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- • 1 I i 1 N V i ,»N v 5i v ■.aVAX ' • ?t? ' h Jl J t t M V ■rv 19 3 6 TYEE UNIVERSITY OF WASHINGTON, SEATTLE, WASHINGTON EX LIBRIS Ivy-covered Education is the real entrance to the University — for through its massive doors each quarter pass 9,000 students intent on registration, the official admission to the campus. 8 3 G TYEE LEE NICHOLSON ditor LEONARD JOHNSON ' business Manager :z:::gg ?:r ! I J ;l- : ' ■ ' ' ' ' V ' ' ' ' WASHINGTON ' S S E V E N T Y- F I F T H YEAR This limited edition of the 1936 Tycc was produced for the Associated Students of the University of Washington by the Western Engraving : Colortype Company of Seattle. Copyrighted 1936 by the Associated Students of the University of Washington O R E W O R ScVCnty-flVC years a O thirty students entered the newly founded University of Washington, located where the Metropoli- tan Theatre now stands. After years of political and financial vicissitudes, the Uni- versity was moved to its present site. Today our registration nears 10,000, our campus is considered one of the most beautiful m the United States, and many outstanding men serve on our faculty. This book IS not large enough to present the complete history of the University, but the 1936 Tyee hopes to give a concise and interesting record of the events and people of one year, the seventy-fifth since the founding of Washington. D D I C A T I O N QUAINTON WILSON WILCOX WAGENKNECHT Tyee for 1936 — the seventy-fifth year since the university was founded — is dedicated to the " younger generation " of professors who are rising in their fields today and who will be the leaders in the University of Washington ' s future years. In particular, the 1936 Tyee is dedicated to four familiar men who, while still young, occupy a favored place among Washington faculty men. To Edward Wagenknecht, assistant professor of literature, who has become the Northwest ' s leading literary critic through his lectures, his magazine and feature articles, and his frequent radio book reviews. This year distinction came to him with publication of a book on Mark Twain, acclaimed as the best contribution to the subject in fifteen years. To William R. Wilson, professor of psychology, who constantly advises new Washington students how to fit themselves for the proper field, who is the sponsor of college aptitude tests, the student discipline committee, and classes marked by his blackboard drawings. He is Washington educated, and spends his evenings preparing a new textbook in psychology. To C. Eden Quainton, professor of history, born in England and degree-winner at Cambridge. He likes history — and, more important — has taught his students to like history, so that his courses have become campus favorites. A genial, popular man, he likes travel and sports and W. C. Fields, as well as his specialty, seventeenth century history. To E. R. Wilcox, associate professor of general engineering, and another Washington graduate. It was he who introduced at Washington the first year general engineering school which enables new students to enter the university in engineering without specifying their particular major until they have had opportunity to decide. ► ' v: . 1 THE PRESIDENT ' S MESSAGE It IS not an easy matter to state in a few words some of the thoughts that clamor to be expressed. The one object of my hfe with you here IS so to direct my thinking and my actions that you may get from your years with us the finest and fullest growth in character and intelligence. The promotion of these things is our one solemn duty to the State. We wish we knew how to do a perfect job. But m our striving for perfection we do have this clear truth before us : In whatever manner the job is to be done, it will be in the end a dual operation of students and faculty. I know that you students will solve your part of the problem. Your faculty IS earnestly striving to solve its part. With best wishes to all, I am. Faithfully yours, .(T. . wm -1 -:. IN MEMORIAM Herbert Snyder, Emerson Sager Tressing, Ralph Sanderson Currier, Ben Orris Dorman, Richard E. N. Nitzschke, Alton LaRue Johnson, Peter Charles, William Bligh McLaughlin, Marshall Harlan Beck, Byron Eugene Hansberry, Jean Cecile Johnson, Paul Crawford, Delmar Fadden, Herbert Lee Gove, Robert Holt, John Blake Northrop 1 m - i Hfl @Y® §ss r 9 fl w @A fo )@aQ fe i4 ( ' B fl rw)f® X ®V© @v ' 5 ' i( ' p Ait B fl p Y fe WJtT ' I MH %m v Y© Bp @Y® w 1 mM (M §) m. (; ))((»?) (3)]((»ri f3)YQ CM f ' CM£h r )Y(D fjiYfTi ab £ i WN K i KM Mcws ■9« v»» «:«a BniP» «P«rjK«i«» | 0 KiaiU Kiti vSf KMi itt! » kv; t:wia tiad MU »«UBb«J« IKSfllKlirj 1 (JY(§) 3 ' jp (®Y®1 Sw Hp ] mJl M m r n Y 1 lli m m 11 Er i ' it; ' i V A 1 " :M M ijfS ll A H A W " K A«) K Bi 1 m fii HiK: ' 1 M S l £i ' d Bl H H !lr A i P m m ' ■ , - - ■ - — i ' Vf M |l ..yri " " " ' M s; a- 1 ky ' i xJpi Ji B Hi v s Vs Sn v B-3 I BU ' w ' Hi --• H pjbba Aoisyi ' Je @Ao!m ::iSM3)::o!i ::OiS fl H -• «. -«« Til SPi.5 ' 1 i a .B !■ 1 fll 9 Silhouette of studying, -with the Gothic grilled doors framing a night xum CONTENTS Administration . 17 Classes 25 College Life 55 Publications 77 A. S. U. W. . . 85 f Women ' s Activities 105 Society 115 Athletics 125 Organizations . 151 Sororities 183 Fraternities 205 K Independents 243 Advertising . 255 Steps to the law — inside are the law library, the moot court room, the lawyers ' lounge and Condon Hall ' s $400,000 finery. .f ■ - J» - ,: Jr |- -|| X4, Framed in College Gothic, this entrance leads to the dignified luxury of the President ' s office, headquarters of the men who are determining the course of the University. Spare time on the steps, a Washington between-class tradition, always finds its most numerous devotees on the steps of old Denny Hall, sunning, or standing in the rain. Spring morning — cool, misty, yet foreshadowing bright afternoons when classes are cut for swimming and canoeing — typifies the University as alumni wistfully remember it. Inside the coeds play, and dance, and swim, while outside, the Women ' s Gym provides an imposing background for a tree-framed campus path. » , ' ' P ' X , ttO . ' - . . ' :- - ' ?i i V- T AS VWli v M f - B 1 ' . n i Intll ■rv ' ' - w ■ ' h an - i U a ' 1 1 « H. V. ! • ' - ». G ' 11 f: H. -r.1Sfi5 : -i r ;. « -.: i iJJiJH ' , W ' i4tiH.i ttatiait POLICIES TALK SWITCHES FROM TO NEWS OF THE LATEST FASHIONS, AS COEDS CHAT ON THE LIBRARY STEPS. COLLEGL NS ARE AS LIKELY TO DISCUSS FRIVOLITY BY A LAMP OF KNOWLEDGE AS THEY ARE TO PHILOSOPHIZE OVER A MALT ON THE AVENUE, BUT THEIR SENSE OF HUMOR KEEPS THEM FROM TAKING THEMSELVES AND THE WORLD TOO SERIOUSLY. {X 0? -C? 1 r dntLnLUtalL LOU BOARD of REGENTS MACBRIDE BALMER MILLER MONTGOMERY RUPP SHEMANSKI RYAN Five new buildings, to cost approximately $3,500,000, will have been added to the University at the completion of the extensive building program being carried on by the Board of Regents. The construction of the new women ' s dormitory, chemistry and pharmacy building, infirmary, wind tunnel for aeronautical engineering, and recently completed library wing will cost half as much as the buildings erected in the previous seventy years of the University ' s life. The projects are financed by a federal loan and grant, a state fund, the University building fund, and a rental fund. In addition to the building project, $450,000 is being spent on building renovation and campus improvements. The University has received an unusually large number of bequests this year, headed by the $400,000 E. W. Ames endowment for the betterment of teaching faculties. Philip Macbride, President of the Board of Regents, is a Seattle lawyer and an alumnus of the University of Iowa, of which his father was president. Thomas Balmer has served t wo years on the Board of Regents . A Seattle resident , he was western counsel for the Great Northern Railway and is now chairman of the Finance Committee. WiNLOCK Miller possesses an honorary law degree from Whit- man College and is at present a retired attorney. Besides being chairman of Buildings and Grounds Committee, he is also a Whitman regent. Robert Montgomery, publisher of the Puyallup Valley Tribune, is also well-known as a writer and editorialist. He is chairman of the University Welfare Committee. Werner A. Rupp lives m Grays Harbor where he publishes the Aberdeen World. He is chairman of the University Lands Committee. Edward P. Ryan, recently married, is a graduate of New York University. A Spokane business man and mining property executive, he was formerly president of the board. Alfred Shemanski, Vice-President of the Board, is head of a large Seattle retail clothing store. He serves on the Finance and Executive Committees, and participates in civic affairs. • U DEANS Part al rcyhcancnt oj the lecture system hy lutiii ' itluai study and conjennc:s was a loca ' .ed ())■ President Sic in his address to oiteruii students last fall. The new plan allcws the stucknt. with his instructor ' s vermission, to concentrate on the .siihcct most interesting to him each ijuarter. The University College " offers training for leadership or professions to those with majors. Those without majors return whence they came — be it farm or factory — well-rounded in education and versed in many fields of knowledge, " according to Dean Edward Henry Lauer, who is also Dean of Faculties, handling the University ' s administrative matters. Dean Henry Landes, vice dean of the University College and chairman of the com- mittee on course of study, handles all changes and revisions in the curricula of the 5700 University College students. Dean David Thomson aids students in planning their schedules and assists them in academic difficulties. With his staff of faculty advisors he is especially concerned w ith freshmen and those who have not chosen their majors. The College of Economics and Business, headed by Dean Shirley J. Coon, promotes research in the common problems of the business world. More than 150 speeches on w orld problems were given by faculty members last year. 19 • DEANS Botany classes, drug assayers and research workers use the botanical garden maintained on the campus by the School of Pharmacy headed by Dean Charles Johnson. Graduates are trained for hospital , drug store, pharmaceutical manufacturing and government work. Encouragement of research and creative work on the part of both students and faculty IS the policy of the Engineering College under Dean Edgar Allen Loev The college equips Its students for successful application of the forces and vast resources of nature to the convenience of men. Development of students ' intellectual independence and encouragement of research is the object of the graduate school, under Dean Frederick Padelford. Thrown largely upon his own, the graduate student must attain a higher standard than the undergraduate. X Cooperating with the United States Bureau of Mines, the College of Mines, directed by Dean Mi LNOR Roberts, is investigating problems in the mineral industry of the State. The Law School faculty, under Dean PIarold Shepherd, is compiling a Washington annotation on the restatement of law. Condon Hall is the best equipped law building on the coast, ancf the library contains the largest collection of legal texts west of the Mississippi. V The School of Education, under the guidance of Dean Willis L. Uhl, is one of the few authorized to issue graduate degrees. Six faculty members have books on the press concerning curriculum construction, school administration, typing, and music education. • 20 DEANS Six hundred lumber and forestry problems are handled annually by the College of Forestry under Dean Hugo Winkenwerder. The college educates its students to become technical foresters and to be of special service to the timber industries. Lectures bv visiting professors from all parts of the country are offered to students, graduates, and teachers attending summer school, which is directed by Henry A. Burd. In the words of Registrar E. B. Stevens, " The registrar ' s office is the front door of the University, for through it the freshman enters and senior leaves. " Pre-registration, since adopted by other Universities, was pioneered at Washington. Henry Coblirn Allen has complete management of the University ' s financial system. He administers the purchasing of supplies, overhead expenses, and accounting which concerns the University. Physically and intellectually the center of the campus, the Henry Suzzallo Library, directed by Charles W. Smith, contains more than 300,000 volumes, including manv rare books. The Extension Service, directed bv Harry E. Smith, enables students to get credit for home studv and fosters adult education. 21 • . DEANS of MEN and WOMEN Dean of Women The office of the Dean of Women is one of service to the women students of the University. Dean May Dunn Ward, and Associate Dean Mary I. Bash assist the students with their personal problems, find employment, administer loan funds, and supervise the social life and housing. Dean of Men The function of the office of the Dean of Men IS to see that the student receives help regardless of what his problem mav be. Dean Herbert T. Condon and Dean Newhouse, Assistant Dean of Men, are engaged in the administration of Federal aid to students, in Freshman week organization, in advising the Interfraternity Council and Adelphi, and in handling part-time employment and housing for men. II WARD BASH CONDON NEWHOUSE • 22 SCHOLARSHIP AWARDS High grade averages won the 1934-35 President ' s Medal and the Faculty Scholarship Awards for seventeen students at the President ' s assembly fall quarter. Robert Haworth Williams was graduated in botany last June and received the President ' s medal, the highest scholarship award of the University. A teaching fellow in botany, he is working for a doctor ' s degree and plans to teach at the Universitv or enter into government research. Tennis and travel are his hobbies. He is a member of Phi Beta Kappa, Sigma Xi, and Phi Sigma. Esther Chadwick. a Renton senior in scientific pharmacy and member of Sigma Epsilon Sigma, IS planning to do clinical or hospital work when she graduates. She dislikes movies, but enjoys symphonies, violin music, and hunting. Dean Crystal, a Cle Blum senior in anatomy, has been an assistant in the anatomy shack for two years. A Rhodes scholar, he will leave in September for two years ' research in phvsiologv at Oxford. Fie is a member of Sigma Xi and Pi Mu Chi. His ambition is to teach surgery. William Kamp, Des Moines senior in pharmacy, received the medal for the second time. Getting straight A for two successive years has occupied most of his time, but he enjoys sports. Arthur Lumsdaine, a senior in physics, also received the medal for the second time. He is undecided about his future but spends his spare time issuing reserve books at the library and attending meetings of Zeta Mu Tau, mathematics honorary. Phimister Proctor, a senior in forestry and transfer from Stanford, is completing his college course after an interruption of fourteen years. He likes to hunt and ski. and his favorite books are histories and biographies. Bert Anshut:, track letterman and senior representative on the Board of Control, is a junior in pre-law and a member of Phi Delta Theta. He is interested in sports generally; and, if he had unrestricted choice, would become a writer. Daniel Bitar, a junior in pharmacy, is from Hoquiam, and attended Grays Harbor junior College. Radio design is his particular ambition. Barbara Borhek, a Tacoma girl ma]oring in textiles and design, hopes to be a costume designer. She is a member of Sigma Epsilon Sigma and is particularly interested in music and drama. Dora Hlint, junior in botany and education, is from Ellensburg. She wants to teach botanv and zoology, and spends her spare time gardening. Dorothy L. rson, graduate of Roosevelt High School, Seattle, is majormg in sociology. She hopes to be a noted fiction writer, and is working on a story now. Henry Lltce, pre-med junior, wants to be a child specialist, and intends to go to China to complete his studies. His hobbies are swimming, baseball, and shooting. He is a member of Purple Shield. Philip Magnusson, who also received a medal last year, is a junior in electrical engineering. He plays the flute in the band and is a member of Chi Phi fraternity, Tau Beta Pi, Sigma Xi, Zeta Mu Tau, and the American Institute of Electrical Engineers. Ruby Osterman, a Seattle home economics junior, hopes to teach home economics. Interested in sports and church work, she is a member of Pilgrim Club, Sigma Eta Chi, Omicron Nu, Sigma Epsilon Sigma, and the Home Economics Club. Robert Trumble, a Wenatchee science major, spends his spare time boxing and playing handball and tennis. He is doing research in physics and hopes to earn a doctor ' s degree in science. M. RGARET Campbell, a sophomore business and economics ma]or from Morton, plans to enter the business world. She is interested in intramural sports and YWCA committee work and is treasurer of Kappa Kappa Gamma sorority. Kenneth Cox, a sophomore in pre-law, hopes to become a lawyer and a politician. His hobbies are reading and tennis. His activities include Tyee, debate, and Adelphi, o! which he is the treasurer. Hazel Kastner is a sophomore anatomv major from the Yukon Territory and Canada. She IS interested in medical and commercial art. For recreation she enjoxs snow sports and books on art. (f. WILLIAMS . NSHL ' T: borhek chadwick llike osterman trumble MAGNISSON CAMPBELL cox KASTNER 23 • SINCE THE EIRST Cli- C WERE EORMED IN 1861, THOUSANDS OE STUDENTS HAVE BEEN PART OE THE UNIVERSITY EOR A FEW MONTHS OR YEARS. STRIDING TO GUGGENHEIM IN THE RAIN, STUDENTS DROP THEIR LIGHT- HEARTED SMILES FOR AN ASPECT OF DETERMINATION AND GRIM AMBITION. a H SENIOR CLASS KING STRICKLER PERHAM JUBITZ John King, Prt-suioil Eloise Perham, Via ' -Prisuit ' iit Pat Strickler, Stvrttary GuyJubitz, TrtusurtT n their final year on the campus, seniors concentrated all of their class activities in the last week of spring quarter. This year, with Jackie Chessher and Art Meyer as co-chairmen, an elaborate program for senior week was planned. A senior ball — traditional last dance — a class breakfast, the annual picnic, a senior prophecy and a class history w ere among the events set for the seniors ' last days on the campus, preceding the colorful commencement ceremonies in the pavilion which oflEcially closed their college careers. SENIOR WEEK COMMITTEE Co-CliJirmcFi . . . j. cKiE Chessher, Art Meyer Aisistiiiit Cliiiiniuiii . . . Betty Buchxer Sarctiiru-5 . . .Peggy Brovvnell, Ruth Berry, Millicent Doncaster, Eva Marie Earley, Jean McCetrdy, Helen Nichols Business Manager. . .GuyJubitz; Frank Jefferson , assistant Ticlccts . . . Dorothy- Leede, Dan Lazarevich Prognims . . . Virginia Westlund, Sam Hess Class Play . . . Jo Quigley, Beth Loeffler Class History. . .Pat Strickler, Herb Condon Class Prophecy . . .Jack Fowlds, Lee Nicholson, Kathleen Calkins Senior Ball . . .J.ack Knappenberger, Del Muller, R.w Malone Sliiiic Dijv . . . Doug Powers, Dick Kelley Class Dili ' s . . . Dorothy Sutherland, Jack Medica Publiiity. . . Mary Kosher, Lee J. coBi King ani Qium Coiitat . . . Violet Anderson, Tom Griffith, Bernice Nolting Cliiss RtVorJcr . . . Fr. nces Boyer, chairman; Dorothy Sutherland, J. CK Medica Scmcr BjlUJlU ' t . . . JoHNHoUNSELL,chairman;BoBMoCH,M- RGARETRLlNNALLS, Pat Fiset Alumni . . . Miner Baker, chairman; Len Johnson Pcrmiiiiint Orgjnizjtuin . . . ]ohn King, chairman; Mary Frances Hartson, Jim Arneil X Senior journalists — Ron Richardson, Jack Keene, Annabel Lee Biggie, Mary Kosher, Bruce Helberg and Wendell Broyles — read a valentine sent to Annabel. The facultv procession starts up the aisle formed b the graduating students. • 26 JAY ADAMS. Seattle. Liii. . .Sigma Alpha Epsilon CHARLES AFDEM . Shelton . Eii inarin . . . Acacia . Interfraternity Council AUDREY AINSWORTH. Seattle. UC. . . Kappa Phi BOB ALEXANDER . Vail . BA . . . Phi Kappa Psi . Alpha Delta Sigma . " tell King . Tyee ARTHUR ALLEN. Seattle. UC. . . Pan Xema HERBERT ALLEN. Seattle. Fdmiiy. . . Tau Phi Delta NEIL ALLMAN . Seattle . BA . . . Beta Alpha Psi MARGARET ALTOSE . Belhngham . UC JACK .AMES. Yakima. BA LAURA AMES . Yakima . UC. . . WEA , WAA AGNES ANDERSON . Port Blakely . BA . . . YWCA . BA Women ' s Vocational Club AGNES PAULINE ANDERSON . Seward. Alaska . UC DONALD ANDERSON . Burlington . BA . . . Acacia . Freshman Week DOROTHY ANDERSON . Deer Park . UC . . . Delta Gamma ERNIE ANDERSON. Seattle. UC. . . Theta Chi . Daily . Secretary Purple Shield HOWARD ANDERSON . Yakima . EiisiMa-ni.j; . . . Theta Xi . Lightweight Crew . A. E. Forum PEARL ANDERSON . Tacoma . UC . . .Home Economics Club and Council THOMAS ANDERSON . Tacoma . Eni,mcm ig ... Tau Beta Pi . Sigma Xi . ASCE VIOLET .ANDERSON. Seattle. BA. . . Delta Zeta. Totem Club. Matrix Table. Panhellenic . BA Women ' s Vocational Club . BA Council . AWS Presidents ' Council AWS Concerts .Junior Prom WALLACE ANDERSON . Seattle . Forauy. . . Forest Club ERNEST ANSTEE. Salt Lake City, Utah. Plu;m:uv. . . Rhu Chi LORENZO ANUNCLACION . Snohomish . UC . . . YMCA. Fihpmo Club President. Vagabonds. Alliance Francaise . Spanish Club JIM ARNEIL . Wenatchee . Liu ' . . . Beta Theta Pi . BA Council President ED ARPIN . Seattle . UC. . . Varsity Ball ELLIS ASH . Seattle . UC. . . Delta Upsilon JACOB ASH . Clinton. UC. . . Ammonu Socn LESTER ASHEIM . Seattle . UC . . . Zeta Beta Tau . Columns RUSSELL ASHLEMAN. Seattle. Engma-rms. . . Scabbard and Blade . ASME President CLAIRE .ATWOOD. Seattle. UC. . .Alpha Delta Pi . Panhellenic WARREN AUSTIN . Hoquiam . Sctcme ... Phi Kappa Sigma . Pi Mu Chi PHOEBE AVLEN. Auburn. Siicna-. . .Alpha Xi Delta . WAA . Pre-Medic Club RUSSELL BAER. Everett. BA. . . Band. Glee Club. Orchestra DOROTHY BAILEY . Seattle . UC . . . Phi Mu . AWS Executive Board . Totem Club DICK BAKER. Seattle. UC. . . Bachelors ' Club. Baseball . Big " W " Club MINER BAKER. Seattle. UC. . . Adelphi . Oval Club. YMCA President. ASUW president RICHARD BALLARD. Seattle. UC. . .Delta Kappa Epsilon . Alpha Kappa Psi . Crew . Bachelors ' Club LL EDWARD BALLINGER . Edmonds . BA . . . PEDRO BALTAZER. Philippines. UC HAROLD BALZER. Seattle. UC. . .Crew KATHRYN BANGS . Helena, Montana. UC. 27 • Zeta Psi . Minor " W Cluh.Swin .Alpha Gamma Pclta ■ mM ELIZABETH BANKHEAD . Tacoma . UC ROBERT BANKS. Spokane. Scimcc. . .Phi Gamma Delta JOSEPH BARFOOT. Tacoma. Engina-niij.. . . ASCE EARL BARKAS . Vaushn . UC VIOLA BARLOW. Port Orchard. LlC BILLIE BARNES . Yakima . UC . . . Alpha Chi Omega JANE BARRAUGH. Seattle. EJuuiium. . .Phi Mu.PE Club . WAA . Tennis Manager. Varsity Ball BILL BARTON. Seattle. B.A. . . Phi Sigma Kappa JAMES BARTON . Los Angeles, Cal. . Education . . . Sigma Alpha Epsilon ROBERT BEACH . Seattle .UC. . . Beta Kappa . Phi Delta Phi MIRIAM BEAL . Burlington . UC. . . YWCA . Independent Women ' s Council ESLER BECHTEL . Hibbing, Minn. . Scuncc. . . Theta Delta Chi ROBERT BECKWITH. Spokane. UC. . . Delta Upsilon CURTISS BEEBE. Edmonds. UC. . . Delta Upsilon . Scabbard and Blade GORDON BELL . Seattle . Forcslry . . . Tau Phi Delta DON BELT . Seattle . UC. . . Kappa Sigma BETTY BENDLX . Walla Walla. UC. . . Alpha Gamma Delta. Totem Club GEORGE BENNETT. Tacoma. Luc. . . Beta Theta Pi. Scabbard and Blade. JGV. Glee Club Director. Varsity Quartet JIM BENNETT . Seattle . BA . . . Phi Delta Theta . Senior-Frosh Football Manager . Managers ' Council MURIEL BENNETT. Mountain Home, Idaho. UC . . . Alpha Chi Omega KATHERINE BERARD. Seattle. UC. . . Phi Alpha Rho. Newman Club. Home Economics Club BELLE BERCH . Seattle . EJii..iItofi . . . Lambda of Phrateres . WAA . Totem Club . Mortar Board . Sigma Epsilon Sigma . Pi Lambda Theta . PE Club SANFORD BERNBAUM. Seattle . Sciciia- . . . Zeta Beta Tau ARTHUR BERNHARD . Seattle . UC . Compass and Chart . Sigma Delta Chi . Daily . Tyee ELOISE BERNHOFT . Mount Vern on . Educatum . . . PE Club . WAA . Women ' s Sports Council DORIS BERRY . Wenatchee . Lie . . . Alpha Omicron Pi. Women ' s Glee Club RUTH BERRY . Seattle . UC . . . Pi Beta Phi . AWS . Senior Class Committees MARJORY BESANCON. Seattle. UC. . .Theta of Phrateres. Home Economics Club ANNABEL BIGGLE . Tacoma .UC. . . Totem Club . Tyee . Daily BERNICE BIGHAM. Seattle. UC. . . Phi Mu MARION BINGHAM. Seattle. UC. . . Delta Phi Alpha MIKE BIRD . Seattle. UC. Phi Gamma Delta. Sigma Delta Chi. Daily .Junior Baseball Manager WILLL M BLACKFORD . Seattle . S.umc . . . Delta Kappa Epsilon . Frosh Crew FRED BLAKE . Seattle . En nifirrmg . . .Phi Kappa Sigma . Compass and Chart HELEN BLAKE . Olympia . UC . . . Kappa Kappa Gamma ARTHUR BLOM . Seattle . BA . . . Scibbard and Blade BOB BLOXOM . Seattle . BA . . . Phi Kappa Psi ALBERT BOGDAN. Seattle. UC. . . Adelphi . Westminster Club LORENZ BOLIN. Seattle. BA. . . Delta Sigma Phi BETTY BOONE. Seattle. UC. . . Pi Beta Phi . French Club • 28 CAROL BORING . Granite Falls . UC JEAN SHIRLEY BORN. Seattle. UC. . . Pi Beta Phi LEONE BOUNDS. Spokane. UC. . . Sigma Kappa WARREN BOWMAN . Seattle . BA . . . Sigma Chi FRANCES BOYER . Everett . BA . . . Alpha Gamma Delta . AWS Concerts MARY LOU BRACKETT. Seattle. UC. . . Alpha Xi Delta CY BRADEN . Seattle . BA . . . Sigma Nu ISABELLE BRAID WOOD. Vancouver, B. C. . Eiucatum. . . Lambda of Phrateres . PE Club. Tap Club KATHERINE BREHM . Seattle . UC . . . Gamma Phi Beta JAMES BRENNAN . Seattle . BA . . . Sigma Nu . Super Varsity Basketball BRUCE BRETLAND . Seattle . Miius . . . Psi Upsilon . Compass and Chart . Track CHESTER BRINCK. Spokane. Liir. . . Phi Delta Phi MARY ELIZABETH BROCK . Sedro-WooUey . UC BETTIE BROKAW . MarysviUc . WINSLOW BROOKES . Seattle . BA . . . Sigma Chi . Compass and Chart . Oval Club . Big " W " Club. Varsity Boat Club. Pigott Medal Winner BUD BROUGHAM . Seattle . UC . . . Delta Tau Delta . Football GORDON BROWN . Seattle . MusiV ... Phi Mu Alpha HELEN BROWNELL . Seattle .UC. . . Kappa Kappa Gamma . Mortar Board . Y ' WCA President. Totem Club. Junior Class President MABEL BROWNELL. Yakima. UC. . . Phi Chi Delta VIRGINIA BROWNELL . Seattle . EJuuilum ... Phi Alpha Rho . WEA . Tolo . Newman Club BUD BRUSH . Yakima . LlC . . . Phi Gamma Delta . Glee Club . Interfraternity Council Secretary BETTY ' BUCHNER . Seattle .UC. . . Kappa Alpha Theta . Totem Club . jGV Chairman, 1935 MURIEL BUCK . Mount Vernon .UC. . . Roger Williams Club . Tyee JESSIE BURCH. White Bluffs. UC. . . Omicron Nu . Sigma Xi MIRLAM SURD. Seattle. UC. . . Alpha Gamma Delta VERNON BURKEBILE . Pinehurst . Engmccrmg GLEN BUTTERFIELD. Seattle. Eiigmar.Hg. . . Delta Sigma Phi JOE BYINGTON . Yakima . BA . . . Delta Sigma Phi KATHLEEN CALKINS . Spokane .UC. . . Delta Gamma . Mortar Board . Totem Club . Tyee Associate Editor . Columns Sales Manager . AWS Executive Chairman ROSALIE CALONE . Seattle . UC ROBERT C.AMOZZI. Seattle. UC. . . Adelphi DOROTHY CAMPBELL . Seattle .UC. . . Sigma Kappa . Daily . Tyee MARGARET CARDIFF. Spokane. UC. . . Alpha Delta Pi KATHRYN CARLETON. Dufur, Oregon. UC. . . Chi Omega FRED E. CARLIN . Seattle . BA ... Chi Phi . Beta Alpha Psi C. JAMES CARLSON . Seattle . Prc-Mdici . . . Alpha Sigma Phi JOHN CARTER. Seattle. BA. . . Zeta Psi. Mmor " W " Club. Ice Hockey LAUNOR CARTER. Friday Harbor . Science . . .Psi Phi CENTER CASE . Seattle . UC lEAN CASTLETON . Seattle . BA . . . Chi Omega . Totem Club . YWCA Treasurer 29 • lb J . -•: 1 Jid MdA CATHERINE CATLIN . Wolf Point, Montana. BA. . .Chi Omega . AWS Executive Board . Columns . ASUW ELIZABETH CAULKINS . Seattle . EJiu ition . . . Gamma Phi Beta . WAA . Tyee ANNE CEDERQUIST. Seattle. Sc.ciifc. . .Iota Sigma Pi MARTIN CHAMBERLAIN . Seattle . Mmcs . . . Psi Upsilon . Compass and Chart . Ski Team. Bachelors ' Club ROBERT CHAMBERS . Seattle . Boiaiiv. . . Lambda Chi Alpha . Forest Club . Swimming. Football G, KENNETH CHAPLIN . Seattle . Forestry . . . Forest Club . Compass and Chart CORNELIUS CHAVELLE . Seattle . Lur ... Phi Kappa Psi HASSELTINE CHESSHER. Seattle. Lie. . . Gamma Phi Beta. Totem Club. Tyee Section Editor. Senior Week Co-Chairman JOHN CHESTERLEY. Yakima. Eoolcgy. . .Alpha Delta Phi HARLAN CHEYNE . Seattle . UC ELSIE CHILMAN . Hoquiam . Sciciia- . . . Alpha Chi Omega . Grays Harbor Club . AWS Concerts A OLIVER CHITTENDEN. Seattle. Plwrm uy. . . Kappa Sigma . Scabbard and Blade HAROLD CHRISWELL. Seattle. Forfsirv EDWARD L. CLANTON. Rockford . Pr,:-Mc,lK-.s . . . Sigma Chi GEORG E CLARK . Eatonville . UC GOLLAND CLARK . Seattle . Psydiolo y . . . Compass and Chart Vice-President . Crew J KEITH CLEVELAND . Seattle . BA . . . Pan Xenia . Finish Club MARGARET.!. CLINE . Greeley, Colorado. UC. . . Alpha Phi . Scandinavian Club. Rifle Team VIRGINIA CLINE . Seattle .UC. . . Alpha Chi Omega RUTH M, CLITHERO. Seattle . EJumiion HELEN COFFMAN . Seattle . UC. . . Mu Phi Epsilon STANLEY COHEN. Longview. BA. . .Zeta Beta Tau. Minor " W " Club. Senior Minor Sports Manager . Husky Swimmers Club . Varsity Tennis Manager . Senior Managerial Council HELEN M. COLE. Seattle. UC. . . Kappa Delta. Studio Theatre. JGV ' 34. Varsity Ball .Junior Prom . Freshman Week WILLL«iM R. COLE . Olympia . UC . . . Beta Theta Pi BERNICE COLWELL . Ellensburg . EJiu.ition ... Chi Omega . Dramatics HUBERT COMER . Great Falls, Montana . UC . . . Lambda Chi Alpha . Kappa Psi HERBERT CONDON . Seattle . BA . . . Phi Gamma Delta . High School Leaders ' Conference. Cadet Ball. Varsity Ball GORDON CONGDON. Wenatchee.UC. . .Track JEAN CONNELL . Seattle . UC. . . University Christian Union BERYL CONRAD . Wapato .UC. . . Kappa of Phrateres ELSIE COOPER . Everett . UC . . . Mortar Board . Totem Club . Studio Theatre WILLIAM H. COPPEDGE . Spokane . BA . . . Scabbard and Blade ELSA CORDES.Twin Falls. Idaho. UC MARGARET CORLETT . Seattle . BA . . . BA Women ' s Vocational Club DOROTHY ' CORTELYOU . Tacoraa . Sarmc . . . Gamma Phi Beta . Iota Sigma Pi DOROTHY CRAIG . Seattle . UC . . . Alpha Delta Pi . Theta Sigma Phi HARRIET CRARY . Seattle . UC. . . Chi Omega ERRETT CROWTHER. Seattle. BA. . . Alpha Tau Omega. Varsity Boat Club VIRGINIA CRUSE . Pocatello, Idaho. UC. . .Pi Beta Phi DEAN K. CRYSTAL. Cle Elum.UC . . . Pi Mu Chi . Sigma Xi . Rhodes Scholar • 30 F. LEONARD CURTIS . Taylor . BA . . .Phi Kappa Phi. Pan Xenia ADRIAN CURTISS . Graham . BA . . . Theta Chi . Frosh Track . Wrestling MARJORIE CUFF . Kalama . UC DENNIS K. CULP. Wenatchee. EHqiiiarinj;. . . Beta Theta Pi ROBERT GULP. Wenatchee. UC. . . Chi Phi. Frosh Football ELMA CUSTER . Renton . UC. . . Alpha Chi Omega ROBERT DAHL.Skagway, Alaska. UC. . .Pi Kappa Alpha. Pi Sigma Alpha . Purple Shield . Crew . Varsity Boat Club MARIAN DAHLSTROM. Seattle. UC. . . Nu of Phrateres JOHN DAIL . Seattle . BA . . . Delta Sigma Phi . Golf WILLIAM DANZ. Seattle. BA. . . Zeta Beta Tau BEULAH DARROW. Seattle. UC. . .Pi Beta Phi.YWCA Freshman Advisor PETER DAVID . Seattle .UC. . . Alpha Tau Omega . Glee Club JACK DAVIS. Pocatello. Idaho. UC. . .Phi Kappa Sigma JOHN DAVIS . Spokane . UC . . . Alpha Delta Phi .Junior Basketball Manager ROGER DAWES . BellevTje . Eiis.Hivnnj; . . .Alpha Sigma Phi . Baseball. Big " W " Club MARY ELIZABETH D. VLTON . Seattle. UC. . .Sigma Epsilon Sigma . Italian Club. French Club. Greek Club BEATRICE DeDONATO. Seattle. UC. . . Alpha Gamma Delta R. W. deHA.AS . Seattle . B. ' . . . Pan Xenia . Compass and Chart . Baseball VICO L. DELAURENTI. Renton. BA. . . Beta Gamma Sigma. Pan Xenia LOUIS DEWE ' ' . Okanogan . EJiiuition . . . Sigma Alpha Epsilon . Wrestling . YMCA Board of Control JANE DeWITT . Kirkland . BA . . . Delta Gamma LOGAN DIMOND . Yakima . Saiiui. . . Ammonii Socii FLOYD DICKINSON. Hoodsport.Forcsiiy. . .Xi Sigma Pi. Forest Club JEANNETTE DtXON . Seattle . UC iMkimLpMiS " W " Club. Wrestling . AWS . YMCA . Concerts . VASILY DMITRIEFF . Seattle . Fcrcslry . . . Minor ' GRACE DOLAN . Aberdeen . UC . . . Delta Gamma . Junior Prom . Varsity Ball MILLICENT DONCASTER. Seattle. Sarmv. . .Alpha Chi Omega. Totem Club. " W " Key Club BEVERLEY DORR . Tacoma. UC ARIADNE DOVJENKO . Seattle . UC . . . Nu of Phrateres . Vagabonds . Russian Students ' Association I ' v r- t MARY LEE DOWD. Seattle. UC. . . DOROTHA DUFF . Seattle . Plwrnu.7. CHARLES DUFFY. Portland. UC. . Managerial Council Gamma Phi Beta . . Kappa Phi. Rho Chi. Sigma Xi Associate Zeta Psi . Oval Club . Senior Baseball Manager . LOIS DUNB. ' R. Seattle. UC. . . Pilgrim Club MARGARET DUNHAM. Seattle. UC ROBERT DURHAM. Tacoma. ArJiiic.iuri:. . . T.iu Sigma Delta ZITA DURNIN. Great Falls. Montana. UC. . .Kappa Kappa Gamma JOSEPHINE DURYEA. Everett. EJiiuition. . .Sigma Kappa. WAA FRANK DUSEK . Sv%eet vater, .Nebraska. EJi.aitioii. . . Basketball . Track EVA MARIE FARLEY. Seattle. UC. . . Sigma Kappa . ■ ' W " Key Club. Totem Club. Senior Representative on Board of Control .Junior Prom. Rally Committee MARJORIE EATON . Seattle . UC . . . Alpha Phi . Panhellenic i 31 • IN . BETTY ECCLESTON. Seattle. £.luuin.iM. . .Kappa Delta GORDON EDLUND. Aberdeen. Lie. . .Pilgrim Club EARL EDMOND.SON . Yakima . BA . . . Theta Chi BOB EDWARDS . Renton . BA . . . Sigma Alpha Epsilon . Crew Manager HOWARD ELLIS . Seattle . BA . . . Phi Delta Theta . Spiked Shoe Club . Oval Club . Track . Managerial Council R. PAUL ELLIS . Seattle . UC. . . Phi Mu Alpha ETHEL ENGDAHL . Puyallup . UC . . .Home Economics Council MARGARET ENGSTROM. Seattle. BA. . . BA Women ' s Vocational Club. BA Council . AWS Presidents ' Council RUDOLPH ENQUIST . Pearson . EJuuitum ... Phi Gamma Delta . Oval Club . Big " W Club . Baseball GILBERT ERlCKSON.Hoquiam.BA. . .Phi Sigma Kappa . Varsity Baseball. Junior Prom HELEN ESSLINGER . Seattle . UC MARLON EVANS . Tacoma . IIC. . . Delta Gamma LUCILE FAILOR . Puyallup . UC LORENE FAIRBORN. Edmonds. LiC. . .Alpha Omicron Pi . Home Economics Club. Glee Club ERANCIS FARLEY . Bellingham . SciaKC ... Pi Kappa Alpha . Scabbard and Blade BILL FARRENS . Portland, Oregon . BA . . . Beta Theta Pi . Spiked Shoe Club . Senior Track Manager MARGARET FARRINGTON . Seattle . UC. . . Nu of Phrateres FRANCES FAUROT . Seattle . UC . . . Alpha Omicron Pi . Spurs . YWCA . AWS Concerts JUNE FELLOWS . Everett . UC HARRIET FERCH . Seattle . UC . . . Mu Phi Epsilon . Pi Lambda Theta . Beta of Phrateres . Pilgrim Club VIRGINIA FICK . Everett .UC. . . Pro Musica . Glee Club CHARLOTTE FIELD . Seattle .UC. . . Phi Mu Gamma . Studio Theatre BILL FIELDING . Seattle . BA . . . Sigma Chi . Senior Manager . Junior Day Chairman . Homecoming Rally lERRY FIELDS. Mt. Vernon. Lni ' . . . Pi Kappa Alpha NORMAN FIELDSTAD . Opportunity . Enpncenng BETTY FINGER. Burlingame, Cal. . LIC. . . Alpha Omicron Pi MANETTLA FINN . Seattle . LIC FRED FIRSTENBURG . Seattle . BA . . . Finish Club . Pan Xenia . Beta Gamma Sigma . Big " W " Club . BaseKill PAT FISET . Seattle . Lie . . . Pi Beta Phi . " W " Key Club. Totem Club. AWS Secretary . Rally Committee KATHLEEN FISHER. Ladner, B. C.LIC. . .Kappa Delta . YWCA MARYANN FISHER. Bellingham. UC. . . Kappa Delta. YWCA RUSSELL FISHER. Everett . Science. . .Kappa Sigma ROBERT FISSEL.Chehahs.LIC. . .Beta Theta Pi . Senior-Frosh Basketball Manager. Senior Managerial Council. Intramural Golf Champ, 1934 LOUISE FLANAGAN . Seattle . LIC WARREN FLANAGAN . Seattle . EiucaUon . . . Oval Club MARY FLYNN . Seattle . UC . . . YWCA . WA A . Newman Club . Glee Club GEORGE FOLEY. Seattle. Forestry. . .Pi Kappa Alpha. Forest Club . Newman Club DORRIS FORBES . Kirkland . Siima . . . Newman Club . Omicron Nu EDNA FORCEY . Seattle . Sciciict . . . Iota Sigma Pi DONALD FORSANDER. Seattle. Eii iiittriH . . . AIEE . Engineering Council • 32 LEONA FORSBERG . Tacoma . UC OCTAVIA FORTHOFFER . Seattle . UC PHILIP FOSS . Kent . BA . . . Theta Xi . BA Council . ScabbarJ and Blade . Alpha Delta Sigma VIVIAN FOSSE . Seattle . UC . . . Delta Gamma . Standards Committee . Panhellenic . Varsity Ball. junior Prom JACK FOWLDS . Seattle . BA . . .Delta Kappa Epsilon. Vice-President of Pan Xenia . Senior Representative on the Board of Control CHARLES FRENCH . Seattle. Engintmiij;. . . Ammonii Socu.Band FRANK FRESHWATER. Seattle. UC. . . Phi Gamma Delta WARREN FULLER . Ontario, Cal. . BA . . . Delta Upsilon . Alpha Delta Sigma . Columns Business Staff JOHN GABLE . Everett . UC . . . Sigma Phi Sigma ROBERT E. GALER . Seattle . Enjina-rmc; ... Phi Kappa Sigma . Oval Club . Fir Tree . Big " W Club. Basketball MARGARET GARRISON. Seattle. EJKuiticn. . .Lambda of Phrateres . Totem Club. Women ' s Sports Council MVRTA GARRISON . Seattle . Science . . . Nu of Phrateres . Home Economics Club MITCHELL GASPAROVICH . Aberdeen . BA . . . Tau Kappa Epsilon . Big ' ■W " Club . Baseball. Newman Club. Grays Harbor Club ALBERT GASSM.AN . Valley City, N. D. . UC. . . Newman Club MARY GASTON . Seattle . UC . . . Alpha Phi . AWS Concerts . YWCA International Relations Committee JAMES GAUDINA . Roslyn . BA . . . Th eta Xi . Beta Gamma Sigma . BA Council ROBERT GEISNESS . Port Angeles . BA . . . Sigma Alpha Epsilon BERWYN GEOHEGAN. Seattle. UC HENRY GEORG. Spokane. Engma-nni;. . .Phi Gamma Delta GERALD GIBBONS . Seattle . BA KATHERINE GIBSON. Seattle. UC. . .Pi Beta Phi RALPH GILBERT. Seattle. UC GRAGG GILKEY. Anacortes.BA. . .Alpha Sigma Phi ORVILLE GOLUB. Seattle. UC LEO GOODMAN , Bellingham . BA . . . Lightweight Crew ROBERT GORDON . Tacoma . UC . . . Alpha Delta Phi . Track Manager MARY LOU GRAHAM . Seattle . EJuaiium . . . Alpha Xi Delta . Orchesis HOWARD GRAHN . Seattle . UC . . . Atelier . Compass and Chart AUDREE GRANNEBERG . Seattle . UC . . .Sigma Xi . Alpha Kappa Delta. Psi Chi Sigma Epsilon Sigma ROBERT GRAY . Kitsap . UC ... Pi Kappa Alpha CHARLES GREELY.Ridgefield.UC. . .YMCA. Minor ' ■W Club. Wrestling HENRY GREELEY. Seattle. UC. . . Alpha Delta Phi . Oval Club. Senior Football Manager . Managerial Council . Bookstore Board . AU-U Vodvil Chairman JIM GREELY. Seattle. EnginaTiiii;. . .Beta Theta Pi. Engineers ' Open House Chairman BILL GREENWOOD . Seattle . IJA . . . Chi Psi . Foil and Mask . Minor " W " Club President . Fencing Team Captain FRED GRICHUHIN. Seattle. Forestry. . . Varsity Track TOM GRIFFITH. Seattle. UC. . .Oval Club. Sigma Delta Chi . Daily Editor. Tycc .•Associate Editor . Columns . High School Editors ' Conference Chairman BARNEY GREVST. D. Seattle. Ar.liitalHiv. . .Tau Sigma Delta. Atelier . Big " W " Club . Tennis HOWARD GRIMM. Centralia.UC. . .Sigma Nu JACK GRINNELL . Seattle . BA LADDY GROSS. Portland, Oregon. UC. . . Zcta Beta Tau. Interfraternity Council President . Standards . Student Affairs . Malamutes Advisor. Junior Prom I 33 I DONALD GUSTAFSON . Seattle . UC . . . Sigma Phi Sigma . Phi Lambda Upsilc KAY GUTHMULLER. Bellevue. UC. . . Alpha Xi Delta ESTHER HAGA . Seattle . UC ELEANOR HAGGETT. Seattle. UC. . . Gamma Phi Beta. AWS Concerts. Home Economics Council ANNABEL HAGYARD. Seattle. UC. . . Delta Gamma DAVE HALL . Seattle . BA . . . Sigma Alpha Epsilon NED HALL . Vancouver . Lju ' . . .Beta Theta Pi. Spiked Shoe Club. Track WALTER HALL. Brush Praine. BA. . . Sigma Phi Epsilon CARLO HALLIA . Keyport . Enjiiifcrin . . . Tau Kappa Epsilon PEGGY HALLOCK . Kent . BA . . . Alpha Delta Pi JULIA HANAN . Seattle . UC EVAN HANNAY. Seattle. UC. . . Phi Gamma Delta . Faculty Medal . Freshman Goli Team . Tyee BERNICE HANSEN . Tacoma .UC. . . DAR . Rifle Club . WAA NANCY HARE . Seattle . LlC . . . Alpha Tau Delta . Nurses ' Club President CHARLOTTE HARRAH . Seattle . UC . . . Rifle Club RAHL HARRL GE . Montesano. UC CONSTANCE HARRINGTON. Portland, Oregon. UC. . . .Mpha Chi Omega AGNES HARRISON. Seattle. UC. . . Kappa Kappa Gamma MARY FRANCES HARTSON. Seattle. UC. . .Pi Beta Phi. Mortar Board President. Totem Club. Town Girls ' Secretary. Big Sister. AWS Social Chairman HELEN HAYDEN . Cashmere . BA . . . Beta of Phrateres . Phrateres President . Panhellenic . Mortar Board . Totem Club . Kappa Phi . BA Council . BA Women ' s Vocational Club JAMES HAUSCHILDT. Coupeville. UC. . .Pi Kappa Alpha . Ammonu Socu CHARLES HAWORTH . Seattle . Enjj.m-rrmi; . . . Theta Chi . Phi Lambda Upsilon . Tau Beta Pi . Zeta Mu Tau . Ammonu Socu . Minor " W " Club OLLE HEDBRING. Sweden. UC. . . Ammonu Socu President. Engineering Council SYLVIA HEETER. Seattle. UC. . .Chimes of Phrateres . YWCA BRUCE HELBERG.Longview.UC. . .Theta Delta Chi . Sigma Delta Chi . Purple Shield. Daily News and Sports Editor. Tyee HANS HELMLE . Heidelberg, Germany .UC. . . Alpha Sigma Phi . Pan Xenia BETTY HELMLINGE . Seattle . UC ELIZABETH HELSETH. Spokane. UC. . .Phi Chi Delta DOROTHY HEMPHILL . Seattle .UC . . . Kappa Alpha Theta . Mortar Board . Totem Club. Sigma Epsilon Sigma. " W " Key Club. AWS Concerts Chairman DAVID HERALD . Seattle . Si una- . . . Theta Delta Chi . Ammonu Socii . Glee Club . junior Intramural Manager SAM HESS . Seattle . UC . . . Psi Upsilon . Pan Xenia . Bachelors ' Club LYLE HIGGINS. Chelan. Liic. . .Theta Chi. Junior Football Manager PHILIP HILDITCH . Seattle . BA . . . Phi Gamma Delta ALFRED HILDMAN. Seattle. Forestry. . . Associate Forester, Forest Club. Xi Sigma Pi CARL HILDM. ' XN. Seattle. Foru iry. . .Forest Club JAMES HILL . Seattle . Lie. . .Phi Gamma Delta. Big " W " Club. Tennis JOHN HILL . Seattle . Sa.m-t . . .Theta Xi ED HILLYER . Sunnyside . Jimriulism . . . Theta Chi . Sigma Delta Chi President . Daily Managing Editor MITSUKO HIRATA . Seattle . BA . . . Beta Gamma . Fuyo-Kai PRISCILLA HITCHMAN. Seattle. UC. . . Alpha Phi. Sigma Epsilon Sigma • 34 MARGARET HOARD . Seattle . LlC BUD HOFF . Seattle . Prc-Mdus ... Phi Kappa Psi PHILIP HOGUE. Seattle. Safikf. . . Theta Chi.Ammonii Socu . Scabbard and Blade. Junior Basketball Manager DORA HOHL . Langley . BA . . . Rifle Team DONALD HOLDEN. Wenatchee.BA. . . 2eta Psi . Minor ■ ' W Club. Senior Intramural Manager . Senior Managerial Council LES HOLLENBECK . Seattle . Li»- . . . Sigma Chi . Oval Club . Varsity Boat Club . Crew LADD HOLLINGWORTH . Tacoma . BA VIRGINL HOLT . Auburn . Lie. . . Delta Delta Delta ELEANOR HONNINGFORT. Seattle, lie. . . Lambda Rho HARRY HOROWITZ. Seattle. BA JOHN HOUNSELL . Seattle . BA . . . Sigma Nu .Junior Prom Chairman . High Scho Leaders ' Conference Chairman BOB HOUSTON . Dietrich, Idaho. UC. . . Tartar Tribe CHARLES HOW.ARD. Seattle. UC, . .Sigma Alpha Epsilon . Malamutes. Rally Chairman . Homecoming Chairman JEANNE HOWE . Seattle . UC BEATRICE HOWLAND . Klickitat . UC PHILIP HUEMMER . Portland, Oregon , Eiici.urni.s ... Chi Psi . Ammonii Socu . Varsity Boat Club ALICE HUNT. Seattle. UC. . . Delta Delta Delta . Debate ED HUNT . Spokane . BA . . . Beta Theta Pi JOHN HUNTER . Blaine . BA . . . Zeta Psi . Big - ' W Club . Bachelors ' Club , Varsity Ball . High School Leaders ' Conference , Baseball KATHLEEN HUNTER , Seattle . UC. . . DAR . AWS MARY HUSTON. Seattle. UC. . . Sigma Epsilon KAY HUTCHINS. Seattle. UC . . . Phi Mu. Phi Mu Gamma. Drama ANN HUTCHINSON . Seattle . UC . . .Gamma Phi Beta. Mortar Board. Totem Club. Lambda Rho. AWS President. " W " Key Club HERBERT IHRIG . Seattle .UC. . . Sigma Chi WOODROW INGRAHAM. Seattle. UC. . . Scabbard and Blade WALL.ACE IRWIN. Vancouver, B. CFonstry. . . Tau Phi Delta . Xi Sigma Phi Forest Club BOB ISAACSON . Seattle . UC . . . Chi Psi . Football EDWIN IVERSON. Seattle. BA. . .Acacia YOSHIO IWANAGA. Seattle. UC LEE JACOBI. Seattle. UC. . . Sigma Nu. Sigma Delta Chi . Footba Tyec Sports Editor H. VERNON JACKSON. Anacortes.UC. . .Phi Mu Alpha DENVER JAMESON. Yakima. UC. . .Sigma Phi Epsilon CAROLINE JAKnSON . Seattle .UC. . . Alpha Omicron Pi . Lambda Rho RLTTH JANSON . Enumclaw . UC . . . Kappa of Phrateres ELLA JARVIMAKI. Seattle. UC. . .Nurses ' Club FRANK JEFFERSON. Seattle. BA. . . Beta Theta Pi . Interfraternity Council EMIL JENSEN . Burlington , h " nj:in«riii(; BERTEL JOHNSON . Bremerton . .Sarmr CHARLES JOHNSON. Parma, Idaho. Plurmj.y. . .Lambda Chi Alpha. Glee Club JEAN JOHNSON. Seattle. UC. . . Alpha Chi Omega f. J 1 35 • LEON JOHNSON . Spokane . Ex mccrmti LEONARD JOHNSON . Seattle . BA . . . Theta Chi . Alpha Delta Sigma . Purple Shield . Varsity Ball . Tyee Business Manager .Junior Prom . Sports Promenade . Election Committee. Daily Circulation Manager . Freshman Week . High School Leaders ' Conference OLUF JOHNSEN . Seattle . Luc . . . Delta Theta Phi . Oval Club . Pigott Medal ' 34 . Crew JOHN JOHNSTONE . Everett . UC EMLYN JONES. Selleck. Lie. . . Bellingham Normal Club President GUY JUBITZ . Portland, Oregon . BA . . . Beta Theta Pi . Senior Class Treasurer ANNE KAHLKE . Seattle . UC. . . Alpha Xi Delta SEYMOUR KAIL . Seattle . UC . . . Delta Tau Delta . Art Editor Columns BOYNTON KAMB . Mt, Vernon . Luc . . . Delta Tau Delta KINU KANNO . Seattle . UC DONALD KAZANA. Seattle. Plwrmiiiv. . .Japanese Students ' Club JACK KEENE. Seattle. UC. . . Pi Kappa Alpha. Sigma Delta Chi LOUISE MARIE KELLENBERGER. Seattle. UC. . . Sigma Epsilon Sigma. Delta Phi Alpha RICHARD KELLEY . Seattle .UC. . . Phi Delta Theta DAVE KELLOGG. Seattle. BA. . .Phi Gamma Delta. Lightweight Crew. Compass and Chart . Varsity Boat Club KATHERINE KELLOGG.. Bellingham. UC. . .Alpha Phi PHILIP KENDRICK. Seattle. UC. . .Alpha Kappa Lambda. Phi Mu Alpha . Purple Shield . Band . Orchestra . Glee Club . Campus Christian Council . Debate BETTY KENNEDY . Seattle . UC . . . Alpha Xi Delta ELEANOR KENNEDY. Spokane. UC. . .Lambda Rho MARGARET KENNEDY . Seattle . UC FRANK KENTON . Everett . Eiigiiiifnii . . . Aramonu Socii JOHN KETTENRING . Vancouver . Engmanng . . . Beta Theta Pi FRANK KEUSS, JR. . Tacoma . Plwrmjcy JOHN KING . Tacoma . BA . . . Delta Kappa Epsilon . Oval Club . Big ' ' W " Club . Senior Class President . Track WILLIAM KING . Seattle . Engiiia-niK; MADELEINE KIRK. Tacoma. UC. . . Kappa Kappa Gamma JOHN D. KNAPPENBERGER . Portland, Oregon . BA . . . Chi Psi . Scabbard and Blade. Oval Club . ASUW Election Chairman . ASUW Vice-President . Senior-Frosh Minor Sports Manager GRACE KNOWLES . Seattle . UC . . . Alpha Gamma Delta ARTHUR KNUTSEN. Seattle. Fi.slicr.cs, . . Phi Kappa Sigma VICTOR KNUTZEN . Burlington . BA . . . Beta Alpha Psi . Beta Gamma Sigma RUSSELL KOITABASHI . Seattle . Sacna- . . . Japanese Students ' Club . Pre-Medic Club MARY ' KOLASA. Juneau, Alaska . EdHuitioii . . . Sorona MARY KOSHER . Everett . UC . . . Theta Sigma Phi . Totem Club . Attic Players . Daily . Associate Editor Tyee MAX KROM. Seattle. Iiiu-5. . .Tau Beta Pi . Engineering Council. Ski Team. Track. Engineers ' Open House Chairman RICHARD KUNDE . Seattle. BA ISABEL KUNZ . Tacoma . UC . . . Alpha Gamma Delta . AWS . YWCA LILLIAN KUSAK . Seattle . UC GEORGE KUSHNER . Seattle . Turatry . . . Xi Sigma Pi . Forest Club ARTHUR LaBEAU . Longview . BA . . . Scabbard and Blade . Varsity Rifle Team JUNE LACHMAN. Seattle. UC. . . Alpha Epsilon Phi. Tyee • 36 OWEN LaMOTTE . Seattle. EiigmanHj; ALLAN LANGENWALTER.Twm Falls. Idaho. BA. . .Sigma Phi Sigma ALICE ELIZABETH L. PLANT. Seattle. LlC. . . Alpha Phi. Totem Club. Junior Class Treasurer. Varsity Ball .junior Prom . Rally Committee . Homecoming CONSTANCE LARSON. Seattle. BA. . . BA Women ' s Vocational Club JOHN LARSON . Snohomish . BA . . . YMCA JAMES LARWOOD . Portland, Oregon . BA . . . Theta Delta Chi HELEN LATHROP. Camas. Bnvlcriolngy. . . Kappa Kappa Gamma LUCY LAWRENCE . Seattle. UC. . .Sigma Epsilon Sigma. Penthouse and Studn Theatres . VWCA Cabinet DAN LAZAREVICH. Chicago, Illinois. UC. . . Phi Kappa Sigma. President Oval Club. Big " W " Club. Husky Club. Football Captain JOHN LEA . Tacoma . L.m . . . Delta K.ippa Epsilon WARREN LEADEN. Northport.EJK.vil.(j)i. . .Phi Delta Kappa CHARLES LECHNER. Spokane. BA. . .Alpha Delta Sigma DOROTHY ' LEEDE . Seattle .UC. . . Delta Delta Delta . Delta Phi Alpha . Totem Club . Matrix Table. JGV Chairman. Senior Class Secretary ' 35 . Elections Secretary. Varsity Ball. Junior Prom. Senior Shine Committee GILBERT LEIENDECKER. Seattle. BA. . .Compass and Chart . Big " W " Club. Baseball ALEX LEIPPER . Seattle . Eni;iiiariin; . . . Tau Beta Pi . . mmonll Socii BEN LEVINE. Seattle. UC LEON LEVY. Seattle. UC. . . Zeta Beta Tau DELBERT LEWIS . Mount Vernon . E.luuiium HARRIETTE LEWIS. Pasadena, Cal, . UC LOUISE LIDDLE . Tacoma . UC ROYAL LINDAL . Seattle . BA GRETA LOFGREN. Seattle. UC. . . Nu ofPhrateres LESLIE LONGWELL. Seattle. UC. . . Purple Shield CARMEN LOPEZ . Seattle . UC ... Phi Mu JANE LOWTHER. Yakima. UC. . WILLIAM LOWRY . Seattle . Uw . Pi Sigma Alpha . Debate HENRY LUKE. Seattle. PlwriMO ' - Alpha Phi. Junior Prom . Sigma Phi Epsilon . Tau Kappa Alpha . . Faculty Medal Winner ELEANORE LUM. Denver, Color.ido . UC . . .B ome economics Club HANS LUND . Omak . BA . . . Delta Upsilon ROBERT LUND . Seattle . BA . . . Alpha Delta Phi , Crew SIDNEY LUND. Tacoma. Eii ma-niis. . .Beta Theta Pi . Crev - DOROTHY LUNDGREN.Coeur d ' Alene, Idaho. UC. . .Alpha Delta Pi WALTER LUNSFORD. Seattle. UC. . . L.inibda Chi Alpha. Ov,,l Club. Big " W " Club. Spiked Shoe Club. Minor " W " Club LOUISE LUTEY . Seattle . UC . . . Alpha Omicron Pi . Panhcllenic TOM LYONS . Seattle . UC . . . Delta Tau Delta . Track HILTON LYSONS. Seattle. E.:»i.i«nnj;. . .Phi Kappa Sigma. ASME GANELLE LYTLE . Seattle. UC. . .Phi Omega Pi P. TRICIAM. cAULEY. Portland, Oregon. UC. . . Kappa Kappa Gamma JIM MADILL . Yakima . BA . . . Alpha Delta Phi . Alpha Delta Sigma . Tyee MARCO MAGNANO . Seattle . BA 37 • ' -Hf. RAPHAEL MALONE. Seattle. UC . . . Varsity Ball. Sports Promenade Chairman, junior Prom WARREN MANCHESTER . Wenatchee . Eng,mmng . . . Zeta Psi MARGE MANION . Portland, Oregon . UC. . . Alpha Gamma Delta . Phi Mu Gmaam HELEN MANKE. Seattle. UC. . . Delta Zeta K.ATHERINE MANSPERGER . Vakima . UC ... Nu of Phrateres . Omicron Nu . Home Economics Club MARJORIE MANTHE. Seattle. UC. . .Alpha Phi . Engineers ' Informal DIAN MANZER . Seattle .UC. . . Alpha Omicron Pi . Panhellenic . Publications TED MARKOV. Chicago. Illinois. EneincL-nnq . . . Football CHARLES E MARR . Spokane . BA . . . Sigma Chi CELIA MARION. Olympia. UC. . . Gamma Phi Beta . Columns. Tyee. Engineers ' Informal MARGARET MARTIN . Tacoma . UC MAXINE MARTIN . Seattle . Prc-Mf Jus . . . Sigma Kappa ROBERT MARTIN . Spokane . UC . . .Sigma Nu. Sigma Delta Chi. Big ■ ' W Club. Football . Daily . Tyee . Varsity Ball .Junior Prom URSULA MARTIN . Bremerton . UC . . . Home Economics Council . YWCA FERNANDO MARTINEZ. Seattle. UC. . . Filipino Club MARY MARVIN. Zumbroto, Minnesota. UC. . .Nurses ' Club MINORU MASUDA. Seattle. Plwrimicv. . .Japanese Students ' Club BOB MATHESON . Hoquiam . S.u-ikc ... Phi Delta Theta DOUGLAS MAVOR . Seattle . Fi.r.-strv . . . Tau Phi Delta . Forest Club President . Hockey BERNITA McCaffrey . Seattle . UC . . . Chimes of Phrateres . Mortar Board . Totem Club. Gamma Alpha Chi . " W " Kev Club. AWS . Tyee . |unior Prom . Varsity Ball . YWCA CARL McCANDLESS . Auburn . UC . . . Pi Mu Chi . Purple Shield . PreMedic Club TOM MACARTNEY. Yakima. Eiigiiwrmi;. . .Phi Delta Theta BILL McCLASKEY. Seattle. En iHL-LTing. . . Compass and Chart. Varsity Boat Club. ASCE. Crew BERNADINE McCLINCY . Spokane .UC. . . Iota Sigma Pi CECIL McCONKEY. Seattle. Fm-stry MARION McCORMICK . Seattle. UC. . . Alpha Xi Delta JEAN McCURDY . Port Townsend . EJinutiim. . . Kappa Alpha Theta. Frosh Vice- President . Sophomore Representative . ASUW Secretary . PE Club . WAA ANNE McCUTCHEON. Chehahs. UC. . . Iota Sigma Pi ELLA McCUTCH EON. Seattle. UC. . . Kappa Delta . YWCA ROBERT McDonald . Seattle. Engm nng. . . Delta Upsilon ROBERT W. McDonald . Seattle . BA . . . Sigma Nu MARY McEWEN.Goldendale.UC. . .Alpha Delta Pi RUTH McFARLAND . Fairbanks, Alaska .UC. . . Chi Omega F DANIEL McGILLlCUDDY . Aberdeen . UC BEATRICE McGOUGH . Wenatchee . UC . . . Alpha Chi Omega PAT McHUGH. Wapato. UC. . . Lambda Chi Alpha GEORGE McKAY . Aberdeen . BA . . . Phi Sigma Kappa . Boat Club CLAUDE McKELLAR. Cashmere. PlKinMLV. . .Minor " W " Club . Wrestling VIRGINIA McKILLLAM . Seattle . Scitna . . . Lambda of Phrateres . WAA PAUL McKNIGHT . Sunnyside . UC . . . Theta Xi . Scabbard and Blade . Varsity Ball . Junior Prom . Cadet Ball • 38 NANCY McLEOD. Everett, lie. . .Delta Delta Delta MARGARET McMAHON . Seattle . UC. . . Theta Upsilon . Newman Club . Glee Club . WAA Tournament MIRIAM McNAMEE. Seattle. UC. . . Newman Club. PE Tournaments JEAN McWE LIAMS. Seattle. UC. . . Alpha Phi HARRIET MEHLHORN . Seattle . BA . Dance Drama ROBERT MEIGS. Yakima. F.5lun.-.s. . FRANK MELDER . Seattle . Engmccnng, . ASME . Engineering Mixer EVALYN MELLINGER . Tacoma . UC . . BA Women ' s Vocational Club. Zeta Psi . . Theta Chi . Student Engineering Council . IVAN MERRICK . Seattle . Lm . . . Sigma Phi Epsilon . Tau Kappa Alpha . Adelphi . Debate . Compass and Chart EDWARD METZGER . Seattle . UC . . . Delta Tau Delta . ASUW Vice-President ARTHUR MEYER. Butte. Montana. UC. . .Sigma Alpha Mu. Varsity Ball. Sports Promenade . Senior Week Co-Chairman HAROLD MEYER. Seattle. UC. . . Scabbard and Blade. Frosh Football JOHN MEYERS . La Grange. Illinois . Forestry . , . Tau Kappa Epsilon . Forest Club AGNES MILLER. Yakima. UC. . . Delta Delta Delta ROBERTA MILLER . Auburn . UC DOROTHY MILLS . Seattle . UC . . . Alpha Chi Omega . Gamma Alpha Chi WILLIAM MIMBU . Seattle . Luc . . .Japanese Students ' Club.YMCA FRANK S. MIYAMOTO . Eatonville . UC. . .Japanese Students ' Club EDWARD MIZE. Seattle. Sci c. . .Westminster Club ROBERT MOCH . Montesano . BA . . .Phi Gamma Delta . Oval Club. Big ■ ' W Club. Minor " W " Club Beta Gamma Sigma . Alpha Kappa Psi . Rho Sigma Chi . Varsity Boat Club . Crew . Fencing REUBEN MOEN . Bellingham .UC. . . Alpha Tau Omega MITCHELL MONDALA. Chicago, Illinois. UC. . . Football GORDON MOODY . Cashmere . BA . . . Chi Phi ED MOORE . Seattle . BA . . . Alpha Delta Sigma . Columns JOE MOORE . Seattle . BA . . . Alpha Sigma Phi . Scabbard and Blade PAUL MOORE . Seattle . EMf;iikvnin;. . . Phi Sigma Kappa . Tau Beta Pi . Phi Lambda Upsilon WALT MORBECK . Seattle .UC. . . Sigma Alpha Epsilon CAROLYN MORFORD . Seattle . BA . . . Chi Omega . ASUW . Tyee . Columns . High School Leaders " Conference TAKAE MORI. Seattle. . . Fuyo ' Kai JACK MOSLEY. Seattle. Eiisiiu-mii . . . AIEE CHARLES MUCHA. Chicago. EJiiuition. . .Football DOUGLAS MUIRHEAD . Seattle . BA . . . Delta Chi DELWYN MULLER. Seattle . EJii.jluui. . . Sigma Phi Epsilon . Compass and Chart . Varsity Ball Chairman. Sports Promenade Chairman DONALD MURPHY . Aberdeen . UC ... Tau Kappa Epsilon . Studio and Penthouse Theatres HELEN MURPHY . Beynon, Canada . BA LAWRENCE MURPHY . Seattle . L.u . . .Adelphi MANSFIELD MURPHY. Entiat. UC. . .Pi Kappa Phi PAUL MURPHY . Seattle . BA . . . Kappa Sigma . Ciolt . Basketball DOUGLAS MURRAY . Seattle . UC ARNOLD MYHRE . Seattle . UC 39 • DANIEL NARODICK. Seattle. Liu . . . Sigma Alpha Mu ANAH NELSON . Seattle . Musu HELENE NELSON . Port Blakely . EduMum . . . PE Club WENDELL NEWCOMB . Spokane . Prc-Mcius . . . Kappa Sigma CHARLES NEWTON. Wallace, Idaho. UC. . .Psi Upsilon HELEN NICHOLS . Seattle . 1 IC . . . Delta Gamma . Matrix Table . Mortar Board . Totem Club. Bookstore Board. " W " Key Club. Varsity Ball. Junior Prom M1RL M LEE NICHOLSON . Seattle . UC. . . Gamma Phi Beta . Mortar Board . Totem Club.Theta Sigma Phi President . Sigma Epsilon Sigma . Tyee Editor. Daily JIM NICHOLSON . Seattle . Liii. . . Sigma Chi MILDRED NICKERSON. Seattle. EJuMtion. . .Chi Omega JAMES NICKSON . Seattle . Pr;-Mdw5 . . . Delta Kappa Epsilon . Sigma Xi . Varsity Ball .Junior Prom ALICE NIELSEN. Enumclaw. UC BERNICE NOLTING . Seattle . UC . . . Alpha Phi . Totem Club . Matrix Table . Student Affairs Committee . AWS E.xecutive Board . University Standards Chairman RICHARD NOMURA. Seattle. Pkniijcy. . .Japanese Students ' Club DORIS NORD . Seattle . Samcc JOSEPH NORMAN . Seattle . EiucaUon . . . Finish Club MARION NORTON . Seattle . Eiigiiiariiig . . . Ammonii Socii STEWART NORTON . Chehalis . Siuiuc . . . Student Co-Op Associations . Glee Club GLORIA NOVIKOV . Seattle . BA . . . BA Women ' s Vocational Club . Dancing BARBARA NOWLIN . Green Acres . UC . . . Theta Sigma Phi . Sigma Epsilon Sigma . AWS Scholarship Award Winner MAX OBERDORFER . Portland . En inrai.ig . . . Sigma Chi MARGARET ODLIN . Seattle . I IC . . . Totem Club . YWCA GERTRUDE OGDEN . Tacoma . EdHuii.oii GEORGE OHI. Seattle. Ensiiiariiij. . . AlEE .Japanese Students ' Club HIRAMI OKUBO.Bellingham.UC. . .Japanese Students ' Club CATHERINE OLESON. Seattle. UC MURIEL OLSEN . Seattle . UC . . . Phi Omega Pi . Nursing Club CECIL OLSON . Toledo . BA . . . Pan Xenia CHESTER OLSON. Seattle. Forolry. . . Tau Phi Delta. Forest Club MARY ANN O ' LEARY . Olympia . UC . . . Gamma Phi Beta . Varsity Ball GERALDINE O ' MAHONY . Seattle . BA GLADYS ORFORD . Tacoma . EJiiuiiimi CHARLES OSWALD. Portland, Oregon. BA. . .Delta Tau Delta. Alpha Delta Sigma RUTH OTTERSTEDT.Mt. Vernon. UC. . .YWCA BETTY OWEN . Seattle . UC ... Pi Beta Phi VICTOR PALMASON . Seattle . UC ROBERT PAQUETTE . Seattle . UC . . . Phi Lambda Upsilon . Ammonii Socu IV.AL PARKER. Marcus. UC FLORENCE PARR. Wenatchee. UC. . . Pi Beta Phi ALICE PARFITT. Seattle. UC. . . Home Economics Club REMIGIO PASCUAL. Seattle. Liijjnuvnin;. . .Filipino Club.AIEE • 40 HARRIS PATTERSON . Seattle . B. . . . Theta Chi . Boxing SHIRLEY PATTERSON . Yelm . Honu- Eumomwi. . .Sigma Kappa. Totem Cluh. WC. Cabinet CHESTER P. LTSON . Spokane . BA . . . Psi Upsilon JOHN PAULV. Seattle. Eii iiuiniii;. . . Ammonu Socii . Finish Cluh MAX PAYNE . Tacoma .UC. . . Sigma Alpha Epsilon CHAUNCEY PEARCE . Washtucna . BA . . . Delta Upsilon HELEN PEARCE . Seattle . UC. . .Studio Theatre . Penthouse Theatre . JGV KENNETH PELL . Seattle . Enginaruig . . . Pre-Medic Club. Purple Shield FRANCES PENDERGRAST. Leavenworth. UC. . . Totem Club. " W Key Club. Newman Club . AWS Office Manager RUBY PENN . White Bluffs .UC. . . Kappa Phi . Home Economics Club ELOISE PERHAM. Yakima. UC. . . Kappa Alpha Theta. Vice-President Senior Class Varsity Ball .junior Prom . Sports Promenade GEORGE PERRY. Seattle. UC. . . Delta Kappa Epsilon ROBERT PERRY . Seattle . BA . . . Delta Chi GERALD PETERSEN . Port Orchard . BA C. ELDRED PETERSON . Seattle . UC . . . Phi Sigma . Ritle Team JEAN PETERSON . Salem . UC . . . Delta Zeta . Nurses ' Club ALLEN PETRICH . Tacoma . BA . . . Sigma Alpha Epsilon CARL F.,.!;.AIEE DOROTHY PIERCE . Olympia .UC. . . Kappa Alpha Theta RICHARD PIERCE . Washougal . Fon.slry. . . Alpha Tau Omega . Scabbard and Blade PAUL PLAMONDON . Seattle . Liu ' . Manager JOHN POLLARD . Seattle . LIC HELEN POPLACK . Everett . UC . . JANET PORTER . Snohomish . UC . . . Kappa Sigma. Oval Club. Senior Basketball Sigma Epsilon Sigma . Home Economics Club MAXINE POSSEE. Bremerton. UC. . .Phi Mu Gamma. JGV. Attic Players ALAN PORTEGUESE . Spokane . EiijiiuTniig . Zeta Beta Tau EMER ' POWELL . Selah . UC . . . Phi Kappa Psi CAROLE POWER. Seattle. UC. . . Kappa Kappa Gamma MARGIE POWERS . Seattle . UC . . . Swimming . WAA RONALD PRESTON . Hoquiam . BA . . . Delta Chi . Varsity Ball K.ATHRYN PRICE. Spokane. UC. . .Alpha Delta Pi LEONAPRIEBE. Everett. UC. . . Mortar Board. Totem Club. " W Key Club. Sigma Epsilon Sigma . YWCA . Phrateres . WEA . WAA . Tolo House GEORGE PROPSTRA . Vancouver . BA . . .Chi Psi JOSEPHINE QUIGLEY. Seattle. Sa.-mr. . .Kappa Alpha Theta . Mortar Board. Totem Club . .AWS MARSHALL RAMSTAD . Seattle .;. . . .Ammonii Socu WALTER RANEY . Spokane . Sacna . Phi Kappa Sigma . Crew . Oval Club . Big ' W ■ Club FRANCIS R,APHAEL . Seattle . BA . . . Alpha Delta Sigma . Band FLORENCE RATTR.AY . Seattle. Eluuilion. . . PE Club GORDON RAUGHT. Longview . BA . . . Chi Psi . Scabbard and Blade MARY RA BACK . Des Moines . UC MSJ:. 41 RUTH RAYMOND. Seattle. UC. . . Kappa Delta lANE RE.AMER . Seattle. UC. . . Delta Gamma . Totem Club. Home Economics Club DAN REAUGH . Manson . Uw DALE READ . Seattle . B. . . . Scabbard and Blade ARTHUR REED . Bellingham . BA . . . Theta Chi CARROLL REED. Seattle. UC. . . German Club. Delta Phi Alpha GEORGE REES. Seattle. BA BESSIE REHKOPF. Seattle. UC. . . DAR . Sigma Epsilon Sigma BUD RESEBURG . Seattle. Luc. . . Psi Upsilon FRANK REYNOLDS . Seattle . BA . . . Compass and Chart . Scabbard and Blade ETHEL RICHARDS . Seattle . UC WILBUR RICHARDS . Tacoma . BA . . . Theta Chi . Minor " W " Club. Golf Team JOHN R RICHARDSON. Tacoma. UC. . . Pi Mu Chi. Pre-Medic Club RONALD RICHARDSON. Goldendale.UC. . .Pi Kappa Alpha . Sigma Delta Chi HOWARD RICHMOND . Seattle . BA . . . Psi Upsilon CHARLES RICKERD. Seattle. UC. . .Phi Kappa Sigma. Band Manager HARRIET RICKERSON . Bellingham . EJiualion . . . Gamma Phi Beta JANET RIGGS . Seattle .UC. . . Gamma Phi Beta . Phi Mu Gamma . Mortar Board . Totem Club . Tolo Chairman . Varsity Ball IRENE RILEY. Seattle. UC ALICE RINE . Underwood .UC. . . Sigma Kappa . Music . YWCA HOWARD RITCHIE . Olympia . BA . . . Chi Psi ROBERT RITCHIE . Bremerton . BA . . . Phi Kappa Sigma . Alpha Kappa Psi . Alpha Delta Sigma JANE ROBERG . Bellingham . UC . . . Kappa Alpha Theta DONALD ROBERTS . Yakima . BA . . . Sigma Phi Epsdon MARY ROBERTS . Seattle .UC. . . Kappa Alpha Theta . Totem Club ELLIOTT ROBERTSON .Juneau, Alaska. UC. . . Phi Kappa Psi ELIZ. ' VBETH ROE . Seattle . UC . . . Kappa Kappa Gamma JOHN ROBINSON . Lilliwaup . Sumct . . . Delta Sigma Phi PHYLLIS ROGERS. Wenatchee. UC FRANCES ROHRBACK . Seattle . Eciuaiiun. . . . Lambda of Phrateres . PE Club President . Totem Club MARTHA ROLETTO . Seattle . UC HOWARD ROLIN . Seattle . BA . . . Phi Kappa Sigma . Pan Xenia R,ACHAEL RANTALA . Seattle . UC ... Nu of Phrateres CHARLES ROSSIER . Mabton . BA . . . Delta Tau Delta ANDREW ROYE . Aberdeen . BA . . . Tau Kappa Epsilon . Pan Xenia . Grays Harbor Club . Newman Club WILLARDG. RUBLIN. Ellensburg. Echiuiiimi. . . Delta Tau Delta. Varsity Glee Club. Columns . Daily . Crew MARGARET RUNNALLS . Orting . Pr.