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t » ■■■I ■ ■■■ ■ ■■I •i?; ;-v-As! ' ' ■•-V ' ' ■ ' ' i ' iv " ' - ' l. ' f X LIBRIS PYRIGHT Richard Lea - - Editor Alice Anne Herrig - Art Barbara Hieser - - Art Wm. D. McArthur, Bus. Mgr. Published • by the • Associated Students of the University of Washington, Seattle, Washington Ul OREWORD Out of the turmoil of changing forms, out of the flux and flow of new songs, new voices, out of the welter and hurry of a university, tuned to the pace of America, we seek to draw forth a description which will be a permanent and immutable memory. THE 1930 TYEE ONTENTS CAMPUS SKETCHES ASSOCIATED STUDENTS ADMINISTRATION CLASSES PUBLICATIONS ATHLETICS WOMEN ' S ACTIVITIES MUSIC- DRAMA -DEBATE HONORARIES COLLEGE LIFE SOCIETY FRATERNITIES SORORITIES ORGANIZATIONS RESIDENT ' S MESSAGE We, of the University of Washington, ore the heirs of G noble post and the builders of a noble future. The courage and the daring of the pioneer carved our state from wilderness. A courage and daring akin to theirs, and animated by fine intelligence, alone can build a University worthy of our heritage. With rever- ence for the past, we must resolutely face the future. M LYLE SPENCER i l EDICATION TO EDMOND S. MEANY r He has stood among us like o tall fir among the generation of trees, and stored with all the richness of which the earth is capable, has not spared tongue or pen in our services. The score of years which have passed since last these pages paid formal tribute to Professor Meany serve only to increase the respect and reverence with which we dedicate to him ■■■■ ■■■■ ■■i — — THE I930 TYEE EDMOND S. MEANY MEMORIAM Bettiol, Sylvia Theodore Bike, Charles Edwin Blaine, James A. Blanks, Evangeline Bolen, William H. Brandenthaler, Rudolph Burns, O. A. Clayberg, Sylvester Coleman, Montie R. DeFord, William R. Denning, Alice Margaret Dickson, John Chisholm Drury, Omer Dun, Mrs. Marie Smith Ely, John Carl Fifer, Charles W. Fogerty, Helen K. Gardiner, Gerald Keith Goodfellow, (Mrs.) Willa Hoffman Grant, Laura Ethel Hall, Carl Eugene Jackson, Lucille Ball (Mrs.) Kellog, Mrs. Nellie J. Ke+chem, Mary Virginia Klocke, Freda McCann, John Joseph McCann, Mary Louise Field Manning, Harold C. Martin, Thelma E. Meyer, Wilhelm Hugo Morgan, Gladys Elizabeth Nettleton, Ruth Opsvig, Louis P. Owsley, Joseph Pedicord, George Potts, Edward Lave Sayer, Margaret Smith, Lucy Shelton St. Luise, Ernine Templeman, Perc L. Ulvestad, Solveig Unruh, Muriel Vance, Earl Umbarger, Elizabeth Watne, Edwin Wellington, Gordon Kincaid Mines, Henry Walker V " X " — t it - m -r- 1-- V.r; V-? ; -T if i SKI r • n- « . " 96 - 3» ;jj»» i aa i. 4 -S» " t62S« t .(M r t. - ' 3 ASSOCIATED STUDENTS Rcvicuj of cason Eart Campbell I T has been a great year for Washington and for Earl Campbell, the graduate manager. Mr. Campbell is a man of parts. He is a great hunter, an artist, and a financier. First, he went hunting and bagged Jimmy Phelan of Purdue to coach Washington ' s football teams. Next, he turned his attention to financial matters. He saw to the float- ing of a $150,000 bond issue to cover the student body indebtedness. Feel- ing that that wasn ' t enough, the A. S. U. W. bought the property north of the Book Store on University Way. During the summer the Book Store will be enlarged and improved inside, although the new property will not be used for several years. The artistic effect of the athletic facilities next attracted the graduate manager ' s attention. Plans were made and put into effect for several more practice fields for the grid men. The Stadium was covered with green turf to soften the football men ' s falls and cut down their laundry bills. Last, but not least, the track around the field is to be resurfaced with brilliant red cinders in place of the old black ones, and a white cement curb is to be built to keep the runners from infringing on the rights of Phelan ' s men. Yes, it has been a good year for Washington and for Earl Campbell. ir PACE 3 ; CampbeH, Jackson, Kil ore. Robinson A. s. L. w. ernciALS EMPLOYED OFFICIALS Earl Campbell Graduate Manager Jesse Jackson Assistant Graduate Manager Carl Kilgore Assistant Graduate Manager Clyde Robinson Assistant Graduate Manager Nelson Wahlstrom Office Manager Margaret Bushell Cashier Ruby Johnson Secretary to Graduate Manager Dook Stanley Director Student News Bureau Grace Wilson Secretary Student News Bureau Dorothy F. Soule Student Publications Secretary COACHING STAFF Enoch Bagshaw Football Coach Bart Spellman Assistant Football Coach Wayne Sutton Freshman Football Coach D. V. Graves Baseball, Football Coach C. S. Edmundson Track, Basketball Coach Percy Egtvedt Assistant Track Coach Al tllbrickson Crew Coach Tom Bolles Assistant Crew Coach William Jefferson Golf Coach J. G. Arbuthnot Wrestling, Intramural Coach Norman Kunde Boxing Coach Earl Clark Trainer PUBLICATIONS STAFF Douglas Willix Daily Editor Donn Lawwill Daily Business Manager Richard Lea Tvee Editor William McArthur. ...Tyee Business Manager Kenneth Striker Columns Editor Charles Guernsey Columns Business Manager William Stedman Buckner Bolton MISCELLANEOUS George Pocock Shell Builder Stadium Caretaker F. M. Price Assistant Property Caretaker .Property Caretaker George Leis Canoe House Caretaker ± PACE 30 wum- ' M. Hergert. JT ing. Kelly, Hays A. S. t.W. COMMITTEE EIGHTH AISNUAL STATE HIGH SCHOOL BASKETBALL TOURNAMENT COMMITTEE Student Manager Dick Hergert . . o J . n r 1 Art Fairchild Assistant Student Managers. | „ p i . Betty Johnson Margaret Clyde Secretaries j Vivian Downey Marion Moser Jane Hayes •-Elizabeth Blum ' Dorsett Graves Wayne Sutton J. Grattan O ' Bryan Supervisors of Games.. , James Phelan Clarence Edmundson Al Ulbrickson Tom BoUes ' •Bart Spellman Floor Managers ( Maurice Balcom I James Pierce rWilliam Hadley Assistant Floor Managers . J Eldridge Carr I Nat Redpath l Dave Schultz „ _ ( Robert Dudley Property Room p „ „ " Score Board William Olwell Locker Room Fred Huey Scores Stanley Jaloff rDan Lundin Publicity J Fred Hecker I Stephen Lea LRobert Lucas Assignment of Teams Gaynor Langsdorf Entertainment William Hays Banquet Tom Stokes Announcer Howard Palmer ' Philip Wolgemuth Eugene Kelly Information Donald Sparkman Gordon Calder William Ferguson Registration Bruce Bartley Knights of the Hook Walter Hendrix Programs Irving Watcher RELAY CARNIVAL COMMITTEE Student Manager Ivan Wing J Betty Johnson I Margaret Gadsby Secretaries.. Harold Pebbles Morris Butler Edward Burns Assistants Constance Orton Edward Larkin Jack Griffin Paul Nelson Walter Blade Randall Victory Herbert Fovargue Eugene Kelly Charles Easter P . C E 3 7 Assistants Jack Thurlow Charles Tavlor RALLY COMMITTEE Chnirmnii William Hayes ' i esley Brown Roger Carey Fred Hecker Kenneth Britt Edward Schaff Langsdorf, Cartano, Kilworth, Kelly Herron, Bond, Watcher, Welch, Post BOARD €f CONTROL A.S. U. r. OFFICERS Gaynor Lancsdorf President Irv Watcher ) i ■ tj John Cartano Vice-President Don Welch j Junior Representatives Ruth Kilworth Secretary William Post Sophomore Representative Al Kelly Graduate Representative Mrs. J. Arthur Younger 1 .. Joseph Herron ) c ■ t . .- Merville W. McInnis Aiumni BeaBond 3 Senior Representatives j. Karl Bell J Representatives Tfr page 38 1 I Balcom, Bartley, Batelle. Burns, Davis, Fosseen Guernsey. Hergerl, Kuykendall, Latcuill, Lea. McArthur Palmer, Pebbles, Perkins, Pierce, Siveet. Wolgemuth STUDENT MANAGERS ' COUNCIE OFFICERS Harold Pebbles Howard Palmer President Vice-President Charles Batelle MEMBERS Secretary-Treasurer Maurice Balcom Bruce Bartley Charles Batelle Edward Burns Nat Davis Neal Fosseen Donn Lawwill Charles Guernsey Richard Lea Gerald Haney William McArthur Dick Hergert Harold Palmer Jerome Kuykendall Harold Pebbles REPRESENTATUES De Forest Perkins James Pierce William Sweet Philip Wolgemuth Earl Campbell Jesse Jackson Carl Kilgore Clyde Robinson PACK 30 Meader, Uelbar, Sylvester, Wallace Nixon, Setzer, Delmas, McGilvrey, Broumton A. S. L. W. COMMITTEE Members Helen Delbar Ruth Joseph Margaret Church Jane Templeton CAMPUS DAY COMMITTEE Chairman E. Eilert Meader Margaret Grandjean Lois Flohr Harold Stone Gordon Richardson Neal Fosseen Toney Delmas Archie Galbraith Harry Dye Otis Smith Charles Easter William Hays HOMECOMING COMMITTEE James Wallace ... Myrtle Malan ( Bice Clemow ( Arthur Peterson.. Jack Kellogg Jack Sylvester ..Assistant Chairman Publicity ..Alumni Relations Finance -Reception ...General Chairman Elinor Baird ( Wesley Brown J Floyd Backeberg | gj Hope lurner J John McGilvrey Mixer MOVINGUP COMMITTEE Chairman Clavton Nixon Members Wilfred Painter Ralph Jones Charles Pearson Vernon Brice Jack Sylvester Maury Setzer Helen Dilling PACE 40 trreen, Davis, Rarig, Siceet, Setzer Hecker, Click, Harris, Stedman, Elder A. S.L.W. COMMITTEE STADIUM DAY COMMITTEE Al Green Chairman Philip Lindenian ( .. . Milt Bona Publicity Wesley Brown Marian Elder Lunch Richard Harris Clean-up Marion Davis Assistant Chairman ELECTIONS COMMITTEE Chairman Max Rarig Donald Beattv Kenneth Saunders Olive Mathias Margaret Clvde William B. Sweet Frank Packard Helen Click Jack Sylvester Betty Post CREff ' DRIJ E COMMITTEE Chairman Maurv Setzer Webster Anderson John Edwardsen Jack Hartline F ' red Hecker illiani Joiner David Kaye James Kelleher Herman Keys (ieorge Kinnear illiam Reed Ralph Snyder Paul Slednian Charles Taylor (rirton ' iereck Irving atcher PACE 41 Knights of the Hook INTERCOLLEGIATE rNIGLITS Knights of the Hook, an organization oj underclassmen designed for service to ff ashington, was established in 1919. PACE 42 OFFICERS Walter Hendrix President Kendall Cosby Secretary Joe Sheldon Treasurer COMMITTEES William Hayes Rally Jack Freeman Publicity Kendall Cosby Dance Toney Delmas 1 James Kelleher |- Fenton Radford Hospitality Yell Staff Knox Woodruff Ushering James Woodford J Merle Bell Initiation MEMBERS Jerry Achenhach Eugene Dare Laurence Jolley Alvin Schaffer Webster Anderson Arthur Daw son Roger Joseph Louis Scharpenberg Van Baldwin Gene DeRowe Henry Kaye Joe Sheldon Herman Bauer George Dudley James Kelleher Charles Sigler Merle Bell Wendell Duncan Guthrie Langsdorf Frank Spencer Roy Benson Carl English Jack Liming James Standard Robert Bennett John Emery Tom Mathews John Steinbrueck Ivar Bernth William Estep Harold Miller Max Stuart Allen Bird Jack Ferguson Blake Mills Alton Slyve Ferdinand Bisbop Lewis Flanders Walter Morris Ernest Tanzer Robert Boyker Richard Ford Evert Nelson Charles Taylor Kenneth Britt Jack Freeman Patrick O ' Neill Happy Taylor Marney Brown Arthur Gardner William Parr Mack Thomas Wesley Brown John Gales Stanley Peterson Jack Thurlow Jack Buford Fred Graetz Evert Pomeroy Sam Wallin William Burke Robin Glore Edwin Potter Robert While Marvin Burnett Lamonte Grishani Cecil Powell Edwin Whiting Charles Bushell Houghton Gross Warren Priem Charles Wilson Jack Campbell Fred Haggard Marshall Puckett Martin Wilson Roger Carey William Hayes Fenton Radford James Woodford Don Clark Fred Hecker Albert Raichle Knox Woodruff Charles Cohn Walter Hendrix James Rice James Wortham Kendall Cosby Walter Hoag Moll Rieke Richard Young Frank Culp Homer Hoffeditz George Ruby John Young Richard Culler Al Jeffers Edward Schaff Gregory Ziegler r I ' I 1 ■ : !■■■■■ spurs SPLRS National serrice organization for underclass uomen. Mamook Order of Spurs chartered lit the University of fl ashin ton in 1926. The organization is similar to the Intercollegiate Knights and assists in securing transportation for visitors, rallies and special occasions. OFFICERS Dorothea Town President Jane Wolp Secretary Frances Kerr Treasurer Janet Izett Vice-President Alpha Chi Omega Rutli Sheldon Virginia McNelly Alpha Delta Pi Hortense Johnson Verna Isaacson Alpha Delta Theta Kathleen Burrow Eva Scott Alpha Gumma Delta Jane olf Doris Stout Alpha Omicron Pi Margaret Reid Isabel Lane Alpha Phi Eleanor Elford Jeanne Blangy A Ipha Xi Delta Evelyn Washhurn Mary Grace Cadzo« MEMBERS Beta Phi Alpha Kappa Kappa Gamma Jeanne Schoephoester Cornelia Malhewson !• G E 4 3 Helen Hindmaii Chi Omega Betty Stubenraucli Elizabeth Bertsche Delta Delta Delta Williniae Straight Lois Huntington Delta Gamma Virginia Powell Dorothy White Delta Zeta Louise Seifert Elizabeth Trimble Gamma Phi Beta Dorothea Town Marcella Crabtree Kappa Alpha Theta Fran -es Kerr Margaret Hemphill Kappa Delia Janet Izett Helen Carscadden Maxine Beal Phi Mu Betty Miller Ruth Hightower Phi Omega Pi Mabel Stroninie Georgina Gibb Pi Beta Phi Helen ernon Gwen Campbell Theta Upsilon Ruth Allison Martha Shaw Zeta Tail .Alpha Thelnia Jewett Carroll Cottrell .7orA- Hall Gladys Olson Bernice Brown D.A.R. Anne Carter Marjorie Skemp Sigma Kappa Lewis Hall Dorothy Manchester Leona Maschke Muriel Stohlton June Hartley Lambda Omega Muriel Oraker Aurelia Sparks Pi Sigma Gamma Eleanor M. Brown Frances Rjan Tolo House Dorothy Potter irginia Olson Mrs. McKenney ' s House Naomi Elniendorf Lillian Birch It ildarho House ( ' iiarlolte Baunian Opal Harvey Hauser, Olschetvsky, Herron, Moore riNE ART COUNCIL OFFICERS Lawrence Hauser President Joseph Hereon Henry Olschewsky Vice-President Joseph Moore .. Secretary Chief Consul Kelly, Taylor, Matlbeits. Plamondon, Boytes UIGIi SCHOOL CONfERENCE COMMITTEE CHAIRMEN Eugene Kelly General Chairman Short West Vice-Chairman Charles Taylor Boys ' Conference Marion Matthews Girls ' Conference Jack Cissna Banquet and Entertainment Eleanor Plamondon Girls ' Housing Donald Gordon Boys ' Housing Tom Barnharl Editors ' Conference Eleanor Boyles Tea Chairman William Gray Publicity Lela Ketchum Secretary PACE 44 Morbech, Hadley, Clampett B. A. COUNCIL OFFICERS Donald Morbeck President Ellen Miller Secretary Elsie Jane Hadley Vice-President LvLE Clampett Treasurer MEMBERS William Sweet Alpha Kappa Sigma Gordon U ' Ran B. A. Loan Fund Lyle Clampett Beta Alpha Psi Richard Jones Beta Gamma Sigma Josephine Smith Gamma Alpha Chi Ellen Miller Gamma Epsilon Pi William Dunks Alpha Delta Sigma Don Morbeck Mentor System Elsie Jane Hadley Women ' s Vocational Clul) Wesley Wilson Pan-Xenia Harold Stone Ad Club Kettenrin , Garrison, Olson ENCINEEI INC COLNCIl OFFICERS Fred Kettenrinc, Jr President Homer Garrison Vice-President Ray Bontemps Secretary Lloyd Olson Treasurer Harold Gaunce ) Ray Bontemps j Russell Stunkard i Alden Carlson I Homer Garrison | James ' allace j E. R. Wilcox I B. T. McMinn ) ■ Wallace Howe | Ernest Raymond l REPRESENXiTIVES Chemical Engineering Civil Engineering Electrical Engineering Faculty Fisheries Lloyd Olson I F i v Henry Wentworth ) Robert Bennett Freshmen Clifford Bartellsl Norman Larson Fred Kettenring. Jr. j Robert Coats ( Roy Brownell ( Fred Hoffman t Mechanical Engineering Mi -Sophomores pace 45 ADMINISTRATION A. H. B.Jordan BCARD Of REGENTS B " ROB ABLY there is no student in the University of Washington who has not lieard of tlie Board of Regents. l)ut very few are acquainted with the personnel of this hody. This group of seven men. organized within itself into committees, has final decision in all matters of concern to the University as an institution. A. H. B. Jordan, a paper pulp manufacturer of the City of Everett, is president of the Board; James . Paterson. a retired ship huilder resid- ing in Seattle, vice-president; and Paul H. Johns, president and general manager of the City Lumber Company in Tacoma, is secretary. Other members of the Board of Regents are: J. D. Farrell, president of the Seattle Lighting Company; Roscoe A. Balch. office manager of the F. M. Rothrock Company of Spokane; J. M. Perry, head of the J. M. Perry and Company Cold Storage business in Yakima; and Joseph E. Lease, a retired banker of Centralia. Plans were completed by the Board during the year for the Orrin Bennett Johnson Biology Hall. The arioiis committees formed by the Board work in conjunction with President M. Lyle Spencer, who puts into execution the measures passed by the Board of Regents. PACK I ' I Dean Thompson Denny Hall CCllEGE or LIEERAL ARTS DAVID THOMPSON, Dean of the College of Liberal Arts, was born in Orrillia, Ontario, in Canada, February 21, 1871. He was graduated from the University of Toronto in 1892, and for the next three years he attended the University of Chi- cago. From 1899 to 1902 he was assistant Latin instructor at the same university. In 1902 he became professor of Latin at the University of Washington. He held that position until 1908 when he was granted a two years " leave of absence to study at the University of Munich. When he returned to Washington, in 1917, he became Dean of the College of Liberal Arts. I N the College of Liberal Arts, spe cial recognition has been given to Professor Charles E. Martin in the political science department. Granted a leave of absence for the autumn and winter quarters, he served as visit- ing professor in the Orient under the auspices of the Carnegie Endow- ment of International Peace. Withdrawals in this college number three; five professors have leaves of absence; and two new members have been added to the teaching staff. While Professor Edmond S. Meany was recovering from an automobile accident, his son, Edmond S. Meany, Jr., substituted for him in the his- tory department. Education Hall COLLEGE OE LINE ARTS IRVING M. GLEN, Dean of the College of Fine Arts, was born in Brooklyn, New York, on February 14. 1871. He received his education at the School of Elocution and Oration and the Elwood School of Music, both in San Jose, Cali- fornia. From 1894 to 1896 he attended the John Hopkins University, and in 1897 he received his A. M. degree at the University of Oregon. He was professor of English and Latin at Linfield College during the academic year 1896. In 1901 he returned to the tiniversity of Oregon to become Dean of the School of Music. Since 1915 Dean Glen has served as Dean of the College of Fine Arts at the University of Washington. c, LITSTANDING credit has been granted this year to two members of the music department in the College of Fine Arts. Mrs. Francis Newen- ham, instructor of public school music, was named president of the Northwest Music Supervisors ' Conference, and Charles W. Lawrence, professor of music, used as the music score in the mid-winter concert, his own master ' s thesis. John Ashby Conway is at present the head of the dramatic arts depart- ment, succeeding Professor Lovejoy, who has accepted a position at Columbia University. Four other professors have been added to the fac- idty, and one man, Professor Ambrose Patterson, has a leave of absence to study and travel in Europe. ± ■T- :, , ' I Commerce Hall COLLEGE Of BLSINE f ADMINISTRATION WILLIAM E. COX. Dean of tlie College of Business Aflministration. was born April 5. 1887 in Van Buien. Arkansas. Receiving his B. A. degree in 1909 and his jVI. a. the next year from the I ' niversity of Texas. Dean Cox has done gradu- ate work at Stanford. Chicago. California, and Harvard during the years 1911 to 1917. He is national president of Beta Alpha Psi, national accounting frater- nity, and a member of five otlier commercial honoraries. He is the author of Cost Accounting for Retail Filial Dealers, which was published by the L niversity of Washington Press in 1920. Dean Cox came to the University in 1919 and has been Dean of the College of Business Administration since 1926. I N response to the widespread interest in common stocks as investment media, a course in The Stock Exchange has heen introduced into the curriciihim of the College of Business Administration. There are three new memhers on the staff of instructors: Donald H. Mackenzie. Harold M. Haas, and B. O. Wheeler. Dr. Howard H. Preston and Professor Theresa S. McMahon have returned after a year ' s leave of ahsence. The Washington chapter of Gamma Epsilon Pi, women ' s national commerce honorary, won the cup which is awarded annually to the chap- ter having the highest scholarship throughout the United States. PACE 52 •t ilii " ni iii: iEi Dean Landes COLLEGE Cf SCIENCE HENRI LANDES, Dean of the College of Science, was born in Carroll. Indiana, on December 22, 1867. In 1892 he received his A. B. at the University of Indiana, and in 1893 he received an A. B. and an A. M. at Harvard University. He was made professor of geology at the University of Washington in 1895. In the school year 1914-1915 Dean Landes served as the acting president of this university, and since 1921 he has been Dean of the College of Science here. Dean Landes was also the State Geologist of Washington from 1901 to 1921. N EXT year the College of Science will have as its official headquarters the new Orrin Bennett Johnson hiiilding, the hiology hall, instead of the now famous Science huilding. During the last year there have heen many changes made in the fac- ulty of this college. In the military science department alone, there are six new instructors, and four former memhers of the faculty have with- drawn. Fifteen professors have been added to the facultv in the other departments, with three others withdrawn and one on a leave of absence. ±L Engineering Hall COLLEGE OE ENGINEERING RICHARD G. TYLER. Dean of the College of Engineering, was born October 16, 1885, in Georgetown. Texas. He conies to the University of Washington from the position of engineer of Paris, Texas, and assistant of several other Texas cities. Dean Tyler succeeds Dr. C. E. Magnusson, who resigned to do research work, as Dean of the College of Engineering. He has been affiliated with the University of Texas; Dean of the Oklahoma Agriculture and Mechanical Col- lege; and associate professor of sanitary engineering in the Massachusetts Insti- tute of Technology. Dean Tyler is a member of the American Society for Civil Engineers, the Acacia fraternity, and Tau Beta Pi and Sigma Tau, engineering honoraries. I HE new department of aeronautical engineering has met with success. Construction was hegun on the aeronautical building last summer, after the second house in the legislative body had approved the appropriation for equipment. The buUding is to be named after Daniel Guggenheim, who furnished money for its construction. There are four new instructors in the College of Engineering: F. East- man, R. Brown. S. R. Tymstra. and Sergius Sergen. Besides the bulletins regularly published by the engineering experiment station, several books and bulletins have been published by the faculty. -a PAGE 54 Dean Jf ' inkeniverder Anderson Hall COLLEGE OE EORESTRY HUGO WINKENWERDER. Dean of the College of Forestry, was born March 16, 1858, in Watertown, Wisconsin. After receivintc his B. S. degree from the University of Wisconsin and his Masters from the ale School of Forestry, for four years he was an instructor in Sheboygan High School. He was then placed in charge of education in the United States Forest Service. In 1909 he left his assistant professorship in Colorado College to accept a similar position here, and was promoted to the office of Dean of the College of Forestry in 1912. Dean Winkenwerder was recently elected president of the Washington State Forestry conference, and is a member of the National Forest Policy committee. . GIFT of $50,000 which was recently received by the Forestry School from Mrs. Agnes H. Anderson has been made a trust fund, the income of which will be chiefly used for graduate research fellowships. Another very valuable movement is being made whereby the entire Sophomore class in forestry is taken during spring quarter to the pack forests for field instruction. Dean Winkenwerder was reelected president of the Washington State Forestry Conference this year. The conference, held in the fall quarter, was attended by about seventy students of the College of Forestry. j Ut ' itn McKenzie Commerce Hall SCHOOL or JOtl NALISM VERNON McKENZIE, who has been Dean of the School of Journalism for a year, received his B. A. degree at the University of Toronto, and his M. A. at Harvard University. From 1923 to 1925 he was lecturer in charge of the Univer- sity of Toronto Journalistic Extension Course. Several projects were promoted by Dean McKenzie during his first vear here. The practice of having a well- known newspaper man instruct classes for one quarter, and the practice of send- ing two sets of two students — during Easter vacation — over the State of Wash- ington, to publish various weeklies, wei ' e the new innovations. Dean McKenzie was associated with a number of newspapers before coming to the University of Washington. I WO new courses have been added to the curricuhim of the School of Journalism. Journalism 12, and Journalism 225, dealing with the prin- ciples of journalism, and problems of journalism, respectively, are the new courses. Edwin Wintermute, formerly on the staff of the Providence, Rhode Island, Journal, and Ruth Stewart, a teaching fellow for the spring quarter, were the two new members of the Journalism school faculty. Dean McKenzie. Professor R. W. Jones. Byron Christian. Tom Barn- hart, and several students have written numerous articles and short stor- ies for publication. Tfrr PAGE 56 Dvan Srhueppe Commerce Hall SCHOCL or LAW ALFRED JOHN SCH ' EPPE. Dean and professor of Law, was born in 1895. in New Ulm, Minnesota. In 1916 he received his bachelor ' s degree and in 1917 his master ' s from the Llniversity of Wisconsin. He was made a doctor of laws at the LTniversity of Minnesota in 1922. He served as a part-time instructor in both these universities. From 1922 to 1926 he practiced law in Seattle, first with the firm Tanner and Garvin, and then with Lono; and Schweppe. He is a member of the Seattle and the Washington bar associations. Dean Schweppe was a lecturer on law at the LTniversity from 1923 to 1926 and has served as the Dean of the School of Law since that time. I O take the place left vacant at the resignation of Professor Clark P. Bissett, Vivian M. Carkeek has been appointed as the only new member of the Law school faculty. The school enrollment has increased this year to 258 students. Because of his scholarship, personality and professional aljility, the name of J. Gordon Gose was engraved on the Phi Alpha Delta plaque which hangs in the Law Library. Herald O ' Neill, a Senior in the Univer- sity this year, was student editor of the Washington Law Review this term. r r. F Education Hall SCHOOL or EDLCATION WILLIS UHL, Dean of the School of Education was born April 22, 1885, in Angola, Indiana. Taking his B. A. degree from Northwestern University in 1911 and his doctor ' s degree from the University of Chicago ten years later, he was for four years professor of education at Northwestern LTniversity. Since that time he has been acting associate professor of education at both the University of Wisconsin and at Yale. Dr. LliI has been Dean of the School of Education at the University of Washington since 1928. He is a member of the National Society for the Study of Education and is the author of many articles on elementary and secondary education. xI REAT recent advancement in the School of Education is exemplified by the closer affiliation of the education courses with the Seattle public schools. The amount of practice teaching for students in the department has been increased by fifty per cent. Plans are being made to increase affiliations much more by the recent adoption of the ' " Follow-up " move- ment. By this plan students who have been graduated will be watched in their future work, and a definite record kept of their progress in succeed- ing positions. Dean Roberts Mines Laboratory COLLEGE CE MINES MILNOR ROBERTS. Dean of the College of Mines, was born in New York, in 1877. Dean Roberts was educated at Hartford, Connecticut, Cutler Academy at Colorado Springs, and Stanford University- He was an instructor at Stanford for two years while carrying on graduate studies in mining and geology. In 1901 he came to Washington as Dean of the College of Mines. He has frequently served as an officer in local and national engineering societies and on semi- public committees in Seattle. Dean Roberts represented the University in the establishment in 1910 of the Mine Safety Station of the United States Bureau of Mines, followed in 1916 by the Northwest Experiment Station. .S the University has developed. Dean Roherts has designed and equip- ped four successive laboratories for mining and metallurgy, the new Mines Laboratory and its equipment having cost a third of a million dol- lars. The instruction for mature mining men now takes the form of a Mining Institute, which is held each January for one week, drawing an attendance of more than one hundred. The College of Mines has the most strategic situation of any in America as regards the availability of mines, metallurgical works, ceramic plants for study, and the field of opportu- nities for graduates. hisltnir Uuil.lii CCLLEGE er FISIiEI IES JOHN NATHAN COBB, Dean of the College of Fisheries, was born in Oxford, New Jersey, on the twentieth of February, in 1860. From 1886 until 1890 he gained experience as a newspaper reporter and editor. As field agent he served the United States Bureau of Fisheries from 1895 until 1904: he was also assistant Alaska salmon agent with the same bureau. During the years 1913 to 1917 Dean Cobb was the editor of the magazine, the Pacific Fisherman. He has been with the University since March, 1919, and has served in his present capacity, as Dean of the College of Fisheries, since that time. Leonard p. SCHULTZ. iothyologist, is the only new member of the faculty of the College of Fisheries. Professor Schultz comes to the Uni- versity of Washington from the University of Michigan. " The Curing of Fishery Products, " a text book by Norman Davies, and the fourth edition of " Fishery Products " by Dean Cobb, constitute the books written and published by members of the fishery staff. The Washington College of Fisheries is the only one outside of Japan and China that treats all branches of Fisheries ; and by right uses of fish- ery resources promotes interest in the state and United States. PAGE 6 (I Dean Johnson Barley Hall COLLEGE OE PHARMACY CHARLES WILLIS JOHNSON, Dean of the College of Pharmacy, was born in 1873, at Concord, Indiana. In 1900 he received a B. S. degree and in 1903 his doctor ' s, from the LTniversity of Michigan. Prior to coming to Washington, Dean Johnson acted as instrnctor of chemistry at the L niversity of Michigan, and also at the LTniversity of Iowa. He has heen at Washington since 1903, serving first as assistant professor of chemistry and in 1904 as professor of pharmacy and Dean of the College of Pharmacy. Dean Johnson is state chemist, and supervises in a special laboratory the analysis of foods and drugs under the statutes. He is assisted in this work bv Louis Fischer and Mrs. McCormic Mehan. I HE College of Pharmacy is next year taking a great forward step in educational standards in that the old three-year course is to be aban- doned. No longer will a student in pharmacy be able to get registration papers to practice the profession in this state without having attended school for the full baccalaureate time, because the state law requires graduation as necessary for obtaining a license. The change to this new basis has made necessary a radical revision of the present curricula. Dean Johnson is now on an extended leave of absence, and Dr. E. . Lynn is acting as dean and state chemist until his return. p (; F 6 I Dean Padeljord Denny Hall 6RADIJATE SCHOOL FREDERICK MORGAN PADELFORD, Dean of the Graduate School, was born in Haverhill, Massachusetts. February 27, 1875. His boyhood was spent in Calais, Maine. He received his bachelor ' s degree at Colby College in 1896 and pro- ceeded at once to Yale, where he took the doctorate in 1899. From 1899 to 1901 he taught English at the University of Idaho, and in 1901 he came to the Uni- versity of Washington. Dean Padelford is now completing his twenty-ninth year of service at this institution. In 1920 he became Dean of the Graduate School, and in 1925. assistant dean of faculties. For the last several years, his publica- tions have largely concerned the poetry of Edmund Spenser, but as a scholar. Dean Padelford is best known for his researches in 16th century English liter- ature. w. ITH an enrollment of more than 500, exclusive of the summer attendance, the Graduate School has assumed an important place in the world of higher education. The number of students being trained for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy, which is the highest academic degree, is constantly increasing and the candidates are distributed over many de- partments. The Graduate Club which was organized last year, and the Graduate Council which represents the different schools and colleges on the campus that are concerned with graduate work, have been very active during the year. 1 PAGE 62 Library SCIiOCL Of LIBRARy SCIENCE WILLIAM ELMER HENRY, Dean of the Library School, was born in Conners- ville, Indiana. He was graduated from the Indiana State Normal School at Terre Haute in 1885. Having received his A. B. and A. M. degrees at the University of Indiana in 1891 and 1892, he did post-graduate work at the University of Chi- cago. Dean Henry held a fellowship in English from 1894 until 1895 at the University of Indiana. He was principal of Peru High School, and head of the English department at Franklin College in Indiana from 1895 until 1897. Serv- ing at Washington since 1906, Dean Henry was made Dean of the School of Library Science in 1926. ■ O Stress children ' s work, several new courses concerning that subject have been added to the curriculum of the Library School ; and Mrs. Marie Alfonso, who was formerly head of the University Catalog department, is now giving her full time to the Library School as assistant professor of Library Science. During the last year Dean Henry has written two new pamphlets entitled " Why a Public Library? " and " Quality of Teaching in Library Schools. " Siri Andrews, assistant professor of Library Science, has trans- lated " Olaf. Lofoten Fisherman " from the Norwegian. Ji PACE 63 EXTENSION SERVICE HARRY EDWIN SMITH, Director of the Extension Service, was born at Mar- shall, Illinois, in 1881. He received his bachelor ' s degree from De Pauw in 1906. and his doctor ' s from Cornell in 1912. Professor Smith was an instructor at De Pauw from 1905 until 1908, and later he accepted a position at Cornell Univer- sity. He was assistant professor of Economics at the University of Washington from 1914 until 1916, when he went to Montana State University. He re-entered the faculty of the University in 1919 as associate professor of Business Adminis- tration. Serving as acting director of the Extension Service in 1927, he was made Director of the Extension Service and Professor of Business Administration in 1929. I N the Extension Service there are 3500 enrolled in classes and 2050 enrolled in home study this year. One of the special features of the Extension Service is the institutes that are held each summer. For several years a series of graduate medical lectures extending over a period of one week, when several outstanding medical men discuss the latest developments in their respective fields, have been conducted. For a shorter time a similar series of lectures have been conducted for graduate nurses. Last summer for the first time a like institute for social workers was held. PAGE 61 SUMMER SCHOOL HENRY ALFRED BURD, Summer School Director, was born in Armstrong, Illinois. In 1910 he was graduated from Illinois Wesleyan University with a B. S. degree Magna Cum Laude. He received an M. A. in 1911 and in 1915 a Ph. D. from the University of Illinois. Professor Burd was head of the English depart- ment at Hiram College, Hiram, Ohio, from 1912 until 1914, and instructor of English at the University of Wisconsin for two years. He came to the University of Washington in 1924 as associate professor of Business Administration. In 1927 he became professor of Business Administration and Director of Summer Quarter. 3UMMER sessions were started at the University of Washington in 1904, with 114 students enrolled. During the summer of 1929 the enroll- ment was 3039. representing 26 states and nine foreign countries. Trend seems to be toward graduate work in the siunmer as that school had the largest enrollment in the 1929 session. The facidty last summer consisted of 157 members of the regular University staff and 40 visiting professors. For the first time courses were given in Industrial Arts, and emphasis was placed upon Education courses. PACE 65 c L • A • S • S • E • S Mnboney, Click, Frost, Sueet $ENI€R CLA f OFFICERS Fred Mahonev President H.vrriet Frost Secretary Helen Click Vice-President Bill Sweet Treasurer CLASS DAY COMMITTEE Don Brunson. Chairman Ethel Middletoii, Asst. Chairman Bert Fitzmaurice Doris Hyatt Marjory Herlsohe Don Morbeck Beth Morgan Earl Guth Gerrv Lavton Elliott Morgan SENIOR SHINE DAY COMMITTEE Barry Miller. Chairman Sid Ungar, Asst. Chairman Pat Jessup Frank Edwards Girton Viereck Lannon Merrill Margaret Emery Harold Lancour Curlv Harris Charlotte MacDonald Nan Saunders Winona Clyde Flavia Bracken SENIOR PROM COMMITTEE Dick Hergerl. Chairman Ruth Andersen Jane Brehni Elinor Baird Maurv Butler Tonev Delmas Ed Genung Howard Palmer Nancy Grimes J. Gordon Wright Don Beatty Elinor Baird JUNIOR-SENIOR BARN DANCE COMMITTEE Ed Genung, Chairman DickSchacht Charlotte MacDonald Ruth . ndersen Elliott Pulver Betty Horstman Doris Hyatt CLASS ADf ERTISING COMMITTEE Bob Paslev Dan Shanahan PACE 69 Graduation Exercises $ENI€I CLAi I HE long black-robed commencement line will lead more than a thou- sand members of the 1930 class into the spotlight for the last time as undergraduates. First among its accomplishments this class treasures its progress in the reinstatement of dead and dying traditions of Washington. Junior Girls ' Vodvil has come back to stay under the direction of this years graduating class. Junior Day customs were enlarged upon and strengthened during the third year of their regime at Washington. As Seniors in college, their every minute has been filled with service- giving activity to the Alma Mater they are leaving behind with the end of the spring quarter. Senior Shine and Class Day traditions have been carried out fully. The class inaugurated a new idea this spring with the Senior Prom, an all-Senior formal at the Inglewood Golf and Country Club. It may be that they have established a new tradition at Washington. PACE $ENI€R$ ISABEL ABBOTT Seiiltle. JTashin ton Lihenil Arts Tolo House DOROTHY ALLISON Glendnlr. ITashington Education Y. . C. A.: Daily; W. E. A. CHESTER ADAIR Seattle, Washington Lau: HELEN ALLMAIN Auburn, Washington Education DOROTHY ADJUTANT Seattle. Washington Business Administration Alpha Chi Omega; omen ' s ora- tional Club. ANNE ALTOSE liellingham, Washington Fine Arts HELEN AHLQUIST Huhl. Idaho Fine Arts HERTA MAGDALENE ALBRECHT Seattle, ffasliington Business Administration Kappa Delta; Gamma Epsiloii Pi; Phi Alpha Rho; Gamma Alpha Chi. RUTH MARGARET ANDERSON Seattle, Kashington Liberal Arts Kappa Alpha Theta; Orchesis; Dance Drama; J. G. . HELEN ANDERSGAARD Seattle, Jfashingtou Liberal Arts ASHRAF ALI British India Education WILLIAM H. ALDEN Seattle, Washington Engineering ALICE ELIZABETH ANDERSON Seattle, ffh.-ihington Science Omioron Nu; Home Economics ( Ihih; Student Council; ' om- en ' s Federation Rei)resenlative Council; Y. W. C. A. KENNETH G. S. ANDERSON Honolulu, Hatcaii Liberal .irts Alpha Delta Phi ±. I ' A c E : 1 SENIORS STEVE ANDERSON Seattle, Washington Business Administration Phi Delta Tlieta ; Fir Tree; Oval Clnb; Track. PAUL ASHBY Bremerton, Washington Liberal Arts VIRGIL ANDERSON Bremerton, Washington Liberal Arts Kappa Sigma KATHERINE ASHER Portland, Oregon Journalism Theta Sigma Phi; Daily. ROBERT M. ANDREWS Seattle, Washington Business Administration Delta Sigma Phi EMIL AUST Pe Ell, Washington Business Administration GUERDON W. ARCHER Sheldon, Iowa Liberal Arts Phi Kappa Psi LUCIA AUSTIN Spokane, Washington Liberal Arts Delta Delta Delta DONALD ARMSTRONG Mount f ' ernon, Washington Liberal Arts History Club PETER J. AVENDER Lefor,I orlh Dakota Liberal Arts JOHANNA R. ARPS Vancouver, Washington Education Sororia LOLA BABCOCK Seattle, Washington Science TAKAJINO ASANUMA Numazu, Japan Business Adminislrati FLOYD BACKEBERG Longvieic, Washington Engineering Alpha Sigma Phi ± PACE $ENI€P$ CECIL H. BACON. JR. Seattle, Washington Liberal Arts Psi Upsilon; Huskv Club; Foot- ball. PRISCILLA BAKER Spokane, Washington Liberal Arts Delta Delta Delta HAROLD BADGER Centralia, Washington Engineering DONALD BAER Seattle, Washington Law Sigma Alpha Mu MAURICE BALCOM Grnndvieti; Washington Business Administration Beta Theta Pi; Basketball Man- ager; Oval Club; Golf. DONALD BALLARD Auburn, Washington Science Theta Kappa Theta ELINOR BAIRD Seattle, Washington Liberal Arts Alpha Phi NEWELL JO BANKS Centralia, Washington Business Administration Sigma Chi; Phi Alpha Deha. EDWARD N. BAISLER Seattle, Washington Education MARION BAKER Seattle, Washington Fine Arts Pi Beta Phi MARION HOWARD BAKER Seattle, Washington Business Administration President, Town GirU: Standard?: J. G. v.; Ad Club. HELEN BANTA Seattle, Washington Education Pi Sigma Gamma; W ' . A. A.; Homecoming Committee. HELEN BARBER Seattle. Washington Education Chi Omega; Athena Debate Club; Y. W. C. A. Cabinet. PETER J. BARDON. JR. Seattle. Washington Education Phi Kappa Sigma; Glee Club; Var- sity Quartet. r c, F ? 3 SCNICRS BURKE G. BARKER Seattle, Washington Laiv Delta Kappa Epsilon: Phi Delta Phi. THOMAS BARNHART Snohomish, Washington Journalism ' Kappa Sigma; Oval Club; Sigma Delta Chi; Daily Editor; Chair- man, High School Press Confer- ence; Student Council. CLIFFORD BARTELLS Seattle, Washington Engineering LOIS E- BASSFORD Seattle, Washington Education Vollev Ball CHARLES V. BATTELLE Piedmont, Calijorniri Business Administration Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Oval Club; Crew Manager; Varsity Boat Club; Managerial Council; Al- pha Kappa Psi; Pan-Xenia. RUSSELL BARTHELL Seattle, Washington Liberal Arts Sigma Nu GLADYS BARTLETT Honolulu, Hatvaii Liberal Arts Chi Omega BRUCE BARTLEY Zillah, Washington Liberal Arts Delta Chi RENE AVIS BEAM Pe Ell, Washington Journalism Dailv KATHRYN BEAN Yakima, Washington Bttsiness Administration Chi Omega DON BEATTY. JR. Ifenatchee, Washington Liberal Arts Alpha Tau Omega ELEANOR ROSE BARTON Boise, Idaho Business Administration VERA BEATTY La Grande, Oregon Business Administration PhiMu ll ;V HENRY BECKER Seattle, Washington Business Administration PACE 74 SENICI REINIER BEEUWKES Seattle, Washington Engineering Tau Kappa Epsilon; Rifle Team. HERDIS BENEDIKTSON Toppenish, Washington Liberal Arts NORDIS BENEDIKTSON Toppenish, Washington Liberal Arts FRANK BENJAMIN Tacoma, Washington Business Administration HUGH H. BENTON. JR. Seattle, Washington Law Pi Kappa Alpha; Phi .Alpha Delta; Basketball. ALICE MAY BERG Seabeck, Washington Science Phraleres; Intramural Swimming; Y. W. C. A. 1 A. ' . MARGUERITE E. BERRY Seattle. Washington Science Home Economics Club BETTY BERRYMAN Seattle. Washington Fine Arts Alpha Chi Omega; Mortar Board; Lambda Rho; Representative Council. MARY BEUTEL Seattle, Washington Liberal Arts Delta Delta Delta VIRGINIA BEYER Bellingham, Washington Education W. A. A. HOWARD BIGGAR Pasadena, California Business Administration Theta Xi EUGENE A. BIGLO X ' San Jose, Calijornia Liberal Arts Delta Tau Delta CLARE A. BERLIN fe ■Tu Seattle, Washington ■ IK- Business Administration PC Phi Delta Theta; Basketball; Var- ¥3m sitv Cagers. ijk STORY BIRDSEYE Spokane, tfashinglon Law Pi Sigma Alpha; Delta Theta Phi. : $ENICI $ JEAN L. BISHOP Seattle, Washington Liberal Arts Alpha Omicroii Pi LAWRENCE A. BISHOPP Seattle, Washington Liberal Arts Psi Upsiloii EDWARD C. BITAR Hoquiam, Washington Business Administration FRANCES ISOBEL BITTNER Seattle, Washington Liberal Arts Gamma Alpha Chi JOSEPH BJERKE Brush Prairie, ff ' ashinglon Liberal Arts LORINE F. BLACKWELL Portland, Oregon Education Dramatics ELIZABETH BLAKE Seattle, Washington Business Administrulion MAXINE BLAKEMORE Seattle, Washington Fine Arts Alpha Chi Omega JOHN W. BLANKENHORN Bremerton, Washington Business Administration Pan-Xenia ADA BLEKKINK fashon, Washington Library School IRWIN BLUMENFELD Seattle, Washington Liberal Arts Sigma Alpha Mu: Sigma Delta Chi: Hammer and Coffin; Assist- ant Editor, Columns; Daily; Menorah Society; Ad Club; Tyee. ELLIOT W. BOGERT Seattle, Washington Fine Arts Sigma Alpha Epsilon GERALDINE BOGERT Seattle, Washington Liberal Arts MYRTLE BOHNDER Paterson, Washington Liberal Arts Varsity Debate; Athena: Saca- jawea. PAGE 76 $ENICP$ H. MILTON BONA Tillicum, Washington Journalism Tilliiums; Sigma Delta Chi; Pres- ident. Independent Council; As- sistant Editor, Daily. BEATRICE A. BOND Yakima, Washington Liberal Arts Sigma Kappa; Alpha Kappa Delta; Mortar Board: Y. W. C. A. Coun- cil; Ad Club; Senior Represen- tative, A. S. U. W. ROBELEN H. BONHAM Palo Alto, California Business Administration Theta Delta Chi ERNEST V. BORDE Glenwood, Washington Pharmacy Kappa Psi CHARLES A. BOUCHER Vancouver, Washington Business Administration Phi Sigma Kappa; Alpha Kappa Psi. JAMES W. BOUNDY Seattle, Washington Business Administration Tau Kappa Epsilon: Compass and Chart; Knights of the Hook. EDWARD R. BOURKE Seattle, Washington Phi Mu Alpha Fine Arts IJSIK CHARLES HENRY BOWEN Olympia, Washington Liberal Arts Stevens Debate Club; Purple Shield; German Club; Y. M. C. A.; Homecoming; Campus Day. JOE E. BOWEN Centralia, ffashington Business A dm in ist ration Kappa Sigma; Oval Club; Marine Club; Big W Club; Pan-Xenia; Huskv Club; Football. MARGARET BOWEN Seattle, Washington Liberal Arts MARY ELIZABETH BOWEN Seattle, Washington Liberal Arts W. A. A.; Kappa Phi. RICHARD BRACHVOGEL Seattle, Washington Science Delta Kappa Epsilon FLAVIA BRACKEN Seattle, Washington Liberal Arts Chi Omega GEORGE B. BRADBURN Seattle, Washington Pharmacy Kappa Psi $ENICP$ KATHLEEN BRADSHAW Yakinxi. ff ' ashin lon Business Adniiiiistralion Alpha Omiiron Pi LOUISE BRADY Seattle, ff ' ashiiigton Liberal Arts Gamma Phi Beta LEO J. BRAND Seattle. Jfasbinpton Lun Alpha Tall Omega; Delta Thela Phi; Kappa Kappa Psi; Band. MARY BRAY Seattle, Washington Business Administration Alpha Delta Pi; Athena. JANE BREHM Seattle, Washington Liberal Arts Gamma Phi Beta CATHERINE BRENNAN Seattle, Washington Fine Arts ROSE BRESNAN Seattle, Washington Liberal Arts Kappa Phi; W. A. A.; Y. W. C. A. Council. -t V ' VERNON BRICE Portland, Oregon Business Administration Pi Kappa Alpha; Crew; Varsity Boat Club. LILLY BROCKMANN Richmond. Washington Fine Arti Phrateres; Inkwell Club. SIGRID BRODINE Seattle, Washington Fine .Arts ARTHUR BROETJE Yakima, Washington Liberal Arts Alpha Kappa Lambda; German Club: Westminster CIul); Y. M. C. A.; Campus Christian Coun- cil; Student Council. MAY BROSSOIS Seattle. Washington Science ESTHER BROWN Bozeman. Montana Liberal Arts Alpha Gamma Delta: Spurs. EVELYN S. BROWN Seattle, Washington Liberal Arts Pi Sigma Gamma i PAGE $ENICI $ STEPHEN LINCOLN BROWN Seattle, Washington Science Delta Upsilon; Ammoiii Socii. WARREN BROWN Seattle. Washington Liberal Arts Kappa Sigma ; BasebaU. WILLL M H. BRO N Seattle, Washington Fisheries HAROLD R. BROWNSON U ichita, Kansas Business Administration Delia I ' psilon FRANK A. BRUKETTA Roslyn, Washington Business Administration DONALD BRUNSON Anacortes, Washington Fine Arts EVANS C. BUNKER Monrovia, California Lan Thela Kappa Theta; A. L E. E. JOHN Bl RREI.L Seattle, tfashinglon Engineering Thela Kappa Theta; A. L E. E. GLADYS E. Bl RROWS Seattle, Washington Fibernt Arts BETTV BURSELL Seattle, Washington Science Phi Omega Pi: Y. W. C. A.; Home Economies Club; Spring Opera; Max Garrett Club. HOWARD J. BURTON Helena, Montana Liberal Arts MILDRED L. BURTON Seqiiim, Washington Fine Arts Phrateres JULIA BUTLER Buckley. Washington Liberal Arts D. A. R. DONALD RITCHIE BUTT Seattle, Washington Laiv PAGE 79 SENIORS ROY SCOTT BUTTER WORTH Seattle, Washington Liberal Arts Thela Kappa Theta MARY FRANCES BYERS Everett, Washington Educatioit Alpha Gamma Delia; Somen ' s W Club. EDWARD T. CAHILL Seattle, Washington Engiiieerins LORRAINE CALLENDER Seattle, ffashington Fine Arts Delta Zela; Washington Players: Stadinm Day; Spurs. REUBEN J. CARLSON Seattle, Washington Engineering A. L E. E. ; Honieroming: Commit- tee. WILLIAM CARLETON Seattle, Washington Liberal Arts NOEL CARMICHAEL Seattle, l ashington Business Adniittistration AUBREY G. CARNEFIX Seattle, Washington Engineering KATHRYN CALLOW Hoquiani. Washijigtou Fine Arts Gamma Phi Beta JOHN CAMERON Lander, Wyoming Science Delta Sigma Phi MARGUERITE CAMOZZI Bellingham, Washington Education RICHARD CARPENTER Seattle, Washington Fine Arts Delta Chi; Sigma Alpha: Glee Chih; Fine Arts Ball Committee. JOHN D. CARTANO Seattle, Washington Liberal Arts Sigma Chi; Pi Sigma Alpha; Alpha Delta Sigma; Oval Club; Chair- man. Junior Prom; Senior Rep- resentative; Varsity Debate; Vice-President, A. S. U. W.; President, Purple Shield. CHLOE CASH Spokane, Washington Fine Arts Alpha Gamma Delta 1 PACE SO $ENI€I $ BRANNON C. CASTER Seattle, Washington Business Adniinistrntion Delta UpsiloM BRUCE CASS Seattle, Washington Liberal Arts Tau Kappa Epsiloii CLAYTON CHAPMAN Seattle, Washington Liberal Arts Theta Delta Chi MARY J. CHATTERTON Seattle, Washington Science MARY CHRISTENSEN Hiiltiday, North Dakota Education Tliela Upsiloii; Y. W. C. A.: P. E. Club. JACK CISSNA Bellingham, Washington Liberal Arts Phi Gamma Delta LYLE A. CLAMPETT Seattle, Washington Business Administration President, Beta Alpha Psi; Treas- urer, Business Administration Council. HUGH CHEESMAN Spokane, Washington Liberal Arts Alpha Tau Omega DORIS HARRIETT CHOINIERE Onalaska, Washington Science Phrateres; Westminster Club. ALLAN CLARK Seattle, Washington Liberal Arts Theta Xi THOMAS J. CLARK Loicville, New York Business Administration Sigma Pi WILLIAM A. CLARK Ellensburg, Washington Law Sigma Phi Epsiion; Delta Theta Phi. DOROTHY CHRISTENSEN Chehalis, Washington Liberal Arts Tolo House ELLEN LAURA CLARKE Seattle, Washington Business Administration Phrateres; President. Gamma Ep- siion Pi: Treasurer. Women ' s Vocational I ' lub: Gamma Alpha Chi: Ad Club: J. (;. V. A I ' A C E 8 1 $ENI€P$ JENSEN C. CLAUSEN Seattle, Washington Engineering Secretary, A. S. M. E. ALFRED F. COATS, JR. Seattle, Washington Liberal Arts Chi Phi FRANK CLEMMER. JR. Yakima, Washington Fine Arts Theta Xi; Atelier; Pi Omega; Kappa Kappa Psi; All L Con- cert Band. HELEN COBURN Seattle, Washington Fine Arts Gamma Phi Beta RUTH CLEVELAND Burlington, Washington Science Alpha Phi; Sigma Ep ilon. WALTER F. CLIFT Yakima, Washington Business Administration DOROTHY CLINE Billings, Montana Education Kappa Delta; Y. W. C. A.; Ad Club; Newman Club; History Club. GEORGE CLOUD Sunnyside, Washington HAWLEY L COLE Spokane, Washington Business Administration MARGARET COLLETT Tacoma, Washington Liberal Arts Alpha Gamma Delta MARTHA J. CONNELLY Spokane, Washington Science Omicron Nu; Home Economics Club. Liberal Arts WINONA CLYDE South Bend, Washington Liberal Arts Alpha Delta Pi PHOEBE COOK Seattle, Washington Fine Arts Phrateres; Women ' s Federation; Town Girls. DEAN COOK Whitejish, Montana Science S $ENICI $ DOROTHY COOPER Taconia, Washington Liberal Arts Alpha Phi HELEN COPENHAGEN Seattle. Washington Science Zeta Mu Tau; Sigma Xi. PHYLLIS CORBETT Dayton, Washington Liberal Arts EASTER ROSE COURTWRIGHT Spokane. Washington Business Administration Ad Club: Phrateres. ALLEN COX Seattle, Washington Forestry Tau Phi Delta FRANCES COX illah. Washinston Liberal Arts ROSARIO T. CORTES Philippine Islands Forestry Filipino Club; Forestry Club. BETTY SUE COTTON Seattle. Washington Liberal Arts Gamma Phi Beta: Junior Queen. WILLIAM COTTER Oakland, California Liberal Arts Delta L psilon lORAlNE COY Great Falls, Montana Liberal .4rts Chi Omega JACK CRAM Seattle. Washington Liberal .irts CLIFTON ALLEN CROOK Seattle. Washington Science Pre-Medic Club; Wesley Club. KENDALL COSBY Seattle, Washington Liberal Arts Sigma Phi Epsilon MARGt ERITE EVELYN CROSS Spokane. Washington Liberal Arts Zeta Tau Alpha: Women ' s Federa- tion Concerts; Newman Club. F A G t 3 J SENIORS ROBERT A. CROVi ELL I ' usiidenu, California Engiiieeriti!: Phi Delta Theta MARY ESTHER CRUIKSHANK Seattle. Washington Education Kappa Kappa Ganinia SYLVESTER CRYNES Portland. Oregon Liberal Arts VIRGIL CUNNINGHAM Ellensburg, Washington Journalism Pi Kappa Phi; Sigma Delta Chi; Daily. BERTRAND J. CURRAN Seattle. Washington Liberal Arts Alpha Tau Omega; Deha Sigma; Phi Alpha Rho; Orchestra; Var- sity Ball; Advertising Manag er, Tyee; Ad Cluh; Newman Club. MAXINE CULLEY Walla Walla. W ' ashington Liberal Arts Delta Zeta