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University of Washington Naval ROTC - Binnacle Yearbook (Seattle, WA) online yearbook collection, 1987 Edition, Cover

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,.,.X 4 1 1 ,ff 'I ,Ea I f . U , .., 1 " ' lv J , WM M. .5 KVM ,WW 1 lbw ff S 4 f f , dmc. ..,-if - E W W A .wwf f a M W , WZ, WW I 1 a 4 1 3 4 W 5 1 2. p .- w W Jw: as . ,ls fda .ig if if 2 Q .. -W. lk fi gn: 5 L . , , S521 j"Q'x Wy vim f Q ir 5 :E ff 34, ,,f f v ,QE 1.1 , Wg 3, , L ,. 4, F' 'iff ' :fag 'Q .5- li .1 14 wil , v Y Hx 'E N, A, , ,, .W .......,...,..,. ...-A., , . f' s 1 A 1 . I Q 5 DEDICATIO The 1987 University of Washington Naval Reserve Of- ficers Training Corps Binnacle is dedicated to our outgoing Executive Officer, LTCOL Richard Bianchino. Like a Bin- nacle, which holds the compass, the Colonel was always there to give us direction. With his fantastic sense of humor - he always had a great story to tell - he kept us striving toward our goal of commissioning. When I was having trou- ble passing Physics 123, the Colonel passed up no oppor- tunity to ask me how l was doing, when I wanted to quit, his advice made me dig in and persevere, and when I finally passed physics, the Colonel was the first to congratulate me - before I had a chance to tell anyone. I still don't know how he found out, but he sure made me feel impor- tant. I think he had that effect on a lot of people around the unit. He will be sorely missed. - Monica A. Rickard 1987 Binnacle Editor W"-sw+w..wvw+wwN,,., I, V-'M A- eng -M ' V' i - f A .' . i. --,Q I fl-n l ' ,i'I"-lin l'i5i'1 ,- L 5-- 'W f"" " i f 1 r i . 2 -1 ,- A.-46. REFLECTIONS OF THE TOUR The end of anything is a time for mentally adding up the score card and evaluating pro- gress and failures. l suppose the first word that comes to mind as l wind down my three years here at Washington is FAST! The weeks, quarters, and school years have clicked by with unbelievable speed! Some of you may not share that perception and probably think your tour here will never end - but l guarantee on graduation day you'll feel that FROSH O was just a short time ago. ln my case the perception of FAST comes from the personal pleasure and satisfaction l've had in this assignment. The opportunity to be associated with the finest young peo- ple anyone could ever hope to meet - the opportunity to influence the academic, pro- fessional, athletic and social environments - the opportunity to influence the future ex- cellence of the Navy fMarine leadership - the opportunity to be associated with such a capable and dedicated staff - and especially an XO like LTCOL Bianchino. All of these aspects have made my final tour in the Navy the most rewarding and enjoyable of my career. How successful we've been in the last few years will be determined by your per- formance and values throughout your careers - and l feel optimistic about that outlook. Concerning accomplishments and failures - l've always believed that if you don't strike out a few times, you're not going to bat enough. And we've had a few strikeouts. The lower level course accreditation - one of my goals - has not, and probably never will be realized, although we gave it our best shot. We lost several good people from the program I dearly tried to save, and one always wonders if he could have done something else. On the other hand, we've had our share of hits too! Another of my major goals - instituting an Alumni Association - is about to become a reality. This will pay significant long term dividends to the Unit, both in professionalism and monetary support. We've increased both numbers and quality of our battalion. ln calendar year 1987 we will commission 59 midshipmen and OC's, the largest number this decade. We have sent more people to Nuclear Power Training than ever before. ' Our overall GPA is higher, and the professionalism and military motivation have never been better. UW grads stand out, on summer cruise, in joint ROTC activities, in Flight School, at SWOS, TBS, and OCS, and in the fleet. We have expanded our extra-curricular activities in a number of areas - quartet, chorus, sailing, basketball, drum and bugle. Each of these activities, along with our other teams reflect great pride and professionalism on our unit, and are excellent ambassadors of the Navy in the civilian community. We can all be proud of the fact that we are a part of the finest ROTC program in the country. But excellence is not static. lt must be worked at daily. This unit has a legacy of top peformance dating back sixty years. You, the midshipmen, and you the alumni, must continue the efforts to make sure that Husky Navy turns out the very best for another sixtyyears! GodBless.GOHUSKlES!! In V f ".if'f'.S4g,.'? 'L'- i:.