-Mr.iui; . . . Totem Club President . WAA . AWS HAROLD J, RUNSTAD. Petersburg, Alaska . Engincrms . . .Phi Kappa Sigma FORREST SAINSBURY. Yakima. Eiisin.-.rmiJ. . . Theta Xi. Sigma Xi. ASME SUMI SAKUDA. Seattle. Pkii-ma.-y. . . Fuyo-Kai • 42 PAUL SAMPSON . Prosser . BA . . . Theta Chi DICK SANDALL. Seattle. BA LOLA SANDERS . Puyallup . ilC LORRAINE SANDERS . Puyallup . UC GEORGE SANDSTROM . Seattle . UC. . . YMCA REINO SARLIN. Seattle. Forc,.lry. . . Tau Phi Delta . Engineers ' Informal CHARLES A- SATHER, JR. . Bellmgham . B.A . . . Delta Kappa Epsilon . NROTC . Radio Club President . Rho Epsilon President . Tennis . Football . Baseball MARJORIE SAVIDGE . Seattle . UC . . . Gamma Phi Beta . Varsity Ball LEO SAUKKO . Seattle. Enqmanin;. . . Theta Delta Chi . Ammonu Seen . Frosh Crew TONY SAVINA . Aberdeen . BA . . . Pi Kappa Phi WALTER SCHAEFFER . Seattle . Funslry. . . Tau Phi Delta . Forest Club . Engineering Council TATIANA SCHEGOLKOV. Seattle. UC HELEN SCHNEIDER . Davenport .UC. . . MAURITZ SCHOBLOM. Seattle. Forestry. HOWARD SCHROEDER . Seattle . BA MARIANNE SCHUCHART . Everett . UC . Sigma Kappa . Iota Sigma Pi . Daily . . Tau Phi Delta . . Alpha Phi ELSIE SCHULTZ . Centralia . UC CELIA G. SCOFIELD . Tacoma . UC Matrix Table GR. CE SCOTNESS.DiamondviUe, Wyoming. UC Scandinavian Club . Daily . Tyee . AWS JANE SCOTT . Pasadena . BA . . . Chi Omega Home Economics Club . YWCA Council . Sigma Kappa . JOSEPH SCROGGS . Sunnyside . UC AGNES SEALANDER . Selah .UC . . . Chi Omega . Omicron Nu . Home Economics Club BABA JEANNE SEARS. Bellevue. UC. . .Sigma Epsilon Sigma CLARENCE SEELIGER. Seattle. B.4 . . . .Vacia MARJORIE SEERLEY. Bozeman, Montana .UC. . . Chi Omega MARY SHAFER . Plaza . EiuMum WILLL M SHANNON. Seattle. En inccrmj. . . Beta Theta Pi. Crew DOROTHY SHARP . Tacoma . UC DONALD SHAW . Seattle. Enjmarins. . . Tau Beta Pi PATRICIA SHAW. Seattle. BA. . .Chi Omega BILL SHEFFIELD. Fargo, North Dakota. BA. . .Alpha Tau Omega VYVIEN SHEPPARD. Donald. UC. . . Phi Mu BOB SHERWOOD. Bellmgham. Liu-. . . Alpha Delta Phi HARRY SHERWOOD . Fargo, North Dakota . Lm . . . Alpha Tau Omega . Band . Glee Club . Glee Club Manager FRED SHIMANAKA. Seattle. PlwriiKuy. . .Japanese Students ' Club JUNE SHINKLE. Tacoma. UC. . .DAR.WAA BERNICE SHORROCK. Raymond. UC. . . Delta Zeta HARVE " ' SHOTWELL . Cashmere . B.A . . . Chi Phi ABE SHPER . Seattle . B.A . . . Oval Club . Football RALPH SILLIMAN. Seattle. UC. . .Sigma Xi 43 • ROSALIND SIMON . Yakima . UC EDITH SINCLAIR. Tacoma. UC. . .Sigma Epsilon Sigma . Delta Phi Alpha . Co-Author ol " It IS Done ' ' . Associate Editor of Daily . Tyee Section Editor . AWS Committee THOMAS SKEWES . Seattle . EngiiiaTing. . . Ammonu Socii . Compass and Chart H. NS SKOV. Seattle. Engin.iriMg. . . Lambda Chi .Alpha . Varsity Boat Cluh. ASCE.Crew DOROTHY SL.ATE. Seattle. UC. . . YWCA Cabinet C RONALD SMITH. Seattle. Enjiikmng. . . Tau Beta Pi . Sigma Xi. AIEE •■CEC " SMITH. Bellmgham.Liir. . . Delta Upsilon. Phi Alpha Delta DORIS SMITH . Okanogan . UC . . . Debate . Campus Radio Studio FRANCES SMITH. Seattle. UC. . .Westminster Club. YWCA FREDERICKA SMITH . Seattle . UC . . . Gamma Phi Beta HERBERT SMITH . Yakima . BA. . . Alpha Tau Omega I ANE LOUISE SMITH . Seattle . UC . . . AWS . Ad Club . Home Economics Club . Dailv MARGARET JANE SMITH . Hoquiam .UC. . . Alpha Chi Omega MERLE SMITH. Seattle. UC ROBERT SMITH . Seattle . BA . . .Pi Kappa Alpha . Compass and Chart STUART SMITH. Pasadena, California . Mimiij; . . .Phi Gamma Delta. Lightweight Crew DOROTHY SNEVE. Seattle. UC. . . Nu of Phrateres MARGARET SOBEY. Seattle. UC. . . Sigma Kappa CECILE SOLOMON . Seattle . LIC. . . Kappa of Phrateres LEONA SOWINSKI. Cle Elum . .Sacia- . . . Delta Zeta CECIL SPENCER. Seattle. UC. . . Lambda of Phrateres. Home Economics Club JOE SPINDOR . Doty . Plurma,y . . . Tilhcums . Rho Chi . Malamutes ELEANOR SPRAGUE . Seattle . UC . . .Pi Beta Phi lOLA STEELE . Mount Vernon. UC LEE STETTLER . Seattle . BA . . . Sigma Alpha Epsilon JAY STEVENS. Seattle. BA. . . Phi Kappa Psi VICTOR STEVENS. Prosser.FciTOtry. , . Tau Phi Delta . Forest Club BARBARA STEVENSON . Seattle . UC . . . Gamma Phi Beta ALEXANDER STEWART . Seattle . BA . Daily Business Staff EVELYN STEWART . Seattle . UC . JOHN STEWART. Juneau. Alaska. UC. . .Pi Mu Chi . Pre-Medic Club FLORENCE STINNETT. Puyallup. Sa,:i«. . .Alpha Phi . Alpha Delta Phi . Chi Omega . YWCA M.ARJORIE STITH. Seattle, UC. . .Alpha Xi Delta BERNICE STODDARD . Everett . UC LYMAN STONE . Seattle . EJitaitum . . . Kappa Sigma KATHRYN STOVER . Seattle . Samcc . . . Alpha Delta Pi SALLY STRANGE. Seattle. UC. . . Sigma Kappa JEAN STRASSMAN. Seattle. UC RALPH STRAUSZ . Cowiche . BA P.ATRICIA STRICKLER. Seattle. UC Senior Class Secretary Gamma Phi Beta . Totem Club. • 44 ELEANOR STROMME. Seattle, lie. . .Totem Club. Daily ESTHER STROMME . Seattle . BA PAUL SULKOSKY . Puyallup . BA . . . Pi Kappa Phi. Oval Cluh. Big • ' W Cluh. Husky Club. East-West Game. Football DOROTHY SUTHERLAND. Seattle. UC. . .Alpha Chi Omega ANDREW SUTTON . Hoquiam . law . JOHN SUTTON . Tacoma . Arctnuaurc AILEEN SWANSON. Seattle. UC. . AWS ARV ID SWANSON . Everett . S.tcuc . . . Sigma Phi Sigma . . Phi Gamma Delta , Alpha Delta Theta . Home Economics Club. . . Kappa Sigma AUDREY SWAN SON . Seattle . Pli,in u.,.v JERRY SWEM. Seattle. UC. . .Alpha Xi Delta . Varsity Ball. Junior Prom BOB SYLVESTER . Seattle . Engniivnin; . . . Beta Kappa . Compass and Chart . ASCE . Engineers ' Council President . Interfraternity Council VIRGINIA RAE SYMONDS . Miles City , Montana . BA . . . Pi Beta Phi LILLY TAKEUCHI . Cascade. Idaho . BA . . . Totem Club . YW CA . Vagabonds DAVID TANABE . Mukilteo. Eni;iiu niii;. . .Japanese Students ' Club.AIEE MERRITT TANBERG . Seattle . UC. .. Phi Sigma Kappa . Student Radio Director . Varsity Debate MIRIAM TAMOR . Puyallup .UC. . . Delta Phi Alpha JOSEPH TEMPLETON . Seattle . UC . . . Sigma Nu TOM TEMPLETON . Seattle . BA . . . Beta Theta Pi GEORGE TERADA.Kent.BA. . .Japanese Students ' Club. Pan Xenia. Beta Gamma Sigma WILLIAM TEST. Glendale, California. UC. . .Phi Kappa Sigma. Daily . Tyee. BA Council VERNA THOMAS. Bellingham.E.lM..iiuiii. . . Alpha Phi HELEN THOMPSON . Seattle . EJuuilu... . . . Lambda of Phrateres . WAA . Taps . PE Club. Spurs KENNETH THOREEN . Lowell . Pkiniuuv HELEN TIFFIN . Seattle . UC . . . Delta Delta Delta HARRIETT TIGG . Seattle . UC. . . Delta Sigma Theta . YWCA . Vagabonds PEARL TIPP. Seattle. UC. . . Alpha Epsilon Phi P.AUL TJOSSEM . Ellensburg. Lui . . . Beta Kappa FLO •D TOLLESON . Seattle . UC QUENTIN TRACY. Seattle. .VIiMf.s. . . Pilgrim Club. Mines Society President RAYMOND TRENfBLAY. Seattle. l,ms. . . Theta Delta Chi ALLAN TREUER. Seattle. UC. . . Delta Tau Delta . Scabbard and Blade. Interfraternity Council HENRY TSUCHIYA . Kent . i;C ... Pi Mu Chi . Phi Sigma . Japanese Society . Japanese Students ' Club Fuyo-Kai .Japan Scciety Secretary. MARY TSUKUNO . Seattle . Horn, E ,.m.i:ti, Vice-President Fuyo-Kai ' 34 DICK TURNER. Seattle. UC. . . Phi Delta Theta MARY F. TURNER. Seattle. UC NELL TURNER . Seattle . UC . . . YWCA JOHN ULMAX. Enumclaw. UC. . . Kappa Sigma ISOBEL URQUHART. Vashon. UC WILLIAM USDANE . Seattle . UC . . .Phi Mu Alpha I reasurer KATSUJIRO UYEDA. Japan. UC.Ar.liiit.iur . . .Japanese Students ' Club Vice- President ' 35 45 • f f ' P CLIFFORD VANDERVEER. Seattle. UC. . .Phi Kappa Sigma MARY VANDERLEEST. Juneau, Alaska. EJiiuitcon. . . Newman Club LOUISE VAN PATTEN . Cheney . Education . . .Daily MUMERL NO VALIN . Seattle . IIC. . .Filipino Club LOIS VAUGHN . Spokane . Phar»my JEAN VERMILYA . Wenatchee . UC Sigma. Pi Sigma Alpha RUTH VINIKOW . Seattle .UC. . . Phi Sigma Sigma MARY ELIZABETH VON BOECKLIN . Tacoma . UC Kappa Alpha Theta . Sigma Epsilon . Pi Beta Phi PAUL WAGLEY . Tacoma . EJiuatu™ . . . Theta Chi HELEN WALKER . Seattle . UC . . . Alpha Xi Delta . Omicron Nu . YWCA . Home Economics Club RAY WALL . Tacoma . BA . . . Acacia . Glee Club MARY WALLACE . Chewelah .UC. . . Alpha Delta Pi HARRY WALLIN . Seattle . Eii mcfnng . . . Tau Beta Pi . Compass and Chart . Varsity Boat Club . ASCE . Crew RAY WALLIN. Seattle. An-liitf. run- ROBERT WALTZ . Seattle . BA . . . Psi Upsilon . Super-Varsity Basketball . Assistant Manager of State High School Tournament MARGARET WARD . Okanogan .UC. . . Chi Omega ELIZABETH WARHANIK . Seattle. UC. . .University Christian Union. Lambda Rho MARJORIE WARREN. Seattle. UC. . . Alpha Chi Omega NATHAN WASHINGTON . Ephrata . Lju ' . . . Beta Theta Pi . Scabbard and Blade . YMCA President KERMIT WASMUTH . Spokane . Engmarmg ... Phi Gamma Delta . Rho Sigma Chi . Football LaVON WATKINS . Seattle . UC . . . Alpha Delta Pi . Columns JOHN WATSON. Bremerton. UC. . . Scabbard and Blade. Frosh Crew MARY BETH WATSON. Lander, Wyoming. UC. . . Kappa Delta JOHN WATT. Seattle. EngiManns. . .Phi Gamma Delta. ASME. Track. Rifle. Freshman Week Committee ALICE WEAVER . Seattle . BA . . . Theta of Phrateres . Spurs HELEN WEBB . Anacortes . UC . . . Women ' s Debate Squad . Radio Studio ENID WEBER . Yakima .UC. . . Kappa Kappa Gamma BRUCE WEBSTER . Omak . Pkiymmy HARRY ' WEBSTER. Seattle. EiicinfcruK;. . . Tau Beta Pi. YMCA. Engineering Council KEN WEEKS . Seattle . UC . . . Kappa Sigma FRED WEINGARTEN . Seattle . Engmcamg . . . Theta Delta Chi . Scabbard and Blade . Ammonii Socii . Cadet Ball Chairman JEROME WEINSTEIN . Seattle . Sacmc . . . Zeta Beta Tau SYLVIA WEINSTEIN . Everett . Scu-iur . . . Kappa of Phrateres . Pi Mu Epsilon . WAA VIRGINLA WESTLUND . Redondo Beach. UC. . . Delta Delta Delta. Totem Club. Matrix Table. Varsity Ball Secretary .JGV . Assistant Chairman Sieg Reception LUCILE WETTRICK. Seattle. UC. . . Chi Omega JOSEPHINE WHALEY . Seattle . UC . . . Delta Delta Delta . AWS . ASUW Dance Committees . . YWCA Kappa Delta . AWS . Pre-Medic Club Secretary- BETTY WHEALDON . Ilwaco. UC JOAN WHELAN. Seattle. SiuiiK. . Treasurer . Spurs . YWCA WILLL M WHITEHEAD . Tacoma . BA . . . Sigma Alpha Epsilon ROBERT WHITELAW . Spokane . UC . . .Phi Sigma Kappa • 46 JOHN WHITELEATHER . Spokane . BA . . . Sigma Chi . Lightweight Crew . Homecoming JACK WHITEMAN . Seattle . UC . . . Phi Kappa Psi GERTRUDE WHITHAM . Seattle . BA . . . Zeta Tau Alpha . AWS . VWCA . Tennis JOHN WICK . Seattle. F ir£5ti7. . . Xi Sigma Pi . Forest Club Vice-President OTIS WICKERSHAM. Seattle. BA. . .Pi Kappa Alpha LYNNE WIGEN. Seattle. UC. . .Sigma Kappa JANE WILDERMUTH. Seattle. UC. . .Nurses ' Club JANE WILKINSON . Vancouver . UC . . . Kappa Alpha Theta . VWCA . Glee Club . AWS MARY ANN WILLL MS . Seattle . Scma . . . Sigma Kappa MARY HELEN WILLIAMSON. Seattle. UC. . . Kappa Alpha Theta. Psi Chi AILEEN WILLIS . Seattle .UC. . . Alpha Gamma Delta . Panhellenic President CORINNE WILLIS . Tacoma . UC GRAHAM WILLS. Seattle. UC. . . Zeta Psi. Interfraternity Council Treasurer. Crew GEORGE WIMBERLY . Toppemsh . UC . . . Delta Chi . Tau Sigma Delta LAURIEN WINN . Seattle . UC . . . Gamma Phi Beta. Phi Mu Gamma President. Totem Club BRUNHILDE WISLICENUS . Tacoma . UC . . .German Club ROBERT WITT . Seattle .UC. . . Delta Tau Delta . Track . Tennis LEON WOLFSTONE. Spokane. Lau ' . . .Sigma Alpha Mu WILLA LOU WOODS. Wenatchee.UC. . .Delta Delta Delta. Mortar Board. Toten Club. Sigma Epsilon Sigma . YWCA. Japan Society . Wesley Club. Women ' s Varsity Debate . Varsity Ball . AWS Concerts JOHN WOODWORTH. Seattle. Engm«ring. . . Delta Upsilon DEAN WORTHINGTON . Bothell .UC. . . Beta Theta Pi . Boxing FLORENCE WRIGHT. Seattle. UC. . . Alpha Gamma Delta WILMA WRIGHT. Walla Walla. UC. . . Delta Delta Delta VTANO WUORI . Hoquiam . UC P p CLIFFORD WVCKOFF. Hoquiam . Eiigina-nii . . . Ammonu Socu MICHIKO YASUMURA. Auburn. UC. . . Fuyo-Kai RALPH YEAMAN. Seattle. Etniiucruij. . . Acacia. Compass and Chart SHUKO YOSHIHARA. Pullman. Plurmjcy. . . Fuyo-Kai President . Rho Chi . Sigma Xi GRACE YOST. Edmonds. UC. . .Secretary Home Economics Club HENRIETTA YOUNG . Boise. Idaho. UC. . . Kappa Alpha Theta ROGER YOUNG. Seattle. For«try. . .Tau Phi Delta EARLE ZINN . Seattle . Uw ... Psi Upsilon BYRON ZUNDEL . Seattle . Laiv WILLIAM CLEVELAND. Tacoma. Clitmislry. . .Sigma Alpha Epsilon JOSEPH WHATMORE. Seattle. UC. . . Phi Lambda Upsilon JEAN LOVEJOY. Seattle. UC 47 • n PHILIP AARAN . Seattle . UC DOYLE ABBOTT . Chelan . UC MALVIN ABRAMS . Seattle . Eti imcnni; ALBERT ADATTO . Seattle . UC BURTON ADKINSON . Bellingham . hhuUum DURWOOD ALKIRE . Seattle . Lui- WILLIAM ANDERSEN . Leavenworth . BA MARIE ANDERSON Seattle. UC THELMA ANDERSON . Seattle . UC VERNA ANDERSON . Seattle . UC GRACE ARCHER . Seattle . UC MAXINE AREHART . Walla Walla . UC WILLL M ASHTON . Seattle . UC EDWARD BAAR . Seattle . UC JEAN BAINBRIDGE . Seattle . UC LILLIAN BAKUN . Enumclaw . UC ALBERT BANNER . Seattle . Sacmc lESS BARNES . Chehalis . En,;.iiaTjii CHARLES BARTLESON . Spokane . UC VIRGIL BAUGH . Mount Vernon . UC MAXINE BAXTER . Seattle . UC FRANK S. BAYLEY . Seattle. Lau- GENEVIEVE BEACH . Seattle . Sacmc STREETOR BEALL . Puvallup . Plurm.1.7 MARSHALL BECK . Seattle . UC ROBERT BECKET. Seattle . UC HOWARD BEEDE . Seattle . Mining DOROTHY BEHURST. Seattle. EJii.,ilioii CHARLES BELL . Seattle . UC ARDEN BENTHIEN . Mount Vernon . UC DON BERARD . Seattle . BA lOSEPHlNE BEREITER . Seattle . UC GENA BERG . Seattle . E1I11..1I1011 EMIL BERGER . Tacoma . UC RENATO BIANCHI. Seattle. Eii« ALBERTA BIERBAUM. Seattle. UC ERNESTINE BILAN. Seattle. UC CARYL BILLS . Seattle . UC RALPH BISHOP . Yakima . UC CATHERINE BISSELL. Redondo. EJi ..iik.ii COURT BLACK . Seattle . Forestry FLORENCE BLADES . Seattle . UC JOSEPH BLAKE . Seattle . UC R. Y BLAUSTEIN . Seattle . UC ELWOOD BLIX . Tacoma . UC MARGARET BLLXT . Everett . UC JACK BLUE . Seattle . Eii marmj FORREST BOLIEN . Vancouver . Emjina-iiiii; DANIEL E, BONNELL. Everett. EJiiuilicm SALLY BONNER. Lewiston. Idaho. UC GERARD BORAL . Seattle . UC WALTER BOTSFORD . Seattle . UC MARGUERITE BOTTKER . Seattle. BA WILLIAM BOWDEN . San Diman, Cal. . UC HARRY A. BOWEN . Seattle. Luf CAROLYN BOWERS . Seattle . UC JEAN E. BOYLE. Seattle. UC JEAN R. BOYLE . Seattle . UC ARTHUR BRATSBERG . Seattle . BA KATHERINE BRESNAHAN . Seattle . E.ii.,.iiioii FRANK BRIGHAM . Seattle . Eiisin«raig KENNETH BRILHART . Seattle . UC RICHARD BROOKBANK . Seattle. UC WILLIAM BROOKS . Seattle . UC lAMES BROWN . Seattle . UC FRANK BROWNING . Seattle . Engina-nii!; WENDELL BROYLES . Ontario, Cal. . UC VICTOR BURS . Seattle . BA CHAL BRYANT . Seattle . EnqiiiaTim; lOHN BUCKLEY . Seattle . UC GEORGE W. BUNGAY. Spokane. Liii ' LOUIS |. BURKE . Spokane. Liie LOUISE BURR . Spokane . UC PATRICL BUSH . Kent . UC YEAGER BUSH . Seattle . Fdrtslry VIOLET BYERS. Kent. UC MARY BYCROFT. Seattle. UC GILBERT H. CADY . Seattle. UC TROVA CALDWELL . Seattle . Liir EDWARD H CALLOW. Seattle. UC lAMES CAMERON . Port Townsend . UC FRANKLIN CAMPERSON. Seattle. UC JUNE CARLSON . Seattle . UC CHARLES CARLSTON . Seattle . UC W. H. CARSTEN . Seattle . Eiij;iiiOTitij ELINOR M. CASTLE . Everett . UC CHARLES CAUGHLAN . Aberdeen . UC L, ROYAL CHRISTENSEN. Arlington. UC EVELYN CLARK . Olympia . UC LUCILLE CLARK . Seattle . UC SHIRLEY CLARK . Ventura, Cal. . UC WARNE CLARK . Seattle . UC RUTH CLAYTON . Seattle . EJuLHtion EDWIN CLINTON . Seattle . BA DON CLOSE. Seattle. EngiiiuYrmg FRED CODDINGTON . Opportunity . UC MAXINE COFFMAN . Seattle . UC VIRGINIA COLBERT . Seattle . UC DAVID COLE . Bellingham . BA ROBERT E. COLWELL . EUensburg . EJuaitu-ii MARY D, COMPTON . McMinnville, Ore, . UC EMELINE CONGDON. Wenatchee. UC WERNER CONRAD . Seattle . UC JEAN COOK . Olympia . UC LOUSE COPELAND . Golden, Colo, . UC SYLVIA CORBIN. Seattle. UC EDWARD COSTELLO . Kent . BA MARLAN COSTELLO . Spokane. UC LAW ANA COTTIN . Seattle . UC MARGARET COUGHLIN . Seattle . UC DONALD COLIRTRIGHT . Omak . Engineering DOROTHY COX . Tacoma . UC W. L, COX. Seattle. Mining MARY COYLE . Seattle . UC CLARA M CRAMER . Bellingham . UC HARRIET CRAWFORD . Seattle . EJiiaitioii PAUL CRAWFORD . Renton . BA ALBERT CULVERWELL. Seattle. UC ADELAIDE CURRIE . Seattle . UC GEORGE CURRY . Bellevue . E.lii:aiioi) LEON CURTIS . Seattle . Enginarmg CARL DAHLBERG . Seattle . Luc WILLLAM T. DANIELS . Seattle . Luc DOROTHY DANSKIN . Fontana, Cal. . UC CLARA DAVENPORT. Seattle . UC DRAYTON DAVIDSON . Seattle . UC EUGENLA DAVIS . Centralia . EJuaition R. T. DEACON. Seattle. Eni;ukninq REGINA DeARMOND . Portland . llC HARRY DEITS . Seattle . Mining ORA DENNIS . Seattle . Enginaiini; MARIORY DEVERS . Seattle . UC OTTO DIECKMANN . Chehalis . BA lUANITO DIONISIO . Seattle . UC WILSON DODD . Portland . BA EARNEST DODGE. Seattle. Ensmaring DORIS DONAHEY . Yakima . UC JAMES M. DONAHUE . Seattle . Luc LEO F. DONATI . Kent . UC JACK DONOVAN . Seattle . Plunmicy GENEVIEVE DOOLEY . Seattle . UC JOHN F. DORE, |R, . Seattle . UC BEATRICE DOTY . Seattle . UC VIRGINLA DRESSLER . Seattle . UC REBECCA DuBOIS . Vancouver . UC PAUL DULL . Winlock . UC NORMAN DUNBAR . Seattle . Engim-frim; WINIFRED DUNBAR . Seattle . UC PATRICIA DURYEE . Seattle . UC JOSEPH T. DWYER . Tacoma . BA DOROTHY DYSON. Seattle. UC EVA R. EARLE. Tacoma. E,iitaUioii DON E. EARNEST. Bothell.UC CARROLL E ASTON. Aberdeen, S. D. . Enqini-cring KATHRYN ECK . Seattle . UC MARGARET ECKERT . Seattle . UC JOHN C. EDERER. Seattle. UC MARLON EDWARDS . Seattle . UC MARY ADELIA EDWARDS . Seattle . UC KENNETH EGAN . Seattle . UC ROBERT W. EGGERTS. Spokane. BA WILLL M ELFENDAHL . Seattle . Enguucnng EUGENE ELLIOT. Seattle. UC HELEN L. ELLIOTT . Seattle . EJuuitiun MELVIN C. ELLIS . Tacoma . BA BETTY EMERSON . Hoquiam . UC WILLIAM R. EMSLIE . Seattle . UC FLORENCE W. ENGLESON . Seattle . UC MILDRED ERICKSON . Seattle . EJikjtun. MYRON S. ERNST. Seattle. EJufatum MAURICE ERSKINE. Salt Lake City, Utah . UC MAXINE M. EWART. Victoria, B. C. . UC MARY C. FAHEY . Seattle . UC JOHN G. FAIRBANK . Seattle . UC MARJORIE L. FAUST. EUensburg. UC VERDA FENTON . Seattle . BA FREDERICK FIELD . Seattle . Engina-nng STANLEY R. FIELD . Seattle . UC MARCELINE FINK . Yakima . UC ELIZABETH FINN . Seattle . UC BARBARA FISCHER . Seattle . UC DON S, FISHER. Seattle. UC CODY FITCH. Seattle. UC EDWARD R. FITZGERALD. OakviUe. UC CATHERINE FITZPATRICK . Seattle . UC INGERED FLATEBO . Seattle . UC NELLIE FLYNN . Seattle . EJuaitu.n JOSEPH FOLDOE . Seattle . EJiMtion LEONARD FOLEY . Seattle . Plwrmj.v R. S, FORRESTER. Seattle. UC JEAN A. FOWLER. Seattle. UC ROBERT FRANCO . Seattle . UC EVELYN FRANK . Tacoma . UC ELIZABETH FRANS . Seattle . UC IRENE ERASER . Seattle . UC JANE ERASER . Seattle . UC VERNA FREDERICKSON . Seattle . Musr- DOROTHY FRENCH . Seattle . UC FRED P. FRENCH. Seattle. BA EUGENE FROST . Seattle . UC NEAL FROST. Seattle. En iiiaring FRANK FUJIMOTO . Seattle . BA RALPH GABRIELSEN . Seattle . BA ERNEST GARCLA . Seattle . BA RICHARD A. CARD . Seattle . UC MARION F. GARLAND . Bremerton . Luc RUTHELEN GARVIN . Tacoma . UC JANE GARWOOD . Denver . UC THOMAS GAULD . Vancouver . BA JOHN GAUNTLETT. Seattle. Enqina-ring RAYMOND GERHARD . Seattle . UC JOSEPH GERHARD. Seattle. UC MICHAEL G. GIBBONS . Vancouver . BA SANFORD GILBERT . Seattle . Enginarmg JAMES M. GILLIE . Butte, Mont. . Engiiucring JAMES D. GILLMORE . Mount Vernon. UC CHESTER GLENN . Spokane . UC FLOYD GOCHNOUR . Montesano . UC VIDA GOHEEN . Bellingham . UC AIRO GONNELLA . Seattle . Eiigmfcnn? KATHERINE GOODSELL . Seattle . UC LUCILLE GORDON . Seattle . UC WILLARD L GORTON . Seattle . Enginanng WINSTON GOSS . Seattle . UC BERTIL GRANBERG . Seattle . Liic L. MURRAY GRANT. Seattle. BA JOHN K. GRAVES . Tacoma . UC KENNETH GRAVES . Seattle . Enginann!; CLYDE W. GRAY . Tacoma . UC [OHN GRAY . Seattle . Engmffrmg ■pRlSCILLA GRAY. Seattle. UC RUTH GR.AY . Seattle . Music ANNA GREEN. Seattle. UC EDNA GREEN. Seattle. UC SALLY M. GREEN . Seattle . UC MARTIN GREENES . Mukilteo . UC B.ARNEY E. GREVST.AD . Seattle. UC MAE GRIFFIN . Seattle . UC G.ARL. ND S. GRIFFITH . Seattle . UC ROS.ALIN GRISPAN . Seattle . EJii.Mtum GAGE GRITMAN . Seattle . UC THEODOSLA GROiNBACH. Seattle. EjH.,iii.n. ELMER GRUWELL . Seattle. UC ROBERT C. GUST. Seattle. UC CARL GUSTAFSON. Winters, Cal. . Etiguu-fring • 48 JOSEPHINE HAGGARD . Seattle . UC ]. IRWIN HAMER. Seattle. Eimma-riMg EDWARD A. HAMMERMEIStER . Piivallup . UC RODNEY HANDLEY. Seattle. UC MAY HANFORD . Seattle . UC M RY ANN HANNAN. Seattle. Sacm-c ROGER HANSEN . Seattle . LlC HAROLD HANSON . Seattle . Engmicrmg INGA HANSON. Ketchikan, Alaska. BA JAMES HARDING . Spokane . BA BARBARA HARISBERGER . Seattle . UC DALE HARRIS. Seattle. UC JANE HARRIS . Seattle . E.)». itum CLARENCE HARRISON . Nasclle . BA DEAN HARTMAN . Benton City . UC GRACE HASTIE . Mount Vernon . UC ROBERT M, HAWES . Seattle . Law HELEN HAWORTH . Spokane . UC HELEN HAYES . Seattle . UC HELEN M. HAYES. Seattle. LlC WAYNE HAYWARD . Fort Lewis . UC MARY E. HAZARD. Washington. D. C . UC MARGARET HEALY . Seattle . UC MAXINE HEATER . Grandview . E.lHuilum BONNIE MAY HEATH . Tacoma . UC GLEN HEGDAHL . Seattle . UC BEATRICE HEITMANN . Seattle . UC GEORGE HEMMEN . Seattle . En,;,.u-.n.i,; GEORGE HENDERSON . Seattle . EiKjimcnn HOWARD HENDERSON . Seattle . UC MARGARET HENDERSON . Seattle . UC VIRG1NL HENDERSON . Seattle . UC MARY LOU HENDREY . Seattle . UC RAMONA HENN . Seattle . UC HAVEN HENSLER . Seattle . UC THOMAS HERBERT. Seattle. UC JOHN HESSEMER. Seattle. UC THELMA HEYDT. Seattle. UC LOLUS HEYTVELT. Seattle. UC LAWRENCE E. HICKMAN . Seattle . Liu- GRACE ANN HIGMAN . Seattle . UC ROBERT HILL . Seattle . UC NORMAN HILLYARD . Seattle . UC VERA HJORT. Snohomish. UC RICHARD HOARD . Seattle . Engmccnne. KERMIT HODGINS . Seattle . Forestry WILLIAMS HOEHN . Seattle . BA ELOISE HOG AN . Tacoma . UC DONALD HOISINGTON . Tacoma . Liw LEO HOLCOMB. Seattle. UC MARL N HOLCOMB . Seattle . LlC JEAN MABEL HOLLAND . Seattle . LIC ROBERT HOLLAND . Mount Vernon . Eni iHtinn CHARLES HOPKINS . Seattle . Engmanng, MAXINE HORNBECK . Seattle . UC KATHERINE HORTON . Seward, Alaska . UC GILBERT HOUGHTON . Spokane . UC JOHN HOWE . Seattle . UC VIRGINL HOWELL . Sedro-WooUey . UC GRACE HUGHES . Seattle . UC LESLIE HULL . Yakima . UC SALLIE ANN HUNT . Seattle . UC ROBERT HURLBERT . Seattle . UC OSCAR HUSEBY . Tacoma . B. ' i MARG ARET HYDE . Seattle . UC AUSTIN IMUS . Seattle . UC FRED INGALLS . Seattle . UC lOHN IRETON . Seattle . Emcimuth.s OTTO IRRGANG . Bremerton . Miniiij; LESLIE IRWIN . Walla Walla . UC ELMER ISAACS . Seattle . BA JOSEPH ISRAEL . Seattle . Pluinmicv BARBARA JACOBSON . Seattle . UC RUTH L- lAEGER. Tacoma. UC L, URA M. JAMISON . Seattle . UC WILLL M JANSEN . Seattle . Fmstn VIRGINL E. JARVIS . Seattle . UC VERNE JENNINGS . Marysville . fcjituir.m: JOHN lEWELL . Bellingham . En mcmnt. EDWIN R. lOHNSON. Spokane. Liu- C. F.AYNE JOHNSON . Gary. Ind . UC EVELYN L. JOHNSON . CoKille . UC MAURICE S JOHNSON . Seattle . BA MILLICENT L. JOHNSON. Seattle. UC OSMO K- JOHNSON . Seattle . Eng.iu-cniic RODNEY L. JOHNSTON. Skagway, Alaska . Ent;i»Utrni!; A. QUINCY JONES . Seattle . UC DOROTHY JONES . Port Townsend . UC MORLAND JONES . Spokane . UC WHITSON JONES . Tacoma . Lui ' BERNICE C.JONSON. Seattle. Liif MARIAN KINSMAN . Kapowsin . UC MARY KIRKPATRICK . Seattle . UC MINERVA KLOSTER. Buxton, N. D. . UC RICHARD D. KNEISLEY. Seattle. Luii GENEVIEVE KOHLER. Seattle. UC VICTOR KOOZIN. Seattle. EiisuiariMs RUTH KRIEGER . Seattle . UC HAROLD K. LARSON. Seattle.; LENNART V. LARSON . Seattle . Uw JEAN C. LIEDLOFF . Cheney . Eiwaum LEO I. LIVINGSTON . Elma . UC ROBERT LOCKE. Spanaway . UC MAY LOUGHLIN . Seattle . UC FRANK LOVEGREN. Bellingham. UC LEAH LOVEJOY . Seattle . UC GRACE M. LYON . Vashon . UC WILLIAM M. cLAURIN. Victoria, B. C . UC RICHARD McMORRAN . Seattle . UC GEORGE M.4CCANDLISH . Seattle . UC WILLL M McCAULEY . Seattle . UC JOHN McCLINTOCK . Seattle. UC GEORGE McDowell . Spokane . UC EDWARD McFADDEN . Seattle . Ehicaum MARLAN McGUIRE . Seattle, UC HOWARD McINERNEY . Seattle . UC BEATRICE McINTOSH . Seattle . UC SADIE McIVER. Seattle. LlC EMMA McKEE. Seattle. UC ROBERT McKlNSTRY . Seattle . Engimmng, DONALD Mcknight. Seattle. UC MARJORIE McLaughlin . KirkUnd . Lur J. G. McLEOD . Seattle . EnjiiiuvTing JOHN McMINDS . Pacific Beach. UC EDITH McMULLEN . Seattle . UC MAXINE McMURTRY. Seattle. UC ROSE McNULTY . Butte, Mont. . UC ORVILLE MADENWALD . Hoquiam . BA NELLIE MARKLEY . Seattle . UC SWEN MARKLUND . Seattle . Pluinmuv GEORGE MARKS. Castle Rock. EJuail.on D. BERNARD MARTIN . Seattle . Ei.ginan.ig GERALDINE MARTIN . Seattle . BA M. BERNICE MARTIN . Tacoma . UC THOMAS A. MARTIN . Seattle . UC VIRGINIA MASEL . Seattle . Eh,:atxon ALMA MATCHETT . Seattle . UC ROBERT MEANS . Seattle . UC ELIZABETH MELROSE . Seattle . UC LEONARD L. MENDEL . Seattle . Lm ' RAYMOND MENNELL. Seattle. EngiHarinj; JOHN J. MERRILL . Seattle . UC LUCILLE MESSER . Seattle . UC ROWLAND MESSER . Seattle . Engmctring, NICHOLAS MIHAILOFF . Seattle . Eiicina-nng FORREST MILES . Chehalis . E.liiuiiidir BLANCHE MILLER . Waterville . UC GEORGE MILLER . Seattle . B. KATHLEEN MILLER. Seattle. UC PERCY MILLER. Sumner. UC PONCHITA MILLER. Seattle. UC WILLIAM MILLINGTON . Seattle. UC GERTRUDE MINSK . Seattle . UC KATHERINE MITCHELL . Seattle . Lm RUTH MITCHELL . Seattle . UC WALTER MOBERG . Mount Vernon . UC LESLIE MODEEN. Seattle. BA AUSTIN MOE . Seattle . EhiMum SAMUEL MOHLER . Alderwood Manor . UC JAMES I. MOLTHAN . Seattle . Uw MARY A. MORAN . Winslow . UC PAUL MOREHOUSE . Seattle . En5i..«r.,iq LLOYD MORLEY . Rolling Bay . UC DAVID MORRIS . Seattle . Enginanng ELSIE MORRIS . Seattle . EduMwn IRVING D. MORRIS. Kettle Falls . En maring GORDON B. MORSETH . Everett . Engmtmng RUTH MOUNTIOY . Ellensburg. UC MATTHEW MUCZYNSKl. Seattle. EJucaiion DONALD MULLIS . Friday Harbor . UC RICHARD MUNSON . Seattle . EJu.Miim GEORGE MURDOCK . Seattle. EJimhoh DORIS MYERS . Seattle . UC MARGERY J. MYERS . Medina . UC ELIZABETH NAIL . Spokane . UC ARNE A. NELSON. Seattle. Plkirnui.y EDWIN NELSON . Seattle . UC PERRY NESTOS . Seattle . BA GORDON NEVILIER . Seattle . BA MADGE NEWTON . Seattle . UC HELEN W. NICHOLS. Friday Harbor. UC BESSIE NOBLE . Seattle. EJuuiiioi. ARBUTUS NORDSTROM. Seattle. UC WILLIAM NORRIS . Seattle . BA WAYNE NUSBAUM . Seattle . UC EINAR NYGREN . Preston . Plurmaiy KARL OBERLEITNER . Bellingham . BA DAVID O ' CONNOR . Seattle . U»wg WILLI.AM O ' DEA. Battle Ground . Forestry CHARLES OGROSKY. Seattle. UC lOHN OLDFIELD. Montesano. UC BRUCE OLSEN . Seattle . Engmccnng ANN M. OLSON . Maple Valley . law AUDREY B- OLSON . Everett . UC RICHARD T. OLSON . Seattle . Uw MARIGALE OSBORNE . Seattle . UC VIOLET OSTROFF . Lake Bay . UC HELEN PALMQUIST . Seattle . EJiMiu ' ii JOHN PAPAJANI . Seattle . BA DEANE W. PARKER. Seattle. Liii ' HARRY PASS . Seattle . UC MANOAH PATE . Seattle. Mimni; ERNEST PATRICELLI . Seattle . UC BLOYCE PAULSEN . Seattle . B.- VIRGINIA PEARCE , Seattle . UC W. H, PEMBERTON. JR.. Seattle. UC MARY E. PENINGTON. Seattle. UC W1LLL M PENNOCK . Seattle . UC LEONARD PERDUE . Seattle . Eiigiiia-ring BENIAMIN A. PERHAM . Seattle . Liu- ROBERT G, PERRY. Seattle. BA FREDERICK C PETERSON . Hoquiam . Lm- MARGARET PETERSON . Seattle . UC HERSHEL PICKERILL. Seattle. UC ANNA PICKRELL . Seattle . UC WILLLAM PL.ATT. Everett. UC WARREN PLOEGER . Seattle . L.u- FRANK A. PLUMB. Chinook. Alaska. UC DON POLLOCK . Seattle . UC ALICE M. FOOT. Seattle. UC ANNA M. POTTER. Oakland, Cal . UC MARTIN L. POTTER . Tacoma . Liu- JOHN D. POWER. Seattle. UC MARGARET E PROSSER. Veradale. UC OLIVER PROUD . Seattle . UC WINFIELD PULL EN. Juneau. Alaska. Engl»ccr ng PAUL RADKE . Everett . UC REUEL RAMQUIST . Vashon . UC S.AM RAUSH.Kent.UC RICHARD RASMUSSEN. Seattle. Eng.nannc WILBUR REASER. Olympia. EMgiiiaring M.ARIORIE REDFIELD . Spokane . UC VIRGINIA REESE . Seattle . UC GEORGE REVELLE. Seattle. Lui- WILLIAM RHOADES . Seattle . EJiicjtioii HELEN E. RIGGS. Seattle. UC I ENS RIKSHEIM. Seattle. UC GRACE P. RING. Seattle. LlC SOLIE RINGOLD. Seattle. Lm- ELLIS ROBERTS. Seattle. Ei.omfr,„c ROBERTA ROBERTS. Seattle. UC OLIVE M. ROBERTSON. Vancouver. B. €.. EJu.ilIU ' ll 49 • JOHN ROBSON . Seattle . UC HAROLD ROCK . Tacoma . BA JOHN ROHRER . Seattle . UC HENRY RONBERG . Seattle . Eni;inaTim THOMAS ROSS . Mochps . UC ROBERT ROUZE. Seattle. Eni;„u-cn.ig LOUIS RUBIN . Seattle . Plurm.i.y PEDRO SAGUN . Seattle . UC ESTHER A. SAMPSON . Tacoma . BA THOMAS SAMUELSON. Seattle. Eiiciua-niii; FRANK SANDERSON . Seattle . UC DANIEL SARUSAL. Seattle. UC LEO SAUKKO . Seattle . Eiiq.iucring GWVNETH SAWYER . Wenatchee . UC LESLIE SCATTERGOOD . Seattle . UC LUCY SCHACHT . Seattle . UC HELEN SCHARPENBERG . LaCrosse . UC PHILLIP SCHOEL . Seattle . BA JOHN SCHOETTEL. Seattle. Pluriiun7 VIRGINIA SCHONBERG . Fargo, N. D. . UC JOHN SCHUYTEN . Seattle . UC MANCE SCHLPtTEN . Seattle . UC GEORGE SCOFIELD . Seattle . Engim-min; VINCENT SCORDAN . Seattle . Liic RUSSELL SCOTT . Tacoma . UC WALTER SCOTT . Seattle . Lui ' HAROLD SELVIDGE . Bellingham . BA MIRIAM SHANGLE . Bellingham . UC ALBERTA SHECKELS . Seattle . UC THOMAS SHEEHAN. Seattle. UC JOHN SHEEHY. Seattle. UC THOMAS SHEEHY. Seattle. E.ii;.i.aTmq HAROLD SHEERER . Seattle . BA MADOLENE SHEFELMAN . Seattle . EJuaitum C, LORAINE SHELTON . Davenport . EJ .uiiu ii ANNA SHERWOOD . Seattle . EJuuitu M EVERETT SHIPEK . Seattle . Furcsiry MARLIN SHIRLEY . Pomona, Cal. . UC C, ORNO SHOEMAKER. Seattle. Lni CALHOUN SHORT . Seattle . Liic MARYA L. SICKENGA. Yakima . UC lUAN SINGSON . Philippines . M.mug John SKONE . Seattle . Emiuumng ESTHER M, SLATER . Kent . UC MARY E. SLOANE . Seattle . UC BENJAMIN SMITH . Seattle . UC BEVERLY SMITH . Wenatchee . Engiiiarmg ELDON SNIDER . Puyallup . BA EARL SNIPPEN . Seattle. BA ERLING SOLBERG . Carnation . Liw ROY SOUTHWORTH . Seattle . BA WILLLAM SPEIDEL . Seattle . UC WILLIAM SPILLER . Seattle . Eiijima-nn BARBARA SPRAGUE . Seattle . UC VERNON SPRY . Everett , BA MAX STARCEVICH . Seattle . UC FLOYD STEELE . Yakima . UC GEORGE STENSON . Everett . BA RHEA STEVENS. Salt Lake City, Utah. UC KATHRYN STEWART . Aberdeen . UC BRUCE STODDARD . Everett . UC |AY STOOPS. Seattle. UC AGNES STRAND . Aberdeen . UC RUTH E. STRICKLER. Seattle. EJiMlu... ANNE E. STURMER. Spokane. UC KRISTIN SUMARLIDASON . Seattle . UC THANE SUMMERS . Seattle . UC HELEN SUNDEEN . Anacortes . UC RUTH I. TALMADGE . Seattle . UC SILVESTRE TANGALIN. Seattle. UC MILDRED TARBOX . Sumner . UC MAX TA ' i LOR . Elma . UC STANLEY TAYLOR . Seattle . Uw WILLL M TAYLOR . Seattle . Lm HELEN TEMPLETON . Seattle . LIC MARTHA TEMPLETON . Seattle . UC lOHN TERVEEN . Seattle . UC RICHARD THATCHER . Seattle . Liu ' ALFRED THIEL . Seattle . UC FRED THIEME . Seattle . UC MARGARET THOMAS . Seattle. BA ROY THOMAS . Aberdeen . E.IkuUiok ALICE THOMPSON . Seattle . UC DRUSILLA THOMPSON . Yakima . UC HARRY THOMPSON . Seattle . BA MARGARET THOMPSON . Seattle . UC IRIS A, THORTON . Seattle . UC STERLING THROSSELL . Yakima . UC CLARENCE THUE . Sedro-WooUey . UC FLOYD C TOLLESON . Seattle . Liif WILLL M TOPOLOVITZ . Seattle . UC RAYMOND TORBENSON . Seattle . Uw NORINE D. TRACE. Tacoma. UC MILDRED TRASK . Mount Vernon . UC NORMAN TREZONA . Spokane . Liu LEONARD M TRIPP. Seattle. UC RARTHA TROWBRIDGE . Snohomish . UC REISUKE TSUZUKI . Seattle . UC JAMES TUPPER . Seattle . UC ALICE H. TURNER. Oakland. Cal. . UC HOWARD TUSTIN . Spokane . UC CARL W. ULLIN . Seattle . EhuaUm CLARENCE UYEMATSU. Lihue, T. H. . UC DELBERT VAN ORNUM . Seattle . Eiii;inaTmj WILLL M VAN RY . Wenatchee . Eiiu.nccnns LYNN VAUGHN . Sedro-Woolley . UC ANDREW VEBLEN. Seattle. UC CASIMER VOROBIK . Seattle . UC JEAN WAGNER . Seattle . UC NORIO WAKAMATSU . Seattle . BA CHARLES WAKELEE . Tacoma . UC JOHN WALKER . Tacoma . UC MARY WALL . Seattle . UC HARRIET WALLACE . Bellingham . UC VELMA WALLACE . Seattle . UC JUANITA WALTER. Seattle. UC LILLIE WARDRUM . Snohomish . UC DAVID WATKINS . Issaquah . UC GARL WATKINS . Shelton. Lau- MARY L. WATTS . Seattle . UC CARLETON WAUGH . Toppenish . Engmcmng CHARLES WAYNE . Seattle . Enguuanng ALMA WEBER. Cashmere. UC STANLEY WEISS. Seattle. UC RICHARD WELCH . Seattle . Enjin«n ' i:g THEODORE WERNECKE . Seattle . Mining PHEBE WEST . Creston . UC RUTH WESTERGAARD . Williston . UC CARL WESTINE . Fort Collins, Colo. . BA JOSEPH WHALEN . Spokane . UC ROBERT T. WHITE . Seattle . UC THEODORE C WHITE . Seattle . Enuiiu-mng MARGARET WIESE . Snohomish . UC MILDRED WILES . Seattle . UC CHARLES WILLL MS . Seattle . UC EDWIN WILLIAMS . Seattle . BA ROBERT J. WILLIAMS . Tacoma . law HELEN WILLL MSON . Seattle . BA ROBERT D. WILSON . Seattle . Encinccnnj BERNICE WINSOR. Seattle. UC JAMES WINSTANLEY . Wenatchee . UC GLENN WIPRUD . Seattle . UC lOHN A. WOLFARD . Seattle . BA MARJORIE M. WOOD . Billings, Mont. . UC GWEN WOODALL . Seattle . UC PERRY B. WOODALL . Zillah . Liu ' PATTI WOOLERY . Seattle . UC DOROTHY WOOSTER . St. Louis . UC L. ROY WREN. Seattle. UC HELEN WRIGHT. Seattle. UC ROBERT B. WRIGHT . Walla Walla . UC LOLA WYCKOFF . Spokane . UC WAYNE WYMAN . Mount Vernon . Liii ' ROBERT YEAGER . Seattle . UC JACK YONAGO . Spokane . Eii!;inaTiiig NELSON YOUNG . Everett . IIC RICHARD T. YOUNG . Seattle . Liif REUBEN C. YOUNGQUIST . Mount Vernon . Liii ' NORMAN YTTERDAL . Seattle . Engwu-.-nng GEORGE ZALOUDEK . Medina . Enc.Hccrmg ROBERT J. ZOET . Lynden . Pluirmj y v • 50 JUNIOR CLASS Bill Houston, PrcsiJlcnt Jane Porter, ViccPrcsiicnt Betty Page, Secretary Marl n Foster, Treasurer The junior class set a precedent this year in the creation of an executive council under the faculty supervision of Professor Russell Blankenship. The councd ' s main services included the selection of chairmen and committees for class activities, and advisory assistance in planning the third-year program. The Junior Prom on March 6 was the social highlight of the year. It was held at the Trianon Ballroom, and featured a transatlantic liner idea. Eddie Black w as chairman. The most severe setback to the third-year class was the abolition of JGV, annual vaudeville show sponsored by the juniors. An attempt was made to revive Junior Day to its former status, when the student affairs committee gave its sanction to the affair. HOUSTON PAGE PORTER FOSTER EXECUTIVE COUNCIL LiRY BaNNICK Valerie Ellis Nancy Erdahl Hal Giles Don Gr- nston Charles Hartman Virginia Kellogg Phyllis Klinker Mira Moll George Morry Margaret Odell Wade Sheehan Bunny Stokes Prof. Russell Blankenship, advisor Two juniors, John Olivier and Gene Derbv, discuss the advisability of having a sophomore chairman for the Prom. Junior Prom scene — Ed Black, chairman; RoseW illiams, |anet Riggs, Del Muller, Don HiUman. Mona Fimstahl, with Bill Houston, class prcxv, in the background. 51 • HAMILTON SCHORR LUNN KNAPPENBERGER SOPHOMORE CLASS Ed_Hamilton, PrcjiJcMt Virginia Liinn, ViirPrcsiifoit Geraldine Schorr, Suntary Bob Knappenberger, Treasurer The familiar remark that " you can always tell a sophomore by his beard " held true again this year when the second-year men held their annual beard-growing contest. Three weeks after the contest opened, winners were judged and announced at the Malamute-Sigma Delta Chi mixer on February 7. The highlight of the sophomore year was the growth of a class political organization known as the Phalanx. The group, which is open to all sophomores, represented an attempt to put up a " slate " for each election. This year Phalanx succeeded in electing all candidates backed by the party. UNDERCLASSMEN ' S DANCE COMMITTEE Cliuintuin . . . Stanley Youngs Co-Clii!irmiiH . . . Olive Moore PiiHiiitv. . . Roland LiBBV Tickets . . . Don Lindsay EiitiTtiiiniiuiit . . . Betty May Iler Divonitums . . . Don Williams Piitroiis ani Patronesses . . . Bob Buck BiisiiiMs Miiiijgcr . . . Francis Bergerson Refreshments . . . Frank Taylor Hcai Secretary . . .Janet Chapin Sa ' rct.irifs . . . Virginia Kesling, Lila May Soeneke, Ann Wilson, Muriel McCall, Mary Jo Gemmer, Bronwen Pratt BEARD Jim Hite, chairman Gus AsPLUND Betty Banks Jeff Barry Bob Buck Beth England Maurice Johnson Rodney McArdle Mary Millington GROWING CONTEST Olive Moore Mary Lou Richards John Shanafelt Paul Shoudy Don Williams John Williams Bill Wood Betty May Iler, secretary Janet Chapin Mary Hltot Virginia Kesling Carol Larson Muriel McCall Kay OShea Doris Quist Gloria Thonlas Teddy Wakefield 1 Virginia Kesling and Dons Quist admire the beards grown by Prexy Ed Hamilton and Phalanx Chairman Frannv Bergerson. Beard-growing judges — Chapin, Thomas, McCall, Hunt and Quist — BcliuiJ .Kesling, Larson, Iler and O ' Shea. • 52 FRESHMAN CLASS Zeph Lane, Pn-suliiit Patsy Jackson, V ' u ' rPri-siJLMt Barbara McHardie. Secretary Harriet Adair, Treasurer When the University ' s all-time enrollment record was broken by a 9,300 registration this year, the freshman class set its own new mark: it was the largest freshman class in Washington history. After registration and fraternity and sorority pledging, freshmen settled down to a routine of classes and campus activities — chief of which was their own class mixer at the opening of the school year. It was in the field of sports that the freshmen made their most important contribution. In football the men who will later form the backbone ot the Husky varsity team were given their first college competition. In crew the freshmen attempted to maintain the high performance always given by Tom Bolles ' frosh oarsmen. And in basketball a promising young squad, under the coaching of Tubby Graves, lost onlv one game in eighteen encounters. UNDERCLASSMEN ' S DANCE COMMITTEE Co-CliJiriHiin . . . Dick Ci auson PHbhtity . . . Ruth Baten Tiikcts . . . Don Hillman Entc ' rtiiimiiL ' iit . . . Lucille McClane DiYciriUioii.s- . . . George Balsiger PiitroiLs aiii ' . ' i . . . Mark Hayfield Sarftiiru-s . . . Nancy Hillen, Janet Harden, Iulia Richardson Rf rcsliitu ' iib . . .John Montgomery lane MC hardie J. CKS0N ADAIR FRESHMAN ELECTION COMMITTEE John King, Clu Eloise Perham Pat Strickler Guy Jubitz Ruth Berry Eunice Bowm.a.n Betty Buchner Iackie Chessher John Hunter Bob Isaacson Frank Jefferson Dick Kelley Alice E. LaPlant Jo Quigley Virginia Westlund msmm mMW ' pll flHE .. m-rk Fijis John Burns, LaFell Lamson, Jim Crick and Bud Jemison compare Freshman Week memories. Alpha Phi freshmen. . .Foss, Kalushe, Lake, Van Fleet, Auda, Kaye, Hewitt and Hammer . . . read Whisper gossip about a sister. 53 X IN ADDITION TO BLUEBOOKS AND STUDY, K OllCCjC INCLUDES MOMENTS OE GAIETY, INEORMALITY AND LAUGHTER. THIS LIGHTER SIDE OF THE UNIVERSITY EORMS THE BACKGROUND FOR THE ANECDOTES ALUMS TELL AT HOMECOMING, AND ADDS MUCH TO " THOSE DEAR OLD COLLEGE DAYS. " • aiieae cte Miner Baker It IS a rare independent who ever is elected to the highest student office on the campus. But this year Miner " Geezil " Baker, with his background as YMCA president, and varsity debater, won theposi ' tion. In addition he belongs to Oval Club and frequents the honor roll. Ann Hutchinson Red-haired and dynamic; holder of the highest campus job for a woman — president of AWS, and an art major who belongs to Gamma Phi Beta, Mortar Board, Totem Club, Lambda Rho and " W ' Key Club, This is Ann Hutchinson HfitO ltJ -ii i? Tom Griffith It may have been the Irish in him, but Tom Griffith piloted himself into the Daily Editor ' s chair without a fra- ternity pin on his vest. Tommy also has a sense of humor, belongs to Oval Club, is vice- president of Sigma Delta Chi, Tvee associate editor, and writes for Columns. ait For those who like large soft eyes and languor, this is Honey Corbin of Alpha Gamma Delta. X i Dan Lazarevich Thev call him Captain Dan, this genial big fellow who was end and captain of the football team this vear, and president of Oval Club. Phi Kappa Sigma. Now that he has earned a diploma in education, he plans to go to South America to coach. ' -He 1 — Janet Riggs Janet filled many an ingenue role in campus little theatre plavs; too, she was general chairman of the annual " woman s treat " Tolo, Gamma Phi Beta , president of drama ' s Phi Mu Gamma, and Totem Club and Mortar Board. 1 nm ait - - a Del Muller Usually a man ' s campus prominence is based securely enough on being general chair- man of one or the major dances. But Del was chairman not only of the first Spring Sports Promenade, but also of this year ' s Varsitv Ball. Sigma Phi Epsilon. She wears the pin of Alpha Phi; and she is vivacious, and ever-smiling. The girl with the dark hair, and the widow ' s peak, is Mary Jane Spinner. Nat Washington With the presidency of two campus organizations already his, Nat Washington this spring sought the office of presidency of the student body. He has been president of Scabbard and Blade, mili- tary honorary, and the Univer- sity YMCA. ffe belongs to Beta Theta Pi. i Kathleen Calkins Kathleen " Sich " Calkins of Delta Gamma worked on everything from Tyee — where she was an associate editor — to Columns, where she was sales manager, to AWS , where she was an executive chairman. Mortar Board and Totem Club. 1 am aii - hx ,v Hank Greeley Stocky Hank Greeley is known either as " Satch " or as " TheTerror. " Andknown, too, as senior football man- ager, secretary of Oval Club, and general chairman of the first all-University vodvil. A member of Alpha Delta Phi, the Bookstore board, and the managerial council. Valerie Ellis of Kappa Kappa Gamma has won campus fame not onlv in the serenitv of her beautv, but as an actress as well. . Ralph Bishop The high scorer on the team that won the conference championship this vear was tall and lanky Ralph Bishop, center and captain of the Huskies ' basketball men. Bish belongs to Delta Chi, Big " W " Club and Oval Club. ' r;as «- ■?» ■ -■■,■ Bernice Nolting The friendly little coed who held the perilous position of women ' s standards chairman this year was Bernice Nolting of Alpha Phi. She is a member of Totem Club, of the student affairs committee, and the AWS executive council. i af4tau H2 -{2 -iV Clay Tanberg The growth of the Univer- sity ' s radio facilities from a vague idea to the present elaborate radio studios in Meanv Hall , with its frequent broadcasts, is principally due to Merritt Clay Tanberg. As well as being student radio director, he is a Varsity debater, and a Phi Sig. 2 ait Not only beautiful, and not only popular, PhyllisjKlinker of Gamma Phi Beta is an honor scholar in spite ol it. Jack Knappenberger Knappie of Chi Psi, who returned to school this winter just in time to become A SUW vice-president, is former elections chairman, former senior-frosh minor sports manager, and a member of Oval Club and Scabbard and Blade. Margaret Ruxnalls This year she was president of the coed activity honorary. Totem Club, and last summer she was named queen of sum- mer school coeds. She is in Pre-Medics. comes from little Orting. and is active in WAA and AWS. anto uj j M Sid Lund Sid Lund IS a scholar and an athlete. A member of Beta Theta Pi and Oval Club, he won his stripes m crew. And in engineering he was one of SIX finalists from Washington for a Rhodes Scholarship. L ait Maturit - of heautv, intelligent eyes, and the certaint - ol sophistication are fcunJ in Charlotte Field ■ Dean Crystal The world ' s most widely known scholastic honor, a Rhodes Scholarship , was won — for the second consecutive year — bv a Washington man. This year it was Dean Crystal , the shy pre-medics senior, who was chosen. Pi Mu Chi and Sigma Xi had already recognized his ability. XK Dorothy Hemphill In addition to making the honor roll consistently, and being a member of Kappa Alpha Theta, Mortar Board, Totem Club, " W " Key Club and Sigma Epsilon Sigma, Dorothy Hemphill served as general chairman for the AWS concerts. 1 am.Qi4. M i Martin 1 repp His ambition as editor of Columns was to put out a better college magazine. So he did. Like most humorists, Martin Trepp ' s wit is hidden behind glasses and a serious mien. Delta Upsilon, and journalism ' s Sigma Delta Chi. Of the all-too-tew blondes, there is Lila May Soeneke of Sigma Kappa, whose hair partiv hides her ears, and N-hose eves are gay. X Chuck Howard In the collegiate life of rallies and reunions, Chuck Howard of Sigma Alpha Epsilon was the man who reorganized the Malamutes, was rallv chair- man for a year, and head of the 1935 fiomecoming program. 1 cuftan -tj - tV Mary Kosher Wherever there is publicity and wherever there are publi- cations, you will find Mary Kosher. She vv orked on Columns; was a Daily columnist and Tyee ' s asso- ciate editor, a member of Theta Sigma Phi and Totem Club, and handled the pub- licity for so many University dances and activities that she has long since lost count of then. i Laddy Gross The interfraternity council — through Its stormy sessions on hell week and rushing regulations — was piloted by Laddy Gross of Zeta Beta Tau, who also sits on the standards and the student affairs committee. 1 (■■ : 3 •nJBTi " I lict.1 Sii; pIcJgL-N tulhll initiatii rci uircniLTits- Marian holsoni sings and hddic Ottum plass for a Uniwrsitv [Program ' - » I. . , t " ) Nat Sortnson seems to cnjov studving or maybe he ' s thinking ot other things Bruce Helberg takes a heating as Mar ! y Kosher, Annabel Biggie, Ron Richardson . ' ! and jack Kcene get frolicksome. V President Sieg jots down notes for ' fj a speech. i kti: r lN«W %1 1 . ' Cy Varsity Ball committee members decorate the Civic Auditorium, using the wrestling ring as a platform. ignui Delta t hi pledges Di k Lawrence, Archy Campbell and Jack Kinzel acquire two more signatures for tlu ir shirt fronts .. i ,Mpha Chi O ' s and Betas hurrs- home to lunch. 69 • • 70 DjiI Sliackstcrs work K c inJIcItt;ht hccuisc of the ampiis liiiht s stern ' s tailiii. n Ci plcJi;cs wMsli .m actives during Hcl . . . Pre Inm.itiun Week- Froshcirsmen dream otPouj hkcepMCJS tlicv Jitru glealoni in Old Nero. As the );ulls survey the campus from the lihr.irv root. 71 • halahcc. D nlv scriho. pensively smokes a cigarette Giles gets his breath alter cli roof to survev the campus mbing to the Librar - ' Tonv Llovd, Clair Van Donaldson, Carl Hallia and lohn Mevers, Tekes, start a House Beautiful campaign for Tau Kappa Epsilon. Sue Allen and V d ne . nne of Seattle ' s rare W ills enjoy snowfalls. he Daily Shacksters and the Drama students stage a football game with no referee, no equipment and no spectators. Bob Her e s 1 heta Chi brothers point with pride. Bob had to wear the gala attire because he lost a bet on his beard-growing prowess. • 72 L hui.k HowjrJ ur c i an .uiim.UcJ idea iiir j Homecomin " Mi!n, SAL S put C ulhcrtson into prjctici; on tlicir balconx . 1 he morning atccr — Gcori L- gets the laurel wreath for his hirthdas Bill Wingatc. Bill Johnson Dick johnsjn, Dick Montgoitjtr and Art Morgan sun themselves on the Beta " front porch " C o ncl Lcn |ohnson demonstrates the famous Armv posture Pats Hergert and Llcanor Sheehan brave icy winds to study in the libe. The hoopsters demonstrate thetr belief in the Apple-a-day adage. 73 • 1 he i-.n) crnoi CDiiinicnds the coed ritlcrs 1 W. S. C. rooters honor Washington ' s tt-iU Big W men line u at the Oregon ' " .line Johnn ' Rosenkrain ' watches an exciting ]-ila Stanford game card itunt 75 • The 1936 football season is forecast ■ p. HOUSING STUDENT li l iVlLCClLiQI l . THE DAILY SHACK IS SELDOM EMPTY OF STUDENTS POUNDING ON BATTERED TYPE- WRITERS. THE ORIGINAL SHACK WAS TORN DOWN SEVENTEEN YEARS AGO, BUT THE INCONGRUOUS NAME CLINGS TO THE FRESHLY PAINTED RENDEZVOUS OF JOURNALISTS. - Lam NICHOLSON X ARNESON HIGGLE CHESSHER COX CROWDER GORMLEY JACOBI KEENE MC CAFFREY MC ILROY STREHLAU TURNER WERNECKE WINGATE TYEE EDITORIAL STAFF EJitor Lee Nicholson Assonjtc EJitors Tom Griffith, Mary Kosher, Kathleen Calkins Actii ' itics . . . Mary Kosher, editor; Margaret Arneson, Doris McIlroy, assistants; Ann Wilson, Bea Sbedico, Elena Sbedico, Betty Davidson, Margaret Wilson, Holt Graham, Laurence Jacobson, Dorothy Danskin; Pat Weeks, secretary. Classes. . . Bernita McCaffrey, editor, Betsy GoRMLEY, assistant; Mary McPhail, Peggy Barton, Lucille Glahe, Pat Sharkey, Dorothy Johnson, Claire Holcomb, Lorraine Donoghue, Marguerite Anderson, Lawrence E. Mlinz, Ruth Mary Larsen, Jo Ryan, Ruth Van Arsdale; Marion Norman and Harriet RicKERSON, secretaries. OrgjiiiCiitioiLS . . .Jean Wingate. editor; Kenneth Cox, assistant; Carolyn Ann May, Ruth Saul, Alberta Corkery, Carol Robertson, Jean Ross, Helen Poe, Martha Burkhart, Bill Waldo; Muriel Buck, secretary. Friitcniitics ani SororiUcs . . .Kathleen Calkins, editor; Claire Wernecke, assistant; Janet McCallum, Peggy Dunn, Eiwice Blaney, Mary Jane Johnson. Sports. . . Lee jACOBi,editor;jACKKEENE, assistant; Robert Green, Norman Falahee, Charles Stewart,JosephKrivanek,ChandlerThomas, Richard Bergholz, Robert Cahen, Gus Asplund; Jane Cortelyou, secretary. Copy. . .Betty Turner, editor; Barbara Crowder, assistant; Margaret Wilson, Ruth Keefhaver, Wilma Loeffler, Roberta Schumann, Jo Neumann, Ruth Hergert, Marjorie King, Gene Conaway, Kathryn Brown. AJmuiLstratuiu . . . Hasseltine Chessher, editor; Betty Strehlau , assistant ; Syd Kossen , Har vie Hull, Pat Smith, Anne McLeish, Audree [ohnson, Ruth Steenbergen, Joyce Hui.bush, Marjorie Hood; Fay Meggee, secretary. Soi- ' icty . . . Annabel Lee Biggle. PUotography . . .Glenn Jones, editor; Richard HuBBELL, assistant; Robert Doble, Arthur Bernhard, Fred Brown, Phyllis Ann Dearborn. Art. . .Del Martin, Leo Jacobson, Margaret Steffen, Audrey Bullis. • 78 TYEE BUSINESS STAFF Business Manager Len Johnson AJrcrtisiiig . . .Clyde Doran, John Hannum, Jack Galbraith, Irvine Robbins, Dick Snyder, Herb Munson, Pat Patten, Bob Holland, George Galvin. Office. . .Dorothy Meyer, manager; Ann Sherbtone, assistant; Theola Templeton, Martha Lively, Sarah Curd, Ann Lewis, Mary Ella Boyd, Mary Richards, Betty Adams, Peggy Horrocks, Lucille Glahe, Kay Hoover, Dorothy Seamans, Jean Sanderson, Paula Barton, Jane Patten, Gwen Ruge, Marjorie King, Peggy Barton , Rosemary Fleming , Peggy Fraser , Jerry Howe, N.ancy Kintner, Gertrude ScHRY• •ER. JOHNSON Promotion. . .Betty Da ' idson, manager; Bea Sbedico, assistant; Jean Wolff, Jane Gordon, Margaret Tr:cinski, Betty Porter, Pat Weisel, Fr.ances Coy, Betty Page, Bettie Munger, Lois Coykendall, Dot Swanson. Satioiis . . .Lois Griggs, manager; Betty Jane Thomas, Betty Moody, assistants; Claire Holcomb, Gertrude Schryver, Betty Sheblon , Hazel Anderson, Barnielle Odey, Catherine Clark. Circulation . . .Nancy Erd.ahl, manager; Kay Langdon, assistant; Dorothy Sutherland, Bobbie Arneil, Betty Strehlau, Doris QuisT, Jan ' s Porter, Rowena Stltbbs, Patsy Jackson, Virginia Lowther, Virginia Weiner, Jean McDonald, Valerie Ellis, Marjorie Quist, Ann Sherburne, Ruth B. cheller, Betty Jane Thomas, Martha Burkhart, Marjorie Bratlie, Carol Blumenthal, Jean Seligman, Nancy Kintner, Peggy Eraser, Muriel Jarvis. Mary Webb, Jane Hanford, Shirley Frolich. fi DAVIDSON FRASER FROLICH GAlBRAirH GALVIN GRIGGS HANNUM JACKSON mc DONAI D MEYER PORTER ROBBINS SNYDER TRZCINSKI 79 • GRIFFITH BERNHARD HIGGLE GORMLEY HELBERG DOBLE ESHOM GILES HILLYER JOHNSON HOLLENBECK DAILY EDITORIAL STAFF OCTOBER, 1935 Eiitor Tom Griffith A ' liiiiiiging Editor LoRiN Peterson . Bob Doble, Ed Hilly ' er, Bruce Helberg . Annabel Lee Biggle Ron Richardson . Hal Giles . Wendell Broyles Jack Keene, Norman Falahee Bea Wade ' S Eilitors SoL ' ict) ' Eililor Cofv EJitor . Hight EJitor . Sports EJitor . Ass stant Sports EJitors Assistiiiit Socift) ' EJitor Assistiiiit Copy Editors . . . Bob Means, Lynn Johnson, Betty Strehlau, Art Bernhard Society Stajf . . .Jane Eshom, Jean MacLeod, Mary Jane Johnson, Marion Winge, Lucille Glahe Sports St.if. . .Roy Frew, Roland Libby, Joe Krivanek. Bob Cahen, Dick Bergholz, Virgil Peterson, John Merril, Lamonte Minor, Dewey Ostrom, Al Stump Copyrciidcrs . . .Beverly Rathbun, Amy Schoelkopf, Barbara Crowder, June Meese, Ruth LaFontaine, John Shanafelt, Julius Ruiz, Richard Borden, Tom Hanley, Len Simundson, Ruth Salkin, Norman Adcock, |im Rogers, Al Lockett Reporters . . . Henry Kessler, Mary Kosher, Bill Hipple, Doris McIlroy, Ly ' nn Johnson. Ann Wilson, Betsy Gormley, Betty Turner, Pat Sharkey, Fergus Hoffman, Syd Kossen, Jane Kennedy, Louise Van Patten, Marjorie Shields, Wayne Wills, Sue Allen, Marjorie Hood, Dorothy Danskin, Zena Griffith Makeup Men . . . Mike Bird, Curtis Barnard, Siegmltnd Snapp, Erik Fennel , Lynn Johnson Special Writer . . . Lee Nicholson jMorgue . . . Curtis Barnard, Larry McIntosh Proo rcaijers . . .Bob Carroll, Doug Billmeyer, Alice Butterworth, Margaret Steffen Cirtoonist . . .Jack Hollenbeck ■ X Roir 1 strehlau . crowder gormley . SHARKEY MC ILROY . KOSHER Roic 2 GILES . NICHOLSON kossen . MAC LEOD HAMMER . SHIELDS Roil ' 3 WINGE . WILLS CAHEN . rathbun HILLYER . MC ELROY GRIFFITH . BIGGLE Roil ' 4 KESSLER . WILSON HELBERG . BOLEY HOLLENBECK FALAHEE • 80 DAILY EDITORIAL STAFF FEBRUARY EJitor LoRiN Peterson Aliiiwgiiig EJilor Ed Hii.lyer Assistjiit Miiiiiigiiig EJilors . . . Bob Doble, Bruce Hei berg JS[cu ' 5 Editor . . . Ron Richardson SoiTictv Editor . . . Bea Wade Coj ) ' Editor . . . Art Bernhard Sports Editor . . .Jack Keene N.ig ' it Editor . . . Hal Giles Assistiiiit Society Editor . . .Jane Eshom Assistant Copy Editors . . . Mike Bird, Wendell Broyles, SlEGMUND SnAPP Assistant Sports Editor . . . Alvin Stump Special Writers. . .Norman Falahee, Henry Kessler, Leo Livingston, Lee Nicholson Makeup Men . . . Curtis Barnard, Mike Bird, Bob Carroll, SlEGMUND SnaPP Reporters . . . Sue Allen, Curtis Barnard, Annabel Lee Biggle, Mary Ann Caughran, Barbara Crowder, Betsy Gormley, Kathryn Hammer, Lynn Johnson, Mary Kosher, Syd KossEN, Morton Lachm an, Dick Lawrence, Doris McIlroy, Paul Ryan, John Shanafelt, Pa tSharkey.Marjorie Shields, Betty Strehl au, Betty Turner , Way ' ne Wills, Ann Wilson Co caicrs . . . NormanAdcock,RichardBorden,GailCollman, Leo Drake, Tom Hanley, Bonita Holland, Jay Gordon, Leo Karp, Al Lockett, Jline Meese, Jim Rogers, Julius Ruiz, Ruth Salkin, Amy Schoelkopf, Len Simundson, Ruth Steenbergen, Max Taylor Proo readers . . .Alice Davidson, Ted Knightlinger, Larry McIntosh, Ted Spror, Margaret Steffen, Genevieve Treacy Cartoonist — Jack Hollenbeck Sports Writers. . .Dick Bergholz, Bob Cahen, Roy Frew, Joe Krivanek, Roland Libby, John Merrill, Dewey Ostrom, Lamonte Minor keene kessler KOSEIER MC ILROY NICHOLSON RICHARDSON STREHLAU TURNER WADE GYPSY JOURNALISTS Roir I CAUGHRAN . DANSKIN GORMLEY . CROWDER TURNER . KOSHER BIGGLE Roil ' 2 ASST. PROF. CHRISTIAN NICHOLSON . ESHOM VAN PATTEN . BILL " INGSLEY . MC ILROY MANSFIELD, IiuIriuUir Roil ' 3 HOSOKAWA . GOSS MORGAN . RICHARD- SON . PETERSON LOVE . HILLYER ROU ' 4 DRAKE . MC CLOY SNAPP . ASST. PROF. BENSON . HELBERG BROYLES . KEENE 81 • DAILY BUSINESS STAFF Bhsimms Manager Charles Newton Assistiiiit Busiiujs Miiiiagcrs . . .Jack Boley, Gordon Gabie Office Manager . . . Virginia Fett Assistant Office Manager . . . Bette Campbell Classifiei Ai Manager . . . Mary Ellen McElroy Classified CrcJit Manager . . . Catharine Hawley Subscription Manager . . . Marian Newberry Circulation Manager ... Ed Ehlke CreJit Manager . . . Dick Doran Merchandising Sta . . . Ele.anor Huot, Dorothy Diehl, Mary Jane Johnson Aiirertising Staff . . .James Rice, Kenneth Penchos, John Jennings, Bob Mathieson J [jtional AJrcrtismg .Manager . . .Gordon Bigelow Business Stajf . . .Tom R nley, Dick Warren, Wallace M. gee, Clarence Hower, Gene Vradenberg, Byron Friedman, Jean Lltnd, Bill West, Bill McKenney, Lloyd Lamkin, Bill Waldo, Bill Hillman OJJiie Assistants. . .Audrey Frederickson, Janet Miles, Lorene Smith, Rosemary Fleming, Virginia Champn ' ey, Mary Elise Myers, Betty Buck, Jean Morris, Mildred Aamodt, Claudia Miller, Maxine Foote, Roberta Brown, Hazel Ringseth, Jane Ry. n, Esther Warner. boley g. bie CAMPBELL MC ELROY DORAN NEWBERRY Roic 1 lETT . WARNER MC ELROY . HAWLEY CAMPBELL . RINGSETH Rou ' 2 MORRIS . FREDERICK- SON . MARGRATH MILLER . LUND Roif 3 EHLKE . BOLEY . BEALL Rcni ' 4 GABIE . RICE PENCHOS . NEWTON DORAN • 82 COLUMNS EDITORIAL STAFF Ell 1 1 or Martin Trepp AsiOciiitf Eilitor5 . . . Kenneth D. Jones, Lester Asheim Art Eiiitor . . . Seymour Kail M.iiKiquis; EJitc ' r . . . Proctor Mellquist Sports EJiIor . . . Norman Falahee Drjmii Editor . . . Hugh Thompson Fiislnoii Ejitor . . . Virginia Robinson Eifitoriiil Boiini . . .Bob Doble, Tom Herbert, Tom Griehth, Jack Hoi lenbeck. Biff Raymond ArtSla|f. . . Ben SuMRALL, Eystein Berger, Joanne Wood, Rai PH Shotvvell, Mary Ella Boyd, Julius Ruiz, Penny Purcell, Glenn Jones, Dick Stokke, Roy Larson Eilitorul Staff. . .Dick Paris, Sue Allen, Wilford Kiichli, Henry Kessler, Mary Kosher, Paul Marmont, Andrew Hit en , Wayne Wills , Morton Lachman , Ted Knightlinger , Don Humble, Willard Rublin, Elena Sbedico, Bea Wade, Dorothy Sutherland, Bob Peile, R. G. Perry, E. W. Hamilton, Jack Keene BUSINESS STAFF Biisuii-,y Miiiiiigcr Don Oman AilrcrtLsiiig . . . Max Holsinger, manager; Wai i y Millson, Carl Merlino, Dick Gregg, Ed Johnson Office. . .Sally Dawson, manager; Barbara Foss, Betty Butts, Claire Holcomb, Ceha Marion, Olive Moore, Mary Sheffield, Betty Pratt, Betty Moody, Jean Claire Ransom, Glenora Waters, Suzanne Williams, Margaret Campbell, Dorothy Swanson PiiHiaty ... Ed Black, Mel Kehn, Ralph Shotwell Ciimpus Sales. . .Virginia Lowther, Jane Fulton, Mary Sheffield, Betty Strehlau Circulation. . .Bob Moffat, manager; Lynden Anderson, Jane Porter, Charlotte Wright, Manning Richards, Jack Roberts Ml black DAWSON DOBLE HERBERT HOL LENBECK holsinger KAIL MELLqUIST MOFFAT ROBINSON WADE ■P-1 ¥T -TI 1 Roic 1 — » --« trepp . ALLEN WOOD . ROBINSON r— ' — ' ■ " r 1 BOYD . CUTLIFFE i - 1 = H KOSHER . WADE w f 4 ' . m 1, a1 ' ' •=■ ROU ' 2 1 ' M i G. JONES. DOBLE fl W i WILLS . STOKKE H Ji SUMRALL . FRANCIS ' fl COVICH . HERBERT M Roic 3 ij RUBLIN . HOLI ENBECK |M KEENE . KNIGHTI INGER H KIICHI I . MARMONT r! | ASHEIM . LACHMAN ■ 83 • X FOUNDED IN 1906, THE NOW INCLUDES ANY TYPE OF ACTIVITY A STUDENT MAY WISH TO ENTER. DEBATE, MUSIC. DRAMA, ATHLETICS, PUBLICATIONS, COMMITTEE WORK AND POLITICS ARE UNDER ITS CONTROL -U v BAKER FRANKLAND GORHAM KILGORE ROBINSON WAHLSTROM ROSENTHAL AS UW With a football team that seemed to show — at least until the Stanford game — championship leanings, and with the nation-wide trend toward recovery, the 1935-6 year proved to be the most successful, finan- cially, since the appointment of Chuck Frankland as athletic director in 1932. A thrilling championship race in basketball, which was not settled until the next to the last game of the season, set new pavilion records for attendance. As well, minor sports and other activities, which had suffered under depression curtailment, were revived. Substantial decreases in the ASUW ' s bonded in- debtedness were made; and the ASUW was declared officially to be out of the red. A move to return control of the student corporation to the students was begun, following the declaration of ASUW President Miner Baker, that " student government is a farce. " As a result of administrative opposition, the move failed. OFFICIALS AND COACHES Allilctit Dirator . . . Charles Frankland Atlilrtii Manager . . . Carl Kilgore AWS Mmtagcr . . . Helen Gorham Piil ' IkiilioMs . . . Clyde Robinson Au.litiir. . . Nelson Wahlstrom PiiMuit) ' Dirator. . . Roy G. Rosenthal SivrctiiriH . . .Jessie Aukema, Evelyn Eagle, uiiJ Azalia Kimes Footliall Coaches. . .James Phelan, C. R. Wilcox Freshman Football . . . Ralph Welch, D. V. Graves Biislcftbiill aiiil Track . . .C. S. Edmundson FrcsliitmH Basbtlial! . . .D. V. Graves J3.i.sf|.all. . .D. V. Graves Frcslimaii Crav . . . Thomas D. Bolles Lightu ' ciglit Crew . . . Walter Raney Tenuis. . .Jack Torney Su ' immuig. . .Jack Torney Boviiig. . . Frank Plumb Wrestling. . Leonard Stevens Riflcry . . .Varsity Men ' s Coach, Captain G. O. A. D.wghtry; Assistant, Captain E. M. Gregory; Women ' s Coach, Major J. H. Lawrence; Staff Sergeant, J. L. Hogwood Fencing ... A. A. Auernheimer Trainer. . . Earl F. Clark Proprty Manager . . .JackPaqi • 86 BOARD o CONTROL This year the campus political campaigns were marked — as usual — by tempestuous decisions and protests and ineligi- bility rulings. It began last spring, when the Board of Control ruled Bob Galer out of the ASUW presidential race for violation of publicity provisions. Miner Baker was elected, the first independent in recent years to become ASUW president. Winter quarter, when it seemed campus politics were off to a slow start, a technical violation of rules forced the election committee to hold a new nominating assembly, at which 17 candidates entered. The proposed revision of the ASUW constitution failed when 99 students less than the necessary 25 per cent of the student body voted. The vote, however, was the largest winter quarter ballot since 1931. BOARD OF CONTROL MEMBERS Prcsulint . . . Miner Baker Vk ' t-Prisiji. ' iit. ' i . . .Jack Kn. ' ppenberger, Ed Metzger SaTftjrio . . . Nancy Erdahi, Jean McCuRDY GrjJiiati.