mence firing " while Instructors stand with critical eyes, eyeing stop watches that say 74 seconds. 141 ■iM I rrn The Navy goes for a stroll on a bright spring day thus: Right dress .... Column of Platoons .... Column left .... and if you see your best buddy in ranks, and he looks you right In the eye, there ' s never so much as a twitch from him to show he knows you. There are three companies of the navy on our campus at present, and they all mean business when they do business. I ' d hate to be Hitler and try to invade the campus and try to talk THESE boys Into anything. . 142 t They read sextants, they aim guns, they signal with signal halyards .... they guard our flag. More Important, they do it all with serious, almost grim faces — there ' s no fooling around with our navy. And don ' t let anyone kid you — they know how to fire those guns of theirs, and if there were powder in the bags. Instead of sawdust, they could load up, lock the breech, aim, fire and blow the bell right out of Denny hall! SCflBBfli S BLif iniTlflTfS ?c k ■• " i. 6uy fi eono 1 . October 3 1 saw the campus " all out for de- fense " at open-house dances. OG house. 2. 40th street entrance guard. New defense hours — no admittance on Sundays. 3. Jean Fisher headed weekly Tuesday defense stamp sales. Ann Janet Becker and Shirley Nash in action before the " lib. " 4. Janet Turnbull, chosen " Ideal Coed to Kiss the Boys Goodbye, " demonstrates at Fed. I2 ' s defense assembly. iSM 5. AWS sponsors first campus USO dance Nov. 14 at Women ' s gym. Broom number. 6. Coeds are drafted as hostesses. General AWS defense chairman — Ruth Adele Hedgcock. 7. Prize waltz winners — Scotty Amende and Bob Schoen. Nice navigatin ' , sailor! 8. Prancella Bryant intermissioning ... An army " maneuver. " ! r ' gs jv r WSkM 1 . You look just like Margj 2. Enjoying the atmospheVe! " 3. Extra-convertible curriculum. 4. Lost something. Codd it be the game? 5. Fraternally yours. r - 6. The closdlUIPe D. U ' s come to looking smooth. 7. Water foul. 8. To you I give all of my love. 9. So that ' s what happened to our scores. 10. Joe has his deeper moments. QUAirrE I J u U " •- . — ' (■•■ ■ - »• , IT " Ki ' use Finley Geisman J L L L 1 1 I 1 1 U U Pep leaders — and indispensable — Washington ' s yell kings led the rooting sections through a season of cheering. In spite of criticism and little apprecia- tion, they had a big share in bolstering the spirits of team and students alike. UnUIII IllnUUntlltu Canying on a tradition, Washington ' s gifted and good-looking drum majoi " ettes perfoi ' med in a manner above I ' eproach in the stadium this fall, ably supplementing the band in its intricate formations. Norma Kelley, head majorette, led the group in its commendable baton twirling. Hanson Peterson Storey Kelley Houck Scott 3 AM P° " " " i .ore only wK e ,Hat coeds wo . , ,e ■ ' " " °Ts aU. Coope.- - games last i . « - ' Te « " ' ■ ■ " - s Sol w. -oo....v nn Hudson, Jonet yiU tUMlllttS - Planmng the pep W • the moving is cnang ' " " t Uv the root- ■-• " ' ' °;d welcoming visH- - " trhecompusHave •mg teams to the K been the d ' " " J l l . -.g RoHy Committee " P- ' . i;Tu ntsandthe keeping the stu . teems ■■pepped up o, woiVing out the P , ,he halt -in 9° 2 +n Ken Cai-twnght. goes to Nen 3, HDiNG Xen f- ' . Bob Eorlev- Sealed. Cummers. ALL fldltfilCflfl RAY FRANKOWSKI — Football fame smiled only briefly on Washington last fall, but long enough to add another name to a growing list of Husky greats. To broad-shouldered, heavy-set Ray Franhowski went football ' s highest honor — All-American, and to the University came the ninth picture in her gallery of " nation ' s best. " Friendly " Franko " came from Hammond, Indiana, to play guard for Washington, mode the varsity as a sopho- more. Noted primarily for tenacity on defense and hard-charging on offense, he spent most of his three seasons in the other team ' s backfleld. Big, 210-pound Fronkowski was a player ' s player, yet still the favorite of the fans. For two years, he made every oil-opponent ' s team in the Coast Conference. And thus, in an otherwise blackened season, Roy Fronkowski " carved his name " — as one of the greatest guards in Husky history, one of the nation ' s best in 1941. 156 fOOIBflLL C ts 0 Wise-cracking, cheery-eyed Jim Phelan coached Washington footboti 12 years, compiling one of the best records in the conference, hlis Huskies won the championship just once, 1936. Other yeai ' s they were always near the top, always dangerous contenders. During his I 2 seasons Phe- lan produced seven All-Americans — Paul Schweg- ler, Dave Nisbet, Bill Smith, Max Starcevich, Vic Markov, Rudy Mucha and Ray Frankowskl. End of the 194! season found the HHus kies in second place behind Oregon State. End of 1941 found Jim Pheland without a football job, his coaching career at Washington at an end. PEST WELCH New Husky Coach COTTON Vv-ILCOX Backfleld Coach yi In the re-shuffling of the Husky statf, Ralph " Pest " Welch, Phelan ' s frosh coach, was awarded the head coaching job for the 1942 season after officials had canvassed the country for a " name " successor. He and " Tubby " Graves are the only foimer grid coaches remaining at Washington. Chester " Cotton " Wilcox, chubby back- field coach under Phelan, left football teach- ing altogether and took a position in the personnel department of a Seattle shipyard. vflfisiiy }0 Al Ulbrickson, silent builder of the nation ' s best crews, is probably one of the widest known coaches in the coun- try. While other Husky sports suffer seasonal let-downs, his Washington crewmen ore always tops in the coun- try. Stroke on a championship Hudson River shell himself, Al has perfected a style used throughout the nation. He Is a member of Phi Beta Kappa and ex- pects all his men to make good grades. When not coaching, he ' s usually fishing. yf Drawling Dorsett " Tubby " Graves hasn ' t won a baseball championship in ten years, but his players swear that he knows ds much baseball as any one in the country. His 1941 squad finished second; if the professional scouts would leave his stars in school, he ' d have a pennant. " Tubby " also starts the build- ing of the Husky football and basket- ball squads, guiding the frosh through their first experience In intercollegiate sport. 158 7 1» COflCHtS Gum-chewing, foot-stomping Clar- ence " Hec " Edmundson, po ssessor of by far the best basketball coaching rec- ord on the Coast, created a sensation in the East this year with the fast-break- ing style he had taught his team. Rated before the season ' s start as one of his best squads, the 1942 five finished sec- ond, were still called the " fastest team in the country. " " Hec " handles the trackmen in the spring and still believes in his lucky " I 3. ' L i ■T.i» " ?.iL rvjr T i HEC EDMUNDSON, Bosketball JACK TORNEY, Swimming and Tennis Jack Torney, curly-haired, good- looking coach of swimming and tennis, has probably compiled more major sports championships than any other Northern Division coach. His netsters and mermen have a perennial habit of finishing first. The swimmers were sec- ond to Oregon this year, but they ' ve never finished below that since division competition began. Genial Jack was a versatile athlete while a student at Washington, and can still beat most of his pupils. 159 Left: Bob Odman, tennis. Right: Jim Todd, track. l fball. George Athans. swimming. 160 cflPiflins %Jt Washington ' s major sports captains ■for the 1941-1942 season included not only some of the best athletes on the campus, but some of the best In the country. No official leader was elected for football, but End Earl Young- love was chosen gridiron athlete of the year by his teammates. Speedy Bob Lindh led the hoop squad to their most successful season in five years. Long John Bracken captains the defending Poughkeepsie crew champions. Cy Stephens has sparked the baseballers for three years. Captain George Athans of the swim- ming squad was unable to dive last season because of illness, but expects to be back next year. Bob Odman has been one of the North- west ' s outstanding tennis players. Washing- ton ' s 1942 track captain, Kjell Qvale, was un- able to lun in his final season. He is in the ABOVE: Cy Stephens, boseball. FAR LEFT: John Bracken, crew. LEFT: Walt Morrison, Flaherty Medal winner, football. 161 ' ■ ■;, ' ' }0 Before a record Stadium crowd of 43,000 fans, Minnesota ' s Golden Gophers fought their way to a 14-6 victory over the Huskies in the season ' s opener. Paced by two triple-threat halfbacks — Washington ' s sopho- more, Bobby Erickson, and the Gophers ' All-American, Bruce Smith — the two teams played the roughest contest of the home season. Minnesota converted the game ' s first break into the first touchdown. After a short punt from Erickson, the Gopher ' s scored on four quick pla ys. Smith made the touchdown, Garnaas, the conversion. Washington came back in the second half after Erickson had put the ball into scoring territory with a 24- yard end run. Younglove recovered a fumble of Ernie Steele ' s intercepted pass on the nine-yard line. Steele scored on the optional pass play, standing up. Although Minnesota scored once more late in the game, the Huskies were beaten when a poor pass from center muffed their try-for-point after the touchdown. It was the turning point of the game. Smith made the final points from the one-yard line after Daley had intercepted a desperate Husky pass. 162 Washington ' s Rose Bowl dreams were shattered when a valiant band of Oregon State Beavers set the Hus- kies back on their heels, 9-6, in the first conference game at Portland ' s Multnomah Stadium. A spectacular 80-yard gallop down the sidelines by Don Durdan, Oregon State halfback, and the conversion by substitute Warren Simas, was the turning point of the battle. The run, which came early in the second quar- ter, put the Huskies in a 7-0 hole from which they never emerged. OSC ' s line held the Huskies until the fourth period when Jimmie Phelan ' s outfit came driving bock to punch over one touchdown. Ernie Steele, Bob Erickson and Neil Brooks were responsible for the score, with Erick- son cracking ovsr for the last yard. Elm3r Berg missed the try-for-point, and the Huskies were still behind. In the dying moments of the game, Bobby Erickson tried a desperate flanker pass from behind his goal to Ernie Steele which went astray to give Oregon State a safety and two more points. Outstanding for the Huskies, who outdowned OSC 10-6, were Walt Harrison, smashing center, and soph- omore backs Erickson and Neil Brooks. » 9, G ■ " •♦i 0 ' %. « ' i [Left to right) Bob Bar-reft Pete Susick Bob Erickson Champion Beavers muss up big Jack Stockpool. Two Sophomore backs, faced by an unerring WSC passing attack, engendered the spark which enabled the Huskies to come from behind and snare their first victory of the season by a 23-13 count at Pullman. Full- back Neil Brooks and Right Half Bob Barrett shrugged off a 13-2 Cougar lead in a concentrated second half power drive that had 24,000 fans gasping. In the first half, Billy Sewell threw two touchdown-labeled passes and kicked a conversion to give his team a 13-0 lead. With Brooks and Barrett finding quick-opening holes in the Cougar line, the Huskies drove deep into WSC territory, but the best they could do was to rush Sewell in the end zone for a safety. Behind, 13-2, as the second half started, the Huskies got down to business. Barrett ran 20 yards to midfleld and Fred Olsen snagged a long pass from Ernie Steele to place the pigskin on the Cougar 3. Barrett scored and Elmer Berg converted on the first of three perfect attempts. Barrett, Brooks and Steele alternated at toting the ball and Brooks plunged over for the second Husky touchdown. Jack Stackpool accounted for the final Husky score, rivaling Brooks In his line-breaking antics. 164 yf After making a brilliant display of offensive drive in the first half, the Huskies were content to squeeze through their UCLA conference meeting with a final score of 14-7. Thrills were few and far between for the rain-drenched fans who huddled about the stadium to S3e the game. The Huskies drew first blood early in the second quarter. Stack pool scored from the Bruin 2, and Berg converted to give the Huskies a 7-0 lead. A few minutes later, Steele faded back to pass. Attempting to draw the UCLA secondary over to the right, he spotted End Bill Sloan far to the left and uncorked a 50-yard aerial to account for the second Husky score. Berg again couldn ' t miss. After that the game was all UCLA. Flashing their QT system to advantage, the Bruins pierced the Husky defense and finally scored. Bob Waterfleld, UCLA quarterback, threw a long pass deep into Husky territory to Herb Wiener. Cantor powered over and Snelilng converted. RUCLfl (Left to right) Thron RIggs John Norton Jock Tracy V _ jfr Steele goes piggy-back on Bruin. ' ■ " , Jf " I -iii ' Younglove bats down suie-fire Stanford pas r (Left to right) Clare Edmundson Chuck Wilson Gene Walters Washington ' s final bid foi- a Rose Bowl berth was swept away by Frankie Albert and the Stanford T- formation, 13-7, before another packed Stadium of 43,000 spectators. Best back on the field was the Indians ' All-American quarterback; best lineman, the Huskies ' center, Walt Harrison. In the second quarter, with Washington deep in Stanford territory, Ernie Steele was thrown for a 26-yard loss before he could get a pass away. Albert, on the next play, failed to find a receiver for his pass and carried the ball himself to the Husky six. Vucinich plunged over. A few moments later, Albert kicked out-of-bounds on the Husky three. Erickson passed to Means from the end zone, but a backfield fumble gave the boll to the Indians on the four. With seconds to go in the half Sheller scored. Albert converted. Behind 13-0, the Huskies went on the offensive, and in the third quarter scored their only points. Steele, the big ground-gainer of the Husky drive, skirted right end for the touchdown. Berg made the conversion. 166 Washington ' s Bob Barrett pulled the hidden boll trick repeatedly on the Montana Grizzlies and supplied the inertia which enabled the Huskies to win an easy 21-0 decision. Combining a deceptive fake reverse with his high-stepping running, the Husky Sophomore personally accounted for two of the touchdowns. Coach Jim Phelan obviously was easing up on his regulations for the coming " toughie " with California, and his Huskies had enough push to outclass the Montanans. In the second quarter Wayne Sterling recovered a fumbled punt on the Grizzly 30. Barrett and Neil Brooks alternated toting the leather, and the former scored the first touchdown. Berg converted the first of his three perfect try-for-points. A few minutes later Don Mcintosh Intercepted a bullet pass in Montana terri- tory. Again the Huskies resumed the offensive, and Bob Snow drove over foi- the second score. Late in the final quarter Barrett applied the pressure on the Grizzly linemen and ripped off 60 yards to make the final touchdown. Stackpool fights through Beors. That ' s Means with haymaker. (Left to right] Carl Folk Jim Forne Milt Hansberry M - - ' W K 13, 6 Bobby Erickson and Ernie Steele were the big guns in Washington ' s fourth quarter victory over California at Berkeley, 13-6. After a quick touchdown in the first quarter, the Husky offensive was held scoreless until the final five minutes of the game. Washington scored first after a poor Bear kick early in the contest, Olson ' s leaping catch of Erickson ' s pass on the Ca l 15 touching off the drive. Stackpool scored from the three-yard line. Not until the fourth quarter did California make their touchdown. Tackle Bob Reinhard was made an eligible pass receiver by a line-up switch, and the Bear captain scored on a pass from Hank Zacharias. Rein- hard missed the conversion. Coming back immediately, Erickson returned the kickoff 28 yards and Steele added 30 more on an end run. The Huskies ' attack carried to the California five-yard line on a series of reverses, Erickson the main ground-gainer. On a fourth-down pass, after the Bears had held Washington on three running plays, Sloan scored, stand- ing in the end zone. 168 Outplayed In the line and In the backfield by a charging Oregon Webfoot eleven, the Huskies were defeated 19-16 In the final home game of the 194! season. Washington scored first on a fake place-kick, with Elmer Berg passing to Ernie Steele in the Oregon endzone. Berg converted just before the half ended. The tide of battle turned early In the third quarter when Oregon was given the ball deep in Husky terri- tory on a pass Interference ruling. In quick succession, Tom Roblln scored first on a 35-yard run, then heaved two touchdown passes, the first to Curt Mecham and the other to Jim Newqulst. Both throws were deflected Into the aims of the Oregon receivers by over-anxious Husky defenders. In the final moments of the game, with Washington behind 19-7, Gene Walters sparked a Husky drive with runs of 12 and 18 yards. Erickson gained 25 more and Brooks plunged over. Protecting his lead In the last few seconds, Roblln took an automatic safety, giving the Huskies their final two points. 1 f Pr7 m. (Left to right) Mark McCorkle John Clark Nell Brooks Webfoot monkeys with Big Stack ' s shoe loces. Left to right) Bud Graham Don Mcintosh Glen Conley yf Scoring twice on plays from the 50-yard line, the Huskies wound up their season with a 14-13 win over the use Trojans at Los Angeles. The game was the final one for 12 Washington seniors. After a first half scoring drive seemingly faded, Bobby Erickson, sophomore halfback, threw a touchdown pass to End Earl Younglove. The pass and subsequent run covered exactly 50 yards. Elmer Berg converted the first of two important try-for-points. In the final quarter, after the Trojans had rallied to come within a point of the Huskies, Fullback Jack Stackpool broke through the secondary on a line plunge and ran 50 yards to score. Berg again converted. Southern California countered in the last seconds when Bob Snow ' s punt was blocked and recovered in the Husky endzone. The try-for-point was good. Washington, despite a record of five wins and four losses, finished in a three-way tie for second place, behind the champion Oregon State Beavers. 170 GRflDUflllflG SfdlORS w Ernie Steele W Dick Greenwood Bill Nelson Wayne Sterling Ray Frankowski Bill Holmes Don Means Elmer Berg Earl Younqlove Manaqer Joe Burke fROSH FOOTBALL Coach Ralph " Pest " Welch ' s freshman foo+ball eleven, though losing their only two games last fall, gave every indication of developing into potential varsity regulars. They were beaten by the Oregon and Washington State frosh squads, both by one touchdown. Either game could have finished the other way. Playing underneath the lights at Eugene, the Husky Pups failed to gain offensive strength at the right times, and were defeated by the Oregon frosh, 12 to 7. Oregon scored on a fake reverse and on a long open-field run. Washington ' s touchdown came after Tackle Don Deeks blocked a Duck punt in Oregon terri- tory. Fullback Charles Petre recovered the loose ball and scored after a short run. Dick Watson con- verted. Fred Provo and Southpaws Fran Miller and Lloyd Hillard were credited with most of the Husky yardage. Deeks, Don Hoff and Arnie Weinmeister were outstanding in the line. Making their first and only home appearance before a small November crowd, the frosh could not score against WSC, and lost again, 6 to 0. Again lacking offensive strength, the Pups were close to touchdowns several times, but goal- line stands by the Cougars stopped each drive. Two Seattle high school stars, Jim Thompson and Hjalmer Anderson, stood out for WSC. Husky mainsprings were Backs Provo, Petre and Austin, and Linemen Deeks, Hoff, Weinmeister, Bryant, Peterson and Sanderson. FIRST ROW: Robinson, Redman. Quockenbush, Weinmeister. Hume. Petre, Miles, Perkin, Bronch. Aiken, Porter. SECOND ROW: Walsh, Blunk, Bryant. Hoyt, Sloyer, Horris, Miller, Deeks, Hoff, Meyers, Muller. THIRD ROW: Austin, Knoles, Garrison, Oiouf, Hillard, Todich, Pearson, Goldenberg, Sanderson, Pyfer, Rothburne. FOURTH ROW: Gardner, Lee, Hindrun, Provo, Davis, Byers, Jolgen, Watson, Constantine, Soxa, Peterson, Wylder. fi n B G n s THEY ARE THE MEN BEHIND the scenes who keep Washington athletics clicking, the men who are dutifully responsible tor the success of the Huskies on the gridiron, the maple-court, the diamond, the water-lanes, the tennis courts . . . they are the Washington managers. Because the football managers bear the largest burden and handle the most valuable equipment, they will be taken as a typical exposition of the managerial set-up. Enumerating the duties of the managers, which run anywhere from 16 to 30 for each major sport, would fill a good sized volume. They do everything from seeing that the players get to bed early on road trips to knocking off shoe cleats. Heading the football managerial staff lost season was quiet, efficient Joe Burke, senioi " man- ager. Joe ' s duties included assigning the thousand-and-one routine jobs to be done by his staff, taking care of the budget, and supervising over the training table. Before the home crowds at the football games, the hustling managers can be seen moving prop- erty trucks, clearing sidelines, caiwying the watei ' bucket, assisting the ti ' ainer and officials. In prep- aiation for road tiips, the managers start a week ahead of time, packing, figuiing, accounting. Managers are selected on a strict competitive basis. From the usual annual selection of freshmen, the list Is gradually reduced with each succeeding year. Consequently there are eight sophomore man- agers, four junlois and two seniors. The senior managei ' has general supervision; the senior-frosh man- ager caters particularly to the freshman football team. ■T MANAGERS pose in fhe rain as the varsity works out under the lights. Kneeling: Joe Burke, senior monager; Bob Poison. Ted Teufel ond John Scott, junior managers; and Roy Meredith, senior-trosh manager. Second Row: Gordon Groy, Ned Sanders, Pete Holgren, Norm Handlin, Bob Leech, Howard Millon, Scott Pfohl, and Al Roth — all sophomores. Third Row freshmen: Jim Eberhart, Bob Pock, Quincy Bingham, and Wright Arnold. |V i missoufii-HfldSfls sifiif Ranked as the " best basketball team that ever failed to win the championship, " Washington ' s 1941-42 varsity hoopsters were the most colorful, fast-breaking, quick-shooting team ever to play on the Pavilion floor. Hec Edmundson ' s Huskies had a hot-and-cold season, at times finding themselves unbeatable, at other times unable to hit the basket. After a brief warm-up season, featuring wins over an Army quintet and the powerful S. L. Sav- idges, the Huskies prepared for the first Pavilion invasion of two Big Six squads, the Kansas State Wildcats and Missouri Tigers. Co-hosts for the intersectional series played December 19 and 20 were the Huskies and Wash- ington State Cougars, 194! western intercollegiate champions. Friday night ' s crowd of 6,000 saw the Cougars crush Missouri, 62-23, and the Huskies whip Kan- sas State, 45-31. The Evergreen state teams traded opponents Saturday, with WSC defeating Kan- sas State, 47-22, and Washington winning from Missouri, 52-31. From the opening whistle to the final gun, the speed and tricky shooting of the Washington teams were too much for the slower Mid-westerners to match. The contrast between the set-shot style of the Big Six teams and the running one-handed shooting of the Northern Division squads was marked. Captain Bobby Lindh took high-scoring honors in the two games with a total of 28 points. Chuck Gilmur and Sophomore Doug Ford completely dominated the backboards. (Left) Bill Mollis. (Righf) Noim Dalthoip. (Left) Gilmur stretches over Wildcats. (Right) Lindy Loopin ' ogoinst Sailors IfieSECIIOnBL GflfHES 0 Leaving the maple courts of the East smoking hot behind them, the Huskies concluded their most successful road trip in years by decisively whipping Temple, New York University and Michigan State, all top-ranking collegiate squads. The Washington cagers climaxed their tour with a record-cracking 72-point splurge in famous Madison Square Garden. All New York ' s sport world was amazed at the speed and shooting of Hec Edmunson ' s team from the West. Setting the pace throughout the game and dominating both backboards, the Huskies first de- feated the Temple Owls, 64-36, at Philadelphia, December 27. Big Charlie Gilmur was high in the scoring as well as defensive play, making 18 points. The NYU Violets were the victims of Washington ' s night at the Garden in New York. The score was 72-38. NYU was never in the game, so completely did the Huskies control the ball. Norm Dal- thorp topped the scores with 15. Bobby Lindh followed with 12. Wally Leask scored the basket which broke the record. Heading westward with the new year, the Huskies met Michigan State at East Lansing, January 2, winning 45-42. A late lally sparked by Horry Nelson and Bill Gissberg turned the tide for Wash- ington. Bobby Lindh scored 14 points. In their final Intersectional game, the Huskies failed to match the tricks of the All-American line- up of the Great Lakes Naval Training Station, losing 58-42. The two teams met in a Navy Relief bene- fit contest. Bob Calihon led the sailor squad with 24 points. Bill Morris was the only Husky the Great Lakes could not stop. (Left) Many Nelson. (Right) Bill Glssbeig. Encountering strong opposition in their Northern Division openers against Idaho, January 9 and 10, the already-seasoned Huskies were hard-pressed to score a pair of wins over the invading Vandals. A return engagement at Moscow later in the season brought the series record to three wins, one loss for Washington. In the first game, the Huskies came from behind in the second half to take the 36-28 victory. With 1 2 minutes to go in tha game Idaho led 26-24. Captain Ray Turner, high-scoring center who had already made 14 points, left the game on personal fouls. The Vandals immediately fell apart and the Huskies went ahead. Lindh scored I I points, followed by Gilmur with ten. The second contest was not so closely-fought, Washington winning 40-33. Idaho ' s Ted Thomp- son, who ' til then had led his team with ten points, left the game on fouls, allowing the Huskies to go ahead as on the previous night. Turner again led the scorers with 12. Lindh scored ten; Ford, nine. The Huskies split with Idaho at Moscow in the return series. Hec Edmundson ' s team won the first game, 44-37, with Chuck Gilmur taking all honors. He held Turner to six points and scored 18 himself. Dalthorp scored nine; Lindh, eight. Washington finally cracked and dropped the final game, 39-32. The Vandals dominated the game throughout and successfully stopped a last-minute Husky rally. (Left) Bob Lindh. (Right) Bob Cummins. (Left) Gilmur puts stopper on Idaho ' s Tuine (Right) Some one ' s got the boll, or has he? yf Washington ' s hoop squad finally broke the four-year-old jinx of the Oregon Ducks, winning three of their four games. The Huskies won games ot home in the final series, but lost the second contest at Eugene in the first games. Protecting a ten-game winning streak, the Huskies met Oregon, January 16, and won an easy victory, 60-34. Washington controlled the ball thi-oughout the game. Sophomore Doug Ford took the scoring honors with 15 points, followed by Dalthorp and LIndh with ten each. The Husky streak was broken the next night, with Oregon winning, 54-35. Bob Wren led the scor- ers with 13. Archie Marshik was next with 12. Dalthoip was high for Washington with nine. Finishing touches were given the rout of the Webfoot jinx in Seattle January 30 and 3 I , but both games were closely contested. Dalthorp supplied the winning touch in the first game, entering late in the second half. He scored six points In as many minutes. Bob LIndh added the final point with a free throw with only seconds remaining in the game. Paul Jackson, Oregon guard, scored 13. With sharper shooting the next night, Washington whipped the Ducks, 53-42. The game was close until the final minutes. Ford and Gilbeitson, both sophomores, led the scoring with 14 and eight points respectively. Dalthorp again entered the game late, but scored seven points. (Left) Wally Leosk, (Right) Chuck Gllmur. -osc The Huskies found in the champion Oregon State Beavers their toughest competition during the 1942 season, being able to obtain no better than an even split. Washington met OSC first at Cor- valis, January 19 and 20, and again at Seattle, February 20 and 21. Both series were split. The first game saw the Beavers controlling the ball from the start, to win a 45-35 victory. At no time did the Huskies threaten seriously. Sam Dement and John Mandic dominated the backboards, scoring 15 and 9 points respectively. Ford led the Huskies with nine. Washington overcame an early OSC lead the next night and won, 43-38. The Beavers led at halftime, 19-15, but baskets by Lindh, Gilbertson and Gilmur put the Huskies ahead. Lindh and Silmur scored ten points each, Gilbertson following with nine. Lew Beck led OSC with 14. Sparked by Bill Morris, the Huskies ran away fpom the Beavers in the first Seattle game, to gain a 47-40 victory. Morris scored 14 points and set the Husky pace. Ford was next with 13, followed by Dalthorp with 10. Mandic led the Beavers with 12 points before fouling out with 12 minutes remain- ing. The Beavers beat Washington at their own game the following night, switching to a running style. Paced by Don Durdan, OSC rushed the ball downcourt instead of waiting for set shots, and won 51- 41. Durdan scored 13, Dement 14 and Mandic ten. Dalthorp led the Huskies with I I. Later this loss proved to be the one which cost Washington the conference title. (Left) Merlin Gilbertson. (Right) Doug Ford. (Left) " No you don ' t, Sam, " says Charlie. (Right) Guess Dalthorp wants the ball pretty badly. luesiiinGion-iu s c The Intra-state rivalry of Washington and Washington State featured high scoring in all four games this season. Dui ' ing the two series, which were split at two wins apiece, the teams amassed a total of 433 points. Washington scored 225; WSC 208. Coach Jack Friel ' s Cougars won both their games at Pullman, February 6 and 7, and dropped the Huskies from first place. With four minutes to play in the first game, the Cougars hit a scoring streak and pulled ahead to win, 58-52. Owen Hunt led the scorers with 17. Dalthorp was high for Washington with 13. Close again the next night with ten minutes remaining. Coach Friel sent In his reserves, who pulled WSC ahead to win, 54-43. Marv Gllberg led the Cougars with 14. Dalthorp led Washington again with I 2. WSC came to Seattle in the return series February 27 and 28, and lost both games. Both nights Washington controlled the ball and supplied their best shooting since the Eastern tour. The score was 55-45 Friday, and 75-51 Saturday, the latter game the high scoring mark for the season. Dalthorp and Morris shared scoring honors in the first game with 12 points each. Gail Bishop and Doug Ford followed with I I. Dalthorp came back the second night with 17, while Morris scoi ' ed ten. George Fliflet, playing his last game for Washington, scored twelve points late in the contest. Huskies finished the season in second place with ten wins and six losses. Morris was a unanimous choice for all-Northern Division guard. (Left) George Fliflet. fRESHdlflll Labeled " too small " in October by Coach Tubby Graves, Washington ' s freshman hoopsters in February finished a perfect season — I I wins, no defeats. The schedule included five individual Northwest league champions. Boasting no single star, the frosh won games as a team. Twelve players were awarded letters. Best combination included Charles Sheaffer, Hector Brown, Wesley Dahl, Bob Engstrom and Bill Taylor. Reserves who all saw competition were Warren Franklin, Dale Gronsdahl, Frank Horsley, STANDING (left to right): Worien Franklin. Bill Taylor, Dole Gronsdahl. Coach Graves. Charles Schoef- fer, Hec Brown, Bing Dahl. KNEELING: Frank Horsley, Bob Engstrom, Borney Naon, John Mossouras. Bob Van Eaton. BflSKEIBflLL John Jacobs, John Massouras, Bernard Naon and Bob Van Eaton. The frosh defeated Centralia J. C, state junior college champions; Johnson ' s Grocery of Renton, King County representative in the state AAU tour- nament; Coast Guard, YMCA champions, and Coast Artillery, former leaders of a Texas service league. The squad tv ice won games from Sand Point Naval Air Station, City League titlists. Other teams on the schedule included Hoqulam YMCA, Northwest " Y " champions; Poulsbo Sons of Norway, and several unidentified service units. " " " ' °-n ' efs on 41 POUGHKffPSIf yt Washington and fhe West were Kings of the Rivei- at Poughkeepsie again last year, as the Husky varsity won the four-mile feature lace by two and one-half lengths to become national champions for the second straight year. California won the jayvee race and placed second in the varsity. The Huskies were little more than a length behind the Bears in the junior varsity race. " As great a crew as I ' ve had, " said Al Ulbrickson after the varsity race. " I ' ve never seen a gang with such sockeroo. " Leading in the first mile, the Huskies were matched stroke for stroke in the second mile, until the Cal shell was bow and bow with Washington ' s boat. Coxswain Vic Fomo lowered the beat. Stroke Ted Garhart smoothed out the rhythm, and the Husky shell nosed ahead again, never relinquishing their lead. The Bear second boat took an early lead in the jay- vee race and was never headed, beating Washington by a length and one-quarter. Rowing an even 32 all the way, Cal pulled to a full length lead at the mile. Washington rowed at 33, sometimes at 34, but could not match the power of the Bear jayvee. With no Western entries in the frosh race, Cornell won by a length and one-half over Wisconsin. COMPLETE RESULTS WERE: VARSITY (four miles) — Washington, California, Cornell, Syra- cuse. Princeton. Wisconsin. Rutgers. M.i.T.. and Columbia. JUNIOR VARSITY (three miles) — California, Washington. Cornell and Columbia. FRESHMAN (two miles) — Cornell. Wisconsin. Syracuse, Prince- ton, M.I.T., and Columbia. TOP: 1941 VARSITY: Bracken. Simdars, Neil!. Fowler, Capt. Jackson. Wallace, Taylor, Gorhart, Cox ' n Fomo. CENTER: JAY- VEES: Soules. Jenkins. Ericksen, Sauer. Thomas, Leinenweber. Dingwoll. Galbraith. Cox ' n Kerrihard. BOTTOM LEFT: FROSH: McGee. Bianchi. Schroeder. Cuykendali, May. Capt. Phillips, Dehn, Curkendall, Cox ' n Swick. BELOW: Bears lead Huskies to finish in Jayvee race on Hudson. •la c!- 41 CflLlfORnifl iJt All three course recoids were broken as the Husky varsity and jayvee and the Cal frosh stroked their way to wins on the Oakland estuory, April 19, 1941, in the fortieth year of California-Washington crew rivalry. The Husky varsity defeated the Bear eight by more than three lengths over the three mile course In 14:28, record time. Washington ' s jayvees scored an upset victory ovei ' the highly-touted Cal junior boat, also in i-ecoid time of 14:46 foi ' the three miles. Col ' s frosh boat began the racing day with an impressive three-quarter length win over the Husky freshmen in the new record time of 9:40.5. In setting its new course record, the Husky varsity boat ti ' lmmed twenty seconds off the old course record set by the Bears in 1939. Conditions on the Estuary were almost perfect for the racing. Strong tide and quaKering wind aided the shells. Washington ' s varsity turned In a speedy first mile, indicating a lecord might be broken, shaved off a determined Cal bid In the second mile, and drew away from the Beais In the last mile to win by three and two-thirds lengths. The Husky jayvee boat took an early lead and held it all the way, just managing to open watej- betwee n its stern and the prow of the Bear boat at the finish line. California ' s yearlings were too strong for the Husky frosh, winning a race which was close all the way. The Bears were never headed. TOP: Varsity oars dip across finish at Oakland ahead of Cal. CENTER: Jayvees outpower hard-swinging Beors. BOTTOM RIGHT: Frosh lose to smooth-stroking Cal. Babes. BELOW: Varsity noses out California at Poughkeepsie classic. 1 CLASS TOP: Lining up for the annual Class Day legotta. CENTER: Stroke! And they ' re off. BOTTOM: Seniors get the jump on the Juniors. BELOW: Sophomores leave the Freshmen behind. %t In a close three-way race, the Junior class boat won the 1941 Inter-class crew race ovei ' the Laurelhurst course in the fast time of 7:37 2-5 minutes for the mile and one-half. Less than a length behind the winning Juniors, were the Seniors, with the Sophs trailing them by only five feet. The Frosh boat trailed the three, two lengths behind. Ted Garhart, stioke of the national championship varsity for the past two years, set a fast pace for the Dfly 1 • W -T. :! , !llr ' ? -if -% w - :t BELOW: Powerful Seniors draw ahead of the field. TOP RIGHT; Juniors pull on ten big ones. CENTER: Frosh show smooth form. BOTTOM: Beats are hiqh in the drive to the finish line. 1 i= - Juniors, who never relinquished their early lead. Row- ing at a 33 beat, they pulled to a quarter-length lead in the fii ' st half-mile, increasing it to a full length near the finish. The Sophs lowed bow to bow with the Seniors, both boats just behind the Juniors, until the lest quarter-mile when the Seniors raised theii ' beat in a last attempt to catch the leadei. Thiough the canal they closed the gap, but too slow- ly to overtake the Junior boat, which crossed the finish line three-quarters of a length ahead. RACES yt The boatings in the order of finish ore: JUNIORS: Gaihait, stroke; Taylor, No. 7 Wallace, No. 6; Eilcksen, captain and No. 5 Fowler, No. 4; Bracken, No. 3; Miller, No. 2 Peterson, bow, and Fomo, cox. SENIORS: Jenkins, stroke; Nelll, No. 7; Slm- dars. No. 6; Jackson, No. 5; Leinenweber, No. 4; Thomas, No. 3; Williamson, No. 2; Soules, captain and bow, and Kerrihard, cox. SOPHOMORES: Galbralth, stroke; Dingwall, No. 7; Sauer, No. 6; Houston, No. 5; Kuhn, No. 4; English, No. 3; Christofferson, No. 2; Sllldge, captain and bow, and Brown, cox. FRESHMEN: Curkendall, stroke; Gunn, No. 7; Phillips, No. 6; May, No. 5; Covington, cap- tain and No. 4; Regalia, No. 3; Roderick, No. 2; Dehn, bow, and Bishop, cox. w TOP: Champion Seniors way ahead at the finish, SECOND: Sophomores finish second, Freshmen are third, and Juniors last. THIRD: Juniors rest after a ho race. BOTTOM: Victorious Seniors, " up-out-and-over " ofter race. f06 LIGHIUIflGHI CRfUl yf In their only race of the 1942 season, the Husky light- weight crew finished in second place to a strong second fi ' osh boot on Lake Washington April eleventh. The lightweights crossed the finish ahead of the outclassed Oregon State Beav- ers, who were the only outside entry in the regatta. Jumping to the fi ' ont fi ' om the start, the second frosh stretched out an imposing lead over their two rivals and rip- pled past the finish a good five lengths ahead of the light- weights. Meanwhile, Coach Chuck Jackson ' s I 50-pounders were showing open water to the Oregon State vai ' sity, conclud- ing the race seven lengths ahead of the Beavers. In the lightweight boat were: Fisher, stroke; Cartwright, No. 7; Kelsall, No. 6; Scherrer, No. 5; Rutherford, No. 4; McLen- nan, No. 3; Morris, No. 2; and Luther, coxswain. The annual I ' oce with Saci ' o- mento Junior College was can- celled because of transporta- tion difficulties. TOP— Left »o Right: Will Clark, Jock Tucker, Colin McLennan, Bob Rutherford, Bob Scherrer, Jock Kelsoll, Les Mclntyre, Pete Fisher. INSET — Coxwoins: Henry Meodor and Jerry Luther. CENTER: Gunter Geismon, Marlowe Goldsby, Henry Ostrom, Roger Rice, Jock Kriebel, Don Morris, Copt. Ken Cartwright, Horry Wag- ner. INSET: Jock Nebergall and Pete Beisiot. mflnflGfRS LEF T TO RIGHT— Back Row: Bob Hoffman, Jock Wilson, Bob Ross, Bob Moid. Front Row: Horry Naubert, Bruce Walter, Jim Rinehart, Jim Bracken, Bill Brooks. 187 Cal Jorgenson Cy Stephens Joe Kesamuro Norm Dalthoip BflSfBflLL Emmeft Watson Art King 941 Tubby Graves ' 1941 baseball nine, rated just " another team " In pre-season selections, won nine of their sixteen games and finished in second place behind the Champion Oregon Webfoots. The Huskies were undefeated on Graves field, but won only once away from home. Capitalizing on on early-season hitting streak, they won series from Washington State and Idaho the first two weeks, and entrained for Oregon with a record of four wins and no losses. Rain and a pitching slump, together 188 Morgan Bartleft Laurie Heath Above: Watson swings at Beaver pitch. Below: Fowler owolts close ploy at third. W with hard hitting by Oregon and Oregon State, stopped the Huskies ' early drive. They lost all four games. At home again, Washington evened up the Oregon defeats, winning both series from the visitors, and went back into title contention. All games were close, the Huskies twice barely squeezing out victories. Gal Jorgenson and Warren Sierer, both right-handers, split the pitching duties. 189 ■i Wl+h the division championship depend- ing on the outcome of the road trip, Wash- ington traveled to Moscow and Pullman for their last four games. After Sierer had stopped the Vandals in the first contest, both hitting and pitching fell apart. Idaho won the second game at Moscow and Buck Bailey ' s Cougars twice defeated the Huskies to permanently remove them from the pen- nant chase. Besides the three senior hurlers, Sierer, Jorgenson and Laury Heath, Catcher Em- mett Watson, First-baseman Walt Milroy, Second-sacker Cy Stephens, Third-baseman Bill Fowler, and Out-fielders Norm Dalthorp and Dave Gordon all were credited with out- standing performances. Stephens was rec- ognized as the top infielder in the league, both in hitting and defensively. Gordon, Milroy and Dalthorp were the team ' s heav- iest hitters. Dave Gordon Lou Monfi Harry Batt 190 fROSH BeSfBflLL 1941 1941 Len Stevens concluded his most successful season as Washington ' s frosh baseball coach in 1941, as his pups swept through a tough schedule without defeat. The frosh included among their victims most of the Seattle high schools, a few of the state schools, and several powerful local semi- pi " o teams. Diamond talent was plentiful, and during the 1942 season, most of Stevens ' performers were wearing varsity uniforms. Bulwark of the frosh BACK ROW, Leff to Right: Darst, V otson. Morse. Davidson, Bird, Heathcote. Gilbertson. Glavin, Brandon, Schwortl, Coach Stevens. FRONT ROW: Schoning, Pomfret, Parks, Constantino, Barlow, Logon, Tuerch, Nishimuro. ' •PP 9 9 »€ v- . - Loaded with equipment, left to right: Decker, Ives, Turner, Alexander, tv ureilo, Wilson, Prestrud, Carlock, Samuelson. Inset: Ned Stokes, senior manager. pitching staff was tall George Galvin, a powerful right-hander with a crackling curve and hard fast ball. Other pitchers were Lefty Brand- strom, Bob Cummins and Phil Schwartz. Star catcher was hefty Frank Constantino, a steady receiver and a hard-hitter. The infield comprised Bob Bird, Boody Gilbertson, Hal Logan and Glen Heathcote. Regular outfielders were Jack Pomfret, Red Parks and Lew Morse. 191 Hi . Ififl Cli 1941 Too much WSC told the tale for the Husky cindermen for the second straight year. The Huskies were second In dual competition, defeated only by the Cougars. When the Northern Division meet was over, again It was the Cougars who stood between Washington and the championship. In the first conference dual meet of the season, Oregon came to Se- attle to take an 86-45 beating at the hands of the men of Hec Ed- mundsen. Kjell Qvale was high point man for Washington, with wins In the 1 00- and 220-yard dash- es. Sophomore Gene Swanzey lived up to pre-season predictions by winning the 880-yard run in sen- sational time. In the season ' s second dual meet, the Huskies traveled to Cor- vallis to administer a 78-53 shel- lacking to the Oregon State track- sters. Bob Smith and Qvale con- tinued their battle in the sprints, with Sophomore Smith beating Qvale to win the 100, and finishing second to his teammate In the fur- long. Archie Heaton Jim Todd Tom Ullman John Long Gene Swanzey Bob Smith 192 Don Giles Kjell Qvale Bob McLaughlin 193 John Long outdistancing f eld in 440. Kiell Qvole noses out WSC ' s HHoley and Husky Bob Smith. Mi Insert: Chuck Fancher goes over high hurdle, pvale di ' iving towards tape against Oregon IfiflCli 1941 In the season ' s third and final dual meet, the Huskies ran into a snag in the form of the WSC team. The Cougars treated their hosts rather roughly, winning by a 73-58 score. Again Qvale pulled the fire- works of the afternoon, upsetting the Cougars ' star sprinter, Pat Haley. Washington journeyed to Pull- man to the Northern Division meet and again placed second to the Cougars. Johnny Long took the 440 yard championship in the fast time of 48.5. Coach Hec Edmund- sen took a nine-man squad to the Pacific Coast Conference meet in Los Angeles. Two of the season ' s most consistent point winners, Qvale and Long, garnered all of Washington ' s eight points in the nreet. Qvale surprised the experts by winning the Coast champion- ship in the 100-yard dash, and Long was squeezed out of fourth place in the 440 by a margin so close that a photo told the story. Hard luck boy of the season was Captain Jim Todd, who pulled a muscle at the start of the season and saw little action all year. 194 Boasting one of the strongest collections of former high school aces in recent years, the Husky frosh track squad completed its 1941 season with a recoi " d of two wins and one loss. In the opening meet, the Pups were nosed out by a strong Ellensburg Normal team, 66 I 6 to 64 5 6. After a four-week layoff, the Frosh captured their final two meets. They defeated St. Martin ' s and Pacific fROSH 1941 LEFT TO RIGHT — Top Row: Way, manager, Strope. Dollgien. Skartvedt. Bacoka. Dolby, Swonberg, Sonchei, Borron, Shonstrom, Ebright. Enger. Braley. BOTTOM ROW: Noce, Biglow, Vellot, Greenwold, Joachims. Spencer. Anderson, Galloway, Clark. nm TOP ROW: Tregoskis. senior manager; Hannah, senior-frosh, Hart, Mogers. BOTTOM ROW: Wilson. Way. Swones, Melrose. Lutheran in a triangular affair, 84-41-30 and smothered Bellingham Nor- mal, 85-45. Outstanding tracksters were hlurdler Lyie Clark, Sprinter Russ Braley, Distance men Roy Anderson and Don Enger, 440 ace Don Spencer, Half- miler Bert Joachims, Welghtmen Dick Robinson, Bacoka and BIgelow, and Jumpers Swonberg and Strope. 