University of Vermont - Ariel Yearbook (Burlington, VT)

 - Class of 1962

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University of Vermont - Ariel Yearbook (Burlington, VT) online yearbook collection, 1962 Edition, Cover

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Text from Pages 1 - 242 of the 1962 volume:

Q' 5 AA 'iwffviu - J 7 'E 'L y v . ' , 9 ., Ax -P ' "'1 ,W 4. ,-445 , Sha- Q' ' I I 1 A .W Q Ti' Q 4 - I s I l 'Ib' 1 'M w'jl4,t! ' 15- 1 QQ YH . r , W' -SV ,W U, v ' , I .1 .4 f U 3 "1 5 + 5 ' U r L , . , 'Emi 'QW s A 5, Y,-3 , xsl N ?' , Sl l Q Mx' .3 ,il 4 F--1 v . "4 I - "Pm 1 ,'.. lfi, gl v 5 ' ' f '-gg. - ,fp - ..V A y , ,1 uf, -Ti QR . ' ' ' N ' 4' ' "V , ' , df " ,, Y . -'nay T" "f J' P 4'-.Yr . 1 .1 ,V :yay .qq Alf' I6 f, .,ww fV ffwfgq: "'. . V, 'H h ,N ' - ' . s . Asif "1 , 1 ..!'-4 "I" ' Q I ' 'pi my V""':"w.:,,Vtf.- ,LV 1 ' 'T' 1.x : I M "Q ' V41-N I 1 f '. 3 6 ' ."' ff! . ' 4 ww, V VV- Q .. V. -.J ,fl V I V A Q 1 N, X . t, '46-4' "fs-. Q P ft If - Vw Tj t "1 "6 'Y ' L' 1' lg f,., 'flu-'.V': 3 qv ia- ,ad 1 :ff-,'u. V., A Q, ,g ci . V"' '..' . , ,W ,',': KL ,, K, It qkxia F . Il lyqtqfii YV xv: "Z 5A A - ,tl lftfffiifa rf.. +V. f gi A ,f 'ze' ' Hwy "-- V ' 4., x1""' lu". '-. Vg, '41 ,,f . sb Xxgf.z5l'1fxA,3:,.r qw. ,, .J ,'A A",!'Vx! 9 ,I Vai, "K U g, ig ' X "3.4: ffl:-1-V? V, .,,gf' f, ..- ' yf S.l'...' . "1" -1.t'4 .QL1 4 'S 'V ,- "uf ' IV- r "',"L .1 lm.-J r"",w. I 1 , I-' v 'A f r A 4, .Q V x --l1',f Qty iw. M: .NVQ I 4 51. , 4,-,I 1 1 H ,vb e S,,jf-V.-g4.w'gf, -fr 3 1. ,Vr ,Q ' V " 1 ,f U QJKQXN1' A t ,. 415'-to ':' ,Y ' EQQX fy' V .'. '. 'Wd V '- 4 4 ,. ..,X.,f-:4rF- - f - ."'t3'i:f:T lV.ff V N' - 'fm Va- 1 V . . rw V Vw.: -M H, ,sw .9632 ,' ' - - ga' Y JZHWV Ms,-lj 5, L.,'N?'R..i V 4' Q1 I I ', if slfifyi Aly ,hx 1' -IQJ .. '- v' 5- ,' ' ,Il rj 34' . -I .-.Sw --V fi- ...f 'gf ' If S, , -X l fl ,I 4 :'t ,nb X xt,,g3""Nwf9 SLI' I Y ," ff Q "'f."'X' 'A' ,KL ,7!,i'i.,' 1 V 5' 'NIV 1 A V5 in ,f..,M ,K V'.::, gm fftvfg . N Wx vi- V ' W' 'rfi e,"?V 'A ref 1 'Af-f 3,1 '1+Vfi.2V , V ' f , '--, . - ' , fv A ', A X ffffffi W? H 'f A C,-vw -"-- -3i:4.'A'Y-ljff -35" ' J A 7,1 .A 'JW V'-V ,Azfvlm i.q'7' if .,4AfJ1. 9-M V..- f Vxviy? ,. 4 -- ' iff' ' vw Vtff'!' ffizwff- V A ' '4 1 f 'E' .Y VV, I 1' ', .g:.VV,' I'-4,5-7,7 4' I-3 'E l ' 'f - 1-wh S4 , fL,Je'f.VVf.V,:z"A+1 L ,3 -- 1,-if V , ,,.,,,.,x ,an-. zgf 1 . fx V of sV-.,,.-',- "'m1f!f ' V -V I4 .. 1, -,- V, fm V "'. V V'-.41 'Xl Vy,1 jg' .- ,YW JAAU, , 4. I . if if .w'qV '- ,I 5 'Pr-'V-.119 'f V.""! .If ,L , X x V 'li Gigli .'.,'3,1-P 9,6 .Vin 4.-'J V, Q, -' 1- ' ,fW'f'v"7"" 'ph-.fn ,' I. "L 5 . , -u .. ".wV,,,,- 1,,"', ., ' , , zugfi.: V il J., ffm V' . V frzffr.-:V-.f,V-,,M 'V . Qyx A 'Y ' 'J i J' H ' 7 N ' 1- "F ,"'.1,n 3 lv in f M 'N , F 2. WHY iv ., rx, V Q ., d.- 3' g!,,f', ,J , , A 1 ., HZIA-Q t V o , V, , I il,,yw5:' -A 11,6 ,ff ,, . Q " ' I K 4 ,'x,.a,g!J VV gf , ' V i 'H I bum UV' ' ' " V N14 -7'-4" K 'f "R V n 'vii A 12' " HX, i"'. h " ,JA ,' fx .J vm suv Q V , M ij'.:afLfy 4,1 I A M Q Q", I QA at g 'N L' - 'V' -'K .' ny' , fm ' "' . JV.: V, ,,1-f.f',..' 2, ' ny: t Sf' 25,5 J "!, 'Vi 4 MVfV-V VJQ f -MV I if-, . V . f' Iv 1 - I ' 7 1 " , ,. ' , ,lf 5 1,7 - ,K V ' if 'VTV Lvfw. ' . N 1 f' - '., ' ..f , V ' I F r ', I 4 F., r A I ' r ' J- V ' 5 " ar N4 1Y'fQ,:"4'?'7 .1 ,Lv ir. V. is Wi ,..,4-4,1 4.5 I A A A V 1 2' ' . D 7--,4 ,. SL' Q.. ,X 4 ,, . rips- -QA? .,g4--.:,n,Y,'! ' 5 if dp- B, f f ff ff 'F f fl.-1 fi yfa. . f -I-'.-,W ,1 ' Sf. nh' fy "pi , Vx 4, ,f N84 - Vw. wifi.--VVV ,fV ', ..'r"'M. .QV-bw-..V. W- : VV V- - "9-' -u-0'f'5V" 1 . -1 'A g "XX" '61 '? f'J -ngjiv,-W ,' + MQ' 'I f '4 f'1ff:f.'!' V 115 31f?fV,?,5f2Qf-ra LgEg,,?fJ,ff-V 5,15 yfftglv .. , ' V "QV .. , .4 Q V , '-1 '1 v'1'!, ,A .- ,A 5 av ' - M-k""p wp !,':'1,rfv"'1.f'f', ,.,V- ' 1 ,5:sV,f,"f2!-vlglwafi 'ff' ,t. fftfzqlyv-gl, 4, "iff ,'.K'F,.'w, -1 'J '75 ' 'V 'V I- ' i+,w jV',f,,,2f,-'1N..'Um1 JW' ,..,,A- ai-W-,f'A' V ' ,, , , - 1 f- . , . ,Q p . .1 l . " - ' ' V 1 A J Q VJ.-. ,4 7,4 fi-iltfxfi V. ' 7.4 fx' fl, KL, Jvgafil fff' "Qn":f-43--iwf vw-W 4 - "'-'aff' ' . i . ' me N Azfl"3.' " 'T J: f 'pit' ' 'I A M' 4o1Qn..rf.,' "',,s.-1' fa , - Q Y r. Q . ,I 4 Fav" Vg, , J " H l 0 ', iv , !4.'- I "' ' ' , ' . . ',-, , .:.""""-f' V A-'C' ' , r . , - ' ' H, 'V P '- -7'-f. . V. --.- 1. .- V. ' . - V, K, A J! '--C , - V, u 5,-, , r' I A i s. If-16,1159 A 7, f. ' . ,p,.,,,,,L4 M ...- , .V --' , - -J w-vp-, gd, , U ,V , 4. 4-4.e-Ilyff J A.'L- . . Q . A - -, 'Q '," ,, V A . ' A r,.lf" -,, 1 ,,,r. . ' , """ 'fb 1 ,.1d.Q-EV" I. 1' 1 . '. , " A' A 37.6 1- is ,.YVJ C A J " '.--1'5i. , ,ip , ,s 'i Dedication ustin Smith Morrill Juslm Smith Morrill Hall This year is the centennial celebration ot the passing of Justin Morrill's college land grant bill. Morrill, a Vermont Congressman tor 44 years earning the title ot "Father ot the Senate," is responsible tor land grant colleges all over the United States. This lavv provides government granted land to each state to endow a state university. Further- more, we owe the Smithsonian institution, the Washington Monument, the Library ot Con- gress, and the Hall ot Statues to this man. The University at Vermont, also a land grant college, proudly honors Justin Smith Morrill by dedicating to him the T962 Ariel. "To the Green Mountains let our homes and hearts cling torever" 3 pus It A11 Began fa Those long autumn walks . . Hollgnd iw? L Q' Left or right??'? w L55--.:,f,'t1k,l gl,-Ag. V f fl-T' f'L',, ,WL ' -rar, f '-. 'rs' jff , -. N- A' Jil f H hA1g.L:,,J .-1.3! 33' l.,,.,: ' Lxif-., "':wfffa,5?',4-' I- -.1-'f Kwriv' 'Iam-" ,,2'5j'-F'-.".,'Y, 'W - iiyff, . -. 5ff35al,g-2 -in I 7 15'4i"WwM"'f'fm"r1f'r' xmwiwxf' ' ff'-Hiiiff iff: i'?""11'Sfx 'fs' 7Q5?,'Qfm! Oldest building on campus . . . 1883 4. W 4 54,43 -L Redstone Lovely Lake Champlain . , . Johnson Long way to Wofermon . Y.. 'L ,X xxx, , .K ' REX I ,wil N College row 7 Autumn offernoon -..--V f-. --'-A- Alt , " f ,- Ay. -- 7 ' .f 1 in "f gEJ.E'i5fSPW 4 4 A m , , ' ,,Qf1Q,.-7Q,, SJ-'4"35f , QQ., 55 , K-1 ,,:hgh--Qgggmqfvgwjvgl-,i:gigyz,,Qgf1 ' - 4194 - l j. f v kky Aw . 2 ' .. :U Q.., vV ,.. ,--L -' Q Q f 2- R . 5 Q 3qgn'E'5ff2:n2nFAy V , ' w x T5 M L' Q f ak 1 f:.: f f -K -' -' i ff K -,n 1. qw' ab i 5 1 4 26 .:,, , .. TF sw i f .,-.. Q ,:. :1:.:rg,,m , Z.. E 1,5-, mms-wr-s - '- f f-- Our land gronf I Q T? E! E www ww, Lost year as a library . . 'QA , 2,- I v, 9 we Ex, Solitude . . Snow and more snow . . Johnson M-hy 10 A , A s Xing, . ' Someday . . Y Clear cmd crisp 13, in MM hu v-ff-' 5: x X xx ' "' x .Lx From The chapel 12 Our future homemckers , , . The old and The new. . . W 1 3 wwf' '19"A 4 SJW ' Wcxrmtlw . . Johnson f w, .Wu N...-h.,-W . , ,.,,,..,,..-w.,,.. .W , W, , ,wiwww -'k- ' .71 rf. -1 K , ,, , ,M . ,wfgmw , A F" V, , gqgwk ,wRwmnw3fgx:,"W'WAf:f--Xlgwgry- W' , """'w'T"1"1f..L.g ' " ' ,,1,,,V""f"g , - -W, W CF' 1-QVWV ' 7' N- Q, -- 'K ' ' L. . . - ,'J1b"i' wi J, aw ,w v in f , M , 14- Moonlight in Vermont . . . Johnson 15 And Now The Future Wx Seniors Hilton M. Abbott Cabot, Vermont Education and Nursing Acacia Patricia B. Abston Roslyn, Long Island, Ne Education and Nursing Kappa Alpha Theta Roy A. Ackermann Scarsdale, New York Technology Sigma Phi Bruce A. Adams Saxtons River, Vermont Technology Alpha Tau Omega Michael L. Adess w Yor Dorchester, Massachusetts Agriculture and Home Economics George T. Adler Elmont, New York Arts and Sciences Alpha Epsilon Pi Robert H. Adler Brooklyn, New York Arts and Sciences Alpha Epsilon Pi Joyce W. Alexander Wilmington, Delaware Agriculture and l-lome Pi Beta Phi Economics Stuart A. Alexander Burlington, Vermont Arts and Sciences James A. Allan, Jr. Chester, Vermont Arts and Sciences Arthur A. Altholz Bronx, New York Arts and Sciences Alan E. Andrews Shrewsbury, Massachusetts Technology Richard A. Angney Arlington, Vermont Agriculture and Home Economics Alpha Tau Omega Judith C. Antonovich Mountain Lakes, New Jersey Arts and Science Janet K. Arthur Barnet, Vermont Dental Hygiene Charles S. Astrove East Chester, New York Arts and Sciences Phi Sigma Delta James W. Atchison Burlington, Vermont Arts and Sciences Sigma Phi Arland A. Atkins Hardwick, Vermont Arts ancl Sciences Gilbert R. Audette Burlington, Vermont Technology Susan W. Barrett Montpelier, Vermont Education and Nursing Laurence S. Bartlett, Jr. Williamstown, Vermont Technology Sigma Phi Epsilon Suzanne F. Beaudin Barre, Vermont Arts and Sciences 19 Raymond D. Beaulieu Highgate Center, Vermont Agriculture and Home Economics Alpha Gamma Rho Elizabeth A. Becker Ridgewood, New Jersey Arts and Sciences Alpha Chi Omega Sanford Y. Becker Bronx, New York Arts and Sciences Alpha Epsilon Pi George Beisheim Ill Ossining, New York Arts and Sciences Alpha Tau Omega Arnold J. Bendich Bronx, New York Arts and Sciences Juliet M. Bergan Lee, Massachusetts Arts and Sciences Kappa Alpha Theta Marcia J. Bernhoft Buttalo, New York Arts and Sciences Delta Delta Delta Carol A. Billhardt Saddle River, New Jersey Education and Nursing Alpha Chi Omega Patricia P. Bishop Saddle River, New Jersey Education and Nursing Kappa Alpha Theta Harvey J. Bister Jericho, Vermont Technology John F. Bister Jericho, Vermont Agriculture and Home Eco Bennett D. Black Amsterdam, New York Technology Sigma Phi Roanne L. Bockar Newburgh, New York Education and Nursing Alpha Epsilon Phi Ralf D. Bode North Tonawanda, New Arts and Sciences Roger L. Bombardier Richmond, Vermont Agriculture and Home Ec Alpha Gamma Rho Jeanne M. Bonneau Bradford, Vermont Dental Hygiene nomics York onomics Lindo A. Borgos South Glens Folls, New York Technology Gornmo Phi Beto Norma L. Bottoro Barre, Vermont Arts ond Sciences Jomes S. Bowers North Troy, Vermont Arts ond Sciences Barry J. Boxer Rockville Center, New York Arts ond Sciences Tou Epsilon Phi Gary C. Brcxndle Murroy Hill, New Jersey Arts ond Sciences Sigmo Phi Diane B. Brandt Liverpool, New York Dentol Hygiene Lester L. Brecult Guildhall, Vermont Agriculture ond Home Economics Nancy E. Breiner Balclwin, L.l., New York Education and Nursing Alpha Delta Pi Judith Ann Bristol Bristol, Vermont Arts and Sciences Robert M. Broberg Barre, Vermont Technology Delta Psi Norman D. Brochu l-larolwick, Vermont Arts and Sciences Lambda Iota Philip L. Brouillette Richtorcl, Vermont Agriculture and Home Gerald A. Brow Alburg, Vermont Arts and Sciences Ashley W. Brown Poultney, Vermont Arts and Sciences Economics Jack M. Brown Ivliddlebury, Vermont Technology Loimbdo lotd John R. B. Brown Wolcott, Vermont Technology Beverly Browne Little Silver, New Jersey Educotion cind Nursing Delto Delto Deltci Joonn M. Brzezicke Plttstord, Vermont Educdtion ond Nursing Delto Delto Delto Brenda M. Burgess Brottleboro, Vermont Educotion ond Nursing Alpho Chi Omegcm Scindrc1L.Burno1p Guildholl, Vermont Agriculture ond Home Economics Stephen R. Burzon Vfoodmere, New York Arts ond Sciences Phi Sigma Delto James E. Buswell Plymouth, Vermont Agriculture Betsy A. Butterfield Burlington, Vermont Arts ond Sciences Sondra J. Cameron Eost Borre, Vermont Arts ond Sciences Delto Delto Delto Sally J. Comp Burlington, Vermont Educotion ond Nursing Ruth E. Carlin New York City, New York Educotion ond Nursing Alpho Epsilon Phi Nicki H. Carmolli Borre, Vermont Technology Sigmcs Nu Wendell E. Carr Burlington, Vermont Technology Delto Psi Bricmne E. Chose Burlington, Vermont Agriculture oncl Home Economics Joan L. Chicoine Burlington, Vermont Eclucotion ond Nursing M. Robert Cioirclelli Burlington, Vermont Technology Suson Jone Cloir Milford, Connecticut Agriculture oncl Home Economics Delto Delto Deltci Erwin C. Clark Roinololph, Vermont Agriculture onol Home Economics Alpho Gommo Rho Kathleen T. Clark South Burlington, Vermont Educotion oncl Nursing Austin C. Cleoves Longmeodow, Iviossoichusetts Agriculture ond Home Economics Acocio Dcivicl L. Clough Northhelcl, Vermont Technology Jeanine Cloutier Burton, Vermont Eclucotion oncl Nursing Harvey K. Clow Hardwick, Vermont Arts and Sciences Walter H. Cochran, Jr. East Haven, Connecticut Technology Benny F. Cockerham Brandon, Vermont Arts and Sciences Juliann Cohen Bayonne, New Jersey Education and Nursing Patricia Cole Johnson, Vermont Education and Nursing Marjorie R. Coleman Teaneck, New Jersey Arts and Sciences Alpha Epsilon Phi Susan E. Coleman Charlotte, Vermont Arts and Sciences i 27 Q53 Michael A. Collins Swanton, Vermont Arts and Sciences Sigma Phi David L. Connors Newbury, Vermont Technology Eleanor M. Cook Closter, New Jersey Education and Nursing Rhoda M. Cooperstein Quincy, Massachusetts Dental Hygiene Ernest A. Cordes Meriden, Connecticut Arts and Sciences Sigma Phi Michael A. Cosgrove South Hero, Vermont Arts and Sciences Sigma Nu Agnes B. Cote Concord, Vermont Education and Nursing Edward A. Couture Burlington, Vermont Technology Michael G. Cowan Burlington, Vermont Technology Alpha Epsilon Pi Marion A. Cox Bradtord, Vermont Dental Hygiene Peter Coyle Hanover, New Hampshire Arts and Sciences Sigma Phi Edward S. Crane Larchmont, New York Arts anal Sciences Phi Sigma Delta Marjorie J. Croft Balcerstield, Vermont Education and Nursing Gamma Phi Beta Janet L. Culver East Quogue, New York Agriculture and Home Economics Helen V. Dalton St. Albans, Vermont Arts and Sciences Susanne R. Dane Wilmington, Delaware Arts and Sciences Kappa Alpha Theta C. Janet Darby Flemington, New Jersey Arts and Sciences Alpha Chi Omega Barbara G. Davis Wayne, Pennsylvania Arts and Sciences Pi Beta Phi Edward F. Davis Island Pond, Vermont Agriculture anal Home Economics John G. Davis Greensboro Bend, Vermont Technology Sigma Phi Patricia A. Dean Rochester, New York Education and Nursing Kappa Alpha Theta Clara L. DeBoer Burlington, Vermont Education and Nursing Louis Dellefave, Jr. Seneca Falls, New York Technology Kappa Sigma Albert J. DeLorenzo South Burlington, Vermont Agriculture ond Home Economics Phi Delto Theto Richard V. DeNicola Homden, Connecticut Arts ond Sciences Robert L. Dente Borre, Vermont Arts ond Sciences Sigmo Nu Robert J. Descutels Burlington, Vermont Arts ond Sciences Raymond G. Dilley St. Johnsbury, Vermont Arts ond Sciences Barbara J. Dillow Pittsfield, Mossochusetts