- Fkpar x 1,7 V THE XO "I arrived here in January 1984, when this year's seniors were freshmen. A51 scraped the ice from my windshield, l thought of the beautiful Hawaiian beaches that I had just left, and wondered if I had made the right choice by coming here, Looking back, I'm certain that I did. Having had the opportunity to watch such fine people, as you all are, grow into officers of the Navy and Marine Corps was indeed worth it. It has been an interesting, exciting, and rewarding tour. l leave the job and i retire from the Marine Corps, envious of you, as you start your carrers. Good Luck. I will remember each of You."' l l ,, K K , in ' 1 "1-Q., nl I - i - x s.gx I '14 'II' ' ,Q '53 fr. 1 . -' ' ' " ,- . ,L if 'bf , r i 1- ""1" . Is, va-.W 1 ,i ' f s A ah 9. f e H2ri3fsiaQi1"QT.iiliEQSfz.13'f2e3?i? I jeg THE MOI Major William Cook serves as the Unit Battalion Advisor and as the Marine Of- ficer Instructor. Graduating from Brigham Young University and receiving his com- mission in 1974, he attended The Marine Officer Basic School and The U.S. Army Armor Officer Basic School in 1975. He served with the 3rd Tank Battalion from late 1975 to 1978 and was sent overseas to serve as the Assistant Provost Marshal and Officer-in-Charge of Criminal Investigations for MCAS, lwakuni, Japan in late 1978, returning to the 1st Maintenance Battalion as a Tracked Vehicle Repair Of- ficer in 1979. He later commanded Company A, and Anti-Tank TOW Company in 1st Tank Battalion. Selected for training as a Signals Intelligence I Electronic War- fare Officer in 1982, he attended Communications Officers School, and Cryp- tologic School in 1982 and was assigned duty with the 1st Radio Battalion, MCAS Kaneohe Bay, Hawaii. Returning to the Continental United States in 1984, he serv- ed as the Commanding Officer of Company B, and Anti-Tank TOW Company, 2nd Tank Battalion in Camp Lejeune, North Carolina, and as the Battalion S-4, Logistics Officer. Major Cook holds a B.S. in Justice Administration from Brigham Young University, and an M.A. in Management from Pepperdine University. Other service schools he has completed include The Army Advanced Armor Officer Course, Landing Force Sixth Fleet Fire Support Coordination Course, and The Command and Staff College. He was promoted to his current rank in 1985. "Major and Mrs. Cook would like to thank the midshipman battalion members for an exciting year, and give you our best wishes for the future. Semper Fidelisf' M0 " ' is 4 W fafff' 7 1' Z ' 'I 1 lffllhlalr il W . .,s..w..... M..- , -sm N , . - " THE SENIOR INSTRUCTCR .miss SK? 4 Lt. Tim Disher is a 1981 graduate of the US Naval Academy, where he majore . d aerospace engineering and captained the 150 lb. football team. Upon commissioning Ili entered the nuclear pipeline and was ultimately stationed aboard USS JOHN ADAMS KSSBN 620i in Charleston, South Carolina. He served as electrical officer, MPA, and DCA before reporting to the University of Washington in September of 1985, to assume the duties of Senior Instructor and enlisted commissioning program advisor. Lt. Disher plans to finish his MBA before returning to the fleet sometime next year. His interests in clude sailing, racket sports, and most of all his new son and daughter. yv V l Sfff X .F t . . 3 Q Q :Q X Q t "1-,S Y , W9- Q .fwwi x 1, Qs .mhw.........d.rn , f M',u,'A. ,234 V V .fi , F .V . 3 A, --. , - , . LH . , , - .1 , Axln- -F.-in-wi 1 JFK M A him i 9 s ' . A .1 " 'eff THE JU IOR INSTRUCTOR Lt. Mark Cochran is a native of Euclid, Ohio. He graduated from Arizona State Univer- sity with a Bachelor of Science degree in Aeronautical Engineering in 1979. He was com- missioned at Aviation Officer Candidate School, Pensacola, Florida in March 1980. He reported for training as a Naval Flight Officer immediately therafter. After receiving his wings at the Naval Air Training Unit, Mather AFB, California in January 1981. Lt. Cochran was assigned as a Navigator, Airborne Communications Officer and Mission Commander at VQ-4 in Patuxent River, Maryland, flying the EC-13OQ lHerculesl TACAMO Strategic Communications Aircraft. He transferred to shore duty as the Junior Class Instructor at the University of Washington NROTC Unit in June of 1984, and in August 1987 returned to VQ-4 to resume flying duties with the "SHADOWS." "I've been extremely privileged to have been associated with the Husky Navy Unit these past three years. I am particularly looking foward to working with you all in the fleet. TACAMO." A M., .. 'Ni '4 A, Z A ' A 1 - .---.... V e , 5 ' - ., ' 'g3g,,t,.. eA,:e.A:44:1- .. N1 H-, mm-e,..1. . TI-IE SOPI-IOM ORE INSTRUCTORS i wiv rn, ttii X Nl IIS 4 NN S i Lt. Karl Gillette received his Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration from The Citadel in Charleston, South Carolina in May of 1980. After graduation, he attended Surface Warfare Officer's School in Newport, Rhode Island, and reported aboard the USS JOHN RODGERS IDD 983D in October 1980 as Gun- nery Officer, and later served as Fire Control Officer. Lt. Gillette attended several schools as the prospective Fire Control Officer aboard the'second AEGIS Cruiser, USS YORKTOWN ICG 48l. After placing the ship in commission on 4 July 1984, Lt. Gillette took part in shock trials, and the ship's maiden deployment to the Sixth Fleetl During the deployment, Lt. Gillette and the YORKTOWN were involved in the intercept of the ACHILLE LAURO hijackers. They then participated in two Black Sea Operations, and three operations in the vicinity of Libya COVLOPSI. Lt. Gillette reported to the NROTC Unit, University of Washington in September 1986, and relived Lt. Heinbaugh as the Sophomore Instructor. 