195 m u yf Plagued all year by illness, ineligibility and selective service, Coach Jack Torney ' s varsity swimming team placed second to Oregon ' s powerful squad In the Northern Divi- sion championship this season, keeping Intact a ten-year record of never having finished lower than runner-up in the finals since swimming became a conference sport in 1932. It was evident early in the season that the Huskies would have only an outside chance of winning the conference crown for the fourth straight year. The opening day turnout was promising enough, but bad luck hampered the squad after the first few weeks. First man to drop was Ray Hyatt, a Yakima swimmer. He had won the Northern Division 50-yard free-style championship and was a member of the champion relay team in 1941. Two more men were lost to the squad in quick succession. First went breaststroker Bob McNeil, into an aviation training course. In mid-season, Paul Hurd, of Medina, was suddenly taken III. His loss to the squad left a gap in the breaststroke division, in which he had placed sixth In last year ' s finals. He had also been one of the members of the championship medley relay trio. Biggest blow of the season came a week later when Toi ' ney ' s number one swimmer, Pete Powlison, who held three national intercollegiate freshman records, withdrew from school for the quarter. Pete, who came to Washington from Hawaii, had been rated as one of the best swimmers In the nation. The same day that Powlison decided to drop his studies, It was learned that Jack Henderson, diver, had been called by the UPPER LEFT: Pete Lee, Frosh Captain, and Jack Pomfiet LOWER RIGHT: Jack Ranquet and Jim Johnston 1941 Navy, and consequently would not be able to represent Washington in the con- ference finals. A few days later Captain George Athens, two years the Northern Division diving champion, was forced to leave the squad after being bothered all season by sinus trouble. George, a Cana- dian athlete, was easily the greatest divei ' ever to come to Washington and his loss weakened the squad immeasurably. Even with these losses, the squad com- pleted a successful season. Three out of four conference dual meets fell to the hluskies, as well as a non-conference con- test with the Victoria YMCA. The pre- season meet with the Canadian team was nearly disastrous, for though the squad managed a 37 to 25 victoiy, the issue was in doubt from beginning to end. ABOVE: Dick Becker and Lyie Ostlund UPPER: Dick Mai-gei-um and Jim McCluie ' .m ■■K H Idaho ' s Vandals were the first confer- ence victims of the Huskies, losing by a 48 to 27 count. In this meet the only rec- ords of the season were smashed by Washington. Chris Barr set a new pool mark for the 100-yard free-style event when he splashed the distance in 56 sec- onds flat, to beat the former record held by Dean McAdams by 1.4 seconds. The 200-yard breaststroke record fell to Jack Pomfret in 2:37.3. One week later the Huskies traveled south to Corvallis where they whipped the Oregon State Beavers, 41 to 34. Going into the last event, the scoi ' e was tied at 34-all, but a narrow victoi ' y in the final event gave the meet to Washington. First defeat of the season, the first In many years, came the next day when the Oregon Ducks swamped the Huskies, 56- 19. Oregon set a new conference fi ' ee- style record in this meet. Back home the following week, the nG 1941 Jim Denning Tad Fuiioka Jim Belote Bob Magnusson Chris Barr George A+hans I Huskies took their final dual meet of the season from the Washington State Col- lege Cougars, 541 2 to 2OI 2. A dead heat in the final relay gave the crowd an extra thrill. Washington won first place in every other event. In the Northern Division championship at Eugene, the Oregon Ducks scored 89 points, taking every first place, while the Huskies trailed in the runner-up position with 35 points. Other scores were: Ore- gon State, 27; Montana, 8; Washington, 7, and Idaho, 6. Outstanding for Wash- ington were Chris Barr, who took a sec- ond in the 60-yard and a third in the 100-yard free-style events, and Jack Pomfret, who placed second in the 200- yard breaststroke race. Letter winners of the year were: Chris Barr, Jim Belote, Jim Denning, Tad Fuji- oka, Dick Margerum, Jim McClure, Lyie Ostlund, Jack Pomfret, and Jack Ran- quet. A Big W blanket was awarded to Dick Becker. 198 ffiOSH Ifflfll %tt Coach Jack Torney ' s last freshman swimming team at the University of Washington devel- oped Into one of his most power- ful, going thiough a lough sched- ule of six dual meets without a loss. Outstanding was the relay team which was never defeated and which broke records in three meets. " Wink " Lamb, Jay Follrich, Francis Cooper and Pete Lee formed this quartet. Captain Lee was tops individually, never drop- ping a sprint race to an opponent. Six other yearling point winners received letters. They were Bruce Benz, Neil Thompson, Bob Randall, Harry Lewis, Joe Miller and Stan- ley Mott-Smlth. TOP — Second Row: Jim Huntley, Cap- tain Pete Lee, Hairy Lewis, Jay Follrich, Bruce Benz, Francis Cooper. Bottom Row: Joe tvliller, Neil Thompson, Stan Mott- Smith, Wink Lamb. BOHOM — Second Row: Conrad McMahill, Bornay O ' Con- nor, Jim Coyle, Corl Sunde, Herb New- man, Bill Blecken. Bottom Row: Dale Meyers, Earl McCarthy, Win Warren, junior manager. mfliiflGffis 199 Ttnnis 1941 LEFT TO RIGHT— Frank Watanabe, Lefty Eden, Ait Holbiook, Lefty Loquvam, Bob Odnaan, Doug LeFebvie, Righty Eden. yf Sweeping through its regular schedule undefeated and with the loss of but a single match, the Husky net squad finished a perfect season with its fourth straight Northern Division championship. Coach Jack Torney had little trouble finding talent for the 194! edition of Washington tennis — his chief worries were In fitting the right men In the right spot. Only two of the five returning letter men — Art Holbrook and " Lefty " Loquvam — were on the varsity at the end of the season. The other positions were filled by men up from the preceding year ' s championship squad. Washington players took five of the six gold medals annually awarded Northern Division titllsts by the U. S. Lawn Tennis Association. Captain Bob Odman lost the coveted singles crown to Mervin Miller, Washington State ace, 4-6, 6-3, 6-3, 6-3. Final score In the playoffs, held here, was Washington 14, Washington State 7, Idaho 5, Oregon 5, Oregon State I . Captain Odman teamed with Loquvam to win the doubles title. The pair defeated " Righty " Eden and Doug LeFebvre In an all-Washington final, 6-3, 6-4. 200 % s w Bob Odman ii » 3 ■r- - .-;:!»l Lefty Loquvam and Odman spinning racquets with two Whitman opponents Idaho, Oregon State and Washington State were all blanked, 7 to 0, by the Huskies, while the Oregon Ducks managed to win one match, losing 6 to I . Washington players were Loquvam, Odman, " Righty " and " Lefty " Eden, Holbrook, LeFebvre, Frank Watanabe, Bob Laudwein and Bob Butterfield. Doug LeFebvre Righty Eden ffiosH itnfiis LEFT TO RIGHT — Ray Cobley, Hal Thompson, Johnny Hanson, Clare Reeves, Royal BIsbee, Don Peck, Jack Pierce, Manager. yf Though small and inexperienced, Coach Jack Torney ' s 1941 fiosh tennis squad won nine of its sixteen meets, and ranked itself close to the best freshmen teams of recent years. Weak at the be- ginning of the season, the squad improved with each match, finishing the campaign a strong oppo- nent to every team it faced. Number one man of the Husky frosh was Don Peck, former Garfield high-school captain and three times an all-city star. He was junior champion of the state, and proved to be easily the top player of the squad. Royal Bisbee, who came to the University from India, played in the number two position, win- ning almost all his matches. Johnny Hansen, number three man, overcame lack of height to establish himself on the Husky squad and won impressive victories in both singles and doubles. Harry Holland, the new yell king, was number four player. Other men on the team included Ray Cobley, Jim French, Don Hal lin, Bob Layton, Leonard Nev- ler, Clair Reeves, Harold Thompson and Keith Welts. Closest match of the season was a loss to Garfield high, 5 to 4. Biggest victory was a 9 to win over a team from the University Daily, and worst defeat was an 8 to 2 beating by Stadium high of Tacoma. 202 iniTfy fiRf m m SKIING, GOLFING, WRESTLING. FENCING . . . THEY WORK FOR THE LITTLE W . . . REPRESENT WASHINGTON . . . AND NEVER SEE THEIR NAMES IN PRINT •1- ■!• + ■!• ■ + + mk LEFT TO RIGHT: Bob Behnke, Frank Buhler John Thompson, Gage Chefwood, and Carl Neu. nwu t Maintaining their Pacific Coast skiing supremacy for the sixth straight year, the Husky skiers suc- cessfully defended their PCC title at Mt. Rainier and Snoqualmie March 20 and 21. The Huskies domi- nated evejy event to outdistance Idaho, WSC, OSC, California, and Oregon. Fieshman Bob Smith won the jumping competition and finished second in cross country to pace the champions. Captain Call Neu speeded home first in the slalom event. Early in the season Washington lost the services of its ace skier, sensational Bill Redlin, intercolle- giate and national amatuer downhill and slalom champion. Redlin left school to accept a position as army ski instructor at Alta, Utah. Before he departed, however, he led the Huskies to victory in the Sun Valley Intercollegiates, winning the slalom and placing second in downhill. Washington ' s second squad finished second. Other Husky skiers are John Thompson, third place winner in Bradley Plate competition, Sage Chetwood, Don French, Art Strom, Bob Behnke, and Bill Taylor. Smith placed first in the Zone One PNSA cross country contest. Taylor won the Northwest downhill and slalom titles at Mt. Baker. Bill Redlin ' -. 3 - ' VOLLfyBflU Back Row: Coach Faurot, Thorson. Campbell, Corr, Kcuffman, Motilla, Chrisf ion- son, manager. Front Row: Muln, Gold. Kirkness, Cap+ain Condon, Holgren. Right: Condon ond Campbell execute the " double block. " Left: Kenny Thorson stretches for a " spike " against WAC. ig Washington ' s volleyball varsity, playing their first season under Coach Len Faurot, finished in third place in the fast City League. Because of wartime restrictions, the Huskies did no traveling. Minus the services of Norm Kunde, who has coached volleyball since its beginnings at Washington, and several lettermen who were expected to carry the offensive burden, the Huskies got off to a slow start. They lost series to the YMCA " A " team and WAC bef oie winning their first from the YMCA " B ' s. " Faurot, a former Ohio State athlete, soon had his revised squad functioning smoothly, and by season ' s end the team was on a par with last year ' s intercollegiate champs. Outstanding players were Captain Roger Condon, Don Kcuffman, Mark Muin, Keith Campbell, Kenny Thorson and Walt Kirkness. Winner of the City League crown was the YMCA " A " team, with the Washington Athletic Club second. The YMCA " B " team finished fourth. 205 upper left — Dick Wolfe catches Dale Redfern ' s left hook on his gloves. Lower left — Gene " Punchy " Wolters ' left job falls far short of its mark — Charles Goss ' jaw. Upper right — Del Mottler lands a right roundhouse on Bob Smith ' s jaw. Lower right — Clayton Quacken- bush runs into Dmitri Tadich ' s left jab. W BOXIHG %f Seven fast title bouts with several upsets but naiy a knockout, climaxed the annual intramural boxing competition at the Pavilion February 25. The fourteen finalists, who had come through two weeks of tough opposition, fought before a crowd of 2,500. Dmitri Tadich, a frosh gridder, won the feature match of the evening and the heavyweight crown with a hard-fought victory over Clayton Quackenbush, another fieshman football player. Gene Walters successfully defended his 175-pound title by de- cisioning Dick Goss. Marvin Smith scored on upset win over Derrol Ricker to win the 165-pound crown. Trackman Bob Smith decisioned Del Mottler in the I 55-pound final. Dale Redfern beat Dick Wolfe to win the 145-pound title and Jon Matsuo outpunched Jim hiargiss, the defending champion, for the 135-pound crown. In a fast 127-pound bout. Bob Johnson was given a surprise decision over Tetsuya Yoda. The fans booed the decision. 206 1941 Varsity Golf Teom: Coach Jefferson, Longbotfom, Jocobs, Squire, Toro, Sparling. Kneeling: Groth, Gjolme, Fearn Toss Gjolme — good for 250 yards. Squire lines up o putt. «r Finishing eight strokes out of the championship, Coach Bill Jefferson ' s hHusky golfers captured second place In the Northern Division playoffs at Pullman. While the Oregon Ducks wei ' e winning the team title, Washington ' s Harold " Toss " Gjolme shot a two under par 138, and took the Individual championship, hie was five strokes under his nearest rival, Dick Hanen of Oregon, and displaced Palmer Smith as Northern Division medalist. Washington ' s team score was an even 600. Other HHusky participants were Smith, Bart Taro and Bill Squire. in the season ' s match play competition, the hluskies, with Oregon and Oregon State, finished in a three-way tie for first place. Washington defeated Washington State, Idaho and Oregon State in match play, losing only to Oregon, 207 lllfitSI 0 Coach Len Stevens ' varsity wrestlers climbed back to the top of the Northern Di- vision, but were forced to share their title with Washington State and Oregon State matmen. The three teams finished In a triple tie for the championship with 3 I points each in the finals at the Pavilion, February 28. Husky wrestlers Hal Maddock and Clark Gilbert regained their 1940 individual titles. Maddock decisloned Don Kawasaki of WSC, who had taken the 124-pound title from him in 1941. Gilbert won the 131-pound title. Other Husky finalists were Clay Carlock and John Braman, In dual meet competition, Washington de- feated Idaho, 24-10, in the Pavilion opener. Husky victors were Maddock, Dartnell, Mattson, Carlock, Cole and Hill. Ray Fran- kowski, hea vyweight champ, did not return for his last season. Handicapped by the lack of wrestlers In the heavier weights, the Huskies lost suc- cessive meets to OSC and WSC. Scores were: OSC 20, Washington 6; WSC 19, Washington 9. Maddock was the only Husky to go all through the entire season undefeated. Let- ter winners were Maddock, Dartnell, Gilbert, Mattson, Carlock, Braman, RIcker, Hill, Cole and Gustafson. TOP — Second Row: Coach Stevens, Richer. Gus+ofson, hHil Carlock. First Row: Braman, Mattson, Capt. Maddock, Gi! bert, Dartnoll. MIDDLE: hHave pancakes for dinner? BOTTOM: fHill gets a fi-ee ride on bucking Cougar. 208 f £11 cine Jt After winning their fiist two meets, the inexpe- rienced Washington fencers dropped a close match to Washington State and finished fourth in the 1942 Northein Division finals. Coach Augie Auernheimer had no lettermen back for the season, but by the first meet with Idaho, the fencing team had im- proved enough to defeat the Vandals 5-4. Washing- ton traveled to Corvallis for the second contest and defeated OSC, again 5-4. Cougar fencers proved too strong for the Huskies and won, 6-3. In the Noi- thern Division finals, the Cougars repeated their victory to become the now champions. OSC finished second, Idaho third, and Washington fouith. Wash- ington fencers were Bill Lewis, Jose Perez, Nasuo Hashiguchi, Burns and Soderling. RIfURy tt Relying on the mailman for the outcome of their motches, the vaisity and ROTC rifle teams shot through the most extensive schedule of any Wash- ington sport last season. Included among the Washington opponents were such far-flung schools as Kentucky, West Virginia, Utah State, Mississippi State, Detroit, St. John ' s, Texas Aggies, and College of Texas. Total cost of the schedule, however, was no more than a few post- age stamps. The matches were shot off regulation targets during the week and mailed to the oppon- ents ovei ' the weekend. In their only match off home territory, the var- sity finished fourth in the Pacific Northwest cham- pionships at Coivallis, Oregon, March 28. Oiegon State won the title, with Idaho second and Oregon third. STANDING— Left to Right: Chief Berns, Sgt. Moore, Nichols, Bui Chief Hoffman. Barclay, Chief Hamilton, Baker, Lieut. VIvrette. Running, Runclmon, Graves, Styer, Harvey, Turner, Thompson. LH itaiiMiiiiiil Bill Lewis University of Washington, holds his own against Northwest Champion Bill Clark, Washington State College. hen, Nielsen. G. Rosmussen, Howe, KNEELING: W. Rosmussen. Reese. Bill Donnelly and Walt Johnson occept the Gai ' hoi ' f trophy for Compass and Chart. GflRHflRI IROPHy The Garhait trophy, time-hon- ored symbol of supremacy in Univer- sity intramurals, found its final rest- ing place on the mantel of Compass and Chart last June. In capturing the cup, the Navy aggregation piled up one of the largest total of points in history, nearly twice as many as its nearest rival and runner-up, Phi Kappa Sigma. It was the first time Compass and Chart had captured the championship since the trophy was introduced to University intra- murals in 1934. fflLL IfllRllfflURflLS 1941 BASKETBALL. Division A: Millikon, M. Banos. Ekrom. Svornich, Donley, Brandon, Russell, J. Barros. Johnson, Compass and Chart. SOFTBALL. Division A: Unidentifiable (Smith, maybe). Millikon. Dowd, Svornich, Winkels, Brandon, Donley. Logon, Andersen, St. George. Klrchner. Smith, Johnson; Compass and Chart. » t ill « m bii t i am fflLL iniRflfflURflLS 134 Under a new and completely le- vlsed set-up, University intramurals got off to a fresh start last fall. Voted in by near-unanimous consent of participating organizations, the new system brought about moi ' e evenly matched competition In all divisions. Retiring the old Garhart Trophy from intramural competition, the adopted resolution called for the establishing of several smaller awards in its place. Under the new system organizations were classified accor ' ding to size of eni ' ollment, with each house competing for a division- SOCCER. Division B — Back row: Hervin. Saoreja, Carlson, Greenwood. McNamaro. Lcoti. Madison, Schaller. Front row: Merrymon. Honifan, Robinson. Chrisf lanson; Phi Kappa Sigma. SOFTBALL, Division B — Johnson, Smith, Roberts, Riordan. Hanson, Broi, Mohn, Stokes. Parhom, Haynes, Schwarz, Nobles: Alpha Sigma Phi, CROSS COUNTRY: V illiam Mottson, Kappa Sigma. FENCING, Division B — Bramon, Dowling; Chi Psi. SOCCER, Division A — Bock row: Heath, Bird, San- der, Mose, Taylor. Front row: Currier, Corbett, Kriebel, Smith. Galbroith. Eberhart. Leach, Mc- Corkle, Von Eaton, Munger; Beta Theta Pi. SOFTBALL. Division C— Bock rows: Hicks, Carlson, Deol, McCarthy, Stack, Francisco, Mottner, Young- strom. Front row; Kreuger, Engman, Olsen, Church; Phi Kappa Tau. 211 lIFJIIfll . fflLL IflTRflinUfiflLS 1941 al trophy. The former method pro- vided but one yearly award. Twelve organizations shared the fifteen divisional titles at the end of fall quarter this year. They captured honors in seven different sports: soft- ball, basketball, soccer, fencing, cross-country, wrestling and swim- ming. Winners included: Compass and Chart, Alpha Sigma Phi, Phi Kappa Tau, Beta Theta Pi, Phi Kappa Sig- ma, Sigma Nu, Chi Psi, Kappa Sig- ma, Alpha Delta Phi, Phi Kappa Psi, and Phi Sigma Kappa. BASKETBALL. Division B — Schworz. Cook. Erick- son, Mohn, Stokes, Haynes, Moore, Nobles; Alpha Sigma Phi. WRESTLING — Kroha, B. Whittlesey, Hunter. R. Whittlesey, McMillan, Bingham, Welllngs, Tosch, Burkhardt; Kappa Sigma. SWIMMING. Division B— Ostlund. Zelasko, Ander- son. Lyie. Zanhlser, Pollard, Needham, Coyle; Phi Kappa Psi. SWIMMING. Division A— Hannah, Thomson, HInea. May, McCarthy, Cooper; Alpha Delta Phi. BASKETBALL, Division C — Bock row: Engman. Krue- ger. Youngstrom. Front row: Francisco, McCarthy, Church; Phi Kappa Tau. FENCING, Division A — Dan Drumheller, Sigma Nu. 212 lyinifR iiRomuRts 342 Top activity on the winter quar- ter sports program this year, as in former years, was boxing. Three weeks of elimination matches, cli- maxed by eight grueling champion- ship battles In the all-University finals rounded out the season. Other sports, while kept somewhat in the background, still drew intense in- terest from a number of students. W TRACK — Back row: Van Eaton. Provo. Taylor. Olson, Kummer, Bird, Burdett, Anderson. Front row: Greenwald, Gross. Watson, Harrison, Birchfield, McCorkle, Peterson: Beta Theta Pi. VOLLEYBALL, Division C — Burso, Keitlng, Brown. Lafferty, Blake. Padgett; Sigma Phi Epsilon. BOWLING, Division C — Davidson. Gaston. Boling, Ctiristensen, Stack: Lambda Ctii Alpho. VOLLEYBALL, Division A— Standing: Ekrom. Peter- son. Fach. Donley. Kneeling: Palm, Johonnesen. Ormsbee. Brandon; Compass and Chart, 213 UllOIffi inTfifldlURtS 1942 yf Divisional winners In the half dozen sports won their champion- ships In the following activities: Volleyball: Division A — Compass and Chart; Division B — Delta Tau Delta; Division C — Sigma Phi Ep- silon. Handball: Division A — Compass and Chart; Div ision B — Phi Kappa Psi. Bowling: Division A — Japanese Club; Division B — Delta Tau Delta; Division C — Lambda Chi Alpha. Table Tennis: Division A — Delta Upsilon; Division B — Alpha Tau Omega; Division C — Chi Psi. Badminton: Division A — Phi Delta Theta; Division B— Alpha Delta Phi; Division C — Chi Psi. Track: Beta Theta PI. VOLLEYBALL. Division B — Cameron. Carlson. Sugg, Whiteley. Waldo, Crosser, Pfelffer; Delta Tau Delta. HANDBALL, Division B— Pollard, Stubbs; Phi Kap- pa Psi. BADMINTON, Division A— Simpson, Mackle; Phi Delta Theta. HANDBALL. Division A — Davis, Svoinlch; Compass and Chart. TABLE TENNIS. Division C— Holbrook, Tallmodge; Chi PsL TABLE TENNIS, Division B — Brown. Lovett, Meyer: Alpha Tau Omega. 214 ' ' mmBi w TABLE TENNIS, Division A: Summerset, Robertson; Delta Ups ilon. 1 BADMINTON, Division C: Holbrook, Tollmodge; Chi Psi. W niRflmuRiiL mflimefRS w INTRAMURAL AND MINOR SPORTS MANAGERS— BACK ROW, Left to Right; Wcover, Chris- tensen, Campbell, Pfelffer, Byson. FRONT ROW: Sorello, Cook, Hutton, Livesly, Sickelsteel. flSSISIflflT coecHts Bob Buckley Ken Raby Bill Jefferson, Sr, " - -y Egtvet Len Fauiot Click Clark Walt Raney Charles Jackson Len Stevens August Auernheimer Karl Hostetter 216 CRezy fofi eyffl THIS IS THE STORY OF SPORTS IN SHORTS PRETTY MISSES WHO FORGET HAIR-PULL- ING AND USE, INSTEAD STICK ... OR BALL BAT A HOCKEY •I- •!• -I- •!• S i 1 ' S nr Council Chairman Vada Mae Lawrence Publicity Ann Crawford Secretary Harriet Becker Archery Elizabeth Brown Badminton Lucille Brooksbank Baseball Marjorie Thompson Basketball Phyllis Hilbron Tennis Virginia Harris Volleyball Janet Ward Swimming Meg Brambach " W " Club Representative liene Jenkins }0 The Women ' s Recreational Council is the governing body for the sports program for the women of the University. The purpose of this council is to assist in promoting the athletic program of women on the campus. This program is four-fold, furthering interest in recreational ac- tivities and encouraging good fel- lowship by including tournaments for groups and individuals, clubs for interest groups, and non-competitive recreational activities. LAVVRENCE, chairman. FIRST ROW: Brambach, Brawn. SECOND ROV : Crawfard. Harris. THIRD ROW: Jenkins. Thompson. 218 i WM U When carpenters and painters invaded the Gym this tall, the annual intramural swimming meet was postponed. However, the pool Is now open to all women. Anyone registered in a ci ' edit class Is privileged to use It with no additional fee. For enthusiasts of the water sport, the Silver Fishes holds tryouts for membership the first week of fall and winter quarters. The club gives demonstrations on the campus and before other groups. Last year the Aquacade, with Its nearly professional formations, was considered one of the finest of Its kind In the Northwest. 219 BflSHtlBeLL III III ' i 1 1 i m !• jMii iS 1 fl Basketball held the top place in women ' s sports winter quarter. In the intramural tournament seven- teen teams from organized houses participated. The Dorms again proved their ability by winning the championship for the third consecutive year. Victorious from their first game to their last was the Blaine Hall team. The Alpha Phis were jolted from the winners to the losers bracket by Blaine Hall only to meet them again in the championship game. In that fracas, the Alpha Phis again bowed to Blaine Hall and the latter team scored a 19 to 13 victory. 220 VOLLfyBflLL Theta Champions in action Lisa Gil Susan McGee Volleyball opened the year ' s competition in the women ' s intramurals. Favored by a large turnout, the games were played with overwhelming enthusiasm and a resolved determination to win. Supported by Lisa Gill and Susan McGee, shown in the picture, the Theta team led at the close of the tournament. In the final game the Thetas won by fifteen points from McKee Hall. The score was 39 to 24. 221 BflStBflLL 0 Sunny skies make the women ' s diamond a drawing card for action. Baseball draws more participants and spectators than any other girls ' sport at Washington. Last year in the annual tournament nearly twenty teams competed. Every spring after- noon finds a cheering group of coeds lounging on the grass behind the women ' s gym watching their favorite teams perform. These games also draw their shore of curious male on- lookers as well as team supporters. Batting their way to victory last spring were the Pi Phis. In a thrilling game they wrung a 9 to 6 victory from Blaine Hall. Shirley Buller good-naturedly lets a boll go by while Patty MacLeod firmly cotches it. The Pi Phi champions run to catch a fly ball. Jeanne Davis shows onlookers Shirley Butler and Settle Tyri-ell how to put out Morjoi-ie Thompson 222 unnj ry 1 1 U U I I L J favorite team game of active coeds is hockey. Although there are no intramural hockey teams at Washington, there is a Hockey Club which sponsors games with teams from other schools. The teams do not play against each other, but exchange players and play together. Highlight of this season was the team ' s trip to Portland. DinCDM 1 1 I I L L 1 1 J Jl e men take a back seat every Tuesday and Thursday afternoon when coeds invade the R.O.T.C. building to sharpen their deadeyes and steady their trigger fingers. For marksmanship is the prime requisite of Rifle Team members. This year, as always, the University of Washington team stands high in every tournament. Telegraphic meets with schools in evei ' y section of the countiy is a I ' egular pai ' t of their competition. FRONT ROW; Janet MacDougall. Maxine Cody. Neysa Elwell, Elizabeth Peach, Gwen Johnson. SECOND ROV : Erma Knapp, Nellie Wesson. Daphne Severson. Betty Seveison. Grace Kallicott, Betty Wright. LAST ROW: Lt. C. H. Wienker, Dorsey Reed, Cordelia McLoin. Sgt. H. T. Gage. 223 flRCHtRy The archery club meets oil three quarters. Member- ship is made up of those who have participated in archery and are elected from tryouts. Last year, tor the first time, the archery group competed In a telegraphic meet and placed tenth among the 150 colleges represented. ftninG For those interested in the medieval sport of fenc- ing, the Women ' s Physical Education Department spon- sors a fencing club. The pre- requisite for membership in the club is one quarter of fencing. Demonstrations and informal meets with other fencing groups are part of the club ' s activities. The game most enjoyed by beginners and experts alike i3 badminton. The women o. .he a,e given ample opportunity .o play with ,He numerous classes offered and with the special Wednesday evening receo.onal periods. Phoebe Quigley, shown above, comes through with a fast one. PlUG POllU A champion among the women p ng pong players is Jeannie Davis, shown below. The ping pong tournament was not finished last year, but this year ' s ladder tournament is in progress as Tyee goes to press. Tfnois Warm winter days and springtime bring the coeds out to the tennis courts for a fast, invigorating set of tennis. The two ladder tournaments provide competition during the fall and spring with plenty of action as Greek women and independents vie for honors. Peggy Lindsey and Betty Livingstone. GOLf Washington weather makes golf an all-season sport, but in the spring many an afternoon of study is neg- lected for several rounds on the University course. Popular instructor of the sport is " Pop " Jefferson, fa- vorite of the femmes. Leading the coed enthusiasts this year is Mary Ann Shiel, shown at left. 226 227 ,t tr.JP- %R y? HOUltCO 06 1. Unrehearsed part of Psi U. homecoming sign. 2. Preview of Hell Week for DU pledges. 3. Sigmo Chi " shower pai-+y " for Stonford Indians. 4. Alpho Sig " Indians " on the warpafh. 5. Fiji balcony scene. 6. Homecoming Queen Gwyneth Owen smiles on her subjects. 7. Homecoming committee chairmen gather ' round. Seated left to right: Roger Bye, Haiel Millikin, Betty Gaibraith, Irving Herman, Duane Tewell, Miriam Murpen, Willis Clark. Standing: Jack Early, Tom Hanifen, Marie Stack. 8. Stanford Indian takes a beating from Theta Jan Crowder. 9. Phi Psi go spectacular and win homecoming sign prize. 10. Gamml Phi Huskies lead a Stanford Indian to the killing. 11. Alpha Gams ' prizewlnning ' Freez-out ' sign. 12. Whoosh! — There goes another DG. M r ■ " V ' y ' I " ' " ' V ■,iV. ,4M5 Vr»i " Aw y« . A - iriUI ' •.♦ i STEMS AN jSni SKY HIGH d t sf ' « n w.- f .1 ' jk ' ■ 1. Detrucking with coffee and doughnuts. 2. Leading ' em out — well, uh . . . who ' s leading who? 3. Saddling up. 4. Lined up — the trail ' s awaiting. 5. Column of two ' s. 6. Close order school " en volt. " 7. " . . . just to smell the ba- con frying . . . drinking coffee from a can. " 8. Batter up. 9. Over the fence is out. 10. Long shadows in God ' s country. I I. The home spread. 12. Putting on the feed bag. ' 1 1 ] ' " BOOTS flOD SflDOLfS 1 •- : ■ 11 ' $ Mji K ' ' K0f ■v-V. v;, ;. •■ I • -■- . ' • v- . .. m .: m • - V • ' «? JSi ' ' «-- M1j« ' . imj : M f ' kU% : ' .i A ■. .-.L ■i»-- !■. ' ■% • i- itaMii ' •-JS - ' -;? ti ' . •i -ifit ' t -r » ' }i- tVn . ' ■ 4».r b ' penHfLLfnic PRESIDENT: Deloies Stein; SECRETARY: Eleanor Comeaux; TREASURER: Marianne Davies; RELA- TIONS CHAIRMAN: Alma Rosling. hd Alpha Chi Omega Alpha Delta Pi Alpha Epsiion Phi Alpha Gamma Delta Alpha Omicion Pi Alpha Phi Alpha Xi Delta Chi Omega Delta Delta Delta Delta Gamma Delta Zeta Gamma Phi Beta Kappa Alpha Theta Kappa Delta Kappa Kappa Gamma PihMu Phi Sigma Sigma Pi Alpha Gamma Pi Beta Phi Sigma Kappa Sigma Tau Alpha Zeta Tau Alpha Lois Smith Virginia Skilling Carolyn Himmeihoch Lois Word Betty Wright Mildred Boyle Polly Dow Janet Dickey Mary Jane Stuart Virginia Haines Louise Seifried Mary Jane Carpentei ' Margaret Hoar Vada Mae Lawrence Martha Roebke Jean Jared Rose Greenberg Helen Goode Shirley Butler Lois Parker Jane Andrew Virginia Tucker FIRST ROW; Stein, president: Andrew, Boyle. SECOND ROW: Butler, Carpenter. THIRD ROW:Comeaux, Dovles, Dickey, Dow. FOURTH ROW: Goode, Greenberg, Haines, Himmeihoch. FIFTH ROW: Hoar, Jared, Lawrence, Parker. SIXTH ROW: Roebke, Rosling, Seifried, Skilling. SEVENTH ROW; Smith, Stewart, Tucker, Ward, Wright. juniofi PBnHELLfnic PRESIDENT, Maiiorie Englehart. SECRETARY, Lauile Buck. Alpha Chi Omega Margaret Rippan Alpha Del+a Pi Beryl Blackshear Alpha Epsilon Phi Edith Herman Alpha Gamma Delta Jean Fiautman Alpha Omicion Pi Marnle Keller Alpha Phi Louise North Alpha Xi Delta Pat Sullivan Chi Omega Ruth Albei-tson Delta Delta Delta Grace Blangy Delta Gamma Marilyn Marmaduke Delta Zeta Georgia Lee Gammo Phi Beta Dorothy Clarke Kappa Alpha Theta Mary Hoar Kappa Delta Shirley Sizemore Kappa Kappa Kappa Laurie Buck Phi Mu Dorothy Cramer Phi Sigma Sigma Shirley Cohen Pi Beta Phi Madeline Olsen Sigma Kappa Jean Max Sigma Tau Alpha Beverly Byers Zeta Tau Alpha Doiothy Saunders FIRST ROW: Englehart, Presldenf; Alberfson. SECOND ROW: Blackshear. THIRD ROW: Blangy, Buck, Bussett. FOURTH ROW: Byers, Cohen, Cramer. FIFTH ROW: Herman, Hoar. Lee. SIXTH ROW: Marmaduke. Mai, North, Olsen. SEVENTH ROW: Rippan, Saunders, Siiemore. Sullivan. 24! flLPHfl CHI OfllfGfl Lois Jean Smith m Dorothy Wilson. Betty Ma lone, and Shirley Shofer a real noon rush with their long hike to the campus and spice .... go skiing In a body. . . have . . sugar iin SENIORS: Eugenia Campbell, Sayle Mafien, Emma Ness. Ruth Ogburn, Lourralne Shondley, Lois Jeanne Smith • • JUNIORS: Patricia Arnold, Muriel Crosby, Carolyn Davis, Borbora Holmes, Madolynne Newberry, Dorothy Jean Rising • • SOPHOMORES: Carolgoil Boumonn, Barbara Boone, Dorothy Buelow, Elora Campbell, Barbara Case, Ann Drain, Margaret Fitzpotrick, June Han- seth, Beverly Hartwig, Rae Holland, Mildred Hem- ler, Jeanne Jerbert, Winifred Lucey, Betty Lou Rotermund, Jean Topping • • PLEDGES: Anna- belle Airth, Bettie Askell, Yvonne Beretta, Leila Bittman, Muriel Challmon, Ann Eichelberger, Jane Fisher, Dorothy Kinney, Ruth Lauber, Marilyn Loop, Louise McFee, Betty Molone, Patti Marble, Shirley Moxness, Billie Orphan. Barbara Pomeroy, Jeanne Porter. Joyce Potter. Jane Randolph, Margaret Rippon, Eleanor Scheece, Shirley Shofer. Marguerite Tannler, Dorothy Wilson. nn FIRST ROW: Alrth. Arnold. Askell. Baumann. Beretta. Bitt- man. Buelow. SECOND ROW: Elora Campbell. Eugenia Campbell. Case. Challman. Clarke. Cook. Crosby. THIRD ROW: Davis. Drain, Eichelberger, Fisher, Fitzpatrick, Han- seth, Hartwig. FOURTH ROW: Helland, Hemler, Holmes, Jerbert, Kinney, Lauber, Loop. FIFTH ROW: Lucey, Malone, Marble, Matzen, McFee, Moxness, Morse, Ness. SIXTH ROW: Newberry. Ogburn, Orphan, Pomeroy. Por- ter. Potter, Randolph, Rippon. SEVENTH ROW: Rising. Rotermund. Scheece. Shafer. Shandley. Tannler. Topping. Wilson. 242 flLPHfl DEITfl PI Virginia Skilling Dorothy Orser, Virginia Skilling, ond Ellen Marble . sweep soles contests, drama and music majors, lots . . Ad Pi ' s go steady. GRADUATE: Janice Richards • • SENIORS: Sera Harlacher. Jean Marble, Jane Markham, Cora- morie Neer, Dorothy Orser, Barbara Richards, Pa- tricia Shaw, Virginia Skilling, Kathleen Stlnchfleld • • JUNIORS: Susan Cole. June McCorkle, Dor- othy McGregor, Ellen Marble, Virginia Voeks • • SOPHOMORES: Frances McDonouqh. Patricia Morrow, Barbara Shaw, Mildred V ebster, Neva Willett • • PLEDGES: Carol Barthen, Alice Beuschlein, Beryl Blockshear, Joyce Callow, Jean Callow, Barbara Carlson, Gertrude Donahue, Mary Hammond, Rosemary Hansen, Elsie Lindstrom, Bar- bora Loan, Eloise Loveridge, Lois McConnell. Gladys Ole, Alice Palmer, Virginia Pease, Phyllis Pirn, Marie Poppy. Ann Remmington, Charlotte Sayles, Helen Shaffer, Barbara Shearer, Kathleen Spragg, Patri- cia Willgress. w FIRST ROW: Aleiarder, Anderson, Barthen, Beuschlein, Blackshcar, Carlson. SECOND ROW: Donahue, Hansen. Harlacher, Lindstrom, Loan, Loveridge. THIRD ROW: E. Marble, J, Marble. Markham, McConnell, McCorkle, McDonouqh. FOURTH ROW: McGregor, Morrow, Neer, Orser, Palmer, Pease. FIFTH ROW: Pirn, Poppy, Reming- ton, Richards, Sayles. B. Shaw. SIXTH ROW: P. Shaw, Stinchfield, Voeks. Webster, Wilgress, Willett. umffi 243 flLPHfl fPSILOn PHIa i - Carolyn Himelhoch Dn The line-up — Edifh Heiman, Margie Foster, Marilyn Druck, Sherma Taylor, and Hermene Taylor . . . AE Phi ' s are really active women. fln SENIORS: Suzanne Bernstein, Dorothy Lewis, Shirley Robblns, Evelyn Robinson, Bertha WeinstocU JUNIORS: Beft Foster, Lubo Grumboum, Carolyn Himelhoch, Ruth Hochfeld, Solly Lewis. Ruth Linden- berger, Leonore Offer, Norma Pilling, Sylvia Schnei- der, Esther Youdovitch e • SOPHOMORES: Mar- goret Alexander, Nancy Berliner, Phyllis Bernboum, Moxine Brenner, Marjorie Foster, Jane Gevurti, Bar- baio Haidman, Henrietta Katz, Anne Lus+Ig, Muriel Pickard, Shirley Selsnick, Hermene Taylor, Sherma Taylor • • FRESHMEN: Priscilla Blumenthol, Syl- via Brief, Marilyn Druck, Eleanor Esfeld, Marian Friedman, Nancy Flnkelsteln, Janet Gelb, Rosalie Glllman. Noretta Haas. Dorothy Hardman, Edith Herman, Joy Josephson, Marilynn Lustig, Beverly Selsnick. Loiralne Sussman, Madeline To bin, Patsy Waters, Helene Weinstein. Bn FIRST ROW: Alexander, Berliner, Bernstein. Blumenttial, Brenner, Brief. Druck. SECOND ROW: Esfeld, Feldman. Finklestein, Foster, M. Foster, Friedman. Gelb. THIRD ROW: Gevurtz. Gillman, Grunbaum, Haas. Hardman. D. Hardman. Herman. FOURTH ROW: Hochfeld. Josephson, Katz. Lindenberger. Lewis. Lustig. M. Lustig. FIFTH ROW: Offer. Pickard. Pilling. Robbins, Robinson. Schneider, Selsnick. SIXTH ROW: Sussman. Taylor, S. Taylor, Tobin, Waters. Weinstein. Youdovitch. 244 flLPHfl Gflfllfflfl DfLIfl Lois Word yf sheila McNeill, BeHy Jean Ross. Glenora Jones (plus Spencer Tracy) .... twice winners homecoming sign oward. carefree, date girls, lots of spirit, acquired multiplicity of engagement rings. SENIORS: Betty Bell. Maiy Florence Bendix. Cath- erine Clock, Frances Cole, Lois Ann Gobler, Ann Hyott, Josephine Jennison, Glenora Jones, Bettie Maddux, Betty McDonald, Marcella Minnig, Kath- leen Mitchell, Evelyn Peterson, Gloria Pitt, Bettie Jean Ross, Marie Stack, Lois Word, Dorothy Jane Weldon • • JUNIORS: Sherlee Hooker, Jane Jennison, Ruth Schramm, Janet Tolkington, Ursula Trueblood, Abbee Jane Vorns • • SOPHO- MORES: Cotheiine Callow, Beverly Carlson, Claud- ine Crafton, Josephine Goodspeed, Joyce Gregory, Patricia Houck, Betty Lundy, Betty Martin, Joanne Mercereau, Joan Stansbuiy, Sally Stewart, Barbara Strand, Gloria Whitesel • • FRESHMEN: Jean Bousano, Shirley Bower, Mary Buchan, Charlotte Compbell, Maxine Conley, Mory Jane Darling, Ruth Edwards, Barbara Elwell, Joy Finrow, Eileen HeHernen, Beverly Howe, Gloria Joy, Betty Jean Kibble, Jane Koprlvo, June Larson, Phyllis Larson, Erleen Lewis, Sheila McNeill, Marjorie Matthews, Nadine Mitchell, Marion Dee Morgon, Barbara Murray, Margery Nelson, Verlie Olson, Joan Peters, Joan Tolkington, Jean Trautman, Lee Vinol, Kath- leen Wlnney. FIRST ROW Bduiano, Bell, Bendi«, Bower, Buchan, Callow Campbell, Carlson. SECOND ROW: Clack, Cole, Crof ton. Darling, Edwards, Elwell, Finrow, Goodspeed. THIRD ROW: Gregory, Heffernan. Hooker, Houck, Howe, Hyatt Jane Jennison, Josephine Jennison. FOURTH ROW: Jones Joy, Kibble, Kopriva, J. Larson, P. Larson, Lewis, Lundy FIFTH ROW: Maddux, Martin, Matthews, McDonald McNeill, Mercereau, Minnlng, Mitchell. SIXTH ROW: Mor gan, Murray, Nelson, Olson. Peters, Peterson, Pitt, Ross SEVENTH ROW: Schramm, Stack. Stansbury, S tewart. Strand. Janet Talkington, Joan Talkington. EIGHTH ROW Trautman, Trueblood, Varns, Vinal, Weldon. Whitesel, Win. ney. matimM. 245 i-jr w flLPHfl ofnicfion p Betty Wright m Jeonette Phillips, Betty Wylie, Eileen Reece ond Mamie Keller .... white house on the hill, quiet and dignified. on FACULTY: Morgaret Evans. Kothryn Evans, Louise Oliver • • GRADUATES: Ernestine Brown. Em- elyn O ' Keefe. Mickl Haack • • SENIORS: Betty Wright, Betty Wylie • • JUNIORS: Eleanor Comeoux, Barbara Miller, Phebe Lynch, Marianne Dovles, Eileen Reece • • SOPHOMORE: Mary Gaivey • • FRESHMEN: Marnie Keller, Mary Anne McPheison. Jeonette Phillips. nn FIRST ROW: Comeaui. Davies, Sarvov. SECOND ROW: Haack, Jones. Keller. THIRD ROW: Lynch. McPherson. Miller. FOURTH ROW: O ' Keefe. Phillips. Reece. Wylie 246 — flLPHfl PH Mildred Boyle w Joanne Walker. Blanche Sweet, Betty Rehfeld, Gloria Johnson, Virginia Mous with a Columns (they were good " mag " salesgirls) .... quicken pulses when they sing " Little Froternity Pin. SENIORS: Mildred Boyle, Susan Gellatly. Mary- olyce Hinton, Betteanne KIbbe, Dorofhy Jean Lud- wlgs. Lois Nicholson, Florence Spinner, Blonche Sweet, Joanne Walker • • JUNIORS: Carolyn Cheney, Mayde Clemen, Nell Clemen, Dorothy Dick, Helen Gaston, Bernlce Groves, Shirley Greaves. Marilyn Hudson, Dori Klemkaski, Morqoret Lorsen. Peggy Morse. Alma Rosling, Aldoren Stabler, Jane Sweet, Margie Young • 9 SOPHOMORES: Gito Bauer, Mary Baxley. Mary Eicher, Jean Jessup. Marie Lehman, Gerry Murphy, Joan Nicholson, Jeanne Pey- ton. Julie Schwalen • • PLEDGES: Barbara Baxley. Mary Ann Bishop, Marjorle Brazier, Jean Busby, Siddy Charles, Helen Codington, Helen Craver, Mary Lou Earling, Nancy Ehrlickmon, Bessie Joyce Fiset, Elaine Fisher, Alice Harford, Mary Jarvis, Gloria Johnson, Elinor Laudin, Helen Laughlin, Flor- ence Malmo, Virginia Mous, Jean McFarlond, Mar- garet Morrison, Mary Joyce Mullen, Louise North, Lorroine Peterson, Florence Porter, Betty Rehfeld, Virginia Reid, Ann Shuchart. Mary Jane Stender, Mary Shucell, Margaret Sweet, Jo. Tyrrell. June Walker, Louise Wilbur. FIRST ROW: B. Baxley, M. Baxley, Bishop. Brazier. Busby. Charles. Cheney. SECOND ROW: M. Clemen. N. Clemen. Codington. Craver. Dick, Earling. Eicher. THIRD ROW: Fiset. Fisher, Gellatly, Graves, Greaves, Harford. Hinton. FOURTH ROW: Hudson, Jarvis, Jessup. Johnson. KIbbe, Klemkaski, Larsen, Laudan. FIFTH ROW: Laughlin. Leh- mann, Ludwigs, Malmo, Ma us, Mc Far land, Morrison, Morse. SIXTH ROW: Mullen, Murphy, J. Nicholson. L. Nicholson, North. Peterson. Peyton, Porter. SEVENTH ROW: Rehfeld, Reid, Rosling, Schuchart. Schwalen, Stabler, Stender. Stuchell. EIGHTH ROW: B. Sweet. J. Sweet. M. Sweet, Tyrrell. Walker. J. Walker, Wilbur, Young. 247 iMi P ' Ar iv.|,A mipmm mm «m flLPHe Xl DELIA POLLY DOW nn Eva Dane and Ann McDode at the inevitable bridge gome — lots of Alpha Xi ' s hove been running around the table — engagements. i GRADUATE; Helen Hettiick • • SENIORS: Lois Atkeson, Elaine Ayei-. Ellen Boyd. Lavonne Biockman, Patricio Crell, Eva Dane, Virginia Davis, Polly Dow, Jeanne Foirbrook. Dolly Gray, Mary Hop- per, Jeanne McKlnnell. Mary Ellen Meyers, Betty Severson, Daphne Severson, Morjorie Smith, Evelyn Soules. Mary Stonqeland, Barbara Synnestvedt, Jeannette Uddenberg • • JUNIORS: Shirley Blancher. Joyce Brown, Lettie Caldwell. Kay Chit- tenden, Carolyn Daniels, Sylvia Hall, Jean Hart, Faith Larsen, Cello Lucos, Jane Quire, Inez Show, Gerrie Weldon • • SOPHOMORES: Violet Crowder, Eloine Eberle. Gerrie Ernst. Dorothy Holl. Amy Hetherington. Ann McDade, Janice Sheldon, Joan Van Doren, Dorothy W ear, Collene Yates, Wanda Zollinger • • FRESHMEN: Marilyn Aughnay, Margaret Davidson, Virginia Hossels, Mary Sue Henry, Jean Shoft, Phyllis Scott, Morcio Snapp, Pot Sullivan. Marilyn Tisdale. Roberta Utter- bock. Mariorie Von Soelen. Jane Williams. Edith Wilson. Lorroine Wise, Pat Wiswell. FIRST ROW: Afkenson, Aughney, Ayer, Blancher, Boyd Brown, Caldwell. SECOND ROW: Chittenden. Crell, Crow der, Dane, Daniels, Davidson, Davis. THIRD ROW: Eberle Ernst, Fairbrook, D. Hall. S. Hall, Hart, Hasselo FOURTH ROW: Henry, Hetherington, Hopper, Larsen Lucas, McDade. McKinnell. Quire. FIFTH ROW: Scott. B. Severson. D. Severson. Shaw. Sheldon. Shoff. Smith. Snapp SIXTH ROW: Soules. Stanqeland. Sullivan. Synnestredt, Tisdale, J. Uddenberg, L. Uddenberg, Van Doren. SEVENTH ROW: Van Soein, Wear, Weldon, Wilson, Wise, Wiswell, Yates, Zollinger. 248 CHI OfDfGfl Janet Dickey Pat Sterling, Evelyn Howe. Margaret Ray, Sue Lake, Betty Scha- fer .... mostly brunette bombshells, conga crozy, go for skiing. «r SENIORS: Janet Dickey, Betty Ann Erdahl, Bett Galbreath, Florence Guberlet, Marny Hammer, Jeanne Holllster, Lois Piepenbrlnk, Vera Sweesy, Trudy Ufer • • JUNIORS: Marguerite Barker, Helen Barry, Marguerite Brown. Froncella Bryant, Emma Jane Dokan, Mary Jeon Dletz, Virginia Gar- hart, Jean Hanson. Evelyn Howe, Mary Ellen Jensen, Betty Jones, Harriet Mench, Miriam Mench, Jewel Miller, Dorothy Shirk, Joan Slye, Betty Smith, Cath- erine Wilkenson, Virginia V Inburne, Barbara Wool- ley • • SOPHOMORES: Barbara Bennett, Eliza- beth Bowen, Marcia Castle. Rosemary Elliott, Jean Flack, Marjorie Graham, Jean Koon, Sue Lake, Jean LIftlepage. Martha McGovern, Julia Overlook. Lois Ransom, Pat Sterling. Bette Tikko. Marilyn Wells, Mary Wilson • • PLEDGES: Ruth Albertson, Do- reen Barker, Anobel Barrett, Peggy Bennion, Ffolliott Chorlton, Mary Alice Dines. Jeanne Fenton, Jane Gefi, Eleanor Gordon, Phyllis Hahn. Marcia Han- sen, Florence Leiand, Lucille Lockerby, Sheila Nor- ton. Margaret Ray, Anne Robinson, Shirley Roy, Betty Schafer, Peggy Speck, Doris Totten, Barboro Tucker, FIRST ROW: Albertson. D. Barker, Barrett. M. Barker. Barry. Bennett. Bennion. Bryant. SECOND ROW: Bowen. Castle. Chorlton, Dakan. Dieti, Dines. Elliott. Erdatil. THIRD ROW: Fenton. Flack. Galbreath. Garhart, Geti, Gordon, Graham, Guberlet. FOURTH ROW: Hahn. J. Hanson, E. Hansen, Hollister, Howe, Jensen, Jones, Koon, Lake. FIFTH ROW: Leiand, Littlepagc, Lockerby, McGov- ern, Miller, Norton, Overlock, Piepenbrink, Ranson. SIXTH ROW: Ray, Robinson, Roy, Schafer. Shirk. Slye. Smith. Speck, Sterling. SEVENTH ROW: Sweesy. Tikka, Totten. Tucker, Ufer. Wells. Wilkenson. Wilson. Winburne. 249 4 DELTA DHTfl DtLIfl Mary Jane S+ewarf m 1 Wilma Ross and Lynne Hobrock .... AWS and YW prexles, proud of their yard, gather on doorstep to watch 2 1 s+ street possersby. i- f m FACULTY: Edith Doble, Lucille Enquist, Margaret Mann, Lucille Stubbs • • SENIORS: Barbara Jean Berlin, Norma Jean hHeil, Jean Hopper, Joan Knudsen, Jean Leigh, Mary Miller, Sarah Miller, Leah Munroe, Helen Louise Phillips, Mary Jane Stewart. Mary Helen Thymian • • JUNIORS: Scotty Amende, Helen Marie Brennan, Helen Dimm, Helen Peek, Mary Ann Fleetwood, Betty Gay, Helen Hardy, Joan Hatton, Jane Hunt, Mary Inkster, Marcello Jeans, Kay King, Betty MacKintosh, Mary Manning, Margaret Ostrander, Betty Rue Preston, Letty Ann Ross, Ann Shoemaker, Annabelle Shuler, Mary Frances Wallace, Louise Waterman, Marcio Webber • • SOPHOMORES: Frances Ambrose, Gerry Anderson, Sara Lee Burley, Shirley Fleetwood, Marilyn Hawkins, Lynne Hobrock, Jeanne Kilbourn, Norma Lawrence, Phyllis McCullough, Ann Mead, Mary Ann Mueller. Wilma Ross, Mary Ellen Sheedy, Mary Page Sherman, Doris Lee Smart, Elaine Wlf- tlg • • PLEDGES: Louise Adams, Dorothy Bice, Grace Blangy, Helen May Corey, Jane Dearborn, Marilyn Dempsey. Betty Eosson. Elizabeth Erickson, Marlon Ford. Jean Hannay, Mlrene Hendrlckson, Norma Johns, Ann McCornack, Grace McGuInness, Lucille Ma her, Ann Mathieu, Dorothy Newberger, Barbara Savage. Barbara Shackleford, Janet Shee- dy, Mary Ellen Turner, Donna Wilson. Mordell Wil- son, Mary Winslow. FIRST ROW; Adams. Ambrose, Amende. Anderson. Berlin. Bice. Blangy. Brennan. SECOND ROW; Burley, Carey, Dear- born, Dempsey, DImm, Easson, Erickson, Peek. THIRD ROW: Fleetwood. Ford. Say, Hannay, Hardy, Hawkins, Heil. Hendrickson. FOURTH ROW: Hobrock, Hopper, Hunt, Inkster. Jeans, Johns. Knudsen, Lawrence. FIFTH ROW: MacKintosh. McCornack. McCullouqh. McGuinness. Maher, Manrlng. Mathieu. Mead. SIXTH ROW: M. Miller. S. Miller. Newberger, Numan, Ostrander, Phillips, Preston, Ross. SEVENTH ROW: W. Ross. Savage, Shackelford. J. Sheedy, M. E. Sheedy, Sherman, Shoemaker, Shuler. Smart. EIGHTH ROW: Thymian. Turner. Wallace, Water- man, Webber. D. Wilson, M. Wilson. Winslow, WIttiq. 250 LL. DELIA GflfUfllfl Virginia Haines Zee Haines. Pat Hodgin, Virginia McCallum . . . . famed for fish-pond dunking . . . , donated homecoming queens for two years .... brains as well as beauty. W SENIORS: Winona Alderson. Peggy Blackstock. Jean Bronchflower, Patricia Cowan, Jeanne Craw- ford. Virginia Crowe, Valerie Detana. Morjorie Guenther, Virginia Haines, Adelaide Hayes. Jerry Jacobs, Marneen Jefferson, Virginia Marquette, Helen Pickins, Dorothy Sawyer. Jeanne Thatcher, Harriet Winde • • JUNIORS: Marjorie Brownell. Muriel Capp, Polly Coder, June Day, Frances Eg- gert, Patricia Fall, Ellen Grande, Potricia Hall, Corol Hansen. Virginia Holmes. Janet Jones, Char- lotte Kucher, Jean McCrea, Jean McKInney, Gwyn- eth Owen. Adele Triesch. Jerrle Wolf • • SOPH- OMORES: Mory Barnard, Betty Brace, Virginia Cheever, Jeanne Davis, Miriam Elliott, Phyllis Henry, Patricia Hodgin, Marilyn Mohn, Shirley Nash. Dorothy Pierce, Barbaro Sieg, Annette Thompson, Marilyn Walsh, Phyllis Winders, Ardis Winther • • PLEDGES: Barbara Abel, Janice Bo wen, Mary Lou Bunting, Ruth Colburn, Miriam Corner, Betty Day, Rayanne DeChenne, Dollyjone Grune, Bernice Horrls, Sue Jenkins, Marilyn Lang, Kathleen Laughlin. Margery Lewis, Nancy Long- streth. Marilyn Marmaduke, Virginia McCallum, Phyllis Quigley, Patsy Russell. Kay Talbott, Jean Westerlund, Virginia Wilder. Rosemary Winders. nr FIRST ROW: Abel, Barnard, Blackstock, Bowen, Brace, Branctiflower, Brownell. SECOND ROW: Bunting, Capp, Cheever. Coder, Colburn. Corner, Cowan. THIRD ROW: Crawford, Crowe, Davis, B. Day, J. Day, DeChenne, De- lana. FOURTH ROW: Eggert, Elliott, Grune. Guenther, Hall. Hansen, Harris. FIFTH ROW: Hayes, Henry, Hodgin, Jacobs, Jefferson, Jones. Kershaw, Kucher. SIXTH ROW: Lang, Laughlin, Lewis, Longstreth, Marmaduke, Marquette, McCallum, McCrea. SEVENTH ROW: Mohn. Nash. Owen, Pickens, Quigley, Russell, Sawyer, Seig. EIGHTH ROW: TaiboH. Thompson, Triesch, Walsh, Westerlund, Wilder, Winde, Wolf. 251 A DtLIfl ZETO Lois Seifried m Marie Kramer, Lillian Dean, Muriel Bibby, and Louise Moui ' er step-sitting . . . Delta Zetas had this year ' s Pan Hellenic presi- dent . . . workers for Washington. m FACULTY: Julia M. Anderson, Mary Benton • • SENIORS: Muriel Bibby. Cleoro Crosby. Helen Dyser, Rose Pinkey, Louise Seifrled • • JUNIORS: Bonnie Jean Bertch, Priscilla Ciane, Isabella Prater, Glendonna Greenway, Shirley Gresham, Patt Kane, Louise Maurer, Josephine Monk, Geraldine Rich- ardson, Dolores Stein, Consuelo Strong, Adrienne Thornton. Ba-bora Wokefield • • SOPhiOMORES: Sally Claghorn. Charlotte GIbbes, Betty Harmon. Beth Mlddleton, Louise Mills, Barbara Jean Nelson • • PLEDGES: Phyllis Almquist, Helen Amick, Barbara Beach, Flora Catterall, Lillian Dean, Sherry Gigy, Shirley Hamilton, Belva Hoynie, Jerry Jenks. Marie Kramer, Georgino Lee, Gene Parker, Grace- jean Quinton, Margaret Ryno, Viola Strehle, Janet Thomas. m FIRST ROW: Almquist, Amick, Beach, Bertch. Bibby, Cat- terall. SECOND ROW: Claghorn, Crane, Crosby, Dean, Dyser, frater. THIRD ROW: Gibbes, Giqy, Greenway, Gresham, Hamilton, Haynie. FOURTH ROW: Jenks, Kane, Kramer, Lee, Maurer, Middleton. FIFTH ROW: Mills, Monk, Nelson, Parker, Pinkey, Quinton, Richardson. SIXTH ROW: Ryno, Stein, Strehle, Strong, Thomas, Thorton, Wakefield. 