Arts oncl Sciences Phil ip E. Donohue Sorotogo Springs, New York Arts ond Sciences Judith Drabble South Burlington, Vermont Education and Nursing Maynard R. Ducatte Cadyville, New York Technology Sigma Alpha Epsilon Theresa L. Duclos Bristol, Vermont Arts and Sciences Stephen H. Dyke Montpelier, Vermont Arts and Sciences Sigma Phi Carleton L. Eck New Bedford, Massachusetts Education and Nursing Thomas W. Eck, Jr. New Bedford, Massachusetts Education and Nursing Charles R. Edgar Sherburne Center, Vermont Arts and Sciences Theodore S. Edgecomb Burlington, Vermont Arts and Sciences Sigma Phi Mary Jane Edwards Ridgewood, New Jersey Arts and Sciences Kappa Alpha Theta Joel L. Efrein New York, New York Arts and Sciences Alpha Epsilon Pi Thomas F. Eldridge Rouses Point, New York Arts and Sciences Kappa Sigma Jan Stryker Elliott Winooski, Vermont Agriculture and Home E Nancy J. Elton Glen l-lead, New York Education and Nursing Susan H. Elwood Bayonne, New Jersey Arts and Sciences Jerry M. Emery Waterbury, Vermont Arts and Sciences Sigma Phi John R. Emery, Jr. Scaresdale, New York Arts and Sciences Sigma Nu conomics Marilyn J. Epstein Flushing, New York Arts and Sciences Agnes R. Esposito Bridgeport, Connecticut Education and Nursing Pi Beta Phi Ronald L. Fay Proctor, Vermont Arts and Sciences Delta Psi Diane L. Ferland Swanton, Vermont Education and Nursing Lillian P. Ferrant Boston, Massachusetts Agriculture and Home Economics Pi Beta Phi Ronald J. Fine Fitchburg, Massachusetts Arts and Sciences Sigma Nu Carol A. Fischer Manchester, Connecticut Education and Nursing Delta Delta Delta Susan A. Flanagan Saratoga Springs, New York Arts and Sciences Delta Delta Delta Ralph N. Flanders East Montpelier, Vermont Arts and Sciences Wayne H. Fogg White River Junction, Vermont Arts and Sciences Sigma Phi John P. Folcik Plainville, Connecticut Arts and Sciences Sigma Phi Epsilon David E. Fontana Barre, Vermont Arts and Sciences Valerie A. Foster Summit, New Jersey Arts and Sciences Pi Beta Phi Maurille J. Fournier, Jr. Barre, Vermont Arts and Sciences Joyce A. Frechette South Hero, Vermont Education and Nursing Marcia Riley Frechette Burlington, Vermont Education and Nursing Robert J. Frechette South Hero, Vermont Agriculture and Home E Barbara Fruchtbaum Nutley, New Jersey Education and Nursing Mary M. Fuller Burlington, Vermont Arts and Sciences Louise B. Gallagher Northfield, Vermont Agriculture and Home E Keith W. Gallup Woodstock, Vermont Arts and Sciences Marion R. Gang Bayside, New York Arts and Sciences conomics conomics David A. Gardner Springdale, Connecticut Arts and Sciences Sigma Phi Ann D. Garrison Grasses Pointe Park, Michigan Arts and Sciences Alpha Delta Pi H. Gail Gerstenfeld Lincroit, New Jersey Arts and Sciences Jean E. Gianerelli Barre, Vermont Arts and Sciences Pi Beta Phi Wayne S. Gibson Island Pond, Vermont Arts and Sciences Theodore A. Giebutowski West Rutland, Vermont Technology Richard A. Gilman Malden, Massachusetts Arts and Sciences Alpha Epsilon Pi Paula Willig Ginsburg Brooklyn, New York Education and Nursing Alpha Epsilon Phi Barbara J. Gioria Websterville, Vermont Agriculture and Home Economics Patricia F. Gitt Great Neck, New York Agriculture and Home Economics Delta Delta Delta Marcia A. Gluyas Collingswood, New Jersey Technology Gamma Phi Beta Carol D. Goddard Barbados, West Indies Education and Nursing Michael L. Goldberg Hartford, Connecticut Arts and Sciences Sigma Alpha Epsilon Lawrence Gotkin Flushing, New York Arts and Sciences Tau Epsilon Phi Karen R. Gottlieb Stowe, Vermont Arts and Sciences Gary W. Green Burlington, Vermont Technology Phi Delta Theta Lawrence S. Greene New York, New York Arts and Sciences Alpha Epsilon Pi Sally M. Greene Montpelier, Vermont Arts and Sciences Kappa Alpha Theta Eleanor M. Greenwood South Newta ne, Vermont Education and Nursing Carol A. Greer Poultney, Vermont Dental Hygiene Roger A. Guillette Barre, Vermont Arts and Sciences Marsha A. Gunther Ma nchester, Con necticut Education and Nursing Rena T. Gusmai Barre, Vermont Arts and Sciences Walter C. Gutzmann Crattsbury, Vermont Agriculture and Home Economics Steve N. Haber Whitestone, New York Arts and Sciences Brenda V. Hale Auburn, New Hampshire Dental Hygiene Alpha Delta Pi James T. Hall Hardwick, Vermont Technology Acacia Noel A. Hallett Burlington, Vermont Arts and Sciences Pi Beta Phi Margaret A. Hanbridge Essex Junction, Vermont Arts and Sciences Janet E. Hanson Wilmington, Vermont Education and Nursing Jeannine Harrington Brattleboro, Vermont Arts and Sciences Michael R. Harris White Plains, New York Arts and Sciences Alpha Epsilon Pi Janet R. Hart Roslyn Heights, New York Education and Nursing John J. Hartnett Bellows Falls, Vermont Arts and Sciences Kappa Sigma Lewis B. Harvey Rochester, Vermont Agriculture and Home Economics Acacia Honora M. Harfield Saxtons River, Vermont Education and Nursing Carol L. Hecht Teaneck, New Jersey Education and Nursing Alpha Chi Omega Diane Hedley Mountain Lakes, New Jersey Education and Nursing Pi Beta Phi Emily G. Heil Keyport, New Jersey Education and Nursing Robert K. Heistein Newark, New Jersey Arts and Sciences Tau Epsilon Phi Elaine P. Heller Webster, Massachusetts Arts and Sciences Polly A. Hemingway Fort Wayne, indiana Education and Nursing A. Rudd Hendee Rutland, Vermont Technology Sigma Phi Epsilon George Hertzberg Ramsey, New Jersey Arts and Sciences Alpha Epsilon Pi Morris A. Hicks Westtord, Vermont Technology Paul R. Higgins North Troy, Vermont Arts and Sciences Deborah A. Hill Burlington, Vermont Arts and Sciences Gamma Phi Beta Martha Hilton Waterville, Maine Education and Nursing Delta Delta Delta Bruce C. Hodgman Burlington, Vermont Arts and Sciences Victor L. Hoffman Albany, New York Arts and Sciences J. Alice Hofler Rye, New York Arts and Sciences A. Ann Holck Cherokee, Iowa Agriculture and Home Economics David A. Holden Brookfield, Vermont Agriculture and Home Economics Sigma Phi Epsilon John C. Holme, Jr. Pleosantville, New York Arts and Sciences Theta Chi Patricia J. Hoskiewicz Springfield, Vermont Agriculture and Home Economics Alpha Delto Pi Carlton J. Houghton Essex Junction, Vermont Technology Penelope J. Humes Thetford, Vermont Education and Nursing Jean R: Humphreys West Rutlond, Vermont Arts and Sciences Alpha Delta Pi Joan R. Humphreys West Rutlcind, Vermont Arts and Sciences Alpha Delta Pi David C. Irish Underhill, Vermont Technology Patricia L. Irving Montpelier, Vermont Arts and Sciences Delta Delta Delta Judith Ann Jack Newton, New Jersey Arts and Sciences Richard W. Jackel Mt. Vernon, New York Arts and Sciences Alpha Epsilon Pi Harry Jackson Spring Valley, New York Technology Alpha Tau Omega Linda L. Jacobsen Maywood, New Jersey Technology Pi Beta Phi Jerald D. Jacobson Forest Hills, New York Arts and Sciences Phi Sigma Delta Gabriel B. Jaffe Flushing, New York Arts and Sciences Tau Epsilon Phi Michael A. Johns Brattleboro, Vermont Technology Theta Chi ww Alfred B. Johnson Verona, New Jersey Technology Sigma Phi Epsilon H. Scott Johnson Brandon, Vermont Agriculture and Home Sigma Phi Joanne F. Jordan Hamden, Connecticut Agriculture and Home Delta Delta Delta Philip J. Judd Burlington, Vermont Arts and Sciences Sigma Nu Jonathan Kaplan Roslyn, New York Arts and Sciences Phi Sigma Delta Elinor A. Karel Yonkers, New York Education and Nursing James P. Karr Peterboro, New Ha mpsh I re Arts and Sciences Phi Delta Theta Ronald M. Katon Brooklyn, New York Arts and Sciences Tau Epsilon Phi Harriet L. Katz Linden, New Jersey Arts and Sciences Alpha Chi Omega Robert S. Katz Easton, Vermont Arts and Sciences Alpha Epsilon Pi Stella Kazazian Flushing, New York Education and Nursing Brenda M. Keazer Colebrook, New Hampshire Dental Hygiene David H. Kellogg Winooski, Vermont Technology Sara Kelton Jefferson, Massachusetts Education and Nursing Kenneth H. Kennedy Chelsea, Vermont Technology Gail Carmichael Kent Rutland, Vermont Education and Nursing Don H. Kerr Burlington, Vermont Arts and Sciences Steven E. Keysar Burlington, Vermont Technology Randle B. Kinne West Rupert, Vermont Technology Sigma Phi Epsilon Shaun L. Kirby Rochester, Vermont Arts and Sciences John H. Kirk South Newta ne, Vermont Technology David J. Kirker Danville, Vermont Technology Phi Delta Theta Sharon Berry Klinck Essex Junction, Vermont Technology Alpha Chi Omega William S. Klugman Newark, New Jersey Arts and Sciences Alpha Epsilon Pi Ronald A. Knapp Forest Hills, New York Technology Beverly A. Knight Burlington, Vermont Education and Nursing Kappa Alpha Theta Jerome L. Kolker Flushing, New York Arts and Sciences Phi Sigma Delta Edward H. Kritzler Roslyn Heights, New York Arts and Sciences Jay R. Kronfeld Fairfield, Connecticut Arts and Sciences Alpha Epsilon Pi Anne B. Kupferman Monroe, New York Arts and Sciences Peter J. Lakis Hollywood, Florida Technology Sigma Nu Nancy E. Lang Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Education and Nursing Pi Beta Phi Linda L. Langworthy Middlebury, Vermont Education and Nursing Sandra R. Larkin Freeport, New York Arts and Sciences Walter M. Lauder Richtord, Vermont Technology Kappa Sigma Anne N. Lavin Barre, Vermont Education and Nursing Julia N. Lawler Burlington, Vermont Agriculture and Home Economics Alpha Delta Pi Gloria J. Lawrence Essex Junction, Vermont Dental Hygiene Gamma Phi Beta Reid K. Lawson East Barre, Vermont Technology Phi Delta Theta John T. Lazarus Scaresdale, New York Arts and Sciences Phi Sigma Delta Michael A. Leavitt Great Neck, New York Arts and Sciences Alpha Epsilon Pi Ann Leclcly Burlington, Vermont Arts and Sciences Delta Delta Delta Linda J. LelTel Rockville Center, New York Education and Nursing Alpha Epsilon Phi Morris E. Leno Montpelier, Vermont Technology Lambda Iota Harold M. Lepler Bronx, New York Arts and Sciences Tau Epsilon Phi Gail J. Lever Winchester, Massachusetts Dental Hygiene M. Joseph Levin Burlington, Vermont Arts and Sciences Phi Sigma Delta Janet R. Levine Linden, New Jersey Education and Nursing Alpha Epsilon Phi Michael S. Levy Yonkers, New York Arts and Sciences Tau Epsilon Phi William H. Likosky Burlington, Vermont Arts and Sciences Phi Sigma Delta Carole R. Lindroth Valley Stream, New YO Arts and Sciences Alpha Delta Pi Peggy J. Link Schenectady, New York Arts and Sciences Alpha Delta Pi I' Robert J. Linney Port Henry, New York Technology Koppo Sigmci Jeffrey J. Linston Hcirtsdcile, New York Technology PhitSigmo Deltcu Todd C. Lismon Burlington, Vermont Arts ond Sciences Phi Sigmo Delto Lois M. Loroncl Nutley, New Jersey Arts ond Sciences Gornmo Phi Beto Joanna Lull Shelburne, Vermont Arts ond Sciences Delto Delto Deltci John J. Lynch Bellows Falls, Vermont Arts ond Sciences George M. Macory Waterbury, Connecticut Technology Sigmo Phi Epsilon Donald J. MacDonald Wolpole, Mossochusetts Arts ond Sciences Sigmo Alpho Epsilon Jeanie M. MacDonough Shelburne, Vermont Agriculture and Home Economics Kappa Alpha Theta Raymond Macionus Bridgeport, Connecticut Arts and Sciences Phi Delta Theta Alan S. MacLean Drexel l-lill, Pennsylvania Arts and Sciences Sigma Nu Howard E. Maltz New York, New York Arts and Sciences Alpha Epsilon Pi Susan M. Monbeck Schenectady, New York Arts and Sciences Alpha Delta Pi Judith A. Mandell Bronxville, New York Education and Nursing Delta Delta Delta Joan M. Manley Brattleboro, Vermont Agriculture and Home Economics Pi Beta Phi Barry D. Marcus New Rochelle, New York Arts and Sciences Alpha Epsilon Pi Charles W. Marsh, Jr. Springfield, Massachusetts Arts and Sciences Sigma Alpha Epsilon Patricia L. Martin Montpelier, Vermont Education and Nursing Owen Mathewson Montpelier, Vermont Arts and Sciences Ralph W. Matthews Essex Junction, Vermont Agriculture and Home Economics Acacia Kathleen I. Mawn St. Albans, Vermont Education and Nursing George S. Maxwell Bay Shore, New York Arts and Sciences Sigma Alpha Epsilon Mary A. May Barton, Vermont Technology Martha Leigh McDonald Sudbury, Massachusetts Education and Nursing Gamma Phi Beta Sheila F. McGinley North Springfield, Vermont Arts and Sciences Carolyn N. McKeighan Rupert, Vermont Arts and Sciences Mary A. McMorrow Poultney, Vermont Education and Nursing Judith M. Mehrof Teaneck, New Jersey Education and Nursing Howard W. Meridy Hartford, Connecticut Arts and Sciences Tau Epsilon Phi James F. Messier Franklin, Vermont Agriculture and Home Economics Alpha Gamma Rho Mark S. Michelman Milton, Massachusetts Arts and Sciences Sigma Nu Gordan R. Miller Cheshire, Connecticut Technology Kappa Sigma Gretchen S. Miller Rutland, Vermont Arts and Sciences John H. Mills Millburn, New Jersey Agriculture and Home Economics Acacia Louis H. Miner Burlington, Vermont Technology Kappa Sigma Linda Kieselman Montgomery St. Albans, Vermont Education and Nursing Gale E. Morgan Mountain Lakes, New Jersey Education and Nursing Alpha Delta Pi Jon D. Morrill Barnet, Vermont Delta Psi Joan A. Myers Waterbury, Vermont Arts and Sciences Delta Delta Delta Michael A. Nagurney Stamtord, Connecticut Arts and Sciences Tau Epsilon Phi Alan D. Nathan Providence, Rhode island Technology Phi Sigma Delta Elizabeth A. Navin Burlington, Vermont Arts and Sciences Pi Beta Phi Robert C. Newton Stowe, Vermont Arts and Sciences Mariorie J. Nichols l-lingham, Massachusetts Education and Nursing Frederick M. Noble Jeftersonville, Vermont Arts and Sciences Phi Delta Theta Douglas P. Norman Windsor, Vermont Arts and Sciences Beryl E. Norris Barton, Vermont Education and Nursing Sherrill B. Nott White River Junction, Vermont Agriculture and Home Economics Alpha Gamma Rho Anne M. Obreiter Glen Ridge, New Jersey Technology Alpha Chi Omega Thomas F, O'Conner Bellows Falls, Vermont Technology Alpha Tau Omega Andrew C. Oianen Chester, Vermont Technology Jules Older Baltimore, Maryland Arts and Sciences Phi Sigma Delta Stanley J. Olson Vergennes, Vermont Technology Elaine Orol Flushing, New York Education and Nursing Alpha Epsilon Phi John H. Orr Ivlooers, Vermont Arts and Sciences Virginia Palans Burlington, Vermont Arts and Sciences Claude J. Paquette Beecher Falls, Vermont Technology Phi Mu Delta H. Roy Paris, Jr. Burlington, Vermont Technology