CORINE CULMSEE Yakima, Washington Liberal Arts Sororia CHESTER CUNNINGHAM Seattle. Washington Business Administration Alpha Kappa Psi CLAUDE CUNNINGHAM Leavenworth, Washington Business Administration Sigma Nu WILLIAM L. CURTIS Seattle, Washington Science Pi Mu Chi; Phi Sigma; Pilgrim Club; Bacteriology Club; P re- Medic Club; Campus Christian Council; Glee Club. EMILY S. CUTLER lashon, Washington Science Kappa Phi; Home Economics Club. BETH MAY DAHLEN Seattle. W ' ashington Liberal Arts Pi Beta Phi ROBERT KIRCHNER DAHLSTROM Centralia, Washington Science MILTON DAHLBY Seattle, Washington Jouriuilism PAGE 84 SENIORS RUTH DANDO Seattle, ffashington Liberal Arts Lambda Omega THELMA DANIEL Tncoma. Washington Fine Arts NATHANIEL C. DAVIS Seattle, Washington Business Administration Phi Kappa Tau: Intramural Man- ager; Stadium Day; Oval Clult. SIGNE DANIELS Seattle, Washington Science Kappa Phi: Weslev Cluh; Pre- Medic Cluh; Y. W. C. A. PAUL H. DAVIS Pocatello. Idaho Business Administration Phi Kappa Tau; Kappa Kappa Psi; Varsity Band. QUENTIN DAVIS Stantvood, Washington Law WILLIS T. DARROW Seattle, Uashington Liberal Arts Alpha Delta Phi ELOISE DAUBENSPECK Seattle, Washington Fine Arts ORCENA DAWSON Palo Alto, California Liberal Arts Zeta Tau Alpha GEORGE F. DAVIE Geneia. A ' eic York Late Alpha Delta Phi : Phi Delta Phi. JOHN W. DAY Seattle. Washington Law Pi Kappa Alpha; Phi . lpha Delta; Knight of the Hook; Frosh Vig- ilance Committee. HELEN E. DEAN Seattle. Washington Liberal Arts VIRGIL DAVIN Walla Walla, Washington Laic Theta Xi; Phi Alpha Delta; Daily; Homecoming. JEANETTE DEAN Seattle, Washington Fine Arts . . C. A.; Dance Drama: Junior Stock Company; Vi ashington Plavers. ± r ACES : SENIORS PAUL DE GARMO Seattle, Washington Eniiineerhii; Sigma Alpha Epsilon: Sigma Xi: Compass and Cliarl: Purple Shield. DOMENICK DELAURENTI Renton, Jf ' ashington Business Adminislratinn Pan-Xenia (;LENN DEXTER Seattle, Washington Liberal Arts Sigma Delta Chi; Hammer and (, ' ofi " in; Columns; Daily. CATHERINE DEYETTE Seattle. Washington Liberal Arts Delia Gamma JOHN DELAURENTI Renton, Washington Business Administration Pan-Xenia ; Beta (lamma Sigma. VIRGINIA DIEM Seattle, Washington Fine Arts Delta Gamma: Mortar Board. TONY DELMAS Sedro-Woolley, Washington Liberal Arts Delta Tau Delta MELVIN D. DENNIS Seattle, Washington Pharmacy Tillicums; Purple Shield. BERNICE DIETZ Sedro-Woolley, Washington Liberal Arts Kappa Delta HELEN MAE DILLING Seattle, Washington Liberal Arts ERNEST DE SILVIA Seattle, Washington Forestry WILLIAM D. DEWAR Manette, Washington Business Administration Phi Kappa Sigma JOHN H. DINGLE Seattle. Washington Pharmacy Kappa Psi: Pi Mu Chi; Sigma Xi; Knights of the Hook; Purple Shield: Glee Club. ARCH DINGWALL Seattle. Washington Journalism ThetaChi: Sigma Delta Chi. PACE 86 SENIORS GORDON A. DIXON Seattle, Washington Fine Arts Phi Mu Alpha JOHN J. DOLPHIN Seattle, ffashington Ltn JEANETTE DU BOIS lancouver, Washington Liberal Arts Alpha Chi Omega; W. A. A.; Homecoming Committee; Var- sitv Ball. MARION DONAHOE Chehalis, Washington Liberal Arts Phi Del ta Thela GEORGE DOUGLAS Arlington, Washington Engineering mhdM MARGARET GRACE DICKERING hmcniirer, Washington Delta Zeta Science ALEC DUFF Seattle, Washington Liberal Arts Purple Shield; Stevens Debate Cluh. MARION DUNCAN Seattle, Washington Science JAMES DOUGLAS Seattle, Washington Business Administration BETTY DOLORES DRAKE Seattle, Washington Liberal Arts Women ' s W Club; W. A. A.; French Club; Spanish Club; P. E. Club. JAMES DRAKE A eiti York City, ISeic lor A- Forestry Vi ILLIAM A. DUNKS Butte, Montana Business Administration Phi Sigma Kappa; Alpha Delta Sigma; Ad Club. MARY AGATHA DWYER Rosalia, Washington Business Adminislralinn Women ' s Federation Concerts; . A. A.; Daily; Tyee. MARY EXSTWOOD Seattle. Washington Fine Arts Alpha Chi Omega; Mu Phi Epsilon. PAGE 3 : SENIORS WILLIAM W. EDWARDS Seattle, Washington Liberal Arts Beta Kappa: Phi Beta Kappa. EDMOND W. EGGEN Seattle, Washington Business Administration Sigma Pi; Kappa Kappa Psi; Var- sitv Band. EDNA EIKENBARY Seattle, Washington Liberal Arts Gamma Phi Beta HELEN ELLIOTT Seattle, Washington Liberal Arts ERNEST D. ENGEL Seattle, Washington Engineering Phi Kappa Tau: Tau Beta Pi; A. I. E. E. : Phi Sigma Tau; Purple Shield; Homecoming. ADOLL B. ENGLUND Eniimcluu, Washington Law Lambda Chi Alpha; Beta Gamma Sigma; Big Club. ADOLPH ENGSTROM Seattle. Washington Fine Arts ISADORE EPSTEIN Tacoma, Washington Liberal Arts DAN W. EMBREE rs ' ahcotta, Washington Business Administration Sigma Phi Epsilon MARGARET EMERY Napavine. Washington Liberal Arts Pi Beta Phi; Mortar Board; Vice- Presidenl, Women ' s Federation; President, Spurs; Campus Day; Junior Prom: Junior Day. ARTHUR G. ENG Seattle, Washington Business Administration Phi Kappa Sigma LILLIAN K. ERICKSON Mount fernon, Washington Education Lewis Hall ELEANOR ERNST Seattle, Washington Liberal Arts Kappa Alpha Thela ROGER N. EVANS KapoHsin, Washington Forestry Alpha Kappa Lambda ; Forest Club. : SENI€I $ LILLIAN TERESA FAGAN Portland, Oregon Liberal Arts Phrateres HENRY G. PARISH Jancomer, British Columbia Business Administration Zeta Psi tf i iiii WILLIAM FERGUSON Bellingham, Washington Law Alpha Tau Omega; President, Junior Class; Treasurer, Soph- omore Class. JOSEPH FERNANDES Hanjord, California Pharmacy Tillirums GLENN M. FARRELL Camas, Washington Business Administration Delta Tau Delta : Alpha K a p p a Psi: Scabbard and Blade. CHRISTEL FAULKNER Butte, Montana Liberal Arts Phi Omega Pi; Y. W. C. A.: W. A. A.: French Club: Spanish Club. JOHN H. FAWCETT Rochester, Minnesota Phi Gamma Delta Lnic EDNA MAE FEREE Seattle, Washington Fine Arts Y. W. C. A.; Chorus Club Mid- winter Concert. DONALD A. FERRIS Yakima, Washington Liberal Arts Pi Kappa Delta: History Club; Roger Williams Club. MARION OLIVE FERRISS Seattle, Washington Science Delta Gamma YUKON FENG A ' onAing, China Liberal Arts RONALD FERGUSON Yakima, Washington Pharmacy Kappa Psi DORIS FICKEL Everett, Washington Liberal Arts Kappa Phi; Phrateres: Wesley Club; Y. W. C. A. DOROTHY FINDLAY Seattle, Washington Science Zeta Tau Alpha; P. E. Club; W. A. A.; ' Women ' s ' Club; Nurs- ing Club. 1 ' A C F. 8 9 SENIORS MIRIAM FINN Butte, Montana Liberal Arts Sigma Kappa; University Sym- phony Orchestra. EINAR FLINT Seattle, Washington Science Phi Lambda LIpsilon; Ammoni So- MARGARET FITZGERALD Auburn. Jf ' ashington Fine Arts Phraleres; Women ' s Federation Players; J. G. V.; Washington Players; Junior Day Committee. HERBERT J. FLINT San Diego, California Business Administration WAYNE A. FITZGERALD Spokane, Washington Business Administration Alpha Tau Omega EDWIN G. FORD, JR. Seattle, Washington Engineering Chi Psi; Husky Club; Football. BERTRAND T. FITZMAURICE Seattle, Washington Pharmacy Theta Kappa Theta; Newman Club; Phi Alpha Rho: Pre-Med- ic Club. JENNY FLETCHER Seattle, Washington Pharmacy Iota Sigma Pi ALBERT FORMAN The Dalles, Oregon Liberal Arts Zeta Beta Tau: Stevens Debate Club. NELDA FOSSE Stevenson, Washington Business Administration CLAUDE M. FLIGG The Dalles, Oregon Engineering Tau Kappa Epsilon; A. S. M. E.; N. A. A. DOROTHY JUNE FLINT Seattle, Washington Science Omioron Nu NEAL FOSSEEN Spokane, Washington Liberal Arts Beta Theta Pi; Track Manager; Oval Club; Alpha Kappa Psi. )t ILLIAM T. FOSTER Seattle. Washington Business Administration _oCl P G E 9 SENIORS EARL FRANKLIN FOWLER Seattle, Washington Liberal Arts President. Evangelical League of Studenls. DON L. FRIZZELL Seattle, Washington Science Pi Kappa Phi ; Phi Sigma. JAMES W. FRAZIER Seattle, Washington Liberal Arts Psi Upsilon DOROTHY P. FRENCH Vancouver, Washington Business Administration Pi Sigma Gamma; Varsity Ball: W. A. A.; Women ' s W Club: Wesley Club; Kappa Phi; Ad Club; Sacajawea; Y. W. C. A. VIRGINIA FRIEND Seattle, Washington Delta Zeta Science EMIL B. FRIES Breiister, Washington Liberal Arts Pilgrim Club; History Club; Scan- dinavian Club. VIRGINIA FRIESE Edmonds, Washington Journalism Alpha Delta Pi; Theta Sigma Phi; Daily; Associate Editor, Tyee; Federation Concerts. BARBARA FRITCH Seattle, Washington Fine Arts Delta Gamma DOROTHY FROST Bellinghnm. Washington Fine Arts Kappa Alpha Theta; Mu Phi Ep- HARRIET FROST Spokane. Washington Liberal Arts Gamma Phi Beta; Secretary, Senior Class. HELEN FROST Spokane, Washington Liberal Arts Pi Beta Phi PAUL E. FROUDE Seattle, Washington Liberal Arts Sigma Phi Epsilon EVA FROULA Seattle. Washington Business Administration Delta Delta Delta FRANCES FRYKHOLM Seattle, Washington Fine Arts Sigma Kappa h. V I. I ■• 1 SENIORS ' -;.. ' {Ti KIMI FURUYA Seattle, Washington Fine Arts Fuyo-Kai; Kappa Phi; Lambda Rho; Interior Design Club. JOHN T. L. D. GABBERT Hollywood, California Law Beta Theta Pi ; Spiked Shoe Club. BEATRICE CACHES Mount Jernon. Washington Liberal Arts Kappa Kappa Gamma ; Secretary, Basketball Tournament; Chair- man. All-U Nite; Secretary, Re- lay Carnival: Junior Prom. HANNAH D. GAGAN Denver, Colorado Education Newman Club ALICE GARRETT Seattle, Washington Liberal Arts Alpha Delta Pi: Ad Club; Axe and Grindstone: J. G. V.; Stadium Dav Committee. DOROTHY GERRIETS Mount lemon, Washington Science HOMER D. GARRISON Seattle, Washington Engineering Tau Beta Pi: Sigma Xi; Engineer- ing Council. DONALD L. GAINES Seattle, Washington Law Theta Kappa Theta; Delta Theta Phi; President, Stevens Debate Club. VINCENT CALVIN Seattle, Washington Business Administration Pan-Xenia; Big W Club. RLTH GARDNER Seattle, Washington Liberal Arts ROBERT GASTON Seattle. Washington Business Administration T. JAY GAVIN Seiiltle. Washington Liberal Arts Pi Kappa Alpha; Pan-Xenia. CATHERINE GEIS W illoics, California Liberal Arts HELEN GELLERMAN Seattle. Washington Science Kappa Phi: Wesley Club; Phi SENIORS DOROTHY GERRIETS Mount J ' ernon, Washington Science DOROTHY MAE GETTY Tacoma, Washington Libera! Arts Phi Omega Pi ARAH CORHAM Seattle, Washington Liberal Arts HELEN CLICK Tacoma, Washington Science Kappa Delta; Vice-President. Senior Class; Junior Prom. ARTHUR GOURLAY Seattle, Washington Business Administration Psi Upsilon CHARLES A. GODEFROY Spokane. Washington Engineerinji Delta Psi Delta JOHN GOOCH Seattle, Washington Pharmacy Sigma Xi LYDL S. GOOS Spokane. Washington Education JEAN GRAHAM Hoise. Idaho Liberal Arts Delta Gamma ANNE E. GRANT Seattle, Washington Liberal Arts Sigma Kappa; Cadet Ball; Tyee. FRANK W. GRANT Everett, Washington Business Administration Theta Xi KATHERINEGRAY Olalln. Washington Pharmacy BLANCHE GORDON Seattle, Washington Journdlisni Kappa Zeta; Daily; Tyee; Wom- en ' s Varsity Debate; Menorah Society ; Associate E d i t or, W Book. M M1E L. GRAYBILL Walla Walla, Washington Liberal Arts Clark Hall; Pilgrim Club: Phrat- eres: Y. W. C. A. $ENI€I $ DOROTHY V. GREELY Ridgefield, Jfashington Business Administration ALEXANDER C. GREEN lancouver, Washington Business Administration Tillicum House; Stevens Debate Club; Boxing. WILLIAM GREGER Everett, Washington Business Administration Sigma Pi; Football; Oval Club; Big W Club; Husky Club; Stadium Day; Campus Day. JANIE MARY GREGORY Bothell, Washington Science Kappa Phi; Wesley Club; Home Economics Club. HENRY H. GRIEFF Bellingham, Washington Pharmacy- Acacia Mk NANCY VIRGINIA GRIMES Tacoma, Washington Library Kappa Kappa Gamma; Mortar Board; Phi Mu Gamma. VESTA GRIBB Mercer Island, Washington Science Phrateres; Town Girls; Y.W.C.A. CHARLES GUERNSEY Seattle, Washington Business Administration Sigma Phi Epsilon; Oval Club; Business Manager, Columns; Al- pha Delta Sigma. FAUSTINO A. GUERRERO Bacarra, Philippine Islands Forestry Filipino Club; Forestry Club. HELEN GUSTAFSON Seattle, Washington Liberal Arts Spanish Club HELEN ENID GUSTIN Monroe, Washington Liberal Arts Pi Sigma Gamma; arsity Ball; Cadet Ball; Homecoming; Stad- ium Dav; Y. . C. A. FRANCES E. GROCOCK Seattle, Washington Science Alpha Chi Omega EARL GUTH Seattle, Washington Pharmacy Kappa Psi; Purple Shield. IMFRED GYNN Puyallup. Washington Fine Arts PAGE 94 SENICRS ELSIE JANE HADLEY Seattle, Washington Business Administration Kappa Kappa Gamma: ocatioiial Club; Representative Counoil; Vice-President, B. A. Couiicil. A. GEORGE HANSON Eniimclaii-, Washington Delta Chi; Pi Mu Chi. Science LEROV HALLORAN Edison, Washington Business Administriition Beta Kappa HELEN HANSON Taconta, Washington Liberal Arts ROY HAMMAN Seattle, Washington Business Administration KARL E. HAMMER Seattle, Washington Engineering Tau Kappa Epsilon; Sigma Xi; Tau Beta Pi; Scabbard and Blade. LETAH HANNA Ellensburg, Washington Delta Zeta Science HORACE HARBY Seattle. Washington Liberal Arts Dramatics: Moving-up Committee; Homecomina C. FREDERICK HARLEY Seattle. Washington Business Administration Delta Ipsilon; Alpha Kappa Psi; !■ reshmaii Football; Spring Opera. CHARLES F. HANSON Enumclaie, Washington Delta Chi Lnic KATRINA HARLEY Seattle, Washington Liberal Arts Alpha Phi ELIZABETH HARNAN Seattle. Washington Liberal Arts Kappa Kappa Gamma CORINNE HANSON Seattle, Washington Fine .trts Pi Sigma Gamma EMMETT S. HARRINGTON Seattle. Washington Business .4dministration Beta Alpha Psi I " A ; E 9 5 $ENI€P$ SARAH HARRINGTON Siinnyside, Washington Fine Arts NAT HAYNER Seattle, Washington Liberal Arts ERNEST A. HARRIS Medford, Oregon Forestry- Pi Kappa Alpha IRENE JANE HARRIS Bellingham, Washington Science Alpha Delta Pi; W. A. A.; P. E. Club. GEORGE R. HAZEL Seattle, Washington Business Administration Beta Alpha Psi ; Beta Gamma Sigma. AGNES CONSTANCE HEGG Aberdeen, Washington Fine Arts Mu Phi Epsilon ISABEL HARRIS Seattle, Washington Science Omicron Nu; Women ' s Rifle Team. BERTRAM T. HEINZ Chelan, Washington Libera! Arts Delta Psi Delta; Glee Club: Sigma Alpha; Chairman. Moving-up Day; J. G. V.; Concert Band. PEGGY JANE HARRIS Seattle, Washington Liberal Arts PhiMu BURT T. HENNING Decorah, loica Business Administration Theta Xi; Spiked Shoe Club; Track. ROBERT A. HARTNETT Seattle, Washington Business Administration Delta Tau Delta EVERETT HENRY Portland, Oregon Engineering Chi Phi; Tau Beta Pi. ELSIE HARVEY Walla Walla, Washington Liberal Arts Gamma Phi Beta W. DICK HERBERT Seattle, Washington Fisheries Zela Psi; Manager, State High School Basketball Tournament; Stunt Duke; Oval Club; Rally Committee; Fisheries Club; Knights of the Hook. PAGE 96 SENIORS JOE HERRON Seattle, Washington Liberal Arts Alpha Sigma Phi MARJORIE HERTSCHE Portland, Oregon Fine Arts Pi Beta Phi; Phi Mu Gamma. HARRY HEWITT Seattle, Washington Fisheries Acacia RUTH HEWITT Yakima, Washington Liberal Arts Tolo House WENDELL C. HICKLIN Mabton, Washington Liberal Arts RETHA HICKS Tacoma. Washington Liberal Arts Kappa Kappa Gamma HARUO HIROTA Seattle, Washington Fine Arts y LUTHER HOLLY Los Angeles, California Zeta Psi Liberal Arts ALICE HOLMAN Seattle, Washington Liberal Arts EARL M. HOLMES Seattle, Washington Law CLIFFORD E. HOOF Bellingham, Washington Laic Delta Sigma Phi; Phi Alpha Delta; Hammer and Coffin. HELMER TORY HORN Seattle, Washington Engineering A. I. E. E. ELIZABETH HORSTMAN Port Angeles, Washington Science Delta Zeta; Gamma Alpha Chi; Athena Debate; Ad Club; Junior Day; Campus Day; Junior- Senior Roundup. HAROLD G. HOULTON Bellingham, ff ' ashington Science Phi Sigma A PAGE 97 SENICP MARY LOUISE HOUX Longvieu; Washington LihernI Arls EDWIN HOVERSON Seattle, Washington Science SHERMAN R. HUFFINE Seattle, Washington Law Delta Upsilon; Phi Alpha Delta; Law Review Board. JACK HOWAY Seattle, Washington Liberal Arts Sigma Chi; Oval Club; Senior Representative; President, Knights of the Hook; President, Intercollegiate Knights. JOHN H. HOWER Wttverly, Washington JAMES HUGHES Spokane, Washington Engineering Sigma Nu HO ARD F. HULET Seattle, Washington Business Administration Sigma Pi; Alpha Kappa Psi. Education MARGARET CAREY HUBERT Butte, Montana Liberal Arts J. ORVILLE HUMPHRIES Spokane Bridge, Washington Law RUTH HUE Pasco, Washington Science Home Economics Club; Inkwell Club. ROBERT A. HUEY Anacortes, Washington Business Administration Theta Xi; Beta Alpha Psi; Alpha Kappa Psi. CHARLES D. HUNTER. JR. Tacoma, Washington Law Beta Theta Pi; Fir Tree; Oval Club; Varsity Golf. FRED HUNTER Spokane, Washington Liberal Arls Sigma Nu ALICE HUNZIKER Lanslex. Washington Liberal Arts PAGE ' 18 SCNICRS HAROLD CHARLES HURLBl T Seattle. Washington Engineerinii Tillicums; A. L E. E. REA RITH HURST Spokane, Washington Journalisnt Phrateres; Daily; Tyee. DORIS HYATT Everett. Washington Fine Arts Alpha Xi Delta; Spurs; Varsity Ball; Cadet Ball; Junior Day; Campus Day, SIMON HURWITZ Seattle. Washington Fine Arts Sigma Alpha Mu; Atelier. ELIZABETH HYND Portland, Oregon Business Administration Kappa Kappa Gamma MITSUO UNO Seattle, Washington Business Administration LOIS MAUDE HUSTON Puyallup, Washington Education T ' esley Club; Kappa Phi. RUTH HUSTON Tacoma, Washington Liberal Arts JAMES M. HUTCHESON Montesano, Washington Journalism Tillicums; Sigma Delta Chi; Asso- ciate Editor, Daily. C RUSSELL RICHARD INGERSOLL Seattle, Washington Liberal Arts Acacia; Scabbard and Blade; Pur- ple Shield. THOMAS REED INGHAM Olympia, Washington Science Psi Upsilon; Track; Spiked Shoe Club; Big W Club; Pi Mu Chi. VIRGINIA INMAN Alhambra, California Science JOAN HUTCHINSON Seattle, Washington Fine Arts Alpha Xi Delta; Mu Phi Epsilon. RUTH IRWIN Hilo, Hawaii Fine Arts Alpha Phi $ENICI $ LYLE L. IVERSOiX Seattle, Washington Law Beta Kappa; Pi Sigma Alpha; Badger Debate Club; Homecom- ing. RAFAEL U. JACINTO Philippine Islands Liberal Arts Filipino Club INEZ E. JACKSON Anacortes, Washington Fine Arts Mu Phi Epsilon: Kappa Phi; Wes- ley Club. LOLA JACKSON Port Gamble, Washington Liberal Arts C. IVAN JAMIESON Seattle, Washington Business Administration Pi Kappa Alpha: Beta Alpha Psi; Glee Club. PAUL K. J ANSON Seattle, Washington Liberal Arts Psi Upsilon JOHN W. JENNINGS Seattle. Washington Liberal Arts Delia Pfi Delta; Varsity Boat Club. MYRA JENSEN Piiyallup, Washington Liberal Arts LILLIAN JACOBS Leivistoivn, Montana Science MARIAN A. JENSON Yakima, Washington Library Science STANLEY JALOFF Portland, Oregon Liberal Arts Zeta Beta Tau; Basketball; Oval Club. MARTHA JINDRA Portland. Oregon Education Kappa Delta; Newman Club. RUTH C. JAMES Seattle, Washington Liberal Arts PhiMu H THOMAS A. JOBS Seattle, Washington Business Administration [• K r. E 10 $ENI€R$ EINER JOHNSON Tacoma, Washington Phnrmncy FLORENCE E. JOHNSON Seattle, Washington Liberal Arts Sigma Kappa; Y. W. C. A. Cab- inet. PAULINE JOHNSON Ellensbiirg, Washington Education CHARLES JOHNSTON Seattle, Washington Business Administration FLORENCE M. JOHNSTONE Seattle, Washington Fine Arts Kappa Delta; President, Pan-Hel- lenic; Standards Committee; Student Council. WILLLAM JOHNSTONE Seattle, Washington Science ROY W. H. JOHNSON Puyallup, Washington Business Administration Beta Alpha Psi STANLEY JOHNSON Seattle. Washington Forestry J. IRVING JOLLEY Seattle, Washington Business Administration Theta Kappa Theta; Sigma Xi; Phi Lambda LIpsilon; Ammoni Socii. VIRGINIA C. JOHNSON Seattle, Washington Fine Arts Lambda Rho WILLARD JOHNSON Tacoma, Washington Business Admiuistrntiott ELMA JOLLEY Seattle, Washington Liberal Arts CAROL JONES Honolulu, Hawaii Liberal Arts Clii Omega; Mortar Board. CATHERINE E. JONES If hiteriier, Arizona Library Lewis Hall; Kappa Phi. :A !• A C E lot SENIORS CATHERINE A. JONES Port Toivnsend, Washington Liberal Arts FLORENCE GORTON JONES Seattle, Washington Education MARY P. KANE Tacoma, Washington Liberal Arts GEORGE KELEZ Seattle, Washington Fisheries Theta Xi IVAR JONES Seattle, Washington Pharmacy Sigma Xi MARION KELEZ Seattle, Washington Theta Xi Fine Arts RICHARD F. JONES Wenatchee, Washington Business Administration Badger Debate Club JACK D. KELLER Seattle, Washington Sigma Nu Law BETTY JORGENSEN Seattle, Washington Liberal Arts W.A.A.; Women ' s W Club; Greek Club. PHIL KAHAN Seattle, Washington Engineering Zeta Beta Tau HELEN MABEL KANE Spokane, Washington Liberal Arts Phi Mu; Ad Club. EUGENE A. KELLY Walla Walla, Washington Liberal Arts Kappa Sigma: Ticket Chairman, J. G. v.; Chairman, High School Leaders ' Conference; President, Interfralernity Council. MARGARET KENYON Bremerton, Washington Science Pi Sigma Gamma; Zeta Mu Tau; Vice-President W. A. A.; Athena Debate Club; Women ' s W Club. RAY F. KERNS Seattle, ff ' ashington Pharmacy Kappa Psi PAGE 102 SENIORS ROBERT L. KETTENRING Seattle, Washington Engineering Theta Kappa Theta ; Chairman, Electrical Engineers " Open House; Homecoming; A. I. E. E.; Compass and Chart. JOHN RICHARD KIEBIRTZ Seattle, Washington Forestry Tau Phi Delta HOXS ARD W. KIEHLBAl CH Chehalis, Washington Liberal Arts Alpha Kappa Lambda; Student Council; Wesley Club; Campus Christian Council; Y. M. C. A. RUTH KILWORTH Seattle, Washington Liberal Arts JOHN KIRNER Se(itiim. Washington Business Administration VERA E. KLEINLEIN Seattle, Washington Liberal Arts MARVIN KLEMME Seattle, Washington Forestry Theta Kappa Theta; Xi Sigma Pi; Forest Club; Stevens Debate Club; Homecoming. HELEN WINNIFRED KLOCK Seattle, Washington Science I). . R.; Kappa Phi; Women ' s W Cluh; W. A. A.; P. E. Club. GLADYS KINNEY Seattle, Washington Business Administration Phrateres PAUL KIRK Tacoma, Washington Liberal Arts Sigma Nu MARIE KIRKWOOD Toppenish, Washington Science Alpha Xi Delta; Home Economics Club. t,. " ' ARTHUR KNUDSEN Seattle, Washington Business Administration JOSEPHINE R. KOEN I ' rosser, Washington Education Phratere ; Newman Club. LAWRENCE KOLLOEN Seattle, Washington Fisheries ±- PACE 103 SENI€I $ HELEN KR ATAVILLE Seattle, Whshington Education Y. W. C. A.; W. A. A.; Women ' s W Club; W Book Chairman: Daily; Dance Drama. HERBERT LANDON Seattle, Washington Lnn HENRY J. KRIEGEL Seattle, Washington Business Adminlslrdlinn JOHN C. KROGSTAD Seattle, Washington Business Administration Pan-Xenia KENNETH W. KURBITZ Yakima, Washington Pharmacy- Alpha Tau Omega; Frosh Foot- ball; Vice-President Interfrater- nitv Council. GAYNOR LANGSDORF Jancouver, Washington Engineering Beta Thela Pi; Sigma Xi; Phi Beta Kappa; Tau Beta Pi: President. A. S. U. W.; Track. V. O. LARSEN Alderwood Manor, Washington Forestry Tau Phi Delta; Varsity Boat Club: Forest Club; Junior Varsity Crew. LUCILE LASNIER Seattle, Washington Liberal Arts All-University Play MAKIE KUSHI Seattle, Washington MAX G. LAGER Ironwood, Michigan Fine Arts Science DON LAUDER lancouver, British Columbia Business Administration Phi Kappa Psi; Track. HAROLD A. LANCOUR Seattle, Washington Beta Thela Pi Ltiii MARCELLA RITA LAWLER Raymond. Washington Education Alpha Omicron Pi SARA LAWSON Seattle, Washington Liberal Arts Kappa Phi; Wesley Club. ± PAGE 104 $ENI€I $ RUTH LAWTON Seattle, Washington Liberal Arts Delta Gamma JAMES LEE Seattle, Washington Liberal Arts Psi Upsilon DONN F. LAWWILL Montesano, Washington Law Zeta Psi; Phi Delta Phi; Business Manager, Daily; Oval Cluh. JANE LEES Seattle, Washington Liberal Arts CLARENCE E. LAYTON Tacoma, Washington Laiv Theta Chi; Delta Theta Phi. CONSTANCE LEHDE Seattle, Washington Library Kappa Phi EDWIN GERALD LAYTON Tacoma, Washington Pharmacy Theta Chi VERA C. LAZNICKA Bellingham, Washington Education MICHAEL LEMICK Seattle, Washington Business Administration Theta Kappa Theta; Pan-Xenia; Ad Club. CATHERINE LEMP Boise, Idaho Liberal Arts PhiMu RICHARD LEA Olympia, Washington Liberal Arts Zeta Psi; Business Manager, Tyee; Editor, Tyee; Oval Club. GLADYS HELEN LEAK La Grande, Washington Science Alpha Delta Pi; Phvsioal Education Club; W. A. A. ' ; Women ' s W Club. MILDRED E. LEPPER Seattle, Washington Business Administration Westminster Club; Y. W. C. A.; B. A. Vocational Club. ANNA V. LESH Ellesport, Washington Liberal Arts PAGE 105 $ENICR$ RICHARD R. LEVY Seattle, Washington Business Administration Beta Gamma Sigma: Alpha Delta Sigma; Stevens Debate Club; Ad Club. CLYDE LINVILLE Seattle, Washington Law RUTH LEWIS Seattle, Washington Liberal Arts Alpha Delta Pi; Kappa Phi; Wes- lev Club. WALLACE LITCHFIELD Seattle, Washington Fine Arts Kappa Sigma; Varsity Boat Club; Atelier; W Club; Crew. CAROLINE LINDBERG Tacoma, Washington Fine Arts Delta Gamma CARL LINDE Puyallup, Washington Engineering BERTRAM H. LINDMAN Seattle, Washington Engineering Compass and Chart; A. S. C. E. FLA VILLA LINDSEY Seattle, Washington Science Home Economics Club nik ETHEL LIVESLEY Seattle, Washington Liberal Arts Kappa Delta; Mortar Board; Exec- utive Chairman. Women ' s Fed- eration; Phi Mu Gamma. PERCY A. LOCKITCH Portland, Oregon Business Administration Beta Alpha Psi; Beta Gamma Sig- ma. ADELAIDE FLORENCE LODER Sheridan, Wyoming Business Administration Phrateres; Gamma Epsilon Pi; Women ' s Vocational Club ; Homecoming; Varsity Ball. umC MARJORIE LOGAN Chehalis, Washington Liberal Arts Kappa Phi; Wesley Club. WILLIAM LINDSTROM Tacoma, Washington Business Administration DOROTHY LOHSE Seattle, Washington Liberal Arts PAGE 106 SENIORS BERTHA LONCKE Sumner, Washington Business Administration Zeta Tau Alpha CURTIS SOODWORTH LUND Seattle. Washington Engineering Tau Beta Pi: Sigma Xi; A. 1. E. E. RUTH ELIZABETH LONG Sunnyside, Washington Education Kappa Phi; Wesley Club: History Club. HERBERT F. LUNDSTROM Seattle, Washington Engineering A. S. M. E. CAROL LONGABAUGH Seattle, Washington Business Administration Delta Zeta ; Ad Club. ALICE M. LOPP Seattle, Washington Science Women ' s W Club: W. A. A.; P. E. Club; Pilgrim Club. HAROLD LOW Ouhu, Haivaii Business Administration Sigma Alpha Epsiloii SARAH LUCH fancouver, Washington W. A. A.: P. E. Club. LOEL LUST Minneapolis, Minnesota Business Administration Alpha Sigma Phi BYRON E. LUTTERMAN Seattle. Washington Law Sigma Phi Epsilon; Delta Theta Phi. HELEN LUTZ Seattle, Washington Fine Arts Alpha Xi Delta: Gamma Alpha Chi: Spurs. Science LILLIAN LUX Wennlchee. Washington Liberal Arts CARL LUCKERATH Seattle, Washington Lute I RANK.1E LVTLE Tacoma. Washington Library Kappa Phi PACE 1 : SENICPS KENNETH MacARTHLR Seattle, Washington Law DORINE MacAULAY Chattaroy, Washington Business AdminiMrntion Kappa Delta RICHARD MACFARLANE Seattle, Washington Liberal Arts Sigma Nu; Sigma Delta Chi; Ed- itor, Daily; Student Council. ANGELO J. MANOUSOS Taconia, Washington Liberal Arts Lander Hall; W. E. A. MARY CHRISTINA MARROW Seattle, Washington Liberal Arts Phi Mu VERGIE MARSHALL Seattle, Washington Liberal Arts FLORENCE MACKEY Tacoma, Washington PhiMu Libr ARCHIE Maclean Taco ma, Washington Business Administration Kappa Sigma; Big W Club; Base- ball. FRED MAHONEY Minneapolis, Minnesota Science Kappa Sigma; Chairman. Junior Day; Cadet Ball: Junior Prom; Senior Class President. GEORGIA ELIZABETH MAJOR Seattle, Washington Science Beta Phi Alpha; Orchestra; Nurses ' Club. GEORGE WARREN MARTIN Seattle, W ' ashington Education Alpha Kappa Lambda; Weslev Club. JOSEPHINE PRICE MASSART Seattle, Washington Fine Arts Red Domino DOROTHY MASSIE Brewster, Washington Lewis Hall Science MARGARET MATHESON Seattle, Washington Liberal Arts p A i; I. Hi SENIORS BRUCE MATTHEWS Seattle, Washington Business Administration Phi Kappa Tau iMARK M. MATHEWSON Seattle, Washington Business Administration Alpha Delta Phi; Scabbard and Blade. NANCY MATHEWSON Seattle, Washington Liberal Arts Kappa Kappa Gamma k MARJORIE MAYO Seattle, Washington Liberal Arts Alpha Omicroii Pi DORINE McAULEY Chttttnroy, Washington Business Administration Kappa Delta XORRIS MATHEY Monroe, Washington Forestry Beta Kappa; Forest Club: Forest Club Quarterly. ELMER MATSON Lake Stevens, Washington Liberal Arts MARY McCAULEY Aberdeen, Washington Fine Arts DONALD W. McCLARREN Seattle, Washington Engineering Oval Club; Zeta Mu Tau; A. L E. E.; Big W Club; Tennis. ELSIE MATTISON Seattle, Washington Fine Arts Associate LTniversily Players; Washington Players. HAROLD McCLARY Seattle, Washington Forestry Oval Club; BasketbalL MARTHA McClelland Tacoma, Washington Fine Arts Lambda Omega: Midwinter Con- HELEN MATTISON Seattle, Washington Liberal Arts DOUG McCOY Seattle, Washington Liberal Arts Sigma Phi Epsilon; President, Knights of the Hook: Junior Representative. Board of Con- trol: Minor W Club: Golf. ■■ - " ' - AGE 109 $ENICR$ KEN McCOY Spokane. Washington Liberal Arts Sigma Nil MARY E. McKAY Seattle. Washington Sororia Science PHYLLIS McDonald Seattle, Washington Liberal Arts Sigma Xi; Omicroii Nu. ELIZABETH M.GEE Seattle, Washington Fine Arts Pi Sigma Gamma; Shakespeare Club; Washington Plavers; Y. W. C. A. DONALD D. Mcknight Seattle. Washington Liberal Arts Sigma Phi Epsilon; Phi Alpha Delta; Varsitv Boat Club. MARGARET McMATH Cathlnmet, Washington Liberal Arts PAUL McGIBBON Seattle, Washington Education Lambda Chi Alpha GENE McMULLEN Seattle. Washington Liberal Arts CHARLES McGILL Seattle, Washington Science FLORINE McINTOSH Clarkston, Washington Fine Arts Beta Phi Alpha; Mu Phi Epsilon. KENNETH S. McPHADEN ancouver, Washington Fine Arts Beta Kappa; Crew Drive; Home- coming; Varsity Ball; Knights of the Hook. BERENICE McPHERREN Seattle, Washington Business Administration Sigma Kappa JOHN McKAY Waterville, Washington Science LILLIAN A. McPHERSON Santa Cruz, California Liberal Arts Phrateres; Sigma Eta Chi; Axe ami Grindstone; Ad Club; Junior Dav; Y. W. C. A. PACE 110 $ENICR$ ORVILLE B. McRORV Jancouver, Washington Pharmacy FREDERICK C. MEDACK Longiiew, Washington Education German Club MARY VIOLET MEGREW Seattle, Washington Liberal Arts Alpha Xi Delta; President. Mortar Board; Standards Committee; Manager, J. G. V.; Junior Class Seeretarv. MARTHA MELLINGER Tacoma, Washington Science ELIZABETH TANNATT MERRIAM Spokane, Washington Liberal Arts Kappa Kappa Gamma LANNON MERRILL Los Angeles, California Liberal Arts FLORENCE MERRIN Seattle, Washington Library Sigma Eta Chi; Pilgrim Club. RUTH MAY MERRITT Seattle, Washington Fine Arts Sigma Kappa LOWELL P. MICKELWAIT San Francisco, California Lau Phi Gamma Delta; Beta Gamma Sigma; Phi Delta Phi; Oval Club. ETHEL MIDDLETON Seattle, Washington Liberal Arts Alpha Delta Pi; Mortar Board; Y. W. C. A. President. JAMES MIFFLIN Shelton, Washington Liberal Arts MADELINE MIGNEREY Seattle, Washington Fine Arts Alpha Xi Delta ED ARD MILES Seattle, Washington Engineering A. I. E. E. ALDEN E. MILLER Seattle. Washington Late I ' i Kappa Alpha: Phi Alpha Delta. r I. I 111 SENIORS BARRY J. MILLER Bellingham, Washington Liberal Arts Delta Tau Delta VESS CLAYTON MINER Seattle, Washington Engineering A.I.E.E. DOROTHY FAY MILLER Seattle, Washington Business Administration Gamma Epsilon Pi ELIDA S. MILLER Union, Oregon Fine Arts KATHERINE MITCHELL Seattle, Washington Liberal Arts Pi Beta Phi; Mortar Board; Pres- ident. Women ' s Federation. MILDRED MITCHELL Seattle, Washington Liberal Arts Westminster Club President ELLEN A. MILLER Oinak, Washington Business Administration A M i - 4 CLIFFORD O. MOE Havre, Montana Latv Sigma Nu: Phi Alpha Delta. ELMA MILLER Seattle, Washington Liberal Arts ROLAND S. MOLLER Portland, Oregon Science W eslminster Cluh HORTENSE MILLER Seattle, Washington Science Alpha Delta Theta ; Phi Beta Kap- pa ; Sigma Eta Chi; Omicron Nu; W. A. A. CATHERINE MONK Buckley, Washington Education MOORE J. MILLS Seattle, Washington Science Beta Kappa; Axe and Grindstone. EILEEN ADAIR MONKS Portland, Oregon Science Alpha Omicron Pi IS I- AGE 112 SENIORS CLARICE MONTGOMERY Seattle, Washington Fine Arts PhiMu TOM MONTGOMERY Puyallup. Washington Journalism Sigma Delta Chi; Daily; W Book. VIOLETTE MOODY Sacramento, California Fine Arts Women ' s Ensemble DON MORBECK Kingston, Idaho Business Administration Tau Kappa Epsilon ELLIOT MORGAN Seattle, Washington Education Delta Gamma; Mortar Board. RUTH MOON Los Angeles, California Alpha Phi Journalism ' WILLIAM G. MORRIS Seattle, Washington Forestry Tau Phi Delta; Forest Cluh: Xi Sigma Pi; Purple Shield; Box- ing. THOMAS L. MORROW Tacoma, Washington Psi Upsilon; Husky Club. Law EDITH MOORE Roy, Washington Fine Arts Alpha Gamma Delta RUTH MOORE Bellingham, Washington Education B. A. Vocational Club ROBERT MORTON Kirkland, Washington Business Administ ration LEONILDA MOZZONE Seattle, Washington Pharmacy WALTER B. MOORE Seattle, Washington Business Administration Sigma Phi Epsilon ROBERTA MUDGETT Seattle, Washington Science Alpha Omioron Pi; Spurs; Y. W. C. A. Council. M !• ; K 113 $ENI€I $ EDWARD A. MULHOLLAND Seattle, Washington Liberal Arts Beta Kappa ALICE MURRAY Seattle, Washington Liberal Arts EDGAR NEAL Seattle, Washington Liberal Arts BETH MURRAY Seattle, Washington Fine Arts Kappa Delta MARY H. MYERS Seattle, Washington Liberal Arts LEROY LESGAR NEILL Seattle, Washington Business Administration Chi Psi ; Pan-Xenia. EVELYN NELSON Deer Lodge, Montana Business Administration Alpha Delta Pi; Axe and Grind- SYLVIA D: NAGEL Portland, Oregon Liberal Arts Alpha Kappa Delta; Freshman Stock Company; Sociology Club. KAZU NAKASEKO Kyoto, Japan Fine Arts Lewis Hall; Fuyo-Kai. JAMES C. NELSON, JR. Bickleton, Washington Liberal Arts Sigma Pi; Purple Shield; History Club. JOHN M. NELSON Seattle, Washington Engineering Pi Kappa Phi; Tau Beta Pi; Pur- ple Shield; Inkwell Club; A. I. E. E. BETTY NASH Tacoma, Washington Liberal Arts LAURA NELSON Mount J ' ernon, Washington Liberal Arts WILLARD NEVINS Granite Falls, Washington Fisheries PAGE 114 SENIORS IRE1 E M. NICHOLSON " Tacoma. Washington Business Administration Chi Omega; Mortar Board: Gam- ma Alpha Chi. FRANK OBRIE Seattle, Washington Science Phi Gamma Delta S. NISHIDA Seattle, Washington Engineering GRACE OGROSKY Seattle, Washington Liberal Arts WIERON NOBLE Everett, Washington Business Adminislralion NYMAH NOFTSINGER Mount J ' ernon, Washington Fine Arts Alp ha Chi Omega MARGARET NORDLING Shelton, Washington Science Lambda Omega; Spurs: W. E. A. GEORGE C. OISTAD Seattle, Washington Liberal Arts Kappa Sigma; Varsity Boat Club: Alpha Kappa Psi; Crew; Big W Club. HANNA OKAMURA Seattle, Washington Fine Arts OLIVIA OLDS Colville, Washington Liberal Arts THEODORE NORTHSTROM Tacoma, Washington Lait HUGH H. NUCKOLS Anaconda, Montana Science Theta Xi; Pi Mu Chi; Sigma Al- pha; Glee Club; Wrestling. ALICE OLEARY Seattle, Washington Lau Alpha Gamma Delta; Mortar Board: Phi Delta Delta; Phi Alpha Rho. HENRY OLSCHEWSKY Olympia, Washington Liberal Arts Delta Chi PACE lis $ENICI $ CLIFFORD C. OLSON IV Aimn, Ifhshington Business Administration Theta Xi LEONE G. OLSON Libby, Montana Athena Liberal Arts MARTIN OLSON La C enter, Washington Business Administration ANNE OTT Port Angeles, Washington Science Lanilida Omega; Sigma Epsilon; W. A. A.; Newman Club; Ger- man Club. ISADORA OTTO Portland. Oregon Fine Arts Zela Tau Alpha; Y. W. C. A.; Women ' s Federation. CATHERINE OVERTURF Seattle, Washington Fine Arts HEROLD A. O ' NEILL Seattle, Washington Laiv Lambda Chi Alpha ; Delta Thela Phi; Editor, Law Review; Stu- dent Council. MARGARITA OWEN Madras, India Liberal Arts Theta Upsilon DOUGLAS ORKNEY Hoquiam, Washington Liberal Arts Phi Sigma Kappa; Alpha Delta Sigma; Business Manager, Uni- versity Ad Club. RUTH OSTERMAN Seattle, Washington Science Kappa Alpha Theta MRS. HAZEL H. OWEN Seattle, Washington Science Sororia; Home Economics Club; Treasurer, Sororia. FRANK B. PACKARD Seattle, Washington Liberal Arts Phi Gamma Delta; Pi Mu Chi; Crew; Y. M. C. A. ALBION L. OSTLUND Bryn Mawr, Washington Engineering A. I. E. E. THELMA PACKARD Seattle, Washington Fine Arts Pi Sigma Gamma; Women ' s Fed- eration Players; Dionysus Club; ' ashington Players. PACE 116 SENIORS HOWARD PALMER Arlington, Washington Liberal Arts Phi Gamma Delta; Oval Club; Football Manager. REX PALMER Seattle, Washington Science STELLA E. PARKS Okanogan, Washington Business Administration Gamma Epsilon Pi EARL F. PARSONS Seattle, Washington Business Administration Beta Gamma Sigma; Beta Alpha Psi. ROBERT E. PASLEY Calduell, Idaho Business Administration Pi Kappa Phi; Alpha Kappa Psi; Pi Kappa Delta. RUTH MAY PATTON Seattle, Washington Liberal Arts Pi Sigma Gamma LYLE J. PAUL Tacoma, Washington Pharmacy Tillirums; Varsity Ball Coniiiiiltee. FLORENCE PAULSON Seattle, Washingto n Business Administration MILDRED PEACOCK Seattle, Washington Liberal Arts ILA N. PEAIRS Longview, Washington Fine Arts Kappa Kappa Gamma; Mu Phi Epsilon. CHARLES T. PEARSON Tacoma, Washington Fine Arts Chi Phi; Atelier; Defeated Candi- dates ' Club ; Homecoming; Junior Day. HOWARD PEASE Seattle, Washington Liberal Arts Menorah Society LOIS PENNEY Tacoma, Washington Science Alpha Gamma Delta BLANCHE PENNICK Melbourne, Australia Liberal Arts ± PACE n : SENICI S GRETCHEN PERCY Seattle, Washington Liberal Arts ROLF PETERSON Seattle, Washington Engineering De FOREST PERKINS Seattle. Washington Law Beta Theta Pi; Fir Tree; Oval Club; Baseball; Associated Uiii- versitv Plavers. MILDRED PETERS Bellingham, Washington Fine Arts Kappa Delta ARTHUR PETERSEN Bothell, Washington Business Adminislralioii Sigma Chi; Basketball; Oval Cliil); J. G. v.; Varsity Cagers. KENNETH PETERSON Honolulu, Haivaii Liberal Arts Alpha Delta Phi LESTER W. PETTIT Seattle, Washington Liberal Arts Zeta Psi; Track; Spiked Shoe Club; Varsitv Ball Committee. ELSA PFISTERER Seattle, Washington Business Administration Theta L ' psilon; Gamma Epsilon Pi; Women ' s Vocational Club. HAROLD PHILBRICK Seattle, Washington Business Administration Alpha Delta Phi ELIZABETH PIERCE Seattle. Washington Liberal Arts Gamma Phi Beta MARION PETERSON Chewelah, Washington Liberal Arts RALPH C. PETERSEN Seattle, W ashington Engineering Alpha Tau Omega; A. S. C. E.; Frosh Tennis. JAMES R. PIERCE Los Angeles, California Science Kappa Sigma; Frosh Basketball Manager; Varsity Cagers; Golf; Miniir W Club. DRURV A. PIFER Seattle. Washington Engineering Mines Society PACE 1 If SENIORS ERMA PITMON Hibbing, Minnesota Education Kappa Delta; Ad Club: Women ' s Federation. REGINALD F. PLYMIRE Seattle, Washington Engineering Tau Beta Pi; Sigma Xi; Westmin- ster Club; A. I. E. E. ALLEN ROLLINS POTTER Yakima, Washington Education Pilgrim Club; Campus Christian Council. LOIS POTTER Bremerton, Washington Science Delta Zeta Rl SSELL SMITH PRICE Tacnma. Washington Liberal Arts Alpha Delta Sigma; Ad Club; Stevens Debate Club; Boxing: All-L niversity Players; Home- coming Committee. MARY ELIZABETH PULLEN Skagway, Alaska Fine Arts Phrateres; Spurs; W. A. A.; Spring Opera; Concerts; Y. W. C. A. ELLIOTT PULVER Aberdeen, Washington Business Administration Sigma Chi; Football; Oval Club; Junior Day; Campus Day. STANLEY E. PUTNAM Tonasket, Washington Liberal Arts HELEN LEA POTTS Coeur d ' Alene, Idaho Liberal Arts Alpha Chi Omega ROBERT PRESCOTT Helena, Montana Liberal Arts Sigma Chi JOEL E. QUICKSTAD Seattle, Washington Business Administration Delta Sigma Phi; Beta Alpha Psi; Alpha Kappa Psi; Baseball. HELEN PRESTON Seattle, Washington Liberal Arts CHARLOTTE QUIGLEY Helena. Montana Liberal Arts Hm IRVINE B. RABEL Seattle, Washington Business Administration Beta Theta Pi 1 PACE 1 I ■) $ENICI $ ELWOOD RANKIN Seattle, Washington Fine Arts Phi Kappa Psi DANIEL A. RANNEY Seattle, Washington Fisheries Beta Kappa; Scabbard and Blade; Cadet Ball; Fisheries Club. ELMER F. RAPRAEGER Seattle, Washington Forestry Xi Sigma Pi; Phi Sigma; Forest Club. HAZEL FRANCES RAYBURN Othello, Washington Education Wesley Club GERTRUDE RAYMOND Olympia, Washington Liberal Arts HELEN REED Los Angeles, California Business Administration KATHARINE REEDY Seattle, Washington Liberal Arts Phi Mu |.« HAROLD G. REIMAN Odessa, if ashington Pharmacy Tillicums HAVEN REISENWEBER Olympia, Washington Liberal Arts PhiMu VLADIMIR R. REMIGAILO I ladivostock, Russia Engineering A. S. M. E. EARL FRANCIS REQUA Everett, Washington Law Chi Phi; Phi Delta Phi; Badger Debate Club; Frosh Tennis. DOROTHY RHODES Seattle, Washington Education Pi Sigma Gamma; Kappa Phi; Wesley Club; Bigtime; J. G. V.; Junior Day; Y. W. C. A. HELEN H. RHODES Seattle, Washington Liberal Arts Chi Omega; Phi Beta Kappa; Pi Lambda Theta. THOMAS R. RICHARDS Seattle, Washington Business Administration Alpha Kappa Psi; Beta Gamma Sigma. iS PAGE 120 s;enicr$ ETHEL MARIE RICHARDSON Seattle. Washington Liberal Arts W. E. A. BROOKE RICKER Helena, Montana Liberal Arts ALLAN RIDPATH Seattle, Washington Liberal Arts CHARLOTTE RIGG Seattle, Washington Fine Arts DAVID D. RISSER Seattle, Washington Business Administration Alpha Tau Omega DOROTHY RISSER Seattle, Washington Educiilion Phi Omega Pi DOROTHEA RITCHIE Seattle, Washington Liberal Arts Zeta Tau Alpha SARAH LOUISE ROAKE Seattle, Washington Liberal Arts VIVIAN V. RING Seattle, Washington Liberal Arts Phi Omega Pi; Spurs; Y. W. C. A.; Women ' s Federation Players; Shakespeare Club. BETTY ROBB Seattle, Washington Liberal Arts Kappa Alpha Theta LEO JOSEPH RIORDAN Roseiille, California Business Administration Chi Psi ELEANOR K. ROBERTS Seattle, ffashington Liberal Arts Alpha Kappa Delta; Sociology Club. GEORGE RIPLEY Seattle, Washington Liberal Arts Alpha Delta Phi FREDERICK KENNETH ROBERTSON Cashmere, Washington Latv Sigma Phi Epsilon: Scabbard and Blade. B I ' I. f. 1:1 SENIORS BEN T. ROBINSON Centralia, Washington Law Sigma Alpha Mu DOROTHY ROBINSON Seattle, ff ' asliington Science Zeta Tail Alpha DORYCE V. ROBINSON Bozeman, Montana Business Administration NAOMI SIMA ROSENBERG Seattle. Washington Library ARTHUR R. ROSS Seattle, Washington Fisheries Beta Kappa JOY ROSS Seattle, Washington Liberal Arts ROAL S. ROBINSON Tacoma, Washington Business Administration Chi Psi; Pan-Xenia. ROE PARKER RODGERS Seattle, Washington Engineering Theta Kappa Theta ; Phi Beta Kap- pa; Sigma Xi: Tau Beta Pi; Kappa Kappa Psi; Zeta Mu Tau; Engineering Council; A. S. C. E.; Band. W. RAYMOND ROWE Northport, Washington Education IRVING H. ROWELL Seattle, Washington Engineering A. I.E.E. KATHERINE FRANCES ROGERS Seattle, Washington Science Phi Mu; Spurs. LOYD A. ROYAL Olympia, Washington Fisheries Delta Sigma Phi; Varsity Boat Club. DOROTHEA ROSENBERG Spokane, Washington Liberal Arts Dance Drama; W. A. A.; German Club. VIRGINIA RUPP Burlingnme, California Fine Arts Zeta Tau Alpha; Gamma Alpha Chi; Women ' s Federation Con- cert Committee; Junior Day. PACE 12 SENIORS JAMES A. RUTLEDGE Seattle, Washington Phnrmiicy Theta Kappa Theta MAKOTO SATO Seattle, Washington Engineering Japanese Student Club JOE FRANK RYAN Spokane, Washington Business Adniinislration Beta Alpha Psi MILDRED SAUNDERS Gillette, Wyoming Liberal Arts SADIE SALOMA Centralia, Washington Liberal Arts Phrateres; Spanish Club. ROY S. SAMSON Bellingham, Washington Engineering Delta Sigma Phi; A. I. E. E. VICTOR J. SAMSON Seattle, Washington Fisheries Inkwell Club; Fisheries Club. RUTH SANBORN Spragiie, Washington Liberal Arts FLORENCE SATHER Seattle, Washington Science Sigma Kappa WILBERT BENJAMIN SAUNDERS Kelso, Washington Science Alpha Kappa Lambda; Westmin- ster Club; Pre-Medic Club. JOHN A. SCAM AN Wenatchee, Washington Liberal Arts Kappa Sigma; Football; Big W Club; Oval Club. RICHARD F. SCHACHT Burlington, Washington Law Phi Gamma Delta; Phi Delta Phi. EDWARD SCHAFER Aberdeen, Washington Liberal Arts Beta Theta Pi PAUL SCHARPENBERG LaCrosse, Washington Law h. PACE 1 : -1 iK:X r.:Jt Hi. " . .. ' i Lb; -£7J»liHI.i1:ulio«aK ss!!9 i ffMS ffiesQiN SENIORS LESTER SCHATZ Woodland, Washington Business Administration Phi Kappa Tau HILDA SCOTT Seattle, Washington Liberal Arts VICTOR BLANCHARD SCHEFFER Puyallup, Washington Science Pi Kappa Phi; Phi Sigma. ELIZABETH SCHENK South Bend, Washington Liberal Arts Alpha Gamma Delta LORING SCHMIDT Idaho Falls, Idaho Liberal Arts Delta Upsilon ROBERT J. SCHOETTLER Seattle, Washington Business Administration Phi Gamma Delta; Crew; Big W Club; Oval Club; Varsity Boat Club. WALTER SCHREIBER Seattle, Washington Business Administration CHARLES SCHWARTZ, JR. Seattle, Washington Pharmacy- Purple Shield; Sigma Xi; Amer- ican Pharmaceutical Association. KATHLEEN SCOTT Centralia, Washington Liberal Am Alpha Xi Delta MARY GENEVIEVE SCOTT Seattle, Washington Fine Arts Alpha Omicron Pi WINSTON SCOTT Wenatchee, Washington Science Delta Upsilon WINTHROP SEELYE Tonasket, Washington Business Administration Phi Kappa Tau RUTH SEVERANCE Donald, Washington Fine Arts Beta Phi Alpha RALPH C. SHAFFER Seattle, Washington Liberal Arts Chi Psi PACE 121 SENIORS MARGARET PAULINE SHAGREiX Lynden, Washington Liberal Arts Phi Omega Pi DAN J. SHANAHAN Seattle, Washington Liberal Arts Theta Kappa Theta; Alpha Kappa Psi. HELEN SHANSTROM Seattle, Washington Science Zeta Tau Alpha; W. A. A.; Mortar Board. MARY ISABEL SHEEHAN Seattle, Washington Liberal Arts Alpha Phi RACHEL E. SHEPHARD Davenport, Washington Education Women ' s Ensemble THELMA LEWIS SHERLEV La Crosse, Wisconsin Liberal Arts EDITH SHEW Kalispell, Montana Science Alpha Chi Omega ■£ 4l W ELLY SHIBATA Spokane, Washington Journalism Sigma Delia Chi; Japanese Stu- dents ' Club; Daily; J. G. V. YUKI SHIMONAE Seattle, Washington Liberal Arts Fuyo-Kai; Home Economics Club. VINCENT SHORROCK Seattle, Washington Liberal Arts Theta Xi; Frosh Track. PHILIP SHORT Ellensburg, Washington Lau Theta Xi; Spiked Shoe Club. JUNE SIEVERS Everett, Washington Fine Arts Pi Beta Phi; Axe and Grindstone; June Jolly-up; Spring Opera; Campus Day; Varsity Ball Com- mittee. MAY JL ANITA SIEVERS Everett, Washington Fine Arts Pi Beta Phi; Mu Phi Epsilon. VERNE SIEVERS Everett, Washington Business Administration Beta Theta Pi; Knights of the Hook; Columns; Tyee. I ' A r. E 1 : $ENI€I $ MIRIAM SILL Bothell. Washington Liberal Arts AMELIA SIMATON Longview, Washington Liberal Arts EDWIN SIMMER Ifenatchee, Washington Theta Xi; Pi Mu Chi. Science EVA SIMMONS Seattle Washington Business Administration Kappa Phi; Phrateres. ELIZABETH SIMPSON Seattle, Washington Liberal Arts Lambda Omega; W. A. A.; Ger- man Club; Newman Club. DONALD SMITH Yakima, Washington Business Administration Sigma Pi FRANK P. SMITH Pocntello, Idaho Business Administration Beta Alpha Psi HAROLD SMITH akimn, Washington Pharmacy H. JEANNETTE SMITH Seattle, Washington Fine Arts Sigma Eta Chi; Pilgrim Club; W. A. A.; Orchestra; Ensemble. MRS. MARIE HOOVER SMITH Okanogan, Washington Education EDGAR SIZER Tacoma, Washington Science Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Pi Mu Chi. RICHARD D. SMITH Sumner, J ' ashington Delta Psi Delta Lau CATHERINE SMALLING Donald, Washington Education Alpha Chi Omega RONALD B. SMITH Seattle, Washington Engineering Theta Xi: Tau Beta Pi; Phi Sigma Tau. PAGE 126 SENIORS THEODORA SMITH Si. Paul. Minnesota Liberal Arts Delta Delta Delta VIRGINIA MAXINE SMITH Seattle, Washington Liberal Arts Alpha Xi Delta RALPH M. SNIDER Puyallup. Washington Business Administration Pi Kappa Phi; Alpha Kappa Psi ; Weslev Club. MART J. SOLKUP Seattle, Washington Business .Administration Alpha Delia Sigma; Ad Club: Phi Alpha Rho ; N e w m a n Club ; Huskv Paw. MARJORIE SPEAR Proto, I Inh Liberal Arts Phi Omega Pi; Kappa Phi; Col- umns; Wesley Club; Axe ami Grindstone; Hammer and Cot- fin; Ad Club. ARTHUR C. SPENCER Portland, Oregon Liberal Arts Delta Kappa Epsilon EDWIN SNODGRASS Glendale, California Business Administration JUANITA JEAN SNYDER Hoquiam, Washington Education Tolo House PETER SOGNFEST Norway Fisheries ALICE SOMERS Seattle, Washington Liberal Arts Delta Gamma JOHN T. SPENCER Everett, Washington Liberal Arts Sigma Phi Sigma JOHN W. SPENCER Seattle, Washington Liberal .irts Phi Kappa Psi ROBERT B. SPERLIN Seattle, Washington Engineerinji Sigma Alpha Epsilon MILDRED SPICER Hoi uiam, Ifashington Science Delta Delta Delta $ENICI $ DOROTHY SPROULE Seattle, Washington Liberal Arts Alpha Gamma Delta ROY SQUIRES Seattle, Washington Pi Kappa Phi Forestry DOROTHEA STARR Cheney, Washington Liberal Arts GLENN STARR Cheney, Washington Liberal Arts HOWARD STINSON Spokane, Washington Business Administration Alpha Kappa Lambda ; Beta Gam- ma Sigma; Beta Alpha Psi; Westminster Club. TOM H. STOKES Seattle, Washington Business Administration Thela Chi; A. S. U. W. News Serv- ice; Freshman Week; State High School Basketball Tournament; June Jolly-up; Homecoming; Varsitv Ball. HAROLD STONE Seattle, Washington Journalism Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Alpha Delta Sigma; Alpha Kappa Psi; B. A. Council; Manager A. S. U. W. Winter Concert. MARCUS STEDMAN Olympia, Washington Delta Chi Fine Arts REDMON STOUT Spokane, Washington Liberal Arts Alpha Sigma Phi MURIEL STRADLEY Seattle, Washington Business Administration J. HELEN STEELE Butte, Montana Lambda Omega bcience LLOYD EDWARD STEELE Everett, Washington Engineering Tau Kappa Epsilon; A. I. E. E. DORIS V. .STRATTON Seattle, Washington Liberal Arts Women ' s W Club; W. A. A.; Span- ish Club; French Club; Bethany Club. KENNETH STRIKER Seattle, Washington Liberal Arts Hammer and Coffin; Editor, Col- umns; Art Editor, Tyee; Oval Club. PAGE 1 : SENIORS WELLINGTON M. STROHL Seattle, JTashington Engineering Tau Beta Pi; Sigma Xi; Phi Beta Kappa; A. L E. E. GENEVIEVE SWEDENBURG Portland, Oregon Liberal Arts SYLVIA STUB Seattle, Washington Liberal Arts Sigma Kappa: Women ' s Ensemble; French Club; Freshman Tour Chairman. ANETTE SUTHERLING Seattle, Washington Science President. Nurses ' Club; Inkwell Club; Treasurer. Sigma Epsilon. KEE KO SUZUKI Japan Engineering WILLIAM H. SWEET Centralia, Washington Science Beta Theta Pi; Oval Club; Phi Beta Kappa; Sigma Xi; Pi Mu Chi; Manager. Freshman Foot- ball. WILLIAM B. SWEET Seattle, Washington Business Administration Tau Kappa Epsilon; Alpha Kappa Psi; Treasurer, Senior Class; B. A. Council; Minor W Club; Rifle Team; Junior Prom; Var- sity Ball; Cadet Ball. CLAIRE TAFT Seattle, Washington Liberal Arts SAKOE SUZUKI Seattle, Washington Science TOMEA TAKAYASHI Seattle, Washington Business Administration ROY SWANK CamaSi Washington Pi Mu Chi Science WU TANG Hankao, China Lati MELVIN T. SWANSON Tacoma, Washington Chi Phi Law CLARENCE TANGNEY Seattle, Washington Business Administration a r r. r 1 : . .--.