252 ii GflUlOlfl PHI Btlfl Mory Jone Carpenter Ado Marie Jones. Betty Anderson, and Horrlet Mabon . . . . Gamma Phis head defense committees and concerts, all- ' round girls, entered politics with whirlwind success. SENIORS: Joy Ahrens, Carolyn Barto. Mary Jane Corpenter, Patricia Cooper. Margaret Cushnie, Dorothy Dehn, Mary Ann McNerthney, Betty Shaw, Betty Jo Simpson, Dorothy Stam. Betsy Upper • • JUNIORS: Sherlle Anderson, Mary Helen Birchfleld. Catherine Campbell, Jean Fisher, Elsa Hagemon. June Hellenthol, Barbora Lamb, Margaret Miller. Agnes Shaw, Margaret Urbett, Susan Wilcox, Jon Williams • • SOPHOMORES: Bernlce Allison. Betty Anderson, Ann Janet Becker, Quinn Carpenter, Jean Falrweother, Betty Farley. Sally Fleming, Mari- lyn Foxsworth, Betty Lou Hollock. Janet Hartmon. Carol Johns, Carol Lrdstrom, Patricio McGovern, Solly Morion, Solly MIddleton, Marilyn More, Patri- cia Osborne. Margaret Price, Kotherine Scott, Mary Ann Shell, Jean Smith, Kotherine Watts, Jo Weeks O • PLEDGES: Suzie Baker, Winifred Blehl. Doro- thy Broadfoot, Roberto Bussett, Dorothy Clorke. Jean Harbaugh, Mary Ross Holts. Constance John- son. Adomarie Jones, Margaret Lamping, Julio Legg, Suzanne MocNaught, Elizabeth McCorter, Harriet Mabon, Gale NIckson, Patricio O ' Donnell, Mortho Pierce, Kitty Rees. Mary Roberts. Sally Seors, Betty Siemens. Kotherine White. Morion Wiley, Morgoret Williams. W FIRST ROW: Ahreni. Allison, B. Anderson. S. Anderson. Baker. Barto. Becker. Blehl. SECOND ROW: Birchfleld. Busseti, Campbell. Carpenter. Cooper. Cushnie. Dehn. Fairweather. THIRD ROW: Farley. Fisher. Fleming, Fox- worth, Girvin, Hallock, Harbaugh, Hartman. FOURTH ROW: Hellenthal, Holts. Jahni. Johnson. Jones, Lamb, Lamping, Legg. FIFTH ROW: Lidstrom, MacNaughl, Mc- Carter, McGovern, McNerthney, Mabon, Marion Middle- ton. SIXTH ROW: Miller, More, Nickson. O ' Donnell. Os- borne, Pierce, Price, Rees. SEVENTH ROW: Roberts. Scott. Sears. A. Shaw. B. Shaw. Shell. Siemens, Simpson. EIGHTH ROW: Smith, Stam, Watts, Weeks. White. Wilcox. J. Williams, M. Williams. 253 ?£ ' i m ' M ' M ' Sm yppfl fiLpy iHEifl t Margaret Hoar Mary Gaylord. Omoh Albaugh, Bea Ryan, Muriel Thatcher, and Bobble Nelson listen to war news .... queens keep the phone ringing, frequent Fiji badminton court, live on their sunroof. m SENIORS: Sally Bruce Blackford, Marie Carey, Ann DeWitt, Margaret Hoar. Susanne Otis, Muriel Thatcher, Rae Snyder. Dorothy Sweet. Margaret Williamson O • JUNIORS: Omah Albaugh, Meg Brambach, Dorothy Borst, Lynn Carpenter, Barbara Collins, Jean Colton, Betty Lee Connor, Sally Fisher, Marion Gilbert, Lisa Gill, Mary Ellen Gill, Peggy Lindsey, Jeannette Lewis, Susan McGee. Peggy Mc- Kee, Muriel Pierce, Phyllis Prentice, Marge Rauch, Gloria Taylor, Betty Thatcher, Betty Bird, Lorraine DeDonoto • • SOPHOMORES: Becky Blum, Patricia Conner, Gen Doran, Jacquelyn Fisher, Mary Halg. Charlotte Hudson, Eugenie Hull. Jane lizard, Libby Kresky, Barbara Nelson, Betty Rae Norman. Phoebe Quigley, Betty Ross, Betty Marie Ryan, Jackie Sawtelle, Zoe Anne Steuding, Lois Stretton • • PLEDGES: Jean Ballard, Barbara Bruhn, Janet Catlln. Janice Crowd er, Betty Davis, Mary Ellen Deming, Mary Stuart Deming, Jean For- rell, Mary Gaylord, Adrienne Gibbs, Mary Hoar, Jean Littler, Betty Livingstone, Rosemary Longwood, Ruth Melton, Barbara Jo Poxton. Mary Mar Purcell, Morjorle Schenck, Ann Smith, Janet Turnbull, Grace Wagner, Barbara Van Waters, Barbara White. nn FIRST ROW: Albaugh, Ballard, Bird, Blackford, Blum, Brambach, Bruhn, Carey. SECOND ROW: Carpenter, Cat- tin, Collins, Colton, B. Connor, P. Connor, Crowder, Davis. THIRD ROW: DeDonato, Deming, DeWitt. Doran, Farrell, J. Fisher, S. Fisher, Gaylord. FOURTH ROW: Gibbs, Gil- bert, L. Gill, M. Gill, Haig, Hoar, Hudson. Hull. FIRH ROW: lizard, Kresky, Lewis, Lindsey, Littler, Livingstone, Longwood, Melton. SIXTH ROW: Nelson, Norman, Otis, Paxton, Pierce, Prentice, Purcell, Quigley. SEVENTH ROW: Rauch, Ross, Ryan, Sawtelle, Schenck, Smith, Steuding, Stretton. EIGHTH ROW: Sweet. B. Thatcher, M. Thatcher, Turnure, Turnbull, Van Waters, Wagner, White, Williamson. 254 Vada May Lawrence W Helen Kennedy, Sara Kunz, Janet Wickstrom, and Jessie Hulsarf in a bridge game .... had lots of " trips around the table " to announce engagements, house hummed with committee members on Tofo. W FACULTY: Grace Denny • • GRADUATE: Dor- sey Reed • • SENIORS: Florence Ann Berg. Kay Dortnall, Maryviolet Fraser, Helen Jorgensen, Betty Klinkham, Vada May Lawrence, Jane Quagliotti- Romono, Isabel Thompson, Anita Towey, Rose Tro- pea, Janet Wickstrom, Bettie Wingrove • JUNIORS: Martha Ash+on. Margaret Fitch. Elaine Holmes, Jessie Hulsart, Isabel Johnson, Kathleen KIrkpatrIck, Bette Gladlne Lillie. Norberta Phillips, Ruth Pullen, Helen Taylor. Patricia Whitmore • SOPHOMORES: Evelyn Andersen. Nelta Just, Patrl- cia Whitmore • • PLEDGES: Patty Ajax, Elinor Bachelor. Patricia Batzle, Patricia Britton. Claire Corlson, Audrey Church, Nancy, Cole. Virginia Lou Cox, Barbora Custard, Mory Gerard. Helen Ken- nedy, Saro Kunz, Alice Muessel, Norma Nerdrum, Muriel Odey. Shirley Robertson, Helen Rowland. Ruthanne Saer, Shirley Sizemore, Mary Jane Spear. Eileen Womba. Eleanor Willord. W FIRST ROW: A ax. Andersen, Ashton, Batchelor, Batile, BrlKon, Carlson. SECOND ROW: Church. Cole. Cox. Custard. Dartnall, Fitch. Fraser. THIRD ROW. Gerard. Holmes. Hulsart. Johnson. Jorgensen. Just. Kennedy. FOURTH ROW: Klinkam. Kunz. Lrllie. Muessel. Nerdrum. Odey, Phillips. FIFTH ROW: Pullen, Robertson, Rowland. Saer, Srzemore. Spear. Taylor. SIXTH ROW: Thomson. Towey, Tropea, Wamba, Whitmore, Wickstrom, Willard, Wingrove. liflPPfl DUTfl 255 d KflPPfl KflPPe GflUldlfl Martha Rose Roebke m Poppy Agnew, Jean Stewart, Betty Doud, Mickey Knapp, ond Allison Abbott .... the " ice-box " idea is all thawed out, con- servative .... English tweeds. tkibi i GRADUATE: Mary Gruber • • SENIORS: Mari- jane Argue, Peggy Austin. Nancy Goodfellow, Bar- bara Harrison, Martha Roebke • • JUNIORS: Allison Abbott, Poppy Agnew, Jean Colwell, Peggy Gray, Ruth Adele Hedgecock, Marianne Jones, Dorothy Kirby, Mary Caroline Knapp, Janet Nelson, Nancy Plummer, Jean Stewart, Jane Stocker, Jane Taubmon • • SOPHOMORES: Jeanne Balmer, Adele Bates, Jocelyn Clise, Judith Douglas, Mar- Jorle Englehart, Janet Griffin, Mary Hughes, Betty Palmer, Sally Proctor, Anne Reese, Elcena Torrance • • PLEDGES: Barbara Anderson, Virginia Bacon, Marjorie Black, Laurie Buck, Anne Campbell, Caro- lyn Clark, Stephanie Coe, Patricia Davies. Betty Doud, Mary Easton, Betty Anne Eddy, Eleanor Fer- guson, Katherine Goodfellow, Susan Grout, Mary Lou Howell, Ellen Keenan. Nancy Kerr, Marian Mahncke, Georgia Mason, Mary Lou Minor, Mar- garet Neils, Patricia O ' SullIvan, Peggy Palmer, Kathleen Phelan, Joan Provanche, Jane Reid, Eliza- beth Reynolds, Barbara Rhodes, Mary Margaret Smith, Virginia Vanderbilt, Valerie V alkinshaw, Beverly Vv ' elch. m FIR3T ROW: Abbott. Agnew, Anderson, Argue, Austin, Bacon, Bdrto. SECOND ROW: Bates, Black. Buck, Camp- bell, Clark, Clise, Coe. THIRD ROW: Colwell, Davies, Doud, Easton, Eddy, Elvldge, Englehart, FOURTH ROW: Ferguson, K. Goodfellow, N. Goodfellow, Griffin, Grout, Gruber, Harrison. FIFTH ROW: Hedgecock, Howell, Huglies, Jones, Keenan, Kerr, Kirby. SIXTH ROW: Knapp, Mahncke, Mason, Minor, Neils, Nelson, O ' Sullivan, B. Palmer. SEVENTH ROW: P. Palmer, Phelan, Plummer, Proctor, Provanche, Reid, Reynolds, Rhodes. EIGHTH ROW: Smith. Stewart, Sfocker, Taubman, Torrance, Van- derbilt, Walkinshaw, Welch. 256 PH Jean Jored Barbora Lewis, Martha Treadway, and Margaret Keith quiet and dignified, the house with the while pillars. SENIORS: Evelyn Craig. Carol Daniels, Jean Jared, Deloyne Miller, Jean Repp, Jean Watkins • • JUNIORS: Frances Brooks, Nancy Lou Clemens. Alice Gooding, Margaret Keith, Martha Treodway • • SOPHOMORE: Barbara Lewis • • PLEDGES: Dorothy Cramer, Phyllis Gober, Florence Mary Jones. Betty Kitiinger, Mary Lou Mosenga, Margaret Nichols. Barbara Woterman. yt FIRST ROW: Brooks. Clemens, Craig, Cramer. SECOND ROW: Daniels, Gober, Gooding, Jones. THIRD ROW: Keith, Kitsinqer, Lewis, Masenga. FOURTH ROW: Miller, Nichols, Repp, Watkins, Waterman. 257 PHI SIG SIG Rose Greenberg Dn Zelda Director ' iyivin P ay, and Beatrice Sussman — digest- ing the Dolly P gmo Sigmas, newly nationalized, hove made real str. c is activities. m SENIORS: 7 " do Director, Rose Greenberg, Anita Seldenberg, Miriam Vines, Lenore Wolff • • JUNIORS: Marjorle Fein berg , Bertha Klorfeln. • • SOPHOMORES: Shirley Berenson, Shirley Cohen, Ethel Goldman, Florence Goodlick, Jean Holtzman, Lola Lewis, Helen Nuchnlck, Jeanette Poplack, June Shapiro, Rhoda Sussman. • • FRESHMEN: Florence Barnett, Esther Gordon. Jeanne Hasson, Sylvia Rogowoy, Beatrice Sussman. nn FIRST ROW: Barnett, Berenson, Cohen, Director, Feinberg. SECOND ROW: Goldman, Goodlick, Gordon, Hasson, Holtiman. THIRD ROW: Klorfein, Lewis, Muchnick, Pop- lack, Rogoway. FOURTH ROW: Seidenberg, B. Sussman, R. Sussman, Vines, Wolff. 258 PI BHB PH Shirley Butler yt Glenna Williams. Marilyn Ryon. Mar Lou Plotf and Cotherine Allen hard at a noon bridge hond .... d c ew house, like something out of a Hollywood movie se «r SENIORS: Betty Beardsley, Shirley Butler, Swen Clarke. Hildur Coon, Jean Davis, f gy Hajek, Elinor Jacobs. Mary Lou Jomieson. Patty MacLeod. Mary Lou Murrill. Merceile Neville, Eleanor Perry. Elizabeth Smith, Mariorie Mae Walker • • JUNIORS: Lois Berry, Sheila Falknor. Jean Ger- wick. Isobelle Hopkins. Bobby Johnson, Hazel Milli- kin, Peggy Milne. Joyce Phillips, Lois Preston. Margaretta Smith. Charlotte Ann Thompson, Bettie Tyrrell • • SOPHOMORES: Joanne Baker, Bar- bora Butler. Joann Platen, Virginia Garver, Audrey Gerth, Jean Livingstone, Marion Matthias. Grace Miller. Dorothy Ann Reed. Virginia Searing. Anno Jane Strondqulst. Marjorle Thompson, Virginia Tomlinson • • PLEDGES: Catherine Allen. Betty Batchelder. Virginio Bird. Marie Carroll. Doris Clingenpeel, Jane Criddle, Marjorle Hail. Char- lotte Hall, Nancy Johnson, Borboro Johnston, Cappi Jones, Madeleine Olson, Mary Lou Plott. Marilyn Ryan. Koy Skinner, Dorothy Jean Smith. Marjorle Smith. Margo Sporgo. Sylvia Stoll, Kotherine Tay- lor, Catherine Uhl, Helen Vionot. Glenno Willioms. Jean Williamson. FIRST ROW: Allen. Baker. Batcfcelder, Beardsley. Bird. Butler. Carroll. SECOND ROW: Clarke. Clingenpeel. Coon. Criddle. Davis. Flaten. Garver. THIRD ROW: Gerth. Getwtck. Hail. Hall, Hopkins, Jamieson. B. Johnson. FOURTH ROW: N. Johnson, Johnston, Jones, Livingstone, MacLeod, Matthias, Miller, Millikin. FIFTH ROW: Milne, Neville, Olson, Perry, Piatt, Preston, Reed, Ryan. SIXTH ROW: bearing. Skinner. D. Smith. E. Smith. Margaretta Smith. Marjorle Smith. Spargo. Stoll. SEVENTH ROW: Tcylor, C. Thompson. M, Thompson, Tomlinson, Tyrrell. Walker, Williams, Williamson. 259 SI6 yppfl Lois Porker M Mory Louise Akers, Betty Bronsdon, Erilne Doymude, and Ruth Hawthorne .... house has been dubbed the " Castle " , cllmin ' right up their Golden Stairs, activity women, short girls. FACULTY: Dr. Marion Fish • • GRADUATES: Moriorie Beede, Helen Benedict, Patricio Block, Morion Clark, Cotherine Clifford, Beryl Cunning- ham, Mary Bess Hughes, Elizabeth Kirby, Anne Claire Lonegran, Charlotte McLaughlin, Horriet Meehon, Nina Ann Scott • • SENIORS: Dorothy Agor, Vinita Booth, Dorothy Caldwell, Betty Jane Dignon, Mary Durning, Eloise Giblett, Elizabeth Ann Greene, Ruth Hawthorne, Lois Kinsey, Mono Mor- tyn, Jeon Mox, Lois Porker, Carol Jean Peeples, Helen Pichon, Elizobeth Ann Wilkins • • JUN- IORS: Mary Alice Clarke, Ernestine Erickson, Colista Fryar, Cotherine Fuchs. Cleo Gorber, Faye Gorber, Virginia Harris, Frances McLaughlin, Mary McMillin, Donna Jean Nelson, Genevieve Niles, Dorothy Schode, Jacqueline Schoetzel, Carolyn Show, Shirii Thomas, Virginia Wold • • SOPHO- MORES: Betty Allison, Virginia Carlson, Eriine Doy- mude, Patricia Early, Mory Honey, Patricio Hanlon, Morion Hortwich, Catherine Heg, Joan Ketcham, Suzanne Lommel, Vernice Monsey, Patricia Smith, Foye Steinseifer, Shirley Thometz, Margaret Tupper, Mary Louise Turner, Constance V ilson • • FRESH- MEN: Mory Louise Akers, Morjorie Anneberg, Betty Bronsdon, Eleonor Brown, Alice Buchonon, Janet Cooper, Elaine Davis, Frances Dwyer, June Forrest, Nancy Gilbert, Jeanne Housner, Morjorie Johnson, Doris McEochran, Mory Miles, Harriet Roce, Helen Richardson, Janet Tober, Kathleen V etherby. mfiMiLm m FIRST ROW: Agor, Akers, Allison, Anneberg, Booth, Brons- don, Brown. SECOND ROW: Buchanan, Carlson, Clarke, Cooper, Davis, Daymude, Dignan. THIRD ROW: Durning, Dwyer, Early, Erickson, Forrest, Fuchs, C. Garber. FOURTH ROW: F. Garber, Gilbert, Godfrey, Greene, Haney, Han- lon, Harris. FIFTH ROW: Hartwich, Hausner, Hawthorne, Heg, Johnson, Ketcham, Kinsey. SIXTH ROW: Lommel, Martyn, Max, McEachran, McMillin, Miles, Monsey, Nel- son. SEVENTH ROW: Niles, Peeples, Pichon, Race, Rich- ardson, Schaetiel, Schade, Shaw. EIGHTH ROW: Smith, Steinseifer, Taber, Thomas, Tupper, Wetherby, Wilson, Wold. 260 I " ■ ' ZfTfl IflU ALPHA Virqinio Tucker Maxine Cody and Jean Parker a sitt!n ' in the sun . . . Zeto Tau Alpha ' s point to Maxine as a crock rifle shot, relative of Buffalo Bill . . . love their floor length mirror. «r GRADUATES: Betty Evans, Virginia Gall • • SE- NIORS: Pot Carlson, Virginia Donneli, Eliiabeth Goll, Rita Honzel. Borboro Jcrbert, Ruth McLeod, Ruth Rice. Virginia Tucker, Ethel Worlond • • JUNIORS: Dollie Carpenter, Maxine Cody. Pauline Dootson, Constance C. Holliday, Jean Porker. Leolo Root, Morjorie Savage. Jean Townsend. Frances ll Wagenfuehr, Helen Zednick • • SOPHOMORES: Peggy Collins, Maxine Fite. Jane Julian, Pat O ' Hol- loron • • PLEDGES: Jon Cross, Peggy Nell de Merchant. Dorothy Saunders. Viola Sommer. Gloria n Sweet. «r FIRST ROW: Carlson. Carpenter. Cody, Collins. Cross. SECOND ROW: deMcrchant. Dootson. Gall. Halliday. Jcrbert. THIRD ROW Julian. Parker. Rice. Root. Saun- dcrs. FOURTH ROW: Savage. Sweet. Townsend. Worland. Zednick. 26! LEFT TO RIGHT: Nancy Lancaster, president; Craw- ford, Daniels, Evans. Harcus, Martell, and Perniconi. DtPfifni HOUSE COUflC im The Independent House Council is composed of its officers and the president of each member house with her representative. The purpose is to unite all girls In all inde- pendent houses in furthering friendship, standards, and cooperation with all campus activities, and to represent its members in student government and organizations. Nancy Lancaster, President Thelma Daniels, Vice President Nora Perniconi, Secretary Neva Martell, Treasurer House Presidents: McKenney House Newman Hall Philora Sherwood Synadelphic University Christian Union Wesley House Eudora Evans Nora Perniconi Juanlta Crawford Reglna Hoover Thelma Daniels Beth Harcus Marlon Heiiog 262 flUSI HALL Catherine Hutchings W Mary Merner watches two Hall-motes autograph Noncy Archer ' s Cost. «r SENIORS: Neldomoe Baker. Grace Cameron, Doro- thy Corey. Jean Douglass. Gertrude Ekdahl. Jane Howe, Kothryn Larson, Norma Lee, Kathryn Mary Mikkelsen. June Pettibone, Elizabeth Powers. Marie Jone Stith. Helen Thomas. Mary Frances Wintler • • JUNIORS: Emma Lucy Atkinson, Lucille Brooksbank, Sheila Douglass, Betty Jo Edele, Susanne Ehrhardt, Winona Ellis, Billie Gabel. Ruth Goulden, Le Isle Gwialliam, Rosemary Graham, Ber- gitte Hansen, Catherine Hutchings, Betty Jane Lab- bitt, Sylvia Longdon. Gladys Die, Mary Rile, Allys Robinson, Patricia Swalwell, Mary Moigaret Turner, Helen Semler • • SOPHOMORES: Betty Ann Bressler, Helen Brewer, Rowena Brotherton, Doris Brown, Noreen Clark, Margie Clevinger, Patricia Collins, Jane Current, Barbara Daum, Helen Dolg- ner, Janet Flint. Morgery Gealt, Ruth Hanawolt, Ruby Ka nyer, Pattie Loudtn. Mary Merner, Yvonne Selde, Betsy Smith, Eleanor Smith • • FRESH- MEN: Sylbo Lee Adams, Nancy Archer. Elizabeth Bornett. Jean Birley, Angelina Brown. Jean Corbitt, Helen Ann Cran, Mary Louise Crawford. Dorothea Dovis, Alice Hendrickson, Jane Himes, Potti Henry, Julio Janiki, Betty Lee. Ethel Long, Virginia Ma- honey, Phyllis Smith, Dorothy Spellmon, Margaret Storey, Alice Webb. Dorothy Owens. Doris Wilkes. «r URST ROW: Archer, Baker. Barnett. Biehl. Birley. Bressler. A. Brown. SECOND ROW: D. Brown. Clark. Clevinger, Collins. Corbitt. Cran, Crawford. THIRD ROW: Current. Daum. Ehrhardt. Ekdahl. Ellis. Flint, Graham. FOURTH ROW: Hanawalt. Hansen, Hendrickson, Howe. Hutchings. Labbitt, Lee. FIFTH ROW: Mahoney, Merner, Oie, Owens, Pettibone, Robinson, Semler. SIXTH ROW: B. Smith. E. Smith. P. Smith. Spellman, Stith, Turner, Webb, Wintler. 243 lif m . BLflint HALL « p ' P Ingi ' id Selander nn Ann Terk, Bernodine Buck and Mary Lewis believe in ou+-door study. flu GRADUATE: Harriet Meehan • • SENIOR: JoAnne Burmelster, Phyllis Connor, Clare Corkery, Marjorie Heron. Gail Hodgson, Marian McCrory, Ingrid Selander, Ruth Stack • • JUNIORS: Mary Jane Anderson, Betty Barton, Elizabeth Brown, Pa- tricia Crowley. Bernice Goldsworthy, Shirley Halver- son, Betty Lou Hipskind, Arline Johnson, Esther Kil- bourne, Marjorie Marinakos, Shirley Petty, Maxine Schroedel, Sylvia Svorlnich, Ann Terk • .. • SOPH- OMORES: Lorraine Barkost, Adeline Bednorlk, Lucille Courtney, Yvonne Danforth, Billie Demopolis, Theima Donop, Constance Dunham, Amber Eustus, Charlotte Flllinger, Nathalie Gaston. Miriam Gels- endorfer, Bette Henriksen. Grace Johnson, Lynette King. Mary Lund, Charlotte Moon, Marjorie Nelson, Evelyn Pierson, Annabel Post, Mary Helen Provanche. Anne Reynolds, Jean Rich, Harriet Rowen, Ruth Schwanke, Carmen Skomfer, Winifred Stonex. Vir- ginia Summerson, Virginia Wlltse • • FRESHMEN: Carolyn Abrahamson, Bernadine Buck, Jean Cobb, Barbara Dome, Jacqueline Freemon, Clarice Graham, Harriet Hills, Nona Hinshaw, Phyllis John- son, Doris Knutien, Yvonne LaBor, Geraldine Lenge, Marian Lansdown, Mary Lewis, Lyndell Ludwig. Mar- garet Moyer, Margaret Perlnger, Lucille Rinaudo, Mary Elizabeth Taylor Lois Tusler, Beverly Zapp. m FIRST ROW: Abrahamson. Anderson. Barkost. Barton. Bed- narik. Brown, Buck. SECOND ROW: Cobb. Connor. Court- ney. Crowley, Danforth. Demopolis. Dome. ThIIRD ROW: Donop. Eustus. Fillinger. Graham, Henriksen, Hills, hlodg- son. FOURTH ROW: A. Johnson. G. Johnson. Kilbourne, King. LaBar. Lenge. Lansdown. FIFTH ROW: Lewis. Lund. McCrory. Marinakos. Meehan. Moon. Moyer. SIXTH ROW: Peringer, Post. Price, Reynolds, Rich. Rinaudo, Rowen, Schroedel. SEVENTH ROW: Skamfer, Stack, Stonex. Svo- rlnich. Terk. Tusler. Wiltse. Zapp. 264 LfflRy HALL Betty Morgenfholer W Mdvis Corkery, Phyllis Zavin, and Minnie Rosenkranti playing Juliets. GRADUATE: Mary Alice McPherson • • SEN- IORS: Mai-jorie Beom. Josephine Bigelow, Helen Bonner, Mary Frances Borden. Janet Foster, Hazel Jeffery, Hisoyo Moriongo, Mary Ellen Perry, Ger- oldlne Richardson, Minnie Rosenkranti, Elizabeth Thiele, Harriet Wyse • • JUNIORS; Jean Bote- mon, Mary Ann Binzer, Betty Bleichner, Martha Graham, Geraldine Hanson, Marjorie Knox, Ruth Peterson, Wilma Ridge, Helen Shaffer, Mavis Slet- tebo, MIna Taylor, Yosuko Tsubl, Virginia Uhlig, Marjorle Underhlll, Miriam Vernon. Helen Weigel, Charlotte Wilson • • SOPHOMORES: Norma Adams. Peggy Bailey, Mavis Corkery. Dorothy Devlin, Lois Geller, Dorothy Houck, Eileen Jewell, Erma Knopp. Julia Ann Macdonald, Margaret MIckelson, Horue Morinaga, Betty Morgenthaler, Louise Schmidt. Dolores Spohn. Nancy Williams. Phyllis Zavin • • FRESHMEN: Marguerite Alex- ander. Patricia Alexander. Jeanne Brown. Marjorie Bruchet. Mildred Corr. Helen DIetz, Mary Heard, Margaret Helfort, Eileen Hornall. Eugenia Howson. Bette Jeanne Jameson, Floy Jeffers, Gwendolyn Johnson. Norma Jean Johnston, Esther Kolles, Eleanor Kerr. Mary McDaniel. Sally Ann Muller. Roberto Pugsley, Eleanor Reynolds. Barbara Row- ley, Vera Gale Sawins. Barbara Snider, Peggy Stwalley, Morgaret Swobey, Marjorie Thomas, Ethlyn Youdovitch. PIRST ROW; Adams, Bailey, Batcman, BIqelow. Blnier, Bleichner. SECOND ROW: Bonner, Borden, Carr, Corkery, Devlin, Dieti, Geller. THIRD ROW: Hanson, Heard, How- son. Jeffers. Jewell, Johnson, Johnston. FOURTH ROW Knapp, Knox, Laughlin, Macdonald, Morinaga, Hisayo Morinaqa. Peterson. FIFTH ROW: Pugsley. Richardson. Ridge. Rosenkranti. Sawins. Schmidt. Slettebo. SIXTH ROW: Stwalley. Thiele. Tsubi, Weigel, Wyse. Youdovitch, avin. 265 fllclitf HALL Dorothy Wighf m Lillian LeBid and Lael Snellbacker getting In a game of badminton. OD FACULTY; Margaret Brown, Helen Murphy • • GRADUATES: Isobell McLeod • • SENIORS: Jean Anderson, Harriet Becker, Helen Emmons, Con- stance Franckum, Lillia n Frank. Josephine Graham, Jane Hamilton, Lois Hawthorne, Ruth Johnson, Philippo Landry, Lillian Lebid, Margaret Loring. Shirley Rhoods, Jane Rossback, Dorothy Scott, Doro- thy Wight, Prudence Woollett • • JUNIORS: Louise Borin, Mary Ellen Forhan, Ruby Gauthier, Crete Hanson, Irene Houbner, Barbara Hoffman. Margaret Hope, Shirley Horr, Margaret Howell, Fern Hungerferd, Grace Jock, Ruth Jack, Elmiro Kalohan, Lillian Kubota, Jean Laughlin. Lois Leohey. Jean McCutcheon. Patricia Shannon. Lael Snell- backer. Dorothea Willms • • SOPHOMORES: Cleo Cartier, Borrie Fitzsimmons. Betty Gruber. Barbara Hall, Neva Jean Holly, Roberta House. Jean Lincoln. Peggy Loy. Jane Lund, Margaret Mc- Donald, Geraldine Niehenke, Shirley Owen, Theresa Sears, Sue Sigel, Virginia Skoldberg, Ann Wester- gaard • • FRESHMEN: Estelle Beall. Enid Brix, Mary Alene Carter, Anne Crawford, Mai ' y Jane Dyor, Eda May Gilbert, Joy Gwinn, Betty Hall, Mor- iorie Hart, Pat Hawthorne, Bernice Jock, Winifred Kline, Maryjane Meredith, Patricia Moen. Betty Morita, Mary Ellen Oyster, Bernice Peterson, Wanda Rathvon, Frances Severs, Billie Shurtz, Sara Beth Smith. Peggy Stephens. Hildred Stevens. Frances Jane Wood. nn FIRST ROW; Brix. Carter. Crawford. Emmons, Fitzsimmons, Forhan. Franckum. SECOND ROW: Frank. Gauthier, Sraham. Gwinn. Hail. Hamilton. Hart. THIRD ROW: Haubner. P. Hawthorne, L Hawthorne, Holly, Hope, Howell, Hungerlord. FOURTH ROW: Johnson, Kalahan, Landry, LeBid, Loring, Lund. McCutcheon. FIFTH ROW: McDonald. Meredith, Moen, Niehenke, Owen, Rathvon, Rhodes. SIXTH ROW: Rossback, Severs, Shannon, Shurti, Snellbacker, Stephens, Winter, Wood. 266 i L. nicHonty Housf Eudoro Evans Helen Tewell, Marjeon Morgan and Mary Jane looker looking pensive. W SENIORS: Eudora Evans • • JUNIORS: Kafhieen Dow. Eunice Nelson. Helen Taylor • • SOPHO- MORES: Sheila Lee, Rita Mannlon, Jeanne Mesford, Julie Scollon. Shirley Tewell. Mary Jane Tookei " • • FRESHMEN: Lois Adorn, Befty Alwoy. Mari- anne Bier, Dorothy Cai-ter. Marjeon Morgan, Jerry Sumner. Helen Tewell. FIRST ROW: Eudora Evans. President; Adam. Alv av. Bier. SECOND ROW: Carter. Dow. Lee. Mannion. THIRD ROW Mesford, Morgan, Nelson. Packard, Scallon. FOURTH ROW: Sumner. Taylor. Tewell. S. Tewell, Tooker. 267 SIG IflU flLPHfl Jane Andrews m Morgoi-y Skrondal and Alverna Ocker, pretty spring pastels, of the Rainbow sorority. SENIORS: Jane Andrew, Gerrie Richardson • • JUNIORS: Vivian Campbell, Eileen Clarke, Gerry Culross, Gail DeLaney, Marjorie Fay, Dorothy Gib- bons, May Gill, Halide Lobdell, Doris McKnight, Virginia Price, Leone Ryba, Moriory Skrondal, Mar- vis Slettebo, Morjorie Warren, hielen Weigel • • SOPHOMORES: Muriel Andrews, Beverly Byers, Betty Case, Lydia Georges, Dorothy Hollyook, Mor- jorie Hosseibeig, Mary Belle McGee, Ruth Miller, Elizabeth Neale, Alverna Ocker, Betty Orton, Omo Peterson, Beryl Scothorn • • FRESHMEN: Betty Attlesey, Rosalie Bochman, Merelyn Bauer, Marion Gallaher, Audrey Gessner, Nodine Hagerstrom, Dorothy Hill, Phyllis Hyde, June Keithley, Mary Lorum, Virginia Ludwick, Jean Murphy, Patricia Mui ' phy, Juonlto Newsome, Ada Packenham, Phyllis Parcher, Patricia Randies, Ruth Ritchie, Betty Rohrer, Joyce Ross, Mariorie Seal, Sylvia Sedgewick, Vi ilma Ward. m FIRST ROW: Andrews, Attlesey, Bachman. Bauer, Byers. Campbell. Case. SECOND ROW: Clarke, DeLaney, Fay, Sallaher, Georges, Gessner, Gibbons. THIRD KOW: Gill, Hagerstrom. Hill, Hollyoak, Hyde, Keithley, Larum. FOURTH ROW: Ludwick, Miller, J. Murphy, P. Murphy, Neale, Newsome. FIFTH ROW: Ocker, Orton, Packing- ham, Peterson, Price, Richardson. SIXTH ROW: Ritchie, Rohrer, Ross, Ryba, Scothorn, Seal. SEVENTH ROW: Sedgewick, Skrondal, Slettebo, Ward, Warren, Weigel. 268 FIRST ROW: Alfoi-d, Buckholt, Deacon, Kendree, LoPaugh. SECOND ROW: Linklettei " , Llvie, Mann, Soter, Schenck. PHfifiHfifs counciL ACTIVITIES: Maxine Alford. PUBLICITY: Lola LaPaugh. ALUMNAE: Adaline Linklet+er. Dorothy Mann. DEFENSE: Victoria Kendree ROOM: Maiy Schenck. MEMBERSHIP: Annette Buckholt. SUBCHAIRMEN: Doris Deacon. SOCIAL SERVICE: Bettelou Woodman Louise Livie. Kathleen O ' Hare. STANDARDS: Cecile Sater. 269 FIRST ROW: Bennett. Brandy, Emory, Holden, Jonson, Kass, Little, Mickel, Richardson. SECOND ROW: Rowe, SneUon, Taylor. Whitt. Williams, Bundy, Brown, Buckholt, Bush. THIRD ROW: D. Cox. N. Cox, Crumb, Dye, Kellett, Kendree, Lingen. MacDonald, Parish. FOURTH ROW: Peterson. Pickerill, Powers. Quesnell. Ross. Speer. Carlson, Carter. Livie. FIFTH ROW: Rossbach. Shonafelt. Alford, Ashcraft. P. Cole. V. Cole. Crosslond, Getty, Gove. PHRflHfifS BETA SENIORS: Marie Roland. JUNIORS: Betty Emory, Loila Holden, Corinne Johnson, Morjo Kass, Mary Helen Mickel, Haiel Snelson, Dolores Taylor Ruth Williams. PLEDGES: Charlotte Brandt, Dorothy Cox, Connie Draper, Chloe Montgomery, Eugenia Little, Mary Rankin. Mary Richardson. CHI SENIORS: lone Powers, Marian Quesnell. JUNIORS: AnneHe Buckholf, Barbara Gerlach, Peggy Ann Kellett, Virginia Speer. SOPHOMORES: Patricia Bush, Beverly Dye. Nancy Cox, Victoria Kendree, Mary Ann Parish, Hazel Peterson, Elizabeth Pickerill, Sybil Ripley. PLEDGES: Barbara Bandy, Evelyn Brown, Dorothy Cox, Carol Crumb, Kathryn Fiynn, Kristin Jonsson, Betty Lingen, Olynla Morford, Wilnio Ross, La Nelle Ruffner, Belo Schain, Theollne Sohn. CHIMES SENIORS: Vera Bedglsoff, Lorraine Carlson, Peggy Flynn. Jane Ross- jach, Mary Shonafelt, Marjorle Sullivan. JUNIORS: Barbara Hoffman, Jean Lincoln. SOPHOMORES: Prudy Bertolin, Louis Livle. Anne Shonafelt, Helen Sprague, Cleo Cortler. PLEDGES: Dorothy Carter, Dolores Osgood, Dorothy Rood. KAPPA SENIORS: Moxlne Alford. Mary Jane Getty, Margaret Worth, SIgrld Yaegar. JUNIORS: Patty Ashcraft, Paula Cole, Virginia Cole, Peggy Han- son, Betty Ruthstrom, Carol Smith. SOPHOMORES: Kathryn Crosslond, Dorothy Dohlstrom. Borbora Gove, Gwen Grellich, Dorothy Monn, Bettelou Woodman. PLEDGES: Lucille Bentley, Elizabeth Eshelmonn, Virginia Gerhard. Catherine Jeffery, Carol Mote. Marjorle Saxe, Elaine Scott, Ortho Seaman, Marjorle Weldenbach, Helen Winslow. 270 r FIRST ROW: Jeffrey, Mann, Ruthstiom, Seaman, Weidenbach, Bates, Biggs, Boddy, Kaufman. SECOND ROW: Raker, Robinson, Safer, Schenck, Solberg, Weingaiten, Davis. Deacon, Fiffs. THIRD ROW: Hisken, June. Lonke, LaPaugh, Pielmeler, Wode. Beotke, Caley. Doyle. FOURTH ROW: Dumar. Gerttula. Janet Istos, Joyce Istas. Jacobsen. Johonnson, Llnkletter, Miller, Rorvik. FIFTH ROW: Smith, Steinhoff, Brown, Inglis, McClelland. Olson. Repp, Riste, Singer. PHRflHfifS LAMBDA SENIORS: Lola Bates, Virginia Boddy, Janet Robinson. Mary Schenck, Dorothy Weingorfen. JNIORS: Mary Kaufman. Cecile Safer. Kathleen Sobierolski. Ra- mona Solberg. Roberta Scott. PLEDGES: Arlene Biqgs. Beatrice Boileau. Joyce Chorbonnear. Edith Clow. Lola Mayer, Roseonne O ' Neill, Lillian Raker, Ruth Rlchsfodi Peggy Scoff, Jacquelyn Wilson, Marguerite Tennent. THETA SENIORS: Joy Dumar, Janet Is+as, Joyce Istos, Jessie Rorvik. Koth- ryn Osterhoug. JUNIORS: Rose Ann Doyle, Shirley Fry, Jonet Jacobsen, Auroro Johonnson, Adoline Linkletter, Patricia Warner. Sophomores: Harriet Coley, Hazel Caley, Betty Hort, Rose morion Simon ton. Helen Marie Spoulding. PEDGES: Betty Cooper, Dorothy DePue, Lilian Ford, Maxine Gert- tula. Leah Jacobs, Marjorie Miller, Esther Julie Smith. Mory O ' Toole. Isabelle Smith, Borboro Steinhoff, Margaret Ulvang. Allie Di Re. SYLVAN JUNIORS: Adeline Bednari, Irene Davis, Joy Dethman. Vivian Ed- wards, Frances Fitts, Bernice Lonke, Lola LaPaugh, Phillis Nelson, Barbara Jean Norellus, Norma Jean Rogers. SOPHOMORES: Marie Be ck. Doris Deacon, Maxine Marlow. Kath- leen O ' Hore. Margery Pielemeter. PLEDGES: Marporle Hlsken, Elsie Iversen, Virginio June, Corinne Kolve. Kote Murray, Betty Pendleton, Lois Ringstrom, Betty Thomp- son, Miriam Wheeler. ZARA KODA . ADUATE: Luolo Shaver. SENIORS: Isabel Brown, Loreno Inglts, Lulba Ivanoff, Marion Mc- Clelland, Eyrlis RIsfe. SOPHOMORES: Gloria Boumgortner, Folth Brasch, Imogene Couq- lin, Rosemary Randolph. Rita Verginia. PLEDGES: Helen Brown, Catherine Jahey, Joon Hanfeld, Florence Gustofson, Mary Helen Kunce, Foy St. John, Avonelle Olson, Olgo Verginia. ZETA SENIORS: Martha Sondlin, Dorothy Singer. SOPHOMORES: Virginia Smith, Alice Stroncek. PLEDGES: Yveffe Dobson, Carol Hecht. Kathleen Johnson, Eileen Keck. Norma Kinyon, Patricio MacDonnell, Helen McNicoll. Joseph- ine Miller, Helen Louise Morrison. Jeoneffe F. Pendleton. 271 .L.A ,t a tush at t Ae BowetvBra« . IV. VAey-Hey Dance. ,; , e 5. Torrid . .t Dance. pVl Grass k -f HflCK-OffD UP AT THE HOUSE . . . WHERE YOU EAT AND BULL . . . PADDLE THE PLEDGES AND PEDDLE YOUR PIN . . . AND USE YOUR ROOM-MATE ' S SUIT... IT ' S A GREEK LIFE . 4. 4. .J. 4. 4- n H R - f fifl I f fi fi 1 1 y L PRESIDENT: living Herman; VICE-PRESIDENT: Mony Needham; SECRETARY: Earl Fife; TREAS- URER: Frank Pritchord; RELATIONS COUNCIL: Jim Overlook. m Acacia Jack Stork Alpha Delta Phi Dick Robinson Alpha Sigma Phi Grover Nobles Alpha Tau Omega Ralph Hanson Beta Theta PI Bob Sanders Chi Phi Bob Mathison Chi Psi Art Robertson Delta Chi Don Abel Delta Kappa Epsiion Bryce Black Delta Tau Delta John R. Nelson Delta Upsilon Dick Richards Kappa Sigma Fred Ladd Lambda Chi Alpha Lee Boling Phi Delta Theta Carl Neu Phi Gamma Delta Frank Pritchard Phi Kappa Psi Maurice Needham Phi Kappa Sigma Sterling May Phi Kappa Tau George Youngstrom Phi Sigma Kappa Frank Snyder Pi Kappa Alpha Dean Bigby Pi Kappa Phi Bob Hotelling Psi Upsilon Jim Scott Sigma Alpha Epsiion Bob Preucel Sigma Alpha Mu Victor Lyon Sigma Chi Joe Poitevin Sigma Nu Fred Fellows Sigma Phi Epsiion Robert Crane Tau Kappa Epsiion Menifee McDonald Tau Phi Delta Bob Kennedy Theta Chi Jim Bingay Theta Delta Chi Ray McCoy Theta Xi Jack Wagner Zeta Beta Tau Stanley Tobin Zeta Psi Waltei- Johnson ' MdiM i FIRST ROW: Heiman, president; Abel, Bingay, Black. SEC- OND ROW: Boling, Fellows, Fife. THIRD ROW: Hanson, Hotelling, Johnson, Ladd, Lyon. FOURTH ROW: Mathison, May. McCoy, McDonald, Needham. FIFTH ROW: Nelson, Neu, Nobles, OveHock, Poitevin. SIXTH ROW: Pi-eucel, Pritch- ard, Richards, Robertson, Robinson, Sanders. SEVENTH ROW: Scott, Snyder, Stark, Tobin, Wagner, Youngstrom. 274 OR inTfR-ffiflifRniTy courcil PRESIDENT: Paul Richardson, Alpha Tau Omega; VICE-PRESIDENT: Joe Cutler; SECRETARY: Phil Henderson; TREASURER: Hugo Oswald. Acacia Milton Trafton Alpha Delta Phi Dick Williver Alpha Sigma Phi Charles Nash Beta Theta Pi Dick Dougherty Chi Psi Jim Braman Delta Chi Martin Squires Delta Kappa Epsilon Dick Pedersen Delta Tau Delta Dick Dunnington Delta Upsilon George Guy Kappa Sigma William Sti ' lpp Lambda Chi Alpha Miles Llewellyn Phi Delta Theta Phil Henderson Phi Gamma Delta Hugo Oswald Phi Kappa Psi Jack Kylen Phi Kappa Sigma Dave Christensen Phi Kappa Tau Jack Carlson Phi Sigma Kappa Norman Freese Pi Kappa Alpha Jerry Sheller Pi Kappa Phi Wayne Snider Psi Upsilon Dinty Moore Sigma Alpha Epsilon Connie McMahill Sigma Alpha Mu Bernie Friedman Sigma Chi Dexter Dimmick Sigma Nu Joe Cutler Tau Kappa Epsilon Dick Wilson Tau Phi Delta Kenneth Broden Theta Chi William Nolond Theta Delta Chi Chai ' les Canfield Theta Xi Bill Zeratsky Zeta Beta Tau Don Hochbei ' g Zeta Psi Gale Peterson FIRST ROW: Richoidson, piesident; Braman, Broden. SECOND ROW: Canfield, Carlson. THIRD ROW: Christensen, Cufler, Dougherty, Dimmick, Dunnington. FOURTH ROW: Freese, Friedmon, Guy, Henderson, Hochberg. FIFTH ROW: Kylen, Llewellyn, McMahill, Moore, Nash. SIXTH ROW: Nolond, Os- wald, Pedersen, Peterson, Snider. SEVENTH ROW: Squires, Stripp, Trafton, Williver, Wilson, Zeratsky. 275 ecflcid k m SENIORS: Charles Johnson, Howaid Piice, Jack Stork • • JUNIORS: William Dexter, William Grayum, Glen Gwin, Jack Henshaw, Magnus Olausen, David Pfelffer, Milton Trofton • • SOPHOMORES: Roy Buck- ley, Chorles Van-Fleet • • FRESHMAN: Perry Coburn. Magnus Olausen nn Don Jensen and Charles Johnson piannin to cut that afternoon class . . . Acacia has lots of army and naval ROTC membeis. FIRST ROW; Buckley. Coburn, Dexter. Grayum. Gwin, Henshaw. SECOND ROW; Johnson, Pfeiffer, Price, Stark, Trafton, Van Fleet. 276 L_ flLPHfl DUIfl PH FACULTY: Bryon Christian. Robert Harris, Joseph McCarthy. Charles May Alfred Miller. Vernon Porrington, Thomas Thompson, Elgin WilcoK, Robert van Raodshooven • • GRADUATES: Arthur Quigley. Horrls Emmons Donold Davis. Richard Hewett • • SENIORS: Tom Atwater, George Boney. Jack Eorley, John Fenton, Lloyd Georg, John Hannah, Jerry Hoeck August Kristofferson, Harold Plank, Dick Robinson, Bill Russell, Frank Tayloi ) • • JUNIORS: Edmund Campbell, Holmon Christofferson, George Davies, ' Robert Harris, George Hill, Robert Ives. George Jackson. Dixon Livingstone. Eorl McCarthy. Phil MacBrlde, John Robinson. Peter Schmidt. Duane Tewell. Walter William s. Jock Wilson • • SOPHOMORES: Alexander Bishop, Robert Borst, Harold Enger, Addison Fenton, Dick Gilbert, Peter Halgren, Phil Hannah, Alfred Harvey. Charles May. Barney O ' Connor. Al Strope. Bruce Walter • • PLEDGES: Keith Abbot, Ray Betts, Gordon Boney. Fran- I cIs Cooper, Tom Curkendohi. Jim Eliey, Bob Heppenstall, Ray Hinea, Andy f Knight, Blake Meyers. Bill Noubert. Dave Proctor, Sam Robinson, Dave ;• Ross. Jack Shea. Neil Thompson, Dave Walker, Dick Williver. Dick Robinson M Phil Hannah and Bruce Walter .... Princeton style but they still love their publicity, lots of advanced army men, perennially high grade-point. " ' ■ f -• ( i iMiM. : Kife FIRST ROW: Abbot, Atwater. Betts, Bishop. George Boney. Gordon Boney, Borst. Campbell. Christofferson. Cooper. SECOND ROW: Curkendahl. Davies, Earley, Ehey, Enger, Fenton, Georg, Gilbert, Halgren, J. Hannah. THIRD ROW: P. Hannah. Harris. Harvey. Heppenstall, Hill, Hoeck, Jackson, Knight, Kristofferson. Livingstone. May. FOURTH ROW MacBride. McCarthy. Myers, Naubert. O ' Connor. Plank, Proctor, J. Robinson. S. Robinson. Ross, Russell. FIFTH ROW: Shea. Strope, Taylor. Tewell, Thompson. Turner. Walker, Walter, Williams. Wilson. Williver. 277 tf flLPHe SIGfllfl PH m Glover Nobles nn FACULTY: Leslie J. Ayers • O SENIORS: George Baccjs, Ralph Bray, Jack Heglie, Vic Fomo, Edward Kerrihord, James Klein, Richard Mohn, Grover Nobles, Bert Rose, Eugene Shelley, Edward Stokes • • JUNIORS: Andrew Broz, Russell Chopin, Robert Clark, Frank English, Henry Fisher, Robert Herr, Clyde Moxwell, Donald MacKintosh, Boyord Parham, Arthur Petrey, Edward Roberts, Robert Stiteler, Norman Woolworth • • SOPHO- MORES: Richard Kirk, Robert Matson, Wayne M. Smith • • PLEDGES: Philip Cook, Lloyd Erickson, Robert Greer, Harold Hansen, Oscar Hanson, Paul Happold. Harold Haynes, Elliot Johnson, Robert Lowery, Walter Mil- roy. Word Moore, Charles Nosh, Samuel Polk, Kenneth Reisdorff, William Revercomb, Richard Rice, Bernard Riordon, Milton Rugg, Phil Schwarz, Donald Smith, Allen Trevorrow, Russell Wren, Robert Chevalier, Robert Robinson, Robert Day. After dinner jam session . . . boost crew coxswains, three-decker colonial house, give o tunful annual Barn Dance. C.r Pr p FIRST ROW: Anderson, Bacchus, Blackburn, Bray, Broi, Chapin, Chevalier, Clark, Cook, Crossley, Day. SECOND ROW: English, Erickson, J. Fisher, H. Fisher, Fomo, Greer, Hansen, Hanson, Happold, Haynes, Herr. THIRD ROW: Johnson, Kerrlhard, Kirk, Klein, Lowery, Maxwell, MacKintosh, Mllroy, Mohn, Moore, Nash. FOURTH ROW: Parham, Petrey, Pfoff, Polk, Reisdorff, Revercomb, Rice, RIordan, Roberts, Robinson, Rose. FIFTH ROW: Rugg, Schwan, Shelley, D. Smith. W. Smith, Stiteler, Stokes, Swarti, Trevorrow, Woolworth, Wren. 278 vju y flLPfifl TflU OdlfGfl SENIORS: Waller Bond. Chris Dariofls. Ralph Hanson, Bill Hofcher, Honk Isbell. Warren Kilpatrick. Al Klein. Bob Meyer, Bob Twiss • • JUNIORS: Bob Ager, Bob Baird, Jim Blackoby, Gaqe Chetwood. Bill Grahom. Bob Mortin. Bob McCarfer, Glenn Petrle, Clark Ross. Russ Schnell, John Shorett • • SOPHOMORES: Jack Adams. Venn Biorklund. Pot Franz, Vic Horgon. Phil Johnson. Wendell Lovetf. George Murphy. Bill Regalia, Bud Saffle, Hal Thompson • • PLEDGES: Bob Avery, Stuart Brown, Arthur Burnap, Bob Cragg. Dick Ervln, Dick Ferguson, Bob Gathman. Dave Harris. Bob Heoly, Bob Johnson. Jim LIssner, LeRoy Lundy. Bob Molden, Bob Payne. Dod Redlin, Paul Richardson, Ed Rouch. Ray Ryan, Clyde Ryder. Haven Stewoit, Lyman Strong, John Sturgis, Joe Sullivan, Win Warren. Warren Kilpatrick ¥ Bud Saffle, Bob Avery; seated, Jock Adams, Bob Martin, Paul Rich- ardson .... ATO pledges wolk the wall around their house . . . . big politicians .... love publicity .... octivities — you bet! d i jtiititia - ' - Li. . i! rt o r- £ f FIRST ROW: Adams, Aqer. Avery. Baird, Beil, Biorklund, Blackaby, Brov n, Burnap, Chetwood. SECOND ROW: Cregg, Dariotis, Ervin, Ferguson, Franz. French, Gathman, Graham, B. Hanson, R. Hanson. THIRD ROW: Hatcher, Horgan, Isbell, Johnson, R. Johnson, Klipatrick, Klein, Lovett. Martin, McCarter. FOURTH ROW: Meyer, Molden. Murphy, Payne. Petrie, Redlin. Regalia. Richardson, Ross, Rouch. FIFTH ROW: Ryan, Ryder, SchneM, Shorett. Stewart, Sturgis, Sullivan. Thompson. Twiss, Warren, Zerneck. 779 Bflfl THfTfl P Thomas Galbiaifh nn Chuck Buichfield and Don Campbell .... Betas prove tough compe- tition In intromurols, basketball boys, star singers, mix brawn and brains. nn FACULTY: Colonel Ames, Dean Newhouse, Jack Toiney, A. M. Winslow • • GRADUATE; Robert Piins, Walter Kastner • • SENIORS: James L. Currier, Charles M. Foncher, Peter Fisher, George Fliflet, James A. Forney, Thomas S. Galbraith, Laurence H. Heath, Dwight W. Kipp, Eugene F. Kirsten, Robert L. Kummer, Donald S. Meons, Raymond H. Meredith, Hobort I. Moses, Robert M. Sanders • • JUNIORS: Eugene R. Anderson, Robert Anderson, Roy E. Anderson, Robert Brokaw, Robert E. Connor, J. Samuel Corisis, Walter B. Harrison, Ulic M. Henehan, J. Clifford Jensen, Robert A. Leach, Robert McLaughlin, Warren E. Milligon, A, William Olson. John W. Scott, Dwight B. Smith, John W. Sweet, Hal Willitts • • SOPHOMORES: Elliott Burdette, Robert L. Graham, Jack A. Greenwald, Robert L. Hoss, Jack A. Kriebel, Edward C. Sander, Paul Shearer, Wlllord C. Spratt, James N. Webb • • PLEDGES: Roy A. Anderson, Gerry D. Austin, G. Wright Arnold, Robert Bird, Charles Burchfield, Edward F. Corlberg, Robert C. Corbett, Donald P. Campbell, Richard Dougherty, James A. Eberhardt, C. Wallace Eldridge; Glen William Fisher, Richard B. Gross, Howard L. Graul, Quentin R. Koenig, Jock LoRue, Jack E. McCorkle, Dean G. Mitchell, Llew- ellyn Morris, Robert C. Munger, Arvid S. Peterson, Fred Provo, Paul H. Shearer, Alvin N. Sperling, William H. Taylor, William J. Wichman, Jack L. Woodland, Robert Smith, Eugene Swanzey, Robert Van Eaton. liliiiiiiiK..jii r r f- f rli r. f c. y FIRST ROW: Roy A. Anderson. Roy E. Anderson. Arnold. Austin. Bird. Brokaw. Burchfield, Bi.rdett, Campbell. Carlberq. Connor. SECOND ROW: Cor- bett, Currier, Daughfry, Eberhardt, Eldridge, Fancher, G. Fisher, P. Fisher, Forney, Grass, Graul. THIRD ROW: Greenwald, Hass, Heath, Henehan, Jensen, Joachims, Kirsten, Koenig, Kriebel, Kummer, LaRue. FOURTH ROW: Leach, McCorkle, Meredith. Mllligan. Moses. Munger. Peterson, Provo, N. Sander, R. Sander, Scott. FIFTH ROW: Shearer, Spratt. Swanzey. Sweet. Taylor. Van Eaton. Webb. Wichman, Willits. Woodland. 280 CHI PSI FACULTY: Dr. Philip Church. Dr. George Savoge. Wendell Keith • • GRADUATES: James Dolan. John Henderson, Delmor Pearson • • SEN- IORS: Ronald Bostwick. Everett Burkhart, Hal Cogswell. Joe Ellis. Joe Fribrock, Roy Funk, Art Holbrook, Bob Hutton, WiHiom Murphy, Williom Rasmussen. Arthur Robertson, Dave Savage. Bertram Sturm, Henry Toll- modge • • JUNIORS: John Braman, Henry Cole, Frank Cook, Bob Ediund, Frank Lotcham. Dick Murray. Bob Ross. Ted Teufel • • SOPHOMORES: Kenneth Aust, Lee Campbell. Bill Christensen, George Dowllng. Loren Lewis, Bob Nord. Ray Shonan • • FRESHMEN: Wally Broedt, James Braman, William Brooks, Malcolm Brown, Perry Burkhart. Douglas Christansen. Jack Cone, William Cummlngs, James Dougherty. Robert Farmei ' . Warren Frank- I lin, George Funk, Carl Gohs. George Graham. Robert Griffin. Jack Hansen, Richard Hoover, William Hunziker, Jack Kelsall. John Kinsel, Richard Kirsten, Randolph Krom. Lloyd Nachtwey, John Petteys, Richard Phillips, Worren Saltz. Poul Walther, Art Weaver. Art Robertson W Bill Cummings and Richard Kirsten, Chi PsI ' s, are managers in publi- cations and athletics, give an onnual Hunters Frolic, chapter house known as The Lodge. " S ibrnk FLRST ROW: Aust, Brjcdt. Braman, James. Braman. John. Brooks. Brown, E, Burkhart, P. Burkhart. Campbell, B. Christer.sen. SECOND ROW: D. Christen- sen, Cogswell, Cole, Cone, Cook, Cummings, Dougherty, Oowling, Ediund, Ellis. THIRD ROW; Farmer, Fribrock, G. Funk, R. Funk, Gohs, Graham, Griffin, Hansen. Holbrook, Hoover. FOURTH ROW: Hutton. Kinsel. Krom. Latcham. Lewis, Murphy, Murray, Nord, Pearson. FIFTH ROW: Petteys, Rasmussen. Ross, Saltz. Sturm. Tallmadge. Teufel. Walther. Weaver. 281 OtLTfl Cf] Don Abel nn Baskefballeis Bob Cummins and Boody Gilber+son stumping Tom Ut+erbock (the one with kibitzer) . . . Delta Chis boost basketball team members, give an annual Hawaiian dlnnei ' dance. FACULTY: Kenneth Cole. Henry Olskswsky • • SENIORS: Don Abel. Hugh Arden, Ronald Caspeis. Robert Cleveland. Robert Connely. Gordon Grant, Max Klein, Phillip Manson. Richard Morseth, Ed Nelson. Frederick Olsen, Walter Wiotol. Earl Younglove • • JUNIORS: Carl Folk, Lee McDonald, Hugh Mitchell, Howard Rice • • SOPHOMORES: Paul Berg, Jay Block, Robert Craig, Robert Cummins, William Flener, Merlin Gilbertson, Roy Haugen, Thomcs Hangis, Larry Meade, Allen Taylor, Russel Thomas, Thomas Utterback • • PLEDGES: Soule Amyes, Fred Boysen, John Hansen. Rich- ard Houlahan, Wallace Judd, James Moloney. Ernest Miller, Dell Mottler, Wendell Nystedt. Gene Reegan, Martin Squire. Don Strand, Robert Strom. Elston Van Slyke, Ralph Riddell, Kenneth Hogan, Gene Gregory. L f ! 1 1 P 4 ' " v ' ' " FIRST ROW: Arden, Black, Boysen, Cleveland. Connely, Craig. Cummins, Falk. SECOND ROW; Flener. Gilbertson. Gregory. Hansen, Hogan. Houlahan, Judd, Klein. THIRD ROW: McDonald, Meade. E. Miller, H. Miller, Mitchell, Morseth, Mottler, Nystedt. Olsen. FOURTH ROW: Rice, Squires, Strand, Strom. Taylor, Thomas. Utterback, Van Slyke, Younglove. 282 DtLIfl HflPPfl fPSILOn W SENIORS: Bryce Black, Henderson Braddick. Dick Elsbree, Bill Fiset. Ed Lile. Norm McLeod. Horry Skewis. Robert Welts • • JUNIORS: Arthur Sonne- land, Chorles Strouhol. Carl Wolsfenholme, Ed Workosky • • SOPHO- MORES: Stanley Brlndlay, Jim Broodbent, Bill Brown. Bruce Cook, John Denz, Joe Greer, Horlon Hall, Harry Hollond, Bob Murray, Burns Poe, Bob Reid, Stan Smith, Conrad Speldel. Richard Temple. Keith Welts, Donald Williams • • PLEDGES: Douglas Allison. Joy Atkinson. Don Creech, Glen Duncan, Dick Fulton. Glen Gordon, Bob Hampson, Bill Holberton, Don Keeney. Jim Kilborn, Tim Maguire, Bill Mclntyre, Steve Parker. Dick Peterson, Dick Ruoff, Jim Sharkey. Louis Snyder, Don Stewart. Carl Swanson, Dar Thompson. Jack Towie, Jim Wheeler. Bryce Block W Keith Welts. Ed Workosky, and Conrod Speidel in the celebrated and envied Deke library .... fomed tor good parties, teose Tri Delts, inhabit Athletic club. FIRST ROW: Allison, Atkinson. Brindley, Broadbent, Brown, Cook, Creech, Duncan, Elsbree, Evans, Fiset. SECOND ROW: Fulton. Gordon. Greer. Hall, Hampson, Holberton, Holland. Johnson, Kenny. Kilborn, Maquire. THIRD ROW: Mclntyre, Murray, Peterson, Poe, Reid, Sharkey, Skewis, Smith. Snyder, Sonneland, Speidel. FOURTH ROW: Stewart, Strauhal, Temple, Thompson. TowIe, K. Wells, R. Welts, Wheeler, Williams, Wolstcnholme. Workosky. 283 DHIfl IflU DUIfl John Nelson Bob Vinson and Bob Whlteley the all-round, fireside boys. nn . . Delts love their bull sessions — nn FACULTY: Edward G. Cox, John W. Morrison, Harry F. Yancey • • GRADUATE: Jack DeieHein • • SENIORS: E. K. Brown, John Nelson, Tom Tressler, Burton Waldo • • JUNIORS: Al Carlson, Harry Hunt, Ben Lind- say, Fred MacForlane, Kenneth Usack. Bob Vinson, Bob Whlteley, Bob Yancy • • SOPHOMORES: Keith Kolb, Dick Moddox. Jim McGuinness. Curtis Meeker, Boyd Morrison, Bob Mosher, Tom Sill, Herb Sugg, Frank Thompson • • PLEDGES: Joe Adair, Jock Barnes, Bob Biqlln. Kenneth Braziel, Wallace Cameron, Sterling Campbell, Art Carlson, George Carlson, George Grosser, Dick Dunnington, Preston Eddy, Geoff Fink, Don Greenwoy, John Hood, Ed Kinzer, Bob Kloster, Jack McGuinness, Dick Pfeiffer, Randolph Smith, Andrew Spickard, Henry Stanley, Dick Tucker, Don Wylle. FIRST ROW: Adair, Barnes, Biqiin, Braiiel, Brown, Burris, Cameron, Campbell, A. Carlson, E. Carlson. SECOND ROW: Grosser, Dunninqton. Eddy, Fink, Hammond, Hood, Kinzer, Kloster, Kolb, Lindsay. THIRD ROW: MacFarlance, Maddox, Jack McGuinness, Jim McGuinness, Meeker. Morrison, Mosher, Pfei ' fer, Sill, Smith, Spickard. FOURTH ROW: Stanley, Sugg, Thompson, Tressler, Tucker, Usack, Vinson, Waldo. Whiteley, Wylie, Yancey. LL 284 DfLIfl UPSILOfl FACULTY: Dr. H. E. Smith • • GRADUATES: Melvln Bennlnqton, Gordon Poff. Harry Stanley, Bill Wyse • • SENIORS: Elmer Clees. Jack Comstock, Jock Domus, Dick Hoerner, Art Hopkins, Dick Richards, Ed Robertson, Rupert .Shorp. Dave Siebel • • JUNIORS: Robert Gates, Doug Leader, Odd Lund, Jim Senechal. Claude Sickesteel. Ed Smith • • SOPHOMORES: Bud Bushnell, Steve Collendar, Lee Carter, Paul Chilton, Roy Cobley, Stewart Cremer, Bob Fairboirn. Clork Gist. Georqe Hall, Jack Hardt, Bob Ingstad Ed Jones. John Skilling, Bob Wyse • • PLEDGES: Art Anderson. Bob Bib, Jim Burton, Greg Bronson, Dick Clinton, Word Cole, Clark Dolstod, Frank Erickson, Byron Fellows, Nelson Gates, Bruce Gorvie, Ken Gray, George Guy. Henry Hansen, Tom Hufsen, Bill Mockay, Wallace MacDonald, Al Morgenthaler, Bob Molloy, Don Murdock. Bill Scotf. Bill Shea. Bill Summer- sett, Verne Swones, Lyman Thomas. Willis Welsh, Kent Wilson, John Wold. Jim Senechal Lee Carter, Art Anderson, Bob Molloy, Wally MacDonald .... fling on annual Klondike-Yukon ball, athletics managers, journalists, jolly good fellows. j-ai . iitf tJ Mi ' Cj ' cT f i! - vh ' itu M M . Uik FIRST ROW: Anderson, Bibb, Bronson, Burton, Bushnell, Carter. Callendar, Chilton, Clees, Clinton, Cobley. SECOND ROW: Cole, Comstock, Cremer, Da- mus, Dolstad, Fairbairn. Fellows, B. Gates, N. Gates, Garvie. Gist. THIRD ROW: Guy, Gray, Hall, Hansen, Hardt, Hopkins, Hutson. Hoerner, Ingstad, Jones, Leader. FOURTH ROW: Lund, MacDonald. Mackay, Molloy, Morgenthaler, Murdock, Poff, Richards, Robertson, Scott, Sharp. FIFTH ROW: Shea, Sicklesteel, Skilling, Smith, Stanley, Summersett, Swanes, Welsh, Wyse, Wold, Wilson. 