Theta Chi Anne S. Parker Maynard, Massachusetts Arts and Sciences Gamma Phi Beta Dominic P. Parlato Rochester, New York Technology Kappa Sigma Robert Posh, Jr, Burlington, Vermont Technology Rudolph A. Passero Norwalk, Connecticut Arts and Sciences George Paton, Jr. Oaklyn, New Jersey Arts and Sciences Robert L. Patterson Needham, Massachusetts Arts and Sciences Priscilla D. Paul Ossining, New York Education and Nursing Pi Beta Phi Sandra J. Paul Springfield, Vermont Education and Nursing William F. Peabody Graniteville, Vermont Technology George F. Pearlstein Barre, Vermont Technology z Richard C. Pearlstein Barre, Vermont Arts and Sciences Jacqueline M. Pell Burlington, Vermont Education and Nursing Ronald W. Pero Arlington, Vermont Arts and Sciences Sigma Phi Barbara C. Perri Brookville, New York Arts and Sciences Joan M. Peterson Rutland, Vermont Education and Nursing Alpha Chi Omega Nancy G. Peterson l-louston, Texas Education and Nursing Alpha Chi Omega Dagmar M. Pfanzelter Larchmont, New York Technology Kappa Alpha Theta Carol S. Phillips Burlington, Vermont Arts and Sciences Peter E. Piche Milton, Vermont Arts anal Sciences Christopher E. Pickwick Fitchburg, Massachusetts Arts and Sciences Alpha Tau Omega Jean E. Pillsbury Williston, Vermont Technology Alpha Delta Pi Judith A. Pillsbury Montpelier,Vermont Arts and Sciences Judith M. Pillsbury Williston, Vermont Agriculture and Home Economics Patricia E. Pires DeVVitt, New York Agriculture and Home Economics Kappa Alpha Theta Mark M. Platt Oakland Gardens, New York Arts and Sciences Phi Sigma Delta Sheila Polonsky Flushing, New York Arts and Sciences Alpha Epsilon Phi Norman L. Portalupi Barre, Vermont Education and Nursing Judith E. Porter Nova Scotia, Canada Arts and Sciences Joel D. Posner Brooklyn, New York Arts and Sciences Robert S. Poulios White River Junction, Vermont Technology Lambda lota Raymond J. Poutre Lowell, Vermont Technology LeRoy C. Pratt, Jr. Rochester, Vermont Technology Lambda Iota Jeanne L. Pretsch East Williston, New York Arts and Sciences Delta Delta Delta Jacquelyn E. Prouty St. Albans, Vermont Education and Nursing Mary Letitia Provost Burlington, Vermont Dental Hygiene Fredrik H. Raab Burlington, Vermont Arts and Sciences George C. Randall Arlington, Vermont Agriculture and Home Ec Alpha Tau Omega Patricia B. Ransom Burlington, Vermont Education and Nursing Kappa Alpha Theta Stephen J. Reiter Burlington, Vermont Arts and Sciences Phi Sigma Delta Louise N. Reutelhuber Chatham, New Jersey Education and Nursing Kappa Alpha Theta onomics Rachel E. Rice South Deertield, Massachusetts Arts and Sciences Gamma Phi Beta Mary Anne Richmond Salem, New Jersey Dental Hygiene Edgar c. Riebe, ii Ivletuchen, New Jersey Agriculture and Home Economics Lambda lota Barbara A. Rifkin Schenectady, New York Education and Nursing Gamma Phi Beta Maureen A. Riley Arlington, Vermont Education and Nursing Daniel W. Risik Burlington, Vermont Arts and Sciences Kappa Sigma Louis F. Rivard Newport, Vermont Technology Constance A. Robb Hardwich, Vermont Arts and Sciences Joseph A. Roberge Barre, Vermont Technology Gary K. Robinson Orleans, Vermont Technology Hazel E. Robinson South Hero, Vermont Arts and Sciences Gamma Phi Beta Joan Blaubaugh Robinson Metuchen, New Jersey Education and Nursing Alpha Chi Omega Michael H. Robinson Brooklyn, New York Arts and Sciences Tau Epsilon Phi Orlando Romero Amman, Jordan Technology 67 Elliot M. Rosenbaum Great Neck, New York Arts and Sciences Tau Epsilon Phi James H. Rosenblum Mamaroneck, New York Technology Tau Epsilon Phi Sheldon I. Rothberg Burlington, Vermont Arts and Sciences Florence A. Roussin Milton, Vermont Arts and Sciences Gail L. Rowland Hamilton, Ohio Technology Alpha Chi Omega Joel S. Rutstein Burlington, Vermont Arts and Sciences Tau Epsilon Phi William F. Ryan Milton, Vermont Technology Margaret Sadler Norwich, Vermont Arts and Sciences Delta Delta Delta Peter M. Saidel Plaintield, New Jersey Arts and Sciences Sigma Nu Steven R. Salma New York, New York Technology Elizabeth J. Sanguinetti Barre, Vermont Education and Nursing Kaye E. Saraceno Weymouth, Massachusetts Arts and Sciences Alpha Chi Omega Mary Ann Sargent St. Johnsbury, Vermont Education and Nursing Alpha Delta Pi Paul J. Sausville Bennington, Vermont Technology Andrea Schenkel Riverdale, New York Education and Nursing Alpha Epsilon Phi Sandra M. Schindlinger Far Rockaway, New York Arts and Sciences Alpha Epsilon Phi Roger W. Seibel Lancaster, New York Arts and Sciences Sigma Phi Epsilon Joel P. Selden Brooklyn, New York Arts and Sciences Phi Sigma Delta David A. Selib Brookline, Massachusetts Arts and Sciences Alpha Epsilon Pi Maureen E. Sexton Essex Junction, Vermont Education and Nursing Alpha Chi Omega David H. Shader Brielle, New Jersey Technology Jean M. Shattuck Poultney, Vermont Arts and Sciences Lawrence A. Sherwin Shattsbury, Vermont Arts and Sciences Joesph Silveira New Bedtord, Massachusetts Technology Kappa Sigma Larry T. Simino Vergennes, Vermont Agriculture and Home Alpha Gamma Rho Jacqueline Humphreys Burlington, Vermont Arts and Sciences Pi Beta Phi Barbara Sims Plaintield, New Jersey Arts and Sciences Susan R. Sipprell Buttalo, New York Agriculture and Home Delta Delta Delta Charles J. Smith Flushing, New York Arts and Sciences Tau Epsilon Phi Joy Mason Smith Quthland, Vermont Agriculture and Home Economics Simonds Economics Economics Linda E. Smith Orleans, Vermont Dental Hygiene Richard J. Soderberg Brattleboro, Vermont Technology Sigma Phi Epsilon Armand E. Soucy Williamstown, Vermont Technology Hugh Spafford North Clarendon, Vermont Agriculture and Home Economics Alpha Gamma Rho Dorothy A. Spangler York, Pennsylvania Dental Hygiene Theodore E. Splaver Bridgeport, Connecticut Arts and Sciences Alpha Epsilon Pi Joyce E. Spooner Randolph, Vermont Arts and Sciences Wiliam F. Stanley Ossining, New York Arts and Sciences Delta Psi George W. Starbuck, III New Bedford, Massachusetts Arts and Sciences Sigma Alpha Epsilon Jeffrey B. Steckler Brooklyn, New York Arts and Sciences Alpha Epsilon Pi George V. Steeves Tunbridge, Vermont Arts and Sciences Jack I. Stern Fairfield, Connecticut Arts and Sciences Alpha Epsilon Pi Charles W. Stevens Montgomery Center, Vermont Technology Lynda Stevens South Da rtmouth, Massachusetts Dental Hygiene Donald H. Steyert Orwell, Vermont Agriculture and Home Economics Linda J. Stickney Montpelier, Vermont Education and Nursing Pi Beta Phi Guy W. Stone, Jr. Burlington, Vermont Arts and Sciences Theta Chi Nancy M. Streit Warren, Vermont Arts and Sciences Mary Lou Stretch l-ladalonheld, New Jersey Education and Nursing Delta Delta Delta Paul R. Sundstrom Framingham, Massachusetts Arts and Sciences Sigma Phi Edwin R. Swartz Quincy, Massachusetts Arts and Sciences Alpha Epsilon Pi Danial H. Swett Orleans, Vermont Agriculture and Home Economics Alpha Gamma Rho Leonard J. Swinyer Poultney, Vermont Arts and Sciences Phi Delta Theta Phillip C. Tarro Springfield, Vermont Education and Nursing Gena Mason Teachout Lyndon Center, Vermont Education and Nursing Jonathon A. Tenzer New Rochelle, New Arts and Sciences Alpha Epsilon Pi York Nancy L. Thorn Greenfield, Massachusetts Arts and Sciences Alpha Delta Pi Joan D. Tomasi Rutland, Vermont Education and Nursing Alpha Delta Pi John J. Tomasi Rutland, Vermont Arts and Sciences Sigma Nu ii Walter V. Trainor, Jr. Staten Island, New York Technology Sigma Nu 75 Nancy E. Tressel Baldwin, New York Technology Phyllis J. Trowbridge South Woodstock, Vermont Education and Nursing Nancy M. Underwood Wallingford, Vermont Education and Nursing Alpha Delta Pi Susan L. Valley Winooski, Vermont Arts and Sciences Richard S. Van Brunt Horseheads, New York Technology Sigma Nu Mary Anne Vandeventer Burlington, Vermont Arts and Sciences Pi Beta Phi Ann D. Van Gilder Plainfield, New Jersey Arts and Sciences Pi Beta Phi Louis Varricchione Burlington, Vermont Arts and Sciences Delta Psi June G. Vecchiolla Meriden, Connecticut Education and Nursing Alpha Delta Pi Birute A. Vileisis Woodbury, Connecticut Arts and Sciences Phyllis W. Wadsworth Wellesley, Massachusetts Education and Nursing Alpha Delta Pi Sarah Robinson Wakefield South Hero, Vermont Education and Nursing Alpha Chi Omega Stephen R. Waldner Hempstead, New York Arts and Sciences Tau Epsilon Phi Margaret Ann Waterman Ontario, New York Arts and Sciences Pi Beta Phi Albert W. Wedwaldt Wallingford, Vermont Education and Nursing Donald N. Weiman Brooklyn, New York Technology Alpha Epsilon Pi Donald B. Welch St. Johnsbury, Vermont Arts and Sciences Phi Mu Delta Raymond G. Welch St. Johnsbury, Vermont Technology Rosalie T. Wetherby Newport, Vermont Education and Nursing Alpha Delta Pi Virginia F. Weymouth West Charleston, Vermont Dental Hygiene Frank G. White Barnet, Vermont Arts and Sciences Phi Mu Delta K. Lucille Whitney Chelsea, Vermont Agriculture and Home Economics William H. Williams, Ill Poultney, Vermont Arts and Sciences ,xiii , ..gT:jW "1Q0iInlQg,,-t 91:- ' Ronald R. Wilson Essex Junction, Vermont Agriculture and Home Economics Lambda iota Wing H. Wong l-long Kong, China Technology Marilyn B. Wooclcock Wellesley, Massachusetts Education and Nursing Alpha Chi Omega Jeannette M. Woods Wilmington, Delaware Education and Nursing Alpha Delta Pi Darragh D. Wright Ridgeway, Ontario Arts and Sciences Kappa Alpha Theta Elaine K. Wright Bound Brook, New Jersey Agriculture and Home Economics Alpha Delta Pi Allen W. Yost West l-larttord, Connecticut Arts and Sciences Alpha Tau Omega Charles J. Zokrzewski Florence, Vermont Arts ond Sciences Alice Zolon Peterson, New Jersey Arts ond Sciences Alpho Epsilon Phi Memorial John J. Brush Arlington, Vermont Technology Lombdo ioto Norman P. Sarett Edward Rutner Brooklyn, New York Arts cmd Sciences Tou Epsilon Phi Cedo rhu rst, New York Arts ond Sciences Tou Epsilon Phi 80 A po rTy??? Good! Men in dorms'?'?? says who?'? Just Think . . . 81 5 , M W, , '45 - Coffee shop . , . the place to go to be in the know. . . This must have been posed. . , ,effaif Tis The season to be greedy, Really a mover . . , right, girls? Alfred Hitchcock, etc .... Cl-w TNKNAT-.. A paternal viewpoint on the controversial material issue . . . "STOP" 82 The "thinker." . . . Betty Crocker's successor. Swinging out with another "sing along," 1 John Theodore Fey Presidem of The University LLB., J.S.D., MBA., L.L.D Administration Lyman S. Rowell, M.S. Dean Harold C. Collins, B.S. Director of Admissions and Records 85 George N. Clerkin Treasurer and Business Manager Anna Rankin Harris, M.A. Dean of Women Margaret M. Wing, M.A. Assistant Dean of Women Roland D Patzer MA Dean of Men Carl O. Eycke, M.A. Assistant Dean of Men Charles E. Braun, Ph.D. Deon Graduate College W. Wilson, J. Marvin, G. Dykhuizen, S, Bogorod, R. l-lopp, R. Hilberg Oh, ple-cise smile!! 87 Paul R. Miller, M.S. Deon College of Agriculture D. B. Johnstone, Ph.D. F. C. Webster, Ph.D. Agricultural Biochemistry Agricultural Economics 88 B. A. Gaylord, Ed.D. Agricultural Education E. C. Schneider, M.S. Agricultural Engineering T. W. Dowe, Ph.D Animal and Dairy Husbandry A. R. Midgley, Ph.D. Agronomy 89 W. D. Bolton, D.V.M Animal Pathology V. Y. Trotter, Ph.D Home Economics J. W. Marvin, Ph.D. Boto ny R. J. Hopp, M.S Horticulture W. R. Adams, Ph.D. Forestry D. C. Henderson, M.S Poultry 90 FPCIb A George V. Kidder, Ph.D. Dean College of Arts and Sciences 9 urn, Ph.B. J. H. Ken Ph D Cl S. N. Bogorocl, Ph.D. English C. G. Dell, Ph.D. Geology J. F. While, Ph.D. Gerrnon ond Russian H. S. Schultz, Ph.D. History F. W. Lidrcll, Ph.D. Music G. Dykhuizen, Ph.D. Philosophy ond Religion 92 A. D. Crowell, Ph.D. Physics A. E. Nuquist, Ph.D. Political Science J. P. Chaplin, Ph.D. Psychology M. D. Doggett, Ph.D. Romance Languages P. Oren, Jr., Ph.D. Sociology R. B. Huber, Ph.D. Speech and Dromafics P. A. Moody, Ph.D. Zoology Dean Thomas C. King, Ed.D. College of Education and Nursing Mary P. Lodge, M.S. Chairman of Nursing Department A. T. Post, Ed.M. Men's Physical Education 94 Betty J. Wills, M.S Women's Physical Education vnvmk... C. D. Cook, Ph.D. Chemistry R. V. Milbank, M.S. Civil Engineering Edd R. McKee, M.S., E.E Dean College of Technology M. J. Nadworny, Ph.D. Commerce and Economics N. J. Schoonmaker, Ph.D. Mathematics W. O. Essler, Ph.D. Electrical Engineering J. O. Ouiwater, Jr., Sc.D. Mechanical Engineering Col. Weston L. Blanchard, B.S. Professor of Military Science ilitary Science SEATED: Col. W. L. Blanchard. FIRST ROW: Capt. W. Jones, Lt. Col. P. Hassman, Capt G, Cram, Jr., Capt. J. Seratin, Capt. A. Short, Capt. H. Serven, Jr., Capt. J. Hussey Capt. T. Brodin. SEATED: MfSgt. H. Adams. FIRST ROW: SFC J. Sheridan, SFC J. Merchant, Sr., Mfsgf E. Carroll, MfSgt. H. Kempe, MfSgt. E. Atwood, SFC L. Voyer, Sr., SFC R. McDonald 96 Wadi I. Sclwcbini, D.D.S. Director Dental Hygiene P. M. Quinby, B.S. Assisfcmf Director 97 After oil live Tough! Them . . .' Inspiring Thoughts 98 How wouid you like fo be "Charlie Cofomoun1??'f J V 5 av N un J Pizza and beer party . . . Ploof, champion twister . . . Tag's mobile . . . Trip up Mt. Mansfield with four freshmen . . . Captain of Varsity Track can't run fast enough - gets engaged . . . Russell elected Cross-Coun- try Captain . . . PrakeIt's wedding . . . VW lineup depleted . . . Cleaves heaves dear . . . Hatch takes Plymouth . . , Blue Gretchen and Bunny Wagon invade parking lot . . . Late nights at Tom's . . . Long tall Santa assisted by Doris . . . Hilt makes Homecoming nebish . . . New Lawn? . . . Franz and Shiverick pass the pin . . . Potter can't find his . . . Grant finally solos . . . Where's Sam? . . . Hall invests in panut butter . . . Franz and lde inundate Boston . . . Visit to V. U. Colony . . . Morse, the Music Man . . . Flash! I finally made it! . . . Where's Abbott's bell? . . . Spaghetti anyone? . . . John and Oz walk away . . . Mathews di- rects . . . Kake Walk skit!!! . , . Congrats, Morse . . . Work, work, work . . . sing, sing, sing . . . Jungle Jim tires of waving his baton . . . Ed's unique study breaks . . . Who's got the MG, Val? . . . Another great year gone, Where? FIRST ROW: G. Carrier, V.P., A. Cleaves, Pres., J. Hall Treas. SECOND ROW: N. Pelsue, House Mgr., G. Potter Social Chrmn,, L. Harvey, Sec., D, Smith, Rush Chrmn. FIRST ROW: B. Jackson, B. Cosfine, D. lndrieri, P, Craig, J. Simses, F. Dawson. SECOND ROW: D. Chamberlain, S. Russell, C, Nichols, J, Mclntyre, B, Bryan, G. Chase. THIRD ROW: G. LePoer, S. Doane, D. Schoonrnaker, R, Lyman, B, Harvey, D. Stetson. Z ::...,v '-I' i s ii FIRST ROW: L. Hardenburg, D. Merrill, B. Gilbert, J. Peterson, J. Darby, S. Beattie, H, Katz, J. Robinson C. Hecht, R, Stevens. SECOND ROW: N. Peterson, C. Fuller, C. Risley, G. Rowland, S. Wakefield, M Sexton, A. Obreiter, K, Saraceno, E. Moeller, M. Woodcoclc, C, Bloom, N. Struss. THIRD ROW: S. Johnson M. Bean, L. Barry, S. Wichterman, M. Gardner, S. Mumford, N. Davis, S, Klinck, C. Billhardt, S. McCloud FOURTH ROW: J. Bell, S. O'Halloran, M. Manton, M. Guyer, C, Watters, E. Duell, G, Hutchinson, B. A Becker, V. James. Alpha Chi mega Returned to school with memories of The previous semester fresh in mind - Koke Wolk Queen Bonnie, The pizzo porty with Koppo Sig, ond LQ... L our second in the IFC Sing . . , lost roys of summer ot North Beoch . . . 