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aha Egarrigter Prayer Before 55e Study of few Almiglity god, tHe giver of wisdom, witHout wHose Help resolutions are vain, wifHout wHose Elessing study is ineffective; enaHe me, if it Be tHy win, to attain sucH Knowledge as may qualify me to direct tHe douEtful, and instruct tHe ignorant; to prevent wrongs and terminate contentions; and grant Mat 9 may use tHat. Enowledge wHicH 9 562111 attain, to My glory and my own salvation . . . Samuel goHnson WALTER LINDSEY BROWN 232d itaiinn The 1965 edition of the BARRISTER is dedicated to WALTER LINDSEY BROWN Brilliant student, able counsellor, renowned alumnus, whose self- less devotion, farsighted vision and untiring efforts as Chairman of the Law School Foundation Committee have redounded to the great benefit of the present and all future generations of Univexsity of Virginia law students and to the community of scholaus and the profession of law. WALTER LINDSEY BROWN B. 8., Univ. of Va. 1924; LL.B., Univ. of Va. 1926; B. A. tOxonJ 1928 tRhode s Scholaxj. Editor-in-Chief of the Virginia Law Review, 1924; Delta Phi, Phi Delta Phi, Raven Society, Phi Beta Kappa. Practicing lawyer, Huntington, W. Va. t1928-4n; general counsel, Vice President and Director, Western Electric Co. USA1440; director of numerous corporations; contributor to legal periodicals; Trustee and President, The Doherty Foundation; President, University of Virginia Law School. Association t1959- 196D; Chairman, Law School Foundation Committee. EDGAR FINLEY SHANNON, JR. President of the University of Virginia Dr. Edgar Finley Shannon,- Jr., is the fourth and youngest President in the history of the University of Virginia. Dr. Shannon holds degrees from Washington and Lee, Duke, Harvard, and Oxford Universities. During World War II, Dr. Shannon served with distinction in the United States Navy. He participated in many of the major Pacific campaigns and was promoted to the rank of Lieutenant Commander. He was awarded the Bronze Star in Septem- ber, 1945, for his "meritorious services." After his Oxford studies as a Rhodes Scholar, Dr. Shannon became a member of the Harvard faculty and subsequently joined the University community as an associate professor in the English Depart- ment. He was inaugurated President of the University in 1959. Dr. Shannon is a member of the Tennyson Society, and has been since its for- mation. He is an Honorary Vice-President of this organization; the only living American holding this position. HARDY CROSS DILLARD Dean of the Law School Dean Dillard was graduated from the U. S. Military Academy in 1924 and from the Law School in 1927. After teaching for a short time, he received a Carnegie Fellowship to study International Law in Paris. Dean Dillard returned to Virginia in 1931 and became a full professor in 1938. During World War II he .served in Europe and the Far East. Thereafter, Mr. Dillard served as consultant to the National War College, and the Armed Forces Staff College. In 1953, Dean Dillard was a Fulbright Lecturer at Oxford University and a Carnegie Lecturer at the Hague Academy of Intemation Law in 1954. His lectures were published under the title "Some Asp e cts of Law and Diplomacy. " He is presently onthe Editorial Board of the American Journal of International Law and the Virginia Quarterly Review. In 1962-63 he was President of the American Society of International Law. While Dean Dillard was a Visiting Professor at Columbia University Law School during the 1962-63 school term, he was appointed Dean of the Virginia's Law School. L XMk NEIL HERBERT ALFORD, JR. Professor of Law Trusts and Estates, Legal History Professor Alford was graduated from the Citadel in 1940 and re 0 eiv ed an LLB. from the University of Virginia in 1947. He has taught at the Law School since then except for 1950-1951 which was spent at Yale Law School as 3. Sterling Fellow and 1961-1962 when he was on a leave of absence at the Naval War College. Mr. Alford served in the Army during World War II and now holds the rank of Colonel in the Army Reserve. He is the author of the casebook, Pecedents TrustsLnd Estates, and has recently completed a revised edition. From 1956-1958, he served as Special Counsel to the Virginia Code Commission. THOMAS F. BERGIN Associate Professor of Law Property, Natural Resources Planning Mr. Bergin received his B.A. degree from Princeton University in 1946 and, following his graduation from the Yale Law School in 1951, he practiced law in New York City. He specialized first in real estate law, and later in television and advertising law. In 1960 Mr. Bergin lefthis New York practice to join the faculty of Sarah Lawrence College, where he taught courses in Jurisprudence and Constitutional LE and served as assistant to the College's president. He th e n taught an undergraduate course in Constitutional La:w at Yale University while aiding in that institution's capital fund program. After serving as a Visiting Associate Pro- fessor at tine Law School, Mr. Bergin was appointed As- sociate Professor in February, 1964. mmwwu JOHN POTTS BARNES Professor of Law Taxation Professor Barnes received his degrees of Ph.D., LLB. , and J. D., Summa gin liaLde, from the University of Chicago. His background includes private practice in Birmingham, Alabama and Chicago, Illinois along with government positions as assistant legislative counsel for the Treasury De partment, and Special Agent of the General Counsel of the Bureau of the Internal Revenue. In the period 1934 through 1943 Mr. Barnes was employed as the Assistant General Counsel for Armour and Company. From 1955 through 1957 he served as Chief Counsel for the Bureau of Internal Revenue. Mr. Barnes came to the Law School in 1961 from private practice with a Chicago law firm. In the fall of 1962, Mr. Barnes became associated with the Washington law firm of Jones, Day, Cockley, and Reavis as a partner. MORTIMER M. CAPLAN Visiting Professor of Law Professor Caplin holds B. S. and LLB. degrees from the University ofVirginia and Received hisJ. S. D. degree from New York University Law School in 1953 . Upon his graduation from the Law School in 1940, Mr. Caplin served as law clerk to U. S. Circuit Judge Armistead Dobie which was followed by nine years of private practice in New York City. Mr. Caplin returned to the Law School in 1950 and taught courses in Federal Income E, Federal Estate $1.4ng lac, and Federal CorEorate Tax. From 1952-1960, he served as counsel to the Charlottesville f irm of Perkins, Battle and Minor. Mr. Caplin was a member of numerous committees on Taxation and is the author of many articles dealing with federal taxation. From 1960-1964, Mr. Caplin served as United States Commissioner of Internal Revenue. Presently, Mr.Caplin is engaged in opening a branch of the firm of Battle, Neal and Minor in Washington, D. C. THOMAS MUNFORD BOYD Professor of Law Virginia Procedure, Creditors' Rights and Bankruptcy, Professional Ethics Professor Boyd has a wide and varied background in legal and associated fi elds. He received his B.S. and LL. B. degrees from the University of Virginia in 1920 and 1923 respectively. Before joining the law school faculty in 1947, Mr. Boyd actively practiced law in both Charlottesville and Richmond, Virginia. In addition, he served as Judge of the Juvenile and Domestic Relations Court of Albemarle County. During World War II, Mr. Boyd served on a number of agency legal staffs including the War Production Board. He also served as Chairman of the National Production Authority Appeals Board during the Korean War. Mr. Boyd has made an important contribution tolaw, revising many statutes and legal works. He is currently revising Barton's Chancery Practice. EDWIN S. COHEN Professor of Law Corporate Tax, Tax Practice and Policy, Estate and Gift Tax Mr. Cohen received an A.B. degree from the Uni- versity of Ri chmond in 1933 and graduated from the University of Virginia Law School in 1936. After graduation, he was associated with the firm of Sullivan and Cromwell from 1937-1949. In 1950, he left to become a partner in the New York firm of Root, Barrett, Cohen, Knapp and Smith. In 1962 and 1963, Mr. Cohen was a visiting professor at the law school, commuting from New York to teach. He joined the faculty permanently in 1965. CHARLES M. DAVISON, JR. Professor of Law Federal Income Tax, Estate 8 Gift Tax Securities Regulation Mr. Davison received his B.A. degree from the Uni- versity of Virginia in 1935 and his LL.B. from the Law School in 1937. After graduation, he practiced with the firm of Cabell and Cabell in Richmond, Virginia during 1937 -38. From 1938-41,he was associated with the TreasuryDepartment of the U. 8. Government. During 1941-42, Mr. Davison practiced with the firm of Steptoe and Johnson in West Virginia and from 1942-47 he was associated with Covington and Burling in Washington, D. C. . From 1947- 63 , Mr. Davison was associated with the Southern Railway System. He was successively G ene ral Tax Attorney, General Solicitor, Comptroller, and Vice President in charge of Finance and Taxation. Mr. Davison came to the Law School as a Visiting Professor of Law in 1963 and was made Professor of Law in 1964. THOMAS S. CURRIER Assistant Professor of Law Procedure, Federal Courts Professor Currier attended Princeton University and Stanford University before entering Tulane Law School. He graduated in 1956, receiving an LL.B. . After gradu- ation, he became an assistant in research in Federal Practice at Yale Law School. From 1958-1959, he was associated with a frim in New Orleans. In 1959, Mr. Currier entered the academic pro- fession, teaching at Tulane Law School until 1962, and at Louisiana State University in 1962 and 1963. He joined the faculty of the Law School in 1963. LAWRENCE D . GAUGHN Assistant Professor of Law Equitable Remedies, Comparative Law, Legal Method Mr. Gaughn received his B.A. and LL.B. deg re e s from the University of Montana in 1957. From 1957-63, he was a member of the Judge Advocate General Division of the Air Force, serving in Turkey and France. In 1963, Mr. Gaughn entere d the Law School, re- ceiving an LL M. degree in 1964. During the same period, he was an Instructor in Law. He was appointed to his present position in 1964. In addition to teaching, Mr. Gaughn is faculty ad- visor to the moot court competition, and Director of the Legal Method Program. CHARLES OSCAR GREGORY Professor of Law Torts, Labor Law ProfessorGregory received his A.B. and LL.B. degrees from Yale in 1924 and 1926 respectively. From 1926-28, he practiced law with a New York City firm. In 1928, Mr. Gregory accepted a position as Assistant Professor of Law at the University of Wisconsin and from 1930-36,he was an Associate Professor of Law at the University of Chicago. In 1936, he took a leave of absence to serve in the Department of Labor as Solicitor of Labor. During World War II, he served on the War Labor Board. Mr. Gregory came to the University of Virginia as a Professor of Law in 1944. He is widelyknown as the author of Lab-gr ale! the LE: Cases aggl- Materials g1 Torts, and as a leading labor arbitrator. PETER LOW Assistant Professor of Law Criminal Law, Procedure ,N. I.L. , Criminal Law Seminar Mr. Low received an A. B. degree from Princeton in 1959 and graduated from the University of Virginia Law School in 1963. From 1963-64, he served as clerk to Mr. Chief Justice Earl Warren of the United States Supreme Court. Mr. Low joined the faculty of the Law School in 1964. In addition to teaching, he is faculty advisor to the Criminal Law Research Organization. A. E. DICK HOWARD Assistant Professor of Law Constitutional Law, Evidence, Legal Philosophy Mr. Howard received a B.A. degree from the Un versity of Richmond in 1954 and graduated from the Law School in 1961. He was a Rhodes Scholar at Oxford in 1959-60,receiving a B.A. toxom degree in 1960. During 1961-62, he was associated with the Washington, D. C. firm of Covington and Berling. From 1962-1964, Mr. Howard was law clerk to Mr. Justice Black of the U. S. Supreme Court. He joined the faculty at the Law School in 1964. JOHN C. MCCOID II Professor of Law Civil Procedure, Insurance, Conflicts Professor McCoid received his B.A. and LL. B. degrees from Vanderth University in 1950 and 1953 respectively. He is a member of the Bar of the states of Iowa and Virginia and is a member of the American Bar Association. From 1956 to 1957, Mr. McCoid was a teaching fellow at Harvard Law School instructing in the first-year group program, a seminar in the application of first year courses. In 1957, he joined the Law School faculty as an Assistant Professor of Law. He was made a full Professor in 1963. PETER C. MANSON Professor of Law Criminal Law Professor Manson, who r e c e iv e d his B. A. degree from the Unive rsity of Florida and his LL. B. degree from the University of Virginia, joined the Virginia law faculty upon his retirement from the Army in July, 1960. On the same date, he' was appointed Director of the Joint Committee on Continuing Legal Education of the Virginia State Bar and The Virginia State Bar Association. In this latter capacity, Mr. Manson organizes and pre- sents continuing 1 e 9 all e du c a ti on institutes for the practicing lawyers in Virginia. While in the Army, Mr. Mansonhad various assignments as a staffjudge advocate and in the Office of the Judge Advo cate General in Washington. He was also an Instructor and Chief of the Military Division at the JAG School in Charlottesville from 1955 to 1959. CARL McFARLAND Professor of Law Administrative Law, Legislation Professor McFarland received B.A. , M.A. , LL.B., and LL.D. degrees from Montana State University and an S.J.D. from Harvard. He has practiced before various administrative agencies, state and federal courts, in- cluding the Supreme Court of the United States. After serving as a visiting Professor at the Law School in 1940- 50, Mr. McFarland returned to Montana State University where he served as President from 1951 to 1957. In 1958, he was welcomed back to the University on a permanent basis. Mr. McFarland has written extensively in the field of Administrative Law and among his many writings is a case-book on Administrative Law, co-authored with the late Judge Arthur T. Vanderbilt in 1952. Mr. McFarland served as co-editor of the Montana Revised Statutes in 1936. Special Assistant to the U. S. Attorney General in 1937-39. EDWARD A. MEARNS, JR. Associate Dean and Professor of Law Torts, Legal Philosophy Professor Mearns received a B.S. degree from Yale University in 1951 and graduated kom the Law School in 1958. Prior to entering law school, he served as a Lieutenant in the U. 3. Navy. Immediately after gradu- ation, Mr.Mearns was appointed an Instructor of the Law School. Last year, Mr. Mearns was a Fullbright Lecturer on American Law at the University of Messina and the Uni- versity of Rome. He returned to the Law School in 1963 to assume additional duties as Assistant Dean. Mr. Mearns was appointed Associate Dean and a Professor of Law in 1964. l3 DANIEL J. MEADOR Professor of Law Evidence, Federal Courts, Legal Method Constitutional Litig ation Seminar Professor Me ador came to the Law School in 1957 with a diversified leg 31 background. He received his B. S. from Auburn in 1948 and his LL.B. from the Uni- versity of Alabama in 1951. He served in the Army Judge Advocate General's Corps for two ye ars and earned and LL.M. degree from Harvard in 1954. Thereafter, Mr. Meador became law clerk to Justice Hugo Black of the United States Supreme Court. Immediately before joining the faculty of the Law School, Mr. Meador was associated with a law firm in Birmingham, Alabama. CHARLES PATTERSON NASH Professor of Law Admiralty, Conflict of Laws, Evidence Professor Nash holds a B. S. degree from the Virginia Military Institute and a LL.B. from the University of Virginia. After two years in private practice in Hunt- ington, West Virginia', Mr. Nash returned to the Uni- versity as an Associate Professor of Law in 1927. He was appointed a full professor in 1937. Mr. Nash is the editor ofLaLw-gf Evidence EVirginia KENNETH R. REDDEN Professor of Law Criminal Law, Domestic Relations, Family Law Equitable Remedies Professor Redden received his LL.B. horn the Uni- versity of Virg inia in 1940. He practiced law in New York City until 1942, when he be came law clerk to Judge A. M. Dobie. Mr. Redden returned to the Uni- versity in 1944 to join the faculty of the Law School as an Assistant Professor. He has, since that time, lectured widely at other American law schools and foreign uni- iversities. He has been a consultant to the Federal Government since 1954 and is on the ArbitrationPanel of the Federal Me di ation and Conciliation Service. He spent two years in Turkey as Director of a State Depart- ment Legal Mission. Mr. Redden has a varied writing career. He has pub- lished, am ong others, a casebook on E uit , books on Jurisprudence, Investments, Bankruptcy and has recently completed Lawyers' Medical Cxclogedia which he edited with Dr. Frankel of the Medical School. Mr. Redden is currently on a leave of absence, on a government assignment in Africa. A. J. GUSTIN PRIEST Professor of Law Corporations, Public Utility Regulation Professional Ethics, Parliamentary Law Professor Pri e st received both his A. B. and LL. B. degrees from the University of Idaho. Mr. Priest moved to New York City in 1926 after practicing in Idaho for five years. He was a partner in the New York firm of Reid 8 Priest from 1937 to 1953 andretains an association with the firm as counsel. In 1953, Mr. Priest joined the Virginia Law School faculty. Mr. Priest is a life fellow of the American Bar Foundation and s erve d as Chairman of the Section of Public Utility Law of the ABA in 1951-52. He has fre- quently appeared before the Federal Power Commission and the Securities and Exchange Commission in a legal capacity. LAURENS H. RHINELANDER Professor of Law Agency and Partnership, Investments and Securities Law and Accounting Professor Rhinelander received his A.B. and LL.B. degrees from Harvard University and an M.A. degree from the University of C a mbridg e. He served as law clerk to Judge Augustus N. Hand and thereafter practiced law in Boston hom 1937-1941. He has served as Assistant General Counsel to the CivilanProduction Administration and was on the legal staff of the War Production Board from 1941-1947. He was an Associate Professor of Law at George Washington University in 1947-48. In 1948, he joined the faculty of the Law School. During 1960-61, Mr. Rhinelander was on leave of absence to study the British Restrictive Trade Practices fit in Great Britain under a Gugg enheim Grant. FREDERICK D. G. RIBBLE James Madison Professor of Law Land Use, Constitutional Law Professor Ribble was graduated from the College of William and Mary in 1916. He received his M.A. and LLB. degrees from the University in 1917 and 1921 respectively. Mr. Ribble joined the Law School faculty in 1921 