- ' i-s . . .Don Hoisington, Tony McMahon Senior Representatives . . . Eva Marie Earley, Bert Anshutz, Jack Fowlds JiiHUtr Rcprcsciitatirc5 . . . Mary Bannick, Bill Parker, Peggy Stiley Soplwmorc RcprMtiitatuf . . . Virginia Robinson AWS Representative . . . Ann Hutchinson Faculty Representatwes . .Harry J. McIntyre, Prof. Carl Dakan, Byron Christian Alitmin . . . Mrs. J. Arthlir Yoltnger, Robert McDonald, Merville McInnis ANSHUTZ BAKER BANNICK EARLEY erdahl FOWLDS lOlSINGTON HUTCHINSON knappenberger MC CURDY MC MAHON METZGER PARKER ROBINSON STILEY S7 • cy r» t BASH DRAPER GROSS HAY0EN PETERSON KELLOGG METZGER NOLTING SYLVESTER WILLIS STUDENT AFFAIRS So wide IS the range of social functions and activities at the University that a special Student Affairs committee functions to regu- late dates, ticket prices, and hours. Members authorize new societies and wipe others oft the calendar. It was the Student Affairs group that abolished JGV this year. Faculty members are Professor Edgar Draper , Miss Martha E. Dresslar, Professor Bryan McMinn, Professor G. I. Butterbaugh, Miss May Dunn Ward, Miss Mary I. Bash, and Dean Herbert T. Condon. Student members are Howard Peterson, Ruth Siegel, Jane Embury, Laddy Gross, Robert Sylvester, Ann Hutchinson, Virginia Kellogg, Bernice Nolting, and Miner Baker. " VICT ' RY FOR WASHINGTON v Product of two student composers and a Thanksgiving dinner, " Vict ' ry for Washington " was added to the song book this year — the first new pep song in 2 2 years . After George Larson wrote the music and Tom Herbert the words, the Board of Control permitted " Vict ' ry " to join the ranks with " Bow Down to Washington " and " Alma Mater. " The song was copyrighted by the ASUW, with a cover by Ken Jones, Columns ' artist. Students pounced on " Vict ' ry, " found it peppy — easy to sing — and boosted it skyhigh. It was featured on Homecoming signs, at rallies, mixers, and games. When the University went on NBC to celebrate the 75th anniversary of the signing of the charter, " Vict ' ry for Washington " made its Pacific Coast debut. • 88 A S U W STUDENT MANAGERS Football . . . Hank Greeley Crew . . . Bob Edwards Biiskctbiill . . . Bud Plamondon Biiickill . . . Chuck Duffy Track . . . Bill Farrens Tonus . . . Phil Lonergan Freshman Football . . .Jim Bennett FralmuiM Biiilcitki Freshman Biisebiill FrcsliitiJH Crew . . Frcslimjii Triul; . IiitrjiMiinils Minor Sport . . Bob Fissel 1 . . . Gage Gritmax . . Bob Llind . . . Howard Ellis Don Holden . Stan Cohen Frcsliniiiii Minor Sports . . . Bill Fielding Tyec Business Manager . . . Len Johnson Daily Business A ' liiiiiigcr . . . Charles Newton Columns Business Manager . . . Don Oman DcKiti: Miiniigcrs . . .Women ' s, Barbara Jones; Men ' s, Ivan Merrick; Freshmen, Lewis Schmidt; Assistants, John Oldfield, Kenneth Co. Womai ' s Riflcry MiiniigiT . . .Ruth Johnson Men ' s Riflcr) ' Ajaniigcr . . . Ward Lynn BiIhJ Manager . . . Paul Cripe CREW DRIVE. 1935 With " On to Poughkeepsie " as the campaign cry, the annual tag-drive to send the Washington crews back East went over the top this year. Enough money was contributed to send all three Husky boats to the regatta. Director of GinipHs Creic Drirc . , Direelor oj Doirntoini Crcic Drii ' C Teiiin Ciptiiins . . . Robin Montgomery Jack Williams SCOTTY MacDoNALD FLiROLD Sheerer Don Hoisington Tony McMahon Bill Heaman Joe Blake Roger Evans J. CK Hardy 89 • . Bill Montgomery . . Bill Metz Jim Mueller Wal i Raney TeJMi Sct " riijru-.s . . . Phyllis Klinker Sally Ridenour Eloise Perham Jane Scott Dorothy Sutherland Virginia Varnell Peggy Brownell BENNETT COHEN DUFFY EDWARDS ELLIS HOLDEN FARRENS FIELDING FISSEL GREELEY JOHNSON, R. JOHNSON, L. LUND NEWTON PLAMONDON MONTGOMERY . ELECTION COMMITTEES SPRING, 1935 Cliiiiriniiii . . .Jack Knappenberger Secretary . . . Dorothy Leede Assistiiiit Secretary . . . Pat Strickler Nat Washington Larry Nevvlands Teddy Wakefield Don Christiansen Carl Bradley Sholto Salmon Wayne Stortz Gloria Thomas Phyllis Klinker Jim Arneil Dixie Stanley Lucille Engdahl Joe Kearney Carl Dakan Harriet Rickerson Margaret Hurd Carroll Hurst Ruth Berry Don Williams Bob Knappenberger Elizabeth Montgomery Mary Gates Virginia Wilburn Russ Bowen Lewis Ritchie WINTER, 1936 Clwintiijii . . . Seymoltr Kail Sctrftiir) ' . . . Dorothy Leede Jim Arneil Mederies Coburn Carol Halls Bessie Kosher Penelope Tiffin Mary Hunt Leon Snow Pat Bartlett Chandler Thomas Suzanne Allen Donald Christiansen Herbert Condon, Jr. James Coon Fr.ank Jefferson Margaret Odell Byrdette Mason Josephine Whaley Virginia Westlund Herbert Pohl Helen Butcher Stanley Youngs Robert Yeom.ans John Reynolds Douglas Wightman Nat Washington HIGH SCHOOL LEADERS ' CONFERENCE A new type of program, featuring outstanding speakers in each field, was responsible for the success this year of the annual high school leaders ' and journalists ' con- ference on the campus. More than 300 leaders, editors, and business man- agers oi high schools throughout the state were entertained under the direction of John Hounsell, conference chairman. Gcncnil Clkiinium . . .John Hounsell Secretary . . . Elinor Kinkaid Traisiircr . . .Jack Williams Secretarial Assistants. . .Betty Kerr, Carol Nylander Registration . . . Lamar Bentley PiMuity . . .Mary Kosher, chairman; Tom Griffith, Annabel Lee Biggle, Doris McIlroy, Allen Rotm. n, Harold Drebin Programs . . . Lalirien Winn Entertainment. . . Aubrey Melius, chairman; Bernita McCaffrey, Eleanor Huot, Leroy Bronemann BiimjMct . . . Frank Wittenberg, chairman; Margaret Seamans, Ruth Hergert, Margaret Wilson Girls ' Conference. . .Jane Embury Girls ' Housing. . .Eleanor Mankey, chairman; members of ••W " Key Teii . . . Mary Ann Wickersham Boys ' Conference . . . Herb Condon, Jr. Boys ' Housing. . .Emery Colkett, chairman; Larry Newlands, Gus Asplund, Paul Frederickson, Bill Parker, Ralph Baldwin Busiyiess Managers ' Conference . . . Chuck Newton Wflsliington Scliool of Methods . . .Elinor Kinkaid, chairman; Jeanne Hummer, Betty Meacham, Dick Condon Editors ' Conference. . .Tom Griffith Meals. . .James Cruzen Pliysiuil Eilutiitum Deinon.striitioii . . . Verna Reed Temple Arrangements . . . Mabel Bennett SeetioH LciiJers . . .Frances Pendergrast, chairman; Jean Winsate, secretary KNAPPENBERGER RADIO STATION Down in the basement of Meany Hall, where the band turns out, where music rattles the doors and jars the ear-drums, the youngest student activity is located. Campus radio is growing in popularity. Besides being a training ground for future Winchells, students and faculty members can now meet their public — and judging from the fan mail piled up on Student Director Clay Tanberg ' s desk — the public likes it. Before the studio was constructed by F. S. E. P. students under the direction of Philip Jacobsen of engineering, the University went on the air only once a week. Now an average of five programs are released each week b direct wire to downtown stations. The studios, patterned after Hollywood sound sets, differ from most commercial rooms by having sound-absorbing walls. But broadcasting isn ' t all that goes on in the Meany dungeon — auditions are given to aspiring opera stars, and drama students practice rolling their " r ' s " over the special recording apparatus. The studio is also the stamping ground of radio engineering students. Some of the powers behind-the-mike who are responsible for the remarkable growth of the baby activity are Ellentine McClure, Dons Smith, Byron Lind, Ted Bell, Mae Loughlin, Ethel Kingsbury, Tom Herbert, Al Botzer, Floyd Buchanan, and Andrew Jacobsen. Faculty members are Dr. Francis F. Powers of education, Dr. Karl A. Winciesheim of speech, Professor Harold Heeremans, Professor George C. Kirchner and Miss Edith Woodcock of music. rv ■: Radio pertormcrs — Tom Herbert at the mike, Wendell Bro les hcliind him, Marion Folsom, Eddie Ottum, Ed Palmason and Carol Larson, all seated, Clay Tanberg, Vic and Victoria Palmason, Oddjar Winther, Ed Hiliyer, Horace McClure, Alvin Schneider andjaydec Benson. 91 • HOMECOMING . 1935 The grads came back, Greek Row dressed itself up in signs and lights and Ducks and Huskies, while dinners and rallies heralded the hilarity of 1935 fiomecoming. The annual mixer Friday night, which had been preceded by an enthusi- astic rally, broke all attendance records. Dinners and dances honoring the returning grads and the Oregon guests were part of the week-end program, which was climaxed at the annual Homecoming dance in the Olympic Hotel after the football game Saturday. With the cooperation of the alumni, Chuck Howard was student chairman of the committee which planned the traditional celebration. X HOMECOMING COMMITTEE General Chanman . . . Ch. ' VRLes Howard Secretary . . . Bernice Harris Welcome Qimmittcc . . . Bob Isa. cson Alnmiii Grcc!; Diniiir . . .Alice Elizabeth L. Plant, Nat Washington, co-chairmen IiiilcpciiJoit Dinner. . . Bernita McCaffrey, Ken Coryell, co-chairmen Homecoming Signs. . .Margaret Shamans, chairman; Ruth Van Arsdale, Gray Wills, Cec Mason, Margaret Odell RMy . . . Bud Lunn Registration . . . Mira Moll, Ray Anderson, co-chairmen Denny Memorijl Scn ' ices . . . Harriet Holman Ahimni LunclicoH . . . Dorothy Bailey Skits . . . Don Granston, Bud Llinn, Bob Alexander Radio . . . Clay T. nberg Talent ani Entertiimment . . . Virginia Lunn ASUW Signs . . .Jim Eastwood Song-Fcst . . . Watson Robertson Mixer . . . Warren Anderson, chairman; Mabel Bennett, Kay Randles, Eileen Runacres, Win Schleef, Brooks Johnson, Howard Rolin Publicity. . . MaryKosher Psi Upsilon welcomes the graduates • 92 ENGINEERS ' OPEN HOUSE When the photo-electric attendance calculator showed that approximately 20,000 pseudo-scientists and thrill seekers had passed through the Engineers ' Open House turnstile this year, another record was broken. They came from all over the state to see the biennial exhibit of the things Washington ' s future scientists can do — trick gadgets, inventions that smack of the supernatural, models of dams, camps, airplane ports. Complete with dams and real water, the civil engineers ' huge scale outdoor model of the Columbia River drew much attention. Forestry students built a model CCC camp. Visitors to the campus were treated to two motion pictures; one showing scenes of NROTC life on the sea, the other illustrating the cycloidal propellor invented by Prof. F. K. Kirsten of aeronautical engineering. Experts believe that the propellor will revolutionize aviation when perfected. Traffic specialists constructed a model highway with grade crossing eliminations. Those who saw the shingle testing machine in Anderson Hall were given wooden souvenirs of the Open House. Genera] Chairmen . . . M.-w Krom, Jim Greely AcroHaiiti I ' lil EiiguiaTiiig . . . Fenton Miller Cu ' il En iiia-niig . . . Emil Jensen EUctneal Engineering . . . George Z. ludek Forestry . . . Douglas Mavor Mines . . . Bruce Bretland Meclwiiical EiigintYrwig . . . Forrest Sainsbury -XfiYllUHliJ ! Sluif i . . . Don Averv Hmj. . John Kettenring Army . . . Frep Weingarten PuhUchy . . . Walt Schaeffer, Bill Shannon Ligdtiiig . . . Ron Smith Routing . . . Frank Melder Programs . . . Kermit Wasmuth JuJgmg. . . MoRT Chamberlain ■ f K ' l r ' ' L. - _ as°° ¥ m z Forrest Huntlev admires an exhibit. 93 • . STUDIO UmlIc Vanya JOE STEELE-SHAW, RUTH BVRNE, WILBUR SPARROW Pursuit of Hupfiiius VALERIE ELLIS, ROLLIN NEIBAUER . ' ieri;liiint of cmcc JOE STEELE-SHAW, MARY JANE HILEN, JEAN DOUGLAS, PERRY BAISLER, ROGER HANSEN Tiimiiig of the Slircii ' BETH LOEFFLER, ROLLIN NEIBAUER, C. BORDEN SMITH Heavy Russian drama, Anton Chekhov ' s " Uncle Vanya, " opened the Studio theatre this fall. With a " life goes on " theme, the drama con- trasts the peace of a peasant on his farm, undis- turbed by the world about him, and this same peasant ' s life disturbed by his love for a woman. Opening with the quiet and peace of the farm, the play sweeps to a climax when a professor, a lifelong friend of Vanya ' s, comes to the farm to ' isit, bringing his second wife, played by Jean Douglas, with him. Vanya, portrayed by Wilbur Sparrow, falls in love with her, breaking up his friendship with her husband and finally trying to kill the professor. Many a fashionable evening gown was discreetly side-split when the laugh-provoking " Pursuit of Happiness " opened the season of modern dramas. The Reverend Donald Murphy, whose nose is three ells and a pitch-fork long, manages to smell rats in the custom of bundling and proceeds to investigate. Following his appendage, he catches a young foreigner, played by RoUm Neibauer, being introduced to the old New England custom by his girl, Valerie Ellis. A shotgun wedding ensues with the preacher looking down the wrong end of the barrel. Staging a streamlined version of Shakespeare, the " Merchant of Venice " and " The Taming of the Shrew " were presented next. Limiting each of the Shakespearean plays to forty minutes, all of the fast dialogue was accentuated and the slow, cumbersome scene shifts eliminated. Wilbur Sparrow turned in one of the best performances of his character-acting career as Shylock. Jean Douglas played the role of " Portia " with majesty and wit ably combined. Elizabeth Loefller, as Kathenne of the age-old slapstick comedy, " The Taming of the Shrew, " out-shrewed the best of them. Rollin Neibauer in the role of Petruchio, " the gentleman from Verona ' who ungentlemanly tames Kate, was convincing as the " treat ' em rough and make ' em tough, " lover. Gags came thick and fast as the lovers staged the battle of the sexes. Rapidity of the humor kept faculty and casual visitors tearful with laughter lor the full forty minutes. • 94 THEATRE " Another Language " brought to the stage the conflict of modern youth interested in new ideas and running their own lives against the Bahbettism of a former age. A dominating mother-in-law and the loud- mouthed sisters and brothers-in-law over-run the stage with their slapstick humor. Grace Archer as the wife of Joseph Steele-Shaw tries to and succeeds in making a modern home run with modern icieals. " Journey ' s End " came next to the Studio. From the limehouse cook who promotes cockroach races to the captain who hates the front line but has lived in the trenches too long, each player gave that subtly realistic performance necessary in this last of the great war dramas. Pathos, comedy, boyishness, and mannishness mingle to make the audience remember the human drama of the war. Being an earlier version of the " Our Dancing Daughters " theme, " Salome, " the first dance drama ever to grace the University theatre boards, relates the jealousy of Herodias, wife of Herod, for her daughter. This vehicle, featuring the terpsichorean artistry of Betty Nuzum, was to be staged as the Studio ' s last spring production, but, because of casting difficulties, will not be given until next fall Studio theatre players were: Virginia Aetzel, Grace Archer, Perry Baisler, BiUie Barnes, Horace Burks, Ruth Byrne, Jim Campbell, Elsie Cooper, Eileen Detchon, Jean Douglas, Howard Edelson, Valerie Ellis, Evelyn Fargo, James Gentry, Robeit Gray, Roger Hansen, Wayne Hayward, Mary Jane Hilen, George Hopps, Helen Jenkins, James Johnson, Stuart LaGris, Lindy Libby, Elizabeth LoefFler, Lenora Martin, Robert Mayberry, William Morris, Donald Murphy, Rollin Neibauer, Edwin Nelson, Joe Porosa, Grace Roberts, Robert Skiles, Rosalind Simon, C. Borden Smith, Edward C. Smith, Wilbur Sparrow, Joseph Steele-Shaw, Jack Steinberg, Ellis Thorlakson, Arthur Weinstein, and Andrew Winberg. Aiiolliir LiiHgiiJgc EVELYN F. RGO, C. BORDE.N SMITH, JOE STEELE ' SH-WV , EILEEN " DETCHON, LENOR. M. RTIN, JACK STEINBERG, GR. CE . RCHER, ROBERT M.WBFRRV ROLLLN NEIBAIIER [( ' iinitv ' i EiiJ ROLLIN NEIBAUER, PERRY BAISl ER 95 • SiiloHii; BETTY NUZUM J l.-t " e ■■ AuYtllt on Youtli VALERIE ELLIS, WILBUR SPARROW HoluJjy CHARLOTTE FIELD, C. BORDEN SMITH, ROGER HANSEN, BETTY NUZUM M.R-y Way BH I Y MORRIS, VICTOR THOMPSON, JANET RIGGS PENTHOUSE THEATRE It isn ' t every calamity that can be successful, and it isn ' t every comedy that can meet with the approval that " A Successful Calamity " did. As to plot, this comedy revives the well-known story of the wealthy old man, Wilbur Sparrow, who, in order to restore a state of normalcy to his supposedly scatter-brained family, pretends to lose all, and, at the final curtain, gains all by having his family once more find " the true values. " Simple plot with brilliant lines presented capably. " Accent on Youth " exemplifies a well turned-out play according to the recipe iopliiitiuitf — one triangle, stewed for about two hours in its own juices, and heavily garnished with polite titters. Stephan Gaye, as played by Wilbur Sparrow, may be an old dog; nevertheless this does not stop him from being a " gaye olde dogge. " Being a playwright, Gaye knows all about women, love, and other co-related subjects; but, when It comes to his romance with his pretty yoimg secretary, Val Ellis, difficulties arise that demand a great deal of coping with. And so the plot runs merrily on. About Philip Barry ' s " Holiday. " He was just a young fellow out of college with his own ideas about making a living and like subjects; such as retiring young. But the beautiful young lady did not approve; and so, for the sake of maintaining his " ideals, " our young man, Robert Gray, takes unto himself in holy matrimony the tycoon ' s younger daughter, Betty Nuzum, who we knew all along was the better one of the two anyway. And that, my dear, is " Holiday. " A mad, merry tale is " The Milky Way " which gave University theatregoers a much appreciated rest from the ultra-sophisticated type of comedy this playhouse had previously specialized in. When a diminutive, super-shy milk peddler, as portrayed by Billy Morris, is given credit by an over-anxious press for two times kayoing the world ' s champion middleweight slugger, Victor Thompson, things are likely to happen. They do. Moving along at a fast clip, " The Milky Way " kept its audiences " hooting with mirth " in a manner that was in every way comparable to the guffaws inspired by Harold Lloyd in the cinema version of this play. Penthouse players included: Grace Archer, Perry Baisler, Betty Buckmaster, Harry Clark, Duane Gosper, Rosanne Goyle, Regina DeArmond, Howard Edelson, Valerie Ellis, Robert Gray, Roger Hansen, Adele Hull, Betty Kennedy, Adolph Mattson, William Morris, Donald Murphy, Edwin Nelson, Jane Patten, Janet Riggs, Lynn Root, Vivian Schermer, Wade Sheehan, Alfred Shopera, Ralph Shotwell, Wilbur Sparrow, James Spittler, Victor Thompson, Isabel Trantum, Rosaline Wicklund, Andrew Winberg. 96 PUPPETRY Cramming Pete, the catfish, and Jo-jo, the dog-faced boy, into a trunk on top of the rest of the string actors, the puppeteers start on their vagabondish way every week-end, the players without a theatre. The puppeteers play over 100 performances a year and only once in the past three years have they played on the campus. School auditoriums, clubs, suburban picture theatres in and near Seattle have all seen Bruce Inverarity, instructor, and his University puppe- teers. A trunk, collapsible scenery, lighting equipment, and public address apparatus load into a truck and trailer and off they go for another show. Mary Elizabeth Cable, Jean Shaw, Marjorie Ekholm, Catherine Cunliffe, Jane Barraugh, Pat Bartlett, Margaret Rathvon, Lua Colkett, and James McAllister are the puppeteers. DANCE DRAMA Powerful, moving in its stirring portrayal of human emotions, was the annual dance drama, " Epoch, " presented by the women ' s physical education department in cooperation with the music and drama divisions, March 5 and 7 in Meanv Hall. The production symbolized the life cycle of hope, struggle and disillusionment, by depicting four historical phases of American life. Sweeping from the dark romanticism of Poe, through the lighter moods of Lanier, into Whitman ' s interpretation of the dramatic conquest of the west, the cycle ended in the frenzied madness of the present machine age, as pictured by Sandburg. Lighting effects and costumes were excellent and the symphonic music, composed and conducted by Professor George McKay, pro- vided a rich background. Weeks of study under the direction of Mary Aid deVries were reflected in the graceful movements of the dancers. For the first time men joined the production. La Vena Muszynska.Jane Prusoff and Lucille Feist won acclaim as soloists. Art Wasser and Waldo Elmer pull strings in a scene from Tom Herbert ' s puppet version of " Rip Van Winkle " CH. RLOTTE TROWBRIDGE LAVON.A MLSZVNSKA VIRGINIA BEELER 97 GREELEY STILEY HART ROBBINS ALL ' U. VODVIL The University Vodvil was the riotous successor to JGV, another campus tradition that was crossed off the social calendar by one vote of the Student Affairs group this year. Junior Girls ' Vodvil was killed because student promoters paid too much attention to clown-town attendance, because it was becoming a red-ink liability and because it was no longer a real vaudeville. The main feature was the Ballet Moose number by the dancing football Floradora men, a take-off on the Ballet Russe de Monte Carlo. Encored, they presented their only other shortcoming — a Sally Randish balloon dance. Click Clark, athletic trainer, was the male dancing teacher. Vodvil stunts were centered arounci a gala " Last Night on Boarci Ship " entertainment idea. And the Vodvil was put on for the students. Hank Greeley, student manager, and Charles W. Lawrence, faculty ciirector, saw that they got their pep, jazz, and college humor. Eddie Ottum ' s " Sun Dodgers " orchestra accompanied the ballet and other song and dance numbers. ■ Manager . . . Hank Greeley Aisistdnt MaHiigcr . . . Peggy Stiley Aiiiitaiit MiiiiiigiT . . . Dick Hart Secretary . . . Kate Robbins Puliluitv. . .Art Meyer, chairman; Mary Jo Gemmer, secretary; Marian Foster, Syd Kossen, Tom Griffith TiiL ' cts . . . Laddy Gross, chairman; Kathleen Calkins, Dan Lazarevich Rfliciirsiils . . . Bob McKenney, chairman; Gloria Thomas, secretary; Bernita McCaffrey, Bob Gregory, Bruce Lent PrDgriim5 . . .Jack Hollenbeck, chairman; Marjorie Shields doAvKmis . . . Pat Strickler, chairman; Mary Kay Rohrer, Fred Danz DconiuM . . . Boyd Huff, chairman U.sluTittcs . . .Mary Scammell, chairman Bob Green, Jimmy Cam, Chuck Hartman and Dan Lazarevich demonstrate a " Ballet Moose ' step. • 98 MEN ' S GLEE CLUB [1] . . . Delbert Anderson, Wilham V. Wells, Florentine Lamig, James M. Starr, Jack Johnstone, Wallace Giitings, Lester Siegel [2] . . . Helmer Aspll-nd, Kentjeth Penchos, Donald Gaddis, Ernest Anderson, Neil Nellis, |ohn F. Finley, Lawrence Odle, Kenneth Hutchinson [3] . . .John Benson, John Thorsteinson, Walter Middleton, Harold Broadbooks, Norman Cottrell, Gordon Brown, Ralph Shenen " berger, Jim Wendell Long, Philip Lucas [4] . . . Willard Rublin, Douglas Clark, James Ahern, Richard Berg, Ralph Seaton, Har ard Palmer WOMEN ' S GLEE CLUB [1], . .Miriam Terry, Ruth Setterman, Janet Prowell, Phyllis Bowen, Elma Foreman, Marjorie Johnson, Margaret Burrus, Jeanette Walker, Carol Larson [2]. . . Solveig Paulsen, Cathlyn Schabel, Charlotte Forsei l, Louise Connor, Barbara Germain, Jean Allen, Constance Forma. Beth Rothenhoefer [3]. . .Jean McConagh, Dorothy Nelson, Constance Johnson, Esiher Lakti, Lois Jean King, Je. n Sanderson, Ruth Stewart, Aheen Leas 99 UNIVERSITY OF WASHINGTON BAND [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7] [8] . .Bier, Nelson, Morris, Cripe, Pound, Irving Miller, Leo Miller, Keyser, Fomlr, Dinbar, Arneson, Shoemaker, Earl Harrison . .Snyder, drum major; Hunter, Tomlinson, Carlson, R. White, Algy ' er, Todd, Bergholz, Vore, Ryan, Mendenhall, Mayo, Swarm, Kellenberger, Welke, director . . Westfall, Waldron, E. White, Magnusson. Ben-no, Berry, Walters, Bechtel, Miller, Vernon Jackson, Peterson, C. Henderson, Easton, Smith, Briggs . .Klingbeil, Snapp, Carnahon, Vogel, Scott, McCarty, Sheckels. Shore, Draper, Derrig, Johnson . .Kraus, McDowell, Nelson, Curry, Kimball, Turner, Ehmer, French, Rickerd, M. cKinnon, Lofthus, W. Henderson, Alderson, Duncan . . Branigin, Casey, Ellis, Murr. y, Forsberg, Atkinson, Corlett, Frederick, Jang ard, Dunston . .Krenz, Culbertson, Hutton, Thomas, Tannehill, Thompson, Imboden, DuBois, Roy Jackson, Cloud, Kippo, Harmon, Kirsch, Joe Harrison, Meyer . .Moore, Newnam, Abernathy, Adams, Frew, Odle, Carrington Walter C. Welke, Director Edward McDowell, Slitilciit Lcaicr John Snyder, Drum Adijor Joe Harrison, Libriiriaii Paul Cripe, .StiiJt ' Mt Miiiwgcr .Andy Johnson, Francis Alderson, Max Kiingbeil; Clarincti, So o . . .John Schuyten, Albert Osborn, Richard Welch, Warren Ploeger, Bruce Persing, Earl Peterson; Fir t . . .Robert Mayo. Ho v. rd Mendenhall, Jay Todd, Lester Hawkins, Robert Tomlinson; Scconi . . .Jack Ryan, Kenneth Hansen, Robert White, Frank Cu rry, How. rd Browne, Marion Walters, Norman Benno, C. rl Nelson; Tliinl . . .Kenneth Vore, Leonard Carlson, Richard Bergholz, Dale Sheckels, David Miller, Burdice Briggs, William H. Hannah Flutes ani Piccolos . . . Earl White, Philip Kendrick, Jackson Gilpatrick, Fred Westfall, Charles Hunter, Philip Magnusson, Howard Waldron Oliocs . . . Norman Benno, Myron Swarm, Faye Wells, George Kellenberger Ba sooHS . . . Lloyd Hildebr. nd, Douglas Taft, Siegmund Snapp, George Carnahan Alto Cldriiict . . . Carl Nelson Bas.s Clijruict . . . Erwy-n Algyer Siivoplioiu-i, Alto. . .Charles Bennett, Lewis Berry; Tenor. Biiritoiic. . . Robert White Fnnch Horns . . . Anna Solberg, Esler Bechtel, Vernon Jackson, Chester Henderson, Easton Patterson, Charles Easton Trombones. . .Joseph Kirch, Clinton Atkinson, Kenneth Cloud, Joseph Harrison, Robert Corlett, Chester Tannehill, John Thomas, Wells Meyer, Lincoln Imboden, Chester Kippo, Roy Jackson, Al DuBois, Willis Harman, Dean Thompson Trumpets. . .Edward McDowell, Edward Krenz, Harold Dlincan, Donald Casey, Charles Rickerd, Robert Draper, Russell Scott, Melvin Ellis, William Branigin, Lewis Garlick, Jack Derrig, George Hutton, Irving Sholund, Watson Smith, Glenn Forsberg, Walter Kraus, Carl Jangard, William Culbertson, Ed Murray, Donald Turner, Philip Frederick, Chan Thomas, Cecil McCarty, Lyle Dunston, Clyde Ploser, Marshall Shore, Peter Vogel, Austin Kimball Baritones. . . Gardill Ehmer, Charles French, James Lofthus, William Henderson, Robert MacKinnon Bosses . . . Richard Carrington, Robert Moore, Lawrence Odle, Roy Frew, Harold Newnam, Wendell Abernathy, Charles Adams, Morris Mazon Drums, Bass. . .Robert Keyser, Leo Miller; Snare. . .George Miller, Paul Cripe, Richard Foster, Henry Kessler, Donald Dunbar, Herbert Pound, Philip Bier, Robert Nelson, Earl Harrison, Edward Ottum, Vincent Shoemaker, Elwood Arneson, Irving Miller, William Morris • 100 SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA Bliss. . .Lawrence Odle, Ben Hallgrimson, C. Curtis Flute. . .Ruth Clark, Edith McMullen, Norman Wayland Ohoc . . . Norman Benno, Faye Wells, Margaret Allen, Charles W. kelee Clarinet . . . William Sullivan, John Schuyten, Robert Tomlinson, Betty Laubenheim Bassoon . . . Lloyd Hilderbrandt Horn . . . Esler Bechtel, Anna Solberg, Arthur McArthur Tntrnpct . . . Carl Jangard, Edward McDowell, Bernadette Gamble Tromkmc . . . Forrest Miles, Earl Peterson, Joseph Kirch, Lincoln Imboden Drum . . . Richard Foster Violin . . .FIelen Coffman, Evelyn Crown, Verna Hibbard, Jean Rankin, Phyllis Olson, Jack Thornton, Ronald Taylor, Charles Asbury, Dorothy Klein, Millrad Restad, Lois Williams, Gordon Edlund, David Turney, Arnold Westerland, Inez Mae Crabtree, Thure Hanley, Margaret Lamantagne, Jeanette Mackie, Daniel Backman, Helen Jordan, Annabelle Freeman, Victor Palmason, Mable Smith, Hillary Beard, Michael Paar, Josephine Baker Viola. . .Margarite Wing, Vernon Jackson, Pauline Butcher, Charles Easton Cello. . .Ruth Kreiger, Josephine Bereiter, Victor Kestle, Polly Clifford, Petronella Renting, Gladeth Clark, Eleanor FIale Harp . . . Eleanor Perrigo, Kristin Sumarlidason ■ -u 101 • MEN ' S VARSITY DEBATE •O r O O WEBBER, ANDERSON, MERRICK, HISAYASU, DODDS, BATES, MC COY LOWRY, MURPHY ' , BOOTH, INGMAN, TANBERG, SANDOZ SCHMIDT, COX, MAGEE, ZETTEL, POTTRATZ Richard Anderson Alan Bates Wayne Booth Jim Campbell Kenneth Cox Ronald Dodds Richard A. Card Saburo Hisayasu Jim Hunter Winston Ingman William Lowry Keith McCoy John Magee Ivan Merrick Lawrence Murphy John Oldfield Dennis Pottratz Hubert E. Sandoz Lewis E. Schmidt Merritt Tanberg Richard Watt Robert Webber Richard Zettel FRESHMAN DEBATE Lewis S. Armstrong Willard B. Aronow Gabriel M. Bensussen Donald W. Bourgaize Malcolm H. Clark Bayard Crutcher Bradley T. Jones Leo H. Kruger Eltrton W. Lyon Horace L. Morrison Philip Nakane Bob Purdue Thomas M. Telfer Floyd O. Vinson Donald E. Watson Lewis Schmidt, Miiiugcr kruger, CLARK, JONES ARMSTRONG, LYON, WATSON, ARONOW VINSON, NAKANE, CRUTCHER • 102 WOMEN ' S VARSITY DEBATE Margaret Bushnell Dorothy Driftmeier Nona Fumerton Patricia Hagman Alice Hunt Barbara Jones Evelyn LaMotte ]ane Ramsby Geraldine Salkin Doris Smith Wanda Taylor WiLLA Lou Woods Barbara Jones, Aliiiuigcr hunt, TAYLOR, FUMERTON, RAMSBY, HAGMAN, WOODS, JONES salkin, LAMOTTE, BUSHNELL, SMITH COACHES Debating more than forty times during winter quarter, the three University debate teams, the Men ' s Varsnv. Women ' s Varsity, and Freshmen de- baters, met opponents from Oregon. California, and British Columbia. Wrangling was heard on three ques- tions. " The Limitations of the Power of the Supreme Court. " " Third Political Parties. " and " Neutralitv Legislation " Debates were non-decisional for the most part. The demonstration method of argumg, rather than the formal , stilted type of debate, was used bv University debaters. Coaches of debate are Prof. F. W. Orr, Horace G. Rahskopf, associate professor of speech, Karl A. Wmde- sheim, assistant professor of speech, and Win W. Bird, instructor of speech. RAHSKOPF, BIRD, ORR, WINDESHEIM 103 COEDS WHO MINOR IN 1 JOl4tCld i- C hctl VI tiC MAKE THE AWS OFFICE IN COMMERCE HALL THEIR FAVORITE HANG ' OUT. THERE THEY WATCH THE WHEELS OF CONCERTS, TAP DANCING, STANDARDS COMMITTEE, CANDY-SELLING AND FIRESIDES GO ROUND ' N ROUND. (X - C? -t? amen i v AWS In spite of Its new policy that members should no longer be required to take part in activities, AWS started new activities and chalked up more affairs as " successful " than ever before. One of the biggest affairs was the first annual scholarship banquet with Claire Wernecke and Margaret Seamans in charge. Three hundred coed members of honoraries attended. The first AWS scholarship plaque was awarded to Barbara Nowlin, journalism senior. The dance group was so active this year with its record 150 enrollment that the student director, Mane Hale, was voted a salary. Dancers, who practice an hour each day, entertained at All-University dances. The embryo lunch room project also made headway. Many students who used to eat their lunches in cars now come to the classroom set aside by Bobbie Arneil and committee. Then there was the biggest Guest Nite AWS has ever attempted. All the Seventeenth Avenue Greeks entertained the 275 inde- pendent students at their firesides. Charlotte Fitton and Fritzi Swanson were co-chairmen. Only one group " went under. " The dormant Town Girls was changed into the Leaders ' Club, a miniature Matrix Table that honored the outstanding coeds according to their year in school at four luncheons. Janet Riggs was president. EX-OFFICIO MEMBERS AWS Manager . . . Helen Gorham Dean of Women . . . May Dunn Ward AssiviiitE DiMM o[ Women . . . Mary I. Bash BAN ' NICK BERCH BROWNELI CALKINS EARLEY EMBURY ENGSTROM FITTON, B. FITTON, C. HARE H.ARTSON HAYDEN HAYVV.ARn HEMPHILL HEMRICH HILEN HUTCHINSON HUMMER • 106 AWS COUNCIL AWS EXECUTIVE BOARD Ann Hutchinson, Pn-siJoit Mary Scammell, Vui-Prc-.suliMt Beth Fitton, Sarcliiry Bernita McCaffrey, Truuiinr Eiciiitii ' i ClijirMKin . . .Kathleen Cai kins ASUVV Bwnl c)| Control . . . Mary Bannick, Virginia Robinson, Jean McCurdy, Peggy Stiley, Eva Marie Earley BA Vocational CUth . . .Margaret Engstrom Hoiiu- Elohoihus . . .Jane Reamer Mortar Boari . . . Mary Frances Hartson T urscs ' Cliifi . . . Nancy Jane Hare PanKcllciiic . . . Aileen Willis Phratcrcs . . . Helen Hayden WAA . . . Belle Berch Sororia . . . Beatrice Doty " W " Key. . . Wanda Taylor LfiiJfrs ' CIhIi . . .Janet Riggs House Couiuil . . . Eva Mae Scatchard CoiiuTl5 . . . Dor othy Hemphill StiinJarJj . . . Bernice Nolting Soiiul . . . Virginia Kellogg Caniy . . . Ruth Van Arsdale .Silioliinlup . . . Mary Jane HiLEN StuJtnt AiJi ' Lsorv . . . Leah Hayward Pi ' iiit Svstiin . . . Virginia Wilson AWS Gu«t Higliti • • .Charlotte Fitton, Fritzi Sw nsjn SiTiipliooks . . . Doris Hemrich Office Manager . . . Frances Pendergrast Higli Siltool Leaders ' Conference. . .Jane Embury ConJiJmtiiil Filt-5. . .Jeanne Hummer Publicity. . . Doris McIlroy ActiritiM . . . Bernice Stokes " It Is DoMi " . . . Grace Newth Cliunli Clubs. . .Laura Stenerson, Beatrice Rudolph, Margaret Kennedy PE . . . Frances Rohrback YWCA . . . Peggy Brownell KELLOGG KENNEDY MC CAFFREY MC CURDY MC ILROY NEWTH nolting PENDERGRAST REAMER riggs ROBINSON ROHRBACK scammell STILEY STOKES S V ANSON TAYLOR WILSON WILLIS 107 • v PAUL ROBESON RICHARD BYRD EMIL LUDWIG Seme from " HmiilrcJ Kisses " Bjllet AWS CONCERT Despite an hour ' s wait caused by the failure of the campus light system, a standing-room-only crowd heard Paul Robeson, negro baritone, open the AWS concert series. Robeson ' s charmingly gracious personality, and the natural ease with which he sings everything from the weird " Canoe Song " from " Sanders of the River " to Russian opera make him one of America ' s most popular singers. He showed his innate sense of rhythm and instinctive feeling for interpretation which rank him first in spiritual singing. Lawrence Brown, accompanist, who arranged several of the spirituals, occasionally chimed in with a tenor obbligato to Robeson ' s smooth baritone. As assisting artist, Ralph Dobbs played two groups of piano solos. Using an accent that was a combination of the five languages he has mastered, Emil Ludwig told the 2,000 people who came to hear the first lecturer of the AWS season that war would strike again within five years. After his lecture and a cheese sandwich, Ludwig talked with a group of students about war, Hearst, and the depression. Many, unable to hear him plainly because of a crippled amplifier, were entertained by the short man ' s facial antics, his gardenia, and patent leather shoes. The coming of Admiral Richard E. Byrd to the Civic Auditorium marked three changes for the AWS: For the first time a lecturer brought along motion pictures to illustrate his talk. For the first time men took the place of coeds as ushers. For the first time a special matinee was scheduled for youngsters who flocked around the hero of the ice-packs. Byrd told, in words fraught with experience and suffering, of his two months ' solitary underground vigil in Little America, where he almost died. Human interest shots of penguins, dogs, and practical jokesters were featured in the motion pictures. • 108 SERIES Marc Platoff, a Seattle youth, stole the show the first night that Colonel William de Basil ' s Ballet Russe de Monte Carlo appeared in Seattle this season. As " Fate " in the ballet ' s presentation of " Les Presages, " Platoff, formerly known as Marcel Plat, showed remarkable ability. From David Lichine ' s nicely executed tours en force to the antics of the French poodles; from the old-fashioned dignity of a minuet to the wild abandon of Russian gypsy dances, the ballet again delighted capacity audiences for all three performances. In the repertoire was included the new ballet, " The Hundred Kisses, " which has caused much comment in the art centers of the world. David Lichine and Irina Baranova danced the delicate " Le Spectre de la Rose, " made famous before the war by Nijinsky. When the Associated Women Students signed Artur Schnabel, Austrian pianist, for the series, they thought they were gambling on an artist whose Western fame was dubious. From Montana, Oregon, Idaho, and Canada, came the adults and collegians — and proved that New York and Berlin did not have an option on Schnabel ' s popularity. Personable and eccentric, Schnabel played an all-Beethoven program. And his emphatic, clear delivery of the composer ' s sonatas, combined with a nobility of feeling, upheld his reputation as the greatest living interpreter of that master composer. Bringing with him a breath of romance from his birthplace, Verona, Italy, the scene of Romeo and Juliet ' s tragic love, Nino Martini was the second artist to make his Northwest debut in Meany Hall this year. Famous as a Metropolitan Opera tenor, idol of radio and screen. Martini is young, handsome, and charmingly natural. He was friendly to his strange audience, uncertain of his acceptance, but nevertheless confident. The dashing Cavalier of Song showed the versatility of his repertoire by singing first operatic anas, then popular melodies. IRINA BAR. NOVA ARTUR SCHNABEL NINO MARTINI Seem from " Lii CoikiirrtMtc " 109 YWCA JROWNELL CASTLETON COATES DARROW EBRIGHT FITTON, C. HAYWARD KALUSHE MADDEN MEACHAM ODLIN QUIGLEY, J SIEGEL SLATE TAYLOR TUCKER WOODS FLEMING Founded in 1895, the Washington YWCA has grown until It now has a membership of 1 ,000 University women. The organization ' s purpose is to attempt to apply religion to life today. Louise E. Fleming, General Secretary Virginia Norwood, Assistant Secretary Ruth Benham Johnson, Ojficc Secretary OFFICERS Peggy Brownell, President Josephine Qltigley, Vuc-Presulepil Betty Meacham, Secretary Jean Castleton, Treasurer CABINET Jane Fraser Margaret Rolph Beulah Darrow Kathryn Madden Ruth Siegel Wanda Taylor Charlotte Fitton Leah Hayward Dorothy Slate Margaret Odlin Jane Ebright Willa Lou Woods Ruby Coates Emilie Louise Mitchell COUNCIL Margrete Anderson Betty Bendlx June Carlson Helen Christopherson Elizabeth Cole Jean Dyer Ruth Ferguson Beth Fitton Ruth Gahnberg Pat Hafer Doris Hemrich Joyce Hulbush Jeanne Hummer Mary Alice Jameson Julia Klein Frances Lew Hazel Lovejoy Grace Lyon Betty McClelland Ellentine McClure Doris McIlroy Ursula Martin Mira Moll Marget Murray Grace Newth Irene Olson Shirley Patterson Mary Margaret Quigley Marjorie Robinson Peggy Rossier Virginia Shipek Merle Smith Evelyn Stewart Darlene Thompson Mary Tsukuno Nell Turner Audrey Vivian Helen Walker Joan Whelan Virginia Wilson Marion Winge Evelyn Wohlers SOPHOMORE COMMISSION OFFICERS AND CABINET EssEY Tucker, PresiJeiit Margaret Huntoon, Vicc-Presiilait Margaret Stiles, Secretary-Treasurer Virginia Ann Bowden Betty Robinson Harriet Holman Geraldine Schorr Leah Kirkland Ann Sherburne Ellen McComb Margaret Wilson Eleanor Mankey FRESHMAN COMMISSION OFFICERS AND CABINET Jacqueline Kalushe, President Marian Curtin, Vice-PresiJciit Ernestine Duncan, Secretary Janet Thompson, Treasurer Marian Dehn Betty Mae Lucas Rose Catherine Earley Harriet Marshall Claire Holcomb Clara Young • 110 STANDARDS Standards committee underwent an all-round rejuvenation and face-lifting process this year with Bernice Nolting as head operator. The group was enlarged to include house presidents who now have a voice in the making of rules that govern them. The old 10T5 ruling that had been treated as a mere formality was relaxed. All girls except freshmen who make a B average are given unlimited late permissions with a graduated scale of late cuts for lower scholarship. But the one o ' clock rule was untouched. As a result Standards has changed from a somewhat mythical campus bugaboo that scolded girls for getting in late to an organization that works hand-in-hand to give them more freedom. Committee members were Bernice Nolting, chairman; Margaret Seamans, assistant; Ann Hutchinson, Aileen Willis, Jean McCurdy, Helen Hayden, Peggy Brownell, Virginia Kellogg, Vivian Fosse, Kay Madden, and Frances Pendergrast. 4k k d Mim BROWNELL KELLOGG FOSSE MC CURDY SE. M. NS HAYDEN NOLTING WILLIS HUTCHINSON PARKS WOMEN ' S SPORTS COUNCIL Replacing the Women ' s Athletic Association which failed to function, the new Women ' s Sports Council was formed at the end of fall quarter. The new group has sponsored the women ' s athletic pro- gram, promoted new activities and administered awards. Skung was added to the program. Composed of sixteen sports ' managers, the council, by its smaller size, has achieved a better working unit than that of the WAA. COUNCIL MEMBERS Cliiiirmiiii . . . Belle Berch Secretary . . . Vivian Hickman Awards . . . Margaret Garrison Archery . . . Eloise Bernhoft Biisckill . . . Margaret Wilson Puig Pmit; . . . Mary Sheffield .Sit ' immiMf; . . . Marge Powers ' olla ' l ' iill . . . Louise Ingalls Skiing . . . Mary Greely SiipiTiisiir . . . Bergete Maydahi PuHiiity. . . Mary Ann Caughran " W " Club Prcsiiimt . . . Margaret Laminl n BiiJmiiitciii . . . Ariel Stout Basloi-tKill . . . Henrietta Sparks RifliTv. . . Ruth Johnson TiTiiiii.s . . . Alice Ogden Golf . . . Betty Hai l garrison . M. YDAHL . HICK.MAN . JOH.NSON . SHEFFIELD . GREELY INGALLS . POWERS . HALL . CAUGHRAN BERCH . SPARKS . LAMUL N . WILSON . STOUT . BERNHOFT W ' liiiicTS i f Women ' .s " W " SuvJIcr.? HII EN . .SHIPEK . HICKM. N POWERS . HESS . THOMPSON . RUNNALLS BERCH . INGALLS . LAMIMAN . GARRISON . SPARKS . DELZER HI v WOMEN ' S SPORTS GARHART TROPHY With strong hard-fighting teams, the Delta Gammas won for the second con- secutive year the coveted Garhart Trophy for supremacy in intramural sports. Donated by Henrietta Garhart, the trophy is awarded to the organization having the most points earned under the allotment system. The name of the winning house is inscribed on the cup which remains in the Women ' s Physical Education Building. PING PONG Mera Hauptmann ' s smash shots in ping pong proved too much for Aurora Kipperberg during the fall tournament. First place honors were given to Mera. Another contest was held spring quarter with Mary Sheffield as student manager. BASKETBALL Members of the Student Co-op team defeated twenty-two others competing for Garhart trophy points, winning the 1936 women ' s intramural basketball tourna- ment. Second place went to the Delta Gamma five, and the Chi Omega team was third in the final matches of the season. GOLF Whacking out of the sand bunkers onto the green for nearly par golf, the girls plaved and turned out so successfully for their first intramural golf tournament in vears that it is likelv to become a permanent event. Barbara Winn took first place with Elizabeth Finn, the runner-up. ARCHERY A constant whizz and whistle was heard at the omen ' s gym this year as archery received constant attention in preparation for an intercollegiate tele- graphic meet held recently. ' Vivian Hickman was in charge of the arrow-shooters. RIFLE Winning national recognition, the women ' s varsity rifle team tied for second and was awarded third place in the nation-wide team competition this year. In local competition the varsity and novice teams both won all matches fired. Cups went to Rose Berns, Dons Sims, Ramona Henn, Barbara Clement, and Rae Bartley. Other varsity team members were Sigrid Bergerson, Peggy Cline, Bernice Hansen, Dora Hohl, Phyllis Dearborn, Ruth Johnson, and Gene Vradenburg. MERA HAUPTMANN JEAN MC CURDY BETH ENGLAND ROBERTA SCHUMANN SIGRID BERGERSON . RUTH JOHNSON . DORA HOHL BERNICE HANSEN . RAE BARTLEY . BARBARA CLEMENT M. JOR LAWRENCE . FLORENCE GETZANDANER . DORIS SIMS . RHODA HOKENSTAD SERGEANT HOGVVOOD • 112 AND INTRAMURALS BADMINTON Showing a steady ability to smash the shuttlecock over the net, Pat Hagman and Howard Garvin took first place honors in the badminton mixed doubles tournament, inaugurated here last spring. Using a smashing service which defied return, Dorothy Olson took first-place honors in the open singles tourney this lall Forty girls turned out for the game, which is quickly becoming a best seller on the sports program. BASEBALL Sliding into the home plate in the nick of time, a Student Co-op decided a close game in favor of her team over the Delta Gammas by a score of 18-17 in the baseball tournament last spring. With greater enthusiasm and with more girls participating than in previous years, the season was successful. Mary Ann Wickersham was manager. VOLLEYBALL The Huskettes, smashing the ball over the net with a conclusive swing, were first-place winners in volleyball last fall. No required practices resulted in more teams turning out. Louise Ingalls was student manager. TENNIS Tennis balls flew fast and thick at the open tennis meet last spring when Ariel Stout, seventh ranking woman player in the United States, took first honors. Marjorie Nelson, Chi O, took first-place honors for her house. The DGs won the doubles intramural tourney with Olive Robertson and Alice Ogden repre- senting them. SWIMMING Breaking her own coast records in the 100 and 40 yard breast stroke, Betty Meacham starred in the third annual women ' s telegraphic swimming meet, winter quarter. Miss Meacham was high-point winner in the intramural meet this fall. Aurora Kipperberg was second and Nancy Harvey, third. Winning teams were Aces, first, and Comets, second. Both groups were composed of Independents. MAXINE MASON . MOLLIE MC BRIDE . BETTY MEACHAM . AURORA KIPPERBERG . ISABELLE BRAIDWOOD . VIRGINIA BOWDEN . LOIS HOSKlNS . ANTOINETTE MAHNCKE . JANE CORTELYOU FLORENCE GETZENDANER . NANCY HARVEY . MARIE KOUTECKY ELIZABETH CAULKINS TH. YER HILLS MARGE POWERS ARIEL STOUT 113 • INTEREST IN aaeti f IS INEVITABLE WHEN 9,000 STUDENTS ATTEND A CO-EDUCATIONAL UNIVERSITY. JUST AS STUDENTS ' TRANSPORTATION HAS CHANGED FROM THE BUGGY TO THE AIR- PLANE, THEIR SOCIAL LIFE HAS SHIFTED FROM TAFFY- PULLS TO DANCES, BANQUETS AND TEAS. -t? - aaet f Mary Jane Hilen at the Mortar Board Fashion Show. X Mary Jane Spinner, Rae Crandell, and Lila Mae Soeneke modeling smart styles for Mortar Board. SOCIAL REVIEW By Annabel Lee Higgle House lights fade to dimness, an expectant hush comes over the audience and on the screen is flashed " Sketches of the 1936 University Social Season. " Shiny pledge pins sparkle over the hearts of dancers at the Oval Club football dance at the Meany for all house " nuggets. " Scenes change and theatregoers watch queenly coed mannequins parading in the newest fall fashions at the annual Mortar Board show at the Meany. Goblins pop into the scene as the camera shows brief glimpses at house informals. Then a blaze of light as the film unfolds Greek Row with " welcome grad " signs and shots of alumni dancing at the Olympic. There ' s a fadeout and the audience is with another group of dancers at the Compass and Chart Informal at Inglewood, then as the camera speeds on, it catches formal-clad coeds and their escorts at Varsity Ball. Shots of an " insane asylum, " the gangplank of a " liner, " all the lights and color of the " big tent " and even a moment in the " hill billy " country whisk the audience to some of the Greek dances. Lighted trees and homeward- bound students are caught as the film slips on to catch members of the Monques Club inaugurating their last-night-of-school party at the Sand Point Golf Club. Scenes shift to January and the cameraman drops in on dancers at the annual Engineers ' Mixer to show closeups of ASUW candidates making their spiels. The film again unrolls on Greek Row parties where a highland fling Jimmy Cam, Grace ' Dolan, Betty Harris and " Skip " Spence chatting at the Jimior Prom. • 116 IS in progress and mustached gamblers are conducting games of faro. There ' s a unique shot of a horse in the middle of a dance floor at a " dude ranch " fair. Ruby Keeler, Jean Parker, Dick Powell and other movie stars flash by in closeups but they ' re only student counterparts chosen to grace the YWCA waffle breakfast. Dozens of feet of film show girls piling up stacks of waffles before hungry men or taking off their aprons to do a little dancing with the guests. Then there are some quick behind-the-scene glimpses of preparations to initiate formal fraternity house dinners. From a vantage point behind a huge oar, the audience next gazes down on dancers at the Varsity Boat Club dance at the Olympic. Then there ' s a closeup of the flushed face of a coed as she pays a taxi driver — it ' s Tolo night. Sons of Man-Mountain Dean ' murmers the audience but the cameraman just caught some candid shots of finalists in the sophomore beard contest at the Sigma Delta Chi-Malamute Mixer. There ' s a glimpse at Cupid as the film picks up guests at the Engineers ' Informal and the Phalanx tea dance. Then the camera moves on to pick up Greeks playing hosts to independents at AWS guest night. Through a life- preserver, the audience joins " ocean-goers " at the Junior Prom, then speeds on to catch pretty feminine faces around the Matrix Table. There are glimpses of Cadet Ball dancers, moonlight canoists at gay May picnics then on the screen flashes, " The End. " Marjorie Bird, who presided at the Waffle Breakfast, because of her resemblance to Rub Keeler. Marylaird Small bringing food for Bob Alexander at the Breakfast. Charlotte Fitton, chairman of the successful AWS guest night. 117 • MULLER BLACK KLINKER RIGGS MEYER BLOM MALONE SHEEHAN BALLARD HOUSTON PARKER STRICKLER X VARSITY BALL Nearly 700 formal-claci coeds and their escorts glided to the strains of " Dancing at Varsity Ball, " December 1 3 at the annual all-University formal in the Civic Auditorium. Jet-black musical notes against a background of creamy columns and matching bands of cream and black encircling the balcony were inspired by the theme, " Rhythm Mocferne. " Wine-colored draperies enclosing the dance-floor, a canopy of black and white streamers and colored spotlights made the huge auditorium surprisingly cozy. Especially effective was Tommy Thomas ' orchestra in its setting of black and white. Programs were of black suede with profiles of a boy and girl etched in silver on the cover. " Dancing at Varsity Ball, " an original composition written by Allen Blair and Alice Butterworth, was introduced as the theme song; and for the first time the music was broadcast over the NBC network. Dinners at twenty fraternitv houses preceded the dance and a ball dating bureau operated. COMMITTEE CSi-iuTdl Cliiiiniuiii . . . Del Muller . Dick Ballard Art Meyer Euviituv Sivri ' Iiir) ' . . . Phyllis Klinker A.S5lStllllt ClwiriMjM Bll.«m ' S5 MiI)lJgiT . Priigr, .Art Blom; Virginia Aetzel, secretary Re rcslimait. ' . . . Pat Strickler, Mack Koon; Nancy Erdahl, secretary Kowltici . . . Ray Malone, Dick Turner; Verna Reed, secretary Eiilcrtainmcnt . . . Eddie Black, Chuck Johnson; Lee Nicholson, secretary Piibluily . . . Bill Houston, Mary Kosher; Valerie Ellis, secretary TilIccLs . . . Billy Parker, Bill Sander; Beth Fitton, secretary Arrangements. . . Bob Isaacson, Jim Bloomfield; Bunny Stokes, secretary Dtcoratioiis . . .Wade Sheehan, Jim Gillie; Charlotte Wright, secretary Patrons and Patronesses. . .Janet Riggs, Mary B. nnick; Betty May Iter, secretary • 118 JUNIOR PROM When the S. S. Junior Prom cleared Seattle docks from the Trianon Ballroom, on its " Transatlantic Journey " to Venice, Italy, March 5, 450 couples were aboard. It was a grand voyage with none of the inconveni- ences of passports, luggage or mal de mer. Stars twinkled down upon coeds in filmy formals and their escorts in conventional black and white as thev danced on the spacious " deck " Red and green lights marked the port and starboard sides of the big liner and life preservers and pillars disguised as masts acided to the naval theme. The twelve-piece ship ' s orchestra, conclucted by Tex Howard, was enthroned in the stern while the hall ' s balcony became a pilot house. Nattily uniformed ship ' s employees worked in the baggage (check) room. Programs were of real white leather with a picture of the boat emblazoned in gold and green on the cover. A small gold anchor was attached to the white silk cord and inner fly leaves were of gold foil. COMMITTEE Chairman . . . Eddie Black Ai5i5tant CliairiHiin . . . Mira Moll Evt ' cutirc Sci ' rctiiri« . . . Bunnie Stokes, Margaret Odell Bii.siHf.w MjiKigiT . . . Wade Sheehan, John Warren Divuriitkiii.s . . .Bill Pritchard, Bob Keating; Mary Bannick, secretary Piil ' lkily. . . Seymour Kail, Doris McIlrov; Jane Porter, secretary Programs . . .Art Grant, Mary Kosher; Annabel Lee Biggle, secretary Tickets. . .Jim Bloomfield, Jack Galbraith; Betty Page, secretary Rc rcslimciits . . . Virginia Kellogg, Bill S.- nders; Barbar.a Brygger, secretary Diii ' tnports . . . Chuck Hartman, RoiLo Thorsdale; Mary Haas, secretary EiittTlJiMmiMt . . .Don Cranston, Don Hii i man; Chuck Wright, secretary IiintatioHS . . .Nancy Erdahl, Bill Watts; Rae Crandell, secretary Arrangements . . . Ruth Van Arsdale, Bud Lunn; Barbara Horrocks, secretary Piitrons aiu) Patronesses. . .Phyllis Klinker, Mary Jane Hilen; Bobby Arneil, secretary BLACK BLOOMFIELD ERDAHL granston KELLOGG HARTMAN klinker KOSHER MC IIROV MOLL ODELL PRITCHARD sheehan STOKES VAN ARSDAI h 119 • BLOM WEINGARTEN ANDERSON ARNEIL HOWARD INGRAHAM KELLOGG MARVIN PELL PIERCE CADET BALL Transforming the Civic Auditorium into a miniature West Point complete with " flirtation walk " and the other fixings, Scabbard and Blade, national military honorary, presented their annual Cadet Ball, all- University formal, April 17. The Ball was dedicated to Capt. Edgar Gregory because of his work with the rifle team and his con- stant eff orts in promoting the welfare of the campus military honorary. Pledges to Scabbard and Blade were announced during intermission. Gov. and Mrs. Clarence D. Martin headed the " honored guests " lists. More than 300 couples danced to the strains of Tommy Thomas and his Romance Time Orchestra. Programs were made of black, smooth leather with a gold border and the gold Scabbard and Blade crest. COMMITTEE Chairman . . . Fred Weingarten Asivstiint CliainiiiiM . . . Dick Pierce Business MiiMcigiT . . . Art Blom AsjustiiMt Biisuif.s.s MiiMii cr . . . AiRO Gonnella Euviitii ' c Sarildncs . . . Bobbie Arneil, Valerie Ellis Decorations. . .Kenneth Pell, chairman; Jack White, assistant; Carmelita Marvin, secretary PiihUcity . . . Chuck Howard, chairman; Virginia Kellogg, secretary Prognims . . . Neil Matzger, chairman; Barbara Horrocks, secretary Arraiigcmt ' iits . . . Lynden Anderson, chairman; Eugenia Davis, secretary Honor Guests . . .Joe Moore, chairman; Barbara Robinson, secretary EiiliTliiiMMU ' iil . . . Woodrow Ingraham, chairman; Virginia Llinn, secretarv • 120 SPORTS PROMENADE To the music of Anson Weeks ' 17-piece orchestra, scores of couples danced in the blossom-decked Civic Auditorium, May 18, 1935, at the first all-University " Sports Promenade. " " Dancin ' with Anson " ushered in a new tradition — having a nationally famous band for a University ball. Blossoms entwined through trellises, ivycovered walls and crepe-paper streamers carried out the " Blossom-time " motif while a yellow tropical moon shone down on dancers. Guests of honor were Poughkeepsie-bound crew- men, having their last " night out " before entraining for the east. During intermission. Miss Janet Riggs and Miss jane Brotherton were announced as co-holders of the 1935 junior queen title. Oval Club pledging shared the spotlight. Programs were of Japanese rice paper with covers of blossoms against a green background. Featured entertainers from Anson ' s orchestra were Kay St. Germaine, torch-singer, and Frankie Saputo of " Man on the Flying Trapeze " fame. COMMITTEE Gcncni! CIniirmiiii . . . Del Muller Assi-stiiiit CliiiintuiM . . . Ray Fox Sfcrctjnu . . .Laura Spencer, Janet Riggs, Phvi i is Klinker, Jeanne de Friel PuHitit} ' . . . Art Meyer, Miriam Warner; Jean McCurdy, secretary Tickets . . . Ray Malone, Bob Moffat, Jean Gibb, secretary Dmiratioiis . . . George Hog. n, Rhodes Moller; Barbara J ACOBSON, secretary Priigriims . . .Jerry Firnstahl, Mary Bannick; Bob Burgseth, secretary Entcrtiiiiimciit . . . Bill Houston, Bunny Stokes; JoYE KuGLER, Secretary Ri rcslimfiits . . . Dick Ballard, Alice Elizabeth LaPlant; Jane Brotherton, secretary Diii ' CFiports . . . Bob Isaacson, Fred Growl; Helen Nichols, secretary Patrons . . . Orena Armstrong, Mary Goyle; Margaret Odell, secretary Arrangements. . . Bob Hawes, Ken Fuller; Ruth Berry, secretary Hoi ' cltics . . . Garl Richardson, Nancy Erdahl; Wanda Taylor, secretary MULLER ARMSTRONG BALLARD FIRNSTAHL FOX HOG AN HOUSTON MALONE MEYER SPENCER 121 • TOLO Scores of males zipped up their billfolds extra tight January 24th, then strolled nonchalantly downstairs to meet impatient girl friends, waiting to do the honors on the once-a-year " reverse treat " night, sponsored by Mortar Board. And the girls did " shell out " in a grand manner, taking their dates to dinner, to the Oregon- Washington basketball game, then to the big Tolo dance at the Olympic, where dancing was enjoyed in the Spanish ballroom to Jules Buffano ' s band and in the Bowl to Dick Jergen ' s. Programs were of black suede in the shape of mortar boards. COMMITTEE Gfiicnil Chiurman . . .Janet Riggs Tiikcts . . .Dorothy Hemphill, Peggy Brownell Programs . . . Willa Lou Woods Pdtroiis . . . Elsie Cooper Publicity . . . Bernita McCaffrey EiifcrtaiiimcHt . . . Kathleen Calkins Mortar Boari Dinner . . . Helen Nichols House Dinners . . .Josephine Quigiey Pesters . . . Leona Priebe NICHOLSON MATRIX TABLE fionoring coeds outstanding in activities, and women prominent in Seattle business and professions, Theta Sigma Phi, women ' s national journalism professional, sponsored the sixth annual Matrix Table spring quarter. The actives cooperated with the alumnae in planning the formal banquet. Assisting Lee Nicholson, president of the active chapter, were Annabel Lee Biggie, Mary Coyle, Dorothy Craig, Betsy Gormley, Mary Kosher, Dons Mcllroy, Barbara Nowlin, Betty Turner, and Beatrice Wade. Guests were: Janet Adams Violet Anderson Bobbie Arneil Mary Bannick Betty Bendix Belle Berch Frances Boyer Peggy Brownell Kathleen Calkins Mary Ann Caughran Anne Cederquist Hasseltine Chessher Rliby Coates Elsie Cooper Barbara Crowder MiLLICENT DoNCASTER Eva Marie Earley Valerie Ellis Jane Embltry Nancy Erdahl Jane Eshom Virginia Fett Beth Fitton Charlotte Fitton Mary Lou Graham Marie Hale Mary Frances Hartson Helen Hayden Leah Hayward Dorothy Hemphill Doris Hemrich Mary Jane Hilen Virginia Hoskins Jeanne Hummer Eleanor Huot Ann Hutchinson Barbara Jones Virginia Kellogg Eleanor Kinkaid Phyllis Klinker Beth Loeffler Bernita McCaffrey Patricia MacAuley Jean McCurdy Kay Madden MiRA Moll Helen Nichols Bernice Nolting Margaret Odell Rliby Osterman Betty Page Jane Porter Leona Priebe Jo Quigley Jane Reamer Janet Riggs Frances Rohrback Margaret Runnalls Geraldine Salkin Mary Scammell Margaret Seamans RuthSiegel Peggy Stiley Bunny Stokes Ariel Stout Patricia Strickler Fritzi Sw.anson Wanda Taylor Ruth Van Arsdale Claire Wernecke AiLEEN Willis Margaret Wilson Laurien Winn • 122 ENGINEERS ' INFORMAL Cupid, chubby herald of love, reigned supreme at " Cupid ' s Cotillion, " annual Engineers ' Informal, staged Valentine ' s Dav in the Senator Ballroom. Guests ' photographs were snapped as they entered through a gigantic three-dimension heart, and the finished pictures were then framed in valentines as souvenirs. Herman, campus mascot, was there, illuminated by neon lights as he pumped blood through his heart by an ingenious device. Tiny arrows, encased in red imitation leather quivers, when pulled out, revealed dancing partners. SCHAEFFER COMMITTEE CliiiirmjM . . . Walt ScHAEFFER As. ' iijtiiiil Cliiiirmiin . . . Mack Koon Eiitcrtiiiiimcnt . . . Bill Shannon DcioriJtioHs . . . Frank Melder, Don Forsander EvciuliiT Sarcliirics . . . Betty Meacham, Nancy Erdahl Orc us ri . . . Chet Olson Krrixngtn m i ... Ed Hamilton, Warren Philbrick Tickets . . . Hubert Wilson, Roy Peterson Programs . . . Ben Sumrall Piitroiis . . . Charlotte Wright Pnl ' luitv . . . Beth England, Munro Pineo COMPASS AND CHART When guests of Compass and Chart entered the Spanish Ballroom of the Olympic February 21, for the honorary ' s annual dinner dance, they were accorded the glittering recep- tion given visiting " gold braid " dignitaries, passing through lanes of uniformed men standing stiffly at attention. During intermission, Capt. H. B. Riebe awarded citations to members for outstanding work in naval activities. Huge wall murals depicting the " Battle of Jutland " and the " Battle of Lake Erie " lent navy traditions to the ball setting. Programs were of blue suede with the crest of the chapter in gold. Morris Mazon ' s orchestra provided music. COM MITTE E CliiiiniidH . . .Port Boyce Assistiiiit ClwiniiJii . . . Eddie Bl. ' ck Decorations . . . Vern Osterberg Publuitv. . . Gotland Ci ARK FinuHCM . . . Duncan McNab Programs. . . Charles Palm tn 123 • PARTICIPATING IN LL CLiC ARE 3,000 OF WASHINGTON ' S MEN, WHO GET MUCH OF THEIR EXERCISE TREKKING TO AND FROM THE PAVILION. RETURNING TO GREEK ROW FROM CLASS OR TURN- OUT, THEY GIVE THEIR THUMBS A WORKOUT AS THEIR EYES FOLLOW CARS WHICH HAVE SPED BY. - CREW Bv Bob Green To ii ina.sliT l?m(|M)uim iImJ ii Irnc Sfvii.siiuiii i.s llii.s .siiluui Ji ' iiuiiUil. (Ji ' cuvi Piiitulc is Liuncii lii iiiiMikT.V()[ilu- rowing fraUrnilv not ciilyii.sii .shllij .sliill I ' nil Jir, |in( ii.s inii iclui holds lii ;li llu- ideals I ' l trill.