285 KflPPfl SIGdlfl Fied Ladd nn Donald Wellings, Fred Ladd, Rowland Foss, and Jack Buikhardt watch caricature artist .... home of the " Big Stick. " neon sign on the front, serenade to accompaniment of small organ. FACULTY: BIssel Alderman, C. S. Edmundsen, Dr. D. C. Hall, H. H. Martin, Kenneth Raby, R. M. Winger • • GRADUATE: Rolf Espedal • • SENIORS: Ralph Anderson, Robert Batley, Ralph Hawks. Jack Hunt, Fred Ladd, William Larson. Robert Lindh. Scott Mark. William Mat+son. Donald Palmer, Theodore Pope, George Ready, Leo Sheehan, William Walter, Robin Whittlesey • • JUNIORS: Charles Bingham. Jack Burkhardt. Marcel Char bonnier, John Combes, William Ehler, Jess France, Robert Hayter, Wilton Hill, Henry Klrkpatrlck, Alfred Monahan, Lou Monti, Martin Palm- quist, Robert Poison, Gerard Woodward • • SOPHOMORES: Robert Fowler, Richard France. William Hawks, Charles Howe, John Porel, James Rowland, Hugh Toschi, Robert Wells • • PLEDGES: Quinby Bingham, Rowland Foss, David Glenn, Joe Hunter, James Huntley, Anthony Kroho, Fred McMillln, Stanley Rhodes, William Stripp, Richard Tagqart, Donald Wellings, Bornett Whittlesey, Burke Williamson. es f FIRST ROW: Anderson. C. Bingham, Q. Bingham, Burkhardt. Charbonnier, Combes, Ehler, Espedal, Foss, Fowler. SECOND ROW: J. France, R. France, Glenn, R. Hawks, W. Hawks, Hayter, Hill, Howe, Hunter, Huntley. THIRD ROW: Kirkpatrick, Kroha, Lindh, Mattson, McCarty, McMillin, Mon- ahan, Monti, Mueller. FOURTH ROW: Palmer, Palmquist, Rape, Poison, Porel, Ready, Rhodes, Rowland, Sheehan. FIFTH ROW: Stripp, Taggart, Toschi, Walter, Wellings, Wells, B. Whittlesey, R. Whittlesey, Woodward. alI; 286 LfldlBDfl CHI HLPHfl FACULTY: Arthur Beordsley, Raymond Forwell, John Honley. Paul Hiqqs Ralph Welch • • GRADUATE: Wllliom Bennett • • SENIORS: Quentin Avey. Lee Soling, Phil Marquette, Kenneth Merklin, Don Schmidt, Brent Smith • • JUNIORS: Stanley Durham, Robert Fahey, Jack Fuge, Ralph Foster, Glenn Norton, Douqios McCarter, Jean Sarchet, Roqcr Skarston Richie Sterne. Robert Wagner, Dewey West • • SOPHOMORES: Douglas Albert, Roy Davidson. Stephen Dudley, Wllllom Nicholson. Wesley Wood- cock • PLEDGES: Gardner Anderson, Charles Ashton. Walloce Beards- ley, Ted Chiistensen, Harry Finney. Walter Halden, Blake Huttulc. Harry Johnson. Gerald Kouffman. Michael Laizure, Willard Lamb. Warren Leide. Miles Llewellyn, Sprague Lynch. Jerry Marsh. George McPherson. Richard Nelson, Thomas Oxford. Albert Searle, Fred Schllchting, Corl Schroder, Ed Spongier. Robert Stack. Bolinq " Hey, brother " from the second story .... Lambda Chis are proud of their sweetheart songs .... peppy bunch. iT. C i C ' ' ' " ' i ;m aM FIRST ROW: Albert. Ashton. Avey, Beardsley. Ctiristensen, Davidson. Dudley, Fahcy. SECOND ROW: Finney. Foster. Fuge. Gaston. Halden. hfuttula. Kauffman, Laizure. THIRD ROW: Lamb. Leide. Llewellyn, McLaughlin. Mcfherson. Marsh. Merklin. Nicholson. FOURTH ROW: Oxford. Sarchet. Schllcht- ing, Schroeder, STtarston. Stack. Wagner, West. 287 PHI DUTfl IHETfl on Neu m Merrill Haagen giving Don Schaake the traditional hack .... campus smoothies often wear the sword and shield, good skiers, grade point conscious. GRADUATE: Bill Walsh • • SENIORS: Frank Buhler. Bob Campbell. Mason Carlson. Bill Cunningham. Jack Griffin. Gene hiuntley. Bill Jennings. Dick Kintner, Jim LawJor. Dick Longbottom. Les Michelson. Stan Michelson. Carl Neu. Paul Pederson. Jim Tregoskis • • JUNIORS: Bob Behnke. Sam Brace, Webb Brown, Merrill Haagen. Ernie Jacobs, Woody Leslie. Bob Kinfner, Karl Klopfenstein, Lad Mogers, Sandy Mackie, Com McCullough. Bob Paisley, Dixon Shively, Jack Sheedy, Bob Vandruff • • SOPHOMORES: Dave Barclay, Jim Bridge, Pete Coburn, Boyd Donley, Jim French. Bill Gun- ther. Mac Hillman. Le e Jones. Glen Heathcote, Bob Kintner, Fran Magers, Sam Melrose, Jim Ross, Michel Scad- Ted Sizemore. John Smithson. Wally Soli, Don Venables, Joel Wotkins. John Woodin. Fred Michaels. Tom Martin, John Brondell, Jack Thomas, Dean Henderson • • PLEDGES: Neil Baker, Lee Bollinger. Clay Blackstock. Jim Bruce, Dwoyne Davis. Jim Denning, Don Dwinnell, Roy Gardner, Jr., Phil Henderson, John Huston, Jerry Houston, Bill Jocobsen, Phil Kern, John Loucks, Pete Lee, Stan Lythgoe. Denby Mackie, Rodger Melrose, Bill Newell, John Pafton, Don Schooke, Bob Simpson, Jack Soffe, Hayes Wallace, Joe Welty. FIRST ROW: Baker, Ballinger. Barclay. Betinke. Blacksfock, Blaker, Brace, Bridge, Brown, Bruce, Buck, Buhler, SECOND ROW: Campbell, Carlson, Crock- ett, Cunningham, Davis, Denning, Donley, Doty, Dwinnell, French, Gardner, Griffin. THIRD ROW: Gunlher, Haagen, Heathcote. Henderson. Hillman. Hunt- ley. Houston. Jacobs, Jacobsen, Kern, Kintner, Laucks, FOURTH ROW: Lawlor. Lee. Longbottom. Leslie, Lythgoe, Mackie. S. Mackie. F. Magers. L. Magers, Moens. McCullough. Melrose. FIFTH ROW: S. Melrose. Meyers. Michelson, Neu, Newell, Patton, Pedersen, Ross, Saad, Schaake, Schively, Simpson, SIXTH ROW: Sizemore, Smithson, Soffe, Soli, Stetcher, Venables, Watkins, Wallace, Welty, Wolfkill, Woodin, Walsh. 288 A .r.A auiiT) PHI Gflffldlfl DfLIfl W SENIORS: Hurst Clork, Poul Conolley. Robert Davies. Ted Garhorf, Robert Goring, Richard Graham, Neil Hoig, Robert Loyne, Ted McKay. Armand Miller, Fronk Pritchard, James Robertson, Arthur Taylor, Tom Ullmon • • JUNIORS: Tom Allen. Jim Brlnkley, Robert Burns. Wilbur Dearborn, Charles Dugan, Andrew Golbralfh, Bruce Gilpin, Harold Gjolme, Richard Kohls, John Long. George Piglon, Eustace Vynne • • SOPHOMORES: Robert Barrett, Hunt Boyd, William Brlnkley, Leonard Corey, Lyie Clark. Willtom Dehn. Jomes Griffith, Jock Hazlett, Charles Horjes, Wesley Hudson, Eugene Loney, Robert Lynch, Warren McClure, Sutherland McLean, Jock Phillips, Roger Rice, Dovid R oderick, Robertson Ross, John Shansfrom, Starr Suther- land, Donald Swick, Timothy Tuerck, Robert Viele • • PLEDGES: Robert Bornett, Robert Bronson. James Burns. Paul Chapman, John Dresslar, James Gibbs, Robert Goss, Frank Horsley, William Kydd, James Mounsy, Stewart Mullen, James Mulvehill. Harry Norton, Roderick Olzendom, Hugo Oswald, Jim Perkins. Robert Randall. Ray Redman, Robert Smith, Tom Smith. Jack Springgate, Donn Thompson, John Thompson. Dick Trueblood, Ralph Wilson. Bruce Wylder. Andy Galbralth, Jim Brlnkley, John Long, and Tom Allen .... poli- ticians in the house behind the hedge, crew men, throw an annual grass skirt dance, big puzzle — who ' s the prexy? i jiutmji i k M M 1kA£k Ktf, ' r ' - ■ ' ■ w MMSM. ' ' L j JMti FIRST ROW: Allen, Barnett, Boyd, J. Brinkley. W. Brlnkley, Bronson. J. Burns, R. Burns, Carey, Chapman, H. Clark, L. Clark, Dehn. SECOND ROW: Dresslar, Dugan, Galbraith, Garhart, Garing, Garrelson, Gibbs, Gilpin. Goss, Gray, Griffith. Hazletf, Horsley. THIRD ROW: Kydd, Kohls. Laney, Layne, Long, Lynch, McClure, McKay, McLean, Mounsey, Mullen. Mulvehill. Norton. FOURTH ROW: Olsendam. Oswald. Perkins. Phillips, Pigion. Pritchard. Randall. Redman. Rice. Robertson. Roderick. Ross. Seren. FIFTH ROW: R. Smith, T. Smith. Springgate. Swick. D. Thompson. J. Thompson. Trueblood. Tuerck. Ullman, Vynne. Walters, Wylder. Wilson. 289 PHI yppfl PS Morry Needhom m Mai Alexander and Dick Margerum .... Phi Psis are In the athletic circle, plenty of pep, chapter house like a French Chateau. no FACULTY: Donald Cornu, Percy Egvet, Harry J. Mclntyre, Charles C. More • • GRADUATE: Bob Anderson • • SENIORS: Malvin Alexander. Ken- neth Beil, Frank Hort, Homer Hill, Morry Needham, Allan Stubbs, James WIngate • • JUNIORS: Ralph Cummings, Charles Gilmur, William Hanot. William Harris, Welkos Hawn, Rudolph Kauhanen, Wallace Leask, Gilbert Olson, Norman Overland, Roy Page, Kenneth Wilson • • SOPHOMORES: Jack Arndt, Walter Baz, Bruce Benton, Robert Bell, James Coyle, Kenneth Graves, Thomas Lyie, Richard Marble, David Pollard, Archie Zarewskl • • PLEDGES: Richard Anderson, William Basnight, Paul Baz, Ray Beernick, Wil- liam Bigelow, William Blecken, Marty Burkland, Robert Compton, Dick Cogs- well, Bud Dick, Keith Gates, James Hickey, William Jackson, Jack KyJen, James Lotzgesell, Wilbur Modenwald, Richard Margerum, Robert O ' Farrell, LyIe Ostlund, Dave Paulson, Arthur Samuelson, Robert Sears, William Se- gar, Ted Tracy, Richard Zohnlzer, John Zelasko. t ' I r J ' dif if - L BV ' i r E- k ri HtP A IP M m hitiMMkM FIRST ROW: Alexander, Anderson, Arndt, Basnight, P. Baz, W. Baz, Beernick, Beil, Bell, Benton. SECOND ROW: Bigelow, Blecken, Burkland, Compton, Coyle, Dick, Garber, Gates, Gilmur, Graves. THIRD ROW: Hanot, Harris, Hart, Hawn, Hickey, Hill. Jackson, Kauhanen, Kylen, Livesley. FOURTH ROW: Lotzgesell, LyIe, Madenwald, Marble. Margerum, O ' Farrell, Ostlund, Overland, Paulson, Pollard. FIFTH ROW: Samuelson, Sears, Segar, Stubbs, Tracy, Wilson, Wingate, Zahniser, Zelasko. 290 PHI yppfl SIG FACULTY: Edgar M. Draper, R. B. Von Horn • • GRADUATES: Orville Olson, George Rakestraw, Hal Rathvon • • SENIORS: John Bracken, Dan Bysom, Bob Fay, Francis Gadd, Ed Gruble, Tom Hanifen, Ray Hanson, Hewitt Henry, Bert Hervin, Lorenz Laotz, Robert Laudwein, Sterling May, Charles Reynolds, Ray Richards, Ed Robinson, Frank Schofer, Bill Sloan, Laurence (Stay • • JUNIORS: Bob Bysom, Al Dorsey, Jim Greenwood, Bob Johnson, Alfred Lewis, Jock Lewis, Bill Morse, Wendell Pike, Ed Slye, Dick Wise • • SOPHOMORES: Earl Brenner, Bill Brothers, Phil Henry, Don Mollory, Don McNamaro, Don Plath, Ray Saarelo, Bud Stiles • • PLEDGES: Bill Borton, Ray Beebe, Bill Boucher, Dave Christiansen, Bill Colemon, Jock Cor- bally, Walter Echtenkamp, Wallace Graves, George Motthael, Robert Merryman, Robert Nelson, Jim Owens, Jack Pryde, Maurice Runstod, John Shaller, Wayne Smyth, Don Spencer, Bill Tiffany, Joseph Wohleb. Sterling May Looks like the Phi Kaps all hove the some line .... smokers and house parties, have a special " pledge " in " Duke, " the dog. ? pre Cn ; r. f;-i_if, r r .r nkamp, Gadd, Graves, Greenwood, HanKcn, Hanson, Henry, Hervin. THIRD ROW: Johnson, Kutchera, Laatz, Laudwein, Lewis, Madison, Mallory, atthaei, McNamora, Merryman, Morse. FOURTH ROW: Nelson, Owens, Pike, Plath, Pryde, Reynolds, Richards, Robinson, Runstad, Saarela, Schafer. IFTH ROW: Schaller, Sloan, Slye, Smyth, Spencer, Stay, Stiles, Tiffany, Tweddle, Wise, Wohleb. 291 PHI yppfi iflu mi-i George Youngstiom nn SENIORS: Kermit Biendon, Wallace Cochrane, Stonley Davis. Garrison Deal. Paul Herold, Wayne Hicks, Donald Krueger, James Miller, Gordon Moss, Richard Motfner, Thomas Vomaske. George Youngstrom • • JUNIORS: Harold Engman, Arthur Erickson, Roger Gunther, Wendell How- ard, Daniel McCarty. Delwyn Nowak. Edward Quigley, James Templeton, Wilfred Waters • • SOPHOMORES: Nels Anderson. Rolland Estby, Dudley Gaylord. Melvin Hill, Ray Jones, Donald Olson, William Robinson. Marion Stock • • FRESHMEN: Jack Carlson. Walter Church. Hugo Francisco. m Walt Church, Jack Carlson, and Don McCarty on the ladder . . . high scholarship, no " hell week " for pledges, go in for theater and soiling parties. FIRST ROW: Anderson. Brenden, Carlson, Church, Cochrane, Davis, Deal, Enqman. SECOND ROW: Francisco. Hicks, Herold, Howard. Jones, Krueger, McCarfy, Miller. THIRD ROW: Moss. Mottner, Nowak, Olson, Quigley, Stock. Templeman. Vomaske. 292 PHI SIGdlfl yppfl f (.CULTY: Dr. Allen R. Benhom, MerrlH E. Benson, Dr. Harry Burns. Dr. H. E. .rey. W. G. Lufey. Dr. Williom Wilson • • SENIORS: Maurice Kirk- trick, Carl Castle, August Bellman, Paul Luenow, Nelson T. Lee, Adams :iifh. Frank Snyder • • JUNIORS: Bill Benish. Peter Biesiot. Ed Moe y Tollman, Al Huhndorf. Harvey Tamminen. Wolter Woodward. SOPHO- ORES: Roger Belles. Edward Brighom, Paul Hansen, Ted Morsh • • • ESHMEN: Jock Ervin. Norman Freese, Bob Gregg, Lowell Hotley, Jim (gen, Homer Redfield, Louis Roberts, Bob Thockery, Warren Ward. Edward Moe Eddie Brighom and Peter BiesI house gag — Is there o doctor of " med " honorary members. of . . In th( . . high house? , grade point . . . . you bet big lots FIRST ROW: Belles. Bellman, P. Biesiot, R, Biesiot. Blactiiy. Briqham. Corbin. SECOND ROW: Deeks. Ervin, Freese. Gregg, Hansen. Hatley, Huhndorf. THIRD ROW: Jolgen. Lee. Luenow. Marsh. Mathers. McKenzie. Redfield. FOURTH ROW: Roberts. Snyder. Tallman, Tamminen, Thacl ery, Ward. Wester- field. Woodward. 293 Uft PI yppfl PH nn SENIORS: Bob Hotelling, Bob Wartelle • • JUNIORS: Lyle Burt, I Distod, Tom Forhon, Ted Lolne, Paul Mocy. Archie McDonald, Walt Non Don Pulver, Hllden Pryde, Clint Shaffer. Ed Wartelle • • SOPHOMOR Bob Champ • • PLEDGES: Harold Jacobson, Cliff Merriott, Bob Mc son, John Perkins, Ray Schenk, Wayne Snider. Bob Hotelling nn President Boo Hotelling and Bob Chomp at mail-time .... proud of high grade overages and individual study rooms. FIRST ROW: Burt. Champ, Distad. Forhan, Jacobson, Laine. SECOND ROW: Macy, McDonald, Merriot, Novak, Perkins, Pryde. THIRD ROW: Schenk, Schley, Shaffer, Snider, B. Wartelle, E. Wartelle. 294 aiL r ' rADUATES: Willis Donnelly. George Goqliardi. Frank LeCocq • • ' nIORS: Jack Borron. Leo DeDonofo. Borton Douglos. Bob Fallon, lomos Gagliardi. Williom Lee. James Scotf • • JUNIORS: George jrtholick. Robert BuHerfield, Doyle Fowler. John Gamble. Guy Kelly. Tom :Granahon, Bill Moore. Dinty Moore. Joseph Noil, Russell Phinney. Allen .well, Tom Rupp. Hoge Sullivan. Tom Taylor • • SOPHOMORES; John lien, Jerry Connelly. Henry Ferriss. Arthur Forsyth. Sidney Hoover. Bob )well, Jack Neberqoll. Donald Peck. Jack Tracy, William Watt • • EDGES: Campbell Coe. LeRoy Crowe. Wesley Dohl. Vincent DeDonoto. il Guyles, Bob Kelly, Richard McMahon. Fullerton Stuart. John Sullivan, te Way. PSI UPSILOfl George Gagliardi Tommy Gagliardi ond Bill servotive Psi U ' s . . . dirty Yacht club brawl. W Guyles off for saddles known a golf game . . OS Psi U shoes the con- . annual iJbkti. fl FIRST ROW: Allen. Barron, Bartholick, Berge. Butterfield, Coe, Collins, Connelly, Crowe. SECOND ROW; Dahl, L. DeDonato. V. DcDonato. Donnelly. Douglas. Fallon. Forsyfh. Fowler. Gagliardi. THIRD ROW; Gamble, Guyles, Hayncs, Hoover, Howell, B. Kelly, G. Kelly, LeCocq, Lee. FOURTH ROW: McGranahan. McMahon, B. Moore. D. Moore, Neil, Nebergall, Peck, Phinney, Powell. FIFTH ROW; Rupp, Scott, Stuart. H. Sullivan, J. Sullivan, B. Taylor, T. Taylor, Titcomb, Watt, Way. 295 U 2 SS SIGdlfl flLPHfl tPSILOn Roberf Preucel nn Bud Lobe and George Burkheimer in the chap+er recreation room . . . SAE ' s ore step-s tenders, " oggle " passers by, sports managers, good activity men, diamonds in the rough. FACULTY: Glen Nygren • • SENIORS: Bruce Cole. Robert Kellam, C. Lobe. William Nelson. Allan Park. Robert Pruecel, Robert Scherrer. Geor Sunde, Ralph Terry, Stuart Umpleby. Walter Wallace • • JUNIOR Jack Adams, George Burkheimer, Robert Farber, Ward Graham. Harris Matchett. Jerry O ' Mohony. Jack Ronquet, Robert Rellly, Robert Tim Kirby Torrence. Duone Truesdall. James Uecker, David Wood • SOPHOMORES: Russell Anderson, Frank Boyerd, Richard Berner. Euge Carlon, John Carr, Paul Cressmon, Reid Erickson, James Johnston, Rob( McGoldrick. William Mayer, Dole Meyers, David Murdy, Carl Nellst Samuel Peach, John Putnam, Carl Sunde. John van Horn, Mead Walt • • PLEDGES: Tom Askren, Robert Bergeron, Miller Bryant, John Carmoc Jock Catlin. Jack Foster, William George, James Gilmer, Tom Gove, Dc Gronsdahl. Robert Hevly. Gordon Isaacson. Pierre Jocobson, Len Lorsc Horry Lewis, Conrad McMahil, Russell Newman, Harry Northrup, Spraq Parker, Robert Rossier, Norman Sullivan, Marvin Smith, Wallace Sutherlar Robert von de Wetering, Bruce Walker. Kttiit ik k k k jTZ ' k.,i fe- " dh« |C« ' rj t- FIRST ROW: Adams, Anderson, Bergeron, Berner, Bryant, Burkheimer, Carmody, Carr, Catlin, Cole, Cressman, Erickson. SECOND ROW: Farber, Fos- ter, George, Gilmer, Gove, Gronsdahl, Hevly, Isaacson, Jacobsen, Johnston, Jones, Kellam. THIRD ROW: Larson, Lewis, Lobe, Matchett. McGoldrick, McMahil, Myers, Neilson, Newman, Northrup, O ' Mahony, Park. FOURTH ROW: Parker, Peach, Putman, Ranquet, Rossier, Scherrer, Schnoor, Sullivan, C. Sunde, G. Sunde, Smith, Sutherland. FIFTH ROW: Terry, Timm, Torrance, Uecker, Umpleby, Van de Wetering, Van Horn, B. Walker, M. Walker, Wallace, Wood. 296 RS lAb. siGme fiLpy u i ' RADUATES: Abe Ash, Mo« Moss • • SENIORS: Herbert Cloymon, ring Herman. Victor Lyon, Gordon Sadick • • JUNIORS: Howord .eslin, Bob Friedman. Aoron Gorfkle. Sol Krakovsky, Sid Lockitch, Hy lemeti, Oren Robin. Herbert Rosen, Leonard Weissman • • SOPHO- ' ORES: Horry Chernick, Howord Sold. Louis Kohn, Jordon Meier, Milan Isslin. Herbert Newmon, Bill Ribock, Phil Strotiner • • FRESHMEN: lirnard Bornett. Jordon Cohen. Bernard Friedman. Bud Goldberg. Murray oldman. Eorl Horenstein, Sherry Levinson. Bud Maine, Irving Morshock. b Miller, Bernard Noon, Herbert Rogers, Nathan Ross. Bud Stern. Victor Lyon W " Pinky " Miller, Milan Neslin, and Bernle Friedman launching spring quarter with shirt-sleeves . . . senior campus politicians, showboat stars, " Somies " have no hell week. FIRST ROW: Ash. Barnett. Breslin, Chernick, Clayman. Cohen, Friedman, Gold. SECOND ROW: Goldberg. Goldman, Gorfkie, Hasson, Herman. Horen- stein. Kahn, Krakovsky. TH IRD ROW: Levinson, Lockitch, Maine. Marshack, Meier. Miller, Moss. Nemetz. FOURTH ROW: Neslin, Newman, Riback, Rogers, Ross, Sadlck. Stern. Stratiner. Weissman. 297 I I . SIG Joe Poifevin CH hd The Happy Sigs in the sunshine .... pride and joy is famed Egyptian c ook, love to ice skate, collect Great Done dogs and sweethearts. nn FACULTY: Dr. Lance Gowan. Dean Vernon McKenzIe. Professor Kennet! Pierce, Leonard Stevens. Donald H. Webster • • SENIORS: Robert Best Robert Dudley, Joe Poitevin, Norman Johnston • • JUNIORS: Dan Arch abol, Gordon Bennlon, Myles Esdon. Russ Fields, Wayne Hagen, Arthu Jocobsen, Jock Martin, John Mulhollon, Jock Newlond, Jim Overlock, Did Poitevin, Dick Ray. Jacques Rupp • • SOPHOMORES: Sturgis Bodine Jim Chorrier, Pete Collins, Bob Dolsen. Bill Eilertson, Jeff Fulton, Bob Hensel Dick Moore. Bob Perry, Berny Smith. Dick Turnell, Bill Wocker • • PLEDGES: Conrad Carlson, Faxon Carr, Jock Clynch, Randy Cooper, Dex ter Dimick, Jim Ennis, HHeib Gaskill. Jack Graham, Dove Iverson, Georg ' Jackson, Lloyd Jones, Tom Lee, Bill Mason, Merle Massar, Miles Munson Johnny Norton, Don Plummer, Dick Potts, Earl Smith, Mickey Scott, Por Seibert, Malcom Villesvik, Kirk Workman, Hal Zimmerman. biJi 11 fs r r r « p r - e r-np FIRST ROW: Appel, Archabal, Bennion, Best, Bodine, Bosley. Carlson, Carr, Charrier, Clynch, Collins, SECOND ROW: Dimick, Dolsen, Dudley, Eilert- sen, Ennis, Esdon, Fields, Fulton, Gaskill, Graham, Hagen. THIRD ROW: Hensel, Iverson, Jackson, Jacobsen, Johnston, Jones, Lee, Martin, Maryatt, Mason, Masser. FOURTH ROW: Moore, Mulhollan, Munson, Newland. Overlock, Pearson, Perry, Plummer, Poitevin, Potts, Rathbone. FIFTH ROW: Ray, Rupp, Scott, Seibert, Smith, Turnell, Villesvik, Wacker, Workman, Zimmerman. 298 ■ r XCULTY: Robert Sutemneister • • SENIORS: Charles Brown. Perry ochron, Fred Fellow, Forbes Hill. Don Murray, Ed Murray, Bob Rid 9 way, jb Stevenson. Dove Wolf • • JUNIORS; Bill Bacon. Bob CorleH. Bill jsgrove. Jock Jomes, Patrick O ' Flynn. Dick Pulver. Hugh Sheridan, Fred iurmond, Harvey Tibbals, Bill Tllton, Bob Wilkinson • • SOPHOMORES: ihn Borfon, Coryell Berry. Mel Brown, Dan Campbell, George Dysort, John alvin, Bob Gllordl. Bill Goodyear, Linn Henshow, Jim Jacobson, Norman ]cy. Gordon Perkins, Scott Pfhol, Dick Robinson, George Sale, Art Strom, )b Waldo, Bill Wilson • • PLEDGES: Lou Adorns. George Bartlett. Jay pumgarfen, Jim Craig, Joe Cutler, Ben Driftmier, Dan Drumhel ' er. Bob igstrom. Dole Fisher, Stan Freeth, Tom Gianelll, Guy Graham. Robin ray, Lloyd Headrlck, Cal Knudsen, Ray Larson, Jack Marshall, Max Miller, harles Mitchell, Rudy NIckols, Dick Owens. Dick Parker. Bob Porks, Jim ■nehort. Harry Shere. Bob Stuart. John Webber. Russell Whiteheod. SIGHlfl Fred Fellows W Moving day for pledges Ben Drlftmler and Jin Nu ' s ore polltlcos, practical jokers, big dance and Kid party. Rlnehort . . . Sigma . . annual Pig dinner !« » f • r cs FIRST ROW: Adams, Bacon, Bartlett, Barton, Baumgarten, Berry, C. Brown, M. Brown, Campbell, Cosgrove, Craig, Cutler. SECOND ROW: Drum- heller. Dysart. Engstrom, Fisher, Freeth, Gaivin, Gianelll, Gllardi, Goodyear, Graham, Gray, Headrick. THIRD ROW: Hill, Jacobsen, Knudsen, Lacy, Larson, Marshall, McCoy, Mengedoht, Miller, Mitchell, D. Murray, E, Murray. FOURTH ROW: Nickols. O ' Flynn, Owens, Parks, Pfhol, Pulver Ridge- way, Robinson, Sale, Shere, Sheridan, Stevenson. FIFTH ROW: Strom. Stewart, Sutermeister, Thurmond, Tibbals. Tilton, Waite, Waldo, Webber, White- head, Wilkenson. Wilson. Wolf. 299 Tflu yppe tPsiLon i FACULTY: Dr. Henry A. Burd, Dr. H. K. Benson. Dr. F. J. Goodrich • 9 SENIORS: Oliver Jersfad, Govin Lawson, Menifee McDonald, Georgt Morehouse, Richard Wilson, Robert Wilson • • JUNIORS: James Corn wath. Orvie Johnson, Thor Osbo • e SOPHOMORES: Charles Joslin Clarence Bengsfon • • FRESHMEN: Marlon Clark, Loren Logie. Menifee McDonold nn Lunch time with TKE ' s Charles Joslin. Bob Wilson, George More- house, crack shot on the rifle team ... go in for " fellowship, " top scholastic honors. FIRST ROW: Bengston. Joslin, Lawson, Logie. SECOND ROW: McDonald. Osbo. Richard Wilson, Robert Wilson. .liu. 300 Tfl IFACULTY: Dr. Frederick A. Wongaard. Bror L. Grondol. Eugene V. Zum- «olf. Dean I lugo Wlnkenwerder, all honorary • • GRADUATE: Robert D. Peterson • • SENIORS; Richard Behr, Donald H. Dowling, Donold E. byson, Wolter G. Hughes, Robert W. Jones, Olin A. Lee, Stonley Thomson, ' joe Zito • • JUNIORS: James Hitchcock, Leroy O. Von Scyoc, Robert Rogers, Albert Warren • • SOPHOMORES: Murroy Amos, Roy Munson • • FRESHMAN: Kenneth Broden. Jomes Lyne, Jerome Horrlgon. PHI DELIA Richard Behr «r Al Warren and LeRoy Van Scyoc in the old armchair .... hang-out of the No. I loggers .... all members are mojors i n the forestry college .... really star in the onnual Garb Day. FIRST ROW: Amos. Broden. Dowling. Dyson, Harrlgan. SECOND ROW: Hitchcock. Jones, Lee. Lyne, Munson. THIRD ROW: Peterson. Rogers, Thon son. Van Scyoc, Warren, Zito. 301 IHtTfl CH Jim Bingay m Pingpong players Bill Moo+z and Bill Bailie .... politicians, chair maned Junior Prom for two years, Malamute men, Bowery brawl ir a waterfront " speak. " m GRADUATE: Charles Jackson • • SENIORS: Harris Bowman, Willis Clark, Frank Crimp, Al Formo, Bob hioffman. Bob Hoxsey, Bert Lienhord. Bill Mar- shall. Don McNeill, Jim Merrill, Jo. l K ' Petridqe, Jim Phillips, Jim Rice, Bill Stromme, Doug U: , , , att • • JUNIORS; Doug Bonkson, Fred Becker, Bob Be- ght, Everett Flood, Jim Frii:, Warren Hallgren, Frank Hart, Boi . I ' .csly, Glenn Jones, Bob Lechner, Dean McKay • • SOPHOMORES: Bill Baillie, Dick Dresslar, Bob Erickson, Bill Forrest, John Huff, Donn Morkey, Tom McCormick, John Naromore. Leon Sayer, Herb Snelgrove, Jack Stenvig, Worren Wood O • PLEDGES: Jim DePartee, Larry Evans, Ryder Giske, Bob Hollberg, Jack Honey, Murray Haskell, Al Jonsen, Doug Kirby, Lee Lambert, Wayne Luders, Jerry Luther, Bill Mootz, Jim Nash, Bill Noland, Bob Payne, Woldon Redhead, Barry Rogers, Bill Terry, Roy Utterstrom, Bill Varnes, Doug White, Jock Wright, Jock J. Wright. e f r c MiA ji ££L FIRST ROW: Aaberg, Baillie, Bankson, Becker, Bennett, Bright, Clark, Crimp, Departee. Erickson. Evans. Flood. SECOND ROW: Formo. Frits. Giske, Hallberq. Hallgren. ttanev. Hart, Haskell, Healy. Hoesly. Hoffman. Hoxsey. THIRD ROW: Jackson. Jansen. Jones, Lambert. Lechner. Llenhard. Luders. Luther. Marshall. McCormick. McKay. McNeill, FOURTH ROW : Moot!, Morse, Most. Naramore, Nash, Noland, Payne, Peasley, Petridge. Phillips. Red head. Rice. FIFTH ROW: Rogers, imalley. Snelgrove. Stenvig. Stromme. Terry. Urquhart, Utterstrom. Yarns. White. Wood. Jack Wright. Jack J. Wright 302 Liu IHtTfl DfLTfl CH W ENIORS: Ray Clough, ' " ' illiom Hunter, August Mordesich. nthony Mordesich, Ray K " ohert Melonder, A. Wesley Thomsen, ohn Wittwer • • JUNIORS: .k, Phillip Franklin. James hHous- on, Chandler Smythe. Ellis Vachon • • SOPHOMORES: Edward How- rd, Harry Hull, Joe Kleicamp, Howard Lightle • • FRESHMEN: James rown. Harold Burns. Charles Canfield, Vern Christenson, Bob Horsley, John Jorris, Jomes Rachford. Ray McCoy W Ed Howard. Joe Kleicamp, and Harold Burns . . . Theta Delts go out for crew, pillared colonial-type house, good librory, give a spring dance — the Singapore Sling. T e 4xwA FIRST ROW: Brown. Burns, Canfield. Clough, Christenson. Dick. SECOND ROW: Franklin. Harris, Horsley, Houston. Howard, Hull. THIRD ROW: Hunter. Kleicamp. Lightle, Lowell, Anthony Mardesich, August Mardesich, Melander. FOURTH ROW: Norris. Rashford, Smythe. Thomson, Vachon. Wittwer. Welsh. 303 h s B S IHHfl I M SENIORS: Earl Fife, Bill Skillings, Jim Zeigler, Karl Zimmerman • « JUNIORS: Joseph Beoudin, Bob Bracken. Louis Bushan, Mel Engel, Elmer Rydeen, Bob Slocum. Jack Wagner • • SOPHOMORES: Morgan Bell, Ray Broughton, Roger Dahl, Leonard Johnson, Don Smith, Jack Sperry, Dean Verretto, Bill Ward, Bruce Worden • • FRESHMEN: Dick Collison, Ted Corning, Irvin Fleek, George Frick, Kenny Leonard, Frank Quackenbush, Bob Spohr, Harold Syverson, Bill Zerotsky. Jock Wagner m Jim Zeigler and Joe Beaudin, house croquef fiends . . . hove a house mascot, Minnie the Rat, lots of bond members, proud of their yard, give Wednesday night faculty dinners. f ' - - ' Pl T », 4R r - Mm MiMLMOiM FIRST ROW: Jack Wagner, president; Beaudin, Bell, Bracken, Broughton, Callison, Corning, SECOND ROW: Dahl, Engel, Fife, Johnson, Quackenbush, Skillings, Slocum. THIRD ROW; Smith, Spahr, Syverson, Ward, Worden, Zeigler, Zeratsky, Zimmerman. 304 ■AJ Zflfl BHB TflU W ■ACUITY: Joseph Cohen • • SENIORS: Elmer Cichy. Fronk Friedman. Villiam Lewis. Alan Lurie. Stanley Tobin • • JUNIORS: Alan Dovidson. vielvin Myland, Philip Resler. Burton Robbins, Norton Shofer, Rolph Spring • • SOPHOMORES: Norton Belosco. Marlowe Goldsby, Herbert Lip- non, Philip Robinson. Henry Schworti. Robert Strauss, Charles Weinstock • • PLEDGES: Ted Barde. Mayer Baron, Robert Borlsh, Richard Burnett. Rodney Cohen, Jay Friedman, Norman Friedman. David Goldenberg, Her- 3ert Hamerslough, Donald Hochberg. David Howe, Robert Silver. Stanley Tobin Herbert Hammerslough and Phil Resler taktn ' It easy . . . active membership carries on complete management of the house. rr V m.M%iMn mttJk FIRST ROW: Barde, Baron. Belasco, Borish, Burnett, Cichy, Cohen. SECOND ROW: Davidson, F. Friedman, J. Friedman, N. Friedman, Goldenberg, Golds- by, Hamerslough. THIRD ROW: Hochberg, Howe, Lewis, Lipman. Lurie. Myland. Resler. FOURTH ROW: Robbins. Robinson. Schwartz. Shafer. Silver. Spring. Strauss. Weinstock. 305 ii: 9 Ztlfl PS H M- ' - • ' rw, w r B B ' i ■ m Ki r fl r ,■ ' • mtm ;- ' 5r- tMmH 1 Mark McCorkle hd Mark McCorkle. Jim Wenfworth. and Lloyd Padgett .... give lots of firesides, Zetes ore ttie well-groomed type, duck brothers in frosh pond for pin plants. FACULTY: Frank Leady • • GRADUATES: Donald Coburn. Richard Cor- bin, Fred Duffy • • SENIORS: Leonard Hammer, Cyrus Hogburg, Walter Johnson, Dean Nichols, Justin Wenfworth • • JUNIORS: George Alex- ander, E. B. Cloike, Charles Clemen, Norman Gusfovson, William Lewis, Mark McCorkle, Lloyd Padgett, Rung Stenslid, Ray Thompson • • SOPHOMORES: Jerry Andrews, Nick Cain, Phil Clifford, Robert Coplen, Frank Dupar, Jr., Robert Graf, Cecil Johnson, William Johnson, Frank Leach, Frank Leigh, Arthur Mugg, Richard Perry, Gale Peterson, Harry Patton, Clayton Poole, Robert Rogers, Albert Roth, William Simpson, Ben Smith, Al Sweeney • • FRESHMEN: Peter Bush, Allen Codling, Garry Evans, Lloyd Marihugh, Jr., Scott Norton, Wendell Sprague, Tex Warren. FIRST Johnso ROW: Andrews, B n, Muqg, Nichols, ush, Cain, Clark, Clifford, Codling, Dupar, Evans. Graf. SECOND ROW: Gustavson, Hogburg, Cyrus Johnson, Cecil Johnson, W. Norton, Patton, Perry. THIRD ROW: Peterson, Poole, Rogers, Roth, Smith. Sprague, Sweeney, Warren. Wentworth, 306 BS. 1. Evening star — glamorous Rise Stev- ens — rocketing new American so- prano of the Metropolitan Opera. 2. Marjorie Biownwell, far right, chair- maned this concei-t, assisted by Sally Cloghorn, left. 3. Ushers Chairman Marj Brownell, Ruth Adele Hedgecock, Shirley Greaves, Marie Carey, and Flossie Malmo. 4. Must be plaudets for Miss Stevens judging from rapt Barbara Case, Betty Rotermund and pleased pa- tron. AWS sponsored five artists on this year ' s series. 5. Enter Mrs. Herbei-t W. Blackstock and Margaret Donahue, graduate manager of the Associated Women Students, for the March 3 Stevens ' performance. SlflflDHRDS-THt TIP-Off 1. March 4 Standards meeting featured spring h ir styles. Here Ciddy Charles get the nod and a " Victory Bob. " 2. These frosh report at AWS lounge to learn new strategy in the spring offen- sive and glamour campaign. 3. Stondard meetings are held on Wednesday at 4. monthly. Here ' s a cosmetic expert. 4. Moke-up for stor-gozing ond " night " school. Elaine Sorvick ond Dorothy Broadfoot as subjects. 5. Refreshments by Elaine Fisher. Chairman Margaret Alexander guided the year ' s sessions. Subjects — mostly men, money, make-up— even advice on Tolo- doting. 6. The Round-toble on MEN — the standards meeting that always draws ' em. Even the knittin ' comes. This year December 3 was the great day. 7. Note the stowaway. Five prominent campus males lead talks on drinking, smoking and dating . . . plus anything else that pops up. 8. On the spot. Rapid-fire questions and dynamic discussions follow remarks. Embarrassing — when a speaker has a girl friend in the gathering. Ummmm. Two frosh " queens, " Mary Mar Smith and Janet Turnbull, ponder the " words of wisdom. " The oracles — left to right: Football hero, Slen Conley; track man, Tom Ull- man; interfroternity council president, Irving Herman; ASUW vice-president Jim Bingay; and Dally glamour boy, Murray Coe. II. I hear you talkin ' . Sorority or orgonized group with the largest percentage attending gets a banner. Looks like a full house today. r iB lfl 5. ' r (% PLfOGt ;SrS» Sryfi«» i 1 m 1. DG pledges take a bow. 2. Thetas and rushees in the home stretch — final preference din- ner. 3. Alpha XI Deltas greet parents, smile at cam- eraman. 4. Pledges getting away from it all at their sneak. i IK il I _. i3i yp r jir %. V Y, = Jj. •J ' .z M Pfiy-Off 1 5. Theta pledges return- ing after a successful sneak. 6. Barbara White rue- fully examines bruises as she finishes pledge duties sneak night. 7. Theta pledges " scrapping. " 8. Theta pledge Jean Ballard plays Dobbin to Rodeo princess Janet Catlin. 1. Ticket takers for the YWCA ' s 10 to I " waffling, " Saturday, January 17. 2. Twenty-five cents for waffle, coffee, and dancing at Theta, DG, Alpha Xi Delta, and Pi Phi houses. 3. Two frosh tied as waffle wolfing win- ners. Leslie Clark, and Bill Zeratsky, who is shown consuming one of the total 19. 4. AWS secretary June Hellenthal and Gamma Phis. BREflKfflST Off THf BfflTfn PATH BUT on 1 . Entrance to Henry Ai-t Gallery . . . inside, a new experience in ai-t each month. 2. Underground heating tunnels — hot spots of the campus. 3. Social Science leaves us cold — air- conditioning system. 4. Denny bell — heard by few, seen by less. 5. Pool-playing profs at the faculty club. 6. Home Ec practice cottage — saves bad moments later. 7. Taxidermy at the museum — down to the bare essentials. 8. Spanish cork tree — someone said. 9. Aptly named " the stacks. " i.. 1 ] V (IlOfilflfi BOflfiD FIRST ROW; Eriskson, Booth, Biyans. SECOND ROW: Campbell, Carpenter. THIRD ROW; Coon. Doa., Gall, Goodfellow. FOURTH ROW: Groham, Greene, Guenther, Klinkham. FIFTH ROW: Lawrence, Richards, Shaw, Stewart, Sweet. JH Mortar Board Is a national senior woman ' s honorary, whose members are elected by Junior coeds, and are pledged in the spring at a traditional tapping ceremony. The activities of the group include sponsorship of Tolo House, maintenance of a stu- dent loan fund, and sponsorship of Tolo, annual " turnabout " informal dance. PRESIDENT; Barbara Jane Erlckson; VICE-PRESI- DENT: Vinito Booth; SECRETARY: Elhabeth Anne Greene; TREASURER: Vada May Lav rence; LOAN FUND: Betty Klinkham; HISTORIAN: 1 llldur Coon. MEMBERS: Vinita Booth, Carolyn Bryant, Eugenia Campbell, Mary Jane Carpenter, Flildur Coon, Pauline Dow, Barbaia Jane Erickson, Elizabeth Gall, Nancy Goodfeliow, Maicellene Graham, Elizabeth Ann Greene, Morjorle Guenther, Bett Klinkham, Voda May Lawrence, Barbara Richai-ds, Betty Shaw, Mary Jane Stewart, Dorothy Sweet. 318 L Kd Fir Tree Is the highest senior men ' s service honorary founded in 1907, honoring by invitation those men who have given outstanding service to the University. M PRESIDENT: Bernie Lonctot; SECRETARY-TREASURER: Robert Buck. FACULTY: Stephen D. Brown, Byron Chris- tian, Ray Eckmonn. Gosta Eriksen, Charles Jackson, Cari Kilgore. Donold McKenzie, Walter Raney, Clyde A. Robinson, Alvin Ulbrickson. MEMBERS: Lewis Armstrong, Dan Blom. Robert Buck, Newton Buren, Edwin Guthman, Neil Haig, Lewis Jones, Bernie Lonctot, Charles Podel- ford. Hal Schlicting. fIR IRf£ FIRST ROV : Lonctot, Piesident; Armstrong. SECOND ROW: Blom. THIRD ROW; Buren, Guthman, Haig. FOURTH ROW: Jones, Podeltoid, Schlicting. 319 TOTf CLUB FIRST ROW: Ei-dahl, Agoc, Allen, Booth. Bryant. SECOND ROW: Campbell, Car- penter. Coon. Cowan. THIRD ROW: Crowe. Dean, De Witt, Dow, Dykeman, Erick- son. FOURTH ROW: Frank, Gall. Goodfellow. Graham. Greene, Guenther. FIFTH ROW: Haines. Harlocher. Harrison. Hoar, Inglis, Jacobs. SIXTH ROW: Johonsen, Klinkham, Lawrence, Mlnnlg. Nakata, Neville. SEVENTH ROW: Peeples, Pettibone, Quesnel, Richards, Robbins, Shaw. EIGHTH ROW: Simpson, Smith, Stam, Stewart, Stockton, Sweet, Uhllg. Hn Totem Club recognizes outstanding senior girls and attempts to draw them together in a spirit of friendship and fellowship. It endeavors to serve the campus in all fields of activity. PRESIDENT: Betty Ann Erdahl. VICE-PRESIDENT: Mer- cllle Neville. SECRETARY: Janet Allen. TREASURER: Alice Stockton. MEMBERS: Dorothy Agor. Janet Allen. Ruth Balkemo. Venito Booth, Carolyn Bryant, Eugenia Campbell, Mary Jane Carpenter, Hlldur Coon, Pot Cowan, Dede Crowe, Margaret Dean, Anne De Witt, Polly Dow, Lenore Dykeman, Betty Ann Erdahl, Barbara Erickson, Lillian Frank, Elizabeth Gall, Nancy Good- fellow, Marcy Graham, Elizabeth Ann Greene, Majorie Guenther, Zee Haines, Sarah Harlacher, Barbara Harri- son, Margaret Hoar, Lorena Inglis, Jerry Jacobs, Aurora Johansen, Kiyoshi Kamikawa, Betty Klinkham, Vado Mae Lawrence, Edith Lobe, Morcella Minneg, Chiyo Nakata, Mercille Neville, Carol Jean Peoples, June Pittibone, Marion Quesnel, Barbara Richards; Shirley Robbins, Betty Shaw, Betty Jo Simpson, Ruth Smith, Dorothy Stom, Mary Jane Stewart, Alice Stockton, Dorothy Sweet, Madelyn Jordee Uhlig. 320 a. Lii ' 1 V fl I CLUB The Oval Club, whose motto is " Service to Washington, " Is an upperclassmen ' s activity hon- orary. It draws its membership from upperciassmen in every field of endeavor who have given outstanding service to the University. PRESIDENT: Theodore Goihad. VICE-PRESI- DENT: Harlan Hall. SECRETARY: Frank Hart TREASURER: George Athens. FACULTY AD VISOR: Herbert Condon. FACULTY MEM BERS: Leslie Ayer, Alan Bates, Roland Bel show, William Botzer, Stephen Brown. Byron Christian, Herbert Condon, William Cox, C S. Edmundson, Roy Eckmon, Judson Falknor Henry Foster. D. V. Graves, Ralph Gundlock Edwin Guthrie. Ed Hillyer, Robert Jones, Car Kilgore, Frederick Kirsten, Edward H. Louer Charles E. Lawrence, Vernon McKenzie. J. E McRae. Dean Newhouse, Frederick M. Padel ford, Jim Phelan, Howard M. Preston, Walt Rainey, Milnor Roberts, Clyde Robinson, Lee Paul Seig, Len Stevens, David Thompson, Jock Torney. Alvin U I brickson. Walter Welke. MEMBERS: Elmer Berg, Daniel Blom, James Burke, Kenneth Cartwright, Bruce Cole, Glen Conley. Dempster Drowley, Harris Emmons, Andy Golbraith, Tom Galbraith. Neil Haig, Laurence Heath. John Henderson. Jerry Hoeck, Bob Hoffman. Bill Holmes, Bob Hut- ton. Charles Jackson, Dwight Kipp, Bob Lindh, William Lewis, Bob Lockhart, Bernord Lonc- tot. Theodore McKay, Don Means, Toy Mere- dith, Dick Morris. Maurice Needham, Bill Nelson. Carl Neu, Carl Robertson, Dick Tobin- son. Bill Russell, Cy Stevens, Bob Stevenson, Ned Stokes, Bert Sturm, Jim Tregaskie, Bob Vaughn, Tom Ullman, Archie Watson, David Wolf. Earl Younglove, Alex Zemick. FIRST ROW: Garhart. Cartwright, Cole, Drowley. Second Row: Golbraith, Galbraith, Hart. Third Row: Heath, Hoeck, Hoffman, Hutton, Jackson. Fourth Row: Lindh, Lewis, McKay, Meredith, Needham, Neu. Fifth Row: Robertson, Robinson, Russell, Stephens, Stevenson, Stokes. Sixth Row: Sturm, Tregaskis, Ullman, Wolf, Younglove, Zemeck. 321 Ill Hfy FIRST ROW; Hooker, Alexander, Buelow, Carpenter, Second Row: Chittenden. Clag- horn, Connor. Third Row: Day, Felnberg. Fleming, Greaves. Hoiliday. Fourth Row: Hat- ton, Hodgin, Houck. Jeans, Kresky, Monsey. Fifth Row: Nash, Pullen. Quigiey, Ransom, Ring, Sells. Sixth Row: Smart. Taylor, Thompson. Torrance. Weinker, Whitsel. nH " W " Key is the underclass activity and scholastic hon- orary for freshmen women who have been outstanding in service and have a grade point of at least 2.5. PRESIDENT: Sherlee Hooker. SECRETARY: Marjorie Feinberg. TREASURER: Ruth Pullen. MEMBERS: Margoret Alexander. Dorothy Buelow, Kay Chittenden, Lynn Carpenter. Sally Claghorn. Betty Lee Con- nor, June Day. Marjorie Feinberg. Sally Fleming. Shirley Greabes, Connie Hoili- day. Joan Hatton, Pat Hodgin. Sherlee Hooker. Margaret Horth. Potty Houck. Morcella Jeans, Idabelle Knudson. Libby Kresky, Vernice Monsey. Shirley Nash. Kathleen O ' Hore. Ruth Pullen. Phoebe Quigiey. Lois Ransom, Eleanor Ring, Jane Sells. Doris Lee Smart. Virginia Taylor, Charlotte Anne Thompson. Eleena Tor- lance, Ruth Daniels Weinker, Gloria Whitesel. 322 .L Malamu+es Is an organi- zation of sixteen members and twenty pledges which as- sists the ASUW In any activ- ity which It may sponsor. W PRESIDENT: Bob Kumme.: STUNT CHAIRMAN: Ken Car»«riqht; RALLY: Jack Eorly; YELL KING: Jock Finley. MEMBERS: Tom Allen, Jerry Andrews. Corky Berry, Bruce Brigham, Bud Bush- nell, Ken Cortwrlghf, Jack Corcoran, Bill Dehn, Jack Early, Bill Eilertson, Bob Far- ber. Ad Fenton, Jack Finley, Jim Frits, Gunter G e i s m a n n. Bill Gillespie, Joe Greer, Bob Hall, Phil Honnah, Bob Mass, Bob Hillock, Bob Hoffman, Horry Hol- land, Quentin Koenig, Bob Kruse, Bob Kummer, Sandy Mockie, Bob Martin, Lomont McDonald, Jack Newlond, Lloyd Padgett, Jim Senechol, John Shorrett, Joe Skoog, Rudy Spring, Dove Wood, Neil Webb. OlflLfldlUTfS FIRST ROW: Kummer, President: Andrews, Allen, Berry. SECOND ROW: Dehn, Early, Eilert- son, Farber, Fenton. THIRD ROW: Frits. Gelsmonn, Greer, Hannah, Hass. FOURTH ROW: Hoffman, Holland, Koenig, Mockie, Martin, Newland. FIFTH ROW: Senechol. Shorrett, Skoog, Webb, Wood. 323 cofnpflss Dowd, Donley, Oimsbee, Miller UK The purpose of Compass and Chart is to unite corps " in the unit, and to cooperate with all military ests of the naval service. PRESIDENT: W. R. Dowd, Jr. VICE-PRESIDENT: W. B. Donley. SEC- RETARY: W. R. Oimsbee. TREASURER: R. V. Miller. SENIOR REP- RESENTATIVE: W. L. Johnson. JUNIOR REPRESENTATIVE: W. A. Johannesen. SOPHOMORE REPRESENTATIVE: K. W. Druby. SOCIAL CHAIRMAN: D. H. Frizzell. FRESHMEN: Bruce Adams, Lewis Al + man, David Anderson, Fred Andrews, Richard Arthun, Gerry Austin, Kennet Bacon, Jack Borros, Morton Barros, V llliom Barton, Donald Blair, Clifford Broman, Stanley Bryan, Perry Burkhart, James Burton, Sterling Campbell, Charles Can- field, Edward Carlberg, Conrad Carlson, Ore Castrup, Frank Cava- naugh, Paul Chapman, Richard Clinton, James Collier, Francis Cooper, Robert Cooper, James Craig, Thomas Craig, Lawrence Crosetti. Chorles Cross, Theodore Cross, James Darling, Weldon Davis. Harold DePuydt, James Doyle, Norman Durocher, Preston Eddy, Marvin Eld- inger, George Ewart, Edwin Ewing, Dale Fisher, Arthur Frost, Andrew Fyfe, Herbert Gasklll, John Godfrey, Herman Gorlick, Kenneth Gray, Wallace Hager, Ellery Hall, Richard Hamock. Morven Hansen. Paul Hansen, Charles Harding, Frank Hebert, Ray Hinea, John Hopkins. David Howe, Charles Hutson, Harry Jocobsen, Hen ' Jacobsen, Max Jocobson, William Jacobsen, George Keeney, Harold Keeney, Merle Kime, Albert KInsel, Dean Kirkpotrick, Lloyd Lang, Jack LoRue, Rich- ard Loew, Robert Loney, Irving Lowell, Samuel Lythgoe, Jay McAfee, Jock McCorkle, Milton McKenna, Clinton McMahan, Grant McVicar, Robert Melrose, Robert Morryman, Robert Millar, Rudolph Miller, Daniel Milliken, Jock Milt. William Minser. Carl Miskimen, Hallett Misner, Robert Molden, Robert Molloy, Kenneth Morrison, William Motzer, Stewart Mullen, Wendell Myers, Jerry Nelson, Kenneth Nel- son, Russell Newman, Edward Olason, Allan Osborne, Hugo Oswald, Robert Payne, Samuel Pearce, Drago Perich, John Perkins, Knute Qvole, Russei Rothbone, Kermit Reed, Frank Reese, Stanley Rhodes, Eugene Roberts, Philip Roe, Pilnckney Rohrback, Clyde Ryder, Frank Sokso, James Schader. William Seeger, John Shea, Jock Soffe, Willis Somervell, Jordan Smith, William St. George. Joy Stone, Dean Stuart, its members socially, to promote an " esprit de and naval organizations in advancing the inter- Nell Thomson, Barney Trover, Robert Von Eaton, William Vye, David Walker, Harry Wotklns, John White, Max Whittlesey, Robert Wilde, Clark Wllley, Ralph Wilson, John Wingender, Leslie Woods, George Yeamon. SOPHOMORES: Ronald Adam, Aubrey Albright, Mark Andersen, Ernest Anderson, William Baker, David Barclay, John Barron, Joseph Barto, Robert Beil, Kermit Bengtson. Alexander Bishop. Russell Broley, Lawrence Brandon, James Bridge, William Brinkley, Ernest Broadbent, Robert Brunner, John But+erfield, Leonard Carey, William Cormlchaet, Melvin Chapman, Thomas Clarke, Henry Cole, Joseph Connelly, Thomas Crossley, Lewis Crutcher, William Cunningham. William Dehn, Kendall Druby, Frank Dupar, Donald Ebright, Harold Enger, Robert Eveleigh, Henry Fach, Addison Fenton, Edward Franz, Jefferson Fulton. Robert Gilardi, Ira Glor-s, Thomas Gorton, Thomas Gove. Charles Gray, Clement Greenleof, James Griffith, James Hammond. Robert Hass, Robert Hensel, John Hildreth, Harold Hilton. Harrison Holland, Robert Holmstrom, Victor Horgan, John Hotes, Richard Houser, Charles Howe, Donald Hullin, Orvie Johnson, Harry Klrchner, Harold Logon, Donald Loughridge, Robert Lowmon, Scot MacWillioms, Wal- ter Magers, Bruce Moltory, Robert Mafhis, Millard Motson, Robert ' McClellon, Brian McDonough, David Mclntyre, Sutherland McLean, Joseph Melusky, Edwin Merrill, Wesley Monsen, Richard Moore. Paul Muehlen, Charles Nash, John Newland, Thomas Nicholson. Merle Niece, Kenneth Olsen, James Palm, Norman Pedersen, Clifford Pei- strup. Axel Petersen, Donald Peterson, Charles Phenicie, John Porel, Clarence Porter, John Pringle, John Putnam. Charles Rafferty, Marvin Reeves, Derroll Ricker, Jacques Robertson, Richard Robinson, David Roderick, Donald Rogers, Robertson Ross, Roy Russell, Mickel Saod, Peter Schmidt, Ray Shohon, John Shanstrom, Joseph Skoog, Richord Slater, Clifford Smith, Willord Sprott, James Stephens, Orlo Stokoe, Arthur Strom, Walter Taylor, Richard Turnell. Moynard Turner, Fred- erick Woite. Max Walske, Herbert Willey, Donald Williams, Harry Wilson, George WInke!s. Johnson, Johannesen, Druby. Frizzell 324 flflD CHflfil JUNIORS: Thorns Allen. Robert Ball, Douglas Bates, Dominic Brace. Woyne Brand, James Brrnkley, William Bunch, Douglas Crone, George Dangel, Poul Davis, Williom Donley, James Dubuar, Trygve Ekrom, Robert Farbor, Potton Fricks, Robert Gates. William Gillespie, Chorles Goss, Guy Graham, Paul Hains, Reed Hansen, Robert Harding, Roberf Hart, Joseph Heywood. William Johannesen, Robert Johnson, Frank Jones. Ward Kemp, Judson Kilpatrick, Robert Kummer, Robert Lech- ner, John Long, Robert Madden. Douglas Mason, Michael Mclntyre, Henry Meodor, Rodney Miller. Harold Mitchell. Henning Nelson. Thomas Nicholson. Walter Novak, Arve Pande. John Perrin, James Peterson. George Piglon, John Potter, John C. Potter. Richard Price, Hilden Pryde, Richard Pulver. Frank Purdy, Charles Sother, William Schermer, Warren Smith. Joseph Sutter, Domlnick Svornlch, Robert Thirlweil, Fred Thurmond, Harvey Tibbols, Donald Van Iderstine, Dan- iel Woodward. SENIORS fT • • J IT - l6MlM a MiM y iittm t ■ifiiJariiint Ur J SENIORS: Wollace Dowd. Robert Brennen. Everett Burkhart, Lyle Busby, Dovid Callow, Edword Clark, Hurst Clark, Claude Covington, Ralph Eckmann, Robert Felthous. Donn Frizzell, Gunter Geismann, Charles Harlow, Ned Holley, Walter Johnson, William Larson, Charles Life, Robert MacWillloms, Charles Matthael, Richard Medler. Ralph Miller. Robert Mottner, Maurice Needham, Sigfred Nelson. Fredrick Olson, William Ormsbee, Jose Perez, Verne Peterson, Frank Purdy, Henry Ragge, Eugene Richards. Gllson Rohrback, Robert Rosmond, Gordon Sadick, Charles Sother, Logon Smith, Horry Stonley. James Tregoskis, Robert Voughon. William Whitney, Robbins Whittlesey, Charles Woods. 325 4£ Ml ■l. SCflBBflfiD flflD BLflDt ik hdtM FIRST ROW: Carmichael, President, Anderson, Barber, Boney, Busch. SECOND ROW: Bush, Campbell, Clark, Conover. THIRD ROW: Davis, Dowd, Drowley, Felthous, Fisher, Frizzell, Gaston. FORTH ROW: Geismann, Greer, Gregory, Hanifin, Harrison, Johnson, Klein, FIFTH ROW: Long, Manson, Merrill, Miller, Mottner, Neu, Niece. SIXTH ROW: Ormsbee, Rasmussen, Reardon, Richards, Riddell, Robinson, Rosmond. SEVENTH ROW: Russell, Sadick, Sandygren, Smith, Ster- ling, Thurston, Wartelle. BH Scabbard and Blade was or- ganized to raise the standards of military training in American uni- versities and colleges. The gi ' oup encourages good will and fellow- ship. Above all, it strives to spread intelligent information in regards to the military requirements of the nation. CAPTAIN: Douglas S. Carmichael. 1ST LIEUT.: George K. Boney. 1ST SERGEANT: Wendell W. Merrill. CO. CLERK: William R. Ormsbee. RE- PORTER SERGEANT: Robert A. Felthous. FAC- ULTY ADVISOR: Major J. W. Ramsey. FAC- ULTY MEMBERS: Captain Eric Borr, Lt. C. H. Thompson, Colonel J. H. Stutesmon. Lt. Col. W. K. Richards, Maxim von Brevern, Lt. Alan Hooper, Major H. B. Joseph, Lt. C. H. Wienker. MEMBERS: E. G. Anderson, Leon F. Borber, Jr., George K. Boney. 1ST SERGEANT: Wendell W. L. Busch, Richard K. Bush, Robert M. Campbell, Douglas S. Carmichael, Hurst Clark, Charles M. Conover, Stanley K. Davis, Wallace R. Dowd, Jr., Dempster D. Drowley, Joseph O. Ellis, Robert A. Felthous, James H. Fisher, Donn H. Friizell, Robert A. Gallaher, Robert Gaston, Gunter Geismann, Robert W. Greer, Robert D. Greg- ory, Thomas J. Honifin, Harvey Harrison, Donald J. Iddins, Walter L. Johnson, James A. Klein, Robert I. Long, Philip M. Manson, Wendell W. Merrill, H. Miller, Ralph V. Miller, Robert L. Mottner, Carl Neu, Ken. W. Niece, Wllliom R. Ormsbee, Harley A. Petridge, William E. Ras- mussen, John F. Reardon, Raymond H. Richards, Norman A. Riddell. Edmund K. Robinson. Robert D. Rosmand, William T. Russell, G. Sadick, El- bert W. Sandygren, Logon C. Smith, Willord S. Smith, Elwin D. Sterling, Arthur R. Taylor, Palmer H. Thurston, Robert G. Wartelle. 326 IHHE PUBLIC ' flyr ALL FOR THE GROUP ... THE JOY OF BELONG- ING .. . YOU GET A PIN, A BANQUET ... A HEARTY HANDSHAKE . . . AND SOMETHING ELSE ... A SPIRIT OF COMRADESHIP . enHHW 4£ I :£ mi CADET OfflCEfiS ' flSSOCIflllOll ANDERSON, President CARLTON DARIOTIS KLEIN BH The purpose of the Cadet Officers ' Associotion is to further military knowledge and to foster acquaintance and friendship among the Cadet Officers. m PRESIDENT: Ed G. Anderson; VICE PRESIDENT: Herbert P. Carlton; SECRETARY: Chris A. Doriotis; TREASURER: James A. Klein; HIS- TORIAN- A. Wilbur Chantry. INFANTRY MEMBERS: Robert D. Agers. Robert L. Anderson, George W. Baccus, Theodore A. Baumeister, Hudson N. Benner, James S.Bingay, Robert W. Blakely, Jefferson L. Boling, George K. Boney, Raymond L. Bush, Richard Kenneth Bush, Kenneth Cartwright, A. Wilbur Chan- try, Glen W. Chase, Francis M. Collins, Chorles M. Conover, Chris A. Doriotis, Joseph O. Ellis, Charles E. Fancher, Frank L. Friedman, Robert W. Greer, Robert D. Gregory, John A. Groen, Wayne Guth- rie, John G. Holler, Thomas J. Hanifen, Leslie Ross Harcus, Howard R. Hayes, James L. Hicks, John C. Hunt, Donald J. Iddins, Thomas J. Isaac, Charles O. Jackson, Frank C. Jackson, Benjamin D. Keeney, John M. Killeen, James A. Klein, Jack W. Lothrop, Melvin V. Love, Merwin M. McKee, Joseph T. Molone, Duane J. Matterson, Sterling W. May, Albert W. Merrifleld, John J. Miien, Wendell W. Merrill, Robert E. Meyer, Robert A. Naylor, William K. Niece, Allan M. Pork, John C. Potterson, Horley A. Petridge, Robert W. Preucel, David W. Rabak, John F. Reordon, Raymond H. Richards, Norman A. Riddell, Edmund K. Robinson, William H. Root, Elbert W. Sandygren, Donald G. Schmidt, Elwin D. Sterling, Harvey A. Tamminen, Stanley B. Tobin, George W. Watters, Robert H. Wick. COAST ARTILLERY MEMBERS: Carl R. Anderson. Edward G. Ander- son, George Anderson, Leon F. Barber, Albert H. Beebe, Dean F. Bigby, Kermit E. Brenden, Robert M. Campbell, Herbert P. Carlton, Douglas Carmichael, Wallace H. Cochrane, Henry Copenhogen, Herbert Donz, Stanley K. Davis, Norbert Deggendorfer, Arthur F. Doll, Dempster D. Drowley, James H. Fisher, Peter Fisher, Guy J. Foster, Robert A. Gollaher, Ludwig E. Hanson, Harve H. Harrison, Glenn E. Horton, Robert P. Hotelling, John A. Howard, Oleg H. Kor, Robei ' t I. Long, William R. McOuIston, Marcus P. Manson, Joseph J. Marcus, Armand S. Miller, Albert L. Mondt, George E. Morehouse, Hobort I. Moses, John E. Nebergoll, Carl J. Neu, Agil V. Oisen, Wesley L. Pearl, Lawrence Price, William E. Rosmussen, Charles Rey- nolds, James E. Robertson John L. Robinson, William T. Russell, Rob- ert H. Shipek, Ouentin R. Smith, Wlllord S. Smith, John B. Stork, Rob- ert B. Stiles, Jack Streckenboch, Chester F. Sunski, Arthur R. Taylor, William Teplicky, Palmer H. Thurston, Joseph T. Vomoske, Albert Walderhaug, Robert G. Wartelly, Charles Wilson, Jerome Zeidman. 