and became a full Professor six years later. In 1937, he was appointed Acting Dean, and he be c ame Dean in 1939. Columbia University awarded Mr. Ribble his I. S.D. degrees in 1937 and he has been honored with Doctor of aws degrees by Washington and Lee, William and Mary and Northwestern Universities. Mr. Ribble has served as President of the Association of American Law Schools and the Virginia State Bar As- ociation. He is presently a member of the Permanent ommittee on the 01 iv e r Wendell Holmes Devise and as been Vice Chairman of the Section of Legal Edu- ation and Admissions to the Bar of the American Bar ssociation. Mr. Ribble has contributed extensively to egal periodicals and has written a number of books. RICHARD E. SPEIDEL Associate Professor of Law, Assistant Dean Contracts, Government Contracts, Sales Professor Speidel joined the faculty in 1961. He is a graduate of DeniSon University and the University of incinnati from which he received his LLB. in 1957. In 958, he received an LL.M. degree from Northwestern niversity. Mr. Speidel served in the Judge Advocate Generals orp of the U.S. Army for three years, teaching at the AG school in Charlottesville. He has authored an Army asebook on government contracts which is in use in the AG School. Mr. Speidel is also co-author with the late ' ofessor Charles Bunn of a textbook on the Uniform ommercial Code. ROY A. SCHOTLAND Associate Professor of Law Administrative Law, Corporations, Constitutional Law Seminar, Legal Method Mr. Schotland a tt e n d e d Columbia University and Oxford College, receiving a B.A. degree from Columbia in 1954. He graduated from Harvard Law School in 1960. Immediately thereafter, he spent one year as a Research Assistant to Professor Paul Fruenal of Harvard, working on the Official Histog-oiE-g.6. Sugreme Court.From 1926-63, Mr. Schotland was law clerk to Mr. Justice Brennan of the Supreme Court, and in 1962-63, he actively practiced law in New York City. Mr. Schotland joined the faculty of the law school as Associate Professor in 1964. EMERSON G. SPIES Professor of Law Property, Problems in Property, Land Use Professor Spies, who holds a B.A. from Hobart College, a B.A. in Jurisprudence and a Bachelor of Civil Laws degree from Oxford University, came to the Uni- versity of Virginia as an Assistant Professor in 1946. Mr. Spies attended Oxford as a Rhodes Scholar. In 1939, he accepted a position as Tutorial Fellow at the University of Chicago Law School. During World War II, he was on the staff and f acul ty of the Judge Advocate General's School at the University of Michigan. In ad- dition to his present teaching position, Mr. Spies is Chairman of the Committee of Admissions for the Law School. For the past two years, he has been Chairman of the Law School Admission Test Council, an organization representing approximately 100 law schools. Mr. Spies was on 1e ave of absence during 1964 to serve as Visiting P rof e ss or of Law at the University of Australia in Canberra, Australia. JAMES E. WESNER Assistant Professor of Law Admiralty, Trusts and Estates Mr. Wesner received his B. S. and LL.B. degrees from Tulane University in 1958 and 1961 respectively. He was associated with the United States Department of Justice as a trial attorney in the Admiralty Section during the ye ars 1961 and 1962. From 1961 to 1964, he was a Marshall Scholar at Oxford. Mr. Wesner joined the faculty of the Law School in 1964 as an Assistant Professor of Law. WALTER J. WADLINGTON III Professor of Law Domestic Relations, International Law Professor Wadlington received his A.B. degree fro Duke University in 1951 and his LL.B. from Tulane La School in .1954. He joined the faculty of the Law Schoo in 1962. Mr. Wadlington has practiced law in private practic in New Orleans and served in the Judge Advocat General's Corps. In 1959, Mr. Wadlington was awarde a research fellowship by the Fulbright Foundation to stud at the University of Edinburgh, where he was a Tutor 1 Civil Law. Before joining the faculty at the University he was an Assistant Professor at the Tulane Law School. CHARLES K. WOL'I'Z Professor of Law I egotiable Instruments,Creditors Rights and Bankruptcy, Suretyship After his graduation from the Law School in 1937, 1' ofessor W011: joined the Richmond firm of Christian, I-arton 8 Parker. His practice of law was interrupted when I e enlisted in the Army in 1941. During World War II, I . Woltz rose tothe rank ofMajor and uponhis discharge 'n 1946, he rejoined the firm as a junior partner. In 0 tober, 1947, Mr. Wolf: accepted a position as As- ociate Professor at the Law School,and he became a full I' ofessor in 1952. He served the Law School as Assistant Dean for three yeais. In 1953, Mr. W011: was appointed ' eporter of the Supreme C ourt of Appeals of Virginia, n which position he is responsible for the publication of 11 cases decided by that court. CHARLES BUNN A.B., LL.B. Scholar in Residence EDWIN W. PATTERSON Scholar in Residence A.B., LL.B.,LL.D., S.J.D. MARION K. KELLOGG Professor of Law International Law, International Trade, International Legal Transactions, International Investments Mr. Kellogg received a 8.8. degree from Virginia Military Institute in 1925 and graduated from Yale Law School in 1928. He practiced law in New York with the Cravath firm from 1928 to 1932 and practiced alone in Detroit, Michigan, from 1932 to 1955. During 1955-56, Mr, Kellogg spent a year in residence at Yale studying International Law. He joined the Law School faculty in 1956, and became a Professor of Law in 1964. FRANCES FARMER Librarian of the Law School, Associate Professor of Law Miss Farmer is Librarian of the largest law library in the South. She attended Westhampton College, from which she received her B.A. in 1931 and the University of Richmond Law School where she graduated with honors in 1933. Miss Farmer was Secretary to the Dean of the Law School from 1933 u38 and after studying Law Library Administration at Columbia University,became Librarian of Virginia Law School in 1942.Under Miss Farmer's leadership, the library has grown from 38,000 to over 155, 000 volumes. Miss Farmer instructs first year students in the im- portant art of legal research in her course of legal biblio- graphy. She was made an Associate Professor in 1963. During 1960, Miss Farmer served as President of the American Association of Law Librarians. MANUEL R. ANGULO JUNIUS R. FISI-IBURNE A.B., LL.B. B.S., LL.B. Lecturer in the European Lecturer in Estate Common Market Planning sitx WALTER D. FLETCHER A.B., M.A., LL.B.,LL..D. Lecturer in Estate Flaming and Trial Practice DAVID B. ISBELL B.A., LL.B. Lecturer in Civil Rights NELSON P. ROSE A.B. , M.A., LL.B. Lecturer in Taxation DUMOND PECK HILL B.S. , LL.B. , LL.M. Le cmrer in Law and Foreign Practice MONROE LEIGH B. A. , LL. B. Lecturer in Foreign Trade WALTER A. SLOWINSKI B. S. , LL. B. Lecturer in Taxation EDWARD S . HIRSCHLER B.S., LL.B. Lecturer in Office Practice DAVID R. MUMMERY B.A. , LL.B. , LL.M. Instructor in Legal Method RON P. SOKOL A.B., LL.B., LL.M. Lecturer in Appellate Practice Director of Appellate Legal Aid WALLER H. HORSLEY B.A. , LL. B. Lecturer in Taxation BROWN W. MORTON B. S. , LL. B. Lecturer in Intellectual Property PAUL D. SUMMERS B.S. , LL.B. Lecturer in Land Use ROBERT E. TAYLOR KNOX TURNBULL JUDGE LY'I'TLETON BLACKSI-HELD, A. R. B- A- : LL- 3- A-B- : LL- 3- WADDELL Visiting Professor of Law ecturer in Office Practice Lecturer in Estate Planning B.A. , M.A. , LL. B. Lecturer in Trial Practice Mai ARONGIO - RUIZ, G. GOODHART, A, L. VIRGINIA HAIGH VIRGINIA TREN'KA Visiting Professor of Law Visiting Professor of Law Secretary of the Law Secretary to the Dean School ELEANOR M. GIBSON HAZEL KEY PAT KIRBY, JOYCE BREEDEN Associate Director of Library Acquisitions VIRGINIA COLONA Placement Admissions ?LHYEL 20 5 E g 1 f H g g a I a sf J! 1 1 Ellafn $thunl QBffitma J. W. BARNETT, Secretary; W. G. REYNOLDS, Vice Presi dent; E. S. KELLY, IR., President; M. G. KITAY, Treasurer. ADAMS, THATCHER MAGOUN Yale University, B.A., 1959; St. Anthony's Hall; RFD 1, Virginia; Moot Court. AGELASTO, PETER ALEXANDER, III Washington and Lee University, B.S., 1962; Phi Kappa Psi; 1500 McCullough Lane, Virginia Beach, Virginia; Moot Court; Phi Alpha Delta. ALLEN, BLANTON BOWLES University of Richmond, B.A., M.A., 1962; Woldnook Farm, Route 2, Berryville, Virginia; Young Democrau'c Club; Reading Guide. ALLEN, EVERETTE GARRET, JR. Randolph-Macon College, B.A. , 1962; Lambda Chi Alpha; Phi Beta Kappa; 608 Craigie Avenue, Richmond, Virginia; Dean's List; Raven Society; Omicron Delta DappaLLaLV .135- view, Executive Editor;Moot Court; Student Assistant, Pro- fessor Gibson 1Commerce Schooh; Student Instructor, Legal Method; Phi Alpha Delta. ARNOLD, HARRY JEROME, JR. St. Peter's College, B.S., 1962; 7 Duryea Road, Upper Montclair, New Jersey; Moot Courtym Review, Ad- vertising Manager; John Basset Moore Society; Libel Show; Phi Alpha Delta. ARNSTONn PETER A.. University of Virginia, B.A. , 1960; Sigma Nu; 2928 North S e C 0 nd Road, Arlington, Virginia; T. I. L. K. A. Ribbon Society; Student Assistant, Professor Spies; Criminal Law Research Organization; Phi Alpha Delta. BALES, JOHN FOSTER Princeton University, B.S.E., 1962; Tower Club; 69 Laurel Road, Princeton, New Jersey; Moot Court. BARLOW, WILLIAM KYLE Virginia Polytechnic Institute, B.S., 1958; RFD 2, Box 88, Smithfield, Virginia; Moot Court; Om i cron Delta Kappa; Dormitory Counselor; Phi Alpha Delta. BARNETT, JOSEPH WILLIAM, JR. Yale University, A.B. , 1959; Fence Club; 70 Dogwood Lane, Rye, New York; Moot Court; Secretary, Third Year Class; Stu- dent Assistant, Placement Offi ce; Student Advisory Council; Student Legal Forum; Phi Alpha Delta, Justice. BARROW, BERNARD GIBBS University of Virginia, B.A., 1958; Kappa Alpha Order; 30 Albemarle Avenue, Richmond, Virginia; Moot Court; Criminal Law Research Organization, Research Director; Phi Alpha Delta. I BAUER, RONALD LAWRENCE Harvard University, A.B., 1962; 104Sutton Road, Needham, Massachusetts; Moot Court; Dean's List; LEM Review, Editorial Board; Student Assistant, Professor Rhinelander; Student Instructor, Legal Method; Student Advisory Council; Moot Court Board; Phi Delta Phi, Magister. BEARD, WILLIAM ROBINSON Williams College, B.A. , 1962; Kappa Alpha; 1003 Grove Avenue, Richmond, Virginia; Virginia Liv Weekly, Cir- culation Manager; Moot Court; Virginia Legal Research Group, Writing Director. 23 BEARNS, STUYVESANT KEITH Yale University, B.A. , 1959; Chi Psi; Manor Lane Farm, Warrenton, Virginia; Moot Court; Dean's List; M Review, Editorial Board; Phi Delta Phi. BETZTNA, KEITH BARRY University of Washington; Delta Tau Delta; 10138 14th Avenue South, Seattle, Washington; Livy Review, Business Board; John Basset Moore Society. BISSELL, JOHN WINSLOW Princeton University, A.B. , 1962; Quadrangle Club; Main Street, Exeter, New Hampshire; Moot Court; Student As- sistant, Professor Alfoni; Phi Alpha Delta, Marshall. BOARD, JOSEPH WILLIAM University of Virginia, B.A. , 1962; Sigma Nu; 508 Moun- tain View Drive, Christiansburg, Virginia. BRADBERRY, JAMES E. University of Wisconsin, B. S. , 1962; 2303 East Menlo Boulevard, Milwaukee, Winconsin; Moot Court; Delta Theta Phi. BROWN, DANIEL SIMPSON Lynchburg College, B.A., 1962; 113 Taliaferro Street, Roc Mount, Virginia; Moot Court; Virginia Legal Research Group, Writing Director. BROWN, JAMES HOWE, JR. Washington and Lee University, B. A. , 1960; Lambda Chi Alpha; Box 87, Blacksburg, Virginia. BROWN, ROBERT EUGENE University of Virg ini a, B.A. , 1960; 919 Westover Avenue, Norfolk 7, Virg ini a; Moot Court; E! Review, Circulati- . Manager;Virginia Legal Research Group;Libe1 Show, Director; Phi Delta Phi. 24 BRUCE, JOHN FOSTER Ge org e Washington University, B.A. , 1962; Sigma Chi; 5524 Pembroke Road, Bethesda, Maryland; Moot Court; John Basset Moore Society. BUCKALEW , ROBERT JAY University of Virginia, B.A. , 1962; Theta Chi; 176 Marl- boro Road, Glen Rock, New Jersey; Moot Court; Virginia By! W e e klx, Associate Business M an a g e r, Treasurer; Virginia Journal 21 International Li"; Delta Theta Phi. CABELL, BEN DeHYMEL Georgetown University, A.B. , 1962; 2506 Fort Scott Drive, Arlington,Virginia; Moot Court;John Basset Moore Society; Phi Alpha Delta. CALLAGHAN, ROBERT MORSE Universityof North Carolina, B.A. , 1962; 21 Orchard Road, Charlottesville, Virginia; Delta Theta Phi. CALLAWAY, MICHAEL ENGERS University of V irg inia, B.A. , 1962; Sigma Alpha Epsilon, 230 Eighth Street, N. W. , Cleveland, Tennessee; Moot Court; Student AdvisoryCouncil; Student L i b r a ry Committee, Chairman; Yig- giniam Weekly, Associate Editor; Pi Delta Epsilon; Virginia Legal Research Group; Delta Theta Phi. I CARAS, CONSTANTINE GEORGE University of Pittsburgh, B.A. , 1962; 252 North Third Street, Steubenville, Ohio; John Basset Moore Society; Delta Theta Phi. CARUTI-IERS, DONALD START, JR. College of Wooster, B.A., 1962; Beta Kappa Phi; 1513 No1th Jefferson Street, Arlington 5, Virginia; Moot Court; Delta Theta Phi. CHACE, NATHAN WARD Brown University, A.B., 1962; Delta Upsilon; 44 Whippel Avenue, Riverside 15, Rhode Island. CHIANCHIANO, DOLPH ROBERT Georgetown University, B. S. , 1962; 5840 Fresh Pond Road, Maspeth 78, New York. CLEMENS, RICHARD GLENN University of Virginia, B.A. , 1962;Wi11iamson School, Media, Pennsylvania; Moot Court; Dean's List; Ev Review, Research Editor; Raven Society; Student Instructor, Legal Method, f National Moot Court Team; Phi Delta Phi. 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HALLMAN, ROBERT MARSHALL Williams College, B.A. , 1962; Delta Upsilon; 159 Westchester Drive South, Delmar, New York; Moot Court; John Basset Moore Society; pit Review, Notes Editor; Student Curriculum Com- mittee; Phi Alpha Deltaq HANKEN JAMES CARL Seattle University, B.A. , 1960; 34474lst Street, S. W, , Seattle, Washington; John Basset Moore Society; Criminal Law Research Organization; Delta Theta Phi. I-LARDWICK, PEARCE DOWNTON Washington and Lee University, B.A. , 1962; Beta Theta Pi; 5436 North Hollywood, Milwaukee, Wisconsin; Moot Court; Virginia Legal Research Group; Phi Alpha Delta. HASKELL, GEORGE OWENS, III Emory University, A.B. , 1962; 548 Pierce Avenue, Macon, Georgia; Delta Theta Phi. HAWK, BARRY EDWARD Fordham University, A.B. , 1962; 925 McKnight Street, Reading Pennsylvaniagvx Review, Editorial Board; 1233-4- 1139 Guide; John Basset Moore Society; Student Assistant, Professor Rhinelander; Phi Delta Phi. HAYES, WILLIAM THOMAS Dartmouth College, A.B. , 1962; Chi Phi; 71 Marsh Road, Pelh am, New Hampshire; Moot Court; Dean's List; Libel Show; Phi Delta Phi. HEINER, S. PHILLIP University of Virginia,B.A. , 1962; Zeta Beta Tau; 2216 Maide Lane, 8. W., Roanoke, Virginia; Moot Court; Dean's Li Raven Society; Omicron Delta Kappa, President; Lay Revie Editorial Board; Student Assistant, Miss Farmer, Phi Alpha Delt. HEINSMA, DAVID JOHN Harvard University, A.B., 1962; Speaker's Club; 3223 Walt- Way, Augusta, Georgia; Moot Court; L.av-v Review, Busine Board; Moot Court Board; Triangular Moot Court Team; ' Alpha Delta. 32 HEMSCHOOT, PAUL JOSEPH, JR. anhattan College, 3.8. , 1962; Arnold Air Society; P.O. Box 6, Spruce Drive, Middletown, New Jersey; Moot Court; John -asset Moore Society;VirgLinia Journal o-f International Ev, As- istant Editor. HENNINGSEN, BRUCE HAROLD olgate University, A.B. , 1962; Sigma Chi; 8830 Seventh venue, Brooklyn, New York; Moot Court; John Basset Moore ociety; Virginia burned 31' International Livy, Business Board. HESS, CHARLES WHITE University of Kansas, A.B. , 1962; Phi Delta Theta; 625 West Meyer Boulevard, Kansas City, Missouri; Moot Court; Virginia Legal Research Group: Phi Alpha Delta. I-IEYDE, ROBERT D. Indiana University, 3.8., 1960; Lambda Chi Alpha; 1439 Gentry Lane, Charlottesville, Virginia; Lg Review, Busi- ness Board; Phi Delta Phi. HIGGINS, CHARLES NELSON, JR. Brown University, A.B., 1962; Kappa Sigma; 4601 Bayard Street, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. HILLERY, JOHN MAURICE DePaul University, B. S. C. , 1960; 7419 South Clyde Avenue, Chicago, Illinois. I-HNDS, WILLIAM LYLE, JR. "he Citadel, B.A. , 1960; 3318 South Perry Street, Montgomery, Alabama; Moot Court; Phi Alpha Delta. HOLLAND, EDWARD MCHARG 3rinceton University, A.B. , 1962; Quadrangle Club; 1730 North anville Street, Arl ington, Virginia; Moot Court; Reading 111 e; Virginia Ev Weekly, Business Manager; Barrister, Ad- vertising Manager; Pi Delta Epsilon; Delta Theta Phi, Bailiff, Kush Chairman. 33 HOPKINS, JOHN DAVID Vanderbilt University, B.A. , 1959;Phi Kappa Sigma; 2219 Court Street, Memphis, Tennessee; Dean's List; Omicron Delta Kappa;! Review, Editorial Board; Moot Court; Natonal Moot Court Competition; Student Assistant, Pro- fessor McCoid; Phi Alpha Delta. HYDE, TRIS'I'RAM TUPPER, IV Hampden-SydneyCollege, B.A. , 1962; Kappa Alpha Order; 5402 Bawdley Road, Richmond, Virginia; Omicron Delta Kappa; Moot Court; Criminal Law Research Organization; Phi Alpha. Delta. HYLTON, WALTER HENRY, III Virg inia Military Institute, B.A. , 1962; 206 Park Lane, South Hill, Virginia; Delta Theta Phi. IDE, ROY WILLIAM, III Washington and Lee University, B.A. , 1962; Kappa Alpha Order; 202 West Durst Street, Greenwood, South Carolina; Moot Court; Dean's List; Raven S ocie ty; Omicron Delta Kappag-vg Review, Editorial Board; Student Legal Forum; Student A ss i st a nt, Professor Howard; Student Instructor, Legal Method; Phi Alpha. Delta, Marshall. IMIG, WARNER GERRY University of Colorado, B.A. , 1962; Delta Tau Delta; 780 16 Street, Boulder, Colorado; Moot Court; Delta Theta Phi, Intra mural Chairman. IRELAND, WILLIAM TRAVIS Monmouth College, A.B. , 1962; Tau Kappa Epsilon; 2927 Oak land Ave. , Dayton 9, Ohio; Moot Court; Virginia Iivl Weeklx Features Editor;Virginia lournal o-f International Egg, Editori. Board; John Basset Moore Society; Delta Theta Phi. JANUARY, DERICK CHURCHILL V Yale University, B.A. , 1962; Delta Kappa Epsilon; 9 Walbridge Road, West Hartford, Connecticut; Phi Alpha Delt JOHNSON, CHARLES S. University of Kansas, B.S. , 1962; Sigma Chi; 213 North 12 ? Street, Wymore, Nebraska; Omicron Delta Kappa; Lav! Revie Business Manager; Student Legal Forum; Moot Court; Phi Alph Delta. 34 JOHNSON, JAMES FERRELL University ofVirg inia, B.A. , 1962; Sigma Phi Epsilon; 802 Tyler Avenue, Radford, Virginia; Moot Court; Dean's List; Raven Society; Omicron Delta Kappa; .134" Review, Decisions Editor; Phi Alpha Delta. JONES, JAMES PARKER Duke University, A.B. , 1962; 218 50th Stre et, Virginia B e a c h, Virginia; Moot Court; C r i m i 11 a1 Law Research Org anization. JONES, JAMES WEBB University of V irg ini a, B.A. , 1962; 1403 Sterling Point Drive, Portsmouth, Virginia; Moot Court; Debate Assistant, University Department of Speech. KAI-IN, MARTIN H. Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, B.S. , 1962; Zeta Bem Tau; 102 Essex Stre et, Chelsea 50, Massachusetts; Moot Court; Dean's List; Lil Review, Editorial Board; Moot Court Board; Triangular Moot Court Team; Student In- structor, Leg :11 Method; Student Assistant, Professor Gregory; Phi Alpha Delta. KALAT, PETER ANTHONY Middlebury Colleg e, B.A. , 1962; Delta Kappa Epsilon; 108 Prospect Street, Shrewsbury, M 3. ss 3. ch u s e tts; Moot Court; Criminal Law Research Organization; Phi Alpha Delta. KEI-IL, WILLIAM WADDINGHAM -Iarvard University, A.B. , 1959; 44 East Camperdown Way, Greenville, South Carolina; Dean's Lismgg Review, Editorial Board; Virginia Legal Research Group; Student Assistant, Pro- fessor Meador; Phi Alpha Delta. KELLY, EDWARD JAMES, JR. 1937-1965 Jniversity of North Carolina, B.A. , 1959 ; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; 1emingsburg, Kentucky; President, First Year Class, Second fear Class, Third Year Class; Student Advisory Council; Stu- lent Curriculum Committee; Student Legal Forum; Moot Court; :tudent Assistant, Professor Manson; Phi Alpha. Delta. KELLY, FRANK ALLAN Tennessee Polytechnic Institute, B.A., 1962; 2417 Jefferson park Avenue, Charlottesville, Virginia; Moot Court; John Basset vIoore Society; Vice President; Minis. Lournal of International law, Editor; Student Advisory Council; Student Library Com- mittee; Pi Delta Epsilon; Cooper D. Schmidt Fellowship; Stu- lent Assistant, Professor Kellog; Delta Theta Phi. 35 KELSEY, BASIL WELTON Princeton University, A.B., 1962; Cap and Gown Club; 415 South Maple, Ottawa, Kansas; Moot Court; Virginia Legal Re- search Group, Writing Director; Phi Alpha Delta. KEMPER, TALFOURD I-LAAS Princeton Univelsity, B. S. E. , 1957; 805 Groveland Drive, Blue- field, West Virginia; Dean's List- Raven Society; Omicron Delta Kappa; Judiciary Committee, Chairman; Law Review, Articles Editor; Student Advisory Council; Pi Delta Epsilon, Student Legal Forum; Student Assistant, Professor R1bb1e , Phi Alpha Delta. KITAY, MICHAEL G. St. Lawrence University, B.A. , 1962; Phi Sigma Kappa; 20 Court, C anton, New York; Moot Court; Rugby Club; Treasurer, Third Year Class; Student Advisory Council; Phi Alpha Delta. KOFF, PETER LOUIS University of Virginia, B.A. , 1962; Zeta Beta Tau; 1440 North Lake Sh or e Drive, Chicago, Illinois; Moot Court; Virginia Legal Research Group, Project Director; Phi Alpha Delta. LAMBERTON, BENJAMIN PAULDING, III Union College, B.A. , 1962; Sigma Phi; "Antrim, " Taney- town, Maryland; John Basset Moore Society; Virginia 102: gal 21' International Lair, Associate Editor, Decisions; Delta Theta Phi. LAWRENCE, RALPH EWING Georgia Institute of Technology, B.I.E., 1960; Pi Kakpa Alpha; "Seaford," Mathews, Virginia; Moot Court; PM Review, Business Board; Phi Delta Phi, Historian, Ex- checquer. LAWSON, THOMAS TOWLES University of North Carolina, A.B. , 1960; Sigma Alpha Epsilon 3227 White Oak Road, Roanoke, Virginia; Moot Court; La Review, Virginia Editor; Pi Delta Epsilon; Phi Alpha Delta. LEAFE, JOSEPH ALBERT Hampden-Sydney College, B. S. , 1958; Pi Kappa Alpha; 890 Tidewater Drive, Norfolk, Virginia; Moot Court, Law Review Business Board; Phi Alpha Delta. '-' 36 LEARY, JEREMIAH R. College of the Holy Cross, A.B., 1962; Windmill Hill, Little Compton, Rhode Island; Moot Court; Rugby Club; Phi Alpha Delta, Social Chairman. LEE, JOHN PENN Washington and Lee University, B.A. , 1962; Phi Delta Theta; 2020 Knollwood Road, Roanoke, Virginia; Phi Alpha Delta. LEFF, DAVID ALAN University of Pennsylvania, A.B., 1962; The Fairways, Ridal, Pennsylvania; Moot Court. LEVINE, ROBERT NATHAN University of Virginia, B.S. , 1962; Alpha Epsilon Pi; 106A Ridgeley Road, Norfolk, Virginia. LILIENTHAL, PHILIP HOWARD Amherst College, B.A. , 1962; Phi Gamma Chi; 60 East 96th Street, New York, New York; Moot Court; Virg ini a Liv Weekly, News Editor; Pi Delta Epsilon; Criminal Law Research Organization; Student Assistant, Mr. Low; Phi Alpha Delta. LINDSAY, JOHN H. airfield University, B.B.S., 1962; 90 Chester St., Hamden, onnecticut; Clerk of Trial Practice Court. LINDSKOG, DAVID RICHARD v ale University, B.A. , 1958; 38 Griffing Pond Road, Branford, onnecticut; Moot Court; Student Assistant, Professor Bergin; 1 i Alpha Delta. 37 LOGAN, EMMELYN SUSANNE Duke University, B.A. , 1962; Alpha Chi Omega; Box 228, Woodstock, Virginia; Virginia Ev Weekly, DICTA Editor; 143E Review, Business Board; Reading Guide, Contributions Editor; Pi Delta Epsilon; Phi Delta Phi. LOGAN, FIELDING L., JR. Harvard University, A.B., 1962; 718 Red Lane, Salem, Virginia. LONG, BERNARD JAMES, IR. College of the Holy Cross, A.B., 1962; 3828 52nd Street, Washington 16, D. C.; Moot Court; Dean's List; Laggi- M, Editorial Board; Barrister, Activities Editor;De1ta Theta Phi. McALLISTER, JOHN ROBERT, III Davidson College, A.B., 1962; Phi Gamma Delta; 22 Taylor Street, Staunton, Virginia; Moot Court; Phi Alpha Delta. McCAU LEY, RICHARD GRAY Williams College, B.A., 1962; Kappa Alpha Society; 32 Hawthorne Road, Baltimore, Maryland; Moot Court; Mo- Court Board, Chairman; Student Advisory Counci1;Virgini Legal Research Group; Phi Alpha Delta. McDANIEL, S. RANDALL Virg ini a Polytechnic Institute, B.S. , 1962; 540 Ferry Roa- Suffolk, Virginia; Virginia Legal Research Group; Delta Thet Phi. MCDONALD, MOFFA'IT LAUGHLIN Columbia University, B.A. , 1960; 329 Bratton Street, Winns here, South Carolina; Moot Court; John Basset Moore Socie Virginia Singers. McEVOY, LAWRENCE JOSEPH, JR. Emory University, B. B.A. , 1954; Phi Delta Theta; 2820 Vemo Road, N.W. , Atlanta, Georgia; Delta Theta Phi. 38 MCGEE, GARY CALVIN Coll eg e of William and Mary, B. S. , 1962; Lambda Chi Alpha; 5649 Valley Road, Falls Church, Virginia; Moot Court; Omicron Delta Kappa. MCKINNEY, W. RAMSEY, JR. Vanderth Univelsity, B.A., 1962; Alpha Tau Omega; Route 3, Wetumpka, Alabama; Virginia Legal Research Group; Student Assistant, Professor Boyd; Law School Young Republicans; Phi Alpha Delta. MADDEN, PETER HAMMOND Yale University, B.A. , 1962; Fence C1ub;Pecksland Road, Greenwich, Connecticut. MARGOLIS, THEODORE Miami University10hio1, B.A., 1962; Zeta Beta Tau; 824 Nancy Way, Westfield, New Jersey; Moot Court; Omicron Delta Kappa. MARTIN, DEXTER EDWARD Portland State Coll eg e, B.S. , 1962; 13820 S. W. Far Vista, Beaverton, Oregon; Moot Court; Barrister, Circulation Manager; Delta Theta Phi; John Basset Moore Society. MAY, HARRISON Davidson College, A.B., 1961; Edgewood Road, Staunton, Virginia; Delta Theta Phi. MEDLEY, HARRY ANTHONY University of California at Los Angeles, B. S. , 1961; Sigma Nu; 53 Fremont Place, Los Angeles, California; John Basset Moore Society, Secretary; Virginia Journal of International Law. MONTAGNA, ANTHONY LOUIS, JR. University of Virg inia, B.A. , 1962; D e1 ta Upsilon; 5420 Powhatan Avenue, Norfolk, Virginia; Moot Court; Delta Theta Phi. 39 MONTGOMERY, CLARENCE POWER, JR. Darhnouth Coll eg e, A.B. , 1959; Delta Upsilon; 3130 North Inglewood Street, Arlington, Virginia; Delta Theta Phi. MOORE, ANDREW TAYLOR Duke University, A.B. , 1962; Phi Kappa Sigma; 1108 Bay Colony Drive, Virginia Beach, Virginia. MOORE, WILLIAM STEPHEN Randolph -Macon College, B. S. , 1961; Kappa Alpha Order; 109 Southerland Drive, Hampton, Virginia; Moot Court; Delta Theta Phi, Master of the Rolls. MOORMAN, HERMAN SHACKFORD University of Virginia, B.A. , 1960; 2702 Carolina Avenue, Roanoke, Virginia; Moot Court; Raven Society; Omicron Delta Kappa, Delta Theta Phi. MORRIS, DEWEY BLANTON University of Virg ini a, B.A. , 1960; Sigma Phi Epsilon; 103 North Spruce Avenue, Highland Springs, Virginia; Moot Court;Nationa1 Moot Court Team; Moot Court Board; Raven Society, President; Omicron Delta Kappa; jaw Be; m, Editorial Board; Phi Alpha Delta. MORTHLAND, DAVID WILLIAM Cornell University, B. S. , 1962; Phi Gamm a Delta; 332 Leesburg Pike, No. 607, Falls Church, Virginia; Moot Court; Criminal Law Reseaxch Organization; Phi Alpha Delta. MURRAY, THOMAS JAMES Boston College, B.S.B.A., 1959; 124 East Madison Street Sandusky, Ohio; Moot Court; Law School Young Democrats. NEELY, EDGAR ADAMS, III Ge orgia Institute of Technology, B.I. E. , 1960; Chi Phi; 267 The Prado, N. E. , Atlanta, Georgia; Moot Court; Phi Alph Delta. O'CONNOR, PAUL DANIEL, JR. United States Naval Academy, B.S. , 1959; 26 Carol Court, Glen Rock, New Jerse y; Moot Court; Lav Review, Business Board; Phi Alpha Delta. ONTRA, JOSEPH ANTHONY Fordham College, B.A. , 1962; Redding Centre, Redding Connecticut; Moot Court; Ev Review, Business Board; Delta Theta Phi. OPPENHEIMER, JOE LOVEMAN University of North C arol ina, A.B. , 1962; Zeta Beta Tau; 3708 C ountry Club D r i v e, Birmingham, Alabama; Stude nt Legal Forum, Tre asurer; Virginia Legal Research Group, Writing Director; Phi Alpha Delta. PAGE, PETER MONTAGUE University of Virginia, B.A. , 1962; Beta Theta Pi; "Oak- land, " Beaver Dam, Virginia. PANNELL, HENRY GARY Washington and Lee University, A.B. , 1959; Delta Tau Delta; Sweet Briar, Virginia; John Basset Moore Society; Virginia Legal Research Group; Phi Alpha Delta. PARKER, CALVIN WAVERLY niversity of Virginia, B.A. , 1958; 24 Grace Street, Chase City, irginia; Moot Court; Family Housing Association, President; irginia Legal Re 5 e a r ch Group; John Basset Moore Society; Criminal Law Research Organization; Phi Delta Phi. PATRICK, THOMAS MOORE, IR. Davidson College,A.B. , 1962; Beta Theta Pi; Box 396, Taylors, South Carolina; Moot Court; Dean's List; Raven Society; Omicron Delta Kappa; Vice Pre sident, First Year Class, Second Year Class; Student Advisory Council; 1.9.33 Review, Editorial Board; Student Legal Forum, Publicity Chairman; Student Assistant, Professor Priest; Phi Alpha Delta. 41 PATTERSON, HUGH LESTER University of North Carolina, A.B., 1960; Phi Gamma Delta; Mt. Pleasant, Belle Haven, Virginia; Moot Court; Virginia Legal Research Group; Student Legal Forum, President; Liw Review, Editorial Board; Student Advisory Council; Phi Alpha Delta, Clerk; Student Assistant, Mr. Speidel. PEARSALL, JOHN WESLEY, III Princeton University, A.B. , 1962; Quadrangle Club; 7701 Riverside Drive, Richmond 25, Virginia; Moot Court; Raven Societyiag Review,Notes Editor; Pi Delta Epsilon; Student Library Committee; Phi Alpha Delta. PENICK, WILLIAM SYDNOR Williams College, B.A. , 1962; Psi Upsilon; 1329 Seventh Street, New Orleans, Louisiana; Moot Court;Virgin.ia Legal Research G r 0 up, Writing D i r e cto r; John Basset Moore Society; Student Assistant, Professor Wadlington. PERRY, ROBERT JAMES University of Vermont, B.S. , 1962; 48 Pleasant Street, Essex Junction, Vermont; Moot Court; Criminal Law Re- search Organization. PIASSICK, JOEL BERNARD Tulane University, B A. , 1962; Sigma Alpha Mu; 115 Biscayne Drive, Apt. C2, Atlanta, Georgia; Moot Court; Dean's List; Raven Society; Omicron Delta Kappa; Virginia Legal Research Group, President; Student Advisory Council; Student Instructor, Legal Method; Delta Theta Phi. PLAYER, THOMAS ADDEN, JR. Furman U n i v e r s i ty, B. A. , 1962; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; 168 Club Acres, Orangeburg, S outh Carolina; University Student Council, Vice President; Moot Court; Student Advisory Council; Virginia L e 9 211 Research Group; B a r r is t e r, Editorial Staff; Dormitory Counselor; T. I.L.K.A.; Phi Alpha Delta. RACHELS, WILLIAM EDWARD,JR. Randolph-Macon C 011 e g e , B. A. , 1962; Lambda Chi Alpha; 8658 Irving Lane, Richmond, Virginia; Phi Beta Kappa; Pi Gamma Mu; Dupont Scholarship; Omicron Delta Kappa; Ju- diciary Committee; Student Advisory Council; Virginia Legal Research Group; Delta Theta Phi, Dean, Master of the Rolls, Rush Chairman. RAISER, C . VICTOR Princeton University, A.B. , 1962; Ivy Club; 318 South Free- man Road, Orchard Park, New York. 42 RAMM, PETER HENRY Davidson College, A.B. , 1959; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; 714 Oaklawn Avenue, Winston-Salem, North Carolina. RASH, JAMES DENNIS University of North Carolina, A.B. , 1962; Delta Kappa Epsilon; 2845 Hillsdale Avenue, Charlotte, North Carolina; Moot Court; Moot Court Clerk; Moot Court Board; Student Advisory Council; Phi Alpha Delta. REYNOLDS, WILLIAM GRAY University of Pennsylvania, B.A. , 1962; Delta Psi; 4711 Pocahontas Road, Richmond, Virginia; Moot Court; Vice Presi- dent, Third Year Class; Student Advisory Council. RI'I'TER, CHARLES WILLIS Cornell University, A.B. , 1962; Phi Kappa Psi; 606 Chestnut Avenue, Baltimore 4, Maryland; Moot Court; Dean's List; Ely Review, Editorial Board; Student Assistant, Professor Davison; Phi Delta Phi. ROBERTSON, RUSSELL PERSY, JR. University of Richmond, B.A., 1962; Phi Gamma Delta; 633 Snug Harbor Lane, N ewport News, Virginia; Omicron Delta Kappa; Delta Theta Phi, Bailiff. ROBINSON , ROBERT D . University of Richmond, B.A. , 1961; Route 2, Charlottesville, Virginia. 43 RUDOLPH, ERIC BLAIN Dickinson College,A. B. , 1962; Beta Theta Pi; 3807 Hadley Square East, Baltimore 18, Maryland; Moot Court; John Basset Moore Society; Virainia Journal gflnternational m, Assistant Editor; Delta Theta Phi, Treasurer. RUEI-IL, ROBERT FURMAN Williams College, B.A., 1962; Zeta Psi; "Stonehaven Farm," R.D. 3, Doylestown, Pennsylvania; Moot Court; Delta Theta Phi. RUSSEL, WILEY FRAZIER University of Virginia, B.A. , 1961; Sigma Chi; 3150 20th Street North, Arlington, Virginia. RYAN, THOMPSON WILLIAM Georgetown University, A.B., 1962; 4 Oak Lane, Lloyd Harbor, New York; Moot Court; John Basset Moore Society; Virginia Iourn 2.1 if International Ev, Associate Editor, Notes. 44 ROSENBERG , DANIEL ALLEN University of Pennsylvania, B.S. , 1962; 52 Greenwood Drive, Millburn, New Jersey; Moot Court; Virginia E11; Weekly, Desk Editor; Reading Guide, Managing Editor; Pi Delta Epsilon. ROUSE, JAMES DEDMAN Centre College of Kentucky, A.B. , 1962; Phi Delta Theta; Wooldridge Lane, Versailles, Kentucky; Omicron Delta Kappa; Phi Alpha Delta. 1 W n h M W n W m x M WW WWW 3' 1 SANDERS, HARRY KENDRICKJR. University of Virginia, B.A. , 1962; Sigma Nu; 5509 North 33rd Street, Arlington, Virg inia; Virginia. Legal Research Group; Master of the Rolls; Student Advisory Council; Delta Theta Phi, Social Chairman, Master of the Ritual. SCOTT , EUGEN E LY'I'I'ON Yale University, A.B. , 1960; Moriches Road, St. James, Long Island, New York; Reading Guide, Editorial Staff. SI-IER, ROBERT JAY University of Miami, B.B.A. , 1962; Phi Epsilon Pi; 111 Shannon Road, Chesapeake, Virginia; Omicron Delta Kappa; Phi Alpha Delta. SHOEMAKER, JAMES MARSHALL, JR. University of Virginia, B.A. , 1955; Delta Kappa Epsilon; 44 East Camperdown Way, Greenville, South Carolina; Moot Court; Ev Review, Editorial Board; Student Legal Forum, Vice Presi- dent; Student Advisory Council ; Student Curriculum Committee , Chairman; Phi Alpha Delta, Vice President. SHOWALTER, DONALD EUGENE Eastern Mennonite College, A.B. , 1962; Box 245, Broad- way, Virgini a; John Basset Moore Society; Student As- sistant, Professor Nash; Delta Theta Phi. SIERCK, ALEXANDER WENTWORTH University of Virginia, B.A., 1962; Beta Theta Pi; 114 East 72nd Street, New York, New York; Reading Guide; Virginia Law We ekly, Senior Editor; Criminal Law Re- search Organization; Libel Show. SIMMONS, MARTIN ERNEST, JR. Louisiana State University, B.A. , 1961; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; 600 Brandon Avenu e , Charlottesville, Virginia; Moot Court; Omicron Delta Kappa; Phi Alpha Delta. SIMS, ARTHUR WARD University of North Carolina, A.B., 1960; Delta Kappa Epsilon; 103 Remington Court, Charlottesville, Virginia; Moot Court; Phi Alpha Delta. SLIVE, MICHAEL LAWRENCE Ilartmouth College, B.A., 1962; Alpha Theta; 6 Woodboume I' oad, New Hartford, New York; Moot Court; Phi Alpha Delta. SMITH, DAVID LAWRENCE ollege of William and Mary, B.A. , 1962; SigmaAlpha Epsilon; 32 Court Street, Abingdon, Virginia; Criminal Law Research 0 ganization; Barrister, Classes Editor; Pi Delta Epsilon; John 'asset Moore Society;Delta Theta Phi, Bailiff, Rush Chairman. 45 Phi. STAFFORD, CRAIG FlNLEY Haverford College, B.A. , 1962; 676 Hollow Tre e Ridge Road, Darien, Connecticut; Reading Guide, Editorial Board. STATON, DAVID W. Florida State University, A.A. , B.A. , B. S. , M.A. , 1962; Kappa Tau; 2345 26th Avenue South, St. Petersburg, Florida; Moot Court; Virginia Iivg Weekly, Photography Editor; Virginia Journal o-f International m, Advertising Manager; Barrister, Photography Editor; Pi Delta Epsilon; John Basset Moore Society; A m e r i c an Society of Inter- national Law, National Law Scholarship. STEIN, ARLAND THOMAS Purdue University, B. S., 1961; Acacia; R. D. 1, Hanoverton, Ohio; Moot Court; Omicron Delta Kappa. STRICKLAND, RENNARD, J. Northeastern State College, B.A., 1962; 2919 Elgin, Muskogee, Oklahoma. SMITH, FURMAN University of None Dame, A.B. , 1960; 4400 Northside Drive, Atlanta 5, Georgia; Virginia Legal Research Group; Phi Delm SMITH, MILTON CURTIS University of Virginia, B.A. , 1959; Phi Delta Theta;724 North. G Street, Tacoma, Washington; Moot Court; Omicron Delta Kappa; Raven Society; Phi Alpha Delta. SUITERS, LARRY THOMAS College of William and Mary, A.B., 1962; Theta Delta. Chi; 206 Forest Villa Road, McLean, Virginia; Law School Youn- Republicans; Virginia Journal 2; International Livy, Busines Board. SWIFT, DOUGLAS McKEAN Princeton University,A. B. , 1959; Quadrangle Club; 83 Hillcre v Road, Windsor, Connecticut; Moot Court; Delta Theta Phi. 46 SYKES, CHARLES SCOTT, JR. University of Virginia, B.A. , 1962; Zeta Psi; 18 Gladwin Place, Bronxville, New York; Moot Court; Raven Society; Omicron Delta Kappa; Student Legal Forum, Secretary; Virginia Legal Research Group; Phi Alpha Delta. TOMPKINS, JOHN THOMAS, III Hampden-Sydney College, B.S. , 1962; Lambda Chi Alpha; 18 Shirley Road, Newport News, Virginia; Moot Court; John Basset Moore Society;Virginia Legal Research Group; Delta Theta Phi. TRIPP, GUY TEMPLE,III University of Virginia,B.A. , 1962; Phi Gamma Delta; 3903 Exeter Road, Richmond, Virginia; Raven Society; Omicron Delta Kappa; Moot Court; Virginia Legal Research Group; Phi Alpha Delta. TUCKER, WILLIAM STRACI-ILEY, JR. Randolph-Macon College, B.A. , 1962; Phi Delta Them; 6666 Chimney Rock, Houston, Texas; Moot Court; Delta Theta Phi, Vice Dean. TURNER, JAMES THOMAS Wake Forest College, M.A. , 1960; Lambda Chi Alpha; 400 Monro e Lane, Apt. B-3, Charlottesville, Virginia; Moot Court; Omicron Delta Kappa; Virginia Legal Research Group; Delta Theta. Phi. VITTORIA, THEODORE, J. , IR. Fordham University, A.B., 1962; 102 Webster Road, Scarsdale, New York; Virginia Legal Research Group; John Basset Moore Society, Director; Virginia lournal o-f Inter- national E; Business Manager; Pi Delta Epsilon; Omicron Delta Kappa; Delta Theta Phi. WADDELL, WILLIAM ROBERT illiams College, A.B., 1962; Phi Gamma Delta; 11 Tower 1 1 Road, Fort Thomas, Kentucky; Dean's List; Ev Review, : siness Boani; Virginia Legal Research Group; Student Assis- ant, Professor Middleditch of Business School. WALTERS, JOHN CARLTON Dartmouth College, A.B. , 1962; Alpha Delta Phi; 426 Langley A venue, West He m pste a d, New York, Vigginia Lav Weekly, dvisory Staff; Student Advisory Council; Virginia Legal Re- earch Group; Moot Court; Rugby Club; F reshman Lacrosse oach; Phi Alpha Delta, Social Chairman. 