- .s ' f ' iirtiiiwii. ' iliif. Wii.sliuiijiiiii Oiinsitu ' ii iiri likJuLiJ jocluiuitt to cnjox such close coiitiitt uitli tins num.]uu-t plnlo.scipli) ' iind liiiHior iirt- ii sourct: of insyiration and ciijoyiiu-iil to ill I alio kiuni ' liim. Three straight victories over Call- load of national title defenders in a spectacular varsity forma early in the |season got the race. Another trosh crew which was destined to go on and 1935 campaign oft to a flying start, successfully defend Washington ' s Poughkeepsie title started Rowing on the Oakland estuary — . - -. the Huskies again completely domi- nated the Pacific Coast regatta tanced them to cross the finish line over five lengths ahead. Even more impressive was the jayvee victory. The California boat was composed largely of members of their previous year ' s national varsity champs. Past performances held little significance to the boat load of fighting Huskies who finished many lengths ahead of the Bears. They gained an early lead and added to it at will throughout the contest. the day oft by running wild in the first race. The BoUes- coached eight far outclassed the Bear cubs and easily outdis- by bringing home overwhelming victories in the frosh and jayvee races, and nosing out a strong boat Left to Right SCHACHT . MORRIS . GREEN . SCHOCH HARTM. N . RANTZ . HirNT . G. Washington three feet behind Calitorn WA5H1KSTON BEARS W •. iU . The varsity race provided spectators with one of the most thrilling finishes ever witnessed on the estuary. Washington ' s 1934 national freshmen champions rowed intact to win their first varsity race. A final drive that the Californians could not match brought the Huskies from behind as the crews neared the finish line. Their margin of victory was less than a quarter of a length. • 126 POUGHKEEPSIE Three Washington crews mvaded the Poughkeepsie regatta with " Sweep the Hudson " as their motto. Although unable fully to carry out this aim, they did keep the frosh title and added the jayvee crown to the year ' s winnings. In the other race the Washington crew that rowed as the jayvee against California lost out in the varsity race after leading throughout the major part of the four-mile contest. They could not rallv to meet the terrific finish of the Cornell and California eights who battled it out tor first place. California won by scant feet. The fiusky ' s all-sophomore crew, this time rowing as the jayvee, added to their record of three straight victories in as many races. One change was made in the personnel of the boat. Winslow Brooks replaced George Morry as cox. For the frosh and the jayvee boats, the season ended with this race, but the varsity went on to Long Beach for the sprint races. ULBRICKSON Li: t tc Right YORK . R. ' iNEY . S. LUND . MC MILLlN . MOCH. COX SNIDER . BATES . D. Y . WHITE Ulbnckson and Bolles coach the Huskies, Poughkeepsie Regatta. w LONG BEACH It took an Olympic record breaking crew to nose out the Huskies at Long Beach. In fact both Washington and California surpassed the course record in the final heat of the series. As in the Poughkeepsie race, the Bears came from behind to take the lead from the Huskies Their margin of victory was less than a deck length, with Washington finishing second in a blanket finish that found no open water between the tour entrants. 127 • SB ' WASHINGTON LIGHTWEIGHT CREW Bruce Olson, stroke Ted Emmert, No. 7 Henry Loew, No. 6 Gerrv Brott, No. 5 Don Dederick, No. 4 Stu Smith, No. 3 (Captain Elect) Les Hollenbeck, No. 2 (Captain) GoRDV Young, bow Ed Meyer, cox fV f ) LIGHTWEIGHTS In his second vear as 150-pound crew coach, Gordon " Polly " Parrott turned out one of the finest lightweight squads Washington has ever had. Several veterans from the previous year ' s outfit, supplemented by sophomore recruits, gave him a fine group from which he developed his combinations. They lost their only race in the regatta at the Vancouver Rowing Club ' s meet at Vancouver. After winning from the Canadians earlier in the season, the 150-pounders dropped a close race when they visited their more experienced rivals in the final race of the season. The Huskies also turned in an overwhelming victory over the Oregon State ' s ne-wly formed varsity. Captain Les Hollenbeck was awarded the Yale inspiration trophy. I WASHINGTON FROSH CREW Don Hume, stroke Don Canfield, No. 7 BiLT, Seaman, No. 6 Gordon Adam, No. 5 Don Coy, No. 4 Mert Hatch, No. 3 John White, No. 2 Bob Murray, bow Earl Schenk, cox FROSH A fine freshman eight brought home another national championship to Washington. Consistently outshining all comers, the Husky frosh, coached by Tom BoUes, are fast gaining national prestige in their field. Rowing against crews heralded by eastern critics as the East ' s finest in years, Washington ' s boat again led the field to a five-length victory. Their presence in the 1936 turnouts should aid much in the quest for Olympic honors. • 128 WASHINGTON CREW MANAGERS First Rene. . . Bii i. Kirschner, Ernie Stovvem., Rai ph Jacobson, Bill Sherman SiVcmJ Row . . .Jack Rvan, Ivan Parrv, Warren Philbrick Tliirj Rene. . . jiM Eagleson, Bob Edwards IM MUELLER MANAGERS Long hours of toil in all kinds of weather and doing all kinds of work sums up the duties of the managerial staff Out of the large group that start as freshmen managers only two reach the top. The voluntary service of this group is of immeasurable value to the coaches and oarsmen in lessening their burdens. No finer type of service could be given to one ' s school. Three years of efficient effort rewarded Jim Mueller and John Laughlin with the 1936 senior and senior frosh managerships. Bob Edwards and Bob Lund took over the duties for the 1936 term. PIGOTT AWARD Winslow Brooks earned the distinction of being the first cox ' sn to receive the Pigott trophy. After being voted the most inspirational member of the 1935 squad, " Winks " went on to cox the jayvee boat in their Poughkeepsie victory. WINSLOW BROOKS Dedication of the 1935 varsitv shell, T.iman.uvos 129 • The interior of George Pocock ' s workshop showing a shell in the making v;( .»£ - .v: fi " LAZAREVICH WASKOWITZ FOOTBALL, 1935 By Lee Jacobi Never in the history of Washington football has a more versatile team been assembled. An experienced, talented backfield behind a rugged, tough line is an adequate description — a hip-swmging, left-handed, right halfback m all-coast By Haines, a brilliant field general and superb kicker m Elmer Logg the " drivingest " half-back since the days of George Wilson in |immie Cain and a worthy successor to " Socko " Paul Sulkowskv in Ed Nowogroski. The line included two three-year veterans in Captain Dan Lazarevich and Ted Markov, the brilliant Chuck Bond at right tackle and Jack MacKenzie at left. Abe Shper, selected by Babe Hollingberry to play in the East-West all-star game in San Francisco on New Yeats Day, was at right guard and Max Starcevich, named on several all-coast teams, at left guard. At center was John Wiatrak, big, rugged, 200-poimd Chicago boy. Yet this team, potentially Pacific Coast Champions, lost three games! At the same time they scored more vards and more first downs than any of their opponents. In almost every game Lady Luck turned her back on the 1935 Eluskies. Time after time, with victory just within reach, Washington would get a bad break and what should have been a great team emerged as a mediocre one with five wins and three defeats. WASHINGTON 14; IDAHO After only thirteen days of practice a heavy-lidded, under-conditioned University of Washington Husky marched out onto Stadium turf to face the first University of Idaho team under Coach Ted Bank. The game started out at a slow pace, and the largest crowds in opening day history had neither thrills, spills nor excitement to liven them up. The ball was on Idaho ' s 46-yard line late in the second quarter was given to " Bender " Bv Haines on an end run. The nimble- footed Haines twisted and squirmed his way for 46 vards to the goal line and pay dirt. Then things quieted down again and the scoring was over until the middle of the fourth quarter when Ed Nowogroski was given the ball on a weak-side reverse and with the aid of perfect interference romped 31 yards to score. Nowogroski makes a short gain against Idaho. Logg and Shper (55) are blocking for " Big Ed. " Capt. Dan " leaps through the air " to stop Dougherty of WSC for a loss. • 130 Haines makes 16 yards oft tackle in the Stanford game. He looks like he was about to be stopped by Coffis (on the ground) but he slithered loose until stopped by Paulman (16). Shper (55) blocked Gravson (22) out of the play. Nowogroski (indicated by the arrow) scores agamst Montana. Bond (72), Cain (in the foreground), Logg (14) and Lazarevich (58) are other Washington players in the picture. WASHINGTON 13; SANTA CLARA 6 Stopping San taClara ' s " free- vheeling, " " King Alphonso ' shift attack cold, the Huskies became the first conference team to beat the pesky Broncos m two years of play. Thev also presented Coach ]immy Phelan with a mighty sweet victory over his old Notre Dame classmate, Coach " Clipper " Smith. The highly touted Bronco offense was only able to amass one first down in the entire afternoon ' s work. The first Washington score came in the first period when Jimmie Cain faded back to throw a pass. Finding all receivers covered, " Sugar " tucked the ball under his arm and side-stepped his way to the one-yard line where he was forced out of bounds. Nowogroski bucked it over on the next play and Logg converted. All the rest of the scoring was saved until the final minute to plav. It was the Broncos ' ball on their own 21-yard line and Kalaski faded back to kick. Brougham and Shper broke through to recover the ball for Washington. A few plays later Logg passed over the goal line to Cain for the final Washington score. Logg missed the trv-for-point, Santa Clara elected to receive with 15 seconds left to plav. Kalaski took the ball on his own 15-vard line and ran through the entire Washington team to score just as the gun went off ending the game. WASHINGTON 21; WASHINGTON STATE COLLEGE Scormg more points in a single afternoon ' s work than both teams have been able to score in the past five years of pla the Huskies smashed the favorite WSC tradition, that of never having been beaten on their home field. The first score came on the first plav from scrimmage. The ball came to By Haines who out-twisted and out-ran the Cougars for seventy yards to score. Elmer Logg kicked the trv-for-point. The second score came as a result of a series of passes from Haines to Logg and Cain to Lazarevich. The next few plavs found Nowogroski bucking the center for two and three-yard gains to the one-foot line. Jimmy Cam took it over on the next plav and Logg again converted. The final touchdown drive came in the fourth period with Cain and Nowogroski doing the veoman dutv. With the ball on the three-yard line and the Cougars expecting another center plunge by Nowogroski, quarterback Logg called for a wide end rim with Everett Austin carrymg the ball. The strategy worked, Austin scoring standing up. Logg again split the cross-bars for the extra point. AUSTIN JACOBI ERICKSON 131 • s .», NOWOGROSKI STARCEVICH WASHINGTON 0; STANFORD 6 On the cold gray day of October 26 in the Stadium, Washington followers saw the hopes ot a Conference championship and a Rose Bowl team go glimmering gracefully off the toe of James " Monk " Moscrip, Stanford ' s great All-American end. They also saw a high-powered Washington offensive machine stopped time after time whenever the twenty-yard line loomed up. Besides Moscrip, another Stanford All-American, Bobbv Gravson, was an integral part of the Stanford victorv. The Redskins ' scoring came in the first period when Stanford took the Washington kick-off and marched right down the field to the Washington 26 where Moscrip calmly kicked his first field goal. Just five minutes later he had kicked another, this time from the 27-yard line, and the score was 6-0. WASHINGTON 33; MONTANA 7 After Washington ' s reserves stumbled, fumbled and fell, permitting the University of Montana Grizzlies to score during the opening quarter, Coach Phelan hustled his varsity regulars onto the field with instructions to score. And the varsity did. Taking the ball on their own 44-yard line they marched straight down the turf to the goal line. Nowogroski carried the ball over and Logg converted. The half ended with the score knotted at 7 all. Washington received the kickoft at the half and in another concerted drive, this time for 57 yards, scored again. On this trip By Haines carried the ball and Logg again kicked the try-for-point. The fourth quarter saw Montana rapidly tiring, and Washington scored three times. First it was Cain, then Tipton, and then Rulis. Logg kicked the conversion after the third touchdown, but both attempts by Bond went wide of the posts. WASHINGTON 0; CALIFORNIA 14 While Lady Luck turned her back very decisively, Washington lost their second game of the season Berkeley. Lady Luck wasn ' t all to blame however. Bob Herwig, Bear center, made life and was especially effective inside his own 20-yard line. California ' s first score came just as the half ended on a pass from Blower to Sparks which was good for 30 yards and the score. ■The difference in the two teams was that California ' s passing attack was clicking perfectly and Washington ' s was constantly running into Mr. Llerwig. Defensively the teams were about on a par, with Herwig, Captain Lutz and the Brittingham brothers standing out for California and Wiatrak, Starcevich. and Nowogroski for Washington. to the University of California in miserable for the Huskies all afternoon long The start of a Washington reverse against Stanford. Haines (with the ball) fakes to Nowogroski (17) and then follows Logg and Cain off the weak-side tackle. Waskowitz about to be stopped bv California ' s Anderson Schwartz (99) and R. Brittingham (22) in the game at Berkeley. • 132 (26), Waskowitz (45) and Shper stop Donnell, Oregon fullback, while Lazarevich (58), Starcevich (66) and V. Markov come up to assist. T. Markov (63) is the Washington man being blocked out in the foreground. Nowogroski cuts loose against USC. WASHINGTON 6; OREGON 7 The ball went up, over, and all around the Oregon goal posts when Elmer Logg kicked it, but it didn ' t go through, and Washington lost a close, hard fought game. Three times did Washington ' s kicking ace try the medicine that beat the Webfeet in ' 34 and three times he failed. Oregon dominated the opening minutes of the fray and promptly scored a touchdown and converted. Not to be outdone the Huskies took up the burden and with two beautifully executed forward passes, one from Waskowitz to Captain Lazarevich good for 18 yards and one from Waskowitz to Haines and a touchdown. From then on the game developed into a donnvbrook. Washington was stopped by an alert Oregon defense and a few bad breaks. Once in the third quarter Haines caught a pass from the rifle-like arm of Fritz Waskowitz and swivel-hipped his wav 32 vards for a touchdown, onlv to be called back when an official spied a Washington lineman offside. Twice Elmer Logg worked his team in a position to trv for a field goal, once from the 26-vard line and once from the 30. Each time a gentle, harmless-looking breeze eased his attempts wide of the goal posts. Ed Nowogroski was the individual offensive star of the game, carrying the ball for 100 of Washington ' s 163 yards gained from scrimmage. WASHINGTON 6; UNIVERSITY OF SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA 2 On the day of his nomination as an all-coast halfback. By Hames proved he richly deserved that coveted honor bv scoring all the points both teams made in the USC game. Haines caught USC ' s opening kickoff on his own one-yard line and fumbled it. He picked it up, reversed his field to elude his tacklers, a mixup resulted, and the officials awarded USC a safetv. The next quarter the Huskies came back and after marching down the field for 30 yards, Haines broke into the clear and rambled 25 yards to score. Logg failed to convert. Twice Elmer Logg attempted a field goal but both times he missed. Several times USC was in scoring territorv and once, in the fourth quarter, had the ball on the 12-yard line. Bv Haines promptlv stepped into the picture, intercepted one of Davie Davis ' passes, and ran it back for some 30 vards before he was stopped. This ended all Troy ' s scoring threats. Although Washington ' s efficiency was impaired by the loss of " Big Jack " MacKenzie, injured in the Oregon game, necessitating the changmg of John Wiatrak from center to tackle and inserting Bud Erickson into the lineup at center, the Huskies more than held their own in the matter of statistics. The official tally sheet showed each team had scored 157 yards from scrimmage, and Washington made 12 first downs to USC ' s 8. ROHRSCHEIB T. MARKOV 133 • H ftM . MARKOV HAINES FINAL CONFERENCE STANDINGS W. L. T. Pts. Stanford 4 1 60 California 4 1 55 UCLA 4 1 75 Oregon 3 2 40 WSC 3 2 55 WASHINGTON 4 3 80 OSC 2 3 1 46 use 2 4 45 Idaho I 5 20 Montana 5 1 21 JOHNSON GADKE LETTERMEN INCLUDED: P. A. Enis . . .Ted Markov, Dan Lazarevich, Bud Douglas. Dick 1 Johnson and Walt Rohrscheib. 22 TiiciilM . . . lack MacKenzie, Charles Bond, Vic Markov and 39 ' Milton Brougham. 45 GiiiirJs . . .Max Starcevich, Abe Shper, Frank Mattes and Fred 61 Gadke. Lee jacobi, Honor " W. " 36 Cmtcrs . . .John Wiatrak, Ed Erickson and Mitchell Mondala. 66 Uiirtcrlwil.- ' i . . . Elmer Logg and Randall Bond. 53 Hiilf(iJi:l;5 . . .By Hames, James Cain, Everett Austin, Fritz 67 Waskowitz, Homer Tipton and Ed Rulis. 101 Fullbiiik ... Ed Nowogroski. FRESHMAN FOOTBALL Playing a 6 to 6 tie with a strong Bellingham Normal team and beating the Oregon frosh 8 to 0, the University of Washington yearlings lost their chance to win Northwest championship honors by dropping a 14 to 13 decision to the Washington State Babes. Freshman Coach Ralph " Pest " Welch was assisted by Dorsett " Tubby " Graves, Don Pollock and Paul Radke. Men winning numerals were Curtis Jones, Henry Wise, Constantme Jundel, Burdette Kindred, Anthonv Gasparovich, Roy Nakagawa, Charles Roberson, Arnold Paige, Al Cruver, Charles Newton, Morry Abbott, Ray Blackstock, Douglas Drager, Steve Slivmski, Richard Klinge, Walter Zemeck, Coburn Grabenhorst, Frank Peters, Tom Sheldrake, Jimmie Johnston, William Zimmerman, Harry Yanagimachi, John Robinson, Joe Horkavv. VARSITY FOOTBALL SQUAD: FroHl Rc ' u (Icjt to nglit) . . . gossan . jacobi WALTERS . HEWITT " nEANDER . PHELPS . MATTES GADKE . MARLOWE . MALONE . JONES . MATRONIC Middle Row. . . NOWOGROSKI . LOGG . SHPER WIATRAK . STARCEVICH . LAZAREVICH . C. BOND CAIN . ERICKSON . T. MARKOV . HAINES WASKOWITZ Back Row. . . WILCOX . MUCHA . JOHNSON V. MARKOV . WORTHINGTON . TIPTON . MONDALA MURDOCK . MC CAFFRAV . RULIS . BROUGHAM FULWILER . ROHRSCHEIB . LEWIS . DOUGLAS ULLIN . R. BOND . GREELEY . PHELAN ( 44 ' . 43 28 « 2S t ' 1 4Pff IWF ' • f ' 0 ■.Jifcfllfi iii. 1 FROSH SQUAD: FmnlRi ' lf. . . KLINGE. PAIGE LENIOR . LUI . HORSIMON . BLACK- STOCK . ROBINSON . YANAGIMACHI MlJJIi ROU ' . . . RADKE . KINDRED Bl ' RSTOW . JONES . ROBERSON tiASPAROVICH . SCHIMPF . SLIVINSKI SHELDRAKE . NEWTON . POLLOCK WELCH Buck Row. . . GRAVES. DRAGER CRLr ER . ABBOTT . ZEMECK DESCHNES . JOHNSTON . JUNDEL GRABENHORST . NAKAGAWA • 134 FOOTBALL KIANAGERS: FroMt RiHC {left to riglit) . . . mc kenney . hart . lonctot . bennett . greeley . THOMPSON StVOMil Row . . . DUFFY . MARK . GREEN . LUNDIN . HILLYER . HILL . CASTLE . HULL . METZGER . SCOTT . GREGORY . POWERS . JONES MUCHA . ULLIN . WILCOX i ■1 ' .... This year ' s managerial staff was ably headed by Henry Greelev. The Senior Frosh manager was lim Bennett. Junior managers included Bob McKenney, Dick Hart, Bernard Lonctot, and Bill Thompson Thompson was selected to succeed Greelev, and Lonctot will nil Bennett ' s shoes for the 1936 season. To Earl " Click " Clark should go all the paeans of praise possible to bestow on anv man. The kindly skilled " Click " has endeared himself to generations of Washington athletes with his words of encouragement and deeds of mercy. Almost all Washington athletes know his remedy for most bodily ailments, " put some heat on it and we ' ll tape it up, " but everyone should know and appreciate the value of his advice and service. Washington owes more than mere words can tell to the venerable " Click. " For SIX long years Coach James M. Phelan has taught his football lore at the University of Washington. The " Canny Irishman " who came to the Husky school from Notre Dame, by way of Missouri and Purdue, follows a type of play made famous by Rockne at his alma mater, but varies it with his own innovations. He has fieldetf smart, heads-up squads since his advent at Washington but never a con- sistent winner. His teams, during his reign, have beaten every opponent in the conference. When he left the Purdue University, Phelan brought Chester " Cotton " Wilcox and Ralph " Pest " Welch to the Northwest with him to coach the backfield and freshmen. Both ha ' e proven themselves to be able assistants. e , CAPT. DAN LAZAREVICH Ahc Shper, veteran i;uard, this year ' s winner of the Fljhertv medal 135 • MC KINSTRY BASKETBALL EDMUNDSON Loverich and Loverich and Bv Jack Keene Following their defeat by Stanford for the Coast conference crown, Washington won an elimination tournament from Oregon State, Stanford and Southern California to win the Pacific Coast title and place in the Olympic Games basketball trials. The fluskies finished third in New York, conquering DePaul University of Chicago and the Wilmerding (Pa.) YMCA and losing to the McPherson (Kan.) Refiners, national AAU champions. Coach Hec Edmundson faced the season with the problem of replacing Captain-elect Clyde Wagner, who had quit school to attend medical college. Ralph Bishop, veteran forward, was elected to step into his vacated center position and later was chosen team captain. The balance of the squad included three of last year ' s sophomore stars: Bob Egge, Ed Chuck Wagner, and a member of the 1934 Coast championship outfit, Bob McKinstry. Bishop, Wagner finished two-three-four in the league scoring race. WASHINGTON STATE AT SEATTLE The regular season opened against the WSC ' s Cougars who were submerged in successive games 30-26 and 40-23. The first five played without substitution the first night and led practically all the way. WSC jumped into an 8-1 lead the subsequent game, but the Huskies finally woke up to establish a 21-9 advantage by half time. Chuck Wagner cages a one-handed shot in the first Idaho game. Ralph Bishop attempts a long against Washington State. Ivar Nelson, Cougar center, is trying to check him. • 136 Hunt Paterson and Howell Turner leap high into the air during the Coast playoff series with Stanford. Chuck Wagner fights for the ball under his own basket in the second Idaho contest. Ed Loverich and Bob McKinstry try to stop Chuck Patterson, Oregon center, dur- ing the second game with the Webfeet. OREGON AT SEATTLE Washington had to come from behind to defeat the highly-touted Oregon quintet in their first meeting 36-28. The Webfeet led 19-16 at the half, but tired during the second period. Bishop and Wagner topped the scorers. The Huskies walked off with the second contest 40-26, with Bishop tallying 19 counters, although Oregon was ahead for the first eight minutes. OREGON AT EUGENE Again outconditioning Oregon, the Huskies carried off another double-barreled victory 42-23 and 35-31 at Eugene. OREGON STATE AT CORVALLIS Oregon State ' s title-defending five fell next when Washington riddled their zone defense 51-33 — the highest score of any Husky-Beaver tilt in 10 years. Loverich scored 18 points, Wagner, 16, and Bishop, 1 1. OSC turned on the heat the following night to amass a 20-10 half time lead. In the last period Hunt Paterson replaced Egge, who was chased on fouls, and scored 10 points in 10 minutes to pace Washington to a 35-31 victory. IDAHO AT SEATTLE A big second half gave Edmundson ' s charges a 50-30 triumph over Idaho with Wagner and Loverich teaming up to score 30 points between them. The second game also went to the Seattle five 40-29, their tenth consecutive win. Bishop and Wagner headed the point-getters. IDAHO AT MOSCOW Needing but one victory to tie the record, set in 1932, Washington was stopped cold by the Vandals 40-33. The Huskies held a 20-18 lead at the intermission, but floundered under Idaho ' s vicious second half drive. Washington came back to win the final encounter, putting on the pressure in the final minutes ack Gannon, reserve guard, and Bishop each scored 13 points. ROSENBERG PATERSON 137 • frrff9 ' f 4 Y y VARSITY BASKETBALL Row 1 . . . PATERSON . WAGNER . LOVERICH . BISHOP . MC KINSTRY . EGGE . GANNON Roil ' 2 . . . FAILOR . BERRY . KASTNER . HENNING . WENDELLS . SPINNER . ROSENBERG WILSON . WERNER . DICKIE . COOK . COACH EDMUNDSON SUPERVARSITY BASKETBALL BIRD . EVANS . FUNK . REESE MARSHALL . PINKHAM . WALTERS . COACH FELT WASHINGTON STATE AND PULLMAN WSC avenged their two previous defeats, handing the Huskies a pair of setbacks. In the first the Cougars stepped out with a 23-13 half time advantage, but had to go into an overtime to finally win 36-35. Loverich, held out of the starting lineup with a cold, registered 16 points. With Loverich out, Egge suffering from a charleyhorse and Bishop and Wagner leaving the game on fouls, WSC had little difficulty swamping the demoralized Huskies 47-28 in the second contest. PLAMONDON OREGON STATE AT SEATTLE Over ten thousand fans saw Washington sew up the du ' ision title by overcoming Oregon State 39-30. Wally Palmberg, State forward, counted 19 points to establish a new league scoring record. In the second affair, the Huskies loafeci to a 25-19 victory as Palmberg ran his new scoring mark to 187. Twenty-three fouls marred the contest. Letters were awarded to the ten regulars: Capt. Ralph Bishop, Bob Egge, Jack Gannon, Walt Kastner, Ed Loverich, Bob McKinstry, Hunt Paterson, Henry Rosenberg, Chuck Wagner and Ross Werner. Brick Plamondon served as senior manager. Tubby Graves ' freshmen enjoyed one of the finest seasons on record, winning 17 games in 18 starts. They lost to the varsity reserves, but defeated the Victoria Dominoes, Canadian national champs. BASKETBALL MANAGERS Row 1 . . . BURNS . GOERIG . BALDWIN . WARREN . MC GEE HARDY Roil ' 2 . . . NEWLANDS . KOPET . DOOLITTLE . DUFFY . ENGLAND Roil ' 3 . . . PLAMONDON . M.4RSHALL . SEDORE . CRUZAN FRESHMAN BASKETBALL COACH GR.AVES . LOCKHART . DAVIES . BJORKLUND . BELL . FISHER . DORSEV . MANAGER PLAMONDON DRANEY . DORR . ZIEGENFUSS . WALKER . FLAGG . VOELKER • 138 CLEGG DEERING ROSENBERG TENNIS TORNEY Sweeping through six collegiate opponents, Washington ' s champion- ship varsity tennis team topped the 1935 season by placing Pal Rosenberg and Ken Clegg one-two in the singles, and Bob Briggs and Jim Hill second in the doubles at the Northern Division conference meet at Pullman, May 25. Netmen who aided in the Huskies ' win over Oregon State, Oregon, Washington State, Whitman, Idaho, and CPS were Pal Rosenberg, Ken Clegg, Bob Briggs, Barney Grevstad, Bob Deering, and Jim Hill. The 1935 freshman racket-wielders, " the best in the history of the University, " according to Coach Jack Torney, turned in victories over fifteen opponents without registering a defeat. Numeral winners were Bill Crapo, Dave Johnstone, Ed Murphy, Bob Knappenberger, Bob Cahen, George Gray, and Dick Bergholz. Frosli Ttiim.s . C.MIEN . CRAPO . GR. Y . KNAPPENBERGER . BERGHOL: 139 • LEIENDECKER FIRSTENBURG BASEBALL, 1935 By Norman Falahee A brilliant start — a disastrous slump — then a breathless five-victory finish that missed out by an eyelash, characterized Washington ' s 1935 second-place baseball nine. Proving once again that it is entirely possible for a college baseball team to win the Northwest championship with only one outstanding pitcher, Oregon took the pennant for the second straight year. Of the eleven Webfoot victories that enabled the Eugene club to finish first, Don McFadden, a right-handed pitcher, accounted for eight. just this lack of a really effective hurler hurt Coach Tubby Graves ' Husky squad. Graves had two or three creditable moundsmen, but none of the trio were as formidable as Oregon ' s ace. As it was, Washington made a thrilling comeback after losing five games in a row in the middle of the season. Washington started out by looking like sure pennant winners, taking both games from Washington State here, then drubbing Idaho twice on Graves Field. The Purple and Gold batsmen lost their power on their first road trip, however, losing four games to Oregon and Oregon State. Back on their own field again for the last time, the Huskies split two-game series with Oregon and OSC. Their last swing of the circuit resulted in double victories over Washington State and Idaho. With practically the same team back this year, Graves ' team should be a potent factor in the championship race. Willie Hewson, Len Rich, Gil Leiendecker, Paul Marlowe, Dick Cook, and Ed Loverich led the hitters, while Jack Daly, Rudy Enquist and Bernard Kohls were the trio of moimd aces. The Huskies score and Mascot Bobby Winslow goes after the bat. Liraves tells the umpire what really happened. lubh ' deniun.- iralcs how to " lav on the wood. • 140 ENQUIST KOHLS Lettermen were: Pitchers — Jack Daly, Rudy Enquist, Bernard Kohls; Catchers — Roger Dawes, Roy Marlowe, Roy Nevaril; Outfielders — Dick Cook, Ed Loverich, Gil Leiendecker, Paul Marlowe; Infielders — Dick Baker, Len Rich, Willie Hewson, Fred Firstenburg, Johnnie Hunter, Gil Enckson. Senior Manager — Bob Rodal. NORTHERN DIVISION STANDINGS Team Won Lost Pet. Oregon 11 5 .688 WASHINGTON 10 6 .625 Washington State 8 8 .500 Oregon State 8 8 .500 Idaho 3 13 .188 Firstbascman Baker dig.s one out of the dirt for a putout. — .-U3K ■MillJi ' Wee Willie He v.son fattens up his batting average. Hardworking managers smoothing up Graves Field for a conference game. 141 • ROHRSCHEIB TRACK, 1935 By Chuck Stewart Besides winning every 1935 conference meet in which they engaged, the Huskies placed third in the Northwest meet and split a brace of outside meets, beating Stanford and losing to UCLA. In view of the Indians ' later record, the win over Stanford was the high spot of the Washington schedule. The meet was held indoors and featured the shattering of four pavilion records. Johnny Mottram of Stanford hurled the javelin to a new record of 210 feet, V i inches; Vic Palmason turned m a 1:58 performance m the half; Hubert Smith, another Stanford man, high-jumped 6 feet, AYi inches; and the Washington relav team hung up a new mark of 3:25.2 over the mile distance. The final score was: Washington 58; Stanford 63. On April 20 the Huskies scored a win over Oregon State College with Bruce Humber carrying off high scoring honors. The Washington sophomore won both sprint races, his best mark being 9.7 in the hundred. Washington journeyed south for their second non-conference meet on May 4. UCLA took that one with the Huskies on the short end of the 68-63 score this time. The relay decided the meet with the 1934 intercollegiate relay champs led by Captain Jimmie Luvalle proving too strong for the Huskies. Humber wins the 220 against UCLA. • 142 . ..;f4 1. Click Clark helps Vic Palmason get ready for the half-mile while Scotty McDonald notes with approval. 2. A frosh timber-topper, Art Morgan, takes a high one. 3. The relay in the conference meet. 4. Bill Banks of WSC flashes to victory in the 220 low hurdles m the conference meet. 5. Ex-track captain Dan Braken watches over the trackmen between events. 6. Two speedburners, KiUien and Humber, pose for their pictures. 7. The third lap of the tough conference mile. Eb Sellers pulled the iron man act in that meet when he ran both the mile and two-mile. Sellers is the boy who set the two-mile record of 9:27.3 back in 1929, a mark which still stands. Out of competition since that year, Eb came back to finish his college career in a blaze of glory with an undefeated record in his favorite event to show for his last year. The next team to bow down before the squad of underclassmen comprising the bulwark of the fiusky aggregation were the highly touted Webfeet of Oregon. The score: 76j -54} . This meet marked the first defeat for Washington ' s Bruce Humber. Bud Shoemaker gathered ten points for the Webfeet with brilliant marks of 9.6 and 20.8 in the hundred and 220 respectively. In the latter event Humber was less than an eve-wmker behind the Oregon speedster. Washington ' s last conference meet brought another impressive win — this time over Washington State with a score of 76J 3-54 -3. The Northwest conference meet was a heart-breaker for the Huskies. One upset after another was scored as WSC and Oregon men outdid themselves in avenging Husky defeats. WSC won the final event, the relav, to give them a two-point margin over Oregon. The score: WSC 50? , Oregon 48 , Washington Bill Benke of WSC was individual star with firsts in the broad jump and low hurdles besides running anchor on the winning relay team. His mark of 23.2 in the lows tied the record of Washington ' s Steve Anderson, set in 1929. Shoemaker and Humber again put on a stirring duel in the sprints with the Oregon flash again nosing out the Husky. The times were significant: 9.5 in the hundred and 21.2 in the 220. Mick Metcalf was 1935 senior manager and was succeeded by Bill Behrens for 1936. The 21 men who won track letters were Bruce Humber and Ken KiUien, sprints; Frank Plumb and |im Drurv, 440 and relay; Roger Samples and Vic Palmason, 880 and relay; Jimmie Angle, mile and relay; Ariel Edmiston, mile, and Elbert Sellers and Walt Lunsford, 2-mile; Bert Anshutz, low hurdles, high jump; Harrv Pruzan and Jack Lipscombe, low hurdles; Bob Swisher, high hurdles, high jump; Gordy Congdon, high hurdles; John Gable, broad jump; Walt Rohrscheib and Jess Miller, javelin; Fred Grichuhm and John Bucklev, weights; and Bovd Childs. pole vault. COACH HEC EDMUNDSON PALM. SON GRICHLHIN LUNSFORD 143 • Row 1 . Row 2 . Row 3. Row 4 . Row 5 . . MOCH . BROOKS . MORRY . PATERSON . ANSHUTZ . EGGE . GANNON . LOVERICH . HEWSON . DRURY . ROHRSCHEIB . R. BOND . MUCHA . RICH . WAGNER . STARCEVICH . SHPER . HUNTER . SAMPLES . G. LUND . CAIN . MC MILLIN . HUNT . WIATRAK . KILLIEN . RANTZ . CONGDON . GRICHUHIN . MONDALA . C. BOND . MAC KENZIE . DOUGLAS . S. LUND . MORRIS . LAZAREVICH . SCHOCH . ERICKSON . ANGLE . SCHACHT . PLUMB . JOHNSON . KOHLS . HARTMAN . MARKOV . AUSTIN . ENQUIST . MATTES FIRSTENBURG . KHROLICH . BUCKLEY . HUMBER , MILLER . DALY . MC KINSTRY . CHILDS . MEDICA . LUNSFORD BIG " W " CLUB The Big " W " Club was organized May, 1912, to encourage and promote athletics and to foster a more intimate association among lettermen of the major sports. Abe Shper, President Henry Rosenberg, VurPrcsulciit Mitchell Mondala, SccrctaryTrCimircr Everett Austin Charles Bond Randal Bond Bud Brougham James Cain Bud Douglas Carlton Erickson Warren Flanagan Fred Gadke Byron Haines Ralph Bishop Robert Egge Jack Gannon Rich ard M. Baker Jack E. Daly Roger Dawes Rudolph Enquist FOOTBALL Dick Johnson Daniel Lazarevich Jack MacKenzie Theodore Markov Victor Markov Robert Martin Frank Mattes Mitchell Mondala Charles Mucha John Wiatrak BASKETBALL Ed Loverich Robert McKinstry Richard Merrin BASEBALL M. Gasparovitch Wilbur Hewson John W. Hunter Bernard Kohls Gilbert Leiendecker Matthew Muczynski Ed Nowogroski Don Pollock Paul Radke Walter Rohrscheib Abe Shper Max Starcevich Paul Sulkosky C. Woodrow Ullin Hunt Paterson Henry Rosenberg Charles Wagner Ed Loverich Roy Marlowe Leonard Rich Jeff Tesreau James Angle Bert Anshutz John D. Buckley Boyd M. Childs Gordon N. Congdon Jim C. Drury Ariel Edmiston Walter Bates WiNSLOW Brooks Victor Carter Robert Green Charles Hartman George Hunt George Lund Robert E. Deering TRACK Fred Firstenburg John Gable Fred Grichuhin Harold V. Hawkins Bruce Humber Kenneth Killien John M. King Harry E. Lund CREW Sidney Lund James McMillin Frank Marolich Robert G. Moch Roger Morris George Morry TENNIS James Hill SWIMMING Jack Medica Walter Lunsford |ess Miller Victor Palmason Frank Plumb Harry Pruzan Walter Rohrscheib Roger Samples Walter Raney |oe Rantz Bud Schacht Delos Schoch Bob Snider Robert White John York Henry Rosenberg 144 ELLIS . HALL . NORDELL . FARRENS . GORDON LLINSFORD . EVERETT . SANDER . STEELE . CONGDON . CHILDS MILLER . ANSHUT: . PALMASON . DRURY . ROHRSCHEIB . BUCKLEY SPIKED SHOE CLUB Founded at the University of Washington in 1926, to promote a greater interest in track and field sports and to give service to the University in the encouragement of a greater Washington spirit. Membership is composed of junior and senior managers and members of the varsity track team who have promoted good sportsmanship and a greater interest in track. OFFICERS Howard Ellis, Prcsuiciit Bob Swisher, VurPrcsuliriit Jim Drury, Sccrctary-Trcasitnr Click Clark Hec Edmundson Jim Angle Bert Anshutz John Buckley Boyd Childs Gordon CongdoiN Jim Drury Howard Ellis Dick Everett HONORARY MEMBERS Dr. D. C. Hall Charles May Jack Torney MEMBERS Bill Farrens Bob Gordon Fred Grichuhin Ned Hall Bruce Humber Bob Keating Ken Killien John Klein Walt Llts ' sford John Vandeveer George Vaknell Jess Miller Len Nordell Victor Palmason Walt Rohrscheib Roger Samples Bill Sanders Kit Steele Bob Swisher 3n fHpmnrtmn HERBERT LEE GOVE The tragic death of Herbert Lee Gove on February 23, ui an automobile acci- dent, brought to an end one of the most promising athletic careers the Univer- sitv has known and deprived his count- less friends of an inspiring personalitv. Gove, although onlv a freshman, had won his Minor " W " as a regular on the varsit - hockey team and was looked to as a future " great " on the baseball diamond. He attended Queen Anne High School in Seattle where he achieved the distinction of being named on the all-city football and baseball teams. It is to the memorv of Herb, a true sportsman and a fine athlete, that the Minor Sports section of the 1936 Tyee is dedicated. — The Editors. 145 • MINOR SPORTS B, Chan Thomas GuS ASPLUND COACH TORNEY CARPENTER . ERIKSEN . NELSON . HARVEY . CAPTAIN DICKSON . HOSKINS . JOHNSON . CADDEY NEWLANDS . BRANIGIN . MARSHALL . MC CLURE . PERRY SWIMMING Swamping two opponents bv a wide margin, the University of Washington swimming team placed themselves as contenders for Pacific Coast honors. Coach Jack Torney ' s varsity mermen are Bernie Dickson, captain; Gene Caddey, Franz Hoskins, Lucian Harvey, Pat Johnson. Bill Branigin, Knox Marshall, Ed Bruce, Jim Carpenter, Toy Nelson, Horace McClure, Jack Medica, Bill Wehman, Gilbert Baker, Harry Newlands and Gus Ericksen. Frosh swimmers are George Personette, captain, who set a new Northwest record of 23.7 seconds in the 50-yard free-style event, Charles Airey, Bill Wilcox, James Randies, Haakon Magnussen, and William Langevin. GOLF Although they drove and putted their way to the 1935 dual meet title of the Northwest, University of Washington golfers bowed to Oregon in the Northwest conference meet at Eugene. Huskies who made the Eugene invasion were Paul Murphy, Sherman Elworthy, Bu:: Hansen, and Bill Richards. In dual meets, Washington was unbeaten m eight intercollegiate matches although tied once and beaten once by Seattle city clubs. Members of the 1935 Washington golf team were: Don Simpson, John Czarniecki, Bill Richards, Paul Murphy, Sherman Elworthy, Bill Rourke, Buzz Clifford, Buzz Hansen, Genter Case, Howard Tustin, and Miller. RIFLE TEAM For the third time in the last live years, Washington ' s rifle team walked off with top honors in national collegiate competition. The Huskies also recaptured the William Randolph Hearst trophy, wresting the award from 538 teams throughout the nation. Members of the championship squad were Art LeBeau, Victor Koozin, Ward Lynn, Ray Striker, and Tony Lloyd. Koozm scored 198 points out of a possible 200 for the highest mark of any senior competitor in the national meet. Other members of Capt. George Daughtry ' s squad of marksmen included Joe Miles, Frank Lovegren, Howard Garvin, Glen Butterfield and Clinton Haring. WRESTLING University of Washington wrestlers showed championship form this year by defeating two opponents in convincing style. Coach Len Steven ' s grapplers were Sammy Hokari, 121 pounds; George Terada, 126 pounds; Tom Koeneman, 138 pounds; Jack Langdon, 149 pounds; Chuck Allen, 161 pounds; Louis Dewey, 179 pounds; Stan Rich, 194 pounds, and Art Means, unlimited. Governor Martin presents Hearst Trophy, emblematic of National Championship, to Vic Koozm Art Means wrestles Vic Markov for OK-mpic Games trial. • 146 PADDOCK . GRANT . DIECKMANN FREEMAN . GREENWOOD . DONATI ANGLE . PALMASON . MC LAREN . FARRENS MAGINNIS . CROSETTI FENCING Led by Captain Jack Dawley, Washington fencers, coached by Coach Augie Aurenheimer, swamped Reed College 8 to 1 in the opening match of the 1935 season. The season as a whole was uneventful. Bill Greenwood established himself as an Olympic Games contender by sweeping all three divisions in the Northwest Open Fencing tourney and copping the Putnam trophv for University fencers for the third consecutive year. Fencing letter winners were: Captain Jack Dawley, Seth Richards, Bill Greenwood, and Fred Velikanje. CROSS COUNTRY Besides winning dual meets, the University of Washington ' s cross country team won the championship trophy at this year ' s meet between the University of Oregon, University of Idaho, Portland University, and Reed College. Dave Maginnis, Sandy McLaren, Bill Maggleson, Jim Angle, Vic Palmason, and Everett Wolford made up the team and Hec Edmond- son and Walt Lunsford were coaches. SKIING Sweeping a majority of first places, Husky skiers won the 1936 Pacific Coast Intercollegiate Ski championship. Five Washington ski aces, including Bob Lamson, Fred Thieme, John Woodward, Bob Higman, and Mart Chamberlain, made the trip to Yosemite National Park. The University of Washington copped 353.38 for first place, followed by the University of California, with Nevada and Reed College training closely. In dual meets, the Huskies swamped Reed College 200 to 142 at Mt. Rainier, and the University of British Columbia 200 to 152 at Mt. Baker. Other members of the Washington 10-man squad were Max Krom, Bob Hill, Jack Doctor, Bill Millington, and Vaunev Robinson. ICE HOCKEY Ending their first year of intercollegiate hockey, the University of Washington puckmen won two games, tied one and lost two. Coach Don Mackenzie ' s skaters started out the year with a brilliant 8 to 3 win against the University of British Columbia and closed the season with a 4 to 3 victory over the same college. For the first time in Washington hockey history the local ice was invaded by the University of Southern California. In the three-game series played with the Trojans, the Huskies tied one game, 4 to 4, and lost two, 5 to 3 and 6 to 4. Huskv hockeymen were Harold Smith, John Carter. Roy Holland, jack Litsey, Herb Gove, Iim Panton, Doug Mavor, Ed Gault, Joe Denne, Bill Haas, Paul ' Vaschenko, Bill Houston, and Mickey Reid, goalie. ' 0 i3 n pi le Bfl 1 fk M 1 s 1 1 r ' ' ' ' .S ' B • » - ' A jj K «Nii H Ijr uS v Wk m jg fel NEWELL . LAMSON . HIGMAN . THIEML . WOODWARD . CHAMBERLAIN PANTON . HOLLAND . REID . HOUSTON . MA OR . H- AS . COACH MACKENZIE CARTER . GOVE . G.AUDT . LITSEY 147 • INTRAMURALS Joe Krivanek and Bob Cahen Sigma Nu . . . Footba Phi Gamma Delta . . . Track ■PI 1 hlH 1 S mti ¥ ' 939 m ' m:Tm Phi Delta Theta, runners-up . Wrestling Alpha Sigma Phi . . . Baseball FOOTBALL By a single touchdown, Sigma Nu won the intramural football championship when they defeated Sigma Pi. Phi Kappa Sigma placed third and Tillicums, fourth. Playing for the Sigma Nus were Ted Foley, Dan English, Jim Neander, Art Means, John Hounsell, Jerry Lurderman, Bob Milligan, Cavi Hossman, Chan Thomas, Lee jacobi, and Rollm Neibauer. GOLF The Delta Kappa Epsilon golf team of Joe Rawlins and Archie Taft won the intramural golf championship for the Dekes by defeating Paul Risener and Bob Butterfield, Phi Kappa Sigma. Theta Chi and Zeta Psi tied for third place. TRACK Taking three firsts. Phi Gamma Delta ran off with the intramural track crown. Outstanding for the winners was Pete Dix who won both the shot put and the 80-yard high hurdles and ran anchor on the relay team. Members of the Fiji team were Pete Dix, Rhodes MoUer, Kermit Wasmuth, and Roger Evans. TENNIS Intramural tennis honors were divided by Alpha Delta Phi and Tau Kappa Epsilon. Larry Carr and Bill Hussey played for the Alpha Delts and Ed Nelson and Winston Goss for the Tekes. WRESTLING The Dark Horses captured the intramural wrestling crown closely pressed by Phi Delta Theta. Individual honors were won by the following groan and grunters: Mark Mayfield, 115 pounds; Kawahara Hitoshi, 125 pounds; Tom Koeneman, 135 pounds; Pat Johnson, 145 pounds; Paul Sceva, 155 pounds; Charles Allen, 165 pounds; Charles Arwood, 175 pounds, Douglas Drager, unlimited. BASKETBALL Led by Roy Williamson and Cliff Brady, the Shooting Stars won the all-University basketball championship from a field of fifty competing teams. Beta Theta Pi and Kappa Sigma were runners-up. Players making the all-star team which was picked by the Daily and the Intramural department were Harry Lockhart and Cliff Brady, forwards; George Ziegenfuss and Roy Williamson, guards, and Dick Voelker, center. BASEBALL Slamming out a 5 to 4 victory over the strong Chi Psi nine. Alpha Sigma Phi captured the intramural baseball pennant. Makmg up the Alpha Sig team were: Barney Bakken, Babe Brooks, Howard Klieneder, Greg Gilkey, Bob Walters, Ted Clarke, Ralph Merklin, Hyland King, and Bob Kizer. SWIMMING Setting new records in all six events, the Dark Horses easily won the swimming title. George Personette, Al DuBois, Gene Caddey, Don Johnson, and Franz Hoskins swam for the winners. Runners-up were the Fijis and the Chi Psis. VOLLEYBALL Beta Theta Pi voUeyballers won the intramural champion- ship by beating S. C. A. 3. Finish Club and the Filipino Club were runners-up. Bud Mcintosh, Jim Greely, Bill Shannon, Bob Cole, John Beatty, Clarion Haney, and Dick Warren volleyed for the champs. Phi Kappa Sigma, runners-up . . . Golf Alpha Delta Phi . . . Tennis Phi Gamma Delta . . . Swimming Finish Club, runners-up . Volleyball • 148 Sigma Alpha Epsilon . . . Handball Alpha Delta Phi . . . Fencing Compass and Chart . . . Horseshoes BOXING Intramural crowns were laid on the heads of eight new hoxing champions during the 1936 competitions. The new champs were Dick Johnson, unlimited; Van Hillman, 179; John Mackid, 169; Pat Green, 159; Biff SpiUer, 149; Sid Stevenson, 139; Jimmv Skewes, 129; Paul Sampson, 119. SOCCER Soccer was introduced into the intramural program for the first time this year. Compass and Chart kicked their way to the championship followed by the Finish Club, Alpha Tau Omega, and Sigma Nu. FENCING Fencing was won by Alpha Delta Phi with Jim Greenwood and Bovd Huff out-foiling Harvey Wiltamuth and Jack Denton of the S. A. E. FOUL SHOOTING One hundred and thirty men competed in the 1935 intramural foul-shooting contest. Shooting 191 shots out of a possible 253, the Zeta Beta Taus tied the record made by the Betas in 1934. HORSESHOES Independents dominated the finals of the spring horseshoe tournament. Ring-tossers of Compass and Chart carried oft first honors with Wesley Club second, and the Filipino Club third. CROSS COUNTRY Cross country was the opening event of the 1935 intra- mural calendar. For the third successive time the Finish Club won the championship. TiUicums and Delta Upsilon placed second and third respectively. Compass and Chart . . . Soccer Zeta Beta Tau . . . Foul Shooting Finish Club . . . Cross Country Alpha Sigma Phi . . Garhart Trophy GARHART TROPITi ' The Garhart Trophy, given to the fraternity massing the greatest number of points in intramural competition, was awarded to Alpha Sigma Phi. Phi Gamma Delta closely pressed the Alpha Sigs for the cup followed by Sigma Nu, Compass and Chart and Beta Theta Pi. PING-PONG The intramural pmg-pong championship was won by Chi Psi when they took three straight games from Wesley Club m the finals. Bill Crapo, Jack Ryan, and Bob Neuport paddled for the winners. Chi Psi . . . Ping-Pong BELSHAW BELSRAW Through the efforts of " Bill " Belshaw, the University of Washington has assumed an intramural sports program that gives 3,000 men a chance to indulge in athletics during their college life. INTRAMURAL MANAGERS Intramural sports were under the direction of Senior Manager Don Holden. He was assisted by Junior Managers Gene Scott, Bill_Leahy, Cecil Drury, John McKeehan, and Alan Porteguese. HOLDEN . COHEN 149 • K TO WASHINGTON ' S Lzatu t (ZH.LZ LLO H. BELONG STUDENTS WHO HAVE IN COMMON AN INTEREST EITHER IN ACTIVITIES OR IN THEIR CHOSEN PROFESSION. HONORARIES AND PROFESSIONALS ARE A RECOGNITION OF THEIR MEMBERS ' OUTSTANDING WORK IN SOME FIELD OF ENDEAVOR. -0? -t? - -0? ■ fiiiMkJiiJ ' - ' ' ■ » I I ■ ! ' I ' .«! «•- — .. — taanLicULani MORTAR BOARD BERCH BROWNELL CALKINS COOPER HARTSON HAYDEN HEMPHILL HUTCHINSON MC CAFFREY NICHOLS NICHOLSON PRIEBE QUIGLEY RIGGS WOODS National senior women ' s honorary founded in 1918 at Swarth- more College. Tolo chapter chartered in 1925. Its purpose is to further service, scholarship, and leadership on university campi throughout the United States. Fourteen coeds from organized houses were chosen to model at Mortar Board ' s annual fashion show held this year at the Wilsonian on October 25. Janet Riggs directed the event. Tolo, annually sponsored by Mortar Board, was held on January 24 at the Olympic Hotel. Two orchestras, those of Dick Jurgens and Jules Buffano, helped the dance make the highest profit in its history. Proceeds from both the fashion show and Tolo were turned into the women students ' revolving loan fund, controlled bv the dean of women. OFFICERS Mary Frances Hartson, President Bernita McCaffrey, Vice-President Leona Priebe, Secretary Helen Nichols, Treiisiircr Kathleen Calkins, Keener of tiic Lojm Fiiiiii WiLLA Lou Woods, Historian Bernita McCaffrey, EJitor FACULTY ADVISORS May Dlinn Ward Helen Gorham Louise Fleming MEMBERS Belle Berch Jane Brotherton Peggy Brownell Kathleen Calkins Elsie Cooper Elaine Fulton Mary Frances Hartson Helen Hayden Dorothy Hemphill Ann Hutchinson Bernita McCaffrey Helen Nichols Lee Nicholson Leona Priebe Josephine Quigley Janet Riggs Willa Lou Woods PLEDGES Ruby Coates Valerie Ellis Jane Embury Beth Fitton Charlotte Fitton Leah Hayward Barbara Jones Virginia Kellogg Phyllis Klinker Doris McIlroy Kathryn Madden Mary Scammell Ruth Siegel Wanda Taylor Ruth Van Arsdale Claire Wernecke • 152 - CV t.X a FIR TREE Fir Tree is a senior men ' s honorary founded at the University of Washington in 1907. Election to membership is based upon signal service to Wash- ington. The aim of the organization is to uphold the traditions and promote the welfare of the University. OFFICERS Jack Williams, Prtsuliriit WooDV Ullin, Viic-Prcsufciil Charles Mucha, Secretary Everett Shipek, Treasurer FACULTY MEMBERS Tom Bolles BvRON Christian Charles Frankland Carl Kilgore Don Mackenzie Clyde Robinson Al Ulbrickson MEMBERS Bob Galf.r Tony McMahon Charles Mucha James Mueller Frank Plumb Everett Shipek Woody Ullin Bob White J. CK Williams frankland galer MC M. H0N MUCHA MUELLER PLUMB ROBINSON WHITE SHIPEK WILLIAMS ULLIN ■ 153 . TOTEM CLUB ivff-mm ANDERSON . BAILEY . BENDIX . BERCH . BIGGLE BBOWNELL . BOYER . BUCHNER . CALKINS . CASTLETON CHESSHER . DONCASTER . EARLEY . FOSSE . GARRISON GRAHAM . HARTSON . HAYDEN . HEMPHILL . HUTCHINSON KNOWLES . KOSHER . LA PLANT . MC CAFFREY . MC CURDY NICHOLS . NICHOLSON . NOLTING . ODLIN . PATTERSON PENDERGRAST . PRIEBE . QUIGLEY . REAMER . RIGGS ROBERTS . ROHRBACK . RUNNALLS . STRICKLER . STROMME TIPP . VERMILYA . WIN . WOODS Upperclass women ' s activity honorary founded at theUniversity of Washington in 1932. Membership IS based on service to Washington, and a " C " average is required of all members. OFFICERS Margaret Runnalls, President Betty Buchner, Vicc-Prcsuient Hasseltine Chessher, Secretary Pearl Tipp, Treasurer Helen Nichols, Histtiruiii FACULTY MEMBER Mary I. Bash MEMBERS Violet Anderson Dorothy Bailey Betty Bendix Belle Berch Annabel Lee Biggle Frances Boyer Peggy Brownell Betty Buchner Kathleen Calkins Jean Castleton Hasseltine Chessher Millicent Doncaster Eva Marie Earley Vivian Fosse Margaret Garrison Mary Lou Graham Mary Frances Hartson Helen Hayden Dorothy Hemphill Ann Hutchinson Grace Knowles Mary Kosher Alice Elizabeth LaPlant Bernita McCaffrey Jean McCurdy Helen Nichols Lee Nicholson Bernice Nolting Margaret Odlin Shirley Patterson Frances Pendergrast Leona Priebe Josephine Quigley Jane Reamer Janet Riggs Mary Roberts Frances Rohrback Margaret Rlinnalls Pat Strickler Eleanor Stromme Pearl Tipp Jean Vermilya Laltrien Winn WiLLA Lou Woods • 154 OVAL CLUB l ■■. 1 Founded in 1907 at the University of Washington for the purpose of encouraging unselfish service to the University. Outstanding upperclassmen are chosen and pledged spring quarter at the Sports Promenade and fall quarter at the Varsity Ball. In the spring Oval Club again backed the crew drive. It also sponsored the all-University Vodvil, and gave the feature act, the Ballet Moose, composed of Big " W " men in hoop skirts and toe slippers. OFFICERS Daniel Lazare ' ich, PrcsiJi-nt Henry Greeley, Scirctiiry John Laughlin, Treasurer Miner Baker, VurPrcsuiciit FACULTY MEMBERS Prof. Leslie]. Aver Thomas Bolles Dean H. T. Condon C. S. Edmundson Henry Foster Charles Frankland D. V. Graves Carl Kilgore Dean Edward H. Lauer Charles May Dean Frederick Padelford James Phelan Clyde Robinson Gilbert Schaller President Lee Paul Sieg Dean David Thomson Al Ulbrickson Nelson Wahlstrom Robert Alexander Miner Baker James Bennett Ralph Bishop Joseph Blake Melvin Borgerson WiNSLOw Brooks Edward Clinton James Donahue Charles Duffy Robert Edwards Rudy Enquist William Farrans Warren Flanagan Jack Fowlds MEMBERS Gene Frost Robert Galer Henry Greeley William Greenwood Thomas Griffith Hershey Gross Donald Hoisington Leslie Hollenbeck JoFiN King John Laughlin Daniel Lazarevich Gilbert Leiendecker Sidney Lund Walter Lunsford Ted Markov Jack Medica Robert Moch James Mueller Karl Oberleitner Paul Plamondon Frank Plumb Walter Raney Henry Rosenberg Harold Sheerer Everett Shipek Abe Shper Paul Sulkosky WooDRow Ullin Robert White Jack Williams Lfi£ ALEXANDER . BAKER . BENNETT . BROOKS CLINTON . PUFFY . EDWARDS . ENQL ' IST FOWI DS . OAI.ER . GREELEY . GREENWOOD GRIFFITH . GROSS . HOI LENBECK . HOlSlNiiTON KING. LAZAREVICH. LUND. LUNSFORD MARKOV . MEDICA . MOCH . PLAMONDON RANFV . ROSENBERG . SHPER . SULKOSKY WILLIAMS 155 • s, ' W " KEY Founded on May 14, 1934, atUniversity of Washington as an activity and scholastic honorary for underclass women. Its purpose is service to Washington. OFFICERS Wanda Tavlor, Pn:.siiloit Claire Wernecke, Secretary Mary Scammell, Vicc-Prtsiilciit Virginia Kellogg, Truimrcr BuNNiE Stokes, Corrcsffonimg Secretary MEMBERS Peggy Arneson Mabel Bennett Virginia Ann Bowden Nancy Erdahl Virginia Fett Beth Fitton Charlotte Fitton Virginia Hoskins Virginia Kellogg Eleanor Mankey Betty Meacham Alice Ogden Bronwen Pratt Virginia Robinson Jean Ross Mary Scammell Ann Sherburne Marylaird Small BuNNiE Stokes Wanda Taylor EssEY Tucker Claire Wernecke Margaret Wilson Jean Wingate ARNKSON . BENNETT . BOWDEN . ERDAHL FETT . B- FITTON . C. FITTON . HOSKINS KELLOGG . MANKEY . MEACHAM . OGDEN PRATT . ROBINSON . ROSS . SCAMMELL SMALL . STOKES . TAYLOR . TUCKER WERNECKE . WILSON . WINGATE • 156 MALAMUTES Founded in 1935 to further the interests of the University; to build a strong underclass organization similar to Oval Club. Its purpose is service to Washington. OFFICERS James A. Eastwood, Praxicnt John Biggs, Secretary Joe Spindor, Trciisurcr John Rosenkranz, RcuirJtT HONORARY MEMBERS Bob Alexander Art Grant John Biggs Ed Black Merritt Blo.xom Henrv Clausen Jim Eastwood Chan Englebry Don Granston Ed Hamilton Ken Hargreaves Jim Hite Don Lavelle Noel Atkinson Art Bateman Francis Bergerson Lee Billings Alan Blalock Dick Campbell Max Conover Harry d ' Evers Bill Fisher Don Hillman ScoTTY McDonald Robin Gloor Montgomery MEMBERS Bruce Lent BuDD Lunn Clay Nordstrom Howard Pederson Mark Perry Watson Robertson John Rosenkranz Joe Spindor Llew Springer Dan Starr Frank Taylor PLEDGES Stan Huey Roland Libby AvRON Marans Larry McIntosh George Putnam Phil Reilly Manning Richards Ralph Shotwell Walt Watson LoRiN Wilson • 157 ATKINSON. BHRGtRSON. BILLINGS. BLACK BLALOCK . BLOXOM . CAMPBELL . EASTWOOD d ' eVERS . FISHER . GRANSTON . HAMILTON HARGREAVES. HILLMAN. HITE. HIEY LAVELLE. MARANS. NORDSTROM . PERRY PUTNAM . REILLY . RICHARDS . ROBERTSON SHOTWELL . SPINDOR . SPRINGER . STARR TAYLOR . WATSON . WILSON X PHI BETA KAPPA National scholastic honorary founded at the College of William and Mary in 1776 for the purpose of encouraging scholarship and cultural interests among college students and graduates. Requirements for membership are evidence of cultural interests, good moral character, and a scholarship minimum of 3.5. OFFICERS Du. Edwin R. Guthrie, PrisiJiMt Dr. Luri.ine V. Simpson, .Sivnl iry Prof. Grace G. Denny, Viii-Pri.suloil Dr. Wii.i M. Re. d, Trai.siircT Dr. M. M. Skinner, Dr. Francis G. Wilson, EvtYiituf Coiiimillic HONORARY MEMBER President Lee Paul Sieg GUTHRIE DENNY SIMPSON READ FACULTY MEMBERS Victoria Anderson Joseph B. Harrison Lurline V. Simpson John P. Ballantine A. R. Jerbert M. M. Skinner Mary I. Bash Sylvia F. Kerrigan Harry E. Smith Maude L. Beal Trevor Kincaid E. B. Stevens Arthur S. Beardsley Edward H. Lauer Edward N. Stone Allen R. Benham A. N. Lorig Charles R. Strother Kenneth Cole Edward McMahon David Thomson Donald Cornlt Theresa S. McMahon Lena L. Tucker Clyde Myron Cramlet Selden C. Menefee Alvin Ulbrickson Beth Curtis Charles C. More E. J. Vickner Ebba Dahlin Vernon A. Mund Edward Wagenknecht Hugh DeLacy Everett J. Nelson Margaret Walters Grace G. Denny R. H. NOTTELMANN Charles E. Weaver Harvey B. Densmore Frederick M. Padelford Sophie R. Weinstein Edgar M, Draper Ruth E. Penington Lois J. Wentworth E. H. Eby Robert T. Pollard Walter B. Whittlesey Richard E. Fuller Francis F. Powers Clotilde M. Wilson _ ULIUS GlUNTONI Melvin Rader Francis G. Wilson AMES E. Gould Sarah Louise Read William E. Wilson Herbert H. Gowen William M. Read William R. Wilson Ralph H. Gundlach Victor B. Scheffer R. M. Winger Edwin R. Guthrie Helen E. Searls Arthur M. Winslow Ruth Hale Harold Shepherd Howard B. Woolston Amy V. Hall Lee Paul Seig Lawrence J. Betty P. Baxley Faith E. Beebe Emmanuel Bitar Margarete E. Chalfant Mrs. Lois Denny Mrs. Louise Evans Mrs. Dorothy D. French Margaret Hartson EmilJ. Hellund Donald B. How ard Harry W. Johnstone Max Kaminoff Charles E. Kemp CLASS OF 1935 Bl. nche LaVictory Carl O. Lawrence Kenneth L. Le.ach Janet W. Mc Arthur John W. McRae Mary F. Morthland Shirley B. Pape Vernon L. Parrington Mary M. Quigley Mary S. Riesl.and Annis Sandvos Francis B. Sanford Milner B. Schaefer Hugh A. Scott Muriel Sheinman Audrey Smith Daniel E. Stuntz Harry O. Swanson Cornelia Tomes Leonard J. Trinterud Willis A. Weisenborn Robert W. Wells Juanita Werts Osborne Wheeler Robert H. Williams Fr.ances Williamson Mary A. Worcester GRADUATES Thomas R. Hani.ey Harold K. Skramstad • 158 SIGMA XI Founded in 1886 at Cornell University to encourage original research in pure and applied science, and to recognize high scholarship of students in science and technology. Active membership requires the publication of research. Associate members are chosen for their ability in scientific research. University of Washington chapter was establisheci in 1907. Ralph A. Gundi.ach, Pn-siJciit W. L. Beuschlein, Vui-Prcsult-iit OFFICERS A. V. Goodman, Siirctiirv Forest J. Goodrich, Treasurer James Lindsey Alexander Partansio ' Alex.ander Bailey Clifford A. Barnes H. K. Benson W. L. Beuschlein H. L. Brake L Russell Cain A. F. Carpenter Walter M. Chappell Philip Church Donald H. Clark Ray W. C lough Howard A. Coombs C. R. Corey Joseph A. Craig Clyde M. Cr. mlet Edwin H. D. hlgren Joseph D. niels f. a. d-a tds0n W. M. Dehn Allen C. Delacy Harry A. Dunlop August Dvorak A. V. Eastman Fred S. Eastman E. O. Eastwood Robert Edmonds Erwin a. Esper Cl.mre Evans F. B. F.arquharson Louis Fischer Thomas W. Anderson Ernest Anstee Kathrytm Benson F. Robert Bergseth Renato Bl nchi Kelshaw Bonham J. W. Boukxight William O. Brandt Anna M. Brix Jessie Burch Jane Bltins Phillip R. Carlson Ray D. Ch.ard L. B. Cochr-an Dean Crystal Charles Davis Allen DeLacey L. R. Donaldson Thomas F. Doum. ni Esther Duchovv MEMBERS Frederic F. Fish T. C. Frye R. E. Fuller F. J. Goodrich Julia Goodsell G. E. Goodspeed J. E. Gould Bror L. Grondal J. E. Guberlet Ralph H. Gludlach Erna Gunther Edwin Guthrie David C. Hall C. W. Harris John F. Hart M. H. Hatch George E. Hawthorn Joseph E. FIenderson Rarold M. Hendrickson B. S. Henry Dora P. Henry G. L. Hoard Rachel E. Hoffstadt George P. Horton J. W. Hotson Harold Houlton Clayton S. Huey Melmlle Jacobs T. S. Jacobsen A. R. Jerbert C. W. Johnson Wilhelm Jorgensen Roy Kennedy Tre or Kincaid F. K. KiRSTEN K. A. Kobe Henry Landes H. A. Langenhan William M. Lanphere Lowell C. Lloyd E. A. LoEw Donald H. Loughridge Bryan T. McMinn J. Hoover Mackin C. E. Magnusson G. A. Magnusson Howard Martin Alfred L. Miller R. C. Miller C. C. More r. e. moritz Ralph W. Moulton Hermance Mullemeister L. L Neikirk ]0HN E. NeWSTROM Earl R. Norris f. a. osborn A. Penick Sargent Powell Effie L Raitt G. B. Rigg L. W. Rising MiLNOR Roberts Rex Robinson gltjdlach beuschlein goodrich Theodore R. Rosecoe Jennie Rowntree Llewellyn A. Sanderman Gilbert S. Schaller Victor Scheffer E. A. Shuchard Leonard Schultz Earl D. Scott Gordon R. Shuck L. P. SlEG V. SlVERTZ E. V. Smith George M. Smith George Sherman Smith Stevenson Smith David L. Soltau H. E. Sovereign H. V. Tartar J. DiTRW. RD Thayer T. G. Thompson Will F. Thompson J. R. ToLMIE ASSOCIATE MEMBERS Dorotha Duff Daniel Elam H. RRIET ExLINE Martha Flail ut Gertrltje Fleming C. Friedman Max p. Geer WiLBUn H. Goss Audree Granneberg Frank W. Gr.ant Barb.ara Gray John W. Gray Elmer Hansen Charles H. Harrison Byron Ha ens Albert W. Hawkins Glen Heathers C. Hedreen Emil Hellund George H. Hemmen George FIenderson Warren Hobbs Ingomar Hostetter Tom T. Iriy ' e Victor G. hxs Carl H. Johnson J. Irving JoLLEY Frank G. Jonelis G. Neville Jones Fred Kalb. ch Abe Krems Max Krom Roy E. Lindblom Richard L. Linkletter Leslie Lowen Henry S. Luke Sidney C. Lund J. N ' ET McArTHUR Philip C. NUgnusson Eugene K. Miller Gertrude Minsk Paul Morton Burton J. Moyer William H. Naylor Wilfrid Newschw.ander James J. Nickson EiNAR Nygren Marigale Osborne Betty Osierman Ruby Osterman Rose Ostroff Irwin A. Pearl Marjorie W. Peterson Verne Ray Ronald E. Reitmeier John Roberts Ralph J. Roberts Frederick W. Ross Berth. Royce Sidney M. Rubens Bernadine D. Tschudy Robert Tschudy Richard G. Tyler S. R. Tymstra C. L. Utterback Richard Van Cle ' e Robert B. V. n Horn Frank M. Warner C. E. Wea tr Helen Werby Ruth West Homer Wheelon E. R. Wilcox E. Allan Williams G. S. Wilson Hewitt Wilson Wm. R. Wilson R. M. Winger Hugo Winkenwerder A. M. WiNSLOW John Woodyard John Worcester George F, Sainsbury M. B. Schaeffer Donna Seaman Ralph Silliman C. Ronald Smith Stevenson Smith William C. Spiller Halvor T. Strandrud Daniel E. Stlint: Harold C. Trijeblood Malcolm Trltp Ch. ' VRLES B. W. gner Marjorie Westfall Mary Maurine White John M. Wick Robert H. Williams Shuko oshihara R. E. Z. ■E ' , 159 • TAU BETA PI Founded at Lehigh University in 1885 for the purpose of conferring distinction upon those engineering students or alumni who have maintained a high grade ot scholarship and attainment. OFFICERS Thomas W. Anderson, Pr«iJi»t William O. Brandt, .Sarcliiry Sidney C. Lund, Via-Prcsulfiit Charles C. Haworth, Treasurer FACULTY ADVISORS Dean E. E. Loevv Prof. C. C. More Prof. A. M. Winslow B. T. McMiNN F. M. Warner ANDERSON BRANDT LUND HAWORTH W. L. Beuschlein R. Q. Brown Prof. Joseph Daniels F. S. Eastman Prof. E. O. Eastwood R. H. G. Edmonds F. B. Farqltiarson J. W. Gr-ay Prof. C. W. Harris G. L. Hoard A. Jensen FACULTY MEMBERS Prof. F. K. Kirsten K. A. Kobe R. E. Lindblom De. n E. a. Loew D. H. Loughridge B. T. McMiNN Prof. C. E. Magnusson C. C. May a. L. Miller Prof. C. C. More L. H. Pries F. H. Rhodes G. S. Schaller F. C. Smith G. S. Smith Prof. R. G. Tyler R. B. VanHorn F. M. Warner E. R. Wilcox Prof. G. S. Wilson Prof. A. M. Winslow JR. WoODYARD Thomas W. Anderson Howard Beede Renato Bunchi Wilbert Bjork William Brandt Frank Browning Edwin J. Colbert Champ Corser James Dunford David Eastman William Enkeboll Herman Friedlander MEMBERS John W. Gray William H. Harris Byron L. FIavens Charles Haworth George H. Hemmen John C. Ireton Emil C. Jensen Max M. Krom Alex Leipper Sidney Llind Philip Magnusson Richard K. Melton Paul R. Moore David Morris Kenneth Scribner Donald Shaw Thomas Sheehy C. Ronald Smith DeWitt Snow William Spiller Edward A. Taylor Harry Wallin Harry Webster Borden Wilbur Delbert VanOrnum • 160 COMPASS AND CHART Founded in 1927 at the University of Washington; an organization of selected the purpose of which is to unite its members esprit de corps. " OFFICERS Duncan J. McNab, Treasurer Lilt Thomas Skewes, Senior Rcprcsoiutirc Leonard L. Brannan, Junior Riprcsciiliitiiv Students of Naval Science socially and to promote an Frank G. Reynolds, President Golland L. Clark, Jr., Via-Presi Elton W. Sutherling, Sctrctiirv Charles Palmer, Sopliomore RcpresciitiiliiT HONORARY MEMBERS Rear Admiral Earl H. Campbell, U. S. N. Lieut. George F. Galpin, U. S. N. Lieut. Comdr. George S. Gillespie, U. S, N. Lieut. Comdr. George D Grant, U. S. N. R. Ch. Gun. Mate Malcolm Hamilton, U. S. N. R. Capt. John V. Kleman, U. S. N. Comdr. Harvev W. McCormack, U. S. N. (retired) Lieut. Bernard J. Skahill Arthur Bernhard William Blackford Frederick Blake Robert Bretland WiNSLOw Brooks Martin Chamberlain Golland Clark, Jr. Robert Deacon Robert deHaas Harry Deits, Jr. Darwin Badger Gilbert Baker, Jr. Charles Berry Arthur Blum PoRTUS BoYCE St.anley Brand Leonard Brannan Gerald Cameron Frank Bampton Robert Be er Edward Black George Bowdey Edward Brighton Frank Bus Clalide Carlson Jim C. rpenter Benson Chandler Ralph Baldwin, ]r. John Balkema Arthur Bateman Robert Bell NoRRis Blasdel Everett Blauv ' elt Robert Blood Bruce Br.ackett Berkeley Brandt, Jr. Herbert Braxton Hugh Brown, Jr. Richard Brown Marvin Buchanan John Burns Hugh Caldwell, Jr. Sidney Campbell Joseph Carmichael 161 • John Dore, Jr. Howard Ellis Frederick Field Harold Gerdon James Greely Charles Hall RoDNEY HaNDLEY Raymond Jubit:, Jr. David Kellogg John Kettenring Frank Christiansen James Eastwood Robert Freeman Robert Garl. ' nd Donald Gr. nston Frank Gr.ay Grant Hansen Grant Impett Wallace Corbett, Jr Robert Conrad James Crawford Robert S. Dail Donald Deits Warren Doolittle George Dubail Lynn E ans Robert Ferris Potter Carroll Bruce Chee ' Er Charles Christensen Ralph Clark, |r. Ralph Coan William Cochran Frank Cook Gordon Deits Rush Drake, Jr. Gilbert Duffy Arthur Eli sworth George Faurot J. B. Fink John Gallup Frank Gangler Jack Gilbert Alexander Goodfei low MEMBERS FIRST CLASS Max Krom Gilbert Leiendecker Alexander Leipper William Lowry Sidney Llind Dean Mason Robert McClaskey William McClaskey Robert McKinstry Duncan McNab SECOND CLASS Harold Jarvis Russell Jones Whitson Jones Herbert Kelley, Jr. Carl Koford Ralph Loltnsbury, Jr. Russell McCloy James McDonald THIRD CLASS James Galbraith Alex.ander Goodfellow Karl Gr. hn Patrick Green Arnold FLaire Herbert Hanset J.ack Harshman Franz Hoskins Robert Keller FOURTH CLASS Coburn Grabenhorst Robert Cranston Austin Gr. ' VNT Lloyd Hansen Willis FLarman Rupert Hawley Richard Heady Harry Hoffman Harry Horrocks Gordon Husby Glen Jacobsen John Jennings Walter Kane j. ck k. rlberg John Kaye William Kaye Joseph Kildai i. ■rycr s reynolds sutherling Ivan Merrick, Jr. William Millington Delwy ' n Muller Eugene Neely Albert Nienau Robert PAquETTE Howard Payne Marshall Ramstad Frank Reynolds John Schoettel Richard Montgomery C RANDALL NeFZGER Blirr Odell Vernon Osterberg John Phillips, 1r. SiLius Ranta Richard Sater Max Schliewe Raymond Kerr Mack Koon Bruce Lent Lincoln Letterman George Lltndstrom Horace Morrison David Norton Phillip Olson Grenfel Osterud Edward Kimbrell Nathan Kingsbury James Lambrecht Henry Lee, Jr. Charles Lighteoot LeRoy Marschke Merritt Martin Byron Million Leonard Myhre Roy Nelson Brooks Norm. n John Pedersen Wii I iam Pruitt Walter Reinking Robert Rice Wayne Rickert Glen Rings Robert Satterford CLARK MC nab Thomas Skewes, Jr. Robert G. Smith Elton Sutherling Robert Sylvester Casimer Vorobik Harry Wallin Richard Welch Leonard Whitmore William T. Williams Philip Spaulding FIarold Stack Maynard Stokes Robert Trumble, [r. Daniel Waite Arthur Wendells Douglas Wightman Ralph Yeaman Charles Palmer jofin quackenbush H.