-- .f..., ,., .r» . ■i-r-.,.T. — 1. $ENICR$ CLARENCE G. TAYLOR Seattle, Washington Liberal Arts Alpha Tau Omega; Columns. MARTHA B. TAYLOR Fairfax, Washington Liberal Arts Alpha Phi; Tyee. ROBERT MARTIN TAYLOR Everett, Washington Education Spanish Club; W. E. A.; History Club. HELEN TEGTMEIER Bothell, Washington Liberal Arts Alpha Gamma Delta L. ESTELLE TEITGEN Seattle, Washington Science Pi Sigma Gamma; Women ' s W Club; Dance Drama; W. A. A.; P. E. Club. NAOMI THOMAS Bellingham, Washington Science Alpha Chi Omega H. NORMAN THOMPSON Seattle, tfuMngton Business Administration Alpha Delta Sigma ' JM l CLARA MARIE THOMSEN Seattle, Washington Science Phrateres; Home Economics Cluli. HO S ARD M. THOMSON Seattle, Washington Engineering Alpha Kappa Lambda; Westmiii- . ter Club; A. I. E. E. ILSON THURST ON Spokane, Washington Business Administration Delta Sigma Phi H RWOOD J. TIBBITS Tacoma, Washington Business Administration Pan-Xenia ELEANORE ANNE TIEDEMAN Seattle, Washington Fine Arts Alpha Omicron Pi; Axe and Grind- PAULINE TILMONT Tacoma, Washington Fine Arts Kappa Phi; Washington Players; All-U Players; Freshman Stock Company. ALICE TILTON Seattle, Washington Education Phi Omega Pi; Women ' s Federa- tion Players. PACE 130 SENICPS DOLORES TINKCOM Seattle, ffashington Fine Arts Theta Upsilon; Mu Phi Epjiloii: Opera; Homecoming. DOROTHY TINKER Seattle, Washington Science Phi Sigma: Pilgrim Club; om- en ' s W Club; Sigma Eta Chi. HELEN TJOSDAL Burton, Washington Business Administration CLARENCE TOBEY Machias, Washington Business Administration Phi Kappa Tau; Alpha Kappa P i: Pan-Xenia. MARJORIE TOBIN Seattle, Washington Business Administration Phi Mu; Gamma Alpha Chi: Ad Club. SARAH TODD Seattle, Washington Journalism Alpha Phi; Thela Sigma Phi: Cadet Ball: Daily. THOR S ALD C. TOLLEFSON Tacomn, Washington Latv Alpha Sigma Phi; Phi Delta Phi. JOHN B. TONER Seattle, Washington Business Administration Ad Club; Alpha Delta Sigma. LAWRENCE TOWNSEND I ader, Washington Liberal Arts Beta Kappa ROBERT F. TREUER Seattle, Washington Liberal Arts Delta Tau Delta; Basketball Man- ager; State Basketball Tourna- ment; Stadium Day; Campus Day; Varsity Cagers. HARRY TROTZ Sumner, Washington Business Administration Sigma Alpha Epsilon FRANCES B. TROUSDALE Metropolis, Illinois Education TOMI NAKAYAMA TOKUDA Seattle, Washington Education Kappa Phi; Fuyo-Kai. SMITH TROY Olympia, Washington Latv Phi Delta Theta; Fir Tree: Oval Club; Spiked Shoe Club: Phi Delta Phi: President and Vice- President. A. S. U. W.: Track. P . C E 13 1 SENICRS SUE HORN TUEY Canton, China Business Administration DON M. TUNSTALL Kalama, Washington Latv Theta Chi; Delia Theta Phi. G. CRAWFORD TURNBULL Tacoma, Washington Fine Arts Sigma Alpha Epsilon HOPE TURNER Seattle, Washington Fine Arts Kappa Kappa Gamma JACQUELINE TUTTLE Seattle, Washington Liberal Arts Pi Sigma Gamma; Spanish Club; Y. W. C. A.; French Club. VALGENE TUTTLE Aberdeen, Washington Liberal Arts Chi Omega; Mortar Board. FLOYD J. UNDERWOOD Sprague, Washington Laiv Sigma Phi Epsilon SIDNEY UNGAR Los Angeles, California Liberal Arts Zeta Beta Tau C. GORDON URAN Snohomish, Washington Business Administration Beta Gamma Sigma; Business Ad- ministration Council. STANLEY M. VALENTINE Seattle, Washington Liberal Arts Psi Upsilon; Crew; Big W Club; Ov al Club. GERARD VAN AMERONGEN Seattle, Washington Latv Sigma Nu; Delta Theta Phi. G. HARVEY VAN ARKEL Seattle, Washington Science Pilgrim Club GERALDINE VANDERSPEK Seattle, Washington Science Alpha Chi Omega EDITH VANDER WERKER Everett, Washington Science Delta Gamma; Sigma Epsilon; Sig- ma Xi. PAGE 13: $ENI€R$ T. C. VAN PATTEN Seattle, fFashington Liberal Arts ROSS L. VAN WOERT Pityallup, HCashington Education Oval Club: Huskv Club. ROBERT W. VAUGHAN Seattle, JTashington Engineering PHIL E. WAHLSTROM Seattle, Washington Business Administration Sigma Phi Sigma LANSING WALDORF Dillon, Montana Engineering Delta Sigma Phi HAROLD C. WALL Seattle, Washington Science ARTA VERITY Prosser, Washington Liberal Arts ELEANORE WALLACE Wilbur, Washington Liberal Arts Alpha Chi Omega B. PROCOPIO VICTORIANO Laoag, Philippine Islands Business Administration Treasurer, Filipino Club WILFRED STUMP Juneau, Alaska Liberal Arts Sigma Nu GIRTON VIERECK Bremerton, Washington Busitiess Administration Sigma Phi Epsilon FLORENCE WAGER Vancouver, Washington Liberal Arts Alpha Chi Omega; Y. W. C. A. BEATRICE WALSH Everett, Washington Liberal Arts Delta Delta Delta MARAJANE WARREN Seattle, Washington Fine Arts ± PACE 133 $ENI€I $ LESLIE WARWICK Oakesdale, Washington Engineering WILBUR WATSON Montesano, Washington Science Zeta Psi; FootbalL EUGENE WEBER Odessa, Washington Business Administration Beta Alpha Psi MARCELLINE WELSH Du Pont, Washington Science Sigma E p s i 1 o n; Nurses ' Club; Journal Club. ROSAMOND WENTWORTH Seattle, Washington Liberal Arts W. A. A.; Women ' s W Club- Or- chesis; Home Economics Club; Dance Drama. ROBERT D. WERNER Albion, Idaho Education Daily LLOVD T. WEBSTER Cresco, loua Forestry Tau Phi Delta; Big W Club; For- estry Club; Varsity Wrestling. LOUIS WEINZIRL Seattle, Washington Science Delta Kappa Epsilon ELIZABETH WELBORN Seattle, Washington Liberal Arts WENDELL B. WEST JTenatchee, Washington Science Lambda Chi Alpha; Varsity Ball; Election Committee. ALYCE WESTER Seattle, Washington Liberal Arts Pi Sigma Gamma MARJORIE WESTFALL Seattle, Washington Science ELIZABETH WELCH Seattle, Washington Fine Arts JUNE PAT WETHERELL Bellingham, Washington Liberal Arts Chi Omega; Hammer and Coffin; Athena; Columns. PACE 134 SENIORS RUSSELL WETHERELL Seattle, ff ' ashinaton Liberal Arts Alpha Tuu Omega ISABEL WHALLEY Seattle, ff ' ashin lon Liberal Arts EDGAR WHEATON Bellingham, Washington Biisin ess A dm in istration Minor W Club; Golf. CLAIRE WHEELER Seattle, Washington Liberal Arts JOHN WILLIS WHITELAW Seattle, Washington Business Administration Stevens Debate Club ; Band. JOHN M. WHITESIDE Seattle, Washington Forestry RUTH H. WHITESIDE Seattle, Washington Liberal Arts Phi Omega Pi; Kappa Phi; Y. . C. A. LOLA HAZEL WICKHAM Seattle, Washington Science Kappa Phi; Wesley Club; Home Economics Club. NELSON WIDMAN Seattle, Washington Engineering LUCILLE WIGHTMAN Seattle, Washington Liberal Arts MARGARET WILHELM Seattle, Washington Science D. A. R. BOB WILKINSON Portland. Oregon Engineering Chi Phi EDYTHE WILLIAMS Seattle, Washington Fine Arts Alpha Chi Omega; Lambda Rho; J. G. v.; Varsity Ball. VIRGINIA H. WILLIAMS Seattle, Washington Fine Arts PhiMu ±. FACE 13= SCNICRS JAME.S WILLIAMSON Columbus, Ohio Lmi Delta Tau Delia; Phi Delta Phi. ROBERT J. WILLIS Goldendale, Jf ' ashington Law Sigma Phi Epsilon: Phi Delia Phi. THEl.MA WILSON Hoqiiiam, Washington Liberal Arts Delta Zeta; Spanish Cluh: W. A. A.; Women ' s ' Club. RUTH WINSTED Honolulu, Hauaii Science DOUGLAS WILLIX Seattle. Washington Journalism Pi Kappa Phi: Daily Editor: Oval Club. GERALD WILLSON Everett, Washington Engineering ALEXANDER WINSTON Seattle, Washington Liberal Arts Alpha Delta Phi CAROLYN WINTERS Portland, Oregon Liberal Arts FRANK B. WILSON Seattle, Washington Law JEAN WILSON Seattle. Washinston Liberril Arts PHILIP WOLGEMLTH Seattle, Washington Liberal Arts Phi Delta Theta: Oval Club; Husky Cluh; Pan-Xenia; Foot- hall Manager. LUCILE WONDERLEV Centrnlia. Washington Liberal .Arts Alpha Gamma Delta MARY LAVELLE WILSON Walla Walla, Washington Liberal Arts Alpha Chi Omega ; Gamma Alpha Chi; Y. W. C. A.; Ad Club. ALICE C. S OOD S ARD Wallace. Idaho Education Alpha Delta Pi ± PACE 136 SiNICRS LEE R. WORLEY Bothell, Washingloti Business Adminislrntion Phi Kappa Tau; Pan-Xenia; Scab- bard and Blade; Y. M. C. A. KENNETH WORTHINGTON Quilcene, Washington Business Administration Phi Kappa Sigma; Beta Alpha Psi. J. GORDON WRIGHT Cottage Grove, Oregon Journalism Delta Upsilon ; Sigma Delta Chi ; Associate Editor, Daily; Varsity Ball Committee. KUNITARO YAMADA Japan Scie ROSALIE LESLIE YOUNG Honolulu, Hauaii Fine Arts Alpha Chi Omega RUDOLF ZANE Seattle, Washington Engineering Badger Debate Club; Debate. ANNA ZEEUW Kent, Washington Science Alpha Xi Delta; O micron Nu; Home Economics Club. ' T . RUTH ZIMMERLY Ridgefield, Jfashinglon Education Theta Upsilon; Kappa Phi; Wes- ley Club; W. E. A.; Y. W. C. A. IRMA ZINTHEO Seattle, Washington Science Zeta Tau Alpha; P. E. Club; Vi ' . A. A.; Women ' s W Club; Or- chesis. HERMINA ZIPPLE Portland, Oregon Science Sororia ; Home Economics Club. ROMAN V. ABELLA Philippine Islands Engineering A. I. E. E. Vi . B. BEVINGTON Chehalis. Washington Business Administration ROBERT W. CONDON Seattle, ff ' ashington Forestry Phi Gamma Delta; Xi Sigma Pi; Crew. EILERT J. ELIASEN Seattle, Washington Engineering m r i; K 1 1 : SENIORS JANE FRIEDLANDER Portland, Oregon Liberal Arts ESTHER HALL Seattle, Washington Education Alpha Chi Omega; Phi Mu Gamma. ARTHUR KRAMER Ritzville, Washington Engineering A. 1. E. E. DOROTHY LYLE Seattle, Washington Science MARJORIE ELZA NOHR Longview, Whshington Liberal Arts Kappa Phi; Wesley Club; W. A. A.; Sociology Club; Dance Drama; Y. W. C. A.; J. G. V.; Spring Opera. NORMAN J. PENICK Everett, Washington Forestry Tau Phi Delta; Xi Sigma Pi; For- estry Club; Knights of the Hook. WALLACE ROBINSON Seattle, Washington Forestry JOHN B. TROJA Lima, Peru Engineering Sigma Xi AUGUST G. ZOET Lynden, Washington Science Pi Mu Chi; Westminster Club. KENNETH A. KEVEREN Spokane, Washington Education CLAUDE WEIMER Wenatchee, Washington Business Administration Tin p A r. E lis RELATIVE $Cli€L4$TIC STANDING €E STLDENT GR€UP Alpha Kappa Lambda 6 Thria Kappa Thela j Lander Hall „ 4 Kappa Pii 4 Pi Kappa PhL 3 Tau Phi Delta „ 3 Phi Kappa Tau 3 Filipino Club 2 Zeta Beta Tau 2 ALL UNIVERSITY 2 Sigma Alpha Epsilon 2 Sigma Pi _ 2 Non - Fraternity _ 2 Kappa Zeta — 5 Sororia 4 Kappa Alpha Theta _. +3 Wildarho House +3 Fuyo-Kai — 3 Tolo House +2 Kappa Kappa Gamma ' ' 2 Delta Gamma +2 Thalia Club +2 Lambda Omega „ 1 Delia Delta Delta +1 Delta Zeta _ +1 Pi Beta Phi _„ _ +1 Non-Sororily „ _ +1 Zeta Tau Alpha +1 Clark Hall „ „ „... +1 Gamma Phi Beta +1 Theta Upsilon +1 Phi Omega Pi -1 Alpha Delta Theta _ -I Alpha Gamma Delta -1 Alpha Chi Omega -1 Phi Mu -1 Sigma Kappa —1 Chi Omega —1 ALL UNIVERSITY 2 Kappa Delta -2 Alpha Xi Delta -2 Alpha Phi -2 Delta Upsilon Theta Xi Tillicum House Varsity Boat Club . .2 Alpha Delta Phi 1 Tau Kappa Epsilon I Beta Kappa „ 1 Acacia „ „. i Phi Delta Theta _ -1 Sigma Phi Sigma —1 Beta Theta Pi - -1 Chi Phi -1 Sigma Chi -I Phi Gamma Delta -I Japanese Club —I Lambda Chi Alpha -1 Sigma Nu -1 Phi Sigma Kappa _ -I Delta Kappa Epsilon -2 Theta Chi „ -2 Alpha Tau Omega —2 Tau Psi -2 Phi Kappa Sigma —2 Theta Delta Chi ._ -2 Psi Lpsilon „ -2 Sigma Phi Epsilon -2 Delta Psi Delta -2 Delia Tau Delia -2 Delta Chi -2 Zeta Psi _. -2 Sigma Alpha Mu —2 Delia Sigma Phi -3 Chi Psi -3 Kappa Sigma —3 Phi Kappa Psi -3 Alpha Sigma Phi -3 .Alpha Oniicron Pi Alpha Delta Pi Lewis Hall D. A. R. House Beta Phi Alpha ... Pi Sigma Gamma The Grade Point Average is computed by the assignment of the following weights to each credit hour: A, 4; B, 3; C, 2; D, 1; and E, 0. The group standings are computed as follows : By taking one- twentieth of the difference between the average of ihe men ' s groups and the number representing a perfect score, a scale interval i? de- termined. The scale then is represented by the numbers 1, 2, 3. etc.. the sign plus being prefi.xed to the numbers above and the iis.n minus to those below the average. The women ' s group standings are similarly obtained. These standings are show n in the above table for the convenience of those who are interested in comparing the schol- astic standings of groups in different institutions. The essential fea- ture of this method has been adopted by the American Association of Collegiate Registrars, the Conference of Deans and Adviser of Men. and Ihe Inter-fralernity Conference, h. PACE 131 4 Edwardson, Clentans, Planiondon, Cosby JUNIOR CLA 1 OFFICERS John Edwardson President Virginia Clemans Vice-President EiEANORE Plamondon Secretary Ken Cosby Treasurer Ellen Rowland PLBLICITY COMMITTEE Donald Hoisington, Chairman Mabel Chestnut Nor Woodruff Jim Kt Hell. Bill Howard Jane Evans Dorothy Tennant JVmORSEMOR BARN DANCE Bill Joiner. Chairman Ruth Anderson Gertrude Pinney George Rourke Bettv Johnson Dave Kave Jack Friedman Cedor Aronow A ar Saunders Marian Matthews COMMITTEE TO SELECT ]. G. J . CHAIRMAN Mark Matthews, Chairman Kathryn Williams Fred Hecker Decorations — Mark Matthews. Chairman Sally Hunt Vernon Saindon Dorthea Peniston Dick De Mille Catherine Williams Edward Goble Jack Friedman JUNIOR PROM COMMITTEE Webster .Anderson. General Chairman Programs — Publicity — Frank Edwards, Jr.. Chairman Lloyd Shorett, Chairman Marjorie Andrews Jeannette Sykes Jack Nance William Gray Helen Daggett Refreshments — Elizabeth Kelley. Chairman Jim Williams Dorothy Fisher Arrangements — Helen Lea. Chairman Bill Joiner Bobbette Goldsmith Jim Woodford I Betty Johnson Tickets — Don Hoisington. Chairman Beatrice Raber Jim Kelleher JUNIOR GIRLS ' VODVIL COMMITTEE Eleanore Plamondon. General Chairman Beatrice Raber. Secretary William Joiner, Business Manager Sub-Chairmen — Arlea Fletcher. Costumes Patty Lytel. Try-outs Ken Cosby, Tickets Vernon Saindon. Publicity Fred Hecker, Programs Merrill Bell, Campus Publicity Helen Lea. Asst. Chairman Virginia Clemans, Asst. Chairman Cedor Aronow. Daily Publicity Marjorie Andrews, Ushers Henry Russell, Stage PACE 140 Junior Do JUNICR ClAiX ■■ EP and progress have been twin headlights on the bandwagon in which the Class of 1931 is riding through its four years at college. First of all, the class originated the beard-growing contest for second- year men — a contest which seems to have been accepted as a tradition by the class which followed. As a complete blow to the campus at large, the Juniors started out the year by eliminating dues collection because of the large balance on hand. They cooperated with the Senior class in putting over the Junior-Senior Barn Dance. " A Nite in Jail " during fall quarter, and burst forth alone in glory when the " Nautical " Junior Prom was staged at the Eagles ' Auditor- ium January 31. Web Anderson handled the affair. Following out the success of last year ' s class the ' 31 ' s staged a bigger and better Junior Girls ' odvil show May 2 and 3 ; Eleanore Plamondon being the mogul behind the show. Junior Day, the grand climax, was set for May 17, what with queens and races and what not, along with spring weather. Thus the third-year outfit gets ready for the last lap. PACE 141 Stark, Murray, Evans, Perry SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS Eleanor Stark President Ruth Evans Bob Murray- Vice-President Jack Perry .. ...Secretary . Treasurer Margaret Clyde PUBLICITY COMMITTEE Ed Henry, Chairman Harry Dye Olive Mathias Jim O ' Neil John Forkner Harry Metcalf Harmon Shay Margaret Williams Naoma Beers John Bennett Eleanor Brown GARB COMMITTEE Mel Bordeaux, Chairman Mary Christiansen Al Shands Francis Taylor Helen Warde Don Metcalf Kline Swvgard Phoebe .Ann Thompson Bill Werberger BohOlin Mary E. Tiffin Jane Whiting DUES COMMITTEE Bob Murray, Chairman Bud Allen Frances Brownell Betsy Lee Jack Perry Marion Askreu Jim Donahue Lura Martin Dorothy Potter Gene Bobbitt Jane Edgers Helen McKinney Fent Radford Stan Leadbetter Boots Summers Evelyn Washburn Martha X-Tiite Bob Willard SOCIAL COMMITTEE John Forkner, Fall Dance Chairman Warren Austin, Spring Informal Chairman PACE 142 Suphunmrv Bvnrd Contest SCP OMORC CLA I HE Sophomores started their second year with a list of committees that made the University Directory turn pale. It turned out that everyhody worked, with the result that the class has heen doing things fast and furi- ously since the very first meeting in the fall. The beard contest, which promises to he a permanent tradition, was staged with big excitement. Boh Olin was judged the most handsome beard-owner, and Boh Brown brought home the longest whiskers. Socially, the first event was the " Naval Party " at the Olympic Hotel. So many attended that the officers went into a huddle and decided to bar outsiders from the spring informal. Athletically, the Sophomores are right in the front ranks. Paul Schwegler and Merle Hufford spent the football season playing roughly with Bagshaw ' s boys in all the Conference scrimmages, and Ralph Cair- ney is the pride and joy of Coach Edmundson. of basketball fame. All Sophomores who survive the spring flunk-out era will be back in Denny Hall for the first meeting next fall. Buford, Mcyelt, Galey. Pomeroy f RCSHMAN CLASS OFFICERS Jack Buford President Betty Galey Secretary WiLMA McNett Vice-President Everet Pomeroy Treasurer Al Bird YeU King Al Bird Marney Brown HOMECOMING BONFIRE COMMITTEE Bill Tidball, Chairman Walt Fallon Ehvood Tiernev Fred Haggard George Dudley Henrv Have Everet Pomerov Guthrie Langsdorf Martin Wilson SOCIAL COMMITTEE Marnev Brown. Chairman Al Bird Bonnie Mary Anderson Helen Malott Bob Slettedahl John Dare Jack Dillon Esther Logan Gene Dare Lawrence Bird Bill Tidball Dan Bracken Margaret Hemphill Robin Gloor Hilt Talbot Jack Campbell Wendell Duncan Peggy Yeaman Marjorie Speidel Esther Logan Bill Tidball FROSH FROLIC COMMITTEE Al Bird, Chairman Helen Malott Bonnie Mary Anderson John Dare Gene Dare Jack Dillon Everet Pomeroy Dan Bracken Hilt Talbot SPRING INFORMAL COMMITTEE Marnev Brown, Chairman Margaret Hemphill Wendell Duncan Lawrence Bird Robin Gloor Jack Campbell Peggy Yeaman Marjorie Speidel PACE 144 .•f r- Frosh Spring Dance rREsuMAN cixn I HE first year seldom allows any activity on the part of Freshmen aside from the general adjustment and acquaintance process. The Freshmen put this over with a huge " Frosh Frolic " at Sand Point the night of the Varsity Ball. The " spite party " (those old Seniors never let the little ones in) was such a success that many of the formally dressed ones moved in on the children ' s party later in the evening. The Yearlings did themselves justice in the big fight at the Homecom- ing Bonfire, having the enviable record of calling the Seattle Fire De- partment to the scene no less than seven se jarate times. Eclipsing other Frosh activities for the year, the Freshman informal fell on March 7. Marney Brown took the party under his wing as chair- man, and made the whole affair the bright spot of the spring calendar for his classmates. It is rumored that all the Freshmen are primed with fifteen collegiate songs each to go home and sing to the family. A P r. F. 14 5 PUBLICATIONS z TYEC EDITORIAL STAfr Editor — Richard Lea Associate Editor — Virginia Friese Art Editors — Barbara Heiser, Alice Anne Herrig Assistants — Margaret von Alvensleben, Eleanor Boyles, Betty Taylor A. S. 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Margaret Lawler Honoraries — Margaret Moore Assistants — Bill Clark, Virginia Pierce Fraternities — Sloane Lee Assistants — Lawrence Hubbard, Marion Craig. Steve Lea. Fritz Bishop Copy— Rea Ruth Hurst Assistants — Marny Collins. Leah Thomas. Grace Harrison. Gwen Campbell. Juanila Snyder. A iolet Wallers. Leola iright Seniors — Barbara T. Clark«n«.s— Marian Lea. Rhoda Zech. Marcella Laubenheim ryee Staff TYtt CLSINEJX STArr Business Manager — William McArthur Circulation Manager — William Hayes Assistants — William Post. Lin Himmelman. James Wortham. Martha White Advertising Manager — Irving Watcher Assistants — Joe Sheldon, Mel Bordeaux, Jack Collins. Carlos Douglas. Ed Henry, Dick Culter. Phil Crapo. Bob Camoyne. Louis Rains Office Manager — Lois Flohr Assistants — Marjorie Speidel, Marcella Crab- tree, Mary Weisman. Minerva Elsworthy, Clara Louise Schmidt. 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Meyer Editorial Assistants — Robert Noble, Bernard Grantham Advertising Manager — Wallace Irwin Advertising Assistants — Sven Nordstrom, David Hervey, Carl Wetterstrom Circulation Manager — John Sarginson Circulation Assistants — Jack Grant, Laurence Jolley, Walter G. Thom- son, William Jansen, M. W. Easton, William Lambert News Service Director - son Flovd E. Carl- News Service Assistants — Wallace Irwin, Cecil W. Leddy, Norris Mathey, Hugh B. ODonnell PACE 155 Treasurer — Norris Mathey Alumni Representative — Bror L. Gron- dal Kennedy ±. A -T- H • L- E • T C- S .. i ports Rcvicut 1929-1930 by JOHN OTH H HSKY teams were at the top or second in every conference race ex- cept football during the 1929-1930 season, but in the gridiron sport the Purple and Gold experienced its first rest in the cellar. Bagshaws eleven, like its 1928 predecessor, was slow in getting started. Bolstered up by a championship Frosh squad, the Huskies were freely picked before the season opened to finish rather high. A tie with Montana, followed by successive defeats in the hands of U. S. C. Oregon and Washington State, soon put the Purple and Gold in running for the opposite end. But as Washington teams often do, Bagshaw ' s eleven came back and completely outplayed both the Golden Bears and the Cardinals. In defeat they showed the power which has made the Huskies a threat on the Coast since 1921. when the ' " Little Giant " took over the coaching reins. That regime is ended. Purdue has yielded up her best that Washing- ton may once more climb to pigskin supremacy. Jimmy Plielan. builder of the 1929 Big Ten champions, is here with Cotton Wilcox. " Pest " Welch. Ed Collins and Dan Lamont. to install the Notre Dame system. About 150 men are out daily for the spring sessions. Phelan has a Sophomore backfield to build on. and the support of the students and the North- west. Football is on the upgrade at Wash- intfton. y " " — - r :r PACE 160 For the third successive season, the Huskies disposed of Northern basketball opposition easily, but for the second time, U. S. C. took the coveted Coast title. McClary has been the offensive pivot of the Gold- shirts for two campaigns. Washington ' s Varsity crew vindicated itself at Poughkeepsie last spring when it placed second to Columbia in a stormy race after finishing far behind the Golden Bear on the Oakland Estuary earlier in the spring. The Jayvee won at California but trailed in fourth at Poughkeepsie. Edmundson ' s cinder artists exceeded their Olympic year efforts last spring and, in bringing home a second place to Ohio State in the National Intercollegiates at Chicago, gave Washington a national recognition in track. Edmundson has another intercollegiate champion in Ed Genung, who beat the best college half-milers in the United States at Chicago. Coach " Tubby " Graves rarely lets a year slip by without tacking up another baseball championship, and 1929 was no exception. Purple and Gold racquet wielders were no match for the Oregon netmen last spring, but otherwise were supreme in the Northwest. Wrestling received new impetus this winter with the scheduling of several out- side meets. Coach Kunde ' s boxers were victorious over Washington State and California. Hockey is the newest sport in intra- mural competition, and growing interest is being shown in all the activities. fOOTBALl 1929 rcctball by Dill HOWARD Ba§shaic, Jessup I ORTIFIED by nineteen returning lettermen and a wealth of potential varsity material from the strongest frosh squad in ten years, prospects for a winning football team at Washington were exceedingly bright when Coach Enoch Bagshaw called his gridders together for the initial turnout last fall. Alumni, students, fans, sports writers, and coaches alike, were unan- imous in predicting that the 1929 Husky football squadron would finish close to the top in Pacific Coast Conference play. But a chain of circum- stances that began with the ineligibility of Gordon Jenkins, frosh flash, and wound up with the resignation of Coach Bagshaw. as head grid men- tor, effectively stifled those early season hopes. The Huskies were beaten from pillar to post in conference play, turn- ing in the worst record ever compiled by a i ashington gridiron represen- tative. A final checkup of the situation shows that the Purple Tornado fell away to a gentle zephyr and finished the season with a record of five games lost and one tied for conference play. Against non-conference com- petition, Washington did better, winning a pair of victories and dropping their inter-sectional contest with the University of Chicago eleven. Spellman, Sutton, Graves PAGE 16: Holmes, Stombaugh, Hufford The one redeeming feature of an otherwise drah season was the fine showing made by Merle Hufford and Paul Schwegler. a pair of Soph- omores playing their first year on the varsity. Hufford is hailed as one of the greatest backfield prospects ever uncovered on the Coast; while Schwegler has all the requisites that go toward making an All-American tackle. Both these young stars were picked on a number of All-Coast teams following the season. The opening game of the season against Whitman gave little intima- tion of what was to come afterwards, for the heavier and better drilled Huskies smothered their opponents under a 47-0 barrage. Merle Hufford thrilled the crowd with his sensational open field running and gave prom- ise of the ability that was later to make him the most-talked-of ball carrier on the Coast. Hufford dodged and twisted his way to three touchdowns in the short space of fifteen minutes in which he played. Following the Whitman fracas, Coach Bagshaw turned his attention to the game with Southern California which loomed two weeks later. In doing so, he quite forgot a fighting Montana eleven which appeared mid- Hufford L ' nder a Pile in the ff hitman Came PACK 163 Thornton, Marsh, Patrick, Geehan way between the two dates and held the local forces to a 6-6 tie in one of the biggest upsets in years. Howard Jones showed Northern fans one of the most perfectly drilled football teams that has ever invaded the Stadium, when he turned his U. S. C. loose on the Husky the following Saturday. Washington made a determined first-quarter stand, and with Merle Hufford reeling off long gains through and around the Trojan line, threatened to give the South- erners a battle. Twice, Hufford, the " Galloping Splash from Milton-Free- water, " crossed the U. S. C. goal line, but on both occasions the ball was called back. After the first session, however, it was just unfortunate, with the Red and White clad Trojans scoring almost at will. The final count was 48-0. Geehan Out in the Open in the Montana Came PAGE 164 M Ko!senhan. Buzuril, Puher, yfiMleste:ll It was the worst beating ever administered to Washington by a Southern California team. A week later, the battered Goldshirts journeyed to Pullman to meet Washington State for the territorial championship. Again, the Huskies put on a great initial quarter performance, scoring two touchdowns be- fore the Cougars could solve their offense. Merle Hufford was brilliant as usual and it was his play that sparked the west side team. The Cougars were not to be denied, however, and with a last minute rally they pushed across two touchdowns on their own hook that turned the tide. W. S. C. won by a 20-13 margin. Gloom that had settled over the local campus following these two de- feats deepened into despair several days later when the University of Oregon Webf eet administered a 14-0 defeat. The loss was not imexpected. M p A {; K If. " ll„lh;,l -. uJ. nt ,1 -(unKc Jltiuusk I . Kraetz, Bates. Scamon, Gregor but staunch Washingtonians had hoped that the mid-week resignation of Coach Bagshaw, who had been a storm center for two years, would clear the air and urge the gridders on to an vipset win over their opponents. A week later, Washington made football history in the Northwest when they engaged the College of Puget Sound gridders at Tacoma in the first night game ever played here. The contest did not prove especially satisfactory from the spectators " standpoint, as a thick cloud of mist obscured the playing field most of the time during which the melee was in progress. The tilt was a welcome respite for the battle-weary Huskies, however, after their arduous campaign, and they proceeded to roll up a 73-0 mar- gin over the Loggers. As was the case in 1928. when he suddenly appeared as a fit running mate for Chuck Carroll. Johnny Stombaugh, used this contest as a stepping stone to co-stardom with Merle Hufford. Came the Stanford mix on a muddy field. Stombaugh and Hufford were everywhere, turning back the big crimson attack. Washington actual- Schtvegler Lends a Hand to Stop a if ebjoot Bach PAGE 166 Shelton, Sthireglfr. Wentttorth, Foster ly outplayed the Cardinals during the major portion of the fray, and it was only by virtue of a " break " early in the first quarter that Pop War- ner ' s men were able to come out with a 6-0 victory. The fine showing made by the Purple and Gold eleven against the co-champion Stanford aggregation served as a tonic to students and players alike. When the squad left for Berkeley on the following Wednesday it was given a rousing sendoff. The Bears were undefeated and Washington, a cellar team, had a tough assignment in even holding the score close, according to the dope. That fracas with California proved almost a replica of the Stanford tussle. The Golden Bears found themselves outplayed and outfought. They were unable to gain through the line. A long pass in the closing minutes turned the tide in their favor, however, and Washington had to be content with the abbreviated portion of a 7-0 figure. As usual, the Huskies outplayed their opponents, making more first downs from scrim- mage and outkicking their rivals. ' Oregon Taking a Pass in the End Zone for a Toachdotcn V i: r 1 I ::inider. Squires, Broz, Pautzke Hufford was the whole show for the Northern team, single handedly carrying the ball into scoring territory time after time only to see his efforts wasted when the Golden Bear forward wall tightened. The final tussle of the season was scheduled a week later on Stagg Field in Chicago against the Maroons. After their fine showings against Stanford and California, the Huskies were an overwhelming favorite to win over the University of Chicago outfit who were regarded as rather weak. The game told a different story, however, and the Stagg-coached Maroons, who were outweighed 15 pounds to the man, passed their way over and around the Washington team with ease, to score a 26-6 decision. Again Merle Hufford was the whole show for Washington, making 186 Jes tip Reaily to Fuitme on the Cnrdinnl Skyriflrr PACE 16 If estenveller, Sahli, Palmer, Clark yar ds f roni scrimmao;e: more th an he vv hoi Chicago team; ant nme- tenths of the Husky yardage. Johnny Stomhaugh was awarded the Flaherty medal, which is given annually to the man who is adjudged the greatest inspiration to the team. Al Holmes, stellar tackle, was elected captain for the 1930 season, suc- ceeding Captain Paul Jessup. Twenty-five gridders received letters for their work during the season. Included in the list are: Captain Paul Jessup, Captain-elect Al Holmes, Merle Hufford. Paul Schwegler. Chuck Rosenhan. Jack Patrick, Bill Bates, Thurle Thornton, Johnny Geehan, Henry Wentworth, Elliott Pul- ver, Walt Sahli, Johnny Stomhaugh, Bill Broz, Roy Squires, Sam Kraetz, Bill Gregor, Clarence Pautzke, Jack Seamen, Bill Snider, Larry Wester- weller. Bill Mittlestedt, Lee Shelton, Boh Foster, and Bill Marsh. Honor W " s were awarded to Ed Ford. Seth Minch, Ross Van Woert. Elton Jones, Hank Bacon, Wilhur atson and Rex Palmer. Ludden Hors- fal was named manager for the 1930 season, succeeding Howard Palmer. ± P V G F. 1 6 Huskies rulling Until, „ S,,„il„r,l Uaik r, Freshman Fcctball M ■ UBBY GRAVES " 1933 football team started its season in nice shape, but was slightly stomped on before the schedule ended, emerging victori- ous in only one of the five games played. Graves did as well as could be expected with the material on hand, but could make no stand against the opposition with the few light reserves he had. The squad is expected to send up only five men of Varsity caliber. The Centralia Junior Collegians came North first and bowed to the Frosh, 6-0, in the season ' s only victory. Cherberg made the touchdown of the game. The Greenshirts next took a trip to Eugene where the Webfooters took their measure, 19-0. Rushlow of Oregon made two of the opposing scores. Midseason found the Frosh battling with the Vikings of Bellingham Normal, who spiced the game with a flashy passing attack which netted them a 20-6 victory. The following Saturday a powerful EUensburg Normal team pushed and slid its way across the Yearlings ' goal on a rain-soaked field, to add a 6-0 defeat to the Frosh ' s mounting list. The last game, played at home with Washington State, was a repeti- tion of the one before — heavy rain; very, very sloppy field, and a 6-0 defeat for the Frosh. The following Freshmen were given the 1933 sweater: Howard Alex- ander, John Beaton, Cale Burleigh. August Buse, George Cadwell, John Cherberg, Ed Clinton, Jack Cidp, Ray Erickson. Ray Finn, John Gilbert, Lloyd Hanse, William Haroldsen, Collin Howard, Jerry Knott, Wallace Mills, Howard Morrisey, Tom Renton, Dave Riser, Frank Rosenquist, Duane Schram, Everett Stitz, Robert Waugh and Sam Zedick. PACE 170 CREW »f ■■ 1929 CrGUL by HOWARD J. ROUNDS .y. 1 I ' Ibrickson, MacDonald w, za PACE 1 ; ASHINGTON was not considered a dangerous contender in collegiate rowing circles, but they surprised everyone, when, amid a strong field of contestants which included a world champion eight from California, they swept down the Hudson in the fast gathering gloom to take second place in the historic regatta at Poughkeepsie; finishing second only to a power- ful and more experienced crew from Columbia. Coach Al Ulbrickson met and overcame more obstacles during the tedious work of building and revamping the Varsity and Junior- Varsity crews than seems possible. Continued cold weather and rough water met the oarsmen at nearly all of the early turnouts. Then the loss of Ronald Wailes, said to be the strongest oarsman in the country, was another great handicap. Despite all of these setbacks. Washington produced a J-V crew which set a new course record on the Oakland Estuary in their race with California, and a Varsity which more than held its own in competition with the class of college crews. In the California race which took place on the lltli of April, the worlds champion California crew took the measure of the Huskies, hand- ing them a six-length defeat, and at the same time winning the Coast The Piirplfi an l i.old t h ' rf in an i.nrh Sfniiis U orkoitt Holies. Paih. a ailes championship for the third successive year, going over the four-mile course in 15:31. Rowing in fine form, l)ehincl the excellent stroking of Ginger, the J-V came from hehind to heat the Bears hy three and one-half lengths, and to set a new course record in 15 :45. The Frosh affair was a thriller from the start, and the Yearling hoats rowed neck and neck until they passed under the last bridge. Then, in the last hundred yards, the Californians pulled away to win by a hare margin of three seats. After the California event, Ulhrickson began work in earnest for the annual regatta at Poughkeepsie. After weeks of strenuous work on the part of the sweepsters. the crews and attendants left Seattle June 6tli for Madison, where they were to race with Coach Murphy ' s Badger crews. At that time it was said that the Varsity and Junior- Varsity boats were the fastest since 1926. At Madison, the Varsity race was the race of the day. The shores of Lake Mendotta were lined with spectators and the day was ideal. ith Curly Harris at the helm, the Varsity sweepsters, sitting in the newly- P A G F 17 3 WJ4 Junior i ' nrsity iL ik £ Ginger, Odell, Bouen, Phillips christenetl Hiram B. Conibear. kept at the heels of the Wisconsin Ijoat until the final spurt. Then Harris pulled the Huskies away in a hurry, and they won by a length in the slow time of 11 :02. In the J-V event, Orr started fast and piled up a lead which netted the Juniors a five-length win. The time for the race was 11:0.3. From Madison, the crews went to Poughkeepsie, and began their work- outs on the Hudson. Five days before the race, the Varsity underwent a noticeable change, and from that time on improved by leaps and bounds. The day of the race came and with it rough water which made things look black for several of the contestants. After two false starts, the crews swept down the course and Washington found itself on the heels of Columbia and the strong Navy crew. Disaster came to two of the shells, California sinking, while the Cornell boat broke in two. As the early spring dusk settled down over the water, the boats passed A PAGE 174 1929 I ' arsity on the Water r ' :s % . H .,:! Morris, Schmidt, Alcorn. Orr over the finish line and for a few minutes there was no cheering. No one knew who had won. Then came the news that Cokimhia had taken the race, while Washington had placed second when they were accorded a small chance for honors. The J-V fared hadly and had to he content with fourth place ; Cornell, Columhia and Navy finishing out in front. Two false starts spoiled this race also, the Husky boat getting away to a three-quarter lead in the first start only to he called hack to the post. The Frosh engaged in two races with the O. S. C. crews, and the second boat traveled to Corvallis to meet defeat at the hands of the Senior crew. In a second meeting, however, both the first and second Frosh boats won over the Oregonians. At the end of the season, the following men were awarded W " s: Ander- son, Odell. Valentine, Schmidt. MacDonald. Alcorn. Litchfield, Davis, Ginger, Bowen. Phillips, Morris, Orr and Harris. J-V letter winners were: Wakeman, Larson, Ginger. Murphy, Morris, Phillips, Oistad. Schoettler. Kauffman. Wilson and Harris. Freshman numerals were given to Baker, Fuller. Jansen. W illiamson. Anderson, Oistad, Kauffman. Harris PACE I : •; » Schoeltter, Litchfield, Murphy, Valentine Urquhart, Donalme, Koch, Campbell, Berthiume, Gobler, Pool, Reese, Benz. Johnson. Hutchinson. Schoell. Jergens and Noble. Honor Ws were given to Wakeman. Rosen, McKinstry, Fulton, White, Oros. Osw aid and McMullen for their four years of work without winning a regular W. Ronald Wailes was awarded the Piggot Trophy at the annual crew banquet which was held at the Wilsonian. Otis Smith relinquished the managerial reins to Charles Batelle at the close of the season. 1929 Frosh Eight PACE 176 BASrCTBALL 193C Oasketball By H4RRy ALBRIGHT Edmundson, McClary w, ITH the Northern Division baskethall title in their grasp, Washing- ton ' s 1930 hoop squad journeyed to Los Angeles to meet the Southern California Trojans for the Coast title, only to lose two out of the three tilts played. In the first struggle of the play-off the Huskies were snowed under when the Thundering Herd ran wild to win 46 to 31. In the second meeting, Washington came back to knot the series at one apiece when they landed on top with a 36 to 31 win. The Trojans won the deciding fracas when they held a slim lead throughout the game to sprint in the final minutes to cinch the championship with a 37 to 29 score. Jiggs Jaloff and Hal McClary were the Husky hoopmen who played their last game for Washington in this series. In addition to these two. Hank Swanson helped make the Purple and Gold hoop offense one of the most formidable on the Coast. Hec Edmundson started the season with two games in the pavilion with Gonzaga which were won by the Goldshirts. 35 to 21 and 42 to 11. Then Washington traveled to Walla Walla to meet Whitman, where the Missionaries were defeated 41 to 21. Gonzaga was again defeated at Spokane, 24 to 22 and 28 to 17. Whit- Cfiirney, Grirsch, ISehon, Rulherfonl PAGE 1 : R Suanson, Peterson, Jaloff man forced the Huskies to extend themselves to take a return game in Seattle, 34 to 30. Oregon State, which was Washington ' s jinx for the year, beat the Pur- ple and Gold five in the season opener 34 to 24. in the pavilion. Edmund- son ' s boys came back the next night to win from the Beavers, 36 to 24. In the next series, played at Eugene, Washington beat the Oregon Web- feet 37 to 28 and 32 to 31. Oregon State took two return games 34 to 32 and 19 to 17 at Corvallis. At Seattle. Washington won two straight, beating Washington State 32 to 29 and 35 to 19. The first tilt was a fast one, the game being settled in an overtime period. On the last road trip of their Northern Division schedule the Huskies beat the Idaho Vandals 35 to 26 and 44 to 35 at Moscow. In a return meeting with the Cougars the Washington State five was victorious, win- ning 24 to 21. In the second encounter, the Goldshirts were high. 29 to 26. In the second series with Idaho, played on the pavilion floor, Wash- ington won twice, 43 to 15 and 35 to 19. This cinched a tie for the North- !■ i; 1 I Ferry, Berlin, Baliom ern Division championship for the men from Seattle. The University of Oregon five came north to meet Washington with the possibility of a tie for the title if they could take both games. The first contest was a fierce struggle which the Huskies pulled out of the fire to win .82 to 25. In the last game of the season the Purple and Gold outfit beat the Webfeet 38 to 31 to complete their year ' s record with 12 wins and 4 losses. Cairney distinguished himself on the back court, winning a place for himself at guard on several all-Northern Division teams. Swanson and McClarv were universal choices on these aggregations. The men who made letters for the 1930 season were Jiggs Jaloff. Hal McClary. Hank Swanson, Ralph Cairney, Art Peterson, Gene Ruther- ford. Shorty West, Ned Nelson, Ernie Gritsch and Virg Perry. Maury Balcom piloted the team through their successful season from his post as Senior manager. Hal McClary was elected honorary captain for 1930. The Frosh did not find their season so easy as that of the arsity and were defeated in a majority of their games. Numeral winners were Walter Hanson, Jack Anshutz. Blaine Thompson. Don Beck. Bob Falk. Wendell Knudson. Jack Hullin. Frank McCartney. Marion Felt. Tim McCuUough. Dick Herrin and Stan Haaland. PACE 1 8 (I Sity arit, Schlictin . ffest, Collins T R A C r 1929 Track by rEI DINAND DISHCP Coach Kdniundson, Captain Shelley - OACH Hec Edmundson ' s Washington cinder men are good, and there hasn ' t been a team in this region that could say anything to the contrary for quite some spell. A Northwest supremacy, a Pacific Coast champion- ship, and a second in the National Intercollegiates last spring, all bear the truth of these tracksters ' mettle. Only Stanford ' s well-balanced team suc- cessfully challenged the Huskies ' right to Coast honors. The Cardinals ' unusual power in the field events was expected to barely offset the Huskies ' equal strength on the track when the two squads met last March in the Northwest ' s first indoor meet. Stanford upset the dope in the dashes, however, and won by a comfortable 73-58 margin. Fred Sturdy, guest vaulter from Yale, and Ward Edmonds. Stanford ace, both took a try at the indoor pole-vault record. Edmonds bested the team- mate of Sabin Carr, present holder of the record, but was unable to ap- proach Carr ' s mark. Stanford broke the world indoor records for the shot- put, discus and javelin. Steve Anderson hopped the 80-yard high hurdles in the world record time of 9.8, won the lows and tied for first in the high jump to lead the meet as high point man. Finish of the 75-Yard Dash in the Stanford Indoor Meet PACE 1 Anderson, Genung, Pendleton Contrary to superstition, but in accord with expectations, the Huskies hiunbled the California cinder artists on April 13 to the tune of a TS to 55 score. Steve Anderson and Paul Jessup started out early to form the unbreakable lead. Together these two garnered four firsts and twenty points. The real excitement at Berkeley that day was the two-mile race. Sellers, Husky distance man. permitted Mossman to take the lead and set the pace until the last lap when he set out to regain lost ground, but found the distance was too short. Mossman broke the tape first by scant inches. The Washington Relay Carnival in the Stadium saw a new Husky two- mile relay team set a Northwest record time of 7:53.5. The Purple and Sellers, Jessup Gold also took the four-mile relay with a record time of 18:10 over Ore- gon ' s second. The old standbys. Anderson and Jessup. both took firsts. Washington State, our biggest threat throughout the season, won the meet with five firsts and a tie in the pole vault. Washington next journeyed Sovith to Oregon, where the Webfooters entertained with some record breaking while Edmundson ' s squad snap- ped up the track events to win easily. Moeller. of the Webfooters. hurled the discus for a world record mark of 160 ft. 3 in. Dixon, his teammate, cracked another mark when he tossed the spear a distance of 186 ft. 3 in. The Huskies took everything else from the 100-yard dash to the two-mile, with the final score standing 82 to 49 in their favor. The Co ■allis trip was just as productive for the Husky speedsters, who led their opponents to the tape to win 70 to 52. Eddie Genung, Rufus Kiser and Elbert Sellers showed heels in their fastest time yet in the half, mile and two-mile. From their Carnival showing. W. S. C. was scheduled to hand us sev- eral stiff jolts. Upsetting these predictions. Edmundson ' s track stars cop- ped eleven first places, five seconds, and placed seven other men to bring Hartley, Kiser, Bale, Dodds PAGE 131 A PAGE 1 R .- home the heavy end of an 82 4 to 48 2 score. Foster was doped to win at least three firsts for the Cougars, but was so badly beaten by both Pendleton and Hartley that he withdrew from further participation. Jessup set a new North- west record in the shot, and in spite of the chilly wind that swept Roger ' s Field, Adams hurled the javelin for another record smasher. Still warm from their recent victory over Washington State, Coach Edmundson ' s men took the Northwest Conference meet at Eugene with a total of 59 points. Steve Anderson leaped the high sticks in world record time and led the meet as high point man. The National Intercollegiates next beckoned eleven of our best track stars. The meet saw one of the biggest turnouts of the year, the Huskies taking second place when five of the group placed. The field was fast, but these Purple and (jold runners bowed only because of the superior numbers of the Ohio State team. Eddie Genung upset all dope when he stepped past Gist of Chi- cago, last year ' s champion, to take the Intercol- legiate half-mile championship. Steve Anderson, supreme on the Coast in the high hurdles, was honored with the captaincy of the 1930 Varsity at the close of the season. Neal Fosseen managed the team very capably throughout the season, and at its close, Harold Pebbles was selected to take over his duties for 1930. Sturdy, of Yale, in the Air at the Stanford Meet Hrn.lir. ,l ,.i.. Reed, Cram Big Ws were awarded Captain Bill Shelley, Steve Anderson, Crosby P endleton, Doane Brodie, Talbot Hartley, Bob Bale. Ed Genung, Gordon Dodds, Bob Davies. Rufus Kiser, Elbert Sellers, Bob Reed. Jack Cram, Paul Jessup, Julius Ramstedt, Bob Adams, Fred Ross, George Nickell, Tom Humes and Reed Ingham. The Frosh were also supreme in the Northwest, defeating the Belling- ham and Ellensburg Normals to the tune of 85 to 23 and 102 to 20. Ken Rhuddy was the outstanding trackster of the squad with his Varsity mile time. Ralph Cairney and Bryant Dunn are also promising candidates for the Varsity. Those who received numeral awards were: Ken Rhuddy. Ralph Cair- ney, Paul O ' Neil. Hugh Sessom, Bryant Dunn, Harold Trueblootl. Harry Dye, Pat Mairono, Walter Woodward, J. L. Smith, Scott Geosecki. Tom Fitch, David Weedman. Ralph Russel. Howard Kambestedt. William Wolcott, Raymond Austin, John Adams and Owen Miller. PAGE 186 BASEEALL 1929 Eascball by JCHN CTH Coach Graves. Captain Brannon Although he may not look the part. Washington ' s " Tuhby " Graves definitely established himself as the McGraw of Northwest Conference baseball last spring when his Hnskies. after an inauspicious start, took three straight games on their Eastern trip to Washington State and Idaho, winning the title by a half game margin. After winning several practice tilts. Washington opened the season by dividing a series with Meiji University of Japan, winning the first 2-0 and losing the second 4-1. The Purple and Gold was lucky to emerge with an even break in the opening Conference clash with the Cougars on the home field. Washing- ton State errors contributed largely to the Huskies ' 5-4 victory in the first game. Two home runs by Rowher. Cougar infieider. proved to be the mar- gin of victorv in the second which the Staters won 5-3. Idaho came to Seattle next and conceded the Huskies a two-game series after battling for ten innings in the opener and forcing the Purple and Gold ' o take their fourteenth bats to cop the second. The scores were 1-0 and 5-4. P . G E 1 a 6 B Hagisl, Morrison, Carroll Gate, Bolstad, Ferkins Then Graves ' men packed their bats for Oregon and joined with the Wehfooters in a two-game shigging match. Ten pitchers were used in the first game which Oregon finally won, 21-15. Base hits were more one- sided in the second game, however, and Washington won an easy 15-3 victory. After a one-day rest. Washington hopped over to Corvallis where the Staters handed them the short end in both games of the series. The scores were 7-.3 and 6-4. When the Webfooters copped the opening game of the Huskies " home stay by a score of 5-4. Washington ' s title hopes disappeared entirely. Even a 4-3 victory in the second game failed to revive them. Washington and Oregon State divided the final home series for Graves ' men, hanging up scores of 5-7 and 5-3. Old Jupe Pluvius was intermittently busy during the Huskies ' stay in Pullman and Moscow, so the former Sundodgers, being in their element, proceeded to annex the championship. The scores were 11-3 and 14-9. Washington barely squeezed out an 8-7 victory over the Vandals, but PAGE 186L this was enough to win the title because rain made it impossible to play the second of the series. The champion Huskies dropped off at Walla Walla on their way home and took a tAvo-game series from Whitman by 11-5 and 5-2 scores. Wilson Gaw. two-year letterman. was selected by his teammates to captain the 1930 Varsity and Percy Bolstad was awarded the cup given for the first time last spring by alumni to the player who is the most in- spiration to the team. The new Varsity field was named Graves Field in honor of the Husky Coach. Letters were awarded to Captain Claude Brannon. Percy Bolstad. Ed- ward Barberis, Edgar Hagist. Rudolph Tollefson, William Hutchison, Harry White, Wilson Gaw, Darrell Morrison, Charles Carroll, Gerald Cal- houn. Williard Nevins. Raphael Davis. Archie McLean. Earl Kraetz. and John Kirner. Virgil Anderson received an honor W. DeForest Perkins turned the managerial reins over to Jerry Haney for 1930. The Frosh had a very successfid season last spring, winning fifteen games and losing only four. Numeral winners were Ferguson Risk. Ed Bowman. Don Brown. Emmett Talkington. George Thomas. Elmer Schoen. Burton Runkel. Monroe Hubbell. Frank Pozarich. Wayne Win- termute, Dave Henderson, William altz, Robert Sullivan, William Mu- honen, Ned Nelson and Robert Heaman. 1 PAGE 18(iD 1929 Tennis by DICr CRLM Captain Langlie ± P A G F 1 ! I HE University racqueteers marked up a very creditable record on the courts last spring, finishing second in the Northwest to Oregon. The Web- foot squad, containing men well known in tournament play up and down the Coast, took six straight matches to prove their superiority over the Huskies. The Varsity team, consisting of Captain Windy Langlie, Billie New- kirk. Don McLarren and George Hoyt. opened the season by defeating the Seattle Tennis Club five matches to four. This was the first time the University has beaten the Club. Washington won its first intercollegiate match by defeating Washing- ton State College six matches to none. Washington State had previously defeated Idaho six straight matches. Oregon State bowed to the Huskies by the same 6-0 count. Hoyt played a brilliant game to beat Sjoblom 13-11, 6-4, in the feature match of the contest. Oregon then stepped in to mar Washington ' s undefeated record by winning six straight matches. Newkirk. in his first set. gave Harrison a hard fight but in the second Harrison ' s drives began to come in and New- kirk could not handle them. Langlie and McLarren ran their men to three sets. Harrison paired with Lockwood at Los Angeles to bring the doubles title to Oregon, and the Webfooters, as a team, were undoubtedly the best on the Coast. The Pacific Coast Conference meet was held on the University of Southern California courts at Los Angeles, on May 17th and 18th. John Doeg, of Stanford, won the singles title: the doubles were won by Har- rison and Lockwood of Oregon. Newkirk, of Washington, was eliminated Coaih Arbuthnot, McLarren, Hoyt, Langlie, Pieivhirk, MacDonald, Manager in the singles by Hardy, of U. S. C; while Langlie, Washington ' s other representative, was defeated by Wheatley, of Stanford. Newkirk and Langlie entered the doubles semi-finals by defeating Westsmith and Divorkin. U. C. L. A. stars, but they were forced to bow to Doeg and Wheatley of Stanford in that bracket. Stanford was beaten by Oregon, who won the championship. The day after the team returned from Los Angeles, they defeated Whitman College two matches to one. Newkirk lost to Oswald of Whit- man, who holds the Idaho State and Spokane-Inland Empire champion- ships. This match ended the LTniversity Tennis Team ' s 1929 season. The team was ably managed throughout the season by Dick MacDonald. At the first annual tennis banquet, held at the Wilsonian Hotel on May 29, Don McLarren was elected captain for the coming season and Fred Kettenring, Jr., was named manager. The Frosh squad also had a very good season. Out of eight matches, the Frosh bowed only to Oregon. The numeral winners were Kyran Hynes, Frank Ketcham, Jim Fairbourn and Fred Clarke. All four men show promise of being future Varsity stars. Dick Hergert was the Fresh- man manager. : PACE I « f Miner and Intra mural perfs Kermit Hosfn, Sayivs Tniphy U inner Golf I OACH " BILL " JEFFERSON has been given the sole power to select the golf team for the coming spring season. Some of the outstanding con- tenders are Rosen, Hagist and Richmond. Kermit Rosen won the Sayles trophy in the annual Fall tournament. Bcxing I HE Varsity team, composed of Shaughnessy, 115-lb. class; Norwood, 125; Jones, 135; James and Willey, 145; Anderson, 158; Nance, 175; and Holmes, heavy; won its first meet with W. S. C. five matches to two. They defeated the California team at Oakland by the same count. I ' C E ISO •M f ' anity Boxing Team and Intramural Champion A V A Riflcry I HE University of Washington rifle team is becoming recognized as one of the outstanding teams in the country. They have not dropped a match for the last two years. Roy Meister placed thirteenth in the Na- tional individual competition. The R. O. T. C. team has won the Hearst trophy for marksmanship in the Western Division for the past two years. This year they stand a very good chance of repeating. Wrestling I HE wrestling team won its match with Everett Y. M. C. A. Cidp, 115- Ibs. ; Vogel. 125; Stevens. 135; Webster. 145; Shands. 155: Howard. 