47 WARD, RICHARD SAYRE Yale University, B.E. , 1962; Beta Theta Pi; 69 Akilolo Street, Honolulu, Hawaii; Moot Court;Virginia Legal Research Group; Phi Alpha Delta. WARDEN , JOHN LEHMAN Harvard University, A. B. , 1962 ; 520 30th Street, Cairo, Illinois; Dean's List; Raven Society; Omicron Delta Kappa; Moot Court; LLW Revi e w, Editor; Student Advisory Council; Student Cur- riculum Committee; Student L e 9 a1 Forum; Student Assistant, Professor Speidel; Student Instructor, Legal Method. WATSON, PHILLIP ALAN Yale University, B.E. , 1962; Phi Gamma Delta; 1709 Massey Circle, South Charleston, West Virginia; Dean's List; Egg 3: M; Student Legal Forum, Phi Alpha Delta. WATTS, JAMES OWNE, III Williams, College, B.A. , 1962; Alpha Delta Phi;Pop1ar Forest, Forest, Virginia; Phi Alpha Delta. WELCH, THOMAS DUNWOODY, JR. Princeton University, A.B. , 1962; Ivy Club; 127 Front Street,Marb1e- head, Massachusetts; John Ba 5 s e t Moore Society, Treasurer; Virginia lournal 1f International m, Editorial Staff. WHELAN, JOHN KENNETH Fordham University, B.A. , 1962; 5430 Netherland Avenue, New York 71, New York; Moot Court. WHITE, KENNETH SPENCER University of Virg ini a, 3.5. , 1962; Kappa Alpha; 1301 Rittenhouse Street, Lynchburg, Virginia; Raven Society; Omicron Delta Kappa; Moot Court;VirginiaLega1 Research Group, Executive D i r e c tor; Student Library Committee; Phi Alpha Delta. WIESE, JOHN I obart College, B.A., 1962-44 Palmetta Street, Ridgewood Queens, New York; Moot Court. WILKERSON, LEO CARL niversity of North Carolina, B. S. , 1955; Phi Beta Kappa; Phi I ta Sigma; Phi Gamma Sigma; Route 4, Mebane, North arolina; Lg Review, Editorial Board; Phi Delta Phi. WILLIAMS, EDGAR EUGENE I st Tennessee State University, B. S. , 1962; 210 Hulen Street, I in, Tennessee; Moot Court; Barrister, Circulation Manager; h-k Exchange Manager; Delta Theta Phi, Tribune. WILLIAMS, RICHARD LUCAS ' inceton University, A.B. , 1962; Cap and Gown Club; 100 oodley Road, Winnetka, Illinois; Moot Court; Student Legal orum; Student Assistant, Professor Currier, Phi Alpha Delta. WISN'IEWSKI, FRANK HENRY Gettysburg College, A.B., 1962; Lambda Chi Alpha; 221 Princeton Avenue, Stratford, New Jersey; Moot Court; Virginia Legal Research Group. WOOD, ROBERT CORNELIUS Washington and Lee University, B.A. , 1962; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; 220 Kensington Avenue, Lynchburg, Virginia; Moot Court; University Student Council; Omicron Delta Kappa; Student Advisory Council; Virginia Lay Weekl , Alumni Editor; Virginia Legal Research Group; T. I.L.K.A.; Libel Show; Student Assistant, Professor Boyd; Phi Alpha Delta. 0 YOUNG, THOMAS GORSUCH, III Yale University,A.B. , 1962; 1305 Park Avenue, Baltimore, Maryland; Delta Theta Phi. ZINK, CHARLES TALBOTT Princeton University, A.B. , 1959; Quadrangle Club; 6000 Upper Brandon Place, Norfolk, Virginia; Dean's List; Ev-v Review, Editorial Board; Delta Theta Phi. 49 PELLETIER, GEORGE A. Hague Academy of International Law, 1964; Harvard University, LL. M. , 1963, Notre Dame University, LL.B. 1962;B.B.A., 1961; 804 W. Kansas St. ,Mid- land, Texas; Liv Review, Articles Editor; J.A.G. School, Instructor; Capt. , JAGC. SHOWAL'I'ER, ROBERT D. University of Colorado, LL.B. , 1964, 3.8. , 1961; 1535 Monaco Parkway, Denver, Colorado; Phi Delta Phi. CRAWFORD, CALUDE L. University of Virginia, LL.B. , 1949, U. S. Milita Academy, B. S. , 1936; 1606 Grove Rd. , Charlottes ville, Va., Dean's List. EL-I-IABAL, MOUHANEMAD SAID University of Damascus,Law School, license in Law 1961; 203 Nazim Pasha St. , Mohajreen, Damascus Syria; International Club, President; Damscus Ba Association. . . . in the Cavalier tradition BUDDYS JUST A NlCE PLACE TO EAT Mgig $ Q 011515$ nf 1955 FIELDING WILLIAMS Chairman HUGH WILLIAMS Vice -Ch airm an ABERNATHY, GEORGE THOMAS, JR. Davidson College, A.B. , 1963; Alpha Tau Omega; 126 James River Drive, Newport News, Virginia. ABERNATH'Y, THOMAS EDWARDS Vanderbilt University, B.A. , 1963; 921 Kirkwood Lane, Nashville, Tennesee. ACKERMAN , THOMAS COOPER Union College, A.B., 1963; Alpha Delta Phi; 5501 Kirkwood Drive, Washington, D.C. ADAMS, ANDREW JOSEPH, JR. Duke University, B.A. , 1963; Delta Sigma Phi; 2601 South Gran Street, Arlington, Virg inia; John Basset Moore Society; Vi ini loumal oi International; Moot Court. ADAMS, GLENN RAWLINS Princeton University, A.B. , 1963; Tower Club; 4911 Longfello Court, McLean, Virginia; Moot Court; Phi Alpha Delta. ANGLE, SWANSON WOODSON Virginia Polytechnic Institute, B. S. , 1963; 1047 Palm Avenue, N.W. Roanoke, Virginia; Phi Alpha Delta. BAGLEY, PHILIP JOSEPH University of Richmond, B.A. , 1963; Kappa Sigma; 3120 Bute Lane, Richmond, Virginia; Omicron Delta Kappa; Moot Court. BAIRD, EDWARD ROUZIE, JR. University of Virginia, B.A. , 1960; Beta Theta Pi; 1711 Cloncurry Road, Norfolk, Virginia; Vigginia Lav Weekly, Cir- culation Manager. BARKSDALE, LEE SCOTT, JR. Yale University, B.A., 1963; St. Elmo Society; 311 South Gaskins Road, Richmond 29, Virginia; Advocate Key Society; Phi Alpha Delta. mmmmwm, BAUM, STEPHEN LINDSLEY Harvard University, A.B., 1963; 78 Fresh Pond Parkway, Cambridge 38, Massachusetts. BENNETT, ROBERT HOLLAND Hampden-Sydney College, B.A. , 1963; Kappa Alpha; 104 Laurel Lane, Virginia Beach, Virginia; Phi Alpha Delta. BENNETT, WILLIAM WELDON University of Virginia, B.A. , 1963; Sigma Chi; 100 Broad Street, South Boston, Virginia. BERLAGE. JAN COXE illiams College, B.A. , 1963; Sigma Phi; H-l Beverly Apartments, eville, North Carolina. BIRKHEAD, GEORGE WILLIAM ebb Institute, B.S., 1963; 1111 12th Avenue, Huntington, West u-ginia; Virginia Law Weekly, Editorial Staff. BRENNAN, JOHN WILLIAM 1! e University, B.A., 1963; Phi Delta Theta; 416 North Street, 'ortsmouth, Virginia. BRENT, WILLIAM B. niversity of Virginia, B.A. , 1949; 3904 Newport Avenue, Norfolk, irginia. BROOKS, WILLIAM LLOYD anderbilt University, B.A., 1963; 4914 Lealand Lane, Nashville, ennessee; Moot Court. BUCK, BRUCE CANIPBELL illiams C 01 1 eg e, B.A. , 1963; Kappa Alpha Society; 157 Western D 1ve, Short Hills, New Jamey; Moot Court. BARRINEAU, HARRY EUGENE, III University of North Carolina, B.A. , 1963; Theta Chi; 327 Ash- lawn Drive, Norfolk 5, Virginia. BARTLETT, ROBERT WILLIAM Stanford University, A.B. , 1959; Alpha Kappa Lambda; 6519 North Leoti, Chicago, Illinois; John Basset Moore Society; Virginia Journal international .Laiv; Delta Theta Phi. BATES, JOHN WY'l'HE, III Virginia Polytechnic Institute, 8.8., 1963; 7801 Riverside Drive, Richmond, Virginia; Virginia Liv Week! , Business Staff, Virginia Legal Research Group; Phi Alpha Delta. BUTLER, BENJAMIN MICHAEL Hampden-Sydney College, B.A. , 1963; Kappa Alpha Order; 415 West Cork Street, Winchester, Virginia; Phi Alpha Delta. BYRUM, THOMAS GAULEY Bethany College, A.B. , 1963; Beta Theta Phi; Highland Park, Wheeling, West Virginia. CAMPBELL, BOYD CLEVELAND, JR. Davidson College, A. B. , 1963 ; Pi Kappa Phi; Box 578, Taylors- ville, North Carolina. CARDI, STEPHEN AMERICO Fordham University, B. S. , 1963 ; 185 Oaklawn Avenue, Cranston, Rhode Island; Phi Alpha Delta. CARPENTER, GORDON AMZBLER Amherst College, A.B. , 1963; Delta Kappa Epsilon; 86 Great Road, Woonsocket, Rhode Island; Law Review, Editorial Board. CELELLO, JOSEPH FRANCIS Yale University, B.A., 1963; 131 High Sweet, Naugatuck, Connecticut; Phi Alpha Delta. CHAFFE, ROGER LEWIS Yale University, B.A. , 1963; 2214 McRae Street, Richmond 35, Virginia. CHANDLER, LAWRENCE BRADFORD Boston College, 3.5. , B.A. , 1963; Beta Gamma Sigma; 360 Conduit Street, New Bedford, Massachusetts. CLARK, CHARLES TYLER Bimingham-Southem College , B.A. , 1962; 1745 Mims Avenue S. W. , Birmingham, Alabama. CLARK, JOHN BENTON University of Mississippi, B.A. , 1963; Kappa Alpha Order; Taylorsville, Mississippi; Moot Court; Phi Alpha Delm. CLINEBURG, STEPHEN ROOT Columbia University, A.B. , 1963; Psi Upsilon; 3412 North Dickerson Street, Arlington, Virginia; Moot Court. COBB, GARDNER ELLIOTT University of Virginia, B.S. , 1960; Phi Delta Theta; 303 Edwards Street, Franklin, Virginia; Moot Court; Phi Alpha Delta, Treasurer. CAMPFIELD, REGIS WILLIAM University of Notre Dame, B.B.A. , 1963; 93 Fulton Street, Rillton, Pennsylvania. CANNON, GEORGE JOSEPH University of Notre Dame, B.A. , 1962, B. S. , 1963; Tau Beta Pi; 310 East Church Stree t, Farmville, North Carolina; Barrister, Associate Editor. CAPUTO, ANTHONY MacDONALD University of Virg inia, B.A. , 1963; Zeta Psi; 250 Pondfield Road West, Bronxville, New York; University Student Council; Raven Society; Omicron Delta Kappa; Student Legal Forum; Phi Alpha Delta. COLLINS, WILLIAM THOMAS, III College of the Holy Cross, A.B., 1963; 8 Fryer Lane, Larchmont, New York; Iivg Review, Editorial Board; Student Library Committee; Moot Court; Student Instructor, Legal Method; Phi Alpha Delta. COX, WILLIAM DONALD Duke University, A.B., 1963; Delm Epsilon Phi; 2204 Cambridge Avenue, Lakeland, Florida. CRUMPLER, JOHN ROBERT, JR. Randolph-Macon College, B.A. , 1963; Phi Delta Theta; 417 L Shores Drive, Virginia Beach, Virginia; Phi Alpha Delta. DAVIS, NORWOOD HOWE, JR. Hampden-Sydney College, B.S. , 1963; Pi Kappa Alpha; 2508 Third Avenue, Richmond, Virginia; Virginia 1.5911 Research Group; Moot Court; Phi Alpha Delta. DEDDISH, MICHAEL RAYMOND, JR. Denison Univexsity, B.A., 1963; American Commons Club; 301 Monterey Avenue, Pelham, New York; John Basset Moore Society; Moot Court. DENSLOW, BRUCE EDWARD University of Virginia, B.A. , 1963; 531 Washington Building, Wash- ington, D. C. DEVOE, GERARD ELY Yale University; B.A., 1962; 537 Monterey Avenue, Pelham Manor, New York; John Basset Moore Society, Moot Court. DORAN, THOMAS JmEPI-I Villanova Un i ve rsity, B. S. , 1961; 210 Pembroke Avenue, Wayne, Pennsylvania; Moot Court. DRAKE, SUSIE STUART Hollins College, B.A. , 1960; Franklin Street, Wytheville, Virginia. DUGAN, THOMAS PATRICK University of Virginia, B.A., 1963; 2604 Edinburgh Drive, N.W., Roanoke, Virginia; Moot Court; Criminal Law Research Organi- ution. DUNN, STUART HAMILTON Duke University, A.B. , 1963; 7903 Hermitage Road, Richmond, Virginia; Moot Court. EATON, JOHN McCURDY Harvard University, A.B., 1963; 791 Park Avenue, New York, New York. ECKHARDT, WILLIAM GEORGE University of Mississippi, B.A. , 1959; Sigma Chi; Box 486, State College, Miss iss i ppi; Omicron D e 1: 3. Kappa; Moot Court; Virginia Legal Re s e arch Group; John Basset Moore Society. H-I'LERS, JAMES GAUSS Valparaiso University, B.A. , 1963; Phi Delta Theta; 3180 West 165th Street, Cleveland, Ohio; Moot Court; Phi Alpha Delta. ELLING'ION, CHARLES RONALD Emory University, A.B. , 1963; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; 610 Avalon Road, 'Ihomaston, Georgia; Moot Court; Liv Review Editorial Board; Student Instructor, Legal Method. ESKRIDGE, BILL WAYNE Medical College of Virginia, B.S. , 1962; Kappa Psi, 124 Park Street, Abingdon, Virginia. EVERBACH, OTTO GEORGE United States Military Academy, B.S. , 1960; 1241 Beechwood, Avenue, New Albany, Indiana. EWERS, LATHAN MONROE, JR. University of Virginia, B.A1 , 1963; 552 Leesville Road, Lynch- burg, Virginia; Jefferson Literary Society, President; Board of Directom, Tuesday Evening Concert Series; Board of Directors, Universig 2f Viginia Magazine; Moot Court. FARMER, GYY OTTO West Virginia University, B.A. , 1963; Phi Sigma Kappa; Box 42, Hamlin, West Virginia; Moot Court; Student Legal Forum; Virginia Legal Research Group; Phi Alpha Delta. GIBSON, JONATHAN SOVEREIGN Duke University, B.A., 1963; Pi Kappa Alpha; 12 River Road, Newport News, Virginia; John Basset Moore Society; Moot Court; Delta Theta Phi. GLASSER, IZAAK DAVID University of Virginia, B.A. , 1963;2eta Beta Tau; 1015 Langley Road, Norfolk, Virginia; Moot Court; Pi Delta Epsilon. GOLDBERG, ALAN HOWARD University of Ge orgia, B.B.A. , 1963; Tau Epsilon Phi; 4655 Oakview Drive, Savannah, Georgia; Moot Couxt; Viggifxia Legal Research Group; John Basset Moore Society; American Society of Intemau'onal Law. FENTRESS, ARTHUR LEE, JR. Tulane University, B.A. , 1963; Sigma Alpha. Epsilon; 7212 Richards Drive, Baton Rouge, Louisiana; Phi Alpha Delta. FISHER, JOSEPH ALOYSIUS, 111 Columbia University, A.B., 1963; Alpha Delta Phi; 4343 Lee High- way, Arlington, Virginia. FORDYCE, EDWARD WINFIELD Harvard University, A.B. , 1963; Iroquois Club; Hasty Pudding Club; 6 Chilton Lane, St. Louis41, Missouri; Moot Court; Virginia Legal Research Group. FREY, ALAN MICHAEL Masachusetts, Institute of Technology, B.S. , 1963; Tau Epsilon Phi; 7 Hampton Road, Masepequa, New York; Moot Court. FRIERSON, MEAD, III University of Alabama, B.A. , 1963; Route 2, Box 31, Cottondale, Alabama; Law Review, Editorial Board; Phi Delta. Phi. FROST, LOUIS BENTLEY Princeton Univemity, A.B. , 1963; Cannon Club; Kirchenet Avenue, Hyde Park, New York; Moot Court; Phi Alpha Delta. GARRISON, SAMUEL ALEXANDER, 111 University of Virginia, B.S. , 1963; Delta Upsilon; 14-5 New Copeley Hill, Charlottesville, Virginia; Phi Delta Phi. GEORGE, BOYD LEE University of Notre Dame, B.B.A., 1963; 16 Ninth Avenue, N. E., Hickory, North Camlina. GIACOFCI, WILLIAM JOHN Boston College, A.B., 1960; 10812 Lorain Avenue, Silver Spring, Maryland; Phi Delta. Phi, Historian. GREINER, KEITH ALLEN l ansas State T e achers College, B.A. , 1962; 545 Em ery Street, I ulvane, Kansas; Moot Court, Deputy Clerk; Phi Alpha Delta. GROVE, JESSE BARRETT, 111 Washington and Lee University, B.A. , 1963; Pi Kappa Alpha; Route 2, Box 230, Vienna, Virginia; Moot Court. GUEDRY, JAMES WALTER eorgetown University, A.B. , 1962; 310 Everett Street, Morgan City, uisiana; Lav Review, Editorial Board; Phi Delta Phi. HAASE, WILLIAM STRYKER Williams College, B.A. , 1963; Beta Theta Pi; 1447 Western Avenue, Albany, New York. HADDOCK, DONALD MAY Princeton Univelsity, A.B. , 1963; Quadrangle Club; 814 Vassar Road, Alexandria, Virginia; Phi Alpha Delta. HAINES , JOHN LYMAN The Citadel, A.B. , 1963; 2437 Winward Shore Drive, Virginia Beach, Virginia; m Review, Business Board. HAI'I'H, GILBERT WARNER Oregon Sate University, 13.8., 1962; Phi Sigma Kappa; 1918-C wanson Drive, Charlottesville, Virginia; Delta Theta Phi. HALABY, THEODORE SAMUEL 0 arvard Univemity, A.B. , 1962; 2067 Clover Street, Rochester, New ork; Advocate Key Society; Moot Court; Phi Alpha Delta. HAMMI'I'I', CRAIG, JR. niversity of Virginia, B.A., 1962; Kappa. Alpha Order; 140 Forest venue, Rye, New York; Moot Court. GOULDMAN, WILLIAM CLYDE Duke University, A.B., 1963; Phi Kappa. Epsilon; 317 Meadow Lane, Franklin, Virginia; Advocate Key So'ciety; Moot Court; Phi Alpha Delta. GRAHAM, JOHN MEREDITH Washington and Lee University, B. S. , 1963; Pi Kappa Alpha; 711 River Avenue, Rome, Georgia. GRAZIANO, ANTHONY WALTER, IR. College of the Holy Cross, A.B. , 1963; Bcchange Point, West- Hampton Beach, New York; LLW Review, Editorial Board; Stu- dent Assistant, Mr. Gaughan; Delta Theta Phi. HAND, JACK GUY, IR. Davidson College, A. B. , 1963; Pi Kappa Alpha; 3427 Oak Street, Jacksonville, Florida; Law Review, Business Board; Phi Alpha Delta. HANKINS, JOHN HENRY Mamhall University, B.A. , 1963; Pi Kappa Alpha; 6205 Rosalind Road, Huntington, West Virginia. HANSEN, STEPHEN CHRISTIAN Princeton University, A.B. , 1962; 830 Park Avenue, New York, New York. HEISKELL, EDGAR FRANK, In West Vilginia University, A. B. , 1963; 66 Sherman Avenue, Morgantown, West Virg inia; Dormitory Counselor; Phi Alpha. Delta. HIGGINS, THOMAS M. , III Princeton University, A.B. , 1963; 814 West 59th Street, Kansas City, Missouri; Moot Com; Phi Alpha Delta. HIXON, SAMUEL WALTER, III University of Virg inia, B.A. , 1963; Phi Kappa Sigma; 4025 Chesapeake Avenue, Hampton, Virginia; Eli Banana; Moot Court; Student Legal Forum; Virginia Legal Research Group; Phi Alpha Delta. HOLLISTER, JOHN CAMERON Washington and Lee University,A.B. , 1958; Sigma Chi; 225 Lee Street, Lewisburg, West Virginia; Omicron Delta Kappa; Moot Court; Phi Alpha Delta. HOLT, WYTHE WHI'I'I'ING, JR. Amherst College, B.A. , 1963; Phi Delta Sigma; 4204 Chesa- peake Avenue, Hampton, Virginia; Student Assistant, Professor Bergin. HOOKER, WADE STUART, JR. Harvard University, B.A., 1963; 189 Summit Road, North Abington, Massachusetts; John Basset Moore Society; Vgg' inia Iournal 1f International Lag. 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' izona State University, B.S., 1963; Sigma Nu; 316 EBroadway l ne, Tempe, Arizona; Moot Court; Virginia Law Weekly, Business taff. MOORE, EDWARD RUTLEDGE University of the South, B. A. , 1961; Alpha Tau Omega; 2320 Stadium Road, Charlottesville, Virginia; Moot Court; Virginia Legal Research roup; Student Legal Forum; Phi Alpha Delta. MOORE, STEPHEN EDWARD P-wdoin College, B.A. , 1963; Delta Kappa Epsilon; Hillside Road, ouch Lincoln, Massachusetts; Moot Court. MATTHEWS, JAMES SIMPSON Randolph-Macon College, B.A. , 1963; Lambda Chi Alpha; 113 Linden Avenue, Suffolk, Virginia; Omicron Delta Kappa; Moot Court; Virginia Legal Research Group; Phi Alpha Delta. MATUSZESKI, JOHN University of Delaware, B.Ch. E. , 1959; 913 Old Farm Road, Charlottesville, Virginia; Moot Court; Viminia M Weekl , Editorial Staff. MENTZ, JOHN ROGER Princeton University, B.S.E., 1963; Cloister Inn C1ub;.25 Cliton Avenue, Newark, New Jersey; EV Review, Editorial Board. 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DAVIS Washington and Lee Univ ersity, B. A. , 1960; Phi Kappa Psi; 1930 Lynncove Lane, Virginia Beach, Virginia; Moot Court; Virginia Legal Research Group; Phi Alpha Delta. REGAN, DONALD HARRIS Harvard University, A.B., 1963; 1114 Catawba Street, Kings- port, Tennesseetlgv Review,Fditorial Board;StudentCurricu1um Committee; Student Assistant, Professor Currier; Student In- structor, Legal Method; Phi Alpha Delta. RITSCH, MALCOLM EVANS, IR. University of Virginia, B.S. , 1963; Alpha Tau Omeg a; Hotel Governor Dinwiddie, Portsmouth, Virginia; Raven Society; Moot Court; Virginia Legal Research Group. ROBERSON, BRUCE H. Washington and Lee University, B.S. , 1963; Lambda Chi Alpha; 103 Woodrow Avenue, Wilmington, Delaware; Moot Court; John Basset Moore Society; Delm Theta Phi. ROBERTS, PHILIP ALLEN, JR. Davidson College, A.B. , 1963; Alpha Tau Omega; 322 Baldwin Drive, Staunton, Virginia. 