1 W D ,ff 4' 'Q' 49316: 3 H 2 Lt. R' h d ' ' .. IC HY Hembaugh discovered as a civilian UW student that Calculus and Physics required great am t f t' ' - - . mm S 0 'me and defl'Cat'fm' Not heme favorable inclined toward such dedication, he dropped out in his sophomore year and l t d th - . University of Washinglldri iandlnw e Navy. Elght years later' he fmally graduated with H Math degfee from the QNESEPI. as Commissioned through the Navy Enlisted Scientific Education Program After S rf W rf 0 - ' JOETT 6162159 a are fficer s School, he served aboard the World's Most Capable Surface Warship, U55 t 9l F L lcv 62l as Assisfisntlglamfslldegbllf allCOIffTDS Maintenance Officer and aboard the USS INDEPENDENCE Sophomore Class lnstmctor and B Ebom aicerigid Main Engines Officer. After two delightful years as the 1986, and returned to the sea. P 'W visor, Li. Heinbaugh detached from the unit ln December "I have greatly enjoyed th' t ward to meeting you in the fleftgur and fhe OPPONUHNV to work with such fine Midshipmen. I am looking for- oh 4lm i.s1Ihii'- 3... r""'3"""'i" ' " " ' - ' ' - " 'W ' ' ' " ' -Q ... .....,Q:..-a..,..,..,...- " I ' ne.. . THE FRESHM AN INSTRUCTOR Lt. Michael D. Hawley was born and raised in Ferndale, Wash. After joining the Navy in 1974, Lt. Hawley attended Electronics School where he became a Second Class Sonar Technician. He enrolled in the Boost pro- gram in 1976, and was picked up by the Naval Academy one year later for the Class of '81. Lt. Hawley held various billets throughout his four years at the academy, such as Battalion Commander and Company com- mander. He also spent his weekends "visiting museums and libraries" for excitement. lSo he saysll Upon graduation, he attended SWOS, and DCA School. His first assignment was as the very first Auxiliary Officer on USS TICONDEROGA ICG 471. Later, as DCA he was involved in fighting an hour and a half long shipboard fire onboard the TICO 500 nm offshore from Norfolk, VA. He also served as the Ordnance, Missile, and Gunnery Officer. He was the last original member of the Wardroom to leave when he was transferred from CG 47 to the NROTC Unit, University of Washington, during the summer of 1986. Lt. Hawley is married to Lt. Catherine Hawley lNurse Corpsl, who is a charge nurse at the Bremerton Naval Hospital. The Hawleys have two sons already, with a third child on the way las of this printingl. His interests include basketball, racquetball, golf, snow and water skiing, and salmon fishing. He really enjoys working with Midshipmen, and hopes to positively influence their professional careers and their social attributes. - - . any' 1 2 THE STAFF The Staff here at the NROTC Unit, contains a group of people without whom we couldn't function. YNC Clark has been in the Navy since 1972, and has been with us since July 1985. GYSGT DesRosier has had such various assignments as Guard Duty, Marine Barracks, Bangor, Washington, and Drill Instructor in San Diego before com- ing to the Unit as AMOI. QMC Pyle has been in the Navy since 1967 and has served aboard USS PLUNGER QSSN 595l, USS FLASHER CSSN 6135, and USS HADDOCK QSSN 6211, in addition to Assistant Junior Instructor at the unit. He spends his time playing golf and tennis, and getting his car stolen from Montlake Parking Lot. Unfortunately, he leaves us this year. SKC Triunfo comes to us from US Naval Support Forces, Antarctica. Phyllis Oldenburg is from Illinois, and has been with us since 1981. Pamela Nowak is from the San Francisco Bay Area, and spends much of her spare time with her cat Charlie and her rabbit Thumper. Marlene Sullivan, our veteran, has been with us for ten years, and is a great help to the midshipmen. They are all indispensible to the unit. "Now what?" to rt. ZZ' It's a tough job, but somebody's got to do it "Now where did l put that execution order?" gg-'ri , 1, Eff ' -. , ' 'Q ,. .V - ' 1"-msg f. .g, , e f f, .V - , 1 -. ' g r., ,A , A Z . : Sifffidj. 'T .'.,, - . " '1 ,'p: I :g r f- Y' ., A . , .,, 1 , ,, . - V , , .. K , lv , f. . ,j Q ,j,.,f,. 7,315 -,Q-'fi-' k ,1 ,yt,fm-vii, 15,-fy 2 f ' ' 4 ' ' " ' 1:13 A ' J 2 - 2 . ' 'f e. 1, " J udi, V If Q 5 -sl., N Q.. ,uf ' Q L fy- incl - -. 5. 1, t., 1 51- f ' f,'- ,1- , f ' '- K - K ' V f 'V V - X1-- U' -K. V 1 -- , . -' V -r '-' ' V' 1 - .............,,.- aunt:-nil YNC Clark GYSGT DesRosier wx ft A Pamela Nowak 4 Phyllis Oldenburg It s got Excedrin written all over it! QMC Pyle Marlene Sullivan SKC Triunfo 3 Y! ' X IZ 4 A , 5 Ulf R E 13 SUMMER A chance for midshipmen to get a look at life in the "Real Navy." A chance to stand watches, clean bilges, and see the world. Some even got a taste of the skies, as they flew in some of the world's finest aircraft. We got a chance to put away the books and learn Naval Science firsthand. We spent time running around the ship looking for relative bearing grease, standing mailbouy watches, and having fun. Then, when it was all over, we came home and told our many sea stories . . . 14 mm. can sydvlr .40- 1 -p..1afw-.1-.-sf,f,i4-Qfhwqf-235' J, A if iq 1- 4 We Q , M. W, A , N 1 hi h , v ,Q . 4, ,f .f,,..,.,.. . H ., . , M Q- - A -,f 'gf ,,. V . 304, up, . .,,.13,.- g I V-. , - -f ' CRUISE -- .,-.-.....,........-.4-...-n, ' .....,.-1.-up-an-.. U'x-,aulmnW1'!m1Hw--r, , h , g 4 " 'M.'?ailErnnmwamaMkmQza.