165; Landauer, 175; and Kraetz, hea -y, were the members of the team. PACE 190 Finish Club, Intramural Cross Country if inners Intramural Sports W_ ROSS-COUNTRY was the opening event on the 1930 intramural cal- endar. The Finish Club nosed out the experienced Lander Hall team to win the intramural cross-country trophy. The Phi Delta Tlieta hoopers won the 1930 basketball title after a close tussle with Miller ' s Independents. Basketball again proved to be the most popular of the intramural sports. Pi Kappa Alpha won the foul shooting contest with Sigma Nu a close second. Hockey was instituted this year as an intramural sport with Malan ' s Independents taking first honors. However, the other finalist. Kappa Sigma, received the inter-fraternity pennant as independent teams are in- eligible for it. Phi Delta Tlieta won its second intramural championship for the year in track. Beta Theta Pi was second. Last year ' s winners, Sigma Phi Ep- silon, had to be content with third. f ' hi Dflta Theta. Intramural Bankelball Champions PACE 191 Big ' B ■• Cluh BIG " W " CLUB Walt Sahli OFFICERS Stan Valentine President Vice-President Hal McClary ' .-Secreta r v-Trea surer MEMBERS Bob Adams Jerry Alcorn Ed Anderson Steve Anderson Bob Bale Bill Bates James Beckstead Gilbert Bowen Joe Bowen Claude Brannon Bob Buzard Charles Clarkson Jack Cram Warren Davis Gordon Dodds Tom Erdmann Wilson Gaw Ed Genung John Ginger Bill Gregor Ernie Gritsch Ed Hagist Curlv Harris Talbot Hartley Al Holmes George Ho t Merle Hufford Bill Hutchinson Reed Ingham Stan Jaloff Paul Jessup Bert Kauffman Rufus Kiser Sam Kraetz W infield Langlie Wallv Litchfield Bill Marsh Hal McClarv Don McClarren Archie McLean Bill Mittlestedt Don Morris Art Nelson Willard Nevins George Nickel! Dick Odell George Oistad Jack Patrick Clarence Pautzke Crosby Pendleton Art Peterson Alton Phillips Julius Ramstedt Bob Reed Chuck Rosenhan Walt Sahli Jack Seaman Henry Schmidt Boh Schoetller Paul Schwegler Elbert Sellers Lee Shelton Bill Snider Roy Squires Hank Swanson Joe Swarlz Thurle Thornton Rudy Tollefson Smith Troy Stan Valentine Mike Webster Henry ' entuorth Laurence W esler«eller Harry White Keith Whiting Leonard ' ilcox PAGE 192 Minor •■» ■ ' Club MINOR " W " CLUB Douc McCoy OFFICERS Amador Seijas President Vice-President Dean Taylor .Secretary-Treasurer MEMBERS Maurie Bakom Alliiii Holmes Doug McCoy Dick Shaughnessy Bill Broz Charles Hunter Rov Meister James Standard Jack Cram Dick Hurrell Earl Niemever Dean Taylor Elmer Cutts Keith Jones James Pierce Daye Walker Xelis Godfrey Rufus Kiser Ernest Pugh Horace Waples Fritz Hagist Ed Knipe Denton Ro ssell Edgar Wheaton I at Haynes Carl Linde Amador Seijas PACE 103 WOMEN ' S ACTIVITIES Hi Helen Gorham WOMEN ' S f CDERATION W, ITH revision of its constitution, designed to plan a working constitu- tion of an entirely new pattern, as an outstanding all-year activity, the Women ' s Federation has continued its forward stride throughout the school year. Composed of all women and all women ' s organizations on the campus, this organization controls matters of especial interest to women students; aiming to further the educational, cultural and social ideals of its members. In an effort to create a feeling of cooperation and to make it possible for all women to participate in activities the Federation has sponsored two special activities this year. The first is embodied in the slogan of the organization of independent women, " Famous for Friendliness, " and another, a new feature, is a program of " tours. ' " making it possible for Freshman women and new students to enjoy in groups, games, concerts, " cozies, " firesides, and the theater. The Women ' s Federation is governed by a Representative Council, composed of officers of the Federation, presidents of women ' s organiza- tions, and standing committee chairwomen, as well as an executive secre- tary in charge of all activities — Helen Gorham. r K (; r i Mitchell, Matthews, Keltey, Ketchum, Livesley CXCCIITIVE COLNCIl OFFICERS Katherine Mitchell President Marion Matthews Vice-President Lela Ketchum .. Treasurer Elizareth Kelley Secretary Ethel Livesley Executive Chairman Berryman, Strother, Sackerson STLDENT ADVISCRy COUNCIL Chairman — Betty Berryman Tour Chairmen — Nancy Strother Ruth Sackerson Virginia Powell Chairmen of Tours- -Herta Albrecht Mary Bower Virginia Lee Jordan Margaret Dickey Marion Elder Sylvia Stub Helen MeClinton Ruth Curry Isabel Harris Assistants — Dorcas Leslie Agnes Whalley Betty Agnew Nola Muck Helen Kendler PACE 198 m ..og KIr ' : : 5; :. Johnson. Jordan, Mclntyre, Fitzgerald, Mohlstad, Pinkham POINT SrSTEM COMMITTEE MEMBERS Betty Johnson Chairman Virginia Lee Jordan Assistant Chairman Helen Mohlstad Activity Files Chairman Jean Mclntyre Pan-Hellenic Chairman Elaine Dugan Publicity Chairman Margaret Fitzgerald Files Chairman Eleanor Pinkham Gladys Reynolds Reporter Scholarship and Health Chairman yy ii Carlson, Prilrhord, Leik, Fitzgerald M ' OMEN ' S rEDERATION PLATERS OFFICERS Gladys Carlson President Abigail Leik Secretary Betty Pritchard Vice-President Margaret Fitzgerald Treasurer MEMBERS JL PAGE 199 Bonny Mary Anderson Kathr n Austin Elsie Albrecht Myra Armentrout Mary Bollen Renee Butler Donna Claire Badger Willabell Boutan Betty Bogue Kathryn Callow Gladys Carlson Doris Carstens .Mildred Durgeon L warda Egley Doroth Ericson Tommy Pranks Margaret Fitzgerald Margaret Frinke Mary Grandjean Mary Graves Marjorie Herlsche Katherine Hutchins Dagny Hanson Horlense Harley Ruth Irwin Janet Izetl Florence Killduff Betty Klein Virginia Lambert Abigail Leik Ethel Livesley Katherine McCartv Elizabeth McGee ' Virginia McNelley Aylene Miller Virginia Opsvig Eleanore Plamondon Virginia Powell Betlv Pritchard Dorothy Reid Vivian Ring Ruth Sackerson Elizabeth Stephenson Barbara Stevens Priscilla Storey Margaret Sultzbach Elizabeth Summers Evaline Thompson Pauline Tilniart Alice Tilton Jean Wilson Mitchell. Mattheics, Kelley, Ketchum, Livesley, Megrew. Leik, Nitrholson, Johnson Christensen, Shanstrom. Middleton, Clyde, Dilling, Von Alvensleben, Toivn. Morgan, Kilworth Tennant, Gilhoitse, Baker. Carlson. Thompson. Berryman. Hadley, Sutherling. Anderson REPRESENTATIVE COLNCIE Marion Matthews Elizabeth Kelley . OFFICERS Katherine Mitchell President Vice-President Lela Ketchum Treasurer Secretary Ethel Livesley Executive Chairman MEMBERS Alice Anderson Marion Baker Betty Berryman Gladys Carlson Dorothy Christensen Winona Clvde Helen Mae Dilling Mrs. R. A. Gilhouse Elsie Jane Hadley Betty Johnson Ruth Kilworth Abigail Leik Violet Megrew Ethel Middleton Elliott Morgan Irene Nicholson Helen Shanstroni Anette Sutherling Florence Tennant Evaline Thompson Dorothea Town Margaret von Alvensleben page 200 Dilling, Baker, Mitchell, Bond, Chrislensen Leik, Megretr, Berry man. KilHorfli, Evans, Elder STANDARD COMMITTIC COMMITTEE MEMBERS Helen Mae Dilling Chairman Marion H. Baker Town Girls ' President Katharine Mitchell Women ' s Federation President Beatrice Bond Y. W. C. A. Representative Dorothy Christensen Inter-organization Council President Abigail Leik Pan-Hellenic President Violet Megrew Mortar Board President Betty Berryman Student Advisory Council Ruth Kilworth Secretary A. S. U. W. Jane Evans Secretary Marian Elder Secretary Nicholson, 1 ' on Alvensleben, Stinchfield, Elder, Clenians, Flohr. Summers Taylor, Crabtree. Pickerell, Dtvyer, Speidel, Allen, Moore, Leslie Rupp. Muirhead. Cross. Mudgelt, Powers, Dagget, Boytes, Ening CCNCERT COMMITTEE COMMITTEE MEMBERS Cliai M. Irene Nicholson | Margaret von Alvensleben ) Margaret Stinrlifield ( a • . . i ■ ,. f I,, J I Assistant Chairmen Marion Llder Virginia Clenians ( Chairmen of Marion Elder ) Arrangements Margaret Stinchfield Ticket Chairman Lois Flohr I Assistant Elizabeth Summers j Ticket Chairmen Elizabeth Ann Taylor Secretary Margaret Crabtree Treasurer Helen Pickerell Assistant Treasurer Derothy Hall Radio Chairman Sally Sue Allen Assistant Radio Chairman Mary Agatha Dwyer. Advertising Chairman Margaret Moore Publicity Chairman Dorcas Leslie Art Posters Virginia Rupp Assistant, Art Posters Virginia Muirhead Circulars Jean Aaron Assistant Marguerite Cross Women ' s Ushers Ellen Mudgett Assistant Women ' s Lashers Catherine Powers Assistant Arrangements Helen Dagget Patrons Eleanor Boyles Out of Town Alice Charlaiid Scrap Book Lela Ketchum | Virginia Clenians 1 Special Publicity Lila Erviiig I Baker, Jordan, Evans, Tennant TOWN GIRLS ' ASSOCIATION OFFICERS Marion H. Baker President Jane Evans Secretary Virginia Lee Jordan Vice-President Dorothy Tennant Treasurer COMMITTEE CHAIRMEN Donna Balcli Finance Chairman Marguerite Butler Telephone Chairman Myrtle Malan Social Chairman Rosemary Hohenschild— Publicity Chairman DISTRICT CHAIRMEN Dorothy Wright Broadway Chairman Jean Condon Roosevelt Chairman Dorothy Hvatum Ballard Chairman Ruth Evans Garfield Chairman Wanda Allan Lincoln Chairman Janet McPhate West Seattle Chairman Bernice Donahue Queen Anne Chairman Elizabeth Summers Franklin Chairman Sarah Roake Other Schools Chairman % Middle ton. Pritchard Gerum, Baker, McCloud, Bond, Clyde y. V. C. A. COUNCIL CXCCLTIVC OFFICERS Ethel Middleton President Molly Pritchard Vice-President Elizabeth Gerum Secretary Priscilla Baker Treasurer Gladys McCloud Undergraduate Representative Beatrice Bond Standards Representative Winona Clyde Freshman Adviser DEPARTMENT HEADS Ellen Rowland Membership Sylvia Chapman Publicity Patty Lytel Finance Lorelta McNab Campus Service Carol Jones Girls ' Work Elizabeth Mills Religious Education Jane Evans Community Service Margaret Stinchfield World Fellowship Louise E. Fleming SECRETARIES . General Ellen L. Bungay .Assistant CABINET MEMBERS PACE 204 Membership — Marion Elder Betty Johnson Helen Richards Christel Faulkner Louise Brakel Publicity — Margaret Williams Helen Kralaville Dorothy Manchester Marian Bell Jean Clarke Virginia Beall Mildred Larsen Finance — Marcella Lawler Catherine Williams Eleanore Plamondon Lucile Porter Edna Crothers Campus Service — Virginia Powell Sally Sue Allen Jean Kalmbach Helen Kendler GiV s ' ff ork — Rose Bresnan Eleanor Danner Patricia Kane World Fellowship — Gayle Reed Yurino Takayoshi Lorraine Coy Belva Harris Dorothy Wright Community Service- Eva Dietrich Helen Barber Brynina Smith Gladys Carlson Religious Education- Gladys Bartlelt Marion Bertram Louise Stevens Industrial Relations- Phvllis Kurd Rotvland. Chapman, Lytel Mc ab, Jones, Mills, Evans, Stinchfietd rRESHMAN COMMISSION OFFICERS Winona Clyde Adviser Pat Vredenburc President Ruth Fletcher Dorothea Ritchie Vice-President Roberta Jones ..Treasurer .. Secretary Campus Service — Marny Collins Teas — Helen Powell Typing — Esther Logan Discussion — Gertrude .Ashley Peggy Miller Mary Skallerud Publicity — Marian Jean Mary CABINET MEMBERS ocational- Minerva Elworlln Finance — Jean Eagleson Mary Jane Perry World Felloicship — Lillian Espeland International Store- Virginia Ensley Membership — Dean Morgan ± pace 20; Entrance to Women ' s Gymnasiun WOMEN ' S ATHLETIC C, • E H I N D these doors are carried on the numerous activities of the Women ' s Athletic Association. This is one of the largest women ' s organ- izations on the campus, and the diversified program offers University coeds real opportunities for friendship and pleasure. One need not he skilled in sports to enjoy these opportunities, for all forms of recreation are presented. Mayhe it is dancing you prefer, or swimming. Each has its place. Fifteen hundred girls took part in these activities during the past year; interclass sports contributing a large part, as well as Intramurals and Dance Drama. Two delegates were sent by the Association to attend the Athletic Conference of American College Women, held in Ann Arbor. Michigan, this spring. za PACE 206 si A I Women ' s " W " Club WOHf N ' S ' W CLLB Thelma Wilsox OFFICERS Helen Klocfc President Vice-President Betty Jorgensox ... . Secretary-Treasurer HONORARY MEMBER Marv E. Gross Bergete Maydahl FACULTY MEMBERS Leone Helmieh Rulifson Monica Wright MEMBERS Lola Babcock Mary Byers Beaulah Clark Margaret Cooper Betty Drake Dorothy Duncan Dorothy Findlay Margaret Fouts Dorothy French Irene Harris Betty Jorgenson Margaret Keiiyon Jennie Kenyon Helen Klock Helen Krataville Gladys Leak .Alice Lopp Marv Lopp Phyllis Ludy Hortense Miller Charlotte Mitchell Dorothy Robinson Peggy .Shantz Doris Stratton Ruth Stwalley Florence Tennanl Dorothy Tinker Rosamond Wentworth .41yce Wester Thelma Wilson Irma Zinlheo 8 Ki PACK Gross, Rulifson, Glover, De fries, Martii INSTRUCTORS Mary E. Gross Director Hockey Leone Helmich Rulifson Basketball lennis Badminton Harriet F. Glover Swimming Carrie E. Spencer Volley Ball Mary .Aid De Vries . Dance Drama Archery M.4RION M. Martin Clogging Canoenig Baseball Hiking Bercete Maydahl Horseshoes Skating Iiitramurals William Jefferson Golf Major W.m. D. Frazer Riflery Captain Harry Niblett Riding TUT FACE 2 J Shanstrom, ff ' eed. Cooper, Babcock, Duma: WOMEN ' S ATHLETIC i CCIATION Helen Shanstrom President LuELL Weed Vice-President Louise Cooper Secretary OFFICERS Lola Babcock Treasurer Dorothy Duncan Historian Bergete Maydahl Fai-ulty Adviser Mary Agatha Dwyer Publicity Mary Magoon .. ..Banquet Margaret Kenyon High School Peggy Shantz Editor Betty Jorgenson . Hockey Rosamond Wentworth Dance Drama Doris Straiten Volley Ball Louise Caldwell Baseball Phyllis Berry Tennis EXECUTIVE BOARD Irma Zintheo Archery Florinda Browne Riflery Jennie Kenyon Hiking Katherine Gerum Swimming Helen Klock Women ' s ' W " Club Marjorie Bobson Social Katherine Henderson Golf Betty Drake Basketball Helen Moldstad Intramurals Ice Skatin$. Golf Ice Sl ating I HRILLS and spills, and spills with thrills! Can anything he more fas- cinating than ice skating, the new sport offered to University women this year? The girls who turn out for this winter sport declare it the hest of fun. Classes in ice skating are held Wednesday afternoons at the Ice Arena. Thelma Kinsman is manager. The spirit of the Golden Rule governs the University skaters. Mem- bers of the class help each other to acquire the gentle art of keeping up- right and moving gracefully. n Gcif ANDICAP golf tournaments, established at Washington three years ago, have an enthusiastic following of University Glenna Colletts. Last Spring, Audrey Ames won the trophy donated by Spaldings for the con- test. In a straight championship game this Fall, Katherine Henderson defeated Mrs. S. P. Neilson, 6 and 5 in the final 36-hole match. The Book Store presented the championship trophy. Katherine also won the eclec- tic tournament last Spring. She is manager of the sport. Throughout the year a ladder tournament has been going on which will end with the Spring quarter. PACE 210 KILL, speed and cooperation! That spells field hockey. University of Wash- ington women upheld the popularity of this game hy turning out in great numbers for class teams. Betty Jorgensen managed the sport for the W. A. A. Chimes Field was the battleground of the game. Despite the diminutive meas- urements of the field, the games were , most exciting and were well attended. ■ " - --• The championship contest between the Juniors and the Seniors gave the victory to the Seniors. For the second time in ' " " succession these girls have won the crown in hockey. During January, an exhibition game was played at the University Pavilion between the United States Field Hockey Association and the Washington All-Star team. The visitors won 17 to 0. but the contest was much more thrilling than the score would indicate. The Washington play- ers put up an excellent fight and showed good form. The Washington Women ' s Athletic Association is a member of the U. S. Field Hockey Association. No intercollegiate games are played. Eascball %C T I O N, action and more action! The Washington home- r Look out for two-baggers and Hockey run queens are warming up )-ba these women I ' A C E 2 11 three-base hits can play! Baseball, Americas sport, has been taken over heart and soul by University coeds. Regu- lation hard baseball is played. After a succession of stiffly- fought games last spring, the Seniors won the class cham- pionship. This is the second time that these hard-hitting up- perclassmen have won the title crown. Easl?€tball B. iASKETBAL L— the game that has " It " — draws a larger turnout of coeds than any other team game. In addition, it attracts a lively following of spectators whose rooting adds to the excitement of the game. Class teams are chosen each year to compete for the championship. For sev- eral years in succession underclassmen have taken the honors. This year, the Sophomores defeated the Freshmen in a fast game to win the title. Betty Drake served as general basket- ball manager. VollGyball ▼ OLLEY ball, that exhilarat- ing indoor and outdoor sport, rates high with University co- eds. The game, while not as strenuous as basketball or ten- nis, combines the good features of both. Volley ball is offered for in- ter-class competition during the Fall quarter. This year, the Senior class went on a scoring rampage, winning the cham- pionship from the Juniors. Doris Stratton is the volley i)all manager. I ' A C E 2 12 I Eadminton F you are thoroughly skilled in the art of playing tennis and swatting flies you should hurry and register for Badminton. It is a Canadian game in which you use a small, light racquet similar to a tennis racquet, but instead of a ball you must hit a small feathered shuttle. The sport re- quires speed and accuracy in placement. The Badminton Club, organized by girls interested and skilled in the sport, plays games with girls from ancouver, B. C. Margaret Cooper is chairman of the Club. occcr Soccer is the one sport in which you are not allowed to use your hands. The ball must be kept in motion by the use of your feet, your hips or your head. Yes, it is often necessary to use your head, which is consid- ered unusual for college students. This sport is taught only in registered sections, there being no sport classes or interclass competition. PAGE 213 Siuimming I HE womens swimming pool is a most magnetic spot, attracting alike the timid Freshman and the assured Senior. Competition is keen in the swimming classes and teams are chosen each winter quarter to compete against each other. The events scheduled include contests in hack crawl, free style, side stroke, dashes, relay, diving, and so on. Marjorie Anderson, Diantha McKay and Pauline Strang composed the AU- Star team chosen last spring. Patricia Kane and Bethene Burch received hon- ' ' " ' " " " • " • ' orahle mention on this team. Under the management of Katherine Gerum, coed swimmers have been kept busy. Play day and open house demonstrations, individual con- tests and a telegraphic meet with the I niversity of Montana filled the swimming program. €an€€ing Special inducements, of which no other sport can boast, are offered by Canoeing. There is that lovely long walk down to the canoe house, sunny days and rainy days alike, and then there is always the possibility of a nice, cooling dip in the waters of Lake Washington. Can you blame the coeds for flooding the registrar with re- quests to enroll? Just to make sure you will enjoy your dip, a 400-yard swimming test is required of all " would be " canoers. Miss M. Martin is the instructor. V i - •v.-,.. Archery Archery H, lis TORY and fiction, or if you like, William Tell and Robin Hood, have made archery the most romantic of sports. No wonder that University of Washington co- eds fall for the bows and arrows ! In the archery classes, records of indi- vidual scores are kept each day. At the end of the quarter, the six women having the highest scores compete for the Uni- versity championship. Last year Lenore Smith won the laurels. Class teams compete for group cham- pionships. Irma Zintheo is manager of the sport. Riflcry Jl 3H00TING stars — many of them are disguised as fair coeds on our own campus. They streak across the Intercollegiate Sports horizon with a bril- liant string of victories. Last year the Women ' s Riflery team won the Pacific Coast cham- pionship and lost the National championship to George Wash- ington University by only a few points. This year, with most of their scheduled matches com- pleted, they stand undefeated, with all matches won bv a de- Alice Charland is manager of the sport. RijU-ry Clogging _ ' LOGGING has not only become pop- ular on the stage but also as a University activity. Large numbers enroll for these instructions each quarter. Miss Marion M. Martin conducts the classes. Clogging Club, organized two years ago, gives girls particularly talented an oppor- tunity to receive further instructions than are offered at the University. The presentation the Club is offering this sea- son is " Une Fantasie Francaise. " Clogging HorscshcGS N. I OTHING short of " ringers " content the University Horseshoe tossers when competing in the annual tournament between houses. Two players from each organization are chosen to participate in this contest. Twelve houses entered teams last spring. Lewis Hall was awarded first place when their " " tossers. Bernice Johnston and Hazel Gillespie won from Helen Moldstad and Margaret Anne Olson of Gamma Phi Beta. Third place was taken by Kap- pa Kappa Gamma. J sai s .vj: ■.•:s-;-:sfc; m: ' ' Riding hiding HADED bridle paths on lovely after- noons, lure seores of University girls to enroll in riding classes conducted by Cap- tain Harry Niblet, every quarter, at the Washington Riding Academy. Classes for both beginners and skilled riders are of- fered, and various competitive games add zest to the sport. During rainy weather classes are held in the indoor riding ring. Hilling OEDS like to step out — in the open. Hiking has a strong appeal to them. Last year more than ninety women turned out for this sport. Points toward big " Ws " are awarded to all girls who partici- pate. A five-mile hike each week and two ten-mile hikes during the quarter are required to earn one hundred points. These " pleasure jaunts " often wind up with outdoor suppers. University hikers exhibit, at times, a somewhat amphibious nature. Come rain, come snow, they hike! Jennie Kenyon is manager this year. Hiking PACE 217 Tennis B- LAY tennis and grow slim! Can it be that this is the magnet that draws so many women to the courts? Last year more than one hundred girls took part in the wom- en ' s tennis tournament. Phyllis Berry was manager of the sport. Florence Tennant won the singles cham- pionship, defeating Margaret Bowen. The trophy was a tennis racquet given by the Book Store. After a series of close and exciting games, Dulcie Angus and Clara Kelly won the doubles contest. They defeated Verna ' " " " McDonald and Florence Tennant. They were awarded a silver cup donated by Spaldings. Fencing lOILS flashing! — it " s the women fencers learning to be as quick in move- ment as in sight. One should be very careful not to arouse the disfavor of any of these pretty coeds for their revenge might be fatal. This is the first year that Fencing has been offered in credit classes, and a great interest and enthusiasm has been stimulated for this type of sport. Mr. August Aurenheimer is con- ducting the classes. Fvnttn Srene from " Deirdire " DANCE DRAMA %N adaptation of Deirdire, a beautiful Irish legend, was the inspiration for the interpretations in this year ' s annual Dance Drama presented at Meany Hall Friday evening. February 28. 1930. by the students of Mary Aid DeVries, assistant professor in the department of Physical Education. The freshness and vitality of the dancers was genuinely impressive and their grace and ability to enter into the lovely spirit of the drama created a truly professional atmosphere. The Prologue was an effective piece of staging and set the supremely artistic tempo of the whole production. The peak of the performance, however, was reserved for the last scene, the scene of agony, separation and death, which was executed with perfect subtlety and dramatic feeling. Leading roles were taken by Jeanne Miller, as Deirdire; Rosamond Wentworth, who was Naoise; Ruth Stwalley and Helen Klock, Naoise ' s brothers: and Ruth Anderson. Deirdire ' s companion. :A P 4 ; E 2 19 Play Day BOR the purpose of giving high school girls an opportunity to visit our campus, to play with other high school girls and to meet University women. Sports Days are held each year by the Women ' s Athletic Associa- tion. The first Sports Day included high schools from within a 60-mile radius of Seattle while the second one only Seattle girls attended. In addi- tion to the posture parade, mass and exhibition games, the swimming pool was opened to the visitors for the first time this year. The chairman in charge of the event is Margaret Kenyon, assisted by Phyllis Berry. Miss Bergete Maydahl is faculty adviser. field WccK PAGE 220 W. ' UPS are lost and records broken during Field Week, which is held the last of each Spring quarter. During this week all championship games are played and exhibitions held in all non-competitive sports. The week is concluded by the Women ' s Athletic Association ' s annual banquet, at which time awards are presented and all star teams announced. Hildur Grevstad was general chairman of the event and Miss Leone Helmich Rulif son was facidty adviser. Honorary judges were Mrs. Arthur S. Haggett. Miss Mary Bash. Miss May Ward. Miss Mary E. Gross, Miss Jane McGownd and Dean Henrv Landes. Inlranturnl Captn INTRAMtRALS 17 RE AT interest and enthusiasm has heen shown in the new Intramural program which has heen introduced in the past year. This new field of sports was opened upon the presentation to the Women ' s Athletic Asso- ciation of an Intramural Trophy by Mrs. Manch Garhart. The trophy was awarded for the first time at the Spring banquet of the Association, to the Gamma Phi Beta sorority, with Kappa Kappa Gamma second, and Kappa Alpha Tlieta, third. The first place in the Fall Volley Ball tournament was won by Gamma Phi Beta with Zeta Tan Alpha placing second and Alpha Delta Pi and Delta Gamma tieing for third. During winter quarters Swimming and Bas- ketball tournaments were run off. Gamma Phi Beta taking first place in Basketball, Kappa Kappa Gamma second, with Kappa Alpha Theta and Delta Gamma tieing for third. The Alpha Phi ' s swam their way to first honors while Gamma Phi Beta took second and Delta Gamma third. Tournaments in Baseball, Horseshoes and Tennis will be held during Spring quarter, the culmination of which will determine the winner of the trophy for this season. Helen Moldstad is Intramural chairman and Miss Bergete Maydahl is facidtv adviser. ±_ PACE 221 MUSIC • DRAMA • DEBATE John Ashhy Cnnivny. Alpha Hoth Contcay REVIEW OE THE DRAMATIC SEASON 1929-193C J OHN ASHBY CONWAY and Alpha Roth Conway, the new heads of the Dramatic Art department, organized a new group of players during the Fall quarter of 1929. The Washington Players, which is the only dramatic organization on the campus, having taken the place of all for- mer organizations, sponsor the production of plays on the campus, pre- senting one original play each month. " Black Flamingo. " a melodrama laid in the eighteenth century at the time of the French Revolution, was given November 15 and 16 under the direction of Alpha Roth Conway. The Winter quarter play, " The Inspec- tor General. " was presented by the Washington Players. January 24 and 25. 1930. " The Vegetable. " a satire on politics, written by F. Scott Fitz- gerald, was presented March 7 and 8. A three-act tragedy, " The Wife of Jonaac. " written by Mrs. Esther Sheperd of the dramatic department, was presented at Meany Hall on Friday evening, March 21. B. Iden Payne, who is considered the greatest Shakespearian director in the world, will be guest director during the summer quarter of 1930. He will do two Shakespearian plays on the Elizabethan stage. W A Dramatic Incident in the Play THE BLACr rLAMINGO 1tt I HE BLACK FLAMINGO, " a melodrama produced by Alpha Roth and John Ashby Conway, was given November 15th and 16th of the Fall quarter. The story is laid in the eighteenth century during the time of the French Revolution, just after the fall of the Bastille. A ruined castle, which had been transformed into an inn, provides the setting. At this inn gather a group of aristocrats who are fleeing Paris, as well as a group of crooks all of whom are searching for some treasure. Only two of the char- acters know what the treasure is. One is the famous Count Cagliostro, well known to history. The treasure, which turns out to be a diamond necklace bought by Marie Antoinette, is found at last in the violin of the old creature who lives up the chimney. True to form it is presented to the leading lady by the gallant hero. Count Cagliostro was portrayed by Dan Rosenburg; Count de Tussac by George Bolton and Alex Winston; Francois, Trevor Evans and Ross Farley; Diane, Marion Cheney; Charlotte, Jean Little and Elizabeth Mc- Gee; Trigand, August Pantages; Bodier, John Kerr; Mme. Bodier, Alyene Miller; Bourienne, Rodger Joseph and George Bolton; Gauroche, Alton Philips and Ted Millgard; and Clothilde, Madge Dunn and Catherine Austin. Learning the Folly of Graft THE INSPECTOR GENERAL I HE INSPECTOR GENERAL. " Nikolay GogoFs biting satire on the dishonesty arising from the Russian system of bureaucratic irresponsibil- ity, was presented January 24th and 25th. under the direction of Alpha Roth Conway with costumes and scenery designed by John Ashby Con- way. The music was directed especially for this play by Francis McKay. The play, the setting of which is in a provincial Russian village, takes for its subject matter that time-honored institution. Graft. It revolves around a group of parasitical officials who, having heard that a govern- ment officer is coming incognito to inspect the town, seize on the first likely subject, fete him, flatter him. intoxicate him. and finally bribe him, much to the surprise of the victim. At the end of the play the announce- ment is made that the real inspector has arrived. The Mayor was portrayed by John Kerr ; his wife. Kathleen Hoyt and Thelma Packard; his daughter, Sally Sue White; School Inspector, Wil- liam Robertson; his wife. Catherine Austin and Bonita Palmer; Judge, George T. Bolton; Charity Commissioner. Ross Farley; Postmistress. Jean Little and Muriel Irving; Landowner. Trevor Evans and Joe Pearson; Clerk, Robert Anderson; Servant, Harry Kempel; District Doctor, Ted Millgard and Roger Joseph; Servant, Virginia Opsvig. h. Elennore Ptaniondon, tha JUNIOR GIRLS ' VODVIL PAGE 2 2 « I WO full hours of splendid entertainment were offered University aud- iences by J. G. V. on Friday and Saturday evenings. May 2 and 3, in Meany Auditorium. The show, directed hy Alpha Roth Conway, was under the chairmanship of Eleanore Plamondon. The curtain was lowered but four times, once after each act. First came the Circus with its tinsel curtain on which played a color wheel. A feature of this act was the orchestra in a merry-go-round. Will Green and Ken McCoy performed as tumblers while Donahue and Sheldon supplied the comedy. A typical " Hula " atmosphere was supplied in the second act, the Hawaiian, with its palm trees, ocean, moonlight, and grass huts. Every participant in this act was a native of the Islands. The Black idea came in the third act aided by the Mississippi Triad, a black-faced trio of girls, who sang old songs. The brilliantly colored cos- tumes and clever lighting were particularly effective. Modernistic was the motif of the finale with its huge futuristic cut- outs and tinsel curtain in the background. Of course, the " home talent " chorus of both men and women danced all the way through. They were trained by Maxine Blakemore and Eddie Eaton. Cossarka in Concert THE GLEE CLUB W. ASHINGTON ' S Glee Club gave Canada its first concert ever pre- sented by an American college glee club. The program was given at the University of British Columbia at Vancouver, B. C, on January 27, 1930. After returning from trips to Northwestern and Southwestern Wash- ington, the Glee Club presented its 30th annual concert in Meany Audito- rium, Thursday, February 13, under the direction of Charles W. Law- rence of the Music department. From ballet dancing to horseback riding, the entire program carried out an exclusively Russian motif. The Slavic costumes were a delightful departure from the conventional full dress attire. Frank Hayes, tenor soloist, sang " Down on Mother Volga " and Lauren Rhodes, violin soloist, presented several Russian selections. An interpre- tation of the Russian waltz was led by Bradford Hall and George Cloud. " The Four Cossacks, " a specialty act, was presented by the Varsity quartet. Loyd Simpson and John Rarig were accompanists. Settings, lighting effects and costumes were designed by John Ashby Conway in the theatre workshop of the Dramatic Art department. I ' i: F 2 l i Latvrence, Mabon, tCelke MID-WINTER CONCERT M tUSIC lovers who attended the premiere performance of " Atsumori " on Wednesday evening. December 11, 1929. heard a composition of un- usual interest written by Prof. Charles Wilson Lawrence of the Music department. The text of the music drama is an English translation of a Japanese " No Play " written by Seami. The English version is by Arthur Waley, who is possibly the greatest student of Japanese drama and folk- lore in America. The whole story centers around the retelling of the combat and kill- ing of Atsumori by his enemy, Kumagai ; the remorse of Kumagai and the virtue of forgiveness. As Kumagai bends over the body of Atsumori to examine it, the ghost of Atsumiro appears as a reaper and meets Kumagai, who is later known as the priest. Miss Edna Mabon, soprano, of the Music department, sang the part of Atsumori, the ghost. The role of the priest was interpreted by Mr. Charles W. Lawrence. The ensemble numbers were sung by the Univer- sity Chorus and the Women ' s Ensemble, who took the part of the Reapers. Chorus and orchestra were capably directed by Mr. Walter Welke of the Music department. A Chinese suite, " Po-Ling and Ming Toy " ' by Friml, was played by the orchestra preceding the music drama. PACE 230 Douglas, Hate R€BIN HOOD I HE comic opera. " Rohin Hood, " was presented by the University Chorus on Thursday, April 24. The three-act opera was directed by C. W. Lawrence of the Music department. At the beginning of the opera, merrymaking is in process at the market-place in Nottingham. Little John, Will Scarlett, and Friar Tuck enter and sing of their free life in the Forest of Sherwood. Finally the handsome, dashing Robin Hood appears, declaring that he is the Earl of Huttington and demanding that the Sheriff shall so proclaim him. Lady Marian, being in love with Robin Hood, protests her marriage to Sir Guy. Robin Hood joins the outlaws and in the end brings a message which saves Maid Marian from the hated marriage. Frank Hayes, tenor, sang the role of Robin Hood; Sheriff of Not- tingham. John Kerr, baritone; Maid Marian, Marjorie Douglas, soprano; Guy of Gisborne. Richard Carpenter; Little John, Frank Kernohan, bar- itone; Will Scarlett. Donald Craig, bass; AIlan-a-Dale, Dorothy Towne, contralto; Friar Tuck. August Pantages, bass; Dame Durden. Aileen Mil- ler, soprano; Annabel, Marianna Bartlett. soprano. John Ashby Conway was responsible for the effective staging and cos- tumes. The accompaniment was played by Eslie Hermans. V i, t J .1 1 Cortot, Enters WOMEN ' S rEDCRATION CONCERTS Seattle and University audiences were again fortunate this year in having brought to them by the Women ' s Federation a concert series fea- turing artists of international reputation. As a result of an effort to offer a well-rounded program, representatives from three fields of artistic endeavor were presented. The concerts were made highly successful through the efforts of the two chairmen, Irene Nicholson and Margaret von Alvensleben. An American baritone. John Charles Thomas, who has delighted audiences both in the United States and abroad, gave the initial concert of the season. His splendid, sonorous voice won much praise from his listeners, who were well pleased with his engaging personality, the depth of his musical feeling, and his generosity in responding to encores. An excellent complement to the artistry of Mr. Thomas was the skill- ful accompaniment played by Lester Hodges. Admirers of Alfred Cortot were again given the pleasure of hearing his interpretations of the twenty-four Preludes of Chopin. The perfect poise, subtlety, and completeness of his performance were characteristic of this greatest of French pianists. With great brilliance he also played the PAGE 23: Thomas, Marlinelli Sonata in B flat Minor, Opus 35, and twelve etudes. Opus 10 and Opus 25 of Chopin, and showed that he is unsurpassed an an interpreter of that famous composer. The " Episodes " of that unique and curiously fascinating dancer. Angna Enters, made an unforgettable impression on all those who had the pleasure of seeing her. It is somewhat difficult to characterize the type of Miss Enters ' work — she herself calls her interpretations " compositions in dance forms. " One cannot help entering completely into the mood of the dancer, who is able to create the most vivid, exotic, and satirical impres- sions. The titles of some of her numbers, such as " Feline, " " Aphrodi- siac, " " Green Hour, " " The Queen of Heaven, " give an indication of their bizarre and brilliant nature. As a fitting climax to the series came the performance of the re- nowned tenor, Martinelli. With perfect technique he displayed the power, the vigor, the richness, and resonance of his golden voice. Coming first to the Metropolitan Opera as a colleague of Caruso, the fame of Martin- elli has spread widely; and this year marks the nineteenth year of his appearance before the public. JL PAGE 233 Bell, Campbell, Cartano, Coats, Hackman Horsky, Kotkins, Lawrence, Neuenschtcander, Spear, Richards MEN ' S VARSIiy DECATE Elmo M. Richards. Manager James Bell Alfred Coats Wilbur Lawrence Waldemar Campbell A. K. Hackman Clyde Neuenschwander John Cartano Charle s Horsky Sidney Spear Henry Kotkins SCHEDULE Tuesday, February 18 Idaho (dual) Wednesday. February 26 Oregon (there) Thursday. February 27 Oregon State College (dual) Thursday. March 6 University of Utah (here) Tuesday! April 1 U. S. C. (there) Thursday, April 3 Stanford (there) QUESTION Resolved: That the foreign indictment of American education is justifiable. COACHES Frederick W. Orr Horace Rahskopf Karl Windescheim P A C E C 3 4 Bayles, Broun, Gordon, Martell, Pinney, Bixby WOMEN ' S VARSITY DEBATE SCUAD Mary Bixby. Manager Mary Brown Helen Durand Blanche Gordon Lorrainne Packard Dorothy Bayles Annis Bales Alda Martell Gertrude Pinney SCHEDULE Tuesday, January 28 Oregon State College (here! Wednesday, February 5 University of Oregon Uhere) Thursday. February 6 Oregon State College (there) Thursday, February 6 University of Idaho (here I Tuesday, March 4 University of California (here) QUESTION Resolved: Tliat the modern diversion of women from home to business and industrial occupations is detrimental to society. CALIFORNIA QUESTION Resolved: That the full-lime employment of married women should be discontinued. COACHES Frederick W. Orr Horace Rahskopf Karl Windescheim ERESHMAN DEBATE SCLAD MEMBERS Arnold Bader Paul Olson William Paul Paul Thompson Lyman Tondel SCHEDULE Friday, February 21 College of Puget Sound ( dual i Friday, February 28 Bellingham State Normal (there I Friday, March 7 Albany College (here I Saturday, March 8 Monmouth College (here) COACHES infred . Bird Charles Strother QUESTION Jhb r Re olved: That the nations adopt a plan for complete disarmament except for such . SJB . forces as are necessary for police power. i ' A C E 2 3 i ■ ' . ■ W: ■■ ' ■ -iwiafssaw- ■ Clyde, Deal, Perry, McKay INTRAMURAL DECATE WOMEN ' S CONTEST thinners — Kappa Kappa Gamma Margaret Clyde Max ■Beal Runners-up — Athena Debate Elsie Albrecht Emily Hall MEN ' S CONTEST Winners — Alpha Kappa Lambda Richard Perry John McKay Runners-up — Chi Phi Alfred Coats Don Brindle Different Question for Each Round of Debates: 1. Resolved: That the system of deferred pledging should be adopted at Washington. 2. Resolved: That granting of athletic scholarships at American colleges and universities is justifiable. 3. Resolved: That the A. S. U. W. Book Store should operate on a non-profit making rather than a profit sharing basis. 4. Resolved: That the maintenance of professional lobbyists by special interests for the purpose of influencing actions of the federal government should be prohibited. (Used in semi-finals and finals.) Lawrence, Zone CADGER DEEATE OFFICERS Wilbur J. Lawrence President Rudolph Zane Vice-President Robert H. Tschldy Secretary-Treasurer H. K. Rahskopf Adviser MEMBERS Sebastian Abella Allen Anunson Story Birdseye James Butler James Chandler Clare D. Collins Edson Dow Jesse Epstein Leonardo Galima Wilfred Greenham Ed Henry Lawrence Hickman Lyle Iverson Wilbur J. Lawrence Clyde Neuenschwander William Patterson William L. Paul. Jr. V incent Scordon Robert Tschudy George A. Whetstone Rudolph Zane Thompson, Smith, Wright AirENA DEBATE CELB OFFICERS EvAUNE Thompson President Loraine Corf Vice-President Dorothy Wright Treasurer Marion Brooks Secretary Josephine Smith Secretary (Dropped! (New) Elsie Albrecht Maxine Beal Myrtle Bolinder Marion Brooks Janet Card Betty Charles Loraine Corf Annis Eals MEMBERS Nita Edmonds Dorothy Flickinger Marian Geer Emily Hall Alice Horstman Elizabeth Horslman Margaret Kenyon Alda Martell Jean Mclntvre Willine Padley Dorothy Pampel Dorothea Penislon Dorothy Parker Byrnina Smith Josephine Smith Alice Stearns Margaret Stinchfield Evaline Thompson Jmie Wetherell Dorothy Wright Fern Whyalt Marjorie Xanders Klemme, Green, ytcGinnis STEVENS DEBATE CLtB OFFICERS Marvin Klemme President James Munro Secretary Alexander Green Vice-President Hugh McGinnis Treasurer MEMBERS Charles Bowen John Cartano H. H. Grant Fred Hanley Harold Jacohson Henry Kotkins Francis Le Sourd John Mass Hugh McGinnis George Ault William Klatzker Alec Duff Don Gaines James Munro Max Rarig Dick Seller Robert Willard Albert Peha Edwin Smith Erie Cole Dave Smith Harvev Erickson ± 1 ' K C. F 2 .1 ; H O N O R A R E S Anderson, Hunter, Perkins, Snider, Troy fW TREE Senior men ' s honorary founded in 1907. Election to inemhership is bused upon service to the L niversity oj Washins[ton. The nim oj the oriinnizntion is to uphold the traditions and promote the ueljare oj the University. OFFICERS Smith Troy President De Forest Perkins Vice-President Monty Snider Treasurer Charles Hunter Keeper of Rolls Enoch Bagshaw Don McKenzie FACULTY MEMBERS Clvde Robinson Wayne Sutton Al Ulbrickson Stephen Anderson Percy Bolstad Gerald Calhoun Charles Carroll Clarence Dirks MEMBERS Charles Easter Elmer Huhta Charles Hunter Robert Johnson Albcrl Kelly ' infi( ' ]d Langlie Paul Orr De Forest Perkin s William Shelley Monty Snider Smith Trov ±. r. E 2 11 Hpi 4 H s Berryman, Bond, Brehm, Diem, Emery Grimes, Jones, Livesley, MacDonald, Megrew, Middleton Mitchell, Morgan, ! ' icholson, Robb, Shanstrom MORTAR BOARD National Senior ivomens honorary founded in 1918 at Swarthniore College. Tola chapter char- tered in 1925. OFFICERS Mary Violet Mecrew President Elliott Morgan Vice-President Virginia Diem Secretary Betty Robb Treasurer Nancy Grimes Historian Jane Brehm Keeper of the Loan Fund Charlotte MacDonald Editor Miss Mary Bash Miss Ethelyn May Becket Miss Ellen Bungay Miss Marvhelen Bvers FACULTY MEMBERS Miss Ebba Dahlin Miss Helen Gorhani Miss Ruth Grant Miss Frances Hunt Miss Gwlady- Matthe»5 Miss Valgene Tuttle Miss Mav Dunn W ard -a Betty Berryman Beatrice Bond Jane Brehm Virginia Diem Margaret Emery MEMBERS Nancy Grimes Carol Jones Ethel Livesley Charlotte MacDonald Mary Violet Megrew Ethel Middleton Kalherine Mitchell Elliott Morgan Irene Nicholson Betty Robb Helen Shanstrom age 242 iniiiijiiffHiBliOHijr • k. • « k . B « Anderson, Bacon, Balcom, Barnhart, Bartley, Batelle, Botcen Cartano, Cram. A ' . Davis. W, Davis, Delmas. Dodds. Ferguson, Fosseen, Gregor, Gritsch, Guernsey, Hergert Howay, Hunter. Ingham. Jaloff. Lauivill, Lea. Litchfield, McClary, Michelirait, iS ' t ' cfte , Oistad, Palmer Pebbles, Perkins, Peterson. Philbrick, Pulver, Sahli. Seaman, Schoettler, Snider. Squires, Strain, Striker Sweet, Troy, I ' alentine, fan Woert, Willix, Jf ' ilson, Wolgemuth OVAL CltB V pperclassmen s honorary founded in 1907. Members are chosen on the basis of their services to the University. OFFICERS Lowell Mickelwait President Phillip Wolcemith Secretary Jack How av Vice-President Frank Wilson Treasurer FACULTY MEMBERS Leslie J. Aver James Arhutlinot Enoch Bagsliaw Clark Bissett Earl Campbell Herbert T. Condon William E. Cox William Dehn Clarence Edmuiidson Irving M. Glen Dorsett V. Graves Edwin (Juthrie Jesse Jackson Carl Kilgore Henry Landes Charles May Edmond S. Meanv Milnor Roberts Clyde Robinson M. Lyle Spencer Wayne Sutton David Thompson Frederick M. Padelford Al I Ibrickson s M Stephen Anderson Henry Bacon Maurice Baleom Tom Barnhart Bruce Bartley Charles Batelle Joe Bowen Claude Brannon William Broz Charles Carroll John Cartano Gene Cook Jack Cram John Dalque-t Nat l)avi W arren Davis _T )nev Delnias Gordon Dodds William Ferguson Neal Fosseen Herb Gardner il on Gaw John (Jeehan W illiam Greger Ernest Gritsch Charles Guernsey Alfred Hagist Edgar Hagist Dick Hergert Jack Howay Charles Hunter Reed Ingham Stanley Jaloff Frank Jame- MEMBERS Paul Je-sup Al Kelly Wesley Kilworth (Jaynor Lang dorf Donn Law w ill Richard Lea allace Litchfield Harold McClary Lowell Mickelwait George Nickell George Oistad Howard Palmer Harold Pebbles De Forest Perkins Art Peterson Harold Philbrick Ellioll Pulver Walter Sahli Jack Seaman Robert Schoeltler Monty Snider X illiani Snider Ro S iuires Robert Strain Kenneth Striker ■« ' illiam H. Sweet Rudolph Tollefson Smith Troy Stanley N alentine Ross an W oert Laurence W esterwelle Douglas illix Frank Vi iNon Phillii) olgenuith Delaurenti, Hazel, Houell. Levy, Lockilih Morbech, Richards, Singer. Slinson, Sicanson, L ' Rnn CET4 GAMMA SIGMA I ational Business Administration scholastic honorary, founded at the Universitv of W isconsin and the L niversity of Illinois in 1913; 26 chapters. Alpha chapter of Ifashington chartered in 1918. Members are chosen on consideration of scholarship (an average of B is required }. moral character and promise of business ability. A PAGE ; 4 4 OFFICERS Richard F. Jones .Pres ident John Capus Vice-Pres ident Gordon U ' Ran ..Secretary John Delairenti ..Trea surer Richard F. Jones Council FACULTY MEMBERS Henr A. Burd G. I. Butterbaugh W. E. Cox H. E. Gregory MEMBERS Howard E. Preston Harry E. Smith John P. Capus George Day John Delaurenti George Hazel Paul Howell Richard F. Jones Richard R. Levy Percy A. Lockitch Donald C. Morbeck Paul Mowry Thomas R. Richards .Allen Singer George Stigler Howard Stinson Earle Swanson C. Gordon U ' Ran i Duncan, EUerbeck, En el. Garrison, Hammer, Haynes Henry, Longsdorf, Ae son, Plymire, Rauschert. Sato, Smith TAL BETA PI Engineering honorary, founded at Lehigh University in 1885. Members are chosen on the basis of scholarship and high character. Engineers in the upper one-eighth of the Junior class and the upper one-fourth of the Senior class are eligible. OFFICERS Ronald B. Smith President Karl H. Ellerbeck Vice-President CiRTis W. Lund Secretary Ernest D. Encel Treasurer W. L. Beuschlein Robert Q. Brown Joseph DanieK Frederick S. Ea lnian E. O. Eastwood R. H. C. Edmonds F. B. Farquharson Charles ' . Harris Ja per B. Hamilton George L. Hoard Frederick K. Kirsten Rov E. Lindblom FACULTY MEMBERS E. A. Loew Bryan T. McMinn C. Edward Magnusson Charles C. More J. M. Rathl)un Frederick C. Smith George S. Smith Richard G. Tyler Frank M. Warner E. R. Wilcox George ilson A. M. inslow Marion A. Duncan Karl H. Ellerheck Ernest D. Engel Homer D. Garrison MEMBERS Karl E. Hammer Curtis W. Lund John M. Nelson Nat Haynes Charles H. Norris Bryan Rauschert Everett Henry Reginald F. Plymire Makoto Sato (iaynor Langsdorf George M. Palo Ronald B. Smith Wellington M. Strohl Bell, Mills. Clark PLI PLE SlilELD A Freskntati scholastic honorary organized at the University of tfashiiigton in 1925. OFFICERS James Bell President John Tlrbitt .. Secretary Blake Mills .. Vice-President Spencer Clark. Treasurer Paul Ashley FACULTY MEMBERS Herbert Gowen J. E. Gould Edwin Guthrie Thomas Thompson MEMBERS Wallace Bartholomew Laurence Barrett Robert Beeman James Bell John Calmer Waldemar Campbell Spencer Clark David Colin Donald Craig Bryant Dunn Robert Glase Paul Goode Wilfred Grenhai Roy Johnson John Kerr Robert King Arnold Lubach Robert McCameni Donald Melcalf George Middlelon Blake Mills Penfield Musson Jack Myers Milton Owsley XS ' illiam Perrine Jack Radinsky Gordon Ribeck Louis Scharpenburg John Turbitt John Van Uden Henry Wentworth Gordon Wares Jim ' orthim Clar oung Ernest Hilding PLEDGES Chester Moork Howard Welsh PM BETA rAPPA Phi Beta Kappa, national scholastic honorary, is the oldest Greek letter society in the United States, and ivas founded in 1776 at the College of William and Mary. Williamsburg, J ' irginia: 114 chapters. Alpha of Washington teas chartered in 1914. Membership qualifications include sound moral character and high scholastic rating. OFFICERS Professor J. B. Harrison President Professor R. M. Winger Vice-President Professor A. R. Benham Secretary Professor H. E. Smith Treasurer Clarke, Miller, Albrerht. D. Miller, Loder, Pfisterer GAMMA EPSILCN PI IFomen ' s commerce honorary, founded at the Vniversily of Illinois in 1918: 18 chapters. Alpha Beta chapter at Washington chartered in 1918. Junior or Senior uomen in the College of Busi- ness Administration hating an average of 90 or better, good moral character, and showing promise of marked business ability are eligible for membership. OFFICERS Ellen L. Clarke President Ellen Miller Vice-President Herta Albrecht Corresponding Secretary Dorothy F. Miller Recording Secretary Adelaide Loder Treasurer Elsa Pfisterer Editor Herta Albrecht Ellen L. Clarke Elsie Jane Hadlev MEMBERS Gladys . Kinney Adelaide Loder Dorothv F. Miller Ellen Miller Stella E. Parks Elsa Pfisterer SIGMA l The Society of Sigma Xi is a national organization ichich aims to encourage original investiga- tion in pure and applied science. Members are elected from the College of Science, Engineering, Mines, Forestry, Fisheries, Pharmacy, and the Departments of Psychology and Anthropology. Active membership is granted to those ivho have shoicn noteworthy achievement as original investigators in some brunch of pure or applied science. Associate membership is granted to students iiho have shonn marked excellence in one or more departments of science or tech- nology and have completed tico and one-half years of undergraduate ivork. The officers of the University of Washington Chapter for 1930 are: Hewitt Wilson PresiiUnt Eldin V. Lynn Vice-President G. E. GooDSPEED Secretary V. SiVERTZ Treasurer p r. r :! 1 : B0.4RD ELECTORS C. E. Magnusson A. F. Carpenter Melville H. Hatch Thomas G. Thompson Effie I. Raitt Maclnlosh, Brodine, Frost, Sievers, Hegg, Alderman ML PHI EPSILCN Nalioiial i iiisic honorary jor iiomeii. founded at Metropolitan College of Music, Cincinnati, Ohio, in 1903; 52 chapters; Tan chapter chartered in 1915. To he eli gible for membership, stu- dents must possess outstanding talent, a very high scholastic average, and at least Junior standing. OFFICERS Florine McIntosh President SicRiD Brodine Vice-President Dorothy Frost Recording Secretary May Sievers Corresponding Secretary Acnes Hecg Treasurer Pauline Alderman Alumni Secretary Margaret Cbristoplier Grace Ellis Mary Eastwood Marjorie Gellatly MEMBERS Loraine Grant Elizabeth Henderson Joan Hutchinson Mildred Johnson Inez Jackson Ethel Morck Ila Peairs Elizabeth Reeves Irene ' ood PAGE 248 U illiams, Barbour o PI SIGMA ALPHA Political Science hnnnrnry founded at the L ' niversily o Texas in 1919: 14 chapters: ff ' ashingtnn Nu chapter chartered in 1927. Df, ' itt Williams OFFICERS President Dana Barbour . Secretary-Treasurer Wiiifred Bird FACLLTY MEMBERS William H. George Francis G. Wilson Granvvl Hulse HO ORARY MEMBERS Arthur S. Beardslev Linden A. Maiider R. H. Nottelmar Dana M. Barliour Russell W. Barthell Story Birdseye John Cartatio Jack Cram MEMBERS Marjorie R. Dillev Julius B.Falk Cyril D. Hill Lvle L. Iverson Earle Jackson Herbert Little WillineJ. Padley Charles R. Sirotlier DeWitt Williams 1 I. L ; 1 J COLLEGE LIFE Jim Kelleher Here they are — five liig noises on this rumpus. All they need to complete the scene is megaphones, and they have those at the games. Toney and the two Jims do wield ' em, while Dick wielded his whistle to make us do the card stunts right, and Har- old was the one we sang for. All Hail. Oh Washington! Jim fT oodford Dick Hergert Harold Lancour Of amincjton s fairest - Alice r or asnincjlon s ij ' airest VlRCIMV L VKI. A Dogwood ' s life with Junior Queens Professor eany follows through The oh assembles aury and Jack show the pledges how Bow down to f inger Two mlersons go hurdling a new collegiate custom a man invades the f ome Ec sanctuary The pool encourages " pearl divers " The gym goes back a century ny of them demonstrate by their grins that it ' s more fun getting pictures snapped than working ampus Day Tlie back-to-nature move is in favor of fir jree Winter ' s frosh Pond rink The fifth o ' " " ' " The J oeds ' frigid man Chilly hinies Georfce Washington ' s formal wig and robe arming up the f rosh Read them yourself, " Cardinal soup for Husky " The l and scene shows whether or not the field was damp Bill liayes " Knights chauffeur the new Husky The color of the game come out in the ( ard tiints (luring the half From across the stadium it looks something like this. Dick (iergert is bossing the big show with his little tin whistle. ' " ■r- ' li iiUx 3i ' cck groups spread themselves in originality for 1 omecoming signs None of these won prizes, but they did get a lot of attention tA« --i ' I heta Xi rode in tlie first place on their Toonerville Hoineconiin}; ear Ipha O sang in the rain for seeond Delta Zeta scored on Denny Hall These others caught our eye. The l usky pedestal guarded the campus Coeds admit their ge to vote § ed Heads conflagrate l ridge demonstrating this rising age. Women [)ehaters getting the last word Getting rid of some Jeniors He who l esitates The I rosh have system Cleaning up on Baggy One more ward is awarded l usband hunting out west All- u.