1 if ii X the SAE ghosts ot our combined open house feoturing Kenny Hdmilton I- . . . cifter dinner hours leorning how to twist Cond consequently work- ing off dinneri . . . Mrs. Richordson, the chompion twister . . . severol officiol Phi Delt Doys consisting of on open house, exchonge dinner ond Christmos pcirty for the kids ot St. .loseph's . . . pins flew fost ond fur- ious! . . . goined new corpentry cind crepe-poper pushing skills con- structing the Homecoming poster. , . MERP Week - wild!!! . . . "Sointly Seven" in the Coffee Shoppe Skits - our othletes showing no aversion to dirt ond rdin in The powder puff footboll gome . . . IFC Sing with Koppo Sig highlighting the fuzz . . . fun tronsporting books for the li- brory move . . . more fun eoting donuts ond cider . . . how oloout Those Soturdoy night dinners ot the Mill . , . ond those BYOP porties . . . royolly entertoined with dessert by Acocio ond Sigmci Phi . . . Eorned much money for Cerebrol Polsy with our Mile of Money project. FIRST ROW: K. Soroceno, Trees., J. Peterson, Pres., H. Katz, Ist V.P. SECOND ROW: N. Peterson, Rec. Sec., S. Woketield, Corr. Sec. T' I .gi 1 , . -f ..f.ef. .. 3 A-Y f ax,-5 il f ,1 . , , . I T fi K , 4 . x' ,.,, I A, A A V V if .W Y 1 I Q --- --. A fi I .,,. ii ' T 5 if I K ie. , ,b '-,, - r it VSV uf 1 r - .. N ' 5 T 1 -I I , if 5 I, 5 R, , i,,. - Sf, rf K' .if -- ., s - . 4 T h-...K '." T' .1-" . FIRST ROW: B, Griesbeck, J. Freeman, A, Houssermcin, C. Knight, M, Robinson, N. Kellogg. SECOND ROW: J. Mortinson, C, Gilbert, B. Cross, L, McColl, J. Siegfried, E. Rideout. THIRD ROW: L. Buffum, J. Murroy, C. Croig, S, Pugh, K. Columbo, G. Honson. 103 FIRST ROW: J. Bley, N. Breiner, J. Humphreys, K. Lanclman, J. Humphreys, P. Taylor, C. Day, B. L Sherry, J. Vecchtolla. SECOND ROW: P. Link, S. Manbeck, M, Force, S, White, R. Wetherby, L. Atiyeh, J Woods, B. Bashew. THIRD ROW: lvl. Carter, A, Garrison, M. A. Sargent, P. Gutowski, N. Thorne, J. Lawler N, Glenn, J, Pillsbury. FOURTH ROW: D. Zurloruegg, P. Hoskiewicz, B, Hole, B. Lyon, N. Palmer, B. Low P. Wadsworth. Alpha Delta Pi 363 S. Willard Street A wonderful and memorable year Tor The ADPi's . . . a year To celebraTe our lOTh anniversary aT UVM and To look back aT our accomplishmenTs and wonderful Times TogeTher . . . The Club Carnival . . . our skiT wiTh TheTa Chi . . . Then Homecoming and PorenTs Weekend . . . open house and how Those Nighf Riders can play The TwisTl Brenda as our candidaTe Tor MiliTory Ball queen . . . MERP week and our successful MERP dinner . . . anniversary celebraTions . . . banqueTs, buTTeT dinners and Teas . . . once again The sTarT of a new holiday season . . . our Tree Trimming ParTy . . . The orphan parTy wiTh Lambda loTa , . . winTer Tormals . . . vacaTion. A new year . . . a wonderful new pledge class . . . new oiniicers spring again afTer a long winTer . . . The IFC sing . . . our annual FronTier ParTy . . . wonderful memories of spring Tormals . . . worries over final exams . . . anTicipaTion of graduaTion Tor The seniors . . . looking ahead To a new and prosperous year aT Alpha Delta Pi. FIRST ROW: J. Pillsbury, Treas.f P. Link, Pres.: J. Lawler V,P. SECOND ROW: M. Force, Soc. Chrmn.g M. A SargenT, Carr. Sec.g J. Vecchiolla, Rec, Sec. if wx ...A 1' 'R "T " Q.: fr' . Fifi fg 3' T l FIRST ROW: B. Isham, M. Hoskiewicz, M. Lewis, R. Baldwin, R. Marks, T. Tibbs, J. Pritchard. SECOND ROW: M. CarTer, K, Bond, J, Conners, L. ATiyeh, R. Heyse, P. Davis, G, Brown, A. Burton. THIRD ROW: J. Cochran, K, Thomas, M. Riegel, J, Bundgus, M. Kucio, J. Raphalion, A. Stebbins. 105 FIRST ROW: J. Korman, E. Oral, A. Zolon, J. Levine, A. Schenkel, L. Wiedmon, S. Fleischmcn, E. Witte SECOND ROW: B. Stern, S. Mllmcn, I. Hofbinder, J. Powell, M. Seiler, E. Solomon, R. Bockor, B. Berg mon. THIRD ROW: S, Rosen, S, Krokow, E. Giller, R. Carlin, L, Leffel, S. Oshlog, B. Lismon, I. Sloan FOURTH ROW: M, Coleman. P, Rodburt, S. Polonsky, S. Schindlinger, Alpha Epsilon P ' This was a banner year for all the AO's of Alpha Epsilon Phi! . . . Lin- da's and Betsy's marvelous time at National Convention in Pennsyl- vania, bringing home the Efficiency and Cooperation trophy for us . . . Summer Wedding bells for Paula and Phyllis. . . Scholastically, we rated first with T4 girls on Dean's List and sporting the highest sorority aver- age in many years - 82.4l! . . . Our most successful car wash ever - over 80 cars worth of scrubbing . . . Sue's initiation into Alpha Lambda gf, Delta . . . Marge as Panhel President . . . A long line at the phone dur- J, M' . ing MERP Week . . . Our Football Open House with AEPl . . , a deli- ' cious and profitable Bake Sale . . . Joan and Betsy on Staff and Sandal A . . . Alice in National Collegiate Players . . . Laurie and Eve dancing to F the tunes of "Peter and the Wolf' '... Sheila as a terrific "Matchmaker" . . . a Middlebury pin for Betsy, or is it R.P.l.'? A top pledge class . . . oceans of Marlboros . . . a terrific Kake Walk . . . Our seasonal snow- ball and vvater fights with Sig Ep! . . . a wonderful sing . . . Spring Formal . . . Enioying visits with Dr. Torch, Mr. Lewis, Dean Patzer, Dr. Boller. . . burning the midnight oil . . . "Peanut," our friend who would go anyplace - well, almost anyplace . , . hostessing our Regional Con- clave . . . a wonderful year!! FIRST ROW: E. Orol, Treas.: J. Powell VP L Le l Pres., B. Bergman, Sec. SECOND ROW E Salomon House Manager: A. Schenkel, Rush Chrmn B Lisman Panhel Rep., S. Oshlag, Stewardess. 4'1" uf - x J., vi. FIRST ROW: L. Levy, M. Blistein, M. Zwerling, M. Rogers, M. Colodney, E. Alper. SECOND ROW: N. Kramer, J. Klonsky, A. Eigen, S. Likosky, H. Coffino, C. Greenblatt, C. Breiman, M. Austern, H. Goldman, I. Kazdin. THIRD ROW: L. Sharfstein, L. Feder, E. Lipp, R. Wiener, C, Mable, E. Finer. 107 if A l is i Ku.. FIRST ROW: L. Levy, S. Frankel, S. Cohen. SECOND ROW: M. Cowan, J. Kronield. THIRD W. Klugman, S. Becker, D. R. Berliner, H. Jacobson, A. R. Sommerfield, T. Splaver, Peltz, M. Sacks, M, Asher, tsw, Carp, F. Lewis, B. Bloom, J. Shrage, S. Lutzker, M. Zelfzerman, S Fisher, J. Steckler, G. Adler, M. Harris, E, Swartz, B, Marcus, R. Gilman, M ROW: D, Silbermann, R. Haas, L. Greene, R. Jackel, J. Tenzer, G. Hertzberg Selib, R. Katz, S. Singer, R. Glatzer. FOURTH ROW: D. Batonick, N. Shapiro Mintz, M, Megur, E. Pollack, R. Collier, P. Oppenheim. FIFTH ROW: S. Telchin H. Maltz, R. Adler, D. Weiman, R. Silverstein, C. Schonwalder. SIXTH ROW: S R. Amsterdam, M, Zieky, L, Yarlcin, D. Tishler, L. Rosenfeld. Alpha Epsilon i Big Year . . . moving . . . going places! The Brothers Four at the house! Freshman Varieties: "Does Your Chewing Gum Lose Its Flavor On the Bedpost Over Night?' '... no, but it gets real sticky . . . new chef . . . new meat . . . new freezer . . . and metrecal . . . Champlain College girls. . , across the street . . . so fine . . . boss chicks! Twist a la Singer . . . fat . . . lean . . . fat . . . Doug Marks? Walkers! - Steve Frankel and Larry Galloway . . . Graduate Schools - almost all the Seniors. . . Poet Laureate: Danny Batonick . . . IOOVJ at the library land about QOM at the donuts! . , . Mel Rudman gave us our first legacy . . . Nancy helped a little . . , Gridiron 6-2 . . , UVM Bowling Champs. . . Last will and testament . . . Brother Crude goes traveling . , . with a camera case??? . . . Culture Club . . . Dean Patzer . . . Prof. Babcock . . . . Prof. Colburn . . . Safety-Belt campaign . . . selling apples for the Optimist Boys Club . . . Open Houses . . . GAMMA PHI . . . AEPHI . . . tensions! . . . beer mugs!!!. . . The annex . . . post game pleasan- tries. . . Crambambuli and Manochevitz wine . . . Vermont Varieties. , . something light . . .feathers and milk. . . lum . . . it's good for rushing . . . The Zeta sPi, George Hertzberg . . .the grand old man . . . returns . . . conquers . . . and leaves. . . at last . . . Good Luck to the Seniors!!! FIRST ROW: D. Marks, V.P,, R. Adler, Pres., D. Weiman Treas. SECOND ROW: T. Splaver, member-at-largeg H Maltz, Sec. FIRST ROW: J. Abrams, M. Mostow, S. Devins, D. Edwards, R, Donn, J. Erdos, B. Messinger, H. Dube, S. Silverman. SECOND ROW: J. Sockol, P. Feingold, S. Likosky, J. Bissonette, H. Hyams, L, Bender, S. Goodman, D. Kleiman, J. Galuten, M. Wortman. THIRD ROW: H. Lapidow, S. Cowen, M. Zwerdling, M. Welt, M. Morrell, B. Machanic, D, Coscina, M. Wolf, L. Chelder, M. Margolius. FOURTH ROW: S. Weisberg, J. Bessoff, R. Lippman, R. Darling, M, Bersan, A. Heistein, A, Simon, S. Pell, N. Goldman, J. Freedman. 109 -' . Y '-" if nrffry k -Q.. 7- sv A- we My Qi ,. My x 1 .' A- Q si as af -,Y -W - it ,kos ' K .le-to .- mai X -tif.. 'Y FIRST ROW: J. Bushey, K. Foote, B. Brown, F. Stone, D. MocFeeters, D. Wyman, B. Hansen, D. Simino SECOND ROW: E. Clark, E. Petit, L. Sconlon, J. Pratt, S. Nott, H. Spoflorcl, J. Ameden, R. Dion, E Walker, J, Pillsbury, THIRD ROW: A. Stevens, L. Zelozny, H. Sommer, L. Hamel, F. Fiske, J. Davenport, N Smith. FOURTH ROW: J. Messier, E. Stanley, B. Dunning, B. Hoodby, L. Pillsbury, B. Hyslop, C. McCosco Alpha Gamma Rho 216 S, Prospect Street Began our second year in our house - several lived here all summer . . . forty-one men living in this year . . . Dan, our cook is back . . . We eat like kings again . . . Varsity football, with parties after . . . Varsity Cross Country, house vvell represented . . . intramural football . . . vvon all league games . . . lost to Kappa Sigma in semi-finals . . . boys are beginning to study after the long summer . . . hour tests will soon begin . . . many girls visiting . . . also several every Sunday for dinner . . . a couple of brothers got pinned during the summer . . . Homecoming . . . several nights spent working on the poster . . . great party Satur- day night . . . exchange dinners, dessert hours . . . Christmas Formal . . . several deerslayers in house . . . kept us eating venison . . . initiated eleven men to brotherhood . . . all gone Christmas vacation . . . trip to Middlebury College for a dessert hour with Alpha Xi Delta sorority . . . great time . . . played intramural basketball . . . not too good . . . Dean Patzer visited us for supper, talked with the members . . . working for Kake Walk . . , everyone looking forward to warmer weather . . . except the skiers . . . The AGR Northeast Province Officer Training school in April . . . more pinnings . . . visits to other chapters . . . still eatin like kings on Dan's cooking. FIRST ROW: W, McFeeders, Exec, member at large, E Clark, Pres.: J. Bushey, IFC Rep. SECOND ROW: J Pratt, Sec., S. Natt, Treas.: J. Davenport, Alumni Sec. WM? FIRST ROW: R. Kinerson, Jr., W. Rooney, D. Kinerson. 111 FIRST ROW: W. Emberley, J, McCuin, R. Angney, H. Jockson, D. Thompson, J. Cooper, B. Anderson SECOND ROW: R. Scrivener, W, Leoch, J. Spellmon, J. Ferry, B. Adoms, R. Geermon, C. Pickwick, J Leskowitz. THIRD ROW: D. Lemmon, R. Price, C, Sumner, G. Beishiem, K. Chevalier, L. Achilles. lpha Tau mega ATO celebrafes 75Th year on campus . . . The homewrecker and hearT- breakers . . . Yogi The flying bear . . . Jackson floods Ma's . . . Thomp- son blows up . . . Emberley anTicipaTes need . . . Coop feaTures formal fade . . . Taus bury yellowiackeT . . , Praise God "The Chief" reTurns . . . big TwisTers, Thompson and Mello . . . Chevy's PlymouTh yicTim of TwisTer . . . poTenT Pops . . . Teacher's peT Morse To marry Teacher . . . Beis bows ouT To Sumner . . , chess makes The scene . . . German goes To BosTon . . . McCuin To Sanders. . , Skip To his MarTy . . . Rising l-lo l-lo's . . .WesTfield hosTs Taus and Thumper . . . Mello and Mello meeT Mason . . . Flower drives bus . . , ATO's rile Norwich cadeTs . . . Say, iT was a greaT year, men'?l And we found a new use for peanuTs, Tool FIRST ROW: D. Thompson, Trees, R. Angney, Pres, VV Leach, V,P. SECOND ROW: R. Rivers, WorThy Sentinel, J, McCuin, WorThy Keeper of Annals. KJ' gre FIRST ROW: M. Campbell, R, Lamson, L. Achilles,W. Hayden, R, Richards. SECOND ROW: S. Rising, G. Beisheim, C, Bogacz, B. Anderson. 