-. ' .V farm--Mnwnvwwfh Q K FROSI-I "O" , - R Rs A F5 1 4 ,ui The fun is just beginning. "Commit this face to memory." ,-mx Sergeant Hall and Midn Clark discuss their plans for the week. gd i l x A little moming exercise. - l . - v l "Just a little off the sides, Juan." f i' lift 1 Y,..,, Learning to becoming real sailors. drill. i GYSGT DesRosier explains the fundamentals of Enjoying the fine Seattle weather. , The freshmen give new meaning to the word l Never look up in seagull country. af. 1 Johnny Connor and his monster lP. Scott Beck enjoyed Fmqh HON more th th hc' ' a " in G JY? "IGF 'I"'7'i?fT it """Q"'f"'HQ'1!7'ts-A.-f':?iTfi'?lQ1" . .,.,.,, W- . M, ,, .. f. 'A-MVWK A 'WW' Tnny Gregg laughs lnspecuons ..5-,, .e , , KK, -...-4' Ki, " u -fi E-bl3Q5h'8?3Sif"Cix','.u ' if' ' :.,' 'L-'f3fX,w-, " K ' sQ.5ff'b5iKf ' e,,f ' K, ' -. -wvmxwsspqp - ., .. Ng' KX: xKS'fsX, Tir. , 1 X limo e.'z5-9 2 934'-7 P1 '1 o " "M l And they're off! F Boy, all these freshmen look alnke! W ' " U - , K A K 4 . n,X K, 4 , gK .... K .t KK KKK t,:KK'5s,. ... . , r ,7 K 'KKK s X. u ' L , K, ...X K K , 5 K .TP K . lf ' - J. -'E+ 'M r -as ' ,,,, N. ,,,,.-,,.,z W, W f--v fr Q., X gg, -MKK3x,,,, - . , ,rf .J s--X-r--W ,X,.. ' M W, K ig M .f - . . ,X fs . XX X. .,... . s -K ww . . -...of ,, N, ww- , . :sm Xi. KK sf-101: fx 1 X., gg. .XS 1.-4 iam! 1 A ' ' :X.... so-X F ue X l s fszgfw:.o2rWf:gm-'fX i 1: H N51 Wigs ..m4-Qmi,ti,,j.s ,KX,s,fQ5s.w.XKK,..,X+K X. Q X- wswgi s of E 'X 'P OX. K 7' .ask 'i :sf Q X K KR Q., N ws QNX Q ,sl x f,1'X,Lfs,LM ,MK I , rf' .X . KKQKKK . , s K KK ...Q W.. g3i,.K.. . 5,,'5H . ,X x K K ' IKKX5-1 ' VKK 'W KKK . KK , 'Xf -r K s v ff+x.i,X 14 o1wpKK KKK ,IV K K, 'ig' o- - 1 Q Q ' Q VM ., - f ' l l 'Egg-.. -'Wo f ' ax.: 'XX."?A' N by C nwdff X K..,s , .. KK so -X , f M14 Kyfjm-4 K Y.. .. Kos., X -+ , . X. KK .-MJ, ,. K X '+V s . N 'K ,,,QXpo,.. LF' Q- 5,6 X , M f--f,.'.KK!, V . 1 ,, - KK ty Kg ,sys K - 1K W s K r , f on ,. Q if 'X f f Q-, X, KK 'Lf x K' K' .Qs X KK -qrxq ' K KK H K KK M My of 'KX - ' . Xe . W- Q.. N'1Q9'f"'i"gx ' WN' A . W' ' , " 'Ewa' ' 'X six? X f ff Y.. , , .s K QKXAK ,, f oz-K sig nm s, ' f ' 4... ' Q :X .3 Q, giyiv --,fxvwgwsxfs ,M , . 'kfow ' ,. , l 'X NW Q:vE""'w,ijf'-vi 'sef'' .. ' 'F' 1.91 ' :fm ff Dizzy Izzy. i l l One, two, three Greg-Clark, Adrian Lozano, and Robert Crawford. 3 X Bob Garretson cleaning up. vl wvgz Ed Kitondoogh motivates his troops, "l do solemnly swear . . ." "My baby is growing up." Dana Young works on the shlne. - rf - r. E71 'fl-'ERE -'lf-'E 'eel , 'Q -. 1 Wk fx ,.gv h X. 'Y : . .wh ' ' ' r - ------Y-.gk-4 s V . V V , V --1--,,..f-...fqgr -- -v W' -' N' f - K f . ,,, f'. ' --:.Ji,b3,w:-,1,, ',-x.,g,q.g.,,,.3d,,4m,--av,w.r,1..-Q.. XS' ,is X X' N N.. QW - . lc .Qgf X ,A fi, 4 4' 1 ff , f f f f W . ', ,ffl -QQW' , ' gf ff Wnfm-ff f ,fk,fc.5..yffyff 14 , . .V - f ,V f f f fl f fha I 1' I, A ' ff! p-- , ,, , , ...TM ,...,...l. . ni' X, . X X , .NX Bruce A. Derenski Ensign, USN B.S. Physics Nuclear Power School Q f John S. Morris Ensign, USN Mechanical Engineering Flight School 20 X 3 1 K 5 N Kenneth A. England Ensign, USN Business Administration Surface Warfare l Donald M. Thompson Ensign, USN Mechanical Engineering Nuclear Power School Picture Not Available: Mary K. Borojevich Officer Candidate, USN B.A. in Economics OCS I Legal Officer Jeffrey M. Armstrong Officer Candidate, USN Mechanical Engineering OCSfNuclear Power Scho -his . . A . 1 Barry L. Miller Ensign, USN B.A. in Psychology Flight School ol X - ii-- F -it - . .... N. . Gordon M. Turner Ensign, USN Scientific 8: Tech. Comm. Flight School , tt-. 1... 'ff - N W" J Drum we Q ww F av i l c X Q . A-ws gl ,N X DECEMBER COMMISSIGNING K ax, X Ted E. Clarke Christian C. Heinrichs Ensign, USN Ensign, USN Civil Engineering B.A. in History Flight School Surface Warfare fine William K. Hershberger III Jeri Webster 2LT, USMC Ensign, USN Political Science Political Science TBS X Flight School General Unrestricted Line , 7" P' ff fr mga fx, , th J- ,wi We , , Wm 01 0 - ' 1 F , Y' If ggi, 5 Q 2 4 5 ' f-dv" 1 ' co , i -z3,.5,S.UpQsilQ'L',E,5 .Ammgg s i QM X M" if G7 f .4 MCM WW-my Xiiiiz. ,If ara N7 M MARCH coMM1ss1oN1No Cornmissionees: Mark L. Alexander 2LT, USMC Political Science The Basic School Robert J. Cates Ensign, USN B.S. in Physics Flight School Paul R. Erikson Ensign, USN B.A. in Economics Flight School Allen S. Quynn Ensign, USN Physical Oceanography Surface Warfare Ll- JUNE COMMISSIONING 1 John H. Barnet Phillip T. Bond William M. Buckingham Ensign, USN Ensign, USN Ensign, USN B.A. in Psychology International Economics B.S. in Physics Flight School Flight School Nuclear Power School 2PRE-SMCSTOPTNXU24DGUDXSTOP Thanks For The Memories! 1 l f swf David J. Cochran Sean A. Conner Scott M. Corbitt Ensign, USN Ensign, USNR Ensign, USN Oceanography History Oceanography Surface Warfare Surface Warfare Surface Warfare What Are We 1STPLT?Crazy,Sir! Sometimes the Cream Floats ......-.,. ,f.., ..-..:-...-.r - ff -an-n-...... Q 1 A V Steven J. Cullen Douglas R- Dahl Scientific 8: Tech. Writing English Flight School Surface Warfare ts ,ff ll V William J. Evans Joey E. Gardner Metallurgical Engineering Mechanical Engineering Flight School Surface Warfare Barry W. Gresens Aero 8: Astro Engineering Naval Reactors NR - Sometimes the Cream Glows f 1 24 l Erik J. Dwyer Political Science Flight School nf" Donald Geidel Political Science Surface Warfare i Took Me 12 yrs to Make Ensign .L Ku! Jap Sur Goc Dag S Brian D. Gruendell Oceanography Surface Warfare Thomas R. Helgeson Rosalie A. Jepsky Aero 8: Astro Engineering Geography Flight School General Unrestricted Line Kurtis N. Kurita Michael P. Leary Donato B. Masaoy, III Japanese Regional Studies B.S. in Mathematics Political Science Surface Warfare Flight School Surface Warfare Good Luck and Have A Nice Day Mario A. Morfa Chemistry f Chem. Engr. Aviation OCS r ri as 1 fi 25 v A ,L'gv5f.U1l:.vai,saz.i.i4s1,,,-.ngea4,..,,,,,f,av1Xf..r, are-u-4-.