328 L - 8a« Purple Shield strives to encourage scholar- ship and participation in activities by un- derclassmen. Its members ore outstanding undei ' classmen with a 3. point grade avei ' - oge who hove participated in an ASUW activity. PRESIDENT: John Sweet; VICE-PRESIDENT: Robert Poison; SECRETARY: Harold Enger; TREASURER: William Dehn; MEMBERS: Robert Ager, George Bionchi, David Boals. Bert Bosfrum, John Broman, Keith Brown, North Burn, Burton Corn- wall, Louis Crutcher, George Davies, William Dehn. Horold Enger, William Eilertson, Frank English, Clark Folk, Jim French. Ronny Gorretson, Harold Gjolme. James Gould, Peter Holgren, John Hanson, Walter Harrison, Marlowe Hartung, Larry How- ord, Quentin Koenig, Richard Kohls, Bert Joochims, William Mokino, Bud Mayer, Jack Mclntyre, Dean McKay, Colin Mc- Lennan, William Olson, Gordon Perkins, Robert Poison, Stuart Prestrud, Oren Rabin, Thron Riggs, Richard Robinson, Al Roth. Robert Schaeffer, Edwin Smith, Ted Siiemore, Alva Strope, Eugene Swonzey, John Sweet. Bart Toro. Kirby Tor- rance. Walter Williams, Harold Wiltlts. Robert Winslow. PURPLt SDIEIO C " IT r. FIRST ROW: Sweet, President; Abel, Ager, Atwater. SECOND ROW: Bramon, Brown, Burn. THIRD ROW: Crutcher, Davies, Dehn, Douglas, Eilert- son. FOURTH ROW: Enger, English. Folk. Fisher. French. FIFTH ROW: Gorretson, Holgren, Joachims, Koenig, Kohls. SIXTH ROW: McKay, Poison, Robinson, Roth, Sadick. SEVENTH ROW: Siiemore, Smith, Strope, Swanzey, Torrance. EIGHTH ROW: Umpleby, Whittlesey, Williams, Willits. 329 ■fcf .«!? ' » ' j£ j3 616 CLUB C Mtd il- I FIRST ROW: Bracken. Athens. BiinUley, Brown. Second Row: Cole. Douglas. Folk. Third Row; Fomo, Fowler, Garhort, Gorretson, Gilmer, Fourth Row: Gordon, Haogen, Heath, Llndh, Long. McCorkle. Fifth Row: Magers. Morgerum, Milroy, Noil. Olson. Ronquet. Sixth Row: Scott, Sheehan, Sloan, Snow, Stephens. Swanzey. Seventh Row: Taylor, Ullmon, Vaughn. Wallace. Walters. Younglove. HJ Organized to encourage and promote Interest in athletics and to foster a closer association among major sports lettermen, athletes are eligible after win- ning a major " W " in any sport. PRESIDENT: John Bracken. VICE-PRESIDENT: Bill Holmes. SECRETARY-TREASURER: Walt Wallace. MEMBERS: Robert Anderson, George Athens. Elmer Berg. Jim Brlnkley. Web Brown, Bruce Cole, Glen Conley, Norm Dalthrop, Barton Douglas, Darrel Eden, Don- ald Eden, Carl Folk. George Fliflet, Vic Fomo, Doyle Fowler, Ray Frankowskl. Bob Freedman. Ted Garhart, Ronald Gorretson. Chuck Gil- mer, Dave Gordon, Wayne Gordon, Dick Greenwood. Merrill Hoagen, Wolt Harrison, Laurie Heath, Paul Herd, Bill Holmes, Ray Hyott. Pat Johns, Art King, Wally Leask, Bob Lindh, John Long, Henry Lougnam, Mark McCorkle, Dick Morgerum, Don Means. Walt Milroy, Bill Morris. Joe Nail, Bill Nelson. Harry Nelson. Bill Odman. Robert Odman. Jock Ranquet, Thron Riggs, Jim Scott. Leo Sheehan. Bill Sloan, Bob Smith. Dwlght Smith. Willlord Smith, Bob Snow, Jack Stockpool. Ernie Steele. Si Stephens. Wayne Sterling. Pete Susick, Gene Swanzey, Tom Taylor, Tom Ullman. Bob Vaughan. Walt Wallace. Gene Walters, Frank Watenak, Archie Watson, Dick Yantis, Earl Younglove. 330 Designed to maintain " esprit de corps " among crew men, the Varsity Boat Club is a social and spoi ' ts oiganizatlon for oarsmen. Members gain eligibility by rowing for four quarters. COMMODORE: Vic Fomo: VICE COM MODORE: Doyle Fowler; STEV ARD: John Bracken; WRITER: Tom Taylor; LIGHT W EIGHT CREW COACH: Chuck Jockson; MEMBERS: Brennon Beck, Dove Boals, John Bracken, Bruce Brigham. Keith Brown. Ken Cortwright. Holmon Christoff- erson, Chuck Dugan, Frank English. Byron Fellows, Refer Fisher, Vic Fomo, Doyle Fowler. Andy Golbroith, Ted Gorhort. Bob Hoffman, James Housfon, Chuck Jackson, Ed Kerrihard, Dick Miller, Pete Pederson, Bob Ross. Bob Rutherford, Le- Conie Stiles, Tom Taylor. Pete Thompson. Eustace Vynn. Walt Wallace. J. Burke Williamson, Jock Wilson. PEDGES: Joe Andrews. Peter Biesiot. Alexander Bishop. Tom Cuykendoll. Douglass Cuykendall. Bill Dehn. George Hohn. Robert Kintner. Tod Lougenour Bob McGolderick, Charles May, Colin Milennan, Bill Morse, John Nebergoll, Jock Phillips, Dave Roderick. Carl Schroder, Wolly Soli, Wally Sutherland. Harry Wagner. Bruce Wolter. VflfiSliy BOfll CLUB FIRST ROW: Fomo. Commodore; Abel, Biesiot, Bishop. Boney. SECOND ROW: Bracken. Brigham. Brown. Corfwright. THIRD ROW: Chrisfofferson, Connolly, Cuykendall. Dehn, Douglas. Dugon. FOURTH ROW: English. Fellows. Fisher, Fowler. Golbroith, Garhort, Hohn. FIFTH ROW: Hoffman. ' Hoglund, Houston. Isabell. Jackson, Kerrihard, Kintner, SIXTH ROW: McGolderick. May. Miller. Morse. Nebergoll. Phillips, Roderick. SEVENTH ROW: Ross. Rutherford. Scherrer. Schroder, Smythe. Soli. Stiles. EIGHTH ROW: Taylor. Tonance. Ullman. Vyrne. Walloce. Walter. Wilson. 33! ■RBH t£ Si i I PflO Xtfllfl FIRST ROW: Waldeihaug, Baumeister. Second Row: Groke. Third Row: Hahn, Johnson, Kellam. Fourth Row: Kumasoko, McConnochie, Matsui, Mitchell. Fifth Row: Morimoto, Mukasa, Ogle, Sekiguchi. Sixth Row: Taylor, Wilkinson, Yomashlta, Yasuda. HU The objectives of Pan Xenia are to promote foreign trade, to better international commercial relations, and to further high ideals and improved business ethics. Members are juniors and seniors of high scholarship majoring in for- eign trade. m PRESIDENT: Albert Walderhoug. VICE-PRESIDENT: Ainer Johnson. SECRETARY- TREASURER: Kiyoshi Yamoshito. HISTORIAN: Bob Wilkinson. FACULTY: Dr. Na- thanael Engle, Professor Roy R. Forwell, Dr. H. H. Gowan, Dr. J. K. Hall, Dr. Richard Huber, Louis Markrich, Dr. H. H. Martin, Dr. A. L. Seeman, E. da Silvelra, Dr. M. M. Skinner, Charles S. Sheldon. GRADUATE MEMBERS: Herman Burkland, Dick Evans, Martin Hirabayoshi, Walter Kllnt, Ken Rolin, Bill Wlllets. MEMBERS: Theodore Baumeister, Chris Brune, Joseph Cutler, Edward Gruble, George Hahn, Wilfred Humphries, Ryo Humosoka, Ainer Johnson, Myron Little, Takashi Matsui, Hugh Mitchell, Andrew Morimoto, George Mukasa, Jack Ogle, Ralph Rhea, Ken Seki- guchi, Robert Skill, Henry L. Taylor, Louis Thuesen, Tom Uyeno, Albert Walderhoug, Bob Wilkinson, Hiroshi Yamada, Kiyoshi Yamashita, Ken Yorita. 332 ' ' .- flLpy yppfl PS Foley, Halgren. Hilton, Howard. Jones, Lindsay. Running, Sweet. A Jn klri l Alpha Kappa Psi Is a professional fraternity for students In commerce with high scholastic stand- ing. Its purposes are to further the individual welfare of Its members and to foster scientific research In commerce. PRESIDENT: Phillip Running; VICE PRESIDENT: Mason Jones; TREAS- URER: Ben Lindsoy. SECRETARY: John Sweet. FACULTY MEMBERS: Stephen Brown, V Illiom Cox, Carl Kakan. Donald McKenzie, Charles Miller, Vernon Mund, Evald Petersen, Howord Preston, M. M. Skinner. MEMBERS: George Baccus, Mark Carter, Arthur Fohey, Roy Gus- tofoson, Pete Holgren, Eugene Harris, Howord Hilton. Alvln How- ard. Edgar Lawrence Howard, Mason Jones. Robert Kellam, Ben Lindsay, Philip Running John Sweet, Robert V inslow. W PRESIDENT: James Wood Corcoran. VICE PRESIDENT: O. E. Draper. SECRETARY-TREASRER: Cyril M. Frol. FACLTY MEMBERS: Grant Buterworth, Herbert Condon, William Cox. Carl Dakan, Oscar Drap- er, John Fordon. Homer Gregory. Frank Hamack, Arthur Lorig, James McConahey, Neil Payne. Howard Preston, Lauren Walker. MEM- BERS: Edward Basse, Robert Burns, Elmer Cichy, James Corcoran Ernest Erickson, Edward Ester, Belmore Frol, Cyril Frol, Edward Mur- ray, John Sosser, Johonnes Schuyfen, Everett Sorensen. Robert Steven- son, Ernest WiKloms. Beta Alpha Psi is an accounting honorary which alms to promote the study of accounting, to act as a medium between professional men and the members, and to develop high moral, scholastic, and professional ethics of Its members. Corcoran. Basse, Burns, Erickson. Ester, A. B. Frol. C. M. Frol, Murray, Sasser, Stevenson. Bflfl flLPHIl PS 333 flLPHfl DUIfl SIG FIRST ROW: Esdon, Han- son, Harris, Harvey, Lewis, Lyon. SECOND ROW: Mc- Carter, Osen, Partner, Pul- ver, Sturm, Wilson, Williams. HH Alpha Delta Sigma is the only professional advertising honorary on the campus. Upperclassmen interested in advertising are brought together to work out tangible ideas and to meet in the advertis- ing field. PRESIDENT: Bertram Sturm; VICE-PRESIDENT: Walter Willioms: SECRETARY: Don Osen; TREASURER: Jack Wilson. FACULTY MEMBERS: Henry A. Burd, W. E. Cox, H. P. Everest, C. Miller. FAC- ULTY ADVISOR: Clyde A. Robinson. MEMBERS; Bill Cassell, Myles Esdon, Ralph Hanson, Bob Horris, Bud Harvey, Ripley Hoffman, Bob Ives, Bill Lewis, Victor Lyon, Bob McCarter, Don Osen, Jim Partner, Dick Pulver, Jack Starling, Bertram Sturm, Harold Thai, Jack Wilson, Walter Williams. nn PRESIDENT: Jerry Hoeck; VICE-PRESIDENT: Paul Shepord; SEC- RETARY: Murray Coe; TREASURER: Bill Edmundson. CONVENTION DELEGATE: Ron Bostwick. MEMBERS: Ron Bostwick, Roger Bye, Murray Coe, Bill Duncan, Bill Edmundson, Marlowe Hortung, Jerry Hoeck, Phil Howson, Bill Lewis, Pete Pedersen, Jack Pyle, Paul Shep- ord, Seymour Stondish, Bob T-wiss. JH Sigma Delta Chi is a professional group honoring those men who show the greatest promise in jour- nali sm based on their scholastic standing, character, and aptitudes. Hoeck. Bostwick, Coe, Ed- mundson, Lewis, Shepord, Twiss. oaifl CH 334 FIRST ROW: Kozicki. pres dent- Allison. Deutsch, Goln Inglls. Hughes. Klinkham SECOND ROW: Lawrence Lindsey. Muir. Neer, Rob bins, Robinson, Thomos Weldon. GflfUdlfl flLPHfl CH Gamma Alpha Chi is the national women ' s advertising honorary which furthers the interest of ad- vertising and serves as a link between the theoretical and the practical aspects of the profession. PRESIDENT: Jan Kozicki; VICE-PRESIDENT: Helen Muir; SECRE- TARY: Betty Kiinkam- TREASURER: Betty Allison; SCRIBE: Loreno Inglis. MEMBERS: Betty Allison, Marion Roth Hughes, Lorena Inglis; Betty Klinkham, Jeannette Kozicki. Helen Muir, Evelyn Robinson. PLEDGES: Elsie Deutsch, Marjorie Gain, Vodo May Lawrence, Peggy Lindsey, Coromarie Neer, Shirley Robblns, Helen Thomas, Dorothy Jane Weldon. «r PRESIDENT: Jerry Jacobs; VICE-PRESIDENT: Lorena Inglis; SECRE- TARY: Marion Roth Hughes; TREASURER: Betty Allison; ARCHIVIST: Bernice Lee. FACULTY ADVISOR: Byron Christian; GRADUATE AD- VISOR: Jane Brokaw Gallup. MEMBERS: Mary Ann Abrohomson, Betty Allison, Lillian Frank, Marjorie Gain, Marion Roth Hughes, Lorena Inglis, Jerry Jacobs, Bernice Lee, Ruth MocDonald, Bonnie Percival. PLEDGES: Fern Bagley, Norma Berquist, Marie Corey, Bar- bara Lamb, Lola LaPaugh, Hazel Millikin, Jeon Parker, Janice Richards. Theta Sigma Phi is the national honorary for women journalism majors. Membership requirements are a 3. grade average and faculty recommendation. FIRST ROW: Jacobs, presi- dent; Abrohomson, Allison, Corey, Frank, Gain, Hughes. SECOND ROW: Inglis, Lamb, LoPough. Lee. Milli- kin, Parker, Percival. ntTfl SIGdlfl PH 335 LfldlBDfl m 1 HH Lambda Rho was organized to promote great- er interest and higher standards in art. Pledging honors those women with special ability, a general average of 3. for at least five quarters, and recom- mendations by the art faculty. PRESIDENT: Elizabeth Gall; SECRETARY; Eliiabeth Ann Greene; TREASURER: Helen Peek. FACULTY MEMBERS: Edna Benson, Eliiabeth Curtis, Dagrun Eckrem. Francis Ferry, Hope Foote, Mercedes Hensley, Ruth Penington, Halley Savery, Eugenia Worman. HONORARY MEM- BERS; Raymond Hill, Walter Isaacs, Ambrose Patterson, Dudley Pratt. MEMBERS: Betty Beardsley, Patricia Davis, Elsie Deutch, Marie Dun- ston, Helen Peek, Elizabeth Gall, Penelope Goodspeed. V inifred Gorton, Elizabeth Ann Greene, V inifred Grobel, Eva Johnson. Marjorie Kincaid, Katherlne Knopp, Jeannette Koll, Esther Kremen, Vada Mae Lawrence, Martha Lehman, Peggy Lindsey. Josephine McColl, Nan McGroth, Mar- garet Schaum, Adele Triesch, Madelyn Jerdee Uhlig. FIRST ROV ; Gall, President; Deutsch. SECOND ROV : Dow. THIRD ROW: Dunstan, Peek, Greene. FOURTH ROW: Gro- bel. Lawrence, Lehman. FIFTH ROW: Lindsey, Triesch, Uhlig. 336 HOI fCOOOdllCS CLUB To encourage friendship among stu- dents of the home economics depart- ment and between students and faculty is the purpose of the Home Economics Club. PRESIDENT: Lenore Dykeman; VICE PRESIDENT: Martha Edmonds: SECRETARY: Nancy French; TREASURER: Margaret Dean; 5TH YEAR REPRESENTATIVES: Ruth Hill. Doris Nordstrom; SENIOR REPRESENTATIVES: Sally Judah, Nancy Cleory; JUNIOR REPRESENTATIVES: Dorothy NIcklen, Rita Kirchner; SOPHOMORE REPRE- SENTATIVES: Frances Burke. Jean Trautman; FRESHMAN REPRESENTATIVES: Dorothy Steele, Virginia June, Mot- jorie Williams, Morjorie Knapp; FACULTY ADVISOR: Miss Margaret Dorrance. MEMBERS: Kazuko Abe. Lois Adorns. Louise Adams. Mary Allen. Phyllis Almquist, Eileen Andrews, Phyllis Aust, Betty Attlesey. Caroline Baetke, Peggy Bailey, Eva Bauer, Mary Bdxiey, Barbara Beach. Estelle Beoll, Bernice Benson. Betty Beuttner, Alice Beuschlein, Jean Birley. Grace Blangy. Vione Blumenthal, Beatrice Boileen, Betty Bosshard, Ida Broback, Evelyn Brown. Frances Burke, Frances Callow, Virginia Cameron, Helen Carlson, Elolne Carll. Athena Cotos, Kay Chitten- den, Mary Clare, Noreen Clark. Nancy Cleary. Patricia Clemens. Catherine Cobb, Nancy Cole. Edith Cowel!. Dorothy Daniel, Carolyn Daniels, Lillian Dean, Margaret Dean, Helen Dietz, Marion Dore, Mary Duffy, Joy Dumar, Mary Jane Dyat. Lenore Dykeman. Martha Edmonds, Vivien Edwards, Lois Elsen, Winona Ellis, Norma Elmer, Lorlta Fengler. Bessy Joyce FIset, Kathryn Flynn, Dorothy France, Nancy French. Helen Froberq, Shirley Fry. Louise Fuhrman. Yuri Fujii. Maxine Gerttullo. Audrey Gessner. Charlotte Gibbes. Mory Goggio, Bernice Goldsworthy, Mory Alice Goodwin. Morjorie Gracey. Marcelline Gra- ham. Marie Gross, Dorothy Gunn, Elsie Guttormsen, Grace Hoguvara. Shirley Halverson, Audrey Hammett, Jean Honnay. Beth Horcus, Doris Hatlen, Lois Haw- thorne. Carole Hecht, Ruth Hill, Margaret Howell, Eugena Howson. Janet Istas, Joyce Istas, Ruth Jack, Morcella Jeans, Aurora Johannsen, Althea Jones, Florence May Jones, Sally Judah, Margaret Keeth, Margaret Kells. Esther Kenzle, Morion Kerr, Norma Kinyon, Morjorie Knopp, June Koprivo, Rhoda Krystod, Lois La Fr ieniere, Jean Lamoreux. Carley Leggeft, Margaret Lewis, Elsie LIndstrom, Anita Loomis, Elizobeth McCarfer. Jean McFee, Grace McGuInness, Mory Jane Madison, Lucy Moler. Helen Motaxis, Sylvlo Matson. Winefred May, Mary Miller. Sarah Miller, Alice Millikan, Betty Mitchell, Dorothea Miltz, Ellen Moen, Ellen Morse, Margaret Moyer, Margery Nelson, Dorothy NIcklen, Doris Nord- strom, Avonelle Olson, Kathryn Osterhoug. Elsie Ovenell, Annette Owen, Ruth S. Palmer, Atrll Peake, Morjorie Perry, Joan Peters, Lorraine Peterson. Peggy Powell, Vir- ginia Price, Jessie Rorvick, Eudora Rantz, Ruth Reming- ton, Jerrlne Ren ton, Ruth Rice, Barbara Richards, Mary Richardson, Lucille Rinaudo, Ruth Ritchie, Barbara Row- ley, Charlotte Sayles, Jerry Schillreff, Betty Scott, Mor- jorie Seal, Ingrld Selander, Jean Shoff, Goldie Simeon, Sara Beth Smith, Margie Smith, Ruth Smith, Harriet Spencer Helen Sprague, Dorothy Steele, Norine Steen- bergen, Zoe Anne Steuding, Mary Stevenson, Kay Stinch- fleld, Austie Sundbera, Jean Swale, Molly Slyvester, Betty Thatcher, Annette Thompson, Betty Thompson. Lisall Thoni, Virg inia Tominson, Betty Tottland, Jean Trautman, Eloine Vert, Borboro Wetmore, Bonnie Lou Wheeler. Vir- ginia Whitlatch, Marge Wledenboch, Morjorie Williams, Elaine Wilson, Marjie Wlndom, Helen Wlnslow, Sigrld Yoeger, Josephine Yorr, Charlotte Young. PIRST ROW: Dykeman. Burke. SECOND ROW: Dean. THIRD ROW: Edmonds. French. Hill. FOURTH ROW: Kirchner, June. Judah. 337 D fnu Gflffidifl I FIRST ROW: Browne, Agnew, Second Row: Bagley. Third Row: Bolmer, Brennan, Cameron. Fourth Row: Dewey, Dysar, Goldman. Fifth Row: Larsen. Marble, Milne. Sixth Row: Pichon, Shondley, Warren. nn The purpose of Phi Mu Gamma is to -further interest in the allied arts. Its members are chosen for outstanding work in the field of drama. PRESIDENT: Joy Brown; VICE-PRESIDENT: Majorie Warren; SECRETARY: Mar- garet Larsen; TREASURER: Lorraine Bagley: HISTORIAN: Kathryn Cameron. MEMBERS: Poppy Agnew, Barbara Good, Margaret Horth, Lovella Lackey, Peggy Milne, Lorraine Shondley, Marcena Woenrer. PLEDGES: Jeanne Balmer, Pauline Berg, Helen Marie Brennan, Betty Dewey, Helen Dyser, Helen Fiske, Ethel Goldman, Betty Irvine, Pettle Marble, Annabel Miller, Gloria Miller, Mary OToole, Helen Pichon, Viola Somer, Pot Thomas. 338 Vji SIGdlfl fPSILOfl Gunter Arose Fortescue Umlno }0 Sigma Epsilon is a women ' s allied medical honorary for Junior and senior students who have maintained a 3.2 grade average in medicine, nursing, bacteriology, physiology, and hospital dietetics. PRESIDENT: Shirley Gunfer; VICE-PRESIDENT: Margoret Arose; SEC- RETARY: Ernagene Fortescue; TREASURER: Kozuko Umino. FACULTY: Henrietta Adams, Julia Goodsell. Kathleen Leahy, Virginia Olcotf, Elizabeth Soule, Helena Werby. HONORARY MEMBERS: Mrs. Betty Dille, Mrs. Melville Hatch, Mrs. Arthur Martin, Mrs. Bryan Newsom, Mrs. E. J. Ordal, Mrs. E. Victor Smith, Mrs. Arthur Svlhia, Mrs. John Welnzett, Mrs. H. J. V ycoff, Mrs. J. L. Worcester. MEMBERS: Margoret Arose, Winifred Berber, Rosemary Bowie, Nancy Clear y, Lucy Novlkov Dawson, Ernogene Fortescue, Jonis Gerking, Betty Giblin, Helen Goulter, Shirley Gunter, Gladys Homey, Katherine Hoffman, Ruby Inouye, Grace Jock, Helen Jacking, Aurora Johannson, Alice Jost, Helen Kipple, Sula- mith Liff, Amelia Moosen, Mrs. Elsie Nltchke, Clarice Osterud, Gwen Rees, Ruth Schuler, Betty Sinclair. Alma Spencer, Frances Stein, Rose Stroude, Kozuko Umino, Lucille Word. W PRESIDENT: Caroline Boefke; VICE-PRESIDENT: Moigaret Kelis; SEC- RETARY: Ruth Smith; TREASURER: Dorotheo Mllh; EDITOR: Jeon Swale; FACULTY ADVISOR: Grace Denny. FACULTY: Jeannette Bliss, Grace Denny, Margaret Dorronce, Martha Dressier, Blanche Payne, Effie I. Raitt, Jennie Jowntree, Elizabeth Starr. Clara Storvick, Margaret Ter- rell. MEMBERS: Caroline Baetke, Vinito Booth, Nancy Cleory, Catherine Cobb, Jone Criddle, Emma Jane Dakan, Nancy Anne Goodfellow, Mar- jorle Guenther, Doris Hatler, Lois hiowthorne, Aurora Johannson, Marga- ret Kells, Chiyeko Kiyono, Dorothea Miltz, Ellen Morse, Doris Nordstrom, June Pettibone, Janice Richards, Ruth Smith. Evelyn Soules, Jean Swale. Molly Sylvester, Ella Tappe, Betsy Thompson, Yoshiko Uchlyamo, Doreen Weaver. Omicion Nu national home economics honorary, aims to promote scholarship, leadership and research in the field of home economics and to further the world wide movement of home economics. Baetke Kells Miltz Smith Swale omicyo fiu 339 flUfiSfS ' CLUB Cauthorn Boyd Blown Johnson PRESIDENT: Virginia Cauthorn; VICE-PRESIDENT: Hattie Brown. SECRETARY: Lorraine Boyd; TREASURER: Viola Johnson. MEMBERS: All Nursing Majors are members of the Nurses ' Club. nn soc fhe The purpose of the Nurses ' Club is to develop professional interest among its members and to promote al and educational activities among students majoring in Nursing Education. All students registered in department of nursing are eligible for membership. m I[[[ Founded at Harborvlew Hall in 1931, the organization Is designed to promote self government, social development and good fellowship among student nurses at Harborview Hospital. PRESIDENT: Lucille Ward; VICE-PRESIDENT: Betfy Giblin; SECRETARY: Caroline S u m m e rs o n; TREASURER: Violet Biuns; FACULTY: Thelma Broker. Jean Byers, Marie Forman, Viola Hejtmoneb, Kotherine Hoffmon, Tlona Komdron, Elido Larson, Alice McDuffee, Mary A. Miller, Virginia Olcotf, Evelyn Shottuck, Harriet Smith. Masako Takayoshi; POST GRAD- UATE SUPERVISORY STUDENTS: Ruth Barney. Ethel Cunningham. Dorothy Day, Virginia Felton, Glea Gifford, Maiinda Klaudt. Kathleen LoLonde, Marian Mickel, Lucille Poole. Kotherine Rasmussen. Janice Shimp. Mildred Story. MEMBERS: Jane Akiyama, Lucille Anderson. Mar- garet Bonk. Winifred Barber, Elizabeth Bates, Dorothy Beaulieu. Barbara Beeler, Sylvia Berg, Viria Bergman. Pauline Blanc hard, Rosemary Bowie, Peggy Brant, Violet Bruns. Eileen Cloyholt, Mildred Compton, Isobel Cook, Barbara Cornell. Helen Crowl, Ruth Donielson, Edith Dovey Ruth Davies, Virginia Donnell. Gi ' oce Adele Downie. Marna Ellspermon, Edna Ensign, Wilhelmina Germann, Betty Giblin, Margaret Grande, Margaret Gray, Rhoda Gruner, Jane Guthridge, Jean Honford, Laura Honzel. Gladys Harvel, Mary Hayoshi. Jean Hitchman, Barbora Hubley, Ann Huston, Alice Johnson. Maxine Johnson, Mary Jones, Mae Koshiwogi. Molly Kelly, Jean Kennedy, Marjory Kingman, Vivian Leonderson, Ardella Lee, Margaret Liesinger, Margaret Little. Betty Lloyd, Pat Lorenien, June Lumsden. Carmaleta McDonnell, Margaret McGee, Amelia Moos- sen, Pat Menalio. Shirley Middleton, Margaret Miles. Hazel Modini, Jean Morrill, Lillian Nelson, Eleanor Newbill, Elsie Nitschke, Evelyn Olson, Lyia Peck. Ruth Pell, Helen Perkins, Mildred Peterson. Lorene Petty, Mory Jane Phillips. Gwen Rees, Margaret Rees, Harriet Richords, Beth Rosbo rough, Norma Runstad, Ruthe Shuler, Potty Schumacher, Sylvia Short, Betty Sinclair, Dorothy Frank Skelly, Priscillo Sparks, Frances Stein, Co lo line Summei ' son, Enid Swanson, Hilda Swanson, Caroline Wad dell. Lucile Word, Michiko Watanobe, Yuri Wantonabe, Doris West, Florence Hoss Wholl, Frances Wingord, Mary Louise Wright. Ward Giblin Summerson HflyORVIEUI HfILL 340 fILPHfl TflU OfLIfl Schuler, president; Bowie, Goblin, Richards, Stein. The purpose of this organization is +0 fos+er friendship and interest in the nursing profession among college women. PRESIDENT: Ruthe Schuler; VICE-PRESIDENT: Harriet Richards. RECORDING SECRETARY: Rosemory Bowie; CORRESPONDING SECRETARY: Frances Stein; TREASURER: Betty Giblin. MEMBERS: Jane Akiyama, Ruth Barmey, Dorothy Beaulieu. Rosemary Bowie, Phyllis Cooper, Barbate Cornell, Grace Adele Downey. Kotherlne Eichinger, Betty Giblin. Mary Hayashi. Barbara Hubley, Sylvia John- son, Mary Jones, Alice Jost, Ruby Kayer, Jean Kennedy. May Kurose, Mario Lillsjo, Mollie Maassen, Eleanor Maurer, Cleo McNulty, Hozel Meacham, Clare Nicholson, Evelyn NIeradzik, Florence Peterson, Mar- garet Rees, Harriet Richards, Ruthe Schuler, Elsie Smith, Priscilla Sparks, Frances Stein, Caroline Summerson, Lucille Ward, Michiko Watonabe. Organized for women majoring or minoring in tion Club offers both social and professional adva semblies. PRESIDENT: Florence Beam; VICE-PRESIDENT: Betty Moe; SECRE- TARY-TREASURER: Pat Ashcraft; HISTORIAN: Grace Bodley. FACULTY ADVISOR: Dorothy McLean. MEMBERS: Patricia Ashcraft, Betty Barton, Florence Beam, Harriet Becker, Barbara Behme, Grace Bodley, Dorothy Bretzke, Chorlotte Brown, Mary Bucklnqhom, Evelyn Carlson, Helen Clork. Phyllis Connor, Yvonne Donforth, Gloria Deth- mon, Minnie Emry, Julia Fint, Betty Gulon, Daphne Halley, Grace physical education, the Women ' s Physical Educa- ntages as informal dances, dinners, hikes, and as- Horrison, Phyllis Hllborn, Betty Jamison, Marianne Jonsen, liene Jenkins, Patricia Kenney, Jane Lasater, Dorothy Manley, Marybelle McGee, Betty Moe, Margaret Morgan, Josephine Neilson. Patricio O ' Hara, Ruth Porter, Dorsey Reed. Abbie Rehberg, Carol Richstod, Norma Richstod, Elsie Schoeffer, Ortho Seaman, Mavis Slettabo, Betty Smith, Gloria Stamatis, Mary Stapp, Eileen Smythe, Florence Thwing, Maiyann Waltz, Janet Ward. Helen Welgel, Joan Welch, Beverly Wight, Marjorie Youn . FIRST ROW: Ashcraft, Bar- ton. Beam, Connor. SEC- OND ROW: Guion, Jen- kins, Kenny, Slettabo, Wel- gel. luomtn ' s PHysicfiL fDucfiiiofi club 341 mmw soc Deal, president; Gi " ahn, Sage. UH Ammonii Socli is made up of chemists and chemical engineers. The organization promotes good fellowship and furthers the social activities of its members. PRESIDENT: John Deal; VICE-PRESIDENT: Fied Sage; SECRETARY- TREASURER: Ralph Grahn; CUSTODIAN OF THE DUMBELL: Paul Jensen; FACULTY ADVISOR: W. L. Beuschlein; MEMBERS: A. A. Anderson, Glen Andrews, Don Beach, Ail Beck Marvin BIckenbach, Don Chaffee, Penfield Collins, Bob Connolly, Paul Conolley, John Deal, Norbert Degendorfer, Frank DeVry, Dempster Drowley, Spencer Greaves, Ralph Grahn, Cris Gregores, Jim Hamilton, Paul Jensen, Irving Kanarek, Tom Kanno, Edwin Korpi, Bill Lewis, Milton Lewis, Verne Loop, Hal Moddock, James Mathies, Art Mitchell, John Mc- Kinnell, Harvey Menard, Dick Morris, Jack Newman, Rolvin Petrie, Eric Rotcliffe, Hal Rathvon, Ken Raymond, Fred Sage, Bob Shervem, Paul Stewart, Dick Storkan, Roland Sundstrom, Dick Van Ingen, Pete Wapato, Beinord V endrow, Sam Yonkelowitz. PRESIDENT: James Losey; VICE-PRESIDENT: Don Schmidt; SECRE- TARY: John Holtum; TREASURER: Kelly Toomey; SOCIAL CHAIR- MAN: Jim Fisher. QUI OF ADELPHI PRESIDENT: Don Kennedy; VICE-PRESIDENT: Ted Christensen; SEC- RETARY-TREASURER: Lloyd Osen; SOCIAL CHAIRMAN: Don Quackenbush. BETA MU PRESIDENT: Jim Fisher; VICE-PRESIDENT: Bruce Johnson; SECRE- TARY-TREASURER: Sig Johnson; SOCIAL CHAIRMAN: Cecil Bailey. FRATRES PRESIDENT: John Holtum; VICE-PRESIDENT: Brad Gillespie; SEC- RETARY-TREASURER: Herb Luckin; SOCIAL CHAIRMAN: Guy McForlond. HU The aim of Adelphi Is to provide fraternal and social opportunities for Independent men and to further friendship and fellowship among students. Losey, president; H o 1 1 u rr Fisher, Schmidt, Toome Kennedy. mm 342 }0 Pi Mu Chi piomotes a greater spirit of unity among pre-medic students and encour- ages a higher standard of scholarship. Mem- bership requirements include a minimum grade point average for two years of 3.1. PRESIDENT: Sid Nelson; VICE-PRESIDENT: Lowell Honey; SEC- RETARY-TREASURER: Ben Uyeno: FACULTY ADVISOR: Dr. J. L. Worcester; FACULTY MEMBERS: Dr. Frederick Cresitelll, Dr. W. Dehn, Dr. J. M. Dille, Dr. C. A. Hannum, Dr. A. W. Mortin, A. R. Morris, Dr. E. R. Norris, Dr. T. G. Thompson. MEMBERS: Sam Adams, Minoru Araki, John Bell, Wesley Brock. Dave Bools. Erwin Dailey, Stan Davis, Ralph Foster. Frank Fox. James Garvin, Lowell Honey, John Hansen, James Horgiss, Art Herstad, Norio Higono. Bryan Honkawa, Glenn Horton, BUI Hoyer, Don tddins, Valmor Joyne, Kazo Kimuro, EichI Koiwai, Jerry Kopet. Horuo Kumokura, George Kumasaka. Earl Lairison. Al Lobb, Charles Lunde. Phil Monson. Garth Mooney, Sid Nelson, Leslie Paul, Keith Pearson. Alf Pederson, Bob Richey, George Sawada, Frank Shimizu, Wes Thompson, Ben Uyeno. William Wayman. George Youngstrom. P CH oap ' T FIRST ROW: Nelson. President; Adams, Araki. SECOND ROW: Brock, Davis. THIRD ROW; Foster, Horgiss. Higano, Honkawa. FOURTH ROW; Horton, Kimuro, Kumokura. Kumasaka, Lunde. FIFTH ROW: Mathers, Mooney, Paul. Pederson. Thompson. SIXTH ROW: Uyeno, Verhulst, Way- man, Westerfield. Youngstrom. 343 insiiiuTf Of flfiioiifiuiicflL scecfs ■MttAd Bowes. President; Scheirer, So Ike, Mui ray, Oliver. ] m FIRST ROW: Bartei-, Bell, Benny, Boddy, Brendon. SECOND ROW: Cruver, Dods, Frlsbee Gould, Gionvold. THIRD ROW: Larsen, Ledbetter, McGahey, Nelson, Novo. FOURTH ROW: Rldgewoy, Robertson, Sandelius, Summers, Waite. FIFTH ROW: Weibeiq, Wing Wong. Yamasokl. JH The Institute of the Aeronautical Sciences is a national organization whose purpose is to advance the art and the science of aeronautics. The University branch is made up of jun- ior and senior students majoring in aeronautical engineering. PRESIDENT: Gerald M. Bowes; VICE PRESIDENT: Richard Scherrer; SECRETARY-TREASURER: Henry E. Soike; SENIOR REPRESENTATIVE: Donald Mur- ray; JUNIOR REPRESENTATIVE: Ray Oliver. FAC- ULTY ADVISOR: R, E. Hage. MEMBERS: George M. Baggs, Le Roy Barter, Frank Bell, Richard Benny, Lee Boddy, Gerold Bowes, Kermit Brenden, W. E. Cotter, Henry Cruver, Jules Dods, D. Erchinger, Lloyd Frisbee, Marcel Gould, Walter Gronvold, Al- vin Larsen, Girvis Ledbetter, Robert LeBeck, Vincent Loop, Merle McGohey, Donald Murray, J. Nelson, Melvln Nelson, Robert Nova, Roy Oliver, Robert Ridgway, Arthur Robertson, John Sandelius, Richard Scherrer, Henry Soike, James Summers, Fred Woile, H. Wotonobe, James Weiberg, D. Whitlow, Robert Wing, Normon Wong. Robert Yamasoki, 344 ' ' i-m fldiffiicfld insiiiyif Of [LfCTfilCflL fOGinffRS FRONT ROW, left fo rlghf: Brockman. Fosfer, LIndberg, Chrlsllonsen, Harris. Warchol, Hoqlond, chair- mon, Prof. Lindblom, counselor. Back row: Simmonds, Hekkonen. Flock, Frink, Rehkopf. Osen, Boothroyd, McDonald, lllmon. FRONT ROW: Under. Wedel, Deal, Hicks, Shipek, Nelson, Cornelius. Johnson. Bock row: Reddle, Galloway, Harrell, Wilson. Arnold. Losey, Eberstein. Bartholomew. The purpose of this society is the development of interest in the theory and practice of electri- cal engineering, and the encouragement of further affiliations with A.I.E.E. CHAIRMAN: Ralph H. Hoglund. VICE-CHAIRMAN: R. Victor Harris. SECRETARY-TREASURER: Edward J. Warchol. FACULTY: Professor R. E. Lindblom. MEMBERS: George Anderson, Rodney Boothroyd, Orlond Christensen, Clement Coffin, Garrison Deal, Donald Drake. Clyde Eberstein. George W. Paris, Warren L. Flock, John H. Foster, Russell Prink, Victor Horris, Wayne Hicks, Ralph Hoglund. Robert lllman. Willord Johnson, Max Kaminof, William Klounig, Jim Loush, William Linder, James Losey. W. E. Memeley, Charles Morrill, Y. Mukoi. Sigfred Nelson, Lloyd Osen, John Reddle, Robert Lee Simmonds, Joseph Stein. Edward War- chol, John Wedel, Chorles Wilson, Boyd Winter, Donald L. Wylie. 345 fllGIOffRlOG COUOCIL l M CM Clark, President; McAn- drew, Robertson. Murray. Jn The purpose of the Engineering Council is to promote the educationol welfore of the students of the colleges of forestry, mines, and engineering, to foster the growth of a better Washington spirit, and to aid in the development of the vocational, social, and cultural life of technology students. PRESIDENT: Hurst Clark; VICE-PRESIDENT: Joe McAndrew; SECRE- TARY: Paul Jensen; TREASURER: Edgell Robertson. FACULTY: B. T. McMinn, E. R. Wilcox. MEMBERS: Tom Auer, Harry Clark, Hurst Clark, Orland Christensen, Frank Dupar, Charles Harding, Paul Jen- sen, Eugene Loop, Joe McAndrew, Jack Mclntyre, Charles McOmber, Kenneth Merkltn, Don Murray, Roy Oliver, Edgell Robertson. nn im Zeta Mu Tau is an undergraduate mathematics honorary. It aims to promote friendship and to stimulate interest in mathematics. PRESIDENT: Robert lllman; VICE PRESIDENT: Verne Loop; SECRE- TARY: Ralph Hoglund; TREASURER. Harold Plonk. FACULTY MEM- BERS: Dr. Mary E. Holler. Dr. R. M. Winger, Dr. A. F. Carpenter. MEMBERS: Rodney Boothroyd. Gerald Bowes, V illiom Brugmon, Dar- rell Carlson. Orland Christensen, Horry Chrlstoffers, Hurst Clork, Roy Clough, Richard Cole, Eleanore Coneaux, Herman Copenhogen. Garrison Deal, Albert From, Clarke Gilbert, Martha Graham, Harold Greenfield, Betty Hawthorne, Ralph Hoglund, Robert lllman, Irving Konorek, Milton Kells, Norman Ketzloch, Irving Larson, Milton Lewis. William Lewis, Fred Linn, Verne Loop, Jomes Louie, Louronce Mc- Ewen, Jock Mclntyre. Robert McKinney, Jomes Mathles, Bar bora Miller, Ralph Miller, John Minkemo, Albert Mondt, Howard Moore, Dorothy Morrow. Judith Moulton, Yoshlaki Mukoi, Donold Murray, Bob Nokosone. Loren Neft, Ray Closon, Raymond Oliver, Frances Owen, Wesley Peorl, Raymond Petrich, J. Rolvin Petrle, Harold Plank, Robert Poison, John Potter, James Pyper, Harold Rehkopf, Gordon Sodick, Joseph Sutter, Robert Thirlwell, Mary Toribora, John Wedel, Willis Vinson, David Whitlow, William Wilkinson. Harry Yoplee. 1 - " " ' ram lllman, Hoglund, Loop, Plank ztifl mu ifiu 346 PI LflHIBDO IHUfl To fos+er professional spirit and the highest standard of scholarship and pro- fessional training, to encourage graduate work, and to stimulate research in the field of education, are the aims of Pi Lambda Theta. PRESIDENT: Morie Dunstan; VICE PRESIDENT: Mar- garet Anderson; RECORDING SECRETARY: Doris Nordstrom; CORRESPONDING SECRETARY: Ella Tappe; TREASURER: Albert Olson. FACULTY AD- VISOR: Dr. Curtis Willioms. FACULTY: Horrlet Batle, Dr. Mory Holler, Kathleen Leohy. ASSOCIATES: Kate Bell, Eliiobeth Jenks. MEMBERS: Marqaret Aitken. Margaret Anderson, Ellen Borr, Sylvia Bratrud. Carol Clute, Charlotte Crawford, Marie Dunstan. Mary Elzea, Eliiobeth Ann Greene, Mory Gruber, Carmen Gueffroy, Dorothy Gunn, Jean Hemrich, Elizabeth Jensen, Elsie Konsala, Ellen Kohler, Dorcas Lewis, Kotherine Mothews, Sollie Moore, Doris Nordstrom, Alberta Olson, Janice Richards. MyrI Senders, Helen Sohlberg, Molly Sylves- ter. Ella Toppe, Elizabeth Tisch. Harriet V yse. Duston. President }0 Phi Chi Delta is organized to promote closer Christian fellowship among Presbyterian women stu- dents and to develop leaders for the church of tomorrow. It is under the sponsorship of the West- minister Foundation. PRESIDENT: Marian McCrory; VICE PRESIDENT: Carol Nies; RE- CORDING SECRETARY AND CORRESPONDING SECRETARY: Martha Weyer; TREASURER: Nicolin Plonk; CHAPLAIN: Betty Bruce. FACULTY: Mrs. E. W. Benbow, Jeanette Bliss, Effle 1. Roitt. MEM- BERS: Betty Bannister, Betty Barton, Barbara Behme, Betty Bruce. Carolyn Bryant, Viola Coil, Eloine Campbell. Shirley Clememson, Ruth Cross, Viola Frost, Ruth Goulden, Dorothy Gunn, Betty Hawthorne, Virginia Houts, Sylvia Langdon, Lois Leahy, Virginia Long, Marion McCrory, Evelyn MacDonald, Marjorie Marinakos, Erma Mitchell, Morgaret Morgan, Ruth Neilsen, Carol Nies, Joyce Nies, Shirley Owens, LeVerne Paulson, Nicolin Plank, Phyllis Reeves, Jean Schon- born, Helen Scott, Nancy Sexsmith, Jane Stevens, Shirley Tuggle. Martha Weyer, Ruth Whipple, Marion Williams, Bette Wingrove. Colleen Yotes, Marjorie Young, Martha Young. McCrory. Bruce, Nies, Plonk. E M ff V 1 PHI CHI oaifl 347 fuyo Kfl i FIRST ROW: Inouye, Baba. SECOND ROW: Hayano. THIRD ROW: Imori, Kondo, Lindsay. FOURTH ROW: Moiinaga, Nakata, Segimoto. FIFTH ROW: Tsubol, Uchlyama, Yorozu. JU This organization is maintained to give Japa- nese girls on the campus a varied and entertaining social program. PRESIDENT: Tamako Inouye; VICE-PRESIDENT: Toshiko Hiroshige; CORRESPONDING SECRETARY: Chiyo Nakata; RECORDING SEC- RETARY: Yoshiko Uchiyama; TREASURER: Toshiko Baba; HISTORIAN: Yuri Tashima. MEMBERS: Kazuko Abe, Teruko Akagi, Donie Akimoto, Toshiko Baba, Kiyo Fuiii, Yuri Fujii, Katsuko Fujikado, Sochi Fukioge, Yuki Fukuzowa, Toyoko Hasegowa, Miye Hata, Mika Hayano, Chisoko Higuchi, Toshiko Hiroshige, Teresa Hondo, Haruko Imomuro, Matsuko Imori, Miko Inouye, Tomiko Inouye, Tuby Inouye, Sumiko Ifo, Karen Jio, Esther Kambe, Klyoshi Komikowa, Mary Kanno, Toshiko Kawoko. Aiko Kowoshimo, Chieko Kiyono, Kazue Kiyono, Yuri Kobukato, Sachiyo Ko- domo, Misako Kondo, Tamo Koriyoma, May Kuboto, June Kumokura, Horuko Kuroiwo, Alice Lindsay, June Maeda, Grace Motsumoto, Mich- iko Motsushimo, Mariorie Matsushita, Anno Mitomura, Alice Miyazawa, Marion Mizuki, Moriye Morimoto, Haruye Morinogo, Hisaye Morlnaga, Yayoi Nakagowo, Nobuko Nokamuro, Chiyo Nakata, Teru Nokato, Sachiko Nakauchi, Yukimi Nokouchi, Tomiye Nishimoto, Mary Nishimura, Toyo Nishimura, Martha NIshitani, Helen Nomura, Michiko Ogomi, Kotsu Oikowa, Amy Okabe, Chiyo Okano, Hide Okozoki, Margaret Ouchi, Mary Soto, Meriko Segimoto, MIyoshi Semba, Mabel Shigaya, Mary Shigaya, Atsuko Shimizu, Mary Shimoda, Betty Shinozokl, Fumiko Shitamae, Hazel Suguwora, Mary Suguworo, Teruko Tojitsu, Fumiko Tokono. Kmii Takatsuka,- Michiko Takimoto, Yuri Tashima, Alice Togo. Morion Tomito, Yasuko Tsuboi, Mosoko Tsuiikowa. Yoshiko Uchiyomo, Mitsue Uyeta, Groce Watanobe, Miye Yamogichi, Marie Yomogushl, Kathy Yomonichi, Atsiho Yano. Edna Yosunobu, Betty Yosunobu, Takako Yodo. Lily Yorozu, Ruth Yoshimoto. Alice Yoshioka. 348 — »% r fSt SIUDtni CLUB yf The Japanese Students ' Club is a fraternal organization for Japan- ese men students maintained to establish a social and cultural medi- um and to further individuol and group activities on the campus. PRESIDENT: Andrew Morlmoto; VICE-PRESIDENT: Tom Kanno; SECRETARY: Kazuo Shifomo; TREAS- URER: Yutaka Semba; HOUSE MANAGER: Toru Sakahora. MEMBERS: Minoiu Ooki. Minoru Araki, Henry Doty, Mitsuo Fuiita. Kiyoshi Kukano, Harry Fuklage. Tokoo Furumoto, Abraham Hogiwara, Ichiro Hasegawa, Hachiro Hashiguchi, Nasuo Ha- shiguchi. Aklro Hoyashi, Koichi Hayashi, Frank Hi- doko, Bryan Honkawa Tetsuo Iko, Keiichiro Imai, Yoichi Ito, Tom Kanno, Toyozi Katsuyama. Frank Kawashima, Michio KImura. George Kosaka, Haruo Kumakura, Robert Kumata, Takeshi Matsui, Howard Minoto, David Miyouchi, Shigeru Momoda, Andrew Morimoto, Noboru Morio, George Mukai, George ' Mukasa, Mosayuki Nagaro, Motokazu Naito, Hiro- sh! Nokoshima, Hiroyuki Nishimuro, Toshiyuki Nishi- mura. Woodrow Nishitoni, Toshio Noma, George Numafo. Ray Obazowa, Masoru Odoi, Harold Oka, Richard Okoda, Hiroto Okano, George Okamura, Moc Okozaki, Nobuo Omoto, Toru Sakohara, John Sato. Ken Sekiguchi, Yutaka Semba, Henry Shimiiu, Kozuo Shitama. Iwao Tachiyama, Nobuo Tokano, Hirosht Takei, Etsumi Takizawa, John Tanaka, Masao Uyeda. Kor Uyetake, Gene Wakobayoshi, Ben Wo- kagawa, Frank Watanobe, Howard Watanabe, Hi- roshi Yohogi, George Yamabuchi. Kiyoshi Yama- shlta, George Yano, George Yosul, Kenlchiro Yosu- da, Hideo Yasui. Tatsumi Yasul, John Yoshida, Ikuro Yo;hino, Shun Yuasa. PLEDGES: Takasuke Amabe, Wotaru Asoba, Hiroshi Eguchi, Hiroshi Fujita, Rich- ord Imoi, Sho Imori, Noboru Inamoto, Harold Ino- tomi. Victor Izul, George Hoyashi. Tsuneo Hadaka. Jack Hisayosu, Yoshiharu Honkawa. Kozuo Horita, George Koku. Kazuo Kanda, Shigeki Kaseguma, •minoru Katsuyama. Toshiyuki Koiwai, Kenzo Kurodon. Horry Matoba, Isoo Nokoshima, Shoishi Nojima, Hiroshi Odei, Taka Oka, Teiii Okano, Albert Ouchi. Sam Sakoi, Eddy Saski, Thomas Soski, Kane Senda, Tom Semba, Yoshio Tomura, Sumi Takehoro. Roy Terao. George Umemura. George Woda, Ted Wa- tanobe. Ben Yorita. FIRST ROW: Morimoto. Aoki, Araki. Second Row; Hagiwora. Hosegawo. Third Row: Honkawa, Kanno, Kumakura, Matsui. Fourth Row : Momode, Mukasa, Noma, Oko. Fifth Row: Sekiguchi, Shitamo, Yomashita, Yasuda. 349 y 111 c fl BU With a broad and varied program of social, intellectual, and religious activities, the YWCA seeks to realize a full and creative life for all women. h iMa.M FIRST ROW: Goodfellow. Agor, Campbell. Second Row: Chitten- den. Coen. Third Row: Coon, diddle, Dakon. Day. Fourth Row: Dean, Gall, Graham, Minnig. Fifth Row: Murfln, Nelson, Ostrander. Sixth Row: Ring. Stockton, Wolf. PRESIDENT: Nancy Anne Goodfellow; VICE-PRESIDENT: Marcello Minnig; SECRETARY: Marcellene Graham; TREASURER: Eugenia Campbell. MEMBERS: Kay Abbot, Louise Adams, Dorothy Agor, Patty Ajox, Marie Lulse Akers, Catherine Allen, Janet Allen, Mar- gery Anneberg. Bettie Askell, Marilynn Aughnay, Lois Atkeson, Florence Rae Bailey, Betty Batt, Mary Barnard, Betty Batchelder, Anne Beoudln, Lucille Bernson, Alice Beuschlein. Bettyrose Bloke, Shirley Blanc her. Beryl Blockshear, Beatrice Anne Boileau, Vinito Booth, Shirley Bower, Ellen Boyd, Betty Brace, Charlotte Brant, Margie Brazier, Betty Ann Bresler. Patricia Britten. Betty Bronsdon, Rowena Biotherton. Doris Jane Brown, Eleanor Brown. Joyce Lee Brown. Georgia Burmelster. Laurie Buck, Barbara Butler, Patsy Butzle, Letty Caldwell. Charlotte Campbell, Eugenia Campbell. Lynn Carpenter, Dinny Carlson, Quinn Carpenter, Morie Carroll, Dorothy Carter. Jacqueline Cedarholm, Kay Chittenden, Margaret Christens en, Gwen Clarke, Doris Clinqenpeel. Edith Clow, Helen Codington, Barbara Coen, Nancy Cole, Barbara Jean Colvin, Mildred Collins. Jean Converse, Hildur Coon, Janet Cooper. Mimt Cornei ' , Dorothy Cromei ' , Pat Crich, Jane Criddle, Violet Crowder, Carol Crumb, Barbara Custard, Emma Jane Dakan. Carolyn Dan- iels, Betty Donlelson, Mary Jane Darling. Patricia Davis. Margaret Davidson. Elaine Davis. June Day. Eriine Doymude, Margaret Dean, Dorothy Depue, Jane Dickerman, Yosette Dobson. Kay-dee Drake, Mory Durning, Frances Eberle, Ruth Edwards, Ann Eichelberger, Elizabeth Eshelman, Joy FInrow. Elaine Fisher, Jacklyn Fisher. Jeanne Flaten, Lois Floe, June Foriest, Mary Ellen Fochon, Isobelle Froter, Helen Froberg, Elizabeth Gall, Fa ye Gorber, Cleo Garber. Mary Garvey, Helen Gaston, Elolse Giblett. Nancy Gilbert, Cherry Gil- mour, Phyllis Gober, Catherine Goodfellow, Nancy Anne Good- fellow. Jo Goodspeed. Marjorie Gracey, Josephine Graham, Mar- cellene Graham, Margaret Gray, Florence Gustofson. Marjorie Hall, Virginia Haines. Kathleen Haines, Charlotte Hall. Constance Hallldoy, Ruth Honowalt, Mary Honey, Joan Hanfeld, Carol Han- sen, Beth Hareus, Gertrude Horlnqa, Morion Hortwich, Virginia Hasselo, Nancy Hawkins, Lois Hawthorne, Mary Sue Henry, Donna Hine, Marjorie Hodges, Betty Holliday. Potty Horlck. Jean Holm- gren, Margaret Hope, Dorothy Hovey, Virginia Hummer, Horriet Hunter, Marguerite Hutchinson, Phyllis Hyde, Jean Jared, Connie Johnson. Grace Johnson, Marjorie Dole Johnson, Nancy Johnson, Barbara Johnston. Althea Jones, Florence Mary Jones, Gloria Joy, Jane Julian, June Keithly, Helen Kennedy, Dorothy Kinney, Betty Kitzinger. Sara Kunz, Faith Larsen, Virginia Lotto, Ruth Lauber, Helene Lawson, Elinor Laudan, Marilyn Lecke, Ruth Lee, Corley Leggett, Marion Levisee, Doris Leurs, Erieen Lewis. Edith Lobe, Pat Lohr, Celia Lucas. Carolyn Luther, Barbara Lyman, Virginia Mo- honey. Florence Malmo. Virginia Marlatt, Marjorie Mason. Ann Mothlew, Marjorie Matthews, Patricia MocDonell. Marilyn McDon- ald, Doris McEachran, Jeanne McKinnell, Jean McKinney. Marianne MacLeod, Mary McNamara, Kotherine McNoughton. Shello Mc- Neill, Marylou Masengo, Harriet Moybee. Eleanor Moyne, Jean Ral Mas. Mary Merner, Janice Miller. Nancy Miller, Marcello Min- nig, Vernice Monsey. Patricio Moen, Marlon Dee Morgan, Louise Morrison. Margaret Morrison, Betty Mullen. Morlem Murfin, Chiyo Nokota, Janet Nelson, Margaret Nichols, Kathleen O ' Hare. Verlle Olson. Margaret Ohmon. Patricio Osborne. Dolores Osgood, Mar- garet Ostrander,- Gweneth Owen, Lois Parker. Kotherine Parrott, June Pettibone, Helen Phillips. Nancy Philips, Jeonnette Phillips, Barbara Pomeroy, Lois Preston, Jeanne Porter, Phyllis Quiqiey, Mary Jo Romaker, Catherine Rees, Mary Rile, Bobble Rhodes, Sh ' riey Robertson, Ruth Robins. Allys Robi nson, Elinor Rooks. Helen Rich- ardson. Marilyn Ryan, Eleanor Ring, Ruthonna Saer, Laurel Saul, Jackie Schaetiel, Marjorie Schenck, Phyllis Scott, Shirley Shofer, Jean Shoff, Norma Shumway, Kay Skinner. Virginia Slate, Elizabeth Smith, Marjorie Smith, Patricio Smith, Ruth Smith, Morclo Snopp, Kathleen SobieralskI, Evelyn Soules. Margo Spargo, Winifred Sprogue, Gloria Stamotis, Vivian Steele, Norlne Steenbergen. Fay Steinseifer, Elaine Stephens, Marian Stewart, Alice Stockton, Mary Stuchell, Betty Studeboker, Gerdo Straus, Pat Sullivan, Austie Sund- berg, Jeanette Susted, Patricio Sutton, Florence Swonstrom, Gloria Sweet, Jonet Tober. Marquerit Tonnler, Kotherine Taylor, Eleanor Terry, Phlllie Thiel, Shlrli Thomas, Annette Thompson, Betty Thomp- son, Marjorie Thompson, Marilyn Tlsdole, Virginia Tomlinson, Doris Totten, Catherine Towne, Mildred Townsend, Ursula Trueblood, Mar- garet Tupper. Bettie Turrell, Lola Uddenbero, Catherine Umphrey, Roberta Utterback, Marjorie Von Soelen. Elaine Vert, Lee Vinol, Hope Wade, DeLoyne Walton, Bette Anne Warner, Barbara Wa- terman, Dorothy Wear, Kathleen Wetherby, Miriam Wheeler, Molly Whelon, Gloria Whietsel, Patsy Whitsmore, Dorrle Wilkes, Nevo Willett, Barbara Williams, Marjorie Williams. Jean Williamson, Willadeen Willis, Constance Wilson, Edith Wilson, Elaine Wilson, Donna Wilson, Morqie Windom. Helen Winslow. Lorraine Wise. Pa- tricia Wiswell. Catherine Wormser, Adeline Wriqht, Betty Wylle, Jerrie Wolf. Virginia Wold, Collene Yates, Bettie Jean Yeo. Lily Yuri Yorozu. 350 yj.cj. FIRST ROW: Hiraboyoshi, Jock Merner. President, Okuda. Bostrum. SECOND ROW: Mokino, Seeley. Burn. Fukushimo. THIRD ROW: Becker. Chltfenden. Rose. Von Mason. FOURTH ROW: Jim Merner. Woodbury, Williams. 0 The Y. M. C. A. IS a fellowship of students and faculty who desire to discover for themselves the higher ideals of Christian living and service, and to have a part in making these ideals operate on the campus and throughout the world. PRESIDENT: Jack Merner; VICE-PRESIDENT: Bert Bostrom; SECRE- TARY: Kenji Okuda. MEMBERS: Albert Ax. Paul Anderson. George Athans, Victor Becker, Paul Benjamin. Royal Bisbee. Bert Bostrum, George Boynton, North Burn, James Chambers. John Chittenden, Stuart Currle, Harry Dewey, Jock Duitch, Gerald Dunlop, Agapito Fobunan, Toshiyuki Fukushima, John Fuller. Bob Hessemer, Norio Higano, Gordon Hiraboyoshi. William Hoekendorf, Horry Knowlton, Dick Krogh, George Leadbetter, Bob Lee, Lawrence Lee. Dick Lock- man, Bob Luther. Jock Merner. Jim Merner. David Miyauchl. Tom Musselman, P. W, Muthanno, Charles Moore, William Moklno. Selkl William Noro, Kenji Okuda, Leonard Paine, Horold Paulson, Horry Pitzer, Robert Rose, Eddy Saski. Ralph Seoton, Frank Seeley, Robert Shea. Hardy Shiomi, Charles Shiremon, Rolph Simonds, David Smith, Donald Smith. Dave Soyat, Kazou Toda, Tom Tomuro, Edward Van Mason. Howard Wantanabe. Bill Wills, Walter Woo, Robert Yoma- uchi, Will Yasutake, Bill Young. 351 f 8 B counc Walderhaug, Corcoran, Davis, El- der, Holden, Hulberf. Klinkham, Kozicki, Lindsay, Mitchell, Mozee, Myland, Osen, E. Smith, N. Smith, Sweet, Yamashifa. flu The function of the council Is to coordinate the activities of all the groups in the college of Eco- nomics and Business. Selected on the basis of high scholarship and activity, members are chosen by the faculty and actives. PRESIDENT: Albert Walderhaug; VICE PRESIDENT: Donald Osen; SECRETARY: Elolse Mozee; TREASURER: Maishall Hulbert. FAC- ULTY ADVISOR: Stephen D. Biown. MEMBERS: Geoige Bcccus, James Corcoran, Allan Davis. Eleanor Eldei " , Doyle Fowler, Lalla Holden, Marshall, Hulbert, Betty Klinkham, Jeonnette Kozicki, Ben- jamin Lindsay, Hugh Mitchell, Eloise Mozee, Melvin Myland, Donald Osen, Edwin Smith, Norman Smith, Wlllord Smith. John Sweet. Albert Walderhaug, Kiyoshi Yamashita. PRESIDENT: Nora Pernlconi; VICE PRESIDENT: Marian Conroy; SECRETARY TREASURER; Genevieve Chrobuck. MEMBERS: Marie Concannon, Morion Conroy, Genevieve Chrobuck, Helen McCan Beatrice Nelson, Nora Pernlconi. Genevieve Russell. flu Newman Hall is maintained as a place for Catholic women on the campus to live, but non-Cath- olics are welcome to board there. The group sponsors social functions each Friday for women in the house, and each quarter gives a dance. Perniconi. Conconnon. Chrobuck. McCann. Nelson. 352 .r SIGfllfl tPSILOn SIGdlfl Jocobsen, President; Mari- nakos, Cooper. Shanafelt, Skomfer. P w i n " 7 t p t £} fj " . L 9 ttL }lff Sigma Epsilon Sigma encourages and promotes high scholarship among freshmen women in all branches of learning. Membership requirements include a 3.5 grade average for the freshman year. PRESIDENT: Janet Jacobsen. VICE-PRESIDENT: Morjorie Morlnakos. TREASURER: Anne Shanafelt. SECRETARY: Joyce Cooper. HISTOR- IAN: Carmen Skamfer. ADVISOR: Mortho J. Nix. ASSISTANT AD- VISOR: Alleto M. Gillette. HONORARY MEMBERS: Mary I. Bosh, H. B. Densmore. Florence B. Wilson. William R. Wilson. MEMBERS: Toshiko Boba. Peggy Bolley, Shirley Anne Clemenson, Catherine Cobb, Betty Cooper. Joyce Cooper, Imogene Coughlin. Jane Criddle, Emma Jane Dakan. Joy Dethman. Eleanor Elder, Pat Fall. Sally Fisher, Edith Floyd, Lillian Ford. Kiyo Fuji, Mariko Fujioka, Clarie Garlick. Miriom Geisendorfer, Lydla Georges. Martha Graham, Mercedes Greenwood, Mary Haig, Shirley Holverson, Geroldine Hansen, Bev- erly Hoctwig. Doris Hotlen. Joan Hatton, Joan Hovel, Pot Hedrick. Julia Hilts. Sherlee Hooker, Jone Izzard, Grace Jack, Janet Jacob- sen, Claire Johnson, Cleone Johnson, Mcrcella Kalina, Doris Kells, Nancy Kerr, Barbara KIncaid. Kazue Kiyono, June Leet, Evelyn Lord, Barbara Lymon, Winona McKeniie, Jean McKinney, Harriet Mod- dock, Morjorie Martnakos, Jean Montgomery, Shirley Owen, Lorraine Peterson, N.Jeanne Porter. Phyllis Rader. Orrel Riffe. Louise Robinson. Norma Jean Rogers, Louise Schmidt. Helen Scott. Anne Shonofelt, Patricia Shannon, Janice Sheldon. Carmen Skamfer. Carol Smith, Yuri Toshimo. Louisa Taylor, Virginia Taylor. Charlotte Anne Thomp- son, Alice Togo, Phyllis Turnure, Virginia Voeks, Hedvig Zagar. yt Mu Phi Epsilon aims to advance music, to promote friendship, and to cooperate with important national and civic music movements. Requirements are a 3.1 grade average and musical ability. PRESIDENT: Mory Gruber. V I C E P R E S I D E N T: Ruth Osboin. RE- CORDING SECRETARY: Mary Duining. CORRESPONDING SEC- RETARY: Genevieve Bradley. TREASURER: Marybeth Harris. HIS- TORIAN: Cfile Aokl. MEMBERS: Chle Aokl, Genevieve Bradley, Sylvia Biatrud. Helen Campbell, Marjorle Douglass, Mary Durninq, Mary Grub er. Alice Hardin, Maybeth Harris, Imogene Horsley, Ruth McLeod, Alberta Olson, Ruth Osborn, Pefronella Renting, Anna Sol- berg, Bernice Stusser. Cecilia Stroessler. Gruber, President; Bradley, Durninq, Harris. Osborn. fPsiLon 353 STUDffllS ' COOPffiflllVf fl i •». T v J IT fy f f ikidt i is S-S FIRST ROW: Appelo. Ayei-, Bollmon, Boyer, Cameron, Conrad. SECOND ROW: Crawford, Crosslond, Dahl, Daniels. Dettmer, Fossum. THIRD ROW: Garrison, Gil- bert, Goranson, Gove. Horpole, Heusser. FOURTH ROW: Johnson, Jones, Leith, Level, Lotfes, Martell. FIFTH ROW: McCauley, McConnacliie, Miller, Morello, Mui-fln, Nokogawa. SIXTH ROW: Newcomer, Orrfelt, Palmer, Poole, Putman, Rich- ards. SEVENTH ROW: Schader, Selfert, Sherlie, Simonsen, Sustad, Sweeny, EIGHTH ROW: Swenson, Terralt, Tornbom, Ver+rees, Wakefield, Winkels. Winter. 