-ll with Villix Phi Psis entertain with fire football men study on trips rewnien prepare fo r supremacy 1 " vee staff goes flying J ij ( ajitaiii and mascot plan cooperation Two J oaches arrive to help The J rew gets ready to win All for ashington Jimmy Plielan says hello to Seattle L s • o • c E • T • Y VAWITy BAIL flL I HE social season? Why yes. Lou. all pretty and frilly and fluffy as usual. But I ' ll tell you from the very beginning, for that ' s where Varsity Ball enters. Honestly, Lou. when I walked through that entrance I wanted to per- sonally congratulate every member of the committee, headed bv Joe Her- ron. They called it " The Palace of the Gods. " a modern Valhalla. Modern speed and progress was manifested by flashing air beacons which swept over a huge Zeppelin of silver cloth suspended above the orchestra. The soft jets of light from the beacons singled out rainbow formals as they swirled across the floor. The ball was dedicated to Washington ' s grand old man. Professor Edmond S. Meany, and the Big W men. During intermission the follow- ing pledges to Oval Club, upperclassmen ' s activity honorary were named : Henry Bacon. Charles Batelle, John Cartano. Nat Davis, Toney Delmas. Gordon Dodds. William Ferguson. Ernest Gritsch. Charles Guernsey. Alfred Hagist. Edgar Hagist, Dick Hergert, Reed Ingham. Stanley Jaloff, Donn Lawwill, Wallace Litchfield, George Oistad, Harold Pebbles, Art Peterson. Harold Philbrick. Elliott Pulver. Roy Squires, William Sweet. Riulolph ToUefson, Ross Van Woert, Laurence Westerweller and Doug- las W illix. t ' A ; E ; 7 I Margaret Emery TOlO 7 OU ' VE heard everyone talking about Tolo, haven ' t you, Lou? It isnt any wonder. In the first place, it is the only chance we girls get to select our own dates, and our own entertainment. In the second place. Mortar Board — our own women ' s upperclass activity honorary — sponsors it. This year. Mortar Board decided to use an Indian idea in decorations for their dance, which was held in Eagles Auditorium. January 17. Indian blankets, tall tepees and tomahawks gave atmosphere and carried out the " Club your Chief " ' motif. Milt Link ' s orchestra furnished the music. A large black Mortar Board pin hung up where everyone could see it, added the finishing touches, or bit of modernism to the scene. Margaret Emery, chairman of the dance, and the committee composed strictly of Mortar Board members, were instrumental in making the entire affair one to be long remembered by those fortunate individuals who " rated " dates. After all. Lou, the position of a man is somewhat preca- rious at times. I 4 B cbster Anderson JLNIOR PROM Tt ell, Lou. I ditl a lot of traveling through places I ' ve always wanted to see at the Junior Prom. January 31. From the minute I went up the gangplank and saw that huge white ship sailing out of the black night, I knew I was going to have an enchanting evening. Japan, Ceylon, Honolulu, and the Mediterranean — it seemed as if all the exotic spots of the world were in one place — right before my very eyes. During the intermission. Sallie Sue White danced a cleverly twinkling tap step. The precious moments slipped by so rapidly, that I had circum- navigated the globe befor e I realized it. I found myself in the Port of Seattle, again. Before I stepped down from the gangplank. I snatched a few seconds to congratulate Webster Anderson, general chairman, for his splendid seamanship in piloting me safely to unknown ports. The orchestra, the soft lights that flickered from far away waters, the rhythmic glide of nimble piunps across the polished floor — well. Lou. you can imagine why I am still marveling at one of the loveliest formals I have ever attended. W ' ally Howe ENGINEERS ' INECRM4L N. O sooner had Junior Prom slipped into the background than the glare of " Sha-Sha " flashed upon the campus. Upon my word, Lou, the engi- neers certainly proved that they are masters of esthetics as well as of construction for the ' " Sha-Sha " ' passed into ' " Shanghai Shadows " and the dance was on. No less than six hundred couples were seen as weird music drifted through an Oriental atmosphere and announced the opening of the Engi- neers ' All-University informal at Eagles Auditorium. February 14, under the direction of Wally Howe, chairman. A Japanese " tou-i " overgrown with cherry blossoms formed the en- trance to the ballroom and paved the roof of the hall with a carpet of pink flowers. But, oh Lou, the supreme thrill came in a flash when Dan Ranney was crowned " Most Handsome Engineer! " Eight Juniors were granted the highest scholastic honor attainable in the engineering profession by being pledged to Tau Beta Pi: Bartlett Burns, Angelo Ghiglione, William Hadley, Jack Mackey, George Martin, Edwin Martinson. Francis Myers and Otto Sangder. Bv twelve-thirty I had left the Orient behind. Lou. and again was snug within a typical sorority scene. Dan Ranney CADET BALL Lou, the Freshmen certainly got a break at Cadet Ball this year, and what ' s more they seemed to appreciate it. From now on, I ' m all in favor of spring formals. Dan Ranney. general chairman, and his committee carried out a for- eign service motif with the scene laid in the tropic lands of sunshine and siestas. Cadet Ball is given for the pledges to Scahbard and Blade, mil- itary honorary. All of the members wore white uniforms. I still maintain, Lou. that I could fall for anything in a uniform. It was so inspiring when they arched their swords for the pledges to walk under that I immediately decided upon a military wedding to go with my European honeymoon. Army customs are plenty {jicturesque. With the men in tuxedo jackets and white flannels and the girls in lovely spring formals of pastel hues, it wasn ' t at all hard to imagine one ' s self at Waikiki. Not until the last strains of music had died away into the far corners of Eagles Auditorium did I realize that I was actually in Seattle instead of on some tropic isle. : RcvicuL of Sccial Season M I T was a brilliantly artistic thing, that last dance, Lou. Something that enthralled one with its flood of color and yet left a tinge of regret that it was so soon over. For with it. Washington carefully folded away its tuxe- dos and satins until next year. In a rush of memory I recall the various affairs of the season. It does not seem eight months ago. Lou, that several hundred pledges, half proud- ly, half shyly, displayed crisp new ribbons at a dance given by Oval Club at the Wilsonian. But it has been! On October 25, the Knights of the Hook, under the joint chairman- ship of Ken Cosby and Knox Woodruff gave the first All-University in- formal at the New Washington Hotel. Characteristically, decorations were in the collegiate purple and gold with Hook emblems adding to the atmos- phere. " We ' re in the Navy now, " became the sea cry of the Sophomore in- formal committee headed by John Forkner as guests were enlisted, November 2. in the Spanish Ballroom of the Olympic Hotel. All Soph- omores turned sailors for the occasion and cruised until near midnight. i l ' ir§inia Frif s - And what do you think. Lou? I actually have my name registered on the police blotter — at the Tennis Cluh. ith Bill Joiner brandishing a dangerous revolver, a crowd of us were herded in to the Junior-Senior Jail dance on the evening of November 22. From what I heard, Lou. the Frosh Frolic held at Sand Point Country Club. December 6, was quite an event for the youngsters. Allen Bird, chairman, used a nautical motif both in the fish net decorations and lime water punch. But the song has ended and the last dance is over. Lights that cast l alls of fire and slithering showers of silver against the pale gleam of silks have faded. Not until next year will they awaken, and although Fm leaving, I hope that you ' ll be here to greet them when they do, Lou. ±- FRATERNITIES Kelli. Kitrbitz, Iftlliams, Penr ' ion, Hoof INTCR-fRATERNIiy COLNCIl Officers Gene Kelly President Ke.nneth Kurbitz Vice-President De Witt Williams Secretary Charles Pearson Treasurer Cliff Hoof Prosecutor 1 ' A i; K : 1 i Allison, Kurhitz, McPhaden, Lancour, Pearson, Hanson, Weinzirl Heinz. Hoof, ft illinnis, O ' Brien, Kelly. Doe, Troy, Rains, Magnusen. Chase Keene, Pasley, I alentine. Burroughs, Friedman. Peterson, Thacker, Moore, Rosser, Morbeck yiarris. Collins, Jf atcber, Mac Arthur , Singer, Forman, Mr Arthur INTER-rRATCRNITy COlJNCIL-ContiniJGd Delegates Alpha Delta Phi Richard Harri?, Jr. Alpha Kappa Lambda. William N. Allison Alpha Sigma Phi Alpha Tau Omega Kenneth Kurbitz Beta Kappa Kenneth McPhaden Beta Thela Pi Harold Lancour Chi Phi Charles Pearson Chi Psi Phillip Lindeman Delta Chi George Hanson Delta Kappa Epsilon Willis Weinzirl Delta Psi Delta Bertram Heinz Delta Sigma Phi Clifford Hoof Delta Tau Delta De Witt Williams Delta Upsilon William O ' Brien Kappa Sigma Gene Kelly Kappa Psi Roger Dille Lambda Chi Alpha Dudley Doe Phi Delta Theta Smith Troy Phi Gamma Delta Jack McGlinn Phi Kappa Psi Lewis Rains Phi Kappa Sigma Warren Sisemore Phi Kappa Tau Harold Magnusen Phi Sigma Kappa Edward Chase Pi Kappa Alpha Robert Keene Pi Kappa Phi Robert Pasley Psi Upsilon Stanley Valentine Sigma Alpha Epsilon Howard Burroughs Sigma Alpha Mu Jack Friedman Sigma Chi Arthur Peterson Sigma Nu Loreii Thacker Sigma Phi Epsilon Walter B. Moore Sigma Phi Sigma Elvin Rosser Sigma Pi Edward Burns Tau Kappa Epsilon Donald Morbeck Tau Phi Delta William Morris Tau Psi Theta Chi Cecil Collins Theta Delta Chi Irving Watcher Theta Kappa Theta Kenneth MacArlhur Theta Xi Allen Singer Zeta Beta Tau Albert Forman Zela Psi William McArthur -li i J p r .V Abell, Allen, Beighle. Brotinhill, Crou n, Fournier French, Gray, Grieff, Henry, Herbison. Hetcttr. Hohtay. In ersoll, Iverson Kriger, Linville, McCabe, Rosled. Schinnell, Seeliger, Thonipsan, Trolson. ff erberger ACACIA k ACACI4 . 4718 Acacia Place jtS Founded at Ann Arbor, Michigan, in 1904 35 Chapters: Jf ashin ton Alph fi Chapter Chartered in l ' »IO Faculty Member Paul P. Ashlev Ira Collier William M. Dehn James M. McConahev Bertram D. Thomas F. E. Bolton Joseph Daniels Elery Van Diest Henrv Landes Col. H. T. Matthews Graduate Members Seniors Thomas K. Sidey Elmer G. Johnson R.G.Tyler William Allen Henry Grieff Russell Ingersoll Juniors Clyde W. Linville Daniel P. Roslad Dudley H. Brownhill Marlin J. Crown Preston Frenrh John (iray Sophomores Hans P. Schinnell Ralph K. Stanford Edward E. Henry Ralph N. Herhison Pledges William Werherger diaries Ahell l.ouis Fournier Edward hereon Paul McCahe llarr Thompson Dan Beighlc Harry Hew ill Ted Holway Walter Kriger L. McRorie Clarence Seeliger Ro Trolson WJ " r f Anderson, Bacon. Baker, Belcher, Best. Biossat, Brown, Carr Cram, Darron. Davie, Deering, Donahue, Fairchild, Gavin, Harris, London, Macfarlane Malheuson. Olin, Parsons, Peniston, Peterson, Philbrick, Reynolds, Rice, Ripley, Smith Streams, Tondel, Trefelhen, Vidal, ff ' illiams, Winston ALPHA DELTA PHI 2106 East Forty-seventh Street Founded at Hamilton College in 1832 2T Chapters; U ashington Chapter Chartered in 1921 ' " " ' " " " ■- " - Faculty Members Byron H. Christian Thomas G. Hermans Charles C. May Alfred L. Miller Thomas S. Thompson Elgon R. Wilcox Kenneth Anderson Jack Cram Willis Darrow George Davie Seniors Mark Malhewson Kenneth Peterson Harold Philhrick George Ripley Alex Winston Cecil Bacon William Bates Robert Best Eldridge Carr Arthur Fairchild Juniors Richard Harris Quintin Peniston Richard Reynolds A. Macrae Smith Earle Streams Daniel Trefethen George Vidal ALPHA DELTA Ptil Lane Baker Jack Belcher Bruce Biossat Robert Clark Edward Brown William Deering James Donahue Sophomores Jack London Robert Olin Pledges John Gavin Tabor Mapes ' oodburn Macfarlane George Parsons James Rice Joseph Sheldon Lyman Tondel Jack Williams Allison, Anderson, Bell, Bradeen, Broetje Burns, Buttles, Evans, Glneser. Hillman, Kerr, Kiehlbauch, Martin. . tiKay Olney, Perry, Porter, Stinson, Thomson, U ahlborg ALPHA l APPA LAMEPA 5027 Sixteenth Avenue Northeast Founded at University of California in 1 )14 8 Chapters: Thvta Chapter Chnrtfrcd in 19- " Arlliur Broetje Seniors Howard Kiehlbauch George ' . Martin Howard Stim- oii Howard Thomson Juniors William Allison Rolfe Anderson Walter Glaeser Alex Olney Robert Wahlborg ALPHA James Bell Sophomores Castle Bradeen rAPPA L k A K W A Pledges IMBDA Bartlett Burns illiam Buttles Rnper X. Evans Artlnir Hillman John Kerr John IMcKay Richard Perry Llovd Porter Bnckeberc, Boeltner, Bolton, Bradley. Cnrr, Carter, Curran. Ducommun Duncan. Ellerbeck, Foley, Gardner, Griffith. Guider. Herron. Hunter. Hutchinson. Jansen Leroy Johnson. Stanley Johnson. Jones, Leavitt, Lust, McFarlan, Mudgett, Muhonen, Murray, Pritchard Raichle, Sahli, Siders, Stitz, Stout, ToUefson, Van Uden, Van Zante, Weber ALPliA $IGM4 PHI 4554 Nineteenth Avenue Northeast Founded at Yale in 1845 30 Chapters: Mu Chapter Chartered in 1912 J. G. Arbiithnot Faculty Member Leslie J. Ayer Herman Tartar Alvin Ulbrickson Floyd Backeberg William Broz John Dobson John Geehan Richard Guider Joe Herron Seniors Robert Hunter Loel Lust Benjamin Marshall James McMullen Walter Sahli Roy Thompson Rudolph ToUefson Thorwald ToUefson Joe Bradley Edward Clifford Jack Griffith William Hutchinson Juniors Leroy Johnson Stanley Johnson W arren McDaniel Lawrence Quillen George Rourke Redmon Stout Roland Boettner Lloyd Ducommun Chester Duncan Sophomores Roy Gardner William Muhonen Eugene Rutherford Loren Sclioel Jack Vogel AIPHA SIGMA Plil George Bolton Orin Carter Gilbert Carr Jack Curran Fred Derrick Karl Ellerbeck Edward English James Foley Stephen Jensen Pledges Mark McFarlan George Mudgett William Murray Albert Raichle Karl Reese Richard Siders Everett Stilz Sherman Torbeiison Robert Van Uden Ellsworth Van Zante Walter Weber Harold Weister Alcorn, Beatty, Brand, Brown, Fred Campbell, Kitrhell Campbell, Carlson Cheesman, Cramer, Dimon. Ferguson, Fitzgerald, Glasspool, Grant, Healy, Hoisington Johnson, Kurbitz, Long, Loop, Maffit, McGrady, Don Metcalf, Harry Metcalj, Michaelson, Tiorth Peterson, Risser, Schakohl, Taylor, Thurlow, Watkins, Wether ell ALPHA TAL OMEGA [O SKd ALPHA TAL CMEGA kw 1800 FORTV-SEVENTH AvENUE NORTHEAST »aHiW Founded at Richmond, Virginia, in 1865 ' 2 ( i ' l ' .rs : l.amma Pi Chnp er Chartered in I " ll6 ' Faculty Members William Cox Carl Dakan Seniors D. D. Griffith Don Beany Leo Brand Huph Cheesman Bert Curran William Ferguson X ' ayne Fitzgerald Lewis Long Juniors Ralph Peterson David Risser Clarence Tavlor Russel Welh ' erell Bob Adams Gerald Alcorn Bob Anderson Fred Doherly Homer Grant Jaek Healy Don Hoisington Kenneth Kurbitz Sophomores Herb Loop Patrick McGrady Leslie Modeen Junius North Harry Thurlow Richard Vinal Cli. irles Ells Don M •tialf Harry M Pledges ' Iralf Janie? i tkins Marney Brown Fred Campbell Kitcliell Caniplx II T enzel CarUon A illiaiii Cnimer AS ' allaee Dimon Sherman Elworthy Charles Glasspool Lewis Johnson Harold Michaelson William Schakohl David Maffit Bar tells. Bennett, Blackstone, Broicn Camp, Dudley. Dyer, Farmer, Halloran, James. Johnson Kill ten, Marriot Mathey, McPhaden, MrRae. yiiller. Mills. Morton. MulhoUand. Parker. Ranney, Ross Smith. Taylor, Totcnsetid, I ' ber, White BETA rAPPA 1605 East Forty-seventh Street Founded at Hamlin University in 1901 25 Chapters; Beta Chapter Chartered in 1922 BETA rAPP4 Faculty Members Dr. Allan Carpenter Major DeRohan Seniors Walter BeU Whittlesey Clifford A. BartelU EUiot J. Brown Leroy Halloran Francis G. Killien Norris A. Mathey Kenneth S. McPl ' i; Moore A. Mills Juniors den Edward J. MulhoUand Arthur Ross Daniel A. Ra Vander J. Ro Donald L. Blackstone Malcolm J. Brown Hamilton Dyer Gus E. Johnson illiani James Sophomores Pledges Don McRae Charles Morton Stewart W. ' hite Paul F. Shew Robert Bennett Ray Camp George Dudley Keith A. Miller Al Marriot Francis Mever Willard Parker Edgar Smith Jay Taylor Baily, Baicom, Beck Beckett, Ber ren, Bracken, Brix, Caduetl, Campbell, Casey, Calo, Fosseen, Freck, Gabbert. Gloor Hufford, Hunter, Johnson, Kettenring. Laird, Lancour, Gaynor Langsdorf, Guthrie Langsdorf, Laua, Lommis, MacPhail. Mifflin Miller, Oberg, Perkins, Rabel, Richmond, Rosenquisl, Schafer, Shotiarre. Houard Sievers. Verne Sieiers, Su-anson, Street Thompson, West, Woodford. Wooduard BCT4 TUCTA PI 1617 East P ' ortv-seventh Street Founded at Miami University ' in 1839 86 Chapters; Beta Ome a Chapter Chartered in 1901 Eiiorh Bagshaw Faculty Members Henry Foster H. E. Gregory McPhail Smith Maurice Balroni Stewart Cato Neal Fosseen Robert Foster John Gabbert Alfred Hagist Edgar Hagist Charles Hunter Seniors Frederick Kettenring Harold Lancour Gavnor Langsdorf Waller McCloud James Mifflin Dean Newhouse Deforest Perkins Irvine Rabel Edward Schafer John Sievers Verne Sievers William Sweet Mortimer Woodward BETA THETA PI John Brix Robert Lenfestv John Baily Hubert Beckett Harlan Beik Homer Bergren Dan Bracken Arthur Oberg Richard Richmond alter Campbell George Cadwell Glenn Campbell George Freck Juniors Robert Showacre Sophomores Donald ( ' a ey Merle Hufford Pledges Robin Gloor Robert Hagist (rUtlirie Lang d Joe Laws Howard Sievers Henrv Swanson Philip Johnson Norman MacPhail alter Miller l)a id Riser Harold Vi est James Woodford Wayne Laird Llovd Nordstrom Frank Rosenquisl Eherley Thompson Thomas ' K ' oolley wmxiJi M-f- mm f- O T ' Beasley, Berry, Brindle, Francis Butler, Phares Butler, Carlson Chittenden. Coats, Coombs. Frank Culp. Jack Gulp, Robert Gulp, Dougan, Driver. Duncan, Duryee Hendrix, Henry. Kimball, Leaf, McCready, Miracle, Pearson, Requa, Richards, Sedgtcick Shelton, Shales, Sproule, Stout, Suanson, Wilkinson Clil PHI Ctil PHI 4521 Nineteenth Avenue Northeast Founded at Princeton in 1824 30 Chapters: Beta Delta Chapter Chartered in 1925 Faculty Members Gilbert Schaller C. E. Magnusson Seniors K. A. Windesheim Everett Henry Frank James Charles Pearson Earl Requa Juniors Thomas Sedgwick Melvin Swanson Robert Wilkinson Fillmore Calhoun Alfred Coats Walter Hendrix Hiram Kimball William MeCready Sophomores Elmo Richards Gershom Rowland Ralph Sproule HoUis Beasley Phares Butler Charles Coombs Frank Culp Pledges Karl Leaf Ned Shelton Leo Stout Lloyd Berry Donald Brindle Francis Butler Weldon Carlson Thomas Chittenden John Culp Robert Culp James Dougan ' illiam Driver Wendell Duncan Kenneth Duryee Hubert Miracle Thomas Sholes ! n C ' " c l, " ll! ' .l A ' MMMMmkiA C ' f r El John Blackburn, William Blackburn, Bordeaux, Colder, C i ' sf. Crapo, Dalton, Dillon Fairbourn, Field, Finn, Flint, Ford, Garbor, Getchell, Howard, Johns, Johnson Lindstrom. Lynch, McGuinness, Moore, Morthland, Neill, Post, Raab, Riordan, Robinson James Schack, John Schack, Schultz, Shaffer, Slettedahl, Slocum. Grenville Spragg, Shirley Spragg, Withers CM PSI 4600 Twenty-second Avenue Northeast Founded at Union College in 1841 25 Chapters: Alpha Theta Delta Chapter Chartered in 19J1 Clil PSI Faculty Member C. E. Calhoun Seniors Edwin G. Ford 0. William Lindstrom Josiah C. Moore L. LeRoy NeiU Leo J. Riordan Juniors Roal S. Robinson Ralph C. Shaffer L. Dow Stephens Wm. " W. Witherspoon Gordon Calder Angus Clist Bayard Getchell Arthur L. Johnson Phillip F. Lindeman Sophomores Hugh D. McGuinness David H. Schultz Shirley Spragg Mel Bordeaux Lawrence Dafoe John Dalton James Fairbourn Norman Field Lane Morthland Pledges William S. Post James H. Schack John B. Schack John Withers John Blaokburn William Blackburn Phillip Crapo John Dillon Raymond Finn Paul Hint George Garber Paul Howard Cortney Johns Thomas Lvncli Joseph Raab Donald Slocum Robert Slettedahl John Smart Raymond Smart Oenville Spragg !% r- ' " p ' if f ' n f ' ' " jp P f P n r: If:, f ' C f ' El Achenbach, Adair, Anderson Andrews, B. Hartley, Beckstead, Bundschu, Carpenter, Cox, H. Daiidson, L. Davidson, Ferguson. Ganhroger, G. Gregory, H. Gregory Groth, Charles Hanson, George Hanson, Haroldson, Hendrickson, Harder, Hullin, Hyde, Johnston, Morris, ! ' elson, Olsrheusky Olson, Palmer, Patlison, Perry, Seaman, See, Shelton, Lloyd Shorett, Richard Shorett, Smith, Snyder, Stuart Stedman, Thatcher, U ard, Whitney DELTA cm 1819 East Forty-seventh Street Founded at Cornell University in 1890 34 Chapters; U ashijieton Chapter Chartered m 1908 Chester Adair Charles Andrews Bruce Bartley Deane Hartley James Beckstead Richard Carpenter Seniors Grenold Collins Loren Davidson Arthur Harnett Charles Hanson George Hanson Charles Johnston Leslie Montgomery Henry Olschewsky Marcus Stedman Chester Thomas Webster Anderson Esler Ferguson Ronald Hull Juniors Francis Morris Frank See Llovd Shorett Richard Shorett Claude Cox Milton Cydell John Garretson George Gregory Sam Hyde Sophomores Robert Olson Frederick Palmer Jack Perry William Smith Lancing Thatcher Gilford Thompson Jack Ward Howard Whitney DELTA cm Jerry Achenbach Charles Bundschu Howard Davidson Robert Gankroger Howard Gregory William Haroldson Pledges William Hendrickson Garrett Horder Jack Hullin Evert Nelson Robert Para Thayer Pattison Percy Shelton George Snyder g c- Anderson, Barker, Braifttogel, Condrpeorge Cryder, Ehbley. Eddy, Finut ane, Filrh. Cordon, Grab. Hall, Howard John McLauchlan, Robert McLauchian. Witsson. Purie . Spnrkman, Spencer, Thompson. W ' einzirt, fling DELTA l APPA EPSILCN 4520 Twenty-first Avenue Northeast Founded at Yale in 1844 4!i Chapters; Kappa Epsilon Chapter Chartered in 1011 Faculty Members Dr. William Dehii Harvey Laiitz Dean F. M. PadeUord Morgan Padelford Seniors DELTA rAPPA EP ILCN Burke Barker Wilfred Bates Richard Brachvopel John Dalquest Norman Ebbley Juniors Burns Ryan Donald Sparknian Arthur Spencer Louis Weinzirl Charles Battle Edwin Badgley Robert Buzard Donald Hall Sophomores John McLauchlan William McCreery Ellis Oakwood Beauford Anderson Ben Buell Tom Fitch Pledges Frank Ketcham James Wing Mel Condopeorge John Cryder Clifford Eddy John Finucane Fred Gordon A 1 Grab Kelvin Greenslreet Donald Howard Penfield Musson Ralph Purves Ernest Thompson !?S8Rr iton ier, Borgerson, Brokel, Cameron, Chandler, Cone Dupuis, Finholm. Forehand. Frodle, Gates, Gerdon. Godefroy, Graham, Hartung Heinz, Jennings. Knapp. Knipe, Moron, Middleton, Smith, Thomas, Wrede DELTA PSI DELTA 1550 Eighteenth Avenue Northeast Founded at University of Washincton IN 1921 DELTA PSI DELTA Seniors Charles Godefroy Bert Heinz John Jennings Juniors Edward Knipe Richard Smith Maurice Cone Donald Frodle Edwin Genung Sophomores Earl Gerdon Merton Moran James Chandler John Forehand Pledges Clarence Graham Pat Bonner Melvin Borgerson Oscar Brokel Earl Cameron Ray Dupuis Walter Finholm John Gates Walter Hartung Ray Knapp Richard Middleton Mack Thomas William Wrede Albright, Andreus, Bennest. Bernth. Bloom, Buell. Cameron, Davis. De Merchant Duncan, Frank Edivards, Robert Edttardx, Ediiardson, Hamm. Heaphy. Hoof, Imus, Johnson. Kuhn Liming, Martin, Murray. O ' Neill. Quickstad, Quigley, Roehm, Royal, Sampson, Louis Scharpenber Paul Scharpenberg, Schroder, Scott, Street, Thompson, Thurston. Waldorf, tf idmann. Wiehl, Yati DELTA SIGMA PHI 4543 Seventeenth Avenue Northeast Founded at the College of the City op New York in 1899 48 Chapters; Alpha Omega Chapter Chartered in 1926 Senic DELTA SIGMA PHI Robert Andrews Robert Davis Clifford Hoof Harold Kiehl J. E. Quickstad Eugene Roehm Lloyd Royal Juniors Roy Sampson Paul Scharpenberg Wilson Thurston Lansing Waldorf Nulsen Widman Harry Albright Alfred Bennest Howard Bloom Marion Duncan Frank Edwards. Jr. John Edwardson Lewis Hamm Sophomores William Heaphy Alfred Johnson Edward McWhinnie Harry Schrader Rex Sweet Sydney Imus Ernest Kuhn Jack Liming James O ' Neill Pledges John Petellin Phillip Shafer Swen Swenson Ivar Bernth Robert Edwards Jack De Merchant Warren Everett James Buell Thomas Murray TransfiTX Louis Scharpenberg -•Vrchie Scott John Cameron John Yaw Clarence Thompson Acheson. Anderson, Bannick. Beattt ' e. Biby, Biploir, Clark, Corum Delmas, Desmond. Clayton Farrelt, Glen Farrell, Fer$uson, Glase, Green, Halferly. Hartnelt. Hays Himmelman, Hinds, Hoffman, Johnson. Knoirlron, Lincoln. McDuffie, Miller. Parker, Pickering Roasman. Scofield, Tierney, Treuer, Wilcox. Williams. Williamson, Woodicard DELTA TAL DELTA DELTA TAll DEITA 4524 Nineteenth Avenue Northeast Founded at Bethany College, West Virginia, in 1859 74 Chapters; Gamma Mu Founded in 1908 Graduate Members DeWitt Williams James Will Seniors amson Eugene Biglow Tony Delmas Robert Hartnett Barry Miller Juniors Robert Treuer Leonard Wilcox Magnus Anderson Rboman Clem John Graham Harry Green Guy Halferly Sophomores William Hays Charles Parker Bruce Pickering Eugene Rossman Don Clark Joe Doolittle Fred Hoffman Frank Knowlton Pledges William Mittlestedt Jack Patrick Walter Woodward William Aoheson John Bannick John Biby Eugene Corum Tom Desmond Clayton Farrell Glen Farrell Jaek Ferguson Robert Glase David Hines Harold Johnson Ray Lincoln Richard McDuffie Dave Scofield Elwood Tierney Lin Himmelman L t s LOOPED Attcood, Barclay. Bell, Blyton, Boone, Boicen Boydston. Bratcher, Stephen Broun, Wesley Broun, Brounson, CasIer, Clinton, Daly, Daum Evans, Garbe, Guile. Harley. Herb, Hujjine, Don Keith, Lyle Keith. Koch, Minkler, Moore, Myklebust O Brien, 0 ' eal, Renton, Ritchie, Henry Schmidt, taring Schmidt, Scott, Shildmeyer, Cecil Smith, Richmond Smith Sprague, Stewart, Thompson, Tidball, Whiting, Wright, Young DELTA LPSILON ■ V 1818 East Forty-fifth Street JK . Founded at Williams College in 1834 54 Chapters; Washington Chapter Ch artered in 1910 Graduate Members Charles Carey Frank Garbe Seniors James Macdonell Stephen Brown Harold Brownson Brannon Casler William Colter Frederick Harley Sherman Huffine Juniors Lyle Keith Loring Schmidt Winston Scott Gordon Wright Merrill Bell Juliuii Boone Gilbert Bowen Pat Daly Francis Herb Robert Minkler Sophomores Cecil Smith Richmond Smith Donald Stewart Henry Wentworth DELTA Alexander Barclay Gifford Blyton Fora Bratcher Wesley Brown Larry Guile Donald Keith Allen Koch Pledges Clifford Moore William O ' Brien Henry Schmidt Brinton Sprague Sanford Whiting LPSIICN Richard Atwood John Beaton Max Boydston Edwin Clinton Horace Daum Richard Evans Kerniit Mvkell u-t Harry O ' Neill Thomas Renton John Ritchie Charles Shildmever William Tidball Richard Voung Asher, Backsirom, Bassett, Borde Bradburn, Cyrnes, Dille. Dingle, Doyle. Ferguson, Grisham. Gulh. Harriger, Henrickson Carl Johnson, Einer Johnson, Kerns, Clarence McRory, O. B. McRory, Miller, Selson. Peters, Smith, Squires Stoicell, Tobey. Trupp, Weber, Wilson rAPPA PSI A. rAPPA PSI ' ' 08 Eighteenth Avenue N ORTHEAST " SE i Founded at Vircima Medic. iL College in 1879 W Chapters; Beta Omicron Chapter Chartered in 1916 Faculty Members R. A. Cain Dr. F. J. Goodrich Dean C. W. Johnson Dr. H. A. Langenhan Graduate Members A. J. Lehman Dr. E. V. Lynn Louis F sher Paul Jor gensen Leon Richa Seniors rds Lono Tobey Ernest Borde Sylvester Crynes Jack Dingle Ronald Ferguson Earl Guth Carl Johnson Juniors Einer Johnson Ray Kerns Orviile McRory Harold Smith George Bradburn George Henrikson Arthur Nelson Harold McDonald Sophomores Harold Stowell Emanuel Weber Ted Backstrom Emerson Bassett Howard Deets Roger Dille Pledges Frank Doyle Jack Fowler Lester Miller Lester Asher Elmer Coffey Lamonte Grisham Ralph Harriger Clarence McRory Stanley Peters Frank Squires Vern Thompson Malcolm Trupp Charles Wilson Anderson. Ayres, Barnharl. Boicen Donald Broun, Warren Brotvn, Cliff, Egbert Davis. Robert Davis, Doughty, Earle, Bucey, Francis, Gilson. Hadley. Hankins Herndon, Herold, Hislop, Hoxsie, Hughes, Joiner, Kelly, Ketell, Litchfield, MacLean, MacRae, Mahoney McLean, Metzler, Murphy. A ' crins. Oistad, Pautzke, Pierce, Rassell, Russell, Seaman, Schtcegler, Sessoms Smith, Stober, Styve, Tichenor, JTiegel l APPA SIGMA lUPPA SIGMA 5004 Seventeenth Avenue Northeast Founded at University of Virginia in 1869 106 Chapters: Beta Psi Chapter Chartered in 1003 T Faculty Members C. S. Edmundson Dr. Davi id Hall Charles Ralhbun Roy ingei Seniors ' Warren Brown Frank Campbell Gene Kellv Wallace Litchfield Archie McLean Juniors Fred Mahoney George Oistad James Pierce John Seaman Boyd Bucey Hur.-hal Campbell Egbert Davis Robert Davis James Doughty Sophomores William Hadley Clarence Pautzke Paul Schwegler Roy Tichenor Virgil Cliff William Drury Melvin Earle Donald Cordon John Hankins Latbrop Herold Richard Hoxsie William Joiner Pledges Lloyd MacRae Bruce Murphy Denton Rossell Henry Russell Hugh Sessoms ' illiam Sharp Arlhur Avres Robert Ban Cliff Bergersen Kenneth Berger en Kenneth Britt Donald Brown Frank Herndon Eninietl Hughes Bruce M Lean Hugo Metzler. Jr. Edward Nissen Lawrence J essoms Albert Stesie X ' ilson Stober Benjamin Tichenor Carlton Wiegel Anderson. Becker, Boyker, Bradley. Bratsberg, Carlson, Carter, Criswell Decker, Doe, England, Fredregill. Gibeney, Gimble, Greene, Gritsch, Johns, Johnson Linde. Marr, McGibbon. McMaHon. Morrill, ISeeley, Nelson, O ' IS ' eil, Rhoades, Seagraves Shier, Tadlock. Taylor. I iehmann. Weedin, Vest, Whitfield, Woolley LAMCDA Clil ALPHA 4509 Nineteenth Avenue Northeast Founded at Boston University in 1909 81 Chapters; Alpha Psi Zeta Chapter Chartered in i €agN i Faculty Members Arthur Beardsley Seniors J. T. Jacobsen Adoll B. Englund Paul McGibbon Arnie Sucniela Wendell W. est Juniors Hale Carter Charles V. Decker Dudley A. Doe John Giboney Ernest Gritsch Ed Johnson Sterling Johnson Carl Linde Sophomores Frank N. Marr Kenneth Sather Orville Shier Ellis Short Les Weedin Frank Bradley Lorane S. Kredrigill Clifford Johns Ernest Kechevar Roy Seagraves Robert Tadlock Norman Whitfield LAMEDA Pledges 1 ALPHA Stewart Anderson Robert Boyker Harold Bratsbiirji Roy Carlson James Criswell Ray Gimble Rolland Greene Alex Lea Boyd McDowell Leonard McMahon Ormal Morrill James Neeley Herald ONeill Lauren Rhoades Happy Taylor John Woolley imMmmmutwLmrmmmmmmmmmmf mmM George Alhin. Tom Albin. Allen, Anshutz, Ben: Berlin, Beynier. Bledsoe. Bradshatc, Base. Calmer. Case, Clark, Crotcell. M. Donahne. R. Donahoe Dutton, Erickson, Fovargue. George Gilmore, Hotrard Gilmore, Griffin, H or s fall, Hutchinson, Kinnear, Knudson. Kuykendall, McKennev Montgomery, Murphy, Melson. . usbaum, Olson. Pebbles, Peterson, Red path. Rem sey. Rohb, Smith, Starr Troy, Walters, Jf htte. Jf olgemuth, flood PHI DELTA THCTA PHI DELTA THETA 2111 East Forty-seventh Street Founded at Miami University, Oxford, Ohio. IN 1848 9 Chapters; Washington Alpha Chapter Established in 1000 1 Seniors Clarence Berlin Charles Carroll Robert CrovNell Wm. Diffenbacher Marion Donahoe Paul Jessup Jerome Kuykendall Garfield Olson Juniors Harold Pebbles Hoover Schlegel Rufus Smith Smith Troy Phillip Wolgemuth Richard OeMille Samuel Fleming Herbert Fovargue Eugene Griffin Ludden Horsfall Robley Hutchinson George Kinnear ' illiam Marsh Sophomores Verne Nusbaum Virgil Perry Nat Redpath John Remsey Bamford Rohb Harry White Thomur. Alhiii Robert Allen Eddie Benz Clarence Bledsoe John Calmer Ehvell Case Marshall Dutton Pledges Saxe Mowers Ned Nelson Ted ' cstrom William ' ood George Albin Jack Anshutz Richard lieymer Terence Bradshaw August Buse William Clark Roller! Diiiuilloc Raymond Erickson George (Fihnore Howard Gilmore ' endall Knudson Dennis McKennev William Montgomery Jack Miirpliy Stanley Peterson Warren Starr Carl Vt ' alters Plil GAMMA DELTA . ' c c f n p £r Angst. Backus, Bird, Cissna, Dills. Fawcett, Folk. France, Galbraith Harrison, Hedreen, Hinkle, Hoyt, Johnson, Kellogg, Kerr, Krabbe, Laube, Mickelwait Moore, Morris, O ' Brien, Odell, Packard, Howard Palmer, Rex Palmer, Robert Palmer, Pendleton. A.Potter E. Potter, Fenton Radford, Jack Radford, Richardson, Ross, Schacht, Talbot, Vance, Walton, Winter M .r.A. aULlT) PHI G4MMA DELTA 4503 Seventeenth Avenue Northeast Founded at Jefferson College, Washington, Pennsylvania, in 1848 67 Chapters: .Sig»io Tait Chapter Chartered in 1900 Facultv Members Herbert E. Condon Dean Irving M. Glen Seniors Joseph Harrison William D. Taylor Robert Albertson Jack Cissn.T Robert Condon Edward Easter Van Hinkle Ellis Johnson Jack McGlinn Lowell Mickelwait Thomas Montague Frank O ' Brien Juniors Allan Orton Frank B. Packard Howard Palmer Richard Schacht Robert Schoettler Lawrence Westerweller Raleigh Anpst Manson Backus George Hoyt Jack Kellogg Stuart Kerr Sophomores Crosby Pendleton Rex Ross William Winter Bernard Bird Kenneth Easter John Moore Robert Palmer Alfred Potter Pledges Fenton Radford Jack Radford Earl Vance Lawrence Walton Pliillip Aaron Tom Dills Robert Folk William France James Galbraith Joe Harrison Iven Krabbe William Laube Walter Morris Edward Potter Robert Richardson Hilton Talbot ' M d MM Arnatnn, Baldwin, Broun, Dibble, Dickinson, Fail Fallon, Fen ton. Gates. Hams, Hearne, Keiser, Kirkpatrick. Knudsen, Lauder, R. Lloyd B " . Lloyd, Maddrelt, McCau hon, Millard, Morrissey, Palteti, Pearson, Pouell, Rains, Schuh, Spenrer Sullivan, Jfade, Waugh, Donald K etch, Fred Welch, White PHI I PP i PSI PHI rAPPA PSI 2120 East Forty-seventh Street Founded at Washington and Lee in 1852 •lO Chapters; Alpha Chapter Chartered in lilt J Faculty Members M. , D. Cornu W, . E. Henry H. J. Mclntyre C. C. Moore Graduate Member Anthony Arnlson Seniors Leslie J. Brown Arthur Knudson Donald Lauder Juniors J. Theodore Powell John W. Spencer Guerdon Archer Roy Armstrong Clarence 0. Dailey Henry R. Fenton Huhert Schuh William B. ade Donald B. 4 elih James D. Williams Sophomores Ellis Fall Norman Gates Gesner Kirkpatri ick Rodnev Llovd Wilhur Lloyd Pledges Charles Maddrell Lewis Rains Robert Sullivan Bud Baldwin Richard Uild.Ic Kenneth Dirkins on Waller Fal Whitney t Winston K lion larri? Leiser Daniel Mc !an liari William Millard (ieorpe Morrissey George Patten Ernest Pearson Rohert ( ' augh Fred ' elch Rohert White Alberger, Alderson, Austin, Bardon, Botiman, Bradshatv. Byard, Cole Cosser, Dare, Dai is, Jt arren Deicar, If ' illiam Deuar, Douglas, Eng, England, Evans, Ford Grant. Gray. Hidden. Hotve, Hunt, Johnston. Lanl, Marvin, McCauley, Miller Mjorud, Jack yePage, William yePage. Peel. Stetson, Sweet, John Tf ' orthingion, Kenneth Jf ' orthington PHI l APPA SIGMA 4711 Seventeenth Avenue Northeast Founded at University of Pennsylvania IN 1850 34 Chapters; Alpha I ' psilon Chapter Chartered in 1919 Plil rAPPA IGMA Faculty Members R. B. VanHorn Edgar M. Draper Seniors Lacy H. Evans Peter J. Bardon Warren Davis William D. Dewar James Douglas Arthur Eng Frank Keniohan Wesley Kihvorth Juniors Tom Kinney Harold Lant L. Orth Sisemore Kenneth Worthington Tom Alderson George Bradghaw Warren Dewar William Gray William Lawsoii Sophomores Edward Miller Herman Sandell Jim Standard John Worthington Ralph Alberger Warren Austin Edward Bowman Jack Byard Howard Cole Trevor Evans Pledges Robert Hidden Edward Johnston William NePage Robert Peel John Cochran George Cosser Eugene Dare John Dare Harold Englund Dick Ford Fred Grant Larry Hunt Don Marvin William McCauley Steven McNeil Herbert Mjorud Jack NePage Loring Stetson Jack Sweet Richard Sweet ?ajp -;$ i f TV, ■ . 1 Bresnakan, Congdon. Nathaniel Davis, Paul Davis, Edmondson, Elterby En$el, Flober , Gonsecki, Gross, Halls, Harmony, Hedman, Johnson, Magnttsen. Bruce Matthews Thomas Maltheus, ] elson, ?ieuell, Phillippi, Finder. Potter, Rtsser, Rothrock, Schatz. Seelye Skinner, Smith, Tangney, Tobey, W illard, Worley, Zimmer PHI l APP4 TAL 4551 Seventeenth Avenue Northeast Founded at Miami University in 1906 42 Chapters: Alpha Pi Chapter Installed in 1 29 Faculty Member Frank C. Van de Walker Graduate Members Byron Congdon Herbert Potter PHI rAPPA TAL Seniors Nathaniel Davis Paul Davis Ernest Engel Willard Johnson Bruce Matthews Juniors Lester Schatz Winthrop Seelye Clarence Tangney Clarence Tobey Victor Floberg Harold Magnuseii Ralph Phillippi Sophomores Ralph Rothrock Kenneth Skinner Cornelius Bresnahau Theodore Edmondson Thomas Matthews Pledges Alwyne Pinder Robert Willard Roy Ben on Joseph Ellerliy .Srott Gonserki Houghton Gross Jalraer Halls Harold Harmony Lyle Hedman George Nelson Charles Newell Francis Risser Edward Smith Lee 5 ' orley Harry Zimmer .4 iern, Aronoti Attdley. Cbnrles Boucher, Waller Boucher. Brookbnnk, Butler. A I den Carlson. Arnold Carlson. Chase. Dill, Dunks. Dyer. Leu Flanders Robert Flanders, Gardner. Gilbert. Heuitt, Houard. Kelsey, Klapp, Lon , Loudon, Madenuald. McCurdy, Gilbert Moore, Orkney, Ouen, Prive. Reid. Schaff, Solsetb, Taylor, Ihden, if addingbam, Ward, W arford W eatherford. West, Williams Plil IGMA rAPPA PHI SIGMA lUPPA 4536 Eighteenth Avenue Northeast Founded at Massachusetts Agricultural College in 187S 50 Chapters: Lnmhilit lletilfron Chapter Chartered in 19:!3 Faculty Members Dr. A. R. Beiiham Herbert Cory Dr. John Guberlet James N oris Seniors Charles Boucher Douglas Orkney Edmund Riebe William Dunks Juniors Cedor Aroiiow Arnold Carlson Robert Audley Robert Flanders Alden Carlson William Howard John Klapp Harold Laing Sophomores Robert Long Kenneth Reid Edward Schaff Carl Uhden Richard Ward Keith Warford Edwin Chase Miles Gilbert William Moore Orville Madenwald Pledges Emerson Taylor Morris Weatherford Darwin Ahern Richard Butler Clayton Bishop Ross Dill Walter Boucher Conrad Dyar Bruce Brookbank Lew Flanders Arthur Gardner Mitchell Hewitt Fred Kelsey Robert Lowden Richard McCurdy William Owen William Price Harry Waddingham Robert West Charlie Williams Albert. Ashby, Benton. Brire, Brourer Briines. Burke, Butler, Chare, Day. Ellsuorth Fish, James Fish, Garin. Harris, Hostetler Hunner, Jamison, Ernest Johnson, Kenneth Johnson, Keene. Mansfield, Martin, Miller, Raymond, Rehnberg Sigler, Stolz, Wickershom, Willey, Williams, Wolcott PI I PPA ALPHA 1804 East Fiftieth Street Founded at University of Virginia in 1868 T5 Chapters; Beta Beta Chapter Chartered in 1 14 PI rAPPA ALPliA Faculty Member S. J. Coon Seniors Paul Ashby Hugh Benton Vernon Brioe Eugene Cook John Day Jay Gavin Ernest Harris Juniors Owen Hughes Richard Hunner Ivan Jamison Alden Miller William Burke John Hostetler Kenneth Johnson Robert Keene Sophomores Ernest Raymond Richard Stolz Everett Mansfield Gustav Martin Harr Rehnberg Lee Wifkersham Pledges George Willey illiam Violcott Marvin Albert John Brower Claud Brunes Fred Butler Ellsworth Fish James Fish Ernest Johnson (!harles Sigler Alvin Williams Arbosait. Badger. Bellman. Cunnin iham, Dodds. Farmer, Freeman Frizzell. Gill, Jenks, Karshner, Klinefelter, Larson, Madson, Maxsin, McFarland, iVe son Odegard, Pasley, Pennell, Pool, Porter, Ruby, Rumburg, Sckeffer, Schlicting, Shay Snider, Squires. Sulkosky, Wallace, Clinton Warren, Melvin if arren, Willix, Wilson, Wolverton, Wright PI l APP i Plil PI lUPP i Plil 5212 Eighteenth Avenue Northeast Founded at College of Charleston in 1904 4lt Chapters : Alpha Delta Chapter Chartered in 1924 V - Faculty Members J. Alexander H. H. Go%sen J. V. Hotson D. H. Mackenzie Seniors R. D. McKenzie V. Sievertz E. V. Smith Harold Badger Virgil Cunningham Fred Dupuis Jack Freeman John Nelson Harrv Olson Bob Pasley Juniors Victor Scheffer Hugh Schlicting Ralph Snider Douglas Willix Gordon Dodds Don Frizzell Evans Hanna Talbol Hartley Ed Karshner Dudley Niiholls Maynard Pennell Edson Phipps Sophomores Pat Schlicting Roy Squires Marvin Thomason Frank Walthall Melvin Warren Dean Arbogast Harold Hovies John Martin Douglas McFarland Pledges Elton Rumburg Harmon Shay Kermit Wright George Bellman William Everitt Arch Farmer Don Gill Lyle Jenks Melvin Klinefelter Jerry Larson Thor Madsen Tony Maxsin Don Morris Robert Mumford John Odegard Walter Pool Proctor Porter George Ruby Leo Sulkosky Jack Wallace Clinton Warren Martin Wilson Joe Wooiverton BBF ' Bacon. Bishopp. Bourns, Clarke, Crouch, CuUiton, Culler, Davis, Doherty, Dye Frazier, Gourlay, Hannah, Hinman, Ingham, Janson, Jordan, Lee, Lesh, Lilly Lindsley, Matthews, Mills. Morrow, Ornduff, Peterson. Russell, Sanders, Schaefer, Schram Schicager, Slemmons, Smith. Stutfield, Tempes, Thompson, fetlenttne. Van Horn, Wtdtz, Young PS I tPSILCN M k PSI LPSIICN mpM 1818 East Forty-seventh Street Siw Founded at Union College in 1833 w 27 Chapters; Theta Theta Chapter Chartered in l ' l Faculty Member Dean David T. Thomson Seniors ' Henry Bacon Stephen Bacon Lawrence Bisliopp Frank Bourn Arthur Gourlay James Frazier Reed Ingham Paul Jansen James Lee Juniors Mark Malhew son Thomas Morrow Paul Orr Fenwick Riley Harry Sargent Stanley Valentine Robert Culliton Thomas Jordan Dick Lesh Mark Matthews Sophomores Varren Slemmons Ladd Smith Philip Van Horn Thomas Bourn Ted Clarke Lee Crouch Herbert Davis Pledges Harry Dye Ellwood Hinman illiam Waltz Richard Culler Jack Doherty illiam Hannah ilmot Lilly Addison Lindslev Blake Mills W illiam Ornduff Fred Peterson Jack Russell Charles Sanders Norman Schaefer Duane Schram John Schwaj;er Charles Stutfield Lyttleton Tempes Blaine Thompson James Voung 00 ■ :_J i ; " 2» ' Allen. Batelle. Bennelt. Bertsihe, Bogarl, Soothe, Buck Buford, Buller, Burleigh. Burroughs, Carl ion. Code, Don Cook, tf illis Cook, De Gar mo. Dillingham, Dootson, English Epling. Fell, Hogan, Jnnsen, Jaffers, Livingston, Lou Mitihell, torlensen, Mance, kelson, S orris Osier, Ousley. Paulus, Peth, Pickering, Sampson. Selzer, Sizer, Smith. Sperlin, Stone, Charles Taylor John Taylor, Trotz, Bud TurnhuU, Crauford TurnbuU, I ' andeiiall, I ' aughan, ff arren, W hile, Zingmark IGM4 ALPHA EPSILCN SIGMA ALPHA EPSIION 4506 Seventeenth Avenue Northeast Founded at University ' of Alabama in 1856 104 Chapters; Washington Alpha Chapter Chartered in 1906 T Seniors Charles Batelle Jack Bolinger William Carlton Paul DeGarmo Harold Low Ray Mines Maury Setzer Juniors Edward Sizer Robert Sperlin Dean Taylor Crawford TurnbuII John Bennett William Bertsche Eliot Bogart Everet Buck Howard Burroughs T illiam Crammer alter Uillinghani Sophomores Donald Livingston Jack Nance Charles Norris Robert Paulus Charles Taylor Richard Jaffers Ferg Jansen Lloyd Johnson Harold Mitchell Martin Nelson Kenneth Osier Milt Owsley Arthur Tripp Pledges George Vandewall James White William hite Lee Young Alvar Zingmark Richard Allen John Booth Jack Buford John Buller Gail Burleigh Ernest Code Don Cook James Dootson Marion Felt Clifford Mortensen Kenneth Peth George Pickering Kenneth Sampson Rowell Smith John Tavlor Bud TurnbuII Elmo Vaughan f- ' ' hy - ' f ' ' - Arn ' item, Baer, Blumenfeld, Cohen, Jack Friedman, Siegfried Friedman, Horoiritz Hurwitz, Kaye, Klepman, Koslosky, Kotkins, Mackoff. Miller linhinsnn, Rosenbanm, Shaffer, Sbanedling, Shulman, Suf smnn, Weiitfield SIGMA ALPH4 ML • T|rj i 3it:7 T» % ! .I i l m f»»iJ LXJJa 5015 Seventeenth Avenue Northeast - ifi BO FoUNDEn AT THE Coi.I.F.KE OF THE CiTY OF irl i M New York in 1909 " Sr t, t ' btifilrr : Si iTia A ' u Chapter Chartfreit in l ' »:i» Seniors Irwin Blumenfeld Meyer Horowitz Jack Friedman Simon Hurwitz Juniors Sophomores Ben Robinson Max Schoolnick Leo Shulman Herbert Arnstein Birk Binnard Siepfried Friedman Milton Klegman Janis Koslosky Henry Kotkins Pledges Joe Mackoff Monroe Sbanedling T eo Sussman Edwin Weisfield Chester Aaron Lawrence Cohf m Henrv Kave Harold Miller David Rosenbaum Alvin Shaffer ]ll SIGMA Clil fil Aaberg, Allan, Banks, Hfll, Bird, Boiinsan, Hreiver Broun, Campbell, Cartano, Comingis, Dunn, Gilbert, Gunnison. Hannaford, Hitks, Hitt Hotvfiy. James. Jordan. Kemple. Knott. Link, Lyman, McMeans, Mendenhall. Miller, Mills. Morrow Miimfnrd, Murrny. Nickell, Peterson, Presrott, Ptilver, Rea, Rirker, Saunders, Smith Snider. Snodprnss, Strang, Taylor. Ward, ff ' nririrk, (T ' enger, Wilson ■ ;yv SIGMA CM " ' -fiw i 1505 EiMnKKNTH Avenue Northeast A 7 Y Founded at Miami LIniversity in 1855 |v K.i C.hnpler: I piil„ii ( ;ni »l 1 Cbnpter C.hnrlered in 1M(i:i Faculty Members Fred Blanchard Lancelot Gowen Seniors Joseph A. Pence John Cartano Jack HoHay Llewellyn Jordan Fred Miles George Nickell Art Peterson Robert PrescoK Juniors Elliott Pulver Brook Ricker Monty Snider Edwin Snodgrass Lester Warwick Wallace Buckley Norman Friese Milton Link H ron Lyman Felix Rea Sophomores Kenneth Saunders Charles Sheppard Donald Webster Edward X ' ilson Ethan Allen Clyde Donnavaii Mack Donner Bryant Dunn Robert Hicks John James James Long Thomas McMeans Pledges Owen Miller James Morrow Robert Murray Ben Smith Craig Taylor Douglas Ward Ralph Aaberg Paul Abbot Theodore Bell Lawrence Bird Ward Bowman Baldwin Brewer Fred Brown Jack Campbell Cole Cummings John Gilbert Royal Gunnison Jack Hannaford WilmotHitt Harry Kemple Jerry Knott James Mendenhall Harold Mills George Mumf ord Robert Strang Howard Wallaver Chris Wenger S£:S;; . Bader. BarlheU. Borden. Boyle. Cunninshnm. Donahue Emery. George, Hanley, Harden, Harris. Holmes, Hoobing, Howard, Hughes, Hunter, Keller, Kemp Kirk. Leuis. Love, Lux. Macfarlane, McClusky. McCoy. McDonald, McGillivray, Mellin er, Miller. Mills Moe. Montgomery, Ferine, Porter, Ralkotcski, Reitze. Renshaw, Rhuddy, Smith, Stump, Talkington, Thacker Thompson, Tougaw, Vhlman, Walthetc, White, Whiting SIGMA NL t SIGMA Nl 1 Jkj jl 1616 East Forty-seventh Street Founded at Vircini IN 1869 4. Military Institute " " 93 Chapters: Camrna Chi Chapter Chartered in 1896 ' Faculty Members John H. Jessup Edmond S. Meany, Sr Seniors Bart Spellman Russell Barthell Claude Cunningham Hal Deering James Hughes Fred Hunter Jack Keller Juniors Paul Kirk Richard Macfarlane Clifford Moe William Snider Charles Bader Chandler Bro« ii Flave George Alhin Holmes Norman Lewis James LeClair John MaoGillivray Fred McDonald James Mellinger Francis Miller Sophomores William Ferine Everett Renshaw Wilfred Stump Loren Thacker Ralph Love Floyd Pierpoint Charles Kemp John Reitze Kenneth Rhuddy Emniett Talkington Pledges Sharon Tougaw Robert White Edwin Whiting Fred Bordi ' ii Thomas Boyle James Donahue John Emery Homer Hanley LeRoy Harden Carl Hoohing Colin Howard Thurnian Lux Kenneth McClusky allace Mills Charles Montgomery James Porter Vi illiam Ralkowski Thomas Smith Richard Ihlman James Walthew Ainey, Anderson, Bale, Bishop, Broicn, Cairney, Castor Clark, Cosby, Eaton, Embree, Finlon. Froude, Garrett, Graetz, Graves. Gunderson. Hartman, Hill Hoffnauer, Hubbell, Hughesi, Hurrell, Lutterman, Macfadyen, Madsen, McCoy, McKnight, McLean, McMuUen, Moore Olson, O ' Neil, Robertson, Roggee, Rostgaard, Rund, Sellers, Stray, Swygard, Taylor, Thome Vrsich, Vierech, Wallace, Wheeler, Wight, Willis, Young SIGMA PHI EPSILCN PCC i. imm SIGMA PHI EPSILCN 4504 Sixteenth Avenue Northeast Founded at University of Richmond in 1901 57 Chapters; Washington Beta Chapter Chattered in 1922 S Faculty Members W. W. Bird John N. Cobb 0. E. Draper Garland 0. Ethel Seniors Frank Hamach F. W. Orr Charles Strother William Clark Dan Embree Paul Froude Fred Gunderson Byron Lutterman Douglas McCoy Donald D. McKnight Juniors Walter Moore Kenneth Robertson Floyd Underwood Girton Viereck Robert Willis Robert Bale Kenneth Cosby Edwin Eaton Raymond Finlon Albin Hartman John Macfadyen Herbert Madsen Sophomores Kenneth McLean Edgar Rogge Elbert Sellers Robert Thome Merrill Wallace Ferdinand Bishop Ralph Cairney Clarence Eaton Dan Fye Dave Henderson Monroe Hubbell Pledges Paul O ' Neil Charles Rosenhan Kline Swygard Anton LTrsich Allan Ainey Frank Anderson Rodney Brown Cecil Castor Haviland Garrett Frederick Graetz Charles Graves Frank Hale Albert Hill Walter Hughes Richard Hurrell Richard Olsen Herbert Stray Stanley Taylor Raymond Wheeler Francis Wight John Young s Tmn a ' -- Best. Brown, Callahan, Cunningham Flanagan, Fohn. Guernsey. Heuver. Horton, Hunter, Jnhnstnn. McClov, Pa quier Robinson, Frank Spencer, John Spencer, Squire, Trezise, U ahhtrom, Whiteleather, Ziegler SiGMX PHI SIGM i 4746 Sixteenth Avenue Northeast Founded at University of Pennsylvania IN 1908 16 Chapters; Pi Chapter Chartered in 1928 Faculty Member Warren L. Buschlein Seniors Walter F. Fohn Charles E. Guernsey Juniors John Spencer Philip Wahlstrom Norman E. Best M. Frank Briggs George Brown Herbert Heuver Sophomores Elvin T. Rosser Stanley V. Sandberg Gordon T. Trezise SIGMA Plil Lewis P. Callaban James Cunningham Sylvester Flanagan Keith Hunter Kelly McBean Michel Pasquier James Robinson Richard liiteleatber SIGMA Vilas Johnson James Malson Pledges William MrCloy Frank Spencer Robert Squire Gregory Ziegler • -■ i--r ••;■ ( ' v%r.. Alexander, Beals. Benedict. Broivn Brunson, Burns. Clark, Cloud, DeBruyn, Drickel, Eggen, Estep, Eustis, Fairbanks, Fox, Franklin Eraser, Greger, Hanson, Hecker, Hemb, Holland, Hulet, Johnson, Jones, Judah, Kemp, Lance Maycock, McCullough, yicKeighan, kelson, A ' eit-fterry, Pollock, Pomeroy, Ralph, Ridpath, Schoen, Smith, Charles Stone Loren Stone, Thatcher, Woodruff, Yashanoff SIGMA PI gl SIGMA PI K g 4757 Seventeenth Avenue Northeast S Founded at Vincennes University in 1897 P 27 Chapters; Alpha Gamma Chapter Chartered in 1926 Faculty Members Harvey Densmore H. M. Haas Graduate Member Allan Pomeroy Seniors Clayton Shaw Donald Brunson Edward Burns George Cloud Edniond Eggen William Gregor Juniors Howard Hulet James Nelson Allan Ridpath Donald Smith Frank De Bruyii William Fox Fred Hecker Edwin Hemb Elton Jones Sophomores Max Newberry Charles Stone Loren Stone Knox Woodruff Mervin Beals William Estep Harold Eustis Warren Po Hock Pledges George Alexander Charles Benedict Donald Brown Ivan Chipman Glenn Fairbanks Ralph Franklin Elmer Hansen Charles Hanquet Frank Hill Stanley Hovland Alex Johnson Stillson Judah Wayne Kemp Mason Lance Richard Maycock Thomas McCollough Raymond McKeighan Everett Pomeroy Cecil Powell Elmer Schoen Richard Thatcher Boris Yashanoff ' 1 - I $ J 4 Bading, Ballou, Beatty, Beeuivkes, Btackaller. Botindy. Butt. Carey, Cass Denny Clark. Harry Clark, Fligg. Forkner, GhigUone, Ghilarducci, Coble, Hammer. Jack. Johnson Landauer, Lukman. Startin, McCament, Norbeck, ?ielson, Rayner. Roberts, Rosted, Sell Slenes, Stanilevker, Steele, Steinbrneck, Siceany. Street . I ' erd. Wallace. fTilliams TAL l 4PPA CP$IL€N 1510 T t T -FiKST Avenue Northeast FoLNDED AT Illinois Wesleyan in 1899 .111 Cbiipters: Chi ChaplfT Clt irtered in 1899 Sen ii rs I APPA EPSILCN Reiner Beeuwkes James Boundy Donald Butt Arnold Campbell Bruce Cass Claude Fligg Angelo Chiglione Juniors Karl Hammer Donald Morbeck W illiam Sweet James Wallace William Ballou George Blackaller Edward Goble Joiseph Landauer William Luhnian Sophomores Arthur Martin Victor Staadecker Paul Verd Jame Vi illiams Roger Care Denny Clark John Forkner l.awrenie (;hilardui i Malcolm Jack Pledges Osino JoliiiMiii Robert Mi-Cament Marion Nelson l.lo dSell Jiilin Bading John Baeting Donald Beatty Harry Clark Robert Nelson Malbe« Rayner Kenneth Roberts Frank Rostedt ' allace Slenes John Steinbrneck Kusscll Sweany I ' aul Thompson William Tucker Armstrong, Carlson, Churchill. Cox, DeSilvia. Drake Grant. Iruin. Kennedy. Kieburiz, Kortman. Clarence Larsen, Vernon Larsen, Lightfoot. Markham Maison, Meyer, Moellendorf, Morrill, Morris, Newman, Noble, O ' Dea, Proud, Puckett, Salvesen Shands. Slaitery. Taylor, Thompson. Travis, U ' alin, Webster TAt Ptil DELTA PHI DELTA PeSrl 4616 Tv ENl Y-FIKST Avenue Noktheast Three Chapters; 1 Washington in 19 Foui 23 VDED AT University of - FuiultY Mcmhors Professor B. L. Grondul ProfessorB. P. Kirkh Seniors ind Dean Hugo Wi inkenwerdcr Allen Cox Richard Hammond Ernest DeSilvia John Kieburtz James Drake Ellard Kortman Vernon Larsen Frank Lightfoot Elmer Malson Juniors George Morrill William Morris Norman Penick Mark Pike Sigurd Salvesen Lloyd Webster Jack Grant Orville Moellendorf Elmo Slattery Vernal Taylor Sophomores John Travis Kenneth Wallin Fairbeorn Armstrong Wallace Irwin Joseph Kennedy William Meyer Pledges William O ' Dea Oliver Proud Albert Shands Evert Carlson Richard Churchill Wilbur Markham Ray Newman Robert Noble Marshall Puckett Walter Thompson c;: c -- ' ' % " Fred Antierson, Ingvald Anderson. Bnner, Boys, Cadman, Clark, Collins. Din nvall Doufilas, Fitzgerald, Forrester, Geraghty, Giske, Gobler, Graff, Halt, Hayes. Henrirkson Hoffeditz. Horri an. Karhten, Clarante Laylon, Gerald Layton, Rainer Lundell. Wendell l.undell, McGee. McGill. Morse Person, Peterson, Rieke, Spence, Springford, Stokes, Tunstall, f ' elikanje. ff ill son THETA Clil 4547 Seventeenth Avenue Northeast Founded at Norwich University in 1856 If) f ' .hiiftters: Alpha Hho Chapter Chartered in 1 24 THETA cm Faculty Members James E. Gould Stevenson Graduate Members Smith John FitzGerald Gerald Hile Clarence Layton Seniors Donald Tunstall Stanley Velikanje Arch Dingwall Foster Douglas Walter Erickson Bradford Hall Juniors Gerald Layton Tom Stokes Gerald Willson Clifford Armstrong Edward Burburis Cecil Collins John Ginger Randolph Green Sophomores Flo d Henrickson Robert Karlsten Charles M GiIl Eduard Person Fred Anderson Ingvald Anderson Claire L. Boys Bill Clark Arthur ;ol)ler Ca per (iraff Homer Hoffeditz John Horrit;aii Pledges Rainer Lundell S endell Lundell L nn Morse Ewart Peterson George Spence Fredrick Woods Herman Bauer Russell Cadman Roliert Forrester Thomas Geraghty Ragnar Giskc Vk illiam llavee Harold McGee Mott Rieke James Springford 31V - ' — ---4 PJIISM I «« g s ----= , : AS " - i: f5i r ' M?s " " vW ' S Bonham. Chapman. DeDonato, Dinham, Douglas, Frye, George Hull Joseph Hull, James, May. tc fan . Morton, Lee Oltvell, WilUam Oltcell, 0 ' eUl, Oros Parr, Saindon, Stilwell, Strickler. U atcher, Wiester, Frank W ilson. James W ilson, Jf ' inberg mCTA DELTA Clil 4532 Nineteenth Avenue Northeast Founded at Union College in 1847 30 Chapters: Xi Deuleron Chapter Chartered in 1913 THETA DELTA CM v Faculty Member Li eulenant C. P. Young Seniors Robeleii Bonham W illiaiii Hartwell Randall Monnet Joseph McMann Fred Robbins Clayton Chapman Robert Morton Juniors Frank Wilson George Hull Lee Olwell Vernon Saindon Irving % Sophomores atcher Francis DeDonato Carlos Douglas Robert Mav illiani 01«ell Harold Stilwell Richard Dinham Pledges Clarence Vi inberi Weslev Frv John James Patrick O ' Neill " R ' illiam Strickler Robert Wiester Joseph Hull ehster Judd William Parr Alton Walsh James Wilson Ballard, Brazeau, Bunker, Burrell. Buttfruorth, English Fitts, Fitzmntirice. Gaines, Godfrey, Ho an, Johnson, Irvinp J alley, Laurence Jolley. Kettenrin , Klemme Leach, Lemick, MacArthtir, Martinson, Hugh Munroe, ff alter Munroe, Fveai, Olson, Reed, Rodgers Rutledge, Shanahan, Shaughnessy, Waltersdorph, Wiltsie, Wood, Young TWCT i lUPPA THETA THCT4 rAPPA TUCT i |gaytjy« 4733 Seventeenth Avenue Northeast Ijk I Founded at University of Washington IN 1924 Faculty Member Commander J. P. Olding Graduate Member Robert M. Reed Seniors Donald Ballard Evans Bunker John Burrell Roy Bulterworib Edwin Dahlgren Bertrand Fitzmaurice Donald Gaines J. Irving Jolley Robert Kettenring ■ Marvin Klemme Michael F. Lemick Kenneth R. MacArthur Stewart Sargent Edgar Neal Daniel Shanahan Lloyd Olson Albert E. Shaughnessy Adelbert Rutledge Henning Waltersdorph Juniors Stanton Hayward E. Robert Hogan Tbonias Martin Edwin Martinson Sophomores John McReavy Salter Munroe Milbert Price Eugene Babbitt Neil H. Bold Leroy Christey George Dowling Robert Holloway Pledges Clifford Hurley Bert Johnson ' illiam Meacham Richard Shaughnessy Wendell Brazeau Clarence Berkele Clarence Dunn Carl English Harvey Fitts Xeris Godfrev Laurence Jolley Roy Leach Harvey Love Hugh Munroe Homer Seeger Kenneth Wiltsie Doyle % ' ood Clarence Young I Anderson, Beck, Biggar, Brotrn, Byers. Carew Clark, Clemmer, Darin, Datison, Dennis, Dutch, Elliott, Gilman, Gochnour, Grant, Hansen, Heamen Henning, Hohag, Clayton Huey, Robert Huey, Irish, Johanson, Johnston, Kane, George Kelez, Marion Kelez, Long, Magnuson McCrary, McMahon, McWalter, Piickols, Piuchots, Olson, Phillips, Prater, Priem, Royea, Victor Shorrock, f invent Shorrock Short, Sigafoos, Simmer, Singer, Smith, Soderberg, Stone, Sylvester, Thomas, Webster, Wintermute, Young TliETA XI 4522 Eighteenth Avenue Northeast Founded at Renssalaer Polytechnic in 1864 30 Chapters: I ' psilon Chapter Chartered in 1915 Robert Q. Brown Austin Eastman Faculty Members George Goodspeed Brents Stirling Charles E. Weaver Hewitt Wilson Howard H. Biggar Claude Braiinon James Carew Allan Clark Frank Clemmer V ' irgil Davin Frank W. Grant Burt Henning Seniors Robert Huey Marion Kelez Edward McCrary Hugh Nuchols Clifford Olson Ahon V. Phillips Vincent Shorrock Philip Short Edwin Simmer Allen Singer Ronald B. Smith Jack Sylvester Norris Byers Robert Dawson Harold Dennis Herman Hansen Walton Hohag Juniors Charles Johnston Donald Magnuson Richard McMahon Jack McWalter Victor Shorrock Shailer Webster Donald Young George H. Brow n George Dutch Donald Gochnour Sophomores Rol)erl Heamen Perry Johanson John Soderberg George Thomas TliETA l Kenneth Anderson Donald Beck Arthur Elliott Forest Gilman Lonzo Harrison Clayton Huey Edgar Irish Pledges Barrett Kane James Long Bvron Nickols William Prater Warren Priem William Royea R. Bernard Sigafoos Howard Stone Wayne Wintermute Robert right Bird. Brehm, Broberk, Clarke. Collim, Crookes. Crum Dudley, Fahey. Farish, Herbert, Jack Hines, Willi am Hines. Holley, Laxvwill. Richard Lea Stephen Lea, Lee, McArthur. Meade, A ' ofc e. Opland, Pettit, Shafer. John Snth Phillip Solh, Splaicn, Strain, Thorgrimson, Trullin er, Watson, Welch. U ' illiamson, K ' Uls, Wiseman lETA PSI 4703 Twenty-first Avenue Northeast Founded at New York University in 1847 29 Chapters: Phi Lambda Chapter Chartered in 1920 Faculty Members Clyde Robinson Dr. Woolston Seni ZETA PSI Harry Farish Dick Hergert Luther Holley Donn Lawwill Richard Lea James Opland Lester Pettit Juniors Robert Strain Richard Thorgrimson John Trullinger Wilbur Watson Robert Dudley Jack Hines .Sloane Lee William McArthur Ben McLouth Sophomores Jack Meade John Solh Phillip Soth Edward Barker George Brobeck Fred Hill Dan Lundin Pat Myers Charles Noble Pledges Howard Rounds Don Williamson John Wills Clyde Wiseman Allen Bird Edwin Brehni Spencer Clarke John Collins John Condon Spencer Crookes Richard Crum George Fahey William Hines Grenville Jordan Stephen Lea illiam Shafer Homer Splawn Stewart Welch 323 W I Allweiss, Boog, Borish, Burnett, Charles Cohn. David Cohn Dreijus, Forman, Greenstone, Jacobs, Jaloff. Katz. Kay, Koch, Kreielsheimer Roiien, Sherman, Thai, I ' near, W ' ollin ZETA BETA TAL 4760 Twenty-first Avenue Northeast Founded at the College of the City of New York in 1898 33 Chaptna: Alpha Ml, Charter,;! in 1022 BETA TAL Seniors - Albert Forman Stanley Jal off William Tel Juniors ser Sidney Ungar Homer Goldblatt Leslie Sherman Sophomores Jack Tarshis Bertram Boog Marvin Burnett Charles Cohn David Cohn Sylvan Dreifus Stanford Greenstone Pledges Adolf Koch Aaron Mandles Leo Kreielsheimer Kermit Rosen David Allweiss Phil Borish Sam Jacobs Harry Kay Sidney Thai Sam Zedick Sanford Wollin 324 f f P ■ f r p r ' - p : r f: r_ ' fv» , .