-., , ,,,. David L. Morrison Lyle RQ Palmer Charles G. Rueck Ensign, USN Ensign, USN Ensign, USN Mechanical Engineering Political Science Mathematics Naval Reactors Surface Warfare Surface Warfare Forever A Husky So When do l make Admiral? 2 John G. Smith Scott J. Svoboda B,-ian Warn Ensign, Ensign, Ensign Business Metallurgical Engineering 13.5, in,Phy5ics Surface Warfare Flight School David B. Weiding Ensign, USN Political Science Flight School Thank you Jaxi Fair Winds SMC .l... ,.t.,,,,, 7- ' ' Qin' I-:..,. ,T k ' - -,1..,,... 4 . . 4'f--M-A--4-19-use 1439 "Y f"F'7"'P'92if-4 frmfbiiyimvf-N sn., ...,.,.c,. I sv 'I ,ffrtw Q tv K C xt' 1. Jon M. Wells 2LT, USMC B.A. in Political Science The Basic School UofW Marines - Semper Fidelis 'Q Shannon B. Wells Ensign, USN B.A. in Psychology Communications School "Goodbye, Farewell, and Amen" In K . I . W ' df? Scott J. Winstead 2LT, USMC Business Administration The Basic School Q 3 P David C. Weston Paul C. Woods Richard E. Yost Ensign, USN Ensign, USN Ensign, USN B.S. in Physics B.S.A.A. B.A. in Political Science Nuclear Power School Flight School Surface Warfare Michael S. Zwingle 2LT, USMC Political Science The Basic School UW Crew Sigma Nu The Bon USMC -.agp N. . A , . V H - H , . 'K ,, .,.,5,,x, . fm, gy, ,,5,m,,b ,,,,.,v,, 54,685 N 54 -f--- f V'-:xl R 'rx' 'Y X. 51-2- NSU 4 UF ,lf 3M 1 . i 5 if ., pil, 7 Q x f4'?' 'v ' Q by -'l7.,Kg K1 f iflfzixl ,. . x 'ff ' . ms.. K Yu x - K .Walt x. . 1 1 .45 9'w':wzci-51 f wr' f I , ' ' ' ' .- ' - , Greg Albertson Denms Albrecht Kelly Alexander Allstalr Borchert t Mlke Brame Dave Chlmck Brlan Chrnstlanson Steve Crawford - l X -X ., .....,a-v , ,, V, -Aki ,,.,g , ""' W' af'-'25 ?4'+'., T--" r ' 6' f 1 Qui? l ,H - I , if 30 im I "If this is a ship, maybe l should join the Army. Y X v L.: 1 'fir 'W , T 1 I 4 Mark Darrow Ron Dennis lan Dobbins Chuck Eineichner Ray Estrada John Friesen Stan Gacioch Dave Garvey Gary Gates Tim Gibbons Ian Godwin John Grady Rich Grant Mitch HayeS Haydn Hilling Kevin Jones -fx 5 if . , ,V , 7 ' . . ,-r, I N ' T A ' iff ' 2 1 ' Y. K Steve Kempsey Steve Kinskie Ed Kltendaugh Greg Krull Jeff Kuhlman Colt Lewis nv Steve Loeffler Jim Loesner Kim ffl Qnv' Charles Lund Peggy Lund .JRR IX. t Li Louis Marcotte Jeff McGarvey David McLeod Mark C. Miller 31 ME Q "What's a Mo Board?" Q E as A, fx: L t - E-fl Mark F. Miller Rob Modderman Robert Nelke Steve Pearson 4 l. .5 li., Q, l N.. . l - s is so hu. R Mutt and Jeff 7 2 lr, A 1 nt... E I I 1 L xl I V6 Q Keith Robison Tim Roland Dion Sarchet Curtis Sneddon Steve Peterson Tina Pisz Charlie Rehor Monica Rickard Chris Riley i i l l l 4 r l r 1 l l I r S 4 . l l 2 s l l l gl l l l in U H ll l l if 2 l l l E 5 r l Q l 5 l I l l , 1 ix Q IPX, Matt Stoeck p Eric Stoeckel S l I 904 le nf 1 al? 3 f a ul ...N w :X f Steve Taylor Sean Thompson Ryan Tillotson Joe Twomey Bernard Wang Mark Wilk teve Wxlson e LY li U. "No, this is not my date!" When does the Playboy Boat go by?" 'Win , ' A l x 4 N W . 1 4 J in A. L Eugene Alston Cameron Aplin Barry Bakos Brian Bennett V "l told you to do that before we left!" .N lui "One. . . Two. . ." 3 Y 1 -4 me X . :S ', - X, I Q Donald Burton Fred Cheng Mickey Cole f 1 1 r, i Steve Berven Kevin Boissonneault Pat Braden Mr Walter Estep Wes Garoutte Chris Gibson Philip Green John Doney Dan Dusek Nate Edmons 35 -LSI-SD Q .I L ig-5 0 .,,. I. ,, I be rf , 4 ...- L I I J H f"' it . Jeff Hakala Reginald Hampton Jeff Hancock David Hurt - ul Alex Lozano George Lozano Robert Manion Derek Maurer Aristides Iliakis Brian Jantzen Scott Kemp Gary Kocher Lee Kriebaum Aaron Larson James LeBlanc Robert LeDoux Sean O'Connor Jeff Ohman Scott Packard Donald Parker Dennis Peetz Michael Perkow Michael Pfliger Jennifer Smith Andy McCool William McGee Dennis Meinhardt Brian Moyers P , x 1 my Ll Frank Truong Thomas Tryon Robert Williams David Young 1 i 1 Q '1 an f C353 L 1 1 K M1 f if FRESI-IME Ht Ai! ,ff Y ,gp . ,MV rv HI ll, ! 5. :- - 5 ,,- SL u -1 Q F-sz K' . 22. Q MN x KX ,L 1 L I 2 i 4.1 C' il 4 5 Q -4 I 1-T' 5. l Q .NNN ' mxwl ,gill ' V I tux. wr. X ' x I I L-5 . I l ,,. Dm.. Kevin Allen Scarlet Anauo Ronald Applebey Kevin Arent Aiki Atkinson Eric Barker Scott Beck Scott Blomenkamp Jerry Blunck John Braun James Brock William Bufkin Stuart Carter Greg Clark David Clarke Johnny Connor Yes, Ma'am, l'm a real Cone-Head. H "What test?" 39 Ann Dargie Martin Fredrickson Eric Garrard Robert Garretson Saul Gates Phillip Gerstner Anthony Gregg Angela Hall Shawn Hall Edward Hara Brad Haskin Kurt Helgerson Martin Heuchert Timothy Hoffsommer Frederick Holler Jeffrey James I . ML. i f I A lr, 1 "What do you mean, they've been in your locker for two.years?" 5 l 3 'brad 1 Y . ' . l 1 is m ee r Sl 6 Someone get the thermometers, 'Y V "First da - l Q Charles Jaramillo Andrew Jewell Brett Johnson' Michael Johnson Nils Konikson Robert Lee Adrian Lozano David McDowell Chris McGlothlen Jeffrey Mclrvin Patrick McNelly Corey Masters Harvey Means Eric Michaelson Robert Moore Stephen Muench Uh I forgot my Shorts Future leaders? No you re wrong she s looking at me. Matthew Napier Michael Nicklin Richard Paffrath Bernard Patton Jeffrey Pearson Ed Pereira Yvonne Reid Marc Schachter Michael Schachter Christopher Smith Scott Snow David Sorrel ,,.. V.,h! ISP , . 