- rry Roller Charles Sather Winston Schleef Delton Walter Donald Ward H. ' ROLD Warner William E. Watts John Wheatley William Scammell Cameron Smith Edwin Smith WiNFIELD SpIRK Eben St. ndish Edwin Standish Richard Thomas Morgan Thomas Robert G. Thompson Robert F. Thompson Walter Walkinshaw Henry Wallace Richard Walter Don Westby Frank White Way-ne Wills George Yantis Roy Yockey ■ » " 1 Vk " HAi IM " ' " 1 ||£ i 1 AMMONII SOCII Founded at the University of Washington in 1920. Its purpose is to bring together men of common professional interest in the advancement of chemistry as a science and a profession. Chemistry or chemical engineering majors are eligible for membership. OFFICERS OiJ.E Hedbring, Prcsiili-iit Charles French, Secretary-Treasurer Charles Haworth, Viee-Pres ient Beverley Smith, CiisIoJuin oj the Diuiilifll HEDBRING HAWORTH FRENCH Prof. H. K. Benson Kenneth Kobe FACULTY MEMBERS Rex J. Robinson V. SiVERTZ Prof. H. V. Tartar Thomas Thompson Jacob Ash Ernest Card Harry Cheney George Clark Robert Deacon Logan Dimond Thomas Doumani Charles French Fred Goin Joe Goodman Robert Graham Dave Harold Tames Hauschildt MEMBERS William Hawkins Charles Haworth FL rold Heaton Olle Hedbring Dick Hedreen Philip Huemmer Frank Kenton Alex Leipper Frank McLeod Ray Mennell Gordon Morseth Bob Murray Marion Norton Robert Paquette Easton Patterson John Pauly Marshall Ramstad Leo Saukko Lowell Schultz George Scofield Robert Scott Jack Skewes Beverley Smith William Vanderhoof Fred Weingarten Ed Whitmore Clifford Wyckoff George Benoit James Drury Leonard Goodman Dave Kesling PLEDGES Ted Kunde R. a. McDonald Bob Moore Fred Payne Walter Sands Arvin Sorenson Charles Spoon Fred Westfall • 162 FOREST CLUB Founded at the University of Washington in 1908, to promote fellowship among students m the College of Forestry who expect to handle technical and general forestry problems. OFFICERS F. Douglas Mavor, PrisultMr |onN M. Wick, ViLrPrisuliiit Cari. Hit nMAN, Sivritiirv ' TriMsiiriT J. L. Alexander Prof. Bror Grondal FACULTY MEMBERS E. S. Harrar Floyd W. Schmoe Prof. Walter H. Meyer Dean Hugo Winkenwerder J. Kenneth Pearce MAYOR WICK HILDMAN HONORARY MEMBERS Mrs. Agnes Healy Anderson C. W. L. Chapman Gordon Adrian Harold Anderson Ted Anderson Wallace Anderson Glenn Antonie Wall.ace Appleton Walt Austln A. H. Bamford Robert Baylis Bill Benecke Melvin Bergman Jim Bethel Bill Boehl Marvin Boys Don Brians John Bruckart Cliff Bryden Robert Bulchis Bob Blixn Paul Bunyan Trafford Burnett Harold Burns Yeager Bush James Byrne Atillio Campana Re.x Carmichael Virgil C. rrell Clark Cross William Collingwood Robert Colwell John Connell Max Conover Bob Craig Frank Curry Robert Davenport William Davies Van Demick Ray Descamp Floyd Dickinson Ed Dilley Vasily Dmitrieff Harold Drebin Ray Dlinham Fritz Ekholm John Fay Tom Fleming George Foley John Forbing Forrest Foss Don Eraser John Geerds Robert Gehrman Dan Gellerman Dvvight Gill Gene Glaser Jack Goehry Leon Goncharov Richard Goodall Eddy Gory Richard Grant D.we Greeley William Green e Fred Grichlthin Spencer Gross Bob FL rdy Clinton Haring Willard Harvey Jack Heintzelman Martin Hendrickson Harl. n Hewitt Stanley Hiatt John Hildahl MEMBERS Alfred Hildman Carl Hildman Donald Hill FUlley Hoem George Hollow ay Ray Hornbeck Roy Horne Wallace Irwin Jack Jaffe William Jansen Bob Johnson Norman Johnson Roy Johnson Hill Jones Elmer K. ' vrlberg Kenneth Keeling Willis King John Kjosn-ess Carl Koford George Kushner Tom Lankford Bill Larson Robert Latimore Karl Lal e Morten Lau-ridsen Lawrence Lee Elmer Lofgren J.-iCK Logan Edwin Loners Jim Lowrie George Luther John Madding George KUgill Knox Marshall Manford Martin Douglas Mavor Alfred Meale Ken Meier Frank Merrill John Meytrs Stanley Morris Arthlir Mottet William McClincy Harold McGee Cecil McConkey Blirns McCoskrie Vaughn Naff Ben Natwick Charles Neth Jim Nethercut Peter Nicolaevsky Jack Norkool Chet Olson James Parisi Gordon Patterson Lawrence Pattison Morrison Perrigo Walter Petersen Karl Plebuch M. UR1CE PoiMIROO j. cK Price Phimister Proctor, Jr. Bob Randall Clint Reynolds Bill Ries Don Robinson Dane Robson Dominic Roletto Mauritz Schoblom Robert Selland Entrett Shipek Preston Silbaugh Ray Sill Al Simms Charles Simpson Ed Sitko Dick Slater Gene Slocum George Smith Ed Soderberg Barton Stebbins Fred Stecher Victor Stevens Russ Stockton Clarence Stone Ralph Str -ker Lester Sullivan Douglas Sworn Glenn Taylor Melvin Twerdal Lawrence Thorpe M. RviN Van Winkle Paul Vaschenko Cleland Vaux Peter Vogel John Lester Wahrgren Barney Welch John Wick Eari e Wilcox Corson Williams Don Williams William Williams Chuck Wilson Hltbert Wilson Jim Wray Max Wyman FLURRY Young ■ 163 • IkMM FULLER CROLLARD JOHNSON HOLSINGER NEWTON MOORE OMAN BOLEY GABIE LOVE ALPHA DELTA SIGMA Men ' s national advertising fraternity which has as requirements for membership: interest in the adver- tising field, good marketing and advertising scholar- ship or an achievement in the advertising field. Founded at the University of Missouri in 1913; Robert W. Jones chapter founded at the University of Washington in 1923. OFFICERS Jerry Crollard, Prc5uii:iit Jack Boley, Secretary Charles Newton, Vicc-PrcsHan Phil Foss, Treasurer FACULTY MFMBERS Prof. Henry A. Burd Prof. Vernon McKenzie Prof. William E. Cox Charles J. Miller Prof. Robert W. Jones Clyde Robinson HONORARY MEMBER M. L. Applegate MEMBERS Jack Boley Max Hoi.singer Jerry Crollard Len Johnson Ellsworth Dimmitt Charles Lechner Phil Foss William Love Fred French Ed Moore Frank Freshwater Charles Newton Warren Fuller Don Oman Gordon Gabie Frank Raphael • 164 BACHELORS ' CLUB The Bachelors ' Club was founded at the University of Washington in 1934 to promote interfratermty friendship and good fellowship, and to be used as a medium of coopera- tion between fraternities and the administration. Members are chosen from upperclassmen active in national fraternities at Washing ton on a basis of character, interest, and campus achievement. This year, through correspondence with other colleges, the Bachelors did much to aid in the revision of rushing rules. Their program also included ushering at the President ' s receptions. OFFICERS Richard Bai lard, Prisultiit John Hunter, Sccrclary-Trccisurcr Martin Chamberlain, ' ui-Prcsiili-nI Samuel Hess. ' riiiii MEMBERS Richard Baker Richard Ballard Stuart Blum Charles Bond Martin Chamberlain King Culp Clyde Doran Robert Enloe Samliel Hess Truman Hinkle George Hogan Bruce Humber John Hunter Richard Johnson Robert Keating Richard Kelley John King Rynd Miller Karl Richardson Henry Rosenberg Wade Sheehan Robert Stauff BALLARD BLUM BOND CHAMBERLAIN CULP DORAN ENLOE HESS HUMBER keatlng KELLEY KING ROSENBERG SHEEHAN STAUFF 165 • a f ;» ' V I . J CAMPBELL DAWSON FETT HARRIS HAWLEY HUOT JOHNSON MC CAFFREY MC ELROY MILLS NEWBERRY STILEY SHANNON GAMMA ALPHA CHI National professional for women in advertising, founded at the University of Missouri in 1920. Members are chosen from among those women students showing proficiency in advertising. OFFICERS Eleanor Huot, PrcsiJciit Bernita McCaffrey, ViLrPrcsiJciit Kristin Harris, Secretary Virginia Fett, Treasurer Mary Ellen McElroy, Reporter MEMBERS Bet TE Campbell Sally Dawson Virginia Fett Kristin Harris Catharine Hawley Eleanor Huot Lynn Johnson Dorothy Mills Bernita McCaffrey Mary Ellen McElroy Marian Newberry Mary Shannon Peggy Stiley • 166 SIGMA TAU ALPHA Founded in 1936 at the University of Washington to promote friendship and service among University Rainbow girls. All Rainbo - girls are eligible for membership. OFFICERS EvELYNE MuRDOCK, Pn.SuicMt Florence Boyd, VnrPrcsiJciit Kaye Randies, SctTctciry Clara Young, Treasurer MEMBERS Mildred Aamodt Nada Ahrens Beth Anderson Beth Atwood Mar y Jane Blaser Bernice Bloechi inger Florence Boyd Neita Brawford Elaine Brower Betty Brown Alice Burnett Peggy Christensen GwENVVYN DaLBY Alice Dickie Duane Dickinson Lorraine Donoghue Virginia Edwards Virginia Ewing Harriet Francis Audrey Frederickson Shirley Frolich Irene FIagerstrom Lora Beth Harrold Dorothy ' Hawthorne Peggy Henry FIarriett Hoffstater Alice Howell Jeanne Howe Joyce Hulbush Eleanor Huot Dasa Ingram Venetta Johnson Marjorie Johnston Ruth Keefhaver Alice Krenz Bessie Kosher Marcia LaRoche RowENE Leonard Je. n Lonsberry Jane Lund Irene Lyon Virginia Lyon Jeanette Mackie Ellen McComb Mary Ellen McEi roy Kathryn McIlraith Mildred Michelson Marjory Moch EvELYNE MltRDOCK Peggy Parker Pearl Pien Blanche Plnkerton Kaye Randles Petronella Renting Shirley Ricketts FIelen Robertson Margaret Rlinnalls Jerry Schorr Freda Shepherd Marjorie Shields Jean Slater JuANiTA Smith Mary Beth Snyder Lorene Sollick Imogene Steele Mary V. Sterling Betty Summerill Jackie Taylor Dorothy Thompson MARGARET TrZCINSKI Florence Turbitt Jeanette Walker Esther Warner Betty Joe Weigel Jane Wicks Dorothy Wolf Clara Young P ' - AAMODT . AHRENS . ANDERSON . BLOECHl.INGER . BOVD . BROWN BROWER . BURNETT . CHRISTENSEN . DALBY . EWING . FREDERICKSON FROLICH . HAGERSTROM . HOWE . HL ' LBUSH . JOHNSON . KEEFHAVER KRENZ . LA ROCHE . LUND . LVON, V, . MACKIE . MC ELROV MICHELSON . PINKERTON . RANDLES . RICKETTS . ROBERTSON . RUNNALLS SCHORR . SHEPHERD . SHIELDS . SLATER . SMITH . SOLLICK STERLING . SUMMERILL . TAYLOR THOMPSON . TRZCINSKI . YOUNG 167 • AIEE Founded in 1884 to affiliate students in electrical engineering with leaders in the industry; Washington branch founded in 1924. OFFICERS C. Ronald Smith, Chairmiiii William J. Moseley, Secretary-Treasurer WiNFiELD PuLLEN, VicrCliiJiniuiM Prof. Gordon Shuck, Coumclor LvAi L Baker Cochran Dean E. A. LoEW Dr. Carl E. Magnusson FACULTY MEMBERS Gordon Russell Shuck John R. Woodyard George Sherman Smith Austin Vitruvius Eastman George Lisle Hoard Gordon W. Clothier Roy Eric Lindblom iL- A MEMBERS 5p V ,M (ess Barnes Don Forsander Remigio Pascual Sji Fred Bergseth William Frans Roy Peterson Wmk ■ fe Renato Bianchi John Gray Carl Pflugmacher Glenn Bills Lawrence Haner Winfield Pullen smith MOSELEY PULLEN shuck Fred Blake Frank Brigham Charles Burson Byron Luther Havens Charles Hopkins Rodney Johnston John Skone C. Ronald Smith William Spiller Rush Chase Lionel Jones Halvor Strandrud Myron Climenson Harold Larson David Tanabe Donald Close Henry Loew Carleton Waugh Frederick Griddle Philip Magnusson Richard Welch Ralph Enstrom William J. Moseley George Ohi George Zaloudek ■ ASCE Founded at Washington in 1920 to promote social and professional intercourse among its members, to advance engineering scholarship, knowledge, and practice; to foster and encourage high scholastic and professional standards; and to further the general welfare of the American Society of Civil Engineers. Anyone interested in civil engineering is eligible for membership. Jim Greely, Prcsiiiciit OFFICERS Holger Mittet, Vicc-Prcsicimt Bob Rou:e, Secretary-Treasurer Bob Sylvester, Senior Ungmcermg Council RcprMcntiitu ' c Gordon Ingman, Junior EngiMccnng Council Rcprcscntiitii ' C F. H. Rhodes, Jr., Facult) ' AJinsor Tom Anderson Joe Barfoot Winston Carsten Frank Gulp Bill Elfendahl Norman Fieldstad John Gauntlett Henry Georg Jack Blue Vernon Burkebile Carl Cooper MEMBERS Jim Greely John Ireton Emit Jensen Mert Keniston William King Vic K0021N Don Lemonds Myron Leque JUNIORS John Dodds Bill Gillam Al Hill SOPHOMORES DwiGHT GOWDEY JlM HoWE SENIORS TszE Luke Bill McClaskey Bob McDonald Bob McKlNSTRY Ir tn Morris Bruce Olson Bob Rouze Gordon Ingman W. Carter McClure Holger Mittet Herb Rice Harold Runstad Tom Samuelson Bill Shannon Hans Skov Philip Smithmeyer Bob Sylvester Harry Wallin Toivo Nelson Adrian Pauw Wayne Proff • 168 B. A. COUNCIL Founded in 1920 at the University of Washington. Its purpose is to promote a professional and vocational interest in the College of Economics and Business. Membership, based on scholarship, personality, and activity, is open to upperclassmen. OFFICERS James Arneil, Prcsiicnt Violet Anderson, Vuc-Prcsiimt Helen Hayden, Secretary Jim Gaudina, Treasurer FACULTY MEMBERS S. D. Brown Prof. Joseph Demmery R. F. Farwell D. H. Mackenzie HONORARY MEMBER De. n Shirley Coon MEMBERS arneil HAYDEN ANDERSON GAUDINA James Arneil Margaret Engstrom Sam Hess Violet Anderson Jim Gaudina Julius Roller Bernard Anderson Helen FIayden FIarry Swanson Jerry Crollard PLEDGES Bill Test Jack Boley Elinor Kinkaid Albert Parker James Eastwood Kay Madden Fred Rosslow B. A. WOMEN ' S VOCATIONAL CLUB Founded in 1927 at the University of Washington to promote professional and vocational work in the fields of the college and friendliness among women B. A. students. OFFICERS Margaret Engstrom, PrtsiJcnt Patricia Hafer, Vkc-Presiient Harriet Mehlhorn, Secretary Kathryn Madden, Treasurer Violet Anderson Kathleen Boyd Marlos Buhler Hazel Cain Sylvia Davis Elizabeth Dearle Marg. ret Engstrom Patricia Hafer FACULTY MEMBER Ada E. Draper MEMBERS Eileen Haussler Helen Hayden Grace Jackson June Joyce Arlene LaMar Constance Larson Frances Lawlor Kathryn Madden Harriet Mehlhorn June Peterson Kathleen Phillips Thelma Saito Beatrice Snowden Nancy Swanl. nd Dorothy Warwick Elsie Marie Wetterstrom engstrom mehlhorn HAFER madden 169 • ROl 1 ER ALLMAN DRAPER KNUTZEN BETA ALPHA PSI National accounting professional, founded at the University of Illinois in 1916. Delta chapter was founded at the University in 1921. Members are chosen from accounting majors on a basis of character, scholarship, and an ability to pass a five-hour examination in accounting problems and theory, economics, and business law. OFFICERS Julius A. Roller, Pn-iiJoit Dr. O. E. Draper, Permanent Via-PrMiJciit Neil Allman, SccrcUnyTrcasiircr Victor Knutzen, Hi5ti)riij» Prof. G. 1. Butterbaugh Dean S. J. Coon Prof. Wm. E. Cox Prof. Carl S. Dakan Spurgeon Bell N. L. Burton Dean H. T. Condon Dean S. J. Coon Prof. Wm. E. Cox Prof. C. S. Dakan FACULTY MEMBERS O. E. Draper Prof. John Fordox Prof. H. E. Gregory Prof. Frank Hamack A. N. LoRiG HONORARY MEMBERS P. C. Davis Dr. O. E. Draper J. F. Forbes Prof. H. E. Gregory Prof. Frank Ham. ck Arne Hansen K. E. Leib D. H. Mackenzie J. M. McGoNAHFY H. G. McIntyre Chas. Miller H. T. Lewis A. N. LoRIG J. M. McConahey S. L Miller J. W. Sparling R. D. White Neil Allman William Anderson Fred Carlin MEMBERS Vernon Heggen Victor Knutzen Orville Madenwald Fred Rosslow Lew Silver Vernon Spry SWANSON PRESTON MOCH BETA GAMMA SIGMA National business administration scholastic honorary founded at the University of Wisconsin in 1913. Alpha of Washington chartered in 1918. Membership is limited to juniors, seniors, graduate students, and faculty members, and is based on high scholarship, good moral character, and promise of business ability OFFICERS Harry Swanson, Pri:5iilt-Mt Dr. H, H. Preston, VicrPrauiciit MiTSUKO HiRATA, SaTCtiirV Robert Moch, Trri!5iirir Prof. Henry A. Burd G. I. Butterbaugh Dean S. J. Coon Prof. William E. Cox DuRwooD Alkire Maurice Gershon FACULTY MEMBERS Prof. Carl S Daken Frances M. Earle Prof. Homer E. Gregory Howard H. Martin Vernon Mund Prof. Howard H. Preston Harry E. Smith GRADUATE STUDENTS Julius Roller Laurence Sensmeier Robert A. Steiner FLURRY Swanson Vico Delaurenti Fred Firstenburg Mitsuko Hirata MEMBERS James Gaudina Victor Knutzen Robert Moch Esther Sampson George Terada • 170 DELTA PHI ALPHA Iota chapter established at the University of Washington in 1930. Its purpose IS to honor excellence in German, and to bring about appreciation of the German people, language, literature, and culture. OFFICERS Marion Bingham, Prc iJciit Louise Kellenberger, Vu-rPrc-.siJtiit Carroll Reed, Secretary-Treasurer Dr. J. H. Groth Dr. E. O. Eckei man Dr. Frederick Meisnest Marion Bingham Margarete Chalfant HULDA ChISHOLM Margaret Gillpatrick Lilly Goldberg Marjorie Hedman FACULTY MEMBERS Prof. Walter Meyer Max Schertel Richard F. Wilkie MEMBERS Virginia Henderson Lydia Hepperle Louise Kellenberger Julia Klein Marie Kracke Milan von Lany Fritjof Ra ' en Elenora Wesner Ottilie Terzieff Felice Ankele Carroll Reed Hazel Schafer Marie Snekvik Miriam Taylor Edith Sinclair Brunhilde Wislicenus BINGHAM KELLENBERGER REED ENGINEERING COUNCIL Organized by engineering upperclassmen for the purpose of introducing new Students to the work and ideals of the engineering department. The council is composed of representatives of all the engineering departments of th: Universitv. OFFICERS Robert Sylvester, PrcsiJtiit Walter Sch. effer, Vue-Presiient Don Forsander, Sarctiirv Olle Hedbring, Trcosurir Dean E. A. Loew FACULTY MEMBERS E. R. Wilcox B. T. McMinn MEMBERS Chemical Engineering . . . Olle Hedbring, Milton Porter Cii ' il Eiigiiia-rin . . . Robert Sylvester, Gordon Ingman Elatrujl Engiiiariiig . . . Don Fors. nder, Ray Peterson Forestry . . . Walt Schaeffer, Hubert Wilson MecUanica] Engineering . . . Frank Melder, Earl Sutherland Unes Engmcermg . . . Max Krom, Bert Anderson Sofhomore Reprcsaitative . . . Warren E ' hilbrick syl tster forsander schaeffer hedbring 171 • GERMAN CLUB Founded at the University of Washington in 1906, to create interest and fellowship among students of German, and provide for them an opportunity to learn something about the German people. All students taking German are eligible for membership. OFFICERS Carroll Reed, PrisiJoit Brunhilde Wislicenus, VvcrPrcsiiliMt Julia Klein, Sccrctciry Edith Sinclair, Treasurer FACULTY MEMBERS J » Felice Ankele Frederick Medack Ottilie Terzieff r " v I Dr. E. O. Eckelman Dr. Frederick Meisnest Eleanora Wesner Lflt k m Dr. J. H. Groth Prof. Walter Meyer Max Schertel Richard F. Wii kie REED WISLICENUS KLEIN SINCLAIR MEMBERS All students taking German are eligible for membership. X IOTA SIGMA PI National chemistry professional founded at the University of Washington in 1911. Members are chosen from women of excellent scholarship in chemistry. OFFICERS Anne Cederquist, PrcsiJiiit Edna Forcey, ViirPrcsiiJt-iit Anne McCutcheon, Secretary Alice Jones, Treasurer cederquist MC cutcheon FORCEY JONES Julia Goodsell Mrs. H. K. Benson Mrs. W. L. Beuschlein Mrs. K. a. Kobe FACULTY MEMBERS Rachel Hoffstadt E. Sanderson Radford HONORARY MEMBERS Mrs. S. G. Powell Mrs, R. J. Robinson Mrs. V. Sivertz Prof. Jennie Rowntree Mrs. G. McP. Smith Mrs. H. V. Tartar Mrs. T. G. Thompson Jane Burns Anne Cederquist Edna Forcey MEMBERS Alice Jones Anne McCutcheon Marjorie Peterson Lucy Schacht Helen Schneider Mary Simeon Marjorie Westfall Dorothy Cortelyou Elizabeth Elam PLEDGES Bernadine McClincy Marjorie Nelson Violet Ostroff Betty Osterman • 172 LAMBDA RHO Founded at the University of Washington in 1917. Its purposes are to set high standards in art and to further appreciation of the fine arts. Members are chosen for high scholastic standing and ability. OFFICERS Eleanor Kennedy, Prcsulcnt Eleanor Honningfort, VicrPrtstiJcnt Elizabeth Warhanik, Secretary Ann Hutchinson, TraisHnr Edna Benson Raymond Hill Ruth Penington Elizabeth Hammond Eleanor Honningfort Ann Hutchinson Caroline Jamison , Sergcanl-at-Arms FACULTY MEMBERS Eugenie Worman Martoelen Byers Prof. Walter Isaacs Dudley Pratt MEMBERS Caroline Jamison Eleanor Kennedy Eleanor Kerns Irene Riley Hope Foote Ambrose Patterson Helen Rhodes Helen Rivedal Elizabeth Warhanik Winifred Warhanik KENNEDY WARHANIK honningfort hutchinson NEWMAN CLUB Founded in 1910 in affiliation with the Federation of College Catholic Clubs. Organized to foster the intellectual and social interests of the Catholic students at the University; to weld them together into a common union; to aid the University and the work of the church. OFFICERS Mitchell Gasparovich, Prcsiicnt Charles Spengler, VurPresiicnt Virginia Brownell, Sarctiiry Dorris Forbes, TrccisiiriT FACULTY MEMBERS Prof. J. Grattan O ' Bryan Clarence R. Corey MEMBERS S l V J Fred Baisch Mitchell Gasparovich Geraldine O ' Mahony «l » V- i Katherine Berard Pearl Gattavara Paul Parks ' . ' Wr % 1 Barbara Berens Ray Gerhard Marion Pohlman J m Virginia Brownell Marion Hahn Bernadette Ratigan SPliF ■Hi Audrey Burish Melvin Hall Robert Hannan Herbert Hemmen DoM KuLJIS Hazel Ringseth Andrew Ross Paul Ryan John Sheehy Bernard Burke Louise Corwin Thomas Dawson gasparovich brownell spengler FORBES John Fairbanks Dorothy Murray Charles Spengler Dorris Forbes Joseph Nicola Arthur Taylor Mary Ford Anne 0 ' M. hony Gene teve Treacy Clinton Garrod PLEDGES Mary Vanderleest Troy Becker Margaret Gleason Joseph Parisi Jane Bridgeman Carl Loy Ida Stefani Arthur Conley John McDonald Frank Thornton Valerie Ellis Mary McDonald Amelia Van Lammeren Betty Forbes Marie Meyers Corrine Veii leux Betty Gallagher Lucy Noviko - Kathleen Veilleu.x Albert Gassman James Parisi Mary Vivian James Gill Helen Wilson 173 • HARE HAAS TAYLOR NURSES ' CLUB Founded at the University of Washington in 1921 to promote social and professional relationships among students registered in the School of Nursing Education. OFFICERS Nancy Jane Hare, Prcsuinit Elizabeth Taylor, Secretary Mary Haas, VurPrcsulcnt Dorothy Findlay, Treasurer Mary C. Coolidge Theresa Allen Alice Anderson Margaret Anderson Mary Baima Vera Baugh Marguerite Butler Priscilla Byrne Grace Christiansen Clara Cramer Frances Cranmer Beverly Cronin Dorothy Dewar Evangeline Eby Elizabeth Elder JUANITA EtCHBERRY Harriet Farnsworth Dorothy Findlay Bernardine Fisher LoLnsE Flanagan Katherine Forsythe Astrid Friborg Mary Haas Elsie Hamarly Nancy Jane Hare FACULTY MEMBERS Kathleen M. Leahy Prof. Elizabeth S. Soule HONORARY MEMBER Elnora Thomson MEMBERS Ruby Hart Helen Hierstein Patricia Holtine Marion Honsinger Grace Hornung Lois Howorth Ellen Hunter Mary Huston Dorothy Jacobsen Alice Jansen Elizabeth Jansen Ella Jarvimaki Florence Johnson Charlotte Kaufmann Margaret Ker Margaret King Charlotte Lind Velma Lynn Kathryn MacDonald Gertrude Mahner Dorothy Mallaghen Mariella Malone Louella McCarthy Winifred McFarlane Claire Meade Dorothy Minnis Helen Murphy Katharine Mussatto Alma Nicks Helen Penlick Jean Peterson Norma Pfrimmer Lena Ponti Margaret Robertson Dorothy Rlindle Ellen Schmidt Thelma Shriver Agnes Smith Elsie Smith Gail Squires Elizabeth Taylor Mabel Thoren Jeanette Tragen Mary Wahl Virginia Ward Alma Weber Margaret Wesson Margaret Williams Virginia Wise OMICRON NU Founded at Michigan State College in 1912; Washington chapter chartered in 1922. Its purpose is to promote scholarship, leadership, and research in the field of Home Economics. Members are upperclass Home Economics majors of high scholastic standing. OFFICERS Emeline Congdon, PraiJcMt Agnes Sealander, Secretary Louise Copeland, Via-PrcsiJmt Jessie Burch, Treasurer Helen Walker, Ed iter Prof. Grace Denny Prof, Jennie Rowntree Betty Buchner Jessie Burch Emeline Congdon Louise Copeland FACULTY MEMBERS Martha Dresslar Jeanette Bliss Prof. Effie Raitt HONORARY MEMBER Blanche Payne MEMBERS Dorris Forbes Fan Kennan Veryl Lewis Ruby Osterman Agnes Sealander Margaret Terrell Mary Elizabeth Starr Ruth Talmadge Helen Walker Katherine Wausberger Bernice Winsor CONGDON burch WALKER • 174 PAN XENIA Founded at the University of Washington in 1919 in the interests of foreign trade, and for the promotion of higher ideals of business ethics. Members are upperclassmen of high scholastic standing who are primarily interested in foreign trade. Samuel Hess, Pr«iJoit J.-iCK FowLDS, Vu ' rPrcsiJcHt FACULTY OFFICERS Arthur Allen, Sccrctury-Trcasurcr H. NS Helmle, Hiitoruiii Prof. M. M. Skinner C. B. Atkinson Arthltr Allen Keith Cleveland Bud Curtis Vico Delaurenti Otto Dieckmann Fred Firstenblirg Jack Fowlds Ernest G. rcia MEMBERS Prof. H. H. Gowen Dean S.J. Coon Elden Griffin MEMBERS Gragg Gilkey Robert de Haas Clarence Harrison Hans Helmle Samuel Hess Oscar Huseby George Morry Prof. W. E. Cox Raymond Farwell Cecil Olson Howard Rolin Andrew Ross Andrew Roye Ch.arles Sheldon Leslie Schumer George Terada Erling Torkelson HESS PHYSICAL EDUCATION CLUB Founded at the University of Washington in 1910. Membership is chosen from women majoring or minoring in physical education. OFFICERS Frances Rohrback, Pn-siJcnt Louise Corwin, Vicc-Prcsulait Doris Delzer, Treasurer Florence Rattray, Historitiii Gr- ce Kingsbury Belle Berch Eloise Bernhoft Isabella Braidwood Jane Barraugh Elizabeth Caulkins IsoBEL Boone Louise Corwin Doris Delier Barbara Fassett Florence Getzandaner Nancy Harvey Phyllis Baskerville Dorothy Bei l Mary Jane Biaser Barbara Clement Lois Evanson Lilly Chinn Frances Crawley EsME Ferguson Enid Galvin Virginia Garrison Margaret Wilson, Saritjry FACULTY MEMBER Harriet Glover GRADUATES SENIORS Ruth Clithero Eugenia Davis Marg.aret Garrison Mary Lou Graham Elsie Morris Helen Palmquist JUNIORS Rebecca Hopkins Vivian Hopkins Eula Howard Louise Ingalls Marjorie Johnson Kathryn Keys Jean McCurdy SOPHOMORES Joyce Forbes Patricia Hagman Adele Hills Theo Hills FRESHMEN Dolores May Goodwin Mary Alice Hunt Elsie Kalenios Aurora Kipperberg Cora Leigh Margaret Lamiman Florence Rattray Olive Robertson Frances Rohrback Ruth Strickler Helen Thompson Dorothy McDonald Gertrude Ogden Natalie Olmstead Edna Saer Henrietta Sparks Ruth Wahlborg Barbara Hinon Dorothy Richardson Dorothy Shipton Ariel Stout Margaret Wilson Dorothy Olson Mary Rohrb. ck Bessie Rosenfei d Carol Shannon Lillian Youngstrom rohrb. ck WILSON corwin RATTRAY 175 • i4- i » MAC ADAM MILLER DOLPHIN HEMMEN PHI ALPHA RHO Catholic honorary founded at the University of Washington in 1927. Outstanding members of Newman Club are eligible. OFFICERS Vincent L. MacAdam, Prcsulfiit Abigail Leik, Corrcspniuling .Sarttiiry John Dolphin, VucPrcsiiimt George Hemmen, Treasurer Margaret Ann Miller, RcccrJuig Sivrfliiry Esther Johnson, Marshal FACULTY MEMBER loHN FoRDON Katherine Berard Georgette Berrest Virginia Brownell John Dolphin John Fairbank Louise Corwin MEMBERS Dorris Forbes Mitchell Gasparovich George Hemmen Esther Johnson PLEDGES Geraldine O ' Mahoney Abigail Leik Vincent F. MacAdam Margaret Ann Miller Douglas Mlirray Andrew Ross John Sh YOUNG BRINCK WATKINS beach PHI DELTA PHI International legal fraternity, founded at the University of Michigan in 1868; Ballinger Inn chartered in 1907. Membership is based on high scholarship and character. OFFICERS Richard Yoltng, .Miigistcr Garl Watkins, E.vcliajHcr Chester Brinck, Cleric Robert Beach, Historuiii Prof. J. Grattan O ' Bryan John Ritchie Robert Be. ch Chester Brinck Don Hoisington FACULTY MEMBERS John W. Richards Breck P. McAllister Prof. Rudholph Nottelmann Alfred Marsch MEMBERS Clarence Lirhus Jim Mifflin Dick Olson Ben Perham Garl Watkins Parker Williams RicH. RD Young Herman Anderson Bill Botzer Dick Cockey Jim Donahue PLEDGES Carl Johnson Whitson Jones Bill Laube HuLBERT Murray John Rupp Linus Walker Jack Williams Eugene Wright • 176 -TT ■ T ■ ' 1 . PHI LAMBDA UPSILON Men ' s chemistry honorary founded at theUniversity of Illinois in 1899; Epsilon Chapter chartered in 1910. A major in chemistry and high scholarship are membership requirements. OFFICERS Cecil A. Friedman, PriiiJitit George H. Hemmen, Secretary Clinton M. Kelley, Vuc-PrMuLiit Dan W. Elam, Treasurer FACULTY MEMBERS m % ■iV Prof. H K Benson Eari R. Norris Prof. George McPhau r%i K W. L. Beuschlein S. G. Powell Smith Hi a Prof. Wuiiam Dehn Rex J. Robinson H. V. Tartar fc 1 K. A. Kobe V. Sivert: MEMBERS T. G. Thompson m i Ag Clifford Barnes Charles Haworth Paul Matson mrM i Ray W. Bremner Carl Hedreen Ralph Moulton 1 Anthony Centenaro G. H. Hemmen Arthur Ness Thos. F. Doumani FIarold G. Houlton W. W. Newschwander FRIEDMAN KELLEY Dan W. Elam Clayton S. Huey Robert Paquette HEMMEN ELAM Cecil A. Friedman J. Irving JoLLEY Irwin Pearl Robert P. Graham WiLHELM JoRGENSEN Archie Penick Frank W. Grant Clinton M. Kelley Thomas Sheehy DoNAl D GuSTAFSON Alex Leipper Robert Silver Randall Hamm Clarence A. Littler Kenneth Wright Albert W. Hawkins PLEDGES Samuel Wong Walter Barnet Louis Handlin Paul R. Moore Harry Cheney Gerald Kravik Milton Porter George Clark EiMER Logo Walter Sands James Cordiner Joseph Whatmore PHI MU ALPHA Men ' s national professional musical fraternity founded at New England Conservatory of Music in 1898; Sigma Chapter chartered in 1921. Its aim IS to maintain American musical ideals and to encourage students of music to further achievements. Membership is limited to music majors. OFFICERS Gordon F. Brown, PrauLiit William Usdane, Trciisurcr Vernon Jackson, Via-Prwuloit Arthur Erickson, WurJcii Paul Ellis, ScvrLtiiry Donald Casey, Hi5tiirhiii Victor P. Kestle, .Siiprcmc CoiiMiiliiuin Harold Heeremans George Kirchner Charles W. Lawrence FACULTY ' MEMBERS George McKay Walter Welke Prof. Moritz Rosen Walter B. Whittlesey Dean Willis L. Uhl Prof. Carl Paige Wood HONORARY ' MEMBER David Scheetz Craig brown ELLIS JACKSON USDANE Gordon F. Brown Donald Casey Paul Ellis Arthur Erickson Haven Hensler Philip Kendrick MEMBERS Victor P. Kestle Vernon Jackson Edward McDowell John Schuyten William Sullivan Ronald Tayi or Clarence Thue William Usdane Stanley Weiss Robert White Roy Wren 177 • STEWART WHELAN MC CANDLESS WORCESTER PRE-MEDIC CLUB Founded in 1919 at theUniversity of Washington; an organization for students ma)onng in, or interested in, pre-medics. OFFICERS John E. Stewart, PrcsiJiiit Carl M. McCandless, Vicc-PrcsiJi ' nt Joan Whelan, Secretary-Treasurer FACULTY ADVISOR Dr. John Locke Worcester Louis Bassett Eystein Berger Nellie Bowers Andrew Braff William Bridges Kenneth Brilhart Milton Brougham Billie Bruce Raymond Coates David Compton Dean Crystal Richard Cl ' rtis Albert Dalinkus Nethei l Dickerson Paul Donaldson MEMBERS John Emel Robert Freeman Orville Golub Harold Good Louis Hartnagel Ray Jones William Jones Brien King Genevieve Kohler Dominic Kuljis Carl Lofberg Bill Marhsall Millicent Mayfield Dorothy McMillan Mitchell Mondai a James Nixon Marjorie Noble Harry Pass Sam Peizer Bob Rankin John Richardson Alex Rosenkrant2 ]oHN Sheehy Maxine Slate Harry Sloan Paul Somers William Takahashi Henry Tsuchiya Margaret Williams Vincent Witherspoon ( ) Members of Pi Mu Chi, men ' s upperclass pre-medic honorary society. cox cahen dean knappenberger PURPLE SHIELD Underclassmen ' s scholastic and activity honorary founded at the University of Washington in 1925. Any underclassman who has fifteen or more hours ' credit with a three-point average or better who regularly participates in organized ASUW activities, is eligible for membership. Kenneth Cox, PrcsulcMt Robert Cahen, Vxce-Prcsaicnt OFFICERS Edward N. Dean, Secretary Robert Knappenberger, Treasurer FACULTY MEMBERS Prof. James E. Gould Charles R. Strother Carl Adatto Kenneth Barkley Robert Cahen John Cheney Kenneth Cox Gus Anderson Curtis Barnard George Beetchenow Richard Berg Ralph C lough Art Conley Jack Derrig Wesley Faurot MEMBERS Don Dayton Edward N. Dean Frank Doleshy John Hannum Kenneth Hanson Carl Jacobsen PLEDGES Herman Feinberg Howard Kenyon Frank Kingsbury Warren Krafft David LeGrand Verne Loop Burton Lyon Ray MacDonald Robert Kn.appenberger Fowler Martin Earl Schenk Robert Webber William Wells Jack Morrison Dick Murfin Walt Petersen Dennis Pottratz Dick Reed DoMNic Roletto Way ' ne Rosenoff Floyd Vinson • 178 ■ T 1 . ■ j y « ' « . » mMt SCABBARD AND BLADE Honorary military fraternity for students in advanced military science; founded at the University of Wisconsin in 1904; Washington Chapter, 1st Company, 1st Regiment, chartered in 1914. OFFICERS Nat Washington, Ciif ' tiiin Dale W. Read, 2iiJ LuHtiii.iMt Russell Ashleman, Ist Lu ' iittiuint Joe E. Moore, 1st Scrgciiiit FACULTY MEMBERS Austin V. Eastman Wilhelm Jorgensen HONORARY MEMBER Capt. E. M. Gregory Col. Alvin H. Hankins Lieut. Col. Robert Howell Col. Edw. Kimmel MEMBERS Ralph B. Gilbert OrvilleJ. Golub Robert Y. Grant Helmer M. Grotte R. Donald Hoisington Charles B. Howard Woodward J. Ingraham John K. Jenner Glen F. Johnson Ward E. Lynn PLEDGES Glen Gallaher Ralph Hitchcock Virgil Irwin Philip Magnusson Cecil Mason Carter McClure Horace McClure Richard Million Sam Mohler ASSOCIATE MEMBERS Kenneth Kobe Gilbert Schaller Albert Seeman Prof William E. Cox Edgar M. Draper Lieut. Richard Bowden Capt. G. O. A. Daughtry Lieut. Col. A. G. Gardner L. R. Anderson Russell H. Ashleman Arthlt R. Blom Frank W. Brigham Reilly D. Conrad James B. Cruzen M. H. Douglas Hershall I. Druxman Roger Ernesti,Jr. Phii IP I. Foss Jack Babcock George Bennett Lloyd Brauer Vernon Chester Kenneth Clark Robert J. Cole Don Cook William Coppedge Theodore Emerson Alfred L. Mii ler Fred. H. Rhodes Major C. P. Price Capt. W. F. Stiley Capt. Ralph Wiltamuth Tom W. Macartney Joe E. Moore Douglas Murray Ken-neth E. Peel Richard A. Pierce D.-iLE W. Read John A. Watson Nat W. Washington Fred W. Weingarten John R. Woodworth Lawrence Parkhii l Dick Pullen James Richards Howard Roland Joseph Rosi G. Lewis Schmidt Ronald Von Stockum Jack White Harris Wiltamuth washington read ASHLEMAN MOORE B- H. SIGMA DELTA CHI Men ' s national journalism professional, founded at DePauw University in 1907; Washington Chapter chartered in 1909. Men with high scholastic standing in journalism who intend to enter the journalism profession are eligible for membership. OFFICERS Ed Hillyer, PrcsiJoit Tom Griffith, VurPrcsufoit FACULTY MEMBERS Robert Mansfield George Savage Prof. Vernon McKenzie Prof. Dudley D. Gh Prof. Glenn Hughes ASSOCIATE MEMBERS William P. O Connell MEMBERS Art Bernhard Ed Hillyer Mike Bird Lee J. cobi Wendell Broyles Jack Keene Tom Griffith Roy Larson Bruce Helberg Robert Martin PLEDGES Archie Campbell William Hipple Robert Doble Jack Kinzel Robert Henning Richard Lawrence Christian Prof. Robert W. Jones Fred W. Kennedy Merritt E. Benson Bruce Helberg, Sccrctiiry Martin Trepp, Treasurer Matt O ' Connor Harry Burns Prof. Dudley D. Roy Rosenthal Ray Scott Bob Peile LoRiN Peterson Ron Richardson SlEGMUND SnAPP Martin Trepp Leo Livingston William Love David Shanahan hillyer helberg GRIFFITH TREPP 179 • E. JOHNSON NOBLE M. JOHNSON HAMRE SIGMA EPSILON Women ' s honorary allied medical fraternity founded at the University of Washington in 1919. Members are chosen from bacteriology, pre-medics and nursing majors with sixty hours " B " average. OFFICERS Elsie Johnson, Pri-siJciit Marjorie Noble, Scfrctiiry MiLLicENT Johnson, ViirPrcsiiiciit Dorothy Hamre, Treasurer FACULTY MEMBERS Dr. Rachel Hoffstadt Prof. Elizabeth Soule Virginia Olcott Aileen Tuttle Helen Werby HONORARY MEMBERS Henrietta Adams |uLiA Goodsell Doris Hirschmann Mrs. |ames A. Berry Mrs. John Guberlet Mrs. C. W. Allison Betty Bartells Edna Barter Eloise Boyer Anna Brix Jane Burns Catherine Chatterton Ann Ott Chittendon Priscilla Church Genevieve Cobb Esther Duchovv Mrs. H. L. Edmunds Harriet Exline Margaret Felton Hattie Fitzgerald Mrs. M. Garhart Betty Baxley Harriet Giske Virginia Humphrey Mrs. Melville Hatch Mrs. B. S. Henry Mrs. E. Victor Smith MEMBERS Anna Green Edna Green Mrs. Wallace Greinar Mrs. a. H. Gunderson Dorothy Hamre Mrs. T. G. Hannah Mary Haynes Jean Holland Ellen Hunter Mary Huston Laura Jamison Elsie Johnson MiLLICENT loHNSON Nettie Ruth Johnson Marion Kent Helen Knott PLEDGES Ruth Judson Luella McCarthy Marjorie Mitchell Alma Nicks Mrs. J. L. Weinzirl Mrs. John L. Worcester Eleanor Kronblad Kathleen Leahy Janet McArthur Mrs. Katherine McCrae Marion Meeker Marjorie Noble Mary Ossinger Betty Osterman Lois Pritchard Ruth Roark Mrs. Ted Roscoe Gwyneth Sawyer Ruth Scott Eleanore Scudder Mrs. T. G. Thompson Gwenevere Woodall Alice Ogden Leona Sowinski Mildred Tilley ■ meacham OGDEN kastner MELTON SIGMA EPSILON SIGMA National scholarship honorary for underclasswomen, founded at the University of Wisconsin in 1927; Eta Chapter chartered in 1933. OFFICERS Betty Meacham, Praijmt Alice Ogden, Secretary Hazel Kastner, Vicc-PrcsiJciit Helen Melton, Treasurer Mary I. Bash Madora Bebb Barbara Borhek Edith Borger Stella Brooks Kathryn Benson Eloise Calhoun Margaret Campbell Esther Chadwick Betty Clawson Louise Conner Eulah Croson Mary Daylton Minnie De Shazo Ruth Ekdahl FACULTY MEMBERS Prof. Harvey B, Densmore MEMBERS Edyth Freeman Mary Gates Virginia Haggerty Frances Harrison Mary Jane Hilen Helen Hitchcock Ruth Johnson Barbara Jones Hazel Kastner Inez Keister Helen Knott Beryl Lincoln Ruth McCormick Betty Meacham Helen Melton William R. Wilson Ina Nicholson Marjorie Noble Barbara Nowlin Alice Ogden Sigrun Olafson Virginia Reid Ramona Rockway Ruth Schneider Ruth Siegel Marylaird Small Esther Walters Claire Wernecke Gwendolyn Williams Margaret Winger • 180 ' r . " 7 T V - rr THETA SIGMA PHI Women ' s national journalism professional, founded at the University of Washington in 1909. Members are upperclass journalism majors with high scholarship and an intent to follow journalism as a profession. ASSOCIATE MEMBERS Mrs. Bur ion W. J. mes Mrs. Robert S. Mansfield OFFICERS Lee Nicholson, Prcsiilait Mary Kosher, Sccntary Dorothy Craig, Vut-Prisuiciit Barbara Nowlin, Treasurer Mary Coyle, Kec] cr of the Arcluns Annabel Lee Biggle Dorothy Craig Mary Coyle MEMBERS Betsy Gormley Mary Kosher Doris McIlroy Lee Nicholson Barbara Nowlin Betty Turner Beatrice Wade nicholson kosher CRAIG nowlin XI SIGMA PI National forestry honorary founded at the University of Washington in 1908. The purpose is to secure and maintain a high standard of scholarship in forest education, to work for the upbuilding of the profession of forestry, and to promote fraternal relations among earnest workers engaged in forest activities. OFFICERS George Kushner, For«tfr Wallace Irwin, Sccrctary-Fiscal Agent Harold Chris well, Rjiigtr J. L. Alexander Bror L. Grondal Jack Bailey Harold Chriswell FACULTY MEMBERS Ellwood S. Harrar Floyd Schmoe J. Kenneth Pearce MEMBERS George C. Flanagan Dean Hugo Winkenwerder kushner IRWIN chriswell Wall. ce Irwin George Kushner Don Bailey Floyd Dickinson Clinton Haring PLEDGES Alfred Hildm. n Arthur Mottet Everett Shipek John Wick Corson Williams 181 • SINCE THE FIRST TWO • • O tC titiC ESTABLISHED ON THE CAMPUS RECEIVED THEIR CHARTERS ONLY FIFTEEN MINUTES APART IN 1903, WASHINGTON ' S SORORITIES HAVE GROWN UNTIL THEY NOW NUMBER TWENTY-TWO. TOWN GIRLS AND HOUSE GIRLS, PLEDGES AND MEMBERS FORM LIFE-LONG FRIENDSHIPS IN COLLEGE YEARS. II • J .» I ... .-r. r- . ' atatiUe itu ANDERSON ' . ATWOOD . BAILEY . BASE BURD . DONCASTER . EATON . EMBURY FOSSE . GRAHAM . HOLMAN . LEEDE MAC AULEY . MANZER . MARTIN . 0 ' M. H0NEY PARR . ROBERTS . SAUL . SHAW WEINSTEIN . WINN . WHITHAM PANHELLENIC Washington ' s Panhellenic is a branch ot the National Panhellenic, and is composed of delegates from Washington ' s recognized sororities. This group regu- lates rushing and deals with such matters as affect the social sororities. OFFICERS Jane Embury, PrcsiJciit H- rriet Holman, Sariliirv Gertrude Woods, Treasurer DELEGATES AIj ' IkI L ' Iu Omigil . . . MiLLICENT DoNCASTER Alplu Dilij Pi . . . Ci AIRE Atwood Alpliii Di-ltci " Tlicij . . . Ruth Saul Alpha Epsiloii Flu . . . Desda Weinstein Alplia Gamma Delta . . . Peggy Burd Alplia OmuroH Pi . . . Dian Manzer Alplia Pill . . . Marjorie Eaton Alplia Xi Dt-lla . . . Mary Louise Graham Beta Pin .Alplui. . .Jerry O ' M.ahoney Clii OiikVii . . . Patricia Shaw Dtlta Delta Dilta , . . Dorothy Leede Delta Gamma . . . Vivian Fosse Delta Zeta . . . Violet Anderson Gamma Pin Beta . . . Laurien Winn Kajfa Alpha Theta . . . Mary Roberts Kappa Delta . . . Ferne Base Kappa Kaypa Gamma . . . Patricia MacAuley Phi fn . . . Dorothy Bailey Pi Beta Phi . . . Florence P.arr Sigma Kapfa . . . Maxine Martin Theta Upiiloii . . . Lulu Moran Zeta Tail . ' Alpha . . . Gertrude Whifham • 184 ALPHA CHI OMEGA m; GRADUATE Marjory Nelson TRANSFERS Helen Hall Betty Butts BiLLiE Barnes Mi ' RiEL Bennett Elsie Chilman Virginia Cline Elma Custer Bobbie Arneil Alberta Colcock Jane Ebright Leah Hayward Doris Hemrich SENIORS mlllicent doncaster Constance Harrington Jean Johnson Adeline Meresse JUNIORS Dorothy Hill Isabelle Hoge Virginia Hoskins Hazel Lovejoy Dorothy Mills Peggy Smith Dorothy Sutherland Jean Wagner Margery Warren Doris McIlroy MiRA Moll Nancy Podas Mary Jane Stevens Virginia Wester Jean Ahrens Bette Balsiger Hillary Beard Rliby Coates Marcella Cole Elizabeth Ellingwood Eleanor Mankey SOPHOMORES Jean Evans Bernice Harris Adele Hull Virginia Kirby Virginia Kneisley Arlene Ames Barbara Barkley Lorene Belaire Anne Marie Bottker Marjorie Bratlie Mary Jane Chandler Dorothy Driftmier Virginia Fett PLEDGES Marie Forgey Evelyn Goodnight Betty- Lou Grant Berniece Gray Patricia Huber Marjorie Kettenring Marion Leavitt Jane McGee Jerold Ann Newcomer Betty Robinson Jerry Schorr Barbara Taylor Betty Wood Mary Murray Dorothy- Pinneh Marylu Podas Peggie Rlindstrom Dolores Theda Virginia Trubshaw Estelle Tucker Florence Tustin =-it ' 1616 East Fiftieth Street FoiiMiluI ill 1885 lit Difiiiuc Hiiiwrsily 57 OuiYtcn; Rho CharUrd m 1910 185 • AHRENS . AMES . AR fEIL . BALSIGER . BARKLEY . BARNES . BEARD BOTTKER . belaire . BENNETT . BRATLIE . CHANDLER . CHILMAN . CLINE COATES . COLCOCK . COLE . CUSTER . DONCASTER . DRIFTMIER . EBRIGHT ELLINGWOOD . EVANS . FETT . FORGEY . GOODNIGHT . GRAY . HARRINGTON HARRIS . HOSKINS . HAYWARD . HEMRICH . HILL . HOGE . HirBER HULL . JOHNSON . KETTENRING . KIRBV . KNEISLEY . LEA -1TT . LOVEJOY MANKEV . MC GEE . MC ILROV . MERESSE . MILLS . MOLL . NEWCOMER PODAS, M. . PODAS. N. . ROBINSON . RUNDSTROM . SCHORR . SMITH . STEVENS SUTHERLAND . TAYLOR . THEDA . TRUBSHAW TUCKER . TUSTIN . WARREN . WOOD Alpha Chis still hold to the tradition that thcv arc the " kind of girls men marry " with thirteen sweet- heart pins in the house. Chief Smearer of the Slimv Salve upon Defeated Candidates is Dorothy Sutherland. Busy .Mpha Chis are Mira Moll, assistant chairman ot [unior Prom; Marvlu Podas, high Columns sales girl for the house; MiUicent Doncaster. .AWS Executive Council; Dons Mcllrov , Dailv feature writer and member of Theta Sigma Phi; and Virginia Fett, Daily office manager. ALPHA DELTA PI AT WOOD . BERTRAND . BLACKMAN . BRANDMEIER . CARDIFF . CARLSON CRAIG . DIKZMAN . EASTMAN . FOLLRICH . FOSTER . GREELY HALLOCK, P. . HALLOCK, T. A. . HANNA . HESS . HALLS . HUMPHREY ILER . JENKS . JOHNSTONE . KENNEDY . KXmLEY . LA ROCHE LONSBERY . LUNDGREN . MC CALL . MC EW ' EN . NEVILLE . PEREGRINE PRICE . PURPLE . QUIST . RASMUSSEN . REED . RYLAND STEELE-SHAW . STEVENSON . STILEY . STOVER . STREHLAU . WALLACE WARD. WATKINS. WESTON. WILSON GRADUATES Margaret CARDitF Marjoril Hess Claire Atwood DoROTin ' Craig Frances Gii.roy Peggy Hallock Margaret Bertrand Kathryn Brandmeier Lydia Dikeman TiLLiE Ann Hallock Edna Humphrey Betty Mae Iler Lillian Carlson Geraldine Eastman Charlot Follrich Mary Greely Carol Halls SENIORS Mary Johnstone Dorothy Lundgren Mary McEwen Kay Price Katherine Stover JUNIORS Marian Foster Virginia Hanna Louise Stevenson SOPHOMORES Nancy Peregrine Doris Quist Harriet Rasmussen PLEDGES Beatrice Jenks Jane Kennedy Gertrude Kubley Marcia LaRoche Jean Lonsbery Agnes Strand Mary Wallace Jeanice Ward LaVon Watkins -= The heart interests of the A. D. Pis are as diversified as their campus activities. Although thev " Like a guy what takes his time, " the women in the white brick house set a busy pace on the campus in their many lines of endeavor. Marjorie Hess, of Totem Club; Marian Foster, Junior class secretary and fiction writer for " Town Crier " ; Betty Strehlau, assistant copy editor of Daily and campus sales manager of Columns; Peggy Stiley, Junior rep on the Board of Control; and TiUie Ann Hallock of Orchesis, who is a Sig Ep sweetheart, are A. D. Pis who have won fame for their accomplishments. Peggy Stiley Margaret Wilson Betty Anne Ryland Dorothy Steele-Shaw Betty Strehlau Janet Weston Muriel McCall Ella Mead Kathleen Neville Lorraine Purple Ma.xine Reed 4547 EiglitccMtli Ai ' cinic Noi ' tliMst FouHiici ill 1851 at Wcslcym Female College 57 Chapters; AlpKa Theta Chartered in 1917 186 ALPHA EPSILON PHI SENIORS June Lachman Pearl Tipp Lucille Feist Claire Hochfeld JUNIORS Reta Steinberg Desda Weinstein Florence Weinthrop SOPHOMORES Jane Bernstein Janet Fasten Maxine Weisfield PLEDGES Caroline Blumenthal Charlotte Hochfeld Evelyn Neumann Elaine Brower Emalie Lippitt Jean Porteguese Marjorie Coddon Carly-n Myers Rosemari Schonwald Marion Fasten Jean Seligman =- 4543 Eii litLiiilli Aicmul Nortlieoit FoiiiiJciI 111 1909 iit Bamari College 28 Clwptcrs; Alflij Ddtii CharUrci in 1932 187 • BERNSTEIN . BLUMENTHAL . BROWER . CODDON FASTEN, J. . FASTEN, M. . FEIST. HOCRFELD, CHARLOTTE HOCHFELD, CLAIRE . LACHMAN . LIPPITT . NEUMANN PORTEGUESE . SCHONWALD . SELIGMAN . STEINBERG TIPP. WEINSTEIN WEISFIELD . WEINTHROP Best-known and most active girl in the house is Pearl Tipp who injects her vivacious personality into her many duties in Totem Club, " W " Kev, AWS work and the Tyee staff. Other active Alpha Epsilon Phis are Lucille Feist, of Orchesis, Dcsda Wcinstein, house president, and Jo Neumann, Freshman committee worker. L strv A ALPHA GAMMA DELTA v ANDERSON . BANGS . BANNICK . BARE . BAYLESS . BENDIX . BOYER BROWN . BURD . CORBIN . DE DONATO . DICKINSON . FOOTE . FORTIER FRANCIS . GATES . GOODSPEED . GREGORY . GREY . HALE . HALL HARRIS . HEIBERG . HOLLAND . KELLY . KERRIHARD . KILGOUR . KNOWLES KL ' NZ . LA MOTTE . LARSON . LALTBENHEIM . LIVELY . MAINE . MANION MARSHALL . MC DONALD, M. . MC DONALD, R. . MC HARDIE . MEREDITH . MURPHY . OLSON OTHICK . PATEE . POLZIN . PUGSLEY . RAICHLE . RANDLES . RATHVON REDDEKOPP. RENTING . RINGSTAD, G. . RINGSTAD, J. . ROHRER . ROSSIER . SCHOETTLER SMITH . STERLING . TEGTMEIER . TEMPLETON WASON. WILLIS. WRIGHT, M. L, . WRIGHT, F. ' = The Alpha Gams are still trying to explain that the rattletrap Ford parked in front of their house really belongs to a Deke. Mary Bannick, campus politician, is fast becoming Coramitteewoman No. 1 . Aileen Willis, past Panhellenic president, Frances Boyer and Betty Bendix of Totem Club, and Barbara McHardie, secretary of the Fresh class, are setting the pace in activities. GRADUATES Betty Grey Marjorie Kii.gc. K. THRYN Bangs Betty Bendix Frances Boyer Mary Bannick Harriet Francis Mary Gates Kristin FIarris Ruth Heiberg Dorothy Bayless Carol Larson Ruth McDonald Peggy Ann Oleson Frances Anderson Nancy J. ne Bare Jessie Brown Hellin Corbin Duane Dickinson Ma.xine Foote Jeanne Fortier Penelope Goodspeed June Gregory SENIORS Peggy Burd Beatrice DeDonato Fayne Johnson JUNIORS Catherine Kelly Martha Lively Gertrude Marshall Alice Raichle Grace Knowles Isabel Kun: Margaret Manion MarvKatherineRohrer Peggy Rossier Betty Schoettler Elizabeth Tegtmeier Aileen Willis SOPHOMORES Josephine Patee LoRay-ne Polzin Kay Randles Margaret Rathvon Alma Reddekopp Elizabeth Smith Mary Louise Wright PLEDGES Marie Hale Marian Hall Bonita Holland Maltrine Kerrihard Evelyn La Motte Betty Laubenheim Hope Maine Mary Jane McDonald Barbara McHardie Mary Jane Meredith Jane Murphy Mary Janet Pugsley Petronella Renting Geraldine Ringstad Jeanette Ringstad Mary Vee Sterling Theola Templeton Vesta Wason 4515 Twenty-first Avenue Hortheast FoiiiiJcil ill 1904 lit Syracuse Uiiiwrsity 46 Cliaptcrs; Iota ClwrtcreiJ in 1 909 • 188 ALPHA OMICRON PI Marie Anderson Doris Berry Cecile Fahey SENIORS Lorene Fairbon Frances Faurot Betty Finger Louise Lutey DiAN MaNZER Celia Scofiei.d Lef Chapman JUNIORS Susan Koke Lillian Northfield Izetta Poindexter Dorothy Dawson Verna May Hibbard SOPHOMORES Iola Nicola Maxine Slate Dc M. OROTHY Marie mith Virginia Champney PLEDGES Ruth Ann Hartsuck Na K ancy Keller BERRY . CHAMPNEV . CHAPMAN . DAWSON FAIRBORN . FINGER . FAUROT . HARTSUCK HIBBARD . KOKE . LUTEV . MANZER NICOLA . NORTHFIELD . POINDEXTER SCOFIELD . SMITH • SLATE = - 1906 East Fi)rl) ' -ji tli Stra-t Foimici 111 1897 ill BiiniiirJ Colli-gt 43 Chafers; Upiloii Clwrtcrul iii 191 5 J 1 89 • The cream-colored house with the big front yard has not produced anv croquet majors because the nasty old balls alwavs roll down the terrace, but they have distinguished themselves along other lines. Brown-eyed Celia Scoiield was chairman of the University Horse Show; talented Dons Berrv is a pianist composer; and Dian Manzer stavs up nights in her job as Panhellenic scholarship chairman. ALPHA PHI ADAIR . AUDA . BAILEV . BROWN . BUELL . CATHROE . CLEMEN CLINE . CORNWALL . CURRENT . DOBB . DU BOIS . EATON . ENGLAND FOSS. FROLICH . FULTON. GASTON. GILBERT, B. . GILBERT, J. . HAMMER HAUPTMANN . HOYOS . HEWITT . HILLOCK . HITCHMAN . JACOBSEN . JOBES JOHNSON, L. . JOHNSON, M. . JOHNSON, R. . KALUSHE . KAYE . KESLING . KELLOGG LA PLANT. LOWTHER, J. . LOWTHER, V. . LUCAS. MANTHE . MAURY. MC WILLIAMS NOLTING . OBER . ROBINSON, M. . ROBINSON, V. . REED . RUGGLES . RUUD SCHMITZ . SCHRYVER . SCHUCHART . SCHUNKE . SHIELDS . SPINNER . STICHT STINNETT . STEINER . STOKES . TAPERT . THOMAS . THLfRSTON . TRUMBULL TURNER . VAN ARSDALE . VAN FLEET . WILLIAMSON . WRIGHT =- Out of the biggest pledge class in years, Harriet Adair (By Haines ' gal) and Jackie Kalushe stepped up with jobs of treasurer of the Frosh class, and YWCA Freshman council president. The Alpha Phi trio of Bunny Stokes, Evel)!! Thurston and Betty Stemer is still the most popular one on the campus. Bernice Nolting, Standards chairman, nnally won her crusade for women ' s nights out. Margaret Cline Marjorie Denney Marjorie Eaton Marv Gaston PrISCILLA HlTCHMAN Jeanette Brown Persis Buell Mary E. Clemen Lynn Johnson Betty Jane Cathroe Marian Ctirrent Jean Dobb Dorothyan Ethington Harriet Adair Marjorie Auda Marjorie Bailey Marian Cornwall Elizabeth DuBois Beth England Barbara Foss Shirley Frolich Betty Gilbert June Gilbert Kathryn Hammer SENIORS Katherine Kellogg Alice E. LaPl. ' nt Jane Lowther Marjorie Manthe JUNIORS Ruth Johnson Emma Maury Evely ' N Ober Alice Reed Jean McWilliams Bernice Nolting Marianne Schuchart Florence Stinnett Verna Thomas Mary Jane Spinner Betty Steiner Bernice Stokes Ruth Van Arsdale SOPHOMORES Jane Fulton Virginia Kesling Virginia Lowther Margery Robinson Virginia Robinson Adele Schunke Evelyn Thurston Charlotte Wright PLEDGES Mera Hauptmann Barbara Hewitt Ruth Hillock Nina Kay Hoyos Betty Jacobson Esther Jobes Mae Johnson J.AcquELiNE Kalushe Mary Kaye Betty Ann Lake Betty Mae Lucas Jean Ruggles Helen Ruud Joan Schmitz Gertrude Schryver Marjorie Shields Dorothy Sticht Mary Katherine Tapert Patricia Trumbull Marjorie Turner Elizabeth V. n Fleet Betty AnneWilliamson 1900 Ea5t Forth ' scvmth Street Founici m 1872 at Syracuse University 35 Cha] Urs, Sigma CharUrd in 1914 • 190 ALPHA XI DELTA Marvam Arnold Betty Askren Phoebe Aylen Mary Louise Brackett GRADUATES Helen Caldbick Ellen Kerr SENIORS Mary Louise Graham Bernadine McClincy Kay Guthmuller Jerry Swem Anne Kahlke Helen Walker Betty Kennedy Jacqueline Bartells JUNIORS Kathryn Brown Betty Dean Frances Hansen Joyce Hulbush Ruth Mary Larsen SOPHOMORES LuELLA Morris Madeline Rowland Margaret Stiles Grace Wroughton Marion Davis Jacqueline Ellsworth Helen Hill Helen Hotchkiss PLEDGES Marjorie King Marion McCormick Lucile McLaren Ianet Miles Charlet Owen Helen Robertson Margery Stith Jane Sypher =- =- 4541 N.uictccnt(i Aivmul JSLortliaJst FounJal ill 1893 iit Kiun Colltgi; 54 Cliaptcrs; jXk Charurd in 1 907 191 • ARNOLD . AYLEN . BARTELLS . BRACKETT . BROWN CALDBICK . DEAN . ELLSWORTH . GRAHAM . GUTHMULLER HANSEN . hill . HOTCHKISS . HULBLfSH . KAHLKE KENNEDY . KERR . KING . LARSEN . MC LAREN MC CLINCY . MC CORMICK . MILES . MORRIS . ROBERTSON ROWLAND . SWEM . STILES STITH . SYPHER . WALKER Titian-haired Jerry Swem, a member of last year ' s Junior Queen Court, has won the reputation of being the smoothest red-head on the campus. Other Alpha Xi Deltas who have distinguished themselves are Helen Walker, ot Omicron Nu, YWCA Council, and Home Ec Club; Mary Louise Graham, popular house president, a member of Orchesis and I otem Club; and Marion Davis, of Kappa Phi and the Nurses ' Club. CHI OMEGA BACHELLER . BANKS . BARTON . BIRD . BOLLERLTD . BOOSE . BORKLAND BURKHEIMER . CALDWELL . CARLETON, P. . CART WRIGHT . CASTLETON . CATLIN . CARLETON CHRISTIANCY . COATES . COWIE . COY . CRARY . DELIUS . EMBURY ERDAHL . FISHER . ERASER . GIEBEL . GORDON . HOPKINS . HOWE HUTCHINSON . INGSTAD . JAMESON . KINTNER . LACKORN . LEWIS . LIVESLEY MAC GREGOR . MARILLEY . MAY . MC BRIDE . MC CABE . MC FARLAND . MC KINLEY MEAD . MOODY . MUNGER . MOREORD . NICKERSON . PAGE . PASCOE PRIESTLEY . RANSOM . SEALANDER . SCOTT . SEERLEY . SHAW . SHEFFIELD, MARGARET SHEFFIELD, MARY . SMALL . STEWART . THOMAS, B- . THOMAS, G. . TRZCINSKI . UMPLEBY WARD . WEISEL . WILLIAMS . WITTER . WETTRICK . YOUNG, L. . YOUNG, E. ' -= Wilda Ann Coates, Frosh, has what it takes to sell Columns. She broke all previous individual sales records, helping the Chi Os win the contest for the fifth consecutive year. Nancy Erdahl ' s Phi Delt is mighty proud of her for being ASUW secretary. Betty Page, secretary of the Junior class, and Jane Embury, president of Panhellenic are Chi Os busiest activities women. GRADUATES Kathryn Carleton Ruth McFarland Elizabeth Barton Jean Castleton Catherine Catlin Harriette Crary Mary Ann Fisher Barbara Boose Jane Embury Nancy Erdahl Ruth Bacheller Betty Banks Lillian Ann Bender Margery Borkland Mary Burkheimer Marjorie Cartwright [eanne Christiancy Marijane Bird Alice Bollerud Bernice Caldwell Peggy Carleton WiLDA Ann Coaxes Frances Coy Renee Delius Peggy Fraser Lucille Giebel Gerry Howe SENIORS Becky fioPKiNS EvELY ' N Johnson Carolyn Morford Mildred Nickerson Jane Scott Agnes Sealander JUNIORS Elizabeth Hammond Peggy May SOPHOMORES Jean Cowie Jane Gordon Nellie Lou Hutchinson Mary Alice Jameson Phyllis MacGregor Betty Moody Marjorie Seerley Patricia Shaw Evelyn Stewart Margaret Ward LuciLE Wettrick PLEDGES Mary Alice Ingstad Nancy Kintner Elizabeth Lackorn Phoebe Lewis Madeline Livesley Kay Marilley Molly McBride Ann McCabe Claribel McKinley Jean Mead Betty Page Margaret Sheffield Esther Young Bettie Munger Mary Sheffield Anne Sherburne Mary Laird Small Betty Jane Thomas Gloria Thomas Lillian Young Patricia Morrill Shirley Pascoe Cecily Priestley Jean Claire Ransom Margaret Trzcinski Berta Umpleby Patricia Weisel Do.xie Witter Dorothy Williams Ann Ziegler 1717 iiast Forty scvaitli Slrcct FoKiiJfJ ill 1895 at Uiiiwr ity of Ar] ansas 87 Chapters; Alpha Cliurlcral in 1909 • 192 DELTA DELTA DELTA Eleanor Gushing Amce Hunt Dorothy Leede Peggy Andrews Peggy Binckard Jane Buchanan Beatrice Cochran Rita Louise Davis Lucille Engdahl Carolyn Baker Mary Jane Brown Patricia Conover Marjorie Ekholm Harriet Holman Elizabeth Bannister Ruth Baten Elinor Bird Mary Ella Boyd Evelyn Crawford Dorothea Crockett Frances Cutliffe Sue Hartwell SENIORS Nancy McLeod Gene Speckart Helen Tiffin Virginia Westlund JUNIORS Eloise Ferguson Ebba Frohlund Ruth Hammond Dolly May Harrison Virginia Holt Alice Hunt Nan Ladds SOPHOMORES Mary Hlint Lois Martin Peggy Pinckard Jean Rankin PLEDGES Dorothy Hughes Lois