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Hi 4 TY E E 4 ■ I I REGENT NATHAN KELLOGG STUCK HIS UMBRELLA IN A PATCH ' THIS IS WHERE J m. WE ' LL HAVE THAT BUILDING ' ' . THE BUILDINo BUILT TINY STARGAZING ASTRONOMYjiililltlLTHE EXPOSITION TOWER WAS PRESENTED «r» ft ? IN 1912 BY THE SEATTLE TIMES. I9 S ONE OF THE FIRST TUDOR-GOTHIC HALLS, AFTERi Q THE WA(. t m m JOHNSON HALL,. m m m m m mo IITS TWIN BROTHER, WAS ERECTED IN I930. AND TRIES TO CONJURE UP THE DAYS WHEN BEARS GROWLED WHERE OF GROUND IN NORTHERN SEATTLE BACK IN 1894 AND SAID, To the Class of Nineteen Hundred Thirtv-Three Mrs. Meany and I. looking back over the forty-eight years to our happy Commencement Day, ask the privi- lege of offering to you this expression of sincere con- gratulations on our o vn Commencement. With each of the Class of 1933, we desire to look for- ward in the confident hope that we can all cherish the ideals of the University of Washington. " May God be ivitli y ' jii ' till ice meet ayam. " EdMOND S. MEAN-i ' . Class of 1885. 12 Tune. 1933. SANDSTONE THEY )F.E.S. MEANY. CHIMES )ME ECONOMICS WAS S BUILT IN 1928, AND NOW PROFESSOR MEANY SITS IN IN ANCIENT DENNY EDUCATION STANDS, AND BLACKBERRIES GREW ON THE LIBRARY SITE REGENT NATHAN KELLOGG STUCK HIS UMBRELLA IN A PATC " THIS IS WHERE Ai BUILT TINY STARGAZI TOWER WAS PRESENTEE ONE OF THE FIRST TUE JOHNSON HALL,_ Ce ITS TWIN BROTHER, WAb hRECTED IN I AND TRIES TO CONJURE UP THE DAYS WHEN BEARS GROWLED WHERE OF GROUND IN NORTHERN SEATTLE BACK IN I89A AND SAID, SUMMER LAND A riot of blooms ' neath radiant skies. Deep blue of faith and hope And wealth of golden promise lies On pristine garden slope. Ah, who on brilliant carpet soft Could hesitate to look aloft From mountain sheltered Summer Land! SANDSTONE THEY This Nearest Peak! Its ice-torn height. Its glacier river shore. In wardship brave doth aid the night To close the day ' s wide door. These gentle shadows gray and deep Fold all the petalled flowers in sleep To wait the dawn in Summer Land. )F.E.S.MEANY. CHIMES Gay alpine sprites in castle-towers, Alert above the snows. Send instant flash to friends and flowers When morning trumpet blows. What glow of gems, what glint of pearls Each la ish mountain sunbeam hurls — Awakened hours in Summer Land ! But, O, the heights up near the sun Where snowy summits gleam ! How great the prize each friend has won. Whose every distant dream Will bring once more for inward gaze The peak, the flower, empurpled days In Rainier ' s glorious Summer Land ! Edmond S. Meaiiy. ME ECONOMICS WAS S BUILT IN 1928, AND Dedicated to the Class of 1933 University of IFas iiiii ton Junior Day 21 May. 1932 NOW PROFESSOR MEANY S f ™ HIS OFFICE IN ANCIENT DENNY EDUCATION STANDS, AND BLACKBERRIES GREW ON THE LIBRARY SITF REGENT NATHAN KELLOGG STUCK HIS UMBRELLA IN A PATC ' THIS IS WHERE AiS jB =Cf BUILT TINY STARGAZI TOWER WAS PRESENTEC ONE OF THE FIRST TUC ft m m JOHNSON HALL,. °ITS TWIN BROTHER, WAS ERECTED IN I930. AND TRIES TO CONJURE UP THE DAYS WHEN BEARS GROWLED WHERE OF GROUND IN NORTHERN SEATTLE BACK IN 189 AND SAID, WAS DENNY HALL. WITH THE LEFTOVER SANDSTONE THEY BROUGHT MEANY HALL, NAMED FOR PROF. E. S. MEANY. CHIMES FOUND L-l-F-E ON THE CAMPUS. J r;| f crfflt T CD HOME ECONOMICS WAS AS WAS- ifli EDUCATION. PHYSICS HALL WAS BUILT IN 1928, AND NOW PROFESSOR MEANY SITS IN HIS OFFICE ■ IN ANCIENT DENNY EDUCATION STANDS, AND BLACKBERRIES GREW ON THE LIBRARY SITE EILEEN GORMLEY EDITOR-IN-CHIEF 4 JACK SWEEK BUSIN ESS MANAGER 4 TOM RENTON ART EDITOR 4 y-;-l ' Si ' i ' t TYEE nineteen thirty ■ three YEAR BOOK OF THE ASSOCIATED STUDENTS OF THE UNIVERSITY OF WASHINGTON, SEATTLE 4THE FOREWORD A UNIVERSITY CAMPUS CAN MEAN NO MORE TO US THAN THOSE WHO WALK ABOUT ITS PATHS DAILY. A UNIVERSITY ITSELF IS NO MORE THAN THOSE WHO LIVE THEIR COLLEGE DAYS IN IT. YOU WILL REMEMBER YOUR YEARS AT WASHINGTON; BUT MOST OF ALL YOU WILL REMEMBER THE CLASSMATES WHO MADE YOUR COLLEGE YEARS WHAT THEY WERE; THIS TYEE IS MEANT TO KEEP FOR YOU IN A LASTING AND CHARAC- TERIZING WAY THE MEMORIES OF THOSE COLLEGE PERSONALITIES WHICH YOU WILL NEVER WANT TO FORGET SUMMER: THE GLOW OF A SUMMER EVENING. THE BRILLIANCE OF A SUMMER NOON ON THE CAMPUS. MERLIN ENABNIT, WATER COLOR MAGICIAN OF SEATTLE, MIXED STRANGE TONES OF COLOR AND CAPTURED WITH HIS BRUSH THE WIDE OPEN SPACES OF WASHINGTON OLD DENNY: Its steeple rising Into gray clouds on a rainy day, or Its shadow cast on Memorial Way by a sunny morn. Its hollowed steps, musty air and ancient architecture, speak of post college generations who hove made Denny steps o never-ending tradition L PRESIDENT ' S MESSAGE 4 SONS AND DAUGHTERS OF WASHINGTON: AS THE UNIVERSITY CHIMES SOUND FOR THE LAST TIME AND YOUR COL - LEGE YEARS BECOME A MEMORY, MAY YOU GO AWAY WITH THE FEELING THAT WASHINGTON ALWAYS WILL BE YOUR HOME. MAY YOU NEVER FORGET YOU ARE SONS AND DAUGHTERS OF WASHINGTON. MAY YOU REMEMBER THE NOBLE MEN AND WOMEN WHO HAVE BEEN YOUR FRIENDS HERE. MAY YOU CHERISH THE HERITAGES OF THE PAST AND THE IDEALS THEY HAVE SOUGHT TO GIVE YOU. MAY YOU CONTINUE TO GROW IN MIND AND POWER, AND MAY YOU HAVE JOY IN THAT GROWTH. MAY THE COMING YEARS GIVE YOU PEACE.— M. LYLE SPENCER, PRESIDENT EDUCATION ; Regtstration. diploma tees. the A. S. U. W. off ce and the University bus ness manager make this bu Iding seem wound about with red tope. And to be sure. Educe tion ' s green Ivy obli ges n fall by turning br ght red at just about re qistratior time 4 T H E D E D I C A T O N 4 WITH HONOR FOR WASHINGTON ' S MOST MODEST AND YET MOST INTERESTING INDIVIDUAL, THIS TYEE IS DEDICATED TO PROFESSOR TREVOR KINCAID. OF ALL WASHINGTON PERSONALITIES THIS MAN IS THE MOST WELL-REMEMBERED, AND HE HAS BEEN A WASHINGTON PERSONALITY FOR NIGH ON TO THIRTY-EIGHT YEARS. BELOVED BY WASHINGTON STUDENTS, HE HAS ALSO THEIR SINCERE RESPECT. HIS MANY SCIENTIFIC DISCOVERIES WHICH HAVE PROVED OF PRAC- TICAL USE, HIS THOROUGH UNDERSTANDING OF ZOOLOGY AND ESPECIALLY OF THE NORTHWEST IN THIS FIELD, AND LAST BUT FAR FROM LEAST HIS SENSE OF HUMOR, HAVE BROUGHT HIM RECOGNITION AS A " REGULAR FELLOW " ANDERSON HALL: One of our buildings born to blush mostly unseen; it is ' way down — just ask any L. A. 1 student. If you think foresters are rough and uncouth you certainly must change your mind when you look at Anderson hlolTs cathedral-like windows OLIVER ANDERSON : FLOYD C. ANDRE : DONALD FORREST BAYERD : BERNICE BENJAMIN : ALBERT WINSTON BLUE : WALLACE D. BOWLES JAMES WATSON BOYLE : LEE J. BRAWLEY : JUDGE OTIS W. BRINKER : EUGENE CARL BRUNNER : BENJAMIN BUELL : ROY HORACE BULLACK ROSS CHESTNUT : KENNETH AUSTIN CORLEW : ROBERT C. CUNNINGHAM : IRA R. A. CURRY : CHARLES DAWSON : LOUIS DRENT- WETT : CARL DURR : LOUIS CARLETON ECKERT : ARNOLD NORRIS FOLEIDE : RAYMOND PAUL GAUSS : JOHN LYNCH GRANT : ARNETTA HILLIS : VALENTINE E. HIRSCHMAN : CLAUDE EDWIN JUDD : MARY PATRICIA KELLY : ELSIE H. LATIMER : MARJORIE LITTLE : THUR- MAN PAUL LUX : LEROY K. MADIGAN : JAMES H. MENDENHALL, JR. : KIRSTEN LARSEN NEWBURY : BE VAN PRESLEY : VIRGINIA MAY ROBERTS : CHRIS JACOB ROHWER : RUTH BARLEY SNASHALL : WILLIAM R. VISSER : MARY LESEUR WEISER : GEORGE A. WHITNER THE LIBRARY: Narrow and thin and t dII it stands, a pinnacle , jutting into the blue sky Not ong from now. say the regents, another wing will be added to this ma estic structure. Some day your grandchildren will see its white ch me tow er reach ' ng up Into the s tars . | I C C I mC I A " ' ' - ' " SEEING DOUBLE? SO MUCH TOGETHER x vyLLt 7t LIrt; ' ' were mr.gloor and his husky that, see what happened c o L L E G E L I F E T HE campus In winter . ind the campus In summer . . . the football gomes, the cord stunts . . . the Knights . . . old Joe Bedcovers . . . mud and rain . . . soggy blankets . . . hot dawgs, Coney Island Red Hots . . . and of course our old pa , Robin, my, deah, that ' s col itch life Barbara vanderveer, with her hazel eyes and glinting auburn hair, took the sweepstakes in the search sponsored by Tyee for the most beautiful coed eyes on the Washington campus. But as you con see, the eyes were not all that had It. Miss Vanderveer is a member of Alpha Phi and a junior in college. Her eyes were selected as most beautiful in color, size, and expression. -D6]- M ADELON FIRNSTAHL, Alpha Gamma Delta sophomore, took second place In the beautitui eyes con- test, with her deep velvet brown eyes. Miss Firnstohi ' s hair is also very dark, and her very light complexion and red lips contrast unusually. Judges of the contest were Professor Ambrose Patterson of the art department, Mr. Dave Himelhoch, Seattle business man, ond Gene Manner, Seattle photographer. — ri71— A HE LOOKS LIKE Frankenstein here, ' tis true, but his name is Boss Christopher Gilson of the " get on the band-wagon " Olson machine; they soy that some day Mr. Gilson will write a volume entitled " Kid- naped. " (which will run Mr. Steven- son some close competition) and will dedicate it to Cadet Ball. A EARLY IN JANUARY the crew men start turning out, and even if the water is as cold as a Kappa bathtub, cruel Mr. Ulbrlckson has no pity. This, people, is Sergeant Collins. R. O. T. C. ' s all around man. and my deah, how do you like that army jaw? A MORE CREW MEN, or oar they? These men, Mr. Ripley, per- haps hold a world ' s record for hitch-hiking — at least as far as from the D. G. house to the Pavil- ion. Fir Tree gives its select pledges the traditional ducking on Junior Day, tossing huge athletes, dig- nified Rhodes ' scholars, and some- times even politicians into the bap- tismal canal from a tug-boat decked with fir boughs. One of Washington ' s Pocock shells takes to the water from the shell house. A ALL READY for the Guvnor ' s Review, the R. O. T. C. lines up and prepares to tramp over Ar- mory field. And if you ' re approved by the department of army effi- ciency they will let you wear a nice khaki monkey suit, with bee-aut-i- ful gold and silver buttons. If Is said thot one of these shiny brown puttee-d men of the campus army is bow-legged, and really a sight for sore eyes. Here you have an R. O. T. C. bugler in correct eye s- right position. We like this army better — the University Band, brave- ly marching through about four inches of soggy turf and muddy water. The man with the feathers in his cap is none other than Rob- ert Fuller, drum major. AUNSUNG HEROES, the crew managers, take a minute off to pose for Tyee cameraman Jack Jorvis. The life of a student man- ager is o versatile one, however, for said managers moke very good politicians. Is It not so, Mr. Killlen? But if you really want to know any- thing about politics, rilly. my deoh, just ask Mr. Ray Fox. At least that ' s Mr. Fox ' s advice. In the be- low picture, Mr. Fox is seen caught unawares while talking politics in a Foxy way and In approved polit- ical posture, according to Bob Brattain, expert on such matters. Thank you. ) y. Fox, you oughta be in the movies. AWE MIGHT AS WELL say that this CO I ' d stunt which you cannot figure out, because it is all gray, was censored; it makes a nice ex- planation, but the truth is that the photographer couldn ' t moke the stunt show up. But what ' s a card stunt when anyone can recognize the great Gloor in the right-hand corner of the picture? A NOW IF SHE MISSES that puH — oh. pardon us, it ' s hockey. And this is the way you should hold your racquet — oh, my — stick. This is what Washington P. E. majors look like. This, ladies and gentle- men, is a high-class beach party, with no less than Messrs. Blaine Thompson and George Morble of Psi U and S. A. E., respectively, ond Miss Frances Hammond. Delta Gammas piide on view. And my, my, Mirondy, don ' t she cut a purty figger? Such o suit-able picture. AJIMMY LARPENTEUR and Ad- ney Smith are tough specimens, of least, that ' s what they soy. Those are real constable badges, for Mr. Lorpenteur is constable of Voshon Island, and Mr. Smith of Podunk or Gig Harbor or Poit Angeles, elected last November. And all policemen have big feet, but Mr. Smith carries the tradition even further, for his feet are flat. The Alpha Delts celebrated the elec- tion of Brother Franklin D. Roos- evelt this way, but it was only near beer then. The gals with the eyes posed informally for this right after they had been selected — Madelon Firnstohl and Barbara Vandeveer. A MR. JAMES LONG, blase Col- umns man, and a Kappa Sigma, is trying to moke you think he ' s so camera shy that he would even throw a Commerce hall lamp at the photographer — and while we ' re doing funny tricks, we might OS well give Mr. Long a new set of legs. Mr. Long was the author of a Columns article entitled " The Chi Omegas Lifted My Pin, " a censored story which was rllly scandalous, my deoh. A " DANIEL-IN-THE-LIONS ' -DEN " Steinhoff gets a beautiful far- away look In his eyes, but not half as beautiful as the far-away look in the picture he was showing to oil the gals during his political hey-doy when he was priming him- self for an A. S. U. W. candidacy. Alas, and alack, poor Danny, his politics went far, far away too. But don ' t cry for him — he Is the boy who is said to hove more tel- ephone numbers in his date book than Clark Gable. A WHOOPS! Could you land as well as that, troy still intact? Well, she didn ' t either — yes, It is a " she, " In a posed picture from the 1933 Dance Drama — but couldn ' t you tell that by looking at the ankle? This is deah old HHome Ec, and the hang-out of all good A. W. S. women is up the steps, in the door, and first door to the left. There you will find Helen Gorham, tearing her hair if concert season approaches, or surrounded by pile after pile of multi-colored tickets. Men of the big wide open spaces — this is the way the collltch mon forest ranger spends his summer. Here we have Alpha Sig ' s Frank Burrall Woodworth and John Tyn- dall Curran. " Now, " Mr. Wood- worth is saying, and he has just finished shooting tobacco juice out the corner of his mouth, " we men don ' t care for wimmen much. We likes rough and hardy livin ' , and wimmen Is just a bather. " This was a happy day — five-dollar re- funds were handed out to resident students. Jo Harvey Is gloating over her shekels In the foreground. K ... " 711 i if AWASHINGTON ' S NEWEST building, Condon hall, is a mag- nificent structuie and the piide of Dean Harold Shepheid of the law school. Because of its new build- ing, Washington ' s law school is now one of the six best in the West. ▲ HERE IS THE OFFICE of the Washington Law Review, with John Ritchie tiying to pretend he ' s getting a scoop over the telephone. The two serious men who ore prob- ably looking at a book upside down ore Leslie J. Ayer and Frank Meachem. The Review is published three times annually. A HERE ARE TWO CORNERS of the little den at the end of the low library, o special reading room. The view in the center of the low building is token fiom the faculty entrance end. This entrance may never be used by any but faculty members. And another thing, no one may enter the faculty offices except at special times during the day and by special appointment. ATHIS IS THE MOOT COURT Room, where law students hold their mock trials. If you ore a pol- itician, you know already that the picture on the right is that of the large auditorium, where Stevens Debate Club held its 1933 polit- ical forums, and where Mr. Brick Lawrence launches his ten-minute orations beginning " Now I don f want to take up time but I want to ask the candidote one simple question about this A. S. U. W. — " and so on for into the night. ATHE LAW LIBRARY, with its individual reading lamps, paneled walls, and handsome fixtures, and on the left the lowyei-s ' lounge, where law students may gather to smoke and talk. The only such room on the campus provided for a select set of students — no won- der the low students hod to buy larger hots. In addition, there is a typing room for lawyeis, on inno- vation which brought coids of thanks from the Daily Shock and its well worn typewriters, and to top off the season, the lawyers locked one of the doors to the building, because they didn ' t like the poli sci students fussing around in the halls while they looked for their classes. ATHE PICTURES were given to the Tyee by the Alumnus Mag- azine, managed by Dove Pollock, and ore o collection of the best photographs in captivity of the law building. Wf w I -.I ' innrf; ' A THIS WAS THE FIRST and just about the last snow the campus saw this year, although we did have some on the first of April. And even if we didn ' t have snow, the ground and student noses and feet were frozen for weeks at a time. The library — the bouncer — the half-owake rush to get a re- serve book back before 8:10 a.m. — the tiny oronge glow of cigar- ettes smoked In the dark of the pillars and steps — those heavy, heavy doors — and the library will not soon be forgotten. Law peeks in at the left, and Physics at the right. ▲ DENNY STEPS are hollowed out by generation after generation of sun-bathing. 10 o ' clock Meany his- tory students. Millicent Doncaster pauses on a step in the right-hand corner. How do you like our new low building. Economy, my deah, and simplicity itself. " Slim " Lynch of the P. -I. gets his camera ' s eye busy looking for pretty coeds. " Slim " and " Smitty " , of The Times, are almost Washington traditions now. A DID YOU SAY just a bunch of Rot Corps men. Ah, such a sad mistake. Perhaps you didn ' t know that high and mighty Daily Editor Harold Mansfield was, two years ago, a bugler in the R. O. T. C, but there he is, at the extreme left in the front row. Not only does Mr. Mansfield play the bugle, but also the saxophone, and several times during his administration as editor he considered taking lessons on the harp. But this drum and bugle corps is even more famous, for on the extreme left, front row, is Gene Nicolai, and somewhere in the melee is Art Owley. A DENNY STEPS AGAIN, but a different group of collegians. Chimes tower peers over the trees at the Greek district. This year George Bailey had some new fa- vorites, but " The Bells of Saint Mary ' s " and " Maytlme " are still far in the lead. " I Wake Up Smil- ing " is one of his best, for he can hit every note, and this year he startled some of us with " The Old Man of the Mountain. " A LOU MORRIS, A. D. Pi ' s grand old lady of the campus. But where has Lou been this year? Betty Hartnett and Flo Davis, Daily women who are good society writ- ers, sun themselves In the back- ground. Looking up Memorial Way in the snow, toward Memorial Gateway and the Fiji and S. A. E. houses. Tiny astronomy stands on the right, the baby of the campus in size, but next to the oldest In years. In the spring, campus moon gazers stop in on Thursday eves to view the canyons of the moon through the telescope, and then go out to a campus bench and hove a really good look. liiiBRviiuiiBiiii M r Hill i?i? ' ▲ MOTT RtEKE of Theta Chi stops for a chat on the library steps. This is collitch love, people, at least Freddie Wyatt thinks so. Tekia Aagaard doesn ' t look so comfortable, and not at all thrilled. Mailing homecoming editions of the Alumnus, mailbags and mail- bags full of invitations to Wash- ington ' s thousands of grads, kept the alumnae busy in November. The homecoming rally, showing Ray Eckmann caught with his mouth open, and Hec Edmundson in the background. A JIMMY LARPENTEUR, perma- nent president of the class of 1933, and the smoothest man in the Chi Psi house, if not on the campus; yet Mr. Larpenteur has a terrific Failing for Coffee, such that he can ' t sleep nights for worrying about the gal ' s picture. Part of the crew in action — showing some very different oar technique, to soy the least. Miss Aagaard, Town Girls ' president last year, smiles for the birdie. And she may talk baby-talk, but she got her degree and was graduated about six months before the rest of the class of ' 33. A WHAT HAVE WE HERE? None other than sotto voce Bob Brattaln, campus leader, so he says. Mr. Brattaln claims to know all kinds of politics both backward and for- ward, but he is not at all backward in telling you about It. This Is the way they came bock to the 1933 Homecoming, on trains, airplanes, steamers, bicycles, and hand -cars — and It looks like Lud Horsfall and Ray Eckmann at the controls. This Is the mon they called " Boss " Peters for a while, until he sudden- ly dropped personal politics and became manager of the winning Achenbach ' s campaign. This pic- ture was token early In the fall when Mr. Chet Peters spent his time writing names and more names In his notebook. ASIMPLY BORED of education. Miss Marion Harper, Town Girls ' president for next year, pauses for a moment on a sorority davenport. The Columns ' lunch club, exclusive organization of chiselers, which discussed weighty journalistic problems over the 12 o ' clock re- past and is a miniature political ring. Reading from left to right: Bob Trumbull (B ' way Baby), Jim Long, Jack (Winchell) Jar vis, Dick (Stag hound Bill) Stephens, and Ernie Cohen. Another informal picture of Modelon Firnstohl. one of the beoutlf ul-eyes gals. And now, after all this publicity, Mode- lon, would you like to run for A. S. U. W. president? A EITHER YOU ' VE BEEN too busy looking at a fee statement or a registration book, because you probably couldn ' t recognize this doorway as that of Education hall. Every student who enters the Uni- versity goes through this door at least once. What ' s this, a Michael Angelo in our midst? No, only a D. U. ' s idea of a snow man. and rilly, my deah, they cei-talnly are an aesthetic group of young gen- tlemen. This is the broad green- sward between Education and Commerce and hlome Ec, where the Campus Day lunch of devilled egg and minced ham sandwiches, etc., is eaten and where three-leg- ged, wheelbarrow, and sock races toke place. ACLAIMED BY AMATEUR and some professional photogiaphers to be one of Tyee ' s best photos, this picture portrays a little hid- den side entrance to Philosophy hall, and was token by Jack Jarvls. Joe K. Zilch, the hlome Ec janitor, has been reading The Daily and has decided to do his bit toward cleaning up the political, financial, and industrial situation. Life, to him, is just one house duty after the other — pledge him quick, boys; he is well practiced in " as- suming the position. " The drum and bugle corps out for a morning stroll — the little tin soldiers of the campus. Below, the entire R. O. T. C. band passes In review. hHow do you like this basketball, Hec? — not so accurate may be, but, my, my, how graceful. A ANOTHER VIEW of Education hall, from the tip-top tower of Phil- osophy hall; looking down at old Meony. behind its row of poplars; Denny hall, as seen from Parrlng- ton; the women ' s swimming pool, much envied by the mole element of the campus and strongly cam- paigned for; Education in the snow; and below, the new law building, showing the west end, with a corner of the museum and the library added. (And speaking of law, Mr. Roy Seog raves was highly affronted when Informed that the Tyee did not have room for a story or picture of the ded- ication end dedication dance held for new Condon hall. " It ' s on out- rage, " he remarked. " That was o big and important dance. " " Of course it was, Mr. Seagraves, who was the chairman? ' ) ATHIS LAST PICTURE just goes to prove the truth of the statement l hot there ore paths enough on this campus to give each student a special one. Although the build- ings and grounds department builds a new walk each week, stu- dents don ' t like to keep to the straight and narrow. ' ? M- f-f l - . j :: ' | | Ui - iM m 11 lyniiimii ▲ BEAUTY gathered at the Town Girls ' Foshion Show, presented un- der the chairmanship of Margaret Mitchell at the Hotel Edmond Meany in April. Blonde Gordon Jaynes, the girl who was ordered several times during her freshman year to report for R. O. T. C. was one of the models. Jane Leuen- berger, at the extreme right, D. G. ' s A. S. U. W. secretary, was another model (and by the way, Mr. Lyttleton Tempes has begged several times for this snapshot). In the center Rosamond Wentworth poses with two other coed dancers in a scene from Dance Drama. A THE BLANK-FACED, shrouded gals ore Florence Cumbo and Helen Manogue, Gandhi-Ing it In honor of the Viceroy ' s Levee. One of Kline Swygard ' s apple machines poses with them. More beauty — the coeds who were entered in Irv Balfier ' s beauty contest spon- sored for the fall Junior-Senior dance. Starting at top left they are: Claire Kelley, Sigrid Hedin, Alice Brakke, Mary Newlands. Mary Burnett (winner), Mary Howe. Helen Knudson, Dorothy Mahone, Marjorie Hess, and Dolly Drescher. In the next picture, more beauty — the eyes which had It — Madelon Firnstahl and Barbara andeveer. 4 HE FEELS like a Turkish sheik. Surrounded by Dorothy Mahone, Marjorie Hess, and Mary Burnett, Hugh Blake ' s head swims; Close- ups of Mary Howe, Helen Knud- son, and Dolly Drescher. A HELEN BENEKER ' S beach pyja- mas were the hit of the Town Girls ' show, and although Miss Beneker doesn ' t like this picture, those who have seen it consider It one of Miss Beneker ' s best, and complete- ly succumb to the pyjamas. Miss Betty Boyer In striped organdy was another high spot of the fashion tea. And here is another of Beneker ' s beach pyjamas, show- ing Miss Beneker out of focus and appealing a little piqued — but she was really scared, so they soy. AED ARGERSINGER gefs a Campus Day sandwich fiom Mary Howe while Art Gobler and Bill Ryer ore among the lookers-on. Yes, you guessed it. this was Cam- pus Day in 1932. That lack of ties is traditional, and if any man. re- gordless of his student or faculty standing, appears on the campus in a necktie, he is chased, and un- handed, or unnecked, or what will you? A gambling wheel of beau- ties; storting ai the top and read- ing right: Dorothy Mohone, with the top of her head cut off; Dolly Drescher, Alice Brokke, Morjorie Hess, Helen Knudson, Mary New- lands, Mary Burnett. Mary Howe, Sigrld Hedin, and Claire Kelley. These were the Junior-Senior dance finalists. AmARY BURNETT of Koppo Delta won the Junior-Senior donee beauty contest. Miss Burnett has brown hair, with glints of auburn in it, brown eyes, and peaches and cream complexion. She is the chief interest of one Clint Perkins, S. A. E. Nellie Heodrick sells chrysan- themums for the Washington-Cali- fornia gome. Good old Gandhi Wyatt and his goat — which is the goat? It looks like the goat would be the goat In this cose. Advertis- ing a mixer. Mr. Wyatt strolled about the campus in this rig — and there ' s nothing stingy or tight about this boy (or maybe there is on the other hand), for he ' ll do anything if you just let him know soon enough. A THAT FAMOUS Cougar fight, at the Washlngton-W. S. C. gome When the Knights of the Hook paraded the W. S. C. trophy, for many years in Washington ' s pos- session, before the Cougar stands, mob of W. S. C. men suddenly descended on the Knights. This was Immediately followed by all Wash- ington men coming to the old ot their party, and scrambling across the tui-f to join in the fight. Fists and stuffed cougar flew through the air. and although Jim Wilson came back waving a stuffed cou- gar leg, and some others brought back the toil, a glass eye, oi on ear, most brought bock only bloody noses and torn shirts, and the stuffed cougar hos gone for- ever. This picture was taken during the height of the battle. In the background the Washington Var- sity bond parades. A HOMECOMING SIGNS shone forth this year as brilliantly as ever, regardless of the depi ' esslon. but this cow was the Phi Delt sign of 1932. This year ' s Phi Delt sign, tis said, was censored severely, and mayhap the Phi Delts will go signless for a while. " Husky " pants a hello, and smiles. Could you rec- ognize Maxine Smith, Betty Emer- son, and Virginia Slocum of the Koppo house? This is the skeleton in the closet. 4- THAT BIG BUG-A-BOO, THE UNIVERSITY FACULTY, HAS AT LAST BEEN FOUND 4 OUT. TAKE THE SOBER AND STERN DEAN DAVID THOMSON, UNIVERSITY VICE- 4 PRESIDENT, WHO HURRIEDLY HIDES SHERLOCK HOLMES TALES UNDER HIS 4 BLOTTER OR BEHIND HIM WHEN SUDDENLY CALLED INTO HIS OFFICIAL CA- 4 PACITY. IT ' S HIS SUPPRESSED DESIRE, AND EVERY FACULTY MEMBER HAS ONE A D M I N I S T R A T I O N ' OVERNOR CLARENCE D. MARTIN, the first University of Washington alumnus to take the executive choir at Olymplo, began his constructive policy toward the University this year by lowering entrance requirements and making higher educa- tion accessible to virtually all high school graduotes. The Governor pleased The Doily and the campus by signing its bill for a five-dollar tuition reduction. -i:28J- BOARD OF REGENTS 4 THE ELECTION of Governor Clarence D. Martin to the State of Washington ' s highest post was an honor olso to the Uni- versity, for Governor Martin is a Univei ' sity of Washington alumnus. Therefore to Wash- ington students he is one of the boys, and one to whom they gladly give their whole- hearted cooperation and respect. Governor Martin ' s choice of the Board of Regents in January placed in office these seven men: Lewis Schwellenbach, pi ' esident of the Board, Seattle lawyer; Edward P. Ryan, Spokane business mon; Werner A. Rupp, Aberdeen newspaper editor and pub- lisher formerly on the Board during the ad- ministration of Governor hiart; Winlock W. Miller, Seattle capitalist, also on the Board during Governor Hart ' s administration; Robert Montgomery, Puyallup newspaper editor and publisher; Alfred Shemanski, Se- attle business man; and Philip D. Macbride, Seattle lawyer. Schwellenbach is a University of Wash- ington alumnus, and was formerly a pres- ident of the University Alumni Association. Five problems faced the new regents on entrance into their offices: The reorganiza- tion of student activities under faculty con- trol; the necessity for a $50,000 loan to carry on student activities; the placing of all sports under on athletic director; the reten- tion of the present chief executive of the Univei ' sity or appointment of a new one; and the final approval of the new lowei ' ed entrance requirements. The activities were reorganized with the adoption of a new A. S. U. W. constitution; the loan was engineered; the athletic dii ' ectoi ' became fact in the person of Charles Frankland, Seattle man and former University student; the entrance require- ments were approved; the only unfinished business was the decision upon the chief ex- ecutive for the University. The New Regents Meet -[293- Hugo WINKENWERDER, for- mer head of the forestry deportment, took office on Morch 26, as acting- president. A gentle, blue-eyed executive, President Winkenwerder made the development of a cooperative spirit among the faculty his main in- terest, and spent other weary hours baloncing the University budget. hHe hos been at Washington since 1909, and has a notlonol reputotion as a forestry expert ond educator. -[30]- ADMINISTRATION 4 A SLIGHTLY EXPECTED shock greeted the campus in January when President M. Lyie Spencer turned in his resignation as chief executive of the University to the newly appointed Board of Regents. March 26 brought the acceptance of this resignation unanimously by the board, and the appoint- ment of Professor Hugo Winkenwerder, head of forestry, as acting president of the Uni- versity. No great changes were mode by Acting- President Winkenwerder, who spent his time instead solving two problems: the adjust- ment of the University budget and faculty salaries; and the development of a better spirit among the faculty. Professor Winkenwerder joined the Uni- versity of Washington faculty In 1909. He come to Washington from Colorado college after teaching In several colleges and octing as a member of the education division of the U. S. Forestry service. He Is nationally known as a faculty educator and is fifty-five years old. Ex-President Spencer ' s resignation was ef- fective June 30, and a search for a new pres- ident began immediately under the leader- ship of Lewis Schwellenboch, president of the Board of Regents. 4 ON OCTOBER I, 1932, H. C. Allen suc- ceeded William Neol Winter of Everett as business monagei ' of the Univei ' slty of Wash- ington when the resignation of Winter was accepted. Allen held the post of assistant business manager during 193 1-32. At the present time there is no ossistont business manager. As general manager of several associated factories engaged In the manufacture of munitions during the World War, as presi- dent of the Educational Films Corporation, and commercial superintendent of the Puget Sound Telephone Company Allen has been well-prepared for the job of watching the budget of our huge educational Institution. 4 ANOTHER CHANGE which became effective in October, 1932, combined the offices of the deans of men and women, and established this as the student counselor ' s office, with Herbert T. Condon, former dean of men, as director. Mary Bash, former as- sistant dean of women, handles the women ' s interests in this office, as Condon ' s assist- ant. Condon has been at Washington since 1903. His A. B. degree was taken at the University of Oregon, and his LL. B. at the University of Michigan. Miss Bosh took her A. B. at Washington and is a Washington member of Mortar Board, Phi Beta Kappa, and PI Lambda Theta, education honoroi-y. Edwin BIcknell Stevens, University registrar, is the man who puts up all the registration red tope, counts the number of registrees, sends out little blue warning slips, sometimes issues flunk notices, fills out your grade card, ond finally tells you when and why you may be graduated. In other words, he Is the " man behind the curtain. " He received his A. B. at Tufts College, and his M. A. at the Har- vard graduate school. He is a member of Phi Beta Kappa and Phi Delta Kappa. Allen, Bosh. Condon, Stevens 13ji tOii -DU- WE REORGANIZE— 4 " REORGANIZATION sweeping changes new administrafive plan interests of economy emphasis on edu- cational fundamentals greater co-or- dination. " Thus the action of the University of Washington Board of Regents in the sum- mer of 1932, grouping the former thirteen schools and colleges of the University into five units, with seven deans subordinated os department heads, was described in news- paper columns. Plans to introduce the semes- ter system to Washington were also decided upon by the regents, and this system was to hove gone into effect in the fall of 1933; but much faculty and student dissatisfaction with the arrangement caused these plans to be dropped. The administrative reorganization has been in effect all of the 1 932-33 school year. Washington ' s present five college units ore: the college of arts and sciences, the college of technology, the graduate school, the law school, and the college of pharmacy. Only Five Deans According to this change, the University ' s administrative and faculty heads are Acting President hlugo Winkenwerder; the new President of the Board of Regents, Lewis Schwellenbach; Vice-President of the Uni- versity, David Thomson; and the five deans — Dean Dudley D. Griffith of the college of arts and sciences, formerly dean of the col- lege of liberal arts; Dean Richard G. Tyler of the college of technology, formerly head of the college of engineering; Dean Freder- ick M. Podelford of the graduate school. Dean Harold Shepherd of the law school, and Dean Charles Willis Johnson of phar- macy. The middle of fall quarter brought an- other change in University rulings whereby University entrance requirements were low- ered. The new rule allows all students grad- uating fi " om accredited high schools to enter the University rated second on the list. hHigh school graduates with a " D " average may enter the University but ore not allowed to participate in activities. For Hlgh-Hat Lawyers Washington broadened its educational facilities in winter quarter when the new headquarters for the low school were opened in John Condon Hall, the latest addition to the campus. The building was formally opened on January 6, with Pres- ident Spencer ' s presentation of the law building to Dean Harold Shepherd. Tiled walls, the newest in indirect lighting fixtures, a spacious lounge — called a discussion room by high-hat lawyers — classrooms equipped Thomson, Schwellenboch, Padelford -P23- with modern flat-topped desks; ceilings of acoustical tile, six floors of adjustable stacks for law books, a suite of faculty rooms which no student may enter unless the secretary to the dean releases the electric switch; a fac- ulty library of 3000 volumes, a main library of 6500 volumes, with study tables each sep- arately equipped with desk lights; an amphi- theatre lecture I ' oom, on auditorium to seat 300; a special library for members of the bench and bar which holds 2000 books, and a special student typing room, started low students ' noses on the poth of ascendency. With the appointment of the new board of regents and the legislative session at Olympia came furthei ' budget cuts for the University, including a cut of $48,000 from the annual budget of the University, salary cuts for faculty members, and on the other hand a cut which made a five-dollar reduc- tion In the student fee was accepted hastily by the University students. This reduction was retroactive, and May I found students receiving five-dollar checks as refunds from spring quarter payments. A War-Time Basis University regents soy that the cuts and the economy ore all for the best, and sug- gest that the University function as on a war-time basis. " The action of the legisla- ture in slashing the budget will be appre- ciated when it can be realized that the legis- lators are seeing the formei ' s losing their fai ' ms and the business men losing their busi- nesses because they cannot pay the taxes, " Schwellenbach sold at the closing of the legislative session. The policy of Governor Clarence D. Mar- tin, who is a Washington alumnus and a good business man himself, is to run the Uni- versity of Washington on a strictly business basis until the present crisis is post, hlls selected Board of Regents, likewise, speak of themselves as business men rather than educators, but without their business-like plans it appears that educators would hove little use foi ' their talents. The reduction of the student fee paid to the University was engineered by a body of University students led by Kline Swygord. Under the reduction plan, student payment to the University building fund is suspended for two years. This movement was steadily backed by The University of Washington Doily, and final arrangements wei ' e cinched by editor of The Daily, hHarold Mansfield, associate editor, Rud Lawrence, and Jim Wilson. Griffith, Shepherd. Tyler -n33 WASHINGTON HONORS— i PROFESSOR R. J. KENNEDY, of physics, be- cause although only thirty-six years old, he has already received national acclaim as a scholar and brilliant research scientist, and has been called " Wunderschon " by the most famed of scientists. Professor Albert Einstein. After five years ' work on the relativity of time phase of the Einstein theory, Professor Kennedy submitted his research to a California scientific society, hlis thesis was read before Professor Einstem and a letter arrived in March, 1932, at the Univer- sity of Washington office of Professor Kennedy, praising the young scientist for contributing a " very fundamental principle " to the Einstein theory. It was while he was doing research work of the California Institute of Technology that Professor Kennedy began his time relativity project. " It oc- curred to me to work it out so that the time relativity element would no longer have to be surmised, " he modestly remarks in explanation. Professor Kennedy is continuing in his scientific research in his labor- atory in Physics Building. - DR. HERBERT H. GOWEN, who has written twenty-five textbooks and papers on what he has learned through actual experience about the Orient. Who can talk for hours spell-bindingly to his classes in Oriental Studies, but whose blue-book on said lectures are terrifying. Who wears a minister ' s collar to class — Is an ordained minister, since he has taken his A.B. from St. Augustine ' s College in Canterbury, missionoried in Honolulu, been curate of St. Nich- olas ' Church at Great Yarmouth, England, rector of St. Barnabas ' in New Westminster, B. C, and now is in charge of St. Barnabas ' Chapel of Seattle — and therefore has a perfect right to wear the collar. Who is one of the select few on the campus in both the British and American " Who ' s Who. " Who has been a professor at Washington since 1906. Who wears the insignia of the Royal Geographical Soci- ety of England, the Royal Asiatic Society, Phi Beta Kappa, Chevalier of the Crown of Italy, and Third Class of the Order of the Sacred Treasure, Japan. Dr. Gowen has written many histories of China, Asia, Japan, and also a treatise on Indian literature, hlis " Journal of Kenko " is a University of Washing- ton chapbook. hlis book-lined home library, a little disarranged and dusty, is charming because of the many small and large, queer mementos — carved ivory kittens, age-old daggers, bright-colored pieces of pottery and Oriental brass-work — which he has brought from his travels — even though a none-too- gentle police-dog guards the door. His latest book, " A History of Religion, " is appearing this year. 4 PROFESSOR EDMOND S. MEANY. All that has been said in the past of Washington ' s greatest Woshingtonian could be repeated here. Professor Meany celebrated his seventieth birth- day in 1932. Seventy years a Woshingtonian — " The Grand Old Man " — " The Keeper of Traditions " — has seen the Northwest, Seattle, Washington State, and the University of Washington grow from a waste of blackberry vine-covered stumps to that which you see now. In 1885 he took his Bachelor of Science degree from the Territorial University of Washington, in which he and his sister were one-fifth of the students in the graduating class. He took his Master ' s degree at Washington In 1899, and his LL.D. at the College of Puget Sound in 1926. He is a member of the American, Wisconsin, Minnesota, and Oregon historical societies, and also of the Washington University Historical Society and the Pioneers ' Association of the State of Washington. His historical writings and compilations about the Northwest and Washington are innumerable. He literally exudes Washingtonianism. Washington could have no better and more worthy guardsman. Kennedy Gowen -:34]- SCHOLARS THE PRESIDENT ' S MEDAL is given each year to the student in the University of Washington who has held the highest grade average of all-comers to the college during his four years of study. It is the great- est honor that Washington as an intellectual institu- tion can bestow upon one of Its seekers after learn- ing. Faculty Scholarship Awards ore given each year to the student from each doss who has distinguished himself or herself by earning the highest grade aver- age of all the students In his class. Three of these are awarded in the fall following the school year to the recognized winners. PHILIP DE LACY, now working for his Master of Arts degree in Greek, was the winner in 1932 of the President ' s Medal, presented to the student having the highest scholarship during his four years of col- lege work. De Lacy is a member of Phi Beta Kappa, and has received straight " A " grades throughout his college years. hHIs ambition is to be a University professor, and Greek literature, Greek philosophy, and the Greek language are his passion, hie reads Greek as readily as English; but during this year he spent much time studying Greek philosophy which he believes is his most sincere Interest. Though he is a Phi Bete and a Greek student, De Lacy Is not a grind. Tennis he finds a great pastime. During the summer months he spends hours in work on the farm owned by the De Lacy family, and last summer he built a house on the property. EARL ADOLPH SCHUCHARD, winner of first place in scholarship in the Junior class during 1932, and therefore winner of a Faculty Scholarship Award, made his mark by holding to a perfect 4.00 average. Schuchord Is an electrical engineer, a member of Tou Beta Pi, engineering honorary, of Sigma XI, science honorary, and of A. I. E. E. This year he is spending In engineering research, and he plans, after graduation in June, to continue study here for a Master ' s degree. 4. PATSY MILDRED SULLIVAN was the only Washington coed to win a faculty medal for schol- arship in 1932. As a recognition for her 4.00 aver- age during her sophomore year in the School of Pharmacy, the award was made. Although Arthur Kellogg, also a sophomore last year, held a 4.00 overage also. Miss Sullivan was given the award be- cause as a freshman her scholastic record was higher. 4 ROBERT HAWORTH WILLIAMS, freshman wmner of the faculty scholarship award In fall of 1932, hopes some day to be a plant pathologist for the U. S. Government — " If I ' m lucky " — he adds. Williams is now a student of botany and espe- cially of pathology, which to the hol-polloi means the study of plant diseases. hHe hod on average of 3.96 for his freshman year, and started out his soph- omore year with a straight " A " for the fall quarter. F-le plans to take Masters ' and Doctors ' degrees before leaving Washington. FHis major is botany. Schuchard. Sullivan, Williams J ' ' -n353- 4 UNABLE TO SAVE THEIR OWN SOULS, MEMBERS OF THAT GREAT AND GLOR- 4. lOUS HONORARY, OVAL CLUB, DECIDED TO SAVE THE UNIVERSITY ' S GRASS. 4. MR. KENNETH RHUDDY, PRESIDENT, IS SHOWN HERE, SETTING A GOOD EX- 4 AMPLE FOR US GREAT UNWASHED H O N O R A R I E S .Q J.W. r- n CVEN the high silk hat people looked down upon the campus rabble long enough to pick out almost twice as many pledges as usual this year. Optimists would soy that students are becoming more intelligent, but tell me, Oscar, hod you heard of the depression? PHI BETA KAPPA Phi Beta Kappa, no+Ionol scholastic honorary, Is the oldest Greek lettei- society in the United States, and was founded In 1776 at the College of William and Mary, Williamsburg, Virginia; I 14 chap- ters. Alpha of Washington was chaitered In 1914. Membership qualifications Include sound moral character and high scholastic rating. Officers President -. Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Dr. H. B. Densmore William C. E. Wilson William R. Wilson William Merritt Read Honorary Member Dudley David Griffith Members Lila Alvino Anderson Morgaret V. Boird Glen F. Baker Dorothy P. Bayles Otis Douglas Brown Martha Louise Bussard Ernest H. Campbell Jean Coffman Sheridan A. Berthiaume Mary Louise Dreher Elizabeth Bertsche Uwordo D. Egley Winafred H. Blake Helen Minerva Elworthy Kenneth Blanchard William C. Estep Edith J. Freeman Cecil A. Friedman Julia M. Hoffke Whitney Harris Clen Leon Heathers Gertrude N. Hoppe Consuela Houts Betty Kunst Lennort V. Larson Anna B. Lechner Mary E. Luppold Muriel G. MocDougoll Vivian L. McDermid Kathleen V. McKay Muriel A. Mower Seldon Menefee Kathleen Emma Miller Helen Michoelson Helen K. Moldstod Forrest Monzingo Rose Ellzobeth Morry Helen H. Noundorf Helen Neol Betty Osterman Etto Belle Pence Archie Penlck Eleanor Pinkhom Margoret E. Pope Sutton Redfern Borghild M. Refling Barbara E. Rummens Isabella Savery Mary Louise Schroeder Helen Seaburg John E. Shaw Alice Sumi Shinozoki Myra L. Snow Lyie Monly Spencer Vance Tartar Wilda B.Thompson Marguerite Tiffin Lyman M. Tondel Willette Wallace Gordon Wares Jane Wilson -P9:]- MORTAR BOARD National senior women ' s honorary founded in 1918 at Swarthmore College. Tolo chapter chartered in 1925. Election to membership is based on scholarship and activities. Officers President Deborah Sprague Vice-President . . Minervo Elworthy Secretory Marcello Crabtree Treasurer Priscilla Cralq Historian Patricia Worren Keeper of Loon Fund -Dorothy Boyles Reporter . . Mildred Vredenburg Members Sallie Sue White Moijorle Speidel Mai-ny Collins Dorothea Ritchie Clotilde Dui ' yee Helen Sonwick Phyllis Vernon Barboro Costlemon Jean Eaqleson Shirley McGregor Jean Foster Isobelle Anderson Andei ' son, Costlemon, Collins, Crobtree. Eogleson. Elwortliy. Foster. McGi ' eqor Ritchie, Speidel, Sonwick, Sprague Vernon. Vredenburg, White ;-iu;, FIR TREE Senior men ' s honorary founded in 1907. Election to membership is based upon service to the University of Washington. The aim of the organization is to uphold the traditions and promote the wel- fare of the University. Offi cers Pi esident Talbot Hartley V ce-Pres ' dent Gordon Porrott Secretary •T eosurer .Paul Kirker 4 H isforion Ken Easter Faculty Members Don Mackenzie Clyde Robinson Al Ulbrickson Members 4 Julius Ramstedt Ned Nelson Lloyd Noi-dsti-om Paul Schwegler Jim Bell Joe Sheldon Clarence Bledsoe Kline Swygard Bill Howard Harold Pebbles Jock London Bell, Bledsoe, Easter. Hartley, Howacd. Kirker. London Nelson. Nordstrom, Parrott, Pebbles, Ramstedt Schwegler, Sheldon, Swygard ribriMiJl -C4I OVAL CLUB University men ' s upperclass honorary founded in 1907 at the Uni- versity of Washington. Members are chosen on the basis of service to Washington. Officers Pledg es President Kenneth Rhuddy Ken Easter . Carl Wolters Jerry Achenbach Jock Anshutz Petei ' Antoncich Mark Antoncich Herbert Mjorud Vice-President Secretary William Montgomery Martin Nelson John Newstrom Treasurer John F ulier Ed Argersinger David Nisbet Faculty Advisei Pi ofessor Edmond S. M 5any Norman Belfrey Arthur Oberg Theodoi ' e Bell Paul Olson H onoiaiy James Ph M 3lan ember Hubert Blonk Fred Borden Dan Bracken Ross Pedei ' sen Virgil Perry Edwin Potter Bud Brehm Mott Rieke Mem bers Fred Clarke Kermit Rosen Bob Palmei " Kenneth Easter Coiln Howord Bryant Dunn John Fuller Kline Swygord John Condon Brad Davis Ken Duryee Emmett Easterly Frank Rosenquist Percy Shelton Bill Smith George Spence John Cherbei-g Lewis Rains John Emery Bill Stober Malcolm Brown Bob Bole Morion Felt Robert Sullivan Poul Kirker Bob Allen Walter Woodw ard Talbot Hartley Edward Putnom Stanley Jaloff Raymond Finn Byron Fish Robin Gloor Bill Hannoh Lyttleton Tempos Howord Tuttle Ed Ulbrickson Joe Weber Bob Heomon August Buse Bill Horoldson Bob White Loren Schoel Lane Morthiond Harold Hestness Jock Williams Karl Reese Leonord Stevens Horvey Love James Wing Gordon Parrot Bill O ' Brien Sidney Spear Horold Mansfield Bill Millard Wayne Wintermute Achenbach, Antoncich, Belfrey, Borden, Brocken. Emery, Felt, Finn, Fish. Fuller Gloor, Gonsecki, Heomon, Mjorud, Montgomery. Nelson. Olson Potter, Reese, Stevens, Tempes, Walters. White Woodwoi ' d, Williams SJT (£[cxir--) -i:42]- TOTEM CLUB Uppeiclass women ' s activity honorary founded at the University of Washington in 1932. Membeiship Is based on service to Washing- ton, and a " C " average is icquiied of all members. Officers Pledg es President Barbaro Castleman Tel lo Aagaord Verna Isaacson Vice-President Fern Whyott Beatrice Ashe Leone Knight Secretary . Vera Banl s Helen Beneker Mildred Larson Treasurer . . Eloise Sweet Ruth Benham Jane Leuenbergei Jacqueline Burd hielmi Louko Faculty Members Mrs. M. Lyie Spencer Miss Ruth Worden Miss Mary Bash Jane Colkett Nancy Coleman Grace Mae Davies Ru th Dingley Margaret Lowrie Anno McCaskill Patricio McClure Dorothy Mahone Barbara Dole Virginia Norwood Members Evelyn Eagle Gladys Phillips Isabeile Anderson Cora Hanson Celeste Firnstahl Helen Pringle Vera Banl s Shirley McGregor Kay Gorlond Enid Smith Marion Bertram Dorothea Ritchie Helen Gormley Aurelio Sparks Barbara Castlernan Deborah Sprague Evelyn Honselman Betty Spurgeon Marny Collins Eloise Sweet Hortense Harley Ruth Steenstrup Marion Craig Phyllis Vernon Betty Horper Louise Treen Jean Eagleson Sollie Sue White Margaret Hemphill Thelma Williams Minerva Elworthy Fern Whyatt Mary Hemphill Dorothy White Eileen Gormley Jane Hinckley Aagaord, Anderson, Banks, Bertram, Castleman, Collins, Craig, Dingley, Eagleson, Elworthy, Firnstahl E. Gormley, H. Gormley, Hanson, Harley, Hemphill, Isoacson, Larson, McClure McGregoi " . Ritchie, Smith, Sparks. Spi ' ogue. Sweet, Treen Vernon, D. White, S. White, Whyatt. Williams -[43 - TAU BETA PI Engineering honorary, founded at Lehigh University In 1885. Mem- bers are chosen on the basis of scholarship and high chaiac+er. Engineers in the upper one-eighth of the Junior class and the upper one-fourth of the Senior class are eligible. Off icers Hclvord Birkeland Ralph McNobney William Bloshfield Aaron Markham President Munoy Aitken Noel Bouley George Middleton Vice-President John E. Newstrom Oscor Brokel Blake Mills Secretary Archie W. Adams Bruce Brookbonk John Minshull Treasurer Robert W. Hutchinson George Crowe Francis Myers Herman Dishlngton John Newstrom William Doyle Kenneth Norden Faculty s embers Alfred Ettinger Charles Norrls W. L. Beuschlein D. H. Loughridge Aubrey Fletcher Ralph Ostregren R. Q. Brown B. T. McMinn Edwin Ford Vincent Pesce Joseph Daniels C. E. Magnusson Arthur Gordiner Bryan Rouschert F. S. Eastman C. C. May Francis Gross Robert Schliewe E. O. Eastwood A. L. Miller Elmer Hansen Earl Schuchard R. H.G.Edmonds C. C. More Siegfried Hansen Virgil Sutherling F. B. Farquharson L. H. Pries Richard Hill Harold Trueblood C. W. Harris F.C. Smith Lewis Humphrey John Turbitt G. L. Hoard G.S.Smith Robert Hutchinson Jomes Walthew A. Jensen R.G.Tyler Charles Kahan Carl West F. K. Kirsten F. M.Warner Albert Lechner John Woodyard K.A.Kobe E.R.Wilcox Rodney McKInney R. E. Lindblom G. S. Wilson E. A. Loew 1 A. M. Winslow Bruce Allyn J. Gordon Anderson Pledges IraG.Hedrick Robert Howell Memb ers Horry Anderson Norman Linde Archie Adams Francis Allan Boris Boguslovsky Donald J. Moore Murray Aitken Don Beck Word L. Gooding Arthur B. Wilbor Adams. Aitken, Beck, Brakel, Brookbonk, Bouley, Doyle, Fletcher Hutchinson, Kohon, Lechner, Humphrey, Morkhom, Middleton. Mills Newstrom, Schuchard, Sutherling. Wolthew P Cl C? P -[44]- PURPLE SHIELD Underclassmen ' s activity scholastic honoiaiy organized at the University of Washington in 1925. Off! cers Members President ..Bill Botzer Durwood Alkire Leonard Johnson Vice-President ,. . Emil Jensen Miner Baker Philip Kendrick Carroll Cohen Willinm Botzer Milton Lobell Treosurer .. Philip Kendrick William Brondt Glen Burrows Kenyon Bush Carroll Cohen hlorold Davis Charles Doupe Charles Haworth Leslie Longwell Sidney Lund Joe McDonald, J Carl McCondless Marion Marts Dick Melton Maynord Parks Faculty M embers Bruce Helberg Kenneth Pell Dean Herbert T. Condon J.E.Gould Dr. Herbert H. Gowen Edwin Guthrie Charles Strother E. B. Stevens Dr. Thomos Thompson John Hitt Phillip Hogue Bill Hulette Emil Jensen Jimmie Jensen Carroll Reed Frank Praona Forrest Sainsbury Horry Swanson Clyde Wagner Botzer, Cohen, Jensen, Kendn-rk -[:45 4- JIM BROCK, JERRY ACHENBACH, CHET PETERS AND CHET WARREN, MASTERS 4 OF CEREMONY FOR THE THREE STUDENTS WHO REGULARLY ATTEND CLASS 4 MEETINGS, GOT THEIR PRACTICE FOR THE CLASS SPIRIT GRAVE-ROBBING ACT 4 BY DIGGING FOR CHICKEN IN FRATERNITY HOUSE CHICKEN SALAD. THEY 4 WERE UNABLE TO FIND EITHER THE CHICKEN OR THE SPIRIT c L A S S E S i-= ' - A CLASS without funds is like a duck with- out a pond. Dues drives, say the 1932-33 class presidents rather pathetically, were not very popular this year. Class activity woned, and Dean Condon took a much needed rest from the annual frosh-soph rotten egg battles and lake and pond duckings } M.M.I. SENIOR OFFICERS Offi cers President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Jerry Achenbach Bill Cummings Margaret Hemphill Bill Montgomery Frosh Election Committee Lorry Hubbard, Chairman Merle Ouellette Bill Meyer Margaret Benedict Ann TeKer Pat Owen Loren Schoel Dick Young Jerry Larson Ellzobeth Griffiths Connie Ellis Jack Pengolly Elwood Tierney Junior-Senior Donee Irvin Baltzer. Chairman Al Ainey Marie Ouellette Lou Morris Spencer Clark Class Day George Mumford, Chairman Fern Whyott, Asst. Chairman Chet Aoron Jean Wilson Jean Eogleson Gwen Campbell Barbara Costlemon Chorles Stutfield Paul Olson Steve Lea Robin Gloor Achenbach, Cummings. Hemphill, Montgomer ' -C493- THE SENIOR YEAR 4 STUDENT PROBLEMS and the depres- sion served to keep the interest of members of the doss of 1933 well subordinoted as far as activities of the class as a v hole were con- cerned. Meetings of the legislature in Olym- pia and meetings of the new Board of Regents at which student activities were dis- cussed, as well OS meetings of the Board of Control of which student finances were slashed this way and that, took up the time of seniors who would otherwise hove spent a necessarily inactive year. Kline Swygord, who had been on expect- ed candidate for next year ' s A. S. U. W. presidency, led the student body in a peti- tion for lowering of student fees which was presented to the Board of Regents and the state legislature In February. Jim Wilson, also politically minded, was one of the three students who cinched the adoption of the five-dollar reduction which became o fact in March. The senior class was one of the first to take the step of curtailing class activities as an economy move, and generally all activ- ities were abandoned except the traditional Class Day. Jerry Achenbach, efficient sen- ior basketball manager who later turned politician, held the office of class president. Seniors who worked for Washington were Bill O ' Brien, football captain, and his twelve teom-motes who will be graduated with this year ' s class; Margaret hHemphlll, twice sec- retary of her class; Bill Montgomery, A. S. U. W. president; Marion Craig, A. S. U. W. secretary; Jean Eagleson, A. W. S. pres- ident; Byron Fish, Eileen Gormley, and Tub- by Tempes, Columns, Tyee, and Doily edit- ors; Martin Nelson, vice-president of the A. S. U. W. and Rhodes Scholar candidate; Lorry FHubbard, chairman of hlomecoming and vice-president of the A. S. U. W.; Mar- ney Brown, chairman of high school leaders ' conference and twice I ' epresentatlve on the board of control. The Lost Mile — Senior Procession -L50J- TEKLA AAGAARD, Seattle, Washington; Arts and Sciences: Totem Club: Pres., Soph. Class: Pres., Town Girls; Co-Sec ' ty, Jr. Prom; Asst. Sec ' ty, Vorsity Boll; Asst. Sec ' ty, Engr. Informal; Sec ' ty, Dads ' Doy. RELPH ALBERGER, Vancouver, Washington; Arts and Sciences: Phi Kappa Sigmo; Trees., Alpha Kappa Psi. FRED ANDERSON, Spokane, Washington; Technology; Theto Chi; Forest Club Quarterly; Xi Sigma Pi. LES ABSHIRE, Bellinghom, Washington; Arts and Sciences; Zeta Psi; Track: Campus Day. GEORGE ALBIN, Mercer Island, Washington; Technology; Phi Delta Theto. J. EMIL ANDERSON, Seattle, Woshington; Arts and Sciences. BERNARDO ACENA, Philippine Islands; Pharmacy; Rho Chi; Pres., University Fill pino Club. THOMAS M. ALDERSON, Seattle, Washington; Law; Phi Kappa Sigmo. ISABELLE ANDERSON, Seattle, Washington: Arts and Sciences: Zeta Tau Alpha; Mortar Board; Alpha Kappa Delta; Pres., Y. W. C. A. JERRY ACHENBACH, Seattle, Woshington; Arts and Sciences; Delta Chi; Pres., Sr. Class; Sr. Bosketboll Mgr.; Managerial Council; Alpha Kappo Psi. GLEN ALLEN, Wlnthrop, Washington; Arts and Sciences; Scabbard and Blode: Pan Xenio. KENNETH ANDERSON, Seattle, Washington; Arts and Sciences: Theto XI. ARCHIE ADAMS, Seattle, Washington; Technology; Tou Beta Pi; Sigmo Xi; Zeta Mu Tau; A. I, E. E.; Pi Mu Epsilon. DANIEL B. ALLISON, Seottle, Woshington; Low; Sigmo Alpha Epsilon; Phi Alpha Delta. THEODORE R. ANDERSON, Creston, Woshington; Technology; Sigma Pi. MOHAMED AHMED, Mysore, South India; Technology: Phi Sigma; Xi Sigma Pi; Pres., Vagabond Club. BRUCE ALLYN, Bellinghom, Washington; Technology; Delta Sigma Phi. JACK ANSHUTZ, Seattle, Woshington; Arts and Sciences; Phi Delta Theto: Big W Club; Baseboll; Bosketboll. AL AINEY, Tacomo, Washington; Technology; Sigma Phi Epsilon. DON ANDERSON, Spokane, Washington; Technology. MARK ANTONCICH, Winslow, Washington; Arts and Sciences; Theto Chi; Bas- ketball; Football; Big W Club. MURRAY AITKEN, Seattle, Woshington; Technology; Pres., Tou Beta Pi; Engr. Council: Sigmo Xi; Zeta Mu Tou; Compass and Chart; A. S. M. E. EARL ANDERSON, Seattle, Washington; Arts and Sciences, PETER ANTONCICH, Winslow, Woshington; Arts ond Sciences: Theto Chi; Basket- ball; Football; Big W Club; Oval Club. DAVE ALHADEFF, Seattle, Washington; Arts and Sciences. FRANK ANDERSON, Poouhou, T. H.; Technology; Sigma Phi Epsilon. DEAN ARBOGAST, Wilbur, Washington; Arts ond Sciences; Pi Kappa Phi; Inter fraternity Council. iV SENIORS -csa- lis , . ' ilK ■JEAN ARGUE. Seattle, Washington; Arts ond Sciences; Kappa Alpha Theta. PAUL BAKER, Seattle, Washington; Arts and Sciences: Phi Delta Kappa. J. J. BAXTER, Concrete. Washington; Arts and Sciences; Sigma Nu. BETTY ARNOLD, Tacoma, Washington; Arts and Sciences; Transfer from College of Puget Sound. WILLIAM H. BALLOU, Seattle. Washington; Arts and Sciences; Tau Koppc Ep- silon; Delta Theta Phi; Purple Shield. DOROTHY BAYLES, Seattle, Washington; Arts and Sciences; Mortar Board; Debate. FLOYD BACKEBERG, Longview, Woshinglon; Arts and Sciences; Alpha Sigma Phi. VERA BANKS, Seottle. Washington; Ar ts and Sciences; Zeto Tau Alpha; Totem Club; Chrm.. Grievance Comm.; Sec ' ty. Jr. Prom; Jr. Queen ' s Court; A. W. S. Conrei ' ts, ROBERT W. BEACH. Seattle, Washington; Technology; Beta Kappa. JUDITH BADGER, Seattle, Washington; Arts and Sciences; Beta Sigma Omicron. JOHN BANNICK, Seottle, Washington; Arts and Sciences; Delta Tau Delta; Sec ty. Spiked Shoe Club; Track. EDWIN BEAMER, Seattle, Washington; Arts ond Sciences; Sigma Phi Sigma; Scob- boi ' d and Bio fe. WILLIAM E. BAIHLY, Seattle. Washington; Technology; Delta Sigma Phi. WILLIAM E. BARKMAN, Kent. Washington; Technology; Acacia; Scabbard and Blade; Forest Club. DONALD BEATTY, South Bend. Washington; Arts and Sciences; Tau Kappa Ep silon; Pres., Pi Sigma Alpha; Crew. CONSTANCE BAILEY, Sealtio, Washington; Arts ond Sciences; Delta Zeta. ARTHUR BARNETT, Seattle, Washington; Law; Alpho Koppo Lambda. DON BECK, Seattle, Washington; Arts and Sciences; Theta Xi; Tau Beta Pi. MARGARET BAIRD, Baker, Oregon; Arts and Sciences; Alpha Xi Delta. EDWARD H. BARRETT, Spokone, Washington; Arts and Sciences; Alpha Tau Omega; Pan-Xenia; Chrm. Election Committee; Co-Chrm. Homecoming. L. GRAY BECK, Everett, Washington; Technology; Scabbard and Blade. ARNOLD BAKER, Seottle. Washington; Arts and Sciences; Lambda Chi Alpha; Treos.. W. E. A.; Newman Club. JOHN BARTHROP, Bremerton, Washington; Arts and Sciences; Beta Kappa; Scab- bard and Btode. NORMAN BELFREY, Concrete, Washington; Arts and Sciences; Lambda Chi Alpha; Oval Club. JOSEPH H. BAKER, Tocoma, Washington; Arts and Sciences; Sigma Phi Epsilon; Beta Alpha Psi. WILLIAM E. BATES, Seottle, Washington; Technology: Alpha Delto Phi; Oval Club, MARGARET BENEDICT, Vancouver, Washington; Arts ond Sciences: Alpha Omi- cron Pi; Washington Players: J. G. V.; Student Advisory Council; Y. W. C. A.; Attic Players. SENIORS -C52]- ROBERT BENNETT, Bremerton, Washington; Technology; Beta Kappa. GERALD H. BIRD, Aberdeen, Washington; Technology. FRED BORDEN, Shoshone, Idaho; Arts and Sciences; Sigma Nu; Big W Club; Husky Club. ISABEL E. BENSON, Seattle, Washington; Arts and Sciences; Lambda Rho; Ad Club. WINAFRED BLAKE, Seattle, Washington; Arts and Sciences; Gamma Sigma; Pres., Greek Club: A. W. S. Concert Comm. NOEL W. BOULEY, Olympio, Washington; Technology; Phi Gamma Delta; Tau Beta Pi; Sigma Xi; Rho Sigma Chi; Engr. Informal; A. S. M. E. MARGARET BENSON, Seattle, Washington; Arts ond Sciences; Phi Mu. HUBERT BLONK, Auburn, Washington; Arts and Sciences; Adelphi; Oval Club: Sigma Delta Chi: Daily Award; Sports Ed., Daily; Assoc. Ed., Daily; Sports Ed., Tyee, 1932; Track; Spiked Shoe Club. WARD BOWMAN, Seottle, Woshington; Arts and Sciences; Sigmo Chi. HOPE BENTON, Seattle, Washington: Arts and Sciences; Alpha Chi Omega. BETTY BLOOM, Seattle, Washington; Arts and Sciences; Sigma Kappa; Theta Sigma Phi; Daily; Columns. BOB BOYKER, Kent, Washington; Technology; Lambda Chi Alpha. GEORGETTE BERREST, The Dalles, Oregon; Arts and Sciences; Alpha Delta Pi; Sec ' ty, Newman Club. BETTY BLOXOM, Edmonds. Washington; Arts and Sciences; Kappa Alpha Theta. GERALD BOYLE, Seattle, Washington; Arts and Sciences; Alpha Kappa Lambda; Beta Gamma Sigma; Beto Alpha Psi. MITCHELL BERRY, Tacoma, Washington; Technology. MARJORIE BOBSON, Seattle, Washington; Arts and Sciences: Pres., P. E. Club; Women ' s W Club. TOM BOYLE, Seattle, Washington; Law; Beto Theta Pi. ELIZABETH BERTSCHE, Great Falls, Montana; Arts and Sciences; Chi Omego; Spurs: Tyee; Pi Sigma Alpha. EARL BOGUE, Seattle, Washington; Arts and Sciences; Alpha Delta Sigma. DAN BRACKEN, Seattle, Washington; Arts and Sciences; Beta Theta Pi; Pres., Spiked Shoe Club; Big W Club: Alpha Kappa Psi; Track Captain. MIKE BIGLEY, Seattle, Washington; Technology; Tau Phi Delta; Forest Club; Xi Sigma Pi: Engineers ' Council. AUDREE BOHLIN, Seattle, Washington; Arts and Sciences; Sigma Kappa. MILDRED BRACKETT, St. Maries, Idaho; Arts and Sciences. HARVEY BINGHAM, Eiland, North Carolina; Arts and Sciences; Pres., Pre-Medic Club: Pi Mu Chi. EMILY BOLLES, Keyport, Washington; Arts and Sciences. OSCAR BRAKEL, Seattle. Washington; Technology; Chi Phi; A. I. E. E. SENIORS -Z532- IImII kvtik m ,m CHARLES JOHN BRAS, Seattle, Washington; Arts and Sciences; Phi Alpha Rho; Treas., Newman Club; Penthouse Players; All-U. Ploy; Glee Club. MARNEY BROWN, Seattle, Washington; Arts and Sciences; Alpha Tau Omega; Treas., Soph. Class; Jr. Rep.. Boord of Control; Sr. Rep., Board of Control; Chrm. High School Leaders " Conference. LAURA BREWITT, Tocomo, Washington; Graduate School; Beto Phi Alpho. R. ROBERT BRATTAIN, Seattle, Washington; Arts and Sciences. OTIS BROWN, Oswego, Oregon; Arts and Sciences; Kappa Alpha Theta; Alpha Kappa Delta; Dance Drama; Orchesis; Gulls. JANE BURNS, Seattle, Washington; Arts and Sciences. FRED BRAUN, Seattle, Woshington; Arts and Sciences. BARBARA BROWNE, Seattle, Washington; Arts ond Sciences; Delta Gamma; Pres., Home Economics Club. ROBERT BURNS, Seottle, Washington; Arts and Sciences; Sigma Phi Epsilon; Ovol Club; Alpha Delta Sigma; Tou Kappa Alpha; Intramural Debate; Mgr., Varsity Debate. EDWARD BREHM, Seattle, Washington; Arts and Sciences; Zeto Psi. PAUL BROWNELL, Seattle, Washington; Arts and Sciences; Phi Mu Alpho; W. E. A. HOWARD F. BUSCH, Issaquah, Washington; Arts and Sciences; Phi Delta Theta; Transfer, U. of Minnesota. BELDEN BREWER, Wallace, Idaho; Arts and Sciences; Sigma Chi. WESLEY BROWNTON, LaGrande, Oregon; Arts and Sciences; Phi Sigma Kappa; Knights of the Hook; Intramurol Debate; Interfraternity Council; Tyee Business Staff; Fencing; Transfer, Geo. Wash. Univ. C. L. BUSHELL, Seottle, Washington; Arts ond Sciences; Delta Tou Delto. CHARLOTTE M. BRIGHAM, Bellingham, Washington; Arts and Sciences; Alpha Xi Delta. JAMES EDGAR BRYSON, Sedro-Woolley, Washington; Law; Beta Gamma Sigma; B. A. Council: Varsity Glee Club; Asst. Chrm., Homecoming. ROSS CADMAN, Seattle, Washington; Arts and Sciences; Theta Chi. KENNET C. BRITT, Seottle, Washington; Arts and Sciences; Kappa Sigmo; Knights of the Hook; Pres., Propeller Club; Fo ' c ' sle Club. JACK BUFORD, Seattle, Washington; Technology; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Scob- boi ' d and Blade. GEORGE H. CADWELL, Vancouver, Washington; Arts and Sciences; Beta Theto Pi; Big W Club; Track; Pres., Interfraternity Council. MARY BROBERG, Seattle, Washington; Arts and Sciences; Sigma Eta Chi. GERRY BUNKER, Seattle, Woshington; Arts and Sciences; Phi Mu. MARGARET CAHALAN, Yakima, Woshington; Arts and Sciences; Delta Zeto; Phi Alpha Rho; Athena; Newman Club; U. Symphony Orchestra. BRUCE BROOKBANK, Seattle, Washington; Technology; Phi Sigma Kappa; Tau Beta Pi; Pres., Engr. Council; Varsity Ball Comm.; Student Affairs Comm. CHESTER BURDIC, Seattle, Washington; Arts ond Sciences; Delto Upsilon; Com- pass and Chart; Honor Committee. L. P. CALLAHAN, Spokane, Washington; Arts and Sciences; Sigma Phi Sigma; Ammoni Socii. SENIORS -is l- BERNIECE CAMPBELL, Seattle, Washington; Arts ond Sciences; Alpha Gamma Delta: Mu Phi Epsilon. EDITH CARTWRIGHT, Seottle. Washington; Arts ond Sciences: Alpha Gommo Delta. JOHN CHERBERG, Seattle, Washington; Arts and Sciences: Sigma Nu: Oval Club; Football: Big W Club; Husky Club. FRED CAMPBELL, Davenport, Washington; Low; Alpha Tau Omego. MARIANO CASTILLO, Mangaldan. Philippine Islands; Technology; Filipino Club. ROBERT CHURCHILL, Tocoma. Washington; Arts and Sciences; Westminster Club; Greek Club. GWENDOLYN CAMPBELL, Seattle. Washington; Arts and Sciences; Pi Beta Phi; Assoc. Ed., Tyee, 1932; Ad Club; Treas., Spurs. BARBARA CASTLEMAN, Ontario, Oregon; Arts and Sciences: Delta Gammo; Pres., Totem Club; Mortar Board. FREDERICK CLANTON, Rockford, Washington; Low; Sigma Chi. CARL J. CARLSON, Seottle. Woshington; Technology; Ammoni Socil; Compass and Chart; A. I. C. E. CECIL CASTOR, Wapato, Washington; Arts and Sciences; Sigma Phi Epsilon; Columns; Doily; Chrm., Varsity Boil. CHARLES SPENCER CLARK, Seattle. Washington; Technology; Zeta Psi. WILLIAM H. CARLETON, Seottle, Washington; Arts and Sciences; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Tau Sigma Delta; Atelier. DOROTHEA CATLETT, Seattle, Washington; Arts and Sciences: Chi Omega; Ad Club: Gamma Alpha Chi. WILLIAM CLARKE. Yoklmo, Washington; Technology; Phi Delta Theto. EDWIN H. CARMICHAEL, Seattle, Washington; Arts and Sciences; Theta Chi. FRANCES CHAMBERLAIN, Seattle, Washington; Arts ond Sciences. LAWRENCE CLEMOW, Ellensburg, Washington; Law; Alpha Sigma Phi. VIVIAN CARPENTER, Yakima, Washington; Arts and Sciences: Sigma Kappa. MARIAN CHAPMAN, Pateros, Washington; Arts and Sciences; Koppo Delta; Pres., Gommo Alpha Chi; Sec ' ty, Ad Club; Rifle Teom. JOHN CLIFTON, Seattle. Washington; Technology; Chi Psi. ORIGIN CARTER, Seattle, Woshington; Arts and Sciences; Alpha Sigma Phi. PHYLLIS CHATHAM, Seattle, Washington; Arts ond Sciences; Delta Gommo. D. GERALD CLOUD, Seattle, Washington; Arts and Sciences; Pres., Sigma Delta Chi; Beta Gommo Sigma. ROBERT H. CARTER, Spokane, Woshington; Technology; Alpha Sigma Phi. A. N. CHELEDEN, Philodelphlo, Pennsylvania; Low; Phi Koppo Tou; Phi Alpha Delta; Low School Ass ' n; Chrm., Low School Banquet. CAROLINE COCHRANE, Butte, Montono; Arts and Sciences; Chi Omega. SENIORS -[55 ifM -1562- ERNEST CODE, Victoria, B. C; Technology; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Crew; A. S. M. E.: Varsity Boat Club. MARIAN COOLEY, Seattle, Washington; Arts and Sciences: Gamma Phi Beta. MARCELLA CRABTREE, Mt. Vernon, Washington; Arts and Sciences; Gamma Phi Beta; Mortal ' Boai ' d: Spurs. JOHN COLLINS, Seattle, Washington; Arts and Sciences; Zeta Psi. WILLIAM COOMBS, Harrington. Washington; Technology. MARIAN CRAIG, Hoquiam, Washington; Arts and Sciences; Kappa Alpha Theta; Totem Club; Sec ' ty, A. S. U. W.; Sec ' ty, Homecoming; Sec ' ty, H. S. Leaders ' Conference. MARNY COLLINS, Seattle, Washington; Arts and Sciences; Alpha Gamma Delta; Mortar Board; Totem Club: Orchesis; J. G. V.; Y. W. C. A. Cabinet; Sec ' ty, Junior Day: Sec ' ty. Crew Drive. ROBERT W. COPELAND, Tocoma, Washington; Arts and Sciences. CLOYDE C. CROOK, Telphi, Indiana; Arts and Sciences. MARY ELIZABETH COMBS, Seottle, Washington; Arts and Sciences; D. A. R. LAURO CORANADO CATIBOG, Philippine Islands; Arts and Sciences; Filipino Club. JOHN L. CROSSEN, Seattle, Washington; Arts and Sciences; Beta Koppa. JOHN CONDON, Seattle, Washington; Arts and Sciences; Zeta Psi; Trocls; Big W Club, KAY COULON, Seattle, Woshington; Arts ond Sciences; Delta Zeta; Chrm., J. G. v.; Matrix Toble. GUINEVERE CROUCH, Boise. Idaho; Arts and Sciences. ANNA CONVISAR, Seattle, Washington; Arts and Sciences. IRENE COURTION, Brush Prairie. Woshington; Arts and Sciences: Phi Omega Pi; Home Economics Club; Doily. EUGENE W. CULLEN, Spokane, Washington; Arts and Sciences; Phi Sigma Koppa. HOWARD M. CONE, Longview, Washington; Technology; Delta Psi Delta. JOHN COUZENS, Seattle, Washington; Law; Beta Theta Pi. A. D. CUMMINGS, Seattle, Washington; Arts and Sciences: Phi Delta Theta; Vice-Pres., Sr. Class: Lieut.-Col., R. O. T. C. BYRON CONGDON, Seattle, Washington; Law; Phi Kappa Tau. FRANK J. COVICH. Seattle, Washington; Arts and Sciences; Tillicums. JAMES CUNNINGHAM, Seattle, Washington; Arts and Sciences; Sigma Phi S i q m o . DON COOK, Monroe, Washington; Low; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. MURIEL COX, Seottle. Washington; Arts and Sciences; Theta Upsilon. JOHN CURRAN, Seattle, Washington; Arts and Sciences; Alpha Sigma Phi. SENIORS GRACE CURTIS, Seattle, Washington; Arts and Sciences; Alpho Delta Theto: Pres.. B, A. Vocational Club; B. A. Council; Ad Club. ALLAN DEMANOVICH, Tacoma, Woshington; Arts and Sciences. NICKOLAS DMITRIEFF, Seottle, Washington; Technology, BEVERLEY DACK, Seattle, Woshington; Arts and Sciences; Tiilicums; Scobbord and Blade Sec ' ty; Pan Xenio; B. A. Council; Chrm., Cadet Ball; Band. MARY LOUISE DES JARDINS, Helena, Montana: Arts and Sciences; Alpho Delta Pi. DOROTHY DODDS, Seottle, Washington; Arts and Sciences; Alpha Chi Omega. PATRICIA DAKAN, Seattle. Washington; Arts and Sciences; Beta Phi Alpha; Sec ty, B. A. Council; Treos., Gamma Epsilon Pi. WARREN DEWAR, Monette, Washington; Law; Phi Koppa Sigma; Phi Delta Phi. JAMES T. DOOTSON, Everett, Washington; Arts and Sciences; Sigma Alpha Epsilon, SIMEON . DAQUIGAN, Philippine Islands; Arts and Sciences. RICHARD DIBBLE, Seattle, Washington; Arts and Sciences; Phi Koppa Psi; Crew. WILLIAM DORSEY, Seattle, Washington; Arts and Sciences; Pi Kappo Alpha. LAWRENCE DAVIS. Cashmere, Woshington: Arts and Sciences; Delta Upsilon; Pi Mu Chi. WESLEY DIERBERGER, Great Foils, Montana; Arts and Sciences; Sigmo Alpha Epsilon. JAMES DOUGAN, Seattle, Washington; Arts and Sciences; Chi Phi. LOUISE DAVIS, Colton, California: Arts and Sciences; Phi Omega Pi; Axe and Grindstone. GEORGE DUTCH, North Bend, Oregon; Arts and Sciences: Theto Xi. WILLIAM C. DOYLE, Seattle, Washington; Technology; Beta Kappa. McLAIN DAVIS, Seattle, Washington; Arts and Sciences; Alpha Sigma Phi. WILLIAM DEERING, Tacomo, Washington; Arts and Sciences; Alpha Delta Phi; Pi Mu Chi; Varsity Tennis Squod. VIRGINIA M. DRAMER, Roche Harbor, Washington; Arts and Sciences; Phi Mu. VERNON DAVIS, Seattle, Washington; Technology; Beta Koppa. RUTH DINGLEY, Seattle, Washington; Arts and Sciences: Totem Club; Y.W. C.A. MARY DREHER, Seattle, Washington; Arts and Sciences; Lambda Rho. ELEANOR DAVISCOURT, Centralio, Woshington; Arts and Sciences: Kappa Delta. FRANK DIVEN, Tacoma, Washington; Arts ond Sciences; Phi Gamma Delta. THAIS DUDLEY, Seattle, Washington; Arts and Sciences; Tyee; Newman Club. midJ SENIORS -[573- $ l i ETHEL MARIE DUFFY, Portland, Oregon; Arts and Sciences; Gamma Phi Beta; A. W. S. Student Advis. Comm. WILLIAM EASTMAN, Seattle, Washington; Technology; Phi Sigma Koppa; Forest Club. CONSTANCE ELLIS, Bryn Mawr, Washington; Arts and Sciences; Alpha Omlcron Pi. BRYANT DUNN, Seattle. Washington; Low; Sigma Chi; Pres.. Big W Club; Oval Club; Track; Wash. Low Review. JANE EDGERS, Seattle, Washington; Arts ond Sciences; Theta Upsilon. MINERVA ELWORTHY, Seattle, Washington; Arts ond Sciences; Koppa Kappa Gamma; Mortar Board; Totem Club; Y. W. C. A. Exec. Council; A. W. S. Exec. Boord. MILDRED DURGAN, Voncouver, Washington; Arts ond Sciences; Alpha Chi Omeqa. JOHN EDWARDSON, Tocomo, Washington; Law; Delta Sigma Phi. JOHN EMERY, Nopavine, Washington; Arts and Sciences; Sigma Nu; Oval Club; Propeller Club; Sr. Intramural Mgr.; Knights of the Hook. KEN DURYEE, Seattle, Washington; Arts and Sciences; Chi Phi; Frosh Baseboll Mqr. RICHARD EGAN, Seottle, Washington; Technology; Sigmo Chi. THELMA ENGEBRETSON, Bremerton, Washington; Arts and Sciences. CONRAD DYAR, Spokone, Washington; Arts ond Sciences; Phi Sigma Kappa. RUBY EGNER, Seattle. Woshington; Arts and Sciences; Phrateres; Inkwell Club; W. A, A. PANTELLA ENGLE, Seattle, Washington; Arts and Sciences. DOROTHY DYKEMAN, Castle Rock, Washington; Arts and Sciences; Beta Phi Alpho. FREDA EHRLICK, Seattle, Washington; Arts and Sciences; Sigma Tou Mu; Phi Mu Epsilon. GEORGE ENGLERTH, Seottle. Washington; Technology; Tou Phi Delta; Forest Club. JEAN EAGLESON, Seottle. Washington; Arts and Sciences; Koppa Koppo Gan ma; Mortar Boord; Totem Club; Pres., A. W. S. MARY ANNE EITEL, Bellevue, Washington; Arts and Sciences; Sigma Epsilon. ED ENGLISH, Seattle, Washington; Arts and Sciences; Sigma Nu. ANNIS EALS, Longview, Washington; Arts and Sciences; Pi Sigma Gamma; Atheno; Women ' s Varsity Debate. JOSEPH ELLERBY, Seattle, Washington; Technology; Phi Kappa Tou; Scabbard end Blade ; Tennis. HARRY W. ERICKSON, Seattle, Washington; Technology. MARGARET EAST, Chelan. Washington; Arts and Sciences; Delta Zeto. ARTHUR ELLIOTT, Portland, Oregon; Technology; Theta Xi. MILDRED ERICKSON, Kelso, Washington; Arts and Sciences. SENIORS JOHN F. ERWIN. Portlond, Oregon; Technology: Acacia: Scabbard and Blade. VIRGIL FESENMAIER, Seattle, Washington: Arts and Sciences: Alpha Sigma Phi. JEAN FOSTER, Seattle, Washington; Arts and Sciences; Gamma Phi Beta; Mortar Board; Pres., Sigma Epsilon; A. W. S. Concerts; Sec ' ty and Treas., Pre-Medic Club. RICHARD ERWIN, Boise, Idaho: Arts and Sciences: Beto Theta PI. RAY FINN, Seottle, Washington; Arts ond Sciences; Chi PsI; Football. JACK FRANCIS, Seattle, Washington; Arts and Sciences; Kappa Sigmo. WILLIAM ESTEP, Seattle, Washington; Arts and Sciences; Sigma Pi; Alpha Kappa Psi; Scabbord and Blade: Varsity Cagers; Intercollegiate Knights; Basketball; Foc ' s ' le Club. FRANCIS JOHN FINUCANE, Spokane. Washington; Law; Delta Kappa Epsilon; Treas., Phi Delta Phi. GEORGE E. FRECK, Portland, Oregon; Arts and Sciences: Beta Theta PI. DOROTHY ESTES, Seattle, Washington; Arts and Sciences: Phi Mu. CELESTE FIRNSTAHL, Seottle, Washington; Arts and Sciences: Alpha Gamma Delto; Totem Club; All-U. Ploy; J. G. V.: Phi Mu Gamma. KENNETH FREDLUND, Mt. Vernon, Washington; Arts and Sciences. RUTH EVANS, Seattle, Washington; Arts and Sciences; Alpha Chi Omega; Matrix Toble: Sec ' ty, Soph. Class; Social Chrm., A. W. S. BYRON FISH, Seattle, Washington; Arts and Sciences; Oval Club: Sec ' ty, Sigma Delta Chi; Columns Ed.: Hammer and Coffin; Dally; Tyee Humor Ed. CONSTANCE FRIELING, Bremerton, Woshlngton; Arts and Sciences; Gamma Sigma; Westminster Club. GEORGE FAHEY, Seattle, Washington; Arts and Sciences: Zeto PsI. HARVEY FITTS, Sunnyslde, Washington; Arts and Sciences. CECIL FRIEDMAN, Tocomo, Woshlngton;; Arts and Sciences: Phi Lambda Up sllon; Sigma PI Sigma. WALTER FALLON, Seattle, Washington; Arts and Sciences; Phi Kappa Psi. AUBREY J. FLETCHER, Spokone, Woshlngton: Technology; Tau Beta Pi; Commer clal Engineering Society. IRVING H. FRIESE, Puyollup, Washington; Arts and Sciences; Alpha Sigma Phi. W. KENNETH FANNING, Pocific City, Washington; Arts and Sciences; Sigma Phi Epsilon. PETER FLOTT, Seattle, Washington; Arts and Sciences. MARIE FRITZ, Spokane, Washington; Arts and Sciences; Clark Hall. KATHARYN FARR, Miles City, Montana; Arts ond Sciences; Alpho Omicron Pi. BERNICE FORCE, Seattle, Washington; Arts and Sciences. ROBERTA FRY, Olympla, Washington; Arts ond Sciences; Lombdo Omega. SENIORS O ff -[59 ROBERT FRYKHOLM, Seottle. Woshington; Arts and Sciences; Beta Alpha Psi. MILDRED GARVIN, Seattle, Washington; Arts and Sciences; A. W. S. Student Advis. Comm.; A. W. S. Concerts. ROBIN GLOOR, Seattle, Washington; Arts ond Sciences; Beta Theta Pi; Stunt Duke; Yell King; Intercollegiate Knights; Rally Chrm.; Asst. Chrm., H. S. Publicity Comm. JOHN Y. FUJITA, Tocoma, Washington; Arts and Sciences; Japanese Students ' Club. ROSE GATTAVARA, Enumclaw, Washington; Arts and Sciences; Beta Phi Alpha; Newman Club. DONALD GOCHNOUR, Sunnyside, Washington; Arts and Sciences; Theta Xi; Atelier. HAROLD FULLER, Seattle, Washington; Arts and Sciences: Pan Xenio; Beta Son mo Sigma; Pilgrim Club. JOHN GAVIN, St. Poul, Minnesota; Low; Alpha Delta Phi. GORDON GODWIN, Victoria, B. C; Technology; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. JOHN FULLER, St-ottle, Washington; Arts and Sciences; Sigma Phi Epsilon; Bas- ketball; Treos., Oval Club; Big W Club. ROGER H. GEE, Seottle, Washington; Technology; Tau Phi Delta; Pres., Forest Club. EILEEN GORMLEY, Seattle, Washington; Arts and Sciences; Sigma Kappa; Pres., Theto Sigma Phi; Totem Club; Editor of 1933 Tyee; Assoc. Ed., Doily; Asst. Ed., C olumns; Hammer and Coffin. RUTH FULTON, Wollo Walla, Washington; Arts ond Sciences; Gamma Phi Beta. ALBERT GERRITZ, Tocoma, Washington; Arts and Sciences; Transfer, W. S. C. HELEN GORMLEY, Seottle, Washington; Arts and Sciences; Beta Sigma Omicron; Attic Ployers; Asst, Ed., Tyee; Totem Club. DONALD FUTTERER, Socromento, California; Arts and Sciences. HAZEL GHIGLIONE, Seattle, Washington; Arts and Sciences: Sigma Kappa. FRANCIS GOSHERT, Seottle, Washington: Arts and Sciences; Delta Tau Delta; Alpho Koppa Psi. JAMES E. GALBRAITH, Seattle, Washington; Arts and Sciences: Phi Gommo Delta; Knights of the Hook; Junior Rep.; Circulation Mgr., W Book. FLORENCE GINDER, Camos, Washington; Arts ond Sciences; Beta Phi Alpha. AL GRAB, Seattle, Washington; Technology; Delta Koppa Epsilon. RALPH GANSKO, Seattle, Washington; Arts ond Sciences; Lombda Chi Alpha; Secty-Treos., Phi Mu Alpha; Varsity Glee Club. RAGNAR GISKE, Tocoma, Washington; Arts and Sciences; Theto Chi; Wrestling, JACK GRANT, Seottle, Washington; Technology; Tau Phi Delto. ARTHUR GARDINER, Seattle, Washington; Technology: Phi Slgmo Koppa. ROBERT L. GLASE, Seattle, Washington; Arts and Sciences; Delta Tau Delta. RUSSELL GRAVES, Seottle, Washington; Arts ond Sciences; Phi Kappa Tou. SENIORS -nboj- i MARTHA GREENE, Seattle. Washington; Arts and Sciences; Alpha Chi Omego; Sec ty, hHome Economics Club. GERTRUDE GUNDLACH, Seattle, Woshington; Acts and Sciences; Alpho Gamma Delta. ERLING HANSEN, Ellensburg, Washington; Arts and Sciences; Beto Alpha PsI. RAYMOND W. GREENE, JR., Bellinghom, Washington; Arts and Sciences; Sigma Pi; Alpha Kappa Psi. JULIA HAFFKE, Seattle, Washington; Arts and Sciences; Phi Omega Pi; Zeto Mu Tau; Iota Sigma Pi. LESTER HANSEN, Seattle, Washington; Technology: Tau Phi Delta; Forest Club. WILFRED GREENHAM, Seattle. Washington; Arts and Sciences. THURLEY HAGA, Seattle, Washington; Arts and Sciences; Kappa Phi; Wesley Club: C. C. Council. IWAO HARA, Seattle. Washington; Arts and Sciences; Japanese Students ' Club. ELIZABETH GRIFFITHS, Seattle. Washington; Arts and Sciences: Kappa Kappa Gamma. EMILY HALL, Vancouver. Washington; Arts and Sciences; Gamma Phi Beta. JAMES HARA, Seottle, Washington; Arts ond Sciences; Joponese Students ' Club. CHESTER GRIGG, Pacific Beach, Washington; Arts ond Sciences: Sigma Phi Sigma. GORDON HAMILTON, Seottle, Washington; Arts and Sciences; Pres. of W. E. A. HORTENSE HARLEY, Seattle, Woshington; Arts and Sciences; Alpha Phi; Totem Club: Vice-Pres., Zeta Phi Eta; Chrm. Standards Comm.; Concert Chrm.; Spurs; Washington Players. FRANCES GRIMSDELL, Seattle, Washington; Arts and Sciences; Delta Zeto. GEORGE HANDLEY, Seattle. Washington; Arts and Sciences; Theto Delto Chi; Alpho Delta Sigma. WILMA-NELL HARMONY, Seattle. Washington; Arts and Sciences: Zeto Tau Alpha: Spurs: W. A. A.; P. E. Club; Pres., Women ' s W Club: Chrm.. W. A. A. Dance Comm. FLORENCE GRODSTEIN, Seattle. Washington; Arts and Sciences; Treos., Orchesis; Vice-Pre s.. W. E. A. JACK HANNAFORD, Burlington, Washington; Arts and Sciences; Sigma Chi. ARTHUR L. HARNETT, Snohomish, Washington; Arts and Sciences: Delta Chi; Phi Delta Kappa; Baseball, 2, 3, 4; Torrance Insplrotional Medal; Oval Club; Super-Varsity Basketball. FRANCIS GROSS, Seattle, Washington; Technology; Sigma Xi; Tau Beta Pi. WILLIAM HANNAH, Vancouver, Washington; Arts and Sciences; Psi Upsilon. ROBERT F. HARNISH, Fargo, North Dokoto; Technology: Theta Chi; A. I. E. E.; Intramural Cross-Country. EDWARD GROSVENOR, Seattle, Washington; Arts and Sciences: Chi Phi. RHENETA HANSELMAN, Seattle, Washington; Arts and Sciences: Phi Mu. BELVA HARRIS, Seattle, Washington; Arts and Sciences; Kappa Kappa Gommo. SENIORS « I iri ' o. -C6I m. WHITNEY HARRIS, Seattle, Washington; Arts and Sciences; Phi Koppo Psi. MILTON HEIMAN, Seattle, Washington; Low; Sigmo Alpho Mu; Knights of the Hook; Low Club; All-U. Players. JULIET HORD, Seattle, Woshington; Arts and Sciences; Alpha Delta Theta. JOSEPH HARRISON, Seattle, Washington; Arts and Sciences; Phi Gamma Delta. RUTH HEMINGWAY, Seottle, Washington; Arts ond Sciences; Chi Omega. COLIN HOWARD, Seattle, Washington; Arts and Sciences; Sigma Nu; Oval Club; Big W Club; Husky Club; Football. WALTER HARTUNG, Seattle. Washington; Technology; Delta Psi Delta; Compass and Choi-t; A. I. E. E.; Track; Cross-Country Winner. V. S. HEMMEN, Seottle, Woshington; Law; Vice Pres., Newman Club. FRED HOWARD, Spokane, Washington; Arts and Sciences; Sigma Chi. TALBOT HARTLEY, Seattle, Washington; Arts and Sciences: Pi Kappa Phi; Fir Tree; Ovol Club; Big W Club; Track. MARGARET HEMPHILL, Seattle, Washington; Arts ond Sciences; Kappa Alpha Theto; Sec ' ty. Sr. Closs; Sec ' ty, Jr. Class. PAUL HOWARD, Seottle, Washington; Arts and Sciences; Chi Psi. LESTER HARTZELL, Seottle. Woshington; Arts ond Sciences; Alpha Sigma Phi; jnterfroternity Council. DAVID HERVEY, Logansport, Indiana; Technology; Theto Chi. LARRY HUBBARD, Edmonds, Woshington; Low; Phi Sigma Kappa; Vice-President A, S, U. W. EARL HATHAWAY, Seattle, Washington; Technology; A. I. E. E. WALTER HINSHAW, Seattle, Washington; Arts ond Sciences; Phi Kappa Sigma; Pres., Alpha Delta Sigma; Doily Adv. Mgr. MONROE HUBBELL, Spokane. Washington; Arts and Sciences; Sigma Phi Epsilon. LLOYD W. HAZLETON, Mount Vernon, Washington; Arts and Sciences. KUNIZO HIRAOKA. Japan; Arts and Sciences. CLAYTON HUEY, Anocortes, Washington; Arts and Sciences; Theto XI; Phi Lambda Upsilon. ROBERT HEAMAN, White Salmon. Washington; Arts and Sciences; Theto Xi; Oval Club; Big N Club; Baseball Copt,; Bosketball; Football. MARJORIE HOAG, Spokane, Washington; Arts and Sciences; Gamma Phi Beto. HERBERT HUGHES, Camas. Washington; Arts and Sciences; Newmon Club; Pre- Medic Club. RODNEY HEARNE, Seattle, Washington; Arts and Sciences; Phi Kappa Psi; Pre- tv edlc Club; Varsity Boot Club. JENNIE HONG, Pocatello, Idaho; Arts and Sciences; Vagobond Club. RONALD R. HULL, Yakima, Washington; Low; Delta Chi; Phi Alpha Delta. SENIORS -[62]- LEWIS HUMPHREY, Yakimo. Woshington; Technology; Tau Beta PI. MARTIN lORNS, Seattle, Washington; Arts and Sciences. VERNA JENSEN, Seattle, Washington; Arts and Sciences; Delta Zeta; Women ' s Rifle Team; W. A. A.; Women ' s W Club; B. A. Voc. Club. ROBERT HUNSLEY, Portlond, Oregon; Arts and Sciences; Phi Mu Alpha; Varsity Band; Glee Club. VERNA ISAACSON, Seattle, Washington; Arts ond Sciences; Alpho Delta Pi; Totem Club. CLIFFORD JOHNS, Issaquah. Woshington; Technology; Lambda Chi Alpha. DORIS HUNTER, Seottle, Washington; Arts and Sciences: Kappa Phi; Wesley Club. PAUL Y. ISHIO, Seattle, Washington; Technology. CECIL JOHNSON, Seattle, Washington; Technology; A. S. C. E. HELEN HUNTER, Seattle, Washington; Arts and Sciences: Kappa Phi. GILBERT JACOBS, Lewistown, Montana; Arts and Sciences; Zeta Beta Tou. EDITH JOHNSON, Seottle, Washington; Arts and Sciences; Kappa Delta; A. W. S. Concert Comm.; Columns: Westminster Club. LUCILE HUNTER, Seattle, Washington; Arts and Sciences; Zeta Tou Alpha. JULIUS J. JACOBS, Seattle, Washington; Arts ond Sciences; Football. ELSIE JOHNSON, Seattle, Washington; Technology: Beta Sigma Omicron; Sigma Xi; Rho Chi; Iota Sigma Pi. ERIC HURNBLAD, Seottle, Washington; Arts and Sciences; Alpha Sigma Phi. STANLEY JALOFF, Portlond, Oregon: Arts and Sciences: Zeta Beta Tau: Ovol Club: Big W Club: Varsity Basketball. HAROLD JOHNSON, Seattle, Washington; Technology; Engineering Council; In- tromurol Wrestling Champ.; Mines Rep.; Treas., Mines Society. ■ ' - ROBERT W. HUTCHINSON, Seattle. Washington; Technology; Tau Beta Pi; Zeta Mu Tau: Fresh Crew; Compass and Chart; Engineering Council. JOHN JAMES, Seattle, Washington; Technology: Sigma Chi. ILA JOHNSON, Prineville, Oregon; Arts and Sciences; Alpha Omicron Pi; Trans- fer, O. S. C. BERYL IMMENROTH, Vancouver, Woshington; Arts and Sciences: Phroteres; W. A. A. MYRLE JAMES, Seottle, Washington; Arts and Sciences; Alpho Delta Theta. PHIL JOHNSON, Seattle, Woshington; Arts and Sciences; Beta Theta Pi. VIRGINIA INSLEY, Portland, Oregon; Arts and Sciences; Koppa Kappa Gamma. EDITH JENKS, Salem, Oregon; Arts and Sciences. WILBUR M. JOHNSON, Seattle, Washington; Arts and Sciences; Propeller Club. i -- SENIORS -1632- ■f[ -T -J ' % " ' ' H CHARLES JOHNSON, Seattle, Washington; Technology. ELIZABETH KAYNOR, Eilensburg, Washington; Arts and Sciences; Delta Zeta; Doily; A. W. S. Concert Comm. HOWARD KOHR, Nampo, Idaho; Arts and Sciences. H. R. JOHNSON, Seattle, Washington; Arts and Sciences: Sigma Phi Sigma; Beto Alpha Psi; Scabbard ond Blade; Rifle Squad. OLIVER KEARNS, Seattle, Washington; Arts and Sciences; Pi Koppa Alpha. PALMER D. KOON, Spokane, Washington; Arts and Sciences; Theto Chi; Pres., Atelier; Compass and Cliort. LAURENCE JOLLEY, Seattle, Woshington; Technology; Tou Phi Delta; Trees., Intertraternity Council; Ad Club; Alpha Delta Sigma; Varsity Ball Pub. Chrm.; Frosh Baseball; Knights of the Hook; Chrm., Engineers ' Informal. LUCILE KEENEY, Seattle, Washington; Arts and Sciences; Delta Zeto: Axe and Grindstone; Y. W. C. A. Cabinet; Pilgrim Club. ESTELLA KOOZIN, Seottle, Washington; Arts and Sciences; Phi Beta Koppa; Assoc. Member, Sigma Xi. EDWIN JONES, Wenatchee, Washington; Technology; Alpha Kappo Lambda. MARY VIRGINIA KEFAUVER, Seattle, Washington; Arts and Sciences; Kappa Alpha Theto: Pros., Omicron Nu. HELEN KRATAVILLE, Seattle, Washington; Arts and Sciences. ELTON JONES, Comas, Washington; Low; Sigma Pi; Phi Alpha Delta. BEHY KEVIN, Olympia, Washington; Arts and Sciences: Alpha Chi Omega; J.G. V. MADGE KUHWARTH, Hayward, California; Arts and Sciences; Mu Phi Epsilon; Women s Ensemble. THORNTON JONES, Spokone, Washington: Arts and Sciences; Sigma Phi Epsilon; Scabbard and Blode. THELMA KINSMAN, Seattle, Washington; Arts ond Sciences. HIRAOKA KUNIZO, Japan; Arts ond Sciences; Japanese Students ' Club. VIRGINIA LEE JORDAN, Seottle, Washington; Arts and Sciences; Alpha Phi; Zeta Phi Etc. PAUL KIRKER, Toppenish, Woshington: Arts and Sciences; Phi Delta Theta; Oval Club; Fir Tree; Boseboll Mgr. MARIE LAKIN, Opportunity, Woshington; Arts ond Sciences; Sigma Kappa; Tyee. CHARLES KAHAN, Seattle, Washington; Technology: Tou Beta Pi; Sigma Xi; A. S M. E. MARION KLINE, Seattle. Washington; Arts and Sciences: Roger Williams Club; C. C. Council. VIRGINIA LAMBERT, Spokane, Washington; Arts and Sciences: Gamma Phi Beta; Pres., Phi Mu Gamma; Attic Players: R. U. R.; Electro. T. R. KARLSTEN, Spokone. Washington; Arts and Sciences: Theto Chi GORDON KNOTT, Seattle, Washington; Technology: Chi Phi. RUTH LANDAUER, Seattle, Washington; Arts and Sciences. SENIORS -[:64]- WENDELL KNUDSON, Seattle, Woshington; Arts and Sciences: Phi Delta Theta. MARCELLA LAUBENHEIM, Seattle, Washington; Arts and Sciences: Theto Sigma Phi. JAMES LEWIS, Seattle. Washington: Technology; Purple Shield: Forestry Club; Xi Sigma Pi; Pilgrim Club. ERNEST KOCHEVAR, Enumdaw, Washington; Arts ond Sciences: Lambda Chi Alpha. PAUL LAUGHRUN, Seattle, Washington; Arts ond Sciences. HARRY B. LIDEN, Seattle, Washington; Arts and Sciences; Beta Kappa. GUTHRIE LANGSDORF, Vancouver, Washington; Law; Beta Theta Pi; Scabbard and Blade: Stunt Duke. HELEN LAURIDSEN, Seattle, Washington; Arts and Sciences: Phi Omega Pi; Westminster Club. FRED LINDBERG, Seattle. Woshington: Arts and Sciences. MARY LOUISE LA PLANT, Lyman, Washington: Arts ond Sciences; Beta Phi Alpha. MORTEN LAURIDSEN, Seattle, Washington; Arts and Sciences; Tou Phi Delta. REUBEN C. LINDBLOM, Seattle, Washington; Technology. JAMES LARPENTEUR, Seattle, Washington; Arts and Sciences; Chi Psi; Alpha Kappa Psi; Alpha Delta Sigma; Pres., Ad Club; Chrm. High School Pub.; Daily Promotion Mgr.; Defeated Candidates ' Club; B. A. Council. KATHLEEN LAWLOR, Spokane, Washington; Arts and Sciences; Women ' s En- semble: Ad Club; Attic Players. ADDISON P. LINDSLEY, Seattle, Washington; Arts ond Sciences; Psi Upsilon. GERALD WELLMAN LARSON, Puyollup, Washington; Arts and Sciences: Pi Kappo Phi; Phi Lambda Upsilon: Interfroternity Council; Knights o the Hook. LOUIS A. LAWSON, Seattle, Washington; Arts ond Sciences. HANNAH LITTLE, Tocomo, Washington; Arts and Sciences: Alpha Gamma Delto: J, G. V. MILDRED LARSON, Tocoma, Washington: Arts and Sciences: Alpha Omicron Pi; Totem Club: Asst. Ed., Tyee; Y. W. C. A. Cobinet; Y. W. C. A. Council; Daily; Spurs; Bus. Mgr., W Book; Ed., Y. W. Bulletin: Vice-Pres., Theta Sigma Phi. ALBERT LECHNER, Rockwood, Colorodo: Technology; Transfer, U. of Texas. F. B. LOCKWOOD, Bremerton, Washington; Low; Sigma Phi Epsilon. JAMES LASATER, Walla Walla, Washington; Arts and Sciences; Sigma Phi Epsilon: Pi Sigma Alpha; Varsity Glee Club; Bacteriology Club. LOUISE LEDERLE, Sedro-Woolley, Washington; Arts and Sciences: Alpha Gammo Delta; Orchesis; P. E. Club; W. A. A.; Tyee: Gen. Mgr., Dance Drama. KENNETH LOTT, Seattle, Washington; Technology: Engineering Society. DORIS LATHROP, Fargo, North Dakota; Arts and Sciences; Phi Mu. ALVA LeSOURD, Seattle, Washington: Arts and Sciences: Phi Mu; Kappa Phi Hommei- and Coffin: Columns. BESS LOWRY, Seattle, Washington; Arts and Sciences; Omicron Nu. !fc«S SENIORS -[:65 )V ELMER LOZIER, Spokane, Washington; Arts and Sciences: Adelphi; Pres., Tech- nocracy Club. AUDREY McCLEAR, Seattle, Woshington; Arts and Sciences: Theta Upsilon. WALLACE MclNTOSH, Bremerton, Washington: Technology: Beto Koppo. SHIRLEY LUCK, Stockton, California: Arts and Sciences: Phi Omega Pi: Taps. WILLIAM M. McCLOY, Seattle, Washington; Arts and Sciences; Sigma Phi Sigma; Adv. Mqr.. Tyee: Compass and Chart; Propeller Club: Crew, HAZEL McKENNA, Renton, Washington; Arts ond Sciences; P. E. Club: W. A. A.; Tops; Women ' s W Club; Treas.. P. E. Club; Tennis Mgr. DOROTHEA LUND, Omok, Washington; Arts and Sciences; Sigma Koppo; Koppo Phi. NINA McCOMB, New York, New York; Arts and Sciences. HELEN McKNIGHT. Seattle. Woshington: Arts and Sciences; Home Economics Club. WENDELL LUNDELL, Thief River Foils, Minnesota; Arts and Sciences: Theto Chi. THELMA McCORMICK, Voshon Island, Washington; Arts and Sciences. RICHARD McMAHON, Seattle, Washington; Arts ond Sciences; Theto Xi. JOHN LYNCH, Olympia, Washington; Low; Phi Kappa Tou. JANET McCOY, lone, Woshington; Arts and Sciences: Alpha Chi Omego. BRUCE McNAY, Seattle. Washington; Technology: Lambda Chi Alpha. VINCENT L. MacADAM, Seattle, Washington; Arts and Sciences: Newman Club: Trees., Phi Alpha Rho: Pre-Medic Club. VIVIAN McDERMID, Seattle, Woshington: Arts and Sciences; Phi Mu Epsilon; Sec ' ty. Zeta Mu Tau; Pilgrim Club. FLORENCE MacRAE, Seattle, Washington; Arts and Sciences; Koppo Alpha Theta. ROBERT McCAMENT, Son Fernondo, California: Arts and Sciences; Tou Koppo Epsilon: Purple Shield. MARY ELLEN McGONAGLE, Seloh, Washington; Arts ond Sciences: Delta Zeta; A. W. S. Concerts. WOODBURN W. MACFARLANE, Seattle, Woshington; Arts ond Sciences: Phi Kappa Psi; Doily; Compass and Chort; Golf. FRANK McCartney, Portland, Oregon; Arts ond Sciences; Beta Theto Pi. SHIRLEY MacGREGOR, Greot Falls, Montono; Arts and Sciences; Chi Omega: Moi ' tar Board; Totem Club; Gamma Alpha Chi; Matrix Table. PRISCILLA MAGILL, Tocoma, Washington; Arts ond Sciences; Koppo Koppo Gamma. PAULINE McCLAIN, Seattle, Washington; Arts and Sciences: Alpha Phi. MARY MclLRAVY, Everett, Washington; Arts ond Sciences: Koppo Koppo Gommo. HELEN MAINS, Boise, Idaho: Arts ond Sciences; Alpho Phi; Pres., Library Class. SENIORS -[66:]- HELEN MALOTT, Seattle. Washington; Arts and Sciences: Alpha Chi Omego. ALICE MATATALL, Seattle, Washington; Arts ond Sciences; Theta Upsilon. W. J. MILLARD, Olympio. Washington; Arts and Sciences; Phi Kappa Psi; Sr., Fr Mgr,, Trock. ADA MARCKX, Seattle, Woshington; Technology; loto Sigma Pi; Rho Chi; Sigma Xi. EDITH MELTON, Idaho Falls, Idaho; Arts and Sciences; Phrateres; Women ' s Vor- sity Debate; Gomma Epsilon Pi. DON MILLER, Vancouver. Washington; Technology; Lambda Chi Alpha. JACK MARDEN, Seattle, Washington; Technology; Sec ' ty, A. S. M. E. SELDEN MENEFEE, Seattle. Washington; Adelphi; Alpha Kappa Delta; Pres., So- ciology Club; Hammer and CoHin. MARGARET ANN MILLER, Seattle. Washington; Arts and Sciences; Newman Club; Phi Alpho Rho. AARON MARKHAM, Seattle. Washington; Technology; Tillicums; Pres.. Tau Beto Pi; Phi Lambda Upsilon; Engineering Council; Engineers " Open House Comm.; Sigmo Xi; Ammoni Socil. WILLIAM MENTZER, Tacoma, Washington; Technology; Sigma Nu. BLAKE MILLS, Seattle, Woshington; Technology; Psi Upsilon; Tau Beta Pi; Sigma XI; A. S. M. E. RICHARD MARPLE, Seattle, Woshington; Low; Pilgrim Club. WILLIAM C. MEYER, Seottle, Washington; Technology; Tau Phi Delta; Ed.. Forest Club Quarterly ELOISE MILLS, Seattle, Washington; Arts ond Sciences; Alpha Chi Omega; Totem Club: Pres., Gamma Epsilon Pi; B. A. Council: Office Mgr., Doily. BERNICE MARS, Sweet Grass, Montana: Arts and Sciences; Delta Zeto. HAROLD MICHAELSON, Colfax, Washington; Arts and Sciences; Delta Sigma Phi: Vorsity Bond; Univ. Orch.; Pilgrim Club. MARGUERITE MILLS, Wenatchee, Washington; Arts and Sciences; Delta Gamma; Mu Phi Epsilon: Transfer from Whitman. BYRON MARSHALL, Seattle. Washington; Arts and Sciences. WALTER MICKELSEN, Wlnlock, Washington; Arts and Sciences; Beta Gamma Sigma. CECILIA MINI, Vallejo, California; Arts and Sciences. DOROTHY MARTIN, Tocoma, Washington; Arts ond Sciences: Delta Delta Delto. GEORGE MIDDLETON, Seattle, Washington; Technology: Phi Kappa Sigma; Pur- ple Shield: Engineering Council; Assoc. Member. Sigma XI. HERBERT MJORUD, Petersburg, Aloska; Arts and Sciences; Phi Kappa Sigma: Big W Club; Vorsity Boat Club: Crew Copt. ANTHONY MATTIELLI, Seottle. Woshington: Technology. ROBERT A. MIDDLETON, Seattle. Washington; Technology: Delta Psi Delta. BILL MONTGOMERY, Seattle, Woshington; Law; Phi Delta Theto; Ovol Club; Pres., A. S. U. W.; Treos., Sr. Class. SENIORS -[67]- DWIGHT MOODY, Seattle, Washington: Technology; Sigmo Chi; Intercollegiate Knights. CHARLES J. MORTON, Seattle, Washington; Arts and Sciences; Beta Kappa. ROBERT NEAL, Seattle, Washington; Arts ond Sciences; Alpha Kappa Lambda. BETTY MOOK. Seattle, Washington; Arts and Sciences; Gamma Phi Beta; Chrm., A. W. S. Hobby Group. JOHN MOSOLF, Puyollup, Washington; Technology. BARBARA JANE NEELY, Anocortes, Washington; Arts and Sciences. MOLLY MONY, Everett, Washington; Arts and Sciences. MURIEL MAWER, Seattle. Washington; Law; Pi Sigma Alpha. MARTIN NELSON, Seattle, Washington; Arts and Sciences; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Ovol Club; Vice-Pres.. A. S. U. W.; Sr. Rep., Board of Control; Homecoming Chrm.; Crew; Beta Gamma Sigma; Alpha Koppa Psi. KENNETH MOORE. Waterbury, Connecticut: Arts and Sciences; Tou Phi Delta; Forest Club. ROBERT MURRAY, Wenatchee, Washington; Low; Sigma Chi; Sr. Rep., Board of Control. WILLIAM NePAGE, Seottle, Woshington; Arts and Sciences; Phi Kappa Sigma; Alpha Koppa Psi; Scabbard and Blade; Propeller Club. ROBERT MOORE, Olympia, Washington: Arts ond Sciences: Phi Sigma Kappa. PENFIELD MUSSON, Seattle, Washington; Technology; Delta Koppa Epsilon. WILLIAM NEWBERG, Sedro-Woolley. Woshington; Technology; Alpho Tou Omega; A. S. M. E. ROSALIA MORFORD, Seattle, Woshington; Arts ond Sciences; Chi Omega; Daily; Type. HELEN NANCE, Seattle, Washington; Arts and Sciences: Chi Omego: Phi Beta; Attic Ployers: All-U. Ploys. HELEN NEWELL, Ronald, Washington; Arts and Sciences; McKenney House. BLANCHE MORGAN, Olympia, Washington; Arts and Sciences; Kapo Delto, Lambda Rho: Atelier; Dance Droma; Ad Club. ALBERT M. NANNEY, Voncouver. Washington; Low; Acacia: Phi Alpha Delta. GERTRUDE NEUPERT, Seattle, Washington; Arts and Sciences; Alpha Xi Delta. ROSE MORRY, Seattle, Washington; Arts and Sciences; Theto Sigma Phi; Doily. HELEN NAUNDORF, Spokone, Washington; Arts and Sciences; Pilgrim Club; Sigma Eta Chi; Attic Players; Glee Club; Transfer, Reed College. MARY NEWLANDS, Oswego, Oregon; Arts ond Sciences; Gamma Phi Beta. CLIFFORD MORTENSEN, Seattle, Woshington; Technology; Sigma Alpha Epsilon: Vorsity Boot Club. HELEN NEAL, Seattle, Woshington; Arts and Sciences; Delta Zeto; Athena: W. A. A. FERRIS F. NICHOLSON, Tacomo, Washington: Arts and Sciences; Alpha Sigma Phi. SENIORS -[1683- JEAN GILBREATH NiEMEIER, Seattle. Woshington; Arts and Sciences; Alpho Omicron Pi. ALICE OETTEL, Spokane, Washington; Ai-ts and Sciences; Theta Upsilon. MARION OSTLIFF. Roslyn, Washington; Technology. EMILY NIGhHTINGALE. Tocomo. Washington; Arts and Sciences; Transfer Irom College of Puget Sound. AMY OKAZAKI, Seattle. Woshlngton; Arts and Sciences: Secty, Roger Williams Club. MARIE OUELLETTE, Seattle. Woshlngton; Arts and Sciences; Delta Zeto; Phi Alpho Rho; Asst. Sec ' ty, J. G. V. DAVID NISBET, Cheholis, Woshlngton; Arts and Sciences: Sigma Nu: Ovol Club; Big W Club: Footboll. ANNE MARIE OLSON, Maple Valley, Woshlngton; Low; Sigma Koppo. RICHARD OUTSEN, Rock Springs, Wyoming; Technology; Alpho Tou Omega; Knights of the Hook. KATHERINE NOBLE, Bellevue. Washington; Arts and Sciences; Sigma Epsilon. PAUL A. OLSON, Seattle. Washington; Arts and Sciences: Oval Club: Pres., Adel phi: Tou Koppo Alpha; Soph. Rep.. Board of Control; Frosh Debate. HARRIETTE OWEN, Seattle, Woshlngton: Arts and Sciences; Alpho Xi Delta; Hommei " and Coffin. MABEL SUMIKO NOJIRI, Seattle, Washington; Arts and Sciences: Fuyo-Kai. NORAH OLWELL. Seattle. Washington; Arts and Sciences: Delta Delta Delta. WILMAGLEN PADDOCK, Seattle, Woshlngton; Arts and Sciences; Pi Beta Phi, KENNETH NORDEN, Spokone, Washington; Technology; Tou Beta Pi; A. S. M. E. MELVIN OMEG, Toledo, Ohio: Arts and Sciences. ROSA PALACiO, Panama Conol Zone; Arts and Sciences: Alpha Delta Theto; Atelier. HARRY NORDQUIST, Seattle, Woshlngton; Arts and Sciences; Alpha Sigma Phi. JACK O ' NEILL, Sacramento, California; Arts and Sciences. ROBERT D. PARRA, Oakland. California; Arts and Sciences; Delta Chi. JACK NORKOOL. Kent, Woshlngton; Technology. WILLIAM ORNDUFF, Northport, Washington; Arts and Sciences; Psi Upsilon. KATHRYN PARRISH. Monitor, Woshlngton: Arts and Sciences. EDWARD O ' BRIEN, Seattle, Washington; Technology: Lightweight Crew Captain. GLENN ORLOB, Bothell. Woshlngton; Technology. GORDON PARROTT, Olympio. Washington; Arts ond Sciences: Phi Koppo Slgmo; OvqI Club; Fir Tree: Big W Club; Crew Captain. , " t ' A ' SENIORS -: .r|- p:;r f K i 1 1 GEORGE H. PARSONS, Seattle, Washington: Arts and Sciences; Alpha Delta Phi; Frosh Golf; Varsity Boat Club: Lightweight Varsity Crew, ETTA PENCE, Seattle, Washington; Arts and Sciences. EVERT POMEROY, Seattle, Washington; Arts and Sciences; Sigma Pi; Scabbard ond Blade. JAMES G. PATRICK, Seattle, Washington: Technology: Alpha Kappa Lambda. RICHARD M. PERRY, Yakima, Washington; Arts and Sciences; Alpha Kappa Lombdo. MARGARET POPE, Port Angeles, Washington; Arts and Sciences: Chi Omega. BEVERLY PATTEN, Seattle, Washington; Arts ond Sciences: Theta Xi. VINCENT PESCE, Seattle, Washington; Technology: Tau Beta PI; Scobbord ond Blade. EDWIN A. POTTER, Seattle, Washington; Arts and Sciences; Phi Gamma Delta; Mgr., Track. BERNIECE PATTERSON, Ca rnation, Washington; Arts and Sciences. PETRA PETERSON, Grandview, Washington; Arts and Sciences; Beta Phi Alpha. BILL PRATER, Seattle, Washington; Arts and Sciences: Alpha Tau Omega. WILLIAM PATTERSON, Seattle, Washington; Arts and Sciences. KENNETH PETH, Mount Vernon, Washington; Arts and Sciences: Sigma Alpha Ep ' .ilon; Alpho Kappa Psi. V. A. PRISADSKY, Seattle, Woshington; Technology. RUTH PAUL, Tocoma, Washington; Arts and Sciences. MARGARET PHILBRICK, Seattle, Washington; Arts and Sciences; Koppo Alpha Theto; J. G. V. CLYDE PRITCHARD, Pocotello, Idoho; Arts ond Sciences. LYDIA PEARL, Seattle, Washington; Arts and Sciences; Mu Phi Epsllon; Sec ' ty, W. E. A.; Debate Team; Menorah Society; Spanish Club: Glee Club. KATHERINE PINSON, Seattle, Washington; Arts and Sciences: Sec ' ty, Kappa Phi. BLISS PUGSLEY, Seattle, Washington; Arts and Sciences; Kla-How-Yoh; Pilgrim Club: Sigma Eta Chi; Debate; Athena; Omicron Nu. JOE S. PEARSON, Spokane, Washington; Low; Phi Gommo Delto. BERNARD PIPE, Seattle, Washington; Arts and Sciences: Sigma Chi. RALPH PURVIS, Bremerton. Washington; Low; Delta Kappa Epsllon: Phi Delta Phi. WILLARD S. PEDERSEN, Seattle, Washington; Low; Sigma Phi Sigma. GEORGE PLANCICH, Seattle, Washington; Technology. MARION PURVIS, Sumner, Washington; Arts and Sciences: Alpha Chi Omega. SENIORS -{j y I EMILIA RADOVAN, Seattle. Washington; Arts and Sciences: Alpha Omicron Pi; Gamma Alpha Chi; Phi Alpha Rho; Sec ' ty, Crew Drive; Sec ' ty, A. S. U. W. Election. ROBERT M. RICHARDSON, Hllo. Hawaii; Arts and Sciences; Phi Gamma Delta. KERMIT ROSEN. Seattle, Washington; Technology; Zeta Beta Tau. AL RAICHLE, Yakima, Washington; Arts and Sciences; Alpha Sigma Phi. AUDREY RICKARD, Seattle, Washington; Arts and Sciences; Phrateres Council. HELEN ROTH, Seattle, Washington; Arts and Sciences: Kappa Delta. JOHN RARIG, Seattle, Washington; Arts and Sciences; Lambda Chi Alpha; Glee Club; Opera; Phi Mu Alpha. MOTT RIEKE, Seattle, Washington; Technology; Theta Chi. FRANK ROSENQUIST, Vancouver, Washington; Low; Beto Theto Pi; Big W Club; Spiked Shoe Club; Varsity Track. MILDRED READ, Bucodo, Washington; Arts and Sciences; Alpha Delta Theto; Lambda Rho; Spanish Club; Columns Art Staff; Tyee Business Staff. DOROTHEA RITCHIE, Seattle, Washington; Arts ond Sciences; Mortar Board; Totem Club; Pres., W. A. A.; Vice-Pres., W Club; Vice-Pres., Y. W. C. A.; Freshman Commission; A. W. S. Presidents ' Council; Standards Comm. ROSE ROTMAN, Tocomo, Washington; Arts and Sciences. DOROTHY M. REID, Seattle, Washington; Arts ond Sciences; Alpha Omicron Pi. REGGIE RITTER, Tacoma, Woshington; Arts ond Sciences; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. GERSHON ROWLAND, Tocomo, Washington; Low; Chi Phi; Phi Delta Phi. OLIVE RELLING, Seattle, Washington; Arts and Sciences. JOHN CECIL RIVER, Sheridan, Oregon; Arts and Sciences; Tillicums. GEORGE RUBY, Caldwell. Idaho; Arts and Sciences; Pi Koppo Phi; Beta Alpha Psi; Alpha Kappa Psi. KENNETH RHUDDY, Seattle, Woshington; Arts and Sciences; Sigma Nu; Pres.. Oval Club; Track Cooch; Big W Club. RUTH ROBERTS, Seattle, Washington; Arts and Sciences; Kappo Alpha Theto. BARBARA RUMMENS, Seattle, Washington; Arts and Sciences. GORDON RIBBECK, Seattle, Washington; Technology; Phi Sigma Kappa; Purple Shield; Vice-Pres., Engineering Council: Chrm.. Engineers ' Informal. WILLIAM H. ROGERS, Seattle, Washington; Technology; Forest Club. JACK RUSSELL, Seattle, Washington; Low; Psi Upsilon. EVELYN RICHARDS, Bremerton, Washington; Arts and Sciences; Sigma Koppo; Vice-Pres., Jr. Class; Spurs; Axe and Grindstone; Crew Drive Coptoin. HUGH ROSELLINI, Tacoma, Washington; Law; Beta Kappa. WILLIAM RYER, Seattle, Woshington; Arts and Sciences: Alpho Sigma Phi; Sigma Delta Chi; Daily Editorial Board; Tyee; Hammer and Coffin. SENIORS A -[71]- um S. HALE SANDVOS, Seattle, Washington; Technology. GENA-HELEN SCHMIDT, Seattle, Washington; Arts and Sciences; Kappa Kappa Gomma. ROY SEAGRAVES, Seottle, Washington; Low. HELEN SANWICK, Seattle, Washington; Acts and Sciences; Mortar Board; Zeta Phi Etc. LOREN SCHOEL, Edmonds. Washington; Arts and Sciences; Alpha Sigma Phi; Oval Club; Big W Club; Varsity Boot Club; Varsity Crew. CAROL SEEDS, Spokane, Washington; Arts and Sciences; Delta Gamma; Tronsfer from Whitman. ARTHUR SASAKI, Seattle, Washington; Arts and Sciences; Japanese Students ' Club. ELMER SCHOEN, Bothell. Washington; Arts and Sciences; Sigma Pi; Alpha Kappa Psi; Propeller Club; Super-Varsity Bosketball. FRANCES SEELEY, Seattle, Woshington; Arts and Sciences; Phi Omega Pi; Kappa Phi; Attic Players; Home Economics Club. WILLIAM L. SAUNDERS, Seattle, Washington; Arts and Sciences; Alpha Sigma Phi; Fr. Track Mgr.; Asst. Circ. Mgr., Tyee; Finance Club. MARY LOUISE SCHROEDER, Helena, Montana; Arts end Sciences; Phi Mu; Mu Phi Epsilon; J. G. V. Comm. CLARENCE SEELIGER, Seattle, Washington; Arts and Sciences; Acacia. KEITH SCHADER, Seattle, Washington; Technology; Pres., A. S. M. E. EARL SCHUCHARD, Auburn. Washington; Technology; Faculty Scholarship Award. H. RIDGLEY SEITER, Seattle, Washington; Arts and Sciences; Theta Chi. RUTH M. SCHAEFER, Spokane. Washington; Arts and Sciences; Theto Upsilon. JOHN SCHWAGER, Seattle. Washington; Arts and Sciences; Psi Upsilon; Minor W Club: Golf: Frosh Crew. KENNETH SERIER, Kennewick. Washington; Low. PAUL F. SCHARPENBERG, LoCrosse. Washington; Low; Delta Sigma Phi. RICHARD C. SCHWARZ, Klrkland, Washington; Technology. LAWRENCE SESSOMS, Arlington. Washington; Arts and Sciences; Kappa Sigma. ARNOLD SCHELDT, Everett, Washington; Arts and Sciences; Sigma Alpha Ep- silon; Pres., Pon Xenio; B. A. Council; Trock; Spiked Shoe Club. HELEN SEABURG, Seattle, Washington; Arts and Sciences. JACK SHAW, Seattle, Washington; Arts and Sciences; Phi Beta Kappa; Phi Delto Kappa; ChlPhl; Crew; Purple Shield; Interfraternlty Council; Varsity Boot Club. CLARA LOUISE SCHMIDT, Olymplo, Washington; Arts and Sciences; Kappa Koppa Gommo, ERNEST SCOWCROFT, Seattle, Washington; Arts and Sciences. SUMIKO SHIMIZU, Seattle, Washington; Arts and Sciences; Fuyo-Koi. SENIORS SUMI SHINOZAKI, Port Townsend, Washington; Arh ond Sciences; Theta Sigma Phi; Fuyo-Kai; Assoc. Ed., Tyee. ENID SMITH, Seattle, Washington; Arts and Sciences; Alpha Xi Delta; Totem Club; Trees., Ponhellenic; Spurs. STANLEY SPORSEEN, Seattle, Washington; Technology. (vlARGARET SHORT, Ellensburg, Washington; Arts ond Sciences; Phi Mu. INA SMITH, Seattle, Washington; Arts and Sciences; Lambda Omega; Women ' s W Club; Dance Drama; W. A. A.; P. E. Club. DEBORAH SPRAGUE, Port Angeles, Washington; Arts ond Sciences; Alpha Delto Pi; Pres., Mortar Board; Totem Club; Y. W. C. A. Cabinet; VicePres., A. W. S.; A. W. S. Concert Chrm.; Sec ' ty, Junior Day. FRANCES SIBLEY, Seattle, Washington; Arts ond Sciences; Mu Phi Epsilon. LAURENE SOTH, Kennewick, Washington; Arts and Sciences. BEN R. STAHMANN, Spanish Fort, Utah; Technology; Tou Phi Delta. JAMES SIDEY, Portland, Oregon; Technology: Adelphi Council; Finish Club. AURELIA SPARKS, Seattle, Washington; Arts and Sciences; Lambda Omega; Totem Club; Spurs; Pres., P, E. Club; W. A. A.; Women ' s W Club; Rifle Team; Gen. Mgr., Baseball. FLOYD STANLEY, Seattle, Washington; Arts and Sciences; Sigma Phi Epsilon; Pres., B. A. Council; Pres., Alpha Kappa Psi; Treos., Ad Club. LOIS SIEVERS, Everett, Washington; Arts and Sciences; Pi Beta Phi. MARJORIE SPEIDEL, Seottle, Washington; Arts and Sciences; Gamma Phi Beta; Mortor Board. MARION STARR, Seattle, Washington; Arts and Sciences; Alpha Delta Pi; New- man Club. MIRIAM SILL, Seattle, Washington; Arts and Sciences; Alpho Delta Theta; Wesley Club; Koppa Phi; W. A. A. GEORGE SPENCE, Seattle, Washington; Arts and Sciences; Theto Chi. EDWIN STEVENS, Boise, Idaho; Arts and Sciences; Tau Koppo Epsilon; Alpha Kappa Psi; Transfer from U. of Idaho. MARY K. SIMEON, Seattle, Washington; Arts and Sciences; Beta Sigma Omicron. FRANK SPENCER, Snohomish, Washington; Arts and Sciences; Delta Chi. LEONARD STEVENS, Seattle, Washington; Arts and Sciences; Sigmo Chi; Oval Club; Pres., Minor W Club; Wrestling. ROBERT SLETTEDAHL, Seattle, Woshington; Arts and Sciences; Chi Psi; Pres., Jr. Class: Freshman Tennis. LYLE SPENCER, JR., Seattle, Washington; Arts ond Sciences: Delta Kappa Epsilon; Tou Koppo Alpha; Alpha Kappa Delta; Sphinx Club. DON STEWART, Seattle, Washington; Technology: Delta Upsilon. PAULINE SMILEY, Nibbing, Minnesota; Arts and Sciences: Koppo Delta. JANE SPICER, Hoqulam. Washington; Arts and Sciences; Delta Delta Delta. EVERETT STITZ, Everett, Washington; Technology: Alpha Sigma Phi; Big W Club: Football: Husky Club: Forestry Club. SENIORS ' ri «?. •J?i ir ' ETHEL STONE, Seattle, Washington; Ai ' ts and Sciences: Kappa Delto; Gamma Alpha Chi; Ad Club. JOHN R. TANNER, Seattle. Washington; Technology. ROY E. THOMPSON, Seottle, Washington; Technology. AXEL STROM, Seottle, Washington; Arts ond Sciences; Alpha Delta Sigma; Forum Club; Glee Club. EVELYN TAYLOR, Tocomo, Washington; Arts and Sciences; Delta Delta Delta. WILDA THOMPSON, Comp Murray, Washington: Arts and Sciences; Phrateres. LORENE STREET, Manteco, Colifornio; Arts and Sciences; Tolo House; W. E. A.; Home Economics Club; Newman Club. WILLIAM TAYLOR, Seottle, Washington; Arts and Sciences; Intramural Debate; Pres., Adelphi; Varsity Glee Club; Washington Ployers. WILLIAM D. TIERNEY, Seattle, Washington; Arts and Sciences; Phi Alpho Rho; Newmon Club. GLADWYN STUART, Seattle, Washington; Arts and Sciences: Beta Phi Alpho; Lombda Rho. RAYMOND L. TAYLOR, Seattle, Washington; Technology. MARGUERITE TIFFIN, Seottle, Woshington; Arts and Sciences: Delto Delto Delta: Sigmo Epsilon; Delta Phi Alpha. VIRGIL M. SUTHERLING, Seattle, Washington; Technology; Tou Beta Pi; A. S. M. E.: Inkwell Club. WILLIAM C. TAYLOR, Seattle, Woshington: Law; Vice-Pres., Adelphi; Pres., Forum; Woshmgton Law Club. LYMAN TONDEL, Seottle, Woshington; Arts ond Sciences: Alpha Delta Phi; Pi Sigma Alpha. SIDNEY SVENDSEN, Seottle, Washington; Technology. F. LYHLETON TEMPES, JR., Voncouver, Washington; Arts and Sciences; Psi Up- silon; Oval Club; Editor. The Dolly; Sigma Delta Chi; Pi Sigma Alpha. MARGARET TONER, Seottle. Washington; Arts and Sciences; Alpha Gommo Delta. GLORIA SVENSSON, Seattle, Woshington; Arts ond Sciences; PI Beta Phi. BETTY THOMAS, Butte, Montono; Arts and Sciences; Kappa Alpha Theto. LOUISE TREEN, Seottle, Woshington; Arts ond Sciences; Alpha Chi Omego; Totem Club: A. W. S. Concert Comm. ELOISE SWEET, Seattle, Washington; Arts ond Sciences; Alpho Chi Omega; Treas., Totem Club; Treas., A. W. S.; Concert Chrm. LEAH THOMAS, Seattle, Washington; Arts ond Sciences: Alpha Delta Theto. ADRON TROXELL, Bellingham, Washington; Technology; PI Kappo Alpho; Light- weight Crew; Pres., Y. M. C. A. EMMETT TALKINGTON, Spokone, Woshington; Arts and Sciences: Sigma Nu. BLAINE THOMPSON, Seottle, Washington; Arts and Sciences; Psi Upsilon. TOMI TSUKUNO, Seattle, Washington; Arts and Sciences; Fuyo-Kol; Japan Society. SENIORS -C74J- DORIS TULLOCK, Lewis+own, Monfona; Arts and Sciences; Sigma Kappa; Asst. Copy Editor, The Doily. Tronsfer from Milwaukee Downer College. ALFRED VAUGHN, Snohomish. Washington; Technology. GORDON WARES, Seattle, Washington; Arts and Sciences; Zeta Mu Tau; Sec ' ty, Purple Shield; Sec ' ty, Sigma Pi Sigma. MABEL TURNER, Olympia. Washington;; Arts and Sciences. PHYLLIS VERNON, Seottle, Washington; Arts and Sciences; Pi Beta Phi; Mortor Board; Totem Club. HANS WARJOHN, Tieton, Washington; Arts and Sciences; Sigma Chi. GERALD UMMEL, Seattle, Washington; Arts and Sciences; Theta Chi; Alpho Kappa Psi. MILDRED VREDENBURG, Seattle, Washington; Arts ond Sciences; Kappa Kappo Gamma; Mortar Board; Lambda Rho; Gamma Alpha Chi. MARYE ELLEN WARNER, Mount Vernon, Washington; Arts and Sciences; Alpho Chi Omega; University Symphony; A. W. S. Concert Comm.; International Rel. Comm., Y. W. C. A.; Doily. CLAYTON UNGER, Bellinghom, Woshington; Arts and Sciences. KENNETH WALIN, Puyoliup, Washington; Technology; Tau Phi Delta. GENEVIEVE WARREN, Bellinghom, Washington; Arts ond Sciences; Alpha Xi Delta. MARGARET UTZINGER, Puyoliup, Washington; Arts and Sciences; Kappo Phi; Wesley Club, RUTH WALL, Seattle, Washington; Arts and Sciences; B. A. Women ' s Voc. Club. JUANITA WARREN, Centrolia, Washington; Arts and Sciences; Alpha Delto Theto. FREDERICK UYEMINAMI, Seattle, Washington; Technology; Pres., Japanese Stu- dents ' Club. CARL WALTERS, Seattle, Washington; Arts and Sciences; Phi Delta Theta; Oval Club; Football Mgr. GLENN WASSON, Seattle, Woshington; Arts and Sciences; Alpha Tau Omega. HELEN VAN BRUNT, Los Angeles, California; Arts and Sciences; Alpha Phi, JAMES M. WALTHEW, Seattle, Washington; Technology; Sigma Nu; Tou Beta Pi Varsity Boot Club. LEONE WEBER, Honolulu, Howoii; Arts and Sciences; Alpha Xi Delta. JOHN VAN UDEN, Wolloce, Idaho; Arts and Sciences; Delta Chi. DOROTHY WARD, Seattle, Washington; Arts and Sciences; Theta Upsilon. ANNA WEDEBERG, Seottle, Washington; Arts ond Sciences; Theta Upsilon. ELLSWORTH VAN ZANTE, Seattle, Washington; Arts and Sciences; Alpha Sigma Phi. STANLEY E. WARDIN, Tocoma. Washington; Arts and Sciences; Sigma Phi Epsilon. MARY WEISMAN, Spokane, Washington; Arts and Sciences; Gommo Phi Beta. SENIORS MkiJji -C75]- L i -• STUART WELCH, Tacoma, Washington; Arts and Sciences; Zeta Psi; Dai.v; Asst. Ed-, Columns. FERN WHYATT, Everett, Woshington; Arts and Sciences; Alpho Delto Pi; Vice- Pres.. Totem Club; Junior Queen ' s Court; Asst. Chrm., J. G. V. ARVO WILLIAMS, Seattle, Washington; Arts and Sciences; Theta Chi. J. FRED WELCH, Seattle, Washington; Arts and Sciences; Phi Koppo Psi; Scab- bard and Blade. LEE WICKERSHAM, Seattle, Woshington; Arts and Sciences; Pi Koppo Alpha. JOHN WILLO, Seattle, Washington; Arts and Sciences; Zeta Psi. CHARLES B. WELSH, South Bend. Woshington; Low; Tou Koppo Epsilon; Phi Alpha Delta. HELEN A. WILCOX, Blaine, Washington; Arts and Sciences; Koppo Delta. Trans- fer, W. S. C. JANE WILSON, Seottie, Washington; Arts and Sciences; Phi Mu; tvlu Phi Epsilon. MARIAN WEYANT, Seattle, Woshington; Arts and Sciences; Beta Sigmo Omicron; Pilgrim Club; Sigma Eta Chi. HELEN E. WILCOX, Roy. Woshington; Arts and Sciences; Alpha Gamma Delta. JEAN WILSON, Boise, Idoho; Arts and Sciences; Alpha Chi Omega. FRED WHITE, Auburn, Washington; Arts and Sciences; Adelphi; Y. M. C. A.; Glee Club: Alpha Delto Sigma. JACK WILLIAMS, Tacoma, Woshington; Arts and Sciences; Alpha Delta Phi; Monogerlal Council; Varsity Boot Club; Sr. Crew Mgr. FLORENCE WOHLRABE, Seattle, Washington; Arts and Sciences. SALLIE SUE WHITE, Seattle, Washington; Arts and Sciences; Alpha Omicron Pi; Mortor Boord; Totem Club; Phi Mu Gammo; Director, J. G. V.; All-U. Players. FLORENCE WILLIAMS, Seattle, Woshington; Arts and Sciences. HOWARD WOLAVER, Bellingham, Washington; Arts and Sciences; Sigma Chi. STEWART WHITE, Seattle, Washington; Arts and Sciences; Beta Koppo; Pan Xenio; Beta Gamma Sigma; Propeller Club. MONTANA WILLIAMS, Seattle, Washington; Arts and Sciences. WALTER WOODWARD, Seattle, Washington; Arts and Sciences; Delta Tou Delta; Oval Club; Pi Mu Chi; Big W Club. VIRGINIA WHITE, Seattle, Washington; Arts and Sciences; Pi Beto Phi. RICHARD WILLIAMS, Seattle, Woshington; Arts and Sciences; Tau Koppo Ep- silon; Alpha Delta Sigma; Sigma Delta Chi. G. S. WOODWORTH, Seattle, Washington; Law; Alpha Sigma Phi; Phi Alpha Delta. JANE WHITING, Mercer Islond. Washington; Arts and Sciences; Beta Sigma Omicron. THELMA WILLIAMS, Seattle, Washington; Arts and Sciences; Standards Comm.; Phroteres; Chrm., A. W. S. Hobby Groups. JURO YOSHIKA, Tocomo Washington; Arts and Sciences; Joponese Students ' Club. SENIORS -C76 JOHN YOUNG, Seattle, Washington: Technology. LOUIS RUSSELL FAULKNER, Seattle, Washington; Technology. GRACE YOUNG, Seattle. Washington; Arts and Sciences; Vice-Pres., Zeto Mu Tau; Pi Mu Epsilon, WILBUR LAWRENCE, Seattle, Washington; Low; Delta Theta Phi. DICK YOUNG, Seattle, Washington; Low; Delta Upsilon; Scabbard and Blade; Junior Military Prize, ' 32; Varsity Rifle Team; R. O. T. C. Rifle Team Captoin; Intercolleqlote Knights; Junior Chairman, Jr.-Sr. Dance. PATRICIA McCLURE, Seattle, Woshington; Arts and Sciences; Totem Club; Y. W. C. A. Cabinet. MARGARET YOUNG, Seattle, Washington; Arts and Sciences. RICHARD FRANCIS McCURDY, Port Townsend, Woshington; Arts and Sciences; Phi Sigma Kappa; Sigma Delta Chi; Jr. Rep., Board of Control; Crew; Asso- ciate Editor, The Daily; Tyee. JOHN ZEIGLER, Seattle, Woshington; Arts ond Sciences; Sigma Phi Sigma. BETTY ROBBINS, Seattle, Washington; Arts and Sciences; Koppa Alpha Theta. RUSSELL ANDERSON, Seattle, Woshington; Arts and Sciences. LOYD SIMPSON, Cashmere, Washington; Arts and Sciences; Vice-Pres., Phi Mu Alpha; U. of W. Glee Club. MARGARET BACORN, Jordine, Montono; Arts ond Sciences: Kappa Delta. VIC STEINBRUECK, Seattle, Woshington; Arts ond Sciences; Atelier; Associate Ed- itor, Tyee; Winner of Architecturol Aword, 1933. EGBERT DAVIS, Seattle, Washington; Arts and Sciences; Kappa Sigma. FRANCES WOHLERS, Yokimo, Washington; Arts and Sciences; Y. W. C. A. Council. SENIORS ff- v ' 9 J -[77]- A YEAR President . Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Choirmon Director .. Assistant Director Technical Director Musical Director OHicers Chet Peters Anna McCaskill Beth Conlon Dick Baker J. G. V. . Grace May Dovfes Tom Herbert Nancy Coleman Jim Hickman Bill Seaman Donee Coach Arrangements . Business Monoger Assistont __ Publicity Maxine Blakemore Olmstead . Charles Bras Bob Holloway Gene Wright Fred Baxter Eligibility Ann Telfer Jock Moorhouse Ron Biles Helen Hunter Constitution Dan Steinhoff, Chairman Junior-Senior Dance Chris Gllson Fred Baxter Virginia Norwood Junior Prom Leo Jacobson Hugh Black Florence Davis W Book Sales Chet Peters. Chairman Co-Choirmen Prom Secretory Decorations Stan Field, Chairman Carter Sandall Horry Wollin Madge Newton Solly Strange Bill Schodde Chuck Beehon Emily Cotton Gordon Neol Polma Setter Helen Manogue John Quense Naomi Fleishman Program Virginia Gilbert, Gene V right Ed Ostling Rachel Peterson Chaii Irvin Baltzer, Art Owley Helen Pringle Assistants Morjorie Rundall Blanche Rogers Marion Harper Florence Davis Tickets Jerry Kopet, Chairman Ralph Tuttle Bill Preston Greg Hollenbeck Walt Eros Homer Patty Ruth Dyar Kay Garland Mildred Stewart Frank Bewley Pat Sullivan Music Russ Woylond, Chairman Elizabeth Keyes Assistant Chaii " man Business Manager .. Cec Castor, Jock Moorhouse Evelyn Hanselman Jerry Swem Annobel Lee Posters Archie Clark, Chairman fsobel Benson Nellie Headrick Sylvia Hagyard Virginia Norwood Blanche Sheltrow Publicity Joe RutkowskI Fred Baxter Buck Kummel Bob Witt Bill Hooten Phil Podelford Morjorie Elmore Ron Scribner Chaii Hugh Blake Corl Dahlberg Patrons and Patronesses Jane Ludlngton, Chairman Grace Ann Hlgman Ann Telfer Chastain Thomas Betty Hortnett Intermissions Florence Cumbo, Chairman Alice Murray Astha Cartmell Billee Richards Modelon Firnstahl Gordon Zweibel Arrangements Meredith Minter. Chairman Elaine Marsh Dot James Adeline Johnson Reo Moore Jim Bryant Peters, McC r.lWl Conion, Baker -Usi- i 4- ALTHOUGH THEY CAME OUT of the Junior Prom with only o five-dollor profit, members of the doss of 1934 ore to be con- gratulated for at least averting a financial loss. Junior class activities, under the direction of President Chester Peters, were varied this year, although on a depression basis. Junior Day was held this year although on a much smaller scale, and the " Junior Jog, " scandal sheet, did not appear. Several attempts were mode by President Peters and his cohorts to sponsor inter-class competitions to bolster up what was felt to be a waning class-spirit, but either faculty or student dis- approval or lock of time put these plans on the side-lines. " Pesty, " the J. G. V. musical show, was beyond doubt one of the most clever vodvils ever presented by a junior class. Chair- manned by Grace Mae Dovies and directed by Tom Herbert, the show seemed almost WITH THE JUNIORS professional in style. A cost of 85 campus clowns took part. Junior Prom, in other woi ' ds the " Viceroy ' s Levee, " was successfully directed by Irvin Baltzer and Arthur Owley on March 4 in the Eagles ' Auditoi ' ium, with the eight-armed goddess of Love, Lakshmi, officiating. A junior-senior dance earlier in the year at the Meony Hotel, also under the chairmanship of Baltzer, was financially and socially well done. Outstanding juniors who should step Into the shoes of the seniors next year are Jane Colkett; Jane Leuenberger, A. S. U. W. sec- retary elected in January; Mary Hemphill, A. W. S. president-elect; Harold Mansfield, one of only two junior editors of The Doily which have been known to the University; Rud Lawrence, associate editor of The Daily; Adney Smith, junioi ' representative on the board of control and member of both Big W and Minor W clubs; and Frank Kil- lien, politicol wizard. Junior Day Queens — 1932 -i:79 A YEAR Officers President Jim Brock Vice-President Ray Fox Secretary Eleanor Stone Treasurer Henry Dougan Sophomore Beard Contest Judges Frances Moser Agnes Strand Dorothy Horsfoll Peg Powers Jo Harvey Virginia Landram Margaret Manion Virginia Westlund Mary Golbralth Sopho more uues Drive Roy Fox, Chairman Virginia Slocum. Asst. Choirman Dean McHan Virginia Hansen Henry Dougon Chuck Oswald Frances Hlnes Margaret Manion Irene McCorthy Sigrid Hedin June Thomas Eleanor Stone Gudmar Torkelson George Kunz Jane Smith Frosh-Soph Fire Committee Bob O ' Brien Jim Brock j Bud Roiney Co-Choirmen Kinne Howes Ed Moore Pot Cardin Brock, Fox. Stone -[80]- 4 IF IT COST MONEY to grow whiskers the sophomore class would have never grown them, for the members of the class of 1935 faced not only a financial deficit but a debt this year. Sophomore donees were forgotten, as well as all kinds of sophomore celebrations. But in Novembei ' the famous sophomore beard contest brought the class together in activity. Curly beards, long beards, straggly beards, blonde beards and block beards — all of them proudly pi ' esented for display by their ownei " s late in November while bashful junior coeds, acting as judges, pulled those WITH THE SOPHOMORES whiskers and gazed admiringly at them as they selected the best beard. Stanley Whit- toker won the contest. The annual frosh-soph fire competition on the eve of hHomecoming in Novembei ' found the fi ' eshmen guarding the huge bonfire on Denny field and the sophomores trying to touch it off. Wily sophomores pulled a sneaker on the afternoon of the big night by lighting the bonfire while innocent and unsuspecting freshmen attended classes. Jim Bi ' ock, president of the class, kept the doss spirit fairly well organized by class meetings and informal activities. Margaret Manlon Admires the Whittaker V hisUers -csn- A YEAR Officers President. . Chet Warren Vice-President Jean McCurdy Secretary Jane Brotherton Treasurer Charlotte Cole Frosh Dance General Chairman Arrangements Ellis Ash Fred Blake. Choirman Bob Works hiarry Jaixen Jim McAllister Clarence Foss Max Oberdorfer Jane Louise Smith Miriam Shangle Madeline Kirk Mort Chamberlain Janice Wolgemuth Potrons and Patronesses Dorothy Jane Pierce, Chairman Steve Gii ' Oi ' d Eugene Scott Bliss Moore Bill Thompson Bill Williams Carolyn Morford Pot Fiset Winnifred Hammer Dorothea Davis Nell Turner Tickets Bob Perry. Chairman Bob Wotts Dick Mcintosh Cliff Vanderveer Perry Toft Paul Smits Joonne Whelon Dorothy Hemphill Jane Louther Margaret Ovenden Mary Roberts Max Krom Bill Usdane Publicity Charles Stewart, Chairman Marion Edwards Jay Adams Ellis Ash Bill Lockhill Bud Hogen Mary Yeomans Ned Hall DanOlin Hons Lund Peggy Brownell Mary Cose Betty Mae Carey Tom Griffith Pi " ogi " ams Betty Hunt, Chairman Elinor Grubb Gordon Stenerson Bob Lund Buzz Goodwin Andy Hilen Barbara Robbins Barbara Mae Froncis Bill Millington Betty Boone John Carey Frosh Bonfire Committee Phil Rosser. Chairman Otis Wickershom, Asst. Chairman Warren, McCurdy. Brotherton. Cole -nm- 4 FRESHMAN ACTIVITIES dropped to be- low par OS the class became splashed with red ink after the frosh dance in January, hlowever, the motif for the dance was " red, " and thei ' efore the color scheme was carried out admirably. The wearers of the ' 36 pin were directed this year by Chef Warren, graduate of Queen Anne high school in Seattle. The first activity of the class was the building and guarding of the annual hlomecoming Bon- fire in November. Sophomores tried many hours to kindle the blaze, but it was not until one afternoon while the frosh attended classes that the second-year men were able to accomplish this feat. WITH THE FRESHMEN The frosh dance in December, under the chairmanship of Ellis Ash, had as a motif communism and the soviet, with red flags and " red " literature as decorations. Coop- eration with the three other classes in put- ting on a Junior Day dance finished up the year. Outstanding freshmen who have shown their obillty in athletic, political, and A. S. U. W. activity lines this year are John Strelo, Henry Rosenberg, Mickey McKnight, Jerry Sullivan, Ted Markov, and Lee Jacobi, foot- ball and basketball; Jean McCurdy, Bill Thompson, Sam hiess, and Ellis Ash, poli- ticians; Bradley McMichael and Frank Marl- ovich, crew men. Ouch! Don Hill, ' 36, Gets It -im- 4 CHUCK FRANKLAND ' S TELEPHONE BEGAN IMITATING A THREE-MINUTE RE- 4 PEATING ALARM CLOCK FOUR DAYS BEFORE HE ASSUMED THE OFFICE OF 4 ATHLETIC DIRECTOR. CALLS RANGED EVERYWHERE FROM INQUIRIES ABOUT 4 PING PONG FACILITIES TO NEWSPAPER DEMANDS FOR IMMEDIATE SOLUTION 4 OF THE A. S. U. W. FINANCIAL PROBLEM. HE IS STILL TRYING TO COMPLETE A 4 FRIENDLY LETTER HE BEGAN THREE WEEKS AGO A T H L E T I C S |F All-American ability is contagious Dave Nisbet certainly caught the fever. But ploying at the side of Paul Schweg- ler, who was nominated for the award in 1931, was not enough for Dave. Twice himself accorded All-Coast honors at right end, Nisbet, in 1932, was acclaimed to the All-American position. His name is the fourth to be added to Washington ' s roll of All-Americans, being preceded by George Wilson In 1925, Chuck Carroll In 1928, and Poul Schwegler in 193 I . Dave comes from Chehalls, Woshlgton, Is twenty-one years of age, stands six feet one inch, and weighs 167 pounds. - e Is a member of Sigma Nu, Ovol Club, and Big " W " Club. F O O T B A L L -im- -i:89 FOOTBALL By Bob Trumbull 4 SEEDS OF SUCCESS sown by Coach Jimmy Pheion since he took the reins here in 1929 sprang up this year to give Washing- ton her greatest football crop since the Coast championship days of 1925. Sparked by a quartet of sensational sophomore bockfield stars, the stuttering h usky grid machine, which hod been missing badly for six long years, suddenly found its latent power and zoomed up into the first division of the Coast conference for the first time in a college generation. Scoreless ties with Oregon ond Washing- ton State, a 7-6 defeat by California, and a 9-6 loss to the champion Southern California Trojans formed the slim margin separating the hluskies from a perfect record for the season. Although Washington stood only fourth in the official conference ranking, the hHuskies tied Washington State, the number two eleven, thoroughly trounced U. C. L. A., the team in the trey spot, and stood second to the league-leading Ti ' ojans in points scoi ' ed in conference games. Phelan ' s 1932 aggregation produced Washington ' s fourth player to receive first- team All-Americon recognition. Dove " Snakebite " Nisbet, three-year end veteran from Chehalis, climaxed a brilliant career by earning a first-string berth on a number of all-star selections, including the famous mythical eleven chosen annually by Grant- land Rice foi ' Collier ' s magazine. Coach Jimmy Pheion was quoted by Rice as I ' oting Nisbet on a par with the best ends he has seen in I 5 years of coaching. GONZAGA — September 24 — Pre-seoson oDener against Mike Pecorovich ' s respected Bulldogs from Spokone. Pheion unleashed four sophomores. Matt Muczynski, " Socko " Sulkosky, " Brcco " Bufkin, and Art Ahonen, who were to play leading roles in subsequent football pageants in Pacific Coast stadia. The Huskies first taste of battle. Score: Woshington 19, Gonzago 7. MONTANA— October I— Reserves ' Day. Second and third string chalked up needed experience and walked through the full game against a decidedly inferior boll club while Oregon and California scouts gnashed their teeth. Score: Washington 26, Mon- tana I 3. OREGON— October 8— at Portland. Over the hump. This annual clash which hod been Washington ' s stumbling block for four years, went down in Pacific Coast football histoi ' y as one of the most tenacious, deter- mined struggles between two of the most evenly matched teams produced on the Western slope in years. The hHuskies carried the boll game for the first half, but the Web- feet rallied and fought the final quarters play for play. Loss of Quarterback Johnny Cherberg in the first quarter because of in- jui ' ies put the hHuskies under an insurmount- able handicap. Score: Washington 0, Ore- gon 0. CALIFORNIA — October 22— Just one more time when failure to make the try-for- point lost a game. hHonk Schaldoch ' s kicking superb. Washington ' s momentary let-up in Woody Ullin, Tackle Bill Wolcott, Halfbock -1:903- 1932 the third quartei " gave Arleigh Williams his cut to twist and scramble 35 yards for Cal ' s score. Loose tackling spelled Washington ' s defeat. Bill Smith snagged Ahonen ' s pass to score for the hluskies. Try-for-point kick no good. Score: California 7, Washington 6. WHITMAN — October 29 — Another field day for the reserves. Wet, sloppy day — game likewise. Meoder scored for Whit- man. Subs looked bad even in victory. Score: Washington 33, Whitman 7. STANFORD— November 5— At Polo Alto. Thrills opienty. Another of the Cardinals ' cinch victories upset. Good blocking and ball-hawking brought the Huskies their first victory ovei ' the Southerners In seven years. 18 points scored In ten minutes. Baker crossed the goal for Stanford late In the sec- ond quarter. Johnny Cherberg, first of the three Washington heroes of the day, raced Anderson ' s kick back 88 yards to score early in the third. Colin Howard, hero No. 2, followed up by intercepting a Stanford pass and galloped 62 yards for six more points. Interim until " Socko " Sulkosky plugged 22 yards in the fourth period for the cinching counters. In despei ' otlon the Cardinals heaved passes right and left, and one of Allen ' s 60-yord tosses was snagged by Col- vln just before gun time. Score: Washington 18, Stanford 13. WASHINGTON STATE— November 12— The old feud. Heavy rain and slippery ball slowed up gome. The Cougar scrapped the Husky bock on his haunches, but Inside the five-yard stripe Captain Bill O ' Brien, How- ard, Isaacson, and Windust met the Staters ' thrusts at the center of the line and come up grinning — with the invaders stopped. Everett Stitz, Tackle Neg England, Guard The Huskies threatened In both the third and fourth periods. Captain George Sanders ' superior punting and Washington ' s defense were the features of the dogged contest. Score: Washington 0, Washington State 0. U. S. C. — November 24 — Only a fortunate field goal kept the mighty Trojans on their Coast championship throne. Washington boosted Itself into a figurative second Coast position by giving the Southern Callfornlons their toughest battle since Notre Dome, ac- cording to their own renowned coach, How- oi ' d Jones. Sulkosky ' s recovery of a fumble, and his dosh to the one-yard line In the third quarter, although called bock, started the fireworks. Dave NIsbet was the hero of this day, snagging a high pass to foil over the goal line. Warburton, the Trojans ' blonde pony express, was pushed over for the win- ning score a few minutes befoi ' e the final whistle. Score: Washington 6, U. S. C. 9. U. C. L. A. — December 3 — At Los Angeles. A sweeping windup for the Conference sea- son. Paul Sulkosky, who scored two of the Washington touchdowns, and Art Ahonen, who carried the ball over for the third tolly, electrified the Colifoimlans with their bril- liant offensive ploy. A banner day for Washington, and the Huskies were clicking on all eleven. This gome opened athletic re- lations between Washington and the Bruins. Score: Washington 19, U. 0. L. A. 0. WEST SEATTLE— December 10— Charity gome. Former college stars, playing under the banner of the West Seattle Athletic Club, slipped and slid helplessly on on icy field while the hluskies scored at will during the first half. This playful skating party net- ted a tidy sum for Seattle ' s needy families. Score: Washington 66, West Seattle Athlet- ic Club 0. When the post-season selections came out. Captain Bill O ' Brien, guard, was an al- most unanimous choice for All-Coast honors for the second successive year, as was the peerless Dave Nisbet. Bill Smith, end, Colin Howard, center, Johnny Cherberg, quarter- back, Burl Bufkin, halfback, and Paul Sulkos- ky, fullback, were also mentioned on various all-star aggregations. Thirty-five letter winners were named at the close of the season. Fourteen of these were lost to the squod in I 933 through grad- uation. Following o ' e the lettei " winners for the 1 932 season: Ends, Pete Antoncich , Eddie Clinton, Trig Hansen, Dave Nisbet , and Bill Smith; tackles, Everett Stitz , Mark Antoncich , Woody Ullln, Joe Wiatrok, and Ted Issoc- son; guards, Negley England, Bill Harold- son , Elmer Lorentson, Chuck Mucha, Cap- tain Bill O ' Brien , Frank Windust, ondAdney Smith; centers, Glenn Boyle, Colin Howard and Ray Finn ; quarterbacks, Johnny Cher- berg , Art Oberg , Si Boulton and Jay Hornbeck; halfbacks. Art Ahonen, Burl Buf- kin, Hurley DeRoin, Walter Hanson, Matt Muczynski, Ross Pedersen, Benny Sohn ond Bill Wolcott ; fullbacks, Paul Sulkosky, Aug- ust Buse , Fred Borden and Ralph Smalling. The asterisks indicate graduating seniors. Carl Walters, senior manager for the 1932 season, will be succeeded this year by Brad Davis. Fi ' eshman numerals were awarded to Markov, Brougham, Banks, Isaacson, Cob- ley, Vaughn, Shper, Reger, Flaherty, Was- muth, Sullivan, Corson, McKnight and Smits. Johnny " Cowboy " Cherberg, varsity quarterback, received the annual Flaherty medal award presented each season to the squad member who, in the eyes of his mates, proved the greatest inspiration to his team. Lomonf. Woernei ' . Phelon, Wilcox, Welch -[92 SQUAD ROSTER NAME Ahonen, Art Antonclch, Mark Antoncich, Peter _ Bale, Charles Borden, Fred Boulton, Silas Boyle, Glenn . Bufkm, ByrI _ _ Burke, Anthony Buse, August Cherberg, John Clinton, Ed . England, Negley Finn, Ray - Flanagan, Warren F ansen, Trygley .- Hanson, Walter Haroldson, William Hornbeck, Jay ._ hloword, Colin Isaacson, Theodore _ Lorentson, Elmer Meader, Ren Mittlestedt, William .... Mondala, Mitch Mucha, Charles Muczynski, Matt Nisbet, Dave Nutley, Vann O ' Brien, William (Copt.] Pedersen, Ross . Pollock, Donald Ruhr, Ed . Reid, Jock . Rogel, Joke . Smalling, Ralph Smith, Adney . Smith, William Sohn, Benjamin Stitz, Everett Sulkosky, Paul . ... Wiatrak, Joseph Windust, Frank .. Wolcott, William Wyman, Donald CLASS POSITION ' 35 Halfback ' 33 Tackle ' 33 End ' 34 End ' 33 Fullbock ' 34 Quarter ' 34 Center ' 35 Halfback ' 35 Tackle ' 33 Fullback ' 33 Quarter ' 33 End ' 34 Guard ' 33 Center ' 35 Guard ' 35 End ' 33 Halfback ' 33 Guard ' 35 Quarter ' 33 Center ' 34 Tackle ' 34 Guard ' 34 Halfback ' 33 Halfback ' 35 Center ' 35 Guard ' 35 Halfback ' 33 End 34 Center 33 Guard 34 Halfback 35 Quarter 35 Tackle 34 Tackle 35 End 34 Fullback 34 Guard 34 End 34 Halfback 33 Tackle 35 Fullback 34 Tackle 34 Guard 33 Halfback 35 End AGE WEIGHT HOMETOWN 19 158 Ironwood, Mich. 21 187 Winslow, Wash. 21 188 Winslow, 21 161 Vancouver, 21 165 Shoshone, Idaho 22 155 Anacortes, Wash 21 186 Aberdeen, 19 165 Amarillo, Texas 21 181 Seattle, Wash. 22 188 Everett, 21 170 Seattle, 20 165 Seattle, 20 184 Anacortes, 22 175 Seattle, 18 187 Seattle, 19 171 Seattle, 21 157 Seattle, 21 185 Seattle, 19 173 Amarillo, Texas 21 185 Seattle, Wash. 20 263 Seattle, 23 168 Kent, 20 182 Spokane, 24 165 Long Beach, Calif 19 178 Seattle, Wash. 19 183 Chicago, III. 20 181 Chicago, 21 167 Chehalis, Wash. 21 190 Yakima, 22 179 Seattle, 20 175 Seattle, 19 167 Foster, 20 175 Seattle, 22 187 Seattle, 20 165 Sumner, 22 185 Templeton, Calif. 22 175 Portage, Wash. 20 181 Portage, 20 165 Chicago, III. 22 200 Everett, Wash. 20 182 Puyallup, 21 191 Seattle, 20 167 Dayton, 22 179 Seattle, 19 167 Seattle, -C93:i- BIG " W " CLUB - THE BIG " W " CLUB is an organization based its pin and emblem. The fraternity of those men having won letters in major having v on the largest number of W ' s com- sports, namely, football, basketball, base- puted over the period from the termination boll, track, and tennis and have been ini- of the preceding winter sports season until tiated by the organization. The Big Stick is the same time the following year is allowed the club ' s traditional trophy and upon it is the possession of the Big Stick for that year. President Vice-President ._. Sec rata ry-Trea surer Officers Bryant Dunn Johnny Cherberg Ed Argerslnger Members Arthur Ahonen Frank Anderson Jack Anshutz Mark Antonclch Pete Antonclch Ed Argerslnger Don Arthaud Ted Bell Fred Borden Glenn Boyle Dan Bracken Burl Bufkin August Buse George Cadwell John Cherberg Eddie Clinton John Condon Merrit Corbln Bud Do Ponte Hurley De Roin Bryant Dunn Clorence Edmundson Negley England Ray Finn John Fuller Fred Goler Ole Hanson Jack Hanover Bill Horoldson Bob Heoman Andrew Holland Jay Hornbeck Colin Howard John Hutchinson Ted Isaacson Horold Lee Peter Lewis Elmer Lorentson Paul McMahon Joe McCarthy Ren Meoder Herb Mjorud Matt Muczynski Chuck Mucha Dave Nesbit Al O ' Brien Bill O ' Brien Bob Palmer Gordon Porrott Ross Pedersen Mott Rieke Ken Rhuddy Frank Rosenquist Andy Roth Ralph Smelling Bill Smith Adney Smith Benny Sohn Everett Stitz Paul Sulkosky Kline Swygord V oody Ullin El Ulbrickson Joe Weber Junie Weber Joe Wiatrok Fronk Windust Gordon Zwiebel Big " W " Club -[94]- c R E W 3i 1 -1196:]- i -[97]- CREW By Carl Brazier, Jr. 4. FROM A PINNACLE of optimism to the depths of discouragement, and back to o plateau of pleasant satisfaction rode Wash- ington crew fans in 1932. Ten varsity and jayvee lettei ' men, eight of Washington ' s 1931 notional frosh cham- pions, and a promising freshman squad re- ported for duty to swell the hopes of coaches Al Ulbrickson and Tom Bolles. hHigh expecta- tions ran rampant, and with the Olympic Gomes scheduled for the following summer, Washington was placed high on the list of potential world champions. Then the weather mon took a hand in shaping the destiny of the Husky oarsmen. The spring training season was one of ad- verse weather conditions such as had not been experienced in years. When the Cali- fornia regatta drew near not o Washington crew was in racing condition. During the spring the Leschi racing course on Lake Washington was abandoned in favor of a more favorable course near Sand Point. The new course was considered one of the finest in the country, and hod the advan- tage of lying near a shore-line railroad, enabling an observation train to follow the crews through their entire race. Despite their lock of condition, Husky varsity and jayvee crews were installed as favorites over California, while Coach Russ Nagler ' s frosh were given a slight edge over the Husky yearlings. Regatta day found tens of thousands of spectatoi ' s awaiting a series of races which were to be a complete upset of all predic- tions. The water was choppy, but rough water was not new to Washington crews and was figured to give them that much more of an advantage. Washington ' s freshman shell proved to be the only Husky winner of the day. The purple and gold babes led from the half-mile mark and were well ahead of the Bears when a California man caught a crab, cinching the race for Washington. The time was I I min- utes, 4 I seconds. To further upset the dope, Washington ' s jayvee lost to the Bears by seven lengths. The Husky juniors rowed a fine race, but lacked the drive to win. California ' s time was I 7 minutes, I 5 seconds. In the climaxing event of the day, Colifoi " - nio administered to the Washington varsity the most severe defeat that a Washington crew has ever met. From the first quarter- Junloi ' Varsity iT33 mile the Bears led, and when a water-filled Washington boat struggled across the finish line it was eighteen lengths behind. Califor- nia ' s time was 16 minutes, 49 seconds. Raising money to send a losing crew to Poughkeepsie, particularly in a time of finan- cial hardships, was on anything but pleasant task, but it had to be done. And it was done. Woshington ' s varsity would row on the Hud- son in June. With their California defect only an un- happy memory, the varsity crew settled down to woi ' k and developed a class of oars- manship that won a thii ' d place on the Hudson and two weeks later was nosed out of the Olympic trials by only a narrow mar- gin. The Husky varsity had made a glorious comeback. Guided by Coach Richard (Curly) Harris, Washington ' s lightweight crew entered Its second year In I 932. The I 50-pounders ' only race was lost to the University of British Columbia by a bare two seconds. In the same race the second freshman boat took a close third place. Varsity letter winnei ' s were Ed Arger- singer, Joe McCarthy, Pete Lewis, Clarence Edmundson, Herb Day, Herb Mjorud, Don 1932 Williamson, Art Gobler, Ed Ulbrlckson, Captain Gordon Parrott, Loren Schoel, Gregg Wilson, and Chuck Noble. Jayvee wai-ds wei ' e made to Karl Reese, Bill Stober, Emmett Easterly, Jim Donahue, Ed Ulbrlckson, Loren Schoel, Gordon Par- rott, and Harvey Love. Freshman numei ' ols were won by Kerm Hodglns, Bob White, KInne Howes, Karl Oberleitner, Bob Snider, Walt Roney, Miles Hoff, Ed Moore, Winslow Brooks, Don Jef- fers, Warren Bowman, Harold Bolzer, John Benbow, Sam Mills, Dave Neilson, Clarence Stone, Jim Brock, and Jim Bean. Lightweight awards wei ' e mode to Mark Odell, Stan Fields, Bill Chose, George Spence, Adron Troxell, George Parsons, John DeVore, Phil Padelford, and Fritz Larkin. Honor W ' s for four years of crew turnouts were awarded to Mortin Nelson, Robert Hidden, and William Clark. Jack Williams was chosen senior manager to succeed Ken Easter; John Newstrom was chosen senior-frosh manager; and Jock Coi ' ey, Art Edwards, and Phil Hummer were chosen junior managers. Freshman Boat -[99]- BrG STICK WINNERS Phi Delta Theta MINOR " W " CLUB i MINOR " W " CLUB is composed of letter cross-country. Application and acceptance winners in minor sports, namely, wrestling must be voted by the club before members swimming, rifle team, golf, fencing, and ore initiated. The Club ' s trophy is the siren. Off iceis Minor President . Vice-President Secretary-Treasurer F acuity Memb eis Leonard Stevens Bob White Adney Smith Norman Kunde Members Jock Torney Rolph Anderson Melvin Borgerson Don Cook Elmer Cutts Howard Dent James Frozer James Hull Bert Mueller Paul Murphy Kermit Rosen John Schwoger Harold Sharpe Loring Stetson Edwoi-d Wills Richard Young w Club -D00 B A S K E T B A L L -p02 - -CI 03]- BASKETBALL By Hubert C. Blonk 4 AFTER A FIVE-YEAR SOJOURN on the pinnocle of Noi ' thwest basketball supei ' ior- ity, Washington gave way to as fine a quin- tet as has ever graced the maple courts of this section. Oi-egon State, led by the unsur- passable Ed Lewis, who shattered the all- time season scaring record, with a total of 173 points, ended the season with 12 vic- tories and four defeats. Washington cop- ped second place with 10 and 6, W. S. C. and Idoho third with an even totol, 8 and 8, and in the cellai ' , Oregon with 2 wins and 14 in the loss column. Never did the Huskies start a season more impressively. They defeated Idaho on the home court 70 to 27, and again, the next night, 62 to 35. Fuller set a new individual scoring mark in the forty minutes that he played the first night, garnering 22 points. Pete Antoncich, center, was high in the sec- ond tussle with I 8. In Eugene, against Oregon, the hluskies continued their scoring spree with a 56 to 38 victory in the initial clash and a 44 to 34 win In the second game. Johnny Fullei ' again ran high with 18 points in the cui tain raiser. But at Corvallis the tight defense of Coach Slots Gill ' s men proved the undoing of Edmundson ' s warrioi " s, the latter losing 42 to 34. Ed Lewis, on his way to the new scor- ing mark, totaled 18 points. Washington obtained sweet revenge in the fourth battle of the first road trip with a 30 to 24 victory. The quintet come from behind in the last five minutes to scoi ' e the win. Then came the tumble. Oregon State, doped to drop two, won both games of the series in the local pavilion, 33 to 29 and 32 to 26. The first game was a see-saw affair with Lewis and Lenchitsky scoring I 1 and 10 points respectively. The Beavers crept up from behind in the final game to win and make the league standing at that time: O. S. C. won 7, lost 3, percentage .700; Wash- ington won 6, lost 3, percentage 667. Never did a more exciting series take place than the W. S. C. duo of games in the povilion. The first battle wos an overtime affray, the score at the end of the regular playing time being 25 all. Three times in the last minute of ploy a Cougar stood on the foul line with the opportunity to sink the free throw and win the gome. They missed them all. In the overtime, Washington, with two foul shots from hHanover and Lee and a bas- ket apiece by Fuller and Weber, while Wills dropped in but one countei ' for the Cougars, made the score 3 I to 27. In the second tussle the picture was this: Ten minutes to go. Washington State lead- ing, 30 to 19. Washington fills the gap, 30 to 29. Fuller makes rush for basket, breaks ankle. Foul on Gordon. Frank McCartney, sub, called to shoot two free throws. One p. Anloncich. Fuller — D04 1933 minute to go. He misses first, puts through second. Score 30 all. Immediately Hanover sinks one, score 32 to 30. Washington wins. Without the services of Fuller Washington lost its first encounter with Coach Jack Friel ' s men at Pullman 34 to 26. The score at one time in the gome was 30 to 10 for the Cougars but the Huskies oil but caught the lead. Sparked by Bob Goler, sophomore, the men of Edmundson came back and spanked the Pullmanites, 35 to 28. Joui ' neying to Moscow, the Huskies met defeat at the hands of Rich Fox ' s outfit for the fii ' st time in six years, 47 to 35. Idaho was without the height at center of Grenler, who had blood poisoning. The second battle, which Washington won 36 to 35, was one of the wildest ever seen in that territory. With one minute to play, Pete Antoncich sank a nice side court shot to make the score then 35 to 34 for Idaho. Then, with 20 seconds to go, dribbling from midcourt, he booted the ball around, recovered it and made a wild but successful throw for the basket, winning the game. In the closing series of the year Oregon won its second gome of the season, butting Washington about for a 41 to 26 victory. Playing foui ' games in five days took the life out of the Huskies. In the next evening ' s en- tertainment Washington come from behind to cop the blue ribbon, 34 to 28. Playing for the coast title, O. S. C. de- feated U. S. C. 35 to 33 In the first game, lost the second 39 to 28 and then took the deciding game 24 to I 9. Harold Lee was the only Washington man to make All-Coast, but Hanover and Fuller were also mentioned on several all-Northern conference teams. At the annual basketball banquet, Lee was selected captain for the next year and Peter Antoncich was chosen honorary captain foi ' the ' 33 season. Those winning letters were: graduating seniors, John Fuller, Bob Heaman, Mark and Pete Antoncich, VIrg Perry; others, Hal Lee, Joe Weber, Jack Hanover, Bob Galer, Dick Cook and Ed Ostllng. Jerry Achenboch handled the managerial reins for the season which he turned over to Harold Deering for the coming year. Chuck Wilson will handle the frosh next year, re- placing Bud Brehm. Junior managers will be Ed Hunt, Phil Hoge, Dick Bendix and Roger Evans. The freshmen, playing under the gratis tutelage of Coach Al Schuss, mode an im- pressive I ' ecord. Some outstanding hoop- sters are expected to go up to the varsity from the yearling squad. Those winning numei als are: Rynd Millei " , Bob McKInstry, John Hunter, Bill Nelson, Clarence Hutchin- son, John Strelo, Roland Dickie, Carl Moe and Dean Paulson. Basketball Squad Br S 5 f " Si -CI 05]- TENNIS Nordstrom. Longlie 4- WASHINGTON ' S TENNIS FUTURE looked veiy doubtful last spring. The sport was without funds, and senior manager Roy Tichenor was not In school when tennis enthusiasts headed by Jim Wing de- cided to organize the sport. After an enthusiastic meeting, Wing was appointed manager and a team was selected. Coached by " Windy Longlie, " former Husky coach and tennis star, and led by Captain Lloyd Nordstrom, Mott Rieke and Ted Clarke, all former varsity letter winners, the hluskies went through the 1932 season winning every intercollegiate meet they entered. In a pre-season match the varsity lost a close tilt to the Olympic Tennis Club, 5-4. Lloyd Nordstrom and Mott Rieke shone for the Huskies, defeating their opponents easily. In the second meet of the year with the Seattle Tennis Club, the Huskies were again defeated. The University players were unable to stand against the hot drives of such Pacific Northwest stars as Hank Prusoff and Mel Dranga. Undaunted by their pre-season losses, the Huskies swamped the College of Puget Sound 7-0, May 14, In their first Intercollegiate contest of the year. Nordstrom was the only Washington net man forced to extend himself to win. In a fast second set Nord- strom was unable to break through Piety ' s — C. P. S. By Seth Richards number one man — hot service until the fifteenth game. A team representing the University of Oregon fell before the Husky racqueteers, 5 to 4, May 2 I , on the Washington courts. The final match of the season was played against Whitman College at Whitman. Nordstrom, Rieke, Clarke, Clegg, and da Donte were chosen by Coach Longlie to play the Missionaries. Owing to adverse weather conditions across the mountains, the meet was called off offer a few gomes hod been played and the Huskies returned minus any Missionary scalps. Varsity " W " sweaters were awarded to Captain Lloyd Nordstrom, a three-year letter winner; to Ted Clarke and Mott Rieke, second-year men; and to Colin Clegg and Bud da Ponte, who won their first awards. Jim Wing was awarded a senior manager ' s sweater. Washington ' s freshman tennis squad won every meet in which they participated. South Tacomo high school was taken 7-0, April 29; Stadium High of Tacoma was drubbed twice: 6-1, May 7, and 6-1 again May 14; and Yakima Junior College was beaten 7-0, May 21, as a closing victory. Freshman numerals were awarded to Bob Griggs, George Hunter, Barney Grerstod, Russ Skallerud, and Maurice Townsan. Tennis Team I -CI 06]- T R A C K I — nos:]- — D09]- TRACK By Gordon M. Qucinstrom THE HUSKY TRACK TEAM swept to five con- secutive dual meet victories during the 1932 season, placed third among some of the keenest competi- tion in history at the Northwest Conference Meet and Sectional Trials and saw its captain wear the colors of the United States in the I 0th Olympiad. The year ' s strife began when the stalwarts of the Washington Athletic Club, led by such stars as Paul Jessup and Tab hlartley, former Washington ath- letes, met the hluskies on the Pavilion oval on March 19. The Clubmen were vastly outclassed by a surpris- ingly strong Washington squad, 94-37. On March 26 a host of white-flanneled digni- taries gathered to see the California Bears soundly trounced by the score of 76-55. The Purple and Gold track men brought in a total of eight firsts over the track men from Berkeley. Newt hlorrell, of Washing- ton, smashed the all-time indoor two-mile mark with his time of 9:44.6. Bob Kiesel, California speedster, set a new time of 22.4 in the furlong and tied the old time 75-yard dash mark of 7.6. Don Arthoud cleared 13 feet in the pole vault, the highest ever gone by any Husky. After o move to the outdoors, Washington met Oregon State College ' s Beavers In the Stadium on May 2 and sent them home, hairless, hideless and whipped, 92-38. A Frank Merriwell finish by four flying relayists won the annual meet from Washington State Col- lege in the Stadium on May 9. From the start the teams battled along, matching point for point, until the score stood 63-63, then the anchor man, Captain Genung, ran his opponent into the cinders, bringing five points and victory, 68-63. Track Squad The concluding dual meet of the season came with Oregon at Eugene on May 