1 J fll ini Purpose: To provide through co- operative living means for college students to develop their intellectual and social capacities to the fullest ex- tent. PRESIDENT: Robert Scott. VICE-PRESIDENT: Curtis Aller. MANAGER, SECRETARY-TREASURER: Ern- est Conrad. BOARD OF DIRECTORS: Curtis Aller, Carlton Appelo, Douglas Campbell, Jim Garrison, Moriem Murfin, Louis Quigley, Orrel Riffe. Robert Scott. Jeonette Sustod. ADVISORY BOARD: H. B. Densmore, Frank Warner, Vernon Dotson. E. R. Rom- bauer. House Officers: SHERWOOD HOUSE PRESIDENT: Reglno Hoover. SECRETARY-TREAS- URER: Jean Mathews. SYNADELPHIC PRESIDENT: Nettie Jean Ross. SECRETARY-TREAS- URER: Frances Collow. MacGREGOR HOUSE PRESIDENT: Stan Conrad. SECRETARY-TREAS- URER: Wallace McLaughlin. ROFCRE HOUSE PRESIDENT: George Winkels. VICE-PRESIDENT: Jim Garrison. SECRETARY-TREASURER: Joe Gil- bert. 354 PRt-fUfDICS CLUB Adorns, Moe. The Pie-Medics Club was established in 1918 to enable students to hear prominent physicians speak and create a closer fellowship among medical students. PRESIDENT: Allan Lobb. VICE-PRESIDENT: Som Adams. SECRETARY- TREASURER: Olive Moe. FACULTY: Dr. J. L. Worchester. A. R. Nor- ris. MEMBERS; Sam Adams, Minoru Araki, Morgoret Arase, Arthur Bonks, David Boals, Bruce Bushord, Max Conover. Russell Cox, For- rest Foster, Jock Fullerton, James Georges, Robert Haglund, James Horgiss. Mika Hayano, Bette Henriksen. Henry Itol, Etsue Kajiworo. Alvin Katsmon, Norman King, Eichi, Koisai, Kenjo Kuroda, Marlon Lorsen, Floyd Levin, Allan Lobb, Word Lynch, Robert Mogallon, Al- fred Malak, Dougald McLeon, Albert Mills, Olive Moe, Ivan O ' Lane. Eugene Pierce, Don Schmidt. Pat Scott, Arthur Sloyer, Dionne Steel- man, John Strom, George Tokono. Shirley Ann Thometz, Wesley Thompson, Vernon Thompson, Robert Tompkins, Kozuko Umino, Daniel Vaughan. The purpose of Newman Club Is to form a center of Catholic culture at the University; to bring into common fellowship all Catholic students on the campus; to strengthen their spiritual life; and to assist the university in every way possible. PRESIDENT: Mary Elizabeth Kenevan. FIRST VICE-PRESIDENT: Kelly Toomey. SECOND VICE-PRESIDENT: Vincent Bammert. RECORD- ING SECRETARY: Morion Conroy. CORRESPONDING SECRETARY: Nora Perniconi. TREASURER: Virginia Legoz. ASSISTANT TREAS- URER: Michael Rector. MEMBERS: Aubrey Albright, Clarence Alli- son, Ray Baker, Vincent Bammert, Philip Brinck, Bill Brugman, Gene- vieve Chrobuck, Marie Concannon, Marion Conroy. George Corti. Mary Cramer, Abner DeFelice, Mary Durnlng. John Dotson, Barbara Fallon, Robert Fussner, Virginia Gerhard, Barbara Good, Marie Gross, Emmo Grubhom, Frank Hemmen, Jack Hemmen, Roy Jepsen, Betty Kenevan, Virginia Legaz, Vera Littel, Dorothea McCaffrey, Harriet Meehon. Bea Nelson, Nora Periconi, Bernodine Plamondon, Michael Rector, Bob Rolfe, Loretta Schuler, Homo Smith, Jordan Smith, Helen Sprogue, Jack Sullivan, Henry Thompson, Anna Timbers, Kelly Toomey, Bill Tower, Rose Tropeo, Gloria Vlllota, Edward Warchol, Mary Wer- nette, Poul Wlatrak. Ben Yett. Kenev an, President; Legoi, Perniconi, Rector, Toomey lHHIfln CLUB 355 m m u n fl ft IHf ROyflL fflUllLy THESE ARE THE TOPS ... IN CANDIDS AND COEDS . . . SCENES AND QUEENS, PICKED FOR BEAUTY . . . TAKE A LOOK AT THE CANDIDS .AND CALL UP THE COEDS ■t -i- eei-t March 5, 1942 Tyee Staff 108 Lewis Hall, University of Washington, Seattle, Washington. Dear Staff: Didn ' t realize wnat glamour girls the G-reat Pacific Northwest could produce until it came time to Judge the Tyee Queens. Hats off to the University of Washington for such beautiful coeds. Here ' s hoping my selection meets with the approval of the campus and you have my best wishes for the most successful Tyee ever. Cordially, — Creorge 3. Petty, SUNSET RIDGE RDAD AT COUNTRY LANE. NDRTHBRDDK, tLLINO When deciding how to pick out the Tyee Queens this year, the staff felt that o man with an eye for beauty should have the job. So we asked Mr. Petty. To select the girls for him to judge, we canvassed oil our friends for the names of the girls who in their opinion were the most queenly. Because there seems to be on abund- ance of beauties on our campus, we took a poll with members of the stoff voting. The winners had their pictures taken and sent to Mr. Petty, who ranked them as follows: 358 359 361 l- B " 362 y 364 f 3i5 u 367 1 i .V. ' P ' " ■-• ' " " ° " ' -.0 o « n (■ ' « P " ibiafy 368 1. Jim McGuiie moving up in the world. 2. An optimist— he tries it fully clothed. 3. Olin Lee and Dick Baer take no chance — they wear proper swimming attire. 4. It ' s tun to dance, but Friti Roth, Jim John- ston, and Ray Munson like to intermission for a while. 5. Olin Lee dons his garb and begins to chop, chop, chop. Af ' --M. uu 6. These foiesfeis really hove " pull. " 7. " And more pull. " 8. Dick Baer " rolls over " to make room for Ken Beil. 9. Wally Cameron just rolls over. 10. Rear view of a woodchopper at work. 11. " The Woodchoppers ' Brawl " LAM. ■■ i r Botany trippers on skyline hike in Waterfon National park. Some of the students stop to view falls in Jasper Na- tional park. Students stopped to climb around on Columbia ice fields. Caravan stopped to enjoy lunch. Benny the Butch, who turned out to be Minnie the Mooch. rber Frances Brooks working on customer John Put- nam. Margaret Dyar doing reference work — identifying a willow. Chad Karr fixes a tire while the rest of the class looks on. Botanists in " class " — Prof. Hitchcock using the black- board on the side of the food supply truck. Prof. Hitchcock lends a helping hand to students. Three of the students resting between classes. " Bow down to Washington " — the class collects speci- mens for the University. ik - s CS ' -.Jii 1 ' i CSCSSESSOaBEi Bomny thip innifliio ' Wmgswea+e.. Jd be a double 1 • « iov airplanes — ' - 2 Looking +01 " k chaser. , Jacobsen make lutt 3. sr.m Somerve 11 and Han-Y on the Ubrary steps. •elWmen- " AYe.«Ve. sii " ■■- ' " SSlS? ' KEEP ' fm flUdG THIS IS IT . . . THE FINAL CURTAIN . . . WITH JUST THE ENCORE OF INDEX AND ADS COM- ING UP ... WE HOPE YOU LIKE THE BOOK . . . THANKS FOR LOOKING IN , . . . . -J u Z o z t 5 O J= c D 2 c DC o ■- C O E O c -a c c o 00 c •c y ■5 o o a O U I ) H o u. tin CD o p: H 5 HH ? ;: h INDEX Alilioi. Allison. 256 Al)liott. Kiiy. 350 Ahboti. Keith. 277 A he. Kazuko. 337. 34S Abel. BaiMiara. 251 Abel. Don. 43. 274, 282 Abrahamson. Carolyn, 264 Abrahamson. Mary Ann. 43. 335 A -aeia. 276 A Capella Choir, 118 Acena. X ' ernard .A., S3 Adair. Joe, 2S4 Ailanis, Bruce, 324 Adams. Harold. 21 Ad.ims. Henrietta M., s 1 , 339 Adams, .lack, 72. 279, 2ilfi Ailams. Lois, 267. 337 Adams. Louise, 250, 299 350 Adams, Norma, 265 Adams, Sam, 43, 343, 355 Adams, .Sylba Lee. 263 Ailelphi. 342 Aners. kibert D.. 279. 32!i. 329 Asnew. I ' oppy, 109, 256, 33S AKiir, Dorothy, 43, 260, 320. 350 Ahrens. Jov. 43. 253 Aiken. Wally. 138 Airth, Annabelle. 242 Aitken. Marsaret. 347 Ajax. I ' attv. 255, 350 Akafii. Teruko, 34.S Akers, Marie Louise, 2611. 350 Akimoto. Dorrie. 348 Aklvama. Jane. 340, 341 AlbaiiKh. Omah. 2.54 AlberK:. Thomas. 43 Albert. DoUKlas. 2S7 Albertson. Iluth. 241, 219 Albright. Audrev. 355 Alderman. Bis.sel. 286 Alderson. Winona. 251 Alexatider. Charles, 138 Alexander, GeorKe, 306 Alexander, Malvln. 43, 290 Alexander. Marsaret. 33. 36. 244. 265. 30S. 322 Alexander. Pat. 265 Alexander. Yvonne, 43 Alford. Maxine. 43. 269. 270 Alhadeff. David. 79 Allen. Catherine, 259 350 Allen. Janet. 43. 320, 350 Allen, Jidin. 13S, 295 Allen. Lloyd. 43 Allen. Mary. 337 Allen, Tom, 30. 289. 323. 325 Aller. Curtis. 82. 112, T13, 354 Allison, Rernice, 253 Allison, Rettv, 43, 260, 335 Allison, Clarenee. 355 Allison. Doiiilhv, 43 Allison. DouRlas. 283 Allyn. Don. 43 Almquist. Phvllis, 252, 337 Alpha Chi OmcKa, 242 Alpha Delta I ' i, 243 Alpha Delta Phi. 277 Alnha Delta Sisma. 334 Ahih.T Kpsilon Phi. 244 Alpha (lamma Delta, 245 Alpha Kappa Psi. 333 Alpha Omioron Pi, 246 All)ha Phi. 247 Aliiha . " isma Phi. 278 Alpha Tau Delta. 341 Alidia Tau Omega. 279 Alpha Xi Delta. 248 Altman. 324 Ahvay. Betty. 267 Amabe. Takasnke. 349 Ambrose, Frances. 250 Ainende. .Scottv. 149. 250 Am. Inst, of Kleo. Rng.. 345 Ames. Colonel. 2.S0 Amick, Helen. 252 Ammonii . Socii. 342 Amos. Murray. 301 Amyes. Soule. 282 Ander.son. . . A., 342 Anderson. Am, ' . 43 .Vniierson. .Art. 2S5 Anderson, . rvid. 43. 84 .Anderson. Barbara. 256 Anderson. Bettv. 34, 253, 359 . nderson. Bob, 43, 280, 290, 330, 32S Aniierson, Carl U.. 328 Anderson. David. 324 Anderson. Dick. S2. 212. 290 Ander.son. Edward G., 43. 326. 328 .Anderson. Kugene. 280 Anderson, Kvelyn, 255 .Anderson, Oartlner, 2S7 Anderson, George, 328, 345 Anderson, Gerr.v, 250 -Anderson, Jane. 43 Anderson. Jean. 26t; Anderson. Julia, 252 Anderson, Lucille, 340 .Anderson, Margaret. 347 Aniierson. Marv Jane, 264 .Anderson, Myrtle, 43 Anderson. Nels. 292 Anderson. Paul. 351 Anderson, Ralpli. 43. 2.S6 .Anderson, lioy, 195, 213, 280 .Anderson, Russell, 296 .Anderson, Sherlie, 125, 253 Anderson, Mrs. S. K.. 81 -Ander.son. Victoria, 81 Andrew, Jane. 268 Andrews. Kileen. 337 Andrews, Fred, 324 Andrews, Glendon, 43. 84. 342 .Andrews. Jerry, 306, 323 Andrews, Joe, 331 -Andrews. Muriel. 26S .Angel. Bob. 79 .Anneberg, Margery. 260. 350 Aoki. Chie, 353 ,Aoki. Minoru. 43. 349 -Appelo, Carlton. 354 -Appy. Jerrv. 57. 105 -Araki. Minoru. 43, 343. 349. 355 Arase. Margaret, 43, 339, 3.55 -Archabal. Dan. 298 Archer. Nancv. 263 Arden. Hugh. 282. 366 Arenton. J,ames. 104 Argue. Marijane. 43. 256 Armstrong, Lewis, 319 .Arndt. Jack. 290 Arnold. Xorman. 43 Arnold. Pat. 242 .Armdd. Wright, 173. 280 .Arthum. Richard. 324 -Asaba. Wataru. 349 Ash. .Abe, 297 .Ashcraft. Pat. 270. 341 -Ashcim. Lestei-. SI .Ashton. Charles. 2S7 -Ashton. Marth:i. 255 -Askell. Bettic. 129. 242. 350 Askren. Tom. 296 ASrW Officials. 26 Athans. George. 43. 160. 198, 321. 330, 351 Atkeson. Lois. 43. 24S 350 Atkinson, Kmma T.uc ' . 263 .Atkinson. Jav. 2S3 .Attlesey. Betty. 268. 337 .Atwater. Tom, 43. 277 Auer, Tom. 138. 346 -Aughnav. Marilvn. 248 350 Aurenheimei-. -August. 216 Aust. Kenneth. 2S1 Aust. Phvllis, 337 Austin Hall. 263 -Austin. Gerrv, 172, 280, 324 -Austin, Peggy, 43, 256 -Avery, Bob. 279 -Avev. Quentin. 43. 2S7 AWS Cabinet. 33 . x, -Albert. 351 -Aver, Klaine. 43. Ms .Aver. Leslie. 278, 321 B Baba. Toshiko, 348, 353 Baccus, George. 278, 328, 333, 352 Bachelor, lOlinor, 255 Bachman, Rosalie, 268 Bacon, Kennel, 324 Bacon, Virginia, 256 Bacon, William, 299 Bailraun, Warren, 40 Haer, IJick, 370 Baetke, Caroline. 43, 337, 339 Baggs, George M., 344 Hagley, Fern, 335 Bagley, Lorraine, 338 Bailey, Cecil, 342 Bailer, Florence, 15 ' .i, 350 Bailey, Peggy, 265, 337, 353 l!aillie, William, 302 liiiird. Robert, 279 Baisingei-, Donald 11., .S3 Baker, Joanne, 259 Baker, Neil, 288 Baker, Neldiimae, 43, 263 Baker, Ra -, 355 Kaker, Suiiv. 101, 253 Kiikun. Ma ' rv. 43 Kalkcma, Ruth, 80, 105, 320 Ball, Robert, 325 Ballard, Jean. 254, 311 Ballatine, John P.. 81 Ballingcr. Lee. 2SS Balmer, Jeanne, 256, 388 Halmer, Thomas, 18 Bammert. Vincent, 355 Band, 116 Bandy. Barbara. 43. 270 Bank, Margaret. 340 Baldvsnn. Doug. 302 BaiLiU ' r. Albert H.. S3 Banister. Betty. 347 Barber, I ' ugene, S3 Barber, Leon, 43, 326, 328 Barber, Winifred, 339, 340 Barclay, Dave, 209. 288 Barde, ' fed. 305 Barden, Willys, 43 Barker, Doreen, 249 Barker, Marguerite. 249 Barkost. I.onaine, 264 Barksdale, Julian. SI Barmey. Ruth. 341 Barnard, Marv. 98. 251, 350 Barnes, Jack. 284, 297 Barnetl, Kli ' .abeth, 263 Barnett. Florence. 258 Barnetl. Ridiert. 2S9 Barney. Ruth. 340 Baron. Lenla. 43 B.aron. Ma ' er. 305 Bar. Chris, 198 Bar, Captain KricHl, 326 Barr, I ' lllcn. 347 Barrett. Anabel. 249 Barrett. Robert, 163. 167. 289 Barron, .Tack. 295 Barron. .Tnhn. 195 Barros. Jack. 210. 324 Barros, Moi ' lon. 210. 324 Barry. Helen. 249 Barta. Frank. 43. 83. 84 Bartels. Robert, 82 Barter, LeRov, 43, 344 Bart hen, Carol, 243 Bartholic. George, 295 Barllett, George, 299 Bartlett. Morgan. 189 Barto. Carolvnc. 43. 253 Barton. Betty, 264, 341, 347 Barton, John. 299 Barton. William. 291. 324 Bash, Marv 1.. 81. 3.53 Basnight. Wiliam, 290 Basse. Edward. 43. 333 Batchelder. Betty. 259, 350 Bateman, Jean. 265 Bates. Adelle. 256 Bates. -Alan. 321 Bates, Douglas. 325 Bates. Klizabeth. 340 Bates, Lola. 43. 271 Batie. Harriet. 347 Batlev. Robert. 286 Ban. Bettv. 350 Bait. Harry. 190 Batzle. Patricia. 255 Bauer, CIta, 247 Bauer, Eva, 337 Bauer, Merelyn, 268 Barmann, Carolgail, 242 Baumeister, Theodore, 43, 32S, 332 Baumgarten, Jay, 299 Baumgartener, Gloria, 271 Bausano. Jean, 245 Baxley, Barbara, 247 Baxley, Mary, 247, 337 Bayerd, Frank, 296 Baz. Paul, 290 Baz, Walter, 290 Beach, Barbara, 252, 337 Beach, Donald, 84, 342 Beal, Maude L., 81 Beall, Estelle, 266, 337 Beam, Florence, 227, 341 Beam, Marjorie, 265 Beardslev, Arthur S., 81. 2S7 Beardsley, Bettv, 43, 259, 336 Beardslev, Wallace. 287 Beatty, Bruce. 43 Beaudin. Anne. 125 Beaudin. Joseph. 304 Beaulieu, Dorothy, 340, 341 Beaumont, Dr. Ross A., 81 Beck. Artliur. 43. 342 Beck. Marie. 271 Becker, Ann Janette, 34. 36. 148. 253 Becker. Fred. 302 Becker, Harriet, 218, 226 Becker, Richard, 43, 197 Becker, Victor, 351 Bednarik, -Adeline, 264 Bednarz, 271 Bedgisoff, Vera, 270 Beebc, Alfied H., 328 Beebe, Ray. 291 Beede. Marjorie. 260 Beeler. Baibara. 340 Beernick. Rav, 290 Bidunc, Barbara, 341, 347 Beliidie, Bob, 204, 288 Behr, Richard, 43, 301 Beil, Kenneth, 43, 290 Beisiot, Pete. 187 Belas . Norton. 305 Bell. Betty, 43. 245 Bell. Frank. 43. 34 4 Bell. John. 343 Bell. Kate. 347 Bell. Morgan. 304 Bell. Robert. 290 Bell. Ted. Ill Belles. Roger. 137. 293 Bellman. .August. 43 Belote. Jim. 198 Belshaw. Roland. 321 Benbow. lO. W.. 347 Bendix, l- ' loi-ence, 43, 245 Benedict, Helen, 260 Bengston, Clarence, 300 Benham, Allen R., 81, 293 Benish. Bill. 293 Benjamin, Paul. 351 Beid s. Arthur. 355 Benner. Hudson. 43. 328 Bennett. Barbara. 249 Bennett. Bfdj. 302 Bennett. 287 Bennington. Melvin, 2S5 Bennion, Gordon, 106, 29S Bennion, Peggy, 249 Benny. Richard, 43. 344 Benson, Bernice, 337 Benson, H. K., 300 Benson. Edna. 336 Benson. Kathrvn E.. 81 Benscm. Merritt F... 293 Bentley. Lucille. 270 Benton. Bruce. 290 Benton. Mary. 252 Benz. Bruce,,199 Berenson. Shirley. 258 Beretta. Vvonne. 98. 242 Berg. Elmer. 171. 321. 330 Berg, Florence Ann, 255 Berg, Hildegard, 43 Berg, Paul. 282 Berg. Pauline. Kis. 338 Berg. .Sylvia, 41, 340 Berger. Martin, 43 Bergen n, Robert, 296 Bergman, Virla. 43, 340 Berlin. Barba:a Jean. 43. 250 Berliner. Nancy. 244 Bernbaum. Phyllis. 244 Berner. Richanl. 296 Bernnard. Ruth. 43. 227 Berns. Chief J. L., 209 Bernson. Lucille. 350 Bernstein. Suzanne, 43. 244 Beriiuist, Norma, 335 Berry, Corvell, 299, 323 Berry, Lois. 259 Bertch, Bonnie Jean, 252 Best, Robert, 43, 298 Beta Alpha Psi, 333 Beta Gamma Sigma. 82 Beta Theta Pi. 280 Betts, Ray. 277 Beuschleln. Alice. 125. 243. 337. 350 Beuschle, n. W. L.. 342 Beuttner, Betty. 337 Biani hi. George, 329 Bibb, Robert, 112, 2S5 Bibby, Muriel, 43. 252 Bice. Dorothy. 250 Bickenbach. Marvin. 342 Biehl. Winifred. 253 Bier. Marianne. 106, 108, 267 Biesat, Peter, 43, 293. 331 Bigby. Dean F., 274. 328 Bigelow. William. 290 Biggs. -Arlene. 271 Biglin. Robert. 2s4 Bingav, James. 28. 40. 43. 61, 2 74. 308. 32S Binghatn, Charles. 212. 286 Bingham. Quincv. 173. 2S6 Binzer. Marv .Ann. 265 Birchfield. Charles. 213 Birchfield. Marv Helen. 35 Bird. Bettv. 254 Bird. B d). 179, 211. 213, 280 Bird, Virginia, 35, 259 Bird. W. W.. 114 Birley. Jean. 263. 337 Bishee. Royal. 202. 351 Bishop. -Alexander. ISC. 277. 331 Bishop, Marv -Ann. 247 Bila?-. Paul. 138 Blttman. Leila. 242 Bixbv, John. 135 Bjorklund. Vern. 279 Blachlv. Frank. 43 Black. Brvce. 43. 274. 2S3 Black. Marjorie. 256 Black. Patricia. 260 Blackaby. .lim. 279 Blackford. .Sallv-bruce. 43. 227. 254 Blackshear. Bervl. 241. 243. 350 Blackstock. Clav. 74. 288 Blackstock. Mrs. H. W. 307 Blackstock. Peggv. 43. 251 Blair. Donald. 324 Blaisdell. Waranna. 45 Blake. Bettvrose. 350 Blake. Damon, 213 Blakelev, Robert W.. 32s Blanchard, Pauline, 340 Blanche!-, Shirlev. 248 350 Blang -, Grace, 241, 250. 337 Blecken. Bill. 199. 290 Bleichner, Betty. 265 Bliss. Jeannete, 339, 347 Block, Jav. 282 Blom. Dan. 112. 319. 321 Blum. Becky. 254 Blumenthal. Priscilla. 244 Blumenthal. A ' ione. 337 Blunck, Jack. 172 Boals. David. 329. 331. 343. 355 Board of Finance. 29 Board of Regents, IS Boas, Richard, 45 Boddy, Lee. 45 Buddy, Virginia. 45. 271 Bodine, Sturgis, 298 Bodley, Grace, 277, 341 Boileau, Beatrice, 271, 337, 350 Boling, Jefferson, 328 Boling. Lee, 45, 213, 274, 287 Bond, Walter, 279 Boney, George, 45, 99, 277, 326. 328 Bonner, Helen, 45, 265 Boone, Barbara, 101, 242 Book Store Board 30 Booth, Vinita, 45, 260 320, 339, 250 Boothroyd, Rodnev, 4,5, S3, 84. 345 Borden, Mai - Frances, 265 Biug, Ifred. 83 Borin, Louise. 266 Borish, Robert, 305 B(U " otn. I Iclen, 45 Burst, i;.d prt, 277 Bosshajcl. Bettv. 337 Bostrum. Bert. 329. 351 Bostwick. Ron, 45, 127, 281, 334 Botzer, William. 321 Bi uchor, William. 291 Boumann, Carolgail, 133 Bovee, Clyde. 45 Bowen. Elizabeth. 249 Bowen. Janice. 251 Bower. Shirley, 129, 245, 350 Bowes, Gerald, 84. 344 346 Bowie, Riisemarv, 339, 340, 341 Bowman. Harris. 302 Boyd, Kllen, 24S. 350 Boyd. Hunt. 2S9 Boyd. Lorraine. 340 Boyle, Mildred, 45. 247 Boynton, George. 351 Bov.sen. Fred. 282 Brace, Bettv, 72, 251, 350 Brace, Dominic, 325 Brace, Sam, 288 Bracken, Bob, 304 Bracken, Jim, 187 Bracken. Ji hn. 45, 101, 161, 182. 186, 291, 330, 331 Bracker, Thelma. 340 Bi-addick. Henderson, 45, 283 Bradley. Genevieve. 353 Braedt. 281 Brain. George. 45 Braley, Russ. 131. 132 Braman. Jim. 275, 2SI Braman. John. 208. 2S1, 329 Brambacli, Meg, 136. 155, 218. 254, 374 Branch. Willis. 172 Branchfiower. Jeati, 45, 251 Brand. Wavne. 325 Brandell. John, 2SS . BrandoTi. Lawrence. 210. 213 Brandrud. Harold. 45 Brandt. Charlote. 270. 350 Brandt. Peirgv. 340 Brasch. FaTEh. 271 Bratrud. Svlvia. 45. 347. 353 Bray. Ralph. 45. 278 B ' aziel. Kenneth. 284 Brazier. Marir rie. 247, 350 Branden. Kermit. 45, 328, 344 Brennan. Beck, 331 Brennan. Helen Marie, 250, 338 Brennen, Robert, 325 Brennen, Earl. 291 Bi ' enner. Maxine. 244 Bresler. Betty Ann. 263. 350 Breslin. Howard. 297 Bressler. Cahler. 45 Bretzke. r orothv. 341 Brewer. Helen. 263 Brewer. Stanley. 45 Bridge. James. 288 Brief. Sylvia. 244 377 Brigham, Bruce. 323, 331 Brigham, Edward, 293 Bright, Bob. 302 Brinck, Philip, 355 Brindlay, Stanley, 283 Brinklev, James. 289. 325. 330 Brinkley. William., 289 BrLslawn. Carolyn. 36 Britton. Patricia. 255, 350 Brix, Enid. 266 Broadbent. Jim, 283 Broadfoot, Dorothy, 253, 308 Broback, Ida, 45, 337 Brock. Wesley, 343 Brockman, Lavonne, 24S Broden, Kenneth, 275, 301 Brodlev. Genevieve, 45 Brokaw. Bob. 280 Broman, Clifford, 324 Brondson, Bettv, 260, 350 Bronson, Greg. 2S5 Bronson. Robert. 289 Brooks. Frances. 257, . 372 Brooks. Neil. 169 Brooks. William, 187, 281 Brooksbank, Lucille, 218, 227, 263 Brother.s, William, 291 Brotherton. Rowena, 263, 350 Broughton. Ray, 304 Brown, Angelina, 263 Brown, Charles, 45, 299 Brown, Charlotte, 341 Brown. Doris. 263, 350 Brown. E. K.. 284 Brown. Edwin. 45 Brown, Eleanor, 260, 350 Brown. Elizabeth. 218. 227. 264 Brown. Ernestine. 246 Brown. Evelvn. 270. 337 Brown, Hattie. 340 Brown, Hec. ISO. isi Brown. Helen, 45 Blown. Isabel. 45. 271 Brown. .lames. 303 Brown. Jeanne. 265 Brown. Jes.s. 45 Brown. Joy. 338 Brown. Joyce Lee. 248 350 Brown. Keith, 213, 329 331 Brown. Malcolm, 281 Brown. Marguerite, 249 Brown, Margaret. 266 Brown. Mel. 299 Brown. Mildred. 45 Brown. Stephen D., 319 321. 333, 352 Brown. Stuart, 214. 279 Brown. Webb. 288, 330 Brown, William, 45. 2S3 Browne, Betty. 45 Brownell. Marjorie. 33 37. 251. 307 Broz. Andrew. 211. 27S Bruce. Betty. 45. 347 Bruce. James. 288 Bruchet. Marjorie. 265 Bruen, Hugh. 45 Brugman, William, 346. 355 Bruhn, Barbara, 254 Brune, Chris. 332 Bruns, Violet. 340 Brunswick, Bonnie, 45 Bryan. Stanlev. 324 Bryant. Ben. i38 Bryant. Caroline. 45. 113. 320 Bryant. Francella. 33, 37. 149. 249 Bryant. Jean. 45 Bryant, Miller, 296 Bryant, Stan, 172 Buchan, Mary, 245 Buchanon, Alice, 260 Buck, Bernadine. 264 Buck. Laurie. 241, 256, 350 Buck, Robert. 13S. 319 Buckholdt. Annette. 29, 269, 270 Buckingham, Mary, 341 Buckley, Ray. 276 Buckley, Robert, 216 Buckman, Lois, 45 Buelow, Dorothy, 129, 242 322 Buettner, Betty, 45 Buhler. Frank, 45, 204, 2SS Bunch, William, 325 Bunting, Mary Lou. 251 Burchtield. Charles, 280 Burd, H. A., 19, 82, 300 Burdett, Elliott, 213, 280 Buren, Newton, 319 Burhen, William. 209 Burke, Frances, 337 Burke, James, 321 Burke, Joe, 171, 173 Burkhardt, Jack. 212. 286 Burkhart. Everett. 45. 2S1, 325 Burkhart, Perry, 281, 324 Burkheimer, George, 296 Burkland, Herman, 332 Burklanrt, Marty, 290 Burley, Sara Lee, 250 Burmeister. Georgia, 350 Burmeister, Jo Anne. 264 Burn. North. 70. 71. 351 Burnap, Arthur. 279 Burnett. Richard. 305 Burns. H. H.. 81 Burns. Dr. Harry, 293 Burns, James, 289, 303 Burns, Robert, 45, 333 Burns, Robert, 2S9 Burso, Alexis, 45, 213 Burt, Lyle, 294 Burton, James, 136, 285, 324 Burton. Peggy. 45 Busbv. Jean. 247 Busby. Lyle. 45, 325 Buscii. Ra ' mond, 45, 9.S, 32S Busch, Wendell, 326 Buschlein, Alice. 3S Bush, Patricia, 270 Bush, Peter. 306 Bush, Richard K. 4.t, 326, 328 Bushan, I ouis, 304 Bushard, Bruce, 355 Bushnell, Bud, 285, 323 Bussett, Roberta, 253 Butler, Barbara, 259, 350 Butler, Bobbv, 155 Butler, Shirley, 45, 222, 259 Butterbaugh, Grant, 31 82 333 Butt ' erf ' ield, Robert, 295 Butterworth, Patricia, 45 Butzle, Pattv, 350 Bve, Roger, 127, 136, 228. 334 Bvers. Beverly, 241, 268 Byers, Jean. 340 B ' ers, .Tames, 172 B -som, Dan, 45. 215. 291 Bysom, Robert. 291 Cadet Officers. Association. 32.S Cady. Dr. G. H.. 81 Cain. Nick. 306 Caldwell. Dorothv. 260 Caldwell. Lettie. 24S. 350 Calev. Harriet. 271 Calev. Hazel, 271 Call, Viola, 347 Callendar, Steve, 285 Callison, Dick, 304 Callow, Catherine, 245 Callow, D. K.. 45 Callow, David, 325 Callow, Frances, 337, 354 Callow, Jean, 243 Callow, Jo ce, 243 Cameron, Gi ' ace, 45, 263 Cameron, Kathryn Cameron, Virginia, 337 Cameron, Walh ' , 214, 2S4, 370 Campbell, Anne, 256 Campbell, Catherine, 253 Campbell, Charlotte, 245, 350 Campbell, Donald P., 280. 299 Campbell. Douglas 354 Campbell. Edmund 277 Campbell. Elaine 347 Campbell. Elnora 242 Campbell. Eugenia. 45 61. 242. 320. 350 Campbell. Helen. 353 Campbell. Keith. 114. 205 Campbell. Lee. 281 Campbell, Robert, 45, 326 Campbell, Robert M. 288. 328 Campbell. Sterling. 284. 324 Campbell. Vivian, 268 Canfield, Charles, 275 303, 324 Cantlon, Attha, 45 Canwell, Joseph, 45 Capp, Muriel, 251 Carbonnear, Joyce, 271 Carev, Helen, May 250 Carey. Leonard. 289 Carey. Marie, 45, 254 307. 335 Carlberg. Edward F. 280. 324 Carli. Elaine. 337 Carlin. Fred. 27 Carlo. 109 Carlock, Clay. 208 Carlon. Eugene. 296 Carlon. Pat. 261 Carlson, Al, 284 Carlson, Arthur, 214, 284 Carlson, Barbara, 243 Carlson, Beverly, 245 Carlson, (Tlaire, 255 Carlson, Conrad, 298, 324 Carlson, Darrell, 346 Carlson, Dinn -, 350 Carlson. Evelvn. 341 Carlson, George, 2S4 Carlson, Helen, 337 Carlson, Herbert. 45 Carlson, Jack, 211, 275, 292 Carlson, Lorraine, 45, 270 Carlson, Mason, 288 Carlson, Melvin, 45 Carlson, Pat. 45 Carlson. Roy. 211 Carlson. Virginia. 260 Carlton. Herbert. 45. 328 Carmichael. Douglas. 45. 99. 145. 326. 328 Carmody. John. 296 Carpenter. Dr. A. F. 346 Carpenter. Corinne. 34, 36, 72, 73, 253. 350 Carpenter. David B. SI Carpenter, DoUie, 261 Carpenter, LA-nn, 254, 322, 350 Carpenter, Mary Jane, 45, 57, 253, 320 Carr, Doug, 205 Carr, Faxon, 298 Carr, John, 296 Carr, Mildred, 265 Carroll, Marie. 259. 350 Carter. Dorothv. 267 270. 350 Carter. Lee. 285 Carter. Mark. 333 Carter. Mary Alene 266 Cartier. Cleo. 266. 270 Cartwright. Ken. 45. 51. 155, 187, 321, 323. 32S. 331 Case. Barbara. 242 307 Case. Betty. 268 Case, Elspeth, 45 Case. Marv Lou. 96 Caspers. Ronald, 282 Cass, Bvrle, 106, 109 Cassell, Wm. 334 Castle, Carol, 293 Castle, Marcia. 249 Castrup, Ora, 324 Cathlon, Aletha, 101 Catlin, Jack, 296 Catlin, Janet, 254, 311 Catos, Athena, 337 Catterall, Flora, 252 Cauthorn, Virginia, 340 Cavanaugh, Frank, 324 Cedarholm, Jacquelin 350 Chaffee, Donald, 45, 342 Chaffins. Marcia, 108 Challman, Muriel, 242 Chambers, James, 351 Champ, Bob. 294 Chantry. Arthur W.. 32S Chaplin. Havward. 45 Chapin. Itussell. 278 Chapman. Paul. 289. 324 Charbonnier. Marcel. 286 Charles. Clddy, 35, 74, 247, 308 Charrier, Jim. 298 Chase. Glen W.. 328 Chase, Stuart, 122 Cheever, Virginia, 251 Cheney. Carolyn. 247 Chernick. Harry. 297 Chetwood. Gage. 45. 204. 270 Chevalier. Robert. 278 Chilton. Paul, 124. 125 285 Chi Omega. 249 Chi Psi. 281 Chittenden. John, 351 Chittenden, Kav, 3S. 24S, 322. 337. 350 Chorlton. Ffolliott. 249 Christansen. Douglas. 281 Christiansen. Bill. 281 Christiansen. Dave. 275 Christiansen. Margaret 350 Christiansen. Orland R.. S3. 84. 345. 346 Christian. Byron, 29, 277, 319, 321, 335 Christensen, Ted, 213, 287, 342 Christianson. Bill. 133 Christiansen, Dave, 291. 205. 211 Christianson. Vern. 303 Christoffers. Harrv. 346 Christofferson. Hol- man. 101. 186. 277. 331 Chrobuck. Genevieve. 352. 355 Church. Audrey. 255 Church. Dr. Philip. 281 Church. Walt. 211. 212. 292 Cichy, Elmer. 47, 305, 333 Clack, Catherine, 47, 245 Claghorn, Sally, 30, 33, 38, 252, 307, 322 Clavman, Herbert, 47 Clare, Marv, 337 Clark, Carolyn, 256 Clark, Click, 216 Clark. Edward M. 69. 325 Clark. Harrv. 346 Clark, Helen, 341 Clark. Hurst, 31. 47. 69. 2S9. 326. 325. 346 Clark. John. 169 Clark. Leslie. 312 Clark. Lvle. 195, 289 Clark. Marion. 260. 300 Clark. Noreen. 263. 337 Clark. Robert, 278 Clark, Will, 1S7 Clark, Willis, 47. 228. 302 Clarke. Dorothv. 241. 253 Clarke. Eileen. 268 Clarke. E. B.. 47. 306 Clarke. Gwen. 47. 259, 350 Clarke, Marv Alice, 260 Clayholt, Eileen, 340 dayman, Herlaei ' t, 297 Clearv, Nancy Jane, 47, 80, 337. 339 Clees. Elmer. 47. 285 36, 247 Clemen, Charles. 30fi Clemen. Mavde. 33. 36. 247 Clemen. Nell. 33. 36. 247 Clemens. Nancy Lou. 257 Clemens, Patricia, 337 Clemenst n, Sharlev, 347, 353 Cleveland, Robert, 282 Clevinger, Margie, 263 Clifford. Catherine. 260 Clifford, Phil. 306 Clingenpeel, Doris, 259, 350 Clinton, Gordon, 47 Clinton, Richai ' d, 258, 324 ( ' Use, Joceb ' n. 256 ' liie.s, Louise, 47 Cloes, Margaret Ann 47 Clough, Ray W., 47, 84, 346, 303 Clute, Carol, 347 Clow, Edith. 271. 350 Clyde. Eileen, 98 Clvnch, Jack, 298 Cobb, Catherine, 337, 339, 353 Cobb, Jean, 264 Cobley, Ray, 125, 202, 285 Coburn, Donald. 306 Coburn. Pat. 128 Coburn. Perry. 276 Coburn, Pete, 288 Cochran, Perry, 299 Cochrane, Wallace, 47, 292, 328 Coder, Polly, 251 Codington, Helen, 247, 350 Codling, Alice, S3 Codling, Allen, 306 Codv, Maxine, 38, 223, 261 Coe, Campbell, 295 Coe, Murray, 47. 126. 308 Coe. Stephanie. 256 Coen. Barbara. 350 Coen. Shirley. 258 Ciffin. Clement. 345 Cogswell. Dick, 29 " Cogswell. Hal. 47. 2S1 Cohen. Jordan. 297 Cohen. Joseph. SI. 305 Cohen. Rodnev. 305 Cohen. Shirley. 241 Colburn. Ruth. 47. 251 Cole. Bruce. 47. 296. 321. 330 Cole, Frances. 4 . 129. 245 Cole. Henry. 281 Cole, Kenneth C, 81, 282 Cole, Nancv, 255, 337. 350 Cole. Paula. 31. 270 Cole. Richard. 47. 84. 346 Cole. Su.san. 243 Cole. Ward. 285 Cole. Virginia. 270 Coleman, Bill. 291 Collier. James, 324, 374 Collins, Barbara, 254 Collins. Francis M.. 328 Collins. Mildred, 350 Collins. Patricia, 263 Collins, Peggy, 261 Collins, Penfield, 342 I ' ollins, Pete. 29S Colton. Agnes B.. 81 Colton, Jean. 254 Colvin. Barbara .Tean 350 Colwell. Jean. 256 Combes, John, 286 ( omeaux Eleanor, 246, 346 Compass and Chart, 324, 325 Conipton, Mildred. 340 Compton. Robert. 290 Comstock. Jack, 47, 285 Conrad, Ernest, 354 Conrad. Dale. 106 Conrad, Irene, 354 Conrad, Stanlev, 47, 354 Concannon, Marie, 355 Concerts, 120 Condon, Dean Herbert IS, 30, 321, 333 Condon, Roger, 47, 205 Cone, Jack, 281 Conlev, Glen, 170, 171, 321, 308. 330 Conley. Maxine, 245 Connley, Robert, 282 Connelly, Jerry, 295 Connolly, Bob, 47, 342 Connor, Bettv Lee, 32. 47, 254, 322 Connor, Patricia, 254 Connor, Phyllis, 47, 264, 341 Citnnor, Robert E., 280 Connollev, Paul, 289, 342 Conovei-, Charles, 326,328 Conover, Max, 355 Conroy, Marian, 352, 355 Constatino, Frank, 172 Converse, Jean, 350 Cook, Bruce, 47, 283 Cook, Frank, 215, 281 Cook, Isabel, 340 Cook, Phil, 212, 278 Coombs, H. A.. 83 Coon. Hildur. 47. 59. 87. 259. 320. 350 Cooper. Betty. 271. 353 Cooper. Francis. 199, 212. 277. 324 Cooper. Janet. 137. 260. 350 Cooper. Jovce. 353 Cooper, Pat, 47, 253 Cooper, Phyllis, 341 Cooper, Randy, 298 Cooper, Robert, 324 Copenhagen, Henry, 328 Copenhagen, H. W., 47, 84, 346 Coplen, Robert, 306 Corballv, Jack, 291 Corbett, Robert C, 211, 280 Corbin, Richard, 306 Corbitt, Jean, 263 Corcoran, Jack, 323 Corcoran, James, 47, 82, 333, 352 Corey, Dorothv, 263 Corey, Dr. H. E. 293 Corisis. Samuel. 280 Corkerj ' . Clare. 47. 264 Corker ' . Mavis. 265 Corlett, Bob, 299 Cornell, Barbara, 340, 341 Corner, Mimi, 251, 350 Corning, Ted, 304 Cornu, Donald, SI, 290 Cornw-all, Burton, 329 Corti, George, 355 Cosgrove, Bill. 299 Cotter. W. E.. 344 Couglin. Imogene. 271. 353 Countr men. Vern. 13S Courtney. Lucille. 264 Couse. Jt)hn, 47 Covington. Claude, 47, 325 Covington, Claude, 186 Cowan, Patricia, 47, 251, 320, 351 Cowell, Edith, 337 Cox, Dorothv, 270 Cox, Edward G.. 284 Cox. Nancv. 270 Cox. Russell. 355 Cox. A ' irginia Lou. 255 Cox. William, S2, 321, 333, 334 Covle, Jim, 199, 212, 290 Crafton, Claudine, 245 Cragg, Bob, 279 Craig, Evelvn, 47, 257 Ci ' aig, James, 299, 324 Craig, Robert, 282 Craig, Thomas, 324 Cramer, Dorothy, 241, 257, 350 Cramer, Mary, 355 Cramlet, Clyde M.. 81 Crane. Douglas. 325 Cran. Helen Ann. 263 Crane. Priscilla, 252 Crane, Robert, 274 Craver, Helen, 247 Crawford, Anne, 218, 266 Crawford, Charlotte, 347 Crawford, Clyde, 47 Crawford, Jeanie, 47, 251 Crawford, Juanita, 47, 262 Crawford, Mary Louise 263 Crawford, Paul, 47, 354 Creech, Don, 283 Crell, Patricia, 47, 248 Cremer, Stew-art, 285 378 .r i •• ' ' .c THE HO SB Irv and m an- rANE NOVOU. helps to buaa b„on.« P " » " ■ " ' . „„,„ sol.dlv w. ' l ' T-, Bool ' S o " „„, „„d. " . — " ■ " " ' " raP.o. o.K.n- ' - o- ' • " ' " rll .» " " " " ' " ■ ° ' - " °:, l.o-o,o.- ,1 ° - ° " .::;:(o..oM.e u n i v e REBATE. UNIVERSITY BOOK STORE Owned and Operated by the Students of the University 4326 University Way • MElrose 3400 379 Cresitelli. Ur. Fredeiiik. .UA Cressman. Paul, 2116 Crich, Put, 350 Criddle, Jane. 259, 339, 350, 353 Crimp, Frank, 47, 302 Creore, A.Emerson. 81 Crofton, Clauiline, 72 Crosby. Muriel. 242 Crosby, Cleore, 47. 252 Crosby, Vivian, 34 Crosetti, I awrence, 324 Cross, Charles, 324 Cross. Jan. 261 Grosser. George. 214, 2S4 Crossland, Kathervn, 354 Crowe. LeRoy, 295 Crowe, Virginia, 47, 135, 251. 320 Crowder, Janice. 254 Crowder. Violet, 24(i, 350 Crowl, Helen, 340 Crowley, Patricia, 264 Crumb, Carol, 270, 350 Crutcher, Louis, 131, 329 Cruver, Henry. 47, 344 Culross, Gerry, 268 Cummers. Bob. 155 Cummins. Robert. 176, 282 Cummings. Ralph, 290 CumminRs, William, 281 Cunningham, Bervl, 260 Cunningham, Etliel, 340 Cunningham, William, 47, 2SS Curkendall. Tom, 1S6. 277, 331 Current, Jane, 101. 263 Currie. Stuart, 351 Currier. James. 47. 211, 280 Curiin, Ed, 47 Curtis, Beth. SI Curtins, Elizabeth, 336 Cjrtiss, Ruby M., 83 Cushnie, Margaret. 47. 253 Custard. E ' l ara, 255. 350 Cutt ' er, Jnseph, 275, 2fe.. 332 Cuykendall. Donglas.s, 1S2, 331 Dahl, Bins, 75, 180, 295 Dahl, Roger. 304 Dahlgren. Win. 195 Dahlstrom, Dorothy, 270 Dailey, Brwin, 343 Dakan, Cat-I, 29. 30. 82. 333 Dakan, Emma Jane, 249, 339, 350, 353 Dalby, Dave, 195 Dall, Ray, 354 Dalthorp, Norm, 174 178, 188, 330 Damns, Jack, 47, 285 Dance Drama, 110 Dane. Eva. 47. 106, 248 Danforth. Evelyn. 341 Danforth. Yvonne. 264 Dangel. George. 325 Daniel. Dorothy, 337 Daniels. Alfred, 47 Daniels, Carol, 257 Daniels, Carolyn, 248, 337, 350 Daniels, Thelma, 262. 354 Danielson. Betty. 350 Danielson, Ruth, 340 Danz, Herbert. 328 Dariotis, Chris, 47, 279, 328 Darling, James, 324 Darling, Mary .Jane. 245, 350 Dartnall, Kav, 255 Dartnall, Ron, 208 daSilveira, E., 332 Daty, Henry. 349 Daubenspeck, Ruth. 47 Daughterly. Dick. 275, 280 Daum, Barbara, 263 Davenport, Don, 47 Davey, Edith, 340 Davidson, Alan, 305 Davidson, Bud, 213 Davidson, Margaret, 248, 350 Davidson, Roy, 287 Davies, George, 277, 329 Davies, Marianne. 246 Davies. Robert. 289 Davies, Ruth. 340 Davis. Alanson. Ill Davis, Alden, 47 Davis, Allan, 352 Davis, Betty. 101. 254 Davis. Carolyn, 242 Davis. Donald. 277 Davis, Dorothea. 263 Davis. Dwayne, 288 Davis, Elaine, 260, 360 Davis. Irene, 47, 271 Davis, Jeanne, 97, 222, 251. 259 Davis. Jeannie, 73. 98. 155. 225 Davis, Pat, 256, 336. 350 Davis. Paul, 325 Davis, Raymond. 19 Davis, Stanley, 47. 292, 326, 328, 343 Davis. Virginia, 248 Davis, Weldon, 324 Dawson, Lucv. 339 Day, Betty, 75, 128, 133, 137, 251 Day, Dorothy, 340 Day, June, 251. 313. 322. 350 Day. Robert. 278 Daymude. Erline. 260. 350 Deacon, Doris, 269, 271 Deal, Garr ison, 47, 211, 292. 345. 346 Deal. John. 47, 84. 342 Dean. Dolly, 100 Dean, Ed, S3 Dean, Lillian, 252, 337 Dean, Margaret, 47, 337, 350 Dearborn, Jane, 250 Dearb(jrn, Wilbur. 289 DeChenne. Ra ' anne, 251 DeDonato, Leo, 47, 295 DeDonato, Lorraine. 254 DeDonato. Vincent. 295 Decks. Don. 172 Deery, Roland, S3 DeFelice, Abner, 355 Deggendorfer, Nor- bert, 328, 342 Dehn, Dorothy, 47. 253 Dehn, W.. 343 Dehn, Bill, 182, 186, 289, 323, 329. 331 Deierlein. Jack, 284 Delana, Valerie, 47, 251 Deelaney Gail. 268 Delta Chi. 282 Delta Delta Delta 250 Delta la-nria. 251 Delta 1- El. .lion. 283 Delta T elta, 284 Delta I ' psilon, 285 Delta Zeta, 250 Deming, Mary Ellen, 254 Demopolis. Billie. 264 Dempsey, Marilyn. 25U Denning. Jim. 19S, 288 Denny. Grace. SI. 255, 339 Densmore, Harvey, 81, 353, 354 Denz, John, 283 DePartee, Jim, 302 DePue, 271, 350 DePuydt, Harold, 321 Dethnian, Gloria. 341 Dethman, Ivan, 138 Dethman, Jov, 271. 353 Dettner, Herbert. 47. 354 Deutsch. Elsie. 47. 335, 336 Devlin, Dorothy, 265 DeVry. Frank. 84. 342 Dewey. Betty, 106, 338 Dewey, Elizabeth, 47 Dewey, Harry. 351 DeWitt, Ann, 47, 132, 136, 254. 320 Dexter, Bill, 276 Dick, Bud, 290 Dick, Dorothy, 34, 129. 247 Dick, Gordon, 47, 303 Dickerman, Jane, 350 Dickey, Janet, 47, 249 Dietz, Helen, 265, 337 Dietz, Mary Jane, 249 Dighan, Betty Jane, 49, 260 Dille, Mrs, H.. 339 Dille. J. M.. S3, 343 Dimm, Helen, 250 Dimniick, Dexter, 275, 298 Dines, Mary Alice, 249 Dingwall, Harrv, 182 DiRe, AlUe, 271 Director, Zelda, 49, 25S Dirschner, George, 117 Distad, Don. 294 Dobie. Edith. 250 Dobson, Yiisette, 350 Dobson, Vvette, 271 Dodes, Jules, 49, 344 Dolgner, Helen. 263 Dolan. James. 2SI Doll. Arthur. 328 Dolsen, Bob, 298 Dolstad, Clark, 285 Dome, Barbara, 264 Donahue, Gertrude, 243 Donahue, Margaret, 26, 307 Donley, Bill. 324. 325 Donley. Boyd. 288 Donnell, Vii ' ginia, 261, 340 Donnelly, Bill, 210 Donnelly, Willis, 49 295 Donop. Thelma. 264 Doolittle. Laverne. 49 Dootson. Pauline. 261 Doran, Mary G.. 254 Dore. Marion. 337 Dorrance. 337.339 Dorsev. Al, 291 Dotson, John, 355 Dnt.son, Vernon, 354 D..ud, Bettv, 256 I lonil, AA ' allv, 99 l ounherty. Jim, 281 Douglas, Barton, 295. 330 Douglas, Judith, 256 Douglass, Jean, 263 Douglass, Margorie, 353 Douglass. Sheila. 263 Dow, Kathleen, 267 Dow, Pauline. 49, 101, 248, 320, 336 Dowd, Lawrence, 82 Dawd, Wallace, 49. 210. 324. 325. 326 I inwling. Donald. 49, 301 KoHling. George, 2S1 I ) " Wnie, Grace Adele, 340, 341 I loyle, Jim, 324 Doyle, Rose Ann, 271 Drain, Ann, 242 Drake, Don, S3, 84, 345 Drake, Kay-Dee, 350 Draper, Connie, 270 Draper, Edgar, SI Draper, Mildred, 49 Draper, O. E., 333 Dresslar. Dick. 302 Dresslar. John. 289 Dresslar, Martha, 339 Driftmier, Ben, 299 Droker. Herb. 13S Drowley, Dempster, 28, 29, 30, 41, 49, 84. 321. 326, 328, 342 Druby, 324 Druck, Marilyn, 214 Drumbeller, ban, 212, 299 DuBTuTlie, Richard, 49 Dubar, .Tames. 325 Dudley. George. 107 Dudley, Robert. 298 Dudley, Stephen. 2S7 Duffy, Fred. 306 Duffy. Mary, 337 I lugan. Charles. 2S " 331 Duitch. Jack, 351 Dumar, Jov, 49, 271, 337 Duncan, Bill, 126.334 Duncan. Glen. 2S3 Dunham. Constance, 264 Dunlap, Gerald, 351 Dunn, Helen, 49, 82 Dunnington, Dick, 129, 275, 284 Dunstan. Marie, 336, 347 Dupar, Frank, 306, 346 Durham, Stanley, 2S7 Durning, Mary, 49 260, 350, 353, 355 l urocher, Norman. 324 Dwinell. Don. 181. 2S8 Dwyer. Frances. 260 D ' ar, Margaret, 272 Dyar, Mary Jane, 266, 337 Dye, Beverly, 270 Dykeman. Lenore. 49. 320. 337 Dysart, George, 112, 299 Dyser, Helen, 49, 252, 338 Dyson. Don, 49. 301 ICarle, Frances. S2 Earley. Jack, 49, 155, 22S, 277, 323 Earling, Mary Lou, 247 lOarly, Patricia, 26 " Ea.sson, Betty, 250 Eastman. A. V.. 83 Easton. Mary. 256 Eberhart, Jim, 173, 211, 280 Eberle, Elaine, 34, 248 Eberle, Frances, 350 Ebersteink, Clyde. 49. 84. 345 Ebright, Don, 195 Eby, E. H., 81 Echtenkamp. Walter. 291 Eckmann. Ray. 26, 29. 30. 319. 321 Eckmann, Rolfe, 49 325 Eckrem, Dagrun, 336 Ekrom. Trygve. 325 Eddy. Betty Anne. 256 Eddy. Preston. 284, 324 Edele, Betty Jo, 263 Eden. Dan-el. 330 Eden, Lefty, 200 Eden. Righty. 200, 201 Edlund, Robeit. 2si Edmonds, Martli.i. 337 Edmundsen, William 49, 101, 126, 334 Eclmundson, Clare, 166 I ' dmundson. C S 286, 321 Edtiiundson, Hec, 159 Edwards. Ruth, 245, 350 Edwards, Vivian, 271. 337 Eggert, Frances, 2. " 1 Egtvet, Percy. 216 290 Eguchi. Hiroshi. 349 Ehler, William. 2S6 Ehrlichman. 247 Eichelberger. Ann. 242. 350 Eicher. Mary. 247 Eichinger. Katherine. 341 Eidinger, Marvin. 324 Eilert.son. Bill, 298 323, 329, 366 Eisen, Lois. 337 Ekdahl. Geertrude. 49. 263 Ekrom. Tryg. 210. 213 Elder. Eleanor, 352, 353 Eldridge, Wallace, 280 Elliot, Henry W., S3 Elliot, Miriam, 251 lOlIiot, Rosemary-, 131, 132. 249 Ellis. Joe. 49. 2S1 326. 328 Ellis. ' inona. 263, 337 Ellsperman, Marna. 340 Elmer, Norma, 337 Elsbree, Dick. 49, 283 Elwell, Barbara, 245 Elwell. Neysa. 223 Elvidge. Marthanna 49 Elzea, Mary, 347 Elzey, Jim, 277 Emmons, Harris, 277. 321 lOmmons, Helen 49. 266 Emory. Betty. 270 Emry, Mi nnie, 341 Enger, Harold, 195, 277. 329 Engle, Cr. Nathaniel. 332 Engle, Mel, 304 Englehart, Marjorie, 133, 241, 256 English, Frank, 186. 278. 329. 331 Engineering Council. 346 Engman, Hal, 211, 212, 292 Engs ' trom, Bob, ISO, 299 Ennis, Jim, 298 Enquist, Lucille, 250 Ensign, Edna, 340 Ensley, Bennett, 93 Eichinger. D.. 344 Erdahl, Betty Ann, 49, 249, 320 Ei-hai-dt. Su.sanne. 263 Ericksen. Ed. 182. 186 Erickson. Arthur. 292 Erickson. Barbara. 41, 49, 320 Erickson, Bob, 163, 164, 302 Erickson, Bud, 212 Erickson. Elizabeth, 250 Erickson, Ernest, 49, 333 Er-ickson, Ernestine, 260 Erickson, Frank, 285 Ei-ickson, Lloyd, 278 Erickson, Rei ' d. 296 Eriksen, Gosta, 319 Ernst, Gerrie, 24S Ervin, Dick, 279 Ervin, .lack. 293 Esdon. Myles. 49 298. 332 Esfeld. Eleanor. 244 Eshleman. Elizabeth 270. 350 Espedal. Rolf. 49. 138, 286 Espeland, Nell, 49 Esfby, Rolland, 292 Ester, Edwar-d. 49, 79, S2, 333 Ethel, Dr. Garland, SI Eustus, .Amber, 264 Evans, Betty, 261 Evans, Dick, 332 Evans, Eudoia, 49, 262, 267 Evans, Garry, 306 Evans, Kathryn, 246 Evans, Larry, 302 Evans, Mar-gai-et, 246 Evans, Philip. 49 Everest. H. P.. 334 Ewart, Geoi-ge, 324 Ewing. Edwing, 324 Fabunaf). Agapito. 351 Fach. Henry, 213 Fagerbarg, Elliott, 49 Fahey, Robert. 2S7 Fairhairn. Robert. 285 Fairbiook. Jeanne. 248 Fail-weather-. Jean, 253 Falk, Car-1, 16S. 282 329, 330 Falknor, Judson, 23, 321 Falknor, Shiela, 259 Fall, Patricia, 251, 353 Fallon, Barbara, 355 Fallon, Robert, 49, 295 Fancher, Charles E., 49. 194. 280. 328 Farber. Robert. 296. 323. 325 Fails. Geoi-ge W. 345 Farley. Betty. 253 Parmer. Robert. 281 Farrell, Jean. 254 Farwell. Raymond. 287. 332 F " aurot. Len. 205, 216 Fay. Mar-jorie, 268 Fay, Robert. 291 Fear-n. Dean. 207 Feek. Helen. 38. 250. 336 Feinber-g. Marjorie, 258,322 Felicetta, Vincent, 49 Fellows, Bvron, 285 331 Fellows, Fred, 49 274, 299 Felthous, Robert, 49 325, 326 Felto " , Virginia, 340 i ' engler, Lorita, 337 Fenton, . ddison, 277, 323 Fenton, Jeanne, 249 Fenton. John. 93. 277 Fergus. Andrew. 49. SO Ferguson. Eleanor, 256 Ferguson, Richard, 279 Ferriss, Henry. 295 Ferry. Frances. 336 Fields. Russ. 298 Fife. Earl, 274. 304 Fillinger, Charlotte, 264 Finegold, Nona, 49 , Fink, Geoff, 49, 284 Finkelstein, Nancy, 125, 244 Finley, Jack, 155, 323 Fini-ow, Joy. 245. 350 Fint, Julia, 341 Fir Tree. 319 Firey. Walter. 81 Fischer. Louis. 122 Fiset. Bessy Joyce, 247, 337 Fisft. William, 49, 2S3 FiNli. Xl.-iiion. 260 Fisher-. Dale, 299, 3 ' 4 Fisher, Elaine, 247 " 308, 350 Fisher, Glen W., 280 Fisher, Henry, 278 Fisher, Jaccnieline, 254. 350 Fisher. James H 49 326. 328. 342 Fisher. Jane. 133. 24 ' ' Fisher. Jean. 36 148, 253 Fisher. Peter. 49, 187 280, 328, 331 Fisher, Sally, 71, 254, 353 Fiske, Helen, 33S Fitch, Margaret, 255 Fite, Maxine. 261 Fitts, Frances, 271 Fitzpatrick, Margaret, Fitzsimmons. Bairie 266 Flack, Jean, 249 Flanagan. Charles 49 Flaten. Jeanne. 350 Flaten. Joann. 259 Fleek. Irvin, 304 Fleetwood. Mary Ann 250 Fleetwood. Shirlev. 250 Flrflet. George. 6,5 179. 2S0. 330 Flint. Janet. 263 Fleming, .Sally. 135 253. 322 Floberg. William, 49 Flock, Warren, 84, 345 Floe, Lois, 350 Flood, Everett, 302 Flower, Len, 138 Floyd, Edith. 353 Fl, -nn. Kathrvn. " 70 337 Flynn. Peggy. 270 Fochan. Mary. 350 Fogg. Tom. 138 Fohey. Arthur. 333 Follrich. Jav. 199 Fomo. Victor, 49, 100 182, 186, 278, 330, 331 Foote, Hope. 336 Ford. Doug, 178 Ford, Lillian. 271 353 Ford, Marion, 250 Fordon, .Tohn, 333 For-ban, Mary Ellen, 266 Foi-han, Tom, 294 Formna, Marie, 340 Formo, Al, 49, 302 Forney, .las. A.. 49 168. 280 Fori-est. June. 35. 260 350 Forrest. William, 30 ' Forsyth, Arthur, 295 Forte.scue, Ernagene, Foss, Rowland, 286 Foster, Betty, 244 Foster, Forrest, 355 Foster, Guy, 49. 32s Foster. Henry. 321 Foster, .Tanet. 265 Foster. John H . 84 296. 345 Foster. Mar,ii rie. 244 F ' oster, Ralph, 49, 287 343 Fo. sum, Thor, 49, 354 380 DISTRIBUTORS FOR 1942 Champion Outboard Motors NOW ON DISPLAY Alternate Firing Twin 7 H. P. Electro Model Retoil List $154.95 DISTRIBUTORS FOR il.ox-Ciitl.ti.l.ri Co.. Heal iMtlings, Getl llanlwarr. Coliiinbian Bronze Propollors, Exi.l.- Mari.i.- Halliri.-s, Fiege Wire Kope Fillings, liipp.- S.arrh- " h[s. (IImmiIoiI ' ii- (; ai I ' liiiip-. I ' amo (ilazo anil Faiiio Wood. Anything Mode of Convos Awnings Flogs Covers Soils 381 Fowler, Doyle, 182, 186, 295, 330, 331, 352 Fowler, Robeit, 2S6 Fowler, William, 1S9 Fox, Franklin, S3, 343 Fox, Gordon, 106, 107 Foxworth, Marilyn, 253 France, Dorothy, 337 France, Richard, 2S6 Francisco, Hugh, 211, 212, 292 Franckum, Constance, 49. 266 Frank, Lillian, 49, 127, 136, 266, 32U, 335 Franklin, I ' hillip, 303 Franklin, Warren, 180, 2S1 Frankowski, Ray, 156, 171, 330 Franz, Albert, 346 Franz, Pat, 279 Franzke, A. L.. 112 Fraser, James, 49 Fraser, Maryyiiil ' l. 49, 255 Frater, Isabelli ' , 252, 350 Frautman, Jean, 241 Freeman, Jac(ineline, 264 Freese. Norman, 275, 293 Freeth, Stan, 299 French, Jas., 2S8, 329 French, Nancy Ann, 49, 337 Freshman Class, 74 Freshman Days, 31 Freshman Public Dis- cussion, 114 Fribrock, Joe, 49, 133, 281 Frick, George, 304 Fricks, Patton, 325 Friedman, Bernard, 275, 297 Friedman, Bob, 162, 297, 330 Friedman, Frank, 49, 305 Friedman, Jay, 129 Friedman, Marian, 244 Friedman, Norman, 305 Frieth, Stan, 129 Frink, Russell, 49, 345 Frits, Jim, 30, 302, 323 Frisbee, Lloyd, 49, 344 Frizzell, Donn, 49, 324, 325 Froberg, Helen, 337, 350 Frol, Belmore, 49, 333 Frol, Cyril. 49, 333 Frost, Arthur, 324 Frost, Viola, 49. 347 Fry. Shirley, 271, 337 Fryar, Calista, 260 Fuchs, Catherine, 260 Fuge, Jack, 287 Fuhrman, Louise, 337 Fujii. Kiyo. 348, 353 Fujii, Yuri, 337, 348 Fujiikado, Katsidio, 348 Fujioka, Mariko, 343 Fujioka, Tad, 198 Kujita. Hiroshi. 349 Kiijita. Mitsuo. 349 Fukano, Kiyoshi. 349 Fiikiage. Harry, 349 Fukushinui, Toshiyuki, 351 Fukuzawa, Vidvi, 348 Fullen, Rutli. 33 Fuller. John. 351 Fuller. RiohanrE.. 81 Fullerton. .lack. 355 Fulton. Francesra, 49 Fulton, Jeff, 29S Fulton. Richard, 283 Fumerton, Nona. 13S Funk. George. 281 Funk. Robert, 51 Funk. Roy. 51. 281 Furumoto. Takao. 349 Fussner, Robert, 355 Fyfe, Andrew. 324 Gabel. Billie. 263 Gadd. Francis. 51. 291 Gage. Sgt. H. T.. 223 Gagliardi. George, 51 295 Gagiiardi. Tom. 51. 295 Gain, Marjorie, 51, 335 Galbraith, Andy, 182, 186, 211, 289, 331 Galbraith, Betty. 51. 228. 249 Galbraith. Tom. 51. 280. 321 Gall. Elizabeth. 51, 63, 26), 320, 336, 350 Gall, Virginia, 261 Gallaher, Robert, 326, 328 Gallup, Jane Brokaw, 335 Galvin, John, 299 Gamble, John, 295 Gamma Phi Beta, 253 Garber, Cleo. 260. 350 Garber. Faye. 260. 350 Gardiner, Elizabeth, 51 Gardiner, James B.,83 Gardner. Jeanne. 51 Gardner. Ray, 172, 288 Garhart, Ted. 43. 51, 182, 186. 289. 321. 330,331 Garhart, Virginia, 34, 249 Garing, Robert. 51, 79, 2S9 Garlick, Claire, 353 Garretson. Ronny, 329, 330 Garri.son, Don, 172 Garrison, Gerald, 84 Garrison, .Tim, 51, 354 Garver, Virginia. 259 Garve. -. Mary. 246, 350 Garvie, Bruce, 285 Garvie, James, 343 Gaskill. Herbert, 324 Gaston. Helen, 247. 350 Gaston. Nathalie. 264 Gaston. Robert. 51, 213, 326 Gates. Keith. 290 Gates. Nelson. 285 Gates. Robert. 285, 325 Gathman, Bob, 279 Gauthier, Ruby, 260 Gay. Betty, 250 Gay. Jim. 138 Gaylord. Dudley, 292 Gaylord. Mary, 254 Gealt, Margery. 263 Geddes, Jean. 51 Geisendorfer. Miriam, 79, 264. 353 Geismann, Gunter, 51, 187, 323, 325, 326 Gelb, Janet, 244 Gellatly, .Susan, 51, 247 Geller, Lois, 265 Gelty. Mary. 51 Georg. Lloyd. 51. 277 George. William. 296 Georges, James, 355 Georges, Lydia, 26.S, 353 Gerard. Mary. 255 Gerhard. Virginia, 270, 355 Gerking, Janis, 339 Gerlach, Arch. 83 Gerlach. Barbara, 270 Germann, W ' ilhelmina 340 Gerth, Audivv, 37. 96. 259 Gertulla, Maxine, 271, 337 Gervin, Janet, 155 Gerwick. Jean. 259 Gessner. AudT-e ' . 268. 337 Getty. Marv Jan.-, 270 Getz, Jane, 249 Gevurtz, Jane, 244 Gianelli. Tom. 299 (Jibbes. Cli.arlofte, 252. 337 Gibbons. Dorotln ' . 125. 268 Gibbs. Adrienne. 254 Gibbs, James, 289 Giblett, Kloise, 260, 350 Giblin, Betty, 339, 341 Gideon. Robert, 51 Gifford. Glea. 340 Gigy. Sherry. 252 Gilardi, Bob. 299 Gilbert, Clarke, 51, 84, 208, 346 Gilbert, Dick, 181. 277 Gilbert, Eila May. 266 trilljert. Joe, 354 Gilbert, Marion, 30, 134. 254 Gilbert. Nancy. 260, 350 Gilbertson. Merlin, 178, 282 Gilbin, Betty, 51 Gilchrist, Madeline. 81 Giles, Don, 193 Gill, Lisa, 94, 95, 221, 254 Gill. Marv Ellen, 254 Gill, May, 268 Gillespie, Bill. 323, 325 Gillespie, Brad, 342 Gillette, Alleta, 353 Gillman, Rosalie, 244 Gilmer, James, 296 Gilmour, Cherry, 350 Gilmur, Chuck, 174, 176. 177. 290. 330 Gilpin, Bruce, 289 Girson, Maxine, 128, 137 Giske, Rydar, 302 Gissberg, Bill, 175 Gist, Clark, 73, 135, 285 Gjolme, Harold, 207, 289, 329 Gjolme, Toss. 207 Glee. Men ' s. 119 Glee. Women ' s. 118 Glenn. David. 286 CJober, Phyllis, 257, 350 Gobler, Lois Ann, 51, 245 Godfrey, John, 324 Godgson, Gail, 264 Goggio, Mary. 337 Gohs, Carl, 281 Gold, Howard, 205, 297 Goldberg, Bud, 297 Goidenberg, Dave, 172, 305 Goldman, Ethyl. 107, 258. 338 Goldman. Murray, 297 Goldsbv, Marlowe, 187. 305 Goldsworth ' , Bernice, 264, 337 Gonnason, Eleanor, 51 Good, Barbara, 338, 355 Goode, Helen, 51 Goodfellow, Katherine, 256, 350 Goodfellow, Nancy, 43, 51, 256, 320, 339, 350 Gooding, Alice, 257 Goodlick, Florence, 258 Goodner. Mary. 81 Goodrich, Dean. 24 Goodrich. Dr. F. J., 300 Goodsell, Julia, 339 Goodspeed, Josephine, 245, 350 Goodspeed, Penelope, 336 Goodwin, Mary Alice, 337 Goodwin, Robert, 51 Goodyear, Bill. 299 Goranson, Philip, 354 Gordon, Cave, 128, 190, 330 Gordon, Charles, 51 Gordon, Douglas, 107, 108 Gordon, Eleanor, 249 Gordon, Esther, 258 Gordon, Glen, 283 Gordon, Wavne, 330 Gorfkle, Aaron, 297 Gorlick. Herman, 324 Gorton, Winifred, 336 Goss, Charles, 206, 325 Goss, Dick, 206 Goss, Lyie, 27, 125 Goss, Marie. 355 Goss. Robert. 181. 289 Goudge, Carlton, 51, 83, 84 Gould, James. 329 Gould. Marcel, 51, 344 Goulden, Ruth, 263, 347 Goulter, Helen, 339 tSove, Barbara. 270, 354 Gove, Tom, 296 Gowen, Herbert, 81 Gowen, Dr. H. H., 332 Gowen, Dr. Lance, 298 Gracey, Marjorie, 337, 350 Graeves, Spencer, 342 Graf, Robert. 306 Graham, Bill. 279 Graham, Bud, 170 Graham. Clarice. 264 Graham, George, 51, 281 Graham, Guy, 299, 325 Graham, Jack, 298 Graham, .losephine. 51, 266, 350 Graham, Marcelline, 51, 67, 320. 337, 350 Graham, Martha, 265. 346. 353 Graham. Richard. 289 Graham. Robert. 280 Graham, Rosemary, 263 Graham, Ward, 296 Graham, Marjorie, 249 Graham, Ralph, 51, 34 2 Grande, Ellen. 