-irnAroiiio, Chikata, Haciya, I. Hara J. Hara. Hifiashida, Hirnta, Ichtharn. Iint , Kamla. Kauamura, Kimura, Kobe, Moroto Molosaka, Miikai, Makatani, IS ' ishida, Ogiura, Okubo, Otsubo, Sasaki, Sato, Shibata .4. Suzuki, K. Suzuki, Taiynshi, Tokuda, L ' memoto, Lyeininarni, K. Yamada, Kelly Yamada, Yamaka JAPANESE STUDENTS ' CLUB 4115 Fifteenth Avenue Northeast Founded at University of Washington IN 1907 Graduate Members Fred Maekawa Yus uke Nakaya Yoshiorai Takahashi Norio Toyota Seniors Roland Higuchi Harou Hirota Mitsuo lino Tooru Kanazawa Seiji Nishida Sadanii Orii Makoto Sato Juniors Welly Shibata Kee Suzuki Toniea Takayoshi Kunitaro Yamada Takeo Arakawa Ihaohi Chikata Junkii ' hi Fujinioto Yoshiharu Kanda Kinji Kanno Masatsugu Kobe Katsuhiro Koda Ichiro Motosaka Sophomores James Moroto Fred Kohshi Ogura George Otsubo Susumi Uniemolo Minoru Uyematsu JAPANESE Satoshi Fujita K. Goichi Hamada Albert Ichihara Paul Shizuo Muraoka Hiranii Okubo Takenhiko Shimoizaka STUDENTS ' CLUB Tossi Hagiya Iwao Hara James Hara Ryoifhi Higas-hid Paul I-hio Katsuzo luaraura Tomoyuki Kawaniura a Yulaka Kimura Pledges Masaru Kuniyuki Kenichi Nakalaiii Arthur Sasaki Asao Suzuki Takeo Taiyo hi Floyd Tokuda Tsuneyoshi Tokuda Fred K. Uyeniinami Kelly Yamada David Yamaka Takeo Yoshino Itnrkas, Benjamin, Buckman, Bussabarger, Carlson, Dickson, Epstein Friedman, Gezelitis, Higfiins, Hoiveli, Kirner, Manousos, Francis Myers, Jack Myers, Nordstrom Norriss, Pittnant, Reiman, Herbert Steen, Sigurd Steen, Tepley, I ' adman, Weber, Jf ' ilson L4NDER HALL 5012 Twenty-second Avenue Northeast Graduate Mpnibers George Becker Martin Johnson Frank Benjamin Eugene Dale Isadore Epstein John Kirner Seniors Angelo Manousos Leon Olberg Harry Olson Stanley Putnam Herbert Steen Eugene Weber Maurice Andrew Frank Buckman Irving Farber Carl Gezelius Byron Hay Charles Horsky Paul Howell Carl Kraft Juniors George Martin Francis Myers Floyd Norriss Harold Reiman Sverre Rostgaard Otto Ruud Sigurd Steen Edward Stevens Harold Stringer Manfred Stromberg George Tepley Adolph Tratnik Robert Wilson LANDER HALL Walter Barka. Robert Carlson Malcolm Dickson Winston Higgins Robert Bussabarger Stanley Brautigan John Lucas Rodney McArdle Jackson Myers Sophomores Cecil Friedman Pledges Kenneth Norden Sven Nordstrom Maurice O ' Leary Leonard Jensen Henry Novak Richard Outsen Hugh Prentice Earl Schuchard Alfred Vaughn Russell Vadman Arthur Welander Martin Wilson Barpmeyer, Bona, Chapman, Chnrland Dennis, Engstrom, Esses, Fernandes, Green, Gitnderson, Hartline, Helberg. Hergert Hullinger, Humphries, Hurlbtit, Hutrheson. Kenney, Mason, MrPherson, Mills, rietcland, Paul Rieman, Stenerson, Vaa, ffalck TILLICLM 4532 Eighteenth Avenue Northeast Founded at the University of Washington John F. Fawcett Faculty Members Charles Miller Edwin B. Stevens Honorary Member Senalor Warner Karsliner Graduate Member Lvall Coi ' hran Ernest G. Bargmeyer Ernest M. Charland Willard Bergh Melvin Dennis H. Milton Bona G. Adolph Engstrom Joseph Fernandes Seniors Albert Green Harold C. Hurlbut Harold Rieman Robert Helberg Joe McPhersoii Lawrence E. Vaa J. Orville Humphries Frederick P. Mason Leo Vogel James M. Hutchesoii Lyie J. Paul Jack Bennett Kenneth Chapman Thomas C. Gundersen Juniors Jack Hartline Francis C. Mills Ernest Newland Fred J. Walck Allan Bennett Victor Esses Sophomores Harold F. Hergert Richard Hull John Hullinger Leonard Smith TILLICLM James Collins Durv A. Fox Fred Haggard Andrew M. Hollanil Pledges Jame- Kenney Helmer C. Nelson Marshall R. Stenerson Morris M. Peterson Uorward C W itzke S O R O R T E S Leiti, W orri ' ster PAN -HELLENIC A OCIATION Officers Abigail Patricia Lkik President Virginia Worcester Secretary-Treasurer Committee Chairmen Grievance Virginia Rupp Housing Arlea Fletcher Rushing Revision Violet Megrew Scholarship Florence Wager Pledge Training Marcella Lawler Standards Hope Turner Budget Virginia Worcester Social Priscilla Baker Housemothers Edith Moore PACE 331 ff ager, Middleton, ff elch, Moore, Laivler, Hurley Hutchinson, i icholson, Rhodes. Baker, Somers, Horslmnn, Calloiv, Dilling, Johnstone Hicks, Goldsmith, Shagren, Emery, Johnson, Pfisterer, ffillianis P4N-liELLENIC 4 €CIATION— Continued Delegates PACE 3 ; Alpha Chi Omega Florence Wager Alpha Deha Pi Ethel Middletoii Alpha Delta Theta Betty Welch Alpha Gamma Delta Edith Moore Alpha Omicron Pi Marcella Lawler Alpha Phi Katrina Harley Alpha Xi Delta Joan Hutchinson Beta Phi Alpha Louise Nicholson Chi Omega Helefi Rhodes Delta Delta Delta Priscilla Baker Delta Gamma Alice Somers Delta Zeta Elizabeth Horstman Gamma Phi Beta Kathryn Callow Kappa Alpha Theta Helen Mae Dilling Kappa Delta Florence Johnstone Kappa Kappa Gamma Retha Hicks Kappa Zeta Marion Jacobs Lambda Omega Claire Cooper Phi Mu Bobbette Goldsmith Phi Omega Pi Margaret Shagren Pi Beta Phi Margaret Emery Pi Sigma Gamma Alice Webster Sigma Kappa - Margaret Olwell Theta Upsilon Elsa Pfisterer Zeta Tau Alpha Jesse Williams V vW ' -irftr; 111 ' r iT ' ; ' ■; iSll iliill] Abel, Adjutant, Bell. Bentim, Berryman, Blahemore, Bounds, Brotrnton, Campbell, Culler. Da get Darling, Delanly. Dodds, DuBoia, Durban, Eastirood, F. Eaton, I . Eaton, Ellis, Elans. Fleming, Gibbs Greene, Hepg, Jamieson, Kelin, Klorke, Lamb, Lapham, Logan, MacDonald. Maloll, MrSelley, Mitchell A. Muirhead, V. Muirhead, Hoftsinger, Ohen, Potts, Funis, Pyle, Richards, Sheldon, SAeir. Smalling, Street Thomas, Treen, Vanderspek, Wager, Wallace, K arner. While, H illiams, J. II ilson, L. Wilson, Wooduard, Young ALPHA CHI OMEGA AlP ACHI CMCGA mmi 1616 East Fiftieth Street Founded at DePauw University, ' . XP " ,• r ¥ . Green Castle, Indiana, IN 1885 IK 31 Chapters: Hha t hnpter Chartered in h) Seniors Marian Abel Dorothy Adjutant Betty Berrynian Charlotte MacDonald Edith Shew Nymah Noftsinger Catherine Smalling Helen Potts Naomi Thomas Geraldine Vanderspek Eleanor Wallace Edythe Williams Lavelle ' ilson Rosalie Young Juniors Dorothy Dodds Mary Eastwood Grace Ellis Helen Kendler Florence Lamb Sophomores Helen Dagget Katherine Darling Alpha Muirhead Virginia Muirhead Hope Benton Dorothy Brownton Ruth Evans Marjorie Hollowell Gwen Lapham Pledges Marguerite Maltby Ruth Sheldon Martha W hite Vernita Bounds Ph His Culver Mildred Durgan irfiinia Eaton Dorothy Fleming Virginia Gilibs Martha Greene Dorothea Hegg t:har!iiiie Jamieson Elisabeth Kevin Freda Klocke Esther Logan Helen Malott Beatrice Mcfiough Virginia McINelley Katherine Mitchell Katherine Olsen Marion Purvis Ruhana Pyle Grace Richards Eloise Sweet Louise Treen Mary Ellen W arner Jean ' Wilson Jean Woodward Helen Bell Transfers Jessie Louise Campbell Margaret Delanty A-nderson, Bell, Bray. Churrh. Clyde. Cooney. Des Jardins Friese, Fuller ton, C arret l, Harris, Hat ton, Hess, Hettelsater, Hodges, Houx, Huffman, Isaacson, Johnson Leak, Leslie, C, Lewis, R. Lewis, Lux. Mc Arthur, McCarthy, McKeever, Mc ett, Middleton, Morris, Muckenhirn Edith Selson, Evelyn kelson, Quist, Ryland, H. Scott, A ' . Scott, Starr. Strand, E. Sicedenburg, G. Stcedenhurg, Sykes, Taylor tf ' ahl, White, Wicks, W oodward, Zeck ALPHA DCI.T4 PI 454 " Eighteenth Aveme Northeast Founded at Wesleyan Women ' s College IN 1851 4 " Chapters: Alpha Theta Chapter Chartered in IIIT Edna Benson Maryhelen Byers Faculty Members Leone Helmich • Palle Katherine Rader Elizabeth Byers Winona Clyde Virginia Friese Alice Garrett Irene Harris Marv Louise Houx Gladys Leak Ruth Lewis Lillian Lux Ethel Middleton Evelvn Nelson Hilda Scott Genevieve Swedenburg Alice Woodward Juanita Cooney Grace Hatton Kathleen Huffman Myrtle Quist Juniors Nancy Scott Marion Starr Irene Strand Jeannelte Sykes Beatrice Wahl Soph ALPHA DELTA PI Marian Bell Eleanor Church Madeline Hettelsater Hortense Johnson Bonny Mary Anderson Caroline Hodges Manon Fullerton erna Isaacson Helen Hess Louise Des Jardii oniores Caroline Lewis Florence McKeever Gertrude Muckenhirn Pledges Mary McArthur Isobel McCarthy ' Silnia McNett Edith Nelson Jane Ryan Louise Morris Dorothea Staude Geraldine Tavlor Fredrika Ryland Eleanor Swedenburg Lenore White Dorothy Wicks Rhoda Zeck Amrud, Arnold, Berunnger. Bixby, Burrour. Corbel t, Erspamer Fosse, Grea. Hard. Hunter. Jackson, James, Johnston, Jones, Kelly Kilduff. J. Lees, M.Lees, Magoon, Miller. Mitchell, ' orman, Patmroth, Paulsen, Elsie Scott. Eva Scott Sill. Stevens, Stover, Toicner, W nrd. Weed, Welch, D. Worcester, V. Worcester ALPliA DELTA THETA 4710 Seventeenth Avenue Northeast Founded at Transylvania College in 1919 l. ' i Chapters: Th la Chnfttfr Chartercit in l )i!ll ALPHA DELTA THETA Faculty Member Elizabeth S. Soule Graduate Members Myrtle Moe Seniors Hortense Miller Marian Clark Phyllis Corbett Nelda Fosse Helen Hutchin ion Lola Jackson Jane Lees Juniors Elnia Miller Florence Paulsen Miriam Sill Betty Welch Elizabeth Arnold Mary Bixby Gretchen Erspanier Bettv Hunter Clara Kelly Frances Killea Margaret Mark Mary Magoon Sophomores Charlotte Mitchell Elsa LIvestad Luell eed Violet Wever Dorothy Worcester Virginia Worcester Marybeth Fadden Ju lietH rd Henrietta Stevens Florence ard Pledges Marjorie Amrud Moira Ber« anger Kathleen Burrow Alice Grea Myrle James Kathleen John ton Madeline Jones Florence Kilduff Margaret Lee Catherine Norman Pearl Palm roth Elsie Scott Eva Scott Edith Stover Maxine Towner Andreus, Askren. Brooks, Campbell, Cartivrigbt, Cash, Churchill, CoUett, Collins Dietrich, Eduards, Erans, Firnstahl, Gibson, Gotc, Gundlach, Jones, Lage, Moore Morgan, Murphy, Nelson, Norman, Oistad, Overturf, Parrott, Parsons, Penney, Phillips Schenk, Sproule, Sprouse. Stout, Tegtmeier, Toner, U olf, Jf ' onderly, Wright, W ynn ALPHA GAMMA DELTA 4515 Twenty-first Avenue Northeast Founded at Syracuse University in 1904 40 Chapters; Iota Chapter Chartered in 1909 Faculty Member Velda P. Cundiff Marie Askren Chloe Cash Margaret Collett Catherine Jones Seniors Edith Moore Catherine Overturf Lois Penney Elizabeth Schenk Dorothy Sproule Helen Tegtmeier Lucile Wonderly Marjorie Andrews Jane Evans Myrtle Genung Juniors Betty Kuhefuss Louise Lage Jean Shipley Elizabeth Thomas ALPliA GAMMA DELTA Marian Askren Marion Brooks Bernice Campbell Edith Cartwright Lois Churchill Marnev Collins Eva Dietrich Nadine Engle Celeste Firnstahl Corinne Freeman Margaret Goiv Mildred Lovett Sophomores Lucile Edwards Lillian Eng Pledges Gertrude Gundlach Dorothy Morgan Wilma Murphy Elizabeth Norman Transfers Marie Nelson Dorothy Sprouse Alberline Gistad Marie Parrott Ethel Parsons Catherine Phillips Helen Rugg Jane Wolf Dorothy Wright Doris Stout Margaret Toner Edith Wilson Betty Wynn « M ' - fM ffi, Allen. Baker, Beathuood, Marjorie Beeuukes, Martha Beeunkes. Biitnell, Bishop Brathhau, Cary. Clark. Cyseuskt, Dinham, Duncan, Elder, Ellis, Farr, Gilbreath. Glasgoii, Gray Griffiths. Hall, Holten, Kenyan, Killian. Lane, Larson, Marcella hauler, Margaret Lanier, hi. Lea, M. Lea, Layman Maxsoit, Mayo, Monks. Moore, Morris, E. Mudgetl, R. Mudgett, ? elson, Aorri ' s, ! umaJi, Parrish, D. Reid M. Reid, Scott, Slauffer, Tiedeman, White. U iehl, Yeaman ALPHA OMICRON PI 19(1(1 East Fort -kikth Street Founded at Barnard College in 1897 39 Chapiters: I psiltm Chtipler Chartered in l l. ' i Jean Bishop Kav Bradshaw Marcella Lawler Seniors Marjorie Mayo Aileen Monks Roberta Mudgelt Elizabeth Reeves Mary Genevieve Scoll Edith Bearhwodd Marion Eliler Margaret Layman Helen Lea Juniors Elizabeth Morris Maxine Norris Ruth Numan Virginia Parrish Eleanor Tiedeman Aletha Wiehl ALPHA OMICRCN PI Sally Sue Mien Edna Mae Bid ell Minnie Baker Marjorie Beeuwkes Martha Beeuwkes Ilo Cary Marion Cysewski Barbara Clark Dorothy Hall Harriet Duncan Constance Ellis Katharyn Farr Jean Gilbreath Sophomoros Jane Kenyon Husemar Killian Mildred Larson Ellen Mudgetl Pledges Beryl Dee Glasgow Isabel Lane Vivian Gray Margaret Lawler NLirgaret Ann (iriffiths Marion Lea Ruth Holten Frances Maxson Margaret Reid Frances Slauffer Lou Moore Charlotte Nelson Dorothy Reid Sallie Sue Xhile Peggy Yeaman miss ' l i 5 ' L ?; ' SS:»!S .W . : Aaron. Alvensleben. Anderson, E. Baird,R. Baird, Blan y, Chambreaii Cleveland, Cooper, Dirkson, S. Franks, T. Franks, Cart in, H. Harley, K. Harley, Hart. Haynes. Hoyt. Humphreys E. Hurd, P. Hurd, Irwin, Keuhuni, Lashinger. Little, Littler. E. McBarron, L. McBarron, McCreery, Middleton, Moon Mchols, Olsen, Oritt. Percy, Piikrell, Purdy, Rowland, Schmidt. Sawyer. Sheehan, Smith, Storey A. Thompson, D. Thompson, Toohey, Warren, Williamson ALPHA PHI - ALPHA PHI ((A rA 1900 East Foriy-seventh Street V Q Founded at Syracuse University in 1872 i_ j 31 Chapters: Sigma Chapter Chartered in IMU Seniors Elinor Baird Ruth Cleveland Dorothy Cooper Katrina Harley Ruth Irwin Ruth Moon Floren ce Neelley Juniors Jean Olsen Gretchen Percy Mary Isobel Sheehan Dorothv Thompson Sally Todd Margaret von Alven Ruth Dixon Sarah Margaret Fra sleben Jane Garvin Martha Jane Hart nks Kathleen Hoyt Vera Humphreys Phyllis Hurd Lela May Ketchuni Jean Little Eleanor McBarron Lorelta McBarron Evelyn Olsen Ellen Rowland Caroline Schmidt Janet Smith Priscilla Storey Sophomores Helen Cameron Margaret Chanihre; in Elizabeth Dent Eleanor Elforil Tommy Franks Dorothy Littler Helen McCreery Pledges Peggv Nichols Helen Pickrell Zelda Toohey Katherine Warren Kathleen Anderson Jean Arron Ruth Baird Jeanne Blangy Bernice Haines Hortense Harley Evelyn Hurd Myrta Lashinger Roberta Middleton Ursula Ovilt Helen Purdy Alice Anne Sawyer Ellen Tree Williamson i? A..:.v f-c- . Ayers, Brigham, Bryant, Busey Cadzoiv, Campbell. Davis, Dent. Duthie, Edelen, Halborsen. Hanson, Hatfield, Hutchinson, Hyatt, Jeffries Kauffman, Kellogp, E. Kirkuood, M. Kirhuood, C. LaPlant, L. LaPla-nt, La I ' igne, McCormick, Megreiv, Mignerey, Muir, Owen Parsons, Ross, Shape, Simenstad, E. Smith, I. Smith, f. Smith, M. Stewart, S. Stetvart, Sultzback, Sydman, Warren E. Jf ' ashburn, J. ff ashburn, Jf ' eber, Zeeuw ALPHA l DELTA 4541 Nineteenth Avenue Northeast Founded at Lombard College, Galesburc, Illinois, in 1893 46 Chapters ; A ' u Chapter Chartered in 1907 ALPliA l DELTA Seniors Margaret Hull Joan Hutchinson Doris Hyatt Marie Kirkwood Violet Megrew Juniors Helen Myers A ' irginia Smith Anne Zeeuw Charlotte Brigham Carolyn Bryant Alberta Campbell Phyllis Dent Catherine LaPlant Dorothy LaVigne Sophomores Wilda McCormick Madeline Mignerey Patience Simenstad Jane Washburn Mary Grace Cadzow Jerry Davis Isabelle Duthie Cornelia Edelen Cora Hanson Elizabeth Hatfield Bea Kauffman Pledges Gwen Keith Eva Clare Kirkwood Marion Ross Evelyn Washburn Margaret Williams Nadine Ayers Constance Busey Dottie Halborsen Florence Jeffries Jean Kellogg Louise LaPlant Julia Muir Harriet Owen Genevieve Parsons Virginia Ross Jane Shape Enid Smith lona Smith Margaret Stewart Sarah Stewart Margaret Sultzback irginia Rulh Sydeman Genevieve barren Leone Weber 339 Baker. Berry, Brotrn, Christopher Cimino, Coffman, Cox, Dakan, Elliott, Hanscom, Hindman. Hiatum, Larson, Leik Major, McCauley, Mcintosh, Miller, Muir, Nicholson, Schoephoester, Seierance, Steen. I ' rbanek Wheeler, O ' Mahony, Raymond, Roehr EETA PHI ALPHA 4543 Eighteenth Avenue Northeast Founded at University of California in 1903 19 Chapters : Delia Chapter Chartered in 1M3 EETA PHI ALPHA Graduate Member ■ Louise Nicholson Seniors Frances Cox Helen Elliott Mary McCauley Juniors Florine Mcintosh Ruth Severance Margaret Christopher Abigail Leik Sophomores Natalie Raymond Peggy Roehr Dorothy Baker Margaret Coffman Pledges Jeanne Schoephoester Dorothy Hvatum Phyllis Berry Mary Brown Elsie May Cimino Patricia Dakan Ruth Elliott Florence Cinder Mary Graziano Ruth Hanscom Martha Hinckley Georgia Major Albina Miller Elizabeth Muir Geraldine O ' Mahony Helen Steen Catherine Urbanek Clare Wheeler i2!llOZ3 wmi im mfi m - 1 Barber, Bartlett, K. Bean, R. Bean, Bertscke, Bracken, Catlett Christians} ' , Clark, Condon, Coy. Davis, Demoss, Dod e. Espelund, Fuller, Gardner, Garnett, Higman Hunt, C. Jones, R. Jones, S. Jones, Kinne. Landauer. Limbach, McGregor, Maistrom, Maurer, Moore. Moreford ISicholson, Pampel, Pinkhnm, Pritchard, Reed, Rhodes. Sanford, Sargent, Scott, Seaman, Stinchfield, Streams Stubenrauch, Tennant, Thoner, Tuttle, Jfetherell, Jfilson cm CMEGA 1717 East Forty-seventh Street Founded at University of Arkansas in 1895 84 Chapters: Washington Alpha Chapter Chartered in 1909 Senic cm OMEGA Helen Barber Gladys Bartlett Kalhryii Bean Flavia Bracken Loraine Coy Ruth Gardner Carol Jones Marg aret Moore Juniors Irene Nicholson Molly Pritchard Helen Reed Helen Rhodes Katherine Ross June Wetherell Dorothy Christiansy Maxine Davis Esther Demoss Sarah Hunt Harriet Maistrom Sophomores Margaret Stinchfield Kennetha Streams Dorothy Tennant Jean Condon Roniayne Fuller Susan Jones Frances Kinne Caroline Limbach Ruth Maurer Dorothy Pampel Pledges Eleanor Pinkham Ethel Sargent Mary Scott Elizabeth Stubenrauch Elizabeth Anderson Roherla Bean Elizahelh Berlsche Gravce Clark Virginia Dodge Lillian Espelund Lucille Garnett Grace Ann Higniaii Roberta Jones Ruth Landauer Shirley McGregor Rosalia Moreford Margaret Pope Dorothy Sanford Julia Seaman Evelyn Thoner Florence Wilson .Andrews, Austin, Bachelder, Bailey Baker, Delia Balch, Donna Bait h, Beulel, Butler, Collins, Cawgill, Draper, Duncan, Easter, Fleming, E. Froula S. Froula, Geis, Holtenhouse. Hufford, Huntington, Leslie, Letvis, Matheson, Mathias, McCarthy, North, H. Olvoell A ' . Oluell, Phillips, Powers, Smith, Spicer, Sleivart. Straight, Taylor, Theurer, Tiffin, M. E. Tiffin, Vogt Walsh, Weed, Welborn, Young DELTA DELTA DELTA DELTA DELTA DELTA 4527 Twenty-first Avenue Northeast Founded at Boston University in 1888 71 Chapters; Theta Alpha Chapter Chartered in 1909 -v.i aj j Faculty Member Dr. Edith Dobie Seniors Lucia Austin Priscilla Baker Mary Beutel Ruth Curry Marian Duncan Eva Froula Catherine Geis Margaret Matheson Juniors Theodora Smith Mildred Spicer Beatrice Walsh Elizabeth Welborn Katherine Young Donna Balch Nina Bachelder Sylvia Froula Ethel Huntington Dorcas Leslie Sophomores Ariel Lewis Gretchen Luppert Marjorie Mines Grace Bailey Sally Cale Charlotte Draper Beverly Holtenhouse Olive Mathias Mary McCarthy Gwendolyn Philips Pledges Kathryn Powers Willimae Straight Marv Elizabeth Tiffin Ruth Walsh Edith Andrews Delia Balch Marguerite Butler Natus Collins Lois Cawgill Eleanore Fleming Lois Hul ' l ' ord Marian Markey Marian North Helen Olwell Norah Olwell Helen Stewart Evelyn Taylor Mary Theurer Marguerite Tiffin Helen Vogt LuVerne Weed -■ 4rne-i, Ba ue, Bostuiik. H. Buyles, E. Boyles, Braitn, Castleman Chalham, Chinn. Clenians, Coffnian, Collins, Deyette. Diem, Drake, Draper, Fergison, Fritch, Graham Green, Hayes, Heiser, Hunt, Lauton, Lindberg, Luenbet er, Macey, McClure, JcC oskey, Merrill Miller, D. Morgan. E. Morgan, Nash, J ' orberp, Osborne, Perry, F. Poivell, L. Potcell. V, Powell, Potrers, Skallenid, Somers Summers, Tennnnt. Thomfikins. Thompson, Tobias. Turner, } ' antler Jf ' erkrr, li. Walker, J. ff ' alker. White, Woempner, ZnmherVtn DELTA GAMM4 2012 East Forty-fifth Strf.kt folnded at louis school, 0 f )ri , mississippi, IN 1874 41 Chapters; Beta Chapter Charlereri in l ltt Aiiila Ames Lorna Davidson Catherine Deyetle irginia Diem Marian Ferriss Barbara Frilrh Seniors Jean Graham Ruth Lawlon Caroline Lindherj! Lannon Merrill Elliott Mor;:an Betly Nash Alice Somers Edith Vander Werker Eleanor Boyle; Ra« " hel Brown irginia Clemans lyonise Collin Juniors Virginia Drake Frames (Jreeii Rnth Norherg Helen Toliia jane talker Dorothy oenipner ndrev ' urdenian Audre Ames Jean Coffman Janet Fergison Barbara Heiser Sophomores Katherine McCroske Hope MoMillan Catherine Powers Elizabeth Summers Marian Tennant Phoebe Anne Thompson Mae Zamberlin DELTA GAMMA Betty Bogue Margaret Jean Bostwiek Betty Boyles Barbara Castleman IMn II is Chatham Catherine Chinn Virginia Draper Jane Hayes Roberta Hunt Plrdfirs Jane Luenberger Marian Jean Mait Peggy Miller Dean Morgan Marv Osborn Mary Jane Perry Frederirka Powell Coiii e Powell irginia Powell Mar Skallerud Jean Thoiupkins le andra Turner Betty Vi alker Dorothv While DELTA ZETA Ander-ion, .-IsA ey, Banta, Cahalan Callender, Clark. Cornu, Culley, Daggett, Dreufs. DriscoU, Duikering, B, Ferrier, M. Ferrier, Friend, Gille Gilmnn, Gynn, Hanna, Harrington, Hopkins, A. Horstman, E. Horstman. Keeney, Latcshe. Longabaujih, Maskell, Maxson MiCormick, Mellinger, Middleton, Moss, Afo , .Yt. Ac? . Perry, Poft, Porter, Powell, Rigg, Seefert Thnm ' on. Triwblr, Wardf, W ' ardail, Wilson i ft l-jy DELTA ZCT4 mM 4535 Eighteenth AvEMt Northeast ' I BI Founded at Miami University, Oxford, Ohio. IN 1902 -1 54 Chapters; Knppn Chapter Ch nrlered in 1013 Faculty Members Nettie Bailey Gladys Ferrier Seniors Kirsten Newbury Lorraine Callender Maxine Culley Marparel Dnrkerinp Virginia Friend Winifred Gynn Letah Hanna Sarah Harrington Elizabeth Hnr tniaM Juniors Carol Longabaugh Martha Mellinger Lois Potter Charlotte Rigg Thelma Wilson Ruth Anderson Jean Clark Mar Elizabeth C Bernice Ferrier nrnu Harriet Hopkins Sophomores Alice Moss Julia Post Margaret Thomson Elizabeth Tubby Pauline Dagpett Irene Gille Alice Horstman Nanry Lawshe Inez McCormick Madeline MoKinley Kalherine Middleton Pledges Helen Neal Mildred Perry Louisa Seefert Helen Warde Gertrude Ashley Eleanor Banta Margaret Cahalan Helen Drewfs Eleanor Driscoll Marjorie Ferrier Jane Gilman Vivian Humphrey Lucille Keeney Betty Maxson Gretchen Nickell Helen Powell Elizabeth Trimble Betty i ' ardal! Atkinson, Beamer, Braden, Brndv Brehm, Callutc. Christensen. Clark. Coburn, Marcella Crabtree. Margaret Crabtrpe. Dickinson. Donahue. Eikenbary. Fletcher, Ftohr Foster, Frost, Fulton. Gibson, Hall, Harvey, Heinze. Kelley, Kelly, Lambert. Lee. Lilly Loomis, McKinstry, ytcKnight. Moldstad, Mook, M. A. Olson, M.Olson, E.Pierce, l ' . Pierce, Schuh, Speidel, Stimpson Totcn, f ' anLeuven, ff ' eisman, Wiseman, Young GAMSiX PHI EETA GAMMA Plil EETA i B if M 4529 Seventeenth . venue Northeast Ot rKv Founded at Syracuse University in 1874 } K 36 Chapters : Lambda Chi iptcr Chartered in l ' JII3 Faculty Members Winnifred S. Haggett Imogene Rousseau Post-Graduate Member Helen Corham Seniors Louise Brady Jane Brehni Kathryii Callow Helen Coburn Betty Cotton Edna Eikenbary Harriet Frost Louise Harron Elsie Harvey Juniors Ruth Joseph Jean Kelly Mary McKeowii Elizabeth Pierce Kathryn Taylor Theodosia Winfree Pryde Atkinson Gladene Beamer Mabel Chesnnt Mary Collins Helen Dickinson Arlea Fletcher Sophomores Elizabeth Kelley Helen McKinstry Marguerite Olson Alice VanLeuven Lois Braden Margaret Crabtree Pat Donahue Lois Flohr Myra Heinze Betsy Lee Janet Lilly Billie Loomis Pledges Helen Moldstad Margaret Ann Olson Virginia Pierce Hermoine Stimpson Dorothea Town Bernardine Wiseman Maroella Crahtree Myrtle Clirislenscii irginia ( " lark Jean Foster Ruth Fulton Emily Hall Jane Kelly irginia Lambert Transfers Betty Mook Gladys Schuli Marjorie Speidel Katberine Urquhart Mary Elizabeth Weisman Dawn Gibson Margaret McKnight Marjorie Young .4. Andersen, R. Andersen , Argue, Austin, Burnett, Bloxom, Boring, Boirden, Bush, Caley, Carlson, Castle Chase. Cheney, Cline, Crate:, Curtiss, Davidson, Dilling, Duryee, Ernst, Ferry, Field, France. Frost Gadsby, Galey, Goff, I. Harper, S. Harper, Hemphill, Hudson, Jones, Kefouier, Kellogg. Kennan, Kerr, Loe MacRae, Malcolm, Matthetvs. Mautz, McEluaine, McGlenn, Mcintosh. Moser. iSelch, IS ' oble. B. Osternian, R. Osterman. Phelps Philbrick. Prael, Robb, Roberts, Schaefer, Skeel, Stevens, Slolle, Taft, Thomos, Ttcedlen, ff ' illiums. Young rAPPA ALPHA THCTA 4521 Seventeenth Avenue Northeast Founded at DePauw University in 1870 58 Chapters; Alpha Lamhda Chapter Chartered in 1908 Faculty Members Betty Coniu Katherine Smith rAPPA ALPHA THETA Ruth Andersen Helen Mae Dillina Virginia Barnett Eleanor Bush Rutli Carlson Vesta Bowden Myra Caley Frances Chase Eleanor Ernst Dorothy Evans Helen Field Celia Curtiss Mary-Stewart Ferry Agnes Andersen Marion Craig Jean Argue Betty Davidson Betty Bloxom Clotilde Durvee Janet Boring Elizabeth France Constance Castle Betty Galev Gretchen Cline Illis Harper Dorothy Frost Betty Grace Juniors Virginia Kellogg Ruth Loe Marian Matthews Sophomores Frances Field Margaret Gadsby Pledges Ruth Osterman Betty Nelch Anna Noble Mary Kennon Frances Kerr Betlv Clair Robb ■Taft Sue Harper Florence MacRae Margaret Hemphill Dorothy Mautz Margaret Hudson Mary McEhvaine Harrilyn Jones Mary McGlinn Mary Virginia Kefauver Marion Moser Virginia Phelps Betty Osterman Barbara Prael Marian Shulthei Betty Malcolm Marjorie Moore Louise Stevens Margaret Philbrick Ruth Roberts Barbara Stolle Mary Thomas Katherine ' illiams Janet Young Ahlers, Albrecht, Allison Bacorn, Brennan, Carscadden, Carslens, Chrisliensen, Cline, Cox, Dtetz, Engdahl, Erring, Etcing, Glick Graves, Heinss. Izelt, Jindra, Johnstone, Kalmbach, Leonard, Livesley, Manier, Martin. MacAulay, fur ay ! ' elson, O ' Brien, Peach, Peters, Pitmon, Poitras, Pritchard, Roth, Smith, Stone, B. Tanberg, R. Tanberg Wells, Welsh, Witdberger. Wtlliami rAPPA DELTA 4524 Seventeenth Avenue Northeast Founded at Virginia State Normal in 1897 65 Chapters; Sigma lota Chapter Chartered irt 1921 Seni Herta Albrecht Catherine Brennan Dorothy Cline Bernice Dietz Helen Glick Martha Jindra F ' lorence M. Johnstone Juniors Ethel Livesley Darine McAuIay Beth Murray Mildred Peters Helen Engdahl Genevieve Leonard Barbara Tanberg Sophomores Mildred Welsh Helen ' ildberger ■ Eleanor Ahlers Muriel Allison Mary Christiensen Lila Erving Mary (iraves Janet Izett Luella Nelson Ruth Peach Betty Pritchard Ethel Stone I APPA DELTA Margaret Barorn Helen Carsradden l (pris Carsten? erillc Cedargreen Marjorie Ewing Ruth Hardwiik Ruth Hieii-- Pledges Jean Kalmbach Bealriie Manier l.ura Martin Erina Pitmon Gertrude Poitras iri Smith Roberta Tanberg Teresa ells Catherine Viilliani: Caroline ' olfe Agnetv, Backeberg, Beat, Bennett, Brygger, Butler Card. Clyde, Corey, Eagleson, Ehvorthy, Farnsworth, Caches, Gamble. Geer, Gellatly, Goodwin. Griffiths Grimes, Hadley, Harnan, Harris, Hedges, Hicks, Houda, Hynd, Insley, Johnson. C. Mathewson, .V. Mathetcson Mclntyre, Mcllravy, Merriam, Aoge roorf, Parker, Peniston, Pickering, Reynolds, Salmon, Schmidt, M. Smith, V. Smith Snead, Taylor. Tennant, Thompson, Tibbals, Turner, Vhlmann, Vredenberg, final, Wilson, Will, Winter rAPPA GAMMA KAPPA KAPPA CAMMA 4504 Eighteenth Avenue Northeast Founded at Monmouth College, Monmouth, Illinois, in 1870 ST Chapters; Beta Pi Chapter Chartered in 1905 Seniors Kitty Baum Beatrice Caches IVaiicy Crimes Elsie Jane Hadley Elizabeth Harnan Retha Hicks Belle Hillman Juniors Elizabeth Hynd Nancy Mathewson Katherine Snead Hope Turner Elizabeth Merriam Elaine Brygger Marjorie Gellatly Betty Johnson Anne Parker Darthea Peniston Elizabeth Salmon Sophomores Margaret Smith Florence Tennant Evaline Thompson Helen Vinal Betty Agnew Mildred Backeberg Marion Bates Margaret Bennett Renee Butler Margaret Clyde Eleanor Corey Mary Goodwin Belva Harris Frances Hedges Cornelia Mathewson Mary Mcllravy Pledges Jean Mclntyre Bettv Nageivoort Peggy O ' Neill Gladys Reynolds Elizabeth Taylor Jane Uhlmann Francel Wilt Frances Winter Maxine Beal Janet Card Jean Eagleson Minerva Ehvorthy Nancy Farnsworth Jean Gamble Marion Geer Elizabeth Griffiths Amy Houhad Virginia Ingsley Clara Louise Schmidt Virginia Smith Nannette Tibbals Mildred Vredenberg Carolyn 5ilson Ahrams, Adatto. Director, Freyd, Gordon, Grodstein, Gross L. Jacobs, S. Jacobs, Lang, Leiison, Ostroff. Rubenstein, Shapiro rAPPA I ETA 4746 Eighteenth Avenue Northeast Founded at University of Washington IN 1928 Blanche Gordon Seniors Lillian Jacobs Mary Abrams Emma Adatto Juniors Estelle Director Genevieve Levisoii Rose Ostroff Anita Rubenstein rAPPA M.U-U Lois Freyd Goldie Gross Sophomores Florence Grodstein Pledges .Sylvia Jacobs Clara Lang Sophie Shapiro ur Dando, Gretorex, Griebler, Larson, McAlpine, McClelland. McHu h McKnight, Meagher, Miller, IS ' ordling, Oraker, Ott, Peterson, Pfefferle, Quiggle Rose, Ross, Sagslad, Samuelson. Simpson, Smith, Sparks, Stahre, Sunderman LAMBDA €MEGA 4740 Twenty-first Avenue Northeast Founded at University of California in 1915 7 Chapters; Eta Chapter Chartered in 1928 Ruth Dando Fav Garrett Seniors Martha McClelland Anne Ott Margaret Nordling Elizaheth Simpson Juniors Eveleen McAlpine Geraldine Meagher Charlotte Miller Elsie Peterson Florence Pfefferle Wynona Grelorex Helen McKnight Rena Murray Sophomores Muriel Oraker Mary Quiggle Marv Rose Agnes Samuelsen Lucille Sunderman CMEG4 Helen Griebler Jean Hart Anne Howell Ulrika Larson Pledges Louise Ross Thelma Sagstad Ina Smith Aurelia Sparks Helen Steele Alslrom, Anderson, Bakenhus, Beatty Benson, Bixby, Bunker, Cole. Cnon , Culp. Estes, Goldsmith, Grandjenn, Harper, Harrison. Heritage Hifihtotver, Hutchins. James, Kane, Kinp. Lemp, LeSourd, Markey, Marrotc, Matzper. McCleary. Mendell Miller, Montgomery, Myklebusl, Ohrner, Reedy. Riesentteher, Ropers, Rose, Ritdd, Sthroeder. Shipton. Smith Strang, Tohin, W are, William ' , Wiseman PHI ML 1530 Seventeenth Avenue Northeast Founded at Wesleyan College, Georgia, IN 1852 57 Chapters; Eta Beta Chapter Chartered in 1917 Marjorie Allen Vera Beatty Ruth James Helen Kane Catherine Lemp Florence Mackey Mary Christina Marrow Clarice Montgomery Katharine Reedy Haven Riesenweber Katharine Rogers Beulah Serurier Marjorie Tohin Virginia Williams Priscilla Bakenhu? Jane Bixby Mildred Culp Dorothy Estes Bobhette Goldsmith Juniors Genevieve Harper Nellie Heritage Margaret Mendell Frances Ohrner EIra Ware Eva Williams Josephine Wiseman Hcrnice Anderson Ruth Cole Virginia Draper Mary Grandjean Kathryn Hutrhins Sophomores Beth Kinnebre v Alva Le Sourd Josephine Matzger Elizabeth Miller Julia Rose Doris Shipton Pauline Strang PlilML Dorothy Al trom Margaret Benson Leola Brownell (ieraldine Bunker Cleo Coons Peggy Jane Harris Florence Harrison Plodpos Ruth Hightower Marietta King Josephine McCleary Ida Jo Myklebust Betty Nye Lois Ohrner Ethel Rudd Mary Louise Schroeder Maxine Sims Helen Smith .teiJ? Ahlquist, All main, Baird Bursell, Carlson, Cass, Chapman, Chrislenson. E. Cochrane, . . Cochrane, Danks, Davis, Dorrance, Faulkner, Flemming Fumerton, Getty, Georgina, onsen, Knoivles, Koehne, Lynch, Mc Arthur, McCutcheon, McFarland, fcGinnis, Pike L. Raudenbush, . . Raudenbush, Ring, Risser, Ross, Rossbach, Saunders, Seeley, Shagren, Spear, Stoehr, Stromme Tefft, Tillon. Tulloch, Whiteside PHI CMEGA PI 4547 Nineteenth Avenue Northeast Founded at University of Nebraska in 1910 19 Chapters; Tau Chapter Chartered in 1926 Faculty Member Lurline Simpson Helen Ahlquist Helen Allmain Betty Bursell Christel Faulkner Dorothy Getty Marion Koehne Seniors Vivian Ring Dorothy Risser Jay Ross Mildred Saunders Margaret Shagren Marjorie Spear Alice Tilton Ruth Whiteside Cora Baird Gladys Carlson Sylvia Chapman Margaret Dorrance Rosalie Fumerton Josephine Lynch Juniors Charlotte McGinnis Lenora Raudenhush Nellie Raudenbush Doris Rossbach Frances Shawl Wilma Stoehr Zona Tefft Louise Tulloch Plil OMEGA PI Eleanore Fleming Mary Emily Cass Iva Chrislenson Bessie Cochrane Sophomores Valentine Hirschman Doris Jansen Margaret McArthur Mabel Stromme Pledges Norma Lee Cochrane Louise Davis EUanor Danks Georgia Gibb Hazel Knowles Gladvs Koehne Frances McCutcheon Maurine McFarland Frances Seeley ll0Mi3 Baker. Barclay. Barrett. Barry, Berlin, Bogue. Born. Brotcnell, Campbell. Carpenter Coulter, Curtis. Dahlen. DeLone. Dix. Dou ilass, Ehrhardt, Emery. Fisher, Fog . Frost Gibbons, Hertsche, Hogue, Honey. Jamison. Johnson, Knapton. Udstone, Marr. Mc. aughton. Mitchell, Murray Peacock, Plamondon, Shadbolt, Shay, Shera, Sibhett, J. Sieiers. L. Sievers, M. Sievers, Simpson, Smith, Steinmetz Steuck. Stone, Svensson, Trathen, Van Ambvrg, H. Vernon, P. Vernon, tVallon, Ware. Warren, Webb, White PI BETA PHI 4548 Seventeenth Avenue Northeast Founded at Monmouth College in 1867 78 Chapters; Washington Alpha Chapter Chartered in 19 Marion Baker Dorothy Barry Beth Dahlen Margaret Emery Helen Frost Seniors Marjorie Hertsche Katherine Mitchell Alice Murray Mildred Peacock Madge Shera June Sievers May Sievers Marajane Warren Marcelhi Chamberlain Marjorie Douglass Peggy Coulter Dorothy Fisher Juniors Eleanore Plamondon Mildred Reilly Dorothy Trathen Mary Ware Ruth Woodworth Jean Born Frances Brownell Patsy Carpenter Alice DeLong Gertrude Falls Beth Fogg Peggy Hogue Sophomores Verna Howey Virginia Jackson Julia Shadbolt Helen Shay Virginia Smith Marjorie Steuck Erma Rogg Jo McNaughton Helen Vernon Elizabeth allon Virginia bite PI BETA PHI Barbara Barclay Marjorie Barrett Belb Barry Lenore Berlin EU-anor Bogue Gwen Campbell Billie Curtis Olive Ehrhardt Margaret Gaines Katharine Gilibons Pledges Harriet Griffith Mary Jamison Dorris Johnson Marjorie Knaplon Lillian Marr Helen Lidsione Betty Sil)l)elt Lois Sievers Alice Simpson Janet Steinmetz Phyllis Stone Gloria Svensson Virginia Van Amburg Phvllis Vernon ■-- ■ tmts. ' 1- ninnrtTi-ifiiM v l S MHSll m smi u •-ifT t .: ZjiX S i KVMf ■•- ' «cr-j.w»fajM wM« ■■■iwi mi Banta.Bartlett Bennington, Benson, Eleanor Broicn, Evelyn Broun. Buergel, French, Gamer, Gerdon, Gibbons, Gormley, Grainger Grant. Gustin, Hanson, Johnson. J. Kenyon, M . Kenyan, Knapp, Lombardine. Marsolais, McElroy, McGee, Meyers Oostenbrug. Packard, Painter, Palmer, Patlon, Pinney, Read, Rhodes. Rooke, Ryan. Sherman. Teitgen, Tattle Wester, Whiting, Young PI SIGMA GAMMA 4540 Seventeenth Avenue Northeast Founded at University of California in 1919 4 Chaptpr-i; Bt ' ta Chnptfr Chartered in 1921 Lucile Anderson Martha Dresslar Faculty Members Roberta Limbach Monica Wright Helen Bania Louise Beneker Evelyn Brown Dorothy French Helen Gustin Corinne Hanson Seniors Mildred Johnson Margaret Kenyon Thelnia Packard Ruth Patton Dorothy Rhodes Sarah Louise Roake Estelle Teitgen Jacqueline Tuttle Alvce Wester Olga Bennington Helen Gormlev Anna Gibbons Jiuiiors Jennie Kenyon Helen Knapp Marguerite Marsolais Gertrude Pinney Sarah Louise Read PI SIGHA Eleanor Brown Phoebe Bartlett Isabel Benson Elizabeth Buergel Erma Dorcas Grant Ardith Buckley Florence Jane Elliot Dorotliy Gamer Elizabeth Gerdon Sophomores Marguerite Lombardine Jane Whiting Pledges Iris Grainger Elsie Johnson Helen McElrov Elizabeth McGee Evelyn Meyers Mary Oostenbrug Esther Anne Palmer Mildred Robertson Margaret Young Edith Pehl Frances Ryan Hazel Jean Sherman !. fV-.ii. ' :-a k. i Ttk. :: iJ d.-::-J4%f J ' l t SL t Mmt- s s H a 2J k f J ili lk. h Anderson. Beck. Btachnelder. Bohlin. B. Burnt E. Bond. Bradshau. Dixon. Earp, Esdale, Finn. Fisher. Fletcher. Frykholm, Ghif-lione, Hambri ht, B. Johnson F. Johnson, Koesler. Kuker. Larsen. Lytel, Manchester. A r.Vaft, McPherren. Merritt, Mills. Mitchell. Moicry Nelson, Olson, Olicell. Pierce, Pennell, Preston, Richards. Sather, Scanlon, Shively, Smart. Stohiton Stub, Swift, Taylor, Treadtcell, U right SIGMA rAPPA Jk SIGMA I PPA j H 4732 Twenty-first Aven UE Northeast 3S Founded at Colby College, Maine, in 1874 Faculty Member Mrs. F. M. Padelf ord Seniors Bea Bond Miriam Firm Frances Frykholm Helen Holden Florence E. Johnson Juniors Berenice McPherren Ruth Merritt Florence Sather Sylvia Stub Harriett Bradshaw Betty Fisher Margaret Hambrighl Betty Johnson Virginia Koester I Anne Kuker Patty Lytel Sophomores Elizabeth Mills Lauretta McNab Helen Marie Nelson Gayle Reed Betty Taylor Thelnia Beck Jane Dixon Catherine Earp Agnes Lindslon Dorothy Manchester Pledges Margaret Ohvell Norma Pennell Jane Swift Ermel Anderson Audree Bohlin Evalon Bond Marian Callahan Alice Esdale Ruth Fletcher Huzel Chiglione Olivia Mitchell Margaret Mowry Anne Marie Olson Beulah Pearce Evelyn Richards Virginia Scanlon Eulalia Shively Phyllis Smart Muriel Stohlton Ruth Treadwell Leota Wright 13S Allison, Baude, Briggs, Christensen Dahlquisl, Edgers, Jolly, Kenison, Lohse, Macl ' icar, Maust, McClear, Nelson, Oettel Oiven, Pfisterer, Plummer, Raymond, Rogers, Shatv, Simpson. Sisler, Snider, Snyder Spencer, Tartar, Tinckom, Wegert, Zimmerly TUCTA LPSIiON 4709 Sixteenth Avenue Northeast Founded at University of California in 1914 17 Chapters; Rho Chapter Chartered in 1928 Faculty Members Nina Burns Ebba Dahlin Dorothea Brockniann Mary Christensen Dorolhv Lohse Seniors Elsa Pfisterer Gertrude Raymond Ruth Zimmerly Dolores Tinkcom iola Dahlquist Juniors Bernice Sisler Ruth Snider Virginia Tartar Ruth Allison TUCTA Ul- ' l l_l_ I Mary Baude Jane Edgers Juanita Kenison Sophomores Kathryn MacVicar Audrey McClear Frances Plummer Alice Oettell Pledges Blanche Maust Margaret Rogers Margaret Simpson Lucile Spencer Martha Shaw Banks, E. Broun, f. Broicn, Buckley, Chaplin, Chilen, CottreU Cross, Daivson, Findlay, George, Guy, Hansen, Harmony, Hileman, H or ton, Jetrett, Kenealy, Kennedy Beatrice Lutterman, Bernice Latter man, Martin, McFarland, Meen, Montfort, Mor enroth, Muck, A. yelson. D. Selson, teuton, Otio Pamment, Profitt, Ruber, Robinson, Rupp, Sandell, Skanstrom, Shearer. Sheppard, Solberg, Steele, Stout Stover, I. Stradley, M. Stradley, fThalley, WHliams, Zintheo ZETA TAU ALPHA ZETA TAt ALPHA Ogr H 4731 Eighteenth Avenue Northeast p Bh p. Founded at Virginia State Normal in 1898 S4Bs 61 Chapters; Psi Chapter Chartered in I91T Graduate Members Muriel Stradley Seniors Jessie Williams Marguerite Cross Oroena Dawson Dorothy Findlay Dorothy Robinson Virginia Rupp Juniors Miriam Scholl Helen Shanstrom Irma Zintheo Eleanor Brown Yvonne Giroux Ruth Hileman Genevieve Martin Margaret McFarland Geraldine Meen Sophomores Nola Muck Beatrice Raber Alice Sandell Lois Stover Dorothy Chaplin Ethel Chilen Thelma Jewett Jean Kennedy Beatrice Lutterman Pledges Leslie Montfort Margaret Morgenroth Dorothy Nelson Vera Banks Marjorie Brown Gertrude Buckley Carroll Cottrell Corris Hope Guy Pearl George Virginia Kenealy Elsie Hansen Bernice Lutterman Wilma Nell Harmony Alice Nelson Virginia Horton Jeanuette Newton Isadora Otto Edith Profitt Ruth Roebuck Kathleen Shearer Sally Sheppard Helen Jane Solberg Glendora Steele Evelyn Stout Iverne Stradley Agnes Whalley Bever, Blackwell Bond. Broun, Bruseiiitz, Courlright. Donning, Dykeman. Edmonds, Emerson, Fox, Goos. I. Graybill, ,W. GraybUl Herron, Hollotcay, Margaret Howard, Mary Hotrard, Immenroth, Jnmes, Kushi, Little, McKay, McKean, McMath, Melton Moore, iSeely, Olds, Olson, Ory, Peck, Ross. Scott, Searle, Shepter, Shotwell, Soderstrom Taylor, Thompson, Zipple CLAPr HALL Graduate Member Edna Dunham Edith Baldy Virginia Bever Florine Bingham Lorine Blackwell Seniors Easter Courtright Lydia Goos Mamie Graybill Makie Kushi Mary McKay Margaret McMath Hermina Zipple Lillian Bond Beulah Emerson Irene Graybill Louise Holloway Juniors Beatrice Leonard Jessie Herron Olivia Olds Thelma Olson Louise Schirmer Julia Schmitz Margaret Schwartz Helen Brusew itz Phyllis Downing Faye Hopkins Margaret Howard Mary Howard Margaret James Sophomores Frances McKean Muriel Moore Gladys Olson Frances Ross Mary Evelyn Scott Thelma Searle Olive Shepler Linnea Soderstrom Thelma Weingarten CLARr _ I A H H Bernice Brown IH L I I Dorothy Dykeman Alberta Edmonds Blanche Hale Beryl Immenroth Georgia Johns Pledges Evelyn Juisti Betty Little Edith Mellon June Neely Vivian Ory Helen Peck Jean Peterson Dorothy Shotwell Gertrude Taylor Wilda Thompson Beers. Burrow, Carter. Chapman Herrle, Hut ton, Jernstrom, Johnson, King, Klork, Koski, Louho, McPherson Miller, A ' e son, Palmer, Ryan, Sarkerson, Schuartze, Seelye, Skemp, Willigar D. A. R. 4714 Seventeenth Avenue Northeast National Charter Gr nted by Congress IN 1896 I niversily of W (ishinfiton Chapter Or nnizeii in 111 6 Faculty Members Sara Norris Marks May Dunn Ward Helen Klock Seniors Laura Nelson Lillian McPherson Margaret S ilhelii Carolyn Bryant Anna Gibbons Horlense Griffin Juniors Karen Jernstrom Virginia King Marion MrFarland Ruth Sackerson Luoile Schwartze Naoma Beers Anne Carter Eleanore Herrle Ruth Hulloii Sophomores Sigrid Koski Maurine MrFarland Edwina Miller Patsy Ryan Qizabeth Seelve D. A. R. Olive Bohon ivian Burrow Bernioe Chapman Janet Johnson Pledges Helnii Louko Rogene Palmer Jessamine LeSourd Marjorie Skemp Mary Louise Sohroeder Bernioe ' illigar ■■»« :.: ' tn . ' fj ■ ' I A c I » f 1 Bowen, Bower, Brattain, Brockntan. Burton Carmichael, Case, Clarke, Cook, Garrick. Gordon, Kiluorth Kinney, Martell, Shepherd, Stearns, Strother, I ' oss, Westjall l LA-HCW-r4li 8lB-Ch AFTER OF PhRATERES Seniors Margaret Bowen Mildred Burton Noel Carmichael Ellen Clarke Phoebe Cook Juniors Ruth Kilworth Gladys Kinney Marjorie Westfall Mary Bower Marl Brattain Leona Ferch Sophomores Mary Shepherd Nancy Strother Margaret Case Fay Davis Helen Gordon Pledges Alda Martell Alice Stearns Ruth Chapman Harriet Ferch Associate Member Lilly Brockman Thelma Williams Berg, Christensen, Ertckson Gerriels, Grunoff, Isbagami, Johnson, Loder, Jones, Massie yakaseko, ' ichohon, Pullen, Schreiber, Spaulding, Wyers, Yamashita ItWIS liALL 11 LEWIS HALL Faculty Member B bhJ I Margaret Terrill Seniors Helen Andersgaard Ruth Anderson Alice Berg Lillian Erickson Dorothy Gerriets Elfriede Gudelius Agnes Hegg Hana Ishagami Catherine Jones Josephine Koeii Juniors Adelaide Loder Dorothy Massie Kazu Nakaseko Blanche Pennick Mary Pullen Helen Steele Helen Sundeen Loila Grunoff Mona Harrington Dorothy Hougland Katherine Kuentzel Ellen Lundell Jeannette Nielsen Sophomores Gladys Richardson Helen Spaulding Anna Walshorn Thora Wellman Seraphima Alutin Madolyn Chidester Catherine Christensen May Gregg Marion Diehl Ruth Helstrom Charlotte Johnson Leona Masch ke Lillian Schreiber Gertrude Wyers Martha Yamashita Pledges Evelyn Boliun Catherine Dobhiii La Verna Ellis Florence Ginder Ruth Hardwick June Hartley Margaret Macl.aiiriii Helen Nicholson Peira Peterson Muriel Schuchard Carolyn Shoemaker Gertrude Vercoe Helen Watts Abboil, C. Beail, V . Beall, Braver, Broun, Christensen, Dickey R. Doumir. S. Doumit. Harris, Hartline, Hetcitt, Hurst, Mandl, Mitchell Olson, Palacio, Potter, Rodgers, Smith, Snyder, Walters, ITinsted TCLC HCUSE 4703 Eighteenth Avenue Northeast Established at University of Washington IN 1920 Seniors TOLO HOLSE Isabel Abbott Dorothy Christensen Isabel Harris Ruth Hewitt Juniors Rea Ruth Hurst Juanita Snyder Ruth Winsted Constance Beall Virginia Beall Marietta Brown Sophomores Josephine Mandl Beulah Pearce Margaret Brayer Margaret Dickey Rosa Palacio Pledges Dorothy Potter Byrnina Smith Rose Doumit Selma Doumit Margaret Hartline Agnes McAulay Neva Mitchell Virginia Olson Eleanor Rodgers Eulalia Shively Violet Walters 362 es -; ' f 1 t TWANNA Afiair, Andrews, Bloom. Brackman, Brooks Gressly, Hurd, Isaminger, Jenson, Poska TWANNA Sub-Chapter of Phrateres Beryl Adair Margaret Andrews Betty Bloom Lily Brackman Marguerite Brant Active Members Frances Brooks Berniee Gressly Vesia Grubb Marion Jensen Marvel Hurd Myrtle Poska Gertrude Isaminger Phoebe Cook Associate Members Ellena Nelson I I i ORGANIZATIONS Dunks, Slone, Thompson, Price ALPliA DELTA $I6M4 Men ' s national advertising professionaL founded at the University of Missouri in 1914. Robert (T . Jones Chapter chartered at the University of ff ashington in 1923. Members are chosen from third degree Ad Club members ivho have shotcn marked ability in the advertising field. OFFICERS William Dunks President Norman Thompson Secretary-Treasurer Harold Stone Vice-President Russell Price Ritualist FACULTY MEMBERS HenryA.Burd William E. Cox Robert W. Jones HO ORARY MEMBERS Donald E. Gilman Richard P. Milne Tom Jones Parry Arthur G. Neilz Lloyd Spencer MEMBERS John Cartano George Day Charles Guernsey Robert Showacre John Toner Bert Curran alter Dillingham Richard Levy Loren Stone Shailer Webster Douglas Orkney Ricltards, Harley, Pasley ALPHA rAPPA P$l National commerce professional founded at New York University in chapter chartered in 1919. A high scholastic standing, upperclass credi in the business ivorld are requirements for membership. OFFICERS Thomas Richards President Robert Pasley .. Richard Jones Vice-President Harold Stone .... Fred Harley Secretary Dan Shanahan . MEMBERS C. F. Harley Donald Morbeck Robert Huey Floris Nagelvoort Howard Hulet Bob Nelson Richard F. Jones Edwin Karshner Stuart Kerr C. H. Laws Otto Linnecke Harold Magnusen .