Jean King Virginia Lawrence Katharyn Lilygren Harriet Morrison Polly Ann Parker Barbara Rankin Jean Sanderson Josephine Whaley WiLi.A Lou Woods Wilma Jean Wright Margaret Odell Grace Roberts Helen Schuyler Laura Stenerson Ray Wadsworth Ellamay Weiss Virginia Lee Root Jo Ryan Frances Welty Louise Whiteside Gertrude Wood Elizabeth ScHLnrLER Virginia Sessoms Jean Sheldon Betty Strain Evalyne Swedman Janet Thompson Penelope Tiffin Bernice Young msm BAKER . BANNISTER . BATEN . BIRD . BINCKARD . BOVD . BROWN BUCHANAN . COCHRAN . CONOVER . WRIGHT . YOUNG . CROCKETT . CUSHING CUTLIFFE . DAVIS . EKHOLM . ENGDAHL . FERGUSON . FROLUND . HAMMOND HARRISON. HARTWELL. HOLMAN . HOLT. HUGHES. HUNT, A. . HUNT, M. KING . LADDS. LAWRENCE. LEEDE. LILYGREN. M. RTIN . MORRISON MC LEOD. ODELL. PARKER. RANKIN, S. . RANKIN, B. . ROBERTS. ROOT RYAN. SCHUYLER, H. . SCHLrVLER, E. . SESSOMS. SHELDON. STENERSON. STRAIN SWEDMAN. THOMPSON. TIFFIN, P. . TIFFIN, H. . WADSWORTH. WEISS. WELTY WESTLLTND. WHALEY. WHITISIDE WOOD . WOODS - =- 4527 Tumtyfint Avenue Hprtheast FouiiJiTil ill 1S88 at BiMtoii Univmity S4 Clicij-lcrs, Tlul.1 Alplui Ckirtad i.i 1 909 ]q3 -K WiUa Lou Woods took an added interest in Mortjr Board and Totem Club after her trip to lapan two summers ago. Stately Dorothv Leede, house president, is known to be Ed Metzger ' s secret sorrow although she wears a Fi|i pin. Margaret Odell, perfect girl leader, is the Tri Delt pride and joy on rushing parties. Mary Ella Bovd, freshman, draws rib-tickling cartoons for Columns. DELTA GAMMA ANDERSON . AVLRV . BAGSHAW . BANKS . BARTLETT . BATES . BENZ BISHOP . BLANEY . BALLARD . BOSTWICK . BUSCHMANN . COLBY . CALKINS CAMPBELL . CLARK . CRANDELL . CURD . DE WITT . DONOVAN . DOLAN DOWNEY, B. . DOWNEY, J. . DUNN. EMERSON. EVANS. FOSSE, E. . FOSSE, V. GETCHELL . HAGYARD . HARRISON . HEWES . HODGE . HUNTOON . JACKSON JOHNSON . JONES . KELLOGG . LEWIS . LIBY . MOCK . MADILL MC CAELUM . MC CASH . MC CLURG . MC PHAIL . NICHOLS . PORTER . POSPISIL REAMER. ROBERTSON, C. . RICHARDS. SPENCER. STUBBS . THOMPSON. TROTH VAN PATTEN. WADE. WEINEL . WERNECKE WINDERS. WINGATE. WOODWORTH - -= As they say at the colonial house on 45th, " Let ' s go out and look at the fishpond! " Gals wearing the golden anchor who have distinguished them- selves by their many friends are Helen Nichols, voted the most outstanding junior girl in " W " Key last year, and " Sitch " Calkins, AWS Executive Chairman, both Mortar Board members. Other prominent Delta Gammas are Vivian Fosse of Totem Club; Claire Wernecke, welcomed back from Berkeley; Alice Ogden and Jean Wingate, " W " Key members; Bea Wade, society editor of the Daily; and Patsy Jackson, vice-president of the frosh class. )Tiny Gracie Dolan is better known as " Sugar " Cain ' s honey. Dorothy Anderson Kathleen Bates Kathleen Calkins Jane DeWitt Grace Dolan Marian Evans Happy Benz Ruth Buschmann E ' ely-n Fosse Gloria Getchell Beatrice Hodge Eunice Blaney Rachel Crandell Barbara Donovan Betty Downey Peggy Dunn Frances Harrison Jane Avery Margaret Bagshaw Betty Ann Ball. rd Virginia Banks Patricia Bartlett Jane Bishop Janice Bostwick Betty Jo Campbell SENIORS Vivian Fosse Priscilla Gray Annabel Hagy ' ard Mary Lou Hendrey Harrietts Lewis Helen Nichols JUNIORS Lois Jones Dorothy McCash Marjorie Madill Jane Porter SOPHOMORES Margaret Huntoon Mary Kellogg Janet McCallum Mary McPhail Alice Ogden Josephine Pospisil PLEDGES Catherine Clark Carolyn Colby Sarah Curd Jean Downey Nancy Emerson Marion Guy ' les Geneva Hewes Patsy Jackson Jan Ogden Jane Reamer Olive Robertson Betty Rummens Dorothy Twelves Louise Van Patten Harriet Troth Beatrice Wade Claire Wernecke Ann Winders Jean Woodworth Laura Spencer Geraldine Tenny Betty Thompson Jane Weinel Jean Wingate Mary Jane Woodward Mary Jane Johnson Bette Liby Betty McClurg Marjory Moch Mary Richards Carol Robertson Jean Robertson Rowena Stubbs 201 2 East Fort) ' -ji th Street Foiinici in 1 8 74 at Louis School 48 Chapters; Beta CharUrei in 1 903 • 194 DELTA ZETA Mary Benton Kay Cmnton Violet Anderson Adelaide Currie Margaret Bai l Esther Krabbe Betty Brown Barbara Clement Mabel Brownei.l Alice Dickie Pat Fryer FACULTY MEMBER Gloria Parker GRADUATES Dorothy Moorhouse SENIORS Gratia Federspiel Mary Elizabeth Kable WiNNIFRED SeIFERT JUNIORS Helen Manke SOPHOMORES Dorothy Jewett Louise Mangrum Donnabelle Moodie PLEDGES Muriel Irwin Genevieve Jordan Lenelle Lisco Jean Peterson Dixie Stanley Margaret Tashian Bea Shorrock Leona Sowinski Norma Willson Virginia Wilson Mary Phelan Bronwen Pratt Isabelle Reid Phyllis Shields Dorothy Thompson Margaret Willson r f 0T1 UliHKLii ' .; iS ) ? f ANDERSON . BALL . BROWNELL . BROWN . CLEMENT CLINTON . DICKIE . FEDERSPIEL . FRYER . IRWIN JEWETT . JORDAN . KRABBE . LISCO . MANGRUM MANKE . MOODIE . MOORHOUSE . PETERSON . PHELAN PRATT . REID . SHIELDS . SHORROCK . SOWINSKI STANLEY. TASHIAN. THOMPSON WILLSON, M. . WILLSON, N. . WILSON -- 4535 Eit lilciiitli AiviniL j i ' rt)iui5t fclHM.]ul 111 1902 lit Mulllli Ullil ' lTjil) ' 57 CliiiftiTs; Kiiff ' ii ClwrkTui iii 1913 195 • Prowlers beware! Barbara Clement, crack rifle shot, has won two medals presented bv Governor Martin for her expert marksmanship. Violet Anderson, house president, is an out- standing Delta Zeta with her work as member ot the B. A Council, president of Women ' s Vocational Club, Panhellenic social chairman, and a member of Totem Club. GAMMA PHI BETA ADAMS . ARNESON . BREHM . BULLIS . CALDER . CALVERT . CAMERON CALI KINS . CHESSHER, F. . CHESSHER, H. . CLOUGH . COLE . CORTELYOU. D. . CORTELYOU, J. CRABTREE . CREGO . CRENSHAW . DAVIES . DAVIDSON . DE GRANDPRE . DEHN DOWD . EATON . ENGLISH . FEATHERSTONE . FIELD . FLOLOW . GLAFKE GRIGGS . HAGGETT . HAIGH . HART . HOOVER . HOPKINS . HORROCKS HUTCHINSON. JEKLIN . JONES. KELLOGG . KLINKER, M. . KLINKER, P. . LAMPING LANGDON . LAUCKS . LECOCQ. MARION. MC CAFFRAY . MEGGEE . MILLIGAN, M,_ Mil LIGAN,V. . MORRILL . MORRISON, JEAN . MORRISON, JUNE . NEWTH . NICHOLSON. o ' lEARY PERRY . POE . RICKERSON . RIGGS . RUGE . SAVIDGE . SMITH, F. SMITH, P. , STEVENSON . STEWART . STRICKLER . SUMNER . SWANSON . SYNNESTVEDT WAKEFIELD. WANAMAKER . WEEKS. WELCH. WESTOVER . WINN Gamma Phi won the unusual honor of having three Mortar Board members in one house through the achievements of Ann Hutchinson, AWS prexy; Lee Nicholson, Tyee editor; and Janet Riggs, last year ' s junior Queen. Gamma Phis are also proud of Pat Strickler, who hails from Manila and is Senior class secretary; rosycheeked Virginia Kellogg. " W " Key member; and Phyllis Klinker, without whom no dance committee would be complete. Betty Adams Audrey Bullis Carol Calder Jean Cameron Virginia Clough Jean Crenshaw Eleanor Davies Marion Dehn Kathleen Field Katherine Brehm Elizabeth Caulkins Hasseltine Chessher Dorothy Cortely ' ou Mary Lee Dowd Catherine Calvert Mary Cole Catherine Crego Julia Eaton Helen English Mildred Glafke Margaret Arneson Frances Chessher Jane Cortelyou Inez Mae Crabtree G R ADUATE Barbara Stevenson SENIORS Eleanor Haggett Ann Hutchinson Celia Marion Lee Nicholson Mary Ann O ' Leary Harriet Rickerson JUNIORS Valerie Haigh Mary Helen Hart Harriet Hopkins Lorna Mae Jones Virginia Kellogg Phyllis Klinker Gertrude Lamping SOPHOMORES Betty Davidson Helen Poe Margaret Featherstone Janet Sumner Genie DeGrandpre Teddy Wakefield Lois Griggs Katherine Welch Janet Riggs Marjorie SaVID3E Patricia Strickler Fredericka Smith Laurien Winn Helen Laucks Margaret Milligan Virginia Milligan Grace Newth Margaret Synnestvedt Barbara Ann Westover PLEDGES Helen Flolow Kay Hoover Peggy Horrocks Katherine Jeklin Mary Lou Klinker Kay L.angdon Margaret LeCocq Jane McCaffray Fay Meggee Jean Morrill Jean Morrison June Morrison Priscilla Perry GwEN Ruge Patricia Smith Ellen Stewart Dorothy Swanson Alice Jane Wanamaker Patricia Weeks m - r M 4529 Seventeenth Aiviiuf Northeast Founid 111 1 S74 lit Syniiiisc LInii ' fr. ' iity 44 Chapters; Lamkh CharUrd in 1 903 • 196 KAPPA ALPHA THETA SENIORS Petty Biichner Mary Moran Mary Roberts Virginia Elfendahi, Eloise Perham Jean Vermilya Dorothy Hemphilk Dorothy Jane Pierce Jane Wilkinson |ean McCurdy Jo Quigley Mary Helen Williamson PoNCHiTA Milter JUNIORS Henrietta Young Virginia Aetzel M ry Haas Jane Roberg [ean Bishop Mary Jane Hi ten Mary Shannon Kay Duffy Mary Milne Jane Stolle Beth Fitton Elizabeth Montgomery Barbara Strodoff Charlotte Fitton Sally Paige Barbara Robbins Peggy Strong SOPHOMORES Maribel Burdon Mary Hoover Margaret Rawson Maxine Casey Helen Kreitle Kate Robbins |anet Chapin Virginia Lunn Pat Roberg Betty Clawson Jean McDonald Jean Ross Mederies Coburn Betty McGhie Elizabeth Wallace Betty Davis FIelen Melton Virginia Weiner Peggy Guilmet Olive Moore Eleanor White Pat Hergert Dorthe Mount PLEDGES Suzanne Williams Paula Barton Jean Gabie Betty Nuzum Betty-Lou Collins Betty FL zen LonaJean Stewart Betty Conner Helen Louise Hill Ruth Stotler Annabel Couzens Janet Hudler Marjorie Wallace Eva Curtiss Muriel Jarvis Mary Webb Thelma Dahlquist Antoinette Mahncke Betty Jane Wiggins Dorothy Diehl Clare Whitehouse V — =1 isjm AETZEL . BARTON . BUCHNER . BURDON . CASEY . CHAPIN . CLAUSON COLLINS . COBURN . CONNER . COUZENS . CLtRTISS . DAHLQUIST . DA ' 1S DIEHL . DUFFY . FITTON, B. . FITTON, C. . GABIE. GUILMET . HAAS HAZEN . HEMPHILL . HERGERT . HILEN . HILL . HOOVER . HUDLER MONTGOMERY . MOORE . MOUNT . NUZUM . PAIGE . PERHAM . PIERCE qUIGLEY . RAWSON . ROBBINS, B . ROBBINS. K. . ROBERG, J. . ROBERG, P. . ROBERTS ROSS . STEWART . STOLLE . STOTLER . STRODOFF . STRONG . VERMILYA WALLACE, M. . WALLACE, E. . WEBB. WEINER. WHITE. WHITEHOUSE. WIGGINS WILKINSON . WILLIAMS . WILLIAMSON . YOUNG 4521 SaviUa-iitli Aiviiiii N.i) FoHiiiicil III 1S70 iit Di-Piiiiic LJiiii ' cr.sit) ' 59 Chapters; Alplw Liiml ' Ji! ClwrtiTCil in 1 908 197 • S.uling under the shelter ot the Kite are Jo Quigley and Dorothv Hemphill ot Mortar Board and Fotem Club; lean McCurdy (Rosenbergs pal), ASUW secretarv; Mary Roberts, Totem Club, and state! v Marv |ane Hilen, a double for Ann Harding. Beth and Charlotte Fitton comprise the star sister act with Beth being AWS president. Best known of the pledges is Bettv Nuzum, the lead in " Holiday " and " Salome. " KAPPA DELTA LMi SENIORS BARLOW . BASE . BLAL . BLRNETT . COLE ECCLESTON . FISHER . FRY . HOOD . KRIEGER LAWLOR . LILLEV . MC CUTCHEON . PHILLIPS . RAYMOND, E. RAYMOND, R. . ROBINSON . ROSS . SAYER . SAITO SLOANE . SOIIDER . STEFFEN SUTCLIFFE . LAUX . WATSON WHEALDON . WHELAN . WINGER Gals in the 17th Avenue white brick house pursue many unusual activities, among them being the job of Margaret Kellyan as campus society reporter for a downtown daily. Other busy Kappa Delts are Joan Whelan, secretary-treasurer of the Pre-Medic Club; Frances Lawlor, social chairman of B. A. Women ' s Vocational Club; and Margaret Winger, Junior Phi Bete. Viola Barlow Kay Fisher Mary Beth Watson Helen Cole Margaret Fry Betty Whealdon Betty Eccleston Ella McCutcheon Ruth Raymond JUNIORS Joan Whelan Ferne Base Elinor Raymond Margaret Steffen Eleanor Beal Helen Ross Frances Sutcliffe Frances Lawlor Edna Sayer Margaret Winger SOPHOMORES Alice Burnet Marion Hood Alberta Krieger PLEDGES Jean Sloane Margaret Kellyan Cynthia Lilley Thelma Saito Evelyn Laux Kay Phillips Bonita Robinson Patty Souder - -= 4524 Seventeenth Avenue Northeast Foiiiulfil ill 1897 lit Virgiiiiii TaiduTS College 70 Cliiiptcrs; Sigma Iota Cliartcrtil in 1922 • 198 KAPPA KAPPA GAMMA GRADUATES Mary Dick Compton Emeline Congdon Elizabeth Finn TRANSFERS Mary Dick Compton Virginia Schonberg Helen Lathrop Barbara Lee Smith SENIORS Helen Blake Zita Durnin Eunice Bowman Marion Finn Peggy Brownell Barbara Fischer Margaret Bushnell Agnes Harrison Barbara Brygger Valerie Ellis Betty Ann Frink Mabel Bennett Barbara Bowen Margaret Campbell Ann Ferguson Martha Harrison Suzanne Bartholet Kay Beits Virginia Burwell Janet Campbell Rose Alice Castlen Geraldine Ferguson JUNIORS Alice Hooper Anne Jeanette Layton Mary Scammell Margaret Schmidt SOPHOMORES Catherine Kane Lily Kennedy Marian Kent Fanny Margaret Morrill PLEDGES Ellen Gadsby Anne Gould Patsy Gray Mary Elizabeth Groff Shirley Hawkins Jane Hanford Barbara Jacobson Elaine Studebaker Enid Weber Madeleine Kirk Patricia MacAuley Caroline Power Elizabeth Roe Eleanore Smith Margaret Tolman Virginia Varnell Kay O ' Shea Marjorie Parsons Betty Jane Paxton Betty Jane Rafter Marguerite Rolle Maxine Murphy Mary Norris Anne Parry Jane Patten Anne Smith Jean West ££5 BARTHOLET . BENNETT . BLAKE . BOWEN . BOWMAN . BROWNELL BRYGGER . BURWELL . BUSHNELL . CAMPBELL, J. . CAMPBELL, M. . CASTLEN CONGDON . DURNIN . ELLIS . FERGUSON, A. . FERGUSON. G. . FRINK GADSBV . GOULD . GROFF . GRAY . HANFORD . HARRISON, A. HARRISON, M, . HAWKINS . HOOPER . KANE . KENNEDY . KENT KIRK . LATHROP . LAYTON . MAC AULEY . MORRILL . MURPHY NORRIS . o ' sHEA . PARRY . PARSONS - PAXTON . BETTS PATTEN . POWER . RAFTER . ROLLE . ROE . SCAMMELL SCHMIDT . SMITH, A. . SMITH, E. . STUDEBAKER TOLMAN . VARNELL . WEBER . WEST -= 4504 Eiglitaiitli Aiviiik- Hortlicast FoumJcJ m 1S70 lit AIoimuMitli Cnllcffc 62 Cluiptcrs, Bct.i Pi CliiirttTca m 1905 199 Since the Kappas have come to a parting of the ways with their past love, the Psi Us, they have begun to revive their old affiliations as the " Sweethearts of Sigma Chi. ' Wearers ot the key who have popularized them- selves by their activities are dainty Valerie Ellis, whose acting abilitv attracted the attention of HoUvwood; Peggv Brownell. president of last year ' s Junior Class, member of Mortar Board, and YWCA president; and Mary Scammell, AWS secretarv. BAILEY . BARRAUGH . BATTIN . BIGHAM BURTON . CARTER. B. . CARTER, J. . COX DILLON . FARRAN . HLtTCHINS . LOPEZ MYERS - MOBGENSEN . PRATT . RAAB REED . ROGERS . ROSENKRANZ SHEPPARD . STOUT . WATERS Phi Mus grow dizzy when the - try to follow the speedy pace of red-headed Ariel Stout, northwest tennis champion, who ranks fourteenth among the nation ' s women stars. Other active girls are Dorothy Bailey, chairman of the Alumni Home- coming luncheon; Kay Hutchins, Penthouse actress; Janet McArthur, member of Sigma Xi, national science honorary; and Caroline Battin, a freshman in the Dance Drama. PHI MU GRADUATES Caryl Bills Janet McArthur Dorothy B. ' Mley Bernice Bigham SENIORS Mamne Coffman JUNIORS Betty Ann Carter Verna Reed Beverly Rogers Maxine Burton Rena Cox SOPHOMORES Violet Farran Jane Barraugh CAROLINE Battin Jean Carter Kathleen Dillon PLEDGES Carmen Lopez Ruth Morgensen Kathry ' n Myers =1 Kay Hutchins Hazel Iamieson Vyvien Sheppard Elizabeth Pratt Glenora Waters Betty Raab Edna Rosenkran: Ariel Stout Ju. NiTA Walter 4530 Siivnttiiitli AiviiHc ]S[o)-t!iai5t FouHiJcil 111 1S52 lit Wtslcjan College 59 Oiix Ur$ Eta Beta Cliartcred m 1917 • 200 PI BETA PHI mm GRADUATE Helen Pierce TRANSFERS ILEANOR PRAGUE Lne; Davi Mary Elizabeth Beers Ruth Berry Betty Boone Jean Born Virginia Cruse Marian Bergren Ruth Clark Betty Ann Crosby SENIORS Beulah Darrow Pat Fiset Kay Gibson Mary Frances Hartson Virginia Iarvis JUNIORS Barbara Jones Elizabeth Phillips Viola Sorenson Betty Owen Florence Parr Virginia Rae Symonds Mary E. von Boecklin Marjorie Wood Stella Stettler Margaret Seamans Dorothy Whiting Betty Banks Martha Burkhart Carol Byles LuA Colkett Dorothy Crouch Sai i y Dawson J SOPHOMORES Jean Douglas Barbara Horrocks Mary Jo O ' Brien Virginia Phelps Kay Phillips Audre Lee Rice Jean Sevxryns ean Stettler Margaret Stewart Elizabeth Terhune Flomarie Wheeler Margaret Wilson Barbara Winn Katherine Blade Louise Conner Mildred Floyd Geraldine Hanny Mary Louise Haynes Ruth Hergert PLEDGES Regina Herman Audrey Hinkle Marjorie Hood Harvie Hull Mary Hume Dorothy Johnson Jay-ne Lamping Marlyn Maxwell Ann McLeish Betty Plant Dorothy Seamans GwYNNE Williams Louise Wood MMM BANKS . BEERS . BERGREN . BERRY . BLADE . BOONE BORN . BURKHART . BYLES . CLARK . CONNER . CROSBY CROUCH . CRUSE . DAVIS . DARROW . DAWSON . DOl ' GLAS FISET . GIBSON . HANNY . HARTSON . HAYNES . HERGERT HERMAN . HINKLE . HOOD . HORROCKS . HULL . HUME JOHNSON . LAMPING . MAXWELL . MC LEISH . OBRIEN . OWEN PARR . PHELPS . PHILLIPS. E . PHILLIPS, K. . PLANT . RICE SEAMANS, D. . SEAMANS, M. . SEVERYNS . SORENSON . SPRAGUE . STETTLER, J. STEWART . STETTLER, S. . SYMONDS . TERHUNE . VON BOECKLIN . WHEELER WHITING . WILSON. WINN. WOOD -= - S ' VP ' " 4548 Seventeenth Avenue J [c ' FounJfJ in 1867 lit Moiimoiitii Colligt 78 Chapters; Wasliiiigloii Alpliii Charlcrd m 1907 201 • Pi Phis shine on Marv Frances Hartson, their charm- ing Mortir Board president; Margaret Wilson, " W " Key; and lean Douglas of the Studio Theatre. It took fast talking for Barbara Jones to hold the job of Women s Debate manager for two consecutive years. Petite Pat Fiset, Totem Club member, is the vivacious red-head who has put manv a man ' s head m a whirl. SIGMA KAPPA BARTON . BENEDICT . BENNETT . BISSELL . BOL ' NDS . CAMPBELL, B. . CAMPBELL, D. CHAD WICK . DRAPER . DUNCAN . DURYEE. E, . DURVEA , J. . EARLEV . ECKERN FRYAR . FUMERTON . GAULT . GRANT . HAWLEY . HOEFFLER . JOHNSON JONES . KEARNS . KENYON . KETCHAM . KIRKLAND . KRENZ . CUNLIFFE T-AMBERTH . MARTIN, MARIE . MARTIN, MAXINE . MC BRIDE . IEAGHER . MEYER . MORGAN NELSON. NESS. NORMAN. OBERDORFER . PATTERSON, J. . PATTERSON, S. . POSSEE PROVVEI-L . QUIST. RICHARDS . RICHARDSON, JULIA . RICHARDSON, JO . RINE . ROBINSON SCHORR . SCHNEIDER . SCOTNESS . SMI TH . SOBEY . SOENEKE . SONNE STRANGE . SIU.PHEN . TAYLOR . TUCKER . WALLER WICKS. WIGEN. WILLIAMS , Most prominent Sigma Kappa is Wanda Taylor, whose leadership and ability have won her positions as " W " Key president, and active participation in campus affairs. Other well-known Sigma Kappas are Eva Mane Earley, Totem Club and " W " Key member and Senior rep on Board of Control; Shirley Patterson, of Totem Club; Essey Tucker, of " W " Key; and Ernestine Duncan, on the YWCA Freshmen cabinet. Leone Bounds Dorothy Campbell Josephine Duryea Eva Marie Earley InLINE BiSSELL Edythe Draper Katherine EIawley Adele Benedict Betty Campbell Catherine Cunliffe Ethylwynn Duryee Carolyn Fryar Mary Ann Jones Katherine Kearns Marguerite Anderson Lee Asseltine Peggy Barton Edith Bennett Norma Chadwick Marvel Donley Ernestine Duncan Elizabeth Eckern GRADUATE Betty Strickler SENIORS Maxine Martin Shirley Patterson Maxine Possee Alice Rine FIelen Schneider JUNIORS Marjorie Johnson Rose Lunn Marguerite McBride SOPHOMORES Margaret Jane Kenyon Leah Kirkland Julia Lamberth Kathryn Meagher Dorothy Jane Meyer Elizabeth Ness PLEDGES Nona Fumerton Virginia Gault Marie Edesse Hoeffler Virginia Ketcham Alice Krenz Martha McKibben Marie Martin Grace Scotness Margaret Jane Sobey Sally Strange Lynn Wigen Marjorie Quist Wanda Taylor Marie Wicks Gerta Oberdorfer Janet Prowell Mary Lou Richards Jo Richardson Barbara Robinson Lila Mae Soeneke Essey Tucker Mary Morgan Laurine Nelson Marion Norman Jean Patterson Julia Richardson Phyllis Schorr Virginia Sonne Patricia Sulphen 4510 Tii ' t:iit) ' -5ccoiid Ai ' timc J [ortliui5t Fonniei in 1874 at Colby College 45 Clwflcrs; Mh Charttrd in 1910 • 202 ZETA TAU ALPHA FACULTY MEMBER Lea Puvmbroeck Nana Benedictson Betty Brabrook Vera Cissna Bernice Bergen GRADUATES Rosemary Harden Dorothy Kerlee SENIORS Florence Sanders Poi I Y SoUTHMAYD Mae Lawrence Edythe Picht Patricia Ryan Gertrude Whitam JUNIORS Christine Benedictson Betty Elder Gaii Busby Annabel Freeburn Marguerite Habersetzer YuKONA MOYER Myra Shelton Helen Murree Beck Ai IX Jane Gillis Mildred Aamodt Mary jo Gemmer Ianet Harden SOPHOMORES Marjorie Johnson PLEDGES Dorothy Miles Margaret Parker Iane Ryan Jane Whitham Marian Wilson Gertrude Stenslid Phyllis Zednick Florence Zednick ' -it=- 4731 Eiglitctiilli AivMiiL j ()r(lu-iist J HHiuli-J ill 1898 .It V ' irginui Sliiti , t ' 71 ClwpUTj-; Psi CluirtfrJ in 1917 203 • t AAMODT . BECK . BENEDICTSON, C. . BENTDICTSON, N. . BRABROOK BUSBY . ELDER . FREEBURN . GEMMER . GlLLlS MABFRSETZER . HARDEN . JOHNSON . KERLEE . LAWRENCE MILES . MOYER . PARKER. PICHT . RYA N. J. RYAN, P. . SANTJERS . SHELTON . STENSLID WHITHAM, O. . WHITHAM, J. . WTL.SON ZEDNICK. F. . ZEDNICK, P. The " Rhvthmcttes " as Marjorie Johnson, Gail Busbv and |anc Rvan call themselves, form the Zeta Tau . ' Mpha trio which lulls the sisters to sleep every night on the sleeping porch. Freshmen in the house have been making a good start in campus activities, as Mildred Aamodt is in the Daily business office; Mary Jo Gemmer and Gertrude Stenslid, who migrated from the frozen north of St. Petersburg, Alaska, arc both Phalanx members; and Dorothy Miles is in YW ' CA. WASHINGTON ' S THIRTY-NINE tUtCtH itiC RANGE FROM SEVEN TO FORTY YEARS OF EXISTENCE ON THE CAMPUS, BUT ALL PROVIDE OPPORTUNITIES FOR COMPANIONSHIP AND SOCL L LIFE. THE ABILITY TO GET ALONG WITH ONE ' S BROTHERS IS A SURE TEST OF CHARACTER. tetnuL I LC m-mm . m M INTERFRATERNITY COUNCIL The Interfraternity Council, founded at the University of Washington in 1914, is a group of delegated fraternity men forming a governing body and adminis- tering such affairs as affect the social fraternities. EXECUTIVE Laddy Gross, Prcsklciit Howard Ellis, VicrPrMuicnt Frederick Brush, Secretary Graham Wills, Treasurer COUNCIL Garl Watkins, Prii.utiiliir Dean Herbert Condon Dean Newhouse Ray Eckmann Les Wilkins AFDEM . ANDERSON . BALLARD . BANKS . BLOXOM BRUSH . CARLIN . CARLSON . CHAMBERLAIN . DEWEY ELLIS . GABLE . GREELEY . GRIMM . GROSS HALL . HILEN . JEFFERSON . JOHNSON . KELLY KLEGMAN . KLEIN . MOEN . MURPHY . RANEV REED . RITCHIE . ROBINSON . SAINSBURY . SCHAEFFER SMITH . STACK . SULKOSKY ' . SYLVESTER . TREMBLAY TREUER . WATKINS . WILLS DELEGATES Auiciii . . . Charles Afdem AlpliJ Delta Pin . . . Henry Greeley Alplia Ktipf ' ii Liimklii . . . Robert Allen Alfliii Sigiiiii Pin . . . jiM Carlson Alplw Tail Omega . . . Gus Moen Beta Kiippu . . . Robert Sylvester Beta Tlieta Pi . . . Frank Jefferson CIn Plii . . . Fred Carlin CIn Psi . . . Lewis Ritchie Delta CIn . . .John Klein Delta Kappa Ep.siliin . . . Richard Ballard Delta Sigma Pin . . .John Robinson Delta Tflu Delta . . . Al Treuer Delta Uf ' .sllc ' ii . . .Andrew Hilen Kappa Sigma . . . Russell Fisher LamWa Clii Alpha . . . Charles Johnson Pin Delta Tlieta . . . Howard Ellis Pin Gamma Delta . . . Robert Banks PKi Kappa Psi . . . Robert Bloxom Plii Ka a Sigma . . . Walter Raney Plii Kappa Tan . . . Warren Anderson Pliv Sigma Kappa . . . Harold Stack Pi Kajipa Alplia . . . Robert Smith Pi Kaj ' pa Pin . . . Paul Sulkosky Psi UpsiloH . . . Martin Chamberlain Sigma AlpIia Epsiloii . . .Louis Dewey Sigma Alplia Mil . . . Milton Klegman Sigma Chi . . . Al Kelly Sigma Ail) . . . Howard Grimm Sxgma Plii Epsilnii . . .Walter Hall Sigma Plii Sigma . . .John Gable Sigma Pi . . . George Stenson Tan Kappa Epsiloii . . . Don Murphy Tau Phi Delta . . . Walter Schaeffer Tlieta Chi . . . Arthur Reed Tlieta Delta Chi . . . Ray Tremblay Thcta Xi . . . Forrest Sainsbury Zeta Beta Tail . . . Laddy Gross Zeta Psi . . . Graham Wills • 206 ACACIA FACULTY MEMBERS Frederick E. Bolton Stephen D. Brown Ira L. Coi LiER Leo Jacobson Charles Afdem Donald Anderson Elwyn Cleveland Robert Jackson Richard Berntioft Andrew Johnson Esworthy Lange John Evans Milton Farrand Harry Katzen Kenneth Kingston Joseph Daniels William M. Dehn Henry Landes James M. McConahey Thomas K. Sidey Richard G. Tyler Clinton L. Utterback G R ADUATES Harold McNeill Roy Trolson SENIORS Edwin Kerson Edward Nagle Clarence Seeliglr JUNIORS Richard Lewis Frederick Scheel Earl Snippen SOPHOMORES John Lewis Rodney McArdle PLEDGES Conrad Kirchhol Wilson Lee Melvin Lindberg Alvin Marietta Robert Nelson Raymond Wall Ralph Yeaman Hubert Stewart Kenneth Williams Dennis Pottratz Ar ID Reed Donald Wilcox Dennis Piper Charles Sherman Walter Watson James Wheeler = 47 1 H Acacia Place Founded m 1904 at UiiiriTsity o AIiL-liigjii 30 Cliiiptcrs; Wiwliiiigloii CkifUr Fotiiuld in 1910 207 • AFDEM . ANDERSON . BERNHOFT . CLE ELAND . E ANS FARRAND . I ' ERSON . JACKSON . JOHNSON . KIRCHHOF LANGE. LEE. LEWIS. MARIETTA. C ARDLE MC NEILL . PIPER . POTTRATZ . REED . SEFI k.FR STEWART. WALL WATSON . WILCOX WILLIAMS . VEAMAN At the house of the sons of Masons, where the majority of members are DeMolavs, it is possible to become a member through the recommendation of a Mason. At Acacia the bovs sit up and take notice in the presence of Chuck Afdem, member of Inter- fraternitv Council; Raymond Wall, ot Beta Alpha Psi, BA honorary; Clarence Seeliger, member of Alpha Kappa Psi, accounting honorarv; Dennis Pottratz, intramural boxer, and Andrew Johnson, from Fairbanks, who is anofficerof the Alaska Club. UI.fl] ADAMS . BILLINGS . CALLAHAN . CAMPBELL . CARD . CARPENTER OJANDLER . CHENEY . CHESTERLEV, JAMES . CHESTERLEY, JOHN . DAVIS, D. . DAVIS, J. DEERING . DOOLITTLE . DUFFY . EGGERMAN . FERRIS . FINK GORDON . GREELEY, D- . GREELEY, H. . GREENWOOD . HAY . HUFF HIJSSEY . KILLIEN, W. . KRESKY . LAWRENCE . LIVESEY . LUND MADILL . METZGER . MC DERMOTT . MC PHERREN . MOSIMAN . OLIN QUIGLEY . REED . RICHARDS . ROBINSON . SANDAHL . SHERWOOD STEWART. SWEET, G. . SWEET, R. . WINSTON. J. . WINSTON, W, . WAGER WEAVER . WEICHBRODT . WORTMAN . YOUNG 1 " Let ' s spend an evening at home " is the theme song of the Alpha Delts, who have even formed a Bachelors ' Club so the women will know they prefer a good book and pipe to a heavy date. But sitting in on week-end nights didn ' t win Hank Greeley his many friends, or his jobs as Oval Club secretary, Senior football manager, a student director of the bookstore and house president. Alpha Delts other rushee-impressers are Walter Bates, crew captain; Ken Killien, two-year track letterman; Bob Deering, Big " W " in tennis; Dick Lawrence, member of the national journalism honorary; and John KiUien, sophomore coxwain. ALPHA DELTA PHI ' - " " ■ ' ■■ SS£»-y FACULTY MEMBERS Byron Christian Thomas G. Hermans Carl Mapes C. C. May Al Miller Thomas B. Thompson Elgin Wilcox T RANSFERS Ernest Card John Graves Walter Bates John Chesterley John Davis Frederick Estaugh John Ederer Hugo Butler Jim Carpenter Robert Deerinc; Don Garland VoDRA Baker John Callahan James Carbery Larry Carr John Cheney David Davis Charles Adams Lee Billings Henry Campbell George Chandler James Chesterley Gilbert Duffy Bob Eggerman SENIORS John Galintlett FIenry Greeley Kinne Hawes Nat Hawes JUNIORS Robert Gordon ]oHN Killien Richard Lawrence |ames Madill SOPHOMORES Warren Doolittle Robert Eerris Boyd Huff William Hussey Robert Keller William Killien Charles Livesey PLEDGES Brooke Fink David Greeley James Greenwood Marion Hay Howard Kresky Roland McPherren RoscoE Mosiman Arthur Quigley Ken Killien Robert Lund Dan Olin WlNFlELD PuLLEN Alex Stewart Hamlin Robinson Ralph Sweet, Jr. Henry Wager John Weaver Frank McDermott Richard Metzger Richard Reed Benjamin Seaborn Robert Sherwood Gordon Sweet Karl Richards Vincent Sandahl Robert Weichbrodt Jack Winston Warn Winston Ward Wortman Thomas Young 2106 East Forty-seventh Street FouiiilcJ ill 1832 at Hamilton College 27 Clwptcrs; Wilsliiiigtoii Cluipter FouiiJcJ iii I 921 • 208 ALPHA SIGMA PHI |ames Carlson Roger Dawes William Anderson Clinton Atkinson Al Blair George Bowdey Walter Brown William Culbertson Stephen Dowell Jack Emel William Harvey Iack Boley Harold Brooks Howard Brooks Richard Clifford TiLFORD GrIBBLE Henry Guth Max Eggerts Al Erickson William Forrester Walter Geehan Harold Gregory SENIORS Robert Eggerts Gragg Gilkey JUNIORS Herbert Hayward Carl Jacobsen William Kelly Carl Kennedy Harry Kennedy Robert Keyser Ed Loverich Charles McAfee John Merrill SOPHOMORES Gordon Hayward Brooks Johnson Ralph Merklin GiLMORE Moen Roy Mundy PLEDGES Richard Kelly Harold Kempinsky Russell McCollum Neil McLachlin Adolph Matson Carl Merlino Hans Helmle Sam Leigland Joe Moore William Nelson Joe Nicola Jim Provin Len Rich Stanley Rich Goldie Riley Ray Severson Roy Southworth Irving Natale Jack Patterson James Spinner William Stoner George Tracer Robert Walters Jack Richards Paul Salmon Leo Sebastian Sid Stevenson LoRiN Wilson 1 ATKINSON . BLAIR . BOWDEY . BROOKS, HAROLD . BROOKS, HOWARD . BROWN CARLSON . DAWES . EGGERTS . EMEL . FORRESTER . GEEHAN GILKEV . GREGORY . GUTH . HARVEY . HAYWARD. G. . HAYWARD. H. HELMLE . JOHNSON . KELLY, R. . KELLY, W. . KEMPINSKY . KENNEDY, C. KEYSER . LOVERICH . MC COLLl ' M . MERKLIN . MERLINO . MERRILL MOEN . MOORE . NATALE . NICOLA . PATTERSON . RICH. L. RILEY . SPINNER . STONER TRACER . WALTERS . WILSON =- -- 4554 l inctccnth Avenue ' Hprthcast FohmiIeJ III 1S45 at Yale Uiiircrsil) ' 32 Cliuftcrs; AIii FoiiiiJcJ in 1912 209 • Alpha Sigs ' pri:c .itlilctc is Big Ed Lovcricli. whose mighty hulk was a great comfort to " Hec " Edmundson on the maple court. Rust McCollum, tap artist ot the Varsitv Ball, is the lite of the party at exchange dinners with his Fred Astairc style of dancing. Allan Blair won fame when his composition " Dancing at the Varsity Ball " was chosen as theme song for the All-U formal. The opening of the baseball season saw Roger Dawes, catcher; Len Rich, second base; and Ed Loverich, center fielder, warming up for the series. SkM ALLEN . BARDUE . EARNER . BATH . BRATTON . BROWN CAMPBELL . CLARK . COURTNEY . CROWTHER . DAVID . DILLARD DOLESHY . ELTON . GADKE . GENTILI . HAINES . HOISINGTON JACKSON . KEARNES . LENT . LEWIS, E. . LEWIS. L. . LOACKER MC DONALD. MILLER, B. . MILLER, J. . MOEN, C. . MOEN, G. . MORGAN NELSON . NEWTON . PIERCE . PREIS2 . ROHRSCHEIB . SHEFFIELD SHERWOOD . SILVER . STILEY . SMITH WALSH. WALLING . WATKINS WHETSTONE . ZEIGEN ALPHA TAU OMEGA FACULTY MEMBERS Dean William E. Cox Donald Gray Prof. Carl S. Dakan TRANSFER Robert Brown SENIORS Robert Gray GuS MoEN Richard Pierce Harry Sherwood Erret Crowther Peter David Thomas Gauld Gordon Bath Fred Gadke Byron FIaines John Bardue Frank Doleshy Elmer Gentili Richard Allen William Barner Herbert Bratton William Brown Richard Campbell Stanley Clark it - The men behind the red brick wall were amazed fall quarter when By Haines forgot football long enough to develop a serious heart interest with a freshman in the Alpha Phi house, Fred Gadke and Walt Rohrscheib, football lettermen, also played for the honor of A. T. O. Don Hoisington finally settled down, after four years in school, to being graduate representative on the Board of Control. Dean D. D. Griehth Major George Hall Lew Silver Herbert Smith Donald Wyman JUNIORS Robert Jackson Elmo Lewis Jess Miller Murray Morgan SOPHOMORES James Kearnes Bruce Lent Leon.ard Lewis Jack Newton PLEDGES Marvin Courtney Dan Dillard Orville Elton Robert Loacker William McDonald Walter Rohrscheib Will Sheffield George Zeigen William Preisz Orval Walling Gene Walsh Bruce Miller Byron Million Chester Moen Thomas Nelson Joseph Stiley Donald Whetstone 1800 East Fort) ' ' 5cyt-iitk Stmt Fowhki ill IS55 (It Virgiiiiii Military Institute 96 CliiiptiTs; Gamma Pi Fomiilcil in 1 906 • 210 BETA KAPPA FACULTY MEMBERS Malcolm J. Brown Dr. Allen F. Carpenter Capt. Joseph F. Stilly Prof. Walter B. WHLrTLESEY GRADUATES Robert Beach William Enkeboll SENIORS Otto Irrgang Richard Rasmussen Robert Sylvester J. CK Lambert Paul Tjossem JUNIORS R.wmond Camp Gordon Ingman SOPHOMORE Kenneth Branch PLEDGES William Barnes Everett Blauvelt Russell Tucker William Barthrop Raymond Layton Ernest Weschenefelder Allen Olson BARNES . BEACH . BLAUVELT BRANCH . INGMAN . SYL ' ESTER TUCKER . TJOSSEM . WESCHENEFELDER = 1605 East Forty seventh Street Fowiid ill 1901 Jt HcimliH Uiiirtrsit) ' 35 Cliiificrs; Beta FoiiiuicJ i» 1922 211 • Beta Kappa deserve to put a " Phi " in front of the house name after making the highest scholastic average of anv fraternitv for the second consecutive year. Men in the house go in for engineering in a big vvav with Bob Sylvester, house president, also president of the Engineering Council. Gordon Ingman, house vice-president, is a member of the council. BETA THETA PI S- ' Jv ARNtIL . BARKER . BEATTV . BECK . BENNETT . BIRD . BLOXOM BRANDT . BROWN . CADWELL . CALDWELL . COLE . COOK . COY CULP . ENLOE . EVANS . FA RENS . FISSEL . GALBRAITH . GREELY GREGORY . HALL . HANEY . HEMPHILL . HOLMES . HUNT . JEFFERSON JOHNSON , B. . JOHNSON, D. . JUBITZ . K-ETTENRING . KOPET . LOCKHART . LONGMUIR LOUCKS. LVND, G. . LLWD, S. . LUNDIN . MARSHALL, J. W. . MARSHALL, J, . MC INTOSH MONTGOMERY . MORGAN . NEILL . NORTHROP . PHILLIPPI . RICE . SANDER SCHENCK . SHANNON . SIMPSON . SMITH . STALEY . SWEET . TEMPLETON TBEMPER. WARREN. WASHINGTON. WHITE WINGATE. WORTHINGTON, D. . WORTHINGTON, R. . YANTIS M GRADUATES Dick Baker Bob Hawes Harold Sheerer Bob Cole Dick Johnson Howard Tustin Leslie Cooper Tubby Lirhus SENIORS Dean Worthington Jim Arneil Jim Greely John W. Marshall Broussais Beck Ned Hall Bob McKinstry George Bennett Ed Hunt Bill Millington King Culp Frank Jefferson Bill Shannon Bill Farrens Glfy JUBITZ Tom Templeton Bob Fissel John Kettenring S id Lund JUNIORS Nat Washington Jack Beatty George Lund Bill Sander Jim Cadwell John Marshall Don Simpson Bob Enloe Frank Meredith Bob Sweet Jim Longmuir Jack Northrop SOPHOMORES Ly-nn White Merritt Bloxom Jim Holmes Earl Schenck Fred Brown Erwin Loucks Watson Smith Don Coy John Kopet Jack Staley Iack Galbraith Art Morgan Bill Wingate Bob Gregory JoFF Neill Ross Phillippi PLEDGES Rich Worthington Jack Barker Allan Evans Richard McIntosh Art Bateman Clarion Haney Dick Montgomery Bill Bird Wylie Hemphill Lyman Rice Berkeley Brandt Bill Johnson Ed Tremper Hugh Caldwell Harry Lockhart Dick Warren Frank Cook K Mac Lundin George Yantis " On to Poughkeepsie " is the Beta battle-cry with seven crew lettermen in the house. Led by Bob Hawes, the men in the vine-covered mansion are still the twinkletoes of the campus. Track man Art Morgan ' s specialty (besides slay- ing the women) is carving clever wooden dance programs. With two good orchestras in the house, Ed Himt ' s and Watson Smith ' s, the Betas draw straws to see which one plays for house dances. 1617 East Forty seventh Street Founici ill 1839 at Miami UiiiiCTsity S7 Qwj ' ters; Beta Omega FohhlIciI in 1901 • 212 CHI PHI GRADUATES Mollis Beaseley Jack Shaw SENIORS Fred Carlin Robert Gulp George Revelle Frank Gulp Drayton Davidson Gordon Moody JUNIORS Harvey Shotwell Lynden Anderson Al Lindstrom Russell Morse Carl Benson Bud Lunn Philip Magnusson Ray Blalock Robert Moffat Homer Tipton SOPHOMORES Al Blalock Donald Lavelle Joe Smith Thomas Grosvenor Arnold Lindstrom PLEDGES Frank Taylor Milnor Anderson Jack High Ralph Shotwell Curt Goons Ray Jones Ray Shotwell James Fleming Bud Leahy Nat Sorenson John Gerke Manning Richards Robert Walker Henry Hallgrimson Harold Weber mi ANDERSON, L. . ANDERSON, M. . BENSON. BLALOCK, A. . BLALOCK, R. CARLIN . COONS . CULP . GROSVENOR . HIGH JONES. LAVELLE. Ll JDSTROM , AL . LINDSTROM. A. . LUNN MAGNUSSON . MOFFAT . MOODY . MORSE . RICHARDS SHOTWELL, H. . SHOTWELL, R. . SHOTWELL, RAV SMITH . SORENSON TAYLOR. WEBER i -= 4521 N.iMi:ta-Mtli Avcmic Nsirthaut Founici ill 1824 at Priiiccioii [iiiiivrsiiv 34 Chapters; Beta Deha Fouiuici in 1925 213 • Chi Phis are versatile in a dizzying number of ways, ranging from athletics to scholarship. Homer Tipton can play halfback, fullback, quarterback or wayback; and star study man, Phil Magnusson, ...twice winner of the President ' s medal, has maintained a straight A average and in his junior vear is a member of Tau Beta Pi, Sigma Xi, and Zeta Mu Tau. Other industrious Chi Phis are Bud Lunn, busv rallv chairman, Bobbv Walker, half pint forward who scored 37 points on the champion frosh football team, and Henry Hallgrimson, super- varsity guard. CHI PSI ADAMS. A fDERSON . BO fD, C. . BOND, R, . BROWN, E. BROWN, M. . BRUCKART . CASTLE . CHEEVER . CLARK, M. CLARK, T. . CHRISTENSEN . CRAPO . DALE . DITEWIG DOWLING . DUKE . GALVIN . GREENWOOD . HUEMMER ISAACSON . JOHNSTON. KEATING . KINSMAN . KNAPPENBERGER , B. KNAPPENBERGER, J, . MCLEAN. MORGAN. MORRIS. NEWLANDS POWERS . PROPSTRA . RITCHIE, H. . RITCHIE, L. . RAUGHT RYAN . VAN HOUTEN . WILLIAMS . CAIN . COAN FACULTY MEMBERS Phii IP Church George Savage Herman Anderson G R ADUATES Philip Huemmer John Morris SENIORS Wii-LiAM Greenwood John Knappenberger Robert Isaacson Donald Adams Charles Bond Monte Brown John Bruckart James Cain Randall Bond Treat Clark William Crapo Eugene Brown Neil Christensen Malcolm Clark Ralph Coan JUNIORS John Castle Harry Cheever Dwyer Dale William Johnston SOPHOMORES George Galvin Robert Knappenberger Lawrence Newlands PLEDGES |ack Ditewig Gordon Dowling DuANE Duke George Button Thomas Kinsman =- Tucked away m the corner of fraternity row, the Chi Psis have earned the reputation of being girl-shy, but It is said that they have their moments. The " lawdge " boys star when it comes to football with Jimmy Cam and the Bonds, Chuck and Rink, earning a national reputation on the gridiron. Chuck is known for his interest in fairy tales (namely, Cinderella). The house politician is Jack " Schnozz " Knappenberger, ASUW vice-president. The shining light of the pledge class is Gene Brown , who walked away with the junior football managership. Gordon Raught Howard Ritchie Van M. Sim Douglas Keating Marvin Morgan Robert Neupert George Propstra Lewis Ritchie Robert Royce Jack Ryan Donald Williams Joseph McLean George Nace Charles Powers Chester Van Houten 4600 Twenty-second Avenue Hprtheast Founici ill 1841 Jt Llmiin College 25 Owptfrs; Alpli.! Thcta Delta Founid in 1921 • 214 DELTA CHI Ralph Bishop Daniel McGillicuddy SENIORS Douglas Muirhead Robert Perry George Wimberly Harrison Chambers Ellwood Davidson JUNIORS loHN Klein Ronald Preston Carl Sedore Carl Grandy Arvid Hullin SOPHOMORES Eldon Mark Maurice Rowe Martin Sullivan Lewis Armstrong Cltitis Barnard George Beetchenovv William Bell PLEDGES Ronald Bishop Lew Evans Robert Forrestal Langford Hyde Wentworth Lambert Paul Soules Frank Thornton Robert Winter Robert Zimmerman BELL . BEETCHENOW . DAVIDSON . fc ANS FORRESTAL . GR. NDY . Hl ' DE . KLEIN MARK . MUIRHEAD . PERRY . PRESTON ROWE . SOULES . SULLIVAN . THORNTON WIMBERLY . WINTER 2IMMERMAN -r 1819 Ea5t Fortr5a ' CMtli Street FouiiJiJ in I 890 iit Conitll LlmiiT.nt) ' 37 C ' lijplcrs; Woiltiiigtoii Cluptcr CharUrd in 190S 215 Delta Chis are still pufFed up over the feats of their most famous member, Ralph Bishop, captain of the ' 36 championship basketball team. They also keep posted on the activities of Bob Perry, house president, John Klein, junior track manager, and Carl Sedore, junior basketball manager. imn DELTA KAPPA EPSILON II ANDERSON . BALLARD . BLACKFORD . BROOK S . BUCK CALLISON . DRAKE . FERGUSON . FOWLDS . GARRETSON GOULD . HESTON . HOOD . KAYE . KELLEY KERR . KING . KINGSBLTIY . LEA . MAC KENZIE NICKSON . OLSEN , PURCELL . PERRY . SATHER SOULE . TAFT . TIMBLIN WALKINSHAW . WALLACE . WOOD SENIORS Richard Ballard John King Philip Padelford William Blackford John Lea Bud Perry Jack Fowlds Kenneth MacKenzie Jim Nickson JUNIORS Charles Sather Rudy Anderson Douglas Hood Charles Padelford Lane Brinson Ned Kelley Joe Rollins Bob Brooks Proctor Mellquist Ray Smart Don Callison SOPHOMORES Steve Tremper Waddington Abbott Daniel Elmore Penny Purcell George Buck Hugh Ferguson John Shephard Don Edwards Carl Gould Jerry Kerr PLEDGES Herbert Timblin Fred Baisch Neal Heston Hardyn Soule Rush Drake Ralph Jacobson Mahlon Taft Sid Eisenbeis Bill Kaye Walt Walkinshaw Jack Garretson Nat Kingsbury Henry Wallace Frank Hallett Wally Olsen Frank Wood ' After the ball was over, " the Dekes discovered that their Hollywood premiere dance aired movie stars of a prehistoric species. Recovering from their debut are Dick " Esquire " Ballard, crewman, assistant chairman of the Varsity Ball and a Bachelor Clubber (ask Nicky); Johnny King, the kewpie doll senior class prexy; Jack Fowlds, a Big " W " man, and Board of Control member; and Proc Mellquist, the high-pressure managing editor of Columns. 4520 Tuviilv ' Jirit Aiviinc J ortliui5t Founiei w 1832 at Yale Unwcrshy 48 Chapters; Kap a Epi on Founded in 1910 • 216 DELTA SIGMA PHI LORENZ BOLIN Joe BviNGTON SENIORS John Dail Richard Merrin John Robinson Glen Butterfield George Carson Tom Bli ' nden Warren Brown Roy Alivn George Balsiger Harry Hanscomb JUNIORS Grant Impett Fred Tones SOPHOMORES Robert Dail John Haughn Hans Norbisrath PLEDGES George Lown Howard Newbern Fran " k Schabel Harrison Kromer Wayne Proff Ed Parsons Vernon Ziebell Arnold Thumlert Norman Wallace Walter West BALSIGER . BLUNDEN . BL ' TTERFIELD . BYINGTON DAIL . DAIL . IMPETT . JONES LOWN . NORBISRATH . PROFF . ROBINSON THL ' MLERT . WALLACE . WEST - 4550 Eiglita-iitli Aiviiui j c)rtliuist FokmJcJ in 1899 at College of the City of Hew York 52 Chapters; Alplia Omega FoiiiiJeJ in 1 926 217 • Delta Sigma Phis go in for the manly art of self- support, with George Carson, frosh fullback, panning gold in Alaska during the summer, Richard Merrin, two-stripe basketball letterman, working in the North, and Grant Impett slaving on a news- paper. Freshman politician George Balsiger turned out with the " grunt and groan " artists and Glen Butterfield. two-stripe rifleman, and John Robinson, vice-president ot the geology honorary, are Delta Sigs who also keep busy. DELTA TAU DELTA ip ' - npai ARONOW . BRADSHAW . CASEY . CATHCART . FERRIER GARRETT . GRENFELL . H. LE . HERTZEN . HORSWILL HURST . JOHNSON . KAIL . KAMB . KELLY LYONS . METZGER . MORGAN . OSWALD . POHL PRESTON . REYNOLDS . RHYNSBLiRGER . ROSSIER . RLIBLIN SNOW . SUETTERLEIN . TREUER . TVETE . WEDEBERG WHITMORE . WILKINS . WITT . YEOMANS FACULTY MEMBERS E. G. Cox Leon Ellis Norman Johnson Milton Brougham John Hale Seymour Kail Thomas Lyons Trevor Bryant DusTiN Clark Merwin Casey Don Christensen Willard Aronow Jack Bradshavv Wallace Cathcart Paul Ferrier Neal Grenfell Jack Hertzen GRADUATES BOYNTON KaMB SENIORS Edward Metzger Charles Oswald Charles Rossier JUNIORS Carroll Hltrst John Morrison Herbert Pohl SOPHOMORES Jack Garrett Erle Horswill Joseph Morgan PLEDGES William Kelly Harry Matthews Bill Matthews Frank Olmstead William Paul Donald Preston i ' - " Just watch our smoke " is the slogan of the " datin ' " Delts, campus hot shots, with smoothies Seymour Kail, Columns ' art editor and man about town, who spends his spare time cartooning for national magazines; Ed Metzger, ASUW vice- president; Al Treuer, Scabbard and Blade and chapter president; and Chuck Oswald, advertising man. Husky Bud Brougham upholds the honor of the house on the gridiron and in the classroom, being a two-vear letterman and a member of Pi Mu Chi. Leslie Wilkins Willard Rublin Allan Treuer Robert Witt Robert Yeomans |ohn Rynsburger Leon Snow, Jr. Kenneth Tvete Edwin Whitmore Bill Putnam John Reynolds Don Suetterlein John Wayne Elwood Wedeberg William Wilson 4524 J mctecnth Avenue ' Hprthcast FoMii(!cil ill 1849 at Bctlwiiy College 74 Chapters; Gamma Mu Cliartercil iii 1 908 • 218 DELTA UPSILON ' SS M Li .M m FACULTY MEMBERS Thomas Bolles Harr E. Smi ih GRADUATES Dellvon Fall William Sawmill Cecil Smith Martin Trepp SENIORS Gene Wright Richard Young Ellis Ash Robert Beckwith Vernon Greer FIenry Harris Manoah Pate Chauncey Pearce Curtiss Beebe Warren Fuller Ellis Hyatt Kenneth Jones Hans Lund JUNIORS Paul Scott Robert Woodworth Richard Bogardus Kenneth Cannon John Dodds Andrew Hilen William Jones Robert McDonald SOPHOMORES Richard Pullen Horace Rogers John Summersett Phillip Hughes OHN MacGregor ack Meves William Morris Edward Nelson PLEDGES Jack Price John Williams Stanley Youngs Richard Anderson Hood Baxley James Carmack Ross Copeland Gordon Fry Ralph Humbird Robert Lochovv Frank M.aher Robert M. theson Dave Nourse Richard Peterson George Putnam Jack Roberts David Waters Lowell Waters Jack White ANDERSON . ASH . BAXLEV . BECKWITH . BEEBE BOGARDUS . CANNON . CARMACK . COPELAND . DODDS FRV . FULLER . HARRIS . HILEN . HL ' GHES HUMBIRD . JONES . LITND . MAHER . MATHESON MC DONALD . MORRIS . NELSON . PEARCE . PETERSON PUTNAM . ROBERTS . ROGERS . SAWHILL . SCOTT SMITH . SUMMERSETT . TREPP . WATERS, D . WATERS, L. WHITE. WILLIAMS. WOODWORTH. YOUNGS 1818 East Fortyfiftli Street FoKuJcJ in 1834 iJt William.s College 61 Cluiptcr.s; W ' iisliuiqtOH CihipltT FouhvIlJ in 1910 219 Besides claiming to be the best sercnaders on the campus, the DUs brag about Martin Trepp, editor of Columns; John Summersett, " The Champ, " mightv scourge of campus wrestling circles, and Cec Smith, the orchestra leader and maestro of the DU Glee Club, tamed for its singing of " Red Sails in the Sunset " KAPPA SIGMA SEEm mmm mm ACOMB . ALLEN . BADoER . BENSON . BERGERSON . BERRY BELT . BREDA . BROWN . BL ' TLER . CHITTENDEN. O. . CLARK COLEMAN . DA TES . DICKEY . ENGLISH . FISHER . GADDIS HAWKS . HOPE . HUGHES . KEVIN . LARSEN . LEAHY MATTHEW . MURPHY, P. . MIIRPHY. R. . NEWCOMB . NORTH . OATES PLAMONDON . REED . SEARS . STANSBURY . STONE . STATHAM SWANSON . ULMAN . VORE . WEBBERT WEEKS . WILSON . WOOD . ZIEGENFUSS If a loud explosion resounds in Fraternity Row, it will be the shooting of the Kappa Sig crooners, Don Gaddis and John Benson. They warble in rival orchestras and torture their fraternity brothers with their burst of song. One of the best known " hand- shakers " IS politician Francis Bergerson, Malamute and president of Phalanx. Athletes in the house are " Brick Plamondon, senior basketball manager; Paul Murphy, star golfer; Jimmv Angle and Roger Samples, track lettermen, and George Ziegenfuss, frosh basketball " find. " FACULTY MEMBERS Clarence Edmundson Dr. D. C. Hall Prof. H. H. Martin GRADUATES Prof. J. W. Miller Ed Case Emmett Hughes Hulbert Murray Fred Hislop Fred Mahoney Dean Mullin SENIORS Fred Statham Bu L Ambur Russell Fisher Norbert Plamondon Donald Belt Richard Hogan Lyman Stone Oliver Chittenden Paul Mlirphy Arvid Swanson Paul Chittenden 1 Wendell Newcomb JUNIORS Kenneth Weeks Jim Angle Douglas Clark Jim Tellfer Darwin Badger Ted English John Ulm- n Al Berry Don Gaddis Kenneth Vore Bob Brown Miles Hope Bill Leahy SOPHOMORES Charles Webbert Bill Acomb John Davies Vincent North loHN Benson WiNTHROP DiLLAWAY Howard Stansbury Francis Bergerson Frank R ' Iwks Phil Wilson FiRMO Breda PLEDGES Bill Wood Ed Allen Willard Larsen Bob Reese Willard Butler Hent y Matthew Roger Samples Dick Clauson Bob Michlitch Gibson Sears David Coleman Charles Miller Keith Wallace R rold Dickey Richard Murphy Frank Whiting Tom Kevin J. cK Oates Iack Reed George Ziegenfuss 5004 Seventeenth Avenue Hprthcast FcniiuJal m 1869 at UnuTrsitv of Virginia lOS Clwptcrs; Beta Psi Fowukd m 1903 • 220 LAMBDA CHI ALPHA Walter Lunsford Donald Batt Wendell Batt Winston Carsten DUANE COSPER Warren Gate Robert Dorr GRADUATES Norman Trezona SENIORS Robert Ghambers HtTBERT Gomer Gharles Johnson JUNIORS Marion Marts Leonard McMahan SOPHOMORE William Bennett PLEDGES Robert Gussman Walter Kraus Wilbert Little Reliben YouNcquisT Tyler Kaline Pat McHugh Hans Skov Robert Wonn Robert Paulson Dale Stevens BATT . BENNETT . COSPER . GATE CHAMBERS . COMER . DORR . GUSSMAN JOHNSON . KRAUS . LITTLE . LUNSFORD MARTS . MC HUGH . MC MAHAN . PAULSON SKOV . STE ' ENS . TREZONA WONN . YOLiNGQUIST =- 4509 j nk-la-Mtli Aiviiiic Founid 111 1909 at Boston Uinvcrsity 86 ClwpltTi; Alplw Psi Fomid iii igls 221 • Lambda Ghis have a busy time trying to check up on Marion Marts, stenographer to Glenn Hughes; Bob Paulson, six-foot radio announcer for KRSG; Warren Gate, campus reporter for the Seattle Star; Hans Skov, tall blond skier with a long " ' laft " who IS reported to know his way around the Ghi O house, and Walt " Georgia " Lunsford, who left his gal down in Dixie. PHI DELTA THETA i ANSHUTZ . BALDWIN , BECKER . BEMIS . BENNETT . COLKETT . CALVIN CAMERON . CARROLL . CASE . DA IS . d ' eV ' ERS . DOUGLAS . DRAGER DURYEE . ELLIS . EVERETT . FISHER . FOSTER . GOODFELLOW . GRABENHORST HEWSON . HORROCKS . HOWARD . HULL, G. . HULL, T. . HULBERT . HUMBER KELLEY . KINTNER . KIRSCHNER . KNOWLES . LARSON . LOMEN . MASON MASSAR . MATHESON . MACARTNEY . MC CUNE . MC GHIE . MC MAHON . MEDICA MILLER . MILNE . NELSON . NORW AY . OLSON, P. . OLSON, W. . PETERSON PHILLIPS . PIERCE . POLLARD . POWERS . REED . ROBSON . RYAN, D. RYAN, R. . SCARFF . SCEVA . SHAW . SCHOCH . SHORTALL . SIPPRELL. A. SMITH . SquIRES . SUMRALL . THOMPSON, R. . THOMPSON, S. THORSDALE . TURNER . WARD . WESTLUND - After breaking down the Alpha Delt ' s front door in a free-for-all scrap fall quarter, the Phi Celts wiped their grudge slate clean. Bill Milne, house clown and playboy, has a passion for crooning into mikes. The mighty fame of such athletes as Jack Medica, Dutch Schoch, Bruce Humber and Willie Hewson has been known to send many a rushee into a spin. SENIORS J. MES Bennett Dick Kelley Dave Robson Center Case Tom Macartney Ray Ryan Howard Ellis Bob Matheson JUNIORS Dick Turner Bert Anshutz John Knowles Wellington Phillips Emery Colkett Bob Massar John Pollard John Douglas Sam McGhie Dave Powers Wilbur Hewson Jack McMahon Delos Schoch Albert Hulbert Jack Medica James Sipprell Tyler Hull Rynd Miller Bob Squires Bruce Humber Bill Milne Stuart Thompson Bill Kintner Bill Peterson SOPHOMORES RoLLA ThORSDALE Ed Becker Donald Larson Ted Reed Val Cameron J. CK McCuNE Ted Shaw Bill Davis Bill Norway Len Shortall Howe Foster Phillip Olson John Smith Scott Goodfellow Wayne Olson Ben Sumrall Bob Hulet: PLEDGES Bernard Westlund Ralph Baldwin George Fisher Fred Nelson Sid Bemis COBURN GrABENHORST Frank Pierce Kenneth Calvin Harry Horrocks Donald Ryan Hess Carroll John Howard Bob Scarff Rarry d ' Evers Gordon Hull Paul Sceva Douglas Drager Bill Kirschner Arthur Sipprell Dan Duryee Al Lomen Robert Thompson Bill Everett Harold Lewis Bill Mason Shirley Ward 2111 Etist Forty seventh Street Foiiiuli-J iM I 848 lit Mijmi Unii ' tTsity 105 Cli.i|itcr5; Widiiiigtoii Alplw CliiirltnJ iii 1900 • 222 PHI GAMMA DELTA Owen Clark Robert Banks Michael Bird Frederick Brush Herbert T. Condon, Jr. Rudy Enquist Stuart Blum Robert Deming James Eastwood Richard E erett Bill Jensen A , , . A PfWfAT) T GRADUATES Theodore Wernecke Parker Williams SENIORS Frank Freshwater Henry Georg Evan Hannay Philip Hilditch James Hill David Kellogg JUNIORS Bernard Kohls Robert Lamson Robert Martin Gayley Mortland Wayne Mltrray Birr Odell Wallace Atkinson losEPH Bird Gliy Buck Robert Buck David Deming Dan Frank Wellington Bingham John Burns James Crick James Eagleson Ed Ramilton Mertin Hatch Fred Hlirst William Ja -nes SOPHOMORES Donald Freshwater Tom Harman Thomas Kelley Jack Latham Iack Mitchell PLEDGES Thomas Jemison Robert Kilgore LaFell Lamson William Linsell John Little James McGoldrick John Montgomery Robert Moch Stuart Smith John Sutton Kermit Wasmuth John Watt Bud Schacht William Thompson Robert Watkins Richard Watt Forbes Wilson Warren Philbrick Paul Shoudy Dick Snytjer Allan Trumbull Leonard Vaupell Norman Wayland John Power James Robinson John Robinson Richard Walters Ted Wassard William Wilcox Jack Wolf Rich. rd Yeager Lli E Liiii ii i yk ATKINSON . BANKS . BINGHAM . BIRD, M. . BLL.M . BRLSH . BUCK. R. . BURNS CONDON . CRICK . DEMING, D. . DEMING, R. . EAGLESON . EASTWOOD . ENQUIST . FRANK FRESHWATER, D. . FRESHWATER, F. . GEORG . HAMILTON . HANNAY . HARMAN . HATCH . HILDITCH HILL . HURST . JAYNES . JEMISON . KELLOGG . KELLEY . KILGORE . KOHLS LAMSON, L. . LAMSON, R- . LATHAM . LITTLE . MARTIN . MC GOLDRICK . MITCHELL . MOCH MONTGOMERY. MORTLAND. PHILBRICK. POWER. ROBINSON. J. . ROBINSON, JO. SCHACHT. SHOUDV SMITH . SNYDER . SL TTON . THOMPSON . TRUMBULL . VAUPELL . WALTERS . WASMUTH WASSARD. WATKINS. WATT, J . WATT, R. . WAYLAND. WILCOX. WILSON. WOLF H -- 4503 Sa ' . ' iiteL ' ntli kvowu j cirtliu)st FoiDiJiJ ill I84S ill Ji(firsi ii College 73 Cli.ij ' icTs; SigiiKi Till! foiiiiJiJ III 1900 223 • Among The Fiji " Chosen Sons " are Bob (ladies ' man) Moch, varsitv crew cox; Rudv Enquist. the strong, silent pitcher; with his baseball competitor, Bernie Kohls; and Bob Lamson. skillful skier who manages the Universitv ski team. Renowned for his wicked hula is Tom Keliev of Grass Skirt fame Bill Thompson has a corner on football managing and joins Bud Brush, Intertraternitv Council secretary, in being loyal members of the DG " Swamp " Club. PHI KAPPA PSI S f P C AI EXANDER . BEALL . BLAKELY . BLOXOM . CHA ' ELLE CLARK . EVHANS . FENTON . GRAY . GREENWALT HOEF . HOTSON . JOHNSON . JUDY . KEmON KIRKMAN . KLEIN . KXnTvENDALL . LEWIS . MC INTOSH MILLER . MORSE , MULRINE . ODELL . PARKER PERRY . POWELL . RAINS . RICE . ROBERTSON RORABAUGH . SAMUELSON . SPECK . STE ' ENS . UMOFF WHITEMAN. WILLIAMS. WILSON. YOST FACULTY MEMBERS M. D. CoRNU W. E. Henry H. J. McIntyre GRADUATES C. C. More John Ritchie jeorge Blakely Robert Alexander Robert Btoxom Wesley Bubb Cornelius Chavelle Ferguson Beall Robert Dahlin SENIORS William Harvey Cornell Hoff John Laughlin Emery Powell JUNIORS James Fenton Edward Johnson Max Judy Elliot Robertson William Smith Jay Stevens Jack Whiteman Edward Morse Herbert Rice Cortlandt Clark George Gray Hugh Hotson John Beall Danley Evhans Marvin Greenwalt GiLMORE KiRKMAN Matthew Klein SOPHOMORES Howard Kenyon James Speck Lewis Parker Robert Williams Marcus Perry Marshall Yost PLEDGES Donald Kuykendall Da td Rains John Lewis Lawrence McIntosh Merle Miller Daniel Mulrine Jess Odell Robert Rorabaugh Jack Samuelson Paul Umoff Shirl Wilson eJJLe Bob Alexander made Yell King history when he gave femininity a break at football cheering with their purple and gold cuffs, pom poms and gold rain-jackets for the yell leaders. Phi Psi playboys Bill Harvey and Stan Taylor have dedicated themselves to showing lettermen George Grey, tennis; Lewis Parker, baseball; and Merle Miller, football and track, their way around town. 2120 East Fortysa ' cnth Street FiniiiJa) ill 1852 at WiisliiHgtcii mijcffcrsm College 52 Chapters; Wjsliiiigtmi Alpliij Foiiiuli-J in 1914 • 224 PHI KAPPA SIGMA ROOSEVEI T BaSI ER Edgar M. Draper FACULTY MEMBERS Prof. Wm. Sa ery Robert B. Van Horn Dean Willis L. Uhl Prof. Wii mam R. Wilson GRADUATES Matt Muc:vnski Woodrovv Ullin Warren Austin Fred Blake Jack Davis Robert Galer Ralph Gilbert Craig Griffin Charles Hartman SENIORS Arthur Knutsen Dan Lazarevich Hilton Lysons William McCaffray Walter Raxfv Charles Rickerd JUNIORS James Lamont Henry Loew Theodore McCaffray Robert Ritchie Howard Rolin Harold Runstad William Test Clifford Vanderveer Orvii le Olson Paul Risener SOPHOMORES Everett Austin Robert Butterfield George Drew- Bob Bell Bill Bevins Charles Croasdili. Ted Domning Arthlr Edwards Dick Eugene Dick Foster Owen Henry Wii i.iam Parker Charles Risser PLEDGES Clarence Froberg Frank Gibson Bill Kerr Robert Matlock Robert Meany Earl Melville Putnam Middleton Jack Nelson Dana Rogers Robert Wallace Robert Wohleb Albert Parker Edward Phelan Robert Prideaux Robert Toste in Gordon Wight John Williams Wayne Wills tV 471 1 Scraita-nfiT Avenue JS[orlliuJst FouiiJa] ill 1850 lit University i) Piiiiisvli ' iiiii.i 38 (. ' luiptiTs; Alj ' lij LIp-iloii FciHuJca m 1919 225 ALSriN. W. . ALSTIN, E- . BELL. BEVINS. BL. KE . BUTTERFIELD CROASDILL . DAVIS . DOMNING . EDWARDS . EUGENE . FOSTER GALER . GIBSON . GILBERT . GRIFFIN . HARTMAN . KERR KNUTSEN . LAMONT . LAZAREVICH . LOEW . LYSONS . MATLOCK MC CAFFRAY . MEANY. MELVILLE. MIDDLETON. NELSON . OLSON PARKER, A. . PARKER, W. . PRIDEAUX . RANEY . RICKERD . RISENER RITCHIE . ROGERS . ROLIN . RUNSTAD . TEST . TOSTEVIN WALLACE. WIGHT. WILLIAMS WILLS . WOHLEB . VANDERVEER Will miracles never cease ' A house of athletes who are smoothies. It ' s the big strong men that get the women and that ' s why Woodv Ullin, 1934 football captain; Bob Galer, 1935 basketball captain, Dan Lazarevich, 1935 football captain; Matt Muczvnski, three-year letterman; Henr Loew, crew man; Everett Austin, sophomore halfback; Bud Ranev. lightweight crew coach; Chuck Hartman, crew man, and Billv Parker, crew cox, are in such demand. ANDERSON . BLACK . DIEMOND . ERICKSON FARSTVEDT . FULWILER . GRAY . LAMPSON LAURSEN . MURRAY . SCHLEEF . SENSMEIER SHAYLER . SHIELDS SODERqUlST . THOMPSON Phi Kappa Taus write Home about the talents and activities of Warren Anderson, chairman of ffome- coming Mixer and member of Scabbard and Blade, Wdlard Gray, house president, Winston Schleef, Compass and Chart member, and Don Bennett, cartoonist for Columns. PHI KAPPA TAU Leonard Farstvedt Clyde Gray COURTLAND BlACK Kalman Brauner Don Bennett Carl Erickson Lewis Diemond Byron Lampson =- GRADUATES Ed Murray LAimENCE SenSMEIER SENIOR R. Warren Anderson JUNIORS Wallace Laursen Roy Nielson SOPHOMORES Sylvan Fulwiler PLEDGES Richard Soderquist Erling Solberg Lester Voris Winston Schleef Kenneth Shayler John Sheller Gordon Shields Robert Tanke Dudley Thompson 4547 ScytHticiitli Avenue Nfirtluast FouiiiJcJ ui 1906 lit Aluimi LIiniiTsity 44 Ckiytcrs; Aiplw Pi CluirttTcJ ui 1 929 226 • PI KAPPA ALPHA Dean S.J. Coon Alfred Harsch FACULTY MEMBERS Frank Jones Fred Kennedy Dr. R. T. Pollard G R ADUATES Weslev Hunner Tedd Marvin Robert D- hl Frank Farley Gerai d Fields Philip Anderson Gerai d Brott Richard Berghoi ; Carol Beamer Charles Christensen Clayton Dahlberg SENIORS George Foley James Hauschildt Rodney Johnston Jack Keene JUNIORS Richard Dewey Harry Hansen SOPHOMORES Philip Grossman Fred Payne PLEDGES Robert Foster Joe Hall Harry McCormack Ron Richardson Robert Smith Otis Wickersham Knox Marshall Dan Winter Wii LL iM Thayer Virgil Peterson Clyde Pooser Rex Sears i -- 1 804 East Fi tietli Street FmiiiilcJ in 1868 at tlic Umrcrsitv ci Virgiiu i SO GufUrs; Beta Beta CUartcni iii 1914 227 • BERGHOLZ . BROTT . CHRISTENSEN . CROSSMAN DAHL . DAHLBERG . FARLEY . FIELDS FOLEY . FOSTER . HALL . HANSEN HAl ' SCHILDT . KEENE . MARSHALL . MARVIN MC CORMACK . PAYNE . POOSER . RICHARDSON SMITH . THAYER . WICKERSHAM . WINTER Handsome Bob Dahl is the most prominent PiK. A., who besides being a Phi Bete finds time for light ' weight crew. Pi K. As go in for news in a big way with Ron Richardson, news editor ot the Daily and member of Sigma Delta Chi; jack Keene, sports editor, also a member of Sigma Delta Chi. Dick Bergholz and Virgil Peterson of the sports staff. Other activities men are Knox Marshall, number one diver of the varsity swimming team and Harrv Hansen, Savles golf trophv winner. PI KAPPA PHI BANCROFT . BARNES. BAYLEV . CAKBRAi CONNER . CURTIS . FRANCISCO ' ICH . HALL HOBBS . MC ELROY . MURPHY . NOVAK RITTER . SAVINA . SCHELLENBERGER . SEAMAN SEDAM . SULKOSKY . VADMAN Paul " Socko " Sulkosky put Pi Kappa Phi on the map after winning football fame as Husky fullback. The " brothers " point at him with pride when thev recall his feats as a member of ' 35 All-Western team. Martm Franciscovich has been active as an intramural manager. - =- i A i k%, w. ' i r w FACULTY MEMBERS J. L. Ale.xander J. W. HoTSON V. SlVERTZ Dr. Herbert H. Gowen D. H. Mackenzie GRADUATES E. V. Smith R.MF Decker Warren Hobbs Ned McElroy Paul Dull SENIORS George Ruby Lloyd Aja.x Bud Curtis Robert Snider Robert Bancroft William Murphy Paul Sulkosky Jess B.ajines Deane Parker Tony Savina JUNIORS Robert Wilson Howard Bayi ey Lyle Jenks Henry Novak Robert Conner WiLLARD VaDMAN SOPHOMORES Newt Broyles Martin Franciscovich PLEDGES Harold Bancroft Richard Copely George Schellenberger Richard Carbray Ray Hall George Seaman Sidney Cone Dan Hill Charles Sedam Leonard Ritter ' l j S; 4543 Nuiutciiitli Avenue Hprtheast Fcmiiifal 111 1904 Jt Uiiu ' iTsity of Smith CiroliiKi 42 Clwptcrs; Alpliii Del til FouiiJ f in J 924 • 228 PSI UPSILON SENIORS Bruce Bretland Charles Newton John Walker Martin Chamberlain- Chester Paulson Robert Waltz Samuel Hess Bud Reseburg Howard Richmond JUNIORS Earle Zinn Clyde Doran Arnold Leuen-berger Ivan Parry Gordon Gabie Hubert Mount Robert Pratt John Hill Herbert Munson James Rice Marc Janes Jean Neighbor SOPHOMORES Robert Stauff William Cardwell Ralph Jenkins Matthew Patton Franklin Fogg Bruce Jones Fred Stutfield John Gallup Charles Lilly Raleigh Taylor George Gruger John McCarthy James Watts Joseph Glass Gordon Mowat PLEDGES William Watts Richard Betts Jack Flagg George Mack Richard Borden Harry Gilbert William Payne Richard Doran George Goerig Robert PuTiDLrE Edward Draney William Haas William Scammell Lyn-n Evans Thomas Hanley Craig Hill Bruce Whitehouse HX. 1818 Forty-seventh Street Founicd in 1833 at Union Colli-gf 26 Chafers; Tlicta Tlicta ClMrtcrui iii 1 91 6 229 I iil A ik i BETTS . BORDEN . BRtT[ AND. CARDWEI E . CHAMBERLAIN. DORAN, C. DORAN, R. . DRANEY . FOGG . GALLET . GLASS . GABIE GOERIG . GRUGER . HAAS . HANLEY . HESS . HIL[ . C. HILL, J- .JENKINS. JANES. JONES. I EUENBERGER . LILLV MACK . MC CARTHY . MOE NT . MOWAT . ME ' NSON . NEIC.HBOR NEWTON . PAYNE . PAULSON . PRATT . PURDL ' E . RESEBURG RICHMOND . SCAMMELL . STAUFE . STL ' TEIELD . TAYLOR . WALKER WALT " . WATTS. J. . WATTS, W. WHITEHOUSE . WINN Shrinking from publicity as the violet from the noonday sun, Psi U has adopted an air of exciusne superioritv. Among well known Psi U smoothies are Martm Chamberlain, of the varsity ski team; Sam Hess, perennial politician; Chuck Newton, Dailv business manager; Ivan Parry, junior crew manager, and Bill Haas, frosh. who made the varsitv hockex team. SIGMA ALPHA EPSILON y ADAMS . BARRV . BARTON . BENEDIKTSON . BLACK . BLAINE . BLACKSTOCK CALDWELL . CLEVELAND . DENTON . DEWEY . DOOTSON . DOUGLASS . EDWARDS EVANS . FOSTER . GEISNESS . GOVE . GREIME . HALL . HANSON HUEY . HOLSINGER . HOUSTON . HOWARD . JARVIS . JOHNSON . JONES, B. JONES , C. . KIME . LIGHTFOOT . M ACKID . MC KENNEV . MONROE . MORBECK MURPHEY. ONSTOTT. PAGE . PARKHILL . PAYNE . PETRICH, A. . PETRICH, M. PICHT . PINEO . REILLY . RICE . ROSS . SCOTT . SPENCE SPRINGER . STETTLER . STILL . VANDERMAY . VOELLMECK . WALDO . WARREN WEBBER . WHITEHEAD . WILTAMUTH . WOOD it-= After all the turor died down the campus woke up to find Eddie Black, sophomore, was still Bill Houston ' s Junior Prom chairman. Men in the 17th Avenue house are kept awake by the round-the- world static of varsity high-jump man Bill Vander- may ' s short wave radio station. Two Bobs. Edwards and White, bend their talents m the same direction. Both belong to Oval Club and are fiusky crew men; White was ' 35 crew captain and Edwards ' 36 se nior creNV manager. Chuck Eloward is the busy SAE who directs rallies and was Homecoming chairman. |ay Adams Wii 1,1AM Barton William Bowden Mark Canterbliry John Burkheimer, Jr. David Caldwell William Douglass David Hall Webb Foster Donald Picht Jefferson Barry ElNAR BenEDIKTSON Edward Black Raymond Blackstock Charles Blaine Doan Br.akemeyer Jack Denton Eugene Dootson John Evans Robert Gove Wilfred Greime SENIORS William Cleveland Louis Dewey Robert Edwards Robert Geisness Charles Howard JUNIORS William Houston Jack Kime |oHN Mackid Robert McKenney Jack Murphey SOPHOMORES Llew Springer Richard Still PLEDGES Jay Hanson Max Holsinger Stanley Huey Paul Jarvis James Johnston Bradley Jones CuRTiss Jones Charles Lightfoot Sterling Monroe Jacob Onstott Walter Page Walter Morbeck Allen Petrich Lee Stettler Robert White William Whitehead Lawrence Parkhill Robert Webber Harris Wiltamuth Henry Wood William Vandermay John Warren Ma.x Payne Martin Petrich Munro Pineo Philip Reilly Gale Rice David Rogers Richard Ross Robert Scott Charles Spence Joseph Voellmeck William Waldo I 4506 Seventeenth Avanu Nsnthcast Finmici in 1856 iit Llnu ' crsity of Aliikima 1 OS Cluiptcrs; Wasliingion AIplw Fmmid in 1 904 • 230 SIGMA ALPHA MU Chester Aaron Mai-vin Abrams Gerard Boral Victor Dobrin G R ADUATES Leonard Friedman SiEGRED Friedman Stanley Goi.ub Marvin Horowit: Milton Klegman Daniel Narodick Leon Wolfstone SENIOR Orville Golub UNIO RS Percy Bean Lester Sussman Harold Drebin Byron Friedman Norman Gorfkle SOPHOMORE Fl OYD LaMKEN PLEDGES Lawrence Jacobson Richard Kahn Melvyn Kehn Howard Miller Alle n Rotman BEAN . DREBIN . FRIEDMAN GOLUB . GORFKLE . J ACOBSON KAHN . KLEGMAN . KEHN LAMKEN . MILLER . NARODICK ROTMAN . WOLFSTONE - 2003 East Forty saxnlU Street FomM (It till- College () the City o N " i ' Yorl; iii 1909 41 Cluiptcrs; Sigma Nm Cluirtcreil in I 926 231 • Sigma Alpha Mus tastes run to the bar. but not the one with a shinv brass rail. Prohcient members of the law school who are learning how to argue with the judge are Victor Dobrin, who also croons, Leon Wolfstone, Daniel Narodick, Chester Aaron, and Stan Golub. Most active members are OrviUe Golub. a member of Pi Mu Chi and Scabbard and Blade; Milton Klegman, also of Pi Mu Chi and Pi Lambda Theta, education honorarv; Bvron Friedman, frosh wrestler, and Howard Miller, trosh crew man. SIGMA CHI r ■ ALLEN . BAR . BOWMAN . BROOKS . BROWNELL, D. . BROWNELL, J. . CAREY CHANDLER . CLANTON . CONNER . DRYE . EGGE, B. . EGGE, D. . ELLSWORTH ERICKSON . FIELDING . FERRIES . GODFREY . GUST . HEDBRING . HOLLAND, G. HOLLAND, J, . HOLLENBECK. HORNE . IHRIG . JAMES . KELLY. KISKADDON KNAPP . KUMMER . LANE . LANGELOH . LAMPING . LENT . LESLIE LOUNSBURY . MAC INNES . MAC MICHAEL . MAGOWAN . MARR . MARTIN . MC CRACKIN MC HUGH . MOE . NELSON . NICHOLSON . NORMAN . OBERDORFER . PHILLIPS READING . REID . RINGENBERG . ROCKWELL . SCOTT . SHOLUND . SHEEHAN SHERLOCK . SHORE . SPITTLER . STARR, D. . STARR, J . . STEVENS . TAAKE TYLER . WAGNER . WELCH . W HITELEATHER . WHITHED - Wade Sheehan denies the rumor that he is not a Sigma Chi, although he is seen constantly at the Kappa House. Bob Egge and Chuck Wagner, Hec Edmundson ' s stars, wake up with the sound of a referee ' s whistle in their ears. Wink Brooks, Pigott medal winner, IS a member of Oval Club, along with Les Hollen- beck, lightweight crew captain. It IS said that Ariel Edmiston, two-miler, per- fected his style running up the back stairs of the Sigma Chi house. Zeph Lane, frosh prexy, has been fluttering many a feminine heart. SENIORS W. RREN BOWM.AN Gene EIolland Max Oberdorfer WiNSLOw Brooks Les Hollenbeck Charles Paulson Edward Cl. nton Gilbert Houghton Wm. Speidel, Jr. Bill Fielding Herbert Ihrig Jim Nicholson JUNIORS John Whiteleather Lawrence Bar Jack Kinzel Merle Ringenberg Bob Egge Francis Leslie Eugene Scott Dick Egge Emerson Lounsbury Wade Sheehan Bob Gust Charles Marr Ed Taake Olie Hedbring Charles Martin Chuck Wagner Al Kelly John Phillips SOPHOMORES Joe Welch Dick Brownell John Holland Ken MacInnes Jim Brownell Clarke Horne Frank McHugh Benson Chandler RicKER James Fred Moe Erwin Corey Charles Knapp Bill Nelson Vernon Drye Conrad Lamping George Tyler Carlton Erickson Robert Lent Alfred Wheller Charles Ferries Bill Magowan PLEDGES Peter Whithed Malcolm Allen Dick Kummer John Rockwell Bill Bos well Zeph Lane Dominic Sherlock Jim Conner _ .ACK L.ANGELOH Irx ' ing Sholund Matt Driscoll Joe McCrackin Marshall Shore Art Ellsworth ' aul MacMichael Jim Spittler Ted Godfrey Lawrence Norman Danny Starr Don Hodgen Whitmore Reading Jack Starr Bob Horton Walter Reid Ned Stevens Lawrence Kiskaddon Frank Willis 1716 East Fortyjifth Strccl FoiiiulcJ 111 1 S55 at .Muimi Uiiii ' iTsity 94 Cliiiptcrs; UpsiloH Up iloii Chartcrd i?i 1903 • 232 SIGMA NU FACULTY MEMBERS Russell Barthell Vernon Mund Cy Braden ]ames Brennan Otis Cavnes Leonard Foley Edward Arpin |ames Cru:en Ralph Dindot Jackson Gilpatrick Robert Green Da id Harrah Donald Lindsay David Maginnis Charles Abramson Benjamin Almvig William Bradner Robert Bradshaw Richard Brown Robert Costie Joseph Cronin Joe Crowley William Cummings SENIORS Berwyn Geoghegan Howard Grimm John Holtnsell Lee Jacobi JUNIORS Robert Keating James Malone Neil M. tzger Benjamin Natwick SOPHOMORES Arthur Means James Neander PLEDGES Noel Delaney Edmund Evans Robert Garrison Donald George Neil FIageman Dean Hard wick William Hardy Leo Hawel John Jennings Robert McDonald Robert Martin Joe Ryan Joseph Templeton RoLLIN NeiBAUER Edward Nowogroski Calvert Sheldon Leslie Sheridan Chandler Thomas James Newschwander Bruce Quimby John Wheatley Donald McChesney ER. ' iNK Morris Kenneth Partlow Howard Perkins Thomas Roberts Henry Robertson Frederick Slipper Theodore Thorson Wheeler Warren =- 1616 Edsl Fi)rI)-.savMtli Strut Fmiiulul in I 869 at Vir iMui Mililjry Iiisliliitc- 95 ClijptiTi; Giimiiiii Clii Chartered m IS96 233 ABRAMSON . ALMVIG . BRADEN . BRADNER . BRADSHAW . BRENNAN CAVNES . CRONIN . CRUZEN . CUMMINGS . DELANEY . DINDOT EVANS . GEOGHEGAN . GEORGE . GILPATRICK . GREEN . GRIMM HAGEMAN . HARDWICK . HARDY . HARRAH . HOUNSELL . HAWEL JACOBI . JENNINGS . KEATING . LINDSAY . MAGINNIS . MALONE MARTIN . MAT2GER . MC CHESNEY . MC DONALD . MEANS . MORRIS NATWICK . NEANDER . NEWSCHWANDER . NOWOGROSKI . PARTLOW . QIUMBV ROBERTS . RYAN . SHELDON . SHERIDAN . SLIPPER . TEMPLETON THOMAS . THORSON . WARREN Sigma Nus are still fighting over the Big Stick, but from latest reports it is now a part of the new Women s Dormitory. Boys in the square brick house are proud of Ed " Bronco " Nowogroski, varsitv football star; RoUin Neibauer. handsome leading man at the Studio Theatre; Pepper Martin, varsity footballer, who is a member of Sigma Delta Chi, journalism honorary; Lee Jacobi, sports editor of Tyee; Bob Green, Big " W ' crew man; Chan Thomas, of the swimming team, and Bob Keating, track man. SIGMA PHI EPSILON i ilfk BAKER . BERGSETH . BLOOMFIELD . BOTZER, A. . BRETT COOK . DAYTON . DUNMORE . FELLOWS . FLINT GREEN. HALL. HILLMAN, W. . HILLMAN, D. . HILLMAN, ' HIPPLE . JAMESON . JOBE . JOHNSON . JONES LENNOX . LOWRY . MARTIN . MC BRIDE . MC GHEE MERRICK . MULLER . PATTERSON . PENCE . PERRY PRIPP . PRITCHARD . RICE . ROBERTS . ROSENBERG TROWBRIDGE . V.AN HORN . WEICK . WHEELER =- Sig Eps brag about a " nuggett " pledge class which includes seven former high school student body presidents. No. 1 Dance Director of the campus is Del MuUer who climaxed his career with the Varsity Ball chairmanship. Pal Rosenberg ' s lanky frame carried him to his fourth tennis title and a position on the varsity basketball team. The Botzers, Bill and Al, go in for discs and dials as Bill announces for KOMO and Al exercises his tonsils at the campus station. Classic-featured Van HiUman took his eyes off his frosh heart throb long enough to win an intramural boxing crown. FACULTY ' MEMBERS Win W. Bird Russell Blankenship O. E. Dr.aper Gari-.