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VAN ORMAN, CHANDLER LEE University of North Carolina, A.B. , 1963; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; 2905 Russel Road, A1 exandria, Virginia; Moot Court; Vice President, First Year Class; Student Advisory Council; Ad- vocate Key Society; Rugby. Club, President; Phi Alpha Delta, Manhall. VIFNER, MICHAEL JAMES University of Pennsylvania, B.A. , 1963;4800 Cary Street Road, Richmond, Virginia; Moot Court; Phi Alpha Delta. VISCO, ANTHONY F. , JR. Drexel Institutewof Technology, B. S. , 1962; Lambda Chi Alpha; 823 Chandler Street, Philadelphia 11, Pennsylvania. VON RAAB, WILLIAM CONRAD Yale University, B.A., 1963; Ridge Drive West, Roslyn, Long Island, New York. VON TILL RANDOLPH WILLIAM, JR. University of V i :9 i nia, B. A. , 1960; Th e ta Delta Chi; 303 Ac ad e my Street, Salem, Virg i ni a; Virginia lav Weekly; Editorial Staff; Virginia Legal Research Group. TOWELL, THOMAS WILLIAM, IR. University of Notre Dame, B.A. , 1963; 14 Semi: Ridge Road, Larch- mont, New York; Moot Court; Liv Review, Editorial Board; Phi Delta Phi. TOWERS, JOHN ROY Princeton Univexsity,A. B. , 1963;1'he Tiger Inn; 732 Wellington Road, Ridgewood, New Jersey; University Coach, Freshman Wrestling and Lacrosse; Phi Alpha Delta. TRAINUM, CHARLES ALFXANDER Virginia Polytechnic Institute, B.S. , 1963; 4430 North 19th Road, Arlington, Virginia. WADE, PETER JOSEPH St. Peter's College,A.B. , 1963; 104 Ganetson Avenue, Bayonne, Ne Jersey. WALKER, WILLIAM ADAMS, II Emory University, B.A., 1963; Alpha Tau Omega; 1210 St. 10 Avenue, Palaka, Florida; Moot Court; Phi Alpha Delta. WARNER, ROBERT EDIE Hamilton College, B.A., 1963; 8 Brown Street, Baldwinsville, Ne York. WELCH, C. LEE, JR. Mississippi State University, B.A. , 1962; Sigma Chi; 3306 Highland Park Place, Memphis, Tennessee; Moot Court; Reading Guide, Phi Alpha Delta. WILLIAMS, FIELDING LEWIS, JR. Yale Univelsity, B.A., 1963; St. Anthony Hall; 6111 Three Chopt Road, Richmond, Virginia; Moot Court; President, Second Year Class; Student Advisory Council; Student Curriculum Committee; Student Legal Forum;Virginja Legal Research Group; Phi Alpha Delta. WILLIAMS, HUGH Princeton University, B.A., 1956; Quadrangle C1uh;Box 1, Gideon, Missouri; Moot Court; Vice Pre side nt, Second Year Class; Student Advisory Council; Student Legal Forum; Reading Guide; Phi Alpha Delta, Rush Chairman. 69 WILLIAMS, RICHARD JESSE Princeton University, A.B. , 1963; Dial Lodge; 5 North Lancaster Avenue, Mugate, New Jersey; Moot Court. WILLIAMS, RODNEY ERNEST Hampden-Sydney, B. A. , 1963; Theta Chi; 2 North Elm Avenue, Highland Springs, Virginia. WINSTON, RONALD NATHAN University of Virginia, B.A., 1963; Zeta Beta Tau; 1875 North Patrick Henry Drive, Arlington, Virginia; Phi Alpha Delta. 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A., 1964; 2010 Stadium Road, Charlottesville, Virginia. BREWER, ROBERT HALL; Washington and Lee University, B. A., 1964; D-8 University Gardens, Charlottesville, Virginia. BROWN, CLARENCE ALVIN; Furman University, B. A., 1962; Tenth Avenue, Port Royal, South Carolina. BROWN, OSCAR J. , IV; Georgetown University, B.S.F.S. , 1964; Sherbrooke Drive, Dover, Massachusetts. BRYDGES, JAMES EDWARD, JR.; Duke University, A.B., 1964; 1679 Spottswood Place, Lynchburg, Virginia. 73 CLAY, ALEXANDER STEPHENS; Yale University, B. A. , 1964; 220 Orchard Street, St. Louis, Missouri. CLINE, JOHN BRIGHAM; Hampden-Sydney College, B.A., 1964; 315 Little Falls Street, Falls Church, Virginia. COHEN, EDWARD SIMON; University of Richmond, B. A. , 1964; 1034 Garden Drive, Newport News, Virginia. COHEN, EDWIN CARLIN; Amherst College, B. A. , 1964; 53 Sage Terrace, Scarsdale, New York. COLBORN, ROBERT jAMES, JR.; Washington College, B. s., M. A. , 1960; 318 Manokin Avenue, Princess Anne, Maryland. 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CONNELLY, WILLIAM MOWRY; Yale University, B.A., Road, Greenwich, Connecticut. 1964; Andrews CORKRAN, MONTGOMERY BLAIR; Princegon University, A.B. , 1964; 6311 Bahama Shores D-ive, St. Petersbuxg, Florida. COTTER, JAMES MICHAEL; Fairfield University, A. B. , 1964; 7 Park Lane, Westport, Connecticut. CROWELL, ALTON INGRAM, JR. ; United States Naval Academy, B. 8., 1957; 130 12th Street, Pulaski, Virginia. CUMMING, WIIJJAM ROOT; Lehigh University, B.A. 1964; 1504 North Johnson Street, Arlington, Virginia. 74 CURRY, FRANCIS HAYDEN; Yale University, B.A., 1963; 3576 Matheson Avenue, Cocoanut Grove, Florida. DAVIDSON, GENE MAXWELL; Randolph-Macon College, A. 13., 1963; 617 Westview Avenue, Bedford, Virginia. DAVIES, JOE SPEED, JR.; Johns-Hopkins University, B. A. , 1964; 4808 Broad Brook Dive, Bethesda 14, Maryland. DAVIS, DONALD WILLIAM; University of Virginia, B. A. , 1964; 5100 Damall Drive, Mclean, Virginia. DAVIS, GEORGE GORDON;Ya1e University, B. M. E. , 1964; 7106 Hillsdale Dive, Richmond, Wrginia. DAVIS, LEEFERGUSON, JR.; Duke University, A.B., 1961, University of Virginia, M.B.A., 1963; 12 South Wilton Road, Richmond, Virginia. DAVIS, PAUL WINSTON; Emory University, A. B. , 1964; 1704 West Sussex Road, N. E., Atlanta, Georgia. DAVIS, ROBERT STEWART; Ham 1 l t o 11 College, A. B. , 1964; 5 1, Re x Avenue, Philadelphia. 18, Pennsylvania. DAWES, MICHAEL FRANCIS; Clemson University, B. S. , 1964; 7 Seminole Dive, Greenville, South Carolina. DECKER, DAVID ROYAL; Lehigh University, B. A., 1964; 1052 Clay Avenue, Pelham Manor, New York. DeMALLIE, GARDNER GRAVES, JR.; Denison University, B.A., 1960; 13 Westland Street, Worcester, Massachusetts. DEVINE, FOY ROBERSON; University of North Carolina, A. B. , 1964; 3224 Rivermont Avenue, Lynchburg, Virginia. DeWILDE, DAVID MICHAEL; Dartmouth College, A. B. , 1962; 2308 Olney Road, Falls Church, Virginia. DEZIO, JOHN ANDREW; University of Virginia, B.A. , 1964; 45 mqueme Avenue, Wheeling, West Virginia. DOYIJE, MICHAEL FRANCIS; Georgetown University, A.B., 1964; 500 Roosevelt Boulevard, Apt. 520, Falls Church, Virginia. DUDLEY, EARL CARLYLE, JR.; Amherst College, A. B. , 1961; 11 Overton Drive, Hampton, Virginia. DUMAS, DAVID WARNER; Brown University, A. B., 1964; Potter Court, Coventry, Rhode Island. DUNKUM, WILLIAM WASHINGTON, III; St. John's College, B.A., 1964; 15 Palm Avenue, Makati Rizal, Philippines. 75 DUNNELLS, GEORGE RICHARD; Dartmouth Colle g e, B. A. , 1959; 1904 Stadium Road, Charlottesville, Virginia. DUTKIN, CHARIES HOWARD; University of Virginia, B.A., 1964; 6702 Julian Street, Springfield, Virginia. DUVALI, RICHARD OSGOOD; University of Illinois, B. A. , 1964; 5611 Jordan Road, Washington 16, D.C. DYE, STUART SELLEY; University of Utah, B. S., 1961; 1201 South Scott Street, Arlington, Virginia. EASTERWOOD, TERRY SCOTT; Fort Lewis College, B.A., 1964; 2513 North Quebec Street, Arlington, Virginia. ELLIOTT, WAYNE NORRIS; Harvard University, B.A., 1949; Route 2, Box 25, Laurel, Delaware, ETHERIDGE, VERNON AIFRED, JR. ; College of William and Mary, B.A. , 1964; 3836 Thalin Dive, Virginia Beach, Virginia. EURE, JOHN DALTON, JR.; Washington and Ice University, B. 8., 1964; 607 North Broad Street, Suffolk, Virginia. FALK, STUART; Tufts University, B.A., 1964; 118 Riverside Drive, New York, New York. FARREI, PAUL 3., JR.; Carnegie Institute of Technology, B.A., 1962; Cornell University, M. R.P. , 1964; 102 Fluvanna Avenue, Jamestown, New York. FEFER, GERALD ALAN; Lehigh University, B.A. , 1964; 5410 Richenbacher Avenue, Alexandria, Virginia. FISHER, FREDERICK SCHILLING, 111; Princeton University, A.B., 1961; Westover, Chmles City, Virginia. FISHER, STEVEN LOWRIE; University of Virginia, B.S. , 1964; 900 Scioto Drive, Franklin Lakes, New Jersey. FITZPATRICK, DAVID STOCKTON; P r1 :1 c e t o n University, A. B. , 1964; 208 Femwood Avenue, Montclair, New Jersey. FOGT, HOWARD WILSON, JR.; Princeton University, A.B., 1964; 145 Aberdeen Avenue, Dayton 19, Ohio. FRANK, JOE SAMUEL; University of Virginia, B.A., 1964; 945 13th Street, Newport News, Virginia. FRANKLIN, HUMES JEFFERSON, JR.; Wittenburg Colle g e, A. B. , 1964; Hickory Hill, Waynesboro, Virginia. FRITTS, GUYANTHONY; University of Virginia, B.A., 1964; 65 Drexelbrook Drive, Apt. 4, Drexelhill, Pennsylvania. FURNER, JAMES WILLIAM; Westminster College, B. A. , 1964; 2114 Zelda. Drive, N.E., Atlanta 29, Georgia. FURR, WARWICKREX, II; The American University, BA, 1964; Arlington, Virginia. GILLESPIE, DAVID;Ya1e University, B.A., 1964; 1220 Park Avenue, New York 28, New York. GILLESPIE, JAMES GRATTON WITTEN; Virginia Military Institute, B.A., 1960; 930 Share Dive, Newport News, Virginia. GLADDEN, JOSEPH RHEA, JR.; Emory University, A.B. , 1964; West Point, Georgia. CLOVER, JOHN HTTLETON, JR. ; Vanderbilt University, B.A., 1964; 129 Woodbine, Newnan, Georgia. GRANNIS, ALEXANDER BANKS; Rutg ens University, A. B. , 1964; 2326 Clinton Place, Rockford, Illinois. GREEN, HOLCOMBE TUCKER, JR.; Yale University, A.B., 1961; 34 Tenth Street, Atlanta, Georgia. HALEY, JAMES WILLIAM, JR. ;Washington and lee University, B. A. , 1964; 4365 North 26th Street, Arlington 7, Virginia. HALPERIN, ALLEN KLAFF; University of Virginia, 3.5., 1964; 204 Woodland Drive, Danville, Virginia. HAMASAKI, JAMES STANLEY; Cornell University, B.A., 1964; 3533 South Utah Street, Arlington, Virginia. HARDING, ROBERT BROOKS; DePauw University, B. A. , 1964;581efferson Street, Valparaiso, Indiana. HARRELL, EVANS EMMETT; University of the South, B.A., 1963; 1620 Seminole Road, Jacksonville, Florida. HAWKINS, STUART FREAK, II; University of Virginia, B.S., 1964; 127 Pocahontas Place, Hampton, Virginia. HELMS, DENNIS JOHNSON; Williams College, AB. , 1964; 3901 Fessenden Street, N.W., Washington, D.C. HILL, WILLIAM ALBERT; Virginia Military Institute, B.A., 1961; 3310 Circle Hill Road, Alexandria, Virginia. HODGES, STEPHEN McQUISTON; Duke Univ er s i ty, A. B. , 1964; 1838 Grandin Road, 5. W. , Roanoke, Virginia. HOLDITCH, CHARLESJOHN;Willi1ms College, B.A. , 1964; 1229 Richmond Lane, Wilmette, Illinois. HOLLINGSWORTH, CYRIL EUGENE, JR. ; S o ut hw e s t e tn University at Memphis, B. A. , 1964; 1709 West 24th Street, Little Rock, Arkansas. HOLMES, HUGH ALEXANDER; University of Virgini a, B. S. , 1964; 206 First Avenue, Farmville, Virginia. HOWELL WILLIAM JAMES; University of R i c hmo nd, B. S. , 1964, 3815 Ingalls Avenue, Alexandria, Virginia. HUBBARD, WILLIAM NORRIS;Wi11iams College, B.A., 1963; 16 Raiders Lane, Darien, Connecticut. HUEY, ROBERT HAYNES; Hobatt College, B.A., 1964; 40 Skookwams Court, West 151113, New York. HUTCHERSON, JOHN REESE; Yale University, B. A., 1961; Box 432, University, Mississippi. HUTCHINS, COLEMAN SELLERS; Yale University, B.A., 1960; 250 Birch Street, Winnetka, Illinois. IVEY, ROBERT LUTHER; Davidson Colleg e, B. A. , 1964; P. O. Box 94, Americus, Georgia. JENKINS, ARMISTEAD DOBIE; University of Alabama, A.B., 1961; 2501 Benvenue Avenue, Berkely 4, California. JOHNSON, SAMUEL PETTAWAY, III; Randolph-Macon C 01 1 e g e, B. A. , 1964; 1730 South Sycamore Street, Petersburg, Virginia. JOHNSTON, FRANCIS CLAIBORNE, JR.; Princeton University, A.B., 1964; 916 Pine Road Road, Richmond, Virginia. JONES, KENDOR PENTECOST; University of Vir gini a, B. A. , 1964; A-9 University Gandens, Charlottesville, Virginia. JORDAN, JON LYLE; West Virginia University, A.B., 1958, M.D., 1963; 1604 Cambridge Circle, Chulcttesville, Virginia. KEEFF, KENNETH MAURICE, JR.; University of Virginia, RA, 1964; 5561 Salerno Road, Jacksonville, Florida. KEINER, ROBERT BRUCE, JR.; Dickinson College, B.A., 1964; 3805 Iverness Ch. , Chevy Chase, Maryland. KEPLEY, KEITH GREGORY; Georgetown University, A.B., 1964; 8166 Whitburn Drive, St. Louis, Missouri. KING, WILLIAM HAVEN, JR.; Dartmouth College, AB" 1963; 6126 St. Andrews Lane, Richmond, Virginia. KISS, STEPHEN HOWARD; Amherst College, B.A., 1964; 18 Rockbridge Road, Larchmont, New York. KNIGHT, WILLIAM DONAIJD, JR. 3Mississippi State Universiry,B.A., 1961; Emory University, M. A., 1963; 1021 12th Street N., Columbus, Miss- issippi. KNIGHT, WILLIAM THOMAS, JR.; Brown University, AB., 1959; 920 Woodland Avenue, Q-adell, New Jersey. KORN'BLUTH, IRA RICHARD; University of Wise onsin, B. S. , 1962; 25 Knolls Crescent, New York 63, New York. LAKE FREDERICK DAVID, JR.; Amherst College, B. A., 1964; 1521 Virginia Avenue, Charlottesville, Virginia. LANG, JEFFREY MARTIN; Bowdoin College, A.B., 1964; 2718 North Pollard Street, Arkington, Virginia. 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A. , 1964; 415 N.W. 23rd St. Gainesville, Florida. McGRATTY, ARTHUR LEE; Holy Cross College, AIL, 1962; 250 Cedar Avenue, Islip, New York. McMULLAN, CHARLES GRICE, JR.; University of Virginia, B.A., 1961; 1637 Monument Avenue, Richmond, Virginia. McNAMARA, STEPHEN HULL; University of Virginia, B. A. , 1964; 304 No. Pennsylvania Avenue, Falls Church, Virginia. MACH, WILLIAM CHAPMAN; University of Virginia, 127 Mankin Walk, Falls Church, Virginia. MACHT, WILLIAM PAUL; University of Virginia, A.B., 1963; 127 Mankin Walk Falls Church, Virginia. MacLEAN, BURTON ALLAN, JR.; Yale Univemity, B.A., 1964; Iolani School, Honolulu, Hawaii. MAJOR, WILLIAM AIEXANDER, JR.; University of Alabama, AB" 1964; 2459 Hawthorn Dive, Montgomery, Alabama. MARTIN, HOWARD WOODROW, IR.; Washington 8 Dee University, B. S., 1964; 507 Cedar Lane, Virginia Beach, Virginia. MARTIN, MARION FWING, 111; Georgia Tech, B.A. E, 1964; Box 1124, Saint Simons Island, Georgia. MASON, RANDOLPH DUMNY; University of Virginia, B. A., 1964; Lauck Farm, Middleburg, Virginia. MATTHEWS, DAVID TURNER; Stetson University, A.B., 1964; 1535 West lst Avenue, Bradenton, Florida. MAY, WILLIAM HATHAWAY; Virginia Polytechnic Institute, 3.5., 1964; 728 South Lee, Alexandria, Virginia. MEYER, JAMES HARVEY; Denison University, B. A. , 1964; 21 Hicks Lane, Port Washington, New York. MINOR, JOHN WEBB, JR.; University of Virginia, B.A., 1963; P.O. Box 1332, Charlottesville, Virginia. MOORE, DOUGLAS WAYNE; University of Virginia, B. S., 1964; 7 Breezy Point Rd., Poqvoson, Virginia. MORTIMER, STANIEY GRAFTON, III; I-iarvard University, A.B., 1964; Kiluna Farm, Manhasset, New York. MOTZ, JOHN F REDERICK; Conneticutt Wesleyan, B. A. , 1964; 508 Hampton Lane, Baltimore 4, Maryland. MUMFORD, LEE WARREN; Fr e d e r i c k College, B. S. , 1964; 407 Huntly Place, Alexandria, Virginia. MURPHY, JOHN MICHAEL; Harvard University, A. B. , 1963; 183 West Main Street, Newark, New Jersey. NASTRO, CHARLES PAUL; Fordham University, A.B. , 1964; 7224 4th Avenue, Brooklyn, New York. NEELY, RICHARD FORLANI: Dartmouth University, A.B., 1964; Rug by Hall, Arnold, Maryland. NESBITT, JOHN 1.; Bucknell Uni. versity,Tennis Ave. M. R. 2, Ambler, Pennsylvania. NEWTON, BLAKE TYLOR, III;Wi11iam G Mary College, A.B. , 1964; Rock- wood Lane, Greenwich, Conneticutt. OAKLEY, ERIC MILTON; Harvald University, A.B., 1964; 1950 Memory Lane, York, Pennsylvania. OHLWEILLER, JOHN WILLIAM; C ornell University, B. S., 1964; 10 Park Avenue, Mendham, New Jersey. OLIVER, ROBERT CROMWELL; Randolph-Macon Colle g e, K A. , 1964; Machipongo, Virginia. OTTERSTEN, STEPHEN RUSSEL; Saint John's University, B.A., 1964; 11 Sheridan St. , Valley Stream, New York. PAIGE, MICHAEL; Harvard University, B.A., 1963; Delaplane, Virginia. PARKS, WALTER, JR.; Brown University, A.B., 1964; 49 Pell Terrace, Garden City, New York. PATTEN, DONAID NEAL; University of Richmond, B. A., 1964; 938 Shore Drive, Newport News, Virginia. PAULL, PETER LEONARD, JR.; Colgate Univexsity, B.A., 1964; Kettle Creek Rd., Weston, Conneticutt. PERKINS, FRANCIS EATON; Harvard University, B. A. , 1964; 5 Glendale Rd., Concord, New Hampshire. PINCKNEY, CHARIJES COTESWORTH; Yale University, B.A., 1961; 3805 Sulgrave Rd., Richmond, Virginia. PORTMAN, BARNARD MARTIN; University of Florida, A. B. , 1964; 63 Bluff Drive, Savannah, Georgia. POWERS, GRETTA JEAN; Mount Holyoke College, A.B., 1963; R.D. 2 Averill Park, New York. PURYEAR, EDGAR FRANCIS, JR.; Princeton University, B. 5., 1952; Box 26, Madison, Virginia. PYLF, HOWARD, III; Princeton University, A.B., 1962; 300 Virginia Avenue, Richmond, Virginia. RAFFETO, EDWARD CHARLES, JR.; Georgetown University, AK, 1964; 6153 12th St. N., Arlington Co., Virginia. READ, DANIEL KNOWLTON, JR.; Massachusetts Institute of Technology, A.B., 1957; 1617 Mason L-me, Charlottesville, Virginia. REAGAN, JOHN BARTLETT; Fordham University, A. B. , 1964; 1202 Haycock Rd. , Falls Church, Virginia. REFO, MILES PERMENTER, N; University of Vlrginia, A.B., 1964; 1344 Bolling Avenue, Norfolk, Virginia. RHINE, MICHAEL ANSON; University of Cincinnati, A. 8., 1964; 3102 13th Rd. 80., Arlington, Virginia. ROBERTSON, FRANKLIN DELANO; Virginia Polytechnic Institute, B. 5., 1956; Box 786, Grundy, Virginia. ROBINSON, ALFRED F., JR. ; Hampden- Sydney College, A. B. , 1964; 1421 Park Avenue, Richmond 20, Virginia. ROBINSON, IRA LAWRENCE; Virginia Union University, A.B., 1959; 620 Ridge Street Charlottesville, Virginia. ROEDER, WILLIAM FRANKLIN, JR.; University of South, B.A., 1964; 6914 Greenttee Drive, Falls Church, Virginia. ROSE, THOMAS HUNT, JR.; Randolph-Macon College, B. A. , 1964; Stony Creek, Virginia. ROWE, JAMES FRANKLIN; University of Virginia, B.A., 1964; 231 14th Street, Charlottesville, Virginia. ROYALTY, JAMES PRICE; Vanderbilt Unive rsiCy, B. A. , 1964; 566 Lexington Street, Harrodsburg, Kentucky. RUTHERFURD, WINTHROP, JR.; Princeton University, A.B., 1964; 1220 Park Avenue, New York 28, New York. RYAN, MARTIN KEVIN; Dartmouth University, B.A., 1964, 154 N o rth Pleasant Avenue, Ridgewood, New Jersey. SACKE'IT, HENRY MOSELEY, III; Washington 5 Lee University, A.B. , 1964; 963 Rothowood Rd. , Lynchburg, Virginia. SAGER, STEVEN TOBIAS; Medical College of Virginia, B. 5. Pharmacy, 1964; 3001 Douglasdale Rd., Richmond, Virginia. SALTER, WILLIAM DEAN; University ofKansas, B.A. , 1963; 1222 Parkwood, Garden City, Kansas. SAMUELS, STANLEY LEWIS; Virg i ni a Polytechnic Institute, B. S. C. E. , 1961; 914 Gates Avenue, Norfolk, Virginia. SAUNDERS, STUART TI-IOMAS,JR.;U11iversity of North Carolina, A.B. , 1964; Ardmore, Pennsylvania. SCHMUTZER, ALFRED CHARLES, JR. ; University of S outh, B.A. , 1964; 220 Prinee Street, Sevierville, Tennessee. SCOTT, JAMES RANDOLPH; Hampden- Sydney College, A.B., 1964; 502 Oak Lane, Norton, Virginia. SEY'FARTH, THEODORE HAROID; Michigan State University, B. A. , 1964; Route 3 Box 16, Mason, Michigan. SOLLER, CARL ROBERT; Rutgers U n i V e r s i ty, A. B. , 1964; 67 Hudson Avenue, Maplewood, New Jersey. SULUVAN, MARK, III; Yale Unive rs i ty, A. B. , Pkwy, Washington, D. C. 1964 ; 4929 Rockwood TALLAFERRO, GEORGE WALTON, JR. ; Princeton Univexsity, A.B. , 1964; Forest Hills, Harrisonburg, Virginia. TATUM, MERLIN MITCHELL PATRICK; Southern State College, B. 8. IL , 1961; 505 Valley Rd. Extended, Charlottesville, Virginia. TAYLOR, WILLIAM JOHN, III; Cornell University, B.A. , 1964; 511 kighton Rd. , Wilmington 9, Delaware. THOMAS, GEORGE SLOAN; University of North Carolin a, B. S. , 1964; 105 112 Minor Rd. , Charlottesville, Virginia. SIMMONS, JAMES ELBERT; john Hopkins University, B.A., 1964; 416 Cedar Lane, Virginia Beach, Virginia. SIMPSON, NATHAN PHILEMON BRYAN; Washington GLee University, B.A. , 1961; 2916 Hawthorne Rd. , Tampa, Florida. SKAGGS, DAVID EVANS; Conneticutt Wesleyan, B. A., 1964; 21 Doering Way, Cranford, New Jersey. SMALL, STEPHEN CHARLES; Georgia Tech, B. 5.1. M. , 1964; 6035 Robin Hill Rd., Nashville, Tennessee. SMITH, NORMAN BURTON; University of Pennsylvania, B. S. , 1964; 5809 N. 15th Street, Arlington, Virginia. SMITH, WILLIAM WARREN, JR.; Princeton University, A.B., 1964; 627 Kingston Rd., Princeton, New Jersey. THOMPSON, JOHN B.; Uni versity of Virginia, B. M. 13., Imaine Avenue, Richmond, Virginia. 1961; 1420 THOMPSON, WILLIAM CARRINGTON; Virginia Military Institute, B.A., 1964; Box 610, Chatham, Virginia. TOMS, PETER C.; Univelsity of Virginia; 4712 Charmain Rd. , Richmond, Virginia. TOWER, GUY KING; University of Virginia, B.A., 1964; 817 Saint Chrigopher's Rd., Richmond, Virginia. TOWNSENDJOHN ABNEY; University of South Carolina, A.B. , 1964; 211 Taggart Avenue, Greenwood, South Carolina. TRAPNELI, SALLY BERKFJEY; Smith College A.B.1964; Deer Chase Farm, Sabot, Virginia. 