University of Virginia Law School - Barrister Yearbook (Charlottesville, VA)

 - Class of 1958

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University of Virginia Law School - Barrister Yearbook (Charlottesville, VA) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Cover

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Text from Pages 1 - 120 of the 1958 volume:

1 5 4 I . 1 ' J 3 1 1 K 5 E L 'ww-: , , ' 4 , A I , 4 'ff 4 A .. . N , ,-. 11is1'f"r'ig,, L . - .,-in 5. 2 - ' I A va gn A H. ,. A V V.: A'a1'5', ' E, 25 , r?"5'-'F' , H, - FT -...-.-L.Li'g3f1.' ., N 2-, , .' LQ if fa 2'fff"-'-haf ' 1 152 x- E.. .. ff 'iii-.iv - . 152+ .. , V - ' iiif - -' 'sf Sl!-1"f"".'f'f:1"'. ff5f+2-vg11-529' ii g i , g s-'12-A kfghilxei- T 5 2-1 .1 H1 ' -,.-. --?..6f'4?p 223 ' !f 'Jinx - ,. W. . -F, .q!f?,,:, :fire Y' -Mrs 2 In- fm i- M-A MDA- --' . ,, Ji?f'Vg5s " 1 7!."'Q!'i'1" V' N f,'f?ff'ii1-- 'Tiflf' 'aff V-FZi5fi?'v' '5'v.'5C. '! ai "L 'J -' '-?,-- 'giiiil '- ff'-1'5Lf'A1!f2'? Ai .'?A+-f . 32. M5 .1 'iii' A-2 15:5 gfW,gQ' gA ':5glm Za.: -1 f . " Ig-Af M 'Aa' i Af - .AQ I 4q'AxA A f. f . gf-M. i1i:'iiv.i-Egfr' P, . ' 2 - '5f: gig w Y W f 1 Af A jlgljzt Q A ' " :HJ-.Y ": g.'5f1-,q- .f'f?v- A 4 ' ' - ' 2' ' l " 111. w1.if?'H '5 -H 'F' . I . .H A ,Q5 .- K ' A V A A. A1 3 Lf! A , Af .1 1 J f A. ' 1 W: . v gk., . . H F' 5 ,f WW' 1 ' 13 .. -ff Q 1' ,A , 2 i - 5 - , ' 'i - ' .1 ' A 2153 Y, . ,A 1, ,V .. A 9 . xr. . AJ A . A A . Ai, A, 'A' in A A . A. , . A, . ' ' ' . . 4 ' ' x. "fr J ' , , A - L A A . A 0 A I A . 'fi - 4 - 3 g ' ' -' 19' Y ' TF 9 4 , 1 -"r"r'w" Ai -5 .FA y QQ in '7 ' .3451-A - . - M ,- -- -s. ' -9 ,A A ,. , Q A .J . Q. fA,AyAgAAA IAA A , Y L 0 . 'I ,J +:, '- f r ' K wi- ' . 5 ' :Q v ' , ' in' 5 A F ., U 4. ' ' 4' f ' H 'If' 1 . b I ' Z 1 ' 7, . '. , A , A w .. 9 "bs ' Q . ,. . A ' - , I .. V. A M Q ' 'ii , ' .1 f Q ' e - - .. 1 b ' x ' ' ' ' . r ' ' ' U ' Q, I A 1 'f , U . 'L Q 1' 5 .3 . s I N , r i IQ - ' . Y , I ,, , 1 . .5 'A 1 ,, A A A H Q .vs A 5 1 ANN: , 5 i- , ,. 1 . 1 , 'U 2 I V ' ' n 1 V . Q -- ' ' ' 4' . f - , ff A. 1. ff 4. V1 ' eff-in K . - A g I A, 132 - X . ' -. A AMA 4 H. ' A 1 . A A ' . A fig, . , A e A ' ' X 2' , . ' ,' , 'iw ,Vs L. 45 f f. ' -'lf .4 , I . Q , . f , . 1 1.x I ' I A , " AA AA' 3 , A V L . L4 ' 4 - ' A ' " if -. 5 ,. ' ' 1' " -M? ' . '52 335- l s. 'Pin--, '11 ru, ' gfflqg ' .4 1 - . A E, AAA1 A . A A. ' V cgljga lr? " A SSA ' L .5 - 1 5 ' . 22. A' '- A "-" i- I . lf '-F . . A lr 3 ' ,- , U C I ' ' 5 ' .I 'A 1 3 1 ls W 1 v y ' ' i e . 'g!'- f .I . '- . ' F P Lag L J 2' , ' uf 4 1-54 K. 5 ff' . A ' U " ,Q . :Fl , 'E 1 " . ' '- ' "fl, . ' ' Y' ' W SJ' A ' . A 1 f ' 4 -5 v A35 1 1 A ' 1 A I . , Q f . Q4 - F b ' . ' . 1 . -' V 'Q lm f ' . An , ,L V, .. A. A A AN 3u,b,f'AAA: . .Q A ' A A - , n . f - . .. - . . - - , V xr , , Df . 5-A A .,' 2, ,T ' . , ' -ffm-' , -I 'js-.fic-,jA.S.4f ggi? - . 091 . , ' ' A- 1 ' ' -' 'Szfripif ' T" '- P , -' ' -. ' 51' f A . - Y " if ' V -5' . f 1 :4 .- .1 I , , ' " I tk ' ' ' ' gm" " "' T ' R ' - " " 'Q "4Afg-.:1p-g.a,g.',:Q.,-.34 11,1-',AMaiAaA ! E E The B A R R I S T E R Copyfighr, 1958 R W THE BARRISTER, INC. Universify of Virginia 1958 THAT THOSE ALONE MAY BE SERVANT COURAGE AND DEVOTION TO PRESERV , 53" 6 x A 1 J PRESIDENT COLGATE W. DARDEN, JR. President of the University of Virginia, United States Delegate to the United Nations, Governor of the Commonwealth of Virginia, Congressman. Educator, statesman, gentleman, his wide and varied list of accom- plishments have made him known throughout the world. We, the editors of the Barrister, give ourselves more honor than we do him, in dedicating this volume to the President of the University of Virginia. PRESIDENT COLGATE W. DARDEN, JR N-. THE FACULTY l l l FREDERICK DEANE GOODWIN RIBBLE Dean of the Law School and james Mazdiron Professor of Law Dean Ribble graduated from William and Mary in 1916 upon which he entered the University for his M.A. and LL.B. degrees, interrupted by a term in the Field Artillery during World War I. In 1921 Mr. Ribble joined the faculty and was appointed a full professor a short six years later. Then in 1937 he was appointed acting dean culminating in permanent status two years afterwards. Once again in World War II the country called him to the aid of the State Department and after the strife, as a United States delegate to UNESCO. Added laurels came in his election to the Presidency of the Association of American Law Schools and the Virginia Bar Association and membership to the Council of the American Law Institute. Washington and Lee and William and Mary have both honored him with a Doctor of Law degree. NEILL HERBERT ALFORD, JR. Professor of Law B.A., 1940, The Citadelg LL.B., 1947, University of Virginia Trusts and Estates, Legal History, istration MORTIMER MAXWELL CAPLIN Professor of Law B.S., 1937, LL.B., 1940, University of Virginiag j.S.D., 1953, New York University Federal Taxation Fiduciary Admin- THOMAS MUNFORD BOYD Professor of Law B.S., 1920, LL.B., 1923, University of Virginia Ethics, Creditors' Rights, Corporate Reorganization Virginia Procedure MARTIN LINDSEY COWEN Professor of Law, Assistant Dean B.A., 1942, LL. B., 1947, University of Virginia Conflict of Laws, Federal Procedure HARDY CROSS DILLARD Professor of Law B.A., 1924, United States Military Academy, LL.B 1927, University of Virginia Contracts, Legal Philosophy CHARLES OSCAR GREGORY Professor of Law A.B., 1924, LL.B., 1926, Yale University Torts, Labor Law CHARLES PATTERSON NASH, JR. Professor of Law B.S., 1917, Virginia Military Institute, LL.B., 1925 University of Virginia Admiralty, Evidence, Conflict of Laws A. J. GUSTIN PRIEST Professor of Law A.B., 1918, LL.B., 1921, University of Idaho Corporations, Parliamentary Law KENNETH ROBERT REDDEN Professor of Law City College of New Yorkg LL.B., 1940, University of Virginia Equitable Remedies, Creditors' Rights and Bankrupt- cy, Persons EMERSON GEORGE SPIES Professor of Law B.A., 1936, Hobart College, B.A., Juris., 1958, B.C.L., 1939, Oxford University Mortgages, Property LAURENS H. RHINELANDER Professor of Law A.B., 1931, Harvard University, B.A., 1933, Cam- bridge Universityg LL.B., 1936, Harvard University Agency, Law and Accounting, Antitrust Law CHARLES KILLIAN WOLTZ Professor of Law B.A., 1934, LL.B., 1957, University of Virginia Criminal Law, Negotiable Instruments, Sales DANIEL J. MEADOR Associate Professor of Law B.S., 1948, Alabama Polytechnic Institute, LL.B., 1951, University of Alabama, LL.M., 1945, Harvard University Federal Jurisdiction and Procedure, Federal Procedure JOHN ALFRED BELL, JR. Assistant Professor of Law B.S., 1952, C r e i g h t o n University, LL.B., 1955, Georgetown University Local Government Law, Local Taxation, Agency JOHN CALVIN MCCOID, II Assistant Professor of Law B-A-, 1950, LL.B., 1953, Vanderbilt University Federal Procedure, Insurance MISS FRANCES FARMER Law Librarian B.A., 1951, LL.B., 1933, University of Richmond - f f H - -f'f-"' W-Lwmmiw ef-f--- .a,.. WILLIAM HENRY WHITE Director of Placement LL.B., 1905, University of Virginiag S.J.D., 1934, National University MARION KNIGHT KELLOGG, A.B., LL.B. Lecturer in International Law, International Invest- ment, and United Nations Law WALTER D. FLETCHER, A.B., M.A., LL.B. Lecturer in Trust Practice I THOMAS JOHNSON MICHIE, B.A., M.A., LL.B. Lecturer in Estate Planning E E L I v 1 V 5 Q? if r L 4 1 W I er ar LYTTELTON WADDELL, B.A., M.A., LL.B. Lecturer in Trial Practice CHARLES J. FRANKEL, B.S., M.S., M.D., LL.B Lecturer in Medical Evidence l CHARLES ANTONE HORSKY, A.B., LL.B Lecturer in Civil Rights Lecturer in International Taxation HERRICK K. LIDSTONE, B.A., LL.B. Lecturer in International Taxation JOHN H. PICKERING, A.B., J.D. Lecturer in Oil and Gas Law JOHN W. RIELY, B.A., LL.B. Lecturer in Public Utilities Practice COMMISSIONER JAMES C. SARGENT, B.A., LL.B. Lecturer in Corporate Securities Regulation WILLIAM H. SAGER, B.A., LL.B. Lecturer in Virginia Taxation ERWIN SEAGO, B.A., JD. Lecturer in Aviation Law ROBERT EDWARD TAYLOR, B.A., LL.B. Lecturer in Office Practice GEORGE BACHE DUBOIS, JR., B.A., LL.B., 1957 Instructor JOHN BARTOW REES, JR., B.A., LL.B., 1957 Instructor ELEANOR McKENNEY GIBSON Associate Director of Placement i Not Pictured JOHN PERSHING, B.A., LL.B. GEORGE Fox TROWBRIDGE, B.A., EDWIN WIT-HITE PATTERSON, A-B-, Lecturer in Public Corporation Finance LLB- U--B-, 5-.T-D Lecturer in Atomic Energy Visiting Pf0feS50f Of Law Jurisprudence, Insurance 2 f 5 K1 - ' W Q ' n f ,1 X, 'V f 2SM'f::mVw1-, W- ' I M M ..., .N .,1n..Q1u,Qf.QwM:'p1gwA.awwf1 l,,,,,,mW. ,wfi-T' 91 T17 , WJ47-bw w.4::A,a 7'-wrap' w-gn bmw. . , W ' - G 0 M--'v m,Qhvgk:u1wg,Q1Qg,m M. mf: 53? S. x E 1 . , H T : 1 i . . w fl 'Wm 1 'x , :,...ff-1 U fxkm 'hx E kxxx f 0 Ax Si--gl-f .,,!'X CLASS OFFICERS FALL 1957 Firxt row: Coppeto, Devine. Second row: Vest, Williams. N at pirtured: Sachs SPRING 1 958 Diamonstein, Oram, Moeling. Nat pictured: G1over,.O'Connor. ABELES, CHARLES C.-Harvard, A.B., 1952, 1307 Daniel Avenue, Norfolk, Virginia, Dean's List, Raven Society, Law Review, Notes Editor, Law Week- ly, Editorial Staff, Moot Court, Phi Delta Phi. , ALDERMAN, JOHN P.-Emory and Henry College, B.A., 1955, East Gray- son Street, Hillsville, Virginia, Dean's List, Student Assistant, Mr. Boyd, Man- ager Delta Theta Phi Book Exchange, Delta Theta Phi, Master of the Ritual. ALDHIZER, GEORGE R., jR.-Uni- versity of Richmond, B.A., 1953, Phi Gamma Delta, 260 Campbell Street, Harrisonburg, Virginia, Omicron Del- ta Kappa, Student Advisory Council, Moot Court, Delta Theta Phi, Dean, Vice Dean. ARCHER, FRANK MATHER, II- University of Virginia, B.A., 1953, 501 johnson St., Staunton, Virginia, Stu- dent Legal Research Group, Phi Al- pha Delta. ATKIN, JAMES BLAKESLEY - Uni- versity of Virginia, B.A., 1953, Phi Kappa Psi, 95 Knollwood Road, Short Hills, New Jersey, Law Review, Edi- torial Board, Law Weekly, Business Board, Moot Court, Phi Alpha Delta. BAIRD, CHARLES STEELE-Vanden bilt, B.A., 1952, Kappa Sigma, 505 Edgewater Drive, Dunedin, Florida, Law Review, Editorial Board, J. B. Moore Society, Moot Court, Phi Alpha Delta. BARR, WILLIAM EWELL-University of Virginia, B.A., 1953, 179 West Main Street, Danville, Virginia, J. B. Moore Society, Moot Court, Quarter Finals, Investment Club, Delta Theta Phi, Master of Rolls. BERNEY, ARTHUR LEONARD-Uni- versity of Virginia, 1953, Alpha Epsi- lon Pi, 334 Wainwright Street, Newark, New jersey, Law Review, Editorial Board, judiciary Committee, Student Advisory Council, J. B. Moore Society, Moot Court, Student Assistantj Mr. Gregory, Barrister, Art Editor, Library Assistant, Investment Group, Charter Member, Phi Delta Phi. BIONDI, CHARLES NORRIS, JR.- University of Virginia, 1201 Hunting- ton Avenue, Alexandria, Virginia, Moot Court, Phi Alpha Delta. BOWLES, AUBREY RUSSELL, III- University of Virginia, B.A., 1954, Sig- ma Nu, 7 Maxwell Road, Richmond 26. Virginia, Law Weekly, Phi Alpha Delta. BLODINGER, ROBERT HARVEY - Yale, A.B., 1954, Country Court, Wood- bridge, Connecticut. BRADLEY, CHARLES ALEXANDER, III-Willianis, B.A., 1955, Psi Upsilon, Pinewood Acres, R.D. No. 3, Corning, New York, Student Curriculum Com- mittee, Law Weekly, News Editor, Moot Court, Sigma Nu Phi. BROWNELL, EDMUND BEGOLE- University of Michigan, B.A., 1949, M.A., 1950, Ph.D., 1957, Acacia, 1105 South Drive, Flint, Michigan, Chairman First Year Class, Phi Alpha Delta, Chairman of Special Committee on Phi Alpha Delta Award. BRUNET, STUART - Harvard, A.B., 1952, Sigma Phi, Union College, Mills- dale Farm, Mendham, New Jersey, Law Review, Business Staff, Law Weekly, Associate Business Manager, J. B. Moore Society, Moot Court, Phi Alpha Delta, Marshal. BUNTING, WILLIAM LYMAN, JR. -University of Illinois, B.S., 1951, Phi Delta Theta, 5 Prospect Street, Cran- bury, New Jersey, Law Weekly, Pho- tography Editor, J. B. Moore Society, Barrister, Photography Editor, Law Dor- mitory Counselor, Delta Theta Phi. BURR, JOHN SHEPARD-Princeton University, A.B., 1955, Tiger Inn, Sky- top, Pennsylvania, -Class Officer, Vice President 1953-1954, Student Advisory Council, Student Legal Forum, Presi- dent, Student Legal Research Group, J. B. Moore Society, Moot Court, Uni- versity Republican Club, President, Punch and Julep, Investment Group' Phi Delta Phi. 1 DEBUTTS, HENRY MARSHALL - University of Virginia, B.A., 1950, Beta Theta Phi, cfo Law Offices, Richard- son, McCandlish, Lillard, Marsh, and Van Dyck, Fairfax, Virginia, Student Advisory Council, Moot Court, Phi Alpha Delta, Justice, 1957-58, Treasur- er, 1956-57. CARTER, RICHARD EUGENE-Syra- cuse University, A.B., 1953, Delta Kap- pa Epsilon, 46 Berkeley Street, Nashua, New Hampshire. CHICHESTER, RANDOLPH BOLL- ING-Hampton-Sydney College, A.B., 1951, Sigma Chi, 3902 Sulgrave Road, Windsor Farms, Richmond, Virginia, Student Legal Research Group, J. B. Moore Society, Moot Court, Library Assistant, Phi Alpha Delta. CHRISTOPHER, STANLEY PITKIN, III-University of Virginia, Phi Kappa Psi, 634 West 59 Terrace, Kansas City, Missouri, Student Legal Forum, Student Legal Research Group, Reading Guide, Moot Court, Young Republican Club, Treasurer, Sigma Nu Phi. CLARKSON, JOHN EDWARD-Unk versity of Virginia, B.A., 1953, Delta Kappa Epsilon, Lake Shore Drive, Vir- ginia Beach, Virginia, Chairman Second Year Class, University Student Council 1956, Student Advisory Council, Law Weekly, Business Board, Student Legal Forum, Treasurer, Student Legal Re- search Group, Administrative Director, Moot Court, Quarter Finals, Phi Alpha Delta. CLOUD, JOHN MOORHEAD- Princeton, A.B., 1955, Dial Lodge, 139 Huguenot Avenue, Englewood, New Jersey, J. B. Moore Society, Moot Court. COOPER, LENOX GORE - Rutgers, A.B., 1952, 44 Frederick Street, New- tonville, Massachusetts, Student Legal Forum, Student Legal Research Group, Phi Alpha Delta. COPPETO, BARBARA ANN-Trinity College, A.B., 1955, D.S.C., 509 Wil- low Street, Waterbury, Connecticut, Sec- retary Third Year Class, Law Weekly, Alumni Editor, J. B. Moore Society, Barrister, Honorary Member, Delta Theta Phi. COX, PHILLIP EUGENE-Virginia Polytechnical Institute, B.S., 1951, Nor- ton, Virginia, Student Legal Research Group: J. B. Moore Society, Moot Court, Delta Theta Phi. COX, WILLIAM JEROME - Univer- sity of Virginia, B.A., 1955, 510 George Street, Fredericksburg, Virginia, Moot Court, Phi Alpha Delta. DALTON, RALPH TOMS, JR.