113 'wr-I 7 . x ,...,,,. . xv-if FIRST ROW: S. Sipprell, L, Frechette, S. Chagnon, M. A. O'Brien, E. Mango, R. Cichy, M. J, Morris, J, Magnagi, S. Ambrose, K. Sanderson. SECOND ROW: H. Ries S. Cameron, J. Biandin, C. Fischer, M. L. Stretch, Mrs. Fineld. P. irving, J. Myers, P. Girt, L. Green, R. Means, A. Leddy, P. Sadler. THIRD ROW: B. Browne, S Flanagan, M. Hilton, J. Pretsch, A. Maynes, J, Christenson, J. Mandels, B. Woodard, H. Nickau, J, lull. FOURTH ROW: K. Tiwornas, J. Mandell, M. Webb, A. Newman, M. Bernhoff, G. Selrnan, J. Jordan, S. Clair. Delta Delta Delta Here we go again . . . Twist Delta Psi, Twist Sigma Phi, Twist Sigma Nu - Fall open houses . . . Executive visitor . . . Who forgot to light the candles? . . . Letters from Texas and letters from home . . . the 8-ball says . . . Harriet and Angela . . . "California here I come!" Joni . . . Susie Soap Flake and her Jack Frost secret formula . . . Crankshaft, emergency brake, motor - new V.W. Marty? . . . Scraps of paper, globs of glue, off key songs, paint - our teachers . . . Mrs. Fifield's continual and warm understanding . . . Oh, those spaghetti dinners . . . Big, bad John . . . fire drill in the Navy, Jo? . . . Sandy's new coiffure . . . Deep philosophical discussions at 3 a.m .... Swiss Fondue and Pati, too . . . "In dem ole cotton Helds at home" . . . Louie and her "emerald" ring . . .weave a win, Jeannie . . . Fred and Wilma . . . Pine party, Christmas, I96I . . . Elana-gun . . . the "open" kitchen . . . skiing, skiing, skiing . . . "honest, kind, reverent, brave, etc . . . pins, rings and wedding bells . . . Toni and Maria in their midnight pro- duction of "West Side Story' '... knit on, Bev . . . Kake Walk . . . Spring Formals . . . And another successful year of hard work inter- spersed with fun and laughter comes to an end with the promise of a bright future for the Tri-Deltas. FIRST ROW: S. Sipprell, Treas.y P. Irving, Pres., J. Lull V.P. SECOND ROW: C. Fischer, Marshall, J. Myers, Sec. M, L. Stretch, Chaplain. 3' is in gf' f as , Q., I . R J , ii Y nf' i ef . K 1 1 - 'G-J, . I . is 0 FIRST ROW: C. Murray, K. Donahue, J. Cantwell, B. Handy, B, Fahy, S. Huber, S. Ridder. SECOND ROW: J. Grasso, D. Keller, C. Denny, B, Bogert, M. Foley, J. Pfannstiehl, N. O'Grady, S. Stickle, THIRD ROW: N. Danis, E. Danielson, P. Georges, S. Josselyn, H. Stone, A. Wyle, J. Miller. 115 i 3 I 'N-in .hi-. may iw 4.x1' new 1 FIRST ROW: M. Thorenson, J. Matanle, R. Johnson, A. Godfrey, W. Bond. SECOND ROW: R. Darazzio, C. Kendall, T, Kipp, W. Stanley, W. Carr, L. Varricchione, VV, Adams, THIRD ROW: W, Ghiorse, R. Hub- bard, J, Morrill, R. Curtin, R, Nurse, S. Terry, A. Kelleher, F. Mahoney, A. Pelligrini. FOURTH ROW: T. Terrien, D. Keller, W. Mulhern, D. Cassoni R. Fay, B. Callahan, J. Walfon, T, Clark, FIFTH ROW: S. Goodchild, T. Benway, D, Strassburg, P. Hughes, M. Sheehan, C. Rooney, D. Lawson. Delta Psi Once again Delta Psi has proven itself as The respected leader on the UVM campus. The traditional spirit of the Delt House was reflected in the fraterniTy's many and varied achievements. Remember . . . Roonelli's and its owner . . . the new pledges eager to help . . . the good marks and the more plentiful poor marks . . . the good meals prepared by "Horse" and "Pagey' '... the record breaking coffeebreak by "Farmer" . . . the IFC Sing l?l . the pig party . . . S-Steve and his verbal battles with the new "Hairline" . . , the Tremendous walking by Wendy and Rog . . . Subzero, zero and the nightly studying l'?i there . . . Francois' and Bill's fight with the archway . . . the beach parties . , . the leadership of "Harry," "Junior," and "Horse" . . , the graduation of Bill. 'fScruples," "KO," Trey, Wendy, Ron, "Man-tan" and the others . . . the KK, the Mill and Phil, The Cave . . . pledge details . . . surprise Kakewalk candidate . . . parties and chaperones . . . exams . . . honors and Hbrothering-up." The year was a good one, made that way by every member of the Delta Psi House who paved the way to a brilliant future to go with a rich past. FIRST ROW: D. Smith, House Mgr., T. Kipp, Pres., W. Carr, Sr. Prudence, W. Ghiorse, Steward. SECOND ROW: J. Matanle, Critic, W, Cullen, Treas., J, H. Walton, V.P., D. Keller, Sec. TWT lk .T U 3.4 FIRST ROW: S. Dommerich, B. Luce, J. Beck, J. Minahan, B. Maestro, E. Ranta, R. Eoff, M. Heck. SECOND ROW: E. Terrill, G. Ghiorse, C. Steward, P. Keelty, R. French, J. Stewart, J. Foley, J. Maley, R. Belisle. THIRD ROW: S, Morse, B. Allard, C. Frattini, K. MacDonald, A. Allen, J. Morse, D. Morrisseau, R. Croce. 117 FIRST ROW: G. Heaton, P. Galdsborough, L. Lorand, L. Borgos, R. Rice, M. Croft, D. Hill, B. Laurie, S Smith. SECOND ROW: D. Dahl, M. Knandel, G. Waller, W. Tubbs, J. Luck, L. Baier, B. Allison, V. Collins R. Roberts, H. Robinson, THIRD ROW: M. Langlois, A. Parker, J. Drwiega, A, Josselyn, M. Brown, F Nicholson, G. Lawrence, D. Babson. FOURTH ROW: B. Rilkin, S. Lunclvall, J. Wenzel, L. Cauley, V. Clarlc J. Wigntman. Gamma Phi Beta Fall Colors . . . the "New Look" . . . bicycle rides . , . the Blond bomb . . . water-ski much, Rach? . . .the 8 a.m. fiasco, October 2Ist . . . un believable! . , . Open House with AEPi . . . Pie Party - really great! . . . was that a mouse? . . . letters, we get letters! . . . Orono, Amherst and Hamilton . . , formal dinners and cottee hours . . . "Was that ci dog?" - Pitcher, Sugar, Chris and - Jan! . . . snowball fight . . . caroling with ATO . . . I oIon't believe it! . . , Christmas cheer . . . pins, rings and wedding bells. . . Conrads, Anyone? . . . I've two papers and a final exam, who do the teachers think I am, Einstein? . . . 3 a.m. caviar parties. . . the lavender bathroom! . . . cranberry juice orgy . . . "Scotch and Soda" twist . . . Rushing - wonderful group ot pledges and a Serenade . . . Kake Walk - marvelous as usual . . . snow, snow, snow . . . IFC Sing . . . Forrnals in Stowe . . . Senior week and Gradua- tion. . . didn't it pass quickly? . . , but, oh so many memories. 4 ' I X sn' FIRST ROW: M. Croft, Ist V.P., R. Rice, Pres., A. Parker 2nd V.P. SECOND ROW: J, Drwiega, Rec. Sec., H Robinson, Corr. Sec., L. Cauley, Treas ,EQ FIRST ROW: J, Sandfort, K. Siedler, S. Halsted, S. Rex, M. Mason, D. Corso, SECOND ROW: M. Nathan, S. Spencer, S, Lawrence, C, Chiott, J. Belcher, D. Plunkett, B. Holt. 119 M X I M,....2-5 f . 'Ll 7' FIRST ROW: S. Holt, L. Reutelhuber, H. Lott, P. Shanahan, S, Dane, S. Griesenbeck, P. Dean, L. Gaspic M, Bickel. SECOND ROW: D. Pfanzelfer, M. Hefzel, S.-Greene, J. Bergan, E. Candee, B. Knighf, M. J Edwards, P. Ransom, K, Pafric, P. Bishop, THIRD ROW: R. Leitner, A. Rowell, F. Leitner, C. Truift, J. Bezer, B4 Ja HGl'diUQ, K- King, P.vAbs'ron, R. Lichfen, FOURTH ROW: S. Hartford, B. French, J. Flesher, B. Driver, M Bartinoski, N. Hike, A. Askren Kappa Alpha Theta 215 S. Prospect Sfreef This year Mrs. Stoddard and gales of laughter . . . marvelous what per- sonality and understanding can do . . . wonderful parents weekend , . . Homecoming poster another first with UVM Raid Kills 'Em Dead . . . Superb pledge class . . . mixed emotions over our Hallowe'en party . . . Kake Walk tops, specially our 'Lovely to Look at Melissa' . . . Mrs. Stoddard and her pet peeves, guys . . . so take to the bushes! usual spring events . . . nights to remember . . . Dane and birthday party for Lincoln, with the black and white cake . . . Juliette's ditties for the day found on her door . . . and her infamous humor concern- ing Xmas trees . . . Theta well represented on campus . . . What don't we have our nose in'?'? Ariel headquarters in the wee hours . . . Kathy, Darragh, and Bev shine brightly, that is their diamonds do . . . Many new hair-do's this year . . . pledge proiect of basement study roorn beneficial, ten on Dean's List . . . and so Theta wishes the seniors the best of everything in the coming years . . . to always re- member good old 2l5 . . . Mrs. Goudy . . . and Ida. FIRST ROW: B. Driver, Treas., S. Dane, Pres., D. Wright, V.P. SECOND ROW: P. Pires, Rec. Sec., P. Abston, Rush Chrmn. FIRST ROW: S. Currie, K. Gladstone, A. Scofield, T. Crouter, J. Terrill, P. Poirier, A. Buck. SECOND ROW: S. Weatherby, N. Hall, R. Gates, L. Parsell, A. Godfrey, S. Murray. THIRD ROW: B. Billings, P. Carr, B. Epstein, N. Bradshaw, M. Knapp, C. Powell, A. Raybin. 121 'SQ FIRST ROW: T. Allen, T. Jones, J. Bellini, J. Hartnett, T. Murphy, C. French, B. Fleming, W. Porter, J. Pore, C. Pollin. SECOND ROW: G. Miller, B. Moggoti, J. Fyfe, B, Holmes, M. Louder, J. Silyeiro, W. VonHom, M. Eftron, D. Risik, L. DelleFove, B. Stone, J. Viele. THIRD ROW: M. Peoro, D, Porlcztto, B. Sheriff, l.. Cohen, R. Humphreys, P. Voytek, J. Guyetie, B. Whitcomb. FOURTH ROW: D. Linnen, l S. Hoke, B. Lewis, J, Hammond, J. Boker, J. Harvey, B. Linney, A. Brown. FIFTH ROW: T. Paris, P. Moggsologot, L, Brown, L. Davin, B. Luke, S. Talbot, P. Horris. K S ' 368 Main Street The brothers of the grey house began their year with many laughs cmd chuckles . . . the "Boon Dockers Stomp" was another grand time enjoyed by all, and then some . . . What is wrong with your door, Dom . . . does it always fall down? Ring-a-ling . . . and how 'bout the song festivals held frequently . . . like every weekend? The entire football team suffered from these. And then there was Kake Walk vvith winning walkers and a winning time . , . the sculpture was the usual thought . . . and usual fun. The house will regret the leaving seniors, but Rebel will still be there with his "fish," And good luck to Joe in his next attempt at Merp Week King. Mr. and Mrs. "T. L." were welcome guests . . . and what would we have done without the piano and the twist? And now to look to next year . . . oh . . , spare me! FIRST ROW: J. Lylis, G. Hier, D. Baker, W, French, W. Roya N Vopat SECOND ROW J Russ S Griggin, R. Wernecke, S, Perry, A. lan. 123 FIRST ROW: D, Monte, P. Hudson, W. Rowe, J. Brown, W. Osborn, C. Buffum, J. Foley, K. Miller SECOND ROW: J. Douglas, S. Vc1nHorn, A. Show, D. Lawrence, iM. Klyszeiko, G. Cronk, D. Caron, P Hozord, P, Spaulding, J. Robichoud, R. Gibeoulf. THIRD ROW: N. Brochu, P. Marlin, N. Blair, D. Dutton D. Palmer, M. Leno, D. Boone. FOURTH ROW: W. Sorrell, J. Merrill, R. Prolf, W. Heise, L. Cone, E Nodeou, W. Widlund. Lambda Iota ,.-.,, W Mm-w--M--wih-1 The i961-62 School year - marked at the Owl House by . . . "Lambda Food Service," Waterman Division . . . All aboard tor last call!! . . . No "Cheer Letter" this Year? Cheerful Charlie and Morbid Moses . . . Sil Austin's "Danny Boy" . . . Year's number one song, "Big Duhh" . . . Will Heise and the Continental Cab Company . . . Hi Ho! We're ol? to Orono . . . Manley Van Stan, the Claw . . . Judy and the private en- trance . . . Limestone Cone, the spastic spelunker . . . Drumsticks Foley at Bernadini's , . . our Friendly neighbors and their petition . . . sere- nading the Bishop with the chromatic scale . . . prize-winning poster for Homecoming . . . OFF we go into the wild, blue Brochu . . . charge of the Taft School hill . . . the absence of Rood . . . our representative trom Champlain College - CURFEWS? . . . They're rolling . . . It's a warm one this time . . . G. Richard's girl ? . . . On the Big Rock Candy Mountain . . . new clays and 4-S parties . . . Brother Baker saves . . . 7th annual Garbage Collector's Cottilion . . . Christmas Beach Party . . . the cool coal bin , . . Laurie, the Leavings King . . . yess, yess, yess, it was a helluva year tor hooting. FIRST ROW: G. Cronk, Soc. Chrmn., L Pratt Pres J Foley, Sec. SECOND ROW: L, Cone, IFC Rep W Osborn Tre-as., E. Nadeau, House Manager, J. Brown Prudential FIRST ROW: S Watson, A. Ouellette, P. Hopkinson, J. Corbone. SECOND ROW: M. Allen, T. Keppel. 125 FIRST ROW: M. Costello, J, Graff, R. Towle, G. Fraser, R. Trembley, C, Omsberg, D. Conder SECOND ROW: J, Karr, F. Willis, R. Schwartz, P. lllick, R. Balmer, R, Macionus, J. Hawthorn, D Howe W er Kins, L. Swinyer, THIRD ROW: J. Howe, F. Robinson, W. Musson, P. Valicenti, C. Haywood W Marsland F. Noble. Phi Delta Theta The 'ol Phi's melodius Tones for a firsT place in The IFC Sing . . . Perk, Yankee Conference Mile Champion. Inframural FooTbaII wiTh successes and failures, buT we vvon "The game ThaT counTed" . . . Homecoming Tales ThaT defy The vvrifren word. The "old Phis" did make iT back for ToTaI vvildness. Did Copps and Wiener really double in STeve's Ausfin Healy? . . . wifh The Top up? . . . The "InTernaTionaI CockTail ParTy." Final Score, Canada I2 - USA. 6. "Robinson would have made iT if didn'T have To roll iT To The geTavvay car.' '... The Alpha Chi, Phi DeIT All Campus Open House voTed: BesT of The Year in New England! Im- porred Monfreal sounds exTended The "TwisTers." Sparficus . . . The sTuff ThaT wenT on in fronT of The seT made a GianT fooTbaII game look like a D.A.R. Tea . . . The Ira Allen Club - "Table for Four?" . . . HaThy - "Is This meeTing Formal?" . . . The Orphan's ChrisTmas ParTy - Who said The kids will have more fun' Than vve vvill? . . . Who's aT The "afTer hours place?" The Dukes backed up by PeTe FounTain. Is There enough "wine for my men?" "Does Smokey The Bear use an ash Tray?" . . . Memorable Chrisfmas Formal aT The Marble Palace and Then "To The slopes" Safurday. GrafT Ties The knoT . . . Twenfy-one greaT pledges . . . KAKEWALK WEEKEND! BiII and Ray sTruT Their sTuff . . . IFC Sing, Spring Formals, Beach parTies . . . a successful year. FIRST ROW: F. Noble, Pres.: P. Valicenfi, V.P. SECOND ROW: R. Macionus, Sec., D. Towle, Treas, FIRST ROW: S. Ciardelli, J. Hurchins, C. Eddy, J. Griffith, S. Fink, B. Berfolini, M. Guyefie. SECOND ROW: T. Drown, G. Spear, R. Purvee, R. Sanborn, S. Bailey, R. Luck. THIRD ROW: M. Sandison, R. Davies, J. Brusa, W. Mangan, F. Cassidy, G. Hafhorn, I-I. Wimeffe. 127 FIRST ROW: P. Singer, R. Bell, B. Freeman, B. Brooks, D. Feldman, M. Freedman, C. Sherter, P. Brem J. Falk, R. Scott, R. Gould, SECOND ROW: D. Farber, J. Labb, J. Levin, J. Stern, J. Selden, J. Lips ton, J. Jacobson, M. Platt, A. Nathan, J. Older, J. Kolker, F. Weisberg, THIRD ROW: D. Haas, R Horowitz, S. Bobrow, K. Miller, S. Teplick, M. Rosen, B. Weiner, R. Guttman, P. Schwartz, J. Lazarus FOURTH ROW:-F. Jacobson, J. Rosenberg, K. Shapsin, J. Sheinfeld, L. Opert, H. Jacobs, J. Babcock, R Greenberg, B. Miller, E. Rabinawitz, G. Sack, FIFTH ROW: J. Suskin, M. Baker, D. Cohn, J. Drescher N. Durks, L. Bender, J. Kaplan, J. Unterman. Phi Sigma Delta In the fall with the Brummer Cup for best Phi Sig chapter fiying from its mast the Good Ship Phi with its red leader Captain at the helm and with the balding seniors subverting operations wherever possible, set sail from its home port. A grand Homecoming party was held, and the boys carried off with a 37th place for their poster entry. However, with winter setting in, Formals warmed things up and before we knew it, January came right after December. We got the good news that our KW skit had been accepted . . . final exam week found the entire house on dexadrine with confiicts between those who'd had their pills and those who hadn't. February came and the Good Ship found that we were again first in scholarship with eighteen on Dean's List fHow- ever li people locked in a room are still suffering from delusions of grandeur as a result of the pills.i . , . A new pledge class came in and all agreed that we got a top group. Midway through the second semester the captain got his first semester papers in and news was flashed that his 94 page Lincoln paper had been condensed into a paragraph. So with sails full and many proud achievements and great times had on board . . . the Good Ship Phi sailed into the waiting sun- set . . . to gently drop anchor in the great port where all ships go to meet the grand skipper who watches over all. FIRST ROW: J. Falk, V.P., J. Jacobson, Pres. SECOND ROW: J. Lazarus, Pledgemaster, D. Feldman, Sec. FIRST ROW: C. Kleban, A. Dimond, S. Flaster, R. VVindsor, H. Gorshator, M. Mouallem, A. Rome, l. Feir- stein, lvl. Brofsky. SECOND ROW: H. Wilorwsky, S. Zecher, L. Ritter, R. Stone, R. Bornstein, R. Pickar, B. Epstein, F. Hootstcin, R. Gowill, J Coftino, P. Rockoff. THIRD ROW: A. Pristau, L. Perl, lvl. Goldberg, P. Sherman, E. DiDonato, S. Sind, A. Rosell, J. Kotkin, M. Biddelman, R. Rosenthal. 