84 TURNER, MASON EDUARD; Hamilton College, A.B., 1964; 1504 Trevalley Rd., Wilmington, Delaware. VAUGHAN, DAVID ARMENTROUT; Pr i no e t on Univelsity, B. A. , 1964; 2621 North landing Rd., Virginia Beach, Virginia. VERKUYL, PAUL ROBERT; William 8 Mary, A. 8., 1961; A-3 University Gardens, Charlottesville, Virginia. VILIMOORE, EDWIN SHERMAN, III; Harvard University, B.A., 1963; 4208 49th St. , Washington, D. C. WALLACE, GEORGE JOHN; Yale University, B.A. , 1964; 158 Main Street, Farmington, Conneu'cutt. WARREN, GEORGE WILLIAM, IV; Virginia Military Institute, B.A. , 1964; 113-85th Street, Virginia Beach, Virginia. WARTHEN, HARRY JUSTICE, III; Univelsity of Vi :9 i ni a, B. A. , 1961; 2304 Monument Avenue, Richmond, Virginia. WEAVER, MEREDITH AHRED, JR.; Washington 8 lee Univensity, A.B., 1964; 3208 Seminary Avenue, Richmond, Virginia. WEIR, DAVID REID, JR.; Harvard Univelsity, AB. , 1963; Route 3, Shaker Boulevard, Chagrin Falls, Ohio. WESCOAT, JOHN WILKINS; Washington 8 Lee University, A. B. , 1964; Eastville, Vuginia. WHITE, EDWARDJAMES; Vanderbilt University, B.A., 1960; 3100 Overlook Dive, Nashville, Tennessee. WHITESTONE, ROBERT COOPER; University of Vuginia, B.S., 1964; 12 Sunset Drive, No. 4-B, Alexandria, Virginia. WHITNEY, WILLIAM DUNCAN; Denison University, B. A. , 1964; Sanbury, Ohio. WILKINS, JOHN MARSHALL, II; Wofford College, A.B., 1964; 6633 Wilkins Drive, Falls Church, Virginia. WILLIAMS, JUSTIN WEISNER; Columbia University, B.A., 1963, 44 Hall Place, Yonkexs, New York. WILLIAMS, PETER WI-HTRIDGE; University of Virginia, B. A. , 1959; 1708 Inglewood Drive, Charlottesville, Virginia. WILLIAMS, STEPHEN GARNER; Southem Methodist University,B. S. , 1964; 254 Cape Cod, Corpus Christi, Texas. WILLIAMS, THOMAS CLENDENING; Washington 8 Lee University, A.B., 1960; FRD 2, Romney, West Vixginia. 85 WILLIAMSON, JAMES MICHAEL; Yale University, B.A., 1964; 224 Shamrock Rd., Charlottesville, Virginia. WINN, PAUL J.; St. John's University; 6 Sicardi Place, Carle Place, New York. WINTER, WALLACECHARLES, 111; Yale Univers-ity, B.A., 1964; 959 Maplewood Rd. , Lake Forest, Illinois. WOOD, THOMAS HUTTON; Hampden-Sydney College, B.A., 1964; 815 Palace Boulevard, Clifton Forge, Virginia. - WOOLSEY, ROBERT JOHN; Saint Petelj's College, A. B. , 1964; 20 Graham Street, Jamey City, New Jersey. WMGHT, BROADUS BRYAN, JR.; University of North Carolina, AB., 1964; 4201 River Rd. N. W. , Washington, D. C. WRIGHT, MICHAEL BRUCE; Wisconsin University, B.A., 1964; 212 West Cameron Rd., Falls Church, Virginia. YERGER, NORVAL RICE; Uni versity of the S outh, B. A. , 1964; 418 McAllister St. , Greenville, Mississippi. YORK, JOHN BARRY; Lafay an e College, A. B. , 1964; 1407 Sunnyhill Lane, Havertown, Pennsylvani a. YOUNG, HENRY LEWIS, JR.; Emory University, A.B., 1964; 236 East Lake Drive, Atlanta, Geoygia. YOUNG, RICHARD WILSON; University of Virginia, B. s. , 1964; R. F.D. , Bloxom, Vuginia. ZEIGIJER, WILLIAM RUSSEIL; Amherst College, AL, 1964; S DeForest Rd., Wilton, Conneticurt. Mid-Winters at the Raven Room ttihitieg $tudmt gdnignrg anuntil First row: Walters, Reynolds, Player, J. Kelly, Kitay, A. Kelly, Faught. Second row: F. Williams, Bauer, Goldman, Piassick, Fleming, Wood. Third row: Barnett, The Student Advisory C ounc i1 is composed of the president, chairman or editor of every Law School organ- ization and the ch a irm an and vice chairman of each class. The officers of the third-year c1 ass serve as the executive heads of the Council. Because of this broad based membership, the Council is able to serve asa sounding board for matters of interest to the student body. It also acts as a liaison between students and faculty. The Council operate s as the governing body for student affairs and is responsible for student elections. The S. A. C. also sponsors the series of Law School dances, in conjunction with the Law Wives Club and is the nucleons of the Law Student's association, the student branch of the American Bar Association. Edward J. Kelly, Jr. . . . . . . ...... President, Law School William Gray Reynolds . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Vice-President Joseph W. Barnett ........................ Secretary MichaelG. Kitay......................... Treasurer James D. Rash.................. Clerk ofMoot Comt John B. Gantt . . . Criminal Law Research Org. , President James M. Shoemaker, Jr. . . . . . . . . . . . ..... Curriculum Committee, Chairman 90 Uhlmann, H. Williams, Shoemaker, Sanders, Rachels, Abernathy. William E. Rachels, Jr. . . . . . . . . Delta Theta Phi, Dean Irving L. Faught.....................Fditor, Barrister Frank A. Kelly . . . . Editor, Journal of International Law JohnL. Warden..................Editor, Law Review Lewis H. Goldman. . . ............ Editor, Law Weekly Michael M. Uhlmann . . . . . . . . . . Editor, Reading Guide RobertC. Wood................. Intramural Manager John C. Walters . . ...... . . . . . . . . . . Intramural Manager Joseph Z. Fleming. . John Bassett Moore Society, President Talfourd H. Kemper....... William E. Rachels, Jr. .. . . . . . Judiciary Committee Representative JudySimmons........................... Law Wives Joel B. Piasick . . . . . . Virginia Legal Research Group, President Michael E. Callaway . . . .Library Committee, Chairman I-IarryK. Sanders ................. Master oftheRolls Ronald L. Bauer . . . . . . . . . . . . . Phi Delta Phi, Magister Joseph W. Barnett . . . . . . . . . . . Phi Alpha Delta, Justice Fielding Williams . . . . . . . Second year class, Chairman Hugh Williams . . . . . Second year class, Vice-Chairman Thomas A. P1ayer,Jr. . . . . Student Council Representative Robert C. Wood . . . . . . . .Student Council Representative Hugh L. Patterson ...... Student Legal Forum, President Judiciary Committee Representative 351mm itg $tudmt QInuntil Hastily begun in 1929 to oppose the state legislature's plan to erect a college for women at Charlottesville, the Student Council has since sewed as the quasi-legislative body in the University's student government. It has the power to act in the name of the entire student body in making, issuing and e nforcing regulations governing all organizations and activities exclusive of the Honor committee and the Judici- ary committee. It also acts as an advisoryboard to the Presi- dent of the University. Eighteen students, including two from the Law School, proportionally representing the nine schools, compose the body. Members sit on various committees of the body, where the bulk of the work is accomplished. Robert Cornelius Wood - Thomas A. Player, Jr. Euditiarg anmmittee The Judiciary Committee investigates and tries all student incidents involving a violation of Uni- versity disciplinary regulations occurring on or off the Grounds. Members are elected in the Spring and Fall from all the School 5 of the University. Each member serves for a full year; the first semester as an investigator, and the second as one of the seven judges. This highest student tribunal draws heavily on the experience and m aturity of its law School members. Talfom'd H. Kemper - William E. Rachels, Jr. 92 A. Kelly, F. Williams, Callaway, Hunt, Collins, Pearsall. $iudmi Wihrarg anmmittee The Student Library Committee is an adjunct of the tudent Advisory Council, specifically created in 1958 -y that body to help de velop the potential of the Law chool Library. Within this framework, the real purpose of the Committee is two-fold; to entertain suggestions oncerning the operation of the Library - voicing the eeds of the studentbody - while at the same time aiding e Library administration in achieving its basic goals. e Committee is composed of thre e members of the ird Year Class and two members of the Second Year slass. $hwlmt Qlurrimlum anmmittee Basically, th e Student Curriculum C o m m i tt e e fmnishes the faculty with student opinion of class and examination 5 ch e dul e s, the selection and content of courses, and other matters concerning the curriculum. When the tenative schedul e for the next semester is announced,the Committee studies the schedule for con- flicts and discrepencies and student polls are taken to consider complaints and suggestions as to the curriculum. The Committee passes this information to the Faculty Curriculum Committee for such action as they deem ad- visable. The Committee, consisting of eight students, selects members from those second and third year students who have indicated an interest in its work. F. Williams, J. Kelly, Shoemaker, Warden, Fentress. imp garrister, 31m. First row: Frank J. Pagliaro, Jr. , Dexter E. Martin, Irving Lee Faught, David L. Smith, Georgerj. Cannon. Second row: Bernard J. Long, Jr., David W. Staton, Thomas A. Player, In, Edward M. Holland, James V. Dunbar. The Barrister is de vot ed to an exposition of every phase of Law School activity. It devotes sections to the faculty, classes, organizations and a c t i v i ti e 5, legal fraternities, and intramural athletics. The emphasis is equallydivided betweenthe formal and candid. Through this medium an attempt is made to preserve current life in the Law School for the future. The Barrister was originally begun as a private pro- ject of the now defunct Sigma Nu Phi Legal Fraternity as a result of a suggestion by Dean Ribble. The second issue of the book was published by a staff composed of volun- teers. Presently the Barri ster operates as a non-stock 94 corporation and its membership is open to any student desiring to work on it. This is the tenth year of publi- cation. . The Barrister derive s revenue from three sources: subscriptions from students; contributions from Law School organizations and fratemities: and outside advertising. Of these, the student subscriptions by far make up the greatest part of the Barrister's income. The Barrister is devoted to each and every student and without the sup- port of the studentbody, publication would be impossible. We also wish to express our appreciation to our faculty advisor, Professor A. J. G. Priest. Irving L. Faught. .. .. .. .. .... . . . . .. . Editor-in-Chief MANAGING BOARD Edward M. Holland . . . . . . . . . . . . . Advertising Manager George J- Cannon . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Business Manager Dexter Edward Martin . . ., . . . Assistant Business Manager Edgar Eugene Williams . . . . . . . . . . Circulation Manager EDT. I'ORIAL BOARD Bernard J. Long, Jr. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Activities Editor David L. Smith...................... Classes Editor James V. Dunba', Jr. Faculty Editor David W. Statrn.... . . . . . .. Photography Editor Thomas A: P'.ayer, Jr...............,....;. Art Editor Frank J- P3'11i31'0,11'. . . . . . . . . . . .. . . . Layout Editor ' BOARD OF DIRECTORS David L Smith James V. Dunbar, Jr. Edward M. Holland Irving L. Faught 95 First row: Pearsall, Clemens, Hellman, Allen, Warden, Crowley, Kemper, Lawson. Second row: Kirby, Regan, Campfield,Carpenter, Sikora, Graziano, Patrick, Miller, Ritter. Third row: Beams, Kehl, Morris, Long, Holt, Warner, Porter, Smith, Kahn, Hawk. Fourth row: In the 1964-65 academic year, the Virginia Lgv 32- View 0 o m pi e te d its fiftieth anniversary volume and entered upon its second half-century of legal scholar- ship. The anniversary volume, known in come circles as the "golden egg, " featured four series of articles - on labor law, antitrust law, international law, and the administrative regulation of the transportation industry. Designed to provide a bro adly based analys's of legal problems of current interest, the series included articles by business and labor leaders, economists and public officials as well as practicing attorneys and professors. Almost half of the 1600 pages that the Review pub- lished annually are written by students on the Editorial Board. In addition to the customary "notes" and "de- cisions" two other forms of work were utilized this ye ar. The "casenote, " and extended discussion of an important legal area centered around one significant case, was used increasingly in the fifti eth and fifty-first volumes. In additon, the later issues of the fiftieth volume introduced a whollynew addition to the Review's format, the student "comment," a piece shorter than the "note" which emphasizes the writer's point of view to a greater extent than is possible in the "decision." Besides the research and writing of these sections, the fifty members of the Editorial Board also do detailed analysis and authenti- cation of the work of the guest contributors. Candidates Collins, Ellington, Sanderlin, Jenkins, Frierson. Fifth row: Fink, Simpson, Schlaugh, Towell, Cook, Patterson, Clinger, Mentz, Heiner. Sixth row: Towell, Watson, Zink, Mandamus, Shoemaker, Ide, Hopkins. for Editorial Board positions are chosen by class standing in the spring of the first and the fall of the second year. Election is based on work subm itted to the Managing Board of the Review during a thorough and extensive try- out program. The Business Board is responsible for the financial operations of the Review,including soliciting advertising and maintaining the circulation, along with a host 0 other functions necessary to keep the Review operating smoothly. The members of the Business Board, who per- form these tasks with the indispensible assistance of Mrs Mary Adams, the Review's secretary, are elected afte a tryout in the fall of the second year. Extracurricularly, the Review gridders humbled th primordial gladiators hired to represent the Ev Weekly in the annual Keg Bowl, to the great delight of all those aspiring to justice, virtue and clean living. tSee Warden; The Last Guffawq In a post season game, the Review was held to a tie by the V.L. R.G. staff, which exploited its numerical advantage to wear down the harried Review forces. In December, the Review was host to the faculty former Editors, and their wives at the annual forma banquet at which Professor Mortimer M. Caplin, unti recently Commissioner of Internal Revenue, delivere- the principal address. ZEddnrtal guard OhnL. Wardencnoooc0990....ooooloobtvolcuos Editor Everette G. Allen, JL............... Executive Editor Christopher Crowley.................. Articles Editor TalfourdH. Kemper.................. ArticlesEditor RobertM. Hallman.....................NotesEditor ohnW. Pearsall, III....................NotesEditor ames F. Johnson....................DecisionsEditor Richard G. Clemens ................. Research Editor Thomas Towles Lawson................Virginia Editor Stuyvesant K. Beams, William F. Clinger, Jr., William T. Collins, III, David J. Cook, Meade Frierson, 111, Anthony W. Graziano, Jr., Barry E. Hawk, 8. Philip Heiner, John D. Hopkins, R. William Ide, III, Martin H. Kahn, William W. Kehl, John J. Kirby, Jr. , Bernard James Long, Jr. , Herbert D. Miller, J. , Dewey B. Morris, Hhomas M. Patrick, Jr., Hugh L. Patterson, Donald H. Regan, C. Willis Ritter, James M. Shoemaker, Jr., Phillip J. Smith, James F. Strother, Phillip A. Watson, Leo C. Wilkerson, Charles T. Zink. Charles S. Johnson . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Business Manager Alfred J. Donich, Jr. . . . . . . . Associate Business Manager Harry J. Arnold..................Advertising Manager Robert E. Brown . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Circulation Manager Mrs. MaryW. Adams...................... Secretary ?ugimss guard Keith B. Betzina, Dolph R. Chianchiano, David J. Heinsma, Robert D. Heyde, Ralph E. Lawrence, Mell J. Lacy, Jack G. Hand, Tom Kenny, Joseph A. Leafe, Emmelyn S. Logan, Paul D. O'Connor, Joseph A. Ontra, William R. Waddell, John Haines, J. S. Little, Robert Perce. First row: Brown, John- son, Mrs. Adams, Donich, Arnold. Second row: Little, Haines, Kenny, Hand. Third row: Lawrence, Logan, Lacy, Heinsma. aghginia ?Hafn weeklg First row: Rosenberg, Grove, Staton, Goldman, Lilienthal, Ireland, Buckalew. Se cond row: Montgomery, Smith, 2. , Hoover, Ra smus, Rosenthal, Savasten, Pagliaro. In its seventeenth year of publ ic ation, The Liv Weekly was recognized by the American Law Student As- sociation as the country's foremost law school newspaper for the ninth consecutive year. Wholly independent and self-perpetuating, the paper is managed and directed by law students, who are solely charged with the responsibility for its content and scope. The circulation of the paper includes some twenty-four hundred issues, seventeen hundred of which are sent to Law School alumni. Try outs are held in the second semester among first- year students and elections to the staff are made in March. A unique component of the We eklx is its DICTA column, in which nationally prominent writers discuss Third row: Leach, Brennen, Von Till, Matuszeski Staples. various aspects of a chosen year-long topic. With the ai- of the DICTA Board of Advisors, this years' topic, "Righ of Privacy" was selected, and the annual compilation o the preceding year's columns was published as a boun volume. News coverage is tim ely and appropriate, and th press deadlines are often shaved narrowly to permit . "scoop" when possible. Along with news copy,the Weekl , publishes timely articles on current topics of law writte- by members of the Staff and faculty. Staff members forsook the trauma of the pressroo frequently for such diversion as inflicting a humiliatin defeat on the E131! Review at the annual touch footbal game and attending the Annual Law Weekly Banquet. MANAGING BOARD Lewis H. Goldman Steven A. Galef Michael E. Callaway Edward M. Holland Editorial Board LewisH. Goldman........................... Editor Michael E. Callaway . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Associate Editor BarryL. Fisher...................... Assistant Editor Steven A. Galef ................... Managing Editor William T. Irelan ................... Features Editor Philip H. Lilienthal.....................News Editor Daniel G. Grove . . . . . . . . Production Editor Emmelyn S. Logan . . . . . . . . . . DICTA Editor Daniel A. Rosenberg......... .......... Desk Editor Alexander W. Sierck . . . . . . . . . . . . . Senior Editor David W. Staton ................. Photography Editor RobertC. Wood......................Alumni Editor Editorial Staff George W. Birkhead Herbert A. Rosenthal Warren J. Davis David H. Savasten Michael A. Hoover William T. Schroder John Matuszeski Waller R. Staples Frank J. Pagliaro, Jr. Anthony F. Visco Randolph W. Von Till, Jr. BUSINESS BOARD Edward M. Holland . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Business Manager Robert J. Buckalew . . . . . . . . Associate Business Manager Edward R. Baird, Jr. . . . . . . . . . . . . .Circulation Manager Richard S. Glasser......... ......... DICTA Manager A. Zachary Smith, III . . . . . . . . . . . Advertising Manager Busines Staff John W. Bates III Robert E. Freer, Jr. Stephen K. Montgomery DICTA BOARD OF ADVISORS Albert J. Harno Glenn R. Winters The Criminal Law Research Organization was formed at the Law School in 1960 under the sponsorship of the Phi Delta Phi legal haternity on the premise that justice under law is better administeredwhen the poor as well as the rich are afforded as complete a defense as possible. CLRO provides research assistance in the form of memo- randa and brie f s for attorneys representing defendants. It is believed that by providing this assistance, not only will persons without means be a c c ord e d equal oppor- tunitiesbut that such efforts will lead to a more efficient administration of criminal justice. The work of the Organization at present is concen- Kalat. Glriminal Eriafn QRegearth QBrganizaiinn First row: Hunt, Dugan, Dolbeare, Gantt, Faught, Perry. Second row: Hixon, Chaffe, Chandler, Hanken, Amtson, trated mainly in preparing legal memoranda for use by attorneys prosecuting appeals on behalf of indigent de- fendants. In addition, members have the opportunity of working with Mr. Ronold Sokol in connection with his Appellate Legal Aid department and its preparation of appeals taken to the Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals. Thus, while the student is aiding the attorney, he is also obtaining valuable e x p e r i e n c e in research and legal draftsmanship. In addition, the members have the satis- faction of having assisted in the preparation of an actual case, which is an experience not usually available in the Law School. JohnBasilGantt..........................Chairman BernardG. Barrow.................ResearchDirector Robert L. Dolbeare ....... .......... Writing Director Iriving L. Faught................... Writing Director MEMBERS Peter A. Arnston, Roger L. Chaffe, Lawrence B. Chandler, Thomas P. Dugan, Steven A. Galef, Ronald S. Gasiorowski, Lewis H. Goldman, James C. Hanken, Samuel W. Hixon, Robert H. Hunt, Tristram T. Hyde, IV, James Jones, Peter A. Kalat, Philip H. Lilienthal, David W. Morthland, Michael C. Norton, Calvin W. Parker, Robert J. Perry, Alexander W. Sierck, David L. Smith. 3Hirginia legal ?Reawrth QEruup The Virginia Legal Research Group, now in its eighteenth year of service to practicing attorneys, has come to be re cognize d as one of the most beneficial activities available to students in the Law School. Con- sisting of over sixty student members, VLRG seeks to serve two main purposes: to provide assistance to legal practitioners throughout the United States and several f ore i g n countries by preparing upon request objective memoranda of law, and most importantly to help the student members of the Research Group bridge the gap between the formal study of law and its practical appli- cations by providing research and writing experience. In addition to writing memoranda for attorneys, the Group has recently undertaken the problem of drafting uniform law revisions. A ssistanc e is also pmvided to the Law Library in enabling it to answer queries from practitioners regarding recent decisions. First row, left to right: Beard, Penick, Kelsey, Piassick, Koff, Oppenheimer, Brown, D.S. Second row: Gantt, McClintock, Ward, Everbach, Thompson, Fordyce, Visco,Hardwick, Walters, Marcus. Third row:McCauley, Ritsch, Reed, Matthews, Bates, Smith, Williams, Membership in VLRG is conditioned upon the suc- cessful com pl etion of a tryout program designed to demonstrate skills inleg :11 research and writing . Although the tryout pro gram is open to all members of the Law School who have c ompl ete d between tw o and four semesters of in law school, only those tryouts whose work manifests ability sufficient to meet the Group's standard of excellance are accepted as members. Evidence of the Group's success is best demonstrated by the repeated requests of attorneys for whom work has Goldman, Pannell, Parsley. Fourth row: Haskins, Gold- berg, Brown, R. E., Miller, Kingdon, Staples, Von Till, Stanlake, F armer, Wood, Hoyt, Sykes, Moore, Tripp. Fifth row:Dolbeare,Guyton, Eckhardt, McKinney, Rachels, Davis, Morris. been done in the past and letters of praise and appre- ciation sent to it by many of the lawyers for whom memo- randa have been prepared. In addition, VLRG has served as the basis upon which other law schools have modele similiar org anizations. The ever increasing flow of requests for the service of the Virginia Legal Research Group insure that it wil continue to provide law school students with outstandmg practical research and writing experience. Joel B. Piassick...........................President Kenneth S. White ................ Executive Director PeterL. Koff......................ProjectsDirector W. Robinson Beard ................. Writing Director Daniel S. Brown....................Writing Director Basil W. Kelsey....................Writing Director Joe L. Oppenheimer ................ Writing Director William S. Penick ..................Writing Director Members: John W. Bates, Robert E. Brown, Michael E. Callaway, Norwood H. Davis, Robert L. Dolbeare, William G. Eckhardt, George Everbach, Guy 0. Farmer, Edward W. Fordyce, Jr., John B. Fuller, John B. Gantt, Alan H. Goldberg, Stanley I. Goldman, Samuel P. Guyton, Pearce D. Hardwick, James W. Haskins, John D. Hopkins, Charles E. Hoyt, John S. Kingdon, Peter H. Madden, Jay B. Marcus, James S. Mathews, Richard C. McCauley,Morris K. McClintock, Stephen R. McDaniel, W. Ramsey McKinney, Henry W. McLaughlin, William T. Miller, Edward R. Moore, HarryA. Morris, Jr., H. Gary Pannell, Calvin W. Parker, John T. Parsley, Hugh L. Patterson, Tom A. Player, William E. Rachels, Jr., J. DavisReed, Malcolm E. Ritsch, In, Harry K. Sanders, A. Zachary Smith, III, Funnan Smith, In, Waller R. Staples, Ronald P. Stenlake, Scott Sykes, Jr. , James L. Thompson, John T. Tompkins, Charles A. Trainum, Guy T. Tripp, James T. Turner, Anthony F. isco, Jr. , Randolph W. Von Till, Jr. , John C. Walters, Richard S. Ward, Fielding L. Williams, Jr. , and Robert C. Wood. 103 First row:Powe11, Henningsen, Vittoria, Buckalew, Romanski, Second row: Staten, Suiters, Medley. BUSINESS BOARD Theodore J. Vittoria, Jr. . . . . . . . . . . . . Business Manager Robert J. Buckalew. . , , , , , , Associate Business Manager Larry T. Suiters ,, , , , , H , nu , , , ,Circulation Manage David W. Staten . . , , , . , , , , , , , . , , Advertising Managej H' AnthonyMedleYuoooscconnuooo-oo-oocou secretary Bruce H. Henningsen, John M. Powell, Stephen N. Plants Richard J. Romanski. EDITORIAL BOARD F. AllanKelly.............................. Edito Benjamin P. Lamberton,III..Associate Editor, Decision Thompson W. Ryan . . . . . .. . . . .Associate Editor, Note Paul J. Hemschoot, Jr..... ........... Assistant Edito Dean C. ROhrer councocoooooo.oooco.uASSiStaIlt Editol Eric B. Rudolph..................... Assistant Edito Ethinia alumnal nf Entnnatinnal ?lafn The loumal is the first student published international law review in the United States.It is presently in its fifth year of publication. Originally printed in mimeographed form with a few faculty-conu'ibuted articles and a circu- lation limited to the University, it is now published in standard law review format and has a world-wide distri- bution.The current issues comprise student notes, recent decisions, and articl es contributed by distinguished practitioners and international legal scholars. In editorial outlook, the lournal focuses not only on the public international order commonly thought of as "International Law" but also on legal aspects of inter- national commerce. The loumal hopes to contribute to the growth of understanding international legal problems as well as the development of legal ability in the student who participate in the publication. First row: Lamberton, Rudolph, Rohrer, Kelly, Ryan, Hemschoot. Second row: Barlett, A'dams, Cox, Hsia, Lane, Third row: Irelan, Savastian, Hooker. Ejnlm $355211 69111nt $ntittg The JohnBassett Moore Society was founded in 1951, with the express purpose of promoting "a comparative study of the law of nations, and thus to foster an in- telligent appreciati on of international organizations. " This end is achieved by "research, discussion meetings, open forums, guest speakers, and appropriate publications in the broad field of international law. " Membership is open to all interested students in the Law School. The society is named in honor of John Basset Moore, 1860- 1947, distinguished international lawyer, jurist, states- man and scholar who, among his many notable achieve- ments, represented the United States on the Permanent C ourt of International Justice. An alumnus of the Uni- vers i ty, Justice Moore received his Master of Arts de- gree in 1880. A special project of the Societyhas been the founding of a periodical publication known as the Virginia Journal of International Law. The Journal is now an independent organization. Anoth er project of the S o c i ety is its affiliation with similar org anizations at Harvard, Columbia, Duke and Yale, whereby annual moot court comp etition is held at the annual meeting of the American Society of International Law. The affiliation also brings about conference on topics in the field, the last of which was held at Yale Law School, and con- cerned legal problems of international financing. At the social level, the Society holds various social functions, such as discussions with foreign students at the University. But the most important function of the Society at the present time is the presentation of its guest speakers. Group Identification: First row: Rodolf, Kennedy, Deddish, Fleming, Hsia, Visco, Rudofph, Vittoria, Second row: Lane, Smith, Hamschoot, Adams, Jones, Cabell, Staples, Boyle, Tydings. Third row: Welch, Smith, Medley, Windslow. .00 . e .cnc-c-n-0' Joseph Z. Fleming.........................President F. AllenKelly.......................Vice-President Members: G. Pannell, Wade S. Hooker, Jr., Sven Hsia, D. Weir, J. S. Gibson, Jack Lane, R. De Voe, Stuart Dye, W. Macht, E. S. Cohen, S. P. Johnson, F. Fisher, B. Portman, J. S. Davies, R. Boyle, A. Goldberg, D. R. Decker, M. Tatum, J. A. Townshend, J. H. Brown, B. A. Robertson, R. W. Tydings, J. Kennedy, 5. L. Baum, A. J. Adams, I. T. Tompkins, III, D. L. Smith, , '07 Benjamin P.77Lgmberton, III . . . .. . . . . . . . . . . . Secretary 'I'homasD.We1ch, In.....................Treasurer M. Deddish, W. G. Edlduardt, L. McDonald, R. Rudolf, D. Regan, R. Glasser, F. Kelly, P. Hemscott, R. Strickland, L. Ericson, R. Lawrence, C. W. Parker, J. Fleming, B. P. Lamberton, T. Welch, E. Rudolph, T. Victtora, T. B. Cabe11,J. Bruce, R. L. Ivey, R W.. Bartlett, C. Cares, S. Galef. $tudmt illegal glfnmm The Organization was f orm ed in 1947 to provide a nonpartisan forum to which distinguished men in public life might come to discuss topicsofcurrent interest and importance before Law School and University audiencies. The Forum, by presenting prominent persons from the fields of law, labor, business, politics and the arts, First row: Oppenheimer, Patrick, Patterson, Shoemaker. Second row: Moore, Z. Smith, Hunt, Williams, Kelly, Ide, Fentress. Third row: Hollister, P. Smith, Hixon, Hugth Patterson...uuuonoooconuoo-once...PreSiden-t James M. Shoemaker .................Vice-President Cu ScottSykes....o....................oo Secretary JoeL. Oppenheimer.......................Treasurer Thomas M. Pauick.............. Publicity Chairman attempts to promote and impetus for independent think- ing through debates, panel discussions and addresses. The forum is limited to twenty-five members of the second and third year classes who attend dinner and share in informal discussions with the guest speakers. Watson, Johnson, Williams, Hess. Fourth row: Williams, Taft, Smother, Abernathy, Clement, Clinger, Eaton, Kemper, Caputo, Barnett. J. William Barnett, Charles B. Clement, Jr. , R. William Ide, III, Charles S. Johnson, Edward J. Kelly, Jr., Talfourd H. Kemper, Elizabeth E. Neely, John L. Warden, Richard L. Williams, III, Thomas E. Abernathy, Anthony M. Caputo, John M. Eaton, A. Lee Fentress, Dudley S. Taft, Hugh P. Williams, Fielding L.Williams, Jr. AVERILL HARRIMAN ARCHIBALD COX JUSTICE TOM C. CLARK HENRY J. TAYLOR 109 lain 335ti For eleven years, since its organization in 1953, the Law Wives Club has sought to promote friendship among students' wives and to serve the Law School community. In the fa11,new wives were introduced to the Club at acoffee followed bya reception at the Holiday Inn. Soon thereafter the Club was operating in high gear. The monthly meetings featured guest speakers as well as dis- plays of artistic talent by several Club members. During the height of the political campaign, the Club, in con- junction with the Medical House Staff Wives sponsored a First row: Judy Rachels, Betty Hollister, Judy Simmons, Peggy Hastings, Helen Moore, Jean Guyton. Second row: Barbara Sanders, Rose Marie Young, Nancy Reed, Barara Russell, Jann Faught, Helen Wood, Connie DeSelm. debate between Professor Nutter of the Economics de- partment and Professor Prie st of the Law School. Two philanthropic projects, ,a bridge benefit and a Christmas bazaar, aided needy Charlottesville families. In addition, the spring fashion show,the most ambitious of the Wives' annual undertakings, supports a Law School loan fund. Social functions included the ever popular Law School dances, sponsored in conjunction with the Student Advisory C ouncil, a winter cocktail party and a steak fry at McIntire Park. HO Mrs Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Ms. Mrs Mrs. Mrs. Martin E. Simmons . . . . . . . . President John C. Hollister . . . . . .Vice President Programs H. Kendrick Sanders . . .Vice President Membership William Rachels . .Asst. Vice President Membership David H. Deselm . . . . . . . . . . Secretary Corresponding Milton Smith. . . . . . . . Social Secretary Peter Kalat.... ...... Treasurer Irving L. Faught. . .Activities Chairman Edward R. Moore. . . . . . . . . . .Publicity Don Knight . . . .151: Year Representiti've Thomas Wood. .1st Year Representitive Committee Chairwomen Re fre shm ents : Ms. Mrs. Robert C. Hastings Samuel Guyton Mrs. J. Davis Reed Mrs. Wiley F. Russell Dance Publicity: Mrs. Peter R. Amston Mrs. Roy B. Harrill Mrs. Roy C . Young imp ?Reading QEuide The Reading Guide celebrates its 20th year of publi- cation this year. Four editions of the Reading Guide are presented during the academic year. Each issue contains reviews of recent books concerned with economic, social and political questions. The reviews are written by student members of the org anization and distinguished outside contributions chosen for their experience in the fields which the reviewed books expound. The Reading Guide enjoys a national circulation; its subscribers include law libraries, judges, and practicing lawyers, as well as the student body of the Law School. The objective of the Reading Guide is to furnish its sub- scribers with a or i ti qu e of the most significant recent publications, thereby enabling the reader to become ac- quainted with the latest trends of thought on matters of interest primarily to the lawyer. MichaelM. Uhlmann........................Editor Daniel A. Rosenberg................Managing Editor Emmelyn S. Logan.............. Contributions Editor Lewis H. Goldman..................Associate Editor Barry E. Hawk, Mell Lacey, William Madden, E. A. Simpson, William Slaughter, Dudley Taft, Lee Welch, Hugh Williams, Allison Woodall. Fimt row: Simpson, Logan, Uhlmann tseatecn, Goldman. Second row: Madden, Taft, Williams. gallanhear, 31m. A non-profit Virginia C orporation comprised of has an aggregate value of approximately $ 1,600. thirteen members, Bullanbear was conceived by Mr. Teaching its members the practical aspects of in- Rhinelander and former members of the class of 1951. vestment manag em ent of a portfolio is the group's In addition to its orig inal-issue shares in the Communi- primary object. Particular attention is paid to operations cation Satellite Corporation, the Bullanbear portfolio and regulations of the stock exchanges in addition to includes some fifteen other corporate investments and other investment markets. Seated: Glynn, Bauer, Grafman, Betzina, Heinsma, Kelly, Smith, Cook. Standing: Parker, Wood, Rhinelander, Crawfoni, Grove. DavidJ. Heinsma............................................................................. President Keith B. Betzina..........................................................................Vice-President StephenW. Grafman...........................................................................Treasurer F. AllanKelly................................................................................Secretary Ronald L. Bauer, Stuyvesant K. Beams, David J. Cook, Claud L. Crawford, John W. Glynn, Jr. , Daniel G. Grove, Calvin Waverley Parker, Robert C. Wood, David L. Smith. H3 aha Ellihel $hnfn In 1904 a young Greek po ete 53 was tried and convicted for corrupting the morals of Charlottesville's youth. With Judge Armistead J. Dobie presiding in his first judicial role, what was the initiation ritual of Phi Delta Phi legal fraternity also became the first annual i421 M. The purpose of the show has always been entertainment through satire. E351 seeks to place, for one night, a glass wall in the ivory tower of pro'fessordom, displaying to the world the quirks and foibles that amuse and confuse every student at one time or another during his Law School career. The plot of this year's production borrowed liberally from Faust, Damn Yankees and Goldfinger. A bill has been introduced in the Virginia Legislature to bar Yankee students from the Law School, and a legislative committee will soon arrive to investig ate conditions in Clark Hall. Upon hearing this news the faculty splits into Northern and Southern factions, with each group organizing its own elaborate plot to sway the investigatbrs. Admissions Director Em Spies sells his soul to the Devil, Dan Meador, in exchange for a secret weapon to aid the Northerners. The Devil produces Teddy Mearns, also known as Agent 008. But when the Yankees are on the verge of success, Devilish Dan, remembering his southern allegiance, decides to entice 008 into the Rebel camp. He sends his partner in evil, Fanny Galore, to seduce Meams. Naturally the voluptuous law librarian quickly persuades Teddy where his best int ere sts lie. 008 transfers his loyalty to the Rednecks, and the Southerners triump in the end. By their spontaneous laughter and applause the enthusiastic 1965 Libel Show audi e no e demonstrated its enjoyment of this yearly event devoted to delight and dedicated to the faculty which must suffer the slings and arrows of outrageous parody. Eatinnal Glnmpetiiinn gRidgarcl GE. Gimmes - Enhn 23 gEIupkins - Eeinmg g Cmnnia Lmrmt mnurt The Lile Moot Court Competition began in 1928 r; a contest between the various law school debating C hos. The competition was suspended during the war years and was renewed in 1948. The winning team is selected in the spring of the third year after successfully advancing through six rounds of argument. The two-year competition be gins during the first se m e ste r of the second year. This year seventy-four teams volunteered for the single elimination proceedings. Currently the semi-finalists are William F. Clinger, Jr. , and Bernard G. Barrow, Theodore Margolis and Daniel S. Brown, Hugh L. Patterson and Thomas T. Lawson, and James M. Shoemaker, Jr. and Dewey B. Morris. The winners of the Semi-Final Round will present their arguments to a panel of respected jurists on Law Day. During the fall, Richard G. C1 e m e ns, John D. Hopkins, and Dewey B. Morris Represented the Law School in the fifte enth annual National Moot Court 'Griangular meant EBahinl 3L Eiehama - mama C1311 $11n2maker, Ejr. - gHHartin E51. 