14. In the Webfoot back yard the hlusky pock smacked over Bill Hayward ' s proteges, 77-54. Two weeks later at the Northwest Conference Meet and Sectional Olympic trials the team brought in a third. W. S. C. took first with 46 points; Oregon gathered second place with 41 points, one more than Washington ' s total. Twenty-two men were awarded Big W ' s at the close of the season. The winners were: Clarence Bledsoe, George Codwell, Ross Pedersen, John Con- don, Fred Goler, Paul McMahon, Scott Gonsecki, Gordon Zwiebel, Eddie Genung, Newt Harrell, Mer- ritt Corbln, Junie Weber, Ken Rhuddy, Dan Bracken, Chick Garrett, Frank Rosenquist, Bryant Dunn, Don Arthaud, Ralph Cairney, Neg England, Ted Bell and Ren Meader. Honor W ' s were awarded to Clyde Donovan ond Hubert Blonk. At the close of the season Dan Bracken was elected to lead the Husky team for 1933, and Ed Potter was chosen to succeed Joe Sheldon as senior manager. Bill Millard was made freshman manager. The Husky Babes split their season, winning from Bellingham and Ellensburg Normals but losing to C. P. S. and on all-star Seattle high school team. Ralph Doremus was c aptain of the yearlings. Numeral win- ners were: Verne Jennings, Frank Plumb, Ralph Dore- mus, Gene Frost, Robert Swisher, Larry Munnell, Robert Watt, Lee Jocobi, Ernie Perfrement, Robert Galer, Les Scattergood, Paul Sulkosky, Jack Kel- leher, Carl Dakan, Robert Keller, Lowman Tibbols, Philip Hilditch, Roland Steffy and John King. -Clio:- I B A S E B A L L -nil 2:1- ;;f6.H.i J -DI3]- BASEBALL By Bill Dickie 4. THERE WAS DEPRESSION all around but the 1932 vorsity baseball team didn ' t feel it — except the time it had to hitch-hike Its way east of the mountains. It was a season of paradox, too, for Tubby Graves, the most superstitious coach south of the Arctic Circle, won his eighth conference champion- ship in ten tries by chalking up I 3 victories. Now if anyone had told Tubby a baker ' s dozen would figure in his affairs during the season he most likely would have shouldered his shotgun and gone prowling for rabbits ' feet. Maybe he did anyway, but the ulti- mate result, whatever the precautions, was the Huskies ' fourth consecutive diamond crown. That hitch-hiking party Tubby took his boys on was a most novel affair. The Huskies piled them- selves into borrowed cars, chiseled Washington State and Idaho fraternities out of their rations, and proceeded to win three ball games In the interim. Not very gentlemanly, to be sure, but most business- like. With financial affairs on a more solid foundation after that, the Huskies gathered momentum. The fly in the ointment was that the Cougars were rolling a little faster, so after three-fourths of the schedule was over the Gravesmen could still see the Cougars ' tail by looking ahead. What happened? Well, Oregon and Oregon State each took a healthy whack at Buck Bailey ' s nine and inside of three days had come off with a fall opiece and had shoved the Purple and Gold banner to the masthead without the Huskies pulling on a sock to help. " Thanks, neighbors, " Tubby grinned as he folded up the conference flag and parceled out 19 big W ' s to his champs. Copt. Nelson, Harnett, Putnam Bob Heomon, lambasting shortstop, was elected captain of the 1933 nine at the annual banquet. On the same ballot " Gabby " Harnett, peppery back- stop veteran, was voted the Torrance Inspirational medal for being the greatest inspiration to his team- mates during the season. Among the eight graduating seniors Tubby said good-bye to were Ed Putnam, right-handed pitcher who never lost a college game, and Ned Nelson, captain and second baseman, two of the finest play- ers who ever strapped on sliding pads for the Purple and Gold. Another three-year letterman pitcher, Buzz Hopper, also drew his sheepskin, leaving the Husky mound corps sadly depleted. The other three graduates were Clarence Poutzke, catcher and two-year veteran, and Dick Walsh and Bill Waltz, both three-stripe out-flelders. Seven sophomores spread over the infield, out- field, and pitching staff earned their cakes in the heat of battle. There was Joe Weber, first baseman, and Red Hutchinson, hot-corner guardian, to team up with Skipper Heaman In the Infield. Hal Lee and Frank Anderson, along with Jock Anshutz, a junior, made up a complete outfield. The St. Louis Browns whisked Hutchinson away just before the 1933 sea- son opened, leaving Tubby two infield posts to plug. Al O ' Brien, Andy Holland, and Bill Gourlay — he ' s a port-sider — could do pretty well by them- selves as a pitching staff even If they didn ' t have a pair of juniors — Marion Felt and Wayne Winter- mute — to help out. Coach Pest Welch awarded freshman numerals to the following young bamblnos: Rudy Enqulst, Norlo Wokamatsu, Roger Dawes, Clarence LIrhus, Harvey Kelley, Les Mathls, Bob O ' Brien, Truman HInkle, Don Bott, and Dick Cook. -CM 4]- M I N O R S P O R T S MINOR SPORTS By " Pepper " Martin Don Cook, Captain Rifle Teom Leonard Stevens, Wr MINOR SPORTS TEAMS enjoyed one of their most successful years last fall and winter when the wrestling, swimming, fencing, rifle, and golf teams mode a clean sweep of oil but two evenis included in their schedules. WRESTLING — Washington grapplers threw every- thing and everybody In the two minor sports car- nivals held east of the mountains at Washington State College and the University of Idaho. The Cou- gar maulers were pinned 5-2 to be followed by the Vandals a few days later by a 5-1 count. The team, at full strength for the only time during the season, mode an impressive showing against the sailors from the U. S. S. Nevada whom they defeated 8-5. Wrestling team: E. McKellat, Bud Mandles, Harold Sharpe, Mel Borgerson, Greg hHollenbeck, Ad Smith, Rags Giske, Bill Dent, Ed Puhr, Matt Muczynski, Leonard Stevens, coach. SWIMMING — Making its initial splash at the Uni- versity as a minor sport, Washington ' s first swim- ming team turned in a slate of victories. Treking to Washington State the natators foamed by the In- landers, 43-32. The University of Idaho was the next victim by a 42-23 score. Returning to Seattle the hluskies suffered their only defeat at the hands of the nationally known Washington Athletic Club squad, 221 2- 1 8I 2. The Bremerton Athletic Club was completely swamped In a duo of contests. Swirrfming team: Chuck Mucha, hlurley DeRoIn, Roy Fuller, Ed Nagel, Clarence Page, Les Cooper, John Cock- roft, Lloyd Knutson, Wilfred Greenham, Tom Wood, Swimming Teom, 1933. Fencing Team, 1933. estling Coach Ed Bollinger, Bob Yeomons, manager. Jack Torney, coach. RIFLE TEAM — Emerging victorious from every match run off so far this season and copping the top honors among Pacific Coast schools, automati- cally assured the Husky sharpshooters a ranking position In the National Intercollegiate matches. Captain Don Cook won the National Intercollegiate Individual rifle title for the second consecutive year with a score of 585 points. Rifle team: Captain Don Cook, Vernon Haroldson, Don Moller, John Goos- man, Loring Stetson, Don Anderson, Ed McAllister, Howard Wills, John Howe, Charles Howorth. GOLF — The golf team has at this early point in the season had little opportunity to develop. In their pre-season matches they hove not faired so well, having dropped one to the University of British Col- umbia and one to the local University Club. The team roster to this date reads: Paul Murphy, Bill Rourke, Herb Levin, John Czarniecki, Bill Duncan, Bill Howard, Ab Clifford, Geo. Carson, Bob White, manager. FENCING — Another team to take the measure of Washington State College and the University of Idaho in their minor sports carnival was the fencers. At foil points with the Cougars the local swordsmen carried five of the nine bouts. At Idaho the score again stood In their favor 6-3. The Huskies were outpointed in their lone match of the year with Reed College of Portland. Fencing team: Seth Rich- ards, John Irwin, George Corning, Jock Dawley, August Auernheimer, coach. -DI6:]- INTRAMURALS By ' Pepper " Martin 1932 John Emery. In+ramui ' als Sr. Mgr. R. E. Belshow. Director of Inti ' amui ' ols PHI GAMMA DELTA showed a clean pair of heels to 52 other fraternities and organizations and set a new all-time scoring record for intramural competition when they piled up a total of 996 points in fifteen events. This enviable record won for them the award of the Gorhort Intramural trophy. Sigma Pi was second with 935 points, followed by Theto Chi with 860. TOUCH FOOTBALL— The Fiji football aggregation ploughed through on undefeated season to meet the boys of Beta Theta Pi in the semi-final round and after a tough scrimmage emerged to take the trophy in the finals from the challenging Psi Upsilon seven 13-6. BASEBALL — The early birds got the cup In this in- stance in that the Japanese Club beat out the Sig- ma Chis to rank first In the ' 32 early risers intra- mural baseball series. TENNIS — After a gruelling match of thrillers in which Stu Yeoton and Stillson Judo staged a three- hour singles battle to decide whether Fiji or Sigma Pi would enter the finals the Fiji team of Yeoton and Evans lost to Beck and Connors of Theto Xi. GOLF — The Betas annexed the golf crown when their team of O ' Brien and Evans downed Lyie Spen- cer, Jr., and Jock FHogen of Delta Kappa Epsllon in the finals. DECATFHLON— Included for the first time on the intramural roster the decathlon aroused interest particularly omong those men participating in track. Bjorne Tonning of Sigma Alpha Epsilon, former To- como high school star, piled up a lead over Bill Smith, Theta Chi, and Bob Witt, Delta Tou Delta, to be named as the best all-around athlete. 1933 SIGMA PI seems headed for their first cham- pionship in this year ' s tournament with a total to date of 820 points. Their strongest teams have been in basketball, foul shooting and volleyball. The Theto Chis place second with 760 digits. CROSS-COUNTRY— Opening the fall intramural sports season the distance men of Alpha Sigma Phi led by Lunford finished the grind in first position with Sigma Pi led by Sivesind close on their heels. Negley England, Heavyweight Boxing Champion, 1932. De Roin, Heavyweight Wrestling Champion, and Mucho, Runner-up, 1932. -[117]- VOLLEYBALL — Sigma Pi again came to the fore to place fii ' st In the volleyball tourney. Sigma Chl ' s net men pushed the champions, but were forced into second position. FENCING — Another sport to invade the intramural schedule this year was the dexterous art of fencing. In the competition the Chi Psl foil team of Morris and Greenwood crossed steel with the Fijis and monaged to outpoint Moch and Watt In the final bouts. BASKETBALL — In the intramural basketball cham- pionship played each year on the varsity floor as a benefit gome for charity, the quintet from the Sig- ma Pi house battled it out with Delta Chi and ulti- mately walked off with first place by a 42-27 score. FOUL SHOOTING— Following close on their bas- ketball triumph the Sigma Pi dead-eyes led by Strelo outpointed the Sigma Nu team to top the scoring column for the free throw trophy. SWIMMING — Obtaining the use of the women ' s swimming pool for the first time this sport drew more Interest and enthusiasm than any other during the winter season. The finalist s, emerging from a tough elimination series, brought the Fljls to battle with the Sigma Chls. A large crowd witnessed the close race in which the Phi Gam ' s nosed out their oppo- nent by a 28-21 count. Horry Jolxen of the Finnish Club won the individual championship with firsts in the 50 and 100-yard dash events. Pete Dlx of the Fiji team set a new all-University record in the 50- yord backstroke in the semi-final meet. WRESTLING — Theta Chi hod their rough and tough men out this season for strenuous business and copped the wrestling trophy. Wearers of the in- dividual champions ' belts for the year: I I 9 pounds — Jock Hillver, Ind.; 129 pounds Ev. McKellar, Ind.: 139 pounds — Bud Mondles, Zeta Beta Tou; 149 pounds — Greg Fields, Phi Sigma Kappa; 159 pounds — Greg Hollenbeck, Lambda Chi Alpha; 169 pounds — John Hurd, Ind.; 179 pounds — Ed Puhr, Alpha Alpha Alpha; Heavyweight — Matt Muczyn- ski. Phi Kappa Sigma. BOXING — Not content with wrestlers ' belts Theta Chi also battled their way Into the boxing cham- pionship. Wearers of the ' 33 crowns: I 18 pounds — Paul Sampson, Theta Chi; 128 pounds — Gil Haffley, Psl Upsllon; 138 pounds — Frank Plumb, Ind.; 148 pounds — Dean Mason, Ind.; 158 pounds — John Po- zorlch, Ind.; 168 pounds — Don Flnrow, Ind.; 178 pounds — Howard Thompson, Chi Phi; Heavyweight — Ted Markov, Alpha Alpha Alpha. INDOOR BASEBALL— Drawing the largest entry list in several years, the Indoor baseball elimination developed into an airtight play-off between the Slg Eps and the Fljis. The final game went eleven innings with the first seven scoreless. A final two- run rally brought Sigma Phi Epsllon the cup by a 6-5 score. HANDBALL — Entering their championship duo of Palmer and DeRoin for their second season Phi Gamma Delta hod an inside track on the Indoor court tournament until the champs tangled with Burke and Wilson of the Tri-Alph house. Two play- offs having ended in ties a third Is now on schedule and OS we go to press the victor is as yet a matter of conjecture. PING PONG — Making Its debut to campus ath- letics the table sport sup»ported an all-University tournament In which the Wesley Club team com- posed of Bower, Morkan, and Stelner took first place from the Pilgrims championed by the three- some of Packard, Johnson, and Rhoades. The horseshoe and track events have as yet not been scheduled at this writing. Fiji Touch Football Champions. 1932. Japanese Students ' Club, Boseboll Chompions, 1932 -CI 18]- ABOARD OF CONTROL MEET- ING. Bill Montgomery and the spider are by this time beginning to feel like Alfred the Great and his friend. " Ahem, " rumbles Mr. Montgomery, " I appoint you, Daddy-Long-Legs, as a committee of one, to see what you can do about fixing up this constitution. " A S u w IN THE RED By Clyde Robinson 4 FINANCIAL DIFFICULTIES have beset the Associated Students, University of Washington, student corporation, this year, threatening to force the abandonment of many student enterprises. Operation of student activities, even under a curtailed budget, has been extreme- ly difficult for Graduate Manager Earl Campbell as o result of a decrease in rev- enues from admissions to athletic and other events, and the withdrawal of almost all in- come from A. S. U. W. fees which hove been diverted to pay Interest and apply on the debt of over half a million dollars incurred during prosperous times for the construction of the Athletic Pavilion. Manager Campbell has worked diligently to protect the student organization and has outlined a plan of operation which. If ap- proved, will guarantee the continued opera- tion of the A. S. U. W. Students have been most loyal and co- operative In working with Campbell and his staff to effect every possible economy. Athletes have been content with less ad- equate equipment than before; the Dally has suspended publication of one issue a week, and committees have worked on decimated budgets in an effort to be of assistance. Assistants to the Graduate Manager for the year were Helen Gorham in charge of women ' s activities and the concert series, Carl Kllgore in charge of athletic fields and equipment, and Clyde Robinson in charge of publications. Nelson Wahlstrom occupied the position of auditor and Willard Coghlan was In charge of the A. S. U. W. News Bu- reau until January I, when the Bureau was abolished. Compbell, Montgomery -[I20 A. S. U. W. BOARD OF CONTROL President - Bill Montgomery ,,.„.,, Martin Nelson Vice-rresidents ,1 11 ll j Larry Hubbard r , ■ Marion Craiq becretories ,1 1 1 (Jane Leuenberger Gi ' oduate Representative Bob Palmer [Maimey Brown Senior Representatives { Dick McCurdy [Howard Tuttle fAl O ' Brien Junior Representatives -. ' Ad Smith [Virginia Slocum Sophomore Representative Betty hHarris Mrs. J. Arthur Youngei ' A I • D 4. 4-- , J- Kqi ' I Bell Alumni Kepresentotives i .,,■„■ 1 Ross Williams , Frank Vernon [Prof. Carl Dokon Faculty Representatives -{Prof. F arry Mclntyre [Prof. Byi ' on Christian Brown, Christian, Crolg. Eagleson. Harris. Hubbard, Leuenberger McCurdy, N elson, Paimer, Slocum, Smith, Tuttle Vernon, Williams, Younger -D2i A. S. U. W. MANAGERS AND COACHES Graduate and Student Managers Graduate Manager Earl Campbel Assistont Graduate Monogers . Office Manager Secretaries . I Carl Kilgore •j Clyde Robinson I Helen Gorhom Nelson Wahlstrom [ Myrtle Malan 1 Fanny Swartz [ Elizabeth Demarest Student Managerial Council Officers President Vice-President ._. Secretary-Treosur ' Bob Allen Norman Belfrey Edward Brehm Malcolm Brown Kenneth Duryee Kenneth Easter John Emery Paul Kirker Jerry Achenbach Carl Walters Edwin Potter Malcolm Mcintosh Bill Millard John Newstrom Jack Perry Percy Shelton Jack Williams Jim Wing Coaches Footboll Freshman Football and Baseball-.-- Basketball and Track Assistant Track - Freshmon Bosketball . Baseball and Frosh Footboll . Swimming Boxing Wrestling Riflery Fencing - Property Monogers Trainer Crew .. Freshman Crew Lightweight Crew Tennis James Phelon I Cotton Wilcox I Ralph Welch J William Woerner I Daniel Lomont I Bob Palmer Clarence Edmundson -Ken Rhuddy Al Schuss Tubby Graves - Jack Torney Norman Kunde .... Len Stevens Copt. William Priest A. A. Auernheimer Jack Poque Jack Price Click Clark Al Ulbrlckson Tom Bolles Loren Schoel Windy Langlie Demarest, Gorham. Kilgore. Malan, Robinson, Swartz, Wahlstrom, Achenbach Belfrey. Brehm. Duryee, Easter. Emery. Kirker Millard, Newstrom. Potter, Walters, Williams -i:i22 April, 1932 Chairman _ Assistant Chairman . Team Captains Margaret Lowrle Jock O ' Connor Teklo Aagaard Florence Cumbo Helen Gormley Hugo Metzler Wendell Duncan John Condon Homer Bergren Bob Gray Phil Luther Lorry Hubbard Dick Young Ed Barrett Allen Bird ELECTION COMMITTEES January, 1933 Chairman _ Assistant Chairmen Paul Olson S Betty Spurgeon ( Grace Ann Higmon Special Chairmen Elizabeth Little Virginia Landrum Miriam Cone Sue Mosely Marjorle Jean Elmore John Garvin Anno Marie Radovan Evelyn Woshburn Team Captains Don Beotty Herb Mjorud Ed Norman Emmet McGoughy Maltby McCloy Janet Murray isobelle Anderson Jo Harvey Verno Isaacson Doris Tullock Bill Wllmot Murray Mefzenbaum Tekia Aagaard Emily Cotton Don Miller Dorothy Kelsey Barrett, Bird, Olson, Spurgeon, Higman 123:1- CAMPUS DAY AND CREW DRIVE Campus Day 1932 Chairman Secretary Tickef Choirman _... Entertainment Chairman Karl Reese .Minerva Elworthy Ken Rhuddy Eddie Benz Tickets Eleanor Ahlers Dorothea Ritchie Shirley McGregor Barbara Costleman Attendance Bob Palmer Marion Bertram Jean Condon Cora Hansen Work Paul Kirker Art Harnett Ed Putnam Bill O ' Brien Bob Lenfesty Vern Mantle Bryant Dunn Loren Schoel Charles Noble Jay Schack Dick Shaughnessy Elwell Case Bill Bates Publicity Bill Howard Dorothy Wright Eileen Gormley Lucille Cohen House Publicity McDermott Memorial Marny Collins Helen Pickrell Lemonade Audrey Ames Lunches Mary Shephard Morgaret Crabtree Margaret Mitchell Helen Beyers Isabelle Anderson Entertainment Wally Howe Betty Taylor Bill Gray Nancy Strother Kline Swygord Fred Huey Joe Sheldon Sollie Sue White Dance Clotiide Duryee Marion Craig Helen Moldstod Ken Easter Eva Dietrich Women ' s Ticket Soles Eloise Sweet Fern Whyott Wanda Voss Eva Dietrich Marjorie Beeuwkes Cora Hanson Patricia Dakon Dorothy Martin Marie Ouellette Margaret Crabtree Helen Moldstod Pat Vredenburg Roberta Frye Evelyn Honselmon Doris Jensen Phyllis Vernon Gertrude Pinney Jane Edgers Vera Banks Helen Spoulding Groce Thorpe Annette Hall Lyzena Payne Jean Boldwin Crew Drive 1932 Chairman Publicity Chairman Secretary Treasurer ._._ Chester Peter: Jim Wilson Bill NePage Bob Edwards Marjorie Warren Enid Smith Mildred Larson Virginia Lupton Team Captains Gene Dare Lloyd Sell Ben Bowers Jim Larpenteur .Lane Morthlond Jock Dalton ,, .. Marny Collins .. Jack Culp Laurence Jolley Mock Thomas Lloyd Schrom Don Steinhoff Lieutenants Jean Horning Emily Cotton Modelon Firnstohl Betty Kevin Dorothy Mohone Evelyn Richards May Coffee Georgino Gibb -CI24j- HOMECOMING AND H. S. LEADERS ' CONFERENCE High School Leaders ' 1932 Conf erence Chairman Morney Brown Secretory Morgoret Lowrie Sec reto rial Assistants Publicity Don Miller. Chairman Dick Turner Howard Ellis Eileen Chollacombe Bernito McCaffrey Celio Marion Women ' s Housing Vlrginio Brock. Chairmen Mary Roberts Morgoret Hoge Olive Neil Winifred Nolte Elizobeth Coulkins Helen Condon Mary Galbraith Morjorie Savage Men ' s Housing Homer Bergren, Chairman Bob Miller George Hughes Jim Greeley Sam Hess Banquet Gene Payne, Chairman Gene Vogt Gage Gritmon Elizabeth Holmon Kotherine Caldwell Ruth Burkheimer Programs Helen Prlnqle ] --, - r ,.,, c- I • ( C_o-Chairmen Edith bmcioir ) LaVon Wotkins Laura Heritage Betty Carey Mary Jane Mueller Betty Boone Dale McKnIght Assistant Chairman.. .Allen Bird Treasurer Bob Gray f Florence Cumbo I Jane Colkett -j Mary Reitze j Kotherine Brehm [ Beryl Elfendohl Girls ' Conference Evelyn Hanselman, Chairman Evelyn Richards Leone Knight Morgoret Kennedy Vera Louise Thelon Barbara Jacobsen Glenn Williamson Boys ' Conference Bud Brehm, Chairman Willord Skeel George Lawrence Clarence Page Dan English Washington School of Method Lymon Tondel, Choii ' mon Georgino Rowland Beatrice Burke Betty Campbell Entertainment Mary Howe. Chairman Orena Armstrong Beatrice Ashe Jean Baldwin Janice Wolgemuth Editors ' Conference Gerald Cloud, Chairman Harold Mansfield Lyttleton Tempes Eileen Gormley Byron Fish Business Managers ' Conference Bill Hannah, Chairman Jack Sweek Howard Tuttle Advisors ' Conference Mary Bosh, Chairman Homecoming 1932 Chali Rally Carl Dahlberg, Chairmen Lucy Dexter Orena Armstrong Betty Harper Dorothy Horsfoll Kay Garland Eleanor Mitchell Lou Morris Morgoret Hoge Maury Schwortz Bud Mandles Phil Molitor Harold Mansfield Carl Reoder Gordon Zwelbel Robin Gloor John Whitney Bonfire Chet Warren. Frosh Chairman Phil Rosser Bob Lund Cliff Vonderveer Bob Perry Otis WIckersham Lourlen Winn Betty Hart Dorothy Crolg Jean McCurdy Lee Whitney Soph Chairmen Jim Brock Bob O ' Brien j Kinne Howes Ed Moore Bud Raney Pot Cardin Dick Thatcher. Chairman Dorothea Ritchie i Ed Barrett I Lorry Hubbard Dorothy Rlngrose Jane Louise Smith Miriam Shangle Margaret Kennedy Mary Ann Burns Pot Strlckler Betty Campbell Gordon Zweibel Elmer Schoen Joy Adams Chuck Hall Oliver Keorns Reception Sallle Sue White. Chairman Beatrice De Donoto Dorothea Davis Decorations Bill Foisler AIThiel Col Eoston Publicity Margaret Jane Sobey Ed Kretzer Lewis LIndsey Evelyn Opie Parade Hal Whitehouse MeJvin Heffner Signs Chuck Howard Loren Schoel Jim Bryant George Sargent Arrangements Janet Riggs Ellis Ash -CI 25]- 4 EDITOR MANSFIELD OF THE DAILY AND EDITOR FISH OF COLUMNS ARE HERE 4 MANIFESTING THEIR TRADITIONAL " HOLIER-THAN-THOU " ATTITUDE TOWARD 4 EACH OTHER. IF THEY CANT FIGHT ABOUT ANYTHING ELSE MR. MANSFIELD 4 LIFTS HIS EYEBROWS AT MR. FISH ' S SPATS AND MR. FISH COMES BACK WITH A 4. CUTTING REMARK ABOUT MR. MANSFIELD ' S NEWSPAPER CHISELING TACTICS mmmmmmmim P U B L I C A T I O N S COPY GRINDERS YE editor of Ye Doily, H. Homilfon Mans- field, of White Solmon, scons his paper ovidly, OS he tries to look the way on editor should. " Beau " Bob Trumbull, the boy who wore spats for two years, and who was holf- a-monoging-editor this year, smirks on the sidelines. 4- " QUARNSTORMINGS " author, Mr. Gordon Quornstrom, the sports editor of The Daily, suns himself on the left. The agon- ized expression is all because he hos just learned that oil the crew men have devel- oped athlete ' s mouth and trench foot. Let us present John " Winchell " Jarvis, who snapped these many personalities for Tyee, and who is also somewhat of a scandal writer, reporter, marine, and whot not. 4. RAPHAEL MALONE, my deohs, the blonde hero of the shock, sports writer and wrestler. And hats off, here is F. Lyttleton Tempes, of Vancouver, Washington, called " Tubby " because he wos once. Editor of The Daily from October, 1932 to February, 1933, and the most handsome Doily editor the sheet has ever seen, gals. LOOK, look, Frances, there ' s your Stuart Wadsworth Welch (Cookie) smoking o pipe as he " Ho-hHums " an afternoon away. Miss Alice Murray, society editor, a red-headed Alpha Gam with brains; William FHannoh, business manager of The Doily, who helped Mr. Tempes keep the publications situation completely under Psi U control from Octo- ber to February. 4. EMMY DAGGETT, Brother Lyre, creator of Umado Kiyo and Kenyuse Matedi, Lyre poets. Lil bright eyes, Freddie Wyott, the boy whom the faculty and some others just don ' t understand, sez Freddie, Is the man in the hat. Next, Jean " Greta Garbo " Musson, who usually needs o haircut ond a good spanking. 4 RICHARD FRANCIS " Stowaway " Mc- Curdy leans on the wall In a typical Mc- Curdy pose, and It is sold that Mr. McCurdy and Alpha Gam ' s Clock ai " e Lohengrlning it this summer. James Long ' s mouth is really not so sideways — Mr. Long Is a Columns man who writes very good stories about the Chi O ' s. 4 EDITOR Byron Fish of Columns and Em- erson Daggett, assistant Columns editor, in other words, the Lyre boys, actually photo- grophed while engaged in writing their " Notes of a Lyre. " 4 ERNIE COHEN Is from Stanford Univer- sity, and he is really a quiet sort, but this looks like the morning after the night before. The Columns Influence. The other half of the managing editor combination (and editor of next year ' s Daily) Ruddick Carpenter Lawrence of Aberdeen, that dangerous Phi Psi blonde who is so bashful that it took two months to train him to enter a sorority house without blushing. Helen Pringle, as- sistant editor of The Daily and a Motor Boot gal is A. D. Pi ' s sparkling light. How- ard (Tubby) Tuttle, another Aberdeen man, is Columns business manager and is also senior rep on the Board of Control, and a lawyer. Pi K A. ' s bod boy. Gene Nicolal, news editor of The Doily, keeps the report- ers under control. Bob Trumbull, half-o- monoging-edltor, as he appeared while en- during the infamous Sigma Delta Chi initi- ation. Mr. Ti ' umbull is also a Columns and Tyee man. 4 WILLIAM HOWARD RYER, associate editor of The Daily, is a fiery Alpha Sig red- head, whose Dodge ought to be a tradition by now. " Dodge Brothers, Dodge! " Hu Blonk, the man who cleaned up the pavilion and won the " Pa " Kennedy Award, Is the fellow with the pencil In his mouth. He has worked on oil three publications in major positions. 4 ALPHA GAM ' S Virginia Robinson, soci- ety writer, is a petite blonde beauty; Jock Sweek, Tyee business manager, Is o very serious-minded young man — and has reason to be for he Is a husband and a breadwinner. Tut, tut, Mr. Williams, that isn ' t Dotty Mohone on your lap. The girl is Helen Paul Grlgwore of PI Phi, and Mr. Williams Is Dick Williams, of Teke, former associate editor of The Doily; Marcy Loubenheim is o Doily dramatic critic and she rarely stands still like this. -CI28 The truth about these Daily, Tyee, and Columns staff people appears on the op- posing page, beginning with the top row and following the pictures from left to right -[:i29 THE DAILY Tempes, Mansfield 4 LYTTLETON TEMPES, upholding a con- servative paper, and Harold Mansfield, featuring a " bold banner " paper, inter- preted campus activities in two distinctly different ways. Tempes furthered student interest in national politics by conducting campus polls and enlivened the editorial page by linoleum cartoons on news and feature stories. With o definite editorial stand, Mansfield took over The Daily winter quarter. hHe spon- sored a three-fold successful program by backing the Athletic Director plan; advo- cating lowei " fees and putting through on immediate $5 student fee reduction; and campaigning editoriolly and concentratedly for a foir budgeting of University expenses. The general policy under Mansfield, which gave stimulus to interest in scientific and educational progroms, was backed by a newly instituted editorial board. A change The Editonol Stoff in make-up put the editorial page on page four, society on page two, and sports on page three. Due to a cut in the A. S. U. W. budget, the Monday issue was abolished during the middle of winter quarter, making The Doily a four-dov paper. 4 ADVERTISING, advertising, and more advertising. The business staff stepped lively during fall quarter ond monoged to beat the red with a neat profit. Under Bill Hannah ' s efficient manage- ment, the staff functioned copobly and har- moniously. Oluf Bye and Joe Rutkowski were the outstanding salesmen and were actively contacting various accounts every day. Joe Bloke handled notionol advertising and Leonard Johnson was in charge of circula- tion. The student service section, developed by Milton Porter in the Fall, continued to In- -0 02- 1932-1933 Hannah, Mills crease under Mac Beoll and Sandy Stewart, trance into Major College Publications, a Morning delivery, a job in itself, covering group of the large Coast university dailies, organized houses, and campus buildings, all with a banquet at the Gypsy Tavern at before 7:30, was handled by Keith Steele, which Mr. Arthur J. Neitz, Seattle repre- The burden of compiling the results of a sentotive, was guest of honor, campus-wide survey of brand preferences It might be interesting to note that The and buying power of University students fell University Daily was read regularly in such upon Eloise Mills and her office staff, in od- widely scattered points as Kiating, Szech- dition to the regular work of compiling doily uan Province, West China, Toronto and ond monthly reports, and other compora- Montreal in Canada and other foreign five statistics. countries as well as in most of the larger In the Fall the doily celebrated its en- colleges in the United States. Business Staff Assistant Business Managers — Oluf Bye, Joe Rut- kowski Promotion Managers — Jim Larpenteui; Tom Wil- liams National Advei ' tising Manager — Joe Blake Ciixulation Manager — Leonard Johnson Advertising Salesmen — Greg Fields, Roy Miller, Sandy Stewart, Wheeler Coy, Mac Beoll Circulation — Chuck Newton, Keith Steele, Mar- garet Coates, Kathleen Ellson, Goss McClecry, Dick Mcintosh, Perry Taft Office Manager — Eloise Mills Office Assistants — Ruth McFarland, Dorothy Suth- erland, Fronces Boyer, Winna Hemingway, Ruth Nordstrom, Marjorie Savidge, Millicent Don- caster, Dorothy Mills, Virginia Kirby The ; Staff -D3a- DAILY STAFF OCTOBER, 1932 -FEBRUARY, 1933 Editor Ly+tleton Tempes Business Manager William Hannah Editorial Staff Associate Editor — Hubert Blonk Assistant Editors — Eileen Gormley, Edith Sinclair Managing Editor — Harold Mansfield Assistant Managing Editor — Bob Trumbull Night Editor— Dick Williams News Editors — Rud Lawrence, Bill Ryer Assistant News Editor — Gene Nicolai Copy Editor — Hugh Scott Assistant Copy Editors — Wilfred Greenham, Rod Stewart Sports Editor — Dick McCurdy Assistant Sports Editor — Gordon Quornsform, Bill Dickie Feature Editoi ' — Helen Pringle Society Editor — Florence Davis Morgue Editor — Helen Foster Special Writers — By Fish, Emerson Daggett, Helen Paul Grigware, Stuart Welch. Marjorie Williams Reviewer — Morcella Laubenheim Assistant Reviewer — Frances Farmer Reporters — Fred Wyatt, Joe Connor, Jessie Brie- land, Daniel Frishman, Nicholas Mitchell, Frances Pike, Carlo Cook, Madge Newton, Melvin Gold- smith, Mary Kosher, Carolyn Coffman, Frankie Phelps, Helen Johnson, Tom Griffith, Dorothy Craig, David Dale, Bob Lonsdon, Bill Wilmot, Seth Richards, Dan Hill Sport Reporters — Bill Dickie, Gordon Quornstorm, Jack Keene, Ray Malone, Mike Bird, Sam Kleg- man, Maryolive Corbaley, Angus Hay, Chuck Stewart, Hal Giles, Bob Stewart Society Reporters — Betty Hartnett, Alice Murray, Nellie Headrick, Sigrid Hedin, Annabelle Lee Staff Assistants — Helen Rogers, LaVon Wotkins, Grace Knowles, Carl McCandless, Merritt Tan- berg Copy Readers — Doris Tullock, Ernie Anderson, Rebecca Ashley, Madge Downey, Paul Michelson, Sybil Levy, Maxi ne Martin, Pat Strickler, Ruth Dyar, Virginia Petit, Harold Giles, Evelyn Opie, Mary Simpkins, Virginia Morgan, Arnold Marks, Catherine Norman, Hartford Smith, Kay Moun- ter, Doris Peach, Carl Brazier, Bill Ashton, Bob Lytel, Grace Scotness Staff Artists — Bill Pickens, Sam Wandesford Office Secretary — Dorothy Ring rose Morgue Staff — Fredina Fullerton, Jean Hodgson, Janet McArthur, Pot MacAuley, Helen Walker Bye, Davis. Gormley, McCurdy. Rutkowski ; ■ •::;,!■• i i Xi -i:i32 DAILY STAFF FEBRUARY, 1933 -JUNE, 1933 Editor . Harold Mansfield Business Manager William Hannah Editorial Staff Editorial Board — Hubert Blonk, Dick Williams. Dick McCui ' dy, Rud Lawrence, Bill Ryer, Eileen Sormley Managing Editor — Bob Trumbull Assistant Editors — Helen Paul Grigware, Florence Davis, Helen Pringle News Editor — Gene Nicolai Assistant News Editor — Hugh Scott Sports Editor — Gordon Quarnstorm Assistant Sports Editor — Bill Dickie Copy Editor — Rod Stewart Assistant Copy Editors — Catherine Norman, Doris Tullock Society Editor — Alice Murray Assistant Society Editor — SIgrld Hedin Special Writers — By Fish, Emerson Daggett, Stuart Welch Sports Staff — Bob Martin, Hal Giles, Bob Ingram, Carl Brazier, Jr., Chuck Stewart, Bruce Helberg Society Staff — Annobelle Lee, Dorothy Craig, Vir- ginia Robinson Reporters — Joe Connor, Morcella Laubenheim, Dan Frishmon. Bob Landsdon, Tom Griffith. Mary Kosher. Carolyn Coffman, Bill Wilmot, Seth Richards, Bill Elmendorf, Carl McCandless, Ken- neth Chevalle, Chrystelle Lassen, Bill Test, Fredina Fullerton, Arnold Marks, Pat Webster, Melvin Goldsmith Copy Readers — Mary Simpklns, Dorothy Campbell, Ruth Dyar, Jean Musson, Mildred Ruddell, Pat Strickler, Marion Marts, Ronald Richardson, Cor- inne Baker, Beuloh Nordquist, Paul Poitevin Office Secretaries — Helen Manogue, Doris Peach, Grace Knowles Sta ff Cartoonist — Bill Pickens Staff Assistants — LaVon Watkins, Grace Scotness. Dorothea Lund Morgue Editor — Frances Pike Morgue Staff — Frances Boyer. Jones McArthur, Morjorie Hill Proofreaders — Cal Easton, Irene Courtion, Bobby Whitelaw, Billee Richards Irsnk Low.- n o Pv»i- T.-.jmhull Williams -1:1333- TYEE Gormley Editorial Staff Editor Eileen Gormley Business Manager Jack Sweek Associate Editors Sumi Shlnozaki Vic Steinbrueck Assistant Editors Harold Mansfield Ruddick Lawrence Helen Gormley Mildred Larson Art Editor Tom Renton Sports Editoi ' Ren Meader Society Editor Alice Murray 4 FOR YOUR ENLIGHTENMENT this is the Pasquinade edition of Tyee. Pasquinade means satire or lampoon in sophisticated language. And throughout the book you will find your friends and classmates carica- tured In high class style by Tom Renton, Tyee staff artist. Those little thumbnail sketches in the corner of each page were done by Mary Dean, who likes to catch characteristic ex- pressions. The lampooning in the back of the book is the handiwork of By Fish, Tyee humor editor. The college life section was laid out by Joe McDonald, on up-and-coming soph- omore. Those who are to be praised for hard work on the yearbook ore Alice Sum! Shln- ozaki and Vic Steinbrueck, the associate editors who were the brains behind the story; the four assistant editors, Harold Mansfield, Rud Lawrence, Mllly Larson, and hHelen Gormley; sports editor, Ren Meader; soci- ety editor, Alice Murray; dramatic editor, Jim Long; and the one hundred and one staff assistants who helped put your book out. The business end of the yearbook was directed through the depression year by Jack Sweek, business manager, assisted by Bill McCloy and Betty Strlckler. Advertising pickings were lean, but on able advertising staff learned to put its foot inside the door and keep it there. Bonner. Bush, Cohen, Collins. Gormley. Herald. Lorson, Lawrence McCloy, Mansfield, Meader, Murray, Shanstrom Sh!no:oki, Steinbrueck, Sti ' ickler -LI34 1932-1933 Adminis+raHon Section Editorial Staff [ Harold Mansfield ■{ Edith Sinclair [Bill Ryer Staff — Evan Hannay, Clayton Humphrey, Tom Griffith, Martin Trepp, Byrdette Mason, Dorothy Sartori . Rud Lawrence Senior Section Doris Tullock Staff — Nana Benedictson, Madge Newton, Karen Frolund, Katherine Morgenroth, Miriam Shangle, Llbby Planansky, Katherine Guthmuller, Doris Peach . _ ,. Mildred Larson Activities bection n m. k n n Bernita McCattrey Staff — Florence Stinnett, Mary Dean, Helen John- son, Mercedes Miller, Naomi Fleishman, Mary Lou Streets, Roslyn Morris, Shirley Patterson, Betty Fett, Gladwyn Stuart, Dorothy Craig, Gr ace Scotness, Katherine Palmer, Jo Harvey, Jim Long, Donna Seaman Helen Gormley Dorothy Ringrose Staff — Pat Strickler, Lovinia Hemingway, Betty Roadnight, Dorothy Wilkison, Kathryn Starkey, Katherine Hadley, Virginia Long, June Lachman, Mary Roberts, Palma Setter, Annette Hall, Kit Croosdill, Millicent Doncoster, Marian Estep, Helen Pearce, Jean Vermilyo, Dorothy Wind- nagle, Dorothy Campbell Winnifred Hammer, Jean McCurdy . I Harold Mansfield ° " ° ' ' ° ' ' ' « Rosalia Morford Staff — Betty Hartnett, Dorothy Campbell, Marcella Laubenheim, Nellie Headrick Business Advertising Manager — Bill McCloy Asst. Advertising Manager — Clare Collins Promotion Manager — Jim Wilson Circulation Managers — Betty Strickler, Ed Fitz- gerald Office Manager — Jean Shanstrom Sororities and Fraternities Classes Rud Lawrence Staff — Sis McCoy, Betty Barry, Helen Eicher, Char- lotte Field, Kate Castleton, Grace Scotness n r . 1 J r-1 L (Helen Gormley rrotessiona s and Cubs , - m- i • Gene Nicolai Staff — Catherine Norman, Elizabeth Bertsche, Chef Rosenfeld, Elaine Fulton, Emi Seligman, Carolyn Coffman Art Staff — By Fish, Mary Dean Sports Staff — Dick McCurdy, Bob Trumbull, Hubert Blonk, Gordon Quarnstorm, Bill Dickie, Carl Braz- ier, Jr. Society Staff — Moryolive Corbaley, Betty Hartnett, Sigrid Hedin, Virginia Robinson Copy Editor — Joe McDonald Staff — Betty Strickler, Catherine Norman Staff Bookkeeper — Carrol Cohen Organizations — Dave Herald Advertising Staff — Arthur Bernhard, Kenyon Bush, Jim Wolthew, Geneva Erholm, Melbirne Cosgriff, Joe McDonald Copy Writer — Mary Dean The Editoriol Statt -[:i35n- Editor Business Manager COLUMNS Byron Fish Howard TuHle Fish 4. INTRODUCTION OF A NEW style type, Eve, found Columns, Washington humor magazine, more sophisticat ed this year, and more rollickingly subtle than ever with Mr. Byron Fish, Esq., as editor, and Mr. Emerson Daggett, his Brother Lyre, as the head man. Although the depression forced Mr. Tubby Tuttle, business manager, to cut the humor magazine to a mei ' e pamphlet, a smaller quantity of pages brought a better quality of humor. Only once did the blase editor face his doom, and this was with the March issue, in which a certain article hod to be painstakingly clipped from the book or dan- gerous consequences would have followed. Outstanding, articles and authors were " The Adventures of Stoghound Bill " by Dick Stephens, better known as " Killer " ; exposes of famous campus events by Stuart (Cookie) Welch; " Love in Ratmaze " by Emerson Dag- gett; " Boa, Boo, B. A. School " by D. Gerald Cloud; By-Lines, editorials by Mr. Fish, and covei ' s by Irvin Baltzer. A big event in Columns office in the spring months was the establishment of o women ' s department in the humor magazine under the editorship of Betty hiartnett, with the opening articles appearing in the March issue — " For Women Only, " containing two bits of information, " Man hlondling " by Morcello Loubenheim, and " What Every Girl Should Know " by Ronald Scribner. The Editoriol StoH -i:i36 1932-1933 Editorial Staff Art Editor - .- _ Irvin Baltzer Associate Editor Associate Editor Emerson Daggett Associate Editor Editorial Assis+an+s — Stuart Welch, Bob Trumbull, Eileen Gormley, Gordon Quarnstrom Art Assistants — Morris Dearie, Ken Anderson Business Staff Tuttle Dick Stephens James Long Advertising Staff — Byron P. Hart, Advertising Mon- oger; Cleave Hillman, Jock hlowe, Don Finrow Freshman Assistants — Betty Jane Lochrle, Jim Grif- fiths, Chuck Ricker, John Dore, Jr., Ned Boxer Office Staff — Evelyn Eagle, Office Manager; Dor- othy Thompson, Orena Armstrong Campus Sales Manager — Charlotte Reid Secretaries — Evelyn Opie, Kathleen Calkins, Bobby Raber, Morjorie Woods, Bernece Thorne, Evelyn Johnson Circulation Staff — Gerald Borol, Manager; Arnold Marks, Leo Laurie, Art Meyer, Paul Jassney, Or- ville Golub, Bob hlumphrey, hiarold Miller Copy Manager — Jock hlowe Promotion Managers — Dorothy Mahone, Elwood Tierney The ; Staff -i:i37 4 WOMAN ' S PLACE IS IN THE HOME— SAYS MR. TOM RENTON, WHO TURNED 4 THIS IN WHEN ASKED TO PORTRAY CAMPUS WOMEN ' S ACTIVITIES. IF THE 4 A. W. S. WOULD PUT RECIPES INSTEAD OF CONCERT PUBLICITY ON THE CLASS 4. ROOM BLACKBOARDS, MR. RENTON SUGGESTS, PROFESSORS WOULD NOT 4. MIND THAT A. W. S. COMMAND " SAVE " I w o M E N S A C T I V I T I E S Ar LAST the women of the campus feel that they have put one over on the University men. Five out of 9 student members of the board of control for I 933-34 are women. We may expect a concert schedule de luxe from the A. W. S. next yeor, and women ' s riflery will probably become a major sport 1 A. W. S. EXECUTIVE BOARD i t tf 4THE PURPOSE of the Associated Women Students, as set forth in the constitution, is to further the educational, social, and cul- tural alms of the women of the University. It strives to represent all women on the campus thro ugh its organization, to create a spirit of cooperation among the women as a whole and the activities in which women partici- pate, and among the women students and the administration and A. S. U. W. All wom- en are automatically members of the A. W. S. when they enter the University. Gorhom, Eagleson The A. W. S. was headed during 1932 end 1933 by Jean Eagleson, and is supervised by assistant graduate manogei ' hHelen Gorhom. Policies of the organization are decided by on executive board composed of all officers and standing committee chairmen of the group and okehed by presidents ' council. Besides overseeing all women ' s activities on the campus, the A. W. S. takes upon its shoulders the task of finding activities for all ambitious freshmen, through hHobby groups. Associated Women Students Executive Board A. W. S. President -- Jean Eagleson Vice-President Kay Garland Secretary Jvlary Hemphill Treasurer ..._ Jane l-linckley Executive Choirman_ Barbara Castleman Standards Chairman Hortense hiarley Social Chairman - _. ..Phyllis Vernon Student Adviser ..Virginia hlenderson Publicity Chairman Jessie Brieland Activity Chairman Mary Curran Files Chairman.... Leone Knight Secretary, A. S. U. W Marion Craig Alumnae Representative. Mrs. J. Arthur Younger Assistant Graduate Manager ...Helen Gorham Sophomore Representative Betty Hams Hobby Chairman..... Janet Murray Concerts Chairmen... Barbara Dole Scholarship Chairman... Minerva Elworthy Breiiond, Castleman, Craig, Curran, Dole. Eagleson, Elworthy Garland, Harley, Harris, He-nphlll, Hinrk ' .;.,, Knight, Vernon -ni4ij- A. W. S. PRESIDENTS ' COUNCIL 4 FOURTEEN ORGANIZATIONS are now represented through the Presidents ' Council of the A. W. S. These ore Athene, B. A. Vocational Club, hlome Economics Club, Mortar Board, Nurses ' Club, Panhellenic, Phrateres, Physical Education Club, Sororia, Spurs, Town Girls, Women ' s Athletic Asso- ciation, Attic Players, and the Y. W. C. A. holds on associate membership. In addition to maintaining a watchful eye over the activities of all University women, the A. W. S. each year presents a concert series which is a classical attraction on the campus. This year the series was directed by Barbara Dole. Four major concerts were held at Meony hall. President A. W. S. Mortar Board Athena Attic Players B. A. Vocational Club Home Economics Club Nurses ' Club Harborview Nurses ' Club Presidents ' Council Jean Eagleson Panhellenic Deborah Sprague Phrateres Dorothy Kelsey Physical Education Club Doris Manington Spurs _. Grace Curtis Town Girls Barbara Brown W. A. A. Carol Fonda Y. W. C. A. (Assoc.) Estelle hiickey Executive Chairman Cora hianson, Anna McCaskill Betty Spurgeon Aurelia Sparks Ruth Burkheimer Tek ia Aagaard . Dorothea Ritchie . Jsabelle Anderson Barbara Castleman n [ Aagaard. Anderson, Brown, Burkheimer. Cast!eman, Curtis. Eagleson Hanson, Kelsey, Manington. Ritchie. Sporks, Sprague, Spurgeon -i:i42 A. W. S. CONCERT COMMITTEE 4 THE ASSOCIATED Women Students concert sei ' ies this year was directed by Barbara Dole, with each separate concert managed by different directors. Miss Dole personally directed the fii ' st concert, that of Kathryn Meisle, famous contralto, on Nov. 10. The second concert, the - a Johnson Negro Choir on December I , was under the chairmanship of Jane Leuenberger; the third concert, by the Don Cossack male chorus, was chairmanned by Jane hHinckley, on Feb- ruary 21, and the fourth, Yehudi Menuhin, was directed by Grace Ann h igman. A. W. S. concerts are traditional affairs on the University campus, and each year distinctly outstanding artists are presented by the women students. It is admirable that the women students have been able to continue this project, which not only gives experience in manage- ment and direction to the University coeds, but also brings something to the campus which is of wide cultural interest and is edu- cational, during a depression. They have done this successfully with the aid of Helen Sorham, assistant graduate manager in charge of A. W. S. General Chairman. Ticket Soles f Mary Hemph Helen Challis Faculty Tickets Publicity . .. - -Jessie Brieland Mailing Lists Florence Marriott ( Mary Curran ._ -jCha stain Thomas [Virginia Landrom Patrons and Patronesses Alice Lamb Speakers - Vivian Kappner D • J. c u I D LI- -4. (Jane Leuenberqer Private School rubhcity - ,- • - Miriam Cone A. W. S. Concert Committee ...Barbara Dole High School Publicity.. Eleanor Mitchell Clippings . Eleanor Kerns House Publicity ) Blanche Sheltraw (Mary Weber Out-of-Town Publicity l ' ' " . ' Anna Convisar Radio Publicity. Louise Treen Tickets .. .. .. Jane Hinckley Special Publicity Mary Ellen McGonagle Church Publicity | Sylvia Hagyard Janet Olson Student Ticket Drive Dorothy Kelsey Brieland. Challiss. Cone, Convisor. Curran, Dale, Hogyard. Hemphill HincMey, Kappner. Kelsey, Kerns, Lomb, Landram, Leuenberger Marriott. McGonagle, Mitchell, Sheltraw, Treen. Weber -D43:- A. W. S. STUDENT ADVISORY 4 STUDENT ADVISORY of the Associated Women Students was directed this year by Virginia Henderson, with its main project " Hobbies, " under the chairmanship of Janet Murray. The object of student advisory is the intro- duction of Washington ' s entering women to all University interests and activities. Hobby groups are placed under the direction of upperclass women of diverse Interests, each directing a group of freshman coeds Inter- ested in a certain activity. Examples are journalism, home economics, drama, phys- ical education, fine arts. Through these groups the women ore introduced to campus activities such as The Dally, A. W. S. con- certs. Lambda Rho, intramural sports, and all-University plays. Committee positions ore sought for fresh- men Interested In such work and a general system of placing the coeds In direct con- tact with other women of the campus and Washington ' s main projects is maintained by the chairman of student advisory and her committee. Hobbies General ChaiiTnan Janet Murray Student Advisory Chairman Virginia Henderson Group Chairman Orena Armstrong Ruth Burkheimer Marguerite Bottker Arliene Cheadie Miriam Cone Lucy Dexter Almee Lou Eyraud Millicent Johnson Janet Olson Dixie Stanley Mildred Stewart June Thomas Clarice Weidert Committee Members Frances Boyer Vivian Hickman Armstrong, Burkheimer, Cone. Dexter. Eyraud. Hickman Johnson, Stanley, Sfewort, Thomas, V eidert -ni44 ATTIC PLAYERS Organized by the Women ' s Federation, now the A. W. S., as an activity and interest for University women who have a talent for the drama. Officers ' y Carey Audrey Olson Elizabeth Coulklns Doris Peoch President Doris Manington Lowono Cottin Izzetta Poindexter Vice-President Barbara Boudwin j DeWitt Coroline Power Secretary Margaret Hurz .. l q j Mildred Reod Treosurer ..Margaret Manion Marian Edwords Sorilda Ridenour Nancy Eyiler Janet Riggs Members Dorothy Field Elsie Ado Roberts ki 1 D J- i. kj i I L Genevieve Gretorex Elizobeth Roe Margaret Benedict Margaret Johnson atjuevievo . iciuica ,, r o MaryBollen Leone Knight S° ' ' " ?T° ' , Mory Frances Ross Jessie Brieland Doris Manington Dorothy Hamblen Patr.aa Ryon ,, i. r- X k ;! 1 I. ,1 ■ E izabeth Hoqan Uorol oeeas Margaret Coats Margaret Manion uimji cui . i y n 1 .1 ■ ,- • i J M i Bettv Hunt Jone beers Kothenne Comrie Madge Newton ueny i lum Noncy Coleman Beatrice Sbedico ' •; ' ° " « , F orence Spoulding Ruth Dean Frances Seeley Madeline Kirk Mor|one Stark ,. ri- I xL -fi-xL v - • ■ CI Mary Kosher Virginia laylor Mory Elizabeth Griffith Virginia Slocum iviui y .Nu:,noi r- l i j- x ., xu M » -ii- Svbi Levy faretchen Vondivert Margaret Hurz Nancy Williamson „ ' " " ' " , ; , ,, r, xl r, Peggy Lobdell Dorothy Van Duyn HI May Loughlin Elsie Voorhees edges Molly McGroth Shirley White Lorraine Alexonder Barbara Brown Dorothy Morgan Dorothy Windnagle Grace Archer Peggy Brownell Mary Jane Mueller Laurien Winn Jean Bjorge Marian Burns Lee Nickerson Bernice Winsor Jane Brotherton Carolyn Calvin Bernice Noltlng Boudwin, Moninaton, Monion TOWN GIRLS Organized at the University of Washington in 1925 for the purpose of creating a closer bond between the University and the women whose homes are in Seattle. Membership is open to all Seattle women attending the University. Officers President Vice-President Secretary -- Treosurer . Tekia Aagaord June Thomas Morion Harper Helen Beneker Luncheon Committee Emily Cotton. Chairmon Tickets Committee Audrey Champreux Betty Audley Style Show Committee Margoret Mitchell, Chairman Florence Ruggles Virginia Robinson Aagaord, Beneker, Harper, Thomas -D453- W. A. A. Executive Board President ___. Dorothea Ritchie Vice-President . . _ ..._ Marcella Crabtree Secretary Fern Tibbits Treasurer - - - Lois Meier Historian Nancy McFate Ford " W " Club Presiden t .Wilma Nell Harmony Intramural General Manager Patricia McClure Play Day General Chairman . .Thelma Kinsman Banquet General Chairmen Lillian Day, Margery Trueworthy Publicity Chairman .-- .._ Marjorie Duryee Poster and Bulletin Board Chairman -- Vivian Drummond Archery Club Representative Wilma Nell Harmony Badminton Manager .