-Vir- ginia Military Institute, B.A., 1953, Box 156, Staunton, Virginia, Phi Al- pha Delta. DALY, JOHN LAWRENCE-North- eastern University, B.S., 1952, Lake Shore Drive, Cochituate, Massachusetts, Dean's List, Moot Court, Student As- sistant, Mr. Cowen, Phi Delta Phi. DAVIS, TERRY HUNTER-Virginia Military Institute, B.A., 1953, Kappa Alpha, 120 Minor Road, Charlottes- ville, Virginia, Law Weekly, Editorial Staff, Reading Guide, Editorial Staff, Phi Alpha Delta. DEHART, EARL W. - University of Virginia, B.A., 1955, Washington Ave- nue, Victoria, Virginia. DE LOACHE, MICHEL-Emory Uni- versity, B.A., 1955, Kappa Alpha, 521 Eleventh Avenue, S.W,, Moultrie, Geor- gia, Student Curriculum Committee, Law Review, Phi Alpha Delta. DEVINE, DONALD WHITELEGG- Yale, B.A., 1952, cfo Maj. Gen. John M. Devine, V.P.I., Blacksburg, Virgin- ia, Honor Committee, President Third Year Class, 1957, Student Advisory Council, President, Reading Guide, J. B. Moore Society, Moot Court, Second Round, Student Assistant, Mr. Priest, Barrister, Phi Alpha Delta. DIAMONSTEIN, ALAN ARNOLD- University of Virginia, B.S., 1955, Phi Epsilon Pi, 62 Cherry Avenue, Hamp- ton, Virginia, Vice President of Law School, Law Weekly, Business Manager, Student Legal Research Group, J. B. Moore Society, Moot Court, Student Assistant, Mr. Gregory, Phi Delta Pi, Libel Show Director. DORSEY, ROBERT KNICKERBOCK- ER-Princeton. University, Court Club, 1102 Shore Road, Douglaston, New York, Delta Theta Phi. EDWARDS, WILLIAM RYLE-Uni- versity of Virginia, B.A., 1953, Phi Delta Theta, 110 Azalea Drive, Char- lottesville, Virginia, Judiciary Commit- tee, Chairman, Dean's List, Raven So- ciety, Vice President, Omicron Delta Kappa, President, Student Advisory Council, Law Review, Moot Court, Stu- dent Assistant, Mr. Priest and Mr. Nash, Intramural Manager, Student Activities Fee Committee, Phi Alpha Delta, Clerk. EGGLESTON, SAM DANIEL, JR.- Washington and Lee University, B.A., 1951, -Phi Kappa Sigma, Charlotte Court House. Virginia, Vice Chairman First Year Class, Moot Court, Phi Alpha Delta, Marshal. ELLIOTT, PHILIP HENRY, JR. - Roanoke College, A.B., 1951, 2763 Der- went Drive, S.W., Roanoke, Virginia, Student Legal Research Group, Reading Guide, Delta Theta Phi, Bailiff. EMMONS, ROBERT WALES-Har- vard, A.B., 1952, 108 East 82nd Street, New York, New York, Moot Court, Sig- ma Nu Phi. EULER, KENNETH S.-University of Virginia, B.A., 1953, Sigma Nu, Mil- ton Farm, Shadwell, Virginia, Law Weekly, Advertising Manager, Phi Al- pha Delta. FALK, MURRAY HERBERT - Yale University, B.A., 1949, 31 Academy Road, Leominster, Massachusetts, Dean's List, Raven Society, Law Review, De- cisions Editor, Reading Guide, J. B. Moore Society, Vice President, Moot Court, Phi Delta Phi. FLANAGAN, LEON MARTIN-The Citadel, A.B., 1953, 1309 East North Street, Greenville, South Carolina, Law Weekly, Editorial Board, Assistant DICTA Editor, DICTA Editor, J. B. Moore Society, Moot Court, Student Assistant, Master of the Rolls, Sigma Nu Phi. FOCKLER, EDWIN BENJAMIN III -University of Maryland, B.S., 1953, Sigma Pi, North East, Maryland. FORD, WALTER JERALD--University of Virginia, B.A., 1953, Delta Upsilon, 316 Eaton Street, Hampton, Virginia, Phi Alpha Delta. GAWRYS, JOSEPH A.-Dartmouth, University of Virginia, B.A., 1956, Del- ta Upsilon, 19 Haven Road, Lynnhaven, Virginia, Dean's List, J. B. Moore So- ciety, Student Assistant, Mr. Redden, Chairman, Graduate Hall Counselors, Delta Sigma Phi, 1956, Phi Delta Phi. GLOVER, JOHN LEROY-Yale, Stan- ford University, B.S., 1950, M.B.A., 1955, P.O. Box 8265, University Sta- tion, Baton Rouge, 'Louisianag Vice Chairman, 1957, Student Advisory Council, Student Legal Research Group, Phi Alpha Delta. GOTTSCHO, OSCAR AUGUST4Har- vard College, A.B., 1953, 4909 South 30th Street, Arlington, Virginia, Read- ing Guide, J. B. Moore Society, Phi Delta Phi. GRIESAR, WILLIAM H.-University of Virginia, B.A., 1955, 'Farmstoad Lane, Brookville, New York, Delta Theta Phi. GRIM, LAWRENCE, JR.-University of Virginia, B-A-, 1955, Phi Gamma Delta, 526 Chestnut Street, Perkasie, glelnnsylvaniag Moot Court, Phi Delta l. GUNTER, ELTON EUGENE-Univer- sity of Virginia, B.A., 1955, Frank- town, Virginia, Phi Eta Sigma, Dean's List, Delta Theta Phi. HAMPTON, VERNE CHURCHILL, II -Michigan State University, B.A., 1955, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, 3631 Brookside Drive, Bloomfield Hills, Michigan, Law Review, Associate Busi- ness Manager, J. B. Moore Society, Moot Court, Phi Alpha Delta. HARRIS, GEORGE ROGERS-Prince ton University, A.B., 1955, Charter Club, 720 Corlies Avenue, West Allen- hurst, New Jersey, Sigma Nu Phi. HEARD, JOSEPH HAROLD-Georgia Institute of Technology, B. of Industrial Engineering, 1956, Delta Tau Delta, West Point, Georgia, Dean's List, Stu- dent Curriculum Committee, Moot Court, Phi Delta Phi. HIGGENBOTHAM, NORMAN BRENT-University of Virginia, B.A., 1955, Fairfax, Virginia, Delta Theta Phi. HILTON, JOSEPH-Brown University, A.B., 1955, 200 East 66th Street, New York, New York, Student Legal Re- search Group, Reading Guide, Student Assistant, Mr. Cowen, Barrister, Classes Editor. , .Qs ,E elf . , A,VV . Q J " K I il, . xx Q. - F -are " 2 1 r 5 W' 133, at 5 I J ini is 72' .. . ,V Ria: ,E 1 il" ,. .f E ,La -1 N. .f"w71 Q53 Lk k,2h . 1 fi ' fi A 1 HOBBS, GORDON MORGAN-But- ler University, B.S., 1956, Tau Kappa Epsilon, 52 University Circle, Charlottes- ville, Virginia, J. B. Moore Society. HOBSON, DAVID NOREN - Yale University, B.A., 1955, Phi Gamma Delta, 2800 Woodley Road, Washing- ton, D.C., Barrister. HOCHBERG, BAYARD Z. College of the City of New York, B.S., 1955, East Main Street, R.F.D. No. 2, Peekskill, New York, Dean's List, Law Review, Law Weekly, DICTA Editor, Student Assistant, Mr. Alford, Library Assist- ant, Phi Delta Phi. JACKSON, FREDERICK JAY-Roan- oke College, B.S., 1955, Kappa Alpha, 2515 Pennsylvania Avenue, N.W., Ro- anoke, Virginia. JACOBSON, MARC - Universitylof M1Chig8f1, B.A., 1955, Sigma Alpha Mui 2108 Jackson Court, Petersburg, Virginia, Law Weekly, Senior Editor, J. B1 Moore Society, Moot Court, Quar- ter Finals, Student Assistant, Mr. Rhine- lander, Phi Delta Phi. JAY, STUART P.-Williams College, B.A., 1955, Delta Phi, 2441 Webb Ave- nue, New York, New York, Law Re- view, Advertising Manager, Student Assistant, Legal Bibliography, Sigma Nu Phi. JOHNS, JOHN - Duke University, B.A., 1955, Theta Chi, 401 Magnolia Boulevard, Long Beach, New York, Bar- rister, Third Year Editor, Delta Theta Phi, Treasurer. JOHNSON, ALLAN RICHARD - Wesleyan University, B.A., 1955, Alpha Delta Phi, 64 Bentwood Road, West Har-tford, Connecticut, Moot Court, Barrister, Advertising Manager. JOHNSON, WILLIAM CLARENCE, JR.-Brown University, A.B., 1953, Delta Tau Delta, 212 Waterman Street, Providence, Rhode Island, Reading Guide, J. B. Moore Society, Sigma Nu Phi. KAPLAN, MICHAEL I... B.-Brown University, A.B., 1955, 2516 East 24th Street, Brooklyn, New York, Student Advisory Council, Moot Court, Chair- man of the Board, The Barrister, Inc., Editor, Barrister, Phi Delta Phi. KILBY, WILLIAM H.-Colgate Uni- versity, B.A., 1953, Phi Kappa Psi, 39 Fairview Avenue, Port Washington, New York, J. B. Moore Society, Moot Court, Delta Theta Phi. KNIGHT, HAVEN ALANSON--Trin- ity College, B.A., 1950, University of Connecticut, M.A., 1953, Delta Kappa Epsilon, 50 Woodstock Road, Hamden 17, Connecticut, Delta Theta Phi. LAING, J. STEPHEN-Knox College, B.A., 1955, Phi Gamma Delta, 305 Hollyridge Circle, Peoria 4, Illinois, University Bridge Champion, 1955-56, 1956-57, Delta Theta Phi. LANDESS, FRED STONE - George Washington University, A.B., 1955, Kappa Sigma, 7236 Landess Street, Al- exandria, Virginia, Law Review, Editor- ial Board, Student Legal Forum, Moot Court, Student Instructor, First Year Procedure, Phi Alpha Delta. LEHMANN, STOCKTON-Princeton University, A.B., 1955, Charter Club, 75 Oak Street, Glendale, Ohio, J. B. Moore Society, Sigma Nu Phi. LEISURE, PETER KEETON - Yale University, B.A., 1952, Delta Kappa Up- silon, .660 Park Avenue, New York 21, New York, University Student Council, Vice President, Student Ad- visory Council, Student Legal Forum, Secretary, Moot Court, 'Traffic Control Committee, Phi Alpha Delta, Marshal, Vice justice. LEWIS, DEAN ELLIOTT - Morris Harvey College, Sigma Tau Alpha, Peytonia, West Virginia, President of Second Year Class, Student Legal Re- search Group, Moot Court., Delta Theta Phi. McKEE, PETER KINGSLEY-Univer- sity of Virginia, B.A., 1955, Zeta Psi, 309 South Stewart Street, Winchester, Virginia, Law Review, Editorial Board, J. B. Moore Society, Moot Court, Sec- ond Round, Student Assistant, Mr Cowen, Delta Theta Phi, Bailiff. MCMULLAN, JAMES FRANCIS, JR. -University of Vermont, B.A., 1953, Kappa Sigma, 616 West Upsal Street, Philadelphia 19, Pennsylvania, Law Weekly, Delta Theta Phi. MCWHORTER, HOBART AMORY- Yale University, B.A., 1953, Chi Phi, 3516 Redmont Road, Birmingham, Ala- bama, Student Legal Research Group, Reading Guide, Phi Alpha Delta. MACKALL, DOUGLAS SORREL - University of Virginia, B.A., 1953, Del- ta Kappa Epsilon, 200 South Payne Street, Fairfax, Virginia, Law Weekly, J. B. Moore Society, Phi Alpha Delta. MATTHEWS, THOMAS CLARK, JR. -Princeton University, A.B., 1953, 2810 "P" Street, N.W., Washington, D.C., Law Review, Law Weekly, Ed- itor, Moot Court, Delta Theta Phi. MEARNS, EDWARD ANDREW, JR. -Yale, BS., 1951: St. Elmo, 4 Peter Cooper Road, New York 10, New York, Dean's List, Raven Society, Student Ad- visory Council, Student Curriculum Committee, Chairman, Law Review, Ar- ticles Editor, Student Legal Forum, Reading Guide, J.B. Moore Society, Moot Court, Constitutional Law Semi- nar, Instructor, Sigma Nu Phi, Vice President, Second Vice President, Sec- retary. MERCHANT, JOHN FRANKLIN - Virginia Union University, B.A., 1955, Kappa Alpha Psi, 1445 South Maple Avenue, Buena Vista, Virginia, Read- ing Guide, J. B. Moore Society, Bar- rister, Business Manager. MILLARD, WILLIAM L. - Amherst, B.A., 1955, Delta Kappa Epsilon, 14402 Drexmore Road, Shaker Heights, Ohio, Law Weekly, Reading Guide, J. B. Moore Society, Moot Court, Stu- dent Assistarit, Admissions Office, Phi Alpha Delta. MILLER, EDWARD BRADFORD - University of Virginia, A.B., 1955, 1925 Edgewater Drive, Clearwater, Florida, Delta Theta Phi. MOELING, LUCY MAURY-Univer- sity of Wisconsin, B.A., 1956, Gamma Phi Beta, 9000 South Hoyne Avenue, Chicago, Illinois, Wisconsin Law Re- view, Editorial Staff, Barrister, Lychnos Society. MULLER, PAUL RICHARD-Wash- ington and Lee University, A.B., 1955, Delta Upsilon, "White Rails," Bay Head, New Jersey, Phi Alpha Delta. MYERS, WEBSTER, JR. - Marshall College, B.A., 19543 Sigma Alpha Ep- silon, 152 Woodland Drive, Hunting- ton, West Virginia, Law Review, Moot Court, Semi-Finals. NOLAND, STEPHEN-University of Virginia, B.A., 1955, Sigma Phi, 42-44 249th Street, Little Neck 63, Long Is- land, New York, Student Legal Re- search Group, Delta Theta Phi. NORTON, LEWIS FRANKLIN - Hampden-Sydney College, B.S., 1952, Kappa Alpha, 2898 Washington Boule- vard, Huntington, West Virginia, Stu- dent Legal Research Group, Phi Alpha Delta. O'CONNOR, KARL WILLIAM-Uni- versity of Virginia, B.A., 1952, Sigma Nu, Ocean Avenue, Kennebunk Port, Maine, Phi Alpha Delta. ORAM, JOHN C., JR.-Hamilton Col- lege, A.B., 1951, Lambda Chi Alpha, 240 East 35th Street, New York, New York, President of Law School, Student Advisory Council, Reading Guide, J. B. Moore Society, President, Moot Court, Student Assistant, Library, Phi Alpha Delta. OTIS, THOMAS - Bowdoin College, A.B., 1953, Pond View Drive, Center- ville, Massachusetts, Dean's List, Law Review, Student Legal Research Group, President, Phi Alpha Delta. PETERSON, GEORGE EMANUEL, JR.-Yale University, B.A,, 1955, 23 Sulgrave Road, West Hartford, Con- necticut, Reading Guide, J. B. Moore Society, Student Assistant, Placement Di- rector, Bullan-Bear, Inc., President, Phi Delta Phi. PETTIT, HARRISON FOSTER-Uni- versity of Virginia, B.A., 1956, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, 225 South Ashland Ave- nue, Lexington, Kentucky, Law Weekly, Associate Editor, Student Legal Forum, giie President, Moot Court, Phi Alpha e ta. PETTUS, THOMAS WRIGHT, JR.- Princeton University, A.B., 1955, Cot- tage Club, 11 Westmoreland Place, St. Louis, Missouri, Law Weekly, Senior Editor, Student Legal Research Group, J. B. Moore Society, Sigma Nu Phi, Marshal. PFIRRMANN, FREDERICK ALBERT -Rutgers University, B.A., 1955, Phi Gamma Delta, 132 Beechwood Drive, Packanack Lake, New Jersey, J. B. Moore Society, Moot Court, Student In- vestment Club, JAGC Reserve Unit, Phi Delta Phi. PHIPPS, BENJAMIN KIMBALL II- University of Virginia, B.S., 1955, Sig- ma Alpha Epsilon, 1805 Fernando Drive, Tallahassee, Florida, Phi Delta Epsilon, Law Weekly, Managing Edi- tor, Student Legal Research Group, Phi Alpha Delta, Student District Vice Justice. POWERS, WILLIAM ROWLAND, III -Harvard University, A.B., 1955, 25 Brookline Drive, West Hartford, Con- necticut, Law Review, Reading Guide, J. B. Moore 'Society. PRESTON, WILLIAM COLQUHOUN -University of Virginia, B.A., 1955, Phi Kappa Sigma, 1704 Park Avenue, Charlottesville, Virginia, Student Legal Research Group, Phi Alpha Delta, Clerk. RAND, JACK-Princeton University, A.B., 1955, 300 North Broadway, Yon- kers, New York, Law Weekly, Features Editor. 