251 Grande, Margaret, 51, 340 Gi-ant, Gordon, 282 Gr-ass, Richard, 213, 280 Graul, Howard, 280 Graves, Bernice, 247 Graves, D. V., 321 Gr ' aves, Kenneth, 209, 290 Graves, Tubby, 158, ISO Gi-aves, Wallace, 291 Gray, Dolly, 248 Gray, Flor-ence, 227 Gi-ay, Gor ' don, 173, Gr-ay, Ken, 285, 324 Gi-av, Margaret, 38, 256, 340, 350 Gi-ay, Robin, 289 Grayum, William, 276 Greaves, G. Sepncer, 83, 84 Greaves, Shirley, 30, 32, 34, 71, 93, 247, 307, 322 Gr-een, Gordon, 106 Gr-een, John, 328 Gr-eenberg, .Toye. 125 Gr ' eenber-g. Rose. 51. 256 Gr-eene. Elizabeth Ann. 33, 35, 51, 55, 95. 260, 320. 336, 347 Gr-eenfield, Harold, 346 Gr ' eenlund, George, 51 Gr-eenwald, Jack, 195, 213, 280 Gi-eenway, Don, 284 Greenway, Glendonna, 252 Gr ' eenwood, Dick, 171 330 Greenwood, Jim, 211, 291 Greenwood, Mercedes, 79, 353 Gi-eer, Joe, 283, 323 Greer, Robert, 51, 278 326, 328 Gregg, Bob, 293 Gregories, Chris, 51 324 Gregory, Robert, 282, 51, 326, 328 Gr-egory, Homer, 81, 82, 333 Gregory, Joyce, 245 Greims, Gordon, 128 Greilich, Gwen, 270 Gresham, Shirley, 252 Griffin, Jack, 51, 288 Giiffin, .lanet, 155, 256 Griffin. Robert, 281 Grifitli, James, 289 Gr-obel, Winifred, 51, 336 Groke, Paul. 51 Grondal. B. L.. 301 Gronsdahl. Dale. 180. 296 (irorrvold. Walter, 51. 344 Gross, Maiie, 337 Gr-oth, Arnie, 297 Grout, Susan, 256 Gruber, Betty, 266 Gruber, Mai-y, 256, 347. 353 Gr-ubham, Emma. 355 Gr-ulile. Ed. 291, 332 Grumbaum, Luba, 244 Grune, Dolly Jane, 128, 351 Gruner-, Rhoda, 340 Guberlet, Florence, 51, 219 Gueffroy, Carmen, 347 Guenther, Mar ' iorie, 31 33, 35, 51, 80, 251, 320, 339, 351 Colon, Betty, 51, 341 Gundleck, Ralph, 321 Gundlach, Ralph H., 81 Gunn, Dor-othy, 337, 347 Gunn, Geoi ' ge, 186 Gunter, Shirley, 51, 339 Gunther, Bill, 288 Gunther. Roger, 292 Gustafson. Florence. 271. 350 Girstavson. Norman, 208, 306 Gustofoson, Roy, 333 Guthmarr, Edwin, 319 Guthridge, Jane, 40 Guthrie, Edwin, 81. 321 Guthrie, Wayne, 328 Guttormsen, Elsie, 337 Guy, George, 275, 285 Guyles, Bill, 51, 295 Gwialliam, Le Isle, 236 Gwin, Glen. 276 Gwinn, .Toy, 266 H Haack, Musette, 51, 246 Haag, Florence, 79 Haagen, Merrill, 96, 2S8, 330 Haas, Norett, 244 Hadaka, Tsuneo, 349 Hage, R. E., 344 Hageman, Elsie, 253 Hagen, Betty, 51 Hagen, Katherine. 51 Hagen. Wavne, 298 Hager, Wallace, 324 Hager-strom, Nadine, 268 Hagiwara, Abraham, 349 Haglund, Robert, 355 Haguvar-a, Grace, 337 Hahn, George, 51, 331, 332 Hahn, Phyllis, 249 Haig, Mary, 30, 254, 353 Haig, Neil, 289, 319, 321 Hail, Mai ' jorie, 259, 350 Hailey, Daphne, 341 Haines, Kathleen, 350 Hains, Paul. 325 Haines, Virginia, 51, 251, 320, 350 Hajek, Peggy, 259 Halden, Walter, 287 Hale, Patricia, 51 Hale, Ruth, 81 Halgren, Pete, 173, 205, 277, 329, 333 Hall, Amy Violet, 81 Hall, Barbara, 266 Hall, Betty, 266 Hall, Bob, 323 Hall, Charlotte, 259, 350 Hall, Dorothy, 248 Hall, Dr. D. C, 286 Hall, Ellery. 324 Hall, Eugenie, 254 Hall, George, 285 Hall, Harlan, 51, 59, 321 Hall, Helen, 117 Hall, Di-. J. K., 332 Hall, Patricia, 251 Hall, Sylvia. 248 Hall. Vivian. 51 Hall. Wayne. 51. S3. 84 Hallberg, Bob, 302 Hallgren, Warren, 302 Haller, John, 51, 328 Haller, Mary, 81, 346, 374 Halliday, Connie, 33, 34 35, 261. 322, 350 Hallock, Betty I ou, 253 Halverson, Shir-ley, 79, 264, 337, 353 Hamack, Fi-ank, 333 Hamack, Richard. 324 Hamilton, Chief M., 209 Hamilton, James, 51, 342 Hamilton, Jane, 51, 266 Hamilton, Shirley, 252 Hamerslough, Herbert, 305 Hammer, Marny, 249 Hammer, Jack, 51 Hammer, Leonard, 306 Hammett, Audrey, 337 Hammond, Mary, 243 Hampson, Bob, 283 Hanawalt, Ruth, 263 350 Hancy, Mary. 350 Handy. Lyman. 51 Handlin, Nor-m. 173 Haney, Jack. 302 Haney, Lowell, 343 Hanev, Mary, 260 Hanf, Robert. 51 Hanfeld. 271, 350 Hanfoi-d, Jean, 340 Hangis, Thomas, 282 Hanifen, Tom, 51, 98, 211, 228, 291, 326, 328 Hanley, Dr. John H.. 81 287 Han ' lon, Patricia, 260 Hannah, John, 51, 212, 277 Hannah, Phil, 195, 277 323 Hannay, Jean, 250, 337 Hanrurm, Dr. C. A.. 343 Hanot, William, 290 Hansberry, Milt, 168 Hansel, Rita, 261 Hansen, Bergitte. 263 Hansen, Carol, 251, 350 Hansen, Er-nest, 51 Hansen, Geraldine, 353 Hansen, Harold, 51, 278 Hansen, Henry, 285 Hansen, Jack. 281, 282, 343 Hai ' :sen, Marcia. 249 Hansen, Marven, 324 Hansen, Paul. 293, 324 Hansen, Reed, 325 Hansen, Rosemary, 243 Hansen, Vene, 104 Hanseth, June, 242 Hanson, Ct-ete, 266 Hanson, Ger-aldine, 265 Hanson, Hal. 211 Hanson. Harriet. 51 Hanson, Jean. 249 Hanson, Johnny, 202, 329 Hanson, Lud%vig, 328 Hanson, Oscai-, 278 Han.son, Peggy, 270 Hanson, Ralph, 53, 94, 274, 279, 334 Hanson, Ray T., 53. 291 Hanzel. Laura, 340 Happold, Paul, 278 Harader, Charles, 109 Herbaugh, Jean, 253 Harborview, Hall. 340 Harcus. Beth, 262, 337 Harcus, Leslie, 53, 328, 350 Hardin, Alice, 353 Hardin, Charles. 324, 346 Harding, Robert, 325 Harding, Susannah, 53 Hardman, Barbara, 34, 244 Hardman, Dorothy, 34, 244 Hardt, John, 112, 285 Hardy, Helen, 250 Harford, Alice, 247 Hai-giss, James, 355, 206, 343 Haringa, Gertrude, 350 Harlow, Charles, 325 Harlacher, Sara, 53, 243, 320 Hai-low, C. C. 53 Har-mon, Betty, 252 Harney. Gladys. 339 Harpole, Jim, 354 Harrigan, Jerome, 301 Harris, Bernice, 251 Harris, Dave, 279 Harr-is. Eugene. 333 Harris, Mavbeth, 53, 353 Harris, Merlin, 53 Harris, liohert, 53, 172, 277, 303, 334 Harris, R. Victor. 345 Harr-is, Virginia, 218. 260 Harr-is, William, 290 Har-!-ison, Barbar-a, 28, 30, 47, 53, 256, 320 Harrison, Gt-ace, 341 Harrison, Haive, 53, 326, 328 Harrison, .Joseph, 81 Harrison, Phyllis, 53 Harri.son, Walt, 161, 162, 280, 213, 329, 330 Haisch, Alfred, 13S Hart, Betty, 271 Hart, Frank, 53, 195. 290. 302. 321 Hart, Jean, 248 Har-t, Marjor-ie, 268 Hart, Mrs.. 31 Hart. Robert, 325 Harter, Robert, 119 Hattman, Janet, 253 Haitt, Dick, 137, 132 Har-tung, Mar-lo -e, 131, 132, 134. 329. 334 Hartwig. Beveilv. 242. 353 Hartwich. Mar-joii, 260, 350 Hai-vel, Gladys, 340 Harvey, Alfr-ed. 209. 277 Harvey. Bud, 98, 129, 334 Haregawa, Tchir-o, 53, 349 Hasegawa, To ' oko, 348 Hashiguchi, Hachiro, 349 Hashiguchi. Nasuo. 349 Haskell. Miu-rav. 302 Haskill. Herb. 298 Hass, Robert, L., 280, 323 Hasselberg, Marjorie, 268 Hasselo, Vii-girira, 350, 24S Hasson, .Teanne. 258 Hata, Miye. 248 Hatch. Mrs. Melville, 339 Hatcher, Bill, 53, 279 Hatlen, Doris, 337, 353, 339 Hatley, Lowell, 293 Hatton, Joan, 29, 32, 71, 250, 322, 353 382 ,iL -[ r; " C enneLi—( LLi.i ) our I yi ' t ' I ' lioliifiid ilnTs I liird rioiir r,c II .,,1,1 l,ifr Bldf(. FIFTH I IMKK 383 FUEL OIL QUALITY DEPENDABILITY SERVICE Use Texaco Heating Oil Can HEMPHILL OIL COMPANY GArfield 1214 WE SUPPLY fRATlRNITI tS AND SORORITIES IL CRESCENT MANUFACTURING COMPANY SEATTLE, WASHINGTON CRESCENT COFFEE, SPICES, EXTRACTS, BAKING POWDER, TEA, SODA, STARCH, BLUING AND AMMONIA MAPLEINE Haubner, Irene, 266 Haugen. Roy, 2S1 ' Havel, Joan. 79. 353 Hawkins, Marilyn, 250 Hawkins, Nancy, 3.50 Hawkins. William, 53 Hawks, Ralph, 53. 282 Hawks. William. 2S6 Hawlev. Donald, 53 Hawn. Welkos. 2!in Hawthorne. Bettv, 346. 34? Hawthorne. Loi.s, 53, 266, 337, 339. 350 Hawthorne. Pat. 266 Hawthorne. Ruth. 53, 260 Hayano, Miku. 53. 348. 355 Hayashi. Akira, 349 Hayasi, George. 349 Hayashi, Koiohi. 349 Hayashi, Mary, 340, 341 Hayden, Daniel T,, S3 Hayes, Adelaide, 53, 251 Hayes, Howard R., 32S Haynes, Hal. 211, 212, 278 Haynie, Belva, 252 Hayter, Robert, 2S6 Hazlett. Jack. 289 Headrick. Lloyd. 299 Healy. Bob. 279 Heard. Mary. 265 Heath, Laurence, 53 Heath, Laurie. 189. 211. 280. 321, 330 Heathcote, Glen. 2S8 Heaton. Archie. 192 Heavers. Don. 13S Hecht, Carol, 271, 337 Hedgcock, Ruth Adele 31, 33, 36. 149. 256. 307 Hedrick. Pat. 353 Heffernen. Eileen. 245 Heffner. Dr. Ray. 81 Heg. Catherine. 260 Heglie. Jack. 278 Heifort. Margaret, 265 Heikel, Walter, 53 Heil, Norma. 53. 250 Heimbigner. Klmer. 53. Hejtmenek. Viola. 340 Hekkanen, Edward. 53 Helland, Rae, 242 Hellenthal. June, 29, 253, 312 Helstien, Melvvn, 104, 107 Hemler, Mildred, 242 Hemmen. Frank. 355 Hemmen. Jack, 355 Hemrich, Jean. 347 Henderson. Dean. 2SS Henderson. John, 2S1, 321 Henderson, Phil. 275. 288 Hendrickson. Alice, 263 Hendrickson. Mirene, 250 Henehan. Ulic M., 2S0 Henning, Robert Henriksen. Bette. 264. 355 Henry. Hewitt, 291 Henry, Mary Sue, 350, 248 Henry. Patti. 263 Henry, Phyllis, 251, 291 Hensel, Bob. 298 Henslev, Mercedes H., 81. 318 Henshaw, Jack, 276 Henshaw, Linn. 299 Heppenstall. Bob. 277 Herbert. Frank. 324 Herman, Edith. 241, 75. 244 Herold, Paul, 53, 292 Heron, Marjorie, 264 Herr, Robert. 278 Hervin. Bert, 211, 291 Herd. Paul. 330 Herman, Irving, 29. 31, 40, 49, 53, 22, 274, 297, 308 Herstad, Art, 343 Herremer. Bob. 351 Hetherington, Amy, 248 Hettrick, Helen, 248 Heusser, Doris, 354 Hevly, Robert. 296 Hewett. Richard. 277 HeywoocJ, Joseph, 325 Hickey, James, 290 Hicks, James, 328 Hicks, Jim, 128 Hicks, Wayne, 53, 211, 292, 345 Hidaka, Frank, 349 Hiester, Nevin K., 83 Higano. Nario, 343, 351 Higgs. Paul. 287 High School Leaders ' Conference, 30 Higushi, Chisako, 348 Hilbron, Phvllis, 218, 341 Hill, l ()rothy, 268 Hill. Forlies. 53. 299 Hill. George. 277 Hill. Homer. 53. 290 Hill. Melvin. 292 Hill. Raymond. 356 Hill. Ruth, 53. 337 Hill. Wilton. 288. 286 Hillard. Lloyd. 172 Hiliis. Norman. 27 Hillman. Mac. 28S Hillock. Boh. 323 Hills. Harriet. 264 Hillyer. Ed. 321 Hilton, Howard. S3, 333 Hilts, Julia. 353 Himelhoch. Carolyn, 244 Himes. Jane. 263 Hindrum. John. 172 Hine, Dona, 350 Hinea, Rav. 212, 277, 324 Hinshaw. Nona. 264 Hinton. Maralvce. 53, 247 Hipkins, Mark, 106 Hipskind, Betty Lou, 264 Hirabavashi, Gordon, 351 Hirabavashi. Martin. 82, 332 Hiroshige, Toshiko. 53. 348 Hisayasu, Jack. 349 Hisken. Mar.iorie. 271 Hitchock. James. 301 Hitchman. Jean. 340 Hitchcock. Prof.. 372 Hoagland, Ralph, 53 Hoar, Margaret, 53, 254,, 320 Hoar, Mary. 241, 254 Hobrock, Lvnn, 36, 37, 250 Hochberg, Donald, 114, 275, 305 Hochfeld. Ruth. 244 Hodges. Marjorie, 350 Hodgin, Pat, 34. 251, 322 Hodgson, Gail, 53 Hoeck, Jerrv, 53, 68. 132, 277, 321. 334 Hoekendorf. William. 351 Hoerner. Richard. 106. lOS, 285 Hoeslv. Bob. 302 Hoff. Don. 172 Hoff. Irvin. 19 Hoffman. Barbara. 31 266. 270 Hoffman. Bob. 53. 101. 187, 302. 321. 323. 331 Hoffman. Chief. J. L., 209 Hoffman. Katherine. 339. 340 Hoffman. Ripley, 334 Hoffman, .Winston, 106 Hogan. Kenneth. 282 Hogburg. Cvrus. 306 Hoglund. Ralph, 83, 84, 345. 346 Hohnson. Phyllis, 264 Hoit. Mvrtice. SO Holberton. Bill. 283 Holbrook. Arthur. 53. 200. 214. 215, 281 Holden, Laila, 270. 352 Holland, Harry, 283, 323 Holley, N. S., 53. 325 Holliday, Betty, 350 Hollister, Jeanne, 53, 249 Holly, Neva Jean. 266 Hollyoak. Dorothy. 268 Holmes. Barbara. 242 Holmes, Bill. 171, 321. 330 Holmes. Elaine. 255 Holmes. Monroe. 53 Holmes. Virginia. 251 Holmgren, Jean. 350 Holmquist. Mrs. Thelma. 81 Holt. Russ. 128. 136 Holt. W. Stull. 81 Holts. Mary Ross. 253 Holtum. John. 342 Holtzman. Jean. 258 Home Economics Club 337 Hondo, Teresa, 348 Honkawa, Br -an. 53, 343, 349 Honkawa, Yoshiharu, 349 Honvlez, Clifford, 53 Hood, John, 284 Hook, John. 53 Hooker. Shirlee. 30. 33, 34. 71. 245. 322. 353 Hooper. Lt. Alan. 326 Hoover, liegina, lOS, 354 Hoover, Richard, 281 Hoover, Sid, 295 Hope, Margaret. 266, 350 Hopkins, Arthur, 53, 285 Hopkins, Isabelle, 259 Hopkins, John, 324 Hopkins, Mary E., S3 Hopper. Jean. 53. 250, Hoper. Mary. 53.24S Horenstein. Earl. 297 Horgan. Vic. 279 Horick. Patty. 350 Horita. Kazue. 349 Horjes. Charles. 289 Hornall. Eileen. 265 Horr. Shirley. 266 Horsley, Bettv Jo, 53 Horsley, Bob. 303 Horsley, Frank. 108. 289 Horsley. Imogene. 353 Horth, Margaret. 107. 322, 338 Horton, Glenn, 53. 287. 328. 343 Hostetter. Karl. 216 Hotelling. Robert. 53. 274, 294, 328 Houck, Dorothy, 265 Houck, Patty. 35. 245, 322 Hougen, Richart. 53 Houlahah, Richard, 282 House, Roberta, 266 Houston, James, 303, 331 Houston, Jerry, 288 Houston, William. 186 Houts, Virginia. 347 Hovey. Dorothy. 350 Howard. Alvin.W. 333 Howard. Edgar L..333 Howard, Edward. 303 Howard. John. 53. 328 Howard, Larry, 329 Howard, Wendell, 292 Howe, Beverlv, 245 Howe. Charles. 209. 286 Howe. David. 305. 324 Howe. Evelvn. 249 Howe. Jane. 53. 263 Howell. Bob. 295 Howell. Margaret. 266. 337 Howell. Mary Lou. 256 Howson. Eugenia. 265, 337 Howson, Phil, 334 Hoxsey, Robert. 53. 302 Hoyer. Bill. 343 Hoyt. Dick. 172. 105. 109 Hoyt. May. 53 Huber, Dr. John Richard. SI. 332 Hublev. Barbara. 340. 341 Hudson, Charlotte, 254 Hudson, Lynn, 155, 247 Hudson. Wes. 167 Huff. John. 302 Hughes. Marion. 53. 335 Hughes. Mary, 256 Hughes. Mary Bess. 260 Hughes. Minnie. 53 Hughes, W. G.. 53 Hughes, Walter, 138, 301 Huhndorf, Al. 293 Hulbert. Marshall. 53, 82, 352 Hull. Harry. 303 Hulsart, Jessie, 255 Humasaka, Roy, 332 Hume, Loran, 172 Hummer, Virginia. 350 Humphries, Wilfred, 332 Hunstad, Carl, 84 Hungerford. Fern, 266 Hunt, Harry, 284 Hunt, Jack. 286 Hunt, Jane. 250 Hunt. John C. 32S Hunter. Harriet. 350 Hunter. Jim, 19 Hunter. Joe. 212. 286 Hunter. William, 53, 303 Huntlev. 53. 288 Huntley, Jim, 199, 286 384 Hiinziker, William, 2S1 Huston, Ann, 340 Huston, John, 2SS Hiitc-hinKs, Catherine. 30. 263, 367 Hutchinson, MarKnerite. 350 II lit sen, Tom, 28. ' i llntsiili, Charles, 324 lluUon, llohert, ' S. 215. 2X1, 321 IliitUlla, Blalie, 2S7 llvalt, Ann, 53, 245 Hyatt, Itay, 330 Hvde, Bartiara, 53 Hyde, Pliyllis. 26S. 350 Hyland. Loren, 63 lililtns. Donald. 326, 328. 343 Iko. Tetsuo. 349 Uliiian. John. 55 lllman. liobert, 55, S4. 345. 346 lllsev, KuBene, 112 Ima ' i, Keiichiro, 349 Imai, Ki ohard, 349 Imaniiira, HariiUa, 34S Imerl, Matsuko, 55, 34S Imouye, Kuby, 34S Inamoto, Noboru, 349 Inatomi, Harold, 349 Independent House Council, 262 liiKli.s, Lorena, 33. 37, 55. 271. 320. 335 IiiKslad. Boh. 2S5 Inkster. Mary. 250 liiouye. Ruby. 79. 339 Inoin-e. Tamako. 55. 34S Iiistilule of AeronauU- cal .Science. 344 Intoifraternlty Council 274 Irvine. Betty. 33S _ Isaac, Thomas J., 55, 328 Isaacs, Walter. 336 Isaacson. Gordon. 296 Isaacson, L,ile, 55 Ishell, Henry, 55, 279 Istas, Janet, 55, 271, 33 Istas. Joyce, 55, 271, 337 llo. Sumiko, 348 Ho. Voichi. 349 llui, Henry. 355 I ' anot ' J " . Luilia, 271 Iverson, Dave, 137, 298 Iverson, Elsie, 271 Ives, Uobert, 277, 334 Izui. Victor, 349 Iz .ard, Jane, 254, 353 .lack. Kernice. 266 Jack, t-irace. 266.339, 353 Jack. Ruth, 36, 266. 337 Jackinff. Helen. 339 .lackson. Chuck, 1S2, 186. 216, 302, 319, 321 ,rackson. Charles O., 328. 331 Jack.son, Frank C, 328 Jackson. George, 277, 298 Jackson. William, 290 .lacobs, Elinor, 259 Jacobs, Ernie, 207, 2S8 Jacobs, Jerry, 55, 127, 251, 320, 335 Jacobs, Leah, 71 .lacobs. Marian. 133 Jacobs, Miriam, 75 Jacobsen, Arthur. 298 Jacobsen. Bill. 288 .Iacob. 5en. Harry, 324, 374 .lacobsen, Henry. 324 Jacobsen. Janet. 271, 353 Jacobson, Harold, 294 Jacobson, ,Tim. 299 .lacobson. Max, 324 .Jacobson. Pierre. 296 Jacobson. William, 324 Jahev, Catherine, 271 Jabns. Carol, 253 James, .lack, 299 Jameson, Bette .leanne. 265 .lamiesoii, Mary. 55 .laniieson. Mary Lou, 259 Jamison, Betty, 341 Janiki, Julia, 263 Janikula, Jeanne, 55 Jannsen, Lois, 55 Jansen, Al, 302 .lansen. Marianne, 341 .Tared, Jean, 55, 257, 350 Jarvis, Mary, 247 .lausiier. .leanne, 260 .layne. Valmor. 343 .leans. Marcella, 3;;, 36, 71, 250. 322.337 Jeffers, Floy. 265 Jefferson, Bill, Sr., 207. 216 Jefferson. Martha Jean .55 Jefferson, Marnccn, 251 Jeffery, Catherine, 133, 270 Jefferv, Hazel, 265 Jeffrv, .lohn K., 83 Jeffords, I ave, 131, 132 Jenkins. Bill, 182. 186 Jenkins. Irene, 55, 218, 227. 341 Jenkins. Sue. 101.128, 251 Jenks, Elizabeth, 34 7 Jenks, Jerry, 252 Jennings, Bill, 2SS Jennings, Stanley, 106 .Jennison, Jane, 245 Jennison, Jo, 55, 245 Jensen, Elizabeth, 347 Jensen, J. Clifford, 280 Jensen, Mary Ellen. 24 9 Jensen, Paul. 342.346 .lepsen. Kay. 355 .lerbcrt. A. R., 81 ■lerbert. Barbara. 55, 261 Jerbert, Jeanne, 133, 24 2 .lerstad. Oliver, 300 Jessup, Jean, 129, 247 Jewell. Eileen. 265 .liii. Karen, 348 .loachims, Bert, 195, 329 Johannesen, William, 55, 213, 324. 325 Johannson, Aurora, 271, 330, 337, 339 Johns, Norma, 250 .lohns, Pat, 330 Johnson. Ainar. 55, 333 Johnson. Alice Eliz- abeth, 55, 340 Johnson, Arline. 264 Johnson, Bob. 206. 279. 291. 325 Johiisfm, Bruce. 342 .lohnson. Cecil. 306 .hiliiison. Charles. 276 .l.,linsoii. Claire. 353 Johnson. Cleonc. 353 Johnson. Constance. 253. 350 Johnson, Corinne, 270 Johnson, Elliot, 211. Johnston. Justine, 55 Johnston, Norma Jean, 265 Johnston, Norman, 55. 298 Jolgcn. Jim, 172, 293 Jones, Adamarie, 253 Jones, Althea, 337, 350 Jones, Betty, 249 .Jones. Cappi. 259 .Jones, lOd, 285 Jones, I ' lorence Mary, 257, 337, 350 .Jones. Frank. 325 Jones. Glen. 302 Jones. Glcnora, 55, 245 Jones, .fanet, 37, 251 Jones, Lee. 288 .Utiles. Lewis. 319 Lloyd. 298 Marianna, 38, Jones, .lones, 256 .lones. Jones, .lones. .lones. . I ones. Mary. 340. 341 Mason, 354 Phyllis, 55 Kay, 292 Richard, 55, SO Jones, Robert, 55, 301. : ' ,21 .lonsoii. Corinne. 55 .loiisson, Kristin. 270 .lorgensen, llelen. 55. 2 55 Jorgcnson, Cal, 188 ,loseph. Major H. 1!., 326 .Josephson, .Joy. 244 .loslin. Charles. 300 .lost . Alice. 339. 341 .lov. Gloria. 245. 350 .liidaii. . ally. 337, 363 J 11 da h. . ' aiali, 55 .luilali. William. 55 .luild. Wallace, 282 .lubola. Carl. 84 .Julian, .lane. 261, 350 June, Virginia. 271, ![37 ,Junior (!lass. 70 .Junior Interfrater- nity Council. 275 .liinior Panhellenic, 241 .Inst. Ncita, 255 Jolinson. Eva. 336 .lohnson. Gloria. 24 7 .lohnson. Grace. 250, 264 Johnson, Gwendolyn, 223, 265 Johnson. Harlan, 55 Johnson, Harry. 287 Johnson, Lsa belle, 255 Jolinson, Kathleen, 271 .lohnson, Leonard, 304 .lolmson. Marjorie. 260, 350 Johnson. Maxine. 340 Johnson, Nancy, 259, 350 Johnson, Orvie. 300 Johnson. Paul. SI Johnson, Phil. 279 Johnson. Ruth. 55, 266 .Johnson, Sig. 34 2 Jolinson, Sylvia, 341 Johnson. Viola, 55. 340 Johnson, W. L.. 55, 324 Johnson, ' alter, 55, 210. 274. 306, 325, 326 Johnson, Warren, 354 .lohnson, WlUard, 345 Johnson, William, 306 Johnston. Barbara, 259. 350 .Johnston. James. 55. 196. 296, 370 K !4 7 Kalin, Louis. 297 Kailcs. ICsther, 265 Kajiwara. I ' tsui. 355 KaUii. George. : ' , 19 Kalahan. lOlmira. 266 Kaline. Marci lla. 353 Kallicotl. Grace. 223 Kambe. lOstlier, 348 Kaindron, Tiana, 340 Kamikawa. Kiyoshi, 348 Kaminof, Max. 345 Kanarek. Irving. S4. 34 2.34 6 Kane. Patt. 252 Kanno. Mary. 348 Kaiino. Thomas. 55, 34 2.34 9 Kansala. lOlsie. 55, Kaiiyer. Ruth. 263 Kendree. Victoria 269 Kapak. Rose Mari Kappa Alrilia Thita. 254 Kappa Delta. 255 Kappa Kappa Gamma, 256 Kappa Sigma, 286 Karr, Chad, 372 Kasegiima, .Shigeki, 349 Kashiwagi, Mae. 340 Kass. Marjorie. 270 Kastner. Henry. 138 Kastner. Walter, 280 Katsman, Alvin, 355 Katsuvama, Minoru, 349 Katsuyama, Toyozi. 34 9 Katz. Henrietta, 244 Katz, Solomon, 81 Kauffman, Donald. 55. 205 Kauffman. Gerald, 2.S Kaufman. Mary. 271 Kauhanen. Rudolph, 290 Kawako, Toshiko, 348 Kawashima, Aiko, 34i Kawasbima. l ' " rank, 34 9 Kanda, Kazuo, 349 Kay, Maire Weir, 83 Equipment (ind Reaij:ents " ' ■ BIOLOGICAL PHYSICAL CHEMICAL Laboratories s CIENTIFIC UPPLIES CO. [■Itult 1 1 H 1 22 Jackson Street SEATTLE EGYPTIAN THEATRE Uniccistly Way nvar ' ith MELROSE 7600 NEPTUNE THEATRE 45 ? and Brouklyn MELROSE 4385 385 PUT on youR pnnrs . . . . . . add shirt, tic. coat, hat in reasonable amounts, stand ad- miringly in front of the mirror, and be glad you came here. Be- cause we ' ve been well-dressing the campus male for 2 3 years, it ' s natural we should cater to his taste, carry the styles he likes in the high quality he prefers . . . martin Eckmann UNIVERSITY STYLE CENTER niO E. 4Stb - ME 2250 .=ri IT; ntiROPOLiifln liiffli will conliniit ' next season with ()ut laiul- ing legitimate touring shows from New lork. Among the attractions hooked for next season are . . . CLAUDIA ARSENIC AND OLD LACE JUNIOR MISS METROPOLITAN THEATRE 415 University Street Seattle Kayer, iUihy, u41 Keck. I?;ileen, 271 Keenan, Ellen, 2S6 Keenev, Benjamin D., :f2S Keeney, Don, 283 Keeney, George. 324 Keene ' . Harold. 324 Keotli. Mai- aret. 337 Keith. Mar aret, 257 Keith. Wenilell. 281 Keithlv, June, 26S. 3.t0 Keiting, Dick. 212 Kellam, Robert, 55, 2D6, 333 Keller, Jlarnie. 241, 246 Kellett. Peggv Ann. 270 KelLs, Doris, 353 Kells, Margaret, 55. 3 37, 3 3 El Kell. " ;. Marv Kliza- heth, 10;i Kelly. Milton, 55, 78, 346 Kellv. Bob. 295 Kelly. Clara .1., S3 Kellv, Guv, 295 Kelly, Molly, 340 Kel.sall, Jack, 187, 281 Keni|). Ward, 325 Kenrlree. Victoria, 269, 270 Kenevan, Betty, 355 Kenevan. Mary, 55, 355 Kenned, -, Bob. 274 Kennedy, Don, 55, 342 Kennedy, Helen. 255, 3 50 Kenned.v. Jean, 340. Kennetlv. Paul, 138 341 Kennel. Kd, 137 Kennett. George, 112 Kenny, Patricia. 227 341 Kenzie. Esther, 337 Kern. Phil, 288 Kerr. Eleanor, 265 Kerr. Marion, 55. 337 Kerr, Xancy, 256, 353 Kerrigan. Mr. . Silvia, 81 Kerrihard. Ed. 55, 182, 186, 278, 331 Kesamura, Joe, 188 Ketcham, Joan, 260 Ketzlach. Xorman, 346 Kibbe, Betteanne, 55, 247 Kibble, Betty Jean, 245 Kilborn, Jim, 283 Ivil bourne, Esther, 264 Kilbourne, Jeanne, 37. 250 Kilgore, Carl, 26, 319 321 Killeen, John M., 328 Kilpatrick, Franklin. 82. 112. 113 Kilpatrick, Jud. on 112, 113, 325 Kilpatrick, Warren. 55. 279 Kime, Merle. 324 Kimura. Kazua. 55 83. 343 Kimura. Michio. 34;i Kincaid. Barbara. 353 Kincaid. Marjorie, 336 Kincaid. Trevor, 81 Kinfner, Bob. 288 King. Art, 188, 330 King, Kay. 250 King, Lynette, 264 King. Xorman, 355 Kingham, Marjorie, 3 10 Kiimell. Gertrinle. im, 106 Kinnev. Dorothy. 242. 350 Kinsel. -Albert. 324 Kinsel, John. 281 Kinsey, Lois, 55. 260 Kintner. Richard. 288 Kintner, Robert. 288, Kinyon. Xorma. 271. Kinzer. Ed. 284 Kipp. Dwight, 280. 321 Kipple. Helen, 83. 339 Kirb- -. L orothv. 70, 256 Kirljy, I ' oug. 302 Kirby. Elizabeth, 260 Kirchner, Rita, 337 Kii-cliner, Stewart. 2in Kirk, Richard, 106. 278 Kirkness, Walt, 205 Kirkpatrick. Dean, 324 Kirkpatrick, Henrv, 286 Kirkpatrick, Kath- leen, 255 Kirkpatrick, Maurice. 29 3 Kirsten. Eugene, 55. 280 Kirsten. Frederick, 321 Kir. ten, Richard. 281 Kittel. Audery, 81 Kitzinger, Betty, 257. 350 Kivono, Chiveko. 339, 348 Kiyono. Kazue, 348, Kivoshi, Kamikawa, 320 Klaudt, Malinda, 340 Klaunig. William, 345 Kleicami , Joe, 303 Klein. Alvin, 55, 279 Klein, James, 55, 278, 326, 328 Klein. Max, 55, 282 Klemkaski, Dori, 70, 247,362 Kline, Winifred. 266 Klinkham, Betty, 33, 35, 49. 55, 124. 255, 320. 352. 355 Klint. Walter, 332 Klopfenstein, Karl, 181. 288 Klorfein. Bertha. 25s Klo.«;ter. Bob. 284 Knapp, Erma. 223. 265 Knapp, I-vatherine, 336 Knapp. Marjorie, 337 Knapp, Mary Caro- line, 256 Knight. -Andy. 277 Ivnoell. Jeanne, do Knowles. Bill, 172 Knowlton. Harry. 351 Knux. Marjorie. 265 Knudsen. Cal, 299 Knudsen, Isabelle. 322 Knudsen. Joan, 55. 250 Knutzen, Doris, 264 Kobukata, Yuri, 348 Kodama. Sachiyo, 348 Koenig. Quentin. 280, 323, 329 Kohler, Ellen, 347 Kohls, Richard, 289. 329 Koiwai. Eichi, 343, 355 Koiwai, Toshiyuki, 349 Kolb. Keith. 284 KoU, Jeanette, 336 Kolve, Corinne, 271 Komen, Peter, 83 I ondo, Misako. 55, 34 8 Koon. Jean, 249 Kopriva, Jane. 245, 337 ■ Kopet. Jerry, 343 Kor. Oleg H.. 328 Koriyama, Tama. 34 8 Korpi, Edwin, S3. 84. 34 2 Korsaka, George. 349 Kozichl. Jeanette, 55, 335, 352 Krakovskv, Leonard, 297 Kramer, Marie, 252 Kremen. Esther, 336 Kreskv, Libby. 254. 322 Kriebel, Jack, 187, 211, 280 Krilich, John, 138 Kristofferson, August, 55, 277 Krogli, Dick, 351 Ki ' oha, Anthony, 212, 286 Ivrom, Randolph, 281 Ivrueger. Don, 212, 292 Kruse. Bob, 323 Kr " stod. Rlioda. 337 Kubota, Lillian. 266 Kubota. May. 348 Ivucher. Charlotte. 251 Kufiage, 348 Kuhn. Frank, 186 Kuniakura, Haruo, 55, 343, 349 Kumakura. June, 34 8 Kumasaka, George. 55, 343 Kiiniosaka, Ryo, 55 Kumata, Robert, 349 Kummer, Bob, 68. 213, 280, 323, 325 Kunce. Marv Helen, 271 Kunz. Sara, 255, 350 Kuroda, Kenzo. 349, 355 Kuroiwa, Haruko. 348 Kurose, May, 341 Kurtzer. 1 " nnald, 55 Kvdd. William. 289 Kyien. .lack. 290 K lcn. .lack, 275 Laatz, Larry, 21 1 Laatz. Lfirenz, 55, 291 LaBar. Y onne, 264 Labbitt, Betty Jane, 263 Lackey, Lovella, 338 Lacy. Xorman, 299 Ladd, Fred. 274, 286 Lafferty, James, 181, 213 La Frieniere, Lois, 337 Laine, Ted, 294 Laizure. Michael, 287 Lake. Sue, 249 La Londe, Kathleen, 340 Lamb. Barbara. 253. 335 Lamb, WiUanl. 199. 287 Lamlida Chi .Mpha. 2.S7 Lambert. Lee. 302 Lamoreux, Jean, 337 Lamping, Margaret, 253 Lancaster. Xancw 55, 262 Landry, Philippa. 55, 266 Lander, Vida, 137 Laney, Eugene. 289 Lang " , Lloyd. 324 Lang. Marilvn, 137 251 Langih.»n. Svlvia, 263. 347 Langlie. Mrs. Arthur, 87 Langlie, Arthur B.. 17. 141 Lansdown. Marian. 264 LaPaugh, Lola, 128, 269, 271, 335 Larrison, Earl, 343 Larsen, . lvin. 57, 344 Larsen. Faith, 248, 350 Larsen. Margaret, 247. 338 Larsen, Marion, 355 Larson, Elida. 340 Larson, Irving, 57, 346 Larson. June, 245 Larson. Kathryn, 263 Larson, Leonard. 164, 296 Larson, Phyllis. 245 Lar-son, Ray, 299 Larson. William C, 57. 286. 325 La Rue, Jack, 280. 324 Larum, Marry, 26S Lasater. Jane, 341 Lasher. Sidney. 106 Latcham, Frank. 2S1 Latshaw, Helen, 57 Latta, Virginia, 350 Lauber, Ruth. 242, 350 Laucks, 288 Laudan. Elinor, 350 Laudin. Elinor, 247 Laudwein, Robert, 57, 291 Lauer, Dean Edward H.. 22, 81, 321 Laugenour. Tod. 331 Liiughlin. Helen, 247 Laughlin, Kathleen. 251 Lausli. .lim, 345 Lawlor, Jim, 57, 288 Lawrence, Charles E.. 321 Lawrence. Charles W. 118. 119 Lawrence. Xorma. 250 Lawrence, Vada Mae, 57. 67, 218. 227, 255, 320. 335, 336 Lawson. Gavin, 300 Lawson. Helene, 350 Layne. Mary, 81 Layne, Robert. 57, 289 Leach, Frank. 306 Leach. Jack, 211 Leach, Robert A., 280 386 kiL I.eadbetter, George, :!S1 I.f-iukT. DoiiK, I ' RS Li-.iilv. F ' " rank. :i06 Leahev. Lciis, 266. :Hi Leahv, Kathleen, S.IO. :M7 Lcanilerson, Vivian. :!40 l iaiy Hall, 265 I.cask. Wally. 177, 2!tO. :{:!0 L.-i:. ' ok. Robert, 344 l.iliitl, Mllian. 57. 26G LcchiuT. lioli. ::02. .S25 Liike. Marilyn. :[50 LeCucii. Frank. 57, 2!i5 I.ecllielter. (iirvis, 57, 84, :!4 4 Lee, Ardella, .■i40 Lee. Bernice, 57, 126, 128, 3.-!5 Lee, Betty, 263 Lee, Georginia, 38, 241, 252 Lee. Lawrence. 351 Lee. .Nelson, 57. 21t3 Lee. . orma, 263 Lee, Olin, 57, 301, 370 Lee. Pete. 1!I6. VJ ' J. 2SS Lee. Hubert, 351 Lee, Until, 350 Lee. Siieila. 267 Lee. Turn. 2!IS Lee. William. 57, 2;i5 Leech, .laek, 57 Leach. Bob. 173 Leil. .June. 7il, 353 LeKebve, Doug, 200, 201 Lega ., irginia. 355 Ltgg. .Inlia, 253 LeKKeit. Carley, 337, 350 Lehman. Marie. 247 Leiiman. Martha, 57, 336 Leiile. Warren. 2X7 Leigh. Frank, 306 L.igh. .lean. 250 Liiiienwelier. Hiram. 1S2. 1S6 Leinhard. Bert. 57 Leith, Klton, 57, 354 L -lan l. Florence. 2411 LcMay. William. 57 Lengc. Cerahline. 264 Leonard. Kenn.v, 304 Lenrs. Dori.s, 350 Level. Kdward. 57. 354 Levin. Llovd. 355 LevlMski, .M. I SI Levisee. Marion. 350 Lewis. Alfred. 2H1 Lewis. Barbara. 257 Lewis. Dorcas, 347 Lewis, Dorothy, 244 Lewis, Krleen, 245, 350 Lewis, Harrv. 19!i. 2!I6 Lewis, .lack. 2;il Ijcwis. .leannette, 254 Lewis. .John. 57 Lewis. Lola. 258 Lewis. Margaret. 337 Lewis. Mai-gery, 251 Lewis, Marv, 264 !,ewis, Milton, 342. 346 Lewis. Sally. 244 Lewis. Sisi. 137 Lewis. Tom H.. S3 Lewis, Bill, 57, 124, 125. 2011. 334, 34 2 I ewis. William, 306, 321. 346 Litlstrom. t ' ai-ol. 25:1 i.ienhard. Bert. 302 Liesinger, Margaret. 340 Liff. Mila, 79 Liff. Sulamith, 33!) Lightle. Howard. 303 Likens, Bud, 12S Lile, Cedgar. 57 Lile. Charles. 325 Lile. Ed. 283 Lillsjo. Maria. 341 Lincoln, Jean, 260, 270 Liudberg, Bobby, 57 Lindhlom, I rofessor li. I-:.. 34 5 Ijindenbcrgcr, Itvuh. 24 4 Linder. William. 345 Lindh. Robert. 57. 160, 176. 286. 321. 330 Lindjord, Haakon, 78 Lindsay. .Alice, 57, 348 Linilsay, Ben. 79. 80. 2S4. 333, 352 Lindsey, Peggy, 254, 335. 336 Lindstrom. Klsie. 125. 133, 243, 337 Lingen, Betty, 270 Linklelter, Adaline, 31, 269. 271 Linn. Fred. 346 Lipman, Herbert. 305 Lissner, .lim, 279 Littel. ' era, 355 Little, B.vri n, 332 Little, ICngenia, 270 Little. Margaret. 340 Littlejohn. Doris. 57 Littlepage. .lean. 249 Littler. Jean. 254 Livie. Louise. 269. 270 Livingstone. Betty, 254 Livingstone, Dixon, 277 Livingstone, .lean. 259 Lilewellyn. Miles. 275. 287 Llhr. Pat. 350 Lloyd. Betty. 340 Loan, Barbara. 24 3 Lobb, Al. 343, 355 Lobdell, Halide, 268 Lobe. ( " arl. 57. 296 Lobe. Kdith, 320,350 Lockerby, Lucille. 249 Locke. Hugh. 57 Lockhart. Bob. 321 Lockitch. Sill. 297 Loi ' kling. 1 )r. Willi .m Bruce. SI Lockan. 1 ick. ;151 Loew. Dean. 23 Loew. Richard, 324 !.,ogie. lyoren. 300 Lomniel, Suzanne. 260 Loiictot. Bernie, 319, 321 Lonegran. Anne riaire. 261 Loney. Robert. 324 Long, lOthel, 263 Long, .lohn. 192, 193. 2S9. 325. 330 Long. Robert, 57, S4, 326 Long. Robert L.. 328 Long. Virginia. 34 7 Longbottom, iiichard. 57. 207, 288 Longstreth. .Vancy. 251 Longwotid, Rosemary. 254 Lonke. Bernice. 271 Loomis. Anita. 57, 337 Loop. I ' ugene, 346 Loop. Marilyn. 30. 98. 125, 24 2 Loop. Verne. 57. 84. 342. 346 Lf)op. Vincent, 344 Lo |Uvam, Lefty, 200, 201 Lord. lOvelyn. 353 Loren. Lewis. 281 Lorenzen. Pat. 34 Lorig. A. N.. 81, 333 Loring. Margaret. 57. 266 Losey,. lames. 57. 342, 345 Loslie, Woody, 288 Lothrop. .lack W.. 328 Lottes. Richard. 354 Lof .gesell, ,lames, 290 Londin, Pattie, 263 Lougham, Henry, 330 IjOuie. .lames. 34(J Love. Melvin V.. 32S Loveridge. Kloise. 243 Lovett, Wendell, 214, 279 Lowell, Irving, 324 Lowert. Robert. 278 Loy. Peggy, 266 Lubken, Robert. 57 Lucas. Celia. 24 8,350 Lncev, Winifi-ed, 24 2 Luckin. Herb, 132, 137. 342 Luders. Wayne, 302 Ludwick. Virginia. 268 Ludw ig. Lyndell. 264 Ludwigs, Dorothy .Jean. 57, 247 Luenow, Paul, 293 Lughlin, .lean. 266 Lumsden. .lune. 340 Lund, .lane, 33, 38, 266 Lund, Mary, 264 Lund. Odd, 285 Lnnde. Charles, 343 Lniidy, Betty, 245 Lundy, LeRoy, 279 I.,urie. Alan, 57, 305 Lustig. Ann. 37. 244 I.,ustig, Marilynn, 211 Lutey, W. G., 293 Luther, Carolyn, 350 Luther..Jerry. 187. 302 Luther. Robert, 351 Lvnhgoe, Stan, 288 Lyle, Tom, 212, 290 Lvman. Barbara. 125. 350, 353 Lvne. .James, 301 Lynch. Phebe, 246 I yneh. Robert, 28n I.,ynch, Si)rague, 287 Lynch. Ward. 355 l von. ' icloi " . 57, 27 1, 297, 334 Lythgoe, Stan, 324 M MaiUScn, Amelia, 339. 340 Maassen. Molly. 341 Mabon, Harriet. 253 Macy. Paul. 294 Madilen. Roliert. 325 Maddock, Hal, 208, 342 Maddock, Harriet, 353 Maddo.x, Dick. 284 Maddux. Bettie. 57. 245 Madenwald, Wilbur. 290 Madison. Mai ' y Jane, 337 Madison, Paul, 211 Maeda, .June. 348 Magallon. Uobert, 355 Magers. Fran. 195, 288 Magcrs, Lad, 288 Magnusson, Bob, 198 Maguire, Margaret. 57 Maguire. Tim, 283 Maher, Lucille, 250 Malmcke. Marian, 256 Mahoney, Virginia, 263, 350 Maier, l ucy. 337 Maine, Bud. 297 Makino. William. 329, 351 Malak, Alfred, 57, 355 Malamutes. 323 Mallbeig. Madelyn, 57 Mallorv. Don, 291 Malloy, Bob, 285 Malmo, Florence, 247, 307, 350 Malone, Betty. 242 Malone. .Joseph, 57, 328 Maloney, .lames, 282 Maltese, Dorothy, 57 Manlev, Doi-othy. 341 Mann. Doidthy. 2(;9, 270 Mann. Margaret. 250 Mannion. liita. 267 Mannon. Leonard. 57 Maniing. Mary, 250 Mansfield. Bob, 132 Manson. Marcus P., 328 Manson, I hilip, 282, 326, 343 Maracci, Carmelita, 121 Marble. Fllen. 243 Marble. .lean. 243 Marble. Mary. 57 Marble, Patti. 242. 338 Marble. Richard. 290 Marcus. .loseph. 57. 32S Mardesich. Anothony. 303 Mardesich. August. 57, 303 Mardesich, Tony. 57 Margerum. Dick. 197. 290. 330 Marihugh. Lloyii. 306 Marinakos. Marjorie, SO, 114, 264. 227, 347, 353 Marlmi, Sally, 34. 35. 253 Mark, Scott, 286 Markev, Donn, 302 Mark ham, .lane. 57. 243 Markrick. Prof. Louis. 332 Marlatt. Virginia. 350 Marlow. Maxine. 271 Marmaduke. Marilyn. 241. 251 Marquette. Phil. 287 Marquette. Virginia, 57, 251 Marryman, Robert, 324 Marsh, Jerry. 287 Marsh. Ted. 293 Marshack. Irving, 297 Marshall. Bill. 302 Marshall, .lack. 299 Marshall. Ward, 57 Marshall. William. 57 Martell. Neva. 262, 354 Martin, Dr. A. W.. 343 Martin. Mrs. Arthur. 339 Martin. Bettv. 245 Martin. Bob. 279. 323 Martin. H. H.. 286. 332 Martin. Howard. 82 Martin. Jack. 29S .Martin. Tom. 288 Martvn. Mona. 57. 260 UNIVERSITY PUBLISHING COMPANY • 4 13 ] Unicersity Way JOHN H. RHID ROY G. ROSENTHAL MEi.ROSE 0075 1 itiversity Distrii lys: . . . rin-fe i- no -iili-tilnle fiir ooil i ' oofi anil nolliin ran nr- pa l.iniciiin or Dining in our famous MARINE DINING ROOM aiul COITEE SIIOI " . r, criirecn (1222 E erf;n-eii ll ' ;()(i • • • 2IIII Rooms 2(10 Balhs .( rri t ' litlinn in uft • lu ■ thf - niinutv living slantinnls, this iiltni minlvrn hold offers: iN(;r.K AM) i)oi rti.i ' .I KST ROOMS. BACH I I OR APARTMENTS AND SUrTES I W ith or t illidiil linii .r- kiTpinp prix ilppi ' s.) iriinsii ' nt tmtl I ' lTniniirnl .trrommotlntions at I ' tifnilnr I ' rirrs Seattle, W:i hiiijitnri lA HO UrCKFT. Mniiaginf; Dirnln 187 A FRIEND OF THE UNIVERSITY OF WASHINGTON PRESSURE TREATED DOUGLAS FIR FOR ALL PURPOSCS CREOSOTE — ZINC CHLORIDE CHROMATED ZINC CHLORIDE " The Material of Economic Permanence ' West Coast Wood Preserving Co. SEATTLE 1118 Fourth Ave. Elliott 3602 Plants: West Seattle i Eagle Harbor Buy United States War Bonds Invest in Liberty Masenga. Marv I tiu, 257, 350 Masun. Alden. 57 Masi.ii. Bill. 2SS Ma. ' inn. Byrdetet. 81 Mason, Douglas. 325 Mason, Georgia, 256 Mason. Mariorie. 350 Massor, Merle, 29S Massouras. .John. ISO Mataxis, Helen, 337 Matchett. Harrison, 296 Mathews, .lean, 354 Mathews, Katheiine, 347 Mathies, James, 342, 346 Mathieu, Ann, 35, 250, 350 Mathiscjn, Bob, 274 Matilla, Vic, 205 Matoba, Harry. 349 Matson, Robert, 278 Matson, Sylvia, 57. 337 Matsui, Takashi, 57, 332 Matsnmoto, Grace, 34S Matsuo, Jon, 206 Matsushima, Michiko. 348 Matsushita. Marjorie, 348 Matter.son. Duane, 328 Matthaei, G. W., 57. 325 Matthaei. George, 291 Matterson, Duane. 328 Matthias, Marian, 259 Mattson, William, 286, 57, 208 Matthews, Marjorie. 245, 350 Matzen, Gayle. 57, 242 Maurer. Eleanor, 341 Maurer, Louise, 252 Mans. ' irginia, 247 Max, Jean, 57, 241, 260. 350 Maxness. .Shirley, 242 Maxwell, Clyde. 278 Ma ' . Ann, 57 Mav. Cliarles. 19. 29. 182, 186, 212, 227, 331 May, Sterling, 57, 274, 291, 328 Mav. Winifred. 337 Mavbee. Harriet, 350 Mayer. Bud. 329 Maver, Lora, 271 Mayer, William, 296 Mavne, Eleanor. 350 McAfee, Jay, 324 McAndrew, .Toe. 346 MacBride, Philip, IS, 59, 277 McBride. Robert, 104 McCaffray, Dorothea, 355 McCall, Josephine. 336 McCallum. Virginia. 251 McCandrews. Joe, 59 McCann, Helen, 59, 352 McCarter, Elizabeth, 253 337 McCarter, Bob. 70, 129, 279, 334 McCarter, Douglas, 287 McCarter, Lihbv, 38 McCarthy. Dan, 212 McCarthy, Earl, 199, 211, 212, 277 McCarthy, Joseph, 277 McCarty, Daniel, 292 McCalllev, .James, 59, 354 McClelland, Marian, 59. 271 McClure. Jim, 197 McCIure, Warren, 289 McConahey. James, 333 McConnachie, Ian, 354 McConnell, I ois, 243. 133, 75 McCorkle, Jack, 211, 213, 280, 324 McCorkle, June, 243 McCorkle, Mark, 169. 306 McCormick. Tom. 302 McCormick, Ann, 250 McCoy, Ray, 59, 274, 303 McCrea, Jean, 251 McCrory, Marian, 59, 264, 347 McCullongh, Cam, 2SS McCullougli, Phvllis, 250 McCutcheon, Jean, 266 McDade, Ann, 248 McDaniel, Mary, 265 McDonald. Alta Mae. 59 McDonald, Archie, 294 McDonald, Bettv, 59, 245 MacDonald, Evelyn 347 MacDonald. Julia Aixn, 265 McDonald, L,amont, 323 McDonald, Lee. 282 McDonald, Margaret. 266 McDonald. Marilyn, 350 McDonald, Mary, 106 McDonald, Menifee, 59, 274, 300 McDonell, Patricia, 271, 350 MacDonald. Ruth, 335 MacDonald. Wallace. 285 McDonnell, Carmeleta, 340 McDonough, Frances, 243 MacDougall. Janet, 223 McDuffee, Alice. 340 McEacheron. Doris, 260, 350 McEwen, Laurence. 346 McFarland, Jean, 247 McFarland. Guv. 342 MacFarlane, Fred, 284 McFee. Jean, 242, 337 McFee. Louise, 242 McGahey, Merle, 59, 344 McGee. Jack. 182 McGee, Margaret, 340 McGee, Marv Belle, 110. 268. 341 McGee. Susan, 221, 254 Maki. John, 81 McGoldrick. Robert. 296, 331 McGovern. Martha, 35, 249 McGovern, Patricia, 253 McGranahan. Tom, 295 McGrath, Nan, 336 McGregorv, Dorothy, 243 McGuiness, Grace, 250, 337, Jack. 284 McGuiness, Jim, 284 McGuire. Jim, 370 Mcintosh. Don, 170 Mclntyre, Bill, 283 Mclntyre, Harry J., 290 Mclntyre, Jack, 79, S4, 329, 346 Mclntyre, Joe, 109 Mclntyre, Les, 187 Mclntvre, Michael, 325 Mackay, Bill. 285 McKay. Dean, 70, 97, 302 McKav, Ted, 40, 45, 59, 289, 321 McKav, Wallv, 127, 128, McKee, Hall, 266 McKee, Merwin, 59, 328 McKee, Peggy. 254 McKenna, Milton, 324 McKenney House, 267 McKenzie, Dean Vernon, 87, 298, 321 McKenzie, Donald, 319, 333 McKenzie, Winona, 353 Mackie, Denbv, 214, 288 Mackie, Sandy, 2SS, 323 McKinnel. Jean, ,36, 251, 350. 353 McKinnell, Jeanne, 59. 248 McKinnell, Jahn, 342 McKinnev, Robert, 346 Macintosh, Betty, 250 MacKintosh, Donald, 278 McKnight, Cordelia, 223 McKnight, Doris, 268 McLaughlin, Bob, 193. 280 McLaughlin, Charlotte, 260 McLaughlin. Finances. 260 McLaughlin, ■allace, 354 McLean, Miss Dorothy, 226, 341 McLean, Dougald, 69, 355, Sutherland, 2S9 McLennan, Colin, 187, 329 McLeod, Isabell, 266 MacLeod, Marianne, 350 McLeod, Norm, 283 MacLeod, Patricia, 59, 222, 259 McLeod, Ituth, 261, 353 McMahan, Clinton, 324 McMahill, Conrad, 199, 275. 296 McMahon, Richard. 295 McMillan, Fred, 212, 286 McMillin, Mary, 260 McMinn., Prcjf., 31 McMinn. B. T., 346 McMullin, Lyle, 119 McNamara, Dick, 211 McNamara, Don, 291 McNamara, Mary. 350 MacNaught, Suzanne, 253 McNaughton, Katherine, 350 McNeill. Don. 302 McNeill. Sheila. 245, 350, 366 McNerthnev, Marv Ann, 59, 253 MiNiooll, Helen, 271 McNultv, Cleo, 341 McOmber, Charles, 346 Mcpherson, George, 2S7 McPherson, Mai ' V Alice, 246, 265 McQuiston, ' illiam, 328 McRae, J. E., 27, 321 McVicar, Grant. 324 MacWilliams. liol ert, 59, 325 Mead, Ann, 250 Meade, Larry, 282 Meador, Henry, 187. 325 Means, Don, 168, 171, 280. 321. 330 Medler, Richard. 325 .Meacham, Hazel, 341 Meelian, Harriet, 57, 2611, 264, 355 Meeker, Curtis, 284 Mehan. Mary, 57 Mehus, Gi ' ace, 57 Meiei " , Jordan, 297 Melander, Robei ' t, 57, 303 Melder, Richard, 57 Melrose, Robert, 324 Melrose. Roger, 288 Melrose. Sam, 195. 2SS Melton, Ruth, 254 Memelev, W. E., 345 Menard, Harvey, 342 Mench, Harriet, 249 Mench, Miriam, 249 Men ' s Glee Club, 119 Mercereau, .leanne, 245 Meredith, M.aryjane, 266 Meredith. Rav, 45, 57, 173, 280, 321 Merrill, Jim, 302 Merriott, Cliff, 294 Merita. Betty. 266 Merklin. Kenneth, 59 287, 346 Merner, Jack. 59. 351 Merner. Jim. 351 Merner, Marv. 263, 350 Merrifield, Albert. 328 Merrill. Wendell, 59, 326, 328 Merrvman, Bob, 211, 291 Mesford, Jeanne, 267 Mever, Robert, 59, 214, 279, 32 8 Meyers, Blake, 277 Meyers, Dale, 199, 296 Meyers, Mary Ellen, 248 Michaels, Fred, 288 Mickel, Marion. 340 Mickel, Mai ' ' Helen, 270 Mickelson, Les, 288 Mickelson, Margaret Ann, 265 Mickelson, Stan, 59, 288 Middleton, Beth, 252 Middleton, Sally, 253 Middleton, Shirley, 340 Mikkelsen. Kathrvn Marv, 263 Milennan. Colin, 331 Miles, C harles, 59 Miles, Margaret, 340 Miles, Marv, 260 Millan. Howard, 173 Miller, Alfred. 277 Miller, Annabel, 109, 338 Miller, Armand, 289, 328 Miller, Barbara, 246, 346 Miller. Bi b. 297 Miller, Charles. 333. 334 .Miller. Curtis. 59 .Miller. DeLayne. 59, Miller. Dick, 186, 331, 3. )1 Miller, Ernest, 282 Miller, Fanny, 172 Miller. Gloria, lOi, 108, 338 Miller, Grace. 259 Miller, H.. 326 Miller. .lanlce. 350 .Miller. Jewell. 249 .Miller. Jim. 59. 292 Miller. J..e. 172. 199 Miller. Jiiseplline. J. 1 Miller. MarKiiret. 2:).i Miller. Marjiirie. 2.1 Miller. Mary. 59, 2aO, 337, 340 Miller, Max, 299 Miller. Nancy. 3aO Miller, orvllle. S3 Miller. Ralph. 59. 89, 324, 325, 321!, 346 Miller, Roilney. 325 Miller, Rudolph. 324 Miller, Ruth, 268 Miller, . ' arah, 59, 2oO, 337 , , Miller, AVinlook, 18 Miller. Zane. 59 MllliKan, Warren t— 280 Millikan, Alice, 33i Millikan.Bob 210 Mllllken. Daniel. 3-4 Milllken. Hazel. 12! . 228. 259. 335 Mills. Alfred. 35.5 Mills. Louise. 2o2 Milne. PeBsy. a9. ' J=». 338 Milroy, Walt, 190, 278, 330 Milt, Jack. 324 Miltz, Dorothea. 59, 337. 339 Minato. Howard. 349 Mlnkemu. John, 346 MinniK. Manella, M. 245, 320, 350 Minor, Louise. 59 Minor, Mary Lou, 2.-j(. Minser, William 324 Miskimen. Carol, 324 Misner, Hallett, 324 Mitamura, Ann, 348 Mitchell, Arthur, o9, Mi nfell Betty. 337 Mitchell, Charles. 299 Mitchell, Dean. G.. 280 Mitchell. Kleanor. 38 Mitchell, l ' " .rma. 34; Mitchell . Harold 32:) Mitchell. lIuKh. 1 ' Z. Ml ' t ' cheli ' . ' Kathleen 245 Mitchell. Na line 24.1 Miltan, n " " " ' ,V J,„ Mivauchi, David, 349, Mivazawa, Alice, 34S Mizen, John J-.328 Mizuki, Marion, 348 .Moklni, Hazel, 340 Moe, Betty, 22., 341 Moe. Kd. 59. 293__ Moe. Olive. 59. 3;)a Moen. lOllen. 337 Moen. Patricia. 266. 3M Marilyn. 251 Mohn. Richard, ■ ' ■ , 211. ■ ' 12. 278 Moiden. Bob. 279. 324 Molloy. Robert. 324 Momeda, Gerald, 59 M„moda, ShiBeni, 349 Monahaii. Alfred. 286 Mondt. Albert, 59, 84, 328, 346 Monk, Jcsephine, 232 Monsel, Vernice, 34, 260. 322. 350 Montgomery, Bill, ' -. MontKomery. Chole, 270 MontKomery. Jean. 353 Monti. Lou. 190. 2S6 M i .n. Charlotte. 2i.4 Mooney. Garth. 343 Moore. Bill. 295 Moore: Thades C. 290, 351 Moore, Dick, 298 Moore. Dinty. 275. 29o Moore, Howard, 59, 346 Moore, Sgt. Maurice, 209 Moore, Robert, 59 Moore, Sallie, 347 Moore, Ward. 212, 27S Mootz, Bill. 302 More. Charles C. 81 More. Marilyn. 253 Morehouse. Georse. 3011. 328 Morello. Ted. 128. 354 Morford. Olynia, 270 Morgan. Margaret. 341 347 Morgan. Marion Dee, 245. 350 Morgan. Marjean, 267 M..rgeiithaler, Al. 285 .Mijiganthaler. Betty. 36. 93. 265 Morinoto. Andrew-, 59 352. 349 Morinoto. Mariye. 348 .Morianaga. Marue, 265 .Morinaga, Harue, 348 Morlnaga. Hlsayo, 59. 265. 34S Morio. Nobiiru. 349 .Morrill. Charles. 345 Morrill. Jean. 340 Morris. Bill. 174. 330 Morris. Dick. 321. 342 Morris. Don. 187 Morris. Llewellyn, 280 Morris. Nina. 59 Morris. Richard C, S3. 84 Morrison. Bob. 294 Morrison. Boyd. 284 Morrison. Helen Louise 271 .Morrison, John W, 284 Morrison. Kenneth. 324 Morrison. Louise. 350 Morrison. Margaret. 247. 350 Moni.son. Peggy, 110 Morrow. Dorothy Jeanne. 81. 346 Morrow. Patricia. 243 Morse. Bill. 291. 331 Morse. Ellen. 59. 337. 339 Xforsee. Pegg -, 247 Morseth. Richard. 59, 282 Mos«-s. Hobart. .59. 2S0 Mosher. Bob. 284 Gordon, 59, 79, 292 Moss, Max. 297 Most, Jack, 302 Mote, Carol, 270 Mottler. Del, 206, 282 Mottmor. Robert, 59, 211, 325, 326 Mottner, Richard. 292 Mott-Smith. Stan. 199 Motzer. William. 324 Moulton. Judith, 340 Mounsy. James, 289 Moyer, Margaret. 264. 337 Mozee. Eloise. 59. 3.52 Mueller. Mary Ann. 250 Muessel, Alice, 59, 255 Mugg, Arthur, 306 Muin, Mark, 127, 135 205 Muir, Belle, 110 Muir, Helen, 59, 80, 335 Mukai. George. 349 Mukai. Y., 345, 346 Mukasa, George, .i9, 332 349 Mulfen, Betty. 350 Mullen, Mary Joyce, 247 Mullen, Stewart, 289, 324 Muller, Sally Ann. 2ba Mulliollan. John, 298 .Mulligan. Eleanor. 12;) Mulvehill. James, 289 Mund. Vernon A.. 81, 82. 333 Monger. Gordon, 211 Munger. Robert C, 280 Monroe, Leah, 59, 250 Munson, Miles. 59. 29S Munson. Ray. 301. 370 Murdock. Don. 285 Murdv. David. 296 Murfin. Mariem. 114 228. 350. 354 Murphv. George. 279 Murphv. Gerry, 247 Murphv, Helen, 266 Murphy, Jean. 59. 268 Murphy. Patricia. 268 Murphv, William, 59, 281 Murray, Barbara, 245 Murrav, Bob. 283 Murray, Dick, 281 Murrav. Donald. 59. 299. 344. 346 Murrav, Ed, 59, 299, 333 Murrav, Kale. 271 Murrlll. Mary Lou. 259 ilusseimaii. Tom. 351 Muthanna. P. W.. 351 Myers. Wendell. 324 Mvklebust. James. 59 Mvland, Melvin, 305, 352 N Nace. Howard. 195 Nachtway. Lloyd. 2S1 Nagaro. Masavukl, 349 Nail. Joe, 295. 330 Nalto. Motokazu, 349 Nakagawa, Yayoi. 348 Nakaniura. Nobuki), 348 Nakashima, Hlroshl, 349 Nakashima. Isao, 349 Nakasone, Boh. 34 ti Nakata. Clilyo, 59, 320, 348. 3511 Nakata. Teru. 348 Nakauchl. Sachiko, 348 Nakauchl. Yukimi, 34S Nakagawa. Richard, 354 Naon. Barney. 180, 297 Naramora. John. 302 Nash. Charles. 275. 278 Nash. Jim. 302 Nash. Shirley. 33. 37. 93. 148. 251. 322 Naubert. Bill. 277 Naubert. Harry. IS " Navlor. Robert. 328 Neale, Elizabeth. 268 Nebergall. Jack. 187. 295. 328. 331 Needham. Morry. 59. 212. 274. 290. 321, 325 Neer. Coramarie. 59. 335. 243 Nenietz. liymie. 297 Neff. Loren. 346 Neill. Bill. 182,180 Nellson. t!arl, 29G Nellson, Ruth, 347 Neils. Margaret, 256 Nell deMerchant, I ' eggy, 261 Ncl.son. Barbara Jean. 252 Nel.son, Barbara Jane, 254 Nelson, Beatrice, 352. 355 Nel.son. Bill. 171. 321. 330, 296 Nelson. Donna Jean, 26(1 Nelson. I ' M. 2S2 Nelson. Euni -e. 267 Nelson. ICverett. 81 Nelson. Harry. 175. 179. 330 Nelson. Henning. 325 Nelson. Herbert. 141 Nelson. Janet. 256. 350 Nel.fon. Jerry. 324 Nelson. J.. 344 Nelson. John I!.. 59 Nelson. .John R., 59. 274. 284 Nelson. Kenneth. 324 Nelson. Luiille. 340 Nelson. 129, 245. 264. 337 Nelson. Melvin, 59, 344 .Velson. Nell. 59 Nelson, Peggy. 133 Nel.son. I ' hilip. 59 Nelson, I ' hvllis, 271 Nelson, Richard, 287 NelS(jn. Robert. 291 Nel.son. Sidney. 61. 343 Nelson. .Sigried. 61. S3. 84. 325. 345 Nerdi ' um. Norma. 255 Neslin. Milan. 297 Ness. I ' mma. 61. 242 Neu. Carl. 61. 204. 274. 288, 321. 326, 328 Neuschwander, Leo, 61 Nevill, Merceile, 61, 65, 259. 320 Newbill. Eleanor, 340 Newberger, Dorothy, 250 Newberrv. Madalynne, 242 Newcomer. Jack, 354 Newell. Bill, 288 T ian you, ' ' Spokane Huskies ' ' Well admit, too. that " the best " of the U. of W. comes from Spokane . . . and we are proud of our part in " dressing " this best part of the " student body. " THE HOUSE OF QUALITY SPOKANE McKesson Robbins Incorporated Makers and Distributors of McKesson Quality Products Home Remedies — Vitamins Calox Tooth Powder FEDERAL PIPE TANK CO. Manufacturers of Douglas Fir — Stave Pipe and Tanks. 6851 E. Marginal Way RAinler 0582 DoUie McAssey SPORTSWEAR 4537 Univrr itv W ;iv MElrose l.S.5,5 389 ■« , The Choice of FIR TREE OVAL CLUB A. S. U. W. AWARDS Pacific Emblem and Manufacturing Co. 407 COLLINS BLDG. 518 Second -- Neai- James MAin 3541 JOHN A. WHALLEY CO. General Agents FRANK L. VERNON, Agent 209 CoBman Building MAin 8745 Custom Tailored Suits ALEX MAINE TAILOR 13S5 Thiid Ave. ELiol r.7( :i BEBB « JONES Architects 71 5 Hogc Building Seattle Xewhouse, Dean, 20, 2S0, 321 324 Newlaiul, .I.Tck, 2!I.S. Newman, t ' lul), S ' l.i Newman. Frerlerick, S4 Newman, Herb, 199, 297 Newman. Jaek. 61, 79, 342 Newman. Russell. 296, 323, 61 Newsome, Mrs. Bryan, 339 Newsome, ,Tuanita, 26S Nichols, Dean, 61. 306 Nichols, Margaret, 257, 350 Nichols, R., 209 Nicholson, Claire, 341 Nicklen, Dorothy, 337 Xickols, Rnilt, 299 Xiriinlson, Joan, 247 Xit.-liulson, Ijois. 61, 247 Nicholson, Thomas, 325 Nicholson, William, 287 Nickson, Gale, 253 Niece, Kenyon, 61, 326 Niece, William K.. 328 Niehenke, Gerakline, 266 Nielson, Jim, 209 NieLson. Josephine, 341 Nieradzick, Eyelyn, 341 Nies, Carol, 61, 347 Nies. Jo ' ce, 347 Niles. Genevieve, 260 Nishimotu, Tomive, 34S Nishimma, Hiro uki, 349 Nishimura, Mar. ' , 34s Nishimui-a, Toshivulii, 349 Nishimura, To ' o, 34N Nishitani, Mai ' tha, 34S Nishitani, Womlrow. 349 Nitchke, Mrs. lOlsic. 339, 340 Xix, Martha. 3.i3 Nobles, Gl ' over, 61, 211, 212, 274, 278 Nojima, Shoishi, 349 Noland, wTlliam, 275, 302 Noma, Toshio, 349 Nomura, Helen, 348 Nord, Boh, 187, 281 Norden, Richard, 61 Nordness, Orvin, 128 Nordstrom, Doris, 337, 339, 347 Norelius, Bai-bara Jean, 271 Norman, Betty Rite, 254 Noro, S. W., 351 Norris, A. R., 343 Norris, Dr. K. 11.. 343 Xori-is, John, 303 Xorth, Louise, 241, 247 Northrup, Harry, 296 Norton, Harry, 289 Norton, John, 165, 298 Norton, Scott, 306 Norton, Sheila, 249 Norstrand, Dr. How- ard Lee. SI Nottelman. R. H., 81 Nova, Robert, 61, 84, 344 Novak, Walt, 294, 325 Nowak, Delwyn, 292 Nuchnick, Helen, 258 Numata, George, 349 Nunnalee, Harold, 61 Nurses ' Club, 340 Nygreen, Glen, 21, 296 N stedt, Wendell, 282 Obazawa, Ra -, 349 Ober, Theodore M., S3 Ocker, Alverna, 268 O ' Connor, Barney-, 199, 277 O ' Connor, Nelle, 61 Odei, Hiroshi. 349 Ode ' , Muriel. 255 Odoi, Ma.saru. 349 O ' Donnell, Patricia, 253 Odman, Bill, 330 Odman, Bob, 160, 200, 201, 330 O ' Farrell, lioliert, 290 Offer, Leonore, 244 O ' Flynn, Patrick, 299 )gami. Michiko, 34S oghurn. Ruth. 61. 242 Ogle, Geralil, 61 Ogle. Jack, 332 Ogle, John, 61 O ' Halloran, Pat, 261 O ' Hare, Patricia, 341 O ' Hare, John. 107 O ' Hare, Kathleen, 269, 271, 322, 350 Ohman, Margaret, 350 Oie, Gladys, 243, 263 Oikawa, Datsu, 34s Oka, Harold, 61, 349 Oka, Taka, 349 Okabe, Amy, 34s Okada, Richard, 349 Okamura. George, 349 Okano, Chiyo, 34S Okano, Hirot, 349 Okano, Teiji, 349 Okasiki, Hide, 348 Okazaki, Mac, 349 C) ' Keefe, Emeh ' n, 61, 246 Okuda, Ken.i, 351 O ' Lane, Ivan, 355 Olason, Edward, 324 Olason, Ray. 346 Olausen, Magnus. 276 Olcott. Virginia, 339, 340 Old Maid, The 108 Oleg, Kor H., 32s Oliver, Louise, 246 Oliver, r av, 344, 346 Olsen, Agil, V.. 32S Olsen, Don, 211 Olsen, Frederick, 282 Olskwsky, Henrv, 282 Olson, Alberta, 347 353 Olson, A ' anellc, 271, 337 Olson, Bill, 213 Olson, Donald, 292 Olson, Evelyn, 340 Olson, Fred. 61. 162, 325 lson, Gilbert, 290 c )lson. Madeleine, 241, 259 Olson, Orville, 291 Ol.sen, Pat, 96, 136, 141 Olson, Verle, 2445, 350 Olson, Vernon, 61 Olson, William A., 280, 329 Olzendam, Roderick, 2S9 O ' Mahonev, Jerry, 296 O ' Malley, Lee, 106 O ' Neill, Roseanne, 271 r micr jn, Nu, 339 omoto, Nobuo, 349 Oldal. E., S3, 339 Ornisbee, Bill, 213, 324, 325, 326 Orphan, Billie, 242 ( )rnisbee, Robert, 61, 98 Orr, Frederick AV.. 113 Orrfelt. Robert 3.54 Orser, Dorothy. 61. 243 Orton, Betty, 26S Osho, Thor, 300 Osborn. Ruth, 353 Osborne, Allen, 324 Osborne, Pat, 34, 253, 350 Osen, Don, 61, 334 O.sen. Llovd. 