-..Marjorie Bobson Baseball Manager Betty Harris Golf Manager . . Virginia Muirhead Hockey Manager Anne Coventry Ping Pong Manager Virginia Norwood Riflery Manager Alice Horstman Swimming Manager Margaret Lamiman Tennis Manager . Catherine Mead Volleyball Manager Aurelio Sparks Hiking Club Representative . . Grace Kingsbury Taps Representative . Iverne Stradley Dance Drama and Orchesis Representative . Rosamund Wentworth Members Genevieve Beach Jean Belcher Georgette Berrest Marjorie Bobson Jessie Brieland Eleanore Brittoin Peggy Buchanan Jacqueline Burd Ruth Carlow Marcella Crabtree Veronica Crollard Lillian Day Vivian Drummond Marjorie Duryee Dorothy Dyke man Jean Eagleson Aimee-Lou Eyraud Dorothy Gardner Wilma Nell Harmony Betty Harris Jean Horning Beryl Immenroth Verna Jenson Arline Keys Grace Kingsbury Thelma Kinsman Margaret Lamiman Annabel Lee Ruth Leedhom Alice Mathey Margit Mottson Pat McClure Margaret McEwen Nancy McFate Ford Catherine Mead Lois Meier Tessle Miller Virginia Norwood Edith Ohman Voldis Olson Jo Peabody Mildred Reindle Dorothea Ritchie Elizabeth Ruggles Clara Louise Schmidt Eleanor See Lyie Skram Ina Smith Aurelia Sparks Iverne Stradley Betty Strickler Fern Tibbits Marjorie Trueworthy Barbara Watkins Harriet Woodward Elsie Marie Albrecht Estelle M. Allen Margaret Anderson Beryl Barton Betty Burrus Margaret Davis Ruby Egner Dorothy Gamer Jayne Garvin Rheneta Hanselman Frances Hedges Gertrude Hoppe Alice Horstman Virginia Insley Eleanor Kerns Anna Lechner Louise Lederle Constance Lehde Hazel McKenna Meredith Minter Helen Moldstod Ethel Moore Rosalie Morford Helen Neal Kathleen Newton Mary Ross Eleanore Sanderguard Gladys Helen Schuh Elizabeth Shaw Mildred Vredenburg Maddaline Wakin Evelyn Washburn Mary Weismari Ci ' abtree. McFate. Meier, Ritchie, T ' hh f -i:i463- WOMEN ' S ATHLETICS By Jo Harvey 4- THE WOMEN ' S ATHLETIC ASSOCIA- TION carried through its program for wom- en ' s athletics with the usual success this year. Intromurals, under the leadership of Pat McClure, brought out scores of girls to take port in the keen competition. In the spring, baseball was managed by Georgette Ber- rest and won by the Delta Gammas. The Kappas won both the tennis singles and dou- bles, and Hazel McKenna was manager. Last fall the Gamma Phis started the season by winning volleyball with Aurelio Sparks as volleyball manager. Basketball followed with Betty Harris as manager and the Alpha Delta Pis winning the championship. Swim- ming was won by Phrateres and managed by Margoi ' et Lamiman. A Ploydoy for all the western Washington high schools was held winter quarter. Thelmo Kinsman was chairman, with Lois Meier as her assistant. The purpose of these playdoys is to acquaint the high school girls with Washington and to show them the extensive plan foi " healthbullding and recreational ath- letics that is being carried out. The girls were shown exhibitions of skill in the various activ- ities and took part themselves in the sports, games and swimming. Dance Drama, on annual production sponsored by W. A. A. and Orchesis, hon- orary dance group, was an unusually elab- orate and successful production this year. Under the direction of Mrs. Mary A. De- Vries, and managed by Barbara Vondeveer and Rosamond Wentworth, forty girls worked for two months on a variety of dances and portrayals. The mood of the dances ranged from wild heathen stampings to prim Christian rites. One scene portrayed a comedy drama involving a love affair of intrigue and deception expressed in panto- mime. The cast for Dance Drama was composed of Isobelle Bortlett, Jacqueline Burd, Mimi Cone, Vivian Drummond, Eva Marie Earley, Doris Gunner, Grace Kingsbury, Marcia Morple, Margaret McEwen, Jean Musson, Jane Mueller, Marigale Osborne, Mildred Reindle, Dorothea Ritchie, Eva Simeon, Ino Smith, Hazel Telquist, Betty Williams, Ar- lein Powell. Kathleen Hunter, Jean Williams, Rosa Polocio, Lilly Goldberg, Betty Audley, Junia Cossel, Mary Coyle, Josephine Carskad- den, Mary Dean, Mary Lou Graham, Ger- trude Hoppe, Eleanor Holmboe, Nana Jen- nings, Jacqueline Inglis, Beatrice Kaufman, Louise Lederle, Barboi ' O Vondeveer, Rosa- mond Wentworth, Alice Whitmore. W. A. A. with Its initiative and inspira- tional leadership has completed another successful campus year, and holds its place OS one of Washington ' s most worthy organ- izations. Dance Drama and Ploy Doy — ri47:i— 4 THOSE TWO HOWLING DEMONS, COMEDY AND TRAGEDY, ARE THE REASON 4 WHY OVERWORKED PROFESSOR GLENN HUGHES HAS THAT SOMBER LOOK. 4 OR SHALL WE CALL THOSE CLOSE-HUGGED DRAMA INFANTS THE PENT- 4 HOUSE PLAYERS AND THE EGYPTIAN FILM SERIES — PRIDE AND JOY OF PAPA 4 HUGHES A L L U A C T I V I T I E S M USIC majors ai ' e busy screaming from their music building haunt, stage directors bark in the attic of Denny hall, debaters shout in Porrington and Meany, and dance chairmen jabber at sorority house meetings. Babylon itself transported to the campus J. G. y. " PESTY " — a musical comedy — was the junior class ' choice for their annual spring show, Junior Girls ' Vodvil. Grace Mae Davies was chairman for J. G. V. while Tom Herbert directed the pro- duction, which was given in Meany hiall May 5 and 6. This year marked the first time that J. G. V. had been produced as a musical comedy. Herbert wrote the script, Hy Sea- man created the music, and Charles Bras took charge of arrangements. The leads were taken by Doris Manington and Betty Martin. Miss Manington played the part of Pesty, the fourteen-year-old heiress. Miss Martin played that of Elsie Dinsmore, the pride of the campus. The com- plete cast is as follows: Robert Evans, Mr. Porter of the Porter House millions; Barbara Boudwin, Matilda Porter, Pesty ' s maiden aunt; Jack McClin- tock. Professor Dinsmore; Ted Bell, Ken Blanchord and Vic Dobrin as Tom, Dick and Harry, the famous Rollo boys; Roger Hansen as Ah Fui, the tong leader; By Fish and Pete Lyman as tong lieutenants; Virginia Londrom as the captive; Gordon Neol, the yell duke; Pete and Mark Antoncich, Fred Cot- lett, and Mel Chapman as guards; and Fred V yatt, the reporter. Fifteen specialty players were also introduced: Peggy Philbrick, Dorothy Hamblen, Anabel Lee, Rheneto Hon- selman, Dave Harvey, Frances Ryan, Mary Reitze, John Miller, Fred Doupe, Molly McGroth, Betty Boyer, Viola Vivian, Betty Brown, Alice Weeks, and Trevor Evans. Groce Dovies The women ' s chorus was composed of Betty Boone, Betty Burhmon, Jeanette Burn- aby, Betty Corey, Betty Kevin, Millicent Johnson, Betty McLoughlon, Jean Mc- Naughton, Mary Jane Mueller, Adele Nease, Maxine Possee, Margaret Ryan, and Louise Treen. Maxine Blakemore Olmsteod coached the choruses. Commi+tee-in-Charge Chairman ._ - Groce May Davies Director - - Tom Herbert Assistant Director _,. Nancy Colemon Technical Director ...- Jim Hickman Musical Director --- Bill Seaman Dance Coach Maxine Blakemore Olmstead Arrangements . . ..Charles Bras Business Manager Bob Holloway Assistant Gene Wright Secretary Margaret Mitchell Publicity ..Fred Baxter Eligibility . Anna Telfer Rehearsals -[151]- ALL-UNIVERSITY PLAYS By Jim Long tion of lines by Jim Gentry, playing the king, and Elsie Cooper, playing the title role, " Shakuntala " was far above the usual oil-University standard. Of the cast, Tom Herbert was excellent in o minor role, and Ed Kretzer, Bob Lansdon, David Dale and jL Curtis Balmer added their abilities to make the pro- JmJL duction more than just another play. W " " B| The Cast I f Shakjntola Elsie Cooper I ' King Dushyonto . James Gentry 4 Shorngorava - -..Charles Bros g_A Porvatagana .Tom Herbert » : HBM Anusuya Lois Schroeder Modhavyo .....Ed Kretzer John Ashby Conway Police Chief David Dale Policemon . Bob Lansdon Fisherman ... Curtis Balmer SHAKUNTALA Mishrakeshi Helen Nance First Moid Helen Christopherson " THE GREEKS had O word for it. " And so did Second Mode Elizabeth Loeffler the Hindus if one would take the word of Kolidaso, ° ' ' ° ' ' .■ ' • °; ° ' ' ' ■_,. 1 I • L. ±L r " CL I X I ■ ' r li buvrato Anms bondvos Hindu playwright, author of Shakuntala, tall guar- ,o,o a Helen Bennett ter all-University play, presented at the Seattle Aditl Jane Rose Repertory Playhouse November 17 and 19, with a Kashyapa Tom Herbert second showing of the play a week later, November n- . j u [:u„„,„ i!„„„ i„ „, „„;, =-! k„ i „, k , til I Uirected by riorence bean James, assisted by James Mc- 26, by Professor Glenn Hughes ' drama department. Allaster. " Shakuntala " is a Sanskrit classic 1500 years old Costuming by John Ashby Conway, assisted by Jacqueline concerning o breach of promise case, proving un- Burd. Margaret Benedict, Avis Hobbs, Arlein Powell, doubtedly that there is nothing new beneath the Lillian Newlond, Gertrude Hoppe, Vera Lawrence, Vir- ginia Powell, Charles Behon, William Seamon. I r I ■ I I ■ II Properties by Irene Runstad, Mildred Thompson, Ethel Horo- hrom colorful, CJriental costumes, designed by John Ashby Conway, to the excellent dramatic situ- Settings by Burton W. James, assisted by Bob Swanson, and ations of Kolldosa ' s ploy and the good Interpreta- Jack Lowry, Scene from Shakuntala -ni52 ALL-UNIVERSITY PLAYS By Jim Long CAMILLE 4 THE WINTER QUARTER all-University play was ' " Camille, " presented at the Seattle Repertory Play- house February 16 and 18 under the direction of Florence Bean James. " Camille " has long been regarded as one of the world ' s classic tragedies. With outstanding ability the cost, from the leads, Annis Sandvos as Camille, and Robert Gray as Armand, to the smallest role, interpreted with finesse the age-old mood of " Camille. " Costumes were impressive and authentic, and were designed by John Ashby Conway. The settings of the play were handled by Burton James of the Playhouse with ability, all elements of the ploy blending to make it ideally suited to slow up the audience from the swift, mad pace of the twentieth century, to the slow complexities of the old French aristocracy. Others in the play were Geraldine Bunker, Vir- ginia Powell, Eileen Detchon, Jane Rose, William Hansen, Edward Kretzer, Byron Lyman, Bob Lons- don, and Lois Schroeder. Mrs. Burton James The Cast Camille AnnIs Sandvos Nichette -.Geraldine Bunker Olympe ...- Virginia Powell Prudence . ..Eileen Detchon Nonine .- Jane Rose Armond -. Robert Gray Vorville William Hansen Duvol . ____Byron Lyman Gaston _ James Gentry Costumes designed by John Ashby Conway, Settings designed by Burton W. James. Ploy directed by Florence Bean James Music by the Phi Mu Alpha trio. Scene from Camille -ni53 ASSOCIATED WOMEN STUDENTS Yehudi Menuhin By Jim Long 4 THE ASSOCIATED WOMEN STUDENTS always try to outdo themselves in their many activities. This is partic- ularly true of the concert series v hich they sponsor each year. Always they succeed more than ordinarily well; this year fias been outstanding in this respect. Opening the year with a recital by Kothryn Meisle, famed contralto, at Meony hall on November 10, the series was kept at a high peak of quality throughout the year. Barbara Dole was season concert chairman, and personally took charge of the first concert, assisted by Mildred Stew- art, Aimee Lou Eyroud, Jane Hinckley, Barbara Jocobson, Ruth Burkheimer, Beth Conlon, Millicent Johnson, Mary Reitze, and Jeonette Klemptner. h Closely following the Meisle concert and probably sur- passing her In popular appeal was that famous musical organization, the Hall Johnson Negro Choir, which was presented on December I. The choir, under the magical direction of Hall Johnson, renowned music leader and well- known exponent of the down-South negro and his songs, reached new musical heights for the Seattle and University audience which packed Meony hall for the concert. Hall Johnson and Choii Kothryn Meisle -ni54 CONCERT SERIES 4 OUTSTANDING NUMBERS of this con- cert were " St. James Infirmary Blues, " " St. Louis Blues, " and " Old Black Joe. " The com- mittee in charge was headed by Jane Leuen- berger, assisted by Dorothy Kelsey, Janet Olson, Ruth Stenstrup, Vivian Kappner, Jo Harvey, Louise Treen, Virginia Landram, Jane Colkett, Claire Kelley, Elizabeth Tay- lor, Marian Chapman, Borgild Bulow, Car- oline Coffman, Eleanor Bushnell, Virginia Cole, Bea Ashe, Jo Duryee, Helen Grigwore. A long, noticeable wait for music lovers of almost three months was more than re- paid by the midwinter Invasion of the Don Cossack Russian male chorus on February 2 I . It was the third visit of this organization, justified by an entirely new and captivating pei ' formance. Little Serge Jaroff, the leader of the chorus, was a peak of interest, with his perky and very competent direction. Songs from Siberia, the haunting strains of " Ale Eukhnem, " the song of the Volga boatmen, and the impressive songs for the ritual of the Russian Imperial Church were high spots of the evening. Jane Hinckley was chairman for this concert, being assisted by Jeanette Barbara Dole Klemptner Arllene Cheadle, Mollie Sussman, Jo Duryee and Pauline Wettrick. The series closed with a concert by the amazing child violinist, Yehudi Menuhin, on April 10, undoubtedly the largest crowd of the year being present to watch the youth- ful fingers of this genius bring forth olmost perfect strains from his violin. This concert was token charge of by Grace Ann Higmon and hei " committee. Ably managed, the series was directed by Barbara Dole, general concert chairman, with the advice of Helen Gorham, assistant graduate manager of the A. S. U. Vv ' . In charge of A. W. S. The Don Cossack Chorus t y-Lyl ' U-.y- -ni55]- John Stroessler 4 A 1932 FOOTBALL GAME wouldn ' t have been a football gome if Johnny Stroes- sler, band director, hadn ' t paraded his 72- piece bond with pomposity before the VARSITY BAND crowding fans, or if Robert Fuller, the im- portant drum-major, hadn ' t been there in his toll hat and baton. This year ' s favorite band selections, as usual, were " Bow Down to Washington, " and " There ' ll be a hHot Time, " as well as the famous " Golden Bear Is Nothing But o Cow. " Credit is due particularly to the stamina of the bandsmen, for besides playing, marching and stunting at all of the home games, the band journeyed south to the Oregon game where crowded conditions on the trains forced the men to spend the night before the game sleeping on the floor in their uniforms. Basketball games for this year also found the bond present. The entire band roll is as follows: Director --- Student Director Clarinets William Wright Wllliom Longmore William Hawkins John Fiscus Ellsworth VonZonte Max Pillar Richard Frederick Robert Moody Gerald Dunford Lyie Markhart Charles Rossio Bob Banks Harold Cartmell George Jarvis Ralphe Towne Leo Hirschorn Neol Clark University Bond Walter John Charles Hopkins Duane Robinson (Eb) Flute ond Piccolo Russell Wayland Paul Brownell Edword O ' Conner Robert Rucker Phillip Kendrick Saxophones Robert Fuller (Sop) Anthony Mottlelli (Alto) Froncis Raphael |Ten| Cecil Govolir (Ten) J. Edwin Hunt (Bar) C. Weike Drum-Major Stroessler Librarian . French Horns Robert Hunsley George Greenwood Robert Wilcox Easton Patterson William Secrest George Woods Oboe Redmond Stout Trumpets and Cornets Korl Ernst John Stroessler Henry Uhland Chorles Rickerd Charles Conner James Hall Archie Polmer Robert Fuller - Forrest Miles Kenneth Howklns Arthur Elliott Russell Scott John Gauntlett Melvin Ellis R. E. Daley Elbert Reld Jack Hardy David Moody Baritones Myron Ernst Robert Shumon Charles French John Davis Trombones Forrest Miles Wayne Nusboum Walter Ingalls Mourlce Rutledge Basses Richard Corrington Wallace Phelps A. C. Melting George Hogon Ronald Flechtnor Percussion Leslie Weedin George Miller RIchord Llppman Bill Marsh Cecil Johnson Freeman Clark -i:i56 GLEE CLUBS 4 CHARLES W. LAWRENCE and Helen Wilson of the University music department, directed the men ' s and women ' s glee clubs this year. The women ' s group is a curricular activity, while the men ' s is an outside inter- Men ' s Glee Club Arnst " Amos Darwin Badger Russel Boer Harold Bailey Robert Bennett Solon Bointon Charles Bowen Castle Bradeen Charles Bras James Brown James Bryson Clint Corliss Sherman Elsworthy Bud Flemming Homer Gray Robert Hunter Elmer Ives Berger Jacobson Leo Jacobson Albert Jewell Victor Johnson Phillip Kendrick Shugi Kimura Eric Kirkland Roland Lamping William Lewis John Meixhant Earl Montgomery Gordon Neol Ernest Oberg Clifford O ' Neil Kenneth Osier William Pemberton Everett Rodenhouse Loyd Simpson John Starr Axel Strom Carl Tjerondsen EIroy White Fred White Women ' s Glee Club est. The men ' s glee club song on several radio programs, and sponsored a glee club concert while the women ' s group was pre- sented before several musical groups and worked diligently on a spring opera. Donna Badger Muriel Bennett Marian Bingham Velma Boatman Betty Boyle Jane Brotherton Bernlece Campbell Margaret Chalfant Helen Chrlstopherson Adelaide Currle Jeanne De Friel Katherlne Denning Madge Downey Lois Floyd Agnes Harrison Matilda Hoist Kathleen Hunter Anne Jorvls Olivia Jones Madge Kuhworth Marie Lakin Kathleen Lawlor Virginia Long Dorothy Lundgren Margaret McEwen Ellentlne McClui " e Mary McGrath Betty Martin Morjorle Merrill Cal-herlne Miller Roberta Miller Helen Naundorf Dorothy Nesbit Evelyn Ople Mary Pearson Helen Pierce Arlein Powell Morjorle Radovan Margaret Runnalls Clara Louise Schmidt Mary Louise Schroeder Audrey Shirley Kathryn Stewart Mary Thomas Mildred Thompson Mary Elizabeth von Boecklln Agnes Von Lehe Mary White Helen Wilcox Mildred Voiles Jane Wilkinson Dorothy Wllklson Elaine Woodlock Harriet Vv ' oodword Dorwln Badger, Boer, Bennett, Bradeen, Bras, Corliss, Downey, Jacobson. Kendrick, Kuhworth Lakin, Lawlor, Lundgren, McClure, Montgomery, Naundorf, Nesbit, Ople Pemberton, Pierce, Powell, Schmidt, Schroeder, Simpson Stewart, Thompson. Von Boecklln, Wilcox, F.White M,rdmhn: WWBSH -ri57 VARSITY DEBATE THE MEN ' S VARSITY SQUAD will lose four of its twelve members by graduation this year: Henry Kotkins. Robert Burns, Lyie Spencer, Jr., and Poul Olson. All hove participated In four years of debate. This year Lyle Spencer and Robert Burns made the California trip to Son Francisco where they engoged in three debates; Henry Kotkins and Tom Herbert were student representatives to the Pacific Coast Forensic League meet at Eugene. Ore., while Poul Olson and Willlom Preston debated against U. S. C. and Stanford on the Univer- sity campus. This year sow the introduction of the symposium style of debate. Outstanding In this connection was the symposium barnstorming tour with the University of Oregon during which Tom Mocbride, KenjI Ito. Palmer Evonson, and William Botzer made appearances at Eugene, Albany, Gresham, Cottage Grove, and Portlond, Oregon. This year ' s schedule was carried out with financial old lent by the English and speech departments and Tou Koppo Alpha, national forensic honorary. Tou Koppa Alpha sponsored the onnuol Shanghai Trophy Intromurol debate tournament under the direction of Paul Olson, president, Henry Kotkins, vice- president, and Lyle Spencer. Jr., secretory-treosurer. Coach -Professor Frederick W. Orr Manager William Preston QUESTIONS Resolved: That the United States should agree to the con- cellotion of the Inter-allied war debts. William Preston Lyle Spencer, Jr. Don Steinhoff Normon Trezona Resolved: That the protective tariff should be abandoned. VARSITY TEAM Miner Boker Henry Kotkins Wllliom Botzer George Mocbride Robert Burns Thomas Mocbride Polmer Evonson Gordon Neal KenjI Ito Paul Olson SCHEDULE March 1 — University of Oregon, at Eugene, Oregon. Question: Protective Tariff. Style of Debate; Symposium. Washington Team: William Botzer, KenjI Ito. Miner Boker. Thomas Mocbride. March 7 — San Francisco University, at Son Francisco, Collf. March 8 — University of California, at Berkeley. Collf. March 9 — Stanford University, at Polo Alto. Calif. Question: War Debts. Style of Debate: Cross question and straight. Woshington Team: Robert Burns, Lyle Spencer, Jr. March 8 — Fresno State Teachers ' College, at Seattle. Question: War Debts. Style of Debate: Straight. Washington Team: Norman Trezona, Miner Boker. March 31 — Stanford University, at Seattle. Question: War Debts. Style of Debate: Cross question. Wash- ington Teom: Paul Olson, Miner Baker. April I — University of Southern Colifornlo, at Seattle. Question: War Debts. Style of Debate; Symposium. Washing- ton Team: Poul Olson, Miner Boker. William Preston. Women ' s Debate THE WOMEN ' S SQUAD, using the new symposium method of debate In which there is no affirmative or negative but o discussion of the subject for Its own values, concentrated on the subject " Resolved: This house favors the socialization of medicine. " Dorothy Bayles. Gladys Phillips, and Corollne Gearhort were veterans from last year and the team was reinforced by Eleanor Bushnell. Naomi Flelshmon, Janet Kay, Mary Kosher. Roberto McWilliams, and Helen Webb. Dorothy Bayles, Gladys Phillips and Roberto McWilliams met the University of Oregon on April 24 and 26. In Seattle. Janet Kay. Helen Webb. Naomi Fleishman ond Roberta Mc- Williams traveled to Eugene Morch 3 to meet the University of Oregon and other groups. The team was monoged by Dor- othy Bayles. Angelo Pellegrini was coach. Bayles. Botzer, Burns. Bushnell, Evonson, Flelshmon. Ito, Kay Kotkins. Mocbride, Neal. Olson, Phillips Preston, Spencer, Steinhoff Coach QUESTION Angelo Pellegrini dicol Resolved; That this house fovocs the socialization of me relief. TEAM Dorothy Bayles Caroline Gearhort Roberta McWH Eleanor Bushnell Janet Kay Gladys Phillips Naomi Fleishman Mary Kosher Helen Webb SCHEDULE February 24 and 26: University of Oregon, at Seattle. Washington Teom: Glodys Phillips, Dorothy Bayles. March 3. 5. and 6: University of Oregon, at Eugene. Woshington Team: Helen Webb, Jonet Koy. lams Jii FROSH AND INTRAMURAL DEBATE THOUGH HANDICAPPED by a lack of appropriation the Fresh debate squod undauntedly went forward In a very active seoson, with each Individual financing his own traveling expenses. Lawrence Kay, Vernon WIthuhn, Merwin Cole, William Lowry and William Pennock made a barnstorming tour through Oregon, meeting Pacific University, Monmouth State Teachers ' College, Willamette University, and Lumfleld College. Andrew Sutton, Phillip Kendrlck and Bertil Granberg de- bated the Pacific Lutheran College, Grays Harbor Junior Col- lege, and Centralla Junior College in Washington. The team, coached by Charles Strothers, and W. W. Bird, instructors in speech, will form veteran material for next year ' s vorslty squad. Coaches WInfred W. Bird. Charles Strother Manager Duane Robinson Karl Border Kenyon Bush Merwin Cole Bertil Granberg TEAM Jack Johnstone Lawrence Kay Phil Kendrlck Alex Leipper William Lowry QUESTION Ivon Merrick William Pennock Andrew Sutton Vernon WIthuhn Resolved: Thot the United States should agree to the can- cellation of the inter-ollled war debts. SCHEDULE February 20-24: University of Oregon, at Eugene. Oregon Normal, at Monmouth. Pacific University, ot Forest Grove. Albany College, at Albany. Reed College, at Portland. Willamette University, at Salem. Lumfleld College, at McMinnvIlle. Centralla College, at Centralla. Grays Harbor College, at Aberdeen. Intramural Debate MERWIN COLE. Independent Men ' s Debate Club, and Eleanor Bushnell, Kappa Kappa Gamma, were Intramural de- bate winners for 1932-33. This brought the women ' s Intramural debate cup to the Koppo house for the second successive year. Instead of the usual form of debate, this year the intramural speakers gave a symposium discussion of Ex-Presldent Herbert Hoover, President Franklin D. Roosevelt, and Norman Thomos. then presidential candidates. Cole spoke for Hoover and Miss Bushnell for Thomas Coaches for the Intramural debates were Charles Strother and Bill Botzer; judges were Strother, Angelo Pellegrini, and James Bell. Subject: Symposium discussion of presidential candidates during the November. 1932. campaign. MEN ' S DIVISION Alpha Kappa Lambda Gordon Neol. Philip Kendrlck Chi Psi . - Jack Dolton Delta Sigmo Phi ___ Charles Wurdeman Delta Upsllon ... George Macbride Independent Men ' s Club Merwin Cole, Parry Woodall, Art Church, Bertil Granberg Newman Club _.Matt Evoy Stevens Debate Club _ Paul Hoyt, William Pennock, Aubrey Morton WOMEN ' S DIVISION Alpha Chi Omega .-- Marjorie Stolte Gamma Phi Beta Marianne Burns, Elizabeth Caulkins Kappa Kappa Gamma Eleonor Bushnell PI Beta Phi - Helen Paul Grigware Burns. Bush, Bushnell, Coulkins, Kay, Kendrlck. Lowry. Macbride Neol, Pennock, Stolte, Sutton. Wurdeman ■CSJ- (cm -[159]- SOCIETY REVIEW By Alice Murray Alice Murray 4 A FLOCK OF OLD PROGRAMS, hang- ing on Q nail, collecting dust — that ' s all we have left of our social activities of 1932 and 1933. That, and a group of memories of the smooth syncopation of the orchestra at this formal, of the unique decorations at that prom, how surprised we were to see that Bill and hHeien were " that way " about each other again, and what fun we hod falling off ladders when putting up the decorations. hlow many of the seventy-odd committee members of the Varsity Ball will forget those last-minute hours, full of companionship, when, up to their elbows in paste, they at- tempted to cover with " skin " the bony ver- tebrae of a spider that should have had eight legs, but greeted the dancers in the Civic Audltoi ' Ium with only four? Tolo, when the woman pays, was the some as ever. Tolo, for the information of those men who always have and always will be members of the Green Pea Club and those women who hove thin enough pocketbooks and fat enough common sense never to blow themselves, is the time when a woman treats a man, who thinks that his company com- pensates foi " on evening by the fire, to din- ner, show, and dance, to the tune of about $10. Once every year the engineers come out of hibeimotion from their logs down at the end of the campus and stage one of the smoothest parties of the social season. Such wos the Engineers ' Informal, with its spirit of chivalry. They may be " diamonds In the — D60: rough " as they plod down to their classes on the campus frontier, but once a year at least they let down the drawbridges to their castles and prove that " knighthood Is In flower. " The prime of a college career is the junior year, and the prime of the junior year Is the Junior Prom. The committee members who appeared at the side entrance of Com- merce Hall, decked out In their sheets to publicize to the campus at large the " Vice- roy Levee " certainly looked as though they were In their prime. Contrast is what mokes life interesting, and Matrix Table certainly presented con- ti ' ost. The Invitations were delivered to the most outstanding women on the campus by several members of Theto Sigma Phi riding in the most Mid-Victorian of coaches, drown by horses. The affair Itself was the most sophisticated formal dinner of the social season. The Army and Navy ore at It again. This time. Scabbard and Blade and Compass and Chart were vying for who could give the best formal. And It Is pretty hard to judge. The Compass and Chart Formal rivaled the Annapolis " hops " which are noted for their cosmopolitan atmosphere. The Cadet Ball gave the formal proms at West Point o I ' un for their money. Those were fine affairs. WeVe glad we went. But all we hove left is — A flock of old programs, hanging on a nail, collecting dust. VARSITY BALL 4 A GREAT, CREEPY, GREY SPIDER with four long legs stared balefully at dancers at the 1932 Varsity Ball, held at the Civic Auditorium, December 9. Dedicated to the lettermen of Washington, the ball, under the chairmanship of Cecil Castor, was one of the highlights of fall quarter. The Web of Dreams idea, designed by Miss Nito Jacobs, was further carried out by a huge spider web back of the spider, and by black, triangular programs with silver webs on the covers. Inside, individual photographs in black frames, and sil- houetted couples dancing in more spider webs, completed the motif. Small " spots " illuminated a screen of greens hung from the balcony and the I 6-piece orchestra played under the very jaws of the monster spider. A " Dense Moderne ' was presented by Prudence and Pris- cillo White in the first intermission, and Oval Club pledges were announced by Professor Edmond S. Meany during the second. Commit+ee Chairmen Dorothy Mahone Jane Colkett Celeste Flrns+ahi Teklo Aogoard Emmet McGoughey Roy Oxman Henry Dougan Richard Vi hiting Oreno Armstrong Arthur Gardiner Mary htemphill Robert Neal Above: Cecil Castor A. Right: Dorothy Mahone and Dick Williams Left: Gene Wright end Esther Ladley Spide Legs -[161]- TOLO Sollie Sue White 4 IT WAS THE WOMAN WHO PAID when Washington coeds took their escorts to Mortar Board ' s twenty-ninth annual Tolo dance, held this year on January 27 In the Spanish and Venetian Ballrooms of the Olympic Hotel. The entertainment took the form of a dinner dance instead of the cus- tomary informal, with dinner served in the Venetian Room. The programs were replicas of the Mortar Board pin, decorated in block ond gold. Simultaneous intermissions were held in the two ballrooms, facilitating the exchange of dances and meeting of friends. The pledging of senior girls to Totem Club took place during one int-ermission. Miss Sallie Sue White was general chairman for the offair. Miss Jean Eogleson was in charge of the dinner and the Misses Marny Collins and Dorothy Bayles arranged for the tickets. Miss Pot Vreden- burg was in charge of posters and programs, and Miss Helen Paul Grigware was publicity chairman. Miss Barbara Castleman, a member of Delta Sammo, was seen in a green crepe formol with mink edging on the skirt. Miss Deborah Sprague, Alpha Delta Pi, wore a formal of hyacinth blue with fuschia accessories. Bottle green was the choice of Miss Grace Knowles, pledge to Alpha Gamma Del- ta, and Miss Frances Hines, a member of Kappa Alpha Theto, wore a wine red velvet skirt with a white blouse. Tolo in 1915 Debby Sprague dates Jim Wilson Evelyn Johnson escorted Kenneth Rhuddy -[162]- COMPASS AND CHART 4 THE COMPASS AND CHART, naval honorary, formal was given in the Spanish Ballroom of the Olympic hlotel, Friday, February 3. Blu e and gold bows were draped from crossed swords, and a sil- houette of Commander H. W. McCormock, in whose honor the formal was held, was illuminated on a five-foot disc in black and white directly over the orchestra. Mr. Jim Wilson was chairman. In front of the musicians was on enlargement of the Compass and Chart emblem in flowers sur- rounded by greens. Four huge flood lights played over the dancers. The programs were formal black, white, and yel- low leather with a picture of a naval cadet in dress uniform on the cover. The fly-leaf was blue-green cellophone and the remaining pages were lined with gold-colored paper. Enjoying the naval atmosphere in the smartest of evening gowns were Miss Marjorie Warren in loven- Jlm Wilson der chiffon with rhlnestone straps; Miss Connie Nor- ton in bronzene crepe with crystal bugle bead neck- line and o halter neck; Miss Betty Bendix in pole green crepe with wine-colored velvet flowers around the neck and a strip of velvet across the shoulders and forming a V in back; Miss Marian Harper, white pebbled crepe with a halter neck; and Miss Phyllis Vernon, blue crepe with woven flowers of the some material around the neck. Committee chairmen were: Messrs. John Quense, Lawrence Davis, Bill McCloy, Robert Bennett, Leo Jacobson, Frank Bewley, Stanley Field, Al Swen- ceski, Robert Nuber, and Tom Anderson. Al Swenceski and Edna Schieck Dick Cockey and Beatrice Koutfman The silhouette of Commander H. W. McCormack and the insignia of Compass and Chart were highllghfs of this dance -D63]- ENGINEERS ' INFORMAL Gordon Ribbeck 4 WASHINGTON COLLEGIANS donned their " formal armor " Friday evening, February 10, to go down to the Shrine Auditorium to the " Chivalry Shindig, " this year ' s Engineers ' Informal, on all-Uni- versity dance. A drawbridge with chains and two looming tur- rets greeted them at the entrance. In the ballroom, battlements decorated the balcony railing in the approved feudal manner. Shields, battleaxes and all the war regalia of the middle ages decorated the hall. " Engineers semper laborant, " was the legend on the huge shield forming a centerpiece above the stage. The shield was decorated with symbols of the engineering school. Collegians divided their atten- tion between dancing to the music from the balcony- enshrined orchestra and visiting an old-fashioned wine cellar full of kegs and barrels. Ceramics stu- dents designed and made the drinking horns. The programs were in the form of a feudal castle with a tiny drawbridge which opened with chains to reveal the dances and the lists of patrons and pa- tronesses and committee members. Mr. Gordon Ribbeck was general chairman, assisted by Mr. Noel Bouley. Committee chairmen were: arrangements, Mr. Carl West; decorations, Mr. hiale Sondvos; entertainment, Mr. Lewis Wal- lon; music, Mr. Bob Middleton; patrons and pa- tronesses, Miss Dorothy Mahone; programs, Mr. Vance Tartar: publicity, Mr. Bob hHutchinson and Mr. Jock NePage; reception. Miss Betty McLaugh- lan; refreshments, Mr. Bill Moore, and tickets, Mr. Dick Churchill. Secretaries were the Misses Betty hlolmon, Gen- eva Erholm and Florence Marriott. Mr. Bruce Brook- bank was in charge of the dating bureau, which was run in connection with the dance. Norwood NIckols and Chorlotte Field Bob Witt end Morgoret Manion Shields and Symbols of the Engineers -D64]- JUNIOR PROM LAKSHMI, the eight-armed goddess of love, ruled supreme Friday, March 3, over the " Viceroy Levee, " the motif for the Junior Prom, at the Eagles ' Auditorium. The splendor and romance of an Ori- ental court was depicted at its zenith. The setting was that of an Indian noble ' s palace, with panels of Lakshml decorating the railing around the balcony. Red and gold coots-of-arms gave a touch of aris- tocracy to the Indian celebration. Elephant favors made by ceramic students out of pottery were pre- sented to each dancer. For the first time, freshmen were allowed to attend the Junior Prom. The blue and silver covers of the programs con- sisted of a perforated stone window in an arch formation with windows on either side. A bas-relief of Lakshmi formed the centerpiece with another figure of the goddess on the second page showing through the arch, and reproduced faintly on the re- maining pages of the program. Messrs. Irvin Boltzer and Art Owley were the co- chairmen of the Juni or Prom, and Mr. Hugh Bloke the assistant chairman. Other committee chairmen were Miss Connie Norton, Mr. Jack Moorhouse, Mr. Bob Gray, Mr. Gee Castor, Miss Helen Pringle, Miss Karen Frolund, Miss Grace Mae Davies, Miss Leone Knight, Mr. Joe Rutkowski, Mr. Russ Way- irvin Baltzer land, Mr. Archie Clark, Mr. Stan Field, Miss Virginia Gilbert, Mr. Jerry Kopet, Miss Betty Ludington, Miss Florence Gumbo, and Miss Grace Ann Hlgmon. Forming an effective contrast to the Oriental at- mosphere were the coeds gowned In the latest of American fashion. Miss Pete Lowrle added a bit of color herself in a pink crepe formal trimmed with a blue velvet bow. Miss Helen Beneker looked the part of an exotic Indian princess in a black crepe frock with silver beading around the neck and forming a decollete in back. Miss Pot Shaw flaunted on old- rose taffeta blouse with two ruffles over each shoul- der and a block crepe skirt; Miss Agnes Russell, mystery green velvet frock with organdy ruffle trim- ming; and Miss Margaret Mitchell, white blistered crepe with green Jacket of the same material. Arthur Owley ond Jeannette Oliber Richard McCurdy and Eleanor Clock Weird Shapes and Shadows o+the Viceroy ' s Levee -D65n- MATRIX TABLE Eileen Gorrnlev 4 BY MEANS OF THE TRADITIONAL HORSE and buggy, invitations were delivered to seventy- seven outstanding upperclass women for the third annual Matrix Table, Theta Sigma Phi honor ban- quet, which was held April 25 In the New Washing- ton Hotel, under the sponsorship of the national journalistic professional for women. Ninety-one prominent Seattle professional and society women were also guests, including all of the women ' s " Who ' s Who " of the Northwest. Mrs. Floyd Donskin, former newspaper editor and Washington correspondent, the main speaker, gave on interesting account of her experiences in journal- ism, and spoke on " The Adventure of Being a Mod- ern Woman. " The committee in charge included the Misses Eileen Gormley, Rose Morry, Sumi Shlnozaki, Millie Larson, Helen Paul Grigware, Betty Bloom, Florence Davis, and Marcelio Loubenheim of the octive chap- ter, and Mrs. J. H. O ' Neil, Mrs. Oakley Moxwell, Miss Patricia Moloney, Miss Mari Brottain, and Miss Florence V. Montgomery of the alumnae. Miss Moloney was toastmistress. The campus honor guests included: Tekia Aogoord, Isobelle Anderson, Vera Banks, Dorothy Bayles, Helen Beneker, Ruth Benham, Marion Ber- tram, Jacqueline Burd, Ruth Burkheimer, Eleanor Bushnell, Gwen Campbell, Barbara Castleman, Helen Challiss, Marion Chapman, Nancy Coleman, Jane Colkett, Marny Collins, Marion Craig, Grace Curtis, Patricia Dokon, Grace Mae Dovies, Barbara Dole, Mary Dreher, Evelyn Eagle, Jean Eogleso n, Minerva Elworthy, Naomi Fleishman, Jean Foster, Koy Garland, Helen Gormley, Julia Haffke, Thurley Hago, Evelyn Honseimon, Cora Hanson, Hortense Horley, Wilmo Nell Harmony, Betty Harper, Marion Harper, Betty Harris, Betty Hartnett, Margaret Hemphill, Mary Hemphill, Ruth Henley, Jane Hinck- ley, Verna Jensen, Mary Virginia Kefauver, Thelma Kinsman, Virginia Lambert, Jane Leuenberger, Cecelia Long, Helmi Louko, Margaret Lowrie, Dor- othy Mohone, Doris Manington, Florence Marriott, Shirley McGregor, Elolse Mills, Margaret Mitchell, Alice Murray, Gladys Phillips, Helen Pringle, Dor- othea Ritchie, Jane Rose, Annis Sandvos, Helen Sanwick, Lois Schroeder, Sumiko Shimizu, Virginia Slocum, Aurelia Sparks, Deborah Sprogue, Betty Spurgeon, Ruth Steenstrup, Mildred Stewart, Betty Strickler, Patricia Mildred Sullivan, Eloise Sweet, Phyllis Vernon, Patricia Brownfield Warren, Rosa- mond Wentworth, Soliie Sue White, Fern Whyott. Borboro Castleman - Matrix Table Brougham - Fern Whyatt -CI66]- CADET BALL ■THE BRISK, MARTIAL SPIRIT of West Point academy, embodied In many colored flogs gently rippling in synthetic breezes, o huge French 75- millimeter gun, and two 15-foot, painted, plywood codets, pervaded the atmosphere at the Cadet Boll held April 21 at the Trianon Ballroom. Mingling among the collegiate couples on the softly lighted donee floor in the grond march pre- ceding the first donee, were army officers from Fort Lewis, Worden, and Lowton; naval officers from Bremerton, marines, and the cadet corps from school, all In full dress. Red and white parchment and blue suede carried out the West Point motif in the progroms. Silver paper on blue suede, with red lettering and design, covered with transparent cellophane and fastened with a red silk cord and tossel, made up the outer program. The orchestra of Lieutenant-Governor of the State of Washington, Vic Meyers, played for the ball. Possing under on arch of s words held by members of Scabbord and Blade, notional military honorary sponsoring the dance, seven university R. O. T. C. cadet officers were pledged to the organization. They include the Messrs. Morris Taber, David Ny- gren, Leo Sulkosky, Donald Wright, Richard hiill, Richard Hoard and Ernest Hilsenberg. The dance was dedicated to Captain hi. R. Priest, adviser for Scabbard and Blade for the past five years. ' k Beverley Dock Mr. Beverley Dock was general chairman, assisted by Mr. George Revelle, Jr., assistant chairman: Mr. hloword Johnston, business manager; Mr. Glen Allen, arrangements; Mr. John Barthrop, decora- tions; Mr. Robert Neal, programs; Mr. Byron Burnes, tickets; Miss Barbara Dole, and Gray Beck, patrons and patronesses: Mr. Al Bonner, publicity: and Miss Verno Jensen, secretory. Making the most of the last oil-University formal of the yeor, Washington coeds displayed the latest in spring fashions. Miss Doris Tullock wore a leaf green crepe gown and o tiny jacket on tailored lines with organdy sleeves. Miss Midge Rodovan wore pink crepe with a bertha of soft ostrich feothers and tiny ruffles at the hem. Miss hHelen Monogue wore gold crepe in simple flowing lines. Mrs. Helen Bush Perrish wore white organdy with tiny red dots em- broidered on the material. Plaid organdy wos popu- lar with Miss Jeanne DeFriel in blue and Miss Ruth Steenstrup In yellow and brown. Miss Barbara Dole chose dull red crepe and Miss Mary Welsner, pink net. John Barthorp and Pat Woll - Lewis Lindsay and Pat Curtis - at Cadet Ball -CI 67]- 4 LIBERIE . . . EGALITE . . . FRATERNITE . . . THIS IS THE WAY ANY UNDER- 4 GRADUATE FRATERNITY MAN FEELS WHEN HE STEPS OUT INTO THE HOI- 4POLLOI. BUT ESPECIALLY THE FIJIS, MY DEAH, THE CHOSEN PEOPLE. SALAAM, 4 SALAAM, BEFORE HIZZONER, ROBERT PALMER F R A T E R N I T I E S IHAT powerful body, Interf raternity Council . . . pledge buttons . . . hot boxing . . . swots .... hell week . . . bull fests . . . dotes . . . wolves . . . Big " W " men . . . politics . . . lounge lizards pipes . . . self-conscious indifference sm I INTERFRATERNITY COUNCIL Officers President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer -- Prosecuting Attorney-- George Codwell Ren Meader Dan Steinhoff -..Laurence Jolley Bill Montgomery Representatives Acacia Paul Bond Alpha Delta Phi Jack Belcher Alpha Kappa Lambda Bob Neal Alpha Sigma Phi Lester Hartzell Alpha Tau Omega ---- - Peter David Beta Kappa Wallace Mcintosh Beta Theta Pi George Cadwell Chi Psi.--- - Dave Morse Chi Phi Jack Shaw Delta Chi Arthur Harnett Delta Kappa Epsilon__ __ John Finucane Delta Tau Delta ._ .Francis Goshert Delta Sigma Phi Bill Preston Delta Upsilon Al O ' Brien Koppo Sigmo Bill Ghiglione Lambda Chi Alpha - Don Miller Phi Delta Theto - --Bill Montgomery Phi Gamma Delta - Ren Meoder Pfii Kappa Psi Woodburn Macforlone Phi Kappa Sigma George Middleton Phi Koppo Tou - John Congdon Phi Sigmo Koppo Conrod Dyor Pi Koppo Alpha Lee Wickersham Pi Koppo Phi - - -Gerald Larson Psi Upsilon -Blaine Thompson Sigma Alpha Epsilon Orrin Madison Sigmo Alpha Mu Stan Goleb Sigma Chi John James Sigma Nu Charles Behon Sigma Phi Epsilon Frank Lockwood Sigma Phi Sigma - Bill McCloy Sigma Pi - ----- Roy Greene Tau Phi Delta - - Laurence Jolley Tau Kappa Epsilon Jim Williams Theta Chi -- - Rognor Giske Theto Delta Chi - Melvin Cosgriff Theta Xi-.- -- - Perry Johonnson Zeta Beta Tou Kermit Rosen Zeto Psi Al Bird Behan, Bird, Bond, Cadwell, Congdon, Cosgritt, Dovid, Dyar, Faulkner. Finucane, Ghiglione, Giske Goshert, Greene. Harnett, Hartzell, James. Johonnson. Jolley. Larson. Lockwood, McCloy Mcintosh. Madison. Meoder, Middleton, Miller. Montgomery, Morse. Neal Preston, Rosen. Show. Steinhoff, Thompson, Wickersham -D n- ACACIA 4718 ACACIA PLACE FOUNDED AT ANN ARBOR, MICHIGAN, IN 1904 28 Chapters; Washington Chapter Chartered in 1910 Faculty Members Soph omores Frederick E. Bolton Henry Landes olph Bryant Edwin Iverson Stephen D. Brown James M. McConahey Ira L. Colliei- Thomas K. Sidey Joseph Daniels Richard G. Tyler William M. Dehn Clinton L. Utterback Pledges Graduate Member :stel Coin vlorvin Cook Ralph Williams Ralph Yeaman Bertram D. Thomas Ichord Lewis Seniors William Backmon Horry Hanson John Erwin Albert Nanney .■»C|!ijp Vern Gould Carlton Prother ,S || Juniors Paul Bond Elmer Quistorff Leo Jocobson Clarence Seeliger Roy Miller William Worberger Edward Naghel ■mm ?IC 1 m f-r- Barkmon. Bond, Cook, Erwin. Hanson, Iverson, Jacobson, Lewis Miller, Naghel, Nanney, Quistorff Seeliaer, Yeoman ■i -[172]- ALPHA DELTA PHI 2106 EAST FORTY-SEVENTH STREET FOUNDED AT HAMILTON COLLEGE IN 1832 27 Chapters; Washington Chapter Chartered in 1921 - ' ..■■ V»i V a Faculty Mem bers Arthur Greeley Philip Molitor Byron Christian Thomas Hermans Charles May . ,, , . ,.|i Roger Hansen Alfred Miller Ti TL George Johnson Thomas Thompson _i . ..,., Frank Killien EIgm Wilcox Joseph McCarthy Lester Piro James Rice hiorry Sharpe Richard Smith Malcolm Mcintosh Don Tavenner Seniors Tab or Mopes William Williams William Deering Lyman Tondel John Gavin Jock Williams George Parsons Soph omores John Gountlett Vernon Porring+on Kinne Howes Winfield Pullen Juniors David Leor Seth Richards Walter Custer Harold Deerin g Norman Mclntyre Charles Rossio Brodford Davis Robert Evans Walter Botes Pie dges Robert Lund John Chesterley John Davis John Ederer Bliss Moore Richard Moore Daniel Olin m lM Henry Greeley Wolter Griffith Not Howes Frank Shinsfrom Stuort Smith Alex Stewart y P H " ,.jSiS James Heath Kenneth Killien Richard Vosburgh Charles Whorton Botes, Chesterley, B.Davis, J.Davis, Deering, Ederer, Evans, Gountlett, A.Greeley, H.Greeley, Griffith, Hansen K. Howes, N. Howes, Heath, Johnson, F. Killien, K. Killien, Leor, Lund, McCarthy, Mclntyre, Molitor B. Moore, R. Moore, Olin, Porrington, Persons, Piro, Pullen, Rice, Richords. Rossio Shinsfrom, Stewart, Tondel, Vosburgh, J, Williams, W. Williams mEm SM M -[I73 ALPHA KAPPA LAMBDA 4551 SEVENTEENTH AVENUE NORTHEAST FOUNDED AT UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA IN 1914 9 Chapteis; Theta Chapter Chaiteied In 1929 Faculty Members Sophomores John E. Corbally George B. Rigg Glenn Burrows Richord Melton Perry Donaldson Hugh Scott Graduate Members Arthur Hillman Robert Wohlborg Guy Ramsey Pledges William Ashton Philip Kendrict; Glenn Bowersox Thoman Logon Woodrow Ingroham Harry Sfarbird Seniors Arthur Barnett Jomes Patrick Edwin Jones Richard Perry Robert Neol V ' iibert Saunders Juniors John Allen Wendell Hayword George Ault Charles Myers Carl Bowersox Gordon Neal Gerald Boyle Malcolm Thomson Castle Brodeen Mylor Treener Edson Dow Allen, Barnett, G. Bowersox, Boyle. Bradeen. Burrows, Donaldson, Hayword, Ingrahom Jones, Kendrlck, Melton, Myers, G. Neol, R. Neal, Patrick, Perry Scott, Starbird, Ji ' - ' . - kMt M -D74 ALPHA SIGMA PHI 4554 NINETEENTH AVENUE NORTHEAST FOUNDED AT YALE UNIVERSITY IN 1845 32 Chapters; Mu Chapter Charteied in 1912 Faculty Members Eric Hurnblad Bill Ryer Leslie J. Ayer Alvin Ulbrickson Robert Ketner William Saunders Herman Tartar George Kirkpatrick Ferris Nicholson Loren Schoel Everett Stitz Graduate M embers Horry Nordquist Karl Reese Ed Ulbrickson Ellsworth Von Zonte Shirley Marsh George Woodwoi ' th George Rourke Senior? Floyd Backeberg Jack Curron George Baum McLain Davis Joe Bradley Lloyd Ducommun Barton Camperson Irving Friese Origin Carter Richard Guider Robert Carter James Hull Don Frame Virgil Fesenmoier Stuart Gillespie John Hutchinson Matthew Muir Juniors Larry Perrett Albert Roichle William Saxon Jock Spinner Frank Woodworth Lowrence Clemow Robert Hunter Edward Clifford 1 Sophomores Frank Camperson Jock Myers Matt McQuarrie Paul Wiseman Pled ges Sidney Borella Bill Dent Lester Hortzell Russel Hickey Jack Lyman Les Mathis Walt Muhoven Dean Phores Charles Spaulding Ob Thomas Backeberg, Borelia, B. Camperson, F. Camperson, O.Carter. R.Carter, Clemow, Curron, Davis, Ducommun, Fesenmoier Frame, Friese, Gillespie, hHortzeii. Hickey, Hurnblad, Muir, Myers. Nicholson Nordquist. Perrett. Reese, Ryer. Saunders. Schoel. Spinner Stitz, Von Zonte, F. Woodworth, Roichle -[:i75 ALPHA TAU OMEGA 1800 EAST FORTY-SEVENTH STREET FOUNDED AT RICHMOND. VIRGINIA. IN 1865 96 Chapteis; Gammo PI Chapter Chartered in 1903 Faculty Members Pled ges William Cox Lieut. L. P. Cfim Carl Dokon Ed Barrett Morney Brown Fred Campbell Ralph Curtis hloword Davidson Roy Derrberger Cush Elles Bob Gray Winston Higgins Wendell H.oesley Donold J. Gray D. D. Griffith Russell Wetherell Seniors Carl Forssen Tom Moron Juny North Dick Outsen Glenn Wosson Kit Campbell Errett Crowther Spencer Dokan Peter David Vernon Grondy Eliot Greb George Lawrence Sam Hubbard Dick Luby Bob Miller William Newberg Vernon Peterson Moc Selonder Gene Vogt Don Wymon Transfers Gene Payne Junio rs Oliver Koelsch David Maffit Bill Prater Al Walker Sophomores Carl Dakon Eldon Woods Merrick Metcolf Kenneth Zeigen Steve Thurlow Barrett, Brown. F. Campbell, K. Compbell, Crowther. C. Dokon, S. Dokon, David, Grandy Gray, Greb. Hoesley, Lawrence, Luby. Metcolf, Miller. Outsen Payne, Prater, Vogt, Walker, Wesson, Wymon --ri76-|- BETA KAPPA 1605 EAST FORTY-SEVENTH STREET FOUNDED AT HAMLIN UNIVERSITY IN 1901 35 Chapters; Beta Chapter Chartered in 1922 Facuify Members Allen Corpenter V alter B. V hittlesey Vernon Davis Walla ce Mcintosh William Doyle Cliff O ' Brien Gus Johnson Hugh Rosellini Major F. J. de Rohon Horry Liden Stewart White Graduate Members Moore Mills Francis Myers Juniors Dean Ebert Heyes Peterson Ronald Fetterley Gordon Quornstro Jock Lambert Sanford Snead Seniors Jack Moorhouse Poul Tjossem John Borthrop Robert Bennett Robert Beach John Crossen Sophomores Wendell Crone Charles Morton John Hitt Pledges William Enkeboll Lewis Hogbo Wolter MocWillioms James Redington Donald Wishoor Borthrop, Beach, Bennett. Crone, Crossen, Davis. Doyle. Ebert, Enkeboll Fetterley, Hogbo, Hitt. Liden. Mcintosh, MocWillioms, Moorhouse, Morton Peterson. Redington, Rosellini. Snead. White, Wishoor -D77]- BETA THETA PI 1617 EAST FORTY-SEVENTH STREET FOUNDED AT MIAMI UNIVERSITY IN 1839 87 Chapters; Beta Omega Chapter Chartered in 1901 Faculty Members Henry Foster Jack Torney George McPhoil Smith Seniors John Boily George Freck Horlon Beck Robin Gloor Homer Bergren Phil Johnson Thomas Boyle Guthrie Longsdorf Don Bracken Fronk McCartney George Codwell Arthur Oberg Waiter Compbell Dovid Riser John Couzens Frank Rosenquist Richard Erwin Richard Baker Clint Corliss Ben Dormon Donald Elberson Robert Forogher James Gardner Rex Goynor Jock Hanover Albert Hoskin Dick Cook Leslie Cooper William Dungan Robert Howes Juniors Jerry Kopet Albert Kurbltz Maxwell Sother Harold Sheerer Poul Sweet Fred White John Whitney Charles Wilson Sophomores Edwin Hunt Horold Keeney Clarence Lirhus James Mueller Lawrence Munne John O ' Brien Carl Straight Broussois Beck John Carey King Culp William Forrens Robert Fissell James Greely Ned Hall Fronk Jefferson Guy Jubitz John Kettenring Bob Lonsdon Sidney Lund Edmund Lyford Byi ' on Ward Dean Worthington Pledges Russell MocDonold Robert McKinstry William Millington Carl Moe Vance Noel William Rafter William Shannon Phil Spoulding Jock Stoinbrook Herbert Stimpson Thomas Templeton Nat Washington Boker, B. Beck. H. Beck. Boyle. Bracken, Cad well. Carey. Cook, Cooper. Corliss, Couzens, Culp. Dorman. Dungan, Elberson Erwin, Forogher, Forrens. Freck. Gardner. Glooi , Greely, Hall. Hanover, Hoskins. Hunt. Jefferson, Johnson Jubitz, Keeney. Kettenring. Kopet, Longsdorf, Lonsdon. Lund. Lirhus, Lyford, McCartney, McDonald Moe. Mueller, Munnell, McKinstry, Millington. Noel. Rafter, Rosenquist, Shannon Stoinbrook, Stimpson, Straight, Sweet, Templeton, Word, Washington White. Whitney. Wilson, Worthington ti 1 -LI7S CHI PHI 4521 NINETEENTH AVENUE NORTHEAST FOUNDED AT PRINCETON IN 1824 32 Chapters; Beta Delta Chapter Chartered In 1925 Faculty Members E. Bruce Wolker R.W. Fuller C. E. Mognusson G. S. Scholler Graduate Member Charles Coombs Oscar Brakel Thomas Chittenden Maurice Cone James Dougan Wendell Duncan eniors Hugh Miracle Gershon Rowland John Shaw Hollls Beasley Melvln Borgersen Rex Clay Drayton Davidson Elton Jergens Jock Sproule Ralph Sproule Mack Thomas Juniors John McGregor Homer Patty Don Steinhoff Howard Thompson Kenneth Duryee Edword Grosvenor Walter Hartung Gordon Knott Robert Middleton Sophomores Dave Dodgson Henry Dougan John Gotes Harvey Kelley George Revelle, Jr. Jerry Youatt Pledges Herman Block Fred Corlln Ralph Holdlman John Hollenbeck Leslie Hollenbeck Frank Hopkins James McEocheran Gordon Moody John Morris Bill Strondburg Odin Strondburg Ted Strondburg Helgor Toftoy Beasley. Block, Borgerson. Brakel. Corlln, Chittenden, Clay, Coombs, Cone, Davidson, Dodgson H. Dougan. J. Dougan, Duncan, Duryee, Gates, Grosvenor, Hartung, J. Hollenbeck, L. Hollenbeck, Hopkins Jergens, Knott, McEocheran, Middleton, Moody, Morris, Potty, Revelle P-v.ior d S ow 5 ' -e ' nf ' -ff O S ' - ' ! dbe:- ' T, Thomas, Thompson Jf a -nKp illi i£ -HI 79]- CHI PSI 4600 TWENTY-SECOND AVENUE NORTHEAST FOUNDED AT UNION COLLEGE IN 1841 25 Chapters; Alpha The+o Delta Chapter Chartered 1921 Graduate Members Edwin Ford hierman Anderson John Clifton Roy Finn George Gorber Maurice Dunn Frank Eastman Page Gilbert Willord Gorton Philip hluemrner Jack Hutchinson Harold Nelson Seni ors Paul Howard James Lorpenteur Robert Slettedahl Grenvllle Sprogg JunI John Morris Robert O ' Brien Edwin Nagle Gordon Rougbt PI edge S LeRoy Bockus, Jr. Joy Hornbeck Burl Bufkin Robert Isaacson Robert Diehl Donald McCoy John Dore, Jr. Francis Pally William Greenwood Fi ' ed Thieme Trygve Hansen Norman Wells Bruce Heath ors Ted Isoocson Emmett McGoughy David Morse Ross Pedersen Gale Pfueller Joe Wiotrok Sopho mores Richard Fretwell Tom Klinefelter Jock Knoppenberger Robert Laughlin Backus, Bufkin, Clifton, DIehl, Dore, Dunn, Eostmon. Finn, Fretwell, Gilbert, Greenwood Hansen. Heath, Hornbeak. Howard, Huemmer, Hutchinson, R. Isaacson, T. Isoacson, Klinefelter Knoppenberger, Lorpenteur, Laughlin, McCoy. McGoughy, Morse, Nogle, Pedersen Pelly, Pfueller, Rouqht. Slettedahl. Thieme. Wells. Wiotrok -, . I tiS -[180:1- DELTA CHI 1819 EAST FORTY-SEVENTH STREET FOUNDED AT CORNELL IN 1891 38 Chapters; Washington Chapter Choitered in 1908 Faculty Members Juniors Kenneth Cole