131 FIRST ROW: N. Barclay, C. Anderson, J. Hill, P. Farrand, J. Beckley, T. Lanclenberger, C. Bard, B. Hume J. LaBelIe. SECOND ROW: G. Lloyd, J. Sirnoncls, B. Davis, N. Hallett, Miss Powell, A. Miller, J. Cole, M Russell, B, Ncivin. THIRD ROW: S. Herschede, N. Lang, B, Stewart, S, Seibert, D. Brown, K. Gleason, P Paul, D. Hedley, L. Stickney. FOURTH ROW: J. Alexander, L. Ferrant, J. Hussey, P. Waterman, M. Burnt ing, A, Esposito. Pi Beta Phi Back to old friends and new faces . . . Our new housemother a Ver- mont Beta. Alum . . . football with Linda leading the cheers and Hanna KS giving her support . . . cider and doughnuts with Sigma Nu . . . the W' familiar I'm fond of him . . . A misplaced Arrow Board followed by the capture of Phi Sig's trophies . . . Stick's shipwreck . . . "l-lernando's Hideway" with Kappa Sig waiters a real success . . . Marty reigning as Military Ball Queen . . . catching Ag's bugs . . . Rushing ends with a "great" pledge class . . , Kake Walk with Ann was "Something Won- derful' '... snow sculpturing and getting with our new pledges . . . off nf' to Stowe for the weekends . . . spring at last with formals, Parents' Week-end and . . . Hnally . . . Senior Week, and the end ofa wonder- ful year with fond memories and unforgettable friends. 4.. hz 4 CZ? . X3 ff 'SJ uf: S FIRST ROW: C. Anderson, Treas., N. Hallett, Pres.: A Esposito, V.P. SECOND ROW: D. Hedley, Rec. Sec.: J Alexander, Carr. Sec., K. Gleason, Schol. Chrmn, B. Davis Pan. Hel. Rep. var A K... X - 1 X. :rr K- K ,E 45' A 'T FIRST ROW: S. Clarke, S. Monti, F, Brickman, S. Wesoly, M. Bullock, E. Langley, S. Direnga. SECOND ROW: G. Johnson, S. Dewey, S. Weaver, P. Gerhard, P. Warren, J. Christie. THlRD ROW: J. Koch, S. Whitehead, C. Crosswell, P. Waterman, E, MacLean. 133 FIRST ROW: R. Cousins, L. Mascola, M. Goldberg, D. Capalbo, L. Skarlos, A. Nestor, A. Hayden, T Fitzgerald. SECOND ROW: J. Westcott, F. Boynton, M. Thomas, J, Card, D. MacDonald, R. Nicholson L. Disque, H. Lang, E. Healy, R, Bergman. THIRD ROW: W. Rundle, D. Varney, A. Gear, C. Whitten, B Dzindzio, T. Whittaker, C. Hausler. FOURTH ROW: W. Cioth, R. Whitaker, J. Godrick, P. Carr, J Phelan, J. Felter, F. Leonhartt, J, Waterbury. Sigma lpha Epsilon 5? ford' M .ll Maynard "Duke"' Ducatte, our hero . . . I-Ie's the one who plays foot- ball and baseball and . . . Sunday afternoon football games . . . Keeper of the light bulbs and at last the big chief. . .Big brass for uncle Sam... Trips to southern New York . . . The big red bomb . . , Gains the most yards in the fall . . . Starbuck drives boats in the summer . . . Married and also boasts being a 'Papa '... future doctor . . . majors in Zoology . . . social chairman . . . Now Mike is the man to ask, he knows . . . Everyone? . . . Chief architect for the new 'pad' . . . Social Chairman . . , Initiates new ideas that actually work. . . Kidnap dinners are differ- ent. . . Skit rehearsals will begin . . . One over-light and two scrambled Borris . . . Where? I don't see anyone . . . Want to be analyzed . . . that special chapter in Hartford . . . I-lay, Mike, U-Conn lost today . . . Mac has a nice little red motor vehicle made in . . , Just because a guy is slightly accident prone . . . They've got a new picture over in the museum . . . A member of the round table . . . E.D.A .... Just doesn't pronounce his words like everyone else . . . Stan - But look at it this way - Maxwell . . . Usually a bit late for dinner . . . Why should I study . . Poet? . . . The pride and ioy of the R.O.T.C. department . . . FIRST ROW: D. MacDonald, V.P., T. Fitzgerald, Pres., D Capalbo, Sec. SECOND ROW: K. Mabin, Treas., M Goldberg, Soc. Chrmn, L. Disque, Steward. FIRST ROW: J. Andreas, J. Deluco, E. Fugit, R. Opaleski, W. Eckhoft, S. Prouty, P. Linsley, F. Tripp, F. Bocse, R, B, Bello. SECOND ROW: C. Barow, R. Terry, E. Perry, D. Bender, G. Verrillo, J. Tartera, D. Maguire, J, Foley, C, Martin. THIRD ROW: N. Lamb, P. Schoonmaker, G. Barrows, H. Davis, J. Coleman, D. Lefvimcllc, E. Varney, M. Quintero, S. Dow. 135 FIRST ROW: T. Brown, R. Diefenboch, P, Judd, P. Sparks, W. Bedford, J. Floshmon, G. Polifi, S. Bevi? M. Michoelmon. SECOND ROW: P. Hullett, N. Bohn, M. Heller, J, Corterson, P. Lokis, VV. Troinor N. Cczrmolli, R. Porkhursf, J. Tomosi, I. Bergevin, J. White. THIRD ROW: R. Fine, G. Demming, H O'Dwyer, F, Poglioro, J, Moynes, M. Reimerdes, R. Morse, R. Schell, R. Wolsh. FOURTH ROW: G. Peter son, D. Noble, G. Smith, M. Cosgrove, W, Swinburne, C. Anderson, J. Conant, FIFTH ROW: R. Davidson D. Barrett, J. Emery, J. Gloefzner, L. Soge, W, Dovidson, R. VonBrunt, N. Anderson. Sigma u The year began with The usual festivities . . . and our swim at the Gorge, right Skip? That rock was mighty high . . . etc. Then came time To hit the books . . . and to start planning Tor The coming year. Christ- mas tormals was The yearly iaunt to Stowe . . . and a very successful one aT that. New plans were being set tor a larger house, and The membership also grew with a Tremendous group ot pledges . . . and Then . . . a follow up with our Kake Walk season. The walkers, king candidate Dick . . . anal ot course The skit. The only low point was poor Earl ...sick again. A good year enioyed by all... First Row: W. Trainor, Pres., N. Carmolli, V.P. Second Row: J. lVlcGowen, Sec., P. Judd, Treas. D L AQ .. FIRST ROW: C, Hewitt, J. Harrison, J. Higby, F. Platt, E. Scheiber, P. Vea, R, Whitman, J. Dweinell, P. Willcox. SECOND ROW: S. Thurber, P. Pitsinos, R. Varo, M. Scheidt, R. Suhl, P. Felch, N. Christenson, D. Leeret, T. Smyth, F. Sparrow, S. Severance, F. Blackburn. THIRD ROW: D. Mead, H. Scipione, R. Carnie, Lauter, P, Hurley, C. Morse, S. Lozinski, .l. Ham, J, Norton, S. Smith. 137 FIRST ROW: R. Tonk, W. Symmes, R. Lorusso, P, Sundstrom, K. Hopper, J, Bennett, J. Atchison. SECOND ROW: C. Johnson, S, Clark. J. Dovis, M. Collins, P, Coyle, D. Gardner, H. Johnson, J. Emery. THIRD ROW: S. Heold, E. Cordes, G. Brondle, A. Byington, R. Ackerman, R. Hill. Sigma Phi Sigs again, an eventful year . . . Open House, swinging . . . Love those interfraternity sports, didn't do so load . . . legal winter formal this year . . . Steve, your exchange dinners were great? . . . Hops, will he? . . . Sure miss Rupert, don't we Rip? . . . anybody want to buy a motorcycle? . . . VW's are the rage this year, with an occasion,al MG thrown in . . . Scott pinned, NAH . . . But congratulations to Deacon and Jerry who did make the move . . . keep kicking Frog . . . Kake Walk, smooth . . . run into any cows lately, Ted? . . . tell us another MARINE story, please Sugar Daddy . . . "WHEELS" . . . August llth, eh Gary? or is that Stu's claim to tame? . . . Watch out, it's the new Jack! . . . Holy Smoke, the Guinzo's a General . . . Michael MERP . . . Philosophy, Plato, Earsly, Aristotle . . . Art really, l8 hours a day? . . . Thanks tor the cigar, Smitty . . . Save that Chariot . . . No, another Piano? . . . Skiing over, rooting weather coming up . . . June, another great convention . . . Keep those grads rolling . . . truly a memorable year! ll. .. ROW R Tank Sec FIRST ROW: P. Coyle, Pres., D. Gardner, V.P. SECOND .Q l FIRST ROW: J. Mandeville, H. Burton, G. Eaton, R. Williamson, C, Eaton, D. Chiofl. SECOND ROW: W. Pierce, Jr., S, Jones, B. Norbon, J. Hall, R. Holden, W. Nunnink, J. McMurtrie. THIRD ROW: T. Hines, M. Pierson, Jr., C, Rumph, S. Slack, A. Lister, P. Whalen, A. Garuin, lll. 139 FIRST ROW: J, Rapp, J, Graham, C. Lotiredo, B.DeIidul4a, R, Henclee, A. Johnson, R. Kinne, R. Hosta, D. Reardon. SECOND ROW: P. Cabot, D. Holden, J. Lithaway, A. LaBoun1y, T. Jordan, G. McCary, D. Schenley. THIRD ROW: N. Adams, J. Allardice, J. Folcik, J. Jahreis, J. Eclcer, D. Smith, D. Constantine. FOURTH ROW: S. Bloom, J. Harding, C. Masiclc, J. Wagner, D. Jannicky, R. Seibel, B. Bartlett, L, Pantas. Sigma Phi Epsilon ffm " . new r" .225 if flow All back from a wonderful summer leave . . new kiTchen ThroughouT . . . new cook, Too . . . nice going Dick . . . Two new rooms in The base- menT .... new single on 2nd floor . . . "Thumpin To cheer AbouT" Takes Homecoming Honors for 5Th sTraighT year f crediT To Chris and Hazard . . . V.C. girls geT a TreaT f ask Diamond . . . Homecoming formal besT in hisTory , . . Bob EasTon geTs engaged . . . congraTs . . . B-TwisT parfy a smashing success. . . dancing award To Rapp . . .Then winTer formal I aT The Lincoln Inn . . . The hippesT . , . "The Ivlany Loves of Spider" makes iTs debuT . . . a cycle of dogs - Chris - Husky and HeaTher - spoTs on The rug . . . Spider accepTed for Med. School . . . greaT going . . . Tony sends special greefings from Hawaii . . . Hendee nearly loses, buT picked a winner in The end . . .Willie goes sliding wiThouT snow Tires . . . many laughs . . . rushing brings many greaTs - an ouTsTanding class . . . Kake walk is supreme - our own C. Adams helps make iT greaT . . . snow sculpTure aT IasT . . . crediT To Chris and associates . . . Spring formal done up brown . . . all fancies Turn To fishing? Seniors looking forward To renewed success . . . finals aT IasT . . . and memories of a full year of BroTherhood. FIRST ROW: A. Johnson, V.P., R. Hendee, Pres SECOND ROW: W, Lewis, Sec., J. Allardice, Treas. FIRST ROW: D. Hebert, E. O'Hare, R. PoYTer, T. PickeTT, J. Bossi, B. Bray, R. Brown, SECOND ROW: W. Richard, W. Cleveland, D, Corliss, J. Jealous, D. Phillips, B. Robbins, P. Joslin, J. Milne. THIRD ROW: R. Tillmo, R. Ames, M. Carmen, R. Brandon, A. Cassani, W. Hall, H. Demmler, D. Farrow. 14-1 FIRST ROW: G. Koye, J. Zichermon, A. Robinson, S. Cohen, W. Mirslcy, D, Bederow, M. Lewis, J. Lawendo C. Lowenstein, L, Gotkin. SECOND ROW: G. Jaffe, J. Liplcins, J. Rosenblurn, R. Rothstein, A, Levenson, M Robinson, A. Rltein, W. Odin, D. May, H. Touber. THIRD ROW: D. Resnick, N. Sherman, H. Meridoy, L lf.'eimfi', R. I-lcistein, T. Finkel, M, Peorlbinder, C. Rosenbaum, J. Bouch, S. Rauch. FOURTH ROW: S. Som lnerg, R. Stonton, N. Chotzinoft, F. Roul, D. Rudolph, M. Toshrnon, H. Schwortz, S. Rosenthal, L. Greenberg FIFTH ROW: A. Glczzier, R, Cohen, R. Sclar, N. Yeston, S. Rotner, A. Munzer, M. Nogurney, E. Rosenbaum Tau Epsilon ' 389 College Street TEP's return to sing at Freshman picnic . . , show 'em what a first place song sounds like? . . . Classes and taculty dinner guests . . . Brownie points? . . . You were great, L.J. - while you lasted . . . Homecoming's sting is gone . , . A paiama party - with Rudy the Camel - Walk on Jack . . . JalTer's magic twenty minutes , . . Weep's missing monies . . . Moose's mellow tones . . . Miclyear Exams - say, who made their marks? . . . Rushing - it's quality that counts - handle 'em Knit . . . .lack tills UVM's hoop . . . Kake Walk and Caroline - great skit - great sculpture? -H keep yellin' Rick - Terry and Steve kick their guts out - it's udder destruction . , . another basketball championship . . . up tour notches in scholarship . . . it's birds, bees and beer tor Spring Formal . . . Exams again? . . . Goodbye Vermont! FIRST ROW: N, Fink, V.P., G, Jaffe, Pres.g M. Robinson Treas. SECOND ROW: B, Rothstein, House Manager, S Bernstein, Steward, A, Levenson, Scribe. FIRST ROW: D. Kauder, A. Horowitz, J, Bowers, VV. Leiter, F, Cohan, M. Chalkin. SECOND ROW: P. Wellen, R, Scheftier, D, Rothschild, D. Grossman, A. Schildhaus, M. Kimmel. 143 3' 3 3 I T5is 9 R my ! Z A Q 1 , " 5 1 I 9 1 I E W :W W 5 ua .4 1 K ' xi xg 5 w 5 vpgg, 9. Q we if fr -Af! 4 -f . fy f :Nw . ,, ,Q .LQ H, Mfbiliisiik ' K V 1 V ' A L f E . mmm s 1 Q, , , . K ,V W 5 'i K7 """"' ia W W , 1?B"qi""" 'fa , 4 , Us . A 4 A ' L fk f W AB Y? M' f Rh L V, 'W 'A 1' f X nn-nun. '24 , 'lib X' , . 'lk Q. .Qi .nj -I W f. wk .040 4 ... V1 .QPL4 4. ,fnv Old gang returns . . . IOth proud year on campus . . . Spirit brightens with opening pledge-brother football game, brothers shocked at out- come! . . . Homecoming sees old grads back for IOth reunion . . . "Smashed" hit at Sunny Hollow . . . Twisting at ADPi TC Hungri-I party . . . Theta Chi "cast" in a new role, eh Hendeel . . . Rocket Bill P. glows at Mad Bush for Winter Formals . . . Dugan panics for Cynic . . . OX's are real pushers Iof Dick's Dodge down drivewayl . . . Wheels at last for Shom . . . Got any extra favors, Art . . . Ted turns twenty-one . . . Marlboros pay off, "stop smoking and start Iistening" . . . ADPi's pinned en masse . , . Paris, vice-president of revitalized IFC . . . Rush- ing, successful, twelve shiny new faces - here we go again, T..l .... 29.5 minutes to Middlebury, Mike , . . KW coming soon . . . John and Ed stretch it . . . Theta Chi lives up to its motto and climbs up on the scholastic standing . . . ALMA MATER FIRST AND THETA CHI FOR ALMA MATER. FIRST ROW: A. Bliss, Treas., R. Aldinger, Pres., M. Johns, V.P, SECOND ROW: T. Sherman, Sec., T. Lyons, Pledge Marshall. FIRST ROW: F. Sallah, D. Ashton, D. Reiber, D. Badger, A. Tracy, H. Dubois, SECOND ROW: R. Knight, B. Shattuck, C, Abaiian, F. Paris, H. Cyr, P. Jedzinak. 