5 QQ r MQ 7 Ei he - f ,.,.- ws, cz, , 1 The Wrath of Juan ri. X . all ,ir I 'Q if "Here's another fine mess you've gotten US into!" i I P ,I Gt" 'f R ? P 7 ,ii ill ir, hi., K X X ultim- -,L in Am Roig: We an X . , -X. rf. ' l'Qi me lli J ,. . I f l' . i f 5 K f- ,I ,Q v',, Z ilk? 4 I f . '1 XI , , 'i' if' 'f J liar , l 'iam ,l I X Q l .1 hm Gregory Ulses Xavier Valverde Daniel Whitmore Dana Young Nicholas Zinsmeister Michael Zumwalt ix 43 JLCJILJIVE 'UTY' E If-iw X3-my-b swf X , 1 f I Q 'fs I ,Q ,-,..n.,1 Jgbgiai' pi4b y,r1m1! , M . JS J . f 2 I xi j I X QNX jxs l i f in 111. V1 ix 'F Q - 1 ' A Harry Riddle, EMC 'D Kirk stork, MM2 I Tim Swanson, EM3 Q Gary Yetter, AE1 Jeffrey Allen, SGT John Bischeri Bill Breitfelder, ET2 Karl Deans, STS1 David Dimitriou, AMEC Mark Ettesvold, EM2 Glen Graebner, MM2 Wanda Gunderson, AE1 Karl Hackbarth, SGT Richard Hall, SGT Tom Jean, EM2 Greg Lipski Thomas Murphy, MMC John Murray, MMC Judy Ocasio, ET1 '5'Q"2. 'W'-wfibwiii ' fg-,,7.fjgV4' I This 5 thdays. cake ani H" Ll L Y A M g Y 1 5 FALL I FORM AL CRUISE The Fall Informal Cruise, which took place in late November, took the battalion, around Puget Sound on the Goodtime Il. It took a while for everyone to get their sea legs, and many danced while holding on to a pipe or a rail. But pretty soon, everyone was singing "Walk Like an Egyptian" and having a great time. "Are we having fun yet? "This is my last blind date!" Not just a snappy dresser . . . ' ,X Party Animals I so is fi' M I flair-I" "Now THIS is fun! If A- -' turn?" W Mamie- ' R S Whiter teeth, fresher breath. lf IQ ,XFN C9 :W aim' 1 , ' ,et tiff, 1 x X f 1 4 I kkqqymmlvv. "Now HERE'9'9" .'p.,.,,,,V,-t f ,..f .,.,, ,.-- , ., "So who's driving this thing?" ,,.,-'55-5 '- mf- Us gn. N," vas -5 Y The Northwest Navy competition was held at Oregon State University this year and pitted the Husky Navy against the NROTC Units from ldaho, Utah, and Oregon State. The University of Washington contingent came home with quite a few awards, among them: High sit-ups score -- Wanda Gunderson dv ,. -A Best time, flexed arm hang - Wanda Gunderson Best time, 1.5 mile run - Wanda Gunderson High individual PFT score - Wanda Gunderson Northwest Navy Women's Physical Fitness Team Award High Pull-ups Score - Tim Gibbons Marvin C. Lange Perpetual Rifle Trophy, High Aggregate score - Eric Barker Best Time, 0.5 mile swim - Brian Bennett Women's 100 yd. Freestyle - Jennifer Smith If ,, ig-fr 1. fr ' I iv-" Xx'k Y 15: 1 ' 1 4 ... Mr., vm., ,gf ,W M-A if A QS f In x - - ii. RX NORTHWEST NA VY COMPETITION 5. If wus' 5, Z an f - .ww -M D M , 5 , 17? A 'fm A WARDSPRESENTA TIONBANQUET MEMORIAL UNION BALLROOM OREGON STA TE UNIVERSITY COR VALLIS OREGON FEBRUARY 14 1987 PRESENTED BY OREGON STA TE UNIVERSITY NROTC -null- MARI E TRIP TG WASHINGTO , uc, , b ' " " . . N A ., 1 " ing'-P' 'xg ,',, 6 Q 4 :mf--,f I3 - ff Q 9-Vw g?f..Q my E f p, ,fa 'gn - ' L Q 1 h V-. I ,..-1 2 , ,A f- M, f 4.1 ..,,. ,H 1 ds0vW 1 -IBM' ' Y ' j "1 "sem 1.-,, - . ,z . E 'A f- 5 a v 1 g . a f e A I az s A X tax v r s ,, - l , I 5 , , 1 9 3-K 4, i 4 I5 A, ' F - ' nv 1, xl in fp 3 I' ' "Q cj 1 ' 1 1 . 6 T ,- K' , , - 9 Q. , + .. ,. A . N P1 4 ' 3 Q sf? ' ' ' 4' A-"Ln :J It ' S' " e 1 idx i 3 1 ' 1 ,P Q' ' 'E 1" ' -Q " g. :BZ F r ' I f 1 Q 5 v . , ' ' Q 1 'x 'U-'X 3 Q i v A! ,. , 4 7, , s 'E . . -. - . . ' S - - 98 A ' a lf s V 4' J ...,-. . Q -s, I . , ,, v 6 ' "- Q - Qs, 1 Q1 'Q Q - ,, . , " w rt?"-C'-" -' -" -V. '--v -: -- -K ...-- -yy-,--an .,., - . l i VIZ: .fzwitksv .. ,j,,', S VJg, ,! 1-f -. ,-3 .1 f j 1, ' P' 1 I I nlwlf .Uv-. --,,a.,wg,x,t.N ,A . -A ,.--V -. , f 5. Q . f . 4 .,,, . 1 l x v' 1 i fgkix A i .ras : EW XJH4 Y V A .L In r SI-IIP HA DLI 1-v--M 5 2 z 5 1 Q 575'-"f . Kiwi- .f 2? JL' s.. 4. ff X, ,ZA lv If -1-' . f m V I , f , ,, ,- , Q ,fd fy " f 5552 74, rf- '- f a all 3 " I .W 'Q . fl 1 W 19' V Ml Q2 , ,LZ 5212, X 77' , ' , , W iv? f ff L' ' V! ,f ,, ,zyql ffyqmg 'ff f,gywf,.f ' J wwwwwf f .4-17, i W 'Q ww' bn wfwwfww ,WA 4 4 dw aff ,H f ,yy A r hw 'W , I 1 M J, W 'kwm -1-f ,4- W, V 1 1 5 1 5 5 A X 5 ' V f, f 0 ,,. 2 g ,-,Z QV fl ,, 1 ' ' 45 ,ring M.. 1 mi- 54 - - "" -of V Q1 f ,- ' wff.u2f' '-an 1, .M 4- W .. ax, M K ,C -ww..-.w.,,,-,. W. JOINT SERVICE REVIEW Every year, the four services represented at the University of Washington - Navy, Marine Corps, Army, and Air Force - come together in I-lec Edmunson Pavilion to be reviewed. It's a grueling, tough, hot hour and a half, but as usual the NavyfMarine Corps team stands proud. 56 fn" ,,, . , , -, M, YA. .i-., , .. ...-.... .AMW ..,....1 1 E, 1 F g iss. P, ,- . , nv-. , AUGUST 1987 COMMISSIONING John P. Cardany Nuclear Engineering Surface Warfare A 7 If 1 , Raymond J. Fitzgibbon Industrial Engineering Officer Candidate School UBI DUBI EX FLAGELLATUS Richard L. Cornwall Gregory E. DiXSOn B.S. in Physics Interdisciplinary Engineering Flight School Flight School 2 S ' Steven M. James Scott A, Jghnson Geological Oceanography BSE Nuclear Engineering Flight School V Nuclear Power School Mark R. Kipps Industrial Engineering Officer Candidate School Sure took long enough! XX O Xlxxk 5 X. Kevin 5- Muhs Robert A. Reifenberger Randall 5. Roelker BSE lNUCl2afl Industrial Engineering Atmospheric Science Nuflleaf Power School Officer Candidate School Flight School vi 4 Karin A. Shuey Brian D. Steckler Baoquoc Tranthien Russian Studies Business Administration Mathematics General Unrestricted Line Surface Warfare Fli ht School Haze Gray 8: Underway at last! Anthony B. Williams Civil Engineering Flight School ,.