61, 342, 345, 352 Osgood, Doloi ' es, 270, 350 Osterhaug, Kathr n, 271, 337 Osterud, Clarice, 61, 339 Ostland, Lyle, 197, 212, 290 Ostrander, Margaret, 250, 350 Ostrom, Henry, 187 O ' Sullivan, Patricia, 256 Oswald, Hugo, 275, 289, 324 Otis, Sue, 61. 254 O ' Toole. Mary. 271, 338 Ouchi, Albert, 349 Ouchic. Margaret, 348 Oval, Club 321 Ovenell, ELsie, 337 l5verland, Norman, 290 Overlock, Jim, 274, 298 Overlock, Julie, 249 Owen. Annette, 337 ( " wens, Frances, 61, 346 Owen, Gwyneth, 96, Owen, Shirley, 266, 347, 353 229, 251. 350. 364 Owens, Dorothy, 263 Owens, Jim, 291 Owens, Richard, 61 Owens, Dick, 299 O.xford. Thomas, Oyster, Mary Ellen, 266 Ozonf, Al, 172 Pack, Bob, 173 Packenham, Ada. 26s Padelford, Charles, 319 Padelford, Dean Fred- erick, 23, 81, 321 Padgett, Lloyd, 306, 323 Padgett, Robert. 212 Page, Roy, 290 Paine, Leonard, 351 Paisley, Bob, 288 Palm, Jim, 213 Palmer, Alice, 35, 124, 125, 243 Palmer, Bettv, 37, 256 Palmer, Dean, 132, 137, 354 Palmer, Don, 61, 286 Palmer, Peggy, 94, 256 Palmer, Ruth .S., 337 Palniiiuist, Martin, 286 Pande, Arve. 325 Pan Xenia, 332 Pape, Ted, 61. 2S6 Parant. George, 119 Parcber, Phyllis, 26S Farham, Bavard. 211. 278 Parisli. Mary Ann, 27o Park, Alan, 61, 296, 328 Parker, Dick, 299 Parker, Jean, 96, 12s, 252, 261, 225 I ' arker, Lois, 61, 260, 350 Parker. Spragiie, 2!m; Parker, Sle -e, 283 Parks, UoIp. 299 Parringtoii. ' (-riiiin, Parrott, Katherine, 350 Parry, Bob, 298 Partner, James, 61, 334 Patten, Mary, 104 I ' atterson, Amhr ise, 336 Patterson, .John ( ' .. 61, 328 Patton, Harry, 306 Patton, John, 288 Paul, Leslie, 61, 343 Paulsen, Art, 138 Paulson, Dave, 290 Paulson, Harold, 351 Paulson. LaVer!ie. 347 Pa.xton, Barbara Jo, 137, 254 Payne. Blanche, 339 Pavne, Donald, 82 Payne, Neil, 333 Pavne, Roliert, 279, 302, 324 Peach, Elizabetb. 223 Peach, Siiinuel, 296 Peake, Atril, 337 Pearce, Samuel, 324 Pearl, Wesley, 61, 84, 32S, 346 Pearson, Al. 172 Pearson, Delrnar, t;i. 281 Pearson, Keith. 343 Pease, Virginia, 243 Peaslev, Dick, 61 Peck, Don, 202, 295 Peck, Lyla, 340 Pecersen, Alf, 61, 343 Pedersen, Dick, 275 Pederson, Paul, 30, 61, 96, 288 Peder.son, Pete, 331, 334 Peek, Shirley, 114 Peeples, Carol Jean, 40, 61, 260, 320 Pell, Ituth, 340 Pence, John, 23S Pendleton, Betty, 271 Pendleton, .leanette, 271 Pengstorff, Willard. 61 Pennington. 81, 336 Penn ' , Lawrence, S3 Percival. Bonnie, 61, 335 Perez, Jose, 61, 325 Perich, Drago, 324 390 UiL Perniconi, Nora, 202, .•i.i2. 355 I ' filnger, MiiiKiUft, 2(i4 IVrkin. . Gru ' tloii, 172, 29 ' J, 329 Perkins, Helen. 340 Perkins, Jim, 2S!i I ' erklns, Jolin, 2 ' .i4, :!2t I ' errin, Jol»n, 32, ' Perry, Eleanor, til, 259 I erry, Marjorie, 337 I errv, Mar ' I ' IIen, 265 Perry, Rlohanl, 3m; Peters, Joan. 245, 337 i ' eterson, Arvltl, 213, 28n Peters()n, Bernice, 266 Peterson, Del, 172 Peterson. Dlek, 2S3 Peterson, KvaKl. S2. 333 Petersen, lively n, 61, 245 Peterson, Florence. 341 I ' eier ' son. Gale. 275, 3U6 Peterson. Hazel. 270 Peterson. James. 325 Peterson. John, 61 Peterson, I.orraine, 247, 337, 353 I ' eterson, Mililreil, 34ii Peterson, lima, 26S Peterson, Pete, 186 Peterson, Uobert. 61, 301 I ' elerson, liuth, 265 I ' eterson, erne, 61, 325 Petre, Chuek, 172 Petrey, Arthur, 27S I ' etrl, Eson. 120 I ' rltieh, Itavmond, S4, 34 6 PelriciKe, Ilailev. 61. 3112, 32S Petrie, Glen, 27!l Pel lie. Kolvln. 342. 3 ' l(i I ' el leys, John, 2S1 petlilKine. June, 61, 263. 320. 330. 3511 Petty. Charles, X3 Petty. Georse, 35S I ' etly, l.orene, 340 Petty, Shirley, 264 Pe ' toii. ,Jeanne, 247 Pfau, Glen, 106, lOil Pfeiffer, Have. 215. 276 Pl ' eilfer, Dick. 21 I, 2S4 I ' fnhl, Scott. 173. 200 Phi-lan. Jim, 157. 321 I ' helan. Katilleen. 256 i ' lii Chi Delta. 347 Phi Delta Tlieta, 2S8 I ' lii (iatnma Delta. 280 I ' hi Kjippa psi. ::ou I ' hi Kappa SiKma. 201 i ' lii Kappa ' I ' au. 202 Phillips. Helen. 61. 250, 350 I ' liillips, ,lack, IS2, 186, 289, 331 i ' liillips, jeannelte, 246, 350 Phillips. Jim. 61. 302 i ' liillips. Joyce. 250 I ' liillips. Mary .lane, 3411 I ' liillips, Nancy, 350 I ' liillips. Norljerta. PiTil ' lips. Richard. 2S1 i ' hi Mu, 257 I ' lii Mu Gamma. 338 I ' iiinney, Russell. 205 i ' lii .si nia Kapi a, 203 i ' lii SiKtiia Sifjma, 258 i ' houtriiles, Aspasia, 61 Phrateres, Council 260 I ' i Beta Phi, 259 Pickens, Helen 61. 251 Piclion, Helen, 61, 260, 338 Pickanl, Muriel, 244 Pickerill, Klizaheth, 270 I ' iepenbrinlv. Lois, 61, 249 Pielmeier. Margers ' , 271 I ' ierce, Dorothy, 251 Pierce. Eugene. 355 Pierce. Jack. 202 Pierce. Prof. Kenneth. 298 Pierce. Martha. 253 Pierce. Muriel. 254 Pierson. Evelyn. 264 PlKlon. George. 2S9. 325 PlKort. l.vle. 106 ii K.iiipa Phi. 294 Pik.-. Wenrlell, 201 Pi Lamhila ' IMiela, 347 I ' illiitK. Norma, 244 PIm, Phvllis, 243 PI Mn Chi, 343 I ' inkev, Rose, 61. 252 Pilt. Gloria. 61. 245 I ' itzer. Harry. 351 Plamonilon. Bernadine. 114. 355 Plank. Harold. 61. SO, 277. 346 Plank. Nicolin. 61. 347 Plalh. Don. 291 Piatt, Mary Lou, 94 Pliimmer, Don, 298 I ' lummer, Nancy, 256 I ' oe, 283 Poir, (Jordon, 61, 285 Poltevin, Dick, 298 I ' l itevhi. Joe, 61, 275, 298 Polk. Samuel. 278 Pollard. Dave, 214, 2S0 Pollard, Dick, 212 I ' olson, Bol), 96, 173, 286, 329, 346 Poitieroy, Barbara, 74. 242, 350 Pomfret, Jack, 106 Pons, Lily, 121 Poole, Chester, 354 Poole, Clavton, 3o« Poole, Lucille, 340 I ' ojie, Helen, 61 Pot)Iack, Jeannette, 258 Popp ' , Marie, 243 I ' orei, John, 286 Poi ' ter, Clarence, 172 I ' orter. Elorence. 247 Porter. Jeanne. 242. 350. 353 Porter. Ruth. 341 Post. .Annabel. 264 Potter. John. 325. 346 I ' otter. Joyce. 242 Potts. Dick. 208 I ' owell. Allen. 295 Powell. PcBKy. 337 1 ' owers. 1 lean. 22 Poweis, I ' iizabelh. 263 Powers, Franc-is, 81 Powers, lone, 61, 270 I ' owiison. Pete, 73 I ' latt. Dudlcv, 336 Pre-Medics Club, 355 Prentice, Phyllis, 34, 2,54 Prcsson, VirKinia, 61 Preston, Bettv Rue, 2,50 i ' reston. Dean, 24, 82, 321, 333 Preston, Lois. 61, 250. 350 I ' l-estrud. Stuarl. 191. 329 Preiicel. P.obert. 61, 274, 206, 328 Price, Howard, 63, 276 Price, Lawrence, 328 I ' rice, Margaret, 253 I ' rice, iiichard, 325, 63 Price, Virginia, 268. 337 Piins, Robert, 104, 280 Pritcliard, Frank, 63. 274, 280 Private Lives, 105 Proctor, Dave, 277 Proctor, Sally. 256 Provanciie. Joan, 256 Provanche, Marv Helen, 264 Provo, Fred, 172. 213. 280 Pryde. Hilden. 204, 325 Pryde, Jack, 201 Psi rpsilon, 295 PuKnetti, Don, 26 PuKsley, Roberta, 265 Pullcn. Ruth, 38, 322 Pulver, Dick, 29, 71, 129. 299, 325, 334 Pulver, 294 Pupi)etr.v, 111 I ' urcell, Mary Mar, 254 Purdue, Bob, 30, 138 Purely, Frank. 63, 325 Purple Shield, 329 I ' utnam, Jim, 75, 302 Putnam, John. 296. 354 Pyfer. Howard. 172 Pyle, Jack, 334 Pyper, ,Tames, 346 (.Juackenliusli. i ' lavton, 172. 206 Quackenbusli, Don, 342 Quackenbush, Frank, 304 Quapliottl-Romuno, ,lane, 255 Quay, Ru.ssell. 63 Quesnell, Marian, 31. 63. 270, 320 Qulglev, Arthur, 138, 277 QulKley, Edward, 292 Quigley, Louis, 354 QuiKley, Phoebe, 36, 225, 254, 322 QulKley, Phyllis. 251, 3.50 Quinton, Gracejeun, 252 Quire. Jane. 248 Quvale, Kjell, 161, 193 Quale, Knute, 324 Rabak, David. 63, 328 Kaliin, Dren, 297 Rabin, Oren, 329 liahy. Ken. 216. 286 Race. Harriet. 38. 260 Rachlord. James. 303 Rader, Melvin. 81 Rader. Phvllis. 353 RaKKe. Henry. 63. 325 Iwiines. Ella, 95 Rainey, Walt, 321 Raitt, Effie I.. 347. 39;i Raker, Lillian, 271 Rakestraw, George, 201 llamaker, Marv .lo, 128, 350 Ramsey, Maior,!. V., 326 Ramsev, Marjiarcl ta, 105. 109 Randall. Robert. 289 Kandlcs. Patricia, 26S iiaiiduipli, Jane, 242 Randolph, Rosemary, 271 llaney, Walter, 216. 3i;i Rankin. Mary. 270 Rancjuet, Jack, 196, 296, 330 Ransom, Lois, 35, 249. 322 Rjinson. Dr. Herbert. 81 Rantz. Eudora. 337 Rasmussen. Bill. 209 Kasmussen. Gordon. 209 Rasmussen. Katlierine 340 Rasmussen. William. 63, 2S1. 328 PuitclilTe. Erie. 342 Rathlioue. Russell. 312 Rathburne. R.. 172 Ratiivou. Hal. 291. 342 Ratbv Waiida. 266 Ranch. Marjie. 354 Ra ' . Carol. 63 Ra -. Dick. 135. 298 i:av. Kenneth, 03, 342 Rav, Margaret, 349 Rav, Sliirlev, 249 Read. William, SI lieaiiy, George, 2S0 Reardoii. John, 63, 328 Recloi-. Michael, 355 Reddie, John. 345 PLedfern, Dale, 206 Redl ' icld. Homer. 293 Itedliead, Waldou, 302 Redlin. Bill. 204 Redlin. Don. 279 i ' .edman. Ray. 172. 289 Ileece. Eileen. 246 Reed, Dorothy Ann, 259 Reed. Dmsev. 223. 227. 255. 341 Reed. Kermit. 324 Reegan, Gene. 282 Rees, Catherine. 350 Rees, Gwen. 339. 340 Rees. Kitty. 35. 75. 253 Rees. Margaret. 340. 341 Reese, Anne, 256 Reese, Frank, 209, 324 Reeves, Clare, 202 Reeves, Plivllis, 63. 317 Regalia, Bill. 186, 270 Rehberg. Abbie. 227. 341 Itehfeld. Bettv. 247 P.ehkopf. Harolil. 63. 83. 84. 346 LIFE INSURANCE AS A CAREER ( ft r .1 Kcm irkalili- Opporluiiiu of llifilie l Ser ici- anil I ' iiianiial Keuard lor llic l.cii W lib niliilion and I).-- lerniinalion KiioU):h lo lr an Klliriciil Km|ilo cr of lli 0«M Time and Kfforl. THE NORTHWESTERN MUTUAL LIFE INSURANCE COMPANY iif Milwaukee, Wisoonj;iii Urgiiiiizril IR ' iT Liceii»rd in WuKliinpluii, 18 (l I- ' or Infunimtion Call or Plinrir : M. II. O. WII.I.IAMS, Genenil .liioni 711 .S,-.„ii,l AMiiiif lliiiliblii; Kl.lioll I ' l. ' .T " THE DIMDEM) PAYIN(; COMPVN ' i iH AMERICA " i RUTH DOHERTY SCHOOL OF THE DANCE AND DRAMATIC ART 1 I ' n. jtr-, Irv.-ru i,,-,,. .,„ BALLET - TAP - CHARACTER - ACROBATIC - BALLROOM BATON Circulars Moiled Upon Request All Glosses Under Personal Supervision of Miss Ruth Doherty 915 EAST PINE PHONE EAst 2435 i PIONEER SAND GRAVEL COMPANY, INC. 901 Fairview North MAin 2900 SEATTLE Palroniziiif; llic csl ;i !• I i s li- mi ' iil.s llial lia i- aih irl isiil in TYKI ' ' . w ill In- ;:riMl l ;i ppreciat I ' ll ) lln- Stall. 391 Reicl, Bob, 283 Reid, Jane, 256 lieid, Virginia, 247 Reiddoiff, Kenneth, 278 lleilly, Robert, 296 Remington, l!utli, 337 Remmington. Ann, 136. 243 Renting, Petronella, 353 Renton, Jerrine, 337 lieiJP, Jean, 63. 257 Resler, Philip, 305 Reuss, Curt. 81 Revercomb, William, 278 Reynard, Dorotliy, 109 Iteynolds, Anne, 264 Reynolds, Charles, 63, 291. 328 Reynolds. Eleanor. 265 lleynolds. Klizabeth, 256 Reynolds, Francis, 63 Rhea, Ralph, 332 Rhoads, Shirley, 266 Rhodes, Barbara, 256. 350 Rhodes, Stanley, 2S6, 324 Riback. Bill, 297 Rice, llo%yard. 282 Rice, .lames, 63, 302 Rice, Richard, 278 Rice, Roger, 1S7, 289 Rice, Ruth, 63, 261, 337 Ricker, Derrol, 206, 208 Rich, Jean, 264 Richards, Barbara, 31, 41, 63, 87, 135, 243. 320, 337 Richards, Dick, 63, 274, 285 Richards, Eugene, 325 Richards, p:. V.. 63 Iticharils, Harriet. 340, 341 Richards, Janice, 126, 128. 243, 335, 339, 347 Richards, Lt. Col., 141. 326 Richards, Lowell, 354 Richards, liay. 63, ' 291, 328 Richards, Mrs. W. K., 141 Richardson. Cleve, 108 Richardson, Geraldine, 63, 252, 265, 268 Richardson, Helen, 260, 350 Richardson, Mary, 270, 337 Richardson, Paul, 75, 275, 279 Richey, Bob, 343 Richstad, Carol, 341 Richstad, Norma, 227, 341 Richstad, Ruth, 271 Riddell. Norman, 328 Ridd.-ll. l;alph, 282 Ridge, Wilma. 265 Ridgway. Bob. 63, 84, 299, 344 Rifte, Orrel, 353, 354 Riggs, Thron, 165, 329, 330 Rile, Mary, 263, 350 Riley, Herbert. 81 Rinaudo, Lucille, 264, 337 Rinehart, Jim, 1S7, 299 Ring, Eleanor. 322, 350 Ringstrom, Lois, 271 liiordan, Bernard, 27S Riordan, J. R., 211 Ripley, Sybil. 270 Rippon, Margaret, 34, 241, 242 Rising, Dorothy Jean, 242 Riste, Eyrlis, 63, 271 Ritchie, Ruth. 268, 337 Robbins, Burton, 305 Robbins. Shirley, 29, 32, 47, 63, 244, 320, 335 Roberts, Dean, 24 Roberts, Ed, 93, 211, 278 Roberts, Eugene, 324 Roberts, Louis, 293 Roberts, Mary. 253 Robei ' tson. Art, 63, 274, 281, 344 Robertson. Carl. 63, 112, 321 Robertson, Ed, 63, 215, 285 Robertson, Edgell, 63, 346 Robertson, James, 82, 289, 328 Robertson, Shirley, 255, 350 Robertson, W. C, 113 Robeson, Paul 120 Robins, Ruth, 350 Robinson, Allys, 263, 350 Robinson, Anne, 249 Robinson, Clara, 79 Robinson, Clyde A., 26, 31, 319, 321, 334 Robinson, Dick, 53, 63, 274, 277, 299 Robinson, Ed. 63, 79. 82. 98. 211. 291. 328 Robinson, Evelyn, 63, 244, 335 Robinson, .Tanet, 63, 271 Robinson, .lohn. 63, 277, 328 Robinson, Louise, 353 Robinson, Philip, 305 Robinson, Richard, 329 liobinson, Robert, 278 Robinson, Sam, 172, 277 liobinson, William, 292 Rodarm, Katherine, 63, 110 Roderick, Daye, 186, 289, 331 Roe, Philip, 324 Roebke, Martha, 63. 256 Rogers, Barry, 302 Rogers, Gail. 83 Rogers, Herbert, 297 Rogers, Norma Jean, 271, 353 Rogers, Robert, 301, 306 Rogoway, Sylvia, 258 Rohrback, Gilson, 63, 325 Rohrback, Pinckney, 324 Rohrer, Betty. 268 Kidand. Marie. 270 Rolfe. Robert. 355 Rolin, Ken. 332 Kollin, John, 63 Rombauer, E. R.. 354 Rood, Dorothy, 270 Rooks, Elinor, 350 Root, Bill, 31» 69, 93. 328 Root, Leola, 261 Rorvick, Jessie, 63, 271, 337 Rosborough, Beth, 340 Rose, Bert, 278 Rose, Bob, 29, 30, 73 i;.)se, Jim, 288 Uose, Robert. 351 liosen, Herbert, 297 Rosenkrantz, Minnie, 63, 265 Rosling, Alma. 247 Rosinbum. Ralph, 109 Rosmond, Robert, 63, 325 Ross, Bettie Jean, 63, 245, 254 Ross, Letty Ann, 250 Ross, Betty Marie, 34, 36 Ross, Bob, 100, 187, 281, 331 Ross, Clark, 279 Ross, Dave, 277 Ross. Jim, 181 Ross, Joyce, 268 Ross, Nathan, 297 Ross, Nettie Jean, 354 Ross, Robertson, 289 Ross, Wilma, 250, 270 Rossback, Jane, 63, 266, 270 Rossier, Robert, 296 Rotermund, Betty, 242, 307 Roth. Al, 173. 306, 329 Roth, Fred, 63, 138 Roth, Fritz. 370 Rouch, Ed, 279 Rowen, Harriet, 264 Rowland, James, 286 Rowland, Helen, 255 Rowland, Marie, 63 Rowlands, Thomas, S3 Rowley, Barbara. 265. 337 Row ' ntree, Jennie, 339 339 Rov, ' Shirlev. 100 Rutfner, LaNelle, 270 Rugg. Milton, 278 Rulifson, Leone, 277 Rumstad, Maurice, 201 Runciman, Bill, 209 Running, Phil, 209, 333 Runstad, Norma, 340 Ruoff, Dick, 283 Rupp, Jacques, 130, 298 Rupp, Tom, 295 Rupp, Werner, 18 i;ussell, Bill, 51, 63. 84. 98, 277, 321, 328 Russell, Genevieve, 352 Russell, Gilbert, 210 Russell, Pat, 35, 128, 136, 251 Rutherford, Bob, 63, 187, 331 Ituthstrom, Betty, 270 Uvan, Betty Marie, 254 Ryan, Edward, 18 Ryan, John J., (Jack) 126, 128 liyan. Marilyn, 259, 350 R an, liav, 279 Kvba, Leone. 268 Rvdeen, Elmer, 304 Ryder, Clyde. 279, 324 Ryno, Margaret, 252 Saad, Michael, 288 Saarela, Ray, 211, 291 Sadick, Gordon, 63, 84, 297, 325, 326, 346 Saer, Ruthanne, 255, 350 Saffle, Bud, 279 Sagar, Margaret, 73, 114 Sage, Fred, 63, 342 St. John, Fay, 271 .St. George, William, 210, 324 Sakahara, Torn. 349 Sakai, Sam. 349 Saksa, Frank. 324 Sakuma, Takashi, 63 Sale, George, 299 Saltz, Warren, 281 .Samuelson, Arthur, 290 Sanchez, Jim, 195 Sandelius, John. 63, 344 San.ler, Ed, 211 Sander, Edward C, 280 Sanders, Bob, 274, 280 Sanders, Myrl, 347 Sanders, Ned, 173 .Sanders, Robert, 63 Sanderson, Bill, 172 Sandgren, Elbert, 63 Sandlin, Martha, 271 Sandygren, Elbert, 326, 328 Sarchet, Jean, 108, 287 Sasaki, Eddy, 351, 349 Saski, Thomas, 349 Sasser, John, 63, 333 Sater, Cecile, 269, 271 Sather, Charles, 325 Sato, John, 349 Sato, Mary, 348 Sauer, Bill, 182, 186 Sauer, Leon, 302 Saul, Laurel, 350 Saunders, Dorothy. 133, 241, 261 Savage, Barbara, 250 Savage, Dave, 281 Savage, Dr. George, 281 Savage, Marjorie, 261 Savery, Mrs. Halley Brewster, 81 Savery, Rally, 336 Sawada, George, 343 Sawins, Vera Gale, 265 Sawtelle, Jackie, 254 Sawyer, Dorothy, 63, 251 Sawyer, Edward, 63 Saxe, Marjorie, 270 Saxsa, Frank, 172 Savles, Charlotte, 243, 337 Scabbard and Blade, 326 Scallon, Julie, 267 Schaake, Don. 288 Schade, Dorothy, 260 Schader, Allen, 354 Schader, James, 342 Schaefer, Milnor B., 81 Scliaeffer. Charles. ISO Schaeffer. Elsie. 341 Schaeffer. r„obert, 108, 329 Schaetiel, Jackie, 260. 350 .Schafer, Francis, 63 Schafer, Frank, 291 Schain, Bela, 270 Schaller, John, 211 Schaum, Margaret, 336 Schear. Dwight, 128 Schearer, 280 .Scheece, Eleanor, 242 ,Scheib, Joe, 63 Schenck, Mary, 63, 269, 271 Schenck, Mariorie, 74, 254, 350 Schenk, Ray, 294 Schermer, William, 325 Scherrer, Richard, 63, 344 Scherrer, Robert, 63, 187, 296 Schillreff, Jerry, 337 .Schoning, Robert, 191 .Schlicting, Fred, 287 Schilienting, Hal, 319 Schmict, Peter, 277 Schmid, Calvin F., 81 Schmidt, Donald, 63, 287, 328, 342, 355 Schmidt, Louise. 265, 353 Schneider, Sylvia, 244 Schnell, Russ, 279 Schoen, Bob, 149 Schoennauer, Irmgard, 63 Schonborn, .lean, 347 Schramm. Ruth. 245 Scbrodel.Maxine, 264 Schroder, Carl, 287, 331, 182 .Sehroeder, Erika, 105 Schroeder, Eugene, 128 Schuler, Loretta, 63, 355 Schuler, Ruth, 63, 339, 340 ,Schuyten, Johannes, 333 Schwalen, Julliette, 34, 247 Schwanke, Ruth, 264 .Schwartz, Henry, 305 Schwarz, Phil. 211, 212, 278 Scotford, Francis, llo Scothorn, Beryl. 268 Scott, Betty, 337 Scott, Bill, 285 Scott, Dorothv, 266 Scott, Elaine, 270 Scott, Helen, 347, 352 Scott, James. 63 Scott. Jim. 274. 295. 330 Scott, John, 173. 280 Scott, Katherine, 253 Scott, Mickey, 298 Scott, Nina Ann, 260 Scott, Pat, 355 Scott, Peggy, 271 Scott, Phyllis, 24S, 350 Scott, Robert, 354 Scott, Roberta, 271 Seal, Mar,1orie, 268, 337 Seaman, Ortha, 270, 341 Searing, Virginia, 259 Searle, Alfred, 287 Searles, Guy, 132. 137 Searles. Robert. 63 Sears, Robert, 290 Sears, Sally. 253 Sears, Theresa, 266 Seaton, Ralph, 351 Sedge%vick, Sylvia, 268 Seeger, William, 324 Seelev, Frank, 351 Seeman. Dr. A. L., 332 Segar. William, 200 Segimoto, Meriko, 63, 348 Seibert, Port, 298 Seidenberg, Anita, 65, 258 Seifert, Louise, 65, 252 Seifert. Robert, 354 Sekiguchi, Kenichiro, 65, 332, 349 Selander, Ingrid, 65, 264, 337 Selde, Yvonne, 263 Sells, Jane. 128. 332 Selsnick. Beverlv. 244 Selsnick. Shirley. 244 Selvidge. George. 71, 96, 128. 130. 132 Semba, Mivoshi. 348 Semba. Tom. 349 Semba. Yutaka. 34:i Semler. Helen, 263 Senda, Kane. 349 Senechal. James. 285. 323 Sennett. Murray, 65 Sergius, Sergey, 83 Severs, Frances. 266 Severson. Bett ' . 65. 223. 248 Severson. Daphne, 65, 248 Sexsmith, Nancy, 347 Shackleford, Barbara, 250 Shafer, Betty, 249 Shafer, Norton, 305 Shafer, Shirley, 242, 350 Shaffer, CUnt, 294 Shaffer, Helen, 243, 265 Shaller, John, 291 Shanafelt, Anne, 270, 353 Shanafelt, Mary, 270 Shanan, Ray, 281 Shandley, Lauraine, 65, 242, 338 Shannon, Patricia, 266, 353 Shanstrom, John, 195, 289 Shapiro, June, 258 Sharkey. Jim. 283 Sharp, Rupert, 65, 285 Shattuck, Evelyn, 340 Shaver, Luola, 271 Shaw, Agnes. 253 Shaw, Barbara, 38, 243 Shaw, Betty, 33, 34, 53, 65, 253, 320 Shaw, Carolyn, 260 Sliaw. Inez. 248 Shaw, John, 79 Shaw, Patricia, 65, 243 Sliea. Bill, 285 Shea. Jack. 125. 277, 324 Shea, Robert, 351 .Shearer, Barbara, 243 Shearer, Paul,H. 280 Sheedy, Jack. 73, 128, 131, 288 Sheedy, Janet, 250 Sheedv, Mary Ellen, 250 Sheehan, Leo, 65, 286, 330 Shell, Mary Ann, 253 Sheldon, Prof. Charles, 332 Sheldon, Janice, 248, 353 Sheller, Jerry, 275 .Shellev, Eugene, 65, 278 Shemanski, Alfred, 18 Shepard, Paul, 65, 334 Shere, Harry, 299 Sheridan, Hugh, 299 Sherlie, Keith, 65, 112, 354 .Sherman, Mary, 250 Shervan, Bob, 342 .Shiel, Mary Ann, 266 Shigawa. Mabel, 348 Shigawa, Mary, 348 Sliimizu, Atsuko, 348 Shimizu, Frank, 343, 349 Shimoda, Mary, 348 .Shimp, Janice, 340 Shinozaki. Betty, 348 Shiomi, Hardy, 351 Shipek, Robert, 65, 328 Shireman, Charles, 351 Shirk, Dorothy, 249 Shitama, Kazuo, 65, 349 Shitamae, Fumiko, 348 Shively, Dixon, 288 Shoemaker, Ann, 33, 34, 250 Shoff, Jean, 248, 337, 350 Shorett, John. 279, 323 Sherrock, Bernice, 81 Short. Sylvia. 340 Shucelli. Mary. 247 Shuchart, Ann, 247 Shuler, Annabelle, 250 Sbuler, Ruthe, 340 Shumacher, Patty, 340 Shumwav. Norma, 350 Shurcliff, Sidney, 122 Shurtz, Billie, 226 Sicklesteel, Claude, 215, 285 Siebel, Dave, 285 Sieg, Barbara, 215 Sieg, Lee Paul, 16, 81, 321 Sieg, Robert, 83 Sigel, Sue, 266 Sigma Alpha Epsilon, 296 Sigma Alpha Mu, 297 Sigma Chi, 298 Sigma Delta Chi, 334 Sigma Epsilon. 339 Sigma Kappa. 260 Sigma Nu, 299 Sigma Xi, 83 Sill, Tom, 133, 284 Silver. Robert, 305 Simdars. Paul. 182, 186 Simeon, Goldie, 337 Simmonds, Ralph, 351 Simmonds, Robert, 65, 345 Simonsen, Constance, 65, 345 Simonton, Rose- marion, 271 Simpson, Beltv-J o, 65, 253 Simpson, Bob, 214, 2SS Simpson, Luiline V.,S1 Simpson, William, 306 Sinclair, Betty, 339. 340 Singer. ] orothv. CiO, 271 Sivertz, V., 83 Sizemore, Shirley, 241, 255 Sizemore, Ted, 288, 329 Skamfer, Carmen. 264, 353 Skarston, Roger, 287 Skartvedt, Paul, 195 Skellv, Dcjrothv Frank, 340 Skewis, Francis, 65 Skewis, Harry, 283 Skill, Robert, 332 Skilling, John, 285 Skilling, Virginia, 65, 243 Skillings, Bill, 304 Skiner, Kay, 259, 350 Skiner, M. M.. 81, 332, 333 Skolberg, Virginia, 266 Skrondal, Marjory, 268 Skoog, Joe, 323 Slate, Virginia, 350 Sleteboe. Ma -is. 265, 268, 341 Sloan, Bill, 65, 171, 291, 330 Sloat, Robert, 106, lOS Slocum, Bob, 304 Sloyer, Art, 172 Smart, Doris Lee, 35, 240 Smith, Adams, 293 Smith, Ann. 254 Smith. Ben. 306 Smith, Bernar.l, liil, 298 Smith, Bett ' . llii. 249, 263, 341 Smith, Bob, 192. 206. 330 Smith. Bi-ent. 287 Smith, Bruce, 162 Smith, Carol. 270. 353 Smith. Charles, 19 Smith, David, 351 Smith, Donald, 278, 304 Smart, Doris Lee, 322 Smith, Dorothy Jean, 259 Smith, Dwight. 164, 280, 330 Smith, Earl, 298 Smith, Edwin, 134, 285, 329, 352 Smith, Eleanor, 37, 263 Smith, Eliabeth, 65, 259, 350 Smith, Elsie, 341 Smith, Esther, 65 Smith, Esther Julie, 271 .Smith, Mrs. E. Victor, 339 Smith, Frederick, 83 Smith, Harriet, 340 Smith, Harry E., 19, 81, 285 Smith, Homa, 65, 355 Smith, Isabelle, 271 Smith, Jean. 253 Smith, Jordan, 324, 355 Smith, Logan, 65, 325, 326 Smith, Lois Jeanne, 65, 242 .Smith, Mary Margaret, 256, 30S, 365 Smith, Margaretta, 259 Smith, Marilou, 106 Smith, Margie. 337, 350 Smith. Marjorie, 65, 248 259 Smitii, Marvin, 206, 296 Smith, Norntan, 325 Smith, Palmer, 65 Smith, Patricia. 260. 350 Smith. Phvllis. 263 Smith. Quentin. 65,. 328 Smith, liandoph. 2S4 Small. Robert. 280. 289 Smith, lUlth. 65, 320, 337, 339, 350 Smith, Sara. 266, 337 Smith, Shirlev. 79 Smith. Stan. 283 Smith. Tom. 289 .Smith, Virginia, 114, 271 Smith, Warren, 325 Smith, Wayne, 211. 278 Smith, Willard, 78, 82, 326, 328, 330, 352 Smith.son, John, 288 Smyth, Chan, 65, 303 392 V v- -( . ' — , ' S l ' HIN(; hrings licr iliallenge and inspiration. And eacli sprin we liave worked on Tyco il has l)een witli the tlioiigJit that we are helpin j; to make a finer hook. This ne s lyce goes into llie worhl a worlliy snceessor to many fine hooks. We offer our eongralnfalions to the staff on tlie production of a Tvee wliich will challenge tlie ingenuity of tliose who jn ' oduce the next Tyee. UlaI tn C njo cOyoUu? Co. 2028 TERRY AVENUE • SENECA 0313 • SEATTLE, WASHINGTON 393 Stnvthe, Eileen, 227. :i41 SniNthe, Wayne. 2ill .■ iMPli. Marcia. 24S . ' napii. Mar.iorie, .S50 Sni-lsnii, Hazel, 6.T. IH. 270 Snelgrove, Herb, 302 . !nellbacker, Lael, 266 Snider. Barbara, 265 nidei ' , Wayne, 275, 294 .Snow, Robert. 6. " .. 171, 330 Snow, Lyman. 1111 Sn -der, Alden. 65 Snyder. Frank, 65, 2113 Snyder, Louis, 2S3 Snyder, Rae, 254 .SohieraUski, Kathleen, 271, 350 Soffe, Jack, 2S8, 324 Sohlberg:, Helen. 347 Sohn, Theolone, 270 Soike, Henry, 65. 344 Solberg. Anna. 353 Solberg. Ramona. 271 Soli. Wallv. 101. 28S, 331 Soraer, Viola. 33S Somervell. Willis, 324 Somerville, Slim. 374 Sommer. Viola. 261 Sonneland. Arthur. 2S3 .Sorenson. Everett. 333 Sorvick, Elaine, 30S Soule, Eliabeth, 339 Soules, Evelvn. 65, 24S, 339. 350 Soule.s, Paul, 182, ls6 Sowell, Herman, 65 Sovat, Dave, 351 Spahr. Bob. 304 Spangler. Ed. 2S7 .Sjjangler. Elvina. 65 SparKo. Margo. 259, 350 .Spark.s, Paul, 65 Sparks. Prlscilla. 340, 341 Sparling. George. 207 Spauldlng, Helen Marie, 271 Spear, Mary Jane, 255 Spec-k, Peggy, 249 Speer, Virginia, 270 Speidel, ( ' onrad, 2S3 Spellman, Dorothy, 263 Spenier, Alma. 339 Spencer. Don. 195. 291 Spencer. Harriet. 337 Sperling. Alvin, 2S0 Sperry. Jack. 304 Spickard. Andrew. 284 Spiller. Henry, 82 Sjiinnei ' . Florence, 247 S|iohn. Dolores. 265 Sp;agg. Kathleen. 342 .Sj rague, Frederick, 65 Sprague, Helen, 270, 337. 355 Sprague, Wendell, 306 .Si)rague. Winifred, 350 Si Pratt, Willard, 280 Siiring, Rolph, 305 ' Spring, Rudy, 323 Springgate, Jack, 2.89 Squier, Paid A., S3 Sfiuire, Bill, 207 S iuires, Martin. 275, 282 Stabler, Aldoren, 137. 247 Stack. B(d . 211. 213. 2S7 Stack, Marie, 40, G5, 245, 228 Stack, Ruth, 65, 264 Stackpool, Jack, 163. 168. 171. 330 Stamati.s. Gloria. 341. 350 Stam. Dorothy. 40. 65, 253, 320 Standish, Seymour, 100, 334 .Stangeland, Mary, 24S .Stanley. Henry. 65, 2.S5, 325 Stanley, Henry, 2N4 Stansbury, .loan. 245 Stapp. Mary. 341 Stark. Jack. 65, 274, 276 Stark, John B., 32S Starling. .Tack. 334 Starr. Eliabeth, 339 Stay. Lawrence. 65. 291 Steele. Dorothy. 337 Steele. Ernie. 165. 171. 330 Steele, Vivian, 350 .Steelman. Dianne. 355 Steenbergen. Norine, 65, 337, 350 Steenberger. Ted. 138 Stein. Dolores. 252 Stein. Frances. 65, 339, 34(1. 341 Stein. Joseph. 345 Steinhoff, Barbara, 65, 271 Steinseifer, Faye, 260, 350 Stender, Mary Jane, 247 Stenslid, Rung, 306 Stenvig, Jack, 302 Stephens, Cv, 161, ISS, 321. 330 Stephens, Edward, S3 Stephens, Elaine, 350 Stephens, LeRoy, 65 Stephens, Peggy, 266 Steputis, Robert, 106 Sterling, Elwin, 65, 326, 328 Sterling, Pat, 249 Sterling, Wavne, 171, 330 Stern, Bud, 297 Sterne, Richie, 287 Steuding. Zoe Anne. 254. 337 Stevens. E. B. SI Stevens. Hildred. 266 Stevens, Jane. 65, 347 Stevens, Len. 208. 216. 321 Stevens, Leonard, 29S Stevens. Rise, 121 Stevenson. Bob, 65, 299. 321. 333 Stevenson. Mary. 337 Stewart, Don. 2S3 Stewart. Haven. 279 Stewart, Jean, 266 Stewart, Marian, 350 Stewart. Mary Jane. 65. 250. 320 Stewart, Paul, 342 Stewart, Sally, 34, 245 Stickney, William, 65 Stiles, Bud, 291 Stiles, LeConnie, 331 Stiles, Robert, 328 Stinchfield, Kathleen, 65. 243. 337 Stitcler. Robert. 27S Stitb. Marie .lane. 65, 263 sutler, l{nl , ISI .Stocker, Jane, 256 Stockton, Alice. 65. 320. 350 Stokes, Edward, 65, 211, 212. 278. 3 ' !1 Stoker. Paul. 106, 109 Stoll, Svlvia, 259 Stone, Edward N., 81 Stone, Jay. 324 Stone. Jane. 65 Stonex. Winifred. 264 Storey. Margaret. 263 Storkan. Dick. 342 Storvick. Clara. 339 Storey, Mildred, 340 Stowell, Ernest Emory, 81 Strain. Bob. 65 Strand, Barbara, 245 Strand, Don, 282 Strandqulst, Anna Jane, 259 Strangeland, Mary. 65 Stratiner. Phil, 297 Straude, Rose, 339 Strauhal. Charles. 2S3 Straus. Gerda. 350 Straus. Robert. 305 Streckenb.ach. Jack. 32S Strehle. 252 Stretton, Lois, 254 Stripp, William, 275, 2S6 Straessler, Cecilia, 353 Strom. Art. 73. 299 .Strom, John, 355 Strom, Robert, 282 Stroncek, Alice, 271 Strong. Consuelo. 252 Strong. Lyman. 279 Stromme. William. 65. 302 Strope. Alva. 195. 277, 329 Stuart, Bob, 299 Stuart, Dean, 324 Stuart, Fullertcn, 295 Stubbs. Allan. 65. 214. 290 Stubbs, Lucille, .Si, 250 Stuchell, Marv. 350 Studebaker. Betty, 350 Student Affairs Committee. 31 Student Council. 29 Stuntz. Daniel E.. S3 Sturm. Bertram, 65. Stusser. Berniee. 353 Sturgis. John. 279 2S1. 321, 334 Stutesman, Col. J. H.. 326 Stwalley. Peggy, 265 St. er, Don, 209 Sugg, Herbert, 214. 281 Suguwara, Ha zel, 348 Suguwara. Mary, 34S .Sullivan. Hoge, 295 Sullivan, Jack, 355 Sullivan. Joe. 279 Sullivan. John. 295 Sullivan, Mar,iorie, 270 Sullivan, Norman, 296 Sullivan, Pat, 137, 241, 248, 350 Summers, James, 05, 344 Summersett, Bill, 215, 2S5 .Summerson, Caroline, 65, 340, 341 Summerson, Virginia, 264 Sumner. Jerry. 267 Sundberg. Anstie. 34 Sundberg, Austie, 337, 350 .Sundberg, Virginia, 67 Sunde, Carl. 199. 296 Sunde. George. 67, 296 Sundstrom, Roland, 67, 342 Sunski, Chester F., 32S Susick, Pete, 163, 330 Sussman, Beatrice, 258 Sussman, I oi ' raine, 244 Sussman, Rhoda, 25S Sustad. Jeannette, 37, 350, 354 Sutermeister, Robert. 299 Sutherland, Starr, 289 .Sutherland, Wallace, 296, 331 Sutter. Joseph. 325, 346 Sutton, Patricia, 350 Svihla, Mrs. Arthur, 339 .Svorinich, Sylvia, 264 . Syoruich, Dominick, 210, 214, 325 • ' Swabey. Margaret, 565 Swale, Jean, 67, 337, 339 Swalwell, Patricia, 263 .Swanberg. Bob. 195 Swanes, Vern, 195, 285 Swanson, Carl, 283 Swanson, Enid, 340 Swanson, Hilda, 340 Swanson, Marge, 128 .Swantrom. Florence. 350 .Swanzey. Gene. 192, 280, 329, 330 .Sweeney, Al, 306 Sweeny, Keith, 67, 354 Sweesy, Vera, 67. 249 Sweet, Blanche, 67, 129, 247 .Sweet. Dorothy, 67, 254, 320 Sweet, Gloria, 261, 350 Sweet, Jane, 247 Sweet John W.. 280, 329. 333. 352 .Sweet, Margaret. 247 Swenson. Carl. 354 Swick. Donald. 289 Sylvester. Mollv. 337. 339. 347 S ' nder, Frank, 274 S.vnnestvedt, Barbaia, 67, 248 Syversou, Harold, 304 Taber, Janet, 260, 350 Tachivama, Iwao, 349 Tada, Kazuo, 351 Tadich, Dmitri. 172. 206 Taggart. Richard. 2S6 Tajitsu. Teruko. 34S Takana. Fumiko. 348 Takano. George. 355 Takano. Nobuo. 349 Takatsuka. Keemii, 34s Takayoshi, Masako, 340 Takehara, Sumi. 349 Takei, Hiroshi, 349 Takeuchi, Richard. 67 Takimoto. Michiko. 348 Takizawa. Etsumi, 349 Talbott, Kay, 251 Tallmadge, Henry, 214 Talkington, .lanet. 245 Talkington.Joan. 245 Tallmadge, Henry, 67, 215, 281 Tallman. Kay, 67, 293 Tammien, I iarvel. 67. 293. 328 Tamura. Tom. 351 Tamura. Yoshio. 349 Tanaka, John, 349 Tannler, Marguerite. 38. 242. 350 Tappe. Ella. 339, 347 Tarihara, Mar -, 67 Taro, Bert, 207, 329 Tashima, Yuri, 348. 353 Tau Kappa Epsilon, 300 Taubman, .Tane. 256 Tau Phi Delta. 301 Taylor. Allen. 282 Taylor. Arthur, 289. 326, 328 Taylor, Bill, ISO, 211, 213 Taylor, Delores. 270 Taylor, Frank, 277 Ta.N ' Ior, Gloria, 254 Taylor. Helen. 255, 267 Taylor, Henry L.. 67, 332 Taylor, Hermene, 244 Taylor, Katherine, 106. 259. 350 Taylor, Louisa, 353 Taylor. Mary Elizabeth 264 Taylor. Phil. 127. 12S Taylor. Sherma. 244 Taylor. Tom. 182. ISC. 295. 330. 331 Taylor. Virginia. 37. 128, 322. 353 Taylor. William H.. 280 Temple. Richard. 283 Templeton. James. 292 Templeton. Martha. 67 Tennent. Margueiita. 271 Teplicky. AVilliam. 32S Terao, Roj-, 349 Terk. Ann. 264 Terrall. Frankln. 354 Terrall, Margarel. 339 Terry, Bill. 302 Terry, Eleanor. 350 Terry. Ralph. 55. 67. 296 Teufel. Ted. 173. 2S1 Tewell. Duane. 28s, 277 Tewell, Helen, 267 Tewell, Shirley, 267 Thackerv, Bob, 293 Thai, Harold, 129, 334 Thatcher, Betty, 254, 337 Thatcher, Jeanne, 251 Thatcher, Muriel, 67, 254 Thayer, Ralph, 82 Theta Chi. 302 Theta Delta Chi, 303 Theta Xi, 304 Thiele, Elizabeth. 67. 265 Thiel. Phyllis. 31. 350 Thirwell. Robert. 325. 346 Thomas. Helen. 67. 263. 335 Thomas. Jack, 28S Tbomas. Janet. 252 Thomas. Lyman, 285 Thomas, Marjorie, 265 Thomas, Orwin, 182, 1S6 Thomas, Pat, 338 ■rh.imas, Russell. 282 Thomas. Shirli. 260. 350 Thometz, Shirley. 260, 355 Thompson. Annette. 251. 337, 350 Thompson, Bettv, 271. 377, 339 Thompson, Charlotte Ann, 32, 259, 322, 353 Thompson, David, 321 Thompson, Dean, 30 Thompson, Dor, 283 Thompson, Donn, 2S9 Thompson, Frank, 2S4 Thompson, Hal, 202, 279 Thompson, Henry, 355 Thompson, Isobeile. 255 Tliompson. .John. 75. 204. 2S9 Thompson. Lt. C. H. 326 Thompson. Marjorie. 218. 222, 259, 350 Thompson, Neil, 199, 212, 277, 324 Thompson, Pete, 331 Thompson. Ray. 306 Thompson, Stanley, 301 Thompson, Dr. T. G. 343 Thomipstui. ' rhiito.-is. 277 Thompson. Vernon. 355 Thompson. Victor. 81 Thomson. David. 81 Thomson. Isabel. 67 Thomson. Wesley. 303, 343, 355 Thomson, Pat, 13S Thomson, Stanley, 67, 138 Thoni, Lisali, 337 Thornton, Adrienne, 252 Thorson, Kenny, 205 Thorsteinson, Fredi ' ik, 67 Thuesen, Louise, 332 Thurmond, Fred, 299, 325 Thurston, Palmer, 67, 326, 328 Thwing. Florence, 341 Thhmian, Mary Helen, 67, 250 Tibbals, Harvey, 299, 325 Tiffany, Bill, 291 Tikka, Bette, 249 Tilton, Bill, 299 Timbers, Anna, 355 Timm, Robert, 296 Tisch, Elizabeth, 347 Tisdale, Marilyn. 248. 350 Tobin. Madeline. 244 Toliin. Stanley. 67. 274. 305. 328 Toliiiison. Dick. 321 Todd. Albert. 67 Todd. JTm. 160. 192 Togo, . lice, 348, 353 Tomita, Marion, 348 Tomilson, Virginia, 259. 337. 350 Tompkins, Robert. 355 ' l ooiver, Miil ' ' Jane. 267 I ' iKimey. Kelly. 342. 355 Tocime. -. Williain, 67 Topping, .lean. 242 Toribai ' .i. Mar ' . 346 Toriiliom, Stanley. 354 Tornev. Jack. 159. 280. 321 Torrance, Elcena, 256, 322 Torrance, Kirby. 29, 70, 296, 329 Toshi, Hugh, 212, 2S6 Totem Club, 320 Totten, Doris, 38, 249, 350 Tottland, Bettv, 337 Tower, Bill. 355 Towey. Anita. 67, 255 Towle, Jack, 283 Trjwne, Catherine, 350 Townsend, Jean, 261 Townsend, Mildred, 350 Tracy, Jack, 165, 295 Tracy, Ted, 290 Trafton, Milton, 275 276 Trautman, Jean, 245. 337 Tieadway, Martha. 257 Trevarrow. Allen. 27S Tregaskis, Jim. 195. 2S8. 321. 325 Tressler, Tom. 67. 2S4 Trie.sch. Adele. 251. 336 Tropea. Rose. 67. 255. 355 Trotland. Donald. 67 Trover. Barney. 324 Trudeau. Dick. 63. 67 Trueblood. Dick. 289 Trueblood. Ursula. 245. 350 Truesdahl. Duane, 96, 296 Tsubi, Yasuko, 265. 34S Tsujikawa. Masako. 34 S Tucker. Barbara. 249 Tucker. Dick. 2S4 Tucker. Jack. 1S7 Tucker. John. 67 Tucker. Lena L.. SI Tucker. Virginia, 07, 113, 114, 261 Tuerch, Tim, 191, 289 Tueslev. Mac. 95 Tuggle. Shirley. 347 Tupper. Margaret. 36. 260. 350 Turnbull, Janet. 96. 148. 254. 308. 361 Turnell, Dick. 298 Turner. Mary Ellen. 250 Turner. Mary Louise. 260 Turner, Mary Margaret. 263 Turnure. Phyllis, 353 Turrell, Bettie, 350 Tusler, Lois, 264 Twelker. Neil, 67, 84 Twiss, Robert, 67, 127, 279, 334 Twohy. Roberta, IDS Tyrrell. Bettie. 222. 259 Tyrrell. Jo. 247 u Uchiyama, Yoshiko, 339, 348 Uddenberg, Jeannette, 67, 248 Uddenberg. Lola, 350 Uecker. Jim, 191, 296 Ufer. Trudy. 67, 249 Ugeno. Ben. 67 Uhl. Catherine, 259 Uhlig. Madelyn Jerdee, 67, 320. 336 L ' hlig. Virginia. 265 Ulbrickson, Al, 15S, 319, 321 Ulbrickson, Alvin, 81 Ullman, Tom, 192, 289, 308, 321, 330 Umemura, George, 349 Umino, Kazuko, 67, 79, 339, 355 I ' mphery, Catherine, 350 Umpleby, Stuart, 67, 296, 329 Ulvang, Margaret, 271 Underbill, Mariorie, 265 I ' pper, Betsy. 253 Upper, (. ' hristine. 141 Urbett. Margaret, 253 Urquhart, J. Douglas, 67, 112. 113. 302 L sack. Kenneth. 2S4 IHterliack. Rol.i.rta. 248. 350 Utterbai-k. Tliomas. 2.82 Utterstrom. Ray. 302 Uveda. Masao. 349 Uyeno. Ben. 343 Uyeno. Tom. 332 Uveta. Mitsue. 34S Uvetake. Kor. 349 Vachon. Ellis. 303 Vallat. Ray. 195 Vanderbilt. Virginia. 256 Van de Wetering. Robert, 296 ' an I )oi-en, Jean, 248 ■an Eaton. Bob. 180. 211. 213. 280. 324 Van Fleet. Charles. 276 Van Horn, John. 296 Van Horn. R. B.. 291 ' an Iderstine, Donald. 325 Van Ingen. Dick. 342 Van Liew. Ethel. 67 Van Mason. Edward. 351 Van Raadshoo en. Robert. 277 Win Sc ' os. Lerov, 301 Van Slyke, Elston, 282 Van Soelen, Marjorie. 248. 350 van Waters. Barbara, 254 Vandruff, Bob, 288 Varnes, Bill, 302 ' arns, Abbee Jane, 245 Varsity Boat Cluli, 331 Varsity Debate, 112 Varsity Quartet, 119 Vaughn. Daniel. 67. 171. 321. 325, 330. 355 Venables. Don. 2SS Venstron. Carl. 67 Verginia. Olga, 271 ' erginia. Rita. 271 Veihoeven. Leon. 67 Verhulst. H. Louis, 67 Vernon, Miriam, 265 Verretto, Dean. 304 Vert. Elaine. 337. 350 Vertree. Jack. 354 Vickner. E. J,. 81 Viele. Robert. 2S9 Villata. Gloria. 355 Villesvik. Malcom, 29S Vinal, Lee, 245, 350 Vines, Miriam, 67, 258 Vin.son, Bob, 284 394 - ■ ' J ' -O ' V. " ■■ ano fl c 5 a|f ol C ycc for avintt rcacijco aMofljcr pinnacle of aci ievcnicnf in f( c prooucfion OL|f is |ine ' ' vear fcooR. lawman Slfaniord ( PRINTERS • ENGRAVERS • BOOKBINDERS SEATTLE 395 ' iiis(ill. Willis. 3-16 Vijuit, Helen. 2oi) Vivrette. Lt. Lvndon. 2011 Voelis, A ' irt?inia, 243. 353 ' on Berveni, Maxim, 32(;, 145 A ' oniHnsIvf. Tom, 67, 2!I2 Vomaslie, .fusepli T., 32fi Vye, William. 324 Vyiin, Eiustaue, 331, 280 w ■■w tMiii). :;::o W Key, 322 Wacker. Bill. 2;i,s Wada, George, 349 Wadclell, Caroline, 67. 34 Wade. Hope, 350 Wasenfuehr, Frances, 261 Wagenknecht. 81 Wager. Mary Ellen, 67 W ' agner. Graeie, 101, 254. 360 AVagner, Harry, 1S7, 331 AVagner, Jack, 274. 304 Wagner. Robert, 287 ' alilsti-om, Nel. ' on. Waite. I ' idward. 67 Waite. Krid, 344 Wakabayaslii. Gene, 3411 Wakefield. Barbara, 36. 252, 354 Wakagawa, Ben. 343 Walderhaiig, Albert, 67, 82. 328. 332, 352 Waldo, Bob, 29 J Waldo, Burton, 214, 284 AValker, Bruce, 296 A ' alker, Dave. 277, 324 Walker, Joanne, 67, 24 7 Walker. June, 247 Walker, Lauren, 333 Walker, Marjorie. 67. 2511 AN ' alUer, Mead. 21)6 Walker, William, 67 W ' alkinshaw, Vallerie, 256 Walkridge, Tom, 67 Wallace. Hayes, 288 Wallace. Mary Fran- ces, 250 ■Wallace, Walter, 67, 100. 182.186.296,330 Wallen. Betty. 113, 115 Walsh. Bill. 172. 288 Walsh, Grattie, 96 Walsh, Marilyn, 251 Walsh, William, 67 Walter. Bruce, 277,331 Walter, William, 67, 286 Walters, Gene, 71, 166. 170. 206, 330 Walters, Mrs. W., 81 Walterskirchen, Marv . nn. 106 AN ' alther. Paul, 281 Walton. DeLayne, 67. 350 Waltz, Marvann. 341 Wamba, Eileen, 36, 38, 255 Wangaard, Dr. F. A., 301 Wapato, Pete, 342 Warchol. Edward, 67, 345, 355 Ward, Bill, 304 Ward, Dean, 20 Ward. Foo. 309 Ward, Janet, 341 AA ' ard, Lois, 67, 245, 255 Ward, Lucille. 67, 340, 341, 339 AVard, Warren, 293 Ward, Wilma, 268 Warnecke. J. G.. 83 ' arner, Bette Anne. 350 A ' arner, Frank, 354 ' arner. Pat. 271 Warren, Albert, 301 A ' arren. Mar.iorie, 268, A ' arren, Tex, 306 Warren, Win, 199. 279 AVartelle. Bob. 294 Wartelle. ICd. 294 Wartelle. Robert, 07. 326. 328 Wasson, Nellie, 223 Watanabe, P ank. 34 9 Watanabe, Grace. 34 8 Watanabe, H., 34 4, 34 9. 351 Watanabe. Michiko, 340, 341 AVatanabe. Ted. 349 Watanabe. Yuri. 340 Watanak, Frank, 330 Waterman, Barbara, 257, 350 Waterman. Louise. 67. 250 Waters. Pat. 244 Waters. Wilfred, 292 AVatkins, Harry, 324 A ' atkins, Jean, 67. 257 AA ' atkins, Joel. 288 AA ' atkins. Thelma, 67 Watland. Ruby, : ' .6 AA atson. Archie. 321, 330 AA ' atson, Dick, 172. 213 AVatson, Emmett, 188. 189 AVatt. William. 295 AVatters, George W., 328 AA ' atts. Katherine, 253 AA ' ay, Pete. 295 AVayman, William, 67, 343 AA ' ear, Dorothy, 24 8. 350 AVeaver. Art. 215. 281 AA eaver. Charles 10.. 81 Weaver. Doreen, 33 9 AA ' ebb. Alice. 263 Webb, James N.. 280 AA ' ebb. Neil. 323 AA ' ebber, John. 29 9 AA ' ebber. LeRoy. 104, 106. 107. 109 AVeblier. Marcia. 250 AVebster. Donald II,, 298 ATebster. lAlildred, 243 AVedel, John. 34 5. 34 6 AVeeks. Jo, 253 AA eiberg, James, 69. 344 AA ' eidenbach, Marjorie, 270 AA ' eigel. Helen. 265, 341 AVeigel. Jack. 84 AVeingarten. Dot, 69, 271 AA ' einker, Ruth Dan- iels, 322 AA ' einmaster, Arnold, 172 Weinstein. Hal. 109 Weinstein, Helen, 244 AA ' einstock, Bertha. 244 AA ' einstock. Charles. 305 Weinzerl. Mrs. Jolm, 339 Weissman. Leonard. 297 Welch, Armond, 69 A ' elch, Beverly, 256 Welch, Joan, 341 AA ' elch, Pest. 157. 287 ATeldon. Dorothy Jane. 69, 245, 335 Welden, Gerrie, 248 AA ' elke. Walter C. 116. 321 AA ' ellings. Don, 212. 286 Wells. Robert, 286 AVelsh, Willis, 285 AA ' elts, Keith. 283 AVelts, Robert, 69, 283 AVelty, Joe. 288 Wells. Marilyn. 249 Wendrow. Bernard. 184. 34 2 A ' eTd e. Mrs. IMary Bixby. 81 W entworth. Justin. 69, 306 AA ' entworth, Mrs. Lois J.. 81 AVerby. Helen, 339 Werner, August, lis Wernette. Mary, 355 West. Dewey. 287 West. Doris. 340 Westerfieki, Richard. 69 Westergaard, Ann, 266 Westerlund, Jeanne, 133. 251 ' etherby. Kathleen, 260. 350 A ' etmore. Barbara, 337 W ' eyer, Martha, 347 Wball, Florence Hass, 34 AVheeler, Bonnie Lou, 337 Wheeler, Jim. 283 Wheeler. Miriam, 271. 350 Whelan. Molly, 350 Whietsel. Gloria. 350 Whipple, Ruth, 347 White, Barbara, 254, 311 White, Doug, 302 White, John. 324 AVhite, Katherine. 253 AA ' hitehead, Rtissell, 299 Whiteley, Robert. 69, 284 AVhitesel, Gloria, 36, 245, 322 Whitlatch, Virginia, AA hitlow. D.. 344. 346 AVhitman, Walter, 69 AVhitmore, Patricia. 255 AVhitney, AV. E., 69,325 AA hitsmore, Patsy, 350 AVhittlesev, Barnett, 212, 286 AVhittlesey, Max. 324 AVhittlesev. Robluns, 69, 212. 286. 325. ::29 Whittlesey, AValter B., 81 AViatrak, Paul. 164.355 AVichman, AVilliain J., 280 AVick, Robert. 69, 328 AA ' ickstrom. Janet. 69, 255 Wledenbach, Marge, 337 Wienker, Lt. C. H., 223,326 Wight, Beverly, 341 Wight, Dorothy. 69. 266 Vilbiir, Lotiise, 247 Wilbur, A ' irginia, 129 A ' ilcox, Cotton, 157 Wilcox. E. R.. 346 Wilcox. Elgin, 277 Wilcox, Susan, 253 Wilde, Robert, 324 Wilder, Virginia, 99, 251 Wiley. Marion. 253 Wilkes. Doris. 263. 350 Wilkie, Richard, 81 Wilkins, Elizabetli .Anne, 260 Wilkenson, Catherine, 24 9 Wilkenson. Robert, 69, 299, 332 Wilkinson, William, . " 4 6 Willard. Eleanor, 255 Willets, Bill, 332 AVillett, Neva, 38, 243, 3 50 Willev, Clark, 324 AVlUgress, Patricia, 243 AA ' illiams, Barbara, 350 AVilliams, Dr. Curtis, 347 AVilliams, Donald, 283 Williams, lOrnest. 333 Williams. Gleuna, 30, wrilianis, .Ian. 253 Williams, .lane. 24.S Williams, Margaret, Williams, Marion, 347 AA ' illiams, Marjorie. 337. 350 Williams, Nancy, 265 Williams, Ruth, 270 AVilliams, AValt. 124, 125, 277, 334, 329 AA ' illiamson, Burke, 186. 286, 331 AA ' illiamson, Jean, 259, 350 AVilliamson, Margaret, 69, 95, 254 AA ' illiken. Daniel. 374 Willis. AVilladeen, 350 A -illitts. Hal. 280, 329 Williver, Dick, 275, 277 Willms, Dorothea, 266 Wills, Bill, 351 Wilson, Bill, 299 AA ' ilson, Charles, 69, 166, 328, 345 AA ilson, Charlotte, 265 AA ' ilson, Clotilde. 81 AVilson, Constance, 260, 350 AA ' ilson, Delaplane, 79 Wilson. Dick. 69, 275 AA ' ilson. Donna. 250. 350 Wilson. 1 lorothv, 129, 242 Wilson, Edith, 248,350 AVilson, Elaine, 337, 350 AA ' ilson, I ' ' lorence, 353 Wil.son, Jack, 1S7, 277, 331, 334 Wilson. Jacquelyn. 271 AVilson. Kenneth, 290 AA ' ilson. Kent. 285 AA ' ilson, Mardell. 250 AA ' ilson, Marie, 69 AA ' ilson, Mary. 249 AA ' ilson, Ralph, 289, 324 AA ' ilson. Richard. 300 Wilson, Robert, 69, 119. 300 AVilson, Dr. AVilliam, 293 AA ' ilson, Dr. AA ' illiam C, 81 AA ' ilson. AA ' illiam K., 81, 353 AA ' iltse. Virginia, 264 AA ' inburne, Virginia, 69, 249 AA ' inde, Harriet, 69.231 AA ' inders, Phyllis. 251 AA ' inders, Rosemary, 251 AA ' indoiu, Margie. 337, 350 AVing, Robert, 69, 84, 34 4 AA ' ingard. I ' rances, 340 AA ' ingate, James, 69, 290 AA ' ingender, John, 324 AA ' inger, R. M., 81, 286, 346 AA ' ingrove, Bettie, 69, 255, 347 Winkels, George, 210, 354 AA inkenwerder, Hiij;o, 22, 301 AA ' inney, Kathleen, 129, 245 AA ' inslow, A. M.. 81, 280 AA ' inslow, Helen, 270, 337, 350 AA ' inslow, Mary, 250 AA ' inslow. Robert. 329. 333 Winter, Bovd. 69, 345, 354 AA ' inther, Ardis, 251 AA ' intler. Marv. 69. 263 AA ' inton. Avis, 106 AA ' ioral, AValter, 282 AA ' ise, Dick, 291 Wise, Lorraine, 248, 350 AA ' iseman. Edward, 69 AA ' iswell. Pat, 248, 350 AA ' ittig, Elaine, 250 AA ' ittwer, John, 69, 30:; AA ' oerner, Marcena. 106. 338 AA ' ohh ' Ii. .loseph. 291 AA ' old. .lohn. 112, 2S5 AA ' old, A ' irginia, 260, 350 AA ' olf, Catherine, 68 AA ' olf, David. 69, 29 9. 321 AA olf, Jerrie. 251, 350 AVolfe, Dick, 206 AVolff, Lenora, 69, 258 Women ' s Physical Education Club. 341 AA ' oraen ' s " W " Club. 227 Wong, Guy, 69 Wong, Norman, 69, 344 AA ' oo, AA ' alter, 351 AA oodcock, AA ' esley, 287 Wood, David. 296. 323 AA ' ood, Frances Jane, 266 AA ' ood, AA ' arren, 302 AVoodin, John. 288 AVoodland, Jack, 280 AVoodman. Betty Lou. 34, 269. 270 Woods, Charles, 325 AA ' oods, Leslie, 324 AA ' oodward, Daniel, 325 AA ' oodward, Gerard. 2S0 AA ' oodward. AA ' alter, 69. 293 AA ' oollett, Prudence, 266 AA ' oolley, Barbara, 100, 249 Woolson. Howard. 81 AA ' oolworth, Norman. 278 AA ' orcester, Dr. .J. L.. 34 3 AA ' orcester, Mrs. J. L.. 339 AA ' orden, Bruce. 304 AA ' orkman. Kirk. 298 AA ' orkosky. 283 AA ' orland. Ethel, 69. 261 AVorman, Eugenia. 336 AA ' ormser. Catherine, 350 AA ' orth, Margaret, 33, 38. 270 AA ' ostenholme, Carl, 2S3 Wren, Russell, 278 AVright. Adeline. 350 AA ' right. Betty. 69, 223. 246 AVright. Jack, 302 AA ' right. .Joyce Mary. 81 AA ' right. Marv Louise. 340 AVyatt. Stan, 302 Wycoff, Mrs. H. J.. 339 Wylder. Bruce, 172, 284 AVylie. Betty, 69, 246, 350 AA ' ylie, Don. 284, 345 Wynn, Lola, 69 Wyse, Harriet, 69. 205, 347 AA ' yse, Robert, 79, 285 AA ' yse, Bill, 285 A ' aTna la. Hiroshi, 332 A ' amagushi. Marie, 348 Yamagichi. Miye. 348 Yamanichi. Kathy, 348 Y ' ama.saki, Robert. 69 344 A ' amashita. Ki ' oslii 69. 82. 332, 34 9. :;52 A ' amauchi. Tiohei ' t. 351 A ' ancy, Bob, 2.S4 A ' ancey, Harry F., 283 Yankelowit .. Sam, 84. 343 A ' ano, Atsilio. : x Yano. George, 319 Yantis, Dick, 330 Y ' ap-Chiongco, .lose A ' . 83 Yaplee. Harry. 346 A ' arr, .losei hine, 337 A ' asuda, Kenichiro, 69, 349 Yasui, George. 349 Yasui, Hideo, 349 Yasui, Tatsumi, 34 9 Yasunobu, Betty, 34 8 Yasunobu, Kdna, 348 Yasutake, AVill, 351 Yates, Collene, 248, 347, 350 Yeaman, George, 324 Yeo, Bettie Jean, 350 Yett, Ben, 355 YMCA, 351 Yoda, Takako, 348 Yorita. Ben, 3 19 Yorita. Ken, 3; ' ,2 Yorozu, Lily, 69, 348, 350 Yoshida, John, 349 Yoshimoto, Ruth, 3 48 Y ' oshino, Ikui ' O, 349 A ' oshloka, .Alice, 348 Aoudovitch, ICsther. 24 4 Youdovitch. lOlhlvn, 265 Youn g. Bill, 351 A ' oung. Charlotte, 337 A ' oung. Margie. 2 17. 341.347 A ' oung, Martha, 34 7 A ' onnglove, JOarl, 69, 161, 166. 171. 282, 321, 330 Youngstrom, George. 69. 211. 212, 274, 292. 343 A ' uasa, Shun, 349 YAVCA, 350 Yaeger, Sigrid. 270. 337 Yagi. Fumio. 81 A ' ahagi, Hiroshi, 349 Y ' amabuchi, George, 349 Zabloeki, Victoria, 69 Zagar, Hedvig, 353 Zahnizcr, Richard, 290 Zallinger, AA ' anda, 248 Zanhiser, Dick, 212 Zapii, Beverly, 264 Zarewiski. Archie, 2 90 Zavin. Phyllis. 265 Zednick. Helen. 261 Zeger. John, 167 Zeidtiian Jerome, 69, 3 2 8 Zigler. .lini. 69. 304 Zelasko. .lohn. 212. 290 Zemeck. Alex, 69, 321 Zeratskv, Bill, 375 304, 312 Zeta Beta Tan, 305 Zeta Mu Tau,346 Zeta Tau .Alpha, 261 Zillman, Jjawrence John, 81 Zimmerman, Carl, 69 Zimmerman, Karl. 304 Zimmerman, Hal. 298 Zinn, Dorothy, 69, 82 Zite, Joe, 69 Zito, Joe. 301 Zumwelt, E. V., 301 396 flDVtfillStRS ' iudu Alex Maine 390 Bebb Jones 390 Crescent Manufacturing Co. - 384 Dexter Engraving 393 Dolly McAssy 389 Emry Co. 389 Egyptian Theater 385 Federal Pipe and Tank Co 389 Helen Swope 387 Hemphill Oil Co. .-- 384 John A. Whalley Co 390 Kennel Ellis 383 Lowman Hanford - ' " ■ ' Martin Eckmann , 386 Meany Hotel 387 McKesson Robbins 389 Metropolitan Theater 386 Neptune Theater 385 Northwestern Mutual Life 39! Pacific Emblem Manufacturing Co - 390 Pioneer Sand Gravel 391 Ruth Doherty 391 Scientific Supply 385 Sunde d ' Evers - 38 I University Book Store 379 University National Bonk 376 University Publishing Co. 387 West Coast Wood Preserving 388 V ■ V ROGER BELLES EDWARD B R I G H A M LEON H. BRIGHAM, JR ROBERT B R O K A W SALLY CLAGHORN PROFESSOR G. IRVING GAVETT ROBERT GRANT HAY RAY L. HOFFNER REX K I N C A CHARLES LAYERS JOHN McDERMONT DR. CARL EDWARD MAGNUSSON THEODORE WILLIAM MARSH JANE N O R D E N WILLIAM R A E D E R HELEN SHOEMAKER GEORGE THOMPSON ■i flCHnOUlLfDGdlfniS UJ] Well — the book is finally completed after many hours of work. The staff has tried to make an adequate and satisfactory record of another year in lives of the students of the University of Washington. There ore many people to be thanked for time and ef- fort, given to help us and we have not words enough to express our appreciation. So we just say " Thank you " to — The faculty members of the different colleges who helped with the opening sec- tion; Mr. Roy Carlson for the forestry picture; the staff of the International Pacific Salmon Fisheries Commission for the picture depicting fishing; and Mr. H. C. Hunter for his advice on pictures depicting the contributions of the University to the State — Buildings and Grounds and the Custodians, especially Mr. S. W. hiall for the hours spent helping take pictures in the rain and at night — Colonel John C. Stutesman for suggestions regarding the gargoyles used for sub- division pages — Dick Cameron and Chet Hovey who took pictures for the book, although they do not attend t he University; Walter Dyke foi- his wonderful skiing and mountain climbing pictures used in the sports section; Don Pugnetti and Paul Shepard for producing the sports pictures that we did not have; Charles Bell foi- the Show Boat and Penthouse pictures; Mondell Spencer who gave several evenings to getting the correct lighting for the Showboat division page picture; and Eugene Schroeder who helped with pic- tures and copy for men ' s sports and then was not present when the staff pictures were taken — All the people who turned in shots for the candid contest and the many persons (D. S ' s., Thetas, Sigma Chls, D. U ' s., Scabbard and Blade members, and others) who helped out in the large groups and mob scenes — Mr. George Petty who judged the queens contest; Mrs. C. F. Wallace, the Pi Phi House Mother and Mrs. Halley Savery director of the Henry Art Gallery for their good natuied coperation In the taking of pictures of the queens — The Instructors in R. O. T. C. and Naval R. O. T. C. for aid in getting pictures for the army and navy pages — Mr. Clyde Robinson for his advice, trips to the printer, engraver, and photog- rapher, and for his long suffering patience when dead lines passed us by — Kennell-Ellis, the photographers; Dexter, the engraver; and Lowman and Hanford, the printer, who are ultimately responsible for putting out the book. Again, many thanks. Edwin Smith Editor, 1942 Tyee 4ik iiir i • iMintMrWiTiifli I ' i4ki ma imrj i lillj ' HJBMlJ. ' .iUUll.H.UfmBIWt ' .IM B titiHiJ ' .jh ' F ' MUMMiOMMllttaMaiMflliir ■ i . ' lia ' ixrS SSSn :. MmaatmrntmsMtmam

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