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SACHS, LEONARD BETRAM-Uni- versity of Virginia, Alpha Epsilon Pi, 319 West 36th Street, Norfolk, Virginia, Honor Committee, Vice President of Law School, Student Advisory Council, Reading Guide, Associate Editor, Moot Court, Student Assistant, Library, In- vestment Club, Charter Member, Class Gift Committee, Copeley Hill Council, Sigma Nu Phi. SALLADIN, RICHARD C H A S E - Williams College, B.A., 1953, Delta Kappa Epsilon, Ring's Island, Newbury- port, Massachusetts, Raven Society, Stu- dent Advisory Council, Law Review, Student Legal Forum, Reading Guide, Editor, J. B. Moore Society, Moot Court, Phi Delta Phi. SALOMON, FERDINAND LEWIS II -Duke University, B.A., 1951, Pi Kap- pa Phi, 121 South Mason' Street, Smith- field, Virginia, Student Legal Research Group, Director, J. B. Moore Society, Moot Court, Phi Alpha Delta. SAUNDERS, CHARLES LUNSFORD, JR.-University of Wisconsin, B.S., 1952, Delta Kappa Epsilon, Box 565, Washington, Georgia, Dean's List, Raven Society, Omicron Delta Kappa, Student Advisory Council, Law Review, Editor, Student Legal Forum, Reading Guide, J. B. Moore Society, Moot Court, Sigma Nu Phi, Treasurer. SAUSE, JOHN WILLIAM, JR.-Wil- liams College, B.A., 1955, Zeta Psi, 4White's Heritage, Chester, Maryland, Law Review, Business Board, Law Weekly, Special Correspondent, Stu- dent Legal Forum, Student Legal Re- search Group, Delta Theta Phi. SCHENCK, GARRET-Williams Col- lege, B.A., 1955, Theta Delta Chi, Hy- annis Port, Massachusetts, Student Le- gal Forum, Phi Alpha Delta. SHANDS, WILLIAM RIDLEY, jR.- Hampden-Sydney College, B.A., 1952, Sigma Chi, 4020 Chevy Chase, Rich- mond, Virginia, Sigma Nu Phi, Treas- urer. SIGAL, GERALD PETER - Lafayette College, A.B., 1955, Pi Lambda Phi, "Amity Farm," R.D. No. 4, Quaker- town, Pennsylvania, Law Review, Busi- ness Board, Law Weekly, Treasurer, Student Assistant, Mr. Boyd. SINCLAIR, RODERICK DOIG-Uni- versity of Virginia, B.A., 19533 Phi Kappa Sigma, 612 Maple Avenue, Rich- mond, Virginia, Raven Society, Omi- cron Delta Kappa, President, Chairman of First Year Class, Student Advisory Council, Student Legal Research Group, Director, Moot Court, Quarter-Finals, Student Assistant, Mr. Caplin, Student Activities Fee Committee, Phi Alpha Delta. SIPE, JAMES B.-University of Rich- mond, B.A., 1955, Phi Kappa Sigma, 465 South Mason Street, Harrisonburg, Virginia, Omicron Delta Kappa, Stu- dent Advisory Council, Student Legal Research Group, Moot Court, Delta Theta Phi, Dean. SMITH, GRAHAM WOOD-Univer- sity of Rochester, B.A., 1953, Theta Delta Chi, 1407 Genesee Building, Buf- falo 2, New York, Delta Theta Phi. SNYDER, THOMAS LEE-University of Virginia, B.A., 1956, 215 Highland Terrace, Pittsburgh 15, Pennsylvania, Student Curriculum Committee, Read- ing Guide, J. B. Moore Society, Treas- urer, Investment Club, Phi Delta Phi, Clerk. SWARTLING, RICHARD KENT - Yale University, B.A., 1955, 761 5rd Street, New Martinsville, West Vir- ginia, Delta Theta Phi. TAUBER, BURTON RICHARD-Unk versity of Wisconsin, B.S., 1956, Zeta Beta Tau, 125-02 Liberty Avenue, Rich- mond Hill, New York, Law Weekly, Editorial Staff. TAYLOR, SAMUEL BERYL-Univer- sity of Richmond, B.A., 1953, Phi Gamma Delta, 4009 Crutchfield Street, Richmond, Virginia, Raven Society, Omicron Delta Kappa, Law Review, Editorial Board, Student Assistant, Mr. Spies, Delta Theta Phi, Vice Dean, Clerk of the Rolls. THOMAS, HARRY LEE-University of Virginia, B.A., 1955, Pi Kappa Al- pha, 1714 North Adams Street, Arling- ton, Virginia, Delta Theta Phi, Bailiff. THORNTON, ROBERT JAMES-Daw idson College, B.S. II, 1955, Beta Theta Pi, 1908 South Hampton Road, Rich- mond 25, Virginia. TOPALIAN, THEORDORE STEVEN -Columbia University, A.B., 1952, R.F.D. No. 1, Framingham, Massachu- setts, J. B. Moore Society, Delta Theta Phi. TORRANCE, EDWIN G.-Yale, B.A., 1953, St. Elmo, Country Club Road, Waterbury, Connecticut, Reading Guide, Associate Editor, Moot Court, Phi Al- pha Delta. VELDE, KARL HERGET, jR.-Prince- ton, A.B., 1953, Colonial Club, 1245 Linden Avenue, Highland Park, Illi- nois, Student Legal Forum, J. B. Moore Society, Phi Alpha Delta. VEST, GEORGE GRAHAM, IV - Brown University, A.B., 1952, Phi Kap- pa Psi, "Cove Point," Centreville, Mary- land, Treasurer of the Law School, Student Advisory Council, Law Review, Editorial Board, Reading Guide, Edi- torial Board, Moot Court, Clerk, Stu- dent Assistant, Mr. Alford, National Moot Court, Phi Alpha Delta. VOGTLE, JESSE STRINGER-Univeb sity of Virginia, B.A., 1955, Sigma Al- pha Epsilon, 25 Clarendon Road, Bir- mingham, Alabama, Raven Society, Law Weekly, Associate Advertising Manager, Student Assistant, Mr. Alford, Phi Al- pha Delta, Rush Chairman. WARLICK, HULON O., IIl-Univer- sity of Virginia, B.A., 19553 Sigma Al- pha Epsilon, 512 Oak Park Drive, Tul- lahoma, Tennessee, Student Legal For- um, Phi Alpha Delta. WEBER, EDWARD BRUCE - Marl- boro College, B.A., 1951, Walpole, New Hampshire, J. B. Moore Society, Moot Court, Semi Final, Delta Theta Phi. WEICKER, LOWELL PALMER, JR.- Yale University, B.A., 1953, Phi Gam- ma Delta, Mill Neck, New York, Phi Alpha Delta. WELLFORD, ALEXANDER-Univer- sity of Virginia, B.A., 1951, Phi Kap- pa Sigma, The Chesterfield, Richmond, Virginia, Dean's List, Raven Society, Law Review, Virginia Section Editor' Phi Delta Phi, Exchequer. x WHEELER, FRANCIS THOMPSON, II-University of Richmond, Theta Chi, 3101 Chesapeake Avenue, Hamp- ton, Virginia, Reading Guide, I. B. Moore Society, Delta Theta Phi. WHITAKER, HOWARD WIL- LOUGHBY, JR.-Dartmouth College, A.B., 1952, Phi Gamma Delta, 103 Lawton Road, Needham, Massachusetts, Law Review, Editorial Board, Reading Guide, Moot Court, Phi Delta Phi. WILLEY, EDWARD EUGENE, JR.- University of Richmond, B.S., 1955, Kappa Alpha, 4510 Newport Street, Richmond, Virginia, Law Review, Busi- ness Manager, J. B. Moore Society, In- vestment Club, Phi Alpha Delta. WILLIAMS, BRUCE COPLESTONE- Princeton, A.B., 1952, jaffrey Road, Marlboro, New Hampshire, Sigma Nu Phi. WILLIAMS, HENRY W., JR.-Dart mouth College, A.B., 1952, Delta Up- silon, cfo Daniel Dewey, Stone Hill, River Road, Essex, Connecticut, Dean's List, Raven Society, Historian Third Year Class, Student Advisory Council, Law Review, Executive Editor, Reading Guide, Moot Court, Student Assistant, Mr. Dillard, Phi Delta Phi, Magister. WITT, WILLIAM LUKE - Virginia Military Institute, B.A., 1953, 101 South Ridge Road, Richmond Virginia, Phi Al- pha Delta. Wil ., 5. va. , .iz ki? 2,5 gvgf J i l ' f . . . , 1' riffs' .f WOOLF, WILLIAM B.-University of Pennsylvania, M.B.A., 1951, 358 Ott Street, Harrisonburg, Virginia, Delta Theta Phi, Chancellor of Exchequer. YERGER, WILLIAM SWAN-Univer- sity of Mississippi, B.A., 1954, Kappa Alpha, 5850 Eastover Drive, jackson, Mississippi, Omicron Delta Kappa, Stu- dent Legal Forum, Student Legal Re- search Group, J. B. Moore Society, Phi Delta Phi, Rush Chairman. ZANELLI, BART THOMAS - Dart- mouth College, B.A., 1953, Phi Kappa Psi, 544 Central Avenue, Bound Brook, New jersey, Student Advisory Council, Reading Guide, J. B. Moore Society, Sigma Nu Phi, Secretary 56, President - , . Vg, . ' , tiff, , , .5 ee, -, V fa . ,k . , . Z, ,.,V V tr A , n . Y,,,,,,k , -... -S' gigs., .:fv::S:.,', 1 ' ' ef- , . ,if 435. fa: .g I ,sf , - " Wi rm ' ,fy 1 were 1 f lg!! In K tw 53543. 57. ,A ,Q z -1 I ...Q GOLDSTEIN, FREDERICK - Yale, PALMER, ROBERT N., JR. - Yale, 318 West Jersey Street, Elizabeth, New A.B., 19533 23 Sulgrave Road, West jersey. Hartford, Connecticut. LEECH, JOHN-London School of Economics, 6 Cambrian Road, Richmond, Surrey, England. BUESO-ARIAS, ROBERTO-San Pedro Sula, Honduras, Cen- tral America. WEATHERLY, JOHN R.-University of Virginia, University of Texas, B.A., 1954, LLB., 19573 Phi Kappa Psxg 1260 Rocky River Road, Houston, Texas. , if? if ii A+ :Lg .3 33 4 4 ? f S J Q! in 2 2, ik E 3 3 if J ii 3 s 5 ,,.,W..A J.fg:f,:q:y,,bffM hg1AQ4,f'-LQQLA.,,, ,. . , , , ,,QQ,mi44gi:.:-z . J 1. 2. 7- f ' ' ff g - wyyggfqgm, rf , 'ffzggy 1,w,:s,gX--45, f I lil t RCHJMYWNA -Q-:gg - v l ..g31'-1'-' LIE 3' X Gal' XX X ADAMS, JOHN J.-Denison University, B.A., 1956, Beta Theta Pi, 5407 Matoaka Road, Richmond, Virginia, Omicron Delta Kappa, Law Review. AGEE, THOMAS HARWOOD, JR.-University of Vir- ginia, B.A., 1956, Kappa Sigma, 204 Portland Place, Rich- mond, Virginia. AGELOFF, MIRIAM S. QMRSJ-University of Roches- ter, 1404 Jefferson Park Avenue, Charlottesville, Virginia. ARCARO, HAROLD CONRAD, JR.-Brown University, dence Rhode Island AUTMAN, G. FRANCIS, JR.-Middlebury College B.A., 1954, Theta Chi, 2704 North Harrison Street Wilmington, Delaware BAKER, CHARLES BERTRAM, JR.-Harvard Uni- versity, A.B., 1954, Iroquois Club, 1 University Cir- cle, Charlottesville, Virginia, Sigma Nu Phi. BARRETT, THOMAS PATRICK - University of Virginia, B.A., 1954, Theta Delta Chi, 6 Main Street, Pittsford, New York. B.A., 1956, Phi Kappa Psi, 383 Woodward Road, Provi- , . ' 1 ' -S Ni l ml l iff: alllili nf ,2'3Qi,gEEi' i in r A my folk, Virginia. .4 2 , BECK, JAMES HAYES-Wittenberg College, A.B., 1956, Beta Theta Pi, 2905 Central Parkridge Drive, Canton, Ohio, Barrister, Business Staff, Advertising Manager. BINFORD, FRANK MARSHALL--Emory Univer- sity, B.A., 1956, Kappa Alpha, 407 Howell Street, Thomaston, Georgia, Barrister Staff. BLACK, BENHAM MITCHELL-University of Vir- ginia, B.C.E., 1956, 408 College Circle, Staunton, Virginia, Raven Society, Omicron Delta Kappa, Vice President, Student Legal Research Group, Phi Alpha Delta. BOHANNON, ROBERT LAPOINTE--University of Vir- ginia, B.A., 1956, Beta Theta Pi, 5519 Argall Avenue, Nor- BRADLEY, THOMAS-Dartmouth, B.A., 1953, Phi Del- ta Theta, 1319 30th Street, N.W., Washington, D.C. BRANDON, JAMES RICHARD-Ohio State University, B.A., 1956, Beta Theta Pi, Bowerston, Ohio. BRASFIELD, EVANS BOOKER-University of Virginia, B.A., 1954, St. Anthony Hall, 1757 Sherwood Road, Peters- burg, Virginia, Raven Society, Law Review, Law Weekly, Omicron Delta Kappa. ginia. CLARK, JOHN DOUGLAS - Georgetown, B.S., 1955, Delta Phi Epsilon, 2711 Longstreet Court, Falls Church, Virginia, Law Review, Business Board, Moot Court, Student Assistant, Library, Phi Alpha Delta. COATES, WINSLOW SHELBY, JR.-Yale Univer- sity, B.A., 1952, Fence Club, Bayville, Long Island, New York, Sttrdent Legal Forum, J. B. Moore So- ciety, Phi Alpha Delta. COGRAVE, JOHN EDWARD-University of Vir- ginia, B.A., 1955, 55 Copeley Hill, Charlottesville, Virginia, Delta Theta Phi. BRIGGS, TEMPLETON-Harvard University, B.A., 1956, Fly Club, 6907 East Rancho Vista Drive, Phoenix, Arizona. BURT, WARREN BROOKER-University of Nebraska, B.A., 19565 Phi Delta Theta, 62 Brewster Road, Scarsdale, New York, Delta Theta Phi. CABLER, JAMES ALBERT-Roanoke College, B.A., 19563 Sigma Chi, 4731 N.E. 6th Avenue, Ft. Lauderdale, Flor- ida, Sigma Nu Phi. CAKE, CHARLES OSBORN-Hampden-Sydney College, B.A., B.S., 1956, 4200 North 24th Street, Arlington, Vir- CARTER, FRANKLIN JAMES-Hampden-Sydney B.A., 1956, Phi Kappa Alpha, 322 Winchester Street, Warrenton, Virginia, J. B. Moore, Phi Alpha Delta. CASTLEMAN, LAURISTON, JR.-Princeton Uni- versity, A.B., 1956, Dial Lodge, St. Paul's Rectory, Glen Cove, New York, Law Review, Phi Alpha Delta. CHERIN, ARNOLD M.-University of Michigan, B.A., 1956, Pi Lambda Phi, 15 Dale Drive, Chat- ham, New Jersey. COLT, JAMES D.-Harvard University, A.B., 1954, Wing's Neck, Pocasset, Massachusetts, Student Legal Research Group, J. B. Moore Society, Counselor in Law Hall, Phi Alpha Delta. COOK, JOHN LOURDES-University of Virginia, B.A., 1956, Zeta Psi, 814 Cathedral Street, Baltimore, Maryland, Delta Theta Phi. COOPER, W. AUSTIN-Yale University, B.A., 19561 Hickory Drive, Shelbyville, Tennessee, Law Review, Edi- torial Board, J. B. Moore Society, Moot Court, Barrister, Class Editor, Phi Delta Phi. CRAIG, JOHN CRISMAN - Harvard University, B.A., 1956, 52 Revere Street, Boston, Massachusetts, Law Re- view, Editorial Board, Sigma Nu Phi, CROMWELL, JAMES J.-University of Virginia, B.A., 1956, Beta Theta Pi, 205 West Montgomery Avenue, Rock- ville, Maryland, Student Legal Research Group, Phi Alpha Delta. CROUNSE, DONALD CAMERON-University of Vir- ginia, B.A., 1954, Sigma Nu, 2907 Key Boulevard, Arling- ton, Virginia, Law Review, Business Board, Student Legal Research Group, Delta Theta Phi. DALL, BENJAMIN VICTOR - Yale University, B.S., 1955, M.S., 1956, 307 West Third Street, Mt. Carmel, Pennsylvania. 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ELLINGTON, ELIZABETH R.-Agnes Scott College, B.A., 1954, 207 Tophill Road, San Antonio 9, Texas, Barrister. EARLEY, GUY O., JR.-Hampden-Sydney College, B.S., 1955, Theta Chi, 505 East Beverley Street, Staunton, Vir- ginia, J. B. Moore Society. FEINBERG, DAVID M.-Rutgers University, B.A., 1954, Zeta Beta Tau, 1460 St. George Avenue, Rahway, New FENTON, LAWRENCE W.-University of Virginia, B.A., 1956, Zeta Beta Tau, 510 West 19th Street, Wilmington, Jersey. GENOVESE, ANTHONY STEPHEN-University of Virginia, B.A., 1956, 356-14 Upland Road, Great Neck, New York, Sigma Nu Phi. GILL, THOMAS DEW--University of Virginia, B.A., 1956, St, Elmo Hall, Mathews, Virginia, Phi Alpha Delta. GOEMANS, JOHN WALTER, II-Brown Univer- sity, B.A., 1956, Psi Upsilon, 22901 Roscoe Boule- vard, Canoga Park, California. GOLDEN, JOHN ARTHUR-Cornell University, B.A., 1954, Zeta Beta Tau, 11 Lenox Avenue, Long Branch, New Jersey, Sigma Nu Phi. GOOLRICK, ROBERT MASON-University of Virginia, B.A., 1956, 923 Hanover Street, Fredericksburg, Virginia, Law Review, Editorial Board, Delta Theta Phi, Master of the Ritual. GREENE, THEODORE JAY - Queens College, B.A., 1954, Alpha Epsilon Pi, 138-31 225th Street, Laurelton, New York. GUESS, WALTER EUGENE-College of William and Mary, B.A., 1955, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, 2804 North 23rd Street, Arlington, Virginia, Delta Theta Phi. FORD, JAMES HENRY-Roanoke College, B.A., 1952, Kappa Alpha, 309 Thomas Heights, Martinsville, Virginia, Law Weekly, DICTA Manager, Student Legal Research Group, Phi Alpha Delta. FRAZIER, THOMAS ALEXANDER, JR.-University of Virginia, B.A., 1954, 516 Vine Street, Chattanooga, Ten- nessee, Raven Society, President of First Year Class, Stu- dent Advisory Council, Law Review, Editorial Board, Bar- rister, Class Editor, Phi Delta Phi, Historian. FREEMAN, GEORGE LYNNWOOD, JR.