Corl Kilgore Heni-y Olschewsky Howard Gregory Walter Honson Jack Hullin Henry Jackson James Stewart Jack Westlund Senio rs Gerold Achenboch Loren Davidson Colman French Arthur Harnett William Horoldson Ronald Hull Evert Nelson Frederick Palmer Robert Porro Percy Shelton William Smith Sophomores Carl Brozier. Jr. David Williams Richord Paulson Pledges Charles Ainslee Robert Allen Daniel Bonnell James Dunford Ronald Fechtner William Fortune Frederick French Robert Gandolfo Robert Harnett Vance Humes Robert Johnson Wade Knisely Douglos Muirheod Roy Oxman Dean Paulson Robert Perry Frank Spencer Charles Stewart Byford Stout Edward Taylor Robert Thomas Jock Van Uden Joseph Wade George Wimberley Achenboch, Brazier, Dunford, Fortune, Gregory. A. Harnett, R. Harnett. Hull, Hullin, Johnson Kniseley, Muirheod, Oxman. Palmer, Porro, D. Paulson, R. Paulson. Perry Smith, Spencer, Taylor, Thomas, Van Uden Wade. Wimberlv -Cisi]- DELTA KAPPA EPSILON 4520 TWENTY-FIRST AVENUE NORTHEAST FOUNDED AT YALE UNIVERSITY IN 1804 47 Chapters; Kappa Epsilon Chapter Chartered in 191 I Faculty Members William Dehn Harvey Lenfz Frederick M. Padelford Sophomores Lorenzo daPonfe John King Jack Fowlds Peter Lewis Kermit Hodgins Graduate Members Albert King William Gellerman Seniors Beouford Anderson Norman Ebbley John Finucone Fred Gordon Al Grab Donold Howard Morton Augustine Benjamin Collins Robert Cooper Bud doPonte Penfield Musson John McLaughlan Hugh McColl Ralph Purves M. Lyie Spencer, Jr. James Wing Juniors Eugene Elliot Jack Hagen Philip Padelford Forest Thompson Richard Bollard William Blockford Kenyon Bush David Dale Jack David Fred Hogen William Hogen George Hopps Samuel Martin Pledges Kenneth McKenzie Dan Merriman James Nlckson Nat Paschall George Perry Williom Ryon F. Gaines Sutherlin James Tupper Augustine, Bollard. Blackford, Bush, Collins, Cooper, David, Dale, do Ponte, Finucane, Fowlds. Gordon Grab, F. Hogen, J. Hagen, W. Hagen, Hodgins. Hopps. A. King, J. King, McKenzie, Martin Merriman, Musson, Nickson, Padelford, Paschall, Perry Purves, Ryan, Spencer. Sutherlin, Tupper -i:i82]- DELTA SIGMA PHI 4543 SEVENTEENTH AVENUE NORTHEAST FOUNDED AT THE COLLEGE OF THE CITY OF NEVV YORK IN 1899 51 Chapters; Alpha Omega Chapter Chartered in 1926 Faculty Members Juniors Dr. M. M. Skinner Prof. L. Schultz William Preston Ivor Bernth Prof. Frank L. N lechem Charles Roish Leonard Elsbree Louis Scharpenberg Richard Merrin Charles Wurdeman Rutledge Crake Seniors Sophomores Bruce Allyn Grant Murphy Wheeler Coy William Schodd William Boihly Poul Scharpenberg Charles Day Wilber Thomas Robert Edwards Lansing Waldorf Wayne Proff Gordon Tjerne John Edwordsen John Yow Robley Sandstedt Harold Mlchaelsen Pledges Wllllom Alvoi ' d Bill Bolin Glenn Butterfleld George Carson John Doil George Ellingson Al Burke Raymond Hanson J. McAllisfer Allen Miller Roscoe Reiman John Spellmon Transfers Clinton Noel Allyn, Boihly, Bernfh, Bolin. Butterfield, Carson, Coy, Dall, Edwordsen. Ellingson McAllister, Merrin. Michoelsen, Miller, Oroker, Proff. Preston Raish, Reiman, Sandstedt, L. Scharpenberg, P. Scharpenberg Spellmon. Tjerne, Wurdeman -i:i83 DELTA TAU DELTA ■1524 NINETEENTH AVENUE NORTHEAST FOUNDED AT BETHANY COLLEGE, WEST VIRGINIA, IN 1859 75 Chapters; Gamma Mu Chapter Chartered in 1908 Faculty Member s ophomores E.G. Cox Trevor Bryont Charles Oswald Thomas Lyons Donold Russell Edward Metzger Allan Treuer Graduate Members Harold Hawkins William Moffett Pledges Ralph Johnson Nelson Moldstad Bei ' nard Billing Frank Mitchell Dustin Clark Jomes Nevelle Seniors George L ' Abbe Dorsey Lewis Richard Wood John Bannick Fj-oncis Goshert Chorles Bushell William Middlestadt Donald Clark Walter Woodward Robert Glose Junio rs William Acheson Norwood NIckols Thomas Campbell Alex Roulski John hHale Davis Elwood Swane Richard Eyie Paul Williams Daniel Fror:e Robert Witt David Hinds Robert Yeomans Fronk Knowlfon Bannick, Billings, Bi ' yant, Compbell, Clark, Frame, Glose, Goshert. Knowlton L ' Abbe, Lewis, Lyons. Metzger. Nickols, Oswald, Russell, Swane Treuer. Williams, Witt, Wood, Woodward ( ' -iJjJ: h:i84]- DELTA UPSILON 1818 EAST FORTY. FIFTH STREET FOUNDED AT WILLIAMS COLLEGE IN 1834 57 Chapters; Washington Chapter Chartered in 1910 s enio s George Meogher Manooh Pate George Moore Gene Wright Chet Burdick Brin Sprogue Al O ' Brien RIchord Ludwig Don Stewart William O ' Brien Dick Young Sophomores J uniors Curtis Beebe Bill SawhIII Ron Biles Jock Corey Addison Clifford Martin Trepp Bob Boughton Dellvon Foil Hans Lund Dick Whiting Mox Boydston Bob Groy Bud Peorce Eddie Clinton Byron Hort Pledges Ellis Ash Andy Hllen Bob Beckwith Richard Jacobsor George Brown George Macbride Lawrence Dovis Bill Pennock Byron Ela Paul Scott Vernon Greer Gordon Stenerson Heni-y Horrls Bob Woodworth Ash, Beckwith, Beebe. Boydston. Bi ' own, Burdick, Clifford. Clinton, Corey, Davis, Elo Gray, Greer, Harris, Hart, Hilen. Jocobsen, Ludwig. Lund, Macbride Meagher. Moore, Peorce, Sowhili, Stenerson, Stewart, Trepp Whiting, Woodworth, Wright ' ■■r ' -; gK-.w , .A- , - " .. W- " -[185]- KAPPA SIGMA 5004 SEVENTEENTH AVENUE NORTHEAST FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF VIRGINIA IN 1859 108 Chapters; Beta Psi Chaptei- Choi-teied in 1903 Faculty Members clarence Edmundson Norman Kunde Robert Martin Ralpti Stiorkey Ken Weeks Oliver Wholley Seniors Kennetti Britt Hugo Metzler Jock Fronds Hugh Sessoms Thomas Henderson Lawrence Sessoms Fred Hislop Ben Tichenoi- Darwin Bodger John Buckley Russell Fisher Joe Forde RIchord Hogon David King Pledges Donold Leach Dean Mullin David Neilson Richard Perry Jomes Telfer Robert Yeomans Juniors Al Fetto Paul Murphy V illlom McMo ion Hulbert Murray Norman Micke son Ronald Scribner Sophomores Donald Belt William Ghiglione Robert Parey H ammond Clarence Klopfenstein Emmet Stephenson Hughes Badger, Belt. Britt. Buckley, Fetto. Fisher. Forde. Froncis. Ghiglione, Hislop Hogon, Leach. McMohon. Martin, Mullin, Murroy, Neilson Perry. Scribner, L. Sessoms, Telfer, Weeks Whotley, Yeomans -D86 LAMBDA CHI ALPHA 4509 NINETEENTH AVENUE NORTHEAST FOUNDED AT BOSTON UNIVERSITY IN 1909 86 Chapters; Alpha Psi Zeta Chopter Chaiteied in 1918 Faculty Members Juniors Ai ' fhuc Beardsley Paul HIggs Alan Bonner Herbert Larson R. F. Fai-well R. H. Lamont Bob Boyker Harold Martin E. S. Harrar Russ Brennon Byron Burnes Lavelle Cosper Phil Mcintosh Leonard McMahon Bruce McNoy Seniors Charles Decker Ben Ootey Dole Armstrong Robert Johnson Harold Helmrich Chandler Pickering Arnold Baker Ernest Kochevor LeRoy Krous Charles Smith Norman BeKrey Don Miller Stewart Anderson Tom Stiger Horold Bratsberg Hugh Moi ' row Roy Carlson Bert Mueller Charles Clasby Ronald Nelson s oph Clarence Hordesty Oscar Orman omores Cliff Johns Frank Scheuerman Donald Baft Art Bratsberg Duone Cosper Vernon Jackson Tyler Koune George Miller James Perry Earl Veirs Pledges Curtis Bay Horold Hawkins George Brooks Greg Hollenbeck Neal Clark Charles McFadden Joe Connor John Rarig Ralph Gansko Gene Schunke Walt Guley Jack Stanley Anderson, Boker, Belfrey, Bonner, Boyker, Burnes, Clark, Clasby. Gansko Guley, Helmrich, G. Hollenbeck, Johns, Kaune, Kochevar, Mueller, McFadden McNoy, Miller, Nelson, Rarig. Scheuerman, Smith -D873- PHI DELTA THETA 2111 EAST FORTY-SEVENTH STREET FOUNDED AT MIAMI UNIVERSITY, OXFORD. OHIO, IN 1840 97 Chapters; Washington Alpha Chapter Chartered in 190? Faculty Members PI edges Eorl Clark Charles R. Martin Arthur Abbott Wilbur Hewson L. H.Creer Ha ■old R. Priest Philip Bayley James Bennett Center Case George Hughes Richord Kelley Vance McKenney Seniors Albert Coffman Thomas Macartney George Albin Poul Kirker Jock Cole Rynd Miller Robert Allen Wendell Knudson Howord Ellis Bud Mitchell Jack Anshutz William Montgomery Robert Fissell Don Pollock August Buse Virgil Perry Jack Goodwin Robert Rodol William Clarke Carl Walters Gage Gritmon Richord Turner Juniors Transfers George Duecy John Miller Charles Beaulieu John Edgar William Duncan Stanley Peterson Howard Busch Edward Hosselblad Robert Irving Willord Skeel Williom Cummlngs Bus Stofford Poul McMahon - Ralph Smalling Horris Matthews Allan Bantz Patrick Cardin Soph omores , -» r - " Douglas Power flV ' ■ J Charles Duecy Nelson Durham Richard Merrick Williom Rourke John Twitchell Robert Wilcox jJISSm M ■ ■Ml m3HM ■ ■ Wayne Nusboum Harold Williams - • " Abbott, Albin, Anshutz. Bontz. Bayley, Bennett, Busch. Cardin, Case, Clarke, Coffman, Cole, Cummlngs C. Duecy, G. Duecy. Duncan, Ellis, Fissell, Goodwin, Gritman, Hewson. Hughes, Irving, Kelley, Kirker Knudson, McKenney, McMahon. Macartney. Matthews, Merrick, J. Miller. R. Miller, Mitchell, Montgomery Nusbaum, Oberleitner, Peterson. Pollock, Power, Rodal, Skeel Turner, Twitchell. Walters, Wilcox. Williams -D88]- PHI GAMMA DELTA 4503 SEVENTEENTH AVENUE NORTHEAST FOUNDED AT JEFFERSON COLLEGE, WASHINGTON, PENNSYLVANIA, IN 1848 70 Chapters; Sigma Tau Chapter Chartered in 1900 A Seniors Philip J. Aaron, Jr. Joseph Morrison Noel Bouley Charles Lane Williom Campbell Joe Pearson James DeVoe Edwin Potter William France, Jr. Robert Richardson James Salbroith Hilton Tolbot J uniors Chorles Benton, Jr. Negley Englond Malcolm Bryant Karl Jocobsen Hurley DeRoin Robert Keedy Peter Dix Horold Lee Ren Meader Cqi-I Nissler, Jr John Rupp Russell Wayland Joe Weber Sophomores George Bogordus Jack Brodner James Brock Rudolph Enqulst Roger Evans Chorles Flynn George Hannoy Bob Bonks Michael Bird Charles Comeron Richard DeCou Henry Georg Evan Hannay James - David Kellogg Philip Hilditch Truman Hlnkle David hluntoon Richord KInzer E. Rhodes Moller Robert Watt Pledg es Bob Moch Wayne Murray. Jr Stuart Smith Kermit Wasmuth Jock Watt Bill Williams ■ John Woods Banks, Benton, Bird, Bogordus, Bouley, Brodner, Brock, Bryant, Cameron, Dix. Evons Flynn, Golbroith, Georg. E. Hannoy. G. Hannay. Harrison, Hilditch. Hill, Hlnkle, Huntoon, Jocobsen Keedy, Keilogg, Kinzer, Meoder, Moch, Moller. Murray, Nissler, Pearson, Potter Richardson, Rupp, Smith, Wasmuth. J. Watt, R. Watt, Woyland, Williams, Woods -CIS?:- PHI KAPPA PSI 2120 EAST FORTY-SEVENTH STREET FOUNDED AT COLLEGE OF CHARLESTON IN 1904 41 Chapters; Alpha Delta Chapter Chartered in 1914 Faculty Members Sophomores Joseph K. Cheodle M. D. Cornu W. E. Henry H.J. Mclntyre C. C. More John Ritchie Graduate Members Guerdon Archer Clarence Dalley s eniors Dick Dibble Woodburn Macfa Leo Erkkllc Bill Millord Wolter Follon Lewis Rains Whitney Harris Robert Sullivan Rodney Heorne Fred Welch Wilbur Lloyd J un ors Archie Clork George Morrlssey Jock Conrad Al Rein Armond Deane Walter Riem Jack Eastmon BillSilllmon Bob LaBow Wilbur Washburn Ruddick Lawrence Bob White Charles Bocnes Leo Beoudreau Bill Harvey John Loughlin Dale McKnIght Bob Bloxom Wesley Bubb Cornelius Chavelle Kenneth Chavelle Marion Keyes Horry Loke Emery Powell Elliot Robertson Al Tai-o George Townsend Pledges Wayne May Bill McClintock Bill Seeley Bill Smith Henry Trisler Jack Whltemon Beoudreau. Bloxom. Bubb. C. Chavelle. Clork, Conrad, Deone. Dibble, Erkklla, Fallon. Harris Harvey. Heorne. Keyes, Lake, Loughlin, Lawrence. McClintock, Mocforlane. McKnIght Millard, Rein, RIem, Robertson, Seeley, Sllliman, Smith Taro, Washburn, Welch, White, Whiteman lL.H.r ; i ' ' -i- PHI KAPPA SIGMA 4711 SEVENTEENTH AVENUE NORTHEAST FOUNDED AT UNIVERSITY OF PENNSYLVANIA IN 1850 38 Chapters; Alpha Upsilon Chapter Chartered in 1919 Faculty Members Dr. Edgar M. Draper Dr. Wm. Sovery Dean Willis L.Uhl Wm. R.Wilson Robert B. Von Horn Wm. C. Woerner, Jr. Junio rs Graduate Members Peter J. Bardon Wm. J. NePoge Seniors Ralph G. Alberger Roymond Bothell Thos. Alderson Eugene Dare Fred Armbruster John Dare Irvin Baltzer Warren L. Dewor Walter Hinshow Lawrence Jenner Geo. Mlddieton Roosevelt Basler Hugh Blake Burton Bowman Harold Englund Trevoi " Evans Sophomores Joseph Blohe Eorl Peterson Eugene Erckenbrock Walter Roney Arnold Jensen Worren Smith Wm. McCaffroy Jack Wyatt He •bert Mjorud Go ■don Parrott Joe k Sweet Fre d Lorkin Edward Lucas Joh n NePage Loi ing Stetson Horold Runstad Pledges L. Walter Agney Robert Buehrer Jock Davis Gustav Eriksen Rolph Gilbert Kenneth Gillett Hilton Lysons Matthew Muczynski Charles Rickerd Howard Rolin Mark Seymour Wm. Test Woody Ullin Clifford Van Derveer Chet Warren Agney, Alberger, Alderson, Armbruster, Baltzer, Basler, H. Blake, J. Bloke, Bowman, Buehrer. E. Dare, J. Dare Davis, Dewar, Englund, Erckenbrock, Evans, Gilbert, Gillett, Jenner, Lorkin, Lysons, McCoffroy Middleton, Mjarud, Muczynski, J. NePage, W. NePage. Porrott, Peterson, Raney. Rickerd Rolin, Seymour, Stetson, Sweet, Test. Ullin, Von Derveer, Warren -[1913- PHI KAPPA TAU 4547 SEVENTEENTH AVENUE NORTHEAST FOUNDED AT MIAMI UNIVERSITY IN 1906 44 Chapteis; Alpha Pi Chapter Chartered in 1929 Faculty Member Sophomores Frank C. Von deWc Iker Tallmadge Hamilton Pledges Seniors Ed Barker Edmond Pugsley Don Finrow Phillip Wagner Van Brough Butler Russell Graves Clifford Holmes Fronds Zvonut Kenneth Chapman Scott Gonseckl Edward Murray Albert Cheleden Jock Lynch Byi ' on Congdon Kenneth Skinner Joseph Ellerby Juniors Harry Fisher Roy McMoth Turner Kuhn V olter Rhodes Mike Lewis Kenneth Soderquist Robert Lonergan William Wynn-Jones Paul Macmlllan Barker. Cheleden, Congdon, Ellerby, Finrow, Fisher, Gonsecki, Graves. Homilton Lynch, McMoth, Mocmillon, Murray, Pugsley. Skinner, Soderquist Wagner. Wynn-Jones. Zvonut iDc 192 " PHI SIGMA KAPPA 4536 EIGHTEENTH AVENUE NORTHEAST FOUNDED AT MASSACHUSETTS STATE COLLEGE IN 1873 50 Chapters; Lambda Deuteion Chapter Chartered In 1923 Faculty Members Juniors Allen R. Benham M. E. Benson Herbert Cory Cedor Aronow Bruce Brookbonk Wesley Brown+on Al Carlson George Cook Confod Dyor Williarn Eastman Robert Flonders Arthur Gardiner John Guberlet William Wilson Seniors Lorry Hubbard Glen Lutey Dick McCui-dy Bob Moore Frank Reno Gordon Ribbeck Richord Word Guyllem Willioms Ed Chase Eugene Cullen Jim Flaherty Roy Gusto ' fson Mitch Hewitt Bob Hollowoy Fred Johnson Fred Kelsey Bill Barton Horry Bowen Greg Fields Russell Boer Dick Brookbank Col Eoston Earl Gibson Merle Hesse Melvin Helfner Miller Hansen Clayton Humphrey G. B. Madenwald John Newstrom Arthur Owley Roy Perino Irwin Thieme Bob Trumbull Vance Wade Charles Williams Sopho mores Bill Hulette Bill Longmire Robert Whitelcw Pledges Al Kertes Gordon Kirklond Joe Lutey Wolt Lunsford Loomis Miller Marcel Mayncrd Harold Newton Hal Whitehouse Baer, Barton, Bowen, B. Brookbank, Brownton, Cullen, Dyar, Eastman, Easton, Fields, Flaherty Gordiner, Gibson, Gustafson, Hansen, Heffner, Hesse. Hollowoy. Hubbard Hulette, Johnson, Madenwald. Moore, Newstrom, Newton Owley, Perino, Ribbeck, Whitehouse -D93]- Ti ' Tv - PI KAPPA ALPHA 1804 EAST FIFTIETH STREET FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF VIRGINIA IN 1868 82 Chapters; Beta Beta Chapter Chartered in 1914 Faculty Members S.J. Coon Alfred Horsch Soph omores Lewis Dohl Rodney Johnston Herbert Maschmedt Ben McDonald Graduate Members Kenneth Johnson Allan Tower Bill Chace William Dorsey Albert Gates Oliver Kearns Seniors Adron Troxell Leland Wickersham Bill Wolcott Juniors Carl Dohlberg Harold Mansfield Gene Nicoloi Harry Rhenberg Pledges Freeman Clark Robert Dahl Cal Dyer Francis Farley DIckGord William Greeley Horry Hansen James Hauschildt Jack Keene Max Pillar Bill Rand Bruce Rogers Richard Tollman Otis Wickersham Clark, L. Dohl, R. Dohl, Dohlberg, Dorsey. Dyer, Farley. Gord, Gates Greeley, Johnston, Kearns. Keene, McDonald, Mansfield. Maschmedt, Nicoloi Pillar, Rand. Rogers, Tro ell, L. WIckershom, O. Wickersham i iiJtJ £11 -[194]- PI KAPPA PHI 4508 SIXTEENTH AVENUE NORTHEAST FOUNDED AT COLLEGE OF CHARLESTON IN 1904 41 Chapters; Alpha Delta Chapter Chaiteied in 1914 Faculty Members Seniors J. L. Alexander D. H. Mockenz ie Deon Arbogost George Ruby Dr. H. H. Gowen V. SIvertz Charles Connor Victor Scheffer J.W. Hotson E.V.Smith Talbot Hartley Gerald Larson Wendell Swanson 4 Juniors Gordon Adderson Wijh ' am Krause Thomas Edwards Burmon Winter ■ Sophomores i ■! Robert Snider Craig Marsters ■ki; j ' ' k. Paul Sulkosky William Waara 1 1 " iiS mkk ' -J m WjV fk Pledges ' " ' Robert Boncro-ft Arbogost, Bancroft, Conner, Hartley, Krause, Larson Marsters, Ruby, Scheffer, Winter -1:195]- PSI UPSILON 1818 EAST FORTY-SEVENTH STREET FOUNDED AT UNION COLLEGE iN 1833 28 Chapters; Theta Theta Chapter Chartered in 1916 seniors Frank Clarke Robert Davidson William Gourlay Williom Honnoh Addison Lindsley Bloke Mills William Ornduff J.Arthur Pett Wilmot Ragsdale Jock Russell Duone Schrom John Schwoger Worren Slemmons Charles Stutfield Lyttleton Tempes Blaine Thompson Juniors Gilbert HoHly Chopin hHenry Robert Hill Chorles Lesh Donold McGoldrIck Fenton Miller Donald Mowot Roland Pinkham John Read Lloyd Schrom Keith Steele Richard Toylor John Thomas Julian Weber Sophomores John Bartleson Bernord Bourns Charles Callahan Lowrence Culter Ralph Doremus Frederick Haines Hoi ' rlson B. Jones, Ji ' Jock Robson Thomas Sheehon Stewart BIythe Bi ' uce Bretlond Martin Chomberloin James Griffiths Somuel Hess John Kienost Gose McCleary Russell Skallei ' ud George White Jock Wood Pledges Charles Newton Walter Reseburg Howard Richmond John Wolker Robert Waltz Eorle W.ZInn, Jr. Bartleson, BIythe. Bourns, Collohon, Culter, Doremus. Fitzgerold, Griffiths, Hoffly, Haines, Honnoh, Henry Hess, Hill, Jones, Kienost, Lesh, Lindsay, McCleory, McGoldrick, Miller, Mills, Mowot Newton, Ornduff, Pinkham. Ragsdale, Read, Reseburg. Richmond, Russell. D. Schrom L. Schrom. Schwoger, Sheehon, Skallerud, Toylor. Tempes, Thomas Thompson, Walker, Waltz, White, Wood, Zinn ( " j ' SHaT -D96]- SIGMA ALPHA EPSILON 4506 SEVENTEENTH AVENUE NORTHEAST FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF ALABAMA IN 1856 108 Chap+ers; Washing+on Alpha Chapter Chartered in 1906 Faculty Members Juniors E. O. Eosfwood Walter F. Isoacs Richard Allen Jack Neukirchen F. B. Farquharson W. A. Kimball Hiram Brundoge Clarence Page Major W. D. Frozer Verne Thompson Morion Felt James Frozer William Pemberton Clint Perkins Grad uate M embers Dcryl Hoyt Kenneth Sampson Don Allison Harold Mitchell Herbert Klock Roderick Stewart Jack Hogan Durwood Lapham Donold White Seniors Robert McCleary Gordon Zwiebel Jack Buford William Carleton Ernest Code Clifford Mortenson Martin Nelson Kenneth Peth Carl Blockstock Soph omores Charles Lowrence Donald Cook Wesley Dierberger James Dootson George Pickering Edward Sonds H.Arnold Scheldt Francis Blair Quinn Compbell Louis Dewey Orrm Madison WilliomOdom William Simonds Gordon Godwin Richard Jeffers Rowell Smith Charles Taylor Robert Geisness Howard Green Clarence Stone John Taylor Lloyd Johnson Willard V ' orren Emil Loukes George Morble James White Pie dges Joy Adams Joseph McDonald A ■ TT-.V b; Joseph Corew Jock Dootson Horry Gifford William Murphy Fred Nicklous Roy Pinkerton sL:. .-J Charles Hinman Charles Howard Reese Swaim K " . -i i ' mt - ' Carl Thompson HP - t Donald Jeffers Robert White ■ H HSdiii ' ' mM Jack Kirton fflife YMMII T IPB Transfe rs ..-JB m ' ' - ' ;w a SSMMi Reggie Ritter Richard Walton Adams, Allison, Blockstock, Blair, Brundoge, Buford, Campbell. Corew. Carleton, Code, Cook. Dewey, Dierberger. James Dootson John Dootson, Felt, Frozer, Geisness, Gifford, Godwin, Green. Hinman, hloward, Kirton, Klock, Loukes. Lawrence McCleary, McDonald, Madison, Marble, Mortenson, Murphy, Nelson, Nicklous, Odom, Page, Pemberton Perkins, Peth, Pinkerton, Ritter, Sampson, Sands, Scheldt, Simonds, Stone Swalm, Taylor, Thompson, Zwiebel -[197]- SIGMA CHI 1716 EAST FORTY-FIFTH STREET FOUNDED AT MIAMI UNIVERSITY, OXFORD. OHIO, IN 1855 92 Chapters; Upsilon Upsilon Chapter Chartei ' ed in 1903 Faculty Members ■|( J.W. IZ) Capfoin J. G. Cooper Dean Vernon McKenzie Graduate Members Wm. J. Bleuel Edmund Quigley Richard M. Day Donald Webster Clyde Donovan Keith Whiting Warren Bowman WInslow Brooks William Dodd Bethel Froser Merton McCullou Sophomores Edwin Moore Ken Norris Bernard Pipe Grin Tapert gh Thomas Wychoff Seniors Paul M.Abbot Theodore Bell Ward Bowman Beldon Brewer Fred Clanton Richard Crosby Bryant Dunn Nerval Friese Jack hiannoford Russell Burns Richard Egan William Frisby William Heamon Anthony Kane Worren Marsden Mathew Maury Hugh Merritt hlanford Mohn Fred Howard John James James Morrow George Mumlord R obert Murray Craig Taylor Robert Vaughn Hons Warjohn Howord Wolover Worren Anderson Robert Burnham Fred Catlett Charles Cockrell Ariel Edmiston William Fielding Ed Hobort Eugene Holland Wilfred Johnson Alvin Kelly Francis Leslie Pledges Charles Morr Neil Matzger Richard Mcintosh Donald Meyer Max Oberdorfer Bud Paulsen Robert Poeppel Eugene Scott Ray Shepherd William Smith Len Stevens Juniors Rea Moore Van Nutley Norman Schroeder William Speidel Richard Stevenson Robert Strang Huston Sussex Clarence Swenson u f mi i H 1 ■ ' «■ -1 ITfi! ' ■IB 11 F V ■rf S Ijri . aar amsi ilK T )i ' . ' ffli HH ■MH Anderson, Word Bowman, Warren Bowman, Brewer, Brooks. Burnham, Burns. Catlett. Clanton, Cockrell. Crosby, Dodd, Dunn. Edmiston Egon. Fielding, Eraser, Hannatord, Heaman, Hobort, Holland, Howard, James. Johnson. Kane, Kelly Leslie, Mcintosh. Marsden. Matzger, Maury. Meyer. Mohn, E. Moore, R. Moore, Murray Norris, Nutley, Oberdorfer, Paulsen, Pipe, Scott, Shepherd, Smith Speidel, Stevens, Tapert, Warjohn, Wolover, Wychoff -CI98 SIGMA NU 1616 EAST FORTY-SEVENTH STREET FOUNDED AT VIRGINIA MILITARY INSTITUTE IN 1869 96 Chapters; Gamma Chi Chartered in 1895 Senio s Tom Smith Spencer Stokes Howard Tuttle Fred Borden Dave Nisbet John Cherberg John Reitze John Emery Ken Rhuddy Ed English Colin Howord Emmett Talkington Jim Walthew Sophomores Bill Mentzer Bob Daley Jack Hardy Bob Howe Bob Milligon Frank Plumb Bruce Stoddard J unlors Carl Hossmon Sinclair Wilt Donald Arthoud Jim Brennon George Hunter Charles Behon Carl Reder Pledges Joe Baxter Glenn Boyle Palmer Crandell Dan English Ted Foley Berwyn Geoghegon Larry Johnson Vern Johnson Bob Karr Gerry MocGregor Bob McDonald PhilSchoel Paul Smits Frank Windust Bud Wolf Bob Works Fronk Wotenberg Arthoud, Baxter. Behon. Borden. Boyle. Brennon, Cherberg, Daley. Emery. D. English, E. English Geoghegon, Hardy, Howord, Hunter, Karr, MocGregor, McDonald, Mentzer, Milligon Nisbet, Plumb, Rhuddy, Schoel, Smits, Stoddard, Talkington Tuttle, Wolthew, Wolf, Works Wi -P99]- SIGMA PHI EPSILON 4504 SIXTEENTH AVENUE NORTHEAST FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF RICHMOND IN 1901 67 Chapteis; Washington Beta Chaptei- Chartered in 1922 Grad ua+e Members Pie dges Fred Breit Stanley Taylor Jim Bloomfield George Hogan Robert Briggs Lee Jocobi Gene Frost Elmer Lorenson Seniors Kenneth Fuller Robert Galer Deon McHon Henry Rosenberg Alan AIney Raymond Finlon Walter Hall Lawrence Waldron Frank Anderson John Fuller Donald Hill John Watson Joseph Baker Monroe Hubbell Robert Burns James Losater Cecil Castor Frank Lockwood Richard Cockey Floyd Stanley Transfers Warren Fanning Juniors Roscoe Cornell Dow Finker Grant Hedrlcks Thornton Jones Kenneth Lewis Berton Barnes Wayne Startz Ensley Doncaster Fred Galer Norman Steen Stanley Wardin wm Tom Hill John Young ■ J;. jfe ' Rudy Linlger hM se tfSfflk. ' KJ ' flwju Sophomores Richard Frederick Ravmond Perrv jtm 9 John Hoshor Donald Roberts ss z SSOj n- Deiwyn Muller Raymond Wheeler Mfii m l tggMmm M Ainey, Anderson, Baker, Barnes, Bloomfield. Breit, Briggs. Burns, Castor. Cockey. Doncaster, Fanning Finlon. Frederick, J. Fuller, K. Fuller, F. Saler. Hall, D. Hill, T. Hill, Hogan. Hoshor, Hubbell Jones, Losater, Liniger, Lockwood, McHon, Muller, Perry. Roberts Rosenberg. Stonley. Steen, Startz, Toylor, Vi ' ordin gnoiiEiEF -11200]- SIGMA PHI SIGMA 4732 TWENTY-FIRST AVENUE NORTHEAST FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF PENNSYLVANIA IN 1908 18 Chapters; Pi Chapter Chartered in 1928 Faculty Member Juniors Prof. Warren L. Beuschlein Maurice Larson Lewis Lindsey Kermit McKay Meyer Peyser James Reld John Simpson Hiram Smith Moulton Taylo George Teufel Seniors Edwin J. Beamer Howard Johnston L. Philip Callahan William McCloy James Cunningham Willc rd Pedersen H. Chester Griggs John Ziegler Sophomores Donald Gustafson Alfred Thiel Pled ges Clare Collins Philip Rosser Norland Cook Carter Sondahl Clarence Edmundson Norman Sivesind Paul Johnson Hens Skov John Nyere Beamer, Callahan, Cunnlnghom, Griggs, Gustofson, Johnson. Johnston, Larson, Lindsey McCloy, McKay, Nyere, Pedersen. Peyser. Reid, Rosser, Sandahl Simpson, Skov, Smith, Teufel, Thiel, Ziegler -c2on- SIGMA PI 4757 SEVENTEENTH AVENUE NORTHEAST FOUNDED AT VINCENNES UNIVERSITY IN 1897 30 Chapters; Alpha Gamma Chapter Chartered in 1926 Faculty Members Harvey Densmore Harold Haas Chester Wilcox Paul Radke Ai-t Ridley Graduate Members Harold Cole Fred Rodke Seniors Theodore Anderson William Estep Horold Eustis Raymond Greene Chester Beals Jim Bryont Carol Eckert Eric Ericsson Cleo Harris Maury Johnson Elton Jones Evert Pomeroy Elmer Schoen Charl es Stone Robert Abernethy Winston Brough Leland Campbell Norman Eckert Tom Hutchinson Raymond Jacobsen Bill Martin Maynard Parks Roland Steffy Tom Werner Pledges Ivan Rimstod Bill Rockhill Alec Shadura Gordon Strandberg John Strelo Alec Shadura Gudmar Torkelson Juniors Herbert Miller Knute Schaffer Robert Stearns Judah Stillson Richard Thatcher Sophomores Stan Beard Ray Fox Tom Hellmon Gordon Morseth Anderson. Seals, Beard. Brough, Bryant. Campbell, N. Eckert. Ericsson, Estep, Pox Greene, Harris, Heilmon, Hutchinson. Jacobsen, Jones. Miller. Morseth Pomeroy. F. Radke, P. Radke. Rockhill. Schoen. Schaffer S+i nrn ' trnnrjhprg, Strelo, Thatcher, Torkelson -[202:1- TAU KAPPA EPSILON 4510 TWENTY-FIRST AVENUE NORTHEAST FOUNDED AT ILLINOIS WESLEYAN IN 1899 i 38 Chapters; Chi Chopter Charfeied in 1926 - Senlors Williom Ballou Don Beotty Stewort Johnson Robert McComent John Boding Jomes Baxter Horry Clark Art Kellogg Roy Kink Juniors l!5 L N o P lomor es Poul Thompson Charles Welsh Williom Ande son Wode Parker Dick Williams Normon Corm ' chael Ren Peirson Gordon Doly Mothew Rayner Cody Fitch Doug Wightman Ed Goble Fred Young Kenneth Moorehec d Kenneth Leach Alan Loew Morion Nelson Jack Squire Russell Sweene r y Corl Aldrige Jim Beotty Bill Clark PI edges Carl Hallia Ivon Merrick Dove Williams u Bert Ensley Paul Fellmon Dick Gepner Bob Williams George Welsh Boding, Ballou, Baxter, Beotty, Carmichoel, Clork, Fellman, hlollia Kellogg. Leoch, Loew, McCament, Welsh B.Williams, R. Williams -[:203 TAU PHI DELTA 4616 TWENTY-FIRST AVENUE NORTHEAST FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF WASHINGTON IN 1932 3 Chapters; Alpha Chapter Chartered in 1932 Faculty Members Sophomores Bror L. Grondal Hugo Winkenwerder William Beemon Robert Fuller Russell Mills Grad ua+e Members Pledges Daniel Ccii ' ney George Morrill John Geerds Reino Sarlin Ernest Honson Elmo Slattery William Johnson Walter Schaeffe Wilbur Morkhom Roy Wagner Kenneth Moore Chester Olson Roger Young Seniors Herbert Allen Morton Louridsen Michel Bigley William Meyer Richord Churchill Oliver Proud George Englerth Adolph Roth v. , . Roger Gee John Grant Ben Stahmonn Kenneth Wolin P . ■iff H % i Lourence Jolley Corl Wetterstrom m UnniJ P ' vUi BH Juniors Hi yHH Gerald Dunford Henry Harrison Richard Soter 5 ■■mpg S9S Beemon, Bigley, Dunford, Englerth, Fuller, Gee, Geerds, Grant Hansen. Horrison, Jolley, Johnson. Louridsen, Meyer, Moore Olson. Schoeffer. Stohmonn. Wolin. Young -C204 THETA CHI Graduate Members 4535 SEVENTEENTH AVENUE NORTHEAST FOUNDED AT NORWICH UNIVERSITY IN 1856 48 Chapters; Alpha Rho Chapter Chartered in 1924 Juniors John Fitzgerald Eai ' f Swanson Fred Baxter Judson Hubbart Ward Storrar Russel Cadman Robert Forrester Richard Mossman Ray Pardo Seniors Gordon Fraser William Robb Fred Anderson John Horrigan William Graham Adney Smith Clifford Armstrong Robert Korlsten Elliot Higglns William Smith Mark Antoncich Palmer Koon Richard Hodge Vernon Thatcher Peter Antoncich Wendel Lundell Robert Howie Edwin Carmichoel Chester Mognuson William Clark Lynn Morse s oph omores Ragnar Glske Mott Rieke Melvin Chopmon Frank Melder Thomas Geraghty Herman Seitei ' Charles Doupe Earl Montgomery Caspar Graff George Spence Philip Hogue Robert Harnish Gerald Ummel William Hayes Arvo Willman Pie dges David Hervey Streetor Beall Benton Brown Robert Evans Robert Gamble Steve Girard Leif Harris Don McKay Sam Robb Paul Sampson William Sells Francis Sybront Fred Velikanje % • mti ■■i fliB . Charles Haworth George Weiss ' , ■., I KKB i H H Wesley HInton Bill Wilmot l 7, 11, ' MHBB wmi ' - ' f f ' " ' riT H Gil Krom Transfers Joseph Bigas Eugene Friedlandei John Sears " " " ' Anderson, M. Antoncich, P. Antoncich, Baxter, Beall, Brown, Cadman, Carmichoel, Doupe, Evans, Fraser, Gamble, Girard Glske, Harnish, Harris, Haworth, Hervey, Higgins, Hinton, Hodge, Hogue, Howie. Hubbart Korlsten, Koon, Krom, Lundell, McKay, Melder, Montgomery, Rieke. S. Robb Sampson, Sears, Seiter, Sells, A. Smith, V . Smith, Spence Thatcher, Ummel, Velikanje, V eiss, V illman, Wilmot WL tf ? B UOHi i EB -[;205 THETA DELTA CHI 4532 NINETEENTH AVENUE NORTHEAST FOUNDED AT UNION COLLEGE IN 1847 30 Chapters; Xi Deuteron Chapter Chartered in 1913 Seniors Pledges Cai ' los Douglas Wesley Fry George Hondley Richmond Hidy Robert May Walter Oros William Parr William Strickler Jack Sweek Alton Walsh James Wilson Richard Davis Donald Homilton Bruce Helberg David Herald James Lorwood John Meagher Thomas Ramsey Otto Sanbeck Leo Saukko Kermit Studebaker Ray Trembley Fred Weingarten Juniors Richard Boyce Louis Fey Robert Greene George Sayles Harold Selvidge Sophomores John Williamson Melbirne Cosgriff Roy Jacobson Boyce. Cosgriff, Douglos. Davis. Fey. Fry. Greene. Handley Helberg. Herold. Hidy. Jacobson. Lorwood, May. Meagher. Parr Sayles. Soukko. Selvidge, Sweek, Walsh, Weingarten. Williamson, Wilson -C206]- THETA XI 4522 EIGHTEENTH AVENUE NORTHEAST FOUNDED AT RENSSALAER POLYTECHNIC INSTITUTE, NEW YORK, IN 1864 35 Chapters; Upsilon Chapter Chartered in 1915 Faculty Roberf Q. Brown Frank Conrad Men- bers Charles J. Johnston Brents Stirling Don Gochnour Robert Heaman Clayton Huey Perry Johonson Dick McMohon Beverly Patten Austin V. Eostmon Charles E. Weaver George E. Goodspeed Hewitt Wilson Juniors Graduate Members Gene Connoi " Roy Fuller William Hooton Bill Rustad Clayton Nixon John Sylvester Robert Hill Quentin Schmitt Vincent Shorrock Seniors Soph omores Kenneth Anderson Arthur Elliott Fred Becker Poul McKnight Donovan Beck George Dutch ' I -•1 J.C.Hill Edgar Irish Dan Knisely Bob Lee Joe Rutkowski Paul Sherwood Vic Shorrock John Smyzer 1 _ f f f? Magruder Beoll Pie dges " ' tft flUw ii ifli iiii III 1 i Fred Kuinders LifliiL w S M ydi Leonord Boner Jack Fay Griffith Murray E H I 1 Milton Porter ' ff SS gi B B A. Q. Jones Harold Rudow ■Bfc. ' " " ' " ' Ed Kinnebrew Anderson, Beoll, Beck, Becker, Connor. Dutch, Elliott. Fay. Gochnour. Heamon J. Hill, R. Hill, Huey, Hooton, Irish, Johonson. Jones, Kinnebrew Kuinders, McKnight, McMohon, Murray. Patten Porter, Rudow, Rutkowski -liQiy ZETA BETA TAU 4760 TWENTY-FIRST AVENUE NORTHEAST FOUNDED AT COLLEGE OF THE CITY OF NEW YORK IN 1898 35 Chapters; Alpha Mu Chapter Chartered in 1922 F acuity Member Joseph Cohen Seniors Bertram F, Boog Kermit Rosen Homer Goldblat Jock Torshis Gilbert Jacobs Philip Welnstein Stanley Jcloff Som Zedick Kenneth Pearl Juniors Alex Altose Harold Seligmann Carl Dreifus Myron Spring Bud Mandles S ophomore Lester Asheim Pledges William Donz Alan Porteguese Hershey Gross Jess Rosenberg Herbert Louterste n Jerome Weinstein Leon Levy Melvin Weinstein Transfer Adolph Koch Altose, Asheim. Danz, Dreifus. Goldblatt, Gross. Jacobs, Joloff Koch, Louterstein, Levy. Mondles. Porteguese, Rosen Seligmann. Spring. J. Weinstein 3- « -[208:1— ZETA PSI 4703 TWENTY-FIRST AVENUE NORTHEAST POUNDED AT NEW YORK UNIVERSITY IN 1847 30 Chapters; Phi Lombda Chapter Chartered in 1920 Faculty M embers Juniors Clyde Robinson Dr. Howard Woo Iston Edward Argersin Reilley Atkinson William Faissler ger Charles Holbert Ned Hergert Charles Nims Seniors Charles Fogg George Sargent Leslie Abshire Grenville Jordan J.Allen Bird Stephen Lea Edward Brehm Jack Meade Spencer Clark Jack Collins Pat Myers Ray Ogden Sophomores Jack Condon William Shofer Edward Ballingei George Kunz Spencer Crookes Stuart Welch Frank Browning Warren Moncheste George Fohey John Wills Joe Codd Edward Kretzer Harry McElhaney Sam Mills Pledg es John Carter William Millington Charles Duffy John Nute Irwin Goodwin Reidar Rovig Don Holden Bill Thompson John Hunter William Tibbits Bill Means Abshiro. Arqorsinqcr, Atkinson. Bollinger, Bird, Brehm. Browning. Carter, Clark. Codd, Collins, Condon Crookes, Duffy, Fohey. Faissler, Fogg, Goodwin. Holbert, Hergert. Holden. Hunter Kunz, Lea, McElhoney, Manchester, Mills, Nims, Nute, Ogden Shafer, Thompson. Tibbits. Wills, Welch -[209 - 4 WHAT THE GOOD-LOOKING SORORITY WOMAN WHO LIVES AT THE HOUSE 4 AND CANT MAKE FUDGE DOES DURING A YEAR OF DEPRESSION ON FRIDAY 4 AND SATURDAY NIGHTS. NOT THAT MISS PETE LOWRIE DID, BUT GOOD OLD 4 GAMMA PHI BETA IS SORORITY WITH A CAPITAL " S " s o R O R I T I E S G LORY, glory, Ponhellenic . . . forme rush . . . pledging . . . sneaks . . senior council . . . house duties . . . cat- parties . . . the A. D. PI type . . . the PI Phi type . . . blind dates . . . orchids and gardenias . . . serenades . . . snakes . . . dirty rushing ... pin snotchers PANHELLENIC Offi ceis President, Winler, President, Spring . Secretary, Winter- Secretary, Spring.. Treasurer, Winter Treasurer, Spring.. Repi ' esenta+ives Cora Honson Betty Harper ... Betty Harper Anna McCaskill .Anno McCaskill Sue Moseley Helen Molott Fern Whyatt Dorothy Donz _.Myrle James .Bernlce Campbell Alpha Chi Omega Alpha Delta Pi Alpha Epsilon Phi_ Alpha Delta Theta Alpha Gamma Delta Alpha Phi Virginia Lee Jordan Alpha Omicron PI Frances Maxson Alpha Xi Delta .Enid Smith Beta Phi Alpha Patricia Dakan Beto Sigma Omicron __..Annis Eals Chi Omega __ Shirley McGregor Delta Delta Delta - Mary Theurer Delta Gamma Barbara Castlemon Delta Zeta Kay Coulon Gamma Phi Beta -... Marjorle Speidel Kappo Alpha Theta Ruth Roberts Kappa Delto Ethel Stone Kappa Koppo Gamma _ Jean Eagleson Lambda Omega ..Roberto Frye Pi Beta Phi Wilmaglen Paddock Phi Mu Glen Mathesen Phi Omega PI Louise Davis Sigma Koppo Evelyn Richards Theta Upsllon .. Jane Edgers Zeto Tau Alpha--.. Vera Banks Bonks, Costleman, Campbell, Coulon. Dakan, Danz, Davis. Eagleson. Eals. Edgers Fry, Hanson, Horper, James, Jordon, McCaskill, McGregor, Malott Maxson. Moseley, Paddock. RIchords, Roberts. Theurer Smith. Speidel, Stone, Whyatt -[213]- ALPHA CHI OMEGA 1616 EAST FIFTIETH STREET FOUNDED AT DEPAUW UNIVERSITY, MICHIGAN, IN 1885 56 Chapters; Rho Chapter Chartered in 1910 Hope Benton Dorothy Dodds Mildred Durgon Ruth Evans Martha Greene Elizabeth Kevin Helen Malott Eldreith Matchett Seniors Beatrice McGough Elolse Mills Ruth Pesch Marion Purvis Eloise Sweet Louise Treen Mary Ellen Worner Jean Wilson Betty Fett Ruth Fullam Elaine Fulton Mary Ann Greene Dorothy Griffin Mory Ann Honnon Betty Hunt Jean Johnson Virginia Kirby Marian Moyrond Marguerite McBride Dorothy Mills Margaret Ovenden Elda Nell Porvin Virginia Pettit Mary Jane Stevens Dorothy Sutherland Jean Belcher Margaret Coats Mary Dean Jean Peterson Juniors Virginia Smith Morjorie Stolte Margaret Towne Janet Grant Betty Hawley Transfers Janet McCoy Sophomores Charlotte Conklin Margaret Hoge Veronica Crollard Florence Marriott Virglnio Dean Jean Wagner Becky DuBois Marjorie Worren Jane Garrison Virglnio Woods Corleen Colvin Ruby Cootes Pledges Mlllicent Doncoster Eleanor Dorwart Belcher. Benton. Calvin, Coates, Coats, Conklin. Crollard. M. Dean. V. Dean. Dodds, Doncoster, Durgan. Evans, Fett, Fullam, Fulton, Garrison, Grant, Mortho Greene, Mary Ann Greene, Griffi Hoge, Hunt, Johnson, Kevin, Kirby, Malott, Marriott, Moyrond, McCoy, McBride, D. Mills E. Mills, Ovenden, Parvin, Peterson. Pettit, Purvis. Smith, Stevens, Sutherland, Stolte Sweet, Towne, Treen, Wagner. Wo rner, Warren, Wilson, Woods Dorwart, Du n, Hannan. H Bois awley -i:2i4 ALPHA DELTA PI 4547 EIGHTEENTH AVENUE NORTHEAST FOUNDED AT WESLEYAN FEMALE COLLEGE. GEORGIA. IN 1851 55 Chapters; Alpha Theto Chartered in 1917 Seniors Georgette Berrest Mary Louise DesJordins Verna Isaacson DeLorls McDonold Lou Morrrs Deborah Sprogue Marian Starr Fern Whyott Juniors Mae Coffey Mortho McDonold Louise Hockymon Peqqy McDonnell Jean McNaughton Corrine Norton Helen Pringle Bernlce Strahl Sophomores Jean Baldwin Bee Borlow Frances Silroy Margaret Hanover Sigrid Hedin Morjorie Hess Nona Jennings Dorothy Lamb Lucille Lockwood Irene McCarthy Margaret McEwen Eileen O ' Connor Noreen O ' Connor Deva Parrott Agnes Strand Pledges Virglnio Boyce Ruth Chomberloln Dorothy Craig Barbara Mae Francis Dorothy Lundgren Jean McAllister Catherine McCarthy Mary McEwen Edna Schieck Carolyn Smith Evelyn Thostesen La Von Wotkins Baldwin, Barlow, Berrest, Boyce, Chamberlain, Coffey, Craig, DesJordins, Francis. Gilroy, Hedin, Hess tsoocson, Jennings, Lockwood, Lundgren, McAllister, C. McCarthy. I. McCarthy, McDonald, McDonnell. Margaret McEwen Mary McEwen, McNaughton, Norton, Porrott, Strahl. Strond, Thostesen, Wotkins Whyatt, Pringle, Schieck, Smith, Sprogue, Starr -1:2 1 5 ALPHA DELTA THETA 4710 SEVENTEENTH AVENUE NORTHEAST FOUNDED AT TRANSYLVANIA COLLEGE. LEXINGTON. KENTUCKY, IN 1919 20 Chapters; Theta Chapter Chartered in 1924 Seniors Pledg es Groce Curtis Juliet Hord Myrle James Rose Polocto Mildred Read Miriam Sill Leah Thomas Barbara Boudwin Marie Hopper Elinore Sexton Juanito Warren Juniors Farlyn Kennedy Dorothy Moore Catherine Normon Soph omores Doris Manington Moxine McMurfry Dorothy Word Boudwin, Curtis, Hopper. Hord, James. Kennedy, Manington, McMurtry Moore, Norman. Polaclo, Reod, Sexton, Sill Thomas, Word, Warren -[216]- ALPHA EPSILON PHI 5006 FIFTEENTH AVENUE NORTHEAST FOUNDED AT BARNARD COLLEGE, NEW YORK, IN 1909 25 Chapters; Washington Chapter Chaiteied in 1932 Junior Pled ges Dorothy Donz Sophomores Marion Rosenwold Eleonore See Lorraine Alexander Emi-Marie Seligman Rolpha Coddon Hannohbeth Spring Naomi Fleishman Molly Sussman June Lachman Bernice Thorne Roslyn Morris Pearl Tipp Elise Schonwald Aiexonder, Coddon, Donz, Fleishman, Lachmon, Morris, Rosenwold. Schonwald See, Seligmon. Spring, Sussman Thorne. TIpp -[217]- ALPHA GAMMA DELTA 4515 TWENTY-FIRST AVENUE NORTHEAST FOUNDED AT SYRACUSE UNIVERSITY IN 1904 40 Chapters; Iota Chapter Chartered in 1909 Berniece Campbell Edith Cartwright Margaret Clock Morny Collins Celeste Firnstohl Helen Beneker Jocqueline Surd Morjorie Corbin Modelon Firnstohl Seniors Gertrude Gundloch Louise Lederle Elizabeth Little Margoret Toner Helen Wilcox Juniors Billy Green Alice Mothey Alice Murray VIrginio Robinson Sophomores Betty Boxley Eleonor Clock Moryolive Corboley Edith Erickson Betty Fellows Morgoret Monion Carmelrto Morvin Dorothy Moody Carol Penney Lois Phillips Pled ges Kotbryn Bongs Betty Bendix Morjorie Broulllette Peggy Burd Dorothea Dovis Beotrlce DeDonoto Virginio Ferguson Gloria Garrett Elinor Grubb Groce Knowles Dorothy Losher Solly Low Mary Yeomans Bongs, Boxley, Bendix, Beneker, Brouillette, J. Burd, P. Burd, Campbell, Cartwright, E. Clock, M. Clack, Collins Corbaley, Corbin, Davis, DeDonoto, Erickson, Fellows, Ferguson, C. Firnstohl, M. Firnstohl, Grubb, Garrett Green, Gundloch, Knowles, Lasher, Low, Lederle, Little, Monion, Mothey, Marvin Moody, Murroy. Penney, Phillips, Robinson, Toner, Wilcox, Yeomons iMj jsswio; ALPHA OMICRON PI 1906 EAST FORTY-FIFTH STREET FOUNDED AT BARNARD COLLEGE, NEW YORK. IN 1897 42 Cliapters; Upsllon Chapter Chartered in 1915 Seniors Morjorie Beeuwkes Margaret Benedict Adelaide Cole Constance Ellis Katharyn Farr lie Johnson Lois Austin Harriet Duncan Elizobeth Hagon Mildred Larson Frances Maxson Jean Niemeler Dorothy Reid Sollie Sue White Amelia Radovan Margaret Rourke Mildred Sutter Inez Swartzlander Sophomores Juniors Jean Bolnbrldge Eleanor Bennest Ernestine Bllan Katharine Croosdil Evelyn Hoff Ethel Reid Alice McLean Gladys Phillips Pled ges Agnes Anderson Marie Anderson Grace Archer Caroline David Lorene Foirborn Frances Faurot Beotrlce Heitmann Dion Manzer Phyllis Sutter Transfer Dorothy Morgon Austin, Balnbrldge, Benedict, Bennest. Bllan, Croosdill. David, Ellis, Falrborn. Farr Fourot, Hagan, Heitmann, Johnson, Larson. Manzer, Maxson, Morgan McLean, Niemeler. Phillips, Radovan. E. Reid, D. Reid, M. Sutter P. Sutter, Swartzlander, White -1:219:- ALPHA PHI 1900 EAST FORTY-SEVENTH STREET FOUNDED AT SYRACUSE UNIVERSITY IN 1872 35 Chapiers; Sigma Chapter Chartered in 1914 Faculty Members Isia Hinman Olive Swain Peggy Power Bettina Roberts Jane Phin Rose Kothryn Starky Gabrielle von Planto Rachel Young Graduate Members Jean Aaron Helen Cameron Hortense Hcrley Virginia Lee Jordan Mary Isabel Sheehan Seniors Pauline McCloIn Mary Meloy Pled ges Louise Armstrong Dorothy Belt Winnifred Collender Mary Cose Miriam Cone Helen Elcher Mary Gaston Alice LaPlont Jane Low+her Jean Musson Betty Roodnight Marianne Schuchart Florence Stinnett Jun lors Ruth Anderson Beatrice Burke Margaret Dickenson Esther Fitch Ruthelen Garvin Virginia Gilbert Charlotte Hunter Evelyn Hurd Armorel McDowell Roberta McWIIItams Georgino Rowland Virginia Schoolfleld Mildred Stewort Elizabeth Terrell Barbara Vanderveer Sophomores Doris Donohey Shirley Mae Frazer Julia Anne Foster Vivian Kappner Carolyn Bowker Transfers Helen Van Brunt Armstrong, Belt. Burke. Collendar. Case. Cone, Dickerson, Donahey, Eicher, Fitch. Foster, Frazer Garvin. Gaston, Harley, Hurd, Hunter, Jordan, Koppner, LaPlont, Lowther, McCloin, Meloy. Musson. Power, Roodnight, Roberts, Rose, Rowland, Schoolfield, Schuchart, Starky Stewart, Stinnett, Terrell. Van Brunt, Vanderveer, von Planta, Young -[1220]— ALPHA XI DElTA.. m, 4541 NINETEENTH AVENUE NORTHEAST FOUNDED AT LOMBARD COLLEGE. GALESBURG. ILLINOIS, IN 1893 46 Chapters; Nu Chapter Chartered in 1907 Faculty Members Juniors Lelo P. Pittmon Lucille Mehan Graduate Members Ruth Kirchhaine Kathryn Lamb Genevieve Parsons Arleen Powell Prisclllo Smith Helen Wohl Cora Hanson Margaret Baird Charlotte Brigham Gertrude Neupert Harriet Owen Enid Smith Margaret Sheehan Seniors Harriet Smith Mary Wahl Genevieve Warren Evelyn Washburn Leone Weber Sophomores Betty Askren Anna Marie Kahike Ellen Ken- Mary Jane Swem Doris Williams Pledges Lenoro Amess Mary Louise Brockett WInnl-fred Britt Mory Louise Graham Ka+herine Guthmuller Christine Madsen Evelyn Madsen LIbby Planansky Helen Walker Baird, Brigham. Brockett. Graham, Guthmuller, Hanson. Kerr, Klrchholne, Lamb C. Madsen. E. Madsen, Neupert, Owen, Parsons, Planansky, Powell E. Smith, H. Smith, Swem, H. Wahl, M. Wohl Walker, Warren, Weber, Williams -i22 2- BETA PHI ALPHA 4543 EIGHTEENTH AVENUE NORTHEAST FOUNDED AT UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA. AT BERKELEY. IN 1915 28 Chapters; Delta Chapter Chartered in 1923 Graduate Members Laui ' o Brewitt Barbara Gray Louise Sivesind Sophomore Dorothy Hayes Seniors Patricia Dokan Dorothy Dykeman Florence Ginder Louise LoPlont Petra Peterson Gladwyn Stuart Junio rs Jessomine LeSourd Meredith Minter Jeanne Schoephoester Wiliia Steinhouser Pledges Virginia Morgan Potsie Travis Brewitt. Dakan. Dykem an, Ginder, Hayes. LaPlant, LeSourd. Minter Morgan. Peterson. Schoephoester. Sivesind. Steinhouser Stuart. Travis l22Ty BETA SIGMA OMICRON .- 4540 SEVENTEENTH AVENUE NORTHEAST FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF MISSOURI IN 1888 25 Chapters; Alpha Omego Chapter Chartered in 1932 Faculty Members Genevieve K. Ballalne Roberta Limbach Graduate Members Marian Weyant Jane Whiting Margaret Young Juniors Helen Anderson Margaret Bixby Elsie Johnson Eleonor Brown Annis Eels Mary Oostenbrug Myrtle Poska Naomi Roberson Mary Briggs Jane Elliott Katherine Glllom Beverly Joixen Grace Jones Hozel Thompson Seniors Helen Gormley Mildred Robertson Sophomores Emmalou Borthrop Berneice Clinton Eleanore Wcdlington Pat Wall Pledges Judy Badger Betty Cook Helen Edgar Fredina Fullerton Jacqueline James Pearl Palmer Joy Parker Eva Simeon Mary Simeon Badger, Borthrop, Clinton, Eais, Fullerton, Gillam, Gormley, Jaixen Johnson, Jones, Palmer, Roberson, E. Simeon, M. Simeon, Thompson Wall, Weyant, Whiting, Young J!R R -[223]- CHI OMEGA 1717 EAST FORTY-SEVENTH STREET FOUNDED AT UNIVERSITY OF ARKANSAS IN 1895 87 Chapters; V ashington Alpha Chapter Chartered in 1909 Seniors Elizabeth Bertsche Betty Boyer Olive Granger Ruth Hemingway Fronces Klnne Betty Ball Ruth Benham Kate Castleton Dorothea Catlett Kay Garland Grace Ann Higman Mary Howe Shirley MacGregor Rosalia Morford Helen Nance Margaret Pope Junior! Doi ' othy Mohone Herma Ross Helen Stork Jeanne Stoser Eleonor Wade Kathryn V ooifolk Sophomores Ruth Burkheimer Evelyn Melby Jo Horvey Helen Rasmussen Lavinia Hemingway Charlotte Reed Emily J. McElfatrick June Thomas Ruth McFarlond Virginia Victor Betty Brown Mary Burkheimer Jean Costleton Catherine Cotlln Connie Coyne Harriet Crory Hazel Gates Evelyn Johnson Carra Harlan Pledges Betty Lindeman Caroline Morford Marcia Rector Marjorle Seerley Pat Shaw Evelyn Stewort Margaret Word Transfer Boll, Benham, Bertsche, Boyer, Brown, M. Burkheimer, R. Burkheimer, J. Castleton, K. Castleton, Catlett, Catiin, Garland Gates, Granger, Horlon, hiarvey, L. hiemlngway, R. hlemingwoy. Higman. Johnson, MacGregor, Mohone, Melby McForland, C. Morford, R. Morford, Nance, Pope, Rector, Reed, Ross, Seerley {rjisnr OM ' INP -[224]- DELTA DELTA DELTA 4527 TWENTY-FIRST AVENUE NORTHEAST FOUNDED AT BOSTON UNIVERSITY IN 1888 81 Chapters; Theta Alpha Chapter Chartered in 1909 Faculty Member Morjorie Elmore Mary Theurer Dr. EdUh Dobie Seniors Katherine Royea Natus Collins Nora dwell Sophomores Myrtle Donielson Dorothy Martin Evelyn Taylor .. ., Tix- Audrey Champreux Marguerite Tittin ' Jeanne Champreux Dorothy Leede Bernice Lyon Jone Duffy Happy Ogden Jo Gilbert Agnes Russell Juniors Virginia Hansen Virginia Ryan Jessie Autemo Anna Bi ' ix Elizabeth Holmon Virginia V estlund Elizabeth Blair Beth Conlon Pledges ' ' ui j g ff Jane Buchanan Eleanor King mfBM Wn ndK A. Elaise Ferguson Jo Mondre fc-tlr 1 = : I ' v ' ■ «jJMHK | June Ferguson Morgoret Fullerton Morgoret Porter Gene Speckort hS IhhI Katherlna Hellentha Helen Tiffin SS Hj H Danella Hingley Alice hlunt Dorothy Von Duyn ■ M B Willc Lou Woods Aukema, Blaii Brix, Buchanan, A. Champreux, J. Champreux, Conlon, Duffy, Elmore, E. Ferguson. J. Ferguson, Fullerton Gilbert. Hansen. Hellenthal, Hingley, Holman, Hunt, King, Leede, Martin, Mondre Ogden, Olwell, Porter, Russell, Ryan. Speckart, Theurer, H. Tiffin M. Tiffin, Tavlor, Von Duyn, Westlund, Woods -n225:]- DELTA GAMMA 2012 EAST FORTY-FIFTH STREET FOUNDED AT LOUIS SCHOOL, OXFORD, MISSISSIPPI, IN 1874 46 Chapters; Beta Chapter Chartered in 1903 Barbara Browne Seniors Marguerite Mills Betty Han-is Virginia Londrom Margaret Lyng Jane Reamer Barbara Castlemon Potricia McClure Phyllis Chotham Jean Coffman Virginia Powell Carol Seeds Pledg es Frances Green Marion Tennont Millicent Biel Elinor MocAulay Jane Leuenberger Dorothy White Dorothy Brown Kathleen Calkins Helen Nichols Janet Ogden Juniors Jeanne Everett Vivian Fosse Betty Rummens Dorothy Sloan Frances Bagshaw Dorothy Kelsey Mary Caroline Kane Dorothy Twelves Betty Brush Esther Ladley Sally Lottimore Theresa Gauntlett Elizobeth McDona Id Ruth Gray Ruth Steenstrup Alice Hogue Isia Ward Sylvia Hogyard Mary Wielond 1i Mr Sophomores r Ruth Abel Coroline Coffman fll ■h..t Orena Armstrong Elizabeth Curd KHit mmXM Jean Beesan Margoret Buchanan Barbaro Burns Dorothy Griffen Madge Hanselpac H B iftn l BflBfl ker BS Bb P l»i Abel, Armstrong, Bogshow, Beeson, Biel, Brown, Browne, Buchanan, Burns, Calkins, Castlemon, Chatham, C. Coffman Curd, Everett, Fosse, Gauntlett, Gray, Griffen, S. Hagyord, Honselpocker, Harris, Hogue. Kane, Kelsey Ladley, Londrom, Lottimore, Leuenberger, Lyng, MocAulay, McDonald. Mills Nichols, Ogden, Reamer, Rummens, Seeds, Sloan, Steenstrup Twelves, Ward, White, Wielond -1:2263- DELTA ZETA 4535 EIGHTEENTH AVENUE NORTHEAST FOUNDED AT MIAMI UNIVERSITY, OXFORD. OHIO, IN 1902 57 Chapters; Kappa Chapter Chartered in 1913 Senio rs Moriorie Ferrier Eva Hageman Dorothy Jones Mary Elizabeth Koble Constance Bolley Margaret Cahalan Elisabeth Koynor Lucile Keeney Elizabeth Harrington Winifred Isham Audrey Pi ' ott Catherine Coulon Mildred Krovlk Eleanor Driscoll Mary Ellen McGonagle Morgoret East Beth Morgan Frances Grimsdell Helen Neol Verna Jensen Marie Ouellette So ph Dmoies Lelobell Anderson Kathleen McCreary J uniors Betty Audley Winifred Seifert Doris Campbell Dixie Stanley Mary Benton Carolyn Cooch Adelaide Currie Pledges Winafred Blake Gratia Federspiel Jean Horning Ethel London Bernice Mors Julia Muri ' ay Mildred Nowok Pauline Shady Morgoret Shonts Leona Sowenskl Audley. Bailey. Caholon, Campbell, Coulon, Currie, East, Ferrier, Grimsdell, Jensen Jones, Koynor, Keeney, London, McCreory, Mors, McGonagle Neol. Nowok, Ouellette. Pratt. Seifert Shady, Shonts, Stonley -[227]- GAMMA PHI BETA 4529 SEVENTEENTH AVENUE NORTHEAST FOUNDED AT SYRACUSE UNIVERSITY IN 1874 41 Chapters; Lambda Chapter Chaiteied in 1903 Seniors Pled ges Marian Cooley Marcello Crobtree Ethel Marie Duffy Jean Foster Ruth Fulton Emily Hall Marjorie Hoag Donna Kennett Halise Arneson Alice Bortles Virginia Brock Caroline Calvert Virginia Cole Dorothy Hovens Vlrginlo Lambert Betty Mook Mary Newlonds Elizobeth Rabel Betty Robertson Morjorie Speidel Mary Weismon Juniors Margaret Lowrie Betty Ludington Ina Paddock Mary Reitze Katharine Stouff Catherine Witte Betty Barry Kotherine Brehm Mory Anne Burns Elizabeth Caulkins Charlotte Cole Helen Condon Dorothy Cortelyou Mary Lee Dowd Madge Janet Downey Ann Hutchinson Peggy Lobdell Rose Mary Lomen Cello Morion Dorothy Nesbit Lee Nicholson Mary Ann O ' Leary Audrey Olson Evelyn Opie Joyce Pfueller Elizabeth Pratt Janet Riggs Morjorie Savidge Amelia Scruby Dorothy Spragg PatStrickler Lourlen Winn Sophomores 0 ' Peggy Colvert Jane Hinckley Dorothy Horsfall Betty Jenks Eleanor Kerns Eleanor Lofhtus Beatrice Mcintosh Ruth Myers Pauline Sceva Barbara Stevenson Jane Worrack mw. Arneson, Barry, Brehm, Brock, Burns, C.Calvert, P. Calvert, Caulkins, C.Cole, V.Cole, Condon, Cooley, Cortelyou, Crobtree, Dowd Downey, Duffy, Foster, Fulton, Hall, Havens, Hinckley, Hoag, Horsfall, Hutchinson, Jenks, Kennett, Kerns Lambert, Lobdell, Lofthus, Lomen, Lowrie, Ludington, Morion, Mook, Mcintosh, Nesbit, Newlonds Nicholson, O ' Leary, Olson, Opie, Poddock, Pfueller, Pratt, Rebel, Reitze Riggs, Savidge, Scevo, Scruby, Speidel, Spragg, Stouff Stevenson, Strlckler, Worrack, Weisman, Winn, Witte f fj PJjUlil ImIL -1:228]- KAPPA ALPHA THETA 4521 SEVENTEENTH AVENUE NORTHEAST FOUNDED AT DEPAUV UNIVERSITY IN 1870 58 Chapters; Alpha Lambda Chapter Chartered in 1908 Seniors Jean Argue Betty Bloxom Otis Brown Marlon Craig Sue Harper Margaret Hemphill Margaret Hudson Horilyn Jones Nancy Coleman Mary Curran Barbara Dole Morjorie Duryee Evelyn Eorles Virginia Elfendohl Mary Kefouver Florence MacRoe Marion Moser Morgaret Philbrick Betty Robbins Ruth Roberts Margaret Tracy Betty Calvert Elizabeth Case Volen Chase Leah Curron Fronds Hines Fan Kennon Eleanor Mitchell Sophomores Mary Moron Sue Moseley Frances Moser Ruth NIeding Mary Morgaret Qulgley Morgaret Ryan Katharine Turner Juniors Pledges Mary Hemphill Claire Kelley Morjorie Montz Jean Thomas Deloris Totten Betty Buchner Jean Burnaby Betty Campbell Eileen Chollacombe Beryl Elfendohl Winifred Hommer Dorothy Hemphill Ruth Hine Berwin Hulbert Laura Kelly Elizabeth McCoy Jean McCurdy Betty McLouchlon Ponchito Miller Kafherine Palmer Dorothy Jane Pierce Josephine Quigley Barbara Robbins Mory Roberts Mary Lou Streets Vera Thelen Jean Vermilya Margaret Woples Alice Weeks Glen Williamson Jane Wilkinson Borboro Winter Janice Wolgemuth Ethel Foil Transfers Betty Thomas Argue, Bloxom, Brown. Buchner, Burnaby. Cose, Campbell, Chollacombe, Chose, Craig. Curron. Dole. Duryee. Elfendohl, Hommer, D.Hemphill M.Hemphill.Mory Hemphill, H Ine, H i nes, Hudson, Hulbert, Kef