■ rt Martin 1905; 47 chapters; Rho t, and ability to succeed Treasurer Ritualist .Diary Correspondent Charles Batelle Charles Boucher Chester Cunningham Bill De Bruyn John Edwardson Glenn Farrell James Frazier Neal Fosseen Don Gill George Oistad Robert Paslev J.G.Polk Joel Quick?tad Irvine B. Rabel Samuel Redpath William C. Reed Thomas R. Richards R. Brooke Ricker Dan Shanahan Ralph Snider Harold R. Slone William B. Sweet Gordon Trezise Clarence Tobey John Vogler i mm Rosenbers, Mattison. Russell All-LNIVERSITy PLArERS I ' ational dramatic fraternity founded in 1916: the ffashingtun Mask and Quill chapter chooses its members from students iiho have shown outstanding ability in Alt-Lniversity plays. OFFICERS Elsie Mattison ) ., Betty Russell j Tribunes FACULTY MEMBERS Daniel V. Rosenberg President John Ashbv Conwav George Bolton John Caughlin Everett Grav Edward Ginnever Sam Harby Marjorie Hertsche Frederick Blanchard MEMBERS James Hickeii Roger Joseph John Kerr Jean Little Alpha Roth Conway Alyene Miller Ray Mines Virginia Opsvig Earl Streams Preston Wright Larry Zillman CAei . Sisemore, London, Birdseye DELTA THETA PHI National professional laiv fraternity founded jointly at the Cleveland School of Laii; Dickinson College of Law and Northwestern University, in 1900; 64 senates; Joseph Story senate char- tered in 1923. Members are chosen from men laiv students of high scholastic standing. OFFICERS Herald A. O ' Neill Dean Herbert Landon Clerk of the Exchequer Story Birdseye Tribune Sherman Ebbinchouse Orth Sisemore Vice-Dean Master of the Ritual Clark Eckart Clerk of the Rolls Arthur Giblin Bailiff FACULTY MEMBERS Dr. Arthur S. Beardslev Story Birdseye Laurence Booth Leo Brand Donald Butt Sherman Ebbinghouse Clark Eckart William Ballou Hugo Burns John Caley Granville Egan James Engler Jack Freeman Donald Gaines Arthur Giblin Gerald Hile William Clark John FitzGerald Prof. Vivian M. Carkeek MEMBERS Earl Holmes Herbert Landon Clarence Layton Stewart Lombard Carl Luckerath Byron Lutterman PLEDGES Earl Jackson Thomas Kinnev Howard Hedgecock William Luhman John Martin Herald A. O ' Neill Orth .Sisemore Donald Tunstall Gerald Van Amerongen Stanley elikanje Jess Mason Robert Maxwell William Ward PAGE 3 6 i Clampett, Johnson, Lockitch, Huey, I oble CETA ALPliA P§l National accounting professional founded at the University of Illinois in 1919; 13 chapters; Delta chapter chartered in 1921. Members are chosen from students in advanced accounting nho have high scholastic standing. OFFICERS Lyle Clampett President Rov W. H. Johnson Vice-President Robert A. Huey Treasurer Percy A. Lockitch Secretary Theron Noble Historian Donald F. Capen Carl S. Dakan O. E. Draper FACULTY MEMBERS H. E. Gregory Verner W. Johnson D. H. Mackenzie Howell C. Hopp Jasper M. McConahey F. C. Van de Walker A. W. Wann John Frank Campbel John Fordon Emniett Harrington George Hazel Ivan Jamison MEMBERS Humbert Martin Donald Morbeck Earl F. Parsons Joel Quickstad Clvde O. Risk Frank Ryan Frank P. Smith Howard Slinson Eugene Weber Keiuieth orlbington P (. h 3 6 9 Kurosaka, Furuya, ff atanabe, Tsuhuno, Suzukee, Takayoshi ruro-i Ai Japanese uomen students ' club organized at the University of Washington in 1925. Any Japanese tvoman attending the University is eligible for membership. OFFICERS Jean Y. Kurosaka President ToMi Tsukuno Corresponding Secretary KiMi Furuya Vice-President Sakae Suzukee Treasurer Teru Watanabe Recording Secretary Yurino Takayoshi Historian MEMBERS Hannah Kosaka Kazu Nakaseko Yuki Shimomae Yurino Takayoshi Jean Y. Kurosaka Hanna Okamura Sakae Suzukee Shizuko Tashiro Makie Kushi Sada Seki Chika Takahashi Tomi Tsukuno Teru Watanabe Yuki Watanabe Nobuko Yanagimaehi PLEDGES Sumiko Shimizu Sumi Shinozaki ALUMNAE Kikuye Otani Chive Shigemura Sumi Takai Iku Ariizumi Kimi Furuya Hana Ishigami Fujio Ariraa May Nishitani Mabel Nojiri Rae Ota Kiyo Arizumi Annie K. Nakabayashi Kay Suzuki Martha Yamashita Masako Takayoshi Tomi Yoshimura Tomi Tokuda Fusako Yoshioka Smith, Rupp, Luts, Tobin, Andreas GAMMA ALPHA CHI PAGE 370 National professional for women in advertising, founded at the University of Missouri in 1920; 5 chapters; Gamma chapter chartered at the University of Washington in 1925. Members are chosen from iipperclass women shoiving interest and proficiency in advertising, who are third degree Ad Club members. nFFICFRS Josephine Smith President Helen Luiz Secretary Virginia Rupp Vice-President Elizabeth Horstman Treasurer HONORARY MEMBERS Lila Arnold Ruth Grant Dorothy Brassington Doty Pauline Krenz GRADUATE MEMBERS Claire Drew Flora James Evelyn Remy MEMBERS Thelma Daniel Irene Nicholson Marjorie Tobin Myrtle Genung Virginia Rupp Lavelle Wilson Elizabeth Horstman Kathryn Schellinger Helen Lutz Josephine Smith ( Marjorie Sue Andrews Frances Bittner Ellen Clarke Striker. Shaffer, Guernsey HAMMER AND COmN Professional humorous publications fraternity organized at the University of Washington in 1919; 6 chapters. Three quarters of outstanding tvork on Columns, Washington ' s comic mag- azine, necessary for eligibility to membership. OFFICERS Kenneth Striker President Ralph Shaffer Vice-President Charles Guernsey Secretary-Treasurer Loraine Coy Pearl George HONOR.4RY MEMBERS Betty Pritchard Marjorie Spear Kathryn Schellinger June Pat Wetherell MEMBERS Irwin Blumenfeld diaries Guernsey Paul O ' Neil Ralpli C. Sliaffer Clarence Taylor Dudley Doe Marion Kelez Clyde Robinson Robert Showacre Paul Van Winkle Ross E. Farley Henry Kotkins Kenneth Striker Clarence Winberg Anderson, Sfiinn, Westfall ICTA SIGMA PI ± National chemistry professional founded at the University of Washington in 1911: 17 chapters. Members chosen from ivomen of excellent scholarship in science, ivlio have taken chemistry. OFFICERS LuciLE Anderson President Marjorie Westfall Secretary-Treasurer Helen Shinn Vice-President Harriet Lehman ...Corresponding Secretary FACULTY MEMBERS Mrs. Lena Hartge Harriet Lehman Ethel S. Radford Jennie Rowntree Olive Swain MEMBERS l.ucile .Anderson Clementina Evans .Abigail Poole Helen Shiini ..Anna Church Roberta McCorkell Maud Rice Marjorie eslfall pace 371 irnz-rf. Kelley. J oh rAPPA rAPPA psi National bandsman fraternity founded at Oklahoma Agriculture and Mines College in 1919. Gamma chapter chartered in 1919. OFFICERS Frederic E. Ward President Sterling E. Johnson Treasurer Howard Bloom Vice-President Richard Thymian Editor Thomas I. Kelley ...Secretary L. Everet Holgh Band Manager HONORARY MEMBER: Professor Albert P. Adams Maurice Andrew- Alfred F. Bennest J. Laurence Botsford C. Ted Brady Leo Brand Paul Davis Chester Duncan Clarence Dunn MEMBERS Norman Dunnells Karl Ernst S. L. Fredregill Julius D. Guintoni Maurice Hatch Byron Hay Irvin F. Heise Lathrop Herold illiam Holm Clinton Irving Robert Marriott Victor McClelland Robert Peratrovich Glenn Peterson Kenneth Sather inlon Southern J. Durwood Thayer Kenneth Troitzky Robert an L den Fred Walck Leslie Weedin Lloyd Wiehl Jack Wood Oslerman, Duncan, Turner, Johnson LAMPPA RHO Honorary art fraternity for icomen. founded at the University of Washington in 1917. Members are chosen from art students of high scholastic standing. OFFICERS Ruth Osterman President Hope Turner Secretary Marian Duncan Vice-President Virginia Johnson Treasurer PAGE 3 ; Edna Benson Helen Buck Maryhelen Byers Hope Foote Ermgard Adaraec Mary Alexander Ruth .Anderson Betty Berryman Catherine Deyette Marian Duncan _Kimi Furuya FACULTY MEMBERS Raymond Hill Ambrose Patterson Walter Isaacs Ruth Penington Morgan Padelford Dudley Pratt MEMBERS Pearl George Orpha Harrison Merdeces Hensley Vera Hopkins Lillian Hughes Vera Ingle Virginia Johnson Dorcas Leslie Arline Mahnken Leota Mattison Charlotte McDonald Helen Marie Nelson Helen Rhodes Florence Wood Eugenie Wornian W inifred Newman Ruth Osterman Dorothy Pamment Margaret Smith Hope Turner Edythe Williams Dorothy Woempner I Lhingston. Davia, Penillclan, Ben iamin PROPELLER CLUB The Propeller Club, joiinded in l ew York City, is an ' organization composed of men whose purpose it is " to promote, further and support an American Merchant Marine. " Student mem- bership is selected from those students having high scholastic standing and a keen interest in the field of Maritime Commerce. OFFICERS Donald Livingston President Kenneth H. Pendleton Secretary Nathaniel C. Davis Vice-President Frank Benjamin Treasurer F.4CVLTY MEMBERS Hubert A. Bauer Raymond F. Farwell James E. Gould MEMBERS Webster Anderson John F. Boothe John Blankenhorn Willis T. Darrow Malcolm Dickson Alec Duff Russ M. Groth Bill Hays Oliver Henderson Magnus Hoff Robert Howlett Leonard Janson Donald F. Johnson Thomas Jobs John Jordon Philip Luther Bill NePage H. K. Roberts Kenneth Sampson Walter Schreiber Dick Shorrett Watson Thornton Harwood Tibbits Robert D. Wilson Knox Woodruff Mort Woodward McDonald, Harris. Connelly CMICECN Nil Ji PACE 3 : National home economics sorority founded at the Michigan Agricultural College in 1912: 20 chapters; Omicron chapter chartered in 1922. Women of high scholastic sliuiding in home eco- nomics are elected to membership. OFFICERS Phyllis McDonald President Lsabel Harris Secretary Beth Ramsay Vice-President Martha Connelly Treasurer Hortense Miller Editor FACULTY MEMBERS A. Jeannette Bliss Grace G. Denny Fannie Polgieter Florence Quasi Effiel.Rain MEMBERS Hortense Miller Phyllis McDonald Beth Ranl ay Jennie 1. Rowntree Martha E. Dresslar Elizabeth Barringlon Martha Connelly .Jeannette Crum Dorothy Flint L ' -abel Harris Elizabeth Ho tman Miriam Scholl Eslher Simon Martha Sinyser Anna Zeeuw AeiV . if nodtvarit PAN ENI4 International foreign trade jralernily founded at the University of Washington in 1919; 13 chapters. Members are chosen from upperclassmen of high scholastic standing, ivho are pri- marily interested in foreign trade. OFFICERS Leroy Neill President Mortimer Woodward Secretary-Treasurer Dan Redden Vice-President Domemck Delaurenti Historian Dr. H. H. Gowen FACULTY MEMBERS Prof. R. F. Farwell Charles Batelle John Blankenhorn Joe Bowen Terence Bradshaw William Foster Vincent Galvin Jay Garvin Thomas Johs Domenick Delaurenti Thomas Kinney John Delaurenti John Krogstad MEMBERS Fred Maikawa Mark Mathewson LeRoy Neill James Opland Emil Porter Elliott Pulver Dr. M. M. Skinner Irvin Rahel Dan Redden Roal Robinson Leo Shulnian Griffith Steiner Harwood Tibbils Clarence Tobey Wesley Wilson Philip Wolgemuth James Woodford Mort Woodward Lee Worley Banks, Carl,, Plil ALPliA PELTA National law professional founded at the Chicago Latv School in 1897. Dunhar chapter organ- ized at the University of Washington in 1914. OFFICERS Newell Banks Justice George Nickell Treasurer Frank G.arbe Vice-Justice Felix Rea Marshal Merritt Jercins Clerk Patrick Guimont Historian FACULTY MEMBERS Prof. Leslie .Ayer Prof. Frank L. Mechem A. pace 3 : Newell Banks Hugh Benton, Jr. Charles Carey John Day Frank Garbe Patrick Guimont Edward Hamilton Clifford Hoof MEMBERS Sherman Huffine Merritt Jergins Llewellyn Jordan Robert Lytel James Macdonell Franklin Manning Alden Miller George Nickell .Allan Pomeroy Pelix Rea Elerv Van Diest Citrrnn, Sniihitp. Alhrt ' i ht. Dolphin PHI ALPHA RHO Catholic student uctiiily honorary organized at the Iniversily of Washington in 1927. Members are chosen from upper-class students ivho are prominent in Neuman Club and University ac- tivities. OFFICERS Bertrand ClRRAN President Mart Soukup Vice-President John Dolphin Treasurer Herta Albrecht Secretary Charles Sully Graduate Secretary MEMBERS Herta Albrecht Bertrand Curran Earl Holmes Laurence Booth John Dolphin Eileen MrHugh PLEDGES Bert Fitzniaurice Jack Sylvester Betty Russell Marl Soukup Mickeluait, If ' illis. Bunker, Hinkle Plil DELTA PHI International legal fraternity founded at the University of Michigan in 1869; 53 chapters; Bol- linger Inn chapter chartered in 1907. Membership based on high scholarship and character. OFFICERS Lowell Mickelwait Magister Mark F. Mathewson Historian Evans C. Bunker Reporter Van R. Hinkle Tribune Robert J. Willis Clerk Laurance A. Peters Gladiator MEMBERS Robert B. Albertson Van R. Hinkle Burke G. Barker Evans C. Bunker Grant G. Calhoun Forrest Cool George F. Davie Carl R. Heussy Owen P. Hughes Frank James, Jr. Edward E. Johnson Donn F. Lawwill Mark F. Malhewson John P. McGlinn Lowell Mickehvail Allen Orton Laurance A. Peters Earl Requa Richard Schacht Corwin P. Shank George E. Smith Ralph A. Smyihe Thorwald Tollefson Smith Troy James Williamson Robert J. Willis William W. Wilherspoon Charles Hunter PLEDGES De Forest Perkins Johnston, Evans, Jolley PHI LAMCDA LP ILCN National chemistry fraternity founded at the University of Illinois in 1899; 24 chapters; Epsilon chapter chartered in 1910. Members are chosen from men of high scholastic standing in chemistry. OFFICERS William R. Johnston President Theodore W. Evans Vice-President J. Irvin ; Jolley Secretary-Treasurer Dr. H.K.Benson Professor W. L. Beusclilein Dr. W. M. Dehn Mr. Joseph W. Lang FACULTY MEMBERS Dr. E. R. Norris Dr. S. G. Powell Dr. Rex J. Robinson Dr. V. Sivertz Dr. G. McP. Smilli Dr. H.V.Tartar Dr. T. G. Thompson MEMBERS Robert U. Bonner Frank Chan Bert Christensen Frank Conrad Theodore W. Evans Einar Flint Paul L. Gow John F. G. Hicks William R. Johnston J. Irvinji Jolley Gaynor Langsdorf Raymond L. Mitchell Bryan Rauschert Robert M. Reed Harold Schimke Keith Seymour Bertram Thomas Seldon P. Todd Harlan K. Usher Henrv Wirlh PACE 3 : (i Buzzard. Mtilnn, Ferriss, . i holson T. N. T. T. N. T., founded in 1930, jor the glorification of active Titian collegians. OFFICERS Bob Buzzard President Marion Ferriss Secretary-Treasurer Myrtle Malan Vice-President Mary Irene Nicholson Historian FACULTY MEMBER Dean Vernon McKenzie MEMBERS Bob Buzzard Marion Ferriss Sally Sue Allen Brick Carr Bill Hutchinson Gaynor Langsdorf I EJr INITIATES Edward Goble Loren Stone Marion Matthews PLEDGES Robert Sullivan Myrtle Malan Mary Irene Nicholson Jack Nance Elizabeth Summers Callnu. Hall. Indreus. I.iiesley PM ML GAMMA m- ' i ± V (; K .1 : National dramatic fraternity for women founded at Everson College of Oratory, Boston, Massa- chusetts, in 189S; 6 chapters: Zeta chapter chartered at the University of Washington in 1926. Members are chosen from students ivho have high scholastic standing and who have completed at least twenty-five credit hours in dramatics. OFFICERS Katherine Callow President Marjorie Sue .Andrews Secretary Esther Hall Vice-President Ethel Livesley Treasurer MEMBERS Katherine Callow Nancv Grimes Esther Hall Marjorie Sue Andrews Maxine Blakemore Ethel Livesley Virginia Opsvig Marian Cheney .Mary Grandifun PLEDGES Marjorie Herlsche Katherine llulrhiii .Abigail Patricia Liek Eh ' anore Planiondon Peterson, McGill, Gilbreath, Van Orsdall, Fulto PI LAMEDA TliETA Jf omen ' s national honorary in education, founded in 1917; 30 chapters: Zeta chapter chartered in 1917. Members are chosen from upper division and graduate uomen iiith high scholastic standing, uho are primarily interested in education. OFFICERS Inez H. Peterson President Matilda Gilbreath Keeper of Records Merrie p. McGill Vice-President Otie P. Van Orsdall Treasurer Lois Fulton Recording Secretary Stcanli, Dingle PI ML Clil Men ' s pre-medic fraternity organized at the University of fTashington in 1912. Members are chosen from upperclassmen iiith grades that average B or better, and icith qualities of leader- ship, personality, and character. OFFICERS Roy Swank President John Dingle Secretary-Treasurer page 3 - Dr. William Dehn Dr. John E. Guberlet Prof. Trevor Kincaid George Bradburn Sylvester Crines William Curtis John Dingle Rov Fisk . Wiilard Goff FACULTY MEMBERS Dr. R. C. Miller Dr. E. R. Novus George Hanson Reed Ingham George Kingston Carl Martin Charles McGill MEMBERS Hugh iuckels Frank Packard Edwin Rector Edwin Simmer Edgar Sizer Dr. E. V. Smith Dr. L. G. Thompson Dr. J. L. Worcester, Advisor Oscar Sorensen Roy Swank Bill Sweet Lawrence Townsend Philip Van Horn August Zoet Livingston, Ingersoll, Lindeman, Farrell SCADCARD AND ELADE Honorary militnry organization founded at the L niversity of W isconsin in 1904; 73 companies in seven regiments. Company I, Isl Regiment, at the University of ff ' ashington. chartered in 1913. OFFICERS Don Livingston Captain Phillip F. Lindeman Second Lieutenant Russell R. Ingersoll First Lieutenant Glenn M. Farrell First Sergeant FACILTY MEMBERS Captain James G. Cooper William E. Cox Captain L. P. Crini Major ' m. U. Frazier Dr. David C. Hall Lieutenant Christian Hildebrand Lieutenant Courtney P. Young Lieutenant Dean Luce Colonel Harrv T. Matthews Alfred Miller Captain Fred C. Milner Captain Harold R. Priest President M. Lyle Spencer MEMBERS Stephen C. Bacon Clifford A. Bartells Richard J. G. Boniar Robert G. Davis Glenn M. Farrell Par J. Gehring Nathaniel Haynes Russell R. Ingersoll Theodore A. Janssen Joseph C. Kinkead Joseph P. Landauer Gaynor H. Langsdorf Phillip F. Lindeman Donald Livingston Russell A. Phol Lars A. t ' lvestad Boril A. Rachmanoff Dan A. Ranney Kenneth F. Rol)ertson Paul F. Scharpenburg Henry J. Taylor ±. PACE 379 John Edwardson Wesley E. Farmer Edwin G. Ford PLEDGES Alfred R. Johnson alter R. Monroe Charles E. McMahon Charles H. Norris James J. Mellinger Roger C. Steimiger Lee Worley Henry T. Russell Otto H. Schrader. Jr. Daniel B. Trefelhen. Jr. P-: W|J ' %dii l linrnhnrt. Hitlrhfsan. ifrifihi. Blumenfeld m- ' Hi H " SIGMA DELTA CHI 7 ; Washington chap- have signified their ..Secretary .Treasurer Projessional journalism fraternity organized at DePauiv University in 190 ler chartered in 1909. Men of high scholastic standing in journalism, icho intention of entering the profession are eligible to membership. OFFICERS Tom B.4rnh. rt President Gordon Wright James Hutcheson Vice-President Irwin Blumenfeld FACULTY MEMBERS Byron Christian Robert W. Jones Fred W. Kennedy Vernon McKenzie M. Lyle Spencer MEMBERS Tom Barnhart Bice Cleniow William Gray Arthur S. Nelson Willard Bergh Virgil Cunningham James Hutcheson Welly Shibata Irwin Blumenfeld Glenn Uexter Berne Jacohsen Douglas Willix H. Milton Bona Archie Dingwall Richard Macfarlane J. Gordon Wright Wesley E. Farmer Tom Montgomery . Surherltn , Innilrr tferker SIGMA EPSILCN W omen ' s honorary allied medical fraternity founded at the University of Washington. Members are chosen from bacteriology, pre-medic and nursing majors tvith sixty hours B average. OFFICERS Dorothy Worcester President Anette Sutherlinc Treasurer Priscilla Story Vice-President Edith Vander Werker Secretary HONORARY MEMBERS Kathleen Leahy Mrs. E. Victor Smith Mrs. Elizabeth Soule MEMBERS Mrs. John Guberlet Mrs. M. Garhart Miss Evelyn Hall Mrs. M. Lyle Spencer Mrs. John Weinzirl Mrs. John L. Worcester :S Henrietta Adams Josephine Allen Margaret Church Ruth Cleveland Dorothea Dahlslrom Nellie Godfrey Julia Goodsell Elizabeth Gunn Joy Hirschman Elizabeth Jackson Helena Johnson Nellie Ruth Johnson Eleanor Johnson Mildred Jones Margaret Millay Kathryn Noble Urania Ostberg un Otl Lucille .Scott Priscilla Storey Frances Stanard Kalherine Thompson Edith Vander Werker Marcelline Welsh Helen Werby Charlotte Widrig Anne Louise Schieberger Dorothy Worcester Anette Sutherling PAGE 380 Br.ik.l. Hnnhli. Mill.r. L„ SIGMA ETA Clil A sorority for Congregational women founded at Ohio State University in 1923 ; 6 chapters ; Gamma chapter chartered in 1927. OFFICERS Louise Brakel President Grace Rark; Chaplain Mariana Bartlett Vice-President Elizabeth Wills Historian Hortense Miller Secretary Betty Boyd Marshall Myrtle Blrdick ...Corresponding Secretary Hortense Miller Editor AiMELiE LoRi c Treasurer Mrs. William Steinincer Sponsor MEMBERS Lucille Arnold Myrtle Burdick Carolyn Hopkins Charlotte Randall Jeannette Smith Mariana Bartlett Louise Dalton .Amelia Loring Helen Randall Irene Stewart Mary Brakel Leona Ferch Florence Merrin Grace Rarig Glo Tenney Betty Busby Dorothy Hougland Elizabeth Mills Barbara Reed Dorothy Tinker Louise Brakel Gertrude Hoppe Lillian McPherson Eloise Selden Harriet White Bettv Butler Hortense Miller Hattie Weed SCI CRIA GiUhouse, Anderson, Ouen, McEoun, Pearson Mature uomen ' s orsianization founded at the University of Washington in ship includes undergraduates, graduates, teaching fellows, and those ivho h lege for some time and have returned to audit courses. MEMBERS 1910. The member- ave been out of col- J Mrs. R. Gillhouse President Mrs. Grace Clark Vice-President Mrs. Hazel Owen Treasurer Mrs. M. Pearson Historical Secretary Miss H. R. .Anderson Recording Secretary Miss M. McEown Corresponding Secretary .Agnes E. .Aiken Verna E. Curtis H. E. Hall Mrs. E. .Anderson Mrs. C. Doyle May Hurd H. R. Anderson Mrs. J. T. DeWitt Johanna .Arps Mrs. L. E Mrs. M. Loncenbauch ( Mrs. B. Furry Mrs. .a. Lesh | Mrs. DeWitt ) Mrs. Lechner ) Miss Paine | Mrs. Pearson J Mrs. H. B. Moller Mrs. R. B. Moose Florence Laurent M. McEo»n ; Mr?. Anna Amundsen Lesh Program Committee Publicity ..Membership Mrs. F. G. Carpenter Mrs. B. Furry Mrs. M. Longenbaugh Grace Clark Mrs. R. Gillhouse Mrs. R. Lechner Carol E ' alne Miss C. Culmsee M. .A. Goertz Mrs. H. Owen Dorothy Massie B.Graham Florence Mackay Mabel Pearson Mrs. E. G. Preston Mrs. G. Sebbald Mrs. L. C. Tewell Maud V,eU Clara Vi ' illianis Mrs. H. !t ' ilson Mrs. S. M. Wolfe A (. K J « 1 Anderson, Pebbles, Ingham SPirED SHOE CLUB Trackmen ' s honorary founded al the University of Washiniston in 1926. OFFICERS Steve Anderson President Harold Pebbles Vice-President Reed Ingham Secretary Fenwick Riley Treasurer HONORARY AND FACULTY MEMBERS Hec Edmundsoii Dr. D. C. Hall George Varnell Steve Anderson Robert Bale Edward Burns Charles Clarkson Jack Cram Elmer Cults Gordon Dodds Ed Genung Talbot Hartley Nat Haynes Reed Ingham Paul Jessup Jack Johns Rufus Kiser MEMBERS Caynor Langsdorf Vernon Mantle Arthur Nelson George Nickell Harold Pebbles Crosby Pendleton Lester Pettit fe ' :. :: Julius Remstodt Robert Reed Fenwick Riley Elbert Sellers Philip Short Smith Troy Girton iereck Keilh Whiting tf%:u lti... . J .Alii Henderson. Ames. Malheson. Ford. Born WOMEN ' S GOIE CLLB Organized al University of Washington in 1928. OFFICERS Katherine Henderson President Audrey Ames Vice-President Catherine Ford Cornelia Matheson Secretary Jean Born Treasurer . Publicity Manager Tin MEMBERS Audrey Ames Jean Born ■ Catherine Ford Bea Caches Miss Helmick Katherine Henderson Retha Hicks Florence Johnstone Cornelia Matheson Virginia Parrish Eleanor Stark Jane Washburn PAGE 38; Todd, Asher, Moore THETA SIGMA Plil Women ' s national professional journalism fraternity founded at the University of Washington in 1909. High scholastic average, professional ability in journalism, and successful publication of material in a magazine or neuspaper are essential qualifications for membership. OFFICERS Sally Todd President Vircinu Friese Treasurer Kathryn Asher , Vice-President Margaret Moore Secretary MEMBERS Kalherine Asher Betheiie Burch Virginia Friese Sally Todd Mari Brattain Marion Ferriss Blanche Gordon Katherine Willis Margaret von Alvensleben I ' fiir iin. Jones, tU Litfk, Allen WASHIN6T0N ATELIER Club founded for architecture students at the I niversity of ff ' ashinglon in 1914. Members are chosen from those students tvho have had one year of design work. OFFICERS Charles T. Pearson President Flora .•Vllen Secretary Charles Jones Vice-President Elso Di Luck Treasurer FACULTY MEMBERS Lancelot Gowen Arthur P. Herrman Richard J. Pearce Lionel . Priest Harlan Thomas SEMOR MEMBERS Donald Brunson AdoI|)li Engstroni Arnold Campbell William Fox M. Simon Capeloto Edward Graef Frank Cleinmer Charles Jones Merle Kibbe S allaee Litchfield Flora Allen Mary Boykin George H. Davis Elso Di Luck Emil Ander on K. B. Ander oM William Carleloii Max Dawes Robert Fuller Alex Galitzin Gerald Harrington Mta Jacob: Law rence Hauser Haruo Hirota Harold Hovind Simon Hurwitz JUMOR MEMBERS Ernest Hennessy Harold Monson R. Bruce Hopkins J. C. Moore. Jr. Earle Niemeyer Charles T. Pearson Herbert Strav Harrv K. W olfe Fred Ogura Richard Day Frank Dever vonne Giroux Don (iochnour J. C. Herron SOPHOMORE MEMBERS Perry Johanson Doug McFarlan C. McDonald Harry Nordquist Rosa Palacio arren Pollock K. .S.Ripley John Schack Carl Skooglund Henry Olschew sky Ernest Scowrroft Marcus Stedman Harold Ytterdal W. Redmon Stout Donald Williams Catherine tiodnian Edward oung Condon, Rapraeper, Penick, Klemme l SIGMA PI National forestry honorary fraternity; 9 chapters; founded at University of ffashington in 1908. OFFICERS Robert Condon Forester Red Penick Secretary-Fiscal Agent Elmer Rapraeger Associate Forester Marvin Klemme Ranger J. L. Alexander Eric Anderson Robert W. Condon George C. Flanagan FACULTY MEMBERS Axel J. F. Brandstrom Bror L. Grondal Elias T. Clark Burt P. KirkJand MEMBERS Richard Harris William G. Palmroth Marvin Klemme Red Penick William G. Morris Elmer Rapraeger Hugo Winkenwerder Daniel P. Rosted Albert B. Schellin Whitney S. Wilson Kenyon, Copenhagen, fiurns ZETA ML TAL Mathematics honorary, founded at the University of Washington in 1927. Membership requires a scholastic average of 8. with mathematics grades counting one-half the total. OFFICERS Margaret Kenyon President Helen Copenhagen Secretary Jack Mackev Vice-President Bartlett Burns Treasurer FACULTY MEMBERS Dr. A. F. Carpenter Dr. R. E. Moritz Dr. R.M. Winger GRADUATE MEMBERS B. E. Christenson Paul Gow John Hicks J. L. Hoard Seldon Todd Editli Gideon Martha Hardy Selby Skinner Henry Wirth UNDERGRADUATE MEMBERS Lewis Berger Marion Duncan Headlee Lamprey Donald McClarren Maynard Pennell Helen Copenhagen Margaret Kenyon Gaynor Langsdorf Jack Mackev Elizabeth Vaughan J. P. Dean John Keiley Herbert Loop Charles Norris Silvia Vopni PAGE 381 H. Slone, Dillinpha Alhrechr, Price, L. Stone XL CLUB National Advertisins; Club founded at the University of Washinixton in 1922: 4 chapters. Any student interested in advertising is eligible for membership. OFFICERS Harold Stone President Walter Dillingham Vice-President Herta Albrecht Secretary Russell Price Treasurer Loren Stone Business Manager pace 3 ( Mary Abramowitz Dorothy Adjutant Elsie Albrecht Herta Albrecht Ruth Alexander Sally Sue Allen Marjorie Sue Andrews Cedor Aronow Richard Atwood Eleanor Austin Gertrude Austin Vera Banks Eleanor Bunta John Barthrop Gladys Bartlelt Helen Bell Hope Benton Francis Berolski Frances Bittner Irwin Blumenfeld Milt Bona Bea Bond Patsy Briggs Marion Brooks Rachel Brown Catherine Buntin Howard Burroughs Katherine Burrow Betty Lee Burt Marguerite Butler Richard Butler Freda Carrol Helen Carscadden John Cartano Stewart Cato Dorothy Chaplin Elizabeth Clark Ellen Clark Virginia Clark Elizabeth Clay Dorothy Cline Richard Cutler Thelnia Daniel George Day Beriiice Dietz Dorothy Dodds James Dootson Elinor Driscoll William Dunks Madge Dunn Ernest Ebert Trevor Evans Lila Erving MEMBERS Lela May Ketchum Florence Killduff Virginia King Adolph Koch Henry Kolkins Ernest Kuhn Alice Lawrence Genevieve Levinson Richard Levy Amelia Loring Madele Helen FViedman Byron Lyman Myrtle Genung Pearl George Beryl Dee Glasgow Eileen Gormley Mary Graves Charles Guernsey Lewis Hamm Belva Harris Will Hays Ruth Heinss Nellie Heritage David Hervey Ruth Hileman Gertrude Hill illiam Hines Ruth Holten Bob Holloway Alice Horstman Elizabeth Horstman Stan Hovland Bill Howard Sadie Hurwitz Ruth James Leonard Jensen Kathleen Johnson Carol Jones Madeline Jones Helen Kane Barrett Kane Robert Keene Virginia Kemaly Farlvn Kennedy Beatrice Manier Dorothy Manchester Mary Marrow- Alec Matthews Betty Maxson Eleanor McBarron Pauline McClain Mary McCormack Janet McFate Eileen McHugh Helen McKenney Richard McMahon Geraldine Meen Francis Milward Neva Mitchell Eileen Monks Leslie Montfort Margaret Moore Miriam Morgan Charlotte Nelson Ellena Nelson Irene Nicholson Ethel Parsons Florence Paulson Russell Price Betty Pritchard Virginia Rupp Gor loii Samuelson Alice San dell Ethel Sargent Elizabeth Seelye Winlhrop Seelye Richard Seller Kalhryn Schellinger Robert Showacre Bernard Sigafoos Marjorie Skemp Josephine Smith Marie Smith Helen Solberg Marjorie Spear Deborah Sprague Eleanor Stark Marjorie Steuk Chris Stevenson Ethel Stone Harold Stone Loren Stone Catherine Sloner Max Stuart Betty Taylor Elizabeth Taylor Ionia Tefft Dorothy Tennant Harry Thompson Norman Thompson Roy Thompson Marjorie Tobin John Toner Margaret Toner Louise Treen Mary Elizabeth Trimble Crawford Turnbull Katherine Warren Shailer Webster Mildred Welsh June Pal etherell Lenore White Louise Whitehead Charlie Williams Lavelle Wilson Clarence ' inberg Frances Vt ' inter Josephine W iseman Gordon Vi right Betty Wynne Kinkenri, Jolley AMMCNI SCCII Professional chemistry fraternity founded at the University of Washington in 1920. Its members are chosen from the Sophomore class in the department of chemistry. OFFICERS Thomas Liston President Calvin Kinkead Vice-President Irving Jolley FACULTY MEMBERS Dr. H. K. Benson J. W. Lang Dr. Rex J. Robinson W. L. Beuschlein Dr. S. G. Powell Dr. V. .Sivertz GRADUATE MEMBERS Paul Gow John F. G. Hicks, Jr. Seldon P. Todd Henry Wirth MEMBERS William B. Gorlnitt J. Irving Jolley Thomas Albin Jay Augustin Ray Bontemps Stephen Brown Robert Bussabarger Phillip Callahan Henry Charnell Donald Doane Fred Dougherty George Douglas Clarence Dunn Einar Flint Warren Floyd Harrv Garrison Lewis Harris John Healy Iver Igelsrud Robert Johnson William Johnston Calvin Kinkead Gaynor Langsdor Thomas Liston Frank May Frank McKinlay George Nelson .. Secretary-Treasurer Dr. H. V. Tartar Dr. T. G. Thompson Calvert C. Wright Quintin Peniston Henry Sangder Lewis Schwager Harvey Schwarz Winston Scott Edward F. Stevens Adolph Tratnik Hammer, elson. Htirlbut, Henry A. I. E. E. National organization founded in Chicago, Illinois, in 1914. for upperclassmen in Electrical Engineering. K. E. Hammer J. M. Nelson .... H. C. Hurlbut . pace .386 G. L. Hoard T.C.Bong R. M. Boyles F. E. Buckman J.E. Burrell R. J. Carlson OFFICERS Chairman J. E. Burrell. Vice-Chairman ( Secretary-Treasurer Ev Henry (FallQuarteri G. L. Hoard . FACULTY MEMBERS E. A. Loew C. E. Magnusson MEMBERS M. Getchell C. W. Lund Halverson K. E. Hammer H. C. Hurlbut H. Elierbeck D. R. Johnson D. Garrison R. L. Kettenrin Secretary-Treasurer Winter and Spring Quarters ) Junior Representative Councilor R. E. Lindblom C. Danner R. Dawson DeGarmo C. Dovle E. T. J.M. Mackev D. W. McClarren V. C. Miner D.J. Moore P. L. Morton G. R. Shuck J. K. Moroto J. M. Nelson C. S. Sargent R. M. Scott R. Smith H. N. Steen G. S. Smith W. M. Strohl H. M. Thomson S. G. Ureta L. Waldorf K. S. ' vnian mH8-- " ' ' : ' :: ' r ' M if inber , Wiseman. SltotucU AXE AND GRINDSTONE Columns activity or ianizntinn founded at the University of Washington in 1921. Initiates are chosen from the group of underclass representatives to tchich each organized house on the campus appoints tivo persons. OFFICERS Clarence Winberc President Bud Hamm Vice-President Bernardine Wiseman Secretary Harvey Shotwell Treasurer MEMBERS Mary Bonny Anderson Mabel Benson Thelma Beck John Bixby John F. Boothe Melvin Borgerson Kelchell Campbell Mary Cass Catherine Chinn Larry Cohen Natus Collins Philip Crapo Louise Davis Eleanor Daviscourt Donald Dawson allace B. Dinion Margaret Dinkham William Driver Conrad Dyer Joan Elliot Golan Epling Lila Erwing Lillian Espiland Clavton Farrell Paul Flint Frank Ra P ' uller Lucille Garnett Dorothy Halverson Bud Hamni Dorothea Hegg Nellie Heritage Dorothy Hvatuni Lucile Keeney Ernest Kuhn Marion Lea Alva Le Sourd Joe Markoff Isobel McCarlhv Pat McClure T. Linton Murray Marion North Ursula Ovilt Genevieve Parson Kalhryn Phillips Helen Pickerell Evelyn Richards Betty Seelye Dorothy Sproule Evelyn Stout Helen Steers Happy Taylor Laurence Turnbull Violet Kay Walters Genevieve Warren Charles Williams Bernice Williger Jean Wilson Clarence W inberg illiam S rede ' " d idb Boundy. Ballaine. Repling COHPA AND CHART Naval jraternity jounded at the University of Washington in 1927. OFFICERS J. W . Boundy President C. R. Racsdale Secretary J. F. Ballaine Vice-President J. L. Replinger Treasurer HONORARY MEMBERS Rear Admiral H. J. Zigemeier, U. S. N. Lieut. Commander G. D. Grant, U. S. N. R. Commander W. B. Allison, U. S. N. R. Lieutenant A. H. Middleton, U. S. N. R. SENIOR MEMBERS DeGarmo C. A. Johnson R. L. Kettenring H. F. Lundstrom M. S. Tronslad V.Green W.C.Johnson C. F. Letson J.C.Moore C. A. Ulsh G. Holgate J. D. Keller B. H. Lindnian K. H. P. Swenson JUNIOR MEMBERS O. E. Henderson F. K. Orvis K. T. Akey 1 J. W. Boundv t V. A. Floberg ( T. B. Albin H. C. Avers J. F. Ballaine D. O. Behurst N.G.Bell H. A. Burroughs A. J. Carlson O. K. Chapman J. A. Adams F. H. Armstrong E. A. Babbitt R. E. Becket F. Bishop R. A. Brownell C. L. Bushell A. C. Carlson W. L. Carlson M. Aitkin G.W. Albin V. N. Baldwin J. D. Bading R. A. Bennett G. A. Bracket t E. M. Brown C. F. Burdic W. G. Burbank E. G. Burton E. C. Burglehaus R. A. Cadnian C. J. Carlson O. M. Carter R. F. Clav D. K. Cosbv F. B. Doherty S. Fleming CM. Fligg A. F. Ghiglione D. G. Gill T. L. Hartley W. H. Howe W. J. James K. G. Johnson G. O. Nelson G. P. Nelson J. K. Odegard L. H. Owens R. H. Paulus C.R. Ragsdale J. L. Replinger F. B. Risser W. H. Schuh SOPHOMORE MEMBERS D. Chaddock G. F. Crowe R. M. Day F. R. Dili F. A. Ferguson N. L. Field F. George R. L. Hacker W. H. Hadlev D. F. Hanson C. W. Hauge E. Hauser H.J. Hixon M.Hoff M. H. Hubbell F. Huev J. W. James F. R. Jansen A. R.Johnson R. E. Johnson R. H. Lundell W. A. Meacham K. H. Pendleton K. B. Reese K. H. Rhuddy J. A. Soderberg V. B. Staadecker F. M. Stanley FRESHMAN MEMBERS C. R J. C. L W G. W (; A J. R. R. A. K. R.Clifton K. Cockey A. Cook B. Couchman E. Davis . C. Dovle M. Drake . M. Everitt . S. Fadden . J. Favero F. Finucane . E. Fitzgerald .J. Folk . P. Gardiner W. Gerstniann PAGE 388 L. E. Goodrich W. P. Hartung W. A. Hibl s F. E. Hill R. P. Holnian F. T. Ingram I). Johnson V. F. Johnson B.B.Keith W. A. Lagerquist T. R. Lanktord O. G. LaMoite C. F. Leitz A. D. Lew R. W. Luther R. W. McCament W. M. McClov W. W. Macfarlane C.H.Moork R. E. Mumford M. P. Hunter J. S. NcPage H.C.Nelson G. H. Ogden G. Orlob R. E. Purves H. T. Richmond ■« . J. Rovea I.J.Sanciell J. W. Sandusky T. H. Sarchin H. W. Spalding C. H. Swanson P. H. Verd R. L. Wahlborg C. M. Williams J.K.Woodruff J. M. Wvckoff A. D. Yost J. E. Steinbrueck V. E. Steinbrueck R. L. Stewart H. L. Stone E. G. Taylor F. W. Valley W. S. Thornton W. F. Werberger A. R. Zingmark E. C. Sherman J. E. Soderstroni J. W. Sweet L. A. Thompson J. M. Thornton J.G.Turbilt C. J. anDonge J. M. Walthew L. C. White R.J.Wiester J. W. Wilson R. R. Yeaman C.J. Young J. C. Young W. M. Ziebell inHHb £ m— Anderson, Tartiir, Marks HOME ECCNOMICS CLUB An organization for students majoring in home economics, founded at the I niversity of Wash- ington in 1910. OFFICERS Alice Anderson President Rosamond Wentworth Vice-President Virginia Tartar Secretary Madlaine Marks Treasurer A. Jeanette Bliss Faculty Adviser COMMITTEE CHAIRMEN Madlaine Marks Finance Janet Smith Publicity Ruth Evans Social Betz, Dreufs, Medock DELTSCHER VEREIN In 19(16 the German Club of the University of Jfashington wits organized to promote interest in the German language, in German culture tmd in German life. Membership is open to any stu- dent studying German. OFFICERS Gerard Betz President Alice Oettel Vice-President Helen Drewfs Secretary Frederick Medock Treasurer F.4CLLTY MEMBERS JHm F elice Ankele Dr. E. O. Eckelnian Dr. J. H. (ircih Dr. F. W. Meisnest Ottilie Terzieff jfr Elenora Wesner PAGE 3 » ' ) i i Dixon, MrMuUen, Nichols PHI Ht ALPHA National honorary music fraternity founded at the New England Conservatory of Music in 1898; Sigma chapter chartered in 1921. The aim of Phi Mu Alpha is to maintain American musical ideals and to encourage students of music to further endeavor. OFFICERS Gordon Dixon President Donald Bushell Vice-President Lyle McMullen Secretary-Treasurer BvRON Nichols Historian FACULTY MEMBERS Prof. R. M. Blake John Conway Prof. Edwin G. Cox Prof. H. B. Densmore Dean I. M. Glen Prof. Chas. W. Lawrence George McKay Francis McKay Prof. Moritz Rosen Dean Willis Uhl W. C. Welke Walter Whittlesey Prof. Carl Paige Wood MEMBERS Claude Berg Edward Bourke Franz Brodine Donald Bushell Gordon Dixon Frank Kernohan Victor McClelland Lyle McMullen Byron Nichols Franklin Peters Lauren Rhoades Loyd Simpson Stewart Smith Glen Starr PACE 3 9 II Stitherling, Simpson, Eitel NLRSEr CLUB Orfianized at the University of Washington in 1922, for students majoring in nursing education. OFFICERS Anette Sutherling President Mary Anne Eitel Secretary Margaret Simpson Vice-President Lillian Condon Treasurer Henrietta Adams FACULTY MEMBERS Kathleen M. Leahy- Elizabeth S. Soule MEMBERS Ruth Baird Gladys Berk Elizabeth Boyle Harriet Bradsha« Edith Brown Lillian Condon Mary Coolidge Elsie Eknal Edna Eistad Mary Eitel Dorothy Findlay Mrs. M. Fulton Olga Goplan Ruth Grant Blanche Hale Miss Harkman Sally Hutman Charlotte Jamieson Ella Jarvinaki Miss Leahy Julia Lovegren George Major Audrey McClear Alice McKay Alice Parfitt Katherine Parrish Thelma Rounds Katherine Sears Garnet Stone Masko Takioshi Lillian Upham Edith V ' ander Werker Marcelline Welsh Rector, Johnson PRE-MEDIC CELB An organization for students majoring in. or interested in pre-medics, founded at the University of Washington in 1919. OFFICERS Ed Rector President Eleanor Johnson Secretary-Treasurer !• (. K J •! 1 I Bobson, Stualley. Magoon, Cooper, Babcock, Bryant PHYSICAL EDUCATION CILB Professional physical education club for women, organized at the University of Jf ' ashinglon in 1910. All ivomen majoring or minoring in physical education are eligible for membership. OFFICERS Florence Tennant President Mary Macoon Secretary Marjorie Bobson Vice-President Margaret Cooper Treasurer Velda P. Cundiff Marv Aid DeVries FACULTY MEMBERS Margaret Duncan Marv E. Gross Leone Helmich Marion Martin Jane McGownd C. E. Spencer MEMBERS Lola Babcock Charlotte Bauman Thelma Beck Marjorie Bobson Lillian Bond Norma Brown Carolyn Bryant Louise Caldwell Louise Case Agnes Chambers Florence Choiniere Beulah Clark Pernina Collins Louise Cooper Margaret Cooper Virginia Davidson Martha Davis Norma Davis Estelle Director Verna Dunbar Dorothy Duncan Mildred Ann Dunn Uwarda Egley Frieda Foth Margaret Fonts Florence Fox Virginia Friend Kalherine Gerum Lorna Lee Goff Ernestine Goff Mona Harrington Irene Harris Dora Hergert Margaret Holtzheimer Lillian Jacobs Laura Lee Keays Jane Kenyon Helen Klock Gladys Koehne Gladys Leak Doris Lemon Alice Lopp Sarah Luch Dorothy Lund Mary Magoon Fern Massie Blanche Maust Margaret Mendell Caroline Mohr Jeanne Myers Edith Nelson Laura Nelson Harriet Orvis Dorothy Robinson Katherine Rogers Rose Soherini Ruth Stwalley Yurino Takayoshi Estelle Teitgen Catherine LIrbanek Luell Weed Sybil Wilcox Irma Zinlheo PLEDGES Marjorie Anderson Mary Brownhill Elizabeth Clark Ruth Clithero Selnia Doumit Alberta Edmonds Martha Garrett Louise Grant Wilma Nell Harmony Leona Huber Beryl Inimenrath Thelma Kinsman Tommy Lee Nancy McFate Hazel McKenna Ida Montague Dorothea Ritchie Mildred Rowntree Aurelia Sparks Helen Steen Ethel Stone Jean Stone Margery Trueworthy Dorothv White page i i: Hn Uey. iSaher. Clarke. Kelchum WOMEN ' S VOCATIONAL CLUB Organized by iiomen stiidenls in the College of Business Administrntion in 1927, to promote professional and vocational work in varied fields. OFFICERS Elsie Jane Hadley President Ellen Clarke Treasurer Marion Baker Vice-President Lela Ketchum Secretary Ruth A. Grant Faculty Adviser COMMITTEE CH.4IRME Vera Hlmphries Membership Dorothy Miller Fellowship Herta Albrecht Social Verna Jensen Recreational Mary Dwyer Publicity Helen Kendler Emblem Florence Johnstone Senior Adviser VOCATIONAL CHAIRMEN Marion Baker General Chairman Accounting Jean Olsen Commercial Teaching Mary Agatha Dwyer Advertising Elsa Pfisterer Foreign Trade Eleanor Rose Barton Banking Dorothy Adjutant Merchandising Adelaide Loder Secretarial Training Rosenberg, Bolton WASHINGTON PLATERT Active dramatic honorary, of Washington, 1930. concerned with actual production. Charter year at the University OFFICERS Daniel V. Rosenburc President Elsie Mattison Virginia Opsvic Vice-President Ray Mines Marjorie Hertsche Tryout Chairman James Hicken .... George Bolton Secretary Charles Norris John Kerr Treasurer MEMBERS . Costume Mistress Stage Manager Electrician . Student Dramatic Manager A Katherine .Austin Don Beatty Marion Cheney Trevor Evans Don Farley _Margaret Fitzgerald Mary Grand jean Everett Gray Royal Gunnison Katherine Hutchins Eduard Jinniver Roger Joseph Harry Kemple Virginia Ledbeller Jean Little - lyene Miller Thelma Packard .Vugust Pantages William Robertson Caro Mav Sawver Dick Selier Elizabeth Summers Sally Sue Tiile .Alex inslon P A (; E 3 3 Pnrkarii, Henderson , Miller • M. C« A. Men ' s All-University Christian service organization. Membership based on adherence to the Y. M. C. A. purpose of promoting the " Carrying of religion into the life situation. " Herbert L. Seama.ns General Secretary Floyd E. Carlson Assistant Secretary Dave Henderson Sheridan Berlhiaume ST DE T BOARD OF DIRECTORS Frank Packard President Secretary IS ' eal Miller Leo Galima John Cartano Treasurer Robert Hill 1 FROSH COUNCIL EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE Hilton Talbot Chairman G. Albert Hill Ernest Estes Vice-Chairman Gerrv Harader Secretary Ted White COMMITTEE CHAIRMEN Howard Kiehlbauch World Fellowship Claire Boys Social Robert Hill Publicity Merrill Jensen House Ross Van Woert Athletics John Trullinger Hi-Y Relations Maurice Setzer Discussion Groups Maynard Pennell Membership A. Harold Lancour Religious Education Charles Strother Bovs ' Work Girton Viereck Financ PAGE 314 Frank S. Bavlev A. S. Elford John H. Fawcett Dr. M. N. Garhart Gaynor H. Langsdorf BOARD OF TRUSTEES Herbert S. Little James E. McRae E. S. Meany M. Evan Morgan F. M. Padelford Mavnard L. Pennell John H. Reid H. L. Seamans Henry Elliott. Jr. Francis G. Wilson Broetje. Prilchard, Paulson CAMPUS CliPISTIAN COLNCIl To promote cooperation among the various Christian organizations on the campus and to assist in the coordination of their programs, the Campus Christian Council uns organized at the Lni- versity of Washington in 1925. Each of the Christian groups appoints two members as its rep- resentatives. OFFICERS Arthlr Broetje President Molly Pritchard Vice-President Florence Paulson Secretary-Treasurer Rev. M. E. Bollen Rev. Otto Bremer ADf ' ISORY MEMBERS Rev. Ray E. Dew Rev. J. R. Faf iiett Louise Fleming Herbert Seaniai Rev. William Steiiiiger Rev. Craig Whitsitt Bethany Club Jack Buford Ruth James MEMBERS Y.M.C.A. Sheridan Bertbiaume Girton Viereck Roger ff illinms Club Neal Miller Ruby Richardson ±L p A (; E 3 I) ; Pilgrim Club Allen Potter Dorot hy Tinker Ifesley Club Dorothea Blair Howard Kidbanck Inkwell Club Arnold Lubaik Florence Paulson ffestminster Club Arthur Broetje William Norwood Y.ff-.C.A. Gladys Bartlett Moll Prilchard Davis, Parfitr BETHANy CLUB An organization for all students attending Christian churches. Founded at the University of Washington in 1926. OFFICERS Robert Davis President R " , C. James } s,„j,„j Representatives Mildred Locg Vice-President Jack W. Buford Alice Parfitt Secretary Mildred Gulp .... Social Committee Chairman Frank Shaw Treasurer Laverne Kurtzer Devotional Chairman MEMBERS : Fred Anderson Mary Armour Florence Bache Ethel Beck Weldon Beeler Clare Berlin Lenore Berlin Ward Bowman Jack Buford Roger Burrows John Canney Charles Clarkson Kristina Clarkson Les Conrad Portia Crosbie Mildred Culp Florence Cumbo Beverly Dack Anne Dangremond Harold Davis Robert Davis Paul DeGarmo Howard Dudley Donald Duke Charles Durgan Eleanor Fargher A. H. Frey George Garber Lewis Graves Eleanore Gulbrandsen Gertrude Gundlach Elizabeth Hatfield Gerould Harader Dorothy Harvin Jean Hazen Nellie Heritage Donald Hilding Maxine Hornbeck Dorothy Hougland Margaret Howard Mary Howard Julius Jacobs John W.James Margaret James Ruth C. James Ferg Jansen Carlton Jencks Myra Johnson Bernice Jones Clarice Kaiser Mary Kaiser Kathryn Keylon Aylsworth Kleihauer Lana Kurtzer Laverne Kurtzer Louis Larson Margaret Leppard Ruth Lingenfelter Mildred Logg Mildred McGinnis Edith McGinnis William J. Macfadyen Kermit Williams Robert Wright Mary Christina Marrow Blair Martin Jesse Mason Leota Meeks Myrtle Meeks Dick Merrin Roderick Miller Mary Elizabeth Miller .Alice Murray Janice Myler Le Roy Nelson Joseph H. Norman Alice Parfitt Gail Parfitt Marjorie Pearson Natalie Pierce Mildred Read Ruth Richardson Rachel Sealls Frank Shaw May Sleeman Frances Stauffer Doris Strattoii Pearl Swanberg Lucille Thompson Virginia Thompson John Turbitt William Turbitt Michael Wallace Ed Westby Ruth Yerden PAGE 396 I ' aikortl. Oisitho, dnrlson, Kuroffaka JAPAN SOCIETy Charier Membership of the Japan Society of the University of Washington Founded February 11, 1930. by Gayiior Langsdorf. Frank Parkard. Jean Kurosaka, Ethel Middleton. Mr. A. E. Holden. Prof. R. D. McKenzie and Douglas Willix. Purpose: " To promote friendly relationships betiveen Japanese and American students of the University of If ashinfiton, and to diffuse among the student body a more accurate knoivledge of the people of Japan, their cultural background, their ideals, arts, sciences, industries and eco- nomic conditions. " OFFICERS Frank Packard President George Otsubo Vice-President Floyd Carlson Vice-President Jean Kurosaka Secretary Dr. M. Lyle Spencer Mr. J. W. Spangler HONORARY MEMBERS Mr. Suemasa Okamoto Mr. A. E. Holden Dr. Herbert H. Gowen Prof. Edniond S. Meanv Prof. R. D. McKenzie Prof. C. W. Lawrence Prof. N. M. Skinner FACVLTY MEMBERS Prof. Trevor Kincaid Prof. Maurice T. Price Prof. Clark E. Bissett Dr. H. B. Woolston Prof. Eldon Griffin Mr. Herbert T. Condon Dean David Thomson Dean R. G. Tyler John Ashby Conway MEMBERS Sally Sue Allen Joe Bowen Ellen Bungay Ervin Byrne John Cartano Helen Coburn Kimi Furuya Peggy Anne Griffiths Horace Harby Belva Harris Lawrence Hauser Joe Hirakawa Marvin Klemme Gaynor Langsdorf Wilbur Lawrence Mildred Logg Myrtle Malan Violet Megrew Ethel Middleton Grant Murphy Shigiaki Ninonieya Ichiro Notosaka Maynard Peiniell Eleanor Pinkham Grace Robinson Ellen Rowland ' S ' elly Shil)ata Louise F. Stevens Margaret Slinchfield John Trullinger Tomi Tsukuno Douglas Willix p a ; E 3 d 1 i Soukup, Plantondon. Leik. Radovan NEWMAN CLLB Catholic students ' club, founded at the L niiersity oj Washington in 1910. Membership is open to nil Catholic students in the I ' niversity. The purpose of the club is to foster the spiritual life of the students, their religious instruction, and their social life. OFFICERS Mart Soukup President Elean ' ore Plamondon Vice-President J. Grattan O ' Bryan Faculty Adviser Abigail Leik Secretary Reverend Father Rice Chaplain Anna Marie Radovan Treasurer Anna E. Storey Field Secretary In Sertoli, Porter, Smith MAX GARRETT CEtB Tvri A club for students of the University ivho are members of the Episcopal church, organized at the University of Washington in 1928. OFFICERS J. Robert Brown President Russell R. Incersoll Vice-President John S. Porter Treasurer Brynina Smith Secretary COMMITTEE CHAIRMEN Publicity — Finance — Religious — Brynina Smith John Porter Corston Greene Membership — Social — Luncheons — . Robert Brown Emily Hall Alice Charland Advisers — Rev. John A. Staunton, D.D. Miss Lucy Gardner PAGE 3 " « Sill, U irkham, Fickel, Zimmerly, Huston, Gregory rAPPA PHI Methodist uomens club founded iil the I niiersity of Kansas in 1916; 20 chapters; Mu chapter chartered in 1923. Any icoman attending the University, icho belongs to the Methodist church, or states it as her preference, is eligible to membership. OFFICERS Miriam Louise Sill President Lola Wickham Vice-President Doris Fickel Treasurer LoRAlNE Grant Recording Secretary Ruth Zimmerly Corresponding Secretary Ruth Huston Chaplain Mary Gregory Historian COMMITTEE CHAIRMEN Membership — Music — Art- Mary Elizabeth Bowen Grace Downie Helen Allmain Program — Invitations — Publicity Dorothea Blair Emily Cutler Marjorie Spear Social — Decorations — Candlebeam — Ruth Lewis Alva Le Sourd Telephone — Lillian Maas Rita Atcheson PACK 1 ' Curtis, Tanberg, Brakel, Tinker, fan Arkel PILGRIM CLLD Con gregntional students ' club, organized at the University of Washington in 1924. All students of Congregational preference may share in its activities. OFFICERS William L. Curtis President Barbara Tanberc Vice-President Dorothy Tinker Recording Secretary Mary Brakel Corresponding Secretary G. Harvey Van Arkel Treasurer MEMBERS Florence C. Abramson Herbert E. Allen Lucile C. Arnold Mariana Bartlett L. Gray Beck Louis Blumenthal Charlotte Born Louise Brakel Theodore Broberg Amy Brown Genevieve Brown Elizabeth Busby Ervin Byrne Sydney Byrne Dick Carpenter Claralee Cheadle Stephen Christopher Louise Dalton Eleanor J. Danner Ruth Dingley Gerald F. Dingman Dorothy Duncan Verna May Edison Harriet E. Ferch Leona B. Ferch Dorothy Flint Bernice Freiberg Emil Fries Manon Fullerton William Garey Harry Garrison Jean Gilbreath Charles Glasspool Mamie Graybill Wilfred Greenham Frances Grimsdell Rhenela Hanselman Orpha Harrison Theodore W. Holway Carolyn Hopkins Gertrude N. Hoppe Dorothy M. Hougland Charlotte D. Jennings Bernice I. Johnson Lucile Keeney Naomi Keister Ruth Knowlton Mrs. Anna B. Lechner Elizabeth Leckenby William S. Leckenby James Lewis Gilbert Loewing Alice M. Lopp Elizabeth Lorbeer Amelia Loring Phyllis Ludy Alice Matatall Edwin S. McAllaster Emmett L. McAllaster James L. McAllaster Grace 1. McBain Laurine McCandlish John McKay Lillian McPherson Richard Merrin Florence Merrin Harold Michaelsoii Luella Mitchell Raymond H. Nichols John Stephen O ' Connor Frances Obrner Lois Edna Obrner Elizabeth O ' Learv Adelle B.Olson Willine L. Padley Edward A. Parken Mavnard L. Pennell John M. Phillips Alice M. Poot Allen R. Potter Phillip J. Powers A. Bliss Pugsley Esther E. Raasina Charlotte Randall Helen Mae Randall Grace Rarig John A. Rarig Max H. Rarig Edith B. Redman Kenneth Redman Margaret C. Rodman Mildred Rowntree Eloise Selden Martha S. Shaw Olive A. Shepler Jeanaette Smith Chester Slixrud Mabel B. Stryker Jean B. Studley Roberta A. Tanberg Vr. Marion Tenney Fern E. Tilford Spencer Tinker Lawrence E. Vaa Grace Van Vechten H. Stockton Webb Hattie P. Weed Rennie Wells Marian Weyant Harriet M. White Theodore M. White Forrest E. Wood PACE 400 Miller, Richardson, Hagen, Laivson ROGER WILLIAMS CLUB Baptist students ' club, founded at the University of Washington in 1927. Any student ivho is a member of the Baptist church, or uho expresses such preference, is eligible to membership. OFFICERS Neal Miller President Ruby Richardson Vice-President Alice Hacen Secretary Vera Lawson Treasurer Rev. M. E. Bollen Adviser Program — Don Ferris COMMITTEE CHAIRMEN Social — Publicity — Ruby Richardson Grace Larson Music — Bernice Gressly MEMBERS Iku Ariizumi Eric Anderson Helen Beanier Josephine Banihani R. W. Beach Henry Charnell Theodore Carlow Orin Cassniore Donald Ferris Gladys Gaudie Gertie Gammell Pearl George Bernice Gressly Elfriede Gudelius Donald Gill Alice Hagen Louise Hagen Ethel Hilton Carl Jonas Florence Jones Doris Johnson Marion Kline Adelaide Kirtley Helen Lauridsen Grace Larsen Vera Lawson Fern McKinley Georgia Major Marguerite Melin Neal Miller Amy Okazaki Jessie Ray Evelyn Porteous Ruby Richardson John Rushing (Trace Stearns Thelma Sharkley Dave Smith Robert Vaughan Elizabeth Vaughan Yuki Watanabe Tomi Yoshimura I ' i; h Ml 1 " i f ' iMlMy Darrou, Burns. Cellerman, W ablborg WESLtr CLUB Methodist student club, founded nt the University of Washington in 1922. Any student who is a member of the Methodist church or who expresses such preference, is eligible to membership. OFFICERS Willis T. Darrow President Bartlett Burns Vice-President Helen Gellerman Secretary Bob Wahlborg Treasurer CABINET Jack Wallace Membership Evelyn Reisig Music Marjorie Ewing Social George C. Martin Assistant Social-Tournament Howard Kiehlbauch Interdenominational Ruth Huston Noon Programs Grace Downie Publicity Alva Le Sourd Log Book Alda Martell Debate Barbara Hansen Assistant, Dramatics Mary Grandjean Dramatics George W. Martin Athletics Priscilla Craig Freshmen Don Hiati Freshmen Helen Allmain Art Caroline Lewis Social Service Miriam Sill Kappa Phi Ken McPhaden Men ' s Club Mary Gregory Refreshment Hugh O ' Donnell Transportation Leone Marlatt Decorations Helen Graham Library Helen Searles Discussion Groups J PACE 402 EX-OFFICIO Dorothea Blair Margaret Bowen Ruth Lewis Reverend Sasnett Broetje, Allison, Olney WESTMINSTER CELB Presbyterian students ' club, founded at the University of ff ' ashington in 1925. Any student who is a member of the Presbyterian church or uho expresses such preference is eligible to mem- bership. OFFICERS Arthur Broetje President William Allison Vice-President Winifred Leichton Secretary Alex Olney Treasurer Executive Council William Norwood Boys ' Work Committee George Ault Program Committee Luella Nelson Alumni Secretary Paul Cawach Discussions Committee Muriel Allison Life-work Recruits Elaine Hunt Julia Lovegren Lookout Committee Edith Cosby Dorothv Curr Hostess Committee Lillian Hughes Music Committee Dorothy Ryan Lois Hibbs Publicity Committee Robert Beenian Helen Reese Theodore Carlo« Social Committee Mildred Mitchell Finance Committee Alex Olney Lloyd Porter irginia Beatty Campus Christian Council Representatives William Norwood Arthur Broetje PAGE 1 II 3 ' ECAUSE we appreciate the helpful advice and suggestions of those who have contributed to the suc- cess of the 1930 Tyee, we, the staff, wish to especially thank Mr. Francis G. Pratt of Low- man (S- Hanford, Mr. Fred Wiman of the Western En- graving and Colortype Com- pany and Mr. Norman F. Fox. The interesting pencil sketches of the campus which appear in the opening section of the boob were drawn by Mr. Fox. Vour Opportunity and Ours At this great University with its many and varied educational facilities stands open to you the door of greater service to manhind and benefit to yourself. Your coming gives us the opportunity of offering the services of a National Bank that has enjoyed for over twenty years the confidence and friendship of the student body University National Bank ON E BLOCK FROM CAMPUS FINANCIAL HEADQUARTERS FOR SEATTLE ' S GREAT NORTH END. If you like rcmanc€ Drop into our store, which is Headquarters for everything MARINE Fill your nostrils with that good old smell of Oakum and Tar You ' ll get that ■ ' Back to the Water " feeling You will see many things of interest and get the desire to spend your spare time and next vacation on the water A boat powered with an EVINRUDE Outboard Motor will give you a thrill of a lifetime. Six Different 193C Mcdcls 254 h.p. Fold-Light $149 7 h.p. Fleetwin __ 160 14 h.p. Fastwin _._ 197 20 h.p. Spceditwin 230 22 h.p. Speeditwin 260 22 h.p. Electric Starting Speeditwin 312 Come in and look around. COLMAN OOCN ( SUN - ' DE TdE-VARE ) SEATTLE. WASH. daily stanst 4 We ' re the intellects of the school. The folks that gather news. We sneer at everything that ' s done- There ' s nothing we can lose . . . Except our editor deluxe Who cannot wear a hat: Who mimics letters sent to him- Yet — he ' s no loss at that. Beyond Tomorrow ' s Dawn There lies the future, fraught with new concepts of human relations. Fruition rests in the hands of the youth of this new generation. A portion of the responsibility for the development of these men and women belongs to the Uni- versity, but the greater part devolves upon the business world. Frederick £f Nelson, looking beyond tomorrow ' s dawn, accepts its share in the task of training the leaders for the new day. J.CPenneyCo. 