145 ug in Are you kidding me'?'?? Hey! IT's on OSTVODGUTH There are orcxfors . . -1 and then There cure motors! 'Q' Y 1 Sugar Daddy . , 146 so conducive To Q short snooze. .3- HMYH INYYM ga yi? ww, A , sz IQ 15'K2'5r4W2 ' MM . I P Staff 0 " and W . . W e +P Sandal 0 Xl ROW I: R. Roberts, J, Powell, N. Davis, M. Knondel, B. Lisman, B. Driver, N, Barclay. ROW 2: G. Waller, E. Candee, P. Parker, l.. Caulev, G. Waters, M. Russell, P. Levine, J. Clwrislenson. MlSSlNG: G. Clark, M. Herzel, A. Maynes, M. O'Brien, L. Reilly, B. Sherry, B. Hentz, T. Kalinen, A. Newman, J. Hill, Key and Serpent X I "1 aw , .8 AIU - . , - ROW l: J. Falk, P. Chervin, J. Newman. ROW 2: J. Bennett, S. Clark, J, Sfahler, F, Pagliaro 148 Sophomore Aides my 1 J 2 ROW 1: B. Ishom, S. Holt, E. Zok, C. Watters, C. Bord, R. Cichy, J. Lawson, B. J. Twichell, M. Bean, ROW 2: B, French. Borfinoski, I.. Hordenburg, P. Forrund, S. Lundvoll, R. Leifner, S, Weotherby. ROW 3: B. Hole, Gold Key ROW 'la B. Nurse, F. Weisberg, H. Dickerson, R. Oliver, B. Haugen, ROW 2: C, EeHs, S. Colw, D. LOVUSSO, J. Felter, D. KeHer, D. Umsteod. 149 Student Court ROW 'lz M. Hilton, J. Levin, B. Lismcn. ROW 2: G. Politi, J. Koplon, B. Cullen, P. Horris, F. Poglioro Missing: P. Judd, M. Cosgrove. The iudiciol authority ot the Student Associo- tion is vested in the STUDENT COURT, which consists of representotives ot eoch of the undergrocluote colleges. Chief Justice Joseph Levin 150 Secretory Sho ron Comey Student Association The Sfudenr Associofion ond its legisloiive body, The Council, endeovor To unify The unolergrocluoie body, ond Work for on moxi- mum of cooperotion ond communicofion omong stuolenfs, ioculfy, ond odminisfrorive Vice President Jon Tenzer Treasurer Mike Collins personnel in The conduction of oll compus ociiviiies. President Ted Eclgecomb 151 S. A. Council Members 1 ROW 'I: B. Block, J, Cole, J. Tenzer, G, Waters, P. Lcakis. ROW 2: J. Floshmon, M, J. Edwards, B. Burgess, S.Cl'1c1gnon, P, Chervin. 152 COMMITTEE CHAIRMAN Social Janice Cole Cultural Activities John Tomasi Finance Michael Collins Constitution Revisions Paul Chervin Freshman Orientation Brenda Burgess Alan MacLean Constitutions Stuart Burroughs Facilities James Newman Library Suzanne Chagnon Pep Grace Waters Elections Mary Jane Edwards National Student Assoc. Representative James Flashman OPERATION "B" to "B" Books Books Books!!! Freshman rientation Committee ROW 1: J. Cole, R, Bockar, J. Tenzer, B, Burgess, F. Pagliaro, S. Kazazian. ROW 2: P. Gift, M, Coleman D. Selib, J, Flashman, D, Noble, P. Convvit, L. Blau. 153 WSGA judiciary ROW 1: G.Tec1cl1ou1 B Rlfkln B B . X, Chief .lusfice Borb Riflcin ecker, ROW 2: P. Levine, N Dovls Women's Student Government Association a President Po? Bishop ROW l: B. Wool, A. Parker, P. Bishop, M. Woodcock, P. Levine. ROW 2: H. Kofz, B. Becker, S. Kozozion J. Manley, G. Wolter, N Dovis A Esposito, N, Bcurclciy 154 Panhellenic Council E E l .2 'R 5 - f.fs.m,aQ- L f 4 !f3P:?sx 'iw i " Mn" S' . - -- i wrfs.sxfwg..,.w 1 r:,w.35Ag , H? Av l E . ws 0- ' 5 i . X Q... '--pau: .mimi -gig Q l --isdn 5 2 'l . a-E 52 ' R M 'E r: , f 5 . - i il, ' 4' 'I' . x 'g.,M -' ROW 1: P. Deon, J. Lull, M. Coleman, B. Becker, B. Davis. ROW 2: J. Simonds, M. Guyer, R. Roberts, B. Lismon. Missing: D. Hill, M. Edwards, D, Wonner, R. Mecxns. Interfraternity Council ROW l: D. Selib, F. Poglioro, D. Groy, W. lde, J. Buslwey, J. Cooper, J, Spellmon, ROW 2: B. Adler, G. Jaffe, J. Emery, R. Paris, L. Cone. ROW 3: R. P, Fronz, B. Cousins, J. Flmshmon, J. Hendee, R. Lawson, B. Musson, B. Bond, J. Allordice, R. Smith, R. Dutton, W. Stanley, M. Goldberg. 155 Class of 1962 L, Bender, Treasurer E Mango Secmmry Y Bergevm pVSSIdEI'1T RJ' Clams 1963 J, Sfohler, Treasurer, F. Amcto, Vice President, J. Powell, Secretory, J. Bcuer, President, Clams of 1965 ROW 1: J. Godbout, Secretory, S. Lciufer, President. ROW 2: H. G. Demmler, Vice President, P. Wilcox Treasurer. 157 House Fellows fi? .pa CTF' ROW 'lz J, A, Hofler, R. Wetherby, B. Sims. ROW 2: J. Pillsbury, A. Cote. House Presidents ROW 'l: B. Fruchtboum, L. Lorond, R. Roberts, D. Hill, L. Kugell, S. Coleman, B. Norris. ROW 2: M. Cro B. Cloytort, B. Stewort, K. Gleoson, M. Russell, S. Kirby. ROW 3: M. Stretch, H. Dalton, L. Reilly, J Hussey, J. Woods. ROW 4: T, Kolinen, B. Hentz, P. Porker, M. Gladstone, L. Cowley. 158 Head Dorm Counselors Men's Resident Hall Council R. Bodgewiclc, F, Bolden, C. Morslw ! zz Q ROW 'lz R. Bodgewlck, D. Fontcmo, G. Moslro, A. Jewell, R, Bloiklock, R. DeNicolo. ROW 2: F. Belden, C. Morslw, S. Bloom D Fuller P Mahoney. ROW 3: S.Col1n D Scolton H Levms 159 1962 Ariel Mary Jane Edwards Assistant Editor Louise Reutelhuber Editor Peter Lakis Business Manager 5 f 'N' 'FS ss, . .1 . elif- 7 ' 'J I , N-'tif KP!" 'i i 7 Wlwoooopeeeeell J.,-Q-WW, . t qv ROW 'lz P. Lcikis, M. J. Edwards, L. Reuteltiuber, J. Bonne-ou, B. Bliss, J. Koplon. ROW 2: V. Foster, Section Editors ROW 'lz V. Foster, L. Reutelhuber M J Edwo ds P, Gitt. ROW 2: J. Koplon, M Stretch P Lo Sometimes I wish I had Never if-- J. Gidnorelli, M. Vondeventer, S. Btcick, M. Stretch, B. Brown, P. Gitt. ROW 3: R. Cichy, S. Holt, M. Borti- rtowski, P. Robertson, G. Salmon, S. Griesenbeck, R, Rice, D. Babson. Centaur . .5 0 - ROW 'l: M. J. Bonneau, B. Vileisis, H. Frost. ROW 2: S. Rothberg, J. Allan, E. Whalen. Cynic Jules Older Editor -was my ROW 'lz J. Ruskey, E, Giller, M, Zwerling, H. Goldman, J. Taoker. ROW 2: B. Bernard, L, Herzen berg, L. Dugan, P. Conwit, H. Gilbar. ROW 3: A. Lipkin, S. Larkin, G. Palans ,P. Forcier, S Roussin, B. Epstein, H. Gorney. ROW 'lz P. Fuller, W. Haugen, B. Barkley, C. Landau, H. Lyfle, J. Shlefiar, A. Layman, S. Buermann, S. Beaudin. ROW 2: E. Anderson, F. Labelle, B. Aclcley, advisor, L. Soule, E. Feidner, advisor, J. Drabble, B. Stein, R. Zimmermann. ROW 3: J. ClaUTier, A. Zalon, N. Sfreif, R. Frenier, B. Barter, H. Frosf, G. ational Collegiate Players R. Bode, J. Pillsbury, A. Zalon, Prof. Feidner. 163 University Players Red Concerts Oct. 9 Music Man Oct. 26 American Ballet Theater Nov. 6 New York City Opera Nov. 13 Pittsburgh Symphony Jan. 9 Odetta Apr. 3 Nathan Milstein ROW 'l: S. White, M. Force, M. Gong, M. J, Edwards, L. Soule. ROW 2: G. Paterson, l.. Von Bentlwuysen, S. Tinsley, L. Lorond, J. Jocobson, clwoirmon, J. Trevithiclc, ex- ecutive secretory. Vermont Conference 'ffm -.ll 1- 1 Chamber Arts Series Cleveland Playhouse Doktor - Puyana Juilliard Quartet Ceylon Dancers Lane SCYICS Blue Concerts Oct. 5 Byron Janis Nov. 'I5 Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra Dec. 5 Dave Brubeck Dec. 16 Stratford Festival Company Mor. I3 Back Arla Group Mar. 21 Miracle Worker V 'ik tk I xl , ROW 'lz M. Michelmon, S. Greene . ,,,. vw Q 3 Block, ROW 2: L. Greene, J. Bergon Fischer, A. Von Gilder, J. Shleltar. Dance Workshop ROW 'la E. Salomon, C. Mable. ROW 2: M. Sexton, F. LaBelle, S. Buermann l Catahna Club 'nyc ,pdf ROW 'l: M. Bunting, P. Parker, L. Cauley, G. Wofers, L. Hordenburg, S. Ambrose, S. Diver, J. Manley, C, McCarthy, C. Bard, M, Russell. ROW 2: L. McColl, L. Mayer, B. Bogerf, L. Paroscli, Miss Davenporf, Advisor, P. Bishop, G. Selman, M. Bullock, M. Manton, J. Holler, E. Mango. Varsity Club ROW 'lz J. Proff, C. Terrien, F. Arnofo, W. VonHom, B. Mulhern, B. Kofz, H. Billings, J. Shobel, B. Becton, M. Yendrzeski, R. Sherliff, D. Tremblay, T. Perros. ROW 2: P, Toussoinf, C. Greer, R. Hubbard, R. De- Cossoni, R. Oliver, F. Bolden, P. Weiss, S. NON, M. Rosenbaum, P. Carr, Nicola, S. Moore, D. Porlcro, C. Eck, H. Spogord, G. Green. ROW 3: B. S. Burroughs, J. McGee, D. Sequisr, L. Davin. Band 2 5 if f 5 3157 is 5 l , ', in Lixfif i. E 1 5353 Y ff fe 1 5 'Q F? 3 i fi if I' g K Q. -13 ROW 1: E. Wright. ROW 2: S. Fryzell, J. Juel. ROW 3: C. Watters, J. Geufher. ROW 4: K. Lund, P, Conwir. Twirlers UVM's Feature aiorette Cheerleaders N, A Maynes B. Laurie, D. Wanner S Grlesenbeck, P. Ransom, L. Godsill, H. Crane, L. Jacobsen. 167 2,5 - Wg' H gp-f 'ia 491 ROW 1: J. Evans, C. Greenwood, E. Con uting Club Women's Recreation T7 Association dee. ROW 2: N. Hike, P. Gutowski, M. Monton, J. A. Hofier. ,,pm-,.,...,.,,, ROW 1: L. Borosch, B. Poster, C. Crosswell, A. Stebbins, S, Bollwciy. ROW 2: M. Adess, K. Gottlieb, G. Peorlstein, A. Sofiord, C. Phipps. ROW 3: L. Curtis, K. Noiibow, M. Bove, J. Brown, D. Sonneborn, R. Ketchum, f i than Allen Rifles ROW 1: T. Shepard, M. Fournier P. Hossrnon, P. Higgins, M. Du cotte. ROW 2: N. Cormolli, D Connors, R. Boynton, R, Paris. Pershmg R1fles ROW 'I N MacLeod B Messmger W Felch A Gould A Vorney, N. Levy, J. Ferry, M, Pierson P T or ROW 2 R Vorl R Boynton Copt Short First Lt Huggins, R. Lorusso. ROW 3: S. Cohen C Scott A Luster A Wormnngton A Lnpknn W McGorth C Dole R, Bornstein, M, Bromley, J. Waterbury T Mitchell E Zucccxro R Holden P Sherldon T Stevens D Urnsleocl, P. Pitsinos, R, Russo. E. Wright, J. Levin, G. Joffe, R. Matthews. Kake Walk Assistant Directors Kake Walk Directors and Secretary 'Is J. Newman, W. Cullen. ROW 2: N. Adams, F. Amofo. Classical Club cl' ROW 1: C. McKeighon, J. Kent, advisor, J. Dcividson. ROW 2: F. White, J. Allan. ROW 'iz P. Parks, A. Oionen, J. Sulfon. ROW 2: M. Friedman, M. Sloter, A. Tolk. 171 Student Photo Service Spanish Club ROW l R. Roberts, S. Beaudin, E. Navin, A, Garrison, ROW 2 R. Gusmai, L. Curtis, C. Landau, ROW 3 S. Adler, G. Palans, J. Edbrooke, S. Roussin, C. de Loeschnigg. Debate Club 1 u 1 . ROW l T. Appel, F. Ecker, A. Becker. S. Call, C. Wessner. R. Baldwin, E. Zak, ROW 2 B. Likosky, B. Lisman, M. Van Graber G. Tornabene, M. Cronin, ROW 3 N. London, advisor, B. Ger- main, M. Cohen, D. Newcomb, R. Darling, M. Worrman, J. Travis, advisor, Dr. Huber, advisor. 172 International Relations Club ROW 1 P. Donohue, S. Larkin, F. LaBeIIe, S. Elias, Dr. Hilberg advisor, ROW 2 R. Roberts, R. Gusmai, L. Eaton, G. Palans S. Roussin, J. Posner, N. Boftaro, F. Beiian. Discussion Group ROW 1 P. Waterman, F. LaBeIIe, T. Appel, B. Likosky, B. Lewis, ROW 2 R. Dilley, S. Oshlag, B. Germain, M. Van Gra- ber, N. London, advisor, B. Lisman, G. Tornabene, M. Cronin, E. Zak. 173 hi Beta Kappa December 7, 1960 June 10, 1961 lnitiafion Dates James Bcllersby Merrill Bensan Virginia Clark Robert Keimowlfz Brian Machanlc Daniel Weine Dorothy lndick Mrs. H. Lovefoy Gordon Perlmuffer Joan Tyler December 6, 1961 Jeannine Harrington Q I h I D 1 fScl1olashc honorary P av a C for freshman womenj wr! ROW 1: J. Larson, L. Reilly, N. DeVore, N. Barclay. ROW 2 Langlols B lslwam A Hermayer A Shuffs, J. Harrington, M. Knandel, L. Lorand, ROW 1 C MCCUID C Eclc P Sawyer. ROW 2: T, Eck, D. Smilh. 174 Kappa h1 Kappa Society for the Advancement o Management ROW 1: J. Roberge, C Houghton, G Peorlstein, J. Holl, R, Perry. ROW 2: R. Tonk, G. Brondle, R. Posh, R. Bryon, M. Cowon J Brown. Tau Kappa Alpha ROW 1: J. Travis, Advisor, B. Germain, M. Von Gruber, B, Likosky, Dr, Huber, Advisor. ROW 2: N. London, Advisor, E. Zok, M Cronin T Appel B Lismon 175 ROW 1: D. Crowley, S. McGinley, J. Efrein, E. Alper, R. Roberts, D. Gallo, G. Goldring, V. L'Esperonce. ROW 2: T. Bishop, B, Barter, J. Dennehey, R. Dilley, R. Zimmermann, C. Kerrnani. ROW 3: R. Piper, C. Marsh, A. Talk, M. Henning, R. Lichten, W. Tandy, Dr. Lewis, advisor, H. Frost, B. Robbins, H. Coffino, A. Horowitz, D. Nalibow, S. Pell. WRUV American Society of Electrical Engineers ROW l: R. Ciordelli, W. Troinor, C. Johnson, S. Teefer, K. Kennedy. ROW 2: R, Pouliog, J, Bugqgrd Weilncxn, R. Martin, J. Selleclf, A. Desany. 176 American Society for Mechanical Engineers ROW 'lz M. Yendrzeski, G Audeffe, D. Irish, J. Laurence, G. Green. ROW 2: W. Luce, J. Roos, H. Bisfer, M. Johns, W. Ryan, J. Agresfo S Burroughs, L. Miner, M. Cowon A Soucy. American Society for Civil Engineers ROW 1: R. Wiener, J. Viele, L. Borgos, D, Fay, Advisor, R, Linney, G. Ployotes, J. Kirk. ROW 2: R. Aldinger, R. Houghton R Knapp J Morril, R. Welch, J. Barkman L Pratt T OfConnor, ROW 3: D Clough, L. Wiles, J. McCarthy J Davis M Leno, G. Robinson R Stanclilfl American Society for Agricultural Engineers ROW 1: R. Frechelre R. Hansen, E Arnold advisor R. Croft, P Brouilleife. ROW 2: R. Matthews J Buswell J Pillsbury, R. Wilson, G. Randall 177 urses' Association ROW I: M. Menzies, Advisor, M. L. Stretch, A. Demers, Advisor. ROW 2: D. Hedley, B. lshom, H. Lott Vermont junior Dental Hygienists ROW 'Is B. Koldy, W. Loing, L. Smith, M. Richmond, M. Lomb, J. Fitch, M. Kittel. ROW 2: R. Morks, V Weymouth, J. Arthur, Mrs. Robb, Advisor, G. Lever, J. Bonneou, B. Hole. ROW 3: C. Greer, B. Keozer G Greenslet, M. Heoly, N. Best, A. Poglitsch, R. Heyse, D. Geer. . i.v,kK A X , 178 ROW 1: A. Soucy, D. Kellogg, D. Foy, Advisor, L. Borileft, G. Ployotes, D. Clough. ROW 2: A. Turner, J. Sllveiro, A. Doudelin, J. Godrick, R. Perry. Tau Beta Pi CEngineering honororyj CAgriculturol honorcryj ROW T: J. Davenport, R. Wilson, L. Brecnult, Professor Whitmore, Advisor, E. Dovis, N. Pelsue, L. Horvey, ROW 2: A, Cleoves, W. O'Connor, S. Noff, R. Motthews, G. Hatch, R. Freclwetre, G. Randall, B, Musson. ROW 3: W. Gutzmonn, H. Sommer, E. Clark, J. Woferlwouse, J. Busvvell, H. Spofford, R. Honsen, D. Sfeyert, R. Beoulleu. 179 ROW 1: L. Soule, Miss M. Caldwell, Advisor, J. Manley. ROW 2: P. Hoskiewicz, A. Holck, E. Wright. micron Their home . . Home Economics Club ROW 'l: J. Pillsbury, C, Risley, J. Alexander, J. Lawler, L. de Girolamo, E. Sfauber, L. Ferrant, P. Hoslciewicz. ROW 2: P. Oren, P. Pires, S. Burnap, P. Wood, N. Glenn, P. Perry, E, Wager, B. Gloria, B, Sherry, P. Koleclo, J. Murray, 180 ROW 1: J. Spooner, R. Foulds, Advisor, E, Tompkins, Advisor, D. Caron. ROW 2: J. Ameden, L. Hamel, D. McFeeters. Catamount Grange uture Farmers of America ROW 1: B. Gaylord, Advisor, C. McCosco, L. Hamel, J. Ameden, B. Dunning. ROW 2: A. Hilliker, L. Scanlon, D Cochran D. Simino, R Dion E Stanley, F. Lomb, L. Simino, K Foote 181 , , tkllsfilr-fi f at .. . .. Wise? we 5 Q - -- we t is,-ig: 9 -wigs: :Minis . 