-Virginia Poly- technic Institute, B.S., 1955, Culpepper, Virginia, Law Weekly, Editorial Staff, Student Legal Research Group, Delta Theta Phi. FREEMAN, RICHARD GROUT-Colgate University, B.A., 1953, Beta Theta Pi, 47 Twin Oak Road, Short Hills, New GARDNER, WILLIAM F.-University of Alabama, B.A., 1956, Delta Kappa Epsilon, 34 Fairway Drive, Birmingham, Alabama, Phi Alpha Delta. GARSIDE, GRENVILLE - Princeton University, B.A., 1952, 1148 Fifth Avenue, New York 28, New York, Phi Alpha Delta. GATEWOOD, EDWIN E.-University of Virginia, B.A., 1954, Kappa Alpha, 471 Avondale Drive, Danville, Virginia, Law Review, Business Staff. HALLORAN, JAMES W.--Princeton University, A.B., 1956, Quadrangle Club, 216 Vestavia Court, Birmingham, Alabama, Phi Alpha Delta. HANAN, TIMOTHY ADAMS-Williams College, B.A., 1956Q Delta Kappa Epsilon: 538 Bayview Avenue, Doug- laston, New York. 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III-Hampden-Sydney College, B.A., B.S., 1957, Chi Phi, 2018 Stuart Avenue, Richmond, Virginia. MANKOFF, ALLAN H.-University of Pennsylvania, Bard College, BA 1957' Pi Lambda Phi' 321 Sunset Avenue Ashu Park New ' 's 1 a 9 ry 9 Jersey. MANN, ORVILLE H., JR.-Princeton University, A.B., 19573 Cannon Club, North Broadway, Upper Nyack, New York. MARTIN, WILLIAM D.-Roanoke College, Smithfield, Virginia. MASHBURN, WILLIAM OHIN--Yale University, B.A., 1957, 750 Crevelingo Lane, Cincinnati, Ohio. MEAD, WILLIAM G.-Amherst College, B.A., 1954, Chi Phi, 22 Willow Street, Brooklyn 1, New York. MILLER, ANDREW P.-Princeton University, A.B., 1954, Dial Lodge, 1534 Oxford Road, Charlottesville, Virginia. MILLER, HARVEY C.-Williams Collegeg 1,03 Adelaide Rd., Man- chester, Connecticut. MORGAN, HELEN H.-Duke University, A.B., 19573 216 Shef- fey Street, Box 681, Marion, Virginia. MOYLES, PHILIP VINCENT-Mount Saint Marys College, A.B., 1954, 299 Garfield Place, Brooklyn, New York. MUIRHEAD, E. RUST-Trinity College, B.A., 1956, St. Anthony Hall, 63 Kenwood Road, Grosse Points Farms, Michigan. MURPHY, WILLIAM TAYLOE-Hampden-Sydney College, B.A., 19553 Kappa Sigma, Warsaw, Virginia. NACHMAN, ERWIN B.-University of Virginia, B.S., 1956, Alpha Epsilon Pi, 317 67th Street, Newport News, Virginia. OAKEY, JOHN MARTIN-University of Virginia, B.A., 19573 Sigma Alpha Epsilon, 2805 Crystal Spring Avenue, Roanoke, Vir- ginia. O'KEEFE, DANIEL FRANCIS, JR.-University of Virginia, B.A., 1957, Sigma Chi, 4050 52nd Street NW, Washington, D.C. O'NEIL, DANIEL EDWIN, III-Michigan State University, B.A., 1957, Lambda Chi Alpha, 1042 Greenwood Avenue, Wilmette, Illi- nois. OVERTON, DABNEY, JR.-University of Virginia, Chi Phi, War- saw, Virginia. OWENS, ROBERT M.-University of Pennsylvania, A.B., 1957, Phi Sigma Kappa, 141 Dixon'Street, Bridgeport, Connecticut. PARKER, CLARENCE W., JR.-Roanoke College, B.A., 1957, Pi Kappa Phi, 1909 Tenth Street, N.W., Roanoke, Virginia. PAYNE, BOBBY S.-University of North Carolina, B.A., 1955, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, 3145 Ellwood Avenue, Richmond, Virginia. PERKINS, STEPHEN L.-University of Maine, Sigma Phi Epsilon, 89 Center Street, Bangor, Maine, Dean's List. PHILLIPS, JOHN D., JR.-Princeton University, B.A., 1957, Can- non Club, Forest Hills, Wheeling, West Virginia. PILARO, ANTHONY M.-University of Virginia, B.A., 1957, Phi Kappa Alpha, 114 Wood Street, Lynbrook, New York. PLEASANT, ROBERT VV.-University of Richmond, B.A., 1957, 4315 King Street, Portsmouth, Virginia. PRINCE, SYDNEY R., III-Princeton University, A.B., 1955, Can- non Club, Bonsecours Farm, Derwoocl, Maryland. PURCELL, MARTIN A.-University of Virginia, B.A., 1957, St. Elmo Hall, Indian Harbor Yacht Club, Greenwich, Connecticut, Raven Society, Omicron Delta Kappa. QUAYLE, HAROLD, JR.-University of Virginia, B.A., 1955, Phi Kappa Alpha, 621 Butler Avenue, Suffolk, Virginia. 1 859 14th Street, Newport News, Virginia. REID, RUST ENDICOTT-University of Virginia, B.A., 1954, Alpha Tau Omega, 2514 S.W. Vista Avenue, Portland, Oregon. REMICK, NATHANIEL F.-University of Virginia, B.A., 19555 Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Smithfield, Virginia. ROE, JOHN J., III-Brown University, A.B., 1957, Sigma Nu, 22 Hillside Avenue, Blue Point, New York. ROSEN, RICHARD M.-Dartmouth College and Amos Tuck School, A.B., M.B.A., 1956, 19573 Pi Lambda Phi, Box 591, South Falls- burg, New York. SACKS, JOHN H.-University of Virginia, B.A., 1957, Phi Epsilon Pi, 904 Grayson Street, Norfolk, Virginia, Dean's List. ST. CLAIR, JAMES W.-University of Virginia, B.A., 1957, Sigma Nu, 526 11th Avenue, Huntington, West Virginia, Dean's List. ST. JOHN, ANTHONY P.-University of Virginia, Phi Sigma Kappa, 1605 35th Street, Washington, D.C. SCHWARTZ, DAVID L.-Columbia College, Columbia University, ABE 1957, Alpha Epsilon Pi, 1705 Taylor Avenue, New York, New or . RABINOWITZ, RALPH-University of Virginia, Alpha Epsilon Pi, SHACKELFORD, CARROLL K.-Vassar, A.B., 1940, Brampton Orange, Virginia. 215 Colony Road, New Haven, Connecticut. Alpha Epsilon Pi, 102 Woodside Village, Stamford, Connecticut. SIMPSON, HENRY E.--Vanderbilt, B.A., 1956, Sigma Alpha Ep- silon, 26 Ridge Drive, Birmingham, Alabama. SINGER, JAMES W., III-Harvard University, B.A., 1957, Owl Club, 31 Crestwood Drive, Clayton, Missouri. SMITH, LLOYD T., JR.--University of Virginia, B.A., 1955, Sigma Nu, 1715 Varina Avenue, Petersburg, Virginia. SMITH, NATHAN H.-University of Louisville, A.B., 1954, 78 Maple Drive, Youngstown, Ohio. SNEAD, CHARLES D., JR.-Lehigh University, B.S., 1953, Theta Delta Chi, 2755 East Avenue, Rochester, New York. STANTON, MARK L.-Columbia College, A.B., 1957, Zeta Beta Tau, 1022 Rose Street, Plainfield, New Jersey. 1 SHIFF, ALAN H.--Yale University, B.A., 1957, Phi Gamma Delta, SILVER, RICHARD A.-University of Pennsylvania, A.B., 1957, STARR, IRA M.-Rutgers University, A.B., 1957, Zeta Beta Tau, 7 Romaine Court, Hackensack, New Jersey. STEELE, SIEGFRIED W.-University of Virginia, B.A., 1954, Delta Upsilon, 300 Carey Street, Lakewood, New Jersey. STEIN, CHARLES F., III-Princeton University, A.B., 1955, Tower Club, 17 Midvale Road, Baltimore, Maryland. STENNIS, JOHN H.-Princeton University, A.B., 1957, Quadrangle Club, 3609 Cumberland Street, Washington, D.C. TRAUB, STEPHEN I.fUniversity of Connecticut, B.A., 1956, Alpha Gamma Rho, 253 Seaside Avenue, Milford, Connecticut. THOMAS, JAMES R., JR.-University of Virginia, B.S., 1957, St. Elmo, 2533 Nottingham Road, Roanoke, Virginia. TREADWAY, JOHN L.-Yale University, B.A., 1955, 70 Norwood Road, West Hartford, Connecticut. TYLER, JOHN B.-Marietta College, B.A., 1957, Lambda Chi Alpha, 1480 Cross Highway, Fairfield, Connecticut. UNGER, ANTHONY M.--University of Pennsylvania, A.B., 1955, 218 South Ferguson Street, Shenandoah, Pennsylvania. WALL, F. BARRY-University of North Carolina, B.A., 1955: Alpha Tau Omega, 54 Hawthorne Road, Salem, Virginia. WALLACH, EDWARD S.-Columbia University, A.B., 1957, Beta Sigma Phi, 259 Garden City Road, Franklin Square, Long Island, New York. WEBSTER, ROBERT K.-Princeton University, A.B., 1955, 151 Chestnut Street, Englewood, New Jersey. WENTWORTH, CHARLES C.-University of Virginia, B.A., 19553 Sigma Pi, 110 Altadena Drive, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. WENTWORTH, PAUL V.-Yale University, B.A., 1957, Beta Theta Pi, 5850 Ault Park Avenue, Cincinnati, Ohio. WETZLER, MONTE E.-Brown University, A.B., 19573 975 Park Avenue, New York, New York. WHITE, ALLEN K.-University of Virginia, B.A., 1957, Phi Delta Theta, 411 Altamont Street, Charlottesville, Virginia. WHITE, JOSEPH W.-Hampden-Sydney College, B.S., 1954, Kappa Alpha, 518 Lee Street, Richlands, Virginia. WHITEHEAD, JOSEPH M.-University of Richmond, B.A., 19573 Kappa Alpha, Halifax Road, Chatham, Virginia. WILCOX, PHILIP A.-Northwestern State College of Louisiana, B.A., 1957, Sigma Tau Gamma, 64 Washington Road, Pittsford, New York. WILES, ROBERT B.-University of Virginia, B.A., 1954, 2529 Marston Lane, Flossmoor, Illinois. WOHL, RONALD G.-Syracuse University, A.B., 1956, Zeta Beta Tau, 251 Kings Point Road, Great Neck, New York. WOLFE, ROBERT I.-University of Vermont, B.S., 1957, Phi Sigma Delta, 95 Roger Road, New Haven, Connecticut. WURTZEL, PAUL A.-University of Rochester, A.B., 1957, Delta Upsilon, 166 Hiah Street, Perth Amboy, New Jersey. VEST, GEORGE B., JR.-University of Virginia, B.S., 19553 Chi Phi, 5005 Linnean Avenue, Washington, D.C. VOGEL, LAURENCE-Brooklyn College, A.B., 1957, Alpha Ep- silon Pi, 720 Lenox Road, Brooklyn, New York. YOUNG, STUART B.-Williams College, B.A., 1957, Beta Theta Pi, Rock Manor, Wilmington, Delaware. ZEHMER, EDWARD E.-University of Virginia, B.S., 1952, Delta Upsilon, McKenney, Virginia. N 01 Pictured THIRD YEAR HAUS, WILLIAM C.-Amherst College, B.A., 1950, Phi Gamma Delta, 2 Shadow Lawn, Brattleboro, Vermont, Vice Chairman, Second Year Class, Historian, Third Year Class, Student Advisory Council, J. B. Moore So- ciety, Sigma Nu Phi, Chancellor. SECOND YEAR ALEXANDER, FRED C., JR.-University of Virginia, B.A., 1954, Beta Theta Pi, 2025 Bucknell Avenue, Charlotte, North Carolina, University Student Council, Student Advisory Council: Law Weekly, Editorial Staff, Reading Guide, Phi Alpha Delta. BREEDEN, EDWARD L., III-Hampden-Sydney College, B.S., 1956, 1301 Harmott Avenue, Norfolk, Virginia. BROWN, PHILIP T.-William and Mary College, B.A., 1954, Pi Kappa Alpha, 614 Boulevard, Westfield, New Jersey, Omicron Delta Kappa. BULLOCK, JOHN M.-University of Michigan, B.A., 1954, Delta Tau Delta, 2401 Ingleside Place, Cincinnati, Ohio, Law Weekly, Student Legal Research Group, Moot Court, Phi Alpha Delta. JOHNSON, WALKLEY E., JR.-University of Virginia, B.S., 1956, 4633 Leonard Parkway, Richmond, Virginia. MORRISON, KENNETH W.--University of Virginia, B.S., 1956, Old Trent's Ferry Road, Lynchburg, Virginia, Law Review, Business Board, Reading Guide, Moot Court. PARSONS, WILLIAM C., JR.-Vanderbilt University, B,A., 19553 909 West 7th Street, Columbia, S. C. POWELL, WAYNE E.-University of Virginia, Theta Chi, Tyro, Virginia, Law Review, Business Board, Law Weekly, Business Board, Phi Delta Phi. SEDBERRY, CHARLES H.-North Carolina State Col- lege, B.Ch.E., 1952, 531 North Boundary Street, Salisbury, North Carolina, Law Review, Editorial Board, Law Weekly, Business Staff, Phi Delta Phi. SORTOR, KATHERINE M.-Smith College, B.A., 1955, 38 Chapel Street, New London, Connecticut. STRONG, MAURICE L., JR.-Harvard College, A.B., 1954, 1261 Beaconsfield Avenue, Grosse Pointe, Michigan, Delta Theta Phi. TAYLOR, RUSH W., JR.-Harvard College, A.B., 1954, P.O. Box 739, Crockett, Texas, Phi Alpha Delta. UNDERWOOD, MALCOLM S.--University of Virginia, B.A,, 1951, Kappa Alpha Order, 3413 Plymouth Place, Lynchburg, Virginia, Vice Chairman, First Year Class, Law Review, Business Board, Moot Court, Sigma Nu Phi. WAINWRIGHT, JOHN T.-Princeton University, B.A., 1956, 3601 Bayview Road, Coconut Grove, Florida, J. B. Moore Society. WARNER, LAWRENCE A.-University of Virginia, B.A., 1956, St. Anthony Hall, Glenwood Place, Vicksburg, Mis- sissippi, Phi Alpha Delta. WELD, CHRISTOPHER M.-Harvard College, B.A., 1954, Porcellian Club, Beverly Farms, Massachusetts, Law Weekly, Moot Court, Sigma Nu Phi. WILLARD, CHARLES L., III-University of Virginia, B.A., 1956, Chi Psi, 711 Prospect Street, New Haven, Connecticut, Sigma Nu Phi. WOODS, THEODORE K., JR.-University of Virginia, B.A., 1956, St. Anthony Hall, Echo Hill, Charlottesville, Virginia, Phi Alpha Delta. FIRST YEAR ACKERLY, JOHN P., III-University of Virginia, B.A., 1957, Phi Kappa Sigma, 616 Henri Road, Richmond, Vir- ginia, Omicron Delta Kappa. ARCHER, JOHN M.--Virginia Military Institute, B.A., 1954, Kappa Alpha, 501 West Johnson Street, Staunton, Virginia. BAIRD, W. BRUCE-University of Louisville, A.B., 1957, Delta Upsilon, 2517 Cherokee Parkway, Louisville, Ken- tucky, Omicron Delta Kappa. BAKER, H. BROOKS-Trinity College, B.A., 19573 Psi Upsilon, 2101 Connecticut Avenue, Washington, D.C. BERSCH, ROBERT S.-University of Virginia, B.S., 1957, Theta Delta Chi, 4438 Gorman Drive, Lynchburg, Virgin- ia, Omicron Delta Kappa. BLAUGRUND, JAY R.-Yale University, B.A., 833 West State Street, Trenton, New Jersey. BUCKINGHAM, RONALD T.-University of Virginia, B.A., 1957, 310 St. David's Lane, Richmond, Virginia, Dean's List. CAMERON, ALAN L.-Cornell, B.A., 1957, 220 Thack- ery Road, Rochester, New York. CHEYNEY, JOHN W.-Syracuse University, A.B., 1957, Delta Kappa Epsilon, 171 South Long Beach Avenue, Freeport, New York. CROSSMAN, PATRICK F.-Yale University, B.A., 1954, St. Elmo, 1088 Park Avenue, New York, New York. FISHER, PETER R.-Harvard College, A.B., 1954, Bay- view Avenue, Bayview, New York. FOULK, GERALD C.-University of Virginia, B.A., 1956, St. Elmo Hall, R.D. No. 1, Wilmington, Delaware. GRYMES, ROBERT P. JR.-University of Virginia, B.S., 1957, Kappa Alpha, 1711 Grove Avenue, Richmond, Vir- ginia, HAHN, ARTHUR R.-Harvard College, A.B., 1957, 8 Juniper Road, Wellesley, Massachusetts. MCCOSTIS, RICHARD M.--Dartmouth College, A.B., 1953, Alpha Delta Phi, 68 Manchester Street, Nashua, New Hampshire. MARTIN, CARROLL, JR.-Emory 8: Henry College, B.A., 1957, Phi Gamma Phi, 123 Locust Street, Warrenton, Virginia. MENOWITZ, FREDERICK A.-University of Virginia, B.A., 1957, Alpha Epsilon Pi, 1345 Harbor Road, Hewlett Harbor, New York, Dean's List. OSTERHOUDT, CHARLES H.-University of Virginia, B.A., 1958, Delta Upsilon, RFD 1, Stone Ridge, Va. . .sa ff:SiQlif5r:. 1 L: J 'If ,V- V If iz? zh"'W'IR?M E W , 3 . ,Q 152 1 ,mm affiigkis-1 ., fx , H M R, A. 