4515 University Way Me. 3880 for Street or Campus " Silk Hose FEATURE VALUE A pure silk stocking, semi-sheer, for only 98c! Mercerized top and sole and comes in popular colors. 98c " Wken You Dance " Sheer Chiffons Of course for festive occasions you ' ll need sheer chiffon hose and you ' ll like ours both in appearance and in price. Pair $1.49 Campus Cords Dressy English Model Carefully tailored and bar-tacked through- out. Cream color. All sizes $3.98 pill dolts I am a Phi Delta Theta And that means a very fine skata. My deah — wot a skata — a wow! Our hockey team ' s greata But just a bit lata Than anyone else ' s — and how! i t€ TKere is ito paist so loA as books sKall live " 3ulwer JSijiion A HETHER you want a book for some bit of " practical knowlecige it contains, or for the pure enjoyment you derive, or its unusual illustra- tions, come to our Book Shop. We specialize in personal service. From our rental library, we will map out reading courses to suit the individual. C ne oesi ooolcs from all piwlliken: fiction, OXon-iJiciion, utUtonj, jroehij JjLocjrapkij, Cravel, JJrama, Ofrl Of special line of (jift books, incluoincj Ibniteo eoLHons am nana-looleo, imporleo leather binmncjs. J ie UN poo •4 526-28 University Way " Everything the Student Needs " AtY our JLeisu re is by far the best way to select your clothes. The man who is correctly attired knows that only careful attention to detail insures the desired effect. Here you accomplish this end in a pleasant atmosphere — plenty of advice if you wish, but no forced selling. Prices Decidedly Conservative Drop in and see for yourself Ty Baker Dana Robertson Phelps - Terkel 1311 EAST 45th STREET We Call and Deliver Wear Clean Clothes Ravenna Dye Works, Inc. THE ONLY DRY CLEANERS AND DYERS of the University District that do our own cleaning. Phone MElrose 3955 4555 University Way alpba tan omesfa Our new house is open with visiting hours from four until four. Exhibit A — known at Hal ' s and other poHtical gatherings as General Bill Ferguson — is to be found locked in the cor- ner room on the third floor, chewing on the window sill. He insists he was the University ' s best Junior class president and that our gorgeous new house will help us in rushing next fall. The noise of convulsive laughter comes from the Psi U sleeping porch. HREE Fine Fireproof Apartments at the Main Entrance of the University CATERING TO STUDENT FAMILIES - 0 -i!b M rrWi ' " i afn Commodore Apartments 4005 Fifteenth Avenue Northeast MEIrose 9670 (2) vo and three-room fur- nished and unfurnished suites with all of the latest conve- niences, including Frigidaire refrigeration. Fireproof Garage Excellent View Reasonable Rates S)B5 Jav iMif 1MB- |Bar ■ ! ■■ ■ • EttEESS E:E:sEEm c: Ducliess 4009 Fifteenth Avenue Northeast MEIrose 9668 Herbert Smith Owner Millard Smith Manager Cavalier Apartments 40 1 4 Brooklyn Avenue MEIrose 9669 in; .EC, EE ii¥ li iE¥ft ftg lin: bC PT PTt f£ rf res l %2 1 fee yeuc Entertainment YOU NEED... Programs Placards Tickets Dodgers Ecc ycuc Dance .... m YOU NEED Invitations Programs Menu Cards EcK All ECINTING The Handiest and Largest Suburban Plant in Seattle. ENIVEKTITT EijLLisfiiNe Cc. 4133 University W ay John H. Reid Roy G. Rosenthal Printers of the U. of W. Daily Boldt ' s Cafe Open All Day and All Night Tastp Food at Real Prices [414 Third Ave., Between Pike and Union Look for the Coffee Cup Sign Stoworniiiont . statistics Demonstrating the three most frequent ways that fires start in sorority houses. Government statistics tell the truth and nothing but the truth: 1: .00009% 2: .0009% 3: 99.999% S Qews (Company Wholesale Dealers in BOOKS. PERIODICALS. STATIONERY and SCHOOL SUPPLIES 1931 Second Ave. Seattle E. MUMMEY 6- Co. General Contracting Keeping the Stadium field in the best of condition is our big job. We are also build- ing practice fields and cindering the tracks I402 West 85th Hemlock 1176 Championship 192 6 Varsity Team GEO„ POCOCK Builder of RACING SHELLS and Practice Boats Established on Pacific Coast in 1911 Builder to Washington Since 1912 (DJ ere college men and women find the cordial spirit of hospitality, the unobstrusive excellence of service and the congenial companionship of fellow guests with similar tastes. — " The Hotel with a Personality " Explaining 5)rumhpller. Ehrltthman IDhilc and the place they have attained in the financial and busi- ness life of Seattle From its inception the business of the concern has been based upon the principle of — First and above everything else, Service to the Client Investment Bonds and Stocks . . . Offices. Seattle and Tacoma . . . Affiliates. Murphey. Favre 8 Co.. Spokane: Ferris ?5 Hardgrove. Spokane and Seattle, and United Oregon Corporation. Port- land. . . Creators of the United Group of Corporations, headed by United National Corporation as holding company, whose members are engaged in ( 1 ) sale of securities. ( 2 I insurance. ( 3 I man- agement of companies of the investment trust type. ( 4 ) ownership and management of outstanding business properties, which at present include: the new Exchange Building, the Shopping Tower, the Medical B Dental Building, the First National Bank Building, and the Pine Center Building. Seattle: the Rhodes Medical Arts Building. Tacoma: the Green Block. Spokane. The American Founders Group. New York, have a substantial minority interest in United National Corporation. ToLr ticadquartcrs fcr Mlsic We carry the largest stock of Popular and Classical Sheet Music on the Pacific Coast, also all kinds of Music Books. Also the Home of King and other leading makes of Band and Orchestra Instruments and Accessories. Steinwav and other famous pianos, the new Victor " Theremin. " leading makes of Radios. Player Rolls and Phonograph Records. We invite vou to make use of our complete Music Service. ShermanMay6 ' Co. NeuJ Location 1624-26 Fourth Avenue Telephone Main 7580 SEATTLE ±he University ijooster llie University Jorcl-Deale Headquarters for Servicing the Student ' s Car Howard Motor Co. Authorized Ford Sales and Service Our New Location after July 1. 19 30. on East 45th between 8th and 9th the plantation DINE AND DANCE a bite or banquet i ., 1 cec smith and his planters will raise coin each evening Crescent Baking Powder Unusual convenience in action — Splendid leavening power — make Crescent a favorite — a fine raise is certain. FULL POUND 33c Ask Your Grocer i, v„ (l, VuM . V delta slamnia We simply loathe men ' s serenades: They strain our dispositions. We have to lean out much too far For ladylike positions. BLUe PRINTS v Tl PHOTOSTAT PRINTS Commercial Blue Print-Paper Co. I!07 Fourth Avenue, Seattle MAin 5942 Architects and Engineers ' Supplies Registration Placement Service for Architectural end Engineering Draftsmen CECIL D.WILLIS, ' 20 President MAURICE N. VINING, ' 26 Vice-President alitio Laitdsicape Service advises on the most economical attainment of effective Landscape Settings. Cor. Sixth and Westlake Times Square Seattle Established 1893 iR(M]a®( ®)N Seed Store MAin 4484 L f " Nursery and . . - _ ' ' -y - Landscape Office mmmsTSii mom , GLendL om 25-acre City Sales Display, East Marginal Way and Ellis Ave. — adjoining Airport on north. alplia delta The things we see in windows near We ' ll mention bye and bye. For now it ' s almost peeking time At dear old A. D. Phi. Heating Service Co. , Inc. Manufacturers ' Agents and Engineers MAin 8661 326 Columbia Street SEATTLE, WASHINGTON Representing Warren. Webster t5 Company Webster System of Steam Distribution and Control Kewanee Boiler Corporation Boilers, Tanks, Heaters and Garbage Burners Fulton Sylphon Company Temperature Control Patterson-Kelley Company Hot Water Tanks and Instantaneous Heaters McDonnell ii Miller Boiler Feeders Bovlston Steam Specialty Company United States Ozone Co. of Chicago Mason Regulator Company Modine Mfg. Co. Unit Heaters: Copper Radiation NO DELAYS " PIONEER " plants can produce 2.000,000 Equipped for quick deliveries anywhere in yards of carefully graded sharp sand and clean 7„ t„ „ wr. ui t , ' ° ' Western Wasnington. gravel a year. Six Seattle Bunkers 901 Harrison St. MAIN 2900 Pioneer Sand " Gravel Co. Hanover Plaster. Lime. Hvdraicd Lime. Metal Lath. Corner Bead. Tru-Mix Concrete Here ' s to the 1930 Tyee " Webster Stevens Commercial Photography of All Kinds 414 Virginia Street Seattle. Wash. Telephone MAin 3743 Compliments of the Auditors of the A. S. U. W. Phone MAin 38 12 Factory: 405 Jefferson St. DWYER RHODES CO. INCORPORATED Manufacturers of Electric Lighting Fixtures Office and Salesroom 422 Fourth Avenue Seattle SAO If you haven ' t seen our neon sign You ' ve missed a master treat. It hangs above the mezzanine And beckons. " Sleep And fat. ' MAin 3181 MAin 3182 Diessel-CoUiiis Fish Company Wholesale Dealers in FISH, OYSTERS, CLAMS. CRABS Pier 1 2 {Foot of Wall St.) Seattle, Washington JOHN GRAHAMAI.A. Architect and Engineer Dexter Horton Building Seattle. Washington bota kappa This is the Beta Kappa house. On the door- step, rank on rank and ranker on ranker, you can see the embattled farmers from Bremerton, Monroe, and way points, who are determined that the deaconesses shall not use the house for a training school. Ornamental Iron. ire. Brass and Bronze ork Novelty Ornamental Iron and Wire Works, Inc. FRANK J. SEIDELHUBER Phone BEacon 0056 ! 421 Dearborn Street Seattle — after the show — after the dance — after the ride Q 44C 1 " 5ay oayles AS LONG as co-eds get hungry, there ' s one place where they ' ll be delighted to go with you. Yes. you ' ve guessed it! ITS THE HOMIEST, most satisfac- tory coffee shop service near the campus. And it ' s the home of the WEST ' S RICH- EST CHOCOLATES . . . the wonder sweets at 80c the pound : MElrose 6288 4330 " U. " Way Seattle LEE Dance Program Creations INDIVIDUALLY DESIGNED to combine the Decorative effect with a carefully planned motive A dance is lastingly remembered with a program designed by Lee " s Our representative is a University man — ask for him. CLINT W. LEE COMPANY ' MAin 9244 1612 Fourth Avenue 708 Fourth Avenue MORE THAN JUST A PRINT SHOP ' fer est em 1111 fine 2100 FIFTH AVENUE . . SEATTLE John A. Whalley Co. NORTHWEST GENERAL AGENTS 206-10 Colman Building Seattle, Washington MAin 8745 New Hampshire Fire Insurance Co. Granite State Fire Insurance Co. County Fire Insurance Co. Maryland Casualty Co. Fidelity and Deposit Co.. of Baltimore Old Colony Insurance Co. Boston Insurance Co. . Providence Washington Insurance Co. . Th( Scientific Supplies Company 31 1 Occidental Avenue. Seattle Phone EL. 1134 IS a Northwestern Firm established to supply Northwestern Schools, Hospitals Industrial Concerns with highest quality Laboratory Supplies and Chemicals Warrack Construction Company ENGINEERS and CONTRACTORS SEATTLE Contractors: Phi Gamma Delta House Kappa Kappa Gamma House Leonid Fink Official " Tyee Beauty Contest " Photographer For U. Students Special Rates 2211 White Bldg. ELliott 1930 rk gr% m A tijl Were getting so swank Our illustrious rank Most certainly ought to be changed. We answer the phones In the haughtiest tones. " No callers: we ' re not yet arranged. UNIFORMS CAPS EMBROIDERY J. Coh( sn Sons , Inc. . MAin 9977 910K ' Third Ave. GA. 8800 GA. 8800 Maryatt Electric Laundry and AMERICAN LINEN SUPPLY CO. All Equipment Electrically Operated We do all classes of family work Linen supplied to Fraternities The only laundry in Seattle owned and operated by U. of W. graduates Dexter Ave. at Roy St. Rov L. Maryatt. ' 15 Chas. W. Maryatt 1 lie JooiilevaFcl Iniii upecialisls m JJiiiiiier and ouapper JParties 421 Robinson Manufacturing Co. EVERETT WASHINGTON i Manufacturers and Wholesalers of FIR LUMBER DOORS. SASH, MOULDINGS COLUMNS and i . VENEERED PANELS Stokes Ice Cream THE BEST YET Sold by Peterson Drug Co. Saunders Drug Co. Jack ' n Jill 4548 U. Wav 5501U. Wav 4306U. Wav Stokes Creamery Company MAin 8904 The College Man ' s Company Because its Contract and Cost appeal to INTELLIGENCE The NORTHWESTERN MUTUAL LIFE INS. CO. of Milwaukee. Wis. M. H. O. WILLIAMS. General Agent and Associates 675 COLMAN Building Seattle LL printing plates used in this edi- tion of THE TYEE were etched with acids and other chemicals manufactured locally by the Cascade Chemical Company Industrial Chemicals and Acids Seattle. Washington 3 217 1 7th Northwest ELliott 3 5 35 delta cht Photo shows candidate Bartley engaged in the wearisome duty of kissing a baby, which is one of the traditional pastimes of any male can- date running for office. It is understood that this baby swung her whole house for Bruce. Builders Permanent Exhibit A manufacturers ' display for architects, contractors and home makers. Information Bureau Catalogs of all manufacturers Representatives — their addresses, telephone numbers and samples. Call ELiot 4500 721 VIRGINIA STREET SEATTLE. WASHINGTON HOWARD A. HARSCH SPECIAL RATES TO STUDENTS Have Your Grraduation Photos f ade in the District IKllO O Cy liotogiripliy 43l2 University Way Phone MElrose II60 REID BROS. Inc, SURGICAL INSTRUMENTS HOSPITAL SUPPLIES 1417 Fourth Ave. SEATTLE. WASH. a stuilont Sleep softly, knowledge forgotten. Rest gently, poor facts that were crammed. For the soul you corroded, made rotten. To a bond-broker ' s hell you have damned. Schweitzer ' s BEANERY •QUALITY. QUANTITY and SE RVICE " Is Our Motto. Always 4240 ' 2 University Way Melrose 7242 THE EVERETT PACKING COMPANY AND FISHERMAN 5 PACKING CORPORATION EVERETT. WASHINGTON All grades Puget Sound and Alaska Salmon " Ocean Spray " and " Snow Cap " Clams " Snow Land " and " Olympic " Salmon " Northland " and " Waterfall " Salmon J S Canneries at : Everett. Washington Bering Sea. Alaska Southeastern Alaska Nootka. British Columbia Masset. British Columbia THE SEATTLE DAILY TFMF.S FRroAY. MARCH 28. 1930, -y tEORK «. VARKll. Ussoeiite Wot loi Sjtrls " —TV MRl E. BWra. Hews Mtor Kr SjirB 5 catt(c Ollmcs worts illcpaitment SHAUN GOILIN WINS BY NECK IN GRAND NATIONAL FETEJ EYOTY imSH [IE IN nmsH, DEfEAIS FI[[D HELEME MADISOM GLAD TO GET M HOilT STAR ATHLETES OI THERIE iG FOR TEXAS RELAYS AWiCCSiiP Banquet nnd Speeches Bid Fair Natator Weicomc in Home-Coming: " Glad to Be Home. " ' She Says. What slrl or b«y w OOSST-GEOSETIC SURVEY TO TAKE SCAT SHOW SPOT ' Hello, Seattle! ' And Helene 17 mm m JEFFS HAVE Mnc v{ n u, u«»„- A .voir. II umlLO nilL ueuiftnici! Was Finally Home Again LIU l:(t1U!lli;L List ol Entries in Austin Listens Like Page Pulled Out of Rec- ord Book of Sports. M MM GOLFING PALS, JACKS Park Eoard Gives fJame of lackson Park Is North End Municipal Course. ElMrd or P»tll Cimimliilonm n»c WMMl Fear of Injury lo Stars Prompts Naming ol Main Workers Without Contest: Tryouts Are Due. Mellerav ' s Bell Second and American-Owned Sir Lind- say Third: American f ags 0(dn " t Do So Well. H 1. Sasdr Hank li r ' mW HELEKE; STJLL VG tifi Seattle ' s Heroine Just a Very Small Girl When She Hit Boeing Field. Opening Sale REAL VALV hardware: CO. College Men and Women read THE TIMES for today ' s sports TODAY .jt ! EASER flSSEST rr !S AKSWER TO r:: SWIM ??EQyE3T - Helene Makes Happy Re-| sponse to Query About April 4 Exhibition. PESTWEICK.JRJS NEWEST ARRIVAL: BORN YESTERDAY „nn,s. golf, irKk J " " " " ' " ' ( ,M mjiot Uague baseball games " " .rTbe rt, " " " V e -on,. and .be t " " , bal ne- from «,. ' !»«« ' " " " " " ' " ' " ■f, : " be column of .b,..avo,,.e newspaper. I BE ilTEN IGAMES Daily articl She Went J But Helen! ,„ edi.o, of The T.mes " ' ' ,,.„i„ u " " " ' " - ' n ' rrae v1«s Z tbe No. - interpretations of sports an west and throughout the nation. Read Today ' s Sports News Fust, m THE SEATTLE TIMES I i a xjiivmr OUTING EQUIPMENT Headquarters If lis the Best — " We H(ne It " The Outdoor Store lncoi ' Porat€d 717 First Avenue Two Blocks Aorf i of Totem Pole clii pst " My God. a white girl! " Poor guy. he was only a pledge and knew no better. Shaw Supply Co., Inc. Surreal and Hospital - Supplies . Tacoma Portland Seattle ■Where All Seattle Likes to Shop " Girr for Every Cccasicn % LWAYS ... you will find here a delightful array of the newest, smartest Gift Suggestions for friends or for the home ... at truly moder- ate prices. SCoroan Cliost 45 31 University Way UofW Students When in Portland Make the Multnomah Hotel YouT Headquarters Bay City Lumber Company Manufacturers and Dealers in Fir, Spruce and Hemlock Lumber CAR AND CARGO ORDERS SOLICITED ABERDEEN. WASHINGTON STUDENTS ' SUPPLIES and Commercial Stationery The store where you are always welcome and your patronage is ap- preciated. Two stores always ready to serve you. TRICK MURRAY Stationers and Printers 1115 Second Avenue 4 5 08 University Way Main 1440 Melr 1440 zeta taa alpha All our girls live up the drag From where the Greeks abound. But we can show you beauty rare— That is. if she ' s around. Pacific Fruit and Produce Co. FRESH FRUITS » VEGETABLES Occidental and King SE. 0111 Seattle Boiler Works 1128 W. 45th Street BOILERS ELEVATED TANKS REFUSE BURNERS STEEL TANKS Phone SUnset 0555 COAL and SERVICE For twenty-seven years we have served our customers with their fuel requirements. We have been able to keep a long list of satisfied custom- ers because we make a special effort to deliver the fuel that is best suited to their requirements. WE CARRY ALL GRADES AND SIZES OF COAL. ALSO ALL KINDS OF GREEN AND DRY WOOD For prompt and courteous service call us RETAIL WHOLESALE Hflonlcs AND jlMUior 1557 Northlake Avenue Melrose 6700 Elliott 6704 Hood Rubber Company Makes QUALITY SHOES for Basketball — Track — Tennis — Gym You can get these at the UNIVERSITY BOOKSTORE Ask Your Dealer for Hood Products . • . Authentic tyl€ Headquarters for UNIVERSITY CLOTHES featuring dhoctetJIotuse $35.00 to $60.00 L. M ar Tin fer E c University Way at E. 45th John ICatsiaros . the students ' friend. " A man who serves Washington day in and dav out. " John Katiaros Popcorn. Peanuts. Candy. Hot Dogs Cigarettes, etc. Awaits you at the Pavilion gecketf s Bindery Paper Ruling - Book Binding - Complete Bindery Service Equipped with Latest Hickok Double-Deck Ruling Machine for Two-Side Work 502 MARITIME BLDG. Phone MAin 8555 Olympic Foundry Company IRON FOUNDERS 5200 9th Ave. S. Established 1900 Seattle. Washington SLO-BAKED BREAD HAS A MORE DELICATE BREAD FLAVOR AND STAYS FRESH LONGER At your grocer ' s V bNDER ITS SLO-BAKED Delivered twice daily Baked twice daily Wason Bros Co. Special Hotel Coffee Tea : Syrup Imported Lemon Juice Highest Test Salad Oil Sa " Vah Sun ' 3201 Western Ave. Phone Gar. 8700 Seattle , , psi H We won the " big stick " a few years back By sending our boys out for track. This year we ' ve no chance — it ' s just not in the bag. Unless this year ' s sports include davenport tag. Grand Union Laundry Company Satisfaction Guaranteed Phone BEacon 069 2 1 25 I Main Street Seattle. Wash. PUGET SOUND Poorer Light Company Standard Weights Grades and Sizes Special Sizes Made to Order ELiot 2002 Griffin Envelope Company Manufacturers of HIGH GRADE ENVELOPES University Street at First Avenue Seattle National Cash Register Co Geo. H. Dowling. Sales Agent New and Second-band National Cash Registers $60 and up — Easy Terms 1919 Second Avenue ELiot 4850 Seattle, Washington GIL-YO-NE Washington Brand Unsurpassed in purity, richness and delicate flavor. A. P. GHIGLIONE « SONS. INC. SEATTLE Quality Eledtric SERVICE I ' RADIO SETS and EQUIPMENT . J NATIONAL MAZDA LAMPS L ,j IWIRING REPAIRING. HUGH A. WILSON ELECTRIC STORE Established Since 1909 4234 University Way MElrose 0975 VV alton Ldiniber Company Walton Veneer Company DOUGLAS FIR LUMBER and PLYWOOD Everett, Washington r All K inds of SHEET METAL WORK and Repairing } WASHINGTON SHEET METAL WORKS 1275 Westlake North Telephone GArfield 5718 N. P. DYE WORK! Expert Cleaners Dyeing - Pressing - Repairing Hats Cleaned and Blocked 4145 University Way Mel. 0011 L ogan ryan Members New York Slock E rhange. (Jhirago Boards of Trade, and other leading Exchanges. Private wires to important cities in United Slates and Canada. CnUfornia Offites San Francisco, Los Anpeles, Pasadena. Santa Barhara. Hollywood, Long Beach, San Diego. Head Offices 4 J B road a , New York Exchange Building - Sen. 0500 Olympic Hotel - Seneca 0512 Great Northern Bldg. - Sen. 0508 Stocks - Bonds - Grain - Provisions - Cotton - Sugar. etc delects Activity men have left our shrine. Our frosh flunk in and out: What consolation is there left But tossing grog about? Home Office: Seattle. Washington Branches: Tacoma. Portland. Vancouver. Yokohama. Kobe M. Furuya Co. Importers and Exporters of JAPANESE and AMERICAN MERCHANDISE and PRODUCTS Complete Line of SILKS and CHINA 2 16-220 Second Avenue South. Seattle. Washington P. O. Box 5 544 Phone ELiot 0833 Parisian Chocolate Co. Makers of Charmed Land Candies A Confection for Every Taste THE OLYMPIC SEATTLE DANCING in the VENETIAN ROOM with ' Tiny " Burnetts Orchestra F. W. Hull, Manager W. L. Cooper C. E. Roberts SEATTLE 1 ypesetimg Lyompaiiy incorporated LINOTYPE and LUDLOW COMPOSITION Phone MAin 1509 Cobb Building Seattle, Wash. PACIFIC MARINE SUPPLY CO. DISTRIBUTORS FOR JOHNSON SEA HORSES Rautman Plumbing and Heating Co. CONTRACTORS Heating and Ventilating Engineers High Grade Plumbing Automatic Sprinkler Installations Phone MAin 8088 1 1 5 Jackson Street SEATTLE MAin 6395 320 Spring St. Warcl ' s JoiiKoleFy Book Binding Paper Ruling Loose Leaf Devices Gold Stamping J. C. Ward Seattle WooUey Co., Inc Importers High Grade Manila Cigars U. S. Agents Germinal Cigar Factory. Manila. P. I. Fine Selection Imported London-made Briar Pipes 1113 Third Avenue Seattle Above is not the pet Kappa steamshovel which snorts around at night. It is a new ma- chine purchased by a little gray sorority on a tree-lined street, and will be used as an aid in lifting pins next year. The amount of lifting done this year was almost beyond girlish strength and they all feel that preparedness is a good motto. Graduate Students are cordially invited to visit and inspect our Home. One of the finest and most complete on the Pacific Coast. e Office E •Uompamy ent 1103 Fourth Avenue Phone SEncca 0880 R. , AISE the Power of Your Advertising and Printing with Electrotypes that Excel. Enlist them in your service Pacific Electrotypes are at all times mighty reinforce- ments to the armies of General Printing, enabling him to multiply his lines of attack, economically, powerfully. Pacific Electrotype Company ELliott 4516 MAin 8187 Incorporated 202 Maritime BIdg. SEATTLE GOOD, HOT, CLEAN - COAL - SAVES WORK and PRODUCES HARMONY IN THE HOME. WE HANDLE THE BEST GRADES OF UTAH, WYOMING BRITISH COLUMBIA and WASHINGTON COALS. EDGEWATER FUEL CO. MELROSE 0662 :: :: Your Community Yard :: :: 3420 STONE WAY Port of SEATTLE Owns and Operates he finest Ir ' uhlic arhor terminals on the Tacific For Detailed Information address— VOKT of SEATTLE BELL STREET TERMINAL. SEATTLE Elliott Bay Mill Company BIG TIMBER — FIR PLYWOOD " The Wood of Countless Uses " 600 West Spokane St. Seattle. Wash. SOMETHING NEW FOR YOUR PARTY Table Fireworks. Party Bombs, Witches Flames for the fireplace Hitt ' s Fireworks McKesson, Stewart Holmes Drug Co. Wholesale Druggists Importers - Manufacturers OPTIMUS SODA FOUNTAINS and STORE FIXTURES McKesson Health Helps Lucretia Vanderbilt Toiletries Corner Occidental Avenue and King Street The METAL used in the printing of TYEE is manufactured by FEDERATED METALS CORPORATION Great Western Smelting-Refining Branch Seattle ■ ' The Shades of Night " were falling fast, but the Pi Phis hadn ' t heard of it. DO YOU KNOW THAT Farrell Lumber Co. of 1011 EIGHTH AVE. NORTH Has supplied the lumber used in 50 " " of the Fraternities and Sororities built within the past five years i " GA. 9300 Alaskan Copper Works Manufacturers and Jobbers of COPPER, BRASS AND BRONZE (S itS (sSi c St i %£ ® ii ' SSiig) Phone ELliott 1444 Morris Rosen President 3600 E. Marginal Way Seattle. Wash. THE COAST CARTON COMPANY Designers and Manufacturers of FOLDING PAPER BOXES DISPLAY CARTONS and ADVERTISING CUT-OUTS An Attractive Box Sells the Commodity 413 3 Stone Way MElrose 0623 ' rs i for the graduate .OaJrilialaiKol Mrs. J. W. Wheeler ettitliiig Uecorations JP arfies audi V orsages 2146 Boyer Ave. EAst5541 EAst 5540 Compliments of San Juan Fishing 8C Packing Company Operators of . . . the Largest Complete Fish-Packing Establishment in the United States Seattle Washington YOUR OPPORTUNITY FOR Service to yourself and to the community Health Exercises Special Educational Courses Social Life — Clubs. Friendships Dormitory — Restaurant Practical Christian Work SEATTLE Y.M,CA, Fourth Avenue and Madison Street The floor in your home is an impcrtant f€atLI € . . . For Beauty. Durability and Economy use WEYERHAEUSER END MATCHED HEMLOCK FLOORING Compare its appearance and price with hardwood. Ask those who have used it as to its Durability. Your Local Dealer Has It WcycrhaeusGi Timber Co. EVERETT. WASHINGTON West Coast Wood Preserving Co. CREOSOTED DOUGLAS FIR IN ALL COMMERCIAL FORMS Office: Northern Life Bldg.. Seattle, Wash. Plant: Eagle Harbor. Wash. Phone MElrose 15 22 4 305 ' .; U. Way H. S. LARSON The Tailor Makes High Grade Suits for Collegians Cleaning - Pressing - Repairing elii omestA " My Chi Omega Sweetheart Sweet " Was written long ago. We ' ve burned its notes before our hearth: Some Kappa stole our beau. M.. m. U. ¥. Ci%MOE HOUSE George Leis. Mgr. Lowest Rates on the Lake 50c 2 hours 25c every additional hour $2.00 per day Storage $1.00 per month Agents for Willits Canoes Ed. Nelson James Chrystal Nelson Ckrystal, Inc. Painters and Decorators 2 1 1 East Garfield Street Phone CApitol 2844 SEATTLE. WASH. phi Oimosta pi The requirements for a good Phi O girl run about the same as Jimmie Phelans requirements for a good lineman. Not too tall, and plenty hefty. More darned Dekes have been thrown out of automobiles on lonely roads by these gals. . . . Joseph Mayer Company Athletic Trophies - Bronze Tablets Plaques, Buttons and Badges 8 1 Marion Street Seattle. Washington • •EATTI.C • Gr ocers Since 1883 One of Seattle ' s institutions known for its Fine Foods and Reliable Service Five Service Stores r- NePAGE, McKENNY Company ELECTRICAL ENGINEERS Contractors and Manufacturers Street Lighting Specialists SAN FRANCISCO OAKLAND PORTLAND SEATTLE " f c MAin 155 1 i04 Sixth Ave. Building Monuments To Progress (7, Build iOilh Terra Cotta Decorative Tile Clay Shingles HE puff of Steam shovels, the rattle of con- crete mixers, the whir of truck motors, the clanging of steel, the rap of carpenter ' s hammer, the click of brick layer ' s trowel, the whistling of busy men all tell the world that men, mate- rial and machinery are busily engaged in building monuments to a non-stopping era of growth and progress in our great State of Washington a progress in which WA Co Clay Building Products Play an Important Part In a building program of ever-increasing magni- tude, Wa Co Brick, Tile and Terra Cotta are play- ing no small part. Their matchless qualities of colorful beauty and time-defying durability have won the preference of architect, contractor and builder on almost countless construction jobs among which the following University of Wash- ington buildings are among the outstanding: University Library Gymnasium Administration Building Anderson Hall Henry Art Gallery it ' s a building there ' s a Wa Co Product for it! WASHINGTON I3RICI . IIMC . AND SEWER . PIPE COMPANy spokane, washington Portland and Seattle lUu M PD __. ifT ' lSKIira nr-icn im» i ji:- JU ■ n -W • ' m- - — -W -W If It ' s an Envelope We Make It . . . . . . and if we make it it ' s your best buy. Northwest Envelope Mfg. Co. 2710 First Ave. So. Seattle, U. S. A. MAin 5744 C FUJI FRESH FRUITS and VEGETABLES Let me supply youc Fraternity or Sorority Box 101 - University Station SEATTLE HONORS . . . Old and New . . . are the reward of Service so high grade, so fastidious, that it wins and holds the confidence of a discriminating clien- tele. We clean everything . . . from your Dress Suit to your Household Drapes Just turn over your cleaning and laundry worries to the dependable Metropolitan. We will relieve you of your cleaning responsibilities. Try our Lezurway Family Service Metropolitan Laundry Co. plii kcippfli psi Maybe it was spontaneous combustion that caused the Phi Psi fire — And then again — Well, it may have been just one raisin too many. North Pacific College of Oregon SCHOOLS OF DENTISTRY AND PHARMACY PORTLAND. OREGON DENTISTRY: A four-year course of instruction is given to students who bring not less than one year ( 30 semester hours — 45 term hours) of college credits in selected subjects. PHARMACY: The course in Pharmacy is four years, leading to the degree of Bachelor of Science (B. S. ) in Pharmacy. DENTAL ASSISTANTS: The training for Dental Assistants and Hygienists covers one and two-year courses. The Annual Session begins September 29th. 1930. For Catalog and full information address THE REGISTRAR East Sixth and Oregon Sts. PORTLAND. Oregon r- ' .C ' .Cr ' . r,,. . ' -C ..tQr. ' ., i ' i .-.i -. ' ,Cr. ' j . ' .C -. ' .C . ' . . ' yy-r.i ' .a -. ni. When You Think of Travel or Moving.., Think of jl Hansen Bros. Transfer For years we have served the U. of W. students as well as the University residents. One reason for our popularity: " Hansen Service is Safe and Economical " Call MElrose 0929 4211 University Way CAST STONE FOR PHYSICS BUILDING. ATHLETIC PAVILION and BIOLOGY BUILDNG FURNISHED BY Olympian Stot e Comfahy 6401 SEAVIEW SEATTLE, WASHINGTON SUnset 3600 i 3? ' Ac name thai stands for ouatitu T The name that stands or quality Telephone PRospect 4520 Carnation Company Ice Cream Division yy ■ l . ! . | . l . | Jr l . l T l . l J. llll . l . ll . l l T l . I . l . l . T . T ll . llll . ll . T:l | . l . l . l . . l V l l l . l . lT J. l . l . l . l J. l . l . l . J. l J. l J l . •«. r i?««4S««45«4;« ««««« «4» ;N. «s? ©$« Dresslar I Hardware Co. I Hardware - Mechanics ' Tools - Cutlery House Furnishings - Paints - Oils - Glass Sporting Goods - Fishing Tackle - Etc. a Room And M ;rAi ' . ' t " ' i ' " „ ' -„ ' ■ ' 1 ' Agents for i Sherwin W illiams Paints t j; Telephone MElrose 2060 ' 4341 University Way SEATTLE kappa alpha f liota We only had some fifty girls And took some thirty pledges. So now for meetings all we need Are crowbars, strength and wedges. . V . V V w - V ■ ' ' -. -. -. -. -. -. ' . -v ' ' -». ' -s ' -VVVV. n ' -s ' ' ' - ' ' V ' - ' ' s ' ' ' -h ' -v ' ' s ' ' - ' -s »-. -. J Your Graduation— A Memory That ■ffyfy. . Graduation time . . . cap and gown time . . . happy days in the promise of what is to come . . . sorrowful days in the thought of what is being left behind . . . but, above all, days to be remembered and cherished, days to live long in your hearts . . . graduation time! Memory often fades and becomes dim, but a photograph will be yours for always. Don ' t trust this ending of the old and beginning of the new to remem- brance alone. You will find it too precious in years to come. YoUR picture in YOUR cap and gown will always viv- idly recall college days, college life, and college joys. It will be worth-while. As official Tyee photographers, we have no doubt served you in the past. Our quality of work always maintains the same high standard. So you will make no mistake in coming to us for that all-important, ever-remembered, final memory of college . . . your cap and gown picture! We furnish caps and gowns at studio. La Pi ne OFFICIAL . TYEE • PHOTOGRAPHER ■• - .►it) l o a d ' !4 4 ' 0 ' Must Never Die! §:- StudI o ■3- ALL NEGATIVES SAVED FOR YOUR FUTURE CONVENIENCE ■.. 7 . t -.-.Cr--.Cr.-.C .ySr.- .K .-jy.-j .-.Cr.-.c -.C .- C .- .-. A Delightful Place Room for Private Parties From Four to Fifty Persons 509-11 Pike St. Near Fifth •■ar ' . v .Cr- ' jSr-- ' --.C .-.Cr--.0 .-JS .K.C ' -- ' . ' -i9v. t. « v rv.Cry. OUR£ Telegraph Flowers S£ !lm MEIrst 2810 ' . ? - S -. ' C . ' .C -- ' -C - ' - ' C - ' a- ' - ' ' 0 ' - ' Cr ' .0 -- i ' --0 -Cr.-C -.-0 ' - ' 0 ' -- -- Vernon, Duryee Reese, Inc. Insuring everything insurable INSURANCE BONDS 628 Liggett Building Seattle - -»- - - ♦- ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ - ■ -»• ■ ■ ■ ■ - •»■ - - ■ COLLEGE MEMORY BOOKS Fraternity Leathers - Programs and Favors Stationery - Embossing - Printing - Engraving Ladies ' Handbags L G. WILKINS COMPANY 4 542 University Wav MElrose 70 1 Seattle One for Mistuh Ripley — believe or not be- lieve, but Clark hall has only one davenport and that squeaks like H . But who cares? There doesn ' t seem to be much competition for that one — not while the old shack has a fire escape that works both ways. Congratulations to the Washington crews — here ' s hoping for the brightest prospects on the grid next fall — and here ' s good wishes to the A. B.. B. S.s. et cetera, of this year — and may we gently remind you as you go into the big business world (as pictured on the left) that we are always ready to make you sportswear of the same distinctive quality as have marked Octonek products we have made for varsity teams. o C T O N E K KNITWEAR OF MERITED RENOWN 1626 Fifth Ave. Seattle The World ' s Choicest Nut Meats Always Fresh from Buddy ' s Fireplace 4336 University Way 416 Pike St. 809 Second Ave. jT o A„ Ms TUimsliige Pictorial Portraiture Dance. Drama, and Action Pictures Made by Appointment s;ai la plii The Gamma Phi house — Eight belles and all swell. When You hopping in the downtown business district, you will serve not only your own convenience and material advantage but the interests of your alma mater, by patronizing the smart specialty shops of Metropolitan Center (, i our trade among Metropol- y itan Center shops will help to build up the commercial impor- tance of a district from which the University of Washington is now receiving substantial income, and which will one day revert to com- plete ownership by the State ' s chief educational institution. METROPOLITAN BUILDING COMPANY Fourth and Fifth Avenues Union to Seneca Streets SEATTLE VJ-IOLL,SALIL MAin 5096 R CTAl L 94 Stewart St. The -FAMOUS ENUMCLAW MILK ' has been awarded the highest score in competition with all of the Seattle Dairies. Try the " Famous Enumclaw Milk and Cream " in your home. It is The Best. Has maintained an average score last 4 years of 97.27% dolta zeta " Well, maybe if we got a new coat of paint — oh, hell, let ' s get a couple more davenports — that brings the boys around better than a new house without any furniture. " The same tempting • odors that greeted you In your mother ' s kitchen greet you at • • MRS. • MARLA 1 1 ' S ♦ MOME BAKERY ♦ • MAIN STORE : AT 4321 UNIVERSITY AVENUE SIX OTHER BRANCH STORES TO SERVE YOU kappa d lta Sad plight of the Kappa Delta pledge who got in two minutes late and found the house gone. However, at the rate the new one went up she had to wait only a few minutes to find a place to sleep. No more I ' ll roammmm away from hoooome — but home ' s liable to roam away from me any time now that the building bug has bitten us. PENDLETON Fraternity Blankets Made in the Colors and Emblems of Your Fraternity PENDLETON WOOLEN MILLS 393 Flanders St. Portland. Oregon M (9 Via C9 (0)iifaiia C bi It bit of Old Italy transformed into one of the best and most unusual cafes on the Pacific Coast. Cozy and intimate, yes, but with a dignity that distinguishes it from the usual. Having the best of food, daintily served, it is patronized by Washington- ians w ho know " The " place to go. And the banquet service is of the best — quietly smart and efficient. 1 soman D o o mill! Helen Stvope University District oom Seattle TKeC DRAMA : MUSIC : DANCE SEATTLE, WASHINGTON Announces SUMMER SCHOOL FACULTY Summer Session. June 23 to August 2. 1930 GUEST TEACHERS Department of Dance Martha Graham. America ' s Greatest Exponent of Character and Interpretative Dancing. Department of the Theatre Jean MERCIER. Associate of Jacque Copeau and Adolphe Appia Department of Music Franklin RIKER, American Tenor. Master Classes for Singers and Teachers of Singing. Martha SACKETT. Normal Course for Teachers of Children. And Other Members of the Regular Teaching Staff Catalog on Request. Fall Term. Sept. 23. okeAves -Xvudolpn r urniture l o. EASTLAKE at UNIVERSITY BRIDGE This Unusual and Distinctive store invites you to make use of its Thirty Display and Sales rooms at any time. The U. of W. Gridiron Canvas Cover Made by Us. The Up-to-Date Tent and Awning Company of the West AWNINGS that are Distinctive. REASONABLE and of Bright and Gay Colors We Rent Canopies. Umbrellas. Tents and Camping Outfits Camp Lewis Tent B Awning Co. Manufacturers of Tents. Awnings and Canvas Goods ELiot 34 12 SEATTLE. WASH. ELiot 34 11 MAKERS OF SCHOOL AND COLLEGE ANNUALS MAGAZINES and CATALOGS PETERS PUBLISHING CO. SEATTLE, WASHINGTON The University ' s Modern Marketeria 4551 University Way " — — - - — - Superior Fruit and Produce Co. ME. 1070 4551 University Way We carry a complete line of FRESH FRUITS and VEGETABLES at lowest prices possible consistent with highest grade Fruits and Vegetables Wholesale prices to Sororities and Fraternities. We solicit and deliver University Market Telephone Melrose 8880 for Fresh and Smoked Meats Fish Butter, Eggs and Cheese also Fresh Dressed Poultry Wholesale prices to Fraternities and Sororities Quick Delivery Service 4551 University Way M. MINER, Mgr. hviDenor Bakery Tel. Mel. 9070 455 1 Univ. Way Complete Line of BREADS. CAKES and PASTRIES Grocery and Delicatessen " Delivery Service " Retail and Wholesale Prices We Cater to Fraternity and Sorority Accounts Cigars, Cigarettes Popcorn, Peanuts, Candy and Ice Cream Help Yourself Light Lunch Department " ALWAYS OPEN " THRIFT with SAFETY Paid on Savings at the ynarine Slate Jjank A member of the Marine Bancorpo- ration ' s Regional Bank Group which has Total Re- sources of over $50,000,000.00 Backed by over $14,000,000.00 of Invested Capital MAR I N E State Bank East 45th jK University Way oWre Washington Cadets Better Uniformed This Year? They Are! Look around you! Your Cadet friends are now wearing the new uniforms! Smartly cut — neatly tailored! You ' ll find the Nudelman label on the ones you most admire. We know! For not only are we furnishing all Cadet Uniforms — but also the finest Naval and Army Uniforms on the Pacific Coast. Advanced Students! We especially invite your inspection of our fine line of uniform fabrics! Nudelman Bros. 1411 i_; Third Avenue Seattle. Washington 1 2 7 Third Street Portland. Oregon For Freshness — Flavor — Quality Discerning coffee drinkers use Manning ' s Coffee Fresh as the Dawn When The Campus Had Only One Fraternity Kristoferson ' s were delivering milk to Se- attle homes. This long record of service is distinguished by the introduction of practi- cally every forward step in the milk, supply of this great city . . typified to- day by the modern cream - top bottle with " top cream so rich it whips. " QTPSON ' S EXCLUSIVE AGENTS for complete line of SOUTH BEND LATHES bench and floor type, belt and motor driven. Also complete line of CRESCENT WOODWORKING equipment, both for shop and home use We specialize in Manual Training Equipment West Coast Machinery Co. Elliott 5001 1006 First South Seattle. Wash. Chances are ss - Nearly 8 to 1 that the next check your dad sends you was lithographed by the NORTH PACIFIC BANK NOTE CO. Commercial Lithographers and Printers 206 First Ave. So. MAin 0196 eddu yytince Your wedding announce- ments must carry the utmost in dignity and grace befitting the supreme occasion . . . and Lumbermen ' s master- craftsmen please the most fastidious. Our specimen engraving styles are suggestive . . . ask for the type style booklet! £umb Xrintin ens ompanif iBl library Where dates are booked. IGN la] escFiptions 9 O PROCESS POSTERS Established 1908 4116 Univ. Wav Mel. 3125 New W a.snington Hotel Favorite place for smart student affairs. Recommend the New Washington to your parents and friends when they are in Seattle. Second Ave. at Stewart Seattle AFFILIATED Piiget iSound xlotels New Washington Seattle New Leopold - Bellingham New Governor - Olympia New Morck Aberdeen New Cascadian — - Wenatchee Hotel Henry Bellingham New Yakima i now building) Yakima " In the Heart of Everything " A GOOD PLACE TO BUY COAL -o WOOD PACIFIC COAST COAL COMPANV Retail Yards in all sections of Seattle. Also Retail Yards at Portland Wenatchee Juneau Tacoma Everett Wholesale Office. 5 1 1 Smith Tower. Seattle E. C. Miller. Pres. ti Gen ' l Mgr. R. M. Ingram. Sales Mgr. B. B. Averill. Vice-President A. W. Middleton. DirccJor G. E. Anderson, Sec ' y-Treas. E. C. MILLER CEDAR LUMBER COMPANV Manufacturers of RED CEDAR BOAT LUMBER BEVEL and BUNGALOW SIDING FINISH. MOULDINGS and SHINGLES Aberdeen, Washington sislma plii epsilon Since the election of the boyishly beautiful Bremertonian. the old inter-fraternity Co-op has been revived, along with a sideline of plain and fancy co-ordination. Putt ' s Coffee Shop Delicious Food at Collegiate Prices University Way and 45th Satisfaction — should be a part of the job. STROM 6- OLSON CO. Hardwood Floors 900 Roy St.. at Westlake Capitol 5442 X HE BETTER yearbooks of the Northwest show the fine artistry and. craftsmanship of the Western En ravin Colortype Company. Schools that demand the best year after year have found that ' ' Western Service insures a Better Annual. estern €NGRAYING COLORTYPt Ca 4IALL€R C.CAMPBELL -PR€S 2030 FI-FTH AV£- $€ATTL£ H SERVING TYEE Continuously, since 1923, and for many years previous to that, we have been printers to Tyee •:• •:• To have so assisted - in the creation of a beautiful r I series of Memory Volumes, notable among the College Year i M Books of 1926 merica, has been a privilege %: and " labor amoris " to the craftsmen of the Lowman Hanford Company •:■ •:• Few are the volumes, in these days, issuing from the printer ' s presses which are predestined to 1928 be treasured by s every owner, as is Bfl the College Year Book, ten, twenty, or fifty years hence •:• •:• To bring to such a work, therefore, the best of the printer ' s and the booh-binder ' s craft, has been our perennial ambition L OWMAN HANFORD COMPANY PRINTERS AND BOOKBINDERS SEATTLE, WASHINGTON • U-S-A Inde:«: to ad ' ortisevs PACE Alaskan Copper Vi ' orks 435 A. S. U. W. Auditors 418 A. S. U. W. Canoe House 436 Augustine Kyer 437 Bay City Lumber Co. 426 Beokett ' s Bindery 428 Boldl ' s Cafe 412 Boulevard Inn 421 Buddy Squirrel ' s Nut Shop 445 Builders ' Permanent Exhibit 422 Camp Lewis Tent Awning Co 449 Carnation Co 441 Cavalier Apartments _ 411 Cascade Chemical Co. 422 Coast Carton Co 435 Cohen Sons. Inc., J 421 College Flower Nook 444 Commercial Blue Print-Paper Co 416 Commodore Apartments 411 Cornish School 449 Crescent Manufacturing Co 416 Dahlialand 435 Dairy Products Co 446 Dressel-Collins Fish Co 418 Dresslar Hardware Co 441 Drumheller. Ehrlichman White 415 Duchess Apartments 411 Dwyer Rhodes Co 418 Edgewater Fuel Co 433 Egyptian Theatre 454 Elliott Bay Mill Co 434 Everett Packing Co 423 Farrell Lumber Co. 434 Federated Metals Corp 434 Fink. Leonid .421 Frederick . Nelson 407 Fuji. C 439 Furuya Co.. M 431 Grand I nion Laundrj 428 Griffin Envelope Co 430 Ghiglione Sons. Inc., A. F .430 Gownian Hotel 414 Graham. John 419 Hansen Bros. Transfer 4411 Harsch Studio 423 Heating Service Co., Ine 417 Henrikson-Alstrom 429 Hill Fireworks Co. 434 1 1(1(1(1 Rubber Co 427 H(i (Mr(l Motor Co. 41. ' ) PACE Joyce ' s 444 Katsaros. John 427 Korean Chest 425 Kristoferson ' s 452 Kunishige. Frank A 445 LaPine Studio 442443 Larson. H. S 436 Lee Co., Clint W. 419 Logan Bryan 431 Lowman Hanford Co. 456 Lumbermen ' s Printing Co 452 Malmo Co. 417 Manning ' s 451 Marine State Bank 451 Marlatt ' s Bakery 447 Martin Eckmann 427 Maryatt Laundry 421 McKesson, Stewart Holmes Drug Co 434 Mayer Co.. Joseph 437 Metropolitan Bldg. Co 446 Metropolitan Laundry Co 439 Miller Co., E. C 453 Monks Miller 427 Multnomah Hotel 425 Mummey Co., E 413 National Cash Register 430 Nelson-Chryslal, Inc 437 NePage-McKenny Co 437 Neptune Theatre _ 454 North Pacific Bank Note Co 452 North Pacific College of Oregon 440 Northwest Envelope Mfg. Co 439 Novelty Iron Works 419 N. P. Dye Works 430 Nudelman Bros 451 Octonek 445 Olympic Foundry Co 428 Olympic Hotel 431 Olympian Stone Co 440 Outdoor Store 425 Pacific Coast Coal Co 453 Pacific Eledrotype Co 432 Pacific Fruit Produce Co 426 Pacific Marine Supply Co 432 Parisian Chocolate Co. 431 I ' ciulleton Woolen Mills 447 Penney Co.. J. C 408 Peters Publishing Co 449 Phelps-Terkel 410 Pioneer Printing Co 439 Pioneer Sand Gravel Co 417 Plantatidii 416 I ' ocdck. (;(-(.rge 4U PACE Port of Seattle .433 Puget Sound Hotels .453 Puget Sound News Co .412 Puget Sound Power Light Co 429 Putt ' s Coffee Shop .454 Raulman Plumbing Co. 432 Ravenna Dye Works .410 Reid Bros. 423 Robinson Mfg. Co 422 San Juan Fish Co. .435 Sayles 419 Schweitzer ' s Beanery 423 Scientific Supplies Co ,420 Seattle Boiler Works 427 Seattle Office Equipment Co 432 Seattle Times 424 Seattle Typesetting Co 431 Shaw Supply Co .425 Sherman. Clay Co 415 Skewes-Rudolph Furniture Co 449 Strom Olsen Co. .454 Stokes Ice Cream 422 Sunde d ' Evers Co 406 Trick Murray 426 University Bookstore 409 University Modern Marketeria 450 University National Bank 405 L ' niversity Publishing Co 412 University Sign Co 452 Vernon. Duryee, Reese. Inc 444 ashington Bakeries .428 alton Lumber Co 430 Ward ' s Bindery 432 Warrack Construction Co 420 Washington .Amiesite Co .426 Washington Brick Lime .438 Washington Sheet Metal Works _.430 Wason Coffee .428 Webster Stevens 418 West Coast Machinery Co 452 West Coast ood Preserving Co 436 Western Engraving Colorlype Co 455 Western Printing Co .420 Weyerhaeuser Timber Co 436 bailey Co., John A 420 W ilkins. L. G. 444 S illiams. M. H. 422 W iUon, Hugh A 430 Wilsonian Dining Room 448 Wooley Co 432 V. M. C. A. .435 St noral Inde:«: Acacia Ad Club Administration A. I. E. E All-University Players Alpha Chi Omega 283 385 49-65 386 368 333 Alpha Delta Phi " 284 Alpha Delta Pi 334 Alpha Delta Sifiina 367 Alpha Delta Theta 335 Alpha Gamma Delta 336 Alpha Kappa Lambda 285 Alpha Kapiia Psi 367 Alpha Omirron Pi 337 Alpha Phi 338 Alpha Sigma Phi 286 Alpha Tan Omega 287 Alpha Xi Delta 339 Amnion i Socii .. 386 Archery -215 Associated Students 35-45 A. S. U. « . Officials - 36 4. S. U. W. Publications 149-155 Athena Debate Club 237 Athletics 159-193 Athletics ( Women t 206-221 Axe and Grindstone 387 B B. A. Council 45 Badger Debate 236 Badminton 213 Baseball - 186b-186d Baseball (Women) 211 Basketball _ 178-180 Basketball ( Women) 212 Beta Alpha Psi - 369 Beta Gamma Sigma 244 Beta Kappa 288 Beta Phi Alpha 340 Beta Theta Pi 289 Bethany Club 396 Big W Club 192 Black Flamingo 226 Board of Control 38 Boxing 189 Business Administration, College of 52 Cadet Ball 275 Campus Christian (Council 375 Campus Day Committee 40 Canoeing 214 Chi Omega - 341 Chi Phi 290 Chi Psi 291 Clark Hall 358 Classes 69-145 Clogging 216 Club 367-403 College Life 253-267 Columns 151-152 Compass and Chart _ 388 Concert Committee 202 Crew 171-176 Crew Drive Committee 41 D Daily 153-154 D. A. R 359 Delta Chi 292 Delia Delta Delia 342 Delta Gamma _ 343 Delta Kappa Epsilon 293 Delia Psi Delia 294 Delta Sigma Phi 295 Delia Tail Delta 296 Delia Thela Phi _ „ „ 368 Delta L ' psilon 297 Delta Zela 344 Deulsrher Verein 389 Drama Review „ _ 22S Educatiun. School ot Election (Jommillee .. 58 41 Engineering, College of 54 Engineering; Council 45 Engineers ' informal 274 Executive Council _ 198 Extension Service 64 Field Week 220 Fine Arts, College of 51 Fine Arts Council - 44 Fir Tree 241 Fisheries, College of 60 Football 161-170 Forestry, College of .. 55 ForealTy Quarterly 155 .Maternities 281-327 Freshman Debate 235 Freshman Football 170 Freshman History 145 Freshman Officers 144 F»yo-Kai 370 Gamma Alpha Chi 370 Gamma Epsilon Pi 247 Gamma Phi Bela 345 Glee Club 229 Graduate Manager - 35 Graduate School - 62 H Hammer and Coffin 371 Hikin g 217 Hockey 211 Homecoming Committee 40 Home Economics Club 389 Honoraries 241-249 Horseshoes 216 High School Basketball Tourney Committee 37 High School Leaders ' Conference Commillee 44 I Inspector General 227 Instructors 208 Intercollegiate Knights 42 Inter fraternity Council 281 Interfralernily Delegates 282 Intramural Athletics 189-191 Intramural Debate 236 lota Sigma Pi - 371 J Japaiiese Club 325 Japan Society 397 Journalism School 56 Junior Girls ' Vodvil 228 Junior History HI Junior Officers 140 Junior Prom 273 Kappa Alpha Thela 346 Kappa Delta 347 Kappa Kappa Gamma 348 Kappa Kappa Psi - 372 Kappa Phi 399 Kappa Psi 298 Kappa Sigma 299 Kappa Zeta 349 Kla-HoM-Yah 361 Lambda Chi Alpha 300 Lambda Omega - 350 Lambda Rho 372 Lander Hall 326 Law, School of 57 Lewis Hall 361 Liberal Arts, College of 50 Library School 63 M .398 .234 ...230 Max Garrett Club _... Men ' s Varsity Debate Mid-Winter Concert ... Mines. College of - 59 Minor Athletics 189-191 Mmor W Club 193 Mortar Board 242 Moving-L ' p Committee 40 Mu Phi Epsilon ,. 248 Music. Drama, Debate 225-237 N Newman Club Nurses ' Club .398 .391 Omicron Nu 373 Oval Club 243 Panhellenic - 321 Panhellenic Delegates 322 Pan Xenia 374 Pharmacy, College of 61 Phi Alpha Delta 374 Phi Alpha Rho 375 Phi Bela Kappa 246 Phi Delta Phi 375 Phi Delta Thela 301 Phi Gamma Delta 302 Phi Kappa Psi _ 303 Phi Kappa Sigma 304 Phi Kappa Tan 305 Phi Lambda L ' psilon 376 Phi Mu 351 Phi Mu Alpha 390 Phi Mu Gamma 377 Phi Omega Pi 352 Phi Sigma Kappa - 306 Physical Education Club 392 Physical Education Instructors 208 Pi Beta Phi 353 Pi Kappa Alpha 307 Pi Kappa Phi 308 Pi Lambda Thela _ 378 Pilgrim Club 400 Pi Mu Chi 378 Pi Sigma Alpha 249 Pi Sigma Gamma 354 Play Dav .220 Point System 199 Propeller Club 373 Pre-Medic Club 391 Psi Upsilon .309 Purple Shield 246 R Rally Committee . - 37 Regents. Board of : 49 Relay Carnival Committee 37 Representative Council ...200 Riding 217 Riflerv (Women) 215 Robin Hood 231 Roger Williams Club 401 Scabbard and Blade 379 Scholastic Rating . 139 Science. College of _ 53 Senior Class Members 69-138 Senior History _ 70 Senior Officers 69 Sigma Alpha Epsilon 310 Sigma Alpha Mu _ 311 Sigma Chi 312 Sigma Delta Chi _ 388 Sigma Epsilon 380 Sigma Eta Chi 381 Sigma Kappa 355 Sigma Nu 313 Sigma Phi Epsilon 314 Sigma Phi Sigma 315 Sigma PI 316 Sigma Xi 247 Soccer 213 Society Review _ 276-277 Sophomore History 143 Sophomore Officers 142 Sororia - 381 Sororities 330-363 Spiked Shoe Club ...„ „ 382 Sports Review 159-160 Spurs 43 Stadium Day Committee 41 Standards Committee 201 Stevens Debate Club -- 237 Student Advisory Council _ 193 Mimmer School 65 Student Managers ' Council 39 Tau Beta Pi T ?45 Tau Kappa Epsilon Tau Phi Delta 317 318 . 187 ■ 188 ?18 Theta Chi 119 Theta Delta Chi 1?0 Theta Kappa Thela 1?1 183 156 Theta Xi 1?7 1?7 Tolo ?7 ' 177 16? ?fll 181 -186 S63 149 -150 Varsitv Ball V ?71 Volley Ball ?! ' Washington . telier Washington Golf Cli ' ashington Players W 181 lb 382 193 40H ■Westminster Club .. Women ' s Activities 197 403 -221 ?n9 ?06 197 Co PI bat ncerts oyi -1-n Women ' s Federation ayers ..199 Comen ' s Vocational ( ' omen ' s W Club Club .393 ■?n7 i Si " ma Pi X 184 Yell Staff Y ?il 194 204 ,-?05 Z 3-M 384 Zeta Psi 323 Zeta Tau Alpha .357

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