- nd Ethel Frank H. FIamack Frederick W. Orr Charles R. Strother GRADUATES William Botzer Orville Pence Walter Hall Denver Jameson Charles Johnson Harry Baker, |r. Allen Bot:er Robert Bergseth AMES BlOOMFIELD Clyde Fellows J Raymond Cook Donald Dayton James Flint Terrill B.arco WiLLLAM Brett Bud Buchanan Ed Cunningham SENIORS William Lowry Ivan Merrick Delwyn Muller Richard Olson JUNIORS Van Hillman William Hillman Bill Hipple John Paul Jones Bill Lennox SOPHOMORES Leonard Jobe Richard Lewis Iack McBride PLEDGES Dick Dunmore Ronald Green Don Hillman Harry Martin Donald Roberts Lawrence Waldron Raymond Wheeler Bradley McMichael William Pritchard Hans Rice Henry Rosenberg William Trowbridge Charles North Tom Perry Frank Weick Wallace McGhee Frank Patterson Bud Pripp Hudson Van Horn I mm ' j S - r P B Ai aOm ■ fi ' iHili imig iii- " 3gililig|| 4504 Sixteenth kvawu J [ortlica5t FouHiJiiJ ill 1901 lit Uiiii ' crsity ci RiiliminiJ 6S CliapttT5; WcisliiiigtDii Bctu Ftiiiiiilfil m 1 922 • 234 TAU KAPPA EPSILON FACULTY MEMBERS Dk. H. K. Benson Dr. H. A. Burd Dr. F. J. Goodrich GRADUATES Kenneth Le.ich P. ul Thompson William Bevis Gordon Daly Mitchell Gasparovich NORM. N CaRMICHAEL Robert Crltkshank SENIORS Carlo Hallia OsMO Johnson John Mei-ers Donald Murphy Andy Roye JUNIORS Van Donaldson Dom Klljis Richard Gepner Robert Owen Robert Randall SOPHOMORES Paul Ryan Dave Williams Andy Braff Sherman Burd Tony Gasparovich Howard Gepner PLEDGES Ade Jaskar Harry Jennings Earl Johnson Richard Klinge Tony Lloyd Beigh McLaughlin Edwin Nelson Irving Victorson ' Ik BEVIS . BURD . CARMICHAEL . CRUIKSHANK DONALDSON. GASPAROVICH, M. . GASPAROVICH, T. . GEPNER, R. GEPNER, H. . HALLIA . JENNINGS . KULJIS LLO T) . MC LAUGHLIN . MEYERS . MURPHV OWEN . RANDALL . ROYE . RYAN VICTORSON. WILLLAMS =- 4510 Twenty first Avanic j [ FounM 111 1899 at Illiiioi. ' i WcsUym 39 Chapters; Clii FoutuU ui 1926 235 • Tekes favorite pastime is plaving tricks on the Alpha Gams but Clair Van Donaldson has a special reason lor his interest. Although he is a reputed knot expert, the Alpha Gam house president has taught him the ropes. Halt the house hails from Grays Harbor and the other half spends its summer vacation working in . ' laska. Latest Phi Bete is Kenneth Leach but Bill Bevis is running him a close second with his straight " A " record. M €ilk TAU PHI DELTA I aL J Lm ALLEN . AUSTIN . BELL . BERRY . CHRISWELL CORKERY . DEMICK . FLEMING . GEERDS . HARDY HORNBECK . HL ' GHES . IRWIN . MAYOR . MC PHEBSON NETH . OLSON . PATTISON . SARLIN . SCHAEFFER SCHOBLOM . STEVENS . STR " KER WELCH . WILSON, H. . YOUNG Foresters have interests outside of trees and that ' s why these members of a social-professional fra- ternity are so active around school. Doug Mavor, Forest Club prexy; Vic Stevens, senior rep for Executive Council; Van Demick, sophomore rep; Walter Schaeffer, senior rep on Engineering Council chairman of Engineer ' s Informal and house prexy, are Tau Phi Delta ' s activities men. GRADUATES Bill Meyer Jack Norkool SENIORS Melvin Twerdal Herb Allen Douglas Mavor Victor Stevens Gordon Bell William O ' Dea Corson Williams Harold Chriswell Chester Olson Hubert Wilson Wally Irwin Oliver Proud Walter Schaefeer JUNIORS Roger Young Walter Austin Jack Geerds Larry Pattison William Benecke MoRT Lauridsen Charles Simpson Ray DesCamp Charles Neth SOPHOMORES Ralph Stryker Hlibert Berry Jack Corkery PLEDGES Van Buren Demick Tom Fleming Dick McPherson Gene Slocum Bob H ' iRDY Reino Sarlin Barney Welch Ray Hornbeck Maury Schoblom Jack Wilson =1 = 4616 Twcntyjirst Avenue J [ortlu ' a5t Fomiifi-J iM 1 923 at Uiiii ' frsity of Washington 3 Cliiiptir5; W ' asliiiigtcni Alpiu FohhJcJ in 1 923 • 236 THETA CHI v-ln i y ' FACULTY MEMBERS Prof. James E. Gould Dean Harold Shepherd Prof. Stevenson Smith SSIZ Ernest Anderson Adrian Curtiss Gordon Hambley Richard Hart Charles Ha worth Ray Anderson Alfred Bergman James Funtc Donald Cranston Edward Borgen Bruce Cheever Walter Elliott Woolsey Bingay Donald Bourgai:e Stanley Brooks Hugh Brown ToRKjEL Carlson Alan Davis Joe Peek Austin Gr. nt Howard EIansen Kenneth Hargreaves SENIORS Lyle Higgins Edwin Hillyer Philip Hoglte Leonard Johnson Frank Melder Earl Montgomery JUNIORS Leif Harris Bruce McKay Ed Meyer Eugene Oldham SOPHOMORES Harris Patterson Arthur Reed Wilbur Richards Paul Sampson Bill Smith James Fogarty John Hannum Robert Hervey PLEDGES Arnold Henrikson Roger James Connie Mannes John McBitrney George McGill Donald McLean Jack Meharry Fr.intc Metzgar Paul Meydenbauer Leo Pierce Robert Rieke Paul Wagley Victor Vaughn Mack Koon William Smith Gerald Swanson Ernest Meier Robert Olds James Randles Watson Robertson Charles Schuchart Scott Simenstad Evan Talcott George Taylor Robert Thomas Kendal Widener i iAtM ij j l fiii ANDERSON, E, . ANDERSON, R. . BERGMAN . BINGAY . BORGEN . BOURGAIZE . BROOKS BROWN . CARLSON . CHEEVER . CURTISS . DAVIS . ELLIOTT . PEEK FOGARTY . FUNK . CRANSTON . GRANT . HAMBLEY . HANNX ' M . HANSEN HARGREAVES . HARRIS . HART . HERVEY . HIGGINS . HILLYER . HOGUE HAWORTH . JAMES . JOHNSON . MANNES . MC BURNEY . MC GILL . MC LEAN MC KAY . MEHARRY . MELDER . MEYDENBAUER . METZGAR . MEYER, ED . MEYER, ERNEST OLDHAM . OLDS . PATTERSON . PIERCE . RANDLES . REED . RICHARDS RIEKL . ROBERTSON . KOON . SAMPSON . SCHUCHART . SWANSON . SMITH SIMENSTAD . TALCOTT . TAYLOR . WAGLEY . WIDENER =- 4535 Seventeenth Avenue Northeast Founiei in 1 856 iit N onciili LIuurr.M ' t) ' 50 Chapters; Aiflw Rlio Fomid m 1 925 237 • Bill Smith, winter quarter graduate, and Ail- American football plaver, not onlv brought home the " bacon " but he brought home a Mrs. Smith. . . after making good on an eastern professional team. Len [ohnson, business manager of Tyee, and Ed Hillyer, news editor of the Dailv and president of Sigma Delta Chi, keep Theta Chis posted on the latest gossip from the " Shack. " Sharing honors as " fools for women " are Ed Meyer, Mack Koon and Jim Fogarty. BECHTEL . BERRY . CHAMBREAU . CLOUGH DAVIS . FINNEY . HAMILTON . HELBERG HERALD . JOHNSON - JOHNSTON . LARWOOD MC COY . NORD . OLWELL . SALIKKO TREMBLAY . WEINGARTEN VVESCOTT . WINBERG Bruce Helberg, news editor of the Daily, is the Grand Exalted Ruler of the Defeated Candidates Club and is known as Politicians ' Enemy Number One. Keith McCov, house orator, exercises his vocal cords on the varsity debate squad. The Theta Delts have music with their meals as fial Selvidge is pianist in a campus band, and Lewis Berry is the maestro in his own orchestra. THETA DELTA CHI FACULTY MEMBER Robert S. Mansfield ESLER Bechtel Bruce Helberg D.wiD Herald SENIORS James Larwood Leo Saukko Hal Selvidge Raymond Tremblay Fred Weingarten JUNIORS Richard Davis Donald Hamilton Lewis Berry SOPHOMORES Lawrence Chambreau Robert Johnson Ralph Clough Joseph Finney Edward Johnston PLEDGES Keith McCoy Russell Nord Robert Olwell Scott Petrie Robert Wescott Andrew Winberg - =- Mfcg-sr . - .. afl 4532 himctcenth Avenue T orthcast FoiiiiiJci in 1847 iit Uiiion College 29 Chapters; Xi DcuUron Founid m 1 91 3 • 238 FACULTY MEMBERS Robert Q. Brown Austin V, Eastman George E. Goodspeed Clayton Huey George B. Kelez E. F. Spei I acy Brents Stirling Charles E. Weaver Hewitt Wilson GRADUATES Bev ' Erlv Patton Joe Rutkowski SENIORS Howard Anderson James Gaudina Paul McKnight William Brooks John Hill Forrest Sainsbury Philip Foss A. Q. Jones JUNIORS Dick Sandall Gordon Bird Earl McBratney Milton Raymond Bill Farrell Clayton Nordstrom Harold Rudow Jack Fay Dick Oswin Paul Sherwood Dan Knisely Lorin Peterson Roy Stirrat Bill Maloy SOPHOMORES Horace Straight Leonard Bonar John Brown Milton Hoeman Carl Bronson Lewis England PLEDGES Jack Winn Terry Buchanan Frank Garrison Robert Laidlaw John A. Bull Wesley Jorgensen FLiROLD Mueller Robert Bunn Hugh Watt 4522 Eiglitcciitli Avenue Northeast Foiuiilai ill 1864 Jt RaissiIiUT Polyti ' ilmic Institute 36 Cliiii ' tiTs; Upiloii FoHiidcii iii 1915 239 • ANDERSON . BIRD . BRONSON . BROWN . BUNN BULL . ENGLAND . FAY . FARRELL . FOSS GARRISON . GAUDINA . HILL . HOEMAN . JORGENSES KNISELY . LAIDLAW . MC BRATNEY . MC KNIGHT . NORDSTROM OSWIN . PETERSON . RAYMOND . SAINSBURY STIRRAT . STRAIGHT . WINN i -= Theta Xis take a great interest in the love aftairs of their two Pi Phi enthusiasts. Lorin Peterson, Daily Editor, and Phil Foss. ROTC Cadet Colonel. Jack Fav ' s editorship ot the Forestry Annual and the Sigma Xi kev of Forrest Sainsbury draw an occasional nod, while Jim Gaudina s Beta Gamma Sigma kev and BA banquet management earn forgive- ness for his sins as house manager. ZETA BETA TAU Lester Asheim Sanford Bernbaum X Donald Cohan Stanley Cohen Carl Koch ASHEIM . BARR . BERNBAUM . COHAN . COHEN. STANLEY COHEN, SYLVAN . DANZ, E. . DANZ, W. . FEIGA . GROSS HAAS . KOCH . KOSSIS . LE T . LL ' RIE MARANS . MEYER . OFFER . PORTEGUESE . ROSENTHAL ROSENTOL NTZ . ROBBINS SCHNEIDER . SCHWARZ SIGMOND . WEINSTEIN Burton Barr H.ARRY Bernow Frederick Dan: Richard Feiga i -= Outstanding Zeta Beta Tau is Laddy Gross , president of Interfraternitv Council, member of Oval Club and house president. Men in the house seem to have turned their talents toward managing vith Alan Porteguese, Stan Cohen, and Carl Koch being managers in junior, senior and sophomore minor sports, respectively. Irvine Robbins is circulation manager of Columns and Herbert Haas is frosh basketball manager. SENIORS William Danz Laddy Gross Leon Levy JUNIORS Sylvan Cohen Al. n Porteguese Jerry Weinstein Alex Rosenkr. nt: Irwin Sigmond SOPHOMORES NoRMA-N Kossis Mel Lurie PLEDGES Herbert FLvas A ' R0N Marans Maurice Meyer Elkan Offer Irvine Robbins Myron Rosenthal Alvin Schneider Phillip Schwarz Morton Vin-es 4760 Twenty-first Avenue JS[ortliai5t Founici in 1898 iit CoUcgc of the City of Hew York 34 Cliaptcr ; Aipltii Mm Chartered in 1 922 • 240 ZETA PSI .- ' vt FACULTY MEMBERS Clyde Robinson Dr. Howard Woolston GRADUATES Reiily Atkinson Spencer Crookes Edward Ballinger Frank Browning John Carter Charles Duffy Cecil Drury David Gellatly John McKeehan Ernest Belknap James Bryce Robert Carroll Hawley Atkinson Harry Bingham Alec Bryce Tack Bltrns SENIORS Donald Holden loHN Hl-NTER Warren Manchester Robert Meigs JUNIORS Donald Meiklejohn James Mills George Morry SOPHOMORES Melville Corbin VoLNEY Cousins Fred Duffy PLEDGES Donald Coburn David Fuller Brooks Norman Charles Riemcke Jack Ross Sam Mills Marshall Moore Graham Wills Howard Wilson Richard Moser Robert Pintcham Robert Woods Duncan Moore William Wood Robert Sax ton Howard Taylor William Thompson Keith Wilder ATKINSON, H. . ATKINSON, R. . BALLINGER . BRYCE, A. . BRYCE, J. BURNS . CARROLL . CARTER . COBURN . CORBIN COUSINS . DRURY . DUFFY, C. . DUFFY, F. . FULLER GELLATLY . HOLDEN . HUNTER . MC KEEHAN . MANCHESTER MEIGS. MEIKLEJOHN. MILLS, J. . MOORE, D. . MOSER MORRY . NORXiAN . PINKHAM . RIEMCKE . ROSS SA. I0N . T.WLOR . THOMPSON . WILDER . WILLS WOOD . WOODS -- 4703 Tuviitv-jint Avcmu Korthcasl FcniiiJd m 1S47 .11 j iTr Ytirl; LIiiinTsit) ' 28 Clwptcrs; Pill Lamlia t ' ouiuid iii 1920 241 • The big yellow Packard roadster with the red leather lining that flashes around the district belongs to the Brvce brothers, frosh additions to the Zete house. Inside one of the best looking houses on the campus live John Hunter, baseball Big " W " man, Chuck Dufty, senior baseball manager and member of Oval Club; George Morry, varsitv crew cox; Donald Holden, senior intramural manager, and Reillv Atkinson, Phi Bete teaching fellow. X TWO TO ONE, HAVE CHANGED FROM VAGUE STUDENTS THAT THE OUTNUMBERING THE GREEKS WANDER UNKNOWN OVER THE CAMPUS TO A SUPER- ORGANIZED THREAT TO FRATERNITY ROW. THE COOPS FOR MEN AND WOMEN, PHRATERES AND ADELPHI HAVE COME TO MEAN FAR MORE THAN THRIFTY LIVING . . . SOCIAL LIFE AND A UNITED POLITICAL FRONT. devendeitt f PHRATERES FEDERATION I X BEAL HAYDEN ESSLINGER HUMMER JANSON OLSON PARKS PHILLIPS PRIEBE SCHONBORN SIEGEL SWANSON WILLIS Phrateres is an international federation ot independent women ' s organizations founded at the University of California at Los Angeles in 1927. The Washington chapter, second of nine, was chartered in 1929. This federation is responsible for the social activities of unaffiliated women and deals with such matters as affect the social groups. OFFICERS Helen Hayden, PrcsiJciit Leon A Priebe, VurPrwulnit Marian Schonborn, Secretary Ruth Siegel, Treasurer June Dearinger, Hi.storum CABINET Fritzi Swanson, Soeia Chairman Evelyn Krupp, Mcmharski Chairman Miriam Parks, StaiiijjrJs Cliiiiriiuiii Dorothy Phillips, PuMuitj Dorothy Olson, Atlilctus SUB-CHAPTER PRESIDENTS Dorothy Phillips, Beta Jeanne Hummer, Chimes Miriam Parks, DAR Helen Thompson, Lamkla RuthJanson, Kap a Leona Priebe, Tola Wenonah Nichols, Thcta FIelen Esslinger, Zcta Miriam Beal, Wooirow Jane Ramsey, McKoiiie) ' Valory FIannan, Zara Koia Margaret Farrington, N.u Aileen Willis, Piinliclloiii: • 244 D. A. R. HOUSE I FACULTY MEMBERS Bertha Kuhn Sara Norris Mark May Dunn Ward Clara Hunt Somers GRADUATES Margaret Ningler Iris Wade Bernice Hansen Kathleen Hlinter SENIORS Marjorie Redfield Bessie Rehkopf Alberta Sheckles June Shinkle Helen Williamson Doris Ainsworfh Jean Dyer Charlotte Eariywine Edith Guild JUNIORS Alice Iddins Elisabeth Kerr Kathrvn Madden Hazel Moschetto Marget Murray SOPHOMORES Elinor Kinkaid Betty Lou Maus Ruth Thomas FRESHMEN Marguerite Anderson Jane Lund Audrey Frederickson Mildred Michelson Jane Frisbie Mariruth Moran Virginia Gjemso Zeta Ralls Dorothy Stock Miriam Parks Fritzi Swanson Evelyn Wohlers Celia Zimmerman Florence Carlson Helga Enkeboll Mary Hutchinson Mary Trobaugh Jessica Weymouth Edith Willey Margaret Wade Jane Wiley Dorothee Williams Kathleen Williams -- 47J4 Sciviita ' Mtli Aiviiut i)rtliui,sl Hatic ' iuil CliiirtiT (rrjiitcJ hy Congrois in 1,S96 Uiiircrsit) ' oj W ' lulniiqliiii Cluiptrr Orgmizd u lii9b PlinitcriaSiib-ClKij ' ti.TOrgjiii;aJiiiD.A.R. Hoiiscinl929 AINSWORTH . CARLSON . EARLYWINE . ENKEBOLL . FREDERICKSON FRISBIE . GUILD . HANSEN . HUNTER . HUTCHINSON KERR . LUND . MAUS . MICHELSON . MURRAY PARKS . REHKOPF . SHINKLE . STOCK . SWANSON TROBAUGH . WILEY . WILLEY WILLIAMS, D. . WILLIAMS, K. WOHLERS . ZIMMERMAN Known for their active participation in AWS work are Fritzi Swanson, Phrateres social chairman; Kathrvn Madden, in YWCA; Elinor Kinkaid, Phrateres Treasurer; Evclvn Wohlers, |unior Phi Bete, and Miriam Parks, house president, who is Phrateres standards chairman. Because of her leader- ship and talent, Eleanor Kennedv was elected president of Lambda Rho, national art honorarv. 245 TOLO HOUSE n G R ADUATE Vivian Hickman SENIORS Virginia Brownell Leona Priebe } BENNER . BRODSKV . BRt)WNELL . BURRUS . CARl.SON CHERVENKA . DOUMIT . EMMONS . HARVEY . HAYS HICKMAN . HIGHFILL . MEADE . MESHER . MOORE MYERS . NEWBERRY . NOBLE . NORELIUS . PETERSON PRIEBE . PLITMAN ROBERTSON . RUNACRES SCHUMANN . SHATTUCK Tolo House girls do things in a big way. Their house president, Leona Priebe, is one of the most prominent women on the campus, being a member of Mortar Board, Totem Club, Junior Phi Bete, Pi Lambda Theta, vice-president of Phrateres, and a founder of " W " Key. Other accomplished members are Vivian Hickman, champion woman archer, who was voted the most outstanding woman in athletics last year by WAA, and Marjorie Noble, pre-med student and vi ce-president of the bacteriological honorarv. JUNIORS Frances Mesher Marjorie Noble Margaret ]ane Burrus Dorothy Brodsky Doris Harvey Caroline Bentmer Margaret Calhoun Esther Carlson Olive Chervenka Earlene Cleveland Leona Doumit SOPHOMORES Polly Moore Marian Newberry Lorraine Norelius Eileen Runacres FRESHMEN Susan Emmons Ianet Hays JuANITA HiGHFILL Billee Johnson Claire Meade Roberta Schumann Lois Shattuck Dorothea Speare Eathel Miller Mary Elise Myers Selma Peterson Erma Putman Jean Robertson Ruth Strausz -= -- 4703 Eiglitcciitli Avenue N.ortliuist Founicd ill 1 920 at the Umvcrshy of Washington 1 Clifl|iter, Tdli) House, Cli.irtcrcJ n 1920 • 246 CHIMES OF PHRATERES Syi via Heeter Jeanne Hummer Eleanor Huot Kathritj Keys I SENIORS JUNIORS Julia Klein Mary Ellen McElroy Edith Nielson SOPHOMORES Mary Frances Bend:ulla Lois Crueger Mary Brxlhart Patricia Hafer Catherine Caraher |osephine Jackson Phyllis Childs Gladene Lavigne FRESHMEN Elizabeth Brandstrom Marjorie Lambkin Alice Brakke Beth Cooperman ASSOCIATES Caroi ine Gearhart Bfrnlia McCaffrey Irene Olson Ruth Siegel Nancy Swanland Cecile Nelson Phyllis Sheidler Phyllis Turner Jean Wolff Clara Yoling Fayne Silbaugh Verna Silbal ' GH chimes ' most prominent member is peppy Bernita McCafFrey, who has made an outstanding record as a member of Mortar Board, Totem Club and " W " Key. Other prominent girls are Ruth Siegel, junior Phi Bete and new president of Phrateres Federation and Jeanne Hummer, new AWS executive chairman. BENDZIILI-A . BRILHART . HAFER HEETER . HL ' MMER . HUOT KEYS . KLEIN . MC CAFFREY OLSON . SIEGEL SWANLAND . YOUNG 247 • LEWIS AND CLARK w BERRY . CAUGHRAN . CHhLlHAM . CHRISTENSEN DRISKEL . EKDAHL . FAIREAX . GORDON GRAYUM . HELGERSON . HOKENSTAD . lENSEN JENSEN . JAADAN . LASH . MAULE MAULE . MAY . MILLICE . MIZER PETERSON . SCHAFER . SCHAEFER . WICKERSHAM Lewis and Clark Hall cooperate to form a distinctive unit. Great interest in sports and music is shown in that Arloah Dreisbach and Barbara Fassett are both in the university choir, and many other members engage in intramural athletics. Swimming and tennis are popular sports because the halls are so close to the gym. Mary Ann Wickersham, one of the prominent members, is social chairman for Lewis and Clark association. - =- Rl ' TH BoMNG J. NE BaRRAUGH Maxine Arehart Naomi Baskervili.e Marie Ann Berry Betty Colbert Virginia Fairfax Esther Aline Ray Bartley Margaret Bathen Rose Berns Grace Christensen Marie Atkinson Adah Bender Nellie Bowers June Burkey Esther Caughran Beth Cheetham Virginia Cole Arloah Dreisbach Donna Driskel Leone Fisher G R ADUATES Ruth Rowan SENIORS Evelyn Hahn Hazel Schaffer JUNIORS Barbara Fassett Betty Harper Rhoda Hokekstad Barbara Lash Mildred Maule SOPHOMORES Ruth Ekdahl Ruth Gartner Betty Jean Gordon Alice Hoefer Margaret Lilly Carolyn May FRESHMEN Edein French Vena Grayum Irma Haas Mildred Helgerson Ruth Jaadan Mildred Jensen Ruth Jensen Ele. nor Johnson Helen Maule Jean Mizer Margaret Millice Ellen Nasburg Wanda Smith Louise Teeter Mary Ann Wickersham Genevieve Motteler Bernice Seltzer Dorothy Steen Clara Thompson Marguerite Williams Laura McClure Aline McDonald Florence Paxton Sharlee Peterson Charlotte Rau Virginia Rushton Gretchen Schaefer Dorothy Schafer Lois Shepeard Eva Wick • 248 THETA OF PHRATERES Marjory Besancon Nada Ahrens Betty Lou Davis Georgie Brackett Elma Foreman Kathryn Anderson SiGRID BeRGERSON Marlos Blihler Thelma Covington Eileen Haussler Jean Janecke I SENIORS Wenonah Nichols JUNIORS Erma Patten Marian Schonborn SOPHOMORES Geneva Jeffers Marguerite Johnston Esther Palmer FRESHMEN Constance Johnson Mary Louise Mason Frances McCormac Margaret Reeling Jeannette Shotwell Ai ice Weaver Doris Sims Esther Warner Evelyne Winter Eleanore Winter Margaret Sheehv Natalie Smith Edith Uhland Mary Williams Peggy Wilson Ranee Young 1 Theta chapter is very active in Phrateres Federation work, two of their members holding prominent positions as officers of the federation. Marian Schonborn is this year ' s All-Phrateres secretary and also vice-president of Phi Chi Delta. The same position of secretary will be carried on by Nada Ahrens next year who was also a worker on AWS " Guest Night " last winter. Betty Lou Davis is known for her activity as vice-president of Roger Williams club. AHRENS . BERGERSON . BESANCON BUHLER . COVINGTON . H.WSSLER MC CORM. C . PALMER . SCHONBORN SHOTWELL . SMITH. WARNER WILSON . YOUNG I 249 • BETA OF PHRATERES ANDERSON . BIRCHDALE . CONRAD . DAVIDSON EWART . FREEMAN . HA T3EN . HAGERSTROM JANSON . JOHNSON . KRAMER . OLSON PHILLIPS . ROOD . SMITH . SOLOMON SUNDBERG . VILEGSHANIN . WEINSTEIN WETTERSTROM . WILLIAMS Ra He MONA MENN Alice Davidson Edyth Freeman Paula Gibs Beth Anderson Virginia Bacheler Zena Griffith Irene Hagerstrom Enid Draper SENIORS SOPHOMORES Grace Johnson Doris Jones PLEDGES WiLMA HOLLEY Audrey Kramer Florence Lavender Dorothy Olson Ethel Rawson Doris Spencer Elizabeth Masters Dorothy Phillips SiRI SUNDBERG Ella Wesa Redfern Joyce Smith Elva Sutherling Shirley Teasdale ASSOCIATES Dolores Goodwin Mary Moffatt Helen Hayden KAPPA OF PHRATERES Beryl Conrad Ruth Janson Gladys Birchdale Vera Allen EL rriet Ansart Ferne Howard Lillian McKee Roberta Miller SENIORS Cecile Solomon Anne Stltrmer Eva Warner JUNIORS Maria Lillsjo Sylvia Weinstein Marjorie Young Marie Rood SOPHOMORES Esther Lahti Mildred Mielkey Helen Larson Eileen Williams FRESHMEN Ruth Rogers Lola Sehorn Vera Vilegshanin Lenore Walker Elsie Wetterstrom Jane Williams Prominent in all fields of activity are members of Beta and Kappa of Phrateres. Yvonne Pendergrast, Kappa, IS prominent in AWS and worked on the guest nights, as did Eileen Williams. Bessie Kosher was on committees for the Junior Prom, Engineers ' Informal, and elections. Sylvia Wemstein, also a Kappa, is a member of Pi Mu Epsilon, mathematics honorary. Helen Hayden, associate member of Beta, was president of Phrateres last year and is a member of Mortar Board and Totem Club. • 250 NU OF PHRATERES Alice Jones Marion Dahlstrom Ariadne Dovjenko Ida S. Blatt Thorun Johannsson Jane Burton Barbara Berens Jay Hamacher 3 GRADUATES Dorothy Preston SENIORS Margaret Farrington Greta Lofgren Katharine Mansperger JUNIORS Katherine MacLeran Lillian McClinton SOPHOMORES Frances Cozy Carola Forrest Lois Hi ' nt FRESHMEN -ILLIAN LEONARD Rachaei. Rantala QuESTA Mountain Dorothy Sneve Louise Robinson Dorothy Winoski Carolyn Anne May Dorothy Miller Anna Terk f dB. t li, : dahlstrom dovjenko farrington jones . lofgren mac leran mansperger mc clinton mountain SNEVE harborview students Founded at Harborview Hall in 1931, to promote self-government, .social development and good fellowship among student nurses at Harborview Hospital. OFFICERS MiLLicENT Johnson, Prcsulciit [ane Straight, .SiiTiUn ' Irene Eraser, VurPrcsuli-nt Corinne Willis, Treasurer Jean Boyle Patricia Bush Violet Byers Jean Dion Dorothy Dyson Maurice Erskine Maxine Ewart Irene Fraser Ruthelen Garvin Anna Green Edna Green Hei en Haworth Betty Bartells Agnes Boyd Dorothy Buchanan Emma Daetwyler Harii de Mers Ethel Haworth Helen Huff Alice Krogh Phyllis LeGro SENIORS Mary Haynes Mary Hazard Thelma Heydt Jean Holland Leslie Hull Mary Huston Laura Jamison Millicent Johnson Marian McGuire Eldreith Matchett Kathleen Newton JUNIORS Patricia Linton Meriel McCall Kathleen McCarty Dorothy Matthews GR. ' kCE Miller Kate Norman Nancy Peterson Althea Pratt Vera Rall Peggy Sheldon Muriel Olsen Helen Riggs Betty Ann Schultz Miriam Shangle Rhea Stevens Mildred Tarbox Mildred Trask LiLLIE WaRDRLIM Margaret Wiese Jane Wildermuth Corinne Willis Gwenevere Woodai l Florence Sivesind Irma May Smith Elizabeth Stewart Doris Staley Jane Straight Mil DRED TiLLEY Ethel Tomlinson Nell Turner Naomi Wall JOHNSON STRAIGHT i RASER WILLIS 251 • NEWMAN HALL SENIOR Mary Vanderleest BURISH . FORD . GATTAVA RA GLEASON . HAHN . HOLLOVVAY POHLMAN . PONTl . VANDERLEEST VAN ROSSUM . ZUBLI v Audrey Burish Jennie Faletto Mary Ford SOPHOMORES Pearl Gattavara Marion Hahn Catherine Harting Betty Hollow ay Marion Pohlman Lena Ponti Marguerite Zubick Margaret Gleason FRESHMEN Bonnie Jean McIntosh Adoree Zubli Vera Van Rossum -= Organized a year ago, Newman House celebrated its second anniversary this year, as a house for Catholic women. Charter members are Mary Ford, president; Mary Vanderleest, Pearl Gattavara, Marion Hahn and Marion Pohlman. Newman House IS managed by the Dominican Sisters. 4508 Sixteenth Avenue Hprtheast Foundations at tlic Umvcrsitics of Texas and Massachusetts University of Wiwlnngtoii Hfu ' itw " Hall orgjm al in 1934 iy Dominican Sisters • 252 FILIPINO CLUB OFFICERS Lorenzo P. Anunciacion, Prcsulint Julius Ruiz, Vicc-Prcsnicnt Maxine Gonong, Secretary Pedro Baltazar, Treasurer Juan Singson, Business Albina Zamora, Assistant Treasurer Bernardo Acena Andres Bigornia Mariano Castii_lo Lorenzo Anl ' nciacion Pedro Baltazar JuANlTO DiONISIO Severo Mil Victor Castillo DOMINGA CuESTA Emilio Fabico JiMINIANO FeBeNITO Maxine Gonong RuFINO CaCABELOS Narciso Cacabelos Mateo Corpuz Francisco Flores Geronimo Garces ALUMNI Cleto Oliveras Proceso Pulido Trinidad Roio SENIORS Remigio Pascual Pedro Sagltv Daniel Sarusal Juan Singson JUNIORS LoDOvico Gonzales Dalmacio Maliaman Fernando Martinez Alejancro Miguel Pedro Montante SOPHOMORES Robert Greenman Belen de Guzman Anacleto Martos SlLVERIO MenDOZA Andres Pascua FRESHMEN Felix Abarca Vicente Flor William Berkenkotter Dolores Gonong Mariano Balancio Ignacio Josue Fi orentino Bigornia Florentine Lamug Rltby Cacdac Apolonio Lopez Numeriano Seguritan Melecio Toledo Procopio Victoriano SlLVESTRE TaNGALIN Sabas Ubltngen Numeriano Valin VicTORio Velasco Prudencio Mori Arturo Pacis FuLGENCIO RuMBAWA Antonio Sison Albina Zamora Julius Ruiz Val Tabios Antonio Tangalin Epifanio Tungpalan Joaquin Terren Bernabe Marania Elias Obien Jorge Placencia Alfredo Raquel Philip Saure ANLfNClAClON . BALTAZAR . BIGORNIA, F. . FE BENITO GONONG, D. . GONONG, M. . LAMUG . LOPEZ MALIAMAN . MIGL ' EL . PASCUAL . PLACENCIA RAQUEL . RUIZ . RUMBAWA . SAURE TABIOS . TANGALIN, A. . TOLEDO TUNGPALAN . VALIN 253 TAKAHASHI X JAPANESE STUDENTS ' CLUB FommJu) .11 llic lIiMi ' iTsity 0 VV ' iisliuigliiM n 1907 William Mimbu, Prcsuliiil Frank Miyamoto, Treasurer Jean Uyeda, VicrPrcsiJcnt William Takahashi, Secretary Saburo Hisayasu, Corri ' .sponJiMg Secretary George Abe ToRU Araki Masahiko Bitow Bain Chiba KlYOSHI FuKANO Shoji Fukui Takashi Fujii Tetsuo Fujita ToSHIO FuNAKOSHI Naohisa Hayashi YONEO HiRADE Walter Hirasawa Martin Hirabayashi Saburo Hisayasu Samuel Hokari Masanori Horiuchi Katsutaro Ikuta TOHN ImORI George Inouye Shigeo Iseri George Kambe HiROSHI Kanazawa MiNORU Kanazawa Jero Kanetomi Mitsuo Kashiwagi Peter Katslino Franklin Kawano Arthur Kikuchi Chihiro Kikuchi Shuji Kimura Shozo Kiyomizu Roy K OSAKA Yeichi Kozu Giro Kubo MEMBERS Akiro Kubushiro YuKlO KuMAMOTO TsuYOSHI KuRAMOTO Takashi Kurimoto Hugo Kurose Albert Masuda MiNORU Masuda Donald Matsumoto HiROO Matsumoto Richard Matsushima John Matsuoka William Mimbu Hiroaki Minatoya Shotaro Miyamoto Richard Momoda Shigeru Morita Frederick Munekiyo Richard Murakami Kenji Nagaishi Roy Nakagawa John Nakamura TsLTYOSHi Nakamura Victor Nakamura Thomas Nakao KiMIAKI NaKASHIMA YOHJI NiSHI HiROMI NiSHIMURA Ted NiSHIMURA Noboru Nishisaka Richard Nomura HoicHi Ogawa George Ohi Takao Okada MiTSURU Okada HiRAMi Okubo YoNE Ota Welly Okamaru Noboru Saito Toru Sakahara Paul Sakai Frederick Shimanaka KiMio Shimizu R. Shiosaki Harry Takagi William Takahashi Katsumi Takakoshi David Tanabe George Tani Charlie Tatsuda George Terada Frank Toribara Henry Tsuchiya Kazuo Tsukuno Jean Uyeda Shio Uyetake George Watanabf Henry Watanabe Hiroshi Watanabe Floyd Yamamoto George Yamauchi George Yanagimachi Harry Yanagimachi Tatsumi Yasui Masao Yayoshi RiNICHI YODA William Yorozu Kumeo Yoshinari FUYO-KAI Japanese Womm ' s Orgiimziitioii Founded Umvcrsity Waslnngton Gmipus, Aliiy 14, 1925 OFFICERS Shuko Yoshihara, President Toshi Morimizu, Treasurer Chiye Horiuchi, Vice-President Michiko Morita, Hijtoruiii Mary Mori, Recording Secretary Molly Fltkutani, Correspond iiig Secretary MEMBERS yoshihara MORI Molly Fuktitani Mariko Kondo Mary Okamura - - m Martha Higashida Hana Koriyama Chizuko Okazaki rv -- 7 Lily Hirata May ' ko Kumasaka Sumi Sakuda i i Mitsuko Hirata TsUNECHIYO MaKINO Lilly Tak-euchi lJ- ' Chiye Horiuchi Mary Mori Mary Tsltcltno mr MiEKO Kajiwara Hide Morimizu Mary Yasumura C- Ruth Kazakh Toshi Morimizu Michiko Yasumura IF ■ YiiKiYE Kiriyama Michiko Morita Shuko Yoshihara Katsuko Nakata PLEDGES Mary Date YoNEKO M. Shimizu Molly Uyeminami Mitsu Fukiage Masuko Tsubota Janet Yasunobu FUKUTANI Masa Nishi Ester Uchimura Margery Yamamura MORIMIZU Marguerite Okamura Stella Yorozu 254 The University National Bank Between classes In the majestic shadow of the Library students loiter between classes . . . chatting in the spring warmth. In the shadow of our great University (or thirty years we have served students and J acuity. Mav we serve ou? Member Federal Deposit I istira ice (Uirporation One Block from Campus 255 • ( I IdJicK Aamodt, Mililrf ' il. IhT, 203 Abbott. Mt rrirt«ni. 134 Abernatby. « endell. 100 Abramson. diaries, 233 " Accent on Youth, " 96 Aconib. Bill. 221 Adair, Harriet, 53, 100 Adam, Gordon, 128 Adams, Bettv, 19(» Adams, Charles. 100. 208 Adams. Donald. 214 Adams. Jay. 27. 230 Aetzel. Virginia. 197 Afdeni. Charles. 27. 206. 207 Ahem. James. 00 Ahrens, Jean, 18S Abrens, Nada, 167, 24 ' ) A. I. E. E.. 168 Ainswortb. Audrey. 27 Ainswortb. Doris. 245 Alderson. Francis, 100 Alexander, Robert, 27. 117, 155 Algyer, Erwyn, 100 Allen, Arthur, 27, 175 Allen. Ed. 220 . llen. Henry Coburn. 21 Allen. Herbert. 27. 236 Allen. Jean. 9 0 Allen. Malcolm. 232 Allen, Richard, 210 Allen, Sue, 83 AUman, Ned, 27, 170 All-U Vodvil, 98 Almyig, Benjamin, 233 Alpha Delta Sigma, 164 . ltose. Margaret. 27 Ames. Arlene. 185 . mes. Jack. 27 Ames. Laura. 27 Ammonii Soeii, 162 Anderson, Agnes Pauline, 27 Anderson, Betb, 167. 250 Anderson. Delberl. 99 .Anderson. Donald. 27. 207 Anderson. Dorothy. 27- 194 An.lerson. Ernest. 27. 99. 237 Anderson. Frances. 188 Anderson. Herman. 214 Anderson. Howard. 27. 239 Anderson. L nden. 213. 120 .Anderson. Milnor. 213 .Anderson. Pearl. 27 .Anderson. Ray. 237 •Anderson. Richard. 102. 219 -Anderson, Rudy. 216 .Anderson. Thomas. 27, 160 Anderson, Violet, 27, 159, 169, 184, 195 Anderson, Wallace, 27 Anderson, Warren, 206, 226 Angler, James, 144, 147 " .Another Language. " 95 Anshutz. Bert. 23. 87, 142, 144, 145, 222 Anstee, Ernest, 27 Aniinciacion, Lorenzo, 27, 253 Archer, Grace, 95 Armstrong, Lewis, 102 Arneson, Elwood, 100 Arneson, Margaret, 78, 156, 196 Arneil, Bobbie, 120, 185 Arneil, James, 27, 169, 212 Arnold, Marvain, 191 Aronow, Willard, 102, 218 Arpin, Ed, 27 ASCE, 168 Ash, Ellis, 27, 219 Ash, Jacob, 27 Aeheini, Lester, 27, 83, 240 Ashleman, Russell, 27, 179 Asphind. Helmer, 99 ASrW oni.ials, 86 ASl W Sim, lent Managers, 89 .Atkinscm, Clinton, 100, 209 Atkinson, Hawley. 241 Atkinson. Noel. 157 Atkins(m. Reilly. 241 Alkinscui. Wallace. 223 Alwood. Claire. 27. 181. 186 Auda. Marjorie. 190 .Austin. Everett. 131, 144, 225 Austin. Walter. 236 Austin. Warren. 27. 225 .Averv. Jane. 194 AWS. 10b A S S Concerts. 108. 109 AW S Council. 107 Avien. Phoebe. 27. 191 BA Council. 169 BA Vi omen ' s Vocational t;lub. 169 Bacheller. Ruth. 192 Bachelors ' Club. 165 Badger. Darwin. 220 Bagsbaw. Margaret. 194 Baile . Dorothy. 27. 154. 184. 200 Bailey. Marjorie. 190 Baisler. Perry. 94. 95 Baker. Carolyn. 193 Baker. Dick 27. 141 Baker. Harry. Jr.. 234 Baker. Miner. 27. 56. 86. 87, 155 Baldwin. Ralph. 138.222 Ball. Margaret. 195 Ballard. Betty Ann. 194 Ballard. Richard. 27. 118. 121. 165. 206. 216 Ballerud. Alice. 192 Ballet RuBse. 108. 109 Ballinger. Edward. 27, 241 Balnier. Thomas. 18 Balsiger. Bette. 185 Balsiger. (;eorge. 217 Baltazar. Pedro. 27. 2.54 Balzer. Harold. 27 Bancroft, Robert, 228 Band. 100 Bangs. Kathryn. 27. 188 Bankhead. Elizabeth. 28 Banks. Betty. 192 Banks. Bem. 210 Banks. Robert. 28. 206. 223 Banks. Virginia. 194 Bannick. Mary. 87. 106. 188 Bannister. Elizabeth. 193 Baranova. Irina. 109 Barduc. John. 210 Bare. Nancy Jane. 188 Barfoot. Joseph. 28 Barkas. Earl. 28 Barker. Jack. 212 Barkley. Barbara. 185 Barlow. Viola. 28. 198 Earner. William. 210 Barnes. Billie. 28. 185 Barnes. Jess, 228 Barnes, William. 211 Bar. Lawrence. 232 Barr. Burton, 240 Barraugh, Jane. 28. 200 Barry. Jefferson. 230 Bartells. Jacqueline. 191 Bartholet. Suzanne. 199 Bartley. Rae. 112 Bartleit. Patricia. 194 Barton. Elizabeth. 192 Barton. James. 28 Barton. Paula. 197 Barton. Peggy. 202 Barton. H ilham. 28. 230 Base. Feme. 184. 198 Baseball. 140. 141 Bash. Assistant Dean Mary I.. 22. 88 Basketball. 136-8 Baten. Ruth. 193 Bates. Alan. 102 Bates. Kathleen. 191 Bates. X alter. 127 Bath, (iordon. 210 Batt. Donald. 221 Battin, Caroline, 200 Baxley, Hood, 219 BavlesB, Dorothy. 188 Bavley. Howard. 228 Beach. Robert. 28. 176. 211 Real. Eleanor, 198 Beal. Miriam, 28, 244 Beall, Ferguson, 224 Beall, John, 82 Bean, Percy. 231 Beard. Hillary. 185 Beattv. Jack. 212 Becblel. Esler. 28. 100. 238 Beck. Broussais. 212 Beck, Helen Mnrree, 203 Becker. Ed. 222 Beckwilh, Robert. 28. 219 Beebe. Curtiss. 28. 219 Beeler. Virginia. 97 Beers. Mary Elizabeth. 201 Beetchenow. George. 215 Belaire. Lorene. 185 Bell. B.)b. 225 Bell. Don. 138 Bell. Gordim. 28. 236 Bell. W Mliam. 215 Belshaw. Roland. 149 Belt. Don. 28. 220 Bemis. Sid. 222 Bendiv. Betty. 28. 154, 188 Bendzulla, Mary Frances, 247 Benedict, Adele, 202 Benedictson, Christine, 203 Benedictson, Nana, 203 Benediktson. Einar. 230 Benner. Caroline. 246 Bennett. Edith. 202 Bennett. Geiirge. 28.212 Bennett. James. 28. 89. 155. 222 Bennett. Mabel. 156. 199 Bennett. MurieK 28. 185 Bennett. William. 221 Benno. ISorman. 100 Benson. Carl. 213 Benson. John. 91. 99. 220 Benson. .Merritt E.. 81 Benz. Happ . 194 Berard. Katherine. 28 Bercb. Belle. 28. 106. HI. 1.52. 1.59 Berg. Richard. 99 Bergerson. Francis. 52. 157,220 Bergerson. Sigrid. 112. 249 Bergholz. Richard. 100. 139. 227 Bergman. Alfred. 237 Bergren. Marian. 201 Bergseth. Robert. 234 Bernbaum. .Sanftird. 28. 240 Bernhard. Arthur. 28. 80 Bernhoft. Eloise. 28. 1 1 1 Bernhoft. Richard. 207 Bernstein. Jane. 187 Bertrand. Margaret. 186 Berry. Allen. 138. 220 Berry. Doris. 28. 189 Berry, Hubert, 236 Berry, Lewis, 100. 238 Bern. Marie Ann. 248 Berry. Ruth. 28. 201 Besancon. Marjor . 28. 249 Beta Alpha Psi. 170 Beta (Tamma Sigma. 170 Beta of Phrateres. 250 Belts. Kay. 199 Belts. Richard. 229 Beuschlein. W. L.. 149 Bevls. Bdl. 225 Beyis. W illiani. 235 Bier. Philip. 100 Big " W " Club. 144 Biggie. Annabel Lee. 26. 28. 78. 80. 81. 1.59 Bighani. Bernice. 28. 200 Bigornia. Florentino. 253 Billings. Lee. 157. 208 Blllingsley. Ann. 81 Binekard. Peggy. 193 Bingay. Woolsey. 237 Bingham. Marion. 28. 171 Bingham, Wellington, 223 Birchdale. Gladys. 250 Bird. Bill. 212 Bird. Elinor. 193 Bird. Gordon. 239 Bird. Marjorie. 117 Bird, Marijane, 192 Bird, Michael. 28, 138, 223 Bird. Win W. 103 Bissell. Irline. 202 Bishop, Jane, 194 Bishop. Ralph. 62. 136, 138 Bjorklund. Leon, 138 Black, Courtland, 226 Black, Ed, 51, 83, 118, 119, 123, 157, 230 Blackford, William, 28, 216 Blackstock. Raynn nd. 134. 230 Blade. Katherine. 201 Blaine. Charles. 230 Blair. Al. 209 Blake. Fred. 28. 225 Blake. Helen. 28. 199 Blakely, George, 224 Blalocii, Alan. 157, 213 Blalock. Ray. 213 Blaney. Eunice. 194 Blauyelt. Everett. 211 Bloeehlinger, Bernice, 167 Blom, Arthur, 28, 118, 120 Bloomfield, James, 119, 234 Bloxom, Merritt, 157, 212 Bloxom, Robert, 29, 206, 224 Blum. Stuart. 165. 223 Blunientbal. Caroline, 187 Blunden, Tom. 217 Board of Control. 87 Bogardus. Richard. 219 Bogdan. Albert. 29 B.iley. Jack. 80. 82. 174 Bolin. Lorenz. 29 Bolles. Tom. 127. 128 Bond. Charles. 130. 131. 134. 144. 165. 214 Bond. Randal. 133. 134. 144. 214 Boone. Bettv. 29. 201 Boose. Barbara. 192 Booth. Wayne. 102 Borden. Richaril. 229 Borgen. Edward. 237 Borbek. Barbara. 23 Boring. Carol. 29 Borkland. Margery. 192 Born. Jean Shirley. 29. 201 Bostwick. Janice. 194 Bi ttker. Anne Marie. 185 Botzer. Allen. 234 Bounds. Leone. 29. 202 Bourgaize. Donald. 237 Bowden. Virginia .Ann. 113. 156 Bowdev. George. 209 Bowen. Barbara. 199 Bowen. Phyllis. 99 Bowman. Eunice. 199 Bowman, W ' arren, 29, 232 Boyce, Port, 123 Bovd, Florence, 167 Bovd, Mary Ella, 83, 193 Boyer. Frances. 29. 159. Brabrook. Betty. 203 Bracket!. Mary Louise, 29. 191 Braden. Cy. 29. 233 Bradner. William. 233 Bradshaw. Jack. 218 Bradshaw. Robert. 233 Braidwood. Isabelle. 29. 113 Branch. Kenneth. 211 Brandnieier. Kathr n. 186 Brandt. Berkeley. 212 Brandt. William. 160 Branigin, W illiam, 100. 146 Bratlie. Marjorie. 185 Bratton. Herbert. 210 Breda. Firmo. 220 Brebm. Katherine. 29. 196 Brennan. James. 29. 233 Brelland. Bruce. 29. 229 Brell. William. 234 Briggs. Bob. 139 Briggs. Burdice. 100 Brilhart. Mary. 247 Brinck. Chester. 29, 176 Bri adbooks, Harold. 99 Brock. Marv Elizabeth. 29 Brodsky, Dorothy, 246 Brokaw, Bettie, 29 Bronsiin. Carl, 239 Br K,ks. Bob. 216 Brooks. Harold. 209 Brooks. Howard. 209 Brooks. Stanley. 237 Brooks. W inslow. 29. 129. 144. 155. 232 Brott. Gerald. 128. 227 Bn.ugham. Bud. 29. 134 Brower. Elaine. 167. 187 Brown. Betty. 167. 195 Bri)wn. Eugene, 214 Brown. Fred. 212 Brown. (;ordon. 29. 99. 177 Brown. Hugh. 237 Brown. Jeannette. 190 Brown. Jessie. 188 Brown. John. 239 Brown. Kathryn. 191 Brown. Mary Jane. 193 Brown. Monte. 214 Brown. Robert. 220 Br. wn. Vi alter. 209 Brown. William. 210 Brownell. Dick. 232 Brownell. Jim. 232 Brownell. Mabel. 29. 195 Brownell. Peggy. 29. 106. 110. 111. 1.52. 1.59. 199 Brownell. Virginia. 29. 173. 246 Brovles. Wendell. 26. 81. 91 Bruckart. John. 214 Brush. Frederick. 29. 206. 223 Bryce, Alec. 241 Br ce. James. 241 Br gger. Barbara. 199 Buchanan. Jane. 193 Buchner. Betty. 29, 1,59, 197 Buck, George, 216 Buck, Muriel, 29 Buck. Robert. 223 Bucklev. John. 144. 145 Buell. Persis. 190 Buhler. Marios. 249 Bull. John. 239 Bulbs. Audrey. 196 Bunn. Robert. 239 Bur.h. JesMe. 29. 174 Burd. Hcurv A., 21 Bord. Miriam. 29 Burd. Peggy. 184. 188 Burd. Sherman. 235 Burdon. Maribel. 197 Burish. Audrey. 252 Burkebile. Vernon. 29 Burkbart, Martha. 201 Burkbeimer. Mary. 192 Burnett. Alice, 167, 198 Burns, Jack, 241 Burns, John, 53. 223 Burrus, .Margaret, 99. 246 Burston. Harry. 134 Burton. Maxine. 200 Burwell. Virginia, 199 Busby, Gail, 203 Buschmann, Ruth, 194 Bushnell, Margaret, 103, 199 Butler, Willard, 220 Butterljeld. Glen. 29, 217 Butlerlield, Robert, 225 Byington, Joe, 29. 217 Bvles. Carol. 201 Byrd. Richard, 108 Byrne, Ruth. 94 Caddev . (Jene. 146 Cadet Ball. 120 Cadwell. Jim, 212 Cahen. Robert, 80, 139. 178 Cain. James. 98. 116. 131. 132, 139. 144. 214 Caldbiek. Helen. 191 Caliler. Carol. 196 Caldwell. Bernice. 192 Caldwell. David. 230 Caldwell. Hugh. 212 Calkins. Kathleen. 29. 60. 78. 106, 1.52. 154, 194 Callahan, John, 208 Callison, Don, 216 Calone, Rosalie, 29 Calvert, Catherine. 196 Calvin, Kenneth, 222 Camenm, Jean, 196 Canteron, Val, 222 Camozzi, Robert, 29 Campbell, Bette, 82, 166, 202 Campbell, Betty Jo, 194 Campbell, Dorothy, 29, 202 Campbell, Henry, 208 Campbell, Janet, 199 Campbell, Margaret, 23, 199 Campbell, Richard, 157, 210 Canfield, Don, 128 Cannon, Kenneth, 219 Carbrav. Richard. 228 Card. Ernest, 208 Cardiff, Margaret, 29, 186 Cardwell, William, 229 Carleton, Kathryn, 29, 192 Carleton, Peggy, 192 Carlin. Fred E., 29, 206, 213 Carlson, Esther, 246 Carlson, Florence, 245 Carlson, C. James, 29, 206, 209 Carlson, Leonard, 100 Carlson, Lillian, 186 Carlson, Torkjel, 237 Carmack. James, 219 Carmichael, Norman, 235 Carnaban, (ieorge, 100 Carpenter. James, 146, 208 Carrington, Richard, 100 Carroll, Hess, 222 Carroll, Robert, 241 Carter, Betty Ann. 200 Carter. Jean. 200 Carter. John. 29. 147. 241 Carter. Launor. 29 Cartwright. Marjorie. 192 Case. Center. 29. 222 Casey. Donald. 100 Casey. Maxine- 197 Casey- Merwin. 218 Castle. James. 135 Castle. John. 214 Castlen. Rose Alice. 199 Castleton. Jean. 29. 110. 154. 192 Catlin. Catherine. 30, 192 Cate, Warren, 221 Cathcart. Wallace, 218 Cathroe. Betty Jane. 190 Caugbran. -Mary .Ann, 81, 111, 248 Caulkins, Elizabeth, 30, 113, 196 Cannes, Otis, 233 Cederquist, .Anne. 30, 172 Chadwick, Esther. 23 Chadwick. Norma. 202 Chamberlain. Martin, 30. 147, 165, 206, 229 Chambers, Robert, 30, 221 Chambreau, Lawrence, 238 Champney, Virginia, 189 Chandler, Benson, 232 Chandler. George. 208 Chandler. Mary Jane, 185 Chapin. Janet. 52. 197 Chaplin. Kenneth, 30 Chapman. Lee. 189 Chavelle. Cornelius, 30, 224 Cheetham. Beth, 248 Cheevcr, Bruce, 237 Cheever, Harry. 214 Cheney. John. 208 Chesslier, Frances. 196 Chessher. Hasseltine. 30. 78. 154. 196 Chervenka. Olive, 246 Cbesterlev , James, 208 Chesterley, John. 30. 208 Cheyne. Harlan. 30 Childs. Bov d, 144. 145 Chilman, Elsie. 30. 185 Chimes of Phrateres. 247 256 Washington Athletes ask for OCTONEK LETTER SWEATERS You too ivill enjoy wearing CHARMED LAND " KNITTED WEAR OCTONEK KNITTING COMPANY 1626 FIFTH AVENUE . SEATTLE . MAin 2296 257 • INDEX Good plays like good sweaters . . . LAST. AWARD SWEATERS O I y m p i a , Wa s h i n g t o n cIhik ' imI. ' m. oiit.T. :w. 2211 ChriHieiiseii. t liarles. 227 ChristeiiseiK (irace. 248 Chri tenAeii. Neil. 214 Chrislenseii. Peyyv. 167 Christian. B. roil H.. 81 Chrisllanf . Jeanne. 192 Chriswell. Harol.1. 30. 181. 236 Clanlon. Kcl«ar.l.3(l.232 Clark. Catherine, 194 Clark. Cortlanilt. 224 Clark. Diiuslas. 94. 220 Clark. Karl. 13.S Clark. Ce.iriie. 30 Clark. Collaml. 30. 161 Clark. Maleohn H.. 102. 214 Clark. Ruth. 201 Clark. .Stanley. 210 Clark. Treat. 214 Clawscm. Bell . 197 Clegg. Kenneth. 139 Clemen. Mar K . 190 Clement. Barbara. 112. lO.i Cle elanll. Kl« n. 207 Clevelan.1. Keith. 30 Cleveland. illiani. 47. 230 Cline. Margaret. 30. 190 Cline. Virginia. 30. 185 Clinton. Edward. 155 Clinton. Kav. 19.S Clithero. Rnlli. 30 Cloud. Kenneth. 100 Clongh. Ralph. 238 Clough. Virsinia. 196 Coales. Ruhv. 110. 185 Coates. Wilda Ann. 192 Cohnrn. Donald. 241 Cobiirn. Mederies. 197 Cochran. Beatrice. 193 Coddon. Marjorie. 187 CofTinan. Helen. 30 Cohan. Donald. 240 Cohen. Stan. 30. 89. 240 Cohen. Svlvan. 240 Colbv. Carolyn. 194 Colcock. Alberta. 185 Cole. Bob. 212 Cole. Helen. 30. 198 Cole. .Vlarcella. 185 Cole. .Mar . 196 Cole. % illiam. 30 Coleman. David. 220 Colkett. Kinerv. 222 Collins. Bettv Loii. 197 Coliiiuns, 83 Colli ell. Bernice. 30 Comer. Iliiberl, 30. 221 Compass and Chart. 123. 161 Condon. Dean Herbert T.. 22 Condon, llerlierl, Jr.. 30. 90. 223 Congdoii. Kineliiic. 174. 199 Congdon. CFordon. 30. 143-5 Connell. Jean. 30 Conner. Bettv. 197 C. iiner. Jim. 232 Conner. Robert. 228 Conn ir. Louise. 99. 201 Conover. Patricia. 193 Conrad. Ber I. 30. 250 Cook. Dick. 141 Cook. Frank. 212 Cook. Raymond. 138. 234 Coon. Ralph. 214 Coon. Dean Shirley J.. 19 Coons. Curt. 213 Cooper. Klsie, 30. 152 Copeland. Ross. 219 Coppedge, William. 30 Corhin. Honey. 57. 188 Corbin. Melville. 241 Cordes. Elsa. 30 Corey. Erwiii. 2.32 Corkery . Jack. 236 Corlell. Margaret. 30 Cornwall. Marian. 190 Corwin. Louise. 175 Cortelyou. Dorolh . 30. 196 CorteUoii. Jane. 113. 196 Cosper. Diiane. 221 Cottrell. iNornian. 99 Courtney. .Marvin. 210 Cousins. Volney. 241 Couzens. Annabel. 197 Covington. Thelina. 249 Cowie. Jean. 192 Cox. Kenneth. 23. 78. 102. 178 Cox. Rena. 200 Coy. Don. 128. 212 Coy. Frances. 192 Crabtree. Inez Mae. 196 Craig. Dorothy. 30. 181. 186 Crandell. RacheL 116. 194 Crapo. William. 139.211 Crar . Harriet. 30. 192 Crego. Catherine. 196 Crenshaw. Jean. 196 Crew. 126-9 Crew Drive. 89 Crick. Jim. .53. 223 Cripe. Paul. 100 Croasdill. Charles. 225 Crockett. Dorothea. 193 Crollard. Jerry. 164 Cronin. Joseph. 233 Crosby. Betty Ann. 201 Crossman. Philip. 227 Crouch. Dorothy. 201 Crovder. Barbara. 78. 80. 81 Crowther. Errett. 30. 210 Cruikshank. Robert. 235 Cruse. Virginia. 30. 201 Crutcher. Bavard. 102 Cruier. Al. 134 Cruzen. James. 138. 233 Crystal. Dean. 30. 66 Cuff. Marjorie. 31 Culbertson. William. 100 Gulp. Dennis K.. 31 Gulp. Frank. 213 Gulp. King. 165. 212 Gulp. Robert. 31 Cumniings. William. 233 Cunliffe. Catherine. 202 Curd. Sarah. 194 Current. Marian. 190 Curry. Frank. 100 Curtis. Leonard. 31. 228 Curtiss. .Adrian. 31. 237 Ciirtiss. Eva. 197 dishing. Eleanor. 193 Custer. Elma. 31. 185 Ciitliffe. Frances. 83. 193 DahU Robert. 31. 227 Dahlberg. Clayton. 227 Dahlquist. Thelma. 197 Dahlstrom. Marian. 31. 251 Dail. John. 31. 217 Dail. Robert. 217 Dailv Staff. 80.2 Dale. Dwver. 214 Daly. Jack. 144 Dance Drama. 97 Danskin. Dorothy. 81 Danz. Frederick. 240 Danz. William. 31.240 DAR House. 245 Darrow. Beulah. 31. 110. 201 David. Peter. 31 Davidson. .Alice. 250 Davidson. Betty. 79. 196 Davidson. Ellwood. 215 Davies. Eleanor. 196 Davies. Harold. 138 Davies. John. 221 Davies. Roger. 209 Davis. . ' Man. 237 Davis. Bettv. 197 Davis. David. 208 Davis. In«z. 201 Davis. Jack. 31. 225 Davis. John. 31. 208 Davis. Richard. 238 Davis. Rita Louise. 193 Davis. William. 225 Dawes. Roger. 31 Dawson. Dorothy. 189 Dawson. Sally. 83. 166. 201 Day. Charles. 127 Daylton. Mary Elizabeth. 31 Dayton. Donald. 234 Dean. Betty, 191 Dean. Edward. 178 Debate. 102-3 Dederick. Don. 128 Dedication. 6 DeDonato. Beatrice. 31. 188 Deering. Robert. 139. 208 Detjrandpre. Genie. 196 deHaas. R. W.. 31 Delaney. NoeL 233 Delaurenli. ico L.. 31 Dehn. Marion. 196 Delius. Renee. 192 Delia Phi Alpha. 171 Delzer. Dori.s. Ill Demick. Van Buren. 236 Denting. David. 223 Deming. Robert. 223 Denni. Prof. Grace. 158 Denton. Jack. 230 Derb . Gene. 51 Derrig. Jack. 100 Deschenes. Albert. 134 Detchon. Eileen. 95 d ' Evers. Ilarri. 157. 222 Dewey. Louis. 31. 20( . 230 DeWitt. Jane. 31. 194 Dicker. Harold. 220 Dickie. Alice. 195 Dickie. Roland. 138 Dickson. Bcniie. 146 Dickinson. Dtiuiie. 188 n. Flovd. 31 Dielil. Dorolli . 197 Dieckman. Olto. 147 Duke. Duane. 214 Diemond. Lewis. 226 Dikeman. Lidia. 186 Dillard. Dan. 210 Dillon. Katberine. 200 Dimond. Logan. 31 Dindot. Ralph. 233 Ditewig. Jack. 214 Dixon. Jeannetle. 31 Dmilrieff. Vasilv. 31 Dobb. Jean. 190 Doble. Bob. 80. 83 Dodds. John. 219 Dolan. Grace. 71. 116. 194 Dalbv. Gwenwvn. 167 Dolesby. Frank. 210 Dolphin. John. 176 Donining. Ted. 225 Donaldson. Van. 235 Doncaster. Millicent. 4. 15. 31. 184. 185 Donovan. Barbara. 194 Doolittle. Warren, 138. 208 Dootson. F.ugene. 230 Doran. Richard. 82. 229 Doran. Cl de. 79. 165. 229 Donati. Leo. 147 Dorr. Beverle . 31 Dorr. Robert. 138. 221 Dorsev. Pat, 138 Douglas. Bud. 144 Douglas. Jean, 94. 201 Douglas. John. 132. 222 Douglas. William. 230 Doumit. Leona. 246 Dovjinko. . riadne. 31. 251 Dowd. Man Lee. 31. 196 Dowling. iTordon. 214 Downe . Betty. 194 Downey. Jean. 194 Drager. Douglas. 134. 222 Drake. Leo. 81 Drake. Rush. 216 Draper, Prof. Edgar. 88 Draper. K.lMi.e. 202 Draper. Dr. (). K... 170 Draper. Rtcbcrl. 100 Drebin. Harold. 231 Driflmeier. Dorolh . 185 Driskel. Donna. 248 Driiri. Ocil. 241 Drurv. Jim. 142. 144. 145 Drie. Vernon. 232 DuBois. Al. 100 DuBois. Elizabeth. 190 Duff. Dorotha. 31 DulTv. Charles. 31. 89. 155. 241 Duff . Fred. 135. 241 Duffv. (;ilberl. 138. 208 Duffy. Ka%. 197 Duniiar. Donald. 100 Dunbar. Lois. 31 Duncan. Ernestine. 202 Duncan. Handd. 100 Dunham. Margaret. 31 Dunmore. Dick. 234 Dunn. Peggi. 194 Dunslon. L le. 100 Durham. Robert. 31 Durnin. Zile. 31. 199 Duri ea. Josephine, 31. 2(12 Dur%ee, Dan, 22 Duryee, Ethelwynn. 202 Dusek, Frank, 31 Eagleson. Jim, 129, 223 F arlev, Eva Marie, 31, 87, 106. 154. 202 Earlvwine. Charli ltc. 245 Eastman, (ieraldine, 189 Easton. Charles. 100 EaslwiMul. James. 157, 223 Eaton. Julia. 196 Eaton. Marjorie. 31. 184. 190 Ebright. Jane. 110. 185 Eccleston. Bettl. 32. 198 Eckent. Elizabeth, 202 Edlintd. Gordon. 32 Kdnioiidson, Earl, 32 Fdmiinds.m, Hec, 136, 138, 143 Edwards, Artliiir, 225 • 258 ' §mm. S ' _ c x To knowledge of the Classics, the Arts, the Scienc es and the Eco- nomics, we believe that most Washington Graduates are endowed with that indefinable knowledge of " what ' s what " so valuable to social progress. e de- light, in this purely Vt ashington organiza- tion, in creating styles bearing the " Marjone " label that appeal to smart moderns of true discrimination. MARONTATE-JONES COMPANY Designers and Manufacturers 2013 Fourth Avenue Seattle Edwards, Robert. 32. 89. 129. 155. 230 Egge. Bob. 136. 138. 144. 232 Egge. Dick. 232 Eggernian. Bob. 208 EggerlB. Max, 209 Ehlke. Ed, 82 Ekduhl. Kulh. 248 Ekbolni. Marjorie. 193 Elam. Dan. 177 Elder, Betty. 203 Election Committees. 90 Ellingwood. Elizabeth, 185 Elliott Walter. 237 Ellis. Howard. 38. 89. 145. 206. 222 EIHb, Melviii, 100 Ellin, Paul. 32. 117 Ellis. Valerie, 61, 94. 96. 199 Ellsworth, Arthur. 232 Ellsworth. Jacqueline, 191 Elmer. Waldo. 97 Ellon. Orville. 210 Embury, Jane. 90. 106. 184, 192 Emel, Jack, 209 Emerson. Nancy. 194 English. Helen. 196 Emniert. Ted. 128. 135 Emmons. Susan. 246 Engdahl. Ethel. 32 Engdahl, Lucille. 193 Engineering Council, 171 Engineers ' Informal, 123 Engineers ' Open House. 93 England. Beth. 112, 190 England, Lewis. 138,239 English, Ted, 220 Enkeball. Helga, 245 Enloe, Bob, 165, 212 Engstrom, Margaret, 32, 107, 169 Enquist, Rudy. 32. 141, 155. 233 Erdahl. Nancy. 79. 87. 119. 156, 192 Ericksen, Gus, 146 Erickson, Carlton. 131. 134. 144. 226. 232 Erickson. Gil. 32. 140 Kshom. Jane. 80. 81 Esslinger. Helen, 32. 244 Eugene. Dick, 225 Evans. Edmund. 233 Evans. Allen. 212 Evans. Arlyn. 138 Evans. Jean. 185 Evans, Lew. 215 Evans, John, 207, 230 Evans, Marian, 32, 194 Everett, Bill, 222 Everett, Dick, 145 Evhans. Danley. 224 Ewart, Margaret, 250 Ewing, Virginia, 167 Failor, Lucile, 32 Failor, Robert, 138 Fair, The. 57, 59, 61. 63, 65, 67 Fairborn. Lorene. 32, 189 Fairfax, Virginia, 248 Falahee, Norman, 80 Famous, The, 56. 58, 60, 62, 64, 66. 68 _ Fargo. Evelyn. 95 Farley, Francis, 32 Farley. Frank. 227 Fasten. Janet. 187 Fasten, Marion, 187 Farstvedt, Leonard, 226 Farran, Violet, 200 Farrand, Milton. 207 Farrell, Bill. 239 Farrens. Bill, 32, 89, 145, 147, 212 Farrington. Margaret, 32. 251 Faurot. Frances. 32. 189 Fay. Jack, 239 Featherstone. Margaret. 196 Fe Benito. Jiininiano. 253 Federspiei, Gratia, 195 Feek, Joe, 237 Feiga, Richard, 240 Feist, Lucille, 187 Fellows. Clyde. 234 Fellows, June, 32 Fenton, James, 224 Felt. Marion, 138 Ferch, Harriet, 32 Ferguson, Ann, 199 Ferguson, Eloise, 193 Ferguson. Geraldine. 199 Ferguson, Hugh, 216 Ferrier, Paul, 218 Ferries, Charles, 232 Ferris, Robert, 208 INDEX Fett. Virginia, 82. 156, 166, 185 Fick. Virginia, 32 Field, Charlotte, 32, 65. 96 Field. Kathleen. 196 Fielding, Bdl, 32. 89. 232 Fields. Gerald, 32, 227 Fieldstad, Norman, 32 Filipino Club, 253 Finger, Betty, 32, 189 Fink, Brooke. 208 Finley, John, 99 Finn, Man«ttia, 32 Finney. Joseph, 238 Firnstahl, Jerry. 121 Firnstahl, Mona. 51 Firstenburg, Fred. 32, 142. 144 Fir Tree. 153 Fiset. Pat, 32. 201 Fisher, Bill, 138. 157 Fisher. George. 222 Fisher. Kathleen. 32, 198 Fisher. Maryann. 32. 192 Fisher. Russell. 32, 220 Fissel, Robert, 32, 89 Fitton, Beth. 106, 156. 197 Fitton. Charlotte. 110, 117. 1,56, 197 Flagg, Jack, 138 Flanagan, Louise. 32 Flanagan. Warren, 32 Fleming, Louise. 110 Fleming, Tom, 236 Flint, James, 234 Flolow, Helen, 196 Flynn. Mary. 32 Fogarty. James, 237 Fogg, Franklin, 229 Foley. George, 32, 229 Folsoni. Marion. 91 Follrieh. Chariot. 186 Football, 130-135 Forcev, Edna. 32. 172 Forbes. Dorris. 32, 173 Ford, Marv, 252 Forest Club, 163 Forgey, Marie, 185 Fornia. Constance. 99 Forrestal. Robert. 215 Forrester. William. 209 Forsander. Donald. 32. 171 Forsberg. Glenn. 100 Forsberg. Leona. 33 Forsell. Charlotte. 99 Forthoffer. Oetavia. 33 Fortier. Jeanne. 188 Fox. Rav. 121 Fowlds. Jack. 33. 87, 155, 175, 216 Foote, Maxine, 188 Fobs. Barbara. 190 Fobs, Philip, 33, 239 Fosse. Evelyn, 194 Fosse, Vivian, 33. 111. 154. 184. 194 Foster. Dick. 225 Foster. Howe. 222 Foster. Marian. 51, 186 Foster, Richard. 100 Foster. Robert, 227 Foster, Webb, 230 Francis, Harriet, 188 Franciscovieh. Martin. 83, 228 Frank, Daniel, 223 Frankland, Charles, 86. 153 Eraser, Irene, 251 Eraser. Peggy, 79, 192 Fraternities, Alphabetized, 207-241 Freebnrn, Annabel. 203 Freeman, Edyth. 250 Freeman. Robert. 147 Frederick, Philip. 100 Frederickson, Audrey. 82. 167, 245 French, Charles. 33, 100. 162 Freshman Officers. 53 Fr eshwater. Donald. 223 Freshwater, Frank, 33, 223 Frew, Roy, 100 Fry, Gordon. 219 Fry, Margaret. 198 Frvar, Carolyn, 202 Fryer, Pat, 195 Friedman, Byron. 231 Frieilman, Cecil. 177 Frink. Betty Ann. 199 Friabie, Jane, 245 Frolich, Shirley, 79, 167. 190 Frolund. Ebba, 193 Fukutani, Molly, 254 Fuller, David. 241 Fuller, Warren, 33, 164, 2N Fulton, Jane. 190 Fulwiler, Sylvan, 134, 226 Fumerton, Nona, 103, 202 Funk, James. 138, 237 Fuvo-Kai, 254 (Jabie, Gordon, 82, 164, 229 Gabie. Jean. 197 Gable, John, 33, 143,206 (iadke, Fred, 134, 210 Gaddis, Donald, 99, 220 (iadsby, Ellen, 199 Galhraitb, Jack, 79, 212 Galer, Robert. 33. 153. 155, 225 Gallup, John, 229 Galvin, George, 79, 214 Gamma Alpha Chi, 166 Gannon, Jack, 144 Garrett, Jack. 218 (Jarretson, Jack, 216 Garrison, Frank, 239 Garrison, Margaret, 33, 111. 154 Garrison. Myrta. 33 Gasparovich. Mitchell. 33. 173. 235 Gasparovich. Tony, 134, 235 Gassman, Albert, 33 Gaston, Mary. 33, 190 Gates, Mary. 188 Gattavara, Pearl, 252 Gaudina, James, 33, 169, 239 Gault, Ed, 147 Gault, Virginia, 202 Geehan. Walter. 209 Geerds, Jack, 236 Geisness, Robert, 33, 230 Gellatly, David, 241 Gemmer. Mary Jo. 203 Gentili. Elmer. 210 Geohegan, Berwvn, 33, 233 Georg, Henry, 33. 223 George. Don. 233 Gepner, Howard, 235 Gepner, Richard, 235 Germain, Barbara, 99 German Club. 172 Getchell. Gloria. 194 (ietzander. Florence, 112. 113 (ribbons, (herald, 33 Gibson. Frank. 225 Gibson. Kalberine. 33. 201 Giebel, Lucille. 192 Gilbert. Betlv. 190 Gilbert. June. 190 Gilbert. Ralph. 33, 225 Giles, Hal, 80 Gilkey, (iragg, 33. 209 Gillis: Alix Jane, 203 Gilpatrick, Jackson, 233 Gittings, Wallace, 99 Glafke, Mddred. 196 Glass. Joseph. 229 Gleason. Margaret. 252 Godfrey. Ted. 232 Goerig, George, 138, 229 Golub. Orville. 33, 231 Gonong, Maxine, 253 Goodfellow, Scott. 