a uver, Kelly, McCoy, McCurdy, McLouchlon, Mac Roe, Miller, Mitchell Moseley, Moser, NIeding, Palmer, Phi I brick. Pierce, J. Quig ley, M. Qulgley, Robbins, M. Roberts, R. Roberts Ryan, Thelen, B.Thomas, Vermllyo, Woples, Weeks Wilkinson, Williamson, Winter, Wolgemuth P m wm -1:229:1- KAPPA DELTA 4524 SEVENTEENTH AVENUE NORTHEAST FOUNDED AT VIRGINIA STATE NORMAL IN 1897 71 Chapteis; Sigma Iota Chapter Chartered in 1922 Sen lors Eleanor Daviscourl Pauline Smiley Edith Johnson Ethel Stone Ethel Myers Helen V ' llcox Helen Roth Juniors Dorothy Brennon Chorlotte Jewell Mory Bui " nett Helen Manogue Marian Chapman Ruth Oatmon Ruth Dean Esther Reidy Isabelle Eastman Borbora Scheffer Karen Frolund Groce Helen Smith Eloise Grondol Roberto Tonberg Nancy Izett Helen Throdohl Mae Jomes Virginia Walters Soph omores Grace Davis Gladys Lowlor Elsie Fitton Jonlce Meyer Barbara Shangle Mildred Thompson Morgoret Woolston Pledg es Marjorie Burdick Ellzobefh Helmlinge Jean Hodgson Marian Hood Ella McCutcheon Blanche Morgan Anna Pau Gretchen Vondivert Joan Whelan Brennon, Burnett. Chapman, Dovls. Daviscourt. Dean. Eastman. Fitton, Frolund, Grondal. Hodgson. Hood Izett, James, Jewell. Johnson, Lowlor. McCutcheon. Meyer. Morgan. Oatmon, Pau Reidy, Roth, ScheHer, Smiley, Smith, Stone, Thompson. Throdohl Vondivert. Whelan, Wilcox, Woolston ' 9MM ' 23Cr KAPPA KAPPA GAMMA 4504 EIGHTEENTH AVENUE NORTHEAST FOUNDED AT MONMOUTH COLLEGE. MONMOUTH, ILLINOIS. IN 1870 62 Chapters; Beta PI Chapter Chartered in 1905 seniors Jean Eogleson Minerva Elwocfhy Nancy Fornswor+h Elizabeth Griffiths Belvo Harris Janet Dodson Evelyn Eagle Elizabeth Finn Betty Gates Ruth Glass Elizabeth Keyes Virginia Insley Mary Mcllravy Prlscilla Maglll Clara Schmidt Mildred Vredenburg Juniors Alice LIvesey Elizabeth McDonald Anne Rasmussen Chastaln Thomas Betty Ward Lucy Dexter Betty Emerson Mary Galbralth Kctherine Hadley Carol Hager Barbara Jacobson Milllcent Johnson Helen Kantner Alice Lamb Jean Lovejoy Janet Olson Elizabeth Ruggles Florence Ruggles Peggy Sheldon Virginia Slocum Maxine Smith Marian Swenson Dorothy Thomson Peggy Wotklns Pledges Sophomores Eleanor Bushnell Helen Chollls Kotherlne Comrle Emeline Congdon Helen Armstrong Helen Bloke Eunice Bowman Jone Brotherton Peggy Brownell Margaret Bushnell Bettie Moe Carey Mary Elizabeth Clayton Katherine Colwell Catherine Deming Zita Durnin Barbara Fischer Dorothy Hamblen Agnes Harrison Jean Hetherton Madeleine Kirk Betty Jane Lochrie Patricio MocAuley Coroiine Power Elizabeth Roe Charlotte Roth Transfers Mary Alnsley Karen Falkenberg Gena Helen Schmidt Lassie Thompson Armstrong, Bloke, Bowman, Brotherton, Brownell, E. Bushnell, M. Bushnell, Carey, Cholliss, Clayton, Colwell, Comrle, Deming Dexter, Durnin, Eagle, Eagleson. Elworthy, Finn, Fischer. Golbraith, Gates, Gloss, Griffiths, Hadley Hamblen. Harris, Harrison, Hetherton. Insley, Jacobson, Johnson, Kantner, Kirk, Lamb. Lochrie MocAuley, McDonold. Mcllravy. Moglll, Power. Roth, E. Ruggles, F. Ruggles, C. Schmidt, G. Schmidt Slocum, Smith, Thomson, Vredenburg, Ward, Watklns -L23l LAMBDA OMEGA 4738 SEVENTEENTH AVENUE NORTHEAST FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, AT BERKELEY. IN 1903 8 Chapters; Eta Chaptei- Chai-tered In 1928 Graduate Members Sophomores Ruth Dando Fay Garrett Isabelle Bartlett Helen DoyI Russell Dick Mary Rose Ruth Clompton Pledges ot ?nror 5 Barbara Bird Myrtle hlusband Roberta Fry Ina Smith Ruth Coleman Alois Hylond Helen McKnight Aurelia Sparks Mandella Honnom Victoria Viken Muriel Oraker Morjorle Deeny Paula McKnight Mildred Ryan Juniors Elizabeth Schilplln Margaret Young Bartlett, Bird, Coleman, Doyle, Dick, Fry, Garrett. McKnight Rose, Ryan, Schilplin, Smith, Sparks. Young -1:2 3 2 J- PHI MU 4530 SEVENTEENTH AVENUE NORTHEAST FOUNDED AT V ESLEYAN FEMALE COLLEGE, GEORGIA, IN 1852 57 Chapters; Eta Beta Chapter Chartered in 1917 Seniors Margaret Benson Gerry Bunker Virginia Dramer Rheneta Hanselman Alva Le Sourd Glen Mofheson Mory Lou Schroeder Morgaret Short Virginia Taylor Jane Wilson Dolly Drescher Geneva Erholm Joyce Gorman Evelyn Hanselman Alice Jean H oward Jeanette Klemptner Sophomores Jun rors Bernice Bighorn Hozel Jomieson Miriam Warner Dorothy Benson Katherine Boston Ida Burke Inez Christianson ■i ' " ' l==2 " Pledg es Dorothy Boiley Jane Brazier Moxlne Coffman Nancy Eyiler Doris Lathrop Virginia Morgeson Janet McArthur Katherine Mounter Beverly Rogers Anne Seldelhuber Bailey, Benson. BIgham, Boston, Brozier. Bunker, Burke, Christianson, Coffman. Dramer, Drescher Eyiler, Gorman, E. Hanselman, R. Hanselman, Howard, Jomieson, Klemptner, Lathrop LeSourd, McArthur, Morgeson, Mounter, Rogers, Schroeder Seldelhuber. Short, Warner. Wilson -[:233 PHI OMEGA PI 4547 NINETEENTH AVENUE NORTHEAST FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF NEBRASKA IN 1910 21 Chapters; Tau Chapter Chartered in 1926 Faculty Members Winifred Jocobson Irene Thornos Lurline Simpson Sophomores Gertrude Lewis Helen Reynolds Fay Ross Graduate Members Cora Baird Doris Jansen Pled ge Louise Draper Seniors Irene Courtlon Gladys Koehne Louise Dovis Shirley Luck Julio HoHke Frances Seeley Juniors Helen Laurldsen Blanche Rogers Baird. Courtion, Davis. Draper. Haffke, Jonsen, Lourldsen Lev.i ' Lu-:! , p vn-M ' P ' - =r S= =i°v -[234 PI BETA PHI s s 4548 SEVENTEENTH AVENUE NORTHEAST FOUNDED AT MONMOUTH COLLEGE. MONMOUTH, ILLINOIS, IN 1867 78 Chapters; Washington Alpha Chartered in 1907 Seniors Marjorle Barrett Gwen Campbell Wllmaglen Paddock Lois Slevers Gloria Svensson Phyllis Vernon Virginia White Anno McCaskll Loi ' no Wade Macy Weber Sophomores Juniors June Anderson Marjorle Beyer Peggy Brown Margaret Daly Jane Colkett Betty Harper Marion Harper Beth Griffith Naomi Bishopp Elizabeth Campbell Jessie Mae Duncan Kotherlne Gibson Margaret Hortson Jone Ludwig Pot Mon-Is Mary Owen Helen Pierce Gwyneth Sawyer Jane Coleman Smith Kothryn Stewart Pledges Ruth Berry Betty Boone Beuloh Doi ' i ' ow Mildi-ed DuBois Pot Fiset Mary Frances Hartson Virginia Jarvis Ruth McKay Mory Jane Mueller Mory Frances Ross Mary Simpkins Mory Elizabeth Von Boecklin Naomi White Marjorle Wood Anderson, Berry, Bishopp, Boone. Brown. E. Campbell, G. Campbell, Colkett. Duncan, Daly, DuBois, FIset. Gibson. M. Harper B. Harper, Margaret Hartson, Mary Frances Hartson, Jorvls, Ludwig, McKay, Mueller, McCaskill, Owen. Paddock Pierce, Ross, Sawyer, Slevers, Simpkins, Smith, Stewart, Svensson Vernon, Von Boecklin. Wade. Weber N.White, V. White, Wood nsPEip n -i:235 SIGMA KAPPA 4510 TWENTY-SECOND AVENUE NORTHEAST FOUNDED AT COLBY COLLEGE, WATERVILLE. MAINE. IN 1874 43 Chapters; Mu Chapter Founded in 1910 Graduate Member Pledges Catherine Ecrp Dorothy Campbell Ruth Nordstrom Josephine Duryee Muriel Porker Eva Marie Eorley Shirley Patterson Seniors Marian Estep Maxine Possee Betty Luhman Mildred Ruddell Thelma Beck Eileen Gormley Dorothea Lund Grace Scotness Betty Bloom Marie Lokin Maxine Martin Miriam Shangle Audree Bohlln Evelyn Richards ' otsy McCluskey Jane Louise Smith Vivian Carpenter Doris Tullock Adele Nelson Mary Ann Williams hHazel Ghiglione Morion Yand Kothleen Newton Juniors Rebecca Ashley Anne Marie Olson Transfer viorgaret Jone Sobey Verna Fredrickson Dorothy Sortori Georgia Isaminger Lois Schroeder Elaine Marsh Betty Strickler Moi ' garet Mitchell Mildred WIdholm 9 Sadie Oliver Ik " i j ifeto Sophomor es Dorothy Lonergon W tB Hrw tli Agnes Floe » _ ■ ' HaldisFloe Madge Newton ' ' Ktjtt ,„ Odney Floe Dorothy Ringroso .Jfljjll . i w Ashley, Bloom, Bohlin, Campbell, Carpenter. Duryee, Eai ' ley, Estep, A. Floe, H. Floe, O. Floe, Frederickson, Gorriilcy Ghiglione, Lakin, Lonergan, Lund, Marsh, Mitchell, K. Newton, M. Newton, Nordstrom, Oliver, Olson Parker, Patterson, Richards, Rlngrose, Ruddell. Sortori, Schroeder Scotness, Shangle, Smith, Sobey, Strickler Tullock, Widholm. Williams, Yand -i:236 THETA UPSILON WILSONIAN APARTMENTS FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, AT BERKELEY. IN 1914 25 Chapters; Washington Rho Chapter Chartered In 1928 S eniors Sop homores Muriel Cox Ruth Schaefer Marie Krocke Vivian Mille Jane Edgers Dorothy Word Mercedes Miller Audrey McClear Anno Wedeberg Anne Oettel Jun lors Pledge Bea Ashe Betty Bentley Dorothy Gordlner Alice Matotall Mary Lou Morrison Evelyn Porteous Billee Richards Ruth Petherick Ashe. Cox, Edgers. Gardiner, Krocke, McClear. Matotall. M. Miller V. Miller, Morrison, Oettel, Porteous. Richards Schaefer, Word, Wedeberg -C237:i- ZETA TAU ALPHA 4731 EIGHTEENTH AVENUE NORTHEAST FOUNDED AT VIRGINIA STATE NORMAL IN 1898 68 Chapters; PsI Chapter Chartered in 1917 Graduate Members Dorothy Chaplin Genevieve Mortin Eleonor Kollonder Katherine Morgenroth Jane Plechner Eleonoi " Stone Virginia Taylor Sen! ors Pledges Isobe ' le Anderson Vera Bonks Jean Elliot V ilma Nell Harmony Lucile Hunter Iverne Strodley Mary Barton Myrn Fogh Genevieve Gretorex Edythe PIcht Patricia Ryan Bess Jean Steiner Lee Whitney Dorothy Windnagle Juniors Grace May Davies Jeon Hazen Marian Kaufman Mary Lee Kirton Mary Louise Miller Helen Scholl Blanche Sheltrow Polly Southmoyd Glendora Steele Anne Teller Sophomores Nanno Benedlktson Beatrice Brabrook Margaret Eckert Mary Johnson Anderson. Bonks, Benediktson, Brabrook, Dovies, Eckert, Fogh, Gretorex, Hazen, Harmony Hunter, Johnson, Kollonder, Kirton. Miller. Morgenroth, Picht, Plechner Ryon, Sheltraw, Southmoyd, Steele, Steiner, Stone Strodley, Taylor, Telfer, Whitney, Windnagle -[238:- PHRATERES By Helmi Louko 4 PHRATERES IS A NATIONAL organ- ization of independent women. The first chapter was founded at the University of California at Los Angeles in 1928. Beta chapter was organized on the University of Washington campus in the spring of 1929, as an outgrowth of the needs of independ- ent women for social contacts. Its purpose is to fostei " scholarship and to offer on oppor- tunity for more intimate friendship and social life. The central oi ' ganizotion is divided into nine sub-chapters — groups of women with similar interests and ideals. Four of these ore house groups and five are non-house groups. The house groups ore D. A. R., Tolo, Mc- Kenney, and Clark hHall. Non-house groups ore Momook, Klo-hHow-Yah, Peyac, Tohma- nowis, and Shotunka. The presidents of the sub-chapters and officers of Beta chapter form the Phrateres council, which meets once o month. This is the formal unifying body of the organiza- tion. The Phratei ' es cabinet, on advisory body for general affairs, is composed of the seven elective officers ond chairmen of standing committees. It meets every week. Phrateres Is a charter member of the Associated Women Students, and Is repre- sented on Presidents ' Council, A. W. S., Student Affairs committee, and in Panhel- lenic. Any unofflliated girl may become a mem- ber of Phrateres upon her application. Mem- bership in Phrateres in no way hindei ' s her from joining a sorority later. Seniors Agnes McAulay Lorene Street TOLO HOUSE 4703 EIGHTEENTH AVENUE NORTHEAST ESTABLISHED AT UNIVERSITY OF WASHINGTON IN 1900 Sub-Chapter of Phrateres Juniors Jessie Bcelland Maddoline Wokin Sophomores Barbara Brown Leona Tolten Vivian Hickman Pledges Marian Edwards Leona Priebe Eloise Hogon Irene Street Breiland, Edwards, Hickman, McAulay, Priebe, I. Street L. Street, Totten, Wakin 41 Jk sskjsssk r. I " mmuaAii. ' .VJai -[:239 PHRATERES CABINET OffI icers President - Betty Spurgeon Vice-President .- _ -Florence Cumbo Recording Secretory -- Moxine Seltzer Treosurer Edith Melton Historian June Neely Presidents of Phiateies Chapters Kla-How-Yoh Harriet Ferch Standing C ommlttees Clork Hall .. Edith Melton .. Annette Hall Nancy McFote Tolo House Lorene Street Social Chairman. Athletic Chairman McKenney House D. A. R - Helen Newell Lois DeLano Informational Chairman Agnes McAuley ) Vera Ferch 1 Beryl Immenroth . Rochel Peterson Membership Chairmen.. rohmanawis..- Shotunko Audrey Rickard Astrid Ceder Momook Valdis Olson Basso, Ceder, Cumbo, hH. Ferch, V. Ferch, Holl. Immenroth, McAulay McFa+e, Melton, Neely, Newell. Peterson, Rickord Seltzer, Spurgeon, Street -[240]- CLARK HALL Graduate Members Ruth Cameron Swanhlld Matthlson KLA-HOW-YAH SUB-CHAPTER OF PHRATERES Graduate Member Dorothea Farmer Seniors Edna Boker Thelmo Engebretson Marie Frits Beryl Immenroth Edith May Jenks Olivia Jones Evelyn Julsti Mary Kuloy Edith Melton Helen Mtchaelson June Neely Mildred Reindle Wilde Thompson Bliss Pugsley Sen lors Lucile Spencer Juniors Corris Guy Margery Jones Catherine Mead Grace Oto Grace Thomke Juonita Werts Sophomores Ruth Bollng Mildred Foster Ramono Henn Helen Haworth Barbara Jordan Rose Kipper Audrey Ainsworth Moxine Arehort Muriel Bennett Barbara Bird Ann Bom on Matilda Hoist Dorothy Jones Vivian Jones Helen Rivedol Ruth Rowan Miyaco Sato Hozel Schofer Chorlotte Scott Mary Elizabeth Sv oney Pledges Elaine Mojonnier Frances Pendergrast Lillian Peterson Olive Robertson Edna Souer Gretchen Schmidt Esther Slater Margaret Burgess Beverly Chapman Florence Cumbo Koy Elliott Harriet Ferch Thelmo Freeman Juniors Helena Hendrickson Julia Murray Jean Powell Elizabeth Shaw Alice Stearns Sopho mores era Ferch May Lowson Pledges Violet Anderson Ruth Raymond Ainsworth. Engebretson. Frits, Henn. Immenroth, Jenks, Melton, Neely, Rowon Sato, Schafer. Thomke. Thompson, Cumbo, H. Ferch V. Ferch, Hendrickson, Pugsley, Spencer -1:241:1- 4 NOT MUCH ROOM LEFT ON THE OLD VEST, BUT BELIEVE IT OR NOT, THE W.C.T.U. 4 AND PHI BETA KAPPA HAVE NOT YET ASKED JIMMY LARPENTEUR TO JOIN 4 THEIR RANKS. IF WE DIDN ' T HAVE MR. LARPENTEUR AROUND TO MAKE " JOIN- 4 ING " A TRADITION, THINK HOW MANY ORGANIZATIONS WOULD GO BROKE o R G A N I Z A T I O N S F you can find your name In the member- ship lists of at least four of these groups, then you may consider yourself a big shot. The race for heaped up piles of brass Is a merry one AD CLUB National advertising club founded at the University of Washing- ton In 1922. Restricted membership of students interested in adver- tising, promotion, and publicity work. Officers President James A. Larpenteur Vice-President _ _ _ Adney D. Smith Secretary Marian Chapman Treasurer ._ ___ Floyd Stanley Business Manager Ronald Scrlbner Third Degree Members Irvin Baltzer Grace Curtis Laurence Jolley Farlyn Kennedy Bernord Krummel Kathleen Lawlor Charlotte Lease Irene McCarthy Mildred Read Chester Rosenfeld Joe Rutkowskt Dorothy Jane Stoddard Ethel Stone Dorothy Ward Burman Winter Second Degree Members Jay Adams Magruder Beol Helen Beneker Lorenz Bolin Virginia Boyce Alice Brckke Morjorle Brouillette Mary E. Case Caroline Coffman Jane Colkett Jerry Crollard Margaret Daly Mary Lee Dowd Don English Virginia Ferguson Donald Finrow Potricia Fiset Elsie Fitten Ruth Fullam Gloria Garrett Harold Giles Blllie Green Betty Hortnett Beatrice Heltmonn Don Hill Jean Hodgson Alice J. Hogue Jock Knappenberger Leone Knight Solly Law Ruth Leedham Russell MocDonold Blanche Morgan Dave Morse Catherine Norman Richard Perry Elizabeth Pratt Barbara Robbins Barbara Shangle Margaret Shorts Jane Smith Georgiebel Webb Dorothy Windnogle First Degree Members Francis Bagshow Peggy Brown Gwen Campbell Catherine Cotlin Bob Diehl Morion Estep Barbara Mae Francis Tom Heilmon Bruce Heath Evelyn Johnson Catherine McCarthy Pat Owen Joyce Pfueller Morjorle Seeley Patricio Show Mary R. Simpkins Evelyn Stewart Margaret Woples La Von Watkins Chapman, Larpenteur, Scrlbner, Smith, Stanley -1:245]- ALPHA DELTA SIGMA Men ' s national advertising fraternity founded at the University of Missouri in 1912. Robert W. Jones chapter founded in 1923. The purpose of the organization is to promote interest In advertising among University students. Officers President Walter Hinshow Cedor Aronow Vice-President Dick Williams f ]„ Baltzer Secretary-Treasurer _ Laurence Jolley John Barthrop Faculty Adviser -.Prof. Charles J. Miller Eq|.| Bogue George hHandley Faculty Members Walter Hinshaw Laurence Jolley Dr. Henry A. Surd Prof. Vernon McKenzIe Henry Kotkins Prof. William E. Cox Prof. Charles J. Miller Prof. Robert W. Jones Clyde Robinson Baltzer, Hinshaw, Jalley, Williams Members James Larpenteur Charles Oswell Joe Rutkowski Axel Strom Jack Sweek Fred White Dick Williams ALPHA KAPPA PSI Men ' s national commerce professional founded at New York Uni- versity in 1905; 47 chapters; Rho chapter chartered in 1919. A high scholastic average, upperclass ciedit, and ability to succeed in the business world are required for membership. Officers Honorary Member President Floyd Stanley Floris Nagelvoort Vice-President - - Elmer Schoen . . i Secretary - Bill Estep Members Treasurer Relph Alberger Jerry Achenbach Bill NePoge Ritualist Bill NePage Relph Alberger Bill O ' Brien Dan Bracken Kenneth Peth Norm Eckert George Ruby Faculty Members Bill Estep Elmer Schoen „,,,,.., Bob Forogher Floyd Stanley Pro. W. .Cox ro Howard Gregory Bob Stearns Prof Carl S. Dakon Prof. S J. Coon Francis Goshert Ed Stevens Prof. H.H.Martin Alvin Ulbrickson Ray Greene Jerry Ummel Prof. Charles J. Miller L.W.Graves Jim Larpenteur Wlllard Warren Prof. M.M.Skmner Bob Neal Chuck Wurdemon Martin Nelson Altfr.i.i ' r, EitoD, NePaqe, Sch . n ' -L246 A. I. E. E. Nafional oiganizafion founded at Chicago in 1914 for upperclass- men in electrical engineering. Officei ' S Anthony Eoston Charles Libby John Reod Chairmon _ EoH Hothawoy John Fluke Orland Look Dovid Rosenboum Vice-chairman _ ._ Oscar Brakel Homer Grant Richard Ludw.q Robert Schhewe Qo,, ,, T,o„r,.r=, A,.,l,-„ AJ„™„ l-roncis taross Alistan- MacKenzie Earl Scott oecretory- 1 reasurer _ Archie Adams r- r ■ i i i r . . n - i Publicity Chairman Jock NePage Siegfried Hansen Rex Mcllraith Earl Schuchard Counselor _ __Prof. G. R. Shuck 1° " W " ' ' " " ajter Mackie Ray Taylor Walter Hartung Rodney McKinney Harold Trowbridge Li I Earl Hathaway George Mead F. K. UyeminamI Members Willlom Helneck John MInshull Harold Woodyord Archie Adams Castle Bradeen Edward Hinde William Morse John Woodyard Theodore R. Anderson Oscar Brakel Robert Hutchinson John Mosolf Walter Yeager George Borger Williom Coombs Frederick Jaccord Francis Myers Arthur Young L. Gray Beck Nickolas Dmitrieff Robert Leblonc Stanley Newell Adorns. Brakel, Hothawov, NePaqe A. S. M. E. Student branch of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers. Founded in 1917. Officers President Vice-President Secretory-Treasurer A. S. M. E. Convention Committee Chairman Keith Schade Entertainment 1 J° " ies Wolthew I William Mentzer Murray Aitken Field Trip -J Anthony Mottielll William Newberg ' -Don Beck I Charles Kahon Program t Alfred Vaughn [ Vincent Pesce o I i. ., J . , Jeff Bouley Publicity and Arrangements r- , ' Ernest Code Hou sing John Morris James Bryant Registration ■ ° Marden } Harold Sharpe Transportation ) Vn-gil Sutherling Sidney Svendsen Air Tour Howard Cone Keith Schoder Seni or Council Murray Aitken Bloke Mills Junior Council Lewis Wallon Jock Morden Faculty Adviser _. B. T. McMinn Members Murray Aitken Charles Johnston Richard Outsen D. Armstrong L. D. Kotchesatt J.G.Patrick Donald Anderson Charles Kohan James P atrick Don R. Beck John Kelley Vincent Pesce P.J. Beeich Reuben Lindbloom Ellis Roberts Mitchell Berry L. H. Locke R. A. Rohl Noel Bouley E. G. Lowry Theodore H. Sarchin John Brockwoy Kermit McKay Ivan Sandell James Bryant F. N. Morkey Keith Schoder Herbert Corr Jock Morden Richard Schworz Ernest Code G.E. Mead Harold Schorpe Howard Cone Anthony Mattielli Lloyd Shumonn H.E. Eoger William Mentzer J.E.Sidey John Erwin Bloke Mills Virgil Sutherling Wendell Fehring J. K. Morris Sidney Svendsen Edwin Ford Calvin Moser Roy Thompson Penrose Fry William Newberg Alfred Vaughn A. J. Gates Jock E. Norkool John Wallace Robert Howell Kenneth Norden Lewis Wallon Lewis Humphrey Robert O ' Neil James Wolthew ; Raymond Johnson GlenOrlob Robert Yowell Aitken Morden, Mills, Schroder -[:247 B. A. COUNCIL Organized by students in Business Administration In 1920, the B. A. Council serves to acquaint new students with the work and ideals of the college and to help them in getting adjusted to con- ditions at Washington. The mentor system of aiding freshmen is part of the council ' s organization. Officers Members President -.Floyd M. Stonley Irvin Boltzer James Larpenteur Treasurer _ James E. Bryson James Bryson Elolse Mills Secretory - .__ Potricia Dokan Groce Curtis George Ruby Prot. Carl S. Dokon Beverley Dock Potricia Dokon Floyd Stanley Ethel Stone Bob Foragher Frances Throckmorton Iwao Hara Watson Thornton Fronk Klllien John Van Uden Bryson. Dokon. Stanley B. A. VOCATIONAL CLUB Organized by women students in the College of Business Adminis- tration in 1927, to promote professional and vocational work in varied fields. Officers ° ' ' ' " ' ° ' ' ° Florence Cumbo President Groce Curtis n v Vice-President .Florence Cumbo p . pQi Qn Secretary Frances Throckmorton 1 il ■ r. ' Kotherme Uenning Treasurer Evelyn Eagle c 1 c i« ' Evelyn togle Foculty Adviser . . Mrs. Ado E. Droper , .,,. r 1 1 4 ■ Lillian Edelstein Gertrude Eldridge . . I Margoref Engstrom f e ibers ;|j j - Violet Anderson Fronces Beyer Mary Cecelio Fohey Marguerite Bottker Astho Cortmell Gloria Garrett Billie Green Ruth Hillmon Anno B. Leckner Marie Lewis Elinor Lowell Harriet Mehlhorn Ethel Moore Rosolind Simon Frances Throckmorton Ruth Wall Georgiebel Webb Cumh-- CiM-ti Fn Thr r Itmnr+nn -[248]- Offi cers President Vice-President Secretory-Treo surer BETA ALPHA PSI National accounting pcofessionol founded at the University of Illinois in 1916; 17 chapters; Delta chapter chartered in 1921. Members are chosen from students in accounting who hove high scholastic standing. George Ruby O. E. Draper . Eriing M. Hansen Graduate Members John Fordon Robert Maxwell A. J. Roemer Carl Zener Faculty Members Members Grant Butterbaugh Dean Herbert T. Condon Prof. Shirley J. Coon Prof. William E. Cox Prof. Carl S. Dakon Prof. O. E. Draper H. E. Gregory Frank Hamack J. M. McConohey Don McKenzie Charles Miller F. C. Von de Walker Joseph Baker Gerald Bogle George Corning John Curran Jacob David Robert Frykholm Draper, Hansen, Ruby Eriing Hansen Howard Johnston Everett McKellar Lyie Markhort George Ruby Kenneth Soderquist Pre si Vice Se Trea Prof, Prof. Prof. Prof, Prof, F. T. BETA GAMMA SIGMA National commerce honorary founded at the University of Wis- consin In 1913; Alpha chapter founded in 1918; 32 chapters. Qualifications for membership are good moral character, high scholarship, and promise of business ability. Officers Reynold E.Johnson Cedric Wordali Paul Mowry Carl Zener e " t John Van Uden p|.gj Waqner President _ Dr. H. H. Preston ° " ' ° ' - ' " °- Nelson Members surer James t. Bryson Gerald Boyle Walter Mickelsen Faculty Members i°T ' u7r. w°a ° ' p ' ' ° " ' D. Gerald Cloud W. Andrew Ross Henry A. Burd Howard Martin Chester Higman John Van Uden G. I. Butterbaugh Vernon Mund Addison Lindsley Stewart White Shirley J. Coon Prof. Howard H. Preston William E. Cox G.T. Renner PleCiQeS Homer E. Gregory Hai ' ry E. Smith , . n -i n- Melvin Borgerson Cecil River Gj 1 k i L Harold Fuller Julius Roller raduate Members Frank Killien Robert Stelner Hickcox Foul Howell Everett McKellar Bryson. Nelson. Van Uden -1:249:1- ENGINEERING COUNCIL Organized by engineering upperclassmen for the purpose of in- troducing new students to the work and ideals of the engineering department. The council is composed of representatives of all the engineering departments of the University. Officers President Bruce Brookbank Vice-President Gordon Ribbeck Secretory _ Murray Aitken Treasurer .. George Middleton Members Civil Engineering Gordon Ribbeck Arthur Owley Chemical Engineering Bruce Brookbank Irwin Thleme Electrical Engineering Robert Hutchinson Jock NePage Aitken, Brookbank, Middleton, Ribbeck Forestry Mike Bigley Gerald Dunford Mechanical Engineering Murray Aitken Louis Wallon Mines George Middleton Chet Peters Faculty Advisers Prof. B.T. McMInn Prof E. R.Wilcox Sophomore Representatives John hiitt Dick Rasmussen Freshman Representative Fred Thieme FUYO-KAI Japanese women students ' club organized at the University of Washington in 1925, Any Japanese women attending the Uni- versity Is eligible for membership. Officers President ._ Vice-Presidents Recording Secretary Corresponding Secretary Treasurer Historian MIyaco Sato Sato, Shimizu, Shinowaro, Shinozaki, Tsukuno Yoshimura, Uyeminoml Sumiko Shimizu j Josie Shinoworo TomI Tsukuno SumI Shinozaki ...TomI Yoshimura Lillian Uyeminoml Fumiko Morlta Sueko Motsushima Mabel Nojiri Minnie Ota MIyaco Sato Molly Fukutani Tsuruko Motsuda Members SumIko Shimizu Lilly Tokeuchi Josle Shinoworo TomI Tsukuno Sumi Shinozaki Lillian Uyeminoml Miriom Tokatsuko Tomi Yoshimura Yoshiko Yamodo Pledges Mary Mori Chizu Okazakl MIchIko Morlto Shuko Yoshlhoro Masako Nlguma " 250 " COMPASS AND CHART Naval fraternity founded at the University of Washington in 1927. Officers President Richard Cockey Vice-President Stanley Field Secretary Alexander SwenceskI Treasurer Frank Bewley Senior Representative Walter Hibbs Junior Representative Horry Wollln Sophomore Representative -. Maurice Fluke First Classmen Murray Altken Donald Johnson George Albin Byron Keith Robert Bennett Gordon Knott Chester Burdic William McCloy Carl J. Carlson Jomes Wilson Dean Chaddock Chester Moork Richard Cockey Glenn Orlob Lav rence Davis Ralph Purves Wllllom Dorsey Cecil River William Doyle Ivan Sandell Arthur P. Gardiner Theodore Sorchln Karl Gerstmon Edgar Sherman Wolter hlortung John Sweet Walter hllbbs John Turbitt Monroe Rubbell James Wolthew Robert Hutchinson Jim Wilson Second Classmen Arthur Anderson Carl Leitz James Baxter Edgar Loew Lloyd Beggs Roger Luther Frank Bewley William Nelson Donald Biles John NePoge Hugh Blake George Ogden Earl Carlston Joseph Pollak George Christiansen John Quense Robert L. Cooper Seth B. Rehnstrom Jomes Dowson John W. Sandusky Porter Dickie Kenneth Sill Stanley Field Alexander SwenceskI Thomas Fonick IrwInThleme Horold Grohn Roger Velas Ruy Gustofson Horry Wollin Sam Halfon John Williams Leo Jacobsen Charles O. Williams Fred Johnson Youngsters Thomas Anderson Lounor F. Carter John D. Boding Guernsey K. Chaplin Charles H. Baltzo Golland Clark Carl P. Becker Ben Collins John Benbow Robert W. Copelond William M. Bjork Wendell K. Crane George M. Bogordus Bradford L. Davis Korl Brodlee J- Roger Dawes Carl E. Brazier. Jr. Jack B. Dowley WInslow Brooks William D. Duthle Frank H. Browning Clarence Dyer James O. Cameron Robert Ewers Maurice Fluke Robert Goler Earl Gibson Horold Gillespie James M. Gllman William L.Hall William Hilands Truman B. Hinkle Glen A. Hitchcock JohnC. HItt Donald B. Howard Wilbur E. Huelette Otto R. Irrgang Verne A. Jennings Archibald Q. Jones Harry Jones Herman Jorgensen Tyler Koune Stanley Kent Wilbur Landass Todd F. Marvin Russell D. MocDonold Horry L. McElhaney Charles B. McFodden Deon McHon Korl Melde Ray D. Mennell Richard C. Merrick Jomes L.Mueller George Murdock Richard P. Myhre William P. Odom Fred Peterson Roy G. Pinkerton Robert Poeppel Edward B. Pugsley RIchord D. Rasmussen James Redington Seth Richards Ross H. Rutledge John F. Schoettel William C. Secrest Robert E. Silver Harold E. Smith DeWItt M. Snow Orin Tapert Edward A. Taylor Forest Thompson John S. Twitchell Charles Woyne Stanley D. Whltoker Robert T. White Arthur Wilbor Pleb Darwin H. Badger Streetor H. Beoll Charles Best Wllllom Blackford Allen C. Bloir Fred Bloke Bill Boutin Bruce Bretland Ralph I. Britton Jock Colvo Lee Cotton John B. Chesterly Donold W. Close Wallace D. Corbett Robert T. Deacon Robert deHoos Horry Deits Don Ernest Fred Field Robert M. Freemon Horry J. Geerds Harold Gerdon Miller Honsen Henry B. Harris Walter Hortmon Al L. Henderson EdG. Hobort George S. Hopps Russell E. Jones David M. Kellogg Max Krom es Gilbert L. Lelendecker Dorsey S. Lewis Walter H.MacWillloms Knox Marshall Douglas Movor William H. McCloskey Duncan J. McNab Herman Miller Robert W. Moody Eugene S. Neely Verle R. Nelson Robert Paquette Howard M. Payne Joseph Porde Marshall T. Romstod Fronk G. Reynolds Trevor Roberts Jack F. Ryon Richard N. Sater Bill Schumacher Vic Stevens Robert P. Stmon Donald Strong Elton W. Sutherllng Robert O. Sylvester Philip O. Tappe Robert M. Thomas Al A. Turner RIchord L.Welch Otis A. Wright Bewley, Cockey. Fluke, Hibbs, SwenceskI. Wollin -1:25 1 GAMMA ALPHA CHI National advertising professional for women, founded at the Uni- versity of Missouri in 1920; 5 chapters; Gamma chapter chartered in 1925. Members are chosen from upperclass v omen showing interest and proficiency in advertising who ore third degree Ad Club members. Officers President - - - Marian Chapman Vice-President Katherine Garland Secretary _. Dorothea Catlett Treasurer - Pat V red en burg Members Marian Chapman Shirley McGregor Ethel Stone Pat Vredenburg Katherine Garland Helen Hole Alice Horstmon Eloise Grondol Charlotte Lease Pledges Dorothy Mahone Carmelito Marvin Catlett, Chapman, Garlond, Vredenburg GAMMA EPSILON PI Women ' s commerce honorary, founded at the University of Illinois in 1918; I 8 chapters; Alpha Beta chapter chartered in 1918. Junior or senioi ' women in business administration having on average of 90 or better, good moral character, and showing promise of marked business ability are eligible to membership. Officers President Eloise Mills Corresponding Secretary and Treosurer....Pat Dakan Recording Secretary and Editor,. __ _. Edith Melton Dakon, Melton, Mills -US?: IOTA SIGMA PI Nafional chemisfry professional founded of the University of Washington in 1911; 17 chapters. Members chosen from women of excellent scholai ' ship in science who have taken chemistry. Officers Members President JuUa M. Haffke Seraphima Alutin Helen Hendi-ickson Vice-President Seraphima Alutin Ruth Chapmon Lucille Listen becretary-Treasurer Merle Hemlnqwav , _ . , „ , ,, Joan Cunningham Tottana Riaboff Faculty Members Julia Haffke Mary K. Simeon n„ l I u lt. i I -ID X Merle Heminqway Kachel riottstodt Jennie I. Rowntree ' E. Sanderson Radford Haffke. Hemingway LAMBDA RHO Honorary art organization for women, founded at the University of Washington in 1917. Members are chosen from art students of high scholastic standing. Officers Members President __ Mary Louise Dreher Vera Amoleff Maxine Gerber Vice-President Isabel Benson k.i • ■ o l d ii i x ;=,■= „, I 1- o J Mariorie Beeuwkes Betty Kunst iecratary .__ _ Jacqueline Burd Treasurer Pot Vredenburg ° ' Benson Blanche Morgan Marshal _ __ Virginia Norwood Jacqueline Surd Virginia Norwood Junia Cassel Mildred Read Faculty Members Ebba CaHsan Comelio Sherman Edna Benson Ruth Pennington • ° " Coffman Gladwyn Stuart Maryhelen Byers Dudley Pratt Mary Dreher Charlotte Voigt Hope Foote Lea Puymbroeck Eleanor Eitel Pat Vredenburg Raymond Hill Helen Rhodes Prof. Walter Isaacs Eugenie Worman Ambrose Patterson Benson. Burd, Dreher, Norwood, Vredenburg -CSS]]- MU PHI EPSILON National music honorary for women, founded at Metropolitan College of Music, Cincinnati, Ohio, in 1903. Officers President Ruth Henley Bernice Campbell Vice-President Agnes Von Lehe Adelaide Cole Recording Secretary Mary Louise Schroeder Mildred Flynn Corresponding Secretary Florence Merriam j y Henley Treasurer Jane Wilson Consuelo Houts Historian Frances Sibley Beatrice Kauffman Faculty Adviser Florence Wilson f Kessler — 1 1 k i I Madge Kuhworth raCUlty Members Florence Meniam Iris Anderson Kathleen Munro Catherine Miller Alice Bogardus Louise Oliver Irene Bostwick Miriam Terry Frances Dickey Louise Von Ogle Helen Hall Florence Wilson Eslie Hermans Edith Woodcock Harriet Ferch Ruth McCreery Helga Lund Henley, Schroeder, Sibley, Von Lehe, Wilson Members Kathleen Miller Marguerite Mills Lydia Pearl Mary Louise Schroeder Audrey Shirley Frances Sibley Doris Taylor Agnes von Lehe Jane Wilson Pledges Clara Louise Schmidt PHYSICAL EDUCATION CLUB Officers President -. Aurella Sparks Vice-President .. Grace Kingsbury Secretary - . Lillian Day Treasurer Almee Lou Eyraud Faculty Adviser ..Harriet Glover Faculty Members Velde P. Cunditt Marian Martin Mory Aid DeVrles Bergete Maydahl Margaret Duncan Jane McGownd Lucy Dovidson Florence Reed Mary E. Gross C. E. Spencer Leone Rulltson Members Thelma Beck Wilma Nell Harmony Georgette Berrest Beryl Immenroth Mariorie Babson Anna Johnson Coventry Lillian Doy Gladys Koehne Verno Dunbar Nancy McFote Almee Lou Eyroud Hazel McKenno Day, Eyraud, Sparks Lois Meier Constance Owen Wilma Glen Paddock Dorothea Ritchie Lyla Skram Ina Smith Lenoro Amess Mildred Axtell Belle Berch Dorothy Bolton Irene Cochran Vivian Drummond Esther Erickson Maxine Eyler Margaret Garrison Kathryn Graham Mary Louise Groho Morjorle Hess Vivian Hickman O.Jean Inions Mary Johnson Eleanora Sondergaord Aurella Sparks Ethel Stone Betty Strlckler Fern Tlbbets Margery Trueworthy Pledges Margaret Jones Grace Kingsbury Margaret Lamlman Ruth Leedham Tessie Millar Margaret Morrison Helen Nelson Ethel Ogawo Voldis Olson Mary Parks n Anna Phlnney Florence Rattray Frances Rohrback Olive Robertson Helen Thompson -[2543- Off icers NURSES ' CLUB Nurses ' Club is open for membeiship to any major in the depar+- ment of nursing educotion. The purpose of the club is to promote friendship, social unity, and professional interest among the group. Members President .... Carol Fonda Vice-President Mary Ann Eitel Secretory.. Mary Huston Treosurei- Laura Jamison Class Representatives Public Health. . Geroldine Wright Senior ._ Margaret MocLeon Sophomore Edna Green Freshman .. .... Potricio Bush Faculty Member Mrs. Elizabeth S. Soule Lilo Anderson Nettie Brock Patricio Bush Anne Bomon Esther Dahlstrom Selmo Dietz Mary Ann Eitel Carol Fonda Carrie Ferguson Dorothy FIndlay Edna Green Helen Howorth Agnes Hoffmon Mary Huston Laura Jamison Milllcent Johnson Mary Marvin Eitel, Fonda. Huston, Jon Meriel McCall Audrey McClear Margaret MocLeon Margaret MacNaughton Gladys McDonough Nora Ann O ' Conner Lois Pritchord Mary Reyes Winona Spiles Eleanor Scudder Miriam Shongle Bertha Tiber Ledo Whitmore Shirley White Llllie Wordrum Geroldine Wright i V- ,?J!i ? Li OMICRON NU National home economics sorority founded at the Michigan Agricultural College in 1912; 20 chapters; Omicron chapter char- tered in 1922. Women of high scholastic standing in home econom- ics are elected to membership. Officers Members President... Mary Virginia Kefouver w d i i ,, , , , Vice-President Helen Moldstad Mary Brakel Helen Michaelson Secretary Bliss Pugsley Laura Brewitt Mary Virginia Kefauver Treasurer Bess Lowry Octavie De Beaulleu Bliss Pugsley Editor..... Morion Tennant Marion Tennant Bess Lowry Faculty Members A. Jeonnette Bliss Blanche Payne Grace G.Denny Prof. Effle I. Roitt Mortho Dresslor Jennie . Rowntree Jessie O ' Keefe Morgaret Terrell ! ,,{„,,,,„,. Lowry. Moldstod, Pugsley 2 S52- PAN XENIA In+einafional foreign trade fia+eini+y founded at the University of Washington in 1919; 13 chapters. Members are chosen from upperclassmen of high scholastic standing who are primarily inter- ested in foreign trade. Officers President - Vice-President Secretary-Treasurer Historian Arnold Scheldt . Stewart White Ed Barrett Jack Van Uden Faculty Members Prof. S. J. Coon Prof V . E. Cox R. F, Farwell Dr. H. H.Gowen Prof. M. M. Skinner Graduate Members Sylvan Condill Norman Collins Homer Seeger Gungi ShiroishI En.PjTai Cliff Armstrong Glen Allen Ed Barrett Beverley Dock John Edwordson Harold Fuller Homer Gray Floyd McCoy Chet Mognussen Don Marken Byron Marshall Dove Nygren Bill O ' Brien Arnold Scheldt Laurence Sensmeier Bill Smith Jack Van Uden Stewart White Jim Wilson Wolt Woodwoi ' d Barrett. Scheldt. Von Uden, White PHI ALPHA DELTA National law professional founded at the Chicago Low School in 1897. Dunbar chapter organized at the University of Washington in 1914. Officers Justice Elton Jones Vice-Justice Richord Ward Treasurer George Woodworth Secretary .. Albert M. Nonney Marshal Barton Comperson Members Daniel B. Allison Donald Brindle CedorAronow Al Cheledon Joseph Bradley Robert Hunter Robert Murray James Morrow George Pickering Albert Rosellini Hugh Rosellini Carl Dohlberg Charles Homley Roy Greene Larry Hubbard Frank Reno Paul Schorpenberg Vincent Shorrock Robert Vaughn Charles Welsh Pledges Pot Naghel Walter Scott Charles Taylor Anthony Kane Howard Tuttle Comperson. Jones. Nonney, Woodworth -[:256 PHI DELTA PHI In+einational legal fraternity founded at the University of Mich- igan in 1869; 53 chapters; Bollinger Inn chapter chartered in 1907. Membership based on high scholarship and character. Officers Maglster - Edward Clifford Reporter John Finucone Clerk _ Edward Murphy Historian . Ronold Hull Gladiator . .Oliver E. Eword Tribune __ Jack Dolton Members Faculty Member J. Kennard Cheadle R. H. Nottleman J. Grottan O ' Bryon John W. Richards John Ritchie. Third John B. Shalley Robert Allen Lone Morthlond Guerdon Archer Raymond Ogden Ted Clarke Harold Pebbles Women Dewor George V. Powell Richard Guider Ralph E. Purves Jack Kellogg Warren Slemmons John Meade Pledges Tom Alderson Fred J. HIslop S. W. Brefhorst hlorold L. hiawkin Robert M. Burgunder hienry M. Jackson Julius B. Calkins George Kinneor Wendell W. Duncan Frank Rosenqulst Lloyd Ducommun John P. Russell John Gavin Richard Taylor Clifford Daltnn Finiirone, Hull PI LAMBDA THETA Women ' s national honoraiy in education, founded in 1917; 30 chapters; Zeta chapter chartered in 1917. Members are chosen from upper division and graduate women with high scholastic standing, who are piimaiily interested in education. Officers President Matilda Gilbreath Vice-President .- Inez Peterson Secretary __ Otie P. Van Orsdall Treasurer _ Nellie Merrick Corresponding Secretary Genevieve Govrill Gilbreath. Mei " rick. Govrill. Peterson vS - ' v ' Sr fi ' -[257]- PHr MU ALPHA National honorary music fraternity founded at the New England Conservatory of Music in 1898; Sigma chapter chartered in 1921. Its aim is to maintain American musical ideals and to encourage students of music to further endeavor. Officers President Wolter Weike Po l Brownell Vice-President Loyd Simpson Donold Bushell Secretary-Treasurer Ralph Gansko Don Craig Historian Leslie Martincevic gi-l Ernst Supreme Councilman Donald Bushell Ralph Gansko Warden George Miller Roge,. Hansen Faculty Members tbe ' .t H nsiey John Conway George McKay Victor Kestle Edward G. Cox Moritz Rosen Lg Hg Mortlncevic Prof. H. B. Densmore Willis L. Uhl Horold Heeremans Wolter Weike George Kirchner Walter Whittlesey Charles W. Lawrence Carl Paige Wood k i L Edwin Beamer Honorary Member George Doumoni David Scheetz Croig Louis Owens Gonsko. Simpson. WeIke Members George Miller Charles Myers John Rorig Louren Rhoodes Earl Robinson Loyd Simpson John Stroessler Thorild Swonson Robert Young Pledges Russell Wayland Williom Wright PHI MU GAMMA National dramatic fraternity for women, founded at Everson Col- lege of Oratory, Boston, Massachusetts, In 1895; 6 chapters; Zeta chapter chartered in 1926. Members are chosen fiom students who have high scholastic standing and who have completed 25 credit hours in dramatics. Officers President _.. .Virginia Lambert Vice-President .- Mary Elizabeth Drescher Secretary Jane Rose Treasurer Virginia Lee Brock Historion Mary Stuart Ferry Memben Virginia Lee Brock Nancy Colemon Mory Elizabeth Drescher Mary Stuart Ferry Celeste Firnstahl Virginia Lambert Caroline Backer Geraldine Bunker Marion Burns Nancy Pritchord Jane Rose Sallie Sue White Pledges Doris Downey Key Mounter Annis Sandvos Brock, Drescher, Ferry, Lambert, Rof -[:258 PI SIGMA ALPHA Political science honoiaiy founded at the University of Texas in 1919; 14 chapters; Washington Nu chapter chartered in 1927. Officers President _ Vice-President Secretary-Treasurer - Don Beatty ...Leo Block --.Emily Hull Faculty Members Winfred Bird William H. George Gronvyl Hulse Angelo Pellegrini Francis G. Wilson Members Arthur Barnett Don Beatty Elizabeth Bertsche Harold Bergerson Leo Block Thomas Boyle Maxim von Brevern Ernest Campbell Jesse Epstein John Gavin Paul M. Goode Emily Hull Charles Johnston Elnor Limonarsen Harold McKee Muriel Mauer Beatty, Hull Lloyd Mendel, Jr. Sylvia Miller Claudio Nichols Shigeaki Ninomiya H. M. Phinney Edmund Quigley Murray W. Shields Sidney Spear George Stigler Lyttleton Tempes Lyman Tondel William P.Tucker Howard Tuttle Dan Webster An organlzatio medics, founded Officers President .._ Harvey Bingham Secretory-Treasurer Katherine Stauff Faculty Member Prof. John Locke Worcester PRE-MEDIC CLUB n for students majoring in, or interested in pre- at the University of Washington in 1919. Members Alex Altose F. E. Bollard Horvey Bingham George Bogardus Anne Boman Dorothy Boone Kathleen Boppell J. Robert Brooke Betty Brush Russell Cadmon Harve Carlson Elizabeth Coulkins Ernest Cohen Harold C. Cole Walter S.Custer Edward Custer Peter David John A. Dean William Deering John De Voce Louis Eckert Morion Elder R. B. Erlckson Robert Evans Dolores De Faccio Jean Foster Donold Gray Tom Gilbert Marjorie Hoag Helen Howorth Herbert Hughes R. W. Jacobsen Laura M. Jamison Kenneth Jackson Charles Johnson Paul A. Johnson Francis Kay Virginia Lowrence Bingham, Stauff Vincent MocAdam Curtis Macomber Glenn McBride Carl McCandless Mary E. Meagher Mary D. Morris t ouglos Murroy i alph Neubert Kathleen Newton Dick Pullen Anne L. Rhoades James F. Rogers Miriam Shongle Fridel W. Schneider Katherine Stauff Frederick Steiner Paul Sweet Mildred E. Trosk Lillie Wardrum Paul L.Williams -1:2593- SIGMA DELTA CHI Men ' s national jouinalis+ic professional, founded at DePouw Uni- versity in 1907; Washington chapter chartered in 1909. Men of high scholastic standing in journalism who have signified their in- tention of entering the profession are eligible for membership. Officers President., _ .. D. Gerald Cloud Vice-President Harold Mansfield Secretary Byron Fish Treasurer Hubert Blonk Adviser -- Fred W. Kennedy Faculty Members Merritt Benson Vernon McKenzie Byron Christian Robert S. Mansfield R.W.Jones M. Lyie Spencer Fred W. Kennedy Members Hubert Blonk Gerald Cloud Emei ' son Daggett Bill Dickie Byron Fish Wilfred Greenhorn Rud Lowrence Jim Long Harold Mansfield Richard McCurdy Gene Nicoloi William Ryer Bob Trumbull Stuart Welch Richard Williams Blonk. Cloud. Fish. Mansfield RHO CHI National pharmaceutical honorary society, founded at the Uni- versity of Michigan in 1922; 19 chapters; Rho chapter chartered in 1931. Membership qualifications include good character and a high scholastic rating. Alumni Members " IMS ' Officers President Charles Schwartz, Jr. Vice-President _ Edgar A. Kelly Secretary Cliveden L. Cox Treasurer -. Louis Fischer Alumni Secretary ...Russell A. Cain Honorary Members Charles W, Johnson Henry A. Langenhon Iku ArllzumI Lester Asher Gordon Ferguson EwenGillis Forest J. Goodrich Ralph Harrlger Sigrld KoskI Karl Kraft Eldin V. Lynn Mrs. Lucille T. Mehon J. Lester Miller Leonilda Mozzone Helmer Nelson Mrs. Abigail Highot Herman Schroeder Laurence Terry Daniel P. Tsao LyIe Wellmon Thomas V. Young Members Bernardo A. Acena Russell A. Cain Cliveden L. Cox Claire Evans Louis Fischer Robert L. Glase Cecil M. Hopper Elsie Johnson Einer E. Johnson Frederick Johnson Ivor Jones Paul S. Jorgensen Edgar A. Kelly Ado Morckx William Moske Charles Schwartz. Jr. Malcom Trupp -1:260: SCABBARD AND BLADE Honoiajy military organization founded at the University ot Wis- consin in 1904; 73 companies In 7 jegiments; Company I, 1st Reg- iment, charteied in 1913. Officers Captain Glen V. Allen 1st Lieutenant William Willord Warren 2nd Lieutenant ...L. Gray Beck 1st Sergeant __Beverley D. Dack Associate Members Colonel Edward Kimmel Captain Ralph Wiltamuth Maior W. D. Frazer Captoin L. P. Crim Captain F. C. Milner Captoin J. C. Stiley Coptain Harold R, Priest Lieut. E. M. Gregory Captain J. G. Cooper Members Glen V.Allen John A. Borthrop Edwin J. Beomer L. Gray Beck W. Alan Bonner Jack W. BuFord Don W. Cook George B. Curry Richard E. Crobbe Avery D. Cummings Rolph E. Curtiss Beverley D. Dock Herbert Danenmiller John A. Dyke Joseph S. Ellerby John F. Erwin Wendell Fehring John R. Goosmon Willord L. Gorton Whitely Gray Leo H. Harris Elmer D. Hansen Wilbur M. Johnson Howard H.Johnston Thornton E. Jones Erving Lewis Edwin S. McAllister Robert W. Neoi William NePoge James George Patrick Beverly M. Patten George D. Poynten M. Vincent Pesce Roscoe E. Pomeroy Joseph Rodeck George H. Revelle. Jr. John William Spellmon Sidney O. Svendson Vernon B, Thatcher Frank W. Woodworth Richard T. Young Infantry Unit John A. Allen John H. Bannick Byron B. Bui ' nes Archie G. Clark Charles G. Day Francis J. Farley Richard G. Held Edw. L.Hill Jack W. Jackson Charles W. Johnson Elmer Johnson. Jr. Froncis B. Kibble Lewis C. Lindsey Robert B. McCleory Griffith C. Murray Herbert Gordon Neal Charles Ogi ' osky Julius A. Raichle Charles R. Raish David J. Relna Hiram D. Smith Pledges Loring F. Stetson Kenneth S. Treadwell Coast Artillery Unit John B. W. Corey, Jr. James G. Frazer Clarence A. Gerber Gregory Hallenbeck Victor R, Hougen Richard Hill William A. Krouse Arthur N, Owley Louis G. Schorpenberg George I. Teufel Malcolm P.Thomson Ralph G.Tuttle Selwyn H. Vornes Nelson C. Wohlgren Ordnance Unit Clarence H. Anderson Elmore Lloyd Christian James W. Kemp Allen. Beck, Dock -[26 1 SIGMA EPSILON Women ' s honorary allied medical fraternity founded at the Uni- versity of Washington. Members are chosen from bacteriology, pre-medic, and nursing majors with sixty hours " B " average. Officers President Jean Foster Vice-President Marguerite Tiffin Secretary J one Burns Treasurer Virgini a Glass M embers Faculty Members Henrietta Adams Julia Goodsell Dr. Rachel Hoffstadt Ruth Boyer Scott Elizabeth S. Soule Katherine Thompson Valgene Tuttle Helena J. Werby Honorary Members Mrs. John Guberlet Evelyn Hall Mrs. W. Karschner Mrs. E.Victor Smith Mrs. M. Lyie Spencer Mrs. John Weinzlrl Mrs. John L. Worcester Edna Aisted Mrs. R.E.Allen Mrs.C. W.Allison Belva Boll Mrs. J. A. Berry Mirlom Bigelow Jane Burns Kotherine Chatterton Genevieve Cobb Florence Corskie Kotherine Dork Marion Elder Morgoret Felton Hattie Fitzgerald Jean Foster Mrs. M. Garhart Virginia Gloss Jeon Greer Mrs. A. H. Gunderson , Foste Mrs. J. D. Hannah Mrs. Borion Harwood Joy HIrschmann Nettie Ruth Johnson Edith Loubscher Mrs. Alfred Menard Kothryn Noble Virginia Olcott Ann Ott Portia Porker Helen Ritchie Posey Miller Roscoe Lucile Scott Frances Stonard Katherine Stouff Mrs. T, G. Thompson Marguerite Tiffin Eileen Tuttle Mrs. R. Wray SPIKED SHOE CLUB Tiackmen ' s honoiaiy founded at the University of V ashington in 1926. Officers President Dan Bracken Don Arthoud Secretary _ _ John Bannick J° i " Bonnick Treasurer Bill Millard Ted Bell Historian Jock Curron Don Brocken August Buse George Codwell Honorary Members John Condon y i- I , 1 I rN I Merrit Corbin Click Clark Don Vanderveer i„ , ,,,„„ 1 1 r I 1 Jock v urran Hec tdmundson George Varnell - ri„„n, r,„ Clyde Donovan Dr. D. C. Hal p „ t n bryant Uunn Negley England Bannick, Bi ' ocken, Curran, Millard Members Roy Fuller Fred Goler Paul McMohon Ren Meader Bill Millard Ed Potter Frank Rosenquist Bill Smith Harold Trueblood Junie Weber Wolt Woodward Gordon Zwiebel ( n j.w. f -C262 THETA SIGMA PHI Women ' s national journalistic pi ' ofessional, founded at the Univer- sity of Washington In 1909. High scholastic average; professional ability in the field of journalism; and successful publication of material in a magazine or newspapei ' are qualifications for mem- bership. Officers Members President _ _ Eileen Gormley Betty Bloom Mildred Larson Vice-President ..___ Mildred Larson Eileen Gormley Rose Morry Secretary ._ Betty Bloom Helen Grigwore Sumi Shinozoki Treasurer - Sumi Shinozoki Pl rlnoc Keeper of the Archives Rose Morry Florence Dovis Marcello Loubenheim Ruth Dyar Alice Murray Betty Hortnett Bloom, Gormley. Larson, Morry, Shinozoki If-- ' WOMEN ' S " W " CLUB Honorary organization consisting of women who have been awaided the " W " blazer, which are given for pai-ticipation in women ' s athletics and activity in the W. A. A. Officers Members President Wilmo Nell Harmony Morjorie Bobson Dorothea Ritchie Vice-President Dorothy White Thelma Kinsmon Ino Smith Secretory-Treasurer Alice Horstman Hozel McKenna Aurelia Sparks -[263 SPURS National service organization for underclass women. Mamook Order of Spurs chartered at the University of Washington in 1926. The organization is similar to the Inteicollegiate Knights and assists in securing transportation for visitors, rallies and special occasions. Officers President Ruth Burkheimer, Chi Omega Vice-President Odney Floe, Sigma Kappa Secretary- .Peggy Hortson, Pi Beta Phi Treasurer.- - Marporie Hess, Alpha Delta Pi Members Alpha Chi Omega Marjorie Warren Alpha Delta Theta . ...Dorothy Ward Alpha Gamma Delta. Carol Penny Alpha Omicron Pi ..Byrdette Mason Alpha Phi .Vivian Kappner Alpha Xi Delta... .. Betty Askren Beta Phi Alpha . Dorothy hiayes Beta Sigma Omicron Emmolou Barthrop Delta Delta Delta Audrey Champreux Delta Gamma. Virginia Landram Delta Zeta Winifred Selfert Gamma Phi Beta Jane Worrock Kappa Alpha Theta Frances h I es Kappa Delta Elsie FItton Kappa Kappa Gamma... Janet Olson Lambda Omego. Phi Mu Phi Omega PI Theta Upsllon... Zeta Tau Alpha.. Clark Hall Isabella Bortlett , Miriam Werner Gertrude Lewis Vivian Miller Eleanor Stone .Mary Elizabeth Swoney D. A. R. House Helen Myer McKenney House. ...Ilene Snyder Tolo House... Leona Totten Phrateres Astrld Ceder, Vera Ferch Spurs -[264:1- XI SIGMA PI NaHonal forestry honorary fraternity founded at the University of Washington In 1908. Nine chapters. Officers Foi-ester M Ue Bigley Associate Forester ., _ _,..EIbert Reid Secretary. Fiscal Agent _ Homer Hixon Representative to Executive Council James Lewis Ranger J , g ;i Members Faculty Members J. L. Alexander Bror Grondal Dwight S. Jeffers Russell Mills Hugo Winkenwerder Dove Hervey Wilbur Morkham George Merrill Mohamed Ahmed Bernard Grantham Henry C. Jacobs Bigley, Lewis Fred Overly Roy W. Wagner Pledges Walter G. Thomsen Warren G. Tilton D, A. Roma Rao Founded In union; only W. E. A. 1929 at the University of Washington as a student education majors eligible. Offi President Vice-President . Secretary __ Treasurer Foculty Adviser cers -J. Gordon Homilton --Paul Brownell Helen E. Gordon J. Arnold Baker -Dr. Curtis T. Williams Margaret Addison F. M. Babbit J. Arnold Baker Edwin Beomer Esther Bitter Paul Brownell L. Byers Walter Campbell Mary Elizabeth Com Marjorie Dils Members Freda Eh k Kotherine Elliot Thelmo Engebretson Jack A. Francis Marie Fritz George Gilbert Helen E. Gordon J. Gordon Hamilton Maria Heikkinen Oral Henry F. A. Hiersrh Vivian Holcombe Robert Hunsley Raymond Johnston Viola Lagosse Marie Lolken Helmi Louko Ellen Lundell Agnes McAuloy Agnes McCall Andrew McCall George W, Miller Helen Moldstad Ellen Morry Audrey Naylor Mory Potrick Horold M. Phinney Lucile Porter Bliss Pugsley Lawrence Romin Dorothea Ritchie Fern Ruggles Mildred Scott R. Shoughnessy Kathleen Shearer Carol Smith Elizabeth Spencer Eunice Spencer Anna Steiner Willimoe Straight Lorene Street Marion Tennont Maurice Thompson H. E. Wilder Bernodine Wisemon Theresa Wooden Baker. Brc-.neil Gnrrion, Hamilton -n2653- ZETA PHr ETA National djomatic fiateinl+y for women, founded af Cumnock School of Oiafoiy, Noifhwesfern Univeisify, in 1893; 14 chapfeis; Mu chapfei ' chai+eied in 1930. Ifs purpose is to further interest in the speech arts, and to promote dramatic advancement among its members, who aie chosen from women in the department of drama with high scholastic standing, the requisite personality and character. Officers President Helen Sanwick Vice-President -.. ..Hortense Harley Secretary-Treasurer Lois Schroeder Associate Members Helgo Lund Elvino Miller Harley, Schroeder. Sanwick Members Carol Feltis Hortense Harley Harriet Malstrom Mary Bollen Cotherine Comrie Virginia Powell Helen Sanwick Lois Schroeder Pledges ZETA MU TAU Ma+hema+Ics honorary founded at the University of Washington in 1927; membership requires a scholastic average of " B " with mathematics grades counting half of the total. Officers Arthur Anderson D -J X n L, . Lj i L- Walter Borkos rresident Koberr Hutchinson i l " r - n ■ I I n John Carlson Vice-rresideni _ taroce Young Secretary -.... Vivian McDermid " " " Dahlstrom Treasurer Archie Adams Doyle Fredo Ehrlick Faculty Members Julia Haftke Robert E. Moritz Roy M. Winger " ' ' ' ° " ® ' ' Allen F. Corpenter Dana Harter Richard Hill Members Robert Hutchinson Philip Aaron Gordon Adderson Iver Igelsrud Archie Adams Murray Aitken H. W. Johnson Adorns, Hutchinson, McDermid, Young Elsie Cooper Doris Manington Wilhelm Jorgenson Beth Loomis Vivian McDermid Blake Mills Francis Meyers Wells Moulton Sutton Redfern Sidney Rubens Seldon Todd Gordon Wares Henry Wlrth Grace Young -[266]- CAMPUS CHRISTIAN COUNCIL To promote cooperation among the various Christian organiza- tions on the campus and to assist In the coordination of their pro- grams, the Campus Christian Council was organized at the Uni- versity of Washington in 1925. Each of the Christian groups appoints two members as Its representatives. Officers President __.Thurley Haga Vice-President Potrlcia Brownfield Warren Secretary ._ Clarice Weldert Treosurer Sidney Byrne Faculty Members Dean Richard G, Tyler Mrs. E. J. Vickner Prof. F. Bert Farquharson Dr. H. H. Preston Officers and Representatives of Individual Clubs BETHANY President Jock Macfayden Vice-President Catherine Drake Secretary Viola M acta y den Treasurer Mervin Bailey Representatives ...Mildred Gottschamer, Mervin Bailey Director Dr. Geo. W. Beeler INKWELL President ___ __.. Astrld Ceder Vice-President Virgil Sutherling Secretary .,_ Alice Monrad Treasurer .Lennort Ceder Representatives Ruby Egner, Horry Swanson Director _ Dr. Otto Bremer MAX GARRETT President ..