2, Y 1 if 3 A If . do Q f ' v 2 .sf r . . V- - N f 4, ,. fr: lava- 53125342 .' ii 1 . K gf A ,e '- czl fgf' ' Young Democrats Club ROW 1: A, Keppel, Advisor, A. Bottoro, R. Daniels, Advisor, ROW 2: G. Polons, S. Roussin, M. Werner, S. Larkin. Young Republicans Club -we-f' ROW 1: E. Srouber, J. Posner, M, Longlois. ROW 2: F. LoBeIIe, P. Press, W. Kingsland, S. Plotkin. 182 e , s 'AS' Christian Science College Organization ROW 'lz F. Brickmon, N. Glenn, H. Parker. ROW 21J. Higbee, C. Dole, M, Hull, Intervarsity Christian Fellowship ROW 'l: R. Hughes, C. DeCell, J. Pelsue. ROW 2: D. Sfeyerf, L. Smith, R. Jonuory, R. Ellls, R. Flon- ders, D. Boone. Hillel ROW l L. Leflel, J. Powell, S. Oshlag, B. Bergman, S. Likosky ROW 2 C. Berger, E. Ber ger, S. Dober, A. Zalon, V. Hoffman, H. Katz, M. Werner, T. Splaver, T. Gladstone Newman Club ROW 'I G. Masfro, J. Pell, K. Uftendorfer, J. Folcilc, ROW 2 R. Knapp, R. DeNicola, S, Reczelc. 184 V V An informal get-together of the Freshman picnic. We meet our Deons . . . Gnd President Fey. 'if The beginning or The end. Our Homecoming King ond Queen, Leon Kcuy ond Scilly Tcnucherf Homecommg Billy Moy helped to molce our Homecoming Boll cz reol success . . 187 Kappa Alpha Theta Sigma Phi Epsilon Wfinning Posters Ellie Karel and her winning Homecoming poster . lelvllffifw , ff lf: fp J Vermont Varieties Vt IyptfH g 190 l Ml SMUKIMQ IH 0lHH.ll or W' -3' Oh my! The just deserts of C1 King . . . Merp Week 0 hard decision . . . 191 Queen Marty and her Court, consisting of Coy Sanderson, Sue Benton, Jill Rommel, ond Barb Wool The men of UVM strut their stuH ot The Annuol Military Review. , if vk' fi ,f gi Q25 4'u.w,Mw 7 x gm , A w-' gg, 1 s 3- :iz f , 15 :-Q' 5 Q 3 zig 9 , W, ,, 5' , . dAmy ,::,,. , W, . mW,Y 8 21 Q 1- 'W fm i m 'Nl' Qfw DE DELTS AND DADDY DAVE, AND THIS IS THE DELT'S PRESENTATION ,gi 44 ALPHA EPSILON PHI'S QUEEN OF HEARTS, ROANNE THETA'S MELISSA, LOVELY TO LOOK AT ALL THE THETAS WERE THERE FOR A DAY. GREAT ZOTT, IT'S SIGMA PHl'S SCOTT V 197 PI PI-II'S ARE PROUD OF ANNIE. ANNIE, SOMETHING WONDERFUL . . . AND SIGMA NU'S DICK LAWSON WONDERS WHAT KAKE WALK WILL BRING. ELOLJD 5 M O KE ALPHA EPSILON Pl DOES IT AGAIN THE ALPHA EPSILON Pl'S PRESENT MR, UVM AUAS JON TENZER, Duke Ellington chormed the crowd with his music. 200 And the festivities begun with the crown- ing of Koke Woik King Scott Johnson ond Queen Roonne Bockor. Fridoy olfernoon began with o Jozz Con- cert leoluring Cannonball Adderly ond his Sexfet. And The mood of The holidoy wos cosf ot the ball, Along with Cannonball were Lc1mberT, Hendricks ond Ross. Look af Kappa Sig sfretch for a deserving lst prize win! Make way for Phi Del? and their 2nd and 4th place winners! Hit 'em high, S.A.E., for ci hard-earned first place . . . Acacia's swingin' shoes did The trick for 2nd and 3rd prizes Sig Ep's concentration and coordination brought them 4th place... Sig Nu struttin' their stuff resulted in 3rd prize! And this is the reward - the traditional cake! 203 Bottoms up To Them, foo, with iheir ist prize! A.D.Pi rocked in with ci 2nd place... Hip hip hooroy, Gamma Phi, for their 3rd prize sculpture! ,f ff 'O' 4 '42, is-flu? sn' qt? fi 'W 1+--7 M wma-m -ig., 'W' A fi i H :Y 'ivriii J W2 iz pppii,?f - . ipip - W 1 X pf If gif, fi L 'F 5. X b ' i ' 'f 7 ra , I 5, fi W G in m "fs 1. ,yy f M' A gt if V gr 1-M, .Ah, V W E. Pi's timely design scored a grand lst prize. Phi DelT's "way-Out" monster captured 3rd prize. Smart move, Acacia, on a 2nd place achievement! The pmcmde ofvvc1Nkers . , . Yes, she's cn Them . . . and accepted the Ist place sculpture Trophy. S.A.E. - weary but happy with The lst in walking. 'Il'-f'M"f-' 1 - iw H www fill 'wH -: all V A Zhi mme 55: And Jhe smiling faces . .. Tep's skit was u winner! Do The-se live of U.V.M.? Q Elaine Wright reigns os Helen of Troy . . . Chris Barber The Limelighters . . . and we are royully entertained ot the Greek Week Jozz Concert. 210 c'mon fellas! Oops! Look out Interfraternity .f f www, X , ,i L, ,, f, k 3 ,. 9 : if . w 1 A -' 3:..,m ,mg , K :us 1 1 .gap if M HW J, . X X ii? ii, Q K gl 1 25 5, r an 'We 5. 1 0 Q ei , x W n sw ? ax 5s f U I ' QU in 3 W NL- izsgf S s X Q 5 V. i f QW", ,,, ,. 8 Q if 0 fa I i Y , . M I Jackie Flick Peterson Priscilla Paul Joyce Alexander 214 Ann Parker unior Beauties ,-mf-V, L MM' .,-, rw fm., V .v-.,,1, . 4, , 40" . . , xy.,-, ,w A ,- , ,Sh ff. ...L F Y-z, 45im:"u:w.,' 0 , 1 1 '-A .vm ,r H. K I J-4, ,V-K, My LV.:,t3Rw.'aml,Vh AT x . A Mm, '. ,, wb?--.',,,.,,.! -A -mf 1 g,:'fw +- ' , uf: Vw k 'Rfk-if-":.g,s. I . , 'I .,:f.' , ,vp b . , . -Wg!'l3:," "' 7--.HZ ,Eg'j,fQ,'.w 'E-gf 1 ,K.,Mi.1 W,-. 4 ,lf A N"f-Pfwf:-. w:.,l.. , A 'I . - '1 W Y " . 4' M . k 2 3- 1 , " , a k ' ' ' - P S. ' X V 3 ' A ., ,M Ty ,- , -,yi 14. fs W my :Q-SSM 3"f'Sk'fAW bfi g,5?5??fffi'h2f7f'2T 5".'Ki'!f':+ if . ,.Lx"? ' x ,, "fa ' muff. K, , 1 "- Y -. - . '.f- :gg -Q . f.-K ,- f', f'5f Ei 'f ez-'Ti'-si 'J if ff ' - 41 :M,2.4'v!.1s'4 iW'5f1ii?vY4"W!-' wiw-.ifi vf 5 ,. fri 5 , V33 ,Ti-EH ' K1 'Q aqgafmfw :H W . W A , ' '3 -V I X 7 0,4 V' '-v .Qf-wf,f+g4fxfii-, :Qs-3, ,fm 114 vfeffw--f : , v .4 i ' ', ". ' R 3 I ' mimimz' dz1'Q5f:m'f:1.-3ar1T1f.tSi. N 'Q '22 iijfiw fa 'lm ,.,-'Mu .7 .5 V 2:53 I Lug: 'V -. s 3 I ,fw 'au ' , W W 'Q V", 4' nf.,fj',Q al ff , H V . V.1,,2!,, 1 ,g A M. , A. A xfkmkw E X, 'K ofa N f, iw, ' 4 . I , 5 - ' pn M 5, AMJEZJL N MA , U ,If M H ,ww M. I V . - . rm 5, WALT- QAM Y i rw ,v Hr' ,wif 52 Hg , A 5 S Af V: wifi? VERMONT COACHING STAFF: John Evans, freshman coachg Ralph Lapointe, backfleld coachg J. Edward Donnelly, head Coachp Denis Lambert, end coachg Michael Vendetri, line coach, Coach Venderri "SPIRIT OF UVM" , Coach Donnelly Seniors ridders Top To boffomz DucoHe,hAoynord LHB Eclc, Carleton C Eck,ThomosRHB HdHdge,ThomosE Fleming, Williom FB GuyeHe,JomesLG Porlofo, Dominic QB 11 n H 11 "Dulce Corl' Tom' T. L. Bill" 11Jirn11 Dom I 11 "Heads or tails?" Peppermint Lounge? Oh reolly felIos!l" RUMBLE!! S , -- . 2 ,e ,Q I Q "' , , x Herman, don't take your eye oft the mon with the ball!" F rosh Team "lt went that-a-wayll ROW 1: P. Giardif D. Blanckp G. Oelzep E. Fugitp R. Hertelg T. Mongeonp F. Boeseg T. Brosseauf C. Goodroe. ROW 2: J. Terrillp J. Meredith. F. Blackburn, J. Prise, P. Woehlkef M, Burke, J. Brennan: W. Royay E. Selsbyg J. Tubbs. ROW 3: freshman coach John C. Evansp K. Andreskop D. Bakery S. Grifffing A. Scipionep D. Kent, C. Foster: J. Andreasg C. Ettlingerg R. Reynolds. P. Glazierp assistant coach Raymond Bello, .el79?i5 55 KW . ' Ql. uf? Qi JC? Ji .J -, J 925 aims.. YK, T,R 1' so mf K. wir E5 M.: F 35 L Cross Countr ROW 1: G. Kcurchp D. Moreaup L. Harveyp H. Spofford. ROW 2: Mgr. John Pratt, A. Cleavesg S. Russellg T. Sirnpsom VV. Stillsong H. Billings: T. Grant, coach Archie Post. SCHEDULE Vermonf Opponent m,,,m:,,, 15 R. P. l. 50 15 Union 50 35 Maine 20 27 Wesleyan 28 l5 Bowdoin 43 Vermont Took a fifth in The Yankee Conference. Verrnonf placed fwelffh in The NEICC. 220 Astronaut in training? 'Y KC "You think you've got problems?" Chris crosses! ROW 1: S, Lozinski, A. Lyon, C, Myrigki N, Mczcleodg W. Harvey. ROW 2: mgr. J. Prom D. Bender, F. Trippf R. Ashton: E. Bennett, W. Jcicksong R. Lutmcinf coach Archie Post. mN.,l-.Sh-vllg. ag, Kiwi www W ,psf-Iv.. 221 Skiing ROW 'I Coach J Stewart T Clark, Feb. Feb. Feb. Feb, Mar. R. Hubbard, T. Terrien, ROW 2 O Matthewson K Austin D 2-3 Williams Carnival 9-lO Dartmouth Carnival 1647 Maine Carnival 23-24 Middlebury Carnival 2-3 Norwich Carnival ROW1 L Kittle E Gale K. Colburn, ROW 2: J. Simonds, P, Freel R Chamberlain D Keith X jg 4 lift lat A W Mn. ld ROW 1 from left Dick Ader Pete Brem Bob Nurse Bill Rundle ROW2 .lack Shabel, John Babcock Chuck Glick Karl Kieslich ROW3 Lyman Cote trainer John Stahler Dave Strassburg, Benny Becta SCHEDULE St. Lawrence Union Maine Maine New Hampshire Norwich N.Y. Athletic Club Rhode Island Rhode Island Middlebury Brandeis Massachusetts Connecticut St. Michaels St. Michaels Connecticut New Hampshire Massachusetts Norwich Brandeis Middlebury Clarkson Llilllli 'll lfilli if E52 l chef Our copfoin, Benny Becton is o iunior from Brooklyn, New York. Lost yeor Benny mode Us ol! proud by winning store ond nofionol fome in his court per- formonces. We expect his Iosf two seosons To be os good ond better! Check that control! MW B Benny Becton Two more for Benny! POINT!! Vermont has it! Jock jumps S-Tu R -EfT-CMH 445 1 2 wild bull Af'GS?? Uh ohl Ready for action? Who? 0 shot!! Track QM Ufff Qjl 04, WCM f va Q34 041 4 we CRM L my 5 43394. ,ge 42 K 4- .etilip QAM J' 1 1 is i i ROW 1: T. Simpson, D. Burroughs, J. Bister, F. VanBuskirk, W. Mulhern, C. Eck. ROW 2: S. Burroughs, G. Green: R. Desautes, W. Perkins, J. Chesney, H. Billings, R. Duryeo, L. Cohen. ROW 3: J. Pratt, W. Lewis, R. Gomez, D. Sequist, P. Voytek, Coach Archie Post Captain Tim Simpson Vermont 65V2 78 37 5 90 67 lOl SCHEDULE llast ye-art Bowdoin Middlebury Union Trinity Norwich State Meet Results We v-""'M Opponent 6972 56 275 35 59 34 Vermont 84, Middlebury 57, Norwich 22 Yankee Conference Results Moine 57, Connecticut 37, Rhode Island 31 U3, Massachu setts 24 173, Vermont IO, New Hampshire 5 U3 230 nv-""""d It's about that third arm! Freshman Team ROW I: G. Korchp M. Hutchins, P. Cabot. R. Bishop, W. Hoyt. ROW 2: R. Oliverf T. Finkel, C. Giutmanp L. Ponfosg A. Brown. ROW 3: P. Weiss: D. Sfrossburgg J. Westcott: K. Pclconisg E. Chorfrundf P, Crondcllp Couch Norman Sfrussburg. Oophl 231 9 . 5 .,: fs H, 1 f A55 Q2-' ,lg - 1' Q51 Qi' ,fx ,v 1 .,. 5 ROW 'I: S. Krintzmom G. McGeep P, Jellinekf T. Soffordf J. Efrein. ROW 2: Coach Mcxrstonp R. Kufzp E. Rurnerg R. Kelsey: S. Samuelson. Tennis "Me ond My Shadow" T42 ,. f -:fi 11 af.-'S-"4 " -51. ,qi 4 ..' ,- , pf 4,-3 .1 Iv A, .-U 4 +1 .4 ,v 5 ' .vi 'vifl ! - nw P M " ,wg , J , 1 .' wg, 5' - 1 " .. ,J 4 if WK 3' 4 ,M Lf S-T-RAE-T-C-H!!! SCHEDULE ilost yeori Vermont Opponent 5 New Hompshire 4 7 Clarkson 2 3 Union 6 4 Middlebury 5 4 Middlebury 5 New Engldnds Vermont tied for Htth ploce. Coffee Brea k? ,, v. Q 'algae gl X Y-M0 R800 'dirt " 3 R we if 1 gy. ROW 'I: J. Pure, N. Ccrmollip R. Godim J. Silveirczf M. Ducottep R. Sheriff, W. Schilo. ROW 2: S. Moore, T, Jones, M. Vendreskig L, Brown: G. Miller, R. DeNicoIop R. Hobbieg R. Cassoni, D. Jorreftp Couch R. LoPointe. Baseball qw? 'J Qwvww L.-. : ZH Y!" ' La f"L 7 A ,,.. 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Alpha Zeat ............................. American Society for Agricultural Engineers .... American Society for Civil Engineers ....... American Society of Electrical Engineers .... American Society for Mech anical Engineers ... Ariel ................................ Band ..... . . . Basketball ...... Baseball ......... Board ot Trustees .... Boulder Society . . . Catalina Club ... Centaur ,........... . Cheerleaders .......... Christian Science Collegiat Class Olticers .......... Classical Club ...... Catamount Grange .... Cross Country ..... Dance Workshop . .. Debate Club .......... Dedication ............ Delta Delta Delta Sorority Delta Psi Fraternity ...... Discussion Group .... . Ethan Allen Rit1es .... Freshman Week . . . e Organization . . Football ............... Future Farmers of America Gamma Phi Beta Sorority Gold Key ............ Greek Week ........... Hillel ...... -. Homecoming . . . 237 100-101 . 85-98 102-103 104-105 106-107 108-109 110-111 112-113 179 177 177 176 177 160-161 166 223-229 234-236 . . . . 83 . . . 147 . . . 165 162 167 183 156-157 171 181 220-221 .. 165 172 2-3 114-115 116-117 173 169 185-186 215-219 181 118-119 .. 149 209-211 .. 184 187-190 Home Economics Club ......... .. . 180 House Fellows and Presidents . . . . .. 158 Inter Fraternity Council ..... . . . 155 Inter Fraternity Sing ....... 212-213 International Relations Club .... . . . 173 lntervarsity Christian Fellowship . . . . . . 183 Junior Beauties ............. ... 214 Kake Walk ......... . 195-208 Kake Walk Directors ......... . . . 170 Kappa Alpha Theta Sorority .... 120-121 Kappa Phi Kappa ........... 174 Kappa Sigma Fraternity . . . 122-123 Key and Serpent ....... .. . 148 Lambda Iota Fraternity ..........,.... 124-125 Lane Series .......................... .. . 164 Men's Resident Hall Council and Counselors .... ..... 1 59 Merp Week ........................... ... 191-192 Military Ball .............. 193-194 Mortar Board ............... . . . 147 National Collegiate Players .... 163 Newman Club .............. ... 184 Nurses Association .... . . . 178 Omicron Nu ....... 180 Outing Club ......... 168 Panhellenic Council ... ... 155 Pershing Rifles ......., . . 169 Phi Beta Kappa .......... ... 174 Phi Delta Theta Fraternity . .. 126-127 Phi Mu Delta Fraternity . . . 128-129 Phi Sigma Delta Fraternity . .. 130-131 Pi Beta Phi Sorority ..... 132-133 President Fey .........,.... 84 Seniors ...,................. . 17-80 Sigma Alpha Epsilon Fraternity ..,. 134-135 Sigma Nu Fraternity ........... 136-137 Sigma Phi Fraternity ......... 133-139 Sigma Phi Epsilon Fraternity .... 140-141 Skiing ............................... . . 222 Spanish Club ............................ ... 172 Society tor the Advancement ot Management . . - 175 Sophomore Aids ......................... .. . 149 Staff and Sandal ..... -.- 148 Student Association . . . 151-153 Student Court ....... .. 150 Student Photo Service .... 171 Tau Beta Pi ............. 179 Tau Epsilon Phi Fraternity ... 142-143 Tau Kappa Alpha ......, 175 Tennis ..,...... 232-233 Title Page .... --.---- 1 Title Page .... 230-231 Track ....... 230-231 Tvvirlers ,........ -- 167 University Players . ., --- 163 Varsity Club ............... 166 Vermont Conference ,...,..... .--- 1 64 Vermont Junior Dental Hygients ......... --. 173 XA!omen's Recreation Association .......... - - - 163 VVomen's Student Government Association 154 VVRUV ............................... . . - 176 Young Democrats Club ..... --- 132 Young Republicans Club ... ... ... 182 238 The Ariel Staff Wishes to Express Appreciation to Photographer David Carr of Carr Studios 199 College Street Burlington, Vermont and of Course - Student Photography Staff Waterman Building University of Vermont And Last but Most Important to The American Yearbook Company Cambridge, Maryland and to james Stead - Our Representative Q7 35. 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