222 Goodman. A. .. 159 Goodman, Leo, 33 Goodnight, Evelyn. 185 Goodspeed. PeneU»pe, 188 Gordon, Betty Jean, 248 Gordon, Jane, 192 Gordon. Robert. 33. 145. 208 Gorham. Helen, 86 Gorkkle, Norman, 231 Gormlev, Betsy. 78, 80. 81 Goss. Winston. 81 Gossan, Arthur, 134 Gould. Anne. 199 Gould. Carl. 216 Gove, Herbert, 145, 7 Gove, Robert, 230 Grabenhorst, Coburn, 134, 222 Graham, Marv Lou, 33, 154, 184, 191 Grahn. Howard. 33 Grandy. Carl. 215 Granneberg, Andree, 33 Granston, Don, 119. 157. 237 (rrant. Austin. 237 (irant, (leorge. 147 Grant, Virginia, 202 Graves. Dorsett, 134, 138. 140. 141 Gray. Clyde. 226 Gray. Bernice, 185 Gray, George. 139. 224 Gray, Patsy, 199 Gray, Robert, 33 • 260 OUR CREED Superb Photographs for a Superior Book Kennell - Ellis zArtist T hotographers OFFICIAL PHOTOGRAPHKRS TO THE NINETEEN THIRTY-SIX TYEE 261 • MORE PEOPLE SERVE WONDER BREAD THAN ANY OTHER has the extra energy that every child and every groivu-up needs Remember this — the Wonder Bakers spend more money for extra fine ingredients than any other bakers and Wonder Bread is the most popular bread in the whole history of bread making. Only ONE bread can be BEST. You have it when you have Wonder Bread. Laboratory tests and popular demand prove this day after day. CONTINENTAL BAKING CO., Inc. Seattle, Washington SEATTLE ' S SMARTEST HOTEL Every Rnom nith Hath and T ' Avry Room a Corner Room tjst o Ae Cantatts HOTEL EDMOND M E AN Y SEATTLE. WASHINGTON (llld Good Food Makes Friends Eierviihere Repiblic BiiLDiNi; DiMNi; Room 3r l at I ' ike EDMOND MEANY COFFEE SHOP, DINING ROOM ( raviiiii. Vena. 2tH (;reelev. Davi.l. 2()H (;reelev. Heiirv. Xi. 60, m. 48. IM. ISS. 1S.5. 206. 208 (;reelv. Charles. iC! (;reelv. Marv. 111. 186 (;reel . Jim. 33. V.i. 212 (Jreen. Roherl. 98. 126, 233 (Ireen. Ronald. 234 Creeiiwall. Marvin. 224 (;ri-enw " cKl. Jainen. 208 (ireenwiMiil. William. 33. 147. l.i.i. 214 (;regory. Han.ld. 2(» (ircgory. June. 188 (ircgorv. Robert. 13. ' i, 212 (ireime. Wilfred. 2:!(1 Crenfell. Neal. 218 tirevHiad. Harnev. 33, 139 Crev. BetH. 188 Criihuhin. Fred. 33. 143. 144 (;riffin, Craig, 22. ' , Criffith, Tom, 33. 56, 78, 155, 179 Criggs, L. i«, 79, 196 (irimm, Howard, 33, 206, 233 (Irinnell, Jack, 33 (iroff. VIar Elizahelh, 199 Crone. Laddv. 33, 68. 88. 155, 206, 240 tirosvenor. Thomae. 213 (iruger. (ieorge. 229 (;uild. Kdith. 245 (;nilniet. Peggv. 197 Cundlach. Ralph. 1,59 (.ueenian. Robert. 221 (jQ.t. Bob. 232 (xustafson. Donald. 34 (iuth. Henry. 209 (iiithmuller. Kay. 34. 191 (Juthrie. E. R.. 158 Haas, Herbert 24(1 Haae, Marv, 174, 197 Haas, William, 147, 229 Habersetzer, Marguerite. 203 Hafer, Patricia, 169, 247 liaga, Esther, 34 Hageman, Neil, 233 Hagerstroni, Irene, 167, 250 Haggett. Eleanor, 34, 196 Hagman. Patricia, 103 Hagvard, Annabel, 34, 194 llahn, Marian, 252 Haigh, Valerie, 196 Haines. Bv. 131. 132. 134. 210 Hale. John. 218 Hale. Marie. 188 Hall. Rem, 111 Hall, David, 34, 230 Hall, J ie, 227 Hall, Marian, 188 Hall, Ned. 34. 145, 212 Hall, Waller, 34, 206, 234 Hall, Rav, 228 Hallia. Carlo. 34. 235 Hallock. Peggv. 34. 186 Hallock, Tillie Ann. 186 Hamblev. tiordon. 237 Hamilton. Donald. 238 Hamilton. Ed. .52. 157, 223 Hammer, Kathryn, 80, 190 Hammond, Rntb, 193 Hamre, Dorothy, 180 Hanan, Jnlia. 34 Hanford, Jane, 199 Hanley, Thomas, 229 Hanna, irginia. 186 Hannav. Evan, 34, 223 Hannnm, John, 79, 237 Hanny, (ieraldine. 201 Hansen. Bernice. 34. 112. 24.5 Hansen. Frances. 191 Hansen. Harry, 227 Hansen, Howard, 237 Hansen, Roger, 94. 96 Hanson. Jay. 230 Harborview Students. 251 Harden, Janet, 203 Hardwick, Dean, 233 Hardy, B.di, 236 Hardv , W illiani, 233, 138 Hare, Nancy Jane, 34, 107, 174 ■ Hsrtnan, Timi, 223 Harman, Mis. 100 INDEX llarrah, CharloUe, 34 Harrah, David, 233 Hargreaves, Kenneth. 157. 237 Harriage. Raid. 34 Harrington. Constance. 185 Harris. Bernice. 185 Harris. Betty. 116 Harris. Henry, 219 Harris, Kristin, 166. 188 Harris. Leif. 238 Harrison. Agnes, 34, 199 Harrison, Dolly May. 193 Harrison. Earl. 100 Harrison, Frances, 194 Harrison, Joe, 100 Harrison, Martha, 199 Harshman, Marvel, 134 Hart, Dick, 98. 1.35. 237 Hart. Mary Helen. 196 Hartman. Charles, 98, 119, 126, 225 Hartson, Mary Frances. 34, 106, 152, 159 Hartsuck, Ruth Ann, 189 Hartwell, Sue, 193 Haney, Clarion. 212 Harvey, Doris, 246 Harvey, Lucian, 146 Harvey, Nancy, 113 Harvey, William, 209 Hatch, Mertin, 128, 223 Haiiptmann, Mera, 112, 190 Hauschildt, James, 34, 227 Haussler, Eileen, 249 Hawel, Leo, 233 Hawkins, Shirley, 199 Hawks. Frank. 220 Hawley. Catharine. 202 Haworth. Charles. 34. 160. 162. 237 Hay. Marion. 208 Hayden. Helen. 34. 88. 106. 111. 152. 1.59. 169. 244. 250 Havnes. Mary Louise. 201 Hays. Janet. 246 Havward. liordon. 209 Havward. Herbert. 209 Havward. Leah. 106. 185 Hazen, Bettv, 197 Heeter, Sylvia, 34, 247 Hedbring, Dlle, 34, 162, 171, 232 Heiberg. Ruth, 188 Helberg, Bruce. 26. 34. 80. 81. 201. 179. 238 Helgerson. Mildred. 248 Helmle. Hans. 34. 175. 209 Helmlinge. Betty. 34 Helseth. Elizabeth. 34 Hammen. Ceorge. 176. 177 Hemphill, Dorothy, 34. 66. 106. 1.52, 1.59. 197 Hemphill. Wylie, 212 Hemrich, Doris, 106, 185 Henderson, Chester, 100 Henderson. William. 100 Henning, Riibert, 138 Herald, David, 34. 238 Herbert. Tom. 85. 88. 91 Hergert. Pat. 197 Hergert. Ruth. 201 Herman. Regina. 201 Hertzen. Jack. 218 Hervey. Robert. 237 Hess, Marjorie, 111, 186 Hess, Sam. 34, 16,5. 175. 229 Heston, Neal, 216 Hewes, Geneva, 194 Hewitt, Barbara. 190 Hewitt. Ted. 134 Hewson. Wilbur, 140, 141, 144. 222 Hibbard, Verna May, 189 Hickman, ' iv ian. Ill, 246 Higgins, Lvle. 34. 237 High. Jack. 213 High School Leaders Conference. 90 Ilighlill. Juanita. 246 Higman. Robert. 147 Hilditch. Philip. 223 Hildman. Alfred. 34 Hildman. Carl, 34, 163 Hilen, Andrew. 206. 219 Hilen. Marv Jane. 9-4, 106, 111, " 116, 197 HiU, Craig, 135, 229 Hill, Dorothy, 185 Hill, Helen, 191 Hill, Helen Louise, 197 Hill, James. 34. 139. 223 Hill. John. 34. 229. 239 Hills. Thaver. 113 llillman. Don. 51. 157. 234 lldlman. William. 234 llillman. Van. 234 Ilill.Kk. Ruth. 190 IlilKer. Ed. 34. 80. 81. 91. 179. 237 Hillver. VirgiL 135 Hinkle. Audrey. 201 Hippie, Bill, 234 Hirata, Mitsuko, 34 Hisayasu, .Saburo, 102 Hitchman, Priscilla, 34, 190 Hilc. Jim, 157 Hoard, Margaret. 35 Hobbs. Warren. 228 Hochfeld. Charlotte. 187 Hochfeld. Claire. 187 Hodge. Beatrice. 194 Hoefller. Marie. 202 Hoeinan. Milton. 239 HolT. Bud. 35 Hod. Cornell. 224 Hoff. Miles. 220 Hogan. George. 121 Hoge. Isabelle. 185 Hogwood. Sergeant. 112 Hogue. Philip. 35. 237 Hohl. Dora. .3.5. 112 H fisington. Don. 87. 155. 210 Hokenstad. Rhoda. 112. 248 Holden. Donald. 35. 89. 241 " Holiday. " 96 Ib.llancl. (;eiie. 232 Holland, John, 232 Holland, Roy. 147 Hollenbeck. jack. 80. 83 Hollenbeck. Leslie. 35, 128, 155. 232 Hollingworth. Ladd. 35 Holloway. Betty. 252 Hohnan. Harriet. 156, 184, 193 Holmes. Jim. 212 Holsinger. May. 83. I()4. 230 Holt. Virginia. 35. 193 Homecoming. 92 Honningfort. Eleanor. 35. 173 Hood. Douglas, 216 Hi od, Marion, 198 Hood, Marjorie, 201 Hooper, Alice, 199 Hoover, Marv, 197 Hoover, Kav, 196 Hopkins, Becky. 192 Hopkins. Harriet. 196 Hornbeck. Ray. 236 Home. Clarke. 232 Horowitz, Harry. 35 Horrocks. Barbara. 201 Horrocks, Harry, 222 Horr.Mks, Peggv, 196 Horswill. Erie, 218 Hosklns, Franz. 146 H»»skins, Lois, 113 Hoskins, Virginia, 156, 185 llo okawa. William. 81 llol.hkiss. Helen, 191 llotson. Hugh. 224 Hounsell. John. 35. 911. 233 Houston. Bill. 51. 118. 121, 147, 230 Hfuiston, Bob, 35 Howard, Chuck, 35, 68, 92, 120. 230 Howard. John. 222 Howe. Gerry. 192 Howe, Jeanne, 35, 167 llowland, Beatrice, 35 lloios, Nina Kay, 190 Huber, Pal, 185 lludler, Janet, 197 Huemmer, Philip, 35, 214 Hucv, Stan, 157, 230 llulf. Bovd. 208 Hughes. Dorothy. 193 Hughes. Einmcll. 220 Hughes. Phillip. 219 Hulb.Ti. lb.ri. 222 llidbu-li. Jov.c. 11.7. I ' ll Hull. Adele. 185 Hull. (;ordon. 135. 222 Hull. Harvie. 201 Hull. Tyler. 222 Hiimber. Bruce. 122. 112. 144. 165 Humbird. Ralph. 219 Hume. D.m. 128 Hume. Mary. 201 Hummer. Jeanne. 244, 247 Hunt. Alice. 35. 103. 193 Hunt. Ed. 3.5. 212 Hunt, George. 126. 144 • 262 Wt TYEE AMONG THE FINER THINGS OF LIFE Teeminj; with scliool sjiiril ami tradition . . . pictures so perfect tliev seem alive ... set in unusual artistic arrangements of borders, type and theme. Old friends, good times, a library of memories in fine book form . . . that is what Western offers every yearbook staff . . . perfect engravings of course . . . and what is e en more important . . . the extremely helpful advice and suggestions of college people who have published annuals themselves. who know in advance what the very newest ideas and designs will be. Why not have this wonderful service for your annual each year. Many school leaders on Western engravings . . . available for over thirty years. eHetl4. ENGRAVING COLORTYPE CO. HALLER C. CAMPBKLL. Presidenl FRKIJ S.WIMA.N.lI.of W. ' 21.Vice-Pre«iJeiil 1-L SEATTLE ENGRAVING CO. " UTIie complete pnxluction of the 1936 Tyee was planned and directed hv Fred S. W iman witli the co- operation of the Tver staff. Mr. Harry Bonath, the Western Printing Company, W ards Bindery, the Karwest Litliograph Printing Co. and the Western Engraving Colortype Company craftsmen. 80 of our employees are stockholders in the University Publishing Company. These stockholders obviously liav e a personal interest in satisfying every customer and keeping every account on our books alive. Your printing needs receive especial care in our shoj). UNIVERSITY PUBLISHING COMPANY 4133 UNIVERSITY W t S K ir 1, K C. H. BEBB, F.A. LA. AND C.F.GOULD, F.A. LA. JOHN PAUL JONES ARCHITECTS 715 HOGE BUILDING GENERAL CAMPUS PLAN HOME ECONOMICS BUILDING EDUCATION HALL PHILOSOPHY HALL HENRY SUZZALLO LIBRARY HENRY ART GALLERY ANDERSON HALL MEN ' S ATHLETIC PAVILION WOMEN ' S PHYSICAL EDUCATION BUILDING SUPERVISING ARCHITECTS INFIRMARY BUILDING WOMEN ' S DORMITORIES CHEMISTRY BUILDING AERODYNAMICS BUILDING 263 • FRATERNITY JE F, LRY Pacific Emblem and Manufacturing Co. CLASS RINGS, PINS AND AWARDS 407 Collins Building Second and James Streets Main 3541 CRESCENT BAKING POWDER Ttvo-Unit Leavener Yoi ' NG MODERNS and experienced matrons prefer " Crescent ' " because doughs and bat- ters may be mixed any time to bake at once or hours later. One unit awaits oven heat — a fine raise is certain. At our Grocer ' s Crescent Manufacturing Co. Makers of Mapleine, Fine Spices, Extracts, Crescent Coffee, Teas It pays to wear TAILORED SUITS Wear longer — look better — more comfortable — stay pressed longer — more economical. Fine Imported and Domestic Fabrics Hand Tailored Suits ALEX MAINE TAILOR 1335 Third Ave. ELiot 5763 Hunt, Marv. 52, 193 Hunter. Charles. 100 Hunter. John. ;tr . 1 tl. lU. 241 Hiinler, Kathleen. ItS, 24.S Huntley. Forrest, 93 Huntoon, Marfiaret, 19i Huot. Eleanor, 166, 247 Huret, Carroll. 218 Hurst, Fred, 223 HuBBey, William. 208 Huston. Marv. 35 Hutchins. Kay. 35, 201) Hutchinson. Ann, 35. 56. 87. 106, 111, 152, 159, 173. 196 Hutchinson. Kenneth. 99 Hutchinson. Mary. 245 Hutchinson, Nellie L iu, 192 Hutlon. (Jcorpe. 100 Hvde. Lanpford- 215 Ihrig. Herbert. 35. 232 Her. Betty May, 52, 186 Iniboden. Lincoln. 100 Impelt. Grant. 217 In Memoriani. 8 Ingalls. Louise. Ill Ingman. (rordon. 211 Ingman. % inston. 102 Ingrahani, Woodrow. 35. 120 Inpstad. Mary Alice. 192 Interfraternitv Council, 206 Intramurals. 148-9 Iota Sigma Pi, 172 Irwin. Muriel. 195 Irwin. Wallace, 35, 181. 236 Isaacson, Bob. 35. 214 Iverfion, Edwin. 35. 207 Iwanaga. oshio. 35 Jaadan. Ruth. 248 Jackson. Palsv, 53, 79, 194 Jacks.m. Hubert. 2 HI Jarksc.n. R .berl. 207 Jackson, Ko . 100 Jackson. Vernon. 35. 100, 177 Jacobi. Lee,35,78. 131-4. 233 Jacobsen. Betty. 190 Jacobson. Lawrence. 231 Jacobson, Ralph. 129 James. Bicker. 232 James, Roger, 237 Jameson, Denver, 35, 234 Jameson. Mary Alice. 192 Jamison. Caroline, 35 Janes, Marc. 229 Jangard. Carl. 100 Janson. Ruth. 35. 244. 250 Japanese Siudenls Club. 254 Jarvimaki. Ella, 35 Jarvis. Paul, 230 Jaynes. William, 223 J«fi " erson, Frank, 35, 206. 212 Jeklin, Katherine, 196 Jemison, Bud, 53 Jemison, Thomas, 223 Jenkins, Ralph, 229 Jenks, Beatrice, 186 Jennings, Harry. 235 Jennings, John, 233 Jensen. Emil. 35 Jensen, Mildred, 248 Jeneen, Ruth, 248 Jewett. Dorothy, 195 Jobe, Leonard, 234 Jobes. Esther, 190 Johnsen, Oluf, 36 Johnson, Andrew, 100, 207 Johnson, Bertel, 35 Johnson, Brooks, 209 Johnson, Dean Charles. 20 Johnson, Charles, 234 Johnson, Charles, 35. 206, 221 Johnson, Constance, 99 Johnson. Dick, 134, 144, 212 Johnson. Dorothv, 201 Johnson. Ed, 224 Johns.m. Elsie, 180 Johnson, Grace, 250 Johnson, James, 230 Johnson, Jean, 35, 185 Johnson, Leon, 36 Johnson, Leonard, 36, 79. 89, 164, 237 Johnson, Lvnn, 80, 166. 190 Johnson, Mae, 190 Johnson. Marjorie, 202 INDEX Johnson, Marjorie, 99, 203 JohiiKoti, Marv Jane. 194 Ji.hiiBoii, Millieenl. 180. 251 JohiiMMi. Norinaii. 218 JohnHon. Pal. 110 JohnHOii. Roherl. 238 Johiigoii. Ruth. 89. 111. 112. 190 JnhiiMOn. Venetta. 167 J,)hii«on. William. 212 JohiiHlon. Kilward. 238 JcihiiHtfin. Janiee. 134 JnlwiHion. WilUaiii, 214 JnhnHtone. John. .36 JohnHtone. Jack. 99 Johnstone. Marv. 186 Jones, Aliee. 172. 251 Jones. Barbara. 10.3 Jones. BraJlev. 102. 230 Jones. Bruce. 135. 229 J.Hiea. Curliss. 134. 230 J »nes. Emlyri. 36 Jones. Fred. 217 Jones. Glenn. 8,3 Jones. Howard, 134 Jones, John Paul, 234 Jones. Lois. 194 J« nes. Lorna Mae. 196 Jones. Mary Ann, 202 Jones, Rav, 213 Jones, Wiiliam, 219 Jordan, Genevieve, 195 Joryensen, Wesley, 239 " Journey ' s End, " 95 Jnbitz, Guy, 26, .36, 212 Judy, Max, 224 Juudel. Conslanline, 134 Junior Officers, 51 Junior Prom, 119 Kahlke. Anne, 36, 191 Kahn, Richard, 231 Kail, Seymour, 36, 83, 90,218 Kalnshe, Jacqueline. 110. 190 Kanih. Bovnton. 36. 218 Kane. Catherine. 199 Kanno. Kinji. 36 Kappa of Phraleres. 250 Kastner. Hazel. 23. 180 Kastuer. W alter. 137. 138 Kave. Bill. 216 Kaye. Mary. 190 Kazana. Donald. 36 Kearnes. James. 210 Kearns. Katherine. 202 Keatin}. ' . Douglas. 214 Keating. R«»bert. 165, 233 Kecfhaver, Ruth, 167 Keene. Jack, 26, 36. 78, 81, 83, 227 Kehn, Malvyn. 231 Kellfuberger, George, I (HI Kellenberger, Louise, 36, 171 Keller, Clinton, 177 Kellev, Ned, 216 Kellev, Richard, 36, 165. 222 Kellev, Thomas, 223 Kellogg, David, 36, 223 Kellogg, Katherine, 36, 190 Kellogg, Mary, 194 Kellogg, Virginia, 88, 107, HI, 119, 120, 1.56, 196 Kelly, Al, 206, 232 Kell y, Catherine, 188 Kelly, Rich, 209 Kelly, William, 209 Kelly, William, 218 Kempinsky, Harold, 209 Kendrick, Philip, 36 Kennedy, Betty, 36, 191 Kennedy, Carl, 209 Kennedy, Eleanor, 36, 173 Kennedy, Jane, 186 Kennedy, Lily, 199 Kennedy, Margaret, 36, 107 Kent, Marion, 199 Kenton, Frank, 36 Kenyon, Howard, 224 Kenvon, Margaret Jane, 202 Kerlee, Dorothv, 203 Kerr, Bill, 225 Kerr, Elisabeth. 245 Kerr, Ellen. 191 Kerr, Jerry, 216 Kerrihard, Maurine, 188 Keeling, Virginia, 52, 190 Kessler, Henry, 80, 81 Ketchaul, Virginia, 202 Kettenring. John. 36, 212 Kettenring, Marjorie, 185 Keuss, Frank, 36 Kevin. Tom. 220 Keys. KalbrMi. 217 Kcvser. Robert. 100. 209 Kiichli. Wilford. 83 Kilgore. Carl. 86 Kilgore. Robert. 223 Kilgour. Marjorie. 188 Kiltien, Kenneth. 144 Killien. William. 208 Kimball. Austin. 100 Kime. Jack. 230 Kindred. Bnrdette. 134 King. John. 26. 36. 155. 165. 216 King. Lois Jean. 99. 193 King. Marjorie. 191 King. William. 36 Kingsbury. Nat. 216 Kinsman. Thomas. 214 Kintner. Nancy. 192 Kintner. William. 222 Kippo. Chester. 100 Kipperherg. Aurora. 113 Kirbv. Virginia. 185 Kirch. Joseph. 100 Kirchhof. Conrad. 207 Kirk. Madeleine. 36. 199 Kirkland. Leah. 202 Kirkman. (rilniore. 224 Kirschner. Bill. 129. 222 Kiskaddon. Lawrence. 231 Klegman. Milton. 206, 231 Klein, J, hn, 206, 215 Klein. Julia. 172. 247 Klein. Matthew. 224 Klingbeil. Max. 100 Klinge. Richard. 134 Klinker. Mary Lou. 196 Klinker. Phyllis. 63. 118. 119. 196 ■ Knapp. Charles. 232 Knappenberger. j€ hn. 36. 64. 87. 90. 214 Knappenberger. Robert. 52. 139. 178. 214 Kneislev. Virginia. 185 Knightlinger. Ted. 83 Knisley. Dan. 239 Knowles. (Jrace. 36. 154. 188 Kmiwles. John. 222 Knutsen. Arthur. 36. 225 Knutzen. Victor. 36. 170 Koch. Carl. 240 Kohls. Bernard. 141. 144. 223 Koitabashi. Russell, 36 Knke, Susan, 189 Kolasa, Marv, 36 Koon. Mack, 123, 237 Koozin. Victor, 146 Kopet, John, 138, 212 Kosher, Mary, 26, 36, 68, 78, 80. 81. 83, 119, 154, 181 Kossen, Syd, 80 Kossis, Norman, 240 Kouteckv. Marie. 113 Krabbe. Esther. 195 Kramer, . ud e . 250 Kraus. Walter. 100. 221 Krenz, Alice. 167. 202 Krenz. Edward. 100 Kreskv. Howard. 208 Krora, Max. 36. 93 Kruger. Leo. 102 Kubley. Gertrude, 186 Kuljis, Doni, 235 Kuinmer, Dick, 232 Kunde, Richard, 36 Kunz. Isabel. 36. 188 Kiieak. Lillian. 36 Kushner. (ieorge. 36. 181 Kuvkendall. Donald. 224 LaBeau. Arthur. 36 Lachuian. June. 36. 187 Lachman. Morton. 83 Laidlaw. R.ibert. 239 Lackorn. Elizabeth. 192 Ladds, Nan. 193 Lakti. Esther. 99 Lambda Rho. 173 Lamberth. Julia. 202 Lamiinan, Margaret. Ill Lamken, Floyd, 231 Lamont, James, 225 LaMotte, Evelyn, 103, 188 LaMotte, t)wen, 37 Lamping, Conrad, 232 Lamping, (iertrude, 196 Lamping, Jayn e, 201 Lampson, Byron. 226 Lameon, LaFell. 53. 223 Lamson, Robert. 223. 147 Lamng, Florentine, 99, 253 Landes, Dean Henrv, 19 Lane, Zcph, 53, 232 264 ociete RED STRIPE Bars BITTERSWEET IMPERIAL CANDY COMPANY, Seattle Symbol Service and Safety A Bafik for University Students and University Activities UNIVERSITY BRANCH National Bank Commerce East 45th and University Way MEMBER FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION 265 • etropolitan Center 125 Specialty Shops Theatres — Travel OJJices Smart Apparel Shops Everything for the Student Metropolitan Building Company Fourth and Fifth Avenues Union to Seneca Streets SEATTLE MAIN 6395 320 SPRING STREET Ward ' s Bindery COIL WIRE BUNDING EDITION AND CATALOG BINDING COLLEGE AND HIGH SCHOOL ANNUALS J. C. WARD SEATTLE THE SCIENTIFIC SUPPLIES COMPANY PHONE ELIOT 1134 123-125 JACKSON STREET, SEATTLE Laboratory Supplies and Chemicals LaiiKilon. Kay. I )(i Lan e. Esworlliy. 207 Lancenwalter. Allan. 17 LaPlant. Ali.e f;ii!;al.elh .37. ISl. 19(1 LaKcohe. Mari-ia. 167. 1H( Larsen. Riilh Marv. I ' ll Lar»en. Wlllar.l. 220 LarNon. Carcil. .52. ' L 99. 188 LarHitn. Conslance. . ' 17 Larson. Don. 222 Larson. (ieorpc. 88 Larson. John. .17 Lar« 1. Janifs. .17. 2.18 Lash. Barbara. 218 Lalhani. Jack. 22.1 Lathrop, Helen. 37. 199 Laiihenheim. Bettv. 188 Laucks. Erwin. 212 Laucks. Helen. 19( Laiier. Dean Edwarii. 19 Laursen. Wallace. 22ti Lavelle. Don. S7. 21.! Lawrence. Lucy, ' M Lawrence. Mae. 203 Lawrence. Major J. H.. 112 Lawrence. Richaril. 208 Lawrence. N ' ir ' inia. 193 La lon. . nne. 199 Lazarevich. Dan. 37. .S8. 98. 130. 13L 133. 134. 144. 15S. 22.5 Lea. John. 37. 216 Leatlen. Warren. 37 Leahy . Bill. 220 Leavilt. Marion. I8.S Leas. Aileen. 99 Lechner. Charles. 37 LeCocq. Margaret. 196 Lee. Wilson. 207 Leede. Dorothy. 37. 90. 184. 193 Leiendecker. (iilhert. 37. 140 Leipper. Alex. 37 Lenaii. James. 134 Levine. Ben. 37 Lennox. Bill. 234 Lent. Bruce. 210 Lent. Robert, 232 LeuenberKer. Arnold. 229 Leslie. Francis, 232 Levy. Leon. 37. 240 Lewis and Clark. 248 Lewis, Delbert, 37 Lewis, Elmo, 210 Lewis, Harriette, 37, 194 Lewis, John. 207, 224 Lewis, Leonard, 210 Lewis, Phoebe, 192 Lewis, Robert, 134 Liby, Bette. 194 Liddle. Louise, 37 Lichtfoot, Charles. 230 Lillev. Cynthia, 198 Lilly. Charles, 229 Lilygren, Katharyn, 193 Lindal. Royal. 37 Lindsay. Don, 233 Lindstrom, Al. 213 Lindstrom, . rnold, 213 Lippitt, Emalie, 187 Lisco, Lenelle, 19.S Litsey. Jack. 147 Little. John. 223 Little, Gilbert. 221 LiveK. Martha. 188 Livesev. Charles. 208 Liyeslev. .Madeline. 192 Llovd. Tony. 23.S Loacker. Robert. 210 Lockhart. Harr , 138. 212 Loenler. Beth. 94 L »ew. Dean Edfiar Allen, 20 Loew, Henry, 128, 22.S Lofsren, Creta. 37. 2.51 Lofthus. James. 100 Lofs. Elmer. 130. 131. 132. 134 Liunen. Al. 222 Lonctot. Bernard. 135 Long Beach Race, 126 Longeloh. Jack, 232 Longniuir, Jim, 212 Longwell, Leslie, 37 Lonshery, Jean. 186 Lopez, Apolonio, 2.53 Lo[ ez, Carmen, 37, 200 Lounsbury, Emerson, 232 Loux, Evelyn, 198 Love. William. 81, 164 Lovejoy. Hazel. 185 Lovejov. Jean. 47 Loverich. Ed, 136, 138. 141. 144. 209 Loven. George. 217 Lowry, William, 37, 102. 234 INDEX .owther. Jane. 37. 190 ■ ucas. Bettv Mae, 190 .iicas, Philip. 99 judwig. Kniil. 108 ike. Henrv. 23. 37 ,ui. Ted. 134 ,nm. Eleanor. 37 ■ unil. (icorgc, 126. 144. 212 innl. Hans. 37. 219 ■ und. .lane. 167. 245 .uiul. Jean. 82 ,und. Robert. 37. 89. 208 .und. . ' Sidney. 37. 64. 127. 155. 160, 212 nnJen, Mac. 212 niilgrcn. Dori thv. 37. 186 .undiu. Alfred. 135 .unu. iMlgar. 213 linn. irginia. 52 Walt, 37. 143. 14S. 155. 221 Liirie, Melvin. 240 Lntey. Louise. 37. 189 Lyon. Burton. 102 Lyon. Virginia. 167 Lyons. Thomas, 37. 218 Lysons. Hilton. 37. 225 Lytle. Ganelle. 37 MacAdam. Vincent L.. 176 MacAulev. Patricia. 37, 199. 184 McArdle. Rodney. 207 McBratnev. Earl. 239 McBride. Jack. 234 McBride. Marguerite. 202 McBride. Molly. 113. 192 McBurney, John. 237 McCabe. Ann. 192 McCalTrav. Jane. 196 McCalTrav, Ted, 134, 225 McCaffrey, Beriiita, 38, 78, 1.52, 154. 166. 247 McCall. Muriel. 52. 186 McCallum. Janet, 194 McCandless, Carl, 38, 178 McCarthy. John, 229 McCarty, Cecil, 100 McCash, Dorothy, 194 McCbesncv. Don, 233 Mc(:la»k.■ . mil. 38 McClimt. Itirnadine. 38, 19 i McClinlon, Lillian. 251 McClov, Warren. 81 McClure. Horace, 91, 146 McClurv, Bettv. 194 McColluni. Russell. 209 McConagh, Jean, 99 McConkey, Cecil, 38 McCormac, Frances, 249 McCorniack, Harry, 227 McCormack. Marion, 38, 191 McCoy, Keith, 102. 238 McCrackin. Joe. 232 McClune. Jack, 222 McCurdv. Jean. 38. 87. 107. 111. 112. 154 IVIcCulcheon, Anne. 38. 172 McCutcheon. Ella, 38. 198 McDermott. Frank. 208 McDonahl. Jean. 79 McDonald. Mary Jane. 188 McDonald. Robert. 38, 219 McDonald, K. bertW.. 38 233 McDonald, Ruth, 188 McDonald, William, 210 McDowell, Edward, 100 McElrov, Mary Ellen, 80. 82. 166, 167 McElnn. Ned. 228 McEwen. Marv. 38. 186 McFarland, Ruth, 38, 192 MctJee, Jane. 185 McGhee, Wallace, 234 McChic, Sam, 222 McCill. Ccorpc. 237 Mc(:illi.u.l.h.l)aniel.38 Mc(;oui;h, Beatrice. 38 Mac(;regor. Phyllis, 192 Mcllardie, Barbara, 53, 188 M. Hugh. Frank. 232 Millugh. Patrick, 38, 221 Mcllr. Doris, 78, 80. 107. 119, 185 Maclnnes, Ken, 232 Mcintosh, Richard, 212 Mckav. Bruce. 237 McKai. Ccorge. 38 McKccban. John. 241 McKellar. Claude. 38 McKeimev. Robert, 135, 23(1 MacKenzie, Jack, I ' M MacKenzie, Kenneth. 216 McKMIiam. Virginia. 38 McKinlev. Claribel. 192 MacKinnon. Robert. 100 .McKinstrv. Robert. 136. 138. 144 McKnight. Paul. 38. 2.39 McLaren. Lucile. 191 McLaren. Sandy, 147 McLaughlin. Beigh. 235 McLean. Donald. 237 McLean. JoHe[(h. 214 McLeish, Ann. 201 MacLeod. Jean. 80 McLeod. Nancy. 39. 193 MacLeran. Katherine, 251 McMahon, Jack. 222 Mc-Mahon. Leonard. 221 M lahon, Margaret. 39 McMahon, Tony. 87. 153 McMichael. Paul. 232 McMillin, James. 127. 144 McNab. Duncan. 161 McNamee, Miriam, 39 McNeill, Harold. 207 McPhail. Mary. 194 McPherren. Roland. 208 MePherson. Richard. 236 McWillianis, Jean, 38, 190 Macbride, Phillip. 18 Mack. George. 229 Mackenzie. Donald. 147 Mackid. John. 230 Mackie. Jeannette. 167 Madden. Kathrvn. 110, 169 Madill. James. 37. 208 Madill. Marjorie. 194 Magee. John. 102 Maginnis. David. 147, 233 Magnano. Marco, 37 Magnusson. Philip. 23. 100, 213 Magowan, William, 232 Maher. Frank, 219 Mahncke, .Antoinette, 113 Maine, Hope, 188 Malamutes, 157 Maliaman, Dalniacio. 253 Malone. James. 134. 233 Malone. Raphael, 38, 121, 118 Manchester. Warren, 38, 241 Manke, Helen, 38, 195 Mankev. Eleanor. 158. 185 Mangrum. Louise. 195 Mannes, Connie. 237 Manion. Marge. 38. 188 Manslield. Robert S.. 81 Mansperger. Katherine. 251 Manthe, Marjorie, 38, 190 Manzer. Dian. 38. 184. 189 Marano. Avron. 157.240 Margrath. Marv Jane. 82 Marietta, Alvin. 207 Marilley. Kav. 192 Marion. Celia. 196. 38 Mark. Eldon. 215. 135 Markov. Ted. 38. 133. 134. 1.5,5 Markov. Victor. 133. 134. 144. 146 Marlowe. Paul. 134 Marolich, Frank. 144 Marniont, Paul. 83 Marr, Charles. 38. 238 Marshall. Gertrude. 188 Marshall. John. 138. 212 Marshall. kn. x, 146.227 Martin. Charles. 232 Martin. Harry. 234 Martin. Lenora. 95 Martin, Loi.s. 193 Martin, Margaret, 38 Martin, Marie. 202 Martin. Maxine, 38, 184, 202 Martin. Robert. 38. 233 Martin. Robert. 38. 223 Martin. Ursula. 38 Martinez. Fernando. 38 Martitio. Nino, 109 • 266 A distinguished store, dedicated to the assumption of style leadership in apparel for business men and students . . . Featuring all that is new and correct . . . Clothing by Hickey-Freeman . . . Hats by Dunlap . . . Shoes by Johnston and Murphy . . . and a notable assemblage of quality Haberdashery and Sports Apparel from makers of established reputation. SENTLEMEN ' S APPAR.EL Tiro Stores 417 Union St. Olympic Hotel North Pacific College of Oregon Schools of Dentistry and Pharmacy DENTISTRY: PHARMACY: DENTAL and MEDICAL ASSISTANTS and HYGIENISTS: A f »ur-year course of instriation leading to tlie degree of Doctor of Dental Medicine (D. M. D.) is offered students who present not less than one year of liberal arts credits including not less than one year in each of the following subjects: General Chemistry. Biology. English and one-half year in Organic Chemistry. The regular pre-niedical course is recommended. Beginning 1937. requirements for admission will he adyanced to two years of liberal arts credit. The course of training is four years. lea ling to the degree of Bachelor of Science (B. S.) in Pharmacy. Students who present liberal arts credits in Chemistry. Physics. Biology and Knglish may receiye adyanced standing. The training covers one and two year courses. Annual Sessions begin September 28th. For catalog of information address The Registrar N. E. 6th Arenite at Oregon Portland, Oregon 267 • WEST COAST WOOD PRESERVING CO. DOUGI-AS FIR Creosoted IN AI.I, COMMERCIAI, FORMS Office: 1118 Fourth Aven.n- at Seneca Plants: Seattle Eagle Harbor PHONE ELIOT 2311 Pacific Hoist Derrick Company Designers, M iniijar liiri ' rs and Dealers MACHINERY SALES AND SERVICE MACHINERY MART 3201) Block, Fourth Avenue South, Seattle X EGYPTIAN THEATRE UNIVERSITY WAY NEAR 45TH MELROSE 7600 NEPTUNE THEATRE 45TH AND BROOKLYN MELROSE 4385 Iitrt . Marion. 221 Marvin. Carmelita. 12(1 Marvin. Marv. .18 Marvin, Tedd. 227 Mason. Bell. 222 Mason. Maxine. 1 l. ' i MasBon, Robert. 222 MaHiida. Minora. 38 Matheson. Robert. .■18. 219. 222 .Matlock. Robert. 22S Matrix Table. 122 Matronir. Carl. ' i .Mattas. Frank. 134. 144 Matthew. Henrv. 220 Matzger. Neil, 233 Maule. Helen. 248 Maule. Mildred, 248 Maury. Emma. 190 Mau.s. Bettv Lou. 24S Mavor. Doiiglas. 38. 147. 163, 236 May, Carolyn, 248 May. Peggy. 192 Mayberry, Robert, 9.5 Mavdahl, Berpete. HI Mayo, Robert. 100 Maxwell., 201 Meachani, Bettv , 110. 113. 180 Mead. Jean. 192 Meade. Claire. 246 Meagher. Kathrvn. 202 Means, . rthur, 146, 233 Meanv, Robert, 22,S Medica, Jack, 144, 155, 222 Meggee, Fay, 196 Meharry, Jack, 237 Mehlhorn, Harriet, 39, 169 Meigs, Robert, 39, 241 Meiklejohn, Donald, 241 Melder, Frank, 39, 237 Mellinger, Evalvn, 39 Melton, Helen, 180 .Melville, Earl, 225 Mendenhall, Howard. 100 Men ' s Glee CInb. 99 .Men ' s Varsity Debate. 102 " Merchant of ' enice. " 94 Meredith, Mary Jane, 188 Meresse, ,4deline, 185 Merklin, Ralph, 209 Merlino, Carl, 209 Merrick, Ivan, 39, 102, 209 Mesher, Frances, 246 Metzgar, Frank, 237 Metzger, Edward, 39, 87, 88, 218 Metzger, Richard, 135, 208 Mevdenbauer, Panl. 237 Me ' ver, .Arthur, 39, 118. 121 Mever, Dorolhv Jane, 79, 202 Meyer, Ed, 128, 237 Mever, Ernest, 237 Mever, Harold, 39 Meyer, John, 39, 235 Mever, Maurice, 240 Meyer, Willis, 100 Michelson, -Mildred, 167. 245 Middleton. Putnam. 225 Middleton. H alter, 99 Miguel, . lejancro, 253 Miles, Dorothy, 203 Miles, Janet, 191 " Milky Way, " 96 Millice, Margaret, 248 Milligan, Margaret, 196 Milligan, Virginia, 19ti Miller, Agnes, 39 Miller, Bruce, 210 Miller, Claudia, 82 Miller, David, 100 Miller, Howard, 231 Miller, Irving, 100 Miller, Jesse, 142. 14t. 145, 210 Miller, Leo, 100 Miller, Margaret . iut, 176 Miller, Merle, 224 Miller, Roberta, 39 Miller, Rvnd, 222 Miller, Winlock, 18 Mills, Dorothy, 39, 166, 185 Mills, James, 241 Mills, Samuel, 241 Milne. VI illiam. 222 Minibu. William, 39, 254 Minor Sports, 146, 147 Mitchell, Jack, 223 Miyamoto, Frank, 39 Mize, Edward, 39 INDEX Mizer, Jean, 248 -Macartney, Tom, 38, 222 Moch, Robert, 39, 127, 144, 155, 170, 223 Moch, -Marjory, 194 Moe, Fred, 232 Moen, Chester, 210 Moeii, Gilmore, 209 Moen, Gus, 206, 210 Moen, Reuben, .39 MolTat, Robert. 83. 213 M..II. Mira. 119. 185 Mondala. -Mitchell, 39, 134, 144 Monroe, Sterling, 230 Montgomery, John, 223 -Montgomery, Richard, 212 -Montgomery, Robert, 18 .Montgomery, William. 89 Moodie. Donnabelle. 195 Moody. Betty. 192 Moody. Gordon. 39. 213 Moore. Duncan. 241 Moore. Ed. 39. 164 Moore. Joe. 39. 179. 209 Moore. Paul. 39 Moore. Polly. 246 Moore- Robert, 100 Moorhouse, Dorothy, 195 Morbeck, W alter, 39, 230 Morford. Carolvn.39. 192 Morgan. Art. 212 Morgan. Joseph. 218 Morgan. Marvin. 214 Morgan. Marv. 202 Morgan. Murray. 81, 210 Morgenson, Ruth, 200 Mori, Takae, 39, 254 Morimizu. Tashi. 254 Morrill, Fanny Margaret, 199 Morrill, Jean. 196 Morris. Frank. 233 Morris. Jean. 82 Morris. John. 214 Morris. Lnella. 191 M.irris. Roger. 126. 144 Morris. William, 96, 100. 219 MorrisiHi. Harriet. 193 Morrison. Jean. 196 Morrison. June, 196 -Morry, George, 126, 144, 241 Morse, Edward, 224 Morse, Russell, 213 Mortar Board, 152 Morlland, Gayley, 223 Moselev, William J.. 168 Moser. Richard. 241 Mosiman, Roscoe. 208 Moslev, Jack, 39 -Mount, Hubert, 229 Mountain, Questa, 251 wat, Gordon, 229 Mover, ' iukona, 203 Mucha. Charles, 39, 134, 135, 144. 153 Mueller. James. 129, 153 Muirhead, Douglas, .39. 215 Muller. Delwvn. .39, 51, .58, 121, 118, 234 -Mulrine, Daniel, 224 Mimger, Bettie, 192 Munson, Herbert, 229 Murdock, George, 134 Murphev, Jack, 230 Murphy, Donald, 39, 206, 235 -Murphy, Helen, 39 Murphy, Jane, 188 Murphy, Lawrence, 139, 102 Murphy, Mansfiehl, .39 Miirphv, Maxine, 199 Murphy, Paul, 39, 220 Murphv, Richard. 220 M urphy. William. 228 -Murray. Douglas. 39 Murray. Ed. 100, 226 Murrav, Robert, 128 Murraj, Marget, 245 Muszynska, La Vona, 97 Myers, Kathryn, 200 Myers, Mary Elise, 246 Myhre, . rnold, 39 ISakagawa, Rav , 134 iNakane, Philip, 102 Narodick, Daniel, 40, 231 Natale, Irving, 209 Natwick, Benjamin, 233 Neander. James, 134, 233 Neibauer, Rollin, 94, 95 Neighbor, Jean, 229 Neill, Joff, 212 Nellis, Neil, 99 Nelson, Anah, 40 Nelson, Carl, 100 Nclsim, Bill, 2.32 Nelson, Dorothy, 99 Nelson, Ed, 219 Nelson, Fred, 222 Nelson, Helene. 40 -Nelson, Jack. 225 Nelson, Laurine, 202 Nelson, Thomas, 210 Nelscm, Toy, 146 NesB, Elizabeth, 202 Neth, Charles. 236 Neumann. Evelvn. 187 Neville. Kathleen. 18( Newberrv. Marian. 82. 166, 246 Newciimb, Wendell, 40, 220 Newcomer. Jerold -Attn, 185 Newhruise, Dean, 22 Newlaruls, Lawrence, 138, 146, 214 Newman Club, 173 Newman Hall, 252 Newnam, Harold, 100 Newschwander, James, 233 Newth, Grace, 107, 196 Newtim. Charles, 134 -Newton, Charles, 40, 82, 89, 164. 229 Newton. Jack. 210 Nichols. Helen. 40. 152. 154. 194 Nichcdson. Jim. 40. 232 .Nicholson. Lee. 40. 78. 80. 81, 122, 152, 154, 181, 196 Nickerson, Mildred, 40, 192 Nicksim, James, 40. 216 Nicola. lola. 189 Nicola. Joe. 209 Nielsen. -Mice. 40 Noble. Marjorie. 180. 246 Nolling. Bernice. 40. 62. 88, 107, 111, 1.54, 190 Nomura, Richard, 40 Norbisralh, Hans, 217 Nord, Doris, 40 -Nord, Russell, 238 Nordell, Len, 145 Nordstrom, Clayton, 157, 239 Norelins, Lorraine, 246 Norman, Brooks, 241 Norman, Joseph. 40 Norman. Lawrence. 232 Norman. Marion. 202 Norris. Mary. 199 North. Vincent. 220 Northlield. Lillian. 189 Northrop. Jack. 212 Norton. Marion. 40 Norton. Stewart. 40 J J Norway. Bill. 222 Novak, Henry, 228 Novikov, Gloria, 40 Nowlin, Barbara, 40, 181 Nowogroski, Ed, 130,34, 233 Nu of Phrateres, 251 Nurses ' Club, 174 Nuzum, Betty, 95, 96 Oates, Jack, 220 Ober, Evelvn, 190 Oberdorfer. Gerta, 202 Oberdorfer, Max, 40, 232 O ' Brien, Mary Jo, 201 Odell, Jess, 224 (.Idell, Margaret, 119, 193 Odle, Lawrence, 99, 100 Odlin, Margaret, 40. 110, 154 Offer, Elkan, 240 Ogden. Alice, 156, 180 Ogden, Gertrude, 40 Obi, (Jeorge, 40 Okubo, Hirami, 40 Oldham, Eugene, 237 Olds, Robert, 237 tJ ' Leary, Mary Ann, 40, 196 Oleson, Catherine, 40 Oleson, Peggy Ann, 188 Olin. Dan, 208 Olivier, John, 51 Olsen, Muriel, 40 Olsen, Wallace, 216 Olson, Bruce, 128 Olson, Cecil, 40 (Jlson, Chester, 40, 236 Olson, Dorothy, 244, 250 Olson, Irene, 247 Ols.ui, Orville, 225 Olson. Phillip, 222 Olson, W av ne, 222 Olwell, Robert, 238 O ' -Mahony, Geraldine, 40, 184 Oman, Don, 83, 164 Omicron Nu, 174 • 268 When you want the finest chocolates for the finest girl . . . remember Societe Royal Ensemble. There is no finer box of chocolates . . . delightful variety and supreme quality. IMPERIAL CANDY COMPANY . Seattle c ociete Chocolate INDEX nstolt. Jacob. 230 irford. Gladys. Kl irr. Prof. F. W.. IIO O ' Shea. Kav. .i2. IW iBtennan. Kiiltv. 23 swalil. Charles. 40. 218 i8» in. Dick. 2.39 Iterstedt. Ruth. 10 ttuni. Eddie. 91 al Club. 155 »eii. Belly. 40. 201 wen. Robert. 235 Paddock. William. 147 Padelford, Dean Frederick, 20 Page. Beltv, 51, 192 Page, Walter, 230 Paige, . rnold, 134 Palmason, Ed, 91 Palmason, Victor, 40. 91. 143. 145, 147 Palmer, Harvard, 99 Panhellenic, 184 Pan Xenia. 175 Paquette. Robert. 40 Parker, . lbert. 225 Partilt, Alice, 40 Parker. Ival. 40 Parker. Lewis, 224 Parker. Margaret. 203 Parker, Polly Ann. 143 Parker. Wilham, 87, 118. 225 Parkhill, Lawrence, 231) Parks, Miriam, 111,244, 245 Parr, Florence. 40, 184. 201 Parrolt. fiordon. 128 Parrv, Anne, 199 Parry, Ivan, 129 Parsons, Marjorie. 199 Partlow, Kenneth, 233 Pascoe. Shirley. 192 Pasctia, . ndres, 253 Pasciial, Reniigio. 40 Patee. Josephine. 188 Paterson. Hunt. 137. IH Patten, Jane, 199 Patterson, Frank. 234 Patterson. Harris, 41, 237, 138 Patterson, Jack, 209 Patterson, Jean, 202 Patterson, Shirley. 41. 202. 154 Pattison. Larry, 236 Pauly, John, 41 Paulsen, Solveig. 99 Paulson. Chester. 41, 229 Paulson, Robert. 221 Paxton. Betty Jane. 1 17. 199 Pavne. Fred, 227 Pavne, Max, 41, 230 Payne, William. 229 Pearce, Chauncev, 41, 219 Pearce, Helen, 41 Pell, Kenneth, 41. 120 Pence. Oryille, 234 Penchos, Kenneth. 82. 99 Pendergrast. Frances, 41, 107. 159 Penn. Ruby. 41 Penthouse Theatre. 96 Peregrine. Nancy, 186 Perham. Eloise. 26, 41 Perry, Bud, 216 Perry, George. 41 Perry. Marcus. 157. 224 Perry. Prlscilla. 196 Perri, Robert. 41. 215 Perry, Tom, 145, 234 Petersen, (herald, 41 Peterson, Bill. 222 Peterson. Charles, 248 Peterson, Earl. 100 Peterson, Eldred, 41 Peterson, Howard. 88 Peterson, Jean. 41. 19.5 Peterson. Lorin. 81. 239 Peterson, Richard, 219 Peterson, Selina, 246 Petrlch. Allen, 41, 230 IViri, h. Martin, 230 I ' llutrini.her, Carl, 41 I ' li.LiM. James, 134. 135 l ' h.1,111. lar . 195 l ' li.l|... irtinia. 201 I ' ln Ali.lia Kho. 171. Phi Ucia Ka|M a. 158 Phi Delta Phi. 176 Phi Lambda I ' psilon. 177 Philbrick. Warren, 129, 223 Phillippi. Ross. 212 Phillips. Dorothy, 244. 250 Phillips. Elizabeth. 201 Phillips, John, 232 Phillips. Kav. 198. 201 Phillips. Wellington. 222 Phi Mu Alpha, 177 Phrateres Federation, 244 Physical Education Club, 175 Picht, Don, 230 Picht, Edvtbe, 203 Pierce. Dick, 120 Pierce, Dorothy. 41 Pierce, Frank. 222 Pierce, Leo, 237 Pierce, Richard, 41, 210 Pineo, Monro, 230 Pinkerton. Blanche. 167 Pinkhani, Robert, 138, 241 Piper, Dennis, 207 Placencia, Jorges, 253 Plaiin ndon, Norbert, 220 Planiondon, Paul, 41, 89, 138, 155 Plant, Betty, 201 Plumb, Frank, 143, 144, 153 Pocock. (iettrge. 126 Podas, .Marylu. 185 Podas. Nancy, 185 Poe, Helen. 196 Pohl. Herbert. 218 Pf hlman, Marion. 252 Pointiexter. Izetta. 189 Pollard. John. 41. 222 Pokin, LoRayne. 188 Ponti. Lena. 252 P xiser. Clyde. 227 Poplack. lielen, 41 IV»rtegucsc, Man, 41. 240 P »rteguese, Jean. 187 Porter, Jane. 51, 79, 194 Porter. Janet. 41 Pospisil, Josephine. 191 Possee. Maxine. 41, 202 Pottratz, Deimis, 102, 207 Pound. Herbert. 100 Powell. Emery. 41. 224 Power, Caroline. 41. 199 Power. John. 223 Powers. Charles, 214 Powers, Dave, 222 Powers. Marge. 41. 111. 113 Pratt. Bronwen, 156, 195 Pratt. Elizabeth, 200 Pratt, Robert, 229 Preisz, William, 210 Pre-Medic Club, 178 Preston. Donald, 218 Preston, Dr. H. H., 170 Preston. Ronald. 41. 215 Price. Kathryn. 41. 186 Priebe. Leona, 41, 152, 154, 244. 246 Priestley. CecUy, 192 Prideaux, Robert, 225 Pripp, Bud, 234 Pritchard, William, 119. 234 ProlT, Wayne, 217 Propstra, (ieorge. 41.214 Prowell, Janet, 99, 202 Pruzan, Harry, 142 Pugslev. Mary Jaiu-t. 188 PuUen, Winfield. 168 Puppetry, 97 Purcell. Penny. 216 Purdue. Robert. 229 Purple. Lorraine. 186 Purple Shield. 178 " Pursuit of Happiness, " 94 Putnam, Erina. 246 Putnam, George, 157, 219 t uaintoti. Prof. C. Eden. 6 l.hiiglo , Arthur. 208 t uigle . Josephine. II. 110. 152, 154. 197 Quimby. Bruce. 233 t.)uiat, Doris. 52. 186 (,)uist, Marjorie, 202 Kaab. Betty, 2UI) Radio, 91 Hadke. Paul. 134 Rafter. Betty Jane. 199 Kahskopf. Horace " ... 103 Kaichle. Alice. 188 Rains. David. 224 Kamsbt. Jane. 103 Kanistad. Marshall. 41 Randall. Robert, 235 Randies. James. 237 Randies. Kave. 167, 188 Ranev, Walter. 41. 127, 155, 206. 225 Kankin. Barbara. 193 Kankin. Jean, 193 Ransom. Jean Claire, 192 Rantala, Rachael, 42 Rantz, Joe, 126. 144 Raphae l. Francis. 41 Raquel. Alfredo, 253 Kasntussen, Harriet, 186 Rathbun, Beverly, 80 Rathvi n, -Margaret, 188 Rattray, Florence, 41, 175 Raught. liordon. 41. 21 t Raw son. Margaret. 197 Rat back. Mart. 41 RaMuond. Kliiuir. 198 Rainu.nd. Milton. 239 Ra inond. Ruth. 42 Read. Dale. 42. 179 Reading. Vi liitnu re. 232 Reanter, Jane. 42. 107. 154. 194 Reaugh. Dan. 42 Kc.ldek. p|.. Alma, 188 Reed. Alice. 190 Kecd. rthur. 42. 206. 237 Reed, Arvid, 207 Reed, Carroll. 42. 171. 172 Reel. Jack. 220 Reed. Maxine. 186 Reed. Richanl. 208 Ree l. Ted. 222 Heed. erna. 200 Rees. ie«»rge, 42 Reese, Robert, 138 Rehkopf. Bessie. 42. 245 Reid, Isobelle. 195 Reid. Micke . 117 Reid. Walter. 232 Reillv. Phil. 157. 230 Renting. Petronella. 188 Reseburg. Bud. 42. 229 Reynolds. Frank. 42. U Reynolds. John. 218 Rhynsbnrger. John. 218 Rice. Audre Lee. 201 Rice, (iaie. 230 Rice, Hans. 234 Rice. Herbert. 224 Rice, James. 82 Rice, Lvman. 212 Rich, Leonard, 140, 144, 209 Richards, Ethel, 42 Richards, Karl, 208 Richards, Manning, 157, 213 Richards, Mary, 194 Richards, Mary L. u, 202 Richards, Wilbur. 42.237 Richardson. Jo. 202 Richardson. John. 42 Rirbardscm. Julia. 202 Richardson. Ron. 2I . 42. 81. 227 Richmond. II. .ward. 12. 229 Rickerd. Charles. 42. 100. 225 RickerstHi, Harriet. 42. 196 Ricketts. Shirlev. 167 Rieke. Robert. 237 Rienicke. Charles. 241 Riggs. Janet. 42. 51, 58. 96. 107. 118. 122. 1,52. 159, 196 Rilev, Goldie, 200 Rile% , Irene, 42 Rine, Alice, 42, 202 Ringenberg, Merle, 232 Ringseth, Hazel, 82 Ringstad, ( eraldiiie, 188 Riiigstad. Jeanette. 188 Risener, Paul, 225 Ritchie. Howard, 42. 214 Ritchie, Lewis, 206. 214 269 • Fuel Oil Supplied to your tank as needed. We check and Fill for you. No worry about running out of oil,- and no extra cost for tfiis service. FINE QUALITY TEXACO Heating Oils for Fraternities and Sororities or for your home For Dependable Service Call GArfield 1214 Wendell Hemphill, Inc. 1900 W. Garfield Street CLINT W. LEE CO. ENGRAVERS : PRINTERS 708 Foiirlli trcniie Dance Programs Aniwiincements Personal Cards Diplomas As CLEAN AS A HOUND ' S TOOTH That ' s the way you feel when you let the Supply take care of your clothes ... we over- look nothing to give you that next-to-godliness sensation. Just phone SEneca 0711 SUPPLY LAUNDRY Hinhie. Kohen. «. 22 " . Itilter. Leonard. 22K Robl)in». Barbara. 117 Hobbina. Irvine. Ti. 2411 Ri.bbins. Kate. itK. 117 K.iberB, Jane. 42. 1 )7 K. l erg, Pat. 7 Kdlierson. Cbarlew. 134 H..bertB. Don, 42. 234 Ii,,l,erl8. Grace. 193 U..berls. Jack. 2 t Huberts. Mary. 42. 154. 1«4. 197 Robert) . Dean M ilnor. 20 Roberts, Thomas, 233 Robertson, Carol. 194 Robertson. Klliott, 42. 224 Uobertson, Helen. 167, 191 Robertson. Jean, 246 Robertson. Watson, 157. 237 Robeson, Faol, 108 Robinson. Barbara, 202 Robinson. Bettv. 185 Robinson. Clyde. 86. 153 Robinson. Hamlin. 208 Rrdiinson. James. 223 Robinson. John. 42, 206, 217 Robinson, John. 134. 223 Robinson. Margery. 190 Robinson. Virginia. 83. H7. 107. 156. 190 liobson. Daye. 222 Rockwell, John, 232 Rodal. Bob. 141 Roe. Klizabeth. 42, 199 Rogers, Beyerh , 200 Rogers, Dana, 225 Rogers, Horace, 219 Rogers, Phyllis, 42 R4.hrer, Mary Katherine, 188 Robrback, Frances, 42, 107. 154. 175 Rohrscheib, Walter, 133. 134. 142, 144, 145,210 Roletto, Martha, 42 Rolin. Honard. 42, 225 Rolle, Marguerite. 199 Roller, Julius A.. 170 Rood. Marie, 250 Root. Virginia Lee. 193 Rorabaugh, Robert, 224 Rosenberg. Henry, 137-9. 1.5.5, 165, 234 Rosenkrantz, Alex. 240 Rcisenkranz, Edna, 200 Rosenthal, Mvron, 240 Rosenthal, Ro% . 86 Ross, Helen. 198 Ross, Jack, 241 Ross. Jean. 156. 197 Ross. Richard, 230 Rossier, Charles, 42, 218 Rossier, Peggy, 188 Rothenhoefer, Beth, 99 R. lman, Allen, 231 Rowe, Maurice, 215 Rowland, Madeline, 191 Rove, Andrew. 42, 235 Rublin, Willard, 42, 83, 99, 218 Huge, Gwen. 196 Ruggles, Jean, 190 Ruiz, Julius. 253 Rulis. Ed, 130-4 Rumhavya. Fulgencio, 253 Rnnacres. Eileen. 246 Riuidstrom. Peggie. 185 INDEX RiiiuKdIs. Margaret. 42. (.4. 111. 154. 167 Runslad. Harold. 42. 225 Uiil.p. Werner. A.. 18 Kuuil. Helen. 190 Kvan. Donal.l. 222 R an. Edward P.. 18 Rvan. Jack. 100. 129. 214 Rvau. Jane. 203 Rvan, Jo. 193 Rvaii. Joe. 233 Rvan. Patricia. 203 Rvan. Paul. 235 Rvan. Rav. 222 R land. Betty Anne. 186 Sainsbnrv. Forrest. 42. 206. 239 Saito. Thelnia. 198 Saknda. Sumi. 42 Salkin, Geraldine. 103 " Salome, " 95 Satnples, Roger. 144 Sampson. Paul. 4.3. 237 Samnelson. Jack. 224 Sandahl. Vincent. 208 Sandall. Dick. 43 Sander. Bill. 143. Sanders. Florence. 203 Sanders, Lola, 43 Sanders, Lorraine. 43 Sanderson. Jean. 99 Sandoz. Hubert E.. 102 Sandstrom. (ieorge. 43 Sarlin. Reino. 43. 236 Sather, Charles, 43. 216 Saukko, Leo, 238 Saul, Ruth, 184 Saure, Philip, 253 Savidge, Marjorie, 43, 196 Savina. Tony, 43, 228 SawhiU, William, 219 Saver, Edna. 198 Scihbard and Blade. 179 Scammell. Mary. 107, 156, 199 Scammell. William. 229 Scarff, Bob. 222 Sceya. Paul. 222 Schabel. CathK n. 99 Schacht. Bud. 126. 14-1, 223 Schaefer, Gretchen. 248 Schaeffer, Weaker, 43. 123. 171, 206 Schellenberger, George, 228 Schenck, Earl. 128. 212 Schimpf. Wilbur. 134 Schleef. Winston, 226 Schmidt, Lewis. 102 Schmidt. Margaret. 199 Schmilz. Joan. 190 Schnahel. Artur. 109 Schneider. Alyin.91.249 Schneider, Helen, 43, 202 Schohloin, Manritz, 4.3. 230 Schoch, Delos, 126. 144. 222 Sch«(ettler. Betty. 188 Schonborn. Marian. 244. 249 Schonwald. Rosemari, 187 Schorr, Jerry, 52. 167, 185 Schorr, Phyllis, 202 Schroeder, Howard. 43 Schryyer. Gertrude. 190 Schuchart, Charles, 237 Schuchart. Marianne. 43. 190 Schumann. Roberta. 112. 246 Schunke. Adele. 190 Schultz. Elsie. 43 Schuvlcr. Elizabeth. 193 S hiivlcr. Helen. 193 Schwarz. Philliii. 240 Sc.lielil. Celia. 43. 189 Scotness. Grace. 43. 20il Scott, Eugene. 232 Scott. Jane. 43. 192 Scott. Paul. 219 Scott. Robert, 230 Scott, Russell, 100 Scri ggs, Joseph, 43 Selander, Agnes, 43. 192 Seaman, (ieorge. 228 Seaman, William. 128 Seainans. Df roth . 201 Seamans. Margaret. 111. 201 Sears, Baha Jeanne, 43 Sears, Gibs.m. 220 Ralph. 99 Scdani. Charles. 228 Scdorc. Carl. 138 Seeliger, Clarence, 20 7 Seerlev. Marjorie. 43. 192 ' Seligman. Jean. 187 Sensmeier. Laurence. 226 Sessoms. ' irginia. 193 Setterman. Ruth. 99 .Severv ns. Jean. 201 Shafer. Dor.ithy. 248 Shafcr. Marv. 43 Shannon. Bill. 43. 212 Shanntm. Marv . 166 Sharkey. Pat. 80 Sharp. Dorothy. 43 Shattnck. Lois. 246 Shaw. Donald, 43 Shaw. Patricia. 43, 184, 192 Shaw, Ted, 222 Shavler. Kenneth, 226 Sheckels, Dale. 100 Sheehan. Wade, 118, 119. 165. 232 Sheffield, Margaret. 192 Sheffield, Marv. 111. 192 Sheffield, Will, 43. 210 SheUhm. Calvert. 233 Sheldon. Jean, 193 Sheldrake. Tom. 134 Shelton. Myra. 203 Shemanski. . lfred. 18 Shenenberger. Ralph. 99 Shepherd, Dean Harold, 20 Shephertl, Freda, 167 Sheppard, Vyyien. 43. 200 Sheridan. Leslie. 233 Sherlock. Dominic. 232 Sherman. Bill. 129 Sherwood. Harry. 43,210 Sherwdod, Robert. 43. 208 Shields, Gordon, 226 Shields, .Marjorie, 80, 167, 190 Shields, Phyllis, 195 .Shimanoka. Fred. 43 Shinkle, June, 43, 245 Shipek, Everett, 153 .Shoemaker. Vincent, 100 Sholuinl. Irving, 232 Shore. Marshall, 100,2.32 Shorrock, Bernice, 43. 195 FRESH FRUITS VEGETABLES C. FUJI Let me supply your Fraternity or Sorority Box 101 University Station Seattle • 270 Shorlall. Leii. 222 Shotnell. Harvev, t3, 213 Shotwell. Jeaniiclte. 249 Shotivell. Ralph. 157.213 Shotwell. Rav. 213 Shoudv. Paiii. 223 Shper, . be. 43. 130.5. 144, 155 Shuck. Prof. Gordon. 168 Sieg. Lee Paul, 6 Siegel, Lealer. W. 1 10. 244, 247 Sigma Delta Chi. 179 Sigma Epsilon. 180 Sigma Epsilou .Sigma. 180 Sigma Tau Alpha. 167 Sigma i. 1,59 Sigmoiid. Irwin. 210 Silliman. Ralph. (3 Silver. Lew. 210 Simenstad. Scott. 237 .Simon, Rosalind, 44 Simpt on, Don, 212 Simpson, Lurline, 1.58 Sims, Doris, 1 12 Sinclair, Kdith, 44, 172 Siriprell, Arthur, 222 Skewes, Thomas, 4.t Skov, Hans, 44, 221 Slate. Dorolh . 44. 110 Slate. Maxiue. 1«9 .Slater. Jean. 167 Slipper, Frederick, 233 Slivinski, Steve, 134 Sloane, Jean, 198 Small, Marvlaird. 117, 1,56, 192 Smith, Aune, 199 Smith, C, Borden, 94, 95, 96 Snulh, Cecil. 44. 219 Smith. Charles W .. 21 Smith. Doris. U. 103 Smith. Dorolh Marie. 189 Smith, Kleanorc, 199 Smith, Klizabelh, 188 Smith, Frances, 44 Smith, Fredericka, -M, 196 Smith, Harrv K., 21 Smith, Herbert. 44, 210 Smith, Jane Louise, 4-1, 202 Smith, Joe, 213 Smith, John, 222 ,Smith. Jo ce, 250 .Smith, Jiianita, 167 Smith, Margaret Jane, 44 Smith, Merle, 44 Smith, Natalie, 249 Smith. Patricia, 196 .Smith. Peggv. 185 Smith. Robert. 44, 206, 227 Smith. C. Ronald, li-U 168 Smith, Stuart, 44, 128, 223 Smith, » atsou, 100, 212 .Smith. U illiam. 237 Snapshot Pages. 69-75 Snapt». Siegniunil, 81, 100 Sneve, Dorothy. 44, 251 Snider. Robert. 127 Snow. Leon. 218 Snvder, Dick, 79, 223 Snyder, John, 100 Sohev. Margaret, 44. 202 INDEX Social Keview. 1 1 -7 So .ier«iiiist. Hichard, 226 Soeiieke. Lila Mae. 67. 116. 202 Sollick. Lorene. 167 Solomon. Cerile. It. 250 Sonne. Virginia. 202 Sophomore Officers. 52 Soren( on. iNat. 2i;i SorenKon. iola, 201 Sororities. Alphahelized. 185-203 Souder, Palt . 198 Soule, Hardyn. 216 SoiiIeB. Paul. 215 Sowineiki. Leona. 4-1, 195 Sparks. Henrietta. Ill Sparrow. Wilbur. 94. 96 S|jeck. James. 224 Spence. Charlei . 2 ' M) Spencer. Cecil. 44 Spencer. Laura. 121. 194 Spenpler, Charles. 173 Spiked Shoe Club. 145 SpinJor, Joe. 44. 157 Spinner, James. 138. 209 Spinner. Marv Jane. 59. 116. 190 Spinier, Jim. 232 Sportu Promenade. 121 Sprague, Kleanor. 44. 201 Springer. Llew, 157. 230 Squires, Bob. 222 Stack. Harold. 206 Staley. Jack. 212 Standards. Ill Stanley, Dixie. 195 Stansbury. Howard. 220 Starcevich, Max, 132-4, 144 Starr, Dan, 157, 232 Starr, Jack, 232 Starr. James. 99 Siaibam. Fred, 220 Siauff. Robert. 165. 229 Steele. lola. 44 Steele. Kit, 145 Steele-Shaw. D trothv, 186 Steele-Shaw. Joe. 94. 95 StefTen. Marparet, 198 Steinberg. Jack. 95 Steinberg. Kcta. 1K7 Steiner. Betty. 190 Stenerson. t..aura. 193 Slenslid, (iertrude, 203 Sterling. Marv V.. 167. 188 Sleliler. Jean. 201 Sleltler, Lee. 44. 230 Stetller. Stella. 201 Stevens. Dale. 221 Stevens, E. B., 21 Stevens, Jay, 44. 224 Stevens, Mary Jane. 185 Stevens. Ned, 232 Stevens, Victor, 44, 236 Stevenson, Barbara, 44, 196 Stevenson, Louise, 186 Stewart, Alexander, 44, 208 Stewart, Ellen, 196 Stewart. Evelyn, H, 192 Stewart, Hubert. 207 Stewart. John. 44, 178 Stewart, Lona Jean. 197 Stewart. Margaret, 201 Stewart, Ruth. 99 Stieht, Dorolh . 190 Stiles, Margaret. 191 Stiley. Joseph. 210 Stile . Pegp . 87. 98. 107. 166, 186 Stilt, Richard. 230 Stinnett, Florence. 44. 190 Stirrat, Kov, 239 Slith. Marjorie. 44. 191 Stock. Dorothy. 245 Stoddard. Bernice. 44 Stokes, Bunnie. 107, 119, 156, 190 Stokke, Richard. 83 Stolle. Jane, 197 Stone. Lvman. U. 220 Stoner. William. 209 Stotler. Ruth. 197 Stout, Ariel. 113. 200 Stover. Katbr n. 44. 186 Stowell. Ernie. 129 Straight. Horace. 239 Straight, Jane, 251 Strain, Bettv, 193 Strange. Sally. 44. 202 .Strassman. Jean. 44 Strausz. Ralph. 44 Streblau, Bettv. 78. 80. 81. 186 Strickler. Patricia. 2( . 44. 118, 154. 196 Strodnff. Barbara. 197 .Stromme. Esther. 45 Siromme, Eleanor. 45, 154 Strong, Peggv, 197 Stryker, Ralph, 236 Stubbs, Rowena, 194 Studebaker, Elaine, 199 Student Affairs, 88 Student Managers. 89 Studio Theatre, 94. 95 Stulfield. Fred. 229 Suetterlein, Don, 218 Sulkoskv. Paul. 45, 155. 206, 228 Sullivan. Martin. 213 Siilphen, Patricia. 202 Sunimerill. Betty, 167 Summersett. John. 219 Sumner, Janet. 196 Sumrall. Ben. 83. 222 Sundberg, Siri, 250 Sutcliffe, Frances. 198 Sutherland. Doroth . 45. 185 Sulherling. Eluin. I6l Sutton. Andrew. 4.5 Sutton, John. 45, 223 Swansou. Aileeii, 45 Swanson. Arvid. 45. 220 Swanson, Audrey, 45 Swan8 »n, Dorothy. 196 Swanson. Fritzi, 107, 244. 245 Swanson. GeraUl, 237 Swanson. Harr , 170 Swanland. Nanry. 247 Swarm, Myron. 100 Swedman. EvaK ne. 193 Sweet. Bob. 212 Sweet, (;ordon, 208 Sweet, Ralph, 208 Swem, Jerry, 45, 191 Svlvesler, Robert. 45, 88. 171. 206. 211 S monds. irginia Rae, ' 45. 201 Symphony. 101 Svnnestvedt. Margaret, " 196 S pher. Jane. 191 Taake. Ed. 232 Tabios. Val. 253 Taft. Mablon. 216 I The RAIXBOW 722 E. 45th Style beo;ins with an idea! 7 he idea behind all apparel styles for University men is just this ... he sure they ' re keyed to the campus tempo. Washington men learned long ago that Martin Eekmann have tiie riglit iilea — and that every student may depend on this store for right style in everything he wears! Martin Eekiiiaiiii UNIVKRSITY WAY AT 1.5T1I On the Corner McKesson -Stewart- Holmes DIVISION McKESSON ROBBINS, INC. Wholesale Druggists Manufacturers Importers l ' ur o)ors of ( )ualitv Products since 1833 When lleallli is in the balance there can he no conipromii e «illi (,)uahty 271 • The College Men s Company BECAUSE ITS CONTRACT AND COST appeal to intelligence The Northwestern Mutual Life Ins. Co. of MILV, AUKEE, WISCONSIN M. H. O. Williams, Cciwral Agent, and Associates 719 SecontI Avenue Building;, Seattle J. c ohen Son, Custom Tailors Since 1911 CIVILIAN APPAREL Inc. UNIFORMS : ACCESSORIES 903 Second Avenue Main 9977 Seattle Pioneer Sand Gravel Co., inc. 901 Fairview North Main 2900 Seatti,e High Grade Type Metal Federated Metals Corporation 170 W. Massachusetts Street Eliot 7160 SEATTLE Takabashi. Williaiii, 254 Takeuchi, Lilly. 45 Talcott, Evan, 237 " Taming of the Shrew, " 94 Tanabe, David, 45 Tanberg. Clay, 45. 62. 91, 102 Tangalin. Antonio, 253 Tannehill. Cheater, 100 Tapert. Marv Katherine. 190 Taiihian. Marparet. 195 Tau Beta Pi, 160 Taylor, Barbara. 185 Taylor, Elizabeth, 174 Taylor. Frank, 157. 213 Taylor. George, 237 Ta lor. Howard. 241 Taylor. Jackie. 167 Tailor, Miriam. 45 Taylor, Raleigh. 229 Taylor. Wanda. 103, 107. 110. 156. 202 Tegtmeier, Elizabeth. 188 Templeton. Joseph, 45. 233 Templeton. Theola. 188 Templelon. Tom. 45. 212 Tennis, 139 Terada, George, 45 Terhune, Elizabeth, 201 Terry. Miriam. 99 Teat, William, 45. 225 Thayer, William. 227 Theda. Dolores. 185 Thela of Phrateres. 249 Theta Sigma Phi. 181 Thieme. Fred. 147 Thomas, Betty Jane. 192 Thomas. Chandler. 100, 233 Thomas, Gloria, 52. 192 Thomas. Verna. 45. 190 Thompson. Betty, 194 Thompson. Dean, 100 Thompson. Dorothy. 167. 195 Thompson. Dudley. 226 Thompson, Helen. 45 Thompson. Janet. 193 Thompson, Robert, 222 Thompson. Stuart. 222 Thompson. Victor. 96 Thompson, William, 1.35 223 Thompson, William. 241 Thomson. D. David. 19 Thoreen, Kenneth. 45 Thornton. Frank, 215 Thorsdale. Rolla, 222 Thorson. Theodore. 233 Thorsteinson, John. 99 Thnmlert. Arnold. 217 Thurston. Evelyn. 190 Tiflin. Helen. 45, 193 Tiflin. Penelope. 193 Tigg. Harriett. 45 Timblin. Herbert. 216 Tipp, Pearl. 45, 154. 187 Tipton, Homer. 134 TjoBsem, Paul. 45. 211 Todd, Jay, 100 Toledo, Melecio, 253 Tolleson, Floyd, 45 Tolman. Margaret, 199 Tolo. 122 Tolo House. 246 Tomlinson, Robert, 100 Tornev, Jack, 139. 146 Tostevin. Robert, 225 Totem Club, 154 INDEX Track. 142-3 Tracy. Qnenlin. 45 Trager. George, 209 Tremblay. Raymond, 45. 206. 238 Tremper, Ed, 212 Trepp, Martin, 66, 83, 179, 219 Treuer. Allen. 45. 206, 218 Trezona. INorman, 221 Trobaugh. Mary. 245 Troth. Harriet. 194 Trowbridge, Charlotte. 97 Trowbridge. William. 234 Trubshaw. Virginia. 185 Trumble. Robert. 23 Trumbull. Allan. 223 Trumbull. Patricia. 190 Trzcinski. Margaret, 79. 167. 192 Tsuchiya. Henry. 45 Tsukuno. Mary, 45 Tucker, Essey. 110. 156. 202 Tucker. Estelle. 185 Tucker. Russell. 211 Tungpalan. Epifanio, 253 Turner. Belly. 78. 81 Turner. Dick. 45. 222 Turner. Donald. 100 Turner. Marjorie, 190 Turner. Marv. 45 Turner. Nell. 45 Tustin. Florence, 185 Tvele. Kenneth. 218 Tvee Staff. 78-9 Tyler. George. 232 Uhl. Dean Willis. 20 Ulbrickson. Al. 127 llUin. Woodv. 134. 135, 153 Ulman. John. 45. 220 IJmoff. Paul, 224 IJmpleby. Berla. 192 " Uncle Vanya. " 94 Urqnhart. Isabel. 45 llsdane. William. 45. 177 Uyeda. Jean. 254 Uveda. Katsujiro. 45 Vadman. Willard. 228 alin. Numeriano. 46. 253 Van Arsdale, Ruth, 119. 190 Vanderleest, Marv. 46. 252 Vandermay. William. 230 Vanderveer. Clifford. 46. 225 Van Fleet. Elizabeth, 190 Van Horn. Hudson. 234 Van Houten. Chester, 214 Van Patten. Louise, 46, 81, 194 Van Rossum. Vera. 252 Varnell. Virginia, 199 Varsity Ball. 1 18 Vaughn, Lois. 46 Vaupell. Leonard. 223 Vermilya, Jean, 16, 154. 197 Victorson, Irving, 235 " Vict ' ry for Washington. " 88 Vilegshanin. Vera. 250 Vinikow. Ruth. 46 Vinson, Floyd, 102 V.wlker. Ed. 138 Voellmeck. Joseph. 230 Ogel. Peter. 100 V On Boecklin. Man Klizabelh. 46. 201 Vore. Kenneth. 1(111. 220 Wade. Beatrice. 81. 83. 194 Wadsworlh. Ray. 193 Wagenknecht. Edward. 6 Wager. Henry. 208 Wagley, Paul. 46. 237 Wagner. Chuck. 136. 138. 144, 2.32 Wahlstrom, Nelstjn. 86 Wakefield. Teddy. 196 Waldo. William. 230 Waldron. Howaril. 100 Walker. Helen. 16. 174. 191 Walker. Jeanelte. 99 Walker. John. 229 Walker. Robert. 138 Walkinshaw. Walt. 216 Wall. Raymond. 46. 207 tt allace. Elizabeth. 197 Wallace. Henry. 216 Wallace. Marjorie. 197 Wallace. Mary. 46. 186 Vi allace. Norman. 217 Wallace. Robert. 225 Wallin. Harry. 46 Wallin. Ray. 46 Walling. Orval. 210 Walsh. Gene. 210 Walters. Marion. 100 Walters. Richard. 223 Waltus. Robert. 134, 138. 209 Waltz. Robert. 46. 229 ananiaker. Alice Jane, 196 Ward. Jeanicc. 186 Ward. Margaret. 46, 192 Ward. Dean May Dunn. 22 W ard. Shirley. 222 Warhanik. Elizabeth. 46. 173 Warner. Esther. 82, 249 Warren. Dick. 138. 212 W arren. John. 230 Warren. Marjorie. 46. 185 Warren. Wheeler. 233 Washington. Nat. 46. 60, 179. 212 Waskowitz, Frank, 130. 1.32, 133. 134 Wasmuth. Kermit, 46, 223 Wason. Vesta. 188 Wassard. Ted. 223 Wasser. Art. 97 Waters. David. 219 Waters, (ilenora. 200 Waters. Lowell. 219 Watkins. Garl. 176. 206 Watkins. LaVon. 46. 186 Watkins. Robert. 223 Watson. Donald. 102 WatS()n. John. 46 Watson, Marv Beth. 46. 198 Watson. Walter. 157, 207 Watt, John. 46. 223 Watt. Richard. 223 Watts. James. 229 Watts. William. 229 Wayland. Norman. 223 Weaver, . lice, 46 Weaver, John, 208 Industrial Chemicals Commercial Acids Chemically -Pure Acids CASCADE CHEMICAL COMPANY Garfield 6335 3217 17th West Seattle, Washington • 272 tt elicr, Kiikl. 4( . I l Weber. Harold. 2 IS W ebb. Helen. 16 Webb. Marv. 1 )7 Webber. Roberl. 1(12. 2311 W ebbert, Charles. 22() W ebsler. Bruee. 16 Vi ebster. Harr . lit Wedebere. Elwood. 218 W eeks. Ken. 46. 220 Weeks. Patricia. 1% W eiehbrndl. Roberl. 208 W eiek. Frank. 2.14 Winel. Jane. 194 Weiner. ' irginia. 197 Weingarten. Fred. 46. 120, 2.38 Weinslein. De.sda. 184. 187 W einstein. Jeri nie. 40. 240 Weinstein. Sylvia, 46 Weinthrop. Florence. 187 Weisel. Patricia. 192 Vi oilfield. Maxine. 187 W ci--. Kllamav. 193 W elcli. Barnev, 236 W elch. Joe. 232 Welch, Katharine. 196 Welch, Ralph. 134 Weike, Walter C. 1011 Wells. Wilhani. 99 Wehv. Frances. 193 W cndell. Jim. 99 W endells. Ted. 138 W ernecke. Claire. 78. 156. 194 Werner. Ross, 137, 138 esehenefelder, Krnest. 211 Wescott. Robert, 238 W est. Jean. 199 West. Walter. 217 S estfall. Fred. 100 Westhind. Bernard. 222 W estluiul. Virginia, 46, 193 U ' eston. Janet, 186 X estover. Barbara . nn. 196 U etterstrom. Elsie. 2.50 W ettrick, Lucile. 46, 192 Vi ' balev, Jo-sephine, 46. 193 hatnmre. Joseph. 47 W hcaldon. Betty. 46. 198 NX heeler, Floniarie, 201 W heeler. Raymond. 234 Whelan. Joan. 46, 178, 198 Whetstone. Donald. 210 W bite. Earl. 10(1 White. Eleanor, 197 White, John, 128 White, Jack, 219 White, Lvnn, 212 W bite, Robert. 100 White. Robert. 127. l. ' iS W hllchead, W illiam, 46. 230 W hitehouse. Bruce. 229 W hitehoiise. Claire. 197 Uhitelaw. Robert. 46 Wbiteleather. John. 47, 232 Wliileman. Jack. 47. 221 W h.teside. Louise. 193 W hitham. Certrude. 47, 184, 203 ■W hitham, Jane. 203 Whithed, Peter, 232 Whiting, Dorothy, 201 hitmore, Edwin, 218 S ialrak, John, 133, 134, 144 INDEX W ick. 47. 163 Vi icks. Marie. 202 ickcrsbam. Kva. 248 Vi ickersham. Otis. 47, 227 Widener, Kendal. 237 Wigen, Lynnc. 47. 202 W ' iggins, Betty Jane, 197 W ight, Gordon, 225 W imberlv, George, 47, 215 W ilcox, Chester, 134, 135 Wilcox, Donald, 207 W ilcox. K. R.. 6 W il.-,.x. W illiam. 223 W il.ler. K.iib. 241 X ildcrmutli. Jane. 47 W ' iley. Jane, 245 Wilkins, Leslie. 218 Wilkinson. Jane. 47. 197 Willev, Edith. 245 Mlliams, Dave, 235 Williams, Donald. 214 Williams, Dorothy, 192 Williams, Dorolbee, 245 Williams, Eileen, 250 W ilbarns. Jack, 153, 155 W illiams, John, 219 W illiams, John, 225 VV illiams. Kathleen. 245 W illiams. Kenneth, 207 W illiams. Mary . nn. 47 Williams. Robert. 23, 224 W illiams. Rose, 51 U illiams. .Suzanne. 197 U illianison, Betty . nne, 190 Vi illiamson, Marv Helen. 47, 197 W illis. Aileen. 47. 88. 107. 111. 188. 244 Vi illis. Corinne, 47, 251 W ills. Graham. 47. 206. 241 W ills, W ayne, 80. 83. 225 Willson. Margaret. 195 W illson, ?Sornia. 195 W ilson. Ann. 80 V. ilson. Forbes. 223 V ilson. Hubert. 236 W ils, u. Lorin. 209 ils, u. Margaret, HI, 175, 186 Wilson, Margaret. 156, 201 Wilson, Marian. 203 W ilson. Peggv. 249 Wilson. Phil. 138. 220 Wilson. .Shirk 224 V ilson. Virginia. 107. 195 Wilson. Prof. W illiam R., 6 Wiltamulh. Harris. 230 Vi iiulers. Ann. 194 inberg. Andrew. 238 Windesheim. Karl. 1()3 Wingate. Bill. 212 Wingate, Jean. 78. 156. 194 W inge. Marion. 80 Winger. Margaret. 198 Vi inkenwerder. Ilugi . 21 W inn, Barbara. 201 W inn. Jack. 2.39 U iini. Laurien. 47. 154, 184- 196 W iuslow. Bob. 140 X instou. Jack. 208 W inston. Vi arn. 208 W inter. Dan, 227 Winter, Robert, 215 Winther, Oddjar, 91 Wislicenus. Bnmhilde. 47. 172 W itt. Robert. 47. 218 W ilter, Dosie. 192 " W " Kev. 156 Wohleb. Robert, 225 Woblers, Evelyn, 245 W ' olfstone, Leon. 231 Wolf, Jack, 223 Women ' s Glee Club, 99 W ' omen ' s Sports Council, 111 Women|s Sports, 112-113 Women ' s Varsitv Debate, 103 Wonn, Robert, 221 Vi ood. Bill, 22(1 Wood, Frank, 216 Wood, Gertrude, 193 Wood, Henry, 2.30 Wood, Joanne. 83 Wood. Louise. 201 Wood, William, 241 Woods, Robert, 241 Woods. Willa Lou. 47. 103. 110, 193, 154 Woodward, John, 147 Woodworlh, Jean. 194 Woodworth, John. 47 Woodworlh. Robert. 219 Worcester, Dr. John Locke, 178 W ' orthington, Dean, 47, 212 Worthington, Richard. 134, 212 Wortman. Ward. 208 Wright. Charhitte. 190 W right. Florence. 47. 188 X right, -Marv Louise. 188 Wright. Wilnia. 47. 193 Wvori. Viano. 47 W vckofT, Clifford, 47 - i Sigma PI. 181 YiVICA. 110 Yanagimachi. Harry. 1.34 " antis. George. 212 Yasumura, Michiko, 47 eaman, Ralph. 47. 207 ' eomans. Robert, 218 York, John, 127 Yoshihara. Shuko. 47. 254 Yost, (irace. 47 Yost. Marshall. 224 Young, Bernice. 193 Young, Clara, 167, 247 Young, Esther, 192 Young, Gordon. 128 Young, Henrietta, 47. 197 Y.)unp. Lillian. 192 " Xouiig. Ranee. 249 Young. Richard. 176 Yoinig. Roger. 47. 236 Young. Thomas. 208 Youngs. Stanley. 219 Yoinigquist. Reuben, 221 Zednick, Florence. 203 Zednick. Phyllis. 203 Zeigen. George. 210 Zemeck. Walter. 134 Zettel. Richard. 102 Zeigenfuss. George. 138, 220 Zimmerman. Celia, 245 Zimmerman. Robert. 215 Zinn, Earle. 47. 229 Zubli. Adoree. 252 Zundel. By ron, 47 W. R. BROOME, Prtsitlciit T. J. BROOME, Secretary BROOME , Inc. Aristocratic Hamburger MEIrose976y MEIrosc 1657 1401 North 45th Street Seattle, Washington . . there IS no ACHIEVEMENT without great yremration HE harvest of years of preparation by Farwest craftsmen was contributed to the outstanding achievement that is this year ' s Tyee. Farwest Lithograph Printing Co. TYPOGRAPHERS . LITHOGRAPHERS PRINTERS Tyee ii ' iis set hyFarwcst tyfogm cn in Deepdene.i1 Jisliiiitiir type cut by Frederick W. Goudy, llic Jean o[ Amcritvin tyj c designers. Sun Life Assurance Co. OF CANADA LIFE INSURANCE— ANNUITIES R. A. Jennings, Branch Manugrr 618 Skinner Building Seattle . MAin 0159 L. G. Wilkins Company Dance Programs Fraternity Novelties Printing — Engraving 4505 12th N. K MElrose 7010 273 • X c:z::A-cluwwleJia inent With sincere appreciation, we give acknowledgment to: The efficient and hard-working student staff. Fred S. Wiman of Western Engraving Colortype Co. for his helpful cooperation. Western Printing Co. and especially to Lucile Davis Jones for her untiring effort in making Tyee accurate. The composing room staff of the Farw est Lithograph Printing Co. to whom credit is due for attractive make-up. Bob Doble for his photograph for the In Memoriam page. Kennell- Ellis and Miss Ruth Dunstan for Tyee photog- raphy. Charles Bell for Drama Department pictures. Jack McClintock for the shot of the Puppeteers, and Dolph Zubick for Dance Drama, Tolo and Matrix Table photographs. The Seattle Times and Post-Intelligencer for cooperation m furnishmp snorts .shots. w A in furnishing sports shots. THE EDITOR -uv i I:: It ,« .i ■A b ' ; I H

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