'Y' Q Km .. , 0 R I V Z G A N A ANDT Al C T N ,s V I T I E STUDENT ADVISORY COUNCIL Firxt row: Williams, Vest, Devine, Sachs, Coppeto. Second row: Slayton, Zanelli, Oram, Leisure, Peters, Kaplan. Third row: Salladin, Mearns, Otis, deButts, Berney, Edwards, Corson. FALL 1957 Donald W. Devine Leonard B. Sachs Barbara A. Coppeto George G. Vest, IV Henry W. Williams, jr. Phillips S. Peter Franklin M. Slayton jay Corson Peter Johnson Peter K. Leisure William E. Reams, jr. William R. Edwards Edward A. Mearns, jr. Charles L. Saunders Thomas C. Matthews, Jr. M. L. B. Kaplan John S. Burr Thomas Otis Richard C. Sallidin john C. Oram George R. Aldhizer, jr. Henry M. deButts Henry W. Williams, jr. Bart T. Zanelli President of the Law School Vice Pretident Secretary Treasurer Hirtorian Chairman of Second Year Clair Vice Chairman Chairman Firrt Year Clan' Vice Chairman Reprefentatire Uriiverrily Student Council Repre.re1zta1izf'e Univerrity Student Council Reprerentatiffe Unizferrity judiciary Cornnz Chairman Student Curriculum Comm. Editor, VIRGINIA LAW REVIEW Editor, VIRGINIA LAW WEEKLY Editor, BARRISTER Prefident Student Legal Forum Preridenl Student Legal Refearch Editor, READING GUIDE Prexident, john Bassett Moore Society Dean, Delta Theta Phi fuftice, Phi Alpha Delta Magifter, Phi Delta Phi Chancellor, Sigma Nu Phi SPRING 1958 John C. Oram, jr. Allan A. Diamonstein Lucy M. Moeling Karl W. O'Conner John L. Glover John C. Dew Donald C. O'Brien, jr. joseph Whitehead Thomas Herlihy Fred Alexander Ned Slaughter Arthur Berney Edward A. Mearns, jr. Charles L. Saunders Thomas C. Matthews, Jr. M. L. B. Kaplan John S. Burr Thomas Otis Richard C. Sallidin john S. Oram William E. Barr Henry M. deButts Henry W. Williams, jr. William C. Haus STUDENT ADVISORY COUNCIL The Student Advisory Council is a permanently established group providing regulation and guidance in the use of Law School facilities. It is composed of the class officers, the heads of the various Law School organizations, and the Law School Student Council and Judiciary Committee representatives. Jurisdiction of the S.A.C. does not extend to problems arising under the Honor Code but is confined to the promotion and coordination of student ac- tivities within the Law School, and to cooperation with the faculty in sounding student reaction to proposed changes in administration policies. , During the 1957-58 school year, the S.A.C. was responsible for the activities pamphlet for the First Year Class, promotion of four successful Law School dances and orientation of the First Year Class. The voting and administration of the class gift was handled by a committee appointed by the S.A.C. THE BARRIS TER Firrt raw: Bunting, Rutter, Moeling, Kaplan, Coppeto, Merchant. Second raw: Devine, Fulton, Mor- gan, Ellington, Johns. Third row: Berney, Cooper, W. A.g Wentworth, J. V., Baumer, Frazier. The BARRISTER is devoted to an exposition of every phase of Law School activity. It devotes sections to the faculty, classes, organizations and activities, and Legal frater- nities. The emphasis is equally divided between the formal, as represented, for example, by the faculty, and the candid, as represented by fraternities. Through this medium an attempt is made to preserve life in the Law School for the future. The BARRISTER was originally begun as the private project of the Sigma Nu Phi Legal Fraternity as a result of a suggestion by Dean Ribble. The second issue of the book was published by a staff made up of volunteers. Presently the BARRISTER operates as a non-stock corporation and its membership is open to any student desiring to work on it. This is the third year of publication. The BARRISTER derives revenues from three sources: subscriptions from the stu- dents, contributions from Law School organizations and fraternities, and outside ad- vertising. Of these student subscriptions by far make up the greater part of the BAR- RISTER's income. The BARRISTER is devoted to each and every student and without the support of the student body publication would become impossible. Therefore every student is urged to subscribe and support this publication. The BARRISTER wishes especially to express its sincerest appreciation to the Law Wives Club and to Mrs. Philip Elliott of the Law Wives Committee for their untiring efforts in the preparation of manuscripts and for their generosity, and able and willing cooperation in so many other ways, without which this publication would be impossible. We also wish to express our appreciation to our faculty advisor Professor A. I. G. Priest. We sincerely hope that your enjoyment of this issue of the BARRISTER, 1958, is com- mensurate with the staff's satisfaction derived from its compilation and organization. THE BARRISTER, INC. Michael L. B. Kaplan, Chairman john F. Merchant C. Arthur Rutter, jr. THE BARRISTER BUSINESS BOARD EDITORIAL BOARD Buriners Manager, John F. Merchanfc 5i1f0"f.M-EIitB- IELPQUR tt J Ad - - M .J H- B anagzng. 1 or,- . . u er, r. Wmimg mage' James ec Orgarzizazzom Edztor, Barbara Coppeto BUSINESS STAFF Clarxe: Edilor, Joseph Hilton 'Erwin H. Baumer Firrt Year Clan Edizorr, John Fulton, Helen Morgan Wright Hugus, jr. Second Year Clan Editorr, T. A. Frazier, jr., W. A. Cooper Paul V. Wentworth Third Year Clam Edilor, John Johns Farully Editor, Elizabeth R. Ellington Sport: Edizor, Richard E. Dixon Plaoiograpby Editor, William L. Bunting, Ir. Art Editor, Charles Robinson EDITORIAL STAFF Arthur L. Berney, Donald W. Devine, Collin M. Dillon, David N. Hobson, Lucy M. Moeling, Howard C. Sweet. VIRGINIA LAW REVIEW Fir-rt row: Willey, Powers, Mearns, Wellford, Abeles, Saunders, DeLoache, Williams, Hochberg, Matthews, Berney. Serond raw: Whitaker, Taylor, McKee, Landess, Baird, Atkin, Howard, Adams, Lustig, Frazier. Third row: Neville, Lilley, Waller, Edwards, Parker, Purcell, Hoover, L. H., Craig, Castleman, Pearce, Horsley. Fourth row: Salladin, Tranakos, Marcus, Goolrick, Slaughter, Brasfield, Sedberry, Rodgers, O. L., Cooper, W. A., Peter, Underwood, Hampton, Crounse, Sigal. The Virginia Law Review serves the legal profession in two ways, it keeps the busy practitioner abreast of new developments in the law, and it functions as a research tool for the solution of legal problems. Responsibility for publishing is entirely in the hands of law students, and much of the material published is written by members of the Edito- rial Board in the form of Notes, dealing with a phase of the law, and Decisions, dis- secting a recent case of unique interest decided by one of the nation's courts. The Review functions most significantly as a forum in which members of the bar, professors, or laymen, experts in some phase of the law, may express themselves in Articles dealing with the particular phase, trend, or concept of the law. Shorter Comments are also pre- pared by professional and lay contributors, as are reviews of books of interest to the legal profession. The Review is presently in its forty-fourth volume. The oldest law review in the South, it is one of only seven in the Nation which publish eight times a year. Membership on the Editorial Board of the Review is initially based on an individual's academic standing which entitles him to compete for membership. Selection at the end of the six week "try-out" is made solely on the basis of aptitude as demonstrated by the work submitted, and not on a fixed number of "vacancies, existing. At present, there are seven editors, thirty-six mem- bers of the Editorial Board, and fourteen members of the Business Board. Henry W. Williams, jr., Exeruti Charles C. Abeles, Nolef Edilor Murry H. Falk, Derifiom Editor john J. Adams James B. Atkin Charles S. Baird Arthur L. Berney Evans B. Brasfield Lauriston Castleman, Jr. W. Austin Cooper John C. Craig William R. Edwards Thomas A. Frazier, jr. Robert M. Goolrick Bayard Z. Hochberg EDITORIAL BOARD Charles L. Saunders, jr., Editor oe Editor Lawrence H. Hoover, jr. Waller H. Horsley A. E. Dick Howard Fred S. Landess Albert F. Lilley Wayne Lustig Thomas C. Matthews, Jr. Peter K. McKee William V. Neville, Jr. Thomas Otis Jesse B. R. Parker Owen B. Pearce BUSINESS BOARD Edward A. Mearns, Jr., Arlicler Editor Michel DeLoache, N oter Editor Alexander Wellford, Va. Section Edilor Phillips S. Peter William R. Powers, III John R. Purcell O. Livingston Rodgers George R. St. John Richard C. Salladin Charles H. Sedberry Edward R. Slaughter, Jr. Samuel B. Taylor, Jr. George G. Vest, IV William A. Waller Howard W. Whitaker, jr. Edward E. Willey, jr., Burinerr Manager Verne C. Hampton, II, Arforiate Burinerr Manager Stuart P. jay, Adrertiring Manager Stuart Brunet john D. Clark Donald C. Crounse Edwin E. Gatewood, Jr. Richard A. Marcus Kenneth W. Morrison Wayne E. Powell Matthew H. Stander Arthur P. Tranakos Malcolm S. Underwood William M. Wilson VIRGINIA LAW WEEKLY Fir.rt row: Ford, J., Flanagan, Euler, Phipps, Diamonstein, Matthews, Sigal, Pettus, Bunting, Rand, Bradley, C. Second row: Stott, Slaughter, Abeles, Hochberg, McMullan, Pettus, Walton, Coppeto, Tauber. Third row: Alexander, Taylor, J. H., Harrison, Trotter, Clarkson, Burt, Clovis, Dixon, Rutter, Reams. H. Foster Pettit Anociate Editor Charles A. Bradley, Newt Editor Charles Robinson Senior Editor EDITORIAL BOARD Thomas C. Matthews, Jr. Editor Benjamin K. Phipps II Managing Editor III Jack Rand Feature: Editor Thomas W. Pettus, Jr. Senior Editor Bayard Z. Hochberg Dicta Editor Barbara A. Coppeto Alumni Editor Marc Jacobson Senior Editor L. Martin Flanagan William L. Bunting, Jr. Anixtant Dicta Editor Photography Editor BUSINESS BOARD Alan A. Diamonstein Burirzen' Manager Stuart Bruner Kenneth S. Euler Arrociate Bu:ine.r.r Manager Adoerzii-ing Manager Gerald P. Sigal James F. McMu1lan Treasurer Circulation Manager Jesse S. Vogtle Afforiate Adnertiring Manager EDITORIAL STAFF C. C. Abeles, F. C. Alexander, Jr., E. B. Brasfielcl, D. C. Clovis, R. E. Dixpn, G. L. Freeman, Jr., W. K. Harrison, J. J. Hughes, W. V. Neville, Jr., E. J. Rafal, W. D. Reams, Jr., C. A. Rutter, Jr., E. R. Slaughter, Jr., F. M. Slayton, J. H. Taylor, Jr., B. R. Tauber, M. L. Walton, III, Special Correspondent, John W. Sause, Jr. BUSINESS STAFF J. B. Atkin, J. B. Bernhardt, J. M. Bullock, W. B. Burt, J. E. Clarkson, H. Davis, T. A. Frazier, Jr., D. S. Mackall, III, W. E. Powell, C. H. Sedberry, W. C. Stott, Jr., H. S. Trotter. For the second year in succession the Virginia Law Weekly, the Law School's news- paper, won the national A.L.S.A. award for the best law school newspaper throughout the country. The paper was founded in 1948 in order to better report the news from with- in the portals of Clark Hall. It also contains feature articles written by editorial staff members which deal with various problems both directly and indirectly affecting the legal field. Furthermore, contributions from interested and prominent alumni are frequently published. Unique to the Law Weekly is the DICTA column which appears in every issue. A specific legal field is explored each year with leading authorities in the selected subject contributing their views. These articles are then published every week. The topic of dis- cussion this year was "Administrative Law." Since lawyers are expected to be able to clearly express themselves through the written word, the Law Weekly offers valuable experience in expository writing. Administrative experience is also available by achieving a position on the Board through a spring compe- tition. Selection of these individuals is based primarily on interest, journalistic ability and scholarship. l THE READING GUIDE Firrt row: Zanelli, Powers, Goldstein, Sachs, Torrance. Second row: Merchant, Burt, Devine, Yawn, Alexander, Sweet, Vest, Waller, Hughes. Third row: Weinberg, Mearns, Johnson, W. C., Snyder, Elliott, Rutter, Lustig, Christopher. The READING GUIDE, published six times throughout the academic year, is- a pub- lication which reviews books concerned with economic, social and political questions of significance in the development of public policy and law. Currently in its thirteenth vol- ume, the GUIDE has a circulation of some one thousand copies. It is sent to all law li- braries, students, alumni, and many state and federal judges. A typical issue consists of approximately fourteen student reviews coupled with two longer reviews by outside con- tributors. All students of the Law School are eligible to try out for the GUIDE. The Editorial Staff and Board now consist of forty students. Professor Laurens H. Rhinelander is 'Faculty Advisor. john J. Adams Fred C. Alexander, Jr. Warren B. Burt Lauriston Castleman, jr. Stanley P. Christopher, III Terry H. Davis, Jr. Donald W. Devine Philip H. Elliott, Jr. Murray H. Falk Grenville Garside Oscar A. Gottscho Howard D. Hermansdorfer Joseph Hilton Joseph J. Hughes William C. Johnson, Jr. Richard G, Salladin ..... ................ . ....... E dilw' Wayne Lustig Frederick Goldstein ...... ....... E xecutire Edilor Hobart A, Mcwhoffef, jf Leonard B. Sachs ...... ....... A .uociale Edilor Edward A, Mearns, jf, Edwin G. Torrance ,.,,,, ......, A :Jociote Editor john F,M.-51-chant John C. Oram, jr. ........................ Arrociote Editor Kenneth W, Morrison William R. Powers, III ......,. Contribution: Editor George E. Peterson Carroll A. Rutter, Jr. Charles I.. Saunders, jr. Thomas L. Snyder Howard C. Sweet, jr. George G. Vest, IV William A. Waller Jay M. Weinberg Francis T. Wheeler, II Howard W. Whitaker, Ir Henry W. Williams, Jr. McDonald Yawn Bart T. Zanelli UNIVERSITY STUDENT COUNCIL AND JUDICIARY REAMS, LEISURE BERNEY, EDWARDS Under the new constitution the Student Council functions to regulate student activities and organizations, to act in an advisory capacity to the President of the Universityg and to investigate cases of student misconduct and to refer them to the judiciary Committee. STUDENT CURRICULUM COMMITTEE This year, as it has each year since 1947, the Student Curri- culum Committee operated as liaison between the student body and the Faculty Curriculum Committee in matters involving new courses, seminars, size of classes, and class and examination schedules. Among the specific recommendations made by the group over the past semester were that: Agency and Partnership be made an elective courseg the number of hours given over to the basic tax course be increasedg the Law School seriously consider the adoption of the Quarter Systemg a general course in investments and securities, dealing with the subject in its nonregulatory as- pects, be offeredg and a course in the Law of Natural Resources be added to the present curriculum. Sealed: Delloache, Mearns, Bradley. Slazzdizzgf Otis, Neville Slayton, Hugus, Snyder. STUDENT LEGAL RESEARCH GROUP Firrz 1-ow: Harrison, Diamonstein, Clarkson, Salomon, Sinclair. Second row: Glover, Cooper, L. G., Phipps, Cromwell, Walton, Christopher, Pettus, Crounse. Third row: Burr, Elliott, Archer, F. M. Ford, I., Willard, S.C., Willard, C. L., Freeman, G. L. Fourth row: Norton, Chichester, Moore, A. C., Martin, Cox, P. E., Yerger, Grim, McWhorter, Hermansdorfer. The Student Legal Research Group exists for those second and third year students who are qualified and who wish not only to serve the legal community but also to obtain a valuable glimpse of what they may very well be doing upon first entering that community. The Group is a non-profit organization which charges for its services only typing costs and such additional administrative costs as the individual projects may require. The services of the group are restricted to the preparation of legal memoranda for licensed attorneys. The present policy discourages requests for general surveys of law limiting the efforts of the Group primarily to the research of specific questions of law actually arising in the requesting attorney's practice. Although the Group prepares memoranda for a large num- ber of Virginia attorneys its services are in no way restricted to the local scene. Requests have been accepted from attorneys practicing in substantially all the states and territories as well as some foreign countries. The Group even has on file a request for the construc- tion of an Algerian death by wrongful act statute. Since its inception in early 1947 the Group has grown from two members, who pre- pared nine memoranda during the first year, to over thirty members who during the year, 1957, produced approximately 130 memoranda. Thomas Otis ,.............. ,..,....... ...............,...........,...... P r widen! john E. Clarkson fFall '57J ............ Adminiymzzfive Director William C. Preston fSpring '58D ..., Adminirzmzive Director Roderick D. Sinclair ..............,...............,....,,...,,.. Director Ferdinand S. Salomon ...... ....,.. .... D i realm' john L. Glover .............. .,.,. D irerzor William K. Harrison Howard D. Hermansdorfer joseph Hilton Hobart A. McWhorter, jr. Harwood Martin, Jr. Charles E. Mosher Albert C. Moore William V. Neville, Ir. Stephan Nolan Lewis F. Norton Thomas W. Pettus, Jr. Ben K. Phipps, jr. Williazn C. Preston Charles Robinson John W. Sause, Jr. Morgan L. Walton, III Charles L. Willard Stephen C. Willard W. Swan Yerger MEMBERS Frank M. Archer Benham Black John M. Bullock John S. Burr Randolph B. Chichester Stanley P. Christopher III james Colt James J. Cromwell Edward T. Durant Lenox G. Cooper Phillip E. Cox Donald C. Crounse Alan A. Diamonstein Philip H. Elliott, jr. James H. Ford George P. Freeman john L. Glover Frederick Goldstein I. Lawrence Grim, jr. STUDENT LEGAL FORUM First raw: Mearns, Clarkson, Burr, Warlick, Pettit. Second row: Howard, Leisure, Clovis, Yerger, Horsley. Tlazd row: Cooper, L. G., Slaughter, Coates, Rivers, G. I.. B., Velde, Peter. The Student Legal Forum occupies a unique and important position among the varied extracurricular organizations in the Law School. The purpose of the Forum is to provide a platform from which distinguished men, lay and professional, may speak on timely national and international issues of general interest. Forum presentations are not always directly related to the subject of law and are open to the entire University and the Char- lottesville community. The 1957-58 programs touched a variety of topics ranging from "Congressional Com- mittee Investigationn to "The Kohler Strike." One highlight of the year was the Decem- ber appearance of Senator jacob K. javits before a panel of newspapermen. More than five hundred people came to Cabell Hall to hear Senator javits discuss and answer questions on pending civil rights legislation. Representative Wilbur Mills, Chairman of the House Ways and Means Committee, was similarly well received when, in April, he examined in- equities in the Federal Income Tax. Other noteworthy speakers included: State Senator Ted Dalton, Republican candidate for Governor of Virginia, Governor Howard Pyle, Ad- ministrative Assistant to President Eisenhower, Edward Bennett Williams, prominent Washington trial lawyer, L. L. Smith, Vice President of the Kohler Companyg and In- spector William C. Sullivan of the Federal Bureau of Investigation. The Student Legal Forum was founded in 19-47g its members are all second and third year law students. A faculty advisory committee, composed of Dean F. D. G. Ribble and Professors Charles O. Gregory and Hardy C. Dillard, assists the Forum in selecting topics and procuring speakers. Thomas Bradley Stanley P. Christopher, III David C. Clovis Winslow S. Coates, Jr. Lenox G. Cooper Waller H. Horsley A. E. Dick Howard 'Edward M. Kennedy Fred S. Lancless Edward A, Mearns, jr. Donal C. O'Brien, Jr. Phillips S. Peter Richard C. Salladin Charles L. Saunders, Jr. john W. Sause Garret Schenck Edward R. Slaughter, Ir. Franklin M. Slayton J. Varrick Tunney Karl H. Velde, Jr. Hulon O. Warlick William S. Yerger J john Shepard Burr . Prerfderzf H. Foster Pettit ....... ....... V ire Preyidenz Peter K. Leisure ........ ,..,.........,.,..., S ecremry John E. Clarkson ............. ......,... T repzruver fFallj G. L. Buist Rivers, Jr. .... ....... T mzrm-er CSpringj MOOT COURT First row: Diamonstein, Adkin, Cox, I., Flanagan, Goldstein, Powers, Roth, Sachs, Vest, McKee, Saloman, Clarkson, Edwards, Millard, Pettit. Second row: Baird, Mearns, Barr, Biondi, Devine, Heard, Willard, C., Carter, F., Hare, Christopher, Torrance, Cromwell, Hughes, Crounse, Lewis, Grim, Kaplan. Third row: Chichester, Salladin, Slayton, Brasfield, Eggleston, deButts, Rutter, Sweet, Lustig, Black, Gill, Slaughter, Stott, Watkinson, Arcaro, Walton. Fourth raw: Landess, Berney, Gardner, Weinberg, Clark, Burt, Jacobson, Freeman, G., Kennedy, Frazier, Hugus, Tranakos, Brandon, Cherin, Briggs, Harootunian, Colt, Williams, H., Weber. The Moot Court Competition began in 1928 as the Law Club's Competition. It con- tinued as a Club competition until 1941 at which time it was entirely suspended. When competition was reopened in 1948 the club idea was replaced by the voluntary participation of individuals. Each participant is entitled to pick as a partner a member of his own class, and if a team should win its opening round it continues as a team throughout the rest of the rounds. However, if one of the partners drops out or graduates once the brief in a particular round is written the remaining partner has the option of continuing alone or picking up a new partner from his own class whether the new partner has ever participated or not. .If one partner should drop out before the brief for that round is completed the remaining' partner must pick a new co-counsel. Each team entering the quarter finals must have been exposed to the same number of competitions as each of the other teams. The first round is judged by students who have themselves participated in the com- petition. The next rounds are presided over by a bench of three faculty members, and the finals by eminent judges and members of the Bar. Judge Warren E. Burger of the Circuit Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia presided over this year's finals. Added honors are awarded to the competitors by a committee which selects a few of the finalists to participate in three contests outside the realm of the Law School, the Regional, the Yale-Virginia, and the Catholic University Competition. This committee consists of Professor Alford, advisor to the Moot Court, and Professors Spies and Woltz. Charles C. Abeles George R. Aldhizer, jr. james B. Atkin W. Ewell Barr Charles Baird Stuart Brunet john S. Burr Henry M. deButtS Randolph Chichester Stanley P. Christopher john Clarkson john M. Cloud Phillip E. Cox William J. Cox John Daly Michel DeLoache Donald W. Devine Alan A. Diamonstein William Edwards Sam Eggleston THIRD YEAR MOOT COURT PARTICIPANTS Robert W. Emmons Murry H. Falk L. Martin Flanagan Frederick Goldstein J. Lawrence Grim, jr. joseph Heard joseph Hilton Bayard Z. Hochberg Marc Jacobson Alan R. Johnson Michael L. B. Kaplan William H. Kilby Fred S. Landess Peter K. Leisure Dean E. Lewis Peter K. McKee Hobart A McWhort . er, Edward A. Mearns, jr. William L. Millard john C. Oram, Jr. Thomas Otis Jr. H. Foster Pettit Thomas W. Pettus, Jr. Frederick Pfirrmann William R. Powers, III jack Rand Charles Robinson George M. Rogers, Ir. Richard H. Roth Leonard B. Sachs Ferdinand L. Saloman, II Charles L. Saunders, jr. Gerald P. Sigal Roderick D. Sinclair james R. Sipe Samuel B. Taylor, jr. Edward G. Torrance George G. Vest, IV E. Bruce Weber Edward E. Willey, Ir. Henry W. Williams, Ir. JOHN BASSETT MOCRE SOCIETY Firfz row: Goldstein, Snyder, Diamonstein, Oram, Powers, Roth, Flanagan, Gawrys. Second raw: Zanelli, Weber, Coates, Burt, Yerger, Watkinson, Merchant. Third row: Bunting, Westberg, Velde, Hampton, johnson, W. C., Salomon, Sweet. Faurth row: Carter, F. I., Mearns, Waller, Purcell, Burr, Coppeto, Cooper, F. A., Clarkson, Millard. The John Bassett Moore Society of International Law was founded at the Law School in 1951. Recognizing the growing importance of international law as it affects the American lawyer, the society was organized to foster greater understanding of the problems of international law and relations. Membership is open both to those students who have an interest in specific problems and those who wish to generally increase their knowledge in the field. The name of the society bears honor to John Bassett Moore, 1860-1947, reknowned international lawyer, jurist, and statesman whose accomplishments included a seat on the Permanent Court of International justice at the Hague. He received his Master of Arts degree from the University. In its seven years of existence the society has sought to accomplish its purpose through the medium of research papers, open forums and notable speakers. This year's program began in October with a talk on Recognition of Red Chinn by the society's faculty advisor, Professor Hardy C. Dillard. Mr. Isadore G. Alk, a former government lawyer from Washington, D.C., spoke in November on Repnrntio-nr and the first semester program culminated in December with a dinner meeting at the Keswick Country Club. Mr. John G. Laylin, a partner of the Washington, D.C., law firm of Covington and Burling, spoke on The Role af the Private Lawyer in I nternntionnl Law. The spring program got under way in February with a talk by Professor Kenneth R. Redden entitled An American Lawyer in ihe Middle Enrt. It lists a forum on the military's role in international law and relations and an address by Leverett Saltonstall, U.S. Senator from Massachusetts. JOIIH WCStb6fg ....... .,,,v,,,,A,,,AA,,,,,,,, P fgyfdgng HOWHICI SWCCL If- -..-.. ....... P rogmm Chairman Raymond Owens ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,4- Trggjyrgf James D- COR --,--.-,,-,- ........,......,, S etretury William E. Barr Stuart Brunet A. L. Berney William Bunting Jack Cloud Phillip E. Cox Donald Devine Alan Diamondstein Murray H. Falk Martin Flanagan Frederick Goldstein Oscar Gottscho Verne Hampton William C. Haus Gordon Hobbs William Johnson Stockton Lehmann Edward A. Mearns, jr. john Merchant William Millard P. K. McKee John C. Oram George E. Peterson William R. Powers, III Richard Roth Richard Salladin Charles Saunders Thomas L. Snyder Ted Topalian E. Bruce Weber Edward Willey William Swan Yerger Bart'Zanelli, III John J. Adams Thomas Bradley Warren Burt F. J. Carter Lauriston Castleman, jr. W. Shelby Coates, Jr. john E. Cograve W. Austin Cooper John C. Craig james J. Cromwell E. Terry Durant Elizabeth R. Ellington Richard G. Freeman John W. Goemans T. J. Greene Ray jones John Leech Richard A. Marcus Charles Mosher Robert Preston J. R. Purcell Fred Schwartzman Charles Sedberry Matthew H. Stander W. W. Stevenson William A. Waller Oliver Ward Thomas Watkinson C. Lawson Willard Neal Hurwitz Judson F. Ayers,'-Ir. W. Bruce Baird S. T. Battle Erwin H. Baumer R. S. Beisch Warren B. Biggs Henry Blumenthal Bernard T. Bress William R. Bruce, jr. Ronald T. Buckingham John T. Conover john I. Corson Edmonson S. Couric, Jr. David B. Danforth Thomas.B. Eastman Raymond T. Field Gerald Fischer Peter Fischer Michael P. Frankfurt Warren Green Cecil Rhodes Greer, II Harold B. Grizzard Tanner T. Hunt Peter Johnson David C. jordan Thomas B. Kennedy, Jr. E. Drummond-King Roland Machold Allen Mankoff Richard M. McCostis William F. Mead Andrew P. Miller H. Crane Miller William W. Miller Philip V. Moyles William T. Murphy E. Rust Muirhead Daniel F. O'Keefe, Ir. Robert M. Owens Byron Park Stephen L. Perkins John D. Phillips Robert W. Pleasant john J. Roe, III Maury A. Ryan joel C. Sandulli David L. Schwartz Richard A. Silver james Singer Lloyd T. Smith James W. St. Clair Siegfried W. Steele Anthony P. St. john John B. Tyler I. William Via, Jr. Laurence Vogel F. B. Wall U Edward S. Wallach R. K. Webster Charles C. Wentworth, II Paul V. Wentworth L E G A L F R 1 A T E R N I T I E S I PHI ALPHA DELTA First row: Phipps, Leisure, deButts, Preston, Atkin, Clarkson, Pettus. Second row: Warlick, Cooper, L. G., Landess, Devine, O'Conner, Euler, Wellford, Ford, J. H., Edwards, Salomon, Hampton, Velde, Rapan. Third raw: Bohannon, Chichester, Baird, Slayton, Howard, Willard, S. C., Peter, Sweet, Hare, Torrance, Mackall, Moore, A. C., Washer, Goemans, Kennedy. Faurlb row: Goldstein, Black, Cox, J., Clark, Power, Gill, Sullivan, Alexander, Castleman, Adams, Robb, Rivers, G. L. B., Coates, Waller, Colt. Fifth row: Brownell, Moore, R.. Gardner, Votgle, Harootunian, Wainwright, Carter, Glover, Norton, Muller, Cromwell, Halloran, Millard, Vest, Brasfield, Stott. Sixlla