- ' ' 1 k k k K .vi .--- V. k..., 1 1 1 ff' Tw 'Q 1 X K ,KL , ,, zz' f 'if .fi fffi if k . 5 UNLOAC PC ., -we ' x S x.Q Qnmuggyy Q' v- 'Will' L X NX L ' f ' N.'-M1-+4-Q-ww N., . , X - M X . X X ,X . XX X NX X X 5 2, X Q i X X x X S dx 5 Y . R - 'N X , Q V 5 XXQ. ww. V' K Q 'X X t Cx. xx K W Q' s VW? ,Y M29 SX The Team: Scott Beck Garry Cameron Nate Edmons John Barnet Matt Stoeck Rob Nelke t Mark Ettesvold Eric Stoeckel ' lan Dobbins Q X t ww Y X X X gi. X . U .WV nm XX-A X S Q QC UQ t , ,V t we l lsvl'NN'fx-mg.v-w--Xf-v--'- so x " - 9 4' ii tgg f Q t ? N W- ost r "ff "1'e A -, x H' 4' A h . + 4 ,X I it . . . L is Q o r X Xa. J tg. X. LV , 2 ' A t Q Y a K h xi: I - -V x My K s , ..... an NN S Pa x. . X WM Q ..,t .- I t ,, gk q,Xb:x M .t., X , X X a -',',,1-aigi, wr. ,t 'S gi .3 M ia.tK W., t ti , .l"""'t W, , V 4 'fy .Wt -flak M W Q 8 f f 'Y' , ' f, y -ve ll if NF? 2 'siv- lf ' Q A xx W? . 2 mf 0 4 I "W ixi X s l f Mniluuulnnlw x f"'N? mwamw Ron AP laflv DRILL TEAM The Zipper Ryan Tillotson respectfully requests to use the drill deck. WQWM Wm, , w , M , ffm f Last minute preparations 66 . , I , ,N M, 4 was sfif' , as CJ- I 'M' " 'sw-1 ..' ' ,fr wr ,fdfiw r T fb ' 77' ,. .' .f w .I .. fr S 'J .4 . , ' I "VT W '45 s Scott Packard, David Young, David Clarke, Bob Manion, Shannon Wells, Steve Berven, Chris Gib- son, Todd Bufkin, Eric Garrard, Eric Baker, David McDowell, and Winter Quarter Drill Team Com- mander, Ryan Tillotson. Not Pictured: Colt Lewis, Mark C. Miller. if T S 'lr 'P i iiii fa , R The in5P2Ct0fS - - - . . . And the inspectee . aww K A i i ur" 4l ,. ,f " PF T TEAM The Team: Derek Maurer, Andy Jewell, Nathan Scott, Brian Warn, Ray Chartier, Alan McGee, Blair Estep, Wanda Gunderson, Scarlet Anauo, Tracy Tucker, Jeff Hakala, Tim Gibbons, Cam Aplin, Karl A Strong force at N0ffhW9Sf NEWS! '87 Hackbarth, Steve Peterson, Aiki Atkinson, Yvonne Reid, Ann Dargie. 1 , mnnlvpqge-f 'ini 'iq-gi' Tim Gibbons awaits his award for high score in pullups K Ugh . . . Scarlet Anauo finishes tough in the run '2',!s ' 4 i l Karl Hackbarth looks for strength from above Ann Dargie hangs in there Steve Peterson accepts the award ffm? Women's overall high score on behal 0 Wanda Gunderson 4 Ii PISTGL TEAM .--R X Q K. W A view to a kill Mark Wilk checks out the competition "Dance, Sucker!" t tt 5 , h k Q gfgjii t Wt t - Just a happy-go-lucky kinda guy 09 'ff-Qggnswp -gdgtgw pg' M-mg 'i,fng-vw " ' , H Y , , ,. .. Y rv .U A. -- W-I -- - p f W-f -'ff..1,m Q .af ,. J K.. u Q. .. , . - -. .,,,,V,,,,,,n,,, V V- , ,M , , . . -If I , f V. ,, 1 Q 4. -A A 1 . - ,QV fl - ,. , ' Y . K , . . w , :L 1 xxx ,L ,IN - J B RECRUITI G TEAM The Team: LT Hawley, Harvey Means, James Thorne, Judy Ocasio, Gary Yetter, Ed Pereira. , 'QT LT Hawley demonstrates one of his more effective recruiting techniques ,, we 4 we f M if 1 4. .f Axis? 9 4 K 5 James Thorne and Judy Ocasio stand the phone watch F 70 ,1 ggi? elm T Qi, rx' yr ui fe-. 'C Judy Ocasio describes Navy life X N 1 Q ..l Back Gregg r f A L I: 1 .RL A :ruiting 4 RIFLE TEAM 'M W f i Back Row: John Doney, Michael Perkow, Mark Miller, Eric Barker. Front Row: Tony Gregg, Calvin Armerding. 1 'Www r iam? wh, A , , , , .5 wwfgzggqggggv , :V 1 M, ,. gkywmqmwf ,rugqywmw im' MW 3 ' . V. , .. . - 7.9, , W. " fr ,-sa' + ar- V'-'V' -"iw 31'4?."fE1'1 A ,, fl A fr' '- ' 4 4' ff-5A'5:4" .'M'?'f"i-. A -ga ' -his ,Q , - - ' . SAILING TEAM Back Row: Don Geidel, Ray Chartier, Greg Clark, Scott Beck, Marty Fredrickson, Stephen Meunch. Front Row: Ann Dargie, John Zumwalt, Tim Gib- bons, Stuart Carter, Tim Roland. www f f -wf ii' -in Miif G, w,,sfM at n .Y 4 -it u ,. SEM PER FI CLUB 3,.,,. 'Y A -,- i ' 'ig . a". . ' ' I f Q 1 5 ' - ,v 1 Xa' 7' G , ,. 4 mf, -N an-V-, 1 'Jaan' 5. ,, "0 . I ,. A ' ,, . -Q ov N 1, J, I . , l i , ,s , g V " V ' J.. .LLM K 1 ' "AL ' 1 , ", M ' V - - v ., V , x bl- A O W A .V ., j . . 1 , , , N-,A .r .., MQ, . V. , V .f . JN. . z f V. .a...,,. ,t J- ,Q ,j'v..,,.Z:7g,,,f 35, .3 ,.'l- ,- 1V V-.6 'I-.,"44A.a 1 ff m. V1 N V,. V V V - ' 'V , '- W , - +A., .M-V', , V , V55 . I lr W , .Q ., V. f , W ,4,, A , f N 6 g. ., .V . f U.. E ff , 1 , - ,ny if ,W Vx xv: f s N f 'VV nz z , 'ia ' 'Vf u '73 ' ' . 35 'X f -Vxa. Q ul 1,4 ' Q ,V by ,, f Q 1' , L, ' mfwmg " , 'Q ' ' . , ,, . W ,Q V 7 "' tWv' su 4' f Zh f ,, ', 4 ' , ff V f ' v ,- X X, 5? V 2 .sex-:j,g 2 z,"W!'?W , 5 k 1 Q' ff! " . X K . Q i .L A i 'I , , if ww .ff 'B'6g'q'?"'afe92v-1 1 ' M .4---we . ' 1-fr r , -, ' , . , .4 - - V ' V, " .. .1 1 1 , ., 1 A :M . V' ,: -. ', ,. ., 1 Af- , V .' . ".i' ' .- ..-.-, . 1- , "' , ' , V - ' V .- 'J,'0xf'- A 'MF . ,. Q X., , ,' , , , . ,. Vg.