- Bob Neal Vice-President Kathleen Newton Secretary Myrn Fogh Treasurer Harold Newton Representatives .Gordon Neal, Kathleen Newton Director Miss Ruth Lorlng-Clork PILGRIM President Don Fassett Vice-Presidents Clarice Weldert, Bill Johnson Secretary Eva Pork Treasurer _ _ Bill Long more Representatives Clarice Weldert. Don Fassett Director _ Rev. William Steinlnger ROGER WILLIAMS President _ Howard Davenport Vice-President Norman Altqulst Secretary . ._ Amy Okozakl Treasurer Eleanor Fish Representatives.... Howard Davenport. Marion Kline Director Rev. Chester Loucks WESLEY President Elmer Gruwell Vice-President Lewis Miller Secretary ...Kotherine Pinson Treasurer Ralph Penlngton Representatives Thurley Haga, Elmer Gruwell Director ._J. Randolph Scsnett WESTMINSTER President George Wllkins Vice-President Virginia Norwood Secretary Shirley Beordsworth Treasurer James Patrick Representatives Thyra Brown, Dorothy Morgan Director ...Rev. Earl W. Benbow Y. M. C. A. President Adron Troxell Secretary Donald Craig Treasurer Robert S. Evans Representatives ...J. Adrian Troxell, Sidney Byrne Adviser ...Herbert Sea mans Y. W. C. A. President Isobelle Anderson Vice-President Patricia Brownfield Warren Secretary Betty Holman Treasurer Priscilla Crolg Representatives Patricia Brownfield Warren. Ruth Dingley Adviser Miss Louise E. Fleming Ho:T. WMldeit -[267]- PILGRIM CLUB Congregational students ' club organized at the University of Washington in 1924. All students of Congregational preference may share in its activities. Officers President -- - -Donald Fassett First Vice-President Clorice Weidert Second Vice-President C. William Johnson Recording Secretary Eva Park Corresponding Secretary.- Edith Farmer Treasui ' er -- - William Longmore Assistant Treasurer . Lucile Spencer Committee Chairmen Program Clarice Weidert Membership - -.C. William Johnson Finance James Lewis Sociol ___ Viola Vivian Publicity Wilfred Greenhorn Publications Edmond Pugsley Religious Education Sydney Byrne Forum _. Richard Marple Drama Anne Coffman Puppets ._ Marcia Marple Telephone ____ Robert Hannan Athletics Dave O ' Connor Music _ Helen Naundorf Poster Margaret Burgess Social Service Bliss Pugsley House Grace Grindall Initiation Victor Hougen SIGMA ETA CHI Oiganization for Congiegational women, founded at Ohio State Univeisity in 1923; Gamma chapter chartered in 1927; 6 chapters. Officers M embers President - Grace Grindall Mary Broberg Elizabeth Leckenby Vice-President ... Viola Vivian Margaret Burgess Helen Naundorf Corresponding Secre tary Eva Park Anne Coffman Eva Park Recording Secretary Morgoret Burgess Florence Cumbo Bliss Pugsley Treasurei " . Mary Broberg . Harriet White Gertrude Eldredge Edith Farmer Lucile Spencer Viola Vivian Chaplain Historion .-. Morion Weyant Grace Grindall Edith Walker Marshal . Clarice Weidert Gertrude Hoppe Clarice Weidert Editor Bliss Pugsley Bernice Johnson Helen Kirschner Harriet White Morion Weyant Fassett, Farmer, Longmore, Pork, Weidert Broberg, Burgess, Grindall. Vivian -[:268 PHI ALPHA RHO Catholic s+udent activity honorary, organized at the University of Washington in 1908. Members are chosen fi ' om upperclass stu- dents who are prominent in Newman Club and University activities. Officers President Charles J. Bras Vice-President Mayme Legaz Secretary . Margaret Miller Treasurer . Vincent MacAdam Members Georgette Berrest Charles Bras Margaret Cahalan Harvey Fl+ts Victor hiemmen Mayme Legaz Abigail Leik Vincent MacAdam Margoret Miller Marie Ouellette Anna Marie Rodovan Bras, Legaz, MacAdam. Miller NEWMAN CLUB Catholic students ' club organized at the University of Washington in 1910. Membership is open to Catholic students attending the University of Washington. Officers President Abigail Patricia Leik Vice-President .__ _ Victor S. Hemmen Secretary _ _. .Georgette M. Berrest Treasurer _ Charles J. Bras Chaplain Reverend Thomas Gabisch, O. P. Faculty Adviser Prof. J. Grattan O ' Bryan Field Secretary __ Mrs. Claude Storey Bras, Berrest, Hemmen, Leik fc. 4[ i -1:269]- Y. W, C. A. The Young Women ' s Christion Association is Q fellowship of women students who seek to discover the highest morals and spiritual values for life today. Fleming, Gailey General Secretary Employed Officers Louise E. Fleming Assistant Secretary Margaret E. Gailey Executive Cabinet President Isabella Anderson Publicity Vice-Pres. Patricio Brownfield Warren Campus Service Secretary Betty hHolman Religious Education Treasurer, Prlscillo Craig Girls ' Work National Representative Marion Bertram Community Service Editor Minerva Elworthy Industrial Freshman Adviser Morny Collins International Membership Finance Leone Knight Grace Mae Dovies Jonet McArthur Deborah Sprague Jean Foster Ruth Benham Gladys Phillips Mildred Stewart C. C. C. Representative- Ruth Dingley Marcello Crabtree Special Methods - hHelen Pringle S ' t Anderson, Benham, Bertram, Crabti ' ee, Collins. Craig. Davies Dingley. Elworthy, Foster, Holmon. Knight, Phillips Pringle. Sprague, Stewart -L270]- Beoch, Cortelyou, Foirborn, Prlebe, Watkins. Whitney Freshman Commission Sophomore Commission President ....Lee Whitney President Jeanne Simpson Vice-President . . Dorothy Cortelyou Vice-President ... , . Genevieve Beach Secretary .. Leona Priebe Secretary ..Barbara Watkins Treasurer . Lorraine Fairborn Treasurer Shirley Pope Y. W. C. A. Council Finance — Jacqueline Burd, Bernice Strohl, Membership — Blanche Sheltrow, Ruth Mc- Grace h ele Smith, Mildred DuBois, Alice Farland, Luclle Keeney, Frances Wohlers Girls ' Work — Patricia McClure, Margaret Publicity — Jessie Breiland, Virginia Nor- Herz Corris Guy wood, Sylvia h agyard, Eleanor hiervin, „ . . i , i- . n r • Community Service — hHalise Arneson, Lvla hlorence Uovis ' . ... r • n I- okrom, Virginia Cole, Margaret Ander- Compus Service — Pauline Wettrick, Gen- evieve Beach, Adeline Johnson, Frances Throckmorton International Relations — Marcella Louben- Industrial— Mildred Kravik ' ' ' ° 0+° ' ° ' " y +° Arneson. Brieland, Burd. Dovls, DuBoIs, Guy, Hagyard, Keeney Loubenheim. McClure, McFarland, McLean, Norwood, Sheltrow Smith. Strohl, Throckmorton, Wohlers -[27 I EAGLESON HALL The Young Men ' s Chils+ian Association, known on the campus as Eagleson Hall, was founded in 1888. Student Board of Directors President _ Adron Troxell Secretary ._ Donald Craig Treasurer .-- Robert S. Evans Worren Flanagan Gordon Young Dick Churchill Sam Wong Clorence Gerber Palmer Evonson Frosh Council President Secretary ._ Vice-President Treasurer ..- - — Executive Committee Executive Committee Ai . Rynd Miller Don Oman Richard Kelley James Gi ' eeley -Earl Thompson thur Lumsdaine Employed Secretaries General Secretary H. L. Seamons Assistant Secretary _ ..C. H. Loucks Assistant Secretary _ Kline Swygord Troxell, Evons, Crolg. Miller, Kelley, Oman, Swygord JAPANESE STUDENTS ' CLUB 4115 FIFTEENTH AVENUE NORTHEAST FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF WASHINGTON IN 1907 Toshimi Nishimura Fujifsugu Suzuki T. TalyoshI Frank Yamashita MInoru Yoshido Seniors Johnny Yoshlo Fujita Masayoshi Jomos Hara Iwao Haro Kunizo Hiraoka Paul Ishio Yu+oka Kimuro Arthur Sasaki T. Shimoisoka Frederick Uyeminami MInoru Yomosoki Jure Yoshioko Juniors Shugo Hashiguchi Kenji Robert Ito Tadashi Kuniyukl Edwin Natori Kozuyuki Fujioka Yoshio Iwanaga Tom Iriye K. Kanno Shoji Fukui Yoneo Hirodo Donald Kozamo G. Koltabashi Ted Nakamuro Richard Nomura Sophomores William Mimbu Eddie Shimomura Norio Wakamatsu Pled ges George Ohi Minoru Masuda Henry Kiga Frederick Shimonako Eddie Shlmano David Tanabe Fujlto. I. Hara, J. Hora. Ito, Nishimura Shimomura, Sasaki, Uyemlnomi, Yoshioko -i:272 INDEX Page A Aagaard, Tekia, 43, 51, 142, 145 Abshire, Les 51, 209 Acacia 172 Acena, Bernordo 5 1 Achenbach, Jerry, 42, 49, 51, 102, 122, 185 Adams, Archie .44, 51, 247, 266 Ad Club 245 Administration - 27-35 Advisory Committee, A. W. S., 144 Ahmed, Mohamed 51 Ahonen, Arthur 88, 94 A. I. E. E 247 Ainey, Al 51, 200 Aitken, Murray 44, 51, 247, 250 Alberger, Relph. 51, 191, 246 Albin, George... 51, 188 Alderson, Thomas 51, 191 Alhodeff, Dave .......51 Allen, Glen 51, 261 Allen, H. C .....31 Allison, Daniel B. .51, 197 All-University Activities ...149-167 All-University Plays 152, 153 Allyn, Bruce . 51, 183 Alpha Chi Omega 214 Alpho Delta Phi .173 Alpha Delta Pi 215 Alpha Delta Sigma 246 Alpha Delta Theta 216 Alpha Epsilon Phi 217 Alpha Gamma Delta 218 Alpha Kappa Lambda 174 Alpha Kappa PsI 246 Alpha Omicron Pi 219 Alpha Phi 220 Alpha Sigma Phi 175 Alpha Tau Omega 176 Alpha Xi Delta 221 Anderson, Don 51 Anderson, Earl 51 Anderson, Fronk . 51,94,200 Andei ' son, Fred 51, 205 Anderson Hall 9 Anderson, J. Emil 51 Anderson, Isobelle, 40, 43, 51, 142, 238, 270 Anderson, Kenneth 51, 207 Anderson, Russell 77 Anderson, Theodore 51, 202 Anshutz, Jack 51, 94, 112, 188 Antoncich, Mark, 51, 88, 94, 103, 205 Antoncich, Peter, 42, 51, 88, 94, 102, 104, 205 Arbogast, Dean 51, 171, 194 Argersinger, Ed 94, 96, 209 Argue, Jeon .52, 229 Armstrong, Oreno 144, 226 Arnold, Betty 52 Arthaud, Don 94, 109 A. S. M. E. 247 Associated Women Students, 141- 144 A. S. U. W. I 19-125 A. S. U. W. Managerial Staff, 122 Athletics 85-118 Attic Players .....145 A. W, S. Concerts 154, 155 B Bockeberg, Floyd ...52, 175 Bocorn, Morgai ' et 77 B. A. Council .248 Badger, Darwin . ,, . 157 Bodger, Judith .52, 223 Boer, Russel ...... 157 Baihiy, William 52, 183 Bailey, Constance 52, 227 Baird, Margaret 52, 221 Page Baker, Arnold . 52, 187, 265 Baker, Dick 78, 178 Baker, Joseph 52, 200 Baker, Paul i... 52 Ballou, William . 52, 203 Baltzer, Irvin 165, 191, 246 Bonks, Vera 43, 52, 213, 238 Bonnick, John 52, 184, 262 Bornett, Arthur 52, 174 Borrett, Edward. ...52, 123, 176, 256 Borthrop, John ...52. 167, 177 Baseball I I l-l 14 Bosh, Mary . 31 Basketball .. 101-105 Basso, Helen ..240 Botes, William E 52, 173 Baxter, J. J 52, 199 Boyles, Dorothy ...40, 52, 158 Beach, Robert W, 52, 177 Beomer, Edwin 52, 201 Beatty, Don 52, 203, 259 Beck, Don 44, 52, 207 Beck, L. Gray 52, 261 Behon, Charles 171, 199 Belfrey, Normon, 42, 52, 122, 187 Bell, James W 41 Bell, Ted ......94, 109, 198 Belshaw, R. E .1 17 Benedict, Margaret 52, 219 Beneker, Helen 78, 145, 218 Bennett, Robert, 53, 157, 171, 177 Benson, Isabel 53, 253 Benson, Morgoret 53, 233 Benton, Hope 53, 214 Berrest, Georgette......53, 215, 269 Berry, Mitchell ...53 Bertsrhe, Elizabeth 53, 224 Beta Alpha Psi 249 Beta Gamma Sigma 249 Beta Kappa 177 Beta Phi Alpha 222 Beta Sigma Omicron 223 Bewley, Frank 251 Big Stick 100 Bigley, Mike ...53, 204, 265 Bingham, Harvey 53, 359 Bird, Allen 123, 171, 209 Bird, Gerald 53 Bloke, Winofred 53 Bledsoe, Clarence .41, 109 Blonk, Hubert 42, 53, 133, 260 Bloom, Betty 53, 236, 263 Bloxom, Betty 53, 229 Board of Control 121 Board of Regents 29 Bobson, Morjorie 53 Bogue, Earl .53 Bohlln, Audree 53, 236 Bolles, Emily 53 Bolles, Tom 96 Bond, Paul .171, 172 Bonnor, Al ...134, 187 Borden, Fred 53, 89, 94, 199 Botzer, Bill ...45, 158 Boudwln, Borboro 145, 216 Bouley, Noel W .44, 53, 189 Bowman, Word 53, 96, 198 Boyker, Robert 53, 187 Boyle, Gerard 53, 174 Boyle, Tom 53, 178 Bracken, Dan, 53, 94, 109, 178, 262 Brackett, Mildred 53 Bradeen, Castle 157 Brokel, Oscar 53, 179, 247 Bros, Charles 54, 157, 269 Brottoin, Robert 54 Broun, Fred 54 Brehm, Edward 54, 122, 209 Breilond, Jessie, 141, 143, 239, 271 Brewer, Belden 54, 198 Brewlft, Laura 54, 222 Page Brighom, Charlotte 54, 221 Britt, Kennet 54, 186 Broberg, Mary 54, 268 Brock, Jim 80, 189 Brock, Virginia 228, 258 Brookbank, Bruce, 44, 54, 193, 250 Brotherton, Jane 82, 231 Brown, Morney, 54, 121, 125, 176 Brown, Otis 54, 229 Brown, Borboro 54, 142, 226 Brownell, Paul 54, 265 Brownton, Wesley 54, 159, 193 Bryson, James Edgar, 54, 248, 249 Bufkin, Burl 88, 94, 180 Buford, Jack 54, 197 Bunker, Gerry ...54, 233 Burd, Jacqueline... 218, 253, 271 Burdic, Chester 54, 185 Burgess, Margaret , ..268 Burkheimer, Ruth ......142, 144, 224 Burns, Jane 54, 262 Burns, Marianne .....159, 228 Burns, Robert 54, 158, 2 00 Busch, Howard F 54, 188 Bush, Kenyon ...134, 159, 206 Bushell, C. L. 54, 184 Bushnell, Eleonore 158, 159, 231 Business Manager, University 31 Bye, Oluf , 132 Cadet Ball .. 166 Codmon, Ross 54, 205 Codwell, George, 54, 94, 171, 178 Caholon, Margaret 54, 227 Coirney, Ralph .108 Collohan, L. P. 54, 201 Comille I 53 Campbell, Berneice ...55, 213, 218 Campbell, Earl F. .120 Campbell, Fred 55, 176 Campbell, Gwendolyn 55, 235 Comperson, Barton 256 Campus Christian Council ..267 Campus Doy Committee 124 Carleton, William .55, 197 Carlson, Carl J. 55 Cormichoel, Edwin 55, 205 Corpenter, Vivian 55, 236 Carter, Origin ...55, 175 Carter, Robert H 55, 175 Cortwrlght, Edith ......55, 218 Castillo, Morlono 55 Castleman, Barbara, 40, 43, 55, 141, 142, 166, 213, 226 Castor, Cecil ...55, 161, 200 Catlbog, Lauro 55 Cotlett, Dorothea... 55, 224, 252 Coulkins, Elizabeth 159, 228 Ceder, Astrid 240 Chollls, Helen 143, 231 Chamberlain, Frances 55 Chapman, Morion, 55, 230, 245, 252 Chatham, Phyllis .55, 226 Cheleden, A. N 55, 192 Cherberg, John 55, 88, 94, 199 Chi Omega 224 Chi Phi 178 Chi Psi 179 Christian, Byron H. 121 Churchill, Robert 55 Clock, Eleanor 165, 218 Clonton, Frederick 55, 198 Clork Hall 241 Clarke, Charles S 55, 209 Clorke, William 55, 188 Classes 47-83 Clemow, Lawrence 55, 175 Clifford, Eddie 257 Clifton, John .55. 180 Page Cloud, Gerald .. 55, 260 Cochrane, Caroline 55, 224 Cockey, Dick 163, 200, 251 Code, Ernest.. 56, 197 Cohen, Carroll 45, 134 Cole, Charlotte 82, 228 College Life 13-25 Collins, Clare 134 Collins, John 56, 209 Collins, Morny, 40,43,56,218,270 Columns 136, 137 Combs, Mary Elizabeth 56 Compass and Chart 251 Compass and Chart Dance 163 Concert Review .154, 155 Condon, Herbert T. 31 Condon. John 56, 94, 209 Cone, Howard M, . 56, 179 Cone, Miriam 143, 144, 220 Congdon, Byron 56, 171, 192 Conlon, Beth ......78, 225 Convlsor, Anno ..56, 143 Conway, John Ashby 152 Cook, Don .56, 1 16, 197 Cooley, Morion .....56, 228 Coombs, William 56 Copelond, Robert 56 Corliss, Clint 157 Cosgriff, Melbirne ...134, 171, 206 Coulon, Kay ......56, 213, 227 Courtion, Irene 56, 234 Couzens, John 56, 178 Covich, Frank 56 Cox, Muriel 56, 237 Crobtree, Morcello, 40, 56, 146, 228 Croig, Morion, 43,56, 121, 141,229 Crolg, Prlscillo ...270 Crew 95-99 Crew Drive Committee 124 Crook, Cloyde 56 Crossen, John 56, 177 Crouch, Gunievere 56 Cullen, Eugene .56, 193 Cumbo, Florence 240, 241, 248 Cummlngs, A. D 49, 56, 188 Cunningham, James 56, 201 Curran, John 56, 175, 262 Curran, Mary 141, 143, 229 Curtis, Groce, 57, 142, 167,216,248 Dock, Beverley 57, 167, 261 Daily, The ... 130-133 Dakon, Patricio, 57, 213, 222, 248, 252 Dolton, Jock 124, 257 Domenovich, Allon 57 Dance Drama .147 Donz, Dorothy 213, 217 Doqulgon, Simeon 57 David, Peter 171, 176 Dovies, Grace Moe ...151, 238, 271 Davis, Edgar 77 Davis, Florence 132, 271 Dovis, Lowrence 57, 185 Davis, Louise .57, 213, 234 Davis, McLoln 57, 175 Davis, Vernon ..57, 177 Doviscourt, Eleanor 57, 230 Day, Herb 97 Day, Lillian 254 Deon of Men 31 Debate, Freshman 159 Debate, Intramural 159 Debate, Men ' s and Women ' s Vorsity 1 58 Dedication 8 Deerlng, William 57, 173 Delta Chi 180 Delta Delta Delta 225 -1:2733- INDEX— CONTINUED Page Delta Gamma 226 Delta Kappa Epsilon 181 Delta Sigma Phi 182 Delta Tau Delta 183 Delta Upsilon 184 Delta Zeta - - 227 Demarest. Elizabeth ._ -122 Denny Hall 5 De Roln, Hurley 94, 117. 189 DesJardins, Mory Louise-. 57, 215 Dewar, Won-en .. -57, 191 Dexter, Lucy 144, 231 Dibble, Dick 57, 190 Diei-berger, Wesley ...- 57, 197 Dingley, Ruth - 43, 57, 270 Diven, Frank - 57, 189 Dmitrieff, Nicholas ..-. 57 Dodds, Dorothy - 57, 214 Dole, Barbara, 141. 143, 154, 229 Donovan, Clyde 96 Dootson, James 57, 197 Dorsey, William 57, 194 Dougon, James 57, I 79 Downey, Madge 157, 228 Doyle, William C 44, 57, 177 Drama - 152, 153 Dramer, Virginia - 57, 233 Draper, O. E. - - 249 Dreher, Mary 57, 253 Drescher, Dolly 233, 258 Dudley, Thois 57 Duffy, Ethel Marie... .58, 144, 228 Dunn, Bryant. 42. 58, 94, 109, 198 Durgan, Mildred 58, 214 Duryee, Kenneth .58. 122, 179 Dutch, George 58, 207 Dyar, Conrad .58, 171, 193 Dykeman, Dorothy 58, 222 58, 213, 58, Eagle, Evelyn 231, Eagleson, Jean, 40, 43, 58, 142, 213, Eagleson Hall Eals, Annis East, Margaret Easter, Ken 41, 42, 96, 122, Eastmon, William .. ...58, Edgers, Jone 58, 213, Edmundson, Clarence. ...94, 97, Edmundson, Hec 102, Education Hall Edwordson, John 58. Egon, Richard , .58, Egner, Ruby Ehrlich, Freda Eltel, Mary Ann .58, Election Committees Ellerby, Joseph .58, Elliott, Arthur 58, Ellis, Constance .58, Elworthy, Minerva, 40, 43, 58, 231, Emery, John, 42, 58, 1 17, 122, Engebretson, Thelma .58, Engineering Council Engineers ' Informal England, Negley, 94. 109. i 17. Engle, Pantello Englerth. George 58. English, Ed .58, Erickson, Horry Erickson, Mildred . Erwin, John F 59, Erwin, Richard .59, Estep, William 59, 202, Estes. Dorothy 59, Evons, Ruth .59, Evanson, Palmer Eyraud, Almee Lou 144, 240. 248 141, 231 272 223 227 189 193 237 201 108 .....7 183 198 ...58 .58 255 .123 192 207 219 141, 270 199 241 250 264 189 ...58 204 199 58 ...58 172 178 246 233 214 158 254 Page F Fohey, George 59, 209 Follon, Walter 59, 190 Fanning, Kenneth ...59, 200 Farmer, Edith 268 Farr, Kathryn ....59, 219, 271 Fassett. Donald ...268 Faulknor, Louis 77 Felt, Marion I 12, 197 Ferch, Harriet 240, 241 Ferch. Vera .240. 241 Ferry, Mory Stuart 258 Fesenmaier, Virgil 59, 175 Field, Charlotte . 164 Finn, Ray 59, 89, 94, 180 Finucane, John. , 59, 171, 182, 257 Fir Tree .41 Firnstohl, Celeste . 43, 59, 218 Firnstohl, Madelon 17, 218 Fish, Byron, 40, 59, 130, 135, 136. 260 Fitts. Harvey ......59 Fleishman. Naomi 158. 217 Fleming. Louise E 270 Fletcher. Aubrey 44, 59 Flott, Peter 59 Fluke, Maurice . 251 Football 86-92 Fonda, Carol .255 Force, Bernice 59 Foreword 4 Foster, Jean, 40, 59. 143. 228. 262 Fox. Ray 80. 202 Francis. Jack 59. 186 Fraternities 169-210 Freck, George 59. 178 Fredlund. Kenneth 59 Freshman Class .82, 83 Friedman, Cecil ....59 Frieling, Constance 59 Friese. Irving 59, 175 Frits, Morie 59, 241 Fry, Roberta . . 59, 213, 232 Frykholm, Robert 60 Fujita, John 60, 272 Fuller, Harold 60 Fuller, John, 42, 60, 94, 102, 104, 200 Fulton. Ruth 60, 228 Futterer, Donold 60 Fuyo-Kai . 250 .94. ...60. 103. 108. Galbraith. James Galer, Bob Goler, Fred Gamma Alpha Chi Gamma Epsilon PI Gamma Phi Beta Gansko, Ralph 60, 187, Gardiner, Arthur .60, Garland, Kay 141, Garvin, Mildred Gattavara, Rose ..60, Gavin, John ...60, Gow, La Mar Gee, Roger 60, Genung, Eddie Gerritz, Albert Ghiglione, Bill 171. Ghiglione. Hazel 60. Ginder. Floi ' ence 60. Giske, Rognar 60. 171. Glose, Robert L 60. Glass. Virginia . Glee Club Gloor. Robin 42, 60, Gochnour, Donald 60, Godwin, Gordon 60, Gonsecki, Scott.... 42, 108, Gordon, Helen 189 200 200 252 .252 228 258 193 224 ...60 222 173 .113 204 .109 ...60 185 236 222 205 184 .262 .157 178 207 :°7 192 .265 Page Gorham, Helen ..122, i4l Gormley, Eileen, 43, 60, 132, 134, 166. 236. 263 60, 134. 223 60, 171. 134 34 60. 132 Goi ' mley. Helen. 43 Goshei ' t. Francis . . Gowen, Herbert H. Grab, Al Graduate and Student Man- agers 1 22 Grant, Jock 60, 204 Graves, Russell .....60, 192 Graves, Dorsett 112 Greene, Mortha 61, 214 Greene, Raymond ,61, 171, 202 Greenham, Wilfred 51 Griffith, D. D .33 Griffiths. Elizabeth 61, 231 Griggs, Chester 61 , 201 Grimsdell, Frances 61, 227 Grindall, Grace 268 Grodsteln, Florence 61 Gross, Francis 44, 61 Grosvenor, Edword 61, 179 Gundloch, Gertrude 61. 218 H Haffke, Julia 61. 234. 253 Hogo. Thui ' ley 61. 267 Hagyard. Sylvia . .. 143. 226. 271 Hall. Annette .240 Hall, Emily 61, 228, 259 Hamilton, Gordon . 61. 265 Handley, George 61. 206 Hannaford. Jock . 61. 198 Hannah. William . 61. 131. 196 Hanover. Jock 94. 103, 178 Hanselman, Rheneta 61, 233 Hansen, Erllng 61, 249 Honson, Cora 43, 142, 213, 221 Hanson, Lester 61, 204 Hara, Iwao . 61, 272 Horo, Jomes 61 , 272 Horley. Hortense. 43. 61. 141. 143. 220. 266 Harmony. Wilma-Nell, 61.238.263 Harnett. Arthur. 42. 61. 94. I 12. 114. 171. 181 Harper. Betty 213, 235 Harper, Marion 145, 235 Harrell, Nev ton 109 Harris, Belva ...61, 231 Harris, Betty 121,141, 226 Horris, Whitney 62, 190 Harrison, Joseph 62, 189 Hortley. Talbot. 41, 42, 62, 94, 108. 195 Hartung. Walter ...62. 179 Hartzell. Lester 6 2. 171. 175 Hathaway, Earl ...247 Heaman. Robert. 42. 62. 94. 102. 1 13. 207 Hearne. Rodney 62, 190 Heiman, Milton 62 Hemingway. Merle .253 Hemingway. Ruth 62, 224 Hemmen, Victor S 62, 269 Hemphill. Margaret. 43,49.62.229 Hemphill, Mary 141, 143, 229 Henley, Ruth 254 Herbert, Tom .151 Herold, Dove 134, 206 Hervey, David 62. 205 Hibbs. Walter ... 251 Hickman. Vivian . 144 High School Leadeis ' Con- ference 125 Higmon. Grace Ann ...123, 224 Hinckley, Jane 141, 143, 228 Hinshow, Walter 191, 246 Hoag, Moi ' iorle 62, 228 Homecoming Committee .125 Page Hong, Jennie 62 Honorarles ...37-45 Herd, Juliet 62, 216 Howard, Bill 41 Howard, Colin. 42. 62. 89. 94. 199 Howard. Fred 62. 198 Howard, Paul 62, 180 Hubbard, Larry 121, 125, 193 Hughes, Glenn 149 Hughes, Herbert 62 Hull , Ronald 62, 181, 257 Humphrey, Lewis ..44, 63 Hunsley, Robert 63 Hunter, Doris 63 Hunter, Helen 63 Hunter, Lucille 63, 238 Hurnblad, Eric 63, 175 Huston, Mary 255 Hutchinson, Bill 112 Hutchinson, Robert 44, 63, 266 I Immenroth, Beryl 63, 240, 241 In Memoriam 10 Insley, Virqinia 63, 231 Interfiaternity Council ...171 Intramural Sports . 116-118 Intramural Sports, Women ' s 147 lorns, Martin Iota Sigma PI Isoocson, Ted 89, 94 Isaacson, Verna . . 43, Ishio, Paul Y Ito, Kenii .63 253 180 215 63 .158, 272 J. G. V. 151 Jacobs, Gilbert . . 63, 208 Jacobs, Julius 63 Jacobson, Leo 157, 172 Jaloff. Stonley 63. 208 James, Florence B. 1 53 James, John .63, 171, 198 James, Myrle . 63. 213, 216 Jamison. Laura 255 Japanese Students ' Club .172 Jenks. Edith 63. 241 Jensen, Emil 45 Jensen, Verno 63, 227 Johannson, Perry 171, 207 Johns, Clifford . 63. 187 Johnson. Cecil . 63 Johnson. Charles 64 Johnson, Edith 63. 230 Johnson, Elsie 63, 223 Johnson, Evelyn 162, 224 Johnson, Harold ...63 Johnson, H. R 64, 201 Johnson, Mo 63, 219 Johnson, Mllllcent 144, 231 Johnson, Phil .63, 178 Johnson, Wilbur M 63 Jolley, Laurence, 64, 171, 204, 246 Jones, Edwin 64, 174 Jones, Elton 64, 202, 256 Jones, Thornton ...64, 200 Jordan, Virginia Lee..64, 213, 220 Junior Class 78, 79 Junior Prom 265 K Kahon, Charles 44, 64 Kappa Alpha Theta 229 Kappa Delta 230 Kappa Kappa Gamma 231 Kappa Sigma 185 Kappner, Vivian .143 Korlsten, T. R 64. 205 Kouffmon, Beatrice 163 Kay, Janet 158, 228 Kay, Lawrence 159 Continued on Page 276 -[1274]- m ST, " Large Enough to Serve Any — Strong Enough to Protect All " UNIVERSITY NATIONAL BANK A Bank One Block for Students from Campus Member Federal Reserve SUN LIFE ASSURANCE COMPANY OF CANADA " Till ' I.eiiilin!: Inlvrnnliimiil l.ije Assiiriinre ( ' .oiiiixiny " Consult a Sun Life Repref-enlativi ' Before Purchasing our Next Poliev — or eall J. A. MacFADYEN, Branch Ma,iag, ' r MAin 0159 Skinner Building $1.60 INVESTED IN THE UNITED STATES FOR EVERY $1.00 OF LIABILITY Assurance in Force $2.912,()0().()00 Assets $609,000,000 (Inidiiates or students interested in life insurance as a profession are in- ite(l to interview the Manairenii ' iil Northwest Envelope Mfg. Co. MAin 5744 2710 First Ave. So. Seattle, U. S. A. INDEX— Continued Kaynor, Elizabeth Keorns. Oliver ..-. Keeney. Lucile .. Ketojver, Mory Virg Kelsey. Dorothy — , Kendrick, Philip, 45, Kennedy. R. J. Kerns, Eleanor Kevin, Betty Kllgore, Cor! V Kinsman. Thelma Kirker, Pout 41, 42, Kla-How-Yah Kline, Marion Knight. Leone Knott, Gordon Knudson, Wendell Kochevor. Ernest Kohr. Howard . Koon, Palmer D. Koozin, Estello Kotkins. Henry Kratoville, Helen Kuhworth, Modge Kunizo, Hiraoka - Page 64, 227 _ 64, 194 64, 227, 271 inio. 64, 229, 255 142, 143, 226 157, 159, 174 .34 143. 228 64, 214 122 64 64, 94, I 12. 122, 188 241 64 141, 271 .64, 179 .65, 188 65, 187 64 64, 205 64 .158 ......64 64, 157 64, 272 Lodley, Esther 161, 224 Lokin, Morie 64, 157, 236 Lomb, Alice 143 Lambda Chi Alpha ...187 Lambda Omega 232 Lambda Rho 253 Lambert, Virginia .64, 228, 258 Lament, Daniel 92 Londouer, Ruth 64 Londi ' om, Virginia ...143, 228 Page Longiie. Windy ....106 Longsdorf. Guthrie .65, 178 LoPiant, Mary Louise .65, 222 Larpenteur, James, 65, 131, 180. 245 Larson, Gerald 65 171, 195 Larson, Mildred, 43, 65, 134, 219, 263 Losater, James . . .. 65, 157, 200 Lathrop, Doris 65, 233 Laubenheim, Marcello 65 Loughrun, Paul . 65 Lauridsen, Helen 65. 234 Lauridsen, Morten .. 65, 204 Lav lor, Kathleen 65, 157 Lawrence. Ruddick... I 33, 134, 190 Lawrence, Wilbur 77 Lawson, Louis 65 Lechner, Albert 44, 65 Lederle, Louise 65, 218 Lee, Harold 94. 103. 113, 189 Legaz, Mayme 269 Leik, Abigail .269 LeSourd, Alva 65. 233 Leuenberger. Jane. ...121, 143. 226 Lewis. James 65, 265 Lewis, Pete . 94. 96 Library I I Liden, Harry 65, 177 Lindberg. Fred 65 Lindbloom, Reuben 65 Lindsay, Lewis ...167. 201 LIndsley, Addison 65. 196 Little, Hannah 65, 218 Lockwood. F. B .65. 171, 200 London. Jack 41 Longmore, William 268 Lott. Kenneth 65 Lowry, Bess 65, 255 Continued on Poge 279 JOHN A. WHALLEY Si CO. NORTHWEST GENERAL AGENTS 2(16-10 Coin. an Hiiilding MAin 87+5 Sii. TTLE, Washington f New Hampshire Fire Insurance Co. (iranile State Fire Insurance Co. Mar land Casualty Co. Fidelity and Deposit Co.. of Baltiuu re Okl (Ndony In iirani-e Co. Itoston Insurance Co. Providence Wa hington Insurance io. i -n2763- Since 1900 iHE UNIVERSITY BOOK STORE HAS SERVED THE STUDENTS AND FACULTY OF WASHING- TON A GUARANTEE OF ADEQUATE SERV- ICE — FAIR PRICES — AND SUITABLE QUALITY IN CLASSROOM SUPPLIES AND ACCESSORIES. IT IS OWNED BY THE STUDENT BODY — DIRECTED BY YOUR ELECTED REPRESEN- TATIVES — AND IS OPERATED FOR THE SOLE PURPOSE OF Serving Your Need 4326 University Way -[2773- . THE YEAR 1983 — perhaps men will fly the strato- sphere at speeds ahead of the sun. — perhaps, with pocket-television, we ' ll see and talk to our friend at the antipodes when fancy wills. — perhaps that first astounding mes- sage from another World will be flashing in from the deeps of space. — perhaps memory books such as this will not only be read, but will SPEAK to us, through the selenium cell, in the living voices of our old schoolmates and comi ' odes. PERHAPS these and other wonders will come to pass, but in that distant day we are sure many a time-worn copy of this Tyee will still be treasured by its owner as his most cherished Souvenir of Youth. — TYEE, a Book for the Years, deserves — does it not? — the support of every thinking Washingtonlan PRINTERS — BOC ) K B INDERS— ENGRAV ERS— SINCE 1881 LOWMAN HANFORD COMPANY -C278 0{eniiell SlIis University of Woshington Students ' Favorite Ai ' tist Photog raphe r o3e Crary Building SE. 0080 INDEX— Continued Page Lowry, Williom ......159 Lozler, Elmer 66 Luck, Shirley 66, 234 Lund, Dorothea .66. 236 Lundell, V endell 66, 205 Lundgren, Dorothy ...157 Lynch, John 66, 192 M .66, 269 171, 197 ...66, 231 MacAdom. Vincent Macbride, George... I 58, 159, 185 Mocforlane. Woodburn 66, 190 Madison. Orrin Magill, Priscillo ..... Mains, Helen 66, 220 Molon, Myrtle 122 Malott, Helen 67, 213, 214 Monington, Doris ......142. 145, 216 Monion, Morgaret .145. 164, 218 Mansfield, Harold, 130. 134. 194, 260 Marckx, Ado 67 Morden. Jock ..67. 247 Morkhom, Aaron 44, 67 Morple, RIchord 67 Morriott, Florence 143, 214 Mors, Bernice 67, 227 Morshall, Byron 67 Martin, Gov. Clarence D ...28 Mortin. Dorothy .....67, 225 Motatall, Alice 67. 237 Matrix Table .167 Mattlelli, Anthony 67 Mower. Muriel 67 Maxson. Frances ....213. 219 McAulay. Patricia 240 McCament, Robert 66, 203 McCarthy, Joe 94, 97 McCartney. Fronk ......66, 102. 178 McCaskill, Anna 78, 213. 235 McCloin. Pauline 66, 220 McCleor, Audrey 66, 237 McCloy. William, 66, 134, 171. 201 McClure, Ellentine 157 McClure, Patricio 43, 77, 270 McComb, Nino 66 McCormick, Thelma ..66 McCoy, Janet 66. 214 Page McCurdy, Jean 82. 229 McCurdy, Richard, 77. 121, 132, 165, 193 McDermid. Vivion 66, 266 McFote, Nancy 146. 240 McGonagle, Mory Ellen, 66, 143, 227 McGregor, Shirley, 40. 43, 66, 213, 224 Mcllrovy. Mary 66, 231 Mcintosh. Wolloce ....66. 171, 177 McKenno, Hazel 66 McKnight, Helen 66, 232 McMahon. Richard 66. 207 McNoy, Bruce 66, 187 McRoe, Florence .. 66. 229 Meader. Ren. 89. 94. 134, 171. 189 Meony. Edmond S 34 Meier. Lois 146 Melton. Edith ......67, 240, 241, 252 Menefee, Selden 67. 174 Mentzer, William 67, 199 Meyer, William C 67. 204 Michoelson. Harold 67, 183 Michelsen. Walter . Middleton, George. 44. 67. .67 171, 191, 250 Middleton, Robert A 67, Millord. W. C, 42. 67, 122, 179 190, 262 Miller, Don 67, 171, 187 Miller. Morgoret Ann 67. 269 Mills, Bloke... 44, 67, 196. 247 Mills, Eloise 67, 131, 214, 252 Mills, Marguerite 67. 226 Mini, Cecelia 67 Minor Sports 115,116 Mitchell, Eleanor 143, 229 Mjorud, Herbert, 42,67,94,97,191 Moldstod, Helen 255 Moody. Dwight 67, 198 Montgomery, Earl 157 Montgomery. Bill. 42. 49, 67. 120, 171, 188 Mony, Molly 68 Mook. Betty 68. 228 Moore, Kenneth 68, 204 Moore, Robert .68, 193 Continued on Page 280 The METAL used in the Printing of TYEE is manufactured by FEDERATED METALS CORPORATION Great Western Smelling • Refining Branch SEATTLE PR8000 Seattle! Milk Phone EGYPTIAN SHOE REPAIR and SHINE PARLOR " The Shop That Service Built " Watch your soles — don ' t wear them too thin or past the danger point. Have your shoes re-bottomed in time and you will get a more romforlable and eronomical job. 453.3 LIniversity Way OPEN TILL 9 P.M. " Oh, Let Us Be Joyful " Our shirts and sox and BVD ' s get the same tender care that mother used to give them. AND, our SUITS are DRY CLEANED and PRESSED, all in this modern plant. Nothing to worry about ' til the end of the month — and then, you ' d be surprised how small the bill actually is. METROPOLITAN LAUNDRY CO. MAin 0055 224 Pontius Ave. -i:279 A LanilmarL in the University District HOTEL EDMOND MEANY 45+h at Brooklyn, Seattle FLOORS of spacious modei ' n " living " rooms. I U Every room o corner room. Surprisingly ottrac- tive rotes — many students ore living here. The splen- did new EDMOND MEANY is one of the finest hotels in the West. AND here ail dining rooms ore under the manage- ment and direct supervision of HELEN SWOPE a name synonymous v ith good dining. Breakfast, Luncheon, Dinner. Charming rooms for parties, ban- quets and social affairs. DINING ROOMS Ednintiil Mi aiiv lintel Ten Ro,im. liul ihmr RepublU Hlilsi.. .iril til Pike Because its Contract and Cost aj)peal to INTELLIGENCE The NORTHWESTERN MUTUAL LIFE INSURANCE CO. of Milwaukee, Wis. M. H. O. WILLIAM.S, General Anent and Associates 675 CoLMAN Building Seattle INDEX— Continued WESTERN PR NT NG COMPANY .;. Oj SIlop llifit knows ih subject •:• FIFTH AVENUE AT LENORA, SEATTLE Moctord, RosoHa Morgan, Blonche Morry, Rose - Morce. Dove Kiorfar Board Mortenson, Clifford Morton. Charles J. Moseley. Sue --- Mosolf, John - Mucho, Chuck Muczynski, Matt Mu Phi Epsilon Murray, Alice Murroy, Robert Musson, Penfield N Nance, hielen Nonney. Albert Naundorf, Helen .. Neol. Gordon Neol, Helen Neol, Robert Neely. Borbara Jane Nelson, Mortin, 42, - 68, 68, 68, 171, . . 68, 68, . .213, 94, 89, 94 134, 160 68. 68, Paqe 224 230 263 179 40 197 177 229 .68 I 17 191 254 218 198 182 68, 68, 172. 68. 158. 159, 68, 68, 171, , 68, 240, 68, 121, Nelson, Ned 41, I 13. NePage, William 68. NePoge, Jock . Nesbit, Dorothy Neupert. Gertrude Newberg, Williom Jewell, Helen . . Newlonds, Mary Newman Club Newstrom, John Nicholson, Ferris Nichols, Norwood Niemeier, Jean Gilbreoth Nightingale. Emily I 14, 191, -44, 68, 164, . 69 224 256 157 174 227 174 241 197, 249 188 246 247 .157 221 176 240 228 .269 122 175 184 .219 .69 Page Nisbet, David. 42, 69, 86, 89. 94, 199 Noble. Chuck 96 Noble, Kotherlne 69 Nojiri, Mabel Norden, Kenneth ... Nordquist, Harry Nordstrom, Lloyd Norkool, Jack Norwood, Virginia Nurses ' Club Oberg, Arthur O ' Brien, Al O ' Brien, Bill O ' Brien, Edward Oettel. Alice Okazakl. Amy Oliber, Jeanette 69 44, 69 69, 175 41, 106 69 43. 253, 271 255 88, 178 94, 1 13 .89, 94, 185 69 69, 237 69 165 Olson, Anne Marie 69. 236 Olson, Paul . Olwell, Norah Omeg, Melvin Omicron Nu O ' Neill, Jock Opie. Evelyn Organizations Orlob, Glenn 42. 69. 123, 158 69, 225 69 255 69 ......157, 228 243-272 69 Ornduff, William 69, 196 Ostliff. Morion 69 Ouellette. Marie 69, 227 Outsen, Richard 69, 176 Oval Club 42 Owen, Harriette 69, 221 Owley. Arthur 165, 193 Poddock. Wilmaglen. 69, 213, 235 Padelford, F. M. . 32 Continued on Page 282 When You Think of Travel or Moving Think of Lj A N S E N BROS. Transf er For years we have served the U. of W. students as well as the University residents. One reason for our popularity; " Hansen Service is Safe and Economical. " Call MEIrose 0929 42 1 I University Way -11280:]- -W WASHINGTON ' S 1933 TYEE! Again photo-engraved by the Western Engraving Colortype Company. These printing plates of quality and character were produced under the direction of experienced Alumni WESTERN ENGRAVING COLORTYPE COMPANY SEATTLE ENGRAVING COMPANY 2030 FIFTH AVENUE HALLER C. CAMPBELL, President SEATTLE, WASHINGTON FRED S. Vv ' IMAN, 2 DICK LEA, 30 n28i:i- Step Out Ge nerations of collegians have enjoyed the congenial atmosphere of the Butler Jcose oc oom Luncheons - - Dinner Parties - - Supper Parties Cabaret Dancing Nice Cold BEVEMAGE on Drought Butler Hotel For Reservations Call ELiot 5109 Second and James Compliments of the Auditors of the A. S. U. W. LL printing plates used in this edition of THE TYEE were etched with acids and other chemicals manufactured locally by the Cascade Choinieal Company INDUSTRIAL CHEMICALS and ACIDS ELliott 3535 3217 17th Northwest Seattle, Washington INDEX— Continued Palocio. Rosa Palmer, Bob Panhellenic Pan Xenia Pork. Evo Pon-o, Robert Pan-ish. Kathryn Parrott, Gordon, 41. Poi ' sons. George Potrick, James Potfen, Beverly Patterson, Berniece Patterson. Wllliom Paul, Ruth Pautzke. Clarence Pearl, Lydia Pearson, Joe S. Pebbles. Harold Pedersen. Ross . Pedersen, Willard Pemberton, Bill . Pence. Etta - Pennock, William Perry. Richard Pesce. Vincent Peters, Chester Peterson. Petro Peterson. Rachel Peth, Kenneth Phelan, James -94. .70. Alpha Delta Alpho Rho Beta Kappa Delto Phi Delta Theta Gamma Delto Kappa Sigmo Kappa Tau Kappa Psi Page .69. 216 121, 189 213 256 268 69. 181 69 69.94.97. 19! .70, 173 _._ .70. 174 70. 207 70 70 . 70 I 13 70 189 ..41 180 201 197 70 159 174 70 .78 222 240 197 . 92 256 269 .39 257 188 189 190 191 192 Phllbrick. Margoret Phillips, Glodys. Phi Mu Phi Mu Alpha Phi Mu Gamma Phi Omega Pi Phi Sigma Kappa Page 70, 229 158, 219, 270 233 258 258 234 193 94, 108. 70, 157, 70. ...44 .70, .70. Phrateres, Council and Cab- inet 240 Physical Education Club 254 PI Beta Phi 235 Pierce, Helen 157 Pi Koppa Alpha 194 Pi Kappa Phi 195 Pi Lambda Theta 257 Pilgrim Club 268 Pinson, Kotherine 70 Pipe, Bernard 70, 198 Pi Sigma Alpha 259 Plancich, George . 70 Play Day 147 Pomeroy, Evert 70, 202 Pope, Margaret 70, 224 Potter, Edwin 42, 70, 122. 189 Powell. Arlein 157 Proter, Bill 70, 176 Pre-Medic Club 259 President ' s Messoge 6 Preston, Bill 171, 183 Prisadsky, V. A 70 Pritchard, Clyde 70 Psi Upsilon 196 Publications. A. S. U. W., 127-137 Puqsley, Bliss 70, 158, 241, 255 Purple Shield 45 Purvis, Morion 70, 214 Purvis, Rolph .70, 182 Putnam, Ed I 12, I 14 Continued on Page 284 w EST COAST OOD PRESERVING CO. DOUGLAS FIR CREOSOTED IN ALL COMMERCIAL FORMS OFFICE: 1118 FOURTH AVENUE AT SENECA PLANTS: SEATTLE, EAGLE HARBOR -n282 GENE MANNER Official Photographer to Tyee MY CONGRATULATIONS TO THE EDITOR, THE MANAGER AND THE STAFF OF THE TYEE. THEY HAVE PRODUCED A FINE BOOK, OF WHICH THE UNIVERSITY MAY BE JUSTLY PROUD. IT IS MY DISTINCTION TO BE THE OFFICIAL PHOTOGRAPHER TO TYEE G ENE I lANNER STUDIO IN THE OLYMPIC HOTEL MAin 3692 -1:283]- DECREES or DEGREES IT WAS ALL THE SAME TO KING SOLOMON But now that you have your degree — or not (as the case may be) — you have at least learned that all the Important news about your University and your many friends still there is contained in THE UNI- VERSITY OF WASHINGTON DAILY. You also must have learned how little it costs to receive it — but in case you haven ' t, it ' s only $3.00 per Year $1.25 per Quarter CAMPUS BARBER SHOP EXPERT WORKMANSHIP W. Dahlgien, Prop. 141 I E. 40th INDEX— Continued R ■ ' oge Page Radovan, Emelia 71, 219 Schuchai ' d, Eoi ' l 35. 44, 72 Roichle. Al .71, 175 Schwager, John .72 100, 196 41 72 Rarlg. John 71 157 187 Schwegler, Poul 41 Read, Mildred -71, 216 Schwellenbach, Lewi s .29, 32 Reese, Karl 41, 42, 124, 175 Scowcroft, Ei ' nest 72 Reid, Dorothy 71 219 Scribner, Ronald 186, 245 Railing, Olive 71 Seaburg, Helen 72 Rhuddy, Kenneth, 42 71, 94, 108, Seagroves, Roy 72 162 199 Seaman, Hy 151 Ribbeck, Gordon, 71, 164 193 250 Seeds, Corol 72, 226 Rlchords, Evelyn 71, 213. 236 Seeley, Fronces 72, 234 Richardson, Robert 71, 189 Seeliger, Clarence 72. 172 Rickord, Audrey - __.7I 240 Selter, H. R 72. 205 Rieke, Mott 71 , 94, 205 Seltzer, Moxine 240 Ritchie, Dorotheo, 40 43 71, 142, Senior Class 49-77 146 263 Serier, Kenneth 72 RItter. Reggie 71 197 Sessoms. Lawrence .. . 72, 186 River. John . 71 Shanstrom, Jean .134 Robbins. Betty 77 Shaw, Jock 72 171, 179 Roberts, Ruth 77, 213 229 Sheldon, Joe 41 108, 122 Robinson. Clyde -122 Sheltraw. Blanche 143, 238 Rogers. Williom H. 71 Shimizu, Sumiko . 72, 250 ??n 758 134 250 263 Rosellini, Hugh -71, 177 Short, Morgoret ...73. 233 Rosen. Kermit -71. 171. 208 Sibley, Fronces 73. 254 Rosenquist. Frank, 71, 94, 108. 178 Sidey. James 73 Roth, Helen .. 71. 230 Sievers, Lois ...73, 235 Rotman. Rose . 71 Sigma Alpha Epsilon 197 Rowlond, Gershon 71 Sigma Chi .198 Ruby, George 71, 195, 249 Sigma Delta Chi 260 71 Sigma Epsilon Sigma Eta Chi 262 Russell, Jack -71, 196 268 Rutkowskl. Joe 132, 207 Sigma Kappa 236 Ryer. William .71, 33, 135, 175 Sigma Nu Sigma Phi Epsilon 199 .200 s Sigma Phi Sigma 201 Sandvos, S. Hale 72 Sigma Pi 202 Sanwick, Helen 40 72. 266 SIN. Mn ' iom 73, 216 Sasaki, Arthur 72, 272 Simeon, Mary 73, 223 Sato, MIyaco 241, 250 Simpson. Loyd -77. 157, 258 Saunders, William -72, 175 Shakunfala ..152 .261 247 Slettedahl, Robert . Slocum, VIrglnIo 73, 180 Schader, Keith -72, 121. 231 Schaefer, Ruth M -72, 237 Smiley. Poullne 73, 230 Scharpenberg, Poul - -72, 183 Smith. Adney, 94, 100. 117. 121, Scheldt, Arnold 72. 197. 256 205, 245 Schieck, Edna .163 Smith, Bill ...81 , 94. 205 Schmidt, Gena-Helen -72. 231 Smith, Enid 43 73, 213. 221 Schmidt. Clara Louise , 72 .157.231 Smith, Ino .73. 232, 263 Schoel. Loren, 42, 72 94 97. 175 Society 1 60- 1 67 Schoen, Elmer 72, 202, 246 Sophomore Class 80, 81 Scholars 35 Sororities 214-238 Schroeder. Lois 736 266 Soth. Lourene 73 Schroeder. Mary Louise.- -72, 157 Sparks, Aurello. 43. 73. 142, 232, 233, 254 254 Continued on Page 285 ! WILTSIE ' S BOOK BINDERY ▼ WE BIND FOR THE LIBRARY 903 East 45th Street -L284-2- INDEX— ' Poge Speidel. Mai-jorie, 40, 73. 213, 228 Spence, George 73, 205 Spencer, Frank 73, 181 Spencer, M. Lyie, Jr., 73, 158, 182 Spicer, Jane - 73, 225 Spiked Shoe Club 262 Sporseen, Stanley 73 Sprague, Deboroh, 40, 43, 73, 142, 162, 215, 270 Spurgeon, Betty 123, 142, 240 Spurs 264 Stahmann, Ben R. 73, 204 Stanley, Dixie 144, 227 Stanley, Floyd, 73, 200, 245, 246, 248 Starr, Morion .. .73, 215 Stouff, Kotherine 228, 259 Stelnbrejck, Victor 77, 134 Steinhoff, Don 158, 171, 179 Stevens, E. B. 31 Stevens, Edwin 73, 203 Stevens, Leonard, 42, 73, 100, 116, 198 Stewort, Don 73, 185 Stewart, Kothryn 157 Stewort, Mildred 143, 144, 220 Stitz, Everett 73, 9 1 , 94, 175 Stone, Eleanor 80, 238 Stone, Ethel .....74, 213, 235 Street, Lorene 74, 239, 240 Strickler, Betty 134, 236 Stroessler, John 156 Strom, Axel ...74, 157 Stuart, Glodwyn ...74, 222 Student Administration ...119-125 Sulkosky, Paul 88, 94 Sullivan, Potsy 35 Sutherling, Virgil 44, 74, 247 Sutton, Andrew 159 Continued Poge Svendssen, Sidney 74 Svensson, Gloria 74, 235 Swartz, Fanny 122 Sweek, Jack 135, 206 Sweet, Eloise 43, 74. 214 Swenceski, Al 163, 251 Swygord, Kline 41, 94, 272 Tolkington, Emmett 74, 199 Tonner, John R .74 Tau Beta Pi 44 Tou Kappa Epsilon 203 Tau Phi Delta 204 Taylor, Evelyn 74, 225 Taylor, Raymond 74 Taylor, William C 74 Taylor, William ...74 Tempes, Lyttleton, 42, 74, 130, 196 Tennis .106 Theta Chi .....205 Theto Delta Chi 206 Theta Sigma Phi ......263 Theta Upsilon 237 Theta Xi .....207 Theurer, Mary 213, 225 Thomas, Betty .74, 229 Thomas, June 144, 145, 224 Thomos, Leah 74, 216 Thompson, Blaine 74, 171, 196 Thompson, Mildred 157 Thompson, Roy E. 74 Thompson, Wildo 74, 241 Thomson, David .32 Throckmorton, Frances ...248, 270 Tibbits, Fern 146 Tierney, William 74 Tiffin, Morguerite ......74, 225, 262 Tolo .162 Continued on Page 287 Qet the best! Washington Cadets and Bandsmen Do So Nudelman Brothers ' uniforms are specified for both this year. And Nudelman Bi ' others not only fur- nish the best R. O. T. C. UNIFORMS but also make the finest NAVAL and ARMY UNIFORMS on the Pacific Coast. ADVANCED STUDENTS! Make your selection NOV from our fine line of fabrics! Nudelman Bros, A UNIFORM FOR EVERY PURPOSE 141 11 2 Third Avenue - - - Seattle, Washington Only A Can Be An Award Sweater Product of Olympia Knitting Mills, Inc. olympia - - - washington -i:285 NEW DECORATIONS NEW EQUIPMENT NEW POLICY " She " Sally o nUy Inc. 89TH and BOTHELL WAY YOU CAN NOW DINE AND DANCE AT SEATTLE ' S FINEST SUBURBAN CAFE AT PRICES RANGING FROM 75c PER PERSON, INCLUDING COVER CHARGE. MANY DELIGHTFUL SPECIALTIES IN FINE FOOD. BOB McCLELLAND ' S TALLY-HOIANS EVERY NIGHT BUT TUESDAY— 9:00 TO 2:30 A.M. KEnwood 9714 be Smartly Collegiate — purchase your apparel and accessories in the fashion shops of Metropolitan Center — many of Seattle ' s best-dressed people do. 125 SPECIALTY SHOPS Theatres - Travel Offices Clothing Shops Everything for the Student METROPOLITAN BUILDING COMPANY Fourth and Fifth Avenues Union to Seneca Streets SEATTLE EGYPTIAN THEATRE University Way near 4 5th MEIrose 7600 NEPTUNE THEATRE 45th and Brooklyn MEIrose 4385 Compliments of A. RGHIGLIONEcS-SONS INCORPORATED Manufacturers of 6IL-YO-NE BRAND MACARONI PRODUCTS CRESCENT C4riNC POWDER .1 More Modern Lea verier The busy young hostess and ihe experienced nKilroii prefer it. Wilh Crej ' Cenl Biikiii} Powder dough?; and bailers may be mixed to bake at onr-e or hours hiter. A great eon- venienre. Two leavening units, wilh I ahuu-ed action, insure per- fectly raised baked foods. ■tnd the yieiipst Thinf; In a ConvenienI Can Yinir (irtnt ' r Yns It open or eal — er Iiirn does il Crescent Manufacturing Go. ShAiTLt. Washington -[:286 Featuring Servirifi the Hiisku ' s itl. POPCORN PEANUTS CANDY HOT DOGS CIGARETTES — at the Pavilion INDEX— Continued Page Tolo House 239 Tondel, Lymon 74, 173 Toner, Morgaret 74, 218 Totem Club 43 Town Girls 145 Track 107-110 Treen, Louise 43, 74, 143, 214 Troxell, Adron 74. 194. 272 Trumbull. Bob -- 133 Tsukuno. Tomi 74, 250 Tullock. Doris 75. 236 Turner. Mabel - -- 75 Tuttle, Howard 121. 137. 199 Tyee 134. 135 U Ulbrickson. Al _ __ ...96 Ulbrickson. Ed 94, 97, 201 Ullin. Woody 90. 94, 191 Ummel, Gerald 75, 205 Unger. Clayton 75 Utzinger, Morgaret 75 Uyeminami, Frederick . 75. 272 Van Brunt, Helen 75, 220 Vanderveer, Borbara ...18. 220 Von Uden, John, 75, 181, 249, 256 Von Zante. Ellsworth 75, 175 Varsity Ball 161 Varsity Band 156 Vaughn. Alfred ...75 Vernon. Phyllis, 40. 43, 75, 141, 235 Vivlon. Viola 268 Von Boecklin, Mary 157 Vredenburg, Mildred, 40, 75. 231, 252, 253 Von Lehe. Agnes 254 W Page Wahlstrom Nelson 122 Walln. Kenneth .75, 204 Wall. Naomi 167, 223 Wall. Ruth .75 Wollin. Horry 251 Walters. Carl.. 42, 75, 122, 188 Waithew, James ...44. 75, 199 Woltz William 1 13 Word, Dorothy ...75, 237 Wordin, Stanley E. . ...75, 200 Wares. Gordon ...75 Warjohn. Hans ...75. 198 Woi-ren, Chester ...82, 191 Worren, Genevieve . ...75. 221 Worren. Juonita ...75, 216 Woi ' ner. Morye Ellen .75, 214 Washington Educot on Asso - elation 265 Washington Honors 34 Wasson, Glenn . 75, 176 Weber, Joe. 94, 102. 108 112 189 Weber, Leone .75. 221 Weber, Mory .143 Wedeberg, Anno ...75, 237 Weidert. Clarice 144 207. 268 Weisman, Mary ...75, 228 Welch, J. Fred ...76. 190 Welch, Ralph ...92 Welch, Stuart W., 76. 130. 136, 209 Welke. Walter .258 Welsh, Chorles B. ... ...76, 203 Wevont, Marion ...76 223 White, Dorothy ...43, 226 White. Fred ...76, 157 White, Sallle Sue. 4C , 43 . 76. 162, 219 White, Stewart, 76, 177, 249. 256 Concludec on Page 288 THE Scientific Supplies Company Catalog sent upon request 123-125 Jackson Street, Seattle Phone ELIot I 134 LABORATORY SUPPLIES AND CHEMICALS M Viii 6395 320 S])rinfi St. Ward ' s Bindery Biiok Riniling Paper Ruling Ijonfic Li ' dj Di ' vici- s Cold Sinniliiiiii J.C.Ward Seattle CiKletn ' Memory Buolcs, Fraternity Leathers, Programs nnti Favors. Stationfry. Enihossinp, Printing, Enpravint: L. G. WiLKixs Company Louis G. ffilkins 473! inivemity U ay. Seattle At Your Service! 1 1 A. S. U.W. CANOE HOUSE Lowest Rentals on the Lake GEORGE LEIS, Mgr, Agents for Willits Canoes Storage $ 1 .00 per month Three hours, 50c Additional hours, 25c All day, $2.00 -[287 INDEX— Concluded Page White, Virginia 76, 235 Whiting, Jane 76, 223 Whyatt, Fern, 43. 76, 166, 213. 215 Wiati-ak Joe 88, 94. 180 Wickersham, Lee 76, 171, 196 Wilcox, Cotton 92 Wilcox, Helen E 76. 218 Wilcox. Helen A 76. 230 Williams, Florence -- 76 Wlllloms. Jack 76, 122, 173 Willianns, Montana 76 Willloms. Richard L., 76, 133, 161. 203. 246 Williams. Robert 35 Williams, Thelmo 43, 76 Williamson, Don 96 Willmon, Arvo Wills, John Wilson, Jane 76. 2 Wilson, Jean Wilson. James 162, I Windust. Frank Witt, Bob - Winkenwerder, Hugo Woerner. Bill Wohlers, Frances Wohlrabe. Florence ,..- Wolcver, Howard -... Wolcott, Bill Women ' s Activities Women ' s Athletic Associot Women ' s Vocational Club Page 76, 205 76, 209 33, 254 76, 214 63, 206 88. 94 . .164 30 92 76, 271 76 76, 198 90 139-147 ion .146 .248 Page " W " Club, Big 94 " W " Club. Minor .... .100 " W " Club. Women ' s 263 Woodward. Walt. .42 76 94. 184 Woodworth, George S.. 76. 175, 256 Wright, Gene 161, 184 Wurdeman. Charles ... 159. 183 X Xi Sigma Pi .265 Young, Young, Young. Young. John Grace Margaret Richord . 77, ...77 266 77 77 Page Y. M. C. A 272 Y. W. C. A. 270-271 Y. W. C. A. Cabinet 270 Y. W. C. A. Council 271 Y. W. C. A. Freshman Com- mission 271 Y. W. C. A. Sophomore Com- mission 27 1 Z Zeigler, John 77. 201 Zeta Beta Tau 208 Zeta Mu Tau 266 Zeta Phi Eta 266 Zeta Psi 209 Zeta Tau Alpha 238 2m- ACKNOWLEDGMENT Tc O Ml-. Francis G. Pratt of Lowman Hanford Company, and to Mr. Fred Wiman of Western Engraving Cor 4 pany, the staff of the 1933 Tyee is Indebted 4 for many helpful suggestions and consldera- 4 tions. ... To Mr. Merlin G. Enabnit ond Mr. 4 Tom Renton, artists, Tyee Is grateful. . . . Also 4 to the Seattle Post-Intelligencer, The Seattle 4 Times, the University Drama Department and 4 the University of Washington Doily for cour- tesles shown. -[289 IN CASE YOU WANT TO KNOW who the people making faces at you from the page cor ners are, in order of their consecutive appearance: E. C. — Earl Campbell M. A, — Mark Antoncich M. N. — Martin Nelson M. M. — Mott Muczynski B. H.— Bill Hannah P. A. — Pete Antoncich M. B. — Morney Brown D. S. — Debby Sprogue - . W. — Acting President hlugo Winkenwerder H. G, — hielen Gorham J. E. — Jean Eogleson J. L. — Jane Leuenberger T. hi.— Talbot Hartley S.S.W.—Sallie Sue White M. C. — Marion Craig B. C. — Barbara Castlemon G. Z. — Gordon Zwiebel L. H. — Larry Hubbard D. B.— Don Bracken E. S. M. — Prof. Edmond S. Meany H. H. S. — Dean Harold Shepherd R. G. T. — Dean Richard G. Tyler H. L. — Dean Henry Landes D. D. G.— Dean Dudley D. Griffith D. G. — Dorsett (Tubby) Graves J. W.— Jim Wilson F. M. P. — Dean Frederick Morgan Padelford H. T.— Howard (Tubby) Tuttle S. McG. — Shirley McGregor C. R. — Clyde Robinson M. R.— Prof. Milnor Roberts B. H.— Betty Harris The section head caricatures in their order ore: College Life — Robin Gloor and Husky Administration — Dean David Thomson Honorories — Kenneth Rhuddy Classes — The four class presidents: Jerry Achenboch Chef Peters Jim Brock Chef Warren Athletics — Charles Frankland Football — Dave Nisbet Crew — Herb Mjorud Basketball — Johnny Fuller Track — Don Bracken Baseball — Bob Heaman Minor Sports and Intromurals — Adney Smith A. S. U. W. — Bill Montgomery Publications — Harold Mansfield and Byron Fish Women ' s Activities — Jean Eogleson All-U. Activities — Glenn Hughes Fraternities — Bob Palmer Sororities — Pete Lowrie Organizations — Jim Larpenteur OUR ADVERTISERS Page A. S. U. W. Auditors 282 A. S. U. W. Canoe House . 287 Butler Hotel 282 Cascade Chemical Co. 282 Crescent Mfg. Co. 286 Dahlgren Barber Shop 284 Egyptian Shoe Repair 279 Egyptian Theatre 286 Federated Metals, Inc. 279 Frederick Nelson . . 275 Ghlgllone ' s .. --- 286 Hanner, Gene -- 283 Hanson Bros. Transfer -280 Hotel Meany __ .280 Kotsaros, John -- .._ 287 Kennell-Ellls __ 279 Krlstoferson ' s Dairy 279 Lowman Honford Co 278 Metropolitan Building Co. 286 Metropolitan Laundry Neptune Theotre Northwest Envelope Co. Northwestern Mutual Life Ins. Co. Nudelman Bros Scientific Supplies Co. Sun Life Insurance Co. Swope, Helen Tally-Ho Inn University Book Store U. of W. Dally University Notional Bonk Ward ' s Bindery . West Coast Wood Preserving Co. Western Engraving Co. Western Printing Co - Wholley, John A. Wilkins Co., L. G. .._ Wiltsle ' s Book Bindery Wll Wife - Page 279 286 276 280 285 287 276 280 286 277 284 276 .287 .282 .281 280 .276 287 284 ...285 -n290 REGENT NATHAN KELLOGG STUCK HIS UMBRELLA IN A PATCh ' THIS IS WHERE k M WE ' LL HAVE THAT BUILDING " THE BUILDING BUILT TINY STARGAZING ASTRONOMY.I ILTHE EXPOSITIOh ( TOWER WAS PRESENTED «? ?? N 1912 BY THE SEATTLE TIMES. I9I ONE OF THE FIRST TUDOR-GOTHIC HALLS, AFTERS THE WAR pi— r fi m m JOHNSON HALL, CD m m m m m Q sITS TWIN BROTHER, WAS ERECTED IN I930. AND TRIES TO CONJURE UP THE DAYS WHEN BEARS GROWLED WHERE DF GROUND IN NORTHERN SEATTLE BACK IN 1894 AND SAID, mS DENNY HALL. WITH THE LEFTOVER SANDSTONE THEY BROUGHT MEANY HALL, NAMED FOR PROF.E. S. MEANY. CHIMES OUND L-I.F.E ON THE CAMPUS. J nat E HOME ECONOMICS WAS S WAS M m. (DQ p- EDUCATION. PHYSICS HALL WAS BUILT IN 1928, AND iOW PROFESSOR MEANY SITS IN HIS OFFICE IN ANCIENT DENNY EDUCATION STANDS, AND BLACKBERRIES GREW ON THE LIBRARY SITE

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