15211111 Competition. As runnerup in the regional eliminations, the team was awarded a berth in the final rounds, held in New York. Although they lost in the second round of the finals, their performance earned wide acclaim as' one of the best arguments throughout the competition. This spring, Virginia will enter the team of David J. Heinsma, Martin H. Kahn, and James M. Shoemaker, Jr. in the Triangular Competition against Columbia and Pennsylvania. The Law School's edge in this round robin affair is evidenced by its record of three wins and a tie for the past four years. i Guiding the entire Moot Court program through its first year as a wholly administered student organization has been the duty of the Moot Court Board, chaired by Richard G. McCauley. J. Dennis Rash and Keigh A. Greiner have served as clerks and Assistant Professor Lawrence D. Gaugh an has counseled the Board in his capacity as Faculty Adviser. glmnnt Qluuri guard Kahn Heinsma Bauer Gaughan McCauley Morris Rash Greiner James M. Shoemaker - Dewy B. Morris Daniel S. Brown - Theodore Margolis a . W In Th mas T. Lawson - Hugh Patterson William F. Clinger, Jr. - Bernard G. Barrow Eghginia ?Rughg glincdhall Qlluh With a thump a pear-shaped ball sails down an over- sized football field and another game is underway. For the next eighty minutes, for the uninitiated, mayhem runs rampant. Thirty players run at each other, tackle, fall, get up and repeat the process. They form huddles and the ball is thrown into the group. When it pops out again a made scramble ensues. It seems everyone wants the ball but as soon as they get it and get tackled, they drop it. The language is even strange. "Scrum right." "Coming in now. " "Kick for touch. " "Heel, now the heel. " This so are ely organized game of keepaway is called rugby football. Spawned at a Law School cocktail party four years ago, by two law students who had enjoyed the spell of rugby in undergraduate days, the Virginia Rugby Foot- ball Club now boasts over sixty members. With success and the concurrent interest it aroused, undergraduates and other graduate students became entranced with this English version of football. Played without the usual football equipment and not diminished in pace by set plays, rugby is one of the roughest games. A spirit of camaraderie springs from the roughness and the English tradition brings sportsmanship of a curious nature to Americans. Not only is the will to K h t THIRD YEAR Jeremiah R. Leary Michael Kitay John Walters SECOND YEAR: Chandler Lee Van Orman Philip w. Watson A. Zachary Smith MEMBERSHIP 118 win and respect for the winner a Vital part of the game, but a spectator might be astonished to see opposing players helping each other up from the turf. The players feel a brotherhood; they feel an urge to perpetuate the traditions of the game. The game has been characterized as "a game for hooligans played by gentlemen. " There is an active bond with the Opposing team which is cemented after the confrontation with glass after glass from the keg; for a celebration after the game is also part of the tradition. The Law School members of the Virginia Rugby Foot- ball Club are presently in the minority. The club has be- come an institution at the Univelsity. It is a power in east-coast rugby and is a full member of the Eastern Rugby Union. It draws the older teams, Princeton, Yale, Brown, and Notre Dame to Charlottesville for engage- ments, including the Commonwealth Cup games in the Spring. The team also travels a great deal, with trips to New York and Philadelphia quite common. Originating at th- Law School, and fast becoming a tradition at the Uni versity, rugby has given Virginia 3 winning team in a i athletic endeavor - no small accomplishment. First row: A. Allen, C Vanorman, D. Davis M. Kitay. Second row H. Franklin, I. Leary G. McDowell, 2. Smith D. Rohrer. FIRST YEAR: Humes S. Franklin Gerald E. McDove $pnria The scope of Law School athletic prowess was once again felt amont the UniversityCommunity this year. The fall season saw an unprecedented five teams emerge from the depths of the Clark Hall library to take part in Mad Bowl mayhem, with the third-year Clients, an irrespress- ible force buoyed up by various ineligible ringers whose names shall pass unmentioned, carrying off the IM trophy. The University tennis tournament witnessed an all-law school final as Lee Fentress was nipped by returning Davis Cupper Gene 8 c ott. Handball continued to provide an excellent means of losing the Law School blues and Mac Caputo found his way down to the Gym often enough to win the high-point title. With four teams, including the second-year, defend- ing-titilist Torts, competing in the basketball compe- tition, the Winter season offered continued variety for absentees from the Law Library. Volleyball made its entry upon the scene, possibly as a protest against the U. S. Olympic team's performance, and with the spring the three class teams were eagerly swinging their hats and dropping pop flies. The traditional fratricidal struggle between various Law School organizations again provided a unique outlet for frustrated athletes to direct abuse at faculty referees. Summing up:the reputation of the Law School-bg vivant is in no dang er. Samuel W. Hixon, Robert Wood, John Walteis, Paul Verkuyl. 120 glfraternitiw zBelta 711112121 amyi ?Rnheri EH 3522 $131M: Established at the Law School in 1919, the Robert E. Lee Senate of Delta Theta Phi has a threefold purpose which is accomplished through the cooperation of the students, faculty, and alumni. Primarily, the fraternity serves as a medium through which ideas and suggestions for the benefit of the law student body maybe exchanged. This is exemplified by the organization's monthly luncheons at which prominent businessmen, practicing lawyers and members of the faculty are presented 4as guest speakers. Secondly, Delta Thet 3 Phi serves as a social organization with parties regularly held throughout the year. Lastly, the fraternity serves as a link between students of the law and practicing members of the pro- fession. I22 First row: V an d e rb e rry, Tydings, Tucker, Rachels, Rudoulph, Morris. Second r ow: Hylton, Faught, Imig , Rov i n s, Robertson, Showalter, Camthers. Third row: Gaunt, Turn e r, Grov e, Martin, Vittoria, Rasmus, Delta Theta Phi OFFICERS William E. Rachels, Jr.........................Dean William S. Tucker, Jr. . . . . . . . . .. . .. . . . .. Vice-Dean E. Eugene Williams .... Tribune Eric B. Rudolph.. ... Clerk of Exchequer W. Stephen Moore . . . . Clerk of Rolls Ronald W. Tydings ...... . . . . . . . . . . . Master of Ritual DavidL.Smith..... ..... . ......... .........Bai1iff oooooIo-coloooln James E. Bradberry, Robert J. Buckalew, Michael E. Callaway, Robert A. Callaghan, Constantine George Caras, Robert Culp, Warren Davis, Barry Fisher, Irving L. Faught, John B. Gantt, Ronald Gasiorowski, George Piassick. Fourth row: Young, Roberson, Sanders, Montagna, Hankin, Norton, Buckalew, Gibson. Fifth row: Callahan, Taylor, Montgomery, Horwatt, Graziano. Gliptis, John Glynn, Lewis Goldman, William Grant, Dan Grove, George Haskell, Edward Holland, Walter Hylton, Gerry Imig, Frank A. Kelly, Benjamin Lamberton, Bernie Long, Randy McDaniel, Dexter Martin, Anthony Montague, C. P. Montgomery, Joseph Ontra, Joel Piassick, Rusty Robertson, Bob Ruehl, Ken Sanders, Douglas Swift, John Tompkins, James Turner, Theodore Vittoria, T. Gorsuch Young, Charles T. Zink, G. Thomas Abernathy, R. W. Bartlett, Anthony L. Graziano, Roy B. Harrill, Robert C. Hastings, Allen C. Horsley, C. W. Lewis, Richard F. McCready, John W. McNeill, George Jr. Morris, Michael C. Norton, Robert M. Perce,Stephen N. Plant, Bruch H. Robertson, M. M. Sproul, Roy C. Young. Fhi 31131131 $21121 711110111315 Eefferann thapter The largest of the legal fraternities at the Law School, the Thomas Jefferson Chapter of Phi Alpha Delta played a full and active part in Clark Hall life during the past academic year. Highlighting the social aspect of the chapter were many well-attended cocktail parties. Ably planned by Social Chairman Jerry Leary and John Walters, the parties were well received by all members. The Chapter's social activities culminated in the annual Spring Dance. Once again fulfilling its primary service function to the students and faculty, the chapter published them School Directory.A less noticeable but no less significant service to students was the deluge of ink made available to them in the library ink wells, courtest of Phi Alpha Delta. The fraternity also continued its close association with the Virginia Legal Research Group, which it founded, by awarding monetary prizes for the best legal memoranda prepared during the school year. OFFICERS JosephW. Barnett, Jr. ..........................................Justice James M. Shoemaker, Jr. ................................. Vice-Iustice Hugh L. Patterson .............................................. Clerk G. ElliottCobb, Jr. .........................................Treasurer JohnW. Bissell ..............................................Marshall ChandlerVanOrman .........................................Marshall Jeremiah R. Leary.................................... Social Chairman JohnC. Walters ...................................... Social Chairman at. --m- First row: Van Orman, Bissell, Patterson, Barnett, Shoe- maker. Second row: Porter, Thompson, Watts, Fentress, Patrick, Clark, McKenny, Cobb, Walters. Third row: Pann'ell, Hess, Koff, Sims, Kitay, Kelsey, Smith, Pagliaro, Regan, Halaby. Fourth row: Parsons, Towers, Heiske11,January, Kalat, Farmer, Little, Arnold, Celello,Morris, Slaughter, Williams, Taft, Kelly, Smith, Williams. Fifth row: Player, Logan, Guyton, Hyde, Heinsma, Hand, Reed, Collins, Rohrer, Wald, Roths- Peter Agelasto, Everette Allen, Harry Arnold, Peter Amston, William Barlow, Bemald Barrow,Ben Cabell, Charles Clement, William Clinger, David Cook, Christopher Crowley, Stephen Dug 9 an , James Dunbar, John B. Fuller, Ames Gardner, Gary Garofalo, Stanley Goldman, Samuel Guyton, Robert Hallman, Pearce Hardwick, Phillip Heiner, Dave Heinsma, Charles Hess, John Hillery, William Hinds, John Hopkins, Tris Hyde, William Ide, Charles Johnson, James Johnson, Martin Kahn, Peter Kalat, Edward Kelly, Basil Kelsey, Talfourd Kemper, Mi ch 21 e1 Kitay, Peter Koff, Thomas Lawson, Joseph Leafe, Jeremiah Leary, Philip Lilienthal, David Lindskog, Fielding Logan, John McAllister, Richard McCauley, Ramsey McKinney, Dewwy Morris, David Morthland, Ned Neely, Paul O'Connor, Joe L. Oppen- heimer, Gary Pamell, Thomas Patrick, Hugh Patterson, John Pearsall, Thomas Player, Dean C. Rohrer, James D. Rouse, Martin E. Simmons, A. Ward Sims, Michael Slive, Charles S. Sykes, Guy T. Tripp, Richard S. Ward, Philip A. Watson, James 0. Watts, Kenneth S. White, 125 child, Ehlers. Sixth row: McCauley, Walker, Frost, Duggan, Hardwick, Johnson, Wood, Oppenheimer, Rouse, Winston, Slive, Kahn, Neely, Miller, Greiner. Seventh row: Barlow, Williams, McLaughlin, Sykes, Ide, Goldman, Hunt, Hopkins, Haddock, Kingdon, Rash, Lilienthal, Tripp, Strother, McAllister, Kehl, Portnoy,, Bates, Lindskog, Adams, Abernathy, Simmons, Heiner, Watson, Clinger, Hixon, Barksdale, Mathews,Hollister. Fuller, Cook. Richard Williams, Robin C. Wood, Thomas Abernathy, Swanson Angle, L. ScottBarksdale, John W. Bates, William Bennett, A. M. Caputo, Joseph Celello, John Clark, William Collins, John R. Crumpler, Norwood H. Davis, Arthur L. Fentress, Junius Fishburne, Louis B. Frost, William C. Gouldman, Keith A. Greiner, Donaid M. Haddock, Theodore S. Halaby, Stephen C. Hansen, John C. Hollister, Charles E. Hoyt, Robert H. Hunt, Thomas Higgins, Samuel Hixon,David Jenkins, Laurence Leafer, Shepherd Lewis, James Little, James Matthews, Julian McDonnell, Henry McLaughlin, Herbert D.Mi11er,, Edward R. Moore, Harry A. Morris, Jerome Rothschild, Elliot Scher, Elmer Simpson, William Slaughter, Zachary Smith, Philip J. Smith, James F. Su'other, DudleyS. Taft, Anthony J. Thompson, John R. Towers, Michael M. Uhlmann, ChandlerVan Ormann, Michael Viener, William Walker, C. Lee Welch, Walter Jenkins, Hugh P. Williams, Fielding L. Williams, Derick Churchill January. aghi 23121121 aghi glam: Elna Founded in 1869 and established at the Law School on 1890, Minor Inn of Phi Delta Phi enjoys the distinction of being the oldest legal fraternity in the University. The chapter takes its name from John B. Minor, Professor of Law at the University from 1846 to 1895. Phi Delta Phi selects its membership from sub- stantially the top twenty-five percent of the First Year Class. The fraternity is small but active. Every year at the Homecoming football game,Minor Inn makes its traditional "tally-ho" entrance into Scott Stadium. Years ago the pledges were required to enter riding mules but today the whole fraternity rides a horse- drawn carriage. The Criminal Law Research Organization, established four ye ars ago, has enjoyed dynamic growth. The organization was founded originally by the fraternity and now includes members of other fraternities. C. L. R.O. aids in representing indig ent defendants in criminal cases. Phi Delta Phi a nnu a 11 y presents the L i b e1 Show. Originating in 1903, the show was at first part of the initiation program, solely for the entertainment of the hatemity. In later years, it was opened to the rest of the Law School and University. Ronald Bauer ............................ Magister RalphLawrence......................... Exchequer Lloyd Ericsson............................... Clerk RobertE. Brown......................LibelDirector WilliamJ. Giacofci.......................Historian Stuyvessabt K. Bearns, Keith B. Betzina, Richard Clemens, Alfred Donich, George Doub, Barry Hawk, William Hayes, Robert Heyde, Emmely'n S. Logan, C. W. Parker, C. W. Ritter, Furman Smith, John Warden, Leo C. Wilkerson, Regis Camp e1d, Roger ChaEe, Lawrence Chandler, Meade Frierson, Samuel Garrison James Guedry, James Haskins, William Moran, Paul J. Schlauch, James Thompson, Thomas Towell. gr. First row: Smith, Brown, Lawrence, Ericsson, Bauer, Giacofci. Second row: Parker, Clemens, Bearns, Wilkerson, Logan, Hawk, Warden. Third row: Garrison, Jones, Frierson, Chaffe, Thompson, Towell, Campfield, 127 v, ;e . V 't' 5" Kirby, Ritter. Fourth row: Hayes, Heyde, Lacy, Donich, Guedry, Cox, Moran, Sterlake. Fifth row: Chandler, Schlauch. Mr . Stevens Shepherd MURPHY INSURANCE 8: TRAVEL, INC. 108, 2nd 5. E. Charlottesville, Virginia "ai- +I1e corner" Serving This Area For Over a Quarter of a Century. Anderson Bros. Book Store, Inc. Law Headquarters SINCE 1876 We have the most complete stock of Law Books in the State of Virginia The Dairy Queen 3 7 Rt. 29 North Charlottesville, Virginia Monficello Dairy Planf on Grady Avenue Offering a Complefe Dairy Service HOME DELIVERY 1 Phone 29-55- I 23 I29 ELJO0S Traditional Clothes SALUTES THE BARRI STER Friendly Greeiings and Good Wishes from WASHINGTON lAW BOOK C0. l4l3 K Sfreef. N. W.. 7H1 Floor. Washington. D. C. 20005 Publishers of VIRGINIA AND WEST VIRGINIA TEXT BOOKS AND TREATISES: Torts, Prosser DIGEST: Administrative Law, Davis Trusts 8; Trustees, Bogart South Eastern Digest Admiralty, Gilmore 8; Black SOUth Eastern Reporter Approved Appellate Briefs, Appleman FORM BOOKS: Automobiles, Blashfield Modern M881 Forms FEDERAL PUBLICATIONS: Contracts, Corbin Wesvs Federal Forms United States Code Annotated Corporations, Hornstein R . Federal Reporter 8:. Supplement Criminal Law, Perkins 131113.222: 3:33am Modern Federal Practice Digest Evidence, Conrad, McCormick Bouvier Law Dictionary U. S. Supreme Court Reporter Future Interests, Slmes 8: Smlth U. S. Supreme Court Digest Inssrance, Appleman BOOKS OF GENERAL F d lRul D . . Jurmprudence, Pound REFERENCE- 6 era es 801810113 . Model Business Corporation Act Words 8" Phrases Barron 8r, HoltzoE Federal Practlce Annotated Decennial 8; General Digests Wesfs Federal Forms Oil 8; Gas Law, Summers Corpus Juris Secundum Wesfs Federal Practice Manual Titles, Basye, Flick, Patton Uniform Commercial Code Ask for informaiion abou+ any law book published. I30 Serving the Virginia Bar Since 1897 FOR VIRGINIA LAWYERS THE VIRGINIA CODE, IN 12 VOLUMES Michie's Jurisprudence of Virginia and West Virginia, in 26 Volumes Berry, Civil Practice in Municipal and Comfy Courts, in 1 Volume Berry, Criminal Practice in Municipal and County C0urfs, in 1 Volume Burks' Pleading and Practice, in 1 Volume Gregory's Forms, in 4 Volumes Phelps, Divorce and Alimony in Virginia and West Virginia, in 1 Volume Cox, Manual For Title Examiners in Virginia Donley, The Law of Coal, Oil and Gas in West Virginia and Virginia Abbott and Solomon, Instructions for Virginia and West Virginia, in 3 Volumes Harrison on Wills and Administration, in 3 Volumes Lamb, A Virginia Cause Lamb, Virginia Probate Practice Law of Automobiles in Virginia and West Virginia, in 3 Volumes Lee's Criminal Trials in the Virginias, in 2 Volumes Lile's Equity Pleading and Practice Nash, Virginia and West Virginia Evidence Phelps, Handbook of the Virginia Rules of Procedure in Actions of Law Phelps, Handbook ofVirginia Rules of Equity Practice and Procedure Phelps, Handbook of Virginia Rules of Appellate Procedure An Introduction to the Uniform Commercial Code, in 1 Volume Yokley, Law of Subdivisions THE MICHIE COMPANY LAW PUBLISHERS CHARLOTTESVILLE, VIRGINIA I31 Qnuthmirk "SUPERFLEX" NO EXCESS PADDING OR CANVAS STIFFEN- INGS. EASY LINES. Suits - Sporfcoafs - Slacks THE YOUNG MEN'S SHOP Our SOUTHWICK suif appeals +0 fhe discerning conservative fype . . . men who appreciafe +he geni'leman- Iy disfincfion of nafural lines and fhe supreme comforf of our unique Superflex consirudion. 118 W. Main UNIVERSITY CAFETERIA Af +he Corner FREE PARKING CHARLOTTESVI LLE LUMBER CO., INC. Since I893 LUMBER. MILLWORK PAINT. HARDWARE POWER AND HAND TOOLS Complimeni's of THE UNIVERSITY BOOK STORE CHARLOTTESV l LLE OFFICE MACHI NE C0. Typewriters - Adding Machines Sales - Service - Rentals 919 West Main Street Charlottesville, Virginia Dial 296-7419 I32 A PRODUCT 0F Ounier gm :33 mmANA Avmui WINSTON SALEM, N c . N v. ' K: . ' 5 . .. . s5 : ' . ,-. ;. .faw 1m!nfu . .. V x ' L ' v 4u. wk , 1 1::!34 9$' , ,1 sTv' ' ...;,!- . 1 ,. . . ,. . , .

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