-, 14- 1 . . .,.,, -, .1 Y -V -.. -, ,Q - V V XV V , V , V . . ' ,' 7 ,. . , J, .wg fn , 1' Lf f""'f4 4' 'P ' - 'J-M ' " - A - ' ' M L V SWIM TEAM is Q5 1 X Q x ff , lvl 2 i dw' A- 3, , . - S ' i 5 X S1 K W e ft Q. f it ,frki fi ' I TNTihT'QgQ..4-4-ss., ,T , , 1 Back Row: Jeff Ohman, Jay Brock, Fred Cheng, Tom Francisco, Peggy Lund, Brian Bennett, Jennifer Smith, Scarlet Anauo, Angie Hall, Barry Bakos. Third Row: Monica Rickard, Bob Garretson, Yvonne Reid. Second Row: Rob Williams, Andy McCool. Front Row: Rich Grant, Jeff McGarvey. Not Pictured: Clay Konikson, Steve Crawford, Russ Borgnin. f 4 T , - -st x was 5 -. Y U W . it A l ,a j A A J V . QW E .'X 5 3 The Swim Team, aptly named the "Aquamids" drowned the com- petition in the IMA invitational swim meet during Fall Quarter. ln the Winter at Northwest Navy, the team lost a controversial swim 'HM V M M I vm ,, 1 Wffnfw' l meet by two points to OSU. The team's major strengths this year were the many new people lespecially femalesl and its strong returning veterans. The Swim Team Captain was Rich Grant. - ll. . ,. ,-ww-fl EL... 9 OI oing and what he ked so hard for. N only then will the one of America's finest. Q xx, V WXXX. Xl Ra .X M 1- Q-gxi X xv A Xxix xX XX -E 5 .wx 'rx X iXNv?7ik:.xXiN' - X X X X K1-Af. gx X 5 XX X X X X' FXfFPX,1WXX 1 XXX Q X in ' - .5 X ilk- . . ,H Qfyffv-5,..5e1g5Lgg--4o!lq,,gw, -my-5-3 kf , - 1 ,,3Ag,.,- ,-1,-W--" .Q-rw-gf 1'-i7i"p?'F4" 1 'fw ff ' . -' R Q. V . ' X- ' A4 f N av, 'f a 'f-I 3-,fy , ' ' K ,N-.fN.M,. .vw ..,-. 11' fi'-nf. V '11 W , 4 ...Jun ua 4411.-i J rv vu H rf-3',,,,. -. QI " ' df'- 5. f NW Federal Credit Union is a very than bank rates and service only a Credit Only Certain people can 1o1n And as earning checking accounts with no an ROTC graduate or oflicer you re one monthly fee And loan rates so lovv of them they re among the best in tovvn' lf you re not a member of NW Find out more about what NW Federal yet you re missing the better Federal Credit Union can offer you Call WUI' NW FBUBITII cfedll UIIIUII l'BGl'lIIlBI' today at 522 91460 NW FEDERAL ...M CREDIT UNION 7500 Sand Point Way Bldg 4346 NAVSTA Sand Point Seattle WA 98115 I V K ' Q3 f-. ...... .... . . T7 special organization. Union can give you -like dividend- le , -,... V-...Af I 0 AN ELITE GROUR As a military officer you're eligible to join an elite group of more than 1-million active duty, Reserve, National Guard, retired, and former offic ers who enjoy the preferential insurance protection, service, and savings afforded by USAA. o INSURANCE FOR YOUR CAR, YOUR IIOME, All YOUR BEIONGINGS- WORIDWIDE. USAA writes a full line of personal insurance policies that provide protection nationwide-and in some cases worldwide. 0 GOING OVERSEAS? We provide auto, personal liability, and personal property insurance in almost every country where U. S. military personnel are stationed. Qur claims service is worldwide. And so is our convenient nofinterest extended payment plan option. o INSURANCE AI' REASONABLE COSI Cur auto rates are lower X insurers. You can also save money on your homeowners insurance. Find out how much by calling the number below. o FINANCIALIY STRONG HIGHLY RATED. , USAA's assets exceed Slfbillion, it is the sixth largest auto insurer in the nation. A.M. Best, the leading insurance rating firm, gives USAA its highest rating. Qur members rate us highly, too-99W con- tinue their insurance with USAA year after year o PERSONAl INSURANCE SERVICE. USAA's convenient tollffree tele- phone service puts you in immediate contact with a USAA representative from anywhere, in the continental U. S., whether you need insurance, a policy change, or USAA's renowned claims service. Find out for yourself about USAA. Call for insurance protection, service, and than those of most other Q x savings today. For more information call Qfficers may establish membership in USAA by taking out a policy while on active duty, while members ofthe Reserve or 8 National Guard, or when a retired officer fwith or without retirement payj. Cadets of US. military academies are also Members call l-800-531-8111 eligible. OCSKOTS, Advanced ROTC, and baSlC SCholarship ROTC students may also apply, as well as former officers. in 'lexas call lf800-2928763 .4-.minor A e're top dog m Husky Sportswear 'llnnvmsrly 'BookS1sore DRESS UNIFORMS WGRK UNIFORMS ACCESSGRIES Carson Cleoners n e 35Ye s theNothe d 4701 B ookly N E Drlve In O I ty W 522 8584 NAVAL R O T C UNIT UH1V6rSlty of W3Sh1Dg'tOH I X or X 4 f 5 Mldshbmen LIGHTHOUSE UNIFORM , PANY Z 0 2 S NROTC ea le Washington 98 roud Tra ' ion 282-5600 t . l . gt COM 1532 15th Avenue We a 2 , x 2 9 . . . '-1 z -5 Personahzed Frttmgs E 5 3 I d' t Al t 2 5 3 mme la e era :ons 'fun L L' 9 'lllllllllb Illllllilllllll E-1 -Q io x Jdlllngm Asst Karin Byexfme Wang Cover Design: Jeff Kuhlmano no Special Thanks To: n Sean Conner Tony Rickard ,S H gg, f Q -A sl 1 ' ff? QQ, YVUfmf 'K fjiili Zz! "gg Zz ff Y , vw -3544410 JK: D22 -542, I f, 5 f,,,f EM Q if .Hg fm 9- 1 A-, 'hr if F' S FU' lr 1 T P' V Tw -,ai fi .w 1 k 'Eu 7 'LT , X f. Sl", f ,. IQ. x. ,., 4 yu- : ,1 vu: Ixus--N 4 c f ,Q 'NMMA A-dw iw www Q i . . Hr W X, ,M ,, ' I if ff ' V It 'F ' ' f 5 ,, , M, , W fnyfg' -,W af..,,g..g,y.-W f , , , ,, ,, W WMM, ,, ,0 ,, ,, '- ,rye N53 Q 2 gi 'f ' .311 N ' V 2.52, V' 55 1, ' ' ff, "x 1 ,: I f-w"?i M ' Q r EL 3. , - ff f 1 QQ .,

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University of Washington Naval ROTC - Binnacle Yearbook (Seattle, WA) online yearbook collection, 1986 Edition, Page 1


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