row: Farley, Willey, Davis, Biondi, Bowles, Archer, M., Ford, J. Yawn, Davidson, Eggleston, Gatewood, Hughes, Barr, Binford, Walton, Woods, Slaughter. Since it was founded in 1910 the Thomas jefferson Chapter of Phi Alpha Delta has taken an active part in the life of the Law School community. Although one of the main objectives of the fraternity is that of promoting frequent social contact among the students of the various classes its objectives are in no way limited to this particular one. Among its contributions to the non-social life of the Law School, P.A.D. publishes an- nually the Law School Directory of students and faculty free of charge. In addition the organization offers a plaque to the winning team in the Moot Court Competition as well as cash prizes to those students who prepared the best memoranda for the Student Legal Research Group during the scholastic year. A new award has been envisioned by the fra- ternity and will be offered for the first time this Spring with the approval of Dean Ribble. Recognition, conferred by the Dean, will be made of that student who, in the opinion of the Faculty, has made the most outstanding contribution to the Law School through his character and the manifestation of loyalty and service to the Law School. The award con- sists of the engraving of the recipient's name upon a plaque contributed by P.A.D. as well as a scroll incorporating in it the nature of the award given to the individual chosen. On the social side of the ledger P.A.D. offers to its members and guests numerous cocktail parties, balls, and .luncheons at which notable speakers on current topics of interest are presented. Thus through a combination of social and non-social activities P.A.D. is in a position of serving its own members as well as the entire student body. J Frank M. Archer II James B. Atkin G. N. Biondi, jr. A. R. Bowles, III Edmund B. Brownell Stuart Brunet Henry M. de Butts Lenox G. Cooper R. Thomas Dalton Terry H. Davis Michel DeLoache Donald Devine Kenneth S. Euler Walter J. Ford John L. Glover Frederick Goldstein Verne C. Hampton F. S. Landess Peter K. Leisure Hobart A. McWhorter, Ir. William. L. Millard Karl W. O'Conner John C. Oram, Jr. Thomas Otis Robert N. Palmer, Jr. Albert W. Pettit Benjamin K. Phipps, Jr. William C. Preston David Robb Charles Robinson Garret Schenck Roderick D. Sinclair Edwin G. Torrance K. H. Velde, Jr. George G. Vest, IV H. O. Warlick, Jr. Lowell P. Weicker, jr. Edward E. Willey, Ir. I. J. Adams F. C. Alexander, Ir. F. M. Binford B. M. Black R. LaP. Bohannon Thomas Bradley E. B. Brasfield J. MCD. Bullock F. J. Carter L. Castleman, Jr. I. D. Clark, Jr. W. S. Coates, Ir. J. D. Colt I. I. Cromwell R. D. Davison J. C. Dew Guy O. Farley, Ir. I. H. Ford R. G. Freeman W. F. Gardner G. Garside E. E. Gatewood T. D. Gill J. W. Goemans, II J. W. Halloran T. A. Hanan F. H. Hare S. J. Harootunian J. H. Harvell, III J. T. Holland, Ir. A. E. D. Howard J. J. Hughes E. M. Kennedy R. G. McNeer A. C. Moore R. F. Moore, Jr. E. E. Moulton, Jr. P. S. Peter J. B. Power Jack Rephan G. B. P. Rivers, Jr. E. R. Slaughter, Jr. Franklin M. Slayton R. S. Smith M. Stander W. C. Stott, Jr. R. G. Sullivan H. C. Sweet, Jr. J. H. Taylor, jr. J. T. Wainwright W. A. Waller L. A. Warner R. H. Washer S. C. Willard T. K. Woods, Jr. MCD. Yawn furtire ........... Vire furtice .. Clerk ............. T1'earu1'er ....... Chief Marrlaal--mm Mm-mal ............. ..... Henry M. deButts Peter K. Leisure William C. Preston Franklin M. Slayton . Sam D. Eggleston William A. Waller PHI DELTA PHI Firrt row: Daly, Diamonstein, Wellford, Williams, Snyder, Frazier, Whitaker, Hochberg. Second row: Salladin, Gotscho, Lustig, Abeles, Yerger, Cooper, W. C., Stevens. T bird row: Grimm, Gawrys, McKenney, Weinberg, Jacobson, Heard, Kaplan. Founded in 1890, Minor Inn of Phi Delta Phi was the first legal fraternity established at the University. The Inn is named for john B. Minor, Professor of Law at-the Univer- sity from 1846 through 1895. Throughout its history, Minor Inn has selected its members from students in high academic standing at the Law School. The original requirement was a 3.0 average, but in recent years the Inn has selected its members from the top fifteen per cent of the enter- ing class. Primarily social, the fraternity nevertheless contributes in several significant ways to the Law School. Each year an award of 3550.00 is presented to the member of the Law Review whose decision is adjudged best by the faculty committee. Perhaps Phi Delta Phi's best known contribution is its annual presentation of the Libel, burlesquing the eccentricities of the faculty. This year's show was the Fiftieth Annual Libel and was dedicated to judge Armistead Dobie, one of the Libel's founders. The show, which originated in 1903 as a part of the initiation of new members, has for many years, except for a brief period during the '20's when it was banned, been offered to faculty and students as a full scale play, traditionally at Easter weekend. All proceeds are turned over to the Dean's Discretionary Fund. A second traditional function of Minor Inn, antedating even the Libel, is the Tally-Ho at Homecoming Weekend. This year, as usual, the 'fraternity was carried to reserved seats by its tally-ho carriage and two-horse team, The pre and post-game parties were signifi- cantly different this year, but nevertheless a great success . . . and kept out of the news- papers. The Inn boasts a distinguished group of alumni, many of whom are serving on the Law School faculty. The presept group of Phi's are active in many other activities and have received recognition for leadership. Three are ODK, six are members of Raven Society, and several are Phi Beta Kappa. Magix! er .,,,Y, Exrbequer C I erk ,,,,........ H irtorinn ,,,,.....A..,,,, Libel Director ...., Rurbing Chairman ...... Charles C. Abeles Arthur L. Berney john S. Burr John J. Daly Murray H. Falk joseph A. Gawrys Oscar A. Gottscho 1. Lawrence Grim, Jr. Joseph H. Heard Bayard Z. Hochberg Marc Jacobson Michael L. B. Kaplan George E. Peterson, jr. Frederick A. Pfirrman Richard C. Salladin Howard Willoghby Whitaker, jr, FACULTY T. Munford Boyd Mortimer M. Caplin M. Lindsey Cowen Hardy C. Dillard Charles O. Gregory Charles P. Nash, Jr. Kenneth R. Redden John B. Rees, jr. Henry W. Williams, Jr. Alexander Wellford Thomas L. Snyder Thomas A. Frazier Alan A. Diamonstein Wm. Swan Yerger W. Austin Cooper Wayne Lustig Charles E. McKinney William V, Neville, Jr Raymond L. Owens Wayne E. Powell William J. Quirk George R. St. john Charles H. Sedberry Walter L. Stephens, Jr. Oliver O. Ward Thomas G. Watkinson Jay M. Weinberg John A. Westberg George B. DuBois', Jr. Laurens H. Rhinelander Frederick D. G. Ribble Erwin Seago Judge Lyttleton Waddell Charles K. Woltz Marion K. Kellogg DELTA THETA PHI Firrt row: Weber, Swartling, McKee, Taylor, S. B., Aldhizer, Coppeto, Dillon, Rivers, W., Higgenbotham, johns, Bunting. Serond row: Knight, H., Topalian, Woolf, Sipe, McMul1in, Crounse, Smith, Breeden, Walker, Durant. T bird row: Dixon, Goolrick, Burt, Mosher, Thomas, H. L., Elliott, Dorsey, Freeman, G., Hoover, L., Hoover, J.,-Cograve. Fourth row: Guess, Pickford, Cake, Barr, Alderman, johnson, W. E., Strong, Laing, Lewis, Clovis, Miller, E. B. Fifth row: Jones, Hare, Rutter. The Delta Theta Phi Law Fraternity was founded in 1900, and presently has a membership of over 22,000. The fraternity has active senates in more than sixty law schools throughout the country, and alumni organizations in over thirty cities. The Robert E. Lee Senate of the University of Virginia was established in 1919. The Fraternity accomplishes a three-fold purpose through the cooperation of the students, faculty and alumni. Primarily, Delta Theta Phi serves as a medium through which ideas and suggestions for the benefit of the law student body may be exchanged. This is exemplified by the organization's bi-monthly luncheons where prominent business- men, practicing attorneys, and members of the faculty are presented as guest speakers. Secondly, the fraternity serves as a social organization with parties regularly held through- out the year on Law School and University dance weekends. Lastly, the organization serves as a link between students of the law and practicing members of the profession. Among its varied activities, Lee Senate manages the Delta Theta Phi Bookstore through which students may purchase and sell their casebooks at a sizeable saving. A portion of the income from the bookstore is used for the Delta Theta Phi Scholarship. Within the past few years, the fraternity has grown in size and activities, and thus is now better able to provide members with an opportunity to participate more actively in activities which bear directly on the curriculum of the Law School. FALL OFFICERS George R. Aldhizer, jr, ,,,,,,,.,,,,,,.,,,,,,,,,,,, ..,,,,,,..,,,, D gm, Samuel B. Taylor, Jr. .,.,... ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,...... V ipg Dggm Dean E. Lewis ..........,, 4.,,,,,,,,,,,4,,,,,,-,,,,.4,,4 T 4-ibune W- Ewell Biff --------- ............. C lerk of the Roll: John R- Purcell --------.--- ...... C lerk of the Exrlaequer Robert M. Goolrick ............,,,,....,,..,.,, Mg,-ref of the Ritual Peter K. McKee ,,,..,,,,,,.,,,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,-,-,,,,,.,..,,,,--- Bailiff SPRING OFFICERS W. Ewell Barr ..................,.,,....,.....,.,,,,.,.,, ..,,,,,,,,,,, D erm C0llir1 M. Dillon .......... ,,,,,..,,,,,,,,,,. V ire Dean Philip H. Elliott ,.,..... ,,,,,,,,,,,',,,,,,,,,,,,,, T ribufzg John E. Cograve ............. ......... C lerk of the Rall: George L. Freeman, Ir. .... ...,. C lark of the Exchequer Theodore S. Topalian ...... ........ M mer of the Ritual Herman B. Walker ..... .......,,,,..,,.,,,.,..,.,.,, B ailiff John P. Alderman George R, Aldhizer, Jr. W. Ewell Barr Edward L. Breeden, III William R. Bruce, Jr. William L. Bunting, Ir. Warren B. Burt Charles O. Cake David C. Clovis John E. Cograve john L. Cook Phillip E. Cox Donald C. Crounse Colin M. Dillon Richard E. Dixon Robert K. Dorsey Edward T. Durant Philip H. Elliott, jr. George L. Freeman, Ir. Robert M. Goolrick William H. Griesar Walter E. Guess Elton E. Gunter N. Brent Higgenbotham James B. Hoover Lawrence H. Hoover, Ir. John -johns Walkely E. Johnson, Jr. Ray Y. Jones William H. Kilby Haven A. Knight J. Stephen Laing Dean E. Lewis Peter K. McKee james F. McMullan, Jr. Thomas C. Matthews, Ir Edward B. Miller Charles E. Mosher Stephen Nolan Herbert A. Pickford john R. Purcell William D. Reams, Jr. Wilson L. Rivers C. Arthur Rutter, Jr. john W. Sause, Jr. Paul Scarborough, III James R. Sipe Graham W. Smith Maurice L. Strong, Jr. Richard K. Swartling Samuel B. Taylor, Jr. Harry L. Thomas Theodore S. Topalian Herman B. Walker Edward B. Weber F. Thomas Wheeler, III William B. Woolf SIGMA NU PHI First row: Flanagan, Underwood, Zanelli, Mearns, Shands, Craig. Second row: Knight, F., Saunders, Pogue, Roth, Baker, johnson, W. C., Sachs, Christopher, Hermansdorfer. Third row: Hugus, Parker, Genovese, West, Brandon, Willard, C., Lehmann, Pettus, Golden. FALL Bart T. Zanelli Edward A. Mearns, jr. Donal O'Brien Robert Timms William R. Shands, Jr. Malcolm Underwood THIRD YEAR Charles A. Bradley, III james S. Butler David H. Carter Stanley P. Christopher, III Earl W. DeHart Robert W. Emmons, Jr, L. Martin Flanagan George R. Harris William C. Haus Stuart jay Xlifilliam C. johnson, Jr. Stockson Lehmann Edward A. Mearns, Jr. Thomas W. Pettus, Jr. William R. Powers, III O. Livingston Rodgers George M. Rogers Richard Roth Bert Sachs Charles L. Saunders William R. Shands, jr. Bruce C. Williams Bart T. Zanelli, III Clrancellor First Vice Chancellor Second Vice Chancellor Mailer of Rollr Chancellor of the Exchequer Marrlral SECOND YEAR Harold C. Arcaro, Jr. James R. Branden Charles R. Baker Templeton Brigg, Ir. james A. Cabler John C. Craig Benjamin Dall Anthony Genovese john A. Golden William Harrison Wright Hugus Fredrick Knight Albert Lilley Richard Marcus Micheal Mehr George N. Nager SPRING William C. Haus Wright Hugus, jr. Anthony Genovese J. B. Riggs Parker Malcolm Underwood Harold Arcaro Donal O'Brien, Jr. I. B. Riggs Parker Owen B. Pearce William R. Pogue Edward Rafal Benjamin Slavitt Robert V. Timms Malcolm Underwood Richard G. Vail William von Oehsen W. Lauck Walton Christopher M. Weld Stephen West Charles L. Willard William M. Wilson The Sigma Nu Phi Legal Fraternity was founded at the National University School of Law in Washington, D.C., in 1902. It was first organized at the University of Virginia in 1938 as the james Madison Chapter. Since the time of its establishment at Virginia, the fraternity has expanded in size and activities. During the fall term, the fraternity held numerous luncheons after which speakers discoursed upon topics of current interest. Soon after the Russian Sputnik went aloft, the fraternity was honored to have Professor Alexander Vyssotsky speak on the implications of the Russian achievement insofar as fhe present state of American science is concerned. Professor Vyssotsky is Professor of Astronomy at the University. It is the fraternity's policy to obtain speakers on topics which are of current interest to its members regardless of their connection with the law. The Chapter has for some time provided free local telephone service in the downstairs lounge for all who desire to use it. The Barrister had its origin in several fraternity meetings, out of which came the committee that organized it. LAW WIVES CLUB Mrs. Davison, Mrs. DeI.oache, Mrs. Devine, Mrs. Cooper, Mrs. Taylor. The Law Wives Club was organized five years ago, to serve the Law School community and to encourage friendships among its families. At regular monthly meetings the members have enjoyed such speakers as Mr. William Faulkner, Nobel and Pulitzer prize winning author, Dean Ribble, Professor A. G. Priest, Dr. Julia Edmonds, a resident pediatrician, and Mr. C. W. Sterrett, who spoke on the manufacture and use of fine china. In the fall, a bridge benefit was held, the proceeds of which were donated toward the purchase of a set of the Virginia Law Reviews for the Free University of West Berlin. With the aid of the student advisory council, a very successful Christmas party was given for a group of needy children which featured a jolly student Santa Claus, Christmas Tree carols, movies and presents for all. Another Christmas party was held at the Thomas jefferson Inn-this one featuring egg nog and husbands. Highlight of the spring season was the annual spring fashion show. Funds received from this show were used to establish a loan fund for the use of law students. Volunteers from the club also proved invaluable in the preparation of The Bfzrririer during this year and also assisted the Alumni Association with Law Day. Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs. Mrs Mrs. . W. P. Adams H. C. Arcaro .I. M. P. Archer J. Atkin T. M. Bahner C. S. Baird I. M. Bouch R. P. Boyle C. A. Bradley, III J. B. Bullock B. Burt R. S. Callahan, Jr. R. E. Carter ' I. E. Cograve T. Cooley L. G. Cooper J. C. Craig J. Crosskey H. Davis R. D. Davison M. DeLoache D. W. Devine A. A. Diamonstein E. F. Dickson, Ir. C. M. Dillon R. Dougherty T. B. Eastman P. H. Elliott, Jr. J. H. Ford G. L. Freeman, Ir. G. G. Grattan, III R. N. Greatwood C. R. Greet J. H. Heard H. D. Hermansdorfer R. B. Hiden, Jr. J. E, Houser C. B. Hughes Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs. Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs W. Hugus, Jr. W. H. Izlar S. P. jay A. R. Johnson R. K. K. jones H. A. Knight P. C. Learned A. G. Lilley W. D. Martin, III E. A. Mearns, Jr. A. P. Miller W. W. Miller A. C. Moore C. E. Mosher W. T. Murphy D. C. O'Brien, Jr. L. S. Perkins P. S. Peter F. A. Pfirmann W. E. Powell M. A. Purcell J. R. Purcell N. F. Remick W. L. Rivers C. Robinson R. C. Salladin F. L. Salomon T. Sander, III G. W. Smith N. H. Smith J. W. St. Clair N. L. Tatum . S. B. Taylor, jr. T. S. Topalian . S. I. Traub F. B. Wall L. A. Warner A. K. White 2 I Q ll. V .L .5 l Prerzdenz .,........... ....... M rs. M. DeLoache Vice Preriden! Secretary ....................... ....... Treasurer ............ ........ . ..... ....... Mrs. D. W. Devine Mrs. L. G. Cooper Mrs. R. D. Davison Memberrbip Clmirmmz ........ ..... M rs. S. B. Taylor, jr. THE LAW SCHOOL ASSOCIATION, 1957-58 The University of Virginia Law School Association is engaged in many activities, de- signed to advance the cause of legal education and to promote the interests and increase the usefulness of the Law School. It promotes mutual acquaintance and good fellowship among the Alumni of the Law School. Through its help the size of the faculty has been increased and library facilities ex- panded. It fostered the establishment of the Law School Foundation to receive gifts to the Law School from alumni and friends. Each year the association awards a prize for the best note appearing in the Virginia Law Review. The association also publishes a national and a New York City area directory of Law Alumni. OFFICERS PRESIDENT Alexander W. Parker VICE PRESIDENTS Walter L. Brown Ambler H. Moss Barron F. Black SECRETARY William Massie Smith TREASURER AND ASSISTANT SECRETARY Miss Frances Farmer Richmond, Virginia New York, New York Bartimore, Maryland Norfolk, Virginia Charlottesville, Virginia Charlottesville, Virginia MEMBERS OF THE COUNCIL Aubrey R. Bowles, Ir. George M. Cochran Ma'. Gen. Eu ene M. Caffe J S E. Fontaine Brown Richard N. Crockett Edwin B. Meade Wfilliam S. Potter Burkett M. Miller B. Allston Moore 2tWilliam H. White, Jr. tWhitwell W. Coxe 'l'Paul B. Barringer, Jr. ttThomas B. Gay 'l:Walter Wyatt 'Fjoseph M. Hartfield 4tFrank W. Rogers tfjohn C, Parker :tThomas J. Michie Richmond, Virginia Staunton, Virginia y Washington, D.C. Washington, D.C. New York, New York Danville, Virginia Wilmington, Delaware Chattanooga, Tennessee Charleston, 'South Carolina Charlottesville, Virginia Roanoke, Virginia New York, New York Richmond, Virginia Washington, D. C. New York, New York Roanoke, Virginia Franklin, Virginia Charlottesville, Virginia ftlrving E. Carlyle Winston-Salem, North Carolina 'tStua'rt B. Campbell Wytheville, Virginia 'tGarrard W. Glenn New York, New York COMMITTEE CHAIRMEN LAW LIBRARY Richmond Moore, jr. Richmond, Virginia FINANCES Michael B. Wagenheim Norfolk, Virginia' - - SCHOLARSHIP AND CURRICULUM John Battle, Jr. Charlottesville, Virginia MEMBERSHIP William C. Worthington Norfolk, Virginia tltlndiraler enoaffirio memberr ar former presidenlr. BARRISTER FOOTBALL TEAM-Smnding.' Pete Bass, Ar- thur Foster, Marv Cherin, john Westberg, Al Buhler. Kneel- ing: Bill Edwards, jim Singer, Henry Simpson, Roland Machold. One chilly afternoon in October, the football machines of the Va. Law Review and the Va. Law Weekly again came to grips, as is the annual custom. Also, pursuant to tradition, members of the faculty served as the officials, this year the task being ably performed by Spies, Cowen and Rees. Displaying a devastating attack, the Law Review Corsairs surged over the hapless Weekly Warriors for one of the most impressive shows of football prowess in Mad Bowl history. After the necessary preliminaries of the game, both teams converged on a keg of beer and operating with a unison that belied their great rivalry, soon dispatched said keg. It's anyone's ball in true style of wide open intramural play. Under the direction of Athletic Chairmen Bill Edwards and John Merchant, the Law School participates actively in the intramural program of the University. Behind the coaching of Bill Edwards, the football team rolled to an impressive six win-three loss record, reaching the finals of the University playoffs before being eliminated. The team was blessed with an abundance of stalwart perform- ers', among whom were Marv Cherin, jim Singer, Pete Bass, and Edwards. Law Review offense sets itself for attack. Another game that aroused a great deal of interest and not a little consternation, was the inception of what the victors decided to title the Law School Football Champion- ship. The initial step was taken by Delta Theta Phi who brashly challenged star-athlete laden Phi Alpha Delta to the crucial match. Operating behind a pass conscious of- fense, the Delta Thets swarmed to what was passed off as an upset. Somewhere along the line Phi Delta Phi and Sigma Nu were forgotten as immediately after the crushing 18-6 win the Delta Thets claimed the Championship. The individual sports in which law students compete are many and varied. Several University championships have been won in recent years. Bill Edwards held the hand- ball title for two years, but graduation eliminated him from the competition this year. But Ted Dalton carries on as a representative from the Law School. Ted Rogers again took the tennis crown, this being the third year in a row. Also entered in the tournament were John Phillips, Bobby Payne, and Waller Horsley, john Dew and Lauriston Castleman are entered in the squash tournament. BARRISTER BASKETBALL TEAM-Kneelifzg: Bobby Payne, Pete Bass, Tony Genovese, john Merchant. Stmzdingx Sid Prince, Marv Cherin, jim Cabler, John Phillips. ATTORNEYS BASKETBALL TEAM-Kfzeelizzgx Jim Singer, Pete Green, Bernard Bress, Fritz Heyd, john Merchant, Coach: Slafzdizzg: Neil Hurwitz, Roland Machold, Mike Frankfurt, Tanner Hunt, Lou Deluca, Si Brewer. Fight for the rebound as Barristers take win in close game. Although the fraternities and independent teams claim all its competitors, the Law School is well represented in the boxing tournament, an intramural sport which is a highlight on the winter scene. Of those competing, jay Corson and Bob Grymes are the most outstanding, both of whom are defending champions. But the big sport on the winter scene is basketball, and the Law School always has one of the better teams in the competition, going to the finals often and recently winning a University Champ- ionship. This year the Barristers, under they direction of coach Ben Slavitt, is shaping up as a definite contender for the University title. Among those counted on by Slavitt are jim Harvell, John Merchant, Bob Goolrick, Tony Genovese and jim Cabler. Because of the response shown by the first year class, another team was organized for this year. The Attorneys, composed solely of first year men and coached by john Merchant, hopes to be the Law School's second chance at the University trophy. Showing well in the first few games are Roland Machold, Si Brewer, jim Singer and Lou DeLuca. VC'oolf throws against Barristers' Colt but Delta Thets drop playoff game. During the season the Barristers traveled to Richmond for the State Softball Tournament, but were shut out and eliminated in the first game on a two-hitter by the William 8: Mary team that went on to win the State Championship. This year may see the University trophy back in the Law School. Only two players have been lost from last year's team, and with the interest already shown by the first year class in the intramural program, chances are that a top- notch nine can be put together. Athletic Chairman Mer- chant has great hopes for the team, and believes they will have a good chance to add the State title to their achieve- ments this spring. The Law School will have more than one crack at the trophy. Again this year, Delta Theta will enter a team, and as all of their players will return, the prospects are bright. Behind the pitching of Bill Woolf and the performances of Bob Goolrick, Colin Dillon, George Freeman, and jim Sipe, Delta Theta moved to the semi- finals of the University playoffs last spring where they lost to the Barristers. This year, with a good nucleus back, and the acquisition of some athletic pledges among which is a pitcher, hopes for a trophy may be realized. One of the most extensive programs in the University intramurals is that conducted for softball. And every year the Law School has one of its finest teams. Two years ago the Barristers went all the way and topped the season with the University Championship.. Last year's team wanted very much to retain that title and went all out trying. Behind the steady pitching of Al Grosscloss, and the hitting and playing of john Adams, Ben Slavitt, jim Harvell, Marv Cherin, and john Merchant the team went to the quarter finals of the playoffs before being elim- inated. BARRIST-ER BASEBALL TEAM-Kneeling: jim Colt, John Merchant, Merv Cherin, Standing: John Adams, Bill Stott. DELTA THETA BASEBALL TEAM: Richard Dixon, Ted Topalian, Bob Goolrick, Bill Woolf, Bill Bruce, Pete McKee Graham Smith, Terry Durant, Jack Purcell. a Sf N Q 3 E 3 i Z e fi 2? Q fa 2 is ? 4 2 2 5 E3 fi E 3 2 53 ff 3 3 Q' Jiiil' M7 f' ' V' ' KI' '-"1 '?'A1'753l . I ' I ' V 3- k if ' 5 1 V' wif '32l5iRf?aL,.,,.. R 4 ' RYW , 3f?i4EiI:Ei5?E 3 A 2 i ff, X .8 1 m Q M A Ku LE E 3 Z 4 5 a E 3 ? 5 5 2 E 3 S l S Q 2 E i QE ii 5 Q 5 If E2 2 2 23 gf 5 S 5 .3 af 3 2 E 5 A as K as Q ff E is 5 ss E 3 Ei E S s 5 5 G 5 Q 5 E Q A 44 E H' .. La 3 ki ii " "' "Li ' 'K ' f -f-f""'k":'Q1 .ii i- 5 5 E 5 if 5 E E ? Z Q 5 v 5 . 3 E E 5 'W Y R W sa! , My H fs. ., .. 3 M mb gf + was : WM ' JH 1 . g ,f ,, ,vi S ' ,1v2P'? 2, ww , ' M , 4. ,,,v", Bi vie -4 wav :L A D V E R T I S I N G Serving I'I1e Virginia Bar Since I897 FOR VIRGINIA LAWYERS THE VIRGINIA cone, IN I0 voI.uMIas Micl1ie's Jurisprudence of Virginia and Wesl' Vir- ginia, in 24 Volumes Burks' Pleacling and Praclice, in I Volume 6regory's Forms, in 4 Volumes Cohen, Divorce ancl Alimony in Virginia and Wesi Virginia Cox, Manual for TiI'Ie Examiners in Virginia Donley, The Law of Coal, Oil and Gas in Wes'I' Virginia and Virginia Insfruciions. The Law and Approved Forms in 2 Volumes Lamb, A Virginia Cause Lamb, Virginia Probaie Praciice Law of Aufomobiles in Virginia and Wesi Virginia in 3 Volumes Lee's Criminal Trials in Ihe Virginias. in 2 Volumes Lile's Equiiy Pleading and Pracfice Nash, Virginia and Wes'l' Virginia Evidence THE MICHIE COMPANY LAW PUBLISHERS Cl1arloH'esville, Virginia S. L. THOMAS Opfician I05 N. Firs+ Srreei' CHARLOTTESVILLE, VIRGINIA Member Guild of Prescrip'I'Ion Opficians of America fu .Aa .kfi 1 I-1 nv I IIICQFPOIATKU lol. KELLER M GEORGE JEWELERS OPTICIANS CHAILOYTIIVILLLVIRGINIA Com pIimen'Is of THE UNIVERSITY BOOK STORE Gef More Our of Life . . Go OUT +o a Movie! THE PARAMOU NT TH EATRE THE VIRGINIAN "AT THE c:oRNER" For Fine Food S+eaks and Chops Under New Managemenf INN "AT THE CORNER" THE CAVALIER Pracrice Before Our Bar STEVENS-SHEPHERD CO. Men's Clorhing and Furnishings Shoes Ha+s "AT THE CORNER" Friendly Greefings +o THE BARRISTER II's S+aH and 'Io +I1e FacuI+y, S+ucIen+s and Alumni of THE LAW SCHOCL UNIVERSITY OF VIRGINIA T5 WEST PUBLISHING CO. ST. PAUL 2. MINN. COmpIimen+s "SUPERFLEX" of NEIGHBORHOOD O' THEATERS .. Q- -' ' 1 'P'-ft-21 5 s. Y 2-' ' 141 ' 'j' I 91, w gfif if ' 165.2 3 3 - 51? ,G ' L. Y :v -wa ff . . - we Q. . ,gee J' - E. vi ,. E., I 'Si ' ' . i?E,2 55' 9 . ,offaiif-1..4 I ', '.1 ,, ,Ji .. E Jefferson, Universify Lafaye++e, and Ridge Drive-In SD K CHARLOTTESVILLE No Padding LUMBER co., INC. or C anva s S+iffening Since I893 THE YOUNG 'f,i'3,'if'.a3ff?YaiZl' MEN'5 SHOP power and Hand fo.-,E Down+own S+uden+ Texibooks New and Used Forresi' Cool Ouflines AnaIy+ical Digesis-Review Books ANDERSCJN BROS. Book Sfore, Inc. "YOU'LL LIKE TH E SERVICE AT ANDERSON'S" EIZJIUIIS THE STEAK HOUSE Res Ipsa LoquI+ur MONTICELLO DAIRY Phone 2-5I23 WIII1 CompIimen'Is of . . . CITIZENS BANK AND TRUST CO. NATIONAL BANK AND TRUST CO PEOPLE'S NATIONAL BANK Members of FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION , ' NF 5 - N mt xg? Y, 1 r - v4,.-:'-.4f,- ,- ,Q Q N- -- x - X- .sm n 1 .1 f L -ill :Lf H , -,rm - Y -' 33-.fum 4-E F i,-. ' I 2,4 'W' ., 57, '.-.,,':. 'AI' ,. W - ' i I YG! :-1' ,, ha , 5 1 wu ' A ii nz? ,. ,all f . if I -:L 4- , I. . 1. 5 -V4 ', 2. ',u?:1,.4,,rf ,3 . 'Pix il! 4 .' 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